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4 • I f f i » • t The Florida State University I « ' } ill I . I ! li • If iS t • 1 I 3 f 4 ; » » 4 I » i f 3: f « I - - f -; I IT I .1 i f 4.. Tallahassee, Florida m. M X ' JV ' j| CHAi mi tot 4rr«f| Hmm4 a| TALLY HO 1969 Contents lU i ' ION is I I i- M ' Introduction 3 Academics 44 Student Affairs 74 Student Government 100 Features 126 Beauties 166 Athletics 176 Organizations 232 Greeks 266 Graduates 352 Cyndee Patricio Editor-in-Chief Dianne Means Associate Editor John Guerriero Business Manager The Florida State University Students, Faculty, Administrators No, it ' s not just a journey through four years of pure academics Its more. . . memories, associations, feelings and experiences. 16,000 strong You and others like you are this student body a social security number among other nine digit numbers. Some students feel that as members of the campus community they have lost their individuality They become part of that colorless society of APATHY not caring — not giving a damn Seeking answers only within the confines of themselves to those questions which no man can answer They lose themselves in thought " and drugs and the world of pseudo-intellectuality . Contrast these students with those others who find their answers through INVOLVEMENT in campus life, classes and the sincere desire for growth and knowledge beyond themselves. Knowledge of people and things and ideas from the past, in the present and for the future — Also within this group of 16,000 strong are those who are here only for that all-important parchment. These are the degree-oriented people with definite goals in mind They are aware of that ever precious element of Time " Here today, gone tomorrow " five seconds ago is yesterday Yet how many of us float through these four years or stay through an extra football season? And are left with regret when we realize the wastedness of our non-efforts. . . i I am man. . .the highest form of life on the face of this planet, and I live in the most advanced society ever existing But do I like it? Let me go back away from it all. To feel what it was like before everything was organized. To see what it was like away from school, away from the draft and the war Away from poverty and racism and pollution that is destroying my country. From the control of my life and my thoughts and my wants. To get away from everything that inhibits me; razors and clothes, regulations and grades, all the times and places for doing things and all the things not for doing. I am a Man — taking his place in society. . . If I want that place. I think I might like to be out of place for a time. I have been the highest form of life but I would like to try a lower form of Ufe. . . at least for a while. It ' s the generation gap We with our bursts of energy. They with their measured time, beats, and rules which are followed in their expression of creativity. Youth explores, touches, feels full of idealism rushing into change pushing progress We dare because we are not saddled with hmitations Neither do we fear to lose security we are secure in our optimism. Experience cautions, is methodical They know pain and shy from challenge not from fear, but of necessity They are estabUshed with their salaries, children and ideas They are the Framework; we are the form And secretly we yearn to reach across those years to touch the minds of each other. I hurt so much inside. . . Disillusionment is mine With the reality of discovering who people are and what they believe in. The guiltless hypocrisy which is their idol. Students demanding their right with only a vague idea of the responsibilities entailed with these demands; Administration conciliating by agreeing to do one thing; then doing the other; People talking just to be heard yet mouthing only meaningless syllables. 10 Election year They spoke of promises and optimistic change They lauded the Great American Society. The Great Golden Society in which only 10% of our population actually enjoys the fruits of our prosperity The white man and the Black our democratic ideals of equality lost in the depths of one man ' s prejudice another man ' s bitter anger. Erupting on the streets of the cities of this Great Society where the status symbols are new cars, credit cards and the college education. Our war — Vietnam — where color doesn ' t matter where brotherhood does — where every man fights for his life and thousands of others — Some believe this is our cause — some don ' t — who is right and what do we do — stand united against a common enemy — or fall to that same enemy? The young, the old — everyone opinionated — everyone different — where do we go now — do we pull out, or do we stay — and die? We are Americans — we have much to be proud of But we must make decisions — United we stand? ' Wmmmm ' : (? ' ' ' A- i-fi N; iJfl ' ' l w Ik i«ic» m - ' 13 Moments of withdrawal when you shut out the chaos of the world around you and lose yourself in the illucid canyons of your mind. Nothing clear. Nothing meaningful, Just aimless wandering, jumping sporadically from thought to thought 15 It seems I ' ve walked this way very, very many times before. What have I done? Have things changed because I have passed, have I left any impressions, have I made the part of the world I live in a different place? Will everything I did crumble and erode when I have gone? Can we affect our world, can we change it and make it a better place, or do we fool ourselves. and make impressions that will begin to fade even before we are out of sight? When I have made my mark on the world how do I know that it is a mark that will endure and stand as a guide or inspiration for others seeking the way as I have pursued it? How do I avoid the self-delusion, that I have left, behind me an indelible impression when reality may come along, tracing my steps as it does and render empty all the painful steps I have taken? I - • , ' ■« Swp ■fSfe) " i J ' V- ' ' ■ ' S .. ■%■- ; ' r i. 19 Who ' s right? What ' s right? Nobody It ' s my right! In our variegated world there exist differences In perception of the way things are and the way things should be. Peace or piece. , , Policy. " Run ' em down, blow ' em up. " Papers. . .a way of life There will be no flag waving or singing — Whose right is waived? Son, the light was red, not yellow Go to jail — Do not pass Go do not collect $200. 3 , ,« - 21 fs j, S ' «fi»J«|M Colors, sounds, faces a plastic world of artificiality Then — Someone breaks away from the mold and does his own thing! 23 I hear things that aren ' t even said... 24 He was always with me I never realized, though until I walked one day in the early hours of the dawn and discovered MYSELF! Smoke filled air some of us stood with tears in our eyes As Westcott burned. Once before I saw these same numbers gather In protest of their rights specifically among them freedom of speech All the elements of campus personalities participated — An FSU first. Throughout this year — somehow this symbol of our unity as a student body was slandered By irrelevant cries against the establishment — or were they? i Then — In the same season the destruction of Westcott stood as fact before us Only as an anti-climax to what had preceded during the weeks of the Spring quarter When an administrator had cried, " The whole Damn University is falling apart! " Yet we were here — each of us involved our unity found a new purpose The salvaging of what was worth saving and the rebuilding out of chaos. 31 N z - III 33 34 People are simply mirrors in which I see reflections of myself — Good, Bad, Old, New. I see; I learn a lot — from not just the teacher kind of people, but from all kinds of people. Working, Talking, Laughing - All together as a group; Learning about ourselves As well as each other This is all part of the education that I am seeking — one that will make me a fuller person. 35 : .-..? . ' " , 36 During the end of winter and the beginning of spring, the love-in became the thing for hundreds of us. Each Sunday when there was nothing better to do (and it seemed at that time that there was nothing very good to do) we would meet on Landis Green to spend the afternoons enjoying ourselves, the weather, each other, or anything else that was around. Political discussions were not allowed, and the only loud noise was someone ' s harmonica or guitar. We ' d fly kites, or climb trees, or sing, or all three, and mainly just BE OURSELVES and do whatever we wanted to do. This was a good way to get away from everything you wanted to get away from. It was peaceful in the early spring . " ' H. .■ li ife . w 37 n I play — I socialize with and among others Perhaps I drink too much or maybe I laugh too hard But all the while. . .1 am enjoying the " best years of my life. " I laugh while I can because I know that everything has its own place in time And though I ' ve been measured by my years I have grown by my deeds and 1 feel that my thoughts have been ripened not by study not by strain But by my actions and through the actions of others. 38 39 I am your past — saying the things you once forgot to say for the sake of your future; I am your present — rebelling against your warped idea of contentment which overshadowed your natural yearning for individualism; I am your future being born from rebuttal out of an age that thrives on the idea of originality — except in coffeurs. For your ears Usten not to the sound of voices but the roar of the mob . . . And your eyes see not the point I ' m trying to make; for you let my hair get into the path of your vision . . . I am America .-m Where do I go follow the river Where do I go follow the dove Where is the something Where is the someone that tells me why I live and die Where do I go follow the children Where do I go follow their smiles Is there an answer in their sweet faces that tells me why I Uve and die Follow the wind song Follow the thunder Follow the neon in young lovers eyes Down to the gutter Up to the gutter Into the city where the truth Ues Where do I go follow my heartbeat Where do I go follow my hand Where will they lead me 1 And will I ever discover Why I Uve and die Why do I Uve Why do I die Tell me where do I go Tell me why Tell me where — Rado and Company " HAIR " ACADEMICS 44 Protest, ... protest ... Progress, change, the movement The words are all around me. I am launched into a duty to reform and reorganize. " Down with bigotry and the heralded angels of the establishment! " In the university, a tug-of-war for voice and power tears at the ancient foundations beneath me. Faculty Senates, Student Committees claim, too, a right to add and subtract in the administration of our school. Involvement in this protest and change, however, is housed in responsibility. My goals must be designed so as not to inflict and impose upon my fellow ' s right and goals. I must be cautious not to confuse the word " Different " with the word " Better. " I cannot be so impatient to make the reform that I strive for quantity rather than quality of change. And, though, it takes time, rewriting, and redrawing. Let my proposals guarantee betterment, not simply something new. As an administrator. Keep my mind open to the ideas of others that I might wield my influence only after deliberation and careful scrutiny. As an educator, may I not indoctrinate, nor limit the conclusions my pupils might reach because of the prejudice I might hold within myself. And let me not forget to remain in my " field of expertise " As a student, I must realize the limitations of my experience and the idealism of my theories as opposed to the reality of my problems. Above all, let me not be the hypocrite. Disclaiming another for wanting a power he is not qualified to possess yet selfishly building my own resources of strength that I cannot support. President Champion Dr. John E. Champion President of Florida State University John K. Arnold Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. E. Laurence Chalmers Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. H. Odell Waldby Vice President for Administrative Affairs Administration Dr. Katherine B. Hoffman Dean of Women Dr. Herb F. Reinhard Dean of Men Dr. Charles T. Wellborn University Chaplain 50 Dean Harold Goldstein Library School Dean Robert O. Lawton College of Arts and Sciences Dean Bernhard Sober School of Social Welfare Dr. Stephen S. Wmters Director, Division of Basic Studies 51 Dr. Hortense M. Glenn School of Home Economics Dean Charles A. Rovetta School of Business ifin 52 Dean J. Stanley Marshall College of Education Dr. Mason Ladd College of Law Dr. Wiley L. Housewriglit School of Music Dean Vivian M. Duxbury School of Nursing Dr. Grover L. Rogers School of Engineering Science 53 N, Orwin Rush Director of Libraries Patrick W. Hogan Director of University Relations 54 Dr. Robert M. Johnson Director of Research and Graduate Dean Don E. Strickland Director of Business Services Dr. Russell P, Kropp Director Of Instructional Research and Service Dr. William L. Wharton Registrar Ray E. Green Director of University Planning 55 The Whole The Florida State University during the 1968-69 academic year experienced tremors of administrative upheavals. These pages cover the extent of the problem. With the following exerpts from the campus newspaper. The Flambeau, this editor felt that the student will have a fuller over-all view of the events which led an anonymous administrator to exclaim, " The whole damn university is falling apart! " The crisis of this series of resignations tendered by the following top officials. Dr. John Champion, President; Dr. Laurence Chalmers, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Odell Waldby, Vice President for Administrative Affaks; and Dr. John Carey, Vice President for Student Affairs, led to discontent, confusion, and uneasiness throughout the entire academic community. Flambeau Editorials PRESIDENT i 56 PRESIDENT JOHN E. CHAMPION Tuesday, February 18, 1969 Florida State President John Champion resigned Monday night in an " effort to promote unity " and because of his " love for the university. " His resignation, which was accepted by Board of Regents Chairman Burke Kibler on behalf of the board, is effective immediately. The BOR has appointed Dr. Stanley Marshall, executive vice president, as acting president until such time, according to Chancellor Robert Mautz, as a president is selected " through normal academic processes. " In a prepared statement to the Flambeau, Champion said: " For some time I have been aware of elements of discord from within certain parts of the university. I had hoped that these could have been overcome, but I am convinced that the future of the university wall be better served under new leadership. " 1 believe that in every organization there comes a time when there is a need for new ideas, for fresh approaches, and for different leadership. I believe that time is now at Florida State, " Champion said. " The four years that I have been privileged to serve as president of this distinguished university have been among the most rewarding of my life. Mary and 1 arc deeply grateful for the support, understanding and affection which we have received from so many people from within and without the university, " he ended. The upheaval is complete. President John Champion ' s resignation is the cuhnination of a split between faculty members and between administrators which began with the demonstrations last spring. President Champion had lost the support and respect of many in his administration and his faculty. This was evident by the rash of resignations - by three vice presidents - and by the threatened resignations of other key university officials. This was also evident by Champion ' s refusal to consult to a noticeable degree with faculty members and administrators before making the two recent major appointments. With his support gone, he came under severe criticism. Seemingly, his only recourse was to bow out gracefully. At about 8 last night. President Champion did bow out gracefully. His resignation has been received with mixed emotions. There are those jubilant students crying " the king has been dethroned. " Then there are those who are sorrowed by the resignation - sorrowed that the conflict which existed here could not be resolved by a less drastic step. DECISION President Champion ' s resignation hasn ' t necessarily ended the conflict. Instead it has left a void that must be filled. The void may be filled by more factions - or more politics. If this is the case, there will come a time when the roots of another rash of resignations will be traced to stands taken during the " 1969 Champion resignation controversy. " And what will have been gained? On the other hand, the void may be filled by unity among the faculty and new administration - by consultation on the new president ' s part with faculty and student leaders. This consultation will eliminate the mistrust, petty jealousies, and alienation which plagued the last months of President Champion ' s term in office. Dean Robert Lawton of the College of Arts and Sciences reacted to the resignation thusly: " We now need to unify and move forward. " This is the truth. Acting President Stanley Marshall must heed it. Sam Miller Damn University Is Falling Apart ' Flambeau Editorials The Real Reasons In the midst of a full-scale administrative shuffle, such as we have witnessed recently, one begins to wonder about the real reasons for the departures of men such as John Carey, E. Laurence Chalmers and Odell Waldby. Both Drs. Carey and Waldby announced their resignations to return to full-time teaching duties. Dr. Chalmers cited a new and challenging job opportunity at the University of Kansas. Many students and faculty members felt, however, that teaching and new jobs were NOT the prime reasons for the resignations of these men. At the time of Dr. Carey ' s resignation, there was much talk of " outside pressures " being brought to bear to force him out of office. At the same time, there were reports that Dr. Chalmers was next to leave for basically the same reasons. These rumors, of course, were denied by the authorities, yet we lost both administrators. Dr. Waldby reported to the Flambeau that his resignation had been submitted last August, but had not yet been officially announced. It is quite possible that all three of these men told the truth . . . basically. It is also possible, however, that behind these truths were other causes which for professional reasons were better left unsaid. One informed source, when asked last Wednesday how he viewed the situation, rephed, " It seems to be a very political situation. " As this column stated earlier this week, " political pressures " are all too evident at Florida State. Administrators must make decisions bearing in mind that unpopular decisions may affect next year ' s appropriation, cause them to be put under added mental pressures from state politicians or endanger their jobs. They must also " tread lightly " to avoid upsetting people like alumni members, large scholarship donors, or conservative Board of Regents members. Such a situation of constant fear and pressure can only drive our top administrators away from this university or back into " full-time teaching. " Such a situation MUST cease immediately or this university is doomed to be run by mediocre men. Gary Smith Further Administrative Resignations Rumored Dr. John Carey Dr. Laurence Chalmers Dr. Odell Waldby The 1968-69 academic year also faced us with the future loss of services of a number of other University officials. Dr. Robert Willis, Director of Academic Research; Dean Mason Ladd, College of Law; Mr. Robert Pekarek, Assistant Dean of Men; Dr. Charles Wellborn, University Chaplain; and Mr. Daniel Schaeffer, Assistant Dean of Students, all have resigned. Whether or not their reasons for leaving FSU may be attributed to this crisis is an open question. The fact remains, however, that our university will suffer from the loss of their services. Men of their high caliber will be difficult to replace. FSU Programs Reach Space Center Seeking to meet the shift in societal values and goals through business and its organizations, the curriculum and faculty of the School of Business directed their objectives to providing a resilient education for the future leaders in the world of business. One of the major programs was conducted at Cape Kennedy. Engineers who had moved into managing positions in their organizations felt that their technical training had assumed a minor role and they now needed an education program on the administration of science and research-oriented en- terprises. Under a contract with NASA, FSU initi- ated an on-the-base program at the Kennedy Space Center and offered several graduate level business administration courses. For the 1968-69 academic year, there were more students participating in this extention project than were enrolled in graduate courses at FSU and the University of Florida on their home campuses. 59 Department of Science Education Three projects of experimental study were con- ducted by the Department of Science Education. Directed at various levels of learning, these programs were aimed at motivation of study in the science curriculum. An up-to-the-moment technique for introducing science to the elementary school child was the goal of the Child Structural Learning in Science project. The pupil identified objects placed on his desk in relation to the shapes of those presented on television screens and was thus physically involved in the learning process. The Intermediate Science Curriculum Study was designed for junior high school students. This teaching method involved the principles of individual study and progression at the rate of the individual. Under this study, no two students of a classroom needed to be at the same point of achievement. A third program was called QUEST, Quality Undergraduate Education for Science Teachers. This project was aimed at stimulating interest in instructors of high school science courses by providing scholarships for further university study and opportunities of increased salaries. 60 Conducts Experimental Studies ■. 62 By some power greater than myself, I was given a brain with which to think. Cham my body to a wall but you cannot hold back my mind. Though my hands are now unskilled at working with tools, at molding, at building, my mind can create such wonderous things. 64 Give me the chance to cultivate my field of learning, to plow the furrows of my memory, recalling what I found yesterday, reap my cup of knowledge tomorrow. Broaden the boundaries of my thinking. Let me be so practical as to find a cure for every disease, build a library to hold every book. 65 sss s ssss$i 5s;s!S!i s s}»s j A 66 Yet let me be whimsical enough to see the beauty of every baby ' s smile, every daisy ' s blooming, and every dawning sun. siaai emiS i A .mil mmm mwm m 67 68 If my body is too weak to hold off one small man, let my mind be strong enough to stand against an army. 69 1 :■ - mji pBbbui sss ■i ■k .. ,.M J SSBSB HiHBBHHi p friHh " 1 ' ' IHI 1 ■1 " ' 1 M ■ OHBi tsJ HHHJJHKnTrTu B kik4X ..i.i.li.XAjU !■■■■■ ' ft... i . r ■ sx B K - 9 | Hw Kiik«ine H ... B A - - ■■ ' -- " - ' " l . — 4 B 70 But most of all I ask, teach me. Tell me how to pry mto the depths of my potential. I want to be a man who speaks with his brain and not his stomach. 72 I can be wise, I can be compassionate, I can be strong. Help me understand at least some of the " whys " in this great world. I want to learn. ' ■ ' --- ' ■ f T it AV IV is- jsi;:; . ' ' ■ ' Vf... ' " ■--: " ' .fR, S - ' ' ' Student Affairs 74 . :l«««JiitolAi t„. 4 m m ' mt mt tm i ,, - « i ai li|gif | i 76 I come to the university to learn. To accumulate a storehouse of knowledge. To expand my resources of intellectual wealth. And, oh, but the university offers me so much more... positions of leadership, roles in the numerous activities, extracurriculars abounding. I find not simply a cluster of classrooms but a whole community. A community where students run the government, publish the periodicals, try their own offenders, and operate and advise various services within the campus colony. If it is the goal of educators and their institutions to assist me to live in this society. Then I shall begin to do so here and now. I shall involve myself with current philosophies and activities — And, at first, apply them to this campus. Then, to matters of state and nation. And, eventually, I shall take my place in the society and the universe. For there is no room for one who complains or sulks or, worst of all, does nothing. Only as a working and acting member of this university, can I help to make it a better institution in which to study, learn, and live the way I know is best. Board of Student Publications From the censorship uproar of last spring evolved the reorganization of the Board of Student Publications. One area of revision concerned the membership of the board. Three student members were chosen in general elections; two members were appointed by the student body president. There were also three faculty members serving on the board. Faculty Senate, the College of Law, and the department of English each nominated one person to serve in these positions. One of the most significant changes m publications policy was the transfer of jurisdiction from university administrators to the Board of Student Publications. The board held final censoring rights and production responsibilities for the daily newspaper, the year- book, the literary magazine, and the campus humor magazine. Thus, for the first tune in our history, the students had a controlling voice in the printed media of FSU. Howard Horowitz Chairman of the Board of Student Pubhcations Betty Kabidi Student Secretary 78 June Fallin Secretary Publications staffs and the BOSP take a break from their busy schedule to sociaUze . BOARD OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS: Front Row: Mrs. Sara Srygley, Sue Carey; Second Row: Gilbert FinneU, Don Davis, Lester Kaney, William Johnson, Dr. James Bryant, Howard Horowitz. President Champion visits with the BOSP to investigate the inadequate space problem. 79 TALLY HO You ' ve heard of pulling " all-nighters " for finals. The TALL Y HO Staff pulled " aU-nighters " in order to meet their deadlines. Picture scheduling, copy writing, layout drawing, picture cropping, and recropping left diligent staff members with headaches, frustration and bloodshot eyes. Despite all the busy hours and lack of sleep, the TALLY HO Staff viewed their efforts with a feeling of accomplishment as pictures, headlines and copy, slowly evolved into these pages. The pages together made this book the story of You, the Student Body atFSU 1968-69. Cyndee Patricio Editor-in-Chief Dianne Means Associate Editor Donna Wiehaus Greek Editor Mitten Barrineau Layout Editor Sue Hodson Managing Editor Dick Kerlin Sports Editor Ava Eng Distribution Editor ' - " i ' t ' V K ' w .i t mi Janice Thomas Business Manager J 82 Jean Retzke Features Editor Peggy Edwards Student Government Editor Pat Ryan Academics Editor 83 Carol Rentschler Senior Editor Shirley Pitts Staff 84 Bobbie Beals and Robiii Lau Organizations Co-Editors m- ' . I " % » Stu Murphy Staff -v Margaret Grable and Mary Denise Scourtes Staff Charlie Barnes Staff 85 Waas Heads Newspaper Editor-in-Chief George Waas began his improvement campaign for the FLORIDA STATE FLAMBEAU by increasing the publication of the newspaper from a three-day-a-week to a daily distribution policy. An enlarged salaried staff of reporters made more comprehensive coverage in all phases of campus life possible. Another area of progress in the FLAMBEAU production was the addition of an Associated Press teletype, making national and world news coverage immediately available. As a result of his determination and perseverance in an attempt to raise the standards of newspaper journalism at FSU, George Waas was selected to represent the universities of the Southeastern United States in a nationally televised panel discussion of student power on American college campuses. Don Passavanti Sports Writer George Waas Editor-in-Chief Gary Smith News Editor 86 Sue Carey News Editor 1st Quaiter ' ' ' «» . awF r H; Ron Scoggins Sports Editor Sam MiUer Associate Editor 87 FLAMBEAU Dedicated to Ken Jones Sports Writer a M Ht 111 ' . " ' |, XX It •• " l fl%l " Joe Savage Sports Writer Bill Guggenheim Layout Editor Sheila Snow Assistant Sports Editor 88 Creative, Dynamic Journalism Kathy Urban Staff Writer Roy Werner Feature Editor mhI W - ■JSBmMI Bill Thomas Sports Writer Dave Smith Copy Editor 89 Miller 1$ New Editor Due to his appointment as Attorney General, George Waas resigned as Editor-in-Chief of the FLORIDA FLAMBEAU in February. To take his place, Sam Miller, former associate editor, stepped into the role of head executive. In addition to the new look of the flambeau ' s front page. Miller made a shift in the editorial staff, adopted a new type-style, initiated the " On Other Campuses " column and ran editorials submitted by staff members as well as his own. Scott Wilson Staff Sam Miller Editor-in-Chief, Quarter III Mike Bane Staff Martha Langley Staff LEGEND Displays Literature and Art Roy Werner Editor-in-Chief For the first time in FSU history, the LEGEND, a literary anthology, was published in two editions during the school year. The magazine attempted to recognize and stimluate original literary and artistic activity on campus. Contributions to the LEGEND were made by both students and, to a lesser extent, faculty within the college environment, although only students were able to compete for the prize money offered. Contents of the LEGEND included poems, short stories, photographs, etchings, essays and occasional drama. Both the individual selections and the magazine in general received favorable comments from sources throughout the state. This year ' s editions were marked by a decisive change in layout procedures and much more integrated artwork than previous publications. In that context. Editor Roy Werner and his staff hoped for a top-flight national rating m contests this year. Paula Privett Features Jan Costner Poetry SMOKE SIGNALS Resumes Publication Hugh Turley Editor-in-Chief A lot of laughs for just 25 cents a copy, the SMOKE SIGNALS again became an actual publication after being virtually non-existent for two years. Operating with a small nucleus of staff members. Editor Hugh Turley published three editions of the FSU humor magazine. Previously, the magazine had been published erratically and ran into difficulty last year resulting in no publication at all. In their efforts, members of the SMOKE SIGNALS staff attempted to represent the vein of humor dominant on our campus. Bob Aubin Art Editor Fred Troxell Humor Editor 92 Al Sutton Distribution Jon Owen Feature Editor f ,.4 « . s , r f Z d ' j , 93 Photography Bill Cote Head Photographer Rico Santi Photographer 94 Dave Culley Secretary Rocky Wilson Photographer Mack Goethe Photographer ( ' Stewart Hudson Photographer Dottie Shearn Photographer Barry Mittan Photographer 95 Business Staff Phil Short Assistant Business Manager John Guerriero Business Manager Mike Tufarella Staff Donna Meyers Secretary 96 Angela Hurt Clerk-Typist Advertisin Staff .«» ,r- Ward Greene Advertising Manager Susan Greene Secretary Sherri Phillips Layout Delores Ward Layout Salesmen Bob Brown, Mel Martinez and Lennie Boscia contact an important client. 97 Production Lab Larry Ewing Production Coordinator Verlane Garis Student Assistant Nancy Mickelberry Assistant Production Coordinator 98 Julie Marvin Proofreader Cheryl Bonner Student Proofreader Jack Levins Duplicating Operator Terry Hudson IBM MT ST Operator Mozart Garcia da Silva Production Assistant Wayne Walker Varityper Operator 99 Student Government 100 student-run government at Florida State University is a large and complex machine. Involving over 250 students in official and representative positions, this political apparatus forms an important cable in the " legal channels " so controversial at FSU. In an effort to inform a maximum amount of students of the activities and workings of the organization, revisions were proposed and put into effect this year in housing governing policies, distribution of representation, and the judicial system. General elections were conducted during fall and winter quarters. Polls, amendments and bills were included on election ballots giving students a voice and opinion in governmental and university affairs. Unfortunately, just as this student government is molded after the national organization, so our citizenry followed the trend of the nation ' s voting public with a poor turn-out at the campus polls. But how can I encourage my fellow students to take part in this student-run government? How can I convince them that it is this involvement, work, and the " channels ' that improve, rearrange or ruin our society as wield these powers to do so? From demonstrations on Westcott lawn to office improvements on the third floor of the Union. Student Government drew a course unique among American universities. Students took a leadership role not only in the traditional areas of social regulations and activities budgeting, but in the very nature and direction of the university as well. One of the most significant additions was the office of Ombudsman. It was the task of this official to investigate complaints made within the university system, employing a twenty-four hour a day code-a-phone service to record complaints. In order to bring student voice into curricular planning. Student Advisory Councils in all academic departments were established. Also, an updated system of faculty evaluation was introduced. Lyman Fletcher President of the Student Body 102 Student Government Expands A highly controversial and sometimes satirical singing group on campus, Fletcher ' s Lechers manage to voice their opinion in spite of being banned from the Pow Wow festivities. Vince Rio Vice President of Student Body 103 Cabinet Members Jeannie Keiser Women ' s Vice President Canter BrowTi Ombudsman Wayne Rubinas Men ' s Vice President Serve As Chief Advisors Frank Johns Secretary of State Don Gifford Administrative Assistant John Goebel Secretary of Internal Affairs 105 John Goebel quietly but belatedly sneaks into one of those " higlily important " cabinet meetings. Sue Carey Secretary of Academic Affairs 106 Wayne Hogan Secretary of Communications I yH I H Hk ' ' ' ' i ' IH H H I H m ' vH 1 I B H H. bL fl HH H ' ' l l Ik 1 Doug Morford Attorney General Ben Boynton Commissioner of Education Jim Kersh Comptroller 107 Involvement by Senators Gets Results STUDENT SENATE: Front Row: Butch Klappert, Sheila Clark, Deborah I ' ulton, Irish Baisden, Nancy Noel, loan Bicki, Sue Hodson, Barbara Stichler, Myra Robinson; Second Row: Wayne Rubinas, Doug Lawton, Randy Involvement in student affairs could not have been greater in any area of campus life than it was in Student Senate. One of the most significant accom- plishments of this body was the adoption of a new, more sophisticated court system for FSU. Protection of students ' rights was the chief concern in the revision. As a result, any student tried in municipal courts could not, in turn, be subjected to trial by the university. Thus, the " double jeopardy " predicament was abolished. Another area of consideration by Student Senate was in campus organizations. This year the senate claimed final jurisdiction in recognizing or denying any organized group on campus, releasing administra- tors of this authority. Principally due to the involvement and concern of Student Senate through legislation and proposals, a more power voice in campus affairs was delegated to the students of Florida State University. 108 Senator Wayne Rubinas addresses the members of Student Senate. Arno, Jeanne Reiser, Vince Rio, Sheryl Manley, Chailes Bani s, George Mannheimcr; Third Row: Matt Hauer, Everett Raiiis, Jim Peeples, Al Fisher, Ted Skekel, Tina Touchton, Gary Smith; Fourth Row: John Martin, BUJ Jones, Jolinest Straws, Rick Wade, Barry Bennett, Tom Wade, Chris McDevitt, John Sullivan. Vince Rio President of Senate Members of Senate listen as the various articles oi a bill pertaining to the revision of women ' s rules are presented by a representative of AWS. 109 Supreme Court steady increase in the number of cases heard by the Supreme Court was evidenced this year as FSU students became more aware of the presence and function of this appellate body in our court system. A relatively new system, the judicial branch of Student Government underwent thorough reforma- tion and revamping which became final in November of 1967. According to these revisions, the judiciary division of government was separated into a high court and two lower courts. The Supreme Court operated as the appellate court hearing appeals and reviewing decisions. This judiciary was made up of eight upperclass men and women and a chief justice of second-year standing in the law school. Mary Gregory Clerk of the Supreme Court Kenneth Connor Senior Associate Justice Nancy McDonald Senior Associate Justice Mary Quinn Senior Associate Justice Paul Regensdorf Senior Associate Justice Bay Gruber Junior Associate Justice Nancy Harding Junior Associate Justice Jane Hudson Junior Associate Justice Craig Reutlinger Junior Associate Justice Linda Batts Qerk of the Honor Court, Division II Honor Court Jurisdiction of the Honor Court covered all areas of student misconduct outside of house and social regulations on the FSU campus. Cases handled concerned violations of the Academic Honor Code and the Florida State University Student Code of Conduct. Because of an increasing student awareness of their right to appeal and trial by peers, greater use was made of student juries this year than in previous ones. The Honor Court consisted of a Chief Judge, a law student of at least junior standing, and two under- graduate associate judges, also of at least junior standing. Charles Banks Associate Judge, Division I Linda Borg Associate Judge, Division II Phillip Hadley Associate Judge, Division II 111 Association Of Women Students Reorganized in its structure from a legislative body into a programming body for women ' s education, the Association of Women Students served as a mediator between the women of Florida State and Student Government. Its purpose was to promote and create both interest and involvement in student affairs for women students. Freshmen Flunkies and Sophmore Council operated. Junior Counselors were approved , and many new rules concerning women ' s privileges were incorporated under its supervision. AWS was composed of three committees appointed by the President, Jeannie Keyser; a President pro-tem, Peggy Schroeder; and representatives from all women ' s living areas including a representative for women living off campus. The FSU chapter of AWS was affiliated with the lAWS and sponsored two delegates to the nationwide convention held at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. AWS did much to liberalize rules for FSU women and to instill interest in activities. Legislation was passed this year granting self-regulated hours for upper class women, non-supervised housing for junior women, optional sign-outs, and unlimited TaUahassee overnights. Jeanne Keiser , President of AWS, calls the meeting to order. 1 12 ASSOCIATION Ol WOMtN STUDtNTS: Iront Row: Liz Parker, Linda Coburgcr, Linda Witty, Barbara Gortych, Joannie Holzer; Second Row: Barbara Home, Nancy Murphy, Peggy Sciiroder, Carol Ott. Nancy Murphy expresses her opinion of a proposed women ' s rule for the 69-70 school year. During the meeting, Linda Kotowski is kept busy distributing reports. ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS: Front Row: Elaine Holmes, Barb long, Marianne Carpentier, Second Row: BeeLee Waddle, Margaret Kane, Sharon Anderson, Harriet Packard, Buff Megaw. 13 Junior Counselors Set Examples Freshmen girls entered Florida State this year offering many new ideas. The girls with the ready smiles and welcome greetings who helped direct these ideas along effective routes were the Junior Counselors. The JC ' s served as House Council and the governing officers of the dorm for the first quarter to give the freshmen ideas and patterns to follow when they began to govern themselves the second quarter. These juniors who lived and worked with girls two years younger than themselves both assisted the dorm residents and played an active part in dorm activities while still maintaining discipline. Junior Counselors could be depended upon for advice and help in adjusting to college life. These girls deserve much of the credit for having prepared the freshmen for participation in campus life while they lived at FSU. UPPERCLASS JUNIOR COUNSELORS: Joann Bricdc, Carolyn Crawford, Catherine Crews, Marilyn Nelson, Patricia Vanderburg, Gene SeUeck, Carol Shaft, Margaret BrasweU, Mary lerris, Charisse Schultz, Patricia Bell, Nancy Calcese, Jill Ivey, Elizabeth Morris, Gloria Nagy, Pat Parramore, Charlotte Ward, Karen Koleda, Konnie Kunkel, Cynthia L. Legg, Carolyn Martin, Jean Steedley, Margaret Ware, Christina Yocum. OFF-CAMPUS HOUSES JUNIOR COUNSELORS: Jennie Andrews, Catherine A. Coleman, Nancy Coleman, Joyce Daigle, Pam Hudson, Lynn Huggan, Donna F. Jenne, Georgina Kantor, Bobbie La Perche, Kathleen Morris, Arlene Nichelson, Kathleen O ' Sullivan, Eileen Padovano. Donna Ann Wiles, Paulette White , Katherine Sachutt. REYNOLDS HALL JUNIOR COUNSELORS: Front Row: Janice Jackson, Judy Nowlin, Jean Gionet, Pat Mel arland, Susan Hubbard; Second Row: Jo Davis, Dee Dee Wittstruck, Cindy Shaeffer, Jan Sapp, Linda Lastinger; Third Row: Louisa Hinely, Linda loley, Nancy Clay, Darragh Droze, Caroline Raddall, Ann Minnick. 114 JENNIE MURPHREE HALL JUNIOR COUNSELORS: Front Row: Lynn McDonald, Nancy Stone, Margaret James, Nancy Hendricks; Second Row: Judy Williams, Irish Neel, Nancy Harding, BecLee Waddell, Barbara Bennett, Linda Rooks; Third Row: Ann Raines, Vivika Adams, Jane Hudson, Marsha Smith, Linda Kjellstrom. Many girls seek advise from their JC ' s on how to study for college courses. GILCHRIST HALL JUNIOR COUNSELORS: Front Row: Mary Healy, Sandra Barrett, Velma Dobson, Katie Hodge, Sue Hodson, Susan Mole; Second Row: Donna Wiehaus, Bonnie Berry, Susan West, Linda Wing, Anita Coffee, Lynne Saunders, Patty McManus, Karen Adams. MAGNOLIA HALL JUNIOR COUNSELORS: Front Row: Margie Meyers, Sandra Moore; Second Row: Barbara Schweitzer, Gretchen Matze, Margaret Elam, Judy Blount, Pam Lawton, Carolyn Douglas. BRYAN AND BROWARD HALL JUNIOR COUNSELORS: Front Row: Judy Edmonds, Billie Reid, Carol Begley, Martha McCarter; Second Row:Bev Chin, Nancy Frazier, Pattie Detwiler, Linda Borg, Barbara Hemphill; Third Row: Cindy Miles, Mary Le Olmstead, Donna North, Patricia Walden, Elizabeth Galloway. 115 Students Take Part in Dormitory Government MAGNOLIA HALL OFFICERS: Maiy Blankenship, Vice President, Suzy High- tower, Educational Chairman, Judy Blount, President, Margaret Buck, Treasurer. Pat Williams, Social Chairman. BRYAN HALL OFFICERS: Billie Reed, President, Sue REYNOLDS HALL OFFICERS: Joanne Harris, Vice Carmichael, Vice President, Kcrrie Osborne, Vice Prcsi- President, Jan Sapp, President, Linda Rawers, Vice dent, Martha Ling, Educational Chairman. President, Rowena Worrall, Education Chairman. SMITH HALL OFFICERS: S ecre tary-Treasurer . Dwight Barrett, Vice-President, Dale Baker, President, David Palmer, DeGRAFF HALL OFFICERS: Bob Anderson, House Council, Randy Evans, President, Mary DeGraff, House Council, Everett Rains, Vice President Judy Branch, House Council, Karen Dewale, Secretary. BROWARD HALL OFFICERS: Barbara Mikles, Breakfast Chairman, Carol Begley, President, Judy Donahue, Bulletin Chairman, Laura MarteoreUi, Social Chairman. JENNIE MURPHREE HALL OFFICERS: Lynn Scheibel, Social Chairman, JuUe Davis, Vice President, BeeLee Waddell, President, Chris McDivitt, Vice President. 17 Dorms Adapt to New Policies GILCHRIST HALL OFFICERS: Sue Hudson, President, Kathy Harrison, Treasurer, Sherri Murphy, Vice President, Julie Farris, Secretary. KELLUM HALL OFFICERS: Kenneth Poole, Treasurer, Mike Susik, President, George Heller, Secretary. DEVINEY HALL OFFICERS : Luanne Mathis, Vice President, Carol yn Crawford, Social Chairman, Debbie Brown, Vice President. ONE WAY LANDIS HALL OFFICERS: Margaiet Kincy, President, Inge Hagwind, Vice President, Kathy Bair, Vice President. CAWTHON HALL OFFICERS: Darlene Dyer, Educational Chairman, Patricia BurseU, President, Mary Johnson, Social Chairman, Beverly Bolvin, Educational Chairman, Denise Dosal, Vice President. DORMAN HALL OFFICERS: Sandy Montgomery, Social Chairman, Linda Wesley, 2nd Vice President, Charlotte Roberts, Educational Chairman, Ellen Hardley, 1st Vice President, Mary Jo Wilson, President. . SALLEY HALL OFFICERS: Ron Scoggins, President, Judy Hamaker, Women ' s Vice President, Wayne Johnson, Men ' s Vice President. Doreen Geddes Selby 1 Joe Warren Selby III Nancy Ann Ropke FEA Dale Dickinson Richmond Sue Beechwood Selby I 120 Marti Trovillion Pilot Scholarship House Presidents Clair Marrs Gadsen Bruce Mills Rotary Carol Taxis Palm Court Steve Danese Selby I 121 UNIVERSITY UNION BOARD OFFICERS: David Fuller, Lea Heller, Chairman, Ed Berry. Referred to by some as the center of activity on our campus, the University Union housed diversified and sundry operations for student services and activity. The bookstore, bowling alley, cafeteria, barber and beauty shops, and the supplies center were some of the businesses located in the Union complex. Activities sponsored by the Union Board included dances, exhibits, and many social events. Director Paul Durett was assisted by Harry Ostrander and Mrs. Kay Vernon, program consultants, in approving the various projects and affairs. The junior executive body in the administration of the Union was the Union Board. This board, composed of both students and faculty, was concerned with the formation of policies on rules and regulations. 122 Paul Durrett University Union Director Union Officials Coordinate Programs Harry Ostrander Program Consultant Kathryn W. Vernon Associate Program Consultant Tom Davis Assistant Program Consultant Union Board members display an example of art in the Naval Exhibit sponsored by the Committee of the Arts. 123 Jerome Lowenthal, pianist, appears in Opperman Music Hall, enter- taining for the Chamber Art Series. Program Council Plans Varied Events From the Fine Arts Series to Duplicate Bridge, the University Union offered a wide variety of activities for student enjoyment. Responsible for coordinating all of the programs was the Union Program Council. Bridge and ping-pong, tennis and guitar lessons, and three film series were among the Union-sponsored activities. During football season, game fihns were shown in Moore Auditorium. As a part of the Seminole Spotlight and Fine Arts Series, The Association, Ray Charles, Paul Anka, and The Sandpipers were brought to the FSU campus as well as the Broadway productions of " Cactus Flower " and " Carnival. " In order to help new students to Florida State University become familiar with its wide variety of extra-curriculars, the annual Activities Night was presented at the beginning of Fall Quarter. Frequent dances in the Rathskeller and ballrooms and art displays in the Union Art Lounge were still more events planned and scheduled by the Program Council. Probably one of the most widely discussed projects this year was the annual, three-day Human Rights Conference held in January. Guest lecturers, Dick Gregory, Howard Leary, and Max Lemer spoke on such pertinent topics to our present-day society as civil rights, youth ' s challenge to adults and the goals and responsibilities of student power. UNIVERSITY LMON PROGRAM C OUNCIL: Front Row: Roy Werner, Marybeth Daidis, Barry Satchwell, Barbara Reynolds, Mike Halloran, Sue Jeffers, Ed Berry; Second Row: Dale Williams, Kathy McCann. Guest lecturers, Howard Leary, Commissioner of the New York City Police Department, and comedian and civil rights leader Dick Gregory, come to FSU for the Human Rights Conference. Sponsored by the Union Dance Committee, Ron and the Starf ires provide Seminole Spotlight presents the " Genius of Kay Charles " to entertainment in the University Ballroom. chmax the Homecoming Weekend festivities. Features 126 I need to be a man larger than myself. I am not vain enough to say " I know all. " Since I can never cease to grow in spite of myself, How do I broaden my realm of appreciation? Somewhere in a conversation I hear a word that expresses that necessary part of life to fulfill this need to socialize ... The word is " culture. " The tradition rooted in the orientations of our value system; Rituals and festivities reflecting the norm of our society and our campus. Participating in these rites myself or applauding performances of the artist, These are my privileges as a member of the student body of this university. Exposed to the words and talents of others, I become a man larger than myself ... As I become involved in the running commentary of current fads and traditional events; Through my interaction with the culture at Florida State University. 129 FSU Alumni Focus on State ■■ -e. ..; ♦ ■ r ' 130 131 Festivities Begin Devoting time and enthusiasm to the 1968 " Focus on State, " students and alumni prepared for Home- coming festivities. Floats were designed and built, dorms and houses were decorated and skits were written and rehearsed for the November weekend. Festivities for Homecoming ' 68 commenced with the parade down College Avenue featuring dignitaries, floats, the Honor Qass of 1918, and bands, including our own FSU Marching Chiefs, number one band in the Southeast. Friday night ' s Pow Wow saw skits, speeches by team members and Coach Pete, and the introduction and crowning of Miss Homecoming 1968, Karen Petersen, and her court. Pow Wow closed with a sky-full of fireworks and celebration. Jack Fenwick Ron Sellers John Crowe Dale McCullers 132 Margaret Hampton Kelley Agnew Kathy Owen Jeannie Miller Queen Karen Petersen and FSU fans " Whomp ' em up side of the liead! The many souls of Ray Charles groove in the Tully Gym Homecoming performance. 133 134 Queen Karen Reigns While Deacons Fall Karen Petersen 1968 Homecoming Queen Fantastic Weekend Climaxes Homecoming Homecoming festivities continued Saturday after- noon with lunches and barbecues, afterwhich, students and alumni headed for Campbell Stadium. A Seminole game from the word " go " . Sellers in top form, and the 42-24 fall of the Deacons contributed to a victorious focus on State. The grand finale of the weekend was the performance of jazz soul brother, Ray Charles. Joined by the Ray-ettes, he presented a rendition of all his gold records to the enjoyment of his audience. The concert was the climax of the evening, bringing a close to Homecoming at FSU for 1968. y %y.i ' M % i i 136 r ' i 4 f ' ' wiyw ii i f S U VS HOUSTilt SITOR BOHl W 2 Christmas spirit fiUed the air as fall quarter came to a close. In the University Union, windows were painted with the season ' s decorations, and the traditional Madrigal Dinners of foreign countries were presented jointly by the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management and the School of Music. In the dorms, students took time from studying for finals to participate in " secret pixie " visits and tree-trimming parties, while on Landis Green a campus-wide drive for gifts of canned food helped make a " White Christmas " for the underprivileged of the community. The quarter ended with the Opera Guild ' s production of " Hansel and Gretel " and Christmas Vespers conducted by the Women ' s Glee Qub. Students and faculty fill Wescott Auditorium to hear the annual Women ' s Glee Club Christmas Vespers. Hansel and Gretel Opera Guild Production Quarter Closes with Christmas Spirit Flaming plum pudding, roast duck, and singing minstrels give an English touch to the Madrigal Dinners. 139 Feats of Agility and Poise Highlight In a beautiful illusion of underwater fantasy, the twentieth annual production of Gymkana was presented in " Atlantis, the Sunken City. " Feats of agility and poise were displayed by the men and women of Gymkana, as well as the Tallahassee Tumbling Tots, a nationally famous group of gymnastically talented youngsters. A new addition, the Department of Dance joined the troupe of entertainers this year in " Atlantis " bringing their talents of grace and beauty in body movement to the production, A highlight of the evening was the crowning of Krista Garret as Miss Gymkana for 1968. Miss Gymkana and her court were chosen from twenty semifinalists on the basis of their contributions to the Gymkana show in time and work and their designing talents in creating costumes to follow the theme. Warming up with a few flip-flops, gymnasts prepare for Gymkana ' s production of " Atlantis " as others watch. Krista Garret, Miss Gymkana 1968, receives a bouquet and congratulations from Karen Petersen, former queen. 140 Gymnasts perform expert acts of balancing. Gymkana Show Queen Krista Garret and her court, Bobbi Beals, Adrian Walker, Carolyn Cooper, Ginger Houser, Lynda Kazimar, Linda Atnip, reign over the sunken city of Atlantis. Male gymnasts execute feats of strength and agility. GYMKANA COURT: Front Row: Ginger Houser, Gina Kanton, Carolyn Cooper, ChameD Aycock, Lynn Huggan, Krista Garrett, Lynda Kazimar, Adrian Walker; Second Row: Kaye Hartley, Susan Hancock, Gaby Rotter, Bobbi Beals, Carol Ward, Trisha Hancock, CeUa La whom ; Third Row: Lynn Owens, Linda Atnip, Kathy George, EUen Osborne. FSU Presents-.. Flying High Circus High Wire Boasting the only circus on a university campus in the country, FSU claimed a truly unique extracurricular activity in the Flying High Circus. Acts of daring and skill were performed by members of the student body. These were not sons and daughters of genera- tion circus families; they did not get paid, nor was this a vocation with them. Yet, these men and women put on a show that often rivaled the professionals. This spring marked the twenty-second year of the annual Home Show and Family Weekend perfor- mances. Throughout the year, the Circus also took to the road for several appearances around the state and then made its summer residence in Calloway Gardens, Georgia. Under the direction of FSU alumnus and ex-circus performer, Adrian Catarzi, student participants gain- ed skill and accuracy not only in the presentation of the various acts but also in rigging and checking the equipment used in these acts to insure safety. Double Trap 144 Slack Wire Flying Trapeze Rolla Rolla 145 Balancing Trapeze High Wire Three-Lane Brealcaway 146 Skating Quartet 147 Music Fraternities Present Campus Sing During Spring Quarter, the annual competition for Campus Sing was held. Sponsored by the music fraternities Phi Mu Alpha and Sigma Alpha Iota, the contest offered awards in the categories of dormitory, off-campus organization, sorority and fraternity choruses. In the contrasting concerning competition, each group sang two selections. Evaluations were made every phase of choral skills and techniques. This year the judges for Campus Sing were Mr. Joseph Flummerfelt, Sr., Raymond Meyer and Mrs. Ray Kickliter. Kathy Urban, accompanist, waits with the Pi Kaps to perform. Alpha Xi Delta and Theta Chi win first place in the mixed chorus division. 148 Plaque awards are presented the second day of competition. First place winner in the sorority division was Sigma Sigma Sigma. Paul Regensdorf directs his brothers of Pi Kappa Phi to first place in the fraternity division. The competition completed, Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha entertain to close this year ' s Campus Sing. 149 " And all the men and women merely players. " I paint my face and color my hair. I enter the stage walking under the lights of painted scenery. Who am I? Well ... I am a man much older than the years I have lived. I am a woman far more bawdy than I should have thouglit myself to be. I am the proverbial king or a begger, a Wiseman or a fool. And, the charming thing about it ... tomorrow niglit, I may be someone quite different from the part I play today. i But do I change myself with each new part? A different pair of trousers, a beard, a hat, added lines to my face. Yes, my appearance cha nges, perhaps my voice, my gestures or my style also. But as a soul, a person, Do I change with each role I play? The stage for me is not an escape from the reality of myself or my environment. It is, rather, an enrichment of my self-expression and realization. I cannot be satisfied to merely portray the character as I am cast. Donning his clothes in a superficial display. 152 I must interpret this man I am to be. I must understand how he feels, what he must do, what he believes. An actor ' s ego, I want to share my worth. I want to make an impression upon my audience. Whether they agree with my interpretation or not is unimportant. That others are charged to order their beliefs, that their thought is provoked by my performance ... That is what counts. 153 My stage? the campus, community, my hometown. My roles are varied ... some more difficult to play than others. My task? To learn who this man is that I am playing; What shall he do in this act? and then. Make this world my stage for expression and realization of myself ... for interpretation of what I am, what I feel, what I believe. " The wide and universal theatre, All the world ' s a stage. And all the men and women merely players. " " 1 ¥ I I 56 the arts: a desire to create ... to create somethi ng out of nothingness, to find order or beauty from chaos; out of experience ... out of the lives of a hundred thousand men ; to justify, to find in life some logic; music: the reincarnation of sound; painting: the creation of a personally interpreted world; drama: one actor becoming a living, feeling character; The arts and the artists in creation ... 157 Opera Guild player portrays the title character of Verdi ' s " Aida. " The tale of Pinocchio comes to life on the FSU stage. ■tf " ■ ' -MJ» 158 in addition to its Education Enrichment Program, the Asolo Theatre Company presents " Arms and the Man. " Award-winning musical, " Man of La Mancha " , intro- duces the ballad, " The Impossible Dream " . The Paul Winter Contemporary Consort does their own thing! 159 " Oh What A Lovely War " is a musical review based on events and songs of WW I presented by the Asolo Company. 160 A young boy inherits a throne in the play, " Galileo. " Eleanor of Aquitane and her son, Richard from " The Lion in Winter " are played by members of the Asolo Company. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band recalls traditional soul sounds. Pensive director of the New Orleans Philharmonic is Richard Bergin. 162 Paul Anka in concert is part of Seminole Spotlight Series. Dogpatch residents en- tertain in Tallahassee before taking the FSU Theatre production of Lii ' Abner on tour. Latin dance, costume and music decorate the stage as Fiesta Mexicana is presented by the FSU Artist Series. The politician. Yes, I, too, am an artist. I speak ... sometimes to inform sometimes to criticize. I sell myself to the nation to the world. I make known my views to my contemporaries. Not content to sit back and watch, I involve myself— changing and reforming society to meet my ideals; For politics is an art ... the art of persuasion and power plays. Arthur Goldberg 164 Howard Leary and Dick Gregory Nelson Rockefeller David and Julie Eisenhower George Wallace 165 166 a a mc t W ' What is beautiful? We hear the word used everyday to describe landscapes, an automobile, or the weather. But the word ' beautiful ' seems to carry the most meaning when it is given to women. It was the distinctively feminine nature which encited Webster to define: Hi ' ' • i ' • ■,.. ' .4 ; ■ £;•» ' • ' ■• 1 Beautiful — Whatever excites the keenest of pleasure to the senses; and stirs emotions through the senses; pleasurably exalting the mind or spirit; Aphrodite, Helen of Troy, Venus 167 (SOre i o oOo MISS TALLY HO 1969 Theta Chi 168 i ■. 3WUI UIU m a 1ST RUNNER-UP MISS TALLY HO Gilchrist Hall 170 2ND RUNNER-UP MISS TALLY HO Phi Delta Theta 3RD RUNNER-UP MISS TALLY HO Jennie Murphree Hall ' fm. GREEK GODDESS Qii Omega 172 4TH RUNNER-UP MISS TALLY HO Lambda Chi Alpha © HOMECOMING QUEEN K Kappa Phi 173 a ? 6 c SIGMA CHI DERBY QUEEN ( O Pi Beta Phi !§lil ?%A r «frJ , ' a % L., MISS UNIVERSITY UNION Pi Kappa Alpna (£ t ' Ma m r MISS GYMKANA Gamma Phi Beta 175 f ? m Athletics ii ,V. " » ' - ' ■■t? r -♦ ■ ■♦ ■,■► ' n ' HH - ••• .J jk » " • -:rP Wi ' ' : y HjJ; " . rJI||fWM Mi ' to " We ' re gonna fight, fight, fight for FSU ... " Traditions are born from competition Spirits are roused when your alma mater is sounded reverberating from the FSU block at sports events. The sense of pride and close identification to the university stems from belonging to any group with a common goal To be tops in everything we do. In sports I can enjoy the vicarious victories and experience the disappointment of defeat — because these are my victories and my defeats. I am involved, and I do give a damn FSU COACHING STAFF: Front Row: Bobby Jackson, AlConover, Bob Harbison, Joe Gibbs; Second Row: Gary Wyant, Bill Peterson, Dr. Dale Maxwell, T.K. Wetherell. Ken Maclean Assistant Athletic Director Don Pauls Athletic Trainer SO Coaches Inspire National Rankings What Head Coach Bill Peterson lacked in talent to sell potato chips, he made up in ability to produce a winning football team. In his eighth year as team chief, he directed the FSU Seminole grid squad to status in the national rankings. Backing up Coach Pete were Defensive Coach Bob Harrison, Offensive Coach Joe Gibbs, and Head Trainer Don Pauls. The recruiting staff for FSU football was headed by Doug Hafner. Continuing policies of improved sports schedules and increasingly emphasized scholarship programs, Vaughn Mancha served as director of the Intercolle- giate Athletic Program. Bill Peterson Head Coach Lonnie Burt Sports Information Director Vaughn Mancha Athletic Director it ms i 3. v m CHEERLEADERS: Front Row: Bill Reilly, Jim Sharp, Lee Clifton, Zan Tracy; Second Row: Cherrie Hand, Head Cheer- leader, Jim Chichetti, Jann Berry; Third Row: Mary Lyn Owens, Charolette Baker; Fourth Row: Karen Jalko. Cheerleaders Incite Crowd Involvement A myriad of moods sometimes reflected happiness or chagrin but most of the time echoed that bounding FSU enthusiasm! " Victory yell " and " FSU all the damn time! " Cheers steeped in pride and tradition led by the Florida State University cheermg squad. 183 im i K hi 7 s=?k7l5 THE 1968 SEMINOLES: Front Row: Abraira, Ashmore, Bancroft, Bass, Second Row: Beville, Davis, Elliott, Gildea, Gunter, Gurr, Guthrie, Hall, B. Bennson, Bugar, Carrol, Chereshkoff, Crowe, Eagerton, Eason, K. Hughes, H. Hughes, Lanahan, Lohse, Loner, Lowe, Munroe, Pederson, Pendleton, Rust, Montgomery, Page, Pell, Pittman, Thomas, Wenhold, Zion, Corral, Pickens; Semanchik, White, Whigham; Third Row: Hipps, Anderson, Bailey, Burt, The 1968 Seminoles A ' iw •■ ' 2i» Jf ' • ' i « »rv ' ' f ■ ' fV o f ft ?K pKjJ ®iSS f r f . .»»»i? r . 1 : ' . t i mam m, « 184 Burton, Cassady, Cheshire, Cox, Dawson, Jaros, Janett, W. Johnson, D. Curchin, Fenwick, Gaydos, Glass, Gray, Hart, Hiatt, G. Montgomery. Pajcic, Johnston, McCullers, McEachern, Mosley, Barry Rice, Beryl Rice, Sammons, Ratliff. Rhodes, Rimby, Sellers, Sewell, Stokes, Strickler, Sykes, Vohun, Sumner, Tyson, Warren, Yeldell, D. Johnson; Fourth Row: Cappleman, Walker, Wallace, Mitchell, Logan, MacKenzie, Zaffran. 1968 RESULTS (8-2) OPPONENT FSU OPP Maryland (A) 24 14 Florida (H) 3 9 Texas A M (H) 20 14 Memphis State (H) 20 10 South Carolina (A) 35 28 Virginia Tech (H) 22 40 Mississippi State (A) 27 14 North CaroUna State (A) 48 7 Waite Forest (H) 42 24 Houston (Jax) 40 20 185 Ron Sellers, FSU All-American " Jingle Joints " Sellers, FSU ' s No. 1 claim to fame in the field of sports, brought an exciting close to his college football career this year. Sellers was named to the All-American teams by Associated Press. College Coaches and Newspaper Enterprises, awarding him a second year as Consensus All-American. Ron Sellers, titled Florida Athlete of the Year, broke the all-time national record of Howard Twilly for yardage gained receiving passes in one ' s career. This season alone, he gained more yards and caught more passes than any other pass receiver in college footbaU. After the Senior Bowl and Honolulu ' s Hula Bowl, Sellers signed to play for the American Football League with the Boston Patriots. If « 186 Senior Tribesmen Walt Sumner, Defensive Back Dale McCullers, Line Backer Bill Gunter, Running Back Jack Fenwick, Offensive Tackie BiUy Cox, Split End Chip Glass, Tiglit End jf JSLfci. v ifm 187 Grid Seniors End Winners : ' -«|«sKi ■ ' •-iuir.- yi.» ■.r»- " .:- ' - ' «i ' L?!»i ' BilJy Rhodes, Offensive Tackle 188 mji: Gary Pajcic, Quarterback Chuck Elliot, Linebacker Ken Hart, Offensive Guard John Crowe, Defensive Back Harvey Zion, Defensive Tackle i Ted M osley, Center Howell Montgomery, Defensive Back John Pittman, Fullback o r. 474 Joe Benson, Linebacker Larry Pendleton, Offensive Guard Clint Burton, Defensive Back Frank Loner, Place Kicker Mike Bugar, Defensive End Doug Gurr, Defensive End Chuck Eason, Defensive Back 189 Tribe Trounces Terrapins Literally kicking off the season, the Tribe initiated the 1968 football year with a win over a stubborn Maryland team, victory -starved since 1966. Grant Guthrie ' s " Golden Toe " gave the Seniinoles an early lead, but the Terps ' countered with a touchdown putting them out in front. From here on, however, the Tribe dominated the game under the able direction of both quarterbacks, Gary Pajcic and Bill Cappleman. Near the end of the half, a Terp punt gave the Tribe a first down on their own 1 8. Pajcic teamed up with Sellers for the first " bomb " of the year, an 82-yard aerial, and FSU led at the half. Bill Cappleman, AP Honorable Mention All- American, made a memorable first appearance with a pass straying into the hands of a Terp who returned it for a touchdown. Later Cappleman redeemed himself by leading an 85-yard touchdown drive and scoring from the one, making the final score 24-14, a Semijiole wui to start the season. A Maryland defender bites the dust in a vain effort to catch FSU ' s Ron Sellers. Maryland prepares the line to contest the tough Seminole defense again. 190 Phil Abraira reaches for the pigskin against the Terrapins. All-America flanker Ron Sellers scores the second of his two TD ' s against the Terps. Over-rated Florida Slips by Seminoles Florida State fans cheer for the Seminole Tribe while hiding from a hot afternoon sun. 1 Billy Gunter runs around the end for yardage against the Gators. Florida State flanker Phil Abraira is helped off the field after picking up a few tough yards. Saturday, September 28, saw the Gators of the University of Florida invade Campbell Stadium to face the Tribe. The campus was at a fervid pitch and spirits ran high (as well as the students) even though the spectators had to sit in 90-degree weather to watch a disappointing game. What had been billed as a battle of offenses turned into a defensive slugfest when neither team really got fired-up. All the scoring came in the second half. Florida scored first when Hack Youngblood booted a field goal. Again gaining possession of the ball, Larry Smith went in from the three to make it nine to nothing. With time running out in the half, Gary Pajcic led the Seminoles on a scoring march that resulted in a 19-yard field goal by Grant Guthrie. The game ended with the Gators leading 9-3 as the spectators passed out of (or in?) the stadium. 191 ' Noles Plow Aggies Bill Cappleman moved into the starting quaiterback role for the first time and led the Tribe to a big 20-14 win over the Aggies of Texas A M, who the week before had been ranked 17th in the nation. Capple- man was not the only hero of the game as Dale McCullers came up with 20 tackles and nine assists for the Seminoles and was named AP National Lineman of the Week. The game was a see-saw battle, first with the Aggies leading and then the Seminoles. The crucial difference was the kicking of Grant Guthrie who delivered two three-pointers to create the edge making a Tribe win. A fine team effort by the Seminole defense held the Aggies in check as John Crowe and Walt Sumner both made crucial interceptions. Running back Tom Bailey grinds out important yardage behind an impressive wall of blockers. Bill Cheshire, punting specialist and barefoot wonder, gets away another of his average 37-yard punts. Several Tribesmen get ready to pounce on an Aggie fumble on the Seminoles ' home war grounds setting them up tor another touchdown. FSU Defangs Tigers Tom Bailey , running back, skirts around one Mempliis State tackle and dodges another. Head Coach Bill Peterson gives tight end Chip Glass (84) instructions before sending liim into the fracas. Ron Wallace (83) and Chuck Elliot (bl ) nail a Tiger running back in an outstanding Seminole defensive game. Flanker Ron Sellers broke out of a three-game " slump " showing his All-American form as he caught 13 passes for 218 yards, and led the Semmoles to a 20-10 victory over Memphis State. Grant Guthrie kicked for three points early in the first period to put FSU in the lead. A Cappleman-to-Sellers pass in the second period put the Tribe ahead again at the half 10-7. A quick field goal in the third period of play tied the score for the Memphis State team. On the ensuing kickoff, however, Cappleman found Sellers for a 34-yard TD pass to put the Tribe out in front to stay. Late in the final period Guthrie added his second field goal to put Florida State in the lead at the end, 20-10. Sellers ' performance vaulted him into sixth place in all-time career receptions and third place in yards receivmg. See-Saw Battle Ends in Tribe Victory Fans of a wide open, non-stop offense got their money ' s worth in this one as the Seminoles and Gamecocks traded touchdowns at the University of South Car o Una ' s Homecoming. First, the Gamecocks scored and then the Tribe. Back and forth it went until late in the third period when Bill Cappleman and company went ahead to stay. It was no easy battle for the FSU defense, but the squad came tlirough when the game depended on it. Number 58, Steve Gildea, came up with a couple of key interceptions, the last one proving to be the game-saver. When it was all over, the Seminoles had won, 35-28. Ron Sellers had caught 16 passes for a national season high of 259 yards and Bill Cappleman had completed 25 of 42 passes for 437 yards. Sellers goes alJ the way making it look easy for a TD against South Carohna. The tluow The catch The run 194 Mistakes Killed Us Sums Coach Pete Billy Cox eludes a Gobbler defender after intercepting a Virginia Tech pass and puts FSU in good field position. This was one of those nights when nothing went riglit for the Tribe. They won the toss but that ' s about the last thing that went in their favor. A series of Tribe fumbles and Gobbler inter- ceptions plus the devastating running of George Constanti]iides of VPI lost the game for us. The VPI team, on their first series, scored a field goal and from then on it was all their game. Coach Bill Peterson summed it up this way: " Mistakes killed us.. .(but) I have faith in our kids. They ' ll come back. " A Gobbler running back finds the going rough through the middle of the Seminole line. AU-American Ron Sellers rests on the bench in a losing effort against VPI. 195 Tribe Rips Bulldogs in Cold and Rain On a cold, rainy day in Starkville, Miss., the Tribe came to win and they did... much to the chagrin of the Mississippi State Bulldogs. In Tallahassee, students huddled around their radios at innumerable " listening parties " as the Seminoles jumped out in front early in the playing period with a 36-yard field goal. Moments later, Cappleman hit tight-end Jim Tyson with a touch- down aerial putting the Seminoles ahead 10-0. The defense, led by big number 24, Walt Sunmer, tore the Bulldogs apart. Early in the second period, Sumner picked off a Tommy Pharr pass and returned it to the MSU 19. It took Cappleman only three plays to find pay dirt on a five-yard pass to Tom Bailey. After two Bulldog touchdowns, the score stood FSU 17, MSU 12 at the half. The second half saw Guthrie kick his last field goal of the game and Cappleman hit Billy Cox for the Tribe ' s final score. MSU added two points when Cappleman was dropped in the end zone for a safety. The final score was FSU 27, MSU 14. Jim Tyson drags a Bulldog defender across the goal line with him in a great offensive effort. The entire Seminole grid squad greets their team captains in the traditional FSU way after winning the coin toss. 196 Bill Cappleman, junior quarterback for the Tribe, scrambles around the end for a first down. NC State Dealt Worst Loss Years FSU Ail-American Ron Sellers makes another great grab over the shoulders of a Wolfpack defender. Florida State did what Coach Bill Peterson had been saying for a couple of weeks - they put all the pieces together. And the North Carohna State Wolfpack was on the receiving end. A first quarter field goal attempt by the Wolfpack was blocked by Walt Sumner who caught it in mid-air and returned it for a touchdown. Bill Gunter proved to be the big scorer of the game with three touchdowns, while Phil Abraira had two and both Walt Sumner and Gary Pajcic had one. When the game was over, the Wolfpack of North CaroUna State University had been handed its worst loss in 1 5 years, 48-7. The scoreboard teUs the real story at the end of the first " sod game " of the season for the Seminole Tribe. CJi ' . ' -Js Running back Billy Gunter comes out of the backfield to surprise N.C. State defenders for a gain. 197 Sellers Sparks Homecoming Victory Turning Ron Sellers loose in his last appearance at Campbell Stadium, the two-time All- American responded with the greatest day of his career as a farewell gift. Sellers caught 14 passes against Wake Forest for a record setting 260 yards and five touchdowns. The Cappleman to Sellers combination connected for two passes, good for 26 and 5 yards putting the Tribe out in front with a 14-0 lead after one period. The day was not all FSU, however, the Deacons fought behind the arm of All-Atlantic Coast Conference quarterback Freddy Summers to take a 17-14 lead at the half. With the exception of a score by Bill Gunter on a tliree yard sweep, scoring in the second half was all " Jingle Joints " Sellers. Bill Cappleman, behind the superb protection of his offensive line, dropped back into the pocket and hit Sellers for three touchdowns, sending him on his way to a record-breaking five touchdowns in a single game. His receiving jumped him into the No. 1 spot in the nation for career yards receiving passes. It also earned hmi the national lineman of the week honor, from both AP and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and sparked the Tribe to a 42-24 victory. Wake Forest player puts his " sole " into the game trying to get a toehold on Bill Cappleman ' s lofted pigskin. After receiving a Cappleman pass, FSU ' s All-Anierican Ron Sellers sidesteps two Deacon defenders then out-races them to the goal line. Gridders Upset lOth Ranked Houston Ron Sellers, Consensus All-American, is congratulated by a young fan after the 40-42 upset trouncing of the Cougars. How do you prepiire for a team that has just scored 100 points in a single game? The coaches had their ideas but this time the players had their own. They didn ' t wash their jerseys after the win over Wake Forest, and they went to Jacksonville to win. The Tribe stacked the line by bringing up the linebackers and cornerback Chuck Eason. With one man keying on the deep back and another on the quarterback, the Tribe broke the Cougar ' s patented option with an eight-man Ime. At the half, Florida State led 25-0 and Paul Gipson, Houston ' s All-American had been held to just fifty-four yards rushing. A fired-up Houston team came on the field at the beginning of the second half but they were no match for the Tribe. The score when time ran out was Florida State 40-Houston 20. For his performance, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED named Bill Cappleman National Back of the Week. Houston ' s All-American running back, Paul Gipson, finds the going rough against an inspired Seminole defense which held him to less than ten yards in the first quarter. Tribe coach. Bill Peterson sends Chip Glass in with the next offensive play. Exciting Game Initiates Peach Bowl A new bowl? The Peach Bowl in Atlanta? No one had ever heard of it but our Tribe went to the Georgia city and gave the crowd an exciting contest to initiate the newly-won bowl franchise. Unfortunately, the Seminoles were beat at their own game as the LSU Bengals passed their way to their sixth bowl victory in eight years. FSU took the initial lead on a fumble as Tom Bailey grabbed the first touchdown of the game. A Cappleman connection with Bill Gunter on a 21 -yard pass play raised the score to a 1 3-point lead over the so-far scoreless LSU team. The Tigers fired off their offensive game with a TD and field goal late in the second quarter to retire the half traiUng by just three points, 10-13. By the beginning of the fourth period of play, LSU held a nine-point lead over the Seminole Tribe. An exciting fourth quarter comeback by FSU fell four point short as two TD passes were taken by Sellers and a two-point conversion effort proved successful. The skies in Atlanta wept that niglit as much as the Seminole fans as the LSU Bengal Tigers found victory over the Tribe, 31-27, at the first annual Peach Bowl. wr Signal caller, Bill Cappleman sets the Florida State line tor its last quarter comeback effort in the cold, rainy Atlanta weather. 200 Tom Bailey leaps over two LSU defenders for extra yardage on a short running play. Don Pederson, one of FSU ' s bright spots at the Peach Bowl, makes an important reception on a scoring drive. iCa w . ,, Chip Glass pulls in his touchdown pass in the last period. Jim Tyson gets roped by a Bengal Tiger for a short gam. Tom Bailey barely misses a pass in a Coach Pete and his team watch the crucial play ol the last quarter. play in an exciting fourth quarter. Caught by the ankle, Bill Gunter skids out ol bounds in a scramble at the sidehnes. 201 1968-69 Cagers Hugh Durham Head Coach Willie Williams, No. 32, stretches his six-foot, four-inches to score in the victory over Dayton. After winning the Sunshine Classic Basketball Tournament in December, the Florida State Seminoles looked as though they could wrap up a national ranking. But, by January 20, the FSU basketball team had managed to establish a mediocre record of only eight wins and six losses. The Tribe then picked up monentum and won 10 out of the next 12 games to finish the season with an 18-8 record. The turning point of the season came with the South Carolina game. The Seminole Cagers rallied with a tremendous effort and were backed by a victory-starved student body. They needed a win badly and got it over a nationally ranked South Carolina team. Coach Durham ' s assessment of the year: " Our press is what did the job for us. It forced the other teams into bad mistakes and errors and I think it was our main weapon. " Skip Young goes up for the field goal against South Carolina. 1968-69 RESULTS (18-8) OPPONENT FSU OPP Valdosta State (H) 120 75 Miami (Tournament) 111 84 Jacksonville (Tournament) 93 88 Virginia Tech (A) 74 77 Louisville (A) 78 79 Southern California (H) 70 60 Ohio State (H) 86 93 New Hampshire (H) 104 76 Jacksonville (A) 68 76 Tulane (A) 97 94 Miami (H) 86 81 Kent State (H) 67 76 Tulane (H) 99 90 Rice (H) 80 83 Hawaii (H) 92 60 South CaroUna (H) 87 76 Jacksonville (H) 93 89 Valdosta State (A) 84 81 Clemson (A) 70 67 North Carolina (A) 82 100 Stetson (H) 95 67 Dayton (H) 79 71 Georgia Tech (H) 76 84 Georgia Tech (A) 98 80 Florida Southern (A) 84 79 Miami (A) 89 86 Dave Cowens, Center Skip Young, Guard Ken Macklin, Guard Randy Cable outdrives a Dayton player to lay-up another two points on the score. 203 Jeff Hogan outreaches his Miami defender aiding the Tribe to a 89-86 victory over the Hurricanes. Team Persists in Spite Of Tournament Denial Jan Gies, Forward Dale Klay, Forward Jeff Hogan, Guard 204 Dave Qjwens, three Yellow Jacket opponents on liis back, makes his attempt to no avail in the heartbreaking loss to Georgia Tech. Dave Cowens tips tlie ball out of the reach of a Dolphin center, signaling the start of the Jacksonville-FSU contest. Randy Cable, Guard Skip Young bounds past his Miami opponent in the last game of the year for the Seminole cagers. Carl Reynolds, Guard 205 Successful ComebackCloses Season Dave Cowens and Jeff Hogan accept the team trophy presented to Seminole victors in Jacksonville ' s Civitan Sunshine Classic. Skip Young, No. 14, leaps for that score-raising goal. 206 Ken Bush, Forward ' " T55:, Tribe Medicine Man, Chief Full-a-BuU adds color to pre-game rites with symbolic slaying of the opponent. " Big Red " Cowens outleaps his defenders for a shot at the hoop as the Tribe romps Stetson. ■sAl -kJ im- - ■ij!aK«Rs- i ■rji ' i FSU BASKETBALL TEAM: Front Row: Coach Bill Clendinen, Skip Young, Randy Cable, Jeff Hogan, Denny Parker, Carl Reynolds, Coach Hugh Durham; Second Row: John Burt, Ken Bush, Willie Williams, Dave Cowens, Dave Macomber, Jan Gies, Ken Macklin, Dale Klay. Grapplers Improve-, End Season 11-8 Florida State ' s wrestling club had its best season tliis year against much improved competition. After a slow start they showed impressive wins over Troy State, the University of Tampa and the University of Florida. The grapplers were outstanding in the All-Florida Championships with a win by John Gales and second places by Jay Tiedaberg and Andy Cardos. The club finished a close third place. Superior individual performances were shown by John Gales who was voted the Most Outstanding Wrestler and Jay Tiedaberg who was chosen Outstanding Rookie by other members of the wrestling club. 208 Success Is Defeating University of Florida ' : ' ' ' " •. 7 »— ' 1... . The gymnastic club had a disappointing 1-4 record in clash meet competition, losing to Louisiana State, Georgia Tech and Dade County Junior College. By defeating arch rival University of Florida with a 103-86 margin, the gymnasts proved their competitive ability. FSU ' s gymnasts finished second in tlie Valastic Invitational meet in Fort Walton Beach, and third in the Georgia Gymnastics Association meet in Atlanta. Top scorer for the club in all-around competition was Don Hervig (Sammy Seminole). One of his achievements was scoring a first place in long horse vaulting in the Southern Intercollegiate Gymnastic League Championships. Other top Seminole acrobats included Pete Nofty who took first place in ring competition at the Georgia Gymnastics Association Championships. Losing only Pete Nofty and Vince Treacy, the Seminoles will have experienced men returning for next year ' s tough competition. • A ' ' ' ij ' ' GYMNASTIC CLUB: Front Row: Ralph DeFrahn, Terry Morris, Fred Williams, Vince Treacy; Second Row: Don Hervig, Steve Jones, Steve Zindell, Steve Musslelak; Third Row: BUI Beavers, Bob White, Fred Norman, Pete Nofty, Bryian Metelits, Coach Hartley Price. Samurais Claim First in East; Second Individual Statistics John Ross 205 lb. Takeshi Sayama 139 Steve Masterson 165 Bruce Fussell 154 Bill MiUer Heavyweight Bill Lain Percy Alexander 176 Armand Gossellin 205 James Stubbs 139 John Faust Bill Curnutte 139 Wiley Cunagin 165 Tadao Shimada Seiji Okura State, Southeastern, Eastern, National Champion Southeastern Open Champion South Eastern Collegiate Champion State, Southeastern, East runner-up State Champion, 2nd Eastern Collegiate, 5th National State Champion Eastern Champion State Champion Eastern Collegiate Champion 3rd SE CoUegiate 2nd State 2nd SE Collegiate a- 2nd State and SE Collegiate 3rd SE Collegiate Armand Gosselin adds points to the FSU score as he pins his opponent. 210 In its second year at FSU the Judo team made the American Judo world stand up and take notice by dominating the South-eastern Judo scene. The Seminoles won the team championship in every tournament they entered with the exception of the National Collegiate Championships where the under- dog FSU team fouglit to a second place losing to San Jose State. This was the first time that the Florida State University had entered a team in Na- tional competition. The team started the season with an active roster of four black belts and eighteen brown belts. In December the black belt roster rose to five with the addition of Takeshi Sayama; and in May, Bruce Fussell made it six by becoming the first FSU team member to be promoted to black belt status while a student here. The samurais finished the season with an 18-1 record. in Nation Seiji Okura attempts a throw on Tadao Shimada during a team workout. JUDO TEAM: Front Row: John Faust, Wiley Cunagin, Seiju Okura, Tadao Shimada, Bill Curnutte; Second Row: Jim Stubbs, John Ross, Bill Lain, Ray Pallachios, Ken Wahl, BiU Miller, Bill Waitek, Steve Masterson, Dr. Kenji Kawoka. 211 Soccer Club Rebuilds Strength With only two returning lettermen, the FSU Soccer Club underwent a year of rebuilding due to the graduation of ninety per cent of last year ' s veteran team. Experience was the main deficit for the poor showing of the club. Despite the fact that the team played in earnest, they lost several games, ending with a disappointing 2-9 season record. The 1969-70 Soccer team ' s future should be brighter, with the loss of only three varsity players, Raoul Saenz, Umut Akine and Fred Motanshabee. Coaching duties were shared by Raoul Sainz and Zack Edge, president of the Soccer Club. Carl Hite Goalie 212 SOCCER CLUB: Front Row: John Fry, Marcus Hepburn, Umut Akine, Raoul Saenz, Don Petty, Richard Champ, Andy Reeves, Peter Kuznetzoff, Steve Meyers; Second Row: George Bennett, Patrick Collins, Tan Yurukoglu, Frank London, Yuksel Ozay, Kan Malanchuk, Wilhelm Koesters, Ron Capron, Zack Edge. 213 NCAA By-Passes FSU In Tournament Bid For the first time in five years Florida State ' s baseball team did not get a bid to the NCAA District III post season playoffs. Nevertheless it was a triumphant season for the Tribe which rolled to a 38-13 record. The team also placed two men on the first team All-District III club (pitcher George Lott and second baseman Dick Gold), one on the first Team All- America unit (Gold) and for the second straight season ran up 21 game winning streak. The season started with a new head coach, Jack Stallings from Wake Forest, but virtually the same club that had played for the past two seasons. After a somewhat slow start (the Tribe was 5-4 after its first nine decisions) the Semi- noles put all the pieces together and ran off the 21 game string, which — for the second year in a row — was broken by Florida - Outfielder Dick Nichols, who started the year playing behind Gold at second before moving to the pasture, wound up as the team ' s leading batter at .336. Gold followed with a .317 average, but set a new record for runs-batted-in with 50. Senior lefthanders, Craig Skok and Lott led the pitching staff with 1.34 and 1.70 earned run average. Coach Jack Stallings BASEBALL TEAM: Front Row: Floyd Matthews, Carl Gromek, Greg Zera, Dave Moates, Mike Reibling, Greg Schnute, Dick Nichols, Greg Gromek, Tom Portor, Jeff Hogan, Gene Ammann; Second Row: Coach Jack Stallings, Mike Vasquez, Doug Kasimieri, John Ferguson, Walt Sumner, Joe Baxter, Craig Skok, Lonnie Mathis, Larry Cocks, John Franks, Dick Gold, Mike Easom, Jim Wiggins; Third Row: Stan Thomas, John Keith, Jim Gurzynski, Craig Brown, Mike Horn, Mike English, Tom Browning, Tom Henson, Don Harbaugh. . ■ .« - Dick Gold, All-America 2nd Baseman George Lott, All-District III Pitcher 215 Tribe Tallies Winning Streak For 2nd Consecutive Year Walt Sumner Outfield Jeff Hogan Shortstop FSll 1969 BASEBALL RESULTS 0pp. ESU 0pp. 5 Florida Southern 5 18 Kentucky Wesleyan 1 6 Miami 2 17 Kentucky Wesleyan 5 Miami 7 South Florida 3 2 St. Leo College 3 5 South Florida 2 6 Auburn 1 6 Clemson 2 Auburn 1 3 Clemson 1 3 Loyola 5 5 Georgia 2 Loyola 12 Georgia 3 5 Tulane 6 St. Leo College 2 Tulane 1 3 Florida 1 4 Penn State 3 4 Florida 9 8 Penn State 1 2 Georgia Southern 3 6 Penn State 9 Georgia Southern 5 8 Penn State 4 2 Georgia Tech 1 Southern Illinois 1 5 Georgia Tech 8 5 Southern Illinois 4 7 Jacksonville 5 3 Southern Illinois 1 2 Jacksonville , 4 10 Belmont Abbey 9 8 Georgia Southern 1 9 Wake Forest 4 3 Georgia Southern 4 8 Belmont Abbey 4 5 South Alabama 4 16 Wake Forest 6 4 South Alabama 16 Wake Forest 14 4 Auburn 7 4 South Carolina 3 6 Auburn 3 10 Wake Forest 1 Florida 8 8 Furman 2 . 1 Florida 3 7 Furman 2 3 Florida 1 Mike Easom Mike English Dick Nichols Tom Porter Third Base Catcher " -:( Rightfield Shortstop W ' -wA? Coach Jack Stallings Stands Test; Ends First Year 38-14 fXwr-rr.f alC SSIH jp Dave Moates Leftfield John Keith Catcher Gene Ammann Pitcher Jim Gurzynski First Base ' 3» - -. Speedsters Send Four Men to Nationals FSU speedsters, led by Coach Mike Long, pro- duced some outstanding men in both track and field competition. Mike Kelly (hurdles). Ken Misner (distance), Phil Parker (triple jump), and Doug Brown (hundred-yard dash), represented the Seminoles on a national scale at the NCAA meet. The Florida State University track team par- ticipated in a number of meets during the course of the season. Among these were the VMI relays at Lexington, Va., a duel meet with Florida A M, the CoUiseum relays at Montgomery, Ala., the Jesuit Invitational at Tampa, the Piedmont relays at Greenville, S.C. where over thirty teams competed. The team also participated in the Florida relays, which was the largest meet on the 1968-69 season. Coach Mike Long is expecting much improve- ment from his squad next year since the major- ity of his men will be returning for another hard year on the tracks. V TRACK TEAM: Front Row: P. Edmonds, P. Rickards, J. Crow, D. Pepper, J. Law, R. Stow, D. Brown, G. Kaufman, S. Worm, T. Rickards, T. Slope, A. Landis, J. Slow; Second Row: S. Lewis, A. Guy, B. Thomas, K. Misner, B. Marciwcoskins, R. lllsley, J. White, M. Link, S. Garland, P. Seplaveda, J. Wagner, J. Fuss, C. Galloway, B. Jackson, H. Zion; Third Row: Coach Mike Long, T. Simple, C. Crowder, J. Castner, B. Saurs, G. Franks, B. Pole, J. Snyder, P. Parker, M. KeUey, S. Gills, T. Peterson, D. Help, J. Harrison. Tanksters Finish Successful Season The determination, drive and a desire for victory once again proved to be a successful formula for the varsity tanksters. This year, as in previous ones, the Seminoles completed a winning season suffering only two losses under the leadership of Coach Bim Stultz. By defeating the University of Florida in one of the most exciting meets of the season, the swimming team proved that the desire to win can supersede the capabilities of a superior opponent. One of the outstanding swimmers for the Seminoles was Phil Boggs who, as an All-American, placed fourth in national diving competition. r Jim Vining wins another butterfly race in intercollegiate competition. iVm: Coach Bim Stultz yells encouragement and advice to his swimmers. - — J- T jj; tiMi i n »t 1969 VARSITY SWIMMING: Front Row: P. Boggs, H. Acosta, K. von Roenn, J. Smith, M. Jenkins, J. Vining, J. Harrison, K. Davis, J. Williford, T. Harmon, E. Anderson; Second Row: Coach Bim Stultz, T. Maxheimer, D. Burgess, H. Gray, S. McNemey, L. Eisenger, R. Earp, B. Gest, J. Thompson, T. Boylen, N. Loges, S. Connel, J. Hewitt; Third Row: Coach Eastman, M. Price, A. Drusich, E. Morris, C. Busse, D. Shields, B. Rathman, R. Potts, D. Jerger, J. Anderson, J. Stafford, J. Norris, C. Scholey, B. Cristy. ' iSSC «»« |t IW «» Grueling practice sessions are viewed as normal by members of the FSU swim team. Their practices go on year long - including the winter season - in their attempts to achieve superior performances in inter-collegiate meets. 223 ! V-:;- :SS i i. ' " .It W- " 1 - ■ " -41 te . t " Xu • ,»c, -1 5? vo " I - ' ' ■ ' i " - : ),y 4 r- f- I ' l ' ;. C»i W ' - ■ ' 4: --«, ' Steve McNerney displays his record-breaking form in winning another race for FSU. 1968-69 RESULTS (8-2) A OPPONENT FSU OPP Evansville (H) 62 49 South Florida (H) 72 40 Georgia (H) 64 49 Florida (A) 49! 2 63y2 North Carolina (H) 70 43 North Carolina State (H) 50 63 South Carolina (H) 66 47 Florida (H) 61 52 East Carolina (H) 62 51 Alabama (A) 75 38 225 Netters Finish Best Coach Lex Wood ' s 1969 Varsity Tennis team start- ed off it ' s spring season with a seven-day pre-season trip to Texas playing Mississippi State, the Univer- sity of Houston and Rice University in Houston, Louisiana State in Baton Rouge; and Tulane Univer- sity in New Orleans.The strong competition en- countered on this trip proved to give the team a heads tart in match play. This experience helped to carry the team to a 24-5-1 mark, which is the most successful seasonal record in the netters ' history. The regular season opened up against Presbyter- ian College with Captain Dave Danielson returning to the number one spot. A highlight of the season came when he defeated Jim Rambeau ranked eighteenth in US men ' s singles competition last year. Other standouts for the team included Herb Rapp, number two man on the team and John DeZeeuw who posted a 21-6 record. Topping off the season, was an invitation to the Seminole netters to participate in the NCAA cham- pionships held in Princeton, New Jersey. Tennis Team: Front Row: Bob Marcher, Randy Jobson, Al Procopio; Second Row: Scott Bristol, Herb Rapp, John DeZeeuw, Dave Danielson. 226 Season in History ■i»».«»« -i — »--♦--♦ Hf- V rt-V+ t-V i - t - " « H i i Herb Rapp and Scott • - - , , Bristol practice for •. ♦ ♦ t t T 1 doubles competition. Opponent 0pp. FSU Mississippi State 9 Houston 5 4 Rice 6 1 Louisiana State 2 7 Tulane even even Presbyterian College 1 8 Florida 7 2 Michigan State 9 Southern Illinois 3 6 Valdosta 9 Calvin College 9 Kalamazoo College 1 8 Virginia 2 7 Virginia 3 6 Indiana 2 7 Rollins 31 2 51 2 Florida 8 1 Columbus State 9 Miami 5 4 Eastern Kentucky 9 Valdosta 9 Georgia Southern 9 Mississippi State 3 6 Jacksonville 9 Georgia Tech 4 5 Columbus State 9 South Florida 9 Kalamazoo College 2 7 .H " i 227 Linksmen Drop Single Defeat To Florida Led by linksmen Ron Philo, Mike Cheek, and Jim Keedy, Florida State University ' s golf team ended a highly successful season with a 7-1 record. In what appeared to be a series of confrontations with the University of Florida, FSU completed the year ranking eleventh nationally. HighUghting early season play was FSU ' s defeat of top-ranked University of Florida by a 16-11 score. In Tampa, Bob Huber led the Seminoles by placing second individually in the Florida Intercollegiate Championships, while the team finished second overall. At the Miami Invitational, Mike Cheek and Jim Keedy scored second and fourth respectively behmd All-American Steve Melnyk. The Tribe, however, placed second in overall match play. Toward the season ' s end, FSU was selected as one of the nation ' s top twenty teams to play in the All American Intercollegiate Championship in Houston. Culminating the season was an FSU victory over Auburn which clinched the invitation to the NCAA Championships in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Coach Don Veller §■ 0!t e ( .- msssmsit vfw- ;JJ i f?» rz fSb ( GOLF TEAM: Andy Thompson, Ron Philo, John Calabria, Jim Keedy, Jim Walker, Ted Berghaus, Vic Gavalas, Mike Cheek, Bob Niegerding, Bob Huber, Mark Abbin, Mike Kail, Bob Numeville, Dick Stephens, Mike Quakenbush, George Griffin, Coach Don Veller. Jim Keedy drives off the tee. 4i|| X (.ifewMrfSS - r ' » Dick Stephens receives pointers from Coach Don Veller. Lining up a putt is Seminole linksman Mike Cheek. .%, i Jj. 1 %»fr « - »? ' • r r ■a ss,-. -.a " i? ,- :f Intramurals FSU ' s intramurals program coordinated competition in both the inter-fraternity sports and Dorm-Independent League. Director Edward Cubbon also arranged for contests to occur between the top teams of both leagues. Sports which were included in intramurals playoffs were football, swimming, basketball, volleyball, softball, track and wrestling. Several clubs were sponsored by the intramurals department, including judo, virestling, swimming, weight-lifting, and soccer. 230 J 231 Organizations 232 •- » ». Organizations satisfying man ' s need for leisure activities. I am a man a student — but still a man There are times when I must push away books and parties. Relax my mind, but not in solitude I am gregarious, still — and vulnerable to prestige and glory, and the intangible rewards of seeing things get done, of implementing change, of learning how to deal vdth other personalities. I understand that in order to carry out my ideals I must be one of many Numbers can do more than one. 234 235 Phi Beta Kappa Phi Beta Kappa, a national honorary organization, traditionally recognized students with outstanding scholastic achievements in the College of Arts and Sciences. The Alpha chapter of Florida State College for Women was founded in 1935 and was the first colony in the state. Committees within the organization remained active throughout the year — bringing stimulating and challenging speakers to add thought-provoking ideas to the meetings, and sponsoring projects to raise money for scholarships. The single honor symbol awarded to members of Phi Beta Kappa was the treasured key representing superior scholastic achievement and the gateway to future success. Mary B. Alfriend Benjamin H. Allen Mis. Richard Arellano Ramona C. Beard James Birchfield Homer A. Black Lois H. Boggs Anne Booth Leonard Bower Ruth Breen Thomas F. Bridgland Jeanne D. Brock Reno W. Bupp Grace E. Cairns Doak S. CampbeU Margaret V. Campbell Thomas M. Campbell John J. Carey John E. Champion Robert G. Clapp Chri stina Clarke Richard G. CorneU Dorothy G. Cramer Gregory Choppin Susan Curran Elias Dann Graydon L. DeLand Elixabeth Dillard Dorothy Dodd Norman Dodl John Duffield Thomas Dye Frances Exam Richard Farrell Sara B. Fein David E. Fields Roy S. Flatt Earl Frieden Martha Futch Edwin S. Gaustad John C. Gille Kay H. Goelzer David W. Goetschius Dwight B. Goodner Viola Graham James J. Grant Cordelia Gray Joseph H. Grooslight Herman Gunter Sr. Paul G. Halpem Margaret Hampton Hohn A. Hann William J. Hannon Orville G. Harrold Marion J. Hay Henry G. Healy Karl Hein Werner Herz Mrs. Louis Hill George E. Hill John R. Hills Katherine B. Hoffman Linda Holdener John W. HoUey Joseph Horn Irma Horn Mrs. Richard Husband Pamela W. lerna Lucretia Ilsley Joan Johnson Herbert W. Jones Nell Kannwischer Michael Kasha Jack E. KeUy Wintrhop N. Kellogg Jacob D. Kimel, Jr. Mason Ladd Laurence Lahiff John E. Leffler William H. Dong Lester Levine Robley J. Light Kern Lunsford Stuart Mandel Martin K. Marsh, Jr. Patricia Y. Martin Ralph D. McWilliams Robert James Menzies Jerome Mercer Caroline Miller Mary Miner Wayne C. Minnick Elizabeth Moore Mrs. Johnny M. Narkinsky Jerard Naylor Arthur E. Nudelman Victor R. Oelschlager Allan H. Orrick John Osmond Daisy Parker Mary F. Parmenter Donald Peeples Claude Pepper Melda W. Page Erica Rayner Russell Reaver Edeanor E. Reynolds William Hudson Rogers EmUe B. Roth Martin A. Schwartz Carolyn Shafer Venila L. Shores Robert B. Short Carl D. Sikkema J. R. Skretting EsteUie Smith Nancy W. Smith Mary J. Smythe Irvin Sobel Raymond R. Spencer Robert A. Spivey Sara K. Srygley Raymond C. Staley Sarah Stapleton I Raymond Spencer Paul Strait Charles W. Swain Conrad E. Tanzy Elwyn Thomas Lynette Thompson Mrs. Vincent Thursby Ray Tipton Lyman D. Toubnin Anna Tracy Patricia Vance Burke G. Vanderhill John S. Vanderoff Thomas J. Vickers OdeU Waldby Barbara Walker William Watson Betty Watts Charles T. WeUbom Geo. Edwin Weaver Winifred L. Wentworth Mrs. Wm. H. Werkmeister Susan West Terrie Whittier Audrey Wilson Miriam C. Wilson Charlotte A. Williams John Winterle Stephen S. Winters Paul C. Woods Perrin Wright Glenn Wrighton 236 Phi Kappa Phi New initiates of Phi Kappa Phi sign the member- ship roll book. Established at Florida State University in 1925, Phi Kappa Phi strove to promote high scholarship standards by recognizing achievement in all divisions of the university. Invitations to membership were extended to juniors who attained a 3.75 overall grade point average, and to seniors who maintained at least a 3.5. Graduate students were required to uphold a grade average of 3.75. In an effort to better acquaint the campus with the merits of Phi Kappa Phi, letters of congratulations were sent to all freshmen who achieved a 3.5 average. Those who ranked among the top twenty during their first year of college were invited to attend the annual Founder ' s Day Banquet at which they were presented certificates of merit. Nelda C. Alderman Joy Andrews Mairan W. Black Garth Blake Richard G. Cornell Juanita deVette W. P. Dillingham Mrs. W. P. Dillingham Anne Marie Erdman Hortense M. Glenn Nadine Hackler Dorothy L. Hoffman NeU Kannwischer Charles C. Matthews Ruth B. Newcomb Malcolm B. Parsons Gregg Phifer J. A. Rehwinkel Agnes F. Ridley Ava D. Rodgers James S. Smiley William S. Townsend Mary Jo Weale Janet Wells Joyce Williams George K. Groot Charles Anderson James E. Andreasen John AngeUco Jean Bell Thomas E. Bevis Linda Blau Richard Dale Boggy WiUiam BosweU, Jr. Bonnie Bowman Sharon Bowman Jane S. Bray Susan Bums WiUaim Byrne Susan Carey Daryl Collier Thomas Wayne Conger Melinda M. Conn Gene Cooney Luther T. Cox Beverly H. Crawford Cynthia A, Crawford John Crowe WUey Cunagin Harvey Driver Sara England Marilyn Epstein Paula Field MoUy Fogarty Kathryn Foutz Kathleen Francis John Galis Jay B. Goldman Harold P. Greene HoUace Hamaker Margaret Hampton Charles Hardin Nancy Hardin Wilson Herrod Nevin Hoy, Jr. Evan B. Hume Sharon Johnson Arthur Jones Teddy Jones Jack E. Kelly Joseph Law Bonnie Layman Linda Logan Charles MacDonald Jane Laurie MacGill Nathaniel Malcolm, Jr. Marilyn Nelson Wanda Olson Karen L. Pa ckard Anne Parker Michael Paulson Mary Price Robert Rackleff Robin Reed Wilburn Robinson George L. Brown, HI Susan K. Burke Paul Regensdorf Beverly Ross Barbara Smith Eugenia Smith Carol Stoak Susan Tatzin Gerald Tattershall Constance Tindel Porter Venn James D. Watford Ruth Wells Mark S. Wrighton Maslin Young 237 Garnet Key Garnet Key was established as a local honorary in 1947 after the Florida State University becaine coeducational. It combined the ideals of two already existing honoraries — Odd and Even. Garnet Key welcomed outstanding sophomore, junior, and senior women students for their contri- butions to FSU through service, leadership and spirit. Members must also have attained at least a 2.3 scholastic average. Members donated their time in service projects by assisting the university in both Homecoming and Circus weekends. Helen Carey Janna Clements Linda Defina Sandy Anton Garnet Key officers preside over their President monthly meeting. Janice Dunn Fountaine Franks Margaret Hampton Nancy Harding Sue Ann Jameson Judy Johns Margaret Kane Ellen Knapp Linda Kotowski IF 1 Iv h ■ - Sandy Kux Lucy Lee Kyser Sherri Mangley P Julie MacMillan Donjia Meyers Jeannie Miller Barbara Moody Laura Newton Marilyn Oldham Linda OUver Rochelle Reed Jere Reddick Lynn Ruth Janice Sapp Cheryl Sasser Janet Schuck Janice Shaw Patricia Stephens Nancy Tiner Kay Upton Kathy Urban Doric Van Doren Jo Wexler Marsha Wright Diane Zimmerman Mortar Board Dr. Dorothy Hoffman is initiated as an honorary member. Mortar Board, the only national organization re- stricted to senior college women, selected for membership those women with proven ability in scholarship, leadership, and service. Tapping and initiation ceremonies occurred during winter quarter with twenty-five new members dawning the cap and gown. At this time Dr. Dorothy Hoffman was recognized for her merits and made an honorary member. Striving to promote intellectual awareness, the Torchbearer chapter presented plaques to one fresh- man, sophomore, and junior woman who attained the highest grade point average for her class. In addition, this year Mortar Board began submitting a bi-monthly column to the Flambeau entitled " Mortar Board Salutes. " In this way, the organization honored faculty members for their contributions to the FSU community. Barbara Alderson Janna Clements Margaret Hampton Pat Henderson Judy Johns Susan Johnson Linda Kotowski Sherri Manley Jeannie Miller Barbara Moody Karen Petersen Jere Reddick Lynn Ruth Hfi HI i Cheryl Sasser Kay Upton Dorie Van Doren Marsha Wright Betsy Reilly President 239 Gold Key GOLD KEY: Front Row: Ken Vanassenderp, John Kaney, Don Gifford, Howard Horowitz, Vince Rio; Second Row: Herschel Beasley, Jim Kirsh, Lester Kaney, Bill Johnson; Third Row: Jack Whitley, Bim Stultz, Thomas Wright, Wayne Rubinas, Canter Brown, Tommy Waits, Dr. David Dickson; Fourth Row: Dr. Stephen Winters, Col. Robert Shoemaker, Dr. Donald Loucks, Frank Johns, Doug Morford, Bob Ratliff, Harvey Zion. GOLD KEY OFFICERS: Dr. Stephen Winters, Faculty Advisor. Canter Brown, Secretary, Herschel Beasley, Social Chairman, Frank Johns, President. 240 The Gold Key was worn by junior and senior men recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Florida State University campus in scholarship, service and activities. This year, the local honorary tapped new members once each quarter, limiting the number of initiates to no more than ten each term. For the fourth consecutive year, the group set the mood for an overwhelming Seminole victory over Wake Forest by sponsoring the Homecoming Banquet before the game. Each year outstanding members of the community were recognized at the dinner. Honored at the event this year were Vice President of Academic Affairs, Laurence Chalmers, as well as Justices of the Florida Supreme Court, B. K. Roberts and Campbell Thornal. John Kaney and Bill Johnson take time out from campus duties to attend weekly Gold Key meetings. Highest national leadership honorary for men on campus, Omicron Delta Kappa, acknowledged those who made prominent accomplishments in collegiate and community activities. In order to qualify for membership, candidates were required to excell in at least two of the areas of scholarship, poUtical affairs, religious affairs, athletics, and the dramatic arts. Drawn from junior and senior men of the university, in addition to faculty and administration, members were chosen on a basis of their character, leadership, service and devotion to ideals. Omicron Delta Kappa OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFiCERS:Mr. Joe Plant, Deputy; Dr. Mark Brandt is formally initiated into membership of Omicron Delta Robert Spivey, Faculty Secretary; Wayne Rubinas, Vice-Deputy; Kappa Rock LeVeille, President; Dr. Stephen S. Winters, Faculty Advisor. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA: Front Row: Dr. Elston Roady, Steve Sparkman, Joe Plant, Wiley Cunagin, Rock LeVeille, Canter Brown, Chuck McCartney; Second Row: Dr. Robert Spivey, Dr. Thomas Wright, Paul Regensdorf, Tom Wade, Douglas Morford, Jim Main, Dr. Stephen Winters. Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman scholastic honorary. Alpha Lambda Delta, was designed " to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning, and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among women during their first year of college. " Founded at the University of Illinois in 1924, the group was admitted to the Association of College Societies in 1 93 1 . Two years later the FSU chapter was established. Throughout the year Alpha Lambda Delta sponsored money-raising projects to provide one of its members with a one hundred dollar scholarship. Members also tutored for Horizons Unlimited and for Tallahassee grade school children. Candlelight initiation ceremonies were held in the fall and spring for those freshmen women who had attained a 3.5 scholastic average. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS Treasurer, Sharon Strong, Secretary, Julie Bartels, Scholarship Chairman Hauenstein, Historian. Meg Brady, President, Mary Saltsman, Wendy ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA: Front Row: Mary Bliss, Margie Meyer, Cathy McCann, Tami Minnich; Second Row: Melody Claussen, Jeanette Hauseman, Suzanne Phillips, Janet Swigler, Nancy Cambel l; Third Row: Michele Kiing, Becky Perry, Judy Adelman; Fourth Row: Betsy Komarek, Meg Brady, Carolyn Chambers; Fifth Row: Anita Moran, Karen Dexter, Karen Schadow, Betty Blake, Sharon Strong, Bonnie Johnson. 242 ortified " Is your face red? Are you green with envy? No? Why? Because, Jane Hudson, you ' re Mortified! " " Down with Mortar Board! " was the cry heard as Mortified met in impromptu gatherings to devote time to harrassing their campus arch-rivals. Under the leadership of Grand Czar Bonnie Berry, Mortified existed for the unique purpose of promoting fun and boosting morale. Although the taps for mortified initiation did not have to exhibit superior scholarship, they were required to possess qualities of leadership, spirit, character, and service. Because a high scholastic average was not required, the group wore symboUc pins shaped like petite dunce caps in the traditional colors of pink and green. MORTIFIED: Sandy Anton, Dale Duke, Carolyn Cruz, Hugh Holley, Mortified Man, Jo Davis, JuUe McMillan, Cherry Hand, Margie Gowan, Debbie Fulton, Janet Schuck, Debbie Hasselo, Ellen Middleton, JuUe Davis. MORTIFIED: Front Row: Jane Hudson, Cyndee Patricio, Margaret WUkerson; Second Row: Sue West, Linda Donald, SaUy Singer, Fran Pughsley, Lee Kyser, Katie Hodge, Janice Dunn, Hugh Holley, Mortified Man, Jeanne Keiser, Andy Burr; Third Row: Diane Zimmerman, Charlotte Baker, Sheila Sharkey, Sue Hodson, Bonnie Berry, Grand Czar. Bonnie Berry, Grand Czar 243 Jolly Santa. ..gleams of joy .and togetherness signify an APO White Christmas. 244 Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity was well renown on our FSIJ campus this year, especially during football season when they beat the drum of victory for twenty-four hours before the kickoff of the FSlJ-Florida game. The fraternity has strived to boost the spirit of fellowship through constructive services on campus and in the community. This year ' s projects included the annual White Christmas festivities, the Student Directory, and the Travel Bureau. In addition, the group aided the Boy Scouts at their Jamboree and helped at the Candle of Hope School for the mentally retarded. APO lends a helping hand at the Tallahassee Boy Scout Jamboree. Joe Farrell Jerome Gilmore Joel Harrison William Imfield WilUe May David Meeker Charles Meschick Stuart Reid Joe Savage Gary Shoemaker Stuart Wise, Pres. David Wiszneauckas 245 Circle K Qiartered locally in 1959, Circle K had as its purpose the goal of bettering its members througli campus and community services. This past year members enthusiastically participated in a number of worthy projects. Club activities centered around work at Snnland Mental Hospital, the Half-Way House, and the University Union. Because of its outstanding record, the FSU chapter was honored by being named the Number One club in the Florida district of Circle K International, 1968-69. The organization was governed by a consti- tution from Kiwanis International with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Circle K Sweetheart, Judy Roundtree, rides in the Homecom- ing parade. Joseph Alfred Bill Austin John Barry Jack Bridges Michael Cole Michael CuUen Joseph Davis James Dunning Robert Dye Robert Dye Robin Fletcher James Hendee 246 Judy Roundtree Circle K Sweetheart fTji. fe - f •■■ " ' ' ' A ' J:!- Dan Henry Malcom Hicks OUie Hofmann Alan Kushin Douglas Landau David McCellan Sal Mellon Steven Menard James Mercer Gary Moss John Summerlin Gary Treece Melinda Conn Heidi Eisenbach Anne Triggs Martin Hodgkins, President i Practice sessions are a necessary evil for a winning season in football intramurals. Circle K members wound up at the volley- ball court in intramurals competition. Gamma Sigma Sigma Gamma Sigma Sigma was founded to promote the ideals of service, friendship, and equality among college and university women of all races and creeds. Established through the efforts of Alpha Phi Omega. Gamma Sig has been on the FSIJ campus for five years. During the past year, members worked with mentally retarded children at Sunland Training Center, with campus elections and movies, and for the infirmary. In June the organization hosted the National Gamma Sigma Sigma Convention, at which delegates from all university chapters contributed new ideas for a better life through service. Janis Askey Claudia Bomgaidner Jo Ann Briede 248 Joan Caliri Julie Cann Helen Carey Shiily Cason Nancy Clay Dee Collier Phyllis Conner Tanya Conner Marian Christ Pam Currin Lusana Day Susan Drake Alyson Eshevarria Sandra Floyd Evelyn Fretz Carol I ' urtado Jean Gregg Darlene Hughes Sandra Hunter Janice Jackson Mary Johnson Joye Jones Donna Kail Konnie Kunkel Claire Marrs Grace McCarthy Jeannie Miller Nancy Millen Madeline Moroz Gloria Nagy Jacqueline Nicoloan Karen Packard Jean Park Mary Pignato Dolores Riera Bee Sailors Leslie Saxon Maria Scharious Judith Shatter Kay Sunderland Jacqueline Thresher Anne Triggs Martha Trovillion Elizabeth Vega Sarah Wood Bernadette Zaccard 249 VILLAGE VAMPS: Front Row: Linda Sasser, Mareia Tyrrell, Martha Middleton, Jeanie Douglas, Susan Campbell, G.G. Arnold, Ginger Cassidy ; Second Row: Karen Jalko, Marsha Wright, Linda Hooper, Barbara Brundage, Pat Sorrell, Cathy Boardman, Gray Risley, Sally Arnold, Anita Coffee; Third Row: Mary Peck, Gretchen Vodry, Peggy Edwards, Sally Singer, Denise Gienau, Marty Lenington, Cecily Dykema, Karen Hodge, Donna Carradi; Fourth Row: Sandra Loftin, Judy Reigle, Betsy Petway, Fran Fox, Pat King, Paulette Pullen, Lynne Edgar; Fifth Row: Terry Calland, Linda Foley, Glenna Greenwell, Andy Garner, Chris DeLettre, Donna Rogers, Pat Lamb. Village Vamps Attractiveness, poise, and charm were essential characteristics for girls chosen to wear the black. Serving as official hostesses of the university. Village Vamps were seen everywhere from ushering at the Artist series to greeting the visiting football teams when they arrived at the Tallahassee Airport. The W ' s also served at many formal receptions on campus and participated in campus-wide service projects. The traditional organization which was founded by sorority girls of FSCW, tapped freshmen and transfer students to become new members in the fall. As part of the initiation ritual, each pledge was required to secure a fraternity pin for a day. VILLAGE VAMPS OFFICERS: Front Row: Carol Besserer, Secretary, Mary Lou Starnes, Vice President, Bonnie Berry, President; Second Row: Susan Schumacher, Treasurer, Sandy Paquin, Historian, Caroline Randle, Projects Chairman. 250 VILLAGE VAMPS: Front Row: Sue Davis, Peggy Piper, Barbara Carras, Ginger Houser, Cervera Ferreira, Suzanne Whilden; Second Row: Linda Lovern, Danna McCormick, Shelly Miller, Donnie Crowe, Robyn Lau, Janice Weir; Third Row: Kathy Camp- bell, Patty Geary, Jeannie Bennett, Carol Carraway; Fourth Row: Chris Binion, Sue Daniel, Charlotte Hundley; Fifth Row: Loula Moore, Debbie Chase, Carol L ' Amoreaux; Sixth Row: Marsha Backemin, Mary Goza, Carol Spence Lainey Houlihan; Seven tli Row: Libby Hood, Susan Gregg, Lynn Scheible, Dy Holte. VILLAGE VAMPS: Front Row: Barbara Hicks, Jane LaTulippe, Linda Karaba, Ellen Gienau, Diane Gray; Second Row: Chamell Ayecock, Gail Megahee, Betsy Dodd, Nancy Harris, Gail DeWeese; Third Row: Nancy Jo Poppa, Peggy Rhineheart, Janice Munn, Susan Christy, Dayle Ingerick; Fourtli Row: Sally Shermer, Carol McGann, Kathy Weber; Fifth Row: Kathy Harrison, De De Art; Sixth Row: Jane Sanders, Cathy George, Sandee Hendricks, Lee Meade. 251 Sophomore Counci SOPHOMORE COUNCIL: Front Row: B. Beals, D. Dulin, P. Marazita, C. Harrell, G. Cassady, M. Banta, N. Millen, L. Malone, L. Coburger, N. Noel, President; Second Row: B. Evans, B. Komarek, K. Schadow, D. Shurtz, J. Deramo, S. Morris, A. Klingbeil, B. Brooks, N. Sink; Third Row: S. Schumacher, H. Winstead, A. Nellums, S. Alemander, C. Cooper, A. Behnke, B. Pounds, M. Tsacrios, M. Fernandez; Fourth Row: G. G. Arnold, S. Slane, K. Coughlin, J. Douglas, J. Chapman, J. Trumbower, B. Poison, T. Baisden, M. McKeehan, K. Lepp; Fifth Row: P. Schroeder, B. Poison, D. Dosal, P. Bunker, B. Schuler, D. Cordell, L. Lowry, K. Dexter; Sixth Row: M. Brady, J. Bartels, A. Neal, L. Taglauer, M. Moore, 1. Meyer, T. Kenyon, S. Arnold, B. Naeseth, J. Broz. Dressed in blue and white the members of Sopho- more Council were an easily recognizable group on the FSU campus. Established for the sole purpose of rendering service to the university community, the girls worked throughout the year running the election polls, helping administer university test programs, and aiding students at registration. In September, the group performed their yearly task of welcoming the incoming freshmen women and assisting them in moving into the dorms. New members were selected in April from the upcoming sophomore class on a basis of scholarship, leadership, and activities. Those chosen were tapped after curfew and then officially welcomed into the association at a surprise breakfast held early the next morning. Sophomore Council aids freshmen women moving into the dorms. A new tap is awakened and welcomed into Sophomore Council. Leonard Adelman Paul Ady Samuel Allen MarshaU Ball Robert Bleiberg Paul Bonapfel John Booth Daniel Borasch James Bradford Robert Brown Ed Bums Stewart Burt David Butler Kim Correll Thomas Currier John Dame Jay Dehmlow Robert Dillingham James Dobson Robert Donaldson Jerry Dovalis Brian Duffy Russell Edgar, Jr. John Faust ' Paul Flaer Van Fletcher George Frank Karl Gareau Steve Garrett Vincent da la Garza Gregory Gautier Allan Gibson William Givens Art Graesser Ronald Grawart Ron a Id Gregory Ben Gunter Frank Hall Stephen Hart Stephen Hartsock John Hawkins Michael Haycock Eddie Headrick Mark Heerema Mark Herron Ralph Holland Ronald Howell Phillip Johnson David Kelton Robert Kemp Joseph Kieszek Walter Klappert Gus Kleb ingot Clyde Lamon James Lee Wayne Leininger Bruce MacLennan Ismail Mami James Martin James Miller Victor Mills Barry Mittan Paul Morrison Richard Morrison Kenneth Moss Robert Oaks Kenneth Poole Stephen Reilly Kenneth Roush Anthony Scaturro James Slattery Randall Smith Walton Smith Neal Stark man James Tabb Meinhard Tamm Peter Tanzy Phillip Tatar Richard Tedder John Thompson John Treadway James Vining Allan Waldron John Wasil Chris Wolson Harold Winner Charles Whetstone John Worthington Phi Sigma Phi Eta Sigma was established to encourage and rewa rd high scholarship attainment among the men of the freshman class. Comparable to the woman ' s honorary, Alpha Lambda Delta, prerequisites includ- ed achieving a 3.5 scholastic average at least one term during the freshman year. Originally Phi Eta Sigma was founded in 1923; the organization grew to over one-hundred and fifty separate chapters with a total membership exceeding 85,000 men in the nation. The chapter at FSU was established in 1955. Steve Reilly, President .f: ? t, . ■■ JtiiiiliiMi».z-iiiai(B - ' ' tiKiawj.-- i,.-m.. • facit n. ai ' zummtiii -■ w I- . ■ ■» » «(£■■«■ .It Student Nurses rlis=Kp Association The Student Nurses Association came to the Florida State University campus in 1951. This association in an effort to interest student nurses in a professional organization emphasized unity among its members in helping them to prepare for future careers in med- icine. Membership was extended to all students majoring in nursing. The nurses participated in frequent bake sales and picnics as well as in Paramedical conventions for the needy. STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION: Front Row: Jeanne Ludke, Betty Ann Taylor, Jennifer Tabor, B.J. Fulford; Second Row: Nancikay Braddock, Deanna Wilbur, Buthanne Vihinen, Miss Beverly Cox, Advisor; Third Row: Linda Liebhart, Donna Sutton, Carol Gidus, Mary Harris, Leslie Saxon; Fourth Row: Jim Bradford, Bill Miller. Angel Flight Serving the campus and community. Angel Flight ushered at Gymkana shows and worked with the Red Cross. The group also participated in Operation Chin-Up in which parties were given in an effort to boost the morale of families with men figliting in Southeast Asia. A national organization affiliated with Arnold Air Society, Angel Flight was established on campus in 1952. The Florida State branch has proven to be of outstanding quality as it was nominated for the Purdue Cup, an award annually presented to the best flight in the nation. For the part she played in directing the group to this honor, Major Doric Van Doren was named the outstanding commander of Area C-1, which is comprised of seven southeastern schools. ' « .»■ . . ■-:%£ ■ ANGEL FLIGHT OFFICERS: SaUy Arnold, ComptroUer, Debbie Hasselo, 1969 Commander, Dorie Van Doren, 1968 Commander, Donna Rogers, Administrative Service Officer, Paulette Erickson, Executive Officer, Betsy Reilly, Pledge Trainer, Stephanie Jewell, Operations Officer. ANGEL FLIGHT: Front Row: Donna Rogers, Paulette Erickson, Andy Garner, Diane Parramore; Second Row: Linda Hooper, Marilyn Dysart, Cathy Reagan, Marsha Smith; Third Row: Jeannie Douglas, Kerrie Arnholt, Debby Hasselo, Katherine Setzer; Fourth Row: Dale Duke, Sally Arnold, Betsy Reilly, Candy Coit; Fifth Row: Susan Shingler, Janice Weir, Susan Harper, Jane Hudson;SL th Row: Patty Hoover, Pris Morton, June McElmoyle, Margie Gowing; Seventh Row: Millie P urceD, Janice Higginbotham, Wendy Tichenor, Stephanie Jewell; Eiglith Row: Debba Dullin. Angel Flight and Arnold Air Society stand at parade rest before marching in the FSU Homecom- ing Parade. ■; ' 254 La Petite Corps La Petite Corps had an active year as official hostesses of the Army ROTC. Inspired by Little Colonel Julie Davis, the girls were involved in many service projects such as the Heart Fund and the " Toys for Tots " programs. During the year, the Corps marched in several community and state events including the Florida State Homecoming Parade and the Tliomasville Rose Parade. Founded in 1965 with 15 members, each girl was chosen to support one company of cadets. La Petite Corps, meaning " Little Corps, " now represents the entire cadet programs rather than individual companies. Sponsored by Scabbard and Blade, the Florida State University regiment is the only woman ' s organization in the nation affiliated with Army ROTC. Miss Linda Taylor, representing La Petite, was crowned 1969 Military Ball Queen. LA PETITE CORPS OFFICERS: Front Row: Theresa Wilkerson, Adjutant, Julie Davis, Little Colonel, Elaine Ivey, Information Officer; Second Row: Jean Trumbower, Treasurer, Candy Butler, Executive Officer, Wanda Smith, Supply Officer, Kitty Tindall, Liason Officer. LA PETITE CORPS: Front Row: Deedee Brooks, Patty Jordan, Karen Hodge, Julie Bartels, Joan Bartels, Joan Bicki; Second Row: Elaine Ivey, Marilinette Welch, Barry Watkins, Suzanne Suarez, Wanda Smith, Michele Anchors, CecUy Dykema; Third Row: Theresa Wilkerson, Candy Butler, Sue Ann Jameson, Karen Jalko, Frances Creel, Susan, Williams, Marilyn Bissett; Fourth Row: Brenda Campbell, Jean Trum- bowe, Kitty Tindal, Linda Taylor, JuUe Davis, Gay Calloway, Claudia Ridley, Ann Neal; Fifth Row: Lynne Austin, Judy Skelton, Noreen ReiUy. 255 Fabulous Marching Chiefs Florida State University ' s 160-piece band, the " Fabulous iMarching Chiefs, " remained one of the school ' s most prized traditions. The Chiefs, directed by Robert T. Braunagel, were acclaimed for years as the South ' s finest, and this year was no exception. Beguining early in September, the sound of the Marchmg Chiefs echoed across campus from the band field, marking the start of many hours of practice and drill that enabled the group to " never lose a halftime show. " The Seminole band performed at all football games here at Campbell Stadium, and many away games, including the Peach Bowl m Atlanta. Instrumental in the success of the Chiefs, along with Mr. Braunagel, was arranger Charles Carter, whose striking musical innovations kept Seminole football fans in their seats and cheering during the halftime intermissions. Drum Major Herschel Beazley, the Chiefs field general, directed the band at football game performances as well as at pep rallies and basketball games. Herschel Beazley Drum Major 1 :v ' . F ' " ' ' " ' A. y. 1 f. n KA " If , ■ ' :A iV w r ' % A ' 1 f T i»,.-- A- • - L. } MAJORETTE CORPS: Front Row: Mary Lynn Hendrickson, Bev Dobbins, Carissa Schultz, Maiy Szarowicz, Gail Gergen, Julie Battels, Kitty Bryan; Second Row: Karen Riley, Sandy Phillips, Barbara Knox, Kathy Riley, Kathy Smith, Head, Sharon Prescott, Jan Swanson, Sandy Winchester. Will Shurley Feature twirler 257 UNIVERSITY SINGERS: Front Row: Bonnie McGregor, Mandy Beason, Patty Allen, Wendy Cairoll, Sally Day, Carol Rankin, Nancy Kurharske, Cindy Weatherred, Debbie Meyer; Second Row: Debbie Melton, Janet Metzger, Susan Morris, Faith Martin, Peggy York, Diane Dardar, Joann Hodges, Mindy O ' Neal; Third Row: Joneen James, Linda Gravis, Karen Leatherman, Brenda Trawick, Bonnie Sue Brown, Linda Webb, Judy Cooper, David Johnson, Kent Osborne, Larry Jones; Fourth Row: Clayton Brasington, Greg Bacon, David Siegel, Jim Boyles, John Flynt, Marc Beaver, Bob Yatouk, Charles Rex, Jim Haygood, Archie Hinton; Fifth Row: Leonard Jenne, Lyndon James, Dan Pardo, Larry Harris, Dan King, Harvey Clanton, Chris Doolin, Steve Bayles, Steve Burton, Bob Lee. University Singers Under the direction of Mr. Joseph Flummerfelt, the University Singers provided valuable experience in choral work for its members, most of whom planned a future career in music. Fall quarter was highlighted by their appearance in Atlanta with the Atlanta Chamber Orchestra conducted by Robert Shaw. In April, the choral group presented the opera Aida to the Tallahassee area. To maintain the chorus ' high degree of vocal excellence, membership was limited to a select group. Interested students were required to audition each quarter to obtain membership. UNIVERSITY SINGERS OFFICERS: Bob Yatsuk, President, Susan Morris, Secretary, Harvey Clanton, Vice President, David Johnson, Business Manager, Bob Hermetz, Assistant Conductor, Larry Harris, Librarian, Joseph Flummerfelt, Conductor. Women ' s Glee Club Woman ' s Glee Club, composed of 90 girls, was not restricted to music majors, but was open to women in all fields of study. This year for the first time, students were able to participate in the organization as an extracurricular activity while earning one credit hour per quarter. Conducted by Betty Grimm, the Glee Club presented three concerts during the school year. Their annual Christmas Vespers was presented before the Yule break, and " A Prelude to Spring " was performed during the winter term. The year was concluded when the voices of the Women ' s Glee Club, University Singers, Choral Union, Chamber Choir and Collegians combined to produce Hanneger ' s " King David. " The Women ' s Glee Club presents their winter concert, " A Prelude to Spring, " in Opperman Music Hall. Miss Betty Jane Grimm, Director Delta Sigma Pi The professional business fraternity. Delta Sigma Pi, was incorporated on the FSU campus in 1953. The organization strived to foster the study of business in the university, to encourage school and social activi- ties, and to promote closer affiliation between the social world and students of commerce. In keepmg with their goals, the fraternity held their annual Rose Ball at which Miss Patricia Spitzer was selected to represent the Tallahassee chapter in the national Rose Queen Contest. Other activities included an industrial tour m Atlanta, and participa- tion in the Soap Box Derby. DELTA SIGMA PI OFFICERS: Richard Kornmeier, President, Mike Hedges, Senior Vice President, Tom Lazarus, Treasurer, David Sedgley, Vice President, Mike Mallardi, Secretary, Dale Williams, Chancellor. Miss Patricia Spitzer, 1 969 Rose Queen DELTA SIGMA PI: Front Row: Jim Sposato, Bill Leary, Tom Blash, Tom Heiser, Don Terrerelli; Second Row: Bill I ' arrell, Richard Friedland, Bruce Robinson, Ed Herndon. DELTA SIGMA PI: Front Row: Tom Lazarus, Ed Gregory, John Marzulli, Ruben Lee, Bob Gray, Dewey O ' Connor, Dave Leaver; Second Row: Joe Gilfillan, John Campbell, Don DiBella, Jack Gerke, Ray LaTurno, David Parker; Third Row: Larry Wright, Herman Clark, John Galls, Jim Bloomer, Chuck Westrip, David Sedgley; Fourth Row: George Aune, Tim Lazarus, Michael Mclarland; Fifth Row: Bob Law, Bill Shimp, Wyn Ayers. Fashion Incorporated Fashion Incorporated, a non-comniercial association of college women interested in fashion study, was established on campus in 1955 under the Fashion Institute Department. Any girl interested in promoting fashion and good taste in clothing was eligible and invited to become a member. The main project of the year was the production of the annual " Fashion Day " in which the club ' s Modeling Board displayed the latest in clothing styles. Guest speakers from around the country were invited to lecture to interested spectators. FASHION INCORPORATED OFFICERS: Front Row: Cheryl Wallace, Treasurer, Nancy Schmeisser, President, Jane Pike, Recording Secretary; Second Row: Donna Shashy, Corresponding Secretary, Linda Lowry, Social Chairman. FASHION INCORPORATED: Front Row: Nancy Schmeisser, Debby Clamme, Jeni Ritter, Linda Ely, Janet Graham, Evan George, Donna Shashy; Second Row: Kathy Spetz, Susan Ulm, Cheryl Wallace, Linda See, Sandy Badger, Jayne Pike, Linda Lowry; Third Row: Theresa Beasley, Gail Conderick, Shari Johnson, Judy Broze. TOWN GIRLS: Front Row: Mailene Pearman, Julie Byrd; Second Row: Pat Pearman, Liz Townsend, Kathy Coughlin, President, Rutli Harper, Sharon Butler. Town Girls Town Girls Association, by selling programs for the Flying High Circus in the spring, assisting with physical therapy sessions at Sunland Hospital, and working with the American Legion to provide food and clothing for needy families, became a group reknown for service both on campus and in the community. Originally, Town Girls was organized to bring FSU day students, those living at home or off campus in Tallahassee, closer together in collegiate unity. This year, " Get Acquainted " teas and covered-dish suppers were held to further this goal. Informal discussions and guest speakers helped to familiarize these students with campus traditions and policies. Student Art Education Association As a student affiliate of the national association, the Florida State University chapter of Student Art Education Association stood as one of the oldest in the nation. During the fall quarter, visits were made to the home studios of several faculty members. A visiting professor, Mr. Earl Kreinzen lectured at one of the monthly meetings on the various art techniques used with metals. Bake sales and other money-raising projects were held during the winter and spring quarters to send student delegates to the National Art Education Convention in New York City in April. STUDENT ART EDUCATION ASSOCIATION: Bob Jones, Aggie Smith, Wayne Hooker, Pam Gillian, Bobbie Barksdale, Robyn White, Carolyn Gray, Margie Ryan. Association of Interior Designers 263 Student Physical Education Association The Student Physical Education Association was established on campus this year when the Men ' s and Women ' s Physical Education Majors Clubs merged. Striving to develop professional attitudes about physical education, lectures were presented by speakers from the Florida Athletic Association, as well as by various local educators. During the year, the group was responsible for organizing intramurals for Greek and Independent teams. Through the sales of Homecoming mums and basketball programs, the club aided in generating spirit for the Florida State University athletic program. STUDENT P.E. ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: Herschel Smith, Secretary, Charlotte Fletcher, Treasurer, Jim Sikora, President, Shirley Foster, Vice President. Phi Kappa Tau took the Greek football crown as they edged the Lambda Chi ' s 7-0. STUDENT P.E. ASSOCIATION: Front Ro w: Barbara Eatmon, Janice Daning, Gail Hanelius, Gloria Collins, Lynn McEntyre, Diane Carinhas; Second Row: Cathy McArdle, Jean Ricardi, M.C. Gilbert, Alyn Ariaghi, Betty Lee, Avis Latham; Third Row: Timothy Gilbert, Pat Gibson, Judge Helms, Polly Gurley, Bill Cox; Fourth Row: Allen Orendorff, Lance Lamport, Bill Wetherall, Butch Casey, Bruce King. Women ' s Intramural Association Women ' s basketball intramurals, sponsored by W.I.A., provided afternoon recreation during Winter Quarter. Since its organization on the Florida State University campus in 1925, the Women ' s Intramural Association has strived to maintain ideals of health and sportsmanship among women students. Each quarter, the group coordinated intramural competition for sororities and dormitories. The sports included in the program were volleyball, basketball, bowling, track and field, tennis, swimming, and softball. The annual Sports Day was held during Spring Quarter. Neighboring schools were invited to participate in the various athletic events. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: Sue Sprawls, Vice President, Laurie Bullard, Recording Secretary, Pat Gibson, President. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: Shirley Foster, Treasurer, Pat Barron, Assistant Advisor, SaUey Ray, Publicity Director. 4 Greeks 266 The Greek societies ... Their basis is brotherhood, that ever-popular bandwagon; the young rebel ' s battle cry, the poUtician ' s promise, the prophet ' s dream, and the Greek ' s duty. I take my place among the members and swear to serve my brother — To defend his honor as my own; To take a part with him in work and play; To share the winning and losing, the happiness and harassment. With the privileges and honors of belonging, come responsibility. No longer am I just one individual, separate unto myself, to say or do what I please and leaving only myself to the consequence. I have adopted a name, a cause, an ideal. My life is enriched and made fuller as I unite with my fellow members. I am more than me ... I am part of something, I am a brother, a sister ... A member of the Fraternal Society. f 269 There was a game, a common sport And in that game, were those who played and those who watched. And they called the players Participants and the watchers were titled Spectators. I speak to you now of the Participants. 270 271 These participants learned to share something with their teammates. To partake and to take a part with others. This sometimes meant to give of oneself for someone else; to accept personal abuse or discomfort in order to attain a goal greater than the person himself. 272 To participate sometimes meant to lose; But in its turn, it sometimes meant to win. And a victory seemed far wealthier when it was shared in the name of the team and shared by others. TT aftf ' . ' Z4.0 -,.S 4 1% ftf " § d.i,s. j IB ' jrVi»- " " - ■ y m » ■ ' «-li ' « ♦l r. . , • 1 i „- m rM ' it.- ; ' Jiv .?:-- v ■■! The events to be played were vaiied. Some called for agility and skill, some for strength and stamina. But they all demanded spirit and determination. It was not always easy to be a participant. . . Yet, for them, it was the only way to fly! Some who stood by the side of the field called them stereo-typed and conforming. They scorned them for the way they enjoyed playing their sport. Ridiculed them for their ritual and pageantry. Yet, others spoke of them with respect as individuals who served something worthwhile; who took an obligation to defend and support an ideal in which they believed. m %W .- m ' : ' t, »„ Niwi 5s» l vi ™ " " . Sl. « ia ■f J S b5 President Marilyn Oldham and Rush Chairman Margie Gowing review rush procedures during Panhellenic meeting. Panhellenic " Pan-Hellenic " was derived from the Greek word meaning " all-Greek. " As national sorority organizations increased in number, they formed the National Panhellenic Conference in 1904. FSU this year has 20 of the 27 national sororities on its campus. Each of these sororities sent a delegate to the weekly meetings to help coordinate their programs. The officers planned a unified rush system, publicized programs, and helped sororities to abide by national and campus policies. Panhellenic was also instrumental in obtaining the key system for sororities after the no-curfew policy for upper classmen had been passed for donnitories. In the area of campus service, Panhellenic cooperated in the distribution of student publications. To promote greater spirit among Greeks, Panhellenic introduced a system of exchange-dinners between sororities. One indication of its success in its emphasis upon unity was the joint Sorority Weekend held in the Spring in which four sororities participated. PANHELLENIC OFFICERS: Front Row: Fran Pughsley, Secretary, Marilyn Oldham, President; Second Row: Judy Morrow, Public Relations, Margie Gowing, Rush Chairman, Jan Sapp, Program Chairman, Louise Hineley, Activities Chairman, Dale Duke, Judicial Chairman, Linda Wisner, Treasurer. Sponsored by the Interfraternity Council, the Tarns provided enter- tainment during Greek Week. IFC OFFICERS: Ed Lenner, Attorney General, Bob Mick, Vice President for Administration, De Batchelor, Vice President for Financial Affairs, Bill Sedmak, Executive Vice President, Stan Hawkins, President. Two IFC members are involved in a serious discussion about the resolution concerning women ' s visiting hours in fraternity houses. Interfraternity Council Interfraternity Council at the Florida State University was the official governing body for twenty-two social fraternities on campus. It was composed of the presidents and representatives from each of the fraternities who met to discuss the problems and projects facing the Greek way of life here on campus. The Council attempted to act in order to improve the atmosphere at FSU, both socially and academi- cally. IFC led the way in promoting Homecoming, Greek Week, and service and fund-raising projects for various charities. 281 Beta Eta of Alpha Chi Omega Founded: 1885 Depauw University, Green Castle, Indiana Beta Eta Chapter, 1929 Colors: Scarlet and olive green Flower: Red Carnation Housemother: Mrs. Edna Schnauss Alpha Chi Man: Bob Rogalski ... angels aware ... fly high with alpha chi ... halo there ... oh, those sunburned bodies! ... KA ' s where are our toothbrushes? ... there ' s a little sunflavor in every alpha chi ... were you shipwrecked on alpha chi island? ... there goes mom schnauss in her " hot " firebird! ... only angels can be alpha chis ... what, ginger — late again? ... activities, having trouble with your drawers? ... delts were sitting pretty with our actives ' chair ... edith, life isn ' t all that bad ... what ' s for lunch — spagetti, ravioli, or pizza? ... i need a ride to cash ... an iguana met me at the door ... what — another candlelight! ... pledges were really wrapped up with their toilet paper ... susan won ' t know how to act when she ' s an active ... you really ought to see me in my black bathing suit ... oh no, it ' s attic cleaning time again ... karyn and kathy — both kinds of sisters ... mom schnauss loves us! ... did george spend the night in the house again? ... gerbils — they look more like rats to me ... deedee, did you pose for wild bill ' s tatoo? ... our harps came from paradise ... Ashmore, S. Austin, L. Bateman, C. BeU, B. Biggs, A. Campbell, S. Coleman, L. Cone, L. Curt,C. Deknes, J. Duff, J. Ely, S. Evans, C. Ford, J. Forslev, K. Greenwell, G. HaU, M. Hammond, H. Hartley, S. Hines, P. Hipsher, V. ALPHA CHI OMEGA OFFICERS: Marsha Smith, President, Susan Campbell, Third Vice President, Linda Wisner, First Vice President, Meredith Reese, Second Vice President, Kathy Riley, Treasurer, Lynn Reber, Recording Secretary. ■ 282 Hoffman, H. Houser, G. Isaacsom, M. Kux, P. Kux, S. Leamon, D. Lenington, M. Lewis, R. Maitland, A. Martin, S. May, K. Miller, S. Mintz, P. Olive, C. Osborne, J. Owens, D. Pennell, S. Perlingero, R. Pettit, J. Popp, F. Rankin, R. Reber, L. Reinhardt, P. Riley, K. Riley, K. Ruling, S. SciuUo, M. Scott, S. Sears, S. Simon, J. Smith, A. Smith, B. Smith, M. Smith, W. Tang, L. Wenzel, C. White, S. WUson, C. Wisner, L. Wyckoff, K. Rhonda Rankin displays her trophy after winning the soap box derby for Alpha Chi and Delta Sigma Pi. 283 lota of Alpha Delta Pi Founded: 1851 Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia Iota Chapter, 1909 Colors: Blue and white Flower: Violet Housemother: Mrs. Ruth Ewing King of Diamonds: John Willis and John Collins ... KA rose and thorn too?! ... and then there ' re e.s. and m.d. ... a $450 phone bill to georgia tech! ... what a smacker! ... all that jogging and where did it lead? — macdonald ' s ... 7:00 a.m. on bourbon street ... finals — we need a fourth! ... i don ' t want a pickle, just wanna ride on my motorsickle! ... be young, be foolish, be happy ... catch you later ... leader of the pack? — no, lambda chi sweetheart ... boy, i reckon ... all right group, let ' s rally! ... fried chicken with a fork? ... what ' s the title again? — miss florida crab 1969? ... go dooley ' s dogs ... swinger, left or riglit? ... no, it ' s not the city dump — it ' s s.b. ' s and dawson ' s room! ... protestants unite — the romans are taking over ... goff, is it pot? no, french fries ... has he called yet, pughsley? ... the rambling wreck from georgia tech ... Alpha Delta Pi driver in the Phi Delta Soap Box Derby, Kay Colson, calmly awaits the start of the race. Adams, F. Bachemin, J. Bailey, T. Batstone, S. Becker, A. Behnke, A. ' B a ' Berry, B. Bonderud, L. Bowen, J. ALPHA DELTA PI OFFICERS: Mary Milan, Secretary, Lee Kyser, Panhellenic Representative, Gail Palmer, President, Gail Donaldson, Scholarship, Lucy Bowen, Treasurer. Bowie, P. Breckridge, F. Breeden, M. 284 Bricker, S. Bryan, K. Buck, C. Burton, J. Cairaway, C. Cassady. V. Colson, K. Cook, M. Crawford, S. Dehoff, J. Dehoff, M. Donaldson, G. Dulin, D. Durrance, C. Eisenmenger, S. Glenn, D. Haglan, N. Hampton, M. Klingbeil, A. Knittle, M. Kurtz, S. Kyser, L. Lamb, P. Lester, M. Livingston, J. Loftin, S. Lynch, J. MacDougald, S. Martin, S. McMillan, J. Melton, D. Milan, M. Milton, J. Neal, A. Palmer, G. Pacquin, S. Parramore, P. Pickett, R. Pughsley, F. Rogers, J. Sander, J. Schumacher, S. Setzer, C. Singer, S. Stewart, M. Talbot, F. Taylor, D. Telleck, R. Tindal, K. Van Gundy, P. Weathersbee, G. Weathersbee, S. Williams, C. Woodward, J. 285 Gamma Beta of Alpha Gamma Delta Founded: 1904 Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York Gamma Beta Chapter, 1925 Colors: Red, Buff and Green Flower: Buff and crimson rose Housemother: Mrs. Madison Underwood Alpha Gam Man: Robbie Sanchez ... judy graham and the crusaders while pam received the etta joel award and graduated magna cum lauda ... chi gamma nu ... alpha gam ' s social with the sig ep ' s at UF ... expansion of omicron mu at FSU is not surprising ... top five scholastically ... how ' d ya ... weekend, the tams ... give me a garnet karen and dixie ... delta upsilon delta ... higgins and all her wheat barley ' s ... thursday to the coast club ... shoulders like a barrel ... bertha, what ' s this alligatoring business? ... kathy, gymkana finalist as susan was sig ep calendar girl ... davis ' casino inc. ... if anyone needs temporary housing for skunks, sick turkeys, squirrels, turtles or fish please contact jo or dee dee for monthly rates ... ALPHA GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS: Keri Arnholt, Recording Secretary, Suzanne Peterson, Treasurer, Deborah Bradley, Second Vice President, Caroline Randle, First Vice President, Jo Davis, President. Adsit, J. Allen, S. Anderson, P. Arnholt, K. Baker, K. Bumgardner, P. Begley, C. Bennet, J. Bevis, B. Bolvin, B. Bradley, D. Brown, A. Burns, C. Burris, G. Campbell, D. Carter, K. Caruthers, M. Crowe, C. Cusick, C. Davis, J. Dykema, C. Edgar, L. Elmore, C. FerreU, C. Franks, F. 286 mmm - The sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta join in song while saying good-bye to the fall rushees. Frazier, N. George, C. Harrison, L. Harrison, S. Hart, B. Herbert, J. Hightower, S. Horton, N. Hotton, D. House, S. Jalko, K. Johnson, A. Johnson, S. Jones, J. Jones, P. Kapp, M. Keith, S. Law, B. Lujan, D. Marchick, L. McCoUum, L. McKinney, D. McQuill, M. Middleton, M. Milbourne, A. Moore, B. Morrow, C. Nolan, J. Palin,P. Patrick, L. Patterson, J. Peck, M. Peterson, S. Phillips, D. Randall, N. Randle, C. Reynolds, S. Rohter, B. Scott, C. Sharp, M. Shaw, J. Shepherd, J. Showalter, C. Simpson, C. Sparkman, B. Stephens, P. Ward, C. Wentzel, M. Whittaker, N. 287 Alpha Pi of Alpha Omicron Pi Founded: 1897 Barnard College of Columbia University, New York Alpha Pi Chapter. 1928 Colors: Red and white Flower: Red rose Housemother: Mrs. Vera Anderson Man of the Year: Bob Hansen ... dear toad squad ... are you up with the news girls? ... " the cat " on the hot tin roof, she has nine lives, at least she thinks she does ... how about our descented little fellow, remember the night of the big search party, and then there was light ... oh thank you david ... pledge baby snowed under, weather forecast, snow year round at 123 north copeland ... space queens are charming ... snow queens are spacy ... who is dennis high school? ... maybe cottontaU knows? ... some- body ' s been putting hair in my bed ... blimey mate the captain ' s only fooling ya! ... retreats with the servers at the sandy grid irons ... let ' s take mom along ... weekend with the older men in our lives ... does j.t. walk like a duck ... can ' t be sweet without soap ... they cooked up a hairy deal ... tighten-up practice in 5 minutes ... we love you nunu bear ... till the moon turns blue ... let ' s not say anything about new Orleans girls ... we still can ' t figure out why juju confesses ... white, pink, and if your lucky red, everything ' s coming up roses. AOPi sisters, Jamie Kannette and Susie Wierengo, welcome everyone to their home. Augustyniak, M. Baldwin, J. BeU, P. BeU, S. Biddix, S. Bosley, B. Bower, L. Burton, L. Butler, S. Catledge, P. Ceccarall, S. Chaney, P. Clamme, D. Cole, L. Corbett, P. Gotten, C. Cunningham, S. Davis, S. 288 Deguire, S. Dunn, J. Fleenor, J. Green, R. B 91 m - life. H E3 ' 1 kV ' 1 Be - ' fl P -f ; H Pl IB ' ' H c- H n Gregory, M. Hancock, S. Harpold, D. Hattan, C. Hauenstein, W. Hessenius, S. Hobson, B. Hoffmeier, M. Hotle, D. Huber, J. Jackson, J. Kannette, J. Lowell, A. Moorhead, J. Mo sing, A. Nicholas, E. Paige, M. Painter, L. Poulos, C. Schaffer, S. Senn, L. Shaffer, M. Sherman, S. Smith, K. Taylor, P. Teal, J. Verso, A. WaUace, C. Walters, C. Weston, M. Wierengo, S. Wood, S. ALPHA OMICRON PI OFFICERS: Marsha Gregory, Corresponding Secretary, Jamie Kannette, President, Phyllis Bell, Treasurer, Judy Jackson, First Vice President, Linda Burton, Recording Secretary. 289 Gamma Phi of Alpha Phi Founded: 1872 Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York Gamma Phi Chapter, 1 959 Colors: Silver and bordeaux Flowers: Forget-me-nots and Lillies of the valley Housemother: Mrs. Louise Jelks Ivy Man: Rick Lutz ... whoop-whoops are ready for anything ... nightly retaliation spared no one ... our very own eight-girl caterpillar ... yoyo bounces in and out ... what was the fate of xls? ... " march winds " blew up a storm ... our eleventh founder - gladys oglesbee - was discov- ered ... jan ' s " composition " was a favorite ... santa went in and out in the wrong places ... trips to the " johnny " over broken glass ... friday night entertain- ment by the " harmonious five " ... here comes secret santa sneaking in goodies ... when writing letters in study hall be careful ... green and red ice tea for dinner - what next? ... beware, cathy ' s gerbils are out ... the wizard ' s hat is alive and residing in evanston, illinois ... serving boys get pooled too ... happy birthday woodie ... ALPHA PHI OFFICERS: Joyce Woolever, Treasurer, Donna Allen, First Vice President, Shirley Burris, President, Karen Olszewsici, Third Vice President, Kathy Gowen, Second Vice President. 290 AUen, D. Baker, M. Bluder, E. Brooks, K. Bums, S. Clann, P. Cline, B. Coleman, G. Criswell, E. Erickson, E. Ferraio, C. Gage, D. Gardner, M. Geraci, M. HackJey, M. Hair, A. HaU, D. Hamlin, M. Harper, F. Heller, L. Hodges, J. Jackson, J. Jeffers, S. Kenny, S. Lansdowne, C. Lavender, J. Leiterman, B. Maranto, C. Marts, G. McCrone, M. Moore, C. Nicholas, D. Olszewski, K. Ortino, B. Perlman, R. Peyerl, E. Reilly, M. Riherd, N. Rouse, E. Schuster, M. Sedlack, K. Sheppard, B. Stevens, N. Tread well, B. Vidzes, P. Weiss, W. Wexler, J. Whitehead, D. Williams, J. Williams, L. WUson, P. Woolever, J. Woodward, W. Yoh, B. 291 Epsilon Sigma of Alpha Tau Omega i m.-- ' ■ ' Claudia Wenzel Sweetheart Founded: 1865 Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia Epsilon Sigma Chapter, 1949 Colors: Blue and gold Flower: White Rose Housemother: Mrs. Etta Cawthon ... Steve ' s brown nose has gained 4.0 ' s, and honors for ATO ' s ... it took big chip all of three rounds but he finally made the Cleveland browns ... pete the fleetfoot is quite athletic, but for a foldout — somewhat pathetic! ... we all hope John ' s kinky hairs don ' t bring too many flies in pairs ... if crovo ' s best for all four years guess we ' ll shop next time at sears ... powell ' s the only one we all know who could take three hours to say " hello " ... complaints were one thing billy didn ' t horde and so was deserving of the H.A. award ... there traveled five taus down mexico way, a trip which won ' t be forgot; especially for one unfortunate lad who experienced somewhat of a shock, unable to pay the debt he owed, he could not quell the shout of the lady who screamed, " police! police! " and so paid money to get out ... and, in conclusion, and with lasting memory, to the FFWC — " aardvark, aardvark bon bon! " ... 292 Brothers of Alpha Tau Omega take time out to relax and study on their back porch. 1. Norman Powell 2. Bill Sedmak 3. David Odom 4. Dick Powell 5. Claudio Rus 6. Bob Lane 7. Luke Cain 8. Wayne Pearson 9. Bob Rogers 10. Sonny Phillips 11. Rudy Hitchock 12. Pete Hansinger 13. John Zeffer 14. Stephen Reilly (Vice President) 15. James Wagner 16. Michael Shaffer 17. John Shuff (President) 18. Steve Burgess (Treasurer) 19. Richard Janes (Secretary) 20. John Conlin 21. Ron Steensland Alpha Omega of Alpha Xi Delta Founded: 1893 Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois Alpha Omega Chapter, 1929 Colors: Double blue and gold Flower: Pink rose Housemother : Mrs. Edith B. Merritt ... alpha xi ' s couldn ' t lose with mother goose on derby day ... two chances — slim and none ... what ' s happenin? ... go bxd! ... alpha xi ' s set campus ablaze during circus days ... fuzzy house was on fire in its circus attire ... hey bird legs ... it ' s plastic ... spinsters society forever! ... foxy ... jungle rot ... space queen simon ... cheer up! ... are you sleepy Stewart? ... rally! ... sound of their voices ring as alpha xi ' s reach to the top in campus sing ... my oh what a ... mohawk ... you bird ... shoeboxes? ... been sparkling jeannie and alpha xi ' s and theta chi ' s uphold " state in best all-around float ... fish award ... diamonds, diamonds ... mom, how ' s swings from the door with the greatest of marilyn? .. ' 68 " with diamonds, clarence? . ease ... what can i say ... ALPHA XI DELTA OFFICERS: Pam Glatti, Recording Secretary, Barbara Sepeilli, Treasurer, Susan Foster, President, Barbara Edelen, Corresponding Secretary, Fran Fox, Vice President. AUen, C. Allred, S. Armstrong, K. Banks, S. BeU, F. Bennett, D. Bowes, A. Brillhart, M. Brooks, R. CoideU, D. Cox, L. Creel, K. Croff, K. Deck, L. Droz, D. Droz, D. Duncan, S. Edelen, B. Flory, S. Foster, J. Foster, S. Fuqua, E. Gienau, D. Gionet, J. Glares, L, HaUs, P. Harding, N. 294 Higginbotham, J. Hightower, R. IdyU, J. Kotowski, L. L ' Amoreaux, C. Lee, J. Legg, C. Lemak, S. Lett, D. Mathels, L. Mathis, L. McMaster, D. The Alpha Xi Delta - Theta Chi float took the " Best All Around ' award in the Homecoming competition. Mcosker, K. Meyer, M. Mirigliano, F. Noguez, J. Orloff, J. Osgood, S. Parnell, C. Rainey, K. Rice, T. Salgado, J. Sapp, J. Schuler, C. Schultz, C. ScoUon, S. Sepielli, B. Shapley, M. Sink, N. Spence, C. Stewart, J. Sykes, B. Taylor, D. Turner, N. Tyrrell, M. ValleUa, D. WalthaU, M. Wilson, M. Wooten, B. Young, E. 295 Gamma of Chi Omega Founded: 1895 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas Gamma Qiapter, 1 908 Colors: Cardinal and straw Flower: White carnation Housemother: Mrs. Mims Owl Man: Walt Gossard ... wise owl rates no. 1 scholarship and prizes a color t.v. ... el stud is greek goddess ... a lucky horseshoe and a lucky dress provides her with military ball queen ... the battle of la petite corps and angel flight commanders ... where ' s my teddy bear? ... has anyone seen my size 9 A bostonian loafers? ... garrooos and lady grace rule in senate ... chi zero — from old maids to losers ... whooo ' s whoooo in american colleges and universities ... our housemother flees to italy ... the nursery ' s theme song — little rabbit foo-foo ... who ' s got the cutest little carnation face? ... gozo gives another chorus of the eskimo song ... who thinks it ' s easy — double e majors ask ... long tall chi o ... big time with greek woman of the year ... leaky ceiling — phi delts get wet ... booty hooper says — who ' s been sweeping dust under my rug? ... t.y. and i.l.y. ... did you know that perry presents the florida forest festival? ... key stealing housemother ... chi o ' s have their own mardi gras ... the czar takes over the government ... marshmallow brains ... el dude is rodeo queen ... all makes up the chi o ' s ... Alderson, B. Aimbrust, M. Baisden, T. Bliss, M. Boyd, C. Boykin, E. Browning, S. Caufield, J. Coumoyer, S. Cuny, J. Davis, H. Davis, J. Dodd, B. Dwyer, P. Fleming, S. Gamer, A. Goza, A. Goza, M. Hampton, B. Harrison, K. Hasselo, D. Johnson, J. Marks, J. Mason, K. 296 McDaniel, S. Merritt, D. Morse, K. Naeseth, B. Naughton, R. Nelson, K. Newton, L. North, D. Oglesby, S. Oldham, M. Peavy, G. Quinn, M. Reed, B. Rentzchler, S. Rhea, A. Rinehart, D. Rogers, M. Ruth, L. Thurston, C. Varney, S. WaddeU, B. Walker, A. Wright, T. Young, B. CHI OMEGA OFFICERS: Kim Mason, Secretary, Dianne Merritt, President, Laura Newton, Treasurer, Mary Quinn, Personnel, Nancy Jackson, Pledge Trainer. 297 Nu Delta of Chi Phi Founded: 1824 New Jersey State College, Princeton, New Jersey Nu Delta Chapter, 1965 Colors: Scarlet and blue Flower: Rose ... bust the pinata ... want to wrestle ... how ' s your mother, elmer ... the back nine! ... the b of the week trophy ... the great October upset ... i ' ll drink to that ... yvonne who? ... the scarlet nipper ... the great horned night snake ... after all, marines kill ... the two year all-campus champion... theta what? ... get that dog out of here!! ... the curse of the alpha ... opheeems!! ... follow the bouncing lavalier ... beard to beard ... informal meetings ... the alpha ran, but was elected anyway ... $10 a swing ... a knee walker ... spontaneous gathering ... the famed russian pretzel ... shut up clown, i ' m flying this plane ... oodles of noodles ... the old pond the alpha gag ... camel ' s breath ... little what? oh, little sisters? ... the purple avenger strikes again ... run pero, she ' s here ... the great alfalfa? ... watch your mouth ... a $52 bill! ... hands on hips, huh? ... it ' s getting late, time to hit the old sack! ... thing about that ... f.r.m.p. ... Brinkley, T. Carnley, R. Felsch, P. Force, S. Fulcher, L. Hurley, B. Klein, R. Lesser, J. Newcomb, B. Pero, R. Stitt, G. Taylor, D. Joyce Tumlin Sweetheart CHI PHI OFFICERS: Bill Russell, Secretary, Paul Felsch, President, Bob Pero, Treasurer, Glenn Stitt, Vice President. 298 A .. .A w Pat Shaughnessy Sweetheart Amon, R. CaldweU, M. Cay. D. Dichiara, J. Dickey, D. Dodson, G. mk Gardner, G. Grimsley, C. Ivancic, R. Jones, R. Juergens, R. Kiefer, N. Schmit, J. TufareUa, M. Walker, J. Walker, S. WaUace, J. Florida State of Delta Chi Founded: 1890 Cornell University, Ithaca, New York Florida State Chapter, 1960 Colors: Red and buff Flower: White carnation Housemother: Mrs. Clip Smith ... due to brain damage during hibernation, many bears become left wing radicals ... chamberlain, the upcoming chess enthusiast, is presently under psychiatric treatment to correct his grandeur delu- sions ... juergens is a junior - his resemblance to a freshman is purely coincidental ... cay is a biological miracle - he has an inverted stomach and chest ... international brother caldwell is bored because row- ing and cricket are not intramural sports ... to be a pledge or not to be a pledge, that is the question - right amon ... why does trexler sit on soft pillows in chapter meeting ... our chaplain wrote his best prayer when he was looped ... as soon as we can find someone else to go to church, he is being replaced ... upon learning that he is in the infantry for the next two years, gardner has acquired a dislike for rice ... grimsley is not very conceited - he firmly believes that someday another real leader will be born ... DELTA CHI OFFICERS: Jim Edwards, Treasurer, Stan Walker, Sergeant of Arms, Mike Trexler, President, John Walker, Recording Secretary, John Dichiara, Vice President, Ron Juergens, Corresponding Secretary. 299 Alpha Eta of Delta Delta Delta Founded: 1888 Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts Alpha Eta Chapter, 1916 Colors: Silver, gold and blue Flower: Pansy Tri Delt Man: Jamie Wells ... it ' s my life ... oh sure! ... whose trophy is that in your room? ... sweet, sweet bird legs ... Saturday night at the movies ... boxer rebellions ... wet chapter meetings at the phi delta theta house ... neon jerseys ... monday night at the union ... unique socials with pdt ... it ain ' t like home ... pajama parties ... men (?) in the hall! ... don ' t want your pin ... oh, the deltas opera style ... derlin ... lace, satin, cotton, felt ... famous friday afternoons ... formal (?) dances at salley hall ... 599-2760 ... colonel saunder ' s anyone? ... where shall we eat tonight? ... why is your trident bent? ... stopping on every floor ... mary ' s poem ... is anyone using your car? ... stick him with a trident ... oldies but goldies ... she ' s my kappa alpha rose ... Adams, F. Amato, L. Baxley, K. Beaidall, M. Beck, P. Byars, S. Calland, T. Chartrand, A. Qark, M. Daniel, S. Dexter, P. Douglas, J. Erickson, P. Fletcher, M. Frates, B. Hanlon, P. Hartley, K. Hayman, L. Heathcott, C. Hendrickson, M. Hooper, L. Hudson, P. Johns, J. Lackland, J. L ' Orange, C. McCabe, T. McCalman, M. McDaniel, M. McDonald, N. Metzger, J. Miller, J. Montague, D. Morris, M. Morton, P. 300 Nations, L. Noel, N. Pansa, J. Parker, L. Parramore, D. Peacock, L. Phillips, C. Roark, N. Rogers, D. Rupert. J. Rutherford, S. Schmidt, B. Skelton, J. Urban, K. Waldon, G. Weir, J. Whichard, M. Wright, M. i DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS: Mary Hendrickson, Treasurer, Nancy Noel, Chaplain, Donna Rogers, Vice President-Pledge Trainer, Beth Fletcher, Executive Vice President, Jo Ruppert, Recording Secretary, Pam Hudson, President, Lorraine Hayman, Corresponding Secretary. Tri Delts show enthusiasm at the annual street dance before Sigma Chi Derby while portraying their theme of " Hansel and Gretel 301 Gamma Mu of Delta Gamma Founded: 1873 Lewis School, Oxford. Mississippi Gamma Mu Chapter, 1951 Colors: Bronze and pink and blue Flower: Cream colored rose Housemother: Mrs. Bellie Sedwick Anchor Man: Rob Stanbaugh ... They ' re coming ... they ' re coming ... the rushees are coming ... bubble girls! ... we know what you are martha ... alleluia ... what is it like being a weekend wife? ... this is the property of r.t.! ... santa better watch it! ... standards ' strikes every 27 seconds! ... key club ... hajiicake ... there ' s a collect phone call for eve webb dodd — is she here? ... you get the nod ... trophies, showers, and bruises ... today is your lucky day — for you a special deal! ... escape come over ... dg-sigma chi ... hey, hey, dg! you look so good to me ... did you see kelly ' s pin? cake, anyone? what a way to end a truce! ... any news from the florentine chapter? ... give ' em the old flamer! don ' t be a fly-be a phi ... i want a hunk ... it ' s peggy peppers lonely hearts club band ... oh- there ' s the Spanish man! ... would you believe the back door ... l.y. on time-18, why don ' t they invite the whole chapter? ... rings and things ... so you think you want a water fight pi kapps? boy, are we ready! ... delta gamma — we all like it a whole lot ... right ... DELTA GAMMA OFFICERS: Wendy Tichenor, Rush Chairman, Vicki Vetter, House Chairman, Nancy Garvey, First Vice President, Candy Coit, Second Vice President, Janelle Plitz, President, Joan Bicki, Recording Secretary, Bobbie La Perche, Treasurer, Lynn McNeil, Corresponding Secretary, Melissa Borchers, Dianne Cayson, Historian. Eiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiij Anderson, M. Asker, S. Atnip, L. Raker, S. Iticki, J. Itorchers, M. Cahours, C. CampbeU, D. Cay son, D. Cook, C. Dalrymple, C. Danner, B. Dexter, B. Dexter, K. Drew, N. Finch, P. Harbert, K. Hartley, C. Herndon, P. Hinely, L. Hogen, D. Holden, M. Jameson, S. Josephson, S. Kendrick, D. LaPerch, B. Lovett, P. Mathis, W. McDevitt, C. Miller, S. H iK m s ,, 1 Moore, D. Morton, D. Nagler, R. Naughton, M. North, C. Northrup, P. Oshea, S. Peppers, P. Peppers, P. Plitz, J. Real, D. Roberts, S. Rose, P. Sackett, K. Schurig, B. Shannon, K. Sisley, G. Smith, D. Snow, E. Snow, M. Spitzer, P. Stephens, A. Talley, P. Tiner, N. Troxell, B. Vetter, V. West, R. Willis, M. 303 Founded: 1902 Miami of Ohio, Oxford, Ohio Alpha Sigma Chapter, 1924 Colors: Pink and green Flower: Killarney rose Housemother: Mrs. Lela Johnston DZ Man: Bill Morris ... daisy mae was a DZ ... but do we have to make another fairy ' s head tonight? ... so what if study hall is an hour late ... are DZ ' s going to win campus sing? ... don ' t breathe ... i may be pinnochio ... don ' t throw away that bottle honey ... happiness in shellac, candles, playgrounds, swings, and the ol ' glued napkin trick ... i may be the fox ... a gaping, bounding, cavorting ... 1, 2, 3, ledge ... thud, a super hero ' s convention ... who stole my snuffy smith? ... i hear the sundeck calUng me ... guess what - i ' m the cat ... state day: awards, an evening serenade, and snow in cocoa ... angels ... little sisters ... pinnings, fraternity weekends ... pledge tests, lamp Ughting week, initiation, a true sisterhood in delta zeta ... One of the Delta Zeta ' s discusses pertinent campus problems with an interested rushee. DELTA ZETA OFFICERS: Louise Payne, Treasurer, Cindy Hastings, Recording Secretary, Jo Cobb, Vice President, Sherry Dunn, Secretary, Janet Holmes, Pledge Trainer. Alpha Sigma of Delta Zeta Arnold, S. Barnett, B. Beazley, T. BeU, P. Bigham, P. Boney, C. Callaway, G. Cobb, J. Cole, S. Cox, K. Crawford, C. Cunningham, S. Dollins, R. Dorris, J. Dragstedt, M. Dunn, S. Gandy, J. Hodge, K. Holmes, J. Huggan, L. Jordan, S. Kantor, G. Maxwell, J. McDonald, A. McDonald, M. Mitchell, M. Morris, K. Mulloy, P. Munn, J. Munn, P. Nicholson, A. Oliver, L. Padovano, E. Peverly, J. Price, A. Sager, S. Stringer, P. Vause, S. Wilson, E. Winfree, N. 305 Beta Mu of Gamma Phi Beta Founded: 1874 Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York Beta Mu Chapter, 1950 Colors: Light and dark brown Flower: Pink carnation Housemother: Mrs. Norma Moreau Dream Man: John Woffell ... the house with the winding staircase ... smiles, warmer emerging ... pink frosted cupcakes go with the union arcade ... miss gymkana rides a crescent moon ... ours ... red, red and yellow roses ... who can fix teddy ' s piano? ... roosevelt, maybe? ... open house and noise and people, people, people ... where is our door knocker? ... charity and laundry room clean up ... singing with rhonda on the pleasant downs ... iced tea on the floor, mud on the face, but we have our mom ... the nose that grows at sigma chi derby ... oh, those weekends at the coast ... love ... valentine ' s weekend ... where ' s our sweetheart? ... always near ... sisters forever ... sharing and caring ... Couples dance to the band at the Gamma Phi ' s open house. GAMMA PHI BETA OFFICERS: Patty Stanford, Vice President, Cindy May, President, Ellyn Naclerio, Corresponding Secretary, Candy Waich, Treasurer, Peggy Webb, Recording Secretary, Bunny Evans, Membership Chairman. 306 Adams, N. Anderson, P. BeU, L. Boyett, M. Butler, S. Casoria, C. Craven, B. Craven, S. Ebner, C. Evans, B. Everett, G. Farris, N. Fontenot, J. Foss, V. Gore, S. Hankins , J. Hankins, K. Harrington, C. Kilgore, A. Lovejoy, A. MacAithur, C. Maxr, D. Martin, C. May, C. McNulty, M. Meharg, N. MiUs,M. Naclerio, E. Nubar, N. Osborne, K. Page, S. Parrish, J. Reves, P. Rosenwald, V. Stanford, P. Stark, B. Streiffert, S. Stone, R. Suddath, J. Tuilos, P. VaUdejuli, N. Vinson, G. Walch, C. Webb, P. 307 Gamma Eta of Kappa Alpha Founded: 1865 Washington College, Lexington, Virginia Gamma Eta Chapter, 1949 Colors: Garnet and gold Flower: Red rose Housemother: Mrs. Margaret Gibson ... cover, we ' re trying to keep peace with the neighbors ... want to hear a bulletin ... steve in his room first night of spring quarter ... we ' d like to thank you for dropping in Catherine, but through the celling?! ... the flag is being cleaned at the clotheshanger... voronodo ...that ' ll be five ... what an eye opener ... ted ' s a dirty old man in disguise .... always remember the " white rat ' " ... around the house ... old south is over, the man will.be around tomorrow for crown sizes ... hit the road ... only $38 worth of damage ... tie for the lousiest beard ... the gocrd ole tee truck ... i ' ve been to that movie ... bourbon street ... whose got the flag? ... sigma rho pledge of the week ... hairy buffalo parties ... i can ' t give out any rooms until mr. adams arrives ... KA rebels and their Southern belles prepare to take over the city in their annual Old South parade. Ginger Cassidy Sweetheart 308 J M " M ' ' ■ ■ Pi isi .. 1. Granks, J. 2. Kane, B. 3. Higgins, B. 4. Watts, B. 5. Wade, R. 6. Harris, J. 7. ' Hargett, S. 8. McCabe, G. 9. Moore, S. 10. Pease, J. 11. Faircloth, N. 12. Ohmart, R. 13. Lafontain, R. 14. Hol- tine, T. 15. Fletcher, V. 16. Taylor, B. 17. Dart, J. 18. Stoner, M. 19. Carter, G. 20. Laton, M. 21. Harvard, L. 22. Rader, J. 23. Wade, T. 24. Jackson, A. 25. Williamson, D. 26. Lupton, M. 27. Cover, A. 28. Spooner, J. 29. Stoner, P. 30. Babb, S. (President) 31. Nahoom, K. 32. Walters, G. (Recording Secretary) 33. Jones, D. 34. Keety, J. 35. Boyd, E. 36. Mullinax, B. (Treasurer) 37. Rapp, P. 38. Reedy, K. 39. Wilber, C. 40. Ward, G. 41. Marshall, S. 42. BlackweU, D. 43. Neely, B. 44. Newkirk, K. 45. Ostrander, T. (Vice President) 46. May, B. 47. DoU, R. 48. Tragos, G. 49. Long, S. 309 Beta Nu of Kappa Alpha Theta Founded: 1870 DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana Beta Nu Chapter, 1924 Colors: Black and gold Flower: Pansy Housemother: Mrs. Mary Delaudson ... follow the yellow brick road ... modine grunch comes to rush ... " i ' m a human " ... be an OM fly trap ... a mademoiselle winner ... week ' s security check ... pantry raid ... sue, our own spiro agnew ... a crown of half-stars for sally ... jolley needs peppermint feet ... marrying an older man?! ... KAT ' s MEOW went kite flying ... home of the audubon society ... graffiti on the bathroom walls ... nothing like a formal dirty room party ... number 1 homecoming decorations ... 4 added to the black and gold fold ... marriage marathon ... firenze, theta ' s do their own thing ... 2 cheerleaders and one ' s chief ... almost persuaded by miss smith ... friday night brings the letchers ' brown bag awards ... a new face in the making for 510 w. park ... Theta housemother, Mrs. DeLaudson, joins Derby Day festivities. Alvarez, C. Anderson, L. Armstrong, A. Baker, C. Bartels, J. Beats, B. Blankenship, M. Borg, L. Box, V. Bridges, S. Bruce, T. Bums, J. Christmas, J. Qark, J. Crabtree, C, Cusac, S. Delettre, C. del la Rua, J. Doyle, K. Duckworth, D. Dunphy, J. Gergen, G. Gilmore, E. Home, B. 310 KAPPA ALPHA THETA OFFICERS: Front Row: Marge Stames, Treasurer, Charlotte Baker, Corresponding Secretary; Second Row: Dolores Ward, President, Toni Scalera, Vice President-Efficiency, Diane Zimmerman, Vice President-Pledge Education. Hubbard, S. Hultgren, D. Jarvis, C. Kimball, K. Ladbetter, B. Lafavour, C. Lally, M. Langley, S. Lastinger, L. Lau, R. Lindeman, M. Maseda, M. McFarland, M. McFarland, M. McGann, C. Meyer, I. Owens, L. Palmer, C. Parkes, C. Par tin, M. Poston, S. Powers, K. Retzke, J. Retzke, J. Rotter, G. Scalera, C. Scalera, T. Shaughnessy, P. Shermer, S. Starnes, M. Strickland, S. Strickland, S. Swanson, J. Tipton, V. Vodrey, G. Wade, G. Ward, D. Weeks, J. Wheat, T. Whitehurst, K. Zimmerman, D. DeLaudson, M. 311 Kappa Alpha of Kappa Delta Founded: 1897 Longwood College, Farmsville, Virginia Kappa Alpha Chapter, 1904 Colors: Kelly green and white Flower: White rose Housemother: Mrs. Clark Kappa Delta Man: Bob WilUams ... kappa deltas reach for the stars ... " neat city " ... never a dull moment ... boosting derby spirit ... convention 1969 ... listen to this ... mortar board for president jane ... SAE is KD man ... phi delt waiters ... you know ... the year for weddings ... 21 club ... three ... pledge songs ... hohos in the street ... stolen composites? ... m.l. as SAE sweetheart ... " gentle " ... a weekend with the tams ... sunning on the fire escape ... the balcony ... " wings locked together " ... pledging, initiation, belonging ... learn- ing, growing, serving ... a loving housemother ... many sisters ... and memories that will last ... KAPPA DELTA OFFICERS: Iront Row: Jane Kendrick, President, Betsy Petway, Vice President; Second Row: Laurie Schendel, Treasurer, Nancy HoUineyer, Secretary, June McElmoyle, Rush Chairman, Patty Geary, Assistant Treasurer, Marie Hall, Editor. Anderson, C. Aycock, C. Bedell, S. Bell, C. Booth, J. Buffington, S. Calabria, M. Crume, R. Eaton, B. Eberhart, S. Elliott, J. Freeman, J. Geary, P. Hadley, L. 312 HaU, M. Hovey, H. Jackson, S. Japour, A. Johnson, L. Jones, G. Jones, H. Kazimar, L. KeUey, R. Kendrick, J. Kendrick, M. Laney, C. Lawhorn, C. Linton, S. Lister, J. Matthews, M. Moore, L. Neumaster, G. Kappa Delta ' s worked with the Sigma Chi ' s to produce this year ' s Most Appropriate Float in the Homecoming parade. Newsome, B. Oakland, A. OUn, K. Ott, C. Pasteur, M. Pasteur, P. Perry, C. Pet way, B. Purcell, M. Ray, J. Reddick, J. Ridley, C. Rodgers, L. Ryan, P. Shingler, P. Sky mis, D. Skyrms, S. Stone, S. Taylor, T. Von Glahn, D. Wolf, S. 313 Epsilon Zeta of Kappa Kappa Gamma Founded: 1870 Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois Epsilon Zeta Chapter, 1960 Colors: Dark and light blue Flower: Fleur de Lis Housemother: Mrs. Thelma DePriest Kappa Man: Steve Burgess ... kappa krew ... don ' t forget your birdseed ... all right, everybody up in the tree; let ' s hear you hoot! ... go find a nail file — mrs. depriest is locked out again ... t.a.k. ... the high priest of beta tau sigma chapter of huflungdu ... kay-yap-pah commendation award to the flood patrol on second floor ... a new mom ... will la serva ever get us out of dinner on time? ... if they want to come in, they can use the front door ... t.g.i.f. for grubby clothes ... thanks to our favorite flambeau cartoonist for his outstanding contribution to the homecoming issue ... let ' s have volunteers for 6:30 wake-up ... if you can ' t sing it, mouth it ... we think our angel ' s tops ... " Flying High " Kappas make the scene at the Sigma Chi Derby. Andruss, D. Arnold, S. Ash, A. Atlee, L. Baker, B. Barrineau, M. Bartlett, M. 314 Batzer, J. H C WH Hpp||H Beauchamp, A. Blodgett, K. Bucci, J. Bb l H n Burgess, S. Cahill, A. ]ff?7 v m 1 Chapman, J. If - ' x. ■l nH Bv, 9 Coggins, P. Dawkins, M. Degarmo, D. Dillinger, C. Erck, S. Farley, T. Fischer, K. Franklin, P. Godwin, E. Graham, A. Grice, C. Grove, M. Hagen, S. Hall,V. HaUer, C. fW» ' KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA OFFICERS: Cathy Reagan, President, Ann Roberts, Treasurer, SaUy Arnold, Recording Secretary, Jayne Pike, Pledge Trainer, Eleanor Godwin, First Vice President. Harris, N. Hopkins, R. Howard, A. Ivey, E. Kelley, N. Mauricette, G. MiUer, M, Morrow, J. Murphy, S. Murr, S. Osher, J. Reeser, M. Singletary, B. Sislen, P. Tucker, P. Upton, K. Van Doren, D. Wagers, K. Wallace, B. Williams, R. Wilson, C. 315 Epsilon Sigma of Kappa Sigma Founded: 1869 University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia Epsilon Sigma Chapter, 1949 Colors: Scarlet, emerald green and v hite Flower: Lily of the Valley House: Mrs. June Melrose ... kappa sigs win back scholastic trophy — (after 19 years) ... but are edged out in intramurals (by 233 points) ... memorable events include ... special deal on composite — be up in two weeks ... i ' m only 18 and i know everything ... denmark whips field in zipper open ... bradley declared head of house ...John covert boyett ... frank courtney kastrenakes ... austin sold his elevator shoes ... to bourne ... who is back early again from a coke date ... nupe ... she wasn ' t too fat ... you ' re doing well, ron ... really ... open house ... what ' s new ... dinner ... spaghet ... excuse me, quickly ... fred ... what ' s a fred ... if it ' s not a graduating senior, it must be a french major ... what ' s a graduating senior? ... a washed-up jock ... thanks for the new cars ... t.a. and irving ... Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote take the Most Humorous Homecoming Float Award for the Kappa Sigs and Zetas. T. Jill Largey prepares to throw the " bomb " while Gail Marr provides her defense in a Little Sister football game. 316 KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS: Tom Morcom, Pledgemaster, Terry Mire, Grand Master, Ron Swanson, Grand Master of Ceremonies, Rick Perhla, Grand Procurator, Tom Evans, Grand Treasurer. 1 , ff% ■ " ' ' ' 4 k1 sM i 4 Austin, A. Bagley, B. Bassett, J. Bassett, J. Beck, G. Bourne, R. Boyett, J. Caidinale, J. CarroU, H. Corcoran, H. Crozier, C. CrusseUe, W. Dalton, D. Davidson, L. De Benedictis, J. Downes, J. Evans, T. Fletcher, B. Freeman, J. Galletta, F. Guider, K. Hunter, J. Johnston, W. LaBreque, P. Lane, R. Margaret Hampton Sweetheart iiiftfc i Lee, S. Locke, T. MiUer, S. Mire, T. Osterman, C. Pawlowski, N. Perhla, R. Puder, W. Rosello, R. Ross, L. Rozinski, W. Sali, J. Sanchez, T. Sherman, A. Sisley, W. Smith, C. Sparling, J. Splinter, C. Stafford, T. Swanson, R. Watkinson, K. 317 Founded: 1909 Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts Zeta Rho Chapter, 1950 Colors: Purple, green and gold Flower: White rose Housemother: Mrs. Elizabeth Hopkins ... a.d. ... r.d. ... w ... c.w. ... young buck ... hog ... hot rodd ... benny ... bear ... dodo ... zgod ... fitz ... stork ... caperton " d " man ... f+ ... mooner ... big chief ... schutty ... theta theta sigma ... pealiead ... d- ... haggle ... spiro . .. thumb ... hooded cobra ... python ... speed freak ... pizanno ... white whale ... marvy ... garrison w ... Carroll ... tlo ... space king ... wops ... willie ... gracie ... tim ... ggod ... c.k. HI ... gorgeous george ... muskrat ... zp 500, perrenial pledge, ramella ... Wynne, take one lap around the lightblub ... think about it seriously ... that ' s close ... what are you trying to say? ... oh, hi mom ... @$%t antenna ... tea party, Saturday night ... get any on ya? no ... sweat hog ... never felt better sir ... rowe rowe rowe rowe, he can do it all ... got it all together ... pig pollock ... hammer ... let ' s pray for the LXA ... who took down the screens? ... brown bag award goes to meadows ... " most forgotten in happy jack ' s future plans " award goes to riblln ' ... mom napping ... turtle derby ... " big B " award goes to cappy ... Indian ... most beautiful float? ... holey moley, it ' s jan ... " help " week ... go big green ... Zeta Rho of Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi brother presents the Tri Sigs with the trophy for winning the Turtle Derby. 318 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS: Front Row: Barry Bennett, Pledge Trainer, Dale Auten, Ritualist, Ed Wynne, Secretary, Stan Hawkins, Rush Chairman; Second Row: John Collins, Vice President, Jim Lee, Scholarship Chairman, Hugh Hoiley, President, W.J. Roberts, Social Chairman. lii ft Bennett, B. Brandt, M. Doty, B. Donn, R. Duncan, W. Eichenauer, G. Gardiner, A. Groniek, C. Hanner, C. Susan Schumacher HoUey, W. Sweetheart Jackson, R. KeUy, H. Lee, J. J Left, H. jflHj Long, J. ' ■i Lopez, L. V Mannheimer, G. J Matthews, F. HB Meyer, T. |fl l Morris, R. jrfjBK B i MS M " " ' " S H m f KBs Murrell, J. B Pajcic, G. Ml flf S Pollock, A. HHB | H| Redd, H. n ■ H ReibUng, M. mIHH hH Rosenberg, R. Rubinas, W. H B Scanlan, B. UBB M mm : Schute, G. Strickland, P. Young, F. ZindeU, S. ..5 - 319 Chi Omega of Omega Psi Phi Founded: 1911 Howard University, Washington, D.C. Chi Omega Chapter, 1967 Colors: Purple and gold Flower: Red carnation ... the men of omega have really gone through some changes in the past year ... however some things remain the same ... for instance ... glucose kenny still has a strong rap ... but the deac has no snap ... tom still stands firm and toot has his problems with a wig this term ... willie, until he pledged was rather shy, but mumbles takes up the slack with a good high ... pres and bun are two of kind and John and fred are not far behind ... ernest and percy want to both be a " que " but now they ' re called the tentative two ... Doby Flowers Sweetheart Flowers, F. Hadley, P. OMEGA PSI PHI OFFICERS: Willie Williams, Keeper of Peace, John Marks, President, Ronald Williams, Dean of Marches, Kenneth Holmes, Vice President, Hansel Tookes, Dean of Pledges, Thomas Montgomery, Assistant Dean of Pledges, Preston Sconiers, Treasurer, Philip Hadley, Secretary, Charles Richardson, Chaplain. Holmes, K. Marks, J. Montgomery, T. Richardson, C. Sconiers, P. Tookes, H. Williams, R. Williams, W. 320 Phi Sigma of Phi Gamma Delta Founded: 1848 - . Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Phi Sigma Chapter, 1 967 Colors: Purple and white Flower: Purple clematis ... one in four ... no. 1 fraternity in four years ... young, but growing ... pooh, spark, gator, stretch, and many more ... the silent cheer, the zip zam, the songs ... damon and pythias ... brotherly love ... poolings and isn ' t that two silliouettes? ... the norman 1. paxton jr. blunder bowl is presented ... and if goldman didn ' t, who would? ... " as you were " ... " that ' s life in the big city " ... happy hour on friday afternoon ... four-h ... dinner ... the doxology ... bills are due ... and kuhn ate his delta ... a new dining room addition ... the theta social ... memories echo through the halls of 922 w. Jefferson ... three homes in three years ... now finally a permanent home for phi gamma delta ... Sandy Phillips Sweetheart Ail ilkt PHI GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS: Craig Reutlinger, Corresponding Secretary, Marshall Davis, President, Daniel Borasch, Historian, Steve Ross, Treasurer, Bob Wurzel. Recording Secretary. Baber, R. Bonapfel, P. Borasch, D. Brannon, H. Browning, T. Byerts, J. Chandler, T. Cleveland, C. Crew, J. Davis, M. Evers, J. Goldman, M. Hanni, C. Harrington, J. Jones, W. Jordan, G. Kuhn, J. Long, J. Mackiewicz, T. Marlowe, M. Merritt, D. Molett, M. Moss, D. Paxton, N. Perkins, C. Reutlinger, C. Rosis, M. Ross, S. Scott, W. Shoemaker, R. Shoup, S. Skelton, D. Sparkman, S. Stafford, R. Wurzel, R. 321 Florida Gamma of Phi Delta Theta Founded: 1848 Miami of Ohio, Oxford, Ohio Florida Gamma Qiapter, 1 95 1 Colors: Blue and white Flower: White carnation Housemother: Mrs. Gladys Feamster ... the year started out with a bang and finished up with one ... bowery ball absolutely the best formal party yet ... over the hump parties every Wednesday night ... toga parties ... blue! blue! blue! ... number one in scholarship again ... nero ' s packed vdth 30 phis at mardi gras ... since we got the pins six-dog has something to do on the weekends ... d.d. ... congratulations to John, greek man of the year ... to the dg ' s — hope everj thing came out all right, still frie nds? ... holly woodland ... easter at the beach party ... Christmas party was world ' s record ... intramurals ... is there any way to go but number one? ... Alfonso, J. Bainbridge, M. Bourkard, R. Bradley, R. Brumfield, S. Carroll, J. Carroll, J. Conner, A. Crowe, T. Dawkins, W. Drage, T. Earp, J. Eason, C. Floyd, E. Floyd, R. Gaudet, K. PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS: Steve Taminosian, House Manager, Dan Leaphart, Steward, Keith Compton, Vice President, John Crowe, President, Jim Alfonso, Treasurer. 322 Gavalas, V. Harrison, J. Henderson, G. Johnson, L. Leaphart, D. McCormick, C. O ' Donnell, B. Potter, M. Radcliff, C. Shea, B. « Sicius, F. % Stambaugh, R. Taminosian, S. Taylor, J. Waugh, J. White, R. J Whitefield, T. % y Widmann, R. 1 Wilson, J. 1 ' .: Zacur, R. Kelly Agnew Sweetheart Dan Leaphart and Steve Taminosian are still friends after their cake fights during the Greek Carnival. An unexpected visitor poses threat of a raid on the pinball machine in the Phi Delt rec room. 323 Beta lota of Phi Kappa Tau Founded: 1906 Miami of Ohio, Oxford, Ohio Beta Iota Chapter, 1949 Colors: Harvard red and old gold Flower: Red carnation Housemother: Mrs. Lilas Mudie ... our twentieth year ... swear to god ... " man in the hall " ... ice hockey ... hockey? ... puppy ... dog ... pathfinder ... chicken ... carnival man ... naked man ... eta kappa ... brown bag award ... tea (?) parties ... orr, alias bob, alias admiral, alias " you ' re under arrest son " ... have you seen my initiation presents? ... hulk ... spider ... box lunch ... " girls aren ' t out to hum you over, it just happens that way " ... bull ... our theta pledge of the year ... hey bub ... swinging through the jungle ... the wacky races ... rook games ... neophyte rhymes ... ben ... new dance, the hopkins ... figure four holiday ... such is my desire ... happy hour ... alpine inn ... pastime ... potato chips ... what? ... dearest, dearest buck ... gaping, leaping, screaming, bounding ... football no. 1 again! ... At the Greek Week Charity Carnival, one brother helps to raise contributions for the " Dollars for Scholars " drive. Mary Baine Gramling Sweetheart - " -♦ " aS ? 324 Phi Taus run, pass and kick their way into a first place position in fraternity intramurals football. IN MEMORIAM William P. Kapp III 1948 - 1969 1. Letton, D. 2. Fletcher, H. 3. York, W. 4. Wagner, R. 5. Montgomery, J. 6. Underwood, J. (President) 7. Jones, R. 8. Coleman, R. 9. Cisney, L. 10. Steagol, M. 11. Garrard, W. 12. Bullard, D. 13. Boehm, R. 14. Hop- kins, J. 15. Graybeal, G. 16. Benoit, D. 17. FerreU, D. 18. Lesso, J. 19. Harrison, F. 20. Griggs, C. 21. Was- din, G. 22. Jones, K. 23. Groves, G. 24. Cagnetto, M. 25. Schoene, S. 26. Gardner, D. (Treasurer) 27. Henley, D. 28. Lukaszewski, M. 29. Lane, D. 30. HoUiday, R. (Corresponding Sec- retary) 31. Bridgford, S. 32. Ivey, W. 33. Davis, B. 34. Tremblay, B. 35. Edwards, B. 36. Kennedy, B. 37. Orr, R. 38. Lohman, T. 39. Stagg, T. 40. Vick, J. Alpha Epsilon of Phi Mu Founded: 1852 Wesley an College, Macon, Georgia Alpha Epsilon Chapter, 1929 Colors: Rose and white Flower: Pink carnation Housemother: Mrs. Betty Buchanan Phi Mu Favorite: Dave Fell ... riot squad? ... someone has corn flakes in bed ... the PI song ... 21 club is going out after chapter ... " here comes the judge " ... dwight! since when have you been a bartender? ... bud who? ... everything ' s better in meiter ... mu alpha nu delta gamma ... sigh! ... clean up the attic ... the worst is yet to come ... let ' s rally! ... let ' s talk this over ... her mother never told her ... fred has gone to havana ... where is animal? ... phi alpha chi — who needs to diet? ... to the coast ... to the pool ... that ' s a no no ... snowfall in spring? ... BYOP ... my bird is dead! ... termite, lizard, midget, mole, the toads — what a menagerie! ... phi mu all the phi mu time ... Phi Mu ' s enjoy speaker after dinner during State Day activities. PHI MU OFFICERS: Linda Batts, President, Betty Lynn, Treasurer, Mary Green, Vice President, Linda Harden, Pledge Director, Caroline Harrell, Panhellenic Representative, Brenda Haynes, Recording Secretary. 326 Akers, S. Allien, L. Batts, L. Beard, E. BIaney,P. Blankner, T. Bonatz, J. Bowns, T. Bun, A. Cain, M. Caiaballo, M, Cox, L. Crawford, C. Currin, P. Deal, J. Deramo, J. Deramo, J. Dingfelder, M. Doty, F. Edmonds, J. Fade, M. Fitzpatrick, A. FuUer, J. Gray, D. Green, G. Green, M. Harden, L. Haynes, B. Henderson, P. Hinson, S. Hodges, J. Holladay, P. Johnson, S. Kuharske, N. Labarbera, K. Leininger, L. Lynn, E. McAlpine, M. M ' Cathem, B. McCuUough, J. McKown, B. Misiuk, V. Moore, J. Morgan, D. Morgan, F. Northridge, C. O ' Neal, M. Padgett, P. Peek, A. Plummer, B. Pritchard, B. Reynolds, B. Sasser, L. Scholz, G. SmaU, S. Stutz, A. Touchton, T. Turner, M. Wander, A. Warner, B. Weatherred, C. Wood, S. York, P. 327 Florida Beta of Pi Beta Phi Founded: 1867 Monmouth College, Illinois Florida Beta Chapter, 1921 Colors: Wine and silver-blue Flower: Wine carnation Housemother: Mrs. Marie Fox Pi Phi Man: Mike Montgomery ... the homecoming queen wears an arrow ... 15 in a green lizard ... if you can get ' em dadadada ... night of the arrow ... sorry mr. pi phi, your lion will never be the same ... it ' s rally time! ... waters still ripple and flow ... diamonds galore ... we love the boys of old Florida - FLORIDA ... mom fox is an RR ... would you mind being my buddy? ... i saw mom fox kissing santa claus ... happiness is a new house ... most improved in scholarship ... bird legs? ... J.I.M. - all american boy ...andi helped ... yes it ' s me and i ' m late again ... has anybody seen a snake with a rose in its mouth? ... ron sellers lives here? ... whose hair wins this week ... willard who? ... will the real mrs. grundy please stand up ... one, two, three frat sweethearts ... oh it ' s beautimus ... have you seen my trumps? ... oh those P.C. weekends! ... where did ya ' ll get that KA flag? ... it doesn ' t bother me, bother me, bother me ... lonely on a railroad? ... are you a camel ... has anyone lost a brown dot ... that ' s your bag ... " " ■ ■ 7 " - ' T .-rr: ( n — i PI BETA PHI OFFICERS: Carolyn Crews, Recording Secretary, Denise Pierson, Corresponding Secretary, Patti Jordon, Treasurer, Sylvia Longe, Vice President, Margie Gowing, President. The Pi Phi ' s have moved into their new home at 519 W. Jefferson. 328 Abbott, M. Akin, L. Alexander, B. Anchors, M. Brannen, K. Callahan, D. ChUes, P. Chrism an, B. Crews, C. Daugherty, S. Deitz, K. Dice, B. Dorr, J. Duncan, A. Ferris, J. Gatchel, G. Gingery, S. Gowing, M. Gray, A. Hauseman, J. Hicks, M. Hood, L. Irwin, P. Jones, L. Jordan, P. Kemp, K. Knight, A. Komarek, B. Krause, B. Lande, S. Lawrence, C. Mariniak, M. Millitzer, J. Mixner, J. Moody, B. Moore, S. Moran, S. Nalven, J. Pascual, M. Petersen, K. Pierson, D. Poison, B. Reilly, B. Rikley, S. Robinson, P. Russell, N. Scheubek, L. Shea, S. Sheehan, L. Smith, D. Smith, S. Sparks, M. Swindell, J. Terry, L. Tong, B. Trumbower, J. Ulmer, E. Vaccard, R. Welch, M. West, S. Wilson, D. Winters, A. Witty, L. 329 Delta Lambda of Pi Kappa Alpha Founded: 1868 University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia Delta Lambda Chapter, 1949 Colors: Garnet and old gold Flower: Lily of the valley Housemother: Mrs. Etta Reynolds ... ' yui3 Jones elected freshman class prexy ... but if they locked o ' neil out of his room how did he get in? through the door! ... do you think cool tom will ever get the jinx off him? (or is it the other way around?) ... aw c ' mon somebody has to be smc ... dilbert yellowtag ... are you bitta? ... three piece suit ... utah transfer gets radiation burns from the tube ... wick! ... tile smile, squeaky, neck, young kim, and war eagle ... thoughts of chairman barnes ... but he was all-city back in mobile — all-city what? ... burgess ' phone call costs peeples 90 points ... dark grosses out a-phis, phi delts, tri sigs etc ... martin, sweat, and lanning stage a prude-in in chapter meeting to protest the gross cheer ... at war with the boy pi phis ... sharp wonderful pledges ... quarter grades ... stupid ugly pledges ... durock declares himself king of the second floor south, but that doesn ' t keep his red hair from getting browner by the day ... manley and winder wheedle discuss the relative merits of the chapter room vs. the band field ... barnes and larkin and their holy quest for the perfect face ... Baggs, W. Bames, C. Beam, A. , . V ' Hii PI KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS: Clifford Napolitano, SMC, Charles Bames, Rush Chairman, Thomas Shea, IMC. Peter Burnett, SC, Fred Buhl, Housemanager. Berger, C. Boyd, R. Buhl, J. Bull, D. Burgess, J. Burnett, P. Carras, P. Carter, P. Cecka, L. Qarke, D. Cofer, J. Courter, B. Croft, G. Currey, T. Davis, W. Duncan, L. Dunn, W. Favarato, R. Margie Gowing Sweetheart Laughing couples and good band make PiKA party a success. This couple takes time out to rest and listen to the band. A Giddings, D. Green, H. Guettler, J. Hamng, C. Hamilton, K. Henderson, C. Huber, B. Johnson, B. Jones, B. Jones, T. Kapple, H. Knight, W. Knowles, P. Livingston, A. Martin, J. McGee, J. Miller, T. Mitchell, R. Napolitano, C. Pearson, L. Peeples, J. Phillips, D. Poulos, T. Reeve, R. Regan, F. Sears, W. Sweat, J. Titlow, B. Tunkel, B. Wagner, M. Ward, R. Weigel, J. Winderweedle, J. Young, J. Youngblood, R. 331 Beta Eta of Pi Kappa Phi Founded: 1904 College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina Beta Eta Chapter, 1950 Colors: Gold and white Flower: Red rose Housemother: Mrs. Ruth Knighton Barry Watkins Sweetheart ... fall brought gapers and pimps ... cuddles sat with an elephant instead of a dork ... drs. gentry and fulton became honorary housemothers ... byrd failed to fly south ... muthurs gave the bbb award with bob ' s " i ' m saving my body for marriage award " — did he? ... pin-it-you ' re-in-it club grew and secret marriages abounded ... enh 317 was favorite ... otto produced the trophy for pi kap ' s number 1 scholastic ability ... will the lodge burn the mortgage? ... he was from Clearwater ... clubalism was evident in campus sing ' s second victory ... st. paul enters our famous hall ... runny chocolate sundaes ... little sisters scared us with pink polka-dots ... otto ' s death published in successful beta eta data ... spring with sun, sand, suds, and sex ... ice water toasts ... stop it at hell week ... three 4.0 ' s in winter ... dork is dean ... did fall teach c.t. to say yes ... friday night at the movies in tally became sex in the cinema at p.c. ... PI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS: Don Cross, Treasurer, John Venn, Warden, Chris Cottrill, Secretary, Bob Elefante, Aichon, Bill Gregory, Historian, Jim Harrison, Chaplain. Pi Kap Steve Gullege and date whoop it up at the weekend. Allen, D. Arnold, B. Bacon, B. Baker, R. ir:W Beauchamp, K. Beasley, J. Beavers, T. Borzen, F. Bounds, F. Brandewie, R. Bristol, P. Brownett, H. Bultman, J. Bustle, D. Chicetti, R. Clifton, L. 332 ijtfj 4ife iiidliiiil f - H|g«i tih h M 2: mmM Cottrill, C. Cripe, B. Cross, C. de Beaubien, H. De Zeeuw, J. Douglass, J. English, D. Flynt, J. Gilmore, J. Ginkel, C. Golding, R. Graham, T. Gregg, J. Guice, H. Gulledge, S. Halstead, J. Hammond, D. Harrison, J. Hays, R. Hiatt, G. Hines, M. Jarrett, T. Jobson, R. Johnson, J. Kaney, L. Kenney, G. Khaa, V. Main, J. Marcher, R. McCarthy, T. McLead, C. Milstead, B. Monfort, K. Myers, J. Niedenthal, J. Phillipp, J. Porter, T. Potts, G. Procopio, A. Pulling, T. Rapp, H. Regensdorf , P. Reisinger, C. Rowe, L. Salton, M. Schofield, J. Sharp, J. Shields, D. Springfels, C. Starr, D. Stewart, D. Stroub, D. Tomlinson, B. Travers, W. Tyson, J. Venn, J. Vining, J. Von Roenn, K. Ward, L. Webb, J. Williams, D. Wilson, K. Wise, D. 333 Florida Beta of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded: 1856 University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama Florida Beta Chapter, 1949 Colors: Purple and gold Flower: Violet Housemother: Mrs. Helen Poteat ... year started off with a roar ... lion made it through another summer ... haircuts still offered, price— one can of paint ... strength in student gov- ernment means good block seating ... retired social service trophy — we took it for the third year in a row ... sportsmanship trophy still around ... kd man, pi phi man, kappa man are sae ' s ... last year ' s kappa man also an " e " , is this year ' s kappa criminal ... ka cannon has taken a few baths ... the sandwich man will return ... number one in intramurals for second year in a row ... blue, blue, blue? ... too bad that ' s our colors too ... it was the year of the lion ... Barbara Schmid Sweetheart Abraiia, P. Atchley, W. Bancroft, D. Banks, B. Banks, C. Barbee, W. Batchelor, D. Beal, R. Bell, W. Bigham, S. Boyd, A. Boynton, B. Brannen, J. Briley, R. Brock, S. Brooks, C. Burgess, S. Burgess, T. Caruso, S. Chambers, N. Chapman, J. Chew, C. Cloney, C. Connor, K. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS: Front Row: Tom Turnage, Treasurer, Chip Kirby, Recorder, Joe Farrell, Sports Chairman, Steve Burgess, Herald; Second Row: Ed Stacker, Correspondent and Pledge Trainer, Bob Williams, President, Joe Seager, Warder, Roy Miller, Chaplain, Fred Razook, Vice President. »2r: fr? 334 UM sMdM S ' ». - 4liAtk 0 (P i tf iji Grooms, S. Curiy, S. Daniels, J. Darcy, T. Dean, J. Dean, W. English J. English, M. Farrell, J. Fettig, M. Flynn, W. Folsom, L. Galloway, G. Godwin, W. Goebel, J. Gridley, P. Gruber, B. Harvey, G. Headrick, E. Howard, D. Huff, J. Hughes, R. Johnson, S. Jorgensen, G. KeUy, M. Kirby, W. Kirk, T. Kirk, W. Kogelschatz, C. Kuersteiner, C. Lahti, J. Loftin, C. Lovejoy, J. Mackenzie, K. Martin, B. Mason, C. McClellan, B. McLatchey, G. Merritt, L. MiUer, L. Mixon, G. Montgomery, M. Morton, M. Ott, G. Parsons, P. Rowell, J. Razook, F. Rimby, W. Roberts, T. Rogers, D. Ross, C. Sammons, M. Scrivner, D. Seager, J. ShaUey, M. Sheppard, C. Smolenyak, J. Stacker, E. TaUey, J. Turnage, T. Williams, R. WiUis, B. Zahn, M. 335 Epsilon Zeta of Sigma Chi Founded: 1855 Miami of Ohio, Oxford, Ohio Epsilon Zeta Chapter, 1951 Colors: Blue and old gold Flower: White rose Housemother: Mrs. Ward Fletcher ... another good rush ... bachelor ' s club kept getting smaller and smaller ... some hot nuts at homecoming ... shrimp and mud part ... this year ' s derby was a Uttle fishy ... twenty-one of bali hai not enough ... tom dooley!!! ... catching seaweed at the coast ... running out of money ... warmed-over keg party ... congratulations mary beth ... heard a rumor that pat k. got initiated ... mario avirette and the green b ... ken ' s annex in the living room ... where, oh where did our pin ball machine go? ... space thing — chapter function ... it was a very good year ... John Carpenter, one of the Sigma Chi brothers, dresses his best for the IXx ' s during the Sigma Chi Derby. Anderson, G. Atterdig, R. Avirett, B. Balint, B. Benton, R. Brock, G. Brown, W. Burke, D. Campbell, D. Cason, C. Castro, G. Clark, W. Dupree, J. Gepheim, D. Mtd 336 Gleger, C. Gribbin, T. Harbaugh.D. Hawkins, H. Helinger, J. Hope, J. Jones, J. KickJighter, B. Lamar, P. Lee, R. Lytton, J. McCoy, H. p| W iifi McLean, D. Newcomer, C. O ' DeU, M. Palmer, A. Palmer, C. Revell, R. Shoemaker, B. Smith, G. Sproull, B. Thompson, T. WUd, B. Wolfe, R. v- ' I r " - .fc-- Nancy Tolar Sweetheart SIGMA CHI OFFICERS: Bruce Harper, Vice President, Roger Vallee, President, Bill Wild, Pledge Trainer, Terry Anderson, Treasurer. 337 Omega of Sigma Kappa Founded: 1874 Colby College, Waterville, Maine Omega Chapter, 1920 Colors: Lavender and maroon Flower: Violet Housemother: Mrs. Sarah Burke Sigma Kappa Man: Mike Lucas ... yeah! yeah! Waterville, Maine... just a place to prop up my feet ... how do you spell fat chance? ... duck, stye, chink, moo moo, shovel-shape, h.w. — who are they? ... do you know what i like about you? ... editors, editors — tally ho, pow wow ... national senior majorette queen ... has anyone seen my crown or how ' bout my trophy ... what kind of lettuce have we been using? ... now, sarah ... did you see a vulture in the house?... let ' s go yum tsou! ... i ' m with you! ... i ' m a sigma kappa and i ' m ... leaf me alone ... i ' m at the end of my rope ... scholarship — what ' s that? ... i move that we support the turtle movement ... irish rogues are here ... up against the wall ... fifty nifty united states ... for a weekend title? ... the tams provide the entertainment ... Anton, S. Badger, S. Baer, B. SIGMA KAPPA OFFICERS: Lynne Grogan, Registrar, Dianne Means, Second Vice President, Pam Hungate, Recording Secretary, Sandy Anton, Treasurer, Ava Eng, Corresponding Secretary, Janet Schuck, President. 338 BeU, L. Bennett, B. Bertke, P. Binder, S. Bowen, J. Brand, M. Bums, C. Cochran, D. Coffee, A. Cooper, J. Crusoe, D. Davis, G. Defina, L. Donald, L. Dunk, B. " Chicken Little " makes it to the Sigma Kappa weekend. Eng, A. French, K. Fulton, B. Gentes, J. George, E. Graham, J. Gray, J. Grogan, L. Gurtis, M. Harris, J. Herlod, M. Hitzler, S. Hoag, M. HoUey, A. Hudson, J. Huffer, J. Hungate, P. Johnson, S. Johnston, S. Kaden, L. Kennedy, P. Keuling, J. King, P. Koontz, M. ' Kramer, E. Ledbetter, J. Lewallen, L. Lunney, K. Means, D. Metcalfe, M. MiUer, L. Montgomery, S. Packard, H. Patricio, C. Pendergrass, V. Redstone, D. Rickle, J. Rodgers, T. Schuck, J. Scott, D. Smith, E. StiUweU, K. Stone, N. Sullivan, C. Taylor, C. Waring, L. Whilden, S. Wiehaus, D. Young, M. 339 Zeta Zeta of Sigma Nu Founded: 1869 Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia Zeta Zeta Chapter, 1950 Colors: Gold, white and black Flower: White rose Housemother: Mrs. Beth Hamilton ... snake bags the amazon ... the weekly pedo tells it like it is ... fak makes a .2, his VW makes the dean ' s list ... the " outstanding members " with the member ' s head, c.f. mills, makes their debut at salley hall ... low rent opens furniture store ... x-ray stares down the tube ... sigma nu cook, james rogers, invents chocolate anti-gravity ... barfo lives up to his name ... the blue plate special ... aieeee! bonanza! ... canine capers ... wild as a cootie ... dbh ... mama la pinga ' s house of pleasure ... beetle skins ... donkey dunk and no dice ... wild bill and tude press hams to jingle wings ... the pink streak ... quail ... harp ... sunshine ... newfly ... wierd harold ... wop ... the crusher ... ragman ... mag wag ... opie ... smokey ... dirty ed ... bullet joe ... flash, the dateless wonder ... and all the rest of the cmfs ... Sigma Nu ' s get in a little afternoon baseball practice. 340 SIGMA NU OFFICERS: Front Row: Bob Beebe, Pledge Marshall, Bruce Skelton, Recorder, Ted Hennis, Pledge Trainer; Second Row: Ken Kitchen, House Manager, Pat Marzulli, Lt. Commander, Dave Geyer, Commander. J ' f % C ( WT K5 X l « -|? !«. r, 4 |f! 1? O, (T a. . ' Beebe, R. Bradford, E. Breen, C. Brendle, D. Broughton, J. Carroll, J. Cituk, J. Clarke, R. Cuadra, H. Davis, M. Diffenbaugh, G. Duket, J. Geyer, D. Grodzicki, R. Hackett, J. Hackley, R. Harper, R. Hennis, T. Henry, C. Hyde, R. Kinney, R. Kitchen, K. Long, M. Maizulli, A. Ma thison, J. Mendenhall, T. Minear, R. Muley, M. Oertel, J. Retter, F. i2iiji4ti Rottmann, J. Scott, D. Seaman, D. iMdihd tdiMJiM Simpson, R. Sinnott, T. Skelton, B. Sullivan, B. Thompson, D. Vann, C. Nancy Garvey Sweetheart 341 Florida Epsilon of Sigma Phi Epsilon Founded: 1901 University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia Florida Epsilon Oiapter, 1950 Colors: Purple and red Flowers: Violet and dark red rose Housemother: Mrs. Mary Scott ... what a year it was at the old SPE lodge ... do we ever miss pic ... fatty is still around ... our milkman ... root punch forever ... ask the alpha gam ' s ... grease up the John, here comes another ... our sorority men of the year — fell, rogalski, and morey. — who ' s next? ... mercinak in ' 69 ... martin ' s red scarf matches his neck ... fell ' s gut is beech wood aged ... game of the year — got you last ... academy award winners ... david wilson in " the danny hart affair " ... mike woodson is " chipped beef in winter " ... ed groteau in " dial p for plumber " ... buddy hunsucker in " tallahassee lassie " ... the potted plant is graduating ... mary o. is numero uno ... did you hear " why i love my boys " speech no. 121? ... the arab adonis rides again ... didn ' t i see you at the phi moo weekend ... grunge finally got initiated ... dale — tallahassee teen correspondent ... glazer turn your stereo up we can ' t hear it ... the stump will return ... conch chowder anyone ... costa — the mad greek ... deacon tom ... room no. 1 — root roost annex ... trox and duke proprietors ... 3rd quarter trox had a single ... maggot — is that your date or your coonhound ... next year should be a dilly ... Afryl, J. Amsdorff, S. i , Bruster, C. Cox, T. Croteau, E. Daley, B. Darby, G. Doolin, C. FeU, D. Fieldsa, W. Fox, R. Frank, M. Glazer, D. Guppy, M. SIGMA PHI EPSILON OFFICERS: Mike Douglas, Recorder, Bemie Daley, Secretary, Robert Mick, President, Stan Marable, Comptroller, Bob Rogalski, Vice President. The brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon rent a truck to go " hawking " on a Saturday afternoon. Tf ' • B ' B m. e f t: " .. a. Hamiick, R. Hart, D. Heam, J. Hipps, M. Hockenberry, E. Kaufman, S. Kraus, G. Lyons, P. Mac Adams, L. Marable, S. Marcinak, T. Martin, K. Mazo, M. McCampbeU, M. Mick, R. Morey, W. Munson, R. Norman, R. Parker, J. Perez, G. Plant, E. Rogalski, R. Schimmack, D. Scranton, P. Troxel, F. Tshantz, K. Vatikiotis, C. Williams, R. WoodeU, G. Woodson, M. -.« ■ ' K Ann Parks Queen of Hearts 343 Rho of Sigma Sigma Sigma Founded: 1898 Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia Rho Chapter, 1960 Colors: Purple and white Flower: Violet Housemother: Mrs. Lucille Mann Man of the year: Bruce Ferrell ... eighty girls in purple jerseys ... thirty mischievous fall pledges ... discovering and sharing ... cream and wet noodles in the beds ... mattresses piled in the middle of the sleeping porch ... the thrill of receiving " honorable mention " on the homecoming float ... the memories of a pajama party weekend ... the great water fight and mud bath ... pride in our PiKA, kappa sig, TKE, theta chi Httle sisters ... working " wall to wall " in student government ... washing windows on a chilly Saturday afternoon ... parties for underprivi- leged children ... loving, sharing, and giving ... a band of sisters ... faithful unto death ... A Tri Sig takes a ten-minute breather during the Derby. Adams, P. Aden, E. Armston, T. Awbrey, B. Bass, D. Baur, L. Baur, N. Bole, B. Clark, L. Coon, R. Crierso, K. CuUer, N. Doherty, S. Duggan, B. EdwardSj L. Evans, P. Froede, S. Funchess, K. Gabel, D. Gieger, S. Gregory, M. Gutowski, G. Hamilton, P. Harris, J. Harfison, G. HemphiU, B. Johnson, C. Jones, P. 344 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA OFFICERS: Barbie Barone, Vice President, Marticia Neel, Recording Secretary, Freda Leibundguth, Corresponding Secretary, Pat Evans, Scholarship, Mary Gregory, President. Kaintz, R. Keiser, J. Kilpatrick, J. Kindred, L. Knapp, E. Kozak, S. Larby, R. Lavoy, C. Lester, S. Manley, S. McBride, B. Merryman, M. Middlebrooks, D. Miklos, B. Navratil, J. Neel, M. Oddie, S. Oesterle, J. Ogara, D. Reed, S. Robinson, M. Saltsman, M. Santner, M. Smernis, K. Stephens, S. Stighler, B. Teague, S. Thomas, S. Trigg, L. Urban, A. Voorhees, C. Williams, P. Wilson, A. Wilson, S. Wing, L. Wood, L. 345 J Sigma Gamma of Tau Kappa Epsilon Founded: 1899 Wesley an University, Bloomington, Illinois Sigma Gamma Chapter, 1 967 Colors: Cherry and grey Flower: Red carnation ... wonder what nu-nu is doing for din-din? ... why does pooh always start the water fights? ... what makes the clerk cry once a month? ... is b.w. up for fly of the year awards again? ... just what fraternity does fijicino belong to anyway? ... where does r.r. acquire his refreshments week after week? ... who will the " snake " strike next? ... will e.g. remain pure forever? ... who will gain the phantom-frater title once CO. is gone? ... the ugliest, dirtiest rah-rahs can be found in h. willis h. ' s room ... who fixed the only bell that went " ying-ying " ? ... what makes waiter bigger than his stove? ... why is c.i. ' s bomb still runmngi how come the front lawn is never there? Bales, R. Bumgardner, J. Burch, R. Duffy, B. Dumais, M. Duncan, R. Gustafson, J. Harrell, R. m ik TAU KAPPA EPSILON OFFICERS: Doug Lawton, Secretary, Steve Mitchell, Pledge Trainer, Dennis Donnell, Treasurer, Joe Quetone, Social Chairman, Cliff lacino, President, Hugh Hawkins, Vice President, Rick Davis, Steward, Ed Peeler, House Manager. 346 Pv fjJ ' 0, d i Hauer, M. Hawkins, H. Herring, R. Hibbs, S. lacino, C. LaFrancis, J. LaSage, R. Lawrence, S. Lawton, D. Leiker, D. Levelle, R. Lytton, D. Maruniak, J. Marra, A. Matthews, T. McAMey, C. Miner, M. Mitchell, S. Moore, R. Mosley, T. Overman, R. PeneU, H. Pla, S. Robinson, D. Rotzko, R. Rowe, B. Sakson, E. Simanonok, K. Tilford, R. Tufarella, M. Tuttle, R. Weighton, N. Wilmot, W. Winters, P. Zapp, R. »»« Jan Wisdom Sweetheart Brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon get last minute assignments before going onto the field. 347 Gamma Rho of Theta Chi Founded: 1856 Norwich University, Norwich, Vermont Gamma Rho Chapter Colors: Military red and white Flower: Red carnation Housemother: Mrs. Thyra Kent ... military red and white ... gross Christmas ... how about a couple of bushels of raws? .. four no trump ... hey bubba ... hey boot ... biggot ... grief and aggravation ... up against the wall ... triple crown ... bullit ... mom kent ... SEBRING ... who said fun and games? ... the green weenie ... t.c. ... shadow ... pinning serenades ... best all around float ... mole ... pole ... prohibition prom ... fat albert ... the castle ... the dungeon ... froggy ... marblemouth ... yup yup ... lerch ... bucky ... granny ... m.f. ... hux ... trench mouth ... white albatross ... coogers ... hit the rack ... autocratic ... bazooms! ... leaky ... Jake ' s ringmate ... farmers party ... animal ... scholarship ... doc ... hey guys, don ' t forget about the stage band concert ... folsom prison blues ... load ... the pink panther ... charlotte ... dickie the stick ... sugar bear ... help week ... grapplers ... hey phil! it ' s the cops ... time to get out of dodge ... campus sing no. 1 ... all mean theta chi ... Acosta, H. Beaid, T. Beazley, H. Berry, S. Brueckheimer, W. Buckley, J. Butron, R. Carlson, D. Clotzbach, C. Dugger, R. Durham, J. Fisher, W. Greenman, H. Greenman, P. Gunnels, W. Helms, D. Huston, W. Hyde, J. Jaeger, L. Jones, C. Kaugars, G. KeUer, C. Kerlin, R. Knapp, D. Magellan, P. Maher, W. Marx, D. 348 .: X THETA CHI OFFICERS: Hal Greenman, Recording Secretary, Phil Greenman, President, John Perry, Vice President, Rayford Taylor, Treasurer. f - «;- ' ' A _ m % tSSwBSBa BBSKB BS BV HI b BBB HH S HI Hu H bH H Sgfefg «««MCTfeaBasiS ffffimSf ' ' ' ™BHE™ 1 " §m3, f - " ' ii i isi A M ' J " Afc McNerney, S. Minear, D. WHft t H ■ ' J Mi Moon, W. Parnin, J. Perry, J. Pletzer, K. Reider, D. Roberts, R. Schenck, A. Sierra, L. ' %% - Simpson, L. 1 Sloan, L. ' t Sowinski, J. - Taylor, R. Thomley, D. Sunni Newbill Sweetheart Waddell, D. Weand, A. Webster, B. Welton, J. Wendling, G. Whisler, M. Willford, J. Wise, R. Wright, C. Yancey, S. 349 I J Beta Gamma of Zeta Tau Alpha Founded: 1898 Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia Beta Gamma Chapter, 1924 Colors: Turquoise and gray Flower: White violet Housemother: Mrs. Sarah Barry Zeta Man: Bob Balfour ... " we are the zetas " ... the rash of winter candlelights ... what a grin ... room 12 door decorations ... oh, wretch! ... it ' s the old clicker trick again ... now, you girls ... it ' s fine time ... beards, hats, or beards and hats ... the phone duty myth ... pat o ' brien ' s at 12 o ' clock ... who can get my car off this pole? ... suppressed desires ... you birds ... dogs, cats, rabbits ... roll call ... musical rooms ... let ' s vote ... the great kitchen robbery ... zeta pickers ... who ever heard of a purple roadrunner ... graham crackers and fried chicken ... mirror, mirror on the wall ... " zetas are very special people " ... it ' s the only way to go ... ZETA TAU ALPHA OFFICERS: Judy Stephens, Secretary, Beth Jamison, Ritual Chairman, Suzanne Suarez, Historian, Jane Ridlon, Rush Chairman, Connie Ice, President, Cindy Scheffer, Vice President, Charlene Smith, Treasurer. Apple ton, B. Art, D. Ball, S. Banks, B. Berzin, B. Boardman, C. Brundage, B. Bunker, P. CampbeU, D. Caruso, P. Cayson, B. Chance, M. Cleer, D. Corradi, D. Daniels, D. Dardar, D. Dearing, P. Edwards, D. Foley, L. Furini, D. Galietti, L. Girard, E. Hickson, K. HoUand, K. Hovanec, S. Hunt, P. Jamison, B. Kirkendall, L. Knox, B. Kovac, R. Kovac, W. Largey, J. Lehmann, M. Martin, B. Mason, P. McFaxlane, P. Neale, C. NewbiU, S. O ' Haia, E. Osborn, L. Owen, R. Peacock, D. Read, M. Ridlon, J. Rowe, L. Sasser, C. Sasser, L. Schanbacher, B. Scheffer, C. Schnebly, B. Scrivener, S. Senk, W. Smith, C. Smith, C. Stafford, M. Sullivan, M. Swanson, J. Trawick, A. Turnbull, J. VUa, N. Ward, C. Warren, S. Weber, K. WoodeU, V. WorraU, R. Yates, D. 351 Graduates 352 iw MiWM iwww «iM imiiail X «» •-«• Mr m -n Hfc fifi I ' » »» ■- ■■• ■• •■■ Idi What lies ahead for me? Here, among 16,000, I can lead, I can do and make my contributions. But in a universe of over 3 billion people, can I still make some difference in the world? Will I be sure-footed and confident in my steps? Or will I stumble in doubt and perplexity? It ' s such a mighty and big world ... I sometimes feel so small. I know it won ' t be easy, But they tell me nothing that is found worthwhile ever is. The things most needed to be done are many times those which are hardest to do. I can let them go on ahead of me, building, helping, teaching, governing, and acting. While I sit back and watch. I can serve my employment for eight hours of the day and then leave it. Or, ... I can become involved in this society. I, too, can work, build, govern and act. What wiU I do? What wiU I be? 87% of the college graduates in our country never read a book after graduation. Will I be aware ten years from now of all the ideas, facts, and philosophies that have since been stated? Will I fall into the set of sheep? Or shall I be a shepherd? I entered through the red brick gates of FSU some years ago Thinking I had all the answers. But now I find all I have is questions. i Hall of Fame Football Defensive Captain, President of Phi Delta Theta, President of Alpha Council, AFROTC Group Commander, Greek Man of the Year 1968-69, President ' s Advisory Council, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Cum Laude, Omicron Delta Kappa, Gold Key, Order of Omega, Who ' s Who, Mike Page Sportsmanship Award, Outstanding Athlete, All State Football. .ij»S 4 Chuck Ross President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, IFC Treasurer, Student Senate, Alumni Council, " Flying High " Circus, Who ' s Who, Gold Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, Beta Alpha Psi. f John Crowe The names, faces and outstanding records of ten men and women of the Class of 1 969 have been added to the Florida State University Hall of Fame. They are John Crowe, Mark Goldman, Margaret Hampton, Linda Kotowski, Ellen Knapp, Sherri Manley, Paul Regensdorf, Betsy Reilly, Chuck Ross, and Elizabeth Ann Struthers. Membership in the Hall of Fame Ls the highest honor a senior may receive. The selection is based upon the contributions these people have made to Florida State as undergraduates in all areas of achievement in scholarships, clubs, publications, student government, music and drama, athletics, and the military. President of Pi Kappa Phi, IFC President, Vice President, Secretary, Order of Omega, Greek Man of the Year 1967-68, Phi Eta Sigma, President, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Gold Key, Alpha Council, President ' s Advisory Council, Supreme Court, Honor Court, Men ' s Judiciary, Student Alumni Council, Human Relations Committee. Paul Regensdorf Permanent Senior Class President, Secretary of Phi Gamma Delta, IFC Officer, Student Senate, Gold Key. Mark Goldman President of Mortar Board, Pi Beta Phi, Recording Secretary, Angel Flight, Junior Counselor, Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List, Garnet Key, President ' s Advisory Committee, Katherine Warren Scholarship, Who ' s Who. Betsy Reilly ■s. Linda Kotowski Sherri Manley Greek Woman of the Year, Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Trainer, AWS, Student Senator, Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, Union Board, Secretary of the Union, Theta Chi Little Sister, Garnet Key, Ritual Chairman, Mortar Board, Co-Chairman of Greek Week, President ' s Advisory Council, Sigma Lambda Sigma, Vice-President of Reynolds, Wlio ' s Who. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Corresponding Secretary, Panhellenic Council and Greek Week Public Relations Chairman, Secretary of Student Senate, Corresponding-Recording Secretary of University Party, Mortar Board, Secretary, Garnet Key, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Alpha Theta, Senior Class Executive Council, Feature Writer FLAMBEAU, Freshman Flunkies. Alpha Delta Pi, National Scholarship Award of Excellence, Kappa Sigma Little Sister, President, Treasurer, Kappa Sigma Sweetheart, Angel Flight, Liaison Officer, Phi Beta Kappa, Garnet Key, Pi Delta Phi, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who, Military Ball Queen, National College Queen Finalist. Margaret Hampton Garnet Key, Gamma Alpha Chi, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Freshman Qass Senator, Junior Qass Senator, Honors Program, Corresponding Secretary, Student Party, Summer Legislative Council Secretary, Co— Chairman of Greek Week, Phi Chi Theta, Sophomore Council, Panhellenic Representative, Mortified, Who ' s Who. Ellen Knapp Vice President of Wesley Foundation, Sophomore Council, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Vice President of Landis Hall, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa. Liz Strut hers Barbara Ann Alderson Chi Omega, Junior Counselor, Garnet Key, Mortar Board. Linda DeFina Garnet Key, Town Girls President, Mortified, Sigma Kappa, Delta Tau Kappa, Junior Counselor. Hugh Holley Men ' s Vice President, Lambda Chi Alpha President, Student Senate, Omicron Delta Kappa, Gold Key, Permanent Senior Class Vice President, Sophomore Class President, Order of Omega. Margaret Hampton Homecoming Court, Military Bali Queen, Alpha Delta Pi, Angel Flight, Mortar Board, Kappa Sigma Nancy Armour Sweetheart. Delta Gamma Lyman Fletcher Student Body President, Senior Class Senator, Attorney General, President ' s Advisory Committee, Secretary of State, President of Sigma Chi. 360 Who ' s Who Thirty-eight Florida State University seniors and graduate students were elected this year to member- ship in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. In making the selection of Who ' s Who members, Men ' s Vice President Hugh Holley chairmaned a committee made up of repre- sentatives from the administration and student body which nominated students on the basis of outstand- ing leadership qualities displayed in their participa- tion in campus activities and organizations. Tlie final selection was then made by fellow seniors and graduate students in a popular poll. Beverly Dobbin Mortified, Majorette, Sigma Kappa, Theatre Dance Group, Garnet Key, Tau Beta Sigma. Edie Burgess Kappa Alpha Theta, Mortified. Judy Claik Johns Delta Delta Delta President, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Angel Flight, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister of Minerva. Mike KeUy Varsity Track Team Captain, Gold Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Under- secretary of State. 361 Rock LeVeille President of Tau Kappa Epsilon, Gold Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Senator of the Year, Secretary of State, President Pro Tempore of Student Senate Julie McMillan Alpha Delta Pi, La Petite Little Colonel, Mortified, Garnet Key, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent, Junior Counselor, Senior Qass Executive Board Nancy McDonald Supreme Court, Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister, Delta Delta Delta Douglas Morford Attorney General, Delta Theta Phi, Gold Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Chairman of Presidential Committee on Student Rights and Governmental Affairs Barbara Moody Angel Flight, Pi Beta Phi President, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Village Vamps, Sophomore Council Jeannie Miller Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Angel Flight, Delta Delta Delta, Homecoming Court, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister of Minerva Marilyn Oldham Garnet Key, President of Panhellenic, Angel Flight, Greek Woman of the Year, Chi Omega IBniiSiy-i- f- Lee Kyser Alpha Delta Pi Vice-President, Sophomore Council President, Mortified, Garnet Key, Junior Counselor Jere Reddick La Petite, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Kappa Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister Linda Kotowski Association of Women Students, Mortar Board, Greek Woman of the Year, Hall of Fame, Theta Chi Little Sister, Senator, Garnet Key, Alpha Xi Delta Paul Regensdorf Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi President, Greek Man of the Year, IFC President, Honor Court, Supreme Court, Gold Key 363 • f ' . Betsy Reilly Angel Flight, Garnet Key, Mortar Board President, Junior Counselor, Phi Beta Phi Qiuck Ross Sigma Alpha Epsilon President, Senate, Circus, Gold Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega Tom Wade Pat Stephens Kappa Alpha, Senate, Honor Court, Supreme Court, Gold Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Senate, Junior Counselor, Garnet Key, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Order of Omega Gamma Delta Barbara Lee Waddell Chi Omega, Garnet Key, Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sister, Association of Women Students, Jennie Murphree President 364 1 1 I. 1 w 1 I BK ' ifcr- f- 1 L « m J I Kay Upton Kappa Kappa Gamma President, Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sisters President, Mortar Board. Garnet Key, Junior Counselor . EHanne Zimmerman Mortified, Garnet Key, University Appeals Committee, Village Vamps, Angel Flight, Kappa Alpha Theta Jack Whitley Gold Key President, Homecoming Chairman, Senate, Chairman of Student Party, Secretary of Internal Affairs. Kathy Urban Delta Delta Delta, Flambeau Editor, State ' s Date ' s, Garnet Key, Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister ' VS Al!»SP»t «»J«B Doris Van Doren Angel Flight Commander, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Garnet Key, Mortar Board Lynn Ruth Angel Flight, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Chi Omega Linda Acuff Eustis, Fla. Business Susan Adams Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education Joseph J. Afryl Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Martha J. Aho Tallahassee, Fla. Education Shaion M. Akers Clearwater, Fla. Education Linda L. Akin Winter Garden, Fla. Arts Sciences Cynthia Aldrich Venice, Fla. Arts Sciences Robert Alexander Tampa, Fla. Arts Sciences James Alfonso Tampa, Fla. Business Joseph Alfonso Tampa, Fla. Education Bonnie J. Allen Jacksonville, Fla. Home Economics Daniel Allen Plantation, Fla. Business John P. Alt Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Business Connie Anderson Monticello, Fla. Education Gail Anderson Maitland, Fla. Education Gladys J. Anderson Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences James E. Anderson Jr. Jacksonville, Fla. Business Martha R. Anderson St. Petersburg, Fla. Business Pam Anderson Sarasota, Fla. Nursing Sharon J. Anderson Treasure Island, Fla. Education Thelma J. Andrews Tallahassee, Fla. Nursing Deborah Andruss St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts Sciences Judith L. Antin Miami, Fla. Education Laura M. Archer Key West, Fla. Music William B. Arenz Leslie, Ga. Arts Sciences PERMANENT SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Hugh HoUey, Vice President, Marc Goldman, Presi- dent, Donna Meyers, Secretary. ' Mt A. Mary Ann Armbnist Alexandria, Va. Arts Sciences Sheran A. Arnold Brandon, Fla. Arts Sciences Irene Ashley Belle Glade, Fla. Home Economics Eva Ash more Tallahassee, Fla. Social Welfare Michael Ashmore Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences WiUiam Atchiey Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Wanda G. Atkinson Ocala, Fla. Education Robert Aubin TaUahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences David Audette Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education Arlene August Miami, Fla. Education Marianne Aurand Merritt Island, Fla. Social Welfare John E. Austin Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Walter J. Austin Tallahassee, Fla. Business Robin Axler North Miami Beach, Fla. Education Robert E. Baber Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Barbara S. Bailey Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Michael D. Baker Sebastian, Fla. Business Robert W. Baker Birmington, Ala. Arts Sciences Susan Baker Orlando, Fla. Education Thomas W. Bane WestvUle, Fla. Arts Sciences William Barbee Fernandina Beach, Fla Business Richard D. Barfield Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Ronald Barger Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Julie Barile HoDywood, Fla. Home Economics Wayne C. Barksdale Orlando, Fla. Engineering Charles R. Barnes II Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Mary Barnes Greenwood, Fla. Education Barbara L. Baron SatelUte Beach, Fla. Arts Sciences Barbara Baron Satellite Beach, Fla. Arts Sciences Catherine Barentine Cottondale, Fla. Education 367 Robert S. Bany Tallahassee, Fla. Michael A. Barton Alexandria, Va. Barbara A. Basse tt Jacksonville, Fla. Thomas J. Bassett Lakeland, Fla. Ross G. Batchelor Miami, Fla. Charles A. Bateman Clearwater, Fla. Linda Baumgarten Miami, Fla. Marilynn Bears Tampa, Fla. James F. Beasley Aiken, S.C. Ardith Beauchamp Orange Park, Fla. Tom Beavers Houston, Tex. Teresa Beazley Tallahassee, Fla. Kathleen A. Beckman Jacksonville, Fla. Mary G. BeU Miami, Fla. Phyllis E. BeU Milton, Fla. Shirley BeU Hawthorne, Fla. Stephen Beneke Clearwater, Fla. Karen Bengtsson Pinellas Park, Fla. Julie Benson Winter Park, Fla. Edward Berry Tallahassee, Fla. John M. Bickei Tallahassee, Fla. Sharon Biddix Miami, Fla. Michael Bixel Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Karin Blackstock Miami, Fla. Patricia L. Blaney West Palm Beach, Fla. Martin Blue Jacksonville, Fla. Beverly Bole Miami, Fla. Christine Boney Miami Springs, Fla. Robert Bonteski Pompton Lakes, N.J. Daniel J. Bordeaux St. Petersburg, Fla. Business Education Arts Sciences Business Business Social Welfare Social Welfare Home Economics Arts Sciences Home Economics Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Education Social Welfare Business Education Business Education Education Education Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Education Arts Sciences Business Education Education Arts Sciences Education 368 Frank Borzen Miami, Fla. Business Leonard A. Boscia Miami, Fla. Business Carolyn A. Boswell Tallaliassee, Fla. Education Paulette Bouchard Miami, Fla. Education Sandra A. Boucher Lantana, Fla. Education Robert A. Bourne Winter Park, Fla. Business Janet L. Bowen Ocala, Fla. Arts Sciences Judith F. Bowen Blackshear, Ga. Education Peggy Bower Sanford, Fla. Social Welfare Paula J. Bowker Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Tina Bowns Okeechobee, Fla. Education Allen Boyd Jr. Greenville, Ala. Business Cynthia Boyd Titusville, Fla. Nursing Marilyn J. Boyett Clermont, Fla. Home Economics Forrest 0. Bradbury Jr. Tallahassee, Fla. Business Mark W. Brandt Clearwater, Fla. Arts Sciences Donald E. Brannon Swainsboro, Ga. Education Hillman Brannon, Jr. Panama City, Fla. Business Richard L. Brannon Defuniak Springs, Fla. Social Welfare Gary L. Bray Orlando, Fla. Social Welfare Colin Breen St. Petersburg, Fla. Business Sheila Bricker North Palm Beach, Fla. Education Jack Bridges Tallahassee, Fla. Business Stephen Bridgford Miami, Fla. Business Kathleen G. Brisby Jamica, N.Y. Education Janice Brown Tallahassee, Fla. Education Katherine Brown Jacksonville, Fla. Education Lawrence Brown Auburndale, Fla. Arts Sciences Robert K. Brown Orlando, Fla. Business Wesley Brown Treasurer Island, Fla. Arts Sciences 369 Christopher L. Broyles Tallahassee, Fla. Business Baibaia Brundage Daytona Beach, Fla. Education Shirley Bninson Sarasota, Fla. Home Economics Shaion Brush Key West, Fla. Arts Sciences John W, Bryan Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Business Mary Bryant Gainesville, Fla. Nursing James D. Bumgardner Crestview, Fla. Business Ralph T. Burdsall II Melbourne, Fla. Business William Burkhardt 1 Rocky River, Ohio Business 1 Mary K, Burnett ; Columbia, S.C. Music ! ' Christine Bums 1 Boca Raton, Fla. Education ' Linda L. Burton ' Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education Donna Bush Florala, Ala. Education Lora Bush 1 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Arts Sciences Daniel Bustle ! Bradenton, Fla. Business Robert Byer Miami, Fla. Business j Richard Byquist Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Mary Calabria Clearwater, Fla. Home Economics Nancy E. Calcese Qearwater, Fla. Social Welfare Joan M. Caliri Jacksonville, Fla. Education Wm Alt CampbeU Clearwater, Fla. Arts Sciences John C. Campbell Tallahassee, Fla. Business Julie Cann Jacksonville, Fla. Education Robert F. Cann Tallahassee, PTa. Social Welfare Mortine Caraballo Tampa, Fla. Alts Sciences John Caidinale Hialeah, Fla. Education Jayne Cailie Chipley,Fla. Education Mary A. Carmona Hallandale, Fla. Arts Sciences Frederick H. Carr Beverly, Mass. Arts Sciences James A. Carroll Alexandria, Va. Business John K. Cartee Tallahassee, Fla. Business Esther E. Carter Jacksonville, Fla. Home Economics Carol J. Caruso Jacksonville, Fla. Education Sheila Cary Marianna, Fla. Education Marilyn Caskey Naples, Fla. Arts Sciences Joseph S. Casper Tampa, Fla. Cecilia E. Cassada Pinellas Park, Fla. Shirley Castle Chipley, Fla. Audrey J. Castner Jacksonville, Fla. James Caudle Tallahassee, Fla. Lance Cecka Bradenton, Fla. Marsha A. Chance St. Augustine, Fla. Thomas Chandler Jacksonville, Fla. Jeff Chapman Sarasota, Fla. Susan Chase Maitland, Fla. Arts Sciences Social Welfare Home Economics Social Welfare Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Home Economics Engineering Business Arts Sciences Kai-Yeng Chau Jardinelookout, Hong KongArts Science; Barbara Chemick Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Peter Chow Rexdale, Ontario, Canada Business Marian Christ Arcadia, Fla. Home Economics Karen Chudy Bradenton, Fla. Home Economics 371 L. Wayne Cisney, Jr. Greenville, Ky. Business Diane Clark Wauchula, Fla. Education Suzanne Clark Hollywood, Fla. Arts Sciences Terry Qark Merritt Island, Fla. Music Cynthia A. Clarke Tallahassee, Fla. Music Donna Clarke 1 Jacksonville, Fla. Business j William K. Cleaveland Jacksonville, Fla. Arts Sciences Janna Clements Statesboro, Ga. Home Economics Bonnie S. Cline Bradenton, Fla. Social Welfare John E. Coalson Jacksonville, Fla. Business Betty Coates Lake Worth, Fla. Nursing Jo Ann Cobb Miami, Fla. Education Paul R. Cobb ' Hollywood, Fla. Business Dennis W. Cobbs Cantonment, Fla. Arts Sciences Diane Cochran St. Petersburg, Fla. Education Joanne F. Coffroth Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Robert Coker Pensacola, Fla. Business Michael J. Cole Valparaiso, Fla. Arts Sciences Sharlene Cole Daytona Beach, Fla. Education Donald Collins Miami, Fla. Education 1 Carl Colombo Tallahassee, Fla. Business 1 Carolyn C. Conner 1 Bartow, Fla. Business Phyllis Conner Miami, Fla. Home Economics 1 Kenneth L. Connor Marianna, Fla. Arts Sciences Tanya A. Connor New Orleans, La. Arts Sciences Andrew Copassaki Miami Beach, Fla. Education Joy L. Copeland Temple Terrace, Fla, Home Economics Henry Corcorn Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Donna Corradi Perrine, Fla. Social Welfare Joan Cotter St. Petersburg, Fla. Nursing if . " • . ikdiM 372 c . m Leonard Cotton Tallahassee, Fla. Business Nancy L. Cotton Miami, Fla. Business Daniel Couch Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education Sharon Coumoyer Clearwater, Fla. Social Welfare Sidney L. Covington Pensacola, Fla. Arts Sciences Bonnie S. Cowart Vero Beach, Fla. Home Economics Thomas W. Cox Tipton, Ind. Arts Sciences Patricia A. Craft Panama City, Fla. Education Barbara Craven Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Sandra Craven Tallahassee, Fla. Nursing Jeff Crew Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Bruce A. Cripe Bradenton, Fala. Social Welfare Mike Croak Mount Dora, Fla. Arts Sciences Kathy Croff Miami, Fla. Education Terry D. Cromer Gulf Breeze, Fla. Business John Crook Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Charlette Crowl Miami, Fla. Education David A. CuUey Daytona Beach, Fla. Business William H. CuUey Tallahassee, Fla. Education Wiley D. Cunagin Orange Park, Fla. Engineering Paul L. Cuny Ocala, Fla. Arts Sciences Claire Jo Curl Jacksonville, Fla. Nursing Mary F. Currin Sarasota, Fla. Arts Sciences Gayle S. Curry Coral Gables, Fla. Education Nancy G. Cutler Lake Worth, Fla. Education David Danielson Watertown, Mass. Arts Sciences Donald B. D ' Anna Clearwater, Fla. Business David Dalton Hialeah, Fla. Arts Sciences Rebecca Danner Jacksonville, Fla. Home Economics Kenneth Darlington Panama, Rep. of Panama Arts Sciences 373 David Dau ert ' Panama Qty, Fla. Lawrence Daughtry Tallahassee, Fla. Marcus K, Daughtiy Tallahassee, Fla. Bryan P. Davenport Tallahassee, Fla. Dixie J. Davis Coming, N.Y. Helen T. Davis Tallahassee, Fla. Susan Davis Coral Gables, Fla. Virginia K. Davis Tallahassee, Fla. Monette B. Dawkins Orlando, Fla. Joseph T. DazzQ Miami, Fla. William L. Dean Eustis, Fla. Sant Anna Deas Jennings, Fla. MorreU E. Deen III Ocala, Fla. Linda Defina Tallahassee, Fla. Ralph Defrehn Langhome, Fla. Richard Degia Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Tina L. Deigaard Miami, Fla. Kim Deitz West Pahn Beach, Fla. Susan Deitering Daytona Beach, Fla. Jan Delarue Pensacola, Fla. Lucy Derr Sarasota, Fla. David Derrick West Palm Beach, Fla. Ronald Diamond Pensacola, Fla. Sylvia J. Diaz Miami, Fla. Mary A. Dingfelder Cedar Rapids, Iowa Arts Sciences Business Business Business Socil .Welfare Education Education Social Welfare Arts Sciences Business Arts Sciences Business Social Welfare Arts Sciences Education Business Social Welfare Education Social Welfare Education Business Business Business Education Education % .-■ • ■ jjgw f 4ki mJk sk . ' 374 DoUy J. Dingman Jacksonville, Fla. Education Ailene G. Dinsmoie Clearwater, Fla. Education Charles Dodgen Graniteville, S.C. Music Robyn DoUins Decatur, Ga. Education Julia A. Domal Defuniak Springs, Fla. Arts Sciences Nancy E. Donaldson Miami, Fla. Social Welfare Robert D. Donn Miami, Fla. Business Judith Dorris Miami, Fla. Home Economics Patricia J. Doty Sarasota, Fla. Home Economics Mary B. Dowling Tallahassee, Fla. Education Henry A. Dube Miami, Fla, Arts Sciences Bonita Duggan Jacksonville, Fla. Education Marc Dumais Hollywood, Fla. Business Marcez Dumestre Gulf Breeze, Fla. Arts Sciences Jerry W. Duncan Annandale, Va. Arts Sciences Richard Duncan Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Janice R. Dunn Hollywood, Fla. Social Welfare Jesse C. Durham Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Robert F. Durham Orlando, Fla. Business Robert J. Dye Daytona Beach, Fla. Business Darlene A. Dyer Clearwater, Fla, Arts Sciences Christopher Ebner Ft. Pierce, Fla. Education Rayma Eby Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Music Nevin Edson Pompano Beach, Fla. Arts Sciences Mabry Edwards Jr. Jacksonville, Fla. Business Barbara Eisele Red Bank, N.J. Education Heidi L. Eisenbach Bunnell, Fla. Arts Sciences Linda L. Ely Arlington, Va. Home Economics Ava J. Eng Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Sara J. England Cantonment, Fla. Education 375 David H, Enzor Palatka, Fla. Arts Sciences Richaid Epstein Royal Palm Beach, Fla. Business Susannah J. Eick Leesbuig, Fla. Arts Sciences Luis J. Escajeda Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Sharon Eshleman Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Music Bernard Esposito Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Arts Sciences Caryl J. Evans Bushnell, Fla. Education Thomas H. Evans Jr. Lakeland, Fla. Business Mary Falzone Qearwater, Fla. Social Welfare Virginia W. Feitz Panama City, Fla. Education Anne V. Feldnoff Tallahassee, Fla. Home Economics Paul Felsch Naples, Fla. Arts Sciences Ralph T. Ferguson St. Petersburg, Fla. Business Mary A. Fernandez Tampa, Fla. Home Economics Nancy Ferrell Jacksonville, Fla. Business PhiUp W. Fields Wauchula, Fla. Business Patricia Figueroa Coral Gables, Fla. Social Welfare Waiter 0. Fisher Jr. Orlando, Fla. Social Welfare Bonny L. Fleek Jacksonville Beach, Fla Education Robert Fletcher Mcalpin, Fla. Business Robin L. Fletcher Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Fred Flowers Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Robert Floyd Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Sandra K. Floyd Miami, Fla. Education John F. Ford Tallahassee, Fla. Education Susan Ford Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences William Fomess Dunkirk, N.Y. Arts Sciences Karen Forslev I ikeland, Fla. Social Welfare Jill Foshee Pensacola, Fla. Education Vicki Foss Tallahassee, Fla. Home Economics 376 dMM Robert R. Fox Tampa, Fla. Business Fontaine Franks Coral Gables, Fla. Education Mary L. Fra2ier Rockledge, Fla. Home Economics Wendy L. Freedman Miami, Fia. Arts Sciences Daniel C. Fieeman Jr. Tampa, Fla. Business Evelyn L. Fretz Tampa, Fla. Home Economics Lucy A. Frost Tallahassee, Fla. Home Economics Dona Fuini Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education Barbara Fuller Miami Springs, Fla. Arts Sciences Catherine Fullmer Largo, Fla. Education EUen Fuqua India Atlantic, Fla. Music Carol Furtado Ocala, Fla. Education John A, Gales Middleberg, Fla. Education Gregory Gardner Miami, Fla. Business Tyson E. Garrison Rockledge, Fla. Education Thomas Garvin Melbourne, Fla. Business Patricia H. Gaskin Tallahassee, Fla. Education Kenneth Gaudet Miami, Fla. Business Karen Gaunt Sarasota, Fla. Home Economics David Gerheim Miami, Fla. Business Linda Getty Jacksonville, Fla. Education Susan Gieger Coral Gables, Fla. Social Welfare Mary Gilbert Lakeland, Fla. Education Jerome Gilmore Ft. Pierce, Fla. Education Robert Glover Jacksonville, Fla. Arts Sciences Rhita V. Godbold Atlanta, Ga. Education Eleanor Godfrey Tallahassee, Fla. Education Linda J. Gold St. Petersburg, Fla. Music Mark B. Goldman Mansfield, Ohio Arts Sciences Carmen M. Gonzalez Miami, Fla. Home Economics 377 Lawrence A. Gonzalez Tallahassee, Fla. Josiane Gonzalves Miami, Fla. Gary Gowan Ft. Myers, Fla. Janet L. Graham Bartow, Fla. Thomas Graham Brookfield, Wis. Gilbert Grass Winter Haven, Fla. Jeanette L. Gray Ocala, Fla. Robert D. Gray Tallahassee, Fla. Kay E. Green Miami Fla. Paul S. Green Tallahassee, Fla. Ward Greene St. Petersburg, Fla. Phillip A. Greenman Jacksonville, Fla. Beverly J. Gregory Miami, Fla. Marcia Gregory Miami Springs, Fla. Mary L. Gregory Havana, Fla. Business Education Arts Sciences Home Economics Business Business Social Welfare Business Home Economics Business Business Business Education Education Social Welfare Patrick A. Gridley Tallahassee, Fla. Business John Griffin Fernandina Beach, Fla. Business Larry R. Griffith Pensacola, Fla. Social Welfare Linda D. Grogan Ormond Beach, Fla. Home Economics Martha B. Grove Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences James T. Guida Tampa, Fla. Business Marilyn Guida Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Beryl J. Guiden Tallahassee, Fla. Education Joel Guinand Clearwater, Fla. Business Irving B. Gussow Sanford, Fla. Arts Sciences Maria T. Gutienez Miami, Fla, Social Welfare Jerry Guy Gray, Ga. Arts Sciences Bonnie Guyette Gulf Breeze, Fla. Nursing Marilyn B. Hackley Tallahassee, Fla. Social Welfare Robley H. Hackley Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Betty N. Haddock Chipley, Fla. Education Nancy E. Hahn Venice, Fla. Education Stephanie Haimes Marion, S. C. Arts Sciences Lynn A. Hall Jacksonville, Fla. Arts Sciences Michael W. Halloran Tallahassee, Fla. Business Martha L. Hamlin Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Arts Sciences Richard Hamlin Wheaton, Maryland Business HoUey Hammond Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education Margaret F. Hampton Gainesville, Fla. Arts Sciences William Hamcock Tallahassee, Fla. Business f Cynthia Hankerson Jacksonville, Fla. Education Judith Hankins Jacksonville, Fla. Music Patricia Hanlon Jacksonville, Fla. Home Economics Kathleen Harbert Miami, Fla. Home Economics Donna M. Harper Merrit Island, Fla. Education - Linda Harper Atlanta, Ga. Music Deedra Harpold Seminole, Fla. Education ( Glenn E, Harrell Starke, Fla. Social Welfare Rhett D. Harrell, Jr. Pompano Beach, Fla. Charles Harris Business 1 Tallahassee, Fla. Business 1 .379 Jane Harris Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Jonathan H. Harris Boca Raton, Fla. Arts Sciences Judith Harris Monticello, Fla. Education James Harrison Florence, S. C. Business Joel Harrison, Jr. Tallahassee, Fla. Social Welfare Lana L. Harrison Winter Park, Fla. Education Marcia Harrison North Miami, Fla. Education Sherri Hartley Winter Haven, Fla. Education Ann Hasseltine Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Home Economics Carol B. Hatfield Tallahassee, Fla. Education Robert F. Hatfield Tallahassee, Fla. Education Christine Hatten West Palm Beach, Fla. Social Welfare Harry W. Hawes Dade City, Ala. Business Herbert C. Hawkins Tallahassee, Fla. Social Welfare John A. Hawkins, Jr. Jacksonville, Fla. Arts Sciences Sally M. Hawsey Tampa, Fla. Music Annabelle Hayes Winter Garden, Fla. Arts Sciences Peter Hayes Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education Nancy J. Haynes Pensacola, Fla. Nursing James Helinger, Jr. St. Petersburg, Fla. Business Lea HeUer Tampa, Fla. Arts Sciences John Hemans Palas Verdes, Calif. Arts Sciences Margaret C. Henderson Tallahassee, Fla. Business Mary C. Henderson St. Petersburg, Fla. Education Margaret Herold Tallahassee, Fla, Education John Hibbard Albany, Ga. Arts Sciences Stanley Hibbs Sarasota, Fla. Arts Sciences Toni Hi tower Miami, Fla. Business Jeffrey L. HiU Dehay Beach, Fla. Business Marc Hines Key West, Fla. Business 380 m 4tiMi Peggy Mines Hollywood, Fla. Nursing Sharon L. Hinson Deerfield, Fla. Education Maitin Hodgkins Jr. West Palm Beach, Fla. Education Randall V. Holbrook Ormond Beach, Fla. Business Agnes Holley Marianna, Fla. Education Hugh HoUey Pensacola, Fla. Alts Sciences Norman V. HoUey Tallahassee, Fla. Business Jo Ellen Holmes Birmingham, Ala. Arts Sciences Kenneth A. Holt Winter Haven, Fla. Education Kermit R. Holt Winter Haven, Fla. Education Sharon Hood North Palm Beach, Fla. Education Robert Hoover Pensacola, Fla. Business Joan Home Pensacola, Fla. Education James B. Homer Qearwater, Fla. Business Nancy L. Horton Tallahassee, Fla. Home Economics Anne Howard Orlando, Fla. Arts Sciences Dennis Howard Newburgh, N. Y. Arts Sciences William T. Howard Jacksonville, Fla. Arts Sciences Nancy L. Howe Miami Springs, Fla. Education Charles E. Howell Lakeland, Fla. Business John Hulett Sarasota, Fla. Business Jean HuUiung Melbourne, Fla. Home Economics Louis Hunt Winter Park, Fla. Business Sandra J. Hunter Clearwater, Fla. Arts Sciences Judith A. Hurley Tallahassee, Fla. Education Frank L. Hutchinson Hollywood, Fla. Arts Sciences Shirley H. Hutchinson Maitland, Fla. Education William R. Imfeld St. Petersburg, Fla. Business Jerry L. Inman Tallahassee, Fla. Business John S. Irvine Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences 381 Marilyn Isaacsom Syracuse, N.Y. Nursing Tim W. Ivey Tallahassee, Fla. Business Emma Jackson Palm Beach, Fla. Arts Sciences James M. Jackson Jacksonville, Fla. Business Jane Jackson T ke Worth, Fla. Arts Sciences Judith Jackson Miami, Fla. Education Dale L. Jacobs Palm Springs, Fla. Education Raymond S. James Destin, Fla. Business Vera Jaudon Wauchula, Fla. Music Randall Jobson Wynnewood, Pa. Business Sharon John Qearwater, Fla. Education Judy Johns Tallahassee, Fla. Education Brenda A. Johnson Opa Locka, Fla. Business Karen Johnson Miami, Fla. Education Lynn Johnson Tallahassee, Fla. Business Ronald Johnson Key West, Fla. Business Sandra D. Johnson T ake Worth, Fla. Home Economics Susan E. Johnson Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Susan E. Johnson Lakeland, Fla. Education Bruce A. Jones Cocoa, Fla. Arts Sciences Jakie Jones Graceville, Fla. Education John Jones St. Petersburg, Fla. Social Welfare Joye P. Jones Auburn, Ala. Arts Sciences Rosa L. Jones St. Qouds, Fla. Social Welfare William M. Jones Pensacola, Fla. Social Welfare 382 i " r .i«.iL. «£ Mt £U .. . E. Grady Jordan Nichols, Fla. Arts Sciences Anne C. Judge Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Home Economics Stephen Juilfs Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Fred J. Junior, Jr. Gainesville, Fla. Business Lennie Kaczetow Jacksonville, Fla. Arts Sciences Betty Kalaidi Miami, Fla. Social Welfare Patricia Ruth Kandret Winter Haven, Fla. Ronald Kandret Tallahassee, Fla. Education ; Lester Kaney Madison, Fla. Arts Sciences Jamie Kannette Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Elizabeth A. Kantor Hallandale, Fla. Home Economics Eric Kaplan Miami Beach, Fla. Social Welfare Marilyn Kassinger Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Social Welfare Stuart Kaufman Miami, Fla. Business Lynda Keever Bradenton, Fla. Arts Sciences Carla Jeanne Keitzer Boca Raton, Fla. Home Economics Michael KeUy Winter Park, Fla. Business Michael J. KeUy Maitland, Fla. Arts Sciences Patricia KeUy Panama City, Fla, Arts Sciecnes Karen W. Kenly Tampa, Fla. Social Welfare Billy Kennedy 1 Jacksonville, Fla. Business 1 Joseph Kennedy Tallahassee, Fla. Business ; Patricia M. Kennedy ; Orlando, Fla. Arts Sciences Richard Kerlin Bradenton, Fla. Arts Sciences Martha Robbins Ken 1 1 Winter Haven, Fla. Education Cecile Keyser 1 Crestview, Fla. Music Vicki Keyser ' Crestview, Fla. Education Alan Kiburtz St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts Sciences Myri Kicklighter II Daytona, Fla. Business Marcia L, Kidd 1 Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Nursing 383 James Everett Killou Tallahassee, Fla. Education Stephen Kimberlin Tallahassee, Fla. Social Welfare David L. King Tallaliassee, Fla. Education Joanne Y. King Pensacola, Fla. Nursing Tom King Winter Haven, Fla. Business Linda Kirkendall Jacksonville, Fla. Arts Sciences Helene W. Kirkpatrick St. Augustine, Fla. Education Linda D. Kirsch Pensacola, Fla. Education Dale J. Knapp Melbourne, Fla. Arts Sciences William E. Knight Tampa, Fla. Social Welfare William F. Kni t Orlando, Fla. Social Welfare Mary Knittle Orlando, Fla. Arts Sciences Kenneth Earl Knox Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Edward S. Koenig Miami Beach, Fla. Arts Sciences Linda Kotowski Melbourne, Fla. Education Eileen Kramer Safety Harbor, Fla. Education Judith Kregel Americus, Ga. Arts Sciences Andrew Kroha Hollywood, Fla. Business Margaret Ann Kruskamp » Orlando, Fla. Education Eloise Kubik Lake Alfred, Fla. Social Welfare Chris Kuersteiner Tallahassee, Fla. Business Nancy Kuharske Groveland, Fla. Music Chris Kuhlmann West Pabn Beach, Fla. Education Joseph W, Kuhn Plant City, Fla. Home Economics Lawrence Kupfer North Miami, Fla. Business Sandy Kux Tallahassee, Fla. Education Kenneth M. Labas New Britian, Conn. Arts Sciences Carmen F. La Chance St. Petersburg, Fla. Education Marilyn Ann Lackley West Pahn Beach, Fla. Arts Sciences Joseph E. Lafrancis Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences k 384 I Suzanne M. Laird Miami, Fia. Home Economics Martlta l mkin Melbourne, Fla. Arts Sciences I ance Lamport Tallahassee, Fla. Education Douglas Landau Largo, Fla. Business Lawrence Landry Englewood, Fia. Business Robert L. Lane Tallahassee, Fla. Business Cynthia L. Langdon Rockledge, Fla. Arts Sciences Jennifer Lantrip Ft. Myers, Fla. Arts Sciences Jill Largey North Palm Beach, Fla Arts Sciences Mark Lassman Miami, Fla. Business Paulette A. Latham Opa Locka, Fla. Education Raymond J. Laturno Pensacola, Fla. Business Jacqueline Lavender TaUahassee, Fla. Education Bertha Law Orlando, Fla. Arts Sciences Alexander Lawson Perry, Fla. Education Donna Leamon Atlanta, Ga. Education Daniel Leaphart Columbia, S. C. Business Johnathan W. Lee Jacksonville, Fla. Education James A. Leitch Ft. Pierce, Fla. Education Eve Lelekis Tarpon Springs, Fla. Education Douglas A. Lemley TaUahassee, Fla. Education Joan Leon Miami Beach, Fla. Home Economics Robert G. Lesage Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Mary L. Lester Quincy, Fla. Education Jean Lett Tallahassee, Fla. Education AUyn Rock LeVeille Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Susan Leverett Miami, Fla. Education Robert Lieberman Miami Beach, Fla. Education Lois A. Lincoln Pinellas Park, Fla. Education Eric S. Linden Miami, Fla. Social Welfare 385 Mary Lindquist Ft. Pierce, Fla. William Linnett Coral Gables, Fla. Mollie O. Linton Boca Raton, Fla. Jacqueline Lister Tampa, Fla. Judy Ann Livingston Madison, Fla. Education Social Welfare Education Home Economics Arts Sciences Stephen Livsee North Miami Beach, Fla. Curtis Loftin Panama City, Fla. Elaine Lokitus Miami, Fla. Jeffrey Long Silver Springs, Md. William Long Clearwater, Fla. Jeanette R. Lopez Tallahassee, Fla. Charles A. Lorenz Vero Beach, Fla. Linda Ruth Lott Jacksonville, Fla. Diane Lovelock Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Paula Lovett Port St. Joe, Fla. Caria Ludwigsen Bartow, Fla. Sherry Lunsford Delray Beach, Fla. John Lytton Tampa, Fla. Charles G. MacDonald Boynton Beach, Fla. Nancy L. MacDonald Lutz, Fla. Education Business Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Music Arts Sciences Home Economics Education Nursing B usiness Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Ili «.i iMmkim Sarah MacDougald Atlanta, Ga. Education Jane Laurie MacGill Pensacola, Fla. Home Economics Valente Macias, Jr. Tallahassee, Fla. Alts Sciences Thomas L. Mackiewicz Miami, Fla. Business Raymond S. Magyar Winter Park, Fla. Arts Sciences Maria Mahairas Tarpon Springs, Fla. Education Jim Main Daytona Beach, Fla. Engineering Science Sherri Manley Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Patricia Mann Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education Mary Ellen Mantzuranis Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Roberto Marcher Coral Gables, Fla. Arts Sciences Albert A. Marra Jr. Wilton Manors, Fla. Education Georgia Marshall Miami, Fla. Home Economics James E. Martin Mulberry, Fla. Arts Sciences Mel Martinez Gainesville, Fla. Arts Sciences C 4ik Melvin Masalonis Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences George Mason Tampa, Fla. Business Kim Mason Tampa, Fla. Social Welfare Marshall J. Mathis Tallahassee, Fla. Social Welfare Wanda Mathis Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Social Welfare Jim Mathison Orlando, Fla. Business Ronald Paul Mattem Tallahassee, Fla. Music James W. May Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Katrina May Plant City, Fla. Arts Sciences WiUie G. May Orlando, Fla. Arts Sciences Rebecca McAfee Deland, Fla. Education Berinda McBride Perry, Fla. Education John Alan McCaffrey Ft. Walton, Fla. Social Welfare Sydney A. McCallister Orlando, Fla. Arts Sciences Mary McCabnan Bremen, Fla. Arts Sciences 387 Charles McCartney Homestead, Fla. Education Barbara McCathem Tallahassee, Fla. Social Welfare Robert McClintock Tallahassee, Fla. Education George McConnell Tallahassee, Fla. Business Christopher McCray Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Michele McCrone Pompano Beach, Fla. Music Judith McCullough Miami, Fla. Social Welfare Gail J. McDermott Orlando, Fla. Business Elizabeth McEUigott Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Denise McKeon Tampa, Fla. Arts Sciences Barbara J. McKown Sarasota, Fla. Education William H. McNeal Lynn Haven, Fla. Education Barbara McNeilly Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Arts Sciences David W. Meeker Madeira Beach, Fla. Arts Sciences Steven Menard Panama City, Fla. Arts Sciences James Mercer Panama City, Fla. Arts Sciences Daniel Merkle Sarasota, Fla. Arts Sciences EHanne Merritt Jacksonville, Fla. Education Carolyn Messer Bonifay, Fla. Education Marjorie N. Messer St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts Sciences Donna J. Meyers Sarasota, Fla. Education Dorothy A. Middleton Ormond Beach, Fla. Education Jaynne Middleton Atlanta, Ga. Music Michael Mihans Wappingers Fall, N.Y. Arts Sciences Ralph Miles Graceville, Fla. Business GaU N. MiUar North Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Jean A. Miller Shalimar, Fla. Arts Sciences Jean Miller Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Margaret Miller Tavemier, Fla. Education Mary L. Mills Key West, Fla. Arts Sciences 388 Bob MJIstead Winter Park, Fla. Jane Milton Arlington, Va. Louise Minchin Chipley, Fla. Linda A. Miner Tallahassee, Fla. Michael W. Miner Tallahassee, Fla. Terrence Mire Cincinnati, Ohio Virginia Misiuk St. Petersburg, Fla. Stephen Mitchell Palatka, Fla. Barbara Mizell Miami, Fla. Michael B. Molett Pensacola, Fla. Education Arts Sciences Education Education Business Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Business Home Economics Arts Sciences Linda Monser Hialeah, Fla. Arts Sciences Maigaiet A. Montgomery Gulf Breeze, Fla. Michael Montgomery Panama City, Fla. Thomas Montgomery Tallahassee, Fla. Barbara Moody Tallahassee, Fla. William A. Moon Tallahassee, Fla. Carol J. Moore Ft. Meyers, Fla. Robert O. Moore Sarasota, Fla. Sara E. Moore Tallahassee, Fla. Alicia C. Mora Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education Business Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Business Education Business Education Arts Sciences Nancy Morley Deland, Fla. Home Economics Madeleine Moroz Deltona, Fla. Education Drew C. Morris Miami, Fla. Music Margaret J. Morris Deland, Fla. Arts Sciences Marvin Morrison Orlando, Fla. Arts Sciences Cailena M. Morrow Madison, Fla. Education William J. Morrow Tallahassee, Fla. Education Dorothea Morton Albany, Ga. Arts Sciences Terrence Lee Mosley Ft. Pierce, Fla. Education Gary A. Moss Qearwater, Fla, Business 389 Mary J. Moulton Tallahassee, Fla. Education Caiolyn Muldonn Vero Beach, Fla. Social Welfare Mitchell Muley Tampa, Fla. Education Linda A. Mundy Atlanta, Ga. Education Eugene F. Murphy Jacksonville, Fla. Arts Sciences James Murray Greenville, S.C. Arts Sciences Jim F. Myers Neptune Beach, Fla. Arts Sciences Rebecca Nagler Miami, Fla. Alts Sciences Gloria Nagy Miami, Fla. Education Ray A. Nailling Tallahassee, Fla. Business Sharon B. Nails Alexandria, Va. Arts Sciences James G. Natherson Sarasota, Fla. Business Rosemary M. Naughtor Neptune Beach, Fla. Arts Sciences Eugenia M. Neff Sarasota, Fla. Education Karen C. Nelson Miami Springs, Fla. Music Peter B. Nelson Tallahassee, Fla. Business Sunni Newbill Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Nursing Laura Newton Tampa, Fla. Arts Sciences Jacqueline Nicolaou Tarpon Springs, Fla. Home Economics William J. Niedenthal Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Arts Sciences James R. Noffsinger Silver Springs, Fla. Arts Sciences Jeanne Noguez Miami, Fla. Education Richard D. Nore Worester, Mass. Education Karol N orris Largo, Fla. Nursing Sherwood P. Obermey ;rJr. Orlando, Fla. Arts Sciences 390 Linda F. O ' Beny St. Petersburg, Fla. Verna M. O ' Brian Tallahassee, Fla. Sarah E. Oddie Ormond Beach, Fla. John Ogbum Tallahassee, Fla. Elizabeth A. Ohara New Port Richey, Fla. Marilyn Oidham Miami, Fla. Linda R. Oliver Lake City, Fla. Paul E, Oliver Tallahassee, Fla. Susan S. Oliver Tallahassee, Fla. Diane Olson West Palm Beach, Fla. Janis L. Orloff Miami, Fla. Linnie Osbom Tallahassee, Fla. Kenneth E. Ostendorf Tallahassee, Fla. Carol Ott Tallahassee, Fla. Henry K. Otte Jr. Key West, Fla. Education Social Welfare Education Business Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Education Business Business Social Welfare Social Welfare Alts Sciences Business Education Business Kathy Owen Jacksonville, Fla. Education David Owens Vernon, Fla. Social Welfare Linda Painter West Palm Beach, Fla. Home Economics Gary Pajcic Tallahassee, Fla. Aits Sciences Susan Pajcic Tallahassee, Fla. Education Judith Palesky Pensacola, Fla. Patricia Palin West Palm Beach, Fla. Anthony L. Palmer Coral Gables, Fla. Gail Palmer Tallahassee, Fla. Jean Park Tallahassee, Fla. Gloria G. Parker Miami, Fla. Mary C. Parker India Atlantic, Fla. Gary R. Pamaby Jacksonville, Fla. Patricia Panamore Tallahassee, Fla. Janet Parrish Jacksonville, Fla. Nursing Education Education Education Education Home Economics Social Welfare Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Education 391 Marilyn Partin Oviedo. Fla. Norman Pax ton Merritt Island, Fla. Dianne Peacock Quincy, Fla. Mary D. Peck Coral Gables, Fla. Vicki Penn Miami, Fla. Hugh Pennell Greenville, S.C. Adolfo A. Perez India Atlantic, Fla. John F. Perry JacksonviUe, Fla. Evelyn M. Peter Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Christine Petersen Clearwater, Fla. Karen Petersen Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. George Peterson Jacksonville, Fla. Peter J. Peterson Tarpon Springs, Fla. Allan L. Pettie Pensacola, Fla. Sherry L. Phillips Hollywood, Fla. Katherine L. Pickens Madeira Beach, Fla. John Lee Pitts Delray Beach, Fla. Steven A. Pla Tampa, Fla. Marie Plant Tallahassee, Fla. Kenneth Pletzer Miami, Fla. Janet Plummer Jacksonville, Fla. Carol E. Podworny Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Bruce Pollack Bronx, N.Y. Arthur D. Pollock Dunedin, Fla. Sherry L. Poole Melbourne, Fla. Nancy S. Pope Tallahassee, Fla. Mary F. Popp Jacksonville, Fla. Gilda J. Potter Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Randolph Power Miami, Fla. Shannon Power Apalachicola, Pa. Education Arts Sciences Home Economics Business Education Social Welfare Business Business Education Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Engineering Science Home Economics Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Education k Arts Sciences w ' 1 Arts Sciences ' ' f Education r ' " ' Education mk:- :-, ' • mk iM Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Arts Sciences f ' Arts Sciences Home Economics Home Economics Home Economics Business Education P V m 392 Sharon Prescott Clermont, Fla. Warren A. Presley Tallahassee, Fla. Lynda Prince Wauchula, Fla. Barbara Pritchard Coral Gables, Fla. Victoria Puckett Hialeah, Fla. Stephan A. Pusey Tallahassee, Fla. Mary Quinn Pineville, La. Charmaine Rabenau Crawfordville, Fla. WUliam Radcliff Tam pa, Fla. Marcia Rambo Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Mildred Ramsey Tallahassee, Fla. Rhonda Rankin Winter Park, Fla. Gregory Ravenscroft Tallahassee, Fla. Susan Rawlston San Francisco, Calif. Jane M. Ray Pensacola, Fla. Dayl Raynor Bartow, Fla. Linda Redmon Panama City, Fla. Dorothy Redstone Tallahassee, Fla. Diane Reed Bradenton, Fla. Robin Ann Reed Miami, Fla. Marty Reeser St. Petersburg, Fla. Robert Reeve Mobile, Ala. Paul Regensdorf Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Michael C. Reibling Flornece, Ky. Betsy Reilly Springfield, Va. Noreen Reilly Lake Worth, Fla. Sharon M. Repp Jacksonville, Fla. Frank Retter Vandergrift, Pa. Edward Rey-Barreau Miami, Fla. Susan O. Reynolds Donaldsonville, Ga. Home Economics Arts Sciences Education Arts Sciences Education Business Arts Sciences Home Economics Education Education Education Education Business Arts Sciences Arts Sciences Music Education Home Economics Home Economics Alts Sciences Home Economics Social Welfare Arts Sciences Business Arts Sciences Ars Sciences Education Business Business Education 393 Theodora Rice Bartow, Fla. Home Economics Thomas D. Rickaids Tallahassee, Fla. Education Judith L. Rickel Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Home Economics Irene Ripol Hialeah, Fla. Education Sara L. Roadman Ft. Pierce, Fla. Education Martha L. Robbins Dade City, Fla. Education Patricia A. Roberson Ocala, Fla. Social Welfare James W. Roberts, Jr. 1 Plant City, Fla. Business David Roddenberry Sopchoppy, Fla. Education Linda Rqdgers Ocala, Fla. Education Noreen Rodriguez Tampa, Fla. Education Robert W. Rogalski Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Jams Rogers Ocala, Fla. Nursing Diane Roland AUendale, N. J. Home Economics Jorge G. Romerp Barranquilla, Colombia Business Joseph Rooney Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education Donna Rorabough Qermont, Fla. Social Welfare Charles Ross Lakeland, Fla. Business John C. Rottmann Tallahassee, Fla. Business Judy Rountree HoUy Hill, Fla. Arts Sciences Katlierine Roundtiee Meter, Ga. Education Linda D. Rozar Groveland, Fla. Education Shelia RuLing Melbourne, Fla. Arts Sciences Rudy T. Rundlett, Jr. Tallahassee, Fla. Social Welfare Becky Russell Hialeah, Fla. Social Welfare Janet A. Russell Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Mary Lou Russell Jacksonville, Fla. Social Welfare James Salandi Pensacola, Fla. Arts Sciences J Cheryl Ann Sasser " Wauchula, Fla. Home Economics Lillian Sasser g| Lakeland, Fla. Education Leslie M. Saxon Miami, Fla. Toni Scalera Nursing Lantana, Fla. Arts Sciences Edward Scharfschwerdt Vero Beach, Fla. Business James L. Scheffer Jr. Altoona, Pa. Education Pamela B. SchiU Ft. Pierce, Fla. Education Lee Schillinger Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Barbara Schmid Ft. 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Vazquez Tampa, Fla. Business Cuyier R. Voorhees Tallahassee, Fla. Education Thomas R. Wade Miami, Fla. Arts Sciences Stewart Wallace Lake Worth, Fla. Arts Sciences Thelma H. Walsh Atlanta, Ga. Arts Sciences Marilee Walter Pensacola, Fla. Home Economics Constance J. Walters Brunswick, Ga. Home Economics Cynthia L. Walters Panama City, Fla. Education Patricia A. Walters MacClenny, Fla. Education Dennis W. Walther Pensacola, Fla. Education Carole A. Ward Ft. Myers, Fla. Education Dolores A. Ward Clearwater, Fla. Business Sandra L. Ware Pensacola, Fla. Education Joseph B. Warren Leesburg, Fla. Business Sandra L. Waters St. Petersburg, Fla. Social Welfare Sharon M. Waters Daytona Beach, Fla. Education Zora M. Watkins Jacksonville, Fla. Education Gayle Watson Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education Albert Watt Pompano Beach, Fla. Education Jeffrey Waugh Jacksonville, Fla. Business Arnold E. Weand Jr. ' Blountstown, Fla. Education Sara B. Weathersbee Lake Wales, Fla. Arts Sciences James R. Webb Lantana, Fla. Business Julie Weeks Tallahassee, Fla. Home Economics Jane C. Weilder Orlando, Fla. Education Jeannette Welch Miami, Fla. Home Economics William D. Welch Pelham.Ga. Business 1 1 L i ' 0 1 1 - 400 Marcia Welliver Miami, I ' la. Home Economics Barabara K. WeUs !• t. Pierce, Fla. Education James P. Wells Pensacola, I ' la. Business Mary Wentzel Bradenton, Fla. Nursing Claudia H. Wenzel Cape Coral, Fla. Arts Sciences Robyn West Coronado, Calif. Social Welfare Beverly J. Wexler Kingsport, Tenn. Music Linda M. White Tallahassee, Fla. Nursing Sally J. Whitman Tallahassee, FTa. Education Linda M. Whitson Jacksonville, Fla. Arts Sciences William 0. Wickers, Jr Key West, Fla. Education Susan Wierengo BeUe Glade, Fla. Education David E. Wiggins Starke, Fla. Education Rebecca Wilds Tampa, Fla. Social Welfare Margaret Wilkeson i Jacksonville, Fla. Education Judith A. Willett Ft. Myers, Fla. Education Dale F. Williams Orlando, Fla. Business Earnest Williams Tallahassee, Fla. Business James E. Williams Sarasota, Fla. Business Robert WilUams Miami, Fla. Business Ronald Williams Titusville, Fla. Education Benjamin C. Willis Tallaliassee, Fla. Business MoUie WiUis Jacksonville, Fla. Education Bridget A. Wilson Tampon, Fla. Education Jennifer Wilson Ocala, Fla. Nursing Marilyn Wilson Hollywood, Fla. Nursing Sandra A. Wilson Pensacola, Fla. Nursing Jannette N. Winfree Temple Terrace, Fla. Home Economics Dale Wise Lantana, Fla. Social Welfare Linda Wisner Tampa, Fla. Arts Sciences 401 David Wisznererekas Silver Springs, Md. Arts Sciences Ruth Ann Witter Lakeland, Fla. Education Sandra Lee Wolf Gulf Breeze, Fla. Nursing Cheryl D, Wood Jacksonville, Fla. Arts Sciences Linda Wood Jacksonville, Fla. Social Welfare Sarah Ann Wood Miami, Fla. Social Welfare Sheryle A. Woodard Madison, Fla. Home Economics Christopher Woodland Anna Marie, Fla. Business Michael A. Woodson Key West, Fla. Social Welfare Marjorie J. Wright Tallahassee, Fla. Arts Sciences Marsha Wright Sarasota, Fla. Arts Sciences Terry Ann Wright Qearwater, Fla. Arts Sciences Daniel Younkins III Libya, Africa Business Sue Zammit W. Palm Beach, Fla. Education Nancy Zatarine Hollywood, Fla. Education Harvey Steven Zion Atlanta, Ga. Arts Sciences 402 Half of what I say is meaningless; So that the other half may reach you. 403 In Dedication: Mrs, June Fa ■ ■ Personification of the theme for the 1969 TALLY HO, " Involvement, " was found in Mrs. June Fallln. Though she was officially titled Secretary to the Board of Student Publications, her actual per- formance in the office this year incorporated a much more encompassing role. She served as a vital assistant to each of the periodicals ' staffs coordinat- ing and mediating between these staffs and the board. There were those who claimed she was the only one who really knew what was going on in the department. A sharp and quick wit, efficiency - plus, straightforward reaUsm and a willingness. . . no, eagerness to get the job done well were the qualities we admired most in Mrs. Fallin. To our ideal of involvement of the total self and enthusiasm for life and activity, Mrs. June Fallin, we dedicate the 1969 TALLY HO. INDEX Abraiia, p. 184,185,190 191, 334 Acuff, L. 366 Adams, F. 284 Adams, F. L. 300 Adams, K. 115 Adams, S. 366 Adams, V. 114 Ade!man,J. 242 Adelman, L. 253 Adsit, J. 286 Ady, P. 253 Afjonso.J. 322 Afiyl, J. 342, 366 Agnew, K. 133,323 Aho, M. J. 366 Akers, S. 327, 366 Akin, L. L. 366 Alderson, B. 296 Aldrich, C. 366 Alexander, P. 210 Alexander, R. 366 Alfonso, J. 366 Alfonso, James 366 AUen, B. J. 366 AUen, D. 332, 366 AUen, P. 583 AUen, S. 253 AUen, Susan 286 AUieri, L. 327 Alt, J.P. 366 Alvarez, C. 310 Amato, L. 300 Ammann, G. 215 Amon, R. 299 Anchors, M. 255 Anderson 184 Anderson, Bob 117 Anderson, C. 366,312 Anderson, G. 366 Anderson, G. J. 366 Anderson, J. 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Sue 116 Carmona, Mary A. 371 Carpentier, M, 113 Carr, F.H. 371 Carradi, D. 250 Carras, B. 251 Carras, P. 330 Carraway, C. 251,285 CarroU 184, 185 CarroU, H. 317 CarroU, J. 322 CarroU, J.A. 371 CarroU, J. 322 CarroU, J. 341 CarroU, W. 583 Cartee,J.K. 371 Carter, E.E. 371 Carter, K. 286 Carter, P. 330 Caruso, C. Caruso, S. Caruthers, M. Carey, Sh. Casey. B. Caskey, M. Casper, J.S. Cassada, C.E. Cassady Cassady, V. Cassidy G. Castle, S. Castner, A.J. Caudle, J. Caufield, J. Cay, Da. Cayson, D. Cecka, L. Chalmers, Laurence Chambers, Nick Chambers, C. Champion, John Chance, M. Chandler, T. Chapman, J. Chapman, Jeff Chartrand, A. Chase, Debbie Chase, Soo-san Chau, Kai-Yeng Chereshkoff Chernick, B. Cheshire, B. Chew, Clint Chichetti, J. Chichetti. R. Chin, B. Chow, P. Christ, M. Christmas, J. Chrsity, S. Chudy, K. Cisney, L.W. Cisney, Lin Cituk, J. Clamme, D. Clanton, H. Clark, D. Clark, H. Clark, J. Clark.M. Claik, S. Chail, S. Clark, T. Clarke, C.A. Clarke, D. Clarke, R. Claussen, M. 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R. Domal. J. Donahue, J. Donald, L. Donaldson. G. Donaldson, N. Donaldson, R. Donn, R . Donnell. D. Doolin, C. Dorris, J. Dosal, D. Doty, F. Doty, P. Douglas, C. Douglas, J. Douglas, M. Dovalis, J. Dowling, M. Downes, J. Doyle, K. Drake, S. Drage, T. Dragstedt, M Drew, N 342 335 373 374 374 374 374 317 184. 185 325 374 79 296, 374 114, 286, 117. 243, 255, 296 341 321 346 251. 374 338,374 330 374 322 184, 185 374 317 374 327 335 335. 374 374 374 338, 374 209, 374 374 117 253 285 285 374 374 374 282 310,311 250,310 252, 327 327 374 374 115 117 251 303 242, 252, 303 300 248 374 374 260 299 299 120 240 341 253 327,374 375 375 257 253 115 251, 296 375 299 305, 375 375 117 243, 338 284, 285 375 253 375 346 342 305, 375 119,252 327 375 115 250. 252. 254.300 342 252 375 317 310 248 322 305 303 Droze. D. Dube, H. Duckworth, D. Duff. J Duffy, B. Duggan, B. Duke, D. Duket, J. Dulin. D. Dullin. D Dumais. M Dumestre, M. Duncan. J. Duncan. R. Dunk, B. Dunn, J. Dunn, S. Dunn, W. Dunnigan. L. Dunphy, J. Durham. H. Durham. J. Durham. R. Dunance, C. Duxbury, V. Dwyer, P. Dye. R. Dyer. D. Dykema, C. Dysart, M. Eagerton Earp, J. Eason Eason, C. Easom, M. Eatmon. B. Eberhart, S. Ebner, C. Eby, R. Echevarria, A. Edgar. L. Edmonds, J Edson, N. Edwards, C. Edwards, J. Edwards. M. Edwards, P. Eisele, B. Eisenbach, H. Eisenmenger, S. Elam, M. Elefante. B. Elliot Elliot. C. EUiot, J. Elmore, C. Ely, L. Ely, S. Eng. A. England. S. EngUsh, J. Enghsh, M Enzor, D. Epstein, R. Erck, S. Erickson. P. Escajeda, L. Eshleman, S. Esposito, B Evans, B. Evans, C. Evans, P. Evans, R. Evans, T. Evers, J. Ewing, L. 114 375 310 282 253,346 375 249, 254 341 252, 285 254 346, 375 375 375 346,375 338 243,375 304. 305 330 330 310 202. 207 375 375 285 55 296 375 119,375 250. 255.286 254 184, 185 322 184, 185 189. 322 215 266, 312 312 375 375 248 250. 286 115. 327 375 325 299 375 83 250 375 247 375 285 115 332 184 185 188 193 312 286 261 375 282 82,338 339 375 335 215 335 376, 376 376 254 300 376 376 376 252 ,306 282 .376 345 117 16, 317 .376 321 98 Feitz. V. W. Feldnoff. A. V. FeU. D. Felsch. P. Fenwich. J. Ferguson. J. Ferguson. R. T. Fernandez. M. A. Fernandez. MiUie Ferreira, C. FerreU. C. Ferrell, D. FerreU. J. Ferrell. N. Fettig, M. Fields, P. W. Fieldsa, W. Figueroa, P. Finch. P FinneU, G. Fisher. A. Fisher, W. O. Fitzpatrick, A. Flaer, P. Fleek, B. L. Fleming, S. L. Fletcher. B. Fletcher, Bob Fletcher, C. Fletcher, H. Fletcher, L. Fletcher, M. Fletcher, R. Fletcher. Robin L. Fletcher. Van Fiord, J. 1-. Flowers, D. Flowers, F. Floyd, E. Floyd. R. Floyd. S. K. Flummerfelt. J. Flynt, J. Foley. L. Folsom. L. Flynn, B. Force, S. Ford. J. Ford, S. Forness, Wm. Forslev, K. Foshee. J. Foss, V. Foster, S. Fox, F. Fox,R. R. Frank, G. Franks, F. Franks, J. Prates, B. Frazier, M. L. Frazier, N. Freedman. W. L. Freedman, D. C. Freeman, J. French, K. Fretz, E. L. Friedland, R. Frost, L. A. Fuini. D, Fulcher, L. Fulford, B. J. FuUer, B. FuUer, J. FuUmer, C. Fulton, B. Fulton, D. Fuqua, E. Furtado, C. Fussell, B. 376 376 342 298, 376 132. 184. 185 215 376 376 252 251 286 325 245 376 335 376 342 376 303 79 109 376 327 253 376 296 301 317 266 325 102 300 376 376 253 376 320 320, 376 322 322, 376 248,376 260 583 114,250 335 335 298 282 376 376 282,376 376 376 266, 267 250 377 253 286,337 215 300 377 115,287 377 377 317,312 339 248, 377 260 377 377 298 253 377 327 377 339 108, 243 377 248, 377 210 Fade, M. Fallin, 5. Falzone, M. Farrell, B. larrell, J. Fairis, J. Fauls, D. Faust. J. Favarato, R. 327 78. 404. 405 376 260 335 118 180, 181 210, 211. 253 330 Gales, J. Galletta, F. Galis, J. Galloway, C. Galloway, E. Gandy, J. Garcia da Silva, M. Gardner, D. Gardner, G. Gareau, K. Garis, V. Garner, A. Garner, Andy 377 317 260 335 115 305 99 325 299, 377 253 98 296 250, 254 Gamley, R. Gairaid, W. Gairet, C. Garret, K. Gaiiett, S. Garr ison, T. E. Garvey, N. Garvin, T. de la Gaiza, V. Gaskin, P. H. Gaudet, K. Gautier, G. Gavalas, V. Gaydes Geary, P. Geddes, D. Geis, J. Gentes, J. George, C. George, E. George, K. Gergen, G. Gerheim, D. Gerke, J. Getty, L. Geyer, D. Gibbs, J. Gibson, P. Giddings, D. Gidus, C. Gieger, S. Gienau, D. Gienau, E. Gies, J. Gifford, D. GUbert, M. C. GUbert, T. Gildea GilfiUan, J. Gilmore, E. GUmore, J. Gionet, J. Gipson, P. Glass, Chip Glazer, D. Glenn, D. Glenn, H. M. Glover, R. Givens, W. Godbold, R. V. Godfrey, E. Godwin, E. Godwin, W. Goebel, J. Goethe, M. Gold, D. Gold, L. Goldman, M. B. Goldstein, H. Gonzalez, C. M. Gonzalez, L. A. Gonzalve, J. Goitych, B. Gowan, G. Gossellin, A. Gowing, M. Goza, A. Goza, M. Grable, M. Graesser, A. Graham, J. L. Graham, T. Gramling, M. B. Grass, G. Gravis, L. Grawart, R. Gray Gray, D. Gray, J. L. Gray, R. D. Graybeal, S. Green, G. Green, H. Green, K. E. Green, M. Green, P. S. Green, R. E. Greene, S. Greene, W. Greenman, H. Greenman, P. A. Greenwell, G. Gregg, S. Gregg, S. Gregory, B. J. Gregory, M. Gregory, M. L. Gregory, Ed. Gregory, R. Gridley, P. A. 298 325 140 141, 175 253 377 302, 341 377 253 377 322,377 253 323 184, 185 251,312 120 207 339 251, 287 261,339 141 257,310 377 260 377 340, 341 180, 181 266, 267 331 253 377 250 251 204 105, 240 266, 377 266 184, 185 260 310 245, 377 114 199 184, 185, 193, 201 342 285 54 377 253 377 377 315 335 105, 106, 335 95 215 377 321,337 53 377 378 378 112 378 210 245, 254, 328, 330 296 251, 296 85 253 261,339, 378 378 324 378 583 253 184, 185 251,327 339, 378 260, 378 325 327 331 378 326,327 378 57 97 97,378 349 349. 378 250, 282 248 251 378 378 110,345,378 260 253 335,378 Griffin, J. 378 Griffith, L. R. 378 Griggs, C. 325 Grimm, B. J. 259 Grimsley, C. 299 Grodzicki, R. 341 Grogan, L. D. 378 Grogan, Lynne 338,339 Gromek, C. 215 Gromek, G. 215 Grove, M. B. 378 Groves, G. 325 Gruber, B. 110,335 Guerrero, J. 96,331 Guettler, J. 331 Guggenheim, B. 88 Guida, J. T. 379 Guida, M. 379 Gulden, B. J. 379 Guider, K. 317 Guinand, J. 379 GuUege, S. 332 Gunter, B. 184. 185, 253, 191, 197, 201 Guppy, M. 342 Gurley, P. 266 Gurr, D. 189, 184, 185 Gurtis, M, 339 Gurzynski, Jim 215 Gussow. 1 B. 379 Gustafson, J. 346 Gutlirie, Grant 184, 185, 192 193, 190 Gutierrez, M. T. 379 Guy, J. 379 Guyette, B. 379 H Hackett, 1. Hackley, M. B. Hackley, R. Haddock, B. N. Hadley, P Hafner, D. Hagwind, I. Hahn, N. E. Haimes, S. Hall Hall, F. Hall, L. A. Hall, M. Hall, Marie HaUing, C. HaUoran, M. W. Halm, M. Hamaker, J. Hamilton, K. Hamlin, M. L. Hamlin. R, Hammond, H. Hampton, B. Hampton, M. Hamrick, R. Hancock, S.s Hancock, T. Hancock, Wm. Hand, C. Hanehus, G. Hankerson, C. Hankins, J. Hanlon, P. Hanni, C. Hansinger, P. Harbaugh, J. Harbert, K. Harbison, B. Harden, L. Harding, N. Harper, D. M. Harper, L. Harper, R. Harper, S. Harpold, D. Harrell, C. HaireU, G. E. HarreU, R. D. Harrington, J. W. Harris, C. Harris, J. Harris, Joanne Harris, Jonathan H. Harris, Judith Harris, L. Harris, M. Harris, N. Harrison, B. 311 379 341, 379 379 111. 312, 320 181 119 379 379 184, 185 253 379 282 312 331 379 313 119 331 379 379 282, 379 296 133, 285, 317, 379 342 141 141 379 183, 243 266 379 379 300, 379 321 293 215 303, 379 180 326,327 110. 114 379 379 341 254 379 252, 326 379 346, 379 321 379 380, 339 116 380 380 260 253 251 181 Harrison, F. Harrison, J. Harrison, Joel Harrison, John Harrison, K. Harrison, L. Harrison, M. Harrison, S. Hart, B. Hart, D. Hart Hart, K. Hart, S. Hartley, C. Hartley, K. Hartley, S. Hartsock, S. Harvey, G. Hasselo, D. Hasseltine, A. Hastan, N. Hastings, C. Hatfield, C. B. Hatfield, R. F. Hattan, C. Havenstein. W. Hauer. M. Hauseman, J. Hawes, H. W. Hawkins, H. C. Hawkins, Hugh Hawkins, J. A. Hawsey, S. M. Haycock, M. Hayes, A. Hayes, P. Hayman, L. Haynes, B. Haynes, N. J. Headrick, E. Healy, M. Hearn, J. Heathcott, C. Hebert. J. Hedges, M. Heerema, M. Heiser, T. Helinger, J. HeUer, G. Heller, L. Helms, J. Hemans. J. Hemphill, B. Henderson, C. Henderson, G. Henderson, M. C. Henderson, Mary C. Henderson, P. Hendricks. N. Hendricks. S. Hendrickson, M. L. Henley, D. Henais, T. Henry ,C. Henry, D. Henson, T. Hermetz, B. Herndon, E. Herndon, P. Herold, M. Herring, R. Henon, M. Hervig, D. Hiatt Hibbard, J. Hibbs, S. Hicks, B. Hicks, M. Hicks, Manelle Higginbotham, J. Hightower, S. Hightower, T. Hill, J. L. Hinely, L. Hines, M. Hines, P. Hinsher, V. Hinson, S. L. Hinton, A. Hipps, M. Hitchock, R. Hitzler, S. Hoadley, E. Hoag, M. Hockenberry, E. Hodge, K. Hodge, Katie Hodges, J. Hodges. Joy Hodgkins, M. 325 332, 380 245, 380 323 118,251, 296 287, 380 380 287 287 343 184, 185 188 253 303 141, 300 282, 380 253 335 254, 296 380 285 304 380 380 380 242 109, 347 242 380 380 346, 347 253, 380 380 253 380 380 300, 301 326, 327 380 335. ,253 115 343 300 287 260 253 260 380 118 380 266 380 115 331 323 380 380 327 114 251 300, 301 ,257 325 340 ,341 341 247 215 260 260 303 339 ,380 347 253 209 184 ,185 380 347 ,380 251 247 174 254 116 ,287 380 215 ,380 114 ,303 380 282 ,381 282 381 ,327 583 184,185 ,343 293 339 119 339 343 250, 255, 305, 115 ,243 583 327 247 ,381 Hodson, S. 81,115,108, 118 Hoffman, H. 283 Hoffman, K. B. 52 Hoffman, 0. 247 Hogan, J. 204. 206. 207, 215 Hogan, P. W. 56 Hogan W. 106 Hogen. D. 303 Holbrook, R. V. 381 Holden, M. 303 HoUaday, P. 327 HoUand, R. 253 HoUey, A. 381,339 HoUey, H. 243,381 HoUey, N. V. 381 HoUey, Wm.H. 381 Holliday, R. 325 HoUmeyer, N. 312 Holmes, E. 113 Holmes, J. 304, 305 Holmes. Jo 381 Holmes. K. 320 Holt. K. A. 381 Holt. Kermit R. 381 Holte. Dy 251 HoLzer.J. 112 Hood. L. 251 Hood. S. 381 Hooper, L. 250, 254, 300 Hoover. P. 254 Hoover. R. 381 Hopkins, J. 325 Horn, M. 215 Home, B. 112 Home, B. L. 310 Home, J. 381 Homer, J. B. 381 Horowitz, H. 78, 79, 240 Horton, N. 287, 281 Hotton, D. 287 Houlihan, L. 251 House, S. 287 Houser, G. 141,140, 251, 283 Housewright, W. L. 55 Hovey, H. 313 Howard, A. 381 Howard, Anne 381 Howard, D. 335,381 Howard, Wm. T. 381 Howe. N. L. 381 HoweU, C. E. 381 HoweU, R. 253 Hubbard, S. 114 Hubbard, S. 311 Huber. B. 331 Hucchinson, F. L. 381 Hudson, J. 110, 114. 243, 254, 339 Hudson, P. 300, 301 Hudson, S. 95 Hudson, T. 99 Huff, J. 335 Huffer, J. 339 Huggan, L. 141,305 Hughes, B. 184, 185 Hughes, D. 248 Hughes, K. 184, 185 Hughes, R. 335 Hulett, J. 381 Hulliung, J. 381 Hultgren, D. 311 Hundley, C. 251 ' Hungate, P. 338, 339 Hunt, L. 381 Hunter, J. 317 Hunter, S. J. 249, 381 Hurley, B. 298 Hurley.;. A. 381 1 Hurt. A. 96 ! Hussel, D. 243 Hutchinson. F. L. 381 Hutchinson, S. H. 381 Hutchinson, S. J. 381 Hyde, R. 341 J Jackson, B. Jackson, E. Jackson, J. Jackson, J. Jackson, J. Jackson, J Jackson, N. Jackson, S. Jacobs, D. Jalke, K. James, M. James, R. Jameson, S. Janes, R. Japour, A. Jaros Jarrett Jarvis, C. Jaudon, V. Jewell, S. Jobson,R. John, S. Johns, F. Johns, J. Johnson, A. Johnson, B. Johnson, B. Johnson, B. Johnson, D. Johnson, J. Johnson, K. Johnson, L. Johnson, M. Johnson, P. Johnson, S. Johnson, S. Johnson, S. Johnson, S. Johnson, W. Johnson, W. Johnston, D. Johnston, S. Johnston, W. Jones, B. Jones, B. Jones, G. Jones, H. Jones, J. Jones, J. Jones, J. Jones, K. Jones, P. Jones, R. Jones. R.L. Jones, S. Jones, T. Jones, W. Jordan, E.G. Jordan, G. Jordan, P. Jordan, S. Jordan, P. Jorgensen, G. Josephson, S. Judge. A. Juergens, R. Juilfs, S. Junior, F. lacino, C. lmfcld,W. Ingerick, D. Inman, J. Irvine, J. Isaacsom, E. Ivancic, R. Ivey, E Ivey, J. Ivey, T. 346 245, 381 251 381 381 283, 382 299 255 325 382 Kaczetow, L. Kaden, L. Kalaidi, B. Kail, D. Kandret, P.R. Kandret, R. Kane, M. Kaney, J. Kancy, L. Kannette, J. Kanton, G. Kantor, E. Kantor, G. Kaplan, E. Kapp. M. Kapple, H. Karaba, L. Kasimier, D. Kassinger, M. 114 183,250, 255 255 184 184 105, 300, 240, 185, 185, 313,323, 119, 261, 287,327, 79, 184, 184, 331 287 24 88 299 180 382 382 382 249 382 297 313 382 287 114 382 303 293 313 185 185 311 382 254 382 382 240 382 287 331 382 242 260 296 382 382 249 253 382 339 335 382 119 , 185 , 185 339 317 109 ,382 313 313 ,382 382 382 325 287 325 382 209 331 321 383 321 255 305 328 335 303 383 299 383 383 K 383 339 78,383 249 383 383 113 240 79, 240, 383 383 141 383 305 383 287 331 251 215 383 Kaufman, S. Kawaoka, K. Kazimar, L. Keever, L. Keiser, J. Keith, J. Keith, S. Keitzer, C.J. KeUey, R. KeUy, M.G. KeUy. M.J. KeUy, P.M. Kelton. D. Kendrick. D. Kendrick. J. Kendrick. M. Kenly, K.W. Kennedy. B. Kennedy. J. Kennedy. P. Kennedy, P.M. Kenyon. T. KerUn, D. KerUn, R. Ken. M.J. Kersh. J. KeuUng, J. Keyser. C. Keyser, . Keyser, V.L. Kiburtz, A. Kicklighter, M. Kiefer. N. Kieszek. J. Killough. J.E. Kilroy.W.H. Kimball, K.J. Kimberlin. S. Kiney. M. King. B. King, D. King, D.L. King, J. Y. King, P. King, P. Kinney, M. Kinney, R. Kirby.W. Kirk, C. Kirk, T. Kirkendall. L. Kirkpatrick, H.E. Kirsch. L.D. Kitsch. J. Kitchen. K. Kjellstiom. L. Klan, K.K. Klappert, B. Klappert. W. Klay. D. Klebingot. G. Klein. R. Klingbeil, A. Knapp. D.J. Knight. QK4, Knight, W. KnitU e. M. Knowles. P. Knox, B. Knox, Fort Knox. K.E. Koening, E.S. Kogelschatz. E. Komark. B. Kornmeier, R. Koontz, M.K. Kotowski, L. Kramer, E. Kraus. G. Kregcl, J. Kring. M. Kroha, A. Kropp. R.P. Kruskamp, M.A. Kubik, E. Kubrick. S. Kuersteiner. C. Kuharske, N. Kuhlmann. C. Kuhn. J. Kuhn.J.W. Kunkel, K. Kupfer, L. Kurtz, S. Kushein, A. Kux.P. Kux.S. Kyser. L. Kyser, L. 343. 383 211 140, 141,313 383 104, 108, 243 215 287 r383 313 383 335,383 383 253 303 312.313 313 383 325. 383 383 339 383 252 82 383 383 107 339 383 112 383 383 383 299 253 384 384 311 384 119 266 583 384 384 250 339 119 341 335 384 384 384 384 240 340.341 114 108 253 204. 207 253 298 252,285 384 345 331,384 285, 384 331 257 375 384 384 335 252,243 260 339 113,384 339, 384 343 384 242 384 57 384 384 2001 335,384 327,384 384 321 384 249 384 285 247 283 283, 284 243, 284 285 L ' Amoreaux, C. L ' Orange, C. La Chance, C. F. La Perche, B. Labarbera, K. Labas, K. M. Labreque, P. Lacino, C. Lackland, J. Ladbettei, B. S. Ladd, M. Lafavoui, C. Lafrancis, J. Lahti, B. Laird, S. M. Lain, B. LaUy, M. Lamb, P. Lamkin, M. Lamon, C. Lamport, L. Lanahan Landau, D. Landingham, R. V. Landry, L. Lane, B. Land, D. Land, R. L. Laney, C. Langdon, C. L. Langley, S. Lantrip, J. Laperche, B. Large, F. A. T. Laigey, J. Lasage, R. Lassman, M. Lastinger, L, Latham, A. Latham, G Latham,?. A . Latulippe, J. Latumo, R. J. Lau, R. Lavender, J. Lavender, Haze Law, B. Law, Out Lawhorn, C. Law, B. Lawrence, S. Lawson, A. Lawton, D. Lawton, P. Lawton, R. O. Lazarus, T. Lazarus, Tom Le Olmstead, M. Leamon, D. Leaphait, D. Leary, B. Leatherman, K. Leaver, D. Ledbetter, J. Lee, B. Lee, Bob Lee, J. Lee, R. E. Lee, Robin Lee, S. Leibundguth, F. Leiker, D. Leininger, L. Leitch, J. A. Leiekis, E. Leininger, W. Lemley, D. A. Lemon, Tree Lenington, M. Leon, J. L. Lesage, R. G. Lepp, L. Lesser, J. Lesso, J. Lester, M. Lester, M. L. 251 300 384 302 327 384 317 347 300 311 55 311 347, 384 335 385 210, 211 311 250, 285 385 253 266, 385 184, 185 385, 247 400 385 293 325 317,385 313 385 311 385 303 385 316,385 347 385 114,311 266 D34 385 251 260, 285 84, 311, 251 38, ' 583 287, 385 583 141,313 260 347 385 108, 346, 347 115 53,56 260 260 115 283 232, 322, 323, 385 260 583 260 339 266 583 253 583 260 317 345 347 327 385 385 253 385 385 250, 283 385 385 252 298 325 285 385 Lett, J. Letton, D. LeveiUe, A. R. Leveretl, S. Levins, Jackson Lewallen, L. Lewis, R. Lieberman, R. Liebhart, L. Lincoln, L. A. Lincoln, Abe Lindeman, M. Linden, E. S. Lindquist, M. Ling, M. Linnett, Wm. Linton, M. O. Linton, S. Lister, J. Livingson, A. Livingston, J. A. Livingston, Dr. Livsee, S. Lock, Smith Locke, T. Loftin, C. Loftin, S. Logan Lohman, T. Lohse Lokitus, E. Loner, F. Long, J. Long, J. Long, M. Long, W. Longe, S. Loos, F. Lopez, J. R. Lopez, Trini Lorenz, C. A. Lott, L. R. Loucks, D. Lovejoy, K. Love, In Lovelock, D. Lovem, L. Lovett, P. Lodwigsen, C. Lowe Lowry, L. Ludke, J. Lujan, D. Ludaszewski, M. Lunney, K. Lunsford, S. Lynch, J. Lynch, Mob Lynn, B. Lynn, E. Lyons, P. Lytton, D. Lytton, J. M ' Cathem, B. MacDonald, C. MacDonald, S. MacAdams, L. MacDonald, N. MacDougald, S. MacGill, J. Macias, V. Mackenzie Mackenzie, K. Mackiewicz, T. MackUn, K. Maclean, K. Macomber, D. MacLennan, B. Magyar, R. Mahaiias, M. Main, J. Mallardi, M. Maitland, A. Malone, L. Mancha, V. MarUey, S. Mann, P. Mannlieimer, G. Mantzuranis, M. Manu, L Marable, S. Marazita, P. M 385 325 Marcher, R. 387 Marchick, L. 287 343 385, 347 385 99 339 283 385 253 Marchinak, T. Marks, J. Marks, J. 296 320 Marlowe, M. Man, C. Marr, G. 321 249 316 385 Maira, A. 347, 387 583 Marrs, C. 121 311 Marshall, G. 387 385 386 Marshal], J. S. MarteorelU, L. 54 117 116 Martin, B. 335 386 Martin, J. 253,331, 387 386 Martin, J 109 313 Martin, K. 343 313, 386 Martin, S. 285 331 Martin, S. 283 285, 386 Martinez, M. 97,387 583 Maruniak, J. 347 386 Marvin, J. 98 583 MarzuUi, A. 341 317 MarzuUi, J. 260 335, 386 MarzuUi, P. 340 250, 285 Masalonis, M, 387 184, 185 Maseda, M. 311 325 Mason, G. 387 184, 185 Mason, K. 296,297,387 386 Masterson, S. 210,211 185, 184, 189 Mathis, L. 215, 118 386 Mathis, M. 387 321 Mathis, W. 303,387 341 Mathison, J. 341,387 386 Mattern, R. 387 328 Matthews, F. 215 171 Matthews, T. 347 386 Matze, G. 115 583 Max well, D. 180 386 Maxwell, J. 305 386 May,C. 306 240 May, J. 387 335 May, K. 383,387 583 May,W. 245,387 386 Mazo, M. 343 251 McAffee, R. 387 303, 386 McAUley, C. 347 386 McAlpine, M. 327 184, 175 McArdle, C. 266 263, 252, 26 McCabe, T. 300 253 McBride, B. 387 287 McCaffrey, J. 387 325 McCallister, S. 387 339 McCalman, M. 300, 387 386 McCampbeU, M. 343 285 McConn, K. 242 583 McCarter, M. 115 326 McCarthey, G. 249 327 McCartney, C. 388 343 McCathern, B. 388 347 McClellan, B. 335 386 McCleUan, D. 247 McCUntock, R. 388 McCoUum, L. 287 McConnell, G. 388 McCormick, C. 323 McCormick, D. 251 McCray,C. 388 327 McCrone, M. 388 386 McCullers, D. 132, 184,185,192 387 Mc :uUough, J. 327,388 343 McDaniel, M. 300 386 McDaniel, S. 297 285 McDermott, G. 388 387 McDevitt, C. 109, 117,303 387 McDonald, A. 305 184, 185 McDonald, L. 114 335 McDonald, N. 110,300 321,387 McEachern 184, 185 203, 207 McElUgott, E. 388 180 McElmoyle, J. 254,312 206, 207 McEntyre, L. 266 253 387 387 McF ' arland, M. 311 McF ' arland, M. 311 McFarland, Mike 260 387 McFarland, P. 114 260 McGann, C. 311,251 283 McGee, J. 331 252 McKeehan, M. 252 181 McKeon, D. 388 108, 387 McKinney, D. 287 387 McKown, B. 327,388 108 McLatchey, B. 335 387 McManus, P. 115 253 McMillan, J. 245, 283 342, 343 McNeal, W. 388 252 McNeU, L. 302 McNeilley, B. 388 McNemey, S. McQuiU, M. Meade, L. Meeker, D. Megahee, G. Megaw, Buff MeUon, S. Melton, D. Menard, S. Mendenhall, T. Mercer, J. Merkle. D. Merritt, D. Merritt, D. Merritt, S. Meschick, C. Messer, C. Messer, M. Metcalf, M. Metelitis, B. Metzger, J. Meyer, 1. Meyer, M. Meyers, D. Mick, R. Mickelberry, N. Middleton, D. Middleton, J. Middleton, M. Mihans, M. Mickles, B. Milam, M. MUboume, A. Miles, C. Miles, R. Millar, G. Millen, N. Miller, B. Miller, J. Miller, J. Miller. J.A. Miller, J. Miller, L. MiUer, M. Miller, S. Miller, S. Miller, S. Miller, S. Miller, T. Mills, B. Mills, M. Mills, V. Milstead, B. Milton, J. Minchin, L. Minear, R. Miner, L. Miner, M. Miner, M. Minnick, A. Minnick, T. Mintz, P. Mire, T. Misiuk, V. Mitchell Mitchell, M. Mitchell, R. Mitchell, S. Mittan, B. Mixon, G. MizeU, B.J. Moates, D. Mole, S. Molett, M. Monser, L. Montague, D. Monteigne, J. Montgomery, G. Montgomery, H. Montgomery, J. Montgomery, M.A. Montgomery, M. Montgomery, S. Montgomery, S. Montgomery, T. Moody, B. Moon, W. Moore, B. Moore, D. Moore, J. Moore, L. Moore, M. Moore, R. Moore, R.O. Moore, S. Moore, S.E. Mora, A. Moran, A. 203 287 251 245,388 251 113 247 285 247,388 341 247, 388 388 297,388 321 335 245 388 388 388 209 300 252,311 115,242 96,388 342, 343 98 388 388 250,287 388 117 284, 285 287 115 388 388 252, 249 210,211,252 253 388 388 133, 249, 300 335,339 388 87 251 317 303, 283 331 121 388 253 389 285, 389 389 341 389 389 347 114 242 283 317,389 327, 389 184, 185 305 331 346, 347, 389 95, 253 335 389 215 115 321, 289 389 300 393 184, 185 184, 185, 188 325 389 335,389 119 339 320, 389 389 389 287 303 327 251, 313 252 347 389 115 389 389 242 Morcom, T. Morey, W. Morford, D. Morgan, D. Morgan, F. Morley, N. Moroz, M. Morris, D. Morris, K. Morris, M. Morris, S. Morris, T. Morrison, M. Morrison P. Morrison, R. Morrow, C. Monow, W. Morse, K. Morton, D. Morton, M. Morton, P. Mosley Mosley, T. Mosley, T. Moss, D. Moss, K. Moulton, M. Muley, M. MuUoy. P Mundy, L. Munn, J. Munn, P. Munroe Munson, R. Murphy, E. Murphy, N. Murphy, S. Muiphy, S. Murray, J. Musslelak, S. Myers, J. Naclerio, E. Naeseth, B. Nagler, R. Nagy, G. NaiUing, R. A. Nails, S. B. Napolitano, C. Natherson, J. G. Nations, L. Naughton, M Naughton, R. M. Neal, A. Neel, M. Neel, T. Neff, E. M. Nellums, A. Nelson, K. C. Nelson, Kristi Nelson, P. B. Nelson, Ricki NewbiU, S. Newcomb, B. Newmaster, G. Newsome, B. Newton, L. Nichols, D. Nicholson, A. Nicholaou, 1. Niedenthal, Wm. J. Noel, N. Noffsinger, J. B, Noguez, J. Noland J. Nore, R. D. Nofty, P. Norman, F. Norman, R. Norris, K. North, C. North, D. North, Pole Northridge, C. Northrup, P. Nowlin, J. 316 343 107, 240 327 327 389 249, 389 389 305 300, 389 252, 260 209 389 253 253 287, 389 389 297 303, 389 335 254, 300 184, 185 188 347, 389 321 253 390 341,390 305 390 251,305 305 184,185 343 390 112, 113 118 85 390 209 390 N 306 252, 297 303, 390 249, 390 390 390 330, 331 390 301 303 297, 390 252, 255, 285 345 114 390 252 390 297 390 583 349, 390 298 313 313 297, 390 215 305 249, 390 390 108, 252, 301 390 390 287 390 209 209 343 390 303 115, 297 583 327 303 114 O ' Connor, D. O ' Donnell, Bill O ' Neal, M. O ' Neal, Mindy Oakland, A. Obermeyer, S. F. Oaks, R. Oddie, S. E. Odom, D. Oertel, 1. Ogburn, J. Oglesby, S. Ohara, E. A. Okura, S. Oldham, M. OUn. K. OUve, C. OUve, Oil Oliver, Linda Oliver, P. E. Oliver, S. S. Olson, D. Olmstead, M. L. Orendorff, A. Orioff, J. L. Orr, R. Osborn, L. Osborne, E. Osborne, J. Osborne, K. Osborne, Kerrie Oshea, S. Ostendorf, K. E. Osterman, C. Ott, C. Otto, H. K. Overman, R. Owen, J. Owen, K. Owens, D. Owens, David Owens, L. Owens, M. L. 260 323 327 583 313 390 253 391 293 341 391 297 391 218, 211 297,391 313 283 583 305,391 391 391 391 115 266 391 325 391 141 283 583 116 303 391 317 112, 313,391 391 347 93 133, 391 283 391 141,311 183 o O ' Berry, L. F. O ' Brian, V. M. 391 391 Packard, H. 113.339 Pacquin, S. 285 Packard. K. 249 Padgett, P. 327 Padovano, E. 305 Page, M. 184, 185 Painter, L. 391 Pajcic, G. 90, 184, 185 188,391 Pajcic, S. 391 Palesky,J. 391 Palin. P. 287 391,583 Palmer, A. L. 391 Palmer, C. 311 Palmer, D. 116 Palmer, G. 284 285,391 Pansa, J. 301 Paquin, S. 250 Pardo, D. 583 Park, J. 249, 391 Parkens, C. A. 311 Parker, D. 207 Parker, G. G. 391 Parker, J. 343 Parker, L. 112,301 Parker, M. C. 391 Parker, David 260 Parks, A. 343 Parnaby,G. R. 391 Parramore, D. 301, 254 Parramore, P. 285 Panamore, Patricia 391 Parrish, J. 391 Parsons. T. 335 Partin. M, 311,392 Passivanti. D. 86 Pasteur. M. 313 Pasteur. P. 313 Patrick, L. 287 Patterson, J. 287 Pawlow,ski. N. 317 Pax ton, N. 321,392 Payne, L. 304 Peacock, D. 392 Peacock, L. 301 Pearson, L. 331 Pearson, W. 293 Peavy, G. 297 Peck, M. D. 250 287, 392 Pederson, D. 184 185, 200 Peek, A. 327 Peeler, E. Peeples, J. Pell Pekaveli. R. Pendergrass, V. Pendleton, L. Penn. V. Pennell, H. Pennell, S. Peppers, P. Peppers, P. Perez, A. Perez, G. Perhla, R. Perkins, C. Perlingero, R. Pero, R. Perry, B. Perry, C. Perry, J. Peter, E. Petersen, C. Petersen, K. Peterson, B. Peterson. G. Peterson, P. Peterson, S. Pettie, A. Pettit, J Petway, B. Petway, B. Peverly, J. PhUUps, C. Phillips, D. Phillips, D. Phillips, S. Phillips, S. Phillips. S. Phillips, S. Pickens Pickens, K. Pickett, R. Pierson, D. Pignato, M. Pike, J. Piper, P. Pittman, J. Pitts, J. Pitts, S. Pla, S. Plant, E. Plant, M. Pletzer, K. Plitz, J. Plummer, B. Plummer, J. Podworny, C. Pollack, B. Pollock, A. Pol.son, B. Poison, B. Poole, K. Poole, S. Pope, N. Popp, F. Popp, M. Poppa, N. Porter, T. Poston, S. Potter, G. Potter, M. Poulos, T. Pounds, B. PoweU, D. Powell, J. Powell, N. Power, R. Power, S. Powers, K. Prescott, S. Presley, W. Price, A. Price, H. Prince, L. Pritchard, B. Puckett, V. Puder, W. Pughsley, F. PuUen, P. PurceU, M. Pusey, S. 346 109,331 184,185 257 339 184, 185, 189 392 347, 392 283 303 303 392 343 316, 317 321 283 298 242 313 349. 392 392 392 133, 173 180, 181, 193 392 392 286, 287 392 283 313 250, 312 305 301 331 287 257,321 97,392 293 242 184, 185 392 285 328 249 261, 263, 315 251 184, 185, 189 392 84 347,392 343 392 392 302,303 327 392 392 392 392 252 252 118,253 392 392 283 392 251 215 311 392 323 331 252 293 335 293 392 392 311 393 393 305 209 393 327,393 393 317 263, 285 250 254,313 393 R Q Quetone, J. Quinn, M. 346 110, 297,393 Raines, A. Rains, E. Rambo, M. Randall, Josh Randall, N. Randle, C. Rankin, C. Rankin, R. Ratliff, B. Ravenscroft, G. Rawers, L. Rawlston, Purina Rawlston, S. Ray. J. Ray, S. Raynor, D. Razook, F. Reagan, C. Reagan, Ron. Real, D. Reber, L. Reddick, J. Redmon, L. Redstone, D. Redstone, Dorothy Reed, B. Reed, D. Reed, R. A. Reese, M. Reese, Cup Reeser, M. Reeve, R. Regan, F. Regensdorf, P. Reigling, M. C. Reid, B. Reigle, J. Reilly, B. Reilly, Bill Reilly, N. Reilly, S. Reinhard, H. F. Reinhardt, P. Rentschler, C. Rentschler, S. Repp, S. M. Retter, F. Retzke, J. Retzke, Jean ReutUnger, C. Rex, C. Rey-Barreau, E. Reynolds, B. Reynolds, C. Reynolds, S. O. Rhea, D. Rhineheart, P. Rhodes, B. Rhodes, Rail Ricaidi, J. Rice, B. Rice, Beryl Richardson, C. Rickle, J. Ridley, C. Riera, D. Ried, S. Riley, K. Riley, Kathryn Rinehart, D. Rim by Rindy, W. Rio, Bravo Rio, Vince Ridey, G. Rittey, J. Roaik, N. Roberts, A. Roberts, C. Roberts, S. Roberts, T. Robinson, B. Robinson, D. Robinson, M Rodgers, L. Rodgers, T. Rogalski, R. Rogers, B. Rogers, D. Rogers, Donna Rogers, G. L. Rogers. J. Rogers, M. Rogers, Roy Rohter, B. 109 250, 283, 184, 185, 254 282 116, 331, 110, 215, 254, 255, 253, 341, 83, 110, 205 287 184, 185 184 184 255 257 257 184 108, 109 293 171, 250, 254 114 177 393 583 287 287 583 393 240 393 116 583 393 313 267 393 335 315 583 303 283 313 393 339 393 297 393 393 282 383 393 393 331 393 393 115 250 393 183 393 293 52 283 84 297 393 393 311 311 321 583 393 327 207 393 297 251 188 383 266 185 185 320 339 313 249 245 283 283 297 185 335 383 240 250 261 301 315 119 303 335 260 347 108 313 339 , 342 293 335 301 55 285 297 395 287 RondeU, C. Rooks, L. Ropke, N. A. Rose, Bud Rose, P. Rosello, R. Rosis, M. Ross, Betsy Ross, C. Ross, J. Ross, L. Ross, S. Rotter, G. Rottmann, J. Rotzko, R. Roundtree, J. Roundtree, K. Roush, K. Rovetta, C. A. Rowe. B. Rozai, L. D. Rozinski, W. Rubinas, W. RuUng, S. Rundlett, R. T. Rupert. J. Rus, C. Rush, N. O. Russell, B. Russell, Bill Russell, J. A. RusseU, M. L. Rust Rust. Stain Ruth, L. Rutherford, S. Ryan, P. Sackett, K. Sagar, S. Sailors, B. Sakson, E. Salandi, J. Sali, J. Saltsman, M. Samnions Sammons, M. Sanchez, T. Sander, J. Santi, C. Santi, R. Sapp. J. Sasser, C. Sasser, L. Sasser, Linda Saunders. L. Savage. J. Saxon. Anglo Saxon. L.M. Sayama, T. Scalera, C. Scalera, T. Scaturro, A. Schadow, K, Sch effer. Pen Scharfschwerdt, E. Schaughnessy, P. Scheffer, J. Scheibel, L. Schendel, L, Scher, B. Schill, P. SchilUnger, L. Schimmack, D. Schmeisser, N. Schmid, B. Schmidt, B. Schmidt. Messer Schmit, J, Schnebly. B, Schnute, G. Schoene, S. Scholz, G. Schomber, J. Schorious, M. Schroder, P. Schuck, J. Schucks, 0. Schuessler. D. Schuler. B. Schultz, C. Schultz. T. Schumacher, S. 286 114 120 386 303 317 321 583 335 210, 211 317 321 141, 311 341 347 246 395 253 54 347 395 317 104, 108, 240 283, 395 395 301 293 56 395 298 395 395 184, 185 395 297 301 83,313 •S 303 305 249 347 395 317 242 185,185 335 317 251, 285 285 94 114, 116 395 327,395 250 115 88, 245 395 249, 253, 395 210 311 311,395 253 242, 253 582 395 299 395 117,251 312 53 395 395 343 261, 263 ' 395 301 395 299 395 215 325 327 395 249 112, 252 338, 395 395 395 252 395 257 172, 250, 252, 285 Schurig, B. Schweitzer, B. Sciullo, M. Scoggins, R. Sconiers, P. Scott, C. Scott, D. Scott, D. Scott, S. Scott, Towels Scott. W. Scourtes, M. Scrivener, S. Scrivner, D. Seager, J. Seaman, D. Sears, R.B. Sears, S. Sears, W. Sedgley, D. Sedniak, B. See, L. Seibert, S. Selden, M. Sellers Sellers, J. SeUers, R. Semanchik Semberger, F. Setzer, C. Sewell Seymour, M. Seymour, M. Shaffer, J. Shaffer, M. Shalley, M. Shannon, J. Shannon, J. Sharkey, S. Sharp, J. Shashy, D. Shaughnessy, P. Shaw. J. Shea, B. Shea, Sheila Shea, T. Sheehan, L. Shelton, J. Shepherd, C. Shepherd, J. Shappard, C. Sherman,A. Sherman, J. Sherman, P. Shermer, S. Sherr, D. Shields, D. Shimada, T. Shimp, B. Shingler, S. Shingler, P. Shoemaker, G. Shoemaker, R. Shore, C. Short, P. Shoup, S. Showalter, C. Shuff, J. Shurley.W. Shurtz, D. Sicus, F. Sickler, D. Sierra, L. Sikora, J. Simanonok, K. Simon, J. Simpson, C. Simp.son,R. Singer, S. Singletary, B. Singleton, K. Sink, N. Sinnott, T. Sisley, G. Sisley, W. Skekel, T. Skclton, B. Skclton, D. Skelton, J. Skclton. Red Skinner, L. Sladc, M. Slanc, S. Slattcry, J. Skok, C. Skyrms, D. Skyrms, S. Sloan, L. 303 115 283, 395 87, 119 320 287 341, 395 339 283 395 321,395 85 395 335 335 341, 395 335 283, 395 331 260, 395 293 261 395 395 184, 185 396 132, 187, 190, 197 184, 185 396 285 184, 185 396 396 264 293, 396 335 396 303 243 183 261, 264 299,311 287, 397 293 396 330 396 396 396 287, 396 335,396 317 396 396 251,311 95 396 211, 218 260 254 313 215,396 240, 396 396 96 321 287, 396 293, 396 257, 396 252 323 396 396 266 347 283 287 341 243, 285 396 172 252 341 303, 396 317,396 109, 396 340, 341 321 255,301 396 396 215 252 253 215 313 313 396 Small. S. Smiley, M. Smith, A. Smith, A. Smith, B. Smith, C.H. Smith, D. Smith, D. Smith, E. Smith, G. Smith, G. Smith, H. Smith, K. Smith, L. Smith, M. Smith, M.E. Smith, P. Smith, S. Smith, R. Smith, S. Smith, Wanda Smithdeal, T. Smylenyak, J. Snipes, L. Snow, E. Snow, S. Solanick, S. SorreU, P. Sparkman, B. Sparkman, S. Sparling, J. Spence, C. Spetz. K. Spitzer, P. Splinter, C. Sposato, J. Sprawls, S. Springfeld, C. Srygley,S. Stacker, E. Stafford, J. Stafford, R. Stafford, T. Stagg, T. Stallings, J. Stambaugh, R. Stanford, P. Starkey.C. Starkman, V. Starnes, M. Starnes, M.L. Starns, M. Starr, N. SteagoU, M. Stedley, J. Steen.sland, R. Stephens, A. Stephens, P. Stephenson, L. Stewart, D. Stewart, J. Stewart, M. Stezer, K. Stichler, B. Still, H. StiUweU, K. Stitt, G. Stoak, C. Stockdale, P. Stoakes Stone, L. Stone. N. Stone, Rolling Stone, S. Stoned, l.M. Straws, J. Strickland, D. Strickland, P. StricUand, S. Strickland, S. Strickler String, B. Stringer, P. Strong, S. Stubbs, J. Stultz, B. Stutz, A. Suarez, S. Sugarbear, P. Sugarman, H. Sullivan, B. Sullivan, C. Sullivan, Ed Sullivan, J. Summcrlin, J. Sumner, W. Sunderland, K. Susik, M. 327 396 283 396 283 317 89 303 339 86, 109 397 266 257, 397 397 114,254. 282. 283 397 397 397 253 170 255,283 397 335 397 303, 397 88 397 250, 397 287 321,397 317 251 261 303 317 260 267 397 79 335 397 321,397 317 325 215 323,397 306 397 253 311 250 397 397 325 397 293, 397 303 287, 397 397 397 397 285 254 108 397 339 298, 397 397 397 184, 185 398 114,339 583 313 397 109 57 398 311 311 184, 185 397 305, 398 242 211,218 240 327 255 397 398 341 339 397 109 247 184, 185,215 244 118 Sutta, J. Sutton. A. Sutton. D. Swanson. J. Swanson. R. Swartz. L. Sweat. J. Swigler. J. Swing. R. Swinger, P. Sylvester, T.C. Sylvester, V. Sykes, B. Szarowicz, M. 398 93 253 257,311,398 316,317 398 331 242 398 398 398 398 184, 185 257 Tabor, J. Taglauer, L. Talbot, F. TaUey.J. TaUy, Fla. Taminosian, S. Tamm, M. Tan, Sun Tang, L. Tanner, S. Tanz, P. Tartar, P. Tarter, Sauce Tarvin, G. Tayis, C. Taylor, B. A. Taylor. C. Taylor, Carolyn Taylor. D. E. Taylor. Deborah Taylor, Dorothy S. Taylor. J. Taylor, L. Taylor, P. A. Taylor, R. Taylor, Liz Taylor. Rebecca A. Taylor, Roger E. Tedder, R. TeUeck, R. TennereUi, D. Terre borne, P. Thomas Thoman, A. F. Thomas, B. Thomas, J. Thomas, S. Thomley, D. R. Thompson, D. Thompson, J. Thompson, T. Thresher. J. E. Thurston. C. Tichenor. W. Tidd. C. Tilford. R. Timmerman, J. L. Tindal. A.F.B. Tindal. K. Tindel. C. R. Tiner, N. Tipton, V. Tischler, M. Titlow, B. Todd, D. Todd, P. Tommasi, M. A, Tong, B. Tookes, H. Torlcy, T. W. Touch ton. T. Tower. B. L. Towsend. A. Tracy. Dick Tracy. Zan Trawick. A. Trawick, B. Trcacy, V. Treadway, J. Trecce, G. Tremblay, B. Trcxier, M. Tricky, Dicky Triggs, A. Tripp, D. A. Tripp, D. L. Trovillion M. A. Troxel, F. 253 260 285 335 323 232,322 253 396 283 398 253 253 397 398 121 253 121 339 298, 398 285 398 323, 398 255 313,398 349, 398 398 398 398 253 285 260 398 184. 185 398 89 82 215 398 341 253 398 249. 398 297 254. 302 398 347 399 399 255. 285 399 303, 399 311 399 399 399 399 399 113 320, 399 399 109,327,399 399 399 399 183 399 583 209 253 247 325 299 399 245. 247 399 399 121,249.399 92, 343 Troxel, B. 303 Tnimbowcr, J. 252,255 Tsarios 252 Tshantz. K. 343 TufareUa, M. E. 96 , 299, 347 Tuffy 299 TuUos, P. C. 399 Tumlin, J. 298 Tunkel, R. 331,399 Turchin, J. 399 Turley. H. 92 Turnage, T. 335 Turner, M. E. 327 Turner, W. 399 Turpin, C. 399 Tuttle, R. C. 347, 399 Twitty, J. R. 399 T witty, Conway 399 TyrreU, M. 250 Tyson, J. 184, 185, 196, 201 Ulmer, E. Underwood, J. Upton, K. Urban, K Urban, Katherine Van Brunt, S. C. Van Doren, D. Van Gundy, P. Van Horn, M. J. Vanassenderp, K. Vann, C. Van, Line Varney, S. Vasquez, M. Vatikiotis, C. Vaughan, W. P. Vaught, R. Vause, S. Vazquez, J. J. Vega, E. Venn, J. Vetter, V. Vick, J. Vihihen, R. Vodrey,G. Vining, J. Vohun Von Glahn, D. Voorhees, C. R. Waas, G. WaddeU, D. Wade, G. Wade, R. Wade, T. Wagner, J. Wagner, M. Wagner, R. Waitek, B. Waits, T. Walch, C. Waldby, H.O. Waldon, P. Waldon, Pond Waldon, G. Walker Walker, A. Walker, J. Walker, S. Walker, W. WaUace, C. Wallace, George Wallace, J.S. Wallace, R. Wallace, S. Walsh, T. Walter, M. Walters, C. Walters, C.L. Walters, P. Walther, D. Wander, A. u 399 325 399 399 89,301,399 399 254, 399 285 399 240 341 399 297 215 343 400 400 305 400 244 332 302, 303 325 253 311, 250 253 184, 185 313 400 w 86 113,114, 117, 297 311 109 109,400 293 331 325 211 240 306 51 115 299 301 184, 185 140, 141,297 299 299 99 261,263 583 299 193 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 327 Ward, C. Ward, C. Ward, D. Ward, O.B. Ward, R. Ware, Corning Ware, S.L. Waring, Blender Waring, L. Warner, B. Warren Warren, Court Warren, J. Warren, LB. Wait, A. Wasbin, G. WassU,!. Water, Melon Waters, S.L, Waters, S.M. Watkins, B. Watkins, Z.M. Weathersbee, S. Webb, J. Webb, L. Webb, P. Webb, Spider Weber, K. Week, N.D. Weeks, J. Weigel, J. Weighton, N. WeUder, J.C. Weir, J. Weiser, Bud Welch, J. Welsh, N. Welch, R. Welch, W.D. Welchs, G.J. Wellborn, C.T. Welliver, M. WeUs, B.K. WeUs, J.P. Wenhold Wentzel, M. Wenzel, C. Werner, R. Wesley, L. West, James West, R. West, S. West, Wyld Westrip, C. Wetherall, B. Wetherall, T.K. Wexler, B. Wharton, W. Wheat, Flour Wheat, T. Whetston, C. Whichard, M. Whigham Whilden, S. White White, B. White, L.M. White, Black White, R. White, S. Whitefield, T. Whitehurst, K. Whitley, J. Whitman, S. Whitman, Sampler Whitson, L.M. Whittaker, N. Wickers, W.O. Wicked, Witch Widman, R. Wiehaus, D. Wierengo, S Wiggins, D. E. Wiggins, J. WUds, R. WUbur, D. Wilderson, M. Wilkerson, S. B. WUkerson, T. Willett, J. A. Williams, F. Williams, C. Williams, Cornelia Williams, D. F. Williams, E. WiUjams, J. E. Williams, Judy Williams, P. 141,400 287 97, 311.400 400 331 583 400 583 339 327 184, 185 583 120 400 400 325 253 399 400 400 255,332 400 285, 400 400 583 306 400 251 400 311,400 331 347 400 301, 251, 254 400 400 255 400 400 397 52 401 401 401 184,185 287,401 283, 292, 401 89 119 401 303, 401 115, 243 401 260 266 180 401 57 401 311 253 301 184,185 351,339 184, 185 209 401 401 323 283 323 311 240 401 401 401 287 401 401 323 81, 115,339 401 401 215 401 253 243, 401 399 255 401 209 260 285 401 401 401 114 116 Williams, R. 335, ,401 Williams, Ronald 320, .343, ,401 Williams, S. 320 Williams, W, 202, 206, 207, , 320 Willis, B. C. 335, ,401 Willis, M. 303 Wihnot, W. 347 WU.son, B. A. 401 Wilson, C, 283 Wilson, Chris 253 Wilson, E. 305 Wilson, J. 401 Wilson, Jim 323 WUson, M. 401 Wilson, Mary Jo 119 WUson, MoUie 401 WUson, R. 95 WUson, S. A. 401 Winderweedle, J. 331 Winfree, J. N. 401 Winfree, N. 305 Winchester, .45 401 Winchester, S. 257 Wing, L. 115 Winner, H. 253 Winstead, H. 252 Winters, P, 347 Winters, S. S. 53 ,240 Wisdom, J. 347 Wise, D. 401 Wise, Guy 401 Wise, S. 245 Wisner, L. 282, 283 ,401 Wiszneauckas, D. 245 ,402 Witter, R. A. 402 Wittstruck, D. 114 Witty, L. 112 Wolf, Big Bad 402 Wolf, S. L. 313 Wood, C. D. 402 Wood, L. 402 Wood, Pulp 402 Wood, S. A. 249 ,402 Wood, Suzanne 327 Woodard, S. A. 402 WoodeU, G. 343 Woodland, C. 402 Woodson, M. A. 343, ,402 Woodward, J. 285 Worral, R. 116 Worthington, J. 253 Wright, Bros. 402 Wright, L. 260 Wright, M. 402 Wright, Marsha 250, 302, ,402 Wright, T. 297 ,402 Wright, Thomas 240 Wright, Left 398 Wrigley,Gum 402 Wurzel, B. 321 Wyant, G. 180 Wyckoff, K. 283 Yatouk, B. YedeU York, New York, P. York, W. Young, B. Young, J. Young, M. Young, S. Youngblood, R. Younkins, D. Zackard, G. Zacur, R. Zaffran Zahn, M. Zammit, S. M. Zapp, R. Zatarian, N. E. Zeffer, J. Zera, G. Zimmerman, D. Zindell, S. Zion, H. S. Zorba, T. G. Zorro 260 184,185 402 327 325 297 331 339 205 331 402 249 323 184, 185 335 402 347 402 402 215 243,311 209 188, 240,402 402 402 n Memoriam Richard p. DeGia Bom: September 20, 1947 Died: May 5, 1969 The Brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi dedicate this page in his remembrance. ■3r:!( l ' l:y:=-: l ' ' V. - ' ' X: ' . ) i I

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