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.to f . ■ " -i ' feWi ! ' ;• ■ .- , ' ■■ ■ . • " isS S " . ' $■•: r ' ,Vv- " ., A ' Tf ' f$ 7 ' ■ ■ - " J i ' « |jL J -■ vMvJ; . •.« S V ' SS8g-i» TALLY HO l$BS m ♦t ? ' ;- ! " S " - ' ,! " , ,► The Florida State University f y 1 U M£A f r ' ' " ■ Contents Introduction 4 Dedication 22 Academics 24 Features 52 Beauties 91 Student Government 98 Sports 142 Organizations 192 Fine Arts 236 Greeks 260 Seniors 343 Closing 397 Index 402 TERRY HUDSON Editor-in-Chief LYNN DUDLEY Managing Editor CLAUDE SHIPLEY, JR. Business Manager Florida State both a university and a place in the sun an invitation both to learn and to feel and above all an education an exercise of the mind and body the spirit seeking knowledge in the fountain of life « PmJ m i •■ " . ' ' ' ' ■ . ' , J — j £ - J ' «j A_ ' 7 Co-eds, minus surfboards, glowing in Florida sunlight little girls to maturity and learning under the eternal watchfullness of leaves and Spanish moss they come and they go, like flowers The spirit of Florida State rooted in the respected traditions of the Old South bursting forth in new ideas, new excitement like the blaring of a victory trumpet or the dancing flames of a bonfire it roars out its call: " Follow me " Fine arts in Florida-the finest in the South a growing tradition of cultural excellence from folk-rock to Figaro, flamenco to Faust stirring the mind with adventure and wisdom to the experience of learning to a vision of man 10 Seminoles Earn Sun Bowl Bid 12 Top rushing defense in the nation faced the coun- try ' s fifth best passing team as Wyoming and Flori- da State vied Christmas Eve in the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas. The Cowboys combined a fierce ground defense with a steady running attack to coral the Seminoles 28-20. Wyoming fullback Jim Kiick opened the scoring with a one-yard plunge set up by Vic Washington ' s long punt return. Just before half-t ime, FSU signal caller, Kim Hammond, electrified the crowd by toss- ing long scoring aerials to Ron Sellers and T.K. Wetherell, giving the Seminoles a 14-7 lead. In the second half, Kiick broke through the Flori- da State line and sped forty-seven yards to paydirt. Wyoming quarterback Rick Egloff hurled one TD pass and then scrambled fourteen yards for the clinching tally. Hammond led a spirited Tribe comeback, again connecting with Sellers for a score, but the sun set on Seminole hopes as time ran out. - mm4 13 14 " -- £ ft. lP : ' 15 16 17 fc 19 - ■ a h le Lf 20 Excitement-on campus, off campus street dances, football games Easter at Ft. Lauderdale, Daytona Beach Mardi Gras, nearby in New Orleans all a part of education all a partof Florida State tradition 21 DR. ROBERT S. MULLIKEN Professor of Chemical Physics In Dedication DR. ROBERT S. MULLIKEN, Nobel Prize recipient, is congratulated by President John E. Champion and Michael Kasha. On November 3, 1966, Dr. Robert S. Mulliken be- came the 1966 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry. Hav- ing served Florida State a s Distinguished Research Professor of Chemical Physics, he won much res- pect and esteem by bringing to Florida the first Nobel Prize in science. His research and discoveries are hailed not only by Florida State and the Nobel Committee, for his list of honors includes those from colleges, univer- sities and academies across the country. He has received five major awards from the American Chemi- cal Society and received the Gold Medal Award for Scientific Achievement from the City College of New York in 1965. Dr. Mul I i ken ' s fame and recognition as a Nobel Laureate is the result of his development of the molecular orbital theory, which describes the path which electrons travel in complex molecules. The theory is important because it helps scientists predict the behavior of molecules from the nature of the individual atoms which make them up. His work has been said to have bridged the gap between the atom and the molecule. In pride and recognition of his many efforts and achievements that have expanded the world ' s hori- zons in science, we dedicate the 1967 TALLY-HO, to Dr. Robert Sanderson Mulliken. f 23 Academics 25 Governor Claude R. Kirk FSU ' s Board of Regents was led this year by the recently elected Claude R. Kirk, the first Republi- can to be elected Governor of Florida since the Re- construction Period following the Civil War. The Board of Regents are the state ' s and the governor ' s advisors on financial, educational and physical planning of the five state universities which com- prise the Florida University System. Of utmost concern to the Board is the financial situation of the Florida schools. The BOR consists of an executive director and nine members who are chosen from regions through- out the state of Florida. Board of Regents BOARD OF REGENTS: Front Row: Henry Kramer, Chester Ferguson, Mrs. E. D. Pearce, Dr. Wayne C. McCall. Second Row: Dr. J. Broward Culpepper, Woodrow Darden, Dr. Louis Murray, John Pace, Clifton Dyson, Dr. Clarence Menser. 26 As the Union complex continued to bring together a larger number of students, the administration strove to unify the activities and functions of FSU ' s various departments. The always increasing quality of the educational program was an indica- tion of our leaders ' competence and hard work. Each administrator, whether returning to a post from the previous year or replacing a former mem- ber of this select group, exerted a profound influ- ence on the student body. Acting under the guidance of our new president, these men and women created an aura of greatness appropriate to the true spirit of today ' s Florida State University. PRESIDENT JOHN E. CHAMPION PhD, University of Michigan Administration E. LAURENCE CHALMERS Vice-President of Academic Affairs PhD, Princeton University 27 JOHN K. ARNOLD Associate Dean of Students MA, California Institute of Technology JOHN CAREY Dean of Students PhD, Yale University DONALD LOUCKS Dean of Men PhD, Indiana University KATHERINE WARREN Dean of Women MA, Columbia University 28 WILLIAM T. SADLER Director of Student Employment and Financial Aid MS, University of Mississippi STEPHEN S. WINTERS Director, Division of Basic Studies PhD, Columbia University VAUGHN MANCHA Director of Athletics MA University of Alabama HERB F. REINHARD Director, University Union PhD, Indiana University RODERICK KIRKPATRICK SHAW Business Manager BS, Davidson College ■ r % EDITH McCOLLUM Director of Housing MA, Columbia Teachers College THOMAS M. GOOLSBY, JR. Director of University Test Center PhD, University of Iowa SARAH MOORE ROBINSON Associate Dean of Women MA, Northwestern University PATRICK W. HOGAN Director of University Relations BS, Florida State University ROBERT T. LEIGH Director of Publications MS, Alabama Polytechnic Institute THOMAS A. WAITS Director of Alumni Affairs BS, Florida State University GEORGE E. FORTIN University Comptroller MBA, University of Florida ■• A em m- N. ORWIN RUSH Director of Libraries MS, Columbia University WILLIAM L. MALOY Director of Placement PhD, Florida State University C. G. GENTRY Medical Director of University Hospital MD, Louisiana State University 31 School of Arts and Sciences To receive a bachelor ' s degree from the College of Arts and Sciences, the student must fulfill the gen- eral education requirements and have completed two years of college foreign language study or its equi- valent. Students enrolled in this area may also prepare and become certified to teach on the secon- dary level. The College of Arts and Sciences is concerned with basic fields of knowledge in the areas of natu- ral sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Perhaps the most diversified college in the univer- sity, this school is composed of twenty four depart- ments and offers a variety of possibilities for majors and minors. Orientated toward encouraging graduate study, the college attempts to prevent specialization and to maintain a sound balance in the total educational program. ROBERT 0. LAWTON Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences Ph.D., Duke University " £« V ,- " - ■■ -. •v- E SS ?; ' " - , ff i: - |i 32 ARTISTS DABBLE MIDST OTHER WORKS OF ART. jiil l LAB PREPARATION PROVES TO BE TIME CONSUMING. 33 School of Business Liberal knowledge of the social, economic and poli- tical -forces in business operations was the founda- tion provided by School of Business. Emphasis was placed on the subject matter which stressed logical reasoning, effective communicating, and ration- al deducing. Professional development and research received key emphasis in the School of Business. Teaching the basic disciplines which underlay management concepts, the School felt the need to be concerned with current problems as well as those which will face business executives in the twenty-first cen- tury. Course offerings were in the field of account- ing, finance, management, marketing, and risk and insurance. Special programs in hotel and restau- rant management and multinational business opera- tions were also offered. Adult educational ser- vices were furnished for those students unable to attend regular classes. CHARLES A. ROVETTA Dean of the School of Business M.B.A., University of Chicago THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS has a faculty re- ception. FACULTY discussion on stock market activity at a business meeting. A PLANNING CONFERENCE is conducted at the School of Business. THE FACULTY welcomes students at the faculty recep- tion. PRINCIPLES OF LOGIC AS THEY APPLY TO BUSINESS OPERATIONS ARE DISCUSSED AT A SEMINAR 35 School of Education MODE L. STONE Dean of the School of Education Ph. D., Peabody College Striving for a good understanding of our education system, of human behavior, and of modern teaching techniques, was the ambition of Education majors. Backed by numerous liberal arts courses, students developed insight and answers for classroom prob- lems. Harnessed ideas were unfolded at the Student Na- tional Education meetings where guest speakers from the national organizations lectured. Major objectives of the School was to furnish a balanced teacher education program which would graduate teachers responsible in education l eadership. Internship, usually the first term of one ' s senior year, provided early experience in teaching, per- mitting the intern to study student behavior and recognize problems he would soon be expected to cope with. Kappa Delta Pi and Phi Kappa Phi were honoraries for outstanding education scholars. STUDENT CHEMISTS WORK IN MODERN AND WELL-EQUIPPED LABS AVID STUDENTS TAKE NOTES DURING FILMS 36 ' . » ■ . »♦ • , ' . - EDUCATION MAJORS AND PROFESSORS ESTABLISH A CLOSE RAPPORT IN THEIR CLASSES TEACHER shows elementary science concepts in the lab. COEDS TAKE CARE OF CHILDREN AT FSU ' S NURSERY. College of Engineering Science The School of Engineering Science has as its pri- mary objective the preparation of superior students for careers in engineering research, industry, ad- vanced development and college teaching. Emphasis is placed on mathematics and the basic sciences, fundamental ideas of engineering, and a broad liberal arts background. A co-op program is provided by the School for students who wish to alternate terms of study with terms of employment in engineering organizations. Through this method, a student may defray the cost of his education through participation in the program and gain valuable experience on the job; through this training, he will be more mature professionally by the time he completes his degree requirements. COMPUTER TECHNIQUE IS DEVELOPED GROVER L. ROGERS Dean of the School of Engineering Science Sc.D., Harvard University ENGINEERING STUDENTS COMPUTE TEST MEASUREMENTS 3 b •k ■WH», - 38 1 . i . i FUEL PRESSURE OF A SMALL ENGINE IS TESTED BY AEROSPACE STUDENT STUDENTS VERIFY ELECTRIC CURRENT READINGS nguQ V- -T • • • • • •,.. -- - ' ; v «• ♦ » - - P BAR STRENGTH IS TESTED BY A STRAIN GUAGE S 39 School of Home Economics STUDENTS LEARN THAT FOOD WEIGHT MEASURES NUTRITION LAB SESSIONS in textiles provide students with opportunities for instruction in fabric analysis. Ignorance of home and community problems and their solutions is quickly being stamped out by courses in home economics. Spirited class discussions further understanding of the need for satisfactory and effec- tive family living and responsible citizenship. Pride in future home life inspires many to take courses offered in Food and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, and Home and Family Life. An under- standing of the seemingly endless housekeeping problems leads to a successful marriage. Exhaustive research by students prepares them for future jobs as teachers, dietitians, and fashion, clothing, and textiles design. Omicron Nu, and Omi- cron Delta Epsilon, are academic honoraries open for those displaying leadership, scholarship, and research in home economics. HORTENSE GLENN Dean of the School of Home Economics Ph.D., Florida State University 41 College of Law MASON LADD Dean of the College of Law S.J.D., Harvard University After years of discussion in the legislature, the College of Law was opened last September. The new school was the beneficiary of a library of 13,000 volumes and reached twice the expected enrollment with a student body of 110. This year only freshman classes were taught. Upperclassmen courses, however, were to be added to the curriculum each year to accomodate the ad- vancing students. Classes during the first year of operation were held in the Longmire Building as plans were made for a new location across from the State Supreme Court building. An experimental program was used with the char- ter class. Encouraging individual instruction with professors throughout the course, large lecture classes were followed by small group meetings of about twenty students. Plans for the next several years included public service by second or third year students as assis- tant public defenders and legal aids. 42 ASPIRING LAWYERS SPEND HOURS OF INTENSE STUDYING IN THE LAW LIBRARY LAW STUDENTS AND FACULTY CALLOLD LONGMIREHOME 13,000 VOLUMES ARE ALREADY IN THE LAW LIBRARY COLLEGE OF LAW OFFICERS: Front Row: Jon Kaney, President; Susan Wadsworth, Secretary; Warren Peterson, Treasurer; elect; Steve Watts, Executive Vice-President. Second Row: Jim McConnaughhay, Vice-President; John Conness, Vice-Presi- dent; Ronald Krongold, Treasurer; Jerry Taymond, Vice-President. 43 Library School The primary objective of the Library School at Flor- ida State is to offer a professional education for librarians for service in all types of libraries. The curricula are basically post-graduate but gives courses at the undergraduate level for certification as school librarians in cooperation with the College of Arts and Sciences. A secondary objective of the school is to help all students develop an appreciation of the library and its role in society. The master ' s degree program with specialization in school library service fulfills the requirements for certification in Florida as well as other states. The master ' s program is accredited by the American Library Association. Housed in the Strozier Library, facilities for student use include classrooms, a cataloging labor- atory, student lounge and a curriculum lounge. With the new addition to be finished in the spring, the library will hold an additional 70,000,000 books. COURTEOUS LIBRARIANS are always ready to assist students in gathering information. LOUIS SHORES Dean of the Library School Ph.D., George Peabody College 44 STUDENTS learn the fundamentals of library science in small, informal classes. AN ATMOSPHERE THAT IS CONDUCIVE TO STUDY IS MAINTAINED ' HROUGHOUT THE JBRARY WHERE WILL TAKE YOU? I s O ty FHE LIBRARY SCHOOL INFORMS STUDENTS OF CAREER OPPORTUNITIES. tfr m ill Jtr r - ' j| lie l| Lr THE CARD CATALOGUE provides a central reference for all library material. STUDENTS PRACTICE SIGHT READING AND HARMONY IN PREPARATION FOR CONCERTS School of Music Ranked among the top ten in the nation, the School of Music guaranteed the university student personal experience and knowledge of modern music tech- niques. Employing the aid of students, the School hosted many professional meetings, operas, and symphonies. Persistence was appreciated after attending the fine performances executed entirely by students in recitals and concerts. One phase of participation was illustrated by the marching band which performed in football games, parades, and broke up into small- er bands for student activities. Voice, theory, and composition were a few of the numerous subjects open to music majors, grad- uates, and interested students. Sigma Alpha lota, Kappa Kappa Psi , Phi Mu Alpha, and Tau Beta Sigma were music honoraries for exceptional students. 46 JB3 _ 1l A VIOLINIST MUST PRACTICE TO ACHIEVE PERFECTION. PLAYING THE TROMBONE REQUIRES FEELING tflLEY L. HOUSEWRIGHT Dean of the School of Music Ed.D., Columbia University ' ' ■ . • • f -n ram » ,. 1 FLORIDA STATE ' S MARCHING CHIEFS WARM UP FOR ANO I HER TOP-NOTCH HALF-TIME PERFORMANCE 47 VIVIAN M. DUXBURY Dean of the School of Nursing M.A., Columbia University School of Nursing The School of Nursing prepares young men and women for the professional practice of nursing and the eventual admission of above average students to graduate programs in nursing. Authorized in 1950, the School achieved full national accreditation on May 1, 1958. The School was accredited in 1964 for the plan whereby regis- tered nurse students are admitted to the program. Upon graduation, a student receives the Bachelor of Science degree and then takes the State Board Examination to obtain the title Registered Nurse. Nurses who have a college education with a nursing major are increasingly in demand for a wide variety of positions. They are qualified to enter both rural and urban regions and to give valuable assis- tance to communities in meeting health needs, and in raising standards. PROSPECTIVE NURSES USE CHARTS TO LEARN THE SKELETAL BONES AND MUSCLES OF THE HUMAN BODY 48 r, 1 i N FAITH IN YOUR FELLOW STUDENTS IS IMPORTANT IN THIS SCHOOL ISTRUCTORS HAVE INFORMAL TALKS WITH THEIR STUDENTS to - Wr Mil STUDENT NURSES OBTAIN PRIMARY EXPERIENCE BY PRACTICING WITH " DUMMIES " 49 The School of Social Welfare is one of the most outstanding schools in the university as well as one of the best in the nation. The reputation of this school is known everywhere. This fact allows for a greater variety of students which also makes a great demand on the curricula offered. Various fields of study are offered including criminology, marriage and family living, juvenile care, and correctional institutions. The intern- ship program, which includes internship in a vari- ety of social agencies and a summer internshi p in Criminology and Corrections, places the student in a setting like a boy ' s industrial farm. To meet the challenge of the future, the School of Social Welfare expands its program every year to include more and better opportunities for the students. A degree will enable the graduate to enter a host of occupations and he will discover that his curricula has aided him in preparing to be an intelligent and responsible citizen. COYLE E. MOORE Dean of the School of Social Welfare Ph.D., University of Chicago School of Social Welfare STUDENT CRIMINOLOGIST examines the cross-section of bullets under an intense lens. 50 i k rt 8 W - •1ANDWRITING ANALYSIS IS VITAL TO CRIMINOLOGISTS SOCIAL WELFARE SEMINARS STIMULATE INTEREST ajfc »». r fc Mku TEACHER EXPLAINS the fundamentals of child development. 51 Features Registration Activities AFTER VIEWING THE EXHIBITS, students enjoy dancing to the music of the Chaotics. Registration began early in September as Florida State began her last year under the trimester system. Students flocked to Tallahassee in all modes of transportation from every section of Florida and all parts of the United States only to become en- gulfed in a mass scramble for classes. Bewildered freshmen wandered around campus with newly acquired friends and maps while upperclassmen held joyful reunions. After struggling for hours at registration, many of the record 14,319 students visited the University Union for Activities Night. They were entertained with a variety of displays, talks, and performances by student organizations. A dance in the univer- sity ballroom highlighted the even ing with music furnished by the Chaotics. EQUIPMENT IS SET UP TO ORIENTATE STUDENTS 54 COMPLETELY ENGROSSED by the seriousness of regis- tration, this lone male student is nil to his surroundings. ight Highlights NO, THEY JUST CAN ' T CLOSE BIOLOGY SO SOON ' ACTIVITIES NIGHT- A time for getting acguaintec observing, and learning new things about FSU. k 53 FRUSTRATION AND CONFUSION WAS THE ORDER OF THE DAY DURING FALL REGISTRATION 55 ill ' T i« ic: SMILING COEDS AID BROTHERS IN FRATERNITY RUSH HAPPINESS IS RECEIVING A SORORITY BID RUSHEES PAUSE TO REST FEET BEFORE ENTERING ANOTHER HOUSE 56 GREEK BROTHERS AND NEW " HOPEFULS " DANCE AT A FRATERNITY RUSH PARTY SERENADING SORORITY SISTERS INVITE ALL PROSPECTIVE PLEDGES TO COME AGAIN AND STAY AWHILE Trimester Begins With Rush Formal open house receptions commenced the first two weeks of Panhellenic rush. Rushees paraded across campus to the well-polished Greek houses where sororities entertained with " ice-water teas " and fraternities sponsored a series of informal combo parties. Just as fraternities and sororities must be selective in their membership, so must the rushees be in choosing the chapter they wish to pledge. Prospective pledges were invited to informal gather- ings with skits and dinners that they might become better acquainted with the Greek way of life. Signing the preferential signified the end of rush. Each rushee chose at most three houses. Final selections for membership were made by sorority and fraternity members after the preferential dinners. Bids, submitted the following morning, were received in tears of surprise and relief. Pledging took place that afternoon. A BID, AND ALL THE PAINS WERE FORGOTTEN THE LETTERMEN SURVEY THE SCENE OF A SUCCESSFUL PERFORMANCE Homecoming Highlights tbSSsht Although Homecoming 1966 did not officially begin until the dismissal of classes at noon on Friday, glimpses of the upcoming festivities could be seen throughout the campus. Fraternities and sororities were working on the colorful floats for the Friday afternoon parade. This year ' s theme, " A Champion Year for F,SU, " was displayed in the decorations on the fronts of dormitories and off-campus housing. Friday evening was highlighted by a spirited pep rally. In the program of the traditional Pow Wow were three skits presented by Sigma Kappa, Sigma Chi, and Alpha Chi Omega. The culmination of the program was the crowning of Miss Toni Beals as the 1966 Homecoming Queen. Following the Pow Wow was the Lettermen concert held in Tully Gym. Their performance captivated the audience and cli- maxed the first day ' s celebration of Homecoming. TD OR NOT TD PONDER SELLARSCRAZ AND MORMANSTERN THE DEMON DEACONS SOON REALIZED THAT IT WAS--A CHAMPION YEAR FOR FSU Friday night of FSU ' s Homecoming Weekend saw the re-enactment of the colorful Pow Wow. Climaxing a night of songs and skits was the selection of the Homecoming Queen of 1966 from the five finalists vying for the honor. This year ' s title was awarded to the lovely Toni Beals of Kappa Alpha Theta, a senior from St. Augustine. Miss Beals, who was head cheerleader and Greek Goddess, had also been a member of Gymkana Court. The crowning of the new queen was made by last year ' s reigning beauty, Anna Faulds. Her Highness then took her seat amid her court on a brightly-lit throne at the center of Campbell Stadium. Runners-up Barbara Huntress, Jan Dunn, Jackie Fain and Diana Teghtmeyer all added to the beauty of the most impressive event. MISS TONI BEALS REIGNS OVER A SPIRITED WEEK-END 1966-67 HOMECOMING COURT: Miss Diana Teghtmeyer, Miss Barbara Huntress, Miss Toni Beals, Queen; Miss Jackie Fain, Miss Jan Dunn. Miss Toni Beals D. WILLIAMS (70) RUSHES TO AID UNIDENTIFIED FSU PLAYER STRUGGLING FIERCELY WITH DEACON DEFENDERS An awakened FSU defense and offense combined to shut out the Demon Deacons 28-0 before a packed Homecoming crowd at Campbell Stadium. As usual, the stars of the show were the dynamic duo, Gary Pajcic and Ron Sellers, who p ut on an aerial spec- tacular that resulted in a record-setting 86-yard touchdown. The Seminoles hit hard and often, with Moreman and Green bowling over for the first two scores, thus setting the stage for Pajcic ' s third- period bomb. The Meeces proved to be just as ag- gressive, picking off two Wake Forest passes and refusing to let the Deacons hang a single point on the scoreboard. A final attack engineered by Kim Hammond in the closing minutes gave FSU another TD ( thus putting the finishing touches on a much- prophesied Homecoming victory. BILL MOREMAN HAS PLENTY OF ELBOW ROOM Seminoles Baptize Deacons B. RHODES (75) AND L. KISSAM (73) CUT A PATH FOR THE AGGRESSIVE LARRY GREEN (20) 63 64 (( Caravan " Highlights Gymkana Combining beauty with showmanship and precision, Gymkana 1966 dazzeled its audience with a specta- cular production based on a caravan bringing wares from far countries. The wares carried by each car- avan were indicative of materials native to each country. " Caravan " was the result of several months of hard work and dedication by a 100-student troup in- terested in training both mind and body to function together in the creation of beauty, agility, versa- tility and gracefulness of form. Highlights of the show included performances by internationally known FSU student gymnasts and the nationally famous Tallahassee Tumbling Tots in breath-taking acts on the high bar, still rings, side horse, tram- poline, parallel bars, and flying rings. Students who participate in Gymkana give time and energy to the perfection of their show by working on the backdrops and props, as well as organizing and performing their own acts. Evidence of hours of work and much talent was shown not only by the perfection of every act, but also in the settings. This year Gymkana used desert surroundings in order to enhance their theme, Caravans. Beauty, poise, and charm were used in selecting 20 girls as members of a court of honor. Each girl was then judged on her co-operation and the costume which she designed to suit the theme, and the Court was announced at the final performance. This year Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity was presented with the service award, and the crowning of Patricia Whit- man as Miss Gymkana of 1966 climaxed the show. MISS PATRICIA WHITMAN, GYMKANA QUEEN 1966-67 GYMKA Barbara Rucker, Priscill NA COURT OF HONOR: Front Row: Judy Holman, Sharon Cobb, Suzi Crowder, Susan Scaggs, Connie Rivers, Grigg, Gail Goyer. Second Row: Tricia Whitman, Dennette Severson, Elaine Tew, Peggy Edwards, Patti Paula Berkeley, Susan Casperson. Third Row: Linda Hooper, Babs Edwards, Donna Rogers, Ann Williams, a Schnarr. Gymkana ' s Royalty Accepts Wares GYMKANA ROYALTY: Donna Rogers, 5th runner-up, sponsored by Theta Chi; Priscilla Schnarr, 4th runner-up, sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha; Patricia Whitman, MISS GYMKANA, sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha; Connie Rivers, 1st runner-up, sponsored by Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dennette Severson, 2nd runner-up, sponsored by Delta Zeta; Linda Hooper, 6th runner-up, sponsored by Delta Delta Delta; Sharon Cobb, 4th runner-up, sponsored by Pi Beta Phi. 67 Soap Box Derby Early in the Winter Trimester, the fraternities on campus began the tedious work of constructing a soap-box car so that they could participate in the annual race down College Avenue. After the car was complete, the fraternity instructed members of the sorority with which they had been paired on the procedures of driving the vehicles. In the Spring, the long-awaited Soap Box Derby sponsored by Phi Delta Theta was held. Crowds lined up along the sidewalks and the event began with the starting signal. Cheers went up as the cars neared the Finish Line and the winning team was awarded the annual trophy. Charity Bowl was officially launched as a campus tradition on November 5 of this year by the men of Alpha Phi Omega in conjunction with the Florida State Department of Intramurals. The Bowl was a flag football game in which a team of Greek All- Stars were pitted against a team of Independent All- Stars. The result of this high scoring contest was a victory for the Greeks, with the final score reading 44-25. The proceedsof the gameresulted in schol- arships for needy students. After the game FSU ' s President John Champion crowned the first Charity Bowl Queen-Miss Dee Van Hillo, a junior sponsored by the Greeks, Miss Vickie Woodall, the runner-up, represented the Independents. DEE VAN HILLO REIGNS AT THE APO CHARITY BOWL Greeks Shine in Charity Bowl i X i 4P 3l ' COACHING THE ARDENT INDEPENDENT BENCH A " SELLOUT " CROWD PACKS THE STANDS AT CAMPBELL STADIUM Winter Trimester 70 Circus Perfects Big Top Show i 72 .f. 4 4b5 l M • I ft • I f ' «• V V; ■ ' . ' v " ».; :» Throughout the year those students who participate in Circus are active in all the angles of preparing for the Big Top show in the Spring. The Florida State " Flying High " Circus is the only collegiate show of its type in existence. The reputation of the show has received world-wide acclaim not only for its uni- queness but also for the quality of its performances. In order for the Circus to achieve perfection, it is necessary for each participant to spend his spare time working on various phases of preparation. All aspects of the show, including putting up the tent and making costumes, are done entirely by the stu- dents. Although hours of hard work are required from the Circus performers, the learningexperience and the sense of accomplishment must make their time and effort worthwhile, because every year the performance under the Big Top lives up to its repu- tation of excellence. 73 74 Circus Celebrates 20th Year As the lights grow dim a voice proudly announces the first act, and the audience is led into a world of daring and excitement. The FSU " Flying High " Cir- cus is ready to present its annual show. The bril- liant colors of the costumes, the sawdust, and the popcorn and peanuts all add to the fascinating at- mosphere that pervades throughout the tent. As the show proceeds, the spectators become more and more involved with the performers; barely audible gasps can be detected as the high wire walker gets to the other side, and hearts skip a beat when the girl on the flying trapeze completes her " double. " At the end of the show, the spell of enchantment is broken and the performers once again become the students who attend the Florida State University. This year marked the 20th anniversary of FSU ' s Circus, and those who worked in this year ' s event celebrated by producing the " best show ever. " 76 mm 11 - -•■ ■•- - rir-- - ■■■ 78 ■.; ' ■■ ' : ;.? ' ■ " al . Physical exercise and a lot of time and effort are the ingredients required for the performances that are given on the Florida State campus each Spring by the Theatre Dance Group and by Tarpon Club. Early in the Fall trimester people who show an in- terest in these groups are encouraged to apply for ■nembership. After the tryouts are over, the hard work begins. Members of both groups not only spend time practicing, they also design costumes, compose the choreography, and work with lighting and sets. The culmination of the months of work is achieved when fhe Theatre Dance Group presents an evening of bal- let and when Tarpon performs feats of precision tim- ing in the water. The hard work which has been put nto these shows is made evident by the professional quality of the performances. TARPON ' S PERFORMANCE REQUIRES PRECISION TIMING Exercise Yields Grace CLAD IN BRIGHT RED AND WHITE COSTUMES, TARPON PERFORMERS SWIM TO A SOLDIER ' S MARCH 81 A Field Day At The Derby A cold, wind-swept Band Field in late February was the scene of this year ' s famed Sigma Chi Derby. Nevertheless, hundreds of sorority girls, as well as scores of cheering onlookers, braved the cold to put on one of the most unforgettable events of the year. Excitement ran high as girls competed in the Tug- of-War, the Dizzy-lzzy Relay, a mud-filled Money Hunt and a very unusual Mystery Event. The pledges also contributed to the fun-filled afternoon with some hysterical costuming and production numbers by the girls in the " Around-the-World " theme of the Deck-a-Pledge event. Overall winners of the Derby were the KD ' s, who also won the spirit Trophy, with the ADPi ' s and Pi Phi ' s coming in second and third. Susan Scaggs of ADPi was voted Derby Queen in a very close contest. In all, a fine, though some- what spine-chilling, time was had by all in this tra- ditional contest. THAT EGG JUST HAS TO BE CAUGHT 82 MUD-SPLATTERED GIRLS THROW FOR SURVIVAL. THE TUG-OF-WAR REQUIRES MUSCLES AND ENDURANCE TO WIN. THE LASSES OF ALPHA OMICRON PI DANCE FOR THE WEE LEPRECHAUNS OF THE EMERALD ISLE. 83 w ■ [I 4 fca£h£ F 5 Graduation PRESIDENT JOHN CHAMPION greets commencement speak- er CHESTER FERGUSON, before the April graduation At the end of every trimester, after the drudgery of final exams had passed away, the commencement ceremony bestowed upon those candidates the de- gree which each one of them had earned in hiswork here at Floridc State. Learning, research, and fa- cing and adjusting to new experiences and new situations composed the list of ingredients which went into each BA and BS. As the symbolic chang- ing of the tassels occured, each student became a graduate and was then faced with new opportunities and with new responsibilities. University life had added four years of experience to the lives of those who were receiving their diploma at the ceremony, and after that evening those graduates of the Flori- da State University would be challenged by the broad horizons of an exciting new world. MALCOLM BROWN RECEIVES 1000TH PH.D. FOR HIS WORK IN MUSIC JFN i] i f ye- w ' » ' v«- n Summer 89 All Campus Song Fest PI BETA PHt SORORITY COMPETES TO PLACE IN THE WOMEN ' S DIVISION Early in the trimester the sounds of voices could be heard in the fraternity and sorority houses, the dor- mitories, and off-campus organizations. All of these groups were practicing for competition in the annual Campus Sing, which was sponsored by Phi Mu Alpha and Sigma Alpha lota. These two music honor- aries planned and presented a well-attended song fest. Each entry was judged on poise, choice of selections, and tone quality. This year Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority won first place in the Women ' s Division, while Kappa Delta and Pi Beta Phi took second and third place. The honors in the Men ' s Division were snared by Kellum Hall, Pi Kappa Phi and Tau Kappa Epsilon. Wesley Foundation, the Baptist Student Union, and Kappa Sigma and Chi Omega won places in the competition held for male and female voices. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA WINS THE CAMPUS SING TROPHY 90 Miss Tally Ho Contest Continuing the tradition begun two years ago, the TALLY HO again held the Miss Tally Ho Contest. The contestants were sponsored by various organi- zations on campus and were judged on a basis of poise, faciai beauty, figure, and grooming. Five minute interviews were held and through these the judges were able to select the semifinalists. The final judging was held in Moore Auditorium and the new Miss Tally Ho, Pam Wiilits was crowned by Terry Hudson, Editor-in-Chief of the TALLY HO and by Marilyn Hendricks, Miss Tally Ho for 1967. MISS TALLY HO COURT: Terri Calland, Sharon Cobb, Sue Mont- gomery, Diane Perry, and Pam Wiilits, Miss Tally Ho. Pam Willits T r$ S®S v -.- B -v + ' % ft ' jmai .LEAhIN. CAk! C V WjC £ " ' STA " 5gf . % ■ ■H .. " • -J -v ' t» ' " ■. fc i Terri Calland 94 Sharon Cobb k r " %ts ■■■■ » 1 ■ ■ • Sue Montgomery Diane Perry 97 Student Government 99 JOANNA ROMER Editor, 1st Trimester ' 67 Tally Ho Depicts Florida Life k LYNN DUDLEY Managing Editor TERRY HUDSON Editor, 2nd Trimester The creation of a yearbook involves many dedicated people and many long hours of hard work. Lack of experience was more than compensated for by a tre- mendous interest shown in the fall of 1966. This interest was exploited, resulting not only in an outstanding Tally Ho, but also in a bumper crop of editors and workers for next year. Basing the theme of the book on our own state of Florida, plans and ideas slowly developed into reality as the year passed and each page was care- fully prepared. In words and pictures, the Tally Ho staff has attempted to present the story of the year 1967 at Florida State University. Associate anc JOYCE KELLY Distribution Editor 101 BARBARA PATTERSON Associate Editor ANDREA WEST Associate Editor fl m m DAN CAMOZZ Photographer NEIL STOUT Photographer • 1 w I t s 4 1 LARRY BROWN Sports Editor WAYNE MANLEY Photographer J V DIANE ZIMMERMAN Layout Assistant MIKE PIVA Photographer DIANE MEANS and JIM MURPHY Copy Co-Editors 103 PAT BECKET Organizations Editor JO VAN HORN Fine Arts Editor 104 LINDA BURTON Student Government Editor KAREN STARR and JO ANN JOCIS Features Co-Editors « BRENDA SINGLETARY Greeks Editor s — CYNDEE PATRICIC and DUANE FARMER Layout Assistants MARTHA KELLER Sports V mmm " i ASSORTfwtm u)F 12 PKGS. PINT V 12 PKGS. QUA? BES-PA P Bt ' : ■ A SUE HODSON Greeks TOMMY HOLLIMAN and JOYCE PATTERSON Academics Co-Editors 105 DAVE NELSEN Editor-in-Chief Flambeau Under New Leadership KATHY URBAN News Editor AL OLME Head Photographer DIAN JEFFCOAT Managing Editor Under new leadership and working with a large and competent staff the Flambeau shifted into high gear in its fifth year of daily operation. Editor Dave Nelsen instituted many wide-sweep- ing and dynamic changes in the appearance and style of the campus newspaper. The goal was to raise the Flambeau image and give the students better service. Some of the more important changes included the installation of an Associated Press wire; an expan- sion to eight pages minimum; different headline styles; more depth in features and news stories; and many other improvements and modifications. ELLEN WEISS Feature Editor TONY SKIFF Editorialist 107 TOM MARCUS Columni st MARGE VANDERVALK News Analyst DAVE McMULLEN AP Wire Editor 108 W A TERRY McCULLOUGH Copy Editor HOWARD FIGLER Sports Editor JUDY HUGHES Sports Editor I 109 A BILL THOMAS Assistant Sports Editor JIM GEARING Staff Reporter 110 SUSAN CAREY Reporter MARY ANN GRUTER Writer DOC KOKOL Photographer CHARLIE PARSONS Staff Writer I 1 PHYLLIS BOSCOE Cartoonist i 4 JUDY DUSENBERRY Assistant News Editor 111 life ;M ' i. M Rick Obermeyer Editor-in-Chief CROQUETTE MATCH between Smoke Sig- nals and Charlatan staffers emphasizes ri- valry. Smoke Signals Goes Sporty With the goal of something for everyone, the staff of the SMOKE SIGNALS covered a variety of topics for the year, including such attractions as the visiting entertainers the Sopwith Camel, performers of the American Theatre Ballet, and a traveling sect of croquette players from that notoriously famous off- campus " rag " known as the CHARLATAN . It was a fun year for all concerned with the Seminoles only general interest magazine as it was led through a year under the guiding hands of its rookie chief, Rick Obermeyer. Although the SIGNALS couldn ' t have any nude pin-up feature girls, it did manage a very sharp collection of Florida State coeds to adorn its pages. 112 EXCHANGE EDITOR KEN JONES AIDS WRITER GEORGE REED IT APPEARS GRIM FOR THE SIGNALS STAFFERS SMOKE SIGNALS STAFF: Suzanne Ratcliffe, Kathy Morgan, Gille Mapes ; Sam Agee, Pat Henderson. ALEX BUCKLAND Artist 113 Legend THE LEGEND, which first appeared in 1958 under the title of the Florida State University Literary Anthology, grew out of a need for publication of se- sious student writing. After the first successful issue, it assumed the name of THE LEGEND. Up until this year, THE LEGEND has been a yearly anthology containing poems, essays, and short stories. This year its contents have been ex- tended to include paintings, photography, etchings, and sculpture. Material for the new " Fine Arts An- thology " is from students enrolled in the University. Edited by Maxine Brewer, THE LEGEND well represented many different styles of writers and art- ists. Some of the works included, " Still Life, " " Sing Matador Sing, " " Interior, " and " Jericho. " I " " Ml MAXINE BREWER Editor LEGEND STAFF ENTERTAINS ENTRY WINNERS FOR 1967 LEGEND STAFF: Joe White, Lynn Holschuh, Mark Wilson, Walt Padgett. 114 ill, X w ANN BOMFORD Editor The Pow Wow Serving as the student ' s first introduction to college life at FSU, the POW WOW made its traditional ap- pearance during Orientation Week in the fall. Aside from acquainting the student with Florida State and its traditions, the handbook also gave information concerning organizations, publications, and other extra-curricular activities. Student Government of- ficers and members of the faculty were given intro- ductions in the POW WOW. University rules and regulations, along with the Florida State Student Body Constitution, were found in the handbook, which served to guide students in the Seminole way of life. 115 The Student Publications Lab, under the direction of Mr. Grady Toler, was established in 1959 for the purpose of expediting the publishing of stu- dent publications and reducing their cost. The Florida Flambeau, Tally Ho, Smoke Signals and Legend transfer money to the Lab in order that the Lab may finance its operqtion. The Lab, in return, provides composition, camera ready copy and printing advice to each of the publications. The Student Publications Lab also provides a service for inter-departmental agencies and offers a duplicating service to students. MR. GRADY TOLER Production Manager Lab Essential To Publications 116 MR. JACK LEVINS Duplicator Operator MARY RATKE Varityper Operator JoANN MOOY Justowriter Operator LARRY EWING Assistant Lab Manager SHARON EWING Varityper Operator a H7 Board of Student Publications LYNN DUDLEY Chairman of BOP Members of the faculty and the student body com- pose the Florida State Board of Publications. Of these the faculty members were appointed by the President of the University, while three of the stu- dents were elected by the student body and the other two were appointed by the Student Body Presi- dent. Editors are ex-officio members of the Board. The Board of Publications coordinated all of the activities of the various university publications, formulated the policies by which they were opera- ted, and elected their editors. These editors and their staffs, in conjunction with the Board, publish the daily FLAMBEAU, the TALLY HO, SMOKE SIGNALS, the POW WOW, and the LEGEND. BOARD MEETS TO DIRECT PUBLICATION ACTIVITIES BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS: Front Row: Lynn Dudley, Barbara Patterson, Gaye Yates, Maxine Brewer, Judy Dusenbury. Second Row: Dr. Griffith Pugh, Howard Figler, Mike Beaudoin, Dave Nelson, Rick Obermeyer, Terry Hudson. 118 RICK STEINKE Advertising Manager The Business Manager of Student Publications, " Sooner " Earl Shipley, managed all of FSU ' s stu- dent publications, including the TALLY HO, the FLAMBEAU, SMOKE SIGNALS, the LEGEND, and the POW WOW. With the h elp of his assistant, Den- nis Helms, Sooner was responsible for maintaining accurate records of the subscriptions, expenses, and advertisements involved in student publica- tions. He also served as an ex-officio member of the Board of Publications. Advertising Manager, Rick Steinke, was responsi- ble for the direction of much of the production of the FLAMBEAU and SMOKE SIGNALS. Working under him, a staff of salesmen provided the adverti- sing that Rick laid out for the two publications. Publication Managers CLAUDE " SOONER " SHIPLEY Business Manager 119 IP " I LARRY GONZALEZ Student Body President This year Student Government placed primary em- phasis on catering to the needs of all the students. With this as its aim and under the able leadership of President Larry Gonzales, the members of his Cab- inet and Student Senate worked on a record number of Legislation. The executive branch of Student Government pre- pared two variations of a bonding service to allevi- ate the high deposit rates imposed on off-campus students. The pres ident ' s office also examined the utility billing of married students in Alumni Village. Reduced rates at off-campus establishments were also sought through the new Student Discount ser- vice. Women ' s Senate was charged with the respon- sibility of revising the liberalizing the rules for co-eds. In addition to the new innovations, Student Gov- ernment continued to administer such programs as the Student Insurance Program, the Student Deposi- tory, and the budgeting of activities fees for the scores of student organizations. JOY DICKINSON Student Body Vice-President Student Government Serves Students MEL SMITH Secretary of Internal Affairs ERIC FALK Men ' s Vice-President RANDY CHASE Secretary of State MAUREEN McCLELLAN Women ' s Vice-President 121 Cabinet The offices on the third floor of the Union have often been accused of being out of touch with the students. Not so this year with the periodic reports and services which the members of Larry Gonzalez ' s Cabinet have managed to put into effect. The Secre- tary of Academic Affairs Office worked on the stu- dent evaluation of the faculty and also made a study of student stress and development in coordination with the National Students Association. The Election Commission studied a new reapportionment bill whereby student senators would be elected from academic areas, rather than living areas. The Secre- tary of Communications has been responsible for the increased communications between various branches of student government, by such media as Senate Shouts, the Student Government scrapbook, and periodic third floor Union reports to keep the stu- dent body informed. TIM REDMER Secretary of Finance BARBARA GLOWASKI Secretary of Junior College Affairs 122 STEVE WINN Attorney General W 3 r v - SCOTT BERDINE Secretary of Intercollegiate and Public Affairs DAVE GIORDANO Commissioner of Elections TIM PRUGH Secretary of Academic Affairs DIANE MORRIS Secretary of the Union KATHY REILLY Secretary of Communications, 2nd. Trimester • m. T SUSAN RICHARDSON Secretary of Communications, 1st. Trimester 123 JOY DICKINSON, CATHY MYRICK President, Secretary of Senate Student Senate The Student Senate at Florida State represents the legislative branch of the government. This year Senate worked with a large number of problems, and each Senator ' s concern for the welfare of the stu- dents and their community was evinced by the num- ber of bills presented in the meetings held weekly on the third floor of the Union. The combined efforts of Men ' s and Women ' s Sen- ate produced a vast amount of legislation which will affect the FSU student in the coming fall quar- ter. Revisions in Women ' s Rules, the elimination of Squaw Law, the reorganization of the Senate and a revision of the Honor Code are only a few of the problems with which the solons dealt. SENATE PAGES: Front Row: Jena Gionet, Fran Pughsley. Second Row: Jann Sapp, Nancy Smi th. SENIOR AND GRADUATE SENATORS: Front Row; Nancy Wolf, Joy Dickinson, Sheila Riley, Pam Hamil- ton. Second Row. Jim Kersch, Wayne Duncan, Jim Ward, Dave Riddle, Glenn Dixon, Pete Heintz, Rick Hamilton, Gene Stearns, Gerie Bledsow. 124 JUNIOR SENATORS: Front Row: Cathy Myrick, Sara Ann Smith, Julianne Miles. Second Row: Randy Felton, Skip Gunn, Pete Crowell, Mike Harrison, Bob Hum- phries. SOPHOMORE SENATORS: Front Row: Marsha Or, Margaret Wi Ikinson, Second Row: Ellen Knapp, Linda Kotowski, Pat Stephens, Clara Sue Stegeman. Third Row: Janet Schuck, Jorge Moralez, Brooks Wade, Mark Goldman. FRESHMAN SENATORS: Front Row: Cheryl Hartley Susie Small, Wanda Webster, Muftie Ellis. Second Row: Andee Burr, Katie Hodge, Bob Frost, Bob Brandewie. Callahan, C. Epperson, B. Kozel, J. Honor Court ARON BRUMM Chief Justice Kux, J. Lawrence, R. H ■ 126 Rio. V. Timmons, T. It is the responsibility of the Honor Court to try cases involving the academic honor code. The aca- demic honor code covers areas of cheating, stealing, lying, and plagiarism. Jurisdiction of the court also includes questions of Constitutionality of the Stu- dent Body Constitution and Statutes, cases of im- peachment of student government officers, and cases appealed from the lower courts. The court is composed of a clerk and eight jus- tices chosen from the junior and senior classes. A senior with previous court experience is elected by the student body to serve as Chief Justice. Ater, D. } Gardner, E. MARILEE HATCHER Chairman of Judiciary Judiciary «im » 1 " ' Gardner, S. Gilmore, J. Graham, S. Miller, J. Men and Women ' s Judiciary hear cases involving in- fractions of university regulations which include all cases not delegated to Off-Campus Court, Traf- fic Court, or the house councils of the dormitories. When cases involve both women and men students, these two branches of the University Court meet to- gether as a group. The University Court consists of eighteen mem- bers, nine men and nine women, chosen proportion- ately from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. The chairman is elected by the student body and must have had previous court experience. Mire, T. O ' Brien, M. Oppenheimer, D. Parker, M. Regensdorf, P. Robinson, R. Wade, T. Wright, M. Dormitory Life 128 Junior Counselors A word of .advice, help in picking outthe right class- es, and a bit of imparted information on the college male are all part of the information service of the Junior Counselor. Each year sophomore girls are chosen by a board to become the " JC ' s " of the coming year. They are selected for their friendliness and compatabi lity with others, for their willingness to serve and for the respect that they have earned during their college careers. At the beginning of every year, the new freshman is greeted by the smiling face which will soon turn into one of her best friends on the FSU campus. Serving as a stu- dent advisior, the Junior Counselor helpsthenew freshmen become the seasoned students out of which sophomores are made and she gains just a little insight into human nature and learns just a little more about herself through the process. ' fe jt - £%£ 2 J JUNIOR COUNSELORS: Front Row: Bonnie Lyons, Margaret Davis, Prudy White, Betty Harrell, Katherine Albritton, Chris Riley, Barbara Glow- aski, Terrie Thompson, Ellen Barker, Geraldine Telese, Lee Regan, Mary Miner. Second Row: Meg Gaston, Jackie Aultman, Susan Stumpf, Hil- da Henderson, Pam Currin, Rose Bass, Nancy Wall, Gale Hays, Mary Margaret Ward, Jani ce Hahn . Third Row: Cynthia Carter, Susan Richard- son, Elizabeth Baum, Roberta Pomeroy, Marilyn Ciarkson, Cindy Crall, Denise O ' Mara, Faye Hollowoy, Nancy Borgschulte, Janet Hirsch, Gale Sears. 129 BRYAN HALL OFFICERS Cynthia Carter, President; Martha Mc- Carter, Social Chairman; Carol Thomas, Vice-President; Jo Ellen Phares, Vice-President. Gilchrist Hall Bryan Hall GILCHRIST HALL OFFICERS: Gale Hays, President; Sue Hodson, Vice-President Mary Jane Whigham, Social Chair- man . Jennie Murphree Hall JENNIE MURPHREE HALL OFFICERS: Mary Sullivan, Vice-President; Karen Koleda, Social Chairman; Sally Brown, President; Jo Davis, Vice-President. Reynolds Hall REYNOLDS HALL OFFICERS: Sally Saier, President; Shiela Shark ,. Vice-President; Sharon Reynolds, Vice-President. Cawthon Hall CAWTHORN HALL OFFICERS: Margaret Cain, Vice-President; JoAnne Claxton, President; Cheryl Lee, Social Chairman; Susan Burnes, Vice-Presi- dent. Deviney Hall DEVINEY HALL OFFICERS: Karla Tomfohrde, Vice-President; Michael Swafford, Social Chair- man, Taffy Simmons, President, Janice Hahn, Vice-President. J I F r DORMAN HALL OFFICERS: Donna Davis, Social Chairman; Jane Curry, Presi dent; Mary Ann McDavid, Vice-President. Dorman Hall Magnolia Hall MAGNOLIA HALL OFFICERS: Sue Boley, Social Chairman; Lynn Dudley, President; Pat Clark, and Anne LeFils, Vice-Presidets. 132 LANDIS HALL OFFICERS: Alice Ann Morris, President; Sara Beth Weathersbee, Social Chairman; Becky Cairns and Nancy Freeman, Vice- Presidents. Landis Hall Broward Hall BROWARD HALL OFFICERS: Carolyn Carstans, President; Jackie Burton, Social Chairman; Nicki Hill and Mitzi Wegner, Vice-Presidents mmmmamm J . •! J ill . 133 KELLUM HALL OFFICERS: Barry Quails, Secretary; Rusty Albert, President; Don Dorr, IDC Representative; Jim Cole, Social Director; Jim Richardson, Vice-President. Kellum Hall Smith Hall SMITH HALL OFFICERS: Jim Howard, Vice-President; Steve Young, President, Charles Kummer, Secretary. 134 DEG bot, RAFF HALL OFFICERS: Eli Reinhardt, Patti Detwiler, Janice Jackson, Fran Tal- Nancy Santa Cruz, Jim Schubert. DeGraff Hall Salley Hall SALLEY HALL OFFICERS: Nancy Culpepper, Betty Strickland, Tim Wilson, Bill Bear, Beth Allinson, Mark Len- ker, Toni Boswell. 135 Scholarship House Presidents : ROY GREEN Selby House SANDRA 3ETTY Gadsden House 136 BARBARA BOLGER Selby House i JEROME MERCER Rotary House — ■• .• j fr JOE WARREN Selby House ROD FRISBEE Lions House DOREEN BROWN Palm Court SUSAN VAN MEERBEKE FEA House KATHY KAISER Selby House CHARLES AKERS Selby House RAGINA STEWART BPW House GORDON HOOD Foundati on House 137 Union Directors Under a capable staff the |J n i vers ity Union was able to succeed in carrying on a hectic and suc- cessful year of activities. Dr. Herb Reinhard, Mr. Archie Kramer, Miss Marie Williams and Miss Caro- lyn Krentzman worked with the Union Board and with the Program Council in providing the students with a series of events throughout the year. The Union staff worked with student committees in co-ordinating such activities as the Student Artist Series. The daily operation of the Union, Union policies, budgeting, purchasing, planning and other auxiliary functions were just a few of the responsibilities which these directors undertook in order to provide the students of Florida State with a successful year of activities. DR. HERB F. REINHARD Director 138 ■ i MR. ARCHIE KRAMER Assistant Director MISS CAROL KRENTZMAN Union Space Reservations MISS MARIE WILLIAMS Director of Social Activities 139 UNION BOARD: Front Row: Cindy Skelton, Marilee Hatcher, Sally Brown, Diane Morris. Second Row: Dr. Reinhard, Erik Collins, Dr. Wright, Jim Butler, Jim Joanos, Dr. Johnson, Mr. Hogan. Union Board and Program Council The Florida State University Union is governed by the University Union Board. The Board consists of eight student members and five non-student mem- bers. The Union provided a cultural, social and recreational program for the students again this year. The Board promoted the use of the Union facilities for the benefit of the student body and negotiated with the Union management in regard to student wishes on the operation of the Union. The Program Council is a set of committees developed to organize and conduct activities of the Union Board. They sponsored such events as the annual Activities Night, the Miss University Union Contest, the weekly film series and a series of lectures and exhibits. 140 PROGRAM COUNCIL. MEETS TO SCHEDULE ACTIVITIES FOR THE COMING YEAR Union Activities Hi Hi am Wi - ■HSSifwnB BR MBia ,LP P . • - . Sports 143 Sideline Support: the Cheerleaders ENTHUSIAM IS BOOSTERS: Toni Beals, Bruce Turner, Doug Traxler, Dave Deutsch, Dixie Wil- c oxon, Bill Abney, Judy Holman, Peggy Thompson, Dorene Brown. - 144 BILL ABNEY HAS A HARD TIME WATCHING THE GAME " Give me a Garnet, Give me a Gold. " These words could be heard by fans from one of the most enthusi- astic groups at FSU, the cheerleaders. Traveling with the team, urging spirit among the crowds, always encouraging sportsmanship, the cheerleaders are chosen for their skill and personal- ities by a panel of judges. Captain Toni Beals led the cheerers through a busy schedule. JUDY HOPES FOR A 2-POINT BASKET T - : " M -! V CHEERLEADERS PREPARE A GRAND ENTRANCE FOR THE TEAM FSU Coaching Staff Vaughn Mancha Director of Athletics Bill Peterson Head Football Coach Bill Crutchfield Assistant Offensive Chief Don Powell Offensive Line Don Breaux Receivers Ken MacLean Head Recruiter Bob Harbison Defensive Chief Niel Schmidt Defensive Backs Gary Wyant Linebackers Bobby Jackson Defensive Ends Gene McDowell Freshmen Jeff Savage Academic Advisor Claude Thigpen Ticket Manager Lonnie Burt Sports Information Dr. Richard Shaara Team Physician Don Fauls Head Trainer Roy Don Wilson Trainer Tillman Dixon Equipment Manager BILL PETERSON Head Coach 146 DON FAULS Athletic Trainer • r TDau,-- GENE MCDOWELL Freshman Coach YOUNG PEOPLE KNOW WHO IS THE BEST CANDIDATE VAUGHN MANCHA Athletic Director BILL BUNKER Director of Sports Publicity 147 Senior Stars LARRY WILLIAMSON Offensive Guard DAVID BRAGGINS Defensive Tackle WAYNE McDUFFIE Defensive End DONOVAN JONES Flanker JIMMANKINS Ful Iback BOB MENENDEZ Flanker JOHN STEPHENS Center ft-v 1 ! . JAY MacMATHEWS Defensive Tackle 148 Front Row: Bill Moreman, Wayne Giardino. Bob Menendez, Howell Montgomery, Bill Campbell, T.K. Wetherell, Larry Wil- lliamson, Mike Blatt, John Hurst, H.T. Waller, Pat Conway, Larry Green, Joe Benson, Terry Eagerton, Chuck Eason. Second Row: Harvey Zion, Mike Fields, Donovan Jones, Ed Pope, Larry Kissam, Butch Riser, Joe Kinnan, John Richardson, Ric- hard McLain, Larry Pendleton, Bill Richardson, Dan Douglas, Chuck Elliott, Bill Gunter, Frank Loner, Roger Hanlon, John Stephens, John Josack. Third Row: Bill Williams, Thurston Taylor, Kim Hammond, Bill Cox, David Braggins, Dale McCul- lers, Wayne McDuffie, Jay MacMathews, Marty Kolbus, Bill Rhodes, Gary Pajcic, Jerry Jones, Billy Joe Janes, Jim Brown, Walt Sumner, Bill Yeldell, Bill Burkhardt, Charles Huggins, Bill Dew, Clint Burton, Ted Mosley, Wayne Johnson, Pete Rob- erts. Fourth Row: John Douglass, Jeff Chapman, Ken Hart, Bill Cappleman, Frank VoTiun, Charles Pennie, Chip Glass, Jack Fenwick, Jeff Cbrchin, Ted Archer, Joel Epperson. Ron Sellers, Tony Sewell, Doug Gurr, Phil Hiatt, Henry Lohse, Keith Albritton, Jim Carey, John Crowe, Jim Mankins, Dale Lewis. V 1 i Mififfitiiit I, ni i ■■ ' - - : . -2 , si r » i JOHN HOSACK Kicker PAT CONWAY Defensive Back EDWIN POPE Offensive Guard If - i m! " Mm 1 j|t j IHHUBHBMHHk " f ,«% WAYNE GIARDINO Left Back DEL WILLIAMS Offensive Guard BILL CAMPBEL Defensive Back CHARLES PENNIE Defensive Tackle 149 State Stymied Again by Houston Houston, sparked by three long touchdowns, sped to a 21-13 victory over Florida State in the opening tilt of 1966, despite a spirited scoring by the Tribe in the closing moments. The Cougars thus extended their mastery of the Seminoles and snapped FSU ' s unbeaten string at home, which dated back to 1963. Despite the final score, the Seminoles dominated the game, netting 20 firstdowns to Houston ' s seven. A fumble on the Cougars ' three-yard line and a nullified TD toss to Ron Sellers cost the Tribe two bombs thrown by Burris, one of 80 yards to speedy Warren McVea. Beginning what was billed as a rebuilding year, the young Seminole squad looked sharp on both of- fense and defense and gave promise of an exciting season. RON SELLERS (34) hauls in a short pass for needed yardage. TRUGGLING FOR YARDAGE IS HALFBACK BILL MOREMAN(30). 150 Tribe Harnesses Miami ' s Hurricanes KISSAM BLOCKS AND PAJCIC MAKES THE PASS The Seminoles journeyed to Miami to take on the highly-touted Hurricanes. They emerged from the scuffle proving what people had suspected: the Tribe was a team to be reckoned with. Florida State put on a great offensive show featuring the clutch passing of Gary Pajcic and touchdown catches by Jim Mankins and Thurston Taylor, and quelled the Hurricanes 23-20. But in the end, it was the alert Seminole defense, snaring five enemy passes, which maintained the margin of victory. Trialing 23-20 late in the fourth quarter, Miami drove deep into Florida State territory. With the Hurricanes three yards from paydirt, Dave Braggins forced Miami ' s fullback McGee to fumble, allowing the Tribe offense to take over and run out the clock. Gators Gigged Again LANE FENNER SCORES THE WINNING TD TO " GIG THE GATORS " 25-23 CRAWLING FOR INCHES, MOREMAN STRETCHES FOR FSU GOAL With 17 seconds remaining in the game and Florida State trailing by three points, Lane Fenner took a 45-yard touchdown pass from Gary Pajcic to give FSU a 25-22 win over Florida ' s mighty Gators. A record crowd of nearly 48,000 packed Camp- bell stadium to witness a game that will be talked about as long as the two schools play football. The spirited contest featured a great aerial battle between Seminole Gary Pajcic and Heismann Trophy winner Steve Spurrier. Big Jim Mankins cracked over for FSU ' s first two touchdowns, and Pete Roberts added two field goals and an extra point. Spurrier connected on three scoring tosses for the Gators. Halfback Larry Smith took Spurrier ' s last payoff pitch late in the game to put Florida back in the lead and set the stage for the heroics of Pajcic and Fenner. 5 J Sfc 152 State Trounces Texas Tech THE REFEREE CALLS ANOTHER T.D. FOR FSU JIM MANKINS (44) MADE FOUR T.D. ' S AGAINST TEXAS TECH Florida State and Texas Tech unleashed their offen- sive guns at each other and staged a highscoring battle before 28,000 thrilled spectators in a night game at Lubbock, Texas. When the fireworks were over, the Tribe had trounced the Red Raiders 42-33, and a host of offensive records for both schools had fallen by the wayside. Jim Mankins, the hard-running Seminole fullback, played his greatest game, scoring four touchdowns and gaining 111 yards on the ground. Scoring passes of 58 yards from Pajcic to Green and 52 yards from Hammond to Sellers accounted for the other two FSU scores. Roberts split the uprights after each TD. Both teams amassed over 500 yards in total off- ense, the Red Raiders being sparked by the running and passing of quarterback John Scovell. The accu- rate arm of Gary Pajcic placed the Seminoles among the top five teams in the nation in passing. TO PUSH FORWARD IS NOT ALWAYS EASY " : ' ? " ' GREAT BLOCKING ALLOWS PAJCIC (16) TO DROP BACK AND THROW LONG FOR A BIG GAIN Tribe Bumps-Off Bulldogs A savage Seminole defense, spearheaded by line- backer Mike Blatt, shut out Mississippi State and paved the way for a 10-0 Florida State triumph Oc- tober 22 under the lights at Campbell Stadium. The Tribe throttled the Bulldogs ' dangerous Mar- cus Rhoden and held the determined but outclassed Mississippi to a minus yardage total on theground. Midway through the second quarter, Blatt set up the first Seminole score when he tackled Bulldog Quar- terback Don Saget, jarring loose the pigskin for a later Gary Pajcic cracked over from the one for his and later added a 25-yard field goal to round out the scoring. The passing of Pajcic and strong running of Jim Mankins enabled Florida State to control the ball most of the game. PETE ROBERTS ADDS THE EXTRA POINT FOR FLORIDA STATE 154 V.P.I. HAS RUSHING LINEMEN, GREAT STRATEGY V.P.I. Defeats Seminoles Playing before a large TV audience on ABC, Flori- da State encountered an old nemesis in VirginiaTech. Before a partisan crowd in Blacksburg, the Semi- noles were unable to shake a jinx that has long rid- dled opponents at Gobbler homecomings. The Tribe started slowly as VPI ' s Mooney broke through to spill Hammond in his own end zone for a safety. A Stafford-to-Barefoot TD toss gave the Hokies a 9-0 lead at the half. Bill Moreman put the Seminoles in the lead with two scores early in the third quarter. Then lightning struck. Gobbler Frank Loria sped 75 yards to paydirt on a punt return. VPI recovered an onside kickoff, and several plays later, Stafford spotted Franciscus and connected for the score, giving VPI a 9-point bulge. FSU roared back with Moreman blasting six yards for his third TD. A fourth-down bid by Mankins early in the final period fell inches shy of the goal line, and the Gobblers squeaked by to win 23-21 . r 4 MOREMAN (30) BREAKS THROUGH FOR A BIG GAIN TRIBEMAN STIFLES A TECHMAN ON A PASS PLAY 155 Florida State turned loose Bill Moreman and Jim Mankins against South Carolina and the pair ran wild as the Seminoles spoiled the Gamecocks home- coming, 32-10. Moreman tallied three times and Man- kins once as they rolled up 150 yards on the ground. Moreman began the scoring parade with a nine-yard burst through the Gamecock line early in the first quarter. Then the Tribe offense sputtered as USC roared back for ten quick points. Moreman ' s second TD gave FSU a 14-10 halftime lead. The second half was all Florida State ' s. The " Meeces " picked off five enemy passes and held the Gamecock ' s scoreless as the hard-driving Semi- nole offense crossed the goal line three times. The final Tribe score came on a nine-yard end sweep by flashy halfback Larry Green. Seminoles Pluck Gamecocks MOREMAN (30) SURGES THROUGH GAMECOCK DEFENSE 156 JIM MANKINS (44) TAKES A FLOCK OF GAMECOCKS WITH HIM THROUGH THE SC DEFENSIVE LINE Orangemen Peal Seminoles OFFENSIVE TACKLING AND RUNNING PUT ORANGEMEN ON TOP 37-21 FSU STRUGGLES AGAINST THE TOP TEAM IN THE EAST Florida State faced its biggest test of the season when it came up against a fearsome Syracuse ele- ven, winners of their last eight games and the Lam- bert trophy, symbolic of the top team in the East. The Orangemen sent a wounded Seminole squad home smarting from a 37-21 beating. Two-time Ail-American Floyd Little swept into paydirt three times from 24 yards out. Little and giant 240-lb. fullback Larry Csonka ran relentlessly around and through the FSU line as Syracuse amas- sed 330 yards rushing on the muddy turf. Gary Paj- cic, pressed by the big Orange linemen, had one pass stolen by Tony Kyasky, who returned it all the way for a touchdown. Kim Hammond came off the bench late in the con- test to spark the Tribe to its last two scores, with Larry Green and John Hurst doing the honors. 157 Winning 28-0, the Tribe notched its second straight Homecoming shutout over Wake Forrest. Fifteen quarters and six years have elapsed since the frus- trated Deacons last scored on the Seminoles. A spectacular 86-yard touchdown pass from Gary Pajcic to Ron Sellers highlighted a Florida State offensive show. Bill Moreman ' s seventh trip across the goal line this season, a one-yard plunge, started the FSU scoring. Early in the second quarter, T. K. Wetherell returned a Deacon Punt thirty-five yards to the Wake Forrest " four. " Larry Green circled left end on the next play to put the Tr ibe fourteen points up at the half. In the next period, Pajcic rolled out from his own " fourteen, " spotted Sellers in the clear, and hit the tall flanker for a score, breaking an FSU mark set in 1950. Fullback Jim Markins powered thirteen yards for the final Seminole TD, and Frank Loner added his fourth extra point of the day to cap the scoring. Wake Forest KO ' d at Homecoming STATE DOWNS A DEACON AS HE ATTEMPTS TO SCORE 158 MOREMAN PULLS THE FOOTBALL IN ON THE TIPS OF HIS FINGERS BUT HE HE WON ' T BE GOING FAR Touchdowns, records, and trip to the Sun Bowl all belonged to Florida State when the Seminolesclosed their regular season by pounding Maryland, 45-21. Twenty-thousand fans at Campbell Stadium watched Gary Pa|cic crack Steve Tensi ' s 1964 records for a pass completions and total yardage. Kim Hammond was highly effective passing and running as he led the Tribe to its last four TD ' s. FSU broke the game wide open in the second quar- ter with three quick scores on passes to Cox and Taylor and a two-yard burst by Green. In the second half Mankins, Moreman and Hurst re- corded the last three Tribe tallies as Maryland gamely fought back. Terrapin quarterback, Alan Pastrana entered the game and began to pick apart the Tribe secondary with his passes. Although Van Heusen hauled in two Pastrana scoring aerials and Myrtle one, the Seminoles, assuring themselves of a winning season, matched the Terrapins score for score and set their sights on the Wyoming Cowboys. FSU Tumbles Terrapins PAJCIC ON KEEPER SURGES THROUGH THE TERRAPIN LINE HAMMOND PROVES HIS WORTH AS A RUNNER AS HE STRUGGLES TO BREAK THROUGH 159 Cagers Tumble Then Rebound A rapier-quick, sniping defense complimented the deliberate, shuffle-style Seminole cage offense to produce a respectable 11-15 season chart against stiff opposition that included Kansas, Marshall (NIT finalists), North Carolina (NCAA semi-final- ist), U of F, and Georgia Tech. Tribe cagers scored victories over Tulane, Memphis State, Rice, Miami, Citadel, and others. The unexpected passing of Head Coach Wallace " Bud " Kennedy, FSU basketball mentor for 18 suc- cessful years, left recent Tribe star Hugh Durham with the coaching reins. In an extensive attempt to vitalize the Seminole hardwood attack, Coach Dur- ham employed certain resourceful variations of the shuffle, including a delayed-strike strategy called the " mongoose. " Bill Glenn, a 6 ' 5 " forward with a keen scoring touch, and 6 ' Jeff Hogan, a deft and daring shooting guard, paced FSU ' s 1967 scoring efforts with 20- point averages per game. The rebounding. of 6 ' 9 " Dick Danford and the slick, ballhawking defense of Darrel Stewart, plus Ian Morrison completed the FSU starting five players. COACH HUGH DURHAM and BRIAN MURPHY DARREL STEWART Guard DICK DANFORD Center IAN MORRISON Forward JEFF HOGAN Guard Coaches: Hugh Durham and Bill Clendinen. Front Row: Bill Glenn, Dave Ross, Don Biggs, Dick Danford, Ken Doyle, Russ Forkey. Don Hilsmier. Second Row: Ian Morrison, Darrel Ste- wart, Brian Murphy, Jeff Hogan, Jim Geller. 161 f-- " ■ " MURPHY PROVES FINESSE COUNTS BILL GLENN FAKES A PASS AND PREPARES A DRIVE TO GOAL Cagers win 11 of 26 OPENING TIP OFF PITS FLORIDA STATE ' S SEMINOLES AGAINST RIVAL FLORIDA GATORS IN TULLY GYM MORRISON PROVES REBOUNDING ESSENTIAL DANFORD DRIVES AND STU FFS BA S K E T FOR TWO POINTS DANFORD (32) OUT JUMPS MIAMI TO BEGIN MARCH TO A 61 TO 60 VICTORY OVER THE HURRICANES 163 ARMS DON ' T BOTHER MORRISON IN SINKING ANOTHER GLENN SHOWS SKILL IN JUMP-SHOT Junior Scorers COACH DURHAM ADVISES DARREL STEWART ON STRATEGY, BALL-HANDLING BY STEWART GAINED MANY POINTS 164 REBOUNDING IS ESSENTIAL IN WINNING THE GAME AGAINST MIAMI STRONG OPPONENTS SOMETIMES BREAK DEFENSE Exciting Season for Tribe DEFENSIVE ACTION BY SOPHOMORE DONHILSMIER SHINES ON THE SEMINOLE HOME COURT 165 Swimming Seminoles Up against its toughest schedule in its history, Florida State ' s swimming team, coached for the 19th straight year by highly regarded Bim Stults, rose to the occasion and fashioned a 9-2 season record. The Swimming Seminoles boasted the largest tank squad in Tribe history, and lost only three seniors for the 1968 campaign. The hard ones came first. After a tune-up win, over Georgia Tech in Atlanta, the tankers outwrestled rival Florida in the Gators ' own water. Nationally ranked North Carolina came next on the Seminoles ' victory list, but the North Carolina State Wolfpack ended the winning streak, taming the Tribe in Union Pool. Pouncing back with wins over South Florida and Tulane, Florida State suffered a second heartbreak- ing loss when the Gators jumped on their hosts and submerged hopes for a sweep of their rivals. The Seminoles were hampered by injuries the rest of the way, but were still strong enough to stop East Carolina, Miami, and South Florida again. 166 TOM LLOYD Freestyler TERRY SCHLICKENMAIER SWIMS THE BACKSTROKE IS BARRY RICH Breast Stroke y j =--• wny irn— i I ■::;:;:,-■■ ■ ■ : -,: : JACK BARNCASTLE SWIMS BREAST STROKE ON TANK SQUAD Tankers Swim for Great Season FROM THE UNDERWATER WINDOW ONE VIEWS IMPORTANT PUSH-OFF FOR THAT EXTRA DISTANCE 1 1 iNMBN0 BARRY RICH SHOWS HIS STYLE IN THE BUTTERFLY TERRY SCHLICKENMAIER Backstroker 168 DIVE EXHIBITION BY BOB CRUICHSHANK, RANDY STEWART, AND CARL SPRINGFELS BIM STULTS PERENNIAL COACH OF TRIBE TANKERS A i T_T TZ3-1 fWM «M,M -. - N SWIMMING BACKSTROKE SPRINTS ALWAYS ADDS SPEED AND STAMINA TO SQUAD. 169 BOB CRUIKSHANK prepares to walk the plank or dive and rank s l f w V . LIKE A GIANT BIRD, STEWART HOVERS ABOVE THE AQUA WATER Practice Makes Perfect 170 JUDGES ADD MANY POINTS FOR AN ALMOST PERFECT ENTRY STULTS PUSHES TANKMAN HARD AND IT SURE PAYS OFF IN WINS EXCELLENT EXECUTION ADDS POINTS TO THIS DIVE JACK BARNACASTLE Breastroke nr r n 5s3F ' :» J L ■ ' i— " ii i i i • V « , m fis : ■ r- " % ' H ' . i w. ■ ■ sV m m ' -« .. --—.. ' , - FREESTYLERS: SEELEY FELDMEYER AND BOB BELL 171 Baseball ' s Year FRED HATFIELD Coach It was supposed to be a rebuilding year for the Florida State diamond players, but Coach Fred Hat- field ' s men used the foundation of a strong pitching corps and " built " themselves to their third straight bid to the NCAA District III baseball tournament at Gastonia, North Carolina. The going was rough at first, with the strong arms of the likes of lefthander Wayne Vincent and right- hander LaDon Boyd keeping the opposition in check when the Tribe bats were silent. The hitting jelled with the pitching on a road trip be tween Trimesters II and III, however, and the Seminoles were on to a 14-game winning streak be- fore Florida abruptly ended it on the Seminole dia- mond. Largely on the basis of this late-season surge, the Tribe was invited to Gastonia, but the Seminoles couldn ' t carry over the momentum and were counted out by Auburn and Clemson. They finished the sea- son with a 32-14 record. RIGHTHANDER LADON BOYD HELPED TO KEEP THE OPPOSITION IN CHECK WITH A HARD, FASTBALL. • ■ I r ' » P «■ »; - ■ 3B " : - i ■•». . . JE £ t« ••mPs « ' . ;• l I | ' «•■ S " - DICK GOLD MAKES SURE HIS MAN IS OUT BEFORE HE THROWS THAT BALL TO ANYONE ON THE FIELD. FSU Travels to District III Contest »» An Excellent Team Is Hard to Beat ■■ ' T T|P " Jftf ' MM It JI | -.- ' •• • V ■ -- " r W -- _ . . ' •i% , « . ' m i ?f LEFTHANDER WAYNE VINCENT ' S SHARP FORM ? JEFF HOGAN IS SURE BALL IS " IN THE BAG ' 178 ALTHOUGH HE TRIES, THE BALL ACCIDENTLY SLIPS BY MIKE EASOM Track Thinclads Break Records Seminole cindermen experienced a sub-par 1-4 sea- son which was, nevertheless, highlighted by num- erous crack individual performances. FSU claimed a whopping 98-47 victory over Mi- ami for the year ' s only dual meet win, and dropped decisions to Auburn, Alabama, U of F, and SEC champion Tennessee. The Tribe ' s 77-68 hairling finish marked the Auburn competitiion. Sid Gainey, 7th ranked broad jumper in the na- tion (24 feet, 7 inches), placed at the Penn de- lays and captured several dual meet wins. High jumper Bud Manning lofted himself 6-71 2 in the air to establish a new FSU record. Hurdlers Mike Kelly and Charlie Vickers both placed at the D enn Relays and posted new school records in the process: Kel ly--l 20-yd. highs (14 .1); Vickers--440-yd. intermediate (52.3). Marcus Williamson lowered the Seminole two-mile record with a 9:29.9 clocking. Manning nearly wrote a new javelin mark by toss- ing the spear 220 feet, 8 inches. SID MERCHANT Distance runner 180 MIKE LONG Coach BUD MANNING High jump and Javelin MARCUS WILLIAMSON Miler CURTIS LONG SID GAINEY Broad jump and Triple jump 4 u SHARP POLE VAULTERS JUST SLIDE ACROSS WITHOUT THEIR BODY TOUCHING CHARLES VICKERS Hurdler BOB WARD Miler " M| COACHES: Jack Ibah, Mike Long, Bob Noyes CHARLIE FUCHS AND SHOT PUT FSU HURDLERS ACQUIRE SPEED AND AGILITY IN ORDER TO CLEAR GATES 183 Netters Forge Victories Coach Lex Wood ' s racquet squad, fortified by a do- zen able strokemakers, produced a 16-7 season re- cord from stiff intersectional opposition. Wood ' s netters forged victories over Michigan State, Collins, DePaul, Auburn, Amherst, and Ala- bama in attaining a season mark of notable promi - nence. Losses to nationally ranked teams—Miami, Mississippi State, Tennessee and others-were the only flaws in FSU ' s net record. Clint Murphy and Dave Danielson paced the sin- gles play with 15-4 personal marks, while No. 1 Paul DeZeew and No. 2 Stewart Bruner scored sev- eral triumphs with their " power game " styles.. Ro- berto Marcher, Randy Jobson, Herb Rapp, and Al Procopio contributed to the successful season. ACE PAUL DEZEEW LANDS A SPINNING FOREHAND ANOTHER WINNING NET PLAY BY STEWART BRUNER LEX WOOD Coach 184 ms g " C THE SWIFT BACKHAND DRIVING OF DAVE DANIELSON ROBERTO MARCHER NAILS A HIGH VOLLEY 16 Wins 7 Losses RANDY JOBSON SETS FOR A QUICK-FOOTED VOLLEY HERBERT RAPP STINGS ONE NEATLY ACROSS THE NET ON THE RUN FOREHAND TIMED WITH PRECISION BY CLINT MURPHY A, ft . - 185 Golfer ' s 8-1 Season GOLFER JAY MORELLI PRACTICES FOR NEXT MATCH JIM CONACE DRIVES FOR A LONG SHOT PLAYERS: Jim Conace, Smoky Keeney, Bob Duval, Carl DiCesare, Hubert Green, Ted Berghaus, Jay Morelli, Ron Philo. 186 FSU golfers compiled an 8-1 match record for 1967, marred only by a 1 2 1 2-5 1 2 road loss to U of F. The Seminole linksters subsequently avenges the Gator trimming by stroking a 13-5 victory on the home course. Links victims included Florida, Alabama, Auburn (twice), and Rollins. Hubert Green, Southern Amateur champ from Bir- mingham, paced the squad along with Carl DiCesare Ron Philo and Jim Conace. Coach Keith Pitchford ' s team earned second place in the State tournament and swept a 30-stroke team victory in the Buckhaults Invitational at Mobile. DiCesare lopped 17 strokes from par, while Green chopped 12, in this key southern tourney. HUBERT GREEN IS A SOUTHERN AMATEUR CHAMPION GOLFER. FROSH: Front Row: George Griffin, Mike Cheek, Mike Karl, Bob Huber; Second Row: Coach Keith Pitchford, Mark Lewis, Andy Thompson, Jim Walker, John Calabria. Freshman Team Soccer Team Has 14-2-4 Season AT TIMES IT ' S A LITTLE ROUGH ON HEADS SONNY DAWSEY USES HIS HEAD FOR BLOCK FSU ' s young Soccer Club displayed its proudest re- cord in 1966-67 by capturing 14 victories while ab- sorbing only two losses and four ties. Defeating many opponents of intercollegiate status, including a 9-0 thrashing of the U of F, Seminole booters posted an average of 6.5 goals per game and allowed a mere 2.8 per contest to their foes. Ace center forward Ray Enyoong paced individual scoring with 21 goals,, while front liner Rado Pribic kicked 18 scoring drives. Defense was attributable to leaping goalkeeper Jim Silverwood and sturdy fullback Doug Padgett. POSITION DOESN ' T MATTER, JUST SO HANDS DON ' T TOUCH THE BALL JIM SILVERWOOD LEAPS TO STOP A RISING SHOT IN SOCCER 1 Op • gtj a P i l DOUG PADGETT KICKS TO BEGIN A GAME SOCCER MEMBERS FIND IT IS A CONSTANT BATTLE FOR THE BALL " " ■ ' ■ ■ . ■■■■ II " H mmk i, W i " iwmm t SWIFT KICK SENDS BALL TO OUR SIDE 189 Wrestling Takes Second in State Second place in the Florida Intercollegiate Wrest- ling Tournament highlighted grapplingaction for FSU, as Tribe competitors downed U of F and Miami at the concluding tourney. Coach Joe Semas and Chuck Almeida captured individual titles at the meet, while Gene Opheim earned a runner-up spot. The FSU Wrestling Club posted a 4-5 record dur- ing the regular season, which included double wins over U of F and St. Johns J.C., counterbalanced by double losses to powerful Miami Dade J.C. and Troy State. The additional loss was administered to the team by Tampa ' s Spartans in Tampa. - AKES MORE THAN MUSCLES TO DOWN GOOD WRESTLERS RULES SAY BOTH SHOULDERS HAVE TO TOUCH BEFORE A MAN IS DOWNED ACCEPTING TROPHY: Chuck Almeida, Bob Ward, Coach Joe Semus, Stan Wakefield, Gene Opheim 190 High Tide, and Sailing LIBRARY FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSAL TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Fj Z »A DR. ANTHONY HOLBROOK Advisor EXPERIENCED SAILORS CALM POWERFUL SEAS FSU SAILORS LEAD BY CHARGING TOWARD A WIN A coveted invitation to the John F. Kennedy Regat- ta in Annapolis climaxed another successful year for the FSU Sailing Club, in which the Seminole skippers handily defeated many southern opponents, includ- ing University of Florida, Tulane, Georgia Tech, and Vanderbilt. However, for the first time in three years, FSU lost to Tulane in the Southeastern Intercollegiate (SEISA) championship run. Al Franklin commodored the Seminole team during Trimester I, when his team earned the SEISA Sloop title and the Vanderbilt Invitational crown. Hugh Duval took the helm during Trimester II, when FSU bested six teams in the Lake Bradford Invitational. 191 Organizations 193 Phi Beta Kappa Dr. Ralph McWilliams, President Barbara Baker Penelope Bledsoe Cathy Nell Campbell Christina Clarke Eugene Corbett Rebecca Cottingham Sandra Craft Facundo De La Roza Sue Dicus Eileen England Marian Epstein Christopher Fairall Sara Beck Fein Joy Fisher Sharon Forni James Fox Sharon Freimuth Dennis Gay Linda Ann Giannoni James Grant Virginia Halsey Pamela Hamilton Roger Handberg Wil liam Hannon Carolyn Harwood Marieta Heaton Karl Hein Carol Hi Ifiker John Holley William Hollister Wi lliam Howard Michael Hughson William Jackson Margaret Jones Fred Lamartin Belden Lane William Leap Judy Longsworth Phi lo MacDonald Robin MacGrogan Stuart Mandel Because of its accomplishments in recognizing and encouraging high academic achievement in the arts and sciences, Phi Beta Kappa has long been a revered tradition of college life. The Alpha of Florida Chapter of PBK was chartered in 1935 at The Florida State College for Women. The Florida State chapter annually holds a Found- er ' s Day Meeting in commemoration of its establish- ment as the first Greek letter fraternity in 1776. The Alpha Chapter also sponsors the Visiting Scholars Program, in which a noted scholar from another institution holds a series of lectures which the public may attend. Malin Marsh Foster Martin Bruce Jon Miller Donald Miller Terry Mitchell Elizabeth Moore John Moore Donald Peeples Richard Ragan Joy Rahn Eleanor Reynolds William Reynolds Suzanne Ripley Anne Rowe Carolyn Shafer Susan Smothers Raymond Spencer Barbara Starkey Gordon Sumner John Sweet Patricia Unterspan Lawrence Wal I Barbara Waugh Susan West Neal Wiegman Robert Williams Ann Withron Paul Woods Katie Sterling Gail Archibald 194 Phi Kappa Phi is a scholastic honorary which is distinguished by its selection of members from all departments and schools of the university. In- cluded in its membership are students on both the graduate and undergraduate levels who meet the necessary requirements. A 3.2 overall average is the minimum scholastic requirement for undergra- duates, w hile a 3.75 is required as a minimum at the graduate level. Established at Florida State in 1925, Phi Kappa Phi strives to promote the highest standards in scholastic achievement and individual character and endeavors to recognize such outstand- ing traits in students by awarding them membership. Phi Kappa Phi Nelda Alderman Dorothy Buggs Doak Campbell Milton Carothers Richard Cornell Jackie Crawford Francis Daniel Stella Densmore Sue Dicus Anne Marie Erdman Hortense Glenn Nadine Hackler William Hannan Claire Kelly Robin MacGrogan Stuart Mandel Diane Mayr Martha Megathlin John Moore Barry Quails Eleanor Reynolds William Reynolds Susan Smothers Nancy Smith Mary Weale Dous Ann Whighsar Robert Williams Paul Woods 195 Omicron Delta Kappa ERICK COLLINS resident The highest men ' s leadership honorary on campus, Omicron Delta Kappa, recognizes those who have made outstanding accomplishments in their college activities. Drawn from the junior and senior men as well as from the faculty and administration, mem- bers are chosen on the basis of their character, leadership, service to the university, and conse- cration to democratic ideals. In order to qualify for membership, one must have attained excellence in at least two of the areas of scholarship, political affairs, religious affairs, athletics and the dramatic arts. Calhoun, C. Campbell, D. Glenn, P. Gunn, G. Hart, K. Heck, W. Levy, R. Minnick, W. Mitchell, T. Murphy, B. ' k ff Plant, J. Polic, H. Griffith, G. Reynolds, W. Richards, W. Rio, V. Rovetta, C. Shaara, M. Wright, T. © c 196 Mortar Board Boggs, C. tss JO ANN SNYDER President Bowman, N. Denis, L. Hamilton, P Kozel, J. Kux, J. Being tapped for Mortar Board, national honorary for women, is the perfect climax for the coed who has excelled in all phases of campus life. Develop- ing a finer type of college woman has always been one of Mortar Board ' s primary goals. Mortar Board achieves this purpose through the examples of its members, who must promote college loyalty by their own spirit of service and leadership among univer- sity women. Mortar Board sponsors many activities on cam- pus, including the Last Lecture Series and Penny- A-Minute Night. Lepaige, L. Phillips, M. Romer, J. 197 HENRY POLIC President Gold Key Brumm, A. Collins, E. Ci ' ». f Glenn, P. rey, B. ft Levy, R- Miller, B. Gold Key was founded on the Florida State cam- pus in 1947 to recognize and foster leadership and service of outstanding junior and senior men. New members are selected twice each year on the basis of their leadership, scholarship, and service to Florida State University. Many of Gold Key ' s activities extend beyond the boundaries of the FSU campus. This year Gold Key contributed to several ser- vice projects in the Tallahassee area. The main social event of the year was the annual Garnet and Gold Homecoming Banquet, co-sponsored by Garnet and Gold Key. Morri son, J- T fv- 7 B w - j» Nelson, ° |.) JSL Plotts, - p Jkk Stringfellow M. " " , 198 Ashley, N. Beals, T. GAYE YATES President Garnet Key Garnet Key taps women from the sophomore, junior and senior classes for their outstanding contribu- tions to FSU through leadership, service, and spir- it. Organized in 1947 as a local honorary, Garnet Key promotes those activities which foster progress and spirit of the University. Its members have also attained a minimum of scholastic average of 2.3. This year members of Garnet Key helped with the planning of Homecoming and Circus Weekends. Gi Imore, J . Kozel, J. Kux, J. Lepaige, L. Parker, M. Partridge, M. Phillips, M. Richardson, S. Romer, J. Saier, S. Siewart, J. Singletary, D. Boggs, C. Bolger, B. Bowman, N. Cashell, J. Dudley, L. Dunn, J- { : t, Skelton, C. Stadsklev, J. Thompson, M. Waters, L. Watkins, W. Williams, B. 199 Student Nurses Association The motto of the Student Nurses Association is, " to serve humanity with kindness and understand- ing, " and it is this that guided the organization ' s aim to prepare the student nurses for their assump- tion of professional responsibilities. They were quite active this year with such projects as an an- nual Christmas Party at W.T. Edwards Hospital, bringing newspapers to the infirmary and providing for a Thanksgiving basket of food to a needy family. Meetings were made interesting by various guest speakers, such as the Director of Nurses from Tal- lahassee Hospital, as well as lecturers from the Public Health Department and the Program of Dif- ferent Fields of Nursing. They also had their an- nual Tri-Service Program, which brought in speakers from the various armed services. For the coming year, they have arranged to have a Big-Little Sister program, and for a state convention to Miami, which five FSU delegates have planned to attend. OFFICERS: Front Row: Paula Schmidt, Barbara Zgoc Ann Darling, Doris Mussatto. Second Row: JoAnne Linda White, Christina Yocom. z inski, Brown, STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION: Front Row: JoAnne Brown, Paula Schmidt, Barbara nr r Linda White, Christina Yocom. Second Row: Karol Norris, Ginger Mapoles, Mary Kidd, Jones. Third Row: Arlene Seghers, Ellen Martin, Dolores Riera, Jennifer Wilson, Judi H Zgodz John aynes. inski, Anr Raffield, Doris Mussato, indrews, Gayle Baptist Student Union J £zs ALTON HARP, JR., Director BAPTIST STUDENT UNION: Front Row: Nancy Robinson, Cheryl Fowler, Laura Chen, Ann Savage, Sue Estes, Janie Allan. Second Row: Mary Christmas, Martha Campbell, Judy Staugh, Barbara Hutchison, Ginny Donohoe, Stefenie Keyes, Linda Wright. Third Row: Cindy Legg, Joe Mathis, Mary Riffenhouse, Ron Boyle, Nancy Ferrell, Jerry Holtz, Judy Turner, Mr. A. Harpe, Advisor. Fourth Row: Wayne Maddox, Dennis Wilderson, Larry Ferill, Skip Givone, Jim Summerland . BAPTIST STUDENT UNION: Front Row: Hal Burke, Libby Gallaway, Linda Andrews, Gary Trimble. President. Second Row: Rebecca Dorminy, Tom Hern- don, Wayne Harvey, Gil Westberry, Joe Kutter, Carolyn Daniels, Bill Trucano. The Baptist Student Union tries to keep students in contact with the church and its activities during their university days. The group held weekly ves- pers, participated in intramurals, and presented guest speakers. One of their main projects was sup- porting an orphan child overseas. This year BSU won first place in the off-campus housing Circus decorations and second place in the Campus Sing. The organization entertained its mem- bers with fall and winter retreats featuring dialogue groups at the reservation and a hayride. The meet- ings were enhanced by the presence of speakers such as Dr. Spivey of Brazil. 201 PHI MU EPSILON OFFICERS: William Reynolds, Vice-President; Ross Urso, President; Beverly Wallich, Secretary. Phi Mu Epsilon is an honorary fraternity which pro- motes scholarly activity in the field of mathema- tics. Meetings, held monthly, were dedicated to dis- cussions and exposition problems of certain mathe- matical concepts. The Florida State chapter was installed in 1956. Officers for the mathematicians were Ross Urso, President; William Reynolds, Vice-President; and Beverly Wallich, Secretary. The advisor for this year was Dr. J.L. Mott. Phi Mu Epsilon PHI MU EPSILON: Front Row: Beverly Wallich, Ross Urso, Susan Smothers. Second Row: William Reynolds, John Harrison, Douglas Morel- ly, Frank Pav!ick,William Waters . Third Row: Wi 1 1 iamMcCauley, Richard Ragan, Michael Murphy, Homer Gerber. Fourth Row: Richard Town- send, Michael Steely, Ernest Burgess. - , 202 Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta is a national scholastic honor- ary for freshmen women who have attained a 3.5 overall during their first year of college. Celebrat- ing its 25th year at FSU, Alpha Lamb promoted in- tellectual living and a high standard of scholar- ship as its ideals. Members were active in sponsoring a scholarship which was given to a student in need of financial aid and in hostessing the Honor ' s Night reception for freshmen students. Led by President, Sandy Miley, Alpha Lambda Delta encouraged superior scholastic achievement among the freshmen of Florida State. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA MEMBERS: Ann Schiavone, Historian; Sandy Miley, President; Louise Kleffner, Tanya Connor, Leslie Saxon, Jeanne Dammas, Kathryn Karran, Toni Scalera, Carol Kellum . 203 Foundation Scholarship Organization Founded at the Florida State University in 1948, the Foundation Scholarship Organization consists of students who have received scholarships from the Southern Scholarship and Research Foundation. These students have won grants from the Founda- tion on the basis of their achievement in their studies and their contributions to the community. Every year the various off-campus scholarship houses sponsor an Honors Convocation at which students are recognized for their academic achieve- ments. The house which has attained the highest scholastic average is awarded a trophy. FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP ORGANIZATION OFFICERS: Joe Warren, President; Connie Brown, Secretary, Donna Stover, Treasurer; Gordon Hood, Vice-President. FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP ORGANIZATION: Front Row. JoAnn Partridge, Connie Brown, Nancy Ann Ropke. Second Row: Mark Hapner, Gordon Hood, Bill Marquardt, Joe Warren. Mortified Under the auspices of the Grand Czar, Mortified exists for the sole purpose of fun and spirit raising. The group never meets except by accident and members devote as much time to harassing Mortar Board members as they do to activities. Mortified taps one less member than its rival or- ganization, Mortar Board. The taps must be of junior standing and must have contributed to FSU through leadership, spirit, character, and service. A high scholastic average is not required, thus the origin of the distinguished pink and green dunce cap pin. However, every member of Mortified has achieved honors at Florida State. Florida State ' s Chapter of the Society for the Ad- vancement of Management was officially founded in 1946. Working along with the National Chapter, the Society promotes the study of the scientific principles of modern management. This year, field trips were held for advancing management techniques. Included was a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. In an effort to offer an interesting and educational program to their members, the Society for the Ad- vancement of Management entertained several guest speakers at their meetings. MORTIFIED: Front Row: Lynn Dudley, Trilly Michele, Jan Siewert, Cindy Skelton, Jane Gilmore. Second Row: Mary Florence Hagan, Lynn Callahan, Celeste Wall, Roberta Vandermast, Becky Lamb, Brenda Epperson, Sally Saier, Gale Hays, Flossie Ledbetter, Nancy Wall, Cathi Garrard. Third Row: June Sutton, Barbara Bolger, Taffy Simmons, Carol Neufeld, Kathy Knutson, Dixie Wilcoxon, Jackie Mos- ley . Society for the Advancement of Management SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT: Front Row: Clyde Spell, David Lamorter, Robert Ratke, David Howes, Michael Wat- son, John Browning, Ted Scalise, Gary Crum, Daniel Garvey. Second Row: George Whitely, Robert Jinks, Donald Hood, Raymond MacGrogan, Raymond Yankee, Ed Ripplinger, JoAnn Kail, Diane Reisinger. Dan Wren, Don D ' ' lard, Kiyoshi Tusjii, James Dalton. Third Row: Will Rob- inson, Charles Rovetta, James Orth, Charles Bly, Mike Shepard, John Huckestein, Tom Howard, Conrad Umberger, Terrence Brooks, Warrer, Tripp, Ken Dykes, Chris Berger. £ f 3 fy SIGMA ALPHA ETA: Front Row: Linda Johnson, Jane Hunt, Melissa McDonald, Pam Mogur, Dr. Millard Meader. Second Row: Do- reen Brown, Tim Wilson, Barbara Breener, Sue Dun- agen, Mary Nuddlebrooks, Margie Hipp, Ellen Bese- goff, Richard Wright. Sigma Alpha Eta Promoting interest and providing academic enrich- ment in the field of speech and hearing therapy has been the primary goal of Sigma Alpha Eta at FSU in the past years. In attaining these goals they sponsored programs related to speech and audiology for the members. They distributed the Florida Speech and Hearing Asso- ciation Bulletin to therapists in the state. The mem- bers made visits to various civic clubs and des- cribed the work of the Florida State University clinic. This year Melissa McDonald was President. Phi Chi Theta Phi Chi Theta is the National Fraternity for Women in Business and Economics. High ideals are promo- ted for women in business careers and higher busi- ness education and training is fostered. Each year the members are hosts for the School of Business Faculty-Student Reception and the profes- sional meeting with Delta Sigma Pi. Other undertak- ings thisyear were action as librarians for the School of Business, awarding a scholarship key to the out- standing senior girl in business, and fund-raising projects for National Scholarships Awards. Carol Boggs received the $500 award. PHI CHI THETA: Front Row: Barbara Ells, Shirley Ziel, Kathy Weigand, Carol Boggs Mary Ward, Kathryn Zywi ck, Janie Allen, Joyce Zurko. Second Row: Jane Dacus, Jana McLeland, Susan Senger, Nancy Sullivan, Kathy Elliot, Denise O ' Mara, Chistina Tomczak, Jane Niles, Mary Lou Hosack. Third Row: Toni Hightower, Lucy Holman, Elaine Griffin, Linda Hodges, Marge Vandervalk, Suzanne Starks, Mary Mynard, Teresa Viands, Alice Nichols, Advisor. Student Art Education Association STUDENT ART EDUCATION ASSOCIATION: Front Row: Pasty Rains, Mary Scott, Sandi Stickler, Tom Harris. Second Row: Gail Hibbe, Nenna Smirch, Jan Booth, Marcia Halter, Barbara Swindell. Third Row: Jane Fadum, Sjzie Guthrie, Clelia Pugh, Karen Kraczyk, Cnady Richey. Fourth Row: Joe Robinson, Sandy Elbrecht, Jerry Kelly, Dr. Ivan Johnson, Mary Frances Blay. THE MADRIGAL DINNER WAS DECORATED BY ART MEMBERS Student Art Education Association strives to help the student become fully aware of the duties of an art educator and to familiarize him with other art or- ganizations in Florida and throughout the nation. This year the Association set up art displays at various locations on campus, held their annual Spring Design Show, and decorated for the Madri- gal Dinner. Officers for the year were Neena Smirch, President; Patsy Rains, Vice-President; Mary Blay, Secretary, and Dr. Ivan Johnson, Advisor. 207 Fashion Incorporated Fashion Incorporated is a noncommercial associa- tion of college women interested in fashion study and work, formed to foster better taste and keener interest in fashion. Each year the group sponsors a fall fashion show for freshmen and transfer stu- dents, a " Fashion Guide " booklet, and a spring Fashion Day featuring guest speakers from all over the United States. It also sponsors a Modeling Board to represent FSU. m FASHION INCORPORATED: Front Row: Janet Schuck, Diane Watson, Mary Beth Hubbard, Co-Secretary; Ann Harwood, Treasurer; Gail Allen, President; Sandy Swasey, Chairman of Modeling Board; Gail Henderson, Vice-President; Hope Savill, Publicity Chairman, Jean Har- mon, Norma Ashworth, Julie McMi Nan. Second Row: Sue Arpin, Pamela Hungate, Jane Hudson, Nancv Craig, Dennette Swerson, Harriet Pack- ard, Janet Graham, Judi Daniel son, Kay Carltey, Karen McAllister, Linda Miller, Liz Soverns, Lucy Skagfield, Carl in Losh. Third Row: Cin- dy Swain, Margo Starnes, Donna Furr, Martha Phillips, Merideth Hutchinson, Shiriey Strickland, Paula Berkely, Donna Rogers, Linda Ely, ay c Chr is Wootten, Sharlene Cole. 208 Freshman Flunkies Acting as a service organization of the University, Freshman Flunkies brought freshmen women into FSU activities through the various dorms. Member- ship was granted to any freshman woman who com- pleted three or more hours of service. Their activities included working at the Univer- sity Hospital, helping at the polls for the fall elec- tion and helping advertise for the Student Enter- tainment Series. Also the FF ' s acted as hostesses for the annual Alumni Open House and handled the addressing and mailing of various literature through- out the year. FRESHMAN FLUNKIES OFFICERS: Candy Smith, Corresponding Secretary; Nancy Harding, President;! Mufti Ellis, Vice-Presi- dent; Gene Selleck, Treasurer. FRESHMAN FLUNKIES DORM CHAIRMEN: Karen Corlett, JoAnn Partridge, Beverly Chin, Gwen Yount, Sharor 209 Alpha Phi Omega Each year Alpha Phi Omega searches the campus for the men of integrity, who are willing to devote time and energy to the chapter, the campus, to the com- munity, and to the nation, lota Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity. The chapter was established on the Florida State cam- pus in April of 1951 . The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to unire col- lege men in a fraternity under the principals of leadership, friendship, and service. The members work o meet these requirements by sponsoring the annual FSU White Christmas, helping Boy Scouts in the area, by sponsoring the Ugly Man contest to raise money for scholarships, and the Charity Bowl football game between the Greeks and Independents. As a service to FSU students, they provide the Tra- vel Bureau and the Student Directory. DAVID HORN Fall President X THOMAS WURZEL Spring President Agee, S. Ater, D. Baird, W. Bigger, C. Brazil, G. Carman, T. Casper, R. Clark, S. Craig, B. Ellington, R. Felton, R. Hall, W. Hand, S. Harri son, J. Hungate, B. Ives, G. Johnston . B. Jowers, K . s 1 l _J rt htrA+ t «r? a y ' 4i it ▲ ' 210 SCOTTY MEALOR Sweetheart APO ' S BEAT WAR DRUM TO SPREAD SPIRIT DURING GAME OT A, + m L+;A4rA ) 1 A MA;A P V ft n Q tf , A4 . kill J Kalar, R. Kawler, R. Kersh, J. Learned, D. Lydzinski, R. Mack, T. Mellen, R. Obermeyer, S. Palmer, P. Pettie, T. Piperburg, R. Redmer, R. Sanders, M. Schlegel, S. Stallings, L. Wager, M. White, R. Wiszneaukas, D. Wood, J. Wood, T. 211 Gamma Sigma Sigma PAT LEPAIGE President Aigotti, S. Barker, E. Beal, S. Beck, S. Beebe, S. Bolger, B. Bonfoey, B. Cann, J. Chickering, N. Cold, D. 212 One of thirty-five active undergraduate chapters in the nation, FSU ' s chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma continued this past year to promote the spirit of service to the campus, community and nation. The members acted as official hostesses of the Univer- sity Union, ushered at campus movies, assisted in the infirmary and performed the helpful service of baby-sitting for children of the faculty and married students. To serve those outside of the campus community, Gamma Sigma Sigma collected for the local March of dimes and United Fund projects. They also directed the " Candy for Viet Nam " drive to raise funds for the United States effort there. Colon, E. Denis, L. Dolan, K. Duncan, S. Evans, A. Fetters, J. Foye, N. Fraser, S. Garvey, M. Garvey, R. Tomczak, C VanEtten, F Warren, M. Watford, N. White, B. SOPHOMORE COUNCIL OFFICERS: Front Row: Edie Burgess, Vice-President; Lee Kyser, Presi- dent. Second Row: Susie Baker, Secretary; Janna Clements, Treasurer. Sophomore Council, a women ' s service organiza- tion, was one of the first groups of campus met by incoming freshmen students. Dressed in blue and white, the girls were on hand the first day of orien- tation to welcome the newcomers by helping with luggage and serenading freshman dorms later that evening. Sophomore Council members also assisted during pre-class testing. For the remainder of the year, it was the responsibility of the council to keep all campus bulletin boards up to date. Women were selected for Sophomore Council the preceeding spring by fellow freshman girls and dorm and junior counselors on the basis of grades, ser- vice, cooperation, and participation on the FSU cam- pus during their freshman year. The organization was connected with and directly responsible to the Wo- men ' s Senate. Sophomore Council Sir mmz SOPHOMORE COUNCIL: Front Row: Linda Burton, Barbara Krans, Linda Katowski, Janice Dunn, Marilyn Oldham, Nona Clusley, Glad Robin- son, Anne Biggs, Ann Crawley. Second Row: Pat Parramore, Lucy Neel, Nellie Godfrey, Becky Covins, Elin Gordon, Diane Zimmerman, Kim- Mason, Jamie Arnold, Phillis Conner, Kathy Urban, Lynn Ruth, Ellen Knapp, LeAnn Brown. Third Row: Lucy Skagfield, Audrey Blackwell, Kathryn Karran, Gail Palmer, Karen Chudy, Kitt Powers, Cindy Brown, Barby McKown, Sharon Hood, Janice Shaw, Pat Stephens, Toni Scalera, Martha Anderson, Nancy Armour, Elizabeth Struthers, Mary Ann Hulburt, Fourth Row: Mary K. Ussery, Toni Hightower, Jeanne Dammas, Mayresse Randall, Marsha Orr, Carol Kellam, Julie Weeks, Betsy Reilly, Sarah Bondurant, Sandy Anton, Susan Johnson, Anne LeFils, Judi Laws, Elaine Phres, Susi Scrogin, Jere Reddick, Sue Ann Jameson, Michal Ann Swofford. Fifth Row: Jeanne Miller, Mary Knittle, Jill Turner, Wanda Math- aid, Deborah Buch, Susan Boley, Marjorie Farks, Linda Kirkendall, Hedy Pastir|ak, Anne Pridgen, Fran Railey, Margaret Kane, Janice Bodzi- ony, Marily Partin, Ann Plummer, Debby Wright, Carol Calvert, Beth Butler, Linda Blau. 214 Social Welfare Club Social Welfare, during the 1966-67 year, was both academically and socially oriented. Academically, the club members worked with improving the rela- tions between the students and faculty. Socially, the organization offered opportunities for more training to those who were interested in the field of social welfare. Projects o r f the Social Welfare Club included a Korean Book Drive and the sponsoring of speakers from social agencies to provide programs of interest for club members. Officers for the year were Theresa Maxwell, President; Claudia Allen, Vice-President; and Linda Hughs, Treasurer. i • SOCIAL WELFARE CLUB OFFICERS: Daniel Roth, Treasurer; Nancy Germani, Secretary; Jill Ford, Vice-President; Theresa Maxwell, Presi- dent; Dr. Sielski, Advisor. SOCIAL WELFARE CLUB: Front Row: Faye Hollaway, Claudia Glover, Nancy Germani, Theresa Max- well, Jill Ford, Marcia Farr. Second Row. Jean Peraman, Ginny Newsome, Roger Pierce, Daniel Roth, Jeffrey Giordano, Jeffery Jacanes, Ronald Kizirian, Sue Jones, Dr. Sielski. r C3J IP1 :J V B : wfc j k. • 215 VILLAGE VAMPS: Front Row: Hedy Pasticjak, Projects Chairman; Prudy White, Treasurer; Lynn Ruth, President; Betty Falconnier, Secretary; Gail Overstreet, Historian. Second Row: June Sutton, Wynn Williams, Tina Howell, Bookie Renolds, Doreen Brown, Jan- ice Dutcher. Third Row: Sandy Anton, Susan Cambell, Sandy Kux, Sherri Prigger, Karen McAllister, Susan Winch. Fourth Row. Carol Moore, Smokey Long, Dana Curtess, Anita Coffee, Marti Boren, Helen Walkup. VILLAGE VAMPS: Front Row: Cecile Ingram, Diane Zimmer- man, Marsha Wright, Leslie Kelise. Second Row: Camie Mixon, Mary Sue McGovern, Bonnie Berry, Mellessa Bourghers, Pa ty Olmstead. Third Row: Mary Middleton, Glenna Greenwell, Sandy Mauger, Carol Pate.. Fourth Row: Brenda Lee Willi ts, Stsan Skaggs, Sydney Friend, Chris DeLettre. VILLAGE VAMPS: Front Row: Sandy Antan, Mol ly Megath I in, Beth Dice, Sally Singer, Tina Blay, Tommie Tompson. Second Row: Kathy Rose, Linda Hooper, Sybil Shane, Denette Seberson, Peggy Edwards. Third Row: Linda Hooper, Dede Wittstruck, E!in Gordon, Elaine Tew, Terry Callan. Fourth Row: Edie Burgess, Laura Lindell, Suzanne Hooten, Anna Munoz, Marisol Steinberg, Jean Ann Pearce. Fifth Row: Nancy Smith, Martie Acher, Jan Shotwell, Donna Rogers. Sixth Row: Nancy Honneycutt, Kierstine Smith, Pat Lamb, Carol Ostrander, Dian Wall. Village Vamps Village Vamps has been the official organization of campus hostesses since its founding under FSCW. The members welcome visiting groups, usher for Student Artist Series and other cultural events on campus. This year they served as hostesses for coffees and receptions, and ushered at the Gover- nor ' s Inagural Ball. Freshman and transfer coeds were tapped after a two-day rush in the fall. The " tapps " were easily recognized on campus, for they wore black dresses and a large white heart to signify their selection. •-. . .. ' . " - V ' _• TOWN GIRLS ASSOCIATION: Front Row: Sharon Butler, Margaret Wil- kerson, Julie Weeks, JoAnne York, Linda DeFina, Sarah Stapleton, Celeste Scales. Second Row: Anne Lloyd, Terrie Thompson, Janice Conrad, Pete McDonald, Susan McClellan. Third Row: Marlene Pear- man, Libby Palmer, Paula Brown, Sandi Linton, Jennifer, Highsmi th. Town Girls was organized as an aid to FSU girls who did not like on-campus housing this year. To help them feel more a part of the school, the Town Girls organization began such projects as " get ac- quainted " teas and covered dish suppers. To show their interest in FSU, these girls participated in numerous service projects which included selling programs at the Florida State Circus. Leading the Town Girls Association this past year were Sandi Linton, President; Celeste Scales, Vice-President; Julie Weeks, Secretary; and Linda Defina, Treasurer. Mrs. Sherrill W. Ragans, Asst. Dean of Women, served as Advisor. Town Girls HOME ECONOMICS CLUB: Front Row: Susan Ashworth, Leslie Mc- Iver, Judy Cannon, Donna Stover, Pat Hanlon, Marie Blais, Ginny Ly- ter, Kathy Roberts. Second Row: Caroline Burroughs, Marty Free, Jean Gooding, Audrey Brooks, Susan Perkins, Carol Mendez, Sandra Beltz, Janet Graham, Sharon McCutchin, Babs Stewart. Third Row: Suzanne House, Elizabeth Ann Girard, Marion Christ, Marcia Cox, Kathy Kim- brel, Rose Bass, Mary Ann Richardson, Judy Meaders, Kathy Harbert, Frances Lee, Wanda Webster, Joyce Navvatil, Marjorie Kay Clark, Wyn Weaver, Carol Downes. Fourth Row: Barbara Hubbert, Dot Fallin, Jan Harmon, Susan Langtry. Home Economics Club was one of the most active during the past year. Through its varied functions it strived to provide and promote the professional development of the students in home economics and, at the same time, to foster effective and workable student-faculty relationships. The club was strictly a professional organization, and the program each month emphasized a different phase of the field. The other activities included the annual student-faculty picnic and the Honor ' s Night Initiation, both held in the Fall. With the Spring came the annual School of Home Economics Banquet. Home Economics HOME ECONOMICS CLUB: Front Row: Betty Williams, Treasurer; Celeste Scales, Social Chairman, Diane Wise, Reporter; Susan Kett- lety, President; Gloria Griffin, Secretary; Kaye Waldeck, Chaplain; Karen Reiner, Vice-President; Pam Carlton, Parlimentarian. Second Row: Patti Rucker, Linda Howe, Phebe Johnstone, Elizabeth Poole, Leilani Brinkley, Cheryl Sasser. Third Row: Susan Darling, Marilyn Payne, Valerie Chamberlain, Advisor; Rena Clark, Dianne Peacock, Dorothy Sidwell, Advisor. AIR FORCE ROTC SENIORS: Front Row: Art Forrester, Earnest Woodward, Don Dealey, Bennie Parks, Jack Sipperly, Richard Hall, Second Row: Fred Killgore, Thomas Harrison, Jim Maxwell, Ken Beardsley, Don Camp, Charles Gentile, Edmund Askland, Dave Lar- son; Third Row: Richard Sollner, Bob Witte, Bob Buck, Thomas Reider, Parker Jones, Jack Wallace, Damon Loop. 218 Air Force ROTC THE AIR FORCE ROTC DRILL TEAM PERFORMS A PRECISION DRILL. 219 Army ROTC 220 CADET COLONEL Charles Chao briefs visiting officers. CAPTAIN FRED COYLE receives the Bronze Star Award for actions in Viet Nam from Lt. Col. William Durrant. 221 Angel Flight ANGEL FLIGHT OFFICERS: Susan Macchi, Operation Officer; Jan Siewert, Executive Officer; Sheri McTahey, Administration Services; Anna Marie LaChance, Commander; Julie Olsen, Information Services; Margaret Hampton, Laison, Babs Shoemaker, Historian; Laura Newton, info rmation Services. An eye-appealing addition to the AFROTC program on campus was Angel Flight, a women ' s organiza- tion designed to advance and promote interest in the Air Force. The Angels served as hostesses at sev- eral University events and Air Force activities sponsored by the Arnold Air Society. The Sarasota " King Neptune " Parade along with the Mardi Gras Parade was graced by these girls executing preci- sion drills. In addition, Angels sponsored and pro- duced " Folk Frolics, " a folksinging festival in the spring featuring local talent. Since their origin in 1952, these girls have be- come a welcome and integral part of over 120 uni- versities throughout the United States. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY: Front Row: David Lanson, Squad Comptroller; Jack Wallace, Operati ons; Jarnes Maxwell, Area Executive. Second Row: Art Forrester, Squad Executive; Nelson, Deming, Squadron Ad- ministrative Officer; Donald Dorr, Squadron Chaplain; Fred Killgore, Area Information Officer. Arnold Air Society Arnold Air Society, a professional Honorary service fraternity of selected Air Force ROTC cadets, is one of the more active service organizations on cam- pus. The Air Society is designed to promote aerospace citizenship, to advance the support of air power, and to create a closer and more efficient relationship with the Air Force ROTC This year the Air Force cadets provided escorts for the homecoming Honor Class, sponsored their annual blood drive, and held the gala Military Rail as well as sponsoring the Civil Air Patrol and pro- ducing an outstanding drill team. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY: Don Dorr, J ack Wallace, Richard Hale, Dave Larson. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY: Fred Killgore, Don linger, Marion McLeod, Jim Maxwell, Parker Jones. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: Front Row: Noreene Storie, Treasurer; Judy Gardner, Secretary. Second Row: Tim Wilson, Vice-President; Bob Kellam, President. Student National Education Association The Student National Education Association pro- vides opportunities for training in professional leadership for any student entering the education field. Members were active throughout the year in serving Florida State and through their association with the FSU School of Education they were able to accomplish their goals of leadership and capa- bility in preparing to become future teachers in communities throughout the United States. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION: Front Row: Nancy Freeman, Judy Gardner, Patti Olmstead. Second Row: Bob Kellam, Rob- ert Moore, Frankie Eversole, Joy Stetson, Noreene Storrie, Mary Beth Hubbard, Vonley Starkey, Tim Wilson. Gymnastica GYMNASTICA: Front Row: Jane Fortabery, Pat Livingston, Second Row: Barbara Baribeau, Sharon Knedle, Patricia Whitman, Susan Buris, Paula Little, Jean Cash, Sharon Wright. Third Row: Pete Noltz, Carol Kay Smith, Arlene Carty, Denette Swerson, Cherry Hand, Janis Portal, Julie Vari st, -Craig Hopkins, Dr. Hartley Price. Gymnastica is a local honorary which was formed by gymnasts of the National Team Championship in 1951. Since that time, pledges have been selected on the basis of their skill and service with gym- nastics and Gymkana. To promote a fraternal spirit among the members, they provide a social both be- fore and after the gymkana show every year. Aided by Dr. Hartley Price, their advisor, the group learns to promote an interest in gymnastics and pageantry. Phi Epsilon Kappa fosters scientific research in health, physical education and recreation, and en- deavors to further the individual welfare of each member. Under the leadership of their President, James Jarrett, the men of Phi Epsilon Kappa sponsored an annual Christmas basket which was given to a needy family in the Tallahassee area. They also spon- sored picnics and luncheons for the members, their families, and the Physical Education Staff. Phi Ep- silon Kappa was founded at FSU in 1958. Phi Epsilon Kappa B Women ' s F Club n c f a WOMEN ' S F CLUB: Front Row: Carol Hale, Margaret Patrick, Tara Wentworth, Betty Anne Marsh, Laura Anzalonne, Susan Rice. Second Row: Kathleen Geraghty, Patricia Clark, Rosie Tilghman, Joyce Zurko, Sue Ellen Sharpe. Third Row: Gloria Foster, Caroline Titterton, Joan Olson, Sue Dunagan, Miss G. Granberry, Advisor; Mary Thiel. An organization to assist the Women ' s Recreation Association, Women ' s F Club spent the past year promoting university spirit and awarding the " F " for outstanding athletic achievement. Girls tapped for membership in this organization were reguired to have had a 2.0 overall average and to have accumu- lated a minimum of two all-star awards in the wo- men ' s intramural program. " F " Club ' s activities this year included selling concessions at Circus, decorating the queen ' s float and the main gate for Homecoming, and ushering at the Tarpon Show during Circus Weekend. Racquetts provides opportunities for highly skilled women tennis players to compete among themselves and against other university and college women. They sponsor throughout the year intercollegiate tennis matches and an annual invitational tourna- ment that attracted this year twenty universities and colleges throughout the Southeast. During the past six years the Racquettes have not had a losing season. They also are proud of twelve wins and only one loss against the University of Florida. This year the Racquettes worked under the leader- ship of President Lynne Chalmers. Racquettes 226 RACQUETTES Front Row: Mary Ann Marquardt, Anne Berry, Nancy Hammerstrom, Cathy Harris, Dale Duke, Ann Cox, Candy Gibson, Mufti Ellis. Second Row: Mi ss _ Lankford, Sponsor; Glad Robinson, Linda West, Margaret Kane, Lynne Chalmers, Bunny Smith, Caroline Ranie, Heidi Hansen, Kathleen Gerahty. The Women ' s Physical Education Association pro- vided opportunities for the professional growth of women physical education majors. It also provided them with a chance to become acquainted with fellow majors. All PE majors were eligible for tapping. One activity this year was selling uniforms and locker rental cards in Montgomery and Tully Gyms at the beginning of each trimester. As another pro- ject, they sold chrysanthemums at Homecoming for the Katherine Montgomery Scholarship Fund. To get the freshman acquainted they had a cook- out and Sports Day at the beginning of the year. One of their final events was a Sports Day between the Men and Women ' s PE Association. Women ' s Physical Education Association WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION: Front Row: Ava Rosen, Gail Western, Wendy Griffith, Sue Ellen Sharp, Cathy Ivy, Sue Rice, Cathy Geraghty, Marcelle Wise. Second Row: Carol Warner, Gail Conrad, Paula Jones, Carol Hale, Lorna Hage, Laura An- zalonne, Lari lyn Swanson. Third Row: Linda Evans, Gloria Bennett, Janice Bowser, Janice Daning, Martha Veal, Anne Moose, Glo- ria Foster. 227 Women ' s Recreation Association The Women ' s Recreation Association initiated and sponsored athletic activities for the female students of Florida State. The sports that were included in the 1966-67 year were track and field events along with Softball, badminton along with tennis, volley- ball with basketball, and bowling with archery. The sports were played among the girls themselves or against the male recreation association. The officers for this year were Anne Moose, Presi- dent; Sue Hoffman, Vice-President; Marcelle Wise, Treasurer; Tara Wentworth, Historian; and Linda Oliver, Secretary. H 228 Tarpon Club Synchronized aquatic artists, not just swimmers took part in Tarpon. Girls showing the most skill and poise were tapped into the organizations to then assist in producing the annual Tarpon Home Show. The Spring spectacle was centered on a theme a- round which the club members composed the acts. This year Tarpon attended the Academy of Aqua- tic Art and the Southeastern Aquatic Art Festival. They held road shows in different parts of Florida for the entertainment of various community groups. Tarpon was led this year by Mary Gerding, Presi- dent; Alicia Crews, Vice-President; Linnea Nel- son, Treasurer; and Judy Stoltz, Secretary. TARPON CLUB: Front Row: Ann Thomas, Mary Gerding, Alicia Crew, Jan Clay. Second Row: Anaise Oliver, Marie Blasi, Rainer Daniels, Judy Stoltz. Third Row: Kathy Kruse, Lindy Lou McCollum, Cynthia Barr, Connie Walters. Fourth Row: ' Jeanne Hubert, Karen Deters, Sandy Cobb, Linda Blake. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA: Front Row: Susan McCall, Lillian Buss, Janie Wilson, Beverly Skaiko, Lucy Dya I Juanita Steen, Kathrine Albritton. Second Row: Nataika Luphiaziez, Susan Hines, Ruth Krieshe, Judy Jas- per, Jane Clayman, Margaret Love, Patti Wood. Third Row: Mary Allen, Barbara Zimmerman, Brenda Pearson, Beverly Pippin, Hilda Henderson, Teri Hopkin, Phylis May, Dianne Fansler. Sigma Alpha lota The Beta Alpha chapter of Sigma Alpha lota was or- ganized at Florida State University in 1947 in or- der to raise the standards of productive musical work among the women students. As annual projects, SAI sponsored Campus Sing and a tea for all freshman and transfer students in music. Members ushered at concerts on campus and at receptions given tor prominent musicians visiting Florida State. This year there was a membership of 44 women led by President, Joan Stadskler. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA OFFICERS: Front Row: Lillian Buss, President; Janie Wilson, Editor; Beverly Stotole, Editor; Judy Jasper, Recording Secretary. Second Row: Margaret Love, Chaplain; Susan Hines, Parliamentarian; Ruth Krieshe, Second Vice-President; Linda Gravis, Vice-President. Men ' s Physical Education Association MEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION: Front Row: James De- Cosmo, Advisor; Joe Hampton, Barry Rogers, President; Frank Alexander, Budd Berringer. Second Row: Paul Wallace, James Browning, Hagen Cully, Jerry Copeland, Joe Huau, Tim Barrowman. Third Row: Cliff Ellis, Nachie Owens, Jim Hamilton, Mike McMahon, Gene Learn, Lee Byers, Loren Wicks, Byron Wilson. Fourth Row: Marvin Sanford, Jerry Brooks, Joe Pi- gott. Fifth Row: J ack Waldron, Bill Moreman, John Hosack, Allen Parker, Steve Raylance, Frank Scholze. Sixth Row: Jim Sikara, Dave Hill, Butch Hughes, Robert Trammel, Ed Yarnell, Boyd Wessinger, Chris Bateman, Bob Comparato. Since 1957, the Men ' s Physical Education Major ' s Association strived to awaken a wide and intel- ligent interest in health, physical education, and recreation, and to advance the standards of modern methods of teaching and leadership in these fields. The club is affiliated with the American Associa- tion of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Activities included giving food baskets to some needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. The meetings were made interesting with in- vited speakers, as well as sports activities. The club also sponsored a scholarship given to an out- standing junior to cover his tuition for one year. University Singers University Singers was organized in 1946 under the direction of Dr. Wiley Housewright, who is now the Dean of the School of Music. The organization re- mains open today to give any qualified member of the university community an opportunity to explore new dimensions of music. This year the University Singers participated in multi-group programs, toured the South as represena- tives of Florida State University, and presented their annual Christmas and Spring concerts. Officers of the organization this year were Bob Yerkes, President; Ralph Rittenhouse, Vice-Presi- dent; and Cynthia Carter, Secretary. Mr. Walter James served as the Director. UNIVERSITY SINGERS OFFICERS: Ralph Ritten- house, Vice-President; Carol Sackett, Librarian; Cynthia Carter, Secrteary; Bob Yerkes, President. Women ' s Glee Club Women ' s Glee Club is open to all women students who are interested and have the ability to sing. This year Women ' s Glee presented the " Christmas Vespers " Service and were also active in presen- ting their annual " Spring Concert. " The members of the club need not be in the School of Music, but are welcome from all branches of the University. The quality of their performances is in- dicative of the time with which they commit to this activity. WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS: Becky McLeod, Vice-President; Terri LePrince, Secretary; Kathy Lewis, President; Susan McCall, Treasurer. : -y -+ ijp mjtf Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia fraternity ' s purpose was to advance the cause of music in America and to fos- ter the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students in music. In achieving their prupose on the Florida State campus they co-sponsored Campus Sing with Sigma Alpha Eta in February, sponsored coffee concerts on campus, gave serenades and presented the Ameri- can Composers Concert. This year under the leader- ship of their President Cliff Colnot, the fraternity won the Regional Award for having the best chapter in the Southeastern United States. PHI MU ALPHA OFFICERS: Cliff Colnot, President; Charles Dodgen, Vice-President; Ron Mattern, Secretary; Russ Eckert, Treasurer; Roger Beaman, Executive Alumni Sec- retary; Jim Jenkins, Warden; Ted Johnson, Historian. PHI MU ALPHA: Seated: Ron Mattern, Bill Kutz. Front Row: David Humphrey, Charles Dodgen, Russ Eckert, Danny Tindall. Second Row: Jim Jenkins, Jim Kraft, Bob Fejes, David Chandler. Third Row: Roger Beaman, Ted Johnson, Bill Thomas, Bob Phillips, Hal Burke, Cliff Colnot, Bill Harwood. 233 BETA ALPHA PSI: Front Row: Bill Prise, Lynn Burns, Theresa Viands, Linda Hodges, Mary Ward, Carol Schvett, Mary Jean Mynard, Elaine Boryk, Stella Densmore, Mary Lou Hosack, Deete Preecher. Second Row: David Knight, Charles Wynne, Bob Mayberry, Jack Franklin, John Hunt, Ron Heginbothhamn, Norman Kent, David LaMorte, Bruce Teeter, Russell I edder, David Yon, William Remien, David Ciener. Third Row: Bob Gleason, Bill Stephens, Clyde Stickney, Clyde Spell, Brent Jordan, Michael Knox, Arthur Gifford, Broward Ratliff, John Yarbrough, Gary Work. Fourth Row: Homer Black, James Rylant, Jack Coulter, Douglas Adee, William Heck, Ken Neff, Alan Reeder, Gary Pridgen, Robert Wittenburg, Jackie Crawford, Ray Moody, Ri ck M i 1 1 ' ' nor . Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psi, an outgrowth of an early accounting club, Beta Alpha Chi, petitioned for membership when Florida State University became a member of the National Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. The fraternity obtained its charter in 1962 and since then over 200 members have been initiated. Beta Alpha Psi promoted the collegiate study of accounting, instilled in their members the desire for self-improvement, and gave recognition to scholas- tic and professional excellance. This year they held the Accounting Careers Day and were co-sponsors of the management Advisory Services Conference. They also sponsored an " Honor Day " which was held at the end of the year. 234 BETA ALPHA PSI OFFICERS: Bruce Teeters, Vice-President. David Knight, President; OFFICERS: Paul Daly, Secretary-Treasurer; William Wagner, Presi- dent; Barbara Orwig, Vice-President; Kenneth Sussman, Vice- President; Ashby Stiff, Jr., Faculty Advisor. Society of Hosts is a socially oriented professional organization of students majoring in hotel and restaurant management. Last year ' s membership in- cluded some 500 alumni members who acted as host- ing industries executives in 37 states and 11 foreign countries, as well as a large undergraduate body. Founded in 1950, the Hosts ' honorary members in- clude three FSU presidents and three Governors of the State of Florida. As for activities, the group had biweekly meetings at a downtown hotel, featuring prominent guest speakers followed by a social hour. The organization also participated in a number of annual dinners and banquets, including the celebra- ted Beach Buffet at the Coast in Spring. Society of Hosts SOCIETY OF HOSTS: Front Row: John Harrett, Larry Carol, Kenneth Sussman, Barbara Orwig, William Wagner, Paul Daly, Richard Bowden. Second Row: Ashby Stiff, Larry Curtis, Gary M ' engel, John Houser, Bill Hungate, Charles Gentile, Dennis BeMent. Third Row: Peter Hubschmitt, Philip Fitanides, Steve Vandeberg, David Frew, Ronald Thompson, Jeffrey Laursen. 235 Fine Arts 237 238 The Beach Boys September 29 The premier performance of the Student Entertain- ment Series 66-67 got off to a rocking start with the surfing sounds of the Beach Boys. Playing to a capacity crowd in Tully Gym, the group captured the students ' enthusiasm with their informal manner and musical virtuosity, and showed they were equally at home with the Big Beat sound as well as their own special brand of ballad. While the performance as a whole was filled with some wild surprises, the evening ' s entertainment was satisfying and, for all who attended, quite unforgettable. The Mitchell Trio October 27 Always popular on college campuses throughout the country, the new Mitchell Trio came to FSU in Oct- ober and showed the student body the reason for their success. Their songs of society and politics, often filled with biting satire, kept the audience in constant laughter. But it was their ballads of life and love that showed the breadth of their tal- lent and musical skill. In all, the comedy and the beauty of the group ' s performance combined to give the students a well-enjoyed evening. 239 The Lovin ' Spoonfuls October 22 The Lettermen November 18 By far one of the biggest highlights of Homecoming Weekend was the performance of The Lettermen be- fore a packed crowd in Tully Gym. Those familiar with their albums knew how well they sing, but even the best records gave no idea of the group ' s terrific stage presence and ability as showmen. Moving from their traditional ballads through all areas of rock and roll, folk and show tunes, the trio kept up a lively, spontaneous tempo that lasted until the final curtain call. The applause and enthusiasm of the audience left little doubt that The Lettermen marked the high point in the Series. 240 Rhythm and blues, soul jazz and folk-rock invaded the campus in the person of The Lovin ' Spoonfuls in late October. The colorful group, which had been in existence for only two years, had already hit the top of the recording field with such songs as Do You Believe In Magic? " and the more re- cent " Summer in the City. " The unique sound of the electric autoharp, kept the spirit of the concert charged with excitement, and provided a stirring prelude to our win over Mississippi State. Accom- panying The Spoonfuls were the Sopwith Camels, whose cool sounds added to the evening ' s enter- tainment. Glenn Yarbrough April 1 Glenn Yarborough scored another success when he appeared in Tully Gym in the spring. Singing such hits as " Baby, The Rain Must Fall " and It ' s Gonna Be Fine ' he completely won the approval of FSU students. After finishing his interrupted college career, which consisted of classical Greek and Pre-Socratic Phi- losophy, he developed hopes of becoming a philoso- phy teacher. These ambitions were soon abandoned, and Glenn began his singing career. He started out with the Limeliters in 1959 but by the summer of 1963, he had decided it was time to move on. The rest is history. With five best selling albumns to his credit, Glenn Yarborough is still moving on and making quite a name for himself. Josh White, Jr. June 29 Students slaving through the summer trimester were rewarded with an evening of humor and song in the person of Josh White, Jr. Appearing in the Rathskel- ler for a three-night stand, and at Westcott Audi- torium for a full-scale concert, the singer delighted audiences with the easy style and lively humor of his folk songs. One of the most popular entertainers in his field, Josh White, Jr. follows in the foot- steps of his famous father, blues singer Josh White, with whom he frequently appeared as a child. He is also well-known as a television and Broadway actor, and has sung with big bands as well as solo appear- ances. FSU students were afforded a fine chance to enjoy the dramatic musical and humorous abili- ties of this very versatile performer. 241 242 Repeating their smash success in last year ' s " Bare- foot in the Park, " the talented team of Neil Simon and Mike Nichols scored another triumph this year as well. THE ODD COUPLE, the most hilarious com- edy on Broadway, came to FSU in late October to expose its audience to what one reviewer has call- ed, an eve ning of group hysteria. " The wildly comic action centers around two men, separated from their wives and sharing a bachelor apartment. The owner of the place, played by Harvey Stone, is a sloppy, poker-playing sport whose favorite attire a sweatshirt and sneakers; his companion, Lyle Talbot, is painstakingly neatand worried about every- thing from his wife to his ulcer. The ensuing con- flicts between these two opposite personalities made for a truly uproarious series of events, all of which had the packed crowds laughing through every im- probable but comical scene. From the standpoint of acting, scenery or pure mirth, the play left nothing to be desired except a chance to see it again! The Odd Couple October 25 243 The American Ballet Theater October 26-28 The American Baliet Theatre presented both classic and contemporary forms of ballet during the three nights it performed on the FSU campus. The com- pany is composed of more than fifty dancers and is the peer of such internationally celebrated institu- tions as England ' s Royal Ballet and the Russian Bolshoi company. The American Ballet had appear- ed at Florida State once before; the troupe per- formed on the opening night of Westcott Auditorium in 1953. This return performance was celebrated by three exceptional shows which drew large crowds. Royal Hunt of the Sun December 5-6 One of Broadway ' s most powerful dramatic produc- tions, The Royal Hunt of the Sun, came to FSU in December. Written by award-winning author Peter Shaffer, the play described the Spanish conquest of the powerful Inca nation, and especially the con- quest of the Inca king, Atahuallpa, by Pizarro, a Spaniard. Using only a minimum of scenery, the play drew upon the imagination of the audience to create the strange majesty of the Inca empire, and made the death of the peruvian leader appear all the more empty and tragic. But beneath the story of killing and gold lust, the play traced a deeper journey: the tormented and lonely search of a man, Pizarro, for immortality and a reason for his life. For all who attended, it was a moving experience, and a compelling look into the soul of man. The Romeros January 31 Back for a return performance at FSU, the Romeros, " Spain ' s first family of the guitar, " again thrilled their audience with a brilliant display of musical talent. The quartet consisted of Celedonio, the father and only teacher of sons Celin, Pepe and Angel, and each have won individual acclaim in their various specialties in the fields of baroque, romantic, classical and Falmenco music. As a whole, the ensemble played with the precision and harmony of a string orchestra, and constantly as- tounded the audience with their unique feats of virtuosity. A well-deserved standing ovation brought to a fitting close this most exciting performance. Half a Sixpence Fresh from a smash two-season run on Broadway, the road company of the hit musical " Half a Sixpence " came to the Artist Series early in February. The play was adapted from H.G. Wells ' novel, KIPPS, and tells the story of a poor, overworked clerk, Arthur Kipps, who inherits a fortune in the form of an annual income. The drastic results this inher- itance has on his life and loves forms most of the drama and humor of this very light comedy. On stage, the energetic and talented cast turned every one of the musical numbers into a showstopper. Rut it was primarily the brilliant performance of the show ' s zany star, Kenneth Nelson, that kept up the frantic pace and had the audience applauding for more. Even during the curtain calls, the cast ' s encore numbers gave added evidence that this was the most delightful musical of the year. February 8 Pittsburgh Symphony March 8 The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra presented their performance in Westcott Auditorium to both Florida State students and the community of Tallahassee. Under the direction of William Steinberg, the pro- gram consisted of such famous compositions as Cockaign (In London Town) Concert Overture, " " Opus 40 " by Elgar, depicting the lighter side of London, " Symphony No. 4 in f minor " by Tschai- kowsky, portraying a blend of native folklore with Western tonal substance. Each selection filled the listener with its enchantment and emotion. La Boheme The Metropolitan Opera National Company made its second appearance at Florida State in the Spring. This 150 member group is sponsored by New York ' s Metropolitan Opera Association. In their perfor- mance on the FSU campus the company presented " La Boheme, " an opera which has achieved great popularity throughout the world. " La Boheme " is the story of Mimi and Marcello and their life in the artists ' section of Paris. March 13 The Marriage of Figaro March 14 On the second night of the Metropolitan National Opera Company ' s appearance at Florida State, they presented " The Marriage of Figaro. " The com- pany used Mozart ' s original vocal distribution in the lines of Susanna and the Countess. In doing this, they felt that they were achieving both t extual authenticity and significant dramatic advantage. The National Company was created in order to bring the traditional Grand Opera to all parts of the country. Bringing all their sets and their entire orchestra with them, they were able to expose a greater part of the American people to part of the world ' s musical heritage. A Sggitt Pithy Pleasaunt and mnit (tamebwi Jntgtubb Gammer gurtons Nedle: nUnta an stag?, not Sumgr ann in rijrtHtPa Colledge in Cambridge. Made by Mr. S. Mr. of Arts. 3mtprinteb at Honbon in Jdeetesftteate benetij tfje (Honbutt at tfje Stan of HJofm (Efjangeltft nj Stomas; ©oltoeU 250 The Theatre Guild Productions opened its season this year with a remarkable presentation of Tennes- see William ' s play, " Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. " Brick, Maggie, Big Daddy, Big Mama and the six brats played an active part in portraying decadent Southern life. The Mississippi plantation is the setting for the celebration of Big Daddy ' s birthday and also the scene of his death. The estrangement between Maggie and Brick, as well as the compe- tition between Maggie and Mae for the inheritance of their father-in-law ' s property are the two rival forces which complicate the plot. The tension in the play held the audience ' s attention and added to the success of the production. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof October 12-16 251 Gamma Gurton ' s Needle November 9-12 During the week of November 9, University Theatre presented " Gammer Gurton ' s Needle. " This play, an imitation of Roman Comedy, is a thoroughly English play, its characters, its dialogue, its set- ting, and its attitude are purely Tudor English. The playwright, William Stevenson, has imitated the speech of the common people of his day. There- fore, the language of the play was somewhat freer than most of us expect to hear from the stage today. My Mother, My Father and Me March 1-5 " Trying to find out what we ' re about, and what the world ' s about, " was the central problem in the Uni- versity Theater ' s production of Lillian Hellman ' s " My Mother, My Father and Me. " Presented in Conradi Theater in eariy March, the play marked the first joint effort by students of FSU and FAMU. Starring in the premiere was television and Broadway act- ress Carmen Mathews, who brought to her role a wealth of experience and vivacity. The play itself was a comic satire, though with a serious message, it depicted the vain efforts of a young man, Bernie, who wants the world and society to relate to him as all of us do, though he lives in a world of his own. Bernie ' s acceptance of the fact that he must relate to other people first was the turning point of this humorous but very moving play. The Grass Harp April 5-9 University Theater ' s fourth production, " The Grass Harp, " played for a fuli five-night run at Conradi Theater early in April. The play, an early work of Truman Capote, is a fantasy about a small Southern town and the lives of its peopie. Centering around the actions of one Doily Talbo, the story weaves a light plot filled with homespun characters and some witty dialogue. But the theme came out strongly and realistically: love and the need to understand one- self are necessary to life. Those familiar with the later work of Capote found little of the tension and dramatic power that surges through his current plots. Nonetheless, the sensitive lines of his peo- ple were both persuasive and meaningful; that there was more bright humor only served to set off the theme, and was greatly appreciated by the audience. The Cave Dwellers May 31 - June 3 IP - 1 ,H5 H nH r M Rot .mJ « 1 id X J »JHj it • An old abandoned theatre is the setting which was purposefully used in William Saroyan ' s play, " The Cave Dwellers. " In order to create a biting criti- cism on contemporary American life, the playwright established a theory that all buildings are caves and the empty stage is the only place in which everything is Still possible. The two main chara- cters are two old actors who find sanctuary in the abandoned theatre. The stark realism in the work and the acting which the Theatre Guild provided held the audience in captivation, and those who saw the production left with queries concerning the values in our present way of life. 253 254 The Fcmtasticks The early Fall presentation of " The Fantasticks " started the Opera Guild ' s season off with a " boom. " The simple tale about Love and the similarly simple setting allowed the boy and the girl and the two fathersand the wall to tell their story with the maxi- mum of perfection. Matt and Luisa, the boy and the girl, were neighbors and as time progressed they feil in love. Although the ensuing results seem simple enough, the two fathers complicated the plot. After Luisa ' s " abduction " the boy decided to see the world, and their blissful lives took on harsh reality. When Matt returned from his travels, how- ever, the four characters and the wall were able to assume their normal roles. September 30-October 6 255 Faust November 11-12 The State symphony and Opera Association again produced a stage hit with the November performance of " Faust. " The opera was a musical arrangement which accompanied Goethe ' s well-known drama in which Dr. Faust encountered and succumbed to the Devil, Mephistopheles. The mystic sixteenth cen- tury German setting and the musical arrangement allowed the production to attain the mood which Goethe probably had in mind when he created this classic masterpiece. The music was written by Charles Gounod and the libretto by Jules Barbier and Michael Carre. March 31 -April 1 The Merry Widow A perpetual enchantment thrilled the audience the nights of March 31st and April 1 when the Opera Guild presented Franz Lehar ' s sparkling operetta " The Merry Widow. " Sonia of Marsovia was a lovely and seductive widow. Since most of the wealth she inherited from her late husband consisted of mortgage on the Mar- sovian king ' s palace and the queen ' s jewels, it be- came vital to Marsovia ' s future that she marry a Marsovian, and not one of the many frenchmen who were pursuing her. Bungling Baron Popoff, Marso- via ' s Ambassador to France, attempted to match Sonia with Prince Danilo, nephew of the Marsovian king. After a merry and melodious series of inci- dents, true love and patriotism prevailed, thus saving the tiny country from bankruptcy. Jennifer Black starred as the Merry Widow while John Flynt played the part of Prince Danilo. April 10 Belshazzer ' s Feast r n p at r , m r - f i r fl p „ r I l- r ' _ r ' r T - f p £f - f f r r 5 ' " ? ; • - .% -,. „ p. O On April 10, 1967, The State Symphony of Florida, under the direction of Richard Burgin, Guest Con- ductor, presented Belshazzer ' s Feast. The work for mixed chorus was composed by William Walton. The composition contains passages from the fifth chapter of Daniel and from Psalms 81 and 137. Walton ' s version conveys the highly ethnocentric Hebrew view of destiny, wherein a monumental in- justice coupled with symbolic injury results in the total destruction of an oriental despot. The work was presented by the combined choruses of FSU including Choral Union, University Singers, Women ' s Glee Club, and Collegians. June 9-13 Don Giovanni The summer presentation of Mozart ' s " Don Gio- vanni " by the Florida State University Opera Guild reconfirmed its reputation of excellence. The story of the opera was taken from Giuseppe Bertati ' s play and told of the amorous adventures of Don Giovanni, a rascal and a libertine. From the murder of the Commandant of the knights of Malta to the banquet for the Stone Guest, the statue on the Com- mandant ' s grave, Giovanni demonstrated charac- teristics of ruthlessness and wickedness. However, the Don met his judgment when flames burst through his mansion. The moral, " sad is the fate that awaits a libertine, " was evinced when this man met his death. Greeks 261 Greek 262 Life W « £ • « Sigma Chi Derby, guest night at a sorority house, fraternity weekends, house decorations for Home- coming, the excitement of receiving a bid, and rush parties are all parts of Greek life on the FSU cam- pus. Pool parties, pinning serenades, dessert so- cials, and post-game parties also typify Greek ac- tivities. Our fraternal organizations and their individual members are active in every phase of collegiate life. The Greeks strive for unity and promote inter- est and enthusiastic participation in not only cam- pus, but also community affairs. 263 Greek Week 264 MARY ANNA MORRISON DELIGHTEDLY ACCEPTS GREEK GODDESS TROPHY Panhellenic and Inter - Fraternity Council Panhellenic Council, composed of the President and one representatvie from each sorority on campus, and Inter-Fraternity Council, composed of the Presi- dents of each fraternity, strive to bring the Greek organizations together in one unified group. These two groups also work to promote co-operation be- tween the Greek organizations and other organiza- tions on the FSU campus. Panhellenic and IFC also promote loyalty to the university, democratic ideals, as well as academic and moral excellency. PANHELLENIC OFFICERS: Front Row: Marilee Phillips, President; Cindy Shepard, Treasurer. Second Row: Jane Gi Imore, Honor Court Chairman; Celeste Wall, Secretary; and Sarah Dooley, Rush Chairman. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL MEMBERS: Dave Zimmerman, Joe Billow, Bill Chanfrau, Mike Oday, E I liot Greenbaum, John Maynard. 265 Barnes, L. Bell, B. Boren, M. Bowen, M. Brown, C. Camp, S. Cone, L. Cool, D. Crow, S. Croy, K. Curl, C. Draper, L. Evans, C.J. Forslev, K. Gain, R. Greenwell, G. Hagan, M. F. Hall, L. Hammond, H. Hartley, S. Henderson, P. lr) fe H (R| ,r,1 t 4 .l Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega ' s main purpose is to fully develop every facet of the college woman ' s life, including social, intellectual, and scholastic. In view of this objective, the Alpha Chi ' s have sistersas members of such organizations as Garnet Key, Who ' s Who, Junior and Sophomore Counsels, and Mortar Board. In addition, the Alpha Chi ' s placed second in the Homecoming skit contest, held their annual Christmas Party, participated in a Houseboy Ex- change, and held a scholarship banquet. Hodges, S. Jacobs, E . J on dah I, S. K u x , J . Luer, A . Mouger, S . May, T . V 266 McGlaren, C. Miles, D. Milton, L. Murphy, A. Myers, L. Olson, K. Perry, D. Plattis, S. Reynolds, B. Reed, S. Rowe, C. Sciullo, M. Smith, A. Smith, J. Smith, L. Smith, M. Smith, W. Tullgren, S. Waters, B. Wenzel, C. Wi lliams, K. Williams, C. Wisner, L. Woods, K. ALPHA CHI ' S are never bored at their so- ALPHA CHI OMEGA OFFICERS: Sandy Mauger, Rush Chairman; Joan Kux, President; Beverly Bell, 1st. Vice-President; Sue Plattis, Treasur- er; Sue Tullgren, 2nd. Vi ce-Pres,den t. «i % Arias, C. Barnes, E. Berry, B. Bowen, L. Breeden, L. Bricker, S. Brose, P. Campbell, D. Chason, K. Cook, M. Daniel, E. Daniel, F. Dawson, B. Doughtie, F. Ellis, M. Frazier, E. Gledhill, R. Goff, C Gregg, C. Hamilton, A. Hampton, A. Hampton, M. Henderson, E. Hodge, K. Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi, founded in 1851 as the Adelphian Society, was established on the Florida State cam- pus in 1907. Since that time ADPi ' s have been active in community service as well as in activities on campus. Members of Alpha Delta Pi made weekly visits this year to the Tallahassee Convalescent Home as well as to the Children ' s Hospital. This year the ADPi ' s also adopted a Navaho Indian boy. They were proud to have placed second in the S igma Chi Derby this spring and to have moved back into their newly-remodeled home during the second trimester. Hutchinson, A. Jones, B. Knittle, M. Kyser, L. Lindell, L. Long, S. May, P. McMillan, J. Meginni ss, M. «, i -. ' £3 ALPHA DELTA PI OFFICERS: Front Row: Jackie Mosley, Vice-President; Pam Thomas, Treasurer; Frances Doughtie, Corresponding Secretary. Second Row: Di Singletary, President. Messer, M. Middlebrooks, M. Mi lam, M. Miley, S. Miller, J. Mos ley, J. Ostrander, C. Palmer, G. Parsons, S. Pughsley, F. ) -5kVf fv 1 ADPI ' S HAVE BRUNCH BEFORE HOMECOMING GAME Se tzer, C. Shotwell, J. Singletary, D. Smith, J. Smith, S. Talbot, F. Thomas, P. Weathersbee, S. Al Williams, B. Wilson, C. Alpha Gamma Delta WH»1 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS: Front Row: Gerry Payne, Second Vice-President; Liz Waters, President; Second Row: Sara Ann Smith, Treasurer; Betty Ann Marsh, First Vice-President; Carol Boggs, Recording Secretary. Allison, M. Anderson, P. Angel, C. Atwater, E. Bass, C. Blackburn, S. Boggs, C. Bradley, D. Carlton, P. Collier, K. Davidson, M. Denney, M. Dowdy, C. Dykema, C. Eastridge, L. Ely, J. Fagan, P. Force, C. Franks, F. Gooding, J. Griffith, E. Groetsch, K. Harrell, G. Heard, H. Heiskell, G. Hotch, S. Hunt, S. Ivey, K. Link, K. McCollum, L. McElvey, R. McGill, M. McKeithen, Y. McLaughlin, E. Marsh, E. Metz, D. £)£ i 270 Mi Ibourne, A. Miles, J. Mitchell, C. Moody, N. Parrott, P. Patterson, S. Peterson, S. Phillips, P. y I The purpose of Alpha Gamma Delta is to mold a girl into well-rounded womanhood. Through emphasis on activities, scholarship, and high ideals, the AGD ' s strive for excellence. The girls of Alpha Gamma Delta have been active in campus organiza- tions, as well as in student politics. They are proud of the five student senators and the four sisters who are listed in the Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Their activities for this year have included Homecoming, Campus Sing, Sigma Chi Derby, Gymkana, and many others which have been valuable contributions to life on the FSU campus. Reiner, K. Reynolds, S. Richardson, M. Rowland, L. Segner, S. Seres, D. Sharp, M. Sharpe, S. Shaw, J. Smith, S. Stephens, P. Travers, L. Tronson, B. Waters, L. Whidden, A. Wi Ikinson, A. f l P3 A . 271 TANDEM BICYCLE RIDING PROMOTES ALPHA GAMMA DELTA TOGETHERNESS Alpha Omicron Pi ALPHA OMICRON PI OFFICERS: Wendy Anderson, President; seated. Bobbi Pomeroy, Treasurer; Fran Clement, First Vice-President; Carol Ann Demerit, Second Vice-President; Beverly Baker Recording Secretary; Nancy Betterley, Corresponding Secretary. Anderson, W. Baird, C. Bartlett, P. Betterley, N. Breckenridge, J. Bryant, J. Clementi, F. Danforth, D. Danneman, N. Farish, L. Heffron, K. Herman, S. Hero, A. Homko, L. 272 : % %fj) Howie, C. Kannette, J. Loeb, M. Logue, M. Loux, G. McMullen, J. Mosnat, J. Pomeroy, R. Potter, M. Ratcliff, S. Rhodes, J. Schmeisser, N. Simmons, E, Siri lo, M. Smoak, G. Stokes, E. Tindol, G. Tripp, D. Walters, C Webster, C Wenger, S. Alpha Pi chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Florida State in 1928, just thirty-one years after the first chapter was established at Barnard Col- lege of Columbia University. Since then, the Alpha Omicron Pi ' s have been involved with numerous campus activities including membership in student government and campus honoraries. One of the highlights of the year was the annual Fall Weekend, held in honor of outstanding members. At this occasion, the chapter announced their fall sweetheart. Another activity of the sorority was competing in the Homecoming float contest. With the help of the Delta Chi ' s, the float was good enough to be named as " Best All Round. ' ' Alpha Omicron Pi ' s local charity work included supporting a foster daughter and taking underpriv- ileged children to the FSU circus. THIS GROUP informally practices for Campus Sing. 273 Alpha Phi OFFICERS: Nancy Sanchez, Treasurer; Lesley Travers, President; Mary Her- rman, Vice-President; Jean Stoeffler, Scholarship Chairman; Judy Blake, Pledge Trainer. Atkinson, S. Beardeu, L. Blak, J. Brimmer, C. Brock, B. Brookby, M. Buell, P. Carter, E. Clevinger, J . Gardner, M. I ) » Fratarcangelo, J. Hauck, C. Heller, L. Herrmann, M. Hodges, J. Hurst, B. 274 Alpha Phi fraternity was founded on October 1 0, 1872, at Syracuse University. The sorority initiated the first inter-sorority conference in 1902, which is known today as the National Panhellenic Confer- ence. It was also the first to have a visiting dele- gate, the forerunner of today ' s district governor and field secretary. The sisters of Alpha Phi pledge themselves to the development of high standards of scholarship and character and to fostering and preserving the best traditions and ideals of college life. This year the Alpha Phi ' s have been busy making packets for people to collect money for the Heart Fund. For their efforts, the chapter received the Certificate of Merit from the American Heart Association. Jackson, J. Lavender, J. Podworny, C. Sanchez, N. Sofarelli, P. Stevens, C. Stoeffler, J. Styers, C. Travers, L. Trtiler, J. Turner, K. Wammack, E. Wexler, B. Whitehead, D. Wilder, S. Yates, P. FOURSOMES ARE ALWAYS EASY to come up with when the name of the game is bridge. 275 Alpha Xi Delta Founded in 1893 at Lombard College in 1893, Alpha Xi Delta was established on the FSU campus in the fall of 1929. Members of Alpha Xi Delta were in Angel Flight, La Petite Corps, Theater Dance, as well as in Student Government, Sophomore Council, Les Jongleurs, Village Vamps, and Fashion Inc. this year. The " Xi Strings, " a well-known group composed of members of the Alpha Omega chapter of Alpha Xi Delta, performed their medleys of folk songs at fraternity socials, Florida Jaycee Conven- tion, North Florida Fair, Military Ball, and at other campus and community affairs. Campus Sing, Sigma Chi Derby, Greek Week, the PiKA Cane Contest, and fraternity socials were in- cluded in the Alpha Xi Delta activities this year. THE " XI STRINGS " OFTEN GET TOGETHER JUST FOR FUN 276 Armstrong, K. Bassett, P. Beall, B. Blay, M. Bowler, B. Coleman, J . Combs, V. Cox, L. Dalrymple, S. D ' Angelo, D. Denning, S. Dixon, S. Falconnier, B. Fugua, E. Gardner, C. Gienau, D. Gustus, E. Harvey, S. Ingli s, M. Knutson, C. Kotowski, L. Lynch, S. Macchi, S. Manis, B. v ■N S S» ft f Martin, N. Matthes, M. McColgan, P. McGee, S. McLeod, K. McNally, H. Monroe, J. Mooney, T. Morris, J. Noguez, J. Orloff, J. Osteen, K. Page, K. Parker, V. Penn, M. Plante, T. Reilly, K. Reisinger, L. Ripol, T. Riordan, M. Saigh, K. Sapp, J. Sauer, P. Scarbrough, J. Schnepper, C. Schnepper, L. Sellers, W. Smith, M. Stewart, J. Stretch, C. Stumpf, S. Swindell, S. Turner, N. Verzaal, M. Walthall, M. Wilson, M. Yates, M. ALPHA XI DELTA OFFICERS: Judy Morris, Vice-President; Cathy Knut- son, President; Irene Ripol, Secretary, Barbara Bowler, Treasurer. Chi Omega CHI OMEGA OFFICERS: Front Row: Judy Bell, Treasurer; Cicely Walker, Personnel, Millie Ball, Secretary. Second Row: Kate Williams, Vice-President, Marty Rankin, Pres- ident, Jo Ann Snyder, Pledge Trainer. Brian, B. Budreau, D. Butler, S. Creamons, L. Davis, J. DeVane, A. Epperson, B. Gaston, M. Gianaris, P. Goza, A. Graham, S. Harrington, N. 5 Ademy, P. Ahrano, M. Alderson, B. Allen, L. Antiga, S. Ball, M. Bell, J. Bell, J. Blowers, M. Boyd, C. 278 Hasselo, D. Hesse, J. Holland, G. Hood, R. Howell, T. Jackson, N. Karaphillis, T Mahoney, L. Marquardt, M. Martin, D. Mason, K. Merritt, D. Middleton, E. Middleton, M. Newton, L. Oldham, M. • J " - - ' yi The Beta Rho chapter of Chi Omega was chartered on the FSU campus in 1907. The purpose of Chi Omega is to promote friendship, sincere and credit- able scholarship, social and civic service, and interest in campus activities. Their service projects this year have included sponsoring a child at Sun- land and a Halloween party which they gave at the local Tuberculosis Hospital. The Chi Omegas also enjoyed participating in Homecoming activities with house decorations and float and by welcoming re- turning sisters. The Chi Omegas are active in cam- pus and Student Government organizations. Overbeck, G. Parks, A. Snyder, J. Sparrow, S. Stearns, J. Stein, J. Toland, M. Ussery, M. Uzzell, C. Vallery, S. Waddell, B Walker, A. Walker, C. Whitman, N. Williams, K. Williams, W. Wiltshire, J. Pugh, S. Quinn, M. Rankin, M. Reed, B. Robertson, M. Rothschild, N. Rowley, C. Schroeder, S. Sears, J. Singleton, K. Jfc INFORMAL CIRCLE SINGING HELPS TO BUILD SISTERHOOD WRHHBHfe ■ ' • » v Ashley, N. Atkins, C. Berry, A. Berry, J. Caldwell, P. Calland, T. Clark, J. Clinton, C. Dacus, J . Danford, R. Dexter, P. Dunn, J. Edwards, B. England, E. Erikson, J. Gatlin, S. Gustafson, G. Erickson, P. Fletcher, H. Fletcher, M. h 4f TRI-DELTS HOLD A WINNING HAND Delta Delta Delta 280 Hanlon, P. Hayman, K. Hazlewood, J. Hollister, J. Hooper, L. Home, J . Hurt, A. Jochum, M. Kirkconnell, D. Land, B. Massey, C. McDonald, N. Michaels, C. Mo rris, P. Nabors, S. Parker, M. Perkins, S. Ray, S. Reed, D. Richardson, S. Rogers, D. Rucker, P. Rupert, J. Scrogin, S. :¥ r V f f v Sears, M. Sleeper, J. Starr, S. Tanner, C. Teague, D. Teague, L. Thelemann, L. Tilghman, P. Tuten, C. Urban, K. t P i Van Aken, F. Wenz, B. West, A. Wiejkus, K. Wright, M. Delta Delta Delta sorority was founded at Boston University in 1888 and was established on the FSU campus in 1916. Its purpose is to develop stronger and more womanly character, to develop intellectual and moral values, and to assist its members in all aspects of their University life. One of Delta Delta Delta ' s service projects for this year was the award of their annual scholarship to a deserving student. This year the sorority had its Halloween weekend at the Holiday |nn. The Tri Delts also enjoyed participating in the Sigma Chi Derby and in Campus Sing. Tri Delta girls are in Tarpon Club, Angel Flight, La Petite Corps, Alpha Lambda Delta, Village Vamps, Theatre Dance, and in several other campus organizations. DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS: Pat McCreary, Vice-Presi- dent; Nancy Ashley, President; Susan Richardson, Recording Sec- retary . 281 The past year was a very busy and fun-filled one for the Delta Gammas. The " Anchor Clankers " enjoyed especially the spaciousness of their new wing which was completed during the spring of 1966. The DCs adopted a blind junior high school student as part of the national " Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind Project. " They helped her with her school work and included her in many sorority activities throughout the school year. The DCs were active in many campus activities, and their members included Junior Counselors, mem- bers of Garnet Key, Sophomore Council, WHO ' S WHO, Mortified, Angel Flight, and La petite Corps, as well as Union and Student Government Officers. Agnew, K. Anderson, M. Armour, N. Baker, S. Berthi aume, N. Bicki, J. Boast, C. Bopp, S. Brazil, P. Bridges, C. Bynum, K. Clark, D. Durrance, G. Emile, N. Feuerbach, G. Friend, S. Garner, C. Geldert, M. Goddard, P. Goldsworthy, C. Graham, K. Harmon, J. Harner, B. Harper, T. Hood, J. Hooks, S. Hulburt, M. Jeffries, D. Johnson, L. Jones, T. 282 Delta Gamma % - If- -1 J v.- jl 5tr« . Kaynor, L. LaChance, A. LaPerche, B. McClelland, C. McClymonds, L. Meaders, M. Mixon, S. Mullendore, K. Naughton, M. Ottinger, C. Pfotenhauer, S. Prigger, S. Robertson, G. Robinson, K. Schall, P. Sisley, G. Smith, L. Snow, E. Swofford, M. Tichenor, W. Van Nymegen, S. Watkins, S. West, R. Williams, S. OFFICERS: JoAnn Prandoni, First Vice-President; Tina Jones, Social Chairman; Carol Boast, President; Kathy Robinson, Rush Chairman;Sha- ron Mixon, Second Vice-President. 283 Delta Zeta In 1924 the Alpha Sigma chapter of Delta Zeta was established on the FSU campus. It is one of at least 168 such chapters in colleges throughout the United States. Among their campus activities this year, the DZ ' s participated in student government and had members of Mortar Board, Garnet Key, and numerous other campus honoraries. In the fall, the Delta Zeta ' s sponsored a ban- quet for the freshman football players, a dinner for footbal I prospects, a float in the Homecoming parade, and their annual fall weekend, " Moonlight and Roses " held at the Holiday Inn. Delta Zeta ' s also aided students at a college for the deaf, as well as helping to support Carville Hospital, an institution for the care of victims of Hansen ' s disease. Ankney, C. Applegate, S. Arena, B. Barnett, B. Beazley, T. Bell, P. Bennett, C. Boccuti, M. Byrd, L. Cashell, J. Cook, L. Coplin, C Cotsen, R. Craig, N. Cribb, C. Dammas, J. Dorris, J. Dragstedt, M. Eaton, L. Ferris, M. Fortenberry, J. Garcia, G. Haney, F. Harden, S. Harrelson, J. Horton, L. Houlihan, M. Hutchinson, M. Johnson, M. Kazimie, J . Kelly, J. Kozel, J. Lindsay, C. Livingston, P. Malmberg, B. Malone, P. 284 McDonald, A. McDonald, A. Nevin, S. Peterson, J. Potter, G. Powell, E. Richmond, K. Rosa, L. Savill, H. Selonke, B. Severson, D. Stein, J. Venning, L. Warren, D. Wilbanks, J. Williams, S. Wood, P. Wootten, C ONE OF DELTA ZETA RUSSIANS POSES AT SIGMA CHI DERBY DELTA ZETA OFFICERS: Shelia Harden, Treasurer; Beth Selonke, Corresponding Secretary; JoAnn Kozel, President; Carolyn Cribb, Rush Chairman. 285 Gamma Phi Beta Beta Mu chapter of Gamma Phi Beta received their charter at FSU in 1950. Since that time they have adopted as their purpose the promoting of higher mental and social culture for all their sisters. Gamma Phi ' s were involved in a variety of organi- zations during the year. Among them were Angel Flight, Village Vamps, Tarpon, Freshman Flunkies, Garnet Key, and Alpha Lambda Delta. Gamma Phi Beta members were also active in the FSU circus, Junior and Sophomore Counsels, Women ' s Judiciary, and FLAMBEAU staff. Three Gamma Phi ' s were fra- ternity Little Sisters. Anderson, 0. Archer, L. Arthur, D. Ballantyne, K. Berkeley, B. Burns, L. GAMMA PHI BETA OFFICERS: Lorraine Dey, Pledge Trainer; Donna Gulin, Social Chairman; Susan Murrell, Recording Secretary; Sally Gard- ner, Vice-President; Judy Dusenbury, Treasurer; Sue Boyle, President. Craven, B. Craven, S. Deigaard, T. Dey, L. Dusenbury, J. Foss, V. 286 ■ ' ., ' tJf 1 - «t - t SB Fuller, B. Gardner, S. Gulin, D. Hankins, J. Jenne, D. Jerke, K. Landon, K. Lang, A. Martin, S. Murrell, S. Nelson, J. North, B. Parrish, J. Patterson, C Proctor, J. GAMMA PHI ' S good grooming begins with quality fabric choice. P-uqh, C. Rolstad, P. Russell, H. Russell, J . Sackett, C. Scribner, L. Stanford, P. Thompson, S. Valldejuli, N. Walker, B Weir, J. White, P. 287 Bayer, S. Beals, Toni Bowman, N. Bridges, B Briley, S. Bryant, J. Buck, D. Burgess, E. Clarke, 5. Claxton, J. Clements, J, Cough, J. Darling, A. De La Rua, J. Dunphy, J. Dunphy, J. Dutcher, J. Fain, J. Gates, M. Gordon, E. Gower, G. Griffith, S. Grigg, B. Hilleboe, J. Hultgren, G. Johnson, S. Kellam, C. Kodatt, S. Lastinger, L. Ledbetter, F. Lowry, M. Maney, M. McCall, S. Mickler, K. Morrison, M. f0m f£. m » (• fc. r r i A J? KAPPA ALPHA THETA OFFICERS: Colleen Murphy, President; Anne Kelley, Recording Secretary; Nancy Bowman, 288 Vice-President; Sheila Clarke, Vice-President. Kappa Alpha Theta £ 1 Murphy, C. Norman, G. Oakerson, M. Oliphant, N. Partin, M. Patterson, B. Patterson, N. Phares, J. Phillips, M. Powers, K. Riles, S. Scalera, T. The Beta Nu chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta has had another exciting and outstanding year. The Thetas have contributed to projects on the national, as well as local level. The Institute of Logopedics re- ceived a chapter project, and local politicians have been aided by the willing sisters. " You can tell when there ' s love in a home... " has long been a theme at the Theta house. The strength, unity, and honors which they have gained stem from this. The Thetas have joined with all Greeks and Independents in an attempt to meet the college challenge this year. 4 Schmidt, L. Severson, G. Shaffer, A. Shirey, C. Shoemaker, B. Sirois, V. Smith, D. Wade, W. Ward, D. Weeks, J. Winch, S. Wright, C Yates, G. Yoder, K. Zimmerman, D. (B (: i ..,,. K Vf V . f lpp . . " i ■ ' ■ , K3I-. , 7 r rlLi ii ! • T ' S THUMBS UP AND A SMILE WHEN YOU ' RE A THETA 289 Kappa Delta Kappa Delta was founded in Farmville, Virginia at Longwood College in 1897. Kappa Delts was one of the first sororities on the FSU campus. One of the major goals of the KD ' swas to promote friendship among members and other girls on the FSU campus. Another was the encouragement of academic excellence and the promotion of charitable works. KD ' s were kept busy by participation in varied campus activities. Among these activities was the spirited assistance given to their Gymkana finalist, Miss Peggy Edwards. Intramurals, Homecoming float, and decorations, caroling at Christmas for Dr. and Mrs. Champion and Circus helped to round out the well-filled calendar of the Kappa Delta ' s. KD ' S PRACTICE FOR CAMPUS SING HELD IN FEBRUARY Avant, J. Behrendt, M. Bell, M. Bennett, S. Buie, B. Calabria, M. Couver, L. Dougherty, P. Eberhart, S. Edwards, M. Eggart, E. Fontana, C. Fonts, L. Forszt, D. Fulford, D. Green, C. Hall, M. Hartwell, D. Hulslander, J. Ingram, C. Jones, G Jones, H. Kendrick, M. Kutchmire, S. Lister, J. Matthews, M. O ' Bryan, C. Olin. K. Olsen, J. Overstreet, G. Pasteur, P. Reddick, J. A L. Av THE CIRCLE OF FRIENDSHIP IS FILLED WITH GOOD TIMES AND LASTING MEMORI ES OF KAPPA DELTA f-9 A u- m p. s$pF Ridley, C. Rogers, C. Roush, S. Shane, S. Sponholtz, J. Stone, J. Stone, V. Taylor, T. Thompson, T. Tullis, C. Walden, J. Walker, J. Wall, C. Warnock, A. Webster, W. Wightman, P. Williams, B. Willits, P. Wilson, C. Wolf, S. Wollett, J. KAPPA DELTA OFFICERS: Carol Casey, Treasurer, Susan Egbert, Nita Graham, Vice-President; Jody Wollett, President. 291 Kappa Kappa Gamma Anderson, P. Baker, S. Beauchamp, A. Berkeley, P. Bomford, A. Casey, P. Cunkle, M. Davidson, J. Erck, S. Farley, T. Fischer, K. Gardner, E. Godwin, E. Gough, K. Griffith, G. Since 1960, when the Epsilon Zeta chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma was first established on the Florida State University campus, its women have contribut- ed leadership, scholarship, and service to the school. This year the Kappas were proud to have among their sisters the Vice President of the Stu- dent Body, Panhellenic President, and a Union Board Chairman. In addition to this, they had mem- bers participating on Student Government and Union Board committees. Still more Kappas were active in Garnet Key, Angel Flight, Mortified, and Mortar Board. Among their numerous activities, the sorority especially enjoyed " Mother ' s Weekend " in the spring. At that time, all the Kappa ' s mothers were invited to spend the weekend at the house. Grimm, S. Grove, M. Gurley, J. Haas, S- Lee, M. Liles, L. Losh, C. Lucke, A. Lyter, G. McCullough, K. Magneel, C. Miller, M. Morrow, J. Owens, C. Phillips, M. 292 c= I i : ■ a j KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA OFFICERS: Joy Dickinson, Vice-President; Liz Garner, Vice-President; Mari lee Phillips, President. Poole, C. Reagan, C. Reeser, M. Rivers, C. Robinson, G. Ryan, B. Saunders, P. Singer, S. Skagfield, L. Skelton C. Swasey, S. Techtmeyer, D. Upton, K. Van Doren, D. Watts, M. Wilson, J. Wilson, N. Wolf, N. Wright, A. Zaterain, N. A GAME OF CROQUET keeps Kappas physically fit. 293 Phi Mu Gramling, L. Harden, L. Haskins, M. Allieri, L. Bowns, M. Brown, P. Campbell, S. Hinson, S. Hodges, J. Holman, L. Howell, D. Isbell, C. Coe, D. Core, R. Currin, P. Deal, J. James, J. Dennis, B. Duyck, S. Dwight, V. Edmonds, J. Jordan, J. Koch, C. Kraft, K. Kuharske, N. LaBarbera, K Levins, K. McDonald, P. McLeod, B. Myrick, K. «« fyt I I m 7 - 4 , PHI MU OFFICERS: Jinny Newsome, Panehllenic Representative; Kathy Myrick, President; Mar- cia Haskins, Vice-President; Lucy Holman, Secretary. 294 The Florida State chapter of Phi Mu, which is the second oldest fraternity for women, has made many valuable contributions to life on the FSU campus this year. They won second place in the PKA Cane Contest, had entries in the Sigma Chi Derby and have had several service projects. The most outstand- ing of these was the adoption of a foster child from Tallahassee to whom they have contributed both fi- nancially and socially. Phi Mu also awards a trophy to the group on campus which has done the most Social Service work throughout the school year. Newsome, E. Nichols, B. Oram, S. Padgett, P. Pritchard, B. Quist, K. Reaves, K. Reynolds, E. Rhoads, K. Richardson, L. Sasser, L. Shiver, C. Slivinsky, C. Small, S. Thornhill, M. Turner, E. Turner, J. Turville, K. Wright, D. Younie, D. PHI MU ' S AFTER DINNER CHAT ON THEIR FRONT LAWN 295 PHI PHI ' S ENJOY A HOOTENANNY ON PORCH Caley, C. Callahan, C. Chason, C. Pi Beta Phi Florida Beta of Pi Beta Phi was chartered on this campus in 1921 and its members have lived in the " gingerbread " house on West College ever since. This year the Pi Phi ' s have been kept busy with their books. They have the highest active average on campus and were third in scholarship for the third successive trimester. But this has not kept them from winning the Greek Olympics, participating in Campus Sing, and hosting a semi-formal weekend at the Duval. For their philanthropic projects, the Pi Phi ' s have adopted a child in Oklahoma and worked for Good Will Industries. Ph Phi ' s were proud to have a finalist in the Miss Gymkana contest, members of Mortar Board, Morti- fied, and Garnet Key as well as many dorm officers. Clifton, N. Cobb, S. Cole, M. h •% J ' Corbett, S. Crockett, M. Dally, M. Hendricks, L. Herring, D. Hicks, B. Daniels, M. Dice, B. East, D. Huie, B. Hurley, J. Jordan, P. 1 „ 9 Goings, K V- Eckhardt, C. 0 Gowing, M. h Graham, C. Harwood, A. Henderson, F. Mariniak, M. Mathena, K. McAllister, K. McLellan, P. Michel, T. Moody, B. 296 k. A jtorffrffli , i Beta Phi PI BETA PHI OFFICERS: Susan Rickett, President; Elaine Goings, Vice-President; JoAnna Romer, Treasurer; Tri I ly Michel, Secretary. Smith, S. Sorenson, M. Soverns, E. Van Sciver, L. P Moody, P. Ogle, C. Ogozalek, J. Osborne, C. Pierson, D. Pierson, P. Raftis, M. Reilly, B. Reynolds, S. Rickett, S. Rippetoe, C. Robinson, T. Romer, J. Russell, N. Saier, S. Shea, J. Wainright, M. Walkup, H. Wall, N. Watkins, M. Webb, L. Wiser, M. 297 Omega Chapter of Sigma Kappa Sorority, founded nationally in 1894 at Colby College, Waterville, Maine, was established on the FSU campus in 1920. Since that time the chapter has been active in cam- pus and service projects and various student organ- izations. During the past year the sisters and pledges worked hard on Homecoming, taking top honors by winning first place in the Pow Wow skit competition and having the " Most Humorous " float. The Omega chapter was awarded the Sigma Kappa province scholarship plaque due to her high rank- ing over other chapters throughout the province. Adams, P. Allen, C Allen, G. Ansley, M. Anton, C. Anton, S. Armenaki, J. Bailey, C. SIGMA KAPPA OFFICERS: Seated: Cathie Jarrard, Treasur- er; Standing: Randy Griggs, President; Cindy Swain, Second Vice-President, Mary Beth Hubbard, First Vice-President. 298 Ball, L. Baylis, H. Binder, S. Blakemore, R. Burns, C. Chernick, B. Coffee, A. Daniel, S. DEfins, L. Dobbin, B. Edwards, B Eng, A. Garvey, M. Gilmore, E. Gilmore, J. Gourley, K. Graham, J. Griggs, R. Guild, B. Hart, K. Henderson, H. Holmes, J. Howland, I. Hubbard, M. Sigma Kappa ■ Strickland, S. 9 ft A I Teel, J. ■ Thomsen, M. n % i 1 Hudson, J. Hughes, C. Hull, T. Hungate, P. Indingaro, J. Kennedy, P. Jarrard, C. LaRoche, C. Lloyd, Z. Letson, C. McDonald, J. McQuade, J. Miller, l_. Nettles, L. Nunez, R. O ' Brien, K. Olmsted, P. Ramsey, S. Regan, M. Ruff, L. Rus sell, J. Skadron, B. Stanford, M. Stapleton, S. Trax, P. THE SIGMA KAPPA ' S ENJOY GETTING TOGETHER FOR FUN AND SPIRIT Turner, S. Wallace, J. Williams, S. Wood, P. 299 Sigma Sigma Sigma Awbrey, B. Barone, B. Baughman, C Baur, L. Baur, N. Bole, B. Boman, M. Boughan, K. Brocaro, S. Curry, G. Doherty, S. Dowling, A. Duggan, B. Ferrell, B. Flowers, G. Fox, D. Froede, S. Gregory, G. Guy, J. Harrison, G. Heath, C Igler, T. Johnson, S. Knapp, E. Langtry, S. Lasserre, J. Lee, B. Leibundguth, A. Manley, S. Lutes, J. Marchand, S. McBride, B. McKeehan, M. Melendy, K. Minter, P. 4 v ■ A SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA OFF- ICERS: Elaine Napier, Presi- dent; LeAnn Brown, Record- ing Secretary; Judy Lasserre, Treasurer. Mitchell, F. Napier, E. Neel, M. O ' Gara, N. Owen, V. Perdue, D. Pfeiffer, H. Puckett, V. Reinbolt, L. Riendeau, M. Robinson, M. Saul s, M. Sawyer, S. Schazenbach, E. Simmons, M. Stephens, S. Sul li van, N. Trigg, L. Voorhees, C. Warbington, C. Wilson, S. Wing, L. Wood, L. Wynne, M. Tri Sigma ' s fall was highlighted by their sorority weekend which featured a Mardi Gras theme. After this, in keeping with the Sigma tradition of social service, the girls worked hard to make the Tuber- culosis Drive " Bangle Day " a success. On a national scale the Sigmas participated in the national service project, " Sigma Serves Children, " by contributing to the children ' s ward of the North Carolina Memorial Hospital. Spring, for the Tri Sigma ' s, included the spon- soring of a Scholarship Banquet in order to honor outstanding collegiates, participating in Circus Weekend, and entering the Sigma Chi Derby. The Sigma ' s are especially proud of their presi- dent who served as Solicitor General of FSU. THE BEAUTIFUL SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA HOUSE ON WEST JEFFERSON STREET 301 To intensify friendship, foster a spirit of love, and to create such sentiments and perform such acts as will be conducive to the building of a nobler and purer womanhood is the creed of Zeta Tau Alpha. Since the time of their founding ZTAs have par- ticipated actively in an outstanding program of projects. Of the more recent ones was sponsorship of a Vietnamese child. Many Zeta sisters were active this year in Cir- cus, Gymkana, and cheerleading. Still more were members of Village Vamps, Angel Flight, Garnet Key, and Mortified. Zeta Tau Alpha also had many participating wo- men in student government, including a member of the President ' s Cabinet and two of eight members of the University Union Board. k? - T - ■■ .. - . V£tfV: f 3fc:4 ZETA TAU ALPHA OFFICERS: Front Row: Cynthia Reeves, Treasurer; Robin Hawkins, Recording Secretary. Second Row: Jan Siewert, President; Lorrie Tripp, Vice-President. Edwards, D. Ek, G. ) Anderson, C. Bondurant, S. Booze, J. Borgschulte, N. Brache, M. Brewer, E. Campbell, D. Cecil, L. Chance, M. Cornwell, S. Curtis, B. Davis, D. Fallin, D. Freedman, L. Gerdes, M. Haile, S. Hartsfield, C. Hawkins, R. Hoffman, J. Hunt, P. 3 •- 302 Zeta Tau Alpha Ice, C. Jeffcoat, C. King, S. Kirkendall, L. Karans, B. McFarlane, P. Mickler, K. Morris, D. Nelson, S. Osborn, L. Owen, K. Peacock, D. Rae, P. Rees, V. Sasser, C. Scheffer, C. Schnebly, B. Shirley, S. Siewert, J. Simmons, T. Stafford, M. Strickland, D. Sutton, J. Sweet, C. Thompson, M. Thomson, M. Torchia, K. Tripp, C. Vila, N. Wadsworth, P. Ward, G. Weaver, W. SIGN HANGING ZETAS ADD SPIRIT TO MANY CAMPUS EVENTS 303 LITTLE SISTERS OF THE MALTESE CROSS-PRIDE OF THE ATO ' S Alpha Tau Omega ALPHA TAU OMEGA OFFICERS: Bruce Heckenburg, Treasurer; Bill McCormi ck, Vice-President; Dan Bagley, President; Mike Wiggins, Secretary; Hal Nolan, Records. Allen, T. Bagley, D. Crovo, E. Deal, K. Dobbins, L. Donnelly, D. E llison, G. Haynes, R. Jones, G. Koziel, D. 1 ! 304 tf il-fciV A fe 4th A%M ' 4,1 Mjj h McLaughlin, J. Nolan, E. Price, K. Simonson, S. Starratt, R. Wiggins, M. Wilkerson, D. MISSY SIMS Sweetheart The Epsilon Sigma chapter of Alpha Tau Omega was e stablished on the FSU campus in 1949. Not only active in areas of campus life, the ATO ' s gave a Christmas party for underprivi ledged children of the community during the Christmas season. Socially the ATO ' s enjoyed their annual " Little Abner " party, many post football game parties and their annual fraternity weekend. Originated at Epsilon Sigma, the Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross played an important part in the betterment of fraternity-sorority relations. Other activities were represented by the member- ship of brothers in Alpha Council, Gold Key, " Who ' s Who " and other campus organizations. INTRAMURAL BASEBALL IS A FAVORITE ACTIVITY OF THE ATO BROTHERS 305 Delta Tau Delta DELTS STRUGGLE TO VICTORY IN GREEK WEEK TUG-O-WAR 1 1 I CAROL SHIRLEY Sweetheart Alderman, M. Beresford, M. Brown, P. Burns, D. Davis, N. Dekle, K. Dickinson, II, H, Gianris, G. Gilden, M. Grudon, A. Hornor, R. Ido, C. Mi Ming, G. Morgan, R. Newton, D. AxMd, -fc cn C5 e P fc: |? O :. =« ft X4»Jfc 306 f? Petrosky, J. Schmidt, F. Simmons, L. Smith, J. Smith, S. Washburn, D. West, P. Robinson, J. Mrs. Delta Tau Delta was founded in Bethany, Virginia, in 1858. The Delta Phi chapter of " Delts " was es- tablished on the Florida State campus in 1949. The Delts stress scholarship and are very proud of being nationally ranked number one scholastically for the past three years. However, scholarship is not the only way this chapter benefits the campus. The brothers are also involved in student govern- ment and other campus activities. This year the men of Delta Tau Delta participated in the annual Phi Delta Theta soap-box derby and the Sigma Chi Derby. They also spearheaded a Red Cross blood drive and helped with the rehabilitation of a local crippled child. Each year the Delts sponsor the presentation of the Sorority of the Year trophy to the sorority they feel has contributed the most to fraternal life on the campus. OFFICERS: Alfie Hager, Treasurer; Joe Smith, Corresponding Secretary; Dayton Johnson, President; Bill Chanfrau, Vice-President; Danny Zanelson, Recording Secretary; Tom Panza, Sergeant at Arms. OQ7 Delta Chi DELTA CHI OFFICERS: Front Row: Buddy Jackson, Recording Secretary; Mike Boscoe, President; Mike O ' Brien, Corresponding Secretary; Second Row: Andy Russell, Treasurer; Bill Murphy, Sergeant-at-Arms, Bob Patterson, Vice-President. Delta Chi was founded on the Florida State campus on February 14, 1960; they received their national charter in December of the same year. Since then, the brothers have been active in many phases of campus life. To foster better fraternity-sorority relations, the Delta Chi ' s have sponsored a weekly feature in the FLAMBEAU entitled " Delta Chi Greek Girl of the Week. " Each sorority selected several girls to run and the fraternity made the final selection. Their main purpose, as a social fraternity, was to help their brothers acquire both a sound education and a broad social background. Keeping this in mind, the Delta Chi ' s had members in student gov- ernment, participants in intramurals, and were ac- tive in Inter-Fraternity Council. In addition, Delta Chi took an active part in many other fraternity affiliated functions. Adams, D. Allison, J. Benham, D. Boscoe, M. Brewer, B. Chamberlain, W. Eagan, W. Fischer, D. 308 PAT OLMSTEAD Sweetheart m f;i « t 1 4 r ft MSB " v t ; t» i fl ' lj in J) Ifctf Gardner, G. Goltz, J. Grzybowski, K. Hightower, N. Jackson, C. Malarney, E. Mankins, J. Mooney, J. Murphy, W. Neil, R. O ' Brien, M. Oldea, J. Patterson, R. Plotnik, A. Ryah, L. Walker, J. Wallace, J. White, J. DELTA CHI ' S PREPARE FOR THE ANNUAL SOAPBOX DERBY 309 Kappa Alpha EMILY EGGART Sweetheart Avirett, L. Bickerton, C. Buell, R. Burne tte , D Cobb, W. Daniels, S . Dold, J. Dowd, D. Eddings, D. Elzie,lL. Farrell, R. Fields, W. Glover, R. Gray, J. Hamilton, D. Harri son, J . Heath, R. Henderson, R Ivey, B. James, J . Lovchuck, M. L . i 4. r mt « Jmum. Mum fJmm M| .tt h M ' r 1 p. ( Cj • - mlrJkmn I its k 4r,ta4»fc Mackel, J. Mettler, P. Moody, D. Robinson, J. Smith, C. Sparkman, S. Stone, W. Wade, R. Wade, T. Williams, J. 310 OFFICERS: Mike Huey, Treasurer; Tommy Chancey, Correspond- ing Secretary; Ron Hinson, Secretary; Bruce Ivey, President; Ja- mes Zellner, Vice-President. Founded at Washington College in 1865, the Kappa Alpha Order has as its spiritual founder Robert E. Lee. The purpose of the organization is to promote wholesome social life. The men of Kappa Alpha, through their work on the United Fund this year, served the community as well as the University. They were active in cam- pus activities and proud of four of their brothers who were chosen sorority " Men of the Year. " In April, the KA ' s enjoyed their annua! " Old South " weekend including secession from the Union and a horse-and-buggy parade through campus. THE KA ' S ENJOY A CHRISTMAS PARTY GIVEN BY THE BROTHERS FOR NEEDY CHILDREN dLttflftiJ I ) i r i s 311 Aday, M. Abney, W. Bassett, A. Bassett, J. Beckner, G. Caldwell, G. Campbell, D. Campbell, R. Carlisle, S. Crozier, C. Dallavalle, J. DeGroodt, W. Evans, T. Faiks, T J. Finch, J. Hogshead, G. Hill, S. Loner, F. Mire, T. Orr, J. ROBIN HOOD Sweetheart tt ffk Kappa Sigma Members of Kappa Sigma were active participants in Homecoming activities, Greek Week, Soap Box Der- by, Greek Olympics, and Fraternity Intramurals. They also entered Campus Sing and took third place with Chi Omega. The Kappa Sig ' s were also the proud recipients of the Pi Kappa Phi Intramural Sportsmanship Award. Members of Kappa Sigma ser- ved FSU this year as Chief Justice of Honor Court, Cheerleaders, and Justices on M ens Judiciary. Their service projects this year included trips to the Tallahassee Convalescent Home and a party which they gave at Christmas for underprivileged children of the Tallahassee area. 312 OFFICERS: Bob Dearen, Grand Treasurer; Dave Deutsch, Grand Procurator; Jim Faiks, Grand Master; Rich Tesch, Grand Master of Ceremonies; Terry Mire, Grand Scribe A ,m M -T M Jr , ft fc4 l Page, J. Ramph, B. Rebel, M. Rio, V. Robinson, J. Romes, S. Sisley, W. Smith, C. Smith, H. Sumrell, M. Thomas, T. Thompson, R. Timmons, T. Wood, K. Zimmerman, L. KAPPA SIGMAS ENJOY BLANKET-TOSSING A NEW BROTHER 313 LXA ' S IN ROPE PULL CONTEST AT GREEK OLYMPICS MARILYN KENDRICK Crescent Girl 314 Billow, J. Blackwell, B. Borst, R. Buch, R. Campbell, D. Clagett, G. Coulter, J. Dandoi s, C. Davis, D. DeLopez, T. Donn, R. Dunbar, P. Duncan, B. Eden, M. Fisher, P. Fitzgerald, D. Green, R. Hackendale, J. Hami Iton, J. Hines, C Holley, W. Jackson, W. Jenson, J. Jones, W. Kalcel, P. Koppen, R. Long, J. Lucas, D. Arm A . m, Atfi tf , kA itom% A n p c -. zA A - MM, v " « . Jl I . ■Ssi = tt « Mannheimer, D. McEwan, J. Mixon, J. Moon, J. Morris, W. Pollock, A. Porter, R. Ross, W. Sanders, J. Slusser, J. Stewart, D. Steins, D. Urban, M. Ward, P. Wolters, J. Wu, P.C. Wyatt, C. Zgpdzinski, E. Lambda Chi Alpha Zeta Rho Zeta chapter of Lambda Chi was orga- nized at FSU in 1950. Comprised of at least 162 chap- ters, they have developed into the second largest national fraternity. Lambda Chi Alpha ' s goal, as a social fraternity, is to both show and teach its brothers the means by which they can best utilize their college years. This is accomplished through development of character and capabilities. Among Lambda Chi ' s activities this year were participation in Intramurals, sponsoring a needy children ' s Christmas party, assisting with Dr. Chal- mers Reception, and taking part in the Founder ' s Day Banquet. Still more activities included an Apple Polishing, a pledge candlelight lesson, and an enjoyable " Mom-Napping. " OFFICERS: Mark Eden, Rush Chairman; Joe Billow, Vice-President; Ron Borst, President; John Luten, Pledge Trainer; Richard Linn, Treasurer. A l—l 315 Phi Delta Theta v i 4 h i $ 4 . 4 „l i fc .l Albert, J. Anderson, J. Ashwell, D. Betheu, S. Bishop, R. Campbell, R. Carey, J. Carlton, J. Carroll, J. Copps, R. Crowe, J. Drage, T. DuBois, E. Duchak, D. Evans, W. Farley, J. Fellenz, L. Gainey, S. Gilstrap, L. Greene, H. Hart, K. Hill, E. Hill, G. James, J. Jefferies, D. Johnson, L. Johnson, W. King, R. Lindsay, S. Lippe, S. Lohman, L. McDuffie, J. Moody, D. Neese, T. Neil, T. Patrick, L. Penquite, T. Poutinen, R. Renardson, R. " % 1 ILIA fe4il . ., m k ( -j +t +:M .M .h ti ' 5 » ■■ ' Mm tarn ll.fct Mr,t BROTHERS OF PHI DELTA THETA ON THEIR COMMUNITY SERVICE DAY 316 ftyrti " «• Established in 1950, the Beta Phi chapter of Phi Delta Theta grew to a membership of eighty-five men this year. Achieving academic excellence, Phi Delta Theta placed first in scholarship ratings a- mong FSU fraternities. Members of the chapter were also active in Student Governmentand varsity sports. In order to raise contributions for the Campus drive, the Phi Delt ' s sponsored their annual Soap Box Derby. They also conducted a community Ser- vice Day and displayed athletic skills by winning the campus intramurals championship. PEGGY THOMPSON Sweetheart -fag . JMb • " »j A " te Rhody, W. Riffe, P. Rishoi, W. Robbins, A. Roche, B. Scharf schwerdt, E. Simmons, P. Simonet, R. Spooner, J. St. John, P. Summers, S. Taminosian, S. PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS: Front Row: Bill Evans, President; Dave Zimmerman, Treasurer. Second Row: Bill Til- lett, Secretary; Ed Dubois, Chorister; John Albert, Vice-Presi- dent. Tillett, J. Wetherell, T. White, M. Wilson, J. ft Jk% +tA Witte, T. Yon, D. 40k f f m t± Jtx Zimmerman, D. Feamster, G. I Wi-:._ M Sv 317 Alleman, A. Phi Gamma Delta Baird, W. Bone, J. Phi Gamma Delta, better known on campus as Fiji, began colonization in January of 1966. Beginning with fifteen members, the colony had since grown and looked forward to receiving its, charter as an established fraternity on the campus. Included in Fiji ' s activities this year were build- ing a Homecoming float for the parade, sponsoring a drive to aid the American Cancer Society, and taking an active part in the intramural activities of the University. In the spring they enjoyed their " Fiji Island " Weekend, which they had at their new house on campus. Goldman, M. Hungate, B.J. 4_A Mirabella, V. |-8 T Murray, B. FIJIS MEET ON STEPS OF THEIR OLD HOUSE 318 fpp l ALPHA CHIS HUG THEIR FAVORITE GUY, A FIJI COLONIZER OFFICERS: Glen Trumbower, President; Arnold Allemand, Secretary, Rick Schilling, Correspond- ing Secretary ,j« f- jfo v f Schilling, R. Seme, J. 4 fc £■■ i © © ri.A tf iy 4P i 4Sfe AM Towson, L. Trumbower, G. SUSAN DOWNING Sweetheart 319 OFFICERS: Dave Affeldt, Treasurer; Jim Ryan, President; John Dezzutti, Vice-President. Croak, M. De Rosa, R. «■ €f ± Hawkins, J. «4ti PHI PSI ' S MAKE A PARTY OF SIGNING A BROTHER ' S CAST 320 Heisler, T. Heis ler, J. Korose, R. A 1 J ) - 4 .to . Lathrop, J. Moore, G. Penta, M. Robertson, C. Still, H. Wimberly, J. Phi Kappa Psi After being colonized in 1961, Phi Kappa Psi fra- ternity received its charter in December of 1962. It became a conservative social organization with varied campus interests. Phi Kappa Psi stressed the attainment of good standards of scholarship and involvement in the social aspects of college life here at Florida State. One of their main service projects for the year was the giving of their annual Christmas party for re- tarded children from Marianna. The Phi Kappa Psi ' s were also active socially as they sponsored both " Inferno " and " Red Garter " parties. JUDY MCFARLAND Sweetheart 321 Phi Kappa Tau Since its establishment on March 5, 1949, the Beta lota chapter of Phi Kappa Tau has excelled in many separate fields of activity. While emphasizing the dual goals of scholarship and social life, the men continually stressed the characteristics on which the fraternity was founded: the worth of the indi- vidual, Christian ideals, and democracy. The Phi Tau ' s actively participated in such or- ganizations as the Arnold Air Society, IFC Judi- ciary, and varsity and intramural athletics. This year the Phi Tau ' s won their fifth consecutive in- tramural championship and placed six players on the Greek All-Star football team. For this year ' s Homecoming, the Phi Tau ' s worked with the Sigma Kappa ' s to produce an award-win- ning float. They also sponsored a Christmas party for needy children, established the Little Sisters of the Laurel, and participated in various college and community service projects. 3f eitf Uk ?. Lll CONNIE BROWN Dreamgirl Ament, J. Banks, L. Best, A. Bridgford, S. Burnett, J. Carr, D. Cernuto, J, Domen, D. Donahey, R. Futch, H. Gardner, D. Grierson, J . Groves, G. Helms, L. Kahrs, G. Kane, J. t ' 1 4 ± .± Jf-s «- " i,h4rh ft jP 1 ' kA 1 PH5 lrfc i.fc fit A a ■ ■ 9 dfc AM±t% 322 OFFICERS: Gary Wilkins, President; Hub Spooner, Vice-President; Henry Persons, Corres- ponding Secretary; David Ruddell, Treasurer; Ray Duman, Recording Secretary. £ i jft P P U r f £ ■ t A ' n (W e !•- fn i m L, f [_esso, J. Lukas zewski , A. Miller, J. Morales, G. Nail, W. Perkins, T. Persons, H. Plaster, R. Rice, S. Roberts, G. Ruddell, D. Sartin, L. Sloan, M. Smotryski, J. Smith, J. Spooner, H. Stores, J. Stoutamire, J. Taylor, D. Tedder, A. Underwood, J. Wasdin, G. Wetherington, G. Wilkins, G. PHI TAU ' S TUG-A-WAR FOR GREEK OLYMPICS 323 Pi Kappa Alpha THE PIKES CARRY THEIR SOAP BOX UP COLLEGE AVE. FOR ANOTHER RUN IN THE SOAP BOX DERBY Pi Kappa Alpha was founded during the Civil War by five young Confederate soldiers, who later met at the University of Virginia. Since then, the fraternity has become " the most outstanding college fraternity to- day, " having the largest National Office Staff, Na- tional Housing Corporation and more members ofCon- gress than any other campus organization. Carrying on the tradition, this year ' s Delta Lambda Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha had more Student senators than any other fraternit y, in addition to several class of- ficers and justices. Athletically, the Pikes were also outstanding. Such members as freshman track captain Bob Ward, eighth-ranked amateur golfer Hugh Green, and holder of the all-time basketball record, Charlie Funk, were some of the Pikes active in FSU sports. 324 Altenus, D. Barnes, C. Bogan, S. Boyd, R. Brandt, W. Cecka, L. Cobb, J. Dodge, 0. Duggan, R. Favarato, T. Foss, T. Freer, D. French, J. Frew, D. Funk, C. Graybeal, D. tS - - t d f ri at • i4- C- £1 r Vt B 4- OFFICERS: Terry Miller, President; Mickey Harrison, Secretary; Harry Orwig, Vice-President; Hun- ter Thomas, Treasurer. U £ " - f m O ( j» p m f.t- a i A i | J 97 , R Green, H. Halley, G. Harrington, R. Hart, R. Humphries, R. Kavka, C. Keip, G. Krapf, R. Landis, R. Larkin, M. Marsh, J. McMahon, R. Miller, T. Montgomery, J. Moughan, J. Nolte, P. Obodich, R. Oppenheimer, D. Orwig, H. Phillips, D. Reeve, R. Smith, S. Spiegelberg, K. Taulbee, D. Thackeray, R. Thomas, H. Wall, R. Williams, V. Wilson, R. Wurzbach, T. CAROL ANN DEMERRITT Dream Girl 325 Pi Kappa Phi BETTE ANN MARSH Sweetheart Agnini, M. Babcocok, S. Barker, R. Barnes, P. Bass, M. Beasley, J. Black, T. Borzen, F. Boyer, G. Brandewie, R. Bustle, D. Chao, C. Chao, W. Costanza, F. Costin, R. Covert, J. Cray, W. Cross, J. Derzypolski, S. DeZeeuw, P. Duren, G. •ft ±i i tfc r A A o t A i ' zM - ii mk H j . MM wM « HI P 1 MKM a 326 Beta Eta chapter of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was founded at Florida State in 1950. Many of the Pi Kap brothers were found this year as participants in the FSU Circus and in numerous varsity sports. Still more served actively in areas of Student Government and several others were chosen to be in campus honorary fraternities. Pi Kappa Phi brothers also enjoyed a variety of social functions this year. Among these was the annual Rose Ball held in March at which Connie Gonzalez was crowned Rose Ball Queen. Members of Pi Kappa Phi also enjoyed combo parties, their annual spring weekend, and numerous socials with the campus sororities throughout the year. MARVIN BASS President Elefante, R. English, W. Gi Imer, J . Gladwin, W. Graham, T. Hamilton, B. Harrison, T. Hillegass, G. Hoefle, K. Hoffmann, F. Jarrett, T. Jobson, R. Jones, K. Keller, F. Kiser, R. MacMillan, N. Main, J. Mastaler, R. Myers, J. Nichols, P. O ' Dair, M. Orr, R. Padgett, R. Philipp, J. Pilette, J. Plotts, R. Procopio, A. Regensdorf, P. Roberts, N. Sipperley, J. Steiner, D. Stewart, D. Wegele, P. Wilson, S. Wise, R. Wright, J. Stoddard, N. Stroub, D. Vincent, W. Wardner, R. ■? po f.;.f (rii ps 5 - . i tf 4 A H fcAtltf lit J tA ft pn f3 p A H ( t f ( 0 tf , hA MA .u , 4ti 327 i Aiig. k.» fm :• e c;» VSv " Jua " " ' I MM 4k. a m dm ' a i Sigma Alpha Epsilon With 130,000 brothers strong, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is today the largest Greek letter fraternity in America. The first chapter of the fraternity was founded March 9, 1856, at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, by eight men who had in mind the establishment of a bond which would hold them together years after their college days and which would help them de- velop fully as individuals. SAE has continued to expand rapidly since its founding, and on March 5, 1949, Florida Beta chap- ter at Florida State received its charter. The chap- ter at Florida State is known not only for its active social life, but also for its wealth of true fraternal spirit. An SAE can never forget for a moment the true meaning of his brotherhood, and the intense love the members have for it. Allman, K. Amos, H. Atchley, W. Bailey, B. Barbee, R. Batchelor, R. Beck, T. Bloodworth, J. Briley, R. Caruso, S. Chester, T. Curry, J. Curry, S. Danford, H. Dart, B. Dean, W. Drawdy, T. Dunn, B. Erb, S. Eubanks, D. Fields, M. Flannegan, J. Foster, H. Futch, J. Glenn, P. Hicks, D. Hill, P. Houlihan, W. Howard, D. Howerton, J. Johns, A. ; " 9»» -s- ' W 1 ( Johnson, C. Kelley, J. Kelly, M. Kirk, T. Kirkland, B. J . -; f. Kuersteiner, K. 4;ltf Ji OFFICERS: Dick Murvin, Treasurer; Charlton Hines, President; Steve Landis, Pledge Trainer. JO TSCARIOS Sweetheart f { , i fa f • «• rffelft ftfc ftt.li ♦ 1-2 s » tfiA4?J4fi4 ii Landis, S. Lawrence, R. MacDougald, G. McCain, K. McClellan, B. McKenzie, J. Miller, B. Proctor, T. Ramsey, R. Rogers, J. Rose, R. Ross, C. Shreve, D. Thurmond, F. Tyler, R. Waller, C. Ward, R. Weger, W. Westbrook, J. Williams, J. Williams, L. Williams, R. Williams, W. Wood, L. SAE ' S RELAX AT A GAME OF CARDS 329 Epsilon Zeta chapter of Sigma Chi has again been very active on campus this year. Brothers partici- pated in student government, athletics, and various other organizations on campus. The Sigs also took part in fraternity intramurals. The twelfth annual Sigma Chi Derby was a fun- filled event for all the participating sororities. On a cold day in February, the Greeks enjoyedthe tug- of-war, egg-throwing contest, and musical ice water while vying for the overall Derby trophy and the new Spirit trophy. The Derby was an enjoyable and exciting event at FSU this year. Sigma Chi Ball, K. Campbell, J. V Gonzalez, L. ;« - tft Goldsworthy, T. C8f a p„ 1 Eisele, W. SSm Helm, J. " • ik Johnson, W. SIGMA CHI ' S PARTICIPATE IN SKIT AT FSU ' S ' 66 HOMECOMING POW WOW 330 CONNIE RIPPETOE Sweetheart Karsner, G. Munoz, J. Oates, G. ir i SBB. ftr 1 rf % A Parrott, J. I Tollertoh, J. fTK? Williamson, P. kA m t SIGMA CHI OFFICERS: John Hanley, Secretary; Kirk Ball, President; Bob Williams, Vice-President; Craig Anthony, Treasurer. 331 LUCY WEBB Sweetheart Beebe, R. Butler, R. Coker, G. Coon, E. Duket, J. Eickhoff, R. Eisenberg, B. Hyde, R. Kinney, R. Larson, L. Lipscomb, J. Mathison, G. Mathison, J. Maura, J. Gardner, S. Genti le, C. Gibson, D. Grodsicki, R. Hackley, R. Herrera, G. Holden, F. Mm «k fi K J ra ssc S) " c, . 4,. _ k taJ 4 4 332 SIGMA NU ' S TAKE TIME OUT TO RELAX FROM THEIR BUSY SCHEDULES A -to -A lAvh k A .1 1 z i Mayes, D. Mills, C. Monchick, R. Moore, B. Muley, M. Schneider, P. Seaman, D. Singletary, L. Spence, H. Sprayberry, R. Van Wormer, K. Walker, T. Wessinger, B. Hamilton, B. Mrs. Sigma Nu Founded in 1869 at Virginia Military Institute Sigma Nu Fraternity grew to rank seventh in the nation in number of chapters. Though their heritage lay in the South, Sigma Nu was a coast-to-coast fraternity. They were unique in that their guiding principle was honor. Activities for the Sigma Nu ' s this year included sponsoring runners-up in both the Miss Gymkana and the Greek Goddess contests, participating in parties for underpriviledged and orphaned children of the area, and having a brother tapped as a member into Gold Key, an FSU leadership honorary. OFFICERS: Fran Holden, Treasurer; Don Hartke, Vice-President; Charlie Mills, President; Ron Eichkoff, Pledge Trainer; John Chambers, Recorder. 333 Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon was the second largest fraternity in the United States in the number of organized chapters. The fraternity was founded at Richmond, Virginia in 1901, and organized on the FSU campus in 1951. Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon held positions in Student Government this year including Cabinet po- sitions, Attorney-General, Chief Justice of Honor Court, and Vice-Chairman of one of the political parties on campus. Asa part of their annual service project, the chapter collected money for the Heart Fund. The Sig Ep ' s were also proud of their brother who was chosen Student Body Vice-President in the 1967 Student Government election. TALLAHASSEE FIREMEN FIGHT A FIRE AT THE SIG EP HOUSE THE SOUNDS OF MUSIC, DANCING, AND LAUGHTER FILL THE SIG EP HOUSE 334 iJ th kM 4 ;u V j - SIGMA PHI EPSILON OFFICERS: Sam Harrison, Corresponding Secretary; Phil Caprio, Vice-Presi- dent; John Maynard, President; Paul Joseph, Comptroller; Joe Afryl, Recording Secretary. r 4| jVift fiiA • Hl ' jrf A4 vh f " 51P» K ■ ' w» 4 fc Afryl, J. Bartlett, T. Boyle, C. Brumm, A. Croteau, E. Forster, A. Forster, R. Fox, R. Fried, R. Gregory, N. Henn, E. Joseph, P. fKing, R. McCampbell, M. Maynard, J. Navarro, A. Plant, J. Razook, F. Mi. % 4 A, ikJkm Rogalski, B. Troxel, C. White, C. Williams, J. 335 Theta Chi OFFICERS: Gaines Pickett, President; Bob Goucher, Vice-President; Charlie Parson, Recording Secretary; John Perry, Corresponding Secretary. Bruning, C. Dimond, W. Doyal, B. Erikson, H. Gasque, B. Gomon, M. Goucher, R. Huggins, A. Ingram, C. Lewis, H. , g-- %, t3 n ' ? p £ t;; C ?« 0, p 336 Z 1 - i mrMM Jtt McNeil, R. Miller, J. Pickett, G. Resh, S. Retzer, R. Rider, F. Rogers, R. Schlageter, T. Sierra, L, Stout, R. Thomley, D. Walden, G. Wasson, R. Witt, W. Yeldell, R. Founded at Norwich University in 1856, Theta Chi fraternity was established on the FSU campus in the spring of 1949. The motto " Alma mater first and Theta Chi for alma mater " was evidenced in the phases of cam- pus participation this year: Student Government, circus, swimming, track, baseball, football, Inter- Fraternity Council, and several other activities. The Theta Chi ' s also participated in fraternity intra- murals this year. They were proud of their outstand- ing brothers who held such honors as Greek Man of the Year and several sorority Men of the Year. J¥ 4{l4?ifc 337 Chi Phi Chi Phi was colonized on the Florida State campus on February 16,1965. It is the oldest social frater- nity and was first established in 1824. The frater- nity has as its goals fellowship, scholarship and leadership on the college campus. The activities which the FSU chapter participated in this year in- cluded parties, socials, service projects, athletic intramurals, and assisting children from a foster home in Tallahassee. The Chi Phi ' s had an active and exciting year and made many meaningful con- tributions to the fraternal and campus life at Flori- da State University. BARBARA BALLARD Sweetheart f i ▲ ,fcl 4 fe ' fc m h mm m % kwk Bidwell, R. Carnley, R. Donnelly, T. Force, S. Gaesser, R. Jackson, R. Ki liany, W. Rakowski, J. Sanford, S. Witte, R. CHI PHI OFFICERS: Gordon Hadlow, Treasurer; John Rakowski, Secretary; Don Verbocy, President. TAU EPSILON PHI OFFICERS: Front Row: Douglas Konig, Scribe; Leonard Tabisel, Chancellor, David Brenner, Bursar. Second Row: Elliot Greenbaum, Member-at-large; Jack Booth, Vice-Chance I lor. Booth, J. English, J. Friedman, N. Greenbaum, £ Gussow, I. Harris, M. Kaplan, E. Koenig, D. Koenig, E. a 0r Jfe il F 1 , ! if 5 . . T- 4»£A»I ; Tau Epsilon Phi Tau Epsilon Phi is a social fraternity aiming at the increased awareness of its members in the aca- demic, social, athletic, and fraternal aspects of college life. The Florida State TEP chapter was founded in 1954. It is a growing fraternity both here and in the state with six chapters, making it the largest fraternity in Florida. This year the TEPS were noted for their valuable service projects within the local community, sports- manship in athletic contests, active interest and participation in extra-curricular organizations on campus, and, of course, their fine parties. ANDREA WRIGHT Sweetheart |T5 fil ei| gg it mA Livsh ee, S. Nore, R. Ogus, M. Pollack, B. Schill ing er, L Shapi ro, R. Smith, B Stiegl itz B. Sutta, S. Tabisel, L. 339 Tau Kappa Epsilon Front Row: Leo Hoi lingsworth, Mickey Monchick, Mack Paulk, Robert Kellam. Second Row: George Atwell, Don Bishop, Bill Williams, Dave Androff. Third Row: Don Brooks, Brian Hodson, Jeff Fain, Richard Aitken. The FSU chapter of Sigma Gamma, local fraternity, will become an active chapter of Tau Kappa Epsi- lon, international fraternity, on September 28, 1967. This group was colonized on campus in October, 1966. Since their colonization the brothers of Sigma Gamma local have taken an active part in FSU life. The group took third place in the men ' s division of Campus Sing this spring. In co-operation with Gam- ma Sigma Sigma, service sorority, the TKE ' s won first place in the Ugly Man Contest on campus. The brothers also sponsored several projects throughout the year including an outing at Lake Bradford for foster children in the Tallahassee area. 340 Front Row: John Larzzari, Larry Moore, Mack Paulk, Hugh Hawkins. Second Row: Leo Hoi I ingsworth, George Atwell, Jerry Starkey, Jerry Carr. Third Row: Richard Aitkin, Bill Rowe, Andy Gillman, John Daly, Bob Moore, Robert Pierce, Nick Weigh- ton, Don Brooks. Front Row. Gary Soud, Bob Dacey, Charles Howel Thibodeaux, Larry George, Roger McCol lum, Steve PI Murphy, Floyd Taylor, Ed McFadden. Second Row: Jim Third Row: Gene TAU KAPPA EPSILON LITTLE SISTERS: Front Row: Judy Danielson, Martie McCurdie, Beth Jami- son, Sara Bardoe. Second Row: Ann Nichols, Joan Witt, Bobbie Edson, Karen Matz. Third Row: BeeLee Waddell, Jean Raulerson, Marie Matey, Eileen Dun- phy. Front Row: Bob Miller, Steve Zendell, Ken Priest, John Garside, John Erlinger. Second Row: Wayne Klemmer, John Ellis, Dick Keefer, Richard Fink, Skip Gunn. Third Row: Rick Taylor, Ken Bradley, Bill Williams, Allen Bateman. Fourth Row: Jeff Fain, Pete Crowell, Ron Rotzko, Brian Hodson, Dan Pardo. 341 Seniors 343 Ten Seniors in Hall of Fame The names, faces, and outstanding records of ten men and women of the Class of 1967 have been add- ed to the Florida State University Hall of Fame. They are Nancy Sue Ashley of Ft. Walton Beach; Joy Dickinson of Orlando; Sue Dicus of Clearwater; Nancy Holland of Bartow; Joan Kux of Tallahassee; Bruce Jon Miller of St. Petersburg; Timothy Prugh of Daytona Beach; Mary Lee Phillips of Lake City; JoAnna Romer of Miami; and Cynthia Skelton of St. Petersburg Beach. Greatly respected by both students and faculty, membership in the Hall of Fame is the highest honor accorded a senior. The choice is based on the con- tributions these people have made to Florida State as undergraduates in all areas of achievement in scholarship, clubs, publications, student government, music and drama, athletics, and the military. The ten are traditionally chosen on a point system and by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee, headed by the Junior Class President. Nancy Ashley Women ' s Vice-President, Vice-President of Cawthon Hall, Garnet Key, Sophomore Class Senator, President of Delta Delta Delta, Mortified, Panhellenic Council, Precinct Senator, President ' s Advisory Council, Junior Counselor. 344 Joy Dickinson Vice-President of Student Government, Garnet Key, Mortar Board, President of Jennie Murphree Hall, Vice-President of Kappa Kappa Gamma, President ' s Advi- sory Council, Alpha Lambda Delta, Junior Counselor, Freshman and Sophomore Class Women ' s Senator, Sophomore Council- Sue Dicus President of Garnet Key, Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa, Vice-President of Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice- President of Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, President ' s Advisory Council. Nancy Holland Circus, Soloist, Sophomore and Junior Wo- men ' s Judiciary, Mortar Board Historian, Garnet Key, Junior Counselor, Alpha Gam- ma Delta, President of the Home Econo- mics Club, Sophomore Council. 345 Joan Kux President and Rush Chairman of Alpha Chi Omega, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Senior Honor Court Justice, Panhellenic Coun- cil, Vice-President of the Student Nur- ses Association, Clerk of the Honor Court, Junior Counselor, Angel Flight, Sophomore Council, Alpha Lambda Delta. Bruce Miller Student Senate, Gold Key, Circle K, Phi Eta Sigma Honorary, Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Honorary, Rotary Scholar- ship House Officer, Phi Beta Kappa. Tim Prugh Secretary of Academic Affairs, Omicron Delta Kappa, Gold Key, Student Senate, President of Circle K, Delta Tau Delta, Congressional Intern Winner, Phi Theta Kappa, Delta Sigma Rho--Tau Kappa Al- pha, FSU Debate Team, Pi Sigma Alpha. 346 Mary Lee Phillips Garnet Key, Junior Counselor, President of Panhellenic, President of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sophomore Council, Pi Delta Phi Honorary, Mortar Board, Dorm Officer. Joanna Romer Editor-in-Chief of TALLY HO, Treasurer of Pi Beta Phi, Mortar Board, Board of Pub- lications, Garnet Key, Angel Flight, Presi- dent ' s Advisory Council, Sophomore Coun- cil, Junior Counselor, MADEMOISELLE College Board. Cindy Skelton Union Board Chairman, Garnet Key, Mor- tified, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Secretary of the University Union, Regional Vice- Chairman of the Association of College Unions, President ' s Advisory Council, Senate. 347 This year, thirty-six outstanding FSU seniors and graduate students were honored with the greatest distinction of their college careers: election to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Ballots were prepared by the Who ' s Who Nominating Committee and, under Student Gov- ernment, published the list of names of students worthy of the honor. This was then submitted to the student body for a vote. Besides meeting high aca- demic standards, Who ' s Who members must demon- strate leadership and service to the campus com- munity, as well as willingness to lend time and effort. All those elected have made outstanding con- tributions in this regard to FSU and the community. - m • ' ! m £» h LYNN DUDLEY Chairman of Board of Publications m W I - • I mM j Who ' s Who Among Students in BARBARA HUNTRESS Mortor Board PAM HAMILTON President of Alpha Lambda Delta LARRY GONZALEZ President of Student Body STEVE LANDIS Sigma Alpha Epsilon BRUCE JON MILLER Omicron Delta Kappa DIANE PERRY Angel Flight AmericanUniversities Colleges JOE SMITH Delta Tau Delta 1 1 LYDA EASTRIDGE Freshman Class Senator JO ANN SNYDER President of Mortor Board SUE DICUS President of Garnet Key ( TOM DeLOPEZ Defense Council for Honor Court PAT LePAIGE Gamma Sigma Sigma 350 JACK SIPPERLY Sophomore Class Senator IRV BROUGHTON Program Counci I « «. » ' JOY DICKINSON Vice-President of Student Body TONI BEALS Homecoming Queen v, jr iJ GAIL BROWN Zeta Tau Alpha BILL GLENN President of Alpha Council Dl SINGLETARY President of Alpha Delta Pi JAN CASHELL Secretary of Garnet Key GERRY CHMIELEWSKI Pi Kappa Phi JEFF WRIGHT Chairmen of Homecoming Parade CAROL BOGGS Treasurer of Motor Board MIKE HOCKSTEIN Sigma Alpha Epsilon r J WOODY WATKINS Delta Gamma CHERRY ISBELL University Singers 352 ■► " BEVERLY BELL Historian of Village Vamps NANCY HOLLAND Hal I of Fame ELAINE NAPIER Junior Counselor JOAN KUX Mortar Board SHARON MIXON Vice-President of Broward Hall CHIP WHITE Sigma Chi ' « j GENE STEARNS Student Body President 4 f A NANCY ASHLEY Women ' s Vice-President RANDY PLOTTS Secretary of State LIZ WATERS Chairman of Ci r cus Family Weeken 353 A AARON, LARRY DEAN, Belle Glade, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Gymkana, ROTC. ABELLO, DAMARIS, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences. ABRAMS, PAUL M., Rockville Centre, New York; Business; Sailing Association, Society of Hosts. ACKERMAN, FRANCINE, Miami Springs, Florida; Education; FNEA. ADAMS, ILENE MICHELE, Redington Beach, Florida; Educa- tion; Campus Sing, NEA, NCTE. ADAMS, LINDA 0., Jacksonville, Florida; Social Welfare. ADEMY, PHYLLIS ANNE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; Chi Omega. AGNINI, MICHAEL F., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences. AKERS, CHARLES E., Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, Foundation Scholarship Organization. ALBERT, ROBERT ERWIN, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Kellum Hall Officer. ALBERTSON, LINDA L.,West Hollywood, Florida; Education; Council for Exceptional Children Officer. ALBRIGHT, WILLIAM H., Montgomery, Alabama; Arts and Sci- ences; Phi Gamma Delta ALE, DONNA L., Miami Lakes, Florida; Education. ALLEN, BETTE STOKES, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sci- en ces . ALLEN, CLAUDIA FLORENE, Hialeah, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Sigma Kappa, BSU, Social Work Club Vice President; SNEA. ALLEN, GAIL, Carolina, Puerto Rico; Home Economics; Sigma Kappa, Fashion Incorporated President, Daughters of the Crossed Swords, Tau Beta Sigma, Gamma Alpha Chi. ALLEN, MARY, Brooksville, Florida; Music; Sophomore Coun- cil, Junior Counselor, Cawthon Hall Vice President, Sigma Alpha lota Co-Editor, Choral Union, Women ' s Glee Club. ALLEY, VICKI ANN, Pohokee, Florida; Education. ALLISON, MARISSA JANE, Ft. Walton, Florida; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pershing Rifles Sponsor, Sophomore Counci I . AMOS, PATRICIA S., Hastings, Florida; Education; Council for Exceptional Children, Phi Ro Pi. ANDERECK, CAROLYN, Pensacola, Florida; Education; SNEA. ANDERSON, WENDY L., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Education; Alpha Omicron President, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fall Sweetheart, Little Sister of the Golden Heart President, Campus Inn Chair man, SNEA, Campus Representative for Pan Am Airlines. ANDREW, MARIAN E., St. Augustine, Florida; Education; Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Freshman Flunkies. ANGEL, CONSTANCE JUNE, Miami, Florida; Education. ANGELBECK, H. JOHN, JR., Deerfield Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Kappa Psi. ARCHIBALD, LYNN C, Sarasota, Florida; Education. ARTHUR, DIANE, Orlando, Florida; Education; Council for Exceptional Chi Idren, SNEA, Daughters of the Crossed Swords, Gamma Phi Beta. ASH, WINIFRED, Ft. Pierce, Florida; Education. 354 ASHBURN, ROBERT COURTNEY, Tallahassee, Florida; Bus- iness; Student Publications Business Manager. ASHLEY, NANCY, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Women ' s Vice President, Delta Delta Delta President, Senior Class Vice President, Cawthon Hall Vice President, Mortified, Garnet Key, Junior Counselor, Sophomore Council, Freshmen Flunkies, Little Sister of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rey- nolds Hall Senator, Sophomore Class Senator, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. ASKLAND, EDMUND JR., Uniondale, New York; Arts and Sciences; Arnold Air Society, Air Force Drill Team, Seminole Scuba Divers. ATER, DANIEL L.,St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi Omega, Senior Judiciary. ATHERTON, OTHA H., Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Socie- ty for Advancement of Management. ATWATER, ELAINE, Tampa, Florida; Education; Alpha Gam- ma Delta Officer, ACEI, SNEA, Off-Campus Court Secretary, Sigma Nu Little Sister Historian, Sophomore Council, Fresh- man Flunkies, Dorm Officer. AULTMAN, JACQUELINE, Pensacola, Florida; Education; Junior Counselor. AUTRY, ARTHUR SPENCER, Wauchu la, Florida; Arts and Sciences. AVANT, JACKIE, Coral Gables, Florida; Education; Kappa Delta, Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, Sophomore Women ' s Judiciary, Junior Counselor. BACON, SALLIE EVA, Jacksonville, Florida; Education. BAGBY, RICHARD CALDWELL, JR., Lexington, North Caro- lina; Arts and Sciences; American Meteorological Society, Westminster Fellowship. BAGLEY, DANIEL S. Ill, Lakeland, Florida; Business; Alpha Tau Omega President, Society for Advancement of Management, Alpha Delta Sigma, Alpha Council. BAILEY, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Vero Beach, Florida; Bus- iness; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Secretary, Alpha Council. BAIRD, WILLIAM A., Harbour Island, Bahamas; Arts and Sci- ences; Phi Gamma Delta Vice President, Alpha Phi Omega Vice President and Secretary, Arnold Air Society Officer, Dean of Men ' s Staff. BAKER, NORMAN D., North Scituate, Rhode Island; Arts and Sciences. BALL, BRADEN KIRK, Pensacola, Florida; Business; Sigma Chi. BALL, GWENDOLYN, PanamaCity, Florida; Arts and Sciences. BALL, MILDRED, New Orleans, Louisiana; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega Secretary, Gilchrist Vice President, Tally Ho So- rorities Editor, Sophomore Council, Executive Committee Stu- dent Party, Student-Senate Relations Committee. BARKER, NANCY, Vero Beach, Florida; Education; SNEA. BARNEY, ALAN, Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Alpha Delta Sigma. BARR, EDWARD T., Orlando, Florida; Arts and Sciences. BARRINGTON, MELVIN N., JR., Solvay, New York; Business. BARTLETT, THOMAS R., North Miami, Florida; Business; Marketing Club, Arnold Air Society, Homecoming Committee, University Party Parliamentarian. BARWICK, HAROLD, Tallahassee, Florida; Education. BASHAM, GEORGE H., Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Sigma Chi Secretary, Dorm Sports Chairman, Intramurals. BATSIS, TEDDY, Interlaken, Wisconsin; Business; Delta Sigma Pi . BEAL, SHARON, Sarasota, Florida; Education; Junior Coun- selor, Foundation Scholarship Organization, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Baptist Student Union. BEALS, TONI, Sumter, South Carolina; Education; Village Vamp, Dorm Officer, Gymkana Court, Sophomore Council, Jun- ior Counselor, Garnet Key, Mortified, Head Cheerleader, Greek Goddess, Homecoming Queen, Who ' s Who in American Univer- si ties and Colleges. 355 BECK, KATHY JILL, Titusville, Florida; Education. BECK, SARA JANE, Macon, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Hon- ors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Sigma Sigma. BECKNER, GARY L., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Business; Kappa Sigma. BEHRENDT, MARIANNE, Alexandria, Virginia; Education; Kappa Delta, Kappa Delta Pi. BELBECK, MICHAEL ROSS, Winter Park, Florida; Business. BELCHER, MARYBELLE, Tallahassee, Florida; Social Wel- fare; International Club, Social Work Club, Phi Alpha. BELL, CAROL D., Cairo, Georgia; Home Economics. BELL, MARTHA, Quincy, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta. BENHAM, DANIEL E., Orlando, Florida; Business. BENNETT, CYNTHIA DABNEY, Bradenton, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Pi House President. BENNETT, MILES THOMAS, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences. BENNETT, SUSAN, Jacksonville, Florida; Education. Ph ysi ca y, Florida; Art I Education A nd Sci- ssociation. ences; Women ' s F Club, Archaeological Society. BERESFORD, MICHAEL TRAINOR, Palm Beach Shores, Flor- ida; Delta Tau Delta, Marketing Club, Sky Diving Club. BERGER, CHRISTOPHER G., West Palm Beach, Florida; Bus- iness; Alpha Kappa Psi, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Society for Ad- vancement of Management. BERMAN, PATRICIA J., St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences. BERTHIAUME, NANCY FAY, Hialeah, Florida; Education; Delta Gamma, Union Program Council, University Party Dele- gate, Little Sisters of Lambda Chi Alpha President, SNEA, Junior Counselor. BETTERLEY, NANCY, Evanston, Illinois; Education. BETTS, MELODIE, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Wo- men ' s Recreation Association, Flambeau Sports and Feature Editor, Deviney Hall House Council. BIDWELL, ROBERT ROY, Pensacola, Florida; Business. BIGHAM, JERRY L., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. BIRCHFIELD, JAMES D., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Pi Sigma Alpha. BISHOP, CONRAD C, JR., Shalimar, Florida; Social Welfare; Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Intramurals. BISHOP, LINDA M., Marianna, Florida; Arts and Sciences. BIZZARO, DONALD, Miami Florida; Education. BLACK, BETTINA JEAN, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Soltas. BLACK, THOMAS K., Cocoa, Florida; Arts and Sciences. BLAKE, JUDY, Ft. Myers, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Circus, Seminole Divers Secretary-Treasurer. 356 LAY, MARY FRANCES, Lake City, Florida; Education; Art ducation Club Secretary and Treasurer, Alpha Xi Delta Treas- •er, Junior Counselor, Little Sisters of Kappa Sigma, Fresh- an Flunkies. LITZ, KENNETH, Miami, Florida; Education; Delta Tau elta. LY, CHARLES W., Orlando, Florida; Business. OAST, CAROL, Bradenton, Florida; Education; Delta Gamma resident, Mortified, Junior Counselor, Sophomore Council, Ipha Tau Omega Little Sister. OAZ, SUSAN B., Miami Springs, Florida; Education; Kappa elta Pi, SNEA. ODDEN, VERNON H., Ill, Fairhope, Alabama; Arts and Sci- lces. OGAN, STEPHEN C, Gulf Breeze, Florida; Arts and Sciences. OGGS, CAROL, Deerfield Beach, Florida; Business; Alpha amma Delta Recording Secretary, Freshman Flunkies, Alpha ambda Delta, Garnet Key, Mortar Board Treasurer, Phi Chi heta President and Vice President, Junior Counselor, Dorm fficer, Dean ' s list, Student-Faculty Evaluations Committee hairman, Co-Chairman Circus Weekend Committee, Who ' s Who American Universities and Colleges. OMFORD, ANNE, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Kappa appa Gamma, Senate, Landis President. OOHER, CHERYL, Albany, Georgia; Education. OOZE, JUDITH, Clearwater, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Zeta au Alpha Officer, Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, jnior Counselor, FSU Exchange Program Committee, Gymkana rincess, Gymnastica, Circus, Little Si ster of Phi Delta Theta, orm Committee, Dean ' s List, People-to-People. ORST, RON, Delray Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences; ambda Chi Alpha Pres ident, Al pha Council, Traffic Court jdge, Student Party Vice-Chai rman, Dean ' s List. OSCOE, MICHAEL B., Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sci- ices; Delta Chi, President, Intramurals, Flambeau, University nrty, Inter-Fraternity Council. DUGHAN, KAREN, Sarasota, Florida; Education; Sigma gma Sigma Scholarship Chairman, Sigma Lambda Sigma, Jun- r Counselor, Racquettes Vice President, Women ' s Recreation ssociation Officer, Union Recreation Committee. 3URBEAW, MARY A., Jacksonville, Florida; Social Welfare; cial Work Club. DWDEN, RICHARD, Brooklyn, New York; Business. OWEN, JACK WAYNE, Quincy, Florida; Business. OWMAN, NANCY, Winter Park, Florida; Education; Reynolds ice President, Sophomore Council, Alpha Lambda Delta, appa Alpha Theta Vice President, Magnolia Vice President, jnior Counselor, Council for Exceptional Children, Garnet sy, Mortar Board. OYER, DONNA, Miami Florida; Education; Gamma Phi Beta, ome Economics Club, SNEA. OYER, GEORGE EDWIN, Wewahitchka, Florida; Arts and riences . RACHE, MARY ANN, Clearwater, Florida; Social Welfare ;ta Tau Al pha. RADBURY, LYNN, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; ittle Sister of the Golden Heart, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Gamma gma Sigma, University Party. RANCH, ERNEST EARL, Hazelcrest, Illinois; Arts and Sci- ices; Debate Team, Arnold Air Society. RAND, ELIZABETH ANNE, Sanford, Florida; Arts and Sci- ices; Honors Program, MA-MI Program, FSU Study Abroad, ;rman Club, Young Liberals, Foundation Scholarship Organ- ation, Senate Public Relations Committee. RANNING, ROBERT, Tallahassee, Florida; Business. RAUSS, PATRICIA, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Education; JEA, Kappa Delta Pi. RAZIL, GLENN ELLIS, Tallahassee, Florida; Social Wel- re; Alpha Phi Omega, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Phi Alpha. RAZIL, PATRICIA ANN, St. Petersburg, Florida; Social slfare; Delta Gamma, Phi Alpha, Little Sister of Minerva. 357 BREWER, BRYAN ALLEN, Titusville, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Delta Chi Secretary, Phi Sigma Tau, Student Senate, University Party Vice Chairman . BREWTON, ROBERT RAY, Pensacola Florida; Education. BRIDGES, BEVERLY LOUISE, Miami, Florida; Nursing; Kappa Alpha Theta, Student Traffic Court, Student Nurses ' Associ a- tion, Dorm Chaplain. BRINKLEY, LEILANI, Winter Park, Florida; Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta, Home Economics Club, Omicron Nu, Miss University Union runner-up. BRITTAIN, MARY, Lake City, Florida; Education. BROCK, BOBBY LEE, Flomaton, Alabama; Business; Society for Advancement of Management. BROCKWAY, SANDRA JEAN, Bonifay, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Social Work Club, Phi Alpha. BRONSON, JAMES R., Virginia Beach, Virginia; Business. BROOKS, ANGELIA DELOROS, Quincy, Florida; Education. BROSE, PENNY, Tampa, Florida; Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi, Home Economics Club Treasurer, Fashion Inc. BROWN, DOREEN GAY, Manassas, Virginia; Education; Village Vamps, Foundation Scholarship Organization; Cheer- leader, Summer Women ' s Judiciary, Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sister. BROWN, JACQUELYN MARIE, Lake City, Florida; Education. BROWN. LYNNE, Auburndale, Florida; Home Economics. BROWN, PETE, Orlando, Florida; Business. BROWN, ROBERT LOUIS, South Miami, Florida; Music, Alpha Phi Omega, Marching Chiefs, Student M.E .N.C. BROWN, WILLIAM S., JR., South Miami, Florida; Arts and Sc iences. BRUMM, ARON, Pompano Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Honor Court Chief Justice and Junior Justice, Gold Key, Sigma Phi Epsilon Officer, Sophomore Men ' s Judiciary, University Court, Student-Faculty Honor Systems Committee, Alpha Omi- cron Pi ' s Man-of-the-Year, Assistant Attorney General. BRUNER, ROBERT R., Marianna, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Baptist Student Union. BRUNING, CHARLES, Bradenton, Florida; Business. BRYANT, JANET, Jacksonville, Florida; Home Economics; Village Vamps, Alpha Omicron Pi, Junior Counselor, Home Economi cs Club. BRYANT, NANCY PAULETTE, Pensacola, Florida; Education. BUCK, ROBERT S., Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi Alpha Social Chairman, Dean ' s List. BUELL, PENNY, Bradenton, Florida; Education; Alpha Phi, Sigma Alpha Eta, Council for Exceptional Children. BUNDY, PATRICIA ANN, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Education; Majorette, Tau Beta Sigma, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Junior Wo- men ' s Judiciary, Junior Counselor, Garnet Key. BUNYAN, MARGARET, Gulf Breeze, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Junior Counselor, Alpha Lambda Delta, Foundation Scholar- ship Organization. BURKHART, WAYNE, Tallahassee, Florida; Business. BURNS, LYNN, Decatur. Alabama; Business; Gamma Phi Beta, Beta Alpha Psi, Village Vamps BURR, RUBY LONG, Goshen, New York; Education. 358 JURROWS, JEFFRY, Miami, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa D si, Student Senate. JUSKER, STEVEN, Surfside, Florida; Business. 5UTLER, ROGER W., Deerfield Beach, Florida; Education; ipsi Ion Pi Tau. SUTLER, SUZANNE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Business; Chi )mega, Marketing Club Secretary, Gamma Alpha Chi. iUZZELLA, TOM, Miramar, Florida; Business; Marketing lub, Alpha Delta Sigma. SYRD, J. LYNN, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Nursing. IAKE, MARY, Gainesville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Ihoral Union, Women ' s Glee Club, Soltas. :ALDWELL, WALTER FENTON, Gainesville, Florida; Arts nd Sciences; Sigma Pi Sigma. !ALHOUN, J. MARK, Tallahassee, Florida; Education. :ALLAHAN, SARA JEAN, Ocala, Florida; Education; SNEA, )orm Committee. lAMOZZI, DANIEL, Delray Beach, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Phi Delta Pi, Photographer for Tally Ho, Smoke Sig- nals, Flambeau. AMP, SHEILA, Panama City, Florida; Education; Alpha Chi )mega, Kappa Delta Pi, Fashion Inc., SNEA. CAMPBELL, DOAK, Montgomery, Alabama; Arts and Sciences; appa Sigma . ZAMPBELL, JAMES L., Miami, Florida; Business; Sigma Chi jocial and Intramural Chairman, Air Force Flight Program. lAMPBELL, JOHN S., Orlando, Florida; Education. ZAMPBELL, ROBERT, Groveland, Florida; Arts and Sciences. ZANNON, JAMES V., Panama City, Florida; Business; Beta lpha Psi. ZARD, PATRICIA, Mt. Dora, Florida; Arts and Sciences; )orm Activities Chairman, University Singers. :ARLSON, NANCY, Ft. Myers, Florida; Arts and Sciences; iigma Sigma Sigma Recording Secretary, Women ' s Recreation iociety, ranhellenic Representative. IARLTON, MARTHA, Titusville, Florida; Education; Junior lounselor. IARNAHAN, ALLEN, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; Arts and iciences. :ARRINGTON, CHRISTINE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and iciences; Alpha Omicron Pi. :ARROLL, MARJORIE RENEE, Jacksonville, Florida; Educa- ion. ZARTER, THOMAS H., Tampa, Florida; Business. ZARUSO, SANDRA L., Ft. Walton Beach, Florida; Education. 3ASE, WILLARD W., Venice, Florida; Arts and Sciences. IASHELL, JANICE, Warm Springs, Georgia; Arts and Sci- nces; Garnet Key Secretary, Junior Counselor, Les Jongleurs, Jniversity Theatre, Studio Theatre, F Club, Panhel lenic, Lamb- Ja Chi Alpha Little Sister, Tally Ho Staff, Smoke Signals jtaff, Coordinator Greeks and Independents, Under-Secretary of nternational Students, Student Party Executive Council, Union -Yogram Council, Delta Zeta, Who ' s Who in American Univer- sities and Colleges. IASTNER, GARY, Jacksonville, Florida; Education, Track, Iross Country. HA " 359 CERNUTO, JOHN A., Hialeah, Florida; Business; Insurance Club, Phi Kappa Tau. CHAO, CHARLES D., Jacksonville Beach, Florida; Business; ROTC Brigade Commander, Tennis Team, Scabbard and Blade, Marketing Club, Pi Kappa Phi. CHENAULT, STEVEN LEWIS, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences. CHESEBROUGH, RUSSELL J., I lion, New York; Business. CHESSER, STEPHAN ALAN, Palatka, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences. CHILCOT, KENT B., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, Society of Hosts. CHRISTMAS, MERRY, Ashford, Alabama; Home Economics; FEA., Baptist Student Union. CLAIBORNE, BARBARA, Orlando, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Junior Counselor, Alpha Gamma Delta. ARK, DIANA JANE, Clearwater, Florida; Nursing; Junior jnselor, Delta Gamma, Dean ' s List, Student Nurses ' Asso- CLAI Coi — . , . ., , ciation, Union Student-Faculty Relations Committee. CLARK, EUGENIA KAY, Miami, Florida; Music; Baptist Stu- dent Union, Women ' s Glee Club, Opera Guild. CLARK, KATHLEEN ADELLA, Palmetto, Florida; Education. CLARK, RENA MILDRED, Quincy, Florida; Home Economics; Gamma Beta Phi, Home Economics Club, FEA, SNEA. CLARKE, SHEILA, Winter Park, Florida; Nursing; Miss Tally Ho Court, Miss Tallahassee, Sigma Phi Epsilon Calendar Girl, Greek Goddess Court, Kappa Alpha Theta Officer, Baptist Stu- dent Union Choral, Mortified, Homecoming Court, President ' s Student Advisory Committee, Honor Court Clerk, Little Sister of the Golden Heart, Miss Gymkana Court. CLARKSON, PAUL, Ocala, Florida; Education; Sigma Phi Epsi Ion. CLAYMAN, JANE, Opa Locka, Florida; Music; Sigma Alpha lota, Woman ' s Gleen Club, Campus Sing, MENC. CLEMENTS, BILLIE, Falis Church, Virginia; Home Econo- mics; Home Economics Club. CLEMMER, WAYNE CHARLES, Sanford, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Circle K, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Smith Hall Leadership Program, Honor Court Investigator, Dean of Men ' s Staff, Advanced ROTC. CLEVINGER, JUDITH C, Bluefield, West Sciences; Dramatics, Circus, Panhellenic, CLINTON, CONNIE, Lakeland, Florida; Delta Delta, Angel Flight. COBB, JAMES W., JR., Springfield, Vi rginia; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha, Air Force ROTC. Virginia; Arts and Alpha Phi. Education; Delta COBB, JOHN, Lake Placid, Florida; Education. COLE, DOROTHY, Decatur, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Wo- men ' s Glee Club, Choral Union, Music Therapy Club. COLEE, MAURICE ANDREW, Miami, Florida; Engineering Science; Sailing Club, Pi Mu Epsilon. COLEMAN, DOUGLAS, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences . COLEMAN, JO ANN, Miami, Florida; Nursing; Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Chi Little Sister, Student Nurses ' Association. COLEMAN, MARY ELIZABETH, Bonifay, Florida; Arts and Sciences; International Club. COLLIER, KATHERINE SUE, Palmetto, Florida; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, SNEA, ACEI. COLLIER, KENNETH, Panama City, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences. 360 COLLINS, GLENDA FAYE, Panama City, Florida; Education. COLON, EVELYN, Miami, Florida; Education; Gamma Sigma Sigma. COMBS, VIRGINIA E., Miami Springs, Florida; Home Economics; Freshman Flunkies, Home Economics Club, Omicron Nu, Alpha Xi Delta Rush Chairman, Little Sister of Star and Crescent Vice President. CONCATO, MARY P., Hollywood, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Psi Chi. CONRAD, SUSAN L., Satellite Beach, Florida; Education; Gymnastica, Phi Delta Pi, PEA. COOK, CAROLE LUCILLE, Palatka, Florida; Education; Council for Exceptional Children, FEA, Foundation Scholar- ship Organization. COOK, FRANCES ANN, Apalachicola, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences. COOK, LINDA, Opa Locka Florida; Education; Delta Zeta, Fashion Inc., Tally Ho Staff. COOKE, JAMES 0., Ill, Madison, Florida; Business; Beta Alpha Psi. COOPER, ANN, Milton, Florida; Education; Gamma Beta Phi. COOPER, NANCY JEAN, Nukomis, Florida; Education; Physi- cal Education Association, Women ' s F Club, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Foundation Scholarshi p Organi zation . COOPER, SANDRA LEE, Hallandale, Florida; Music; Women ' s Glee Club, University Singers Librarian, Sigma Alpha lota Offi- cer, Baptist Student Union Executive Council, Dorm House Council, Campus Sing Director. COPELAND, JUDY, Tallahassee, Florida; Home Economics; Home Economics Club, Dorm Officer, Wesley Foundation, Dean ' s List. CORRELL, LARAINE, Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida; Arts and Sciences; University Theatre, Asolo Theater Festival, Les Jongleurs, Sophomore Counc i I, Dorm Fine Arts Chairman, Dean ' s List. COSTIN, ROBERT P., Port St. Joe, Florida; Business. COUCH, FRANCES ANITA, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida; Home Economics; Sailing Club, Home Economics Club, Union Film and Recreation Committees. COULTER. JACK BENSON, Miami, Florida; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha, Beta Alpha Psi. COURTNEY, RONALD R., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Arts and Sciences. CRAIG, BOB, Tallahassee, Florida; Engineering Science; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Alpha Phi Omega Officer, Air Force Drill Team. CRAWFORD, SHERRY LYNN, Lakeland, Florida; Business. CREAMER, WILLIAM H., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Alpha Theta, Newman Club. CREWS, JAMES, Maitland, Florida; Arts and Sciences. CRIBB, CAROLYN ANN, BartoW, Florida; Home Economics. CROWE, GENE, Columbus, Georgia; Education; Marching Chiefs, Concert Band, Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Secretary. CRUM, ELAINE A., Brooksville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi, Gamma Sigma Sigma. CRUM, GARY R., Maitland, Florida; Business. CULPEPPER, CAREY L., Lake Worth, Florida; Education; Epsi Ion Pi Tau. CUMMINGS, SHAILER R., JR., Needham, Massachusetts; Arts and Sciences. M WW 361 v - miA. M M CURRENT, JAMES PETER, Woynesville, Ohio; Education; Florida State Recreation Society Treasurer. CURRIN, PAM, Sarasota, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu, Gamrna Sigma Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Choral Union, Dorm F loor Chairman, Junior Counselor, Freshman Flunkies. CURRY, PATRICIA JANE, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sophomore Counci I, Junior Coun - selor, Sailing Club, Dorman Hall President, Pi Mu Epsilon. CURTIS, LAWRENCE J., Lake Worth, Florida; Business; So- ciety of Hosts Vice President. CYRUS, PATRICIA ANN, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; SNEA. DAMIANOS, FRED, Miami, Florida; Education. DANFORD, HOWARD RICHARD, Clearwater, Florida; Educa- tion; Basketball, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DANFORTH, DANELL, Pensacola, Florida; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Dorm Committees. DANIEL, FRANCES C, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida; Educa- tion, Tarpon Club, Alpha Delta Pi, Sophomore Council, Kappa Delta Pi. DANIEL, SHARON LYNN, Clearwater, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Sigma Kappa Intramurals Chairman, Gamma Sigma Sigma. DANIELL, DONALD GLADSTONE, St. Simons Is land, Georgia; Social Welfare; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. DANIELS, GERTRUDE, Miami, Florida; Social Welfare; Dorm Committee Chairman, Phi Alpha Secretary, Social Work Club. DANIELS, MARILYN, St. Petersburg, Florida; Music; Histor- ian of DeGraff Hall, University Singers, La Petite Corps, Pi Beta Phi Executive Council, Mu Phi Epsilon. DANIELS, MARY CAROLYN, Miami, Florida; Home Economics; Col legiate 4-H Club, Home Economics Club, Dorm Committees, Baptist Student Union. DANIELS, SCOTT, Pensacola Beach, Florida; Social Welfare; Kappa Alpha. DARLING, ANN, Clearwater, Florida; Nursing; Student Nurses ' Association President, Kappa Alpha Theta Chaplain, Campus Crusade for Christ. DARLING, SUSAN KAY, Dunedin, Florida; Home Economics. DARVILL, STEVE, Jensen Beach, Florida; Education. DATT, CAROL ANN, Freeport, Illinois; Education. DAVIDSON, JOAN LORRING, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Home Economics; Kappa Kappa Gamma President. DAVIS, EDITH, Marianna, Florida; Education; Council for Exceptional Children Officer. DAVIS, LARRY RODGERS, Port St. Joe, Florida; Business; Delta Sigma Pi . DAVIS, RITA ELIZABETH,St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; Kappa Delta Pi . DAVIS, STARR DUANE, Bartow, Florida; Arts and Sciences. DAY, BARBARA ANN, Merritt Island, Florida; Home Econo- mics; Home Economics Club, Collegiate 4-H Club, Dorm Home- coming, Catholic Student Center Discussion Group. DEDGE, SHIRLEY JEAN, Chipley, Florida; Education; Super- visor for Off-Campus Housing. DEFRANCESCHI, DENNIS, Delray Beach, Florida; Education. DEGROODT, WILLIAM A., Miami Springs, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma President, Alpha Council. 362 DELGADO, RENA ELOYCE, Winter Haven, Florida; Education; Baptist Student Union, Student Senate. DELIBERTY, MARIO, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania; Bus- ness; Delta Tau Delta, Marketing Club, Varsity Football. DELONG, DONNA, Kev West, Florida; Education; Sophomore Council, Dorm Social Chairman. DELOPEZ, THOMAS E., Hialeah, Florida; Arts and Sciences; _ambda Chi Alpha, Freshman and Varsity Football, Defense lounselor for Honor Court, Student Senate, Who ' s Who in Amer- can Universities and Colleges. DEMAY, DENNIS STEELE, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences. DEMING, NELSON LLOYD, III, Clearwater, Florida; Business; rnold Air Society. DENIS, LISETTE J., Daytona Beach, Florida; Business. DENNIS, CAROL ANNE, Largo, Florida; Education; FEA, NEA, Mathematics Teaching Club, NCTM. DENSMORE, STELLA E., Birmingham, Alabama; Business; Seta Alpha Psi. DEROSA, RONALD, River Edge, New Jersey; Arts and Sci- nces . DEVALENCIA, LINDA CHARLENE, Hawthorne, Florida; So- :ial Welfare; Psi Chi, Phi Alpha, Union Committee, Wesley -oundation, Council for Exceptional Children, Dean ' s List. DEVANE, ANNE CLAIRE, Lake City, Florida; Education; ,hi Omega, Flambeau Greek Editor. )IAZ, RAOUL JOSEPH, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences. DICKINSON, JOY, Orlando, Florida; Arts and Sciences, Stu- lent Body Vice President, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Jennie lurphree President, Sophomore and Freshman Class Senator, (appa Kappa Gamma Officer, Who ' s Who in American Univer- ities and Colleges. )ICUS, M. SUE, Clearwater, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Gar- et Key President, Mortar Board, Junior Counselor, Sophomore lounci I Vice President, Freshman Flunkies, Tally Ho Features Editor, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Dorm Floor Chairman, Intramurals, Kappa Alpha Theta Vice President, Phi (appa Phi, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who in American Universities nd Colleges. DIGBY, HARRIET E., Miami, Florida; Education; Zeta Tau lpha, Fashion Inc., FEA. )ILLON, KATHARINE MARIE, Winter Park, Florida; Arts and • ciences. DIXON, LINDA DIANNE, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; " own Girls Association, SNEA, FEA. DIXON, R. GLENN, Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Alpha (appa Psi, Student Senator, AIESEC, Marketing Club. DIXON, SARAH CELIA, Dunedin, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Xlpha Xi Delta, Les Jongleurs, Tally Ho Staff, Freshman - lunkies. DOBARGANES, ROBERT SAMUEL, St. Petersburg, Florida; Ausic; University Symphony, Concert Band, MENC. DOBSON, MARY ELIZABETH, Lakeland, Florida; Arts and ■ciences. DOMAN, BARBARA J., Palm Beach, Florida; Education. DONAHUE, JANICE ELAINE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts md Sciences; Gymkana, Gymnastica. DONDANVILLE, WILLIAM F., Sarasota, Florida; Business DONNELLY, THOMAS G., Riverdale, Georgia; Arts and Sci- ■nces; Chi Phi. DORRANCE, SUSAN, Neptune Beach, Florida; Arts and Sci- ■nces; Flambeau Staff, Junior Counselor. DOUGHTIE, FRANCES, Columbus, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; ia i ling Club, Union Fine Arts Committee, Alpha Delta Pi Dfficer. 363 y M±:to DOUGHTY, CAROL, Hollywood, Florida; Education; FEA, Choral Union, Dorm Fine Arts Committee. DOUNCE, GREG, Waverly, New York; Business; Varsity Golf. DOWDY, CHERYL, Atlanta, Georgia; Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta, Sophomore Council, Salley Hall Board of Direc- tors and Social Chairman. DOWLING, ANN, Bonifay, Florida; Social Welfare; Phi Alpha, Sigma Sigma Sigma. DRAKE, JANICE G., Miami, Florida; Nursing; Dorm Chaplain, Student Nurses ' Association, Baptist Student Union. DUBOIS, EDWARD, Miami, Florida; Business; Phi Delta Theta Officer, Intermurals, One Up-Manship Club, Dean ' s List. DUCE, DONNIE, Sneads, Florida; Social Welfare. DUDLEY, LYNN MARGARET, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Garnet Key, Mortified, Magnolia Hall President, Chair- man of the Board of Publications, Tally Ho Managing Editor, Associate Editor, Features Editor, and Organizations Editor, Junior Counselor, Sophomore Counci I, Freshman F lunki es, Dorm Floor Chairman, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who in American Univer- sities and Colleges. DUGGAN, ROBERT, Avon Park, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha President, Inter-Fraternity Council. DUGGINS, PATRICIA ANN, Orlando, Florida; Education; Foundation Scholarship Organization, Palm Court FEA Pres- ident, Off-Campus Court. DUNAWAY, DORIS ELAINE FOLSON, Sebring, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Foundation Scholarship Organization, Gamma Beta Phi. DUNCAN, DIANA POWELL, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education. DUNCAN, SHARON LEE, Holmes Beach, Florida; Home Eco- nomics; Gamma Sigma Sigma. DUNN, JANET, Daytona Beach, Florida; Education; Delta Delta Delta Officer, Garnet Key, Mortified, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon Little Sisters President, Village Vamps, Angel Flight, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Military Ball Court, Sigma Phi Epsilon Calendar Girl, ACEI, SNEA, Dean ' s List. DUNN, WILLIAM J., Coral Gables, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Economics Honorary, Newman Club. DUREN, GEORGE WALTER, Port St. Joe, Florida; Business. DUSENBURY, JUDITH NELL,Jekyll Island, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta Treasurer, Flambeau Assistant News Editor, SNEA. EAGAN, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. EASTMAN, ELLEN M., Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Juni or Counselor, Dorm Vice President. EASTRIDGE, LYDA, Coral Gables, Florida; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta Officer, Dorm Senator, Home Economics Club, Freshman Flunkies, Dorm, Union, and Circus Weekend Commit- tees, SNEA, Epsilon Chi, FEA President, Junior Counselor, Garnet Key, Student Party, Choral Union, ACEI, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. EATON, JANICE E., Ft. Myers, Florida; Education; Village Vamps, Sigma Alpha Eta, Council for Exceptional Children. EDGE, FRANCES NAN, Chipley, Florida; Business; Circus. EDWARDS, CHRISTOPHER, Titusville, Florida; Business. EIDSON, MILDRED J., DeLand, Florida; Arts and Sciences. EISELE, WALTER EDWARD, JR., Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences. EISENBERG, BARRY DON, North Miami Beach, Florida; Business; Marketing Club, Sigma Nu Treasurer. ELAM, ELIZABETH, Middletown, Rhode Island; Education; Junior Counselor, SNEA, Foundation Scholarship Organization. ELFERDINK, FAYE, Sarasota, Florida; Education. 364 ELL, MICHAEL ARTHUR, Sarasota, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Student Affiliates American Chemical Society President. ELLINGSON, ROBERT, Alsip, Illinois; Arts and Sciences. ELLIS, JOSEPH, St. Petersburg, Florida; Business. ELLMAKER, ARLAN DAVID, Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania; Arts and Sciences; American Meteorological Society. EMBRY, JUDY, Lake Worth, Florida; Education; SNEA. EPPERSON, BRENDA, Orlando, Florida; Education; Freshman Flunkies President, Union Committees, Chairman Open Debate Series, Elections Commission, Sophomore Council, Dorm Vice President, Junior Counselor, Honor Court, Honor Bureau, Chi Omega, A.W.S. Executive Board. ERIKSON, HENRY H., Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi, ROTC, University Court. ERWIN, ELLEN, High Springs, Florida; Education; SNEA, FEA. ESPOSITO, DONALD RALPH, Tal lahassee, Florida; Business. EVANS, ANN, Ft. Valley, Georgia; Home Economics; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Gamma Kappa Omicron, Home Economics Club. EVANS, DONALD F., Pensacola, Florida; Business. EVERINGHAM, MARCIA C, Clearwater, Florida; Arts and Sciences. FABIAN, JOSEPH, Miami, Florida; Business. FAHEY, ROBERT H., JR., Key West, Florida; Business; Delta Sigma Pi . FAIKS, JAMES, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Business. FAIN, JACQUELINE, Atlanta, Georgia; Music; Homecoming Court, Kappa Alpha Theta, La Petite Corps, Dean ' s List, Cam- pus Crusade for Christ Coordinator, Junior Counselor, Garnet and Gold Girls Sponsor. FAIR, CONSTANCE RENEE, DeLand, Florida; Education. FAIRFAX, CHARLOTTE, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Soltas. FALVEY, DANIEL M., St. Petersburg, Florida; Education. FANSLER, DIANNE, Miami, Florida;Music; Marching Chiefs, Symphonic Band, Sigma Alpha lota, Tau Beta Sigma, Sigma Delta Pi. FARLEY, JAMES, Miami, Florida; Business; Phi Delta Theta Officer, Intramurals, Dean ' s List. FARR, WILLIAM JESSE, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences. FELLOWS, CAROL ANN, Jacksonville, Florida; Home Econo- mics; Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sister. FERNANDEZ, FRANK A., Tampa, Florida; Social Welfare. t A4 feA tJfc «1 CT FERRELL, BARBARA, Jacksonville, Florida; Nursing. FETTERS, JUDITH, Jacksonville, Florida; Nursing; Gamma Sigma Sigma FIELDS, BARBARA, St, Petersburg, Florida; Home Economics. FINK, GERALD J., Tallahassee, Florida; Business. 365 4 ft A tihift FISCHER, RICHARD J., Miami, Florida; Business; Tennis Team . FISHER, PETE, Ocala, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi Alpha Officer, Homecoming Publications Committee Chair- man, Junior College Student Government Retreat Chairman, Student Senate Relations Committee, Student Party Delegate. FISHER, ROBERT F., Miami Florida; Arts and Sciences; Pre- Law Association, Newman Club. FITZ, DAVID C, Boca Raton, Florida; Business; Dean ' s List, Union Bowling, Alpha Kappa Psi Officer. FLANEGAN, JAMES BERT, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Smith Hall Unit Advisor. FLETCHER, JAMES M., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Alpha Phi Omega, Army ROTO FLOWERS, FRANKLIN, Live Oak, Florida; Arts and Sciences. FLOWERS, GENELDA ANN, Jacksonville, Florida; Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Recreation Society, Sophomore Council, Gymkana. FONTANA, CHARLOTTE V., Miami Shores, Florida; Home Economics; Kappa Delta, Fashion Inc. FORCE, CALISTA RUTH, Ormond Beach, Florida; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Miss Gymkana. FORD, JAMES D., St. Cloud, Florida; Arts and Sciences. FORD, JILL LORRAINNE, Miami, Florida; Social Welfare; Phi Alpha, Social WorkClub. FORSTER, ARTHUR C, JR., Orlando, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Sigma Phi Epsilon Scholarship Chairman, Advanced ROTC Group Commander, Pershing Rifles, Arnold Air Society Executive Officer. FORSZT, DARIA, Gary, Indiana; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta, Village Vamps, Fashion Inc., Modeling Board. FORTESCUE, SHIRLEY, Orlando, Florida; Social Welfare; Criminology and Corrections Student Organization President. FOSTER, GLORIA JEAN, Miami, Florida; Education; Women ' s F Club, Women Recreation Association, PEA, Sophomore Coun- cil, Freshman Flunkies, Badminton Intramural Manager. FRANCIS, CAROLYN, Wichita, Kansas; Home Economics; Fashion inc., Home Economics Club, Alpha Phi, Sigma Nu Little Sister. FRANCIS, SAMUEL EARL, JR., Tallahassee, Florida; Bus- iness; Society for Advancement of Management, Marketing Club FRANCO, JOHN M., Hollywood, Florida; Business; Delta Sigma Pi . FRANKLIN, ALFRED B., West Palm Beach, Florida; Educa- tion; Phi Epsilon Kappa, Commodore FSU Sailing Team. FRATARCANGELO, JANICE M., Corning, New York; Arts and Sciences; Fashion Inc., Home Economics Club, Alpha Phi. FRAWLEY, WILLIAM, Hollywood, Florida; Business; Delta Sigma Pi, Intramurals, Flambeau Assistant Business Manager and Ad Salesman. FREEDMAN, JOEL DAVID, Sharon, Massachusetts; Social Welfare. FREEMAN, GROVER, Lakeland, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Tau Kappa Epsilon. FRENCH, JOHN H., JR., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Student Senate, Phi Mu Favorite, Pi Kappa Alpha. FROATS, ROBERT D., Titusville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; SNEA Secretary, Pi Sigma Alpha. FUTCH, HENRY C, III, Miami, Florida; Business; Pi Kappa Tau Social Chairman. FUTCH, MARTHA J., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Pi Sigma Alpha. 366 GALBRAITH, SALLY, Sarasota, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Pi, Choral Union. GARDNER, ELIZABETH, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Gi Ichrist Social Chairman, Kappa Kappa Gamma Vice President, Judiciary. GARDNER, SARAH R., Odessa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; JuniorCounselor, DeGraff Vice President and President, Gamma Phi Beta Vice President, Women ' s Judiciary. GARI, ANNE MARIE, Miami, Florida; Education; Kappa Delta Pi. GARNER, DIANE P., Miami Springs, Florida; Education; FEA, SNEA, Phi Mu. GARRETT, MARGARET A., Temple Terrace, Florida; Educa- tion; Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, Sigma Sigma Sigma Officer. GARVEY, DANIEL R., Sarasota, Florida; Business; Society for Advancement of Management. GASQUE, BRAD, Tampa, Florida; Business. GAUSE, LINDA, Tavares, Florida; Music; Women ' s Glee Club, Choral Union, Cawthon Hall House Council, Campus Sing. GAY, BOBBY J., Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Circus. GECZY, LOUIS R., Phoenixvi I le, Pennsylvania; Education; Alpha Phi Omega. GEHRING, ROBERT, Brecksville, Ohio; Education. GENTILE, CHARLES JOHN, Orlando, Florida; Business; Alpha Council, Varsity Swimming, Society of Hosts, Sigma Nu. GEORGE, VAN, Clearwater, Florida; Education. GERMAN!, NANCY LOU, Ft. Pierce, Florida; Social Welfare. GEROULD, JANICE LYNN, West Palm Beach, Florida; Home Economi cs. GIANARIS, PATRICIA, Miami, Florida; Education; Chi Omega, Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister. GIFFORD, ARTHUR H., JR., West Palm Beach, Florida; Bus- iness; Beta Alpha Psi. GILDAY, FRANK H., Hollywood, Florida; Social Welfare; Lambda Alpha Epsilon Vice President, Circle K, Delta Tau Kappa. GILMER, JERRY, Columbus, Georgia; Business. GILMORE, JANE 0., Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences. GINGRAS, RONALD J., St. Petersburg, Florida; Education. GIUSTINO, LINDA, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Business; Pi Omega Pi, Student Government. GLASSCOCK, M. SUZON, Gulf Breeze, Florida; Home Econo- mics; Gamma Alpha Chi Secretary, American Marketing Assn. GLAUSIER, LINDA DALE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Home Eco- nomics; Omicron Nu, Home Economics Club. GLEASON, SHARON GAIL, Orange City, Florida; Arts and Sciences. GLEASON, SHARYN RUTH, Delray Beach, Florida; Education; Campus Sing, Phi Theta Kappa, Art Education Association. GLENN, PAUL M., JR., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Varsity Basketball, Alpha Council President, Gold Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa Outstanding Sophomore Man. ftfcft ± MlrMi 4.ifcl.fe 367 4«fe % L 368 GLOVER, ROSALIE R., Miami Lakes, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Freshman Flunkies, Cawthon Hall Fine Arts Chairman, Gamma Sigma Sigma Second Vice President and President. GLOWASKI, BARBARA JANE, Hollywood Hills, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Sigma Sigma First Vice President, Junior Counselor, Dorm Floor Chairman, Under Secretary for Junior Co I lege Affairs . GLYNN, ANNETTE, Delray Beach, Florida; Education. GODDARD, PATRICIA, Tampa, Florida; Home Economics; Christian Science Organization, Delta Gamma, Omicron Nu, Fashion Inc. GOINS, KATHERINE ELAINE, Plantation, Florida; Education; Miss Gymkana runner up, Delta Chi Greek Girl, Dean ' s List, Gymnastica, Gymkana Co-Chairman, Pi Beta Phi Vice Pres- ident, FEA. GOLDMAN, PETER MICHAEL, Orlando, Florida; Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon, ROTC Rifle Team. GOLDSWORTHY, THOMAS, Sarasota, Florida; Education. GOLLER, RONALD R., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Arts and Sci- Sciences; Assistant Attorney General, Pre-Law Society. GOLTZ, JACK D., Brookfield, Wisconsin; Music. GOMON, MARTIN F., Daytona Beach, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Theta Chi Officer, Honors Program. GONZALEZ, EDWARD, Miami, Florida; Business. GOODBREAD, JOYCE, Yulee, Florida; Education; SNEA, Junior Counselor, Baptist Student Union. GOODRICH, .JOANNE, West Palm Beach, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Concert Band. GOODWIN, LLOYD R., JR., Portland, Maine, Arts and Sciences. GORELICK, JEFFREY M., Miami, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, Society of Hosts, Society for Advancement of Man- agement, Circle K, Deputy Attorney General, University Party. GOSS, RICHARD ROYSTON, Daytona Beach, Florida; Business GOUGH, KAY LYNN, Jacksonville, Florida; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Delta Pi, Union Committee. GRAHAM, KAY, Chiefland, Florida; Education; Modeling Board, Fashion Inc., Little Sisters of the White Carnation Pres ident, Delta Chi Sweetheart, La Petite Corps. GRANT, JAMES J., Largo, Florida; Education, SNEA. GRAY, JOHN THOMAS, Bradenton, Florida; Business; Honor Court Investigator. GRAY, PATRICIA TENNANT, Redington Beach, Florida; Education; Kappa Delta Pi. GREEN, NORMAN M., Panama City, Florida; Business; Society of Hosts, Society for Advancement of Management. GREEN, RICHARD H., Gainesville, Florida; Social Welfare; Lambda Chi Alpha, Defense Counselor. GREENBAUM, ELLIOT MURRY, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Tau Epsilon Phi Officer, Inter Fraternity Council. GREENE, CARMENA M., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sci- ences; Baptist Student Union, Women ' s Glee Club. GREENMAN, LINDA LEE, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Eta, Foundation Scholarship Organization. GREGORY, NORMAN DAVID, Winter Haven, Florida; Social Welfare. GRIERSON, JOHN R., Orlando, Florida; Arts and Sciences. GRIFFIN, ELAINE B., Branford, Florida; Business. GRIFFIN, GLORIA J., Brons on, Florida; Home Economics; Home Economics Club, Junior Counselor. GRIFFIN, MARY JEANETTE, Williston, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Social Science Honorary. GRIFFIN, VIRGINIA, St. Simons Island, Georgia; Home Econo- mics; Secretary of Home Economics Club. GRIGGS, RANDY LYNN-, Jacksonville, Florida; Education; Sigma Kappa. GROETSCH, KAY F., Tampa Florida; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta. GROLLMUS, ANN, Crestview, Florida; Social Welfare. GROSSENBACHER, ELIZABETH ANN, Apopka, Florida; Ed- ucation. GRUSSING, DALE, Hialeah, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Pi Mu Epsilon, Math Honorary. GULIN, DONNA H., St. Petersburg, Florida; Business; Junior Counselor, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Off-Campus Court, Mar- keting Club, Dean ' s List. HAAS, SUSAN, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Nursing, Kappa Kappa Gamma . HACKENBURG, FREDRICK WARREN, Bronxville, New York; Business; Delta Sigma Pi, Intramurals. HACKENDALE, JIM A., Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces. HAGE, LORNA R., Atteboro, Massachuetts; Physical Educa- tion; Junior Counselor, Little Sister of White Diamond, P.E.A., F-Club. HAHN, JANICE MARIE, St. Augustine, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Freshman dorm officer, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor. Vice-President Deviney Hall, Social Chairman In- ternational Club, Under Secretary of International Student Af- fairs. HAIR, KENNETH, B., Panama City, Florida; Arts and Sciences. HALBROOK, MARY CAROL, Lake City, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alumnae Secretary of Gamma Sigma Sigma, Vice- President of DeGraff Hall, Psi Chi, Saltas, Alpha Lambda Delta, Freshman Flunkies. HALE, JACK AMBROSE, JR., West Palm Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences. HALL, NATHAN JR., Winter Park, Florida; Business; Sigma Chi. HALL, RONNIE JUDITH, Miami Beach, Florida; Physical Ed- ucation .National Advertising Fraternity for Women. HALTER, MRACIA ANN, Jacksonville, plorida; Art Education; Art Education, Association, Newman Club, Campus Sing, Sub- Committee of Student Government. HAMILTON BRIAN L., Orlando, Florida; Business. HAMILTON, JAMES DREW, Miami, Florida; Business. Marketing Club HAMMER, FRANK T., St. Louis, Missouri; Arts and Sciences. HAND, STEVE, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; Alpha Phi Omega President, Sergeant at Arms, and Parliamentarian. Student Senator. HANSON, MARK SEVERIN, Tallahassee, Florida; Music Phi Mu Alpha Music Fraternity, University Singers, Choral Union. HARBIH, RICHARD E. JR., Maitland, Florida; Nursing;. Sigma Nu Fraternity, Student Nurse Association. HARDEN, LAURA LEE, Miami Springs, Florida Education. 369 HARDEN, SHEILA, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Fresh- man Flunkies, Fine Arts Sorority Assistant Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Eta Treasurer, Angel Flight, Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sister and Pledge Class Sweetheart. HARRELL, GLORIA, Monticello, Florida; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta. HARRELSON, JACQUELINE, Arlington, Virginia; Education; Village Vamps, Delta Zeta 1st. Vice-President Pledge Trainer. HARRIS, MARSHALL ALLEN, West Palm Begch, Florida; Bus- iness. HARRISON, JUDITH ELAINE, Orlando, ' Florida; Education; Freshman Flunkies, Dean ' s List, Union Dance Committee. HARRISON, SAMMY, Jacksonville, Florida; Business. HARRISON, THOMAS LOYD, Satelitte Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences. HART, JOHN M., Albany New York; Business; Alpha Delta Sigma, University Religio us Council. Ml Edt HARWOOD, WILLIAM, St. Petersburg, Floridc. tion; Phi Mu Alpha, FSU Symphony. HASKINS, MARCIA, Lauderhill, Florida; Nursing; Vice-Presi- dent and Chap I in of Phi Mu, Miss Gymkana, Mi litary Ball Queen, Sigma Epsilon Calendar Girl, Historian of Angel F I i gh t, Circus, FSU Representative for Little Colonel, Tally Ho Court, General Chairman of Gymkana, BSU Choir-Chorale, Student Nurses Association, 2nd runner-up Greek Girl of the year. HAWKINS, ROBIN, Atlanta, Georgia; Business; Freshman Flun- kies, Gamma Alpha Chi, Phi Chi Theta Chaplin, Summer As- sociate Justice of Honor Court, Summer Clerk of Judiciary, Flambeau staff, Advertising Manager of Student Publications, Recording Secretary of Zeta Tau Alpha. HAWKINS, THERESA, Jacksonville, Florida; Music. HAYNES, ROBERT 0., Atlanta, Georgia; Social Welfare. HAZLEW00D, JUDITH ANN, Cocoa, Florida; Business; Delta Delta Delta. HEAD, MARY CAROLYN. Jacksonville, Florida; Education. HEALY, RICHARD L., Ft. Myers, Florida; Business; Honor Court, Men ' s Judiciary, University Court, Secretary of Gold Key, Group Commander AFROTC, Dean ' s Li st, Di stingui shed Military Cadet Award, Fraternity Officer Phi Kappa Tau, Stu- dent-Faculty Committee of Conduct, All-Star International Foot- ball, Arnold Air Society. HEARD, HELYN, Pensacola, Florida. HEAXT, CHARLES C. MARTIN, Elmira, New York; Business. HEQIUBOTHAM, RONALD, Houston, Texas; Business. HEILAND, SHARYN, Washington, D.C.; Arts and Sciences; Theatre Dance Group, Sigma Delta R. HEINTZ, PETER CURTIS, Huntington, New York; Business. HEISLER, JAMES GARLAND, JR., Tallahassee, Florida; Bus- iness; Phi Kappa Psi Treasurer, Swimming Teem. HELMS, LLOYD, H., Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Phi Kappa Tau. HENDERSON, FRANCES GALE, West Palm Beach, Florida; Economics; Pi Beta Phi, Vice-President of Fashion Inc., Edi- tor of Fashion Booklet. HENDRY, JANET, Tallahassee, Florida; Music; Women ' s Glee Club Vice-President, Secretary. HENN, EARLE W. JR., Geneva, Ohio; Business. HEPBURN, BARBARA, Tallahassee, Florida; Education. HERGENROETHER, ELIZABETH GALE, Winter Park, Florida; 370 HERO, ANN, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences. HERRING, DARLA, Cordell, Georgia; Music. HESSE, LAURA JEANNE, Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. HEWITT, DENNIS, Miami, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, A.I.E.S.E.C. HIBBE, GAIL, Miami, Florida; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Historian, President of Fine Arts, Gi Ichrist and Landis Sopho- more Council, Student Art Teachers Association Secretary, Dean ' s List. HICKS, BARBARA, Ocala, Florida; Education; Li ttle Sister of Mineyva, Pi Beta Phi. HICKS, OLIVIA, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Economics; Dorm Tea and Social Committees of Fashion Incorporated. HIGBEE, EDWARD J., Arts and Sciences. HIGGINBOTHAM, C. RAYMOND, Jacksonville, Florida; Social Welfare. HILL, HENRY, Miami, Florida; Business; Intramural Football and Softbal I. HILLEGASS, GEORGE WILLIAM, Jacksonville, Florida; Business. HILS, VICTORIA ANN, Orlando, Florida; Education. HINTZ, JAMES, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida; Business. HOAG, MARILYNN, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences. HOEPER, CAROLYN, Cocoa, Florida; Home Economics; Home Economics Club. HOFFMAN, JACQUELYN, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education. Angel Flight, Phi Kappa Tau Little Sister, Beta Tau Alpha, SNEA, Fashion Incorporated. HOFFMAN, ROBERT, Tallahassee, Florida; Business. HOGAN, RICHARD W., Queens Village, New York; Arts and Sciences. HOLDEN, FRANCIS, Southbridge, Massachuetts; Sigma Nu Treasurer. HOLDSWORTH, JR., Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences. HOLLAND, NANCY, Bartow, Florida; Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta 2nd. Vice-President, Scholarship Chairman, Wo- man ' s Judiciary, Historian of Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Omi- cron Nu Honorary, Home Economics Club President, President of Off-Campus Housing Residence, Circus, Hall of Fame, Out- standing Senior Award for Home Economics, Who ' s Who. HOLLAND, PHYLLIS D. ; Milton, Florida; Social Welfare. HOLLOWAY, MARTHA FAYE, Chattahoochee, Florida; Social Welfare; Junior Counselor. HOLMAN, LUCY, Albany, Georgia; Business; Phi Mu, Phi Chi Theta Business Honorary, Vice-President of Gilchrist Hall, Junior Counselor, Union Committee.. HOLMES, JOHN MYRON, Live Oak, Florida; Social Welfare; Army ROTC Rifle Team, Alpha Delta Sigma. HOLZER, PATRICIA ORLIK, Indialantic, Florida; Art Educa- tion, Student Chapter of the Art Education Association, Alpha Chapter, Phi Theta Kappa. HOMKO, LUCINDA LEE, Miami, Florida; Education. HOOD, DONALD GORDON, Caryville, Florida; Business; So- ciety for Advancement of Management. HOOD, JOANNE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Home Economics; Treasurer of Delta Gamma, Elections Commission, Village Vamps, Sophomore Council. HOOD, ROBIN, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Dorm Vice- President; Vice-President of Freshman Flunkies, President of Sophomore Council, Kappa Sigma Sweetheart, President Kappa Sigma Star and Crescent Club, Chi Omega Panhellenic Repre- sentative and Pledge Class Vice-President, Junior Counselor, Dorm officer. HORN, DAVID RAYMOND, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences. HOSACK, MARY LOUISE, Miami, Florida; Business; Presi- dent of Deviney Hall, Beta Alpha Psi. HOUSER, MICHAEL HENRY, Ballwin, Missouri; Arts and Sc iences. HOVELL, KAREN A., Lakeworth, Florida; Social Welfare. HOWARD, HAROLD E., JR., Umatilla, Florida; Arts and Sciences; University Union Special Events Committee, Circus. HOWE, LINDA L., Elbridge, New York; Home Economics; Home Economics Club. HOWELL, JUDITH, Chattahoochee, Florida; Education. HOWELL, TINA, Bartow, Florida; Nursing; Village Vamps, ROTC Sponsor, Sophomore Council, ATO Sweetheart, LittleSis- ter of the Maltese Cross. HOWERTON, JOSEPH GAINES, Madison, Florida; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HUCKESTEIN, JOHN, Hollywood, Florida; Business; Society for the Advancement of Management, Secretary. HUFF, ROGER, Tampa, Florida; Education; Council for the Exceptional Children, Sigma Alpha ETA Honorary, Phi Kappa Psi HUGGINS, AL., Pensacola, Florida; Business. HUMPHREY, DAVID R., St. Petersburg, Florida; Music; Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha, President State Student Music Ed- ucators National Conference, Marching Chiefs, Symphonic Band, Instrument Manager and Publicity Director for University Band. HUNGATE, BILLY JOE, Boonville, Indiana; Business; Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Gamma Delta, Society of Hosts. HUNT, S. LYNN, Bartow, Florida; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta. Junior Counselor, Alpha Gamma Delta Officer, Historian Angel Flight. HUNTRESS, ( BARBARA, Miami, Florida; Board, Who ' s Who, Homecoming Court. HURN, MARY CATHRINE, Perry, Florida; INGLIS, MARTHA E., Miami Springs, Mortar Education; Education; SNEA. Florida; Nursing. INGRAHAM, LYNDA, Miami, Springs, Florida; Education; Junior Counselor Vice-president, President of Cawthon Hall, BSU, SNEA. INGRAM, CARLTON L., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces, Theta Chi . ISBELL, CHERRY SUE, Orlando, Florida; Music; Phi Mu Chap- lin and Standards Chairman, Three Penny Opera, Opera Guild, University Singers, Women ' s Glee Club, Choral Union, Sopho- more Counselor, Junior Counselor, Ch aplain of Jennie Murphree, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who. IVES, GARY, Harpursvi lie, New York; Business. IVEY, BRUCE D., Jacksonville, Florida; Business; Kappa Al- pha President. IVEY, LYNNE, Pensacola, Florida; Education; SNAE. JACKSON, SHARON JEANNE, Orlando, Florida; Education. JACKSON, PATRICIA FAY, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Math Education Club, Freshman Flunkies, Dorm Com- mittees, BSU. JACKSON, WALT H., Jacksonville, Florida; Business. JACOBSEN, PETER LINSEY, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; University Religious Council, Canterbury House. JAMES, JOHN B., Winter Haven, Florida; Arts and Sciences. JENKINS, WILLIAM L., Melbourne, Florida; Business. JESSUP RAUHA I., Tallahassee, Florida; Home Economics; Home Economics Club. JIRSEK, ROBERT A., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; Arts and Sciences; Treasurer of FSU Chapter of American Meteorological Society. (AMS). JOFFEE, LESLIE, St. Rego Park, New York; Business; FSU Sailing Association; Society of Hosts. JOHNSON, CLINTON EARL JR., Edwards AFB, California; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, Sailing Association, Duplicate Bridge C lub. JOHNSON, GEORGE, L., Ft. Pierce, Florida; Business. JOHNSON, LARAINE, Miami Shores, Florida; Home Economics. JOHNSON, MARILYN F., Ocala, Florida; Music; Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, Junior Council, Honor Court, Delta Zeta Chaplain, Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sister. JOHNSON, MATTHEW M., Orlando, Florida; Social Welfare; Phi Alpha. JOHNSON, PATRICIA ANN, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Music. JOHNSON, P. DAYTON, Avondale, Georgia; Business; Presi- dent Delta Tau Delta, Social Chairman, House Manager. JOHNSTON, CHARLES D. JR., Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sc ie nces. JOHNSTONE, PHEBE, Winsted, Connecticut; Home Economics; Home Economics Club. JONES, BRUCE A., Cocoa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Sigma. JONES, EUNICE CECILIA, Miami, Florida; Social Welfare; Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Wesley Foundation, Vice President of Dorm. JONES, GEORGE WILLIS, Binghamton, New York; Business; Chairman of UU Film Committee, Program Council, University Union Board. JONES, GERALD LEE, Tallahassee, Florida. JONES, GORDON D., Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Tau ,Omega, Alpha Delta Sigma. JONES MARILYN JUNE, Bonifay, Florida; Education. JONES MYRTLE NELLE, Fort Pierce, Florida; Arts and Sciences. Choral Union. JONES, NORMAN T., Jacksonville, Florida; President of Alpha Delta Si gma . JONES, RITA VIRGINIA, Deland, Florida; Home Economics; Freshman Flunkies, Circus, Fashion Inc., Sailing Club, Home Economics C lub. JOSEPH, PAUL, West Palm Beack, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Freshman Baseball Team, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Comptroller, Recorder. JUNGBLUT, KAREN ANN, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Gamma Alpha Chi, American Marketing Association. KAHRS, GREGORY NORMAN, Taylors, South Carolina; Busi- ness. 4 " lt f KALMAN, JEAN L., Miami, Florida; Home Economics. KANCLERZ, DIANE, Orlando, Florida; Arts and Sciences. KAWAKA, ROBERT, Daytona, Florida; Education. KEGLOVICH, SUSAN, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education. KELLEY, JAMES J., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. KELLY, JOYCE HOWSER, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; Associate Editor of Tally Ho, Cheerleader, Junior Counselor, Assistant Rush Chairman of Pi Beta Phi. KELLY, JUDY, Lake City, Florida; Business. KELLY, MICHAEL J., Sarasota, Florida; Education; Sailing Club. Spring Valley, California; Arts and Scien- business; Treasurer Susines! Counci KEMP, JAMES A ces. KERKER, RAYMOND J., Birmingham, Alabama; Manager of Men ' s Intramurals for Newman Club; of Insurance Society. KERRIGAN, ROBERT G., Tallahassee, Florida; Freshman Class President, Vice-President Alpha Pari imentarian of Senate Lambda Chi Alpha. KEY, CHARLOTTE COOPER, Graceville, Florida; Social We fare; President of Phi Alpha. KIKER, M. SR., Atlanta, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu, Freshman Flunkies, SOLTAS, Junior Counselor, SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Panhellenic Executive Council. KILLGORE, FREDERICK E., Gainesville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Freshman Council, Ski Club, Bridge Club, Arnold Air Society, Delta Sigma Phi, Distinguished Military Cadet. KILLEN, VALERIE, West Palm Beach, Florida; Education. KING, DAVRON, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; Phi Mu, Village Vamps, Theatre Crews . KIRKCONNELL, DONNA, Sarasota, Florida- Education. KIZIRIAN, RONALD E., Miami, Florida; Social Welfare; So- welfare Club, Phi Alpha. KLEIN, SALLY ANN, Daytona, Florida; Education. KLOSS, VIRGINIA G., Titusville, Florida; Education. KNIGHT, JOHN DAVID, Tallahassee, Florida; Business. Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Eta Sigma. KNOLLE, HERMANN, Downey, California; Business; Society for Advancement of Management, Beta Gamma Sigma. KORNIG, DOUGLAS M., St. Petersburg, Florida; Business; Tau E psi Ion Theta. KOHLI, JUDY, Apoka, Florida; Nursing. KOZEL, JOANNE M., Hollywood, Florida; Business; Honor Court, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Beta Alpha Psi, Gamma Beta Phi, Vice-President Delta Zeta, Freshman Flunkies President and Treasurer. KOZIRL, DAVID, Oak Lawn, Alpha Tau Omega. KRACZYK, ARLENE, Hialeah, KRAFT, JAMES D., Atlanta, Theta Mu Alpha, Pi Mu Epsilon. Illinois; Arts and Sciences; Florida; PEA, Tennis Team. Georgia; Arts and Sciences; KREIGSMAN, ALBERT 0., Eustis, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Delta Sigma Pi. KUHN, PATRICIA, Sanford, Florida; Business. KULL, JOSEPHINE ANN, Daytona, Florida; Business; Gamma Alpha Chi, President. KULSA, KAREN, New Smyrna, Florida; Education. KUX, JOAN, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega President, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Who ' s Who, Justice of Honor Court, Angel Flight, Junior Counselor, Sophomore Council, Freshman Flunkies, Alpha Lambda Delta, LaBAUVE, CAROL, Tallahassee, Florida; Home Economics; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Home Economics Club. LaCHANCE, ANNA MARIE, Belle Glade, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma, Angel Flight, Pi Mu Epsilon, Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart, Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister, Military Bal I Court. LAH, EDA SARAH, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces, LAMARCHE, ALAN RAY, Hallandale, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Football Team. LAMBERT, CLINTON ELBERT JR., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Cheerleader, Deputy Commissioner, Chair- man of Rally Bureau. LAMBIE, MARGARET LYNN, Hollywood, Florida; Business; Marketing Club. LAMORTE, DAVID, Chicago, Illinois; Business. LANDON,. KRISTINE, Hollywood, Florida; Home Economics. LANDIS, STEPHEN, Atlanta, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Who ' s Who. LANDSPERGER, BRUCE E., Barksdale, Louisiana; Arts and Sciences; Vice-President Student Affiliates, ACS. LANE, RICHARD MARK, Miami, Florida; Social Welfare. LANIER, ANNE, Olustee. Florida; Social Welfare LANKFORD, WILLIAM S., Quitman, Texas; Business. LARUE, RICHARD, Massena, New y ork; Business. LAUDER, JOHN A., JR., Tallahassee, Florida; Business. LAURIA, RONALD G., Orlando, Florida; Business. LAWRENCE, ROBERT CRAIG, Lake City, Florida; Arts and Sci ences. LAWSON, JOHN W., St. Petersburg, Florida; Business; Alpha Delta Sigma Corresponding Secre tary. LEACH, WILLIAM WALLACE, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. LEARNED, DEAN, Gainesville, Florida; Business; Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Sigma, Sailing Club. LEAVELL, MARY, Ocoee, Florida; Education. LEE, BARBARA, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences. LEFEVRE, CAROL ANN, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences. A " k JlL tJl 375 LEPAIGE, LYNN M., Jacksonville, Florida; Social Welfare; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Dorm Officer, Junior Counselor, Garnet Key, Mortar Board, President of Gamma Sigma Sigma. LEWIS, CAROL ANN, Miami, Florida; Business; Theatre Dance, PEA, FEA. LINGO, CAPTAIN HAROLDJR., Sarasota, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, Society of Hosts, Arnold Air Society. LINK, KIT, Tampa, Florida; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta. LITTLE, SANDRA, Fort Worth, Texas, Arts and Sciences. LIVINGSTON, PATRICIA EILEEN, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Delta Zeta Chaplain and Historian, Presi- dent Gymnastica Honorary. LOBBAN, CAROLINE LEE, Miami, Honda; Arts and Scien- ces; Dorm Qfficer , Little Sister of the White Carnation. LOEB, MARY ANN, Lamont, Florida; Arts and Sciences. LONGNECKER, JAN, Largo, Florida; Education. LONGSWORTH, JUDITH EILEEN, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences. LOOP, DAMON C, Jacksonville, Florida; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha, Officer Arnold Air Society, Marketing Club, Gym- kana, Dean ' s List, Commission 2nd Lt. USAF. LOPOTRO, WILLIAM J., Hollywood, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Phi Kappa Tau. LOTZ, HAROLD, Morriston, New Jersey; Business; Sigma Phi E psi I on. LOVCHUCH, MICHAEL A., Tallahassee, Florida; Business. LUCAS, DON, Fort Walton, Florida; Arts and Sciences. Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, American Meteorological Society. LUGG, BEVERLY JOAN, Pensacola, Florida; Education; ACE, SNEA. LUNDY, SARAH ELIZABETH, Miami, Florida; Nursing; Freshman Flunkies, Tally-Go, Pow Wow, Union Dance Com- mittee, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Junior Counselor. LUSTIG, DONALD CHASE, Miami, Florida; Business; Delta Sigma Pi, Society for the Advancement of Management, intra- mural Sports. LUTZ, MARTIN JOHN, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences. LUTZER, JUDIE, Hollywood, Florida; Social Welfare. LYDZINSKI, ROBERT S., Miramar, Florida; Education. LYKINS, CHARLES, Pensacola, Florida; Delta Chi. LYNCH, JOSEPH P., Sarasota, Florida; Social Welfare; Vice- President of Alpha Phi, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Junior Coun- selor. LYNCH, SUZANNE, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Chor- al Union, Alpha Xi Delta. LYTER, JUDITH A., Deland, Florida; Education; Alpha Lam- bda Delta, Freshj an Flunkies, NEA, Junior Counselor, Kappa Delta Pi, Gamma Sigma Sigma. MABEE, GARY PAUL, West Palm Beach, Florida; Business. Society of Hosts . MACGROGAN, RAYMOND L., St. Petersburg, Florida; Busi- ness. MACGROGAN, ROBIN JAEGER, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon. MADDEN, JULIA L., Panama City, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Pi Beta Phi . MADERO, ARTURO ARBOLEDA, Bogota, Columbia; bcono- mics. MAHAFFEY, BARBARA, Miami, Florida; Education. MAHON, HUGH, Decatur, Georgia; Business; Arnold Air So- ciety, Delta Sigma Pi. MALMBERG, BEVERLY, New Smyrna Beach, Florida; Educa- tion, Garnet Key, House President of Delta Zeta, Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister, c ophomore Council, FSU Circus. MANARY, JOEL MAURICE, Lawndale, California; Business; President of Society for Advancement of Management. MANDEL, STUART G., Coral Gables, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Film Committee, Phi Kappa Phi, Hillel. MANIS, BETTE LOU, Bartow, Florida; Arts and Sciences. MANIKINS, JAMES FRANK, Lompoc, California; Business. MANNHEIMER, DAVIR MICHAEL, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi Alpha, Student-Faculty Honor Sys- tem Committee, Solicitor General ' s Staff, Chairman of jjniver- sity Honor Bureau, Arnold Air Society. MANNION, JAN, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Education. MANTICOS, GUS, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta, Freshman Football. MAPOLES, BILLIE VIRGINIA, Tallahassee, Flori da; Nursing; Student Nurses Association, Dorm Officer, Junior Counselor. MARCIS, PHILIP V., Boynton, Beach, Florida; Business; In- tramural Baseball, Football, Basketball and Bowling. Dean ' s List, Marketing Club. MAREN, PETER H., Gainesville, Florida; Kappa Psi. FSU Jaycees, Alpha Kappa Psi, MARSH, ELIZABETH ANNE, Jacksonville, tion; Alpha Gamma Delta Women ' s F Club, ACEI, SNEA, Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart, Phi Sisters, Gymkana Dance, Dean ' s List. Business; Alpha Florida; Educa- Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Phi Little MARTIN, BEVERLY R., St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Ipha Lambda Delta, Gamma Kappa Omicron, Omi- cron Nu, Kappa Delta Pi, Gamma Beta Phi, SNEA. MARTIN CAROLE SNEA, FEA, CEC Soc ial Cha irman. MARTIN, DIANNE JANET, MARTIN, DOROTHY. Miami J ., Jacksonvi 1 1 e, Sigma Alpha Eta, Bonifay, F lorida; Florida; Education; BSU Secretary and Florida; Education. Arts and Sciences. MARTIN, SANDRA, Falls Church, Virginia; Arts and Sciences. MASON, MARY, Sarrasota, . Florida; Arts and Sciences; National Education Association, Florida Education Association, Home Economics Club, Collegiate 4-H. MATHENA, KERREN SUE, Ocala, Florida; Education; Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Beta Phi. MATTHEW, MARY MARGARET, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Christian Science Organization, Pi Delta Khi Secretary and President, Alliance Francaise, Phi Theta Kappa. MAUGER, SANDY, Pompano. Beach, Florida; Education. MAXWELL, PATRICIA JO, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sci ehces. MAXWELL, THERESA, Lamont, Florida; Social Welfare; Social Work Club President, Phi Alpha Union Dance Committee. MAY, ANN, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; SNEA and Westmenster Fellowship. 4 (» J MAYR, ARTHUR RICHARD III., Fort Pierce, Florida; Arts and Sciences. MAYR, DIANE, St. Pierce, Florida; Education. McALLESTER, KAREN, Orlando, Florida; Education. McCANLEY, JOHN, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences. McCAULEY, WILLIAM R., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. McCLAREN, CHERYL, Hollywood, Florida; Education. McCOLM, HAZEL, Miamik Florida; Education; NEA.FEA. McCORMACK, RANDOLPH WAYNE, Milton, Florida; Business. McCOY, SHARON FAYE, Miami, Florida; Nursing; Student Nurses Association. McCROY, RICHARD, Pensacola, Florida; Business. McCUE, DALENE, Miami, Florida; Music; Women ' s Glee Club, Choral Union. McCULLAUGH, KATHRYN, Birmingham, Alabama; Social Wel- fare; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister. McDONALD, E. LYNN, West Palm Beach, Florida; Education. McDONALD, GAIL ANN, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Kappa Omicron, Omicron Nu, Home Econo- mics Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Dorm Officers. McELYEA, HUGH M., Yalaha, Florida; Arts and Sciences. McEWAN, JACK, Albany, New York; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha, Society of Hosts. McGAHEY, CHERI, Leisure City, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Angel Flight, Area Officer, President ' s Hosts. McGIFFIN, RICHARD THOMAS, Orange Park, Florida; Social Welfare; Jaycees, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Debate Team, Young Americans for Freedom. McGRAW, LEVEDA K., Panama City, Florida; Education. McKAY, BRUCE D., Tampa, Florida; Business; President of Alpha Delta Sigma, Flambeau. McKEE, BARBARA, Jacksonville, Florida; Nursing; SNA. McKENDREE, AUDRY ANN, Jacksonville, Florida; Education. McKENDREE, E. FLOYD, Niami, Florida; Business. McKINNON, BETSY WIMBERLY, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and McHEAD, MARION C. JR., Tallahassee, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Arnold Air Society. McLEAN, LINDA L., Jacksonville, Florida; Eduacation. McLELAND, JANA VAYE, Clearwater, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Phi Chi Theta. McLEOD, KENDRA LEE, Tallahassee, Florida, Nursing. McMAHON BARBARA, Miami, Florida; Education; Sopho- more Council, Junior Counselor, Dorm Officer. McNAMARA, CATHERINE RAE, Jacksonville, Florida; Educa- tion; NEA, SNEA, Dorm Officer. McRAE, JANICE, Nashville, Tennessee; Education. MEADORS, JAMES, Chauncey, Georgia; Business. MEEHAN, ROBERT E., Lake Worth, Florida; Business. MEGATHLIN, MARTHA CAROLYN, Miami, Florida; Educa- tion; Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Delta Delta, Sophomore Council, Village Vamps, ROTC, Dean ' s List, Freshman Flunkies MELLEN, RICHARD P., Annandale, Virginia; Business; Alpha Phi Omega, Tally-Ho. MEMOLI, PHILIP MICHAEL, Cape Coral, Florida; S ocial Wel- fare. MENEFEE, CAROL ANN, Plant City, Florida; Education; BSU, Junior Counselor, SFEA. MENGEL, GARY EDWARD, Bradenton, Florida; Business; Dorm Governor, and Officer Inter-Dormitory Council, Society of Hosts, Judo Club. MENGES, PRISCILLA, Orlando, Florida; Arts and Sciences. MERRITT, JERRY E., Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces. MEYER, JAMES ROBERT, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and S c i en ess . MICHAELS, CAROLE ANGELA, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and. Sciences; Delta Delta Delta, Little Sisters of Maltese Cross, Fashion I ncoroorated, Modeling Board, Vice-President of Sigma Delta Pi. MICHEL, PETER B., Clearwater, Florida; Arts and Sciences; MICHEL, TRILLY, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi, Angel Flight, Sophomore Council, Mortified, Junior Counselor, Dorm Officer. MICKLER, KATHY, Tal lahassee, Florida; Education; Fashion Incorporated, Zeta Tau Alpha Officer. MIDDENDORF, BARBARA, Hollywood, Florida; Education. MILES, DOROTHY- ELAINE, Merritt, Island, Florida; Educa- tion; Alpha Chi Omega. MILLER, BRUCE JON, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Gold Key, ODK, Student Center, Circle K, Scholarship House Officer, Who ' s Who Among Students, Hall of Fame. MILLER, JERRY J., Fort Walton Beach Florida; Social Wel- fare. Theta Chi Chaplain, Liaison Officer DCS, University Court, Chairman ofjvlen ' s Judiciary, President ' s Host, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, University Union Program Council, AFROTC, Pershing Rifles, Finance Officer. MILLER, JOHN, Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Arnold Air Society, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi, Marekting Club. MILLER, MARIE ADAIR, Hollywood, Florida; Music; Dorm Officer, Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, Women ' s Glee Club, University Singers. MILLER, MARJORIE, Temple Terrace, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Sigma, Sigma, Fashion Incorporated. MILLING, GLENN E., Lake Park, Florida; Delta Tau Delta. MILLINOR, JOANNA T., Madison, Florida; Education; Kappa Delta, Freshman Flunkies, Village Vamps Spphomore Council, Junior Counselor, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Gamma Kappa Omicron, Omicron Nu, Kappa Delta Pi, Freshman Danforth Award, Home Economics Club, Sigma Alpha E psi Ion Sweetheart. MILLINOR, RICK, Madison, Florida; Business; Siigma Alpha Epsilon President, Beta Alpha Psi, Kappa Delta Man of the Year. MILLS, DENISE ADRIAN, Miami, Floridq Education; Tau Beta Sigma Historian, Marching Chiefs, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, Fire Marshal I Of Landis Hall, MENC, NEA, FEA, Freshman Flunkies. 379 MISKLOW, ANN ARLENE, Carnegie, Pennsylvania; Nursing. MITCHELL, ANDREA MARIE, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences. MITCHELL, CHARLOTTE ANN, Ormond Beach, Florida, Arts and Sciences; Dorm Officer, Sophomore Council, Little Sister of Sigma Alpha EP s ' ' on ; Home Economics Club, Alpha Gamma Delta. MITCHELL, TERRY RICHARD, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Summer Sen- ate, AIAA, Circle K, SAM, University Court, AFROTC, Cadet Chorus, Engineering Science Co-Op Program. MITCHELL, WILLIAM E., Sarasota, Florida; Social Welfare; Lambda Chi Alpha. MIX, JOHN B., Tallahassee, Florida; Education. MIXON, SHARON, Tampa, Florida; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents. MOGIL, HARVEY MICHAEL, Bay Shore, New York; Arts and Sciences; American M eterologica I Society. MONROE, JANEY, Atlanta, Georgia; Education; Alpha Chi Delta, Sophomore Council, Student National Teachers Associa- tion. MOODY, DON, Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Intramurals, Marketing Club, Kappa Alpha. MOODY, NANCY ELIZABETH, Lake City, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Gamma Delta Rush Chairman, Junior Counse- lor, Little Sister of Minerva. MOODY, RAY, Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Beta Alpha Psi. MOODY, JERRY W., Tallahassee, Florida; Social Welfare; Delta Chi MOORE, JOHN A., Parker, Florida; Arts and Sciences. MORDES, LILLIAN BETH, Marianna, Florida; Arts and Sc i ences . MORELOCK, MARTHA JANE, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sci ences . Psi Ch i . MORRIS, C. AUBREY, Pensacola, Florida; Education. MORRISON, MARY ANNA, Jacksonville, Florida; Nursing; Kappa Alpha Theta, Angel Flight, Village Vamps, Student Nurses Association. MOSELEY, JOHN F., Ormond, Beach, Florida; Business; Treasurer of Marketing Club, Wesley Foundation, UCF, Circus, International Club. MOSES, MARGARET, Hollywood, Florida; Education; FEA, SNEA. MOSNAT, JACALY N, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Alpha Omicron Pi. MOYE, JOSEPHINE, Cairo, Georgia; Nursing; SNA. MOZO, GRACE, Miami, Florida; Education; Kappa Delta Edi tor, Kappa Delta Pi. MUNRO, DONNA LYNNE, Miami, Florida; Nursing. MONROE, SUE LYNN, Quincy, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi. MURPHY, BRIAN, Pompano, Beach, Florida; Business. MURPHY, COLLEEN, Tallahassee, Florida; Education. President of Kappa Alpha Theta, Freshman Flunkies, Angel Flight, Village Vamps, Sigma Alpha Eta. MUSSATTO, DORIS T., Groveland, Florida; Nursing; Student Nurses Association, Dorm Officer. MYERS, JAMES CRAIG, Apoko, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Arnold Air Society. MYERS, NANCY ANN, Boca Raton, Florida; Social Welfare. NABORS, SHARILYN, Shalimar, Florida, Education; Tri Delta Chaplain, Junior Counselor, Sophomore Council, Freshman Flunkies, Execptional Child Council, Dorm Officer, Student- Senate Relations Committee. NADELL, PETER, Sarasota, Florida; Arts and Sciences. NALVEN, WENDY, Sarasota, Florida; Arts and Sciences. NANGLE, MARIANA, Orlando. Florida; Arts and Sciences. NAUMAN, CRAIG, Los Angeles, California; Arts and Scien- ces; Dean ' s List, Dorm Senator. NEIL, RANDY, Jacksonvi I le, • Florida; Business; Delta Chi, ROTC, Junior Men ' s Judiciary, Chairman of University Court. NELSEN, DAVID R., Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Flambeau, Tally Ho, Smoke Signals, Gold Key. NETTLES, IRVING, Haines City, Florida; Arts and Sciences; ROTC. NEWELL, PAUL, Palm Bay, Florida; Business. NEWMAN, LEWIS S., Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces . NICHOLS, HAZEL L., Palatka, Florida; Social Welfare. NICHOLS, PAUL L., St. Petersburg, Florida; Business; Pi Kappa Phi Historian and Corresponding Secretary. Alpha Phi Omega, Budget Commission of Student Government. NICHOLAOU, THEODORE LOUIS, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences;Church, Baseball. NIELSEN, DIANE E., Miami, Florida; Education; Village Vamps, Home Economics Club, SNEA. NIVENS, G. MARLENE, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Physical Education Association. NOLAN, ELIZABETH KILPATRICK, Titusville, Florida; Edu- cation, FSU Circus, Dean ' s List. NOLAN, ERNEST H., Pensacola. Florida; Business; Alpha Tau Omega WKA Secretary, Dean ' s List. NOONE, MICHELE, Tallahassee, Florida; Education. NORTH, BARBARA LEE, Palm Harbor, Florida; Education. Gamma Phi Beta, Physical Education Association, NEA. NORTON, SUSAN, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta, Little Sister of Phi Delta Theta, Phi Alpha Theta, Un- secretary Elections Commission, Executive Council, Student Party, Freshman Flunkies. NOWORYTHA, H. JAMES, Weet Palm Beach, Florida; Business, Finance Society, NEA, Alpha Kappa Psi. OAKS, CAROLYN, Miami, Florida; Education; Alpha Phi, Gamma Alpha Chi, Home Economics Club, Fashion Incorpora- ted, Little Sister of the White Star. OATES, GARY, Ormond Beach, Florida; Business; Sigma Chi Varisty Track. OBERMEYER, EUGENE F., St. Petersburg, Florida; Business. O ' BRIEN, KAREN, Hollywood, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Kappa Historian and Treasurer, Panhellenic Represen- tative, Gamma Sigma, Sigma, Freshman Flunkies. OBRYAN, CAROLINE, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Kappa Delta. rf! 4 4BMt.M4 381 O ' CAIN, CHARLES MARVIN, Jasper, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces. O ' DAIR, MICHAEL G., Houston, Texas; Business; Pi Kappa Ph i Secretary, Arnold Air Society, Marketing Club. ODITT, CHANDRA LEILA, Georgetown, Guyana, South Ameri- ca. O ' GARA, NANCY, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma. Sigma Sigma. OHLINGER, MARY, Ocala, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Univer- sity Singers, Women ' s Glee Club, BSU Executive Council, Miss Gymkana Court. OLEYNIK, LAWRENCE J., Dunedin, Florida; Education; In- dustrial Ar -s Ciub, Epsilon Pi Tau. OLIVA, VIVIEN A., Tallahassee, Florida; Education. OLIVERO, SANDRA JEAN, Hialeah, Florida; Education; NEA, Council of Exceptional Education, Kappa Delta Phi. OLKON, KEN, Miami, Florida; Social Welfare; Unit Advisor; Flambeau Staff Photographer. OLMSTED, PATTI, Tampa, Florida; Education; Sigma Kappa, Sweetheart, of Delta Chi, Village Vamps, Student National Ed- ucation Association Corresponding Secretary, Delta Chi Little Sister, Sigma Phi Epsilon Calandar Girl . OLSEN, JACK B., Fort Myers Beach, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, Circle K, ROTC, Dorm Advisor, Soccer Club, Judo Club. ORR, JAMES JR., Rockledge, Florida; Arts and Sciences. ORTHNER, DENNIS K. Largo, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Kappa Delta. OSTEEN, KATHLEEN, Jacksonville, Florida; Education; Alpha Chi Delta, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Freshman Flunkies. O ' TOOLE, RICHARD, Silver Spring, Maryland; Arts and Scien- ces. OVERBECK, GAILMEAD, Miami, Florida; Education; Chi 0- mega, NEA. OVERCASH, GERALD, Jacksonville, Florida; Social Welfare. OVERTON, LARRY J., Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Scien, ces. PADGETT, DOUGLAS, Lake City, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Freshman Debate, Dean ' s List,- Honors Program, Soccer Team. PADGETT, ROBERT R., Jacksonville, Florida; Business. PAGE, CHARLES DONALD, Perry, Florida; Business. PAGE, KARREY, Hialeah, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Fresh- man Flunkies, Alpha Chi Delta, Little Sister of Maltese Cross. PARHAM, M. ANN, Columbus, Georgia; Social Welfare; Village Vamps. PARKER, GARY, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences. PARKER, MARY, Coral Gables, Florida; Nursing; Freshman Flunkies, Dorm Officer, Sophomore and Jun ior Judiciary Chair- man Sophomore Council, Junior Council, Student Nurse of the Year, Student Nurses Association, Garnet Key, Daughter ' s of the Crossed Swords, Theta Chi Dream Girl Court, Delta Delta Delta. PARKER, VELINDA FAYE, Perry, Florida; PARRISH, LINDA L., Bradenton, Florida; Lambda Delta, Phi Chi Theta. PARRISH, TOM, Lauton, Oklahoma; Social Welfare; Lambda Alpha Epsi Ion. Alpha Chi Delta, business; Alpha PARROTT, LEON FRANKLIN, Ormond Beach, Florida; So- cial Welfare; ROTC. PARTRIDGE, MARY, Mobile, Alabama; Business; Dorm Offi- cer, Vice-President of Phi Chi Theta, Garnet Key, Junior Coun- selor, Freshman Flunkies, Dean of Women ' s Committee for Junior Counselor. PASTO, MARGARET, Tallahassee, Florida; Nursing; Alpha Phi, Nurses Association, Concert Band, Home Economics Club. PATON, ALBERT S., St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; Marching Chiefs, Symphonic Band, Collegians, Kappa Kappa Psi. PATTERSON, CATHERINE JEAN, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Home Economics Club, NEA, Pledge Class Of- ficer, Dorm Officer, Gamma Phi Beta. PATTERSON, ROBERT JOSEPH, Temple Terrace, Florida; Business; Delta Chi Vice-President, Freshman Football. PEEPLES, DONALD RICHARD, Charleston, ' S.C.: Arts and Sciences; Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon. PEETE, WILLIAM R., Miami, Florida; Business; AFROTC. PENNY, ANN PATRICIA, Miami, Florida; Education; Of- ficer of SNEA, BSU. PERCEFUL, ROBERT L., Carlisle, Arkansas; Arts and Sciences. PERCY, RICHARD, Plant City, Florida; Social Welfare. PERRAULT, DOREEN MARIE, Pompano Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Phi Alpha Theta, Newman o ' UD S tu dent National Education Association. PERRY, J. DIANE, Lake Wales, Florida; Arts and Sciences, Freshman Flunkies, Junior Counselor, Angel Flight, Chap- lain Alpha Chi Omega, Tally-Ho Staff, Dorm Officer, Who ' s Who Among Students. PERSONS, HENRY W. JR., Atlanta, Georgia; Arts and Scien- ces; Phi Kappa Tau, Battalion Commander ROTC, Wrestling Club, Delegate to Student and University Parties, Dean ' s List, Distinguished Military Student and Graduate. PETERSEN, JEANETTE, Odessa, Florida; Education; Delta Zeta, Freshman Flunkies, Gamma Alpha Chi, SNEA, Gymkana. PETERSEN, WILLIAM J., Miami, Florida; Business; Sigma Nu, Scabbard and Blade Honorary Military Society, ROTC. PETRIE, G.E., Cape Coral, Florida; PETROSKY, JOHN R., Sidney, New York; Business; |ntra- murals, Delta Tau Delta Vice-president, SAM. PETTIE, THOMAS ELMO III., Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi Omega Officer, Southern Scholarship and Research Foundation. PHILLIPS, MARTHA, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta, Modeling Board, Fashion Incorporated. PHILLIPS, MARY LEE, Lake City, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; President Kappa Kappa Gamma, President Panhellenic, Sophomore Council, Garnet Key, Mortarboard. PICKETT, GAINES NEAL, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; President, Secretary, Social Chairman Theta Chi, Secretary of Intercollegiate Affairs. PIERSON, MARY PAMELA, Orlando, Florida; Education; Pi Beta Phi Corresponding Secretary, Sophomore Council, NEA, Freshman Flunkies, Dean ' s List. PILLMORE, PATRICIA JEAN, Jacksonville, Florida; Educa- tion; Dorm Officer, Corresponding Secretary Circus. PINDER, MARILYN, Hialeah, Florida; Social Welfare; Social, Work Club, Phi Alpha, Sophomore Council, Young Democrats PIOTRKIEWIOZ, LORRAINE FRANCES, Miami, Florida; So- cial Welfare; International Club. PLATTIS, SUSAN, Palm Harbor, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega Treasurer, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Mu Epsi- lon, H onors Program. PLIMPTON, EVELYN V., Melbourne, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces . 383 A it K PLOTNIK, ALAN W., Orlando, Florida; Arts and Sciences. PLQURDE GISELE, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Pi Delta Prii . POAG, LEWIS LOWE, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Col legians POLGER, PAUL D., River Edge, New Jersey; Arts and Scien- ces. POLIC, ALBERT HENRY II., Hialeah, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Les Jongleurs President, Dramatic Honor Society. POLLOCK, CHARLES DANIEL, Hialeah, Florida; Social Welfare; ROTC, FIP. POLLOCK, DONNA LEE, Ft. Lauderdale, Education. PONS, SYLVIA, Citra, Florida; Arts and Sciences. POOLE, CAROLINE, Jonesboro, Arkansas; Arts and Scien- ces; Village Vamps, Secretary Panhellenic, Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, Dean ' s List, Summer Senator. POOLE, ELIZABETH, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Home Economics Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Omicron Nu. POORE, RICHARD, Anderson, South Carolina; Social Welfare. POPE, SHARON LEE, Miami, Florida; Education; NEA. PORTER, LUCIA, Quincy, Florida; Education; Dorm Govern- ment, CEC NEA, FEA, CEPS, Freshman Flunkies. POTTER, JAN CHARLES, Zellwood, Florida; Business; Marketing Club, Advancement for the Society of Management. POTTER, MARY ANN, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Alpha Omicron, Freshman Flunkies, Fashion Incorporated, Soltas . POTTER, PHILIP, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi Omega, Student Senator. POWELL, CHARLES V. JR., Miami, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi POWELL, DEIRDRE E., Deerfield Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences . PRESNALL, MARILYN McBRIDE, Columbus, Georgia; Educa- tion, Alpha Omicron Pi Secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta, Stu- dent Government, Honors Program. PUGH, CLELIA, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta, Art Education Club,. QUALLS, BARRY V., Plant City, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Dorm Officer. QUICK, JOE AKERS, JR., Mar.ianria, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces. RADFORD, MARY LEE, Sarasota, Florida; Social Welfare; Flambeau Staff, Freshman Flunkies. RAFFIELD, JOHN C, Tallahassee, Florida; Nursing; Student Nurses Association. RAMELLA, POLLY ANNE, Pensacola, Florida; Education. RAMPH, BRUCE, Hialeah, Florida; Social Welfare; Kappa Sigma Secretary, Lambda Epsilon, Sailing Association, Men ' s Judiciary Court, AF Drill Team, Corrections Society, Social Welfare Club, International Club. RANKIN, MARGARET LOUISE, Brooksville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega President, Village Vamps, Mortified. RAPALJE, ROBERT, Taveres, Florida; Arts and Sciences. RATKE, ROBERT R., Chicago, Illinois; Business; SAM. RAY, SONDRA, Ocala, Florida. RAYNOR, PEARLE M., Bartow, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Foundation Scholarship Organization, NCTE, SFEA, Wesley Foundation . REAVES, KAY, Tampa, Florida; Education; Phi Mu, Gymkana, Gymnastica Recreation Society. REDDING, JAMES W., Pensacola, Florida; Economics; Circus. REDSLOB, JEAN, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Business. REED, DONNA, Falls Church, Virginia; Business; Delta Delta Delta Historian, Phi Chi Theta, Gamma Alpha Chi. REED, JEANNETTE ELLEN, Mount Dora, Florida; Educa- tion. REED, WILBURN PORTER, Miami, Florida; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsi Ion, Society of Hosts. REGAN, MARY LEE, Winter Park, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, Sigma Kappa. REINBOLT, LOIS JEAN, Ft. Myers, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Choral Union, Freshman Flunkies, Corresponding Secre- tary of Sigma Sigma Sigma. REINEL, RICHARD ROBERT, Bradenton, Florida; Business; Delta Sigma Pi, American Marketing Association. REINHARDT, JOHN, Darien, Connecticut, Arts and Sciences. REISINGER, LINDA DIANE, Winter Park, Florida; Business; Freshman Flunkies, Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment, Alpha Chi Delta Corresponding Secretary. RENARDSON, GAIL LEE, Winter Haven, Florida; Arts and Sciences . RETTMER, ELIZABETH, Miami, Florida; Education. REYNOLDS, BOOKIE, Cairo, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Vice-President of Alpha Chi Omega, Historian Tau Beta Sigma, Vi I lage Vamps, Garnet Key, Feature Twirler for March ing Chiefs, Phi Beta iKappa, Phi Kappa Phi. REYNOLDS, WILLIAM L., Wilmington, North Carolina; Arts and Sciences; Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma. RHODES, JUNE, Pensacola, Florida; Social Welfare; Alpha Omicron Pi, Junior Counselor, Phi Alpha, Social Welfare Club. RHYAN, SUE ANN, Orlando, Florida; Music; Sigma Alpha lota, Women ' s Glee Club, Choral Union, BSU. RICE, STEPHEN A. JR., Coventry, Rhode Island; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Tau, I FC Representative, Dorm Senator. RICHARDSON, LINDA SUE, Pensacola, Florida; Education; Phi Mu, Gamma Alpha Chi. RICHARDSON, WILLIAM J., Tampa, Florida; Business. RICHASON, CHERRY, Panama City, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Secretary of FEA Scholarsh i p House. RICKE, LINDA V., Dania, Florida; Education. RICKETT, SUSAN E., West Palm Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences; President Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chairman. RIDDLE, DAVID M., Pensacola, Florida; Business; Senior Class Senator, Senate Par I imentarian, Dean of Men ' s Staff, Dorm Officer, Member Committee on Campus Speakers, Chair- man Senate Rules and Procedure Committee, member Senate Elections and Appointments Committee. RIORDAN, MARY, Miami, Florida; Nursing; Alpha Xi Delta. A 385 RIPPENTOE, CONSTANCE ELLEN, Miami, Florida; Educa- tion; Dorm Officer, Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, Vi I lage Vamps, Dean ' s List, Pi Beta Phi Historian, Sweetheart Sigma Chi . ROBERTS, NORMAN MICHALE, South Bay, Florida; Business; Pi Kappa Phi, Marketing Club. ROBERTSON, CHARLES, L., Pahokee, Florida; Education; Swimming Team. ROBERTSON, MICHELE, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega, Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council. ROBERTSON, SUE ALICIA, Vero Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences. ROBINSON, JOE, Plant City, Florida; Education. ROBINSON, J. ROBERT, Tallahassee, Florida. ROBINSON, KATHY, Gainesville, Florida; Delta Gamma. ROBINSON, RUTH, Bradenton, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Soltas . ROBINSON, STEWART L., Citra, Florida; Arts and Sciences. ROGERS, CAROLYN, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Kap- pa Delta Corresponding Secretary, Fashion Incorporated. ROLL, SUE LYNN, Orlando, Florida; Education; SNEA. ROLSTAD, PATRICIA ANN, Apalachicola, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta, SNA. ROMER, JOANNA MARY, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Editor-in-Chief of Tally-Ho, Historian Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Treasurer, Editor and Executive Board of Pi Beta Phi, Angel Flight, President ' s Advisory Council, Board of Publica- tions, Junior Counselor, Dorm Officer. Sophomore Council Honors Program, MADEMOISELLE College Board. ROSEN, KAREN, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Nursing. ROSKOVICH, LOUIS, St. Augustine, Florida; Social Welfare. ROTH, DANIEL, Miami, Florida; Social Welfare. ROUADI, JAMELIE PATRICIA, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; FEA, NEA- RUCKER, PATTI, Bradenton, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Modeling Board, Fashion Incorporated, Home Economics Club, Miss Gymkana Court, Miss Tallahassee. RUFF, LINDA LOUISE, Smyrna, Georgia; Education; Sigma Kappa, Secretary to Attorney General. RUMPF, WILLIAM GREGORY, Windermere, Florida; Educa- tion. RUNKLE, T. JERIMAH JR., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. RYAN, JANET ANN, Sarasota, Florida; Arts and Sciences; FSU Sai ling Team. RYAN, LANUE B., Irvington, Alabama; Arts and Sciences. RYAN, MARGARET ELLEN, Pompano, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Dorm Officer, Circus, Alliance Francaise. RYAN, SANDRA E., Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; March- ing Chiefs, Concert Band, Tau Beta Sigma, Editor Banc Newspaper Secretary Alpha Epsilon Delta. RYDER, LESLIE ANN, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts anc ces, Judo and Karate Club, Intramurals, House Council. SACHS, PHILLIP C, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts anc Arts and Scien- d Scien- SANFORD, MARY JON, Sarasota, Florida; Education; Sopho- more Council, Junior Counselor, Council for Exceptional Children, Little Sister of the White Diamond. SANTA CRUZ, G. EILEEN, Tampa, Florida; Social Welfare; Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor. Village Vamps, Treasurer, Star and Crescent Club of Kappa Sigma and Vice-President. SANTIAGO-RAMOS, HUGO, New York City, New y°rk; Arts and Sci ences. SARTIN, LARRY JOHNSON, Miami, Florida; Business; Phi Kappa Tau. SAUER, PATRICIA, Melbourne, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Precinct Senator. SAULS, BEVERLY, Odessa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Junior Counselor. SAURMAN, ANN MARIA, Pompano Beach, Florida; Education. SAUNDERS, PATRICIA ANN, Jacksonville, Florida; Educa- tion. SAVAGE, CAROLYN E., Palatka, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Intramurals. SAVILL, HOPE L., Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Fash- ion Incorporated, Home Economics Club, Delta Zeta SCALISE, THEODORE R., Tallahassee, Florida; Society for the Advancement of Management. SCHLAGETER, THOMAS, Ormond Beach, Florida; Education; Freshman Baseball, Theta Chi. SCHLEGEL, SAMUEL N., Jacksonville, Florida; Social Wel- fare. SCHMAHZ, GRETCHEN, Miami, Florida; Education; Student Government, Freshman Flunkies. SCHMIDT, RICHARD EDWARD, Charlotte Harbor, Florida; Arts and Sciences. SCHOENBORN, DOUGLAS, St. Petersburg, Florida; Business; Treasurer A I pha Delta Sigma. SCHOENFELD, SUSAN, Sarasota, Florida; Education; FSEA. SCHOMBER, HANK, Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Flq-mbeau Sports Editor, Hall of Fame, Board of Publications, Assistant Sports information Director. SCHROEDER, SUSAN P., Madison, New Jersey; Education; Mortified, Homecoming Committee, Chairman Panhellenic Work- shop, F Club, Panhellenic Representati ve-(2hi Omega. SCHULKIN, KAROL, Dania, Florida; Education; Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, Women ' s Judiciary, Junior Counselor, Gamma Sigma Sigma, SNEA, ACEI. SCHULZ MARILYN, Miami, Florida; Nursing; Marching Chiefs, Tau Beta Sigma, SNA. SCHUTTNER, MARIE ELIZABETH, Deland, Florida; Social Welfare; Social Work Club, Treasurer Phi Alpha. SCHWARZ, FRED, Madeira Beach, Florida; Business. SCOVILLE, STEVEN W., Albuquerque, New Mexico; Arts and Sci ences. SCRIBNER, LINDA KATHRYN, Orlando, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Soltas, Gamma Phi Beta. SEARS, CECELIA GALE, Canal Point, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Junior Counselor, Sailing Club, Riding CI ub. SEARS, WILLIAM R., Jacksonville, Florida; Business; Beta Alpha Psi. SECHREST, DOROTHY ANN, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Phi Alpha Theta. 387 388 SELLERS, JON PHILLIP, Bowling Green, Florida; Educa- tion; Dorm Officer, Inter-Dorm Council. SELONKE, ELIZABETH A., Vero Beach, Florida; Freshman Flunkies, Secretary Delta Zeta. SENTER, THOMAS PAUL, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sailing Association, BIOYA, Alpha Epsilon, Delta. SHADD, J. EDWARD, Raiford, Florida; Business. SHAMET, JOSEPH BERNARD, Daytona, Florida; Education; Sailing Club, SFEA. SHARPE, SUE ELLEN, Andalusia, Alabama; Education; President of Women ' s Recreation Association, Women ' s F Club; Alpha Gamma Delta. SHAW, BETTY SUE, Mr. Dora, Florida; Social Welfare. SHAW, JAMES R., Atlanta, Georgia; Arts and Sciences. SHEA, MARTHA JEANNE, Tampa, Florida; Education; Pi Beta Phi, SNEA, Union Publicity Committee, Dorm Officer. SHERMAN, JOHN, Killarney, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Psi Vice-President. SHERROUSE, DAYTON, Lakeland, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces. SHIRLEY, CAROL, Falls Church, Virginia; Arts and Scien- ces; Kappa Alpha Theta, Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart, Kappa Alpha Theta, Dean ' s List. and Sciences; Fashion Incor- SHIRLEY, SANDRA, Palatka, Florida; Arts Zeta Tau Alpha, BSU, Home Economics Club, porated. SHIVELY, NELSON, Eglin AFB, Florida; Business. SHLINGER, MARY M., Ocala, Florida; Education. SHOTTON, JOANN LOUISE, Winter Haven, Florida; Business; Phi Chi Theta. SIERRA, JOSE A. JR., Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences. SIEWERT, JAN, Clewiston, Florida; Business; Angel Flight, Village Vamps, President Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer Panhell- enic, Secretary Sophomore Class, Secretary Senior Class, Dorm Officer, Garnet Key, Mortified, Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, Secretary of Inter-Class Council. SIMONSON, SCOTT THOMAS, Gainesville, Florida; Business; Alpha Tau Omega Vice-President, Inter-Fraternity Council, Intramurals, Alpha Council, Marketing Club. SIMMONS, DIANNE, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Education; PEA, Selby II. Scholarship House President. SINGLETARY, CONSTANCE LORAYNE, Pahokee, Florida; Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; Legend Staff. SINGLETERRY, MARY JANE, Acworth, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Pi Mu Epsilon. SINNETT, DAVID L., St. Petersburg, Florida; Business; Dorm Counselor, Golf. SIPPERLEY, JACK, West Palm Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Phi, Arnold Air Society, Sop homore Class Senator, Alpha Council, Who ' s Who Among Students. SIRMONS, THOMAS RUDNbY, Blakely, Georgia; Arts and Sc iences . SIROIS, VICKI, Sarasota, Florida; Social Welfare; Kappa Alpha Theta. SKELTON, CYNTHIA, St. Petersburg, Florida; Social Wel- fare. SKILLMAN, HARRY W., Deland, Florida; Business; Delta Sigma Pi . SKIPPER, RON, Pensacola, Florida; Business; Delta Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, Arnold Air Society. SLUSSER, JAMES CARROLL, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Epsilon Kappa. SMATHERS, SUSAN M., Deland, Florida; Arts and Sciences. SMIRCH, NEENA H.F., St. Augustine, Florida; Education; ice-President Art Education Club, Rally Bureau, Florida Ed- jcation Association. JMITH, ADRIANNE, Lubbock, Texas, Social Welfare; PhiAlpha. iMITH, BRIAN K.A., Clearwater, Florida; Arts and Sciences. M, ' TH, DONALD LEE, Tallahassee, Florida; Business. ■ MITH, HARRY LINDLEY JR., Ocean City, New Jersey; Busi- less; Kappa Sigma Vice-President President and Treasurer )f Society of Hosts . -MITH, HENRY D., Tallahassee, Florida; Education. .MITH, JOHN CAMERON, Ft. Myers, Florida; Social Welfare; D hi Kappa Tau. ■ MITH, JOSEPH W. III., Panama City, Florida; Business. .MITH, NANCY ANN, Lake Helen, Florida; Arts and Scien- :es; Gamma Kappa Omicron, Omicron Nu, Home Economics Hub, BSU. iMITH, NOEL STANLEY, Tallahassee, Florida, Business; Delta Sigma Pi, Westminster Club, Intramural Sports, Foren- sics. iMITH, PATRICIA JOYCE, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Dean ' s List. iMITH, PAUL, JORDAN JR., Tampa, Florida; Arts andScien- :es; Arnold Air Society. iMITH, STEPHEN C, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Scien- :es. iMITH, WILBUR L., Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences. iNEAD, MARJOR-IE E., Covington, Virginia; Education; )orm Officer, BSU, Recreation Society, Circus, Intramurals. iNEAD, MELVIN ROBERT, Jacksonville, Florida; Social Velfare. iNITZ, LINDA, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; CEC, NEA. iNYDER, JOANN, Stevensvi I le, Michigan; Arts and Sciences; Vho ' s Who Among Students, Freshman Flunkies, Secretary iophomore Council, Dorm Officer, Vice-President Chi Omega, ice-President Garnet Key, President Mortar Board. iORENSON MARY BETH, Jacksonville, Florida; Education. iOURBEER, MARY ANN, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences. iOUTHARD, SHARON, Clearwater, Florida; Education; Fresh- nan Flunkies. 5PARKMAN, WALTER B., Lakeland, Florida; Varsity Base- ball, Circus, Senator, Alpha Council, Kappa Alpha Beta Mpha Psi. j PALDING, CAROL, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; House Zouncil, Marketing Club, Public Relations Council, Home Ec- snomics Club. SPARROW, SHARON, Winter Haven, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Chi Omega. SPEARS, MARILYN R., Camp Springs, Maryland; Social Wei- Fare; FEA, NEA. SPELL, CLYDE, West Palm Beach, Florida; Business; Society for Advancement of Managment, Treasurer Beta Alpha Psi. SPENCER, CAROLYN LEE, Winter Park, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Pi Epsilon, American Institute of Astronau- tics and Aeronautics. SPLANE, HENRY T., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Arts and Sciences; Special Events Committee. SPOONER, HUB W. JR., Belle Glade, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Phi Kappa Tau, Golf Team Vice-President, Dean ' s List, I FC Representative. SPOSATO, M. JEAN, Vero Beach, Florida; Education; Sopho- Council, Junior Counselor, SNEA. STACK, ROSE, Jacksonville, Florida; Education. STADSKLER, JOAN B., Marianna, Florida; Music; Junior Counselor, Dorm Officer, Sigma Alpha lota Vice-President, President Sigma Alpha Iota, Women ' s Glee Club Treasurer, Garnet Key. STAMBAUGH, GLENDA, Milton, Florida; Education; Gamma Beta Phi. STANFORD, DARRYL, Seminole, Florida; Music; MENC, BSU, Choral Union. STARRATT, ROBERT LESLIE JR., Jacksonville, Florida; Social Welfare; Alpha Tau Omega, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, I ntramural s . STEARNS, JEAN S., Miami, Florida; Education; Who ' s Who Among Students. STEFLIK, GRACE OLIVIA, Bunnell, Florida; Education; Kappa Delta Pi . STEFLIK, KATHERINE MECHELE, Bunnell, Florida, Educa- tion; Kappa Delta Pi. STEIN, EDNA, Hialeah, Florida-; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Lambda Delta. STETSON, JOY, Panama City, Florida; Education; SFEA, NEA. STEVENS, WILLIAM ARTHUR, New Port Richey, Florida; Education; Math Teaching Club,. STIRK, MARY LOU, .Sarasota, Florida; Education; FEA, In- ternational Club. STODDARD, NORMAN DAVID, Miami, Florida; Business; Pi Kappa Phi Chaplain and Secretary; Arnold Air S oc ' et Y MKG Club. STOEF FLER, JEAN, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Education; Vice- President Alpha Theta, SFEA, Flambeau Staff. STOKESBERRY, JAMES J., Tallahassee, Florida; Social Wel- fare. STONE, MABEL LEILA, Naples, Florida; Education; Sopho- more Council, Junior Counselor, SNEA. STONE, MAZIE ANNE, Naples, Florida; Education; Sopho- Council, Junior Counselor, SNEA. STONE, NANNETTE, Moline, Illinois; Arts and Sciences. STONE, WILFRED ABON, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Honor Court, Scabbard and Blade, IFC Judiciary. STOPS, INDIA KATE, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces. STOUGH, JUDITH, Greencove Springs, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Sigma Alpha lota, BSU, Dorm Officer, Seminole House President. STOUT, RANDALL C, San Pedro, California; Social Welfare; Theta Chi Historian and Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon. STREETER, RICHARD B., Hollywood, Florida; Business; Society of Hosts, SAM. STRINGFELLOW, MARVIN ELLIOT, Birmingham, Alabama; Education; Baseball, Gold Key, Treasurer. STUDLEY, NANCY L., Winter Garden, Florida; Business. STUMP, DOUGLAS H., Pensacola, Florida; Business; Track, Alpha Delta Sigma Secretary, Flambeau Staff. TELLONE, JOSEPH D., Hialeah, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Secretary of Internal Affairs, Who ' s Who Among Students, Alpha Phi Omega, President Pre-Law Association, SUSGA Delegate, Young Democrats, Circle K, Phi Gamma Delta. STUVER, LANCE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences. STYERS, JOAN CHARLOTTE, Pompano Beach, Florida; So- cial Welfare; Alpha Phi, Social Welfare Club, Freshman Flunk- ies. SUGGS, DONNA A., Lakeworth, Florida; Nursing; SNA. SUKOVICH, JOHN E. JR., Largo, Florida; Arts and Sciences. SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS, Eau Gallie, Florida; Education. SWASEY, SANDRA, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Modeling Board, Fashion Incorporated, Home Economics Club, ROTC Brigade Sponsor. SWEET, CHERYL DIANE, Homestead, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Angel Flight, Secretary Alpha Epsilon Rho, RATAG, Sec- retary, Gamma Alpha Chi Vice-President, Fashion Incorpora- ted, Freshman Flunkies, Zeta Tau Alpha Chaplain. SWOPE, OUIDA MAE, Orlando, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Junior Counselor, Study Abroad Program. 5W0SZ0WSKI, RAYMOND, Tallahassee, plorida; Business; Delta Sigma Pi . TALBOT, NANCY, Monroe, Louisiana; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sigma Nu Li tt le Si sters Treasurer. FANI, PATRICIA ELLEN, West Palm Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences. TANKERSLEY, MILTON T., Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Delta Sigma Pi, AMA, Scabbard and Blade Military Honor So- ciety. Macon, slta. G eorgia; Social Welfa re; sh- TANNER, CANDACE, ion Incorporated, Tri D« TAYLOR, THERESA JANE, Jasper, Florida; Education. TEAGUE, LINDA, Tallahassee, Florida; Social Welfare; Dorm Officer, Sophomore Council, Freshman Flunkies, " Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister, Tri Delta, Junior Counselor. TEEL, ROBERT C, Crestview, Florida; Business; Circle K, Apha Kappa Psi. TEETERS, BRUCE, Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Beta Alpha Psi Vice-President, Sigma Chi Dean ' s List. TESTA, JULIANNE, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; FEA, Dorm Senator, NEA. TEUTON, SANDRA ELAINE, Gainesville, Florida; Nursing. THAGARD, SYLVIA ANN, Blountstown, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Dorm Officer, Junior Counselor. " HAYER, CANDACE LARUE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Music; ligma Alpha lota, MENC, Women ' s Glee Club, Choral Union. rHELEMANN, LEILANI, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Deltal fHOMAN, JOAN E., Hollywood, Florida; Education; SNEA [ " HOMAS, MARION EDWARD, Satellite Beach, Florida; Busi- less; Delta Sigma pi, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer Mar- eting Club. 392 Florida; Arts and Epsilon Little Sis- 4L,k THOMASSON, WILLIAM KENNETH, Brandon, Florida; Busi- ness; Alpha Kappa Psi, Circle K Club. THOMPSON, DAVID R., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Freshman Baseball, Varsity Track, Men ' s Professional Physical Education Association. THOMPSON, JOELLEN, Jacksonville, Sciences; Freshman Flunkies, Sigma Phi ter, Public relations. THOMPSON, MARGARET, Ormond Beach, Florida; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Cheerleader, Garnet Key, Freshman Flunk- ies, Junior Counselor, Phi Delta Theta Sweetheart, Panhel.l- enic Counci I . THOMPSON, MARY, Ormond Beach, Florida; Nursing THOMPSON, RONALD, Toronto, Canada; Business; Society of Hosts Christian Fellowship, International Club. THOMSON, MARJORIE, Monticello, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Zeta Tau Alpha. THORSEN, JOHN, Miami, Florida; Business; Beta Alpha Psi, Dean ' s List, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THURMOND, FRED H., Clermont, Florida; Business. TISHMAN, GAIL, Miami, Florida; Social Welfare; Hillel, S o- Welfare Club. TOLAND, MARIE, Tampa, Florida; Business; Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister, Gamma Alpha Chi, Dean ' s List, Chi Omega. TOMAS, GEORGE J., Torrington, Connecticut; Arts and Scien- ces.. TOUSEY, CAROL J., Jacksonville, Florida; Education; Kappa Delta Pi. TOWNSEND, IRIS CAROLYN, Homosassa Springs, Florida; Education; Gamma Beta Phi. TRAVERS, ALC1E DAVIES, Coral Gables, Florida; Honor Court Justice, Junior Counselor, Angel Flight, Kappa Alpha Theta. TRAVERS, LESLEY, Hollywood, Florida; Education; Sopho- more Council, Circus, Little Sister of White Carnation, Alpha Phi President. TREAT, MARY ALICE, Bradenton, Florida; Music; Union Symphony, Choral Union. TREMPER, JON D., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi, Freshman Basketball, ROTC, Scabbard and Blade. TRIPP, LORRAINE, Hollywood, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Vice-President Zeta Tau Alpha, Women ' s Senate, Secretary AWS Council. TROTT, JOHN H., Tallahassee, Florida; Social Welfare. TROTT, SALLY, Tallahassee, Florida; Education. TRUMBOWER, GLENN, Miami Springs, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Phi Gamma Delta, American Meteorological Society, Alpha Phi Omega. TSUJII, KIYOSHI, Yamato-Takada, Nara, Japan; Business; Society for Advancement of management. TULLGREN, SUSAN, Pompano Beach, Florida; Education; Alpha Chi Omega. TUNNICLIFF, CHARLES, Thomasville, Georgia; Business:; Arnold Air Society, Student Publications Advertising Manager, Advertising Salesman Student Entertainment, Board of Publica- tions. TURNER, KAREN, Ft. Pierce, Florida; Business; Alpha Phi. TURNER, ROBERT Miami Lakes, Florida; Arts and Sciences. TUTEN, CLAUDIA LEE, Bradenton, Florida; Education; SNbA, Delta Delta Delta, Fashion Incorporated. TWITCHELL, PATRICIA, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sailing Club, Math |_|onorary. TYLER, ROBERT, Atlanta, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Intramurals, Arnold Air Society. USINA, JAYNE ANN, Interlachen, Florida; Social Welfare. UTLER, JAMES, Greene, New York; Business. VALDES, ANTHONY J., Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, Society of Hosts. VAN ETTEN, FAITH, Kissimmee, Florida; Nursing; Fresh- man Flunkies, Westminister Fellowship, Dean ' s List, Student Nurses Association Vice-President, Flambeau Staff, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Junior Counselor. VAN MONTFRANS, JACQUES, Hamilton, New Zealand; Arts and Sciences. VAN SCIVER, LAUREL, St. Petersburg, Florida; Nursing; SNA. VANSTONE, JOHN F., Quincy, Florida; Education. VANSTONE, NANCY L., Quincy, Florida; Education. VENNING, LOIS VICTORIA, Dunedin, Florida; Arts and Scien- Sciences; Delta Zeta, Gamma Kappa Omicron, Omicron Nu. VERZAAL, MARY ELLEN, Delray Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Freshman Flunkies, Junior Counselor, President Alpha Chi Delta, Circus, German Club. VICE, ROBERT, San Fransisco, California; Arts and Scien- ces. VIDAL, CORNELIA A., Key West, Florida; Social Welfare. VOIGT, LINDA, Sarasota, Florida; Education; Circus, Sopho- more Counc i I . WADSWORTH, PENELOPE GAIL, Bunnell, Florida; Business; Freshman Flunkies Corresponding Secretary, Sophomore Coun- cil, Junior Council, University Promotions Board, Zeta Tau Alpha. WAGER, MICHAEL, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi Omega, Psi Chi, Honors Program, President ' s Hosts, Student Government. WAGNER, THOMAS J., Rochester, New York; Business. WALKER, BARBARA, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Freshman Flunkies, Phi Kappa Phi. WALKER, BARBARA ANN, Naples, Florida; Education; Sec- retary and Treasurer Kappa Epsilon, Choral union. WALKER, JUDITH, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. WALKER, MARGARET CICELY, Tampa, Florida; Education; Chi Omega, Angel Flight, Sophomore Council, Freshman plunk-- ies, rjorm Off i cer. WALKER, RICHARD KEITH, Orlando, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces. WARBURTON, VIRGINIA H., Media, Pennsylvania; Arts and Sciences; Home Economics Club. WARD, JAMES, Deland, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Student Government, Karate lub. WARD, LINDA, Vernon, Florida; Education. WARD, ROBERT S., Middletown, Rhode Island; Social Welfare; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WARNER, PAMELA, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Alpha Lambda Delta. WARNOCK, DOUGLAS W., Hialeah, Florida; Education; BSU, Kappa Delta Pi, Vice- D resident SNEA, Executive Board SFEA. WARREN, KAREN SUE, Winter Park, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; sophomore Council, Junior Council, Hospitality Committee. WARREN, MARY CATHERINE, Pensacola, Florida; Educa- tion; Junior Counselor, Gamma Sigma Sigma. WATERS, ELIZABETH LEE, Ashvi I le, North Carolina; Educa- tion; Beauty Editor of Tally-Ho, Women ' s Student Senate, pan- hellenic Council, Who ' s Who Among Students, Jun ior Counse- lor, President and Corresponding Secretary Alpha Gamma Delta, Dorm Officer, AWS Esecutive Council, Junior and Senior WATERSON, ROBERT M., Clearwater, Florida; Arts and Sciences; ACS, Student Seminole Boosters. WATKINS, JAMES E., Cottondale, Florida; Business. WATKINS, SARAH, San Francisco, California; Arts and Sciences . WATKINSON, ARLIE G. JR., Tampa, Florida; Business; Marketing Club. WATSON, EUGENE, Pensacola, Florida; Business; Marketinc Club.. WATSON, M. JILL, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces. WATTS, CAROLINE, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences. WEAVER, NANCY, Lantana, Florida; Education; SNEA. WEAVER, WYN, Bristol, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Tau Alpha, Home Economics Club, Fashion Incorporated, Freshman F I unki es. WEBB, LYN, Atlanta, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Freshman House Council, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Dorm Officer. WEED, ARTHUR D., Sidney, New York; Business. WEEKS, GEORGE CARY, Green Cove Springs, Florida; Educa- ti on . WENZ, BARBARA FLORENCE BIZZELL, Deland, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta, Fashion Incorporated, Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta, Fashion Incorporated, Home Economics Club. WEST, WILLARD A. JR., Syracuse, New York; Business; Society of Hosts, Film Cub, Intramural Softball and Basket- ball. WESTAWAY, RICHARD DEAN, Marianna, Florida; Arts and Sciences. WESTON, NANCY GAIL, Greenboro, North Carolina; Arts and Sciences; Women ' s F Club, Intramurals. WETHERELL, THOMAS KENT, Port Orange, Florida; Educa- tion; Phi Delta Theta, Football. WETHERINGTON, GARY, Jacksonville, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Phi Kappa Tau, Managing Editor Tally-Ho. WHALEY, GLORIA, Ocala, Florida; Education; Phi Mu. WHEELER, EDWIN, Lake City, Florida; Business; Delta Sigma Pi . WHEELER, PAMELA A., Winter Park, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Gymkana, Sophomore Council, Dorm Officer, Junior Coun- selor, Delta Chi Little Sister. WHIDDEN, AMELIA ANN, Arcadia, Florida; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister. WHIDDEN, CLARENCE W. JR., Bradenton, Florida; Business. WHIGHAM, DORIS ANN, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, Alpha Omicron Nu, Gamma Kappa Omicron, Wesley Foundation, Junior Coun- selor, Home Economics Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi. 394 WHITE, BEVERLY R . Tallahassee, Florida; Nursing; March- ing Chiefs, Tau Beta 5igma WHITE, ROBERT JR., Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Alpha Phi Omega. WICKMAN, ROBIN, Clearwater, Florida; Business. WIEJKUS, KAREN RENCE, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta. WIGGINS, LOUISE, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Women ' s Glee Club, FEA Scholarship House. WIGGINS, MICHAEL CHARLES, Pensacola, Florida; Business; Alpha Tau Omega, Intramurals. WIGLE, RICHARD KEITH, Daytona, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces . WILBANKS, JANE, Tallahassee, Florida; Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister, Delta Zeta. WILKERSON, DANIEL 0., Pensacola, Florida; Business; Alpha Tau Omega, American Marketing Association, Basket- ball. WILKINSON, ANITA SUE, Gainesville, Florida; Education; Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore C oun cil, Circus, Alpha Delta. WILKINSON, DON, Bradenton, Florida; Business; Delta E-psi- lon Pi, American Marketing Association. WILLIAMS, BARBARA, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; Commander of Angel Flight, Garnet Key Mortified, Junior Counselor. fc A WILLIAMS, BEVERLY, Tampa, Florida; Education. WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTE ALLEN, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa.. WILLIAMS, JAMES FRANKLIN, Panama City, Florida; Social Welfare. WILLIAMS, JIM, Tampa, Florida; Social Welfare; Unit Advisor. WILLIAMS, MARY DELOIS, Gainesville, Florida; Education; Freshman Flunkies, Dorm Officer, Junior Counselor, SNEA. WILLIAMS, PAUL, Tallahassee, Florida; Business; American Marketing C lu b. WILLIAMS, RANDALL W., Largo, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Choral Union, University Theatre, Studio Theatre, Opera Guild. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM E., Madison, Florida; Arts and Sciences. WILLIAMS, WYNNE, Arlington, Virginia; Arts and Sciences; Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Village Vamps. WILLIAMSON, PAUL, Tallahassee, Florida; Business. WILSON, ALEC CHARLES, Martinsville, Virginia; Business. WILSON, MARGARET ROSE, Rockford, Illinois; Education. WINN, STEPHEN, Miami, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi; Vice-President society of Hosts, 5ociety for Advancement of Management, Junior Class Senator, Attorney General Student Body, ROTC, Circle K. WINTENBURG, KENNETH, Van [ |uys, California; Business. WISE, DIANA LYNN, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Home Economics Club, Secretary Omicron Nu, Gamma Kappa Umicron. WITHERSP00N,J0HNG. JR., Jacksonville, Florida; Business; Insurance Society, Track, Gymkana, Circus, Phi Kappa Tau. v ht i «» WiTHERSPOON, NED H., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Phi Eta Epsilon. WITT, WILLIAM JOHN III., Miami, Florida; Business; Theta Chi, I FC, Society of Hosts. WITTE, ROBERT C, Clearwater, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Chi Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Arnold Air Society, Deseret Club, WOLLETT, JODY, Clearwater, Florida; Education. WOMBLE, EDNA, Blountstown, Florida; Social Welfare. WOOD, THOMAS A., Tallahassee, Florida; Education. WOODBURY, RAYMOND JR., Merritt Island, Florida; Busi- ness. WOOD, WILLIAM H., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; men ' s Vice-President, Secretary of Finance, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chaplain, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secre- Omicron Delta Kappa Vice-President, Gold Key, Alpha Coun- cil. T., Lake WOOLLEY, CHARLES Scisncss ' AI . WOOLEY ' , PATRICIA MARCELLA, Live tion . WORTH, EDITH M., Tallahassee, Florida; WRIGHT, JEFFREY L., Webster, Florida; Secretary to Student Body President, Who ' s dents. Worth, Florida; Arts and Oak, Florida; Educa- Education. Social Welfare; Who Among Stu- WURZBACK, THOMAS H. JR., Leisure City, Florida; Busi- ness; Phi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi. WYATT, CLIFTON, Hialeah, Florida; Business. WYATT, LOISE, Oneco, Florida; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, SNEA. YANKOVITH, MATTHEW J., JR., Cassadaga, Florida; Arts and Sci ences. YATES, GAY, St. Augustine, Florida; Education; Sophomore Council, Associate Editor Tally-Ho, Secretary Student-Faculty Relations, Junior Counselor, Angel Flight, Little Sister of Minerva, Board of Publications, Military Ball Queens Court, Panhellenic Council, Mortified, Garnet Key, Dorm Officer, Kappa Alpha Theta. YATES, MARGARET CATHERIEN, Miami, Florida; Business; Alpha Chi Delta, Freshman Flunkies, Society for the Ad- vancement of Management. YAWN, JOE WAYNE, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; BSU, Circle K. YELDELL, ROBERT 0. III., Jacksonville, Florida; Business. YERLY, VIRGINIA, Cortez, Florida; Education. Circus, Sai I ing C lub . YORK, DARLENE, Clearwater, Florida; Education; Kappa Delta Pi. ZALOUDEK, JOHN, Titusville, Florida; Arts and Sciences. ZGODZINSKI, BARBARA, Coral Gables, Florida; Nursing; SNA Corresponding Secretary. ZIEL, SHIRLE ' Y ANN, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida; Business; Junior Counselor, Phi Chi Theta. ZIMMERMAN, SANDRA, Columbus, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Circus Student Government, Home Economics Club, Gamma Kappa Omicron, Fashion Incorporated. ZIPPERER, RICHARD F., Tallahassee, Florida. ZURKO, JOYCE, Miami, Florida; Business; Garnet Key, Phi Chi Theta, Palm Court, FEA, Women ' s F Club, Women ' s Senior Class Senator, Student Government, FSO, Intramurals, FSU Bowling Representative to ACU Tournament. Mfe JMNMB 398 We head down many paths in many different directions always remembering FSU and its home-Florida the beauty, excitement, and enchantment of both a moment to cherish, a paradise to recall mem 400 INDEX 401 Aaron, Larry Dean 354 Abello, Damaris 354 Abney, Bill 144, 145 Abney, William H. 312 Abrams, Paul M. 354 Academics 24 Ackerman, Francine 354 Adams, Donald 308 Adams, I lene Michele 354 Adams, Linda 0. 354 Adams, Patty 298 Aday, Michael 312 Adee, Douglas 234 Ademy, Phyllis Anne 278,345 Administration 26 Affeldt, Dave 320 Afryl, Joseph 335 Agee, Sam 113, 210 Agnew, Kelly 282 Agnini, Michael F. 354, 326 Abrano, Marilyn 278 Aimeida, Chuck 190 Air Force ROTC 218 Aitken, Richard 336 Akers, Charles 137, 354 Albert, John Charles 316, 317 Albert, Robert Erwin 354 Albert, Rusty 134 Albertson, Linda L. 354 Albright, William H. 354 Albritton, Katherine 129,230 Albritton, Keith Alderman, Mike 306 Alderson, Barbara 278 Ale, Donna L. 354 Alexanger, Frank 230 Algotti, Sue 212 Allemand, Arnold E. 318, 319 Allan, Janie 201 Allen, Bette Stokes 354 Allen, Claudia Florene 298,354 Allen, Gail 208, 298,354 Allen, Janie 206 Allen, Lynne 278 Allen, Mary 230, 354 Allen, Thomas G. 304 Alley, Vicki Ann 354 Allien, Lynn 294 Allinson, Beth 135 Allison, John R. 308 Allison, Marissa Jane 270,354 Allman, Ken 330 Alpha Chi Omega 266 Alpha Delta Pi 268 Alpha Gamma Delta 270 Alpha Lambda Delta 203 Alpha Omicron Pi 272 Alpha Phi 274 Alpha Phi Omega 210 Alpha Tau Omega 304 Alpha Xi Delta 276 Altemus, Donald 324 Ament, John Gary 322 Amos, Hays McDougal 330 Amos, Patricia S. 354 Andereck, Carolyn 354 Anderson, L. Carol 302 Anderson, James M. 316 Anderson, Martha 214, 282 Anderson, Ola Gail 286 Anderson, Pam 270 Anderson, Patsy 292 Anderson, Wendy L. 272, 354 Andrew, Marian E. 354 Andrews, Linda 201 Andrews, Thelma 200 Androff, Dave 336 Angel, Connie 270 Angel, Constance J. 354 Angel Flight 222 Angelbeck, John Jr. 354 Ankney, Connie 284 Ansley, Marilyn 298 Antiga, Sylvia 278 Anthony, Craig 331 Anton, Cheryl 298 Anton, Sandy 214, 216,298 Anzalonne, Laura 226,227 Applegate, Susan 284 Archer, Laura Mae 286 Archer, Martie 216 Archer, Ted 149 Archibald, Lynn C. 354 Arena, Bettma A. 284 Arias, Carmen 268 Armenaki, J. Ellse 298 Armour, Nancy 214, 282 Armstrong, Kristina 276 Arnold, Jamie 21 4 Arnold, John 28 Arpm, Sue 208 Arthur, Diane 286, 354 Arts and Sciences 32 Ash, Winifred 354 Ashburn, Robert C. 355 Ashley, Nancy 199, 280, 281,344 353, 355 Ashwell, David E. 316 Ashworth, Norma 208 Ashworth, Susan 21 7 Askland, Edmund 218, 355 Atchley, William Truett 330 Ater, Daniel L. 127, 210,355 Atherton, Otha H. 355 Atkins, Cissy 280 Atkinson, Sharon Elizabeth274 Atwater, Elaine 270, 355 Atwell, George 336 Aultman, Jackie 129,355 Autry, Arthur Spencer 355 Avant, Jackie 290, 355 Avirett, Lee 310 Aubrey, Bonnie 300 B Babcock, Steven Cason Bacon, Sal lie Eva Bagby, Richard C. Jr. Bagley, Daniel S. III. 304, Bailey, Benjamin Franklin Bai ley, Cathy Baird, Carol D. Baird, William A. 210, 318, Baker, Beverly Baker, Sue 292, Baker, Norman D. Baker, Susan Ball, Braden Kirk Ba 1 1, Gwendolyn Ball, Kirk 330, Ball, Louisia Harden Ball, Mildred 278, Ballantyne, Kathy 326 355 355 355 330 355 298 272 355 272 214 355 282 355 355 331 298 355 286 Ballard, Barbara 338 Banks, Ladds W. 322 Baptist Student Union 201 Barbee, William Ray 330 Bardoe, Sara 337 Baribeau, Barbara 225 Barker, Ellen 129, 212 Barker, Nancy 355 Barker, Robert 326 Barncastle, Jack 167, 171 Barnes, Brenda 266 Barnes, Charier 324 Barnes, Philip 326 Barnett, Barbara Joyce 284 Barney, Alan Paul 355 Barnes, E. 268 Barone, Barby 300 Barr, Cynthia 229 Barr, Edward J. 355 Barrington, Melvin N. Jr. 355 Barrowman, Tim 230 Bartlett, Peggy 272 Bartlett, Thomas R. 335,355 Barwick, Harold 355 Baseball 172 Basham, George H. 355 Basketball 160 Bass, Claudia Rose 270 Bass, Marvin G. 326, 327 Bass, Rose 129, 217 Bassett, Alan 312 Bassett, Jeff 312 Bassett, Patricia 276 Batcheloi Richard 330 Bateman, Chris 230 Batsis, Teddy 355 Baughan, Carol M. 300 Baum, Elizabeth 129 Baur, Linda 300 Baur, Nancy 300 Bayer, Sarah Rebecca 288 Baylis, Heather 298 Beal, Sharon 212, 355 Beall, Barbara 276 Beals, Toni 60, 61, 144,199,288 351,355 Beaman, Roger 233 Bearden, Linda 274 Beardsley, Ken 218 Beasley, James Fennell 326 Beauchamp, Ardith 292 Beaudoin, Mike 118 Beazley, Theresa Kenan 284 Beck, Kathy Jill 356 Beck, Sara Jane 356, 212 Beck, Tom 330 Becket, Pat 104 Beckner, Gary L. 312, 356 Beebe, Robert D. 332 Beebe, Sandra Lee 212 Behrendt, Marianne 290, 356 Betterley, Nancy 356 Betts, Melodie 356 Belbeck, Michael Ross 356 Belcher, Marybelle 356 Bell, B. Jane 278 Bell, Beverly 266, 267,352 Bell, Bob 171 Bell, Carol D. 356 Bell, Judy 278 Bell, Martha 290, 356 Bell, Pixie 284 Beltz, Sandra 217 Bement, Dennis 235 Benham, Daniel E. 308,356 Bennett, Cynthia 284, 356 Bennett, Gloria 227 Bennett, Miles T. 356 Bennett, Sharon 290 Bennett, Susan 356 Bense, Judith Ann 356 Benson, Joe 149 Berdine, Scott 126 Beresford, Michael Trainor306, 356 Berger, Chris Berghays, Ted Bonn ie Paula 66, Patricia Budd Anne Bonnie Berkeley, Berkeley, Berman, Berri nger, Berry, Berry, Berry, 205, 208, 226, 216, Jann 356 186 286 292 356 230 280 268 280 Berthiaume, Nancy Fay 282,356 Besegoff, E I len Best, Arthur John Betheu, Steve Betterley, Nancy Betty, Sandra ckerton, Charles cki, Joan dwell, Robert Roy Charles H. Andy Don Jerry B D. gger, gg s gg s gham, I low, nder, Sandra Jean rchfield, James 206 322 316 272 136 310 282 338,356 210 214 161 356 Joe 265, 314, 315 298 356 356 336 356 316 356 356 234 26, 356 270 214 314 229 274 356 229 298 149 214 shop, Conrad shop, Don shop, Linda s hop, Raymond G zzard, Donald ack, B ettine ack, H omer ack, T. ackburn, Sandra ackwe H, Audrey 217, ackwel I, Bruce lai s, Marie :k, Judy lake, Judy lake, Linda lakemere, Rebecca K. latt, Mike I au, Linda lay, Mary Frances 207, 276,357 lay, Tina 21 6 Isow, Gerie 1 24 litz, Kenneth 357 loodworth, John R. 330 lowers, Maida 278 ly, Charles 205, 357 Boast, Carol 282, 283, 357 Boaz, Susan 357 Boccuti, Maureen 284 Bodden, III. Vernon 357 Bodfiony, Janice 214 Bogan, Stephen C. 324, 357 Boggs, Carol 197, 199, 206, 270 352, 357 Beverly Susan Barbara Bole, Boley, Bolger, 300 132, 214 136, 199,205 212 Boman, Margaret Anne Bomford, Ann 115, 292, Bondurant, Sarah Bone, John Bonfoey, Beverly Booher, Cheryl Booth, Jan Booth, John A. Booze, Judith Bopp, Suzanne Boren, Marti 302, 300 357 302 318 212 357 207 339 357 282 216 402 Boren, Martha Sue 266 Borgschute, Nancy 129,302 Borst, Ron 314, 315, 357 Boryk, Elaine 234 Borzen, Frank 326 Boscoe, Michael 357, 308, 111 Boswell, Toni 135 Boughan, Karen 300, 357 Bourbeau, Mary 357 Bourghers, M e " essa 216 Bowden, Richard 235, 357 Bowen, Jack 357 Bowen, Lucille 268 Bowen, Mary Elizabeth 266 Bowler, Barbara E. 276, 277 Bowman, Nancy 199, 197,288 357 Bowns, Margaret Christine 294 Bowser, Janice 227 Boyd, Cynthia 278 Boyd, Ladon 174 Boyd, Richard A. 324 Boyer, Donna 357 Boyer, George Edwin 326, 357 Boyle, Calvin F. 335 Boyle, Sue Boyer, George Edwin 326, 357 Boyle, Calvin F. Boyle, Sue Boyle, Ron Brache, Mary Ann Bradbury, Lynn 302, Bradley, Braggins, Branch, Brand, Brandewie, Deborah David Ernest E lizabeth Bob 1 25, 335 286 201 357 357 149 357 357 326 357 324 357 Branning, Robert Brandt, Wi I liam Brauss, Patricia Brazil, Glenn Ellis 210,357 Brazil, Patricia Ann 282, 357 Breckenridge, Janette 272 Breeden, Lin 268 Breener, Barbara 206 Brenner, David 339 Brewer, Bryan Allen 308, 358 Brewer, Erin Marcia 302 Brewer, Maxine 114, 118 Brewton, Robert Ray 358 Brian, Barbara 278 Bricker, Sheila 268 Bridges, Beverly L. 288, 358 Bridges, Cherry 282 Bridford, Stephen 322 Briley, Randolph K. 330 Briley, Sheila 288 Brimmer, Carol Sue 274 Brinkley, Lei lani 217, 358 Brittain, Mary 358 Brocato, Suzanne 300 Brock, Barbara 274 Brock, Bobby 358 Brockway, Sandra 358 Bronson, James 358 Brookby, Marilyn 274 Brooks, Angelia 358 Brooks, Audrey 217 Brooks, Don 336 Brooks, Jerry 230 Brooks, Terrence 205 Brose, Penny S uzanne 268,358 Broughton, I rv Brown, Cindy Brown, Connie Brown, Cynthia Brown, Doreen 350 214 204, 322 Jane 266 37, 144,206 216,358 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown ing, Browning, Gail Jacquelyn J i m JoAnne Larry LeAnn Lynne Malcolm Paul Paula Pete Roben Sally William James John Brumm, Aron 126, Bruner, Robert 351 358 149 200 103 300 358 87 306 294 358 358 140 358 230 205 3, 335,358 358 214, 217, Lou i s 130, S. Stewart Charles Janet Josephine Nancy Deborah Buck, A. Deborah Buck, Bob 218, Buckland, Alex Budreau, Dotty Bruner, Brun ing, Bryant, Bryant, Bryant, Buch, 336, 272, 314, Buell, F Buell, Buie, E B undy, Bunker, Bunyan, Burgess, Burgess, Buris, Burkardt, Burke, Burkhart, Burnes, Burnette, Burnett, Burns, Burns, enny Rodd R. ■etty Pat Patricia Bill Margaret 274, 358 358 288 358 214 288 358 113 278 358 310 290 358 147 358 Edie 214, 216, 288 Ernest Susan Bill Hal Wayne Susan Dan i e I John T. Chri sty Doug las 201 202 225 149 233 358 131 310 322 298 306 Burns, Lynn 234, 286, 358 Burr, Ruby Burroughs, Caroline 3urrows, Jeffrey Burton, Clint Burton, Jackie Burton, Linda 104, gurr, Andee Business, School of Busker, Steven Buss, Bustle, Butler, Butler, Butler, Butler, Butler, Butler, Buzzel la, Li 1 1 ian Daniel Gregory Beth J i m Raymond Roger Sharon Suzanne Tom 209, 278, Byers, Lee Bynum, Karen Byrd, Lynn 284, 358 217 359 149 133 214 125 34 359 230 326 214 140 332 359 217 359 359 230 282 359 Cabinet Cain, -Margaret Cairns, Becky Cake, Mary Calabria, John 121 131 T33 359 187 Calabria, Mary Ellen 290 Caldwell, Gary 312 Caldwell, Peggy 280 Caldwell, Walter 359 Caley, Connie Joan 296 Calhoun, Charles 196 Calhoun, J. Mark 359 Carolyn 126, 296 Lynn 205 Sara J ean 359 94, 216,280 214 Cal lahan, Ca I lahan, Ca I lahan, Calland, Terri 91 Calvert, Carol Camozzi, Dan Camp, Don Camp, Shei la Campbel I Campbel ' l Campbel I Campbel I Campbel i Campbel Campbel Campbel Campbel Campbel Campbel Campus Cann, Cannon, Cannon, Cappleman, Bill Dave Debbie Doak S. Ill 102, 359 218 266, 359 149 314 268 96,312 359 Dorothy James L John Martha Richard Robert Susan Sing J. James Judy Bill W. 312, 216, Capric, Phil Card, Patricia Carey, Jim Carey, James A. Carlson, Carlton, Carlton, Carlton, Carman, Carnahan Cam ley, Carol, Carr, Dean Carri ngton, 217, Nancy J i m Martha Pam Tom Allen Ralph A. Jr. Larry James Christine Carrol I, Marjorie Carey, John Carlisle, Sam Carr, Jerry Carroll, J. Carstans, Carolyn Carter, Cynthia 129, Carter, Elizabeth Carter, Thomas Cartley, Kay Carty, Arlene Caruso, Sandra Caruso, Steve Case, Wi I lard Cash, Jean Cashell, Janice 199 351 Casper, Richard F. Casperson, Susan Castner, Gary Casey, Patricia D. Covins, Becky Ceci I, Liz Cernuto, John A. 322, Chad, Charles Chalmers, W. Laurence Chalmers, Lynne Chamberlain, Valerie Chamberlain, William J. 308,333 Champion, John E. 23,27, 86 Chance, Marsha Ann 302 Chancey, Tommy 31 1 Chandler, David 233 302 330 359 201 316 359 294 90 212 359 217 149 335 359 14 c 316 359 316 359 270 210 359 338 235 322 359 359 28 312 336 316 133 30,231 274 359 208 225 359 330 359 225 284 359 210 66 359 292 214 302 360 360 27 226 217 Chanfrau, Bill 265, Chapman, Jetf Chao, Charles 221 , Chao, Wayne Chase, Randy Chason, Carolyn K. 296, Cheek, Mike Cheerleaders Cecka, Lance Jon Chen, Laura Chenault, Steven Chernick, Barbara Sue Chesebrough, Russell Chessar, Stephan Chester, Thomas Chi Omega Chi Phi Chickering, Norma Mae Chilcot, Kent Chin, Beverly Chmielewski, Gerry Christ, Marian Christmas, Merry 360, Chudy, Karen Ciener, David Ci reus agett, Gordon aiborne, Barbara ark, Diana Jane 282, Eugenia Judy Kath leen Marjorie Kay Pat 132, Rena 217, Steve Sheila 288, ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark arkson, Mari lyn arkson, Paul ay, Jan axton, JoAnne 131, ayman, Jane 230, Fran usley, Nona Cobb, James W. Jr. 324, Cobb, John Cobb, Sandy Cobb, Sharon 66, 67, 95, Cobb, William Marshall Coe, Diane Monyai Coffee, Anita 216, Coker, Gene Cold, Donna Susan Cole, Dorothy Co le, J i m Cole, Mary Louise Cole, Sharlene Colee, Maurice Coleman, Douglas Coleman, JoAnn 276 Coleman, Mary Col 1 i er , Katherine Sue 307 149 326 326 121 268 187 144 324 201 360 298 360 360 330 278 338 212 360 209 351 217 201 214 234 74 314 360 360 360 280 360 217 226 360 210 360 129 360 229 288 360 272 360 ementi _ ements, Bill ements, Janna 214, 288 emmer, Wayne endinen, Bill evenger, Judith C. 274, ifton, Nancy 103 in ton, Connie 280, Collier, Kenneth Collins, Erik 140, 196, Collins, Glenda Colnot, Cliff Colon, Evelyn 21 2, Combs, Virginia E. 276, Comparato, Bob 360 161 360 296 360 214 360 360 229 91 296 310 294 298 332 212 360 134 296 208 360 360 360 360 270 360 360 198 361 233 361 361 230 403 Conace, Concato, Cone, Conner, Connor, Conness, Conrao, Conrad, Conrad, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cooke, Cool, Coon, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Copeland, Copeland, Coplin, C°PP S , Corbett, C ore ' -orey, i orlett, Cornwel I, Correl I, Costanza, Jim Mary Linda Phyllis Tanya John Gail Janice Susan Carole Frances Linda Mary James 0. Dianne Edward H. Ann Nancy Sandra Jerry Judy Candi Richard Sandra Robin Susan Karen Susan Loraine Frank 284, F. V. 186 361 266 214 203 43 227 217 361 361 361 361 268 361 266 332 361 361 361 230 361 284 316 296 294 1 10 209 302 361 326 210, 208, Costin, Robert Paul Cotsen, Roslyn Couch, Frances Couch, Jeanie Coulter, Jack 234, 31 ' Courtney, Ronald Couver, L. Covert, James Robert Cox, Ann Cox, Bill Cox, Linda Ann Cox, Marcin Coyle, Fred Craig, Bob Craig, Nancy Cr a 1 1 , Ci ndy Craven, Barbara Craven, Sandy Crawford, Jackie Crawford, Sherry Crawley, Ann Cray, William R. Jr Creamer, William Creamons, Lana Crew, Alicia Crews, James Cnbb, Carolyn 284, 285, 361 Croak, Michael A. 320 Crockett, Marilyn 296 Cross, Jeff 326 Croteau, Edmond 335 Crovo, Edmund P. 304 Crow, Sharon 266 Crowder, Suzi 66 Crowe, Gene 361 Crowe, John 149, 316 Crowell, Pete 125 Croy, Camilla 266 Crozier, Charles 312 Cruikshank, Bob 169, 170 Crum, E laine 361 Crum, Gary 205, 361 Cully, Hagen 230 Culpepper, J. Broward 26 Culpepper, Carey 361 Culpepper, Nancy 135 Cummings, Shailer 361 Cunkle, Mary Elizabeth 292 Curchin, Jeff 149 326, 361 284 361 361 361 290 326 226 149 276 217 221 361 284 129 286 286 234 361 214 326 361 278 229 361 Curl, Claire Jo 266 Current, James 362 Currin, Pam 129, 294, 362 Curry, Erlene Gail 300, 132 Curry, John Shaw 330 Curry, Patricia 362 Curry, Sid 330 Curtess, Dana 216 Curtis, Bonnie 302 Curtis, Larry 235 Curtis, Lawrence 362 Cyrus, Patricia 362 Dacey, Bob 337 Dacus, Jane 206, 280 Dairs, Donna 132 Dalla Valle, Joseph 312 Dally, Mary Ann 296 Dalrymple, Shari 276 Dalton, James 205 Daly, John 336 Daly, Paul 235 Damianos, Fred 362 Dammas, Jeanne 203, 214,284 Dandois, Charles Stephen314 Danford, Dick 161, 163 Danford, Howard Richard 330 362 Danford, Rebecca Jo 280 Danforth, Daniel 272, 362 D ' Angelo, Donna 276 Daniel, Ethelyn D. 268 Daniel, Frances C. 268, 362 Daniel, Sharon Lynn 298, 362 Daniel, Donald 362 Daniels, Carolyn 201 Daniels, Gertrude 362 Daniels, Marilyn 296, 362 Daniels, Mary Carolyn 362 Daniels, Ranier 229 Daniels, Scott 310, 362 Danielson, Dave 185 Danielson, Judie 208 Daning, Janice 227 Dannemar, Nancy Karen 272 Darden, Woodrow 26 Darling, Ann 200, 288, 362 Darling, Susan 217, 362 Dart, Bob 330 Darvill, Steve 362 Datt, Carol 362 Davidson, Joan L. 292 362 Davidson, Marcia 270 Davis, Dianna Lee 302 Davis, Dwight F. 314 Davis, Edith 362 Davis, Jo 130 Davis, Julie 278 Davis, Larry R. 362 Davis, Margaret 129 Davis, Nick 306 Davis, Rita 362 Davis, Starr 362 Dawsey, Sonny 188 Dawson, Bonnie 268 Day, Barbara 362 Deal, Julia 294 Deal, Ken 304 Dean, William Layton 330 Dearen, Bob 313 DeCosmo, James 230 Dedge, Shirley 362 DeFina, Linda 217, 298 DeFranceschi, Dennis 362 Degroodt, y ' " iarn A. 312,362 Dekle, Keith 306 De la Rua, Jan 288 DeLettre, Chris 216 Deigaard, Tina 286 Delegado, Rena 363 Deliberty, Mario 363 Delong, Donna 363 Delopez, Thomas 314, 350,363 Delta Chi 308 Delta Delta Delta 280 Delta Gamma 282 Delta Tau Delta 306 Delta Zeta 284 Demay, Dennis 363 Demerritt, Carol Ann 272,325 Deming, Nelson 223, 363 Denis, Lisette J. 197, 212 363 Denney, Marsha 270 Denning, Shirley 276 Dennis, Barbara 294 Dennis, Carol 363 Densmore, Stella 234, 363 De Rosa, Ronald 320, 363 Derzypolski, Stanley John326 Deters, Karen 229 Detwiler, Patti 135 Deusenbury, Judy 1 1 1 Deutsch, Dave 144, 313 De Valencia 363 Devane, Anne Claire 278, 363 Dew, Bill 149 Dexter, Peggy 280 Dey, Lorraine 286 Dezeeuw, Paul 184, 326 Dezzutti, John 320 Diaz, Raou 363 Dice, Beth 216, 296 Dicesare, Carl 186 Dickinson, Herbert A.M. 306 Dickinson, Joy 120, 124, 293 345, 350, 363 Dicus, Sue 345, 350, 363 Digby, Harriet 363 Dillard, Don 205 Dillon, Katherine 363 Dimond, Wayne 336 Dixon, Linda 363 Dixon, Glenn 124, 363 Dixon, Sarah Celia 276, 363 Dobarganes, Robert 363 Dobbin, Beverly 298 Dobbins, Legrande Guerry 304 Dobson, Mary 363 Doge, Oren 324 Dodgen, Charles 233 Doherty, Susan Marie 300 Dolan, Kathleen A. 212 Dold, James Paul 310 Doman, Barbara 363 Donahey, Ronald 322 Donahue, Janice 363 Dondanville, William 363 Donn, Robert D. 314 Donnelly, Don 304 Donnelly, Thomas G. 338,363 Donohoe, Ginny 201 Dooley, Sarah 265 Dorminy, Rebecca 201 Dorr, Don 134, 223 Dorrance, Susan 363 Dorris, Judith 284 Dougherty, Patty 290 Doughtie, Frances 268, 363 Doughty, Carol 364 Douglas, Dan 149 Douglass, John 149 Dounce, Greg 364 Dowd, Dennis C. 316 Dowdy, Cheryl 270, 364 Dowling, Ann 300, 364 Downes, Carol 217 Downing, Susan 319 Doyal, Benjamin 336 Doyle, Ken 161 Drage, Tom 316 Dragstedt, Marsha 284 Drake, Janice 364 Draper, Elizabeth 266 Drawdy, Thomas W. 330 Dubois, Ed 316, 317, 364 Duce, Donnie 364 Duchak, Dran P. 316 Dudley, Lynn 100, 118, 132 199, 205, 348, 364 Duggan, Bonita 300 Duggan, Robert 324, 364 Duggins, Patricia 364 Duke, Dale 226 Dumen, David Ray 322 Duket, Joseph Vinson 332 Duman, Ray 323 Dunn, Jan 60 Dunagen, Sue 206, 226 Dunaway, Doris 364 Dunbar, Peter 314 Duncan, Bill 314 Duncan, Diana 364 Duncan, Sharon Lee 212, 364 Duncan, Wayne 124 Dunn, Barry R. 330 Dunn, Janet 199, 280, 364 Dunn, Janice 214 Dunn, William J. 354 Dunphy, E. 288 Dunphy, Eileen 337 Dunphy, Janet Louise 288 Duren, GeorgeWalter 326, 364 Durham, Hugh 160, 161, 164 Durrance, Gladys 282 Durrant, William 221 Dusenbury, Judith Nell 286 364 Dusenbury, Maxine 118 Dutcher, Janice 216, 288 Duval, Bob 186 Duxbury, Vivian 48 Duyek, Sandra 294 Dwight, Vicki 294 Dyal, Lucy 230 Dykes, Ken 205 Dyrema, Cecily 270 Dyson, Clifton 26 Eagan, William J. 308, 364 Eagerton, Terry 149 Eason, Chuck 149 Eason, Mike 179 East, Deborah 296 Eastman, Ellen 364 Eastndge, Lyda 270, 349,364 Eaton, Janie 364 Eaton, Linda Julie 284 Eberhart, Sherry Lynne 290 Eckert, Russ 233 Eckhardt, Carol 296 Eddings, Don Lawrence 310 Eden, Mark 314, 315 404 Edge, Edmonds, Edson, Education, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Eggart, of Frances Judith Bobbie School Babs Barbara Christopher Dorothy Jo Margaret Mary Peggy 66, Emily 290, 332, 364 294 337 66 280 364 302 290 298 216 310 333 364 Eickhoff, Ronald Eidson, Mildred Eisele, Walter Edward 330,364 Eisenberg, Barry Don 332, 3o4 Ek, Gloria Elam, Elizabeth Elbrecht, Sandy Elefante, Robert Elfredink, Faye El El , Michael ingson, Robert 21 0, lot, iot, 302 364 207 327 364 365 365 206 149 230 337 365 Kathy Chuck is, Cliff is, John is, Joseph is, Muftie 125, 209, 226 268 ison, Glenn maker, Arlan s, Barbara Joyce El El El Ely, Ely, Elzie, Embry, Emi le, Eng, Linda Lee Judy Nell Ava Engineering, School England, Emily English, John R. English, William D. Epperson, Brenda 1 of 126, 278, Epperson, Joe Erb, Stephen Erck, Susannah 304 365 206 270 208 310 365 282 298 38 280 339 327 205 365 149 330 292 Erikson, Henry H. 336, 365 Erikson, Jane 280 Erickson, Paulette 280 Erlinger, John 337 Erwin, Ellen 365 Esposito, | Donald Esposito, Donald 365 Estes, Sue 201 Eubanks, Don 330 Evans, Ann 212, 365 Evans, Bill 317 Evans, Caryl Jean 266 Evans, Donald F. 365 Evans, Linda 227 Evans, Thomas Harper 312 Evans, Wi 1 1 iam 31 6 Everingham, Marcia 365 Eversole, Frankie 224 Fabian, Joseph 365 Fadum, Suzie 207 Fahey, Robert 365 Faiks, James 365, 312, 313 Fain, Jackie 60, 288, 365 Fain, Jeff 336 Fair, Constance 365 Fairfax, Charlotte 365 Falconnier, Betty 216, 276 Falk, Eric Fallin, Dot 217, Faluey, Daniel Fagan, Pam Fansler, Dianne 230, Farish, Louise Farks, Marjorie Farley, James 316, Farley, Teddy Cris Farmer, Duane Farr, Marcia Farr, William J. Fox, Robert Foye, Nancy Farre 11 Pirhard Fashion Incorporated Fauls, Don Favarate, Vincent Feamster, Gladys Features Fejes, Bob Feldmeyer, Seeley Fel lenz, Lon Fellows, Carol Felton, Randy 125, Fenner, Lane Fenwick, Jack Ferguson, Chester .26, Peri 1 1 , Larry Fernandez, Frank Fen-ell, Barbara 300, 365 121 302 365 270 365 272 214 365 292 105 215 365 310 208 146 324 317 52 233 171 316 365 210 152 149 86 201 365 Ferrell, Nancy Ferris, Mary Fetters, Judith 212, Feverback, Gai I elds, Barbara elds, Bill elds, Mike 149, g ler, Howard 1 09, nch, John B. ne Arts 10, 11, nk, Gerald J. nk, Richard scher, Dennis scher, Kathleen Alice 292 201 284 365 282 365 310 330 1 18 312 236 365 337 308 scher, Richard 366 sher, Pete 314, 366 sher, Robert 366 itanides, Philip 235 itz, David 366 itzgerald, Dennis 314 Flambeau 106 Flanegan, James Bert 330,366 Fletcher, Harriet L. 280 Fletcher, James 366 Fletcher, Marian Elizabeth280 Flowers, Franklin 366 Flowers, Genelda Ann 300,366 Fontana, Charlotte V. 290,366 Foivts, Linda 290 Force, Calista Ruth 270, 366 Force, Stewart Hudson 338 Ford, James D. 366 Ford, Jill 215, 366 Forester, Art 223, 366 Forkey, Russ 161 Forslev, Karen 266 Forrester, Art 218, 335 Forster, Robert 335 Forszt, Daria 290, 366 Fortenbery, Jane 225 Fortenberry, Joan 284 Fortescue, Shirley 366 Fortin, George 31 Foss, Tom 324 Foss, Vicki 286 Foster, Gloria 226, 227, 366 Foster, Hadden 330 Fowler, Cheryl 201 Fox, Diane 300 F ra n c i s , Franci s, Franco, F ra n k I i n , F ra n k I i n , Franks, Fraser, Caro ly n Sameuel E John M. Alfred Jack Fonta ine Susan 335 212 366 366 366 366 234 270 212 Gay, Bobby J. Gearing, Jim Fratarcangelo, Janice 274, 366 Frawley, Frazier, Free, Freedman, Freedman, Freeman, Freeman, Wi lliam Elsa Marty Joel D. Linda Grover Nancy 133, Doug las 366 268 217 366 302 366 224 324 French, John H. Jr. 324,1366 216, Freshman Flunkies Frew, David 235, Fried, Richard Friedman, Nick Friend, Sydney Frisbee, Rod Froats, Robert s. Bob Charl le Dianne Froede, Frost, Fuchs, Fulford, Fuller, Funk, Fuqua, Furr, Charles Ellen Donna Futch, Henry C. II 209 324 335 339 282 136 366 300 125 183 290 287 324 276 208 322,366 Futch, John Ednngton 330 Futch, Martha J. 366 Gaesser, Gal laway Ga Ibrai th Gain, Gai ney, Gamma Gamma Garcia, Garder, Gardner, Gardner, Gardner, Gardner, Gardner, Gardner, Gardner, Gardner, Garnder, Gari, A Garner, Garner, Garner, Garnet Garraro, Garrett, Garside, Garvey, Garvey, Garvey, Gasque, Gaston, Gates, Gatl i n, Gause, 81 Robert Libby Sally Rosani ie Sid Phi Beta Sigma Sigma Swendolyn E I izabeth Caryl pjona Id E I i zabeth Greg Judy Mary Sally Sarah R. F. 27, 127, Stone Thomas nn Marie Connie A. Diane P. Liz Key Chati Margaret John Dan iel Marylou Rita Ellen Brad Meg Margaret Sally Linda 205, 212 278, 338 201 367 266 316 286 212 284 367 276 322 292 309 224 274 286 287 367 332 367 282 367 293 l c 9 205 367 337 367 ,298 212 336 129 288 280 367 Geczy, Gehring, Geldert, Gel ler, Genti le, Genti le, Gentry, George, George, Geraghty, Geraghty , Gerber, Gerdes, Gerding, Germani , Gerou Id, Lou i s Robert Mary Kathleen J im 218, Charles Chuck C. G. Larry Van Kath leen Cathy Homer Margaret Mary Nancy 215, Janice Gianaris, George Gianaris, Patricia 278, Giardino, Wayne Gibson, Candy Gibson, David Arthur Gienau, Denise Gifford, Arthur 234, Gilday, Frank H. Gilden, Mark Gillman, Andy Gi I man, C . Gunn Gilmer, Jerry 327, Gilmore, Evans Gilmore, Jane 0. 127, 199, 265, 298, Gilstrap, Larry Anthony Gionet, Jena Giordano, Jeffrey Gingras, Ronald J. Giordano, Dave Girard, Elizabeth Ann Glustino, Linda Givone, Skip Gladwin, William Joseph Glass, Chip Glasscock, M. Suzon Glausier, [_inda Gleason, gob Gleason, Sharon Gail Gleason, Sharyn R. Gledh i I I, Renee Glenn, Bill 161, 162, Glenn, P. 196, 198, 330, Glover, Claudia Glover, Robert Gordon Glover, Rosalie R. 213, Glowski, Barbara 126, 213, Glynn, Annette Goddard, Patricia 282, Godfrey, N el I ie Goff, Cheryl Jacqueline Gongs, Elaine Goins, Katherine Gold, Dick Gold Key Goldman, Mark 125, Goldman, Peter Goldsworthy, Carol Ann Goldsworthy, Thomas 330, Golf Gol ler, Ronald Goltz, Jack D. 309, Gomon, Martin Gonzalez, Edward Gonzalez, Larry 120, Goodbread, Joyce Gooding, Jean 217, Goodrich, JoAnne Godwin, Eleanor Goins, Katherine 367 110 367 367 282 161 235 332 31 331 367 226 227 202 302 229 367 367 306 367 149 226 332 276 367 367 306 336 196 367 298 205 367 316 124 215 367 127 217 367 201 327 149 367 367 234 367 367 268 164 367 215 310 368 129 368 368 368 214 268 297 368 175 198 318 368 282 368 186 368 368 368 368 348 368 270 368 292 296 405 Gomon, Martin F. Goodwin, Lloyd R. Goolsby, Thomas Gordon, Elin 214, 216 Gorelick, Jeffrey Goss, Richard Goucher, Robert L. Gough, Kay Lynn 292, Gourley, Kathryn L. Gower, Gail Gowing, Marjorie Goyer, Gail Goza, Anne Graham, Carol Susan Graham, Janet 208, 217 Graham, Kay 282, Graham, Sally 127, Graham, Tom Gramling, I ilia Grant, James J. Gravis, Linda Gray, John Thomas 310, Gray, Patricia Tennant Graybeal, David Green, Crispin Green, Hubert 186, 187 Green, Larry Green, Norman N. Green, Richard H. 314, Green, Roy Greenbaum, Elliot 265, Greene, Carmena Greene, Harry Eugene Greeman, Linda Greenwell, Glenna 216, Gregg, Carol Gregory, Gerri Gregory, Norman David Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr erson, John R. 322, ffin, Elaine 206, ffin, George ffin, Gloria 217, ffin, Marx J. ffin, Virginia ffin, Wendy ffith, Edwina ffith, Genie ffith, Suzanne gg, Barbara 66, ggs, Randy Lynn 298, mm, jusan Grodzicki, Richard Groetsch, Kay 270, Grollmus, Ann Grossenbacher, Elizabeth Grove, Martha Groves, Gary Edwin Grundon, Al H. Grussing, Dale Gruter, Mary . Ann Grzybowski, Kenneth Guild, Barbara Gulin, Donna 286, 287, Gunn, Skip 125, Gunter, Bi 1 1 Gurley, Jan Gussow, Irving Gustafson, Gussie Gustus, Elizabeth Gu Jerry Lyn 336 368 30 288 368 368 336 368 298 288 296 66 278 296 298 368 278 327 294 368 230 368 368 324 290 325 149 368 368 136 339 368 368 316 368 266 268 300 335 368 368 369 187 369 369 369 227 270 292 288 288 369 292 322 369 369 369 292 322 306 369 110 309 298 369 337 149 292 339 280 276 300 H Hackenburg, Fredrick 369 Hackendale, Jim A. 314 369 Hackley, Robley H. 332 Hadlow, Gordon 338 Hagan, Mary Florence 205,266 Hage, Lorna 227, 369 Hager, Alfie 307 Hahn, Janice 129, 131 369 Haile, Sandra 302 Hair, Kenneth 369 Halbrook, Mary Carol 213,369 Hale, Carol 226, 227 Hale, Jack Amberose Hale, Richard Hall, Lyn Hall, Marie Hall, Nathan Jr. Hall, Richard Hall, Ronnie Judith Hall, Winslow Hall of Fame Hailey, Gene Halter, Marcia Hamilton, Ann Hamilton, Bess 207, Mr 369 223 266 290 369 214 369 210 344 325 369 268 333 Hami I ton Hami Iton Hami Iton Hami Iton Hami Iton Hami Iton Hammer, Brian L. 327, 369 Davis 310 James Drew 369 Jim 230 Pam 124, 197 Rick 124 Frank T. 369 Hammerstrom, Nancy 226 Hammond, Hollye 266 Hammond, Ken 1 59 Hammond, Kim 149 Hampton, Dorothy Mae 268 Hampton, Joe 230 Hampton, Margaret 222, 268 Hand, Cherry Hand, Steve 210, Haney, F. Kay 225 369 284 287 331 280 149 226 369 204 217 369 Hankins, Judy Hanley, John Hanlon, Pat 217, Hanlon, Roger Hanse, Heide Hanson, Mark S. Hapner, Mark Herbert, Kathy Harbin, Richard E. Harden, Laura Lee 294, 369 Harden, Sheila H. 284, 285 370 Harding, Nancy 209 Harmon, Jan 217 Harmon, Jean 208 Hamer, Beth 282 Harp, Anton Jr. 201 201 282 213 370 213, 270, Harpe, A. Harper, Tyson Harrell, Betty Harrell, Gloria Harrelson, Jacquel ine 284,370 Harrett, John 235 Harrington, Norma 278 Harrington, Richard 325 Harris, Cathy 226 Harris, Marshall Allen 339,370 Harris, Harri son, Harri son, Harri son, Harri son, Harri son, Harri son, Harrison, Harri son, Tom Andrew Joe Gwen John 202, Judith Elaine Mike Mickey Sam 335, Thomas 218 Haas, Susan 292, 369 207 210 300 310 370 125 325 370 3 0 327 Hart, John M. 370 Hart, Kay 298 Hart, Ken. 149, 196, 316 Hart, Robert C. Jr. 325 Hartke, Don 333 Hartley, Cheryl 125 Hartley, Sharon 266 Hartsfield, Connie 302 Hartwell, Debra 290 Harvey, Susan 276 Harvey, Wayne 201 Harwood, Ann 208, 296 Harwood, Bill 233, 370 Haskins, Marcia 294, 370 Hasselo, Debbie 278 Haxcher, Marilee 140 Hatfield. Fred 173 Hauck, H a wkins, Hawkins, Hawkins, Hawkins, Haynes, Haynes, Hayman, Candy Hugh John Robin Theresa Judi Robert O. Kay 302, 274 336 320 370 370 200 370 280 L. Hays, Glae 129, 130, 205, 288 Hazlewood, Judith Ann 28C 370 370 370 370 300 310 370 234 304 272 370 370 370 270 Head, Healy, Heard, Heath, Heath, Heaxt, Heck, 270. 196, Caro lyn Richard Helyn Carol Ri chard Charles W. R. Heckenburg, Bruce Heffron, Karen Heginbotham, Ron 234, Hei land, Sharyn Heintz, Pete 124, Heiskell, Mary Pat Heisler, James G. 320 370 Heisler, Thomas E. 320 Heller, Lea 274 Helm, James M. 330 Helms, Lloyd H. 322, 370 Henderson, Elizabeth 268 Henderson, Frances 296 ' 370 Henderson, Gail 208 Henderson ' , Hilda 129, 230,298 Henderson, Pat 113, 266 Henderson, Robert 310 Hendrick, Lynn Margaret 296 Hendry, Janet 370 Henn, Earle W. Jr. 335, 370 Hepburn, Barbara 370 Hergenroether, Elizabeth 370 Herman, Sandra 272 Herndon, Tom 201 Hero, Ann 272, 371 Herrera, George 332 Herring, Darla 296 371 Herrmann, Mary 274 Hesse, Laura Jeanne 278,371 Hewitt, att, bbe, cks, cks, cks, gbee, Denn is Phil Gail 207, Barbara 296, Donald 230, Olivia Edward J. gginbotham, C. Raymond371 ghtower, Nash Roy 305 ghtower, Ton.i 206, II, Dave II, Earl Randall II, Guy Charles II, H e n ry II. Nicki 371 149 371 371 330 371 371 214 230 316 316 371 133 Hill, Paul Hill, Skip Hilleboe, JoAnne Hillegass, George Ann 105, 330 312 288 327 371 371 165 314 329 230 311 294 371 206 129 371 352 268 294 234 266 336 130 327 371 327 Is, Victoria Ismier, Don 161, nts, II Charles Francis nes, Charlton nes, Susan nson, Ron nson, Sharon Lucile ntz, James pp, Margie rsch, Janet Hoag, Mari lynn Hockstein, Mike Hodge, Katie 125, Hodges, J. 274, Hodges, Linda 206, Hodges, Susan Hodson, Brian Hodson, Sue Hoefle, Kent Hoeper, Carolyn Hoffmann, Fred Hoffman, Jacquelyn 302, 371 Hoffman, Robert Hogan, Jeff 161, Hogan, Patrick 30, Hogan, Richard W. Hogshead, George W. Hohmann, Peggy Jr. Holbrook, Anthony Holden, Francis 332, 371 333 Holdsworth, Fred 371 Holland, Gail 278 Holland, Nancy 345, 352 371 Holland, Phyllis D. 371 Holley, William Hugh Holliman, Tommy Holl ingsworth, Leo Hoi lister, Jan Holloway, Faye 129, 215, 371 Holman, Judy 66, 144, 145 Holman, Lucy 206, 294, 371 Holmes, Jo Ellyn 298 Holmes, John Myron 371 Holschuh, Lynn Holtz, Jerry Holzer, Patricia Orlik 178 140 371 312 213 191 314 105 336 280 1 14 201 371 Home Economics, School of 40 Homecoming Homoko, Lucinda Lee 58 272 371 216 126 371 137 372 Honneycutt, Nancy Honor Court Hood, Donald 205, Hood, Gordon Hood, JoAnne 282, Hood, Robin 278, 312, 372 Hood, Sharon 214 Hooks, Sarah 282 Hooper, Linda 66,67,316,280 Hooten, Suzanne 216 Hopkin, Teri 230 Hopkins, Craig 225 Horn, David 210, 372 Home, Joan 280 Hornor, Robert 306 Horton, Laurel 284 Hosack, John 149, 230 Hosack, Mary Lou 234, 372 Hotch, Susan 270 Houlihan, Ann 284 Houlihan, William 330 House, Suzanne 217 Houser, John 235 Houser, Michael 372 47 Housewright, Wil ey 406 Hovell, Karen A. Howard, Dennis Raymond Howard, Harold R. Howard, Jim Howard, Tom Howe, Linda 217, Howell, Charles Howell, Dorothy Howell, Judith Howell, Tina 216, 278, Howerton, Joseph Gaines M. Hubbard, Marybeth 208, Hubbert, Barbara Hubert, Jeanne Hubschmitt, Peter Howes, David Howie, Carol Howland, Isabell Huau, Joe Huber, Bob Huckestein, John Hudson, Jane Hudson, Terry Huey, Mike Huff, Roger Huggins, A. 205, 208, 101. 372, Huggins, Charles Hughes, Butch Hughes, Carolyn Hughes, Darlene Hughes, Judy Huie, Barbara Hulburt, Mary Ann 214, Hull, Tom 213, Hulslander, Jams Hultgren, Gail A. Humphries, Bob 125, Humphrey, David 233, Hungate, Bill 235, Hungate, Pamela 208, Hunt, Jane Hunt, John Hunt, Peggy Hunt, Lynn Huntress , Barbara 60, Hurley, Judith Ann Hum, Mary Hurst, Ella Beth Hurst, John Hurt, Angela Lynn 280, Hutchinson, Ann Hutchison, Barbara Hutchinson, Margot Hutchinson, Merideth Hyde, Ronnie I bach, 372 330 372 134 205 372 337 294 372 372 330 372 205 273 298 230 187 224 298 217 229 235 372 299 118 311 372 336 149 230 299 213 109 296 282 299 290 288 325 372 318 299 206 234 302 372 348 372 296 372 274 ' 149 270 268 201 284 208 332 Jack ce, Connie do, Charlie gler, Theresa ndingaro, Joyce nglis, Martha 276, ngram, Carlton ngram, Cecile 216, ngraham, Lynda nter-Fraternity Council sbell, Cherry Sue 294, Ives, Gary 210, Ivey, Bruce D. 198, 310, Ivey, Ivey, Kath leen Lynne 183 303 306 300 299 372 336 290 372 265 352 372 372 311 372 270 372 Jacanes, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jacobs, Jacobsen, James, Janice James, John ! Jeffery Buddy Clark Jane Janice Nancy Ellen Robert Sharon Patric ia Walt 314, E laine Peter Lee 310, James, Joe Jameson, Sue Ann Jamison, Beth Janes, Billy Joe Jarrard, Cathie 298 Jarrett, Thomas Jasper, Judy Jeffcoat, Carolyn 185, Jefferies, Daniel Jeffries, Dottie Jenkins, Jim Jenkins, William Jenne, D. Jensen, Jim Jerke, Karen Jessup, Rauha Jinks, Robert Jirsek, Robert Jobson, Randy Jochum, Mary Jocis, JoAnn Joffe, Leslie Johns, Frank Johnson, Clarence Johnson, Clinton Earl Johnson, Dayton Johns on, George L. Johnson, Ivan Johnson, Laraine Johnson, Linda Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Marilyn 284, Johnson, Matthew Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Dayton Johnson, Sandra 288, Johnson, Susan Johnson, Ted Johnson, Wayne Johnson, William 316 Johnston, Bill Johnston, Charles D. Johnstone, Phebe 217, Jondahl, Sandy 215 308 309 275 135 278 338 372 372 373 266 373 294 373 316 214 337 149 299 327 230 303 316 282 233 373 287 314 287 373 205 373 327 280 104 373 330 330 373 307 373 207 282, 373 206 Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Becky Bruce Donovan 148, Euice Cecila Gale 200, George Willis Gerald Lee 316 373 373 373 373 300 214 233 149 330 210 373 373 266 268 373 149 373 290 373 373 Jones, Gordon D. Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Hally Jerry Ken Mari lyn Myrtle 112, Jane Nelle Norman Parker Paula Rita Sue Tina 304, 373 290 149 327 373 373 373 223 227 373 215 283 Jones, Wi 1 liam 314 K Jordan, Brent 234 K JoVdan, Joyce 294 K Jordan, Patricia 296 K Joseph, Paul 335, 373 K J owers, Keith Alan 210 K Judiciary 127 K Jungblut, Karen 373 K Junior Counselors 129 K K Kahars, Gregory Kai ser, Kalar, Kaleel, Kail, Ka Iman, Kane, Kane, Kane lerz, Kannette, Kap Ian, Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Karaphi I Karl, Karran, Karsner, Kasha, Katowsk Kavka, Kawka, Kaynor, Kazi mie, Keefer, Keeney, Keg lovick, Keip, Ke li se, Ke I lam, Kel lam, Kel lam, Keller, Keller, Kel ley, Kelley, Kel ley, Kelley, Kelly, Kelly, K el| y- 322, M. Kath ' Roger Paul JoAnn Jean J im Margaret Diane Jamie Eric Alpha Alpha Theta Delta Kappa Gamma S igma I i s, Tu la Mike Kathryn 203, Garry Michael i, Linda Craig Robert 211, Liz Joan Dick Smokey Susan Gpry Les lie Bob Carol 214, Robert Fred Martha Anne James 330, Joyce Jerry Joyce Howser Judy 284, Michael G. 330, Kemp, James A. Kendrick, Kennedy, Kent, Ke rker, Kerrigan, Kersch, Kettlety, Key, Keyes, 282, Marilyn 290, Patri cia Norman Raymond Robert Jim 124, Kathy Charlotte Stefenie Mary M. Wi I liam Valerie llgore, Fred 218, 223, mbrel, Kathy ng, Davron ng, Robert ng, Roy ng, Susan nnan, Joe nney, Ri ley rk, Claude R. dd, ker, 1 1 iany, lien, 373 137 211 314 205 374 322 214 374 273 339 310 288 290 292 312 278 187 214 331 23 214 325 374 283 284 337 186 374 325 216 224 288 336 327 105 288 374 101 207 374 374 374 374 314 299 234 374 374 211 217 374 201 200 374 338 374 374 217 374 316 335 303 149 332 26 rk, Tom rkendall, Linda rkeonnell, Donna 280, rkendall, Linda rkland, B. ser, Richard ssam, Larry 63, 149, zirian, Ronald 21 5, Kleffner, Louise Klein, Sally Ann 213, Klemmer, Wayne Kloss, Virginia Knapp, Ellen 125, 214, Knedle, $haron Knight, David 234, Knittle, Mary 214, Knelle, Hermann Knutson, Cathy 205, 276, Kobol, Doc Koch, Cardline Kodatt, Susan Kornig, Qouglas 339, Koenig, Edward Kohli, Judi Kolbus, Marty Koleda, Karen Koppen, Daniel Korose, pichard Kotowski, Linda Kozel, Joanne 197, 199, 284, 285, Kozirl, David 304, Kraczyk, Arlene 374, Kraft, Kraft, Kramer, Kramer, Krans, Krapf, Kreigsman, Krentfman, Kr ieshe, Krongold, Kruse, Kuersteiner, Jim 233, Karen Archie Henry Barbara 214, Russell, Albert Carol Ruth Ron a Id Kathy Karl Kuharske, Nancy Kuhn, Patricia Ku 1 1, Josephine Kulsa, Karen Kummer, Charles Kutchmire, Susan Kutter, Hoe Kutz, Bill Kux, Joan 126, 197, 267, 353, 353, Kux, Sandy 99, Kyser, Lee LaBarbera, Kathy La Bauve, Carol La Chance, Anna 222, Ladd, Mason Lah, Eda Sarah Lamarche, Lamb, 213, Alan Becky Pat CI inton Margaret Lamorte, David 205, 234, Lambda Chi Alpha Beth pristine 287, Robert Stephen 331 , Lamb, Lambert, Lambie, Land, London, Landi s, Landi s, Landsperger, Bruce 330 214 374 303 330 327 151 374 203 374 337 374 300 225 374 268 374 277 111 294 288 374 339 374 149 130 314 320 125 126 374 374 207 374 294 139 26 303 325 375 139 1230 43 229 330 294 375 375 375 134 290 201 233 266 375 216 214 294 375 283 375 42 375 375 205 216 375 375 375 314 280 375 325 249 375 375 407 Lane, Richard 375 Long, Mike 180, 183 McDonald, Pete 217 Manley, Wayne 103 Lang, Anne 287 Long, Smokey 216, 268 McDonald, Ardith Jane 285 Mannheimer, David 315, 377 Langtry, Susan 217, 300 Longnecker, Jan 376 McDowell, Gene 147 Manning, Bud 181 Lanier, Anne 375 Longsworth, Judith 376 McDuffie, Joe 316 Mannion, Jan 377 Lankford, Williarr 375 Loop, Damon 218, 376 McDuffie, Wayne 148, 149 Manticos, Gus 377 LaPerche Bobb i e 283 Lo Potro, Willi am 376 McElvey, Ruth 270 Ma pes, Gillie 113 Larkin, Michael 325 Losh, Carl in 208, 292 McElyea, Hugh 378 Mapoles, Billie 377 LaRoche, Carol 299 Lothrop, James 321 McE wan, Jack 315, 378 Mapoles, Gi nger 200 Larson, Dave 218, 223 Lotz, Harold 376 McFadden, Ed 337 Marchand, Sandra 300 Larson, Leon 332 Louchuck, Michael 376 McFarland, Judy 321 Mariniak, Margaret 296 La Rue , Richarc 375 Loucks, Donald 28 Mc Farlane, Pat 303 Marquardt Mary 226 Larzzair, John 336 Loux, Suzanne 273 McGahey, Cheri 378 Marcher, Roberto 185 Lasserre, Judy 300 Lovchuck, Michael 310 McGee, Shei la 277 Marc is, Phillip 377 Lasti nger , Linda 288 Love, Margaret 230 McGiffin, Richard 378 Marcus, Tom 108 Lauder, John 375 Lowry, Mol ly 288 McGill, Maria 270 Maren, Peter 377 Lauria, Ronald 375 Lucas, Don 314, 376 McGovern, Mary Sue 216 Marquand, Bill 204 Lavender, Jacquel ine 275 Lucke, Angela 292 McGraw, Leveda 378 Marquardt Mary Ann 278 Law, Sc •hool of 42 Luer, Ann 266 MacGrogan Raymond 205, 376 Marsh, B stty Anne 226, 326 Lawrence , Robert 126, 331 Lugg, Beverly 376 MacGrogan , Robin 376 Marsh, E 1 izabeth 377 375 Lukaszewski, Albert 323 MacMathews,, Jay 148, 149 Marsh, Joseph 325 Lawrsen, Jeffrey 235 Lundy, Sally 213 Mel ver, es 1 ie 217 Martin, Beverly 377 Laws, Judy 214 Lundy, Sarah 376 McKay, Bruce 378 Martin, Caro le 377 Lawson John 375 Luphiaziez, Natalka 230 McKee, Barbara 378 Martin, Dianne 377 Lawton, Robert 32 Lustiq, Donald 376 McKeehan, May le 300 Martin, Dorothy 377 Lay lor, Floyd 337 Luten, John 315 McKeithen, Yvonne 270 Martin, Ellen 200 Leach, Wi lliam 375 Lutes, June 300 McKendree , Audry 378 Martin, Nancy 277 Learn, Gene 230 Lutz, Martin 376 McKendree Floyd 378 Martin, Sandra 377 Learned, Dean 211, 375 Lutzer, Judie 376 McKenzie, John 331 Martin, Shery 1 287 Leavel 1, Mary 375 Lydinski, Robert 211, 376 McKinnon, Betsy 378 Mason, Kimberly 278, 214 Ledbetter F lossi e 205, 288 Lykins, Chades 376 McKown, Barby 214 Mason, Mary 377 Lee, Barbara 300, 375 Lyons, Bonnie 129 McLain, Richard 149 Massey, Cynth ia 280 Lee, Cheryl 131 Lynch, Joseph 376 McLaughlin, Elaine 270 Mastaler, Richard 327 Lee, Frances 217 Lynch, Suzanne 276, 376 McLaughlin, Jay 305 Matey, Marie 337 Lee, Mc nry Jo 292 Lyter, Ginny 217 McLeod, Becky 232 Mathais, Wanda 214 Le Fevre, Carol 375 Lyter, Judith 213, 376 Mc ead, Marion 378 Mathena, Kerren 296, 377 Le Fils, Anne 132, 213, 214 McLean, Linda 378 Math is, Joe 201 Legend 114 11 McLeland, Jana 206, 213, 378 Mathi son, George 332 Legg, Cindy 201 Mc McMahon, Barbara 379 Math ison, J im 332 Leibun dg uth, Alfredo 300 McMahon, Mike 230 Mattern, Ron 233 Leigh, Robert 30 McAllister, Karen 208, 216 McMahon, Richard 325 Matthes, Maurita 277 Lenker, Mark 135 296, 378 McMi Man, Julie 208 Matthew, Mary 377, 290 Lepaige, Lynn 197, 199, 213 376 McBride, Berinda McCain, Kent 300 331 McMullen, Dave 268 108 Matz, Mauger, S Karen andy 216, 266, 337 267 Lepaige, Pat 212, 350 McCall, Susan 230, 232, 288 McMul len, Jill 273 Maura, John Maxwell, Jim 218, Maxwell, Patricia Maxwell, Theresa 215, May, Ann May, Katrina May, Patsy May, Phyliss Mayberry, Bob 377 LePrince, Le sso, Letson, Levins, Levy, Re Lewis, Lewi s, Lewi s, Lewi s, Terri John Carol Kathy bert 196, Carol Dale Kathy Hugh 198, 232 323 299 294 336 376 149 232 336 McCall, Wayne McCampbell, Malcolm McCarter, Martha McCauley, John McCauley, William 202, McClaren, Cheryl 267, McCleelan, Maureen McClellan, Byron McClellan, Susan McClelland, Carolyn McClymonds, Linda McColgan, Patricia McCollum, Edith 26 335 130 378 378 378 121 331 217 283 283 277 30 McNally, McNamara, McNei 1, McQuade, McRae, McTahey, Helen Catherine Ronald Judi Janice Sheri 277 379 337 299 379 222 332 223 377 377 377 266 268 230 234 Lewi s, Library Liles , Lindell, Lindsay, Lindsay, Mark Linda Laura Carol 216, 187 44 292 268 284 Mabee, Macchi, m Gary Paul Susan 222, 376 276 Maynard, Mayr, M Q yr, Mayes, Meader, John 265, Arthur Diane Douglas Millard 335 378 378 333 206 Stephen 316 McCollum, Lindy 229, 270 Mack Ted 211 Meaders, Judy 217 Lingo, C aptain Harold 376 McCollum, Roger 337 Mackel, John 310 Meaders, Melanie 283 Link, K it 270. 376 McColm, Hazel 378 Madden, Julia 377 eadors, |ames 379 Linn, Richard 315 McConnaughhay, Jim 43 Maddox, Wayne 201 Mealor, Scotty 211 Linton, Sandi 217 McCormick, Bill 304 Madero-Arboleda, Arturo 377 Means, Diane 103 Lippe, Stewart 316 McCormack, Randolph 378 Mahaffey, Barbara 377 Melhan, Robert 379 Lipscomb, John 332 McCoy, Sharon McCreary, Pat McCrary, Richard 378 Mahon, Hugh 377 Megathlin Martha 379 Lister, Jacquel ine 290 281 Mahoney, Laureen 278 Megathlin Molly 216 Little, Paula 225 378 Main, James 327 Megi nn is, Mel inda 268 Little, Sandra Livingston, Pat 225, 284, 376 376 McCue, Dalene McCullers, Dale 378 149 Ma larney, Malmberg, Edward Beverly 284, 309 377 Melendy, Mel len, Kathryn Richard 211, 300 379 Li vshee, Stephen 339 McCullough, Kathryn 292, 378 Ma lone, Patricia 284 Memol i, Philip 379 Lloyd, Anne 299 McCullough, Terry 109 Maloy, Wi 1 liam 31 Menefee, Carol 379 Lloyd, Tom 167 McCurdie, Marti 337 Manary, Joel 377 Menendez Bob 148, 149 Lobban, Carol ine 376 McCutchin, Sharon 217 Mandel, Stuart 377 Mendez, Carol 217 Loeb, Mary Ann 273, 376 McDavid, Mary 132 Mancha, Vaughn 29, 147 Mengel, Gary 235, 379 Lohman, Lowel 1 316 McDonald, Lynn 378 Mancy, Mary 288 Menges, Pri sci 1 la 379 Lohse, Henry 149 McDonald, Gail Ann 378 Magnee , Connie 292 Menser, Clarence 26 Logue, Marsha 273 McDonald, JoAnne 299 Manis, B ette 276, 377 Merchant, Sid 180 Loner, Frank 149, 312 McDonald, Melissa 206 Mankins, „ im 148, 149, 153 Merritt, Dianne 278 Long, Curti s 181 McDonald, Nancy 280 156, 309, 377 Merritt, Jerry 379 Long, Jeffrey 314 McDonald, Patricia 294 Man ley, Sherri 300 Mercer, Jerome 136 408 Messer, Marjorie Mettler, Peter Metz, Donna Meyer, James Mechaels, Carole 280, Michel, Trilly 2.05, 297, Mickler, Karen ckler, Kathy 303, ddendorf, Barbara ddlebrooks, M ar y Jean ddleton, Ellen ddleton, Mary lam, Mary Pat Ibourne, Anita es, es I ley, ller, ller, Dorothy Jul ianne Sandy Audrey Bob 267, 125, 203, ller, Bruce 198, 346, ller, Buck I ler, Jerry I ler, Jeanne 21 4, ller, Jeffrey 323, 127, ller, ller, ller, ller, ller, ller, Ming, I I i nor, 1 1 i n o r, Ms, lis, I ton, net, nnick, nter, rabel la, John Linda 208, Marie Adair 292, Marjorie 213, Mary Lynn Terry Earle Glenn 306, JoAnna Rick 234, Charles Deni se Linda Mary Wayne Patti Vi ncent re, Terry 127, 312, sklow, Ann ss Tally Ho tchell, Andrea tchell, Charlotte 271, tchell, plorence tchell, Terry 196, tchell, William x, John xon, Camie xon, Juhan xon, Sharon 283, 353 Mogil, Harvey Mogur, Pam Monchick, Mickey 336, Monroe, Janey 277, Montgomery, Howell 149, Montgomery, Sue 91, Moody, Barbara Moody, Derri I Moody, Don 310, Moody, Nancy 271, Moody, Pamela Moody, Ray 234, Moon, Bruce Mooney, Jerry 309, Mooney, Tina Moore, Bob 333, Moore, Carol Moore, Coyle Moore, Guy Moore, John Moore, Robert Moore, Larry Moose, Morales, Mordes, Anne George Lillian 269 310 270 379 379 296 296 288 379 379 269 278 278 269 271 379 271 269 213 337 349 379 331 379 269 337 379 299 379 379 213 325 379 379 379 333 379 267 129 196 300 318 313 380 91 380 380 301 380 380 380 216 315 380 380 206 333 380 325 96 296 316 380 380 297 380 315 380 277 336 216 50 321 380 224 336 227 323 380 Morel I i, Jay Morelly, D ou g ' as Morelock, Martha Moreman, Bill 63, 1 55, 1 56, 1 58, Morgan, Kathy Morgan, Richard Morris, Alice Morris, Aubrey Morris, Diane 127, 49, 186 202 380 152 230 113 306 133 380 40, 278 303 Neil, Thomas Nelsen, Dave 118, 1 ' Morris, Judy 213, Morris, peggy Morris, William Morrison, Ian 161, 163, Morrison, James Morrison, Mary 264, 288 Morrow, Judy Mortar Board Mosley, Jackie Moseley, John Moses, Margaret Mosley, Jackie Mosley, Ted Mosnat, Jacalyn 273, Moughan, John Moye, Josephine Mozo, Grace Muley, Mitchell Mullendore, Karen Mulliken, Robert 22, Munoz, Anna Munoz, Jose Munro, Donna Munroe, Sue Murphy, Ann Murphy, Bill Murphy, Brian 160, 161, 196, Murphy, Clint Murphy, Colleen 288, 289,380 380 Gene J im Michael William 277 280 315 164 198 380 292 197 205 380 380 269 149 380 325 380 380 333 283 23 216 331 380 380 267 308 162 380 185 Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murray, Murray, Murrel I, Murvin, bruce Louis Susan D ick Music, School of Mussatto, Doris 286, 200, Myers, Myers, Myers, Mynard, Myrick, Li nda James 381, Nancy Ann Mary 206, Cathy 1 24, 337 103 202 309 318 26 287 329 46 380 267 327 381 234 125 294 N Nabors, Sharilyn 280, 381 Nadell, Peter 381 Nail, Wayne 323 Nalven, Wendy 381 Nangle, Mariana 381 Napier, Elaine 300, 301, 352 Naughton, Mary Carol 283 Nauman, Craig 381 Navarro, Andy 335 Navvatil, Joyce 217 Neel, Lucy 214 Neel, Martitia 301 | |eese, Timothy 316 Neff, Ken 234 381 Nelson, Nelson, Nettles, Neufeld, Nevin, Newbold, Newel I, Newman, JoAnn Sharon Irving 381 Carol Sally N ' ancy Paul Lewi s Newsome, Elizabeth 295 Newton, Laura Newton, Dennis Nichols, Alice Nichols, Ann Nichols, Jeanne Nichols, Hazel Nichols, Paul 327, Nicholaou, Theodore Nielsen, Diane Niles, Janet Nivens, Marlene Nolan, Elizabeth Nolan, Ernest 381, Noone, Michele Noguez, Jeanne Nolan, Ernest Nolte, Patrick Noltz, Pete Nore, R ichard Norman, Gloria Norris, Karol North, Barbara 287, Norton, S usan Noworyta, James Noyes, Bob Nuddlebrooks, Mary Nunez, Rosemary Nursing, School of 316 381 287 303 299 205 285 213 381 381 215 294 222 306 206 337 295 381 381 381 381 206 381 381 304 381 277 305 325 225 339 289 200 381 381 381 183 206 299 48 Oakerson, Mary Oaks, Carolyn Oates, Gary 331, Obermeyer, Eugene Obermeyer, Rick 112, Obermeyer, Sherwood Obodich, Roger Brien, Karen 299, Bnen, Michael 127, Neil, Rand 309, Bryan Cain Dair, Oday, Odea, Oditt, Gara Olge, Ogozalet, Ogus, Ohlinger, Oldham, Oleynik, Olin, Oli phant, Oliva, Oliver, Oli verno, Olkon, Olmstead, Opheim, Olsen, , Caroline 290, , Charles Michael 327, Mike John Chandra Nancy 301, Carla Janice Michael Mary Marilyn 214, Lawrence Kath leen Norma Vivien Anaise Sandra Ken Patti 216, 224, 309, Gene Jack 289 381 381 381 118 211 325 381 308 309 331 382 382 265 309 382 382 297 297 339 382 278 382 290 289 382 229 382 382 299 382 190 382 Olson, Joan Olsen, Julie 222, Olson, Kristina Mara, Denise 129, Omicron Delta Kappa Oppenheimer, Doug 1 27, Oram, Susan Organi zations Orloff, J anis Orr, James 312, Orr, Marsha 125, Orr, Robert Orth, James Orthner, Dennis Barbara Harry Col leen Linnie Kathleen Carol Orwig, Ocwig, Osborn, Osborn, Osteen, Ostrander, Toole, Ottinger, Overbeck, Overcash, Overstree t, Overton, Owen, Owen, Owens, Owens, Richard Carol Gail 279, Gerald Gail 216, Larry Kathy Vel inda Carolyn Nach ie Pace, Packard, Padgett, Padgett, Padgett, Padgett, Page, Page, Pajc ic, John Harriet Doug 189, Peggy Robert 327, Walt Charles Karrey 277, Gary 149, 151, 214, Pale, James Palmer, Gail Palmer, Libby Palmer, P. Panhellenic pan za, Tom Parham, Ann Parker, Allen Parker, Gary Parker, Mary 127, 199, 277, Parker, Velinda Parks, Anne Parks, Bennie Parramore, Pat Parri sh, Linda Parri sh, Janet Parri sh, Tom Parrott, John Parrott, Leon Parrott, Patric ia Parsons, Charles 111, Parsons, Susannah Partin, Marilyn 214, Partridge, JoAnn 204, Partridge, Pasteur, Pastirjak, Pasto, Pate, Paterson, Paton, Patricio, Patrick, Mary 1 99, Patric ia Hedy 214, Margaret Carol Barbara Albert Cyndee Larry 226 290 267 206 196 325 295 192 277 382 214 327 205, 382 235 325 297 303 382 216 382 283 382 382 290 382 303 301 292 230 26 208 382 295 382 114 382 382 154 159 313 269 217 211 265 307 382 230 382 280 382 382 279 218 214 382 287 382 331 383 271 236 269 289 209 383 290 216 383 216 289 383 105 316 409 Patrick, Margaret 226 Pla, Steve 337 Rakowski, John 338 Richason, Cherry 385 Patterson , Barbara 102, 118 Plant, Joe 196, 335 Ramel la, Polly 384 Richey, Candy 207 Patterson , Bob 308, 309 Plante, Teresa 277 Ramph, 3ruce 313, 384 Richmond, Lynette 285 Patterson Catheri ne 287, 383 Plaster, Ronald 323 Ramsey, Richard 331 Ricke, Linda 385 Patterson , Nancy 289 Plattis, Susan 267, 383 Ramsey, Sara 299 Rickett, Susan 297, 385 Patterson , Robert 383 Pli mpton , Evely n 383 Randle, Carol ine 226 Rider, Frank 337 Patterson , Sara h 271 Plotnik, Alan 309, 384 Rankin, M argaret 279,384,278 Ridley, Claudia 291 Pavl ick, Frank 202 Plotts, Randy 198, 327, 353 Rapalje, Robert 384 Riddle, Dave 124, 385 Paulk, Mack 336 Plourde, Gi sele 384 Rapp, Herbert 185 Riendeau, Melody 301 Payne, Gherry 270 Plummer Ann 214 Rate 1 iff, Broward 234 Riera, Dolores 200 Payne, Mari lyn 217 Poag, Lewi s 384 Ratcliff, Suzanne 273, 113 Riffe, Philip 317 Peacock, Dianne 303, 217 Podworn , Caro 1 275 Ratke, Robert 205, 385 Riley, Sheila 124 Pearce, Mrs. E. D. 26 Polger, Paul 384 Raulerson , Joan 337 Riles, Sherry 289 Pearce, Jean 216 Polic, H enry 1 96 198, 384 Ray, Sondra 280, 385 Riley, Chris 129 Pearman, Jean 215 Pollack, Bruce 339 Raylance, Steve 230 Rio, Vincent 126, 196, 313 Pearman, Marlene 217 Poll ock, Arthur 315 Raynor, Pearle 385 Riordan, Mary 277, 385 Pearson, Brenda 230 Pollock, Charles 384 Razook, Fred 335 Rippetoe, Constance 297, 331 Peeples, Dona Id 383 Pollock, Donna 384 Reagan, Cathleen 293 Ripol, T. 277 Peete, Wi 1 1 iam 383 Pomeroy, •Roberta 129, 272 Reaves, Kay 295, 385 Ripplinger, E. 205 Pendletor , Larry 149 273 Rebel, Michael 313 Riser, Butch 149 Penn, Mari lyn 277 Pons, Sylvia 384 Reddick, Jere 214, 290 Ri shoi, Will iam 317 Pennie, Charles 149 Pope, Edwi n 149 Redding, James 385 Rittenhouse, Mary 201 Penny, Patri c ia 383 Poole, Carol ine 293, 384 Redmer, Tim 126, 211 Rittenhouse, Ralph 231 Penta, Michael 321 Poole, Elizabeth 217, 384 Redslob, Jean 385 Rivers, C onnie 66, 67, 293 Penquite, Thomas 316 Poore, Richar d 384 Reed, Billie 279 Robbins, Alan 317 Percefull, Robe -t 383 Pope, Sharon 384 Reed, D onna 280, 385 Roberts, Gary 323 Percy, Richard 383 Portal, Janis 225 Reed, George 112 Roberts, Kathy 217 Perdue, Dori s 301 Porter, Luc ia 384 Reed, Jeannette 385 Roberts, Norman 386, 327 Perkins, Susan 217, 280 Porter, Robert 315 Reed, Shelly 267 Roberts, Pete 149, 154 Perkins, Terry 323 Potter, Gildq Jean 285 Reed, Wilburn 385 Robertson , Charles 321 , 386 Perrau It, Doreen 383 Potter, J an 384 Reeder, Alan 234 Robertson , Ginger 283 Perry, Diane 91, 97, 267, 349 Potter, Vlary Ann 273, 384 Ree s, Virgin ia 303 Robertson , Michele 279, 386 383 Potter, Philip 384 Reeser, Marty 293 Robertson , Sue 386 Perry, John 336 Poutinen Roy 316 Reeve, Robert 325 Robinson, Glad 214, 226 Persons, Henry 323, 383 Pow Wow 115 Reeves, ynthia 302 293 Peterson, Bill 146 Powel 1, Charles 384 Regan, L ee 129, 299 385 Robinson, Joe 207, 127, 313 Petersen, Jeanette 285, 383 Powell, Deirdre 384 Regensdorf, Jean 213 310, 386 386 Peterson, Suzanne 271 Powel 1, Eva 285 Regensdorf, Paul 127, 327 Robinson, l athy 283, 386 Petersen, Wi 1 1 iam 383 Powers, Kit 214, 289 Reider, Thomas 218 Robinson, Mrs. Janette 307 Petrie, G. E. 383 Prandoni , JoAnne 283 Reilly, Betsey 214, 297 Robinson, Myra 301 Petr osky, John 307 383 Preecher , Deete 234 Reilly, Kathy 127, 277 Robinson, Nancy 201 Pettie, Thomas 211, 383 Presnal 1 Mari ly n 384 Reinbolt, Lois 385, 301 Robinson, Ruth 386 Pfeiffer, Harva 301 Price, H a rt 1 e y 225 Reinel, Richard 385 Robinson, Sarah 30 Pfotenhauer, Sylvia 283 Price, K.p 305 Reiner, Karen 217, 271 Robinson, Stewart 386 Phares, E lai ne 214 Pri dgen, Anne 214 Reinhard, Herb 29, 138, 140 Robinson, Trudi 287 Phares, Jo Ellen 130, 289 Priest, Ken 337 Reinhardt Eli 135 Robinson, Will 205 Phi Bet a Kappa 194 Prigger, Sherri 216, 283 Reinhardt , John 385 Roche, Robert 317 Phi Del ta Theta 316 Prise, Bill 234 Reisinger , Diane 277, 205 Rogal ski, Bob 335 Phi Gamma Delta 318 Pri tcharc , Barbara 295 385 Rogers, Barry 230 Phi Kappa Phi 195 Procopio , Alcic es 327 Remien, Wi 1 liam 234 Rogers, Carolyn 291, 386 Phi Ka Dpa Psi 320 Proctor, Jody 287 Renardson, Gail 385 Rogers, Donna 66, 67 208 Phi Ka Dpa Tau 322 Prugh, Tim 27, 346 Renardson, Rick 316 216, 280 Phi Mu 294 Pridgen, Gary 234 Renolds, Bookie 216 Rogers, Grover 37 Phi Mu Alpha 233 Proctor, Tom 331 Resh, S. 337 Rogers, John 331 Phi 1 i pp, James 327 Publicat ons, Boar d of 118 Rettmer, E 1 izabeth 385 Rogers, Raudal 337 Phillips, Bob 233 Puckett, Vickie |301 Retzer, Raymond 337. Roll, Sue 386 Phillips, David 325 Pugh, C lelia 207 , 287, 384 Reynolds E laine 295 Romer, JoAnna 197 Phillips, Mari lee 265 Pugh, Griffith 18, 196 Reynolds Sharon 131, 297 Romes, Stan 313 Phillips, Martha 208, 289, 383 Pugh, Susan 279 Reynolds Sue 271 Romer, J DAnna 100, 199 ,297 Phillips, Marlee 292, 197 199 Pughsley, Fran 124, 269 Reynolds William 196, 202 347 , 386 293, 347, 383 385 Rope, Nancy 204 Phillips, Pat 271 Rhndall, Mayree se 214 Rosa, Linda 285 Philo, Ron 186 o Rhodes, Bill 63, 149 Rose, 216 Pi Beta Phi 296 Vjf Rhodes, June 273, 385 Rose, Robert 331 Pi Kappa Alpha 324 Rhody, Wi lliam 317 Rosen, Ava 227 Pi Kappa Phi 326 Quails, Barry 134, 384 Rhoads, Kathryn 295 Rosen, Karen 386 Pi Mu Epsi Ion 202 Quick, Joe 384 Rhyan, Sue 385 Roskovic -i, Louis 386 Pickett, Gaines 336 , 337 383 Qui nn, Mary 279 Rice, S fephen 323, 385 Ross, Dave 161 Pierce, Robert 215, 336 Quist, Karen 295 Rice, S usan 226, 227 Ross, Charles 331 Pierson, Denise 297 Rich, E arry 167, 168 Ross, Wil liam 315 Pierson, Mary 297, 383 r% Richards, Walter 196 Roth, D aniel 215, 386 Pigott, Joe 230 K Richardson, Bill 149 Rothschild, Nina 279 Pigott, Marvin 230 IX Richardson, Jim 134 Rouadi, 386 Pilette, John 327 Radford, Mary Lee 384 Richardson, John 149 Roush, Stephanie 291 Pi 1 Imore, Patric ia 383 Rae, Pamela 303 Richardson, Linda 295, 3 5 Rovetta, Charles 34, 196 Pinder, Mari lyn 383 Raffield John 200, 384 Richardson, Mary Ann 217 Rovetta, Charles 205 Piperburc R. 211 Raftis, Mary Jeanne 297 271 Rowe, Bill 336 Pippin, Beverl v 230 Ragan, Richard 202 Richardson, Susan 127, 129 Rowe, Carol 267 Piotrkiewicz, Lorraine 383 Rai ley, Fran 214 1 99, 280, 281 Rowland, Linda 271 Pitchford , Keith 187 Rains, Patsy 207 Richardson, William 385 Rowley, C laudia 279 410 Rucker, Patti 66, 217 , 280 Schnebly, Brooke 303 Sielski,; Lester 215 Smith, Sandra 297 386 Schneider Paul 333 Sierra, Jose 388 Smith, Sara 125, 270, 271 Ruddell , David 323 Schnepper, Carol Sue 277 Si erra, Larry 337 Smith, Sonny 307 Ruff, Linda 299, 386 Schnepper, Linda 277 Si ewert, Jan 199 303, 205 Smith, S tephen 325, 389 Rumpf, Wil 1 iam 386 Schoenbom, Douglas 387 222, 302, 388 Smith, Susan 269 Runkle, Jeremiah 386 Schoenfe d, Susan 387 Sigma Alpha Epsi on 328 Smith, Wanda 267 Rupert, JoAnn 280 Scholze, Frank 230 Sigma Chi 330 Sm ith, Wilbur 389 Rush, Orwi n 31 Schomber , F ra n k 387 Sigma Chi Derb 82 Smoak, G. G. 273 Russel 1 Andy 308 Schroeder , Susan 279, 387 Sigma Kappa 298 Smoke Signals 112 Russell Judy 287 Schubert, J im 135 Sigma Nu 332 Smotryski , James 323 R u ss e 1 1 Henrietta 287 Schuck, Janet 208 Sigma 3 hi 334 Snead, Marjorie 379 Russel 1 J. 299 Schuett, Carol 234 Sigma Sigma Sig ma 300 Snead, Mel vin 389 Russ el 1 N ancy 297 Shchuk, Jorge 125 Si kara, J im 230 Sni tz, |_i nda 389 Ruth, Lynn 216, 214 Schu Ikin, Karol 213, 387 Silverwood, Jim 189 Snow, E 1 i zabeth 283 Ryan, Betty 283 Schulz, Mari lyn 387 Simmons Ella 273 Snyder, JoAnn 197, 278 Ryan, Janet 386 Schuttner Marie 387 Simmons , Lacy 307 279, 349, 389 Ryan, Jim 320 Schwarz, Fred 387 Simmons , Marsh a 301 Soap Box Derby 68 Ryan, Lanue 309, 386 Sci vl lo, Mary Ann 267 Simmons Paul 317 Social We Ifare, School of 50 Ryan, Margaret 386 Scott, J ean 213 Si mmons , Taffy 303, 205 Sofare 1 li , Patricia 275 Ryan, Sandra 386 Scott, Mary 207 Sims, Missy 304 Sol Iner, Ri chard 218 Ryder, Lesl ie 386 Scovi 1 Ie, Steven 387 Simonson, Scott 388 Sophomore Council 214 Rylant, James 234 Scribner, Linda 287, 387 Simmons , Dianne 388 Sorenson, Mary Beth 389 Scrogg in, Susi 214, 280 Simonet, Robert 317 Soud, Gary 337 M , Sea ley, Don 218 Si nger, Sally 216, 293 Soverns, Liz 208, 297 c Seaman, Del 333 Singleta ry, Brer da 105 Sounson, Mary Beth 297 w Sears, G ale 129, 387 Singleta ry, Constance 388 Sourbeer, Maryann 389 Sears, Judy 279 Sing leta -y, Diana 199, 351 Southard, Sharon 389 Sackett, Carol 287 Sears, Margo 281 Singleta ry, Larry 333 Spa Iding, Carol 389 Sachs, Phillip 386 Sears, Wi 1 liam 387 Singleterry, Mary . Jane 388 Sparkman Sparky 310 Sadler, Wil liam 29 Sec fire st, Dorothy 387 Singleton, Kea " he 279 Sparkman Steven 319 Saier, ! sally 205, 131, 199 Seghers, Ar lene 200 Sinnett, David 388 Sparkman Walter 389 297 Segner, Susan 206, 271 Sipperly Jack 218 , 327, 350 Sparrow, Sharon 279, 389 Sa igh, Kathy 277 Sel leek, Gene 209 388 Spears, Mari lyn 389 Sanchez , Nancy 274, 275 Sel lers, Jon 388 Siri lo, Mary 273 Spell, CI yde 205, 234, 390 Sanders , Joe 315 Sel lers, Ron 149, 150 Si rmons, Thomas 388 Spence, H ank 333 Sanders Mike 211 Sel lers, Wendy 277 Sirois, Vicki 289, 388 Spencer, Carolyn 390 Sanford, Marvin 230 Selonke, Beth 285, 388 Si s ley, Gail 283 Spi egelbe rg, Kenneth 325 Sanford, Mary Jon 387 Seme, Joseph 319 Si s ley, Wi 1 liam 313 Splane, Henry 390 Sanford, Stephen 338 Semus, Joe 190 Skadron, Brend a 299 Sponhi Itz Jane 291 Santa Zruz, Eileen 3 87 Senate 124 Skagfi Ie d, Lucy 208, 293 Spooner, Hub 323, 390 Santa Cruz, Nancy 135 Senter, Thomas 388 Skaggs, Susan 216 Spooner, J im 317 Santiagc , Ramos, Hugo 387 Seres, Diane 271 Skelton, Cindy 140, 205 Sports 142 Sapp, Jann 124, 277 Setzer, Catherine 269 293, 347, 199, 384 Sposato, Jean 390 Sartin, I arry 323, 387 Seniors 354 Ski 1 Iman , Narry 388 Sprayberry, Robert 333 Sasser, Cheryl 303, 217 Severson, Dennette 285, 208 Skipper, Ron 389 Springfels , Carol 169 Sasser, Lilly 295 66 , 67, 216, 225 S leeper, Jane 281 St. John, Phillip 317 Sauer, Patricia 277, 387 Severson, Gale 289 S 1 i v i n s k , Cind y 295 Stack, Rose 390 Saul s, Beverly 387 Sewell, Tony 149 S loan, Michael 323 Stadsklev , Joan 199, 390 Sauls, Marsha 301 Shaara, Michael 196 SI usser, James 315 Stafford, Mary 303 Sounder s, Patricia 293 Shadd, Edward 388 Slusser, James 389 Sta 1 1 ings, Mary 211 Saurman , Ann 387 Shaffer, Ava 289 Smal 1, Susie 125, 295 Stambaugh, Glenda 390 Savage, Ann 201 Shaiko, Beverly 230 Smothers , Susan 202, 389 Stanford, Darry 1 390 Savage, Carolyn 387 Shamet, Joseph 388 Smirch, Neena 207, 389 Stanford, Martha 299 Savill, Hope 285, 208, 387 Shane, Sybil 216, 291 Smith, Adrianne 389 Stanford, Patricia 287 Sawyer, Suzanne 301 Shapir o, Richard 339 Smith, Agnes 267 Stapleton, Sarah 217, 299 Saxon, Lesl ie 203 Sharky, Shei la 131 Smith, Ben 339 Starkey, Jerry 336 Scagfiel d, Lucy 214 Sharp, Marion 271 Smith, Brian 389 Starkey, yon ley 224 Scaggs, Susan 66 Sharpe, S ue 226, 227, 271 Smith, Bunny 226 Starks, Suzanne 206 Scalera, Toni 214, 203, 289 388 Smith, Candy 209 S tames, Margo 208 Scales, Celeste 217, 217 Shaw, Betty 388 Smith, Carl 313 Starr, Karen 104 Seal i se, Ted 205, 387 Shaw, ames 388 Smith, Carol 225 Starr, Sandra 281 Scarbrot gh, Judith 277 Shaw, J anice 214, 271 Smith, Curran 310 Starrart, Robert 305, 390 Schall, Patri cia 283 Shaw, Roderick 29 Smith, Dianh 289 Staugh, Judy 201 Scharfsc hwerdt, Edward 317 Shea, Martha 297, 388 Smith, [)ona Id 389 Stearns, Gene 124, 353, 279 Schawze nbach, Elaine 301 Shepard, Mike 205 Smith, Harry 313, 389 390 Scheffer , Cynthia 303 Shepherd, Cindy 265 Smith, Henry 389 Steely, Michael 202 Schiavor ie, Ann 203 Sherman, John 388 Smith, JoAnn 267 Steen, Juanita 230 Schi Mine 3, Richard 319 Sherrouse, Dayton 388 Smith, Joe 349 Steflik, Grace 390 Schil line ger, Lee 339 Shipley, Claude 119 Smith, John 323, 389 Steflik, Katherine 390 Schlaget er, Thomas 337 387 Shirley, C arol 306,388, 289 Smith, Joseph 307, 389 Stegeman, Clara 125 Sch lege , Samuel 211, 387 Shirley, Sandra 303, 388 Smith, Judy 269 Stein, Pdna 390 Schl icke nmaier, Terry 167 Shi vely, Nelson 388 Smith, Kiersti ne 216 Steinberg, Mari sol 216 168 Shiver, Catherine 295 Smith, Linda 267 Steiner, Dona Id 327 Schmalt; :, Gretchen 387 Shi inger, Mary 388 Smith, Marsha 267 Steinke, Rick 119 Schmei s ser, Nancy 273 Shoemaker , Babs 222, 289 Smith, Mary 277 Stephens, Bill 234 Schmidt, Lesl; ie 289 Shotton, JoAnn 388 Smith, Mel 121 Stephens, John 148, 149 Schmidt, Paula 200 Sbotwell, Jan 216, 269 Smith, N ancy 124 , 216 389 Stephens, pat 125, 214, 271 Schmidt, Fredri ck 307 Shores, Loui s 44 Smith, Noel 389 Stephens, S. 301 Schmidt, Richard 387 Shreve, Don 331 Smith, Patricia 389 Stetson, Joy 224, 390 Schnarr, Priscilla 66, 67 Sidwell, Dorothy 217 Smith, paul 389 Stevens, Constance 275 411 319, 337, 204, Stevens, William Stewart, Babs Stewart, Darnel 161, Stewart, Donald 327, Stewart, Judy Stewart, Randy Stewart, Ragina Stickler, Sandr Stickney, Clyde Stieglitz, Bill Stiens, David Stiff, Ashby Still, Harold Stores, Joseph Storie, Noreene Stoutamire, Jerry Stotole, Beverly Stoddard, Norman 327, Stoeffler, j ean 274, 275, Stokes, Ellen Stokesberry, James Stoltz, Judy Stone, Judy Stone, Mabel Stone, Mazie Stone, Mode Stone, Nannette Stone, Vicki Stone, Wilfred Stops, India Stough, Judith Stout, Nei I Stout, Randall Stover, Donna Streeter, Richard Stretch, Carol Strickland, Betty Strickland, Donna Strickland, Shirley 208, Strick, Mary Stringfel low, Marvin 198, Stroub, Dqnald Struthers, Nancy Student Body President Student Government Studley, Nancy Stults, Bim 169, Sullivan, Mary Sullivan, Nancy Summers, Steve Sumner, Walt Stump, Douglas Stumpf, Susan 129, Sun Bowl 12, Stuvers, |_ance Styers, Charlotte 275, SJggs, Donna Sukovich, John Sullivan, Cornelius Sullivan, [ Jancy Summerland, Jim Sumrell, M,ilton Sussman, Kenneth Sutta, Stuart Sutton, June 303, 205, Swafford, Michael Swain, Cindy 208, Swanson, Larilyn Swasey, Sandra 293, 208, Sweet, Cheryl 303, Swimming Swindell, Barbara Swindell, Sherian Swofford, Michal 214, Swope, Ouida Swoszowski, Raymond 390 217 164 315 277 169 137 207 234 339 315 235 321 323 224 323 230 390 390 273 390 229 291 390 390 36 390 291 390 390 390 102 390 217 390 277 135 303 299 390 391 327 214 120 98 391 171 130 301 317 149 391 277 13 391 391 391 391 391 206 201 313 235 339 216 131 298 227 391 391 166 207 277 283 391 39 T Tabisel, Leonard Talbot, Fran 135, Talbot, Nancy Tally Ho Taminosian, Steve Tani, Patricia Tankersley, Milton Tanner, Candace 281, Tau Epsilon Phi Tau Kappa Epsilon Taulbee, Danny Taylor, Danny Taylor, Theresa Taylor, Thurston 149, Taymond, Jerry Deppie Linda 281, Allan Russ el Judith Robert Teague, Teague, Tedder, Tedder, Teel, Tee I, Teeters, 234, Sruce Teghtmeyer, Diana 60, Telese, Geraldine Tellone, Joseph 319, Tennis Tesch, Rich Testa, Ju I ianne Teuton, Sandra Tew, Elaine 66, Thackeray, Robert Thagard, Sylvia Thayer, Candace Thelemann, Leilani 281, Theta Chi Thibodeaux, Jim Thiel, Mary Thomas, Ann Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomasson, Thorn ley, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, 31 1 1 Carol Joan Hunter Marion Pamela Tim William Donald Andy David Joel len o. Thompson, Margaret 1 99, Thompson, Mary Thomson, Marjorie Thompson, Peggy 144, Thompson, Robert Thomspon, Ronald 235, Thompson, Sheryl Thompson, Terrie 129, Thompson, Tommie Thomsen, Marilyn Thomson, Marjorie Thornhill, Mary Thorsen, John Thurmond, Fred 331, Tichenor, Wendy Tilghman, posie 226, Tillett, Joseph Tilterton, Caroline Timmons, Timothy 126, Tindal I, Danny Tindol, Glenda Tishman, Gail Toland, Marie 279, Tollerton, James Tomas, George Tomczak, Christina 206, Tomfohrde, Karla Tompson, Tommie Torchia, Kathleen 339 269 391 100 317 391 391 391 339 340 325 323 391 291 43 281 391 323 234 299 391 391 293 129 391 184 313 391 391 216 325 391 391 391 336 337 226 229 233 130 391 325 391 269 313 392 337 187 392 392 303 392 392 392 317 313 392 287 217 291 299 303 295 392 392 283 281 317 226 313 233 273 392 392 331 392 213 131 216 303 Tousey, Towinsend Townsend, Towson, Track Trammel, Travers, Travers, Carol , Iri s Richard Loi s Robert Alice Lesley 274, Travers, Lynn Trax, Pam Traxler, Doug Treat, Mary Alice T remper, Jon Trigg, Linda Trimble, Gary Tripp, Deborah Tripp, Lorrie 302, 303, Tripp, Warren Tronson, Barbara Trott, John Trott, Sally Troxel, Charles Trtilek, Jeanette Trumbower, Glenn 319, Truncano, Bi 1 1 Tscarios, Jo Tsujii, Kiyoshi 205, Tullis, Tu I Igren, Tunnicliff, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Carol Susan Cfarles Bruce E I o i se Jill Judy 201, Karen 275, Nancy Robert Sandra Kay Tuten, Claudia 281, Twitchell, Patricia Tyler, Robert 331, I urner, Turvi I li u Umberger, Conrad Underwood, John Union Board University Singers Upton, Urban, Urban, Urso, Unger, Usina, Kay Kat hy Stacy Ross Don Jayne 214, Mark Ussery, Mary K. Utter, James Uzzell, Cathy V 392 392 202 319 180 230 392 275 392 271 299 144 392 392 301 201 273 392 205 271 392 392 335 275 392 201 329 392 291 392 392 144 295 214 295 392 277 392 299 295 392 393 393 205 323 140 231 293 281 315 202 223 393 214, 279 393 279 Valdes, Anthony 383 Valldejuli, Norma 287 Vallery, Suzanne 279 Van Aken, Frances 281 Vandebrug, Steve 235 Van de Hyden, Terry 337 Vandermast, Robert 205 Vandervalk, Marge 206 Van Doren, D°ris 293 Van Etten, Faith 393 Vandervalk, Marge 108 Van Hillo, Dee 69 Van Horn, Jo 104 Van Meerbeke, Susan Van Montfrans, Jacques Van Numegen, Shari Van Sciver, Laurel 297, Van Wormer, Koert Vanstone, John Vanstone, Nancy Varist, Julie Veal, Martha Lois Don Mary Teresa Robert Charl ie Cornel ia Nancy Vamps Wayne Frank Linda Cuy ler Venning, Verbocy, Verzaa I, Viands, Vice, Vickers, Vidal, Vila, Village Vincent, Vohun, Voigt, Voorhees, 285, 277, 206, 77, w 137 393 283 393 333 393 393 225 227 393 338 393 234 393 182 393 303 216 327 149 393 301 Waddell, Bee 279, 337 Wade, Brooks 125 Wade, Rick 310 Wade, Thomas 127, 310 Wade, Wanda 289 Wadsworth, Penelope 303 393 Wadeworth, Susan 43 Wager, Michael 21 1 , 393 Wagner, Thomas 393 Wagner, William 235 Wainright, Marty 297 Waits, Thomas 31 Wakefield, Stan 190 Waldeck, Kaye 217 Walden, Davis 337 Walden, Joycelyn 291 Waldron, Jack 230 Walker, Adrian 279 Walker, Barbara 287, 393 Walker, Cicely 278, 279 Walker, Jim 187 Walker, John 309 Walker, Joyce 291 Walker, Judith 393 Walker, Margaret 393 Walker, Richard 393 Walker, Thomas 333 Walkup, Helen 216, 297 Wall, Celeste 265, 205, 291 Wall, Dian 216 Wall, Nancy 129, 205, 297 Wall, Richard 325 Wallace, Stewart 309 Wallace, Jack 218, 223 Wallace, Jan 299 Wallace, Paul 230 Waller, Curtis 331 Waller, H. T. 149 Wallich, Beverly 202 Walters, Barbara 267 Walters, Connie 229, 273 Walthall, Mary 277 Wammack, Eunice 275 Warbington, Conni 301 Warburton, Virginia 393 Ward, Bob 182, 190 Ward, Dolores 289 Ward, Gail 303 Ward, Jim 124, 393 Ward, Linda 393 Ward, Mary 206, 234 129 412 Ward, Paul 315 White, Bonnie 213 Wilson, Randy ' 325 Ward, Ro bert 331, 393 White, Chip 353 Wilson, Sandra 301 ' Wardner, Rolfe 327 White, James 309 Wilson, Sidney 327 Warner, Carol 227 White, Joe 114 Wilson, Tim 135, 206, 224 Warner, Pamela 393 White, Linda 200 Wiltshire, JoAnn 279 Warnock, Ann 291 White, Marion 317 Wimberl y, John 321 Warnock, Doug as 394 White, Paulette 287 Winch, Susan 216, 289 Warren, Dian 285 White, Prudy 129, 216 Wing, Linda 301 Warren, Joe 136 White, Robert 211, 395 Winn, Steve 126, 395 Warren, Karen 394, 28 White, Thomas 335 Wintenb urg, Kenneth 395 Warren, latherine 213, 394 Whitehea d, Diane 275 Winters Stepher 29 Wasdin, Gelon 323 Whitely, George 205 Wise, Diana 217, 395 Washburn, David 307 Whitman, Nikki 279 Wise, Marcelle 227 Wasson, Richar d 337 Whitman, Patricia 66,67 Wiser, Mary 297 Waters, Liz 199, 271, 353 225 Wisner, Linda 267 394, 270 Who ' s Who 348 Wi szneauckas, D 3vid 211 Waters, Wi II iam 202 Wickman Robin 395 Withers ooon, ohn 395 Waterson, Robert 394 Wicks, Loren 230 Withers ooon, Ne i 396 Watford, Nancy 213 Wiejkus, Karen 281, 395 Witt, Joan 337 Watkins, James 394 Wiggins, Loui se 395 Witt, William 337, 396 Watkins, Mary 297 Wiggins, Michael 305, 395 Witte, 3ob 218, 396, 338 Watkins, Sarah 283, 394 Wightmar , Pamela 291 Witte, Ted 317 Watkins, Woody 199, 352 Wigle, Richard 395 Wittenb Jrg, Rob srt 234 Watkinson , Arlie 394 Wilbanks , Jane 285, 395 Wittstru ck, Ded 216 Watson, Diane 208 Wi Icoxon , Dixie 205, 144 Wolf, Nancy 124, 293 Watson, Eugene 394 Wilder, Stacy 275 Wolf, S. 291 Watson, M. Ji 1 394 Wilkerson, Daniel 305, 395 Wollett, Jody 291, 396 Watson, Micha el 205 Wilkerson, Dennis 201 Wolters John 315 Watts, Carol ine 394 Wilkerson Margaret 217 Womble , Edna 396 Watts, Martha 293 Wilkins, Gary 323 Wood, John 211 Watts, Steve 43 Wilkinson, Anita 271, 395 Wood, Kim 313 Weathersb ee, Sara Beth 133 Wilkinson, Don 395 Wood, ueonard 331 269 Wilkinson, Margaret 125 Wood, Lex 184 Weaver, Nancy 394 Williams Ann 66 Wood, Linda 301 Weaver, Wyn 217, 303, 394 Wi 1 liams Barbara 199, 269 Wood, Patti 230 Webb, Lucy 332 395 Wood, Patsy 285, 299 Webb, Lyn 297, 394 Wil liams Betty 217,291 Wood, Terry 210 Webster, Carol 273 Will iams Beverly 395 Wood, Thomas 396 Webster, Wanda 125, 217 Wi 1 liams Bill 149, 336 Wood, Wi 1 liam 396 Webster, Wendy 291 Williams Bob 331 Woodbu ry, Raymond 396 Weed, Arthur 394 Wil liams Charlotte 395 Woods, Kath leen 267 Weeks, George 394 Wi 1 liams Del 62, 149 Woodward, Ernest 218 Weeks, Jl lie 214 217, 289 Wi 1 liams James 310, 395 Woo ley, Charles 396 Wegele, Phillip 327 Wil liams Ji m 395 Wooley, Patricia 395 Weger, Wayne 331 Wi 1 1 iams John 335 Wootter , Chris 208, 285 Wegner, Mitzi 133 Wi 1 liams Kate 279 Work, Gary 234 Weigand, Kathy 206 Wil liams Kathy 267 Worth, Edith 396 Weighton, Nick 336 Wil liams Jim 331 Wren, Dan 205 Weir, Joan 287 Wi 1 liams L arry 331 Wright, Alice 293 Wenger, Sal lee 273 Wil liams , Marie 139 Wright, Andrea 339 Wentworth , Tara 226 Wil liams , Mary 267 Wright, Candy 289 Wenz, B arbara 281, 394 Wi 1 liams Mary Delois 395 Wright, Debbie 214, 295 Wenzel, C laudia 267 Wi 1 liams Paul 395 Wright, Jeffrey 327 352, 396 Wessinger , Boyd 230, 333 Wil liams Randall 395 Wright, Marsha 127,281 ,216 West, Andrea 281 Wil 1 iams Paul 395 Wright, Richard 206 West, Perry 307 Wi 1 liams Robert 331 Wright, Sharon 225 West, Robyn 283 Williams Sandy 285 Wright, Thomas 196 Westberry Gil 201 Wil liams Shirley Ann 299 Wu, P. c. 315 Westbrook , Jim 331 Wi 1 1 iams Su san 283 Wurzbach, Thomas 325, 396 Westbrook , Joh n 331 Wi II iams Van 325 Wurzel, Thomas 210 Western, Gail 227 Wil liams William 331, 395 Wyatt, Clifton 315, 396 Wetherel, T. K. 149 Wi 1 liams Wynne 279, 395 Wyatt, Loise 396 West, Andrea 102 216 Wynne, Charles 234 West, Li nda 226 Wi 1 liams on, Larry 148, 149 Wynne, Martha 301 West, Willard 394 Wi 1 liams on, Marcus 181 Westaway Richard 394 Wi 1 liams on, Paul 331 m m Weston, Nancy 394 Wi 1 1 its, Brenda 216 Y Wetherel 1, Thomas 317, 394 Wi 1 1 its. Pam 91, 92, 291 i Wethering -on, Gary 323, 394 Willson, Jan ie 293 Wexler, Beverl y 275 Wilson, Alec 395 Yankee , Raymond 205 Whaley, Gloria 394 Wi Ison, Byron 230 Yankovich, Matth ew 396 Wheller, Edwin 394 Wilson, Carolyn 269 YarbroL gh, Joh n 234 Wheeler, Pamel a 394 Wilson, Carol 291 Yarnell Ed 230 Whidden, Amel ia 271, 394 Wilson, Dolores 200 Yates, Gaye 118, 199, 289 Whidden, Clarence 394 Wilson, J a n i e 230 396 Wiggins, Mike 304 Wi Ison, Jim 317 Yates, Margaret 277, 396 Wh igmam, Doris 394 Wilson, Margaret 395 Yates, Patsy 275 Whigham, Mary 130 Wi Ison, Mari lyn 277 Yawn, Joe 396 Whipo, P. D. 336 Wilson, Mark 114 Yeldell Bill 149 White, Beverly 395 Wilson, Nancy 293 feldell , Robert 337, 396 Yerkes, Bob 231 Yerly, Virginia 396 Yocom, Christina 200 Yoder, Kendra 289 Yon, David 317, 234 York, Darlene 396 York, JoAnne 217 Young, Steve 134 Younie, Diane 295 Yount, Gwen 209 Zaloudek, John 396 Zanelson, Danny 307 Zatarain, Nancy 293 Zel Iner, James 31 1 Zendell, Steve 337 Zeta Tau Alpha 302 Zgodzinski, Barbara 200, 396 Zgodzinski, Ed 315 Ziel, Shirley 206, 396 Zimmerman, Barbara 230 Zimmerman, Dave 265, 317 Zimmerman, Diane 103, 214 Zimmerman, Diane 215,289 Zimmerman, Leonard 313 Zimmerman, Sandra 396 Zipperer, Richard 396 Zion, Harvey 1 49 Zurko, Joyce 206, 226, 396 Zywick, Kathryn 206 413

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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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