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' ' , I ' .; ' » 1 jM L ! ' L J ' ' MK iiW!« » ' 3i ' a ujj 1 If ' ■ •4f f , r-r ' , ' ' r% 1 ' .,7 ivJ v j fS g ' , ' ' J; 3 .« -A " I A. ' ' W ■ , ' i V -. ' I 1 ' ;■- , , » - 1 } »» n " .» ' i3i ' « M ' Vfw ' C . ,- ' " 1 i i v ' i :V " Nv- V Av , ' j ,. ( K ' t- .r -! • b - 1960 X mr 1 THE NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY - 4r- Tally Ho The Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida Contents: Dedication 8 Prologue 12 Features 22 Academics 72 Activities 110 Sports 202 Greeks 252 Classes 326 Closing 394 Advertising 396 Index 409 published by the student body of THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY Tallahassee, Florida AL NICHOLS Editor-in-Chief DON TALMON Business Manager f .- W -:: ' - W „ University Mourns Sudden Death of President Strozier On Wednesday, April 20, I960, Florida State Uni- versity learned of the death of our President, Robert Manning Strozier. Dr. Strozier was in Chicago Mon- day, April 18, to speak before the Wayfarer ' s Club, a social group, on the future of American education. Early Wednesday morning he notified his host of sudden illness and was rushed to the hospital. At 9:30 a.m. President Strozier died of a heart attack in Chicago. Students, faculty, and his many friends paid him tribute at a Memorial Service held in TuUy Gymnasium Friday afternoon. Classes were dismis- sed in his honor. The funeral was held Saturday in St. John ' s Epsicopal Church. Florida State mourns the loss of a truly great man- one whom we knew as an outstanding educator and a deeply respected friend. THE CAMPUS was deserted that grey Friday afternoon the University paid tribute to our president, Robert M. Strozier. AT MEMORIAL SERVICE BOTH STUDENTS AND FACULTY HONOR THE MAN WHO MADE HIS DREAMS OF GREATNESS A REALITY 4tiK ' V HIS INAGURATION WAS THE BEGINNING OF AN EPOCH OF PROGRESS AND INTELLECTUAL STIMULATION AT FLORIDA STATE To Him We Dedicate the I960 Tally Ho " You the students are the very heart of the universi- ty. Yours are the open minds which are to receive the advantages of the experience and training of your professors. And the open mind is necessary to receive their wisdom. . . .We hope that we will teach you to think for yourselves. . . .If we accomplish this, then we shall have no fear for the future of the Florida State University, of the future of the State of Florida, for it will be guided by intelligent and literate citi- zens. " These are excerpts from the greetings of the late President Strozier to the student body shortly after he assumed the presidency. They are indicative of the enormous confidence he placed in Florida State University. He wanted only the best for us; he was satisfied only with the best from us. In his third year as our president, perhaps Dr. Strozier ' s most specta- cular accomplishment was the recent three million dollar Atomic Energy Grant. Through his efforts the research program was intensi- fied, television served as a vital educational device, the honors program expanded, two new departments were added to the curriculum, and the quality of our educational standards were greatly increased. As an informed citizen, an outstanding educator, a sincere friend, and as an experienced administrator, Presi- dent Strozier excelled. His vision and dedication were evident in all that he did. He brought new en- thusiasm, foresight, and great dreams to Florida State. He left us this enthusiasm and foresight, but his dreams became realities. It is with great pride that the I960 Tally Ho is de- dicated to such a person as our late president, Robert M. Strozier. Few have gained the sincere respect and immense popularity of both students and faculty, as did Dr. Strozier. His life was an inspiration. To this great man, we owe so much. 10 FAMILIAR AS A TEACHER, not only as an administrator, President Strozier continued to hold his French seminar. STUDENTS were welcomed to the Strozier ' s Chuck Wagon at the student government barbecue this Spring by the " Chef " THE STROZIER FAMILY, a close one, always found time for one another in spite of the Varied activities of each. STUDENT CONTACT was essential to our late president, shown here with student representatives in his living room. 11 i Music, through the ages, has been an expression of man ' s joys, his sorrows, his triumphs, and his defeats. The thrill of victory reflected in the smiles and cries of the crowd after another Florida State touchdown. Expression in Perspective Expression is the symbolism of life. . .reflecting all that is vibrant and growing and living within the deepest reaches of each of us. Expression carries that essence of us to the surface - as a storm wave that churns the sand from the ocean floor. With a work of art, a piece of literature, a gesture, word, tone of voice, a glance, you say to those around you, " This is how I feel, this is what! believe, this is what I am. " Expression is the ultimate means of communication for every man. It is giving of yourself to others, of showing what is happening within you. But more than these, expression is the means to find oneself. And where could one better take stock of abilities and goals and beliefs than on the college campus, for expression is the very corner stone on which a university is founded - free expression is not only invited, it is demanded. Your reaction and under- standing of the intrigues of history, the complexities of law, the technique of teaching is gauged by your expressions. In class, in working and social groups, in the close contact of a roommate, each new chal- lenge forces us to re-evaluate ourselves, make a de- cision, and act on it. It is in the acting - moving, creating, speaking, looking - that we gradually carve a niche for ourselves in the community. Standards set high require careful consideration of the expressions used to reach them - that smile, that successful report after near failure, that vote for the right man, that tender remembrance, that prayer. For now and throughout life we can estimate our future success by determining how our expressions will serve our goals and ideals. And only you in the deep silence of your own thoughts can know if your expres- sions are the honest reflections of who you are, what you feel, what you stand for - on your answer hangs the promise of happiness and fulfillment. 13 EXPRESSION • CONTI NU ED Symbols of Thoughts and Inward Feelings K An exuberant expression, a buoyant shout. . . symbolic of the good spirits shared at a combo party. A kiss. . . an expression of love, the tender promise of a new relationship. 14 A person kneels to express herself in prayer. Before her hangs a cross which, itself, is symbolic of " The Greatest Act " . Abstract sculpture is carefully viewed by a student in the university museum. Is not art a tangible expression of man ' s thoughts and inward feelings? 15 EXPRESSION CONTINUED Freedom of Expression 1 he freedom to express one ' s views, to stand up for one ' s convictions. . .This is a vital part of university life. A university is a place where young minds develop and where great minds are free to work on problems of their own choosing. 16 1 he keynote of American life. . . ihe freedom to be an individual, to choose a way of life to pursue hopes and ambitions, and live one ' s life accordingly. Xhe freedom to ask, to challenge, and refuse to think by rote. . . A student raises a question during a class discussion. 17 1 alents are skillfully exhibited as students perform in a university dramatic production. Through participation in campus publications, a person is able to find a means of expressing creative abilities. 18 ;r Expression of Abilities and Interest otudent government and athrletics meet different needs for different people. All are part of the fabric of college life. Participation in the activities of the university is an approach to a better understanding of one ' s self. 19 EXPRESSION CONTINU ED Discovery of Ones Self A senior pauses in thought, perhaps to ponder over his college years. Slowly a pattern appears through the flood of half-memories, the pattern of his experiences. . . an expression of his identity. The college years afford an opportunity for the discovery of one ' s self; but, as these years come to a close, does the graduate realize he must face change throughout his life and continuously rediscover himself? 20 w IS8? ' When the individual personalities of each member of a group fuse into one, a group expression develops. This envelopment transforms an event into a highlight. Features A Beauties ' i - ■m it? %. - " %». w K.i?»» . Pat Finn, i960 Tally Ho Queen The Tally Ho proudly presents vivacious Pat Finn, i960 Tally Ho Queen. Her bright smile, charming manner, and sparkling eyes have won many beauty titles for this lovely coed. She is currently an Orange Bowl Princess. Beauty is by no means Pat ' s only attribute, however. Her primary ' interest is in getting an education, as evidenced by her 3-8 average. Pat, a freshman Spanish major, is from Hallandale, Florida. She is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, and is sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha. The Queen ' s attendants, selected from among 200 entrants, are Elizabeth Blume, Karen Ekman, Ginny Newton, Kathy Magda, and Linda Walton. The Tally Ho Beauty Contest, sponsored by the yearbook, was open to all FSU coeds. Living units were also invited to sponsor candidates. Contest- ants were judged by various faculty members and campus photography experts on the basis of their beauty, poise, and photogenic qualities. .y Linda Walton Linda, sponsored by her sorority, Pi Beta Phi, is a sophomore from Tampa. Her activities include Cir- cus, the 1959 Gymkana Beauty Court, and the Model- ing Board. Linda also has a hobby, modern dance. Ginny Newton A freshman from Tampa, Ginny is majoring in edu- cation. She is sponsored by her sorority, Alpha Del- ta Pi. Featured in the 1959 Gymkana Beauty Court, Ginny enjoys modeling and sports in her spare time. Majoring in elementary education, this sophomore is from Perry. Liz, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, holds several beauty titles and enjoys music and sports. This coed is sponsored by the Lambda Chi Alpha ' s. Elizabeth Blume An educational psychology major, Karen is a soph- omore from West Palm Beach. This Zeta Tau Alpha, sponsored by the Kappa Alpha ' s, is active in stud- dent government and VV ' s. Heryhobby is sketching. Karen Ekman Kathy Magda Kathy, a freshman from Ft. Lauderdale majoring in radio and TV, is active in both student government and her sorority, Kappa Delta. Kathy is also a Mod- eling Board member. Delta Tau Delta sponsors her. Fall Freshmen Arrive On University Campus The first days in a new place are always the most exciting, challenging, and bewildering. Freshmen at FSU were beseiged with, but undaunted by, the per- ennial Tallahassee showers. Cars were unloaded, goodbyes were exchanged, and curtains were hung in preparation for university life. That first week seemed one weary and endless line-a series of seemingly insurmountable tasks to complete, meetings to attend, and errands to run. However, the anticipation of a fresh year and pro- mises of a new school, as seen in the smiles of freshmen, permeated the air. Conferences with faculty advisors, class conclaves, and orientation to the campus were all new experiences. Soon registration was over, class schedules were confirmed, social life surged ahead, and the sun came out to stay. The freshmen were no longer the newcomers to FSU, but the " Class of 1963 " . FRESHMEN COEDS receive every consideration and much assistance in carrying belongings from cars to dormitories. •».» CIRCUS ENTERTAINMENT, BOXED SUPPERS AND ENTHUSED STUDENTS ADDED TO THE SUCCESS OF THE FRESHMAN PICNIC 34 1 1 A YOUNG BYSTANDER reflects the mood of us all dur- ing that first unforgetable registration - very confused. INCOMPLETE SCHEDULES, mislaid credits and jumb- led hours are causes of discouraged and pensive looks. SECTIONING AND CARD SHUFFLING by adept hands culm- inate registration and result in designations for fall classes. 35 SORORITY HOUSES are enhanced by unique skit decora- tions, warm welcomes, smiling rushees, and soft laughs. THRILLED PLEDGE regards her chosen house with ming- led emotions before joining her future sisters to go inside. ANIMATED CONVERSATIONS, numbers of introductions and continuous discussions of the weather typify Rush. 36 CONCENTRATED THOUGHT PRECEDES MARKING OF BALLOTS AS STUDENTS TURN OUT AT POLLS TO MAKE THEIR CHOICES Rush and Elections Usher in Fall Term As the hectic week of orientation and registration ends, Greeks prepare for Fall Rush. All sorority and fraternity houses get a final dusting before the for- mal receptions. High hopes and concerted efforts to make favorable impressions charge the atmosphere with excitement and tension. Remembering names, making introductions and sharing small talk fill the hours. At last bids are delivered, and pledging cul- minates Rush Week. As the temperature begins to drop and the leaves brighten. Fall Elections are well underway. Fresh- men class officers and precinct senators are chosen at this time. All available wall space is papered with slogans and qualifications, and as campaigning reaches its peak, candidates canvass living units. The enthusiasm sparked by these fall events sets the pace for a fast-moving year. SOPHOMORE COUNCIL MEMBER in familiar unifonn proc- tors campus-wide elections as a service to the university. 37 ymkana Production Titled Mato-Grosso Amidst tropical undergrowth, exotic costumes, danc- ing natives, and drum beats, the Gymnastica-Gym- kana honorary presented Mato-Grosso. The setting: a great tribal feast in the thick of dense, untamed foliage. The action: intricate, breath-taking gymnas- tic feats performed by talented members of the Gym- kana troupe. • The 1959 production was a spectacle of beautyf showmanship, and precision. Specialty acts, hand balancing, parallel bar work, and tumbling routines all contributed to the unique entertainment. For weeks before the show, sets are built, rehear- sal ' s are held, and publicity is arranged. This hard work culminates in the polished home show, which is held for four con ' secutive nights. The final per- formance is climaxed by the an-nouncejnent of Miss Gymkana and her court of honor.. V ik Lj. Jl ' 5 bPn u I: I. , n fl l I " PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT " is a phrase well known to these stars from the Gymkana troupe as they attain remarkable balance. COLD CREAM, plenty of tissues, and a ready make-up crew all await the Gymkana performers after the show. " fc ' l . M •c ■c 1 THE ANNUAL GYMKANA PRODUCTION GETS UNDERWAY June Roberts Named 1959 Gymkana Queen Beautiful Florida State coeds lent glamour and charm to the 1959 Gymkana Spectacular. Adorned with ex- otic costumes, simulating wild beasts and birds of the tropical forest, they represented birds of paradise, oscelots, rabbits, butterflies. Each court member was responsible for her own costume, part of her contri- bution to the production. Dramatically lit, the stage was extravagantly de- corated and accented by the lovely court. The show was climaxed with the presentation of the 1959 Gym- kana Queen, vivacious June Roberts, and her Court of Honor: Joyce Hinton, Linda Walton, Carol Hair, Gail Gotthardt, Martha Strom, and Joyce McKnight. AGLOW WITH EXCITEMENT, June radiates upon learning she is to reign over gymnastic show as Miss Gymkana. 40 s fW { i 4 A P» ' ' ' -«i£ !ip)e!£$» ' « «« «M« %. . . A ■ 1 1 1 « Wpp E SP ' AS COSTUMED BEAUTIES OF 1959 MATO GROSSO COURT OF HONOR TAKE THEIR PLACES ON STAGE FOR GLITTERING REVIEW MISS GYMKANA OF 1959, LOVELY JUNE ROBERTS RECEIVES SYMBOL OF REGENCY FROM JO ELEN EYSTER, RETIRING QUEEN Delt and Phi Delt Events Spark Fall The Delt Slave Auction and Phi Delt-Alpha Gam Soap Box Derby are highlights of the Fall semester. Enthusiastic crowds of spirited students, guffaws of laughter, peppy cheers, and whole-hearted partici- pation are the order of the day. The Soap Box Derby is held to raise funds for charity by the Alpha Gams and Phi Delts. Sororities team up with fraternities - the girls providing the drivers, and the men, cars. The thrills, chills and excitement of the College Avenue plunge provide on- lookers with a lively afternoon. Delt pledges, garbed in semi-Roman togas, are sold on the auction block to high bidders. All pro- ceeds from the sale of slaves ' services, which in- clude even dishwashing, go to charity. Ridiculous antics, lively bidding and riotious merry-making keynote the auction. Fun is had by all. DELT SLAVES exhibit powers and unusual talents in their efforts to evoke high and enthusiastic bidding from audience. 11- (.His, . ■S ' lli! KD ' S GIVE RECENTLY PURCHASED SLAVES THE ONCE OVER AS DELTS PRESENT A MEMORABLE, IF NOT MELODIOUS, SERENADE 42 CARS APPROACH FINISH LINE OF SPECTATOR-LINED RACEWAY AT BREAKNECK SPEED, AS OFFICIALS FLAG DOWN WINNER VICTORIOUS DRIVER , Sandra Spear, is carried above crowd with enthusiasm by thrilled boosters after winning Derby in record time. DRIVER ESCAPES INJURY as Phi Delts rush to aid after crash landing into hay mound at finish. i i , i i vj ' t r % f CROWNING OF 1959 HOMECOMING QUEEN, JOYCE COMBS, BY FORMER REGEANT, ARIELOU JOHNSON, CLIMAXES POW WOW 44 WHILE SEMINOLE BAND PLAYS ALMA MATER, HOMECOMING PRINCESSES AND 1958 QUEEN JOIN IN SINGING WITH AUDIENCE Pow Wow Excitement Launches Homecoming Homecoming excitement reached its peak at the Pow Wow. Reigning over the 1959 festivities was Home- coming Queen Joyce Combs, presented after a cere- monial dance performed by the majorettes. Included in her court were Princesses Ann Williams, Sheila Kennedy, Kay Desmond, and J ana Davis. Enter- tainment was provided by the Marching Chiefs, Cir- cus, Gymkana, and Theatre Dance. As a prelude to the game, the coach and team were presented at a rally Friday. The cheerleaders led the audience in romping yells as Sammy Seminole was given a rousing welcome. POW WOW ENTERTAINMENT included original skits, such as the unique take-off on Charlie Brown ' s FSU visit. STRUGGLING WITH DISPLAY, Pat Finn looks intent upon finishing decorations. CONCENTRATION AND ADVICE are as essential to prize Homecoming displays as paper and wire. BUILDING THE FRAME calls for moral as well as physical sup- port and a great deal of perserverance, free lumber and spare time. COMPLETED ZETA DECORATIONS CLEVERLY STATE " PROGRESS IS NO FANTASY " ON A SPARKLING, TINSEL-TRIMMED CASTLE 46 PI PHI ' S PARADE VIVIDLY COLORED FIGURES AS A TRIBUTE TO PROGRESS IN THEIR PRESENTATION OF " FSU A LA CARTE Homecoming Displays Brighten up Campus 1959 Homecoming decorations depicted " FSU on Parade " . Excitement and enthusiasm mounted stead- ily during the weeks of preparation, permeating the entire campus. Half-empty paint cans, stiff brushes, misplaced rolls of scotch tape, and lost scissors were the major concern of the student body, as plans developed and displays took shape. Giant figures, bright colors, and ingenius ideas resulted in eye- catching art work that dressed up houses and dorms. Capping first place in sorority competition were the ADPi ' s; the Pi Kappa Phi ' s placed first among the fraternities; and Dorman Hall had the winning dorm decorations. FSU was truly on parade. AS DEADLINE DRAWS NEAR, SPE ' s struggle to stuff re- maining napkins and make final adjustment before judging. 47 AWED BY PARADE, children are wide-eyed over beauty of floats and enthralled by lively " Seminole Spirit " of the cheerleaders. Homecoming Parade Is Festive Affair FSU ' s high-stepping Marching Chiefs, impressively uniformed ROTC groups, state dignitaries, and the vivacious cheerleaders led the way for the 1959 Homecoming parade. An atmosphere teeming with excitement and anticipation, but tinged with relief that floats were finally completed, prevailed. Cases of stuffing, rolls of wire, and much originality went into the array of elaborately designed floats. Tal- lahassee residents, students, and bright-eyed chil- dren lined the street to watch this spectacle of color and design. The happy, bouncing march music, the bright costumes, and the imaginative displays spell- bound the audience, as the parade continued down- town, past brilliant house decorations. Five winning floats were recognized with awards at the Pow Wow ceremonies, friday night. K ■ ELEGANT SIGMA CHI-ADPI FLOAT, WHICH WAS CHOSEN MOST BEAUTIFUL, " PARADES FSU ' S NEW FACE " BEFORE SPECTATORS w W , ■ ' 4 II Wi • " " •?..»• c ONLOOKERS GAZE from upstairs windows at parade as it passes down Monroe Street three stories below. PINOCCHIO FORESEES FUTURE of FSU victory in William and Mary bout, but his crystal ball must not have said for which year. FSU ' S MARCfflNG CHIEFS AND VIVACIOUS MAJORETTES STEP LIGHTLY AND LIVELY, ADDING COLOR AND POMP TO PARADE FSU BAND TAKES THE FIELD ON A BURST OF STIRRING MUSIC, PRELUDING A ROLICKING, PRECISIONED HALF-TIME SHOW 50 Florida State Band Performs with Pep One hundred and fifty strong, the Marching Chiefs of Florida State have achieved nation-wide acclaim for their superior showmanship, intricate halftime formations and wonderfully exciting music. Their trademark is enthusiasm. Setting the scene for Sem- inole football victories, they fill the entire stadium with their rousing, happy music. Jazz, cha-cha- cha ' s, military marches, and popular ballads - all are in their repetoire and have provided for unique and entertaining half-time shows. Accompanied by the talented, dancing majorettes, the animated Garnet and Gold girls, and their com- manding drum major, the Seminole Marching Chiefs led the Homecoming parade, livened pep rallies and sparked the Pow Wow with their vivacious per- formance. High -stepping, full of fanfare and re- sounding with rhythm, the Marching Chiefs and company make us here at FSU quite proud. - ! C GARNET AND GOLD GIRLS, freshmen Beverly Calvert and Janis Freeman pose after finishing intricate dance routine. SHAPELY, VIVACIOUS MAJORETTES EVOKE COMPLIMENTS OF ENTIRE STUDENT BODY FOR POISED, RHYTHMIC RENDITIONS. 51 -? ::- " DIALOGUE AT NIGHT " BY DEBUSSY IS DANCED BY LOVELY BEVERLY BOZEMAN, BARBARA JONES AND BASHA NOWAKOWSKI. " JAZZ " , which opened the concert, is gracefully executed by Nancy Adams and Ralph Hartley in a gifted performance. Memorable Evening With Theatre Dance Under the direction of dynamic Miss Nellie-Bond Dickinson, the Theatre Dance Group has made many contributions to the artistic life at Florida State Although this talented group concentrates primarily on its own annually-held formal dance concert, it contributes to such campus productions as the Pow- Wow and the musical presentations of the opera guild and speech department. In addition, they tour at the invitation of neighboring colleges and civic groups. Theatre Dance Group endeavors to promote a better understanding of dance as an art form. This they achieve quite successfully through their unique and impressive performances. Winter WINTER MOOD is set by tangle of leafless limbs outlined against bleak sky, overlooking windy Florida State campus. Cold Winds, Coats And Winter Weather Bare branches blown by cold winds stand stark against winter skies. Bright coats, plaid scarves, and bundles of books identify students as they cross campus on their way to early morning classes. After nine months of warm weather, FSU students welcome the change. Crisp afternoons, long coffee breaks at the Corner, and fireside study sessions are typical of chilly Tallahassee days. Harvest moons and football games give way to shorter days, steaming radiators, and long study dates. The cozy, warmly lit interiors provide wel- come contrast to the brisk outdoors. Christmas vacation. Artist Series presentations, exams, and semester break highlight the season. Evergreen-fill- ed parlors, blazing fireplaces, and pots of hot choc- olate set the scene for memorable winter days. STUDENTS MEET ON HISTORY BUILDING STEPS GIjOOM and mist envelope the campus on a bleak winter day as lone studenthurriedly makes herway to steamy warmth of a classroom. 54 COUPLE ENJOYS FIRESmE AND EACH OTHER ' S COMPANY AS THEY SPEND EVENING STUDYING, CAUGHT IN WINTER ' S SPELL FOR CIGARETTES AND CONVERSATION IN EVEN THE COLDEST, GRAYEST WEATHER BEFORE HURRYING TO ANOTHER CLASS LASTING IMPRESSION is formed when first glimpse of Westcott is gained through ornate gate leading into campus. Traditional Stands Beside the Modern Established as the Seminary West of the Suwannee in 1851, Florida State architecture is still predom- inately traditional. However, with the rapid growth of the university, contemporary buildings have mushroomed all over the campus. The Gothic inspir- ed design of Westcott, Longmire, and many other campus landmarks represents the triaditions and history which charasterize every great university. Beside this stand the symbols of progress and growth -- the towering, clean-cut lines of contempo- rary design. They combine, to create a progressive atmosphere -- one stemming from a sturdy, traditional foundation. Florida State ' s progress is amazing, and her potential is unlimited. In the past year two dormitories and the first nu- clear services building in Florida were constructed at FSU. Other recent additions include the stream- lined Schools of Business and Education. Plans for a million dollar student center are underway. TOWERING DORMITORY, one of many recent additions to the " new look " of Florida State, stretches far into the sky. 56 GLEAMING FACADE OF MODERN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS IS ANOTHER SYMBOL OF FSU ' S PROGRESS AND A CAMPUS LANDMARK :{ ' ■ r. y ,i EXPANDING CAMPUS stretcher far behind modem Home Economics building, recently dedicated to Dean Sandels. VINE-COVERED SPIRE represents the historic tradition of an established university, one destined to grow peerlessly. Sigma Chi Presents Rip-roaring Derby The Sigma Chi Derby is an annual event, held by chapters all over the country. Held in late Fall, the Derby is characterized by madly cheering sorority teams, determined contestants, ridiculous stunts, and frantic judges. Egg-smashing, dek-a-pledg ' ing hip-measuring, and catch-a-chick ' ing held the atten- tion of contestants and insured hilarious laughter from the crowd. All sororities entered girls in the various events, and grand winners were chosen from those who placed in individual contests. First place winner. Kappa Delta, was followed by Chi Omega and Alpha Omicron Pi. 1959 Derby Queen Willou Copeland, a Chi Omega, reigned over the festivities. In her court were Daveanna Stewart, Alpha Delta Pi, and Linda Gormley, Kappa Alpha Theta. Campus-wide attendance, whole-hearted enthu- siasm and positive efforts on the part of the Sigma Chi ' s make Derby Day an exciting one. Concluding with the traditional dunking of team coaches in Westcott fountain, the Derby was 100% successful. SPARKLING WILLOU COPELAND dons Sigma Chi derby to reign over a day of cheering, gaiety and mad scrambling. THE CROWD ROARS AS TEMPERS, FEET, AND FLOUR FLY WHEN THE KEY HUNT ENTRIES BECOME FRANTIC IN THEIR SEARCH SORORITY URGES TEAM TO VICTORY WITH SCREAMS OF LAUGHTER, LOOKS OF ANGUISH, AND SHOUTS OF ENCOURAGEMENT. ALL- ' ROUND EVENT is hip-measuring contest, smoothly handled by mathematically-inclined Sig. POISED BEFORE JUDGES, Derby queen Willou Copeland and run- ner ' s-up, Linda Gormley and Daveanna Stewart, give radiant smiles. 59 " GOD ' S TROMBONE " , unique musical presentation by Choral Union, features talented Roberta Warren and Frank Calhoun. BEHIND THE SCENES, the jokes seem funnier, the songs, much livlier - the show, incomparably better. SUPERLATIVE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY, UNDER ROBERT SEDORE ' S DIRECTION, PRESENTS INSPIRED CONCERT IN OPPERMAN 60 IN HIS OWN INIMITABLE WAY, SATCHMO BELTS OUT DIXIELAND OVER THE WILD APPLAUSE OF HIS TOE-TAPPING AUDIENCE THE HONORABLE CLEMENT ATLEE speaks to students and faculty at memorable Univ. Lecture Series presentation; Top Entertainment Available To All spell-bound audiences sat entranced by such not- able entertainers as Hal March, Roberta Peters, the Robert Iglesias Ballet Troupe, the Robert Shaw Cho- rale, and violinist Nathan Milstein. The University Lecture Series, highlighting Sir Clement Atlee and movie industrialist Eric Johnston; as well as the Artist Series brought internationally known person- alities to the Florida State campus. University talent also brightened the stages of Westcott and Opperman. The Opera Guild ' s " La Traviata " ; the annual University Singer ' s and Glee Club concerts; the many speech department product- ions, of which " The Diary of Anne Frank " was es- pecially well staged; and the enthusiasticly attend- ed Symphony concerts contributed much to the tre- mendous array of entertainment. Whether preferring the classical or the modern, everyone had the op- portunity to enjoy a superlative season of theatre. FLOATING PATTERNS ARE ACmEVED WITH EASE AND GRACE BY TARPON ' S MEMBERS WHILE PERFORMING WATER aALLET BUBBLES CASCADE UPWARD as skilled swimmer fin- ishes clean-cut dive in perfect form and with precision. SHOWMANSHIP AND INGHNUriY, combined with hard work, caught the Olympian Splendor of Tarpon ' s aquatic spectacle. 62 spring - ; . ' « ' ' [ IN THE SPRING, even the most violent argument melts into an insig- nificant issue. This couple had a misunderstanding, but because of un- successful efforts to study and the spell of Spring, they leave smiling. ■ ' ■ ' yV .•)vv« ' . 5 , ■ u: .- ' ' •u Jw. S J:Ja Iski: u .♦ ■ " • -Jt ' ' N t ' . - r 64 FAR-OFF, PENSIVE EXPRESSION OF STUDENT GIVES HIS DAYDREAMING AWAY, AS HE TAKES AN EXTENDED STUDY BREAK Spring Sweeps On Tallahassee Campus spring brings many things to the Florida State campus - flowers, new loves, elections, spring fever, exams, big weekends, and trips to the coast. The entire campus is permeated with the freshness that only this season brings. The lawns are dotted with groups of students en- gaged in concentrated study and animated discus- sion. The bricked buildings are framed by luxur- iously decked dogwood and sunny skies. Sandy afternoons at the coast include unfinished math problems and overdue reading, as well as sunbath- ing and swimming. The nights seem even shorter and the days longer as couples say good-night, and cramming for exams continues into the early morn- ing hours. " . Elections, Greek weekends, and campus events also fill the busy, sparkling days, Interspersing everything is inescapable daydreaming. The spring semester is a time to smile, and to remember. OUTDOOR CLASSES are sure signs that Spring has arrived at FSU-this group, one of many that evacuate classrooms. ADPI ' S PAY TRIBUTE TO THE CIRCUS TROUPE WITH THEIR COLOSSAL EYE-CATCHING DISPLAY, " HATS OFF TO COACH HASKINS " Welcome Given With Circus Decorations Families, friends, and alumni flock to Florida State for the annual home show of FSU ' s Flying High Cir- cus. A spring event, the Circus performance is held when the campus is ablaze with dogwood, sunshine, smiles, and colorful decorations. Each living unit enters house competition, and the displays are more elaborate, cleverly executed, and brilliantly colored each year. Picnics, tours of the campus, open houses, and special attractions precede the actual Circus performance. Adept and talented. Circus members put on a tre- mendous show, enhanced by extravagant costumes and real showmanship. The combined Family-Circus Weekend is one of the happiest times of the year, and a wonderfully memorable time is had by both students and visitors alike. KD ' S WELCOME VISITORS with brightly colored caption, inviting everyone to " Step this way for FSU Circus Day " . 66 4 PRECISION AND TIMING ARE ESSENTIALS in this skillfully performed balancing act on the Rola-rola. THE EXCITEMENT AND THRILLS of the circus are exempli- fied by this trio performing their death defying, high flying act. BRIGHTLY COSTUMED JUGGLER AND CLOWN WARM UP FOR BIG TOP SHOW, AS FLYING ACT IN BACKGROUND TAKES A BREAK r ' : I - , A ' K I I. : . : f 1 ' 1 W SILHOUETTED BY BRIGHT SPOT LIGHTS, ENTRANCED PERFORMERS AWAIT CUES WITH EXPECTANCY AS THEY WATCH SHOW SHADOWS PLAY ON TENT WALLS, AS PENSIVE GIRL SITS ALONE BEHIND THE SCENES, EXPERIENCING HRST-NIGHT QUALMS 68 Applause Is Given Flying High Circus The circus is synonomous with glamour, excite- ment, applause, and thrills. Precisioned perfor- mances and spine-tingling acts are the Circus ' s trade mark. This professional finis is the result of intense practice. Not only the talented performers, but the many behind the scene men who plan war- drobes, put up the tent, pack equipment, and work the electrical controls, are also to be commended. No circus would be complete without the hilar- ious antics of the clowns - Flying High is no ex- ception. FSU Circus clowns are genuinely and rio- tiously funny with a gift for making people laugh. Well-known all over the country, this unique and talented group has performed in many cities, been featured in national publications, and gained the unmitigated praise of all. CONFIDENT AERIALISTS cross wire with assurance and poise, each putting his complete faith in partner ' s ability. ANNOUNCER AND ELECTRICIAN GET A BIRDS-EYE VIEW FROM THE CONTROL ROOM,AS THEY INSURE SMOOTH-RUNNING SHOW 69 COMMENCEMENT marks the graduating class of I960 as the twelfth in the history of Florida State University. Spectators and participants feel the significance of graduation exercises. Commencement and New Opportunities Graduation, one of the most meaningful and unfor- gettable times in life, is but a prelude to the future. It represents four years of learning and adjusting to new experiences and new situations. All of this cul- minates in commencement. Upon graduating, seniors now must face the future-one filled with hope and uncertainty, anticipation and opportunity. Univer- sity life has prepared them for what lies ahead--it is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Goals that have been planned and now to be realized. mm 10 m Academics envelop many pursuits . . . intense research, experimentation, applied study, and appreciation. These pursuits culminate in the artist ' s expression, the experimenter ' s invention. Academics " We ' re all learning about TV. We all started green at the beginning of the semester and now we toss television terms around like old pros. And what ' s more, we know what we ' re talking about. " " I used to think it was vulgar to he noticed too much by the pub- lic. Now I find myself fighting an urge to demonstrate cake-mixes on TV. " " Sever did I think I would submit to such indignity at the hands of little boys. They make me look like a world- ly grandmother in a home-permanent commercial. I like it. " " Werner Vagt helped me visualize the the course without making a spectacle of it. I don ' t specially mind making a spectacle of myself, but course con- tent should be treated with respect. " 74 Radio-TV Insight By Dr. A. Liddell WFSU-FM and TV gives the Radio-Television stu- dent actual experience under professional guidance. Radio- Television is an interdivisional program offered through the College of Arts and Sciences. The University Broadcasting Services, under Roy Flynn, operates WFSU-FM seven days a week. The non-commercial station furnishes north Florida with good music and educational programs. Dr. Anna Liddell was the first to teach a credited course on WFSU-TV. The station, operating on Chan- nel 11, broadcasts college-credited courses for use on the FSU campus and in the junior colleges in the area. It is not a substitute for teaching; but, it is an asset to the instructor since it leaves him more time for specialization. " At the age of sixty-eight I thought I had enjoyed every good experience as a teacher. Now, through teaching 6n TV, I have discovered a whole new dimension. It ' s ex- hilarating to get a new perspective. It ' s challenging. It ' s also hard work. " " Teleprompters are lovely things. You get so dependent upon them to tell you what to say that after a while you have difficulty in saying ' good morning ' unless it ' s in print in front of you, " 4I» m •• Outstanding Faculty From FSU Honored The numerous pursuits of man--whether scientific, artistic, or philosophical— are ever in the foreground at Florida State University. The Administration strives to maintain a true academic climate, which stimulates the faculty to research, to creation, to all the varied means of human expression. All have made contributions to learning, and many, for parti- cular excellence or achievement, have received national or international recognition. In almost every field, the list of outstanding persons includes representatives of the University faculty. WHEN DR. ANNA LIDDELL came to Florida State University in 1926, she was the whole Philosophy Depart- ment. In subsequent years she has found time for extensive travel and research in Europe in addition to her teaching. Her papers have appeared in the JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY and other publications and have been delivered at philosophical conven- in America and abroad. Both the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology and the Southern Society for Philosophy of Religion have ben- efitted from her leadership as presi- dent. For her outstanding contribu- tions to her school and field. Dr. Liddell was named " Distinguished Professor for 1959- " 76 DR.DWIGHT BURTONgraduatedfrom the University of Minnesota with a Ph.D. in 1951 and came to the De- partment of English Education in 1952. He has published a number of articles in professional periodicals and speaks at English meetings and conferences. His latest publication is the book, LITERATURE STUDY IN THE HIGH SCHOOL. Since 1955 he has been editor of the ENGLISH JOURNAL, published by the National Council of Teachers of English. In 1957 he received the Council ' s first special citation for outstanding con- tributions in high school English teaching methods. DR. VERNON FOX, Professor of So- cial Welfare, is Chairman of the Pro- gram in Criminology and Corrections. One of the nation ' s leading criminol- ogists, he is an outstanding authority on the treatment of delinquency and crime, and has written numerous books and articles on these subjects. He was accorded national recognition in 1952 when he was responsible for breaking the major riot at Southern Michigan Prison. 77 FACULTY HONORS co.., CARLISLE FLOYD, one of America ' s top-ranking young composers, joined the School of Music in 1947 as an Associate Professor. In 1956 he re- ceived a Guggenheim Fellowship for composing. The following year his opera " Susannah " opened in New York and received the New York Music Critics Award; the same work was performed at the World ' s Fair in Brussels in 1958. His most recent accomplishment is the musical work " Wuthering Heights. " ERNEST VQN DOHNANYI has well deservedly been called the dean of living composers and the last surviv- ing giant of the romantic age of music. The 82-year-old native of Hungary was one of the sensational virtuoso pianists of his day and is still a great master. His annual re- citals thrill audiences at Florida State, and his piano and conducting classes are an inspiration to stu- dents. Dr. Dohnanyi still writes regularly and every year is honored by a program of his music by the British Broadcasting Company. 78 DR. LLOYD BEIDLER, Professor of Physiology in the Biological Science Department, received his Ph.D. de- gree in Biophysics from Johns Hop- kins in 1951. Papers on the findings of his research in taste and smell have been presented to international conventions, as well as printed in the leading American scientific jour- nals. Dr. Beidler is presently the director of a $145,000 grant from the United States Public Health Service for training and further research in his special area. MISS ANN KIRN, Assistant Professor of Art, joined the FSU staff in 1944, having received her M.A. degree from UCLA. She has been widely recog- nized for her work with children ' s books. LEOPARD ON A STRING and FULL OF WONDER were written and illustrated by her and she has done the pictures for other books. FULL OF WONDER was selected as one of the ten best-illustrated juvenile books by the New York Times jury. Miss Kirn has experience in element- ary teaching and fashion illustrating. m DR. ERNEST GRUNWALD received his Ph.D. degree from UCLA in 1947 and joined the Florida State Uni- versity Department of Chemistry in 1949. In 1952 he directed the studies of the first student of chemistry to receive a Ph.D. from FSU. The Sloan Foundation, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Office of Naval Research, National Science Found- ation and others have awarded him research grants. In 1959 he received the American Chemical Society Award for Research in Pure Chemistry. RODERICK KIRKPATRICK SHAW Treasurer and Business Manager B.S., Davidson College Administrators Are Shaping F S U Aims The guiding hand is an important hand and thus it is with the Administration of Florida State Uni- versity. Pictured in this next section are those ad- ministrators who not only handle their administra- tive jobs, but offer guidance, instill confidence and promote unity among the students, faculty, and alumni of the University. They are the ones who set the policies of Flo- rida State University, not to impose rules or burdens upon the students, but to direct all activities toward the best interests of all concerned. JACK W. ROLLOW Assistant to President Ph.D., Cornell University MILTON W. CAROTHERS Associate Dean of Faculties Ed.D., Columbia University 80 ROSCOE RALPH OGLESBY Dean of Students Ph. D., Duke University DONALD LOUCKS Dean of Men Ph. Ed., Indiana University KATHERINE WARREN Dean of Women M.A., Columbia University N. ORWIN RUSH Director of Libraries M.S., Columbia EDITH MCCOLLUM Director of Housing M.A., Columbia Teachers College REID H. MONTGOMERY Director of Student Activities Ph.D., New York University 82 EDWARD FRANCIS SLOSEK Director of Student Health M.D. , Tufts Medical School JAMES F. CARR Director of Placement and Financial Aid Ed.D., Indiana University W. HUGH STICKLER Director of Educational Research and Service Ed.D., Columbia University ROBERT T. LEIGH Director of Publications M.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute EDWARD D. WHITTLESEY Director of Public Relations A. B., College of Emporia JOHN A. GRIFFIN Director of University Relations Ph.D., University of Tennessee G. EMERSON TULLY Director of University Test Service Ph. D., University of Illinois ROBERT LEE BANNERMAN, JR. Director of Alumni Affairs B.A., Florida State University Bjl m jii Biiii yiiiiiiwiiiii " " gjm jjjjijj Bil m w jgBB- Hf ' jBF ' , - H B HHV B V ' ' ' ' B m Kt t ' JBr s rH P HHHHIIJH CHARLES H. WALKER Registrar M.A., Carson-Newman College 85 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY ' S computing center issues IBM cards and grades the many tests of university students. WERNER A. BAUM, Dean Ph.D., University of Chicago Graduates Emphasize Research and Study Fifteen per cent of Florida State University ' s stu- dents are enrolled in the Graduate School, now the most rapidly expanding division in the University. Graduate assistantships are available through the various departments. They include teaching, re- search and the formal course of study. Research is an integral part of graduate education, thus, specialized facilities, such as the computing center, are being developed in parallel with the nu- merical growth of the school. One of the most outstanding features for this year is the twenty fellowships awarded by the National Defense of the Educational Graduate Fellowship Program through the United States Office of Educa- tion. Florida State received ihe second highest number of the Fellowships given. ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPH used in PE studies records muscle activity in the bodies of the students. RESEARCH STUDIES are conducted by the Art Department in the use of various light sensitive materials in photography. FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY ' S RESEARCH IN PHYSICS IS GREATLY ADVANCED BY THE USE OF THE NUCLEAR ACCELERATOR 87 J. PAUL REYNOLDS, Dean Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University THE ENGLISH COFFEE HOUR, held Fridays, feature many interesting guest speakers and always brings a full house « HM| Arts and Sciences Courses are Varied The School of Arts and Sciences emphasi7:es general and liberal courses of study. All general education courses are classified under this school and pro- vide a basic background for students. Beginning this year all freshmen students will be registered under the classification of Basic Studies, a division of the School of Arts and Sciences where the stu- dent will remain until his sophomore year when he will declare a major. This school is generally concerned with three basic divisions of study in the fields of natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. It also prepares students for professional fields such as law, dentistry, engineering and medicine. A stu- dent in Arts and Sciences may receive certification to teach on the secondary level. THE LANGUAGE MACHINES help students to speak, ap- preciate, and understand languages more completely. STUDENTS COMBINE FUN with detailed work on rock formation to advance their skills in the study of Geology. WITH THE HELP OF TELEVISION, DEPARTMENTS COMBINE EFFORTS TO BRING THE STUDENTS THEIR CLASSES ON SCREEN 89 THE DISPLAY CASES of the Business Building perform the task of informing the students of various happenings. CHARLES A. ROVETTA, Dean M.B.A., University of Chicago One Fourth ofFSU In Business School The School of Business is designed to meet the needs of the students and the faculty as well as the Flo- rida businessmen. Business education provides a broad liberal background and knowledge of the fun- damentals in business. These two are co-ordinated with specialized skills to form the firm foundation necessary for creative thinking and logical analysis. General education is emphasized so that a graduate can enter a variety of fields in business. In addition to education, the School of Business conducts research programs to serve the business- men and women of Florida, and to advance the level of business achievement in the entire Southeast. Nearly one-fourth of the undergraduate and gra- duate degrees earned at Florida State last year were from the School of Business. WITHIN THE CLASSROOMS, PROFESSORS EXPLAIN REASONS FOR THE GROWTH OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE IN AMERICA MEN AND MACHINES work together in business to bring solutions to old questions in industry. STUDENTS in the Department of Business perform constant research in this field in order to remain aware and informed of current events. 91 1 ART EDUCATION students exhibit their imagination and creativity through facilities available in the department. t MODE L. STONE, Dean Ph.D., Peabody University School of Education Tests New Methods The School of Education, organized to promote the welfare of education, includes a broad program for future teachers, supervisors, administrators, and research workers. In the Physical Education department , physio- logical research is being done with the use of the electroencephalograph, an instrument which meas- ures muscle ability. In the Science department, the Physical Science Study Commission is setting up institutions in Florida for the purpose of in- forming teachers about new scientific techniques. The Audio-Visual Department is developing the use of Television Education. The Test Service Burea u computes examination scores for all tests given. Students in the University school are able to observe educational theory in action, through an extensive internship program. THE TESTING BUREAU, an essential department of any university, measures student progress and potential. TYPICAL OF THE RESEARCH carried on by the Science Education Department is the study of the wave phenomena. THE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL ALLOWS STUDENT TEACHERS TO VIEW TEACHING TECHNIQUES OF REAL CLASSROOM SITUATIONS 93 IN THE DEPARTMENT of Food and Nutrition, students are taught to adjust recipes for use in electronic ovens. HORTENSE M. GLENN, Dean M.S., Florida State University Home Economics Has Diversified Appeal Home Economics is an interdisciplinary field, and the Home Economist has, by philosophy and train- ing, an interdisciplinary approach. Major programs attractive to both men and women at the undergra- duate and graduate levels are offered in the Depart- ments of Clothing and Textiles, Food and Nutrition, Home and Family Life, Home Demonstration Educa- tion, Home Economics Education, and Institution Ad- ministration. Research is an important activity in each of these departments. During the 1959 Homecoming activities, the Home Economics Building was dedicated to the former Dean of the School, Dr. Margaret R. Sandels. Dr. Sandels was a Professor of Nutrition, and served as Dean from 1922-1958. In the future, the building will be known as the Sandels Building. •-• ,( ■ ' " l ' " - " IN INTERIOR DESIGN STUDENTS PRODUCE VARIOUS SCALE MODELS ON PAPER OF APARTMENTS AND HOMES THEY DESIGN MANY MONTHS of research are being done to find the origin of the historic costumes in the Clothing and Textiles Department. FSU ' S Deparnnent of Institution Administration strives to find the true value of foods consumed. 95 m-mimMmmmmm§ m EXCEPT FOR THE HRST FLOOR, the library makes a perfect place to study as well as to do a research paper. LOUIS SHORES, Dean Ph.D., Peabody University School of Library Is Conference Host Today graduate librarians are employed in public libraries , the educational system , in scientific research libraries of industry , as well as in government service, and in the operation of the book -mobile service. They are a component of psychological warfare and , also , a part of bib- liotheraphy, which attempts to cure some dis- eases through directed reading. This year the library school at Florida State University was honored by being chosen as host to conduct a four day conference and refresh- er course for the Strategic Air Command librar- ians. The school at Florida State University is one of thirty -one in the United States and is the only library school in a five hundred mile radius. THIS PROJECTOR SAVES WEAR on all documents by showing material on a wall for a class to see. LET ME SEE NOW- If the card catalogue on first floor is correct, that volume on William Shakespeare ' s life should be right about here. STUDENTS ARE ABLE to enjoy favorite albums in the Humanities Section of the Florida State Library. 97 GROUP PARTICIPATION is important to the student ' s appreciatioa of his ownpositionin the vast musical world. KARL OTTO KUERSTEINER, Dean Ph.D., University of Chicago FSU Music School Among Nation ' s Best The School of Music at Florida State is considered one of the best in the United States. The school is also one of the largest, with an enrollment of 400 music majors in residence, and twice this number of students who take one or more courses in the music department. Non-music majors have membership in the seven University choral organizations and in the eight University instrumental groups. These groups present many concerts on campus, and represent the University on tour over the state. All degrees are offered in music, from the Bache- lor ' s degree in eleven areas, to the Doctor ' s degree in six fields of concentration. The summer session includes a full offering for undergraduates, several courses for graduate stu- dents, and four music camp sessions which attract over 800 high school students annually. MUSIC STUDENTS leam to play a variety of instruments during their course of study at Florida State University. PERFECTION comes only through concentrated practice on the part of music majors from all branches of the school. EVENING PERFORMANCES by the Music Department bring pleasure to participating students and audiences. 99 THE STUDENT NURSES at Florida State must learn to al- ways be understanding and considerate of their patients. VIVIAN M. DUXBURY, Dean M.A., Columbia University Nursing Offers Two Interning Programs The School of Nursing offers two programs to stu- dents; the four year program leading up to a Bache- lor of Science degree in nursing and the Graduate Nurse program, which offers a degree in nursing edu- cation for those who are registered nurses. The first two years under the four year program are spent on campus in the classroom; the second summer is spent doing rural hospital nursing. Stu- dents spend the third year in clinical nursing, and the fourth year in half-classroom, half-clinical as- signments including field work in public health. The Graduate nurse program prepares nurses for leader- ship in public health teaching, and in administrative and supervisory roles. The school is accredited by the State Board of Nursing and the National League for Nursing. s- y i f- ' -M I ¥ ' if; 1 £ h i ONE OF THE PLEASURES of the Nurses ' training is being able to help children regain and keep their health. BEFORE HELPING any " live " patients, all stu dent nur- ses must first be able to handle various problems on " dummy " STUDENTS ENROLLED IN THE SCHOOL OF NURSING GAIN USEFUL EXPERIENCE IN ALL ASPECTS OF THEIR CHOSEN FIELD FIELD WORK IN TALLAHASSEE prepares students for case work study in training with FSU ' s welfare school. COYLE E. MOORE, Dean Ph.D., University of Chicago FSU Social Welfare Experiences Growth The School of Social Welfare is experiencing rapid growth. Undergraduate and graduate students from thirty different stares have transferred in recent years to the welfare school at FSU. The strength of the school is in the two internship programs. The Jacksonville program is for undergra- duates in general Social Welfare. Under the guidance of a professor, the students observe and participate in from fourteen to eighteen different social work agencies during an eight week period. The second internship program in Criminology and Correction, is usually held during Summer School. Students are placed in a setting such as a boy ' s in- dustrial school. They are supervised by a member of the correctional institute ' s staff, and participate as junior members of the staff. SOCIAL WELFARE CLASSROOM STUDIES ARE USED FOR DISCUSSING AND ANALYZING THE MANY PROBLEMS OF THIS FIELD WHEN DECIDING IN WHICH PHASE THEY WOULD BE MOST VALUABLE, WELFARE STUDENTS SEEK COUNSELING AND GUIDANCE THE BEAUTY OF FORM and precision can be seen by all during drill Thursday afternoons of the Army ROTC unit. LT. COL. CHARLES H. CALHOUN, JR., Commanding Officer B.S., Georgia Tech Army Military Unit Readies for Future In 1951, seventy-one cadets enrolled in the ROTC program. Today, four hundred men participate. Two years of ROTC are required, but the advanced course is entered voluntarily. Advanced students are se- lected according to their scholastic standing, po- tential leadership, and physical fitness. Upon graduation and completion of the advanced course, the student is eligible to be commissioned in the United States Army. Cadets may join the Drill team at the beginning of their ROTC career; Pershing Rifles, the national honorary for freshmen and sophomore students; or, Scabbard and Blade for outstanding Advanced ROTC students. The highest honor a cadet may receive is to be appointed a Distinguished Military Student in his senior year. AN ARMY CADET OFFICER views the ROTC unit, in their usual good form, during Thursday drill inspections. THE ARMY BAND from Florida State University plays for functions at the university as well as in other locals. DURING CLASSROOM STUDIES, BASIC ARMY TACTICS ARE DISCUSSED WITH THE MANY POTENTIAL ARMY OFFICERS IN ROTC % i V THE AIR COLOR GUARD at the Florida State University adds stately grace to the area as they drill on Thursdays COL. JOHN K. ARNOLD, JR., Commanding Officer M.S., California Institute of Technology Air Science Cadets Increase Enrollment One decade has brought many additions to the Department of Air Science at Florida State Arnold Air Society, the national honorary for AFROTC, w,as established here in 1950. Angel Flight, a national honorary for women, was formed last spring. In 1957, the Flight Instruction Program was introduced. Senior Cadets are given thirty- five hours of flight instruction and thirty-five hours of ground school. Included in the depart- ment are the Rifle Team and the Drill Team. The AFROTC Band has played at Mardi Gras as well as on local occasions. This year a six- teen voice Glee Club and a twenty-two piece Drum and Bugle Corps were formed. Nine hundred cadets are now enrolled in the Air Force program this year. BOB REELY, CADET WING COMMANDER, accepts the coveted Distinguished Military Student award from Dr. Milton Carothers. ROTC INSPECTION THURSDAY requires perfection as these air students on the Drill Team well know. ANGEL FLIGHT BRINGS GLAMOUR DURING THOSE UNGLAMOROUS DRILLS, AND LENDS POLISH TO THEIR FORMAL OCCASIONS 107 ••■iki i.f: 7 t r THE GALLERY at Florida State presents exhibitions that display the principle on line and shape harmoniously blended. THE ART GALLERY is found on the second floor of the Seminole Club. Its room accomodates various display forms. Art Gallery Shows Exhibit of Crafts In co-operation with the Artist Series, the Art Gal- lery presents exhibits which strive to balance the contemporary and the traditional. This year the gallery presented an exhibit of Florida craftsmen, showing their work in ceramics, weaving and jewelry making. The Art Gallery retains a ninty thousand dollar permanent collection, which can be seen in the University Library. THE GALLERY SHOWINGS CONSIST OF PAINTINGS, PRINTS, SCULPTURE AND DESIGN, ATTRACTIVELY PRESENTED FOR VIEWING PATTY MILLER PAUSES TO STUDY A DISPLAY PICTURING THE DEVELOPMENT OF MAN FROM THE EARLIEST SOURCES Museum Experiments With New Exhibits The museum at Florida State University strives to develop new techniques of exhibit installation by experimenting with blended colors and forms. Visitors are asked to fill out questionnaires and express their opinions of the exhibits; thus the dis- plays are evaluated. The museum, located in the Seminole Club, has the same potentials as a library, in that they both record the history of man. LUNG CANCER IS THE LEAST of this student ' s worries. The Tally-Ho photographer ' s humor had to be shown here. 109 A wide and encompassing range of campus activities provide opportunities for the development, communication and expression of interests, creative talent, and leadership. Activities DEANOGLESBY FOLLOWS JOHN, BUCK, AND ANOTHER INITIATE ON THEIR WAY TO TAPPING CEREMONIES ON WESTCOTT STEPS Campus Leadership Recognized by ODK Omicron Delta Kappa, National Leadership Honor Society, selects those college men who have shown outstanding leadership, scholarship, character, and service through their participation in campus act- ivities. The group encourages and widens both extracurricular and academic interests. ODK promotes leadership through its recognition of achievement in all of the many phases of campus life. High standards of efficiency and active parti- cipation, the earmarks of achievement, are advanced in order to further develop the whole man. ODK believes that scholarship and unselfish service are the marks of true character, thus requiring both as membership qualification. John Grimsley, Chief Justice of the Honor Court, was conducted through the tapping ceremonies in the spring ODK initiation. John, a senior, is pictur- ed as he received an honor coveted, admired, and respected by all college men. JOHN GRIMSLEY is presented his " surprise invitation " to ODK by member Buck Bryan in Dean Oglesby ' s office. 112 THE STAGE IS SET as ODK President Joe Westhafer begins the ritual on the traditional steps of Westcott. SOLEMNESS PREVAILS as John reflects the serious spirit of the impressive ceremony of a formal tapping. MYSTICALLY ILLUMINATED by dim candles, John is shown thoughtfully meditating during the formal initiation ceremony. 113 Student Government MATTOX HAIR Student Body President CARL BUTLER Student Body Vice President Student Government Has Three Branches The Student Government of Florida State University is divided into three branches, Executive, Legisla- tive, and Judicial, as patterned after our National Government. The powers and duties of each branch are delegated by the Student Body Constitution. The Executive Branch is headed by the President of the Student Body and is composed of the Vice President, Women ' s Yice President, Men ' s Vice President, and the President ' s Cabinet. The Student Senate makes up the Legislative Branch. There are two men and two women Senators elected from each class, twenty-four Senators elect- ed from the various precincts, and the Secretary of Senate elected from the entire Student Body. The Judicial Branch is composed of the Honor Court, the University Court, the Dorm House Coun- cil, the Off Campus Court, and the Traffic Court. r » ANN WILLIAMS Women ' s Vice President RONNIE CLARK Men ' s Vice President JIM APTHORP Attorney General TED KEENE Secretary of Organizations JOYCE COMBS Secretary of State 119 MARY LEE BONE Secretary of Senate SENATE: First row: Cinda Gabriel, Grace Scott, Lois Jean Holmes, Kay Finlay, Dotty Pope, Carol Avera, Janice Smith, Grace Macklem, Mygnon Champion, Mari- anna Girtman, Ann Williams, Linda Stearns. Second row: Jack Ryder, Jeanie Fer- CAROLYN GRIFFIN Secretary of the Interior SALLY HIGHNAM Secretary of Elections SYLVIA MILLER Secretary of Honor o p r r = P P lita, Monkey Brannen, Peggy Hackett, Gerri Hancock, Susie Boyce, Nancy Paluzzi, Kathleen Daly, Nancy Sill, Martha Bedell, Linda Hobbs, Ted Wilkinson, Bobby Byrd, Marion Clark, Third row: Jeff Poland, Mark Owen, Jimmie Stevens, Dave Dale, Fuller Tresca, Bill Bryan, Vic Halbach, Jim Miller, John Reynolds, Ronnie Clark, Jack Eilertsen, Bob Burrows, John Counter, Bill Baker, Ralph Russell. SID STUBBS Secretary of Finance • - r SHEILA KENNEDY Secretary of Student Welfare SANDY BESKIND Secretary of Student Events Honor Court Upholds Highest Standards Honor Court is the Supreme Court of the University. It is composed of the Chief Justice, one clerk, and eight members elected from the junior and senior classes. The Court handles all infractions of the Honor Code, appeals from the lower courts, and renders interpretations of the Constitution. The Honor System is enforced by the Student Body, and the Honor Court merely decides guilt or innocence. If the student is proven guilty, the Court sets an appropriate sentence. Punishments range from HonorCourt probation to immediate suspension. Secrecy is maintained in all action involving Honor Code for the protection of the students concerned. The Honor Court endeavors in every way to im- partially render fair and just decisions. JOHN GRIMSLEY, Chief Justice HONOR COURT: First row: Leonard Dorsey, Rebel Bellftmy, Claude Grizzard, Bemie Abbott, John Grimsley. Second row: Mary Bell, Dot Morton, Nancy Jones, Kitty Wade, Sandra Spoto. 120 UNIVERSITY COURT: First row: Sissy Sellers, Peggy Row, Lynne Williams, Ivylyn Frazier, Secretary, Dibba Butler, Sue Massey. Second row: Jan Dougherty, Julie Ingram, Spanky Pumell, Chuck Mynard, Monty Gillham, Rena Ambrosini. Third row: Tom Whittle, Andy Moore, Bob Miller, Bob Nussear, Moe Hobbs, Louis DeFelice. Judiciary Considers Student ' s Welfare The University Court is composed of a chairman, and two representatives elected from each of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes in the spring. The members are divided into two courts, Men ' s Judiciary and Women ' s Judiciary. Serious cases can result in dismissal from the University, while other penalties include restrict- ing social activities as well as campus activities. In addition, the restrictions of a severe nature are taken to a Faculty Review Committee, consist- ing of the Dean of Women, Dean of Men, and the Dean of Students. This check and balance system has been established to safeguard the student ' s rights. In any situation, the individual ' s welfare is considered of upmost importance. MONTY GILLHAM, Chairman 121 OFF CAMPUS COURT: First row: Andrea Vogler, Harriet Joy Saroodis, Sharon Blumer, Secretary, Jane Powell, Chairman, Sharon Toth, Mary Packard, Kathy Holding. Second row: Dorothea Davis, Peggy Dickman, Betty Hand, Polly Clarke, Connie St. John, Judy Lehan, Joyce Stocking, Helen Forrest, Blanche Eastman. Not Pictured: Bobbie Nell Duey, Gail Allen, June Baird. Off Campus Court Backs Regulations Off Campus Court is made up of a representative from each sorority house and the two co-operative living houses. A chairman is chosen by the members to preside over the meetings. The purpose of the Court is to serve as the judiciary body for girls not living in the dorms. Disciplinary action is taken when University regulations are broken. Traffic Court Views University Problems The FSU Traffic Court is composed of five members, three juniors and two sophomores, from which a chairman is chosen. The Court has jurisdiction over violations of the Traffic Code, as established by the Student Senate. This group efficiently handles the traffic problems existing on campus. The Court is conducted in an informal manner. TRAFFIC COURT: Pat Simpson; Kathering Alsop; Terry Jones, Chairman; Shirley Coachman; Bill Green. Not pictured: Charles Hawkins. X Publications BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS: First row: Dr. Elston Roady, Natalie Hobbs, Nancy Henderson, Dr. Earl Beck. Second row: Ted Demmon, Dr. Richard Joel, Dr. Reid Montgomery, Don Talmon. Student Editors Are Appointed by BOP Each spring the editors of the four student publi- cations are selected and a business manager is appointed by the Board of Publications. Approval of the publications budgets and finan- cial statements also come under its jurisdiction. The Board is composed of three students elected by the student body, two students appointed by the Student Body President and three faculty members appointed by the president of the University. Non- voting-members include the editors and business manager of the publications and the Advisor for Student Publications, Dr. Reid Montgomery. The Chairman of the Board of Publications this year is Natalie Hobbs. Ted Demmon is Vice -Chair- man and Dr. Montgomery serves as Secretary. NATALIE HOBBS, B. O. P. Chairman, discusses policy matters with Charlotte Stoker, current Pow Wow Editor. 124 Campus Publications Expands Facilities The office of the business manager of student publi- cations and the production laboratory are vital to University publications. This year ' s business manager of Student Publica- tions is Don Talmon. Working closely with Dr. Raid Montgomery, Director of Student Activities, he directs the financial aspects of the publications. His long list of duties includes handling payroles for the publications staffs, appointing the Advertis- ing managers for the respective publications and conducting registration for the TALLY HO. The production laboratory, a newly organized de- partment in student publications, is under the di- rection of Dick Parks, production manager. The POW WOW, SMOKE SIGNALS, TALLY HO and nu- merous smaller publications are prepared for litho- graphic printing by the production staff. DON TALMON Business Manager w ■ •« I 7 wri SUGAR STARRETT Assistant Business Manager PRODUCTION STAFF CHIEF Dick Parks and his able assistants, Ralph Morgan and Susan Haines, help prepare student publications for printing. 125 % I » UfiMA ars I NAT HOBBS Managing Editor AL NICHOLS Editor-in-Chief The I960 Tally Ho Takes on New Look An assortment of phone messages, blunt pencils, partially completed copy, and photographers strike the eye of anyone wandering up to 403 Longmire, the site of our new office. The finished TALLY HO is the result of many trials, a few errors, and a great deal of information-gathering. Patience, fortitude, and a strong desire to get the yearbook to the press characterizes each staff member. The TALLY HO has taken on a new look. Lay- outs, photography, and copy have been effectively related to present a lasting and comprehensive pic- ture of I960 at Florida State. Artistic talents, jour- nalistic principles, and creativity have been combin- ed with forethought and great care, resulting in Expressionism, the yearbook theme. It ' s with pride and hope that the student body will be pleased with our efforts, that we present the I960 TALLY HO. HARRIET L ' ENGLE Associate Editor JOE BAILEY Associate Editor BOB MEIER Photography Chief 1 . r at I HjE ' p - 1 ' A i LINDA WAHL Assistant Editor 127 N MATILE GUINAND Classes Editor JIM THOMAS Features Editor BERYL MILLER Activities Editor NANCIE SILL Copy Editor ALAN DAVID Photographer ( ii JACK RYDER Sports Editor MARWEES IMESON Greeks Editor SUSIE SAMPLE Academics Editor 128 ASSISTANT SECTION HEADS: Sitting: Sandy Hunter, Activities. Standing: Charlette Schildecker, Academics; Mary Jane McGinnes, Sports; Beverly Ray, Greeks; Scarlett Pogue, Classes. MARY ANN VICKERY, SARANAN McCUNE Executive Editors EVE LOMAISTRO, Promotion Manager FRANK BLOUNT, Advertising Manager CHRIS FISHER Editor-in-Chief MERRY MOREHOUSE Writer 130 DON PRITCHETT Photographer Magazine Sponsors Short Story Contest Typewriters, scissors, flash bulbs, cigarettes, cof- fee and sharp wit combine to produce SMOKE SIGNALS, the University magazine. A student managed publication, the SMOKE SIGNALS introduces the work of talented individuals on campus. Lively competition is stimulated in the annual short story contest. Photo essays, special features, humor and creative writing are all included in this general interest magazine. RALPH MORGAN Advertising Manager BILL McLEMORE Illustxator JOHN CADENHEAD Illustrator SHIRLEY COACHMAN Associate Editor AL HAINES Writer JOAN COACHMAN, GAIL BYNUM Exchange Editors 131 Flambeau Receives All American Rating Visitors to the Florida Flambeau office on " Dead- line Days " come away wondering how such con- fusion can possibly produce a readable newspaper. But organized mayhem has paid off for the Uni- versity ' s bi-weekly student paper. The All American Honor Rating it won for the spring semester, 1959, is the third such award for the Flambeau in the past four years. The Flambeau hits the stands about 9:00 A.M. every Tuesday and Friday, with a varied assortment of news, features, editorials, student opinion columns, and Guerin and Herblock cartoons. The news staff reports campus events ranging from concerts to student government. They are assisted by the photographers who provide a picto- rial record of all special events. The business staff keeps the books and records while the efficient advertising staff provides re- venue to suppliment funds from student activity fees which finance the Flambeau. VIRGINIA DELAVAN Flditor-in-Chief DIANE GODIN Associate Editor 132 r ' r GEORGIANA FRY Assistant Managing Editor PHIL DEGNON Managing Editor ROSA NELL WILSON News Editor DEANNA MORRIS Society Editor FRANK RAMOS Sports Editor 133 ED CAKE, JIM KNIGHT, DON BECKER Flambeau Photographers JOAN ABBOTT Assistant News Editor FRANK DeSTEFANO Assistant Sports Editor RALPH MORGAN, Advertising Manager GRADY TOLER, Assistant SPENCE GUERIN Artist 134 Dormitory Government Men ' s Dorm Officers Promote Activities The purposes of men ' s dormitory government at Florida State University are varied. It provides an opportunity for the residents to improve their housing conditions through group discussion and represent- ative cou ncils. Dorm activities and policies are also under its jurisdiction. In the fall each dormitory elects a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Athletic Director and Social Chairman. These officers and the Wing Represent- atives, elected every semester from each floor, deal with all matters of local importance. The acute male housing shortage was eased last December when Kellum Dormitory opened. Students formerly living in Magnolia Hall and several private homes quickly filled the eleven floors of the tallest structure on the campus. " LET ' S INVEST IN A VACUUM CLEANER, " are familiar words in Senior Hall as residents prepare for room check. KELLUM HALL OFFICERS: Jack McQuestion, Governor; Jerry Angelotti, Lt. Governor; Jack Eilertsen, Secretary; Jack Rosenburg, Lt. Governor; Vann Goodloe, Social Chairman. 136 SENIOR HALL OFFICERS: Carl Saye, Secretary; Gene Hope, Lt. Governor; George Hitchcock, Governor; Jerry Hohne, Treasurer. WEST HALL OFFICERS: Bob Jackson, Governor; Rodger Sherman, Social Chairman; John Reynolds, Senator 137 special Counciling Given New Students Four officers are elected in the spring to serve in each of the women ' s dormitories the following year. The chief duty of the president is to preside over all house meetings and to act as chairman of House Council. Two vice-presidents are elected; one serves as secretary and the other as treasurer. The social chairman coordinates the many social functions held during the year. These officers and the floor chairmen sit as members of House Council, the judical body of the dorm. Junior Councelors are selected in the spring to live in dorms with the freshmen and transfer stu- dents. Their chief function is to help orient new students into college life. However, they also act in the capacity of mother, faculty advisor, fashion con- sultant and advisor to the lovelorn. " THERE MUST BE AN EASIER WAY, " moans a co-ed as women enter Magnolia Hall for the first time since 1953. BROWARD OFFICERS: Marylyn Zibell, President; Diane Northrup, Social Chairman; Deanna Morris, Vice President; Helen Monrose, Vice President. 138 DORMAN OFFICERS: Molly Fiesher President Donna Deutsch Vice-President Marilyn Boyd Vice-President Sue Marsch Social Chairman sM« ' ' 4t; %, M;? yM 3C « ' ? S»I« FLORIDA HALL OFFICERS; Sunshine Eddy President Jackie O ' Hare Social Chairman Liz Priore Vice-President Annette Hancock Vice-President EAST LANDIS OFFICERS: Gerry Gilberts President Jane Mims Vice President Beverly Marchetta Social Chairman Manuella Cash Vice President WEST LANDIS OFFICERS: Berta Boyce President Vicki Desmond Social Chairman Jan Berelsman Vice President Sue Dunlap Vice President NORTH CAWTHON: Dot Holland President Barbara Houston Vice President Tan McClung Social Chairman Carolyn Barton Vice President %■ V j S % SOUTH CAWTHON OFFICERS Yvonne Gartman Vice President Nancy Turner President Sherry Piper Social Chairman Mickey Trice Vice President BRYAN OFFICERS: CarlaWestphal, Social Chairman; Rita Gamett; President; Judy Magnell, Vice President; Glenda Powers, Vice President. f- GILCHRIST OFFICERS: Mary Betts, President; Carolyn Sistrunk, Social Chairman; Joyce Burton, Vice President; Margaret Toney, Vice President. 141 JENNIE MURPHREE OFFICERS: Roberta Warren, Social Chainnan; Gwen Waters, Vice President; Teal Guinand, Vice President; Joyce Nuckolls, President. REYNOLDS OFFICERS: Charlotte Goodman, President; Terrie Jones, Vice President; Donna Falconnier, Social Chairman; Betts Dehart, Vice President. 142 Honoraries John Anderson Jim Apthorp Raymond Arnold Robert Bannerman Bucky Cannon James Carr Bill Cullom John Grimsley Richard Joel Ted Keen Lewis Killian Al Nichols Joseph Plant Don Ramsden Grover Rogers Charles Rovetta Rod Shaw Jim Soles Omicron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership hono- rary, recognizes outstanding men on the basis of service, leadership and character. The purposes of this high honorary are: first, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities; second, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life; and third, to organize members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. ODK membership is composed of juniors and seniors, with honorary membership given to mem- bers of the faculty, administration, and alumni. This year the presentation of new members was made at the Homecoming Pow Wow. Officers for the year are Ted Keen, President; Don Ramsden, Vice-President; Joseph Plant, Se- cretary; and Jim Apthorp, Treasurer. Not pictured are: Dr. Robert M. Strozier, Dr. Hudson Rodgers, Carl Butler, and Ralph Russell. William Tait Edward Whittlesey 144 DR. ANNA FORBES LIDELL SPEAKS AT ONE OF THE " LAST LECTURES, " A NEW SERIES SPONSORED BY MORTAR BOARD. Mortar Board The highest honor a woman student can receive is an invitation to membership in Mortar Board, nation- al leadership and scholastic honorary. This organization sponsors many projects of value and interest to the University. Proceeds from Penny- A-Minute Night, held each semester, go into a scho- larship fund. The Last Lecture Series, initiated this year, featured such outstanding faculty members as Dr. Anna Forbes Lidell, Dr. Hudson Rodgers, Dr. Marion Irish, and Dr. Ben Rodgers giving their " Last Lectures. " Another new project is that of compiling a list of fellowships and assistantships which are available for graduate study. Officers for the 1959-60 year are Annette Mcintosh, President; Nancy Fraser, Vice-President; Judy Ramsey, Secretary; and Molly Flesher, Treasurer. Faculty Advisors are Miss Elizabeth Thompson, Miss Virginia Dumas, and Dr. Jackson Ice. Jackie Boyd Joyce Combs Molly Flesher Nancy Ftaser Monty Gillham Molly Gladding D ottie Hatton Kay Hufford Annette Mcintosh Judy Ramsey Jackie Soud Ann Williams 145 fhnt Jim Apthotp Raymond Arnold Rebel Bellamy Bill Bryan Call Butler John Grimsley Claude Grizzard Ted Keen Roy Mathis Al Nichols Ralph Russell Sid Stubbs Don Talmon Bob Weber A NEOPHYTE PROJECT this year was a large replica of the Gold Key held by Rebel Bellamy and Claude Grizzard. Gold Key Gold Key, men ' s leadership honorary, was estab- lished on campus to recognize and foster leader- ship and service among male students. A most active organization. Gold Key has been responsible for many improvements on the campus such as student bulletin boards, mail boxes and telephone booths. Honorary membership is presented at the annual Garnet and Gold Banquet during Homecoming. Officers are Ramon Arnold, President; Al Ulmer, Vice-President; Don Talmon, Secretary; Bob Weber, Treasurer; and Claude Flory, Faculty Advisor. Not pictured are Ernie Stock and Al Ulmer. H M ' L DR. CLAUDE FLORY congratulates Rod Shaw after the tapping ceremony at the Garnet and Gold Banquet. 146 Cappy Archibald Sandra Beskind Jackie Boyd Judy Chambliss Dorothy Clark Joyce Combs Kay Desmond Mary Louise Edwards •M Molly Flesher Nancy Fraser Monty Gillham Molly Gladding Charlotte Goodman Kay Hall Dottie Hatton Sally Highnam Nat Hobbs Dot Holland Kay Hufford Delphia Johnson Nancy Jones Terrie Jones Fedora Lewis Eve Lomaistro Annette Mcintosh Joyce Nuckolls Judy Ramsey Ellen Taaffe Ann Williams Barbara Youmans Marilyn Zibell Garnet Key GARNET KEY HELPS GRADUATING SENIORS by furnishing their graduation requirements in the Senior Black Book. Gamet Key recognizes women students for their outstanding contributions of leadership, spirit, and service, and strives to promote those activities which foster the progress of the University. Can- didates for Garnet Key are selected from second semester sophomores, juniors, and seniors having an overall average of 2.3 and who are active in at least two extra-curricular activities. Officers are President, Dorothy Hatton; Vice- President, Cappy Archibald; Secretary, Kay Hall; and Treasurer, Terrie Jones. Not pictured are Chris Fisher and Jackie Soud. 147 RESIDENT MEMBERS Stanley E. Asplund Richard Baker W. M. Barrows Ramona C. Beard Homer A. Black Irene Boliek Ruth S. Breen Reno W. Bupp Grace E. Cairns Margaret V. Campbell John E. Champion Robert G. Clapp Barnarr Cooper Robert Davis Graydon S. DeLand James W. Dickoff Patricia Donovan William Donovan Earl Frieden Frank X. Goni Dwight B. Goodner Alex E. Green H. C. Griffith Ernest Grunwald Harvey Hall Marion J. Hay Werner Herz Dorothy L. Hoffman Katherine B. Hoffman Donald Holroyd Bentz B. Howard Marion D. Irish Richard Joel Michael Kasha Winthrop N. Kellogg Lewis M. Killian Albert L. LeDuc John E. Leffler Ralph McWilliams M. Avramy Melvin Wayne C. Minnick Ronald Moore Mrs. James Nettles Meyer F. Nimkoff John D. Oberholtzer Victor R. B. Oelschlager Max Oppenheimer John Kenneth Osmond Daisy Parker Malcolm B. Parsons Ann Louise Pates Robert L. Plunkett J. Russell Reaver, Jr. J. Paul Reynolds William H. Rogers Wilford Shelton Robert B. Short J. R. Skretting Nancy W. Smith Gerald Speisman Sara K. Srygley Robert M. Strozier Lynnette Thompson Lyman D. Touimin Bert G. Vanderhill H. O. Walby Francis R. Walton William Watson Betty M. Watts Edith West Stephen Winters MEMBER-IN-COURSE Dorothy Morton Phi Beta Kappa phi Beta Kappa was the first greek letter society es- tablished in the United States. It was founded at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Vir- ginia, in 1776, as a secret society and in 1826 be- came the honor society we know today. Florida Alpha chapter was installed at Florida State College for Women on March 5, 1935 and since then has centered its activities around the fostering of academic accomplishment. Membership is an honor conferred on recognition of scholarly attainment in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. Officers are Lynette Thompson, President; Francis Walton, Vice-President; John Champion, Treasurer; Reno Bupp, Treasurer; and Venila Shores, Historian. PHI BETA KAPPA: First row: Venila Shores, Historian; Dorothy Morton; Lynette Thompson, President. Second row: John E. Champion, Secretary; Francis R. Walton, Vice-President; Reno W. Bupp, Treasurer. PHI KAPPA PHI: First row: Dorothy Hoffman, Journal Correspondent; Ruth Ferguson, Secretary; Dean Hortense Glenn, President. Second row: Gregg Phifer, Vice-President; Ralph Witherspoon, Treasurer. FACULTY MEMBERS Nelda C. Alderman Mary V. Alexander Stanley E. Asplund Marian Black M. W. Carothers Juanita DeVette Anne Marie Erdman Ruth D. Ferguson Hortense M. Glenn S. L. Hammond Dorothy L. Hoffman Robert A. Kromhart Karl O. Kuersteiner Maria Lacayo Ralph D. McWilliams Gregg Phifer Grover L. Rogers Dora Skipper Hazel Stevens Mode L. Stone R. L. Witherspoon STUDENT MEMBERS Dorothy H. Clark John I, Cobb Suzanne R. Flory Nancy Jane Eraser Wayne Clinton Hobbs Audrey Nadine Kirby Dorothy L. Morton Frederick Mueller Harold Dean Parkman Francis Marie Spell The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1897 by a group of students who felt the need for an honor society on broader lines and with as high stan- dards as any then in existence. It is composed of graduate and undergraduate members from all depart- ments of the University and differs from other honor societies chiefly in the fact that its doors are open to students in any department of study in the insti- tution where a chapter exists. Its prime object is to emphasize scholarship and character in the thoughts of college students, to hold fast to the original purpose for which institu- tions of learning were founded, and to stimulate mental achievement by the prize of membership. 149 Mortified f- . ' -Mr ' -• ■J ■ ' oir j It had to happen! Mortified ' s long tradition of being the only organization on campus which does absol- utely nothing was interrupted this year when the members sold ash trays bearing the FSU Alma Mater. Otherwise, activities remained the same— irregular meetings at the Corner and parties to which no one else was invited. To the strains of " eii, eii, we ' re Mortified, " mem- bers of this organization tap outstanding juniors each spring. The bases of membership are service, char- acter, spirit, activities and leadership. Only a scho- larship requirement is lacking, hence the Mortified pin in the shape of a dunce cap. This year, Kay Hall, Grand Czar and only officer, reigned supreme over the elite group. HAPPILY MORTIFIED, Kay Desmond sells ashtrays most unconventionally, while Dot Holland " oversees " her work. MORTIFIED: Mary Louise Edwards, Eve Lomaistro, Sally Hi nam, Nancy Jones, Julie Ingram, Kay Hall, Fedora Lewis, Cappy Nat Hobbs. 150 ALPHA COUNCIL: First row: Span ky Purnell, Gordy Smith, Peter Christman, Bobby Byrd, Duke Scott, Johnny Barley. Second row: Robert Waters, Charles Keating, Herbert Wotring, Charles Hawkins, Bob Abstein, Denny Flandreau, Dale Wooldridge, Marion Clark. Alpha Council Alpha Council is a Freshman-Sophomore leadership honorary established on the Florida State University campus in 1953. Its purpose is to recognize poten- tial leadership ability and to develop and maintain interest in worthwhile University activities of the male students by bringing these outstanding men into association with situations which will develop their leadership talents. Their activities include promotion of the honor system, development of school spirit, stimulation of religious activity, and partial sponsorship of the University orientation program. Officers this year are President, Bobby Byrd; Vice- President, Don Gaddis; Secretary, Duke Scott; and Treasurer, Pete Christman. BUDDY WOZTRESTG and Don Gattis sell Miss Adams an F.S.U. license plate for the Bob Crenshaw Memorial Fund. 151 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA: First row: Laura Fetterley, Deborah Ricketts, Gail Gellespie, Jan Dougherty, Nancie Sill, Dorothy Reedy. Se- cond row: Sharon Moses, Patricia Arehart, Betty Lou Vowell, Penny Diehl, Linda Walter, Doris Davis, Linda Matthews. Third row: Gwen Floyd, Patricia Kelley, Grace Scott, Naomi Cheely. Alpha Lambda Delta To encourage superior scholastic attainment among the freshmen women is the main purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta, freshman women ' s scholastic honorary. Each year, in conjunction with Phi Eta Sigma, this national organization presents a scholarship to an incoming freshman student. Sponsorship of the school events calendar and a coke stand operated during re- gistration help raise money for this award. They also assist the administration during orientation week. President this year is Jan Dougherty. Gail Gil- lespie serves as Vice-President; Nancie Sill, Secre- tary and Debbie Ricketts, Treasurer. JAN DOUGHERTY, Ginger Dunning, Deborah Ricketts, and Nancie Sill, share the success of their calendar sale. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA: First row: Al Nichols, Ted Demmon, Allan Post, Jim Billard. Second row: Ward Matthews, Grady Toler, Frank Blount, Ralph Morgan, Lenny Koeth, Larry Cavallero. Not pictured: Richard Joel, Joe Bailey, Claude Grizzard. Alpha Delta Sigma Alpha Delta Sigma is an honorary for male Adverti- sing majors who have proved outstanding in their chosen field. It encourages cooperation and under- standing between education and business. Projects of the club include sponsorship of Advertising Week in Tallahassee and the sale and production of news- paper and student directory advertising. Officers are Oliver Joe Bailey, President; Ralph T. Morgan, Vice-President; Allan Post Secretary; and Ted Demmond, Treasurer. Alpha Epsilon Delta Florida Beta chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta, na- tional pre-medical honorary society, is one of seven- ty in the U. S. AED ' s find service in encouraging scholarship and stimulating appreciation of the im- portance of pre-medical education in the study of medicine. They also strive to promote co-operation between medical and pre-medical students. President of the group is Charlie Shaeffer. Vice- President is Karl Holschuh, Secretary is Vivian Dozier, and Treasurer is Herman Lindemann. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA: Barry Maxwell, Anne Do- zier, Karl Holschuh. Beta Alpha Chi To encourage scholarship and to promote a better understanding among its members and the faculty of the Department of Accounting are the purposes of Beta Alpha Chi, Accounting Honorary. Accounting majors who have maintained a 2.5 overall average and a 3.0 in accounting are tapped for membership each semester. Their bi-monthly meetings are highlighted with speakers in both the professional and technical fields of business. Activities include the School of Business tea and and a banquet every semester for members and guests. The group was guided through the year by Robert Colby, President; Kenneth Barker, Vice-President; Yvonne Gartman, Secretary; and Robert DeBruhl, Treasurer. Faculty Advisors were Dr. Homer Black and Mr. John Champion. OFFICERS: Yvonne Gartman, Secretary, encircled from left to right by Homer Black, Faculty Advisor; Robert DeBruhl, Trea- surer; John Champion, Faculty Advisor; Kenneth Barker, Vice- President; Robert Colby, President. BETA ALPHA CHI: First row: Jack Young, John White, Yvonne Gartman, Luella Richey, Mrs. Mary Ellen Clemens, Bobby Gene Paulk, Harry Offutt. Second row: Roy Garland, Robert DeBruhl, Donald Sheffield, John Champion, Marvin Lewis, John Eddins, Gerald Looney, Edward Trembly, Kenneth Barker. Third row: Joe Tedder, Gary Watterson, Richard Benn, Richard Conrad, C. Y. Byrd, Glen Marshek, Eddie Guthrie. 154 p %f. GAMMA ALPHA CHI: First row: Carol Jo Lewis, Caryl Ann Bodine, Gale Sammons, Carole Elliott, Linda Wahl. Second row: Carla West- phal, Molly George, Jerri Shearouse, Barbara Leedy, Susan Knight, Dorothy Cronin, Shirley Coachman, Barbara Fatten. Third row: Patricia Greenwood, Jeanne Young, Mary Ann Guice, Kin Koos, Judy Walters, Joan Thomson, Lee Kramer. Gamma Alpha Chi Gamma Alpha Chi, Women ' s Advertising Honorary, aims to broaden and increase the opportunities for women in advertising by serving as a link between its collegiate members and those engaged in prac- tical advertising pursuits. Officers for the 1959-60 year are President, Gale Sammons; Vice-President, Katherine Ball; Secretary, Ginger Graham; and Treasurer, Caryl Bodine. Kappa Delta Pi The more than 150 members of Kappa Delta Pi have as their purpose the encouragement of high profes- sional, intellectual, and personal standards and re- cognition of outstanding contributions to education. President of the national honorary is Nelda C. Alderman. Vice-President is Maurice Peterson, Re- cording Secretary is Chester Russell and Treasurer is Dr. Otis McBride. KAPPA DELTA PI: First row: Jane Maples, Berta Boyce, Shirley Bergeron, Linda Stokesberry, Carline McDougald, Virginia Huff. Second row: Dorothy Car- rington, Mrs. Nelda C. Al- derman, Mrs. Norma Wyss, Mrs. Marian Black, Betty L. Spence, Ginger Sparks, Gail Reichelderfer. Third row: Betty Jean Price, Bob Gilbert, Otis McBride, Maurice K. Peterson, Dor- man G. Stout, Floyd M. Deterding, Fred Stuart, Marilyn Knowles. 0: GYMNASTICA: First row: Jim Bayless, Roberta Calvert, Robert Waters, Les Malin, Joseph Boersma, Jack Ryder, Melonie Buck, Rick Mil- ler. Second row: Wayne Thompson, Kay Kessel, Oscar Brock, Tom O ' Connor, Bill Beavers, Nat Hobbs, Hartley Pine. Gymnastica Established in 1955, Gymnastica, local gymnastic honorary, promotes and cultivates sportsmanship and strives to further gymnastics as a sport at FSU. In top physical and mental form, the members of this club perform daring acts of power, delicate balance, and superb muscle control. Officers for this year are: President, Tom O ' Connor- Vice-President, Bill Beavers; Secretary, Gail McDan- iel; and Treasurer, Bob Brock. TOM O ' CONNER displays his superb muscle control as he performs this daring act of power in the Gymkana Show. DELICATE BALANCE and skill make the audience feel there is nothing to this feat performed by Mira Hanson. 156 wd KAPPA KAPPA PSI: First row: Bob Reely, Jerome Edwards, Louis Vertich, Terry Johnson, Jim Coleman, Irvin Lipscomb. Second row: E. C. Warnock, Tommy Lynn, Ronald Butler, Vernon Bohannon, Jeff Schliefer, William Miller, Bennett Shelfer, Pete Parks. Kappa Kappa Psi The Gamma Nu chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi was host this year to the 1959 National Convention. The pur- pose of this honorary is to honor outstanding band- members through the privilege of membership, to pro- mote the existence and welfare of the college band, and to cooperate with other musical organizations. The President of this organization is Louis Ver- tich; Vice President, Terry Johnson; Secretary, Clark Dobson; and Treasurer, Jeff Schleifer. Les Jonglers The main project of Les Jongleurs, theatrical hon- orary, is assisting the Florida State University Thea- ter. The local honorary sells season ti ckets for all major University Theater productions and presents programs of value and interest which are not offered to students in the classroom. Directing the group are Walter Saric, President; Joan Hamilton, Vice-President; Susi Beckenbach, Secretary; and Edith Hansen, Treasurer. LES JONGLEURS: First row: Pat Teague, Susan Field. Second row: Martha Dreadin, Edith Hansen, Walter Saric, Patsy Winters. OMICRON NU: First row; Suzanne Dunlap, Linda Carroll, Tallulah Webb, Dr. Janet K. Smith, Debbie Kimball, Maralyn Zipser, Jackie Hobbs. Second row: Ratana Suddharett, Helen Clark, Dean Hortense M. Glenn, Katherine Ball, Annette Mcintosh, Patty Gipson, Maryl Thompson, Pauline Hall, Kathryn Powell, Nadine Kirby. Omicron Nu Students who have proved themselves outstanding because of their leadership, scholarship and re- search in the field of home economics are invited to join this home economics honorary. Scholarship awards are made annually to outstanding sophomores and juniors in this field. Officers are Annette Mcintosh, President; Helen Clarke, Vice-President; Maryl Thompson, Secretary; Nadine Kirby, Treasurer. Pi Mu Epsilon Promotion of mathematical scholarship is the prime concern of Pi Mu Epsilon, the mathematics honorary. One of their major projects is the recognition of freshman scholars in the field of mathematics through an annual award. On the social side they hold an annual picnic and banquet in the spring. Serving as officers of the group are Fredric Zerla, President; Joe Neggers, Vice-President and Sandra Stewart, Secretary-Treasurer. PI MU EPSILON: First row: Fredric Zerla, Albert LeDuc, Sandra Stewart, Ann Clements, Mary Jo Mader, Valma Edwards, James Bayfield. Second row: David Grow, Joe Neggers, Charles McArthur, H. C. Griffith, Howard Taylor, George Polites, Thomas Wade, James Snover. PI OMEGA PI: First row: Nancy Bates, Pat Moses, Charlotte Cone, Catchie Hambright, Mary Sadler, Lou Morley. Second row: Cecily Der- rick, Jane Hensly, Elmer Schick, Guy Johannes, Ned Trivette, Howard Abel, C. C. Miller, J. F. Dame, Emily Johnson, Janiece Andre. Pi Omega Pi Encouragement and promotion of scholarship in busi- ness education are provided by Pi Omega Pi. Found- ed at FSU in 1950, Gamma Gamma chapter was recognized as one of the seven top national chapters at their National Convention. Providing leadership for the 1959-60 school year are Nancy Bates, President; Jane Hensley, Vice- President; Mary Sadler, Secretary, and Cecily Der- rick, Treasurer. Phi Alpha Theta To promote a better understanding of history is one of the principle objectives of Phi Alpha Theta, na- national history honorary. This group sponsored Governor Collins ' visit to campus last fall at which time he showed the film taken on his trip to Russia. Officers for the year are Nancy Gross, President and Edward Harrell, Secretary-Treasurer. Dr. George A. Lensen served as Faculty Advisor. PHI ALPHA THETA: First row; Shirley Fulton, Dorothy Rudwick, Veuila Shores, Jamie Doyle, Second row: Tom Marks, Andrew King, Per Olof Jonsson, George Knox, Edward Harrell. PERSHING RIFLE ACTIVES: First row: C. O. Bevis, D. A. Houser, C. T. Maultsby. Second row: Harry Suttoii, John Boesch, Hughie Wil- der, Joe Higdon, Dale Arnett, Jimmy Evans, Tom Marks. Third row: Kenneth Burton, Michael Tomas, Cloud Miller, Timothy Galvin, Rich- ard Adams, Richard Gamar. Pershing Rifles The purpose of the National Society of Pershing Rifles is to foster a spirit of friendship and co- operation among men in the military department and to maintain a highly efficient drill company. The Pershing Rifles Drill team is the pride of the local chapter, Company M-6. Under the command of Cadet Lieutenant J. C. Boesch this precision group has performed in parades throughout Florida and at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. As a service they provide military escorts and color guards for civil and military functions. Top brass are Captain D. A. Houser, Company Commander; 1st Lt. C. O. Bevis, Executive Officer; and 1st Lt. C. T. Mautsby, Special Duties Officer. PERSHING RIFLE PLEDGES: First row: Terrence McDonald, Larry Naville, George Shea, Oliver Getting, Johnny Smith, Richard Flores, Samuel Shoemaker, Harry Martinez. Second row:R.A. Dermott, Neil Chamelin, Hugh Davis, Cecil Jackson, Henry Buryn, Larry Thomason, Eugene Goddwin, Ivan Williams, Patrick Bowler, Dale Arnett. 160 Scabbard and Blade E Company, 12th Regiment, Scabbard and Blade ' s FSU chapter, enrolls outstanding Army ROTC cadets who have maintained a 3-0 average in military science and a 2.0 overall scholastic average. The society was established on campus in 1956 for the purpose of raising the standards of mil- itary education at the university, promoting greater interest in and understanding of military affairs, and to encourage good and efficient leadership qualities of future officers. Scabbard and Blade serves its University and the community by sponsoring the annual campus blood drive every spring . They also contribute financial support to their own rifle team and sponsor a Cadet of the Month Award. SCADBARD BLADF OFFICFllS: Capt. R. F. Kessler, Faculty Advisor; Tom Marks, 1st Lieutenant; Curtis Earp, Captain; Ted Drum, 2nd Lieutenant; Alan Breitler, 1st Sergeant. SCABBARD BLADE: First row: Ted Keen, Alan Breitler, Tom Marks, Curtis Earp, Ted Drum, James Curtis Newton. Second row: Capt. Robert F. Kessler, Donald Turner, Robert Boulware, John Boesch, Etson Roberts, Mattox Hair, J. D. Cooke, W. C Ammann. 161 PHI MU ALPHA: First row: Hugh Jones, Terence Johnson, George Stedman, Kenneth Shannon, Irvin Lipscomb. Second row: Ken Williams, Charles Calkins, Denver Cain, Barry Willis, John Bowen, Herbert Galloway. Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha, professional music honorary, has as its puqjose the advancement of the college of music in America. Activities include co-sponsorship of Campus Sing and a composers concert. George Stedman is President this year. Ivan Lip- somb is Vice-President; Bernie Palmer, Secretary; and Robert Reely, Treasurer. Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi recognizes outstanding students in the field of Spanish (by an invitation to membership in this national Spanish honorary.) The organization has been headed this year by the following officers: James Lavin, President; Leonard Bloom, Vice-President; Betty Chazarra, Secretary; and Deanna Morris, Treasurer. SIGMA DELTA PI: First row: Deanna Morris, Marjorie Slavens, Sandra Cole, Dr. Margaret Campbell, Carla Westphal, Marjorie Judy, Carolyn Gaines. Second row: James D. Lavin, Glen Hinton, James Chatham, Mary Dickson, Alma Altman, Betty Chazarra, Dr. Heberto Lacayo, Dr. Graydon Deland. SOPHOMORE COUNCIL: First row: Martha Ann McKethan, Linda Matthews, Netia Johnsiun, Lydia Speed, Carolyn Reeves, Bunny Lee, Ta- nise Cheek, Gloria Hemby, Gee Gee Hurd, Ana Jo Starling, Linda Stearns, Julie Brown, Sally Adams. Second row: Mary Alice Day, Ann An- drews, Marcia Lynne Stich, Carol Sue Sewell, Susan Hoy, Helen Knight, Beverly Marchetta, Carol Nelson, Kay Downey, Bonnie Core, Julie Barnes, Pat Houston, Carol Johnson, Laura Fetterley, Maryleen Webb, Delores Harris, Sandy Asher. Third row: Selby Cannon, Bebe Feam- side, Donna Deutsch, Mary Sue Allen, Jane Lee Jewell, Branda Brandt, Kay Finlay, Caryl Lenahan, Sally Moure, Tutter Fraleigh, Doris Davis, Marwees Imeson, Barbara Elliott. Sophomore Council Sophomore Council members are outstanding Sopho- more women who have been elected by the women in their class to serve in this local honorary. Sopho- more Council acts as a service organization to the University in connection with the Student Government. Their activities and services, far too numerous to list, include assisting the faculty during orienta- tion week, conducting campus tours, assuming var- ious duties during University elections, and regis- tering alumni during Homecoming. Leading the girls in blue and white this year are Grace Scott, President; Gail Gillespie, Vice-Presi- dent; Sister Warwick, Secretary; and Joyce Story, Treasurer. Miss Lynn is Faculty Advisor. SOPHOMORE COUNCIL: First row: Helen Stewart, Jan Dougherty, Grace Scott, Gail Gillespie, Sister Warwick, Joyce Story, Jan Barelsman, Susan Hallisey, Sandra Karlton. Second row: Marsha Cox, Sarah Tervin, Norma DeCamp, Deborah Ricketts, Gail McDonald, Linda Patton, Karen Thoureen, Jane Finchum, Joann Markham, Genie Oliver, Scarlett Pogue. Third row: Lydia Shaw, Linda Gormley, Kay Merrin, Petie Waring, Carolyn Adams, Ivlyn Frazier, Beverly Haygood, Derry Neal, Millie Moore. n f , ! SIGMA ALPHA IOTA: First row: Deanna Lumpkin, Diana Butler, Judith Magnell, Aurelia Pitts, Anne Folsom, Barbara Youmans, Myra Simp- son, Delores Harris, Sallie McSwain. Second row: Evelyn Kelley, Janis Burrell, Carolyn Reeves, Beth Walker, Betty Ann Bevis, Janice Olin, Bette Collar, Marilyn Boyd, Nancy Cash, Anna Clare Flynn, (Dlivia Warley, Ann Almond, Mary Bamette, Sandra Davis. Sigma Alpha Iota The sounds of sweet music that penetrate the air at FSU each spring are due largely to the annual Cam- pus Sing sponsored by Sigma Alpha Iota in conjunc- tion with Phi Mu Alpha, the men ' s music honorary. This project provides a dynamic and beautiful way to promote music and congeniality on the campus, which is SAI ' s primary goal. Sigma Alpha Iota is an organizition in which professionally-minded young women in the field of music may further their profes- sional aims as they enjoy fellowship with other ta- lented students. Its social activities include recep- tions, musicals and an annual Spaghetti Supper. Leading the group this year are Anne Folsom, Pres- ident; Ellen Taaffe, Vice-President; Diana Butler and Aurelia Pitts, Secretaries; Barbara Youmans, Treasurer; and Olivia Warley, Chaplain. CAMPUS SING PROMOTES APPRECIATION FOR GOOD MUSIC WITNESSED IN THE SMILES OF DELTA ZETA SORORITY MEMBERS SIGMA DELTA PSI: Hartley Pine, Charlie Nye, Doyle Ruff, Claude Grizzard, Jack Ryder, Joseph Boersma. Sigma Delta Psi Sigma Delta Psi, athletic honorary, honors outstand- ing men in the field of varsity athletics. Prospective members of this national group must complete fif- teen special events which include track, swimming, gymnastics, football, and baseball. President of the organization this year is Jack Ryder. Doyle Ruff serves as Secretary-Treasurer; William T. Odeneal is Faculty Patron. Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma is a national band honorary for wo- men which was established at Florida State Univer- sity in 1955. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate musical interest, achievement, and spirit among women students. The President of this organization is Fedora Le- wis; Vice-President, Penny McArthur; Secretary, Mary Lou Campbell; and Treasurer, Helen Clark. TAU BETA SIGMA: First row: Carolyn Kemp, Gloria Nessler, Ruth Koepp, Ann Skaggs, Julia Hobbs, Nona Carpenter, Lanny Harris, Annetta Spruell, Charlotte Campbell. Second row: Carolyn Crane, Sara Barnes, Mary Freeman, Penny McArthur, Nancv Fowler, Fedora Lewis, Anna Clare Flynn, Alice Jean Christian, Mary Lou Campbell, Sandy Welch. Third row: Thelma Peabody, Jane Hollis, Patricia Kennedy, Jackie O ' Hare, Harriet Anderson, Penny Cowell, Linda Kane, Ann Turner, Barbara Skipper, Pat Evans, Diana Butler Forth row: Pat Apeland, Lou Nell Peacock, Leslie Lowell, Joan Stoltenberg, Patsy Lieb. DEBATE TEAM: First row: Susie Flory, Joycelyn Ward, Pat Reidy, Pat Batal, Faith Moore, Peggy Proestos, Linda Amow. Second row: Dr. Gregg Phifer, Margie Phifer, Mrs. Gregg Phifer, Carl Combs, William Thomas, Lawrence Fox, Karl Hart, Art Danart, Mr. Hahn, Mr. McFarland. Debate Team The Debate Team traveled through six southeastern states and to the national tournament in Salt Lake City this year representing FSU in Inter-Collegiate Forensics. The team is open to all undergraduates interested in debate in competition. Senior Debate Manager this year is Linda Amow. Edward Eikman manages the Junior Team. Tau Kappa Alpha Members of Tau Kappa Alpha, national forensics honorary, pride themselves on their ability to talk themselves out of " tight spots. " The group recog- nizes students who have excelled in debate and en- courages speech activities on the FSU campus. Linda Arnow is President for the 1959-60 year and Suzie Flory is Secretary-Treasurer. TAU KAPPA ALPHA: Mr. Richard A. Hahn, Pat Batal, Susie Flory, Linda Amow, Art Danart, Betty Phifer, Dr. Gregg Phifer. 166 Religious INTERFAITH COUNCIL: First row: Monkey Brannen, Martha Bedell, Judy McMillan, Annette Mcintosh, Jan Pearce, Forby Liddell, Marylyn Zibell. Second row: Sheila Kennedy, Betty Jean Atkinson, Harriet Anderson, Lynette Harris, Susan Thorp, Johnnie Durrance, Isabel John- son, Ada Jo Starling. Third row: Alan Breitler, Allan Post, G. J. Ringer, Carl Saye. THERE WAS ENOUGH FOOD FOR AN ARMY at the Uni- versity picnic sponsored by the Student Interfaith Council. Interfaith Council The purpose of the Interfaith Council is to coordi- nate religious activities between religious groups and to promote religious ideals on the campus. Their main project is Religious Emphasis Week held March 13-16 this year. Other activities include sponsorship of the University Picnic during orien- tation, visiting patients each week in the University Infirmary, and selling Student Directories. Proceeds from Directory sales go into a lending fund for Uni- versity students. They also sponsor an outstanding University Professor as guest speaker at a special religious program held each month. Serving as President of the organization this year is Alan Breitler. Other officers are Jan Pearce, Vice-President; Martha Bedell, Secretary; and Judy MacMillan, Treasurer. Faculty advisors are Dr. Anna Lidell and Dr. Ray Sheline. Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union, in coordination the reli- gious activities of Baptist students at FSU, attempts to keep students in contact with the church and its activities during their university days. The student ' s chaplain is Rev. W. P. Moyle; Charlie Pierce leads the group as president. Among its many activities are dramatics through " The Baptist Players " , intramural participation, state revival teams, Ridgecrest Student Week, the annual BSU convention, and numerous social events. Of special interest is the " Hobo " project. The members undertake odd jobs to raise money for a summer student missionary who travels and serves his church in a foreign country. Vespers and Morning Watch are held weekly at the BSU house. Sunday worship services are held at all Tallahassee Baptist Churches. A STUDENT KNEELS in quiet meditation in a prayer room of the campus Baptist religious center, the B.S.U. House. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION: First row: Margaret Arnold, Judy McMillan, Maudena Barteaux, Annette Hancock, Sandra Eldridge, Jeannie Menis. Second row: Norma DeCamp, Sara Barnes, Paul VonWard, Charlie Pierce, William R. Moyle, Carol Sproul, Rite Edwards. 169 NEWMAN CLUB: First row: Margaret Toney, Judy Labadie, Lee Gallespie, Georgia Jaynes, Mary Kay Demetry, Barbara Bates, George Friedman, Joe Knock, Juliet Massey, Connie Pepera, Pat Willet. Second row: Lydia Shaw, Gloria Martucci, Virginia Elles, Judy Swally, Father Henry J. Miron, Mrs. Mary M. Volk, Father Bernard J. McFadden, Barbara Fappiano, Kathleen Daly, Joy Pate. Third row: Cecilia McLaughlin, Mary Lynn Fernandez, Aileen Hanson, Carole Bentler, Sharon Maloney, Toni DiCarlo, Ann Carroll, Susan Bevier, Kathy Fi- carrotti, Marion Puleo, GiGi Golden, Bonny Fox, Pat Kelley. Fourth row: Jack Dickson, Herb Gould, Dennis Fradley, Bill Egan, Pat Reidy, Barbara Bassong, June Woods, Terry Cole, Tim Gaussiran, Dick Flores, Ed Zimmerman, Ron Boersma. Fifth row: Dick O ' Brien, Clyde Mc- Cutcheon, Charleen Scheb, Howard Kantrowitz, Anna Clare Flynn, Maryann GalvJn, Joan Stoltenberg, Catherine Zimmerman, Ann Marotto, Rosemary Graham, Joe Farls, Charles Cutajar, Jerry Samberg. Newman Club The Newman club of FSU is an organization of Cath- olic students which offers the Catholic student the opportunity to come to God each day of his college life through a balanced program of religious, intel- lectual, and social activities in this order of importance. The Newman Club is named for its patron, John Henry Cardinal Newman, the great Catholic convert, scholar, and churchman. The Newman Club of Florida State is a member of the National Newman Club Foundation founded in 1893 and composed of 440,000 Catholic college students in the United States. As the right arm of the Catholic Student Center, the Newman Club activities during the year include: a complete religious program aided by the presence of two chaplains; an intellectual agenda consisting of lectures, discussion groups, and films; and a varied social program inlcuding dances, parties, and a complete intramural sports program. This group on our campus of over 100 members is under the leadership of Dick O ' Brien, president. WITH THE DEATH of Dr. James V. McDonough, head of the art department, the Newman Club lost a loved advisor. 170 IT TASTES AS GOOD as it looks at the popular Sunday dinners held every month at the Catholic Student Center. RELIGIOUS, INTELLECTUAL, and social activities make Newman Club meetings both interesting and beneficial. NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS: First row: Judy Labadie, Margaret Toney, Pat Kelley, Cecilia McLaughlin. Second row: Clyde McCutcheon, Herb Gould, Jerry Samberg, Dick O ' Brien, George Friedman. ill CHRISTIAN SCIENCE: First row: Allan Dermott, Charles Dougherty, Gary Stewart, Dave Nightingale. Second row: Jan Pearce, Jean Jacob, Mary Frances Briois, Charlene Lowery, Noel Lyn Richard, Leslie Lowell, Miss Luella Richey. Christian Science Hillel Foundation The Christian Science Organization affords the university community the opportunity of learning the ideals of Christian Science. Under the leadership of Miss Lee, they maintain campus literature stands, sponsor bi-annual new student receptions, and hold testimony meetings. Officers for the 1959-60 year are: Jan Pearce, President; Leslie Lowell, Vice-President; Sandi Wilson, Noel Richard, and Susan Thorpe. The local chapter of the Hillel, sponsored by B ' rai B ' rith, seeks to fulfill the social, cultural, and reli- gious needs of the Jewish student. Hillel ' s social life is highlighted by Sunday morn- ing brunches at which guest speakers are heard, and evening potato pancake parties. Saturday services are also conducted by the Jewish leaders. Officers are: Herb Spegal, President; Pauline Goodman, Mike Farb, and Evan Bergman. HILL EL: Myron Farb, Pauline Goodman, Herb Spiegel, Evan Bergman. ( ■ i£ ' % CHAPEL OF THE RESURRECTION STUDENT VESTRY: First row: Teal Guinand, Lynne Williams, Nat Hobbs, Cynthia Plockelman, Mar- tha Bedell. Second row: Bill McLemore, Al Nichols, Chaplain Harcourt Waller, Dave Morgan. Episcopal The Chapel of the Resurrection and Ruge Hall serve as campus parish for Episcopalians. The Rev. Har- court Waller is assisted by the Rev. Roger Stein- hauer. The student vestry and parish council are the coordinating bodies for church activities. The ves- try is headed by Al Nichols, Senior Warden, and Nat Hobbs, Junior Warden. The council is composed of interested parish churchmen and includes both stu- dents and faculty members. All projects, activities, and weekly study groups relate to the w ork of the church both in the parish and in daily living. Chapel services are held with emphasis on the altar as the focal point of Christian life. A mission led by the Chapel of the Resurrect- ion is the Canterbury House, an experiment in Chris- tian living. It is provided for male students who have committed themselves to the recovery of a Christian community, rediscovery of the Holy scrip- tures, and a realistic lay ministry. HEADS are reverently bowed as cross leads recessional in the Chapel of the Resurrection at Sunday worship service. 173 LUTHERAN STUDENT AS- SOCIATION: First row: Ed- na Ford, Marty Anderson, Margaret Wehle, Jeanne Baril. Second row: Mona Fouraker, Edith Hansen, Bill Mork, Bob Rieck, Har- riet Anderson, Nancy Maty- las. JL. o. A, The Lutheran Student Association offers students the opportunity to receive the ministry of the church on campus. Weekly programs of discussion on the implications of Christianity in the daily lives of stu- dents help them relate campus life to their faith. The organization is affiliated with the local congregati- on, St. Stephens United Lutheran Church. The Rev. R. G.Walker is ipastoral advisor and Martha Fesper- man is president. Gamma Delta Gamma Delta is an international association of Lu- theran college and university students of the Synodi- cal Conference. It has as its purpose the develop- ment of Christian faith through Bible discussions, programs, projects, and inter-campus fellowships. Services are held at Epiphany Lutheran Church. Its activities are under the direction of Rev. R. P. Leh- man. Merlin Ahrens guides the group as their president. GAMMA DELTA: First row: Faith Weiss, Pat Messenger, Delphia Johnson, Lynette Harris, Margaret Lehraann, Gay ][ackson. Second row: James Wood, Merlin Ahrens, Rev. Ri-chard P. Lehman, Steve J. Shang, Jr., R. A. Hahn, Donald A. Becker, Jim Fredericks. I ]] -. WESLEY FOUNDATION COUNCIL: First row: Carol Carter, Ivylyn Frazier, Dottie Hatton, Margaret Hodges, Kay Hall. Second row: Jane Montgomery, Bud Carroll, Spence Guerin, Charles Montford, Bob Goodman, Gordon Haymond, Russell Bryant, Rev. Austin HoUady. Third row: Phyllis Meebold, Laura Fetterley, Nancy Henderson, Jean Abrahamsen, Millie Moore, Dee Edwards, Linda Kendrick. Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation encourages Methodist stu- dents to strengthen their devotion to God and to their fellow students. Its purpose and goal is, " To make Christ a living reality on the campus. " Activities include classes on theology and the Bible, morning and evening vespers, and recreation- al events. The Rev. A. E. Hollady is Director of the Foundation and Jane Montgomery is his Assistant. Dottie Hatton serves as President. Wesley Players Wesley Players is an organization within the Metho- dist Student Movement and a part of the Wesley Foundation at FSU. It is a religious organization seeking to carry the word of Christ through drama under the leadership of Patsy Winters, President. The Players aid local churches in presenting plays, give their own productions in out of town churches, and serve the University by ushering for Speech Department productions. WESLEY PLAYERS: First row: Nancy Dowlins, Bar- bara Syfrett, Peggy King. Second row: Betsy Cole- man, Martha Dreadin, Pen- ny Reid, Patsy Winters, Edith Hanson, Judy Wal- ters, Gail Satterwhite. Third row: Bobbie Sheen, Betty Miner, Pat Sipe, Pat Alter, Rameses, Anita Er berly, Mary Ann Walker, Sandy Gibson. - WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP: First row: M onkey Brennen, Marilyn Zibel, Sheila Kennedy, Lynn LaGrange, Ann Brennan, Penny Devore, Mary Lou Jones. Second row: Marcia Cooley, Judy Clapper, Sandy Burns, Lucy Ann Griffin, Miss Miriam Wilson, Judy Chambliss, Linda Sterns, Merry Morehouse. Third row: Bill Love, Bob Miller, George McGoogan, Ken Bashaw, John Grimsley, Ed Eikman, Gordon Judy, Gle Willi " " ' " uamson. JOHN GRIMSLEY SAMPLES FOOD in the kitchen atter the Thursday night Theology Hour at the Westminster House. Westminster Fellowship The Westminister Fellowship strives to develop the spiritual life of the Presbyterian students at Florida State University. Under the leadership of Miriam Wilson, Sponsor; Judy Chambliss, President; Ed- ward Eikman, Vice-President; and Ann Brennan, Secretary-Treasurer; the Fellowship offers a variety of programs which give each student a chance to participate in an activity which he particularly enjoys. Weekday meetings are held at the Westminister House. These include devotionals, theology hours, and study groups on the Bible. Another weekly function is the late afternoon dinner every Thursday followed with talks by outstanding citizens of the community. Sunday services are held at the First Presbyterian Church in Tallahassee. As a yearly project the Fellowship supports a foreign student who is attending the University. This spring the organization also helped rebuild a burned home in the Tallahassee area. 176 Clubs ALPHA KAPPA PSI: First row: Richard Nicholson, Clovde Williams, Lynn Hall, Joseph Travis, Joseph Farls, Ed Fields, Thomas Metz, James Sheppard, Kenneth Barker, Antal Oszlanyi, David Drandy. Second row: Ronald Morris, Marv Garrett, John Morgan, Jack Healey, Dick Armbruster, Charles Wynn, Charles Boyd, Jim Pridgeon, Paul Gidson, John Reynolds. Third row: Anthony Romeo, Dick Warner, Gerald Hen- drix, Phil Ragans, Ma rvin Lewis, Clarence Rhodes, Robert Sherman, Ralph Chambers, Richard Shaw, Robert Great, Lloyd Hinote, Donald Baggett. Fourth row: Vic Sisung, John Eubanks, Tom Densmore, Harry Watkins, Richard Straw, James Perry, Royce Bonds, Richard Benn, Ralph Reynolds, Frank Trice. Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi, National Professional Business Fraternity, has been on the Florida State campus since 1949- It was organized to foster and maintain scientific research in the fields of commerce, ac- counts, and finance. They also strive to promote col- lege courses leading to degrees in business admin- istration, and to further the individual welfare of its members. The local chapter can boast of a perfect score on the National A K Psi efficiency rating system, an honor held for the past three years. Activities include a job-finding seminar and the annual spring weekend. Leading the group are President, Lynn Hall; Vice- President, Bob Colby; Secretary, John Reynolds; and Treasurer, Dick Armbruster. OFFICERS: Sitting: John Reynolds, Secretary; Dick Armbruster, Treasurer. Standing: Lynn Hall, President; Bob Colby, Vice- President. 178 h ' r " -.... 1 ■ i- l ' " 4y • r . ' - ;-f •m THE ALPHA KAPPA PSI HOUSE, AT 902 WEST PARK, IS HOME TO MEMBERS OF THIS PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS FRATERNITY. ALPHA KAPPA PSI PLEDGES: First row: Dick Vine, Don Gattis, Autal Oszlanyi, Ed Fields, Clarence Rhodes, Terry Walker, John Eddins, Robert Dopp. Second row: Robert Barrett, Leon Newton, Randell Rowell, Wilbur Hare, Donivan Bradley, Robert Harrison, Larry Thompson, Dwayne Atkins, David Trant. Third row: Marvin Lee, Herbert Totz, John Boesch, Burke Jolly, Rowan Helferty, Harry Graham, John Vena- bles, E. H. Landry. 179 ALPHA PHI OMEGA: First row: C. L. Romig, Paul Desmond, E. L. Chalmers, Robert David, Bill Yancey, Bob Kieser, Carey Metts, Doug Shank. Second row: John Dohner, James Ress, Johnny Smith, Charles Rovetta, Warren Burch, Richard Hume, Lynam Fletcher, Jack Eilert- sen, Ralph Chambers, Frank Acherman, Bill Jones. Third row: Robert Harris, Steve Baron, Rion Carswell, Dick Sanders, Bill DiLenge, Hyle Colton, Roger Alexander, Dan Solomon. Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega is a national service honorary whose membership is composed of students who have had previous association with Boy Scouting, either as Scouts or Scout Leaders, and who have the de- sire to render service to their community. Their purpose is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship, and to promote service to humanity. APO sponsors the Ugly Man and Beautiful Legs contests, provides assistance during Orientation Week, and holds an annual Easter-Egg Hunt for the mentally and physically handicapped. They also have as projects for the University, the Used Book Exchange and the APO Travel Service. Officers are: President, Bill Yancy; Vice-Presi- dent, Paul Desmond; Secretary, Robert David; Trea- surer, Jack Healey. APO TRAVEL BUREAU, tended by Bob Harris, secures rides for homeward bound students needing transportation. A,t f ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: First row: Joyce Guinta, Rhoda Arnold, Nancy Lou Fraleigh, Merry June Jackson, Ardis Thomas, Frances Spell. Second row: Nancy Tower, Pat Shea, Polly Clarke, Nancy Jones, Polly Paulin, Liz Woodruff, Gail Reichelderfer, Darlene Compton. A. C. E. Members of Association for Childhood Education are interested in the education and welfare of children from two to 12 years old. Making toys and working with children in hospitals in the Tallahassee area are two of their major activities. Nancy Lou Fraleigh is President this year. Arlene Bridges, Vice-President; Carline McDougald, Sec- retary, and Margie Williams is Treasurer. F. S. U. Bakers Club The FSU Baker ' s Club is a departmental organiza- tion whose purpose is to improve the interest and knowledge of its members in the progress of the bak- ing industry. They also aid the School of Business in departmental projects. Ed Fields is President this year. Robert West serves as Vice President; Antal Oszlanyi, Secre- tary; and Gerald Hendrix, Treasurer. F. S. U. BAKERS CLUB: First row: Werner Ammann, Donald Colzid, Ronald Boersma, William Keogh, Stephen Hobby, James Fredwicks, William Kenman, Carl Kappeis. Second row: Mike Kelly, Frank Ackerman, Howard Kantrowrtz, Jim O ' Brien, Tony Oszlanyi, Robert Sammons, William Rudolph, Frank Jensen. Third row: Marvin Garrett, Dick O ' Brien, Tom Hughes, Jack Dickson, Gerald Hendry, William Burkhardt, Courtney Moles, Harold DeLarry, Donald Carlson, Walter Krieg, Robert Johnson, Peter Christman, Edgar Fields, E. G. Bayfield, Charles D. Stone. J ANGEL FLIGHT: First row: Nat Hobbs, Dot Morton, Sandra Cole, Joan Drawdy, Carolyn Sistrunk, Mary Leighton, Mrs. Andrews. Second row: Rita Garnett, Saralee Smith, Joyce Story, Dianne Colter, Kay Finlay, Ann Williams, Pat Welch, Carolyn Hunt, Martha Wilder, Marolyn Carter, Tallulah Webb, Judy Smith, Judy Evans, Isabel Johnson, Sandra Cooke, Alice Lee Anderson, Capt. John Andrews. Angel Flight Arriving on campus in April, 1959, Angel Flight was formed to serve as the honorary auxiliary to Arnold Air Society and to act as official hostess for visit- ing military personel. Officers are Joan Drawdy, Commander; Sandra Cole, Operations Officer; Carolyn Sistrunk, Adjutant Recorder; Mary Leighton, Comptroller; and Dot Mor- ton, Information Service Officer. Arnold Air Society Arnold Air Society strives to further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of national security. Social events this year were the Annual Banquet and numerous social functions with Angel Flight. Cadet leaders are Commander, Bill Byerley; Exe- cutive Officer, David Dale; Operations Officer, Jim Golden; and Adjutant Recorder, Frank Blount. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY: First row: Bert Kelly, Bill Byerley, Frank Blount, Jim Golden, Roy Mathis. Second row: Arlan Kinney, Charlie Rosenberg, Carl Butler, Bob Schenck, Earl Perry, Sid Stubbs, Jim Dixon, Ben George, Royce Pipkins, Tom Moore, Joe Hickox, Tom Keeney. T» w 1 .-ji-.. umammEsm. mm »mm - m»m mm ffm tmrS: i« ' «:;«!ri ' aifc.»ji ' f t , taa i " . :a? je w i ( siAiv ' iteM-; K ffig ' ; " ; ' !agr CHURCH KEY: First row: Vince MartineUi, Pat Donnelly, Bill Smith, Russ Battels, Jim Apthorp. Second row: Claude Grizzard, Philip Wiet- ing, David W. Steel, John Calhoun, Brud LaVigne. Third row: J. P. Wellman, Stan Lewis, Hugji Hayes, Tom McKay. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING as Church Key members prepare for another of their exclusive parties for " elite " males. Church Key Though only in its second year on the Florida State campus, Church Key has already made a name for itself as the organization for " elite " males. Well- known as being able to handle themselves in any social situation, the members of Church Key are de- dicated to promoting fellowship among men of diver- sified interests, to recognizing qualities of leader- ship and achievement necessary in both social and campus affairs, and to advancing the high ideals and prestige of the " Florida State Man. " The young, but active and enthusiastic group, has furthered its cause both fast and furiously. This year, in addition to their many parties, they participated in the Homecoming Parade with Village Vamps, had their own big weekend, and took part in the Campus Blood Drive. The spirited group is headed by President, Jim Apthorp; Vice President, Vince MartineUi; Secre- tary, John Calhoun; and Treasurer, Happy Hayes. CAVALIERS: First row: Bruce Fischer, Bill Ryan, Mike Angelotti. Jack Hurley, Tom Bernard, Bill Norman, Don Nelson, Henry Camacho. Second row: Ronald Stockton, Phil Chase, Alfred Norton, Bill GuUedge, Fred Divilus, Hugh James, Larry Ford. Third row: Raymond Nel- son, Charles Keeh, Tom Holman, Warren Dickec, Larry Dmber, Thorne Glander, Bubba Johnson. Cavaliers Cotillion Caught in a perpetual social whirl are the members of the Cavaliers. These boys, who comprise the so - cial dance fraternity, sponsor free dancing lessons each semester and usher at the Artist Series. Membership is based on dancing ability, general appearance and personality. Officers are President, Jack Hurley; Vice-Presi- dent, Mike Angelotti; Secretary, Bill Ryan; and Treasurer, Tom Bernard. " I could have danced all night, " say the members of Cotillion, the local dance society for girls inter- ested in promoting social dancing on campus. This sister club to Cavaliers keeps on its toes by sponsoring free dancing lessons at the Student Center throughout the year. Their 1959-60 President is Pat Batal; Vice- President, Jo Anne Stalnaker; Secretary, Lois King; and Treasurer, Jo Ann Gaskin. COTILLION: First row: Judy Farris, Diana Hall, Lanny Harris, Sue Ann Casciola, Roberta Calvert, Carolyn Cunningham. Second row: Lois King, Betty Lee Graves, Lou Howell, Jo Anne Stalnaker, Nancy Kretzschmar, Joanne Ilobbs, Texiann Larson, Virginia DelValle. Third row: Margie Kapphan, Kathy Wilkinson, Jill Jenkins, Carol Andrews, Rita Trucks, Angela Williams, Jane Finchum, Gail Anchors, Dorothy Ann Gilmore, Pat Brannen. DELTA SIGMA PI: First row: Vincent McCarthy, Howard Blomberg, Jack Phillips, Claude Grizzard, Joe Phillips, Laveon Walden. Second row: James Graddy, John Champion, Howard Abel, W. R. Heck, David Pichard, Charles A. Rovetta. Third row: Larry Riles, Quentin Till, Jesse Barfieid, Joseph Fowler. Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi, on campus since 1949, is an inter- national professional fraternity whose purpose is to promote a closer affiliation between the busi- ness world and students of commerce. The main activity of the Gamma Lambda chapter this year was a visit to the Atlanta chapter. Officers are Claude Grizzard, President; Jack Phillips, Vice-President; Howard Blomberg, Secre- tary and Joe Phillips, Treasurer. F. E. A. Scholarship House The Florida Education Association Scholarship House is a local organization founded in September of 1958 for the purpose of offering scholarships to girls outstanding in high school. Highlights of this year were a Christmas party, formal dance, and the annual picnic. Leaders are President, Jo Townsend; Vice-Presi- dent, Peggy Dickman; Secretary, Mary Ellen Stalvey; and Treasurer, Judy Curtiss. F. E. A. SCHOLARSHIP HOUSE: First row: Jo Townsend, Judith Flanagan, Annette Moore, Maudrey McCormick, Marilyn Blackard, Karin Knight, Gwendie Roberts, Edith Higginbotham. Second row: Dorothy Eaddy, Patricia Wilbraham, Karen Hancock, Katherine Lewis, Sherry Dunn, Carolyn Hanna, Bonnie Lou Rust, Peggy Dickman, Judy Curtiss, Ann Old, Barbara Brunner. F CLUB: First row: Barbara Hunt, Jan Dawson, Naomi Day, Jean Williams, Mary Ann Vickery, Reta Melvin, Betty Leggett, Marilyn Bush, Sissy Sellers, Carole Williams. Second row: Nat Hobbs, Jo Littleton, Berta Boyce, Ginger Holland, Mary Jane Hodges, Dot Holland, Jane Maples, Mary Buchanap, Sandra Lambur, Mary Esther Powell. Third row: Dottie Piehler, Anne Folsom, Donna Deutsch, Marilyn Marchick, Gayle McWhirter, Flossie Avis, Midge Presnell, Arlene Sikora, Genny Bell, Harriet L ' Engle, Jerri Shearouse, Helen Forrest, Josephine McCall, Bebe Feamside. F Club Active and enthusiastic, this group of college women is engaged in a variety of services, and social pro- jects. Founded in 1913, the main purposes of the club are to co-operate with the women ' s division of the University Recreation Association in promoting athletic activities, and to contribute to the develop- ment of university students. They sponsor as projects, the Homecoming Queen ' s float, the decoration of the gates and fountain, and the awarding of trophies for intramurals. SEATED ARE THE F CLUB FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. Grace Fox and Martha Moore with the club President Dot Holland behind them. g 1 W jp jjjjjlljl g| ■»fF. CHRISTMAS JOY was Spread to children from the local Easter Seal Clinic at the annual F Club party. 186 ai 2II!im2 n f I- FASHION INCORPORATFvD: First row: Vivian Meekison, Oaveanna Stewart, Kathy Ryan, Lee Kramer, Carolyn Sistrunk, Jane Wallace, Kay Desmond, Karen Sue Beck, Tallulah Webb, Susan Fehlberg, Petie Waring, Blanche Moeble, Robbie Smith, Carol Ann Ratundo. Second row: Ann Livingston, Patsy Donaldson, Marguerite Agee, Dorothy Ann Gilmore, Kay Cassey, Joan George, Bette Collar, Penny Buzzard, Ada Pappas, Gabrielle Ayala, Joanne Hobbs, Evelyn Cain, Eliza Haven, Carol Slosek. Third row: LeVonne Zess, Helen Mickler, Gloria Ken- drick, Eleanor Heghes, Janice Smith, Sally Doughty, Mary Hill Grubbs, Carolyn Clark, Martha Ann Roebuck, Gretchen Bartlett, Tricia Law- rence, Kay McCorquodale, Dian Scott, Linda Walton, Penny Latham, Kathy Magda, Ginger Dunning, Beth King, Ann Schloss, Diane Haige. Fourth row: Aila Erman, Doris Conant, Anne Price, Elaine Hyers, April Lee, Pat West, Annalane Dale, Merle Ballou, Binnie Ransick, Zebbie Smith, Yvonne Grigsby, Margaret George, Sue Ellyn Hendrickson, Helen Bealey. Fashion Incorporated Fashion Incorporated is a student organization whose object is to promote an active interest in fashion as a hobby or as a field of study. This group presents " Fashion Day " each year and sponsors the Campus Modeling Squad. An outstanding woman in the fashion industry gives tips on personal grooming at each of the monthly meetings. Leaders are Kay Desmond, President; Karen Sue Beck, Vice-President; Susan Fehlberg, Secretary, and Carolyn Sistrunk, Treasurer. Txsm n. iiUM -QCiaaiin.r n .•..t,J,.».lf,; v.- FASHION INCORPORATED: First row: Karol Dover, Cart lin e Morris, Patricia Lamb, Lila Larimore, Lynette Harris, Nancy Bild, Karen Thoureen, Judith Weidner, Marcia Fennell, Joanne Polizzi, Francine Millinor, Carolyn Cunningham. Second row: Karen Kane, Peggi Gross, Donna Zilmer, Ida Cooper, Jacquelyn Turner, Paula Walker, Anne Weber, Billie Kirby, Virginia Carust, Sally Vigelmeier, Judy Kelly, Sus- an Thorp, Gale Hyde. Third row: Germaine Leonhart, Jeri Wright, Ann Holloman, Warren Thorpe, Marsha Hill, Barbara Gailey, Esther Rod- gers, Rhoda Mary Gonzalez, Gloria Bryant, Gaye Boardman, Dorothy Roberts, Pat Hill, Mary Jo Webb, Elinor Ready, Netia Johnston, Joan Boulware. 187 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB: First row: Nadine Kirby, Gayle Norman, Ruth Ferguson, Joyce Wolfgang. Second row: Pat Houston, Margaret Hodges, Mary Ellen Davis, Yvonne Parish. Home Economics Club The Florida State University Home Economics Club, an affiliate of the American Home Economics Asso- ciation, is composed of students interested in pro- fessional home economics and homemaking. The organization endeavors to promote professional attitudes and interests, to encourage friendship among the students and faculty who share common interests, and prepare students to take the first step toward professional recognition. Projects on the state level include promoting home economics clubs in foreign countries and sending Christmas boxes to the Sunland, Training Center in Gainesville. Local activities include annual picnics to honor freshmen, transfers, and graduating seniors, occasional student-faculty teas and receptions, and program meetings designed to widen cultural in- terests and increase knowledge in various phases of living. Officers are Joyce Wolfgang, President; Gayle Norman, Vice-President; Nadine Kirby, Secretary; and Margaret Hodges, Treasurer. HOME EC MEMBERS, Ruthanne Davis, Elizabeth Wicker- sham, and Nancy Abbott, pack a box for Sunland Center. 188 X s F. S. U. ENTERTAINERS: First row: Sharon Howard, Janellen Music, Melinda Lundy. Second row: Jean Johnson, Lucille Martin, Don Kimber, Michael Cruz, Fred Hoedl, Babe Slacks, Beverly Winn. F. S. U. Entertainers . S, U, Political Union This service club, which came to FSU in February, 1959, has as its goal the provision of better enter- tainment for the campus organizations and service clubs in the Tallahassee area. The group is ably led by Carol Coxe, President and Manager; Jan Music and Bob Waters, Dancing Directors; Babe Slacks, Acting Director; Sharon Smith, Music Director; and Eve Taylor, Treasurer. Promoting an active interest in practical politics and " building better minds for better politics " are the main objectives of the FSU Political Union, which arrived on this campus in 1954. President for the 1959-60 year is Bud Carroll. Tony Karauokiros is Vice-President and Marjorie Mills is Secretary-Treasurer. Dr. R. B. Gray and Dr. Paul J. Piccard are Faculty Advisors. F. S. U. POLITICAL UNION: First row: Joel Atkinson, Marjorie Mills, Jamie Doyle, Diane Hamilton, Paul Von Ward. Second Row: Bob Dunkin, Fred Rowland, Spero McConnell, Bud Carrol. INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE SOCIETY: First row: George Fordham, Tom Metz, George Chesser. Se- cond row: George Adkins, Bernarr Kelly, Thomas Ehrhardt, Leonard Levy. Insurance R. E. Society The Insurance and Real Estate Society is open to all students in the School of Business. The group sponsors projects related to the field of insurance and real estate, including speakers and " I " Day. Members find diversion in a field trip each year and the annual Insurance Commissioners Banquet. Serving as officers for 1959-60 are Tom Metz, Pres- ident; Tom Erhart, Vice President; George Fordham, Secretary; and Ted Drum, Treasurer. International Student Qub The International Student Club has members from all over the world. The main concern of this organiza- tion is to bring students from distant cultures together and to provide them with fellowship and recreation. Their activities include coast parties, an annual Christmas party and receptions. Leading the group are Syng Moon, President; Koki Sasaki, Vice-President; Frances Tondo, Secretary; and Rupa Javeri, Treasurer. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CLUB: First row: Frances Tondo, Barsa Mitra, Jan- iza Anwar, Rupa Javeri. Second row: Peter Tondo, Dr. H. S. Plendl (Faculty advisor), Symg Ek Moon, Koki Sasaki. MATHEMATICS TEACHING CLUB: First row: Janyce Kikta, Judy Bunting, Anne Elvery, Evon Jones, Mary Emma Hearn, Joan Amos, Louise King. Second Row: Cynthia Cox, Yolanda Huszty, Virginia Baymiller, Audrey Grant, Tom Denmark, Edward Peneshi, Martha Wilder Elizabeth Taylor, Ann Clements, Linda Laws. Third row: Robert Kalin, Wayne Barningham, Allan Dermott, Eugene Michols. Mathematics Teaching Qub Organized in 1957, this club is the only college organization of its kind to be affiliated with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Among their projects are the sponsorship of the mathematics club at Florida High and the tutoring program for FSU students. The society is led by Wayne Barningham, Presi- dent; Yolanda Huszty, Vice-President, Lilian Sullivan, Secretary; Ann Clements, Treasurer. Men ' s P. E. Club_ Always at home on a sports field are the men P. E. majors, organized to develop a professional attitude in the area of physical education. Projects include the presentation of an award to the most outstanding Junior. Leaders are Ernie Stock, President; Jim Long- streth, Vice-President; Bob Reynolds, Secretary; and Earl Schworm, Treasurer. MEN DiB Roberts, Louis Pulley, Marcus Milam, Frank Whiddon, Ralph Parkman, Tom Stallings, Johnny Henry, Emerson Brown, Jeff Voyles, Marty Sobol, Tony Harrell, Bill Bostain, Eugene McDowell, Doug Williams, Dale Ricketts, Bennett Shelfer. Fourth row: James Kearse, James Rus- sell, Cecil Partridge, Gene Callaway, Kenneth Powell, David Fedor, Claude Williams, Jerome Stieger, Donn Peery, Dick Bunting, Fred Ful- -kerson, Paul Gebert, Benny Arnold, Harold Blyn. PHI ALPHA: First row: Laura Wilson, PrisciHa Wand, Annette Pritchard, Selina Sparrow, Betty Chazarra, Sue Massey. Second row: Yvonne Moore, Gayle McWhirter, Coyle Moore, William Leap, Dean Askeland, Edwin Bowers, Charles Conklin, Betty Powell, Lynn Brantly. Phi Alpha Phi Alpha, local Social Welfare honorary, annually publishes a newsletter of the School of Social Wel- fare and is presently engaged in writing a history of the School, soon to be printed. A local group, its goals are to constantly seek knowledge and to uphold high scholarship. Phi Alpha is guided this year by Sue Massey, Pre- sident; Dean Askeland, Vice-President; and Charleen Chevalier, Secretary-Treasurer. Phi Chi Theta Phi Chi Theta, National women ' s professional bus- iness fraternity, aims to promote higher business education and training for all women and coopera- tion among women preparing for business careers. Each year the School of Business Reception is sponsored by these future lady executives. Officers are Brenda Wilson, President; Jane Powell, Vice-President; Marlene Willett, Secretary; and Yvonne Gartman, Treasurer. PHI CHI THETA: First row: Penny Williams, Sharon Howard, Marlene Willett, Cree Ann Kearns, Btenda Jo Moffitt. Second row: Eve Loma- istro, Martha Erwin, Catchie Hambright, Pat Moses, Marilyn Jones, Jane Lee Jewell, Sandra Purvis, Janiece Andre, Ann Himrod, Mary Ann Adams, Lois King. Third row: Carolyn McCollough, Priscilla Sloan, Jack Dobson, June Rogers, Mary Ann Pearson. biA ;! - 1. (n.-il RACQUETTES: First row: Sunny Thomas, Vernita Pinto, Rose Ann Messina, Norma Ronan, Jan Quinn, Doris Davis, Joyce Angus. Second row: Lee Kramer, Betty Liggett, Barbara Bos- song, Virginia Dumas, Pat Berry, Elaine Bettis, Es- ther Sue Larson. Raquettes Racquettes, a local tennis club for women, seeks to promote interest and skill in tennis among univer- sity women. Through tournaments and tennis clinics, they attempt to provide opportunities for the more skilled players to compete among themselves and with others throughout the state. Guiding the club this year are Betty Legget, Pres- ident; Caryl Lenahan, Vice-President; Judy Watkins, Secretary; and Joyce Angus, Treasurer. o. A, V. v . o. The Student Affiliates of American Chemical Soc- iety, an organization for chemistry majors, strives to foster professional spirit and pride among its members. It gives them an opportunity to become ac- quainted with their major field and encourage them to maintain a professional attitude toward it. SAACS officers for this year are: President, Gran- ville Larimore; Secretary, H. Dilmore; and Treasurer, P. Roller. STUDENT AFFILIATES OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY: First row: Peter RoHer, Judith Buckley, Sylvia Miller, Martha Ann Johnson, Hazel Dilmore, James Tatum. Second row: Barry Maxwell, Granville Larimore, Donald Johnson, William Brogden, J ames Gray, John Fitch. STUDENT FLORIDA EDUCATION ASSOCIATIOin: First row: Nancy Trimble, Cynthia Ann Sward, Barbara Ellen O ' Hare, Connie Ransick. Louise McCallister, Trudie Gaskill, Barbara Drum, Bonnie Law, Judie Render. Second row: Hazel Anne Avery, Pat Adams, Janet Mattocks, Sandy Roberts, Joy Richardson, Janell Putnal, Carol Louise Schey, Ruthie Williams, Frankie Linton, Jane Dale, Betty White, Jane Tyree. Third row: Barbara Brunner, Jo Townsend, Pat Toth, Gladys Lupo, Zanne Evans, Joyce Story, Dot Cronin, Diann Phelps, Kathy Holding. S. F. E. A. Social Work Club Designed for all who are planning to teach, SFEA strives to further professional interest and con- tribute to the community in any way possible. A worthy project of this group is selling coffee each morning in the education building. Proceeds go to the Student Research Foundation. Helping to promote the group ' s activities are .Nancy Trimble, President, and Vice-Presidents Joyce Story and Richard Dickman. To further an interest in social welfare is the pur- pose of the Social Work Club. In order to increase the students ' knowledge in this area graduate students from foreign countries speak on social needs and accomplishments in their respective lands at their meetings. The club is led this year by Mary Ann Marchesseau, President; Judy Lehan, Vice-President; Phyllis Mee- bold. Secretary; and Silina Sparrow, Treasurer. SOCIAL WORK CLUB: First row: Betty Overholser, Helen Forrest, Selina Spar- row, Judy Lehan, Pat Swoger. Second row: Vir- ginia Lee Dunn, Marianna Youngerman, Ralph Ed- wards, Elliott Rudwick, Charles Conklin, Barbara Gailey. otto, Annette Johnson, Ann Maxwell, Judith Butler, Ann Linscott, Annette Jacoby. Student Nurses The Student Nurses ' Association is a local group composed of girls who are studying nursing. It is organized to encourage student nurses to develop an interest in both their chosen profession and in its professional organization. It also provides an op- portunity for the students to become familiar with the structure, purposes, and functions of the various professional nurses ' organizations. It presents a challenge to the students to participate in serious consideration of current nursing problems on all levels. Observance of and participation in Student Nurses Week is their most important project of the year. On the social side, they hold a retreat at the Reserva- tion and a Christmas party for the W. T. Edwards Hospital. Officers this year are Laura Fetterley, President; Peggy Sanders, Vice-President; Lila Larimore, Sec- retary; and Wynyard Williams, Treasurer. SENIOR STUDENT NURSES: First row: Alma Lowe, Patsy Lieb, Marjorle Brown, Martha Ballew, Cynthia Woolson, Marianna Cowle, Dolo- w f ' Kathleen James, Margaret Whittle, Gail Juerling. Second row: Doris Nelson, Sandra Gilbert, Georganne Sampson, Elizabeth Louise McCushey, Helen Balkcom, Barbara Hanson, Patricia Loveland, Gwenda Crawford, Carol Foltz, Sylvia Winteradorf, Sue Baker, Carolyn Newsom. TARPON: First row: Ann Elvery, Ann O ' Neil, Dottie Hatton, Sherry Brown, Cynthia Mosberg, Berta Boyce, Pat Doepke, Frances Exum. Second row: Ann S chloss, JoElen Eyster, Loren Wolfinbarger, Mildred Bishop, Midge Presnell, Mary Ann Thornton, Judy Cox, Barbara Scott. Third row: Cheena Reynolds, Sandra Cooke, Lila Newton, Barbara Daniel, Tony Connelly, Jennie Wood, Judy McCracken, Louise Martin, Carole Williams. Tarpon SIX TARPON MEMBERS form one of their many floating patterns in preparation for their annual spring production. Twelve foreign lands were visited this year as Tar- pon Club presented its annual spectacular. Selected because of their grace, ease, and skill in aquatics, these girls present their audience a superb combin- ation water ballet and aquacade consisting of stu- dent-produced sketches, routines and settings. In addition to their annual show, members also performed at the opening of the Holiday Inn Motel and were hostesses for the International Academy of Aquadic Arts Festival, held in April. Tarpon ' s main objective is to generate interest in synchronized swimming among the FSU students. Officers for the year are Dottie Hatton, President; Sherry Brown, Vice-President; Cynthia Mosberg, Se- cretary; and Roberta Boyce, Treasurer. 196 Dames ' Club n , Providing friendship and organization for student wives on the Florida State campus is the purpose of the Dames Club. This national social organization is living proof of the well-known story that there is inevitably a woman behind every successful man. The central idea uniting these young wives is " put- ting hubby through " which involves a special effort put forth on the part of the wife. This organization provides its members with soc- ial and cultural diversion through its varied and en- tertaining activities. Among the social events on the Dames Club calendar for the year are a get-acquain- ted mixer in the fall, an auction, a Spring fashion show, and the Mrs. FSU contest. Connie Knight was chosen in the Dames Club sponsored contest, and was presented in the Homecoming Parade. Presiding over these young wives this year was Teddy Godbold as President. Vita Fields served as Vice-President, Maura Klingen was Secretary, and Marjean Noble was Treasurer. «« %w t j «» 0» " •.. J ' " « - • ' .«« • CONNIE KNIGHT, Mrs. F.S.U., was presented during the Homecoming parade on the Dame ' s Club sponsored float. ■ ' 1 DAMES CLUB: First row: Barbara Baxter, Vita Fields, Teddy Godbold, Mergean Noble, Madelyn Howell, Joy Gauvin. Second row: Gerry Crawford, Connie Meek, Penny Riley, Caley Garvey, Judy Canant, June Peery, Carolyn Graham. 197 UNIVERSITY FOUR H CLUB: First row: Sandra Daughtry, Mary Jane Hodges, Katharine Arey, Laura Ann Higginson. Second row: Miss Jo Ann Tilley, Kathleen Hodges, Miss Ann Thompson, Phy- llis Singleton, Yvonne Maurer. Four-H Club Promoting 4-H club work in University life is the purpose of the University 4-H Club. Although it is a local organization, it is affiliated with the Extension Program. Its annual projects include assisting with the North Florida Fair, helping at the 4-H leadership camps and assisting in the recreation at the Prince Muriat School. Leading the group this year are Mary Jane Hodges, President; Bonnie Shuman, Vice-President; Laura Cameron, Secretary; and Gale Hyde, Treasurer. W. D. U. R. A. The initials WDURA represent the Womens ' Division of the University Recreation Association. The pur- pose of this organization is to promote athletic ac- complishment and to contribute to the development of the health and sportsmanship of every woman student. The women ' s intramural program, growing in size and rang e of activities, operates under WDURA. Elaine Smith is Chairman; Ginger Holland is Vice- Chairman; Betty Brady serves as Secretary-Treasurer; and Roberta Boyce is Intramural Manager. Mary Jane Moore handles the publicity. W.D.U.R.A: First row: Gin- ger Holland, Jane Maples, Elaine Smith. Second row: Donna Deutsch, Cappy Archibald, Dot Holland, Di Darwick, Mary Jane Moore. 198 ??»?■ V VILLAGE VAMPS: First row: Frances Spell, Peggy Traylor, Jo Ann Batchelor, Patricia Woodruff, Martha Bedell, Norma Brown, Rita Garnett, Roslyn Anderson, Bonnie Robinson, Mary Ann Travis, Joyce Fisher. Second row: Marianna Girtman, Pam Stanley, Robbie Smith, Anne Price, Merle Ballou, Ivylyn Frazier, Jean Hartz, Karen Thoureen, Linda Walter, Liza Haven. Third row: Carline McDougald, Katherine Ball, Linda Potter, Carol Hair, Judy Turner, Lea Starry, Patty Mickey, Dot Mann, Mary Powel, Mary Page Smith, Nora Parker, Carol Kamey, Gail Quar- terman, Helen Leibo, Yvonne OUiphant. Forth row: Karen Johnson, Barbara Peters, Gretchen Bartlett, Betty Ann Bevis, Martha Wilder, Mi- nora Galbraith, Sandra Calhoun, Pat Garner, Kay Huddleston. Village Vamps A wave of black, swelling to epitomize the highest degree of poise, personality, and attractiveness, symbolizes the qualities found in freshmen and trans- fer women chosen for membership in Village Vamps. The purpose of this organization is to act as of- ficial hostesses for the University by welcoming visiting groups, serving at various receptions and teas, and ushering at the Artist Series presentations. They are also a welcome sight to tired football play- ers as they greet them on their return from distant games. Ex-officio activities this year included riding in the homecoming parade with members of Church Key. This social honorary culminated its activities with a Spring Dinner-Dance. Its officers this year are: President, Norma Brown; Vice-President, Patricia Woodruff; Secretary, Martha Bedell; Treasurer, Sandra Cole. NEW VILLAGE VAMP TAPS, chosen annually, are easily recognized on campus by their traditional black dresses. 199 B aMMig , Choral Union Founded at F.S.U. in 1946, Choral Union is the old- est and largest mixed choral organization on the campus. It is open to all students who are interested in and like music. Two performances are given on campus each year, one at Thanksgiving and one during the Easter sea- son. They are also featured on radio and television. Officers are President, Dan Doster; Vice-Presi- dent, Tillie Willis; Business Manager, Pheriba Sta- cey; Publicity Director, Phil Lambert; and Accom- panies!, Grant Jones. Herman Gunter is Director. Collegians Collegians, men ' s glee club, is open to all students who like to sing. Organized on the campus in 1958, they have quickly established themselves as one of the finest amateur choral groups in the state. Concerts were given this year at Christmas and in the Spring. They also performed at the Pow Wow, on television, and made a tour of central Florida. Their musical repertoire is varied, ranging from early sacred to contemporary selections. Raymond Meyer is director of the group and Frank Cooper is accompanist. ».r " W» 1I9 1 ■ f 1 1 1 T el 4 , iim ' I r T ' " _ • nJ ' ' i li ■ %Afe ' a iXi " Tfc ' i. iJ X, ' i University Singers University Singers is open to all students who enjoy singing choral literature ranging from folk songs to contemporary music. In addition to Christmas and Spring concerts on the campus, they made a Concert Tour of Florida this year and sang for the Student Artist Series at Madison Junior College, and with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra. Dr. Wiley Housewright directs the group. Officers this year are President, Mac Boulware; Vice-Presi- dent, Wayne Hobbs; Secretary-Treasurer, Carol Car- ter; and Librarian, Sharon Smith. Women ' s Glee Club Under the able direction of Miss Betty Jane Grimm, any woman student who is interested in singing may join the Women ' s Glee Club. This year they present- ed Christmas vespers programs on the campus and at the Federal Correction Institute. A special spring concert, dedicated to the memory of Dr. Ernst V. Dohnanyi, was given in April. Officers of the group are President, Sheila Ken- nedy; Vice President, Judy Chamblis; Secretary, Marianna Girtman; Treasurer, Evelyn Cawthorn; and Publicity Chairman, Helen Skelton. (•!»»» « SI mm ' » I ' » i » « I n An indominatable will to win, sureness, good sportsmanship, coordination, and teamwork . . . the athlete ' s goals . . . the expression of the victorious team. Sports ,% i- 3iDi{ ' fT -Vi , -sC ■ mm : mm i ' 4 If . " »s, 1 I TANKERS CATCH BREATH, AS COACH STULTS READIES THEM FOR CLOCKED SPRINT DURING STRENUOUS PRACTICE SESSION i - i«-. ' - ' .- VL fl lPPV fvM ri L J Hours of Practice Preceed Team ' s Win Probably the best swimming team in the South, Flor- ida State ' s tankers have an impressive history of victories. Winner of the Georgia AAU ' s, for the past three years, and the Florida Intercollegiate Meet, they have also upset Bowling Green, Mid-American Conference champs, and the University of Florida, SEC champs. The sixteen man squad includes Bucky Hiles, All American; Curtis Genders and Bob Weber, All American Divers. Paul Thompson and Hiles will tryout for the Olympic team this summer. EXHAUSTED SWIMMERS rest at pool side before going on with rigorous workout necessary for top form in next meet. 204 THROWN HIGH, diver flips from board while Coach watches on deck, offering advice for improvement. AWAITING NEXT EVENT, swimmers think over last heat and try to remember all that Coach has said, in hopes of crossing finish line first. 4 - ;fe :. SWIMMER FLINGS HIMSELF INTO WATER, AS OPPONENTS PUT FORTH MIGHTY EFFORTS TO CATCH UP IN THRILLING RELAY 205 A „ !, ' i ! FRED PICKARD Right Halfback JOE MAJORS Quarterback AL ULMER Guard POB CLEM Second Base 206 The Seminole All - American JACK RYDER Tumbling and Trampoline ■ E 1 J f i H 1 BOB WEBER Diver CURT GENDERS Diver BUCKY HILES Swimmer In 1959, ten Florida State athletes achieves Ail-American status for outstanding feats in sports competition. Chosen by national sports polls, these men are among the top athletes in the country in their respective sports. , m TOM O ' CONNOR Flying Rings BOB SHAVE Golf 207 PERRY MOSS, Head Coach VAUGHN MANCHA, Athletic Director Problems, Injuries Mar Football Season The lightweight Seminole football team opened the 1959 season with Perry Moss serving as the new athletic director and head coach. Problems arose in the attempted adjustment between coach and team. Added difficulties came about through the numerous injuries suffered by players. Midseason contract talks with the professional Canadian Alouettes resulted in the unexpected exit of Moss and the appointment of Vaughn Mancha as the director of athletics. A four-year contract for the position of head coach was filled by Bill Peterson, who was formerly the assistant coach of the highly rated Tigers from Louisiana State University. When the 1959 season closed the Tribe had vic- tories over rivals, the Citadel, Virginia Tech, Rich- mond and Tampa University. PAT HOG AN, Director of Sports Publicity 208 COACHING STAFF: First row: Coach Perry Moss, Dick Flowers. Second row: Kenneth Shipp, Don James, John Coatta, Bob Harbison. %% ' iw v RONALD MELTON, Athletic Business Manager DON PAULS, Trainer 209 JOHN SPIVEY, Co-Captain ' ■ ' ' ' tli 1959 FOOTBALL RESULTS ' ake Forest 22 Florida State 47 M iam i 7 Florida State 7 Memphis State 16 Florida State 22 Georgia 42 William Mary 9 Florida 18 Florida State 33 Florida State 20 Citadel 6 Florida State 6 Virginia Tech 6 Florida State 6 Richmond 6 Florida State Florida State Florida State 8 Tampa Season Record 4-6 AL ULMER, Co-Captain VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: First row: Jim Worthington, Terry Moran, Jack Hardy, Denny Schou, John Slaton, John Spivey, Al Ulmer, Gene McCormick, Joe Majors, Don Mustain, Steve Dunlap, Bill Brown. Second row: Jim Hooks, Jack Ryder, Bud Whitehead, Don Rowe, Ver- non Ehlers, Jim Alvarez, Tony Romeo, Al Nichols, Paul Andrews, Fred Pickard, Ken Kestner, Fred Grimes, Abner Bigbie, Steve Klesius, Roy Bickford, Willie Whitehead. Third row: John Clark, Don Prickett, Bill Hampton, Frank DeFrancesco, Ramon Rogers, Ron Hinson, Jim Daniel, Jim Calhoun, Jack Espenship, Rebel Bellamy, Bob Swoszowski, Ray Lamb, Tom Westhafer, Don Donatelli, John Grimsley, Larry Booth, Bob Morrow, Bill Tyre. ROY BICKFORD Back ABNER BIGBIE Guard KEN CONE Back JIM DANIEL End FRANK DEFRANCESCO DON DONATELLI Guard Tackle ikiik JACK ESPENSHIP FRED GRIMES JACK HARDY RAY LAMB KEN KESTNER STEVE KLESIUS Back End Center Guard Guard Tackle JOE MAJORS FRED PICKARD RAMON RODGERS TONY ROMEO BOB SWOSZOWSKI BUD WHITEHEAD Back Back Center End Tackle Back 211 KEN CONE (24), Seminole halfback, receives a pass from Roy Bickford on his own 45-yard line and heads for home. Seminoles Yield to Wake Forest 22 - 20 Going against the Wake Forest Deacons in the sea- sons opener in Doak Campbell Stadium, FSU was edged to defeat in the closing minutes by a 22-20 margin. Wake Forest opened the scoring in the second period wi th a field goal followed by a touchdown in the closing seconds of the half. A pass interference penalty put the visitors on FSU ' s 11-yard line and they scored with only 20 seconds remaining. A run- ning try for the extra point was unsuccessful. The Seminoles went on the warpath in the second half scoring three touchdowns and adding two extra points for a 20-9 lead. A stunned Wake Forest team then came to life again and hit for two more touch- downs in the final period to win in the closing min- utes. As the clock ran out the scoreboard read 22- 20 to the disappointment of the Tribe. A.. i ■ ' ff t ■ e i 1 J R- K ■ ' . E ■ nKT -V ft MUSTAIN (21) CLEARS A PATH FOR TEAMMATE BUD WHITEHEAD.WHO HAS ALREADY PASSED THE WAKE FOREST 35-MARKER 212 CITADEL PLAYERS ARE ELIMINATED BY SEMINOLES AS SPEEDY FRED PICKARD CARRIES THE BALL TOWARD A TOUCHDOWN Citadel Scalped by Florida State 47-6 The Florida State Seminoles donned their warpaint against the Citadel as they routed the Bulldogs 47-6 in the second tilt of the season. Advancing from the game ' s opening kickoff to its first touchdown and extra point, the Garnet and Gold team went on to gain a 15-0 lead in the first quarter. A Bulldog fumble gave the Tribe their chance to re- cover and score again in the second period. The try for two points was good, bringing the halftime score oto 23-0. Continuing relentlessly, the fired up Seminoles scored three more TD ' s to build a 41-0 margin. In the final quarter the Citadel mustered their single scoring effort only to see FSU come back with an- other touchdown in the last six seconds of the game. The 47-6 victory was the Seminoles ' highest score for the 1959 season. FRANK DE FRANCESCO blocks the way for ball carrier Abner Bigbie, who starts down field after accepting pass. 213 !%k " ' A WHILE EN ROUTE WITH THE PIGSKIN, PICKARD GOES UP AND OVER AS TWO MIAMI PLAYERS ARE CLOSE BY FOR THE ACTION A HURRICANE HUSTLER plunges through the jumbled line only to be confronted by two awaiting Florida State guards. Hurricanes Put Edge On FSU in Thriller Although the scoreboard showed FSU to be a 7-6 loser to the Hurricanes of Miami, the Tribesmen were loudly applauded as the final whistle blew. They tried valiantly to win, rather than settling for a tie. The rugged Hurricanes and Florida State ' s deter- mined Seminoles battled to a scoreless first quarter. In the second period Miami drove 83 yards to break the scoring ice and then added the extra point on a placement kick to take a 7-0 halftime lead. With less than three minutes remaining in the final period, the Garnet and Gold squad surged forward and, on a quick opener, went across to score. The Tribe eleven faced their big decision as they elec- ted to take the ball over in an attempt for two points and a win rather than kick. They were stopped barely inches from paydirt as the hands of the field clock came to a standstill. 214 Tribe Slides Past VPI in 7-6 Triumph The fourth game of the season got underway with both Florida State and Virginia Tech determined to carry away a victory. After a " no treat " first quar- ter, VPI managed to get deep into FSU territory three times, but without scoring success. A break came for the Seminoles in the latter part of the third quarter when the Garnet and Gold squad intercepted a pass and brought it down to the VPI 26-yard line. Unfortunately, they only progressed as far as the three when time ran out. Once the closing period got underway, the Tribe wasted no time snapping a VPI pass and sending it to the end zone for a 6-0 score. The attempted extra point was good; this became the deciding factor in the game as VPI managed a late TD, but missed the try for a concession ending the game 7-6. VPI RUNNER has his way cleared by teammate who hits fullback Jack Espenship as Romeo and Ulmer rush forward. PICKARD STARTS TO TACKLE VIRGINIA TECH HALFBACK AS ROMEO (80) CLOSES IN FOR THE KILL ON THE VPI 15- YARD LINE 215 Seminoles Fail to Tame Tigers 16-6 A fired-up band of Memphis State Tigers dominated play from the start. Before the happy Homecoming crowd at Memphis, Tennessee, the Tigers captured a 16-6 win over the Seminoles. The first half proved to be Florida State ' s down- fall, as the Tiger ' s drove 84 and later 54 yards, scoring two touchdowns and an extra point. A Semi- nole handoff resulted in a fumble, and the recovery by MSU put the Tigers in business again. Their try for a 22 yard field goal was successful, and brought them to a 16-0 halftime lead. Florida State made its first big threat at the Tiger goal early in the fourth quarter. With 7 minutes to go, the Seminoles slipped across the line for their only score. A passing attempt for two points was unsuc- cessful, and the scoreboard read 16-6 as the final period ended. A LOW SURGING TACKLE is made upon Memphis State ball carrier by charging halfback Bud Whitehead (26). MEMPHIS STATE player slips to side as Florida State ' s Jim Calhoun (44), and Ray Lamb (64) fail to tackle him. 216 RUNNING STRAIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF RICHMOND TACKLERS IS FRED PICKARD (43) AS OTHER PLAYERS RUSH TO ACTION FSU is Victorious 22-6 Over Richmond After a slow start, Florida State finally began to move over a tenacious Richmond eleven at Campbell Stadium, scoring the opening touchdown with two minutes remaining in the first quarter. The Seminoles added two extra points for an 8-0 lead. Richmond gave the Seminoles a bit of trouble in the second period as they penetrated Florida State territory to the 18 yard line. In return, the Tribe made a 55-yard punt to Richmond and then zipped down field to stop them at the 20. In the third quarter both squads tallied six points to advance the totals 14-6. With only forty seconds remaining in the game, the Seminoles went 67 yards for their third touchdown. With a wide slash to the side, they added two more points. A happy set of FSU Tribesmen walked off the home field sporting a 22-6 victory over the Richmond Spiders. A DUPLICATE SETUP is captured later in the Richmond night game as Pickard again makes a wide sweep to goal. 217 END ABNER BIGBIE TACKLES BALL CARRIER FRED BROWN OF GEORGIA, THE HARD WAY AS CONCERNED TEAMMATES WATCH Bulldogs Maintain Mighty Bark 42-0 Thirty thousand football fans watched the Bulldogs swamp the Seminoles at Georgia ' s Homecoming game in Athens during the mid-1959 football action. The Seminoles won the toss and held Georgia scoreless until the last minute of the opening quar- ter. By the end of the first half Florida State had failed to score and the Bulldogs led 21-0. The Florida State eleven got a break as the second half commenced, but lost their scoring chance when they failed to make the much needed first down. During the entire game Georgia displayed their ability in running and passing attacks which later won them the bid to the New Year ' s Day Orange Bowl game in Miami against Missouri. An additional 21 points were made during the final half; the score- board read 42-0 as time ran out. GEORGIA ' S BRO is on the rampage again as he heads off the field leaving behind him Romeo and two Bulldogs. 218 FSU is Defeated in Homecoming Contest The 1959 Homecoming game against William and Mary started with W M on the offensive after FSU chose to kickoff. The visitors got a break in the first period on a Seminole fumble. William and Mary were helped by a pair of 15-yard penalties and a dazzling 47-yard pass on the first play of the second quarter. Their deepest penetra- tion was to the four and a field goal which was a wide try from the twelve. The third period began with several bruising runs and a climatic 41-yard sweep down the sideline by William and Mary. The standing score at the three- fourths mark was 6-0 as the extra point was missed. With only three minutes left in the game, W M verified their victory with a field goal, making the score 9-0, an upset, and the first Florida State Home- coming defeat since 1952. SEMINOLE QUARTERBACK Joe Majors jags forward with pigskin while unseen Al Ulmer blocks W M player No. 18. FLORIDASTATE LINESMEN SCATTER TO BEGIN ACTION AS MAJORS (13) FAKES PASS TO ESPENSHIP (27) IN HOMECOMING TILT 1 f- 4 -J ■ -■». ' -■ ' ■• ' . ' ♦- V « v - . ' t ' ' ? RON HINSON (29) plays leap frog with Florida ' s Captain Dave Hudson as Jack Westbrook (34) gets away with ball. Spirited Seminoles Bow to Gators 18-8 The biggest game of the year, against the Univer- sity of Florida, opened in Gainesville as Florida State kicked off to the Gators before a cheering crowd of faithful supporters, students and alumni. The Gators scored the first time they had pos- session of the ball and went 69 yards in nine plays for the first touchdown. FSU received the ball fol- lowing an extra point miss. The Seminoles used passing plays throughout the game. An exciting moment came during the first half when an FSU touchdown was called back because of holding. The Gators came through with 18-0 lead but not once did they get an extra point. With three minutes left in the game, the Seminoles made it through the Gator line and scored six points. A smooth pass over the one boosted the score 18-8, the final total. 1 ' ?, ' t ' " ■ . 3 r H .?.. i V ' - " .4tii! JOE MAJORS TURNS AWAY AFTER SLIPPING BALL TO WHITEHEAD (26), WHO NOW SIGHTS BRANTLEY (78), A CHARGING GATOR 220 7 s % JOHN SPIVEY (77) AND TERRY MORAN DASH AHEAD TO CLEAR PATH FOR ONCOMING PICKARD DURING FINALE WITH TAMPA Tampa Toppled by Florida State 33-0 The last game of the 1959 football season commenc- ed in Tampa as 8,000 people viewed a brilliant aerial display of passes that set three school records. The Spartans ' first close-down opportunity was put to a halt by a clipping penalty. The Seminoles start- ed the scoring with a 63-yard touchdown run and an extra point. Another TD was made during the last seconds of the half bringing the lead to 12-0. The second half kickoff resulted in a 67-yard par- ade for the third Seminole touchdown. Florida State took another long drive to the goal, but fumbled. An automatic touchback was called as Tampa recovered the ball. The Seminoles increased their lead 27-0 after a 31-yard punt by Tampa. With three minutes to go, FSU concluded a 75-yard feat producing the fifth TD. The final score read 33-0 in favor of the Tribe. OUT IN THE OPEN is fleetfooted quarterback, Joe Majors, who makes a ten yard gain on a quick run around left end. CHEERLEADERS: First row: Alene Maney, Judy Turner, Ramona Gibbs, Barbara Walker, Linda Gormley. Second row: Scott Schanzenbach, Ralph Russell, Jim Walker, Gordon Miller, Ronnie Davis. RALPH RUSSELL, Head Cheerleader Cheerleaders Arouse University Spirit Being a cheerleader is an opportunity to represent Florida State University in a tangible and stimulat- ing way. It is more than playing Florida and plan- ning a pep rally. Cheerleaders try to create within each participant, both player and spectator, a pride in their school and student body. The Spring tryouts, Freshman orientation and the big picnic; the colorful Wake Forest game, augment- ed by Jack Ryder as the new Sammy Seminole and the Rally Committee ' s card section; the frustration of a poorly attended pep rally; the chagrin of every- one over the recalled FSU touchdown against Flo- rida; and the head cheerleader who could not even spell F-S-U! These memories are indelible. To share them is both a privilege as well as a responsibility. LINDA GORMLEY, Miss Football 1959 JACK RYDER, " Sammy Seminole " SEMINOLE CHEERLEADER loses her head over spirited cheer for fighting FSU team at opening game held in Campbell Stadium. BARBARA WALKER, sophomore FSU cheerleader caught at a moment of anticipation by the crowd 223 Swift - footed Cagers Defeat Major Foes FSU ' s Seminole basketball squad faced the toughest independent schedule in the southeast this season ending with ten wins and fifteen losses. Coaching the cagers for his twelfth year was J. K. (Bud) Kennedy assisted by tennis coach, John Pow- less. Only returning starter from the 58-59 season was forward Jim Savage, senior, who was backed by returning lettermen and classmates John Richter, Fred Woodward and Bob Casteel. Pacing the Seminoles with a 21.5 average and a 16.0 rebound average was 6-6 center, Dave Fedor. The sophomore rookie of All-American caliber pas- sed Hugh Durham ' s scoring record of 509 points with 527. Small and fast hustler, sophomore Jack Davis, leads the team as a playmaker. His ball-hawking har- rassed many a visiting team. Bill Cotton and Roger Fruedenstein, transfers from Butler, added a tremendous boost. Sidelined the last half of the season were two guards, Rufus Ash- worth and Fred Woodward. BUD KENNEDY, Coach JIM SAVAGE, Captain 224 !■ I 23 STATE vO«Jp4 is i ' ' STATE STATE I STATE 35 STATE VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: First row: Jim Savage, Fred Woodward, Tim Edney, Jack Davis, Dowell Bates. Second row: Coach Bud Kennedy, Rufus Ashworth, Ray Swain, Bob Casteel, Dave Fedor, John Richter, Herb Lamb, Jerry Smith. Not pictured: Bill Cotton, Rog r Freudenstein, Bud Whitehead. 1959-1960 BASKETBALL RESULTS F.S.U. Opponent 78. . .. L.S.U.... .89 64. . . . Loyola . . .71 71. . . .Florida. . . .81 58. . . . Auburn . . .62 86. . . .Alabama . .74 64. . . . Clemson . .68 63. . . . Auburn . .76 86. .Jacksonville, .69 66. . . .Georgia .69 93. South Caroline ' .75 74. .The Citadel .76 81. . .Centenary ..71 78 Mississippi S( 5.. 87 F.S.U. Opponent 71 . Memphis State .86 72 ... . Tampa .... 67 91 Miami 93 78 .Morehead State. 75 68 Tampa 83 67 .Memphis State . 83 101 .. . Rollins 58 105 .. . Furman 98 60. .The Citadel. 100 69 Loyola 50 95 ... . Georgia .... 82 89- . . ' . Miami 107 Seasons ResultslO- 13 RUFUS ASHWORTH, FSU forward, goes high for a rebound in contest against Hurricanes. DAVE FEDOR, Forward BILL COTTON, Guard JACK DAVIS, Guard RUFUS ASHWORTH, Forward 226 ROGER FREUDENSTEIN, Forward A BROAD LEAP is made by Ashworth (23) to block the pass of opposing player as Woodward (41) lends support. RAY SWAIN, Forward mnt FRED WOODWARD, Guard 227 speedy Tank Team Stroke to Victory The Seminole swimmers, under the direction of Coach Bim Stults, had one of their best seasons this year. Although they lacked in quantity, they had the need- ed quality claiming three Ail-Americans: Bucky Hiles, freestyle; Curt Genders and Bob Weber, diving. Last year the tankers had an eight win, one loss record. They beat the SEC Champions from the Uni- versity of Florida twice and suffered their only loss to the Southwest Conference champs, SMU. One of the top prospects for the season was Paul Thompson, a sophomore from Tallahassee, who was dependable in almost any event or distance. Other promising varsity tankers were Bob Abstein, Chic Beldon, Denny Flandreau, Tommy Mew, Glenn Mit- chell, and Roger Simmons. Among the up and coming freshman aquatic stars was Risto Pyykko, a New Yorker, who specialized in butterfly and individual medley events. Pyykko, along with the rest of the frosh squad will have the job of filling the places in team depth left by gra- duating seniors Weber, Tom Metz, and Tom Newell. BIM STULTS, Coach GRADUATING SENIORS are tankers Tom Metz, distance events; Tom Newell, breaststroker; and Bob Weber, diver. 228 VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM: First row: Tom Metz, Bob Weber, Buck Hiles, Curt Genders, Denny Flandreau. Second row: Jim Taylor, Tom Mew, Gerry Braden, Chic Beldon, Roger Simmons, Greg Smith, Coach Bim Stults. Third row: Dee Eddington, Bob Abstein, Glen Mitchell, Paul Thompson, Bob DeHaney, Tom Newell. Not pictured: Carl Butler. 1959 SWIMMING RESULTS Florida State 70 Florida State 5.6 Southern Methodist .35 Florida State 55 Florida State 51 Florida State 55 Florida State 59 Florida State 63 Florida State 52 Georgia 16 Texas A M 30 Florida State 31 Florida 31 Miami 35 Georgia Tech 30 Georgia 26 East Carolina 23 Florida 34 Season Record 8-1 OTHER VICTORIES Florida Intercollegiate Champions VERSATILE ALL-AMERICAN swimmer Bucky Hiles from Atlanta, Georgia cruises along at a steady pace during one of his workouts. 229 FREESTYLERS SHOWN AT EDGE OF POOL ARE PAUL THOMPSON, TOM METZ, JIM TAYLOR, GREG SMITH AND BUCKY HILES BUTTERFLYERS posing around ladder are Paul Thompson, Tommy Mew and Bucky Hiles with Gerry Braden standing behind. DIVING TRIO in front of board are Denny Flandreau, seated, with Curt Genders and Bob Weber, standing. 230 READY FOR ACTION in a warmup sprint are backstrokers. Glen Mitchell and Bob Abstein. THE BIG FOUR members of the freestyle relay team include tract stars Paul Thompson, Carl Butler, Tommy Mew, Greg Smith, Cindermen. MEMBERS OF BREASTSTROKER QUARTET BELOW ARE ROGER SIMMONS, CHIC BELDEN, TOM NEWELL AND BOB DEHANEY FSU Gymnasts Among Top Five in Nation The Florida State University Gymnasts were once again in the National spotlight this year as they placed among the top five teams in the country. Pacing the Seminoles were All-Americans Tom O ' Connor- on the flying rings and tumbler-trampoli- nist Jack Ryder. The varsity team compiled another outstanding record for dual meets. Leading the roll of all-around men was Rick Mil- ler followed closely by Bill Beavers and Joe Boersma- Senior Colin Cameron was the high bar specialist while veteran Fernando Lecuona assisted the squad in still ring, parallel bars and side horse events. Number one man on the flying and still rings was Tom O ' Connor, a senior, who was aided by versatile Bob Christians, Number two man on the rings, high bar and the trampoline. Tops in tumbling and trampoline events was Jack Ryder with Seminoles, Dave CarmoUi and Bill Hack- ett also entering into the latter competition. Climb- ing the rope for the FSU Tribe was Jerome Edwards; Wayne Thompson gave support in the still rings. HARTLEY PRICE. Coach TOM O ' CONNOR, Flying and still Rings 232 VARSITY GYMNASTIC TEAM: First row: Rick Miller, Bill Beavers, Joe Boersma, Fernando Lecuona, Second row: Jim Fadigan, Assistant Coach, Jerome Edwards, Les Malin, Bob Christians, Tom O ' Conner, Wayne Thompson, Jack Ryder, Coach Hartley Price. Not pictured: Co- lin Cameron, Bill Hatchett, Dave Carmolli. 1959 GYMNASTIC RESULTS Florida State 70 Georgia Tech 42 Florida State 86 Pensacola Navy . . 48 Florida State 68 Georgia Tech 44 Florida State 66 Mississippi So. . . . 46 Florida State 63 Northwestern State 49 Season Record 3-0 OTHER VICTORIES Florida AAU Georgia AAU Kentucky AAU S.I.G.L. COLIN CAMERON, High Bar fi ' 7 t ' -I J BILL BEAVERS, Side Horse RICK MILLER, All Around " ;„i m ' m itf FERNANDO LECUONA, Parallel Bars 234 JACK RYDER, Trampoline and Tumbling BOB CHRISTIANS, High Bar and Trampoline WAYNE THOMPSON, Still Rings and All Around JOE BOERSMA, Parallel Bars Baseball Veterans Appear in Top Form Four was a big number for Florida State ' s 1959 base- ball team. With only four returning lettermen, the Seminoles won 20 games for the fourth straight sea- son and made their fourth consecutive appearance in the four-team NCAA District 3 playoffs. Heading the team ' s leading hitters was Bob Clem with a record setting average of .436. Next in line was Neil Martin, the Seminoles ' outstanding out- fielder, with a .343. The pitching staff led by sophomore Frank Davis turned in steady performances time after time. Assisting Davis on the mound was the team ' s only high-hard thrower, Jim Daniel. Power man on the team was third baseman Jack Dull, who belted six homeruns and drove in 37 runs for club records. Veteran first baseman Charlie Rogers and second baseman Ray Bazzell put in ex- pert performances throughout the season. With a veteran squad, having lost only two play- ers, and a good freshman team, Coach Danny Lit- whiler has great expectations for the I960 season. DAN LITWHILER, Coach DALE KOCH, 1959 Captain 236 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: First row: Ray Bazzell, Neil Martin, Dale Koch, John King, Bob Reynolds, Frank Davis, Ernie Langford. Second row: Coach Dan Litwhiler, Charles Zitok Jack Dull, Charlie Rodgers, Doug Walker, Al Zyla, Jerry Hohne, Bob Clem, Bill Westen- dick, Darl Nelson, Dave Buss. Third row: Henry Ross, Mike Hudgins, D. Waniker, Jerry Turner, Paul Benson, Dick Madison, Ron Eraser. 1959 BASEBALL RESULTS 14 Camp Lejeune 4 11 Michigan 11 Camp Lejeune 3 2 Michigan State 8 id Camp Lejeune 8 3 Florida 6 8 Auburn 4 7 Florida 9 11 Auburn 3 1 Fla. Southern 2 1 Georgia 4 7 Ga. Teachers 1 16 Georgia 4 19 Tampa 1 17 Stetson 4 Ga. Teachers 5 21 Stetson 12 8 Georgia 2 9 North Carolina 11 4 Georgia 2 16 Illinois 9 4 Auburn 3 8 Florida 7 8 Auburn 6 3 Michigan State 2 3 G. Washington 2 3 Duke 6 2 Clemson 24 2 W. Michigan 3 16 Georgia Tech 9 5 Duke 1 Clemson 5 2 W. Michigan 258 166 Season Results 22-11 RAY BAZZELL, Second Base 7 PITCHERS: Kneeling: Carl Nelson, Assistant Coach Mike DePalmer. Standing: Herry Hohne, Jim Daniels, Frank Davis, R on Fraser. JACK DULL, Shortstop " « H BILL WESTENDICK, Catcher ■■31 s)N m. JOHNNY KING, Left Field NEIL MARTIN, Right Field BOB CLEM, Second Base m FRANK DAVIS, Pitcher 239 Strong Performances Shown by Trackmen As the Seminole speedsters and fieldmen opened the 1959-60 season, they were expected to repeat another impressive record comparable to that of the previous season with only a single loss. Coached by Mr. Mike Long, the cindermen showed strongest in the running events. Returning lettermen and NCAA Championship participants, Keen is the present elected captain of the squad and was the high point man of the 1958-59 season. Mills was the Florida AAU two-miler champion and holds the FSU record for the same event. With 42 men on the squad, including eight return- ing lettermen, the talent was well proportioned. The strongest single event was the middle distances due to the greater number of participants in these events. The depth of the entire squad was sufficient to place in all events. Up from the 1959 Frosh squad is a group of top- notch cinder talent. Among them is Quentin Till, quarter-mile Georgia AAU Champ. The overall team total again was impressive. MIKE LONG, Coach. TED KEEN, Captain 240 »• VARSITY TRACK TEAM: First row: Coach Mike Long, Ben George, Kent Mills, Tom Keeney, Claude Grizzard, Don Ostergaard, Ron Har- rison, Ted Keen. Second row: Billy Thomas, Benny Arnold, Chuck Taylor, Bill Welch, Tim Edney, Terry Long, Quentin Till. Third row: Jim Maroon, Edwin Hays, Jack Bracksmith, Bill Davis, Bobby Harrell, Bobby Wills, Dave Ellis. 1959 TRACK RESULTS Florida State. .90 1 3 Louisiana S. . 83 Florida State. .108 108 Florida State. .82 1 6 Miami 41 2 3 Florida State. .60 Furman 28 Florida. .... 48 5 6 Season Record 3-1 OTHER VICTORIES Coliseum Relays (Montgomery, Ala.) Piedmont Relays (Greenville, S.C.) Florida AAU Championships TOM KEENEY , MILE RELAY TEAM: TOM KEENEY, QUENTIN TILL, TED KEEN, RON HARRISON I 1 k CHARLIE NYE RECEIVES FROM RON HARRISON CLAUDE GRIZZARD 242 DON OSTERGAARD KENT MILLS JIM MAROON TED KEEN :.tS(c ' j iia eV. nSii,- Opponents Challenge Fine Tennis Record It will be hard to improve upon the fine record of Coach John Powless ' s 1958-59 Seminole tennis team which established a new school record of 12 consecutive dual match wins. The 1959-60 team will again play a tough schedule with several new schools to be added such as: Clemson, Northwestern, Duke, North Carolina, and also teams from last year ' s schedule including U. of Miami, Florida, Michigan State, Southern Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Rollins, Louisiana State, Georgia, and Georgia Tech. The only two returning lettermen are Rebel Bel- lamy and Howard Levy. Bellamy compiled a 13-7 record at 1 and 2 positions, and Levy won 15 and lost 5 matches, the most won by any FSU netter last season. Other men expected to bolster this year ' s squad are Alex Sutor, Buddy McClain, Pete Pylant, and two returning freshmen, Gordy Smith and Ed Fasula. The team looks forward to a successful season, but is aware of new challenges. JOHN POWLESS, Coach REBEL BELLAMY 244 ■• VARSITY TENNIS TEAM: First row: Ed Fasula, Pete Pylant, Howard Levy, Gordon Smith. Second row: Buddy McClaIn, Alex Sutor, Rebel Bellamy, Coach Powless. 1959 TENNIS RESULTS Louisiana State. . . 5 Florida State 5 Miami 9 Georgia Tech 5 Florida State 7 Florida State 6 Florida State 6 Florida State 8 Florida State 6 Florida State 8 Florida State 8 Florida State 6 Florida State 7 Florida State 9 Florida State 8 Florida State 5 Georgia Tech 9 Florida State 8 Rollins 5 Miami 8 Florida State 4 Georgia 4 Florida State Florida State 4 Southern Illinois. . . 2 Minnesota 3 Florida 3 Michigan State. . . . 1 Indiana 3 Indiana 1 Howard 1 Florida 3 Murray State 2 Jacksonville U. . . . Pensacola Navy. . , 1 Georgia 4 Florida State Stetson I Florida State 4 Florida State 1 Season Record 14-6 GORDON SMITH l V ' .« Linkster ' s Strength In Depth and Talent Coach Bill Odeneal ' s golfers compiled an 8-5 record this past season. All but one of the team ' s losses were by one or two points, and could have been wins by the closest margins. The I960 season should produce some good linksters having suffi- cient depth and fine talent. Several of players to be watched are Frank Malara, a junior from White Plains, New York; Dick Dunlap and Downing Gray, juniors from Pensacola and John Fraleigh, a senior from Madison, Florida. Coach Odeneal ' s team has produced several top- flight golfers. Bob Shave was selected to the NCAA All America squad last season and Frank Malara is expected to gain All American honors during the forthcoming season. On schedule for the I960 season are the NCAA Tournament in Colorada Springs, Colorado and Florida State ' s first Spring Invitational to be held in April with Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Ten- nessee and Florida expected to participate. BILL ODENEAL, Coach COACH ODENEAL ASSISTING DICK SHULMAN 246 VARSITY GOLF TEAM: First row: Jack Fraleigh, Mike Stouffer, Wayne Timberman, Frank Malara, Downing Gray, Dick Dunlap, Second row: Coach Bill Odeneal, Manny Nordone, Dick Shulman, Phil Pagan, Dave Onstad, Chuck Keating, Rock Fraleigh. 1959 GOLF RESULTS Florida State. . . .ll ' A Florida State. . . .13y2 Rollins I4V2 Florida State. . . .18y2 Florida State. . . .21 Florida State. . . .21 Florida 22 Rollins 16 Spring Hill 16 Auburn 15 6 Florida State. . . .21 Florida State. . . .13y2 Florida Louisiana State. Florida State. . , Georgia Georgia Tech. . Auburn Florida State. Florida State. Florida State. Florida State. Western Illinois. Florida Southern . 5V2 .i3y2 .i4y2 ■ .8y2 . 6 . 6 . 5 .11 .11 .iiy2 . .6 .ny2 Season Record 6-5-1 MANNY NORDONE drives from a sandtrap as Mike Stouffer and Rock Fraleigh look on. TOUCH FOOTBALL SCRIMMAGE SHOWS SIGMA CHI BALL CARRIER HEAD TOWARD THE FORBIDDEN PHI KAPPA TAU TERRITORY SWIMMERS PRACTICE before gun goes off, as participants exercise and limber up in preparation for freestyle events. Intramural Champions Vie for Men ' s Crown A well organized men ' s intramural program is stres- sed among the various men ' s organizations. During the past year in the fraternity league, the SAE ' s placed first by winning basketball, Softball, volley- ball, badminton, horseshoes, and tennis doubles; while the second place Phi Delts won swimming, track, and golf. Sigma Nu copped third followed by Sigma Chi and Kappa Alpha in fourth and fifth position. In the dorm independent league, the Newman Club placed first by gaining victories in table tennis sin- gles. The 400 Club finished third with the Playboys and the Penthouse Gang in fourth and fifth place. The Playboys took basketball, bowling and flag foot- ball while Softball went to the Psychology Club, during the 1958-1959 season. Intramurals, an im- portant part of student life, provide opportunities for social as well as physical development. mM mmmf 4 " - TENNIS player, Pete Pylant, swings at oncoming ball during fast action in fraternity intramural singles competition. t • ' .■ « »Y SOFTBALL official and ready catcher gaze past home plate watching for pitch as batter Ken Sibal also awaits the ball. HORSESHOES provide keen competition for player Butch Boltz, who tosses show up for a ringer and score. 249 - - , .- 0 s ■fi i ' illtlWn ' i ' iMiii iiiii«1 niiiiiStfiJ HI III ' li iri» ' i«rm " ii-T ' ' iiin ' liaw SHUFFLEBOARD activity permits both independent and sororitychallengers to find fun while matching skill. VWL ' VOLLEYBALL intramurals are played outside each fall giving such coeds as these two KD ' s a chance for teamwork and fun. PITCHING HORSESHOES, June Roberts aims for her target carefully, undaunted even by the cold winds. 250 BOWLING FACILITIES ARE PROVIDED FOR STUDENTS IN THE WOMEN ' S GYM AND COMPETITION IS INCLUDED IN INTRAMURALS Women ' s Intramurals Provide Competition Women ' s intramurals, which are for the better rela- tions between the women ' s sororities and dorms, al so provide competition against each other for the two point trophies presented at the end of the year. During the 1959 spring season, Pi Beta Phi won basketball and tennis singles; Kappa Alpha Theta, badminton doubles and swimming; Gilchrist, badmin- ton singles; Florida, softball and Jennie Murphree took first place in the tennis doubles. The fall 1959 season closed with Landis winning volleyball and table tennis singles; Delta Zeta, shuffleboard singles and horseshoes doubles; Pi Beta Phi, golf and shuffleboard doubles; C.L.O., table tennis doubles; Gamma Phi Beta, bowling. Phi Mu, deck tennis and BSU, horseshoe singles. ' The manager for this year ' s intramurals program was Berta Boyce, assisted by Marilyn Marshick with Miss Martha Moore as faculty advisor. PING PONG participant Nancy Cellon battles away in the table tennis singles tournament held during the spring. 251 V - ■ si ' " I . Immersed in the everyday occurences of group living, or carried away by a Saturday night combo party . . . the closeness of fraternity life prevails. Greeks " ' " ' • " • ' " ' ' ' TTTTWfmnwjMn y Hiinii t Mi.iii .iMMi » »« ii !i ' i ' mm» mim nmMsmiM. ' ■ ' ' -• ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ " - ■ " • ' - m mm m mmm COMPLETE SUCCESS of co-sponsored float is reassured by Greeks as they examine and discuss again final plans. PERFUME BOTTLE takes shape with wire, newspaper and globs of papier-mache while ADPi ' s inspect for defects. INTENT FACES and adept hands work with precision in all measurements to insure faultlessly constructed float. Full Participation of Fraternity Life A prize winning float is the end result of a combi- nation of feminine artistry and daintiness, masculine mechanical ability, and proper amounts of perserver- ance and concentrated work. Each year the students from all fraternities and sororities co-sponsor Homecoming floats. The Sigma Chi ' s and Alpha Delta Pi ' s worked together on the elaborate float pictured above. Depicting a dressing room table with various feminine toiletries strewn about, it is executed in brightly colored tinsel and fluffy stuffing. Float-building, however, is not just a time of skilled workmanship, but one of fun, laugh- ter, and many close bonds made by friends planning and working together. BILL SMITH, Sigma Chi president, personally makes cer- tain all parts of truck hauling the float are securely fastened. 254 AS A RESULT OF TEAMWORK AND TECHNIQUE, THE CONSTRUCTORS WERE WELL REWARDED WITH " MOST BEAUTIFUL " TITLE DAVEANNA STEWARD, Alpha Delta Pi, graces elegant float, waving to the crowd through a giant looking glass. € wd I ' v . «f ' ■ » — --• - ' 1 ' -■ 3 wt.. -U_- - • r ■ ' jL m i ■ i AN INTENSE SILENCE descends over the calm setting as the float patiently awaits the judges winning selections. 255 i. i:2. " - ' r mk m JJt. ■ : ■J-l Sororities PANHELLENIC: First row: Helen Traylor, Nancy Blld, Marcia Lynne Stich, Suzanne Edwards, Barbara Ann Harrison, Second row: Linda Potter, Nancy Eraser, Frances Hall, Sue Massey, Carolyn Sistrunk, Gail Gotthardt, Jane Tyree. Third row: Susie Sample, Rhoda Arnold, Debbie Kimball, Carol Jane Maas, Mary Anne Temple, Esther Jane Rodgers, Diane Elizabeth Thai. Panhellenic Offers Training Workshop The Florida State University Panhellenic Associa- tion was established in 1904. Their foremost pur- pose is to regulate the rushing, pledging, and ini- tiating activities. The actual governing body of Pan- hellenic consists of one representative from each sorority and a slate of four officers: Sue Massey, President; Frances Hall, Secretary; Carolyn Sis- trunk, Treasurer; and Molly Gladding, Honor Court Chairman. To help achieve their purpose, they sponsor a local Panhellenic Workshop. This has proven to be very instrumental in the promotion of better inter- sorority relations and to create a more efficient and effective rush system. MEMBERS ALPHA CHI OMEGA Carol Jane Maas ALPHA DELTA PI Suzanne Edwards ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Debbie Kimball ALPHA OMICRON PI Roxanne Brown ALPHA PHI Marcia Stich ALPHA XI DELTA Nancy Eraser CHI OMEGA Jane Tyree DELTA DELTA DELTA Susie Sample DELTA GAMMA Nancy Bild DELTA ZETA Gail Gotthardt GAMMA PHI BETA Barbara Harrison KAPPA ALPHA THETA Linda Potter KAPPA DELTA Rhoda Arnold PHI MU Morita Mann PI BETA nil Paula Ruth Edgar SIGMA KAPPA Mary Ann Temple SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Martha Schmidt ZETA TAU ALPHA Nan Godfrey 258 fc|l; iw , ii jfjs i .l " S » SUE MASSEY. President RUSH IS NOT ALL " SMILES " , BUT IS HOURS OF HARD WORK r THE ENTHUSIASTIC GATHERING OF " WHITE DRESSES " AT THE FRONT OF SORORITY HOUSES, THE CLIMAX OF FALL RUSH 259 Alpha Chi Omega Beta Eta Chapter SSS Alpha Chi Omega was founded at De Pauw in 1885, and Beta Eta Chapter was installed on this campus in 1929. Alpha Chi was founded for the purpose of inspiring sisterhood, developing high scholarship and moral standards, and leadership. The official colors are scarlet and green. Among the many campus activities participated in during the year were Judiciary, Board of Publica- tions, Sophomore Council, Cotillion, Garnet Key, Gymkana, Theatre Dance, and numerous department- al honoraries. An Alpha Chi may be found as Secre- tary of Honor, Clerk of Honor Court, Undersecretary of State, or as a Junior Counselor. The social season was most successful with the Alpha Chi ' s again sponsoring the Olympics for fra- ternities and an Easter party for underprivileged children. Besides the annual Carnation Ball and the Thursday coffees, surprise breakfasts for other sororities were anticipated events. The officers of Alpha Chi Omega Social Sorority are: Martha Costin, Vice-Pres.; Carolyn Cuppett, President; Gail Anchors, Treas.; and Puddin Balliett, Secretary. EAGER FALL RUSHEES are greeted by lively AChiO ' s. Mrs. Williams, Asher, S. Balliett, P. Ballou, M. Beazley, J. Bills, L. housemother Brannen, P. Calvert, B. Calvert, R. Caswell, L. Clements, A. Boque, E. Crowder, L. Cuppett, C. Dale, A. Davis, B. Deeson, F. Costin, M. FteemaD, J. Halverstadt, A. Harris, E. Harris, Y. Henderson, N. Elliott, B. 260 ' COME BACK AGAIN SOON " , URGE THE ALPHA CHI OMEGA CLAN AS PROSPECTIVE PLEDGES LEAVE AN IMPRESSIVE PARTY Howard, J. Hyers, E. Jackson, M. Lindquist, B. Johnson, B. J. Johnson, C. L. Jones, N. Lundgren, B. Maas, C. Mabty, E. Martine, J. Massey, S. Miller, M. C. Miller, S. , D. Ostertag, D. Othen, C. Overstreet, L. Pekks, D. Poscover, M. Price, A. Reeves, C. Rodriguez, V. Rotundo, C. Rousseau, S. Saroodis, H. Schimmel, B. Smith, P. L. Smith, R. Stamey, S. Staninger, S. Talbert, S. Ward, P. C. Ward, S. A. West, P. Wierk, P. Woolson, C. 261 THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE EVENING AT A SORORITY FRATERNITY PARTY IS A SATIRE ON SOME ASPECT OF COLLEGE LIFE Mrs. F. Hudson, Abinanti, L. Allen, K. AUsman, }. Ashbrook, E. Barnes, L. Bedell, M. Blackwell, J. Brooks, N. housemother Cannon, L. Cannon, S. Carter, M. Chapman, M. CoUins, G. Culpepper, B. Davis, J. Dent, B. Bush, S. Edwards, S. Evans, J. Garner, P. Gregory, M. Gregory, P. Grubbs, M. Hackett, P. Henriksen, C Dorsey, L. Hoy, S. Hughes, E. Lamons, K. Lowe, C. McRae, M. Mackinnon, M. Martin, C. Mickler, H. Herring, J. 262 .-c- ' . Iota Chapter ■T-L ' J ' V " We live for each other " rias been the motto of Alpha Delta Pi since its founding in 1851 at Wes- leyan College. It has been spoken and lived by the members of the Iota chapter since its beginning on the Florida State campus in 1909. Alpha Delta Pi ' s participate in numerous activi- ties and honoraries. ADPi ' s serve in the capacity of precinct and class senators, treasurer of Panhel- lenic, and secretary of Village Vamps. They have members in Sigma Alpha Iota, Tau Beta Sigma, Uni- versity Singers, Women ' s Glee Club, Interfaith Council, Angel Flight, VV ' s, Theatre Dance, Fashion Institute, band, and circus. Homecoming brought many honors to the Iota chap- ter. Their house decorations won the title of " Best All Around " of the sororities, and their float with the Sigma Chi ' s was deemed " Most Beautiful. " Mem- bers of ADPi were chairman of the Homecoming Dance decorations and in the Homecoming Court. Alpha Delta Pi Tr; _ -? ' ,«. ' { officers: Judy Smith, Vice-President; Gail Trapnell, Pre- sident; Selby Cannon, Treas; Eleanor Hughes, Secretary. Miles, R. Mooney, B. Newton, G. Parker, L. Pipkin, M. Sharp, M. Stayer, C. Stewart, C Toth, M. Totli, S. Trapnell, G. Traxler, B Vereen, B. Wardle, M. Wells, E. Zess, L. THESE RADIANT ALPHA DELTA PI ' S are preparing for the traditional Plantation Ball held by the Kappa Alpha ' s. 263 % A Ipha Gamma Delta • ' ' - ' ' i- Gamma Beta Chapter Alpha Gamma Delta was founded nationally at Syra- cuse University in 1904. Gamma Beta chapter was established on this campus in 1925. The Alpha Gamma Delta ' s have proven their out- standing merit by their participation in campus acti- vities and honoraries. They are members of Mortified, Garnet Key, Omicron Nu, Senate, Judiciary, and Angel Flight. Alpha Gam ' s hold such offices as pre- sident and treasurer of Sophomore Council, Secretary of Senate, Secretary of Interior, Under-Secretary of Student Events, vice-presidents of Jennie Murphree and Reynolds Halls, president of Epsilon Chi, and president of Tau Beta Sigma. The list of social events for the Alpha Gam ' s is long and varied. Their list includes the annual Soap Box Derby with the Phi Delts, several open house parties, Christmas caroling with the KD ' s and the annual Easter egg hunt for underprivileged children with the Sigma Chi ' s. Officers: Anna O ' Neill, Sec; Fedora Lewis, Vice-Pres.; Linda Reams, Treasurer and Carolyn Griffin as President. Mrs. Underwood, Allen, J. Allen, M. Amos, E. Avera, C. Bivens, N. Bone, L. Bone, M. housemother Cheek, L. Cleveland, C. Collins, D. Cox, J. Cox, M. Davis, G. Day, M. Bunting, J. Dowdell, C. Edgar, K. Fox, v. Frazier, E. George, J. Gobie, K. Goldsworthy, K DeHart, B. Gunn, M. Hanson, I. Hendricks, C. Hollins, P. Hutchins, K. Jankunis, v. Jones, B. Griffin, C. 264 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA PLEDGE SELLS COKES AT SOAP BOX DERBY TO HELP RAISE MONEY FOR A PLEDGE CLASS PROJECT Jopling, F. Jordan, F. Kimball, S. Koos, C. Lambrecht, C. Leieh, S. Leto, D. Martin, S. Merrin, K. Miller, B. Mulling, V. Muser, J. O ' Neill, A. Padgett, S. Roberts, S. Scott, G. Shearouse, J. Smith, M. Stewart, H. Stocking, J. Story, J. Ward, M. Waters, G. Wesley, L. Williams, C. Williams, L. Williams, S. Wilson, D. Lewis, F. Mahannah, M. Pitman, P. Richardson, J. Swanson, B. Thomas, N. Wolfinbarger, L. Workizer, M. 265 HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR FOR AOPI ' S WAS DEDICATION OF THEIR SORORITY HOUSE, A BEAUTIFUL ADDITION TO CAMPUS Alexander, P. Barnett, M. Blumer, S. Brim, L. Brotherson, M. Brown, R. Burks, B. Burks, J. Campbell, J Cellon, N. Chase, J. Chase, V. Chase, V. J. Clark, C. Colley, C. Core, B. Diehl, P. Dozier, V. Fletcher, K. Gauthier, P. Gross, A. Hatcher, B. Hill, M. Humphress, M. Jones, F. Kittel, J Knight, J. Larimore, L. Lee, L. Leedham, P. Little, M. Martin, B. Martin, M. Martin, L. Mathis, D. Norris, D. 266 Alpha Pi Chapter Nationally Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College, Columbia University, in 1897. The Alpha Pi chapter was established on the Florida State Uni- versity campus in 1939- The dedication of their new house was December 6, 1959. AOPi has members in many varied organizations on the Florida State campus, including Mortified, Garnet Key, Who ' s Who, Tarpon, Phi Chi Theta, Sig- ma Delta Pi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gamma Alpha Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, president of Gilchrist Hall, and promotion manager of the Tally-Ho. In 1959, the AOPi ' s were awarded two trophies at their national convention for high scholastic and outstanding achievement. A trophy for the highest scholarship in their district was also received by proud Alpha Omicron Pi ' s. - Outstanding social events this year included the AOPI Weekend and Rose Ball, fraternity parties, and a pledge-active Christmas party. Alpha Omicron Pi ' 59 officers: Lynette Harris, Sec; Gretchen Bartlett, Pres.; Mary Betts, Treas.; Eve Lomaistro Vice-Pres. Norteman, M. O ' Dell, S. Parham, S. Rice, L. Richter, B. Ruffin, A Shea, P. Skacil, R. Smith. R. Spearing, V Stacy, P. Starling, A. Templin, H. Thorpe, E. Tylet, M. Van Hoose, S. Washington, G. White, M. Whitehill, J. Williams, B THE AOPI ' S during fall rush are gaily clad in costumes depicting different countries. 267 Alpha Phi Gamma Phi Chapter The Gamma Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi was officially, established on the Florida State University campus with the initiation of its forty charter members on May 17, 1959. Guided by its motto, " Union hand in Hand " , Alpha Phi, one of the three oldest sororities in the nation, was founded as a fraternity at Syra- cuse University in 1872. Through enthusiasm the Alpha Phi ' s have accom- plished much in their one shortyearon campus. Dorm officers include Vice-President of Gilchrist, Vice- President of East Landis, and Social Chairman of Broward. The Alpha Phi ' s are well represented in honoraries with members in Sigma Alpha Iota, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Chi Theta, and the Vice-President of Pi Omega Pi. Their other campus leaders include the Activities Editor of the Tally-Ho and the Co-Chair- man of Family Week-End, plus members of Angel Flight, Theatre Dance, Circus, Mademoiselle ' s Fashion Board, and Modeling Squad. Officers: Beth Ridge, Sec; Pat Jean Ferguson, Vice- Pres.; Lynne French, Pres.; Norma Jean Eadie, Treas. FALL RUSH SKIT, dramatic satirical takeoff on modern advertisements, was tremendous success for Alpha Phi ' s. Blessing, K. Bowser, V. Buhl, L. Burton, J. Caione, A Cann, A. Carney, S. Chastain, L Cocchi, G Connolly, L. Connor, M. Dart, A. Day, J. Doty, E. Downey, K. Eadie, N. ALPHA PHI ' S GATHER AROUND THE PUNCH BOWL IN BETWEEN PARTIES DURING RUSH FOR A FEW MINUTES OF RELAXATION Ferguson, P. Field, C. Fraser, M. French, L. Geiger, N. Gravlee, E. Hensley, M. Hollis, J. Hooper, B. Hoy, C. Jagger, B. Jones, M. King, H. Lackey, E. Miller, B. Mims, J. Moore, F. Northrup, D. Oslin, L. Parmalee, E. Pearson, M. PoUett, S. Reagan, S. Ridge, E. Rodgers, J. Sewell, C. Sewell, J. Shaw, M. Slater, V. Stitch, M. Stuart, J. Tomlinson, S. Welch, S. Whittier, P. Wolcott, H. Woodruff, M. 269 MANY HOURS OF PRACTICE FOR CAMPUS SING IS WELL REWARDED WITH THE SATISFACTION OF HAVING A JOB WELL DONE Mrs. R. Hill, Adams, S. Atkinson, B. Blake, C. Bell, M. Boyd, A. Burgess, V. Campbell, R. Cox, C. housemother Daughtery, S. Defore, N. Deutsch, D. DeVore, S. Eastman, B. Falconnier, D. George, M. L. George, M. Cubbon, S. Grigsby, P. Hall, F. Hanson, B. Hegedus, H. Herson, P. Highnam, S. Huszty, Y. Jacoby, G. Grant, A. Johnson, A. Johnson, N. Johnson, S. Jones, T. Kight, W. Koschler, J. Lay, C. McKnight, J. McPheeters, R. 270 ' -KSX Alpha Omega Chapter .A - 4 Nationally Alpha Xi Delta had its founding at Lom- bard College in 1893. They came to this campus in 1929 as the Alpha Omega chapter. Many honors are attributed to the sisters of Alpha Omega chapter. For two years they have won the title of " Hostess of the Year " . They also won the " Most Appropriate to the Theme " trophy for their homecoming float and the Scholarship Improvement trophy. Alpha Xi ' s serve as dorm officers, presidents of STD and Freshman Flunkies, Secretary of Elec- tions, Chief Justice of Traffic Couft, and Theta Chi Dream Girl and are members of Mortar Board, Morti- fied, Alpha Lam, Garnet Key, circus, TBC, F Club, SLS, Phi Kappa Phi, and KDPi. This year the Alpha Xi Delta ' s honored their housemother with a party celebrating her tenth an- niversary with their chapter. Their outstanding pro- ject of the year is a " Big Sister " program of send- ing girls to help form new chapters. Alpha Xi Delta officers for ' 59; Maureen Dickson, Pres.; Gail Nelson, Sec; Nancy Defore, Tres.; and Nancy Fraser as Vice-President. Neher, J. Nelson, C. Pallicier, C. Powell, M. Ransick, B. Ransick, C. Rice, L. Rodabaugh, D. Smith, Z. Sterchi, M. Stokesberry, L. Thornton, L. Upchurch, N. Vahue, L. Walker, E. Walker, V. Weimer, D. Whiddon, P. White, B. Williamson, M AN AFTERNOON BRmGE GAME is a perfect study break before long hours with the books. 271 Chi Omega Gamma Chapter Chi Omega was established on the FSU campus 52 years ago. Since its national founding at the Univer- sity of Arkansas in 1895, Chi Omega has expanded throughout the United States. By combining their efforts with the Phi Delta The- ta ' s, the Chi Omega ' s began a perfect year by win- ning the " Best All Around " float at Homecoming. Chi Omega ' s were also crowned Queen of Sigma Chi Derby and of the Charity Bowl. The sisters of Chi Omega are found as officers of Mortar Board and in Who ' s Who as well as members of Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, Gamma Alpha Chi, Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Delta Pi. Chi O ' s also participate in circus, Tarpon, F Club, Cotillion, Theatre Dance, VV, University Singers, Speaker ' s Bureau, and the Tally-Ho and Flambeau staffs. In Student Govern- ment they are class officers and are on executive committees, Judiciary and Senate. Executives for 1959: Janet Trask, Vice-Pres.; Kay Hufford, Pres.; Sandy McWhirter, Treas.; Gayle McWhirter, Sec. Mrs. F. Roubieu, Anderson, R. Arnold, N. Ball, D. Bize, N. Bradbury, B. Breese, S. Bridges, E. housemother Bussard, K. Butler, D. Collier, J- Copeland, W. Curry, K. Davis, M. Douglass, M Bucklew, E. Geer, A. Hagan, D. Hannah, D. Harmon, M. Hasell. B. H endry, P. Hobbs, 1 I. Freeman, M. Hufford, K. Irrgang M. Jenkins T. Johnson, M. Johnson, E. Jones, C. Kane, K. Huddleston, M. 272 ' SHOW NO MERCY " WAS THE THEME OF THE CHI-O AND PHI DELTA THETA BEST ALL AROUND HOMECOMING PARADE FLOAT Kistler, K. Langford, K. Linebaugh, D. Markham, J. McSwain, S. McEwan, M. McWhirter, G. McWhirter, S. Messer, R. Morton, N. Pachler, P. Patton, B. Patton, L. Pogue, C. Ramsey, J. Reynolds, R. Reynolds, V. Rice, B. Robertson, K. Robinson, B. Slayden, R. Snare, S. Starry, L. Stearns, L. Stearns, M. Tebault, B. ToUe, M. Trask, J. Tredinick, J. Tyree, M. Upmeyer, M. Uzzell, F. Vogler, A. Whiteside, E. Wilson, L. Woodruff, P. 273 TRIDELTS WORK ON THE HOMECOMING FLOAT DEPICTING THE THEME " THROUGH THE YEARS " WITH COLORFUL COSTUMES ? P Mrs, J. McLean, Adams, C. Allen, E. Amarhl, J. Avis, F. Barker, A. Bevis, B Bishop, M. Bishop, M. E housemother Boekee, M. Bowen, J. Brown, C. Burns, S. Butler, S. Calhoun, S. Callison, M. Cleary, E. Blackford, E. Connell, A. Curry, G. Davidson, M. Donnelly, M. Dowdy, N. Howling, D. Eikenberry, R. Farrior, J. Clements, M. Fisher. C. Fisher, J. Forrester, J- Fulton, D. Gregory, J. Guilbert, S. Hart, P. Harvey, G. Fehlberg, S. 274 Alpha Eta Chapter Delta Delta Delta In March, 1916, Alpha Eta Chapter arrived at Florida State University, forming another link in the chain of Delta Delta Delta. The group was founded at Boston University in 1888. Alpha Eta Chapter won first place in the nation- wide Tri Delta Magazine Drive. At Christmas, carol- ing and a party for handicapped children with the Kappa Alpha ' s was on the agenda. The girls also joined the ATO ' s in a car wash to raise money for the Scholarship Fund. This year the Tri Delts are proud to boast of An- nette Mcintosh, President of Mortar Board and Omi- cron Nu, and Chris Fisher, Editor of the SMOKE SIG- NALS. Members are in Gymkana, Garnet Key, Who ' s Who, Tarpon Club, Sophomore Council, and Senate. The Tri Delts claim the sweethearts of Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Tau Omega, and West Hall. They are also represented on the Cheerleading squad and Mademoiselle ' s College Board. Reed Lewis, Treasurer; Annette Mcintosh, Vice-President; Susan Pehlber, Secretary; and Linda Sherman, President. Hunt, C. Kennedy, D. King, J. Lebo, H. Lewis, R. Loy, S. Malone, F. McGee, E. Mcintosh, R. McRae, P. Megathlin, K. Miller, R. Murphy, M. Norman, G. Ott, C. Powers, A. Ronan, N. Ryerson, P. Sale, M. Sample, S. Sands, M. Sherman, L. Sullivan, G. Sullivan, S Summers, A. Totten, M. Travis, M. Van Aken, C. Webb, T. Williams, W. Winton, N. Zibell, M. 275 Delta Gamma Pi Alpha Chapter Delta Gamma was founded in 1873 at Oxford, Mis- sissippi. Pi Alpha, one of their 86 active chapters, was founded on this campus in 1951. Teaming with the PiKA ' s the DCs received a tro- phy for the " Most Original " homecoming float. They received additional trophies for Most Cooperative Sorority in the Gymkana Production and for the Most Scholastic Improvement. DG ' s can boast of Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart, Miss Sarasota, I.F.C. Greek God- dess, Pike Dream Girl and members in Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Gamma Alpha Chi, Phi Chi Theta, Sig- ma Tau Delta, Modeling Squad, Senate, Judiciary, and Honor and Traffic Courts. Members also serve as presidents of Off-campus Court and Pi Sigma Al- pha and Chairman of the Rally Committee. In striving toward the goal of their National Pro- ject, sight conservation and aid to the blind, the Delta Gamma ' s adopted two blind students whom they assist in their studies regularly. Officers: Jane Powell as Treasurer; Grace Macklen, Vice- Pres.; Jan Dawson, Secretary; Molly Gladding, President. Mrs. K. DePue, housemother Adams, P. Chapman, S. Appleberg, M. Clendenon, S. Barnard, G. Coachman, E. Cash, M. Dawson, J. Douglas, P. Dunk, C. Dale, J. Frey, S. Friend, C. Garrett, M. Gladding, M. Bild, N. Brubaker, J. Bynum, G. Coachman, S. Cowell, L. Cronin, D. Duren, K. Emptage, S. Freed, B. Greenwood, P. Gross, P. Guice, M. 276 THESE TWO " DELTA GAMMA MISSES " DON ' T SEEM UNHAPPY RETOUCHING THE GOLD ANCHOR-SYMBOL OF THEIR SORORITY tm nnamiiitiimi Guthrie, P. Hindman, L. Holding, K. Houston, P. Ingalls, E. Koperski, B. Lewis, C. Lundstrom, K. Mack lem, G. Markette, S. Phelps, D. Powell, M. Prandoni, C. Reeder, M. Render, J. Spotto, S. Stevens, J. Thornton, E. Vansant, S. Walters, M. Jackson, J. Jones, E. Klinck, D. Knight, S. Marshall, P. Matts, B. Miller, E. Nichols, B. Roach, J. Roley, M. Scanland, P. Sigler, C. Wickersham, E. Williams, R. Wright, J. Young, J. 277 MISCHIEVOUS DZ ' S PAINT THE DELT WAGON WITH EAGER STROKES AFTER FINDING IT ON THEIR LAWN ONE SUNDAY A. M. Mrs. E. Meek, Alberson, B. Arant, M. Bachelor, J- Belote, E. Bendazi, S. Bevis, B. Buzzard, P. Cash, N. housemother Church, C. Clayton, P. Collar, B Dow, L. Duncan, D. Eichert, P. England, N. Freeman, J Chazal, D. Gotshall, S. Gotthardt, G. Gramling, C. Grover, M. Hail, J. Harbin, D. Hefele, P. Jenkins, J. Gaskin, J. Jones, C. Kearns, C. Kendrick, G. Kennedy, S. Krausche, P. Lee, R. Magnon, G. Mann, D. Jewell. J. 278 Alpha Sigma Chapter Delta Zeta Since its founding in 1902 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, the Delta Zeta ' s have proven- them- selves outstanding in all fields of endeavor. The Alpha Sigma chapter of Delta Zeta was established on the Florida State campus in 1924. Last spring the Delta Zeta ' s won the annual Cam- pus Sing and since then have gained honor by hav- ing members in Alpha Lambda Delta, the Mademoi- selle Fashion Board, Sigma Alpha Iota, Village Vamps, Judiciary, Cotillion, Theatre Dance, Home- coming Court, Speaker ' s Bureau, Tarpon, Phi Chi Theta, Tau Beta Sigma, Gamma Alpha Chi, Angel Flight, Rally Committee, Marching Chiefs, Inter- Faith Council, Secretary of State Committee, ACE, and CEC. Members of DZ also serve as the Secre- tary of Finance and the sponsor of the Rifleman of the Corp. As a national]project the DZ ' s sponsor a Hansen Disease Sanitarium, Carrville Hospital, with each chapter sponsoring a patient. ■■xmt ' WSfmmviSFf: !!!!: DZ leaders for ' 59: Melinda Matthew, Sec; Bettie Groover, Vice-Pres.; Janet Ponton, Treas.; Gail Duncan, President. Mansfield, M. Martin, M. Matthews, M. Matthews, S. Meekison, V Monte, J. Packard, M. Pesto, D. Ponton, J. Paulos, E. Powell, N. Rodriquez, M. Rufly, G. Rutledge, W. Sharp, F. Thompson, A. Trucks, R. Upshaw, L. Wilkins, P. Williams, A. LOVELY DZ, Sheila Kennedy, was chosen as a member of the 1959 FSU Homecoming Court. 279 Gamma Phi Beta Beta Mu Chapter The Beta Mu chapter of the Gamma Phi Beta Soro- rity, which was founded nationally at the University of Syracuse in 1874, was established on the Florida State University campus in 1950. The purpose of Gamma Phi Beta is to promote higher mental and social culture among its members; this purpose is reflected in the achievements of the members. The Gamma Phi Beta ' s have members in Kappa Delta Pi, Omicron Nu, Senate, F Club, and Tau Beta Sigma. A Gamma Phi Beta is also Sweet- heart of Sigma Phi Epsilon. The Gamma Phi Beta ' s proved their versatility by placing third in Campus Sing last spring and by winning the Sorority Soft- ball Tournament in Women ' s Intramurals. On the social agenda this year, fraternity parties, the Gamma Phi Beta spring weekend, the Founder ' s Day Banquet, and the sorority retreat at the reser- vation highlighted a year of fun and sisterhood on the Gamma Phi Beta calendar. ' 59 leaders: Daisy Kirk, Sec; Mary Esther Powell, Pres.; Rodney McMillan, Vice-President; Rosalie Maynard, Treas. PLEDGES serenading the actives is a tradition terminating their pledge training program preceeding the anticipated initiation. 4 1 f rk 9 1 1 1 f r 4 B BEFORE SUNDAY DINNER provides time for the reading of hometown newspapers with their dates. 4! SANTA VISITS GAMMA PHI BETA HOUSE TO DISTRIBUTE GIFTS TO EAGER RECIPIENTS AT PRE-HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS PARTY Mrs. de Armond Bigelow, E. Blackvurn, G housemother Derrick, C. Gilbert, B. Davis, S. Kirk, D. Kirton, S. Kickliter, J. Moore, Y. O ' Grady, G. Powell, M. Bourquardez, N. Burney, J. Burt, M. Bush, M. Calvert, A. Clow, B. Hallisey, S. Hancock, G. Harrison, B. Headley, M. Hickman, B. Kemp, C. Lima, B. Linscott, B. Lupo, A. Maynard, R. Melvin, R. Meyers, J. Sanders, P. Scbumaker, H. Scott, J. Thompson, M. Woods, L. Wroblewski, D. 281 A MOST WELCOMED GUEST AT THE THETA HOUSE IS RECEIVED WITH EXTENDED ARMS, ENTHUSIASM, AND HOPEFUL FACES Mrs. H. Reeves, Ball, K. Bodine, C. Bowers, C. Brown, N. Connor, B. Conrad, L. Coons, S. Crawford, B housemother Davis, D. Dawson, P. Desmond, K. Dougherty, J. Fain, E. Fain, F. Fernandez, B. Gormley, L. Crawford, L. Guinand, M. Hartz, E. Haynsworth, J. Hill, P. Hobbs, N. Jones, C. Kramer, L. Langston, S Gridley, J. Maney, A. Mason, B. Matthews, L. McBride, T. McCune, S. McGuire, T. Morton, D. NeSmith, M. Magnell, J. 282 Beta Nu Chapter Beta Nu chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta combines scholarship, leadership, activities, and service. Kappa Alpha Theta was founded at DePauw Univer- sity in Greencastle, Indiana, in 1870. Theta ' s excell in all fields of campus activity. Members include the Woman ' s Vice-President, dorm- itory presidents and vice-presidents, ireshman and senior class officers, Gymkana Queen, Homecoming Court members, presidents of various organizations. Chairman of the Board of Publications, cheerleaders, sweethearts of Sigma Chi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and members and officers of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Who ' s Who, Mortar Board, Mortified, Sophomore Council ' , Garnet Key, Speaker ' s Bureau, Senate, Judiciary, Honor Court, various departmen- tal honoraries, Tally-Ho staff, VV, Angel Flight, F Club and circus. In between their honors and activi- ties, they won the Panhellenic trophy for the highest scholastic average. Kappa Alpha Theta Theta officers: Patsy Stearns, Vice-Pres.; Julie Ingram, President; Norma Brown, Secretary; Dot Morton, Treasurer. ' ;£ $l.j i ' f ' i Perkins, T. Peters, B. Potter, L. Ready, E. Roberts, D. Roberts, J. Sill, N. Singletary, M. Smith, S. Southworth, S. Stearns, P. Syfrett, B. Taylor, G. Thomas, J. Thoureen, K. Underwood, B. Vickery, M. Wahl, L. Walker, B. Warwick, S. Webb, M. Westhafer, D. Williams , A. Williams, J CONVERSATION, hors d ' ouevres, and laughter set scene for dinner. 283 Kappa Delta Kappa Alpha Chapter " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beauti- ful, and highest. " The Kappa Alpha chapter of Kap- pa Delta, founded in 1904, exemplified these ideals by winning the Merit Ward presented at the National Convention. Kappa Delta was founded nationally in 1897 at Longwood College. Outstanding in every aspect of college life, the KD ' s have members in Who ' s Who, Mortified, Garnet Key, Alpha Lam, Sigma Delta Pi, SAI, VV ' s, Angel Flight, Miss Tally-Ho Court, circus. Tarpon, Cotil- lion, Theatre Dance, Speaker ' s Bureau, Tally-Ho staff, and officers of various student religious hous- es. KD ' s also act as Delt Sweetheart, Senior Class treasurer, secretary of Garnet Key, Grand Czar of Mortified, presidents of various honoraries, Mademoi- selle ' s campus representative, and vice-presidents of Fashion Institute and Freshman Flunkies. The KD ' s also placed first in the Sigma Chi Derby and third in the PiKA Go-Kart Race. KD executives: Judy Chambliss, Sec; Helen Thompson, Treasurer; Kay Hall, Vice-Pres.; Gail Roberts, President. Mrs. G. Fifield, Ayala, G. Bates, B. Bates, N. Beck, K. Boardman, G. Bryant, G. housemother Chiles, L. Chambliss, J. Clarke, P. Cole, S. Colter, D. Cokke, S. Casey, K. Curran, M.I. Dunning, V. Edwards, J. Edwards, M. Foy, E. Fraliegh, H Cunningham, C. George, J. Getzen, J. Gonzalez, R. Graham, V. Hall, K. Hammer, A. Fraliegh, N. 284 ENTHUSIASTIC GATHERING OF THE CLAN FOR " HO, HO, HO " IS FAMILIAR AFTER DINNER SIGHT AT THE KAPPA DELTA HOUSE Hart, S. Heart), J. Hendrickson, Hobbs, J. Hunt, L. Imeson, M. Kendrick, L. King, B. Kirby, M. Lawrence, P. Lee, G. Leeger, R. Leonhart, G. Lumpkin, D. McGinnes, M. Magda, K. Milliner, F. Moore, M. Neal, D. Pappas, A. Pitts, A. Ray, B. Rowell, B. Shepard, P. Skipper, S. Slosek, C. Smathers, F Starbird, M. Swann, S. Thompson, H. Thornal, L. Turknett, N. Wallace, M. Waring, A. Warner, A. Will, M. 285 J STRESSES AND STRAINS OF EVERY DAY LIFE ARE FORGOTTEN WHEN THE PHI MU ' S ENJOY A LEISURELY EVENING MEAL Mrs. E. Denny, Ambrosini, R. Atwater, N. Baylor, P . Braden, M. Braswell, J. Briner, C. Broadwell, D. Campbell, C housemother Cowan, F. Daniel, B. Dillon, L. Elvery, M. Fischer, S. Forrest, H. Galley, B. Gaskin, M. Cooper, I. Graham, P. Haygood, B. Holloman, L. Johnson, I. Johnson, L. Jones, J. LaCagnina, G. Lamb, P. Gordy, M. Lee, B. Leuther, M Mann, M. Marchesseau, M. Morris, C. Moses, M. NeSmith, J. Norman, B. Perry, C. 286 Alpha Epsilon Chapter Phi Mu The Alpha Epsilon chapter of Phi Mu celebrated their thirtieth anniversary on the Florida State Uni- versity campus during 1959. They were founded na- tionally in 1852 at Wesleyan College. Phi Mu ' s participate in many campus activities and honoraries. Phi Mu ' s are found as members of Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Kappa Lambda, Judiciary, Scullions, Gamma Alpha Chi, Village Vamps, cir- cus. Tarpon, F Club, and Angel Flight. Nationally Phi Mu sponsor a foreign student whom the Alpha Epsilon chapter had the honor of meeting on his recent visit to Florida State University. Their national convention will beheld in I960 at Grammarcy Park, New York. Many varied social events filled the Phi Mu cal- endar this year. At the Easter egg hunt for underpri- vileged children, they combined service with social activities. They also sponsor a toy cart at the Tal- lahassee Memorial Hospital. Leaders are: Marcia Gordy, Sec; Carole Briner, Treasurer; Nona Carpenter, President; Martha Wilder, Vice-President. Purvis, S. Quarterman, G. Quickel, E. Rhodes, V. Rodgers, E. Rodgers, M. Smith, K. Smith, M. Smith, R. Thompson, J. Tinsley, J. Turner, J. Reaves, V. Skipper, B. Stoinoff, E. Vanderipe, E. Register, M. Smith, D. Tervin, S. Vickery, G. A RELAXING HOUR around the bridge table is high point in long study night at the Phi Mu house. 287 Pi Beta Phi ■ ' Florida Beta Chapter Pi Beta Phi was founded on April 28, as I. C. Soro- sis at Monmouth College. Pi Beta Phi came to the Florida State College for Women campus in 1922 as the Florida Beta chapter. Pi Phi ' s can be found in every aspect of student life on campus. They have members in Who ' s Who, Mortar Board, Mortified, Senate, Traffic Court, Honor Court, Alpha Lambda Delta, Speaker ' s Bureau, cir- cus, and business honoraries. Sisters of Pi Beta Phi also serve in the capacity of dormitory officers, Vice-President of Sophomore Council, Chairman of Judiciary, presidents of Wesley Foundation, Garnet Key, Tarpon, and Gamma Alpha Chi. The KA Rose, Sigma Nu Sweetheart, and a member of the Tally-Ho beauty section are lovely and radiant Pi Phi ' s. They are also the winners of the annual Soap Box Derby and the intramural trophy. Besides participating in campus activities. Pi Phi ' s have projects to help and aid the community. ' 59 officers: Margie Williams, Pres.; Carline McDougald, Sec; LynnLaGrange, Vice-Pres.; andLindaHanshaw,Treas. CURIOUS SISTERS watch as pledge Ann Schloss has a caricature made as a remembrance of her freshman year. Mrs. Landstrom, Alsop, K. Beardsley, C. Blankenship, M housemother Carroll, L. Clift, S. Davis, A. Campbell, M. Duey, B. Douglas, T. Edgar, P. Donath, C. Eldtidge, A. Exum, F. Eyster, J. Edwards, D. 288 : «% OVERWHELMED BY VICTORY IN ANNUAL SOAP BOX DERBY, DELTS ENTHUSIASTICALLY BOOST THEIR TRIUMPHANT DRIVER Gillespie, J. Gillespie, M. Guinta, J. Haige, D. Hair, C. LaGrange, L. Johnson, C. Kittredge, S. Laesser, J. Lenahan, C. Newsom, J. Olliphant, L. Powers, G. Rich, L. Rickett, R. Spear, S. Sterne, W. Traylot, P. Wade, K. Walter, L. Harby, H. Hatton, D. McDougald, D. McMillan, J. Roebuck, M. Sammons, G. Walton, L. Wear, A. Hayden, G. Hunter, S. Mims, C. Moure, S. Schildecker, C. Schloss, A. Williams, L. Williams, M. 289 1 i I SIGMA KAPPA PLEDGES PERFORMING FOR THE ENJOYMENT OF THE ACTIVES IS AN ANNUAL EVENT AT THE RESERVATION Hn. J. Cosper, Akers, S. Bedard, B. Bridget, D. Brosseit, B. Bryan, F. Cain, £. Cameron, M. Christian, K. housemother Fain, C. Fernandez, U. Fours, E. Fugate, V. Galbraith, M. Goodwin, E. Graham, R. Hay, E. CuUey, L. Jones, M. Kelly, J. Kindernay, C. Lambur, S. Lehan, J. Lowery, C. Mattocks, J. Mickey, P. Jackson, K. Nichols, S. Oldham, M. Parke, R. Pitts, B. Riecken, M. Sauls, B. Scott, M. Seals, M. Moffitt, B. 290 Omega Chapter Sigma Kappa sorority was founded nationally in 1874 at Colby College, Waterville, Maine. Omega Chap- ter has been on the FSU campus since its estab- lishment forty years ago in 1919. " One Heart, One Way " is the motto that guided the members of Sigma Kappa through another busy and eventful year. Their motto was put to good use this year in the furthering of their Gerontology pro- ject while working with the elderly people at Chat- tahoochee and the Golden Age Club. The annual Variety Show was one of the highlights of its social program; the proceeds going to the Campus Chest. The retreat to the Reservation, Christmas party, and the big Sigma Kappa weekend are on their social calendar also. Sigma Kappa ' s were active in varied campus acti- vities and many campus student religious organi- zations. Members were found in honorary fraterni- ties, both service and departmental. Sigma Kappa • Hw S if ' - officers: Sandra Lamburt, President; Jackie Owens, Vice- Pres.; Patty Mickey, Secretary; Charlotte Stoker, Treas. i Simpson, B. Skadding, M. Start, S. Stetson, D. Stoker, C. Strom, M. Temple, M. Tibbetts, M Tinker, L. Tinker, V. Wainwright, N Welsh, P. Whidden, S. White, E. Wilson,M. Woods, J. AFTER DINNER CONVERSATION provides Sigma Kappa ' s with an opportunity both for relaxation and for socializing. 291 Zeta Tau Alpha Beta Gamma Chapter Since their beginning at Longwood College, Farm- ville, Virginia, in 1898, " Seek the Noblest " is the motto guiding all Zeta Tau Alpha ' s. Beta Gamma Chapter received its charter in 1924, and has re- ceived many honors while meeting this high standard. The Zeta ' s are proud of their members in Garnet Key, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Kappa Delta pi. They are also represented in Cotillion, Village Vamps, Speaker ' s Bureau, Women ' s F Club, Circus, University Singers, and on the TALLY HO Staff. Zeta ' s serve as class officers, dorm officers, sena- tors and as the Secretary of State. One of the year ' s most exciting events was Joyce Combs selection as Homecoming Queen. Pat Finn was presented as a princess of the Orange Bowl Fes- tivities. Zeta beauties may be found in the Miss Gymkana and Miss Tally Ho Courts, in Angel Flight, and on the Modeling Board. 1959officers: Anne Folsom, Secretary; Joyce Combs, Pres.; Nora Nell Hardy, Vice-Pres.; and Harriet L ' Engle, Treas. Mrs. Z. Irick, Andrews, A. Archibald, C. Baird, J. Baxter, J- Berger, J. Blake, M. housemother. Boyd, M. Brennan, A. Byers, J. Combs, J- Crittenden, S. DelValle, V Blume, E. Finchum, J. Finn, P. Folsom, A. Garner, E. Gernhard, J. Gilmore, D. Ekman, K. Godfrey, N. Grieser, E. Grieser, M. Hadert, G. Hamilton, J. Hannah, H. Girtman, M. 292 ;i. y SL ■ - ' » ZETATAU ALPHA ' S ARTISTICALLY DEMONSTRATE THE PROGRESS OF FSU IN THEIR COLORFUL HOMECOMING DECORATIONS Hardy, N. Hiers, V. Jackson, S. McCormick, G. McCorquodale Maples, J. Ralli, S. Scott, D. Sindon, N. Turner, C. Turner, N. Turner, T. Jones, S. Knowles, M. Lance, P. Lang by, D. Larson, T. L ' Engle, H. Markley, R. Matthews, M. Miller, P. Park, C. Parker, G. Quinn, J. Spell, F. Starrett, V. Stevens, C. Taaffe, E. Tillman, S. Trammell, R Warley, 0. Webb, M. Wells, K. Williams, J. Worrall, C. Youmans, B. 293 SORORITY SOCIAL CHAIRMEN: First row: Kitty Wade, Yvonne Moore, Bette Collar, Martha Strom, June Roberts, Dibba Butler. Second row: Bunny Swanson, Sally Hart, Kathy Allen, Susan Knight, Joan Martino, Helen Lebo, Cathy Stevens. Sorority and Fraternity Social Chairmen The Inter-Sorority Social Committee was established on the Florida State University campus in 1956. Each sorority is represented by its social chairman. The purpose of this committee is to promote good social relations among the sororities on campus and to regulate sorority functions in cooperation with the Panhellenic Council, the Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil, and the University Social Director. The Inter- Fraternity Social Committee attends one of their bimonthly meetings to help iron out any difficulties that have arisen and to assist in arranging exchange dinners and parties. Officers for the Inter-Sorority Social Committee are chosen in a rotating order according to the dates they were founded on campus. This year Dibba Butler heads the executive board as President with Kathy Allen, Vice-President; Helen Libo, Secretary; and Martha Strom, Treasurer. FRATERNITY SOCIAL CHAIRMEN: First row: Edward Blate, Charles Schauss, Stuart Taber, Kenneth Sibal, Dwight Brown, Mike Angel- otti. Second row: Brud LaVigne, Rupert Mock, Jim Smith, Ray Allen, Bob Nussear, Chuck Keels. Fraternities INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL: First row: Bill Green, John Partridge, Sid Stubbs, Earl Perry, Hall R. Smith. Second row: Blair Little- John, Bill Boyce, Mattox Hair, Ted Keen, John Heaton. Third row: Allan Post, Richard Straw, Boyt Elam, Russ Barrels, Ronnie Clark. Annual Greek Week Sponsored by I F C The Interfraternity Council is composed of one de- legate from each of the fifteen fraternities on campus. ' This self-governing body serves to promote better relations among the fraternities, especially in rush- ing, pledging, and initiation, and to advance the interests of the University. The annual Greek Week is one of the main acti- vities of I.F.C. This week of banquets, meetings, and seminars is climaxed by the Alpha Chi Omega Olympics and the I.F.C.-Panhellenic dance where the Greek Goddess is crowned. The officers for this year are: Sid Stubbs, Presi- dent; Earl Perry, Vice-President; John Partridge, Secretary; Bill Green, Treasurer. MEMBERS ALPHA TAU OMEGA Earl Perry DELTA TAU DELTA Richard Straw KAPPA ALPHA Mattox Hair KAPPA SIGMA Boyt Elam LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Ronnie Clark PHI DELTA THETA Ted Keen PHI KAPPA TAU Blair Littlejohn PI KAPPA ALPHA Gabriel Brady PI KAPPA PHI William Green SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON John Partridge SIGMA CHI Russ Barrels SIGMA NU Fred Powers SIGMA PHI EPSILON John Bergen TAU EPSILON PHI Allan Post THETA CHI Sid Stubbs 296 SID STUBBS, President MANUELLA CASH, 1959 Greek Goddess 1959 GREEK GODDESS CANDIDATES: Nan Chamberlain, Karen Ekman, Maiy Jane Rostron, Margie Kapphan, Pat Ferguson, Judy Turner, Joan Offerle, Sandra Stewart, Susan Kittredge, Virginia Bowser, Bette Collar, Frances Spell, Manuella Cash, June Vaughn. 297 Alpha Tau Omega Epsilon Sigma Chapter Alpha Tau Omega was the first Greek letter fraterni- ty founded after the Civil War. It was established on this campus in March of 1949. The Tau ' s found time for many projects this year, including their annual Christmas party for underpri- vileged children, a concert to raise funds for the Bob Crenshaw Scholarship Fund, and participation in the Army ROTC Blood Drives. The ATO ' s are represented by members in Alpha Kappa Psi, Kappa Delta Pi, Collegian Singers, Circus, and Church Key. The house had its share of " Big Wheels " on campus, boasting the Commander of the Arnold Air Society, and the Vice-President of the Inter-Fraternity Council. They also have broth- ers on various varsity teams, including football, basketball, swimming, and track. The Orchid Formal, beach party, ATO weekend, and the memorable dance after homecoming rounded out the social calendar this year. Leaders for ' 59 are: Jim Savage, Vice-President; Earl Perry, Secretary; Harley Ford, Treasurer; Phil Wieting, President. OVERWHELMED, CHARLOTTE OTT, with Wally Morris, learns she has been selected to reign as 1959-60 Sweetheart of ATO. EYES FIXED ON THE BATTER, the ball is hit to fielders in the ATO active-pledge Softball game. THE ATO ' S PICTURED HERE ARE THROWING AN UNWILLING BROTHER INTO WESTCOTT POOL AFTER HIS PINNING SERENADE Mrs. Geer, housemother Charlotte Ott, sweetheart Maxwell, R. Roxman, R. Barona, L. Baucum, W. Byerley, B. Casteel, R. Clark, J. Cowie, P. Cruz, M. Ford, H. Fox, J. Griffis, S. Harris, G. Heinberg, J. Hines, C. HoUey, W. Howington, W. Kidd, J. McCue, W. Minchin, J. Moles, C. Moore, R. Morehouse, W. Perry, E. Ragans, P. Register, G Smith, J. C. Smith, W. G. Sutton, D. Watson, C. Wilson, C. Woodbery, W. Young, J. Zigich, S. 299 A TYPICAL SCENE AT AN INFORMAL DELT PARTY IS THE POPULAR LIMBO AS ONE BROTHER ROUNDS THE LAST LOW CURVE ' mk Th e A ' M.ik Mary Jane Will, Abbott, B. sweetheart Brundage, D. Brand, R. Davics, D. D ' Aoust, P. Gillis, J. Fleming, W. J. 300 Adams, R. Altenberger, T. Arnett, W. Barry, G. Brushwood, H. Butler, R. Callaway, J. Carlson, R. Del Vecchio, J. Dixon, J. Dorsett, E. Elvera, R. Guerra, M. Helgemo, S. Hendrickson, H. Hill, C. Bigbie, W. Billups L. Boesch, J- Cline, C. Crosby, J. Cushing T. Evans, T. Farmer, C. Fleming J- H Holland, H. Howes, R. Jackson, C. Delta Phi Chapter Founded nadonalljr in 1859, and locally in 1947, Delta Tau Delta has established itself as one of our most active campus fraternities. The Delts claim the Presidents of Phi Eta Sigma and Cavaliers, Student Party Chairman, Commander of the Pershing Rifles Drill Team, and representation in Who ' s Who, Hall of Fame, Judiciary, Marching Chiefs, and Scabbard and Blade. In the past year, the Delta Tau Delta ' s received such outstanding honors as: one of the three top fraternities on campus. Circus weekend awards, Civitan awards, and winner of the Soap Box Derby. Their projects included the anticipated Annual Slave Auction, Christmas party for under privileged children and the presentation of an award to the outstanding sorority Highlighting the Delt ' s social life was a weekend featuring " Shirley and Lee " , and their Spring Week- end with Big Joe Turner. Delta Tau Delta i ' Officers: Richard Straw, Vice-President; Mike O ' Conner, Sec; Steve Helgemo, Treas.; John Fleming, President. Lanza, S. LeBlanc, M. Lewis, M. Maultsby, C. McCrocklin, W. Millis, M. Moore, A. Moore, J. Neafsey, P. Newton, J. O ' Connor, M. Pou, M. Ridley, J. Rodgers, J. Satdinha, A. Schultz, W. Senko, J. Sharpe, E. Shepard, D. Shrigley, A. Soldo, M. Sparkman, D. Straw, R. Tate, J. Taylor, W. Thomason, L. Thompson, W. Totten, B. Turner, D. Watkins, R. Welch, W. Woodson, R 301 Kappa Alpha ■ ' ■ Gamma Eta Chapter " Welcome, suh, to the Kappa Alpha mansion! " These are the words you will hear from the southern gentlemen who won the Best Host Award for the past two years. They brought their hospitality to Florida State in the year of 1949. The KA ' s have proven themselves an asset to the University. In student government we find Presi- dent of the Student Body, President of the Fresh- man Class, Assistant Attorney General, Under- Secretary of Finance, and four senators. The KA ' s also sponsor projects such as a Rebel Toll Gate for Campus Chest and a Christmas party for under- privileged children. The KA Rose, Miss Carol Hair, was selected the KA Rose of Florida and placed in the National KA Rose contest. Miss Joyce Combs, sponsored by the KA ' s, is the 1959 Homecoming Queen. Among the most outstanding social functions are the Robert E. Lee Formal and Convivial, Old South Weekend, and the Annual Alumni Banquet. Officers: Bobby Loftin, Treasurer; Ward Matthews, Sec; Ramon Arnold, Vice-President; Mattox Hair, President. ' " W xi H = . Carol Hair, Adams, D. Alexander, D. Andrews, J. Arnold, R. Baker, B. Barnes, R. Bennett, K. sweetheart Brosman, R. Burch, B. Burgstiner, W. Byrd, R. Carroll, J. Carson, W. Carter, T. Bowles, W. Coleman, H. Conrad, J. Counter, J. Dale, D. DeHaven, J. Doster, D. Drum, T. Clements, B. Dukes, J. Dyke, J. Echols, F. Edwards, W. Farnell, C. Fearington, M. Franklin, R Dunlap, J. 302 THESE CONFEDERATE-CLAD KA ' S AREN ' T FIGHTING THE CIVIL WAR -THEY ARE COLLECTING FUNDS FOR CAMPUS CHEST Gunnels, D. Hafele, J. Hickson, B. Imber, L. Johnson, C. Johnston, G. Jones, C. Kearce, J. Keels. C. Korst, B. DeHatdy, F. Lofton, R. Marks, T. Matthews, W. McDaniel, J. Middleton, D. Miller, K. Mosley, C. Murray, R. Neal, J. O ' Kelly, B. Parke, E. Parrott, J. Paul, A. Poitevant, R. Porter, K. Roberts, S. Robinson, T. Sirmans, J. Smith, J. Spooner, J. Taylor, C. Thorpe, V. Whittle, T. Williamson, C. Wotting, B. 303 WITH THEIR MUGS RAISED HIGH, KAPPA SIG BROTHERS BLEND THEIR VOICES AT THE PIANO FOLLOWING A BUSY CLASS DAY 11 C. McPhetson, Allen, R. Beyer, G. Bootom, W. Chakeres, A. Christy, G. Clark, I. Cunningham, D. Dame, J. sweetheart Klam, B. Exum, B. Fazio, D. F. Fazie, M. U. Good, J. Hansen, H. Hayden, J. Hill, J. mils, J. Mull, J. Jensen, F. Jerke, J. Lattncr, R. Lawhorne, J. Milford, F. Moriner, R. Nealing, M llolliday, U. I ' rpich, J. Reinliardt, D. Russell, H. Schmiu, 11. Shclfer, B. Stockton, J. Tichenor, F. West, T. Pollock, A. 304 Epsilon Sigma Chapter Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Vir- ginia, on December 10, 1869, and it was installed on this campus in 1951. Their flower is the Lily of the Valley. Kappa Sigma, since its establishment as a national fraternity, has grown steadily in honors and activities, and the Epsilon Sigma Chapter holds both national and local awards. Last year the chapter won the National Fraternity Help Week Award through their project at Florida Boys Ranch. All proceeds from their " Gator Wagon " go to Campus Chest. Gaining of 1st place honors in Homecoming decorations and 2nd place in Circus Weekend decorations proves their versatility. The Chapter President was selected as the official rep- resentative from Florida State University to attend the National IFC Convention. The highlights of the Kappa Sig social events were: the Black and White Weekend, the Snowball Weekend, and the Pledge Cotillion. Kappa Sigma 1959 Officers: Boyd Elam, President; Irving Clark, Sec; Dave Reinhardt, Vice-President; Dick Lattner, Treasurer. KAPPA SIG FRATERNITY sponsored the " Gator Wagon " , a Campus Chest project, with accumulated donations for each blow. TIDY TIME IS HERE AGAIN, familiar old totem pole gets a brush up by a couple of Kappa Sig ' s. Lambda Chi Alpha Zeta Rho Chapter Versatility is the keynote for the Lambda Chi ' s. On campus we find Ralph Russell as head cheerleader, a Senior Senator, member of ODK, Gold Key, and Who ' s Who. In Student Government are Ronnie Clark, Vice-President of Senate, Jack Ascherl, Pres- ident of the Sophomore Class; and Chuck Mynard, Chairman of Men ' s Judiciary. Other activities in- clude members of all varsity athletic teams the Tally-Ho staff. President of the University Singers, and four sorority men-of-the-year. These activities helped the Lambda Chi ' s place second in the " Fra- ternity of the Year " award for 1958-1959. In scholar- ship, they placed first on campus for three consecu- tive semesters and received their national award for scholastic achievement. Outstanding among the social events were the Senior ' s banquet, competitive jazz festival, Christ- mas party and Easter Egg hunt for underprivileged children, and the Crescent Ball. Officers are: Ralph Russell, Secretary; Bob Nedley, Vice- Pres.; John Bussman, Treasurer; Ronnie Clark, President. UNUSUAL ACTIVITIES are undertaken by the brothers of Lambda Chi. As displayed here by brother Devon Brown. 306 f tAitkii. Mrs. P. Yoe, Albert, J. Ascherl, J. Barnes, S. housemother Boulware, M. Bowers, J. Brown, D. Eddy Sunshine, Caldwell, G. Cannon, R. Carlile, R. sweetheart Clark, R. Dawson, L. Dee, L. Bussman, J. Caswell, J. " LINUS UP FOR THE PARADE " WAS SLOGAN FOR LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ' S CONTRIBUTION TO HOMECOMING DECORATIONS m th nlt Mr 1 i g M Ewing, W. Fernandez, P. French, D. Fussell, T. Garrett, M. Giunta, R. Greene, V. Hamlin, M. Hickox, J. Keating, C. Keeney, J. Lofstrom, C. McNeil, J. Mehlich, J. Mixon, A. Moore, J. Muller, T. Mynard, C. Narum, B. Nelson, D. Nipper, K. Palmer, A. Partridge, C. Reely, B. Robinson, R. Rowland, L. Russell, R Sink, D. Sttasmeiet, K. Taylor, W. Thomas, J. Trousdell, R. Vandigriff, R. Walbolt, D. Wingate, W. Wyatt, T. 307 HERE IS THE PHI DELT ' S ANSWER TO THE KINGSTON TRIO, THE POPULAR " HI-FI ' S " , AS THEY PROVIDE SWINGING HARMONY Mrs. Rogers, housemother J. Ciccarello, sweetheart Keene, W. McCotter, J. Boltz, D. Boltz, P. Bostain, W. Briley, P. Brown. G. Games, R. Clark, F. Davis, F. Flandreau, D. Fulkerson, F. Genders, C. Gramling, C. Halbach, V. Harrell, B. Hiles, B. Keen, T. Kelly, B. Kilburn, G. Kirkham, D. Lanford, E. Macon, R. Magee, J. Martinelli, V. McCormick, G. Monk, D. Montgomery, J. Moore, D. Moore, G. R. O ' Bien, R. Pitchford, K. Powell, G. Prebianca, T. 308 Florida Gamma Chapter Phi Delta Theta This year, Florida Gamma of Phi Delta Theta, es- tablished on this campus as a chapter in 1951, received the 1st annual 1959 Fraternity Activities Award which recognized Florida State ' s most well- rounded fraternity. The Phi Delt ' s placed second in scholarship and have won the overall intramural trophy 7 of 11 possible years. In addition they received a 1959 citation as the fifth most outstand- ing chapter in the U.S. and Canada. This year the brothers of the sword and shield have: five returning AU-American athletes and rep- resentation in many varsity sports. President of the Junior Class, Vice-President of the Sophomore Class, Treasurer of the Freshman Class, a Junior Men ' s Senator, Secretary of Organizations, President of Omicron Delta Kappa, President and Vice-Presi- dent of Phi Eta Sigma, members in Gold Key, mem- bers in Alpha Council, Cadet Colonel, Battle Group Commander, and members in Who ' s Who. Ted Keen served as Prexy for the Phi ' s with Frank Davis, Treasurer; Vic Halbach, Vice-President; Duke Scott, Sec. Reynolds, R. Rushmore, R. Steel, D. Strandhagen, W. Thomas, T. Walker, T Waring, B. Weber, R. White, J. Wingate, R. Wise, E. Yaw, L. THE HNISHING TOUCHES are added to the Chi Omega-Phi Delt float, which,when unveiled l ater, won much notice and title of " Best All Around " . 309 yC Phi Kappa Tau Officers: Neil Cam, Pres.; Kerley Le Boeuf, Treas.; Blair Littlejohn, Vice-President; Ed MacGrotty as Sec. " S. --v ' Beta Iota Chapter Phi Kappa Tau, one of the largest fraternities in the nation, was one of the first to establish a chap- ter at FSU. In 1959 the Phi Tau ' s celebrated their fifty-third anniversary. Wasting no time in getting on the right track for a successful year, the Phi Tau ' s of Beta Iota Chapter were awarded a trophy for the " Most Humorous " homecoming float and placed second in the Go-Kart Derby. The Carnation Ball, the Bohemian Blast, the Pledge Christmas Party, and weekend parties highlighted their social events. The Phi Kappa Tau ' s are well-represented in cam- pus activities, with President of Gamma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President of the Veteran ' s Club, a staff an- nouncer for the WFSU-FM radio station, and the Business Manager of Publications. The Phi Tau ' s also have brothers in Kappa Kappa Psi, Cavaliers, ScuUians, student religious organizations, and in various sports. AFTER GALLANTLY DRIVING the Phi Kappa Tau ' s soap box racer to a finish, a dazed driver is helped to her feet. PHI TAirS TEAM WITH DZ ' S TO CONSTRUCT A HUMOROUS 310 WADS OF PAPER MACHE AND MAZES OF WIRE DISPLAY ENTHUSIASTIC PREPARATION FOR THE FORTH COMNG FESTIVITIES TAKE OFF HOMECOMING FLOAT ik i Jill Jenkins, sweetheart Donahey, G. Jones, A. Moffett, P. Albert, D. Askins, T. Bitnhak, B. Bryan, R. Cam, N. Duby, M. Fisher, K. Fretwell, S. Gaddis, M. Hatchett, W. LeBoeuf, L. L. LeBoeuf, L. K. Little John, B. MacGtotty, E. McKelvin, G. Peatce, J. Seymour, G. Shrewsbury, D. Stanley, W. Yarnall, R. 311 PREPARATIONS ARE MADE FOR THE FIRST ANNUAL PIKE GO-KART DERBY WHICH THE FALL PLEDGE CLASS INAUGURATED Mrs. A. Ames, Angelotti, M. Atlanson, W. Camacho, H. Conover, P. Dear, A. Degnon, T. housemother Ford, J. Gerhard, M. Gilbert, W. Goodman, G. Hailey, J. Hazelton, R. B. Nichols, sweetheart Inman, P. Kirk, R. Pipkins, R. Love, B. Sharp, B. Lynch, J. Smith, A. Nelson, R. Steyerman, L. Newton, A. Walker, J. Parkyn, D. Williamson, G, Payton, H. 312 Delta Lambda Chapter Since their colonization here at Florida State in 1948, Pike ' s have proven themselves on campus. Teaming with DG ' s they won the " Most Original " float in the Homecoming Parade. They have several philanthropic projects, including a Christmas party for underprivileged children. This year they initiat- ed the Go-Kart Derby, the proceeds of which go to the Campus Chest. The Pi Kappa Alpha ' s are well-represented in the honoraries and extra-curricular activities on campus, with members in Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, varsity sports, Rally Club, Scullions, Circus, Cava- liers, Cheerleading, Collegians, Choral Union, Inter- faith Council, Speaker ' s Bureau, Scabbard and Blade, and Phi Mu Epsilon. The Pike ' s social calendar was highlighted by their annual " first formal on campus , " the Alumn Christmas party, and a very successful week- end climaxed by the " Dream Girl Dance. " Pi Kappa Alpha Leaders of Pike ' s: Ross Parkyn, Treasurer; Peake Gilbert, Sec; Gabbie Gradey, Vice-Pres.; Bill Boyce, President. IT ' S A MAN ' S WORLD SO IT SEEMS FOR THREE LUCKY PI KAPPS WHOSE ROAD TRIP LED THEM TO SCENIC CYPRESS GARDENS 313 Pi Kappa Phi Beta Eta Chapter Pi Kappa Phi, founded at the College of Charleston, S.C. on December 10, 1904, was established on the FSU campus February 19, 1950. The Pi Kapps have retired the Campus Sing trophy and took first place in Homecoming decorations this year. Their philanthropic work, donating to the Tall- ahassee Crippled Children ' s fund and giving a Christ- mas party for the crippled children. Climaxing their social agenda was their weekend and the never-to- be-forgotten Rose Ball. The brothers are active on campus too, with trea- surer of IPC, head of the FSU Safety Council, pres- ident and secretary of Circle K and President of the Spanish Club, and members of circus. Cavaliers, Sigma Delta Pi, the FSU baseball team, and past chairman of the Collegiate Party. The Pi Kapp sweetheart, Manuella Cash, who was Miss Sarasota and runner-up in the Miss Florida contest, was the 1959 IFC Queen. The Pi Kappa Phi ' s are led by the following: John Lloyd, Secretary; Frank Clark, Treasurer; Bill Green, President. imt PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT and practice sessions with the piano help keep the Pi Kappa Phi ' s in tune and possession of Campus Sing Trophy. Manuella Cash, Ammann, W. Barfield, J. sweetheart Beamer, S. Campbell, M Barkman, R. Cantey, P. Carroll, C. Campbell, P. Clark. F. Cloud, C. Chronister, R. 314 ENTHUSIASTIC PI KAPPA PHI ' S AND THEIR DATES URGE THE FIGHTING SEMINOLE SQUAD ON TO A TOUCHDOWN AND VICTORY ir :% f thMtm Colee, J. Corbett, R. Daonelly, L. Delk. C. Diulus, F. Espey. J. Fordham, G. Geohegan, B. Green, W. Hogle, T. Kalmes, P. Kimberlin, B. Kirkpatrick, A. Leslie, L. Lloyd, J. Lucas, T. Mason, J. Mock, R. Moore, H. J. Moore, J. C. Newman, J. Parrish, R. Plumb, R. Raines, R. Randolph, R. Rothenbach, W. Shoemaker, W, Skipper, R. Smith, D. Tesar, G. Thomson, T. Tolomea, M. Torres, P. Webster, J. White, B. Williams, W. 315 THE ANNUAL SAE-ZETA XMAS PARTY BRINGS GOOD WILL TO THE HEARTS OF YOUNGSTERS THROUGH SHARING AND GIVING M r Mrs. Holton, Apthorp, J. housemother piwell, R. Dunlap, R. Holland, J. Hobgood. W. sheppard, W. Partridge, W. Best, D. Evans, O. Jackson, J. Taggart, J. Bremiec, C. Fohl, R. Jones, J. Walker, D. Bryan, W. Calhoun, T. Cortright, E. Donaway, J. Duane, W. Gattis, D. Gray, A. Grizzard, C. Grow, J. Hagar, T. Kelley, J. Mathis, R. McArthur, G. fills, E. Partridge, J. N. Westbrook, L. Whitley, T. Wilcox, L. Williams, C. Wood, L. 316 Florida Beta Chapter Molding its members into intellectual , social , moral and religious gentlemen is the purpose of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. SAE ' s activities and pledge training program are instituted to fulfill this purpose, and " Phi Alpha " , the group ' s motto, stems from this objective. Active in student government, SAE ' s have men in all campus honoraries, including Who ' s Who, Gold Key, and ODK. They boast two founding members of Church Key, both AFROTC and Army ROTC officers, and five varsity football players. In addi- tion, they were 1959 Intramural Champions. The hard working SAE ' s sent twenty-five needy children to the circus, helped the Tallahassee Wom- en ' s Club prepare their fair exhibit, and had a Christ- mas party where Santa presented local children with gifts. On the social agenda this year were the Sweet- heart Formal, Christmas Formal, SAE Weekend, and the Senior Banquet. Sigma Alpha Epsilon SAE executives: Brud La Vigne, Vice-Pres., Jerry Turner, Sec, Gil McArthur, Treas.; and John Partridge, President. SWEETHEART DOROTHEA DAVIS proudly displays the gleaming trophy that was presented to her at the annual Sweetheart Formal. l 5i CAUGHT BY THE CAMERA excited youngsters celebrate the Xmas season with brothers of SAE. Sigma Chi % Epsilon Zeta Chapter The Sigma Chi ' s base their fraternity on Christian principles and pride themselves in a brotherhood of different temperaments, talents, and convictions. Since its arrival on campus in 1952, the Epsilon Zeta Chapter has made it a policy to progress. This year, under the leadership of Bill Smith, the names of Sigs have found their way into sports, student government, publications, and other campus activi- ties. Outstanding personalities include Chief Jus- tice of the Honor Court, Editor of the Tally Ho, Sammy Seminole, and members of Alpha Council, ODK, Gold Key, and Who ' s Who. The highlight of the year was the Sigma Chi Derby, a nation-wide tradition. Proceeds from the Derby were donated to Campus Chest. Their combined ef- forts with the ADPi ' s in the Homecoming float won the prize for the " Most Beautiful " . The Sigma Chi ' s social activities were climaxed by their Sweetheart Weekend in the spring. 1959 slate of officers: Russ Battels, Vice-President; Frank Butterfield, Treas.; Milton Perry, Sec; Bill Smith, Pres. RADIANTLY SMILING, happy Dorothy Morton is aglow at Sigma Chi Sweetheart serenade. Mrs. E. Bishop, Adams, G. Arnold, B. Bartels, R. Bates, D. housemother Belden, C. Bellamy, R. Bryant, R. Busbia, A Dot Morton, sweetheart Butterfield, Davis, G. F. Calhoun, J. Drummond, R. dinger, A. Dunlap, S. Cotton, B. Dyer, G. Buss, D. Gumming, D. 318 AT THEIR ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY , THE SIGMA CHI ' S ENTERTAIN FOR A GROUP OF UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN Ekman, E. Fairington, W. Freudenstein, R. Gonzales, N. Gray, J. Gtimsley, J. Houset, D. Marshall, C. D. Marshall, R. L. Meier, E. R. Meier, R. W. Mew, T. Moren, R. Mulhall, R. Preist, J. Purnell, A. Reynolds, H. Richardson, J. Robinson, R. Rudd, B. Ryder, J. Smith, V. E. Smith, W. T. Todd, J. Tresca, F. Wade, C. W. Wase, J. W. Wellman, J. Heeler, G. Mann, T. Nichols, A. Petty, R. Sibal, K. Smith, G. H. Westhafer, J. A. Westhafer, T. 319 ALUMS RETURN TO RENEW OLD ACQUAINTANCES AND MEET NEW PLEDGES AT THE SIGMA NU HOUSE DURING HOMECOMING Ir % MflitfiH M mk Ml M ' M H Mrs. Hamilton, Adams, J. housemother Brown, B. Ann Wear, Haines, A. sweetheart ., „ .... McCrory, J. Grodzicki, R. Maroon, J. Armstrong, T. Ashworth, R. Augustine, J. Balanky, G. Barber, O. Bazzell, H. Cole, J. Cook, V. Cooke, J. Davis, J. Ellis, C. Folino, P. Hawkins, C. Hobbs, M. Holder, J. Johnston, C. Johnwick, R. Kramer, C. Miller, A. Miller, R. O ' Haire, T. Palmer, B. Perk, J. Phillips, J. Brock, J. Frazier, J. Kulzer, J. Powers, F. 320 Zeta Zeta Chapter Sigma Nu " To believe in the life of love, to walk in the way of honor, to serve in the light of truth -this is the life, the way, and the light of Sigma Nu, this is the creed of our fraternity. " And the Sigma Nu brothers lived up to this creed in this, their tenth year on FSU ' s campus. In the field of service, the fraternity sponsors an annual Christmas party for underprivileged children, roving work parties, and the Freshman Assistance Bureau. Members of the fraternity were active participants in campus politics, clubs, honoraries, and on almost every varsity team, with five brothers on the basket- ball squad. Headquarters for parties, barbeques, and " blasts " of all descriptions is the Sigma Nu Snakepit. With a busy agenda of social events such as their White Star Weekend, Monticello Fish Fry, and Calypso party, the Sigma Nu ' s have gained the reputation as fabulous party-givers. Executive officers of Sigma Nu Frat are: Fred Powers as Vice-President; Oris Barber, President; Vic Cook, Sec. . 4 Pridgen, R. Rose, F. Russell, J. Schiess, E. T Schiess, L. C. Smith, D. Sose, D. St. John, D. Swain, R. Thompson, L. Trahey, J. Ward, D. Welch, T. Whiteard, R. Wottman, H. Ziccardi, M. PETE ( " TEX " ) FELINO heads a roundup of " snakes " and their dates as fun begins at Sigma Nu ranch party. 321 Tau Epsilon Phi m i¥ ' wm Epsilon Deuteron Chapter Tau Epsilon Phi was founded in New York, Colum- bia University, in 1910. TEP came to the Florida State campus as the Epsilon Deuteron chapter in May, 1954. On 43 campi throughout the United States and Canada, Tau Epsilon Phi has been established to follow the principles marked by the Creed of ser- vice and friendship of its founders. The principles of its founders are still present with this chapter. This is exemplified by having members in Gold Key, Marching Chiefs, Varsity Ath- letics, and many varied departmental honoraries. The boys are active participants in intramurals and again placed high in the Soap Box Derby. Each year the Tau Epsilon Phi ' s join their national fund rais- ing campaign for charity. On the social calendar the highlight centers on the Lavendar Ball and TEP Weekend. Although never loosing sight of studies, the Tau Epsilon Phi ' s keep their social agenda well filled. Leaders for TEP ' s in ' 59: Barry Silverstein, Sec; David Kam, Vice-Pres.; Richard Fink, Treas.; Allan Post, Pres. MANY VARIED SOCIAL EVENTS are characteristic of the Tau Epsilon Phi ' s, such as this typical after the show Saturday night " record party " . Blate, E. Chaykin, A. Farb, M. Fink, R. Jacobson, M. Kam, D. Krawitz, B. McCutcheon, C. Post, A. Rich, D. Schumer, D. Silverstein, B. 322 IT IS A WEEKLY PRACTICE FOR THE TEP ' S TO HAVE INFORMAL GET-TOGFTHERS AT FAIVERS BEFORE CHAPTER MEETING 323 COURAGE C REAT E D A COUPLE OF THETA CHI PLEDGES HAVE PICTURE PROOF OF THEIR HOLLYWOOD ROAD TRIP TAKEN PRIOR TO INITIATION ' -3 ' ' ' i ex (Ti Jl f iiifi Mrs. Whelchel, Adamo, J. Barranco, R. Barton, D. housemother Burkhart. G. Bussey, C. Butler, C. N. Upchurch, Demmon, T. Fowler, J. Friedrichsen sweetheart ,, , — .. „ . ,. , Krausche, C. McCarthy, V. Metz, T. DeFehce, L. Koppeis, C. Beranek, J. Buttner, F. Godfrey, W. Moore, T. Bondank, P. Bynum, R. Goodman, G. Morris, W. Braden, G. Brown, B. Brown, C. D. Cajoleas, G. Carlson, D. Davis, I. Hawks, R. Kirkwood, R. Klesios, S. Newell, T. Niedenthal, J. Nussear, R. 324 hi Gamma Rho Chapter 4I Theta Chi Theta Chi had its beginning at Norwich University, Norway, Vermont in 1856. The Gamma Rho chapter at Florida State University was established in 1949. The Theta Chi ' s began their social year by feat- uring the Skyliners for homecoming weekend. Their social calendar was filled with weekly sorority par- ties, including an annual jungle party. A special- ty of the Theta Chi ' s is a bi-weekly serenade of a sorority during the evening meal. That Theta Chi ' s are active on campus is shown by their participation in student government and many other activities. Fraternity members in student government serve as Vice-President of the Student Body, Secretary of Finance, and are represented in Men ' s Senate and Men ' s Judiciary. In addition, they have members in Gold Key, ODK, Alpha Council, Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Circle K, Board of Publications, Cheerleading, President of IFC, and the President of Newman Club. f| p,1( f Carl Butler leads Theta Chi ' s with John Beranek, Veep; Tom Newell, Treas.; and Don Carlson as Secretary. i i i% 4% O ' Brien, R. Peneski, E. Pinder, C. Pitts, E. Ramsden, D. Rejda, D. Schanzenbach Schenck, R Shank, D. Shaw, P. B. Shaw, R. A. Sopher, W. Stein, R. Stephens, W. Stubbs, S. Volpha, J. AL ROLLER, a Theta Chi pledge, lets nothing stop his studying after having been a victim of circumstances. 325 . As the bright tassels stand out from the sober darkness of senior robes. . .so does the determination, hope and steadfastness, of the college graduate contrast with academic mediocrity. Classes BEING MEASURED for a cap and gown, a graduating senior is literally outfitted for the future undertakings. - A FAINT SMILE betraying anticipations, a senior speculates what the coming year will hold within its undetermined realm. A SENIOR PICTURE, symbol of four years of campus life, seeks to find the rich qualities of each graduate. 328 INVESTITURE MEANS RECOGNITION OF SENIOR STATUS AND MORTAR BOARD CAPPING BY A SOPHOMORE SISTER OR BROTHER Panorama of F S U Senior Traditions Standing on the threshold of life, the Senior looks back upon four years, in which were intermingled discouragement, elation, despondency, and satis- faction. The way to knowledge has not been easy, and he is proud to say he has surmounted all obs- tacles. His primary enemy, Temptation, has been conquered and cast aside along the way. Prepared and developed by four years at Florida State, he is now ready to step into life. He realizes that college is but a preface and that the real chal- lenges lie ahead. He is determined, yet cautious; he is prepared, yet skeptical. His manner will be of dignity, for he knows that the measure of success is not how high he climbs, but how well he does the job he chooses and how he ranks in the esteem of his fellow men. Nobility, humility, and thoroughness are his unerring guideposts. JOB INTERVIEWS are important to seniors who are deeply concerned about their life ' s work and what the future holds. 329 1960 SENIOR OFFICERS ARE JOE MAJORS, VICE PRESIDENT; KAY DESMOND, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN; KAY HALL, TREASURER; KAY HUFFORD, SECRETARY; RAMON ARNOLD, PRESIDENT, SHOWN DISCUSSING IMPORTANT BUSINESS BEFORE A CLASS MEETING The Senior Class of I960 Senior standing implies much more than mortarboards, graduation exercises, and black robes. Behind these external symbols of the senior ' s achievement stand the university ' s ach i e v e m e n t s - - the tremendous expansion program we saw begun: our internationally recognized faculty members; the great rise of FSU ' s scholastic standing; and the growth of the evasive intangible, school spirit. " FSU on Parade, " the I960 Homecoming theme in many ways summed up our college life. These four years were a parade--a parade of new situations, new feelings, new friends. Timeless afternoons -sleepy, eight o ' clock classes - regretful thoughts of " what might have been " ., all are indelible in a senior ' s memory. In retrospect, these thoughts -- this unrepeatable parade --will be the source of much happiness and growth. 330 Class of I960 Abtahafflsen, J. Adkins, G. Ahrens, M. Alkov, R. Anunann, W. Amos, M. Andrews, J. Andrews, N. Arant, M. Archibald, C. Armstrong, D. Armstrong, T. Arnold, G. Arnold, R. L. ABRAHAMSEN, JEAN CELIA, Eustis, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Wesley Foundation Council. ADKINS, GEORGE C, Port St. Joe, Florida; Business; Insur- and Real Estate Society. AHRENS, MERLIN ROLLO, Seward, Nebraska; Arts and Scien- ces; Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, President of Gamma Delta. ALKOV, ROBERT ADOLF, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces. AMMANN, WERNER C, Manisrique, Michigan; Business; Pi Kappa Phi. AMOS, MARY JOAN, McDavid, Florida; Education; Baptist Stu- dent tJnion, YWA, NEA, State Scholarship Club, Mathematics Teachers Club. ANDREWS, JAMES RODDY, Jacksonville, Florida; Business; Kappa Alpha Order, Circus. ANDREWS, NORMA VIRGINIA, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Tau Alpha, Historian of Gamma Alpha Chi, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, FLAMBEAU, Vice President of Gilchrist, Hall, Choral Union, Freshman Flunkies, Inter Fraternity Council Queen ' s Court. APTHORP, JAMES W., Tallahassee, Florida; Public Admin- istration; Pictured in Hall of Fame. ARANT, MARILYN, Fort Meade, Florida; Education; Delta Zeta, Wesley Players, Scholarship Club, FTA. ARCHIBALD, CATHERINE ELIZABETH, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; Activities Chairman and Standards Chairman of Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice President of Garnet Key, Mortified, President of Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, President of University Recreation Association, Vice President and President of Reynolds Hall, Freshman Flunkies, Physical Education Association, WDURA, AAHPER, ACA, Tarpon Club, Women ' s F Club, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. ARMSTRONG, DONALD RICHARD, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences. ARMSTRONG, TAMSY FAIN, Quincy, Florida; Education. ARNOLD, GERALD EUGENE, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Phi Eta Sigma. ARNOLD, RAMON S., Jacksonville, Florida; Business; Pictured in Hall of Fame. ARNOLD, RHODA LOUISE, Lake City, Florida; Education; Pan- hellenic Representative and House Chairman of Kappa Delta, Off Campus Court, Fashion Institute, ACE, Freshman Flunkies, FEA. ARNOW, SARA LINDA, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Pelta Zeta, President of Tau Kappa Alpha, Circus, Manager of Varsity Debate Squad. ATKINSON, BETTY JANE, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; President, Panhellenic Representative, Social Chairman, and Reporter of Phi Mu; Vice President of Gamma Alpha Chi, Sena- tor, FSU Modeling Squad. ATKINSON, BETTY JEAN, Umatilla, Florida; Education; Alpha Xi Delta, Assistant Chairman of Speakers ' Bureau, Off Campus Court, Junior Counselor, Westminster Fellowship, Interfaith Council, Co-chairman of All-University Picnic, FTA, Colle- giate Party, Freshman Flunkies, ACE. ATKINSON, JOSEPH GEORGE, Geneva, New York; Business. AYALA, DIANA, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; NEA, FEA, Los Picaros, Archaelogital Society of America. BAKER, SUE MARCOTTE, Leesburg, Florida; Nursing; Student Nurses Association. BALKCOM, HELEN BARBERBEE, Haines City, Florida; Nurs- ing; Delta Zeta, Student Nurses Association. Arnow, S. Atkinson, B. Atkinson, B. Atkinson, J. Ayala, D. Baker, S. Balkcom, H. 331 Seniors Ball, J. Ball, K. Ballew, M. Balliett, M. Barber, O. Barber, P. Barber, R. Barker, A. Barker, K. Barkman, R. Barnette, M. Barningham, W. Barr, J. Barry, G. BALL, JOHN CLIFFORD, Ludington, Michigan; Arts and Sciences. BARKER, A. LYNDA, Vero Beach, Florida; Business; Delta Delta Delta. BALL, KATHERINE ELIZABETH, Jacksonville, Florida; Home Economics; Fraternity Education Chairman and Historian of Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice President of Gamma Alpha Chi, Omi- cron Nu, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, TALLY HO, Village Vamps, Fashion Incorporated. BARKER, KENNETH LEE, Orlando, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi and Vice President of Beta Alpha Chi. BALLEW, MARTHA LEE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Nursing; Marching Chiefs, Concert Band, Student Nurses Association. BARKMAN, RONALD L., Muskegon, Michigan; Social Welfare; Pi Kappa Phi. BALLIETT, MARGARET PUTT, Lake Wales, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Recording Secretary of Alpha Chi Omega, Circus. BARNETTE, MARY THOMASINE, Tallahassee, Florida; Music; Alpha Omicron Pi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Tau Beta Sigma, University Symphony, Symphonic Band, Marching Chiefs, Women ' s Glee Club. BARBER, ORIS VAUGHN, Panama City, Florida; Public Ad- ministration; President and Vice President of Sigma Nu. BARNINGHAM, WAYNE LEE, Miami, Florida; Education. BARBER, PATSY LEIMAN, Tampa, Florida; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. BARBER, RAYMOND A., Largo, Florida; Business. BARR, JANE, Bowdon, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta, Junior Counselor, Marching Chiefs, Concert Band, Sym- phonic Band, Tau Beta Sigma. Bartlett, G. Barrels, R. Barton, J. Bass, G. Bass, R. Baxter, C. Baylor, P. 332 WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES: Ted Keen, Judy Ramsey, Annette Mcintosh, Sue Massey, Monty Gillham, Al Nichols. BARRY, GERALD D., West Palm Beach, Florida; Business; Delta Tau Delta. BAZZELL, HAROLD RAY, Panama City, Florida; Business; Sig- ma Nu. BARTLETT, GRETCHEN SUE, Cocoa, Florida; Home Economics; Alpha Omicron Pi, Gamma Alpha Chi, Wesley Foundation, Fash- ion Incorporated, Home Economics Club, Village Vamps. BEAN, SHIRLEY ADA, Graceville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; SNEA. BARTELS, RUSS W., Iowa City, Iowa; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi, Church Key, Young Republicans. BEAUCHAMP, FRANCES OCTAVIA, Chiefland, Florida; Social Welfare; B tist Student Union, Child Development Institute. BARTON, J. CAROLYN, Williston, Florida; Education. BECKER, NORMA INGRID, Florida City, Florida; Social Welfare; FEA, Social Work Club. BASS, GRACE RICHMOND, Montgomery, Alabama; arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Eta. BELFLOWER, CHARLES L., Tifton, Georgia; Business; Secre- tary of Scullions. BASS, ROBERT ERNEST, Pensacola, Florida; Business; BELL, JULIANA ROSALIE, Miami, Florida; Business; BAXTER, CHARLES EDWARD, Tallahassee, Florida; Business; BAYLOR, PAMILLE ROSELYN, Orlando, Florida; Social Wel- fare; PhiMu, Wesley Foundation, Social Work Club, Recreation Club. BELL, MARY ELIZABETH, Miami, Florida; Education; Chap- lain and Scholarship Chairman of Alpha Xi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Honor Court, Secretary of Christian Science Organization, Junior Counselor, Circus, Freshmen Flunkies. Bazzell, H. Bean, S. Beauchamp, F. Becker, N. Bel flower, C. Bell, J. Bell, M.- 333 Seniors Befgeton, S. BeskiMl. S. Bevis, B. Bibby, S. Bild, B. Bivens, N. Blake, C. Blomberg, H. Blount, C. Blumer, B. Blumer, S. Bodine, C. Bogue, E. Bowden, J. BERGERON, SHIRLEY OWEN, Clewiston, Florida; Education. BESKIND, SANDRA GWEN, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Garnet Key, Sophomore Council, Social Chairman of Junior Class; Junior Counselor, Secretary of Student Events, Les Jon- gleurs, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. BEVIS, BARBARA A., Miami, Florida; Education; Executive Council and State Council of Baptist Student Union. BIBBY, SHEILA ANN, Miami, Florida; Nursing; Gamma Delta, Student Nurses Association. BILD, BARBARA ANN, Miami, Florida; Education; Garnet Key, Sophomore Council, Judiciary PRO TEM., Student Assistant to the Chaplain at Ruge Hall, Junior Counselor, President of Jen- nie Murphree, Vice President of South Cawthon and Jennie Murphree. _ BIVENS, NANCY LEE, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Gamma Delta, Epsilon Chi, ACE, NEA, Westiiinster Fel- lowship, Fashion Institute. BLAKE, CHARLES H., St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Pi Kappa Phi, Honor ROTC Cadet, American Legion Medal, Sons of the American Revolution Medal, Member of Society of Sons of the American Revolution, United States Marine Corps, Freshman Swimming Team, Football Band, Spanish Club. BLOMBERG, HOWARD MARTIN, JR., Biloxi, Mississippi; Busi- ness; Delta Sigma Pi. BLOUNT, CHARLES FRANKLIN, Tallahassee, Florida; Busi- ness; Kappa Sigma, Alpha Delta Sigma, TALLY HO Advertising Manager, Arnold Air Society, Sabre Air Command. BLUMER, BETHANY MARGARET, Miami, Florida; Social Wel- fare; FEA, NEA, Social Welfare Club, Baptist Student Union. BLUMER, SHARON OUIDA, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Off Campus Court, TALLY HO Staff, Sophomore Council, Bacteriology Club. BODINE, CARYL ANN, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Recording Secretary of Kappa Alpha Theta, Treasurer of Gamma Alpha Chi, Junior Class Senator-PRO TEM., TALLY HO Staff, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Circus, Gymkana Court. BOGUE, ELAINE M., St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Kappa Delta, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Social Chairman and Vice President of Gil- christ Hall, Social Chairman of Dorman Hall. BOWDEN, JOYCE MALLARD, Winter Park, Florida; Arts and Sciences. BOWER, THOMAS P., Sanford, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Marching Chiefs, Concert Band. BOWERS, EDWIN CULLEN, Tallahassee, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha, Vets Club, Social Welfare Club. BOWSER, VIRGINIA LEA, Arcadia, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi, Junior Counselor, Circus. BOYCE, SUSIE BLACKBURN, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts aad Sciences; Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, Senator, Traffic Court, TALLY HO Staff, Sophomore Council, Speakers ' Bureau, Concert Band, Choral Union, Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha. BOYCE, WILLIAM, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; Treasurer and President of Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Mu Epsilon, Interfraternity Council, Scabbard and Blade, Male Chorus. Bower, T. Bowers, E. Bowser, V. Boyce, S. Boyce, W. Boyd, A. Brackett, C. 334 Class of I960 1 Bradshaw, B. Bradshaw, E. Brady, B. Brady, E. Brantly, S. Bregger, M. Breitler, A. Bridges, F. Briner, C. Briolis, M. Brock, J. Broer, L. Brokaw, S. Brown, M. BOYD, ADA JACQUELYN, Clearwater, Florida; Education; Alpha Xi Delta, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Pres- ident of Sigma Delta Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Vice President of Florida Hall, Vice Pres- ident of Broward Hall, Treasurer of Junior Panhellenic, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. BRACKETT, CHARLES EUGENE, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Edu- cation; SFEA, Political Union. BRADSHAW, BETSY R., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Arts and Sciences. BRADSHAW, EVELYN ANN, Palatka, Florida; Home Economics; Junior Counselor. BRADY, BETTY ANN, Orlando, Florida; Library School; Soltas. BRADY, EDWARD JOHN, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club, Psychology Club. BRANTLY, SARA LYNN, Clermont, Florida; Social Welfare; Freshman Flunkies, Junior Counselor, Wesley Foundation, Social Welfare " Club, Circus. BREGGER, MARGARET BERNA, Clemson, South Carolina; Home Economics; Corresponding Secretary of Alpha Delta Pi, Wesley Foundation, Home Economics Club. BREITLER, ALAN LOUIS, Miami Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Pi Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, President of Student Interfaith Council, Hillel. BRIDGES, F. SHARON, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; Bap- tist Student Union, Recreation Club. BRINER, CAROLE ELIZABETH, Winter Haven, Florida; Edu- cation; Phi Mu, Epsilon Chi, FNEA. BRIOIS, MARY FRANCES, Hialeah, Florida; Education; Chris- tian Science Organization. BROCK, JERRY CECIL, Daytona " Beach, Florida; Business; Sigma Nu. BROER, LARRY RICHARD, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education. BROKAW, SANDRA KAY, Bradenton, Florida; Education; Wes- ley Foundation, FEA, NEA. BROWN, MARJORIE ELLEN, Clewiston, Florida; Nursing; West- minster Fellowship, Student Nurses ' Association. BROWN, NANCY LEE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; BROWN, NORMA LEE, Pensacola, Florida; Education; Corres- ponding Secretary of Kappa Alpha Theta, President of Speakers ' Bureau, Village Vamps, Publicity Chairman of Epsilon Chi, NEA, FEA, Freshman Flunkies, FSU Circus, Reynolds Hall Court. BROWN, PAUL D., St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship, President of Industrial Arts Club. BROWN, SANDRA W., Tallahassee, Florida; Public Administra- tion. BRUBAKER, JEAN SUE, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Scholarship Chairman of Delta Gamma, Phi Kappa Phi, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Sophomore Council, Summer Feature Editor of FLAMBEAU, Varsity Debate Team. BRYAN, WILLIAM, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Gold Key, Senator, Chairman of Speakers Bureau, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. BUA, DONALD HARRY, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Order. Brown, N. L. Brown, N. L. Brown, P. Brown, S. Brubaker, J. Bryan, W. Bua, D. 335 Seniors Buckley, J. Bush, J. K TRl JHf Bunting, J. Butler, E. Burkhatdt, W. Burks, B. Burnett, K. Burns, S. Busbia, A. Butler, T. Butterfield, F. Byerley, W. Cain, R. Caldwell, J. BUCKLEY, JUDITH PAULA, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Corresponding Secretary of Alpha Omicron Pi, American Chemi- cal Society. BUNTING, JUDITH, Lake Wales, Florida; Education; Alpha Gam- ma Delta, Off Campus Court, Marching Chiefs, Mathematics Teachers ' Club, Epsilon Chi. BURKHARDT, WILLIAM CHRISTIAN, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Business; Executive Council, Campus Chest Concert Chairman, Steward and Secretary of Alpha Tau Omega. BURKS, BARBARA, Jacksonville, Florida; Business; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Wesley Foundation, Fashion Institute. BURNETT, KENNETH FREDRICK, Madison, Florida; Arts and Sciences. BURNS, SANDY JEAN, Gainesville, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Sophomore Council, Freshman Class Treasurer, Westminster Fellowship, Freshman Flunkies. BUSBIA, ARTHUR M., Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi, Circus, University Singers. BUSH, JAMES ROLAND, Jacksonville, Florida; Business. BUTLER, ELYNOR ELIZABETH, Jonestown, Mississippi; Edu- cation; Chi Omega, Judiciary, Theater Dance. BUTLER, THOMAS L., Fort Worth, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Major, United States Air Force. BUTTERFIELD, FRANK MELVIN, Orlando, Florida; Business; Treasurer of Sigma Chi, Secretary-Treasurer of Westminster. House. BYERLEY, WILLIAM H., Tampa, Florida; Education; Scholar- ship Chairman of Alpha Tau Omega, Head Usher of Wesley Foun- dation, Chairman of Recreation Club, AFROTC Drill Team, Rifle Team Arnold Air Society, Circus. CAIN, RONALD DENVER, Albany, Georgia; Music; Phi Mu Al- pha, Collegians, Choral Union, American Guild of Organists. CALDWELL, JOANNE ADELAID, DeLand, Florida; Home Eco- nomics; Collegiate 4-H, Home Economics Club. CALHOUN, JOHN C, Jr., Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Sig- ma Chi, Alpha Delta Sigma, Alpha Council, Church Key. CAMERON, MARTHA ANNE, Sanford, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Recording Secretary of Sigma Kappa, Alpha Psi Omega. CAMPBELL, CHARLOTTE, Statesboro, Georgia; Arts and Sci- ences; Recording Secretary of Sigma Kappa, Alpha Psi Omega. CAMPBELL, CHARLOTTE, Statesboro, Georgia; Arts and Sci- ences; Phi Mu, Tau Beta Sigma, Marching Chiefs, Concert Band. CAMPBELL, HILDA RAYE, Jay, Florida; Music; Sigma Alpha Iota, Baptist Student Union Executive Council, University Sing- ers, Women ' s Glee Club. CAMPBELL, MARGARET PATRICIA, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Ruge Hall, Freshman Flunkies, Fashion Institute. CAMPBELL, MARY LOU, Bradenton, Florida; Music; Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Tau Beta Sigma, Marching Chiefs, Sym- phonic Band, University Symphony, Opera-Chamber Orchestra. CAPPS, BETTY CECILE, Bartow, Florida; Education; Kappa Delta Pi, FEA. SI Calhoun, J. 336 Cameron, M. Campbell, C. Campbell, H. Campbell, M. P. Campbell, M. L. Capps, B. Class of I960 Carpenter, N. Carroll, E. Carroll, L. Casey, D. Casteel, R. Chambers, D. Chambliss, J. Chase, V. Chason, J. Chesser, G. Chevalier, C. Christian, A. Chronister, R. Church, W. CARPENTER, NONA, Biloxi, Mississippi; Business; President of Phi Mu, Phi Chi Theta, Tau Beta Sigma, Junior Counselor, Marching Chief Majorette, Concert Band, BSU, Gymkana Court. CARROLL, EWING WHITFIELD, JR., St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences; President of the Political Union, Wesley Foundation. CARROLL, LINDA LEE, Sarasota, Florida; Education; Pi Beta Phi. CASEY, DAVID HAROLD, Rochester, New York; Business. CASTEEL, ROBERT RUSSELL, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Edu- cation; Alpha Tau Omega, Basketball Team. CHAMBERS, DAVID RALPH, Atlanta, Georgia; Business; Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scullions, Dean of Men ' s Staff, USNR. CHAMBLISS, JULIA ANN, Tampa, Florida; Education; Secretary of Kappa Delta, Garnet Key, Sigma Alpha Iota, Sophomore Coun- cil, Junior Counselor, Vice-president of Women s Glee Club, President of Westminster Fellowship. CHASE, VALERIE, Miami, Florida; Home Economics; Rush Chairman of Alpha Omicron Pi, Gamma Alpha Chi, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Social Chairman of Jennie Murphree, Freshman Flunkies, Home Economics Club, Westminster Fel- lowship, Circus. CHASON, JOHN THOMAS, Chattahoochee, Florida; Social Wel- fare. CHESSER, GEORGE D., Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, Real Estate and Insurance Society, Vets Club. CHEVALIER, CHARLENE JANICE,. Dania, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Secretary-Treasurer of Phi Alpha, Tau Beta Sigma, March- ing Chiefs, Concert Band. CHRISTIAN, ALICE JEAN, Brandenton, Flori da; Music; Tau Be- ta Sigma, Marching Chiefs, Symphonic Band. CHRONISTER, RONALD RAY, Apopka, Florida; Business. CHURCH, WILLIAM J., Eustis, Florida; Arts and Sciences; President of Alpha Phi Omega, Rifle Team, Circus. CLARDY, SARA FRANCES, Ocala, Florida; Business; Delta Delta Delta, NEA, SEA, Village Vamps. CLARK, CAROLYN M., Miami, Florida; Home Economics; Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretary of Gamma Delta, Fashion Incorporated, Home Economics Club. CLARK, DOROTHY HELEN, Chattahoochee, Florida; Home Eco- nomics; Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Omicron Nu, Garnet Key, Tau Beta Sigma, 4-H Club, Home Economics Club. CLARK, RONNIE EDWARD, Palatka, Florida; Public Adminis- tration; President of Lambda Chi Alpha, Men ' s Vice President, President of Inter Fraternity Council, Chairman of the Student Party, Speakers ' Bureau, Senator, Football Team. CLARKE, PAULINE EATON, Monticello, Florida; Education; House Chairman of Kappa Delta, Off-Campus Court, ACE, Fresh- man Flunkies, Fashion Institute. CLAYTON, ROBERT JUSTIN, Springfield, Vermont; Arts and Sciences. CLEARY, ELIZABETH L., Veto Beach, Florida; Education. Clardy, S. Clark,. C. Clark, D. Clark, R. Clarke, P. Clayton, R. Cleary, E. 337 Seniors Clemens, M. Clements, A. Clow, M. Colby, R. Cold, R. Coleman E. Coleman, H. Coles, B. Coleni, J. Colley, L. Colter, J. Combs, J. L. Conger, P. Connell, A. CLEMENS, MARY ELLEN, Panama City, Florida; Business; Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Chi Theta. COLETTI, JEANETTE DICKERSON, Milton, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Tau Delta. CLEMENTS, ANN MARIE, Louisville, Kentucky; Education; Treasurer of Alpha Chi Omega, Pi Mu Epsilon, Treasurer of Mathematics Club, Circus. CLOW, MARY ELIZABETH, Clearwater, Florida; Home Econo- mics; Gamma Phi Beta, Newman Club, Home Economics Club. COLLEY, LOIS JACQUELYN, Starke, Florida; Arts and Sciences. COLTER, JOAN DIANNE, Pensacola, Florida; Education; Song Chairman, Assistant Rush Chairman, Sargeant-at-Arms, and So- cial Chairman of Kappa Delta, Angel Flight, President of ISSC, SNEA, FEA, ACEI, Treasurer of the Collegiate Party. COLBY, ROBERT WALTER, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, President of Beta Alpha Chi, Vets Club. COMBS, JOHN L., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. COLD, RONALD F., Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences. COMBS, JOYCE E., Miami, Florida; Education; Pictured in Hall of Fame. COLEMAN, ELIZABETH BECHTEL, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Pi, President of Wesley Players, Wesley Foundation Council. CONGER, PATRICIA RUTH, Clearwater, Florida; Education; Women ' s F Club, Physical Education Association. COLEMAN, HUME FIELD, Jacksonville, Florida; Business; Kappa Alpha Order, Young Democrats Club, Freshman Baseball. COLES, BARBARA JEANNE, Miami, Florida; Education; SEE A, Scholarship Club. CONNELL, ANNE EVANS, Inverness, Florida; Education; Delta Delta Delta, SEA, NEA, Council of Exceptional Children. CONNELLY, ANTOINETTE MARIE, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Pi, Tarpon Club, Girls ' Tennis Club... Connelly, A. Connolly, J. Cook, V. Copps, B. Copps, M. Corliss, J. Costin, M. 338 WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES: Jim Apthorp, Cappy Archibald, Bill Bryan, Sandy Beskind, Ramon Arnold, Jackie Boyd. CONNOLLY, JEANNE ELIZABETH, Winter Park, Florida; Edu- cation; Women ' s F Club, Physical Education Association. COUNTER, JOHN A., Winter Haven, Florida; Business; Kappa Alpha Order, Senator, Speakers ' Bureau, Senior Hall Housefellow, Young Democrats Club, Advanced ROTC. COOK, VICTOR JOSEPH, Panama City, Florida; Business; Sig- ma Nu, Alpha Kappa Psi, Senator, University Debate Team, Golf Team. COUSINS, HARRY RICHARD, Veto Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences. COPPS, BEVERLY ANN, Jacksonville, Florida; Education; As- sistant House President of Delta Delta Delta, Gamma Alpha Chi, FEA, NEA, Kappa Alpha Sweetheart Court. COPPS, MICHAEL CONNER, Jacksonville, Florida; Business; Kappa Alpha Order, Wesley Foundation, Senator, University Sing- ers, Collegians, Baseball Team, Baseball District All- Star Teams. CORLISS, JOHN E., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. COWAN, RICHARD A., St. Louis, Missouri; Arts and Sciences. COWART, FRANCES MARTIN, Arlington, Georgia; Social Wel- fare; Rush Chairman of Phi Mu, Social Welfare Club, Choral Union, Circus. COWLE, MARIANNA, Eustis, Florida; Nursing; Tarpon Club, Westminster Fellowship, Student Nurses Association, Ornithology Club. COSTIN, MARTHA LEE, Port St. Joe, Florida; Education; Trea- surer and First Vice President of Alpha Chi Omega, Speakers ' Bureau, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Wesley Founda- tion Council. COX, EMMA JEAN, Hartsville, Florida; Music; University Sing- ers, Opera Guild. CRAIG, T. DWAIN, Muncie, Indiana; Public Administration; American Society of Public Administration.. Counter, J. Cousins, H. Cowan, R. Co wart, F. Cowie, M. Cox, E. Craig, T. 339 Seniors Crawford, G. Crawford, T. Cross, C. Culley, L. Culpepper, K. Cuppett, C. Cushing, S. Dale, D. Dale, J. Dancy, M. Dannelley, L. Darsey, L. Darwick, D. Davis, G. CRAWFORD, GWENDA CARLINE, Bushnell, Florida; Nursing; Baptist Student Union, Student Nurses Association. CRAWFORD, THOMAS M., JR., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and S ciences. CROSS, CONSTANCE ELIZABETH, Mt. Dora, Florida; Educa- tion; FEA, Vice President and Social Chairman of dormitory, Choral Union, State Teacher ' s Scholarship Club, Alpha Phi Ome- ga Sweetheart. CULLEY, LEIGH R., Jacksonville, Florida; Education; Sigma Kapfa, POW WOW Staff, FLAMBEAU Staff, TALLY-HO Staff, Fashion Institute. CULPEPPER, KATHARINE SHAW, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences. CUPPETT, CAROLYN VIRGINIA, Jacksonville, Florida; Educa- tion; President of Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Future Teachers Club, Wesley Foundation. CUSHING, SYLVIA M., Jacksonville, Florida; Education; FTA. DALE, DAVID M., Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Order, Alpha Council, Chief Justice of Men ' s Judi- ciary, Senator, Dorm Housefellow, Vice President of Arnold Air Society, Freshman Football. DALE, JANE ELIZABETH, Miami, Florida; Education; Public Relations Chairman and Historian of Delta Gamma, Sophomore Council, ACE, SFEA, Freshman Flunkies. DANCY, MARTHA OLIVE, Tampa, Florida; Education; Ruge Hall, Womens ' Glee Club, University Singers, Los Picaros, FEA, NEA. DANNELLEY, LARRY JOSEPH, DeFuniak Springs, Florida; Business; Pi Kappa Phi. DARSEY, LEONARD SHEPHERD, Sarasota, Florida; Business; Alpha Phi Omega, Honor Court, Senator, Governor of Magnolia Hall and Outstanding Resident, Wesley Foundation Officer, Cir- cus, Winner of Gil Aldrich Memorial Award. DARWICK, DORIS, Miami, Florida; Education; Women ' s F Club, President of Physical Education Association. DAVIS, GLORIA YVONNE, Atlanta, Georgia; Business; Alpha Gamma Delta, Chairman of Soap Box Derby, Scullions, Freshman Flunkies. DAVIS, JANA LEE, Tampa, Florida; Education; Alpha Delta Pi, NEA, FEA, Homecoming Court. DAVIS, RONALD CLIFTON, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Cheerleader. DAVIS, SANDRA ELLEN, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Music; Gam- ma Phi Beta, Tau Beta Sigma, Sophomore Council, Junior Coun- selor, Marching Chiefs, University Symphony, Symphonic Band, Circus Band, Women ' s Glee Club, University Singers, Brass Choir, Freshman Flunkies. DAVIS, THOMAS DONALD, Panama City, Flor ida; Arts and Sciences. DAWSON, JAN L, Waverly, Ohio; Education; Delta Gamma, Sig- ma Alpha Eta, Sophomore Council, Junior Caunselor, Student Party, Women ' s F Club, Recreation Club, Fashion Institute, Church Choir, Circus. DEAN, WESLEY H., Quincr, Florida; Business; Vets Club. DEAR, A. TYRREL 111, Ormond Beach, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Pi Kappa Alpha, Ruge Hall Vestry, Student Interfaith Council. Davis, J. Davis, R. Davis, S. Davis, T. Dawson, J. Dean, W. Dear, A. 340 Class of 1960 DeBrull, R. DeFore, N. DeHart S. Del Vecchio, J. Demmon, T. Derrick, C. Desmond, K. DeWitt, B. Dickson, M. Dixon, J. Dolan, J. Doyle, J. Drum, T. Eddins, J. DeBRULL, ROBERT R., Kinston, North Carolina; Business; Beta Alpha Chi. DeFORE, NANCY ELIZABETH, Clemson, South Carolina; Home Economics; Treasurer of Alpha Xi Delta, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Home Economics Club. DeHART, STANLEY C, Miami, Florida; Education; Phi Eta Sigma, Les Joungelers, Gymnastic a. DEL VECCHIO, JOHN RICHARD, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta, Air Force Drill Team, Vice Presi- dent of Cavaliers. DEMMON, TED D., Syracuse, New York; Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi, Alpha Delta Sigma, FLAMBEAU Advertising Staff, Smoke Signals Advertising Staff, Student Board of Publications. DERRICK, CECILY SUSAN, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; Gamma Phi Beta, Secretary-Treasurer of Pi Omega Pi, Gymkana, Theater Dance. DESMOND, KATHRYN MARGARET, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Home Economics; Social Chairman of Kappa Alpha Theta, Garnet Key, Mortified, Sophomore Council, Speakers ' Bureau, President of Fashion Incorporated, Social Chairman of Senior Class, Co- chairman and Chairman of Circus Weekend, ISSC, Homecoming Court, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. DeWITT, BERNARD H., Detroit, Michigan; Arts and Sciences; Commarid Pilot of Air Force, America Meterological Society. DICKSON, MAUREEN RUTH, Miami, Florida; Education; Presi- dent of Alpha Xi Delta, President of Sigma Tau Delta, Speakers ' Bureau, Dramatic Productions. DIXON, JEAN ANNE, Fernandina Beach, Florida; Education. DOLAN, JOHN EDWARD, Havana, Florida; Business. DOYLE, JAMIE LAURA, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta, Phi Alpha Theta. DRUM, TED ERVIN, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Business; Kappa Alpha Order, Treasurer of Scabbard and Blade, Advanced ROTC, Insurance and Real Estate Society. EDDINS, JOHN F., Panama City, Florida; Business; Beta Alpha Chi. EDDY, SUNSHINE, Jacksonville, Florida; Home Economics; Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Social Chairman and Pres- ident of Florida Hall, Circus, Home Economics Club, Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart. EDGAR PAULA RUTH, Lakeland, Florida; Education; Social Chairman and Panhellenic Representative of Pi Beta Phi, Ep- silon Chi, ACEI, FEA, Freshman Flunkies, Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega. EDWARDS, MARY LOUISE, Bradenton, Florida; Arts and Scienc- es; Assistant Treasurer of Kappa Delta Sorority, Garnet Key, Mortified, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Senate, Judi- ciary Pro. Tem., Vice-President of Bryan Hall, Vice-President of Gilchrist Hall, Secretary of Wesley Foundation, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. EDWARDS, SUZANNE ELIZABETH, Jacksonville, Florida; Edu- cation; Alpha Delta Pi, NEA, FEA. EIDE, PAUL E., St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences. ELLIOTT, CAROLE JEAN, Monroe, North Carolina; Home Eco- nomics; Gamma Alpha Chi, Home Economics Club, Fashion Inc. ELLIS, MARY CAROLYN, ' Ft. Myers, Florida; Education. Eddy, S. Edgar, P. Edwards, M. Edwards, S. Eide, P. Elliott, C. Ellis, M. 341 Seniors " SI Elmore, W. EWery, M. Engen, B. Eubanks, J. Evan . G. Evans, T. Evers, A. 1 ff| J Fappiano, B. Paris, J. Feagles, C. Fehlbetg, S. Ferguson, P. Fernandez B. Fernandez, I. ELMORE, WILLIAM JEYOME, Greer, South Carolina; Arts and Sciences. ELVERY, MARTHA ANNE, Limona, Florida; Education; Phi Mu, Junior Counselor, Tarpon Club. ENGERT, BEVERLY FAYE, Cantonment, Florida; Education; Secretary and Vice President of Scholarship Cl b, SFEA. EUBANKS, JOHN RICHARD, Panama City, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi. EVANS, GERALD KENT, Jacksonville, Florida; Business. EVANS, THOMAS DANIEL, JR., Fort Pierce, Florida; Business; Delta Tau Delta. EVERS, ALDENE RUTH, Fort Pierce, Florida; Home Econo- mics Club, Fashion Institute, Wesley Players. FAPPIANO, BARBARA JANE, Miami, Florida; Arts and Scienc- es; Newman Club. FARES, JOSEPH P., JR., Freedom, Pennsylvania; Business; Vice President of Alpha Kappa Psi, President of Newman Club, Historian of Vets Club, Vice President of Independent Intramu- rals Board. FEAG LES, CHERYL LEE, AnnaMaria, Florida; Home Economics. FEHLBERG, SUSAN CAROL, Lakeland, Florida; Home Econo- mics; Recording Secretary of Delta Delta Delta, Reporter of Gam- ma Alpha Chi, Junior Counselor, Secretary of Fashion Incorpor- ated, Secretary of Student Fashion Institute, Home Economics Club. FERGUSON, PATRICIA JEAN, San Francisco, California; Arts and Sciences; Vice President of Alpha Phi, Marching Chiefs, Circus, Homecoming Court, Inter Fraternity Council Court, Miss F.S.U. Court. FERNANDEZ, BETTY JOYCE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Educa- tion; Rush Chairman and Song Leader of Kappa Alpha Theta, Undersecretary of Elections, Epsilon Chi, NEA, FEA, Freshman Flunkies, Church Key Sweetheart. FERNANDEZ, IRENE YOLANDA, Tampa, Florida; Education; Los Picaros, NEA, FEA, Newman Club. FERQUERON, MARGARET E., St. Petersburg, Florida; Educa- tion; NEA. FIELDS, EDGAR THOMAS, Lakewood, New Jersey; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, Bakers Club, President of Vets Club, Newman Club. FINCHUM, PHYLLIS ANN, Daytona Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Fashion Institute. FISHER, CHRISTINE A. E., Daytona Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta Delta, Garnet Key, Gamma Alpha Chi, SMOKE SIGNALS Editor. FISHER, FRANCES EVELYN, Avon Park, Florida; Arts and Sciences. FLESHER, MOLLY, West Palm Beach, Florida; Education; Mor- tar Board, Garnet Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Vice President of Bryan Hall, President of Dorman Hall, President of House Presidents Council, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. FOLSOM, PERMELIA ANNE, Madison, Florida; Education; Rush Chairman and Secretary of Zeta Tau Alpha, President of Sigma Alpha Iota, Women ' s F Club, Woman ' s Glee Club. Ferqueron, M. Fields, E. Finchum, P. Fisher, C. Fisher, F. Flesher, M. Folsom, P. 342 Class of I960 Foltz. C. Fordham, G. Fox, J. Fox, S. Fraleigb, N. Fraser. A. Ftaset, M. Ffaser, N. French, L. Fretwell, S. Garcia, L. Garcia, S. Garrett, M. Gartman, C. FOLTZ, CAROL LOUISE, Orlando, Florida; Nursing; Sophomore Council, SNA. FORDHAM, GEORGE EDWARD, St. Petersburg, Florida; Busi- ness; Pi Kappa Phi, ROTC. FOX, JAMES LEE, Sanford, Florida; Business; Alpha Tau Ome- ga, Vets Club, Scullions Club. FOX, STEWART BELL, JR., Tallahassee, Florida; Public Administration. FRALEIGH, NANCY LOU, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; Kappa Delta. FRASER, ANDREW W., Cristobal, Canal Zone; Business; Persh- ing Rifles. FRASER, MAJORIE KATHLEEN, Lake City, Florida; Education; Rush Chairman of Alpha Phi, FLAMBEAU Staff, Freshman Flun- kies, Junior Counselor, Chaplain of Dorm, Hospitality Chairman of Westminster Fellowship, Circus. FRASER, NANCY JANE, Delray Beach, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Pledge Trainer and Vice President of Alpha Xi Delta; Vice President of Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Junior Counselor, President of Broward Hall, Sophomore Council, President of Inter-dorm President ' s Council, Wesley Foundation Council, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. FRENCH, LYNN ISABELLE, Dallas, Texas; Arts and Sciences; President of Alpha Phi, CACTUS Staff, Canterbury Club. FRETWELL, SHELDON EDWARD, JR., Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Secretary and Treasurer of Phi Kappa Tau, FTA, State Teachers ' Scholarship Club, Debate Team, Speakers ' Bureau, Winner of F.S.U. 1 1th Annual Extempore Speech Contest. GARCIA, LORETTA H., Tampa, Florida; Education; FEA, NEA, Home Economics Club. GARCIA, SANDRA MARIE, Tampa, Florida; Home Economics; FEA, NEA, Home Economics Club. GARRETT, MARVIN ALVIN, Tampa, Florida; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Kappa P si, Baker ' s Club. GARTMAN, CAROL YVONNE, Panama City, Florida; Business; Secretary of Beta Alpha Chi, Treasurer of Phi Chi Theta, Vice President of South Gewthorn Hall, Baptist Student Union Execu- tive Council. GEER, ADA ALICE, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. GENS, HAROLD F., JR., St. Petersburg, Florida; Public Ad- ministration. GEORGE, DORIS ANN, Morrison, Florida; Home Economics; FEA, NEA, Child Development Institute, Home Economics Club... GERHARD, MARVIN WILBUR, Dunedin, Florida; Education; Steward of Pi Kappa Alpha, NEA, FEA, National Council of Social Studies. GETZEN, MARY JANE, Orlando, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta. GIBSON, PAUL E., Jacksonville, Florida; Business; Alpha Kap- Pa Psi, Choral Union, Vets Club. GIELLA, MARY GRACE PAULINE, Dade City, Florida; Educa- tion; Junior Counselor, TALLY-HO Staff, FTA, Math Club. Geer, A. Gens, H. George, D. Gerhard, M. Getzen, M. Gibson, P. Giella, M. 343 Seniors 1 r Gilbert, S. Gilburts, G. Gillham, F. Gillis, J. Gipson, P. Gladding, M. Glass, G. Gocke, P. Godfrey, M. Godin, D. Gonzalez, H. Goodwin, E. Goodwin, N. Gordy, M. GILBERT, SANDRA SUE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Nursing; Bap- tist Student Union, Student Nurses Association. GILBURTS, GERALDINE ANN, Alpena, Michigan; Education; Dormitory President, Circus. GILLHAM, FRANCES MONTY, Atlanta, Georgia; Home Econo- mics; Pi Beta Phi, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Chairman of Wo- men ' s Judiciary, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Vice President of Jennie Murphree Hall, Student Party Officer, TALLY HO Staff, Westminster Fellowship, Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges. GILLIS, JOHN ANDREW, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences. , GIPSON, PATRICIA WATKINS, St. Cloud, Florida; Education; Omicron Nu, FEA, NEA. GLADDING, MARGERY DALEY, DeLand, Florida; Arts and Sciences; President and Panhellenic Representative of Delta Gamma, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Sig- ma Alpha President, Panhellenic Honor Court Chairman, Sopho- more Council, Junior Counselor. GLASS, GERALDINE K., South Bend, Indiana; Nursing. GOCKE, PAUL F., JR., Daytona Beach, Florida; Business, Kappa Sigma. GODFREY, MARJORIE NAN, Chipley, Florida; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha Panhellenic Representative and House President; Ep- silon Chi, ACE. GODIN, DIANE ELIZABETH, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences; FLAMBEAU Staff, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. GONZALEZ, HUGH LAMBERT, Pensacola, Florida; Education. GOODWIN, EFFIE ZIPPERER, Bradenton, Florida; Home Eco- nomics; FEA, NEA. GOODWIN, NANCY L., Pensacola, Florida; Education. GORDY, MARCIA ANN, Columbus, Georgia; Social Welfare; Secretary of Phi Mu, Baptist Student Union, Choral Union, Social Welfare Club. GOSSMAN, JANE MARIE, Homestead, Florida; Education; FEA. GRADY, JOHN PATRICK, Tampa, Florida; Business. GRAHAM, VIRGINIA JOYCE, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; Panhellenic Representative of Kappa Delta, Gamma Alpha Chi. M IL Gossman, J. Grady, J. Graham, V. Grant, A. Great, R. Green, C. Gregory, T. 344 WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES: Nat Hobbs, Kay Hafford, Jackie Soud, Sally Highnam, Julie Ingram, Nancy Jones. GRANT, AUDREY MAE, Fort Meade, Florida; Education; Alpha Xi Delta, NATM, Speakers ' Bureau, Math Teachers ' Club, Model- ing Squad. GREAR, ROBERT SHANE, JR., St. Petersburg, Florida; Busi- ness; Alpha Kappa P si. Sciences; Rush Chairman of Sigma Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Chief Justice of the Honor Court, Sargeant-at- Arms of Gold Key, Men ' s Judiciary, Honor Court, Treasurer of Alpha Council, Pres- ident of Sabre Air Command, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. GREEN, CYNTHIA, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi. GRIZZARD, CLAUDE H., Atlanta, Georgia; Business; Pictured in Hall of Fame. GREGORY, THOMAS HARLAN, St. Petersburg, Florida; Busi- ness; Historian of Phi Delta Theta, Speakers ' Bureau, Wesley Foundation, Associate Member of American Accounting Associa- tion. GROGAN, OWEN ROSS, Memphis, Tennessee; Arts and Sciences; Major in the United States Army. GRIESER, ELAINE M., Titusville, Florida; Nursing; Zeta Tau Alpha. GRIFFIN, CAROLYN COMMYNS, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences; President of Alpha Gamma Delta, President ' s Cabinet, Secretary of Interior, Chairman of the Student Union Committee. GROOVER, MARY ELIZABETH, Atlanta, Georgia; Home Eco- nomics; First Vice President and Pledgfe Trainer of Delta Zeta, Jvmior Counselor, Wesley Players, Home Economics Club, Wo- men ' s Glee Club. GRIFFIN, WAYLON D., Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Bap- tist Student Union. GRIMSLEY, JOHN GALL, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and GROSS, NANCY MARIE, Bradenton, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Courtesy Chairman and Song Leader of Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta Pi, President of Phi Alpha Theta, Summer Judiciary, Sophomore Council, Wesley Foundation, Wesley Players, Secre- tary of University Singers. Gtieser, E. Gtiffin, C. Griffin. W. Grimsley, J. Giogan, O. GtDOTer, M. Gross, N. 345 Seniors Gross, P. Gnibbs, M. Guetta, M. Guice, M. Hall, K. Halliwell, H. Hambright Hamilton, H. Hamlet, B. Hancock, G. Hancock, J. Hansen, J. Hanshaw, L. Hanson, B. GROSS, PEGGY ANN, Clearwater, Florida; Business; Social Chairman of Delta Gamma, ISSC, Summer Judiciary, FTA, FBLA, Fashion Institute. GRUBBS, MARY HILL, Columbus, Georgia; Home Economics; Treasurer and Registrar of Alpha Delta Pi, Gamma Alpha Chi, Home Economics Club, Fashion Incorporated. GUERRA, MICHAEL ALBERT, Sarasota, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta, Athletic Fraternity, Cavaliers, Los Picaros, Geology Club, Track Team, Freshman Gymnastics Team, Air Force ROTC Drill Team. GUICE, MARY ANN, Jackson, Mississippi; Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma, Pi Delta Phi, Gamma Alpha Chi, Chairman of the Rally Committee. HAIR, MATTOX S., Li?e Oak, Florida; Public Administration; Pictured in Hall of Fame. HALL, KAY NEWTON, Tampa, Florida; Education; Vice Presi- dent of Kappa Delta, Secretary of Garnet Key, Grand Czar of Mortified, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class Treasurers, An- gel Flight, Vice President of the Wesley Foundation, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. HALLIWELL, HARRY A., Jamestown, Tennessee; Arts and Sciences. HAMBRIGHT, MARY CATHERINE, Grover, North Carolina; Business; Kappa Delta, Pi Omega Pi, Phi Chi Theta, NEA, FEA. HAMILTON, HILDA, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences. HAMLET, BARBARA JOAN, Miami, Florida; Home Economics; Chi Omega, Fashion Institute. HANCOCK, GERALDINE HOPE, Opa-locka, Florida; Education; Activities Chairman of Gamma Phi Beta, Junior Counselor, Wes- ley Foundation, National Secretary-Treasurer of Wesley Players, Wesley Foundation Council. HANCOCK, JONNYE ANNETTE, Sarasota, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Sophomore Council, Vice President of Florida Hall, Sum- mer School President of Florida Hall, Baptist Student Union Devotional Chairman. HANSEN, JOHN MAGNUS, Miami, Florida; Business; Phi Kappa Tau. HANSHAW, LINDA ANN, Savannah, Georgia; Education; Pi Beta Phi. HANSON, BARBARA ELAINE, Miami Springs, Florida; Nursing; Newman Club, Student Nurses Association, Navy Nurse Corps Candidate Porgram. HARBOURT, STANLEY W., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. HARRIS, LYNETTE, ELAINE, Lake Wales, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi, Junior Counselor, Gamma Delta, Interfaith Council. HARRISON, BARBARA ANN, Lake Wales, Florida; Education; Gamma Phi Beta, FEA, Wesley Foundation, Women ' s Glee Club. HARRISON, RON, Orlando, Florida; Business; Pledge Trainer of Pi Kappa Alpha, IFC, Scabbard and Blade, Track Team Co- Captain. HART, KARL V., Mayo, Florida; Arts and Sciences. HASLINGER, JACQUELIN ALICE, Sebring, Florida; Education; Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. Hafbourt, S. Hanis, L. Harrison, B. Harrison, R. Hart, K. Hanley, C. Haslinger, J. 346 Class of i960 Hawkins, J. Henry, D. Hensley, M. Hickman, B. Highnam, S. HUl, M. Hinote, L. Hinton, G. Hobbs, N. Hobbs, W. Hobkirk, F. Hodges, F. Hodges, M. Hog an, D. HATTON, DOTTIE, Orlando, Florida; Education; Pictured in Hall of Fame. HAWKINS, JACQUELINE NADINE, Pensacola, Florida; Educa- tion; FEA, NEA, AAHPER, FAHPER, PEA. HENRY, DONALD EUGENE, Lakeland, Florida; Education; Phi Kappa Tau, Majores Club. HENSLEY, MARIAN JANE, Warner Robins, Georgia; Business; Alpha Phi, Pi Omega Pi, Phi Chi Theta. HICKMAN, BERA BARNETT, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta. HIGHNAM, SALLY GAY, Lakeland, Florida; Education; Alpha Xi Delta, Garnet Key, Mortified, President ' s Cabinet, Secretary of Elections, Junior Counselor, Vice President of Broward Hall, Senator, Sophomore Council, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. HILL, MALCOLM LEE, Gainesville, Florida; Social Welfare; Sigma Phi Epsilon. HINOTE, LLOYD, Milton, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa P si. HINTON, GLEN, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sig- ma Delta Pi. HOBBS, NATALIE HALSTEAD, Sarasota, Florida; Education; Activities Chairman and Entertainment Chairman of Kappa Alpha Theta, Garnet Key, Chairman of the Board of Publications, Mor- tified, Junior Counselor, Managing Editor and Greeks Editor of the TALLY HO, Angel Flight, Secretary of Tarpon Club, Secre- tary and Vi ' ce President of Ruge Hall Vestry, Women ' s F Club, Gymk ana Court, Gymnastica, Mis F.S.U., Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. HOBBS, WAYNE C, Eustis, Florida; Music; Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Mu Alpha, Pi Kappa Lambda, Phi Eta Sigma, University Singers. HOBKIRK, FRANCES LOUISE, Lake Wales, Florida; Nursing; Ahechicerus. HODGES, FRED H., Bainbridge, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Order. HODGES, MARY JANE, Plant City, Florida; Home Economics; Women ' s F Club, 4-H Club, Home Economics Club, Baptist Stu- dent Union. HOGAN, DILMUS D., Clearwater, Florida; Business. HOHNE, CHARLES JERALD, St. Augustine, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Varsity Basketball and Baseball. HOLLAND, DOROTHY S., Jacksonville, Florida; Education; Garnet Key, Mortified, President, Vice President, and Secretary of Women ' s F Club, Junior Counselor, Vice President of Broward Hall, President of North Cawthon Hall, Sophomore Council, PEA. HOLLINS, PATRICIA ANN, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Gamma Delta, Circus, Marching Chiefs, Con- cert Band. HOLMES, CHARLES S., Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Delta Sigma Pi, Scullions, Vets Club. HORN, COLETTE ELIZABETH, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Nursing; Graduate Nurses Club. HORSLEY, BEVERLY JEAN, Orlando, Florida; Home Economics; Circus, Home Economics Club. HOSTETTER, JOHN D., Winter Park, Florida; Arts and Sciences. Hohne, C. HoUand, D. Hollins, P. Holmes, C. Horn, C. Horsley, B. Hostetter, J. 347 Seniors Howard, E. Howard, J. Howard, S. Huber, C. Hudson, S. Huey, M. Hughes, E. Hughes, J. Huszty, Y. Hyers, E. Ikeler, G. Ingalls, E. Ingram, J. Jackson, G. HOWARD, ESEL MARIE, Bartow, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Junior Counselor. HOWARD, JACQUELINE MAE, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Music; Alpha Chi Omega, Tau Beta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Iota, Marching Chiefs, University Symphony, Symphonic Band. HOWARD, SHARON KATHLEEN, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Phi Chi Theta, F.S.U. Entertainers, Les Jongleurs. HUBER, CAROL DL NE, Lake Worth, Florida; Education. HUDSON, SYLVIA DIANE, Haines City, Florida; Business; Dis- ciples Student Fellowship. HUEY, MARTHA JO, Miami, Florida; Library School, SFEA, Soltas. HUFFORD, KATHLEEN FRANCES ROWENA, Tampa, Florida; Education; Pictured in Hall of Fame. HUGHES, ELEANOR, Columbus, Georgia; Social Welfare; Alpha Delta Pi, Circus. HUGHES, JOHN CLARK, Ft. Myers, Florida; Arts and Sciences, Alpha Phi Omega, Westminster Fellowship. HUSZTY, YOLANDA MARL NNE, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Edu- cation; Alpha Xi Delta, Senator, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Vice President of the Mathematics Teacher ' s Club. HYERS, ELAINE ELEANOR, Brunswick, Georgia; Home Eco- nomics; Lyre Editor of Alpha Chi Omega, POW WOW Staff, Metho- dist Youth Fellowship, Home Economics Club, Fashion Institute. IKELER, GEORGE RAYMOND, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. INGALLS, ELIZABETH ALICE, Ocala, Florida; Educatio ' n; Delta Gamma; FEA, Art Club. INGRAM, JULIE ANN, Winter Park, Florida; Social Welfare; President of Kappa Alpha Theta, Mortified, Senior Women ' s Judi- ciary, Junior Counselor, Vice President of Bryan Hall, Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council, Who ' s Who in American Universi- ties and Colleges. JACKSON, GAY A., Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sophomore Council, FLAMBEAU Staff, Westminster Fellowship, Student Nurses Association, Circus. JACKSON, MERRY JUNE, Clearwater Beach, Florida; Educa- tion; Alpha Chi Omega, FTA, NEA, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Westminster Fellowship. JACOB, JEAN LOUISE, Sarasota, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega, Christian Science Organization. JACOVES, JACQUELINE HELEN, North Miami, Florida; Edu- cation. JANZ, MARGARET L., Jacksonville, Florida; Education; FTA. JOHNSON, ARIE LUCILLE, Lake Worth, Florida; Education; Chaplain of Alfiia Xi Delta, Junior Counselor, CEC, Secretary and Treasurer of Christian Science Organization, Circus, Home- coming Queen, Military Ball Court, Sweetheart of Jennie Murph- ree, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. JOHNSON, BARBARA JEAN, Bradenton, Florida; Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, MENC, Orchestra, Women ' s Glee Club. JOHNSON, CLIFTON AVERETTE, Birmingham, Alabama; Arts and Sciences. JOHNSON, DELPHIA NAE, Ocala, Florida; Education; Garnet Key, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, President of Gil- Jackson, M. Jacob, J. Jacoves, J. Janz, M. Johnson, A. Johnson, B. Johnson, C. 348 Class of I960 Johnson, D. Johnson, E. Johnson, I. Johnson, J. Johnson, M. Johnson, N. Jones, C. Jones, F. D. Jones, F. L. Jones, N. Jones, O. Jones, W. Jopiing, F. Jordan, M. christ Hall, NEA, FEA, Secretary of Student Interfaith Council, Secretary, President, Regional Publicity Chairman, Regional Secretary, and Regional President of Gamma Delta, Home Eco- nomics Club. JOHNSON, EMILY FLETCHER, Chattahoochee, Florida; Edu- cation; Chi Oniega, Pi Omega Pi, FEA. JOHNSON, ISABEL JANE, Jasper, Florida; Education; Phi Mu, Sophomore Council, Baptist Student Union Council, Interfaith Council, Angel Flight. JOHNSON, JIMMIE LUCINDA, Quincy, Florida; Nursing; Stu- Dent Nurse ' s Association. JOHNSON, MARTHA ANN, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, American Chemical Society. JOHNSON, N. MERLINE, Jacksonville, Florida; Education; Al- pha Xi Delta, Sophomore Council, Women ' s F Club, Physical Education Association, AAHPER, FAHPER, Physical Education Majors Advisory Council. JONES, CARLA ELAINE, Orlando, Florida; Education; Record- ing Secretary of Delta Zeta, FEA, Symphonic Band, Concert Band. JONES, FLOY DAGMAR, Jacksonville, Florida; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. JONES, FRANKLIN LEWIS, Thomasville, Georgia; Education; Marching Chiefs, Symphonic Band, Brass Choir. JONES, NANCY RAE, Tampa, Florida; Education; Rush Chair- man of Alpha Chi Omega, Garnet Key, Mortified, Honor Court, Juniof Counselor, Social Chairman of Reynolds Hall, Wesley Foundation, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. TONES, OTIS PAUL, Atlantic Beach, Florida; Business; Scul- lions, Circle K Club. JONES, WILLIAM ROY, JR., Tallahassee, Florida; Business. JOPLING, FRANCES EMILY, Jacksonville, Florida; Business; Recording Secretary, Panhellenic Representative, and Assistant Treasurer of Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Ome- ga Pi. JORDAN, MADONNA, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; SEA. KALETA, VICTOR JOHN, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi Omega, University Recreation Association. KANE, KAREN EVELYN, Attapulgus, Georgia; Home Economics; Chi Omega, Fashion Institute, Home Economics Club. KAPNIAS, ATHENA K., Jacksonville, Florida; Education; Phi Mu, NEA, TALLY HO Staff, Student Nurses Club. KEELS, CHARLES MELTON, Sarasota, Florida; Business; Kap- pa Alpha Order, Insurance and Real Estate Club. KEEN, TED, Atlanta, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Pictured in Hall of Fame. KEENEY, GERALD WALTER, Orlando, Florida; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha, Cavaliers, Intramurals Board, Vets Club. KENNEDY, SHEILA NANETTE, Clearwater, Florida; Education; Chaplain, Recording Secretary, and Scholarship Chairman of Delta Zeta, Social Chairman of Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Vice President of Jennie Mutphree Hall, Secretary of Student Welfare, Student Body President ' s Cabinet, Campus Chest Chairman, Angel Flight, Interfaith Council, Chairman of the University Chaplain ' s Committee, President and Vice Presi- dent of Women ' s Glee Club, Homecoming Court. KENT, TWYLA SUE, Gulfport, Florida; Business; Phi Chi Theta, Junior Counselor, Wesley Foundation Council, Choral Union, Social Work Club. Kaleta, V. Kane, K. Kapnias, A. Keels. C. Keeney, G. Kennedy, S. Kent, T. 349 Seniors Kefley, R. Kickllter, J. Kietet, R. Kikta, J. Kimball, S. King, L. King, M. Kirby, A. Kirkl«nd, V. Klein, S. Knight, J. Knight, S. Knowles, M. Kopetski, B. KERLEY, ROBERT D., Miami, Florida; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, leakers ' Bureau, Arnold Air Society, Seminole Flyers. pa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Nu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Home Economics Club. KICKLITER, JOYCE ANNE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; Gamma Phi Beta, FEA, NEA. KIESER, ROBERT FREDERICK, Orlando, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi Omega. KIKTA, JANYCE HOBKIRK, Lake Wales, Florida; Education; Alpha Chi Omega, FEA, Mathematics Teacher ' s Club. KIRKLAND, VIRGINIA M., Jacksonville, Florida; Education. KLEIN, SUSAN MARIE, Hollywood, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Student Nurse ' s Association. KNIGHT, JAMES EDWARDS, P.ensacola, Florida; Business; Alpha Tau Omega, FLAMBEAU Photographic Editor, SMOKE SIGNALS Photographer. KIMBALL, SARA DeBORAH, Jacksonville, Florida; Home Eco- nomics; Panhellenic Representative of Alpha Gamma Delta, Home Economics Club. KNIGHT, SUSAN ANN, Coral Gables, Florida; Education; Social Chairman of Delta Gamma, Gamma Alpha Chi, Collegiate Party, POW WOW Staff, Gymkana Staff. KING, LILI LOUISE, Bascom, Florida; Education; FEA, Mathe- matics Teacher ' s Club. KNOWLES, MARILYN GENE, Fort Pierce, Florida; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, ACE, FEA, NEA, Epsilon Chi. KING, MICHAEL WALLACE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; FEA, NEA. KIRBY, AUDREY NADINE, Live Oak, Florida; Education; Kap- KOPERSKI, BARBARA ANN, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma. LaGRANGE, LYNN LOUISE, Franklin, Indiana; Arts and Scien- ces; Pi Beta Phi, TALLY HO Beauty Editor, Sophomore Council, LaGrange, L. Lalracy, C. LanfccA. C. Lambrecht, C. Lambut, S. Lanford, E. Lapicola, M. 350 WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES: Sid Stubbs, Mary Louise Edwards, Nancy Eraser, Ann Williams, Ann Wear, Ralph Russell. Village Vamps, Student Assistant at the Westminster House, Social Chairman of Gymnastica, Gymkana Court, Homecoming Queen, Miss F.S.U., Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. LAIRSEY, CHARLES LEROY, Canal Point, Florida; Business; Pi Kappa Phi. pha Lambda Delta, Sigma Tau Delta, Student Interfaith Council, State Teaching Scholarship, SEA. LARIMORE, GRANVILLE LEE, Albany , New York; Arts and Sciences; Phi Eta Sigma, President of Student Affiliates of Am- erican Chemical Society. LAMBERT, CHARLES ANDREW, Atmore, Alabama; Business; Kappa Sigma, Alpha Delta Sigma, Chorale. LaVIGNE, HARRY E., Orlando, Florida; Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Church Key. LAMBRECHT, CAROL KAY, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Tau Beta Sigma, Epsilon Chi, ACE, NEA, Marching Chiefs, Concert Band. LAMBUR, SANDRA JANE, West Palm Beach, Florida; Social Welfare; First and Second Vice President of Sigma Kappa, Soph- omore Council, Women ' s F Club, Senator, Speakers ' Bureau , Publicity Chairman of URA, Social Chairman of Social Welfare Club. LANFORD, ERNEST E., Shellman, Georgia; Business; Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Council, Varsity Baseball. LAPICOLA, MARILYN MARTIN, Miami, Florida; Education; Al- LAYTON, O. ANNE, Perry, Florida; Education; NEA, Baptist Student Union. LEABO, J. PHILIP, Houston, Texas; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha. LEAP, CAROLE KING, Tallana oee, Florida; Nursing; Alpha Omicron Pi, Treasurer of the Student Nurse ' s Association. LEDBETTER, MARSHALL ROBIN, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Publicity Director of Baptist Student Union, Concert Chorus. LEHAN, JUDITH MARY, Maitland, Florida; Social Welfare; Sig- ma Kappa, Vice President of Social Work Club, Choral Union. Larimote, G. Lavigne, H. Layton, O. Leabo, J. Leap, C. Ledbettef, M. Lfth»h, J. 351 Seniors LeHatdy, F. Lewis, C. J. Lewis, C. D. Lewis, F. Lewis, M. Lieb, P. Lineback, R. Logan, R. Lomaistta, E. Long, E. Long, W. Longstteth, ). Lopez, W. Loveland, P. LeHARDY, FRANK A., JR., Port St. Joe, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Order, Cavaliers. LEWIS, CAROL JO, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma, Gamma Alpha Chi, Wesley Foundation, Gymkana. LEWIS, C. DEAN, Live Oak, Florida; Public Administration. LEWIS, FEDORA BELLE, Bradenton, Florida; Music; Cortes- ponding Secretary and First Vice President of Alpha Gamma Del- ta, Garnet Key, Mortified, Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice President and President of Tau Beta Sigma, Symphonic Band, Marching Chiefs, Symphony Orchestra, Opera Orchestra, Woodwind Quintet, Student Conductor of Symphonic Band, Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart Court. LEWIS, MARGARET REED, Panama City, Florida; Education; Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer of Delta Delta Delta, EST A, Fashion Institute. LIEB, PATSY ANN, Lakelatid, Florida; Nursing; Tau Beta Sig- ma, Student Nurse ' s Association, Marching Chiefs, Concert Band, University Symphony, Circus Band. LINEBACK, ROBERT M., Panama City, Florida; Social Welfare; Kappa Sigma, Circus. LOGAN, ROBERTA JEAN, Daytona Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences. LOMAISTRO, EVELYN, Miami, Florida; Business; President and Vice President of Alpha Omicron Pi, Garnet Key, Mortified, Phi Chi Theta, Senator, Gamma Alpha Chi, Promotion Manager of TALLY HO, Sophomore Council, Vice President of Jennie Mur- phree. LONG, EDWARD WAYNE, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Kappa Alpha Order, Men ' s Glee Club, Varsity Baseball. LONG, WILDA HOUSTON, Palatka, Florida; Education; Alpha Lambda Delta, MENC, Bach Singers, University Singers, Choral Union. LONGSTRETH, JAMES WENDELL, Bradenton, Florida; Educa- tion; Phi Epsilon Kappa, Physical Education Majors ' Club. LOPEZ, WALTER MICHAEL, JR., Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Scabbard and Blade. LOVELAND, PATRICIA STEWART, Miami, Florida; Nursing; B tist Student Union, Student Nurse ' s Association. LOVELL, ADRIAN D., Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences. LUCAS, RUTH DOLORES, Tavares, Florida; Nursing; Student Nurse ' s Association. LUCAS, SAMUEL THOMAS, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Phi, Treasurer of Circle K Club, President of Spanish Club. LUPO, ALICE LOUISE, Orlando, Florida; Home Economics; Gamma Phi Beta, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Wesley Foundation, Home Economics. Club. MACFARLAN, LUCY PATRICIA Miami, Florida; Library School. MAGEE, JAMES MILNE, Tampa, Florida; Business; Warden, Ste- ward, and Scholarship Chairman of Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Phi Omega. MAHANNAH, MARIAN L., Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; s s ss Loveil, A. Lucas, R. Lucas, S. Lupo, A. MacFarlan, L. Magee, J. Mahannah, M. 352 Class of I960 Mann, J. Mann, M. Mann, T. Marble, K. Matchesseau, M. Marks, T. Marrs, R. Marshall, C. Marshek, G. Martin, G. Martin, M. Martino, J. Martucci, G. Mason, B. Alpha Gamma Delta, Fashion Institute. MANN, JACK TAY, Winter Park, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Pi, Pershing Rifles. MANN, MORITA J., Winter Haven, Florida; Education; Phi Mu, NEA. MANN, THOMAS O., Jacksonville, Florida; Business; Sigma Chi, Insurance Club. MARBLE, KENNETH WILLIAM, St. Petersburg, Florida; Business. MARCHESSEAU, MARY ANN, Atlanta, Georgia; Social Welfare; Phi Mu, Social Work Club, Early Childhood Education Associa- tion. MARKS, THOMAS CLARK, JR., Tampa, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Kappa Alpha Order, Pi Sigma Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, National Society of Pershing Rifles. MARRS, ROBERT HENRY, JR., Largo, Florida; Education. MARSHALL, CLAUDE DURFEE, Eustis, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi, Chairman of Men ' s Judiciary. MARSHEK, GLEN OTTO, Pensacola, Florida; Business. MARTIN, GERALD EDWARD, DeLand, Florida; Business; Ad- vanced Air Force ROTC. MARTIN, MARIE LUCILLE, Tallahassee, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Alpha Omicron Pi, Theatre Dance, Gymkana, Entertainment Club MARTINO, JOAN PATRICIA, Merritt Island, Florida; Education; Alpha Chi Omega. MARTUCCI, GLORIA MARTHA, New York City, New York; Edu- cation; FEA, NEA, Scholarship Holder ' s Club, Newman Club, Political Science Club. MASON, BETSYRENE TUDI, Clearwater, Florida; Education; House President of Kappa Alpha Theta, Undersecretary of State, Off-Campus Court, Sophomore Council, CEC, NEA, Freshman Flunkies. MASSEY, E. SUE, Tallahassee, Florida; Social Welfare; Vice President of Alpha Chi Omega, Panhellenic President, Judiciary, President of Phi Alpha, Junior Counselor, POW WOW Staff, FLAMBEAU Staff, Wesley Foundation, President of Social Work Club, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. MATHIS, DAVID E., Auburndale, Florida; Education; Alpha Phi Omega, FEA, Scholarship Holder ' s Club. MATHIS, HELEN L., Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Fresh- man Flunkies, Fashion Institute. MATTHEWS, HENRY WARD, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Order, Arnold Air Society. MATTHEWS, SALLY ANN, Pompano Beach, Florida; Education; Treasurer and Historian of Delta Zeta, Treasurer of Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Sophomore Council, Wesley Players. MATYLAS, NANCY CAVERLY, Avon Park, Florida; Education; Gamma Delta, Art Education Club. MAYNARD, ROSALIE, Sebring, Florida; Education; Treasurer of Gamma Phi Beta, Tau Beta Sigma, Marching Chiefs, Symphonic Band, FEA. Massey, E. Mathis, D. Mathis, H. Matthews, H. Matthews, S. Matylas, N. Maynard, R. 353 Seniors McArthur, J. McCarthy, V. McClain, W. McConnell, R. McConnell, S. McCormick, M. McCrocklin, W. McCuskey, E. McDaniel, G. McDougald, D. McDugald, NL McLester, R. McNeil, J. McNeill, H. McARTHUR, J. ANNETTE, Pensacola, Florida; Education; NEA. McCarthy, VINCENT CHARLES, Miami, Florida; Business; Delta Sigma Pi, Newman Club. McCLAIN, WILLIAM MARSHALL, Manchester, Georgia; Educa- tion; Tennis Team. McCONNELL, ray LEO, Abingdon, Virginia; Arts and Sciences. McCONNELL, SPERO gene, Abingdon, Virginia; Education. Circle K Club. McCORMICK, MAUDREY L., Altha, Florida; Education. McCROCKLIN, WILLIAM HARDMAN, Louisville, Kentucky; Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi. McCUSKEY, ELIZABETH LOUISE, Titusville, Florida; Nursing; Vice President of Student Nurse ' s Association, Student Delegate from Florida to the International Council of Nurses. McDANIEL, GLORIA GAIL, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; Secretary of Gymnastica, Gymkana, F.S.U. Entertainers ' Club, Future Teacher ' s Club. McDOUGALD, D. CARLINE, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; Scholarship Chairman, Honor Panel, Program Chairman, Record- ing Secretary, and Historian of Pi Beta Phi, Village Vamps, Sophomore Council, ACEI, FEA, Speakers ' Bureau. McDUGALD, MARILYN JO ANN, Avon Park, Florida; Education; Mathematics Club, FEA, NEA, Freshman Flunkies, Scholarship Holder ' s Club. McINTOSH, RUTH ANNETTE, Pahokee, Florida; Home Econo- mics; Pictured in Hall of Fame. McLESTER, RUTH ELAINE, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Music; Sigma Alpha Iota, University Singers, Women ' s Glee Club. McNEIL, JAMES H., Clearwater, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Pledge Trainer of Lambda Chi Alpha. McNEILL, H. WYATT, Crestview, Florida; Arts and Sciences. McQUESTION, JOHN ROBERT, Miami, Florida; Business; Per- shing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Social Chairman of Magnolia Hall, Alpha Phi Omega, Circus, Varsity Swim Team. McVEY, BARBARA J., Orlando, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Secretary of Gamma Alpha Chi, Junior Counselor, Vice President of North Cawthorn Hall, Sigma Tau Delta, Speakers ' Bureau. MEEBOLD, PHYLLIS J., West Palm Beach, Florida; Social Wel- fare; Delta Gamma. MEIER, ROBERT, Ft. Pierce, Florida; Business; Sigma Chi, Board of Student Publications, TALLY HO Staff. MENDOZA, CARL C, Jacksonville, Florida; Business. McSHEEHAN, MURIEL ANN, Miami, Florida; Education; Sopho- more Council. MENGE, MARION FRANKLIN, JR., Gulf Breeze, Florida; Arts and Sciences. METZ, THOMAS O., Dayton, Ohio; Business; Theta Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Insurance and Real Estate Society, Varsity Swim- ming Team. MICKEY, DOROTHY P., Jacksonville, Florida; Social Welfare; Secretary of Sigma Kappa, Village Vamps, Sophomore Council, McQuestlon, J. 354 McSheehan, M. McVey, B. Meebold, P. Meier, R. Mendoza, C. Menge, M. Class of I960 Metz, T. Mickey, D. Mickler, H. Miller, S. Mills, E. Mills, M. Miner, B. Moloney, V. Monk, L. Moore, J. Moore, Y. Moren, R. Morgan, J. Morgan, R. Secretary and President of Cotillion Club, Freshman Flunkies, Gymkana Court. MICKLER, HELEN KARLENE, Jacksonville, Florida; Social Welfare; Alpha Delta Pi. MILLER, SYLVIA DOROTHY, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Alpha Chi Omega, President and Junior Advisor of Alpha L ' ambda Delta, Student Body President s Cabinet, Secretary of Honor, Student Party Campaign Manager, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor. MILLS, ELLIS WILLARD, Waynesboro, Georgia; Education; Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Kappa Psi. MILLS, MARJORIE MacKAY, Jacksonville, Florida; Education; Secretary of Political Union, Westminster Fellowship. MINER, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, JR., Tallahassee, Florida; Business. MOLONEY, VALERIE J., Lake Worth, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Newman, Club, Bacteriology-Medical Technology Club. MONK, LAWRENCE WILLIAM, Panama City, Florida; Business. MOORE, JOE KEITH, Jacksonville Beach, Florida; Public Ad- ministration. MOORE, YVONNE, Key West, Florida; Social Welfare; Gamma Phi Beta, Junior Counselor. MOREN, ROBERT ALAN, Freeport, Illinois; Education; Rush Chairman and Pledge Trainer of Sigma Chi, President of Senior Hall, Inter-Dorm Council, Alphgf Council, Publicity Chairman of Sophomore Class, Sports Editor of TALLY-HO, Senior Staff of FLAMBEAU, Editor of the Interfraternity Council Newspaper, President of Men ' s Intramural Board, Vice President of Univer- sity Recreation Association. MORGAN, JOHN H., Miami, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, Vets Club. MORGAN, RALPH T., Erie, Pennsylvania; Business; President of Alpha Delta Sigma, Advertisement Manager of FLAMBEAU, Advertisement Manager of SMOKE SIGNALS. MORGAN, SANDRA CARROLL, Tampa, Florida; Education; Sophomore Council. MORRIS, RONALD BEVILLE, Bradenton, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, Vets Club. MORRISON, JAMES LOUIS, Lakeland, Florida; Education; Phi Alpha Theta, President of State Scholarship Club, SFEA, Scab- bard and Blade. MORRISON, SANDRA E., Pensacola, Florida; Education; NEA, FEA. MORTON, DOROTHY LOUISE, Jacksonville, Florida; Treasurer of Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Mu Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Honor Court, Executive Manager of TALLY-HO, Angel Flight, Math Club, Sigma Chi Sweetheart. MORTON, SARAH OLIVIA, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; NEA, FEA, Wesley Players. MOSES, PATRICIA PATTY-LU, Clearwater, Florida; Business; Pi Omega Pi, Phi Chi Theta, NEA, FEA. Morgan, S. Mortis, R. Morrison, J. Morrison, S. Morton, D. Morton, S. Moses, P. 355 Seniors Murphy, P. Murtell, P. Music, J. Music, W. Myers, C. Nathe, P. Neff, C. Nelson, D. Nelson, E. Newsom, G. Newsom, J. Newton, J. Nichols, A. Nichols, S. MURPHY, PATRICIA LEE, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences. MURRELL, PATRICIA CLAIRE, Miami, Florida; Education; FEA, MENC, MTNA, Light Opera Guild, Women ' s Glee Club. NEWSOM, GEORGIA CAROLYN, Tallahassee, Florida; Nursing; Wesley Players, Westminster Fellowship, Student Nurse ' s As- sociation. MUSIC, JANELLEN OSBORN, Miami, Florida; usic; Home Eco- nomics Club, F.S.U. Entertainers. NEWSOM, JANE REID, Orlando, Florida; Education; Historian of Pi Beta Phi, Tarpon Club, Freshman Flunkies. MUSIC, WILLIAM JENNINGS, Tampa, Florida; Business. MYERS, CLYDE V., Birdsboro, Pennsylvania; Arts and Sciences; Major in the United States Air Force. NEWTON, JAMES CURTIS, Panama City, Florida; Business; Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade, Rifle Team, Pershing Rifles. NATHE, PATRICIA ANNE, Dade City, Florida; Education; ACE, FEA, Junior Counselor, Newman Club. NEFF, CAROL JANE, Winter Haven, Florida; Social Welfare. NELSON, DORIS RUTH, Haines City, Florida; Nursing; Baptist Student Union, Secretary of Student Nurse ' s Association. NICHOLS, ALFRED C. Ill, Savannah, Georgia; Business; Se- cretary of Sigma Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gold Key; Secretary of Alpha Delta Sigma; Editor-in-Chief of the TALLY HO; Vestry Member and Senior Warden of the Epsicopal Chapel of the Resur- rection, Ruge Hall; Inter Fraternity Council; Board of Student Publications; Greek Week Committee Chairman; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. NELSON, EDNA GAIL, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; Secre- tary of Alpha Xi Delta, Publicity Chairman of Collegiate Party, Speakers ' Bureau, Les Jongleurs. NICHOLS, SHEILA FRANCES, St. Petersburg, Florida; Educa- Noble, R. Nonnenmachet, H. O ' Brien, J. O ' Brien, T. Oldham, M. O ' Neal, C. Owens, J. 356 WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES: Claude Grizzard, Dottle Hatton, John Grimsley, Kay Hall, Mattox Hair. tion; Sigma Kappa, Senator, Junior Counselor, F lA, Epsilon Chi, Rally Committee. Alpha Epsilon Delta. NOBLE, REMB RANDT WILLIAM, Montgomery, Alabama; Busi- ness; Cavaliers, Golf Team. PADGETT, JOSEPH ROGERS, JR., Clearwater, Florida; Busi- ness; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. NONNENMACHER, HERMANN F., St. Petersburg, Florida; Busi- PARIS, EVELYN RICHARDSON, Palmetto, Florida; Arts and Sciences; FEA, NCTE. O ' BRIEN, JAMES JOSEPH, Minonk, Illinois; Business; Baking Club. O ' BRIEN, THOMAS P., Tampa, Florida; Business; Publicity Chairman, Executive Board, and Social Chairman of Phi Delta Theta. OLDHAM, MARY ANN, Jacksonville, Florida; Education; Sigma Kappa, NEA, FEA, Newman Club. O ' NEAL, CARMEN, Veto Beach, Florida; Education; FTA, Wes- ley Players, Wesley Foundation. OWENS, JAMES ERSKINE, Quincy, Florida; Arts and Sciences; PARKER, ROBERT LAMAR, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. PARKMAN, HAROLD DEAN, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Sigma Alpha, Sabre Flight. PARRISH, GLENN E., Bonifay, Florida; Business. PARSON, JO MARGARET, Belle Glade, Florida; Education; Delta Gamma, Sophomore Council, Women ' s Glee Club, Circus. PARTRIDGE, JOHN NATHANIEL, JR., Orlando, Florida; Busi- ness; President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Student Party Dele- gate of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary of Inter Fraternity Coun- cil. Padgett, J. Paris, E. Parker, R. Parkman, H. Parrish, G. Parsofl, J. Partridge, J. 357 Seniors Pate, M. Patton, B. Paulsen, L. Peck, S. Pegram, J. Pekks, D. Peneski, E. Perkins, R. Perry, C. Perry, J. E. Perry, J. J. Periy, J. A. Petty, N. Phillips, J. C. PATE, M. JOY, Tampa, Florida; Education; Tau Beta Sigma, MENC, Opera, University Symphony, Marching Chiefs, Symphonic Band, Newman Club. PATTON, BARBARA BONNEAU, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Assistant Secretary of Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Alpha Chi, Ruge Hall. PAULSEN, LOIS V., Thomasville, Georgia; Education. PECK, SARAH ELIZABETH, Zephyrhills, Florida; Education; PEA, NEA, Wesley Foundation. PEGRAM, JAMES W., JR., Stuart, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Phi Eta Sigma. PEKKS, DRENA MAE, Jacksonville, Florida; Home Economics; Chaplain of Alpha Chi Omega, Secretary-Treasurer of Disciples Student Fellowship, Home Economics Club. PENESKI, EDWARD STEPHEN, Trenton, New Jersey; Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi, Newman Club, Math Club, Astronomy Club. PERKINS, RAENID CARELLA, Cantonment, Florida; Nursing; FNA. PERRY, CHLOE MILNER, Albany, Georgia; Music; Phi Mu, Pi Kappa Lambda, Women ' s Glee Club. PERRY, JAMES EARL, Quincy, Florida; Education; Historian, Rush Co-chairman, and Secretary of Alpha Tau Omega, Vice President of Inter Fraternity Council, Advanced Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society. PERRY, JAMES JUNIOR, Cantonment, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi. PERRY, JEAN ARLEN, Bradenton, Florida; Home Economics; FEA, Home Economics Club, Collegiate 4-H Club. PETTY, R. MILTON, Jacksonville, Florida; Business; Sigma Chi. PHILLIPS, JACK C, Pensacola, Florida; Business; Delta Sigma Pi, Baptist Student Union. PHILLIPS, JOE COLEMAN, Pensacola, Florida; Business; Del- ta Sigma Pi. PHILLIPS, JOHN CECIL, Camilla, Georgia; Business; Sigma Nu. PIERCE, CHARLES C, Miami, Florida; Business; President of Baptist Student Union. PIPITONE, JOSEPH, Miami, Florida; Business; Newman Club, Vets Club. PITTS, AURELIA FITZPATRICK, Pittsview, Alabama; Music; Kappa Delta, Sigma Alpha Iota, MENC, MTNA, Women ' s Glee PLOCKELMAN, CYNTHIA H., West Palm Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Pi Sigma Alpha, Ruge Hall Vestry, F.S.U. Poli- tical Union, Los Picaros, Women ' s Glee Club. POLITES, BETTIE STEWART, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces. SIS ' Phillips, J. C. Phillips, J. C. Pierce, C. Pipitone, J. Pitts, A. Plockelman, C. Polites, B. 358 Class of I960 Potts, J. Powell, B. Powell, M. J. Powell, M. E. Powers, F. Preston, P. Prewitt, B. " fll Price, B. Pridgeon, J. Pridgen, R. Priore, E. Putnal, J. Quarterman, G. Raines, R. POTTS, JUDITH ANN, Fort Myers, Florida; Education; Rally Committee. POWELL, BETTY C. , Lakeland, Florida; Social Welfare. POWELL, MARGARET JANE, Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Delta Gamma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Chi Theta, Chairman of Off-Campus Court. POWELL, MARY ESTHER, Sanford, Florida; Education; Presi- dent, Treasurer, Activities Chairman of Gamma Phi Beta, Junior Counselor, Women ' s F Club, FTA, Scholarship Holder ' s Club. POWERS, FRED, Richmond, Indiana; Business; Vice President of Sigma Nu, Judiciary, Inter Fraternity Council, Arnold Air Society, Varsity Basketball Manager. PRESTON, PATTY ANN, Miami, Florida; Business; Sophomore Council, FEA, Soltas, Scholarship Holder ' s Club. PREWITT, BENJAMIN P., Clewiston, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; ACS. PRICE, BETTY JEAN, Pompano Beach, Florida; Education; President of Delta Zeta, Historian of Sophomore Council, Speak- ers ' Bureau, Circus. PRIDGEON, JAMES WILLIAM, Mayo, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi. PRIDGEN, RUTH ELLEN, Jacksonville, Florida; Education. PRIORE, ELIZABETH CATHERINE, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Vice President of Florida Hall, Newman Club. PUTNAL, JANELL JACQUELINE, Mayo, Florida; Education. QUARTERMAN, GAIL CLAIRE, Jacksonville, Florida; Home Economics; Corresponding Secretary of Phi Mu, Village Vamps, Home Economics Club, Fashion Institute. RAINES, RAYMOND LEE, Clearwater, Florida; Business; Pi Kappa Phi. RAMOS, FRANK ROBERT, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; FLAMBEAU Staff. RAMSEY, JULIA CLAIRE, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega, Secretary of Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Traffic Court, Senator, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Clerk of Honor Court, Who ' s Who in American Univer- sities and Colleges. RAY, ELLA JANET, Crestview, Florida; Education; Junior Counselor, Secretary of International Club. REEDER, MARY ANN, Lakeland, Florida; Education; Delta Gamma, Pi Omega Pi, FTA, Scholarship Holder ' s Club. REELY, ROBERT HAROLD, JR., Sanford, Florida; Music; Lamb- da Chi Alpha, KappaKappaPsi, Phi Mu Alpha, Arnold Air Society. REEVES, MARIANNA, Bradenton, Florida; Education; FEA, NEA, CEC. REICHELDERFER, GAIL LOUISE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Home Economics. Ramos, F. Ramsey, J. Ray, E Seniors Retberfoid, B. Reynolds, H. Reynolds, J. Reynolds, R. Richter, J. Ridgedell, M. Rieck, R. Riecken, M. Riles, C. Ritchie, C. Roberts, E. Roberts, G. Robison, D. Robison, W. RETHERFORD, BILLY CHARLES, Caryville, Florida; Education. REYNOLDS, HARRY EMMITT, Ft. Pierce, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi. REYNOLDS, JOHN, North Miami, Florida; Business; Senator. REYNOLDS, ROCHELLE, Miami, Florida; Education; Treasurer of Chi Omega, ACE, NEA, Freshman Flunkies. RICHTER, JOHN J., Gloversville, New Jersey; Business; Var- sity Basketball Team. RIDGEDELL, MICHAEL EDMUND, Wildwood, Florida; Arts and Sciences. RIECK, ROBERT EUGENE, New Kensington, Pennsylvania; Arts and Sciences. RIECKEN, MARIAN ELIZABETH, Orlando, Florida; Education; President and Rush Chairman of Sigma Kappa, FEA, NEA, Ep- silon Chi. RILES, CLIFFORD LARRY, Plant City, Florida; Business; Del- ta Sigma Pi. RITCHIE, CADE JACKSON, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Executive Council of Wesley Foundation, Collegians, University Singers, Circus. ROBERTS, ETSOL, Winter Haven, Florida; Business; Kappa Alpha Order, Scabbard and Blade. ROBERTS, GAIL CLAIRE, Tampa, Florida; Education; Presi- dent and Vice President of Kappa Delta, Junior Counselor, ACE, Fashion Institute. ROBISON, DENNIS EDGAR, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Political Union, Canterbury Club. ROBISON, WALTER LAWRENCE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Edu- cation. RODGERS, CHARLIE EUGENE, Macon, Georgia; Business; In- surance Club, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball. ROGERS, JUNE ANN, Miami, Florida; Business; Alpha Phi. ROSEN, BETTYLOU, Miami, Florida; Hillel Foundation, Inter- faith Council, Soltas, Los Picaros, Scholarship Holders Club. ROWLAND, DARLENE JOY, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Education; NEA, FEA. RUFFIN, ANNE CLEGG, Albany, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Historian, Scholarship Chairman of Alpha Omicron Pi, Junior Counselor. RUIZ, ALFREDO, El Mante, Mexico; Business; Scullions, Inter national Club. RUSSELL, RALPH E., Bradentoh, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Gold Key, Senator, Speakers ' Bureau, Baptist Student Union Executive Council, Interfaith Council, University Symphony, Chorale, Head Cheer- leader, Who ' s Who in American Universit ies and Colleges. Rodgers, C. Rogers, J. Rosen, B. Rowland, D. Ruffin, A. Ruiz, A. Russell, R. 360 Class of I960 Ryan, P. Ryerson, P. Sadler, C. Sammons, S. Sampson, G. Sapp, D. Saric, W. Saye, C. Schindell, L. Scbmitt, D. Schmitt, H. Schnupp, D. Scott, D. Scott, J. RYAN, PEGGY JOYCE, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. RYERSON, PATRICIA, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. Delta Delta Delta. SADLER, CORA ANNE, Mount Dora, Florida; Education; Inter- national Club. SAMMONS, SHERE GALE, Miami, Florida; Business; Pi Beta Phi, President of Gamma Alpha Chi, Phi Chi Theta, FLAMBEAU Advertising Staff, Speakers ' Bureau, Theatre Dance Group, Fashion Institute. SCHMITT, HAROLD PAUL, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Vice President of Kappa Sigma, Interfraternity Council, Concert Band. SCHNUPP, DIANE SUE, Miami, Florida; Education. SCOTT, DONALD MARCEL, Clearwater, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Delta Upsilon , Disciple Student Fellowship, FLAM- BEAU Staff, Band. SCOTT, JUDY ANN, Miami, Florida; Education; Gamma Phi Beta, Junior Counselor, NEA, FEA, ISSC. SAMPSON, GEORGANNE, Haines City, Florida; Home Econo- mics; Student Nurse ' s Association. SAPP, DELILAH REBECCA, Williston, Florida; Education; Baptist Student Union, FEA, NEA. SEARS, ELVA LOUISE, Tavares, Florida; Education; Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Wesley Players, Collegiate 4-H Club, Home Economics Club. SEACHREST, MARGARET ANNE, Canton, North Carolina; Edu- cation; Phi Mu, FEA, NEA, CEC, AEC. SARIC, WALTER THOMAS, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Wesley Players, ANTA, AETA, CTC, FTC, President and Trea- surer of Les Jongleurs. SAYE, CARL ALONZA, Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Presi- dent of Chi Alpha, Interfaith Council, Secretary of Senior Hall. SCHINDELL, LAWRENCE EDWARD, Pinellas Park, Florida; Business. SCHMITT, DORIS OFFERLE, Miami, Florida; Education; Delta Zeta, Concert Band, Kappa Sigma Sweetheart. SELMAN, JAMES WILLIS, Bradenton, Florida; Business. SESSIONS, MARTHA HELOISE, Clearwater, Florida; Education; Los Picaros, NEA, FEA, Gymkana. SHAFER, DEANE ALDEN, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi. SHANNON, KENNETH COLEMAN, JR., Miami, Florida; Music; Phi Mu Alpha, Marching Chiefs, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Orchestra, Brass Choir. SHARON, ADELE JOAN, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences. Sears, E. Seachrest, M. Selman, J. Sessions, M. Shafer, D. Shannon, K. Sharon, A. 361 Seniors Shaw, C. Shaw, R. Shea. M. Shearouse, J. Sheffield. D. Shetman, L. Sherman, R. Siebert, K. Simonds, P. Sinclair, R. Singer, R. Sipe, W. Sisung, V. Skacil, R. SHAW, CARL NEIL, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences. Captain in the United States Air Force. SHAW, RICHARD AMOS, Fayetteville,. New York; Business; Theta Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scullions. SIMONDS, PATRICIA, Winter Park, Florida; Education; NEA, FEA. SHEA, MARY PATRICIA, Tampa, Florida; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, FEA, ACE, Newman Club. SINCLAIR, RICHARD WILLIAM, JR., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. SHEAROUSE, JERRI LYNN, Orlando, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Second Vice President of Alpha Gamma Delta, Gamma Alpha Chi, Women ' s F Club, TALLY-HO Advertising Staff, Vice President of Fashion Incorporated. SHEFFIELD, DONALD WAYNE, Tallahassee, Florida; Business. SINGER, RAYMOND, Miami, Florida; Business; TALLY-HO Staff, Scullions. SIPE, WAYNE PATRICK, Bradenton, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Wesley Players, Wesley Foundation Council, President of Flo- rida Methodist Student Movement. SHERMAN, LINDA D., St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; Pres- ident of Delta Delta Delta, Secretary of Women ' s Senate. SISUNG, VICTOR LEE, Islamorada, Florida; Business; Alpha Kappa Psi. SHERMAN, ROBERT RATHBONE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Bus- iness; Alpha Kappa Psi. SIEBERT, KENNETH J., Mt. Dora, Florida; Arts and Sciences; SKACIL, RUTH EMILIE, Miami, Florida; Home Economics; House Manager and Rush Chairman of Alpha Omicron Pi, Junior Counselor, Westminster Fellowship , Freshman Flunkies, Home Economics Club, Circus, Fashion Institute. Skaggs, A. Skelton, H. Skoglund, P. Slacks, R. Slaughter, M. Sloan, P. Sly, L. 362 " ' a; ' i, . • » ' ,»t, « 3iV ' . tj,st j; ' ' ' -•■ :A.i .vtm ' ' i-i, ' ' « ' -m-f ' x - ti ' ' j-;- ' ' ' - ' ft . ». ' k.». » • !Ui-, ' :j WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES: AI Ulmer, Lynn La Grange, Molly Flesher, Kay Desmond, Joyce Combs, Diane Godin. SKAGGS, ANNA FAYE, Ft. Pierce, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Xi Delta, Tau Beta Sigma, Marching Chiefs, Concert Band, Circus. SMITH, MARGARET ANN, Ocala, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu, Junior Counselor. SKELTON, HELEN WATSON, Tampa, Florida; Home Economics; Baptist Student Union, Publicity Chairman of Women ' s Glee Club, Freshman Flunkies, Fashion Institute. SMITH, MARILYN ELAINE, Williston, Florida; Education; Wo- men ' s F Club, President of WDURA, Baptist Student Union. SKOGLUND, PAUL WILLFORD, JR., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Ruge Hall. SMITH, WILLIAM DAVID, Chiefland, Florida; Business. SLACKS, ROSEMARY, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; Junior Counselor. SLAUGHTER, MARILYN WESTER, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Gymkana. SMITH, WILLIAM T., Tallahassee, Florida; Business; President. SLOAN, PRISCILLA JANE, Miami, Florida; Business; Phi Chi Theta. SNARE, SARAH F., Miami, Florida; Home Economics; Rush Chairman of Chi Omega, Freshman Flunkies, Fashion Institute. SLY, LAWRENCE E., JR., Homestead, Florida; Arts and Sciences. SMITH, DAVID EDWARD, Quincy, Florida; Business. SNODGRASS, LESLIE RUTH, Maitland, Florida; Education; President of South Cawthorn Hall, FEA, NEA, CEC, Scholarship Holder ' s Club. Smith, D. Smith, M. A. Smith, M. E. Smith, W. D. Smith, W. T. Snare, S. Snodgrass, L. 363 Seniors Snydet, W. Soud, J. anow, S. Spearing, V. SpeU, F. Speranza, J. Spiegelbecg, F. Stafford, S. Stalnaker, J. Stanley, W. Stein, R. Stephens, P. Stephenson, P. Sterling, F. SNYDER, WILLIAM T. 11, Orlando, Florida; Business; Kappa Alpha Order, Baseball Team. SOUD, JACQUELINE YVONNE, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Vice President and Pledge Trainer of Sigma Kappa, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice President of Village Vamps, Undersecretary of Student Events, Senator, Editor of KNOWLEDGE FOR COLLEGE, Vice Chairman of Stu- dent Party, Gymkana Court of Honor, Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges. SPARROW, SELINA ANN, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Social Wel- fare; Phi Alpha, Wesley Players, Treasurer of Social Work Club. SPEARING, VIRGINIA LEE, Deerfield Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Omicron Pi, Junior Counselor. SPELL, FRANCES MARIE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Village Vamps. SPERANZA, JOHN A., Framingham, Massachusetts; Nursing; Newman Club, Vets Club, International Club, Student Nurse ' s Association. SPIEGELBERG, FRANK J., Borden, Indiana; Arts and Sciences; United States Army. STAFFORD, SANDRA EUGENIA, Alma, Georgia; Home Econo- mics; Home Economics Club. STALNAKER, JO ANNE, Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Cot- illion, Gymkana. STANLEY, WILLIAM M., JR., Panama City, Florida; Business; Phi Kappa Tau. STEIN, RICHARD T., Ne-w York City, New York; Business; The- ta Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi. STEPHENS, PHYLLIS C, Fort Meade, Florida; Home Economics. STEPHENSON, PATRICIA ANN, Lake Wales, Florida; Arts and Sciences. STERLING, FAITH ELIZABETH, Daytona Beach, Florida; Nursing; Kappa Alpha Theta, Student Nurse ' s Association. STEVENS, CATHERINE S., Jacksonville, Florida; Education; Social Chairman of Zeta Tau Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, POW WOW Staff, FLAMBEAU Staff. STEVENS, JOYCE ANNETTE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Busi- ness; Delta Gamma. ST. JOHN, CONNIE, Umatilla, Florida; Education; House Presi- dent of Gamma Phi Beta, Women ' s Glee Club, Choral Union. STOCKING, JOYCE ETHEL, Park Ridge, Illinois; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, TALLY HO Staff, Epsilon Chi, Fashion Institute, NEA, FEA, ACE. STOKER, CHARLOTTE I., Miami, Florida; Business; Treasurer of Sigma Kappa, Editor of POW WOW, TALLY HO Staff, Secre- tary of Collegiate Party, Phi Chi Theta, Freshman Flunkies. STONE, AVERY DONALD, Tavares, Florida; Business. STOUTAMIRE, ERNEST RAMON, Tallahassee, Florida; Music; Phi Eta Sigma, University Singers. Stevens, C. Stevens, J. Stewart, M. St. John, C. Stocking, J. Stoker, C. Stone, A. 364 Class of I960 Stoutamite, E. Stubbs, S. Sturgeon, R. Stutzman, W. Sullivan, M. Sullivan, Q. utot, A. Swann, S. Swanson, B. Syivin, F. Taaffe, E. Talmon, D. Tate, J. Taylor, E. STUBBS, SIDNEY ALTON, JR., Bradenton, Florida; Arts and Sciences; President of Theta Chi, Co-chairman of Religious Em- phasis Week, Secretary of Finance, Student Body President ' s Ca- binet, Secretary and President of Interfraternity Council, Inter- faith Council, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. STURGEON, ROBERT FR.ANKLIN, Rock Springs, Wyoming; Arts and Sciences. STUTZMAN, WAYNE R., Johnstown, Pennsylvania; Arts and Sciences. SULLIVAN, MAUREEN ROSALIA, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; AHECHICVS. SULLIVAN, QUESSIE LILLIAN, Loughman, Florida; Education; FTA, Mathematics Teacher ' s Club. SUTOR, ALEX C, Tallahassee, Florida; Business; Tennis Team. SWANN, SUZANNE, Orlando, Florida; Business; Kappa Delta. SWANSON, BUNNY JOAN, Miami, Florida; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, President and Vice President of Epsilon Chi, NEA, FEA, ACE, Fashion Institute. Sciences; Treasurer, Chairman of Finance Committee, Executive Council of Phi Kappa Tau; Secretary of Gold Key, Business Man- ager of Student Publications, Board of Student Publications, Cavaliers, Manager of Junior Varsity Basketball Team. TATE, JAMES, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences. TAYLOR, ELIZABETH BROCK, Vernon, Florida; Education; Alpha Lambda Delta, Choral Union, Scholarship Club, SEEA, Math Teachers ' Club. TEAGUE, PATRICIA ANN, Tampa Florida; Education; Les Jongleurs, Wesley Players, Choral Union. THATCHER, G. H., Canton, Ohio; Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi, Varsity Swimming. THOMAS, ARDIS A. B., Sarasota, Florida; Education; SEEA, AEC. THOMAS, JAMES EDWARD, West Palm Beach, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi Alpha, Corresponding Secretary of Alpha Delta Sigma, Feature Editor of TALLY-HO, Art Staff of SMOKE SIGNALS, Newman Club. SYLVIN, FRED BRUCE, St. Petersburg, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Phi Alpha Theta. TAAFFE, ELLEN, Coral Gables, Florida; Music; Zeta Tau Al- pha, Garnet Key, Vice President of Sigma Alpha Iota, Tau Beta Sigma, Sophomore Council, University Symphony, Marching Chiefs. THOMPSON, HELEN HAMNER, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Treasurer of Kappa Delta. THOMPSON, KAROL MARGERY, Fort Myers, Florida; Educa- tion; Kappa Alpha Theta, Junior Counselor, Art Education Club, International Club. TALMON, DONALD WILLIAM, Bradenton, Florida; Arts and THOMSON, JOAN B., Crystal Beach, Florida; Business. Teague, P. Thatcher, G. Thcxnas, A. Thomas, J. Thompson, H. Thompson, K. Thomson, J. 365 Seniors Thornal, A. Thornton, D. Thornton, J. Thurmond, R. Tondo, P. Torsleff, C. Toth, M. Trapnell, G. Travers, R. Travis, J. Trimble, N. Trice, A. Tripiett, J. Troendle, G. THORNAL, ALYCE LETTON, Tallahassee, Florida; Home Eco- nomics; Kappa Delta. THORNTON, DAN LINES, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences. THORNTON, JOSEPH THOMAS, Pensacola, Florida; Arts and Sciences. THURMOND, ROBERT LEE, JR., Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Alpha Phi Omega. TONDO, PETER PATRICK, Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club, International Club. TORSLEFF, CARL RICHARD, Rochester, New York; Business; Sigma Nu, Treasurer and President of Scullions, Alpha Kappa Psi, Swimming Team. TOTH, MARY LOUISE, Tampa, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Al- pha Delta Pi. TRAPNELL, GAIL, Lyons, Georgia; Public Administration; Re- cording Secretary and President of Alpha Delta Pi, City Pan- hellenic Association Award. TRAVERS, ROBERT JOHN, St. Louis, Missouri; Arts and Scien- ces. TRAVIS, JOSEPH CRAFT, Daytona Beach, Florida; Business; Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Veterans ' Club. TRIMBLE, NANCY RUTH, Coral Gables, Florida; Education; Treasurer of Epsilon Chi, President of SFEA. TRICE, ANDREW JONES, JR., Tampa, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces. TRIPLETT, JAMES MARQUIS, Cleveland, Tennessee; Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi Alpha, Marching Chiefs, Flying Seminole. TROENDLE, GEORGE RICHARD, Apo pka, Florida; Business. TURNER, ALICE JEAN, Ocala, Florida; Education; Dormitory Chaplain, Vice President of Recreation Club. TURNER, CAROL ELIZABETH, Trenton, Florida; Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Off-Campus Court Member, FEA, NEA, Home Economics Club. TURNER, DONALD FREDERICK, Panama City, Florida; Arts and Sciences. TYLKA, LEONARD STANLEY, Akron, Ohio; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha, Scullions, Newman Club. VERTICH, LOUIS F., JR., Bradenton, Florida; Music; President of KappaKappaPsi, Symphonic Band, Symphony, Opera Orchestra. VICENT, LORETTAD., Brunswick, Georgia; Arts and Sciences; Newman Club. WAINWRIGHT, NANCY LINDA, Jacksonville, Florida; Educa- tion; Scholarship Chairman of Sigma Kappa, Pow Wow Staff, NEA, FEA. WALDEN, LAVEON AUSTIN, Panama City, Florida; Business; Delta Sigma Pi. Sf S AA Turner, A. Turner, C. Turner, D. Tylka, L. Vertich, L. Vicent, L. Wainwright, N. 366 Class of I960 Walden, L. Walling, H. Walters, J. Ward, S. Warley, O. O l Waters, J. Watford, C. Watson, B. Watson, R. Wear, A. Webb, T. Weber, R. Weeks, K. Weiss, F. WALLING, HAROLD THOMAS, Tallahassee, Florida; Education. WALTERS, JUDY K., Lutz, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Alpha Chi, Junior Counselor, FLAMBEAU Advertising Staff, Wesley Players Council, Wesley Foundation Council. WARD, SYLVIA ANNE, Jacksonville, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Corresponding Secretary of Alpha Chi Omega, Westminster Fel- lowship, NEA. WARLEY, OLIVIA MURRAY, Charlotte, North Carolina; Arts and Sciences; Zeta Tau Alpha, Tau Beta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Iota, Marching Chiefs, Symphonic Band, Symphony, Opera Chamber Orchestra. WATERS, JANN ELIZABETH, Green Cove Springs, Florida; Edu- cation; Tau Beta Sigma, Concert Band, Scholarship Club. WATFORD, CLARIE J ., Tallahassee, Florida; Arts and Sciences; FTA. WATSON, BETTA ESTELLE; Largo, Florida; Education. WATSON, RICHARD ARNOLD, Key West, Florida; Arts and Sciences. WEAR, ANN, Lakeland, Florida; Education; Secretary, Assis- tant Social Chairman, and Member of Executive Council of Pi Beta Phi; Epsilon Chi, Senator, Secretary of Student Party, Cir- cus, Freshman Flunkies, NEA, FEA, Sigma Nu Sweetheart, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. WEBB, TALLULAH ANN, Homestead, Florida; Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta, Gamma Alpha Chi, Copy Editor of TALLY- HO, Angel Flight, Fashion Institute, Captain of Modeling Squad. WEBER, ROBERT DAVID, Steubenville, Ohio; Arts and Sciences. Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer of Gold Key, Alpha Council, Presi- dent of Dormitory, Swimming Team, All-American Swimming Team. WEEKS, KATHLEEN BLANCHE, Panama City, Florida; Educa- tion; Sigma Alpha Iota, Epsilon Chi, Music Educators ' National Conference, Light Opera Guild, SFEA, NEA, Scholarship Club. WEISS, FAITH BARBARA, Miami, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Gamma Delta, Junior Counselor, Bacteriology-Medical Techno- logy Club. WELLS, VIRGINIA FLORIDE, Tallahassee, Florida; Education. WESLEY, LOUANN C, Tallahassee, Florida; Social Welfare; Alpha Gamma Delta, Social Work Club. WESTBROOK, LESTER CURTIS, JR., St. Augustine, Florida; Business; Historian of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Circus. WHISENANT, SALLY MARCELLA, Palmetto, Florida; Education;, Registrar of Phi Mu, Advertising Staff of TALLY HO, Fashion Institute, Freshman Flunkies, FTA. WHITE, BOBBY CARLTON, Canal Point, Florida; Business; Pi Kappa Phi. WHITE, JUDITH EUZABETH, Tampa, Florida; Education; New- man Club. WHITE, KINNARD PAUL, Waynetown, Indiana; Education; Phi Eta Sigma. Wells, V. Wesley, L. Westbrook, L. Whisenant, S. White, B. White, J. White, K. 367 Seniors White, M. Whittier, P. Whittle, M. Widener, W. Wilder, M. Wilkinson, M. Will. M. Williams, A. K. Williams, G. Williams, J. Williams, V. Wilson, L. Wilson, B. J. Wilson, B. R. WHITE, MARYANN, Rock Hill, South Carolina; Arts and Scien- Choral Union, Women ' s Glee Club. WILLIAMS, ABNER KENNETH, Albany, Georgia; Music; Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Mu Alpha, Baptist Student Union. WHITTIER, PEGGY CYNTHIA, Veto Beach, Florida; Education; Alpha Phi, Wesley Players, Wesley Foundation. WILLIAMS, ANN HUGHES, St. Petersburg, Florida; Education; Pictured in Hall of Fame. WHITTLE, MARGARET FRANCES, Havana, Florida; Nursing; Baptist Student Union, Student Nurses ' Association. WILLIAMS, GENE DELANO, Belle Glade, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Psychology Club. WIDENER, WILLIAM V., Bainbridge, Georgia; Music; Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi. WILLIAMS, JOSEPH HALEY, Front Royal, Virginia; Arts and Sciences. WILDER, MARTHA, Jacksonville, Florida; Education; Vice Pres- ident of Phi Mu, Vice President of Florida;Hall, Village Vamps, Circus, Choral Union, Angel Flight, Fashion Institute. WILLIAMS, VELLA JEAN, Griffin, Georgia; Home Economics; Junior Counselor, Social Chairman of Dormitory, Baptist Student Union, Freshman Flunkies, President of Home Economics Club. WILKINSON, MARY ELIZABETH, Punta Gorda, Florida; Edu- cation. WILL, MARY JANE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Arts and Scien- ces; Social Chairman of Kappa Delta, President of Inter- Sorority Social Committee, Fashion, Incorporated; International Club, Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart. WILSON, LARRY FRANKLIN, Apex, North Carolina; Arts and Sciences; Phi Eta Sigma. WILSON, BRENDA JEAN, St. Petersburg, Florida; Business; Wimberley, R. Wingate, W. Winters, P. Wood, K. Woodruff, E. Woolson, C. WorUnd, M. 368 AFLAME WITH THIRST FOR KNOWLEDGE, JUBILANT SENIORS THROW MORE FUEL ON ACADEMIC RRE AS THEY BURN BOOKS President of Phi Chi Theta. Omega, Judiciary, Sophomore Council, Women ' s F Club, SNA. WILSON, BILLY RAY, Manchester, Tennessee; Business. WORLAND, MORRIS S., Hollywood, Florida; Arts and Sciences. WIMBERLEY, RACHAEL LERABETH, Port St. Joe, Florida; Arts and Sciences; Junior Counselor, Social Chairman of South Cawthon. WINGATE, WILLIAM L., JR., Sylvester, Georgia; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha. WINTERS, PATRICIA JUNE, Tampa, Florida; Education; Les Jongleurs, Junior Counselor, President of Wesley Players, Wes- ley Council. WOOD, KATHERINE, Louisville, Kentucky; Education; Gamma Phi Beta, Canterbury House, NEA, ACE, Choral Union. WOODRUFF, ELIZABETH MIZELLE, Sanford, Florida; Educa- tion; Gamma Phi Beta, Canterbury House, NEA, ACE, Choral Union. WRIGHT, PATRICIA DAVIS, Miami, Florida; Education; Gamma Phi Beta, FEA, NEA, Women ' s Glee Club. WROBLEWSKI, DORAINE BARBARA, Miami, Florida; Educa- tion; Gamma Phi Beta, FEA, NEA, Women ' s Glee Club. YON, ANN, Tallahassee, Florida; Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Circus, FEA. YOUNG, JACK NEAL, Moulton, Alabama; Business. YOUNG, JEANNE ATHEL, Clearwater, Florida; Arts and Scien- ces; Delta Gamma, TALLY HO, FLAMBEAU, Fashion Incorpor- ated, Art Club, Gymkana, Delta Gamma Scholarship Award. ZIMMERMAN, ROBERT ROGER, Sarasota, Florida; Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon. WOOLSON, CYNTHIA, Sarasota, Florida; Nursing; Alpha Chi ZUCCHETTI, ROBERT, Mamaroneck, New York; Business. Wright, P. Wtoblewski, D. Yon, A. Young, J. N. Young, J. A. Zimmerman, R. Zucchetti, R. 369 Ten Seniors Named to FSU Hall of Fame Membership in the Florida State Hall of Fame is the highest honor the University can bestow on its gra- duating seniors. The Selection Committee is composed of six juniors, each from a different area of univer- sity life, the Dean of Students, the Dean of Women, the Dean of Men, and headed by the Junior Class President. It accepts nominations from leading organ- izations, faculty, and students. Selection of Hall of Fame members is done on an activity point basis. Meeting behind closed doors, the Committee selects ten students who because of their active participation in campus affairs have contributed the most in behalf of their fellow students and for the betterment of the University. The Hall of Fame Selection Committee is proud to extend membership to the following students: Ramon Arnold, Jim Apthorp, Joyce Combs, Claude Grizzard, Mattox Hair, Dotty Hatton, Kay Hufford, Ted Keen, Annette Mcintosh, Ann Williams. 70 mmsi mmmmmmewfpiia m- James W. Apthorp Warden of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, Gold Key, Attorney General, Florida Vice President of Southern Uni- versity Student Government Association, President of Church Key, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. Raymond S. Arnold Vice President of Kappa Alpha Order, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, President of Gold Key, Alpha Council, Treasurer of Arnold Air Society, President of Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class, Senator, Co Chairman Spring Formal, Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges. 371 Joyce Edna Combs President of Zeta Tau Alpha, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Sigma Tau Delta, Se- cretary of Senate, Judiciary, Chairman of Speaker ' s Bureau, Sophomore Council, Junior Counselor, Village Vamps, Home- coming Court, Military Ball Court, Inter fraternity Council Court, Gymkana Court, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. if I Claude H. Grizzard Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Delta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Varsity Track Team, Church Key, Speaker ' s Bureau, Honor Court, Gold Key, Junior Class Vice-President. 372 Mattox S. Hair Secretary and President of Kappa Alpha Order, Freshman Class President, Vice President and President of the Student Body, Student Party Chairman, Senator, Alpha Council, Speaker ' s Bureau, Scabbard and Blade, Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges. Dorothy Hatton Pledge Trainer of Pi Beta Phi, President of Garnet Key, Mortar Board, Women ' s F Club, President of Tarpon Club, Sigma Lambda Sigma, President of Jennie Mur- phree. Speaker ' s Bureau, Vice President of Sophomore Council, President of Wes- ley Foundation, Recreation Club, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. 373 Kathleen Frances Hufford President of Chi Omega, Garnet Key, Mor- tar Board, Kappa Delta Pi, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class Se- cretary, Sophomore Council, Junior Coun- selor, Vice President of Reynolds Hall, Funds Committee Chairman of Speaker ' s Bureau, Secretary of Theatre Dance, Home- coming Dance Decorations Chairman, Gym- kana, Panhellenic Pledge Queen, Panhel- lenic Executive Council, Who ' s Who in in American Universities and Colleges. Edward T. Keen President, Vice President, Librarian, Rush Chairman and Secretary of Phi Delta The- ta, President of Omicron Delta Kappa, Gold Key, Secretary of Alpha Council, Sigma Delta Psi, Secretary of Organiza- tions, Speaker ' s Bureau, Treasurer of the Rally Committee, Interfratemity Council, Chairman of Interfratemity Council Ad- visory Board, Cadet Colonel and Battle Group Commander of Army ROTC, Chicago Tribune and Scabbard and Blade Awards, Outstanding ROTC Cadet, Distinguished Military Student, Scabbard and Blade, Cap- tain of Varsity Track Team, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. 374 Ruth Annette Mcintosh Vice President and Panhellenic Repres- entative of Delta Delta Delta, President of Mortar Board, Garnet Key, President of Omicron Nu, Junior Counselor, President of Bryan Hall, Vice President of East Landis Hall, Wesley Foundation Council, Publicity Chairman of Student Interfaith Council, Co Chairman of Religious Em- phasis Week, Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges. Ann Hughes Williams Kappa Alpha Theta, Mortar Board, Kappa Delta Pi, Tau Beta Sigma, Women ' s Vice President, Honor Court, Junior Counselor, Secretary of Sophomore Council, Senator, Freshman Flunkies, FEA, Majorette Corps, Angel Flight, Homecoming Court, Gym- kana Court, Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges. 375 Il . w •• % Underclassmen ie V ADAMS, MARY ANN Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. ADAMS, SALLY ADAIR Tampa, Fla. ADKINS, BONNIEGAIL. . .Jacksonville B., Fla. AKINS, FRANKLIN M Hialeah, Fla. ALBERT, DONALD GARY. . . .Daytona B., Fla. ALLEN, G. IRIS Graceville, Fla. ALSOP, KATHERINE F Ocala, Fla. AMAN, JEROLYN M Homestead, Fla. AMANN, ANNE POPE Jacksonville, Fla. AMBROSINI, RENA LEE. . . .Elberton, Ga. AMOS, ELSIE JOYCE Jacksonville, Fla. ANDERS, NANCY E Tampa, Fla. ANDERSON, CLAIRE L. .Jacksonville B., Fla. ANDERSON, HARRIET LEE. .Tallahassee, Fla. ANDERSON, MARTHA LAINE. .Tallahassee, Fla. ANDREWS, ANN G Jacksonville, Fla. ANGEL, ANN APRIL Orlando, Fla. ANGUS, CAROL ANN Miami, Fla. ANSLEY, FRANKUN J Tallahassee, Fla. ARNETT, WILLIAM DALE Miami, Fla. ARNOLD, MARGARET ANN. .Williston, Fla. ASHER, SANDRA J Tampa, Fla. ASHLEY, WAYMON MABRY. .Ft. Walton B., Fla. ATHANSON, WILLIAM E. . .Clearwater, Fla. ATWATER, NINA LEIGH Tampa, Fla. AUSTIN, LINDA J Tallahassee, Fla. AUSTIN, SARA FRANCES. .Tallahassee, Fla. AVIS, FLORENCE L. . .Vero Beach, Fla. BALANKY, EUGENE F. . .Jacksonville, Fla. BALDY, CAROLYN JOAN. . . .Bradenton, Fla. BARNES, JULIETTE J Sarasota, Fla. BARRESI, JOSEPH ANGELO. .St. Augustine, Fla. BARTLETT, SANDRA MARY. .Nokomis, Fla. BAXTER, JOYCE LAMB. . . .Hawthorne, Fla. BAYLESS, JAMES R Tampa, Fla. BAYMILLER, VIRGINIA F. .Panama City, Fla. BEAUCHAMP, WOODROWO., Jr. .Chiefland, Fla. BELL, ALMA LOUISE Miami, Fla. BELL, GLORIA ELIZ. . .Jacksonville, Fla. BENNETT, G. KEM Orlando, Fla. J BERELSMAN, JANET M Orlando, Fla. BETTS, MARTHA NELL. . . .Woodbury, Ga. BETTS, MARY F Quincy, Fla. BEWAN, CAMILLE L Miami, Fla. BEYER, GILBERT E Hollywood, Fla. 377 Underclassmen BIGELOW, ELLA JEAN. . . .Ft. Myers, Fla. DILLINGHAM, JUDITH. . .Winter Park, Fla. BIRD, SAMUEL N Century, Fla. BLANKENSHIP, MARGERY A. .Columbia, S.C. BLUME, LOUISE E Foley, Fla. BONE, MARY LEE Jacksonville, Fla. BOSTICK, F. AVALINE. . .Plant City, Fla. BOUKNECHT, WILLIAM L. .St. Petersburg, Fla. BOWERS, CAROL ANN ... . Orlando, Fla. BOYCE, ROBERTA ANN Miami, Fla. BOYER, CHARLES L. . . .Port St. Joe, Fla. BRACKIN, JANICE M Milton, Fla. BRADLEY, SARAH JEAN. . .Horse Shoe, N. C. BRAGG, HARRIET HOPE. . . .Miami, Fla. BRANNEN, JOSEPH PAUL. . . .Perry, Fla. BRICKETT, JOHN F. . . .Tallahassee, Fla. BRILEY, PAXTON H. . . .Tallahassee, Fla. BRIM, LOULYN Tampa, Fla. BROCKSMITH, JOHN A. . . .Dayton, Ohio BROGDON, CHARLES W. . .Wewahitchka, Fla. BROOKS, NAOMI Waynesboro, Ga. BROTHERSON, MARY ANN . Mt. Dora, Fla. BROWN, BARBARA R. . . .Land O ' Lakes, Fla. BROWN, HARRY M. Ill Perrine, Fla. BROWN, JULIE R Coral Gables, Fla. BROWN, WINIFRED E Tallahassee, Fla. BRYAN, BARBARA Jasper, Fla. BRYANT, RUSSELL F. .Jacksonville B., Fla. BURKS, JANE Jacksonville, Fla. BURKWALL, PAT Beaumont, Texas BURTON, JOYCE M Jacksonville, Fla. BUSH, MARILYN L Lake Wales, Fla. BUSH, SANDRA CAMILLE Colquitt, Ga. BUTLER, CARL H Jackson, Miss. BUTLER, DIANA M Albany, Ga. BUTLER, SUSAN Orlando, Fla. BYRD, ROBERT WILLIAM. . .Abbeville, S.C. CAMERON, LAURA M Jacksonville, Fla. CANN, ALLISON LOUISE. . .Daytona B., Fla. CARLSON, DON L Park Forrest, 111. GARRISON, JEAN E Jacksonville, Fla. CARTER, LINDA NELL. . . .Lake City, Fla. CASCIOLA, SUE ANN Miami, Fla. CASH, MANUELLA B Sarasota, Fla. CHAMPION, BEVERLY L. . .Jacksonville, Fla. 378 Underclassmen CHAZARRA, BETTY E. , , , .Miami, Fla. CHAZEL, DOROTHY O Ocala, Fla. CHEELY, JEWELL NAOML .Wiliiston, Fla. CICHOWSKI, CLARE F. . . .Port au Prince, Haiti CLAPPER, JUDITH ANN, .... .Miami, Fla. CLARK, DAVID W. ., .Panama City, Fla. gLARK, DLWE. .... .. .gjewiston, Fla. CLAXTON, ROBERT N Nashville, Tenn. CLAYTON, PAMELA JOY. . .Jacksonville, Fla. CLELAND, NANCY RUTH. . . .Orlando, Fla. CLIFT, SANDRA MAE West Palm B., Fla. CLINGER, ANTHONY R. . , , , , ,MJaipi, Fla. CLOUD, CALVIN Crestview, Fla. COACHMAN, E. JOAN. . . , .Clearwater, Fla. COACHMAN, SHIRLEY M. , , .glearwater, Fla. COLLINS, GWYNN MARIE. . . .Pensacola, Fla. COLLINS, THOMAS A. .... . Caryville, Fla. COMPTON, DANLENE Grundy, Va. CONE, BYRON DAVID Brandon, Fla. COOKE, DOUGLASS R. . .Tallahassee, Fla. COOLEY, MARCIA ANN Tampa, Fla. CORBIN, CHARLES L Belle Glade, Fla. COWAN, MARGARET LEE Miami, Fla. COWELL, PENNY Pompano Beach, Fla. COX, CYNTHIA S Live Oak, Fla. 1959-60 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ARE WALLY KEENE, PRESIDENT, JUDY SMITH, BARBARA YOUMANS, AND JUDY McMILLIAN Underclassmen COXE, CAROL LOUISE Ft. Pierce, Fla. CRANE, CAROLYN L Melbourne, Fla. CRAWFORD, JANIE D Pensacola, Fla. CRAWFORD, JESSE K Jacksonville, Fla. CRAWFORD, KAY F DeFuniak Spgs, Fla. CREIGHTON, LINDA SHARON. . . .Tampa, Fla. CRIBBS, LOY ANN Branford, Fla. CRISP, JOANNE. . . .Fernandina Beach, Fla. CROOK, LUCY ANN Jacksonville, Fla. CURTIS, MARY VIRGINIA Orlando, Fla. CURTISS, JUDITH IRENE Ft. Pierce, Fla. DAHL, SUSAN ARLENE Ft. Myers, Fla. DALE, ANNALANE Miami, Fla. DALE, ONDINA Miami, Fla. DAVID, ROBERT F Washington, D.C. DAVIS, DORIS Perry, Fla. DAVIS, VIRGINIA G Leesb urg, Fla. DAWSON, PEGGY ELAINE Ocala, Fla. DAY, NAOMI ANNETTE Miami, Fla. DeCOLA, JEFF C Maderia Beach, Fla. DEESON, F. RAMONA Lakeland, Fla. DellART, BETTY LLOYD. . . .Lake Wales, Fla. DELAVAN, VIRGINIA F. . . .Jacksonville, Fla. DEMAS, ALEXANDRIA N Daytona B., Fla. DENMAN, NANCY GAIL. . . .Winter Haven, Fla. DENNIS, DAVID WILLIAM Bradenton, Fla. DEUTSCH, DONNA M Palatka, Fla. DeVALLE, VIRGINIA S Miami, Fla. DIEHL, MARGARET A Miami, Fla. DIEHL, PENELOPE C Ocala, Fla. DOAN, PHUNG VEN Saigon, Vietnam DOLFI, CAROLE ANN Orlando, Fla. DONATH, CJ RLYN A. . . .Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. DONNELLY, MARY ELIZABETH. . .Ocala, Fla. DOUGHERTY, JAN I Miami, Fla. DOWLING, NANCY JEAN Tampa, Fla. DOZIER, VIVIAN ANN Orlando, Fla. DRIVER, PAUL L Miami, Fla. DUNAWAY, D. FAYE Tallahassee, Fla. DURRANCE, JOHNNIE LEAH. . . .Bunnell, Fla. DURST, MILDRED J Sarasota, Fla. DYE, MICHAEL WAYNE Nacatee, Fla. EADIE, NORMA JEAN Lake City, Fla. F.ASON, " SANDRA L Tampa, Fla. EDWARDS, DEANNA LEE Eustis, Fla. 380 Underclassmen EDWARDS, LORAIN J Lake Worth, Fla. EDWARDS, MERRILL J Starke, Fla. EDWARDS, PATRICIA ANN Gretna, Fla. EDWARDS, SYLVIA E Princeton, Fla. EGAN, WILLIAM C, Jr. . . .Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. EICHINGER, MARGIE E Tallahassee, Fla. EKMAN, S. KAREN Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. ELLISON, ELOISE Birmingham, Ala. ELWELL, RICHEY Orlando, Fla. EMPTAGE, SUSAN J Jacksonville, Fla. ESHIEMAN, LINDA RUTH. .Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. EUBANKS, DONNA JOAN. . .Panama City, Fla. EWALD, ARTHUR M., Jr. . . .Tallahassee, Fla. EXUM, FRANCES BELL Clearwater, Fla. FALMLEN, RAE ELLEN Miami, Fla. FEDOR, SAMUEL D Zephyrhills, Fla. FETTERLEY, LAURA E Bunnell, Fla. FICARROTTA, KATHERINE JO. . .Tampa, Fla. FIELD, M. CAROLYN Lakeland, Fla. FINCHUM, JANE L Daytona Beach, Fla. FINDLEY,NANCY JEANNE Miami, Fla. FLEMING, PEGGY O ' NEAL Oviedo, Fla. FLETCHER, KAY CHARLOTTE. . Quincy, Fla. FLOYD, GWENDOLYN SUE. . .Warrington, Fla. FLYNN, ANNA CLARE Sarasota, Fla. i 4i ii SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS JANE FINCHUM, SELBY CANNON, MARILYN BOYD, DUKE SCOTT, WITH PRES. WALLY KEENE Underclassmen FRAZIER, JAMES M. ...... . . .Orlando, Fla. FRECK, CARLEY ANN. . . .St. Petersburg, Fla. FRILL, TWILA ANN. . . . .Tallahassee, Fla. FRY, GEORGIANA JEAN. . Homestead, Fla. GALBRAITH, MINORA F. . . .Tallahassee. Fla. GARRETT, MICHELLE A. . .Lake Alfred. Fla. 6AUTHIER, PAULETTE. ; .Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. GERNHARn, JUDITH MAE. ; . .Sarasota, Fla. GIBSON. DANNYE CAROL: : . . . Miami, Fla. GIBSON, PAMELA F. ..;...: . .Miami, Fla. GIBSON, SANDRA LEE. : : : ; : :8ra£lenton, Fla. GIBSON, SUZANNE P. . . .St. Petersburg, Fla. GILBERT, BARBARA D. . . Ft. Pierce. Fla. GILLESPIE, MARY §. ; ; . Neptune Beaeh, Fla. felLLISi JAMES HILTON Homestead, Fla. GILMOME, DOROTHY ANN. . . .Pefisacola, Fla. GIRTMAN, MARIANNA Tifton, Ga. GIVENS, BOBBY LEE: : : : .Tallahassee; Fla. GIVENS, JdHNIE FREE). . . Tallahassee, t ' la. GOBIE, KATHRYN ELLEN: ..... .Miamij t la: eOLtitASSgij §U§AN W. ::;::: : Alma, Ga GORTEMOLL6ft, THE@: . : ; . .Marianna, Fla 0OT9HALL, §ALLY ANN; : :PaftaHift cUfi Fla m }W, FRANef§ H: : : : : : Tillsll a§ Seg; PlS §RgfiNE, mml L¥MN: :;:::: :Tafflpa, Pk §Rli| Nf0Oe; gRyeg: : : : : :Pl: Plgfge, fli mmmf; mmm A: : : :Jagk§QflVille; pia gRIl l lN, imY ANN: : : : : : :Pf§§§pfeel, Pk ORgeVER, MELANIE ¥■.:.■. .m e m, t la §y§L{iTTA, L0ftM{N§ §. ■. :lt8llyw@8d, Fla ftUlLBl RT, §ANORA ANNE: : :Pen§ag8la, Pla gUiNANe, M: MATILE: : : : : : :eieafwaief, Ela gyiNTA, imm |: : : : :¥h Lautlgftlale, t la §yNN, gLmABETH LQ{§: : : : : : :Mlaffll, l la gyfllRIE, PATftieiA g; : ; : : :Lak6 €11 , Pla HAIR, ANITA P:: :::::: = :: : :(3flafltl8i t U HALR§, ALTA ANN: : : : : : :Win!6f Havgfl, Fla HALL, MARY LIN0A: :::::::: Miami, FU ItALMAN, GARdLYN §yF: : :Wgwahitchka, Fla llAMtLTON, LAyRA ANN: :::::: :Afafei, §a IIAMMRR, SARA ANN: :::::::: :Tampa, PU tlANtl, Ht ' tTY J FAN: :: = :::::: :AUtia, Fli HANNAH, HARRYFfTF |: : : : : : :gu§fi§, FU HANSFLL, MARY FtlWFNA: : :Mi§§imffleg, Fli HARBY, NORA NFLL: ::::::;: :eeala, Fli Bi m Underclassmen HARDY, RAY GERALD. . . .Tallahassee, Fla. HARRINGTON, EDITH H Orlando, Fla. HARRIS, JAMES W.,Jr Tallahassee, Fla. HARTZ, ELLA JEAN Tallahassee, Fla. HAVEN, ELIZA H Sarasota, Fla. HAWES, EDNA E Valdosta, Ga. HAWKINS, CHARLES I WestPalm Beach, Fla. HAYES, LENORA JAMES Jesup, Ga. HAYGOOD, BEVERLY NEAL. . . .Atlanta, Ga. HAYS, EDWIN C Thomasville, Ga. HAYWOOD, JEANETTE Leesburg, Fla. HEARD, KATHRYN SUE Lakeland, Gla HEDDON, JAMES L Winter Haven, Fla. HEFELE, RAY E Coral Gables, Fla. HENDERSON, NANCY L. . .Jacksonville, Fla. HENDRICKSON, SUE-ELLEN. . Hollywood, Fla. HENLEY, JANE RUTH. . . . .North Miami, Fla. HENNE, ALFRED M. Pensacola,,Fla. HENSON, SANDRA JEAN Bradenton, Fla. HERRING, JACK LaRUE Mobile, Ala. HERTZBERG, ARTHUR G. . .Thomasville, Ga. HIERS, VALERIA JEAN Ocala, Fla. HERZOG, ELLEN L Tampa, Fla. HILL, PATRICIA C Clearwater, Fla. HIMROD, SOPHIE L Wauchula, Fla. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: BUDDY BURCH, PRESIDENT, PAUL COHEN, JOAN THOMAS, SANDY HANCOCK, AND PETE DAVIS Underclassmen HINES, THOMAS R Tampa, Fla. HOBBS, THOMAS W Tavares, Fla. HODGES, MARGARET Ona, Fla. HOFFMAN, RICHARD F. . . Tallahassee, Fla. HOLLIS, JANE A St. Petersburg, Fla. HOLLOWAY, CHARLES. . .Chattahoochee, Fla. HOLT, SALLY ANN Miami, Fla. HOOKS, SABRA LYNN Jacksonville, Fla. HOOVER, JON JULIEN Normal, 111. HORTON, SARAH WINCY Bradenton, Fla. HOWELL, ROBERT D Orlando, Fla. HUDSON, ANN K Jacksonville, Fla. HUEY, JAMES H Miami, Fla. HUFSTETLER, YVONNE E. . . .Dundee, Fla. HUNT, BARBARA ANN. . . .Jacksonville, Fla. HUTCHINS, K. A St. Petersburg, Fla. HUTMACHER, RICHARD A. Michigan City, Ind. HYDE, GALE CHALMA Bonifay, Fla. IMESON, MARGARET L. . . .Jacksonville, Fla. INLOW, KARY G Jacksonville, Fla. JACKSON, CECIL M Jacksonville, Fla. JACKSON, ROBERT M Hialeah, Fla. JANES, JOHN E Marianna , Fla. JANKUNIS, VIRGINIA. . .Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. JOHNS, ALYCE-MAE Winter Park, Fla. JOHNSON, CATHARINE . . .West Palm B., Fla. JOHNSON, KAREN SUE Orlando, Fla. JOHNSON, MNIFRED L Cairo, Ga. JOHNSTON, CHARLOTTE Tampa, Fla. JONES, TERRIE CAROL. . .Tallahassee, Fla. JUDY, E. IVAN Tallahassee, Fla. JURNEY, BILL F Sarasota, Fla. KANE, LINDA SUE. . . .Boynton Beach, Fla. KEARNS, CRESCENTIA Lakeland, Fla. KEARNS, JOHN P Lakeland, Fla. KELLER, BETTY ANN. . .Daytona Beach, Fla. KELLEY, MARY P. . . .West Palm Beach, Fla. KEMP, CAROLYN ANNE. . . Jacksonville, Fla. KENDALL, JOHN DAVID Miami, Fla. KENNICOTT, PATRICK C. .West Palm B., Fla. KIMBLE, D. CAMILLE. . .Safety Harbor, Fla. KING, DOROTHY ANN. . .Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. KING, JANE ADELE Dade City, Fla. KING, LOIS M Miami, Fla. KIRBY, MIRTH CAROLE. . .Jacksonville, Fla. ■t - 384 Underclassmen KIRK, DAISY ESTER Tallahassee, Fla. KIRTON, SANDRA E. . . . Boynton Beach, Ela. KNIGHT, HELEN Lakeland, Ela. KNIGHT, JEAN D Dayton, Ohio KNOWLES, RUTH DAILEY . . . .Jackson, N. C. KOEPP, RUTH D Maderia Beach, Ela. KOPYTCHAK, MICHAEL D Miami, Ela. KRAMER, LUISA LEE Winter Park, Ela. KRET, VIRGIL W Long Beach, Calif. LAESSER, JUDY A Coral Gables, Ela. LANCE, PATRICIA L Key Largo, Fla. LANIER, OUIDA H Belle Glade, Ela. LANKEN, JOEL VonKECHT. . .Miami B., Fla. LANZA, SAL ANTHONY. .Ft. Lauderdale, Ela. LARSON, ESTHER SUE.. . . .Coral Gables, Fla. LeBLANC, MIKE B Jacksonville, Fla. LeBOEUE, LOUIS K Winter Garden, Ela. LEE, ALINDA MAE. . . .Daytona Beach, Ela. LEE, LETTY ANNE Palmetto, Ela. LEEDY, BARBARA H Bradenton, Ela. LEIGHTON, MARY K. . . .North Miami B., Fla. LENAHAN, CARYL T Atlanta, Ga. LENZI, GAIL W Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. LEONHART, GERMAINE C. . .Clearwater, Fla. LEWIS, KATHERINE Greenville, Fla. LIMA, BARBARA JEAN Tampa, Ela. LITTLE, MARJORIE R North Miami, Fla. LOCKETT, CARL F Biloxi, Miss. LOCKWOOD, ALBERT Tallahassee, Ela. LOCKWOOD, BETTY Tallahassee, Fla. LONGSHORE, JEAN L. . . .Wewahitchka, Fla. LOUIS, FRANCES L Apalachicola, El a. LOWE, CHARLOTTE E Edison, Fla. LOWELL, LESLIE ANN Miami, Fla. LUDWIG, SYLVIA C St. Petersburg, Fla. LUHR, LINDA L. . . .West Palm Beach, Fla. LYNN, THOMAS W. . .Ft. Myers Beach, Fla. MacDONALD, SALLY. . .Ft. Lauderdale, Ela. McARN, GLORIA ANN Bunnell, Ela. McARTHUR, PENELOPE. . . .Crestview, Ela. McAULIFFE, MARGUERITE. . .Orlando, Fla. McBRIDE, THERESE E. . .Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. McCARTER, ROBERT J. . .St. Augustine, Fla. McCarthy, nancy. . .Green CoveSpgs., Fla. McClelland, jane Jacksonville, Fla. AkMm 385 Underclassmen McCLUNG, JANICE L Homestead, Fla McCLUNG, OLLIE W Birmingham, Ala McCORMACK, HAROLD B. . . .Apopka, Fla McCUNE, SARANAN. . .St. Petersburg, Fla McDAVID, SANDRA Jacksonville, Fla McDonald, GAIL E Bradenton, Fla. McDUFFIE, BRENDA Vero Beach, Fla. McGINNES, MARY JANE. . . Plant City, Fla. McGUIRE, LOUVENIA E Apopka, Fla. McGUIRE, terry LYNN Miami, Fla. McKENNEY, ROBERT. . . .Jacksonville, Fla. McMillan, JUDY Tallahassee, Fla. McQueen, spencer. . .West Palm B., Fla. McSHANE, RAYMOND K. .West Palm B., Fla. McSWAIN, SALLIE B Arcadia, Fla. MABRY, ELIZABETH Tallahassee, Fla. MAGHES, BONNIE D Palmetto, Fla. MANN, JOHN M Monticello , Fla. MARCHETTA, T. B Sarasota, Fla. MARKLEY, RUTHANN Hollywood, Fla. MARSCH, SUE D Miami, Fla. MARTIN, FRANCES E Tallahassee, Fla. MARTIN, SHIRLEY A Jacksonville, Fla. MARTINEZ, HARRY ROBERT. . . .Tampa, Fla. MARTIN-VEGUE, CAROL Marathon, Fla. MATHEWS, MARY CAROLYN. . . .Atlanta, Ga. MATHISON, SANDRA JANE. . .Winter Park, Fla. MATTHEWS, LINDA JANE. .St. Petersburg, Fla. MEDLOCK, CHARLES G. . . .Jacksonville, Fla. MELVIN, F. RETA Panama City, Fla. MENIS, EUGENIA ALICE Hollywood, Fla. MERRIN, KAY IRENE Plant City, Fla. METTS, CAREY M Tampa, Fla. MEYERS, JUDITH LEE Miami, Fla. MICELI, FRANK JOHN Tampa, Fla. MILLER, BARBARA Jacksonville, Fla. MILLER, BERYL E Brownsville, Texas MILLER, JOHN W Ninety-Six, S. C. MILLER, PATRICIA Jacksonville, FU. MILMORE, MARY ANN B Miami, Fla. MIMS, JANE D Lake Wales, Fla. MIMS, SHARON A Tampa, Fla. MOEHLE, BLANCHE A. . . .Ft. Pierce, Fla. MOFFITT, BETTY JO Hallandale, Fla. MOLES, COURTNEY W. . . .Humboldt, Kansas 386 Underclassmen MONROSE, HELEN G. ....... . .Tampa, Fla. MONTFORD, CHARLES. . .ChattahdoGhee, Fla. MOORE, AUTRY LEE. ..... .Eau GaUie, Fla. MOORE, HENRY CLAY. . . . .Westville, Fla. MOORE, MARY MILLER. . .Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. MOOTY, PAULA ANN. DeLand, Fla. MOREHOUSE, MERRY E Lakeland, Fla. MORRIS, DEANNA. . . .Bradenton Beach, Fla. MORTON, MARGIE F Hollywood, Fla. MORTON, MICHAEL. ..... .Tallahassee, Fla. MOSBERG, CYNTHIA E. . .Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. MOSES, SHARON L. . .Daytona Beach, Fla. MOURE, SALLY G. . . . . . .Pensacola, Fla. MUMPOWER, RUTHANNE M. . . . . .Tampa, Fla. NASWORTHY, MARILYN. . . .Palffletto, Fla. MEELD, APRIL. ;.....:.;... .Tampa, Fla. NE:LS0N, R. DONfALD Pensacola, Fla. NESSLER, GLORIA. . . .New Port Richey, Fla. O ' DONNELL, ROBERT. . . North Miami, Fla. OJALA, JOAN S. ...... .Miami Shores, Fla. OLB, MAroARET ANN; ....... .0§ala, Fla ©LINSift, NAN€Y J©. . . .Jagkggflvillg, fla a ' NEILL, ANN 1. ...... . Mmmm, Fla ©N§T©TT, lANOY MAY. . . ,Jagk§§flvill§, Fla ©iZLANYl, ANTAL §iZA: . . .ei@v@lafii, ©his A e©tlPLl SNTlRi tHI iUWANNll I©©M f©I lie ' i RiN01V©U§, THl JUNI©1 SLASi DANGl THAT FlATUllB P1AN0 IID Underclassmen OVERHOLSER, BETTY. . .Coral Gables, Fla. PADGETT, SHIRLEY LaLERNE.. .Tampa, Fla. PADRICK, FAYE E Coral Gables, Fla. PALMER, JUDITH LOUISE Miami, Fla. PARKER, ALICE E Kissimmee, Fla. PARKER, BETTY JEAN. . . .Enterprise, Fla. PARKER, LENORA L Tallahassee, Fla. PARKS, PETER LESTER. . . .Savannah, Ga. PARKYN, CHARLES L Arcadia, Fla. PARMALEE, ELIZABETH. . .Jacksonville, Fla. PARRISH, PATRICK R Vernon, Fla. PAYNE, LAURA JEAN Groveland, Fla. PEARCE, MARILYN T Tampa, Fla. PEARSON, MARY ANN Miami, Fla. PEEK, REBECCA SUE. . . .Eau Gallic, Fla. PENAN, ADRIENNE M Jacksonville, Fla. PETERSON, FRANK LON Miami, Fla. PETRIS, KAY Winter Garden, Fla. PEWITT, NELSON Winter Haven, Fla. PHILPOT, SIDNEY G Bell, Fla. PIERSON, NANCY G Albany, Ga. PIKE, ADA BEATRICE Arcadia, Fla. PINTO, VERNITA M Hallandale, Fla. PIPKIN, MARY FRANCES. . . . Charlotte. N.C. PIPKIN, MARY M Arcadia, Fla. PITCHFORD, KEITH Tallahassee, Fla. PITTS, EARL H Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. PITTS, MARY LOUISE. . . .Belle Glade, Fla. PIZZETTA, EUGENE Tampa, Fla. POHL, L. FREDERICK. . .Winter Park, Fla. POWELL, NANCY LEE Tampa, Fla. POWERS, GLENDA Orlando, Fla. POWERS, ROBERTA KAY Bradenton, Fla. PRANDC8VII, CLAIRE E Orlando, Fla. PREISSLER, BRENDA J Miami, Fla. PREU, FRANK JOSEPH Oklawah, Fla. PRITCHARD, ANNETTE Hialeah, Fla. PURVIS, NANCY RAE Bradenton, Fla. PURVIS, SANDRA K Birmingham, Ala. PYKO, BODO EITEL Opa-Locka, Fla. RAINEY, ANNIE RUTIL . . .Jacksonville, Fla. RANSICK, BONITA DAWN Eustis, Fla. RANSICK, CONSTANCE A Eustis, Fla. RAYMOND, LYNN Balboa, Canal Zone RAYMOND, MARGARET E. . . .Palmetto, Fla. feA 388 Underclassmen i im Mifl READY ELINOR WILSON Miami, Fla. REEBEL, MARLIE J Homestead, Fla. REEDY, DOROTHY L Orlando, Fla. REEVES, CAROLYN A. . . .Panama Cir , Fla. REYNOLDS, VIRGINIA. . .Elgin A. F. B., Fla. RICHARD, NOEL LYN Orlando, Fla. RICHMOND, PAT GORDON. . .Ft. Pierce, Fla. RIDGE, ELIZABETH M Naples, Fla. RIOS, MARION, JR Key West, Fla. RIVERS, B. JANET Immokalee, Fla. ROBERTS, CARTER B Homestead, Fla. ROBERTSON, WARREN L Waycross, Ga. RODABAUGH, DOROTHY D Miami, Fla. RODGERS, WILLIAM Gainesville, Fla. ROGERS, GEORGE W .Hialeah, Fla. ROLLER, PETER L Miami, Fla. ROOT, CLIFFORD ANSON Miami, Fla. ROSENBERG, JACK H Opalocka, Fla. ROTH, JUDITH H St. Petersburg, Fla. ROUNTREE, CONSTANCE B Miami, Fla. ROWELL, RANDELL. . .Green Cove Spgs., Fla. RUST, SANDRA LYNNE Tampa, Fla. RYDER, JACK DEO Dayton, Ohio SADLER, JUDITH ANN Tallahassee, Fla. SALMON, LOLA JEANNE. . . .Haines City, Fla. SAMPLE, SUSAN JANE. . . .Wichita, Kansas SAMPSON, GEORGIA ANN Tampa, Fla. SANDERS, PEGGY ANN Pensacola, Fla. SANTA CRUZ, ELSIE J Tampa, Fla. SAPP, LEONE E Williston, Fla. SASSER, JANICE RUTH Miami, Fla. SATTERWHITE, GAIL Bradenton, Fla. SCADDEN, RAYMOND W. . .St. Petersburg, Fla. SCHRAMM, MAXINE L Tampa, Fla. SCOTT, BARBARA ANN Tampa, Fla. SCOTT, DUKE HILL. . . .Atlantic Beach, Fla. SCOTT, GRACE L Sarasota, Fla. SEYMOUR, IRA P Jacksonville, Fla. SHAD, MARGARET J Orange Park, Fla. SHARP, FRANCES A Orlando, Fla. SHAW, LYDIA VIRGINIA Tampa, Fla. SHEPPARD, HELEN A. . . .Canal Point, Fla. SHERMAN, BONNIE S. . . .St. Augustine, Fla. SHOLAR, PATRICIA L Tallahassee, Fla. SHRADER, ARTHUR TERRELL. . .Miami, Fla. 389 Underclassmen SIEeRIST, ALiERT T- .,..:. .Venice, Fla. SILL, MANCJI LOU. ... .Clearwater, Fla. SILVERSTEIN, BETSY LOU. . .Charlotte, N.C. SIMMONS, E. ANNE. ...... .Homestead, Fla. SIMPSON, E. PATRICIA . . .Tallahassee, Fla, SINEATH, TIMOTHY VC Jacksonville, Fla. SINGLETARY, M. KAREM.- .Thomasville, Ga. SK ADDING, MARY J. . , ,F|, Lauderdale, Fla. SKIPPER, ROBERT N. . , , , Jacksonville, Fla. SMITH, ALLEN RAY. . . , , ,Tallah?issee, Fla. SMITH, D. BODSFORD, JR. .Tallahassee, Fla. SMITH, GORDON H. . . , , . .Baltimore, Md. SMITH, JAMES C. , , . .Jacksonville B., Fla. SMITH, JUDITH. . . . , , , , Coral Gables, Fla. SMITH, MARVIN W, , , , , , , , .Copeland, Fla, SMITH, ROBERTA. . , . , , , , , , ,Oeala, Fla. SMITH, ROBERTA H. , .. , , , , , , .Tampa, Fla. SMITH, SARA ANN. ...,., , , . . .Miami, Fla. SMITH, SARAH SUE. . . , , .Cleveland, Tenn. SMITH, SARALEE. . , , . , , . , . .Miami, Fla. SMITH, SUZANNE. Arcadia, Fla. SMITH, WILLIAM G. .... , .Jacksonville, Fla. SOLOMON, DORIS L, , , , , , .Pensacola, Fla. SPAULDING, HARRY New Orleans, La. SPEAR, SANPRA C .- , .- .- • Jacksonville, FU, SPEED, LYDIA R. . . . . .Jacksonville, Fla. SPENCER, ALYCE JOYCE. . . .Pahokee, Fla. STACY, PHERIBA KAY. . . .Jacksonville, Fla. STANLEY, BETTY C. . . , , .Tallahassee, Fla. STANSFIELD, AGNES. , , , , . .Sanford, Fla. STARLING, ADA JO Orlando, Fla. STARRETT, E. VIRGINIA Tampa, Fla. STEARNS, LINDA KAYE. , Mnkef Haven, Fla. STEEN, SALLY ANN. . , , , , , , . ,T pipa, ¥l».. STEPHENS, MARY ANN. , , , , .Branford, Fla. STEVENS, CELIA LOUISE Miami, Fla. STEVENSON, CYNTHIA. ,Sj. P.et.ersburg, Fla. STEWART, HELEN E. . . , , , , ..Orlando, Fla. STEWART, JOAN .Miami, Fla. STITCH, MARCIA LYNNE. .. • jLJye O k, Fls- STIDHAM, SIMEON D., JR. . .Auburndale, Fla. STOKESBERRY, LINDA S. . .. .. .. .. Mimi, FJ .. STONE, RONNIE WESLEY. .. ...... .Miami, Fla. STRICKLAND, SANDRA. , .. , , . .Bristol, Fla. STROM BERG, ROBERT.. , .. .. .Saxjasota, Fla. 390 Underclassmen SUMMERALL, BOBBIE JEAN Miami, Fla. SWAIN, GINGER Raleigh, N. C. SCHWORM, EARL F Placida, Fla, TAYLOR, GRACE A Lake Worth, Fla, TAYLOR, JUDITH ANN. . .St. Augustine, Fla. TEMPLE, MARY A Coral Gables, Fla. TERVIN, SARAH ANNE .Tampa, Fla, TERASHIMA, HIROYOSHI Tokyo, Japan THAL, DIANE ELIZABETH. .... .Miami, Fla. THAMES, MARY ANNETTE. . .Delray B., Fla. THIGPEN, JACK K Madison, Fla. THOMAS, SHIRLEY D .Ft. Myers, Fla. THOMPSON, CAROLYN RUTH. . .Atglen, Peon. THOMPSON, LARRY J, , , Dm ' m, Fla. THOMPSON, LARRY W. . . .St. Petersburg, Fla. THOMPSON, MARION Winter Haven, Fla. THORNTON, LUCY C. . . . .St. Petersburg, Fla. THURLOW, MARY JANE. ..... .Stuart, Fla. THURSBY, RODNEY. Orange City, Fla, TIDWELL, SANDRA KAY. . . .Savannah, Tenn. TINKER, LINDA LOU. . . TOMILINSON, DIANA. . TONEY, MARGARET F. TOWER, NANCY LOU. . TOWNSEND, JOSEPHINE. . . . .Parsons, Tenn. .Delray Beach, Fla. . .Jacksonville, Fla. .Campbellsburg, Ind. . . . .Davenport, Fla. CHARLIE BROW J CUES IN A BEAT FRESHMAN ON FLORIDA STATE ' S CUSTOMS AS SOPHOMORES ENTERTAIN AT 1959 POW WOW Underclassmen 9 1 TRASK, JANET E Bartow, Fla. TRAYLOR, HELEN V Orlando, Fla. TRAYLOR, PEGGY E Orlando, Fla. TRENSCH, PEGGY J. . . .Indian Rocks B., Fla. TUCKER, PATRICIA E. . . .Daytona B., Fla. TURNER, JUDITH LOUISE. . .Jacksonville, Fla. TURNER, TERRY SUE Frostproof, Fla. TWERDOCHLIB, V. C Palmetto, Fla. TYLER, MARTHA DRU Tampa, Fla. TYREE, M. JANE Arcadia, Fla. VAHUE, LINDA LEE Orlando, Fla. VANDERVEEN, HELEN JEAN. . . .Tampa, Fla. VANDERVORT, MARY. . .St. Petersburg, Fla. VanSANT, NANCY L Winter Haven, Fla. VEVERKA, MARTHA A. . . .Panama City, Fla. VICKERY, MARY ANN. . . .Daytona B., Fla. VOWELL, BETTY L Clewiston, Fla. VOYE, DAVID A Tampa, Fla. WADE, KITTY ROGERS Miami, Fla. WAITES, SHIRLEY J Jacksonville, Fla. WADE, THOMAS L Tallahassee, Fla. WALKER, BARBARA JOAN Miami, Fla. WALKER, ELIZABETH LEE. . .Leesburg, Fla. WALTER, LINDA L Coral Gables, Fla. WARREN, SYBIL KAY Winter Haven, Fla. WARREN, WAYNE W Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. WARWICK, SARAH F Valdosta, Ga. WATERS, GWENDOLYN. . . .Asheville, N. C. WATERS, ROBERT D Jacksonville, Fla. WATKINS, JUDY K Lakeland, Fla. WEAR, MARTHA L Town send, Tenn. WEBB, MARYLEEN H Brooksville, Fla. WEINELL, VELMA J Gulfport, Fla. WELLS, JOHN C, JR Winter Haven, Fla. WELCH, PATRICIA E Miami, Fla. WELTON, RICHARD N Tuscaloosa, Ala. WERMESCHER, MARTHA. . . .Jacksonville, Fla. WEST, PATRICIA ANN Bushnell, Fla. WESTPHAL, CARLA J. . . .St. Augustine, Fla. WHIDDON, PATRICIA J Ft. Pierce, Fla. WHITEHALL, JUDY I Ft. Myers, Fla. WHITLEY, PATRICIA J Jacksonville, Fla. WHITTAKER, JUDY Miami Beach, Fla. WILCOX, LOUIS M Worthington, Ohio WILKINSON, KATHARINE L. . .Tavernier, Fla. dkiii 392 Underclassmen WILLETT, MARLENE LOLA Miami, Fla. WILLIAMS, CAROLE G Waycross, Ga. WILLIAMS, CHARLES D Branford, Fla. WILLIAMS, JUDITH St. Petersburg, Fla. WILLIAMS, LINDA OLINE Tampa, Fla. WILLIAMS, LYNNE Jacksonville, Fla. WILLIAMS, NOLA M Monticello, Fla. WILLIAMS, PENNY Graceville, Fla. WILLIAMS, WYNYARD M Live Oak, Fla. WILLIAMSON, GLEN Wildwood, Fla. WILSON, DEANNA Tampa, Fla. WILSON, SANDRA M Delray Beach, Fla. WINSTEAD, CHARLES W. . .Steinhatchee, Fla. WINSTEAD, F. GAIL Jacksonville, Fla. WOFFORD, GWEN E Gainesville, Ga. WOLFGANG, JOYCE S Tampa, Fla. WOODHALL, JERRY R Mt. Dora, Fla. WOODSON, ROBERT W., JR. . .Roanoke, Va. WORRALL, E. C Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. WRIGHT, PAT Bradenton, Fla. YANCEY, JOHN EMMANUEL. . . .Cocoa, Fla. YEOMAN, GEORGE A. . .Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. YOUMANS, BARBARA ANN Tifton, Ga. ZELIUS, SANDRA C Warrington, Fla. ZIBELL, MARILYN Decatur, Ga. Jti SUWANNEE ROOM BECOMES A SEASIDE AS SOPHOMORES DECORATE WITH NETS AND SHELLS FOR THEIR SPRINGTIME DANCE . -{■• This Book and ' ' The Pioneers ?) The 1960 TALLY HO has acquired a " new look " : It has called on new thinking, new planning, new designing to bring forth an up-to-date message and appearance of the Florida State University. Last Spring the staff began to develope the basic plans for the book. The decision was that the I960 TALLY HO would convey a serious mood. The key- note idea or theme, developed during the summer months, presents a viewpoint or perspective of the wide scope of expression as it exists in university life. This idea is featured in the prologue and carried throughout the book on the division pages of each section. The book ' s design is built around simplicity -modern clean design -to give the TALLY HO its " new look " . Larger photographs, carefully planned typography, color photography, and an increased number of pages are used to present an up-to-date message and ap- pearance of the university. The principle of simplic- ity was also applied to the office layout, staff organ- ization, and working procedures. This made work easier. It also gave the staff a clearer picture of their work and a deeper insight with respetrt to the book ' s finished results. The birth of an idea and the basic planning were only the raw beginning. The ideas had to be develop- ed, reworked, and carried through by the staff. The staff members, in a real sense, were the " pioneers " of the " new look " . It was the staff who spent nu- merous hours working in the TALLY HO office each day and " burned the midnight oil " many nights. A number of persons remained in Tallahassee to work during their holidays. It was this interest and enthusiasm that made all of the work worth-while. The staff members gave more than their time. They gave their talents and utmost efforts that their work afford excellent results. I could never thank them, enough for their friendship, time, efforts, and good work. A lot of credit must be given to this year ' s TALLY HO officers - NatHobbs, HarrietL ' Engle, Joe Bailey, Linda Wahl, and Bob Meier - whose leadership guided the staff and aroused interest in its work. It has been said many times that a yearbook is a year ' s activities captured between two covers. This is true. But to us, the staff of the I960 TALLY HO, our yearbook is something more. It is something that we watch grow from a stack of photographs and a pile of rosters. To us it is almost alive and we feel that it is part of us. It is our talents, thoughts, and inspirations. It is also our mistakes and faults. But it is us and we feel close to it. We now present the I960 TALLY HO to you. A. C. N. 395 2 i-4T!r-- ' ' Advertising TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA CJUJC Our 38th year . . . of expressing our appreciation to the Student Body and Faculty for their faith- fulness and confidence in this shop. c tu NEW AND USED BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES " We are gratefu for your patronage ' ' 107 South Copeland Phone 3-1066 TALLAHASSEE CAMERA CENTER Cameras Film Lamps Projector Rentals Everything in photographic equipment Across from the Florida Theater ' ' 123 N.MQNROE PHONE 2-8771 CONGRATULATIONS Graduating Class of 1960 f rom your UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE " IN THE STUDENT CENTER " TALLAHASSEE JENNIFER JONES THEATRES ROCIC HUDSON AUDREY HEPBURN Operating the STATE THEATRE CAPITAL DRIVE-IN THEATRE PERRY HIGHWAY THEATRE relax in comfort at your favorite theatre GUY MADISON JEFFREY HUNTER JERRY LEWIS CHARLTON HESTON 1 " I ' M SORRY MISS, BUT THE TUITION IS STILL $90 Penney ' ! MAKE PENNEY ' S YOUR SHOPPING HEADQUARTERS 130 NORTH MONROE THE SWEET SHOP GOOD FOOD AT REASONABLE PRICES " WHERE YOU MEET YOUR FRIENDS " 701 West Jefferson Phone 2-2617 9. mns fashions SPORTSWEAR - DRESSES LINGERIE - JEWELRY 100 E. COLLEGE y IT ' Tafcx.- " W»K; V. •MARCH OUT OF STEP ONE MORE TIME AND YOU ' RE THROUGH " COMPLIMENTS OF THE HOLIDAY INN of TALLAHASSEE THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES. TALLAHASSEE BOTTLING COMPANY MERLE NORMAN Cosmetic Studio INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP Complimentary Demonstration 204 E. PENSACOLA PHONE 4-3328 TOORA ' LOORA GOLDFARB SCOGGIN ' S HI Fl CENTER STEREOS-HI Fl SETS RECORDS AND ACCESSORIES NEEDLES GUITARS SET REPAIRS M EVERYTHING FOR YOUR LISTENING ENJOYMENT " 103 E. JEFFERSON PH. 3-0161 SILVER SLIPPER MEMBER OF: THE DINER ' S CLUB - ESQUIRE CLUB - GOURMET ' S CLUB BILL-THE-BANK - UNIVERSAL TRAVEL CARD 2000 SOUTH MONROE PH. 4-1266 ELEANOR SHOP WHERE YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME; FASHION CLOTHING AT BUDGET PRICES " Sportswear . Dresses . Lingerie 108 SOUTH MONROE - PHONE 45646 I iMm mm. DELICIOUS CHARCOAL BROILED STEERBURGERS 1818 W. TENNESSEE ST. PH. 4-7711 J. WILL HAWES, Rappoport Studios photographer, is known affectionately to the student body as Bill. He took his first professional picture at fourteen, and today, sixty years later is still going strong. The Tally Ho says, " Thank you. Bill " . JIMMY RAGAN ' S SINCLAIR SERVICE " WE CATER TO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AND FACULTY " 601 W. TENNESSEE RAPPOPORT STUDIOS LEADERS IN PHOTOGRAPHY SINCE 1905 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS, 1960 TALLY HO SCHOOL AND COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHERS 484 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK 17, N.Y, PRINTING COMPANY TALLAHASSEE • FLORIDA QUALITY PRINTING THROUGH CREATIVE PLANNING AC General Index Abbott, Bernard James 122, 300 Abinanti, Lynda Lee 262 Abrahamsen, Jean Celia..l77, 331 Adams, Carolyn Taylor 274 Adamo, Joseph J 324 Adams, Donald Wayne 302 Adams, Gus 318 Adams, James George 320 Adams, Mary Ann .377 Adams, Patricia 276 Adams, Richard Milton .... 162, 300 Adams, Sally Adair 270, 377 Adkins, Bonnie Gail 377 Adkins, George C 190, 331 Ahrens, Merlin RoUo 176, 331 Akers, Sandra Joyce 290, 290 Akins, Franklin M 377 Alberson, Brenda Lee 278 Albert, Donald Galy ....„...311, 377 Albert, Jerry Eugene 306 Alexander, Don M 302 Alexander, Phyllis 266 Alkov, Robert Adolf 331 Allen, Elizabeth Gail 274 Allen, G. Iris 377 Allen, Judith Gardner 264 Allen, Kathy 294, 267 Allen, Mary Sue 264 Allen, Raymond Erederick294, 304 Allsman, Joyce M 262 Alsop, Katherine F. 124, 304, 377 Altenberger, Thomas 300 Aman, Jerolyn M 377 Amann, Anne Pope 377 Amaral, June Rosemary 274 Ambrosini, Rena L. ..123, 286, 377 Ames, Ann B 312 Ammann, Werner C. ..163, 314, 331 Amos, Elsie Joyce 264,377 Amos, Mary Joan 331 Anders, Nancy E 377 Anderson, Claire L 377 Anderson, Harriet Lee 167, 170, 176, 377 Anderson, Martha Laine.. 176, 377 Anderson, Roslyn Hill.... 199, 272 Andrews, Ann G 292, 377 Andrews, James Roddy... 302, 331 Andrews, Norma Virginia 331 Angel, Ann April 377 Angelotti, Michael Louis 184, 294, 312 Angus, Carol Ann 377 Ansley, Franklin J 377 Appelberg, Mary Olivia 276 Apthorp, Jim W. 119, 146, 148, 185, 339, 316, 371 Arant, Marilyn 278, 331 Archibald, Catherine Elizabeth 331, 149, 152, 198, 339,292 Armstrong, Donald Richard 331 Armstrong, Tamsy Fain 331 Armstrong, Thomas H 320 Arnett, William Dale 162, 300, 377 Arnold, Margaret Ann 33 ' Arnold, Bill Seward 31! Arnold, Gerald Eugene 331 Arnold, Nancy Stiles 272 Arnold, Ramon S. 146, 148, 339, 302, 371 Arnold, Rhoda L 183, 258, 331 Arnow, Sara Linda 168, 331 Ascherl, F. JackstJn 381,306 Ashbrook, Elizabeth 262 Asher, Sandra J 260, 377 Ashley, Waymon Mabry 377 Ashworth, Rufus C. ..224, 225, 320 Askins, Thomas Hamilton 311 Athanson, William E 377 Atkinson, Betty J 170, 270, 331 Atkinson, Joseph George 331 Atlanson, William Everett 312 Atwater, Nina Leigh 286,377 Augustine, Jack Felix 320 Austin, Linda J 377 Austin, Sara Frances 377 Avera, Caroline Lee 120.264 Avis, Florence L 186, 274, 377 Ayala, Diana 331 Ayala, Gabrielle Ann. ' ...,. 187, 284 B Baird, June N 124, 292 Baker, Bill 120, 302 Baker, Sue Marcotte 331 Balanky, Eugene F 320, 377 Baldy, Carolyn Joan 377 Balkcom, Helen Barberbee 331 Ball, Dana 272 Ball, John Clifford 332 Ball, Katherine Elizabeth 160, 199, 282, 332 Ballew, Martha Lee 332 Balliett, Margaret Putt 260, 332 Ballou, Merle M 187, 199, 260 Barber, Oris Vaughn 320, 332 Barber, Patsy Leiman 332 Barber, Raymond A 332 Barfield, Jesse T 185, 314 Barker, A. Lynda 320,332 Barker, Kenneth L....156, 180, 332 Barkman, Ronald L 314, 332 Barnard, Gayle Elizabeth 276 Barnes, Juliette V 377 Barnes, Lou A 262 Barnes, Ray L 302 Barnes, Steve C — 306 Barnette, Mary T 266, 332 Barningham, Wayne Lee 332 Barona, Lou 299 Barr, Jane 332 Barranco, Robert George 324 Barresi, Joseph Angelo 377 Barry, Gerald D 300, 332 Barrels, R. W. ... 185, 296, 318, 332 Bartlett, Gretchen Sue 187, 199, 332 Bartlett, Sandra Mary 377 Barton, Dennis Lynn 324 Barton, J. Carolyn 142, 332 Bass, Grace Richmond 332 Bass, Robert Ernest 332 Batchelor, Jo Ann 199,278 Bates, Barbara J 284 Bates, Dowell B 224, 318 Bates, Nancy Lee 161,284 Baucum, Warren William 299 Baxter, Charles Edward 332 Baxter, Joyce Lamb 292, 377 Bayless, James R 158, 377 Baylor, Pamille Roselyn. 286, 332 Baymiller, Virginia F 377 Bazzell, Harold R. ...237, 320, 333 Beamer, Samuel C 314 Bean, Shirley Ada _._..333 Beardsley, Carolyn „.. 304 Beauchamp, Frances Octavia. 333 Beauchamp, Woodrow O., Jr. .. 377 Beazley, Jo Ann 260 Beck, Karen Sue 187, 284 Becker, Norma Ingrid 333 Bedard, Bonnie Lynn 290 Bedell, Martha Esmonia 120, 170, 175, 199, 262 Belden, Chic 318 Belflower, Charles L 333 Bell, Alma Louise „.. 377 Bell, Juliana Rosalie 333 Bell, Mary E 122,270,333 Bellamy, Raymond Edward 122, 148, 211, 244, 318 Belote, Eleanor Elizabeth 378 Bendazi, Sandra 278 Bennett, G. Kern 302,377 Beranek, John R 324 Berelsman, Janet M 142, 377 Berger, Norma Jane 292 Bergeron, Shirley Owen. ..157, 334 Beskind, Sandra Gwen 121, 149, 339, 334 Best, David Ryan 316 Betts, Martha Nell 377 Betts, Mary E 143, 377 Bevis, Barbara A 334 Bevis, Betty Ann ....166, 199, 278 Bevis, Betty Joyce 274 Bewan, Camille L 377 Beyer, Gilbert E 304,377 Bibby, Sheila Ann 335 Bigbie, Walter Eugene 300 Bigelow, Ella Jean 281, 378 Bild, Barbara Ann 335 Bild, Nancy J 187, 258, 276 Billingham, Judith 378 Bills, Leah Katherine 260 Billups, Lewis W 300 Bird, Samuel N 378 Birnhak, Bruce Ivan 311 Bishop, Ella Sue 318 Bishop, Martha 274 Bishop, Mildred Elsie 196, 274 Bivens, Nancy Lee 264, 334 Bize, Nancy 272 Blackburn, Glenna Fay 281 Blackford, Elizabeth Bland 274 Blackwell, Janice Ella 262 Blake, Carol 270 Blake, Charles H 334 Blake, Mary Ann 292 Blankenship, Margery A. . 304, 378 Blate, Edward M 294, 322 Blessing, Katheryn G 268 Blomberg, Howard M., Jr. 185, 334 Blount, Charles F 155, 334 Blume, Louise E 292,378 Blumer, Bethany Margaret 334 Blumer, Sharon Ouida 124, 266, 334 Boardman, Beverly G 187, 284 Bodine, Caryl Ann ... 157, 282, 334 Boekee, Marie " Rixie " 274 Boesch, John Charles 162, 163, 181, 300 Bogue, Elaine M 260, 334 Boltz, Daniel Robert 308 Boltz, Porter Carl 308 Bondank, Philip W 324 Bone, Louise 264 Bone, Mary-Lee 120,264,378 Boorom, William Burton 304 Bostain, William Curtis 308 Bostick, F. Avaline 378 Bouknecht, William Lee 378 Boulware, Robert MacDowell, Jr. 163, 306 Bourquardez, Nancy Kay 281 Bowden, Joyce Mallard 334 Bowen, Joan Evelyn 274 Bower, Thomas 334 Bowers, Carol Ann 282, 288 Bowers, Edwin CuUen 192, 334 Bowers, James Jefferson 303 Bowles, William Charles 302 Bowser, Virginia Lea 268, 334 Boyce, Susie Blackburn.. 120, 334 Boyce, Roberta Ann 142, 186, 196, 386 Boyce, William 296, 334 Boyd, A. Jacquelyn 147, 149, 339, 270, 334 Boyd, Marilyn J 166,381, 292 Boyer, Charles L 387 Brackett, Charles Eugene 334 Brackin, Janice M 388 Bradbury, Beverly Anne 272 Braden, Gerald S 324 Braden, Margie 286 Bradley, Sarah Jean 389 Bradshaw, Betsy R 335 Bradshaw, Evelyn Ann 335 Brady, Betty Ann 335 Brady, Edward John 335 Bragg, Harriet Hope 390 Brand, Roy Croft 300 Brannen, Joseph Paul 391 Brannen, Pat 184, 260 Brantly, Sara Lynn 192, 335 Braswell, Jeannette Eve 286 Breese, Susan Elizabeth 272 Bregger, Margaret Berna 335 Breitler, Alan L 163, 170, 335 Bremier, Charlie 316 Brennan, Ann Carol 178,292 Brickett, John F 378 Bridger, Donna June 290 Bridges, Emily Anne 272 Bridges, F. Sharon 335 Briley, Paxton H 308, 378 Brim, Loulyn 266, 378 Briner, Carole Elizabeth. 286, 335 Briois, Mary Frances 174,335 Broadwell, Dorothy L 286 Brock, Jerry Cecil 320, 335 Brocksmith, John A 378 Broer, Larry Richard 335 Brogdon, Charles William 378 Brokaw, Sandra Kay 335 Brooks, Naomi 262, 378 Brosman, Robert Lamar 302 Brosseik, Betty Jo 290 Brotherson, Mary Ann 266, 378 Brown, Barbara Rose 3?8 Brown, Bill 211, 324 Brown, Bruce ..320 Brown, Charles David 3 ' 91, 324 Brown, Connie Lou 274 Brown, Dwight D 294, 306, 306 Brown, Gene Delane; 308 Brown, Harry M., Ill 378 Brown, Julie P, 378 Brown, Ma.fjorie Ellen 335 Brown, Nancy Lee 335 Bsrown, Norma Lee 282, 335 Brown, Paul D 335 Brown, Roxane Lietch 266 Brown, Sandra W 335 Brown, Winifred E 378 Bryan, Frances Anne 290 Brubaker, Jean Sue 276, 335 Brundage, David Lewis 300 Brushwood, Harry Dale 300 Bryan, Barbara 378 Bryan, Robert Stuart 311 Bryan, William 120, 148, 339, 316,335 Bryant, Gloria 187, 284 Bryant, Russell F. ..177,318,378 Bua, Donald Harry 335 Buck lew, Elizabeth 272 Buckley, Judith Paula 336 Buhl, Linda Gail 268 Bunting, Judith 264, 336 Burch, Ernest William, Jr. 383, 302 Burgess, Vonda Early 270 Burgstiner, William A 302 Burkhardt, William Ch 183, 336 Burkhart, George Edward 324 Burks, Barbara 266, 336 Burks, Jane 266, 378 Burkwall, Pat 378 Burnett, Kenneth Fredrick 336 Burney, Jolinda 281 Burns, Sandy Jean ...178, 274, 336 Burt, Mary M 281 Burton, Joyce M 143, 268, 378 Busbia, Arthur M 318, 336 Bush, James Roland 336 Bush, Marilyn L 186, 281,378 Bush, Sandra Camille 262, 378 Buss, Dave R 318 Bussard, Karol Kay 272 Bussey, Clayton Edward 324 Bussman, John F 306 Butler, Carl H 148, 324, 378 Butler, Diana M. 166, 167, 378 Butler, Elynor Elizabeth 123, 294, 272, 336 Butler, Ronald Wayne 159, 300 Butler, Susan 274, 378 Butler, Thomas L 336 Butterfield, Frank M 318, 336 Buttner, Fred A 324 Buzzard, Penny Jean 187,278 Byer, Jeannette E 292 Byerley, William H 299,336 Bynum, Glenda Gayle 276 Bynum, Richard Frank 324 Byrd, Robert William 120, 153, 302, 378 Cain, Evelyn May 187, 290 Cain, Ronald Denver 164, 336 Caione, Angela 268 Cajoleas, George J 324 Caldwell, Gordon F 306 Caldwell, Joanne Adelaid 336 Calhoun, John C, Jr. 185, 318, 336 Calhoun, Sandra J L 199, 274 Calhoun, Thomas B 316 Callaway, Jay Charles 300 Callison, Marcia Ann 274 Calvert, Anne Stuart 281 Calvert, Beverly Anne 49, 260 Calvert, Roberta Lee 158, 184, 260 Comacho, Henry 184, 312 Cameron, Laura M 378 Cameron, Martha Anne 290, 336 Campbell, Charlotte 167, 286, 336 Campbell, Hilda Raye 336 Campbell, Janice Elodia 266 Campbell, Margaret Patricia ...336 Campbell, Mary L 167, 304, 336 Campbell, Mike 1 314 Campbell, Philip D 314 Campbell, Rebecca Lynn 270 Cann, Allison Louise 268, 378 Cannon, Linda 262 Cannon, Roy 306 Cannon, Selby 381, 262 Cantey, Patrick Speight, Jr. ...314 Capps, Betty Cecile ...336 Carlile, Richard Clayton 306 Carlson, Don L 183, 324, 378 Carlson, Roy Francis 300 Carn, Neil Gilbert 311 Carnes, Robert T 308 Carney, Sheila R 268 Carpenter, Nona 167, 337 Garrison, Jean E 378 Carroll, Charles Mark 314 Carroll, Ewing Whitfield, Jr. .. 337 Carroll, James Davis 302 409 C-J .... Index Carroll, Linda Lee ..160, 304, 337 Carson, William S 302 Carter, Linda Nell 378 Carter, Marolyn Ann 262 Carter, Robert Tim 302 Casciola, Sue Ann 184, 378 Casey, David Harold 337 Casey, Kay 187, 284 Cash, Manuella B. 141, 297, 276, 378 Cash, Nancy Sarah 166,278 Casteel, Robert R. ...224, 299, 337 Caswell, James H 306 Caswell, Laura Bess 260 Cellon, Nancy Louise :.. 266 Chakeres, Xenophone Andrew. 304 Chambers, David Ralph 180, 182, 337 Chambliss, Julia Ann 149, 178, 284, 337 Champion, Beverly L Ill, 378 Chapman, Marcia 262 Chapman, Sandy M 276 Chase, Judy Ann 266 Chase, Valeria.. ' 266, 337 Chase, Virginia Joan 266 Chason, John Thomas 337 Chastain, Loretta Meade 268 Chaykin, Arthur Stuart 322 Chazarra, Betty E. ..164, 192, 379 Chazel, Dorothy 278, 379 Cheek, Lillian Tanise 264 Cheely, Jewell Naomi 154, 379 Chesser, George D. ..181, 190, 337 Chevalier, Charlene Janice 337 Chiles, Laura 284 Christian, Alice Jean 167. 337 Christian, Katie A 290 Christy, George C. 304 Chronister, Ronald Ray ...314, 337 Church, Constance 278 Church, William J 337 Ciccarello, Joyce J 308 Cichowski, Clare F 379 Clapper, Judith Ann 178, 379 Clardy, Sara Frances 337 Clark, Carolyn M 187, 266, 337 Clark, David W 379 Clark, Diane 379 Clark, Dorothy H 149, 160, 337 Clark, Frederick W 308 Clark, Irving T 304 Clark, James Christian 314 Clark, Jeff B 299 Clark, Marion 120, 153, 306 Clark, Ronnie Edward 119, 120, 296, 337 Clarke, Pauline Eaton 124, 183, 284, 337 Claxton, Robert N 379 Clayton, Pamela Joy 278, 379 Clayton, Robert Justin 337 Cleary, Elizabeth Justin. 274, 337 Cleland, Nancy Ruth 379 Clemens, Mary Ellen 338 Clements, Ann M 160, 260, 338 Clements, Buch 302 Clements, Mary Margaret 274 Clendenon, Sharon Mae 276 Cleveland, Carol Louise 264 Clift, Sandra Mae 304, 379 Cline, Cornellius W 300 dinger, Anthony R 318, 379 Cloud, Calvin 314, 379 Clow, Mary Elizabeth 281, 338 Coachman, E. Joan ..133, 276, 379 Coachman, Shirley M. 124, 133, 157, 276, 379 Cocchi, G. Joi 268 Coletti, Jeannette Dickerson .. 338 Colby, Robert W 156, 180, 338 Cold, Ronald F 338 Cole, James Lewis 320 Cole, Sandra Lorelle 164, 284 Colee, James Richard 315 Coleman, Elizabeth Bechtel 177, 338 Coleman, Hume Field 302, 338 Coles, Barbara Jeanne 338 Collar, Bette Claire 166, 187, 258, 278 CoUey, Carol Sue 266 Colley, Lois Jacquelyn 338 Collier, Jane M 272 Collins, Dorothy Ann _ 264 Collins, Gwynn Marie 262, 379 Collins, Thomas A 379 Colter, Joan Dianne 284, 338 Combs, John L _ 338 Combs, Joyce E. 42, 119, 147, 149, 292, 372 Compton, Danlcne 183, 379 Cone, Byron David 379 Conger, Patricia Ruth Connell, Anne Evans 274, Connelly, Antoinette Marie 196, Connolly, Jeanne Elizabeth... Connolly, Lois Elaine Connor, Beverly Rae Connor, Maryanne _ Conover, Patrick William Conrad, J. Marshall Conrad, Linda Kay Cook, Victor Joseph 320, Cooke, Douglass R - Cooke, Joseph D., Jr 163, Cooke, Sandra Dores 196, Cooley, Marcia Ann 178, Coons, Sharon Ann Cooper, Ida Elizabeth 187, Copeland, Willou J 56, 57, Copps, Beverly Ann Copps, Michael Conner Corbett, Rick Corbin, Charles Lynn Core, Bonnie L Corliss, John E Cortright, Earle Dustin, Jr Cosper, Mrs. J. O - Costin, Martha Lee 260, Cotton, Bill 226, Counter, John A 120, 302, Cousins, Harry Richard Cowan, Margaret Lee Cowan, Richard A Cowart, Frances Martin ... 286, Co we 11, Laurie Cowell, Penny 167, Cowie, Preston Edmonds Cowle, Marianna Cox, Cynthia Suellen 270, Cox, Emma Jean Cox, Julanne Marsha 196, Cox, Mary Thomas Coxe, Carol Louise Craig, T. Dwain Crane, Carolyn L 167, Crawford, Barbara Jane Gwenda Carline J anie D Jesse Keith Kay F Lynda Ruth Thomas M., Jr Linda Sharon Crawford Crawford Crawford Crawford Crawford Crawford Creighton Cribbs, Loy Ann Crisp, Joanne Crittenden, Susan Harriet Cronin, Dorothy Anne 157, Crook, Lucy Ann Crosby, James Wilson Cross, Constance Elizabeth... Crowder, Linda Carroll Cruz, Michael Joseph Cubbon, Sarah Jane Culley, Leigh R 290, Culpepper, B. Jean Culpepper, Katharine Shaw Cumming, David Christopher.. Cunningham, Donald Clark Cunningham, Frances Carolyn 184, 187, Cuppett, Carolyn V 260, Curran, Maureen Frances Curry, Gayle Curry, Kathleen Margaret Curtis, Mary Virginia Curtiss, Judith Irene 185, Cushing, Sylvia M Cashing, Thomas Folget D Dahl, Susan ' Arlene Dale, Annalane 187,260, Dale, David M 120, 302, Dale, Jane Elizabeth 276, Dale, Ondina Dame, John Walter Dancy, Martha Olive Daniel, Barbara Reed 196, Dannelley, Larry Joseph. 315, D ' Aoust Pierre J Dart, Ann Lynda Darsey, Leonard Shepherd Darwick, Doris 198, Daughtry, Sandra 198, David, Robert F.- 182, Davidson, Mary Jane Davies, Doug Charles Davis, Anna Louise Davis, Beverly Jane Davis, Doris 154, 193 Davis, Dorothea W. ..124, 317 Davis, Frank Davis, Frank L 238, 239 Davis, Gloria Yvonne 264 338 338 338 338 268 282 268 312 302 282 338 379 320 284 379 282 286 272 338 338 315 379 266 338 316 290 338 318 339 339 379 339 339 276 379 299 339 379 339 264 264 380 339 380 282 340 380 380 380 282 340 380 380 380 292 276 380 300 340 260 299 .270 340 262 340 318 ,304 284 340 ,284 ,274 ,272 ,380 380 ,340 300 380 380 340 340 380 304 ,340 286 340 300 .268 340 340 270 380 274 .300 304 .260 380 282 308 318 340 Davis, I. Coleman 324 Davis, Jack Dean ...224, 226, 320 Davis, Jane Lee 262, 340 Davis, Mary Wood 272 Davis, Ronald Clifton 222,340 Davis, Sandra Ellen .166, 281, 340 Davis, Thomas Donald 340 Davis, Virginia G 380 Dawson, Jan 1 186,276,340 Dawson, Peggy Elaine 282,380 Dawson, William Lee 306 Day, Janice Adele 268 Day, Mary Alice 264 Day, Naomi Annette 186, 380 Dean, Wesley H 340 Dear,A. Tyrrel 312, 341 DeArmond, Oren (Mrs.) 281 DeBruhl, Robert R 156, 341 DeCola, Jeff C 380 Dee, Lawrence L 306 Deeson, F. Ramona 260,380 DeFelice, Louis John 123,324 DeFore, Nancy Elizabeth 270, 341 Degnon, Thomas Philip ... 135, 312 DeHart, Betty L 144, 264, 380 DeHart, Stanley C. 341 DeHaren, James A 302 Delavan, Virginia F 134, 380 Delk, Charles Lee 315 Del Vecchio, John Richard 300, 341 Demas, Alexandria N 380 Demmon, Ted D. 126, 155, 324, 341 Denman, Nancy Gail 380 Dennis, David William 380 Denny, J. Ellis (Mrs.) 286 Dent, Betsy 262 DePue, Mrs. Katherine W 276 Derrick, Cecily S 161, 281, 341 Desmond, Kathryn Margaret 149, 187, 282, 341 Deutsch, Donna M. 186, 198, 270, 380 DeValle, Virginia S 292, 380 De Vone, Sharon Lou 270 DeWitt, Bernard H 341 Dickson, Maureen Ruth 341 Diehl, Margaret A - 380 Diehl, Penelope C....154, 266, 380 Dillon, Laura W 286 Dills, James R 3 04 Diulus, Fred E 184, 315 Dixon, James Edward 300 Dixon, Jean Anne 341 Doan, Phung Ven 380 Dolan, John Edward 341 Dolfi, Carole Ann 380 Donahey, Gehre J 311 Donath, Carlyn Ann 304, 380 Donaway, Jerry W 316 Donnelly, Betsy 274, 380 Dorsett, Earl Howard 300 Dorsey, Linda 262 Doster, Daniel H 302 Doty, Ellen Ann 268 Dougherty, Jan 1. 123, 154,282, 380 Douglas, Phyllis 276 Douglas, Terry Carol 304 Douglas, Martha 272 Dow, Letitia Adair 278 Dowdell, Caroline Jane 264 Dowdy, Nancy Arleene 274 Dowling, Dorene 274 Dowling, Nancy Jean 177, 380 Downey, Kathleen Marie 268 Doyle, Jamie Laura 161, 341 Dozier, Vivian Ann ..155, 266, 380 Driver, Paul L 380 Drum, Ted Ervin 163, 302, 380 Drummond, Robert F 318 Duane, William Ford 316 Duby, Mark Donald 311 Duey, Bobbie Nell 124, 304 Dukes, James Franklin 302 Dunaway, D. Faye 380 Duncan, Dorothy Gail 278 Dunk, Christina Patricia 276 Dunlap, Jack Walton 302 Dunlap, Richard Allan 316 Dunlap, Stephen Eugene .. 221, 318 Dunning, Virginia 187, 284 Duren, Kathryn Inez 276 Durrance, Johnnie Leah.. 170, 380 Durst, Mildred 1 380 Dye, Michael Wayne 380 Dyer, George _ 318 Dyke, E. Joseph 302 E Eadie, Norma Jean 268,380 Eason, Sandra L 380 Eastman, Blanche Marie.. 124, 270 Echols, Frank Howard 302 Eddins, John F 156, 181, 341 Eddy, Sunshine 141,306,341 Edgar, Paula Ruth 304, 341 Edgar, Urda Karen 264 Edwards, Carlton Wayne 302 Edwards, Deanna Lee 380 Edwards, Denise Patricia 304 Edwards, Jennifer 284 Edwards, Lorain J 381 Edwards, Mary Louise 149, 152, 284, 341 Edwards, Merrill J 159, 381 Edwards, Patricia Ann 381 Edwards, Suzanne Elizabeth 258, 262, 341 Edwards, Sylvia E 381 Egan, William C, Jr 381 Eichert, Phyllis Rae 278 Eichinger, Margie E 381 Fide, Paul E 341 Eikenberry Rowe Ellen 274 Ekman, Edward Allan 319 Ekman, S. Karen 292,381 Flam, Boyt Lee 296, 304 Eldredge, Ann Glenn 304 Elliott, Barbara 260 Elliott, Carole Jean 157, 341 Ellis, Charles Dave 320 Ellis, Mary Carolyn 341 Ellison, Eloise 381 Elmore, William Jerome 342 Elvena, Ronald G 300 Elvery, Martha A 196, 286, 342 Elwell, Richey 316, 381 Emptage, Sally Ann 276 Emptage, Susan J 381 Engert, Beverly Faye 342 Englund, Nancie 278 Eshleman, Linda Ruth 381 Espey, John Richard 315 Eubanks, Donna Joan 381 Eubanks, John Richard... 180, 342 Evans, Gerald Kent 342 Evans, Mary Judith 262 Evans, OUie L 316 Evans, Thomas D., Jr 300, 342 Evers, Aldene Ruth 342 Ewald, Arthur M., Jr 381 Ewing, William S 307 Exum, Bobby E 304 Exum, Frances B 196, 304, 381 Eyster, Jo Elen 196, 304 Fain, Carolyn Ann 290 Fain, Emma Jean 282 Fain, Frances Abigail 282 Fairnington, William J 319 Falconnier, Donna 144,270 Falmlen, Rae Ellen 381 Fappiano, Barbara Jane 342 Farb, Myron 174, 322 Earls, Joseph P., Jr 180,342 Farmer, Carl Lewis 300 Farnell, Crockett 302 Fartior, Jennie Finley 274 Fazio, Donald Fredrico 304 Fazio, Mario 304 Feagles, Cheryl Lee 342 Fearington, Paul Mercer 302 Fedor, Samuel D 224, 226, 381 Fehlberg, Susan C. ..187, 274, 342 Ferguson, Patricia Jean. .269, 342 Fernandez, Betty Joyce.. 282, 342 Fernandez, Irene Yolanda 342 Fernandez, Mary Lynn 290 Fernandez, Peter Alan 307 Ferqueron, Margaret E 342 Fetterley, Laura E. ..154, 177, 381 Ficarrotta, Katherine Jo 381 Field, M. Carolyn 269, 381 Fields, Edgar, Thomas 180; 181, 183, 342 Fifield, Grace 284 Finchum, Jane L. 184, 381, 292, 381 Finchum, Phyllis Ann 342 Findley, Nancy Jeanne 381 Fink, Richard B., 11 322, 322 Finn, Patricia Ann 44,292 Fischer, Susan 286 Fisher, Chris A. E. ..132, 274, 342 Fisher, Frances Evelyn 342 Fisher, Joyce Helen 199,274 Fisher, Kenneth F 311 Flandreau, Dennis R 153, 308 Fleming, John Harlie 300 Fleming, Peggy O ' Neal 381 Fleming, Walter James 300 Flesher, Molly 147, 149, 342 Fletcher, Kay Charlotte.. 266, 381 Floyd, Gwendolyn Sue 154, 381 Flynn, Anna Clare ...166, 167, 381 410 Fohl, Robert Orr 316 Folino, Peter Anthony 321, 320 Folson, Permelia Anne 166, 186, 292, 342 Foltz, Carol Louise 343 Ford, John Edwin 312 Ford, William Harley 299 Fotdham, George Edward 190,315, 343 Forrest, Helen H. 124 124, 186, 194, 286 Forrester, Joan Suzanne 274 Fouts, E. Kay 290 Fowler, Joseph A 185, 324 Fox, James Lee 299, 343 Fox, Stewart Bell, Jr 343 Fox, Virginia Joyce 264 Foy, Evelyn 284 Fraleigh, Helen (Tutter) 284 Fraleigh, Nancy Lou 183, 284, 343 Franklin, John Russell 302 Eraser, Andrew W 343 Eraser, Marjorie Kathleen 269, 343 Eraser, Nancy Jane 147, 149, 258, 343 Frazier, E. Ivylyn 177, 182, 199, 264 Frazier, James M 320, 382 Freck, Carley Ann 382 Freed, Barbara Lee 276 Freeman, Janice Elaine.. 49, 278 Freeman, Jeanne Louise 260 Freeman, M. Judith 272 French, Douglas Stephan 307 French, Lynn Isabelle 269, 343 Fretwell, Sheldon E., Jr. .311, 343 Freudenstein, Roger L. ...227, 319 Prey, Susan Jane 276 Frick, Zona P 292 Friedrichsen, Lewis Johnson. 324 Friend, Cynthia 276 Frill, Twila Ann 382 Fry, Georgiana Jean 135, 382 Fugate, Virginia Kimbrough... 290 Fulkerson, Fred 308 Fulton, Donna Kay 274 Fussell, Tommy J 307 Gaddis, James Marvin Gailey, Barbara J. 187, 194, Galbraith, Minora F. 199, 290, Garcia, Loretta H Garcia, Sandra Marie Garner, Ellen, Jane Garner, Patricia Gayle 199, Garrett, Marvin Alvin 180, 183, 307, Garrett, Michelle Ann 276, Gartman, Carol Y 142, 156, Gaskin, JoAn Gaskin, Mary Jeah Gattis, Donald L 153, 181, Gauthier, Paulette B 266, Geer, Ada Alice 272, Geer, Juanita H Geiger, Norma Gayle Genders, Curtis D 207, Gens, Harold F Geoghagan, Buzz George, Doris Ann George, Jane Marie George, Joan 187, Geojge, Margaret Lynn 187, George, Molly 157, Gernhard, Judith Mae 292, Gerhard, Marvin Wilbur 312, Getzen, Mary Jane 284, Gibson, Dannye Carol Gibson, Pamela F Gibson, Paul E 180, Gibson, Sandra Lee 177, Gibson, Suzanne P Giella, MaryGrace Pauline Gilbert, Barbara Dianne.. 281, Gilbert, Sandra Sue Gilbert, William Peake Gilburts, Geraldine Ann.... Gillespie, Joan Wylie Gillespie, Mary Gail 305, Gillham, Frances Monty 123, 147, 149, 333, Gillis, James Hilton 300, Gillis, John Andrew Gilmore, Dorothy Ann 184, 187, 292, Gipson, Patricia Watkins . 160, Girtman, Marianna 120, 199, 292, Giunta, Richard Samuel Givens, Bobby Lee Givens, Johnie Fred Gladding, Margery Daley. 276, Glass, Geraldine K Gobie, Kathryn Ellen 264, 311 286 382 343 343 292 262 343 382 343 278 286 316 382 343 299 269 308 343 315 343 264 284 270 270 382 343 343 382 382 343 382 382 343 382 344 312 344 305 382 344 382 344 382 344 382 307 382 382 344 344 382 Gocke, Paul F., Jr 344 Godfrey, Mariorie Nan 292, 344 Godfrey, William Clark 324 Godin, Diane Elizabeth 344 Goldsworthy, Kay Marie 264 Goldwasser, Susan W 382 Gonzalez, Hugh Lambert 344 Gonzales, Nick D 319 Gonzalez, Rhoda Mary 187,284 Good, Jerry Paul 304 Goodman, Gary Gordon 312 Goodman, Gerald L 324 Goodwin, Effie Zipperer 344 Goodwin, Elizabeth Lyle 290 Goodwin, Nancy L 344 Gordy, Marcia Ann 286, 344 Gormley, Linda Marion 57, 222, 223, 282 GortemoUer, Theo B 382 Gossman, Jane Marie 344 Gotshall, Sally Ann 278,382 Gotthardt, Gail Louise 258, 278 Gould, Francis H 382 Grady, John Patrick 344 Graham, Polly 286 Graham, Rosemary Elizabeth .. 290 Graham, Virginia Joyce. ..284, 344 Gramling, Carol Ann 278 Gramling, Charley Archie 308 Grant, Audrey Mae 270, 344 Gravlee, Elizabeth Louise 269 Gray, Albert Downing 316 Gray, Jerold Madison. 319 Grear, Robert Shane, Jr. ..180, 344 Green, Cynthia 344 Green, Virgil Samuel 307 Green, William J 124, 296, 315 Greene, Errol Lynn 382 Greenwood, Bruce 382 Greenwood, Patricia Ann. 157, 276 Gregory, Bascom A 382 Gregory, Jeanie 274 Gregory, M art h a 262 Gregory, Mary Phyllis 262 Gregory, Thomas Harlan 344 Gridley, Jane Ellen 282 Grieser, Elaine M 292, 345 Grieser, Mimi Ann 292 Griffin, Carolyn Commyns 120, 264, 345 Griffin, Lucy Ann 382 Griffin, Waylon D 345 Griff is, Sam 299 Grigsby, Patricia Yvonne 187, 270 Grimsley, John Gall 114, 122 146, 148, 178, 211, 357, 319, 345 Grizzard, Claude Hardin 148, 167, 185, 357, 316 Grodzicki, Ray J 320 Grogan, Owen Ross 345 Groover, Mary Elizabeth .. 278, 345 Groover, Melanie F 382 Gross, Annette Marian 266 Gross, Nancy Marie 345 Gross, Peggy Ann ...187, 276, 346 Grow, John David 160, 316 Grubbs, Mary H 187, 262, 346 Guerra, Michael Albert 300, 346 Guglietta, Lorraine C 382 Guice, Mary Ann 157, 276, 346 Guilbert, Sandra Anne 274,382 Guinand, M. Matile 130, 144, 175, 282, 382 Guinta, Joyce J 183,305,382 Gunn, Elizabeth Lois 382 Gunn, Mary Jean 264 Gunnels, David Philip 303 Guthrie, Patricia C 277, 382 H Hackett, Peggy Anne 120, Hadert, Ginger Hafele, James F Hag an, Diane Hagar, Thomas L Haige, Diane V 187, Hailey, Joaquin Haines, Alan P Hair, Anita E Hair, Carol Frances 199, Hair, Mattox S....163, 296, 357, Halbach, Victor M 120, Hales, Aha Ann Hall, Frances 258, Hall, Jeane Elizabeth Hall, Kay Newton 149, 152, 177, 357, 281, Hall, Mary Linda Hallisey, Susan Elizabeth Halliwell, Harry A Halman, Carolyn Sue Halverstadt, Anne Louise Hambright, Mary Catherine 161, Hamilton, Bess L 262 292 303 272 316 305 312 320 382 305 373 308 382 270 278 346 382 281 346 382 260 346 320 Hamilton, Hilda 346 Hamilton, Laura Ann 382 Hamilton, Sarah Jonath 292 Hamlet, Barbara Joan 346 Hamlin, Mike Estill 307 Hammer, Sara Ann 284, 382 Hancock, Geraldine Hope 120, 383, 281, 346 Hancock, Jonnye Annette 141, 346 Hand, Betty Jean 124, 382 Hannah, Harryette J 292, 382 Hannah, Peg 272 Hansell, Mary Edwene 382 Hansen, Hans Erie 304 Hansen, John Magnus 346 Hanshaw, Linda Ann 346 Hanson, Barbara Elaine 346 Hanson, Barbara Louise 270 Hanson, Ingrid 264 Harbin, Dora 1 278 Harbourt, Stanley W 346 Harby, Hazel Elizabeth 305 Hardy, Nora Nell 293, 382 Hardy, Ray Gerald 383 Harrell, Bobby 308 Harington, Edith H 383 Harris, Emily Hunt 260 Harris, James W., Jr 383 Harris, Lynette E. ...170, 176, 346 Harris, Webster Gerald ...299 Harris, Yolanda 167, 260 Harrison, Barbara Ann 258, 281, 346 Harrison, Ron 346 Harmon, Mary Eleanor 272 Hart, Karl V 168, 346 Hart, Peg _ 274 Hart, Sarah McColl 294, 285 Hartley, Charles Ralph 346 Hartz, Ella Jean 199, 282, 383 Harvey, Gay 274 Hasell, Barbara Lee 272 Haslinger, Jacquelin Alice 346 Hatcher, Beverly Earle 266 Hatchett, William Joseph, Jr. . 311 Hatton, Dottie 147,149,177,357,196,305, 373 Haven, Eliza H 199, 383 Hawes, Edna E 383 Hawkins, Charles L..153, 320, 383 Hawkins, Jacqueline Nadine.. 347 Hawks, Ronald Emrick 324 Hay, Eva Louise 290 Hayden, Gayle Haskell 305 Hayden, John Harold 304 Hayes, Lenora James 383 Haygood, Beverly Neal ....286, 383 Haynsworth, Jacqueline 282 Hays, Edwin C 383 Haywood, Jeane tte 383 Hazelton, Ronald Edward 312 Headley, Mary Martha 281 Heard, Kathryn Sue 383 Hearn, Janet G 285 Heddon, James L 383 Hefele, Patricia Gayle 278 Hefele, Ray E., Jr 383 Hegedus, Holly Helen 270 Heinberg, Jerome L 299 Helgemo, Steve Leif 300 Henderson, Nancy Lee 126, 177, 260, 383 Hendricks, Carol Millay 264 Hendrickson, Barbara Ann 285 Hendrickson, Hebert E 300 Hendrickson, Sue-Ellen ... 187, 383 Hendriksen, Carol Jeanne 262 Hendry, Patricia Ann 272 Henley, Jane Ruth 383 Henne, Alfred M 383 Henry, Donald Eugene 347 Hensley, Marian Jane 269, 347 Henson, Sandra Jean 383 Herring, Jack LaRue 383 Herring, Jerreann 262 Herson, Paddy Jane., 270 Hertzberg, Arthur G 383 Herzog, Ellen 383 Hickman, Bera Barnett 281, 347 Hickson, Buddy 303 Hickox, Joe E 307 Hiers, Valeria Jean 293, 383 Highnam, Sally Gay 120, 152, 345, 270, 347 Hiles, J. W 207,308 Hill, Charles Kelly 300 Hill, John J 304 Hill, Malcom Lee 347 Hill, -Marsha Lynn 187, 266 Hill, Patricia C 187, 282, 383 Hill, Ruth H 270 Himrod, Sophie L 383 Hindman, Lin .■ 277 Hines, Charles W 299 Hines, Thomas R., Jr 384 Hinote, Lloyd 180, 347 Hinton, Glen 164, 347 Hobbs, Joanne F 184, 187,285 Hobbs, Linda Carole 120, 272 Hobbs, Mohler Jerry., 320 Hobbs, Natalie Halstead 123, 126, 128, 149, 152, 158 175, 186, 282, 345, 347 Hobbs, Thomas W., Jr 384 Hobbs, Wayne C 347 Hobgood, William P 316 Hobkirk, Frances Louise 347 Hodges, Fred H ' . 347 Hodges, Margaret ....177, 188,384 Hodges, Mary Jane ..186, 198, 347 Hoffman, Richard F 384 Hogan, Dilmus D 347 Hogle, Thomas Ralph 315 Hohne, Charles J 139, 238, 347 Hcrlder, James S., Jr 320 Holding, Kathleen Louise 124, 277 Holland, Dorothy S. 142, 152, 186, 198, 347 Holland, Homer Greene 300 Holland, John M 316 Holley, William Calvin 299 Holliday, David Scott 304 Hollins, Patricia Ann 264, 347 Hollis, Jane A 167, 269, 384 HoUoman, Lois Ann 187, 286 HoUoway, Charles H 384 Holmes, Charles S 347 Holt, Sally Ann 384 Holton, Edna 316 Hooks, Sabra Lynn 384 Hooper, Beryle Jean 269 Hoover, Jon Julien 384 Horn, Colette Eliza beth 347 Horsley, Beverly Jean 347 Horton, Sarah Wincy 384 Hostetter, John D 347 Houser, David Allan 162, 319 Houston, Patricia Ann 188, 277 Howard, Esel Marie 348 Howard, Jacqueline Mae. .261, 348 Howard, Sharon Kathleen 348 Howell, Robert D., Jr 384 Howes, Richard Lyle 300 Howington, William M 299 Hoy, Colleen Patricia 269 Hoy, Susan Eleanor 262 Huber, Carol Diane 348 Huddleston, Marjorie K. .. 199, 272 Hudson, Ann K 384 Hudson, Flora C 262 Hudson, Sylvia Diane 348 Huey, James H 384 Huey, Martha Jo 348 Hufford, Kathleen F. R. 147, 149, 345, 272, 374 Hufstetler, Yvonne E 384 Hughes, Eleanor.. 262, 348 Hughes, John Clark 348 Hull, John H 304 Humphress, Margaret Alice 266 Hunt, Barbara Ann 186, 384 Hunt, Carolyn Jo 275 Hunt, Linda Lee 285 Hunter, Sandra Ann 305 Huszty, Yolanda M 270, 348 Hutchins, Kathleen A 264, 384 Hutmacher, Richard A 384 Hyde, Gale Chalma 187, 384 Hyers, Elaine E 187, 261, 348 I Ikeler, George R 319, 348 Imber, Lawrence, R. ,..303 Imeson, Margaret L. .130, 285, 384 Ingalls, Elizabeth Alice .. 277, 348 Ingram, Julie Ann 123, 152, 345, 282, 348 Inlow, Kary G 384 Inman, Paul Murrow .......312 Irrgang, Mary Frances 272 J Jackson, Cecil M 162, 300, 384 Jackson, Gay A 176,348 Jackson, James Alan 316 Jackson, Jan Carol 277 Jackson, Kathy Marie 290 Jackson, Merry J 183, 261, 348 Jackson, Robert M 139, 384 Jackson, Sandra Jane 293 Jacob, Jean Louise 174,348 Jacobson, Michael A. 322 Jacoby, Gale Rene 270 Jacoves, Jacqueline Helen.... 348 Jagger, Brenda Wantz 269 Janes, John E 384 Jankunis, Virginia Ann 264,384 Janz, Margaret L 348 Jenkins, Jennie Davis 272 Jenkins, Jill Sandra 184, 278 Jensen, F. Rolf 184,304 Jerke, John Merle 304 411 J-s Index 176, 272, 286, .199! Jewell, Jane Lee Johns, Alyce-Mae Johnson, Arie L 42, 270 Johnson, Barbara Jean 261, Johnson, Carol Luanne Johnson, Catherine E 305, JohnsBn, Charles E., Jr Johnson, Clifton Averette Johnson, Delphia Nae 149, Johnson, Emily F. ...161, Johnson, Isabel J. ...170, Johnson, Jimmie Lucinda Johnson, Karen Sue Johnson, Linda Eleanor Johnson, M. Catherine Johnson, Martha Ann Johnson, N. Merline 270, Johnson, Sandra Raye Johnson, Winifred L Johnston, Charlotte Anne Johnston, Crews , Johnston, Gordon B Johnwick, Robert Leon Jones, Anton Clark Jones, Betty Ann Jones, Carla Elaine 278, Jones, Carol Jones, Chastine Woodward Jones, Clayton W. . Jones, Evon Louise Jones, Floy Dagmar 266, Jones, Franklin Lewis Jones, JoAnn » Jones, John Paul Jones, Mary Lillian. Jones. Mary Louise 1 8, Jones, Nancy Rae " 122, 149, 152, 183, 345, 261, Jones, Otis Paul Jones, Sue Ellen Jones, Terrie Carol 124, 144, 149, 270, Jones, William Roy, Jr. ...182, Jopling, Frances Emily. ..265, Jordan, Frances Mignon.. Jordan, Madonna Judy, E. Ivan Jurney, Bill F K Kaleta, Victor John Kalmes, Peter Augustus Kam, David A Kane, Karen Evelyn 272, Kane, Linda Sue ...167, Kapnias, Athena K Kearce, James Thomas Kearns, Crescentia Ann.. 278, Kearns, John P Keating, Charles M 153, Keels, Charles M 294, 303, Kenn, Ted 119, 146, 14 , 296, 240, 308, Keene, Wallace Oles 333,379,381, Keeney, Gerald Walter.... 307, Keller, Betty Ann Kelley, Mary Patricia 154, Kelly, Charles William Kelly, John Michael 183, Kelly, Judith Ann 187, Kemp, Carolyn A. .....167,281, Kendall, John David Kendrick, Gloria Faye 187, Kendrick, Linda Frances. 177, Kennedy, Dovie Jean Kennedy, Sheila Nanette 121, 170, 178, 278, Kennicott, Patrick C Kent, Twyla Sue Kerley, Robert € Kickliter, Joyce Anne 281, Kidd, Joby Kieser, Robert Frederick . 182, Kight, Wanda Laraine Kiicta, Janyce Hobkirk Kilburn, Galen B Kimball, Sarah DeBorah 160, 258,365, Kimberlin, Billy Charles Kimble, D. Camille Kindernay, Cynthia Joyce king, Beth Taylor- 187, King, Dorothy Ann _. King, Helen Bevis King, Jane Adele King, Janet Carolyn King, Lili Louise King, Lois M 184, King, Michael Wallace Kirby, Audrey N 160, 188, Kirby, Mirth Carole 285, .278 384 348 348 261 384 303 348 349 249 349 349 384 286 272 349 349 270 384 384 320 303 320 311 264 349 272 282 303 277 349 349 286 316 290 269 349 349 ,293 384 349 349 265 349 384 384 ,349 .315 322 349 384 .349 303 384 384 307 349 163 374 308 349 384 384 .308 316 290 384 .384 278 285 .275 349 384 .349 350 350 299 350 270 350 308 350 315 384 .290 285 384 269 ,384 275 350 384 350 350 384 Kirk, Daisy E 281, 385 Kirk, Robert Wm 312 Kirkham, Dale Vaughan 308 Kirkland, Virginia M 350 Kirkpatrick, Alan Scott 315 Kirkwood, Richard Henry 364 Kirton, Sandra E 281, 385 Kistler, Kathryn Power 273 Kittel, Joanne 266 Kittredge, Susan Camille 305 Klein, Susan Marie 350 Klesios, Steve Edward 211, 324 Klinck, Dianne Elisabeth 277 Knight, Helen 385 Knight, James Edwards ... 136, 350 Knight, Jean D 266, 385 Knight, Susan Ann 157, 294, 277, 350 Knowles, Marilyn Gene 157, 293, 350 Knowles, Ruth Dailey 385 Koepp, Ruth D 167, 385 Koos, Cornelia Gerow 157,265 Koperski, Barbara Ann 277,350 Koppeis, Carl J 324 Kopytchak, Michael D 385 Korst, Ernest B., Jr 303 Koschler, Judith Ann 270 Kramer, Charles Ray 320 Kramer, Luisa Lee 157, 187, 193, 282, 385 Krausche, Charles Emil 324 Krausche, Pauline G 278 Krawitz, Barry 322 Kret, Virgil W 385 Kulzer, James F 320 L LaCagnina, Giulia Riga 286 Lackey, Elizabeth Anne 269 Laesser, Judy A 305,385 LaGrange, Lynn 178,305,350 Lairsey, Charles Leroy 350 Lamb, Patricia Sharpe 187, 286 Lambert, Charles Andrew 350 Lambrecht, Carol Kay 265,350 Lambur, Sandra J. ...186, 290, 350 Lamons, Kitty Erwin 262 Lance, Patricia L 293, 385 Landstrom, Bertha 304 Lanford, Ernest E 308,350 Langford, Katherine Mary 273 Lang ley, Dianne 293 Langston, Sandra Louise 282 Lanier, Ovida H 385 Lanken, Joel VonKecht 385 Lanza, Sal Anthony 301, 385 Lapicola, Marilyn Martin 350 Larimore, Granville Lee 351 Larimore, Lila Lee 187, 266 Larson, Esther Sue 193, 385 Larson, Texie Ann 184, 293 Lattner, Richard David 304 LaVigne, Harry E 185,294,,351 Lawhorne, John Thomas 304 Lawrence, Patricia Ann.. 187, 285 Lay, Carolyn Sue 270 Layton, O. Anne 351 Leabo, J. Philip 351 Leap, Carole King 351 LeBlanc, Mike B 301, 385 Lebo, Helen Jean 294, 275 LeBoeuf, Leighton Lee 311 LeBoeuf, Louis K 311, 385 Ledbetter, Marshall Bobin 351 Lee, Alinda Mae 385 Lee, Barbara Elizabeth 286 Lee, Helen Geoffrey 285 Lee, Letty Anne 385 Lee, Linda 266 Lee, Romona Diana 278 Leedham, Pricille Jane 266 Leedy, Barbara H 157, 385 Leeger, Robin Loretta 285 Lehan, Judith Mary 124, 194, 290, 350 LeHardy, Frank A., Jr. ... 303, 352 Leigh, Sharon F 265 Leighton, Mary K. 385 Lenahan, Caryl T 305, 385 L ' Engle, Harriet C. ..129, 186, 293 Lenzi, Gail W 385 Leonhart, Germaine C. 187, 285, 385 Leslie, Larry J 315 Leto, Donna Kathlee 265 Leuther, Mary Cay 286 Lewis, Carol Jo 157,277,352 Lewis, C. Dean 352 Lewis, Fedora Belle 149, 152, 167, 265, 352 Lewis, Katherine 185, 385 Lewis, Margaret Reed 275, 352 Lewis, Marvin R 156, 180, 301 Lieb, Patsy Ann 352 Lima, Barbara Jean. .167, 281, 385 Lindquist, Beverly Jeanne 261 Lineback, Robert M 352 Linebaugh, Dottie Sue 273 Linscott, Billie Ann 281 Little, Marjorie Ruth 266, 385 Littlejohn, Blair R 296, 311 Lloyd, James Morrow 315 Lockett, Carl F 385 Lockwood, Albert Burney 385 Lockwood, Betty Fawn 385 Lofstrom, Carl R. 307 Lofton, Robert Thomas, Jr 303 Logan, Roberta Jean 352 Lomaistro, Evelyn ...149, 152, 352 Long, Edward Wayne 352 Long, Wilda Houston 352 Longshore, Jean Lamar ...385 Longstreth, James Wendell 352 Lopez, Walter Michael, Jr 352 Lovis, Frances L 385 Love, Bill 178, 312 Loveland, Patricia Stewart 352 Lovell, Adrian D 352 Lowe, Charlotte E 262, 385 Lowell, Leslie Ann. .167, 174, 385 Lowery, Charlene K 174, 290 Loy, Snow Anderson 275 Lucas, Ruth Dolores 352 Lucas, Samuel Thomas... 315, 352 Ludwig, Sylvia Carol 385 Luhr, Linda L 385 Lumpkin, Deanna Dorothy 166, 285 Lundgren, Betty-Ann 261 Lund Strom, Kristin... 277 Lupo, Alice Louise 281,352 Lynch, John Bassett, Jr 312 Lynn, Thomas Wayne 159,385 M MacDonald, Sally Lou 385 McArn, Gloria Ann... 385 McArthur, Gilbert B 316 McArthur, J. Annette 354 McArthur, Penelope K 167,385 McAuliffe, Marguerite _ 385 McBride, Therese E 282, 385 McCarter, Robert J 385 McCarthy, Nancy Jean ...385 McCarthy, Vincent Charles 185, 324, 354 McClain, William Marshall 354 McClelland, Jane Marie 385 McClung, Janice L 142,386 McClung, OUie W., Jr 386 McConnell, Ray Leo 354 McConnell, Spero Gene 354 McCormack, Harold B 386 McCormick, Gene . 211, 308 McCormick, Gladys Louise 293 McCormick, Maudry L 185, 354 McCorquodale, Mary C. ... 187, 293 McCotter, James C 308 McCrocklin, Wm. Hardman 301, 354 McCrory, J. Walter 320 McCue, William George 299 McCune, Saranan 282, 386 McCuskey, Elizabeth Louise. .354 McCutcheon, Crichton 322 McDaniel, Gloria Gail 354 McDaniel, Jerry Lamar 303 McDavid, Sandra Meade 386 McDonald, Gail Elaine 386 McDougald, D. Carline 157, 199, 305, 354 McDuffie, Brenda L 386 McDugald, Marilyn JoAnn 354 McEwan, Martha Elizabeth 273 McGee, Elizabeth Roberta 275 McGinnes, Mary Jane 285,386 McGuire, Louvenia E 386 McGuire, Terry Lynn 282, 386 Mcintosh, Ruth Anndle 147, 149, 160, 170, 333, 275, 375 McKelvin, George Henry -..311 McKenney, Robert L., Jr 386 McKnight, Joyce Marie 270 McLean, John (Mrs.) 274 McLeSter, Ruth Elaine 354 McMillan, Judy .170,379,305,386 McNeil, James H 307, 354 McNeill, H. Wyatt 354 McPheeters, Roberta Louise.. 270 McPherson, Caren C - 304 McQueen, Spencer D., Jr. 386 McQuestion, John Robert . 138, 354 NIcRae, Margaret ...— 262 McRae, Patricia E -.275 McShane, Raymond K 386 McSheehan, Muriel Ann 354 McSwain, Sallie B. ..166, 273, 386 McVey, Barbara J 354 McWhirter, Gayle W...186, 192, 273 McWhirter, Sandra Kay 273 Maas, Carol Jane 258 Mabry, Elizabeth Ann 261 Mackinnon, Margaret J. ... 261, 386 Macklem, Grace Elizabethl20, 262 Macfarlan, Lucy Patricia 277 MacGrotty, Edward Joseph 352 Macon, Robert Rowney 311 Magda, Kathy Ann 187, 308 Magee, James Miln 205 Maghes, Bonnie D. J 386 Magnell, Judith Ann 166, 282 Magnon, GailDee- 278 Mahannah, Marian L 265, 352 Malone, F. Joye 275 Maney, Alene Dorothy 222, 282 Mann, Dorothy Estelle.... 199,278 Mann, Jack Tay 353 Mann, John Michael 386 Mann, Morita J 286, 353 Mann, Thomas 318, 353 Mansfield, M. Gennie 279 Maples, Jane Allen 157, 186, 198, 293 Marble, Kenneth William 353 Marchesseau, Mary Ann ...286, 353 Marchetta, T. Beverly 141,386 Markette, Sarah Alice 277 Markham, Joann June 273 Markley, Ruthann S 293, 386 Marks, Thomas Clark, Jr. 161, 162, 163,303, 353 Maroon, James W 320 Marrs, Robert Henry, Jr 353 Marsch, Sue D 386 Marshall, Claude Durfee ..319, 353 Marshall, Pegi K 277 Marshall, Robert L 319 Marshek, Glen Otto 156, 353 Martin, Beverly Ann 266 Martin, Claudette 262 Martin, Frances Etta 386 Martin, Gerald Edward 353 Martin, Louise, S 196, 266 Martin, Marie Lucille 266, 353 Martin, Martha Jane 279 Martin, Shirley Ann 265, 386 Martinelli, R. Vince 185,308 Martinez, Harry Robert 162,386 Martino, Joan Patricia 294, 261, 353 Martin-Vegue, Carol 386 Martucci, Gloria Martha 353 Mason, Betsyrene Tudi... 282, 353 Mason, John Allen _. 315 Massey, E. Sue 123, 192, 258, 333, 261, 353 Mathews, Mary Carolyn 386 Mathis, David E 353 Mathis, Helen L 353 Mathis, Damela Ann 266 Mathis, Roy 148, 316 Mathison, Sandra Jane 386 Matthews, Henry W. ..155, 303, 353 Matthews, Linda J. ..154, 282, 386 Matthews, Mary Agnes 293 Matthews, Melinda Sue 279 Matthews, Sally Ann 279,353 Mattocks, Janet Sandra 290 Marts, Betsy Lou 277 Matylas, Nancy Caverly.. 176, 353 Maultsby, Charles Tucker 162, 301 MaxweH, Robert H 299 Maynard, Rosalie 281, 353 Medlock, Charles G., Jr 386 Meebold, Phyllis, J 177,354 Meek, Emma Brown 278 Meekison, Vivian Irene... 187, 279 Megathlin, Karen 275 Mehlich,Gerald Edward 307 Meier, Robert 129,319,354 Meier, Ronald Walter 319 Melvin, F. Reta 186,281,386 Mendoza, Carl C 354 Menge, Marion Franklin, Jr. ... 354 Menis, Eugenia Alice 386 Merrin, Kay Irene 265, 386 Messer, Reba Carolyn 273 Metts, Carey M 182, 386 Metz, Thomas 0. 180, 190, 324, 355 Mew, Tommy Joseph 319 Meyers, Judith Lee 281, 386 Miceli, Frank John 386 Mickey, Dorothy P. ..199, 290, 355 Mickler, Helen K 187, 262, 355 Middleton, David J 303 Miles, Rosemary 263 Milford, Eric Franklyn 304 Miller, Ansil Daniel 320 Miller, Barbara Cordes ....265, 386 Miller, Beryl E 130,269,386 Miller, Elizabeth V 277 Miller, John William 386 Miller, Kim 303 Miller, Mary Charlotte 261 Miller, Patricia Erwin 293,386 Miller, Rhoda Baynard 320 Miller, Sylvia D 120, 261, 355 Millinor, Francine Mays.. 187, 285 Millis, Maurice Berner 301 412 Mills, Ellis Willard 316, 355 Mills, Marjorie MacKay 355 Milmore, Maryann B 386 Mims, Constance Martha 305 Mims, Jane D 141, 269, 386 Mims, Sharon A 386 Minchin, James Ronald 299 Miner, Benjamin F., Jr 355 Mixon, William Aris 307 Mock, Rupert, Jr 294,315 Moehle, Blanche A 187, 386 Moffett, Peter 311 Moffitt, Betty Jo 290, 386 Moles, Courtney W., Jr. 183, 299, 386 Moloney, Valerie J 355 Monk, Don 308 Monk, Lawrence William 355 Monrose, Helen G. 140, 387 Monte, Joan T 279 Montford, Charles H 177, 387 Montgomery, John M 308 Mooney, Barbara Lee 263 Moore, Andrew Harold 123, 301 Moore, Autry Lee 387 Moore, Carl Jackson, Jr 307 Moore, Faith 168, 269 Moore, George R 308 Moore, Harvell Jerome 315 Moore, Henry Clay 387 Moore, Jerry C 315 Moore, Joe 301 Moore, Joe Keith 355 Moore, Mary M 177,285,387 Moore, Ronnie W 299 Moore, Thomas C 324 Moore, Yuill Duncan 308 Moore, Yvonne ..192, 294, 281, 355 Mooty, Paula Ann 387 Morehouse, Merry E. 132, 178, 387 Morehouse, Walt H 299 Moren, Robert Alan 319, 355 Morgan, John H 180, 355 Morgan, Ralph T. 127, 132, 136, 155, 355 Morgan, Sandra Carroll 355 Moriner, Robert Henry 304 Morris, Caroline 187, 286 Morris, Deanna Inez 135, 140, 164, 387 Morris, Ronald Beville .... 180, 355 Morris, William Warren 324 Morrison, James Louis 355 Morrison, Sandra Eulalie 355 Morton, Dorothy Louise 122, 318, 282, 355 Morton, Margie Frances 387 Morton, Michael Vance 387 Morton, Nancy Ellen 273 Morton, Sarah Olivia 355 Mosberg, Cynthia E 196, 387 Moses, Mary Jo 286 Moses, Patricia Patty-Lu 355 Moses, Sharon Lynn 154, 387 Mosley, Curtis R 303 Moure, Sally G 305, 387 Mulhall, Roy Edward 319 Muller, Thomas 307 Mulling, Virginia Ann 265 Mumpower, Ruthanne M 387 Murphy, Marie LuAnn 275 Murphy, Patricia Lee 356 Murray, Robert Lee 303 Murrell, Patricia Claire 356 Muser, Jan Lu Christine 265 Music, Janellen Osborn 356 Music, William Jennings 356 Myers, Clyde V 356 Mynard, Charles William .. 123, 307 N Neal, Hilda Derry 285 Neal, Johnny 303 Nealing, Michael A 304 Neeld, April 387 Neff; Carol Jane 356 Neher, Jackie 271 Nelson, Carl Fred 238,307 Nelson, Carol Mildred 271 Nelson, Doris Ruth 356 Nelson, Edna Gail 356 Nelson, R. Donald ...184, 312, 387 NeSmith, Judy Katherine 286 NeSmith, Martha Lee 282 Nessler, Gloria Ann 167, 387 Newell, Thomas W 324 Newman, James B 315 Newsom, Georgia Carolyn 356 Newsom, Jane Reid 305, 356 Newton, Anthony Harold 312 Newton, Ginny 263 Newton, James C 169, 301, 356 Nichols, Alfred C, 111 128, 146, 148, 155, 175 211, 333, 319, 356 Nichols, Barbara Jo-Anne 277 Nichols, She ila Frances .. 290, 356 Niedenthal, John Andre 324 Nipper, Kenneth Sherbern 307 Moble, Rembrandt William 356 Nonnemacher, Herman F 356 Norman, Barbara Ann 286 Norman, Gayle 188, 275 Norris, Dorothy Jean 266 Norteman, Margaret Catherine . 267 Northrup, Diane Muriel 140, 269 Nussear, Robert E. ..123, 294, 324 319 o O ' Brien, James Joseph... 183, 356 O ' Brien, Richard Paul.... 183, 325 O ' Brien, Thomas P 308, 356 O ' Connor, Michael Peter 301 O ' Dell, Sherrod Lorraine 267 O ' Donnell, Robert M ....387 O ' Grady, Gail Patricia 281 O ' Haire, Thomas F 320 Ojala, Joan S 387 O ' Kelley, Butch . ' ... 303 Old, Margaret Ann 185,387 Oldham, Mary Ann 290, 356 Olinger, Nancy Jo 387 OUiphant, L. Yvonne 199,305 O ' Neal, Barmen 356 O ' Neill, Ann E 196,265,387 Onstott, Sandy Kay 387 Oslin, Lila E 269 Ostertag, Donna Ann 261 Oszlanyi, Antal Gaza 180, 181, 183, 387 Othen, Carol Virginia 261 Ott, Charlotte Ann 298, 275 Overholser, Betty June... 194, 388 Overstreet, Lisa Earle 261 Owens, James Erskine 356 Pachler, Patricia Fay 273 Packard, Mary Louise 124, 279 Padgett, Joseph Rogers, Jr. ...357 Padgett, Sara C 265 Padgett, Shirley LaVerne 388 Padrick, Faye E 388 Pallicer, Carrie Lea 271 Palmer, Allan James 307 Palmer, Bernie 320 Palmer, Judith Louise 388 Pappas, Ada Orania 187, 285 Parham, Sara Ann 267 Paris, Evelyn Richardson 357 Park, Ann Carolyn 293 Parke, Eugene Fleming 303 Parke, Regina Elizabeth 290 Parker,, Alice E 388 Parker, Betty Jean ....388 Parker, Lenora L. ...199,263,388 Parker, Patricia Gael 293 Parker, Robert Lamar 357 Parkman, Harold Dean 357 Parks, Peter Lester 159, 388 Parkyn, Charles Linden 388 Parkyn, David Ross 312 Parmalee, Elizabeth Ann. 269, 388 Parrish, Glenn E „ 357 Parrish, Patrick, R 315,388 Parrott, Jim 303 Parson, Jo Margaret 357 Partridge, Cecil Gordon, Jr. 296, 307 Partridge, John Nathaniel, Jr. 316, 357 Partridge, Waring Nelson 316 Pate, M. Joy 358 Patton, Barbara B. ...157, 213, 358 Patton, Linda Loyce 273 Paul, Alex G 303 Paulsen, Lois V 358 Payne, Laura Jean 388 Payton, Harry A 312 Pearce, Jack Moody, Jr 311 Pearce, Marilyn T „ 388 Pearson, Mary Ann 269, 388 Peck, Sarah Elizabeth.... 358 Peek, Rebecca Sue 388 Pegram, James W., Jr 358 Pekks, Drena Mae 261, 358 Penan, Adrienne M 388 Peneski, Edward Stephen 325, 358 Perk, Jack P 320 Perkins, Raenid Carella 358 Perkins, Timmie B 283 Perry, Chloe Milner 286, 358 Perry, James E. 180, 296, 299, 358 Perry, James Junior 180, 358 Perry, Jean Arlen 358 Pesto, Diane Marcella 279 Peters, Barbara Rae 199, 283 Peterson, Frank Lon 388 Petris, Kay Petty, R. Milton Pewitt, Nelson D Phelps, Diann R Phillips, Jack C 185 Phillips, Joe Coleman 185 Phillips, J[ohn Cecil 320 Philpot, Sidney G _ Pierce, Charles C Pierce, Charles C Pierson, Nancy G. Pike, Ada Beatrice Pinder, Clark Steadman Pinto, Vernita M. 193, Pipit one, Joseph Pipkin, Mary Frances 263, Pipkins, Royce Derrel Pitchford, Keith Owens. ..308, Pitman, Patricia Louise Pitts, Aurelia F 166, 285, Pitts, Barbara Lucile Pitts, Earl H 325, Pitts, Mary Louise Pizzetta, Eugene Plockelman, Cynthia H. .. 175, Plumb, Ralph Earl Pogue, Carolyn Scarlett Pohl, L. Frederick Poitevent, Earl Smith Polites, Bettie Stewart Pollett, Sharon Ann Pollock, Alan Joseph Ponton, Janet A Porter, Kim Poseover, Mary Catheryne Post, Allan L. 155, 170,296,322, Potter, Linda Lee ...199,258, Potts, Judith Ann Pou, Mike Eugene Poulos, Evelyn Powel, Mary Harrison 199, Powell, Betty C 192, Powell, George Edmund Powell, Margaret J. ..124, 277, Powell, Mary E 186,281, Powell, Nancy Lee 279, Powers, Andrea Louise Powers, Fred 320, Powers, Glenda 305, Powers, Roberta Kay Prandoni, Claire E 277, Prebianca, Thomas Robert Preissler, Brenda J Preston, Patty Ann Prev, Frank Joseph .._ Prewitt, Benjamin P Price, Anne H 187, 199, Price, Betty Jean 157, Pridgen, Ronald Pridgen, Ruth Ellen Pridgeon, James William ..180, Priest, John Hemphill Priore, Elizabeth C 141, Pritchard, Annette 192, Prpich, John Michael Purnell, Adrian F. ...123, 153, Purvis, Nancy Rae Purvis, Sandra K 287, Putnal, Janell Jacqueline Pyko, Bodo Eitel . 388 ,358 .388 .277 , 358 , 358 ,358 . 388 .358 .358 , 388 .388 .325 388 358 388 312 388 .265 358 290 388 .388 388 358 315 273 .388 303 358 .269 304 279 303 261 322 283 359 301 279 271 359 308 359 359 388 275 359 388 388 388 308 388 359 388 359 261 359 320 359 359 319 359 388 304 319 388 388 359 388 Q Quarterman, Gail C...199, 287, 359 Quickel, Elizabeth Diane 287 Quinn, Jan 193, 293 R Ragans, Philip A 180,299 Raines, Raymond Lee 315, 359 Rainey, Annie R 388 Ralli, Seranda Marie 293 Ramos, Frank Robert 135,359 Ramsden, Donald H. „ 325 Ramsey, Julia Claire 147, 149, 333, 273, 359 Randolph, Roger 315 Ransick, Bonita Down.... 271, 388 Ransick, Constance A. 187, 271, 388 Ray, Beverly Ann 285 Ray, Ella Janet 359 Raymond, Lynn Marie 388 Raymond, Margaret E 388 Ready, Elinor W 187, 283, 389 Reagan, Sylvia Rebecca 269 Reaves, Virginia Morris 287 Reebel, Marlie J 389 Reeder, Mary Ann 277, 359 Reedy, Dorothy L 154, 389 Reely, Robert Harold, Jr. 109, 159, 307, 359 Reeve, Carolyn Anne 261,389 Reeves, Mrs. H. P 28i Reeves, Marianna 359 Register, George Marvin, Jr. .. 299 Register, Mary Lee 287 Reichelderfer, Gail Louise 157, 183,359 Reinhardt, David E 304 Rejda, Dennis Paul 325 Render, Judie Rae 277 Retherford, Billy Charles 360 Reynolds, Harry Emmitt .. 319, 360 Reynolds, John.. 120, 139, 180, 360 Reynolds, Robert J 309 Reynolds, Rochelle 273, 360 Reynolds, Virginia ... 196, 273, 389 Rhodes, Virginia Sue 287 Rice, Betsy 273 Rice, Linda Gail 267 Rice, Linda Noella 271 Rich, David Z 322 Rich, Lou 305 Richard, Noel Lyn 174, 389 Richardson, Jim 319 Richardson, N. Joy 265 Richmond, Pat Gordon 389 Richter, Barbara Ann 267 Richter, John J 224, 360 Rickett, Robin Diane 305 Ridge, Elizabeth M 269, 389 Ridgedell, Michael Edmund 360 Ridley, James 1 301 Rieck, Robert Eugene 176,360 Riecken, Marian E 290, 360 Riles, Clifford Larry 185, 360 Rios, Marion Jr 389 Ritchit, Cade Jackson ... 360 Rivers, B. Janet 389 Roach, Jennie Ruth 277 Roberts, Carter B 389 Roberts, Dorothy Annette 187, 283 Roberts, Etsol 163, 303, 360 Roberts, Gail Claire 360 Roberts June M 39, 294, 283 Roberts, Sandy L 265 Robertson, Karen Kristine 273 Robertson, Warren L 389 Robinson, Bonnie Bird .... 199, 273 Robinson, Richard B 307 Robinson, Robert Lee 319 Robinson, Torch 303 Robison, Dennis Edgar 360 Robison, Walter Lawrence 360 Rodabaugh, Dorothy D. ... 271, 389 Rodgers, Charlie Eugene 360 Rodgers, Esther J. ... 187, 258, 287 Rodgers, Jay 301 Rodgers, Margaret 287 Rodgers, William M 389 Rodriguez, Mary Lucinda 279 Rodriguez, Vivian 261 Roebuck, Martha-Ann H. ..187, 305 Rogers, Mrs. Cora 308 Rogers, George W 389 Rogers, June Ann 269,360 Roley, Mary Lynn 277 Roller, Peter L 389 Ronan, Norma Edith 193, 275 Root, Clifford Anson 389 Rose, Franklin Charles 321 Rosen, Bettylou 360 Rosenberg, Jack H 138, 389 Roth, Judith H „...„.. .389 Rothenback, Walt Joseph 315 Rotundo, Carol Ann.... 261 Roubieu, Fleta C. Mrs 272 Rountree, Constance B 389 RousseaUjSylvia Joan 261 Rowell, Betty 285 Rowell, Randell E 389 Rowland, Darlene Joy 360 Rowland, Lewis F 307 Rozman, Richard Wm. ........... 299 Rudd, Barry Arthur .....319 Ruffin, Anne Clegg 267, 360 Rufly, Gretchen L 279 Ruiz, Alfredo 360 Rushmore, Robert 309 Russell, J. Kermit 321 Russell, James William 304 Russell, Ralph E. 120, 148, 222, 307, 360 Rust, Sandra Lynne 389 Rutledge, Wanda Kay 279 Ryan, Peggy Joyce 361 Ryder, Jack D. ..120, 130, 158, 167 206, 211, 223, 232, 235, 319, 389 Ryerson, Patricia . 275, 361 Sadler, Cora Anne 361 Sadler, Judith Ann 389 Sale, Mevial Louise 275 Salmon, Lola Jeannie 389 Sammons, Shere G. ...157, 305, 361 Sample, Susan Jane 130, 208, 275, 389 413 s-z Index Sampson, Georganne 361 Sampson, Georgia Ann 389 Sanders, Peggy Ann 281, 389 Sands, Mary Lucille 275 Santa Cruz, Elsie J 389 Sapp, Delilah Rebecca 361 Sapp, Leone E 389 Sardinha, August Joseph, Jr. ..301 Saric, Walter Thomas 159, 361 Saroodis, Harriet Joy 124, 261 Sasser, Janice Ruth 389 Satterwhite, Gail 177,389 Sauls, BiUie Lee _ 290 Save, Carl A 139, 170, 361 Scadden, Raymond W 389 Scanland, Patricia Ann 277 Schanzenbach, Ernest Scott... 325 Schenck, Robert Shelton 325 Schiess, Edward T .....321 Schiess, Louis Conrad 321 Schildecker, Charlette W 305 Schimmel, Beverly Anne 261 Schindell, Lawrence Edward.. 361 Schloss, Ann R 187, 196, 305 Schmitt, Doris Offerle 361 Schmitt, Harold Payl 304, 361 Schnupp, Diane Sue 361 Schramm, Maxine L 389 Schultz, William J 301 Schumacher, Harriet Louise... 281 Schumer, David 322 Schworm, Earl F. 391 Scott, Barbara Ann 196,390 Scott, Dian Davis 187, 293 Scott, Donald Marcel 361 Scott, Duke Hill 163, 381, 309, 389 Scott, Grace L...120, 154, 265, 389 Scott, Judy Ann 281, 361 Scott, Mary Lynn 290 Seals M. Cato 290 Sears, Elva Louise 361 Sechrest, Margaret Anne 361 Selman, James Willis 361 Senko, James Paul 301 Sessions, Martha Heloise 361 Sewell, Carol Sue 269 Sewell, Janet L 269 Seymour, Ira P 389 Seymour, L. Gory 311 Shad, Margaret Jane 389 Shafer, Deane Alden 361 Shank, Douglas Owen 182, 325 Shannon, Kenneth Coleman, Jr. 164, 361 Sharon, Adele Joan 361 Sharp, Ben Cameron, Jr 312 Sharp, Frances A 279,389 Sharp, Mary Virginia 263 Sharpe, Ervin Curry 301 Shaw, Carl Neil 362 Shaw, Lydia Virginia 389 Shaw, Mabel Watson 369 Shaw, Peter B 325 Shaw, Richard A 180, 325, 362 Shea, Mary P 183, 267, 362 Shearouse, Jerri Lynn 157, 186,265, 363 Sheffield, Donald W 156, 362 Shelfer, Bennett H., Jr. ... 159, 304 Shepard, Dale E 301 Shepard, Patty Ray 285 Sheppard, Helen A 389 Sheppard, William J 316 Sherman, Bonnie S 389 Sherman, Linda D 275, 362 Sherman, Robert R. ..139, 180, 362 Shoemaker, Samuel Wesley 162, 315 Sholar, Patricia L 389 Shrader, Arthur Terrell 389 Shrewsbury, Douglas M 311 Shrigley, Albert M 301 Sibal, Kenneth A 294,319 Sigler, Carolyn Kay 277 Siebert, Kenneth J 362 Siegrist, Albert R 390 Sill, Nancie Lou 130, 154, 180, 283, 390 Silverstein, Barry Allan.. 322, 322 Silverstein, Betsy Lou 390 Simmons, E. Anne 390 Simonds, Patricia 362 Simpson, Barbara Jeanne 291 Simpson, E. Patricia 124, 390 Sinclair, Richard W., Jr. ..133, 362 Sindon, Nancy Anne 293 Sineath, Timothy Wayne 390 Singer, Raymond 362 Singletary, M. Karen 283,390 Sink, Don F 307 Sipe, Wayne Patrick 177, 362 Sirmans, William Stanley 303 Sisung, Victor Lee 180, 36? Skacil, Ruth Emilie 267,362 Skadding, Mary Jane 291, 390 Skaggs, Anna Faye 167, 362 Skelton, Helen Watson 326 Skipper, Barbara Louise 287 Skipper, Robert N 315, 390 Skipper, Sylvia Louise 385 Skoglund, Paul Willford, Jr. ... 362 Slacks, Rosemary 362 Slater, Vernice Faye 269 Slaughter, Marilyn Wester 362 Sladen, Reville Louise 273 Sloan, Priscilla Jane 362 Slosek, Carol Ann 187, 285 Sly, Lawrence E., Jr 362 Smathers, Fairfax Virginia 285 Smith, Allen Ray 312, 390 Smith, D. Bodsford, Jr 390 Smith, David Edward 363 Smith, DeVaughn 321 Smith, Dot 287 Smith, Gordon H. 153, 245, 319, 390 Smith, James C 294, 299, 390 Smith, Joseph Daniel, Jr 303 Smith, Judith 379, 390 Smith, Kay F 287 Smith, Margaret Ann 287, 363 Smith, Margaret Anne 265 Smith, Marilyn Elaine 363 Smith, Marvin W 390 Smith, Patricia Lee 261 Smith, Roberta ..187, 199, 261, 390 Smith, Roberta H 390 Smith, Robin Hold 267 Smith, Robin Jane 287 Smith, Sara Ann 390 Smith, Sarah Sue 390 Smith, Saralee 283, 390 Smith, Sherman Douglas 315 Smith, Suzanne 390 Smith, Vann Elliot 319 Smith, William David 363 Smith, William G 299, 390 Smith, William T 185,319,390 Smith, Zebbie Claire 187, 271 Snare, Sarah F 273, 363 Snodgrass, Leslie Ruth 363 Snyder, William T., 11 364 Soldo, Michael J 301 Solomon, Doris Louise 390 Sopher, Bob W 325 Sose, Dave 321 Soud, Jacqueline Yvonne 147, 345, 364 Southworth, Sarah Dallin 283 Sparkman, Doyle Howell 301 Sparrow, Selina A 192, 194, 364 Spaulding, Harry 390 Spear, Sandra C 305, 390 Spearing, Virginia Lee 267,364 Speed, Lydia R 390 Spell, Frances Marie 183, 199, 293, 364 Spencer, Alyce Joyce 390 Speranza, John A 364 Spiegelberg, Frank J 364 Spooner, John Pershing, Jr. ... 303 Spottolc Sandra Mary 122, 277 Stacy, Pheriba Kay 267,390 Stafford, Sandra Eugenia 364 Stalnaker, Jo Anne 184,364 Stanley, Sharon Barbour 261 Staninger, Sarah Emily 261 Stanley, Betty C 390 Stanley, William M., Jr. ...311, 364 Stansfield, Agnes Z 390 Starbird, Meredith Lee 285 Starling, Ada Jo 170, 267, 390 Starrett, E. Virginia .127, 293, 390 Starry, Lea 199, 273 Start, Susan Virginia 291 Stayer, Carol 263 Stearns, Linda Kaye 120, 178,273, 390 Stearns, Mary B 273 Stearns, Patricia Davol 282 Steel, David William 185, 309 Steen, Sally Ann 390 Stein, Richard T 325, 364 Stephens, Mary Ann 390 Stephens, Phillis C 364 Stephens, William Lee 325 Stephenson, Patricia Ann 364 Sterchi, Martha Kathryn 271 Sterling, Faith Elizabeth 364 Sterne, Wynona 305 Stetson, Darlene 291 Stevens, Catherine S. 294, 293, 364 Stevens, Celia Louise 390 Stevens, Joyce Annette ...277, 364 Stevenson, Cynthia Lee 390 Stewart, Daveanna C. 57. 187,225, 263 Stewart, Helen E 265, 390 Stewart, Joan 390 Stewart, Manha Hayden 364 Steyerman, Larry B 312 Stich, Marcia Lynne 258, 390 Stidham, Simeon D. Jr 390 Stitch, Marcia Lynne 269 St. John, Connie 124,364 St. John, David F 321 Stocking, Joyce E. ...124, 265, 364 Stockton, James Don 304 Stoinoff, Elizabeth Suzanne... 287 Stoker, Charlotte I.... 126, 291, 364 Stokesberry, Linda S. 157, 271, 390 Stone, Avery Donale 364 Stone, Ronnie Wesley 390 Story, Joyce Ann _ 265 Stoutamire, Ernest Ramon 365 Strandhagen, William M 309 Strasemeier, J. Kenneth 307 Straw, Richard W 180, 296, 301 Strickland, Sandra 390 Strom, Martha Lynette 294, 291 Stromberg, Robert 390 Stuart, Jacquelyn Helen 269 Stubbs, Sidney Alton Jr. 121, 148, 296, 325, 365 Sturgeon, Robert Franklin 365 Stutzman, Wayne R 365 Sullivan, Georgia Ann 275 Sullivan, Maureen Rosalia 365 Sullivan, Quessie Lilliar. 365 Sullivan, Suellen M 275 Summerall, Bobbie Jean -391 Summers, Ann Louise 275 Sutor, Alex C 365 Sutton, Gwynn Richard Jr 299 Swain, Ginger 391 Swain, Ra E 224, 227, 321 Swann, Suzanne 285, 365 Swanson, Bunny J. ...294, 265, 365 Syfrett, Barbara Elaine... 177, 283 Sylvin, Fred Bruce 365 Taaffe, Ellen 149,293,365 Taggart, John A 316 Talbert, Shannon 261 Talmon, Donald William 126, 127, 148, 365 Tate, James 365 Tate, Jerry Michael... .301 Taylor, Charles Wesley 303 Taylor, Elizabeth Brock 365 Taylor, Grace A 283 Taylor, Judith Ann 391 Taylor, Wallace Ervin 307 Taylor, William Bain 301 Teague, Patricia Ann... 365 Tebault, Beth 273 Temple, Mary Anne 258, 291 Templin, H. Carol 267 Terashima, Hiroyoshi 391 Tervin, Sarah Anne 287 Tesar, Gerald Allan 315 Thai, Diane Elizabeth.... 258, 391 Thames, Mary Annette.... 391 Thatcher, G. H 365 Thigpen, Jack K. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 391 Thomas, Mrs. Ardis 183,365 Thomas, James E 130,307,365 Thomas, Jean Louise. 383, 283 Thomas, Lucian 309 Thomas, Nancy Lee 265 Thomas, Shirley Donna 391 Thomason, Larry Wilson .. 162, 301 Thompson, Anita Louise 279 Thompson, Carolyn Ruth 391 Thompson, Helen Hamner.385, 365 Thompson, Judith Caroline 287 Thompson, Karol Margery 365 Thompson, Larry J. A 181,391 Thompson, Larry William 321 Thompson, Marion C 391 Thompson, Maryl A 160,. 281 Thompson, Tommy S 315 Thompson, William Franklin.. 301 Thomson, Joan B 365 Thornal, Alyce Letton 366 Thornal, Leecy 285 Thornton, Dan Lines 366 Thornton, Edwina May 277 Thornton, Joseph Thomas 366 Thornton, Lucy C 271 Thorpe, E. Warren 187,267 Thorpe, Virgil Samuel 303 Thoureen, Karen Sue 187, 199, 283 Thurlow, Mary Jane 391 Thurmond, Robert Lee Jr 366 Thursby, Rodney Lex 391 Tibbetts, Martha Ann 291 Tichenor, Frank A 304 Tidwell, Sandra Kay 391 Tillman, Mary Susan 293 Tinker, Linda Lou 291 Tinker, Vicki Diane Tinsley, Jacquelyn Deane Todd, James Larry ToUe, Martha E Tolomea, Michaul Joseph Tomilinson, Diana Tomlinson, Shirley Ann Tondo, Peter Patrick 190, Toney, Margaret Faye J43, Torres, Phil Torsleff, Carl Richard Toth, Mary L 124, 263, Toth, Sharon L Totten, Ben Arthur Totten, Marha Tower, Nancy Lou 183, Townsend, Josephine 185, Trahey, Jim Edwin Trammell, Ruth Hall Trapnell, Gail 263, Trask, Janet E Travers, Robert John Travis, Joseph Craft 180, Travis, Mary Ann 199, Traylor, Helen V 258, Traylor, Peggy E 199, Tredinick, Judith Louise Trensch, Peggy Jane Tresca, Fuller Dent Jr. .. 120, Trice, Andrew Jones Trimble, Nancy Ruth Tripplett, James Marquis Troendle, George Richard Trousdell, Norman Randolph.. Troxler, Betty Lou Trucks, Rita Louise 184, Tucker, Patricia E Turknett, Nancy Joan Turner, Alice Jean Turner, Carol Elizabeth.. 293, Turner, David Cowan Turner, Donald Fredrick .. 163, Turner, J acquelyn Iris 187, Turner, Judith Louise 199, Turner, Nancy L 142,293, Turner, Terry Sue Twerdochlib, V. Catherine Tyler, Martha Dru Tylda, Leonard Stanley Tyree, M. Jane 258, 291 287 319 273 315 391 269 366 391 315 366 366 263 301 275 391 391 321 293 366 273 366 366 275 392 305 273 392 319 366 366 366 366 307 263 279 392 285 366 366 301 366 287 222 392 293 392 392 366 273 u Underwood, Barbara E 283 Underwood, Madison Mrs 264 Upchurch, Nancy Louise 271 Upmever, Mary Kathyrn 273 Upshaw, Linda 279 Uzzeil, Frances Gretchen 273 Vahue, Linda Lee VanAken, Carol Freeman Vanderipe, Edna Jane.. Vanderveen, Helen Jean Vandervort, Mary V. Vandigriff, Joseph Robert Van Hoose, Sarah Lee VanSant, Nancy Lou Vansant, Sandra Gail , Vereen, Barbara Bunn Vertich, Louis F. Jr 159 Veverka, Martha A Vicent, Loretta D Vickery, Mary Ann 186, Vickrey, Glenda Lynne Vogler, Andrea Virginia.. 124, Volpe, John G Vowell, Betty L 154, Voye, David A w Wade, Charles W Wade, James William Wade, Kitty Rogers 122, 294. 305, Wade, Thomas L 160, Wahl, Linda Ann 129, 157 Wainwright, Nancy Linda. 291, Waites, Shirley Jean Walbolt, Daniel Robert -. Walden, Laveon Austin... 185, Walker, Barbara Joan 222, 223, 283, Walker, Douglas DuVall Walker, Elizabeth Lee.... 271, Walker, James Louis 222, Walker, Ted.. Walker, Virginia Karen Wallace, Mary Jane 187, Walliwo, Harold Thomas 271 275 287 392 392 307 267 392 277 263 366 392 366 283 287 273 325 392 392 319 319 392 392 283 366 392 307 367 392 316 392 312 309 271 285 367 414 Walter, Linda Louise 154, 199.305, 392 Walters, Judy K 157, 177, 367 Walton, Linda Lee 187, 305 Ward, Dennis Albert 321 Ward, Monica Barbara 265 Ward, Pamela Claire 261 Ward, Sylvia Anne 261, 367 Wardle, Margaret Elizabeth 263 Waring, Angela Carol 187,285 Waring, Charles Walker 309 Warley, Olivia M 166,293,367 Warner, Ann Elizabeth 285 Warren, Sybil Kay 392 Warren Wayne Wilson 392 Warwick, Sarah Frances.. 283, 392 Washington, Glenys Rae 267 Waters, Gwendolyn A. 144, 265, 392 Waters, Jann Elizabeth 367 Waters, Robert D 153, 158, 392 Watford, Clarie June 367 Watkins, Judy K 392 Watkins, Robert Wayne 301 Watson, Betty Estelle 367 Watson, Charles Bancroft 299 Watson, Richard Arnold 367 Watters, Maymar Hepburn 277 Wear, Ann 305, 367 Wear, Martha Letty 392 Webb, Mary Jo 187, 283 Webb, Maryleen H 293, 392 Webb, Tallulah Ann 160, 187, 275, 267 Weber, Robert David 148, 207, 309, 367 Webster, Jimmy Wayne 315 Weeks, Kathleen Blanche 367 Weimer, Deanna Lee 271 Weinell, Velmajane 392 Weiss, Faith Barbara 176,367 Welch, Patricia E 392 Welch, Sandra D 167, 269 Welch, Thomas Bowen 321 Welch, William Nickell 301 Wellman, James Paul 185,319 Wells, Barbara Kay 293 Wells, Emily Kay 263 Wells, John C. J ' r 392 Wells, Virginia Floride 367 Welsh, Patricia Louise 291 Welton, Richard N 392 Wermescher, Martha M 392 Wesley, LouAnn C 265, 367 West, Patricia Ann. ..187, 261, 392 West, Ted Forrest 304 Westbrook, Lester Curtis Jr. 316,367 Whitley, Patricia Jane 392 Whitley, Thomas Folsom 316 Whittaket, Judy R 392 Whittier, Peggy Cynthia.. 269, 368 Whittle, Margaret Frances 368 Whittle, Tommy L 123, 303 White, Maryann 368 Whiteatd, Ronald Gherman 321 Whitehall, Judy 1 392 Whitehill, Judy Ueen 267 Whiteside, Ellen McKay 273 White, Elizabeth Sue 291 White, James Wade 309 White, Judith Elizabeth 367 White, Kinnard Paul 367 White, Mary McCoUis 267 Whidden, Sydney Caryl 291 Whiddon, Patricia Jean... 271, 392 Whisenant, Sally Marcella 367 White, Beth 271 White, Bobby Carlton 315, 367 Westhafer, Dottie 283 Westhafer, John A 319 Westhafer, Tom 211, 319 Westphal, Carlajean 392 Whelshel, Marguerite 324 Wickersham, Elizabeth Ann 188,277 Widener, William V 368 Wierk, Peggy •. 261 Wilcox, Louis Mills 316, 392 Wilder, Martha 199,368 Wilkins, Patricia Lora 279 Wilkinson, Katherine L. ..184, 392 Wilkinson, Mary Elizabeth 368 Will, Mary Jane 285, 368 Willett, Marlene Lola 393 Williams, Abner Kenneth 368 Williams, Angela 184,279 Williams, Ann Hughes 119, 120, 147, 149, 283, 375 Williams, Annie Jane 293 Williams, Bettye Jean 186, 267 Williams, Carole F. .. 196, 365, 393 Williams, Charles D 393 Williams, Charles S 316 Williams, Gene Delano 368 Williams, Janice 283 Williams, Joseph Haley 368 Williams, Judith Ann 393 Williams, Lawrence Miller Mrs 269 Williams, Linda Lou 123, 265 Williams, Linda Oline 393 Williams, Lynne H....175, 305, 393 Williams, Marjorie Rent 305 Williams, Nola M 393 Williams, Penny 393 Williams, Ruth 277 Williams, Sandra Jean 186, 265 Williams, Vella Jean 368 Williams, Walter H. Ill 315 Williams, Wynyard Marie. .275, 393 Williamson, Clarence L 303 Williamson, Glen E... 178, 312, 393 Williamson, Mary Phylis 271 Wilson, Billy Ray 368 Wilson, Brenda Jean 368 Wilson, Deanna 265, 393 Wilson, Larry Franklin 368 Wilson, Laura, Virginia ... 192, 273 Wilson, Martha T 391 Wilson, Sandra May 393 Wilson, Warren Chris 299 Wimberley, Racheal Lerabeth. 368 Wingate, Ronald Wingate 309 Wingate, William L. Jr. ...307, 368 Winstead, Charles W 393 Winstead, F. Gail 393 Winters, Patricia June 159, 177, 368 Winton, Nancy Sue 275 Wise, Eugene F. Jr 309 Wofford, Gwen Ellen 393 Wolcott, H. Louise 269 Wolfgang, Joyce S 188, 393 Wolfinbarger, Loren Gilbert 196 265 Wood, Katherine 368 Wood, Larry Mitchell 316 Woodall, Jerry Ross 393 Woodbery, William Chapman... 299 Woodruff, Elizabeth Mizelle 183, 199, 368 Woodruff, Margaret Elise 269 Woodruff, Patricia Elizabeth.. 273 Woods, June Cecilia 291 Woods, Linda Kay 281 Woodson, Robert W., Jr. ..301,393 Woolson, Cynthia 261, 368 Workizer, Marjorie Susan 265 Worland, Moris P 368 Worrall, E. Charlene 293,393 Wortman, Henry C 321 Wortring, Herbert Erwin ... 153, 303 Wright, Jeri Kemp 187, 277 Wright, Pat 393 Wright, Patricia Davis 369 Wroblewski, Doraine B. .. 281, 369 Wyatt, Thomas, Harris 307 Yancey, John Emmanuel 393 Yarnall, Reverdy Francis 311 Yaw, John Loren 309 Yoeman, George A 393 Yoe, Mrs. Pauline B 306 Yon, Ann 369 Youmans, Barbara Ann 149, 166, 293, 379, 393 Young, Jack Neal 156,369 ' Young, Jeanne A 157, 277, 369 Young, Joseph Edward 299 Zelius, Sandra, C 393 Zess, LeVonne Vera 187, 263 Zibell, Marylyn 140, 149, 170, 178, 275,393 Ziccardi, Michael A 321 Zigich, Stephen S 299 Zimmerman, Robert Roger 369 Zuccheti, Robert 369 Organizations Index A.C.E 181 Alpha Council 151 Alpha Delta Sigma 153 Alpha Epsilon Delta 153 Alpha Kappa Psi 178 Alpha Lambda Delta 152 Alpha Phi Omega 180 Angel Flight 182 Arnold Air Society 182 Bakers Club 181 Baptist 169 Beta Alpha Chi 154 Catholic 170 Cavaliers 184 Choral Union 200 Christian Science 172 Church Key 183 CoUegiates 200 Cotillion 184 Dames Club 197 Debate Team 166 Delta Sigma Pi 185 Episcopal 173 Fashion Incorporated 187 F Club 186 F.E.A. Scholarship House 185 FSU Entertainers 189 FSU Political Union 189 Gamma Alpha Chi 155 Garnet Key 147 Gold Key 146 Gymnastica 156 HiUel 172 Home Economics Club 188 Insurance and R.E. Society 190 Interfaith Council 168 International Club 190 Kappa Delta Pi 155 Kappa Kappa Psi 157 Les Jonglers 157 Math Teaching Club 191 Men ' s P.E. Majors Club 191 Mortar Board 145 Mortified 150 Omicron Delta Kappa 144 Omicron Nu 158 Pershing Rifles 160 Phi Alpha 192 Phi Alpha Theta 159 Phi Beta Kappa 148 Phi Chi Theta. 192 Phi Kappa Phi 149 Phi Mu Alpha 162 Pi Mu Epsilon 158 Pi, Omega Pi 159 Racquettes 193 Scabbard and Blade 161 S.F.E.A 194 Sigma Alpha Iota 164 Sigma Delta Pi 162 Sigma Delta Psi 165 Social Work Club 194 Sophomore Council 163 Student Affiliates of A.C.S 193 Student Nurses Association 195 Tarpon Club 196 Tau Beta Sigma 165 Tau Kappa Alpha 166 University 4 H Club 198 University Singers 201 Village Vamps 199 W.D.U.R.A 198 Wesley Foundation 175 Wesley Players 175 Westminster Fellowship 176 Women ' s Glee Club 201 415 iacultji HENRY B. COOLEY Professor School of Business ERNEST V. DOHNANYI Professor of Music JAMES V. McDONAUGH Professor, Art Department Head tudents BOBBY G. CONRAD Marianna, Florida RICHARD P. WEBB Orlando, Florida fwt m WH 1, frjM ? r .7 »;- 4, : . iy ' " ! ■!. ,V..H. x r »» .. A fS- ' 1 " e ' t, ' . " ' V ( ♦v ' id M m § ' . r a " ■ t t 1 A C " c , r 1 (■ I A f (, " ri tTP " ' !,?? y tJ " jp-TfJ fry 2 ' , » ' t ,; ' ' ' .:v -; n ' J|| ' ' mm ' " P

Suggestions in the Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) collection:

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