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The Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida u iff r , » Up%. r ■ % Hi . JS9f JHME " 1 i iib mail E m mm». ■. . J iBBrTlkjv - %. « ■ " » ' ' £■■ i L ■ ■ ' ■■■■■ IJ ■5 ■ • «i(» i- ■ (ML k j - . . MBmKm 7? jhg i Wl Pf 11 1 TTl 4Hw if H kT3S r i ' « " A, 3»H r ST " »- UhE • 1 Ue .. . ■ , «r P 1 " aUl I- ft 4 B ■». V , ■■ Wf? 1 1 1 1 __ » » 1968 Tally Ho If iiim ■1 pi iHii Contents Introduction 4 Dedication 44 Academics 46 Student Affairs 74 Student Government 93 Sports 110 Organizations 166 Greeks 208 Pageantry 296 Fine Arts 334 Beauties 344 Seniors 352 Closing 398 TERRY S. HUDSON Editor-in-Chief KAREN M. STARR Assistant Editor DENNIS HELMS Business Manager Broader horizons, new experiences an innovation to learning like the Renaissance man FSU expanded its environment m J§ Hk R l - . B ■S • ' . ' ■■ HpE ' .: H9 HB§P ' .:■ ■ j K ;i ' : 1 ■ " ' B ■ ■ -■ ■ ' tS«-» s ' - ' t ■■ ■■ ' -■■ " ■ ' ' ;: ' ' - " ' ■ K •-. ' •■ri ■ v ■Lfl 1 H ' : ' Vif» ' ,.;- B " ' ;v ?vi| £«flS!S ■ ■ ■ " i «i_ - -- ' ■ ' ■.■ i B . 3 v iH H H - | - j ' . . I » ? IH £ ■ ■ " m — B . " ■- i V S 9| B ' Ti» h| ■ ' B fe v- " 1 " ' ' iU -.-»ii;. ■ ■- H W ' f .frf T ii H B " H ■ -B Ak SWb ' ■ - ' ■ IKe ' ' ' ' rW bB % ■ ' -• A trB B ' J-V - " " RIQ J 1 %Huffi . ; ' Hi; 11 - . ■ I PHI H HI 9 11 n it P __B bb b h ttt! i b 11 £ 1 . . ■iifc ' . ■ ■ »i 1 ■ ' r - v ; If S Gtc IB mm ■ ■ I ■? ™ f nit 1 ftf n m i 3 1 ■ I § Ti,B ■ I Am B J !• ' " ' J3 Hi ■a l En A 3 WU •—- 131. i S3 B§3 I( b« ' ■ M 1 £gl ■ So! i Ri jfc|f |l , 4 v w£. ' K - • i . - ifc I Sa ■ . ■ Bi ?Ji R • i »► -J 1 »rr K - j b ► V ? Sf »i ' i v j ■% ] ■ ' . l lul Br3s i » £r BKi iMI W Kfj Ib! ml SHK ?■ 1 rsS j Sjar-fliu QJDK ' IS r 1 i ri EmE an i fa The Duomo of Florence, the Ponte Vecchio a bullfight, an afternoon siesta Shinto shrines in the Far East an eye-widening movement from the static to the dynamic : The world— our campus the galaxie— our goal the once ingenuous American student now involved with the world ■ FSU was awakened it sparked with excitement Gothic towers lost their serenity everything gained momentum I I ' t 4. Jimi ii An education— our telos how attained 7 by exposure, an introduction to ideas nothing stale— always new 13 A hum from within a spark like lightning it catches and spreads and eventually engulfs 14 15 16 A few went to explore they brought it back perhaps they were the catalysts it did not die— instead, it thrived ■■ , « • ■ , J H x ■ ■ tt : a An fld fla «n pis " " fl iva fliq on ! «. ti 4 . • £ • • «■ AA 4 ■iijii b« as flfl ns flF1 ww a a flfiflfl « it a 44. W • • . , . -fcA ' • 44r ■ 1 1 W jy TT Tf fl: fl« «H fflfl a M f m - 4L. . At ' • «, , , . • • 17 The best environment a readiness to accept an open mind— these were there and so it grew 18 19 J ? ' ■ ' s.: ' ' ' i ? •% ' ■ " ' - • • ? -■ -.- Time flows, life is a stream, people say, and so on I do not notice it time stands still and I with it — Soren Kierkegaard Come gather ' round people wherever you roam and admit that the waters around you have grown and accept it that soon you ' ll be drenched to the bone -Bob Dylan 23 If your time to you is worth saving you ' d better start swimming or you ' ll sink like a stone for the times they are a-dhanging —Bob Dylan ilk 26 ; £- Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pen and keep your eyes wide the chance won ' t come again and don ' t speak too soon for the wheel ' s still in spin and there ' s no telling who that it ' s naming for the loser now will be later to win for the times they are a— changing —Bob Dylan Come Senators and Congressmen please heed the call don ' t stand in the doorway don ' t block up the hall for he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled. -Bob Dylan 28 H- A battle outside raging will soon break your windows and rattle your walls for the times they are a-changing — Bob Dylan 30 " JjLia . ■ -. ' . .1 1 1 i I _JL_ji ■SHrpgsssa - . ■ . ,. - 3XZI II - I , ■ I . ' . ' I ' ' ! ' ' i : rr I I n ■ ' M gK P £sssr: 31 Come mothers and fathers throughout the land and don ' t criticize what you can ' t understand your sons and your daughters are beyond your command —Bob Dylan ' r t " 32 Your old road is rapidly aging please get out of the new one if you can ' t lend your hand for the times they are a-changing S?Sl -Bob Dylan - " m !te ■■ 35 36 The line it is drawn the curse it is cast the slow one now will later be fast as the present now will later be past —Bob Dylan ' fT ' nii llliBii| i ■. -jja ■■■mjm f ' iTWW , ■ ' - ; ■ ■ • . : : • ' I ■• " ■ I . I ■ • ■ ' 1 1 i I i | r m 8 ■ - ' ■ " Un iMli- The order is rapidly fading and the first one now will later be last for the times they are a-changing Bob Dylan 38 39 I ' m taking the time for a number of things that weren ' t important yesterday and I still go —John Lennon and Paul McCartney 40 41 Look around the grass is high the fields are ripe it ' s the springtime of my life —Paul Simon 42 BILL PETERSON Head Football Coach In Dedication 44 Agricultural Commissioner Doyle Conner presents Coach Pete the Governor ' s Cup, awarded annually to the winner of the FSU— Florida Game. I ' IP fi Decisive moments, a final choice, and a Florida State victory could all have been used to describe one of the many hair-raising experiences that occurred during the past seven football seasons. However, this decision held a more important bearing than any one game or any one season. Coach Bill Peterson was offered a position with the San Francisco 49er ' s and the FSU football fans held their breath. The tide turned in our favor, and Coach Pete was going to stay. Bill Peterson came to the Seminoles in 1960 and since then things have looked up. From mediocrity to national ranking and two Ail-Americans in one year, Florida State football has risen to rank as the most exciting team in the nation. Peterson started with no money and no backing in the state; now recruiting is done nation-wide. Alumni, fans, faculty and students have realized that the Tribe has come of age because there is a man who has dedicated his life to a cause. The 1968 TALLY HO salutes Bill Peterson. 45 46 Academics 47 JOHN ELMER CHAMPION President of the Florida State University 48 . ' ■,V ' t " . ' - ! 49 Administration DR. E. LAURENCE CHALMERS Vice President for Academic Affairs DR. JOHN J. CAREY Vice President for Student Affairs DR. H. ODELL WALDBY Vice President for Administrative Affairs DEAN HORTENSE M.GLENN School of Home Economics DEAN COYLE E. MOORE School of Social Welfare DR. CHARLES T. WELLBORN University Chaplain DR. STEPHENS S. WINTERS Director, Division of Basic Studies DEAN ROBERT O. LAWTON College of Arts and Sciences DEAN CHARLES ROVETTA School of Business DEAN WILEY HOUSEWRIGHT School of Music DEAN VIVIAN DUXBURY School of Nursing 52 DEAN HAROLD GOLDSTEIN Library School DEAN J. STANLEY MARSHALL College of Education DEAN GROVER L. ROGERS School of Engineering Science DEAN MASON LADD College of Law Outstanding Professors DR. VERNON B. FOX School of Social Welfare Singlehandedly suppressing a riot at the Michigan State Prison, Dr. Vernon B. Fox gained national attention for his work in criminology and corrections. His account of the Michigan incident was published in a book, VIOLETS BEHIND BARS. Dr. Fox was awarded a grant of $300,000 by the Ford Foundation to establish the Southeastern Correctional and Criminological Research Center. Coming to FSU in 1952, he organized the Department of Criminology, was advisor to the local chapter of Delta Tau Kappa, the National Social Science Honor Society, and was a member of the National Law Enforcement Society, Lambda Alpha Epsilon. Dr. Victor R. B. Oelschlager, chairman of the Department of Modern Languages, came to FSU in 1953 as head of the department. A scholar of international reputation, he attracted students of Cervantes and medieval Spanish literature from throughout the United States and Europe. Among his outstanding publications were POEMA DEL CID IN VERSE AND PROSE, a translation of King Alfonso ' s ESTORIA GENERAL, and QUIXOTESENCE, helpful works to the student of Spanish literature. At FSU, Dr. Oelschlager organized a new doctoral program in French and a German master ' s program. He also served as advisor to the Foreign Study Program. MADAME ELENA NIKOLAIDI School of Music World renowned for her operatic performance, Elena Nikolaidi sang with the leading houses of the world including the Metropolitan and the Vienna Stage Opera where she was awarded the title of " Kammersangerin " for superior artistry from the Austrian government. As a concert artist she appeared in Europe, Australia, Canada, South America, and the United States. Other honors awarded to Miss Nikolaidi included the Golden Cross of Phoenix and the Taxiarchis from King Paul of Greece. Teaching at FSU for eight years, she remained active in concert work under the Columbia Artist ' s Management. Born in Wales, John Anthony Llewellyn came to FSU as a research associate to the Chemistry Department in 1960. Dr. Llewellyn ' s teaching and laboratory research were concerned with the engineering aspects of space flight and the astronautics program. He hopes to further this study with first-hand experience since chosen a member of the " Heaven to Earth " space exploration team. Dr. Llewellyn left Tallahassee to begin training in the astronaut program in the fall. He became interested in space through his research at FSU studying the effects of nuclear radiation on gases and the chemistry of the upper atmosphere of planets. DR. VICTOR R. B. OELSCHLAGER College of Arts and Sciences DR. JOHN ANTHONY LLEWELLYN School of Engineering Science DEAN MASON LADD College of Law Dean of the newest school at FSU, the School of Law, Mason Ladd was the winner of many awards including the Annual Award of Merit by the Iowa State Bar Association and membership on the Executive Committee of the Association of American Law Schools. Dean Ladd was also a member of the committee of the American Law Institute which drafted the Model Code of Evidence. Here at FSU, his areas of concentration were evidence and jurisprudence. The author of several books and articles, Dean Ladd contributed to various legal periodicals. Dr. Julia Schwartz was honored by the National Gallery of Art with a medal presented to her by Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson for distinguished work and service in art education. Serving on a committee for Princeton University, Dr. Schwartz recently helped develop a test for measuring art abilities in students and pre-school-aged children. Consultant to the Florida Department of Education and member of the Board of Directors of the National Art Education Association were among the positions held by Dr. Schwartz since coming to FSU in 1 947. DR. JULIA SCHWARTZ College of Education DR. HALE G. SMITH College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Hale G. Smith, director of the University Museum and head of the Department of Anthropology, filled his office with collections of artifacts from expeditions as far away as India and as close as St. Augustine. Scientific excavations for Logan Museum expedition in Mexico, an archeological investigation of El Morro in San Juan, and expeditions at Fort San Carlos, Florida, were among the studies for which he was responsible. An ethnographic study of the Spanish-Colonial period of the New World, which was centered in Tallahassee, was Dr. Smith ' s most recent project. DR. HOMER A. BLACK School of Business Recognized both nationally and abroad, Dr. Homer A. Black was selected to spend a year teaching at the International Management Development Institute in Lausanne, Switzerland. He gained teaching experience at University of Georgia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Ohio University before coming to FSU in 1957, where he served as chairman of the Accounting Department. Dr. Black was the winner of the Elijah Watts Sells silver medal for the second highest score on the C.P.A. examination and spoke before many university and C.P.A. functions. I 59 With the beginning of a new year a new system — the quarter. Advantages: Registration 3 times a year instead of twice. OHIO HUH . ' IITIVI1 W M A ■ l MA! r - ' •• I An increased library of texts, simply meaning more books to buy. 62 ttmtrilKf ; «i JIP 63 Each day becomes more crowded With things to do, Places to go, People to see. 64 65 f More classes, more deadlines, more hustling about- An emphasis on perpetual motion 67 68 But then why are we here? An education in life? Perhaps, but life is where you find it. You cannot search for it within the walls of an institution. And I wonder . . M 70 Why move to this stone fortress of big buildings and modern laboratories Armed with heavy books and led by the finest professors But for knowledge. 71 Extra hours spent studying. More time in classes. ■ i Yet that is what it ' s all about . . . It is knowledge that makes us great- A great university, A great country, A great universe. 72 And it is because we believe this That we are here at FSU. 73 v Z5 74 Student Affairs 75 Publications Administration JUNE FALUN Secretary BILLY . BOYLES Advisor to Student Publications LARRY EWING Production Coordinator DONNA MEYERS Student Assistant Board of Student Publications BOARD OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS: Front row: Laurel Akers, Barbara Paterson, Kathy Urban; Second row: Dr. B. G. Vanderhill, Howard Horowitz, Dr. Robley Light, Gary Wetherington, Cliff Colnot, Dr. Leon Golden, Rick Obermeyer, Terry Hudson, Billy Boyles. BARBARA PATERSON Chairman of BOSP TERRY HUDSON Editor-in-Chief Tally Ho STUART MURPHY Sports Editor CYNDEE PATRICIO Layout Editor LARRY BROWN Managing Editor KAREN STARR Assistant Editor MARY McNEVIN Staff +:.. k DIANNE MEANS Copy Editor ( A ' ■■ ' " ' » t. Tte nam. 5jZm ' ■ •» f wl MITTEN BARRINEAU Pageantry Editor MARY HEALY and TOMMY HOLLIMAN Academics Editors BRENDA SINGLETARY Student Affairs Editor KATHY MORRIS Sorority Editor DONNA WIEHAUS Fraternity Editor KAREN CIBULA Organizations Editor LINDA AKIN Beauties Editor PAT MCTAGUE Classes Editor KATHY URBAN Editor-in-Chief Florida State Flambeau JIM GEARING Associate Editor JUDY SCHOMBER Sports Editor TERRY McCOULLOUGH Production Editor GARY THOMAS News Writer GARY SMITH Wire Editor SHEILA SNOW Sports Writer SUE CARY Campus Editor MARY ANNE GRUTERS Features Editor 84 KENNETH JONES Sports Writer JOE SAVAGE Assistant Sports Editor , ,iatiA. J. w : ' IVIS BOHLEN Secretary m CHERYL NAYLOR Layout Editor M SANDI TATE Staff Writer 85 Production Lab MOZART G. DA SILVA Production Assistant JULIE MARVIN Proofreader VERLANE GARIS Student Assistant SUE HEPNER Proofreader JACK LEVINS Offset Photographer 86 BOB NAYLOR, BARRY MCELREATH, and SANDI STARR Production Lab Assistants NANCY MICKELBERRY Assistant Coordinator MARY JANE KENEMAN Justowriter Operator Vi Mau VINA BRYAN Proofreader JUDY MONETTE Varityper Operator 87 Student Publications Business Office DENNIS HELMS Business Manager RICK STEINKE Advertising Manager 88 MEL MARTINEZ Assistant Business Manager PAT HANLON Secretary WARD GREENE and RICHARD BANKS Salesmen RON GUNTHER and TONY GILSTRAP Salesmen 89 Smoke Signals MACK GOETHE Photographer ANDY ANDERSON Editor KATHY MORRIS Staff HELAINE WALSH and TERRY McCULLOUGH Managing Editor and Production Consultant 90 JAMIE ALBERTIE Photographer DAN CAMOZZI Photographer Photography BARRY MITTAN Photographer LEGEND STAFF: Roy Werner, Managing Editor, John Lelekis, Short Story Writer, Laurel Akers, Editor-in-Chief, Bob Buzcak, Poetry Editor, Cheval Force, Art Editor. Legend LAUREL AKERS Editor-in-Chief KPW53E-. T C7|| ra iL P I r- :-- 7 .. - ., u ■« " ' - , ' . 1 1 ■ ■ ;-— - ■ c 4 ■ j ' - ■ " ■■■ ft vH ; ,3S p® lili p r L..j 5i§ig WSBBBsS ir 1 H| if ' ■ ' iSBBpWw ' - 4 I ' l . : IN flQ - W ' ' t- -. p i ' W ' " I k j • 1 f J Ft Stud ■ iiii 1 ,.j p 4 -«gg tl ? " i f? fSf iP vtfVSE ' Action Party Leads Student Government GENE STEARNS President of Student Government LYMAN FLETCHER Vice President of Student Government 94 CAROL NEUFELD Women ' s Vice President HUGH HOLLEY Men ' s Vice President Cabinet LINDA KOTOWSKI Secretary of the Union CHIP WHITE Secretary of Academic Affairs CHARLIE PARSONS Secretary of State JACK WHITLEY Secretary of Internal Affairs bill Mcdonald Treasurer 96 HOWARD HOROWITZ Solicitor General FRANK JOHNS Secretary of Communications CATHY MYRICK Comptroller DOUG MORFORD Attorney General KEN NEMETH Commissioner of Elections 97 Senate members express support of the anti-censorship vigil by joining demonstrators on the steps of Westcott for the Wednesday afternoon session of Student Senate. Armstrong, K. Best, J. Boehm, J. R. Bonifay, C. Boyer, G. Brandt, M. Burr, A. CampbeU, D. Campbell, D. S. Clark, S. Duncan, W. Hays, G. Kersh, J. Kodatt, S. LeVeille, A. R. 98 Senate Is Active in Student Affairs v LYMAN FLETCHER President of Senate A 1 SHERRI MANLEY and MARY GREGORY Secretaries to Senate £fcl MacBroom, C. Noel, N. Obermeyer, S. Pease, W. Ross, C. Rubinas, W. Schemberu, J. Smith, D. Smith, M. E. Sullivan, J. Touchton, T. Wade, W. 99 Supreme Court IDA MINGIONE Junior Women ' s Justice VINCE RIO Chief Justice ■ ., FLOSSIE LEDBETTER Senior Women ' s Justice CUYLER VOORHEES Junior Women ' s Justice TIM TIMMONS Senior Men ' s Justice x « TOM WADE Junior Men ' s Justice DIANE ZIMMERMAN Junior Women ' s Justice PAUL REGENSDORF Junior Men ' s Justice Junior Counselors Front row : Laura Newton, Pat Stephens, Elaine Phares; Second row : Dulcie Verner, Bunny Mostyn, Kay Upton, Winnie Below, Janet Graham, Bernadette Zaccard, Karen Starr; Third row : Linda Akin, Margaret Kane, Cammie Mixon, Marilyn Partin, Carol Pitts, Tanya Connor, Linda Allan. Front row : Toni Scalera, Pat Parramore, Martha Lamkin, Kathy Hall, Linda Kotowski, Sandy Wolf; Second row : Anne Lefils, Sandy Anton, Carol Kellum, Pat Schall, Sue Ann Jamison, Julie McMillan, Sarah MacDougald, Marilyn Kassinger; Third row : Carol Bandlow, Janice Bodziony, Fran Railey, Mary Oakerson, Beth Roady , Sharon Hood, Sheila Bricker. Front row : Jennifer Lind, Margaret Wilkerson, Ellen Knapp, Denise Mckeon; Second row : Lynn Workizer, Barbara Ann Alderson, Lynn Ruth, Carol Stoak, Jeri Womack, Joan Caliri; Third row : Marilyn Kendrick, Sarah MacDougald, Julie McMillan, Pat Parker, Sandra Seibert, Kathy Gourley; Fourth row : Sandra Johnson, Cathy Patch, Barbara Tower, Vicki Aubuchon, Barbara Hutchinson, Janis Portal. SMITH HALL OFFICERS: Charlie Kummer, Vice President, Alex Soto, President, Ted Daywalt, Secretary-Treasurer. Bryan Hall Gilchrist Hall Smith Hall BRYAN HALL OFFICERS: Sharon Langley, Vice President, Janice Dunn, President, Denise Dosal, Vice President. GILCHRIST HALL OFFICERS: Barbara Alderson, President, Trish Bason, Social Chairman, Dee Dee Finch, Vice President. 102 Dorman Hall Si DORMAN HALL OFFICERS: Judy Turner, Vice President, Mary Ann McDavid, President, Sandy Cobb, Vice President. Salley Hall SALLEY HALL OFFICERS: Cheryl Beach, Women ' s Chairman, Mike Colton, Men ' s Chairman. LANDIS HALL OFFICERS: Brenda Bell, Vice President, Elizabeth Struthers, Vice President, Becky Cairns, President. Landis Hall DEV1NEY HALL OFFICERS: Denise McKeon, President, Pat Walden, Vice President, Pat Sullivan, Vice President. Deviney Hall Broward Hall BROWARD HALL OFFICERS: Martha Lankin, President, Heide Winstead, Vice President, Charlie Sirmans, Social Chairman, Linda Zoghby, Vice President. ' k ifr , .0 j 1 lira .sari lifd L Wj 1 ■ fc-f , fe- «. igiijlgT W fc r " L Wl0! 9k M, JEL Ik. mI fe to . ft, w V W 104 MAGNOLIA HALL OFFICERS: Pat Lasko, Vice President, Jo Ann Jocis, President, Verna Carre, Vice President. Magnolia Hall Cawthon Hall CAWTHON HALL OFFICERS: Beverly Chin, Social Chairman, Elizabeth Baum, President, Cheryl Lee, President, Mary Smith, Vice President, Darlene Dyer, President. Vice Vice 105 Scholarship House Presidents MENS ' SCHOLARSHIP HOUSE PRESIDENTS: Danny Owens, Selby 2, Marvin Curry, Selby 1, Dan Merkle, Rotary. WOMENS ' SCHOLARSHIP HOUSE PRESIDENTS: Dianne Powell, Palm Court, Kathy Kaiser, Selby, Sue Hawkins, Gadsden, Marianne Bates, BPW. 106 107 University Union PAUL DURRETT University Union Director J. ELIZABETH GARRAWAY Program Consultant KATHRYN W. VERNON Associate Program Consultant 108 UNIVERSITY UNION BOARD: Front row: Lynn Ruth, Mary Jones, Lea Heller, Linda Kotowski; Second row: Karl Mohi, Bill Stewart, Dr. Homer Mottice, George Jones, Dr. R. R. Oglesby, Dr. Ivan Johnson, Paul Durrett, Gary Wolfe, Pat Hogan. p,......J JOE BUCK Assistant Program Consultant VICKI WOODELL Miss University Union 109 10 I h w : .- ' ■ Sports 11 As Director of the Intercollegiate Athletic Progam, Vaughn Mancha brought FSU ' s athletics to national prominence with emphasis on scholarship programs and an improved sports schedule. Among his acievements during the eight years Mancha served in this position, were the addition of an athletic field house and lighted baseball field, and the enlarging of Campbell Stadium. Bill Peterson, Head Football Coach, came to FSU in 1960. Practicing a pass-oriented, pro-type offense and hard-nosed, gambling defense, Coach Pete brought the Seminole team to high ranking position in both of these categories in their 1967 football season. BILL PETERSON Head Coach FSU COACHING STAFF: Front row: Bobby Jackson, Gary Wyant, Bill Peterson, Neil Schmidt, Doug Hafner; Second row: Bob Harrison, Don Breaux, Joe Gibbs, Gene McDowell, Roy Don Wilson, Don Fauls. 11 Chiefs Behind the Action VAUGHN MANCHA Athletic Director LONNIE BURT Sports Information Director DON FAULS Athletic Trainer gene Mcdowell Freshman Coach 13 114 Seminole Spirit Squad 1967 Seminoles fef! Front row : Wenhold, Moritz, Page, Green, Eason, Hodges, Wetherell, Pickens, Cheshire, Montgomery, Corey, Burt, Montford, Kinnan, Jones, Loner, Elliott, Chereshkoff, Benson, Eagerton, Bugar, Menendez, Zion, Abraira, Pendleton, McLean, Thomas, Johnson, Gurr; Third row : White, Anderson, Mitchell, Connors; Second row. Babb, Pittman, Moremen, Gunter, Guthrie, Blatt, Yeldell, Hammond, Warren, Pajcic, Burton, Jones, Sumner, Cox, Crowe, - 16 Huggins, McCullers, Hughes, McDuffie, Mosley, Rice, Walker, Dew, Logan, Johnston, Jones; Fourth row : Edmunds, Gibson, Bracken, Tyson, Rhodes, Hiatt, Cappleman, Sellers, Gray, Lohse, Hart, Sewell, Chapman, Palmer, Fenwick, Curchin, Johnson, Vohun, Fenner, Taylor, Glass, Ratliff, Rust. 1967-68 RESULTS (7-2-1) OPPONENT Houston at Houston Alabama at Birmingham North Carolina State at Tallahassee Texas A M at College Station South Carolina at Tallahassee Texas Tech at Tallahassee Mississippi State at Tallahassee Memphis State at Memphis Virginia Tech at Tallahassee Florida at Gainesville FSU OPP 12 37 10 19 17 28 24 26 38 21 33 37 20 18 12 12 7 15 16 Dynamic Duo Ron Sellers, a pass-grabbing wizard with the darting moves of a halfback, achieved consensus All-American status at the position of flanker back. With 70 receptions and a total 1,228 yards, Sellers placed second in the nation, while his 17.5 yards per catch far exceeded every other pass-nabber. Named as an All-American by AP, Football News, US Coaches, and several others, Sellers capped the season by snaring 14 passes during the Gator Bowl and being voted Sports Illustrated ' s top lineman of all bowl contests. As a junior, Sellers has already snapped the FSU career record of total pass yards received, having gained 2,102 yards. RON SELLERS Flankerback KIM HAMMOND Quarterback Kim Hammond, who had been considered as second best quarterback during 1966, made a shambles of the Seminole record book during 1967 and became the second place ranking quarterback for the entire nation. Hammond ' s 2,074 yards of total offense fell barely short of the national yardage title, while his 58 percent pass completion record and 15 touchdown aerials erased previous Tribe marks. Honors bestowed upon Hammond included: Second team All-American (AP and UPI), fifth in the Heisman Trophy voting, and Most Valuable Player of the 1968 Senior Bowl. The most electric moment of Hammond ' s career occurred en route to the 21-15 victory over Florida. Returning from half-time unconsciousness, he immediately tossed 51- and 38-yard passes to Ron Sellers, which culminated in the winning TD. Leads Team LARRY PENDLETON Guard T. K. WETHERELL Defensive Back BILL MOREMAN Halfback, Fullback 119 Seminole Stars - • • .. ■« . ....- GRANT GUTHERIE Point Kicker .. -- . .y»Vs. " " •»»«■• ' m -, LARRY GREEN Halfback BOB MENENDEZ Defensive End WALT SUMNER Defensive Back Spark Season , : ■ - ■ ■ ■ MIKE BLATT Left Back LANE FENNER Flankerback V DALE McCULLERS Left Back 121 Tribe Scores Blazing Comeback » ' r " f ■ Kim Hammond and Ron Sellers, the nation ' s most prolific pass-catch duo of 1967, propelled FSU to a 7-2-1 football season that culminated with the Tribe ' s conquest of Florida and subsequent Gator Bowl invitation. The stunning aerial pyrotechniques of Hammond-to-Sellers triggered a torrent of post-season awards. The Tribe ' s forthcoming successful season was not evident in its opening contest. After a dismal evening at Houston, the Tribe dynamo stunned Alabama ' s vaunted pass defense to gain a 37-37 tie on the power of Hammond ' s aerials, Sellers ' 13 receptions, Walt Sumner ' s 75-yard TD punt return, and Larry Green ' s relentless running. A 20-10 setback by NC State plunged the ' 67 season into apparent disaster, but the Seminoles ' gritty 19-18 win in a Texas A M downpour was sparked by Bill Moreman and forged the initial link in a seven-victory chain. 122 Gators Gigged Again Bill Gunter ' s power running and timely defensive interceptions sparked the Tribe over South Carolina. The Homecoming win over Texas Tech and subsequent pounding of MSU set the stage for FSU ' s keynote triumph at Memphis State. There Green ' s slashing runs and the savage linebacking of Dale McCullers (AP Lineman of the Week) tamed the violent Tigers. After 500 yards of offensive might deflated the VPI nemesis, FSU dethroned Florida, 21 — 16, in a bitter dramatic reprisal at Gainesville. Hammond returned from an unconscious state to detonate a 38-yard bomb which Sellers caught sensationally for the winning TD. Tribe tacklers jarred four crucial fumbles from the Gators, to insure FSU ' s victory. a ■» flW5. flu ; . . x£ •• i A A ' ■ ■ JiatiP 124 ■Bv ji jKt -J PV v BW Jl a wit li ' iiraiw w • f m B bbBbbbT tv f 1 . H V i we v ■ ' Jr • ..■ ' ' • ' -, fy flflVm. ' • 4H 125 Gator Bowl Tie Puts Tribe Fourth in 1ft w tf 126 Season ' s Final Poll The 1967 Gator Bowl between Florida State and Penn State turned out to be two football games. The Nittany Lions dominated first half play, while the Seminoles surged in the second installment to net a 17-17 tie. Two scoring opportunities were muffed by the Tribe in the initial half. Three Penn State interceptions also cut off Seminole scoring drives. Meanwhile, Nittany Lion quarterback Tom Sherman kicked a 27 yard field goal, passed to split end Jack Curry for one touchdown and hit All-American tight end Ted Kwalick for another six points. Seminole luck behind Kim Hammond and All-American flanker Ron Sellers returned in the final period as Hammond nailed Sellers for a 15 yard TD. On the following kick off Mike Blatt jarred loose the ball for a fumble and taking advantage of the break, Hammond slipped over for the payoff. Finally, with 15 seconds showing, Grant Guthrie connected from eight yards out to tie the game. Outstanding statistics accorded the Seminoles a fourth place ranking in Sports Illustrated ' s final football poll. State ' s Seminoles 128 Capture Bowl Game Statistically GATOR BOWL STATISTICS FLORIDA STATE PENN STATE First Downs 23 12 Yards Rushing 55 172 Yards Passing 363 69 Total Yardage 418 244 Passes Attempted 55 19 Passes Completed 38 6 Passes Had Intercepted 4 3 Fumbles Lost 2 Number of Punts 4 7 Punt Average 30 40 Yards Penalized 40 20 129 4 Wins — 2 Losses Is Harrier ' s Record Coach Mike Long ' s Harriers finished their ' 68 cross country season with a record of four wins and two losses. Opening the season with a victory over the University of South Florida, the team went on to defeat Auburn, Georgia Tech, and South Florida once more in a rematch. In the Aldridge Invitational Meet, the Harriers placed second and climaxed the season by tying the University of Florida in the Florida State Championship Meet. 130 1967-68 RESULTS (4-2) FSU 26 South Florida 31 FSU 45 Eastern Kentucky 17 FSU 25 Auburn 30 FSU 24 South Florida 33 FSU 21 Georgia Tech 37 FSU 37 Florida 22 ALDRIDGE INVITATIONAL Florida Florida State Georgia Tech Baptist College Georgia 67 74 80 96 115 FLORIDA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Florida State 31 Florida 31 South Florida 72 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Front row: Joe Law, Joe Rooney, Terry Smith, Bob Courier; Second row: Marc Williamson, Sid Merchant, George Griffin, Bob Thomas; Third row: Phil Scott, Jack Castner, Mike Kelly, Ken Misner, Tom Richards. Florida State University ' s soccer squad spent the fall quarter looking for recruits, but it came back in the second quarter ready to go. In this, its sixth year of existence, the booters, who were under the auspices of the Florida State Intramural Department, boasted an international flavor, maintaining the foreignness of the game to most Americans. Veterans Peter Schoor at halfback and Wolfgang Preisler were the prolific scorers for the soccer team, but it also had capable backing from Raul Saenx, Alejandro Cedron, and Sonny Dawson. Since the soccer team was not classified as a varsity sport, it was not funded by the Athletic Department, and played many of its games with service clubs and private soccer associations. FSU Soccer Team Completes Sixth Year HUGH DURHAM Head Basketball Coach Tribe Boasts Record Breaking Year 1967-68 RESULTS (19-8) FSU 90 Florida Presbyterian 66 FSU 69 Ohio State 76 FSU 87 Florida 95 FSU 104 Samford 89 FSU 58 Marquette 78 FSU 130 Louisiana State 100 FSU 114 Richmond 91 FSU 87 Rutgers 77 FSU 67 Evansville 76 FSU 94 George Washington 69 FSU 96 The Citadel 75 FSU 111 Stetson 81 FSU 122 Miami 93 9-8) FSU 92 Jacksonville 79 FSU 73 Georgia Tech 57 FSU 109 Hofstra 71 FSU 81 Valdosta State 71 FSU 80 North Carolina 86 FSU 110 East Carolina 100 FSU 93 The Citadel 50 FSU 104 Florida Southern 82 FSU 106 Jacksonville 65 FSU 64 Florida 89 FSU 72 Georgia Tech 67 FSU 72 Stetson 60 FSU 84 Miami 96 JEFF HOGAN Guard JANGIES Forward DAVE COWENS Center DICK DANFORD Forward DARREL STEWART Guard Basketball commanded a new respect on the Florida State campus during the 1967-68 campaign, with the Seminoles accumulating a 19-8 record, including an NCAA tournament invitation. Led by sophomore Dave Cowens, who ranked among the nation ' s leaders with 17.0 rebounds averaged per game, and steady Jeff Hogan, who contributed 15.8 points a game, the Tribe survived a faltering start to run up the second best record in the school ' s history. Eighteen school records were either tied or bettered, among them most points per game. The Tribe bucketed 130 against LSU Dec. 16. In fact, the big score was the Seminole trademark. Nine times Florida State broke the century barrier during the season. A further Seminole strongpoint was the bench. Coach Hugh Durham was able to make numerous substitutions with little loss of court strength. Youth characterized the lineup of this year ' s team, which means that a more experienced nucleus will return for 1968-69. RANDY CABLE Guard DALE KLAY Forward s f High Scoring Typifies Cagers ' Season FSlTs Cowens rebounds against Hofstra Flying Dutchmen. BOB DePATHY Guard DAVE ROSS Forward CARL REYNOLDS Guard Jeff Hogan outraces Georgia Tech to make lay-up for Seminoles. Seniors Dick Danford, Darrel Stewart, and Ken Doyle receive autographed basketballs from a Circle K member. 138 M S ' JIIN Big Five Sparks Winning Season Trip to NCAA Cage Tournament Culminates Seminole ' s Best Season Ever Front row: Bill Cledinen, Assistant Coach, Carl Reynolds, Darrel Stewart, Randy Cable, Jeff Hogan, Bob DePathy, Hugh Durham, Head Coach; Second row: Roy Don Wilson, Trainer, Dale Klay, Jan Gies, Ken Doyle, Dick Danford, Dave Cowens, Tom Ross, Paul Stutta, Manager. To complete the most successful basketball season since achieving big-time basketball status, Florida State was invited to the NCAA Mid-East regional cage tournament as an at-large entry. East Tennessee State University furnished the opposition, and additionally furnished the impediment to further the Seminole advancement, as the Buccaneers bopped the Tribe 79-69. At the Kent, Ohio battle, the Tribe was hindered from getting the ball inside to stellar big man Dave Cowens. An accompanying cold streak also contributed to Florida State ' s downfall. The Bucs dominated the boards and commanded the lead from almost the beginning, even though they almost succumbed to a late Seminole rally. 141 Florida State University Tankers Finish 142 with 4-4 Record Hampered by the loss of several key swimmers, the Seminole tankers suffered through their second worst campaign since the only losing season of 1 948. It 4-4 record included an almost-win at home over the University of Florida. Going into the final relay, the Tribe maintained a slim 54-52 lead over the Gators. The race ended in a dead heat and was decided by vote of the judges in the Reptiles ' favor. Many youngsters paced the swimmers this year, but veterans such as Seeley Feldmeyer sparked an otherwise unhappy season. Diving was again the Seminole strongpoint with a competent diving corps of Randy Steward, Carl Springfels, Howie Acosta, and Ken Von Roenn leading the way. The addition of a second diving event in official competition was an extra bonus for the usually invincible divers. BIM STULTS Swimming Coach 144 Swimming Record is Worst in 19 Years 1967-68 RESULTS (4-4) FSU 79 Georgia 34 FSU 54 Florida 59 FSU 60 Tulane 51 FSU 44 N. C. State 69 ' ' : : ■ ' %i. ' - ; FSU 54 North Carolina 59 — " ■ J » - FSU 38 Florida 75 FSU 67 South Florida 45 fc —- , -..- t FSU 67 Alabama 46 k MM ■ Jc a l0 a - --3 % »r,-r,t-ir„- r.-ntk ' 1M le; ., ..- . f Diving Continues to Be Strongest Event ! ' " ' " - i 147 Highly Touted Seminoles Led by Host 1968 VARSITY BASEBALL: Front row: Freddie Chester, Manager, Criag Skok, Mike Reibling, Ross Skelton, John Veasey, Hal Hunt, Bruce Feuer, Gibbie Russell, Wayne Vincent, Rick Copps, John Mason, Dick Nichols, Bob Canty, Carl Gromek; Second row: Tom Hinson, Jim Wiggins, Manager, Jim Spooner, Rodd Heinlen, Bill Cheshire, Tom Porter, Lenny Zimmerman, Lin Garrett, Lance Hitchcock, Chuck Cone, Steve Mastin, Greg Schnute, Tommy Warren, Joey Baxter, Tom Cook, Pedro Frega, Tom Browning, Dave Cook; Third row: Fred Hatfield, Head Coach, John Ferguson, Randy Logan, Walt Sumner, Mike English, Jim Gurzynski, Jim Helm, Jeff Hill, Roger Hanlon, Tom Whitaker, Dick Gold, Chuck Hines, Mike Easom,Lane Green, George Lott,Mike Horn, Bob Craft, Al Catelli, Dan Buckley, Bruce Pollack, Marvin Stringfellow, Assistant Coach. STEVE MASTIN Pitcher Head Coach Fred Hatfield stops to make a point with the Umpire Jim Reed. 148 of Superstars to 35-6 Season 1968 RESULTS (35-6) FSU 7 Valdosta Red Sox FSU 11 Valdosta Red Sox 3 FSU 2 Georgia FSU 2 Georgia 3 FSU 10 Penn State 8 FSU 10 Springfield (Mass.) 9 FSU 7 Penn State 2 FSU 18 Springfield (Mass.) FSU 3 Wake Forest FSU 7 Wake Forest 4 FSU 6 Southern Illinois FSU 8 Southern Illinois 4 FSU 5 Southern Illinois 3 FSU 15 Kentucky Wesleyan 1 FSU 15 Kentucky Wesleyan 5 FSU 18 Valdosta Red Sox 3 FSU 3 Valdosta Red Sox 1 FSU 4 Miami 1 FSU 7 Miami 6 FSU 2 Auburn 1 FSU 7 Auburn 3 FSU 5 Loyola (New Orleans) 1 FSU 4 Loyola (New Orleans) 1 FSU 12 Georgia Southern 6 FSU 4 Georgia Southern 1 FSU 2 Florida 3 FSU 2 Florida 3 FSU 10 Georgia Southern 2 FSU 9 Georgia Southern 4 FSU 3 Auburn 2 FSU 1 Auburn 18 FSU 4 Jacksonville FSU 9 Jacksonville 4 FSU 1 Florida FSU 5 Florida FSU 5 Florida FSU 1 East Carolina 2 FSU 6 Auburn 1 FSU 3 East Carolina 2 FSU 15 N. C. State 12 FSU 1 N. C. State 4 - 3 1 i ■■m -K »,i» ' W H TOM COOK Catcher, Home Run Leader MIKE EASOM First Base, Batting Leader 149 Polls Rank Florida State Nation ' s Best Balance turned out to be the keyword for Florida State baseball during the 1968 season. The Seminoles were loaded with talent in hitting, pitching, and defense, and used it to catapult themselves into the number one position in the baseball polls for three consecutive ballotings. A late season faltering, how- ever, knocked the team to an 11 th place final finishing. Nevertheless, the Tribe amassed a 21 -game winning streak that lasted from March 23 to May 7. Coinci- dentally, the losses that preceded and ended that streak were by identical 3-2 scores. March 27 was a record day in itself. Seminole pitchers hurled three no-hitters in one day, two by the varsity and another contributed by the B-team. Jeff Hill was on the mound for the first gem, and Lin Garrett teamed with Gene Ammann to produce the second. B-team hurler Tom Slade took over for the final whitewash job. Coach Fred Hatfield ' s men ended the regular season campaign with three straight shutout wins over rival Florida before journeying to Gastonia for the District III tournament. jfk fc " vtk c . r Jd r W %i " r £ € BOB CANTY Third Base JEFF HILL Pitcher DICK GOLD Second Base JOHN MASON Outfield TOM WHITAKER Right Field Team for three Consecutive Ballotings JEFF HOGAN Shortstop JIM GURZYNSKI Outfield CHUCK CONE Shortstop, Centerfield Three Straight UF Shutouts Avenge Two junior college transfers were the mainsprings in Florida State ' s successful 35-6 season. Catcher Tom Cook and pitcher Steve Mastin were the two standouts among a whole team of 1968 superstars. Cook, whose defensive skills have been admired by scouts, and who had been drafted three times by the majors, was ranked in the nation ' s top ten home run leaders. Mastin compiled an unbeaten record as a righthander. Other stickouts for FSU included first basemen Mike Easom, whose batting average topped the .400 mark until the last series of the season. Jeff Hogan and Chuck Cone alternated at shortstop for awhile, but the consistent bats of both made it necessary for Cone to shift to centerfield. Utility infielder Jim Gurzynski made Seminole history by belting a home run later measured to be over 500 feet. Freshman pitcher Gene Ammann made his mark by helping with a no-hitter and hurling impressive ball the last part of the season. is: Halt of FSU 21-Game Winning Streak Florida shortstop Richard Trapp is hung in effigy by exuberant Seminole fans. Jfe met $. Gastonia Jinx Again Destroys Tribe ' s Hopes for US Collegiate Baseball Title Gastonia, North Carolina, the site of the District III baseball tournament, again became the jinx for Florida State ' s hopes to win the national baseball title. Favored to win the tourney, the Seminoles found themselves on the wrong end of a 13-inning, 2-1 affair with East Carolina. Dropped to the losers ' bracket, the Tribe fought back to beat Alabama, East Carolina and North Carolina State, thus putting the outcome on the line in a final game. In a hard fought pitching duel, North Carolina State and Florida State battled to a 1-1 standoff until the ninth, when the Wolfpack pushed across three runs. Unable to score a run with the bases loaded, in the bottom of the inning, the Seminoles ' highly regarded diamond squad were forced to " wait until next year " by a 4-1 count. Gymnasts Falter in Off-Year After an exciting start which saw the Florida State gymnasts rout Louisiana State and Florida, the team suffered from hard times and dropped their last four decisions. Dr. Hartley Price ' s gymnasts included such standouts as Pete Noftz on long horse and rings, Don Hervig, all events except trampoline, and Terry Morris, w ho competed in all events except trampoline and long horse. The gymnasts also made a trip to Atlanta to compete in the Georgia Gymnastics Association series and performed in the Southern Intercollegiate Gymnastic League meet in Gainesville. JUDO TEAM: Front row: Charles Bigger, Tyler Bert, Nancy Neff, Armand Gossekin, Bill Metter, Ken Martin; Second row: Dr. Kenji Kowaoaka, Bruce Fussell, Wiley Cunagin, John Faust, John Ross, Steve Masterson. Judo Team Shines in Competition ■ ' ■: :■ ' ■: ■ ' ■:.- ' - ' ■ Judo came into its own this year at FSU, entering eleven tournaments, and always bringing back one or another trophy. Largely due to the first year coaching of fourth degree black belter John Ross, the judo clubbers counted among their highlights, winning champion- ships in the Annual Southeastern American Invitation and the Gasparella Invitational. As a team, it came in second at the Eastern Colleges Championships. Reggie Watterson and Steve Masterson, along with Ross, led the judo team ' s first year surge. W MV.) U! ' V ! ft v.;. (mp» MIKE KELLY Hurdles, High Jump ANDY GUY Sprints !■:■;. BUD MANNING Javelin, High Jump 158 - . ' •-. Florida State ' s track team spent its time this year in more tournaments and invitationals than in dual meets, but proved that it was able competition for some of the best in the East. From a three-first, three-seconds performance at the Tennessee Relays, where the Vols were a powerhouse on the cinders, to Mike Kelly ' s FSU record-breaking fifth place finish in the national hurdles competition at Berkeley, California, the thinclads had a satisfying year. Along the way Florida State crushed Alabama and Auburn, took a first in the independent division of the Montgomery Coliseum Relays and ended up barely second to Florida in the Gulf States five-way meet. In addition Kelly ' s outstanding year, the cindermen were bolstered by freshman miler Ken Misner, junior sprinter Andy Guy, and senior javelin thrower Bud Manning. Kelly Qualifies for US Olympic Trials Front row: Greg Kaufman, Bill Wild, James Long, Alex Soto, Douglas Brown, Bud Manning, Robert Bleiberg, Terry Smith, Allan Landis, Phil Edmonds; Second row: Philip Harrison, Manager, Mark Williamson, Tom Fox, Phil Scott, Gordon Guensler, Robert Thomas, Joe Rooney, Randy Stow, Steve Lewis, Tommy Rickards, George Griffin, Manager, Mike Long, Head Coach, Sid Merchant, Charles Vickers, Charles Galloway, Mike Link, Mike Kelly, Phil Parker, Jack Castner, Daivd Barton, John Fuss, Rudy Hubbard, William Jackson, Ken Misner, Curtis Long, Assistant Coach. 1967-68 RESULTS (2-1) FSU 96 Alabama 49 FSU 80 Auburn 65 FSU 61 Florida 84 INVITATIONALS AND RELAYS Chattanooga Invitational Fourth Gulf States ' Invitational Florida 62 FSU 53 Alabama 39 Mississippi State 5 Coliseum Relays First Jesuit Invitational Second Florida Relays Fifth Tennessee and Quanico Relays Second KEN MISNER Distance 159 Inexperienced Netters Capture 20 of 23 Front row: Jim Vick, Bobby Marcher, Scott Bristol, Martin Dundies, Randy Jobsen, Jay Rogers, Al Procopio; Second row: Lex Wood, Head Coach, Clint Murphy, Bill Weeks, Paul Danielson, John DeZeeuw, Herb Rapp, Da ve Danielson. 160 LEX WOOD Tennis Coach Before the 1968 tennis season, netter coach Lex Wood feared that the loss of aces Paul DeZeeuw and Stu Bruner to graduation would cast a shadow on the team ' s performance. From a lineup abounding with inexperience, Wood discovered to his surprise that his material fashioned a 20-3 record, which just happened to be the greatest number of victories ever in a Seminole season. Sophomores Herb Rapp and Scott Bristol broke into the lineup to boost the squad, and veterans Dave Danielson, Clint Murphy, Roberto Marcher, and Al Procopio also contributed to the cause. The brother of Paul, John DeZeeuw, only a freshman, came up to grab another share of the outstanding season. After early season losses to highly-regarded Florida and third-ranked Mississippi State, the Tribe proceeded to set the pace for the campaign, by reeling off 10 straight victories. Miami dealt the Seminoles their third and final loss to break the string, but the netters went on to win the rest. 1967-68 RESULTS (20-3) FSU FSU 3 9 Mississippi State Jacksonville FSU 2 Florida FSU 9 Kalamazoo FSU 8 Kalamazoo FSU FSU FSU FSU 9 7 7 8 Virginia Michigan State Mississippi State Oklahoma FSU 9 Columbia FSU 9 Auburn FSU FSU 9 9 Alabama Northern Illinois FSU 7 Rollins FSU FSU 7 9 Oglethorpe Furman FSU 8 Auburn FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU 2 9 5 5 9 8 Miami Valdosta Rollins Georgia Tech Valdosta Georgia Tech 6 7 1 2 2 1 2 2 1 7 4 4 1 i ™ Tenth Ranked FSU Beats NCAA CARL DiCESARE Co-Captain JIM CONACE Under new coach Don Veller, Florida State ' s golf team shot enough sub-par rounds to gain a 3-3 record and an invitation to the NCAA tournament in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Topped only by the University of Florida, the golfers swept to second place finishes in the Florida Intercollegiate, the Cape Coral Invitational and was second in a three-way competition with the Gators and Jacksonville. The best win of the year for the Tribe came at the Miami Coral Gables Invitational, where the linksmen played superior golf and b ested even Florida, the winner of the NCAA Golf Tournament. Hubert Green was the individual standout for the Seminoles, but he was aided by Carl DiCeasare, Jim Conace, Bobby Huber and Ron Philo. In the NCAA tourney, the Tribe got off to a third place during the first two rounds but slipped in the final two days to end up tenth. ■.i 1T £ HUBERT GREEN Co-Captain It L ,. .. A... Champ, U of F, in Miami Invitational ;ITY OF CORAL GABLE! UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI INVITATIONAL Florida State ' s nationally ranked golf team accepts the winning trophy at the nation ' s largest collegiate golf tournament, the University of Miami Invitational. 1967-68 RESULTS (3-3) FSU 23 Jacksonville 4 FSU 12 Florida 15 FSU 368 Jacksonville 411 FSU 268 Florida 356 FSU 370 Auburn 371 FSU 440 Auburn 468 TOURNAMENTS Florida Intercollegiate Championship Second Cape Coral Invitational Second Miami Invitational First LSU Invitational Fifth NCAA Championships Tenth BOB HUBER I7 f j -- C : ; 163 Sailors Remain Top Southeastern Team Florida State University sailors continued holding the upper-hand in Southeastern competition after a problematic first quarter, which saw several hard fought regattas dropped to Tulane. Graduation also hampered the sailing team at first, but a group of recruits came through to overcome the winter and spring terms. Among the sailing laurels was victory in the Southeastern Team Race Championship, and a sixth place finish at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Regatta. The latter race has been in existence only four years, and the Seminoles have participated successfully three of those four times. 164 UIYI IVIIM Grapplers Register 7-3 Season Mark A strengthened Florida State wrestling team used numbers and experience to record an impressive 7-3 season mark over both in-state and out-of-state competition. In addition to their dual meet winning record, the grapplers added further to their laurels by taking second place at the All-Florida Championships in Gainesville, behind the perenniel strongmen of Miami-Dade Junior College. Competing in all weight catagories, the grapplers were led by Chuck Almeida, who had the longest winning streak for the team this year, Gene Opheim, Skip Pletzer, and Johnny Gales. Perhaps the most satisfying win of the season was the February 22 mauling of Florida. 165 166 LOVE J Organizations 167 Phi Beta Kappa Because of its accomplishments in recognizing and encouraging high academic achievement in the arts and the sciences, Phi Beta Kappa was a noted tradition of college life. The Alpha of Florida Chapter was chartered at Florida State College for Women in 1935. It was the first such chapter in the state. Since that year, 534 students, thirty-one alumni, and seven honorary members have been initiated. The Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship Award was granted this year to a student majoring in the arts or sciences. The organization also sponsored a visiting Scholars Program, delivered the yearly Founder ' s Day address, and held a banquet for the new initiates. OFFICERS Sara Srygley President Thomas Campbell Vice President Robert Spivey Secretary Daniel Solomon Treasurer Katherine Hoffman Historian 168 JUNIORS Lora Lee Bush Richard L. Fanell Savage R. Flatt Kay H. Goelzer Margaret Hampton Jack E. Kelly Jerome P. Mercer Elizabeth Perry Elizabeth Roady John S. Winterle Glen C. Wrighton SENIORS James D. Birchfield Bettina J. Black Laura B. Blair Annie K. Blanton Barbara Bond Beverly K. Bonfoey Brenda J. Brannon David A. Brenner Maxine L. Brewer Susan A. Brewer Joanne M. Burton Mary A. Craig Susan C. Curran SENIORS John C. Duffield Martha J. Futch Lloyd T. Galloway Dennis Gay Paul M. Glenn David Goetschius Susan E. Grimm Dale E. Grussing Dale E. Hamilton John L. Harrison Cynthia A. Hatfield Anne E. Healy Linda L. Holdener Rosemary Hume Richard W. Hurd Pamela W. Ierna Richard A. Inman Dorothy L. Jessup David W. Johnson Roberta F. Kirby Ken Kobre Lawrence N. Lahiff Linda L. LeCompte Gary I. LiMaxzi Kern L. Lunsford Susan A. MacManus Mary T. Miller SENIORS Mary L. Miner Michael G. Murphy Jerard W. Naylor Margaret R. Norman Elsie J. Oishi David R. Peeples Joseph Pettigrew, Jr. Jerry L. Pittam Paul J. Placek Timothy F. Prugh Robert W. Real Jason G. Reynolds Harriet G. Roberts Jack L. Saunders, Jr. Ann F. Schiavone Wilbur L. Smith Mary J. Smythe Sarah I. Stapleton Pamela E. Thomas Walter E. Trafton, Jr. Barbara E. Walker Karen R. Wiejkus Richard A. Williams Pamela A. Willits Audrey V. Wilson Marilyn C. Wolf Barbara A. Wolking Members of Phi Kappa Phi prepare for initiation ceremony. OFFICERS Richard G. Cornell President Nadine Hackler Vice President Charles C. Matthews Treasurer Juanita deVette Treasurer Mary Virginia Alexander Correspondent Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi, nationally recognized as one of the highest academic honors given college students, strove to promote standards in academic achievement and personal character. Its members were selected from all departments and schools of the university in both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Necessary requirements for membership were a 3.2 overall average for undergraduates and a 3.75 average for those in graduate schools. FSU boasted a membership of 25 actives and 100 initiates. ACTIVE MEMBERS Nelda Alderman Mary Virginia Alexander Louanne Antrim Marian W. Black M. W. Carothers Laurence Chalmers Juanita deVette W. P. Dillingham Anne Marie Erdman Hortense M. Glenn Nadine Hackler Charles C. Matthews M. B. Parsons Gregg Phifer Keith Pitchford J. A. Rehwinkel Agnes F. Ridley Grover Rogers Hazel T. Stevens Charlene Upton Mary Jo Weale Janet Wells Charlotte Williams Thomas Wright INITIATES Gary Lee Alderman Carolyn Andereck Joy Marie Andrews Jane Jordan Ansley Barbara June Baker Cynthia D. Bennett Carol Boggs Barbara Bond Suna Lai Boo Malcolm Brannen David Allen Brenner Susan Anderson Brewer Dorothy A. Briggs Leilani Brinkley Lora Lee Bush Vernon O. Buttran, Jr. Doak Campbell Pamela Irene Carlton Barbara Chaddock David Lawrence Chappel Monique Cimon Jackie R. Crawford Susan Catherine Curran Mary Frances Currin Marvin Tuck Curry Frances Carlene Daniel Erma Jean Davis M. Sue Dicus Stafford Woodfin Ezzard Barbara A. Fields Savage Roy Flatt Sylvia Louise Floyd Susan Jenkins Fraser Paul M. Glenn, Jr. Donald George Colder George Kepner Groot Judith Allen Grosh Willian J. Hannon, Jr. John Larry Harrison Gregory L. Higgins, Jr. Linda Louise Holdener Richard Stanely Home Sandra B. Houser Robin H. Huber Charles William Jernigan David Whedan Johnson Mary Jean Jones Richard Brent Keigley ClarieB. Kelly Joanne Louise Knowles Linda Lecompte Jeffrey Michael Lefkowitz Ann Rodgers Luer Phil MacDonald Robin Mac Grogan Foster Williams Martin Diane Mayr Lester McFawn Linda Rebecca McLeod Stanley Richard McNabb Martha Carolyn Megathlin Jerome Pert Mercer Sidney Alan Merchant Mary Louise Miner John A. Moore Mathew Ian Morrison Harry E. Payne, Jr. David Robert Peeples A. John Petallat Virginia Peters Elizabeth Diane Poole Barbara Ramsey Eleanor Elizabeth Reynolds William Lee Reynolds Suzanne Richter Elizabeth Ellen Roady Harriet G. Roberts Gerald U. Skelly Susan Marie Smathers Nancy Ann Smigh Wilbur L. Smith Raymond Roland Spencer Sarah Isabella Stapleton Shirley Stott Elizabeth Ann Struthers Mary Caroline Thomas Pamela Elwyn Thomas Monia Marie Thompson Walter E. Trafton, Jr. Lawrence Scott Wall Florence Weaver Doris Ann Whigham Mary Michel Williams Richard Alan Williams Robert Forrest Williams Thomas Henry Williams Audrey Wilson John Scott Winterlie Ann Withorn Paul Carlton Woods 169 O micron Delta Kappa - R If ' Campbell, D. Chanfrau, W. Crowell, P. Edwards, W. Gunn, G. Hait, K. Heginbotham, R. Maynaid, J. Nation, W. Plant, J. Polk, H. Rio, V. Stearns, G. Tait, W. Williams, F. ROBERT LEVY President With the purpose of bringing together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life, Omicron Delta Kappa was the highest national men ' s leadership honorary on campus. Emphasis was placed on scholarship, Student Government, athletics, religious affairs, publications, and dramatic arts. Members were selected from junior and senior men as well as from faculty and administration. In accordance with the ideals of Omicron Delta Kappa, members were chosen for their leadership and service to Florida State University, and their devotion to democratic ideals. 70 Mortar Board Gergan, P. Hatcher, M. Henderson, H. Last Lecture speaker and writer, Mickey Spillane, and wife, Sherri, visit the FSU campus. Herr, J. Howell, P. Mortar Board, a national honor society for women, was founded at Cornell University in 1918. The FSU Torch Bearer chapter celebrated its 50th anniversity in February with a combined anniversary and initiation luncheon attended by the new initiates, members, and alumni. This year Mortar Board sponsored several service programs such as serving at the weekly English Coffee Hour, collecting scholarship money at their annual penny-a-minute night, and presenting scholarship awards to upperclassmen. During Winter Quarter, writer Mickey Spillane was a guest speaker at the Last Lecture , giving a personal account of his success. PAT PHILLIPS President Hutchinson, A. Jones, B. Miner, M. Morris, D. Pate, C. Pomeroy, R. Rice, S. Richardson, S. Schmidt, L. Stott, S. Walkup, H. Williams, K. 171 Gold Key Organized as a unit to further service to the University and to stimulate continued leadership among all its members, Gold Key was established at FSU in 1957. Outstanding junior and senior men who exemplified the ideals of scholarship, leadership, and service were selected twice this year for membership. The main activity of the group this year was the Homecoming Banquet, co-sponsored by Garnet Key, at which one member of the faculty and one outstanding community citizen were recognized for honorary membership. An advisory board to the FSU President and a project to erect a permanent symbol for the University were included in Gold Key ' s activities. Beaman, R. Cahufrau, W. Cox, W. Crowell , P. Edwards, W. Green, L. Gunn, G. Hanes, T. Hart, K. HENRY POLIC President Langstroth, R. Levy, R. Morrison, J. Rio, V. Smith, M. Stearns, G. Whitley, J. Williams, P. Wilson, S. Wright, J. £MdM iiMkM © w 1 Sr !| as pf »ff ' l " " , Anton, S. Callahan, C. Claxton, J. Dacus, E. Gergen, P. Hatcher, M. Hays, G. Howell, P. Jameson, S. Kane, M. Knapp, E. Kotowski, L. Garnet Key Originating on campus as two honoraries, Odd and Even, Garnet Key was established as one local honorary in 1947 when Florida State became coeducational. Garnet Key recognizes outstanding sophomore, junior, and senior women students for their contributions to FSU through leadership, service, and spirit. Members must also have attained at least a 2.3 scholastic average. This year at the annual Homecoming Banquet the organization recognized as honorary member Mrs. Katherine Hoffman, Dean of Women. Besides Homecoming, members also helped in planning Circus Weekend. I© £ W ,,»■ 7 Kyser, L. Lamb, R. Ledbetter, F. McMillian, J. Morris, D. Morris, J. Mosley, J. Myrick, K. Olsen, J. LYNN CALLAHAN President s t P C?F Parker, M. Pate, C. Paterson, B. Phillips, P. Pomeroy, R. Rice, S. Richardson, S. Saier, S. Schmidt, L. Smith, B. Smith, S. Walkup, H. Wall, N. Wilcoxon, D. Williams, K. Urban, K. Alpha Phi Omega Miss Jane Hudson, 1968 Charity Bowl Queen, and her escort, Bob Brandewie, accept trophy. Bigger, C. Carman, T. Casper, R. Chisholm, C. Clark, S. Crew, D. Dupper, T. Gillis, F. Gilmore, J. Hall, W. Hanes, T. Harrison. J. So »pi $ ? C Hill, T. Imfeld, W. Jones, C. Jowers, K. ft life At I f S Kular, R. Kennon, M. Kittendorf C. Mack, T. O ft ft £ J Jl J ft Macklin, E. Meeker, D. Meschick, C. Moll, J. 174 The APO Travel Bureau helps FSU students when rides are needed One of the top ten chapters in the nation, the Iota Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega offered services to the campus and community. In the fall, APO members compiled a directory of the student body, and continued their service with White Christmas, an annual project in which food and toys were collected and distributed to underpriviledged families in the Tallahassee area. By sponsoring the Charity Bowl football game between the Greeks and Independents, and continuing their traditional beating of the Seminole drum during homecoming, APO promoted school spirit among the students at FSU. Other major projects this year included the Travel Bureau, helping students find transportation home on weekends, and the Ugly Man Contest, raising money for scholarships. ?.. M± Ail Oberm eyer, S. Owen, L. Pettie, A. Redmer, T. Reid, S. Savage, J. Shoemaker, G. Smith, M. Standfield, C. Swadley, C. Watson, T. Weaver, J. White, R. Wise, S. Wiszneauckas, D. Wood, J. Wood, T. Wurzel, T. Felton, R. May,W. Winters, S. 175 Circle K K-men boost Tribe enthusiasm by selling spirit ribbons. Bialek, J. Bridges, J. Cole, M. Collier, D. Duncan, W. Hemingway, G. Hendee, J. Henry, D. Hodgkins, L. Holt, R. Landau, D. McManus, S. Menard, S. Mercer, J. Merkle, D. Mills, V. 5 til Mis. s| fm% mr I f m « f iiii Goal posts are decorated in garnet and gold by Circle K members to help break opponents ' morale. 176 1 iJ WW Moore, G. Moss, G. Parker, T. Reeder, G. Schall, D. Summerlin, J. Vazquez, J. Eisenbach, H. Farr, M. Hamlin, M. Ritter, J. Wade, G. Circle K International, founded at Cartherage College, Illinois in 1949, has grown to include over 750 international organizations, with 35 in Florida alone. As a service club to campus and community, the FSU chapter worked with the Booster Ribbons Sales, campus beatification, Kiwanis lightbulb sale for retarded children, and sponsored a ' Tom Sawyer ' day Sunland Hospital for retarded children. As a campus project, Circle K presented basketballs with signatures from the student body to seniors on the varsity basketball team. Circle K also placed first in Newsletter for 1967 and overall first at the Florida District Training Conference in Tampa, Florida. 177 Gamma Sigma Sigma GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA PLEDGES: Front row: Sue Morris, Nancy Millen, Mary Alice Pignato, Gloria Nagy, Maria Tsacrios; Second row: Grace McCarthy, Mary Saltsman, Stephanie Amos, Dee Brinson, Points Recorder, Carol Furtado; Third row : Claire Marrs. Ann Hasseltine, Judy Shaffer, Cathy Coleman, Sarah Wood, President, Jean Park; Fourth row : Madeleine Moroz, Mary Healy, Vice President, Donna Jean Kail, Delores M. Riera, Kathy Rogers, Judy Rountree. Barker, E. Barrett, S. Beadnell, C. Briede, J. Caliri, J. Cann, J. Chipley, M. Christ, M. Colon, E. Connor, T. I ■ v, ' r Established at FSU in 1963, the Alpha Kappa Chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma received the 1968 Margaret Linton Award for Outstanding Chapter in the nation. Membership grew from 25 members when first organized on campus to over 100 active participators this year. Working with the mentally retarded at Sunland Training Center carried their national philanthropic project to local attention. Other projects included selling Easter Seals, doing volunteer work at the health center, baby-sitting for faculty and married students, and working at election polls. Further recognition was bestowed upon the FSU chapter as they were chosen to host the National Convention here in 1969. The presidents for this year were Ellen Barker and Sandy Barrett. Crooke, D. Currin, P. Floyd, S. Foye, N. Garvey, J Garvey, M. W W j 178 Gross, R. Harrell, B. Harris, B. Hohmann, P. Homann, R. Jones, J. Gamma Sig ' s serve as ushers at campus flicks and Union events. mmrSSfT Kunkel, K. LaRoe, S. LeFils, B. LeSuer, S. Lyons, B. Miller, A. Miller, J. Newbold, N. Packard, K. Ralph, M. Rapin, L. Renfro, V. Scott, J. Simpson, B. Smith, B. Smith, S. Strange, S. Stull, S. Sullivan, P. Sunderland, K. Tomczak, C. Tomfohide, K. Trovillion, M. Van Etten, F. Vega, E. Wagner, J. Weaver, S. Wenger, M. Westmoreland, D. Wilson, L. Womack, J. Young, S. Sophomore Council 180 Affiliated with Women ' s Government, Sophomore Council has been an honorary service organization since the days of FSCW. Continuing their tradition of helping freshmen, the members of Sophomore Council assisted with fall orientation by helping freshmen women carry their luggage into the dorms, by welcoming them with an evening serenade, and by serving as ho stesses for the President ' s Reception. Other service projects included an Auld Lang Syne tea, staffing voting polls, stuffing envelopes, and typing for Student Government. SOPHOMORE COUNCIL: Front row: Sybil Shane, Secretary, Marlene Pearman, Jeanne Garvey, Mary Jane Whitham, Beverly Ann Chin, Donna Hall, Janice Jackson, Judy Blount, Sally Mulford, Becky Bayer, Sally Singer, Claudia Rowley; Second row: Anita Coffee, Vice President, Bobbi Burney, Jan Sapp, Election Chairman, Crispin Green, Billie Reed, Jane Bell, Lyn McDonald, Linda Lastinger, Janice Christmas, Fran Pughsley, Patti Detwiler, Nancy Butler, Bonni Berry, Roxanne Pickett, Debbie Hasselo, Parlimentarian, Donna North, Mary Le Olmstead, Julie Davis, Treasure; Fourth row: Nancy Harding, Linda Stanbrook, Velma Dobson, Janet Derosier, Karen Kettlety, Cherry Hand, Songleader, Kay Hartley, Mary Sullivan, Jane Ridlon, Nancy Santa Cryz, Debi Hartwell, Karen Koleda, Susan Foster. 181 Alpha Lambda Delta Throughout the year members of Alpha Lambda Delta sponsored money-raising projects to provide a hundred dollar scholarship for one of their members. A candlelight initiation ceremony was held during both the Fall and Spring quarters for freshmen women who had received a 3.5 or better scholastic average their first two terms. Being a scholastic honorary rather than a service organization, Alpha Lambda Delta was established on the FSU campus in 1941 and has since then promoted and encouraged high standards of academic learning. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS: Cathy Owings, Secretary, Dean Katherine Hoffman, Honorary Advisor, Ellen Hoadley, Vice President, Genie Cooney, President, Loretta Latnik, Historian. Dean of Women Katherine Hoffman congratulates new Alpha Lambda Delta Initiates. Bonnie J. Baker Julie Ann Bartels Linda S. Bjornoy Elizabeth Blake Mary L. Bliss Ivis Bohlen Joan Bonatz Meg Brady Lela Buis Shirley Burris Nancy Cambell Carol Catotti Cynthia Chambers Melody Clausson Martha Collins Linda Darby Marybeth Dardis Carolyn Dean Susan Fleming Roberta Fluhrer Verlane Garis Ann D. Graham Wendy Hauenstein Jeanette Hauseman Estelle Horowitz Deborah Huffman Bonnie Kay Johnson Barbara L. Johnston Virginia Kenyon Betsey Komarek Dolores Kring Denise Lujan Catherine McCann Thomasina McCarter Louise McEachern Karen McKehan Marjorie Meyer Tamela Minnich Toni R. Moores Anita Moran Barbara Naeseth Mary Ann Neal Stephanie Osgood Linda Parker Guerry Peavy Rebecca J. Perry Suzanne Phillips Martha Pierce Lorraine Pintacuda Beverly Poison Christine Rippere Mary Saltzmann Kathleen Sedlack Sally Slane Kathleen R. Smith Sharon Strong Brenda Sutton Janet Swiglen Margaret Raige Lucinda Verner Paula De Lynne White Diana Whittington Pamela Worrell Kay Wright ALPHA EPSILON DELTA: Front row: Jeff Lefkowity, President, Dr. Relis Brown, Advisor, William Land, Treasurer; Second row: Jerry Hall, Fred Flowers, Charles McClamma. Phi Chi Theta Rated first in the Southeastern District and fourth in the nation on their National Efficiency Rating Program, Alpha Rho chapter of Phi Chi Theta was founded at FSU in 1957 to promote high ideals and a spirit of unity among women in business careers. This women ' s professional organization sponsored a student-faculty reception in the School of Business and a faculty wives ' coffee, attended the Southeastern District Conference in Atlanta, and participated in State Founders ' Day, in addition to organizing a library for the School of Business. Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta was a pre-dental and pre-medical honorary established on FSU ' s campus in 1960. Membership was limited to those with a 3.0 overall grade point average or above and initiation was held twice during the year, in fall and spring quarters. Guest speakers addressed meetings of Alpha Epsilon Delta and the fraternity made several visits to dental and medical schools throughout the state this year. PHI CHI THETA: Front row: Kathryn Weigand, Annelle Holloman, Janie Allen, Vernell Holley; Second row: Joan Manderfield, Jean Weaver, Nancy Sullivan, Treasurer, Janet Niles; Third row: Dianne Janes, Secretary, Phyllis Bell, Mary Margaret Ward, Molly Fogarty; Fourth row: Christina Tomcyak, Barbara Gotz. 183 SAI and Phi Mu Alpha Presidents, Becky McLeod and Cliff Colnot, present trophies to Campus Sing Winners. Sigma Alpha lota Sigma Alpha Iota, a professional music fraternity for women, worked to further the excellence of music through campus, community, and international activiites. As annual projects SAI continued to co-sponsor Campus Sing and group Christmas Caroling with their brother fraternity Phi Mu Alpha, and ushered at various campus events, including the Artist Series. The club used proceeds from several fund-raising projects to provide music scholarships for entering freshmen and transfer students, and contributed to their national philantropic project which bought instruments for a South American orchestra. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA: Front row: Janie Lee Willson, Kathie Albritton, Juanita Stein, Janice Fielding; Second row: Becky McLeod, Margaret Love, Carol Sackett, Barbara Zimmerman, Ruth Krienke, Nancy Kuharske, Linda Harper, Susan McCall, Jeanette Sledge; Third row: Sally Utecht, Patsy Wood, Linda Gravis, Carol Moulder, Hilda Henderson, Teri Le Prince, Phyllis Haynes. ■ : ; i - 1 M i ,.R fc3 1 Bp 9 l J H» " s B 1 • ' ■Mb.- ' ' U . " ■ Br w " mi $JtI F • - — 1 V: i ii 1 1 PHI ALPHA: Front row: Pixie Bell, Nikki Whitman, Diana Martin, Rosemary M. Rowan; Second row: Peggy Bowen, Louise Carter, Stella Johnson, Mary Ann Bird; Third row: Pat Parker, Patty Leas, Diane Harshman, Diane Godfrey; Fourth row: Judith West, Kenneth Joze, Lester Sielsky, Don Barnett. Ira Lee Jones talks with the President and the past President of Phi Alpha. Phi Alpha In response to a plea from the Florida Crippled Children ' s Commission the members of Phi Alpha fraternity sponsored Ira Lee Jones at the FSU Human Development Nursery School. Under the financial aid and support of the Phi Alpha ' s, Ira gained much needed and valuable social experience at the school. In addition, members performed voluntary service work for the Red Cross and established a tutoring program for culturally deprived children in the Tallahassee and Quincy areas. The purpose of Phi Alpha is to improve and further the objectives of social work in the community, state and nation. This year the members strove to achieve their motto; " Through knowledge- the challenge to serve. " PHI ALPHA OFFICERS: Jeffrey Giordano, President, Ann Martin, Treasurer, Joan Morton, Secretary, Barry Hinnant, Vice President. (85 Professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi was open to male students planning to complete their degrees in business administration or economics. To provide professional affiliation for their members, the fraternity invited prominent local businessmen to speak at meetings and sponsored a tour of the industrial plants in Tampa. As their major service projects this year, the members secured monetary pledges for the United Fund and began a reclassification and cataloging of the Business Library. Social events for the year included formal rush, regional and national conventions, informal parties and the annual spring weekend. Alpha Kappa Psi Brown, H. Brown, S. Carraway, M. Carter, T. Cobb, E. Dykes, K. Eckardt, J. Gorelick, J. Pt 5 (» O £ A P Q p r. W g£ O O Q f O C» Gross, W. Ha, L. Hainline, G. Hanger, S. Heinz, N. Holt, R. Jenkins, A. Loeser, M. Meeks, R. Piatt, G. Ripley, D. Romer, A. Sirmopoulos, L. Somerby, C. Stevenson, J. Taff, A. Thornbury, G. Tucker, C. Wells, C. Weeks, R. Williams, H. Williams, R. Williams, T. Willis, W. GAMMA ALPHA CHI: Eve Erbin, Linda Anne Sharman, Vice President, Toni Boswell, Dr. Royal Ray, Faculty A dvisor, Barbara Knowles, President, Marcia Novak, Ellen Knapp. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA OFFICERS: Robert Powers, Vice President, Reese Thomas, Treasurer, Wayne Currie, Secretary, Richard Warshaw, President. Alpha Delta Sigma and their coed counterpart, Gamma Alpha Chi, sought to raise the standards of local and national advertising. In an effort to offer interesting programs for their members, the fraternities hosted guest speakers at their bi-monthly meetings and participated in several joint projects. Among these were a field trip to Jacksonville where the members toured the local advertising agencies and media, and joint representation at a regional convention sponsored by the Advertising Institute of Atlanta. In May, Alpha Delta Sigma and Gamma Alpha Chi co-sponsored the showing in Westcott Auditorium of " The Best Commercials of 1967 " for FSU students. The members of GAX served as hostesses for a state Public Relations Conference which was held at FSU in February. Alpha Delta Sigma Gamma Alpha Chi ALPHA DELTA SIGMA: Front row: Gene Ballard, Ed Ripplinger, Ray Moore, Richard Warshaw, Second row: Kenneth Beimly, James Payne, Charles Vickers, Bill Fields; Third row: Robert Powers, Reese Thomas, Wayne Currie, Cedar Hames, Marc Hines. ;.-;! ?■■ ' ■■ 1$ i- itp- ■ ' ■■ ' ■ ' 1 MPS DELTA SIGMA PI: Front row: Charles LaCoste, Don McAdams, Buddy Craig, Richard Lutz, Mike MaUardi. Marlyn Felsing; Second row: Steve DeHart, Peter Nelson, Art Black, John Galis, Steve Sockbeson, Bob Stafford; Third row: Dave Sedgley, Randy Esser, Dale Williams, James Conner. Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi, an honorary business fraternity, was organized to acquaint business students with the commercial world through industrial tours and professional guest speakers. By encouraging scholarship and social activities, the FSU chapter achieved many local and national awards. Highlights of this year ' s campus activities were sponsoring the annual Rose Ball, presenting the " Best Ail-Around " Homecoming float, and winning the Soap Box Derby and 1967 Business School football trophy for intramurals. DELTA SIGMA PI OFFICERS: Front row: Tim Beckham, Chancellor, Roger O ' Halloran, First Vice President, Mike Shurtleff, Treasurer; Second row: Jerry Rasmussen, Secretary, Robert Taylor, Historian, John Campbell, President, Ronnie Hatton, Vice President. DELTA SIGMA PI: Front row: Wayne Shoupe, Russ White, Dennis Schooley, Wade Gillingham, Art Clemens, John Champbell, Harrison Williams; Second row: George Thames, Bill Collins, Kent Shepard, Greg Baker, Tom Lumbra, Jim Hutchinson, Mike Aramanda; Third row: Jim Carter, Don Clarke, Jay Goldman, Chris Flager, Kary Johnson, Bob Gray, Chris Palmer; Fourth row: Mike Hedges, J. D. Ayscue, Doug Woolweaver, Bob Mang, Dennis BeMent. 188 £ Ba B_ B ' ' k jk Ev E SBHI fl Wp »f iiJr p ■inn tSfl 1 r j k i fl B ' jfl k ■ fl HjjH Bl m B i ]W fofri J W n BB MBwl Bb - flft V 1 KilKfl MARKETING CLUB: Front row: Charles Omsberg, Treasurer, Richard Hart, President, Karla Albertson, Secretary, Bruce Booker, Vice President; Second row: David Long, Joan Manderfield, Nancy Covington, Jerry Grimsley; Third row: Donald King, Joan Young, Randolph Power, Christopher Palmer. Marketing Club Founded in 1961, the Marketing Club was organized at FSU to develop a keener understanding of the field of marketing as found in business today. Among the club ' s many activities this year were the Seminole Discount Plan for FSU students, the main service project, a field trip to Jacksonville with the Sales and Marketing Executives ' Club, and their annual banquet. Meetings of the organization included speakers from the field of business and movies about the many aspects of the business world. Mortified MORTIFIED: Front row: Margaret Wilkerson, Linda Defina; Second row: Janet Schuck, Gail Overstreet, Edie Burgress; Third row: Hugh Holley, Mortified Man, Marilyn Oldham, Lee Kyser; Fourth row: Nancy Wall, Becky Lamb, Lynn Callahan, Glad Robinson. With no constitution, no duties and only one officer, the Grand Czar and chief spirit maker, Mortified existed for the sole purpose of fun and morale raising. Having gatherings instead of meetings, the members devoted as much time to harassing Mortar Board members as they did to activities. As customary , Mortified tapped on less member than its rival organization, Mortar Board. A high scholastic average was not required, but the junior " taps " contributed to FSU through outstanding leadership, spirit, character and service. Their distinguishing symbols were their pink and green dunce cap pins. MARGARET WILKERSON Grand Czar University Singers UNIVERSITY SINGERS OFFICERS: Front row: Robert Yatsuk, Vice President, Mark Bundy, Librarian, Marc Beaver, President; Second row: Kathy Alvarez, Secretary, Nancy Brainard, Rayma Eby, Social Chairman. Providing experience in choral work for persons planning a profession in music and instilling an appreciation of music among their audiences were main objectives of the University Singers. They included in their programs the finest music by the major composers from all musical periods. Auditions for membership were held each quarter to determine the vocal ability and sight reading proficiency of prospective members. Under the leadership of Walter James, associate professor of voice, University Singers participated in multi-group programs, toured the South representing FSU, and performed in their annual Christmas and spring concerts. Angel Flight Arnold Air member shows rifle to boy in Operation Chin-Up. • An Angel entertains child while his father is in Vietnam. 192 Arnold Air Society Precision timing enables the Arnold Air drill team to gain honors. Operation Chin-Up, a joint project of Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight, was a morale-boosting endeavor for families of men fighting in the war zones of Southeast Asia. An Easter Egg Hunt and Christmas party visited by Santa Claus taxiing in by plane to deliver gifts for the children were two of the projects of this operation. In addition to Operation Chin-Up, Arnold Air Society worked with youths in the Civil Air Patrol and Boy Scouts. To aid in the development of Air Force ROTC and effective Air Force officers, the society sponsored a drill team and rocket program as well as Angel Flight. Nationally known, the FSU Angel Flight drill team performed at Mardi Gras in New Orleans and captured the Parade Marshall ' s Trophy at the " King Neptune Parade " in Sarasota. Campus activities for the Angels included the Angel Flight Folk Frolics, " Date with an Angel, " and Angel-Grams on Valentine ' s Day. 193 LA PETITE OFFICERS: Theresa Wilkerson, Adjutant , Julie McMillan, Little Colonel, Kathy Owings, Operations Officer, Jere Reddick, Executive Officer. La Petite Corps Beginning as a group of company sweethearts selected by ROTC cadets, La Petite was formed to represent the Army cadets. This organization served to strengthen the cadet morale and to act as official hostesses for the ROTC program. All members were chosen on the basis of activities, poise , and leadership, including fraternity little sisters, student government officers, and members of campus service organizations. La Petite ' s activities this year included sponsoring an Easter Egg Hunt for children of Army officers, acting as hostesses to visiting generals, and ushering at the Natural Bridge Ceremony, a local Civil War memorial service. • " sj5»- m mSmSSS WMSM 8$ Wm tjmmm » « LA PETITE CORPS: Front row: Julie Bartels, Claudia Ridley, Elaine Ivey, Jennifer Lee, Patty Jordan, Jane Bell, Diane Cayson, Julie Davis, Noreen Reilly, Jean Trumbower, Julie McMillan; Second row: Claudia Weldon, Marilinette Welch, Wanda Smith, Barry Watkins, Jann Wadsworth, Susan Geisler, Kathy Owings, Candy Butler, Linda Taylo r, Kitty Tindal; Not Pictured: Peggy Edwards, Theresa Wilkerson, Suzanne Suarez, Sue Ann Jameson, Susan Readdy, Mary Pat Milam, Cecily Dykema, Jere Reddick, Sandy Kux, Tricia Taylor, Melanie Specht, Brenda Campbell. 194 y) A ) A 0% f KV : J iff jj Jv e TF T « ' 1 : :| f W?: mf -A ' %i IB • • V A J 1 _ !■ ■ . -— si i 4 • ' X,.. ' . . t 1 » i • ■• - • • • • 1 ' ) • • Pershing Rifles Established just a year ago on the FSU campus, Les Bleus Berets was a women ' s military auxiliary service organization and drill team. Les Bleus Berets, with the men of Pershing Rifles, participated in the King Neptune Parade and co- sponsored a Union Dance for the student body. Included in their activities were candy and donut sales, proceeds from which were used to purchase new uniforms. As their major service project this year, the women entertained children at Sunland Training Center in conjunction with the Circle K organization. Functioning as a precision drill team, Pershing Rifles performed in several local and state parades.Included in their schedule were FSU ' s homecoming activities, the North Florida Fair Parade, the Pine Tree Festival in Georgia, and the King Neptune Parade in Sarasota. This year our FSU company was judged the most improved company in the 16th regiment. As their major service project, the company sponsored a Union dance using the proceeds to pay for sending several shipments of clothing to families in the war zones of South Vietnam. Les Bleus Berets 195 Student Bar Association Founded in 1966, the Student Bar Association has provided law students with additional legal experience outside the normal classroom curriculum and has ecnouraged them to participate in these activities. The monthly meetings featured lectures by prominent professional men in the legal field, including Defense Attorney F. Lee Baily, Attorney General Earl Faircloth, and Judge Bell of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. During May members of Student Bar celebrated Law Day by participating in a locally televised panel interview of several attorneys and by hosting a Law Day Banquet. Other major activities were the publication of a monthly news juournal, " Filius Populi, " and the planning of socials for its members and their dates. OFFICERS Douglas Stonewall President William Johnson Executive Vice President John Bickel Senior Vice President Jeff Arnold Junior Vice President Jim Tait Freshman Vice President Susan Wadsworth Secretary Warren Petersen Treasurer Ray Costello Treasurer-Elect FSO Inter-House Council First organized in 1956, Foundation Scholarship Organization Inter-House Council was founded in order to promote student interest in the houses operated by the Southern Scholarship and Research Foundation. To encourage scholarship among individuals, an Award Convocation was held in which both the student and scholarship house with the highest grade point average were recognized. Increasing fellowship among these houses, various social activities were planned including FSO Day at the Reservation, a Sweetheart Dance in February, and Mode L. Stone Day honoring the former president of the Foundation Scholarship Organization and the Dean of the School of Education. FSO INTERHOUSE COUNCIL: Front row: Edith Danford, Merrilyn Patterson, Judy Marsh; Second row: Ronni Hickman, Joan Collins, Kathleen Smith, Betty Goater; Treasure; Third row: Jim Caristi, Jim Bowlin, Bill Davis, Joe Warren, President. Alpha Mu Alpha Mu was established here as the FSU Student Music Therapy Club in 1955. After ten years of growth, the Greek letters were adopted and it became the Alpha chapter of the national fraternity. Act- ing as one pre-professional group of the National Association for Music Therapy, Alpha Mu adopted the state purposes of the association. In October several members attended the NAMT convention in Atlanta. To help interested students understand more about the field of music therapy, the members as- sisted in volunteer work in music therapy at schools and hospitals in the area. The Alpha chapter also held joint meetings with other service organizations. ALPHA MU OFFICERS: Front row: Juanita Farrington, Treasurer, Linda Smith, Vice President: Second row: John Walker, Historian, Brian Wilson, President, Sally Utecht, Secretary; Not Pictured: Becky McLeod, Executive Alumni Secretary. ALPHA MU: Front row: Hilda Henderson, Carol Connor,JuanitaFarrington, David Wolfe, Sally Utecht, Becky McLeod; Second row: Ron Carsell, Dianne Wimbcrly, Sister Kristin, O.S.B. , Linda Harper, John Walker; Third row: Linda Smith, Brian Wilson, Dr. Donald Michel, Dianne Gregory, Edith Rittenhouse. 198 Student Art Education Association Through interesting lectures, demonstrations, tours and a national convention held in the spring, the Student Art Education Assoication learned the duties, responsibilities and expectations of art education. Money earned by making the Christmas lawn decorations for the Tallahassee Federal Bank provided funds for the annual craft design show, a scholarship fund and guide service for Lemoyne Art Gallery. STUDENT ART EDUCATION ASSOCIATION: Front row: Jean Park, Pat Delacy, Betty Sites; Second row; Fran Phelps, Sharon Brahs, Kathy Parker; Third row: Gene Wiggins, Paul Carter, Dallas Johnson. To promote greater campus interest in social welfare and to further acquaint all students with the possibilities and problems of going into social work was the purpose of the Social Work Club. Striving to foster good relations between faculty and student, the members sponsored several lectures with guest speakers for the benefit of the student body. Membership was open to all students interested in any aspect of social welfare. Social Work Club 4fc , " -: 4 ah:. ! e a i Hpy m 4 tt P i ' i Z ! s », m Avfb • k A P»nl m 1 1 mm •w ■ i 1 fc 5 • ■fir " k m - 1 9 lf IS 1 W i . ■ • " W ■fl c- HB ,,y ii IkH 1 ■«£ 1 - • ill w mf f ▼ . i 1 h i 1 • SOCIAL WORK CLUB: Front row: Jane Davidson, Bill Bane, Treasurer, Pam Tyler, Secretary, Camille Foster, Vice President, Elizabeth Jackson, President; Second row: Mark Hopkin, Leuan Woods, Diane Olson, Elaine Cassada, Judy Sindali, Molly Pearman; Third row: Shirley Osgood, Malachi Troup, Mrs. Winnifred Thomet, Assistant Professor, Nancy Calcese, Judy Hand, John Moses. 199 WOMEN ' S " F " CLUB: Front row: Paula Jones, Lois Webb Ann Moose, Sue Rice, Kathy Geraghty, Ava Rosen; Second row: Leigh Williams, Gail Millar, Laura Anzalone, Pat Clark, Margaret Kane, Linda McCandliss; Third row: Rainer Daniels, Jan Clay, Nancy Hammerstrom, Gail Conrad, Carol Warner, Margaret Patrick, Linda Oliver; Fourth row: Joan Olsson, Nan Jo Sherry, Marcelle Wise, Pam Cobb, Tara Wentworth, Winnie Griffith. Women ' s " F Club Founded on the FSU campus in 1913, Women ' s " F " Club maintained its purpose of friendship through the spirit of loyalty, and sportsmanship, as well as athletic achievement. Girls tapped for membership must have had a 2.0 overall average and a minimum of two all-star awards in the women ' s intramural program. Activities of the " F " Club included decorating the queen ' s float and Westcott gate for Homecoming, selling concessions at the FSU Circus, ushering for the Tarpon Show, and assisting the Women ' s Recreation Association. WOMEN ' S " F " CLUB OFFICERS: Front row: Lois Webb, Corresponding Secretary, Ann Moose, Vice President, Sue Rice, President, Kathy Geraghty, Historian; Second row: Laura Anzalone, Treasurer, Tara Wentworth, Recording Secretary, Margaret Kane, Parlimentarian. 200 Women ' s PE Association Women ' s Physical Education Association provided an opportunity for professional growth and fellowship among physical education majors. This year the members sponsored several fund-raising projects including the sale of mums at Homecoming. The proceeds from these projects were used to purchase books for the (Catherine Montgomery Memorial Library and were donated to the (Catherine Montgomery Scholarship Fund. The women also provided delegates to the state and regional conventions held during the spring quarter and featured guest speakers at several chapter meetings and social functions. WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION: Front row: Anita Peek, Linda Rozar, Lee Anne Wojtkowski, Treasurer, Nancy Cotton, Vice President, Dr. Janet Wells, Advisor, Sue Abbot, President, Laurie BuUard, Secretary, Charlotte Parker, Debbie Nicholas; Second row: Kay Rountree, Avis Latham, Sharon Howell, Arlene Nicholson, Sylvia Iglesias, Sandy Balegh, Dianne Carinhas; Third row: Ann Berry, M. C. Gilbert, Marian King, Alyn Airaghi, Janice Daning, Martha Veal, Jean Riccardi, Cathy Carson. 201 GYMNASTICA: Sheila Sharkey, Cathy Hankins, Steve Musielak, Paula McDonald, Dr. Hartley Price, Jane Fortenbery, Gail Giordano, Janice Portal. A local honorary fraternity, Gymnastica was formed by gymnasts of the National Team Championship in 1951 to promote and maintain a constructive and artistic interest in gymnastics. Since that time pledges have been selected on the basis of their skill and service with gymnastics and Gymnkana. This year Gymnastica continued to organize and sponsor Gymkana, a traditional FSU extravaganza of gymnastics, and performed on invitation several road shows throughout Georgia. Besides planning various socials during the year, the members participated in team competition with other universities with the girls placing third in the Atlanta Invitational. Gymnastica GYMNASTICA: Front row: William Alsup, Vice President, Jane Fortenbery, President, Carol Weddle, Steve Musielak, Gail Giordano; Second row: Jane O ' Gara, Cliff Butler, Nancy Gardner, Tami Minnich, Ken Kitchen; Third Row: Dr. Hartley Price, Sponsor, David Barton, Linda Waring, John Mullins, Susan Banks. Women ' s Recreation Association Women ' s Recreation Association was established in 1925 under the title of Women ' s Athletic Association and was open to all women students. This year the members promoted recreational activities by organizing an extensive intramurals program for the dormitories and the sororities. Their program included seasonal competition in both individual and team sports such as tennis, basketball, baseball and swimming. During the Spring Quarter, WRA sponsored a High School Sports Day open to all schools in the surrounding counties and maintained a volleyball team which placed second at the West Georgia Invitational Tournament. WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION: Front row: Sandy Ware, Lee Wojtkowski, Miss Barrow; Second row: Shirley Cowart, Laurie Bullard, Linda Oliver, Diane Carinhas. 203 Village Vamps As the official organization of campus hostesses, Village Vamps continued to welcome visting groups and usher for the Artist Series and other clutural events on campus. Since its founding under FSCW, the members have served as hostesses for coffees and receptions, and ushers at the Governor ' s Inaugural Ball. This year freshman and transfer coeds were tapped after a two-day rush in the fall. The " taps " were easily recognized on campus, for they wore black dresses and a large white heart to signify their selections. VILLAGE VAMP OFFICERS: Front row: Lynn Ruth, Projects Chairman, Sandy Paquin, Historian; Second row: Susan Schumacher, Tap President, Hedy Pasterjak, President, Bonnie Berry, Vice President; Not Pictured: Carol Besserer, Secretary, Tommie Thompson, Treasurer. VILLAGE VAMPS: Front row: Chris Ebner, Pat Sorrell, Cathy Alvarez, Pam Anderson, Suzanne Carbone, Kim Deitz, Laura Newton, Marsha Wright, Sally Singer, Jan Shotwell, Suzanne Hooten, Bev Deitz, Kathleen Smith; Second row: Pat Lamb, Denise Gineau, Eloise Turner, Anita Coffee, Dede Wittstruct, Sally Arnold, Rita Vaccaro, Gretchen Vodrey, Cindy Houser, Susan Memory, Barbara Brundage, Cathy Boardman, Linda Sasser, Kathy Pressly; Third row: Mary Lou Starns, Gray Wrisley, Pat King, Marty Lenington, Linda Nations, Judy Reigle, Julia Hays, Ingrid Erickson, Linda Taylor, Cynthia Baker, Linda Hooper, Kathy Lake, Mary Jane Russell, Judy Harris, Paulette Pullen; Fourth row: Barbara Sloat, Lovey Lane, Marcia Tyrrell, Jean Freeman, Carol Superfine, Sandra Laftin, Andrea Garner, Karen Hodge, Jeanie Douglas, Mary Lynne Stafford , Suzanne Hovanec, Viki Struth, Linda Foley, Donna Rogers, Carol Hodges; Fifth row: G. G. Arnold, Deborah Steinberg, Fran Fox, Sue Geisler. 204 Fashion Incorporated Established in 1955 as a noncommercial student association under the Fashion Institute Department, Fashion Incorporated was open to any girl interested in promoting fashion and good taste in clothing. The main activity was the presentation of Fashion Day which featured guest speakers from all parts of the country. Annual projects included the FSU " Fashion Guide, " which was sent to all new students, and sponsorship of the Modeling Board representing FSU. Interesting speakers from the varied fields of fashion merchandizing highlighted the meetings of the organization. FASHION INCORPORATED OFFICERS: Judi Danielson, Modeling Board Chairman, Marsha Kietsinger, Secretary, Ann Maynard, President, Nancy Schmeisser, Treasurer. FASHION INCORPORATED: Front row: Annette Ward, Joyce Fantino, Mary Lynn Frazier, Gloria Parker, Susan Wilson, Linda Lodell, Carole Helmley, Jayne Pike, Donna McElroy, Ingrid Erickson, Peggy Mulloy; Second row: Jamie L. Arnole, Ellen Middleton, Christine Brannam, Carol Cotten, Kay Green, Harriet Wolf, Karen Hodge, Joan Peverley, Vickie Woodell, Rita Grossberg, Ann Roberts; Third row: Caroline Koch, Sharlene Cole, Linda Hooper, Syd Patterson, Ann Southworth, Cheryl Wallace, Merlyn Mowrey, Jo Wexler, Martine Caraballo, Lisa Hicks, Linda Lowry; Fourth row: Nancy Covington, Lorry Hadley, Laureen Mahoney, Marcia Lynn Williams, Rita Vaughn, Diana Graves, Linda Ely, Teresa Wheat, Mardi Free, Ann Avazian, Connie Kodatt. 205 Town Girls TOWN GIRLS: Front row: Susan McClellan, Treasurer, Linda Defina, President, Julie Weeks, Secretary, Jennifer Highsmith, Chaplain; Second row: Judy Hand, Janie Aho, Sue Townsend, Kathy Coughlin; Third row: Becky Brooks, Susan Folsom, Sandi Linton, Sharon Butler; Fourth row: Shannon Vogan, Kathy Feenker, Parliamentarian, Pat Vidzes, Ruth Harper. Town Girls Association was organized to help day students feel more a part of FSU. Through service and friendship, Town Girls brought these students closer together. " Get Acquainted " teas were sponsored, at which information booklets were distributed to help familiarize the students with campus traditions and policies. Working through the university, the members helped staff the registration and information booths during early orientation and Homecoming. To serve those outside of the campus community, Town Girls entertained handicapped children at Sunland Training Center and worked in cooperation with the American Legion to help provide needy families with food, clothing, and gifts. Since its establishment on the Florida State University campus in 1956, Pi Mu Epsilon has functioned as an honorary mathematics fraternity. The monthly meetings were for the purpose of discussing certain mathematical concepts of interest to the club ' s undergraduate and graduate members. Informal socials were held throughout the year, and guest speakers attended their monthly meetings. Pi Mu Epsilon PI MU EPSILON: J. E. Snover, Faculty Correspondent, Darlene Dyer, Harry Joyner, President, Tanya Connor, Secretary, Douglas Jones, Vice President, R. D. Fray, Faculty Advisor, E. P. Miles, Vijaya Rao. Tarpon Club Judged on the basis of skill and poise in the realm of aquatics, fifteen girls were tapped into Tarpon this fall. These pledges were designated as Minnows until their initiation which followed their first show in the spring. Tarpon produced two major shows this year. During spring quarter the girls choreographed " Chronome tries " , an aquatic ballet with a " time " theme, from which the composition " Unknown the Victor " received a second place rating at the International Aquatic Art Festival held in Illinois. In February the FSU Tarpon Club hosted the Southeastern Aquatic Art Festival and made a guest appearance at the formal dedication of the Pensacola Junior College Pool. TARPON CLUB OFFICERS: Linnea Nelson, President, Cynthia Barr, Treasurer, Rainer Daniels, Vice President. - 3r. fc. f- ■ 207 208 Greeks 209 What does it mean to be a Greek? 210 A name in the file of numbers, letters on a jersey, a sense of pride and belonging. An opportunity for involvement like you ' ve never known before. You sacrifice studies for meetings, sleep for projects and events and, perhaps, even a little of yourself for a greater whole. 211 212 Rush is only the beginning of that special brotherhood where friendships are more meaningful than the ordinary kind. You learn to take others into account yet never lose sight of yourself— the individual. Your loyalties expand to include the partners with whom you work and play, the mystic tie you cherish, the college you call your Alma Mater. 214 " ■■ ' ■■ - ;■: - ■ : : ' : : : :;::; : ;. ' ::. ' ■: ' .■. " ; " ■■■: V-y+ M ■■-;-:■ .: " ■:: .:...:■ ' :;:::i:. ' . " . : " ■ :;: : ' .-:,:,:-.- : - " -=- ' : - ■ ■-.■ -.■:■ ■... ' ■ :: ' ;:■;;: :r-:.v.-.;.- 215 216 217 Relationships are sometimes lasting, sometimes transient. 218 There ' s the pride you feel when your little brother is honored, The special glow you share when your sister falls in love. A fuller you— a larger horizon of experiences. 219 A Greek may be a beauty, a swinger, a leader, or just another contestant seeking his role in this role But more than that he is one who has found the involvement and caring that comes through responsibility to something more than yourself. Inter-Fraternity Council INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS: Richard Tesch, Vice President for Financial Affairs, Paul Leach, President, Paul Regensdorf, Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Ken Palmer, Vice President for Judicial Affairs. Panhellenic 222 PANHELLENIC OFFICERS: Jan Sapp, Program Chairman, Marjorie Go wing, Rush Chairman, Linda Wisner, Treasurer, Frances Pughsley, Secretary, Marilyn Oldhan, President, Judy Morrow, Public Relations Chairman, Dale Duke, Chairman of Panhellenic Honor Court. Chi Phi Founded: 1824 New Jersey State College, Princeton Nu Delta, February, 1965 Florida State University CHI PHI OFFICERS: Richard White, Treasurer, Allen Pickel, Vice President, Bill Kiliany, President, Steve Luther, Secretary. JOYCE TUMLIN Sweetheart Jf f-s rf Allen, G. Carnley, R. Carnohan, G. Cruden, R. Aiii iii ' ' ' .■■ -«ft iVi Gaesser, R. Hadlow, G. Hurley, S. Kiliany, W. Klein, B. Knight, A. Lesser, J. Luther, S. Newcomb, W. Opheim, G. 4iw i Ui]l Rakowski, J. Sanford, S. Verbocy, D. Von Drehl, W. Williams, D. 223 Alpha Chi Omega Founded: 1885 Depauw University, Indiana Beta Eta Chapter, March, 1929 Florida State University Biggs, A. Bowen, M. Brown, C. Campbell, S. Challancin, J. Cone, L. Cool, D. Crow, S. Curl, C. Erven, V. Evans, C. Follensbee, J. Forslev, K. Gain, R. Gillan, P. ALPHA CHI OMEGA OFFICERS: Front row: Holley Hammond, Treasurer, Karen Forslev, Scholarship Chairman, Donna Leamon, 1st Vice President; Second row: Sherri Hartley, Social Chairman, Sandy Kux, President, Pat Henderson, 2nd Vice President. 224 Alpha Chi ' s prepare their Homecoming skit for the Pow Wow. Hagan, M. Hall, M. Hammond, H. Hartley, S. Hines, P. Hinman, M. Hodges, S. Hund, M. Imholte, N. Isaacson, M. Jondahl, S. Kux,S. Leamon, D. Lewis, R. Lenington, M. May, K. Miller, S. Milton, L. Mingione, I. Murphy, A. Myers, L. Olson, K. Owens, D. Pennell, S. Perlingero, R. Popp, F. Reed, S. Rees, M. Ruling, S. Scott, S. Sears, S. Seibert, S. Smith, A. Smith, B. Smith, M. Smith, W. Speed, G. Speier, S. Truitt, S. Starnes, G. Tullgren, J. Walker, C. Waters, B. Wenzel, C. Williams, M. Wisner, L. Woods, K. Woodward, L. Alpha Delta Pi Founded: 1851 Wesley an College, Macon, Georgia Iota Chapter, January, 1909 Florida State University Allen, J. Bachemin, J. Berry, B. Bowen, J. Breeden, L. Bricker, S. Copp, C. DeHoff, J. DeHoff, M. Burton, J. Butler, C. Campbell, D. Cassady, G. Chason, K. Cook, M. - SB k It ' s impossible to ever find a dull moment with the ADPi ' s around. ALPHA DELTA PI OFFICERS: Nan Messer, Corresponding Secretary, Mary Cook, Treasurer, Jackie Mosley, President, Lee Kyser, Vice President, Ann Hutchinson, Recording Secretary. 226 Alpha Delta Pi welcomes rushees with another hilarious skit. Donaldson, G. Dulin, D. Ellis, M. Fitch, D. Flatau, J. Floyd, C. Frazier, E. Gledhill, R. Goff, C. Gregory, J. Hampton, M. Henderson, E. Hipp, M. Hodge, K. Howie, A. Hutchinson, A. Klingbeil, A. Knittle, M. Kyser, L. Lamb, P. m tt Lester, M. Lindell, L. Livingston, J. Loftin, S. Long, M. MacDougald, S. Martin, B. May, P. McCaskill, M. McMillan, J. Meginniss, M. Messer, N. Milam, M. Miller, J. Miller, P. Moore, M. Mosley, J. Neal, A. Ostrander, C. Palmer, G. Paquin, S. Parsons, S. Pickett, R. Pounds, B. Pughsley, F. Santa Cruz, N. Schumacher, S. Sellers, B. Shotwell, R. Skaggs, S. Stevens, B. Thomas, P. Tindal, K. Torrance, C. White, H. 227 Alpha Epsilon Pi Founded: 1913 New York University, New York Phi Tau Colony, April, 1967 Florida State University DEBBIE STEINBERG Sweetheart ALPHA FPSILON PI OFFICERS: Sheldon Tietzer, Member a: Large, Richard Epstein, Recording Scribe, Edward Leonard, Lieutenant Master, Steve Brown, President, Al Ziilkin, Sentinel, Jar: Morganstern, Exchequer, Scott Choos, Pledge Master. 228 J : I Brown, S. Choos, S. Copassaki, A. Cummings, R. Diaz, A. Epstein, R. Goldberg, A. Hodz, M. Kout, D. Kout, D. Krantz, J. Lane, T. Lefkowitz, J. Lenner, E. Lipman, N. Lorello, J. Meltzer, F. Morgenstern, J. Rosenfarb, A. Rubinstein, J. Seinfeld, R. Stone, S. Tietzer, S. Winters, P. Zalkin, A. Two members of Alpha Epsilon Pi enjoy a game of cards one afternoon while talking over the campus situations. 229 m 09 Anderson, P. Arnholt, K. Bass, C. Begley, C. Bevis, B. Blackburn, S. Bradley, D. Carlton, P. Clark, J. Costner, J. Davis, J. Denney, M. Dunagan, W. Dykema, C. Edgar, L. Elmore, C. Ely, J. Fagan, P. Fowler, J. Franks, F. Frazier, N. Gibson, L. Gooding, J. Harrison, L. Hart, B. Higgins, K. Horton, N. Hotch, S. Hotton, D. House, S. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS: Front row: Rose Bass, Recording Secretary, Lue Dunagan, Pledge Trainer, Sarah Ann Smith, President, Mary Ann Rich- ardson, House Chariman, Susan Segner, Editor, Dixie Lee Wilcoxon, Social Chairman; Second row: Pat Stephens, Activities Chairman, Jan Costner, Treasurer, Julianne Miles, Scholarship Chairman, Pam Fagan, Corresponding Secretary, Janice Shaw, Panhellenic Delegate, Mary Peck, Standards Chairman, Sue Reynolds, Membership Chairman, Pat Phillips, Rush Chairman. Jalko, K. Johnson, S. Jones, J. Jones, P. Langdon, R. Law, B. Leuther, J. Lindsey, A. McCollum, L. McGill, M. Middleton, M. Milborune, A. Miles. J. Morrow, C. Murphy, S. Palin, P. Patrick, L. Patterson S. Alpha Gamma Delta Founded: 1904 Syracuse University, New York Gamma Beta Chapter, May, 1925 Florida State University Last year the Alpha Gams were awarded first place for Circus decorations in the Greeks division. Peterson S. Phares, J. Phillips. P. Randle, C. Reiner, K. Reynolds, S. Sanborn, J. Sayre, N. Scott, C. Sharp, M. Shaw, J. Showalter, C. Smith, J. Smith, S. Stephens, P Stott, S. Travers, R. Ward, C. Wentzel, M. Wilcoxon, D. Woodard, S. It ' s a proud moment as the AOPi ' s unveil a portrait of Mary Louise Roller, an AOPi alumna who is now National Panhellenic President. Anton, M. Baird, C. Bell, P. Bennett, S. Biddix, S. Burton, L. Corbett, A. Coverman, E. Crawford, L. Danneman, N. Deguire, S. Farish, D. Green, R. Gregory, M. Harpold, D. Hattan, C. Hebert, J. Herman, S. Howie, C. Huber, J. Jackson, J. H - ■ S Alpha Omicron Pi Founded: 1897 Barnard College, New York Alpha Pi Chapter, May, 1928 Florida State University ALPHA OMICRON PI OFFICERS: Front row: Jamie Kannette, Treasure, Barbara McNeilly, Recroding Secretary: Second row: Eleni Nicholas, Corresponding Secretary, Carol Baird, President, Jane Walker, Vice President. i jfvl p| ' IT r Hfev, ■ , -%. Jennings, S. Kannette, J. Long, A. Louque, M. Loux, S. McCoy, V. McNeilly, B. Moorhead, J. Nicholas, E. Patterson, S. Peatross, P. Pomeroy, R. Rogers, R. Schmeisser, N. Shuman, S. Simmons, E. Smith, K. Smith, L. Taylor, P. Tripp, D. Vaughn, R. Vereen, M. Wallace, C. Wenger, S. Wierengo, E. Wilcox, B. Wood, S. Wright, K. 233 Allen, D. Atkinson, S. Baker, J. Baker, M. Baptista, J. Bearden, L. Brimmer, C. Bunis, S. Capps, M. Carter, E. Cline, B. Gardner, M. Grayson, G. Griffin, S. Hall, D. Hall,.L. Harrison, E. Heller, L. Hodges, J. Hurst, E. Jackson, J. Klumph, S. Lavender, J. McCrone, M. Milholen, C. Moran, C. Peloquin, J. Peyerl, E. Podworny, C. Rice, R. Rouse, E. Ryan, M. Sedlack, K. Showalter, M. SofareUi, P. Stetson, M. 234 Alpha Phi Founded: 1872 Syracuse University, New York Gamma Phi Chapter, May, 1959 Florida State University Alpha Phi ' s join into a " Friendship Circle " at rush. Terrell, N. Wexler, J. Whitehead, D. Wilder, S. Williams, L. Woodward, W. Woolever, J. Yates, P. Yoh, B. ALPHA PHI OFFICERS: Front row: Tommie Stetson, Social Chairman, Jo Wexler, President, Lea Heller, Treasurer; Second row: Carol Sue Brimmer, House Manager, Diane Whitehead, Pledge Trainer, Pat Sofarelli, Panhellenic Representative, Jackie Lavender, Standards. SUE MONTGOMERY Sweetheart Allen, T. Anthony, J. Bowdoin, W. Bryant, B. Carlson, W. Carson, R. Case, R. Crovo, E. Dobbins, L. Erichson, R. Hamill, F. Harr, J. Heckenberg, B. Hodges, F. Holm, B. Home, M. Johnson, R. Jordan, J. Matson, S. McDaris, R. McLaughlin, J. Murray, R. Peterson, D. Powell, R. Price, H. j A ffn US ? ( i O. ) ' ¥_:♦ ■-.,- fr.) r-« f 236 ALPHA TAU OMEGA OFFICERS: John Shuff, Worthy Keeper of Annals, Dick Powell, Worthy Keeper of Exchequer, Fred Hamill, Worthy Master, Robert Murray, Worthy Scribe, Karl McKinny, Worthy Usher. Alpha Tau Omega Founded: 1865 Virginia Military Institute, Lexington Epsilon Sigma, March, 1949 Florida State University ATO ' s spend afternoons on the basketball court to keep them in shape for some upcoming intramural games. Quail, R. Rhodes, L. Salandi, J. Sauer, R. Sellers, D. Shuff, J. Strickland, B. Twitchell, J. Wagner, J. Williams, G. Williams, J. Willis, D. 237 Alpha Xi Delta ALPHA XI DELTA OFFICERS: Front row: Barbara Edelen, Recording Secretary, Judy Stewart, Treasurer, Linda Cox, Corresponding Secretary; Second row: Jeannie Noquez, Vice President, Janice Orloff, President. Armstrong, K. Bassett, P. Beall, B. Bevis, N. Bowes, A. Chalk, C. Cordell, D. Cox, L. Creel, K. Crowell, M. C ' Angelo, D. Deck, L. Founded: 1893 Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois Alpha Omega Chapter, May, 1929 Florida State University m SfM Droz, D. Edelen, B. Falconnier, E. Foster, S. Fox, F. Fuqua, E. Gienau, D. Gillespie, J. Gionet, J. Harding, N. Harvey, S. Hecht, P. Hillmann, D. Hunter, P. Idyll, J. Jones, L. Jones, S. Knutson, C. Kotowski, L. Legg, C. Lett, J. Macchi, S. Martin, N. McMaster, D. I A % i Halloween brings a visit from The Great Pumpkin. McOsker, K. Meyer, M. Mitchell, V. Mixon, C. Mooney, T. Morris, J. Noguez, J. Odom, S. Orloff, J. Plante, T. Prescott, S. Rice, T. Ripol, A. Saigh, K. Salgado, J. Sapp, J. Schultz, C. Sepielli, B. Simon, P. Smith, M. Spardman, E. Stewart, J. Storrie, N. Stretch, C. Stumpf, S. Suther, E. Swindell, S. Tyrrell, M. Walthall, M. Wilson, M. Witt, D. Young, B. m h, id fsr " - i Ek - _1 239 Ahrano, M. Alderson, B. AUen, L. Antiga, S. Armbrust, M. Baisden, T. BeU, J. Bew, D. Blowers, M. Boyd, C. Boykin, E. Brannam, C. Budreau, D. Cournoyer, S. Davis, H. Friday, J. Fulton, D. Garner, A. Goza, A. Harvey, N. Hasselo, D. Chi Omega Founded: April 6, 1895 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Gamma Chapter, May, 1908 Florida State University 240 CHI OMEGA OFFICERS: Front row: Judy Bell, Treasurer, Kate Williams, President, Nancy Wall, Secretary; Second row: Gail Holland, Personel, Lynn Allen, Pledge Trainer. Hawkins, C. Hillman, J. Jackson, N. Malone, L. Marks, J. Mason, K. McDaniell, S. Murphy, P. Naughton, R. Nichols, C. Reed, B. Rich, E. Rogers, M. Rowley, C. Russell, M. Ruth, L. Stephenson, A. Taylor, L. Thurmond, P. Toland, B. Ussery, M. Vallery, S. Vickery, S. Walker, A. Wall, N. White, J. Whitman, N. Wilkins, M. Williams, K. Williams, M. Williams, S. Wiltshire, J. i .0- 0$ % . - I --.t I - ' ' ' 3 m.i- ss b m I --fj 241 Delta Chi Founded: 1890 Cornell University, Ithaca, New York Florida State Chapter, February, 1960 Florida State University Becker, J. Canty, W. Chamberlain, B. Cunningham, C. Edwards, J. Fischer, D. Frederick, R. Gardner, G. Giardenelli, A. Gibson, A. Grimsley, C. Grysybowski, K. J V Hightower, N. Malarkey, E. Monace, A. Murphy, W. Neil, R. O ' Brien, M. Pannucci, R. Rouse, A. Russell, A. Ryan, L. Trexler, M. Wallace, S. White, J. Worden, A. fbj gyyy 242 Members of Delta Chi are recruited from many various sectors of the university community. DELTA CHI OFFICERS: Nash Hightower, President, Alied Giardenelli, Vice President, Stewart Wallace, Recording Secretary, William Canty, Treasurer, Charles Cunningham, Corresponding Secretary, Ed Malarkey, Sargeant at Arms. 243 Delta Delta Delta Founded: 1888 Boston University, Massachusetts Alpha Eta, March, 1916 Florida State University Baxley, K. Baxley, S. Beck, P. Berry, A. Bonifay, C. Bonnette, A. Bouldin, C. Caldwell, M. Calland, T. Clark, J. Cooper, C. Dacus, E. Danford, R. Dester, P. Edwards, B. England, E. Eridson, J. Erickson, P. Fletcher, M. Garrett, S. Gatlin, S. Hanlon, P. Hartley, K. Hayman, K. Hayman, L. Hendrickson, M. Hickerson, C. Hill, E. Hodges, C. Hollister, J. Hooper, L. Home, J. Howse, D. Hudson, P. Hurt, A. Land, E. Lane, L. Massey, C. McDonald, N. Miller, J. Miny, M. Morris, P. Morton, P. Mowrey, M. Noel, N. Parker, M. Perkins, S. DELTA DELTA DELTA: Front row: Barbara Schmid, Rush Chairman, Mary Jochum, Vice President, Judy Clark, President, Second row: Linda Hooper, House President, Joan Home, Treasurer, Marsha Wright, Marshall. L p. % r ?f ' r |r ) J- Richardson, S. Rogers, D. Rupert, J. Schmid, B. Scrogin, S. Sears, M. Taglauer, L. Thelemann, B. Urban, K. Van Aken, F. Waldon, G. Weldon, C. West, A. Whichard, M. Wright, M. Delta Delta Delta plays the Mad Hatter during fall rush parties. 245 Delta Gamma Founded: 1873 Lewis School, Oxford, Mississippi Gamma Mu Chapter, September, 1951 Florida State University DELTA GAMMA OFFICERS: Front row: Kelly Agnew, Rush Chairman, Connie Gonzales, Social Chairman; Second row: Martha Anderson, 1st Vice President, Lindsey Smith, President, Susie Baker, 2nd Vice President. Agnew, K. Anderson, M. Armour, N. Arnold, S. Arpin, S. Azelvandre, G. Baker, S. Barcley, N. Bicki, J. Borchers, M. 246 Bridges, C. Burner, J. Bynum, K. Cahours, C. Cayson, D. Chamblee, J. Conway, P. Creason, K. Dexter, K. Durrance, G. Feuerbach, G. Finch, P. Fisher, S. Friend, S. Garvey, N. Gold, K. Goldsworthy, C. Gonzales, C. Harbert, K. Harmon, J. Harper, T. £| ft? 1 i 4 Hartley, C. Herndon, P. Hooks, S. Hulbert, M. Hussey, T. Jameson, S. Janes, B. Kaynor, L. LaPerche, B. Lewis, C. Malory, M. Mela, C. Memory, S. Montgomery, S. Morton, D. Mullendore, K. Nagler, R. Naimo, L. Naughton, M. Newton, M. O ' Shea, S. CHinger, C. Peppers, P. Plitz, J. Poire, M. SchaU, P. Sisley, G. Smith, L. Snow, E. Snow, M. Stephens, A. Swofford, M. Troup, T. Tyson, T. Vahlberg, M. Vetter, V. West, R. Willis, M. Workd, S. Zaharis, K. Delta Tau Delta Founded: 1858 Bethany College, West Virginia Delta Phi, March, 1949 Florida State University MARY FLORENCE HAGAN Sweetheart Delta Tau Delta members entertain the sorority housemothers. DELTA TAU DELTA OFFICERS: William Foster, Assistant Treasurer, Dennis Hogan, Treasurer, Arthur Broder, Recording Secretary, Philip Padovane, First Vice President, Tom Panza, President, Mike Treworgy, Second Vice President, James Jackson, Corresponding Secretary. - Ulfrfciiliii Agliane, F. Alexander, D. Andresen, B. Apple, J. Barchan, L. Baudin, C. Blitz, K. Bend, B. Berras, A. Burt, S. Camacho, R. Caswell, D. Chanfrau, W. Darlington, K. Dibble, J. Flaherty, T. Flannery, J. Forkey, R. Forness, W. Foster, W. Gianaris, G. Gragg, K. Hankin, M. Harrell, H. Harris, S. Hilsmier, D. Hite, C. Hogan, D. Holland, J. Horner, R. W3P£f O AA hrf J53I. f ? (fll ft -■■ ,t-«. jCj. ( Cg 1 £t) Hurley, H. Ido, C. Jackson, J. Layman, J. Leach, P. Lewis, J. Lingle, M. Morse, R. Morton, D. Mulrooney, D. Padovano, P. Panza, T. Pariso, C. Parker, C. Pearson, M. Schmidt, F. Seitz, W. Sharp, G. Treworgy, M. Warner, R. West, P. Yagoda, K. Zavelson, D. Mrs. Wood DELTA ZETA OFFICERS: Front row: Joan Fortenberry, Pledge Trainer, Pixie Bell, President, Margie McGraw, Rush Chairman; Second row: Barbara Barnett, Corresponding Secretary, Connie Kodatt, Treasurer, Mary Rosa, Recording Secretary. Archer, M. Alderman, B. Ankney, C. Arnold, J. Arnold, S. Barnett, B. Bell, P. Bischoff, E. Boney, C. Bostian, C. Bowers, S. Campbell, B. Capps, C. Chastain, B. Cibula, K. Cobb, J. Cole, S. Cox, K. Dragstedt, M. Duke, D. Dunn, S. Fan, M. Ferris, M. Fesmire, M. Fortenberry, J. Grossberg, R. Gustafson, G. Hall, M. Hastings, C. Helmly, E. Hodge, K. Horton, L. ; DELTA ZETA JAl Delta Zeta Founded: 1902 Miami University, Oxford, Ohio Alpha Sigma Chapter, May, 1924 Florida State University Houlihan, A. Howes, M. Huggan, L. Kodatt, C. Kretsinger, M. Lindsay, C. Madden, M. Martin, C. McColskey, A. Mitchell, M. Morris, K. Morrison, B. Mulloy, P. Oliver, L. Pandovano, E. Payne, L. Peverley, J. Potter, G. Powell, E. Rooney, D. Rosa, M. Rule, G. Sager, S. Saxon, J. Schmidt, N. Severson, D. Specht, M. Stein, J. Stringer, P. Walker, D. Walker, S. Wilson, L. Winfree, N. Wood, P. Wootten, C. mm . - ,£.. gr £ L,. Ji £? W €;f 0$ Gamma Phi Beta Founded: 1874 Syracuse University, New York Beta Mu Chapter, April, 1950 Florida State University Clown plans to capture rush memories. Adams, N. Anderson, O. Ashmore, R. Ballantyne, K. Bonner, C. Boyd, K. Boyett, M. Casoria, C. Conley, K. Craven, B. Craven, S. Cromer, S. Deigarrd, T. Dey, L. Ebner, A. Edwards, P. Evans, B. Everett, G. Foss, V. Fowler, B. W £) U - £ v _____ j k £-, T " " " ' .-J- 1 H55 252 GAMMA PHI BETA OFFICERS: Front row: Gail Anderson, President, Janet Parrish, House Manager, Anne Lang, Social Chairman, Tina Deigarrd, Pledge Trainer; Second row: Vicki Foss, Reco rding Secretary, Barbara Craven, Scholarship, Becky Fowler, Vice President, Sheryle Thompson, Panhellenic Representative, Susan Murrell, Rush Chairman, Betsy Shine, Standards Chairman. Haley, N. Hankins, J. Hankins, K. Heeth, M. Jeanne, D. Lang, A. Larson, B. MacArthur, C. Man, D. Mills, M. Moulton, G. Murrell, S. Naclerio, E. Nelson, J. Page, S. Parrish, J. Reiber, A. Rhodes, M. Russell, E. Russell, J. Russell, M. Sackett, C. Shine, B. Smith, M. Stanford, P. Staten, S. Suddath, J. Tullos, P. Valldejuli, N. Walch, C. Webb, P. White, P. Sisters wear Mardi Gras costumes for rush. 253 I KAPPA ALPHA THETA OFFICERS: Carol Pate, Pledge Trainer, Barbara Patterson, Vice President- Efficiency, Leslie Schmidt, President, Barbara Grigg, Treasurer, Gayle Severson, Recording Secretary. Alvarez, C. Armstrong, J. Baker, C. Bayer, B. Beals, B. Bitler, C. Borg, L. Bridges, S. Briley, S. Bryant, J. Buck, D. Burgess, E. Burns, J. Christmas, J. Claxton, J. Clements, J. Couch, J. de la Rua, J. DeLettre, C. Duckworth, D. Dunphy, E. Gergen, G. Gergen, P. Griffith, S. Grigg, B. Harrison, S. Hays, G. Hilleboe, J. Hodson, S. Home, B. Hultgren, D. Hultgren, G. Kappa Alpha Theta Founded: 1870 DePauw University, Indiana Beta Nu Chapter, January, 1924 Florida State University Pledges prepare for the Theta ' s traditional kite flying Johnson, S. Kellam, C. Kodatt, S. Lastinger, L. Ledbetter, F. Lindeman, M. Maney, M. Maseda, M. Mathews, V. McCall, S. McFarland, M. McFarland, M. Mickler, K. Mulford, S. Oakerson, M. Partin, M. Pate, C. Paterson, B. Plummer, J. Powers, K. Rabun, N. Retzke, J. Riles, S. Roberts, R. Scalera, C. Scalera, T. Schmidt, L. Severson, G. Sharkey, S. Sirmans, C. Skiff, C. Slane, S. Starnes, M. Swanson, J. Tipton, V. Wade, W. Ward, D. Weeks, J. Wright, C. Yoder, K. Zimmerman, D. 255 Kappa Delta Founded: 1897 Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia Kappa Alpha Chapter, November, 1 904 Florida State University Adams, S. Alderman, P. Anderson, C. Baker, C. Bennett, S. Biddle, V. Calabria, M. Casey, C. Cochrane, J. Crume, R. Dougherty, P. Eaton, B. Edwards, M. Fonts, L. Franks, C. Fulford, D. Gibbons, C. Graham, N. Grant, A. Green, C. Hadley, L. Hammond, L. Harmon, S. Hartwell, D. Japour, A. Jones, B. Jones, G. Jones, H. Kendrick, J. Kendrick, M. Kirkconnell, A. f f l Lister, J. Matthews, M. McFarlin. J. McNevin, M. Miller, C. Neck, S. Neumaster, G. Olin, K. Olsen, J. ott, c; Overstreet, P. Petway, B. Pichler, C. Powell, M. Purcell, M. Ray, J. Reddick, J. Ridley, C. Rodgers, L. Roush, S. Shane, S. Shawn, T. Shingler, S. Stone, S. Taylor, T. Thompson, T. Townsend, A. Tscarios, C. Tullis, C. VonGlahn, D. Walker, J. Wall, A. Webster, W. Westenhiser, M. Willits, P. Wolf, S. KAPPA DELTA OFFICERS: Front row: Claudia Ridley, Rush Chairman, Gail Overstreet, Assistant Treasurer, Jere Reddick, Treasurer; Second row: Joyce Walker, Editor, Nita Graham, President, Linda Fonts, Secretary, Pam Willits, Vice President. Kappa Kappa Gamma Founded: 1870 Monmouth College, Illinois Epsilon Zeta Chapter, February, 1960 Florida State University KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA OFFICERS: Kay Upton, President, Lucy Skagfield, 2nd Vice-President, Susannah Erck, 1st Vice-President. Adkins, S. Arnold, S. Baker, B. Bader, S. Barrineau, M. Bartlett, M. Beauchamp, A. Berkeley, P. Carbone, S. Casey, P. Chapman, J. Coggins, P. Coryn, M. Davis, D. Dawkins, M. Erck, J. Farley, T. Fischer, K. Fogarty, M. Geisler, S. Godwin, E. Griggith, E. Gross, L. Grove, M. Guenther, V. Hallstrand, T. Harris, N. Howard, A. Howell, P. Ivey, E. Lenington, E. Letton, T. Liles, L. Losh, C. McLucas, J. Morrow, J. Motsett,T. Owe ns, C. Peery, D. Phillips, S. Pike, J. Kappas gather around their 1968 Man of the Year, Freddy Razook. Reagan, C. Reeser, M. Rivers, F. Robinson, G. Rothchild, M. Ruse, S. Ryan, B. Shashy, D. Siviter, H. Skagfield, L. Thomas, C. Upton, K. Van Doren, D. Watts, M. Weinhagen, J. Williams, R. Wilson, J. Wright, A. Wrisley, G. Zatarain, N. 259 Kappa Sigma Founded: 1869 University of Virginia, Charlottesville Epsilon Sigma, February, 1949 Florida State University DIXIE LEE WILCOXON Sweetheart KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS: Terry Mire, Grand Master of Ceremonies, Tim Timmons, Grand Procurator, Rich Tesch, Grand Master, Jeff Bassett, Grand Scribe, Tom Evans, Grand Treasurer. 3 |Jnj r y !, fcifch I2 Tat cr ilfcfc Aday, M. Ahnen, D. AUen, R. Anderson, J. Austin, A. Bassett, J. Bergsten, S. Bordeaux, D. Bostick, F. Bradley, R. Buntrock, T. Burchett, P. Campbell, D. Carlisle, S. Carter, R. Crozier, C. Dearen, B. Deutsch, D. Downes, J. Evans, T. Fletcher, R. Freeman, J. Galletta, F. Heep, D. Lane, R. Lee, S. Loner, F. McCoy, J. Mire, T. Orr, J. Rio, V. Rivers, H. Robinson, R. Rymer, E. Smith, C. Sumrell, M. Swanson, R. Tesch, R. Thomas, T. Thompson, R. Timmons, T. Tinsley, T. Townsend, C. Turville, H. Vandagriff, R. Watkinson, K. White, L. Williams, M. Wolters, D. DEANNA HUNGERFORD Sweetheart Auten, D. Bennett, B. Black well, B. Blackwell, R. Boynton, R. Brandt, M. Campbell, D. Collins, J. Cooper, H. Coulter, B. Curry, D. Dandois, C. Davis, D. Davis, W. Donn, R. Dunbar, P. Duncan, B Durkee, S. Eden, M. Edge, Z. Fenwick, J. Fisher, P. Foley, B. Gilreath, J. Gromek, C. Haley, J. Hanner, C. Hawkins, J. Heinlen, R. Hines, C. HoUey, W. Hunt, W. Hyatt, W. Jackson, R. Jenkins, L. Jensen, J. Jernigan, C. Koppen, R. Labasky, R. Lee, J. Linn, R. Lyles, D. Mannheimer, D. Meyer, T. Moon, B. 262 o fy ft lit 1 1 Lambda Chi Alpha Founded: 1909 Boston University , Massachusetts Zeta Rho, May, 1950 Florida State University l Ji Morris, R. Pollock, A. Porter, R. Radcliff, D. Ramella, B. Reibling, M. Roberts, W. Rockhill, T. Rubel, B. Rubinas, W. Schnute, G. Stewart, D. Tucker, W. Urban, M. Urich, R. Ward, P. Williamson, C. Wolters, J. Wynne, E. Zgodzinski, E. And then, later, after the party LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS: Mark Urban, Social Chairman, Doug Donn, President, Mark Brandt, Vice President, Art Pollock, Ritualist, Bruce Moon, Rush Chairman, Barry Bennett, Secretary. 263 LIZ KAYNOR Sweetheart Ametrano, J. Alvarez, R. Anderson, J. Bell, J. Bellamy, G. Bennett, J. Bishop, G. Connor, A. Copps, R. Cowart, M. Crowe, J. Hawkins, W. Drage, T. Durrance, D. Floyd, E. Floyd, R. Gaudet, K. George, B. Gilstrap, L. Goodman, K. Green, H. Greene, L. Harrison, J. Hart, K. Higgins, T. Hill, R. James, J. Jordan, T. Kendler, E. Kid well, R. Leap hart, D. Lenehan, J. Marsicano, E. McDuffie, H. Mirabella, V. Mrachek, L. Rhody, W. Riffe, P. Rishoi, W. Robinson, L. Sands, W. Scowden, D. Schaefer, R. Shannon, J. Spooner, J. Stambaugh, R. Summers, S. Taminosian, S. Taylor, J. Tillett, J. Waugh, J. Werner, A. Woodland, C. Zacur, R. ff$. o C 1 AM « CL r - tiki niton 264 Phi Delta Theta Founded: 1848 Miami at Oxford, Ohio Florida Gamma, January, 1951 Florida State University Phi Delta housemother, Mrs. Feamster, follows fraternity ' s activities, this time on a Harley Davidson. PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS: William Tillett, Treasurer, Tim Jordan, Steward, Harry Green, House Manager, Bruce Conner, Secretary, Dave Zimmerman, President, Keith Compton, IFC Representative. 265 Phi Gamma Delta Founded: 1848 Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Phi Sigma, December, 1967 Florida State University Allemand, A. Anderson, J. Baber, R. Bone, R. Borasch, D. Chandler, T. Crew, J. Davis, M. Firth, B. Goldman, M. Fiji ' s and their dates hold an orgy at their Barn Dance. 266 PHI GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS: Arnold Allemand, Historian, Jim Anderson, Treasurer, Vincent MirabeUa, Corresponding Secretary, Steve Sparkman, President, Louis Towson, Recording Secretary. IS Jennings, G. Kuhn, J. Mackiewicz, T. iiijyft MarshaU, B. Mennett, R. Mirabella, V. Murray, B. Paxton, N. Scott, W. Sparkman, S. Towson, L. Wilhelm, D. DOTTY BURDEAU Sweetheart William Zerman, National Executive Secretary, speaks at the Installation Banquet of Phi Sigma of Phi Gamma Delta. 267 Phi Kappa Tau Founded: 1906 Miami at Oxford, Ohio Beta Iota, March, 1949 Florida State University PHI KAPPA TAU OFFICERS: Jeff Miller, Steward, Gary Groves, Corresponding Secretary, Edward Goolsby, Treasurer, Richard Boehm, Vice President, James Durrence, President. ff$ W T AUan, B. Ament, J. Banta, J. 1 ill Barber, S. Beach, G. Best, J. Boehm, R. Bridgford, S. Burnett, J. Carter, D. Cisney, W. Coleman, R. GAIL SISLEY Sweetheart Jf m, my, uiiifr .tAfcAi Corbett, C. Donahey, R. Duman, D. Duncan, W. Durrence, J. Freed, L. Gardner, D. Goolsby, E. Graybeal, G. Groves, G. Harris, W. Henley, D. Ivey, J. Jones, K. Jones, R. Kame, J. Kapp, B. Kersh, J. Koenig, K. Lesso, J. Lukaszewski, M. McNeeley, J. Metz, M. Miller, J. Morales, G. Murchison, D. Perkins, T. Persons, H. Plaster, R. Roberts, G. Ross, R. RuddeU, D. Show, B. Smotrel, J. Trescot, S. Underwood, J. Vick, J. Wasdin, G. West, J. Wilkins, G. Phi Mu m Founded: 1852 Akers, S. Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia Allieri, L. Alpha Epsilon Chapter, January, 1929 Florida State University Batts, L. Blank ner, T. Bonatz, J. Bowley, J. Bowns, T. Brown, P. Bryant, C. Campbell, S. Campbell, T. Caraballo, E. Carter, C. Cox, L. Currin, P. Deal, J. Dennis, B. Dingfelder, M. Doty, F. Dwight, V. Edmonds, J. Fuller, J. Green, G. Green, M. Harden, L. Harrell, M. Henderson, P. Hinson, S. Hodges, J. James, J. Johnson, S. PHI MU OFFICERS: Lily Sasser, Panhellenic Representative, Kathy Myrick, President, Susie Oram, Vice President, Eloise Turner, Rush Chairman, Tina Bowns, Pledge Trainer. Johnson, S. Jordan, J. Koch, C. BHBtes fcJ 8 ! | J ft ¥ i " " L . W f Sm A 4 Kuharske, N. LaBarbera, K. LaHurd, M. Lynn, E. McCathern, B. McCullough, J. Moore, J. Myrick, K. Nichols, J. Oram, S. Quist, K. Sasser, L. Shiver, C. Small, S. Steinberg, D. Thornhill, M. Touchten, T. Turner, J. Turner, E. Turville, K. Weatherred, C. Wilson, J. Wilson, S. Wright, D. Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi ' s work hard to plan amusing skits for Fall Rush. Founded: 1867 Monmouth College, Illinois Florida Beta Chapter, October, 1921 Florida State University Abbott, M. Akin, L. Anchors, M. Anderson, A. Britten, J. Caley, C. Callahan, C. Chrisman, B. Cobb, S. Cole, M. Compton, M. Covington, N. Daughterty, S. Deitz, K. Dice, B. 272 ■■ JSP- Ji I ■ wf f PI BETA PHI OFFICERS: Front row: Helen Walkup, President, Lynn Callhan, Vice President; Second Row: Trudi Robinson, Treasurer, Sally Saier, Secretary. Dietrich, C. Erickson, I. Gowing, M. Harper, S. Harwood, A. Hauseman, J. Herring, M. Huie, B. James, E. Jordan, P. Lamb, R. Longe, S. Love, M. Mallory, S. Marr, B. Millitzer, T. Moody, B. Moore, M. Petersen, K. Pierson, D. Poison, B. Poison, B. Pressly, K. Raftis, M. Reilly, B. Rickett, P. Russell, N. Saier, S. Shea, S. Sparks, M. Stapleton, P. Taber, R. Trumbower, J. Ulmer, E. Walkup, H. Wall, N. Walton, S. Welsh, M. West, S. Wiser, M. Pi Kappa Alpha Founded: 1868 University of Virginia, Charlottesville Delta Lambda, March, 1949 Florida State University LUCY SKAGFIELD Sweetheart PI KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS: Front row: Bob Humphries, Treasurer, Lance John Cecka, President, Mickey Harrison, Vice President; Second row: Charles Barnes, Rush Chairman, Gene HaLley, Sargeant at Arms, Dave Phillips, Secretary. PiKA ' s take their lives into their hands every year at Cane Snatching time. 274 PI KAPPA ALPHA PLEDGES: Front row: Heyder, Napolitano, D ' Arpa, Baggs; Second row: Grant, Tubb, Bush, Zaffran, Buhl, Durnett, Conan, Jones; Third row: Champ, Fuller, Wagner, Hailing, Manley. Altemus, D. Arick, R. Barnes, C. Barnes, J. Burnett, P. Buttcrworth.T. Bush.T. Cecka, L. Courter, R. Crews, S. Davis, W. Dennis, M. Dunagan, L. Favarato, R . Favarato, V. Freer, D French, J. Fuller, J. Galloway. C. Gerding, P Giordano, D. Halle y, G. Hailing, C. Harrington. R. Harrison, M. Henderson, C. Heyder, K. Hood, D. Humphries. B. Johnson, W. Kavka, C. Klun k, R. Lanning, J. Larkin, M. Livingston, A. Hi O «l Marsh, J. Martin, J. McMahon, R. Miller, T. Monroe, P. Montgomery, J. Moughan, J. Mulligan, D. Napolitano, C. Nolte, P. O ' Neil, C. Phillips, D. Poe, J. Poulos, T. Quarmby , T. Reever, B. Regan, F. Smith, D. Space, D. Stallard, D. Sweat, J. Taulbee, D. Thacker, R. Titlow, F. Tubb, R. Tunkel, R. Vega, F. Wall, R. Ward, R. Wilson, R. Wolford, M. Mrs. Reynolds. Pi Kappa Phi Founded: 1904 College of Charleston, South Carolina Beta Eta, February, 1950 Florida State University ' . T Allen, D. Bacon, W. Baker, R. Ball, S. fcllitltrtk Beasley, J. Beauchamp, K. Beavers, T. Bradshaw, B. »»» X Brandewie, R Bristol, P. Bustle, G. Carrico, G. s Chao, W. 1 Costanza, F. Cottrill, C. V --«• - Covert, J. fl Cray, W. W J Cripe, B. m M de Zeeuw, P. LORNA HAGE Flynt, J. Sweetheart PI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS: Phil Wegley, Chaplain, Bob Elefante, Warden, Paul Regensdorf, Archon, Frank Borzen, Secretary, Sid Wilson, Treasurer, Tom Graham, Historian. 276 Has anyone been hit by water balloons on Park Avenue? PiKaps have a sling shot on their roof! Gittings, R. Gladwin, W. Golding, R. Graham, T. Gregory, W. Hays, R. Hines, M. Jarrett, T. Keller, F. Khail, V. Kinslow, J. Lenczyk, R. Main, J. Milstead, R. Monfort, K. Nails, J. Nelimark, V. Niedenthal, J. Orr, R. Parke, J. Perkins, R. Philipp, J. Potts, G. Rapp, H. Regensdorf, P. Reisinger, C. Rowe, L. Sicius, F. Smith, M. Steiner, D. Stroub, D. Tracy, W. Wardner, R. Webb, R. Williams, D. Williams, T. Wilson, S. Wise, D. Wise, R. Wright, J. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded: 1856 University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Florida Beta, March, 1949 Florida State University JUANITA STEIN Sweetheart Allman, K. Atchley, W. Banks, B. Banks, C. Barbee, W. Batchelor, D. Beck, T. Bennett, R. Bigham, S. Boyd, A. Boynton, B. Brannen, J. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS: Karl Kuersteiner, Recording Secretary, Frank Johns, Corresponding Secretary, Pat Gridley, Chronicler, Chuck Ross, President, Robert Williams, Warden, Paul Hill, Vice President, Richard Ramsey, Treasurer, Byron McClellan, Herald. 278 Briley, R. Brooks, C. Burgess, S. Caruso, S. Chapman, J. Chambers, N. Connor, K. Cox, W. Crews, J. Crooms, S. Curry, J. Curry, S. Darcy, T. Dart, B. Dean, J. Dean, W. Dowsett, R. Drawdy, T. Dunbar, D. Dunn, B. English, J. Erb, S. Eubanks, D. Fettig, M. Fields, D. Fields, M. Foster, D. Gardner, J. Godwin, W. Goebel, J. Gridley, P. Gruber, B. Hill, P. Houlihan, W. Howard, D. Huff, J. Johns, A. Kelly, M. Kiefer, D. Kirk, B. Kirk, M. Kirk.T. Kirkland, J. Kirkland, J. Kuersteiner, K. Laird, L. Leggett, L. Loftin, C. Lowther, R. McClellan, B. McKenzie, J. Miller, R. Montgomery, M. Moore, C. Ramsey, R. Rose, R. Ross, C. Scrivner, D. Sheppard, C. Staker, E. Talley, J. Taylor, R. Touchton, T. Turnage, T. Turner, R. Wainwright, R. Waller, C. Westbrook, J. Westbrook, J. Williams, L. Williams, R. Willis, B. 279 Sigma Chi Founded: 1855 Miami of Ohio, Oxford Epsilon Zeta, March, 1951 Florida State University BARBARA HUIE Sweetheart Intramural softball is one underhanded activity for Sigma Chi brothers. SIGMA CHI OFFICERS: Jose Munoz, President, Terry Maul, Vice President, Bill Sproull, Treasurer, John Hanley, Pledge Trainer. 280 1 ) r I " . T ipsa . «-f O ft O ft ft f , £ ff r$ % 17 Lj fTf HTl r- O f ft B 1 IkS fete e » P ts» i 4ft Aldrich, R. Anderson, W. Anthony, J. Avirett, W. Benton, P. Burke, D. Campbell, D. Campbell, R. Carpenter, J. Casterton, M. Chicvara, A. Clark, W. Crim, R. Cuny, R. Darlow, R. Davis, T. Devane, D. Dukes, M. Dupree, J. Elmore, W. Elms, R. Falligant, F. Gerheim, D. Green, J. Gresham, J. Hanley, J. Hanshaw, F. Harbaugh, D. Harmon, J. Harper, J. Hawkins, H. Helinger, J. Hendry, J. Hester, J. Hines, M. Hitt, G. Hogan, W. Hope, J. Jackson, R. Joanus, P. Johnson, W. Johnson, W. Jones, J. Jones, P. Langstroth, R. Link, M. Lytton, J. McCoy, R. McKinnon, J. McLean, D. Middelthon, J. Munoz, J. Offutt, R. Palmer, T. Parsons, J. Pease, W. Raehn, S. Revell, R. Rollins, S. Rouse, S. Sproull, J. Thompson, T. Tollerton, J. Toner, D. Vallee, R. Wallace, W. Wilcox, H. Wilcox, R. Williams, P. Wolfe, R. Wood, B. Wyatt, W. 281 Sigma Kappa Founded: 1874 Colby College, Waterville, Maine Omega Chapter, May, 1920 Florida State University Adams, P. Anton, S. Baer, B. Ball, L. Bell, L. Bennett, B. Brown, J. Burns, C. Coffee, A. Collins, G. Conrad, J. Cutter.C. Davis, G. DeFina, L. Dobbin, B. Donald, L. Edwards, M. Eilbacher, K. Eng, A. Flickner, M. Garvey, J. Garvey,M. Getty, L. Gourley, K. Graham, J. SIGMA KAPPA OFFICERS: Front row: Cathie Jarrard, President; Second row: Linda Donald, Treasurer, Terry Thomas, Rush Chairman; Third row: Suzy Howland, Corresponding Secretary Judy Rickel, Registrar. 282 Gray, J. Guild, B. Hann, J. Harris, J. Henderson, H. Herold, M. Hoag, M. Holley, A. Holmes, J. Hudson, J. Hughes, C. Hull,T. Hungate, P. Indingard, J. Jarrard, C. Johnson, B. Kennedy, P. King, P. LaRoche, C. Lunney, K. Mathis, V. Means, D. Miller, L. Olason, M. Oleson, K. Owings, K. Packard, H. Pietrofesa, A. Ramsey, J. Ready, M. Redstone, D. Rickel, J. Russell, J. Schuck, J. Scott, D. Skadron, B. Stanford, M. Stanford, M. Stapleton, S. Strickland, S. Thackham, E. Thomas, T. Trax, P. Turner, J. Turner, S. Upton, L. Wiehaus, D. Williams, S. Wood, P. 283 Sigma Nu Founded: 1869 Virginia Military Institute, Lexington Zeta Zeta, April, 1950 Florida State University Beebe, R. Bell, R. Breen, C. Brendle, D. Broughton, J. Butler, R. Chambers, J. Cituk, J. Cochran, J. Coon, E. Duket, J. Eickhoff, R. Gardner, R. Garvin, W. Gilbert, J. Gordzicki, R. Hackley, R. Harbin, R. Hennis, T. Herrera, G. Hrdlicka, J. Hyde, R. Kinney, J. Kiser, R. Sigma Nu presents a winning float for Homecoming. (Tt O £p £ e « t © i. 284 a D JiJ i 4tt Long, M. Maroney, P. Mathison, J. Maura, J. Mendenhall, T. Mills, C. Minear, R. Muley, M. Retter, F. Risner, R. Rottmann, J. Schneider, P. Seaman, D. Spray berry, R. Scott, D. Thompson, D. Vause, C. Walker, T. Ward, J. Wessinger, B. SIGMA NU OFFICERS: Ron Hyde, Vice President, Rob Hackley, Recorder, James Kinney, Treausrer, Joseph Duket, Pledge Trainer, Raymond Butler, President. 285 Sigma Phi Epsilon Founded: 1901 University of Richmond, Virginia Florida Epsilon, May, 1950 Florida State University MARSHA POWELL Queen of Hearts John Maynard congratulates Mr. Eugene Fisher to whom their new house is dedicated. 286 Afryl.J. Almstead, J. Asmar, N. Beckman, M. Bender, R. Brown, F. Bryant, R. Cole, J. Cox,T. Croteau, E. Douglass, M. Farley, W. Fieldsa, W. Fluhr, R. Ford, D. Foster, J. Fox, L. Fox, R. Frank, M. Gardner, D. Gehri, J. Guppy, M. Haylett, R. Hearn, J. Sig Ep brothers frequently booze it up at the sink holes. ( (£ P ft f£ £3 £$ iiftifclt fe Hockenbery, E. Hunsucker, C. Kaufman, S. Kraus, G. MacAdam, L. MacLennam, M. Marable, S. Martin, M. Maynard, J. McCampbell, M. McCune, B. McDonell, W. Mick, R. Morey, W. Nelson, R. Parker, J. Plant, J. Pond, K. Press, E. Rogalski, B. Scott, R. Scott, W. Soldo, V. Spreitzer, J. Stewart, J. Troxel, C. Wakefield, S. White, T. Whitmore, J. Williams, C. Williams, J. Williams, R. Wood, M. Woodell, G. Woodson, M. Mrs. M. Scott SIGMA PHI EPSILON OFFICERS: Charles Hunsucker, Recording Secretary, Fred Troxel, Vice President, John Hearn, President, Lynn MacAdam, Comptroller, Tom Cox, Corresponding Secretary. 287 Harris, J. Hemphill, B. Hickey, V. Kelly, M. Knapp, E. Larby, R. Lasserre, J. Manley, S. Marchard, S. McBride, B. Awbrey, B. Bardoe, S. Barone, B. Baughan, C. Baur, L. Baur, N. Bell, C. Blanchette, J. Bole, B. Boman, M. Bowen, R. Brocato, S. Brown, L. Clark, L. Doherty, S. Duggan, B. Edwards, L. Evans, P. Froede, S. Gieger, S. Gregory, G. Gregory, M. Grierson, K. Guy, J. G f € Sigma Sigma Sigma Founded: 1898 Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia Rho Chapter, April, 1960 Florida State University SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA OFFICERS: Front row: Tish Neel, Recording Secretary, Norma Harris, Vice-President; Back row: Nancy Baur, Treasurer, LeAnn Brown, President. McEuen, D. McGrath, M. Melendy, K. Mitchell, F. Mitchell, M. Navratil, J . Neel, M. Nengel, P. Oddie, S. Perdue, D. Pfeiffer, H. Puckett, V. Rawls, C. Robinson, M. Sauls, M. Sawyer, S. Scharzenbach, E. Simmons, M. Smernis, K. Stephens, S. Sullivan, C. Sullivan, N. Trigg, L. Vandermast, R. Voorhees, C. Wadsworth, J. Wenger, M. White, P. Wilson, S. Wing, L. Wood, L. Wynne, M. Tau Kappa Epsilon Founded: 1889 Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois Sigma Gamma, September, 1967 Florida State University Aitken, R. Androff, D. Armstrong, J. Atwell, G. Bishop, D. Bizaillon, P. Boyer, G. Bradley, K. Bumgardner, J. Bumgardner, J. Crowell, P. Curasi, J. Daly, J. Devane, H. Don, D. Dumais, M. Durham, R. Enfinger, A. Erlinger, J. Fink, R. Gautt, D. Garside, J. George, L. Gray, C. Gunn, G. Gunther, R. Harrell, R. Hawkins, H. Haylett, R. Herring, K. Hibbs, S. Hodson, D. Wf9 f d} fed fctil f!b (IS sf, - t St tfA fc. J mSk ■i fc li I J p r " fe | P M» vp 1 3 c ? £ £11 4 ? fv p f t til £J t4 tf 14.1 1 HoweU, C. Iacino, C. Kellam, R. LaFrancis, J. Lazzari, J. LeVeille, A. LeSage, R. Levy, R. MacBroom, C. Major, M. Marra, A. Miner, M. Mitchell, S. Monchick, M. Moore, R. Pardo, D. Paulk, H. Peeler, E. Pennell, H. Pierce, R. Pla, S. Quetone, J. Ray, C. Rhodes, W. Robey, V. Rotzko, R. Rowe, W. See, J. Soud, G. Stagg, T. Starkey, J. Starkey, V. Studebaker, R. Thibodeaux, J. Tufarella, M. Tuttle, R. Weatherford, J. Weighton, N. Wells, R. Whalen, J. Worrall, D. Zapp, R. Theta Chi Founded: 1856 Norwich University, Vermont Gamma Rho, March, 1949 Florida State University M Theta Chi ' s cheer at the Greek Olympics. Acosta, H. Brown, M. Brueckheimer, W. Buckley, J. Burton, B. Corn well, T. Dilmore, D. Durham, J. Engel, B. Ferreira, V. Fisher, W. Girtman, W. Glotzbach, C. Goucher, R. Greenman, H. Greenman, P. p ( ft ft w I til fl) I? Jl Jaeger, L. Jones, D. Haley, N. Helms, D. Kerlin, R. King, R. Knapp, D. Maher, B. Marx, D. McLeod, R. McNerney, S. Messer, B. Moon, W. Palmer, K. Parsons, C. Perry, J. Pletzer, K. Rieder, D. Schneck, M. Sierra, L. Simpson, L. Sloan, L. Snyder, S. Sowinski, J. Taylor, R. Thomas, E. Thomley, D. Walden, D. Warfel, R. Wasson, R. Watkins, J. Weand, A. Wendling, G. Wise, R. Wright, C. THETA CHI OFFICERS: Larry Sloan, House Manager, Vincent Ferreira, Pledge Marshall, Kenneth Palmer, President, George Wendling, Rush Chairman. ZETA TAU ALPHA OFFICERS: Mary Lynne Stafford, House President, Carol Dowries, Vice President, Vickie Woodell, Pledge Class President, Sharon Nelson, Corresponding Secretary. Cayson, B. Cecil, E. Downes, C. Edwards, D. Faiks, M. Fallin, D. Foley, L. Free, M. Fuini, D. Gerdes, M. Gierach, C. Girard, E. 294 Zeta Tau Alpha C5 y? £u Gomez, P. Hamilton, B. Harry, S. Hartsfield, C. Hatcher, M. Hunt, P. Jamison, B. Kenyon, B. Kirkendall, L. Kovac, W. Kians, B. Laxgey, J. Moore, B. Morris, D. Nelson, S. Owen, K. Pardue, L. Peacoch, C. Rae, P. Rees, V. Reeves, C. Ridlon, J. Sasser, C. Scheffer, C. Founded: 1898 Long wood College, Farmville, Virginia Gamma Beta Chapter, December, 1924 Florida State University Scrivener, S. Senk, W. Shirley, C. Smith, C. Stafford, M. - A Stevens, J. Strickland, D. Sullivan, M. Vila, N. Woodell, V. 295 296 3£ £$ 2 sb.« Pageantry 297 Registration Activities Night Launch New Year Late in September the mass migration to Tallahassee began. Registration was hectic under the new quarter system as students plowed through mobs and grabbed for class cards. Activities Night at the University Union intro- duced students to campus organizations with exhibits and talks. The Night Crawlers provided the music for a dance held in the ballroom after the displays were presented. 298 299 Agility and Poise Combine in 19th Gymkana " Tropicana " , the 19th annual presentation of Gym- kana, thrilled its spectators with acts of daring and precision. Gymkana ' s performers, members of the internationally famous Gymnastic Team, the na- tionally famous Tallahassee Tumbling Tots, and beautiful, talented coeds were dedicated to the train- ing of both mind and body to function together in creating agility and poise. Among the acts featured were vaulting, flying rings, ladder acts, parallel bars, tumbling, and free exercise. 30] Gymkana Beauties Reign inTropicana To choose Gymkana ' s royalty, several hundred girls were first judged on beauty, poise, and charm. From these, 20 were selected as members of a court of honor. Each girl was then judged on her contributions to the Gymkana Show, and on the creativity showed in designing a costume which carried out the tropical theme. The five runners-up and Miss Gymkana for 1967, Sheila Sharkey, were announced at the final performance Saturday night, November 1. Miss Shelia Sharkey, 1967 Miss Gymkana, is crowned by Miss Patricia Whitman, Miss Gymkana of 1966. 302 GYMKANA COURT: Front row: Dona Fuini, Carolyn Chalk, Carolyn Cooper, Marion Hall, Debba Dulin, Marsha Wright, Margarethe Abbott, Jann Berry; Second row: Ingrid Erickson, Dale Duke, Cappy Capps, Linda Naimo, Carol Besserer, Leslie Pardue; Third row: Liz Girard, J anis Portal, Sheila Sharkey, Gale Waldon, Kay Branding, Karen Peterson, Nancy Santa Cruz, Cissy Atkins. 303 Homecoming ' 67 Homecoming 1967— a week of hard work, a weekend of excitement. Early Friday morning saw the finishing touches being added to house decorations all over campus. Sorority and fraternity houses joined together to build the brilliant, colorful floats for the Friday afternoon parade. A warm and sunny weekend drew an even larger crowd than was expected. Governor Kirk and Miss Paulette Gergen were spotlighted at the Pow Wow while the 1967 Seminoles saw limelight Saturday afternoon. The Tribe saluted returning alumni with a 28-12 win over Texas Tech. The entire weekend painted " A Portrait of Progress " for FSU. 304 1967-68 HOMECOMING COURT: Pat Phillips, Tampa; Dixie Lee Wilcoxon, Jacksonville; Lynne Allen, Miami; Paulette Gergen, Queen, Miami; Sue Montgomery, Plantation. CLAUDE KIRK Governor of Florida • - • " " ' .. 305 ' 67 Homecoming Festivities Highlight 306 Fall Term at Florida State 307 Tribe Salutes Queen Paulette, Alumni, Students with 28 - 12 Victory Aft 1l3|it« -,,.- 309 Activities Promote Christmas Spirit 310 Final exams?. . . Bah humbug! Even the rush of quar- ter closing didn ' t hinder Christmas spirits on the FSU campus. In the University Union, season ' s decora- tions promoted the holiday atmosphere with lights and tinsel as the Madrigal Dinners added an air of tradition to the Christmas cheer. Flaming plum pudding, roast duck, and singing minstrels brought English custom to this annual presentation of the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management and the School of Music. Caroling at the president ' s home, " secret pixie " visits, and tree-trimming parties in the dorms were among the campus activities. Another side of Christ- mas was displayed as many organizations held parties for underprivileged children. Alpha Phi Omega fra- ternity sponsored its annual White Christmas program on Land is Green. Long Hours for Circus Preparation Sun-lit autumn afternoons marked the beginning of another year of active preparation for the spring Home Show of FSU ' s " Flying High " Circus. Students in this unique organization put in their energy and time throughout the winter learning all aspects of circus life. Directed by Coach Adrian Catarzi, each participant discovered how to rig and work an act skillfully. Dedicated practice brought the thrill of joining the troupe for weekend Road Shows and the job of loading the van! But whether it was helping carry a twelve foot metal quarterpole (even the girls) or hanging suspended to put up the Big Top lights, these performers enjoyed doing their part to make the home event a " show to remember. " 31: Wf. " V, Flying High Circus Celebrates 21st Year with Suspense-filled Spring Performance With a soft murmur, the crowd grew silent as the lively tune ' There ' s No Business Like Show Business " announced the beginning of the 21st annual home show of the Florida State Flying High Circus. Within this atmosphere of gaity, suspense mounted as students performed acts with breathtaking ease that are often reserved for the professionals. And this suspense was not broken until the " first person in the world to step across the high wire on stilts " completed his final step. Only then did the audience settle back to follow the glittering pink-costumed girls high above on cloud swings, and laugh at the mini-skirted antics of the " nurse " in the clown act. Unnoticed, perhaps, was the furious pace of the riggers as they wired a ring in the dark, or the pleased look on Coach Adrian Catarzi ' s face after calling the beat for a successful " double " on the flying trapeze. Yet these, too formed part of the show in a collegiate circus which has gained world-wide fame for its excellence. ■r, • •, ' V. " • " ■■ psn ; 2 ( ij fmm ' " J Y .A$ 317 318 319 si» , Evening of Dance " Sgt. Pepper ' s Lonely Hearts ' Club Band " came to life on Westcott stage through psychedelic lighting and choreographic gyrations as FSU ' s Theatre Dance Group presented its annual formal concert on February 9 and 10. The production was entitled " An Evening of Dance " and added dimensions reflected the changes taking place in dance throughout the world today. An art of expression through movement, the choreography for " An Evening of Dance " was under the direction of Dr. Nancy Smith. Military Ball Red, white, and blue streamers and flags decorated the University Union Ballroom February 3, for the 1968 Military Ball. An annual occasion, this formal dance was jointly sponsored by the Army and Air ROTC. Girls from Angel Flight and La Petite Corps were nominated as contestants for the title of Military Ball Queen and the evening was climaxed with the crowning of Miss Margaret Hampton, a member of Angel Flight and cadets ' choice for queen for 1968. MARGARET HAMPTON Military Ball Queen 321 Spring Spring is a time to be still — to stop a moment — to look around and see beautiful things in the world. Spring is a time for new beginnings. A time when green buds appear and a young puppy begins the adventure of life. When Spring arrived at Florida State, a wonderful and different feeling came over the students. Life took on a new freshness — experienced in a fun-filled weekend at the coast or just in the quiet assurance of being with one you loved. 322 7. , - Campus Sing Campus Sing, sponsored annually by Phi Mu Alpha and Sigma Alpha Iota, was preceeded by many song practices and last minute rehearsals. These two music honoraries presented an enjoyable program in which sororities, fraternities, dormitories, and off-campus organizations competed. These groups were judged on stage presence, voice tone, and musical selection. First place in the sorority division went to Sigma Sigma Sigma, with Delta Zeta and Kappa Kappa Gamma placing second and third. Pi Kappa Phi won first place in the men ' s division, followed by Kellum Hall and Phi Kappa Tau. In the mixed group division, Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Kappa took top honors by winning over Kappa Sigma and Alpha Chi Omega. Bryan Hall won first place in the women ' s residence hall division, with Dorman and Reynolds winning second and third place honors. 324 Tarpon " Chronometrics, " this year ' s annual performance by the Tarpon Club, involved a study of time. Numbers choreographed by members of the club ranged from the light mood of " Keystone Kops " to the serious tones of " The Ever Rising Storm. " With costumes and lights, the natural beauty of sunlight reflected in water was portrayed in the final number, " Dawn Thru Dusk. " 325 Student Government Elections As the election scene began to take shape at Florida State in the fall and again in the spring, bulletin boards went up and posters, signs, buttons of all shapes and sizes were displayed. Two new parties, the Undergraduate and Neo-Immolationist, emerged to vie with the Action Party for Student Government positions. Members of the Association of Women Students were elected for the first time to deal with women ' s regulations. 327 328 Summer The sun shone brightly, and the students quickly scattered to the pool or the coast. Yes, summer was the season for swimming and soaking up sun. Summer was a busy time — the days did not seem long enough for all the exciting plans. Picnics, coast parties, and the fun things seemed much more important than classes or school books. Yet, somehow everyone managed to squeeze in a little biology or English literature. College was still college, but it was much more fun in the summer. 329 . mm0fmim • ' " t i tlf ' r-V-i ntfrti i i iiiifir Students Voice Views on Administrative 330 Policy with Campus-Rocking Crusade " For once Florida State has a Student Body! " With these words, recently elected Student Body President Lyman Fletcher summed up the censorship controversy that hit the campus in May. The dispute arose when the story " Pig Knife " in the student literary magazine was censored by the administration. The condemnation of the story was followed by peaceful student-faculty protests and a 24-hour vigil on Westcott lawn. Lyman Fletcher, Laurel Akers, LEGEND Editor, and Canter Brown, leader of the Grassroots movement, were the main spokesmen of the crusade against censorship. Larry Gonzales, a former Student Body President, organized a rally on Landis Green in support of President Champion, who had resigned. As the frequency of rallies increased, and Student Government began to participate, most of the Student Body gradually became involved in the controversy in some way. For no matter which side of the dispute a student was on, he was voicing Ins opinions and showing that he cared about the future ofFSU. 331 332 Graduation Commencement cermonies at the end of every quarter bestowed upon those candidates the degree which each of them had earned in his work here at Florida State. Into each B.A. or B.S. degree went learning, research, and adjusting to new situations. As the symbolic changing of the tassels occurred, each student took the name of the Graduate, and went forward from Doak Campbell Stadium to face the opportunities and responsibilities of an exciting new world. Over 4,000 degrees, including 139 doctorates, were awarded during the 1967-68 academic year. if i Asolo and OTHELLO Fine Arts Festival MACBETH University Theatre Production CALIGULA University Studio Theatre University Dramas Fill Out the Year MAN 1ST MANN University Theatre Production AFTERWARDS AT GLYNN University Studio Theatre PROVOKTJWIFE University Theatre Production 335 Musicals, Dramas, Comedies— All TARTUFFE Asolo Theatre Festival in SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS Asolo Theatre Festival HENRY THE FOURTH, PART ONE Asolo Theatre Festival Add to FSLTs Cultural Atmosphere BRIGADOON Opera Guild 337 £ 3fc ■ t PERCY SLEDGE Union Dance Committee Program Council ARTHUR CONLEY Union Dance Committee DR. TIMOTHY LEARY Union Forum Committee JOSE MOLINA Artist Series Hosts Fine Arts Festival Events HARKNESS BALLET Artist Series BARBER OF SEVILLE Opera Guild LES GRANDES BALLETS CANADIENNES Artist Series Government Officials LESTER MADDOX Governor of Georgia JOHN H. CRIMMONS U. S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic HUBERT H. HUMPHREY Vice President of the United States 340 Encourage Student Involvement eugene McCarthy Senator from Minnesota 341 5 ? Celebrities Entertain Student Audiences AL H1RT Seminole Spotlight MANITAS DE PLATA Artist Series 342 THE BOXTOPS Union Dance Committee FERRANTE AND TEICHER Artist Series ROGER WILLIAMS Seminole Spotlight JEFF ESPINA Union Fine Arts Festival THE LETTERMEN Seminole Spotlight MITCH RYDER Seminole Spotlight 343 Miss Tally Ho Contest Lots of applications and a series of interviews began the 1968 Miss Tally Ho Contest. Dorms and sororities all over campus sponsored girls to compete in this annual event. Semi-finalists were chosen after the interviews, and the next night they appeared on stage at the Union. Men from the Jaycees judged the contestants on their beauty, poise, and grooming. While the judges were conferring and points were being tallied, the audience and contestants were entertained by the Zeta Pickers, the Xi Strings and the Kappa Krew. The winners were announced; Misses Pat Stringer, Linda Fonts, Sandra Paquin and Karen Petersen were named to the 1968 Court and Miss Jeanie Douglas was crowned as Miss Tally Ho. 1967 Miss Tally Ho, Pam Willits, crowns Jeanie Douglas as 1968 Miss Tally Ho. 345 346 Jeanie Douglas Miss Tally Ho 347 Pat Stringer Linda Fonts 349 Karen Petersen Sandi Paquin 352 Seniors 353 Hall of Fame Names The names, faces, and outstanding records of ten men and women of the Class of 1 968 have been added to the Florida State University Hall of Fame. They are Bruce Blackwell of Orange Lake, Larry Gonzales of Daytona, Kim Hammond of Melbourne, John Maynard of Winter Park, Vince Rio of Jacksonville, Pat Phillips of Tampa, Sally Saier of West Palm Beach, Susan Richardson of Vero Beach, Leslie Schmidt of Atlanta, and Palmer Williams of Tallahassee. Bruce Blackwell Permanent Senior Class President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, Who ' s Who, Arnold Air Society, President of Kellum Hall, Chairman of Inter-Dorm Council, Chairman of Student Alumni Council, Undersecretary of State, Student Senate Parlimentarian, Homecoming Dance Committee Chairman, Homecoming Publicity Chairman, Homecoming Steering Committee, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Outstanding Senior, Honor Court Defense Counselor, University Appeals Committee, M.C., Greek Week, and Action Party Executive Council. Larry Gonzalez Student Body President, 1966-1967, Student Body Vice President, 1965-1966, Sophomore Class President, Freshman Class Senator, Honor Court Defense Counselor, President of People to People at FSU, Chairman of Homecoming Decoration Committee, Sigma Chi Fraternity, University Promotions Bureau, Delegate to SUSGA Conference, Who ' s Who, Alpha Council, Gold Key, Omicron Delta Kappa and Chairman of State Council of Student Body Presidents. 354 10 Outstanding Seniors Greatly respected by both students and faculty, membership in the Hall of Fame is the highest honor accorded as senior. The choice is based on the contributions these people have made to Florida State as undergraduates in all areas of achievement in scholarship, clubs, publications, student government, music and drama, athletics, and the military. The ten are chosen on a point system by the Hall of Fame Selections Committee, headed by the Junior Class President. Kim Hammond Football, Second Team All-American, AP, UPI, Fifth in Heisman Trophy Balloting, National AP Back of the Week, National UPI Backfield of the Week, Second in the Country in Total Offense, Fifth in the Country in Passing Offense, Most Valuable Player in the Senior Bowl, Most Valuable Player in the Gator Bowl, Florida State Student Bar Association, and Gold Key. John Maynard President of Freshman Class, President ' s Advisory Council, President of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Special Undersecretary of State, Junior Marshal, Senior Marshal, Parlimentarian, Scholarship Chairman, IFC Representative, Outstanding Service Award, Delegate to Grand Chapter Academy and Conclave, Chairman IFC Judiciary, Outstanding Political Science Student and Omicron Delta Kappa. 355 Pat Phillips Alpha Lambda Delta, Social Committee in Freshman Dorm, Social Regulations Committee, Angel Flight, Sophomore Council, Panhellenic Conference Delegate, Garnet Key, President of Mortar Board, Alpha Gamma Delta Rush Chairman, University Promotions Bureau, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister, SNEA, Co-Chairman of Panhellenic Southeastern Conference, Junior Panhellenic Advisor, Who ' s Who, and Homecoming Court. Susan Richardson Freshman Precinct Senator, IAWS, Chairman of Food Services Committee, Secretary of Laundry Committee, Social Regulations and Codifying, Sophomore Class Senator, President ' s Advisory Committee, Secretary of Communications, Little Sister of White Diamond, Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, President Pro Tern of Women ' s Senate, Alpha Lambda Delta, Junior Counselor, People to People, Chairman of Student Stress Committee, Vice President of Reynolds Hall, Rush Chairman of Delta Delta Delta, Mortar Board, Pi Mu Epsilon, Garnet Key, and Who ' s Who. r Vince Rio Student Body Vice President, Chief Justice of Student Supreme Court, Greek Man of the Year, Who ' s Who, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Omicron Delta Kappa, Gold Key Officer, Order of Omega, and Resident Assistant. 356 Sally Saier Vice President of Magnolia, Student Senate, President Pro Tern of Women ' s Senate, Sophomore Council, President of Reynolds, Junior Counselor, Garnet Key, Grand Czar of Mortified, Chairman of Homecoming, Chairman of Southeastern Panhellenic Conference, President ' s Advisory Committee, Who ' s Who, Katherine Warren Scholarship, Secretary of Pi Beta Phi, President ' s Council and Freshman Flunkies. Leslie Schmidt President of Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Lamdba Delta, Gamma Kappa Omicron, Tau Beta Sigma, FSU Majorette, Junior Counselor, Campus Crusade, Sigma Chi Little Sister, Garnet Key, Mortar Board, Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, Vice President of Reynolds Hall, Village Vamps, and Who ' s Who. Palmer Williams Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice-President of Alpha Council, Consul of Sigma Chi, Pro Consul of Sigma Chi, Student Senator, Chaplain of Student Senate, Vice President of IFC, Public Relations Director of IFC, President ' s Advisory Council, Faculty Student Committee, Vice-President of Gold Key, Who ' s Who, and Master of Cermonies for Pow Wow. 357 Who ' s Who Among Students in ANN HUTCHINSON Circus r v PAULETTE GERGEN Homecoming Queen MARY FLORENCE HAGAN Angel Flight HENRY POLIC Les Jongleurs TIM PRUGH Secretary of Academic Affairs VINCE RIO Chief Justice of Supreme Court 358 %?«! American Universities Colleges BARBARA PATERSON Chairman, Board of Student Publications ' fi BRUCE BLACKWELL Senior Class President SUSAN RICHARDSON Secretary of Communications I : : v ■■■•»» y 1 ■ frwrBlP ■ -MF «2$IMftfc. " - ' - ?• ' ■:■• ' ■ feftjfl • - gfif£ Stf wBBrf M l l SALLY SAIER Garnet Key GALE HAYES Garnet Key SKIP GUNN Omicron Delta Kappa DIXIE LEE WILCOXON Cheerleader 359 RUSS LANGSTROTH Junior Class President KATE WILLIAMS President of Chi Omega 360 FLOSSIE LEDBETTER Mortified m I SMI 1 V BE ¥ J4L LESLIE SCHMIDT President of Kappa Alpha Theta DOAK S. CAMPBELL, III Omicron Delta Kappa KATHY KNUTSON Permanent Senior Class Secretary BILL CHANFRAU President ' s Advisory Committee KATHY MYRICK Secretary to Senate MEL SMITH Gold Key DIANE MORRIS Mortar Board PETE CROWELL Omicron Delta Kappa Who ' s Who MARY PARKER President of Delta Delta Delta ■r 361 362 Who ' s Who CHARLIE PARSONS Secretary of State RANDY CHASE Permanent Senior Class Vice President PAT PHILLIPS Angel Flight m 2 Ail 1 1 Immii m ■H wiHHfl Bw j| J!!5 t| K jfir ,£■■ MARILEE HATCHER Garnet Key PALMER WILLIAMS President of Sigma Chi HELEN WALKUP President of Pi Beta Phi A 3300 Bachelor Degrees Are Granted PERMANENT SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Randy Chase, Vice President, Bruce Blackwell, President, not pictured Kathy Knutson, Secretary. MARTIN L. AARON Miami, Fla. TERRY STARR ABRAHAM Sopchoppy, Fla. MARK ALAN ABRAMSON North Miami Beach, 1 la. HAL W.ADAMS Live Oak, Fla. PATRICIA J. ADAMS Tallahassee, Fla. SARAH SUZANNE ADAMS Miami, Fla. MICHAEL W. ADAY Miami Springs, Fla. DOUGLAS W. ADEE Miami, Fla. MARILYN AHRANO Gainesville, Fla. SUE AIGOTTI Lake Park, Fla. RICHARD AITKEN St. Petersburg, Fla. SHERRIL ALBERT Coral Gables, Fla. KATHERINE ALBRITTON Lynn Haven, Fla. SUZANNE ALBRITTON Wauchula, Fla. DAWN ALDERMAN Tallahassee, Fla. Business Home Economics Arts and Sciences Business Social Welfare Education Business Business Education Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Home Economics Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Arts and Sciences GARY LEE ALDERMAN Dania, Fla. Engineering Science ROBERT F. ALDRICH St. Petersburg, Fla. Business ALICE ADAIR ALEXANDER Clearwater, Fla. Education DALE E. ALEXANDER Rockledge, Fla. Arts and Sciences ARNOLD EDWARD ALLEMAND McLean, Va. Arts and Sciences ? d !|j f SSJ fi JANET T. ALLEN Miami, Fla. Business LYNNETTE MARY ALLEN Miami, Fla. Home Economics MARY ELIZABETH ALLEN Panama City, Fla. THOMAS ALLEN New Martinsville, W. Va. JERE LYNN ALSTON Zephry Hills, Fla. JOHN G. AMENT Alexandria, Va. ANTHONY ANDERSON Coral Gables, Fla. JANET GAIL ANDERSON Port St. Joe, Fla. OLA GAIL ANDERSON Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. PAM ANDERSON Sarasota, Fla. Education Business Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Education Arts and Sciences REGINA GAIL ANDERSON Miami, Fla. DAVID K. ANDROFF Clearwater, Fla. CONNIE J. ANKNEY Orlando, Fla. FRANCES MIRIAM ANSEL Randallstown, Md. J. CRAIG ANTHONY West Palm Beach, Fla. Nursing Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Business JOHN COLEMAN ANTHONY North Miami Beach, Fla. KATHLEEN DORIS ANTHONY Business Kissimmee, Fla. SYLVIA L. ANTIGA Miami, Fla. BOB ANTLEY Port St. Joe, Fla. LAURA ANZALONE Miami, Fla. Home Economics Arts and Sciences Music Education MADELINE KAY APPLEWHITE Ft. Myers, Fla. Social Welfare MICHAEL G. ARAMANDA Brooklyn, N.Y. Business C. A. ARENAS Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences JUDITH ANN ARMSTRONG Winter Park, Fla. Arts and Sciences JACQUELINE ALYSE ARNOLD Carlisle Barracks, Pa. Nursing REBECCA CAROLYN ASHMORE Tallahassee, Fla. Education GEORGE B. ATWELL, JR. Niceville, Fla. Business JUDITH AUBRY Quincy, Fla. Social Welfare VICTORIA LYNN AUBUCHON West Palm Beach, Fla.. Arts and Sciences ELIZABETH M. AYRTON St. Petersburg, Fla. Home Economics J. D. AYSCUE Plant City, Fla ROBERT E. BABER Alexandria, Va. GLORIA JEAN BAILEY Lake City, Fla. CAROL DIANNEBAIRD Tampa, Fla. CHERRI LYNN BAKER Miami, Fla. Business Arts and Sciences Education Business Education 364 LOUISA HARDEN BALL Atlanta, Ga. Education JAMES JOSEPH BANIM Lake Worth, Fla. Music- PATRICIA ALICE BANKS Wauxhula, Fla. Nursing JAMES E. BANTA St. Augustine, Fla. Business KATHLEEN ANN BARBER Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education ELLEN VOGUE BARKER Jacksonville, Fla. Education SUSAN GENE BARKER Miami Springs, Fla. Arts and Sciences TONI MARIA BARLOTTA Orlando, Fla. Arts and Sciences WILLIAM E. BARNES Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Social Welfare DEBORAH ALLEN BARR Lakeland, Fla. Social Welfare ROBERT L. BARTHOLOMEW LondonviJle, N.Y. Business CLAUDIA ROSE BASS Live Oak, Fla. Home Economics PATRICIA NATALIE BASSETT San Mateo, Calif. Arts and Sciences THOMAS JACKSON BASSETT Lakeland, Fla. Business BONNIE BATTINELLI Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences CLAUDE RENE BAUD1N Dania, Fla. Social Welfare CAROL MILAGROS BAUGHAN Orlando, Fla. Education SUSAN K. BEACHEM Atlanta, Ga. Education CHERYL ELIZABETH BEADNELL Tallahassee, Fla. Social Welfare BARBARA CAROL BEALL Sarasota, Fla. Home Economics ROGER WILSON BEAMAN Apopka, Fla. HAZEL BEAZLEY Tallahassee, Fla. MORTON L. BECKMAN Miami, Fla. SANDRA LEE BEEBE Jacksonville, Fla. CLARENCE WILLIAM BELL New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Music Arts and Sciences Business Education Education JUDITH ANNE BELL LaGrange Park, 111. DENNIS GENE BEMENT Sarasota, Fla. RALPH E. BENDER Winter Park, Fla. SHARON S. BENNETT Jasper, Fla. BOB JOSEPH BERNREUTER Key West, Fla. Arts and Sciences Business Business Education Arts and Sciences BARBARA E. BETTINGER Lake Park, Fla. Education VALERIE BIDDLE Delray Beach, Fla. Heme Economics CHARLES HAMPTON BIGGER Bradenton, Fla. Arts and Sciences MARY ANN BIRD St. Petersbury Beach, Fla. Social Welfare ELLEN LOUISE BISCHOFF Miami, Fla. Education 365 DONALD RAY BISHOP Jacksonville, Fla. PAUL BIZA1LLON Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. BRUCE B. BLACKWELL Orange Lake, Fla. JOAN M. BLANCHETTE Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. CAROL ANN BLAYLOCK Miami, Fla. Business Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Education Education KENNETH M. BLITZ Miami, Fla. Education SUSAN JAYNE BLOODWORTH Tallahassee, Fla. Arts and Sciences MARILYN BLOUNT Leesburg, Fla. Home Economics MAIDA VIRGINIA BLOWERS Mulberry, Fla. Nursing PATRICIA BOBBING Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Arts and Sciences Business Business ERIC R. BOLIN St. Petersburg, Fla. MARGARET ANNE BOMAN Panama City, Fla. HELLEN ELAINE BOND Plantation, Fla. Home Economics ROGER BONE Panama City, Fla. Arts and Sciences ALIX ELIZABETH BONNETTE Juno Beach, Fla. Home Economics JAN B. BOOTH Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. JOHN BOOTH Newport, R.I. NANCY JUNE BOOTH West Palm Beach, Fla. SANDRA DIANE BOOTH Pensacola, Fla. NANCY BORGSCHULTE Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education Business Education Arts and Sciences Education W. CHANDLER BOSTWICK Orlando, Fla. Arts and Sciences ANTOINETTE BOSWELL Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Arts and Sciences OLIVIA JEAN BOUDREAU Clearwater, Fla. Education MARY ELIZABETH BOWEN N. Miami Beach, Fla. Home Economics MARGARITA ANA BOYCE Ometepec, Mexico Arts and Sciences WILLIAM JAMES BOYER, II Largo, Fla. CALVIN F. BOYLE West Palm Beach, Fla. SUSAN BRADSHAW Tampa, Fla. ROBERT BRANN Jacksonville, Fla. PEGGY IRENE BRAXTON Panama City, Fla. Business Education Home Economics Business Social Welfare LINDSAY MAXWELL BREEDEN Atlanta, Ga. Arts and Sciences GREGORY A. BREITENBECK Greenacres City, Fla. Arts and Sciences CHERRY JEAN BRIDGES Belle Glade, Fla. Education SHEILA ELIZABETH BRILEY Ormond Beach, Fla. Home Economics JOHN LESLIE BRISCOE West Palm Beach, Fla. Business f l | fH JESS1CIA BRITTEN Delray Beach, Fla. SUZANNE BROCATO Tokyo, Japan DALE CARL BROOKS Miami, Fla. JUDITH ANNETTE BROOM Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. CONSTANCE L. BROWN Titusville, Fla. Arts and Sciences Home Economics Business Business Business HARRY BROWN, JR. Jacksonville, Fla. Business STEPHEN THOMAS BROWN North Miami Beach, Fla. Business WALTER HENRY BROWN, [II Orlando, Fla. Arts and Sciences ARTHUR H. BRUHN, JR. Winter Park, Fla. Education CHARLES CLARK BRYANT Panama City, Fla. Education JOSEPHINE ANNE BRYANT Gainesville, Fla. MARY BRYANT Lakeland, Fla. RODD R. BUELL GaiiiesviiJe, Fla. MARY LEE BURBAGE San Diego, Calif. DAVID SPEIRS BURGESS Tallahassee, Fla. Home Economics Arts and Sciences Business Arts and Sciences Business DANIEL T. BURNETTE Madison, Fla. Business JOANNE MARGERY BURTON Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences ALLEN R. BUSH Orlando, Fla. Arts and Sciences WINSTON C. BUSH Atlanta, Ga. Arts and Sciences RAYMOND BRUCE BUTLER Sarasota, Fla. Arts and Sciences HENRY WALLACE BYERS Wellsville, Pa. Arts and Sciences LEE W. BYERS Tallahassee, Fla. Education KATHY YVONNE CAIN Lake Wales, Fla. Arts and Sciences CONNIE JOAN CALEY Louisville, Ky. Education CAROLYNE B. CALLAHAN Homestead, Fla. Arts and Sciences JUDITH KATHRYN CAMPBELL Pensacola, Fla. Home Economics KRISTEN LORRAINE CAMPBELL Miami, Fla. Nursing ROBERT PATRICK CAMPBELL Miami, Fla. Business STEPHEN CRAIG CAMPBELL St. Petersburg, Fla. Business SUSAN CAMPBELL Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. JUDY MARTHA CANNON St. Petersburg, Fla. MAMIE YVONNE CAPPS Wimauma, Fla. DIANA LEE CARL Indian River City, Fla. W. KIRK CARLSON Delray Beach, Fla. THOMAS PAUL CARMAN Eau Gallie, Fla. Education Home Economics Nursing Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Arts and Sciences RALPH ALONZO CARNLEY, JR. Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences JAMES PATRICK CARROLL Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences CAROLYN ANN CARSTENS Itasca, 111. CYNTHIA CARTER Georgetown, Ga. ELIZABETH CARTER Chattanooga, Tenn. Arts and Sciences Music Education THOMAS J. CARTER EUenton, Fla. Business CAROLE CASEY Tampa, Fla. Arts and Sciences RICHARD FOSTER CASPER Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences MICHAEL CASTERTON Daytona Beach, Fla. Business STEPHANIE L. CASTNER North Miami, Fla. Social Welfare ELIZABETH CECIL Daiua, Fla. CAROLYN SUE CHALK Fort Walton Beach, Fla. JOHN P. CHAMBERS Winter Haven, Fla. JENNIFER LEE CHAMBLEE Arlington, Va. CHERYL DIANE CHAMBLIN Education Home Economics Business Home Economics Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences WILLIAM M. CHANFRAU Daytona Beach, Fla. Business J. WAYNE CHAO Jacksonville Beach, Fla. Business LEE A. CHASE Riviera Beach, Fla. Education RANDALL CHASE, JR. Sanford, Fla. Business WARREN L. CHASE Orlando, Fla. Arts and Sciences LYNDA KAYE CHASON Madison, Fla. Education MARY DOHNNA CHILTON Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education NANCY JEAN CHUPP Jacksonville, Fla. Home Economics JOYCE ANNE CLAMPITT St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences JOHN A. CLARK Dania, Fla. Business RONALD STEVEN CLARK Tallahassee, Fla. Business JOANNE CLAXTON Jacksonville, Fla. Home Economics JAN ANNETTE CLAY Sarasota, Fla. Education ARTHUR JAMES CLEMENS St. Petersburg, Fla. Business SUSAN CANNON CLIATT Columbia, S.C. Music CHARLES EDWARD CLOUD Tallahassee, Fla. Business WILLIAM KEMPE CLOWN London, England Arts and Sciences ERNEST LEE COBB, JR. Pensacola, Fla. Business SHARON LOUISE COBB West Palm Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences WILLIAM MARSHALL COBB Vero Beach, Fla. Business JAMES COCHRAN Orlando, Fla. Soda] Welfare MARY LOUISE COLE Lakeland, Fla. Education SHARLENECOLE Daytona Beach, Fla. Education ALICE CLEMENTS COLLINS Miccosukee, Fla. Arts and Sciences KAREN LEE COLLINS Sarasota, Fla. Education ROBERT WILLIAM COLLINS Miami, Fla. ROBERT WRIGHT COLLINS Miami, Fla. EVELYN COLON Miami, Fla. MARY M. COMPTON Omaha, Nebr. JEROME J. CONEY Miami, Fla. JANICE CON RAD Tallahassee, Fla. WESLEY G. CONSTABLE Tallahassee, Fla. EVELYN COOK Riviera Beach, Fla. GARY DOUGLAS COOPER Pensacola, Fla. WILMA ILENE COOPER Business Education Education Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Education Business Education Social Welfare Pahokee, Fla. Arts and Sciences MARY CECELIA CORYN St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences FRANK VINCENT COSTANZE St. Petersburg, Fla. Education ESTA COVERMAN Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences JAMES ROBERT COVERT Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences NANCY WADE COVINGTON Jacksonville, Fla. Business SANDRA ALYCE COWEN Lake Butler, Fla. WILLIAM LOUIS COX Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT LEE CRAFT Fort Walton Beach, Fla. DONALD JAMES CRAIG St. Petersburg, Fla. CYNTHIA ANN CRALL Leesburg, Fla. Education Business Arts and Sciences Business Arts and Sciences MICHAEL JERRY CRAVEN Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences JOHN CRAWFORD Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences LUCINDA LOUISE CRAWFORD Waldo, Fla. Education WILLIAM RICHARD CRAY, JR. Lake Worth, Fla. Business GLORIA ALANE CREAMER Panama City, Fla. Education MURIEL ELIZABETH CROFTON Eau Gallie, Fla. Nursing E. SHARON CROW Miami Springs, Fla. Social Welfare MARGARET CROWELL Miami, Fla. Education PETER FISHER CROWELL Veto Beach, Fla. Business NANCY LEE CULPEPPER Winter Haven, Fla. Arts and Sciences 369 PATRICIA ANNE CULPEPPER Chipley, Fla. Education CHARLES J. CUNNINGHAM Gainesville, Fla. Business SUSAN CATHERINE CURRAN Clearwater, Fla. Arts and Sciences DENNIS PATRICK CURRY Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences JOHN SHAW CURRY Quincy, Fla. Business JOSEPH LEONARD CZARNIECKI Bethesda, Md. Arts and Sciences EUGENIA JANE DACUS Ocala, Fla. Business PAUL DALY West Palm Beach, Fla. Business CHARLES STEPHEN DANDOIS. Ill St. Petersburg, Fla. Business NANCY DANNEMAN Atlanta, Ga. Education BETH MARGARET DAVIS Ft. Myers, Fla. DWIGHT FRANCIS DAVIS Winter Park, Fla. ELIZABETH J. DAVIS Pensacola, Fla. ERMA JEAN DAVIS Palatka. Fla. GEORGE PATTON DAVIS Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Home Economics Arts and Sciences Business MARGARET GALE DAVIS Mobile, Ala. WILLIAM A. DAVIS Marianna. Fla. WILLIAM C. DAVIS West Palm Beach, Fla. RONALD BOB DEAL Chipley Fla. ROBERT E. DEAREN Cocoa, Fla. Arts and Sciences Business Arts and Sciences Business Business NORA ANNE DEARISON Winter Garden, Fla. LINDA DEKLE Miami, Fla. JOHN ANTHONY DEMMI Tampa, Fla. MARSHA ELIZABETH DENNEY St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences DAVID DEUTSCH Platka, Fla. Education Education Education Music DONALD L. DEVANE Miami, Fla. GEORGE DUANE DEWEY, JR. Jacksonville, Fla. LORRAINE REBECCA DEY Keystone Heights, Fla. PAUL DE ZEEUW East London, South Africa CHRISTINA F. DIETRICH Deerfield Beach, Fla. Business Social Welfare Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences PERCY LANDON DILLARD Tallahassee, Fla. Business LEGRANDE GUERRY DOBBINS, JR. Lakeland, I la. Arts and Sciences RICHARD WARREN DOBBS Hialcah, Fla. Business BARBARA JO DODSON Sneads, Fla. Social Welfare ROBERT JOHN DOLAN Hollywood, Fla. Business 370 VIRGINIA LEE DONOHOE Orlando, Fla. Education BONITA P. DORMAN Pensacola, Fla. Social Welfare DONALD SCHAPER DOOR St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences PATRICIA WALLACE DOUGHERTY Miami, Fla. Education NANCY E. DOUGLAS New Orleans, La. Education DENNIS CARTER DOWD Pensacola, Fla. SHARON DOWELL Jacksonville, Fla. AARON MARION DOWLING Dade City, Fla. CAROL JANE DOWNES Ormond Beach, Fla. THOMAS DROWDY Monticello, Fla. Social Welfare Education Arts and Sciences Home Economics Business JOHN W. DREW Panama City, Fla. SANDRA E.DREW Miami, Fla. LINDA SUSAN DRICK Eau Gallie, Fla. DANIEL A. DUMMETT Lakeworth, Fla. WILDA LUELLA DUNAGAN Savannah, Ga. Social Welfare Education Education Business Education DAVID M. DUNBAR St. Petersburg, Fla. Social Welfare WAYNE H. DUNCAN Opa-Locka, Fla. Education EILEEN B. DUNPHY St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences JAMES MICHAEL DURRENCE Clewiston, Fla. Arts and Sciences WILLIAM DUTY Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences KENNETH EMON DYKES Port St. Joe, Hla. JOSEPH F. EASTIS Birmingham, Ala. DeMARIS RAMSEY ECHOLS Jacksonville, Fla. JOHN LLOYD ECKHARDT Endwell, N.Y. DON EDDINGS Odessa, Fla. Business Business Social Welfare Business Arts and Sciences MAKR EDEN Skokie, 111. Business JOAN LEE EDWARDS West Palm Beach, Fla. Education JOHN WILLIAM EDWARDS, JR. West Palm Beach, Fla. Education MARCIA EDWARDS Pensacola, Fla. Education MARY TAYLOR EDWARDS Tallahassee, Fla. Education MILDRED EDWARDS Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Arts and Sciences KATHLEEN YVONNE ELLIOT Columbus, Ohio Business JAMES ELLIS Milton, Fla. Arts and Sciences ROBERT CLIFFORD ELLIS Chipley.Fla. Education WILLIAM W. ELLIS Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Arts and Sciences 371 ROBERT EDWARD ELMS Miami, Fla. ARTIE L. ENFINGER Pensacola, Fla. BOB ENGEL Tallahassee, Fla. STEPHEN ERB Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. JOHN ERLINGER St. Petersburg, Fla. Business Arts and Sciences Business Arts and Sciences Business BEATRIX ESCHRICH Lakeland, Fla. Arts and Sciences PHOEBE KAREN EUBANKS Chattahoochee, Fla. EZZARD W. STAFFORD Winter Park, Fla. TOM HENRY FAIR East Haven, Conn. FRANK FALLIGANT Decatur, Ga. DORIS ALANA FALLIN Jacksonville, Fla. DEBE FARISH West Palm Beach, Fla. MARCIA EVE FARR Miami Springs, Fla. RICHARD FARRELL Clearwater, Fla. VINCENT FA VARA TO Hollywood, Fla. Business Music Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Home Economics Social Welfare Social Welfare Arts and Sciences Business SUZANNE FECTEAU HUliard, Fla. Arts and Sciences ROBERT RAY FEJES Lake Wales, Fla. Music GARRETT RANDALL FELTON Jacksonville, Fla. Education PATRICIA E. FERGUSON Wausau, Fla. Nursing SHERRY KAYE FERGUSON St. Petersburg, Fla. Education VINCENT FERREIRA Tallahassee, Fla. Education WILLIAM F. FIELDS, JR. Jacksonville, Fla. Business RUBY ANN FILLMAN Tallahassee, Fla. Education CYNTHIA JANE FILLMEN Winter Park, Fla. Education LINDA FINCKE North Palm Beach, Fla. Home Economics RICHARD HARRIS FINK Cape Coral, Fla. Education DENNIS LEE FISCHER Jacksonville, Fla. Social Welfare ELLEN FISCHER Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. Education SUZANNE FISCHER West Palm Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences JOSEPHINE SOPHIA FLEITAS Tallahassee, Fla. Education GLENDA G. FLETCHER Greensboro, Fla. Education ROBERT FLETCHER McAlpin, Fla. Business MARY L. FLINK Jacksonville, Fla. Education ROBERT F. FLUHR North Miami, Fla. Business KATHERYN FOLKER Tallahassee, Fla. Education ®| 4$ 372 LINDA LOUISE FONTS Brunswick, Ga. DAVID BARKER FORD Key West, Fla. RUSSELL FORKEY Spencer, Mass. ROBERT A. FORSTER Orlando, Fla. JOAN FORTENBERRY West Palm Beach, Fla. Education Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Business Home Economics JOHN M1LFORD FORTNER Enterprise, Ala. DAVY HADDON FOSTER Pompano Beach, Fla. BECKY JO FOWLER Montgomery, Ala. NANCY R. FOYE Miami, Fla. CAROL FRANCHI Indialantic, Fla, Business Business Education Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences MARGARET SUSAN FRANCIS Panama City, Fla. Education MICHAEL JOHN FRANK North Miami, Fla. Business JACK E. FRANKLIN Tallahassee, Fla. Business SARA FRANTZ Winter Haven, Fla. Education ELSA EVELYN FRASIER Bartow, Fla. Education BARBARA JOYCE FRIEDKIN St. Petersburg, Fla. Music SYDNEY FRIEND Jacksonville, Fla. Education DIANNE CAROLYN FULFORD Tampa, Fla. Education WILLIAM M.FURNAS Howey-in-the-HUls, Fla. Business ROBERT R. GAESSER Rochester, N. Y. Business ROSANNE MARY GAIN Jacksonville, Fla. LINDA JOYCE GAINEY Cottondale, Fla. MARTHA JOAN GAINEY Tallahassee, Fla. LEE H. GRACES Miami, Fla. JOHN RAYMOND GARDELLA Detroit, Mich. Home Economics Home Economics Arts and Sciences Education Business JERRY GARDNER Graceville, Fla. Business MARY LOU GARVEY Winter Park, Fla. Nursing WILLIAM C. GARVIN Tallahassee, Fla. Education LINDA L. GAUCH St. Augustine, Fla. Education KATHLEEN ANN GERAGHTY Hialeah, Fla. Education PAULETTE H. GERGEN Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences DAVID H. GERHEIM Miami, Fla. Business GEORGE JOHN GIANARIS Miami, Fla. Business CISSY JANE GIBBONS Jacksonville, Fla. Education WADE FOSTER GILLINGHAM Jacksonville, Fla. Business 373 PATRICIA GILMORE Fort Walton, Fla. Arts and Sciences LARRY ANTHONY GILSTRAP Bradenton, Fla. TED LEONARD GINSBURG Jacksonville. Fla. DAVID GIORDANO Miami, Fla. ROBERT LOUIS GITTINGS Jacksonville, Fla. Business Education Education Business WILLIAM JOSEPH GLADWIN, JR. Tallahassee, Fla. ROBERT A. GLEASON Tampa, Fla. CARLO GLOTZBACH Tallahassee, Fla. CAROLYN R. GOAR Sarasota, Fla. MARY ANN GODFREY Marianna, Fla. DONNA LYNN GODWIN Tallahassee, Fla. WILLIS WAYNE GODWIN Tallahassee, Fla. CAROL GOLDSWORTHY Sarasota, Fla. BARBARA JEAN GOLTZ Waukesha, Wise. JEAN GOODING Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences Business Arts and Sciences Education Education Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Home Economics Business Home Economics JEFFREY M. GORELICK Miami, Fla. Business SHARON DIANE GORUM Milton, Fla. Music ROBERT LEE GOUCHER St. Petersburg, Fla. Business KARL LAWRENCE GRAGG Miami, ITa. Business NITA ANN GRAHAM Miami, Fla. Education WILLIAM NESBITT GRAHAM St. Petersburg, Fla. DIANA MAE GRAVES St. Petersburg, Fla. GINGER LEE GRAYSON Daytona Beach, Fla. HUBERT M. GREEN Birmingham, Ala. JAMES DAVID GREEN St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences Home Economics Education Business Education JUDY GREEN Grand Ridge, Fla. Social Welfare LARRY ROY GREEN Cairo, Ga. Education JANICE LYNN GREENE Pinellas Park, Fla. Education CHARLES MERRITT GREGORY Plant City, Fla. Engineering Science GERRI GREGORY Ft. Meade, Fla. Arts and Sciences JAYGRESHAM Daytona Beach, ITa. SUE ELLEN GRIFFIN Windermere, Fla. SUZANNE GRIFFITH Jacksonville, Fla. BARBARA GRIGG W. Palm Beach, Fla. BETSY GARLAND GRIMM Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Nursing Arts and Sciences Nursing 374 W fy ' l " I ss BETSY ANNE GROOM Jacksonville, Ela. Education RENE HARRIET GROSS Miami Beach, Fla. Business WILLIAM GROSS Miami, Fla. Business CAROLYN GROSSENBACHER Apopka, Fla. Home Economics BARBARA GUILD Winter Park, Fla, Education BRENDA LEIGH GUINN Gainesville, Fla, NEAL EDWARD GUMBMAN Massapequa Park, N. Y. GILMANC. GUNN.III Boca Raton, Ma. MARY JEANNE GUNN Tallahassee, Ela. GORDON EDWARD HADLOW New Smyrna Beach, Ela. Education Business Arts and Sciences Education Business MARY FLORENCE HAGAN Lake City, Fla. Arts and Sciences JEFFERY MAXWELL HAGE Tallahassee, ITa. Arts and Sciences STEPHEN M. HAGINS Markham, 111. Arts and Sciences GENE HALLEY Tallahassee. Fla. Arts and Sciences GARY A. HAINLINE Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Business PATRICIA MARION HALEY Miami, Fla. Home Economics FREDERICK D. HAMILL Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Business NANCY ANN HAMMERSTROM Hialeah, ITa. Education GLORIA RUTH HANCOCK Jacksonville, ITa. Home Economics TED J.HANES Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Business STEPHEN DANE HANGER Bradenton, Fla. Business RICHARD EDWARD HARBIN, JR. Maitland, Fla. Nursing SUSAN HARDEN Pensacola, Fla. Social Welfare MARGUERITE ELIZABETH HARGROVE Winter Haven, Fla. Education LINDA ANNE HARKEY Orlando, Fla. Arts and Sciences JAN HARMON Clearwater, Fla. Home Economics PATRICIA LOUISE HARMON Hollywood, Fla. Arts and Sciences JOHN DAVID HARPER Warrington, Fla. Arts and Sciences TYSON HARPER Jesup, Ga. Music BETTY LOUISE HARRELL Tallahassee, Fla. Home Economics DOUGLAS C. HARRELL Largo, Fla. Arts and Sciences RICHARD HARRINGTON Tampa, Fla. Social Welfare KAY FRANCES HARRIS Panama City, Fla. Education EVA ELIZABETH HARRISON Lake City, Fla. Education KENNETH HART Groveland, Fla. Business 375 ff j m n- RICHARD B. HART Hollywood, Fla. GLENNIS LORAINE HARTER Business Hollywood, Fla. LEO A. HARTLAUB Miami, Fla. CONNIE HARTSFIELD Jacksonville, Fla. NANCY LAVINIA HARVEY Atlantic Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Arts and Sciences Home Economics SUSAN HARVEY Tampa, Fla. K. ANN HARWOOD Lakeland, Fla. HARRY CLYDE HASTY St. Augustine, Fla. MARILEE HATCHER Dixie, Ga. RONALD CARLTON HATTON Marianna, Fla. Home Economics Home Economics Business Arts and Sciences Business CLEONE PATRICIA HAWKINS Bartow, Fla. TIMOTHY P. HAYES Scranton, Pa. GALE A. HAYES Jacksonville, Fla. CHERYL L. HAYWARD St. Petersburg, Fla. JOHN HEARN Lake Wales, Fla. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Social Welfare Business BRUCE HECKENBERG Fort Lauderdale, Fla. DIANE LEE HEDDEN Pompano Beach, Fla. DAVID A. HEEP Fort Lauderdale, Fla. NORBERT HEINZ Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MARTHA JUNE HELMLY St. Augustine, Fla. Business Education Business Business Arts and Sciences HILDA HENDERSON Enterprise, Ala. Music LOREN V. HENDLEY Cocoa, Fla. Business HILDA FAY HENDRIX Jacksonville, Fla. Home Economics SANDRA ELIZABETH HERMAN Miami Springs, Fla. Social Welfare JUDITH LAUREN HERR St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences NAN HERVIG Huntsville, Ala. Social Welfare MARTHA HEUN Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Social Welfare CLARENCE LEE HEWITT Tallahassee, Fla. Business LE LAND JOHN HIBBARD, JR. Albany, Ga. Arts and Sciences VELINDA OWEN HICKEY Panama City, Fla. Education VIVIAN JENNIFER HIGHSMITH Tallahassee, Fla. EARL RANDALL HILL Palmetto, Fla. PAUL FRANCIS HILL Tallahassee, Fla. JANE A. HILLMAN St. Petersburg, Fla. DONALD CARL HILSMIER Fort Wayne, Ind. Business Business Business Arts and Sciences Education 376 r J n C f MARJORIEHINMAN Hollywood, Fla. MARJORIE HIPP Jacksonville, Fla. JANET ROH HIRSCH Pompano Beach, Fla. KAY DEE HOBBS St. Petersburg, Fla. PARTRICIA HODGE Tallahassee, Fla. Education Arts and Sciences Education Education Nursing MARY JANE HODGES Mahone, Fla. Social Welfare MARY LUCINDA HODGES St. Petersburg, Fla. Business SUSAN HODGES Ocala, Fla. Education JOYCE FERN HOERNSCHEMEYER Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Nursing SUE HOFFMANN Largo, Fla. PEGGY HOHMANN, JR. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. LINDA HOLDENER Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. ROBE HOLLAND, JR. Mary Esther, Fla. VERNELL B. HOLLEY Cottondale, Fla. JANICE DUFF HOLLISTER Sarasota, Fla. Education Education Arts and Sciences Business Business Home Economics BARRY W. N. HOLM Cocoa Beach, Fla. Business PATRICIA ELIZABETH HOLMES Tampa, Fla. Education RENE JOEPH HOLT West Palm Beach, Fla. Business SARAH HOOKS Winter Park, Fla. Education DENNIS ROGERS HORNSBY Miami, Fla. Social Welfare KATHRYN ERNESTINE HORSCHEL Eau Gallie, Fla. Home Economics MICHAEL NORMAN HORST Moline, 111. Arts and Sciences LAUREL R. HOSKENS Tallahassee, Fla. Education ANN L. HOULIHAN Tampa, Fla. Education CHARLES EDWARD HOWELL Lakeland, Fla. Business JERRY WAYNE HOWELL Pelham, Ga. PATRICIA BAXTER HOWELL Business Griffin, Ga. Home Economics SHARON LORAINE HOWELL Micanopy, Fla. Education CAROL P. HOWIE Miami, Fla. Education JOSEPH K. HUAY Homestead, Fla. Education CAROL JEAN HUBBELL Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Nursing TERRY STONE HUDSON Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences BENJAMIN C. HUGHES Niceville, Fla. Social Welfare CAROLYN TULLY HUGHES Lake Wales, Fla. Education LILLIAN BARBARA HUIE Winter Park, Fla. Education 377 TONI ANN HULL Clearwater, Fla. Education GAIL ANNE HULTGREN St. Petersburg, Fla. Home Economics PEGGY HUNT Tallahassee, Fla. Education WATER LEE HUNT Compass Lake, Fla. Arts and Sciences PATRICIA CAROL HUNTER Clinton, Md. Home Economics PATRICIA HELEN HUSSEY Tampa, Fla. ANN P. HUTCHINSON Honolulu, Hawaii MARY SUSANNE HUXEL Miami, Fla. MERRY-BETH HYMA Fort Lauderdale, Fla. RICHARD ALLEN IACINO St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Education Education Arts and Sciences CHARLIE IDO Jacksonville, Fla. JOYCE ELENA INDINGARO Miami, Fla. EMILY INGRAM Opa Locks, Fla. ROBERT JOHN IRV1N Daytona Beach, Fla. JAN L. JACKSON Coral Gables, Fla. Arts and Sciences Home Economics Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Education ROBERT NELSON JACKSON, Jr. South Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences BILLIE FRANCES JANES West Palm Beach, Fla. Education HENRY T.JANOWSKI Crcstview, Fla. Social Welfare DELBERT WARREN JARMAN Bradenton. Fla. Education CATHERINE ANN JARRARD Deland, Fla. Education ARCHIE CAMERON JENKINS Caryville, Fla. Business LARRY M.JENKINS Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Business CHARLES W. JERNIGAN Tallahassee, Fla. Engineering Sciences A. FRANK JOHNS Ocala, Fla. Business CECELIA JOHNSON Lake Worth, Fla. Arts and Sciences E. THEODORE JOHNSON, JR. Satellite Beach, Fla. Music GAILA D. JOHNSON Miami Springs, Fla. Home Economics SANDRA K. JOHNSON Seminole, Fla. Nursing WILLIAM JOHNSON Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences WILLIAM KEITH JOHNSON Miami, Fla. Business CHARLES DOUGHTIE JOHNSTON, JR. Pensacola, Fla. Arts and Science? JOLENE JOHNSTON Canton, Ohio Education BEVERLY JONES Nokomis, Fla. Vrts and Sciences CHARLES D.JONES Calvert City, Ky. Arts and Sciences 378 DAN THOMAS JONES Miami, Fla. Business FRANKLIN C.JONES Miami, Fla. Business GARY TRAVIS JONES Port St. Joe, Fla. Business LADY JONES Vienna, Ga. Education PIERCE JONES Germantown, Tenn. Arts and Sciences L. JOYCE JORDAN Satellite Beach, Fla. Education STEPHANIE JORDAN Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences KEITH HOWERS Tallahassee, Fla. Education FRED KAGI. JR. Orlando, Fla. Education KATHLEEN ELIZABETH KAISER Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Education ROGER M.KALAR Parkersburg, W. Va. JERRY KALINE Miami, Fla. THOMAS LEE KANE Atlanta, Ga. KATHRYN ANN KARRAN Tampa, Fla. Arts and Sciences KATHLEEN KENDRA KEEGAN Seminole, Fla. Music ROBERT E. KELLAM Hollywood, Fla. KAREN JEAN KELLEY Pinellas Park, Fla. SANDRA FAYE KELLEY Tallahassee, Fla. RICHARD C. KENEMAN Springfield, Va. CANDACE D. KENT Deland, Fla. Education Home Economics Business Education BARBARA KENYON Melbourne, Fla. STEPHANIE KEYES Miami, Fla. VERNON W. KHAIL, JR. Vero Beach, Fla. LINDA KIEM Pensacola, Fla. WILLIAM JOSEPH KJLIANY Beverly, N. J. Arts and Sciences Education Business Nursing Arts and Sciences Education ANDREA MAY KIMBALL Clearwater, Fla. S. KATHRYN KIMBREL Lake Wales, Fla. Home Economics MICHAEL C. KINGSBERY Pensacola, Fla. Business JOHN WILLIAM KIRKLAND GracevuTe, Fla. Business RICHARD F. KLUNK, Jr. Orlando, Fla. Business THURMOND W. KNIGHT, Jr. Lake Park, Fla. Arts and Sciences CAROL A. KNILL Locust Valley, N. Y. Home Economics LAWRENCE KNOKPP Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences BARBARA JEAN KNOWLES Tallahassee. Fla. Business CHERYL ELIZABETH KNOX St. Petersburg, Fla. Home Economics 379 l!?j| w pi EDWARD KNUCKLES Miami, Fla. CATHY KNUTSON Largo, Fla. CAROLINE ALICE KOCH Clearwater, Fla. R.DANIEL KOPPEN Miami, Fla. ISAAC BRUCE KORAN Miami, Fla. DAVID L. KOUT Miami Beach, Fla. DANIEL L.KOUT Miami Beach, Fla. NANCY LYNN KREBS Temple Terrace, Fla. RUTH KRIENKE Gainesville, Fla. KATHRIN RAE KULPA Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. JAMES PHILIP LAAKSO Titusville, Fla. CHARLES H. LACOSTE Pensacola, Fla. LAWRENCE NELSON LAHIFF Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Home Economics Business Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Music Education Arts and Sciences Business Shaker Heights, Ohio ANNE DIGGES LALOR Miami, Fla. REBECCA ANNE LAMB Dade City, Fla. Arts and Sciences Education Education PAUL W. LAMBERT Tallahassee, Fla. NANCY ANN LANCASTER Hialeah, Fla. ELIZABETH LAND Columbus, Ga. CYNTHIA R. LANE Rochester, N.Y. TED LANE Miami Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Nursing Arts and Sciences Social Welfare RUSS LANGSTROTH Coral Gables, Fla. JOSEPH A. LANNING Pompano Beach, Fla. DIANE ALICE LARANGE W. Palm Beach, Fla. CAROL F. LAROCHE Merritt Island, Fla. SALLY KATHERINE LAROE Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Arts and Sciences Education Eustis, Fla. Arts and Sciences BARBARA DIANNE LARSON McLean, Va. JUDITH JOAN LASSERRE Fernandina Beach, Fla. JEFFREY GUY LAURSEN Tallahassee, Fla. DIANE LAWHORN Haines City, Fla. RICHARD V. LAWRENCE Lake City, Fla. Social Welfare Arts and Sciences Business Home Economics Arts and Sciences J. STEWART LAYMAN Tallahassee, Fla. GARY S. LEATHERWOOD Pensacola, Fla. LLOYD RAYMOND LEBERU Lake Charles, La. LINDA L. LECOMPTE Atlanta, Ga. FLOSSIE LEDBETTER Clearwater, Fla. Education Music Social Welfare Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences — F 380 CHERYL LEE Ft. Myers, Fla. Education JEFFREY MICHAEL LEFKOWITZ Miami Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences COLIN LEITCH Princeton, N. J. Arts and Sciences SANDRA JANE LEMKE St. Petersburg, Fla. Education RANDOLPH F. LENCZYK Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences PETER LEPPERT N. Palm Beach, Fla. Business SANDRA SUE LESUER Reston, Va. Education TRUDY LETTON Orlando, Fla. Home Economics TONY LEUNG Hong Kong Business LYNNE LEVEE Jacksonville, Fla. Social Welfare ALLYN ROCK LEVEILLE Daytona ' Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences VICKI LEVERETTE Tallahassee, Fla. Arts and Sciences DESMA ELAINE LEWE Crestview, Fla. Education JOHN LEWIS Panama City, Fla. Arts and Sciences JULIAN LAMAR LEWIS Crawfordville, Fla. Education CHERYL ANN LIGHTS St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences HONOR LINDA LILES Tampa, Fla. Education GARY IRVING LIMARZI Key Biscayne, Fla. Arts and Sciences LAURA A. LINDELL Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences ANN F. LINDSEY Orlando, Fla. Education JANICE IRENE LINDSEY Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Education MICHAEL JAMES LINGLE Avondale Estates, Ga. Arts and Sciences RICHARD LINN New York, N. Y. Arts and Sciences JANIS GAIL LIVINGSTON Pensacola, Fla. Music KATHLEEN LOCKMAN Sefner, Fla. Nursing MICHAEL FRANKLIN LOESER Clearwater, Fla. Business MARVIN FRANK LONER Atlanta, GA. Business DAVID C. LONG Starke, Fla. Business MAXINE B. LONG Los Alamitos, Calif. Education JOHN PATRICK LOONEY Wytheville, Va. Business GLORIA LOPEZ-CHAVEZ Miami, Fla. Education CARLIN FRANCES LOSH Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences G. SUZANNE LOUX Largo, Fla. Education MARGARET K. LOVE Birmingham, Ala. Music JAMES WAYNE LOVING McLean, Va. Business 381 PHAN VAN LUAN Hue, South Vietnam Education DONNA SUSAN LUCAS Chipley, Fla. Education ROY ALAN LUCHT Parma, Ohio Engineering Science MARGARET SUZANNE LUKOWSKI Jensen Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences MARJORIE LUMP Miami, Fla. Education JOSEPH DONALD LUNSFORD Crestview, Fla. HEATHER ANNE LYNCH Business Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. BONNIE LYONS Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences JOHN EDWARD LYTTON, JR. Tampa, Fla. Business SUSAN ADAIR MACCHI Oakland, Fla. Education JANE MACDUFF St. Petersburg, Fla. TED E. MACK Hialeah, Fla. JUDITH ANN MACKENZIE St. Petersburg, Fla. THOMAS MACKIEWICZ Miami, Fla. ERIC MACKLIN Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Education Business Arts and Sciences PAUL JOSEPH MACMAHON It. Pierce, Fla. SUSAN MACMANUS Lutz, Fla. ROBERT WAYNE MADDOX Nashville, Tenn. CHARLES M. MAGEE Jacksonville, Fla. COLE MALLARD Social Welfare Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Business McLean, Va. Arts and Sciences KITTY FOX MALSBERGER Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences STUART G. MANDEL Coral Gables, Fla. Arts and Sciences KATHERINE HELENE MANN Indian Harbour Beach, Fla. KARLEEN IRIS MANTY Lake Worth, Fla. SANDRA MARCHAND Holmes Beach, Fla. Education Art:; and Sciences Social Welfare MARY JANE MARDEN Orlando, Fla. GARY BRUCE MARICLE Ithica, N.Y. WILLIAM H. MARQUARDT Tampa, Fla. EDWARD MARSICANO Jacksonville, Fla. DANIEL R. MARTEENY Conneaut, Ohio Arts and Sciences Business Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences CHRISTINA CARTER MARTIN Miami Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences GWENDOLYN S. MARTIN Panama City, Fla. Education CYNTHIA MAXYNE MARTY Clearwater, Fla. Home Economics MARCIA MARVIN Atlantic Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences CYNTHIA MASSEY Birmingham, Ala. Arts and Sciences 382 Business Business Education WILLIAM RICHARD MASSEY Niceville, Fla. THOMAS L. MATHIS Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. PATRICIA A. MAY Quincy, Fla. VIRGINIA ELOISE MAYES Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Arts and Sciences JOHN LOBBAN MAYNARD Winter Park, Fla. Arts and Sciences MARGARET McARTHUR Clearwater, Fla. Home Economics HARMON H. McBRIDE, JR. Satellite Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences JAMES E. McCAGUE Sarasota, Fla. MARTHA JAY McCASKILL Marianna, Fla. BYRON McCLELLAN Ocala, Fla. Business Education Business SUSAN KNOX McCLELLAN Tallahassee, Fla. DIANE ELAINE McCLUNG Winter Garden, Fla. DONNA SUE McCOY Casselberry, Fla. IRA J. McCOY Tallahassee, Fla. H. JACK McCLUUOUGH Hastings, Fla. Arts and Sciences Education Arts and Sciences Business Business MARTHA DIANE McCURDY Arts and Sciences St. Petersburg, Fla. SHARON L. McCLUTCHIN Century, Fla. RICHARD C. McDARIS Merritt Isle, Fla. MARY ANNE McDAVID Pensacola, Fla. MARTHA ELAINE McDONALD Valparaiso, Fla. Arts and Sciences. Home Economics Arts and Sciences Home Economics WILLIAM ALLEN McDONALD Defuniak Springs, Fla. Business HAL McDUFFIE Sarasota, Fla. Social Welfare RONALD J. McELDERRY Tallahasse, Fla. Arts and Sciences LEWIS BARRY McELREATH Newnan, Ga. Arts and Sciences JUDY LAVENE McFARLIN Alpharetta, Ga. Arts aW Sciences JOHN MICHAEL McGAHA Tallahassee, Fla. Arts and Sciences LINDA JEAN McGEE Mo bile, Ala. Arts and Sciences PAULA McKINSTER Graceville, Fla. Education JAY C. MCLAUGHLIN Saiasota, Fla. Arts and Sciences RICHARD McLEAN Holly Hill, Fla. Arts and Sciences JENNIFER McLUCAS Ocala, Fla. Education RONALD G. McNEIL Pensacola, Fla. Business PATRICIA LEE McTAGUE Pompano Beach, Fla. Nursing RICHARD ALLEN MEEKS Wildwood, Fla. Business ANDREW MEHALKO, II Eau Gallie, Fla. Business 383 M THOMAS G. MEIERSTEIN Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Arts and Sciences MICHAEL EDWARD MEKDECI Orlando, Fla. Arts and Sciences CANDY MELA St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences RODNEY DONALD MELSEK Fort Myers, Fla. Social Welfare DONNA DIANE MELTON Pensacola, Fla. Education Social Welfare Nursing DEAN FALUKNER MERLAU Ormond Beach, Fla. LORNA LEE MERRIAM Jacksonville, Fla. BERTRAM WOODROW MESSER Tallahassee, Fla. Social Welfare KAREN ALISON MICKLER Gainesville, Fla. Arts and Sciences AUDREY CLAIRE MILLER Tavernier, Fla. Social Welfare JEFFREY WILLIAM MILLER Fort Pierce, Fla. Arts and Sciences JERRY L. MILLER Crestview, Fla. Social Welfare KAREN LORRAINE MILLER Fory Myers, Fla. Nursing ROBERT W. MILLER, III Hagerstown. Md. Business RONALD LEWIS MILLER Hollywood, Fla. Business TERRY EARLE MILLER Umatilla, Fla. Arts and Sciences VIRGINIA E. MILLER Gainesville, Fla. Arts and Sciences WILLIAM BARRY M1LLIKEN Port Charlotte, Fla. Education RACHEL MARILYN MILLS Lakeland, Fla. Arts and Sciences MARY LOUISE MINER Boynfon Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences IDA MINGIONE Miami, Fla. Business VINCENT A. MIRABELLA Clifton, N. J. Arts and Sciences DONNA MITCHELL Coral Gables, Fla. Social Welfare FLORENCE POWELL MITCHELL Valparaiso, Fla. Home Economics GEORGE STEPHEN MITCHELL, JR. Palatka, Fla. Business LARRY L . MITCHELL Frost proof, Fla. Arts and Sciences CAROL CAMILLE MIXON Melbourne Beach, Fla. Social Welfare LINDA MOLINARI Miami, Fla. Nursing MICHAEL MONCHICK West Palm Beach, Fla. Business JOEL ROBERT MONTGOMERY Sarasota, Fla. Arts and Sciences SUE MONTGOMERY Plantation, Fla. Education TINA MOONEY Chattanooga, Tenn. Arts and Sciences KATHRYN ELAINE MOORE Pensacola, Fla. Education SARAH JANE MOORE Tallahassee, Fla. Arts and Sciences ROBERT HAGOOD MOORER Pensacola, Fla. Business 384 DAVID KENNETH MORGAN Live Oak, Fla. Social Welfare DIANE DORIS MORRIS Daytona Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences JUDY ANN MORRIS Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences JAMES VINCENT MORRISON Lesington, Mass. Arts and Sciences JOAN DIANE MORTON Jacksonville, Fla. Social Welfare JOHN D. MOSES Pensacola, Fla. JACKIE MOSLEY Vidalia, Ga. TERESA R. MOTSETT Pompano Beach, Fla. JOHN MOUGHAN Orlando, Fla. CAROL IRENE MOULDER Fairborn, Ohio WALTER MOXIM East Meadow, N.Y. LORIN MRACHEK Brunswick, Ga. NANCY LEE MULLIS West Palm Beach, Fla. GORDON MUNDY Daytona Beach, Fla. JOSE EMILIO MUNOZ Coral Gables, Fla. Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Nursing Arts and Sciences Music Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Education Business ELAINE THERESA MURAWSKI Hollywood, Fla. Education ANN MURPHY Lakeland, Fla. Business MICHAEL GEORGE MURPHY Pompano Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences BRUCE WAYNE MURRAY Panama City, Fla. Arts and Sciences GERALD LAMAR MURRAY Fernandino Beach, Fla. Business PATRICK ANDREW MURRAY Columbus, Ohio Arts and Sciences SUSAN A. MURRELL Jacksonville, Fla. Education MARY JEAN MYNARD Quincy, Fla. Business BARBARA A. MYERS Tampa, Fla. Arts and Sciences KATHRYN GRACE MYRICK Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education BARBARA NABUTOVSKY Miami, Fla. CHERYL ANTON NAYLOR Miami Beach, Fla. ROBERT ALAN NAYLOR Decatur, Ala. RANDALL NEIL Jacksonville, Fla. Social Welfare Business Arts and Sciences Business JO ANN NELSON Ft. Pierce, Fla. SHARON ELAINE NELSON Daytona Beach, Fla. EVALYN ANN NESMITH Jacksonville, Fla. NANCY H. NEWBOLD Crescent City, Fla. DONNA JEAN NEWSOME West Palm Beach, Fla. Business Education Education Arts and Sciences Social Welfare 385 ELIZABETH V. NEWSOME Decatur, Ga. Arts and Sciences THEODORE LOUIS NICHOLAOU South Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences BETTY RUTH NICKEL Jacksonville, Fla. Home Economics PARTICK FRANCIS NOLTE Debary, Fla. Arts and Sciences NANCY NORMAN Belle Glade, Fla. Education JOHN F NYSTROM South Easton, Mass. Arts and Sciences LINDA ANN ODER Monticello, Fla. Arts and Sciences SANDRA HELEN ODOM Bartow, Fla. Education ROGER E. O ' HALLORAM North Miami, Fla. Business HARRY OLDHAM Eau Gallie, Fla. Music JULIE OLSEN Gulf Breeze, Fla. Education KRISTINA ANN OLSON Miami, Fla. Business DEN1SE E. O ' MARA Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Home Economics LOUISE O ' NEILL Coral Gables, Fla. Nursing SUSIE ORAM Hollywood, Fla. Home Economics PATRICIA WALTON ORR Miami, Fla. ROBERT ORR Valencia, Venezuela CAROL OSTRANDER Leesburg, Fla. CAROL SUE OTTINGER Winter Park, Fla. J. LAWRENCE OWEN Niceville, Fla. CAROLYN JANE OWENS Franklin, Ind. CHERYL JEAN OWENS Boca Raton, Fla. KENNETH R. PALMER Akron, Ohio TOM PANZA Miami, Fla. KATHY ANNE PARKER Jacksonville, Fla. Education Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Business Education Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Education MARY PARKER Coral Gables, Fla. Nursing ROY D. PARKER Tallahassee, Fla. Business CAROLE N. PARKS West Palm Beach, Fla. Education KATIE RUTH KATRINE PARMER Sneads, Fla. Social Welfare BARBARA JUNE PARNELL Tallahassee, Fla. Social Welfare JEANNETTE ANN PARNIN Miami, Fla. ELIZABETH V. PARRISH Altha, Fla. SAMUEL BRUCE PARRISH Tallahassee,. Fla. SANDY PARROTT Ormond Beach, Fla. KAREN ANNE PARSONS Sarasota, Fla. Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Social Welfare Education Home Economics SUSANNAH ENGLISH PARSONS Tallahassee, Fla. Social Welfare CAROL PATE Carlisle, Pa. Nursing JAMES MICHAEL PATE Memphis, Tenn. Business BARBARA L. PATERSON St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences MARGARET MARIE PATRICK Miami Springs, Fla. Arts and Sciences HAMPTON M. PAULK Niceville, Fla. DIANNE LYNN PAWLIK Orlando, Fla. ROBERT JOSEPH PAWSON Miami, Fla. ERIK JAMES PEDERSEN Satellite Beach, Fla. DONNA LEE PEERY Clearwater, Fla. Business Arts and Sciences Business Arts and Sciences Education JANICE C. PEINE Groveland, Fla. Education DORIS PERDUE Gainesville, Fla. Education ROBERT LLOYD PERKINS Orlando, Fla. DEBRA DELORES PERRY Miami, Fla. EDWARD DEAEL PETERSON Pensacola, Fla. Business Arts and Sciences Education DONNA MARIE PETITT Wimauma, Fla. Nursing HARVA ELIZABETH PFEIFFER Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences JEAN ELAINE PHARES Orlando, Fla. Education FRANCES A. PHELPS Jacksonville, Fla. Education BARBARA ELIZABETH PHILLIPS Haines City, Fla. Home Economics DIANE ELIZABETH PHILLIPS Lakeland, Fla. PAT PHILLIPS Tampa, Fla. SUSAN GILBERT PHILLIPS Miami, Fla. JOE. M. PIGOTT Daytona Beach, Fla. TERESA JANE PLANTE Hialeah, Fla. Home Economics Education Home Economics Education Arts and Sciences GARY LEE PLATT Miami Springs, Fla. Business ORLAY EDWARD PLUMMER Bradenton, Fla. Arts and Sciences ROBERTA CATHERINE POMEROY Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Arts and Sciences KARL JAMES POND Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences ROBERT A. PORTER St. Petersburg, Fla. Business RICHARD DENNIS POTTER St. Petersburg, Fla. EVA POWELL Orlando, Fla. WOLFGANG PREISLER Miami, Fla. HUGH KENDALL PRICE, JR Atlanta, Ga. PHILLIP WAYNE PRICE St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Business 387 WILLIAM ERV1N PRICE St. Petersburg, Fla. Business ANNA LYNN PRICKETT Yorktown, Va. Nursing MICHAEL PRIMA VERA Cliff side Parkway N.J. Education XAVIER WILLIAM PROENZA Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences SANDRA LEE PRYOR Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education CHARLES DOUGLAS PYLE Tallahassee, Fla. Social Welfare JOYCE QUEEN Titusville, Fla. Ed ucation SUE QUENTIN Miami, Fla. Education KAREN QUIST Pompano Beach, Fla. Education EDWARD A. RADER Largo, Fla. Business PAMELA L. RAE Deland, Fla. Education JOHN C. RAFFIELD Tallahassee, Fla. Nursing MARY JEANNE RAFTIS Ocala, Fla. Education JOHN M. RAKOWSKI Ft. Myers, Fla. Arts and Sciences MARY RUTH RALPH St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences STEPHEN G. RAMSAY Riviera Beach, Fla. Social Welfare JANE RAMSEY Umatilla, Fla. Music LYNN SUZANNE RAPIN Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Arts and Sciences ELIZABETH ANN RAY Jacksonville, Fla. Education IRIS ELIZABETH RECHUL Miami, Fla. Education TIMOTHY ALBERT ORAL REDNER Des Plaines, 111. Business ROCHELLE REAL REED Jacksonville, Fla. Education BAMA REEDER Tallahassee, Fla. Education GLEN LAMAR REEDER Tallahassee, Fla. Business CYNTHIA REEVES Miami, Fla. Social Welfare CHARLES W. REID De Funiak Springs, Fla. Business KAREN RUTH REINER Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Home Economics PEGGY DONNA REINHARDT Ash burn, Ga. Arts and Sciences REBECCA REITER Miami, Fla. Nursing SANFORD E. RESH Sarasota, Fla. Business ALEC P. RESTINA, JR. Frostproof, Fla. Business ABE REV1TCH Orlando, Fla. Business WILLIAM G. REYNOLDS, III Pensacola, Fla. Engineering Science CAROL RHYNE Marianna, Fla. Business SUSAN A. RICE Coventry, R.I. Education ELIZABETH RJCH North Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences RODNEY L. RICH Pensacola, Fla. Arts and Sciences WALTER WILLIAM RICHARDS Tallahassee, Fla. Arts and Sciences CHERYL RICHARDSON Clearwater, Fla. Education MICHAEL DALE RICHARDSON Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences NOLA H. RICHARDSON Miami, Fla. SUSAN RICHARDSON Vero Beach, Fla. DIANE RJCKE Miami, Fla. PHILLIP MICHAEL R1FFE Winter Park, Fla. SHEILA KAY RILEY Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Education Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Social Welfare Home Economics VINCENT J. RIO Jacksonville, Fla. THOMAS MICHAEL RIPPLE Daytona Beach, Fla. DONALD HENRY RIPLEY Milton, Fla. HARRISON RIVERS Orlando, Fla. SANDRA ROBERTS Tallahassee, Fla. Arts and Sciences Business Business Business Social Welfare SHIRLEY BARBARA ROBERTS Tallahassee, Fla. Social Welfare ROBERT J. ROBINSON P hiladelphia, Pa. Business RODNEY JULIO RODRIGUEZ Tampa, Fla. Arts and Sciences JAN F. ROGERS Cairo, Ga. Library Science DOTTIE ROONEY Valparaiso, Fla. Education EUGENE A. ROONEY Eau Gallie, Fla. Arts and Sciences MARY ROSA Jacksonville, Fla. Education RICHARD W. ROSE Miami, Fla. Education AVA HELENE ROSEN Miami, Fla. Education ALAN ROSENFARB Miami Beach, Fla. Social Welfare STEPHANIE ROUSH St. Petersburg, Fla. ROSEMARY M. ROWAN New York, N.Y. STEVEN JOHN ROYLANCE Miami, Fla. DAVID R. RUDDELL Vero Beach, Fla. MIKE RUFF Tallahassee, Fla. Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Education Business Arts and Sciences JANET MARIE RUSSELL Atlanta, Ga. JUDY ARLENE RUSSELL Atlanta, Ga. C. EDWIN RYMER Deland, Fla. JANET T. RYMER Deland, Fla. CAROL ANN SACKETT St. Petersburg, Fla. Home Economics Music Business Business Music 389 SALLY M. SAIER West Palm Beach. Fla. Arts and Sciences NANCY L. SANCHEZ Tampa, Fla. Social Welfare STEPHEN SANFORD Ormond Beach. Fla. Education MIKE SANTANTELLO Bradenton. Fla. Arts and Sciences SUZANNE SAWYER Fauburn, Ga. Education NANCY LYNN SAYRE Miami Springs, Fla. Social Welfare ELAINE MARY SCHANZENBACH St. Petersburg, Fla. Home Economics SUE SCHAUL Jacksonville, Fla. Education JEFFREY L. SCHEMBERA Maitland, Fla. Education DOROTHY IRENE SCHENK Tampa, Fla. Education RONALD DOUGLASS SCHERER Miami. Fla. Arts and Sciences LESLIE SCHMIDT Atlanta. Ga. Education PAUL BRUCE SCHNEIDER Great Neck. N.Y. Business DIANE SCHUSTER Fort Pierce. F la. Education DIANA SCHUYT Coral Gables, Fla. Education JEAN ANN SCOTT Largo. Fla. MARY BRIGHTMAN SCOTT Sanford. Fla. MARY OGBURN SCOTT Gainesville. Fla. WILLIAM LEE SCOTT North Miami. Fla. ERIC B. SCOWDEN Vero Beach, Fla. Social Welfare Education Education Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences MARGHUERITE SEARS Tallahassee. Fla. Arts and Sciences JEFFREY SERETSKY North Miami, Fla. Engineering Science GAYLE MARY SEVFRSON Atlanta. Ga. CAROLYN M. SHAFER Tampa, Fla. WILLIAM J. SHANNON Brooklyn. N.Y. Nursing Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences LINDA ANNE SHARMAN Coral Gables. Fla Business LYDIA GAYLE SHELTON Inverness, Fla. Education KENTON A. SHEPHARD St. Petersburg. Fla. Business JOHN ALAN SHERMAN KuTarney. Fla. Arts and Sciences CATHERINE LYNN SHIVER Monticello. I la. Nursing SOHNIE LU SHIVER Zellwood, Fla. Education ROGANNE SHOTWELL Key Biscayne. Fla. Education WILLIAM TODD SHOW Orlando. Fla. Arts and Sciences EDWARD LEONIDAS SHULER Daytona Beach, Fla. Business MICHAEL E. SHURTLEFI Lynn Haven. Fla. Business 390 JUDITH SiEGEL Miami Beach. I la. Social Welfare ELLA K. SIMMONS Plant City. I la. Home Economics MARSHA ELAINE SIMMONS Brandon, Fla. VINCENT SIMMONS Plant City, Fla. BEVERLY ANN SIMPSON Panama City, Fla. SUSAN SINOT West Palm Beach. Fla. LEONARD P. SIRMOPOULOS Gainesville, Fla. MARY ELIZABETH SITES West Palm Beach, Fla. BRENDA SKADRON Palatka, Fla. LUCY SKAGFIELD Education Social Welfare Education Education Business Education Education Tallahassee. Fla. CONNIE SKIFF Fort Lauderdale, Fla. JAMES WILLIAM SKINNER, Jacksonville, Fla. BARBARA BOLGER SMITH Sanford, Fla. DAVID SMITH Gainesville, Fla. FRANCES RUTH SMITH Carrabelle, Fla. KATHRYN R. SMITH Winter Park, Fla. MARSHA SMITH Pensacola, Fla. MARY ELLEN SMITH Daytona Beach. Fla. MARY FRANCES SMITH West Palm Beach. Fla. SARAH ANN SMITH Leesburg. Fla. Arts and Sciences Education III Business Arts and Sciences Business Business Education Educationn Education Education Social Welfare SUZANNE SMITH North Mimai Beach. Fla. Arts and Sciences THERESA A. SMITH North Miami Beach, Fla. Education WILLIAM C. SMITH Pittsburg. Pa. Arts and Sciences MARILYN SMOOT Eau Gallic Fla. Arts and Sciences JAMES RICHARD SMOTREL Miami, Fla. Engineering Science PATRICIA ANN SOFARELLI Clearwater, Fla. MARIAN AUDREY SOLOMON Education Social Welfare New Orleans. La. CHARLES I. SOMERBY Pensacola. Fla. Business GARY GLEN SOLD Jacksonville. Fla. Arts and Sciences DAN ROLAND SPEARMAN Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences GAY SPEED Jacksonville. Fla. Education JIM SPOONER Fort Myers, Fla. Education ROBERT LEDFORD SPRADLING Pompano Beach. Fla. Music GORDON L. STAGER Tallahassee. Fla. Arts and Sciences MARTHA JANE STANFORD Englewood. Fla. Arts and Sciences 391 SHARON J. STANGE Jacksonville, Fla. Arts and Sciences CHARLES W. STANSFIELD Daytona Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences MARIA STANSFIELD Valencia, Spain Arts and Sciences SARAH I. STAPLETON Tallahassee. Fla. Arts and Sciences JERRY LEESTARKEY St. Petersburg, Fla. Business VONLEY J.STARKEY St. Petersburg, Fla. SUZANNE STARKS Westfield, N.J. MICHAEL P. STEELY Montgomery, Ala. JUANITA MARIA STEIN Ocala, Fla. RICHARD L.STEPHENS Hialeah, Fla. Education Business Arts and Sciences Music Arts and Sciences Education Business MARIAN STETSON St. Petersburg, Fla. JOHN C. STEVENSON Panama City, Fla. DOUGLAS MICHAEL STEWART Pensacola, Fla. Arts and Sciences JOHN STEWART Winter Haven. Fla. Arts and Sciences SUE LYNN HOWELL STINER Sanford. Fla. Home Economics CHARLOTTE JANE STOKER Coral Gables, Fla. Education BETTY STRICKLAND Bushnell. Fla. Home Economics ONA DALE STRICKLAND Calvary. Ga. Nursing CHARLES A. STRYKER Tallahassee, Fla. Arts and Sciences SANDRA JEAN STULL Jacksonville, Fla. Education SUSAN STUMPF Hialeah, Fla. Education LAUREL A. SUITS Tallahassee, Fla. Business JOHN OWEN SULLIVAN Milton, Fla. Education NANCY JOYCE SULLIVAN Atlanta, Ga. Home Economics PATRICIA ANN SULLIVAN Tucker, Ga. Arts and Sciences WILLIE DANIEL SUMNER Tampa, Florida Education MILTON P. SUMRELL Live Oak, Fla. Business ELAINE E. SUTHER Orlando, Fla. Education STUART J. SUTTA Miami, Fla. Business JAMES HUGH SUTTON Pensacola, Fla. Business KENNETH DONALD SWAINE Chipley, Fla. Education MARIA SWANN Pensacola, Fla. Education ELDONC. SWANSON. JR. Green Cove Springs . Fla. Arts and Sciences DANIEL PRICE SWEET Ormond Beach. Fla. Education SHARON C. SWEETING Miami. Fla. Home Economics 392 SHERIAN DIANE SWINDELL Rockledge. Fla. Education ROBERT THOMAS SZALANSK1 Panama City, Fla. Business ANGUS B. TAFF Tallahassee. Fla. Business GINGER BOULWARE TATE Bajtow. Fla. Education JACK TAYLOR Pensacola. Fla. Education JAMES A. TAYLOR Pensacola. Fla. Arts and Sciences ANNE GLORIA TEGNAZIAN Ft. Pierce. Fla. Home Economics ROBERT TEGTMAN Coral Gables. Fla. Business GERALDINT ROSE TELESE Tampa. Fla. Arts and Sciences CHARLES DAVID TERRELL Jacksonville, Fla. Business RUSSELL THACKER Jacksonville. Fla. ROBERT B.THACKERAY Islamorada. Fla. LINDA GAIL THAYER Panama City. Fla. MICHAEL S. THOMAS Jacksonville. Fla. PAMELA ELWYN THOMAS Tallahassee. Fla. Business Education Education Social Welfare Arts and Sciences TERRY ELAINE THOMAS Jacksonville. Fla. Education MONIA M. THOMPSON Pensacola, Fla. Nursing ROBERT JAMES THOMPSON Warrington. Fla. Arts and Sciences WARREN WATSON THOMPSON, JR. Pensacola. Fla. Education NANCY JEAN THOMSON Orange Park. Fla. Education GEORGE F. THORNBURY. JR Tallahassee. Fla. Business JOSEPH WILLIAM TILLETT. JR. Terra Ceia Island. Fla. Business TIM TIMMONS Cincinnati. Ohio Arts and Sciences DIANE JO TINGLEY Merritt Island, Fla. Education BELVA MARIE TOLAND Tampa. Fla. Business JAMES B. TOLLERTON Sarasota, Fla. Arts and Sciences CHRISTINA MARY TOMCZAK Clearwater. Fla. Eusiness KARLA MAY TOMFOHRDE Atlanta. Ga. Arts and Sciences TERRY L. TOMLINSON Melbourne Beach, Fla. Aits and Sciences DOROTHY BELLE SCOTT TOMPKINS Milan, Ind. Nursing GALE A. TOWTvlSLEY Destin. Fla. Arts and Sciences JUDITH ANNE TRACY West Palm Beach. Fla. Social Welfare WALTER ELTON TRAFTON. JR. Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences R. LYNN TRAVERS Hollywood. Fla. Education PAM E. TRAX Clearwater. Fla. Education 393 J. DOUGLAS TRAXLER Boca Raton, Fla. C. BENNETT TUCKER, JR. Orlando, Fla. CAROL DRISCOLL TULLIS Coral Gables. Fla. ROBERT TUN KEL Clifton, N.J. JERRY TURNER Heflin, Ala. Education Business Social Welfare Business Business SANDI TURNER Homestead, Fla. Education SHARYN ELIZABETH TURNER Aiken, S.C. Arts and Sciences KAY TURVILLE Clermont, Fla. Social Welfare TERI A. TYSON Miami, Fla. Education ROBERT URICH Toronto, Ohio Arts and Sciences MARCIA MERRILL VAHLBERG Sarasota Fla. GENEVA W. VALDES Miami, Fla. NILIO A. VALDES Maimi, Fla. SHIRLEY VALONIS Pensacola, Fla. STEVEN C. VANDEBERG Menomomc, Wis. Art and Sciences Education Arts and Sciences Education Business ROBERTA VANDERMAST Orlando, Fla. Arts and Sciences JAMES SHERMAN VAUGHT Haines City, Fla. Arts and Sciences CARL EVERETT VAUSE, JR. Wildwood, Fla. Business DONALD G. VERBOCY Wichita, Kans. Business MYRTLE A. VERDON Coral Gables. Fla. DAVID VERPLOEGEN Pensacola, Fla. WILLIAM A. VERVAEKE Port St. Joe, Fla. TERESA B. VIANDS Crestview, Fla. EMILY V1CK Pensacola, Fla. WAYNE SEAY VINCENT Birmingham, Ala. Education Arts and Sciences Business Businer.s Education Business CARMEN VISCONTf Deland, Fla. Education WILLIAM F. VON DREHLE Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences SUSAN ELIZABETH VON FOSSEN St. Petersburg, Fla. Home Economics GLENDA WADE Starke, Fla. Nursing WANDA WADE Tallahassee, Fla. Arts and Sciences PENELOPE GAIL WADSWORTH Bunnell, Fla. Business JUDITH ANNE WAGNER Atlanta, Ga. Education SHELDON FRANK WAGNER, JR. Orlando, Fla. Arts and Sciences WILLIAM W.WAGNER, III Miami, Fla. Social Welfare DAVIS E. WALDEN Jacksonville, Fla. Social Welfare c ' ' - r r 394 JOYCE LESLIE WALKER Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences THOMAS LUTHER WALKER Sebring, Fla. Arts and Sciences HELEN REBECCA WALKUP Mcintosh, Fla. Business ANN CELESTE WALL Neptune Beach, Fla. Education NANCY DUTTON WALL St. Augustine, Fla. NANCY R. WALL Jacksonville, Fla. RICHARD WALL Winter Park, Fla. JOHN M. WALLS Pensacola, Fla. WILLIAM A. WALTER Fort Walton Beach, Fla. MARTHA WANDER Winter Haven, Fla. MARY MARGARET WARD Atlanta, Ga. JOHN ROBERT WARDER Winter Park, Fla. ROLFE WARDNER Pompano Beach, Fla. CAROL ANN WARNER Pompano Beach, Fla. ROBERT WARNER Jacksonville, Fla. Nursing, Education Business Arts and Sciences Education Nursing Business Music- Business Education Education BONNIE RUTH WARREN Warner Robins, Ga. Home Economics DIAN LEE WARREN Beaufort, South Carolina Education RICHARD B.WARREN St. Louis, Mo. Education LINDA D. WARRENFELTZ O ' Fallon, Illinois Nursing LYNN WATERHOUSE Fitzgerald, Ga. Elementary Education NANCY CATHERINE WATFORD Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Alexandria, Va. MARTHA JANE WATTS Sandusky, Ohio JEAN MARIAN WEAVER Tallahassee, Fla. Business JOHN H. WEAVER Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Business LOIS E.WEBB Sarasota, Fla. Education RALPH TRACY WEBB Jacksonville, Fla. Music RAYMOND SANFORD WEEKS, III Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Education ELLEN WEISS Miami, Fla. Education SARAH JO WENGER Lakeland, Fla. Education BOYD WESSINGER TitusviJJe, Fla. Education JUDITH WEST Pensacola, Fla. AUDREY LEE WHITE West Palm Beach, Fla. BONNIE WHITE Miami, Fla. FRANK RUSSELL WHITE, JR. St. Petersburg, Fla. FREDERICK ROBERT WHITE Baldwin, N.Y. Social Welfare Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Business Social Welfare 395 GARY LEE WHITE Jacksonville, Fla. Business JANET WHITE Jacksonville, Fla. Home Economics PATRICIA JO WHITE St. Petersburg, Fla. Education ROBERT ALTON WHITE, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Arts and Sciences THOMAS HARRISON WHITE, JR. North Miami Beach, Fla. Social Welfare GEORGE H. WHITLEY, III Salt Lake City, Utah JACK A. WHITLEY Panama City, Fla. NIKKI ANN WHITMAN Clearwater, Fla. HUGH BASSETT WILCOX Jacksonville, Fla. DIXIE LEE WILCOXON Jacksonville, Fla. GUSS WILDER, III Clearwater, Fla. DENNIS F. WILHELM Cedar Rapids, Iowa DEANNEWILDERSON St. Petersburg, Fla. GARY L. WILKINS Pensacola, Fla. CATHERINE WILLIAMS Ft. Myers, Fla. Business Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Business Home Economics Arts and Sciences. Business Home Economics Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences CHRISTOPHER DALY WILLIAMS Arlington, Va. Business HARRISON TINSLEY WILLIAMS Pensacola, Fla. Business HORACE JACKSON WILLIAMS Jacksonville, Fla. Business JOHN F. WILLIAMS Boca Raton, Fla. Business KATE T. WILLIAMS Perry, Fla. Arts and Sciences LARRY WILLIAMS Chipley, Fla. Business LESLIE ANNE WILLIAMS Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Home Economics PALMER WILLIAMS Tallahassee, Fla. Arts and Sciences SHIRLEY ANN WILLIAMS Tallahassee, Fla. Education THOMAS M. WILLIAMS Tampa, Fla. Business CAROLYN WILLIAMSON Blountstown, Fla. Nursing MYRIAM GAIL WILLIAMSON Tallahassee, Fla. Education WILLIAM W. WILLIS Richmond, Va. Business PAMELA RHODES WILLITS Miami, Fla. Arts and Sciences JANIELEE WILLSON St. Petersburg, Fla. Music BRIAN LEE WILSON St. Petersburg, Fla. Music BYRON R.WILSON, III Bonita Springs, Fla. Education JUDITH A. WILSON Orlando, Fla. Home Economics LYNNE R. WILSON Jacksonville, Fla. Education RANDY WILSON Bartow, Fla. Arts and Sciences fcfcl tlfcft I At 396 ROBERT LEE WILSON Winter Park, Fla. Social Welfare SIDNEY MOORE WILSON, JR. St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences TIMOTHY ROBERT WILSON Bradenton, Fla. Education JO ANN WILTSHIRE Tampa, Fla. Arts and Sciences KAREN CHRISTINE WINKOPP Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Arts and Sciences PETER D. W1NNE Auburn, N.Y. Social Welfare JANET LEE WISDON Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Arts and Sciences ROBERT WILLIAM WISE Panama City, Fla. Business MARY KATHERINE WISER Winter Park, Fla. Education HARRIET EVE WOLF Orlando, Fla. Home Economics BARBARA ANN WOLKING Merritt Island, Fla. Arts and Sciences J. DUSTON WOLTERS Austin, Tex. Business JOHN C. WOLTERS, JR. Jacksonville, Fla. Business JOHN BAKER WOOD St. Petersburg, Fla. Arts and Sciences PATRICIA CARMEN WOOD Pensacola, Fla. Musk- STEPHEN H. WOODBURY Clearwater, Fla. Business DOUGLAS WOOLWEAVER Eau Gallie, Fla. Business ALICE E. WRIGHT Miami, Fla. Education KATHERINE KAY WRIGHT High Springs, Fla. Education RICHARD DEAN WRIGHT Pompano Beach, Fla. Education THOMAS E. WURZEL Winter Haven, Fla. Arts and Sciences WILLIAM PARKINSON WYATT College Park, Ga. Business MARTHA ANN WYNNE Miami, Fla. Education RAYMOND C. YANKEE Chiago Heights, 111. Business DONNA GAIL YARBROUGH Baldwin, Fla. Education PATRICIA ANNE YATES Boynton Beach, Fla. JO ELLEN H. YENT Sattellite Beach, Fla. KENDRA ANN YODER Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. JOAN DIANE YOUNG Ft. Myers, Fla. LINDA KAY YOUNG Eau Gallie, Fla. Arts and Sciences Social Welfare Education Home Economics Education JOHN EDWARD YUST Pensacola, Florida Engineering Science KAREN LYNN ZAHARIS Orlando, Florida Education DANIEL LEE ZAVELSON Mansfield, Ohio Business EDWARD F. ZGODZINSKI Coral Gables, Fla. Arts and Sciences KATHRYN ANN ZYWICK1 Bean City, Fla. Business 397 High rank, knowledge, and renown friendship, pleasure and possessions everything is nought but wind, vapor to say it better, everything is nothing —Paul Pelisson 398 No time of life is so beautiful as the early days of love when with every meeting, every glance, one fetches something new home to rejoice over — Soren Kierkegaard ? « " • w .-r , . • ; £. . ..a j t?% mrw% ' Time it was and what a time it was It was. . . a time of innocence a time of confidences -Paul Simon Epilogue Florida State University has changed immensely in the past few years. Along with the opportunities which students have recently been given to study in such places as Italy, Spain, Mexico, Japan, and South American, and to travel throughout the world under FSU-sponsored programs, the university itself has undergone a renaissance. In the past, Florida State has been a politically-controlled institution. During the year 1967-68, however, the students and faculty rose up to protest, demanding their rights of freedom of expression. In what was perhaps one of the most unique demonstrations ever held anywhere, students and faculty kept a 24-hour vigil for over a week on the lawn in front of the Administration Building, protesting censorship by the university ' s administrative officials. As a result, FSU has grown closer toward developing a healthy intellectual atmosphere with an orientation toward academic freedom. Hopefully, this trend will continue. The university community has begun to grow up. In the past, students returning from studies in foreign countries could sense isolationism and apathy throughout all the sectors of the university. This year, the students and faculty have realized that a world exists outside of Tallahassee, and the administration has realized that students and faculty are forces which cannot be ignored. The TALLY HO has attempted to recor d the ideas and events of the past year into a memorable perspective. A yearbook is designed for the enjoyment of the student both now and in the future. It is not enough for a yearbook just to be a record of the events of the year. It must be interesting and, if possible, exciting to the student the first time he looks at it or he may never want to look at it again. We became quite bold with the 1968 TALLY HO. We have tried to construct a book that will not be boring to look at or to read. This has been done by shortening certain sections, lengthening others, reducing the amount of copy, and utilizing as many unique photographic techniques as possible. We based our theme upon FSU foreign study programs, and the recent renaissance at the university itself of academic freedom and greater interest in intellectual expression. These two considerations are compatible in that FSU students have proven they will never again let this campus be the limited boundaries of their world. Our photographers are due a huge vote of thanks for their enthuasiam, hard work, interest, and most of all talent. My Assistant Editor, Karen Starr, has proven herself to be perhaps the most valuable asset any yearbook editor could have, even when she has seemed to lose her sanity. Her capabilities are innumerable, and I cannot begin to thank her enough. I also wish to express a sincere thank you to Cyndee and Diane, who have to go through this again next year; to June, who has more patience than anyone I have ever met; to Dennis, for tolerating our nonsense; to Barbara Paterson and the Board of Student Publications, for giving us money when we begged for more color; to Kathy, for letting us rob the FLAMBEAU picture files; to the Publications Lab, for their kind understanding when we piled half a yearbook on them only a few weeks before the printer ' s deadline; and most of all to the rest of the TALLY HO staff, who so willingly gave of their time and did such a tremendous job. Special acknowledgements are due to Mozart Garcia da Silva who designed the cover; to John Moses and Mr. Earl Turner who made it possible to computerize the index; and to Louisa Hinely, Rado Pribic, Dr. George Lensen, FSU Information Services, and Mark Farina, who provided pictures, mainly of the foreign programs, which we were unable to take ourselves. Terry S. Hudson Editor-in-Chief 404 Subject Index Academics 58 FSO Inter-House Council 197 Pi Beta Phi 272 Administration 48 Gamma Phi Beta 252 Pi Kappa Alpha 274 Alpha Chi Omega 224 Gamma Sigma Sigma 178 Pi Kappa Phi 276 Alpha Delta Pi 226 Garnet Key 173 Pi Mu Epsilon 206 Alpha Delta Sigma 187 Gator Bowl 126 Publications Administration 76 Alpha Epsilon Delta 183 Gilchrist Hall 102 Publications, Board of Student 77 Alpha Epsilon Pi 228 Gold Key 172 Publications Business Office 88 Alpha Gamma Delta 230 Golf 162 Publications Lab 86 Alpha Kappa Psi 186 Graduation 332 Publications Photography 91 Alpha Lambda Delta 182 Greek Life 210 Registration 298 Alpha Mu 198 Gymkana 300 Sailing 164 Alpha Omicron Pi 232 Gymnastica 202 Salley Hall 103 Alpha Phi 234 Gymnastics 156 Scholarship Houses 106 Alpha Phi Omega 174 Hall of Fame 354 Senior Class Officers 363 Alpha Tau Omega 236 Homecoming 304 Seniors 363 Alpha Xi Delta 238 Index 405 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 278 Angel Flight 192 Inter-Fraternity Council 222 Sigma Alpha Iota 184 Arnold Air Society 193 Judo 157 Sigma Chi 280 Baseball 148 Junior Counselors 101 Sigma Kappa 282 Basketball 134 Kappa Alpha Theta 254 Sigma Nu 284 Beauties 344 Kappa Delta 256 Sigma Phi Epsilon 286 Board of Student Publications 77 Kappa Kappa Gamma 258 Sigma Sigma Sigma 288 Broward Hall 104 Kappa Sigma 260 Smith Hall 102 Bryan Hall 102 Lambda Chi Alpha 262 SMOKE SIGNALS 90 Cabinet 96 Landis Hall 103 Soccer 132 Campus Sing 324 La Petite Corps 194 Social Work Club 199 Cawthon Hall 105 LEGEND 92 Sophomore Council 180 Censorship 26, 320 Les Bleu Berets 195 Sports 110 Cheerleaders 114 Magnolia Hall 105 Spring 322 Chi Omega 240 Marketing Club 189 Student Art Education Assoc. 199 Chi Phi 223 Military Ball 321 Student Bar As soc. 196 Christmas 310 Miss Gymkana 302 Student Body President 94 Circle K 176 Miss Tally Ho 346 Student Government 93 Circus 312 Miss University Union 109 Student Publications 76 Closing 398 Mortar Board 171 Student Senate 98 Cross Country 130 Mortified 190 Summer 328 Dedication 44 NCAA Baseball 154 Supreme Court 100 Delta Chi 242 NCAA Basketball 140 Swimming 142 Delta Delta Delta 244 NCAA Football 126 TALLY HO 78 Delta Gamma 246 NCAA Golf 162 Tau Kappa Epsilon 290 Delta Sigma Pi 188 NCAA Track 158 Tarpon Club 207 Delta Tau Delta 248 Omicron Delta Kappa 170 Tarpon Show 325 Delta Zeta 250 Organizations 166 Tennis 160 Demonstration 26, 330 Outstanding Professors 54 Theta Chi 292 Deviney Hall 104 Panhellenic 222 Town Girls 206 Dorman Hall 103 Pershing Rifles 195 Track 158 Dormitories 102 Phi Alpha 185 University Singers 191 Elections 326 Phi Beta Kappa 168 University Union 107 Epilogue 404 Phi Chi Theta 183 University Union Board 109 Eve of Dance 320 Phi Delta Theta 264 Village Vamps 205 Fashion, Inc. 204 Phi Gamma Delta 266 WHO ' S WHO 358 Fine Arts 334 Phi Kappa Phi 169 Women ' s " F " Club 200 FLAMBEAU 82 Phi Kappa Tau 268 Women ' s Recreation Assoc. 203 Football 116 PhiMu 270 Wrestling 165 Foreign Programs 4 Physical Education Assoc. 201 Zeta Tau Alpha 294 IINUtA AARON MARTIN L APPOT SUE ABBOTT MARGARETHE 309 ABRAHAM TE1RY STARR APRAIRA PHIL ARRAMSON NARK ALAN ACHER MARJORIE ACOSTA HOWARD ACAMS HAL W ADAMS NETA ADAMS PATRICIA ADAMS PATRICIA J ACAMS SARAH ADAMS SARAH SUZANNE ADAY MICHAEL AUAT MICHAEL W ACEE DOUGLAS W A0K1NS SANDRA AFRYL JOSEPH AGLIANE FRANK AGNEW KELLY AHNEN DENNIS AHO JANIE AHRANO MARILYN 363 A1GOTTI SUE AIRAGHI ALYN AITKEN R ICHARD 363 AKERS IAUREL 92 AKERS SHARON AK IN L INOA 101,272 ALBERT SHE3RIL ALBERT IE JAMIE ALBR I TTON K ATHERINE ALBRITTON XATHIE ALBRITTON SUZANNE ALCERMAN 61ENDA ALCERMAN CAWN ALDERMAN GARY LEE 363 ALCERMAN NELDA ALCERMAN PATRICIA ALDERSON BARBARA 240 ALCERSON BARBARA ANN ALDR ICH ROBERT ALURICH ROBERT F ALEXANDER AL ICE ADA [R ALEXANDER DALE ALExANCER DALE E ALEXANOER MARY VIRGINIA ALLAN LINDA ALLAN BARRY ALLEMANC ARNOLD 266 ALLEMAND ARNOLD EDWARD ALLEN OON ALLEN UONNA ALLEN GORDON ALLEN JANE T ALLEN JANIE ALLEN JEANI E ALLEN LYNN ALLEN LYNNE 305 ALLEN LYNNETTE MARY ALLEN MARY EL IZABETH ALLEN RICHARD ALLEN THOMAS ALLEN THOMAS G ALLIERI LYNN ALLMAN KENNETH ALMSTEAO JEFFREY ALSTON JERE LYNN ALSUP WILLIAM ALTEMUS DON ALVAREZ CATHY 254 ALVAREZ KATHY ALVAREZ RAFAEL AMENT JOHN AMENT JOHN G AMFTRANO JOSEPH AMDS STEPHANIE ANRUCHON VICKI ANCHORS MICHELE ANDERECK CAROLYN ANDERSON ANDY ANDERSON ANNE ANUERSON ANTHONY ANDERSON CONNIE ANCERSCN GAIL ANUERSON JAMES 266 ANDERSON JANFT GAIL ANCERSCN JEFF ANDERSON MARTHA ANDERSON OL A GAIL ANDERSON PAM 230,364 ANOERSON REG1NA GAIL ANDFRSON Rl CK ANDERSON KILL 1AM ANCRESEN BR [AN ANDREWS JOY MARIE ANOROFF DAVID ANDROFF OAV ID K ANKNEY CONNIE ANKNEY CON " ! IE J ANSEL FRANCES MIRIAM ANSLEY JANE JORDAN ANTHONY CRAIG ANTHONY J CRAIG ANTHONY JOHN ANIHPNY JOHN COLEMAN ANTHONY KATHLEEN DORIS ANTIGA SYLVIA ANI IGA SYLV IA L ANTLFY BOB ANTON MICHELLE ANTON SANDY 173,282 ANTRIM LOUANNE ANZALONE LAURA 364 APPLE JAMES APPLEHHITF MADFLINF KAY ARAMANOA MILHAEL G ARFNAS C A ARICK ROBERT ARNBRUST NARYANN ARMOUR NANCY ARMSTRONG JANE ARMSTRONG JAY ARMSTRONG JUDI TH ANN ARMSTRONG KRI SI INA 23B ARNHOL T KE3 I ARNOLD G G 204 BECKMAN MORION ARNOLD JACUUEUNE ALYSE 364 BECKMAN MCRION L ARNOLO JAMI E 250 BEEBE ROBERI ARNOLD JAMIE L 2 05 BFEBE SANDRA LEE 363 ARNOLD JEFF 196 BEGLEY CAROL 201 ARNOLD SALLY 204 BE1MLY KENNETH 272 258 BELL BRENDA ARNOLC SARAH 246 BELL CARULYN 161 ARNOLO SHERAN 250 BELL CLARENCE WILL 1 AM 116 ARPIN SUSAV. 246 BELL JANE 363 ASHMORE REBECCA 2 52 194 250 ASHMORE REBECCA CAROLYN 364 8ELL JOHN 292 ASMAR NORMAN 286 BELL JUCITH ANNE in ATCHLEY WILLIAM 278 BELL JUDY 252 ATKINS CISSY 309 241 2B2 ATKINSCN SHAPON 234 BELL LINDA in ATWELL GEORGL 290 BELL PHYLLIS 256 ATWELL GEORGE B JR 364 232 363 261 AUBRY JUDITH 364 BELL PIXIE AUBUCHON VICTORIA LYNN 364 250 ?6» AUSTIN ALLEN 261 BELL ROBERT 363 AUTEN DALE 262 BELLAMY GARY 258 AVAZIAN ANN 205 BELOW WINNIF 286 AVIRETT WILLIAM 281 BEMENT DENNIS GENE 249 AWRREY BONNIE 288 PENDER RALPH 246 AYRTON EL IZABETH M 364 BENDER RALPH E 261 AYS GALE 98 BENNETT BARBARA 206 •YSCUE J C in BENNETT BARRY 240 •JELVANCRE GENE 246 263 BENNETT CYNTHIA 363 B BARER R08FRT BENNETT JAMFS 201 BENNFTT RICK 290 266 BENNETT SHARON BABFR ROBERI F 364 BENNETT SHARON S TT FACHEM1N JAN 226 BENNETT SHERRY BACON WILLI AM 276 BFNSON JOE 270 BAER BFVERLY 282 BFNTPN PHIL IP 81 B AGGS 274 BERGSTEN STEPHEN BAILEY GLOR IA JFAN (64 BERKELEY PAULA 161 BAIRD CAROL 232 BERNREUTER BOB JOSEPH 91 233 BERRY ANN 16 ' BAIRD CAROL DIANNF 364 BERRY ANNE 184 BAISDFN IRISH 240 BERRY BONNI 363 BAKER BARBARA JUNE 1 69 BERRY BONNIE 250 RAKER RONNIE 258 226 363 BAKER BONNIE J 182 BERRY JAN 169 BAKER CHERRI 256 BERRY JANN BAKER CHERR 1 LYNN 164 BERT TYLER 169 RAKER CYNTHIA 204 BESSERER CAROL 256 254 309 102 BAKER JANE 234 BEST JOHN BAKER MARIHA 234 269 101 BAKER ROBERT 2 76 BETTINGER BARBARA F 281 BAKER SUE 258 BEVI S BETTY 363 BAKER SUSAN 246 BEVIS NANCY 363 RALEGH SANOY 201 DEW DIANE 249 BALL LISA K! BIAIEK JEFF in BALL LOUISA HARDEN 16 " . BICKEL JOHN 169 PALL STEVE 276 BICKI JOAN 101 BALLANTYNE KATHY 252 BIDDIX SHARON 269 BALLARD GENE IB? BIODLE VALERIF 266 BANDLOW CAROL 101 365 BANE BILL 199 BIGGER CHARLES 161 BANIM JAMES JOSEPH 365 L 74 276 RANKS BREWSTER 278 BIGGER CHARLES HAMPTON 234 BANKS CHARLES 2 78 BIGGS ANNE ?? 1 BANKS PATRICIA ALICE 16-. DIGHAM SID 364 BANKS RICHARO 89 RIGOTT JOE M 1 Rl BANKS SUSAN 202 BIRCHFIELD JAMES D 226 BANTA JAMES 269 DIRD MARY ANN 241 BANTA JAMES E 165 365 240 BAPTISTA JOSEPHINA 214 B1SCHPFF ELLEN BARBFE HILL 1AM 27B BISCHOFF ELLEN LOUISE 364 BARBER KATHLEEN ANN 365 BISHOP DONALD 164 BARBER STEPHEN 269 RISHOP DUNALD RAY 261 BARCHAN LEE 249 BISHOP GARY ?16 BARCLEY NANCY 246 BITLER CAROL 364 RARDOE SARA 288 BIZA1LL0N PAUL 270 BARKER ELLFN 1 78 366 27B BARKER ELLEN VOGUE 365 BJORNOY LINDA S 286 BARKER SUSAN GENE 365 BLACK BETT1NA J 364 BARLUTTA TONI MARIA 365 BLACK HOMER A 202 BARNES CHA LFS 274 BLACK MARIAN W 275 275 BLACKBURN SANDI 204 BARNES JAMFS 275 BLACKWFLL BRUCE BARNES WILL 1AM E 365 354,359,363 191 RARNETT BARBARA 250 BLACKWFLL BRUCE B 2 64 BARNFTT DUN IRS BLACKWFLL RAYMOND ;69 BARONF BARRY 288 BLAIR LAURA B 364 BARR CYNTHIA 207 BLAKE FLIZABETH 264 BARR DEBORAH ALLEN 365 R1ANCHFTTE JUAN 178 BARRETT SANDRA 178 BLANCHETIE JOAN M 111! eARRINEAU MARY 25A BLANKNER THFRFSA 272 BARRINFAU MITTEN 80 BLANTON ANNIE K 169 CARTELS JUL IE 194 BLATT MIKE 90 BARTEIS JULIE ANN 182 121 272 PARTHOLCMEW ROBERT L 365 BLAYLOCK CAROL ANN 364 BARTLETT MARGARET 258 niE IBERG ROBERT 2 56 BARTON PAVID 158 BLISS MARY L 252 202 BLITZ KENNETH 264 BASON IRISH 102 BLITZ KENNETH M BASS CLAUDIA 230 BLOOOWORTH SUSAN JAYNE 364 BASS CLAUOIA ROSE 365 BLOUN! JUDY 261 PASSFTT JEFF 260 BLUUNl MARILYN 246 261 BLOWERS MAI DA 364 BASSET! PATRICIA 238 PLOWFRS MAIDA VIRGINIA 2 04 BASSET! PATRICIA NATAL IE 365 PCARCMAN CATHY BASSET! 1H0MAS JACKSON 365 294 364 BAICHELOR OE 278 BUBBING PATRICIA 116 BAIES MARIANNE 106 BODZIONY JANICE 281 BAIIINELL1 RONNIE 294 BOEHM RICHARD 249 36 5 268,269 169 BAIIS LINOA 2 70 BUGGS CAROL 290 BAU01N CLAUDE 249 POHLEN IV IS 364 BAUOIN CLAUDE RENE 365 182 250 BAUGHAN CAROL 288 RULE BEVERLY 364 EAUGHAN CAROL MILAGROS 365 BUL IN ER IC R 364 BAUM ELIZABE1H 105 PULLES L INOA 169 BAUR L INDA 288 BOMAN MARGARET 281 BAUR NANCY 288 ROMAN MARGARET ANNE 364 289 BONATZ JOAN 236 BAXLEY KAREN 244 270 364 BAXLEY SANDRA 244 BOND BARBARA 364 BAXIER JOEY 148 169 240 BAYER BECKY 181 BONO BFNJAH IN 364 254 BOND HELLEN ELAINE 364 nEACH CHERYl 103 BONE ROGFR 232 BEACH GREGORY 269 366 101 BFACHEM SUSAN K 36 5 BONEY CHRISTY BEADNELL CHERYl 1 78 BONFOEY BFVFRLY K 169 BEAONFLl CHERYL ELIZABETH 365 BUNIFAY CECEL 1 A 200 BFALL BARBARA 238 244 PEALL BARBARA CAROL 365 BONNER CHERYl 249 BEALS BARBARA 254 BONNE I IE llll 3 64 REAMAN ROGFR 172 BONNETTE Al IX ELIZABETH 364 RFAMAN ROGFR WILSON 365 800 SUNA LAI 364 BEARDEN L INDA 2 34 BOOTH JAN B 275 BEASLEY JAMES 276 BOOTH JOHN 240 RFAUCHAMP ARDITH 258 DOOTH NANCY JUNE 246 BEAUCHAMP KENNE TH 2 76 BOOTH SANDRA D1ANF 254 BEAVER MARC 191 noRASCH DAN 290 BEAVERS TOM 2 76 BORCHFRS MELISSA 364 BFAZLFY HAZEL 365 BORDEAUX DANIFL 9B BECK PEGGY 244 I10RG LINDA BECK TOM 278 254 230 BECKER JAMES 242 BPRGSCHULIE NANCY 366 286 365 284 365 230 187 103 288 365 181 264 365 240 282 183 185 284 264 101 365 286 365 282 262 169 264 278 256 365 232 116 28 1 261 258 365 201 244 181 204 115 1(19 157 204 98 365 230 238 240 1 76 196 246 232 256 157 365 224 278 387 I6B 185 250 165 2 90 166 264 254 29(1 182 168 57 169 230 262 366 262 168 lfl, 288 366 270 168 116 366 158 182 249 366 366 181 366 2 40 366 204 366 101 169 85 288 366 181 281 366 182 249 366 266 250 168 98 252 244 366 169 366 366 366 366 266 246 261 IB1 294 BURR AS ANTHUNY 249 BURZEN FRANK 276 B0ST1AN CAROL 250 BUST1CK FREDRICK 261 BUSTWICK W CHANDLER 366 OCSWFLL ANTOINETTE 366 BOSWELl TONI 186 BOUOREAU ULIVIA JEAN 366 BUULDIN CYNTHIA 244 BPW001N WILLIAM 236 BUWEN JANET 226 UOWEN MARY 224 BUWEN MARY ELIZABETH 366 BCWEN PEGGY 185 BOWEN RAMONA 288 BOWERS SHARUN 250 BUWES ALLISON 238 POWLEY JANICE 270 BOWLIN JIM 197 OUWNS TINA 270 271 BDYCE MARGARITA ANA 366 80Y0 ALLEN 276 BUYD CINDA 240 BOYD KATHLEEN 252 BOYER GREGORY 98 290 BUYER WILLIAM JAMES II 366 BUYETI MARILYN 252 BOYKIN EDLYNE 240 BUYLE CALVIN F 366 BUYLES BILLY 77 BOYLES BILLY 76 BOYNTON BEN 278 BUYNTON RHODES 262 BRACKEN J 1M 117 BRADLEY DEBORAH 230 BRADLEY KENNETH 290 BRADLEY RICHARD 261 BRADSHAW 83 AO 276 BRAOSHAW SUSAN 366 BRADY MEG 182 BRAHS SHARON 199 BRAINARO NANCY 191 BRANDEWIE BOB 276 BRANDING KAY 309 BRANOT HARK 98 262,263 PRANN ROBER T 366 PRANNAM CHR I S T 1 NE 205 240 RRANNEN JOE 278 BRANNEN MALCOLM 169 BRANNON BRFNOA J 168 BRAXTON PEGGY IRENE 366 BREAUX DON 112 EREFDEN L INUSAY 226 RREEDEN LINDSAY MAXWELL 366 BREEN COL IN 284 BREITENBECK GREGORY A 366 PRENOLE DANIEL 2 84 BRENNER DAVID 169 BRENNER DAVIO A 168 RRFWER ERIN 294 BREWER MAXINE L 168 BREWER SUSAN 169 BREWER SUSAN A 168 BRICKER SHEILA 101 226 BRIDGES CHFRRY 246 BRIDGES CHERRY JEAN 366 BRIDGES JACK 176 BRIDGES SUSAN 254 BR10GFURD STEPHEN 269 BRIEPF JO ANN 17B PRIGGS DOROTHY A 169 BR1LEY RANDY 279 BRILEY SHEILA 254 I1RILEY SHEILA ELIZABETH 366 OHIMMFR CAROL 234 BRIMMFR CARRL SUE 235 BRINKIFY IE ILANI 169 BK1NS0N DEF 176 BRISCOE JOHN LESLIE 366 BRISTOL PAUL 276 BRISTOL SCOTT 160 RRI TTEN JESSICA 272 16 7 BROCATU SUZANNE 268 367 BRUDER ARTHUR 248 BROOKS BECKY 206 BROOKS CHARLES 2 79 BROOKS DALE CARL 367 BROOM JUDIIH ANNETTE 367 EROUGHTON JAMES 284 BROWN CINDY 224 BRUWN CONSTANCE L 367 BROWN DOOGLAS 158 BROWN FRANK 286 BROWN HARRY 186 BROWN HARRY JR 367 BROWN JOANNE 282 BROWN LARRY 79 BROWN LE ANN 288 BRUWN LFANN 289 BROWN MARK 292 PROWN PAOLA 270 BROWN REL IS 183 BROWN STEPHEN 186 229 BROWN STEPHEN THOMAS 367 BRUWN STEVE 22H BROWN WALTFR HENRY 111 367 BROWNING TOM 14B BROECKHEIMER WILLIAM 292 BRUHN ARTHUR H JR 367 RRUNOAGE BARBARA 204 294 BRYAN VINA 87 BRYANT BRUCE 236 BRYANT CAROL 270 BRYANT CHARLES CLARK 367 BRYANT JUSEPHINE 254 BHYANI JOSEPHINE ANNE 367 BRYANT MARY 367 PRYANT ROBFRT 2 86 BUCK DEBURAH 254 BUCK JUF 109 BUCKLEY DAN 146 BUCKLEY JOHN 2 92 BUDREAU UUTTY 240 267 BOFLL ROOD R 367 PUGAR MIKE 116 BUHL 274 BUIS LELA 182 BULLARD LAURIE 201 BUMGARDNER JAMES 290 BUMGARDNER JOSEPH 290 BUNDY MARK 191 BUNTROCK TJM 261 PURBAGE MARY LEE 367 BURCHETT PETER 261 BURGESS DAVIO SPEIRS 36 7 BURGESS EDIF 254 BURGESS STEPHEN 279 BURGRESS EDIE 190 BURKE DOUGLAS 261 BURNER JEAN 246 BURNETT JOHN 269 BURNETT PETE 275 BURNETTE DANIEL T 367 BURNEY BOBBI 181 BURNS CHRISTY 282 BURNS JANET 254 BURR ANDREA 9B BURRIS S HIRLEY 182 234 BURT BOBBY 116 BURT LONNIE 113 BURT STEWART 249 BURTON BOB 292 BURTON CLINT 116 BURTON JACOUIE 226 BURTON JOANNE M 168 BURTON JOANNE MARGERY 367 BURTON LINDA 232 BUSH 2 74 BUSH ALLEN R 367 BUSH LORA LEE 168 169 BUSH TOM 275 BUSH WINSTON C 367 BUSTLE GREG 276 BUTLER CANDY 194 226 BUTLER CLIFF 202 BUTLER NANCY 181 BUTLER RAYMOND 284 265 BUTLER RAYMCNC BRUCE 367 BUTLER SHARON 181 206 eUTTERWORTH TIM 275 BUTTRAN VERNON JR 169 SUZCAK BOB 92 BYERS HENRY WALLACE 367 PYERS LEE w 367 6YNUM KAREN 246 CABLE RANDY 136 141 CAHOURS CISSY 246 CAIN KATHY YVCNNE 367 CAIRNS BECKY 103 CALABRIA MARY 256 CALCESE NANCY 199 CALDWtLL MARGARET 244 CALEY CONNIE 272 CALEY CONNIE JOAN 367 CALIRI JOAN 101 178 CALLAHAN CAROLYN 173 272 CALLAHAN CAKOLYNE B 367 CALLAHAN LYNN 173 190,2 73 CALLAND TERRY 244 CAMACHE ROBERT 249 CAMBELL NANCY 182 CAMOZZI DAN 91 CAMPBELL BRLNDA 194 250 CAMPBELL DAVE 98 262 CAMPBELL DEBORAH 226 CAMPBELL COAK 98 169,261 CAMPBELL D3AK S 170 CAMPBELL 03AK Sill 360 CAMPBELL COUG 281 CAMPBELL JEAN 294 CAMPBELL JODITH KATHRYN 367 CAMPBELL KRISTEN LORRAINE 367 CAMPBELL ROBERT 281 CAMPBELL ROBERT PATRICK 367 CAMPBELL STEPHEN CRAIG 367 CAMPBELL SUSAN 224 270,367 LAMPBELL IANNIS 270 CAMPBELL THOMAS 166 CANN JULIf 178 CANNON JUDY MARTHA 367 CANTY BOB 148 150 CANTY WILLIAM 242 243 CAPPLEMAN BILL 1 17 CAPPS CAPPY 250 309 CAPPS MAMIE 234 CAPPS MANIE YVONNE 367 CARABALLO ELIZABETH 270 CARABALLO MART1NE 205 CARBONE SUZANNE 204 258 CAREY JOHN J 50 CARINHAS C1ANNE 201 CAR1STI JIM L97 CARL DIANA LEE 367 CARLISLE SAM 261 CARLSON K IRK 236 CARLSON H K IRK 367 CARLTON PAMELA 169 230 CARMAN THO MAS PAUL 367 CARMAN TOM 174 CARNLEY- RALPH 223 CARNLEY RALPH ALONZO JR 368 CARNOHAN GREGORY 223 CAROTHERS M W 169 CARPENTER JOHN 281 CARRAWAY MAXWELL 186 CARRE VERNA 105 CARRICO GREGG 276 CARROLL JAMES. PATRICK 368 CARSELL RON 198 CARSON CATHY 201 CARSON KIT 236 CARSTENS CAROLYN ANN 368 CARTER CYNTHIA 270 368 carter david 269 carter Elizabeth 234 368 CARTER LOUI SE 185 CARTER PAUL 199 CARTER RUBERT 261 CARTER THOMAS 186 CARTER THOMAS J 368 CARUSO STEPHEN 279 CARY SUE 84 CASE ROBERT 236 CASEY CAROL 256 CASEY CAROLE 368 CASEY PATRICIA 258 CASORIA CAROL 252 CASPER RICHARD 174 CASPER RICHARD FOSTER 368 406 CASSADA ELAINE CASSACY GINGER CASTERTON MICHAEL 368 CASTNER JACK 158 CASTNER STEPHANIE L CASWELL DONALD CAIELLI AL CATOTTI CAROL CAYSON BARBARA CAYSON DIANE 246 CECIL ELIZABETH 368 CECKA LANCE CECKA LANCE JOHN CHAOOOCK BARBARA CHALK CAROLYN 309 CHALK CARCLYN SUE CHALLANCIN VICK1 CHALMERS E LAURENCE CHALMERS LAURENCE CHAMBERLAIN BILL CHAMBERS CYNTHIA CHAMBERS JOHN CHAMBERS JOHN P CHAMBERS NICK CHAMBLEE JENNIFER CHAMBLEE JENNIFER LEE CHAM8LIN CHERYL DIANE CHAMP CHAMPION JOHN ELMER CHANDLER THOMAS CHANFRAU BILL CHANFRAU WILLIAM 249 CHANFRAU HILL 1AM M CHAO J WAYNE CHAO WAYNE CHAPMAN JANE CHAPMAN JEFF 279 CHAPPEL UAV1D CHASE LEE A CHASE RANDALL JR CHASE RANCY 363 CHASE WARREN L CHASON KAYE CHASON LYNDA KAYE CHASTAIN BETTY CHAOFRAU WILLIAM CHAVEZ GLORIA LOPEZ CHECK MIKE CHERESHKOFF EO CHESHIRE BILL 148 CHESTER FREDDIE CH1CVARA ANDREW CHILTON MARY COHNNA CHIN BEVERLY CHIN BEVERLY ANN CHIPLEY MARY CHlSHOLM C CHOOS SCOTT CHOOS SHERWIN CHRISMAN BETTY CHRIST MARIAN CHRISTMAS JANICE CHUPP NANCY JEAN CIBULA KAREN 250 C1M0N MONIOUE CISNEY WAYNE CITUK JEFF CLAMPITT JOYCE ANNE CLARK JEANNIE CLARK JOHN A CLARK JUDY 245 CLARK LINDA CLARK PAT CLARK RONALD STEVEN CLARK SHEILA CLARK STEVE CLARK WAYNE CLAUSSCN MELODY CLAXTON JOANNE 254,368 CLAY JAN CLAY JAN ANNETTE CLEDINEN BILL CLEMENS ARTHUR JAMES CLEMENTS JANNA CLIATT SUSAN CANNON CLIFTON LEE CLINE BONNIE SUE CLOUD CHARL ES EDWARD CLOWN WILLIAM KEMPE CCBB ERNEST COBB ERNEST LEE JR COBB JO COBB PAM CCBB SANCY COBB SHARON COBB SHARON LOUISE COBB WILL IAM MARSHALL CCCHRAN JAMES 369 COCHRANE JJDY COFFEE ANITA 204,282 COGGINS PAMELA COLE JAMES COLE MARY COLE MARY LOUISE COLE MICHAEL COLE SHARLENE 250,369 COLEMAN CATHY COLEMAN RICHARO COLLIER DARYL COLLINS ALICE CLEMENTS COLLINS GLORIA COLLINS JOAN COLLINS JOHN CCLLINS KAREN LEE COLLINS MARTHA CCLLINS ROBERT WILLIAM COLLINS ROBERT WRIGHT CCLNOT CLIFF 164 COLON EVELYN 369 CCLTCN MIKE COMPTON KEI TH COMPTON MARY COMPTON MARY M CCNACE JIM CONAN CONE CHUCK 151 CONE LINDA 199 226 CCNEY JEROME J 369 281 CONLEY KAREN 252 CONNER BRUCt 265 131 CCNNOR ALBERT 264 CCNNOR CAROL 198 368 CONNOR KENNETH 279 249 CCNNOR TANYA 101 148 178,206 182 CONRAD GAIL 200 294 CONRAO JANICE 282 194 369 CONSTABLE WESLEY G 369 294 CONWAY PATRICIA 246 CCOK DAVE 148 275 CCOK EVELYN 369 274 COOK MARY 226 169 COOK HIM 14B 238 149 CCCL DIANNE 224 368 COON EDWARD 284 224 COONEY GENIE 182 50 COOPER CAROLINE 244 169 CCOPER CAROLYN 115 242 309 182 COOPER GARY DOUGLAS 369 284 COOPER HERB 262 368 CCOPER W1LMA 1LENE 369 279 COPASSAKI ANDREW 229 246 CUPP CAROLYN 226 368 COPPS RICHARD 264 368 CCPPS RICK 148 274 CORBETT ANNE 232 49 CORBETT CHARLES 269 266 CCRDELL DEE ANN 238 361 CORNELL RICHARD G 169 170 CORNWELL TERRY 292 CORYN MARY 258 368 CORYN MARY CECELIA 369 368 CCSTANZA FRANK 276 276 COSTANZA FRANK VINCEN. 369 258 COSTELLO RAY 196 117 COSTNER JAN 230 CUTE BILL 91 169 GOTTEN CAROL 205 368 COTTON NANCY 201 368 C0TTR1LL CHRIS 2 76 362 COOCH JEAN 254 COOGHLIN KATHY 2U6 368 COULTER BEN 262 226 CCORNOYER SHARON 240 368 COURTER BOB 131 250 COURTER ROBERT 275 172 CUVERMAN ESTA 232 381 369 163 COVERT JAMES 276 116 CUVERT JAMES ROBERT 369 116 CUV1NGT0N NANCY 205 272 148 COVINGTON NANCY WADE 369 281 CUWART MIKE 264 368 COWEN SANCRA ALYCE 369 105 CCWENS CAVE 135 181 137,141 178 COX BILLY 116 174 COX KATIE 250 228 CCX L1NCA 238 229 270 272 COX THOMAS 286 178 COX TOM 287 1B1 CCX WILL I AM 172 279 368 COX WILLIAM LOUIS 369 81 CRAFT BOB 148 CRAFT ROBERT LEE 369 169 CRAIG DONALD JAMES 369 269 CRAIG MARY A 168 284 CRALL CYNTHIA ANN 369 368 CRAVEN BARBARA 252 230 CRAVEN MICHAEL JERRY 369 368 CRAVEN SANDY 252 244 CRAWFORC JACKIE R 169 CRAWFORD JOHN 369 288 CRAWFORO LJCINOA 232 200 CRAWFORC LUCINDA LOUISE 369 368 CRAY WILLIAM 276 98 CRAY WILLIAM RICHARD JR 369 174 CREAMER GLORIA ALANE 369 281 CREASON KATHERINE 246 182 CREEL KAREN 238 173 CREW DANNY 174 CREW JEFF 266 200 CREWS JAMES 279 368 CREWS SCOTT 275 141 CR1M RON 281 368 CR1PE BRUCE 276 254 CKCFTON MURIEL ELIZABETH 369 368 CROMER SUSAN 252 115 CROMWELL PETE 172 234 CROOKE DIANE 178 368 CROOMS STAN 279 368 CRCSSBERG R ITA 205 186 CROTEAU EDMOND 286 368 CROVO EDMUND 236 250 CROW E SHARON 369 200 CROW SHARCN 224 103 CROWE JOHN 116 272 264 368 CROWELL MARGARET 238 368 369 284 CROWELL PETE 170 361 256 CROWELL PETER 290 181 CROWELL PETER FISHER 369 CKOZIER CHARLES 261 258 CRUDEN ROSS 223 286 CRUME ROSE 256 272 CRUZ NANCY SANTA 309 369 CRYZ NANCY SANTA 181 176 CULPEPPER NANCY LEE 369 205 COLPEPPER PATRICIA ANNE 370 CUMMINGS ROBERT 229 178 CUNAGIN WlLEY 157 269 CUNNINGHAM CHARLES 242 176 243 369 CUNNINGHAM CHARLES J 370 282 CUNY RICHARD 261 197 CURASI JAMES 290 262 CURCHIN JEFF 117 369 CURL CLAIRE 224 182 CURRAN SUSAN 169 369 CURRAN SUSAN C 166 369 CURRAN SUSAN CATHERINE 370 77 CURRIE WAYNE 187 CURRIN MARY FRANCES 169 178 CGRRIN PAM 178 270 103 CURRY DENNIS 262 265 CORRY DENNIS PATRICK 370 272 CURRY JOHN 279 369 CURRY JOHN SHAW 370 162 CURRY MARVIN 106 274 169 148 CURRY SID 279 CUTLER CAROL 282 224 CZARNIECKI JOSEPH LEONARD 370 D DdANGELO DONNA 238 DalARPA 274 LA SUVA MOZART 86 UACIS BETH MARGARET 370 OACUS EUGENIA 173 244 CACUS EUGENIA JANE 370 DACUS JANE 360 DALY JOHN 290 CALY PAUL 370 DANDOIS CHARLES 262 DANOOIS CHARLES STEPHEN III 370 UANFORD DICK 135 138,141 UANFORD E01 TH 197 UANFURD REBECCA 244 DANIEL FRANCES 169 DANIELS RAINER 200 207 DANIELSON DAVE 160 CAN1ELS0N JUDI 205 CAN1ELSCN PAUL 160 DANING JANICE 20 1 UANNEMAN NANCY 370 CANNERMAN NANCY 232 CARBY LINCA 182 DARCY TOM 279 OAROIS MARYBETH 162 DARLINGTON KENNETH 249 LARLOW RICHARD 281 DART BOB 279 UAUGHTERTY SHAR1E 272 CAV1DS0N JANE 199 DAVIS BILL 197 UAVIS DIANE 258 DAVIS 0W1GHT 262 DAVIS DW1GHT FRANCIS 370 CAVIS EL IZADETH J 370 UAVIS ERMA JEAN 169 370 CAVIS GEORGE PATTON 370 DAVIS GINNY 2B2 UAVIS HELEN 240 UAVIS JO LINDA 230 CAVIS JULIE 181 194 UAVIS MARGARET GALE 370 DAVIS MARSHALL 266 LAVIS TERRY 281 DAVIS WILLIAM 262 275 UAVIS WILLIAM A 370 LAVIS WILLIAM C 370 DAWK1NS MGNETTE 258 UAWKINS WILLIAM 264 UAYWALT TED 102 DE LA ROA JAN 254 CE ZEEUW PAUL 276 DEAL JULIA 270 DEAL RONALD BOS 370 DEAN CAROLYN 182 UEAN JOHN 27-9 DEAN WILLIAM 279 DEAREN BOB 261 CEAREN ROBERT E 370 DEARISO NORA ANNE 370 DECK LYNNE 238 OEFINA L1N0A 190 206,282 DEGUIRE SANURA 232 OEHOFF JULIA 226 OEHOFF MARY 226 LEIGAARC TINA 252 0E1TZ BEV 204 DEITZ KIM 204 272 CEKLE LINCA 370 DELACY PAT 199 DELETTRE CHRISTINE 254 DEMMI JOHN ANTHONY 370 OENNEY MARSHA 2 30 DENNEY MARSHA ELIZABETH 370 DENNIS BARBARA 271 DENNIS MIKE 275 DEPATHY BOB 137 141 CEROSIER JANET 181 CETW1LER PATH 181 DEUTSCH DAVE 115 OEOTSCH DAVID 261 370 CEVANE CCNALD 281 DtVANE DONALD L 370 DEVANE HAR Y 290 CEVETTE JOANITA 169 LEW BILLY 117 DEWEY GEORGE CUANE JR 370 DEXTER KAREN 246 CEXTER PEGGY 244 CEY LORRAINE 252 DEY LORRAINE REBECCA 370 DEZEEUW JOHN 160 CIAZ ARNOLD 229 C1BBLE JOHN 249 DICE BETH 272 UICESARE CARL 162 CICUS M SLE 169 CIETRICH CHRISTINA 273 OIETRICH CHRISTINA F 370 OILLARD PERCY LADON 370 CILL INGHAM W P 169 CILMORE DARKELL 292 U1NGFELDER MARYANN 271 OIXBURY VIVIAN 52 DOBBIN BEVERLY 2 82 DOBBINS LEGRANDE 236 DOBBINS LEGRANDE GUERRY JR 370 OOBBS RICHARD WARREN 370 DOBSON VELMA 181 CODSON BARBARA JO 370 UOHERTY SOSAN 288 DOLAN ROBERT JOHN 370 CCNAHEY RONALD 269 DDNALO LiNDA 282 DONALDSON GAIL 227 OONN DOUG 263 DCNN ROBERT 262 DONOHOE VIRGINIA LEE 371 OORMAN BONI TA P 371 UORR DONALD 290 DCRR DONALD SCHAFER 371 DCSAL DENISE 102 DOTY FRANCES 271 UOUGHERTY PATRICIA 256 CCUGHERTY PATRICIA WALLACE 371 DOUGLAS JEANIE 204 345,347 DOUGLAS NANCY E 371 CCUGLASS MIKE 286 COwD DENNIS CARTER 371 DOWELL SHARON -371 0CWL1NG AARON MARION 371 CCwNES CAROL 294 DOWNES CAROL JANE DOWNES JOHN CCwSETT RICK CCYLE KEN 141 DRAGE TOM CRAGSTEDT MARSHA IRAWOY THOMAS DREW JOHN W DREW SANDRA E CRICK LINCA SUSAN DROWDY THGMAS DROZ DARRAGH DUCKWORTH DIANA CUFFIELC JOHN C DUGGAN BONI TA DUKE DALE 250,309 CUKES MADISON DUKET JOSEPH 285 CUL IN DEBBA CULIN DEBORAH DUMA1S MARC UUMAN DAVID CUMMETT DANIEL A CUNAGAN LARRY OUNAGAN W1LDA DUNAGAN W1LDA LUELLA CUNBAR DAVID CUNBAR DAVID M DUNBAR PETER DUNCAN BILL CUNCAN WAYNE 176,269 UUNCAN WAYNE H DUND1ES MARTIN L ' UNN BARRY DUNN JANICE DUNN SHERYL UUNPHY EILEEN LUNPHY EILEEN B CUPPER THOMAS UUPREE JOE DURHAM HUGH 141 DURHAM JESSE UURHAM ROBERT DURKEE STEPHEN CURNETT CURRANCE DALE OURRANCE NANETTE UURRENCE JAMES 269 CURRENCE JAMES MICHAEL UURRETT PAUL DUTY WILLIAM DUVAL BOB DWIGHT V1CK1 DYER DARLENE 206 CYKEMA CECILY 230 DYKES KENNETH DYKES KENNETH EMON EAGERTCN TERRY EASOM MIKE 149 EASON CHUCK EASTIS JOSEPH F EATON BARBARA EBNER ALICIA EBNER CHRIS EBY RAYMA ECHOLS DEMAR1S RAMSEY ECKAROT JOHN ECKHARDT JOHN LLOYO ED01NGS DON EDELEN BARBARA EDEN MARK 371 ECGAR LYNNE EDGE ZACHARY EDMONDS JUDY ECMONOS PHIL EuMUNUS FRANK EDWARDS BARBARA ECwARCS DOROTHY ELWARCS JIMMY EDWARDS JOA N LEE EDWARDS JOHN WILLIAM JR ECWARCS L INDA ECwARCS MARCIA ELWAROS MARGARET EDWARDS MARY ECWARCS MA Y TAYLOR ElhARCS MILDRED EDWARDS PEGGY 252 ECWARCS WAYNE 172 EICKHOFF RONALD EILBACHER KATHY E ISENBACH HEIOI ELEHANTE BOB ELLIOTT CHUCK ELLIOTT KATHLEEN YVONNE ELLIS JAMES ELLIS MUFTI ELLIS ROBERT CLIFFORD ELLIS WILLIAM w ELMORE CAROL ELMORE WILLIAM ELMS ROBERT ELMS ROBERT ECWARD ELY JOYCE ECY LINDA ENF1NGER ARTIE ENFINGER ARTIE L ENG AVA ENGEL BOB 372 ENGLAND EMILY ENGLISH JAMES ENGLISH MIKE EPSTEIN RICHARD 229 ERB STEPHEN 372 ERBIN EVE ERCK SUZANNAH ERCMAN ANNE MARIE ERICHSON RONALD ERICKSON INGRID 205,273,309 ERICKSON PAULETTE ERIKSON JANE ERLINGER JOHN 372 ERVEN VALER IE ESCHRICH BEATRIX EUBANKS DON EU8ANKS PHOEBE KAREN 171 261 279 138 264 250 279 371 371 371 371 238 254 166 288 222 281 284 309 22 7- 290 269 371 275 230 371 2 I ' l 371 2 6. ' 262 98 371 160 279 102 250 254 3 71 174 281 134 292 290 262 2 74 . ' 6 4 246 266 371 109 371 162 271 1115 194 186 371 116 148 1 16 371 256 252 204 191 371 186 371 371 236 262 230 262 271 158 1 1 I 244 2 94 242 371 371 2 88 371 . ' 56 282 371 171 194 170 284 282 177 276 116 371 171 227 371 371 230 281 281 372 230 205 290 372 2 82 292 244 279 148 228 279 EVANS BLANCHE EVANS CARYL EVANS PATRICIA EVANS THOMAS EVANS TOM EVERETT GENEVIEVE EwING CARRY EZZARD STAFFORD FAGAN PAMELA FAIKS MARJORIE FAIR TOM HENRY FACCONNIER ELIZABETH FALLIGANT FRANK 372 FALL IN DORIS FALUN DORIS ALANA FALLIN JUNE FANTINO JOYCE FARISH CEBE 372 FARLEY TEDDY FARLEY WALTER FARR MARCIA 250 FARR MARCIA EVE FARRELL R ICHARD f ARRFLL R ICHARD L FARRINGTON JOANITA HAULS DON 1 13 FAUST JOHN FAVARATO RICHARD FAVARATO VINCENT 372 FECTEAU SUZANNE FEENKER KATHY FEJES ROBERT RAY FELTON GARRETT RANDALL FELTON RANDALL FENNER LANE 121 FENWICK JACK 262 FERGUSON JOHN FERGUSON PATRICIA E FERGUSON SHERRY KAYE FERREIRA VINCENT 293.372 FERRIS MARY FESMIRE MARION FETT 1G MICHAEL FEUER BRUCE FEUERBACH GAIL FIELDING JANICE FIELDS BARBARA A FIELOS BILL FIELDS DOUGLAS FIELOS MICHAEL FIELCS WILL IAM F JR FIELDSA WAYNE F ILLMAN RUBY ANN F1LLMEN CYNTHIA JANE FINCH CEE OEE FINCH PATRICIA FINCKE LINDA FINK RICHARD FINK RICHARD HARRIS FIRTH BARRY FISCHER DENNI S FISCHER CENNIS LEE FISCHER ELLEN FISCHER KATHLEEN FISCHER SUZANNE 372 FISHER EUGENE FISHER PETE FISHER WALTER FITCH CIANE FLAHERTY THOMAS FLANNERY JACK FLATAU JACK IE FCATT SAVAGt R FLATT SAVAGE ROY FLEITAS JOSEPHINE SOPHIA FLEMING SUSAN FLETCHER GLENCA G FLETCHER LYMAN 99 FLETCHER MARIAN FLETCHER ROBERT 372 flickner marilyn fl1nk mary l flowers freo floyd carol FLOYO EOwAiO FLOYD SANDRA FLOYD SYLVIA FLUHR ROBERT FLUHR ROBE T F FLUHRER ROBERTA FLYNT JOHN FOGARTY MOLLY 258 FOLEY BOB FOLEY LINCA 294 FULKER KATHRYN FOLLENSBEE JENNIE FOLSOM SUSAN FUNTS LINDA 349 FONTS L INCA LCU1SE FORCE CHEVAL FORD OAVIO FORD DAVID BARKER FORKEY RUSSELL 373 FURNESS WILLIAM FORSLEV KAREN FCRSTER ROBERT A FORTENBERRY JCAN 373 FCRTENBERY JANE FCRTNER JOHN MILFORD FOSS V1CKI FOSTER CAM1LLE FOSTER DAVY FCSTER DAVY HADDON 18d 258 FCSTER JOHN FOSTER SUSAN 169 236 238 FCSTER WILLIAM 204 249 FOWLER BECKY FOWLER BECKY JO 244 FCWLER JAN 290 FOX FRAN FOX FRANCES 224 372 FOX LARRY FOX ROBERT 279 FOX TOM 372 FOX VERNON B 252 224 2 8 8 261 260 252 76 169 230 294 372 2 Hi 281 ;94 372 7 6 205 232 258 286 177 372 372 168 198 112 157 275 275 3 72 206 372 372 175 117 117 148 372 372 2 92 250 250 279 148 246 184 169 187 279 279 372 286 372 372 102 246 372 290 3 72 266 242 3 72 372 256 246 286 262 292 22 7 249 249 227 168 16 ' J 372 182 3 72 94 244 261 282 3 72 183 227 264 178 169 286 372 182 276 183 2 62 204 372 224 206 256 3 73 92 286 373 2 4 9 249 224 373 250 202 373 252 199 279 373 266 181 248 252 37 3 230 204 238 286 286 158 54 407 fOTE NANCY 1 M FGYE NANCY R 373 FRANCHI CAROL 373 FRANCIS MARGARET SUSAN 373 FRANK MICHAEL 286 FRANK MICHAEL JOHN 373 FRANKLIN JACK E 373 FRANKS CINDY 256 FRANKS FONTAINE 230 FKANT2 SARA 373 ERASER SUSAN 169 FRAY R D 206 FRAZ1ER ELSA 22 7 FRA2IER ELSA EVELYN 373 FRA2IER MARY LYNN 205 FRAZIER NANCY 230 FREDERICK RONALD 242 FREE MARD1 J l ' ' . FREE MARTHA 294 FREEC LLOYO 269 FREEMAN JEAN 204 FREEMAN JOHN 261 FREER 00U6 275 FREGA PEDRO 148 FRENCH JOHN 275 FRIDAY JANE 240 FRIEDKIN BARBARA JOYCE 373 FR1ENC SYCNEY 246 373 FROEOE SUSAN 288 FUIN1 DONA 294 FUINI DONNA 309 FULFORC CIANNE 256 FULFORD DIANNE CAROLYN 373 FULLER 274 FULLER JEAN 271 FULLER JOSEPH 275 FULTON DEBORAH 240 FUUUA ELLEN 238 FURNAS WILLIAM M 3 73 FURTAOO CAROL 178 FUSS JOHN 158 FuSSELL BRUCE 157 FUTCH MARTHA J 168 GAESSER ROBERT 223 GAESSER ROBERT R 373 GAIN ROSANNE 224 373 GAINEY LINOA JOYCE 373 GAINEY MARTHA JOAN 373 GALLETTA FRED 261 GALLOWAY CHARLES 158 275 GALLOWAY LLOYD T 168 GARCES LEE H 373 GARDELLA JOHN RAYMOND 373 GARONER DAVID 286 GARDNER DON 269 GARDNER GREGORY 242 GARCNER JAMES 279 GARDNER JERRY 373 GARDNER MARY 234 GARONER NANCY 202 GARCNER RONALD 284 GARIS VERLANE 182 GARNER ANDREA 204 240 GARRAWAY J ELIZABETH 108 GARRETT LEN 148 GARRETT SUSAN 244 GARS10E JOHN 290 GARVEY JEANNE 1 (8 181,282 GARVEY MARY LOU 282 373 GARVEY MARYLOU 178 GARVEY NANCY 246 GARVIN WILLIAM 284 GARVIN WILL 1AM C 373 GATLIN SALLY 244 GAUCH LINDA L 373 GAUDET KENNETH 264 GAUTT DAVID 290 GAY DENNIS 168 GEHRI JOHN 286 GEISLER SUE 204 GEISLER SUSAN 194 258 GEORGE BRIAN 264 GEORGE LAWRENCE 290 GERAGHTY KATHLEEN ANN 373 GERAGHTY KATHY 200 GEROES MARGARET 294 GERCING PAUL 275 CERGEN GAIL 254 GERGEN PAULETTE 1 M 305,358 GERGEN PAULETTE H 373 CERGEN PAVLETTE 254 GERHEIM OAV ID 281 GERHEIM DAVID H 373 GETTY LINDA 2 82 G1ANARIS GEORGE 249 G1ANARIS GEORGE JOHN 373 GIAR0ENELL1 ALFRED 242 243 GIBBONS CISSY 256 GIBBONS CISSY JANE 373 GIB8S JOE 112 GI8S0N ALAN 242 GIBSON ED 117 GIBSON LINOA 230 GIEGER SUSAN 288 GIENAU DENISE 2 04 238 GIERACH CINDY 294 GIES JAN 135 141 GILBERT JOHN 284 GILBERT M C 201 GILLAN PAM 224 GILLESPIE JEAN 238 GILLINGHAM WAOE FOSTER 373 G1LLIS FRANKLIN 174 G1LM0RE JERRY 174 GILM0R6 PATRICIA 374 GILREATH JAMES 262 GILSTRAP LARRY 264 GILSTRAP LARRY ANTHONY 374 GILSTRAP TONY 89 GINSBURG TEO LEONARD 374 GIONET JEAN 238 GIORDANO Of VI D 275 374 GIORDANO GAIL 202 GIORDANO JEFFREY 185 GIRARD ELIZABETH 294 GIRARD LIZ 309 GIRTHAN WILLIAM 292 CHUNGS ROBERT 277 GI TTI NGS ROBERT LOUIS 374 GLADWIN WILLIAM 277 GLADWIN WILLIAM JOSEPH JR 374 GLASS CHIP GLEASCN ROBERT A GLEOHILL RENEE GLENN HORTENESE M GLENN HORTENSE M GLENN PAUL M GLENN PAUL M JR GLOTZBACh CARLO 374 GOAR CAROLYN R GCATER BETTY GODFREY DIANE GODFREY MARY ANN GOOWIN DONNA LYNN CCCWIN ELEANOR GODWIN WILL 1AM GODWIN WILL IS WAYNE GOEBEL JOHN GCELZER KAY H GOETHE MACK G0ETSCH1US 0AV1D GCFF .CHERYL GOLO OICK 150 GOLD KATHY GCLCBERG ALAN GOLOEN LEON COLDER DONALO GOLOING ROSS GCLOMAN MARK GOLDSTEIN HAROLD GOLDSwORTHY CAROL 374 COLTZ BARBARA GOLTZ BARBARA JEAN GOLZALES CONNIE GOMEZ PATRICIA GONZALES LARRY GOODING JEAN 374 GOODMAN KENNETH GCOLSBY EOWARC 269 uORELICK JEFFREY GORELICK JEFFREY M GORGAN PAULETTE GORUM SHARON DIANE GUSSEKIN A3MAND GCUCHER ROBERT GOUCHER ROBERT LEE GOURLEY KATHRYN GOURLEY KATHY GCWING MARJ0R1E 273 GOZA ANNE GRAGG KARL GRAGG KARL LAWRENCE GRAHAM ANN GRAHAM JANET 282 GRAHAM NITA 257 GRAHAM NITA ANN GRAHAM TOM 277 GRAHAM WILLIAM NESBITT GRANT GRANT ANN GRAVES CIANA GRAVES DIANA MAE GRAVIS LINDA GRAY CHIP GRAY JEANETTE GRAY MIKE GRAYBEAL GREG GRAYSCN GINGER GRAYSON GINGER LEE GRAZYBOWSKI KENNETH GREE LANE GREEN CRISPIN 256 GREEN GEORGIA GREEN HARRY 265 GREEN HUBERT GREEN HUBERT M GREEN JAMES GREEN JAMES DAVID GREEN JUDY GREEN KAY GREEN LARRY 120,1 72 GREEN LARRY ROY GREEN MARY GREEN ROBYN GREEN WARC GREENE JANICE LYNN GREENE LARRY GREENMAN HAROLO GREENMAN PHILLIP GREGORY CHARLES MERRITT GREGORY DIANNE GREGORY GERRI 374 GREGORY JULIE GREGORY MARCIA GREGORY MARY 288 GREGORY WILLIAM GRESHAM JAY 374 GR10LEY PAT GRIDLEY PATRICK GRIERSON KATHLEEN GRIFFIN ' GEORGE 158 GRIFFIN SUE GRIFFIN SUE ELLEN GRIFFITH SUZANNE 374 GRIFFITH WINNIE GR1GG BARBARA 374 GRIGGIN GEORGE GR1GGITH EUGENIA GRIMM BETSY GARLAND GRIMM SUSAN E GR1MSLEY CHARLES GRODZICKI RICHARD GRCGAN ROBI N GROMEK CARL 262 GROOM BETSY ANNE GRCOT GE0R3E GRCSH JUDITH GROSS LYNOA GROSS RENE GROSS RENE HARRIET GRCSS WILLIAM 375 GROSSBERG R I TA GKCSSENBACHER CAROLYN GROVE MARTHA GROVES GARY 269 GRUBER BAY 117 374 227 51 169 168 169 292 3 74 197 185 374 374 258 279 374 279 168 90 168 227 148 246 229 77 169 277 266 53 246 If I 374 246 295 354 230 2 64 268 186 374 171 374 157 292 374 282 101 222 240 249 374 182 101 256 374 276 374 274 256 205 374 184 290 283 117 269 234 374 242 148 181 271 264 16, ' 3 74 281 374 374 205 116 374 271 232 89 374 264 292 292 374 198 288 227 232 277 281 278 279 288 131 234 374 254 200 254 163 258 374 168 242 284 169 148 375 169 169 258 179 375 186 250 375 258 268 279 GROSSING DALE E GRUTERS MARY ANNE GUENSLER GORDON GLENTHER VIRGINIA GUILD BARBARA 375 GUINN BRENOA LEIGH GUMBMAN NEAL EDWARD GUNN GILMAN GUNN GILMAN C 172 GUNN GILMAN C III GUNN MARY JEANNE GUNN SKIP GUNTER BILL GUNTHER RON GUNTHER RONALC GUPPY MICHAEL GURR DOUG GURZYNSKI JIM 151 GUSTAFSON GRETCHEN GUTHERIE GRANT GUTHRIE GRANT GUY JiRRY H HA LARRY HACKLER NAOINE HACKLEY ROB HACKLEY R08LEY HADLEY LORRY 256 HADLOW GOROON HADLOW GORDON EDWARD HAFNER OOUG HAGAN MARY FLORENCE 248,358,375 HAGE JEFFREY MAXWELL HAGE LORNA HAGINS STEPHEN M HA1NLINE GARY HA1NL1NE GARY A HALEY JAMES HALEY NICK HALEY NIKKI HALEY PATRICIA MARION HALL OONNA 234 HALL JERRY HALL KATHY HALL LYNN ANN HALL MARIAN HALL MARION HALL MARY HALL WINSLOW HALLEY GENE 275,375 HALLING HALLING CHUCK hALLSTRANC TRISH HAMES CEDAR HAM1LL FREDERICK HAMILL FREDERICK D HAMILTON BONNIE HAMILTON DALE E HAMLIN MARTHA HAMMERSTRCM NANCY HAMMERSTRCM NANCY ANN HAMMOND HOLLEY 225 HAMMOND KIM 118,355 HAMMONO L INDA HAMPTON MARGARET 227,321 HANCOCK GLORIA RUTH HAND CHERRIE HAND CHERRY HAND JUDY 206 HANES TED 174 HANES TEO J HANGER STEPHEN HANGER STEPHEN DANE HANK1N MICHAEL HANKINS CATHY HANKINS JUDY HANKINS KATHLEEN HANLEY JOHN 281 HANLON PAT HANLON PATR IC1A HANLON ROGER HANN JUDITH HANNER CHUCK HANNON WILL IAM J J R HANSHAW FRANK HAR8AUGH DAVID HARBERT KATHY HARBIN RICHARD HARBIN RICHARD EDWARD JR HARDEN LINOA HAROEN SUSAN HARDING NANCY 238 HARGROVE MARGUERITE ELIZABETH HARKEY LINDA ANNE HARMON JAMES HARMON JAN 375 HARMON JANE HARMON PATRICIA LOUISE HARPER JESSE HARPER JOHN DAVID HARPER LINOA 198 HARPER RUTH HARPER SUSAN HARPER TYSON 375 HARPOLD DEEORA HARR JOHN HARRELL BETTY HARRELL BETTY LOUISE HARRELL DOUGLAS C HARRELL HUGH HARRELL MARTHA HARRELL RHETT HARRINGTON RICHARD 375 HARRIS BRENDA HARRIS JANE HARRIS JUCITH HARRIS JUDY HARRIS KAY FRANCES HARRI S NANCY HARRIS NORMA HARRIS STEPHEN HARRIS WILLIAM HARRISON BOB HARRISON ELVA HARRISON EVA ELIZABETH HARRISON JOEL 168 HARRISON JOHN 84 264 158 HARRISON JOHN L 258 HARRISON LANA 283 HARRISON MICKEY 275 375 HARRISON PHILIP 375 HARRISON SARAH 290 HARRY SUSAN 170 HARSHMAN C1ANE HART BARBARA 375 HART KEN 375 HART KENNETH 359 172,264,375 116 HART RICHARD B 89 HARTER GLENNIS L0RA1NE 290 HARTLAUB LEO A 286 HARTLEY CHERYL 116 HARTLEY KAYE 148 244 HARTLEY SHERRI 250 225 120 HARTSF1ELD CONNIE 116 376 2 8 S HARTWELL DEBI HARTWELL DEBRA HARVEY NANCY HARVEY NANCY LAVINIA 186 HARVEY SUSAN 169 376 285 HARWOOO ANN 284 HARWOOO ANN K 205 HASSELO DEBBIE HASSELO DEBORAH 223 HASSELTINE ANN 375 HASTINGS CINDY 112 HASTY HARRY CLYOE 225 HATCHER MA ILEE 173,295,362,376 375 HATFIELD CYNTHIA A 276 HATFIELD FRED 375 HATTAN CHRI STI 186 HATTON RONALD CARLTON 375 HAUENSTEIN WENDY 262 HAUSEMAN JEANETTE 293 273 253 HAWKINS CLEONE PATRICIA 375 HAWKINS HERBERT 181 HAWKINS HUGH HAWKINS PATRICIA 183 HAWKINS STANLEY 101 HAWKINS SUE 234 HAYES GALE 225 HAYES GALE A 309 HAYES TIMOTHY P 250 HAYLETT RICHARD 174 290 274 HAYMAN KAY HAYMAN LORRAINE 274 HAYNES PHYLLIS 275 HAYS GALE 258 254 187 HAYS JULIA 236 HAYS ROBERT 375 HAYWARD CHERYL L 295 HEALY ANNE E 168 HEALY MARY 177 178 200 HEARN JOHN 375 287,376 224 HEBERT JEANNETTE HECHT PAMELA 116 HECKENBERG BRUCE 376 256 HEDDEN DIANE LEE 168 HEEP DAVID HEEP DAVID A 375 HEETH MARSHA 115 HEGINBOTHAM RONALD 181 HEINLEN ROOD 199 262 HEINZ NORBERT 172 376 HELINGER JIM 375 HELLER LEA 186 234,235 375 HELM JIM 249 hELMLEY CAROLE 202 HELMLY EMILY 253 HELMLY MARTHA JUNE 253 HELMS DENNIS 280 88 HELMS OONALO 89 HEMINGWAY GEORGE 244 HEMPHILL BARBARA 14B HENOEE JAMES 283 HENDERSON CHARLES 262 HENDERSON ELIZABETH 169 HENDERSON HILDA 281 184,198,283,376 281 HENDERSON PAT 246 HENDERSON PATRICIA 284 HENDLEY LOREN V 375 HENDRICKS NANCY 271 HENORICKSON MARY LYNN 375 HENORIX HILOA FAY 181 HENDRY JOHN HENLEY OAVE 375 HENNIS TED 375 HENRY DAN 281 HENRY P0L1C 246 HEPNER SUE HERMAN SANDRA 256 HERMAN SANDRA ELIZABETH 375 HERNDON PAMELA 281 HEROLD MARGIE 375 HERR JUDITH 184 HERR JUDITH LAUREN HERRERA GEORGE 206 HERRING KENNETH 273 HERRING MARY 246 HERVIG DON HERVIG NAN 232 HESTER JOHN 236 HEUN MARTHA 179 HEWITT CLARENCE LEE 375 HEYOER 375 HEYOER KENNY 249 HIATT PHIL 271 HBBARC LELANC JOHN JR 290 HIBBS STANLEY 275 HICKERSON CONSTANCE HICKEY VEL1N0A 179 HICKEY VELINDA OWEN 283 HICKMAN RONNI 288 HICKS LISA 204 HIGGINS GREGORY L JR 375 HGGINS KATHERINE 258 HIGGINS TOLLIVER 289 HIGHSMITH JENNIFER 249 HIGHSMITH VIVIAN JENNIFER 269 HIGHTOWER NASF 112 243 234 HILL EARL RANDALL 375 HILL ELIZABETH 174 HILL JEFF 150 169 HILL PAUL 278 279 168 HILL PAUL FRANCIS 376 230 HILL RANDY 264 274 HILL THOMAS 174 HILLEBOE JOANNE 254 158 HILLMAN JANE 241 254 HILLMAN JANE A 376 295 H1LLMANN ODROTHY 238 185 HILSMIER CONALD 249 230 HILSMIER CONALD CARL 376 117 HINES CHUCK 148 170 262 HINES MARC 187 376 277 376 HINES MICHAEL 281 376 HINES PEGGY 225 247 HINMAN MAJORIE 225 181 HINMAN MARJ0R1E 377 HINNANT 8ARRY 185 224 HINSON SHARON 271 HINSON TOM 148 295 HIPP MARJORIE 227 377 181 HIRSCH JANET ROH 377 256 HITCHCOCK LANCE 148 240 HITE CARL 249 376 HITT GARY 281 238 HOAOLEY ELLEN 182 HOAG MARTHA 283 273 HOBBS KAY DEE 377 376 HOCKENBERY EDWIN 287 181 HODGE KAREN 204 240 205,250 178 HODGE KATHRYN 227 250 HODGE KATIE 181 376 HOCGE PATRICIA 377 171 HODGES CAROL 204 244 168 HODGES FREEMAN 236 148 HOOGES HAL 116 232 HODGES JOANN 234 376 HODGES JOYCE 271 182 HODGES MARY JANE 377 182 HODGES MARY LUC1NDA 377 HODGES SUSAN 225 376 377 281 HODGKINS LELAND 176 290 HODSON DOUGLAS 290 241 HODSON SUSAN 254 262 HODZ MARSHALL 229 106 HOERNSCHEMEYER JOYCE FERN 377 359 HOFFMAN DEAN KATHERINE 182 376 HOFFMAN KATHERINE 168 376 HOFFMANN SUE 377 286 HOGAN DENNIS 248 249 244 HOGAN JEFF 135 244 138,141,151 184 HOGAN PAT 109 173 HOGAN WAYNE 281 HOHMANN PEGGY 179 204 HOHMANN PEGGY JR 377 277 HOLOENER LINDA 169 376 377 168 HOLOENER LINOA L 168 80 HOLLAND GAIL 241 HOLLAND JAMES 249 286 HOLLAND ROBERT JR 377 HOLLEY AGNES 283 232 HOLLEY HUGH 95 238 190,262 236 HCLLEY VERNELL 183 HOLLEY VERNELL B 377 376 HOLLIMAN TOMMY 80 261 HOLLISTER JANICE 244 376 HOLLISTER JANICE DUFF 377 253 HOLLOHAN ANNELLE 183 170 HOLM BARRY 236 148 HOLM BARRY W N 377 HOLMES JO 283 186 HOLMES LINDA 181 HOLMES PATRICIA ELIZABETH 377 281 HOLT RENE 176 109 186 HOLT RENE JOSEPH 377 148 HOOO OOUGLAS 275 205 HOOD SHARON 101 250 HOOKS SARAH 247 376 377 3 HOOPER L INDA 204 205,244,245 293 HOPE JOE 281 176 HOPKIN MARK 199 288 HORN MIKE 148 176 HORNE BETTY 254 275 HORNE JOAN 244 227 245 171 HORNE MELVIN 236 HORNE RICHARD 169 224 HORNER ROBERT 249 271 HORNSBY DENNIS ROGERS 377 376 HOROWITZ ESTELLE 182 181 HOROWITZ HOWARD 77 244 HORSCHEL KATHRYN ERNESTINE 377 376 HORST MICHAEL NORMAN 377 281 HORTON LAUREL 250 269 HORTON NANCY 230 284 HORWITZ HOWARD 97 176 HOSKENS LAUREL R 377 172 HCTCH SUSAN 230 86 HOTTON DENISE 230 232 HOULIHAN ANN 251 3 76 HOULIHAN ANN L 377 247 HOULIHAN JOSEPH 279 2B3 HOUSE SUZANNE 230 171 HOUSER CINDY 204 376 HOUSER SANDRA B 169 284 HOUSEWRIGHT WILEY 52 290 HOVANEC SUZANNE 204 273 HOWARD ANNA 258 115 HOWARD DENNIS 279 376 HOWELL CHARLES 291 281 HOWELL CHARLES EOWARO 377 376 HOWELL JERRY WAYNE 377 376 HOWELL PATRICIA 171 274 173,258 275 HOWELL PATRICIA BAXTER 377 117 HOWELL SHARON 201 376 HOWELL SHARON LORAINE 377 290 HOWES MARTHA 251 244 HOWIE ANN 227 288 HOWIE CAROL 232 376 HOWIE CAROL P 377 197 HOWLAND SUZY 282 205 HOWSE DEBORAH 244 169 HRDL1CKA JERRY 284 230 HUAY JOSEPH K 377 264 HUBBARD RUOY 158 206 HUBBELL CAROL JEAN 377 376 HUBER BOB 163 242 HUBER JOANNE 232 HUBER ROBIN H 169 376 HUDSON JANE 283 244 HUDSON PAM 244 148 HUOSON TERRY S 77, 78,377,404 3 408 HUFF JAMES HUFFMAN DEBORAH HUGGAN LYNN HUGGINS CHARL IE HUGHES BENJAMIN C HUGHES BILLY HUGHES CAROLYN HUGHES CAROLYN IULLY HUIE BARBARA 280 HUIE L ILL IAN BARBARA HULBERT MARY ANN HULL T0N1 HULL ION I ANN HULIGREN OE ITRA HULIGREN GAIL HULTGRFN GAIL ANNE HUME ROSEMARY HUMPHR I FS BOB 275 HUNU MARCIA HIINGAIE PAMELA HUNGERFORD DEANNA HUNSUCKER CHARLES HUNt HAL HUNT PEGGY HUNT HALTER HUNT HALTER LEE HUNTER PATRICIA HUNTER PAIR ICIA CAROL HURO R1CHARU H HURLEY HARRY HURLEY SHELUON HURST ELLA HURT ANGELA 244 HUSSEY PATRICIA HELEN HUSSEY TRISHA HUTCHINSON ANN 226,227 ,358 HUTCHINSON ANN P HUTCHINSON BARBARA HUXEL MARY SUSANNE HYATT HILLIAM HYDE RON HYDE RONALD HYMA MERRY-BETH 2 79 182 251 117 377 117 283 377 273 377 2 7 283 378 254 254 378 168 2 7 225 283 262 287 148 2 95 262 3ffl 238 (78 [66 249 ! 2 14 89 178 Z»7 I 71 378 101 378 262 285 284 1 ?S 1 AC INO CL IFFORD 291 I AC1N0 R 1CHARD ALLEN )78 IUO CHARL IE f 378 1UYLL JANICE 238 IERNA PAMELA W 168 IGLESIAA SYLVIA 201 IMFELD HILL IAM 1 I-, IMHOLTE NANCY 225 1KDINGARU JOYCE ;«) INUINGARO JUYCE ELENA re INGRAM EMILY 1JB INMAN R ICHARD A 168 IRV1N ROBERT JOHN III ISAACSON MARILYN 225 IVEY ELAINE 194 IVEY ELSIE 258 IVEY JAMES 269 JACKSON BORBY 112 JACKSON ELIZABETH 199 JACKSON JAMES 248 JACKSON JAN L 378 JACKSON JANE 234 JACKSON JAN ICE 181 JACKSON JUDI 232 JACKSON NANCY 241 JACKSON RURERT 262 281 JACKSON RUBFRT NELSON JR 378 JACKSON HILLIAM 158 JAEGER LYLE 293 JALKE KAREN 231 JALKO KAREN 115 JAMES ELIZABETH 273 JAMES JANICE 271 JAMES JOSEPH 264 JAMESON SUE ANN 173 194,247 JAMISON BETH 295 JAMISON SUE ANN 101 JANES BILLIE 247 JANES BILLIE FRANCES 378 JANES OIANNE 183 JANOHSKI HENRY T 376 JAPOUR ANNF 256 JARMAN DELRERT HARRFN 378 JARRARO CATHERINE ANN 378 JARRARO CATHIE 282 283 JARRETT TH1MAS 277 JENKINS ARCHIE 186 JFNK1NS ARCHIE CAMERON 376 JENKINS LARRY 262 JFNKINS LARRY M 378 JENNE DONNA 253 JENNINGS GUY 267 JFNNINGS SJSAN 233 JENSEN JIM 262 JERNIGAN CHARLES 169 262 JERNIGAN CHARLES H 378 JESSUP DOROTHY J 378 JESSUP DOROTHY L 166 JOANUS PAUL 281 JOBSEN RANUY 160 JOCHUM MARY 245 JOCIS JO ANN 105 JOHNS A FRANK 376 JOHNS FRANK 97 278,2 79 JOHNSON BARBARA 283 JOHNSON BUNNIE KAY 182 JOHNSON CECEL 14 378 JOHNSON DALLAS 199 JOHNSON DAVID 169 JOHNSON DAVID H 168 JOHNSON DICK 1 |6 JOHNSON GAILA D 378 JOHNSON IVAN 109 JOHNSON RANDY 236 JOHNSON SANURA 101 255,271 JOHNSON SANDRA K 378 JOHNSON STELLA 185 JOHNSON SUSAN 231 271 JOHNSON THEODORE E JR 376 JUHNSON HAYNE 117 JOHNSON H ILL IAM 196 275,281,281, 376 JOHNSON HILLIAM KEITH 378 JOHNSTON BARBARA L 182 JUHNSTON CHARLES OOUGHTIE JR 378 JOHNSTON OUKE 117 JOHNSTON JOLENE 378 JONDAHL SANDY 225 JONES 274 JONES BARBARA 256 JONES BEVERLY 171 378 JONES CHARLES D 378 JONES CRAIG 174 JONES DAN THOMAS 379 JONES DONALD 293 JONES DONOVAN 116 JONES DOUGLAS 206 JONES FRANKLIN C 379 JONES GARY TRAVIS 379 JONES GAYLE 256 JONES GEORGE 109 JONES HALLY 256 JONES IRA LEE 185 JONES JAKIE 231 JONES JERRY S 117 JONES JOHN 281 JONES JOYE 179 JONES KENNETH 85 269 JONES LADY 238 379 JONES MARY 109 JONES MARY JEAN 169 JONES PAULA 200 231 JONES PIERCE 281 379 JONES RICH 116 JONES RICHARD 269 JCNES SANDRA 238 JORDAN JOE 236 JORDAN JOYCE 271 JOROAN PATR ICIA 273 JORDAN PATTY 194 JOROAN STEPHANIE 379 JORDAN TIM 265 JORDAN TIMOTHY 264 JOHERS KEITH 174 379 JOYNER HARRY 206 JCZE KENNETH 185 K KAGI FRED JR KAISER KATHLEEN ELIZABETH KAISER KATHY KALAR ROGER M KALINE JERRY KALL DONNA JEAN KAHE JAMES KANE MARGARET 173,200 KANE THOMAS LEE KANNETTE JAMIE KAPP BILL KARL MIKE KARRAN KATHRYN ANN KASSINGER MARILYN KAUFMAN GREG KAUFMAN STUART KAVKA CRAIG KAYNOR LIZ 264 KEEGAN KATHLEEN KENDRA KEIGLEY RICHARD KELLAM CAROL KELLAM ROBERT KELLAM ROBERT E KELLER FREU KELLEY KAREN JEAN KELLEY SANDRA FAYE KELLUM CAROL KELLY CLARI E B KELLV JACK 6 KELLY MARGARET KELLY MICHAEL KELLY MIKE 158 KENDLER ERNIE KENDRICK JANE KENDRICK MARILYN 25t KENEHAN MARY JANE KENEMAN RICHARD C KENNEDY PATRICIA KENNON MICHEAL KENT CANDACE D KENYON BARBARA 379 KENYON VIRGINIA KERLIN RONALD KERSH JIM 269 KETTLETY KAREN KEYES STEPHANIE KHAIL VERNON K HA1L VERNON H JR KIDHELL RICHARD KIEFER DONALD KIEM LINDA KILIANY HILLIAM KILIANY HILLIAM JOSEPH KIMBALL ANDREA MAY KIMBREL KATHRYN S KING MARIAN KING PAT KING PATRICIA KING ROBERT K1NNAN JOE KINNEY JAMES 285 KINSLOH JOE KIRBY ROBERTA F KIRK BILL KIRK CLAUDE KIRK TOM KIRKCONNELL ANN KIRKENDALL LINOA KIRKLANO JAMES K1RKLAND JOHN K1RKLAND JOHN HILLIAM KISER RICHARD KITCHEN KEN KITTENDORF CRAIG KLAY DALE 141 KLEIN BOB KLINGBEIL ANN KLUMPH SUSAN KLUNK RICHARD KLUNK RICHARD F JR KNAPP DALE KNAPP ELLEN 173,186,288 KNIGHT ALEX KNIGHT THURMANO H JR KN1LL CAROL A KNITTLE MARY 379 379 106 179 379 1 m 269 101 379 233 269 163 379 101 158 287 275 247 379 169 255 291 379 277 379 379 101 169 168 28(1 2 79 131 2 64 256 101 87 379 283 1 74 379 295 182 293 98 1B1 379 277 379 264 279 179 223 379 379 179 201 204 283 291 116 284 277 166 279 105 279 256 295 279 279 379 284 202 174 136 22 3 227 234 275 379 293 101 223 379 379 227 KNORPP LAHRENCE KNOHLES BARBARA KNOHLES BARBARA JEAN KNOHLES JOANNE KNOX CHERYL ELIZABETH KNOCKLES EOHARD KNOTSON CATHY 360 KNUTSON KATHY 363 KOBRE KEN KUCH CAROLINE 271 KOCN CAROLINE ALICE KODATT CONNIE 250,251 KODATT SUSAN 255 KOENIG KEVIN KOLEDA KAREN KOMAREK BETSEY KOPPEN M. DANIEL KOPPEN R DANIEL KORAN ISAAC BRUCE K0T0HSK1 LINOA 101 ,109,173,238 KOUT DANIEL KOUT DANIEL L KUUT DAVID KUUT DAVID L KOVAC WENDY KKANS BARBARA KRANTZ JOEL KRAUS GARY KREBS NANCY LYNN KRETS1NGER MARCIA KRETSINGER MARSHA KR1ENKE RUTH 380 KR1NG DOLORES KUERSTE1NER KARL KUERSTEINER KRIS KUHARSKE NANCY 271 KUHN JOSEPH KULAR ROGER KULPA KATHR1N RAE KUMMER CHARLIE KUNKEL K0NN1 KUX SANDY 224,225 KYSER LEE 190,226,227 L JORDAN JOYCE LAAKSO JAMES PHILIP LABARBERA KATHY LABASKY RONALD LACOSTE CHARLES H LADD MASON 56 LAFRANCIS JOSEPH LAFTIN SANDRA LAHIFF LAHRENCE N LAHIFF LAHRENCE NELSON LAHURO MICHELE LAIRD LARRY LAKE KATHY LALOR ANNE DIGGES LAMB BECKY LAMB PAT LAMB PATRICIA LAMB REBECCA 273 LAMB REBECCA ANNE LAMBERT PAUL U LAMKIN MARTHA LANCASTER NANCY ANN LANO ELIZABETH 380 LAND HILL IAM LANDAU DOUGLAS LANDIS ALLAN LANE CYNTHIA R LANE LOVEY 244 LANE ROBERT LANE TEO 380 LANG ANNE 253 LANGDON RITA LANGLEY SHARON LANGSTROTH RUSS 261,360,380 LANKIN MARTHA LAN NING JOE LANNING JOSEPH A LAPERCHE BOBBIE LARANGE DIANE ALICE LARBY RUBY LARGEY JILL LARKIN MICHAEL LAROCHE CAROL 283 LAROCHE CAROL F LAROE SALLY LAROE SALLY KATHERINE LARSON BARBARA LARSON BARBARA DIANNE LASKO PAT LASSERRE JUDITH LASSERRE JUDITH JOAN LASTINGER LINOA 255 LATHAM AVIS LATNIK LORETTA LAURSEN JEFFREY GUY LAVENOER JACKIE LAVENDER JACQUELINE LAH BERTHA LAH JOE LAWHOON DIANE LAHRENCE RICHARD V LAHTON ROBERY LAYMAN J STEHART LAYMAN STEHART LAZZARI JOHN LCESER MICHAEL FRANKLIN LEACH PAUL 2 9 LEAMON DONNA 225 LEAPHART OAN LEAS PATTY LEATHERHOOD GARY S LEBERU LLOYD RAYMOND LECOMPTE LINDA LECOMPTE LINDA L 380 LEDBETTER FLOSSIE 173,255,360,380 LEE CHERYL 381 1(9 186 379 169 379 180 238 360 168 205 180 205 98 . ' 6 9 181 182 262 180 380 96 229 ISO 229 380 295 295 229 28 7 180 251 205 1B4 182 278 279 184 267 1 74 180 102 1 79 194 1 71 179 180 271 262 180 53 291 204 168 180 271 279 204 180 190 204 227 I 71 380 180 101 380 244 183 1 76 158 380 204 261 229 231 102 172 104 275 180 247 380 288 296 275 282 380 1 79 380 253 380 106 288 380 181 201 182 380 235 234 231 131 380 380 52 380 249 291 381 222 224 LEE JAMES LEE JENNIFER LEE STEPHEN LEFILS ANNE 179 LEFKOHITY JEFF LEFK0H1TZ JEFFREY 229 LEFKOHITZ JEFFREY MICHAEL LEGG CYNTHIA LEGGETT LARRY LEITCH COLIN LELEKIS JOHN LEMKE SANDRA JANE LE NCZYK RANDOLPH F LENCZYK RANDY LENEHAN JAMES LEN1NGT0N ELEANORE LENINGTON MARTY 225 LENNER EDWARD LEONARD EOHARD LEPPERT PETER LESAGE ROBERT LESSER JOSEPH LESSO JOHN LESTER MARY LESOER SANDRA LESOER SANDRA SOE LETT JEAN LETTON TRUDY 381 LEUNG TONY LEUTHER JO ANN LEVEE LYNNE LEVEILLE ALLYN LEVEILLE ALLYN ROCK LEVEILLE ROCK LEVERETTE VICKI LEVINS JACK LEVY ROBERT 172,291 LEHE DESMA ELAINE LEHIS CAROLE LEHIS JOHN 381 LEHIS JULIAN LAMAR LEHIS RETA LtHlS STEVE LIGHT ROBLEY LIGHTS CHERYL ANN LILES HONOR LINDA LILES LINDA LIMARZI GARY I LIMARZI GARY IRVING LIND JENNIFER LINDELL LAURA LINDELL LAORA A LINDEMAN MARY LINDSAY CAROL LINDSEY ANN LINOSEY ANN F LINDSEY JANICE IRENE LINGLE MICHAEL LINGLE MICHAEL JAMES LINK MICHAEL LINK MIKE LINN RICHARD 381 LINTON SANL1 L IPMAN NEAL LISTER JAOOELINE LIVINGSTON ALAN L IV [NOV (UN JAMS GAIL LIVINGSTON JUDY LLEWELLYN JOHN ANTHONY LOCKMAN KATHLEEN LOCELL L INDA LOESER MICHAEL LOFTIN CURT IS LOFTIN SANDRA LUGAN RANCY 148 LOHSE HENRY LONER FRANK 261 LCNER MARVIN FRANK LONG ANGEL1A LONG CURTIS LONG CAVID C LONG JAMES LONG HAXINE LONG MAXINE B LONG MICHAEL LONG MIKE LONGE SYLVIA LOONEY JOHN PATRICK LORELLO JOSEPH LOSH CARLIN LOSH CARLIN FRANCES LOTT GEORGE LCUQUE MILDRED LOUX G SUZANNE LOUX SUZANNE LOVE MARGARET LOVE MARGARET K LOVE MARY LOVING JAMES WAYNE LOWAOAKA CR KENJI LOWRY LINDA LOHTHER ROBERT LOAN PHAN VAN LUCAS DDNNA SUSAN LUCHT ROY ALAN LUER ANN LUJAN DENISE LUKASZEHSKI MICHAEL LUKOHSKI MARGARET SUZANNE 382 LUMP MARJORIE LUNNEY KATHLEEN LUNSFORD JOSEPH DONALD LUNSFORD KERN L LUTHER STEPHEN LYLES DENNIS LYNCH HEATHER ANNE LYNN ELIZABETH LYONS BONNIE 382 LYTTON JOHN LYTTON JOHN EDHARD JR M MACADAM LYNN 185 MACARTHUR CANCE MACBREEM CLIFFORD MACBROOM CLIFFORD MACCH1 SUSAN MACCHI SUSAN ADAIR MACDONALD PHIL MACDOOGALD SARAH 101,227 MACDUFF JANE MACK TEO 262 MACK TED E 194 MACKENZIE JUDITH ANN 26 1 MACKENZIE KIRK I 01 MACK1EWICZ THOMAS 262 183 MACKL IN ERIC 169 282 MACLENNAM 1 ICHAEL 181 MACMAHON PAUL JOSEPH 238 MACMANUS SUSAN 279 MACMANUS SUSAN A 381 MADDEN MARY 92 MADOOX ROBERT WAYNE 1H 1 MAGEE CHARLES M 1(11 MAHER BILL 277 MAHONEY LAOREEN 264 MAIN JIM 258 MAJOR MICHAEL 21)4 MALARKEY EO MALARKEY EDWARD 229 MALLARD COLE 228 MALLORY SALLY 181 MALONE LUCIE 291 MALOY MARCIA 22 3 MALSBERGER KITTY FOX 2 69 MANCHA VAUGHN 22 7 MANDEL STUART G 1 9 MA.NDERF1ELD JOAN 181 HANEY MARIBETH 2 18 MANLEY SHERRI 258 288 MANLY 18 1 MANN KATHERINE HELENE 231 MANNHEIMER DAVID 381 MANNING BUD 291 HANTY KARLEEN IRIS 181 MARABLE STANLEY 9 8 MARCHAND SANDRA 381 MARCHARO SANDRA 86 MARCHER BOBBY 1 70 HARDEN MARY JANE MAR1CLE GARY BRUCE 381 MARKS JAN 24 7 MARONEY PATRICK 249 MARUOARCT H ILL 1AM H MARR BARBARA 181 MARR OIXIE 225 MARRA ALBERT 168 MARRS CLAIRE 77 MARSH JOSEPH 181 MARSH JUDY 18 1 MARSHALL BRUCE 259 MARSHALL J STANLEY 168 MARSICANO EDHARD 381 282 101 MARTEENY DANIEL R 227 MARTIN ANN 181 MARTIN BARBARA 255 MARTIN CHRI STINA 251 MARTIN CHRISTINA CARTER 211 MARTIN C1ANA 181 MARTIN FOSTER 381 MARTIN GHENDOLYN S 249 MARTIN JAMES 181 MARTIN KEN 281 MARTIN MARSHALL 158 MARTIN NANCY 2 62 MARTINEZ MEL MARTY CYNTHIA MAXYNE 2 06 MARVIN MARCIA 229 MARX DONALO 267 MASEDA M ICHELE 275 MASON JOHN 181 150 227 MASON KIM 55 MASSEY CYNTHIA 181 282 2 05 MASSEY HILLIAM RICHARD 186 MASTERSON STEVE 279 MASTIN STEVE 227 MATHEWS VICKY 11 7 MATHIS THOMAS F MATH1S V1LENTICA 11 1 MATHISON JIM 116 MATSON SHANN MATTHEWS CHARLES C 381 MATTHEWS MARY 233 MAUL TERRY 168 MAURA JOHN 181 MAURIN JULIE 168 HAY KATRINA 227 MAY PATRICIA 181 MAY PATRICIA A 286 MAY HILLIE 168 MAYES VIRGINIA ELOISE 271 MAYNARD ANN 181 MAYNARO JOHN 229 286,287,355 269 MAYNARD JOHN LOBBAN 181 MAYR OIANE 148 MC NERNEY STEPHEN 233 MCARTHUR MARGARET 381 MCBRIOE BERINDA 233 MC BRI CE HARMON H JR 184 MCCAGUE JAMES E 181 MCCALL SUSAN 273 255 381 MCCAMPBELL MALCOLM 157 MCCANDLISS LINDA 205 MCCANN CATHERINE 279 MCCARTER IHOMASINA 382 MCCARTHY GRACE 382 MCCASKILL MARTHA 382 MCCASKILL MARTHA JAY 169 MCCATHERN BARBARA 182 MCCLAMMA CHARLES 269 MCCLELLAN BYRON 382 279,363 MCCLELLAN SUSAN 382 MCCLELLAN SUSAN KNOX 281 MCCLUNG DIANE ELAINE 382 MCCOLLUM LINDY LOU 168 MCCOLSKEY ANNE 223 MCCOY DONNA SUE 262 MCCOY IRA J 182 MCCOY JACK 271 MCCOY RAYMOND 179 MCCOY VICKI MCCRONE MICHELE LEE 281 MCCULLERS DALE 182 MCCULLERS DAVE MCCULLOUGH H JACK MCCULLOUGH JUDITH MCCULLOUGH TERRY 287 90 253 MCCUNE BRUCE 99 MCCURDY MARTHA OIANE 291 MCCUTCHIN SHARON L 218 MCCANIELL SCOTTIE 182 MCDARIS R ICHARO 169 MCDAR IS R ICHARO C 101 MCOAVID MARY ANN MCDAVID MARY ANNE 282 MCDONALD BILL 174 MCDONALD LYN 282 282 279 267 1 M 287 282 282 168 251 282 282 293 205 277 2 91 243 242 282 273 241 24 7 382 11 1 382 181 255 99 274 382 262 168 382 287 382 288 I6U 282 282 241 285 282 2M 253 291 1 78 275 197 267 53 264 2 82 185 22 7 251 2 82 185 169 282 2 75 157 287 238 88 282 282 293 255 148 241 244 363 157 148 255 383 283 285 2 16 169 267 280 285 at 225 22 7 383 175 181 205 170 183 169 293 383 288 183 18 1 184 287 200 182 182 1 78 227 383 271 183 278 206 383 383 231 251 383 381 261 281 231 234 121 117 183 271 83 287 383 383 241 236 383 103 383 96 181 409 MCCONALC MARTHA ELAINE MCCONALC NANCY MCDONALD PAULA MCDONALD WILLIAM ALLEN MCDONELL WINSTON MCDOWELL GENE 113 MCDUFFIE hAL 383 MCCUFF1E WAYNE MCEACHERN LOUISE MCELDERRY RUNALD J MCELREATH BARRY MCELREATH LEWIS BARRY MCELROY DONNA MCEUEN OONNA MCFARLANC HARCOT MCFARLANO MEREOITH MCFARLIN JUDY MCFARL1N JUOY LAVENE MCFAWN LESTER MCGAHA JOHN MICHAEL MCGEE LINOA JEAN MCG1LL MARLA MCGRATh MARY MCGRAw MARGIE MCKEHAN KAREN MCKENZIE JOHN MCKEON CEN1SE 104 MCKINNON JAMES MCK1NNY KARL MCKINSTER PAULA MCLAUGHLIN JAY MCLAUGHLIN JAY C MCLEAN DOUGLAS MCLEAN R ICHARC 383 MCLEOD BECKY 184,198 MCLEOD LINOA MCLEOD ROBERT MCLUCAS JENNIFER 383 MCMAHON R tCHARO MLMANUS SHIELDS MCMASTER DONNA MCMILLAN JULIE 101 ,194,227 MCMILLIAN JULIE MCNABB STANLEY MCNEELEY JOHN MCNEIL RONALU G MCNEILLY BARBARA MCNEVIN MAkY 257 MCOSKER KATHY MCTAGUE PAT MCTAGUE PATRICIA LEE MEANS OIANNE 283 MEEKER DAVID MEEKS RICHARD MEEKS RICHARD ALLEN MEGATHLIN MARTHA MEGINN1SS MEL 1N0A MEHALKO ANDREW II ME1ERSTE1N THOMAS G MEKDECI MICHAEL EDWARD MELA CANDACE MELA CANOY MELENDY KATHRYN HELSEK ROCNEY DONALD MELTON DONNA DIANE MELTZER FREO MEMORY SUSAN 247 MENARD STEVEN MENDENHALL TERRY MENENDE7 BOB 120 MENNETT ROGER MERCER JAMES MERCER JEROME MERCER JEROME P MtRCHANT SID 158 MERCHANT SIDNEY MERKLE DAN M6RKLE DANIEL MERLAU DEAN FAULKNER MERRIAM LORNA LEE MESCHICK CHARLES MESSER BERTRAM MESSER BERTRAM WOODROW MESSER NAN 227 METTER BILL MET2 MICHAEL MEYER MARJORIE 239 MEYER THOMAS MEYERS DONNA MICHEL OONALO MICK ROBERT MICKELBERRY NANCY MICKLER KAREN MICKLER KAREN ALISON MIDOLETHON MARSHALL M1DOLET0N ELLEN M1CDLETCN MARTHA MILAM MARY MILAM MARY PAT MILBOURNE ANITA MILES E P MILES JULIANNE 231 M1LHCLEN CANDY MILLAR GAIL MILLEN NANCY MILLER AUDREY MILLER AUCREY CLAIRE MILLER CATHY MILLER JEANNE MILLER JEANNIE 244 MILLER JEFF MILLER JEFFREY MILLER JEFFREY WILLIAM MILLER JERRY L MILLER KAREN LORRAINE MILLER LINDA MILLER MARY T MILLER PAMELA MILLER ROBERT MILLER ROBERT will MILLER RONALO LEWIS MILLER SUSAN MILLER TER Y MILLER TER Y EARLE MILLER VIRGINIA E MILLIKEN WILL 1AM BARRY MILL 1TZER JAN MILLS CHARLES MILLS MILLS 3S3 MILLS RACHEL MARILYN 384 244 MILLS VICTOR 176 202 MILSTEAD ROBERT 277 383 MILTON L INDA 225 . 8 7 M1NEAR RICK 285 112 MINER MARY 169 MINER MARY L 168 264 MINER HARY LOUISE 384 171 117 MINER MICHAEL 291 182 M1NGI0NE IDA 100 383 225,384 87 MINNICH TAMELA 182 383 MINNICH T AH I 202 205 M1NY MARVA 244 289 M1RABELLA VINCENT 2 64 255 266,267 255 MIRABELLA VINCENT A 384 257 MIRE TERRY 260 383 261 169 MISNER KEN 131 383 158 383 MlTCHlELL DONNA 384 2 il MITCHELL COUG 116 289 MITCHELL FLORENCE 289 250 MITCHELL FLORENCE POWELL 384 182 MITCHELL GEORGE STEPHEN JR 384 279 MITCHELL LARRY L 384 101 MITCHELL MARY ANNE 289 MITCHELL MERILYN 251 281 MITCHELL STEVE 291 236 MITCHELL VIRGINIA 239 383 MITTAN BARRY 91 236 MIXON CAMMIE 101 383 MIXON CAROL 239 281 MIXON CAROL CAMILLE 384 116 MCHR KARL 109 MOLINARI LINDA 384 184 MOLL JOHN 174 MONACO AL 242 169 M0NCH1CK MICHAEL 291 293 384 259 MCNFORT KEITH 277 MONROE PAUL 275 275 MONTFORD RON 116 176 MCNTGOMERY HAL 116 238 MCNTGOMERY JOEL 275 101 MCNTGOMERY JOEL ROBERT 384 MONTGOMERY MICHAEL 279 173 MCNTGCMERY SUE 236 169 247,305, 384 269 MUODY BARBARA 273 383 MOON BRUCE 262 233 263 79 MCCN WILL 1AM 293 MCONEY TINA 239 239 384 81 MCORE BETTY 383 MCORE CORBY 79 MCORE COYLE E MOORE GARY 174 MUORE JEAN 186 MCORE JOHN A 383 MOORE KATHRYN ELAINE 169 MUORE MARTHA 227 MOORE MAYSON 383 MCORE RAY 384 MOORE ROBERT 384 MUORE SARAH JANE 247 MCORER ROBERT HAGOOD 384 MCORES TONI R 289 MOORHEAD JANET 384 MOOSE ANN 384 M OOY JO ANN 229 MORALES GEORGE 204 MCRAN ANITA MURAN CYNTHIA 176 MGREMAN BILL 285 MOREMEN BILL 116 MOREY WILLIAM MORFORD OOUG 267 MORGAN CAVID KENNETH 176 MGRGANSTERN JAN 169 MORGENSTERN JAN 168 MUROZ MADELEINE 131 MORRELLI JAY MORRIS DIANE 169 173,295,361 106 MORRIS DIANE DORIS 176 MCRRIS JUDY 3 84 2 39 384 MORRIS JUDY ANN 174 MORRIS KATHLEEN 293 MCRRIS KATHY 384 90 226 MORRIS PEGGY MORRIS ROWE 157 MCRRIS SUE 269 MORRISON BOBBIE 182 MORRISON JAMES MCRR1S0N JAMES VINCONT 262 MORRISON MATHEW 76 MCRROW CARLENA 198 MORROW JUDY 287 259 87 MORSE RCNALC 255 MORTON OAVE 384 MORTON OOTTIE 281 MORTON JOAN 205 MORTON JOAN DIANE 231 MORTON PRIS01LLA 227 MOSES JOHN 19 , MCSES JOHN 231 MOSLEY JACKIE 206 226,227,385 230 MOSLEY TEO MOSS GARY 234 MOSTYN BUN NY 200 MOTSETT TE1ESA 178 MCTSETT TERESA R 179 fCTI ICE HOMER 384 MOUGHAN JOHN 257 385 221 MCULOER CAROL 179 MOULDER CAROL IRENE MOULTON GALE 2 66 MOWREY MEKLYN 269 244 384 MCXIM WALTER 38 , MRACHEK LOR IN 384 385 283 MLLEY MITCHELL 166 MULFORD SALLY 227 255 279 MULLENDORE KARON 384 MULLIGAN DON 384 MULLINS JOHN 225 MULLIS NANCY LEE 275 MULLOY PEGGY 384 251 384 MULROONEY DANIEL 384 MUNDY GORDON 273 MUNOZ JOSE 285 281 253 MUNOZ JOSE EMILIO 295 279 51 177 271 169 384 273 227 187 291 384 384 182 233 200 87 269 182 234 119 116 287 97 3 85 228 229 178 162 171 385 173 385 251 80 244 263 178 251 172 385 169 231 222 249 249 247 185 385 244 199 385 173 117 177 101 259 385 109 275 184 385 253 205 385 264 285 181 247 275 202 38 5 205 249 385 280 MURAWSKI ELAINE THERESA MURCH1S0N OAVID MURPHY ANN 385 MURPHY CLINT MURPHY MICHAEL G MURPHY MICHAEL GEORGE MURPHY PHYLLIS MURPHY STUART MURPHY SUSAN MURPHY WILLIAM MURRAY BRUCE MURRAY BRUCE WAYNE MURRAY GERALD LAMAR MURRAY PATRICK ANDREW MURRAY ROBERT MURRELL SUSAN 253 MURRELL SUSAN A MUS1ELAK STEVE MYERS LINDA MYNARD MARY JEAN MYRES BARBARA A MYRICK CATHY MYR1CK KATHRYN 271 MYRICK KATHRYN GRACE MYRICK KATHY N NA8UT0VSKY BARBARA NACLER 10 ELLYN NAESETh BARBARA NAGLER REBECCA NAGY GLORIA NAIMO LINCA 309 NALLS JIM NAMOUTH KEN NAPOLITANO NAPOLITANO CL IFF NATION WARREN NATIONS LINDA NAUGHTON MARY CAROL NAUGHTON ROSEMARY NAVRATIL JOYCE NAVRAT1L RONALO NAYLOR 806 NAYLOR CHERYL NAYLOR CHERYL ANTON NAYLOR JERARO W NAYLOR ROBERT ALAN NEAL ANN NfcAL MARY ANN NECK SUSAN NEEL HART IT IA NEFF NANCY NEIL RANDALL NEIL RANDY NEL1MARK VAN NELSON JO NELSON JO ANN NELSON L1NNEA NELSON R08ERT NELSON SHARON 295 NELSON SHARON ELAINE NENGEL PHYLLIS NESMITH EVALYN ANN NEUFIELD CARDL NEUMASTER GLENNA NEWBOLC NANCY NEWBOLD NANCY H NEWCOMB WILLIAM NEWSOME DONNA JEAN NEWTON LAURA 204 NEWTON MARGO NICHOLAS CEBBIE NICHOLAS ELENI NICHOLS CELIA NICHOLS DICK NICHOLS JEANNE NICHOLSON ARLENE NIEBEROING BOB N1E0ENTHAL JEFF NIKOLAIDI ELENA NILES JANET NOEL NANCY 244 NOGUEZ JEANNE NCLTE PATRICK NOQUEZ JEANNIE NORMAN MARGARET R NORTH OONNA NOVAK MARC1 A o OiBRIEN MICHAEL UolGARA JANE C.H1NGER CAROL OdNEIL CHARLIE UiSHEA SUSAN OAKERSON MARY 255 OBERMEYER R 1CK OUERMEYER SHERWOOD 175 OCDIE SARAH ODOM SANDRA OELSCHI AGER VICTOR OFFUTT RICHARD OCLESBY R R OISHI ELSIE J OLASEN MAUREEN OLDHAM MARILYN CLCHAN MARILYN OLESEN KATHY OLIN KATHLEEN OLIVER LINDA 251 OLMSTEAO MARY LE CLSEN JULIE 257 OLSON DIANE OLSON KRISTINA OLSSON JOAN 0PHE1M CENE ORAM SUSIE ORLOFF JANICE ORLOFF JANIS ORR JAMES ORR ROBERT OSGOOD SHIRLEY OSGOOD STEPHANIE OSTRANOER CAROL OTT CAROL UVERSTREET GAIL 257 OWEN KATHY OWEN LAWRENCE OwENS CAROLYN OWENS CAROLYN JANE OWENS CHERYL JEAN 385 269 225 160 168 385 241 78 231 242 267 385 385 385 236 252 38 5 202 225 385 385 97 173 385 253 182 247 178 247 277 97 274 275 170 204 247 241 289 385 87 85 385 168 385 227 182 257 289 157 385 242 277 253 385 207 287 294 385 289 385 95 257 179 385 223 385 101 247 2 01 233 241 148 271 201 163 277 55 183 99 239 275 238 168 181 186 242 202 247 275 247 101 77 99 289 239 55 281 109 168 283 190 222 283 257 200 181 173 199 225 200 223 271 238 239 261 277 199 182 22 7 257 190 295 175 259 386 386 Owens oana owens danny OwlNGS CATHY OWINGS KATHLEEN OwlNGS KATHY PACKARD HARRIET PACKARD KAREN PADOVANE PHILIP PADOVANO EILEEN PADOVANO PH IL IP PAGE MIKE PAGE SANDRA PAJC1C GARY PAKER MARY PALIN PATRICIA PALMER CHRIS PALMER GAIL PALMER KEN PALMER KENNETH PALMER KENNETH R PALMER TONY PANNUCCI RONALD PANZA TOM 249,386 PA0U1N SANDRA 351 PA0U1N SANDY 204 PARDO DANIEL PARDUE LESLIE 309 PARISO CHRISTOPHER PARK JEAN 199 PARKE JOHN PARKER CHARLES PARKER CHARLOTTE PARKER GLORIA PARKER JAMES PARKER KATHY PARKER KATHY ANNE PARKER LINDA PARKER MARY 361,386 PARKER PAT 185 PARKER PHIL PARKER ROY PARKER THOMAS PARKS CAROLE N PARMER KATIE RUTH KATRINE PARNELL BARBARA JUNE PARNIN JEANNETTE ANN PARRAMORE PAT PARRISH ELIZABETH V PARRISH JANET 25 3 PARRISH SAMUEL BRUCE PARROTT SANDY PARSONS CHARLIE 293,362 PARSONS JOHN PARSONS KAREN ANNE PARSONS M B PARSONS SUSANNAH PARSONS SUSANNAH ENGLISH PARTIN MARILYN 255 PASTERJAK HEDY PATCH CATHY PATE CAROL 173,254,255, 387 PATE JAMES MICHAEL PATERSON BARBARA 173,255,359 PATERSON BARBARA L PATRICIO CYNDEE PATRICK LINDA PATRICK MARGARET PATRICK MARGARET MARIE PATTERSON BARBARA PAT TERSON MERRILYN PATTERSON SARAH JO PATTERSON SYD PATTERSON SYDNEY PAULK HAMPTON PAULK HAMPTON PAWL1K DIANNE PAWSON ROBERT PAXTON NORMAN PAYNE HARRY E PAYNE JAMES PAYNE LOUISE PEACOCH CAROLYN PEARMAN MARLENE PEARMAN MOLLY PEARSON MICHAEL PEASE WILLIAM 281 PEATROSS PAULA PEAVY GUERRY PECK MARY PEDERSEN ERIK JAMES PEEK ANITA PEELER ED PEEPLES DAVID PEEPLES DAVID R PEERY OONNA PEERY DONNA LEE PEINE JANICE C PEL00U1N JANET PENDLETON LARRY 119 PENNELL HUGH PENNELL SUZANNE PEPPERS PAMELA PERDUE DORIS 367 PERKINS ROBERT PERKINS ROBERT LLOYD PERKINS SUSAN PERKINS TERRY PERLINGERO RAYANNE PERRY CEBRA DELORES PERRY ELIZABETH PERRY JOHN PERRY REBECCA J PERSONS HENRY PETALLAT JOHN PETERS VIRGINIA PETERSEN KAREN 350 PETERSEN WARREN PETERSON BILL 112 PETERSON COUGLASS PETERSON EDWARD OEAEL PETERSON KAREN PETERSON SUZANNE PETITT CONNA MARIE PETTIE ALLAN PETTIGREW JOSEPH JR LYNN JOSEPH JR 225 106 182 283 194 283 179 248 251 249 116 253 116 173 231 117 227 222 293 386 281 242 248 227 181 291 295 249 178 277 249 201 205 287 199 386 182 244 101 158 386 177 386 386 386 3 86 101 386 2 52 386 386 96 281 386 169 227 387 101 2 04 101 171 387 77 387 78 231 200 387 2 54 197 231 205 233 291 367 387 387 267 169 187 251 295 181 199 249 99 233 182 230 387 201 291 169 168 259 367 387 234 116 291 225 247 289 277 367 244 269 225 387 168 293 182 269 169 169 273 196 44 236 387 309 231 387 175 168 PkTWAY BETSY 257 PtVERLEY JOAN 205 251 PEYERL EVA MARIE 234 PFE1FFER HARVA 2 69 PFEIFFER HARVA ELIZABETH 387 PHARES ELAINE 101 PHARES JEAN 231 PHARES JEAN ELAINE 387 PHELPS FRAN 199 PHELPS FRANCES A 367 PHIFER GREGG 169 PHIL1PP JAMES 277 PHILLIPS BARBARA ELIZABETH 387 PHILLIPS DAVE 274 PHILLIPS DAVID 275 PHILLIPS CI ANE ELI ZABETH 387 PHILLIPS PAT 171 173,230,231, 305,356,362 ,387 PHILLIPS SUSAN GILBERT 387 PHILLIPS SUZANNE 162 259 PICHLER CATHERINE 257 PICKEL ALLEN 223 PICKETT RCXANNE 181 227 PIERCE MARTHA 182 PIERCE ROBERT 291 PIERSON CENISE 273 PIETREFESA ANGELA 283 P1GNAT0 MARY ALICE 178 PIKE JAYNE 205 259 PINTACUDA LORRAINE 182 PITCHFORD KEITH 169 P1TTAM JERRY L 168 PITTMAN JOHN 116 PITTS CAROL 101 PLA STEVE 291 PLACEK PAUL J 168 PLANT J M 170 PLANT JOE 287 PLANTE TERESA 239 PLANTE TERESA JANE 387 PLASTER RON 269 PLATT GARY 186 PLATT GARY LEE 387 PLETZER KENNETH 2 93 PLITZ JANELLE 247 PLUMMER JEANINE 255 PLUMMER ORLAY EDWARD 387 PODWORNY CAROL 234 POE JIM 275 POIRE MARIE 247 POLIC HENRY 170 358 POLLACK BRUCE 148 POLLOCK ART 263 263 POLSON BARBARA 273 POLSON BEVERLY 182 273 POMEROY ROBERTA 173,233 POMEROY ROBERTA CATHERINE POND KARL POND KARL JAMES POOLE ELIZABETH POPP FLO PURTAL JANICE PORTAL JANIS 309 PORTER ROBERT PURTER ROBERT A PORTER TOM POTTER GILOA POTTER RICHARD DENNIS POTTS GORDON POULOS THOMAS POUNDS BARBARA POWELL DIANNE POWELL EVA 387 POWELL MARSHA 286 POWELL RICHARD POWERS KIT! POWERS ROBERT PKOENZA XAV IER WILLIAM PRE1SLER WOLFGANG PRESCOTT SHARON PRESS EOWARD PRESSLY KATHLEEN PRESSLY KATHY PRICE HARTLEY PRICE HUGH PRICE HUGH KENDALL JR PRICE PHILLIP WAYNE PRICE WILLIAM ERVIN PRICKETT ANNA LYNN PRIMAVERA M ICHAEL PRINCE TERI LE PROCOPIO AL PRUGH TIM PRUGH TIMOTHY F PRYOR SANCRA LEE PUCKETT VICKIE PUGHSLEY FRAN PUGHSLEY FRANCES 227 PULLEN PAULETTE PURCELL MILLIE PYLE CHARLES DOUGLAS Q UUALL R08ERT CUARM8Y THOMAS UUEEN JOYCE QUENTIN SUE UUETONE JOE tUIST KAREN 386 R 410 RABUN NANCY RACCL IFF DANNY RACER ECWARC E RAE PAMELA RAE PAMELA L RAEHN SID RAFFIELO JOHN C RAFTIS MARY RAFT IS MARY JEANNE RA1GE MARGARET RA1LEY FRAN RAKUWSKI JOHN RAKOWSKI JOHN M RALPH MARY RALPH HARY RUTH RAMELLA BRUCE RAMSAY STEPHEN G RAMSEY BAR8ARA RAMSEY JANE 388 171 387 287 387 169 225 202 101 263 387 148 251 387 277 275 227 106 251 257 236 255 187 368 387 239 287 273 204 202 236 367 387 388 388 388 184 160 358 168 388 269 181 222 204 257 388 237 275 368 388 291 271 255 263 388 295 388 281 388 273 388 182 101 223 388 179 386 263 388 169 283 RAMSEY RICHARC 278 279 RANDLE CAROLINE 231 RAO V1JAYA 206 RAP1N LYNN 179 RAPIN LYNN SUZANNE 388 RAPP HERB 160 277 RATLIFF FLOYD 117 RAHLS CRYSTAL 289 RAY CHARLES 291 RAY ELIZABETH ANN 388 RAY JANE 257 RAY ROYAL 186 RAZOOK FREDDY 259 READDY SUSAN 194 REAOY MARCIA 2B3 REAGAN CATHY 259 RtAL ROBERT W 168 RECHUL IRIS ELIZABETH 388 RECDICK JERE 19 257 REDMER TIM3THY 175 REDNER TIMOTHY ALBERT 388 REDSTONE COREEN 283 REED B ILL IE 181 2 1 REED JIM 1 8 REED ROCHELLE REAL 388 REED SHELLY 225 REEDER 6AMA 388 REEDER GLEN 177 REEDER GLEN LAMAR 388 REES MEREDITH 225 REES VIRGINIA 295 REESER MARTY 259 REEVE BOB 275 REEVES CYNTHIA 295 388 REGAN FRANK 275 REGENSDORF PAUL 100 222,276,277 REHHINKEL J A 169 REIBER ALICE 253 RE 1BL INC MICHAEL 263 REIBL1NG MIKE 148 REIU CHARLES w 388 REID SANDY 175 RE1GLE JULY 20 KEILLY BETSY 273 RE1LLY MOREEN 19 REINER KAREN 231 REINER KAREN RUTH 388 RE1NHAR0T PEGGY DONNA 388 RE1SINGER CLARK 277 REITER REBECCA 388 RENFRO VICTORIA 179 RESH SANFO D R 388 REST INA ALEC P JR 388 RETTER FRANK 285 RETZKE JAN 255 RtVELL ROBERT 281 REVITEH ABE 388 REYNOLCS CARL 137 1 1 REYNOLDS ELEANOR 169 REYNOLDS JASON G 168 REYNOLDS MRS ETTA 275 REYNOLDS SUE 230 231 REYNOLDS WILLIAM 169 REYNOLDS WILL I AM G 388 RHODES 8ILLY 117 RHODES LAR Y 237 RHODES MARY 253 RFOOES WAYNE 291 RHODY WILLIAM 26 RHYNE CAROL 388 RICCARCI JEAN 201 RICE BARRY 117 RICE BERYL 117 RICE REBECCA 23 RICE SUE 200 RICE SUSAN 171 173 RICE SUSAN A 388 RICE THEODORA 239 RICH ELIZABETH 2 1 389 RICH RODNEY L 389 RICHARDS TOM 131 RICHARDS HALTER WILLIAM 389 RICHARDSON CHERYL 389 RICHARDSON MARY ANN 230 RICHARDSON MICHAEL DALE 389 RICHAROSON NOLA H 389 RICHARDSON SUSAN 171 173,2 5,356,359,389 R1CHTER SUZANNE 169 RICKARDS TOMMY 158 RICKE DIANE 389 R1CKEL JUDITH 283 RICKEL JULY 282 RICKETT PATRICIA 273 RIDLEY AGNES F 169 RIDLEY CLAUDIA 19 2 ' .7 RIDLON JANE 181 295 RIEDER COUGLAS 293 RIERA CELORES M 178 R1FFE PHILIP 26 RIFFE PHILIP MICHAEL 389 RILES SHERRY 255 RILEY SHEILA KAY 389 R1U VINCE 100 170,172,356,358 RIO VINCENT 261 RIO VINCENT J 389 RIPLEY DONALD 186 RIPLEY DUNALD HENRY 389 R1P0L ACELE 239 R1PPERE CHRISTINE 182 RIPPLE THOMAS MICHAEL 389 R1PPL1NGER ED 187 R ISHOI W ILL 1AM 26 R1SNER RON 285 R1TTENH0USE EDITH 198 RITTER JER 1 177 RIVERS FRANCES 259 RIVERS HARR [SON 261 389 ROADY BETH 101 ROADY ELIZABETH 168 169 ROBERTS ANN 205 ROBERTS GARY 269 ROBERTS HARRIET G 168 169 ROBERTS REBECCA 255 ROBERTS SANDRA 389 ROBERTS SHIRLEY BARBARA 389 ROBERTS WILLIAM 263 ROBEY VERNON 291 ROBINSON GLAD 259 ROBINSON GLAN 190 ROBINSON LEE RUBINSUN MYRA RUB1NS0N ROBERT ROBINSON ROBERT J ROBINSON HUDI RUCKH1LL THOMAS RUCGERS LINCA RODRIGUEZ ROONEY JULIO RUGALSKI BOB RUGERS DONNA 2 5 ROGERS GROVER ROGERS GROVER L RUGERS JAN F ROGERS JAY RUGERS KATHY ROGERS LENNYE ROGERS MARYWALKER ROLLER MARY LOUISE ROLLINS SCOTT ROMER ANDREW ROONEY 00TT1E 389 ROONEY EUGENE A RUONEY JOE 15B RCSA MARY 251,389 ROSE RICHARD W ROSE ROBINC RCSEN AVA RUSEN AVA HELENE ROSENFARB ALAN 389 RCSS CHUCK 278,279 ROSS DAVE ROSS JOHN RCSS RICHARC RCSS TOM R0THCH1LD 1ELANIE ROTTMANN JOHN RCTZKC RONALD ROUNTREE JUDY ROUNTREE KAY ROUSE ARTHUR ROUSE ELIZABETH ROUSE STEPHEN ROUSH STEPHANIE 389 RCVETTA CHARLES ROWAN ROSEMARY M 389 ROME LARRY ROWE WILLIAM ROWLEY CLAUDIA 2 1 RCYLANCE STEVEN JOHN ROZAR LINDA RUBEL BILL RIBINAS WAYNE 263 RUBINSTEIN JON RODDELL DAVID RUDDELL DAVID R RUFF MIKE RULE GLENDA RULING SHEILA RUPERT JO RUSE SANDRA RUSSELL ANDY RUSSELL EMILY RUSSELL GIBBIE RUSSELL JANET RUSSELL JANET MARIE RUSSELL JUDY RUSSELL JUOY ARLENE RUSSELL MARY JANE 2 1 RUSSELL MELISSA RUSSELL NANCY RUST JIM RUTH LYNN 109, 20 , 2 1 RYAN BETTY RYAN LANUE RYAN MARY KATHRYN RYMER C EDWIN RYMER ED RYMER JANET T SACKETT CAROL 253 SACKETT CAROL ANN SAGER SUE SAIER SALLY 273,357,359 SAIER SALLY M SA1GH KATHY SALAND1 JAMES SALGADO JEANNE SALTSMAN MARY SALTZMANN MARY SANBORN JUDI SANCHEZ NANCY L SANDS WILLIAM SANFORD STEPHEN 390 SANTA CRUZ NANCY SANTANIELLO MIKE SAPP JAN 222 SAPP JANICE SASSER CHERYL SASSER LILLIAN SASSER LINOA SAUER RICHARD SAULS MARSHA SAUNDERS JACK L JR SAVAGE JOE SAVAGE JOSEPH SAWYER SUZANNE 390 SAXON JEANNIE SAYRE NANCY SAYRE NANCY LYNN SCALERA CHR ISTIE SCALERA TONI 255 SCHAEFER R SCHALL DONALD SCHALL PAT SCHALL PATRICIA SCHANZENBACH ELAINE MARY SCHARZENBACH ELAINE SCHAUL LENA SUE SCHEFFER CYNTHA SCHEMBERA JEFFREY L SCHEMBERU JEFFREY SCHENCK MIKE SCHENK DOROTHY IRENE SCHERER RONALD DOUGLASS SCH1AV0NE ANN F 26 289 SCHME1SSER NANCY 233 205 SKINNER JAMES WILL 1AM III SKOK CRAIG 19 1 1 B 261 SCHMID BARBARA 2 5 SLANE SALLY 255 18? 389 SCHMIDT FRED 2 9 273 SCHMIUT LESLIE 171 SLEDGE JEANETTE 184 263 173, 25 , 255, 357, 360 390 SLOAN LARRY 2 93 257 SCHMIDT NADINE 251 SLOAT BARBARA 20 389 SCHMIDT NEIL 112 SMALL SUSIE 271 287 SCHNEIDER PAUL 285 SMATHFRS SUSAN 169 20 SCHNEIDER PAUL BRUCE 390 SMERNIS KIMBERLY 284 SCHNUTE GREG 1 8 SMIGH NANCY ANN 169 169 SCHNUTE GREGORY 263 SMITH AGNES 225 53 SCHCMBER JUUY 83 SMI TH BARBARA 1 7) 3 89 SCHUCK JANET 190 179,225 160 283 SMITH BARBARA BOLGER 39 1 178 SCHULTZ CHARISSA 239 SMITH CARL 261 233 SCHUMACHER SUSAN 20 SMITH LHARLENE 295 2 1 227 SMITH DAVIO 99 232 SCHUSTER DIANE 390 275,391 . ' 8 1 SCHUYT DIANA 390 SMITH FRANCES RUTH (91 186 SCHWARTZ JULIA 56 SMITH GARY R 251 SCOTT CATHERINE 231 SMITH HALE 6 57 SCOTT DAVID 285 SMITH JEAN 231 389 SCOTT DIANE 283 SMITH KATHLEEN 19 131 SCOTT JEAN ANN I 7 ' ) 20 , 233 390 SMITH KATHLEEN R 182 250 SCOTT MARY BRIGHTMAN 390 SMITH KATHRYN R 341 SCOTT MARY OGBORN 390 SMITH LINDA 198 389 SCOTT MRS MARY 28 7 SMITH L INDSEY 2 7 279 SCOTT PHIL 1 (1 SMITH LUGENIA 233 200 158 SMITH MARSHA 225 389 SCOTT RONALD 28 7 253,391 229 SCOTT SHARON 225 SMITH MARY 105 SCOTT WILLIAM 267 SMITH MARY ELLEN 99 99 287 239,391 SCOTT WILLIAM LEE 390 SMITH MARY FRANCES 141 137 SLOWDEN ERIC 26 SMITH MEL 172 157 SCOWDEN ERIC B 141) 277,361 269 SCRIVENER SUE 295 SMITH M1CHEAL 175 1 1 SCRIVNER DOUG 279 SMITH SARAH ANN 1 73 259 SCROGGINS RON 83 230,231 ,391 285 SCR0G1N SUSI 2 5 SMITH SUZANNE 1 79 291 SEAMAN DEL 285 391 178 SEARS MARGHUERITE 2 5 SMITH TERRY 1 31 201 390 158 2 2 SEARS SARAH 225 SMITH THERESA A 391 23 StOLACK KATHLEEN 182 SMITH WANCA 19 281 23 225 257 SEE JIM 291 SMITH WILBUR L 168 SEGNER SUSAN 230 169 52 SE1BERT SANDRA 101 SMITH WILLI AM C 391 185 225 SMOOT MARILYN 39 1 SEINFELC ROBERT 229 SMOTREL JAMES 269 277 SEITZ TERRY 2 9 SMOTREL JAMES RICHARD 39 1 291 SELLERS BARBARA 227 SMYTHE MARY J 168 181 SELLERS DEVON 23 7 SNOVER J E 206 SELLERS RON 117 SNOW MARTHA 2 7 389 118 SNOW REA 2 7 201 SENK WENDY 295 SNOW SHEILA 8 263 SEP1ELLI BARBARA 239 SNYDER SAM 293 99 SERETSKY JEFFREY 190 SOFARELLI PAT 235 SETZER CATHERINE 181 SCFARELLI PATRICIA 234 229 SEVERSON OENNETTE 251 SCFARELL 1 PAIR ICIA ANN 391 269 SEVERSON GAYLE 25 SCLOO VICTOR 28 389 255 , SOLOMON DANIEL 16fl 389 SEVERSON GAYLE MARY 390 SCLOMCN MARIAN AUDREY 19 1 251 SEWELL TONY 1 1 1 SOMERBY CHARLES 1B6 225 SHAFER CAROLYN M J90 SCMERBY CHARLES 1 39 1 2 5 SHAFFER JUDY 178 SORRELL PAT 20 259 SHANE SYBIL 181 SOTO ALEX 102 2 2 257 158 253 SHANNON JOHN 26 SOUD GARY 291 1 8 SHANNON WILLIAM J 390 SCUD GARY GLEN 391 , ' 8 1 SHARKEY SHEILA 202 SOUTHWORTH ANN 205 389 255,308,309 S0W1NSKI JOSEPH 293 253 SHARMAN LINDA ANNE 186 SPACE DAVIU 275 389 390 SPARDHAN EL IZABETH 239 20 SHARP GARY M ' ) SPARKMAN STEVE 266 SHARP JIM 1 IS SPARKMAN STEVEN 267 253 SHARP MARION 231 SPARKS MARY LOU 273 273 SHASHY DONNA 259 SPEARMAN CAN ROLANO 391 117 SHAW JANICE 230 SPECHT MELANIE 194 10] 231 251 SHAWN TRUDI 257 SPEED GAY 225 259 SHEA SHEILA 273 391 2 2 SHELTON LYDIA GAYLE 390 SPEIER SHARON 225 23 SHEPHARD KENTON A 39U SPENCER RAYMOND 169 389 SHEPPARD CHRIS 279 SP1VEY ROBERT 168 261 SHERMAN JOHN ALAN 340 SPOONER JIM 148 384 SHERRY NAN JO 200 26 , 391 SHINE BETSY 252 SPRADLING ROBERT LEDFORD 391 253 SPRAYBERRYL ROBERT 285 SHINGLER SUSAN 257 SPREITZER JOHN 287 SHIRLEY CAROLYN 295 SPROULL BILL 280 18 SHIVER CATHERINE 271 SPROULL JAMES 281 SHIVER CATHERINE LYNN 390 SRYGLEY SARA 168 384 SHIVER SOHNIE LU 390 STACKER EDWIN 279 251 SHOEMAKER GARY 175 STAFFORD EZZARD W 3 2 173 SHOTWELL JAN 20 SIAFFORD MARY 295 SHUTWELL ROGANNE 227 STAFFORD MARY LYNNE 204 390 390 29 239 SHOW BILL 269 STAGER GORDON L 391 23 SHOW WILLIAM TODD 390 STAGG TERRY 291 239 SHOWALTER CAROLE 231 STALLARD DENNIS 275 178 SHOWALTER MARY 2ih STAMBAUGH ROBERT 264 la? SHUFF JOHN 236 STANBROOK L 1NDA 181 231 237 STANFORC MARTHA 283 390 SHULER EDWARD LE0N1DAS 390 STANFORD MARTHA JANE 191 26 SHUMAN SUZANNE 233 STANFORC PATRICIA 253 223 SHURTLEFF MICHAEL E 390 STANGE SHARON J 392 SICIUS FRANCIS 277 STANSFIELD CHARLES 175 227 SItGEL JUDITH 391 STANSF1EL0 CHARLES W 392 390 SIELSKY LESTER 185 STANSFIELD MARIA 392 181 SIERRA LAWRENCE 293 5TAPLET0N PATRICIA 273 SIMMONS ELLA 233 STAPLETON SARAH 169 239 SIMMONS ELLA K 391 283 ?9S SIMMONS MARSHA 289 STAPLETON SARAH 1 168 271 SIMMONS MARSHA ELAINE 391 392 20 SIMMONS VINCENT 39 1 STARKEY JERRY 291 237 SIMON PAMELA 2 39 STARKEY JERRY LEE 392 289 SIMPSON BEVERLY 179 STARKEY VONLEY 291 168 SIMPSON BEVERLY ANN 391 STARKEY VONLEY J 392 85 SIMPSON LARRY 293 STARKS SUZANNE 192 175 SINOALL JUDY 199 STARNES GINGER 225 284 SINGER SALLY 181 STARNES HARGO 255 20 STARNS MARY LOU 204 251 SINGLETARY BRENDA 80 STARR KAREN 3 231 SINOT SUSAN 391 79,101 390 SIRMANS CHARL IE 10 STARR SANCI 8 255 SIRMANS CHARL YN 255 STATEN SARAH 251 101 S1RMOPOUL0S LEONARD 186 STEARNS GENE 9 S1RMOP0ULOS LEONARD P 391 170,172 264 SISLEY GAIL 2 7 STEELY MICHAEL P 39? 1 77 269 STEIN JUANI 1A 184 101 SITES BETTY 199 251,278 2 7 SITES MARY ELIZABETH 391 STEIN JUANITA MARIA 39? 390 SIVITER HELEN 259 STEINBERG DEBORAH 204 289 SKADRON BRENDA 283 271 390 391 STEINER DONALD 277 295 SKAGFIELD LUCY 258 STEINKE R ICK 88 390 259,27 , 391 STENBERG DEBBIE 228 99 SKAGGS SUSAN 181 STEPHENS AMANDA 2 7 293 227 STEPHENS PAT 101 390 SKELLY GERALD U 169 230 390 SKELTON ROSS 1 8 STEPHENS PAIR ICIA 231 168 SKIFF CONNIE 91 " 5 STEPHENS RICHARD I 392 SlfPHFNS SUF SIEPHENSON ANNE STETSON MAR IAN SIFTSUN IOMMIE 235 STETT SHIRLEY STEVENS BETIIE SIEVENS HAZFL T SIEVENS JUUY STEVENSON JOHN STEVENSON JIJHN C STEWART BILL STEWART DARREL 118,141 STEWART DOUGLAS MICHAEL STEWART DOUGLASS SIEWART JOHN 392 S1FWART JUUY 239 STINER SUE-LYNN HOWELL STOAK CAROL SIOKER CHARLOTTE JANE SIUNE STEPHEN SIONE SUSAN STONEWALL DUUGLAS STORRIE NOREENE STOTT SHIRLEY 171 SIOW RANDY STRANGE SHARON STRETCH CAROL SIRICKLANL BETTY STRICKLAND BOBBY STRKKLANL ' DONNA STRICKLANC LUNA DALE SIRICKLANL SHIRLEY SIRINGF PAT SIR1NGER PAT SIR1NGFFLLDW MARVIN STRONG SHAPnN STRUUB DUNALU STRUIH VIK1 SIRUTHERS EL IZABETH SIRUTHERS ELI ZABETH ANN STRYKER CHARLES A SIUDEBAKER ROGER STULL SANDI STULl SANCRA JEAN STULTS BIM STUMPF SUSAN 392 SUAREZ SUZANNE SUDDATH JO SUITS LAUREL A SULLIVAN CATHERINE SULLIVAN JOHN OWEN SULLIVAN MARY 295 SULLIVAN NANCY 289 SULLIVAN NANCY JOYCE SULLIVAN PAT SULLIVAN PATRICIA SULLIVAN PATRICIA ANN SUMMERLIN JOHN SUMMERS STEPHEN SUMNER WALT 120,1 8 SUMNER WILL IE DANIFL SUMRELL MIL ION SUMRELL MILTON P SUNDERLANC KAY SUPERFINE CAROL SUTHER ELAINE SUTHER ELAINE E SUTTA PAUL SUTTA STUART J SUTTON BRENDA SUTTON JAMES HUGH SUZANNE HOOTEN SWADLEY CHARLES SWAINE KENNETH DONALD SWANN MARIA SWANSON ELDON C JR SWANSON JAN SWANSON RON SWEAT JAMES SWEET DANIEL PRICE SWEET ING SHARON C SW1GLEN JANET SWINDELL SHERIAN SWINDELL SHERIAN DIANE SWOFFORD M1CHAL ANN SYWICM KATHRYN ANN SZALANSKI ROBERT THOMAS TABER REBECCA TAFF ANGUS IAFF ANGUS B IAGLAUER LOIS TAIT JIM TAIT WILL 1AM TALLEY JEFF TAMINOSIAN STEVE TATE GINGER BOULWARE TATE SANDI TAULBEE DANNY TAYLOR HUGH TAYLOR JACK TAYLOR JAMES A TAYLOR JIM TAYLUR LINDA 20 , 2 1 TAYLOR PAIR IC IA IAYLOR RAYFORC TAYLOR THURSTON TAYLOR TRICIA ?57 TEGNAZIAN ANNE GLORIA TEGTMAN ROBERT TELESE GERALDINE ROSE TERRELL CHARLES DAVID TERRELL NANCY TESCH RICH TESCH RICHARD 261 IHACKER RUSSELL 393 THACKERAY RUBER! B THACKHAM ELAINE THAYER LINDA GAIL THELEMANN BETTY IHIBODEAUX JAMES THOMAS BOB THOMAS CAROL THOMAS ED THUMAS GARY THOMAS MARY CAROL INE THOMAS MICHAEL S THOMAS PAMELA 227 THOMAS PAMELA E THOMAS PAMELA ELWYN 289 2 1 392 ? 14 231 227 169 295 186 192 I ' ll 135 392 263 287 238 14? mi 392 229 257 146 239 169 158 I 7 4 239 14? 237 295 392 ?8 I 251 148 1 8 182 ? 20 nil 169 14? 291 179 392 14 1 239 144 ?61 392 269 19? 181 181 19? 1114 179 19? 177 ?64 116 19? 261 392 I 79 2114 239 392 1 1 392 IH? 39? 20 175 392 39? 19? 255 261 ? 5 392 19? IR? ?19 191 ?47 19 193 ? l 186 393 2 5 146 I I) 279 ?64 393 85 ?75 ? 9 191 191 ?6 194 233 ?9 1 1 I 7 194 191 191 191 19 1 215 260 ??? 275 191 283 393 ?45 ?91 I 31 259 ?93 83 169 39 3 164 168 393 411 THOMAS REESE 187 THOMAS ROBERT 158 THOMAS TERRY 282 283 THOMAS TERRY ELAINE 393 THOMAS TIM 261 ThOMLEY DONALD 293 THOMPSON ANDY 163 THOMPSON CAVE 285 THOMPSON MONIA 169 THOMPSON MONIA M 393 THOMPSON ROBERT 261 THOMPSON ROBERT JAMES 393 IHCMPSCN SHERYLE 252 THOMPSON THOMAS 281 THOMPSON TOMMIE 204 257 Thompson barren watson jr 39 3 THOMSON NANCY JEAN 393 THCRN8URY GEORGE 186 ThCRNBURY GEORGE F JR 393 ThCRNHILL MARY MARGARET 271 THURMCNC PATRICIA 241 TIETZER SHELDON 228 229 T1LLETT JCSEPH 264 T1LLETT JOSEPH WILLIAM JR 393 I ILLETT KlLLIAM 265 TIMMONS TIM 100 260,261.393 TINOAL KITTY 194 227 TINGLEY DIANE JO 393 T1NSLEY TUCK 261 TIPTON VIRGINIA 255 T1TL0W FRANKLIN 275 TOL ANC BELVA MAR IE 393 TCLANC MARI E 241 TCLLERTON JAMES 281 TCLLERTON JAMES B 393 TCMCYAK CHR 1ST INA la i TLMCZAK CHRISTINA 179 T0MC2AK CHRISTINA MARY 393 TOMFOHRCE K AR IA 179 TLMFOhRCE KARLA MAY 393 TCMLINSCN TERRY L 393 Tompkins dorothy belle scott 39 I TONER OAvlD 281 TORRANCE CAROLYN 227 ICUCHTEN TENA 99 271 TOOCHTON TIM 279 TOWER BARBARA 101 ICWNSENC ANN 257 TCWNSEND CRAIG 261 TCWNSENO SUE 206 TUWNSLEY GALE A 393 TCWSON LOUIS 266 267 TRACY JUDITH ANNE 393 TRACY WILLIAM 277 TRAFTO WALTER ELTON JR 393 TRAFTON WALTER E JR 168 169 IRAPP R ICHARD 153 TRAVERS LYNN 231 TRAVERS R LYNN 393 TRAX PAM 283 TRAX PAM E 393 TRAXLER J DOUGLAS 144 TRESCOT STEVE 269 TREWORGY MIKE 248 249 TREXLER MICHAEL 242 TRIGG LINDA 289 TRIPP CEBORAH 233 TROUP MALACHI 199 TROUP TONI 247 TRUVILLION MARTHA 179 TROXEL CHARLES 287 TROXEL FREO 287 TRUITT SHERRY 225 TRU MBOWER JEAN 194 273 TSACRIOS CAROLE 257 TSACR10S MARIA 178 TUBB 274 TUBB RONALD 275 TUCKER BENNETT 186 TUCKER C BENNETT JR 394 TUCKER WILLIAM 263 TUFARELLA MICHAEL 291 TULLGREN JANIS 225 TULLIS CAROL 257 TULLIS CAROL DRISCOLL 394 TULLCS PATTY 253 TUMLIN JOYCE 223 TUNKEL ROBERT 275 394 ILRNAGE THOMAS 279 TURNER BRUCE l 1 5 turner eloise 204 271 TURNER JERRY 394 TURNER JILL 283 TURNER JU01 TH 271 TURNER JUDY 103 TURNER ROBERT 279 TURNER SANUI 283 394 TURNER SARYN ELIZABETH 394 IURVILE KAY 394 TURVILLE HAL 261 TURVILLE KAY 271 TUTTLE RONALD 291 TWITCHELL JOHN 237 TYLER PAM 199 TYRRELL MARCIA 204 TYRRELL MARCIA 239 IYSCN JIM 117 TYSON TERI 247 TYSON TERI A 394 VALDES GENEVA W 394 VALDES NILIO A 394 VALLUEJUL1 NORMA 253 VALLEE ROGER 281 VALLERY SUZANNE 241 VALONIS SHIRLEY 394 VAN AKEN FRANCES 245 VAN OOREN DORIS 259 VAN ETTEN FAITH 179 VAN JOC- 99 99 VANOAGRIFF KICK 261 VANDEBERG STEVEN C 394 VANDERH1LL B G 77 VANOERMAST ROBERTA 289 394 VAUGHN RITA 205 233 VAUGHT JAMES SHERMAN 394 VAUSE CARL 285 VAUSE CARL EVERETT JR 394 VAZUUEZ JERRY 177 VEAL MARTHA 201 VEASEY JOHN 148 VEGA ELIZABETH 179 VEGA FRANK 275 VfcRBOCY CCNALC G 394 VER80Y DONALD 223 VfcROON MYRTLE A 394 VEREEN MARGARET 233 VERNER CULCIE 101 VERNER LUCINDA 182 VERNON KATHRYN W 108 VERPLOEGEN 0AV10 394 VERVAEKE wl LL I AM A 394 VETTER VICKI 247 VIANDS TERESA B 394 VICK EMI LY 394 VICK JIM 160 269 VlCKERS CHARLES LS8 187 VICKERY SUSAN 24 1 VIDZES PAT 206 VILA NANCY 29 5 VINCENT WAYNE 148 VINCENT WAYNE SEAY 394 VISCONTI CARMEN 394 VODREY GRETCHEN 204 VUGAN SHANNON 206 VCHUN FRANK 117 VGN DREHL WILLIAM 223 VON DREHLE WILLIAM F 394 VCN FOSSEN SUSAN ELIZABETH 394 VUNGLAHN CORIS 257 VOORHEES CUYLER 100 289 w WADE GERRY WACE GLENCA WADE TOM WADE WANDA 394 WADE WYMAN WAOSWORTH JANN 289 WACSWORTH PENELOPE GAIL WACSWORTH SUSAN WAGNER WAGNER JAMES WAGNER JUOI TH WAGNER JUDITH ANNE WAGNER SHtLDON FRANK JR WAGNER WILLIAM W III WAINWRIGhT RICHARU WAKEFIELD STANLEY WALCH CANDY WALDBY H ODELL WALDEN DAVIS WALDEN DAVIS E WALDEN PAT WALOON GALE 309 WALKER AORIAN WALKER BARBARA E WALKER CHRISTINE WALKER DONNA WALKER JAMES WALKER JANE WALKER JOHN WALKER JOYCE WALKER JOYCE LESLIE WALKER STAN WALKER SUSAN WALKER THOMAS WALKER THOMAS LUTHER WALKUP HELEN 173,2 73,362 WALKUP HELEN REBECCA WALL ANN WALL ANN CELESTE WALL LAWRENCE WALL NANCY 190,241 ,273 WALL NANCY DUTTON WALL NANLY R WALL RICHARD 395 WALLACE CHERYL 233 WALLACE STEWART 243 WALLACE WESLEY WALLER CURT WALLS JOHN M WALSH HELAINE WALTER WILL 1AM A WALTHALL MARY WALTON SUSAN nANDER MARTHA WARD ANNETTE WARD CHARLOTTE 177 394 100 255 99 194 394 196 274 237 179 394 !94 394 279 287 253 50 293 394 104 245 241 168 225 251 163 233 198 257 395 117 251 285 395 171 395 257 395 169 173 395 395 275 281 279 395 90 395 239 273 395 205 231 u WARD DOLORES 255 WARD JAMES 285 ULMER ELIZABETH 273 WARD MARY MAGARET 183 UNCERWOCD JOHN 269 WARD MARY M ARGARET 395 UPTON CHARLENE 169 WARD PAUL 263 UPTUN KAY 101 wARU ROBERT 275 258,259 WARDER JOHN ROBERT 395 UPTON LYNN 283 WARDNER ROLFE 277 URBAN KATHLEEN 245 WARFEL RICHARD 293 URBAN KATHY 77 WARING LINDA 202 82,1 13 WARNER CAROL 200 UR8AN MARK 263 WARNER CAROL ANN 395 URICH ROBE T 263 WARNER ROBERT 249 394 395 USSERY MARY 241 WARNER ROLFF 395 UTECHT SALLY 184 WARREN BONNIE RUTH 395 198 WARREN DIAN LEE 395 V WARREN JOE 197 WARREN R ICHARO 8 395 WARREN TOMMY 1 16 VACCARQ R |TA 204 148 VAHLBERC MARCIA 247 WARRENFELTZ LINDA D 395 VAHL6ERG MARCIA MERRILL 394 WARSHAW R ICHARD IB7 412 kASDIN GELDN wASSON R ICHARD wATERHOUSE LYNN WATERS BARBARA WATFORD NA1CY CATHERINE WATKINS BARRY WATK INS JOHN WATKINSCN KENNETH WATSON TOMMY WATTS MARTHA WATTS MARTHA JANE WAUGH JEFFREY WEALE MARY JO WEAND ARNOLD WEATHERFORD JOSEPH wEATHERRED CINOY wtAVER FLORENCE WEAVER JEAN 183 WEAVER JEAN MARIAN WEAVER JOHN WEAVER JOHN H WEBB LOIS WEBB LOIS E WEBB PEGGY wtB8 RALPH TRACY WEBB RANDY WEBSTER WENDY wEUOLE CAROL WEEKS BILL WEEKS JULIANA WEEKS JULIE WEEKS RAYMOND WEEKS RAYMOND SANFORD III WEGLEY PHIL wEIGAND KATHRYN WEIGHTON NICOLL WE1NHAGEN JANE WEISS ELLEN WELCH MAR1L INETTE WELDON CLAUDIA 245 WELLBORN CHARLES T WELLS CHARLES WELLS JANET 20 1 WELLS ROBERT WELSH MARIL INETTE WENDLING GEORGE WENGER MIRIAM 289 WENGER SALLEE WENGER SARAH JO WENHOLD BARRY WENTWORTH TARA WENTZEL MARY ANN WENZEL CLAJDIA WERNER ANDREW WERNER ROY WESS1NGER BOYD 395 WEST ANCREA WEST JAMES WEST JUDITH 395 WEST PERRY WEST ROBYN WEST SUSAN WESTBROOK JAMES WESTBROOK JOHN WESTENHISER MARY WESTMORELAND DONNA WETHERALL T K WETHERELL T K WETHERINGT3N GARY WEXLER JO 235 WFALEN JEFFREY WHEAT TERESA WHICHARD MARY WH IGHAM DO IS WHIGHAM MARY JANE WH1TAKER TOM 150 WHITE AUCREY LEE WHITE BONNIE WHITE CHIP WHITE FRANK RUSSELL JR WHITE FREDERICK ROBERT WHITE GARY LEE WHITE HARRIET WHITE JAMES WHITE JANET 396 WHITE LEWIS WHITE PATRICIA JO WHITE PAULA WHITE PAULA OE LYNNE WHITE PAULETTE WHITE RICHARO WHITE ROBERT WHITE ROBERT ALTON JR WHITE THOMAS WHITE THOMAS HARRISON JR WHITE TOM WHITEHEAD DIANE WHITLEY GEORGE Hill WHITLEY JACK 172 WHITLEY JACK A WHITMAN N1KKI 241 WHITMAN NIKKI ANN WHITMAN PATRICIA WHITMORE JERRY WHITTINGTON DIANA WIEHAUS DONNA 283 WIEJKUS KAREN R wIERENGO EL IZA8ETH WIGGINS GENE WIGGINS JIM W1LC0C0N DIXIE WILCOX BARBARA WILCOX HUGH WILCOX HUGH BASSETT WILCOX ROBERT WILCOXIN CIXIE WILCOXON DIXIE 230 WILCOXON DIXIE LEE 305,359,396 WILD BILL WILDER GUSS I I I WILDER STACY WILHELM DENNIS WILHELM DENNIS F WlLKERSON OEANNE WILKERSON MARGARET 190 WILKERSON THERESA WILK1NS GARY WILKINS GARY L WILKINS MEL ISSA WILLIAMS CATHERINE WILLIAMS CHARLOTTE 269 WILLIAMS CHRISTOPHER 293 WILLIAMS CHRISTOPHER DALY 395 WILLIAMS CON 225 WILLIAMS DONALD 395 WILLIAMS GILBERT 194 WILLIAMS HARRISON TINSLEY 293 WILLIAMS HORACE 261 WILLIAMS HORACE JACKSUN 175 WILLIAMS JOE 259 WILLIAMS JOHN 395 WILLIAMS JOHN F 264 WILLIAMS KATE 169 241 ,360 293 WILLIAMS KATE T 291 396 271 WILLIAMS LARRY 169 396 179 WILL IAMS LE IGH WILLIAMS LESL IE 395 WILLIAMS LESLIE ANNE 175 WILLIAMS MAKCIA LYNN 395 WILLIAMS MARTHA 200 WILLIAMS MARY 395 WILLIAMS MARY CHRISTINE 253 WILLIAMS MICHAEL 395 WILLIAMS PALMER 277 172,281 ,357,362 ,396 257 WILLIAMS RICHARD 202 W ILLIAMS RICHARD A 160 WILLIAMS ROBERT 255 186,278,279 206 WILLIAMS ROBERTA 186 WILLIAMS RONALO 395 WILLIAMS SHIRLEY 276 WILLIAMS SHIRLEY ANN 183 WILLIAMS SUSAN 291 WILLIAMS THOMAS 259 186,277 395 WILLIAMS THOMAS M 194 WILLIAMSON CAROLYN 194 W ILL1AMS0N CRAIG WILLIAMSON MARC 51 WILLIAMSON MARK 186 WILLIAMSON MYRIAM GAIL 169 WILLIS BEN WILLIS DAVID 291 WILLIS MOLL IE 273 WILLIS WILL IAM 293 WILLIS WILL IAM W 179 W1LL1TS PAM 345 233 H ILL IT S PAMELA A 395 WILLITS PAMELA RHODES 116 W1LLS0N JANIE LEE 200 396 231 WILSON AUCREY 225 WILSON AUCREY V 264 WILSON BRIAN 92 WILSON BR IAN LEE 285 WILSON BYRON R III WILSON JANIE 245 WILSON JUDITH 269 WILSON JUDITH A 185 WILSON LYNETTE WILSON LYNNE 249 WILSON LYNNE R , ' 4 7 WIL SON MARILYN 273 WILSON RANDY 279 396 279 WILSON ROBERT LEE 257 WILSON ROCKY 179 WILSCN ROY DON 119 141 1 16 WILSON SANDRA 77 WILSON SID 205 276 WILSON SIDNEY 291 WILSON SIONEY MOORE JR 205 WILSON SUSAN 245 271 169 WILSON TIMOTHY ROBERT 181 WILTSHIRE JO ANN 149 397 WIMBERLY DIANNE 395 WINFREE NELL 395 MING LINDA 96 WINKOPP KAREN CHRISTINE 395 WINNE PETER D 395 W1NSTEAD HEIDE 396 W1NTERLE JOHN S 227 WINTERLIE JOHN 242 WINTERS PHILI P 241 WINTERS STEPHEN WINTERS STEPHtN S 261 WISDOM JANET LEE 396 WISE DALE 289 WISE MARCELLE 182 WISE RAYMOV.U 253 WISE ROBERT 223 WISE ROBERT WILLIAM 175 WISE STUART 396 WISER MARY 287 WISER MARY KATHERINE 396 WlSNER LINDA 116 225 235 WISZNEAUCKAS CAVIO 396 WITHORN ANN 96 WITT DOROTHY WITTSTRUCT DEDE 396 WGJTKOWSKI LEE ANNE 185 WOLF HARRIET WULF HARRIET EVE 396 WULF MARILYN C 308 WULF SANDRA 28 7 WOLF SANDY 182 WOLFE DAVID Bl WOLFE GARY WOLFE ROBERT 168 WOLFORC M ICHAEL 233 WCLKING BARBARA A 199 WOLKING BARBARA ANN 148 WULTERS DUSTON 231 WOLTERS J DUSTON 233 WOLTERS JOHN 281 WOLTERS JOHN C JR 396 WCMACK JERI 281 179 115 WOOD BUD 173 WOOO JOHN 260 158 396 235 267 396 396 101 194 269 396 24 1 396 169 WOOC JOHN BAKER WOOO LEX WOOD L INDA WOOO MARSHALL WUOD PATR IC IA WOOO PATRICIA CARMEN WOOD PATSY 283 WOOD SARAH WOOD SHARON WOUD TERRY WOUDARD SHERYLE WOODBURY STEPHEN H WOODELL GAYLON WOOUELL VICKI WUUDELL VICKIE 294 287 396 277 223 237 396 186 396 237 287 396 173 171 279 200 235 396 205 241 169 225 261 170 169 16B 169 259 287 283 396 241 169 396 396 263 131 158 396 279 237 247 186 396 257 168 396 184 169 168 198 396 396 259 271 396 251 179 396 239 275 397 91 112 289 172 277 397 205 397 241 198 251 289 39 7 397 104 168 169 229 175 51 397 277 200 293 277 397 175 2 73 397 222 175 169 239 204 201 205 397 168 257 101 198 109 281 275 168 397 261 397 263 397 101 281 1 f5 397 160 289 287 251 397 184 178 233 175 231 397 287 109 205 WOODELL VICTORIA WOODLANC CHRISTOPHER wCOCS KATHLEEN WOODS LEUAN WOODS PAUL WOOOSON MICHAEL WCOOWARC LAURA WUODWARC WINIFRED W WUOLEVER JOYCE WOOLWEAVER DOUGLAS WOOTEN GREG WOOTTEN CHR IS WOROEN ALLEN WORKD SUSAN WCRKUER LYNN WURRALL DAVID WORRELL PAMELA WRIGHT ALICE WRIGHT ALICE E WRIGHT CANUY WRIGHT CHRIS WRIGHT DE8BY WRIGHT JEFF 277 WRIGHT KATHERINE WRIGHT KATHERINE KAY WRIGHT KAY WRIGHT MARSHA 245,245,309 wright r icharc dean wright thomas wrighton Glenn c wr1sley gray 259 WURZEL THCMAS WURZEL THOMAS E WYANT GARY WYATT WILLIAM WYATT WILLIAM PARKINSON WYNNE EDWARO WYNNE MARTHA WYNNE MARTHA ANN 199 ZACCARD 8ER ZACUR RICHA ZAFFRAN I AHAR I S KA ZAHAR1S KAR ZALKIN AL ZALK1N ALAN ZAPP RICHAR ZATARAIN NA ZAVELSON DA ZAVELSON DA ZEEUW PAUL ZERMAN WILL ZGOOZ INSK 1 ZGOUZ INSKI ZIMMERMAN fi Z 1MMERMAN D Z IMMERMAN U 255 Z IMMERMAN L ZION HARVEY ZUGHBY LIND NACETTE RD NCY Nl EL N1EL LEE CE IAM ED EOWARO F AR8ARA AVE IANE ENNY 101 291 182 259 397 255 293 271 172 233 397 182 204 397 169 168 204 175 397 112 281 397 263 289 397 YAGODA KENNETH 249 YANKEE RAYMOND C 397 YARBROUGH DUNNA GA IL 397 YATES PATRICIA 235 YATES PATRICIA ANNE 397 YATSUK ROBERT 191 YELDELL BILL 116 YENT JO ELLEN H 397 YOCER KENCRA 255 YODER KENDRA ANN 397 YOH BETSY LOU 235 YOUNG BETSY 239 YCUNG JOAN DIANE 397 YCUNG L INDA KAY 397 YOUNG SANDRA 179 YUST JOHN EDWARD 397 101 264 274 247 397 228 229 291 259 249 397 370 267 263 397 184 265 100 148 116 104 IN MEMORIAM Senator Robert F. Kennedy Dr. Martin Luther Kin Mayor Robert King High ■■ ■ ■ I ■ ■-.- i ■ ■ ■• . --:, ..... -- : " ' ■ •• ' •••■•• . ' ■ L ■ .... .

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