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' Mm: DESSE PINCKARD Editor DICK PARKS Photography HELEN WHEELER . . Managing Editor DON TALMON Business Manager HARRIET L ' ENGLE Photo Editor MARY ANN VICKERY .... Organizations JANET BEVIS, NANCY BATES . . Classes NAT HOBBS, MONTY GILHAM . Greeks TEAL GUINAND Student Activities BOB MEIER Sports JERI SHEAROUSE Ad Manager . ♦ i -c- jmrniSSfim imsr m i THE PEOPLE facets reflecting myriad colors . . . amultittide . . . asolitude . . . as the old Romans said " out of many, one " . . . unity in diversity . . . this is Florida State. THE PLACE brick with a difference . . . from ivij shagged walls of the old to clean direct lines of the new . . . dogwood laced with blossoms . . . azaleas in spring . . . the etermil squirrels exuberant among autumn leaves. J ' V THE TfflNGS WE DO activities oiis . . . study dates organized disorganized . . . spontane- ivalks in the rain . . . the glitter of formal dances . . . sunburned salty after- noons at the coast . . . the ritual of a weekend movie . . . football games . . . C cyitetvt ADMINISTRATION GREEKS CAMPUS EVENTS ADVERTISEMENTS 57 125 347 ' ■H. ' - i- if»- :y| i " 4 tcCwnirLL trcuticm THE PRESIDENT Dr. Robert M. Strozier " To make F. S. U. a great University — this is my aim. " Florida State could not have a more devoted or more dynamic architect than President Strozier. On many occasions the students have heard him express his interest in developing and strength- ening the academic status of F. S. U. His con- tagious enthusiasm has inspired student body and faculty alike to strive for recognition in all phases of university life. Specifically, these include a strong undergraduate program in addition to an outstanding graduate school; artistic achieve- ments, scientific research, a spirited student body, and an atmosphere of intellectual excitement and confidence. In the second year of Dr. Strozier ' s administration, many concrete manifestations of his hope have occurred. Inspired by his seriousness of purpose, refreshed by his wit, and channeled by his precise sense of direction, the students and faculty have placed unprecedented confidence in their president. The future looms challenging but surmountable with the guidance of Dr. Strozier. 12 LeROY COLLINS, Governor, State of Florida LeRoy Collins became the first Florida candidate for the governorship to win a first primary victory. He was re-elected in 1956 for a four-year term b " a record vote, becoming the only Florida governor to be elected for two con- secutive terms. His political experience prior to this includes eighteen years of service in the State Legislature. Under the leadership of Governor Collins, Florida has greatly promoted educational advancement, peaceful uses of nuclear energy and has expanded agricultural and industrial research. The state economy, under his leadership, is growing toward a balance on the " three sturdy legs of industry, agriculture, and tourism. " 13 DR. ALBERT B. MARTIN Vice President BOARD OF CONTROL: JAMES J. LOVE, Chairman J. J. DANIEL, Vice Chairman RALPH L. MILLER S. KENDRICK GUERNSEY JAMES D. CAMP WILLIAM C. GAITHER JOE K. HAYES J. BROWARD CULPEPPER, Executive Director 14 DR. R. R. OGLESBY, Dean of Students DR. CHARLES C. DAVIS, Dean of Faculties MR. ROD SHAW, Treasurer and Business Manager 15 DR. MODE L. STONE, Dean, School of Education DR. PAUL REYNOLDS, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences DR. HORTENSE GLENN, Dean, School of Home Economics DR. KARL O. KUERSTEINER Dean, School of Music DR. WERNER A. BAUM, Dean, Graduate School and Director of University Research DR. LOUIS SHORES, Dean, Library School DR. COYLE E. MOORE, Dean, School of Social Welfare DR. WILSON K. DOYLE, Dean, School of Public Administration 16 MR. CHARLES H, WALKER, Rtglitrar DR. W. HUGH STICKLER, Director, Research and Service DR. KENNETH F. McLAUGHLIN, Test Service Bureau DR. N. ORWIN RUSH, Director of Libraries MR. EDWARD D. WHITTLESEY, Director, Public Relations DR. MELVIN D. HARDEE, Coordinator of Counseling LT. COL. JOHN K. ARNOLD, Air ROTC LT, COL. CHARLES H. CALHOUN, Army ROTC 18 SCH OLS Arts and Sciences Biology lab is a great assistance to all general education students. Training is offered for semi-professional programs, including medical technology, guidance counseling, and government services; as well as in liberal arts and the sciences. Pre-profession training is provided for the fields of law, medicine, and dentistry. Most re- cently of programs being offered, is the preparation for engineering science. All college students have contact with the College of Arts and Sciences as it is the administrator of the general education program required of all students and offers general and liberal training in the humani- ties, social sciences, and natural sciences. National, and in some cases, international recogni- tion has been given the College graduate programs. A student may work toward a master ' s degree in any department of the College and toward the doctor of philosophy degree in eleven of the departments. FSU Observatory visitors gain much scientific knowledge from the studies made here. Art major, Helene Sinclair may find art relaxing and enjoyable, but also work. 20 Lever experiment is administered by Dr. Greenlee in Science Methods course. Education Coordination is a great task for this youngster as she struggles with the brush. The School of Education is the tocal point for the preparation of students phmning to serve the teaching profession. In this capacity it works closely with other schools in the University and the College of Arts and Sciences in sponsoring workshops, institutes, and con- ferences. Even before the arrival of the Sputnik Age, great effort was made to strengthen programs of pro- fessional preparation. Since then the faculty of the School of Education has redoubled its effort. They have sought and received the wholehearted coopera- tion of other divisions of the University. Our programs in elementary and early childhood education provide qualified teachers for Florida Schools. The programs for preparing high school teachers have been ex- panded greatly. A training program for junior-college instructors has been put into operation during the past year. Also, graduate students can now prepare for teaching and administrati ' e positions in colleges and universities. Student teacher, Betty Henderson, finds that she must spend hours after school to keep up. Home Economics The Home Economics School has gotten off to a fresh start this year with a new Dean, Mrs. Glenn, Ph.D. With a relatively new building, now air-conditioned, and new ideas pooled from various sources, students in Home Economics are enlightened as well as thoroughly educated. Home Economics is concerned with the well- being of people. Its focus is primarily upon the individual as a family member. In support of the over-all objectives, Home Economics has evolved education and services which develop and help to maintain abilities or competences needed for the achievement of the broad objectives. These objectives are directed toward the betterment of family life through their direct application in the home and through professional activities outside the home. An informal and close relationship between the faculty and students is brought about by the types of classes held and the student faculty dinners and teas given throughout the year. Past century costumes are inspected by two Home Economics students in the newly organized collection. The aging process is an important experiment in the Clothing and Textiles laboratory. Food and Nutrition majors such as Carol TJlich must learn to measure iood weights and values. Small practice rooms of the music school are usually filled with musicians such as Virginia Hermann, violinist. The School of Music was estabhshed in 1911 and continues to serve the State of Florida as an educational center in the field of music through its dedication to music as a positive social force, by active cooperation with the other divisions of The Florida State University and by striving to uphold a standard of educa- tional output equal to the best in the United States. The undergraduate program remains the center of the School of Music. The steady increase in the size of the student body places the school near the lead in numbers of music majors in the colleges and universities of the covmtry. Two doctoral curricula were activated during the past year as part of the Doctor of Music degree program. These represent fields of study frequently requested by advanced graduate stu- dents: the Doctor of Music with a Concentration in Vocal Literature. Ann Folsom listens attentively while Gary Varnedoe illustrates his piano skills. Music Opperman Music Hall is the scene of Ray Leibau ' s piano recital. A Dedication and Perseverance lead the graduate student to higher planes of learning. Graduate School Graduate projects such as this one in the Biology department bring us many discoveries. More than 14 per cent of FSU ' s student body is en- rolled in the Graduate School, now the most rapidly expanding division of the University. Master ' s degrees are offered through all departments of the University except Nursing. New doctoral programs were activated this year in History, Mathematics, and Physical Educa- tion. Graduate Assistantships are available through the various departments and include teaching or research duties along with the formal course of study. Research being an integral part of graduate educa- tion, special facilities are being developed in parallel with the numerical growth of the Graduate School. This year was the first year of operation of a Computing Center utilizing an electronic digital computer. It was also the year in which the first of two particle accelerators was installed for research in nuclear sciences. Long still hours are spent in the quiet corners of the library by the conscientious grad student. 24 Audio visual student makes diazo transparencies for use on the overhead projector. Color overlays are examined closely before finished trans- parency can be made. Library Science The general objectives for the hbrary school are the professional education of librarians for service in all types of libraries; of teachers, school administrators, audio- visual directors and textbook directors for service as ma- terials specialists and supervisors; and the basic educa- tion of college students for better use of library resources in study and recreation. The library building, now two years old, is still a refreshing place for study. The bright classrooms are psychologically helpful for all the students working for a degree. The School Materials Service Program prepares col- lege graduates for positions in schools and in children ' s departments of public libraries. It conforms to the stand- ards set up for certification by the State Department of Education. The Graphics Lab is the scene where this South American librarian and student, Elton Volpini, makes his drawings for audio visual class. Dr. Leap goes over case records with one of his students. Shanty Town is inspected by prospective Welfare worker, Paul Perry. Social Welfare Although the same old building of the School of Social Welfare still stands proudly among the newer stronger buildings on campus, there is newness and progress in the School itself. Those preparing for jobs in social work, social welfare, mental health, criminology and penology, and marriage and family counseling are in this pro- gram. Many students majoring in social welfare qualify to teach social studies in high school or teach in the elementary grades. The internship program which has just been initiated in recent years is being expanded and greatly improved. This, along with field trips and workshops, is an excellent opportunity for students in Social Wel- fare to go out into the field and learn from experience. The Marriage and Family Living division of School offers a number of courses ranging from " Preparation for Marriage " to " Marriage Coun- seling " that prepare people for choosing mates wisely and for intelligent parenthood. Brownie troops enjoy lour of the Coco-Cola plant with university student in Social Welfare, Judy Taylor. Gov. Collins and his cabinet holds an open meeting ■with Public Administration students present. Public Administration p- The School of Pubhc Administration has gained wide rec- ognition despite its youth. It draws students from many parts of our nation and from foreign countries. The objectives of PubHc Administration are to train those pursuing managerial careers in national, state, or local gov- ernment; and training in pre-law. These objectives are devel- oped through a program of instruction with a number of pio- neer features, including the use of noted government officials in the classroom and an internship program that gives students practical administrative experience. As administrative skills are vital in a complex society, there is a growing demand for graduates of the School of Public Administration. They are to be found as budget officers, per- sonnel officers, administrative assistants, city managers and in similar positions in the federal, state and local governments. The state administrative buildings hold a wealth of informa- tion for students such as Gail Trapnell, Political Science. Graduate Seminars in Public Administration are helpful preparation for future employment. Photography seems to be the most interesting subject for these journahsm students Allan David and Warren Gerard. The rolling of proofs is the process being demonstrated to Nancy Womerby by graduate assistant, George Crutchfield. Journalism A great university fosters the comprehensive study of mass media and their freedom. The apostle of science and the advocate of the humanities ahke agree that knowledge must be communicated to serve mankind. The man with a true liberal education, therefore, applauds mass media for the indispensable service they perform. The School of Journalism serves ; both majors and non-majors, graduates and undergraduates. Its excellent fac- ulty and program have enabled grad- uates to succeed in newspaper, mag- azine, television, radio, advertising, and public relations work. Other stu- dents have learned to understand the i press as a social force in public opin- ion. The school stresses the interpre- tation of public affairs and it recog- nizes that a great university must i stress free inquiry in all vital areas of I knowledge, including journalism. The fine points of type setting are learned by students in typography. Business ' Speed above all " is the motto among typing students in this class. Stiategicallv located in a lapidly expanding areas of the United States, FSU ' s School of Business has an eye toward the future. Business is looking for more favorable economic, social and political environments, and projection of economic growth show that business is moving southward. It is estimated that 3,000 new plants with at least one million dollars ' investment will decide to build in the South within the next ten years. This growth must be paralleled by competent business management for its success; thus, increasing the need for education in business. Keeping in stride with the expanding industrial South, the School of Business has an all new building, which offers the lousi- ness student more up-to-date equipment and material than ever before offered. Time out between classes iinds Bobby Bryson and Richard Jack- son relaxing on the steps of the Business Building. The School oi Baking Science helps the university by making cakes, pies and rolls for the cafeteria. L This is good practice for the student nurses, but not much fun for the patient. Surgery is one of the aspects of the nursing program. Nursing Practical, first hand demonstrations are given to student nurses. The FSU School of Nursmg offers two programs; both inckide tlie full general education requirements of the University, giving the prospective nurses a solid foundation on which to base their professional education. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing includes a basic program designed for students with little or no previous ed- ucation in nursing, and gives them experience in working with hospital patients and with public health work. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Education prepares those nurses, who are already registered, for leadership in public health teaching, supervision, administration, and other related areas. Although the first nursing students were not admitted until 1950, gradu- ates already number over one hun- dred and are to be found in many foreign countries, as well as in the United States. Drill inspection shows Bob Mier checking a private. Army ROTC The Army ROTC offers a student the opportunity to combine his mihtary duties with academic preparation for his future career. Training follows the gen- eral Military Science curriculum and consists of two years basic and two years advanced courses. Completion of the program leads to a reserve cominission of second lieutenant in any branch of the Army. Aims of the program are to prepare young men for leadership of command and to develop in them essential knowl- edge and characteristics of an officer. Subjects common to all branches of the Army are included in the curriculum, such as psychology of leadership, per- sonnel management, military adminis- tration, map and aerial photo reading, military operations and logistics, weap- ons and their uses and the procedures relating to command and staff. The Globe symbolizes the rapidly m oving Air Force in the world today. Air Force ROTC The basic objective of the Air Force ROTC unit is to attract the highest type of personnel into the US Air Force and its civilian components. In the first two years, the cadet becomes able to understand the importance, function and characteristics of air power in the defense of the United States. Advanced cadets continue this training with thirty-five to forty hours of flight instruction during their senior year, de- pending on qualification tests. Air Force ROTC provides cadets with many activities, such as the cadet band, drill team, rifle team and newspaper. Those cadets with outstanding scholastic and achievement records are picked for membership in the new Arnold Air Society. ' StucLetit 32 f m lct iHtie Art Moore, President of the Student Body Mattox Hair, Vice-President of the Student Body STUDENT GOVERNMENT Student Government this year started with an em- phasis on increased participation in its programs. " Progress through participation " has been the key phrase. A Student Government Retreat was held at the first of the year, giving the various branches of Government; the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial, a chance to evaluate their progress and make plans for the year ahead. One of the things that has been improved this year is the Speaker ' s Bureau, which purpose is to address high school groups as well as Civic Clubs in an effort to advance interest in Florida State University. The Student Lobby Committee spent more time on research to prepare for the 1959 Session of the Legislature. The Student Travel Service, Intramural Program, Housing and Student Artist Series also received the attention of Student Government this year. 34 i Jim Apthorp, Men ' s Vice President Ada Leigh Wall, Women ' s Vice President DIANE GODIN Student Welfare DON REEDY Honor DON RAMSDEN Finance JACKIE ROBERTS Secretary to President SANDRA ROSENBERG Elections LAURA CHEEK Secretary of State GERRY GORDON Attorney General BARBARA WATSON Secretary of Events BILL SMITH Organizations NANCY DENHAM Interior 35 Biki jK. CHRIS VOGL BRUCE BROWN ANN MOORE BOBBIE BYRD ANNE WEAR PETE CHRISTMAS MARGIE EICHENGER MARK CALHOUN MARY ANN COLEMAN GLORIA GRYANT JACKIE SOUD RON CLARK SANDRA LAMBER LEONARD DARCY PAT HOUSTON Student Government Senate Not pictured: Grace Macklin Secretary of Women ' s Senate JOYCE COMBS Secretary of Senate DALE KOCH LINDA HOBBS GINGER SWAIN BILL BRYAN LIZ BRADLEY PENNY PICKLES PAT MICKLER CARL BUTLER CHARLES VAN JOHN REYNOLDS MIGNON CHAMPION RITA GARNETT CARYL LENEHAN PAT LANCE ■RTTnnv HnTTY CHARLES FOREHAND DIANA HOLROYD FLOSSIE AVIS j y r vf Honor Court university supreme court JUDY RAMSAY Clerk As the highest court at Florida State Uni- versity, Honor Court has a tremendous responsi- biHty to the student body. Its duties include trying cases concerned with lying, cheating, or stealing; cases that involve any infraction of the University Honor Pledge; cases appealed from the lower courts; cases that involve impeach- ments and questions on the constitutionality of Student Body Statutes. Honor Court consists of a Chief Justice, a Clerk, and eight court members elected from the Junior and Senior classes. As representatives of the student body, these students must remain entirely impartial in all cases that come before them, and they are bound by honor to protect the students who appear before the court by keeping all matters strictly confidential. T - BUCK BRYAN Chairman ANN WILLIAMS TOM WELLS JIM REEVES BARBARA EISSEY JOHN GRIMSLEY NANCY JO BOWERS DON AYRES NANCY JONES CORA HARGROVE Secretary of Judiciary MONTY GILHAM ml NANCY KEY LINDA REAMS ANN KEY i DOT GOODWIN SISSY SELLERS MARILYN HARRIS LYNN WILLIAMS University Court The University Court consists of a chairman, a secre- tary, and eighteen members elected from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. The members meet as one unit when a case involves both men and women, but are divided into Men ' s and Women ' s Judiciary when the case involves only one person. It is the responsibility of the University Court to see that the students uphold the regulations of the Uni- versity. The court fosters as awareness and understand- ing of the rules in effect each year. The jurisdiction of this court is over all cases not otherwise delegated, and over appeals from the House Councils of the dormitories. NANCY WORRAL Chairman TOM PEiMUHAY STEVE DUNLAP DAVE DALE ROY MATHIS Hal uitjci JACK RYDER FRED POWERS DICK O ' BRIEN B. I. WOODHAM. Chairman FRANCES HERN ANN FRICK ROWENA PRIVETT PATTY TUCKER SUSAN DALHOUSE KIN KOOS JUDY EVANS JANE POWELL NAN GODFREY MARGARET THOMAS DORIE WROBLESKI Off Campus Court Traffic Court JUDY DEKLE, Chairman TERRIE JONES SUSIE BLACKBURN MARGUERITE EDWARDS, Clerk 39 Board of Publications Created in the Fall of 1955, the Board of Student Publications is vested with the authority to require all student publications to conform to the high standards of journalism which Florida State University demands. As it ' s secondary duty, the Board acts as an instrument through which students can have a voice con- cerning the operation of their publications. Appointment of publication editors and a business manager of the publications also fall under jurisdiction of the Board of Publications as well as the approval of their respective budgets and financial statements. DR. REID MONTGOMERY Advisor to Publications DON TALMON Business Manager of Publications TOM HALE Chairman of Board Three students are elected yearly to the Board, one of which is elected chairman. There are also two students appointed by the Student Body President and three faculty members appointed by the president of the University. Non-voting members include the editors and a business manager of the publications and the Advisor for Student Publications, Dr. Reid Montgomery. DELORES LAFFERTY DR. EARL R. BECK BOB MEIER ETHEL CALHOUN DR. RICHARD JOEL KEN BOWES THE FLORIDA FLAMBEAU BUCK CANNON Editor in Chief VIRGINIA DELEVAN News Editor LARRY BLOCK Managing Editor KEN BOWES Advertising Manager WARREN GERALD Photographer Flambeau What ' s in today ' s Flambeau? " is asked around campus each Tuesday and Friday as FSU ' s semi- weekly newspaper hits the stands about 9:00 What the students read is determined by an assortment of editors, reporters, and cokimnists who work in organized confusion every " dead- hne " day to compose a meaningful paper for the following morning. Flambeau staff members are not well re- warded, either financially or with recognition, for their long work hours, but there is an " esprit de corps " among the editorial staff which is a reward within itself. The advertising salesmen have finished a real go-getting year which has helped pay over one- third of the Flambeaus total costs for 1958-59. JACK PEACOCK Assistant Managing Editor FRANK RAMOS Assistant Sports Editor DELORES LAFFERTY Society Editor DIANE GODIN Associate Editor Flambeau Staff RALPH MORGAN Assistant Ad Manager BEN BALSER Sports Editor Designated loosely sometimes as either a humor or general maga- zine, but never literary, the Smoke Signals tries to struggle out four times a year, and usually manages to meet its deadlines, give or take a month or so. Dependent largely upon origi- nal student talent for its fiction and feature articles, illustrations and photography, the Smoke Signals confines its stealing from other magazines strictly to jokes, car- toons, and ideas. Contrary to some existing popu- lar opinion, some people do like the Smoke Signals, and even man- age to find various and worthwhile uses for it, such as starting fires in the morning, stuffing cracks around leaky windows, and filler for too thin class notebooks. Faced with possible extermina- tion last year, the Smoke Signals has justified budgetary concessions made in its behalf. SMOKE SIGNALS RON HAMM Editor JIM KNIGH Photographer HELEN KNIGHT, MERRY MOREHOUSE Writers DIANA HOLROYD DICK PARKS, Photographer, not picturei CHRIS FISHER, PAT STARNES Illustrators TALLY HO DESSE PINCKARD Editor in Chief The Tally Ho is a record in words and pictures of the academic year at Florida State. PubHshed annually in May, the yearbook is awaited by students anxiously as a tangible recollection of the past year. This year the Tally Ho staff has followed a program of promotion from within; many valuable staff members returned from last year to new and in- creasingly important positions. Fortunately, past Editor in Chief Evie Morris was on hand for technical advice and general criticism and direction. In an effort to promote the idea of the potential greatness of F.S.U., the Tally Ho has worked hand in hand with important facets of faculty and student body. New policies and achievements are carefully watched for possible incorporation into the broad scope of the Tally Ho. Thanks to the strikingly new atmosphere of F.S.U., a wealth of material was provided, both for literary and pictorial treatment. The people .... The Place .... The thing s we do. The Tally Ho endeavors to provide for you, the student, a foundation for the memories of vour iniiversity. HELEN WHEELER Managing Editor DICK PARKS Photography MONTY GILHAM Sorority Editor Tally Ho Staff LINDA WAHL, LOU WILCOX Copywriters ORGANIZATIONS; ANNE BRAGDON, KAY DAVIS, BERYL MILLER, JO LEE BLONDHEIM, MARY ANN VICKERY, Editor. LYNN LA GRANGE Miss FSU Contest JUNE ROBERTS Exchange Editor BOB MEIER Sports Editor HARRIET L ' ENGLE Photography Editor JANET BEVIS NANCY BATES Class Editors AL NICHOLS JENNIE RUTH ROACH Layouts WAYNE WARREN Photographer TEAL GUINAND Campus Events Editor THE UNIVERSITY Broadcasting Services under the direction of Roy Flynn is the produc- tion agency which extends the resources of the Florida State University to the pubHc through radio, TV, and fihiis. Radio activities inckide the daily operation of VVFSU-FM and the preparation of programs released through commercial stations via the Tape Network. During the past year WFSU- FM increased power from ten to one thousand watts, sending University programs to listeners within a forty mile radius. Alone in a world of buttons, knobs and dials. WFSU-FM Record library holds hours of enjoyment for Tallahassee listeners. ' And this is Carol Poppinger on WFSU-FM, presenting WFSU-TV Last minute briefing before broadcast time. Television production during 1958-59 was concentrated in a closed-circuit teaching experiment. Presently, an application for permission to activate channel 11 is in the preparation to make the non-anticipated WFSU-TV a reality. Film production included a variety of educational and instructional films produced in cooperation with University departments and state agencies. Werner Vagt points out ques to auditioning student. Mapping out strategy for tomorrows ' ROTC meeting. " No, this isn ' t Jennie Murphree. " Men ' s Dormitory Life If you are the introversial type that like a quiet, som ewhat, intellectual atmosphere you will not like men ' s dorm life. On the contrary, you have to be able to study under battlefield like conditions, be an ardent rock ' n ' roller, love practical jokes, and be an ex-gambler from Las Vegas. Also, if you suffer from claustro- phobia, you should stay away from the West Hall elevators. Actually, dorm life is a good experience. There you meet lifelong friends and enemies. You soon are able to head bull sessions and give detailed reports on the television pro- grams. Also, if you desire, you can participate in intramurals, dorm dances, or Homecoming float building. ' 11,347, 11,348, Magnolia Ofiicers, leh Jo right: Ken Prescott, Governor; Ranny Way, Secretary; Ron Chronister, Lieutenant Gov- ernor; Jack McQuestion, Social Chairman. Senior Hall Officers, left to right: Al Ulmer, Governor; Ray Axon, Lieutenant Governor; Raymond Rogers, Social Chairman. Men s Dormitory Officers West Hall Officers, leJt to right: Bob Owens, Treasurer; Skip Moe, Governor; John Reynolds, Secretary; Don Sink, Lieutenant Governor. 1 Women ' s Dormitory Life Fresh Flowers, Pink telephones, and wall to wall carpeting in every room? Maid service and breakfast in Bed? Despite the severe handicap incurred by lack of the above services, many happy Florida State co-eds are housed in the several dormitories on campus. These homes away from home provide friendship, jolly times, and a haven for their inhabitants. Remember when Your one and only date during the week was curtailed at 10:00 because of a house meeting. You decided to retire early and fall onto the pillow, only to be rudely awakened by the harsh shrill of a fire drill. Life reached its lowest ebb Extreme frustration had set in for various rea- sons — date for the weekend broken; hair falling out because of bad permanent, clothes too snug because of banana split. Departure of roommate for evening of gaity left you one foot deeper in despair and mor- bid self-contemplation. But alas, life is not all roses, and what more memorable way to discover this than living in one of the dormitories of F. S. U. Adrienne Penan finds History not too bad if you " relax and enjoy it. " Sign in, sign out — all part of the daily ritual. ' Mayonnaise, mustard, relish, ketchup, buns, but no hamburger! " One pot water -|- heat + coffee = five hours late studying. West Landis Ofiicers, left to right: Marilyn Ziebel, President; Diane Godin, Vice President; Temple Hess, Social Chairman; Judy Potts, Vice President. East Landis Officers, left to right: Jean Newton, President; Norma Heller, Vice President; Helen Monroe, Social Chairman; Julia Welsh, Vice President. Women ' s Dormitory Officers Gilchrist Officers, left to right: Elaine Bogue, Vice Presi- dent; Mary Louise Edwards, Vice President; Judy McMillan, Vice President; Carrie Lea Pallicer, Social Chairman- Delphia Johnson, President. Florida Hall Officers, left to right: Susan Shoaf, Social Chairman; Anna Lois Clark, President; Doris Burr, Vice President; Liz Priore, Vice President. South Cawthon Officers, left to right: Leni Dupue, Vice President; Marguerite Edwards, Vice President; Ruth Snodgrass, President; Rachel Wimberley, Social Chairman. Women ' s Dormitory North Caw;hon Officers, left to right: Carolyn Burton, Social Chairman; Connie Cross, Vice President; Barbara McVey, Vice President; Mary Liz Wi ' kinson, President. Broward Officers, left to right: Jean Williams, Social Chair- man; Sally Highnam, Vice President; Nancy Frazier, President; Dot Holland, Vice President. Officers Reynolds Ofiicers, left to right: Cappy Archibald, President; Kay Hufford, Vice President; Pat McRae, Vice President; Nancy Jones, Social Chairman. Jennie Murphree Officers, left to right: Dottie Hatton, President; Shiela Kennedy, Vice President; Monty Gilham, Vice President; Valeria Chase, Social Chairman. Bryan Officers, left to right: Annette Mcintosh, President; Julie Ingram, Vice President; Lane Gourley, Social Chairman; Mollie Flesher, Vice President. ■ ... I ' H. Nat Hobbs, Monty Gillham Editors CiteeM Panhellenic Association 1 ; fc ■ ■ ■— ■ i.. - ■ j HKj . SBHHi Jean Harrison, President Ann Key, Treasurer Nancy Beth Heacock, Chairman Honor Council Not pictured: Linda Roberts, Secretary MEMBERS NAME SORORITY Barbara Baumgartner ALPHA CHI OMEGA Betty Lou King ALPHA DELTA PI Angela Alonso ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Priscilla Barnes ALPHA OMICRON PI Joyce Sims ALPHA XI DELTA Judy Ramsey CHI OMEGA Annette Mcintosh DELTA DELTA DELTA Molly Gladding DELTA GAMMA Kathryne D. Davis DELTA ZETA Yvonne Moore GAMMA PHI BETA Mary Beth Roberts KAPPA ALPHA THETA Ginger Graham KAPPA DELTA Jean Harrison PHI MU Ramelle Ellis PI BETA PHI Priscilla Rarkin SIGMA KAPPA Joyce Combs ZETA TAU ALPHA 58 . f 1 f 1 » y H ;; :■ .. - ' ■■ -.ii ■dRs fl f JL ' o B-W| 1, . " . ■ 1 nr " . Seated: I. to r. — Donald Ayres, Treasurer; Dale Koch, Secretary; Hal R. Smith, Fraternity Counselor; Donald H. Ramsden, President; John Armel, Vice-President. Standing: 1. to r. — Tyrrel Dear, Lawrence J. Sharp, Richard B. Fink, Maury C. McKinney, Ted Keen, Jim Hooks, Earl Perry, George McKelvin, Marvin Ingram, Bill McGlaughon, Curt Compton. Inter Fraternity Council The Inter-Fraternity Council governs fraternity activi- ties having to do with rushing, pledging, initiation, and general deportment. Primary emphasis is placed on scholastic achievement, cooperation, and conduct in the best interest of the University. Each Spring IFC sponsors Greek Week. Panels de- signed for the promotion of greater understanding of fraternity life and for the sharing of ideas and accom- plishments are held. During this week, a banquet honoring fraternity officers is given and athletic events in which all groups participate are staged. Climaxing the week is the Inter-Fraternitv Council Formal, at which time the new IFC Queen and her court are announced. 59 Don ' t believe the weather reports! It really did snow! There was blue snow in front of the Alpha Chi house this year. All the enthusiastic pledges built a gigantic blue snowman in honor of their actives. This was just one among many Alpha Chi pledge salutes to the actives. Among the Alpha Chi campus contributions can be listed the Secretary of Pan-Hellenic; the Women ' s ' Vice- President; plus members of Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Honor Court, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Village Vamps and Gymkana Court of Honor. On the social side. Alpha Chi ' s were found at the dessert bridge party for the housemothers, a Christmas party with alumnae, an Easter party for underprivileged children, exchange dinners, party at the reservation, and various combo parties. The Alpha Chi ' s really seem to be project minded this year. Their work has included toys for the Cerebral Palsy Children; Easter egg tree for the W. T. Edwards Hospital and supporting the Youth For Polio Drive. The chapter as a whole has also been acclaimed on campus. For they won honorable mention on the home- coming decoration and circus weekend they won the circus weekend Trophv, and took 3rd place for decorations. MEMBERS Anchors, Gail Drunagel, Ann Massey. Sue Baker, Barbara Harris, Lanny Miller, Sylvia Baker, Lois Henderson, Nancy Othen, Carol Balliett, Puddin ' Hobkirk, Janice Pekks, Drena Bullou, Merle Hodges, Betty Reeves, Carolyn Bartrum, Annese Howard, Jackie Roberts, Linda Baumgartner, Barbara Hyers, Elaine Rodriguez, Vivian Black, Nettie Jackson, Merry June Rousseau, Sylvia Caswell, Laura Johnson, Jean Saroodis, Harriet Cavin, Lynnie Jones, Nancy Simmons, Barbara Clements, Ann Limguist, Beverly Smith, Barbara Costin, Martha McManama, Lynn Taylor, Kay Crowder, Linda Macnickol, Marianne Wall, Ada Leigh Cuppett, Carolyn Maas, Carol Jane Ward, Sylvia Dalhouse, Susan Martino, Joan Warren, Roberta Wright, Bobbie PLEDGES Asher, Sandra Haulman, Joyce Miller, Mary Charlotte Beard, Nancy Johns, Sylvia Price, Ann Calvert, Bobbie Mabry, Ann Reeves, Carolyn Cackrell, Virginia McDavid, Sandra Richter, Carolyn Davis, Beverly McKibbin, Peggy Jo Stewart, Betty Jane Glasscock, Peggy Sue Meeks, Kathy Staninger, Sally Smith, Roberta SPRING PLEDGES Dale, Analane Kane, Linda Sue Brannen, Pat Deeson, Ramona Speed, Cissy Champion, Bev Elliott, Barbara West, Pat Cowell, Penny Freeman, Jeanne Bogue, Elaine Crawford, Janie OFFICERS Nettie Black President Ann Drunagel Vice President Lynnie Cavin Secretary Ann Clements Treasurer 60 ALPHA CHI OMEGA ANCHORS ASHER BAILIETT BAKER. B BAKER, L. BALLOU BARTRAM BAUMGARTNER BEARD BRADFIELD CALVERT CAVIN CLEMENTS COCKRELL COSTIN COSWELL CRAWFORD CROWDER CUPPETT DALE DALHOUSE DEESON DRUNAGEL ELLIOTT FREEMAN HARRIS HAULMAN HENDERSON HOBKIRK HODGES HOWARD HYERS JACKSON JOHNSON JONES LINDQUIST MACNICHOL McDAVID McMANAMA MAAS i-lABRY MARTINO MASSEY MEEKS MILLER OTHEN PEKKS PRICE REEVES, C. REEVES, C. RICHTER ROBERTS RODREGUER ROUSSEAU SAROODIS SIMMONS SMITH, B. SMITH, R. STANINGER STEWART TAYLOR WALL WARD WARREN WEIGHT WEST WIERK OFFICERS Jean Ragans President Mary Louise Toth Vice President Gail Trapnell Secretary Mary Hill Grubbs Treasurer Allsman, Joyce Blackwell, Janice Bush, Sandra Carter, Marolyn Cannon, Linda Cannon, Selby Chapman, Marcia Collins, Gwynn Dent, Betsy Edwards. Susanne Frazier, Harriet Gatewood, Gretchen Gregory, Martha PLEDGES Hoy, Susan Lile, Susan MacKinnon, Margaret McKethan, Martha Ann Parker, Nora Richards, Mary Sharp, Jenny Stayer, Carol Anne Taylor, Jan Toth, Sharon Vaughn, June Vereen, Barbara MEMBERS Allen, Kathy Banning, Martha Ann Barnes, Lou Bedell, Martha Brannen, Margaret Breggar, Margaret Brinson, Lynn Brooks, Naomi Culpepper, Jean Davis, Jana Elwes, Gay Evans, Judy Gamer, Pat Grady, Georgan Green. Cynthia Gregory, Iragene Grubbs, Mary Hill Hughes, Eleanor Hughes, Sally Hunt, Barbara Kilner, Kitty King, Betty Lou Korst, Susan Mackenzie, Virginia Mathers, Genevieve Miles, Alice Miles, Jaci Murray, Marcia Plummer, Bobbie Ragans, Jean Rodgers, Sandra Shanks, Marilynn Sistrunk, Carolyn Smith, Judv- Tomlinson, Ann Toth, Mary Louise Trapnell, Gail Tyson, Joan Williams, Dianne Woodberry, Mary Dale Zess, Levonne ALLEN BEDELL BRANNEN BUSH CARTER CULPEPPER EVANS GATEWOOD GRUBBS HUGHES BANNING BREEGGAR BRENSON CANNON, L. CHAPMAN DAVIS FRAZIER GRADY HAY HUNT BARNES BLACKWELL BROOKS CANNON, S. COLLINS DENT GARNER GREEN 62 ALPHA DELTA PI Individually as well as collectively Alpha Delta Pi has left its mark on all phases of campus hfe this year with Social Chairman of the Sophomore Class and members in Village Vamps, Circus, University Singers, Sophomore Council, and Junior Counselors. Also one of their lovelies was chosen as KA Rosebud. Again Alpha Delta Pi placed in the Homecoming floats, this year with a second— thanks to everfaithful Sam. The coffee given by Mrs. LeRoy Collins and Alpha Delta Pi alumnae at the Governor ' s Mansion was quite a thrill for the Alpha Delta Pi ' s! Other social events were the Founder ' s Day tea and Alpha Delta Pi weekend. The Alpha Delta Pi Christmas Spirit was shared this year with a group of underprivileged children. They and the Phi Delta Theta ' s together gave these kids a wonderful party even up to and including Santa Claus. The pledge class car wash must have been a successful one for their pledge project for the actives this year was a new TV set! JEAN RAGANS LNER KORST McKETHAN MILES, A. PARKER SHANK S SMITH TOTH, M. TRAPNELL VAUGHN ING LILE MATHERS MILES, J. RICHARD SHARP STAYER TOTH, S. TYSON VEREEN MACKINNON MICKLER MURRAY RODGERS SISTRUNK TAYLOR TOMLINSON WILLIAMS ZESS 63 The Crutches Crew .... anyone for basketball? Hey crab, can I borrow your wheels? Familiar echoes heard from all corners of the Alpha Gam house as their members flocked to Student Government, Garnet Key, and women ' s judiciary meetings. . . . while others attended majorette, gymkana, circus, and band practice for the marching chiefs. Racking up once again, the A. G. D. ' s brought home points after points with beauty and talent. Representing them well, their members were found in the Gator Bowl beauty festivities, Who ' s Who, Tarpon, and Mortified. Alpha Gam ' s were also found to be the treasurer of the freshman class and the Secretary of Student Events. To help further round out the year ' s successful festivities, first place in Circus decorations was bestowed upon this vivacious group. Without the help of Mother Rose, whose thirty years of devotion plus the years she spent as an A.G.D. active herself, the year could not have been the same. Her gentle smile, unending patience and sympathetic understanding were as much a part of the year as the many, many honors and achievements won by the determined Alpha Gam ' s! Alonso, Angela Bivens, Nancy Bone, Mary-Lee Bunting, Judy Calhoun, Ethel Collins, Dorothy DeHart, Betts Douglas, Winnie Mae Elder, Lorna Floyd, Jaynce Frazier, Martha Gates, Ann Griffin, Carolyn Gunderson, Stephanie Hager, Elinor Hendricks, Carol Hollins, Pat Allen, Mary Sue Allison, Micki Amos, Joyce Avera, Carol Cheek, Tanise Collier, Connie Cox, Marsha Davis, Yvonne Day, Mary Alice ACTIVES Ho ' we, Rhoda Jay, Sandra Jones, Betty Ann Jopling, Emily Jordan, Mignon Jordan, Kay Keesler, Barbara Kimball, Debbie Koos, Kin Lambrecht, Carol Leto, Donna Lewis, Fedora Lindsey, Mary Ann McArthur, Penny Mohannah, Marion Miller, Barbara PLEDGES Dillon, Ellen Fox, Joyce Frazier, Ivylyn Gobi, Kathy Hutchins, Kathy Jankunis, Ginny Martin, Shirley Ann Merrin, Kay Padgett, Sara Oliver, Patty O ' Neill, Ann Power, Kathy Reams, Linda Reynolds, Jean Shearouse, Jerry Smith, Beth Stocking, Joyce Swanson, Bunny Terry, Nancy Lee Waters, Gwen Watson, Barbara Wesley, Lou Ann Williams, Carole Willioms, Linda Williams, Sandy Purvis, Nancy Scott, Grace Stewart, Helen Summers, Ann Turberville, Elizabeth Wayt, Mary Alice Wolfinbarger, Loren Workizer, Suzy Ziegler, Sue ETHEL CALHOUN OFFICERS Ethel Calhoun President Barbara Watson Vice President Fedora Lewis Secretary Sandy Williams Treasurer 64 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALLISON ALONSO AMOS BIVENS BONE BUNTING COLLIER CHEEK COLLINS COX DAY DEHART DILLON DOUGLAS ELDER FLOYD FOX FRAZIER, L FRAZIER. M. GATES GRIFFIN GUNDERSON HENDRICKS HOLLINS HOWE HUTCHINS JANKUNIS JAY JONES JOPLING JORDAN, K. JORDAN. M. KIMBALL KOOS LAMBRECHT LETO LEWIS LINDSEY MAHANNAH MERRIN McARTHUR MARTIN MILLER OLIVER O ' NEILL PADGETT PURVIS REAMS REYNOLDS SMITH STORY SHEAROUSE STOCKING SUMMERS TERRY TURBERVILLE WATERS WATSON WAYT WESLEY WILLIAMS, C. WILLIAMS, L. WILLIAMS, S. WILSON WOLFINBARGER WORKIZER OFFICERS Eve Lomaistro President Linda Brinkley Vice-President Yancy Murray Corres. Secretary Sally Morgan Recording Secretary Betty Jean Woodham Treasurer Barnes. Priscilla Bamette, Mary Bartlett, Gretchen Betts, Mary Blumer, Sharon Brotherson, Mary Anne Brown, Roxanne Buckley. Judy Burks. Biff Burls. Skeetie Cellon. Nancy Chase. Valerie Clark, Carolyn Dozier. Anne ACTIVES Eichinger. Margie Harris, Lynette Hienz, Marlene Humphress, Margaret Joanos, Eva Jones, Dagmar Kienzle, Bobbie Kuster, Lois Lindsey. Linda Lomaistro. Eve Martin. Louise Martin. Lucille Maxwell. Sharlee Meltzer. Gloria Morgan. Sally Murray, Yancy Nelms, Rita Nuber, Susan Ruffin, Anne Shea, Pat Skacil. Ruth Spearing. Ginger Stivender. Jeanel Williams. Jean Woodham. B. J. Ziel, Noni PLEDGES Alexander. Phyllis Brim. Loulyn Colley, Carol Sue Core, Bonnie Fletcher, Kay Holden, Charley Gauthier. Paulette Jones, Kay Knight, Jean Kuster, Toni Martin, Beverly Neiger, Gloria Rice, Linda Stacy, Phil Starling. Ada Jo Targony. Sandra Tyler, Dru Van Hoose. Sarah Lee WhitehiU, Judy Whitman. Helene SPRING PLEDGES Diehl. Penny Himrod. Ann Larrimore. Lila Lee. Linda Little. Margie Mathis, Pam Smith. Roberta ALEXANDER BETTS BROTHERSON BURKS. J. CLARK DIEHL FLETCHER HEINZ HUMPHRESS BARNES BLUMER BUCKLEY CELLON COLLEY DOZIER GAUTHIER HIMROD JOANOS BARTLETT BRIM BURKS. B CHASE CORE EICHINGER HARRIS HOLDEN 66 ALPHA OMICRON PI . . . And soon will have a house! ! This has been a long awaited dream of the Alpha Omicron Pi ' s and they will at last be able to move in next year. From all appearances it will be well worth the wait. The Alpha Omicron Pi ' s have been seen on campus this year, in Sophomore-Council, as Junior Counselors, on ofF- campus court, in the senate, and on Garnet Key, and Who ' s Who. Even though they have been in various dorms on campus this year, they have still been a very active and united group. They sold fruit cake at Thanksgiving and Christmas time for the Civitan Club; made stuffed animals for an orphanage, and Easter baskets for the Tallahassee underprivileged children. They are not without their beauties by any means. Alpha Omicron Pi has been well represented with a finalist in Miss F.S.U. Contest, Military Ball Queen and runner-up in Miss Panama City Contest. On the lighter side. There was the retreat to the reser- vation, weiner roast homecoming weekend, the tea for the patrons and the Christmas party, the pledges gave for the actives. ■;J W JONES KUSTER, G. LITTLE MARTIN, LUCILLE MURRAY NUBER SMITH STARLING TYLER KIENZLE KUSTER, L. MARTIN, B. MATHIS NIEGER RUFFIN SPEARING VAN HOOSE WHITEHILL LEE MARTIN, L. MEITZEB NELMS SKACIL STACY TARGONY ZIEL 67 Have you been reading the Flambeau lately. ... If so you would have undoubtedly noticed that the Alpha XI ' s have really been making news — There was, of course, Arielou Johnson the new Homecoming Queen of whom every Alpha XI is very proud. Along the same line there were girls in the military ball court and ROTC sponsors, the Delta Tau Delta Queen, and Chi Phi Sweetheart. It ' s not all just looks though for when it comes to books and the like, the Alpha XI ' s are on top here too. Who could complain with two Phi Beta Kappa ' s, members in Mortar Board, Mortified, and Who ' s Who, not to men- tion. Sophomore Counselors, Junior Counselors, a dorm president, and Garnet Key members. The pledge — active retreat; Alpha XI week-end with the Rose formal; and the Saint and Sinner Combo party are events that the Alpha XI ' s will long remember. Partying must be just second nature with the " fuzzys " for they are the proud holders of the Hostess of the Year Trophy. Speaking of trophies they also won the softball and tennis intramurals. The Alpha XI ' s are also conscious of helping other people less fortimate than themselves. The annual Delta Tau Delta-Alpha XI Christmas party for the underprivil- edged and their annual philanthropic project of improving facilities in TB Hospitals both give evidences of this. Atkinson, Betty Jean Baird, Patsy Bell, Carolyn Bell, Mary Blake, Joan Boyd, Jackie Caruthers, Vieva Colley, Sandra DeFore, Nancy Deloney, Mary Ann Dickson, Maureen Duke, Sue Carol Emmett, Dorothy Adams, Sally Baxter, Charlotte Burgess, Fran Canova, Pat Cox, Cynthia Cracraft, Mikel Duval, Carol Ann Eastman, Blanche Pallicer, Carrie Ransick, Connie ACTIVES Falconnier, Donna Frasier, Nancy George, Molly Grant, Audrey Hall, Frances Highnam, Sally Huszty, Yolanda Inscho, Shirley Johnson, Arielou Johnson, Merline Jones, Terri Lay, Carolyn Linley, Dorothy PLEDGES Grigsby, Yvonne Herson, Paddy Hunter, Shelley Johnson, Sandy Karney, Carol Kight, Wanda Luhr, Linda Neher, Jackie Manning, Pat Nelson, Gail Nuckolls, Joyce Powel, Mary Redding, Harriet Roessler, Kay Sims, Joyce Skaggs, Ann Stokesberry, Linda Upchurch, Nancy Veverka, Martha White, Amelia Williamson, Phyllis Nelson, Carol Patterson, Virginia Ransick, Bonnie Rodabaugh, Dorothy Sadler, Judy Smith, Zebbie Thornton, Charlene Vann, Carol SPRING PLEDGES Vahue, Linda Lee Walker, Elizabeth Lee OFFICERS Pat Manning President Joyce Sims Vice-President Vieva Cruthers Secretary Amelia White Treasurer 68 ALPHA XI DELTA ADAMS ATKINSON BAIRD BAXTER BELL, C. BELL, M. BLAKE BOYD BURGESS CANOVA COLLEY COX DICKSON DEFORE DELONEY DUKE EASTMAN EMMETT FALCONNIER ERASER GEORGE GRANT GRIGSBY HALL HERSON HIGHNAM HUNTER HUSZTY INSCHO JOHNSON, A. JOHNSON, M. JOHNSON, S. JONES KARNEY RIGHT LAY LINLEY LUHR NEHER NELSON, C. NELSON, G. NUCKOLLS PATTERSON POWEL RANSICK REDDING RODABAUGH ROESSLER SADLER SIMS SKAGGS SMITH STOKESBERRY THORNTON UPCHURCH VANN VEVERKA WILLIAMSON OFFICERS Bonnie Tapley President Karen Kane Vice President Pat Henery Secretary Rochelle Reynolds Treasurer Butler. Dibba Chamberlain, Ann Chappel, Narma Freeman, Judy Huddleston, Kay Irrgang, Mary Frances Jenkins, Jennie Jones. Carol McSwain, Sallie Martin, Celia Morton, Nancy Patton, Linda Pogue, Scarlett Rice. Betsy Robertson, Karen ToUe, Martha Trask, Mary Ann Whiteside, Kay Woodruff, Patricia Woodward, Kay Breese. Susan Markham, Jeanne Stearns, Mary Stearns, Linda Turner. Judy Reynolds, Cheena Smith, Suzanne Mathis, Mary SPRING PLEDGES Breeze, Susan Steams, Mary Markham, Joann Turner, Judy Steams, Linda ACTIVES Anderson, Roslyn Ball, Dana Boxeman, Beverly Bucklew, Betty Coldwell, Sheila Copeland, Willou Dorman, Carol Douglass, Martha Foster, Ann Geer, Ada Hall, Helen Hannah, Peg Hendry, Pat Hobbs, Linda Hufford. Kay Johnson, Cat Johnson, Emily Johnson, Mary Jane Kane, Karen Key. Ann Linebaugh. Dottie Sue McWhirter, Gayle McWhirfer, Sandy Pachler, Patty Patton. Barbara (Bit) Ramsey, Judy Rhodes, Sandra Robertson, Verna Lee Robinson. Bonnie Reynolds, Rochelle Rose, Cheryl Share, Sally Starry, Lea Tapley. Bonnie Tebault. Beth Thomas, Margaret Trask, Janet Trimble. Jane Tyree, Jane Vogler. Andrea Walker, Patty Wilson, Laura Virginia ANDERSON BROWN CHAPPELL FOSTER HANNAH, E. HUDDELSTON JONES MARTHAM BALL BUCKLEW COLDWELL FREEMAN HANNAH, P. HUFFORD KANE MARTIN BREESE BUTLER COPELAND GEER HENDRY JENKINS KEY McSWAIN BOZEMAN CHAMBERLAIN DORMAN HALL HOBBS JOHNSON LINEBAUGH 70 CHI OMEGA " X and a horseshoe, that ' s us . . . " cheering at football games, speaking in Senate, Gymkana, Circus, dorm officers . . . everywhere Chi O ' s graced the campus with their smiles and unending work. Chairman of the Homecoming Dance Decorations, social chairman of Jennie, and Bryan, Vice Pres. of Reynolds, you guessed it — all Chi Omegas. All year long the Chi O ' s maintained their stands in Tar- pon, Garnet Key, Judiciary, Who ' s Who, Cotillion, Theatre dance, and Freshman Flunkies. Also, Chi O ' s presided as Sec. of the Junior Clerk of the Honor Court and in Sopho- more Council. Not only did this determined group excel in leadership but in beauty as well, by taking top honors in the Homecoming Court, and the Citrus Queen Court. To enhance the year ' s activities the Chi O ' s celebrated their fiftieth anniversary on the campus with the national presi- dent attending the event. Too, they collected toys for the needy children at Christ- mas time, worked on a loan scholarship to the University and a most successful spaghetti supper. The Chi O ' s re- mained strictly tops as they entertained a year of honors, success, leadership and fun! Heard around the house — " Please, my C. do you gave a D. this W.? " Or, " Anybody for the Hokey Pokey in the front yard? " ■Mw BONNIE TAPLEY :WHIRTER, G. PATTON. B. RAMSEY RICE ROSE TEBAULT TRASK, M. WALKER cWHIRTER, S. PATTON, L. REYNOLDS, R. ROBERTSON K. SNARE THOMAS TURNER WILSON MORTON POGUE REYNOLDS, V. ROBERTSON, V. L. STEARNS TOLLE TYREE WHITESIDE PACHLER RHODES ROBINSON, B. STARRY TRASK, I. VOGLER WOODRUFF 71 " Yes , . . ' 58-59 was an exciting year! As every Tri Delt will agree. Campus activities and events found the Tri Delts bubbling with enthusiasm. Activities on Campus include Chairman of Traffic Court, Judy Kock; Bryan president, Annette Mcintosh and Rey- nolds Veep, Pat McRae; Garnet Key, Judy Dekle; Alpha Lambda Delta, Marilyn Zibell; Phi Kappa Phi, June TRI DELTS Lasseter; and Cheerleading, Judy Turner. Tri Delts were also found in Who ' s Who, Village Vamps, and Gymkana Court of Honor. Local Scholarship, one of their main annual prefects gave proof of its efforts — with the winning of the National Gamma Alpha Chi Scholarship award by Chris Fisher. Among the Sorority events always to be remembered was Tri Delt weekend to the theme of " Disneyland, " ex- citement over winning 2nd place Homecoming float, and the Annual Easter-Egg party for alum ' s children. Social functions also play an important part. Besides numerous fraternity parties, teas and exchange dinners, the Tri Delt ' s Christmas party with the Kappa Sigs for underprivileged children was a tremendous success. " We ' re just a gay happy singing group. " Could the un- forgetable serenade by the illustrious seniors (complete with robes, candles) have anything to do with that? ? MEMBERS Allen, Gail Fisher, Chris Montgomery, Bam Allen, Judy Frick, Ann Morphree, Benedict, Mary Ann Gruel, Sharon Ort, Georgea Borland. Kitty Helbing, Marion Ott, Charlotte Broome, Babs Herrington, Carleen Parker, Jackie Brown, Connie Lou Hopkins, Rickie Parker, Judy Burns, Sandy Kennedy, Dovie Jean Pittman, Mary Calhoun, Sandra Kirchman, Vickie Riedell, Linda Catron, Ellen Hunt, Carolyn Roberts, Lynn Clardy, Sara Lasseter. June Ryerson, Patty Coleman, Mary Ann Lebo, Aleene Sample, Susie Colley, Lynn Lebo, Helen Sands, Lucille Connell, Ann Lewis, Reed Scarbrough, Harriet Davidson, Janie Lewis, Sylvia Sherman, Linda Doyle, Jamie Loy, Snow Sinclair, Helene Koch, Judy Dekle Malone, Joye Starnes, Pat Echols, Eloise Mcintosh, Annette Travis, Mary Ann Farrior, Fenley McRae, Pat Turner, Judy Fehlberg, Susan Megathlin, Karen Zibell, Marylyn PLEDGES Adams, Carolyn Buchannon, Sharon Leigerot, Marcia Alexander, Elinor Buck, Melanie Miller, Rhoda Angel, Ann Ciccarello, Joyce Miller, Martie Avis, Flossie Donnelly, Betsy Norman, Gayle Barker, Lynda Fisher, Joyce Powers, Andrea Bergert, Patsy Forbes, Jean Wasden, Faye Boekee, Rixie Gregory, Jeanie Webb, Tallulah Bowen, Joanie Harvey, Gay Woodlill, Barbara Butler, Susan King, Janet SPRING PLEDGES Curry, Gayle Fulton, Donna Summers, Ann Louise Durrance, Judy Guilbert, Sandra Williams, Wynyard Forrester, Joan Sullivan, Georgia OFFICERS June Lasseter President Sara Clardy Vice President Mary Ann Coleman Secretary Linda Sherman Treasurer I 72 DELTA DELTA DELTA ADAMS ANGEL ALEXANDER ALLEN, G. ALLEN, I. AVIS BARKER BENEDICT BERGERT BOEKEE BOWEN BROOME BROWN BUCK BURNS BUTLER CATRON CICCARELLO CLARDY COLEMAN CONNELL DAVIDSON DEKLE DONNELLY FEHLBERG FISHER, C. FISHER. I. FORBES FRICK GREGORY GRUEL HARVEY HERRINGTON HOPKINS HUNT KENNEDY KING KIRCHMAN LEBO, A. LEBO, H. LEWIS, R. LEWIS, S. LIEGEROT LOY McINTOSH MACRAE MILLER MONTGOMERY MORPHREE NORMAN ORT OTT POWERS RIEDELL ROBERTS SANDS SHERMAN SINCLAIR STARNES TRAVIS TURNER WASDEN WEBB WOODFILL ZIBELL Ahrens. Andrea Bostain, Sharon Coachman, Joan Duren, Kay Gregg, Pat Herring, Phyllis Johnson, Karen Meebold, Phyllis Nichols, Barbara Prandoni, Claire Roach, Jennie Rogers, Laura Lee Roley, Lynn Robertson, Margaret Sigler, Kay Stewart, Frances Turner, Ann Upchurch, Sue Ellen Vansant, Sandra Watters, Maymar Young, Jean Zoller, Bunny SPRING PLEDGES OFFICERS Barbara Menlzer President Linda Thurston Vice President Delane Vincent Secretary Bettie Jane Cook Treasurer Cash, Manuella Clendenin, Sharon Dunk, Christina Houston, Pat Lee, Alinda Mae Marshall, Pegi Render, Judy Spoto, Sandra Wickersham, Elizabeth Young, Jeanne MEMBERS Adams, Pat Arbuthnot, Lydia Austin, Lydia Bild, Nancy Brubaker, Jean Sue Buller, Jane Bynum, Gayle Cameron, Sue Coachman, Shirley Cook, Bettie Jane Cronin, Dot Dale, Jane Dawson, Jan Dwelle, Helen Garrett, June Gladding, Molly Greenwood, Pat Gross, Peggi Guthrie, Palsy Heath, Martha Ann Hiers, Harriet Holding, Kathy Holroyd, Diana Ingalls, Betty Jones, Evon Knight, Susan Koperski, Barbara Lewis, Carol Jo Macklem, Grace Markette, Sarah Mentzer, Barbara MiUord, Pat Miller, Elizabeth Mueller, Barbara Jo; Nicholson, Anne Orr, Dian Parson, Jo Margaret Powell, Jane Sellers, Sissy Slappey, Suzanne Stang, Bobbie Ann Stevens, Joyce Thurston, Linda Vetter, Judy Vincent, Delane ADAMS AUSTILL AHRENS BILD RBUTHNOT BOSTAIN BRUBAKER GLADDING BULLER COACHMAN, J, CAMERON COACHMAN, S. COOK DAWSON GARRETT GROSS HERING HOLDING CRONIN DUREN GREENWOOD GUTHRIE HIERS HOLROYD DALE DWELLE GREGG HEATH 74 DELTA GAMMA Heads down . . . brake off . . . roll ' em! To a Delta Gamma this was excitement plus, for they were victorious in the annual Soap Box Derby Race. Besides this, the Delta Gamma ' s excelled in the Gymkana Court of Honor, the Most Beautiful Legs Contest, Village Vamps, Circus, Sophomore and Junior Counselors, Sigma Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Sigma Alpha Eta. Their national project of Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind is one that is hard to equal. They accomplish this through helping associations for the prevention of blindness and the aiding of the visually handicapped. Locally they are able to fulfill this project by helping a blind student through school by reading her lessons to her each day. Obviously, this is a job well done, for their student is a Biology curve setter. On the social side, the DG ' s have really been busy this year. And with a new house like theirs, who wouldn ' t be! Delta Gamma ' s have been seen functioning at their House Dedication followed by a Reception Combo party, Open House and those unforgettable fraternity parties, plus many other social highlights. BARBARA MENTZER KNIGHT MARKETTE MILLER NICHOLSON POWELL ROGERS STEVENS TURNER VINCENT LEWIS MEEBOLD MUELLER ORR PRANDONI SIGLER STEWART VANSANT WATTERS MACKLEN MILFORD NICHOLS PARSON ROACH STANG THURSTON VETTER YOUNG 75 -l . ' There ' s never a dull moment at the Delta Zeta house as the DZ ' s had a busy and eventful year. They contributed their share of members to Garnet Key, Circus, Cotillion, Sophomore Council, Student Party, Collegiate Party, Speaker ' s Bureau, Debate Team, Junior Counselors (VP of Jennie), Interfaith Council and various re ligious groups. On the beauty scene, they graced the Lambda Chi Alpha and Delta Tau Delta courts. Other beauties in the limelight include Kappa Sig Sv eetheart, Sigma Chi Derby Queen, KA Rosebud, and Kappa Sig Snowball Queen. Homecoming found them full of devilment as they dis- played their originality and school spirit by creating the " most beautiful float " in the Homecoming parade. They made themselves heard on campus by taking second place in Campus Sing. DZ claimed members in the University Singers and Women ' s Glee Club. Intramurals were not neglected as they successfully captured the over-all intramural trophy. The DZ ' s were active and enthusiastic participants in philanthropic endeavors. They have adopted a little French girl as a chapter project. Who would ever forget . . . the pledge class Freshman Football Banquet . . . Founder ' s Day . . . Christmas Party for the underprivileged children . . . caroling . . . frat parties . . . and the highlight of the social season — Rose Weekend. BETTY JEAN PRICE MEMBERS Arant, Marilyn Harris, Sandra Price, Betiy Jean Arnow, Linda Humphries, Laura Puderbaugh, Pat Badger, Sandra Jensen, Diane Rodgers, June Bunker, Martha Jones, Elaine Rufly, Gretchen Burnash, Patricia Kelsey, Susan Rule, Carol Cash, Nancy Kennedy, Sheila Sapp, Cynthia Collar, Betty Langston, Margianna Schulze, Sherry Conner, Jamie Linder, Judith Seydel, Peggy Daglis, Faye Mann, Dot Smith. Gayle Davis, Kathy Mansfield, Jenny Stainback, Rosemary Dow, Letitia Matthews, Sally Sandusky, Johnna Sue Duncan, Ann Miller, Marilyn Tally, Jeannine Duncan, Gail Negus, Nancy Terry, Alyce Graham, Jeannine Offerle, Hoan Trucks, Rita Groover, Betty Packard, Mary Williams, Angela Hamm, Marcia Poulos, Evelyn PLEDGES Alberson, Brenda Crooks, Sara Matthews, Melinda Almond, Ann Duncan, Barbara McGuire, Lou Barber, Alice Gaskin, Joan Ponton, Janet Berardi, Carole Gotthardt, Gail Reese, Shirley Bevis, Betty Ann Hefele, Pat Reiling, Josie Bosso, Robin Jenkins, Jill Rutledge, Kay Chazal, Dorrie JeweL Jane Lee Upshaw, Linda Costin, Sheila Kearns, Cree Ann Vitale, Rosemary SPRING PLEDGES Bachelor, Jo Anne Harbin, Dora Palmer, Judy Clayton, Pamela Herzog, Ellen Powell, Nancy Hair, Anita Lee, Romena Row, Peggy Wilking, Patricia OFFICERS Betty Jean Price President Martha Bunker Vice President Sheila Kennedy Recording Secretary Pat Burnash Corresponding Secretary Sally Matthews Treasurer 76 DELTA ZETA ALBERSON ALMOND ARNOW BADGERS BARBER BERARDI BERIS BOSSO CASH COLLAR CONNER COSTIN CROOKS DAGLIS DOW DUNCAN, B. DUNCAN, D. G. GOTTHARDT HAMM HEFELE JENKINS JENSEN JEWELL KEARNS KELSEY LANGSTON MANN McGUIRE OFFERLE PONTON PUDERBAUGH REILING REESE RODGERS RUFLY RUTLEDGE SAPP SCHULZE SEYDET STAINBACK TALLEY TERRY TRUCKS UPSHAW WILLIAMS OFFICERS Nancy Beth Heacock President May Thompson Vice President Judy Scott 2nd Vice President Barbara Ann Harrison Secretary Mary Esther Powell Treasurer Adam, Abbie Ammon. Ann Bergman, Evan Bourquardez, Kay Carmen, Nancy Davis, Sandra Gilbert, Barbara Gordy. Karen Graves, Bailey PLEDGES Headley, Mary Kemp, Carolyn Lima, Barbara Meyers, Judy Shad, Peggy Sanders, Peggy Schumacher, Louise Stanley, Betty SPRING PLEDGES Bourquardez, Kay Kemp, Carolyn Sanders, Peggy Schumacher, Louise MEMBERS Barr, Jane Blackburn, Glenna Bigelow, Ella Jean Burt, Mary Bush, Marilyn Calvert, Ann Cleveland, Betty Clow, Bette Derrick, Cecily Edgington, Carol Emery, Caroline Gorski, Joan Halisey, Susan Hancock, Gerri Harrison, Barbara Heacock, Nancy Hickman, Bera Kickliter, Joyce Jones, Joanne Kirk, Daisy Lupo, Alice Maynard, Rosalie McMillan, Rodney Melvin, Rita Mezey, Yolanda Moore, Yvonne Morse, Ann Powell, Mary Esther Scott, Judy Shuman, Bonnie Spencer, Lee Stanley, Pam Stewart, Mildred St. John, Connie Swartz, Betty Thompson, Maryl Whipple, Susan Wilson, Pat Wood, Kay Woods, Linda Wrenn, Barbara Kay Wroblewski. Dorie Young, Judy AMANN BIGELOW CALVERT CLOW GORDY HANCOCK HEADLEY JONES BARR BOURQUARDEZ CARMAN DAVIS GORSKI HALLISEY HICKMAN KEMP BERGMAN BUST CLEVELAND EMERY GRANES HARRISON IRELAND KIRK 78 GAMMA PHI BETA Who are the fashion minded girls on campus? After their lovely style show, " The Heart of Fashion, " there is no doubt it must be the Gamma Phi ' s. This was only one of the projects the girls of the cres- cent moon undertook this year though. They also aided a needy family at Christmas, sold poppies for the American Legion, and sponsored two underprivileged children to summer camp. " Doesn ' t anyone want to play bridge? " Well, even if they do, it doesn ' t seem to hinder their active schedule any. Take Nancy Beth Heacock for example, who is in Garnet Key, Mortar Board, and Who ' s Who; or Pat Wilson, the silver tongued orator, who has won numerous oratory contest and is also a member of Les Jongleurs. Gamma Phi is also represented in Omicron Nu (Home Economics Hon- orary) and Pi Omicron Pi (Business Honorary). And what year would be complete without the social- izing? Teas, open houses, fraternity parties, the big Gamma Phi weekend in the spring and so forth!!!!! Lots of fun — Lots of memories! NANCY BETH HEACOCK McMillan MOORE ST. JOHN shuman STANLEY. P. THOMPSON WOOD MEYERS MORSE SCHUMAKER SPENCER STEWART WHIPPLE WROBLEWSKI MEZEY POWELL SCOTT STANLEY, B. . ' SWARTZ WILSON YOUNG 79 OFFICERS President Nancy Jo Bowers Vice President Desse Pinckard Corresponding Secretary Linda Rollins Treasurer Anne Bragdon Five Who ' s Who members, several shiny trophies, twenty-one new initiates, and an assortment of knitting bags, bridge games, and hi-fi records decorate the Theta hving room at almost any hour of the day. In addition there may be found several Garnet Keys, the president of various organizations, the Military Ball Queen, two Tarpon plaques, a couple of Fraternity sweethearts, some cheer- leaders, and almost enough student government officers to make a quorum. However there was still room to squeeze in the Sigma Nu ' s and enough paper and paint to build a Homecoming float and house decorations that took third place. In spite of it all, the vociferous parakeet given the chapter by the graduating seniors found plenty of space in which to exer- cise his wings. The Theta migration to Fall Frolics, the combo party and chicken dinner, the " Hut ' s " first birthday party, and the Friday afternoon trips to the movie dotted the year with laughter and left many happy memories. The Sweet- heart song and chicken on Sunday, open arms and a big grin for the mailman, and " Ah— so " were as much a part of the year as the twin-starred kite. NANCY JO BOWERS Katherine Ball Caryl Ann Bodine Nancy Jo Bowers Anne Bragdon Norma Brown Doonie Carr Laura Cheek Dorothea Davis Kay Desmond Marycille Duke Abby Fain Betty Fernandez Shirley Ferris Susie Garwood Teal Guinand Sue Gunderson Carol Bow ers Peggy Dawson Jan Dougherty Charlotte Goodman Linda Gormley Jane Ellen Gridley Kay Finley Jean Hartz Pat Hill Members Nancy Gross Nat Hobbs Donna Huggins Julie Ingram Judy Magnell Tudi Mason Pat Mickler Julie Milam Dot Morton Evie Morris Terry McBride Martha Lee Nesmith Bebe Parks Desse Pinckard Linda Potter Rowena Privett Pledges Netia Johnston Lee Kramer Terry McGuire Saranan McCune Linda Matthews Pat Mead Barbara Peters Elinor Ready Dee Rivers June Roberts Mary Beth Roberts Liz Roche Linda Rollins Sandra Rosenberg Beverly Sauls Sandra Sears Patsy Stearns Jackie Stecker Grace Taylor Maralyn Teare Karol Thompson Helen Wheeler Ann Williams Mary Ann Vickery Nancy Sill Peggy Simpson Karen Singletary Saralee Smith Sandy Spence Karen Thoureen Linda Wahl Barbara Walker Sister Warwick 80 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 1 14 ARMES BALL BODINE BOWERS BRAGDON BROWN CARR CHEEK DAVIS DAWSON DESMOND DOUGHERTY DUKE FAIN FERRISS GOODMAN GRIDLEY GROSS GUINAND GUNDERSON HARTZ HILL HINSON HOBBS INGRAM JOHNSON KRAMER MANDA MAYER McBRIDE McCUNE McGUIRE MAGNELL MASON MATHEWS MEAD MICKLER MILAM MORTON NESMITH PARKS PINCKARD PRIVETT READY ROCHE ROSENBERG STEARNS SIMPSON SINGLET ARY SMITH SPENCE STECKER TAYLOR TEARE THOMPSON THOUREEN, K. THOUREEN, S. VICKERY WAHL WARWICK WILLIAMS OFFICERS Nancy Key President Gail Roberts Vice President Dolores Lafferty Secretary Kay Hall Treasurer Akin, Eleanor Bryant, Gloria Cole, Sandra Colter, Phyllis Fraleigh, Tutter Hammer, Ann Hart, Sally Haynie, Caroll Hearn, Janet Hinson, Tura Hunt, Linda Imeson, Marwees King, Beth Logan, Pam Lumpkin, Deanna McGinnes, Mary Jane Moore, Millie Neal, Derry Strain, Anjo Swann. Suzanne Thornton, Mary Ann Waring, " Petie " Warren, Lora SPRING PLEDGES Cook, Sandra Cunningham, Carolyn Pearce, Marilyn Dunning, Frances MEMBERS Arnold, Rhoda Bates, Nancy Beck, Sue Bevis, Janel Black, Edna Ray Blondheim, Jo Lee Chambliss, Judy Clark, Polly Colter, Diane Davis, Kay Edwards, Mary Louise Fraleigh, Nancy Lou Gonzalez, Rhoda Mary Getzen, Janey Graham, Ginger Hall, Kay Harris, Marilyn Hearn, Frances Holder, Carolyn Key, Nancy Kendrick, Linda Kirby, Mirth Lafierty, Dolores Lee, Geoffrey Leonhart, Geri Liddon, Sally Lloyd, Kay MacLeod, Jean Martin, Cecelia Newberry, Elise Patterson, Mary Lynn Pitts, Aurelia Roberts, Gail Shepard, Patty Rae Starnes, Margie Stewart, Sandra Stokes, Mimi Thompson, Helen Thornal, Alyce Wallace, Jane Will, Mary Jane Zipperer, Jennie AKIN BEVIS CHAMBLISS CUNNINGHAM FRALEIGH, H. GRAHAM HAYNIE HOLDER ARNOLD BLACK COLE DAVIS FRALEIGH, N. HALL HEARN, F. HUNT BATES BLONDHEIM COLTER, D. DUNNING GETZEN HAMMER HEARN, J. IMESON BECK BRYANT COLTER, P. EDWARDS GONZALEZ HARRIS HINSON KENDRICK 82 I KAPPA DELTA " I know how ugly I am . . . " and the KD ' s proved to him just how ugly he really was by winning the annual Ugly Man Contest. But they were also triumphant on the beauty side. Mary Lynn Patterson was chosen as the Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Kappa Delta ' s can also be found tops on campus in SNEA, with Geri Leonhart as President, and the the Flam- beau, with Dolores Lafferty as Society Editor; but the list also includes members of Mortar Board, Who ' s Who, Garnet Key, Village Vamps, Judiciary, Senate, Circus, Tar- pon, Gamma Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Class Officers, Pi Kappa Phi, Fashion Institute, Phi Mu Epsilon, and Dormitory Officers. On the lighter side: A tea honoring Mother Fi, the Pledge-Active Trim-the-Tree Christmas Party, the spaghetti supper, and the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the Alum ' s children. In various national and local projects the Kappa Delta ' s can always be found participating. These include contrib- uting to a Crippled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Vir- ginia, selling magazines for the National House Building Fund, and aiding needy families at Christmas and Thanks- giving. NANCY KEY KING LIDDON MacLEOD NEAL PITTS STEWART THOMPSON WALLACE KIRBY LLOYD MARTIN NEWBERRY ROBERTS STOKES THORN AL WARREN LAFFERTY LOGAN McGINNIS PATTERSON SHEPARD STRAIN THORNTON WILL LEONHART LUMPKIN MOORE PEARCE STARNS SWANN WARING ZIPPERER 83 Most beautiful legs on campus — as selected by APO, belong to Phi Mu ' s Nona Carpenter. Doubtless she has three classes a clay in the Education Building to keep in shape like that. (What a hike!) On campus — Phi Mu ' s are seen in Sophomore Council, as J.C., and in the Student Party. Is circus a prerequisite for membership in Phi Mu? Maybe not, but it can at least be said that they are well represented at the lot. Majoret- ting, Marching Chiefs, and Tarpon cannot be forgotten. The Phi Mu ' s have served their community this year with the Toy Cart at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and tlie underprivileged family they sponsored at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Upmost in each Phi Mu ' s mind when thinking of 58-59 is the Sigma Kappa Variety Show — and there ' s no wonder — after all they only won first place! Aldrich, Sybil Alvarez, Anita Ambrosini, Angela Atkinson. Betty Jane Baylor, Pam Berry, Mary Briner, Carole Campbell, Charlotte Carpenter, Nora Carter, Audrey Cook, Clarice Cowart, Frances Cowart, Miriam Elvery, Anne Elvery, Beth Ambrosini, Rena Atwater, Nina Broadwell, Dorothy Fike, Frankie Jennings, Gail Rae Johnson, Pat Kirchoff, Valerie ACTIVES Fisher, Susan Forrest, Helen Gordy, Marcia Harrison, Jean Hartsfield, Marianne Johnson, Isabel Jones, JoAnn LaCagnino, Guilia Lamb, Ann Lamb, Pat Leonard, Julie McClamma, Sally Marchesseau, Mary Ann Merriman, Carol NeSmith, Judy PLEDGES Leuther, Mary Cay Mann, Morita Martin, Emmie Morris, Caroline Peddy, Joan Pierson, Nancy Quickel, Diane Pafiord, Peggy Preston, Anne Quarterman, Gail Rogers, Barbara Sechrest, Anne Skipper, Barbara Smith, Ann Smith, Robin Spencer, Beverly Spruell, Annetta Tucker, Patty Wall, Edith Wallace, Jane Whisenant, Sally Wilder, Martha Rhodes, Gennie Simpson, Martha Smith, Dot Stoinofi, Betsy Tervin, Sarah Willis, Tillie Rogers, Esther BETTY JANE ATKINSON SPRING PLEDGES Anderson, Alice Lee Purvis, Sandra Haygood, Bev Vanderipe, Jane OFFICERS Betty Jane Atkinson President Chloe Perry Vice President Nona Carpenter Secretary Angela Ambrosini Treasurer 84 PHI MU ALDRICH ALERAZE AMBROSINI, A. C. AMBROSINI. R. L. ANDERSON ATWATER BAYLOR BRINER BROAD WELL CARPENTER CARTER COOK COWART, F. COW ART, M. CAMPBELL EL VERY, A. ELVERY, E. FISCHER FORREST GORDY HARRISON JOHNSON JOHNSTON JONES KIRCHHOFF LACAGNINA LAMB, C. LAMB, P. LEONARD LEUTHER MANN MARTIN McCLAMMA MERRIMAN MORRIS NESMITH PAFFORD PEDDY PENKINGTON PERRY PIERSON PRESTON PURVIS QUICKEL RHODES RODGERS, E. J. RODGERS, B. J. SIMPSON SKIPPER SMITH, D. L. SMITH, M. A. SPENCER SPRUELL STOINOFF TERVIN TUCKER VANDERIPE WALLACE WHISENANT WILDER PLEDGES Alsop, Katherine Hayden, Gayle OFFICERS Cynthia Lawrence President DeAnne Head Vice President Jean May Secretary Carol Uhlich Treasurer Johnson, Cathy Kitteredge. Susan Laesser, Judith Lenahan, Carol Moure, Sally Naughton, Andrea Peed, Jennifer Spear, Sandra Traylor, Peggy Clift, Sandra Doepke, Pat Donath, Carlyn Dunaway, Faye Exum, Frances Eyster, Jo Ellen Gillespie, Gail Griffin, Lucy Anne Guinta, Joyce Hair, Carol SPRING PLEDGES Cathcart, Susan Schildecker, Charlott Davis, Anna Walters, Linda ACTIVES Blankenship, Margery Browne, Nancyanne Campbell, Mary Lou Chamberlain, Nan Cole, Carol Coston, Linda Dixon, Malinda Easterday, Anne Edgar, Paula Ruth Eissey, Barbara Ellis, Ramelle Garrett, Jeanette Gillham, Monty Goodwin, Dorothy Hanshaw, Linda Hatton, Dottie Hayden, Jean Head, De Anne King, Nancy LaGrange, Lynn Lawrence, Cynthia Lewis, Sara K. Magill, Jeanne May, Jean Milton, Judy Claire Moore, Ann Lois McCampbell, Brenda McDougald, Carline McMillan, Judy Newsom, Jane Olliphant, Yvonne Parmelee, Chris Parmelee, Jane Person, Nancy Poppenger, Carol Porter, Judy Powers, Glenda Sammons, Gail Shanor, Karen Sory, Jo Ann Sweatt, Eleanor Tichenor, Cynthia Traylor, Carol Traylor, Helen Uhlich, Carol Wade, Kitty Wand, Prissy Wear, Ann Weaver, Gail White, Mary Williams, Lynn Williams, Marjorie Woodruff, Elizabeth Wright, Kaye ALSOP CHAMBERLAIN DAVIS DUEY EHRMANN EYSTER GOODWIN HANSHAW JOHNSON BLANKENSHIP CLIFT DIXON DUNAWAY EISSEY GARRETT GRIFFIN HAYDEN, J. KITTREDGE BROWNE COLE DOEPKE EASTERDAY ELLIS GILLESPIE GUINTA HEAD KING CAMPBELL COSTIN DONATH EDGAR EXUM GILLHAM HAIR 86 PI BETA PHI Guess who is the new Miss Gymkana? You ' re right! That radiant Pi Phi pledge Jo Elen Eyster. Jo Elen is the fourth Pi Phi in succession to have this honor. But the Pi Phi ' s also have a long list of honors to add to this. Cynthia Lawrence was selected as the Sigma Chi Sweetheart, and Paula Ruth Edgar as the Sweetheart of ATO. Nan Cham- berlain was chosen to be in the Homecoming Court, and Carol Hair and Faye Dunaway are seen in the TaUij-Ho Beauty Section. Beauty is not the only phase of campus life in which the Pi Phi ' s excel. Girls of the Golden Arrow serve as members of Judiciary, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Class Officers, Alpha Lambda Delta, Student Party Officers, Dorm Officers, Tarpon, Who ' s Who, Circus, F-Club, Speaker ' s Bureau, and President of Sophomore Council. To start off the Pi Phi social whirl, a tea was given in honor of Mother Moody. This was followed by the annual pledge yell in. Sorority retreat at the reservation, and nu- merous fraternity parties. The big event that is always looked forward to is Pi Phi Weekend, with the big dance and coast party at Panama City. O.K. Girls — let ' s get out there and function! Are you serious? We ' re all engaged! I Anyone care to start an " Ode of the Month Club? " ENAHAN LEWIS MAGILL MOURE PERSON SAMMONS SWEAT TRAYLOR, P. WILLIAMS, L. AESSER McCAMPBELL MAY PARMELEE, C. POPPENGER SHANOR TICHENOR UHLICH WILLIAMS, M iGRANGE McDOUGALD MOORE PARMELEE, J. PORTER SORY TRAYLOR, C. WEAR WOODRUFF McMillan NAUGHTON PEED POWERS SPEAR TRAYLOR, H. WHITE WRIGHT 87 De diim ------, de diim -------. No, this isn ' t the 103rd measure of the Viking song, but it ' s part of that unforgetable Sigma Kappa Variety Show where all their vim, vigor, and vitality produced a smash hit. The Sigma Kappa ' s also were seen around campus as members of the Senate, Gymkana Court, Collegiate and Student Party officers, and Pi Omega Pi. Predominant among their honors are the Vice-President of Village Vamps and Vice-Chairman of Student Party, Jackie Soud; and President Cotillion, Patty Mickey; also the Sigma Kappa ' s and Theta Chi ' s float was selected the most original; they placed second in the Soap Box Derby. But they don ' t really believe in all work and no play as it may seem. The Sigma Kappa ' s Easter Party with the KA ' s for underprivileged children is always lots of fun, as is the Christmas party with the Alums. This year they also sponsored a campus-wide Combo Party. In the line of Beauty, Sigma Kappa ' s claim Gymkana Princess, Patty Mickey, and Martha Strom, Tally-Ho Beauty Section. Alexander, Nancy Bridgeman, Jean Ann Bridger, Donna Cain, Eleanor Coppins, Barbara Culley, Leigh Cummins, Barbara Denham, Nancy Finlayson, Andree Fouts, Kay Gessler, Liz Adams, Jeanny Blackwelder, Annette Brosseit, Betty Jo Byrd, Peggy Brown, Jo Corlew, Jean Corbett, Linda Costello, Ginny Davis. Linda Ellis, Dolores MEMBERS Hay, Susie Johnson, Marilyn Kelly, Shirley Lambur, Sandra Lehan, Judy Mackin, Dixie Matthews, Frances Mickey, Patty Nichols, Sheila Owens, Jackie PLEDGES Fain, Carolyn Fugate, Ginny Hudson, Ann Jounes, Bonnie Kelly, Kay Kindernay, Debbie Rae, Janet Sauls, Billie Lee Scott, Mary Lynn Seals, Cato Parkin, Prissy Penny, Jackie Riecken, Marian Soud, Jackie Stoker, Charlotte Strom, Martha Tatoul, Corky TurnbuU, Ali ce Vickery, Suzanne Wheeler, Betty Sparks, Sue Temple, Mary Ann Tinker, Linda Bryan, Barbara Hoover, Patty Tidwell, Kay Jones, Laura Beth Benedict, Judy Oldham, Mary Ann Wainwright, Nancy SPRING PLEDGES Brock, Cynthia Moffit, Betty Haven, Eliza Oldham, Mary Ann Jones, Laura Beth Wainwright, Nancy Lowery, Charlene OFFICERS Eleanor Cain President Jackie Soud Vice President Barbara Cummins Secretary Marilyn Johnson Treasurer SIGMA KAPPA ADAMS ALEXANDER BENEDICT BRIDGEMAN BRIDGER BROSSEIL BROWN BRYON BYRD COPPINS CORBETT CORLEN COSTELLO CULLEY CUMMINS DAVIS DENHAM ELLIS FAIN FINLAYSON FOULS FUGATE GESSLER HAY HOOVER HUDSON JOHNSON JONES JOYNES KELLY. K. KELLY, S. KINDERNAY LAMBUR LEHON MACKIN MATTHEWS MICKEY NICHOLS OLDHAM OWENS PARKIN PENNY RAE RICCKEN SAULS SCOTT SEALS SOUD SPARKS STOKER STROM TATOUL TEMPLE TIDWELL TINKER TURNBULL VICKERY WAIN WRIGHT WHEELER OFFICERS Beth Bowen President Dean O ' Sullivan Vice President Rosanne Kalil Secretary Harriet L ' Engle Treasurer Baird. June Brennan. Ann Cooley, Marcia Ekman, Karen Finchum, Jane Finlay, Beth Gegenschatz, Penny Gilmore, Dorothy Ann Girtman, Marianna Hanks, Karen Hannah, Harryette Grieser, Mimi Hiers, Valeria Jones, Sue McNeilly, Lora Lee Morrison, Nancy Reynolds, Barbara Savill, Dale Smith, Patricia Turner, Terry Sue Wells, Kay Worrall, Charlene Lance, Patricia Hamilton, Janath Ralli, Seranda SPRING PLEDGES Blume, Elizabeth Starrett, Sugar Boyd, Marilyn Webb, Maryleen DelValle, Virginia ACTIVES Archibald, Cappy Bean, Linda Berger, Jane Bowen, Beth Chapman, Neila Combs, Joyce Cawthon, Lynda Corley, Janet Finlay, Patricia Folsom, Anne Godfrey, Nan Knowles, Marilyn O ' Sullivan, Dean Otey, Betty Register, Emily Stevens, Cathy Taaffee, Ellen Turner, Carol Warley, Olivia Wilson, Betsy Worrall, Nancy Baxter, Joyce Blackburn, Susie Brightwell, Claire Gernhard, Judee Gegenschatz, Margie Hardy, Nora Nell Hargrove, Cora Jackson, Sandra Kalil, Rosanne Larson, Texie Miller, Patty Spell, Frances Warren, Kay Yomans, Barbara Althoff, Marilyn Collier, Ginger Hoy, Bette L ' Engle, Harriet McCorquodale, Kay Phillips, Laura Pickels, Penny Markley, Ruth Ann Conkling, Julia Berger, Jane Roberts, Jackie Neilsen, Ann BAIRD BERGER CHAPMAN CONKLING BAXTER BLACKBURN COLLIER COOLEY BEAN CAWTHON COMBS CORLEY EKMAN FINLAY, P. GERNHATD GRIESER HANNAH HARGRAVE FINCHUM GEGENSCHATZ, D. GILMORE HAMILTON HARDY HOY FINLAY, B. GEGENSCHATZ, M. GIRTMAN HANKS 90 I ZETA TAU ALPHA Well, this is a year the Zetas won ' t soon forget— and it ' s no wonder either! Among their honors are: first places in Homecoming House decorations, Campus sing, and Scholarship. They also were selected outstanding Sorority of the Year. Even this doesn ' t seem to be enough to keep everyone busy, though, for you will find Zetas at the Circus lot, in Garnet Key and Mortar Board, on Judiciary and Tally-Ho, in Senate, and as Junior Counselors. Any beauty queens? Definitely! Take Joyce Combs, for instance, who is on Gymkana and Homecoming Courts, and an Orange Bowl Princess. The Zetas have been partying it up a little too! Who could forget Zeta Weekend with the dance and trip to the coast or the annual retreat to the Reservation. At the SAE-ZTA Christmas party for underprivileged children they mixed fun with charity. Speaking of Charity— The Zetas also helped in the sup- port of the Cerebral Palsy Drive this year. BETH BOWEN KALIL LANCE McNEILLY MILLER PICKLES REYNOLDS SMITH TURNER, T. WORRALL, C. KNOWLES L ' ENGLE MARKLEY MORRISON PHILLIPS ROBERTS SPELL WARREN WORNRALL, N LARSON O ' SULLIVAN O ' SULLIVAN RALLI SAVILL TURNER, C. WILSON YOUMANS 91 OFFICERS lonnie Padgett President John Craig Vice President Earl Perry Corresponding Secretary Jim Register Recording Secretary Wally Morris Treasurer September found the ATO ' s getting things in shape for the arrival of their new house mother, Mrs. Juanita Geer, whose Georgia accent soon acquired for her the nick- name of " Country " . As the year progressed the Tau ' s took their place in extra-curricular activities with representatives in varsit) ' sports, circus. Church Key, Marching Chiefs, and Arnold Air Society with Bill Byerly, Commander. Student govern- ment had Don Reedy, Secretary of Honor; Jim Reeves, Honor Court; Buddy Holley, Mark Calhoun, and Phil Wheiting, Senate; and Earl Perry, IFC Vice-President. As a service to the student body— and possibly with the ulterior motive of providing terrific entertainment for the ATO ' s— they brought the Hi-Lo ' s and Ahmad Jamal to campus. The concert proceeds were used to establish the Bob Crenshaw Scholarship. Highlighting the year ' s social functions was the annual Orchid Formal in the spring, at which time the sweet- heart was presented. In collaboration with the Delta Gammas, they built their Homecoming float with the theme, " Music to Win By " No prize, but much fun! BROTHERS Armer, Tom Raggett, Leo Balcsik, Bela Burkhardt, Bill Byerley, Bill Carpenter, Dick Cash, Buddy Cogburn, Clay Cole, Bud Cone, Kenny Costin, Jim Allen, Pete Bandlow, Ronnie Barona, Lou Bates, Don Baucum, Warren Brand, Jack Calhoun, Mark Cannon, Carl Casey, Bob Conrad, Bobby Cowie, Preston Cromartie, John Cruz, Mike Craig, John Cunningham, Bill Davis, Boe Fielding, Chuck Harris, Gerald Haynes, Marvin Hodge, Lynn Holt, Franz laukea, Pete Knight. Jim Landrum, Gary McGee, Joe McPeak, Buck Morris, Wally Moss, Dick Padgett, Lonnie Perry, Earl Peterson, Pete Reedy, Don Reeves, Jim Register, George Register, Jim PLEDGES Espenship, Jack Ford, Harley Fox, Jim Graddy, Jim Gregory, Greg Hadley, Julian Hanson, Don Heiser, Larry Hines, Charles Holley, Buddy Laney, Ray Lewis, Gene Lowe, Bob Lyons, Cres McCue, Buddy McRae, Bob McRory, Jim Magill, Frank Martin, Mac Moles, Courtney Montgomery, Bob Moore, Ronnie Moran, Terry Patronis, Mike Paul, Warwick Ragans, Phil Savage, Jim Shad, Henry Spiers. Don Spiva, Ernie Strickland, Doug Strickland. George Wait, Bill Wheiting, Phil Woodbery, Bill Reichert, Mike Robinson, Gardy Rozman, Papy Sale, Jim Sheldon, Bruce Shelton, Billy Short, Charles Smith, Greg Smith. Jim Sutton, Dick Whitehead, Eddie Worthington, Jim Zigich, Steve LONNIE PADGETT 92 ALPHA TAU OMEGA ALLEN ARMER BAGGETT BALCSIK BANLOW BARONA BAUCUM BRAND BURKHARDT CALHOUN CANNON CARPENTER CASEY CASH COGBURN CONE CONRAD CRAIG CROMARTIE CRUZ DAVIS ESPENSHIP FIELDING FORD FOX GRADDY GREGORY HANSON HARRIS HEISER HODGE HOLLEY HOLT lAUKEA LANDRUM LANEY LEWIS LOWE LYONS McGEE McPEAK McRAE MARTIN MOLES MOORE MORAN MOSS PATRONIS PAUL PERRY PETERSON RAGANS REGISTER, G. REGISTER, J. REICHERT ROBINSON SALE SHAD SHELDON SHELTON SMITH, G. SMITH, I. SPIERS STRICKLAND, D, STRICKLAND, G. WAIT WHEITING WOODBERY WORTHINGTON ZIGICH OFFICERS Don Ayres President Michael Pou Vice President Steve Helgemo Corresponding Secretary Howard Fillmore Recording Secretary Ken Norton Treasurer Adams, Richard Altenberger, Thomas Alyea, Jim Barry, Gerald Bell, Julian Boesch, John Brand. George Brundage, David Carson, Ray Crumpton, Ronnie D ' Aoust, Pierre Dixon, Jim Donatelli, Don Evans, Dan Ferguson, Gene Fleming, Walter Gainer, Gene Gillis, Jim Glisson, Richard Greenwood, Bruce Gumpton, Ron Hampton, Bill Hendrickson, Herbert Hines, Tom Holland, Homer Howes, Richard Jackson, Cecil Karnegis, James LeBlanc, Michael Lehmann, Tom Lewis, Marvin McCrocklin, William Millis, Mickey Moore, Andy Nelson, Raymond Overstreet, James Ridley, Jim Rojas, Frank Ross, Roger Senko, James Squibb, Charles Stromberg, Bud Tate, Terry Thompson, Vince Totten, Ben Vance, James Wafkins, Robert Welch, Billy BROTHERS Abbott, Bernie Anderson, Wally Ayres, Don Blaes, Clete Brushwood, Dale Butler, Ron Carruth, Lloyd Crew, Jack Crosby, Jim DelVecchio, John Denmark, Emory Dorsett, Joe Elvena, Ron Fillmore, Howard Fleming, John Ford, Fred Guerra, Mike Helgemo, Steve Jenkins, Bill Johnson, Bob Jones, Bruce Kiefer, Pete Lanza, Sal Layton, John Lewis, Bill Lewis, Paul Lyon, Paul Maultsby, Charles Miller, Ed Newton, Curt Norton, Ken O ' Connor, Mike Percoco, Dick Pou, Mike Quickel, Dave Ray, Don Rhodes, Bud Sardinna, Gus Sellers, Bill Sparkman, Doyle Straw, Dick Taylor, Bob Watkins, Ken Whiddon, Lester Wolfenborger, Bob Woodson, Bob ABBOTT ANDERSON BOESCH CROSBY DONATELLI FERGUSON FORD HELGEMO HOWES JONES ADAMS BARRY BRUSHWOOD D ' AOUST DORSETT FILLMORE GAINER HENDRICKSON JENKINS KARNEGIS ALTENBERGER BELL BUTLER DEL VECCHIO ELVEMA FLEMING, J. GUERRA HINES JOHNSON KIEFER ALYEA BLAES CARRUTH DENMARK EVANS FLEMING, W. GUMPTON HOLLAND 94 DELTA TAU DELTA When the Delts do something, they do it in a big way. For instance, many went Christmas carohng, bnt few of us sang " Silent Night " in President Strozier ' s hving room. Many had Christmas parties for children, but only the Delts had the Homecoming Queen read them stories. Finally, their new Sorority of the Year trophy— which is presented at the Panhellenic Dance— is a healthy four and a half feet tall. The Delt Shelter was the scene of much social activity. Noteworthy was their annual LAST BLAST BEFORE EXAM and the Calypso parties held during Delta Tau Delta Weekend. Charity work was undertaken with zeal also. The Delts sold fruit cakes to Tallahassee residents in conjunction with the Civitan Club and held their annual slave auction to raise money for a charitable cause. Ranked in the top three fraternities by the Alpha Xi Deltas; in possession of the Phi Eta Sigma Scholarship, Civitan, and Circus Weekend Attendance awards; and boasting a Who ' s Who mem.ber, eight Cavaliers, Men ' s Judiciary and ODK members, athletes, a Gold Key mem- ber, and Marching Chiefs— the Delts are actively extra- curricular. DONALD AYRES LEHMANN McCROCKLIN MOORE PERCOCO RHODES SELLERS STRAW THOMPSON WATKINS, R. LEWIS, M. MILLE R NELSON POU ROJAS SENKO STROMBERG TOTTEN WHIDDON LEWIS, P. MILLIS NEWTON QUICKEL ROSS SPARKMAN TATE VANCE WOLFENBARGER LYON MAULTSBY O ' CONNER RAY SARDINNA SQUIBB TAYLOR WATKINS, K. WOODSON 95 The Southern gentlemen on the hill showered FSU with their traditional hospitality and again were selected the Host of the Year. The flying of the Confederate Flag and keeping chivalry alive has kept the KA ' s busy, but not too busy to gain recognition for their outstanding contri- butions to student government and campus organizations. The conclusion of elections found Mattox Hair as Student Body Vice President, Ramon Arnold as President of the Junior Class, and Bill Clendenin as Vice President of Gold Key and ODK. Their long hours of practice for the Sigma Kappa Variety Show paid off as the " Screw-Ups " staggered off with first place. The KA service projects were undertaken with enthusiasm and altruism by the whole chapter. In addition to the party held for crippled children, they can- vassed downtown Tallahassee for the nation-wide Polio Drive. In some places a " social season " is observed. However, in such matters the KA ' s throw out their copies of Emily Post and " Holiday " and stage their own social season which is year-round. Highlighting this were the progres- sive dinner with the Sigma Nu ' s, KD ' s, and KAT ' s, and their annual weekend. BROTHERS Andrews, Roddy Doster, Dan Keels. Chuck Arnold, Ramon Drum, Ted LeHardy, Frank Belitz. John Duchene, Ken Livingston, Cliff Bowles, Bill Dukes. Jim Loftin. Bob Bunker. Bill Dyke, Joe Long, Wayne Bywoter, Spike Fearington, Mercer Marks. Tom Carson. Bill Graham, Julian Mason. Ronnie Clarke. Buddy Gunnels. David Matthews, Ward Clendenin, Bill Hafele, Jim Middleton. David Coleman, Hume Hair, Mattox Miller, Kim Counter, John Hamm. Ron Miner, Jay Coward. Bill Herrin. Ed Roberts. Scoot Dale, David Hooks, Jim Standridge. George Dean. Frank Huehn. Kelvin DeHaven. Jim Johnson. Charlie PLEDGES Adams. Don Clements, Buck Paul, Alex Alexander. Don Cogswell. Tom Poitevant. Rip Baker. Bill Dyal. Alvin Porke, Eugene Barnes, Tippy Farnell, Crockett Porter. Kim Benedict. Ched Franklin. Russ Roberson, Jim Brinks, Bill Gillrup. Jack Robinson. Tord Brosnan. Bob Hickson, Buddy Smith, Charlie Brown, Bill Jones. Clayton Taylor, Chuck Brown, Jim Korst, Buzzy Whittle, Tommy Burgstiner, Bill Mosley. Curtis Williamson. Tiny Byrd. Bob O ' Kelley. Butch Wotring, Buddy Carlson. Bud Parke. Bubba OFFICERS James Hooks President Dan Doster Vice President Bill Bunker Corresponding Secretary Mattox Hair Recording Secretary Buddy Clarke Treasurer 96 KAPPA ALPHA ANDREWS ARNOLD BARNES BELITZ BOWLES BROSNAN BROWN. J. BUNKER BURGSTINER BYRD BYWATER CARLSON CARSON CLARKE CLEMENTS COLEMAN COGSWELL COUNTER COWARD DALE DEAN DE HAVEN DOSTER DRUM DUCHENE DUKES DYAL DYKE FARNELL FEARINGTON FRANKLIN GRAHAM GUNNELS HAFELE HAIR HAMM HICKSON HUEHN JOHNSON KEELS LE HARDY LIVINGSTON LONG MARKS MASON MATTHEWS MIDDLETON MILLER O ' KELLEY PARKE POITEVANT PORTER ROBERSON ROBERTS STANDRIDGE WHITTLE WOTRING ■ " A lU BROTHERS OFFICERS Bill McGlaughon Presideni Harold Schmitt Vice President Rolf Jensen Secretary William Jones Treasurer Chakeres, X. A. Cook, George Elam, Boyt Futch, Robert Garcia, Greg Hill, Jerry Jensen, Roll Johnson, Bobby Jones, Bill Lattner, Dick McGlaughon, Bill McPherson, Chuck Maher, James Nealing, Mike Pollock, Jack Schmitt, Harold Schoenbom, Joel Struss, Larry Thomas, Don Todd. Bill Williams, Ellis PLEDGES Allen, Ray Breteler, Richard Butler, Dick Christy, George Clark, Irving Cunningham, Don Dame, John Exum, Bobby Fazio, Fred Fazio, Mario Gollings, Dave Goodwin, Jim Hansen, Eric Hayden, John Heisner, Jim Hull, John Jellison, Bruce Jerke, John Lambert, Charles Mayberry, James Miliord, Eric Pollock, Al Reinhardt, Dave Schoenbom, Harold Shelter, Bennett Stockton, Don Tichenor, Kip Vacenovsky, Tom West, Ted ALLEN CHRISTY CUNNINGHAM EXUM FUTCH HANSEN HILL JELLISON BRETELER CLARK DAME FAZIO, F. GARCIA HAYDEN HULL JENSEN CHAKERES COOK ELAM FAZIO, M. GOODWIN 98 KAPPA SIGMA As the Kappa Sigs rallied round their totem pole, they proudly received first place trophy for their Homecoming house decorations, " All Eyes on Sammy ' s New Tee-pee. " Again this year the Kappa Sigs led the fraternities in the annual blood drive. Many Christinas presents for the needy were bought from the proceeds of the Gator Wagon Smash- up before the FSU-U of F game. Kappa Sig faces are well known in such campus activi- ties as Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, the ROTC band and drill team. Marching Chiefs, Concert Band, Circus, Gymkana, and varsity athletics. Their socials, as always, were many and varied including the Snowball, Kappa Sig Weekend climaxed by the Black and White Ball, Pledge Cotillion, and the Christmas party for underprivileged children. Exclusive among the Kappa Sigs are the tsetse fly in Room 1, Cloud 9, and the " happy hogs. " BILL McGLAUGHON JOHNSON LAMBERT McPHERSON MILFORD POLLOCK, J. SCHOENBORN. J. THOMAS VACENOVSKY JONES LATTNER MAKER NEALING REINHARDT STOCKTON TICHENOR WEST MAYBERRY POLLOCK. A. SCHMITT STRUSS TODD WILLIAMS " Out of the mouths of babes come gems " might be used — with a shght stretch of the imagination — in de- scribing this youngest fraternity chapter on campus. Since the Lambda Chi ' s first pitched their tent among the Sem- inoles in 1950, great things have happened. Not only does their claim to fame lie in the fact that they are first scholastically among fraternities, but they are also the largest chapter. Walking away with first prize for their Homecoming float built widi tlie Delta Zeta ' s, the wearers of the Cres- cent were nothing but smiles for weeks. The talents and energy of the Lambda Chi ' s has not been confined to fraternity projects alone. Active in varsity athletics, stu- dent politics and government, circus, Speakers Bureau, and student religious groups, they are proud to boast a cheer- leader, IFC vice president, the presidents of several groups on campus, numerous " Man of the Year " awards presented by sororities, and the intramural wrestling crown. The annual Crescent Ball and Lambda Chi Weekend left no one disappointed. " It ' s the best ever! " was the firm opinion of all. That goes for the entire year. Albert, Jerry Arlt, Richard Armel, John Axon, Donald Benson, Eugene Boulware, Robert Brennen, Bill Brown, Dwight Brown, Robert Buisman, John Caldwell, Gordon Carlile, Donald Casey, Conwill Caswell, James Clark, Ronnie Cochran, Robert Dee, Larry Dyer, Hal Ascherl, Frank Barnes, Steve Beach, Charles Beach, Sam Carlile, Richard Clark, Marion French, Douglas Giunta, Richard BROTHERS Etersques, Stan Evans, Robert Ewing, Bill Fussell, Tommy Haeger, Alton Hamlin, Mike Heagerty, Norman Keeney, Gerald Knirk, Lyle Livesey, Donald Looney, James Lowery, Fred Manning, Jack Martin, Neil Martin, William McNeil, James Mynard, Chuck Nedley, Robert PLEDGES Herwig, Charles Keating, Charles Laird, Walter Lee, David Lee, Robert Michell, Charles Mixon, William Muller, Tom Nelson, Carl Nicholson, Bill Reely, Robert Rowland, Lewis Russell, Ralph Seirsdale. Nels Sink, Don Smith, Hall Stiff, Ashby Gordon Tomaszewski, Leonard Tylka, Leonard Wilkinson, William Wise, Eugene Wolfe, J. F. Woodward, Fred Wooten, Pete Wyaft, Thomas Palmer, Allan Shacoski, Steve Sharpe, James Thomas, James Triplett, James Trousdell, Norman Wingate, William Witt, Wayne JOHN ARMEL OFFICERS John Armel President Charles Mynard Vice President Tom Wyatl Secretary Tommy Fussell Treasurer 100 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ALBERT ARLT ASCHERL AXON BARNES BEACH. S. BENSON BOULWARE BRENNAN BROWN, D. BROWN, R. BUSSMAN CALDWELL CARLILE, D. CARLILE, R. CASEY CASWELL CLARK, M. CLARK, R. DEE DYER ETERSQUE EVANS EWING FRENCH FUSSELL GUINTA HAEGER HAMLIN HERWIG KEATING KEENEY KNIRK LEE, B. LEE, D. LIVESEY LOONEY LOWERY MARTIN, N. McNEIL MICHELL MIXON MULLER MYNARD NEDLEY NELSON NICHOLSON PALMER REELY ROWLAND RUSSELL SHARPE SINK SMITH STIFF THOMAS TOMASZEWSKI TRIPLETT TROUSDELL TYLKA WILKINSON WINGATE WITT WYATT PLEDGES Batson, Curtis Neal, Gary OFFICERS Scott Harpe President Ted Keen Vice President Tom Wells Secretary John Bullock Treasurer Boltz, Porter Bunting, Richard Cox, John Durham, Sam Flandreau, Denny Fulkerson, Fred Genders, Curtis Gramling, Charles Harrell, Bobby Hooks, Jim Hunter, Sheldon Lamb, Herb Langford, Ernie Love, Buddy McCotter, Jim Monroe. Sid Nussbaum, Walter Pielow, Bob Pitchford, Keith Prebianca, Tom Robinson, Henry Ross, Jack Rushmore, Bob Schrickel, Chuck Scott. Duke Slaton, Jack Strandhagen, Bill Walker, Ted Wingate, Ronnie Wooldridge, Dale Yaw, Larry BROTHERS Atwater, Brodie Bagnell, Claire Bailey, Gary Bindschadler, Benny Boltz, Dan Briley, Paxton Bryan, Frank Bullock, John Butler, Dan Cames, Bob Caton, Bob Chappell, Don Clark, Fred Davis, Arnold Davis, Frank Davis, John Deckel, Bert Douglas, Bob Durham, Hugh Eyster, Fletcher Fisher, Tom Glancy, Jerry Gregory, Tom Halbach, Vic Harpe, Scott Hiles, Buck Huggins, Tom Hughes, Ralph Jacobs, Bill Keen, Ted Keene, Wally Kelly, Bill Kestner, Ken Kilbum, Galen Liteky, Jim McCormick, Gene Magee, Jim Majors, Joe Martinelli, Vlnce May, Frank Mergins, Jack Montgomery, Jack Myrick, John Neel, Bill O ' Brien, Tom Peddie, Pete Rawls, Louis Saltz, Bob Schow, Denny Shave, Bob Smith, Gil Stock, Ernie Strandhagen, Jon Taylor, Travis Wallace, Lou Weber, Bob Wells, Tom ATWATER BOLTZ, P. BULLOCK CHAPPELL DECKEL EYSTER GENDERS HALBACH KEEN KESTNER BAILEY BRILEY BUTLER CLARK DOUGLAS FISHER GLANCY HARRELL KEENE KILBURN DSCHADLER BRYAN CARNES DAVIS, F. DURHAM, H. FLANDREAU GRAMLING HILES KELLY LAMB BOLTZ, D. BUNTING CATON DAVIS. I. DURHAM, S. FULKERSON GREGORY JACOBS 102 PHI DELTA THETA As the house all but burst apart at the seams with loud if not melodious strains of " Phi Delta Theta, grand old — grand old fraternity — " the Phi Delts were being named " Fraternity of the Year " for their aetive participa- tion in campus life. The rolls of ODK, Gold Key, APO, Alpha Council, Honor Court, and Alpha Epsilon Delta all included the names of Phi Delts. Some of them even had time to win such honors as IFC president, president and vice president of the Senior Class, and listings in " Who ' s Who. " The brotherhood and friendship which form the basis of Phi Delta Theta was by no means neglected however, as many inter-fraternity projects were sponsored. The Phi Delt-Alpha Gam Soap Box Derby, Episcopal camp project, and campus provided opportunities for contributions to charity. The Bowery Ball, South Seas party, and Phi Delta Theta Weekend are proof positive of a terrific year. In addition, they ' ve kept the over-all Intramural Trophy pretty much in the family, as in the past eleven years, the Phi Delts have won it seven times. SCOTT HARPE Mccormick MARTINELLI MONTGOMERY NUSSBAUM PREBIANCA RUSHMORE McCOTTER MAY MYRICK O ' BRIEN RAWLS SALTZ MAGEE MERGINS NEAL PIELOW ROBINSON SCHOW MAJORS MONROE NEEL PITCHFORD ROSS SCOTT SHAVE STR ANDHAGEN, J. WEBER SLATON STRANDHAGEN, B. WELLS SMITH TAYLOR WOOLDRIDGE STOCK WALLACE YAW 103 j -r -s? ' " - ' -- ' - Even the Tallahassee rainy season didn ' t dampen the spirit and energy of the Phi Tau ' s. Named most outstand- ing chapter in the Southeastern Domain, the FSU chapter was host to the 1959 Conference. With too many irons in the fire to count, they are active in Gamma Theta Upsilon, athletics, Cavaliers, Kappa Kappa Psi, student religious organizations, and numerous campus clubs. Don Talmon, Business Manager of Publica- tions, is one of the many active Phi Tau ' s. At their Bohemian party before finals, everybody (liter- ally) let down his hair and rolled back the rug. The Foun- der ' s Day Banquet, Carnation Ball, pinnings, and the " lost weekends " at the coast are proof positive that the Phi Tau ' s believe in the well-rounded education. BROTHERS Bishop, Paul Cam. Neil Coleman, Tom Ford, Robert Fretwell, Sheldon Hansen, John Henry, Donald Jones, Anton Kemblowski. Phil Kendal, Philip Lowenthal, Robert Barbato, John Brooks, Lou Deen, Sisco Dettmer, William Friedman, Joel Gilbert, David Hatchett, William Huey, James LeBouef, Kerley Littlejohn, Blair MacGrotty, Edward McNiel, Mahlon Lewis, Peter McKelvin, George Meador, Lou Morar, Neal Savage, Charles Tunstall, David Tyson, William Walsingham, Carl Youngblood, David Zyla, Albert PLEDGES Miracle, Cornelious Mofiett, Peter Potente, Kenneth Russo, Robert Sawicki, Steve Schauss, Charles Seyez, Donald Shrewsbury, Douglas Stanley, William Varnedoe, Victor Yarnall, Reverdy Yeoman, George OFFICERS Carl Walsingham President George McKelvin Vice President Neal Cam Secretary Phil Kendal Treasurer CARL WALSINGHAM 104 PHI ALPHA TAU BARBATO BROOKS CARN COLEMAN DEEN DETTMER FORD FRIEDMAN HANSEN HATCHETT HUEY JONES KENDAL LEBOUE LEWIS LITTLEJOHN MacGROTTY McKELVIN McNIEL MEADOR MOFFET MORAR RUSSO SAVAGE SAWICKI SEYEZ STANLEY TUNSTALL TYSON VARNEDOE YARNALL YEOMAN YOUNGBLOOD ZYLA BROTHERS OFFICERS Don Chamberlin Tyrrel Dear loaquin Hailey Bill Boyce President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Akey, Dave Angelotti, Mike Camacho, Henry Conover, Pat Davis, Bill Dilley, Bill Drybread. Don Ellis, Bob Frazier, David Goodman, Gary Henry, Chuck Kirk, Bob Knight, Russ Love, Bill Meeks, David Parkyn, Ross Paylon, Harry Schneck, Bob Smith, Ray Stockton, Ron Strobel, Berkeley Taylor, Dick Walker, Jim Blakely, Earl Bowers, Mike Boyce, Bill Chamberlin, Don Collins, Junior Dear, Tyrrel Degnon, Phil Demetree, George Dumke, Bob Eby, Duane Ford, John Gamblin, Frank Gerhard, Marvin Hailey, Joaquin Harrell, Richard Hieronymus, Dave Hiscock, Bill Leabo, Phil McKee, Terry Nelson, Don Newman, Chuck Pipkins, Royce Steyerman, Larry Stowe, Dick AKEY ANGELOTTI BOYCE CAMACHO CONOVER DAVIS DEAR DEGNON DEMETREE DILLEY DRYBREAD DUMKE EBY ELLIS FRAZIER GERHARD GOODMAN HAILEY HARRELL 106 PI KAPPA ALPHA The " academic revolution, " " surge in intramurals, " " par- ties, banquets, and balls, " " green peppers, " and " the house with the built-in woods " all had particular meaning to the PiKA ' s in ' 58-59. Their Christmas party for underprivileged children. Alumni Christmas party. Founder ' s Day and Dream Girl Weekend highlighted the year. Members in Kappa Kappa Psi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Kappa Alpha Mu, varsity athletics, cheerleaders, and Cavaliers all contribute to the fine work the Pikes are recognized for. The " armpit " with its rather subversive activities, the tremendous vocalizing of the well-known " Four-Fifths, " the Dayton Duo, and the greatest person of all. Mom Ames, have — each in his own way — made this a red letter year for the Pi Kappa Alphas. DON CHAMBERLIN HENRY HISCOCK KNIGHT LOVE MEEKS NEWMAN SMITH STOWE IIERONYMUS KIRK LEABO McKEE NELSON PARKYN PIPKINS STEYERMAN STOCKTON STROBEL TAYLOR 107 li r? past year are second place award for dieir Homecoming skit, third place for house decorations, and fourth place for their float. Althouo;h the food is occasionally a little later than the members are for meals and the heating system has its bad days along with the good, the Pi Kappa Phi sweet- heart still claims the food and hospitality can ' t be beat. The annual Rose Ball — at which time their sweetheart Sweet sounds pervade the air around College Avenue is crowned — climaxes the social events of the year. Out- as the Pi Kaps tune up for Campus Sing practice. First standing in intramurals, the Phi Kaps are also prominent place winners for the past two years, they ' ve also made in campus politics, circus, athletics, the glee club, and vari- several TV appearances. Among their souvenirs of the ous honoraries. Bryson, Warren Campbell, Philip Caruthers, Gene Compton, Curt Dannelly, Larry Delk, Charlie Farr, Jim Fordham, George Green, William Alley, Clyde Barkman, Ron Beamer, Sam Bowen, John Cantey, Pal Clark, Frank Cloud, Calvin Colee, Jim Corbett, John Diulus, Fred BROTHERS Heagerty, Pefe Hogle, Tom Hopkins, Val Howes, Robert Lucas, Tom Mason, John Morse, Dave Newman, James Perry, Paul PLEDGES Espey, John Jones, Benny Harrison, Cordell Kalmes, Pete Kimberlin, Bill Kirkland, Jim Kirkpatrick, Alan Leslie, Larry Lloyd, Jim McLeod, Sandy Pickett, Ron Raines, Ray Randolph, Roger Rogers, Jim Steurer, Ron Tolomea, Mike Welker, Chris White, Bob Mock, Rupert Moore, Jerry Parrish, Rod Pasfo, John Seykora, Edward Smith, Doug Tesar, Jerry Unwin, Wayne Webster, Jim Williams, Walt Woodham, Roy CURT COMPTON OFFICERS Curt Compton President Bob White Secretary Robert Howes Treasurer 108 PI KAPPA PHI ALLEY BARKMAN BEAMER BOWEN BRYSON CAMPBELL CANTEY CLARK CLOUD COLEE CORBETT DANNELLY DELK DIULUS ESPEY FORDHAM GREEN HARRISON HEAGERTY HOGLE HOWES JONES KALMES KIMBERLIN KIRKLAND KIRKPATRICK LLOYD LUCAS MASON MOCK MOORE MORSE NEWMAN PARRISH PERRY PICKETT RAINES RANDOLPH SEYKORA SMITH STEURER TESAR TOLOMEA WEBSTER WHITE WILLIAMS WOODHAM PLEDGES OFFICERS Dale Koch President Jim Apthorp Vice President Roy Mathis Corresponding Secretary Downing Gray Recording Secretary John Partridge Treasurer Bergstresser, William Best, David Bremer, Charlie Clem, Robert Cowart, Larry Daniel, James Dickenson, John Edney, Tim Ellinor, Robert Elwell, Richie Gabriel. Ernest Gattis, Don MacConnel, Thomas McQuagge, Bill Patrick, Robert Shipley. Norman Slaton, John Usina. Gary Vinson. Rich White, James Whitehead, Bud Whitley, Thomas Wilcox, Lou BROTHERS Apthorp, James Bell, Jay Bell, John Brewton, Roy Browning, Edwin Bryan, William Dixon, Oliver Donaway, Jerry Donneley, Pat Elwood, Richard Evans, Lloyd Forehand, Charles Gray, Downing Griffith, Lloyd Grizzard, Claude Grow, David Hammond, Paul Hobgood. William Holland. John Howden, William Hudson. John Hulse. Dave Hunt, Pfil Iley, Pat Jacquot, Ken Kelly, Pat Kerley. Robert Kimber. William Koch, Dale -LaVigne, Harry Lewis, Stan McArthur, Gilbert McCollum, Roy Marsh, Ev Mathis, Roy Menton, Peter Mills, Ellis Padgett, Rodgers Partridge, John Phipps, Colin Prinzi, Vic Reuss, Frank Robson, Vic Singleton, Fred Slappey, James Smith, Robert Stewart, John Swift, Clifford Swozowski, Robert Taggart, Joseph Thomas, John Turner. Jerry VanDeLinder. Charles Waddill, John Wade, James Walker, Doug Wallace. Dave Weller. Jack Westbrook, Curtis Williams, Hubert Williams, Joseph Williamson, Joseph Wilson, Hugh APTHORP BREWTON BERGSTRESSER BRYAN BEST DANIEL BREMER DICKINSON DONAWAY ELWELL GATTIS HOLLAND KERLEY McARTHUR MATHIS DONNELEY ELWOOD GRIFFITH HUDSON LA VIGNE McCOLLUM MILLS EDNEY EVANS GRIZZARD HULSE LEWIS McQUAGGE PADGETT ELLINOB GABRIEL HOBGOOD JACQUOT 110 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON With a new lion to rival even that of MGM, the SAE ' s marched on to another highly successful year. Led by capable officers and " top-drawer " pledges, they more than made their mark in campus affairs. The chapter is quite proud of SAE members as varsity team captains; Men ' s Vice President; Sophomore, Fresh- man, and Junior Class Presidents; and class senators. Soror- ity " Men of the Year " awards. Gold Keys, Vho ' s Who and ODK members are also scattered liberally around the house. Homecoming house decorations took second place, and the float built with the KD ' s was in the finals. Their recep- tion for Dr. Strozier, also an SAE, was a big success, as was their Christmas party for needy children, and the annual SAE Weekend. Aside from a few minor catastrophes — for instance the pledge who ran the waxer into the TV set — the year went by swiftly, smoothly, and successfully. DALE KOCH SINGLETON STEWART USINA WHITE BELL, JAY GRAY MacCONNELL SHIPLEY SLAPPEY SWIFT VINSON WHITLEY CLEM GROW MARSH SMITH SLATON TAGGART WADDILL WILCOX COWART ILEY MENTON WALKER TURNER WESTBROOK WILLIAMS, H. FOREHAND KELLY REUSS WILLIAMSON 111 Housing the Student Body President, Chief Justice and a judge of the Honor Court, Senior Class President, Board of Pubhcations members, senators. Attorney General, hon- orary presidents, and several athletes to boot, the Sigma Chi house is all but bursting apart at the seams with its BMOC ' s. Sponsorship of the 1958 Homecoming Queen is also to their credit. Disguised as an effort to raise money — but with the real purpose of engaging FSU co-eds in feats designed to evoke the laughter of all on-lookers — the Sigma Chi Derby is held each year. The Homecoming float with the Alpha Gam ' s, Halloween party, and the Sweetheart Weekend rounded out a successful year. Jotted down during the year — who burned our float — where ' s Art ' s frisby — Daddy Rix is comin ' — candy, any- one? — heard the Sigma Sigma ' s broke iip — and last but not least, don ' t forget the new house. MAURY McKINNEY BROTHERS Ainsworth, Dick Harlsfield, Lamar Pool, Bill Arthur, Warren Houser, Dave Poysell, Bob Bartels, Russ Ikeler, George Reynolds, Harry Bellamy, Rebel Jackson, Rick Ryder, Jack Brock, Larry Jennings, Ruius Safiler, Frank Bryan, Ben Johnson, Ed Scheffsky, Phil Bryson. Bob Knight, Phil Schuster, Bill Busbia, Morris Landrum, Brit Sibal, Ken Buss, Dave Lewis, Don Smith, Bill Butterfield, Frank Loehr, Ken Thatcher, Glenn Calhoun, John McGoogan, Cal Tison, Harry Carter, Bob McKinney, Maury Turner, Scarf Donley, Dean Marshall, Butch Vogl, Chris Doxey, Bill Marshall, Durfee Walser, Phil Dunlap, Steve Meier, Bob Wellman, Jim Dyer, Bud Moore, Art Westhafer, Joe Fairington, Bill Moren, Bob Westhafer, Tom Fleischer, Mel Nichols, Al White, Bob Gordon, Gerry Pendray, Tom Willard, Tom Grimsley, John Petty, Milton Williamson, Jerry Hale, Tom Poag, Wylie WoUschlager, Tom PLEDGES Badolato, Michael Kelley, Bill Smith, Buster Bates, Dowell Landau, Chuck Smith, Elliott Belden, Chic Melton, Linby Smith, Gordon Bryant, Russell Mew, Tom Stewart, Bill Clinger, Tony Moore, Dave Taylor, Ken Donaldson, John O ' Brien, Mike Till, Quentin Eikman, Ed Purnell, Adrian Todd, Larry Hefele, Ray Pylant, Pete Vance, Peter Hill, Joel Rudd, Barry Wade, Charles Hinton, Eddie Simmons, Roger Wasilewski, Andy Howell, Allen Simmons, Thomas Westhafer, John OFFICERS Maury McKinney President Bill Smith Vice President Bob Poysell Secretary Tom Pendray Treasurer 112 SIGMA CHI ?P?C5PP ARTHUR BADOLATO 3ARTELS BATES BELDEN BELLAMY BRYAN BRYANT BRYSON BUSBIA BUSS BUTTERFIELD CALHOUN CLINGER DONALDSON DONLEY DUNLAP DYER EIKMAN FAIRINGTON FLEISCHER GORDON GRIMSLEY HALE HARTSFIELD HEFELE HILL HINTON HOUSER HOWELL IKELER JACKSON JENNINGS JOHNSON KNIGHT LANDRUM LOEHR MARSHALL, D. MARSHALL, R. L. MEIER MELTON MEW MOORE, A. MOORE, D. MOREN NICHOLS O ' BRIEN PENDRAY PETTY POAG POYSELL PURNELL PYLANT REYNOLDS RUDD RYDER SATTLER SCHUSTER SIBAL SIMMONS, R. SIMMONS, T. SMITH, E. SMITH, G. SMITH, J. SMITH, W, STEWART TAYLOR THATCHER TILL TISON TODD TURNER VANCE VOGL WADE WELLMAN WESTHAFER, JOE WESTHAFER, JOHN WESTHAFER, T. WHITE WILLARD WILLIAMSON OFFICERS Marvin Ingram President Henry Wortman Vice President Ronald Higgins Secretary Ca rl Torsleff Treasurer Anderson, Dick Augustine, Jack Belanci, Gene Blue, Dick Brock, Robert Davis, Jack Ellis, Dave Felino, Pete Frazier, Jim Furci, Frank Grodzicki, Ray Hawkins, Charles Higgins, Jim Johnwick, Bob Kramer, Charles Kulzer, Jim Leshefka, George McAneny, Jack Marotti, Gene Miller, Dan Morrison, Jim Ottairs, Tom Pace, Robert Schecter, Gordon Schiess, Lou Smith, DeVaughn St. John, Dave Staufier, Mike Swain, Ray Telepas, George WinterhoUer, Richard Ziccardi, Mike BROTHERS Archer, Bill Barbar, Oris Bazzell, Ray Brock, Jerry Brock, Ken Brown, Bruce Cook, Victor Cooke, Joseph Hayes, Bill Hayes, Hugh Higgins, Ronald Hobbs, Moe Hoffman, Bernard Holland, Chuck Ingram, Marvin Jones, Jack Jones, Leslie Kenney, Fred Lorenze, Roger McLean, Marvin Merganthal, Paul Miller, Bob Penn, Don Phillips, John Pike, J. C. Powers, Fred Rollinger, Russ Russell, Kermit Schiess, Ted Shaffer, Charles Shevlin, Richard Smith, Dennis Strickland, Earl Torsleff, Carl Ward, Dennis Welch, Tom Whiteard, Ronald Willits, Arthur Wilson, Barclay Wortman. Henry ANDERSON BARBAR ARCHER BAZZELL AUGUSTINE BROCK, J. BROCK. K. COOKE FRAZIER HAWKINS HIGGINS, J. HOFFMAN JONES. J. KRAMER 1 BROWN DAVIS FURCI HAYES. B. HIGGINS. R. HOLLAND JONES. L. KULZER 1 COOK ELLIS GRODZICKI HAYES. H. HOBBS JOHNWICK KENNEY 1 114 SIGMA NU If you ' re all set for a wild Saturday night, just follow the noise issuing forth from the Sigma Nu house. Begin- ning with rush and ending with graduation, the Sigma Nu ' s are happily caught in a maze of extracurricular activities, intramurals, serenades, and studies. Homecoming was great with Roy and his Africans, as well as the Distinctive Design award for house decorations, the first ever presented. Another first was the selection of a " Sigma Nu Girl of the Week " who was serenaded, sent roses, and recognized on the air by a local disc jockey. The last nail was driven in their new addition so that room for sixteen more brothers was available. Losing the basketball championship during the last four seconds of the game was a heartbreak, but Dick Howser who made the NCAA All-American baseball team and Marv McLean who made All-American volleyball more than com- pensated for the loss. The road trip " tries, " Brock and the Tallahassee police, Torsleff ' s sheets, the midnight serenades, and " hey! how you " were as familiar to the Sigma Nu ' s as was making that 4.0. MARVIN INGRAM SHEFKA MAROTTI McLEAN PENN ORENZE MILLER, D. MORRISON PHILLIPS MILLER, R. OTTAIRS POWERS RUSSELL SHAFFER SMITH, DEVAUGHN TELEPAS SCHIESS. E. SHEVLIN ST. JOHN TORSLEFF SCHIESS, L. SMITH, DENNIS STRICKLAND WARD WELCH WINTERHOLLER WHiTEARD WORTMAN WILSON ZICCARDI 115 While most of us dreaded the long trudge back to school and dragged one foot behind all the way, the Sig Ep ' s all but ran back to situate themselves in their new house. They ' ve been running since then to keep up with their extracurricular activities — athetics, politics, clubs, and hon- oraries. Harvalyn Green was chosen Sig Ep Sweetheart and crowned Queen of Hearts. The annual weekend was a tremendous success and will long be remembered. Also to be recalled but in not quite the same way are the early morning visit by Senior Hall residents during finals, the Mystery of the Red Door, the Five Buck Club, and the Penthouse Five Plus One. Patsy Rhodes was chosen Queen of Diamonds by the pledges, who staged a great, but short- lived, independence movement. The year was finished all too soon however, and the heart above the Sig Ep door will stop throbbing with loud voices and general confusion until next September. Bergen, Bob Dennis, Paul Elam, Wayland Goodwin, Tom Gosney, Vern Barley, John Bridenbaker, Arnold Cissel, Bob Dennis, Roy Fulford, William BROTHERS Halley, John Hankins, Travis Heaton, John Hutchinson, Dick Korzan, Fred PLEDGES Hilliard, Roy Porter, Donald Rios, Mario Rura. Ted Sims, Bryant Mazur, Ralph Nichols, Colie Robles, Raul Scambler, Glenn Sharp, Larry Vidzes, Fred Stohrer, Jack Taber, Stu Valentine, Dwight Van de Mark, Jerry Whitaker, Roger LAWRENCE SHARP OFFICERS Lawrence Sharp President Fred Korzan Vice President John Heaton Secretary Ralph Mazur Treasurer 116 SIGMA PHI EPSILON BARLEY BERGEN BRIDENBAKER CISSEL DENNIS ELAM FULFORD GOODWIN GOSNEY HANKINS W MILLIARD HALLEY 1 HEATON " PV HUTCHINSON " KORZAN MAZUR NICHOLS PORTER RIOS ROBLES RURA SIMS STOHRER TABER VALENTINE VAN DE MARK ■ — • -- ' - - 1 mm l OFFICERS Bill Hirsh President Clyde McCutcheon Vice President Jay Friedman Secretary David Kam Treasurer PLEDGES Bethiel, Stan Blate, Ed Breitler, Alan Fisher, Marc Gibbs. Harold Jacobson, Michael Knapp, Harvey Neuman, David Post, Alan Rich, David Rosen, Arthur Rosenthal, Joe Ross, Spencer Schwariz, Robert Vander Schouw, Jon BROTHERS Block, Larry Fink, Richard Friedman, Jay Hirsh, William Kam, David Levy, Howard Luit, Robert McCutcheon, Clyde Rosenau, Lewis Sllverslein, Barry T f BETHIEL BLOCK FINK FISHER KNAPP KAM 118 TAU EPSILON PHI If you picked the TEP-DG entry in the annual soap box derby, then yours was a sure bet. As the rest of the en- tries plugged onward, the TEP ' s big four-wheeler flashed over the finish line to victory. However, their talents are by no means confined to speed and mechanical know-how. Right at the top in intra- murals, they placed third in the tennis doubles and had a freshman basketball team to write home about. To this they add a grade average just a decimal place away from a 3.0 and outstanding contributions to the Flambeau Staff. In the background, drummerboy Dave is still wailing on his skins, and the genius is still aiming for that two- point. The TEP ' s made sweet music in ' 58- ' 59. r LUFT McCUTCHEON NEWMAN RICH ROSEN ROSS SILVERSTEIN SCHWARTZ 119 Walking away with first prize in two out of three events during Homecoming, the Theta Chi ' s won skit competi- tion and most original float award. Men of the " Big Red " have furnished outstanding leaders to numerous phases of university activity — senate, Gold Key, Alpha Council, IFC president, the Flambeau, circus, cheerleading. Alpha Delta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, and varsity athletics. The Theta Chi calendar was generously filled with social engagements as combo parties, fireside get-togethers, and of course, Theta Chi Weekend. Each week some lucky sorority had its doorbell rung imexpectedly during dinner, at which time the pleasantly astonished girls were presented with a serenade and a bouquet of roses by the Theta Chi ' s. What nicer tradition could be established? Andre ' s calls from the barber shop, loose plaster and loud noises in 309, as well as Theta Chi activity in campus affairs have made this a year to remember. Adamo, Joe Bedsole, Jim Beranek, John Brown, Bill Butler, Carl Bynum, Dick Cable, Jim Carleton, Rhon Conley, Mike Crawford, Dick Demmon, Ted Drago, Charlie Esco, Dave Fraser, Ron Herndon, Myron Keeney, Thomas Ketring, Wayne Abstein, Bob Baker, Jim Barranco, Bob Braden, Jerry Brocksmith, Jack Cajoleas, George Carlson, Don Christman, Pete DeFelice, Louis BROTHERS Koelh, Lenny Koppeis, Carl Lewis, Jack McCarron, Owen McLeod, Floyd Metz, Tom Milligan, Bruce Moll, John Moore, Tom Morris, Bill Newell, Tom Niedenthal, John Nussear, Bob O ' Brien, Dick Peneski, Ed Pinder, Clark Ramsden, Don PLEDGES Fowler, Joe Godfrey, Buddy Goodman, Jerry Heath, Bill Heffern, Parke Kirkwood, Dick Lyon, Boyd McAllister, Chuck McKenney, Bob Riggins, Tommy Rogers, Doug Ruff, Doyle Schenck, Bob Sharkey, Tom Shaw, Dick Shaw , Pete Sigmund, Herb Smith, Dick Spivey, Clarence Stapleton, Don Stubbs. Sid Trudeau, Dick Van Rysselberge, John Voll, Dutch Wentworth, Jim Zager, Don Nye, Charlie Pitts, Earl Schanzenbach, Scott Shank, Doug Shulman, Dick Steele, Bea Stephens, Bill Walker, Johnny Wills, Bobby DON RAMSDEN OFFICERS Don Ramsden President John Van Rysselberge Vice President Dick O ' Brien Corresponding Secretary Carl Butler Recording Secretary Dutch Voll Treasurer 120 THETA CHI ADAMO BAKER BARRANr ' O BEDSOLE BERANEK BRADEN BROCKSMITH BROWN BUTLER BYNUM CABLE CAJOLEAS CARLETON CARLSON CHRISTMAN CRAWFORD DeFELICE DEMMON DRAGO ESCO GOODMAN HEFFERN HERNDON KEENEY KETRING KIRKWOOD KOETH KOPPEIS LEWIS LYON McAllister McLEOD METZ MOLL MOORE MORRIS NEWELL NIEDENTHAL NUSSEAR NYE O ' BRIEN PENESKI PINDER PITTS RIGGINS ROGERS RUFF SCHANZENBACH SCHENCK SHANK SHARKEY SHAW. D. SHJJW, P. SHULMAN SIGMUND SPIVEY STAPLETON STEPHENS STUBBS VAN RYSSELBERGE VOLL WENTWORTH WILLS ZAGER FRATERNITY SWEETHEARTS Mary Beth Roberts, Daytona Beach, Kappa Alpha Theta. SIGMA NU. Mary Lynn Patterson, Tallahassee, Kappa Delta. SIGMA ALPHA EP- SILON. Harvalyn Green, Greenville. SIGMA PHI EPSILON. Maralyn Teare, West Palm Beach, Kappa Alpha Theta. PHI DELTA THETA. Barbara McCartney, Tampa, Chi Omega. THETA CHI. Manuella Cash, Sarasota, Delta Gamma. PI KAPPA PHI. Ann Gates, Canton, N. C, Alpha Gamma Delta. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA. Cynthia Lawrence, Tallahassee, Pi Beta Phi. SIGMA CHI. Joan Offerle, Miami, Delta Zeta. KAPPA SIGMA. Joyce Sims, St. Petersburg, Alpha Xi Delta. DELTA TAU DELTA. Paula Ruth ,Edgar, Lakeland, Pi Beta Phi. ALPHA TAU OMEGA. Marv Henry, Lakeland, PHI KAPPA TAU. 123 MATILE GUINAND, Editor Co Mivpu Cvent a UNIVERSITY MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY Typical ireshman dorm This year the University Museum continued its unusual exhibitions in art and anthropology. The mu- seum can boast about its ability to give at least four different and unique displays per year. During the 1958-59 year these demonstrations included such things as the eifect of glass on mankind, the theories of Darwin, an unusual show of how primitive medicine and some of its cures which are still often used, and a non-objective exhibition called " Mood, " which was used to get impressions on techniques of demonstration. Personally, I prefer Grandma Moses Archives Photographiques 126 STUDENT ARTIST SERIES The Hi-Lo ' s Ahmad Jamal Every year Alpha Tau Omega frater- nity sponsors a group of entertainers to raise money for their annual charity project. This year they sponsored, much to the students ' delight, the famous Hi Lo ' s and Ahmad Jamal. Keeping in tra- dition, the show was a complete success for two performances in the same eve- ning. 127 ARTIST SERIES GEORGE LONDON One of the University Artist Series ' greatest offerings this year was a concert by George London. Mr. London dehghted the audience with his mellow baritone voice. The NATIONAL BALLET OF CANADA Returning once again, to the delight of those interested in the arts was the National Ballet of Canada. Their colorful costumes and graceful movements blended to make Cop- pelia a magnificent production. 128 CANDIDE Music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Voltaire resulted in an excellent musical comedy called " Candide. " The cast in- cluded three Broadway stars, Robert Rounseville, Mary Costa, and Irra Petina. The plot con- cerns a traveling man and his companion becoming involved in many odd and humorous situations. SIR JOHN GIELGUD " Were they not all honorable men? " says Mark Antony in William Shakespeare ' s " Ju- lius Caesar. " Truly, Sir John did an honor- able oral interpretation of some of Shake- speare ' s greatest works in his performance " Ages of Man. " Known as one of the world ' s foremost Shakespearian actors, he inspired the followers of history ' s number one literary geniuses. 129 For the man of distinction, Kikapoo loy Juice. LITTLE ABNER THE KINGSTON TRIO Another of the great productions brought to the F.S.U. Campus was " Lil ' Abner, " the Broadway musical based on the comic strip by Al Capp. The gay music and color- ful costumes made the performance truly entertaining. The Kingston Trio first performed professionally in 1957 on the campus of Stanford University. Starring Dave Guard, Bob Shane and Nick Reynolds, this group has gain- ed international recognition with their unusual style of performing humerous and folk songs. The Kingston Trio sang to a full-house at Westcott Auditorium. " B .. d " ik ■ -■ • ■■■■■ ' ,-:! " •««« %-. -■ ). H ' THE HAIRY APE Paul Smith, as Yank, in Eugene O ' Neill ' s " Hairy Ape " acted to perfection his role of a man who lost unity with nature and could not make a spiritual adjustment in life. This play was di- rected by Arthur Dorlag and was one of the year ' s most popular. Others in the cast were Jack Bosson, Faye Dunaway, Michael Gallagher, and Susan Becken- bach. Big man! Big Performance! SPEECH PRODUCTIONS Every year the Speech Department presents several popular productions and a children ' s Christmas play. This year, their schedule included the ' erv well produced and cast " Ring Around The Moon, " " The Hairy Ape, " " Twelfth Night, " " The Country Girl, " and " Oh Fudge! " . " Oh Fudge! " , the children ' s production, was an original written by Dr. Eugene Bormann. Faye Dunaway, one of the stars of " Twelfth Night, " puts on the finishing touch for a sterling performance. 131 Sigma Chi ' s pretend to know what it ' s all about! Why worry?!! All Hollywood stars use egg shampoos. Sigma Chi Derby J SP. ' !% Sha-boo-py, Sha-boo-py, Deano does the hoola-hoopy. ' Ohl, I ' m so " — Sob — " happy. " 132 %:, Millie Moore charmed the judges. The casual obserxer and the curious parent would haxc wondered, perhaps, at the value of higher education had they been on campus Sigma Chi Derby Day. After a wonderfully noisy parade, co-eds with anxiety on their faces and balloons tied around their waists were giving their all in attempts to burst the balloons with one clean ploop on the lawn. Hoola-hoopers and clocked sack-racers took up all available sidewalk space; and books, we must admit, were used to sit on while cheering the performance of these feats. However, the Sigma Chi Derby comes but once a year, and the rationalists among us said this " study break " was essential to making that 4.0. In spite of the cherries which mystery-event contestants continued to find in their shoes for weeks, and the injuries suffered by Sigma Chi coaches, the Derby was, as always, a smashing success. Betty Collar, Derby Queen was as proud of her sorority as they of her. Not only did the Delta Zeta ' s queen entry win, but they also copped second place. First place winners, the Alpha Xi Delta ' s cheered, fought, and hoola-hooped their way to victory. Right behind the Alpha Xi ' s were the Gamma Phi ' s and the Pi Phi ' s who tied for third. " Friends, Romans, and countrymen notice his jaunty walk, the iit of his toga, and his sharp hair-cut. " DELTA TAU DELTA SLAVE AUCTION Arrayed in the motliest assortment of togas since the clays of Nero, Delta Tau Delta pledges reluc- tantly mounted the auction block. Unfamiliar with the concept of Constitutional Law, their masters happily put prices on their heads in the name of charity at the annual DTD Slave Auction. Bought by affluent FSU co-eds, the slaves proved their versatility by serving as yard men and butlers, singing a candidate ' s fight song to win votes, wash- ing cars, and even providing " dinner music " for a sorority house. Their plight has a happy ending however, as emancipation soon came, and as a result of their labor, a liberal donation was made to charity by the Delts. ' Hew strange! A barefoot donkey. Is he lor sale too? 134 Goohooh — he ' s neat. Let ' s buy him. Well of all the nerve . . . humph. m Competition crowds the fields with a higher bid. Count it once more. I just know we have more than that. The cost of slaves is risinq r ' . 4 .r ,. - V " ■ ' EEEH — we got him! A slave for an hour, and soup for a week. sj:2 - .im-fJ7s »-- 135 Shine little racer — glimmer, glimmer. " Your driver ' s license please. Miss. ' I told them the driver wasn ' t supposed to be built-in too. " 136 SOAP BOX DERBY j|K vr-3 ■. ' ' " H .; • ' Last-minute instructions from the side-line. The day of the annual Alpha Gamma Delta-Phi Delta Theta Soap Box Derby is not one to stop, look and listen before crossing the street — it ' s far wiser just to get out of the way, PRONTO. The In- dianapolis Speedway has nothing over the " College Avenue plunge " in the way of thrills and excitement; especially when helmeted co-eds are driving racers built by FSU fraternity men. Not only does each driver want to get to the hay-reinforced finish line first in order to win the trophy for her team, but also to assure herself a soft and padded landing, as subsequent finishes tend to scatter the finish line a bit. This year, the crowd cheered the victorious Delta Gamma-Tau Epsilon Phi Team. Pro- ceeds from the derby went to Campus Chest. " tiey. you guys — look who won! 137 HOMECOMING Vivacious Arielou Johnson reigned over the 1958 Homecoming festivities. The most important social event of any college campus is Homecoming. At Florida State, this is particularly outstanding because it includes the entire student body. Everyone seems to let up on his studies and start to work on his dormitory, fraternity or sorority house decorations and floats. " Turn east at the first red brick building. " Karen Hancock greets Mrs. Ralph Bennet and Miss Irene Reed, class of ' 23. 138 mm " Bird ' s eye view of the new FSU. " ZTA ' S hexed by Mother Nature. The Women ' s F Club in midst of preparations for their traditional float honoring our queen. - DISSS ' JlUB 139 There ' s nothing as thrilling for children as the begining of a parade. Daddy watches the soldiers while son watches the pretty girls. Delta Zeta and Lambda Chi Alpha ' s float was judged the " Most Beautiful. " 140 Sigm a Kappa and Theta Chi collaborated to cop the " Most Original " title. Beautiful girls, colorful crepe paper, and much hard work made this year ' s Homecoming parade the most beautiful yet. Beauty has been defined, expounded, and praised in every conceivable way since Eve. However, it ' s of no less interest and certainly has no less appeal now than in the Year 1. Our Homecoming Court is an all but classic illustration. It seems FSU co-eds get lovelier each year as Queen Arielou Johnson and her court prove. Cheers, whistles, and much applause greeted the announcement of the 1958 Homecoming Court which included Pat Ferguson, Joyce Combs, Nan Chamberlain, and Willou Copeland. Vivacious Arielou and her maids reigned over the festivities regally, ascertaining all the charm and pulchritude of Southern womanhood. ' No, I don ' t sell air pumps with the balloons. " 141 F.S.U. invited the University of Tampa " up North ' for the game. Chic Cicio as Sammy Seminole shows genuine Seminole Spirit. ' Mrs. F.S.U. ' 142 pow wow All the excitement of Homecoming seems to culminate in the traditional Pow Wow. First place in the sorority skits, the Alpha Xi Delta ' s won the applause of all for the orig- inality and colorfulness " with which they pre- sented " A Peek at the Greeks. " The Theta Chi ' s represented the fraternities with their hilariously funny " Everything ' s Up to Date at FSU. " That " good ole ' Seminole spirit " was in abundance at the 1958 Pow Wow. Lynn LaGrange erowns Queen Arielou Johnson. The court — left to right — Nan Chamberlain, Willou Copeland, Joyce Combs, Queen Arielou, andPat Jean Ferguson. 143 ' " 0 v ' ' A . " - 0 - - anjoLCouAi 144 JNatalu JKoLL A blonde, blue eyed photographer ' s Greek goddess, Nat comes to FSU from Sarasota and is in her Junior year with Education as her major. She is active in Tarpon Club, Ruge Hall, Kappa Alpha Theta, as well as other campus activities. We present Miss FSU, 1959. 145 -aye oOMwawow A Tallahassee Freshman, Faye has already been active in campus speech productions. Her major is Dramatics and Speech and she is a member of Pi Beta Phi. 146 From Daytona Beach comes Joyce who caught the judges and photographer ' s eye early in her Freshman year. Her interests are art and swimming and she recently became a member of Delta Delta Delta. 1 Jo fce j-isli cr 147 K ctrol JXc air Another Freshman, Carol came to us from Live Oak. Still undecided in her major, she has interests in public speaking and has been active in circus. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi. 148 A Senior member of our campus, Rita is majoring in Education. She is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and represented them last year as Military Ball Queen. Her home town is Panama City. 9erta J [J, ms 149 The only Georgia representative on the court, Dee is from Adele. She pledged Kappa Alpha Theta this year as a Freshman. Her major is Social Welfare. JLjce vi I vers 150 With definite photogenic quaUties, Martha joins us from Panama City. She is a Sopho- more in Education and a Sigma Kappa member. yVlariha 4 trom W M ; ' fflll| | r H ml j mE H B9E b mJM 151 The Gymkana Dancers rehearse for the big show. GYMKANA If you had an Arabian magic lamp what would you wish for? The sultan in this year ' s F.S.U. Gymkana show " Arabian Daze " wished for entertainment and of course, a harem. No sooner said than done. Before his eyes, and the eyes of the audience, appeared the versatile F.S.U. gymnastic team and twenty- three beautiful coeds, composing the harem. The show was an overwhelming success, everyone being pleased with the professional acrobatics and feats of strength. Other enter- .tainment was supplied by an adagio dance team, several olympic gymnasts, and the Tallahassee Tumbling Tots. As the climax of the four day performance, the court of honor was presented. Jo Elen Eyster was " Miss Gymkana " and her court was composed of Joyce Combs, Faye Dunaway, Karen Eckman, Linda Gormley, Carol Hair, and Patty Mickey. Ann Eastman and Stu Greenberg, a well-balanced twosome, perform their act " The Funny French. " Jack Miles, director of " Arabian Daze " and his executive committee. Don Rapp and Jim Fadigan present " Merry Movement ' to an enthralled full house. Left to right — Roger Webb, Rick Miller, and Jerry Chester show skill and form in " Arabian Heights. " Ballerina, Kay Hufford. Muriel Davis, National Women ' s Gymnastic Champion, proves her capability. 153 Court Jesters? MISS GYMKANA, Jo Elen Eyster and her court — Roslyn Anderson, Melanie Buck, Dona Lee Campbell, Ann Chamberlain, Joyce Combs, Willou Copeland, Barbara Coppins, Faye Dunaway, Karen Eckman, Pat Jean Ferguson, Linda Gormley, Carol Hair, Nat Hobbs, Marjorie Kappan Susan Kittredge, Lynn LaGrange, Patty Mickey, Jackie Owens, Dee Rivers, Mary -Ann Trask, Judy Vetter, Lora Warren. Miss Gymkana Jo Elen Eyster Five O ' clock Shadow. CIRCUS Phyllis has a feeling that she ' s falling. Coach Jack Haskins 155 CIRCUS Clowns Gillard and Reese take a leisurely view of the audience before show time. Probably the biggest event at FSU takes place in Campbell Stadium during the first weekend in May. At this time " Circus " is the big word, and means exactly what it says. Students, parents, and alumni were thrilled as the student participants sailed through the air from tra- peze to trapeze. Yes, there were the traditional clowns, tightrope walkers, jugglers, and the popular Circusettes. Throughout the show the background music was provided by the inspiring Circus Band. Circus is directed and coached by Jack Haskins. His direction has gained FSU national recognition, and, along with an annual state tour, the privilege to perform on network television in the Gator Bowl activities during the half time. Deanne hopes she won ' t be missed! Deanne Head and Leonard Darsey literally " flying high. " 156 Cheryl Rose and Pete Hagerty execute a breath- taking feat of balance and coordination. " Here ' s hoping my knots hold! " ' Cheese, Man, Cheese. ' 157 f f a THE COLLEGIANS The Collegians, the male glee club, is open to all students interested in music. It was organized in 1958 and is under the direction of Mr. George Booker. They gave several performances during the year and sang a variety of types of music. WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB Under the able direction of Miss B. J. Grimm, any woman student who is interested in singing may join the women ' s glee club. They meet during a regularly scheduled weekly class period and present an annual Ghristmas vespers program. 158 THE UNIVERSITY SINGERS A concert at Christmas and one in the Spring are the major activities of the University Singers. Under the direction of Dr. Wiley J. Housewright it is open to all students who enjoy singing choral literature ranging from folk songs to present day music. Membership may be attained through trvouts and the group consists of approximated seven tv members. CHORAL UNION Choral Union, a musical organization with 100 members, is ths largest choral group on campus, and is open to all students who can, and like to sing. The group presented a concert during the Thanksgiving season and another in the spring. One of the nmain numbers of the spring concert was Bach ' s Mass in B-minor. 159 UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY Dr. Ernest Von Dohnanyi, Guest Conductor. The University Symphony has presented top-rate entertainment this year, as in the past. The first of their four concerts featured two seniors working toward their masters, Dickson Redditt, clarinetist and Dihy Alton, pianist. The second in the series was notable for the performance of Robert Cance- losi, also in graduate school, who plays cello and Ethel Donaldson who sang. Recently organized by the University Symphony was the Opera-Chamber Orchestra which serves as the accompanist for operas presented on campus, as well as give their own chamber music concerts. This year their activities included two grand operas as well as light opera. Accompanying this group was pianist Joseph Running, a doctorial candidate. The University Symphony is quite proud to have played Saintsaens Symphony 3, a work written for the organ. This is probably the first time this has been done in the state. Among their numerous presentations was one in collabora- tion with the Choral Union. The symphony has been host to many great artists. During the year, they were honored to have as great conductor Ernest Von Dohnanyi. The String Bass player takes a well-earned rest. 160 Dr. Robert Sedore. Conductor. ' Music hath charms. " 161 MARCHING CHIEFS The F.S.U. Drummers. Heralding the approach of the Seminoles are the renowned Marching Chiefs from FSU. A pleasure to hear and see, they never fail to put on a terrific show. Rigorous practice has made this group one of the best marching bands in the country. During the past season they made trips to Atlanta, to Jacksonville, to Gainesville for the big FSU-U of F game, to Miami, and of course to Louisville for the nationally televised Blue Grass Bowl. Composed of 112 musicians and 8 majorettes, the Marching Chiefs are led by Head Majorette Linda Bean and Drum Major Terry Johnson. Chic Cicio as Sammy Seminole was a new and welcome addition to this aggregation last fall. All in all, we at FSU are mighty proud of the Marching Chiefs. The Marching Chiefs impressed the crowd at the F.S.U. -Fla. 162 The Marching Chiefs. Linda Bean and her majorettes Mr. Manley R. Whitcomb Director 163 . Mary Ann Vickery Editor Cw €Lni €i,ticn PHI KAPPA PHI ACTIVE Nelda C. Alderman Mary V. Alexander Marian W. Black Margaret V. Campbell Milton W. Carothers Martha G. Chapman Dolores Frances Cosio Charles S. Davis Virginia Dumas Juanita de Vette W. P. Dillingham Gretchen Everhart Ruth D. Ferguson Elke E. E. Frank Azzurra B. Givens Hortense Glenn Jewel Golden Sarah Lou Hammond Dorothy L. Hoffman Richard loel Evelyn Rebecca Jordan Robert A. Kromhout Kenneth D. Miller Valda Mock Malcolm Parsons Gregg Phifer Keith Pitchford Allan Wilson Russell Robert B. Short Dora Skipper Walter D. Smith Gordon E. Speed W. Hugh Stickler Mode L. Stone Marion Cross Thompson Odell Waldby R. L. Witherspoon ASSOCIATE ACTIVE Mrs. J. B. Culpepper Sara de Keni Marjorie Dillingham R. L. Eyman Dwight B. Goodner M. J. Nimkoff Annelle Sterk Hazel Stevens Thomas Wright UNDERGRADUATES Alderman. Tex C. Bennett, Thomas Bleichner, Genevieve A. Bowers, Nancy J. Cale. Patricia J. Cavin, Lynnie K. Conkling, Julia E. Flohe, Audrey J. Guthrie, Adelia A. Holler, Janet E, Jennings, Rufus B. Kansky, Robert J. Keene, Lonnie H. Liebau, Raymond K. Neggers, Joe Nichols, Sherry L. Sanchez, Robert F. Taylor, Judieth A. 166 PHI BETA KAPPA Mrs. J. F. Alexander Mrs. Mary B. Aliriend Mr. Stanley E. Asplund Dr. William M. Barrows Dr. Romona Cruikshank Beard Dr. Homer Augustus Black Mrs. Lois H. Boggs Dr. Irene Boliek Dr. Ernest Bormann Dr. Ruth Schornherst Breen Mr. Reno W. Bupp Dr. Grace Edith Cairns Dr. Doak S. Campbell Dr. Margaret V. Campbell Prof. John Elmer Champion Mr. George Robert Clapp Mrs. William F. Cramer Mrs. Charles S. Davis Robert H. Davis Dr. Graydon S. DeLand Dr. Ezda M. Deviney Edward M. Dolan Dr. Dorothy Dodd Dr. William G. Dodd Dean Wilson K. Doyle Dr. Ralph Drager Miss Agnes Edwards Mrs. Richard Eide Mrs. R. L. Eyman Mrs. Anita Kent Fleet Mr. Robert S. Fouch Dr. Earl Frieden Dr. Dwight B. Goodner Dr. Viola Graham OFFICERS Mrs. Katherine B. Hoffman President Dr. Alex E. S. Green Vice-President Dr. J. R. Skretting Secretary Dr. Graydon S. DeLand Treasurer Mrs. Sara K. Srygley Historian Dr. Alex E. Green Dr. H. C. Griffith Dr. Ernest M. Grunwald Mr. Herman Gunter, Sr. Dr. Harvey Hall Mr. Lester Hargretf Dr. Marion J. Hay Mr. Elton F. Henley Dr. Werner Herz Mrs. Louis Hill Dr. Dorothy L. Hoffman Mrs. Katherine B. Hoffman Mr. Donald Leslie Holroyd Mr. Bentz B. Howard Dr. Marian D. Irish Dr. Richard Joel Mrs. Arnold Kannwisscher Dr. Michael Kasha Dr. Winthrop Niles Kellogg Dr. Lewis Martin Killian Mrs. I. Davis Laffitte Miss Olga Larson Dr. Albert L. Leduc Dr. John Edward Leffl er Edwin Louis Lindman Mrs. R. W. McKay Mrs. Ralph McWilliams Mrs. W. T. Mayo Dr. M. Avamy Melvin Mr. Jerry L. Miller Miss Valda Mock Roy C. Moose Mrs. Thomas Morrell Dr. Myer Francis Nimkoff Dr. Victor R. B. Oelschlager Dr. Max Oppenheimer Dr. Daisy Parker Dr. Mary R. Parmenter Dr. Malcolm B. Parsons Dr. Anne L. Pates Honorable Claude Pepper Dr. Robert Lee Plunkett Dr. J. Russell Reaver Dean J. Paul Reynolds Dr. Harold Richards Dr. William Hudson Rogers Mrs. William Runyon Mrs. Arthur Seymour Mrs. William J. Sharpe Dr. Venila L. Shores Dr. Robert B. Short Dr. J. R. Skretting Miss Nancy Warren Smith Dr. Gerald Speisman Mrs. Sara Srygley Pres. Robert M. Strozier Dr. Lynette Thompson Mrs. Vincent Thursby Dr. Lyman D. Toulmin Dr. Burke Gorden Vanderhill Dr. Hubert Odell Waldby Dr. Francis R. Walton Prof. William Watson Dr. Betty M. Watts Mrs. A. Dean Wentworth Miss Miriam Wilson Dr. Eunice Work Florida Beta Chapter of ALPHA EPSILON DELTA The National Pre-Medical Honor Society OFFICERS Fletcher Eyster President Rex Tidwell Vice President Edgar Heimer Treasurer Rufus Jennings Secretary Herman Lindeman Charlie Shaffer Barry Maxwell Dr. Ralph Yerger Faculty Advisor This society attempts to include in the mind of the pre- medical student, those motives, attributes, and ideals which make medicine a most honorable profession. At the same time it pro- vides recognition and reward for meritorious accomplishments by the pre-medical student of worthy character and desirable personality. 167 Kijy Donald Ayeis Benjamin Bryan Bradley Canon William CuUon Philip Knight Dayton Roberts James Soles Joseph Westhafer Dr. James F. Carr Dr. Louis Killian Dean R. R. Oglesby Mr. Joseph Plant Dean Charles A. Rovetta Mr. R. K. Shaw Dr. Robert M. Strozicr Dr. Edward Whittlesey Omicron Delta Kappa NATIONAL MEN ' S LEADERSHIP HONORARY OFFICERS Joseph Westhafer President Bill Clendenin Vice President Joseph Plant Secretary Bradley Canon Treasurer One of the highest honors bestowed on a male student at Florida State University is that of being selected for membership in Omi- cron Delta Kappa. The organization recognizes leadership, excep- tional quality, versatility, and that representative men in all phases of college life should cooperate in worthwhile endeavors. Mutual interest and understanding brings members of the faculty and stu- dent body together in ODK. This men ' s honorary sponsors a leadership training program period in the Spring. Not pictured: Don Ramsden 168 Mortar Board NATIONAL WOMEN ' S LEADERSHIP HONORARY Carolyn Jean Bell Nancy Jo Bowers Lois Jean Charlesworfh Barbara Ann Eissey Patricia Ann Finlay Nancy Beth Heacock Nancy Kay Key Cynthia Ann Lawrence Diana Evie Morris Jo Carol Terpening Ada Leigh Wall Nancy Virginia Worrall Election to Mortar Board is one of the most highly regarded honors that a university woman can attain. Its purposes are to stimulate and recognize outstanding service, scholarship, and leadership in university life, and to promote college loyalty by advancing the spirit of service and fellowship among university women. OFFICERS Lois Charlesworth President Barbara Eissey Vice President Nancy Beth Heacock Secretary Carolyn Bell Treasurer 169 1. Ramond S. Arnold 2. Rhon V. Carleton 3. Donald H. Ramsden 4. Philip J. Knight 5. Scott Harpe 6. Ben " Buck " Bryan 7. Don Ayres 13. Claude R. Flory 8. Don " Redman " Reedy 14. Dayton Roberts 9. Joe Westhafer 10. Art Moore 11. Jim Arthorp 12. Jim Hooks 15. Don Talmon 16. Dale Koch 17. Bucky Canon GOLD KEY Gold Key was established in 1947 at Florida State University. It is a local honorary for men whose purpose is to recognize leadership, schol- arship, and service among male students; to organize as a unit for further service to the university; to promote continued leadership among its members; and to foster service as a worthwhile goal for all students. OFFICERS Dayton Roberts President Bill Clendenin Vice-President Bob Kansky Secretary Jim Hooks Treasurer Dr. Claude R. Flory Advisor 170 GARNET KEY Garnet Key is a women ' s honorary designed to recognize leadership, service, and spirit given the University by junior and senior women, and to promote those activities which foster the progress and growth of Florida State. Miss Elizabeth Lynn, assistant dean of women led the group as sponsor again this year. They tapped once in the Fall and Spring of the year. OFFICERS Sandra Rosenberg President Evie Morris Vice-President Ethel Calhoun Secretary Dot Holland Treasurer Nancy Eraser Publicity Chairman Pat Manning Historian DeAnne Head Social Chairman Nancy Key Ritual Chairman 1. Nancy Heacock 2. Ethel Calhoun 3. June Lasseter 4. Pat Marining 5. Evie Morris 6. Judy Dekle 7. Cappy Archibald 8. Carol Terpening 9. Nettie Black 10. Pat Manning 11. Beth Bo wen 12. Joyce Combs 13. Nancy Jo Bowers 14. Monty Gillham 15. Dot Holland 16. Lois Charlesworth 17. Carolyn Bell 18. Cynthia Lawrence 19. Nancy Key 20. Nancy Eraser 21. DeAnne Head 22. Nancy Worrall 23. Dottie Hatton 24. Sandra Rosenberg Donald Lewis Ayres Dan Roberl Bohz WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Benjamin L. Bryan William Voris Bunker, Jr. Ethel Treadwell Calhoun NOT PICTURED Carmen L. Battaglia William S. Clendinen Hugh Nelson Durham Phillip James Knight Nancy Kay Key William Dale Koch Catherine O ' Sullivan Sandra Lee Rosenberg Cynthia Ann Lawrence Patricia G. Starnes Patricia Louise Manning Ada Leigh Wall 172 Arthur Bailey Moore Barbara Ann Watson Diana Evie Morris Joseph P. Westhafer Patricia Finlay Parham Nancy V. Worrell 1. Dave Middleton 2. Downing Gray 3. Rebel Bellamy 4. Steve Dunlap 5. Wally Keene 6. John King 7. Bill Hobgood 8. Gil McArlhur 9. Doug Grimsley ALPHA COUNCIL Established on the FSU campus in 1952, this Freshman-Sophomore leadership honorary rec- ognizes potential leadership ability, develops and maintains interest in worthwhile university activities of the male students. This is accom- plished by bringing these outstanding men in contact with numerous situations which will broaden their capacity and develop their abilities. Their activities include promotion of the honor system, development of school spirit, stimulation of religious activity, and partial sponsorship of the university orientation program. OFFICERS Rebel Bellamy President Dave Middleton Vice President Carl Butler Secretary Downing Gray Treasurer 173 1. Ralph Morgan 2. Walt Reardon 3. Dick Palmer 4. Claude Grizzard 5. Richard Joel 6. Bill Brennan 7. Frank Bulzoni 8. Ken Bowes 9. Ralph Bornheim 10. Bill McGlaugbon ALPHA DELTA SIGMA MEN ' S ADVERTISING FRATERNITY Alpha Delta Sigma is one of the most ambitious organizations on campus. Their activities include the publication of an alumni newsletter, promo- tion of Advertising Week, selling and creating of advertising for the FSU Student Directory, and co-sponsoring field trips to Atlanta and Jacksonville. Under the outstanding leadership of Professor Richard Joel who is the national president of Alpha Delta Sigma, the men of ADS captured first place in National Competition and the President ' s Cup Competition, and received the Gamma Alpha Chi award. OFFICERS Frank Bulzoni President Bill Brennan Vice President Claude Grizzard Secretary Ralph Morgan Treasurer Prof. Richard Joel Faculty Advisor 174 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA FRESHMAN WOMEN ' S SCHOLASTIC HONORARY OFFICERS Charlotte Goodman President Susan Shoal Vice President Gail Anchors Secretary Janet Trask Treasurer Judy Magnell Historian Nothing average about the grade averages of these freshmen women, who must have maintam- ed a 3.5 in order to quahfy for membership. Their main objective is the promotion of high scholar- ship throughout college, with particular emphasis on the freshman year. Among their projects are listed a coke stand operated during registration, assistance during orientation, and a scholarship fund. 1. Jan Pearce 20. Margaret Diehl 2. Susie Blackburn 21. Marilyn Martin 3. Martha Veverka 22. Sylvia D. Miller 4. Gwynn Collins 23. Joyce Wblfgang 5. Patricia Miller 24. Mary Anne Brotherson 6. Joyce Baxter 25. Mary-Lee Bone 7. Leslie Lowell 26. Patsy Guthrie 8. Janet Trask 27. Julia K. Hobbs 9. Yvonne Grigsby 28. Martha Dreadin 10. Marry Etta Johnson 29. Patricia Simpson 11. Judith Ann Magnell 30. Deanna Morris 12. Gail Anchors 31. Patricia Senn 13. Mary Dickson 32. Nancy Cash 14. Susan Shoai 33. Margaret Ann Arnold 15. Terrie Jones 34. Virginia Bell 16. Carlo Westphal 35. Kitty Wade 17. Dot Cronin 36. Linda Potter 18. Charlotte Goodman 37. Nora Nell Hardy 19. Marylyn Zibell 38. Dr. Loynett Thompson Not Pictured Edith Hansen 1. Victor J. Kalela 11. Lamar Brock 21. Bill Church 2. George W. Young 12. Tom Wells 22. Wallace A. Yeager 3. Julien Hoover 13. Charles L. Jewett 23. David Mathis 4. John Tidwell 14. Carey Metts 24. Gerald Cox 5. Rodney Parrish 15. Victor ComoUi 25. Ralph Chambers 6. Robert David 16. James Lisenbee Not Pictured: 7. Bill Yancey 17. Herman H. Lindeman Robert F. Kieser 8. Bill Church 18. Charles J. Champion Dr. E. L. Chalmers (Advisor) 9. Paul Wallace 19. Jack D. Healey Harold Euhler 10. Bill Neel 20. Robert Thurmond Bill Stevenson ALPHA PHI OMEGA National Scouting Honorary Alpha Phi Omega, estabHshed at Florida State in 1951, is a men ' s national service fraternity whose purpose is to render service to the student body, the youth of the country, and the community. One of the main service projects of APO is the Used Book Exchange. Additional activities in- clude sponsorship of the " Ugly Man and Ugly Woman " contests, parties for retarded children, scholarship funds, and serving as guides during orientation week. OFFICERS Jack Champion President George Young 1st Vice President Bill Yancey 2nd Vice President Bill Church Secretary Gerald Cox Treasurer 176 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY This year Arnold Air Society has revised its membership requirements, making it an even higher honor for Air Force ROTC cadets. For the first time, freshmen and sophomores, as well as upperclassmen may become eligible for mem- bership. The purposes of this organization are to promote American citizenship in an air age; to advocate the support of airpower; to further the purpose, mission, tradition and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of nation- al security; and to create a closer and more effi- cient relationship within the Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps. OFFICERS Donald L. Ayres Commander Stuart Keith Executive OHicer Robert Kerley Adjutant Recorder John Van Rysselberge Comptroller David Hulse Information Services OHicer Major Douglas Montgomery Advisor HJt t ■fff -f 1. Curtis Genders 16. Roy Mathis 2. Doyle H. Sparkman 17. Bob Reely 3. Fred Powers 18. Earl Perry 4. Bob Kerley 19. John Van Rysselberge 5. Downing Gray 20. Henry Shad 6. Herbert L. Sigmund 21. Bob Schneck 7. Fred Burkhart 22. Dane Hulse 8. Ward Matthews 23. Royce Pipkins 9. Rhon V. Carleton 24. Carl Butler 10. Bill Byerley 25. Joaquin Hailey 11. Charles F. Blount 26. Dick O ' Brien 12. Bernard L. Kelly 27. Stuart Keith 13. Ben George 28. Harry R. Hoglander 14. Henry C. Wortman 29. Donald L. Ayres 15. Billy W. Surles 30. Donald Lewis 31. Doug Grimsley BETA ALPHA CHI MEN ' S ACCOUNTING HONORARY This organization endeavors to familiarize its members with recent changes and trends in ac- counting procedure, with problems in profes- sional examinations and with the practical ac- counting field. It also promotes a better under- standing and friendship among its members and the faculty of the Department of Accounting. OFFICERS Edward Mowisier President Joseph Tharpe Secretary Richard Carlson Treasurer Mr. Gibbes Miller Faculty Advisor 1. Arthur W. Willets 2. Kenneth E. Norton 3. Gibbes V. Miller 4. Joseph B. Tharpe 5. James E. Mowiser 6. George E. Turner 7. Richard Carlson 8. Marvin J. Johnson 9. Kenneth L. Barker 10. Miss Luella Richey 11. Homer A. Black 12. Donald L. Carlile 13. Roy J. Spaulding 14. John E. Champion 15. Robert Colby 178 GAMMA ALPHA CHI WOMEN ' S ADVERTISING HONORARY Gamma Alpha Chi is a national women ' s professional adver- tising honorary, established locally in 1952. Its purpose is to develop higher educational and professional standards; and to broaden and increase the opportunities for women in advertising by serving as a link between its collegiate members and those engaged in practical advertising pursuits. Their numerous activi- ties include acting as hostess for the School of Business reception, field trips, a fashion show, serving as advertising agency for light opera guild, and a homecoming float. FSU ' s Alpha Delta chapter received the A. P. Phillips Award for outstanding work in the field of advertising, and placed second in the nation. 1. Mrs. Royal Ray 2. Betty Jane Atkinson 3. Nancy Womer 4. Chris Fisher 5. Pat Starnes 6. Helene Sinclair 7. Eloise Baumer 8. Alice Turnbull 9. Jo Ethel Sewell 10. Carol Ann Bodine 11. Janie Davidson 12. Helen Lebo 13. Susan Fehlberg 25. 14. Jean MacLeod 26. 15. Dixie Mackin 27. 16. Kay McCorquodale 28. 17. Kay Desmond 29. 18. Claire Brightwell 30. 19. Valerie Chase 31. 20. Gretchen Bartlett 32. 21. Seranda Ralli 33. 22. Deane Shafer 34. 23. Margie Anna Langston35. 24. Carol Elliot 36. Eleanor Cain Pat Senn Katherine Ball Nancy Frey Tallulah Webb Carol Jo Lewis Gail Sammons Janet Corley Sue Beck Barbara McVey Lee Kramer Dr. Royal Ray OFFICERS Pat Starnes. President Betty Jane Atkinson, Vice President Nancy Womer, Secretary Helene Sinclair, Treasurer 1. Bill Beavers 2. Oscar W. Brock, Jr. 3. Roger Webb 4. E. I. Boyd 5. Chick Cicio 6. Gene Adkins 7. Nan Chamberlain 8. Fernando Lecuona 9. Kay Kessel 10. Marilyn Harris 11. Gail McDaniel 12. Derek S. Lawler 13. Tamara Webb 14. Beverley Cude GYMNASTICA In top form physically, mentally and socially, Gymnastica members are thoroughly at home on the high bar, trampoline, vaulting horse, still rings, both in the air, and on the ground. This honorary, though local and only recently estab- lished in 1955, has gained much recognition and praise for its outstanding members. Its purpose is that of promoting and maintaining an interest in gymnastica, the cultivation of an appreciation of sportsmanship and the furthering of the de- velopment of gymnastics as a sport on the FSU campus. OFFICERS Roger Webb President Chick Cicio Vice President Gail McDaniel Secretary Tamara Webb Treasurer 180 1. Nadine Kirby 2. Helen Clark 3. Ruth D. Ferguson 4. Patsy Ruth Agee 5. Lois Charlesworth 6. Carolyn Bell 7. Hortense M. Glenn 8. Helen L. Richey 9. Hazel Stevens 10. Cynthia Lawrence 11. Carol Uhlich 12. Anne Marie Erdman 13. Mary Anne Coleman OMICRON NU Home Economics Honorary Students who have proved themselves outstanding be- cause of their leadership, scholarship and research in the field of home economics are recognized by and honored with an invitation to join this home economics honorary. At an annual open meeting in January, scholarship awards are made to outstanding sophomores and juniors in this field. Founded on this campus in May, 1922, Omicron Nu commemorates this date with an initiation dinner which climaxes the year. 181 SCABBARD AND BLADE To promote leadership among the members of the Army ROTC and to spread intelligent infor- mation concerning the military requirements of our country are the aims of this military honor- ary. In order to further this end, a Cadet of the Month award is sponsored. Through the joint efforts of Scabbard and Blade, which comprises the top brass in the Army ROTC program on campus, and the Air Force, the annual Military Ball is held. This anticipated social event fea- tured a top-name band and the crowning of the Military Ball Queen, Miss Linda Gormley. 1. Alan Breitler 2. Thomas C. Marks, Jr. 3. William B. Paschal, Jr. 4. Robert A. Fernandez 5. Tommy E. Chivers 6. Ronald J. McQuaid 7. William E. Young 8. Paul S. Kellner 9. Curtis D. Earp, Jr. 10. Thomas P. Mitchell 11. Thomas L. Loeb, Jr. 12. Joseph D. Cooke, Jr. 13. James L. Morrison 14. Ron Harrison 15. William M. Boyce 16. Etsol Roberts 17. Robert D. Strickland 18. Jack McQuestion 19. Dave A. Wallace 20. Stanley G. Flitcraft 21. Hubert W. Williams 22. James Curtis Newton 23. Ted Keen Major Robert W. Marshall, Advisor OFFICERS Robert A. Fernandez President William B. Paschal, Jr. Vice-President Thomas L. Reitz Secretary Ronald J. McQuaid Treasurer Major Robert Marshall Advisor 182 SIGMA ALPHA ETA Alpha Phi Chapter SPEECH AND HEARING HONORARY Established on the campus in 1956, this national honorary has done much to create and stimulate an interest among college students in the field of speech and hearing, and to provide a medium for enriched professional and social experience through co-curricular activities. Education which will develop a greater scope in the field is pro- vided by panels, lecturers, and an increase in available supplies for the " therapy materials room " created last year. OFFICERS Gerald McCall President Susie Flory Vice-President Janet Solomon Recording Secretary Dana Beatty Corresponding Secretary Corinne Tatoul Treasurer Mr. Schendel Advisor MEMBERS Grace 6ass Susie Flory Gerald McCall Dana Beatty Judy Freeman John McTaggart Stuart Brosseit Diane Hagan Lloyd Price Rose Castro Dora Irene Harbin Harold Sims Janet Dawson Pat Hendry Janet Solomon Sheila Donovan Pal Hess Corinne Tatoul Jerry Felton 183 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA The sounds of sweet music that permeate the air of FSU each spring are due largely to the Annual Campus Sing sponsored by Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha, the men ' s music honor- ary. One of the most popular events of the year, the Annual Campus Sing recruits the voic.es of groups and organizations over the entire campus. This project provides a dynamic and beautiful way to promote music on the campus, which is their primary goal. Sigma Alpha Iota provides an organization in which professionally-minded young women in the field of music may further their professional aims. Social activities include receptions, rush parties, musicales, and the an- nual spaghetti supper. OFFICERS Lorna E. Elder President Lynnie Cavin Vice President Kay Taylor Secretary Okie Tones Treasurer 1. Patricia A. Greisen 2. Carol Carter 3. Judy Magnell 4. Barbara Whittington 5. Hilda Campbell 6. Lorna Elder 7. Barbara Youmans ' 8. Kay Taylor 9. Ruth E. McLester 10. Barbara Basten 11. Barbara Krogland 12. Barbara Houston 13. Lynnie Covin 14. Okie Jones 15. Aurelia Pitts 16. Mary Lou Campbell 17. Jessie Walker 18. Judy NeSmith 19. Judy Chambliss Not Pictured: Nettie Black Carol Terpening 184 SOPHOMORE COUNCIL 1. Jan Pearce 2. Nora Nell Hardy 3. Kay Wright 4. Matile Guinand 5. Judy Magnell 6. Mary Lou Newde 7. Ginger Holland 8. Linda Stokesberry 9. Mary Lee Bone 10. Mary Ann Lindsey 11. Barbara Miller 12. Yvonne OUiphant 13. Joan Moore 14. Leslie Lowell 15. Mary Dixon 16. Lois King 17. Silvia Rucker 18. Linda Reams 19. Nancy Henderson 20. Gail Weaver 21. Kay Warren 22. Margaret Hodges 23. Ginger Collier 24. Mary Ann Adams 25. Martha Ververka 28. Mary Powell 27. Penny Mac Arthur 28. Sandra Spoto 29. Genny Jankunis 30. Susan Shoai 31. Helen Monrose 32. Deana Morris 33. Roslyn Anderson 34. Peg Hanna 35. Janet Trask 36. Virginia Reynolds 37. Seranda Ralli 38. Barbara Youmans 39. Claire Brightwell 40. Annette Hancock 41. Charlotte Meyer 42. Elbia Garcia 43. Georgia Ort 44. Carolyn Sistrunk 45. Sandra Rodgers 45. Judy Smith 47. Charlotte Goodman 48. Penny Pickles 49. Susie Blackburn 50. Sandra Badger 51. Gail Gotthardt 52. Mary Betts 53. Roberta Boyce 54. Joyce Nuckles 55. Pat Lance 58. Rita Garnet 57. Brenda McCampbell 58. Linda Potter 59. Jo Lee Blondhiem 60. Roberta Boyce 61. Gail Anchors 62. Jane Mims 63. Terry Jones 64. Margie Eichinger 65. Marylyn Zibell 66. Barbara Renner 67. Mary Buchanan 68. Gloria Bryant 69. Connie Brown 70. Barbara Kay Wrenn 71. Nancy Bild 72. Carole Williams 73. Gwen Watters 74. Joann Jones 75. Midge Presnel 76. Linda Woods 77. Linda Riedell 78. Beryl Miller 79. Flossie Avis 80. Grace Taylor 81. Jonna Smith 82. Mary Ann Vickery 83. Margery Blankenship 84. Karen Shanor 85. Lynne Williams 86. Glenda Powers 87. Margie Gegenshotz 88. Harriet L ' Engle 89. Kitty Wade Elected by the women in their class with ap- proval of their J.C. ' s and residence counselors, these outstanding sophomore women begin their long list of duties during orientation week. Serv- ices of Sophomore Council, which have proved invaluable, are available to any group on campus sponsoring a university function. A local honor- ary, this group has evolved from the traditional Blue and White Girls of FSCW. Although their services are far too numerous to list, the more important ones include campus tours and various duties during elections, Homecoming, Inter-Faith Week, and Family weekend. OFFICERS Kay Wright President Nora Nell Hardy Vice President Matile Guinand Secretary Jan Pearce Treasurer Judy Magnell Song Leader 185 TAU BETA SIGMA WOMEN ' S BAND HONORARY FSU is the home of the largest chapter of the band honorary for women in the nation. Tau Beta Sigma has honored outstanding women in college bands; stimulated leadership in college activities; and promoted band spirit, achieve- ment, and closer ties with other musical organ- izations enthusiastically and successfully on the FSU campus. Alpha Omega was also proud to play host to the 1959 National Convention in conjunction with Kappa Kappa Psi. OFFICERS Carol Terpening President Fedora Lewis Vice-President Alice Jean Christian Secretary Helen Clark Treasurer Jackie Howard Chaplain MEMBERS Jackie Howard Alice Jean Christian Sara Austin Carol Terpening Fedora Lewis Helen Clark Nona Carpenter Charlotte Campbell Ellen Taaiie Frances Gray Carolyn Crane Carol Lambrecht Thelma Peabody Mary Freeman Annetta Spruell Pat Turpin Olivia Warley Mary Barnette Jann Waters Charlene Chevalier Julia Hobbs Anna Clare Flynn Loma Elder M. Jay Pate 186 KAPPA DELTA PI 1. Lois Charlesworth 6. Sandra Stewart 11. Nancy Worrall 2. Nancy Jo Bowers 7. Carolyn Stewart 12. Keith Pitchford 3. June Lasseter 8. Cathy Stevens 13. Howard Akel 4. Mary Anne Coleman 9. Dean O ' Sullivan 14. Julia ConkHng 5. Ann Frick 10. Olympia Kitchen OFFICERS Keith Pitchford President Nelda Alderman (Mrs.) Vice-President Dean O ' Sullivan Secretary June Lassiter Secretary Ernest Cason Treasurer Marian W. Black (Mrs.) Counselor MEN ' S BAND HONORARY KAPPA KAPPA PSI Doing what comes naturally means the sponsor- ship of another project to the Kappa Kappa Psi ' s, band honorary for men. The many events in which they take charge include a pep rally dance co-sponsored by the cheerleaders and Tau Beta Sigma; the Marching Chiefs Banquet; and a Band Weekend. They act as hosts for visiting bands and in the capacity as a service organiza- tion for the University Band. OFFICERS Phillip Posey President Louis Vertich Vice-President Stanley Blosch Secretary Virgil Nipper Treasurer 1. Dana R. Tunstall 2. Clark Dobson 3. Ronald Butler 4. Irvin Lipscomb 5. Pat Stewart 6. William D. Hiscock 7. Dixon Redditt 8. James Leone 9. James R. Bell 10. William Widener 11. Stanley Blosch 187 12. Virqil Nipper 13. Phillip Posey 14. Louis Vertich 15. Raymond L. Revell 16. Ellis Mills 17. R. Lee Knowles 18. Bob Reely 19. Carl B. Johnson 20. Jeff B. Schleifer 21. Jim Coleman 1. Edward J. Harrell 7. Arthur L. Ketchersid 2. V. S. Mamatey 8. Maurice M. Vance 3. George A. Lensen 9. Lee Colvill 4. David Allen Harris 10. Gilbert G. Fernandez 5. Jackson Lee Ice 11. Weymouth T. Jordan 6. Reno W. Bupp 12. Rhon V. Carleton OFFICERS Rhon V. Carleton President Gilbert Fernandez Vice-President Edward Harrell Secretary-Treasurer PHI ALPHA THETA NATIONAL HISTORY HONORARY PI MU EPSILON MEN ' S MATHEMATICS HONORARY OFFICERS Albert L. Leduc, Jr. President Joe Heggers Vice-President Barbara Toney Secretary-Treasurer Dr. James Snover Permanent Secretary Dr. Charles McArthur Director The promotion of mathematical scholarship is the prime concern of Pi Mu Epsilon, the mathe- matics honorary. One of their major projects is the recognition of freshman scholars in the field of mathematics by an annual award. Not all the activity of this group is confined to ' rith- metic and numbers however. The dates of the annual picnic and banquet held in the spring, as well as tlie Christmas party are heavily mark- ed on the calendars of all members. ■ 1 PI D 9 WLa J j B !bc ' I H HI F " -1 B ri rM WM Myl B 1 Am tol H H n 1 1 I H iJ 1 1 1 1. Sidney D. Calkins 2. Jon V. Patton 3. Joe Heggers 4. Al Leduc 5. Richard Chandler 6. Stanley E. Asplund 7. Clint Pine 8. George W. Polites 188 9. Charles W. McArthur 10. James E. Snover 11. G. Marqulies 12. Walter James Koss 13. Charles A. Brown 14. Nickolas Heerema 15. Thomas L. Wade 18. Bobby Sanders 1. Janiece Andre 10. 2. Penny Appleby 11. 3. Nancy Alexander 12. 4. Jo Ann Montague 13. 5. Sandra Hancock 14. 6. Julia Welsh 15. 7. Cecily S. Derrick 16. 8. Emily Jopling 17. 9. Shirley Laughridg e 18. Rosanne Kalil Dorothy Andress Florence Stewart Elmer Schick Bobby Sue Clarkson Howard Abel Inez Frink Guy Johannes Jr. William A. Richards Not Pictured: Madlyn Coupland Joyce Fralic Helen Blackburn Mr. C. C. Miller Dr. J. Frank Dame Miss Jane Kirk Bell Sandra Whitfield Freddie Conrad Mr. Iru Cole OFFICERS Madlyn Coupland President Janiece Andre Vice-President Penny Appleby Recording Secretary Nancy Alexander Corresponding Secretary Mr. Elmer Schick Sponsors Miss Inez Frink Sponsors Mrs. Lorella Kellog Honorary Member Mr. Rex Toothman Honoray Member PI OMEGA PI Encouragement and promotion of scholarship in business education are provided by Pi Omega Pi. This national honorary was founded on the campus in 1950. Since that time, its projects have grown and increased until they now include such undertakings as typewriting and shorthand help sessions and compilation of a business Edu- cation Directory in conjunction with the State Education Department. SIGMA DELTA PI NATIONAL SPANISH HONORARY f Hm ' fK K " ' - ■ mm B .-f ; ' m 1 1 H H[(§L JH I vMj Ke- i H 9 ■ Jb I RHMI W, HB ' .. j 1 w 1 Mv B H ML 1 )m A " ! 1. Cynthia Pohl 7. Carlo Westphal 2. Jacquelin M. Wiggin 8. John G. Brown 3. Dian Orr 9. Max Oppenheimer, Jr. 4. Margaret V. Campbell 10. Jack T. Mann 5. Jacquelyn Boyd 11. Dr. Graydon S. DeLand 6. Deanna Morris 12. Victor R. B. Oelschlager 189 1. Michael A. Guerra 2. Jack Ryder 3. Donald L. Ayres 4. Joe Gusic 5. Ted Keen 6. Claude Grizzard 7. Charles L. Watson 8. Tom Garcia 9. Richard Joseph Elwood SIGMA DELTA PSI MEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION HONORARY OFFICERS Joseph J. Gusic President Donald Ayres Vice President William T. Odeneal Faculty Patron SIGMA TAU DELTA ENGLISH HONORARY Chaucer, Shakespeare, and T. S. Ehot are not only famihar names, but old friends of Sigma Tau Delta members. The aims of this profes- sional English honorary include the mastering of written expression, encouragement of worth- while reading and a first-hand acquaintance with literary masterpieces of our language, and the fostering of fellowship among men and women specializing in English. The main projects for the year were the FSU Literary Anthology and the anual Freshman Writing Award to the author of the best freshman theme. Meetings are held twice a month at which times the speaker is followed by a discussion period, refreshments, and socializing. OFFICERS Julia E. Conkling President Robert Sanchez Vice-President Karolyn Patterson Secretary Carl Alderman Treasurer Dr. Claude Flory Advisor 1. Evie Morris 2. Lois L. Mai 3. Karolyn Patterson 4. Joan Peaden 5. Jul:a Conkling 6. Claude R. Flory 7. N. Preston Burr 8. Bill Page 9. Daniel Samide 10. William R. Harvey 11. William J. Swanson 12. James B. Ayres 13. H. A. Simpson 14. Francis G. Townsend 190 Student Religious Houses INTER-FAITH STUDENT COUNCIL 1. Isabel lohnson 2. Anne Elvery 3. Lynette Harris 4. Virginia Herrman 5. Helene Whitman 6. Martha Bedell 7. Jan Pearce 8. Marilyn Martin 9. Barbara Rouse 10. John Reynolds 11. Rhon Carleton 12. Harry Pay ton 13. William Mork 14. John W. Alford 15. Danny Burke 16. Carl A. Saye Not Pictured: Nickolas Heerema — Faculty Advisor Donald H. Ramsden Ansela Ambrosimi Al Breitler Sidney Stubbs Ada Leigh Wall Sheila Kennedy B. J. Atkinson Pat Sipe This inter-denominational group serves as a co- ordinating device for the promotion and support of rehgious efforts on campus. Through the work of this body, individual religious groups are aided in the spiritual and religious development of students by the Council ' s lead in the responsi- bility of campus-wide religious emphasis such as Intelligent Faith Week and the Freshman Orien- tation Picnic. Various projects such as the blood drive, hospital visitation, and a lemonade stand during registration occupy the time of this group. OFFICERS Rhon V. Carleton President Martha Bedell Vice President Delphia Johnson Secretary Jan Pearce Treasurer BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union serves as a link between local churches and Baptist students and keeps them in religious activities at college. Besides social gatherings, weekly ves- pers, and morning watch services, the student is always free to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the modern B.S.U. house on campus. This organization stresses the prayer life of the college student and encourages prayer mates. The main projects are a Cliristmas party for needy children and a hobo project to earn money to make it possible for students to do summer mission work. OFFICERS Richard Brown President Leeanne Reetz Vice President Louise Andrews Secretary Joan Peaden Devotional Chairman 1. Isabel Johnson 2. Marguerete Edwards 3. Louise Andrews 4. Hilda Campbell 5. Judy McMillen 6. Phyllis Stephens 7. Linda Claville 8. Bethany Blumer 9. Joan Peaden 10. Carole M. Bogart 11. Ada Jo Starling 12. Penny Williams 13. Molly Forsee 14. Sandy Asher 15. Sandy Eason 16. Dan Driskell 192 17. Barbara Bevis 18. Anne Embey 19. Radford Bishop 20. Oliver Black 21. Ann Maxwell 22. Harry Martinez 23. Richard Brown 24. Ken Watkins 25. James Baird 28. Pat Lambert 27. Bill Jenkins 28. Charlie Pierce 29. Bill Moyle 30. John Venables 31. Charles Prescott CHRISTIAN SCIENCE 1. Arielou Johnson 2. Mary Bell 3. Jan Pearce 4. Noel Lyn Richard 5. Diane Bellows 6. Sandi Wilson 7. Judy Sadler 8. Luella Richey 9. Leslie Lowell 10. Rosemary Yarr 11. David Kootz 12. Gary R. Stewart 13. Mary Frances Briois 14. Laura C. Lee 15. Jeanne Willits OFFICERS David Koontz President Jan Pearce Vice President Mary Bell Secretary Arielou Johnson Treasurer Mom Baker House Mother The Christian Science Organization affords those interested an opportunity to learn about Cliris- tian Science, and serves to unite the Christian Scientists at FSU in closer bonds of fellowship. The Organization holds regular testimonial meetings every Thursday evening, which are con- ducted by student readers and are open to the college public. A study room is also maintained, in which all authorized Christian Science litera- ture may be read or borrowed, and a lecture is sponsored at least once a year. 193 NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is an organization dedicated to foster the spiritual, intellectual, and social interests of the Catholic students of Florida State University in the order of their importance. Aided by the Bishop and Diocese, this organiza- tion is a member of the Southeastern Province of the National Newman Club Federation. OFFICERS Joseph Farls President William Weslendick 1st Vice President Barbara Toney 2nd Vice President Charlotte Beckley Corr. Secretary Ruth Haggerty Rec. Secretary Dick Fenton Treasurer Margaret Toney Fresh. Advisor Mrs. T. J. Volk House Mother Rev. Bernard J. McFadden Chaplain I. Frank Miceli 21. Lydia V. Shaw 2. Pat Renich 22. Jerry Sambers 3. Robert Schlitt 23. Barbara Fappiano 4. Arthur J. Powell 24. Judy Labadie 5. Bill Keogh 25. Patricia Kelley 6. Herb Gould 26. Pat O ' Day 7. Judy WhitehiU 27. Mary Anne Temple 8. John C. Bagocius 28. James Leone 9. Margaret Toney 29. Jo Ann Schlitt 10. Dick Fenton 30. Ruth Hagerty 11. Anna Clare Flynn 31. Alberta Smalansky 12. Cecilia McLaughlin 32. Georgia Jaynes 13. Joseph Farls 33. Joy Pate 14. Charlotte Ray 34. Marline Pedersen 15. Lorraine Dudek 35. Barbara Brunner 16. Mrs. Mary Volk 36. Kathy Ficarrotta 17. Frances Annis 37. Charlotte Beckley 18. Vernita Pinto 19. Bill Westendick Not Pictured: 20. Dorrie Chazal Bill Stevenson 194 EPISCOPAL VESTRY 1. Don Chappell 2. Al Nichols 3. Jo Bryan 4. Father Waller 5. Martha Bedell 6. Sue Stickler 7. Ann Bartlett 8. Nat Hobbs 9. Gayle McWhirter OFFICERS Ray Market! Senior Warden Don Chappell Junior Warden Nat Hobbs Secretary Dave Frazier Treasurer HILLEL FOUNDATION OFFICERS Alan Breitler President Barry Silverstein Vice-President Irving Gordon Secretary-Treasurer Dr. D. Levine Faculty Advisor Rabbi Granison . ' Advisor 2, 1. Joan Monroe 2. Harry Pay ton 3. Helen Vanderveen Not Pictured: Abe Edlin 195 ■1 pj HM " 31 ) pi Ci B ■ ■ 1% ' ' ' ■npp " Hf H 1 ' ...- BnKf. iMflP £ H ■PC ' " lw U ' J HlBBfr- f MH s H Hr % ' " ni V ' 9 K ! B iFiM n w r B flf V J K " l l l 1 I ' Up l liSjjj H _V E mH ' m M K M AIlhpJP 7 " H ■ • jiliL 1 pi 1 • vv M IvhIM L B Byv ?v ' ' 1 ■ vHV JmWt - ¥ " " mmsJ Hj ■ fli 1 ■■■ 1. Barbara Joy Mueller 2. Phyl Williamson 3. Sandy Burns 4. Grace Taylor 5. Anne Easterday 6. Judy Chambliss 7. Charlotte Mayer 8. Margie Fraser 9. Barbara Rouse 10. Ruthanna M. Davis 11. Mary Ellen Davis 12. Miriam Wilson 13. Joyce Nurkolls 14. Monty Gillham 15. Mary Powell 16. Bill Love 17. George McGeogan 18. Pat Conover 19. Joe Westhafer 20. Buck Bryan 21. Frank Satler 22. Tom Hughes WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP 1. Jack Geisler 2. Pat Sipe 3. Billy Schuster 4. Mary Louise Edwrards 5. Patsy Winters 6. Betsy Coleman 7. Nancy Worrall 8. Geraldine Hancock 9. Dottie Hatton 10. Jo Ethel Sevvell 11. Winnette Macintosh 12. Janet Persons 13. Linda Hunt 14. Martha Dreadin 15. Sally Highman 16. Nancy Fraser 17. Marilyn Harris 18. Kay Hall WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS Barbara Eissey President Dottie Hatton Vice President Nancy Warrall Secretary Jack Geisley Treasurer Mary Louise Edwards Attendance Sec. Austin Holiday Director lame Montgomery Asst. Director OFFICERS Buck Bryan President Judy Chambliss Vice-President Grace Taylor Secretary-Treasurer Miriam Wilson Director HI IH Kkj m Mn fyfi ' i iffliiiiM sHski Mtmm M. J p f 1 m ' ' MM iiH H H CLUBS CAVALIERS Social Dance Fraternity 1. Frank LeHardy 2. Charles Brogdon 3. Larry Ford 4. Jon Morar 5. Tom Bernard 6. Kenneth Dulhene 7. Cliff Livingston 8. Michael A. Guerra 9. Wayne Deigts 10. James Coles 11. Dutch Voll 12. Philip R. Bach 13. Dale Brushwood 14. John Del Vecchio 15. Wayne Manning 16. Rem Noble 17. Fred Ford 18. Richard Bynum 19. Carlos Lundt 20. Wallace A. Yeager 21. Arnold Abramson 22. James P. Senlo 23. Sal Lanza, Jr. 24. Joe Dorsett 25. Mike Angelotti 26. Cal Cloud Brother organization of Cotillion, the Cavaliers comprise the social dance fraternity. After a period of practice, pledges are tapped each fall. Both a social and service organization, the Cava- liers sponsor free dance lessons each semester and usher at the Artist Series, as well as carry on an active social program. OFFICERS Wally Yeager President James Gillard Vice-President Arnold Abramson Secretary Richard Bynum Treasurer 197 ALPHA KAPPA PSI MEN ' S BUSINESS HONORARY Left to right, Fred Baldwin, President; Dave Nutt, Treasurer; John Riley, Secretary; not pictured; Joe Farls, Vice President. Left to right, Committee Chairmen; Gene Stivender, Tom Thomas, Frank Trice, Paul Gibson. Not pictured; John Reynolds, Bill Bixby. The Alpha Kappa Psi house at 902 W. Park. 198 OFFICERS Fred H. Baldwin President Joseph P. F arls, Jr. Vice President John E. Riley Secretary Theodore D. Nult Treasurer Joseph L. Schmidt. Jr. Master of Rituals Pledged to uphold and maintain scientific re- search in the fields of commerce, accounts and finance; to educate the public in appreciation of higher ideals therein; to promote and advance, in college, courses leading to degrees in business administration; and to further the individual welfare of members— Alpha Kappa Psi affiliates 1. Frank L. Trice 33. Daniel J. Abbott 2. David S. Gibson 34. Eugene C. Stivender 3. Larry S. Brock 35. Roy D. Pulliam 4. Arthur J. Powell 35. David R. Chambers 5. Thomas O. Metz 37. Victor L. Sisung 6. Theodore D. Nult 38. Rayburn N. Joyner 7. Clarence F. Scott, Jr. 39. Professor Elmer Schick 8. John P. Remick 40. James Whiting 9. Raymond A. Ruther, Jr. 41. William E. Bixby 10. Lynn W. Hall 42. Charles W. Wynn 11. Gene F. Gainer 43. James D. Brackin 12. Robert R. Sherman 44. Samuel D. Simpson 13. John E. Riley 45. Donald A. Penn 14. Joseph P. Farls, Jr. 46. Robert W. Colby 15. Lavondus R. Thomas 47. Robert S. Bryson 16. John R. Howard 48. Royce M. Bonds 17. Robert S. Grear, Jr. 49. Alton M. Haeger 18. Harry P. Tison 50. Russell F. Goode 19. Hurdis H. Pitts 51. Richard H. Armbuster 20. Edwin R. Marshall, Jr. 52. John H. Morgan 21. Larry L. Cavallero 53. R. Marvin Ingram 22. Floye E. Brewton 54. James T. Dawson -_ 23. Jack D. Healey, Jr. 55. Marvin A. Garrett 24. Edgar T. Fields 56. Professor Jack T. Dobson 1 25. Gene P. Clarkson 57. William H. Schwebel 26. James E. Mowiser 58. Donald R. Baggett 27. George E. Turner, III 59. Shelton C. Davis 28. Richard J. Carlson 60. Richard R. Jackson 29. Charles C. Boyd 61. Ronald B. Morris 30. H. James Clark 62. John L. Reynolds, Jr. 31. Oscar A. Trummer 63. Lee Colvill i 32. Donald L. Ayres 64. Paul E. Gibson are kept busy. However, this group happily and successfully combines its business with pleasure, so that " all work and no play " hasn ' t a chance to make the Alpha Kappa Psi member a dull individual. Quite the contrary, as their calendar is filled with field trips, banquets, an annual week-end, and such projects as the Job-Getting Seminar. 199 1. Mrs. Ed Fields 13. 2. Mrs. Giny Crawford 14. 3. Doris Lammers 15. 4. Morlean Dealy 16. 5. Mrs. Joe Dorsey 17. 6. Mrs. W. J. Koss 18. 7. Mrs. Jim Reeves 13. 8. Mrs. Gene Simons 20. 9. Mrs. Dale Gawin 21. 10. Lorre Torre 22. 11. Gladiola King (Mrs. William)23. 12. Mrs. Frank Bryan 24. Mrs. Robert M. Blow Mrs. Bruce Brown Mrs. John Ashton Mrs. Dean A. Piatt 25. Elinor Lloyd 26. Betty Wajdowicz (Mrs. George I.) 27. Mrs. Rem Noble 28. Mrs. Al Lockwood Mrs. Robert A. Fernandez 29. Mrs. Robert Morrow Mrs. Gordon B. Davis Mrs. Donald Talmon Mrs. Harry B. Clark, Jr. Mrs. Laveon A. Walden Mrs. Hal Ingram 30. Mrs. Paul Pasqucle 31. Mrs. Charles W. Archibald 32. Jenisee Anslery (Mrs. Franklin J.) 33. Mrs. Clare Bognall 34. Mrs. Richard Rurefa Mrs. Harry H. Helton, Jr.35. Mrs. Calie Nichols, Jr. Helen Thompson 36. Mrs. Richard W. Watkins 37. Mrs. Karen Redding lA -iL DAMES ' CLUB Student Wives Organization OFFICERS Mrs. Joe Dorsey President Marlene Sealy Vice-President Doris Lammers Secretary Gerry Crawford Treasurer The great American male serves to bind this group together. Composed of the wives of FSU students, the Dames ' Club provides social and cultural development among the student wives on campus. All with the same goal— that of " putting hubby through " — members are provided diversion and entertainment in the annual Mrs. FSU contest and their Spring Fashion Show. 200 DELTA SIGMA PI Professional Business Fraternity OFFICERS William Dockler President Charles Holmes 1st Vice President Gene Freshour 2nd Vice President Robert Schlitt Secretary Richard Fenton Treasurer Claude Grizzard Historian Serving to bridge the gap between business edu- cation and business practice, Delta Sigma Pi was founded in 1907 to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship and the association of the students between the commer- cial world and the students of commerce; to fur- ther a high standard of commercial ethics, and the cultural, civic, and commercial welfare of the community. 1. Eduardo Hilgert 11. William S. King 2. Jim Reese 12. Robert Muse 3. Bill Dockter 13. Joseph F. Osborne 4. Claude A. Campbell 14. Claude Grizzard 5. Chuck Holmes 15. Wayne Ketring 6. Jack Phillips 16. Gene Freshour 7. Dick Fenton 17. Bob Hicks 8. Joe Graham 18. Robert W. Schlitt 9. Vincent C. McCarthy 19. E. Jackson Pollock 10. Laveon A. Walden 20. Joe Phillips HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Joyce Wolfgang Carolyn Bell Jean Williams Nadine Kirby Helen Clark Joyce Jones Alice Nicholson Yvonne Grigsby Carol Martin-Veque Jeanne Menis MEMBERS Trilby Anne Greene Ann Frick Joan Stewart Bettie Groover Nancy Build Patricia Miller Katherine Garnett Sandra Kirton Mildred Stewart Ruthann Markley Dixie Mackin Virginia Costello Ruth Skacil Gloria Bryan Elizabeth Wickersham Mrs. Ruth Ferguson Eleanor Cain Joi Cocchi Carolyn Kemp Mary Lynn Scott OFFICERS Jean Williams President Helen Clarke Vice President Joyce Wolfgang Secretary Nadine Kirby Treasurer Carolyn Bell Chaplain Mrs. Ruth Ferguson, Miss Helena Penalis Advisors Florida State is well-known for its outstanding Home Economics Department, and the Home Economics Club represents this group admirably. Through the annual picnic honoring freshmen and transfer students, Christmas party for Home Economics faculty, and aid given the Farm Col- ony of Florida, the aim of this group is achieved. To promote friendliness among the students and faculty of the School of Home Economics and to provide for the professional development of Home Economics students are the main points of this purpose. The weekly Faculty-Student teas given by the club serve to bring those in this field closer together and give opportunities for hostess experience. Among their many proj- ects are the sponsorship of a home economics club in a foreign country, decoration of the new student lounge, and contributions to the Inter- national Scholarship Fund which is sponsored by the American Home Economics Association. 202 Future lady executives are groomed by Phi Chi Theta, professional business fraternity for wom- en. Their goal is the promotion of higher business education and training for all women; to foster high ideals for women in business careers; to encourage fraternity and co-operation among women preparing for such careers; and to stimulate the spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion to the attainment of such ends. PHI CHI THETA WOMAN ' S PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ERATERNITY 1. Charlotte Stoker 12. Doris Burr 2. Virginia Sackhoff 13. Barbara McMillan 3. Yvonne Gartman 14. Marlene Willetl 4. Janiece Andre 15. Penny Appleby 5. Beverly Clubbs 16. Susan Nuber 6. Brenda Wilson 17. Crescentia Keams 7. Jane Powell 18. Mary Wilson 8. Marilyn Johnson 19. Marilyn Jones 9. Joyce Casity 20. Janet Corley 10. Carole Clarke 21. Sharon Howard 11. Dorothy Andress 22. Nancy Alexander OFFICERS Janiece Andre President Beverly Clubbs Vice-President Jane Powell Treasurer Brenda Wilson Secretary 203 SCULLION ' S SOCIETY RESTAURANT AND HOTEL MANAGEMENT CLUB The mere mention of the name " Sculhons " brings to mind the famous gom met " Tour of the World " dinners given each year. Comphmentary reports of this have reached the ears of those on and off campus. The honorary branch of the Restau- rant and Hotel Management Department, Scul- lions strive toward furthering their interest through these dinners and a wide social pro- gram. This year they gave a Greek dinner, Swiss dinner, two beach barbecues, and annual Christ- mas dance, not to mention of course, the Inter- national dinner. 1. Charles A. Lloyd 15. Bernig Hoffman 2. Ralph Chambers 1 6. Sophy Mae Mitchell 3. George Leshefska 17. Philip R. Bach 4. Boyce Phillips 18. Hartley G. K. Howard 5. Art Powell 19. Charles L. Belflower 6. Michael ]. Tolomea 20. Dick Coscia 7. Margie Wells 21. Robert Johnson 8. Donald H. Ramsden 22. Bill Schwebel 9. Dave Esco 23. John Butler 10. Leonard S. Tylka 24. John McAneny 11. Anton Ohlidal 25. Karl Torsloff 12. Robert Harrison 26. Mr. Ashby Stiff 13. Alton Hager 27. John Niedenthal 14. John Armel 28. Martin Potter OFFICERS John W. Butler President Jack McAneny Vice-President Martin Potter Second Vice-President Margie Wells Secretary George Leshefska Treasurer Al Hager Recording Secretary Ashby Stiff, Col. Welch Faculty Advisors 204 1. June Armor 2. Bettylou Rosen 3. Lois L. Mai 4. Margaret Payne 5. Phyllis Carmean 6. Suzanne Souder 7. Eleanor Tubb 8. Sasiwong Pungtrakul 9. Alice J. Story 10. Anita Oser 11. Betty Neill 12. Elestia Dilmore 13. Julia Parker 14. Barbara Pikes 15. Martha Ogden 16. Annelle Sterk 17. Betty Ann Brady 18. Ruth Newcomb 19. Helen Hier 20. Louis Shores (Dean of Library School) 21. Lutfur Rahman 22. Lee Finks 23. John J. S. Murphy 24. Fred Andrews 25. Ralph E. Black 26. John Brickett 27. Robert Greene 28. Thomas Black 29. Graham Heath 30. Tom Rietz 31. Bobby Clopp SOLTAS CLUB LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB Soltas— School of Library Training and Science- is a local club of the library school. It was or- ganized to encourage and further the develop- ment of professionalism in the library field and to offer social and professional contacts among the students of the library school. Their activities include previewing the University film series, maintaining the new lounge in the University library basement, and acting as host to library science conventions in this area. OFFICERS Mrs. Margaret Payne President Mr. John Murphy Vice-President Miss Eleanor Tubb Secretary Mrs. Gay Hildreth Treasurer Miss Phyllis Carmean Soltas Editor Mrs. Sara K. Srygley, Mr. Hal Riehle Advisors 205 STATE SCHOLARSHIP CLUB Membership in this organization is restricted to the select group of state scholarship holders. Their primary aim is not to corner the market in " B " averages, but they seem to do well. At monthly meetings, lectures and discussions are held which are open to all interested. These feature a variety of subjects ranging from the effects of segregation and integration in Florida schools to a comparison of French and American educational techniques. Social activity culmi- nates in the annual picnic. A tutoring service is sponsored by these well-qualified students also. OFFICERS James L. Morrison President Beverly T. Engert Vice-President Belen Alonso Secretary Helen Vander Veen Social Chairman 1. Judy Curtiss 2. Ann Old 3. Beverly T. Engert 4. James L. Morrison 5. Ruth Snodgrass 6. Alonso Belen 7. Helen Vander Veen 8. Linda Stearns 9. Gayle AUard 206 Agnes Hans Lieke Mary Lou Newde Donna Eubanks Gail Winslead Doris Solomon Barbara Joy Mueller Joan Amos Linda Ann Bozeman Dot Cronin Virginia Baymiller Sally Gotshall Carline McDougald Patsy Wright Nancy Trimble Karen Walker Lowell Sanders Betty Hill Peggy Dickman Geri Leonhart Barbara Brunner Linda Stearns Lajuaia Granger Mary Ann Lindsey Joyce Story Ann Smith Eda Stoltz Frances Fisher OFFICERS Geri Leonhart President Mary Sweting Secretary George Smith Treasurer Nancy Trimble Social Chairman STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The collegiate branch of Future Teachers of America, this busy group of education majors is engaged in a number of worthwhile projects. Two shiny coffee urns from which come that most appealing of aromas have been placed in the education building as an antidote to those " 8:00 blues. " Proceeds from the sale of the coflFee have been so great that SEA has been able to award from six to ten $100 schola rships to de- serving students. A tutoring service, as well as a baby-sitting bureau, is also sponsored by these energetic students. Designed for all those plan- ning to teach, SEA serves to further professional interest and contribute to the community in any way possible. 207 Senior Student Nurses 1. Onzella Lee 2. Cassie Love 3. Marjorie Scoville 4. Martha Harter 5. Winona Ziel 6. Carol Rule 7. Pat Milford 8. Jackie Homer 9. Gail Burdsall Anis Home Mary Lou Collier Margaret Robison Barbara Rouse Gaile lohnson 15. June Rodgers Smith 16. Laura Brown Smallwood 17. Elma E. Dykes 18. Edie Ura 19. Rae Sheldar 20. Blondell Sewell 21. Dolores Eby 22. Cynthia R. Maxon 23. Sara Ewing OFFICERS S. Jean Bradley President Phyllis Hering Vice President Sandy Pattison Corresponding Secretary Mary Newburg Recording Secretary Jane Butler Treasurer Miss Betty Thomas, Miss Karleen Gillies Advisors Formed to promote professional and social unity among them- selves, to discuss and solve common problems, and to prepare for participation in professional nursing, this group of future nurses participates in both social, service, and civic projects. Included in these projects are a Christmas program given at W. T. Edwards Hospital, the sale of stationery to Student Nurses, and a retreat at the Reservation. Student Nurses (Sophomores and Freshmen) STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION 1. Suzanne Bevier 2. Terry Sue Turner 3. Nancy Gray 4. Laura Fetterley 5. Diana Hood 6. Lydia V. Shaw 7. Patricia Kelley 8. Jeanne Freeman 9. Elizabeth Turberville 10. Linda Cannon 11. Charlene Worrell 12. Rosemary Vitale 13. Linda Kane 14. Sally Ann Holt 15. Julie Weems 18. Jane Buller 17. Jean Bradley 18. Judi Vetter 19. Carol Singley 20. Joanna Smith 21. Marcia Von Thaden 22. Yolanda Mezey 23. Sandy Pattison 24. Phyllis Hering 25. Frankie Sumner 28. Judith Moore 27. Patsy Mareoth 28. Martha Fesperman 29. Mary Newberg 30. Joan Moore 31. Bettye Sawyer 32. Martine Pedersen 33. Harriett Hiers 34. Patricia O ' Day 35. Suden Whyzale TARPON CLUB Synchronized Swimming Club 1. Cynthia Mosberg 2. Marycille Duke 3. Mary Ann Thornton 4. Pat Doepke 5. Jo Elen Eyster 6. Karen Shanor 7. Mary Packard 8. Loren Wolfenbarger 9. Frances Exum 10. Anne Elvery v pv I ■■ ■ ■ Hb HKit f P ' 1 K ' l r K ' . H b1 p iO| lO Is " L Kr§fi M m 1 Jm Hi B 1 mj l- 1 H 1 ' f MM B ' I Bfl 1 1 -tlfm 1 fl B fa|Hf ' |JB 1 ' 1 I 1 1 11. Sheila Caldwell 12. Sherry Brown 13. Ann O ' Neill 14. Jennie Wood 15. Jane Newsom 16. Dottie Hatton 17. Linda Carroll 18. Carol Williams 19. Louise Martin 20. Roberta Boyce 21. Jane Mims 22. Linda Riedell 23. Nat Hobbs 24. Nan Chamberlain 25. Jean Newton 26. Peggy LeFever 27. Virginia Reynolds 28. Sandy Cooke 29. Tony Connelly OFFICERS Lucy McDaniels President Dottie Hatton Vice-President Sherry Brown Secretary Jean Newton Treasurer Greek mythology was brought to Hfe this year by the annual Tarpon spectacular. Selected be- cause of their grace, ease, and skill in aquatics, these talented girls present their audience a superb combination water ballet and aquacade consisting of student produced sketches, routines, and settings. Tarpon ' s main objective is the development and encouragement of swimming skill and the generation of interest in synchro- nized swimming among the student body. 209 1. Lynn LaGrange 2. Norma Brown 3. Malinda Dixon 4. Dorothy Goodwin 5. Judy Turner 6. Jackie Soud 7. Katherine Ball 8. Kay Davis 9. Toots Jones 10. Dot Mann 11. Carline McDougald 12. Sara Clardy 13. Merle Ballou 14. Jenny Zipperer Joan Batchelor Patsy Bergert Betty Ann Bevis Janice Blackwell Sandra Cole Linda Corbett 15. Barbara Kay Wrenn 16. Maralyn Teare 17. Judy Smith 18. Frances Spell 19. Mary Ann Travis 20. Yvonne OUiphant 21. Jean Hartz 22. Helen Traylor 23. Brenda McCampbell 24. Pat Garner 25. Rosalyn Anderson 28. Ann Nielson 27. Penny Pickles 28. Mary Lynn Patterson 29. Linda Potter 30. Mary Ann Lindsey 31. Gretchen Gate wood 32. Bonnie Robinson 33. Willou Copeland 34. Mary Powel 35. Martha Bedell 36. June Roberts 37. Martha Wilder 38. Gretchen Bartlett 39. Nancy Key 40. Martha Douglass 41. Lea Starry 42. Suzanne Bevis TAPS Faye Dunaway Karen Ekman Joyce Fisher Ivylyn Frazier Minora Galbreth Marianna Girtman Carol Hair Liza Haven Kay Huddleston Karen Johnson Carol Karney Millie Moore Nora Parker Barbara Peters Ann Price Gail Quarterman Dee Rivers Mary Page Smith Robbie Smith Saralee Smith Pam Stanley Karen Thoureen Mary Ann Trask Peggy Traylor Dru Tyler Linda Walter Patricia Woodruff Suzy Workizer Sue Ziegler VILLAGE VAMPS These attractive and poised co-eds are tapped each fall because of their charm, graciousness, and appearance. Acting as official hostesses for the University, they usher at Artist Series presen- tations, welcome the football team, and perform any number of similar duties. Recognizable in an instant because of the black they wear when functioning officially, they culminate the year with an Annual spring dinner-dance. OFFICERS Dorothy Goodwin President Jackie Soud Vice-President Malinda Dixon Secretary Judy Turner Treasurer 210 Active and enthusiastic, this group of college women is engaged in a variety of service, and social projects. Their purpose is to cooperate with the women ' s division of the University Recreation Association in promoting athletic ac- tivities; to contribute to the development of high ideals and university spirit among the stu- dents on this campus; and to award the " F " as a sign of outstanding athletic ability. Special homecoming decorations for Westcott Fountain, the main gate, and the Queen ' s float are assem- bled by the club, a Christmas party for physically handicapped children is held, and two camp scholarships to under-privileged children are awarded each year. They also present an over- all Intramural Trophy to the outstanding sorority or dorm each year. WOMEN ' S " F " CLUB OFFICERS Carolyn Bell •. . . President Dot Holland Vice President Darlene Fordham Secretary Dottie Hatton Treasurer Ella Mae Waters Corresponding Secretary 1. Ginger Holland 2. Merline Johnson 3. Mary Jane Hodges 4. Carol Williams •5. Berta Boyce 6. Ginny Bell 7. Mary Buchanan 8. Arlene Sikora 9. Elaine Smith 10. Dottie Hatton 11. Jo Littleton 12. Nan Chamberlain 13. Midge Presnell 14. Cappy Archibald 15. Sandra Lambur 16. Dot Holland 17. Harriet Hiers 18. June Garrett 19. Carolyn Bell 20. Gail McWhirler 21. Jane Maples 22. Di Darwick 23. Helen Forrest 211 UNIVERSITY RECREATION ASSOCIATION 1. Amelia White 2. Dorothy Holland 3. Cappy Archibald 4. Peggy Blalock 5. Dr. William Tait UNIVERSITY RECREATION CLUB OFFICERS Cappy Archibald President Dorothy Holland Vice President Amelia White Secretary-Treasurer Peggy Blalock Publicity Chairman Dr. William Tait Advisor 212 INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CLUB FSU ' s answer to the United Nations is the International Student Club. Students from all over the world — Korea, Thailand, India, Germany, South America — attend Florida State, and a great many from these far-away places com- prise the membership of the International Club. Their active year includes coast parties in early fall and late spring; decorations and a float for Homecoming; and an annual Christmas party. Plans for the International Students ' House are well underway. The house will serve as dormitory quarters, social center, and a place for the exchange of ideas and viewpoints for students from aboard. FOREIGN STUDENTS LEAGUE Young people from all over the world attend FSU. Many of these students have formed the Foreign Students League. This organization serves to bring students from distant cultures together and to provide fellowship and recreation. Plans for an international house are underway. This living unit, the first of its kind at FSU, will house our students from foreign countries. OFFICERS M. Ashraf EI-Bayoumi President Talichi Iketani Vice President Margaret Tando and Janet Ray Secretaries Edgar Heimer Treasurer Jean Newton, Deanna Morris Social Chairmen Dr. Reynolds Advisor CUBA Rafael Lecuona Deanna Morris Paul G. Pedrero CZECHOSLOVAKIA Miroslov Ceska DENMARK Henrick L. Nielsen EGYPT All Mohamed El Atrash Mohaned Elbayoumi Soheir El-Bayoumi Mostafa El Sayed Todari Zake Tadros Abdel-Hamid Youssef EL SAL V ADORE Ana C. Alvarez FORMOSA Pi Yu Chang Yong-Chiang Chang Chih Shan Chen Meiwei Chen Ronald Tien Jen Chen Juen Huva Cheng Chuan Chieh Chen Lois Lingping Mai Agnes Tsao GERMANY Elke E. Frank Claudia Thonnard Ingrid Thonnard GREECE Kyriakos Eithimiades Maria Moutsopoulou Basil George Tarladgis HAWAII — now a state C. E. Viceroy HUNGARY Bela Laszlo Balcsik Andrew Trummer Baliut Vazeouyi INDIA Sriniuasa Jayaraman Yashwant Karkhanis Faoir Khanna M. Lall M. K. Mehta D. Radha Krish Murty Rao Nuresrana Akella N. Sastry Khairati L. Sindwani INDONESIA Jauiza Anwar Bob Schwartzeuberger IRAN Mohssen S. Nejad IRAQ Samira Al-Saad IRELAND Helen Binchy Delia E. Gaffney JAPAN Taiichi Iketani Hiroyoshi Terashima Kinzo Yamamoto JORDAN Mohamoud G. Badran Robert K. Tcholakian KOREA In Gun Han Kie Bok Lee Syng Ek Moon Ki Ha Shin NETHERLANDS Hugho De Jager Pereira Rodriques MEXICO Esparza S. Gonzalo OKINAWA Michio Shiroma PAKISTAN Muhammad Lateef Lutfur Rahman PANAMA Guido Controni Lydia M. Cordoba Teresa R. De Urriola PERU Marina L. R. Astorga Eduardo C. Hilgert Pedro O. Zuloaga PHILIPPINES Eliza M. De Leon Esmeraldo A. De Leon Marcial V. Lavina PUERTO RICO Judith Jones Carlos Ramon Lundt SOUTH AFRICA Richard H. Lemmer SOUTH AMERICA Richard Brown Daniel Johnson James C. Mayberry SWEDEN Keity M. Klynne SWITZERLAND Ulrich Toggweiler THAILAND Nitaya Chudhamataya Chetana Jaiyalapho Pirom Poolsawasdi Sasiwong Pungtrakul Supat Sangtong Chalerm Singaneti Ratana Suddharatt Siang Thong Thongyai Sugit Yensuang TURKEY Yildirim Hureyin Robert Stern VENEZUELA Linda Riedell VIET NAM Doan Paung Lien WEST AFRICA Peter laukea 213 CHURCH KEY Still in the embryonic stages, this group has nevertheless captured campus-wide interest. Founded at the University of Florida, the Talla- hassee chapter was established this year. Dedi- cated to the promotion of fellowship among members of varied interests, to recognize certain qualities of leadership and achievement in both social and campus affairs, and to advance the ideal and prestige of the " Florida State Man, " this active and enthusiastic group has furthered its cause fast and furiously. Though individual and group honors have as yet not had time to accumulate, we look for and expect great things from this spirited group. COLLEGIATE FOUR-H CLUB Betty Ann Henley President Mary Jane Hodges Vice-President Elva Sears Secretary Helen Clark Treasurer Miss Ann Thompson Sponsor 1. Patsy Guthrie 2. Mary Jane Hodges 3. Helen Clark 4. Penny DeVore 5. Gail Burdsall 6. Margaret Hodges 7. Ann Thompson 8. Bonnie Raedisch 9. Kathi Garnett 10. Betty Ann Henley 11. Bonnie Elizabeth Shuman 12. Mary Newberg OFFICERS Burt Deckel President Jim Apthorp Vice-President Don Reedy Secretary Gerry Gordon . Treasurer Art Moore .. . . Warden Ken Bowes Tally-Ho Representative 1. Don " Redman " Reedy 2. J. Ed Bell 3. Art Moore 4. Gerry Gordon 5. Bill Smith 6. Chris Voc-1 7. John Calhoun 8. Jim Apthorp 9. John Hudson 10. Vince Martinelli 11. Bert Deckel 12. Ken Bowes 13. David Hulse 214 INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE SOCIETY Open to students in the School of Business, the Insurance and Real Estate Society offers its members many opportunities for social activity and participation in special related projects which include " I " Day, the Insurance Banquet, and an annual field trip. This year the trip will be to Jacksonville. COTILLION WOMEN ' S DANCE HONORARY They coidd have danced all night, if only school regulations had been a little more lax. Talented members of this group are chosen because of their ability, ease, and grace in ballroom dancing. The women ' s dance honorary often functions in conjunction with the Cavaliers. OFFICERS Patty Mickey President Angela Williams Vice-President Paulefle Durgin Secretary Faye Hawkins Treasurer Joyce Dorko Social Chairman Shirley Kelly Publicity Chairman 1. Virginia Del Valle 14. Loretta Garcia 2, Rita Trucks 15. Lou Howell 3. Frances Matthews 16. oan Gackin 4. Pat Batal 17. Laura Lee Loveland 5. Texie Ann Larson 18. Ginny White 6. Sue Warren 19. Joyce Jackson 7. Shirley Kelly 20. Marynel Culluth 8. Faye Hawkins 21. Evelyn Poulos 9. Patty Mickey 22. Anita Alvarey 10. Angela Williams 23. Sallie Liddon 11. Joyce Dopko 24. Jo Ann Stalnaker 12. Dixie Mackin 25. Gail Anchors 13. Jill Jenkins 26. Marianne Hartsfield OFFICERS Douglas Rogers President Richard Watkins Vice-President Charles Davis 2nd Vice President Levy Cain Mary Ann Weaver Secretary Leigh A. Thompson Treasurer 1. Robert Schlitt 8. Thomas O. Metz 14. Bradie A. Atwater 2. Ross E. Peeler 9. Robert E. McLaughlin 15. Thomas W. Donovon 3. Lynn W. Hall 10. Leigh A. Thompson Not Pictured: 4. Houston L. Ham 11. Douglas J. Rogers Mary Ann Weaver 5. L. Bernarr Kelly 12. John C. Bagocius Charles David 6. L. P. Cain 13. Albert W. Peebles Mr. James Oillinger 7. Richard Watkins M. R N. C. Music Educators National Conference Future music teachers at Florida State are the members of MENC. A reception honoring new music students in September, monthly meetings, speakers, and various other projects all serve to further the interest in music education. Flans are in progress for attending the state music con- vention in Tampa as a group. 1. Jeanne Willits 2. Sally L. Morgan 3. Bernis O. Hannah 4. J. D. Oberholtaer 5. David Grow 6. L. V. Eckharl 7. E. H. Miller 8. James E. Bayfield 9. James L. Lastinger 10. Piron Poolsawasdi 11. Melvin Oakes 12. Patricia Jane Cale 13. Philip J. Wyatt 14. Elmer B. Carter OFFICERS Philip J. Wyatt President Elmer B. Carter Vice-President Patricia Jane Cale Secretary Melvin Oakes Treasurer SIGMA PI SIGMA NATIONAL PHYSICS HONORARY The physics honorary, Sigma Pi Sigma, serves to award distinction to students having high scholar- ship and promise of achievement in physics. Their aim is the promotion of student interest in research and the advanced study of physics; the encouragement of a professional spirit and friendship among those who have displayed marked ability in this field; and to popularize interest in physics in the general collegiate pub- lic. In order to achieve this, programs, lectures, and an annual picnic are sponsored. 1. Lois Laverne Schnoor 2. Jessie Walker 3. Anna Clare Flynn 4. James Leone 5. Pat Turpin 6. Linda Lou Tinker 7. Patty Murrell 8. Patricia A. Greisen 9. Frank Miceli 216 1. Anne Lamb 2. Julie Ingram 3. Betty Overholser 4. Frances Cowart 5. Pam Baylor 6. Judy Lehan 7. Helen Forrest 8. Ann Gales 9. Lynn Brantly 10. Selina Sparrow 11. Priscilla Griffeny 12. Sue Massey 13. Sandy Blackwell 14. Mary Ann Marchesseon 15. Barbara Brown 16. Norma Becker 17. Nancy Morrison 18. Lou Ann Wesley 19. Jean Newton 20. Dr. William L. Leap 21. Mike Hamlin 22. Bill Nicholson 23. Bob Cote SOCIAL WELFARE CLUB ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION This international organization is greatly concerned abovit the education and opportunities available to children. Through services to adults who are vitally interested in this area, opportunities for children are improved and greatened. A major project is the making of toys for groups at Christmas. OFFICERS Sue Massey President Pat Manning Vice-President Nancy Morrison Secretary Julie Ingram Treasurer 217 Janet Bevis, Nancy Bates . . . Co-Editors I ■■ ■■ fi ■¥: «V %«w ««!p HHHlBHIp|pp . ' SENIORS Dean, Lois, Nan, Phil, and Dan SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Phil Knight Vice President Dan Boltz , , ., Secretary Lois Charlesworth „, , . Treasurer Nan Chamberlain r ' c 11- „„ Social Chairman Dean O Sullivan Florida State is indebted to you, the graduating seniors, who have contributed so greatly to her growth and development. May we ever follow in the footsteps of ' 59. 221 o M ELEANORE ABBOTT, Pensacola; B.S. Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club; Wesley Foundation. JOSEPH DANIEL ABBOTT, St. Petersburg; B.S. Business, Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi. WILLIAM ABDELNOUR, Jacksonville; B.A. Arts and Sciences, History. ARNOLD F. ABRAMSON, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Swimming Team; Cavaliers Secretary; Scullions. NOLAN ADAMS, Laurel Hill; B.S. Education, Social Studies. MARSHA JOHANN ADKISON, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Junior Counselor; FEA; ACEI; Student Party. PATSY RUTH AGEE, Tallahassee; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Delta Zeta; Home Economics Club. C CN T. CARLTON ALDERMAN, Pompano Beach; A.B. Education, English Education; Phi Eta Sigma Secretary; Sigma Tau Delta, Publicity Chairman, Treasurer; SNEA, Social Chairman, Treasurer; Phi Kappa Phi; Homecoming Float Committee; National Council of Teachers of English (Student Member); Orientation Committee. HELEN W. ALDRIDGE, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Elementary Education. NANCY JO ALEXANDER, Bay Springs, Miss.; B.S. Business, Business Education; Sigma Kappa; Pi Omega Pi, Corresponding Secretary; Baptist Student Union Council; YWA President; Member Off Campus Court. GAYLE ANGELA ALLARD, Hollywood; B.A. Arts Sciences, Psychology and Exceptional Child Education; Newman Club, Librarian, Choir; Scholar- ship Club, Social Chairman; International Club; CEC. JUDITH ANN ALLEN, Warrington; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Medical Technology; Delta Delta Delta, Recommendations Chairman and Scholarship Chairman; Sophomore Council; Ruge Hall Sunday School Teacher. ANGELA CECILE AMBROSINL Elberton, Ga.; B.S. Business, Retailing; Phi Mu Treasurer; SAI; Gamma Alpha Chi; Junior Counselor; Vice President Lutheran Student Association; Inter-Faith Council; American Guild of Organists. KATHRYN LOUISE AMOURY. Miami; B.A. Music, Music Education; FEA; NEA; Wesley Foundation; Women ' s Glee Club, Historian; SAI; House Council; MTNA. o Ik. JANE CLAIRE ANDERSON, Tampa; B.S. Arts and Sciences, English; Chi Omega; Flambeau; Foreign Film Club; Freshman Flunkies; Literary Anthology; National Council of Teachers of English. WILLIAM ROGER ANDERSON, Key Biscayne; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Biology; Transfer from University of Florida. EVELYN JANIECE ANDRE, Lexington Park, Md.; B.S. Business, Business Education; Phi Chi Theta, President; Pi Omega Pi, Vice President; Junior Counselor. LOUIS THOMAS ANDRE, New Smyrna Beach; B.A. Journalism. BETTY SUSAN ANDREWS, Clewiston; B.S. Home Economics, Fashion Merchandising. RICHARD LAMAR ANDREWS, Morristown; B.S. Business, Management. CARMEN MONICA ANDROS, Macon, Ga.; B. S. Social Welfare, Corrections; Phi Alpha. 9 S eniors 5 9 222 PENELOPE JO APPLEBY, Columbus, Ga.; B.S. Business, Business Education; Alpha Lambda Delia; Phi Chi Theta, President, Chaplain; Pi Omega Pi, Secretary, Treasurer; Junior Counselor. RICHARD ROBERT ARLT, Sarasota; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Commercial Art; Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman. PAUL RAYMOND ATKINSON, Rockledge; B.S. Business Administration, Marketing; Astronomy Club, Vice President. BRODIE A. ATWATER, Lake Worth; B.S. Business, Insurance and Real Estate; Phi Delta Theta, Secretary; Alpha Kappa Psi; Insurance and Real Estate Club. r JO ANN ATWELL, Key West; B.A. Education, English and French. I«— DONALD LEWIS AYRES, PHILIP R. BACH, Sanford; B.S. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Cavaliers, Social Chairman; Swimming Team. JOHN CHARLES BAGOCIUS, St. Petersburg; B.S. Business Administration, Insurance and Real Estate; Insurance and Real Estate Society; Newman Club. NANCY JOANN BAINTER, Pensacola; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; SFEA; Baptist Student Union. LOIS BAKER, Jacksonville; B.S. Education, Art Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Social Chairman; Art Education Club. DAVID A. BALANKY, Jacksonville; B.S. Social Welfare, Correclions; F.S.U. Circus; Vets Club. ALFRED HATCHER BALDWIN, Marianna; B.S. Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, President. BENJAMIN STEVE BALDY, Bradenton; B.S. Education, Social Studies; Marching Chiefs; Concert Band; Kappa Kappa Psi. JOHN WILLIAM BALLENTINE, St. Petersburg; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Pre Dent; Transfer from the Citadel. o C EDNA PRISCILLA BARNES, Clearwater; B.A. Education, Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice President; Freshman Flunkies; FEA; Collegiate Party, Young Democrats; University Singers; Honor Comm. VONCILE BARNES, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; FTA; American Childhood Education; Intramurals. JUDITH FRANCES BARRINEAU, Pensacola; B.S. Social Welfare, Phi Theta Kappa; Alpha Council Auxiliary; YWA, President; Baptist Student Union, Executive Council; Social Welfare Club; FEA; Epsilon Chi. Q MARY ANNESE BARTRAM, Kenova, W. Va.; B.A. Education, Child Development; Alpha Chi Omega; Rush Chairman; Kappa Delta Pi; FEA. AUDREY ROBERT BASSETT, JR., Marianna, B.A. Library School; SOLTAS. . ELOISE SYLVIA BAUMER, Tallahassee; B.A. Arts and Sciences, English; Wesley Players; Gamma Alpha Chi, Recording Secretary. BARBARA JEAN BAUMGARTNER, St. Petersburg; BS Arts and Scienc js.Psychology and Special Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Warden, Pan- CO hellenic Representative; Council of Exceptional Children. 9 S eniors 5 9 223 9 S cniors 5 9 tf) LINDA FAY BEAN, Statesboro, Ga.; BA Music, Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Music School, Treasurer; Sophomore Council; Tau Beta Sigma; Marching Chiefs, Head Majorette; Symphonic Band; University Symphony; Mortified. CHARLES EARL BEARD, JR., Tallahassee; BA Arts and Sciences, Advertising Design; Phi Delta Theta. SALLEANN BEARDSLEY, Merritt Island; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club. DANA LOUISE BEATTY, Abbeville, La.; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Speech; Sigma Alpha Eta; Corresponding Secretary; Westminster Fellowship; Tran- fer from Southwestern Louisiana Institute. GAYLE IRENE BECKER, West Palm Beach; B. S. Nursing Education. DANNY RICHARD BEDGOOD, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences. Math, CAROLYN JEAN BELL, LAKE WORTH; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Mortar Board, Treasurer; Junior Counselor; Garnet Key; Women ' s F Club. President; Omicron Nu, Editor; Kappa Delta Pi; Tarpon Club; Home Economics Club, Chaplain; Sophomore Council; All-Star Intramural Teams; 4-H Club. Treasurer; Canterbury Club. » C CM DONALD KENNETH BELOIN, West Palm Beach; B.S. Education. Social Studies; Vets Club; Newman Club. JULIAN FOSTER BENNETT, Fernandina Beach; B.S. Journalism, Radio and Television. THOMAS PETER BENNETT, Lakeland; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Chemistry; Student Affiliates American Chemical Society, President; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma. JUDITH BERKSHIRE. Gulf Breeze; B.S. Arts and Scienes. Social Studies; Choral Union; Dormitory Social Chairman; House Council; Transfer Junior Counselor. MARY ELIZABETH BEVIS, Tallahassee; B. S. Home Economics, Home Economics Club; Alpha Omicron Pi; Transfer from Mississippi Stale College for Women; Civic League BEN BIRCHFIELD, Mayo; B.S. Arts Sciences; Physics. PAUL WRIGHT BISHOP, Vero Beach; B.S. Educational, Industrial Arts; Phi Kappa Tau, Vice President; Industrial Arts Club, President. hi NETTIE BLACK. Lake City; B.A. Music, Music Therapy; Alpha Chi Omega, President; Garnet Key; Sigma Alpha Iota, Historian; Light Opera Guild; Women ' s Glee Club; Majorette; Music Therapy Club, President; Methodist Prison Deputation Chairman; Social Chairman Bryan Hall; Sophomore Council. HELEN BLACKBURN, Booneville, Mississippi; B.S. Business. Business Education; Phi Omega Pi; Gilchrist House Council. SANDRA RUTH BLACKWELL, St. Petersburg; B.S. Social Welfare; Social Work Club. GENEVIEVE BLEICHNER, MIAMI; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tau Kappa Alpha. President; Phi Kappa Phi; Gymkana Court; Debate Squad, Junior Counselor. LAWRENCE BERNARD BLOCK. Flushing, New York; B.S. Business, Restaurant Hotel Management; Tau Epsilon Phi, Vice President; Flambeau, Sports Editor, Managing Editor; Tally Ho Staff; Gymnastica. CHARLES STANLEY BLOSEH, Ft. Lauderdale; B.M.E. Music, Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha, Pledgemaster; Kappa Kappa Psi, President; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band. ROBERT M. BLOW, Monticello; B.S. Arts Science, Biological Science; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 9 S eniors LENA ANN BOLTON, Tampa; B. S. Education; FEA; ACEL DAN ROBERT BOLTZ, Quincy, Illinois; B.S. Arts Science, Psychology; Phi Delta Theta, Pledge Trainer; Vice President Senior Class; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Track; Speakers Bureau. CHARLES ELLSWORTH BOSENBERG, Pensacola; B.S. Education, Science. BETH BOWEN, Tifton, Georgia; Zeta Tau Alpha. CHRISTOPHER BOWEN, Thomasville, Georgia; B.A. Arts Science. SUSAN LEE BOWER, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Education, Early Childhood Elementary Education; Fashion Institute; Junior Counselor. NANCY JO BOWERS, Orlando; B.A. Education, English; Kappa Alpha Theta, President; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Mortarboard; Garnet Key; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Dorm Vice President; FTA; Honor Committee; Senior Women ' s Honor Court; Intramurals. o KENNETH E. BOWERS, Miami Springs; B.S. Business, Advertising; FLambeau, Advertising Manager; Alpha Delta Sigma; Board of Publications; Student-Faculty Traffic Committee. JOHN LaFAYETTE BRACEWELL, JR., Tallahassee; BME; Music. Music Education; Marching Chiefs; Phi Mu Alpha; MENC; MTNA; Symphony Orchestra; Symphonic Band. JERI GAIL BRADFORD, Riviera Beach; B.M.E. Music Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Vice President; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Senior Women ' s Honor Court; Chairman Summer University Court; Sigma Alpha Iota; Music Educator ' s National Conference; Choral Union; Glee Club. MARGARET ANNE BRAGDON. Jacksonville; B.S. Business, Secretarial Science; Kappa Alpha Theta. Treasurer; Tally Ho Staff; Freshman Flunkies; Fashion Institute. JESSIE H. BRANSCOMB, Poulan, Ga.; B.S. Education, Art Education; 4-H Club; Wesley Players; Wesley Foundation Council; Fashion Institute; International Club; Art Education Club. ROGER V. BRASSARD, Tallahassee; BA. Arts and Sciences, French; Sigma Delta Pi. WILLIAM R. BRENNAN. Tallahassee; B.S. Journalism. Advertising; Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary; Alpha Delta Sigma; Kappa Delta Man of the Year. o CN FLOYE EDWARD BREWTON, McDavid; B.S. Business, Business Managment; Alpha Kappa Psi. JEAN ANN BRIDGEMAN, West Palm Beach; B. S. Education, Art Education; Sigma Kappa, Historian; Art Education Club, Publicity Chairman. BARBARA LYNN BRINSON, Dublin, Ga.; B.M.E., Music Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Sigma Alpha Iot a; University Singers; Women ' s Glee Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; MENC; MTNA; NEA; FEA; Sorority Intramurals. LAMAR C. BROCK, Pensacola; Public Administration; American Society for Public Administration; Young Democrats; Baptist Student Union. LARRY SPENCE BROCK, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Accounting; Sigma Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Alpha Phi Omega. 5?9? °- N BROWN, JR., Madison; B.S. rts Sciences.- Political Science; Baptist Student Union, President. NANCYANNE BROWNE, Miami; Education; Pi Beta Phi ' , Chaplain; " Westminster Fellowship; I F Week Committee; Interfaith Council; Freshman Flunkies. o 225 U) BENJAMIN LATHAM BRYAN, Ft. Pierce; A.B. Arts and Sciences, Politi:al Science; Sigma Chi; Chief Justice of Honor Court; Honor Court Justice President of Westminster Fellowship; Varsity Debate Squad; Advanced AFROTC; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gold Key; Tau Kappa Alpha. FRANK JAY BRYAN, Sumter, S. C; B.A. Public Administration; Phi Delta Theta, Historian, Assistant Steward; Tennis Letterman; Sabre Flight Operations Officer; Arnold Air Society Operations Officer; Newman Cclub; Philosophy Club. RAYMOND FRANK BRYANT, Pensacola; B.S. Business. Marketing. ROBERT HOLMES BRYSON, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Management and Finance; Sigma Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Varsity Track Team; Commander Sabre Air Command; AFROTC, Most Outstanding Sophomore. MARTHA CAROLYN DEITZ BUNKER, West Palm Beach; B.S. Business, Business Administration; Delta Zeta, 2nd Vice President; Isl Vice President; Theatre Dance; Freshman Flunkies; Phi Chi Theta. WILLIAM VORIS BUNKER, JR., Madison; B.A. Arts and Sciences, English; Kappa Alpha Order, Historian, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary; Vice President Junior Class; Smoke Signals; Alpha Council; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Track. STANLEY ELLISON BURCH, St. Petersburg; B.S. Social Welfare; Weslay Foundation. C CN GAIL ROSALIND BURDSALL, Clearwater; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association; University 4-H Club. ERNESTINE McLEOD BURKE. Tallahassee; B.A. Library School; Transfer from University of Alabama. FRED A. BURKHART, Hialeah; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Circus; Arnold Air Society. DORIS MILDRED BURR, Miami Shores; B.A. Business, Personnel Management; Theatre Dance Group, Costume Chairman; Phi Chi Theta, Program Chairman; Junior Counsellor; Vice President Florida Hall; Freshman Orientation Committee; Homecoming Hospitality Committee. FREDERICK JAMES BUTLER, Jeffrey, New Hamphshire; B.S. Journalism, Radio and Television; Congregational Club; Bowling. MARY H. BYERLEY; Tallahassee; B.A. Education, Social Studies. LOUIS RAMSON CACCIATORE, Tampa; B.S. Business, Accounting. to ELEANOR LOUISE CAIN, Coral Gables; B.S. Home Economics Education; Sigma Kappa, President; Freshmen Flunkies; Fashion Institute; Home Economics Club; Future Teachers; Gamma Alpha Chi. LEVY P. CAIN, Crestview; B. S. Insurance and Real Estate. PATRICIA JANE CALE, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Scienes, Mathematics; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Pi Sigma. Secretary; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. ETHEL TREADWELL CALHOUN, Sarasota; B.S. Journalsim, Editorial Journalism; Alpha Gamma Delta, President, Scribe; Alpha Lambda Delta; Garnet Key, Secretary; Mortified; Sophomore Council; Vice President Landis Hall; Vestry Member at Ruge Hall; Board of Publications; Inter Faith Week; Journalism Club; Recipient of Grantland Rice Journalism Scholarship. SIDNEY DONALD CALKINS, Hialeah, B.S. Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon. ROBERT LOYD CAMPBELL, Pompano Beach; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Geology; Alpha Phi Omega. BRADLEY CHARLES CANON, Hollywood; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Political Science; Florida Flambeau, Editor, Associate Editor; Student Senate; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gold Key; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Sigma Alpha; Astronomy Club; West Hall Dorm Government. 9 S. eniors 5 9 226 RHON VERNON CARLETON, Hollywood; B.A. History; Theta Chi. Scholarship Chairman, Chaplain; Geology Club; West Hall Dorm Government, Secretary, Social Chairman; University Funds Committee; University Chaplains, President; Epsilon Kappa, Treasurer; Inter-Faith Council, Treas- urer, President; Phi Alpha Theta, President; Arnold Air Society, Executive Oificer; Member National Policy Committee; Distinguished Military Cadet Air Force ROTC. BLUFORD D. CHARMICHAEL, Pensacola; B.S. Education- Physical Education. CAROL RUTH CARPENTER, Pahokee; B.M. Music History; NMTA, International Club; Women ' s Glee Club; Band. RICHARD W. CARPENTER, Lake Worth; B.S. Business, Management and Finance; Alpha Tau Omega. LORNA DOONE CARR, Ocean Springs, Miss., B.A. Arts and Sciences, Speech; Kappa Alpha Theta. Transfer from Texas Christian University. MARY FRANCES CARR, Pensacola; B.S. Business, Business Education; Junior Counselor; Phi Chi Theta. ROBERT EARL CARTER, Tallahassee; B.S. Public Administration; Sigma Chi. o M WILLIAM DAVID CARTWRIGHT, Green Cove Springs; B. S. Education. Math; Math Teachers Club. LAWTON EUGENE CARUTHERS, S. Petersburg; Public Administration; Pi Kappa Phi; Homecoming Committee; Elections Committee; Prom Com- mittee; IFC Committee, Chairman; Speakers Bureau; ASPA University Party, Chairman; Collegiate Party. VIEVA B. CARUTHERS, St. Petersburg; Home Economics. Merchandising; Alpha Xi Delta. MINNIE JEAN CASTO; Tampa; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; FSU Circus. ELLEN CAMILLE CATRON, Vero Beach; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Delta Delta Delta, Athletic Chairman, Service Projects, Marshall; Sophomore Council. LYNNIE KATE CAVIN, of Jacksonville; B.M.E. School of Music, Music Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Corresponding Secretary; Sigma Alpha Iota, Membership Chairman, Vice President; Baptist Student Union; Sophomore Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Women ' s Glee Club; Choral Union; Junior Counselor. LYNDA RUTH CAWTHON, Chipley; B.S. Education; Elementary Education, Social Welfare; Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Secretary; F.T.A.; Reynolds Hall Harvest Moon Queen. o ■D C EDMUND JAMES CENEDELLA. Tallahassee; A.B. Arts and Sciences; English. DONALD LESLIE CHAMBERLIN, Clearwater; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Social Science; Pi Kappa Alpha. Social Chairman, Rush Chairman; Cheer- leader. o NAN HARLAN CHAMBERLAIN, Lookout Mt., Tenn.; B.S. Education, English; Pi Beta Phi; Miss Gymkana; Tarpon Club, Miss FSU Court. CHARLES J. CHAMPION, Tallahassee; B.A. Education, Recreation, Admiistration and Business; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice President, President. RICHARD EDWARD CHANDLER, Miami; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Math; Pi Mu Epsilon, Secretary. CURTIS B. CHAPMAN, Colquit, Ga., B.S. Education, Social Studies; Vets Club; FHA; Transfer from Mississippi State College. NEILA STROUD CHAPMAN, S. Petersburg; B.S. Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Freshman Flunkies; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; FTA; ? Choral Union. » 9 S eniors 5 9 227 9 S. eniors 5 9 LOIS JEAN CHARLESWORTH, Delray Beach; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Mortar Board, President; Secretary Senior Class; Garnet Key; Junior Counselor, Dorm President; Wesley Foundation Officer; Magnolia Sweetheart; ROTC Sponsor; Sophomore Council; Omicron Nu; Kappa Delta Pi. LAURA ELIZABETH CHEEK, Miami; B.A. Arts and Sciences, American Studies; Kappa Alpha Theta, Rush Chairman; Freshman Flunkies; Sopho- more Council; Junior Counselor, Vice President Broward Hall; Garnet Key; Westminster Fellowship; Secretary of State; Family Weekend Chairman; Intelligent Faith Committee. WESLEY WAKEFIELD CHESNUT, Apalachicola; B.A. Arts and Sciences, English; University Singers; Collegians; Choral Union; Opera Guild. Trans- ferred from University of the South, Sewanee. DONALD CHARLES CHRISTINE, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Education, Math; Mathematics Teaching Club, President; Vets Club; FTA. CASPER (CHICK) IGNATIUS CICIO, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Gymnastica Honorary; Gymnastics Team; Majors Club; Music; AU-American Team; Mr. Florida; Sammy (CICIO) " Sammy Seminole " ; Intramurals; Sigma Delta Psi; Newman Club. ANNA LOIS CLARK, Greensboro; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Collegiate 4-H Club; FSEA; Council Member of Wesley Foundation; Florida Hall President. FAYE CAROLYN CLARK, Greensboro; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; BSU; SFEA; National Council of Teachers of English. ELAINE F. CLARK, Lake Worth; B.M.E. Music, Music Education; University Singers; Women ' s Glee Club; Sigma Alpha Iota; Co-Chairman of Campus Sing. CAROLE ANNE CLARKE, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Business, Business Education; Phi Chi Theta; Gamma Alpha Chi. BOBBY SUE CLARKSON, Panama City; B.S. Business, Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi. GENE P. CLARKSON, Panama City; B.S. Business, Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi. FLORENCE DIANE CLELAND, Jacksonville; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; FTA. Transfer from Stetson University. JOHN EDWARD CLEMENTS, St. Petersburg; B.A. Public Administration. FREDERICK W. SCHUSTER, Jacksonville, B.A. Arts Sciences, Sigma Chi. o M f o «N BEVERLY CLUBBS, Panama City; B.S. Business, Business Management; Phi Chi Theta, Vice President; Insurance and Real Estate Society. PAULA VIRGINIA COLE, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Education, Art Education; Fashion Institute; Tally Ho; Junior Counselor; Art Education Club. Treasurer. MARY ANNE COLEMAN, Daytona Beach; B.S. Home Economics; Home Economics Education; Delta Delta Delta, Vice President, Secretary, Fresh- man Flunki es; Fashion Institute; Omicron Nu; Vice President; Kappa Delta Pi; Chairman of Sorority Affairs for Campus Chest; Summer Judiciary; Senior Class Senator; Home Economics Club; FEA. WALSEY THOMAS COLEMAN, Tifton, Ga.; B.S. Business. MARY LOU COLLIER; Live Oak; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association; BSU; Young Women ' s Auxiliary. JUNIOR ALLEN COLLINS, Belle Glade; B.S. Arts and Scienes; Pi Kappa Alpha, House manager. CURT COREY COMPTON, St. Petersburg; B.S. Business Administration. Management and Finance; Pi Kappa Phi, Historian, Treasurer, President; Vets Club; Inter-Fraternity Council; Intramurals. o ro 228 9 S eniors 5 9 M JULIA EDMONDS CONKLING, Vero Beach; B.A. Arts and Sciences; Zeta Tau Alpha, Historian; Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice President; Sophomore Council; Pi Delta Phi; Phi Kappa Phi; Women ' s Glee Club; Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary, President; Honor Committee; Literary Anthology; Assistant Edito r; SNA, FEA. CLAY JENKINS CONLEY, Cross City; B.S. Business, Business Education; Wesley Players JAMIE LUCRETIA CONNER, St. Petersburg; B.S. Education, English and Speech; Delta Zeta; Wesley Players; Chaplain; Women ' s Glee Club; Les Jongleurs; Scholarship Club. ALICE TERRYL COOK, Bristol; B.S. Home Economics, Interior Design. EMORY F. COOK, JR., Tallahassee; M.S. Education. HILDA EVELYN COOPER, Jacksonville; B.S. Social Welfare. CHARLOTTE LOUISE COOPER, Sarasota; B.M., Voice; University Singers; MTNA; Wesley Foundation. Transfer from Wesleyan College. LYDIA M. CORDOBA, Panama R. Panama; B.S. Home Economics, Home Demonstration Education; International Club, Social Chairman; Home Economics Club. JANET L. CORLEY. Daytona Beach; B.S. Business, Retailing; Zeta Tau Alpha, Corresponding Secretary; Gamma Alpha Chi; Speakers Bureau. O MARY MADLYN COUPLAND, Wildwood; B.S. Business, Business Education; Sophomore Council; Pi Omega Pi, President. MIRIAM ELIZABETH COWART, Havana; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Phi Mu, Registrar; FTA. ■M MARY ELIZABETH COWART, Miami; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation. 2 S. JOAN CRAWFORD, Bessemer, Ala.; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Physical Education Association; Major News Editor; URA; President; American Association of Health; Physical Education and Recreation. ROBERT B. CREDLE, Daytona Beach; B.S. Business. Accounting. o KATHERINE ELYSE CROMARTIE, Tallahassee; B. S. Education; Art Education; Circus. FREDERICK LEE CROSBY, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Math. NANCY JERRYLEAN CROUSE, Winston-Salem, N. C; B.S. Education, Math; Junior Counselor; International Club; Math Teachers Club; SEA. CHARLES EDWARD CURRY, JR.; Miami; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Corrections; Pi Kappa Alpha; Marching Chiefs. SANDRA HELEN DAIL; Jasper; B.S. Nursing; Wesley Players; Student Nurses Association. FAYE J. DAGLIS, Clearwater; B.A. Arts and Sciences. English; Delta Zeta, House President; Epsilon Chi; Off-Campus Court. SUSAN DALHOUSE, Jacksonville; B.S. Home Economics, Food and Nutrition; Alpha Chi Omega. 229 RONALD RAYMOND DALLAIRE. Bristol, Conn.; B.S. Business. Management and Finance; Feds, Treasurer. DONIE ANN DAVIS, DeFuniak Springs; B.S. Education. Early Childhood and Elementary Education; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Kappa Delta Pi; SFEA; ACE. KATHRYNE DALLAS DAVIS, Marianna; B.S. Home Economics, Interior Design; Delta Zeta, Vice President; Panhellenic Representative; Choral Union; Delta Sigma Pi Rose Court; Concert Band; Home Economics. SHELTON C. DAVIS, Madison; B.S. Business, Accounting; Young Democrats Club. EDGAR J. DEAN, Ft. Meade; B. S. Business, Personnel Management; Delta Sigma Pi. ANN NORMA DeBERRY, Perrine; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; SFEA; Wesley Foundation; Vice President Florida Hall. JUDITH MARIE DEKLE, Loganville, Ga.; B.S. Education; Elementary Education; Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain, Rush Chairman; Cheerleader; Village Vamps; Women ' s Judiciary; Sophomore Council; FTA; FSU Modeling Squad; Freshman Flunkies; Chief Justice Traffic Court; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart; Garnet Key. NANCY VIRGINIA DENHAM. Miami; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Sigma Kappa Scholarship Chairman; Triangle Correspondent; Collegiate Parly, Executive Committee; Recording Secretary; Los Picarros; Fashion Institute; Exchange Editor Tallo Ho; Honor Panel; President ' s Cabinet- Secretary of Interior; Student-Facutly Traffic Committee: RUTH MATHIS DICKENSON, Chipley; B.S. Education; Early Childhood and Elementary Education; Dorm Vice President; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor. OLIVER C. DIXON, JR., Colquitt, Ga.; B.A. Arts and Sciences, English; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Historian, Phi Eta Sigma, Treasurer; Alpha Council. OLIVER C. DIXON, JR., Colquitt, Ga.; B.A. Arts and Sciences, English; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Historian, Phi Eta Sigma, Treasurer; Alpha Council. WILLIAM FLETCHER DOCKTER, JR., St. Petersburg; B.S. Business, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi, President; Scullions; Vets Club. ETHEL MARIE DONALDSON, Palatka; B.M.E. Music. Music Education; Light Opera Guild; University Singers; Intramurals; Women ' s Glee Club; Choral Union. THOMAS WILLIAM DONOVAN, Jacksonville; B.S. Business. Insurance; Basketball, Insurance and Real Estate Society. o M o c CM MARION JOYCE DOPKO, Miami; B.S. Education, Special Education; Cotillion, Dance Chairman; Tally Ho; Newman Club; FEA; NEA. MARY ALICE DOTSON, Miami Springs; B.A. Education, Elementary Education; Junior Counselor; Dorm Social Chairman; SNEA; Circus. WINNIE MAE AGNES DOUGLAS, Panama City; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Freshman Senator; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; FEA; NEA. Scholarship Club. ETHEL ANN DRUNAGEL, Belleair Beach; B.A. Arts and Sciences, History; Alpha Chi Omega; Scholarship Chairman, Treasurer, Vice President; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Secretary; Circus; Speech Productions; Junior Counselor. MARYCILLE DUKE, St. Petersburg; B.S. Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Circus; Tarpon; Dorm Social Committee; Intramurals. Transfer from Stephen ' s College. ROBERT CHARLES DUMKE, Buffalo, N. Y.; B.S. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary; Alpha Phi Omega. Presi- dent; Homecoming Committee; Orientation Guide; Scullions. ROBERT KENNEDY DUNAWAY, Greenwood; B.S. Business, Management and Finance. o ro 9 S. eniors 5 9 230 M ANN DUNCAN, Tavares; B.M.E. Music Education; Delta Zeta; Women ' s Glee Club. Treasurer, Vice President, President; Choral Union; University Singers; MENC, State President; Junior Counselor; Sigma Alpha Iota; Garnet Key; Bach Singers; Wesley Foundation Council. ANN MARIE DUNNING, Venice; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Dorm Intramurals; WDURA; PEA; Junior Counselor; FCA. LENORE ANDERSON DUPEE, Lake Worth; B.S. Education; Elementary Education; Vice President South Cawthon. ELMA E. DYKES, Tallahassee; B.S. Nursin r; SNA. DELORES EVELYN EBY, Pompano Beach; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association; B.S.U. DUANE FLOYD EBY, Dayton, Ohio; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Pi Kappa Alpha; Physical Education Majors Club. BARBARA ANN EISSEY, West Palm Beach;B.S. Arts and Sciences; Biology; Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation, Vice President. President; Circus; Garnet Key; Mortar Board, Vice President; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Honor Court Justice; Inter-Faith Council; Kappa Delta Pi. o c WAYLAND HARVEY ELAM, JR., Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Marketing; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary, Social Chairman; President; Fraternity Intramurals. SOHEIR EL BIOUMY, Alexandria. U. A. R.; B.S. Arts and Sciences. Bacteriology. LORNA ELAINE ELDER. Miami Shores; B.M.E., Music Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota, President, Social Chairman; Tau Beta Sigma; University Symphony; University Symphonic Band. DOROTHY RAMELLE ELLIS, Orlando; B.A. Education; Pi Beta Phi, Vice President Pledge Class; Panhellenic Representative; Tarpon Club; Phi Delta Theta Sweetheart; Ruge Hall Altar Guild. ELIZABETH BRENT ELVERY, Lemona; B.S. Education, English Education; Phi Mu; Tarpon; Junior Counselor. RICHARD JOSEPH ELWOOD, Clearwater; B.S. Business, Personnel Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Track Team. CAROLINE EMERY. Orlando; B. A. Arts and Sciences, Inter-American Sludies and Spanish; Gamma Phi Beta, Corresponding Secretary; Los Picaros; Junior Counselor; House Council. o DOROTHY ADELLE EMMETT, Miami; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Alpha Xi Delta, Historian; FTA; BSU; ACE. STANLEY ETERSQUE, Jacksonville; B.S. Education, Math, General Science; Lambda Chi Alpha; Math Teachers Club; Scholarship Club. SARA JOAN EWING, Stuart; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association. President; Student Nurses Association of Florida. Corresponding Secretary, Vice President, President; Sophomore Council. EDWARD FLETCHER EYSTER, Pensacola; B.A. Arts and Sciences. Biological Sciences; Phi Delta Theta. President, Chaplain, Executive Board; Alpha Epsilon Delta, President. GORDON MEARL FEATHERS, Waukesha. Wise; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Meteorology; Meteorology Club, President. RICHARD E. FENTON, Winter Park; B.S. Business, Accounting; Delta S ' .gma Pi, Treasurer; Newman Club, Treasurer. DALE C. FERGUSON, Lake City; B.S. Arts and Sciences, History and Political Science. 9 S. cniors 5 9 231 9 S eniors 5 9 ROBERT ADRIAN FERNANDEZ, Tampa; B.S. Education, Biology; Army ROTC Cadet Battle Group Commander; Scabbard and Blade, President. ERNEST GLENN FERRIL. Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Social Studies; ETA, Vice President; Probation and Parole Association. Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College. NEIL WILLIAM FIDDLEMAN, Brooklyn, N.Y.; B.S. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Intramurals; Attorney General ' s Committee; Magnolia Hall, Secretary. PATRICIA ANN FINLAY, Blountstown; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Rush Chairman, Promotions Chairman, Vice President, Pledge Trainer; Freshman Sophomore Class Senators; Secretary of Interior; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Sophomore Council; Freshman Flunkies; Junior Counselor; Student-Faculty Traffice Committee; Speaker ' s Bureau; Scholarship Club; FTA; Junior Pan-Hellenic; Hall of Fame Selections Committee. ANDREE FINLAYSON, Marianna; B.A. Education, English; Sigma Kappa. RONNIE HERBERT FISHER, Tampa; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Psychology. JUDITH FLEET, Syracuse, N.Y.; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Biology; Pi Beta Phi. Transfer student from University of Maine. o M SANDRA MITCHELL FLETCHER, Tallahassee; B.S. Social Welfare; Social Welfare Club, Secretary, Social Chairman; ACEL Social Chairman; FTA; Concert Band; Women ' s Glee Club. STANLEY GRIFFITH FLITCRAFT, JR., Bradenlon; B.S. Business Administration, Insurance and Real Estate; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Distinguished Military Student. DONALD MICHAEL FLYNN, Adamsville, R.I.; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Economics; Feds. HOWARD FREDERICK FORD, Nashville, Tenn.; M.A. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Delta Tau Delta, President Pledge Class; Circle K Club; FSU Scullions; Restauarnt Hotel Management Honorary; University Court; Junior Class Judiciary; Cavillers; ROTC Rifle Team; ROTC News Paper; Collegians. CORNELIUS STANLEY FOSSUM, Barstow, Calif.; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Social Sciences. GAIL FOSTER, Miami; B.S. Education; Elementary Education; Junior Counselor; FEA; ACEL ROBERT GRAHAM FOUNTAIN. Crestview; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Varsity Football Team. o -o c ROBERT LEE FOUNTAIN, Monticello; B.S. Business, General Business Management; Dorm Governmen t, Social Chairman; Track Team; Men ' s Glee Club; Choral Union; Marching Chiefs. MARTHA PHIPPS FRAZIER. Miami; B.S. Arts and Sciences. Fashion Illustration; Alpha Gamma Delta; Student Fashion Institute, President. ANN MARCESTA FRICK, Tallahassee; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Delta Delta Delta; Home Economics Club; Fashion Institute; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Circus. SHIRLEY JEANNE FULTON, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Education, Social Studies; FTA. TOMMY J. FUSSELL, Homeland, B.S. Business, Accounting; Lambda Chi Alpha. ANDREW VINCENT GAGLIARDO, St. Petersburg, B.S. Arts and Sciences, History. JOHN ROGER GALEA, Indian Rocks Beach; B.M.E. Music Education; Phi M Alpha; University Symphony; Music Educators National Conference; Music Teachers National Association; Choral Union; Collegians; Senior Hall Secretary; American Guild of Organists. o ro 232 9 S eniors 5 9 M GENE FRANKLIN GAINER, Panama City; B.S. Business, Management; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi. Junior Transfer. JULIA KATHERINE GARNETT, Lantana; B.S. Home Economics, Child Development; Wesley Foundation; Collegiate 4-H Club; Transfer Palm Beach Junior College. JEANETTE HELEN GARNETT, Bartow; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Foundation; Speaker ' s Bureau; Tally Ho; Student Government Committees; Home Economics Club; Social Chairman; Sophomore Council; Freshman Flunkies. JUDITH ESTELLE GARVIN, Ocala; B.S. Elementary Education. GINA GASKINS, Palmdale; B.S. Business, Retailing; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Wesley Foundation; Fashion Institute. JOHN E. GEISLER, Orlando; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Physics; Wesley Foundation, Treasurer. PHILLIP ROY GODBOLD, JR.; Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Geology; Delta Tau Delta; Vets Club; Geological Divers. o c CN WALTER F. GODWIN, Valdosta, Ga.; B.S. Business, Business Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SYLVIA JUNE GOLDEN, Malone; B.S. Education, English; FEA, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Historian, Executive Council; Golden Arrow Honor Society. Secretary. RUSSELL FRANK GOODE, JR.; Orlando; B.S. Business, Marketing; Alpha Kappa Psi. MAE JONES GOODMAN, Lewisburg, W.Va.; B.S. Social Welfare, Corrections. MICHAEL LAWRENCE GOODMAN, Jacksonville; Arts and Sciences, Sociology. DOROTHY JO GOODWIN, Jacksonville; B.S. Home Economics, Interior Design; Pi Beta Phi, Corresponding Secretary; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Village Vamps, Vice President, President; Senior Judiciary; Secretary of State ' s Committee. MAX D. GOZA, Quincy; B.S. Business. JEANNINE MARIE GRAHAM. Jacksonville; B.S. Education, Special Education; Delta Zeta. O JOE A. GRAHAM, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Management; Delta Sigma Pi. MARLENE KAY GRAHAM, Miami. m FELIZIA LAJUAIA GRANGER, Apopka; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Marching Chiefs; Women ' s Glee Club; NEA; Junior Counselor; B.S.U. DOLORES EVELEEN EBY, Pompano Beach; B.S. Nursing; Student NurseS Association, Baptist Student Union. rO WILLIE TRAVICK GREEN, Tallahassee; Public Administration; ASPA. HAROLD G. GREGG, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Biology. 233 ELOY GREGORY, JR., Tampa; B.S. Recreation; Alpha Tau Omega; Transfer Spring Hill College. PATRICIA EVELYN GREGORY, Albany, Ga.; B.S. Music Education; Nu Phi Mu; Choral Union, Secretary; BTU; MENC; FTA; MTNA; NEA. PRISCILLA JANE GRIFFING, Gainesville; Social Welfare; Social Work Club; Phi Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer; Lutheran Student Association. STEPHANIE GUNDERSON; Jacksonville; B.A. Arts and Sciences; English; Alpha Gamma Delta. SUZANNE COLETTE GUNDERSON, Lake Worth; BME. Music Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, Song Leader, Campus Sing Director, Chaplain; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor, President Bryan Hall; Garnet Key; Mortified. DIAN LOU HADFIELD, Clearwater; B.S. Education. Elementary Education; NEA; Dorm Officer; Chief Campus Fire Marshal; Assistant Swimming Instructor. ALTON MALCOLM HAEGER, Miami; B.S. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Lambda Chi Alpha. Social Chairman; Alpha Kappa Psi, Social Committee; Scullions, Recording Secretary; Vets Club. o M ELINOR MARIE HAGER, Bradenton; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Treasurer; Freshman Flunkies; Epsilon Chi; FTA. THOMAS M. HALE, JR., Cutler Ridge; B.S. Public Administration; Sigma Chi, Associate Editor, Scholarship Chairman; Board of Student Publications; Flambeau; Tally Ho, Sports Editor; Pow Wow Section Advisor; American Society of Public Administration. HELEN MARGARET HALL. Pensacola; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Chi Omega; Circus; Scholarship Club; ACE; SFEA; Foreign Film Club. HOUSTON LAVONNE HAM, Cottondale; B.S. Business, Insurance; Insurance and Real Estate Society. MARY ELLEN HAMBY, Pensacola; B.S. Social Welfare. BILLIE MERLE HAMILTON, Pensacola; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; FTA; Epsilon Chi. CORA LOUISE HARGRAVE, St. Petersburg; B.S. Home Economics, Fashion Design; Zeta Tau Alpha; Mortified; Gamma Alpha Chi; Vice President Broward Hall; Social Chairman Florida Hall; Sophomore Council; Women ' s Judiciary, Secretary; Secretary of Student Traffic Committee. Chairman Summer Judiciary. o CN VICTOR WILLIAM HARKE, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Education, English: Junior Class Social Chairman; National Council of Teachers of English. President; Chairman, Spring Formal; Chairman; Sophomore Hop; Bicycle Race Committee Chairman. ANITA LOUISE HAROLD, Laurel Hill; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; FTA; NEA; Epsilon Chi. EDWARD J. HARRELL, Cocoa; B.A. Arts and Sciences, History; Marching Chiefs; Phi Alpha Theta. O OLICE L. HARRELL, Tallahassee; B.S. Business. Accounting. RICHARD EARL HARRELL, Ft. Myers; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Sociology; Pi Kappa Alpha; Marching Chiefs. MANSFIELD NICHOLAS HARRINGTON, Tallahassee; A.B. Arts and Science; Industrial Psychology; Governor, West Wall; Inter-Dorm Council; Faculty Health Committee. 0 DOROTHY JANE HARRISON, Tallahassee; B.S. Business. Management and Finance; BSU; Ghoral Union. 9 S cniors 5 9 234 M JACK HOWARD HEISLER, Fountain; B.S. Arts and Sciences. NORMA ANN HELLER, Leesburg; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; FTA; Vice President of Landis; Floor Chairman Bryan Hall. HENRY HARRISON HELTON, JR., Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Recreation. Transfer iiiom West Georgia College. BETTY ARLENE HENDERSON, St. Petersburg; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Congregational Religious Group, President; Student Inter-Faith Council, Secretary; Junior Counselor; Interfaith Week; FTA. JAMES L. HENDRICKS, Jacksonville; B.S. Business, Management; Vets Club; Athletic Director; Insurance and Real Estate Club; Transfer from McMurry College, Abilene, Texas. BETTY ANN HENLEY, Campbellton; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Wesley Players; 4-H Club; President, Secretary; SNEA; Intramurals. SEBASTIAN J. HERNANDEZ. Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Social Studies. c LEONARD CHARLES HERR, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Meteorology; Lambda Chi Alpha. OLIVIA CARLEEN HERRINGTON, Miami; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Delta Delta Delta; Circus; Sophomore Council; Young Democrats. PEGGY ANN HERRINGTON, Claxton, Ga., Education; Band; FEA. P. TEMPLE HESS, Jacksonville; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Speech Therapy; FEA; Social Chairman Landis Hall; Junior Counselor; Sigma Alpha Eta. RONALD GRAHAM HIGGINS, Pensacola; B.S. Journalism, Public Relations; Sigma Nu, Secretary, Song Director; Choral Union, Business Manager. EDVARDO C. HILGERT, Peru; B.A. Business, Management and Finance; Delta Sigma Pi; International Club; Dorm Government; Los Picarros; Newman Club; Soccer Team. WILLIAM W. HIRSH, New York, N.Y.; B.S. Business, Marketing; Tau Epsilon Phi, President, Treasurer; Inter-Fraternity Council; Vets Club; Smoke Signals; Scullions. REBECCA JEAN HARRISON, Cairo, Ga.; B.S. Education; Early Childhood and Elementary Education; Phi Mu; Pan-Hellenic-President; NEA. ROBERT SLOAN HARRISON, Tallahassee; B.S. Business Administration. Restaurant and Hotel Management; Sigma Pi; Intramurals; Scullions; Transfer from University of Maryland. BONNIE LEMERLE MART, Foley; B.S. Education; Elementary Education; BSU Executive Council; Freshman Flunkies; FEA; Scholarship Club; Junior Counselor; 4-H Club. MARTHA LOUIE HARTER, Lake Wales; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association; State Nominating Committee; Westminster Fellowship; Social O Committee. NANCY BETH HEACOCK, Sebring; B.S. Education; Gamma Phi Beta, President; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Wesfley Foundation Council H| Member; Panhellenic Officer; Garnet Key; Mortarboard. FRANCES ANN HEARN, Plant City; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Kappa Delta. House Chairman; Future Teachers of America; Association CO of Childhood Education; Fashion Institute. SHARRON ARLENE HEIM, St. Petersburg; B.S. Education. Elementary Education; FEA; BSU; YWA. ' 1 9 S. eniors 5 9 235 9 S cniors 5 9 ELIZABETH ANN HODGES, Tampa; B.S. Education. Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Recording Secretary; Circus. THOMAS R. HOGLE. Tampa; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Geology; Pi Kappa Phi. JAMES WALDO HOLLAND. Jacksonville; B.S. Business, Insurance and Real Estate; Sigma Nu. CECILE ELIZABETH HOLLOWAY, Miami; B.S. Public Administration; American Society for Public Administration; Light Opera Guild; Sandspur; Freshman Talent Show. GEORGE ROBERT HOLLOWAY, Tallahassee; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Chemical Sc ience; Phi Kappa Tau; Cavaliers. DIANA HOLROYD, Miami; B.A. Arts and Sciences; English; Delta Gamma; Freshman Flunkies; Student Party; Student Senate; Smoke Signals — Exchange Editor; Flambeau. JACQUELIN SUE HOMER, Miami; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association. Corresponding Secretary; Dorm Officer. o M FRANKLIN V. HOPKINS, Orlando; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Pi Kappa Phi; University Singers; Bach Singers; Physical Education Club. DAVID G. HORTIN, St. Petersburg Arts and Sciences, Speech; Varsity Debate.. BARBARA JOAN HOUSTON, Bay Springs. Miss.; B.M.E., Music Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; Glee Club; Sigma Alpha Iota; Choral Union. DOROTHY RUTH HOVEY, Miami B.A. Home Edonomics, Institution Administration; Home Economics Club; Choral Union. HARTLEY J. HOWARD, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Hotel and Restaurant Management; Scullions. AVIS YVONNE HOWE, Miami Springs; B.S. Nursing; Student Nursing Association; Recording Secretary. SARA ELLEN HAY, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa; Choral Union; Junior Counselor; Traffic Court o c N JOHN CHARLES HUDSON, Rosedale. N.Y. B.S. Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice President; Varsity Swimming Team; Church Key. KELVIN WAYNE HUEHN. Elooka. Iowa B.S. Arts and Sciences, Meteorology; Kappa Alpha Order; Honor Committee; Secretary of Honor Committee. Transfer from Iowa State College. TAIICHI IKETANI, Tallahassee B.A. Arts and Sciences, Phychology; Inte national Club, Vice President, Treasurer; Phychology Club; BSU. Q ROWELL MARVIN INGRAM, Daytona Beach; Business Administration, Mai agement and Finance; Sigma Nu, President, Secretary; Alpha Kappa Psi; Inter-Fraternity Council. _ HELLEN RUTH IRELAND. Tallahassee; Home Economics, Fashion Merchandising; Gamma Phi Beta; Fashion Institute; Flamebau Staff. j BETTY SUE JACKSON. Quincy B.S. Education, Elementary Education. CO NANCY O. JACOBS, Quincy; B.S. Business, Business Education; Marching Chiefs; Tau Beta Sigma Phi Chi Theta. 236 9 S eniors 5 9 M ROBERT EUGENE JAMES. Tallahassee B.S. Business, Marketing; Kappa Alpha Order. CHARLES LYNN JEWETT, Hamilton, Ohio; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Alpha Phi Omega; Dean ' s List. MARILYN JONES JOHANNES, Dade City; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Marching Chiefs; Circus; Home Economics Club, Social Chairman. CARL BOONE JOHNSON, Green Cove Springs B.S. Arts and Sciences, Chamistry; Kappa Kappa Psi; Marching Chiefs; Concert Band. GAILE JOHNSON, Tallahassee; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association. MARY JANE JOHNSON, Orlando; B.S. Home Economics. Home Economics Education; Chi Omega; Circus; Home Economics Club. ROBERT DENY JOHNSON, St. Petersburg; B.S. Restaurant and Hotel Management; Delta Tau Delta, House Manager and Steward; Alpha Phi Omega; Sgt. of Arms; Dorm Government; Army Advanced ROTC. o c ROY DOZIER JOHNSON. Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences. Mathematics. SANDRA LOZIER JOHNSON. Lantana; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Choral Union; Dorm Officer. WILLIAM HENRY JOHNSON, Riviera Beach; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Guide Majors Club, Treasurer. RICHARD EMMITT JOINER, Ft. Pierce B.M. Music, Organ. EVON LOUISE JONES, Lake Worth; B.S. Education. Math Education; Delta Gamma; Math Teaching Club; Newman Club. MAMIE ANN JONES, DeFuniak Springs B.S. Home Economics, Dietetics. OKLE CATHERINE JONES, Jacksonville; B.M. Music, Piano; Sophomore Council; Freshman Flunkies; Sigma Alpha Iota. Treasurer Women ' s Glee Club; BSU. CO STEPHEN H. JONES, Cutler Ridge; B.S. Arts and Sciences. Economics Political Science. KATHERINE JORDAN, Bartow, Education. English, Alpha Gamma Delta. RAYBURN NELSON JOYNER, Marianna; B.S. Business, Management and Finance Alpha Kappa Psi. ROSANNE MARIE KALIL, West Palm Beach; B.S. Education. Business Education Zeta Tau Alpha. Secretary; Circus; Majorette; House Council; Cotillion; Pi Omega Pi. PETER A. KALMES, Yonkers, N.Y.; B.S. Business. Restaurant and Hotel Management; Pi Kappa Phi; Steward; Scullions. LONNIE HORACE KEENE, JR.. Palatka; B.S. Arts and Sciences. Political S:ience; Choral U nion, President; Phi Eta Sigma, Vice President; Phi Mu Alpha; Light Opera Guild; Phi Kappa Phi. BERNARD LEE KELLY, Tallahassee; Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Arnold Air Society; AFROTC Rifle Team, Distinguished Military Student; Arnold Air Commander. 237 GERALD HOMER KELLY. Vernon; B.S. Business. Accounting; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Kappa Psi. JAMES MICHAEL KELLY, Harbor City. Calif.; B.S. Arts and Sciences. Math. L. BERNARR KELLY, Destin; B.S. Business Administration, Banking and Finance; Drill Team. NANCY PEARL KELLEY, Graceville; B.S. Education, Math Education; School Paper; Pep Club; SNEA; Dramatics Club. SUSAN KELLEY, Tampa; B.S. Social Welfare. Delta Zeta; Social Welfare Club; Phi Alpha; President; Choral Union; Collegiate Party Delegate: Delta Debutantes; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Court. PHILIP JAMES KENDAL, Skaneateles, N.Y.; B.S. Business, Management; Phi Kappa Tau, Secretary, President; Tally Ho, Assistant Business Manager; Vets Club. JOE WAYNE KETRING, Deerfield Beach; B.S. Business, Marketing; Theta Chi; Vets Club; Intramurals. o M NANCY KAY KEY, Lakeland; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Kappa Delta, Rush Chairman, President; Panhellenic. Executive Council: Dean ' s List; Village Vamps, Secretary; Junior Panhellenic. President; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Theatre Dance: Garnet Key: Mortar Board, Historian; Judiciary; Sophomore Council, Secretary. VICKIE CAROL KIRCHMAN, St. Petersburg; B.S. Home Economics; Home Economics Education; Delta Delta Delta. Gamma Alpha Chi Pledge President; House Council; Junior Counselor; Gymkana Dance; Home Economics Club. Transfer from University of Maryland. ROBERTA MARIE KIENZLE, Miami; Elementary Education; Alpha OmicrOTi Pi, Assistant Recording Secretary; Newman Club; SNEA, FEA. NANCY LOU KING, Stuart; B.S. Education, Elementary Education: Pi Beta Phi; Freshman Flunkies; Circus. SARA TERVIN. Tampa, Phi Mu., 1. VIRGINIA KATHRYN KISER, Cocoa; B.S. Education; Business Education; BSU; SFEA; Sophomore Council; Junnor Counselor; Vice President Dormitory. PHILIP JAMES KNIGHT, Blountstown; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi; S3nior Class President; Junior Class President; Young Democrats. Vice President; Chairman Freshman Talent Show; Chairman Student Lobbying Committee: President Alpha Council: ODK; Gold Key: University Singers: Speaker ' s Bureau, Homecoming committee. o C CN BOBBIE LEE KNOWLES, Haines City; B.S. Education, Physical Education: Physical Education Association: SFEA; Women ' s Division, University Recreation Association. ELLWOOD LOUIS KOCH, Tallahassee; B.S. Public Administration; ASPA, WILLIAM DALE KOCH. Clearwater; B.S. Business, Marketing and Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President: Inter-Fraternity Council, Alpha Council; Gold Key; Varsity Baseball. LEONARD ALFRED KOETH, Euclid, Ohio: B.S. Journalism, Advertising: Theta Chi; Advertising Club; Swimming Team: Newman Club: Advertising Manager. WALTER JAMES KOSS, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Science, Math: Pi Mu Epsilon. BARBARA KROGLAND, Columbus, Ga.; BME, Music Education: Alpha Lanbda Delta; University Orchestra: Wesley Foundation: Junior Sigma Alpha Iota: Choral Union; MENC: MTNA: Sigma Alpha Iota Mambership Chairman Women ' s Glee Club: Huge Hall: Queen of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: Queen of Hearts, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. JULIUS MICHAEL KUNZ, Tallahassee: B.A. Arts and Sciences, Social Science. Secretary: Flambeau, j ' Counselor: _» Diamonds, ' " ' 9 S. cniors 5 9 1 238 M LOIS GWENDOLYN KUSTER, Vero Beach; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Fashion Illustration; Alpha Omicroa Pi, Corresponding Secretary; Freshman Flunkies; Fashion Institute; Junior Counselor; Intramurals Chairman Reynolds Hall; International Club. DELORES LORETTA LAFFERTY; Lakeland; B.S. Education. Elementary Education; Kappa Delta, Recording Secretary; Flambeau, Society Editor; Women ' s Glee Club; Board of Publications. CAROL ANNE LAMB, Statesboro, Ga., B.S. Social Welfare, Social Welfare and Child Development; Phi Mu; Social Work Club; Wesley Foundation. JANICE ETHEL LAMB, Madison; B.S. Education, Science Education; Phi Kappa Phi; FTA; FEA; NEA; Dean ' s List. JOHNNY PATRICK LAMBERT. Havana; B.S. Business. Accounting; BSU, Stewardship Vice President. HARRISON JEAN LANEY, JR.; Jacksonville; B.S. Marketing; West Hall Treasurer. JUNE I. LASSITER. Tallahassee; B.S. Home Economics. Home Economics Education; Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer, President; Sophomore Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sophomore Home Economics Award; Junior Homa Economics Award; Junior Counselor; Omicron Nu. President; Kappa Delta Pi, Corresponding Secretary; Garnet Key. o CM JAMES LEVI LASTINGER, Cornwell B.S. Arts and Sciences. Physics; Liberal Religious Youth, Corresponding Secretary; Sigma Pi Sigma. CYNTHIA ANN LAWRENCE, Tallahassee; B.S. Home Economics. Home Economics EducatSon; Pi Beta Phi, President; Circus; Class Senator; Sophomore Hop Queen; Junior Counselor; Honor Court Justice; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Omicron Nu. ALEENE LEBO, Tampa; Arts and Sciences. English; Delta Delta Delta. Young Democrats. DOROTHY GAYLE LEDGERWOOD. Clearwater; B.S. Nursing. Teaching and Administration; Transfer from Carthage College, Carthage, Illinois; Mound Park Hospital Schol of Nursing: St. Petersburg Junior College; University of Miami. CAROL ONZELLA LEE, Tallahassee; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association. DAVID JENNINGS LEE, St. Petersburg; B.S. Arts and Sciences. History; NEA; FEA. JAMES W. LEONARD. JR., Lynn Haven; B.S. Business. Marketing; Cavaliers. o CO JAMES DICK LEONE. Tampa; BME; Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha; Kappa Kappa Psi; Newman Club, Choir Director; MENC, Treasurer; MTNA; Marching Chiefs, Drill Leader; Symphonic Band; Symphony Orchestra. BETTY JEAN LEOPARD, Winter Haven; B.S. Education, Elemei?.tary Education; FTA; American Childhood Educators Association. DON ROBERT LEWIS. Holly Hill; B.S. Business; Sigma Chi; Varsity Swimming Team; Arnold Air Society; Advanced ROTC. RAYMOND KURT LIEBAU, Tallahassee; B.M. Music, Piano; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Mu Alpha, Vice President; Pi Kappa Lambda; Phi Kappa Phi; University Singers, Accompanist, Vice President. President; University Symphony. JUDITH CAROLE LINDER. Wauchula; BME. Music Education; Delta Zela, Corresponding Secretary; MENC; Men ' s Glee Club, Accompanist; Sigma Alpha Iota. MYRTLE JEAN LINGO, Pensacola; B.S. Education. Art Education, Art Education Club, Vice President. CHRISTOPHER V. VOGL, Hollywood; B.S. Public Administration. Pre-Law; Sigma Chi. Historian; Senior Men ' s Senator; Church Key; Judiciary; Chairman of Judiciary and Rules Committee. 9 . eniors 5 9 239 9 S eniors 5 9 CHARLES ALLEN LLOYD, Tallahassee, B.S. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Circus; Scullions. KAY LLOYD, Panama City; B.S. Business Administration, Insurance and Real Estate; Kappa Delta; Gymkana Court; Fashion Institute; Insurance and Real Estate Society, Secretary; Collegiate Party, Treasurer. THOMAS L. LOEB, JR., Jacksonville; B.S. Business, Marketing; Los Picaros; Pershing Rifles; Mayor " 400 " Club. CLINTON E. LOGAN, Carabelle; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Social Science; Scholarship Recipient; Wesley Foundation, Publications Chairman; Intra- murals; Transfer from Chipola Jr. College, Vice President Student Body. SALLY LIGNON LOGUE, Tallahassee; MLS, Library School. PATRICIA ANNE LORD, Orlando B.A. Education; Circus; Junior Counselor MARTHA ROBISON LOTSPEICH. Fernandina Beach; B.S. Education, Elementary Education and Education for Exceptional Children; FSU Marching Chiefs; Tau Beta Sigma. o M CASSIE LEONA LOVE. Lakeland; B.S. Nursing; Gamma Delta, Secretary, President; Student Nurses Association. SUZANNE F. LOWELL, Miami; B.A. Arts and Sciences, History; Phi Alpha Theta; WFSU; Christian Science Organization; Corresponding Secretary. Recording Secretary, Vice President. ROBERT LUFT, New York, N.Y.; B.S. Journalism. Advertising; Tau Epsilon Phi. Social Chairman; Basketball, Tennis, Softball, Ping Pong; Assistant Coach Freshman Basketball. ANN CHAPEL LYLES, Tampa; B.A. Library School. SOLTAS. LEONARD STANLEY LYLKA, Tallahassee, Football. VIRGINIA NEVADA MacKENXIE, Brooksville; B.S. Education, Elementary and Early Child Education; Alpha Delta Pi; FEA; ACE. ROSETTA MACKIN, Coral Gables; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Sigma Kappa. Social Chairman; Gamma Alpha Chi; Cotillion; Home Economics Club; Newman Club, Softball All-Star Team; Volleyball; Swimming. o c SARA JEAN MACLEOD, Jacksonville; B.S. Arts and Sciences. Art; Kappa Delta; Gama Alpha Chi. JEANNE EDITH MAGILL, Chattanooga, Tenn.; B.A. Business, Retailing; Pi Beta Phi, Social Chairman, Pledge Trainer; Vestry Huge Hall; Assistant Business Manager, Student Publications; Secretary of State Committee; Alpha Lamba Delta; Sigma Delta Pi. NELLIE CHURCH MANDA, West Palm Beach; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Kappa Alpha Theta, Scholarship Chairman; Theater Dance Group, Alpha Lamba Delta, Treasurer; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Speaker ' s Bureau. PATRICIA LOUISE MANNING, Jacksonville; B.S. Education, Social Welfare and Elementary Education; Alpha Xi Delta, President; Garnet Key; Mortified; Junior Counselor, Dorm Vice-President; Senate, Junior Class and Florida Hall; Student Government, Member Budget Committee; Phi Alpha; Social Work Club, Vice-President, Secretary; Junior Pan-Hellenic Representative. HAROLD B. MARSH, JR.. Sanford; B.S. Business, Accounting; Lambda Chi Alpha. KATHLEEN J. MARSH, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Elementary Education FEA; Transfer from Stetson University. EDWIN ROLAND MARSHALL, JR., Anthony; B.S. Business, Marketing; Alpha Kappa Psi. o 240 9 S eniors 5 9 BB M o c o ro CYNTHIA RUTH MAXON. Panama City; B.S. Nursing; Sigma Kappa; Florida State Student Nurses Association; Canterbury Club. DOROTHY JEAN MAY, Miami; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi. Scholarship Chairman, Recording Secretary; Freshman Flunkies, Secretary; Tally-Ho, Business Staff; Flambeau, Business Staff; FEA, NEA; Epsilon Chi; Ruqe Hall Altar Guild; Secretary of State Committee; Inter-Faith Council; Smoke Signals. JOSEPH RALPHA MAZUR, Daytona Beach; B.S. Business, Business Administration; Sigma Phi Epsilon. JERRALD DOUGLAS McCOLLUM, Tallahasee; B.A. Music, Organ; Phi Mu Alpha; Student Guild of American Guild of Organists, President; Baptist Student Union; Choral Union; MTNA. LUCY AVERIL McDANIEL, Daytona Beach; B.S. Education, Physical Educalion; Tarpon Club, President; F. Club. Song Leader; WDURA; PEA. WILLIAM P. McGLAUGHON, III. Wilmington, N.C.; B.S. Business, Advertising; Kappa Sigma, Vice-President; Inter-Fraternity Council, President; Alpha Delta Sigma; University of North Carolina Transfer. ROBERT E. McLaughlin, Terra Ceia; B.S. Business, Insurance and Real Estate; Insurance and Real Estate Club; Veterans Club. HENRY McLAULIN, IIL Sanford; B.S. Education, Science; F.E.A. JOSEPH DANIEL McLEAN, Fort Walton Beach; B.S. Arts and Sciences. Psychology; Transferred from Pensacola Junior College and University of Florida. HARRIET BARBARA McMILLAN. Dahlgren, Va.; B.S. Public Administration; American Society for Public Administration; Fashion Institute; Phi Chi Theta; Transfer from Mary Washington College. SARA MARTHA ALLEN McNEAL, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; S.F.E.A.; Epsilon Chi. CAROLYN ANNE McPHERSON, Quincy; B.S. Arts and Sciences, History; F.T.A; F.E.A.; Freshman Flunkies. RONALD JOSEPH McQUAID , Buffalo, N.Y.; B.S. Arts and Sciences. Chemistry; Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer. ALFRED MEADOR, Tallahassee, B.S. Education, Elementary Education. BURRELLE STRICKLAND MEEKS, Tallahassee; B.S. Education. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Village Vamps; N.E.A.; Transfer from Anderson College. GLORIA ANN MELTZER, Palatka; B.A. Education, English Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, treasurer; Sigma Tau Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; International Students Club corresponding secretary; Women ' s Glee Club, public relations chairman; Choral Union; Campus Chest, treasurer; Scholarship Club, National Council of Teachers of English, secretary. BARBARA JEAN MENTZER, Lake Worth; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Delta Gamma, social chairman, Panhellenic representa- tive, president; FTA; Fashion Institute; Home Economics Club; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Westminster Fellowship; Gamma Alpha Chi. MICHAEL M. MICHLO, Valparaiso; B.S. Arts and Sciences. History. PATRICIA ANNE MICKLER, Tampa; B.S. Education. Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Senate; Sophomore Council; Junior Councilor; Dorm President; Judiciary; Honor Court; Secretary of Labor lAWS delegate to regional convention. WALTER ALBERT MICKLER. Lee; B.S. Education, Science Education. JULIE ANN MILAM. Miami; B.S. Education, English Literature; Kappa Alpha Theta; Circus; Archimist; Alumnae, secretary Homecoming decora- tions chairman; Ruge Hall; Women ' s Singles ping-pong intermural tournament champion. 241 KAL ROBERT MONTAGUE, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Meteorology. JO ANN BOWEN MONTAGUE, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Business Education HENRY REID MOON, Valdosta. Ga.; B.S. Business, Market and Finance; Wesley Foundation. ART B. MOORE, Tallahasee; B.S. Public Administration. Sigma Chi, Rush Chairman, Magister; Student body President; Gold Key; Alpha Council; President, Young Democrats Club; Senate; Attorney General; Southern University Student Government Association, President. WILLIAM DELANO MOORE, Archer; B.S. Business, Insurance and Real Estate; Insurance Society; Intra-murals, Football, Softball. SALLY LOU MORGAN, Titusville; B.S. Arts and Sciences. Physics; Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretary; Sigma Pi Sigma; Theatre Dance; Social Committee, Gilchrist Hall. WILLIAM ARTHUR MORK, Wichita, Kansas; B.S. Arts and Science, Meteorology; Interfaith Student Council; Lutheran Students ' Association; Trans- fer from Oklahoma State University o U) HARRIETTE E. MORRILL, Miami; B.M. Music, Sacred Music; Bach Singers; Music Teachers of America; Light Opera Guild; Westminster Fellow- ship Council; Junior Counselor; Women ' s Glee Club; University Sing3rs; dorm social committee. DIANA EVIE MORRIS, Miami. A.B. Arts and Sciences, American Studies; Kappa Alpha; Theta Freshman Flunkies; Sophomore Council; dorm vice- president; elections committee; Tally Ho, managing editor, editor in chief; Garnet Key; Mortar Board. JAMES EUGENE MORRIS, Seymour, Texas; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Meteorology. NANCY ALPHA MORRISON, Stuart; B.A. Social Welfare, Social Welfare; Zeta Tau Alpha; Social Work Club, secretary; Phi Alpha; Transfer from College of the University of N.C. ANN LOUISE MORSE, DeLand; BME Music, Music Education; Gamma Phi Beta, pledge class president; MENC. MTNA; SAL WILLIAM D. MORSER, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Management. RICHARD LEWIS MOSS, Sanford; B.S. Business; Alpha Tau Omega. o kl c JAMES EDWARD MOWISER, Lakeland; B.S. Business. Accounting; Beta Alpha Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi. BARBARA JOY MUELLER, Cocoa; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Delta Gamma, treasurer, vice-president; Westminster Fellowship, program chairman; FTA; concert band; Homecoming parade committee. CATOLYN ANN MUGGE, Greenville; B.S. Education, Elementary Education. Q PATRICK GRANT MULLINS, St. Petersburg; B.A. Arts and Sciences, History. MARIAN YANCY MURRAY. Palatka; B.S. Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, corresponding secretary; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Future _ Teachers; Florida Education Association. m BILLY J. MYERS, Panama City; B.S. Business, Accounting; B.S.U. CO WILLIAM CHARLES NEEL, Tallahassee; B.S. Public Administration; Phi Delta Theta; American Society for Public Administration. 9 S. eniors 5 9 242 ( I RITA ELIZABETH NELMS, Panama City; B.S. Education. Elementary Edu:a!ion; Alpha Omicron Pi, social chairman; Circus; Gymkana; Freshman Flunkies; Fashion Institute; Intra-Sorority Social committee; Sigma C li Derby Queen; Military Ball Queen. DANIEL PATRICK NEW, Woodside, N.Y.; B.A. Arts and Science, Economcs; FEDS, secretary. ELISE YVONNE NEWBERRY. Bainbridge, Ga.; B.S. Education, Social Studies; Kappa Delta; Fashion Institute; Freshman Flunkies; Student National Education Association. JEAN GARNETT NEWTON, Buantanamo Bay, Cuba; B.S. Social Welfare; Tarpon, treasurer; Junior Counselor; dorm vice-president, floor chairman, president; Phi Alpha, secretary, treasurer, president; International Club, s scial chairman. BYROW EDGAR NICHOLS, Dunnellon; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Speech; Les Jongleurs; Wesley Players; American Guild oi Organist; Choral Union, vice-president. COLIE NICHOLS, JR.; Chattahoochee; B.S. Social Welfare, Corrections; Sigma Phi Epsilon, comptroller. ANNE LOUISE NICHOLSON, Lake Worth; B.S. Education, Math Education; Delta Gamma, project chairman; Newman Club; Math Teaching Club, secretary. o 1. c CN o WILLIAM GLENN NICHOLSON, Columbia, S.C; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Lambda Chi Alpha, pledge trainer; Social Welfare Club. VIRGIL C. NIPPER. JR., Cordele, Ga.; B.S. Arts Sciences; Marching Chie ' s; Concert Band; Kappa Kappa Psi, Treasurer; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Treasurer, Secretary. CLARA LYNN NOLAND, Tampa; B.S. Education, Elementary. CAROLYN ELAINE NOLL, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Education; Tally Ho Staff; Newman Club, Publicity Chairman; Art Interest Club; Art Education, Treasurer. JERRELL CLYDE NORTON, Jacksonville; B.S. Education, Math Education. SUSAN JANE NUBER, St. Petersburg; B.S. Business, Secretarial Science; Phi Chi Theta, Membership Chairman; Alpha Omicron Pi, Scholarship Chairman; St. Petersburg Junior College. THEODORE DAVID NUTT, Nassau, Bahamas; B.S. Business; Alpha Kap la Pi, Treasurer. GERALD ANTON OHLIDAL, Schenectady, N.Y.; B.S. Business, Restaura it and Hotel Management; Scullions; Newman Club; Paul Smith ' s College, N.Y.; Transfer; Beta Alpha Lambda. DIAN INSLEY ORE, St. Augustine; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Delta Gamma; Sigma Delta Pi, Vice President; Canterbury Club. EUGENE H. ORTELT, New Brighton, Pa.; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Meteorology; Chemistry Club; German Club, President; Math Club; U.S.A.F. DEAN CATHERINE O ' SULLIVAN, Holly Hill; B.S. Education, Elementary; Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary, Vice President; Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary; Tarpon Club; Senior Class Social Chairman; Pan Hellenic Council; Elections Committee. ROBERT J. OWENS, Quincy; Public Administration. Personnel Management; West Hall Dorm Government, Treasurer; American Society of Public Administration. PEGGY ANNE PAFFORD, Jennings; B.S. Education, Elementary, Early Childhood; Phi Mu; F.T.A.; Association of Childhood Education. G. MARLENE B. PALAZZALO, Tallahassee; B.A. Education, Elementary, Eiglish; S.F.E.A., Vice President, State Executive Board; Sophomore Council. 9 S eniors 5 9 243 9 S emors 5 9 DONALD MEADE PALMER, Evansville, Ind.; B.S. Education, Science. CHRISTINE CURRIE PARMELEE, West Palm Beach; B.S. Education, Elementary; Pi Beta Phi; Freshman Flunkies; Canterbury Club; Off Campus Court; Circus. PEGGY ANN PARRAMORE, Quincy; B.S. Education, Business Education. WILLIAM B. PASCHAL, JR., Madison; B.S. Business, Personnel Management; Scabbard and Blade, First Lieutenant; Distinguished Military Student. JOSEPH D. PATTERSON, Cincinnati, Ohio; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Meteorology. NANCY KAROLYN PATTERSON, Tampa; B.A. Education, Secondary Education; Junior Counselor; Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary; Selby House President. RUBY JOAN PEADEN, Live Oak; B.A. Education, English; B.S.U.; Devotional Vice-President; Scholarship Club; Sigma Tau Delta; Junior Counselor; Dorm Officer. o M DAVID LEE PEMBERTON, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Social Science; Men ' s Glee Club; Dorm Government. THOMAS PENDRAY, Coral Gables; B.S. Business, Management and Finance; Sigma Chi, Treasurer; Alpha Council; Senior Judiciary; Finance Committee, Secretary. JACQUELYN PENNY, Perrine; B.S. Education, Elementary and Early Childhood Education; Sigma Kappa; Florida Education Student Association; ACEA. RUBY PAULINE PENNINGTON, Ponce de Leon; B.S. Education, Home Economics Education; 4-H Club; Home Economics Club; Scholarship Club. JOYCE C. PERRY, Vero Beach; B.S. Nursing, Nursing; International Club; Sludent Nurses Association; Los Picaros. NANCY JOAN PERSON, Coral Gables; B.A. Education, Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi; Freshman Flunkies; Village Vamps; Circus; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Dorm Officer; Methodist Student House, IF Week Committee; Social Chairman of Dormitory. MYRA JANE PETERMAN, Milton; B.S. Business, Business Education. o c CN CARL G. PETTEWAY, JR., Williston; B.S. Business, Marketing; AU-Star Dorm Softball Team; Athletic Director Magnolia Hall; President Dorm-Ind. Intra-Mural Board. MARILYN ANN PHARES, Frostproof; B.S. Education, Elementary Education. DONALD deGRAFFENREID PICKETT, Pahokee; B.S. Arts and Sciences. Biology; Army Senior R.O.T.C; Mayor of " Penthouse Gang, " Outstanding Resident of West Hall; Dean of Men ' s Staff at West Hall. JAMES C. PIKE, Palm Beach; B.S. Business, Management; Sigma Nu. SARA JANE PILCHER, Laurel Hill; B.A. Arts and Sciences, English, minor Chemistry; American Chemical Society, Secretary; International Club: Westminster Fellowship Council; Choral Union; North Cawthon Fire Marshal. EVA DESSE PINCKARD, Daytona Beach; B.S. Home Economics, Child Psychology; Kappa Alpha Theta, Social Chairman, Vice-President; Freshman Flunkies; Circus; Fashion Institute; Sophomore Council; Interior Commitlee; Westminster Fellowship; Judiciary; Tally Ho, Greek Editor, Class Editor. Editor-in-Chief; Home Economics Club; Mortified. MARJORIE JEAN PIPKIN, Lakeland; B.S. Education Elementary Education; SNEA or FTA; Concert Band; Scholarship Holders Club. o 1. 244 9 vS eniors 5 9 Ui DEAN ALLEN PL ATT, Sarasota; B.S. Business, Accounting. MICHAEL LOUIS PLATTIS, St. Petersburg; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Geology; Flambeau, Sports Staff; Gymnastica, Publicity Chairman; Geology Club; Intramurals; Gymkana, Publicity; Feds. ELIZABETH M. SHEPPARD PLOWMAN, Key West; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Delta Zeta; Floor Chairman; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Women ' s Glee Club; Women ' s Glee Club, librarian; Choral Union; FEA. ROBERT ANN PLUMMER, Brevard, N.C.; B.A. Education, Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Social Chairman and Scholarship Chairman; Theta Chi Dream Girl; Lambda Chi-Theta Chi Charity Bowl Queen. HONEY SUE POOLEY, Cocoa; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Physical Education Association; Women ' s Division of the University Recreation Association. PIROM POLLSAWASDI, Ayudhya, Thailand; B.S. Arts Sciences, Physics; International Club. CAROL ANN POPPENGER, Leesburg; B.M. Music, Voice; Women ' s Glee Club; University Singers; Bach Singers; MTNA; Christian Science Organ; Opera Light Opera Guild. cs PHILLIP CARL POSEY, Mobile, Ala.; B.A. Music, Music Education; Pi Kappa Lambda; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Mu Alpha, Secretary; Kappa Kappa Psi, President; MTNA; Band; Orchestra; Ensemble. CHARLES E. POTTER, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts Sciences; Seminole Speological Society. ARTHUR JOSEPH POWELL, Ft. Thomas, Ky; B.S. Business, Hotel Restaurant Management; Scullions, Secretary; Newman Club, Parliamentarian. DARVIN V. POWELL, Brunswick. Ga.; B.S. Business, Management. FRANKLIN EUGENE POWELL, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Mathematics. JANET HOLLER POWELL, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa PhL ROBERT EDWARD POWELL, Cairo, Ga.; B.S. Business; University Concert Band; FSU Marching Chiefs; Brass Choir. DONALD POWERS, Hamilton, Ohio; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Gymnastica; Gymnastica Honorary; Gymnastic Team; Physical Education Majors Club. 3 ANNE CHRISTIAN PRESTON, Statesboro, Ga.; B.S. Education, Recreation Therapy; Phi Mu; FSU Recreation Society, Vice President, Social Chairman Phi Mu. ROWENA PRIVETT, Clearwater, Fla.; Arts Science, Advertising Design; Kappa Alpha Theta. DELANE ROY PULLIAM, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Personnel Management; Veterans Club; Intramural Sports. ARLENE PEGGY PURCEL, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Education; Intramurals; Campus Sing; Junior Counselor. f JEAN CAROL RAGANS, Madison; B.S. Education, English; Alpha Deha Pi, Vice President, President; Women ' s Glee Club, Student Florida Education Association; Freshman Talent Show; Junior Class Project Committee. ELLEN R. RAYNOR, Sanford; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Wesley Foundation; NEA; Scholarship Club. o 245 KATHERINE EDITH ROESSLER, Pensacola; B.S. Home Economics, Fashio.i Merchandising; Alpha Xi Delta, Balfour Representative. EUNICE ALEDA READETTE, Pensacola; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Baptist Student Union; SFEA; Epsilon Chi State Teachers; Scholar- ship 1956. WALTHEW FREDERICK REARDON, St. Petersburg; B.S. Journalism, Adverising; Alpha Delta Sigma. DIXON IRVINE REDDITT, Jacksonville; B.M.E., Music; MENC; MTNA, Vies President; Phi Mu Alpha, Treasurer, Vice President; Kappa Kappa Psi; Pi Kappa Lambda School oi Music Vice President; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band; Symphony Orchestra, FTA; Concert Band; Announcer at WFSU-FM; Music Critic; Flambeau Staff; Fla. Composers League; Bach Singers; Symphony Orchestra; FSU Woodwind Quintet; Florida Wood- wind Quintet; Chamber Orchestra. DONALD A. REEDY, Jacksonville; B.S. Business, Insurance Real Estate; Alpha Tau Omega; Honor Court Justice; Presidents Cabinet (Secretary of Honor); Pledge President ATO; Sigma Kappa Man; Homecoming Committee; Speakers Bureau; Student Party. MARILYN DORIS REEDY, Jacksonville; B.S. Education, Recreation; Circus; BSU. President; Recreation Club; Junior Counselor. JOHN REESE. Pensacola; B.S. Arts Science, Biology. o M SANDRA LEE REESE, Jacksonville; B.S. Home Economic, Interior Design; Wesley Players; President Vice President; Les Jongleurs, Treasurer; Junior Counselor; Wesley Foundation Council; Choral Union; Gamma Alpha Chi. FRANK MILTON REEVES, Tallahassee; B.S., Management Market. JOHN PATRICK REMICH, Pensacola; B.S. Business, Business; Newman Club; Alpha Kappa Psi; Intramurols. RAYMOND LESTER REVELL, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts Sciences, Political Science; Marching Chiefs; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Kappa Kappa Psi; Symphonic Band; BSU . JEAN K. REYNOLDS. Jacksonville; B.S. Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta; Chaplain; Fashion Institute; Home Economic Club; Collegiate Party; Westminster Fellowship. SANDRA ELIZABETH RHODES, Tallahassee; B.S. Business Secretarial Science; Chi Omega Sorority. CAROLYN RICE. Tampa; B.S. Education; FTA Kappa Delta Pi; Scholarship Club. o hm C CN GERALD A. RIECKE, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa; President, Mens ' Physical Education Majors Club. JOHN E. RILEY. Parkersburg, W.Va.; B.S. Business, Baking Science Management; AKY, Secretary; FSU Baker ' s Club. MARY BETH ROBERTS, Daytona Beach; B.A. Home Economics, Fashion Merchandising; Kappa Alpha Theta; Freshman Flunkies; Sophomore O Council; Gamma Alpha Chi; Fashion Institute; Village Vamps; Sigma Nu Sweetheart. VERNA LEE ROBERTSON, Tampa; B.S. Business Education; Chi Omega, Vocational Chairman, Asst. Treas.; Freshman Flunkies. » KENNETH HUBERT ROBINSON, Dunedin; B.M. Music. Sacred Music; Phi Ma Alpha Sinfonia; Collegians; Ruge Hall Organist. MARGARET CLARA ROBISON, Fernandina Beach; B.S. Nursing; SNA; Choral Union; Westminster Fellowship. C MINNIE JUNE RODGERS, Bunnell; Nursing; Delta Zeta; Women ' s Glee Club; Cotillion; University Singers; Student Nurses Association. 9 Si eniors 5 9 246 U) BARBARA JUNE ROGERS, Ft. Walton Beach; B.S. Education. Elementary Education; Phi Mu, Historian; Wesley Foundation; FTA; NEA; EX. GEORGE HULLET ROGERS, Logansport, Ind.; B.S. Arts Sciences; Math; Volleyball. CHERYL ROSE. So. Miami; B.S. Business, Business Education; Chi Omega, Activities Chairman; Circus; Choral Union. SANDRA LEE ROSENBERG, B.S. Education. Exceptional Children; Kappa Alpha Theta, Pledge Trainers Activities Chairman; Freshman Flunkies, Vice President; Broward West Landis Halls, Vice President; Sophomore Council, President Reynolds Hall; President, Garnet Key; Mortified; Undersecretary Secretary Student Elections. CARL HERMAN ROSENBUSH, Green Cove Springs; B.S. Music, Music History Literature; University Symphony; Phi Mu Alpha; Sinfonia; IMA Program Chairman; Light Opera Guild; Opera; Symphonic Band. BARBARA ANN ROUSE, Lake Alfred; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association; No. Cawthon Floor Chairman House Council; Presbyterian Student Fellowship, Secretary Program Chairman; Sophomore Council. CAROLYN LOU ROUSE. St. Augustine; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Physical Education Association; Womens ' F Club. C GARY DAVID ROWLEE, Hialeah; B.S. Arts Science. Social Studies. SONJA CELESTINE ROWSEY, Tampa; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; BSU; Octect; Alpha Lambda Delta; Choral Union. PHILIP LEE ROYCE, St. Petersburg; B.A. Journalism; Track; Choral Union; Mens ' Glee Club; Student Association Sports Publicity Dept. RICHARD ALEX RUDY, Paris, Texas: B.S. Arts Sciences, Meteorology. DOYLE CARLTON RUFF, Orlando; B.S. Home Economics, Fashion Merchandising; Theta Chi; Varsity Track; Advanced Air Force ROTC, Captain. LILLIAN CAROL RULE. Ormond Beach; B.S. Nursing; Delta Zeta; Student Nurse Association; Newman Club. VIRGINIA CATHERINE SACKHOFF, St. Cloud; B.S. Business, Secretar ial Srience; Phi Chi Theta. ROBERT FRANCIS SANCHEZ, Sarasota; B.S. Education. English Education; Student FEA; NEA; Scholarship Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Delta, Vice President; Phi Kappa Phi. RONALD EUGENE SANDERS, Pensacola; B.S. Business, Accounting; Phi Kappa Tau; Circus. SUPAT SANGTONG, Bangkok. Thailand; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education. FRANK J. SATTLER, Tampa; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Sigma Chi. Secretary; Westminster Fellowship; Student Organizations Commit- tee; Sabre Flight; Arnold Air Society; Outstanding Junior Cadet, Chicago Tribune Award; Outstanding Senior AFROTC Cadet, Reserve Officers Association Award. CHARLES E. SAVAGE, JR., Wallenhurst, N.J.; B.S. Business, Baking Science; Phi Kappa Tau. Vice-President; F.S.U. Baking Club. BETTY JEAN SAVILLE, Hialeah; BS. Education, Arts Education; Baptist Student Union, Publicity Director; Arts Education Club. GLENN ARTHUR SCAMBLER, Ft. Pierce; B.S. Education, Science Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 9 S. eniors 5 9 247 9 S emors 5 9 HARRY JAMES SCARBOROUGH, Sarasota; B.S. Business, Management; Pi Kappa Phi. ROBERT WILLIAM SCHLITT. Vero Beach; B.S. Business, Insurance and Real Estate; Delta Sigma Pi. Secretary; Newman Club. Second Vice-President; Insurance and Real Estate; Marching Chiefs; Concert Band. WADE R. SCHLOTT, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; FEA, MARIANNE SCHMALZ, White Hall, 111.; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Art; Fashion Institute; War Path Club; Art Education Club. WALTER WILLIAM SCHRIEBNER, Fort Walton Beach; B.S. Business, Management and Finance. WILLIAM FLOYD SCHRIMSHER, Valdosta, Ga.; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Social Science. FREDERICK WILLIAM SHUSTER, Jacksonville; B.A. Arts and Sciences. English; Sigma Chi; Gymkana; Wesley Foundation, OHicers; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau Delta. o M WILLIAM H. SCHWEBEL, Beverly Hills, Calif.; B.S. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Alpha Kappa Psi; Scullions Club; Vets Club. CLARENCE FRANKLIN SCOTT, Pensacola; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Economics; Alpha Kappa Psi. HARLACE S. SEALY, Panama City; B.S. Education, Recreation; Phi Kappa Tau, Social Chairman, Secretary; Circus; Volleyball. MARLENE MORRIS SEALY, Pensacola; B.S. Home Economics. Interior Design and Housing; Circus; Theater Dance; Dames Club, Publicity Chair- man, Vice-President. SANDRA DONAHOO SEARS, Sarasota; B.A. Home Economics, Fashion Merchandising; Kappa Alpha Theta, Officer; Gamma Alpha Chi. Sophomore Council; Theater Dance Group; Cotillion Club, Treasurer; Fashion Institute. JOHN T. SELLERS, Panama City; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Mathematics. WILLIAM MARTIN SELLERS, Albany, Ga.; B.S. Arts and Sciences. Psychology; Delta Tau Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary; Choral Union. o c BLONDELL SEWELL, Chipley; B.S. Nursing, Nursing. JO ETHEL SEWELL, Miami; B.S. Arts and Sciences. Fashion Illustration; Gamma Alpha Chi; Wesley Foundation Council. Publicity, Public Relations; Wesley Players. RALPH H. SHARP, San Mateo; B.S. Business, Management and Finance; Lambda Chi Alpha; Veterans Club. LAWRENCE G. SHARPE, Jacksonville; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Psychology. ELLEN GLENCAIRN SHAW, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Early Childhood and Elementary Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; ACE, Treasurer; Guild Student Group, Organ, Secretary. RAE ADELLE SHELDON, West Palm Beach; B.S. Nursing, Nursing; Alpha Gamma Delta. RICHARD B. SHEVLIN, Palm Beach; B.S. Journalism, Editorial Journalism; Sigma Nu. Pledge Trainer, Reporter; Collegians; Circus; Florida State Church Key; Air Force Rifle Team, ROTC. o CO 248 9 S entor 5 9 o U) MICHIO SHIROMA, Naha, Okinawa; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Meteorology JACK H. SHIVER, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Mathematics. HELENE ALICE SINCLAIR, Miami; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Commercial Art; Delta Delta Delta, Assistant House Manager, Historian; Freshman Flunkies; Fashion Institute; Gamma Alpha Chi, Historian, Treasurer; A. P. Phillips Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Work; Student Art Shows. LOYD DAVID SINGLETARY, Milton; B.S. Business, Business Education; Future Business Leaders of America. WILLIE BRADFORD SINGLETON, Bartow; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Biological Science. SUZANNE RAWLS SLAPPEY, Tampa; B.S. Education. Elementary Education; Delta Gamma. LAURA JANE SMALLWOOD, Daytona; B.S. Nursing, Nursing; Student Nurses Association; North Cawthon, Social Committee; DSF; Christian Church Student Group. BARBARA ANN SMITH, Crestview; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega; FEA or FTA; Scholarship Club; B.S.U.; Transfer from Stetson. BETTL LULA SMITH, Panama City; B.S. Business, Accounting. " ELIZABETH ANNE SMITH, Palmetto; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Sophomore Council, Treasurer; Junior Counselor, Vice- President Reynolds, House Council; Wesley Foundation, Food Chairman. Q JOSEPHINE SMITH, Ft. Lauderdale; B.A. Education. Secondary Education, Secondary Education, Modern Language; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma £ Delta Pi, Secretary. 1 MYRTIS LULA SMITH, Williston; B.S. Home Economics, Child Development and Elementary Education; B. S.U.; Florida Education Association; Home Economics Club. RONALD Z. SMITH, Waynesburg, Penn.; B.S. Business, Baking Science. JAMES EDWARD SNOWDEN, Titusville; B.S. Business, Personnel Management; Delta Sigma Pi; Marching Chiefs; Seminole Flying Club. JANET ELISE SOLOMON, West Palm Beach; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Speech Therapy; Sigma Alpha Eta. RONALD RUDOLPH SOMMER, Brooksville; B.S. Education, English; Wesley Foundation; Alpha Phi Omega, Historian. DAVID P. SOMMERS, Tallahassee; B.A. Arts and Sciences. ROY JAMES SPAULDING, Jacksonville; B.S. Business, Accounting; Beta Alpha Chi. SYLVIA JANE SPINKS, Orlando; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; N.E.A. GLENDA ANN SPINNEY, B.S. Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology. ANNETTA SPRUELL, Aiken, S.C; B.A. Music; Music Theory; Phi Mu; Tau Beta Sigma; Marching Chiefs; Concert Band; Bach Singers; Women ' s Glee Club. 249 HAZEL IRENE SPURLOCK. Tallahassee; B.S. Social Studies. RUSSELL EDWARD SQUIER, Lake George, New York; B.S. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management. ROSEMARY LEE STAINBACK, Atlanta, Ga.; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Delta Zeta Social Chairman; Circus; Cotillion Club; Home Economics Club; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor, Social Chairman Bryan; Sigma Nu Sweetheart. WILLIAM TAL STANFIELD, Albany, Ga.; B.A. Business, Business Management; Transier Student. BARBARA ANNE STANG, Miami; B.S. Education. Early Childhod and Elementary Education; Delta Gamma, Corresponding Secretary; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; FTA; ACE. Projects. PATRICIA GAIL STARNES, Atlanta, Ga.; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Advertising Design; Delta Delta Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Social Chairman; Freshman Vice-President; Sophomore Vice-President; Gamma Alpha Chi, President, Social Chairman; West Hall Sweetheart; Sophomore Council; Village Vamps; Sophomore Hop " Princess " ; Kappa Alpha " Rosebud " ; A. P. Phillips Advertising Award winner; " Mademoiselle " Magazine College Board; AAAN Scholarship National Third Place Winner. JACQUELYN STECKER, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, Recording Secretary; Village Vamps, Treasurer; Gymkana Court; Freshman Flunkies. C ) MARY L. STEPHENS, Quincy; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; SFEA, Publicity Chairman; Women ' s Glee Club. PATRICIA LUCILLE STEPHENS, Lakeland; B.A. Music, Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota; Tau Beta Sigma; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band; JL Choral Union; Women ' s Glee Club; University Singers; Concert Band. SUE STEVENS, Okeechobee; B.A. Education, Elementary Education; Epsilon Chi; ACE; FEA. WILLIAM L. STEVENSON, JR., Panama City; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Commercial, Advertising Design; Alpha Phi Omega; Newman Club. " JOHN N. STEWART, Orlando; B.S. Business, Insurance and Real Estate; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. C LANARA STEWART, Jay; B.S. Education, Physical Education; F-Club; Intramurals. MILDRED JUANITA STEWART, Atmore, Alt.; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Collegiate 4-H Club; Student NEA; Home Economics Club; Fashion Institute. PATRICK DANIEL STEWART, Columbus, Ga.; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Social Science; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band; Kappa Kappa Psi; President; Drill Assistant of Band. SANDRA DOROTHY STEWART. Jacksonville; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Mathmatics; Kappa Delta, Assistant Treasurer; Military Ball Court; Circus; Theater Dance Group; Mathematics Teaching Club, Treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Homecoming Queen University of the South; Gator Bowl; Student Party; Astronomy Club. SUSAN CAROLYN STRICKLAND, Atlantic Beach; A.B. Arts and Sciences, Philosophy; Transfer from MacMurray College for Women. VIRGIL EARL STRICKLAND, JR., Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Science, Political Science; Sigma Nu. TOM S. STUDSTILL, JR., Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Management and Finance. FAYE ELAINE SUBER, Coolidge, Ga.; B.S. Social Welfare, Social Welfare; Social Work Club; Junior Counselor, Floor Chairman North Cawthorn. BETTY JOAN SWARTZ, Leesburg; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Sophomore Council; Wesley Players; SNEA, SFEA. Publicity Chairman. o CO 1 9 Si eniors 5 9 250 o U) MARY ELEANOR SWEATT, Orlando; B.S. Education, Elementary Educatio ; Pi Beta Phi, Historian; Tarpon; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Westminster Council, Honor Committee. LAVERNE SWEENEY, Jacksonville; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Physical Education Association; Florida Association lor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; Transfer from Brevard College. MARY ANN TATA. Tampa; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Educition. CORINNE M. TATOUL, West Palm Beach; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Speech; Sigma Kappa; Sigma Alpha Eta, Treasurer. KAY ELENE TAYLOR, Mayo; B.A. Music, Music Education; Alpha Chi Om ga, Chaplain, Scholarship Chairman, Treasurer; Sigma Alpha Iota; Re- cording Secretary; Choral Union; University Singers; Women ' s Glee Clib; B.S.U. MARY Y. TAYLOR, Tallahassee; B.S. Home Economics, Food and Nutrition. (. CAROL TERPENING, St. Petersburg; B.S. Music, Music Education; Morta ' Board; Garnet Key; Sigma Alpha Iota, Corresponding Secretary; Tou Beta Sigma, President, National Secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta; Marchng Chiefs; Symphony Orchestra; Symphonic Band; Opera Orchestra. o hi c CN ALYCE KATHRYN TERRY, Ft. Pierce; B.S. Education, Education; Delta Zeta; Canterbury Club; F.T.A. JOSEPH B. THARP, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Accounting; Beta Alpha Clii, Secretary. MARGARET ANN THOMAS, Quincy; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Chi Omega; Choral Union; Off Campus Court; A.C.E. WILLIAM EVERETT TODD, JR., Tampa; B.S. Business, Management and Marketing; Kappa Sigma, Vice-President; Alpha Kappa Psi, Ritualist, Social Director. BARBARA MARY TONEY, Jacksonville; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Mathema.ics; Newman Club, Vice-President; Math Teaching Club; Pi Mu Epsilon, Secretary-Treasurer. CAROL JANE TAYLOR, Jacksonville; B.S. Liberal Arts, Education for Physically Handicapped Children, Psychology; Flambeau; B.S.U. E. JANE TRIMBLE, Montgomery, Ala.; B.S. Education, English, History; Chi Omega, Personnel Chairman; Campus Party. FRANCES PATRICIA TUCKER, Atlanta, Ga.; B.S. Education, Special Educaiion; Phi Mu; Wesley Foundation; FEA; Off Campus Court. ALICE TURNBULL, Tallahassee; B.S. Journalism, Sigma Kappa, Corresponding Secretary, Registrar; Gamma Alpha Chi, Social Chairman; Student Fashion Institute; Junior Pan-Hellenic Representative. GEORGE EDWARD TURNER, III, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Alpha Chi. PATRICIA JEAN TURPIN, Miami; B.A. Music, Music Education; Marchinj Chiefs; Symphonic Band; Circus Band; Tau Beta Sigma, Vice-President; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice-President; M.E.N.C, Secretary, Vice-President. MARY LUCILLE TUTHILL, St. Petersburg; B.S. Education, Elementary Edu:ation; Kappa Delta Pi. LEONARD STANLEY TYLKA, Akron, Ohio; B.S. Business, Restaurant and Hatel Management; Lambda Chi Alpha; Scullions; Restaurant and Hotel Management Club. JOAN HALL TYSON, Live Oak; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Circus; Student Florida Education Association. 9 S eniors 5 9 251 9 S cniors 5 9 WILLIAM ERWIN TYSON, Latham, N.Y.; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Geography; Phi Kappa Tau, Rush Chairman, Pledgemasler; Gamma Thela Upsilon, President. CAROL LYNNE UHLICH, Naples; B.S. Home Economics. Dietetics; Pi Beta Phi; Sophomore Council; Home Economics Club; Intelligent Faith, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer; Freshman Flunkies; Omicron Nu; Junior Pan-Hellenic, Secretary-Treasurer; Student Welfare Committee. EMILY B. UMSTEAD, Tallahassee; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Delta Gamma; FTA; Home Economics Club, Social Chairman; Speological Club. ROBERT LEE UMSTEAD, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Geology; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Geology Club, Treasurer; Speological Club, Treasurer. NANCY L. VAN CLEVE, Atlanta, Ga.; A.B. Business, Secretarial Science; Circus. PATRICIA VAN HYNING, Clearwater; B.A. Arts and Science, Literature of the Western Cultures; Choral Union; WFSU-FM Radio; Gymkana; Los Picaros. JOHN PIERRE VAN RYSSELBERGE, Arlington, Ga.; B.A. Business, General Business; Theta Chi, Vice-President; Arnold Air Society, Treasurer. M IRA RUDERICK VAUGHN, Tallahassee; B.S. Journalism, Radio-TV, SUZANNE G. VICKERY, Miami; B.A. Arts and Sciences; Sigma Kappa; Transfer from University of Miami. CLARENCE EUGENE VICROY. Honolulu, Hawaii; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Meteorology; Phi Kappa Phi. LOUISE DELANE VINCENT, Miami; V.A. Arts and Sciences, English; Delta Gamma, Recording Secretary; Sophomore Council; FTA. MARGARET LAPARDO VIOLETTE, Lake Worth; B.S. Education, Art Education; Arts Education Club, Secretary, Recording Secretary. KAY FORD WAHLQUIST, Bristol; B.S. Education, Elementary Education. ESTHER GRACE WALDEN, Clarksville; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; B.S.U.; SNEA. o C JESSIE FRANCES WALKER, St. Petersburg; B.A. Music Music, Education; Pi Kappa Lambda; MENC, President; S.A.I., Social Chairman; University Symphony, Librarian; Women ' s Glee Club. ADA LEIGH WALL, Jacksonville; A.B. Arts and Sciences, English; Alpha Chi Omega, President; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sophomore Council; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Senate; Women ' s Vice-President; Wesley Foundation Council. EDITH WALL, Jackson, Miss.; B.S. Social Welfare, Child Welfare; Phi Mu, Assistant Social Chairman; Floor Chairman, Landis, Florida Hall; F.S.U. Chorale; B.S.U. JANE D. WALLACE, Tampa; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Phi Mu, Outstanding Pledge, Chaplain; Student FEA; Transfer. EDWARD THOMAS WARD. St. Marks; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa, Guide for Pledges; Physical Education Majors Club. BRUCE EDGE WARDEN, DeLand; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Geology; Gamma Beta Epsilon; Geology Club. ELLA MAE WATERS, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Physical Education Association, Publicity Chairman, Vice-President, President; Women ' s F Club, Corresponding Secretary; American Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. o 252 9 S emors 5 9 U) KENNETH HOGHEN WATKINS, Bartow; B.S. Arts and Sciences, History; Delta Tau Delta; B.S.U., Officer. RICHARD W. WATKINS, St. Petersburg; B.S. Business, Insurance; Insurance and Real Estate Society. RUDOLPH WATSON, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Secondary, Journalism, Speech, English Education; Flambeau Staff. ROGER WHEATON WEBB, Toledo, Ohio; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Gymnastica, Presiden t; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Varsity Gymnastics Team. Captain. MARGIE AMANDA WELLS, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Phi Chi Theta; Scullions, Corresponding Secretary; Veterans Club, Secretary. THOMAS HOWARD WELLS. Tallahassee; B.S. Public Administration, Law Enforcement; Phi Delta Theta, Secreary. Eexcutive Board; Honor Court, Clerk ProTem; Alpha Phi Omega; American Society of Public Adminisiration; Collegiate Party; Vets Club. GEORGE WELTER, Palmyra, Penn.; B.S. Arts and Sciences. History; Lt. Colonel USAF. o c JOSEPH PAUL WESTHAFER, Greensburg, Indiana; B.S. Education, English; Sigma Chi. HELEN LESTER WHEELER, Arlington, Va.; B.A. Arts and Sciences, English Literature; Kappa Alpha Theta; Tally Ho. Managing Editor; Elections Committee; Secretary of State Staff, President ' s Cabinet. MARY JANE WHITE, B.A. Music, Music Education; Pi Beta Phi, Chorai wnion; Circus. WILLIAM HOARD WHITEHEAD, III, Brooksville; B.A. Arts and Sciences, rolitical Science; Alpha Council; Phi Eta Sigma; Sabre Air Command; Housefellow, Senior Hall; Men ' s Senate; Smoke Signals. CHARLES THOMAS WILLARD, Havertown, Pa.; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Sigma Chi; Elections Committee; Speakers Bureau; Pow Wow, Student Government Editor; Board of Publication; Waterfront Director at the Reservation; Homecoming Committee; Collegians. DIANNE DE VANE WILLIAMS, Bonifay; B.S. Education, English Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Rush Chairman; Junior Class Secretary; FEA; NEA. ERNEST MATTHEW WILLIAMS, JR.; Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi; Accounting Honorary Society. HERMAN EDISON WILLIAMS, Pensacola; B.S. Business, Accounting, tiorida Peace Officer ' s Association. LUCIUS CARTHELL WILLIAMS, Chipley; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Political Science. SHARON POYSER WILLIAMS, Pensacola; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Phi Mu; Circus; State Teachers Scholarship Club, Social Chairman; FTA; Kappa Delta Pi. ARTHUR WINTER WILLITS, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Accounting; SigTna Nu; Beta Alpha Chi, President. MARY ELIZABETH WILSON, Americus, Ga.; B.S. Home Economics, Fashian Merchandising; Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chairman; Gamma Alpha Chi; Fashion Institutes; Inter-Sorority Social Council. MARY PATRICIA WILSON, Fort Valley, Ga.; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Speech; Gamma Phi Beta, First Vice-President; Les Jongleurs; First Place F.S.U. Intramural Oratory. SONDRA CELESTE WILSON, St. Petersburg; B.S. Education. Elementary Education. 253 RICHARD B. WINCHESTER, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Management; Sig la Alpha Epsilon. CLINTON B. WING, Tallahassee; B.S. Education. Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club, Vice-President. WILLIAM EUGENE WISE, Palatka; B.S. Business, Business Administration; Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chairman; Varsity Golf.. BEN C. WITHERS, Crawfordville; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Geology; Alpha Phi Omega, Sergeant-at-Arms; Gymkana; Geology Club; Seminole Speological Society, Secretary. SHELLA MARIE WOOD, Hialeah; B.S. Education. Science Education; FEA; Methodist Student House. SUSAN WOOD, Vero Beach; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Inter ational Club; Wesley Foundation. MARY DALE WOODBERY, Havana; B.S. Education, Elementary Educatio i; Alpha Delta Pi; Circus. U) BETTY JEAN WOODHAM, Chipley; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Alpha Omicron Pi, House Manager, Treasurer; Gymkana; Circus; Vice- President North Cawthon; Chairman Off Campus Court. NANCY VIRGINIA WORRALL. Ft. Walton Beach; B.A. Education, Englis . Education, Secondary; Zeta Tau Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta. President; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Judiciary; Chairman of Universi y Courts; Wesley Foundation Council, Secretary; Wesley Players; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Clerk of Honor Court. BOBBIE JEAN WRIGHT, Miami; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics EJucation; Alpha Chi Omega Social Chairman; Home Economics Club; Fashion Institute. ROSEMARY ELIZABETH YARR, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Education; Elementa y Education; Christian Science Organization, Secretary, Vice-President, President; Student Religious Association, Secretary; Inter-Faith Fellows ' iip, Program Chairman; Junior Counselor. CONNIE I. YEATON, Jacksonville; B.S. Education, Physical Education; A.A. H,P,E,R,; F.A.H.P.E.R.; P.E.A., Secretary-Treasurer, Fire Chief; F Club, __ and Intermural Manager and Chairman. jj GEORGE WILLIAM YOUNG, Ft. Lauderdale; B.A. Psyc hology, Alpha Phi Omega. Vice-President; Dorm Government, Housefellov West Hall; Little 500; Student Assistant; Orientation; Intramural Sports. DAVID THOMAS YOUNGBLOOD, Montrose, Penn.; B.S. Business; Bakin? Science and Management; Phi Kappa Tau, Secretary; Baking Club; ROTC, Advanced. o 9 S eniors 5 9 254 o U) DOLORES LEE ZEILER. Pensacola; B.A. Arts and Sciences, English; B.S.U.. Executive Council, Link Editor. WINONA A. ZLEL, Santa Rosa Beach; B.S. Nursing. Alpha Omicron Pi; S.udent Nurses ' Association, Second Vice-President; Alter Guild at Ruge Hall; Reynold ' s Fire Marshal; Junior Counselor; F.S.U. Homecoming Decorating Committee; Reynold ' s Social Committee, Chairman of Home- coming Decoration; Social Committee of S. Cawthon. BETTIE JANE COOK, St. Petersburg; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Delta Gamma, Treasurer; Future Teachers ' Association; ACE. ELEANOR ANN GATES. Canton, North Carolina; Social Welfare; Alpha Gamma Delta. MARTHA FRANCES GRAY, Atlanta, Ga. CLAIRE L. GREEN, Hollywood, Fla.; Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Freshman Social Chairman; Gymkana; Sophomore Social Chairman; Sophomore Council; Sigma Delta Pi; Social Chairman Landis Hall. o C CM JOSEPH JOHN GUSIC, Pensacola; Chicago, 111.; B.S. Education; Physical Education; Varsity Gymnastics; Intramural Board, President; Physical Education Majors Club, President; Sigma Delta Psi, President; Gymkana Executive Committee; Newman Club; Freshman Gymnastic Coach. WINFIELD SCOTT HARPE, Cedarfown, Ga.; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Economics; Phi Delta Theta, Secretary, Warden, Vice President, President, Gold Key; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Marching Band; Symphonic Band; Distinguished Military Cadet, AFROTC. JOHN C. HUDSON, Rosedale, N.Y.; B.S. Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Swimming Team; Vice President of Fraternity; Church Key. DOROTHY ANNE LINLEY, Trenton, N:J.; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Math; Alpha Xi Delta; Journal Correspondent; BSU; Math Teachers ' Club. PATRICIA ANN MILFORD, St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.S. Nursing; Delta Gamma; Wesley Foundation; SNA. CLARA LYNN NOLAND, Tampa; B.S. Education, Elementary Education. MARY ELINOR WILSON; B.S. Business, Business Education; Phi Chi Theta. 9 S cniors 5 9 255 HALL OF FAME HALL OF FAME DONALD L. AYRES Alpha Kappa Psi; AFROTC, Outstanding Jun- ior Cadet, Wing Commander, Drill Team; Ar- nold Air Society, Commander; Sabre Air Com- mand, Officer; Sigma Delta Psi, Vice President; Varsity Track; Varsity Volleyball; F-Club; Honor Court; ODK; Gold Key; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Delta Tau Delta, President; St. Petersburg. CAROLYN BELL Junior Counselor, Mortar Board, Treasurer; Omicron Nu; Tarpon; Sophomore Council; Gar- net Key; F-Club, President; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Xi Delta, Executive Council; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Lake Worth. 257 NANCY JO BOWERS Honor Court; Junior Counselor, Vice-President of Dorm; Kappa Alpha Theta, Pledge-Trainer, President; Sigma Tau Delta; Sophomore Coun- cil; Mortar Board; Garnet Key; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; University Discussion Team; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities; Orlando. LOIS CHARLESWORTH Junior Counselor, President of Dorm, Vice- President of Dorm; Chairman of House Presi- dent ' s Council; Senior Class Secretary; Sopho- more Council; Mortar Board, President; Garnet Key, Editor of Senior Black Book; Wesley Foundation Council; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Omicron Nu; Kappa Delta Pi; Delray Beach. 258 CYNTHIA LAWRENCE Circus; Class Senator; Class Treasurer; Sopho- more Hop Queen; Junior Counselor; Honor Court Justice; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Omicron Nu; Pi Beta Phi, President; Tallahassee. NANCY KEY Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi; Theater Dance; Alpha Lambda Delta, Judiciary; President of Jvmior Panhellenic; Kappa Delta, Rush Chair- man, President; Sophomore Council, Secretary; Village Vamps, Secretary; Carnet Kev; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Lakeland. 259 JOE WESTHAFER Varsity Basketball, Golf; Vice-President West- minster House; Omicron Delta Kappa, President; Gold Key; Sigma Chi, President; Chairman of Intelligent Faith Week; IFC, officer; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Green- burg, Indiana. NANCY WORRALL Alpha Lambda Delta, President; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor, Judiciary; Chairman of University Courts; Wesley Foundation Coun- cil; Wesley Players, Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Clerk of Honor Court; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Ft. Walton Beach. 260 SANDRA ROSENBERG Secretary of Elections; Garnet Key, President; President of Dorm, Junior Counselor; Sophomore Council, President; Vice-President of Dorm; Council for Exceptional Children, President; Newman Club, Publicity Chairman; Kappa Al- pha Theta, Activities Chairman, Pledge Trainer; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities; Speakers Bureau; Student Lobby Com- mittee; Mortified; Daytona Beach. ADA LEIGH WALL Women ' s Vice-President; Senator; Alpha Chi Omega, President; Sophomore Council, Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities;. State Secretary of MYF Conference; Chairman of Intelligent Faith Week; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta; Award for highest women ' s grade average; Jacksonville. 261 W ' ' - ' - ' ■ Juniors Ramon Arnold, President; Sandy Beskin, Social Chairman; Kay Hufford, Secretary; Claude Grizzard, Vice-President; Kay Hall, Treasurer. UNDERGRADUATE OFFICERS Sophomores Freshmen Judy McMillan, Secretary; Jackie Owens, Treasurer; Barbara Youmans, Vice-President; John Bell, President; Martha Bedell, Social Chairman. Bob Patrick, President; Jean Carrison, Social Chairman; Shirley Ann Martin, Treasurer; Marianna Girtman, Secretary; Bill Baker, Vice-President. CAROLYN T. ADAMS, Orange Park, 1 MARY ANN ADAMS, Ft. Lauderdale, 2 PATRICIA ADAMS, Delta Gamma, Miami, 2 RICHARD MILTON ADAMS, Delta Tau Delta, Melbourne, 1 SALLY ADAIR ADAMS, Alpha Xi Delta, Tampa, 1 BONNIE GAIL ADKINS, Jacksonville Beach, 1 MERLIN ROLLO AHRENS, Seward, Neb., 3 ELLEN LORRAINE ALLISON, Miami, 1 MARY MARGARET ALLISON, Bradenton, 1 ANGELA RAMONA ALONSO, Alpha Gamma Delta, Jacksonville, 3 KATHERINE FAIR ALSOP, Pi Beta Phi. Ocala, 1 BARBARA JEAN ALU, Miami, 2 ANITA LOUISE ALVAREZ, Phi Mu, Tampa, 2 JEROLYN AMAN, Homestead, 2 FLORENCE ELEANOR AKIN, Kappa Delta, Jacksonville. 2 FRANKLIN M. AKINS, Hialeah. 1 FRANK PAUL ALBANO. Tampa. 2 JERRY EUGENE ALBERT. Lambda Chi Alpha, Orlando, 2 PHYLLIS ALEXANDER. Alpha Omicron Pi, Pensacola, 3 GLORIA IRIS ALLEN, GraceviUe, 1 MARY SUE ALLEN, Tampa, 1 ANNE POPE AMANN, Gamma Phi Beta, Jacksonville, 1 RENA LEE AMBROSINL Phi Mu, Elberton, Ga., 1 WERNER C. AMMANN, Manisrigue, Mich. MARY JOAN AMOS, McDavid, 3 NANCY ELIZABETH ANDERS, Tampa, 1 DICK ANDERSON, Sigma Nu, Orlando, 1 HARRIET LEE ANDERSON, Tallahassee, 1 Lyindeycfyadi cygraduatcs Behind scenes at registration WALLACE LARS ANDERSON, Delta Tau Delta, Sarasota, 3 ANN GRIFFITH ANDREWS, Jacksonville, 1 JAMES RODDY ANDREWS, Kappa Alpha, Jacksonville, 4 MICHAEL LOUIS ANGELOTTI, Hialeah, 2 JOYCE LEE ANGUS, Miami. 2 FRANKLIN J. ANSLEY, Tallahassee FRANK DAVID ARBUTHNOT. Miami, 1 ANNE DELORES ATTAWAY, Perry, 1 NINA LEIGH ATWATER, Phi Mu. Tampa, 1 LINDA JEANNE AUSTIN, Tallahassee, 1 CAROLINE LEE AVERA, Orlando, 1 FLORENCE LATIMER AVIS, Delta Delta Delta, Vero Beach. 2 RAYMOND CHARLES AXON, Rochester, N. Y., 4 DONALD ARTHUR AYDELOTT, St. Petersburg, 2 ANN MARGARET ARCHER, Tallahassee, 3 PATRICIA ANN AREHARTS, Tampa, 1 CLAIRE ELIZABETH ARMENT, Indianapolis, Ind., 2 WILLIAM DALE ARNETT, Miami, 1 BENNY AUTRY ARNOLD, Jacksonville, 2 JOHN KNOX ARNOLD, Tallahassee, 3 SARA LINDA ARNOW, Delta Zela, Tallahassee, 3 MARGARET CLARK BACHE, Gainesville, 2 SANDRA KAY BADGER, Delta Zela, Ocala, 2 MAHMOUD ISMAIL BADRAN, Tallahassee, 2 BARBARA JEAN BAILEY, Winter Park. 1 CLAYTON WILLIAM BAILEY, Tallahassee, 1 ERNESTINE BAILEY, Quincy. 1 SALLY HUEY BAILEY, Quincy, 1 F. JACKSON ASCHERL, Lambda Chi Alpha, Daytona Beach. 1 SUE BYRON ASHFORD. Pass Christian, Miss., 3 WAYNE TERRIEL ASHMORE, Tallahassee, 2 RUFUS CHARLES ASHWORTH, Sigma Chi, Coral Gables, 1 WILLIAM EVERETT ATHANSON, Clearwater, 1 DWAYNE EARL ATKINS, Panama City, 3 BETTY JEAN ATKINSON, Alpha Xi Delta, Umatilla, 3 JUNE NEVELLE BAIRD, Pensacola, 1 BILL BAKER, Homestead, 1 WILLIAM GUSHING BAKER, JR.. Maitland, 4 CAROLYN JOAN BALDY, Bradenton, 1 DANA BALL, Chi Omega, Winter Haven, 2 KATHERINE BALL. Kappa Alpha Theta. Jacksonville. 3 SHIRLEY ANN BALLARD, Crestview, 1 264 ADAMS, M. ADAMS, P. ADAMS, R. ADAMS, S. ADKINS AHRENS AKIN AKINS ALBANO ALBERT ALEXANDER ALLEN, G. ALLEN, M. ALLISON, E. ALLISON, M. ALONSO ALSOP ALU ALVAREZ AMAN AMANN AMBROSINI AMMANN AMOS ANDERS ANDERSON, D. ANDERSON, H. ANDERSON, W. ANDREWS, A. ANDREWS, I. ANGELOTTI ANGUS ANSLEY ARBUTHNOT ARCHER AREHARTS ARMENT ARNETT ARNOLD, B. ARNOLD, I. ARNOW ASCHERL ASHFORD ASHMORE ASHWORTH ATHANSON ATKINS ATKINSON ATTAWAY ATWATER AUSTIN AVERA AVIS AXON AYDELOTT BACHE BADGER BADRAN BAILEY, B. BAILEY, C. BAILEY, E. BAILEY, S. BAIRD BAKER, B. BAKER, W. BALDY BALL, D. BALL, K. BALLARD PARASCHO PETER BALLAS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Shalimar, GR ALICE FAYE BARBER, Delta Zeta, Miami, 1 GLORIA LOUISE BARBER, Orlando, 1 PRISCILLA ESTHER BARCHAK, Fi. Myers, 1 EVA BEATRICE BARKHOUSE, Miami, 2 JOHN ALVIN BARLEY. Sanford, 1 HELEN DARLEEN BARLOW, Pensacola, 1 MAUDENA LEORA BARTEAUX, Miami, 2 GRETCHEN SUE BARTLETT, Alpha Omicron Pi, Cocoa, 3 SANDRA MARY BARTLETT, Nokomis, 1 J. CAROLYN BARTON, WiUiston, 3 JOHN JOSEPH BASQUILL, Bridgeton, N. J., 3 ROBERT ERNEST BASS, Pensacola, 3 BARBARA ANN BASTEN, Coral Gables, 3 JULIETTE JOY BARNES, Sarasota, 1 M. JUDITH BARNES, Tampa, 2 SARA CATHERINE BARNES, Bartow, 2 FRED KING BARR, Carrollton, Ga., 2 JANE BARR, Gamma Phi Beta, Bowdon, Ga., 3 JOSEPH ANGELO BARRES. JR.. St. Augustine, 1 MARIETA LOUISE BARROW. Bartow, 1 NANCY LEE BATES, Kappa Delta, Raiford, 2 CHARLOTTE PATRICIA BAXTER, Alpha Xi Delta, Jacksonville, 1 MARY KATHERINE BAYFIELD, Tallahassee, 1 JAMES RAPHAEL BAYLESS, Tampa, 2 VIRGINIA FRANCES BAYMILLER, Panama City, 1 HAROLD RAY BAZZELL, Sigma Nu, Lynn Haven, 3 SAMUEL CHARLES BEAMER, Pi Kappa Phi, Reddick, 3 Ld- n dcrofradt w Mates ' The Shaping of the Modern Mind " by Dr. Holschub SHIRLEY BEAN, Graceville, 3 NANCY BEARD, Alpha Chi Omega, Louisville, Ky., 1 DIANNE EUGENIA BEASLEY. West Palm Beach. 1 FRANCES OCTAVIA BEAUCHAMP. Chiefland. 3 WOODROW OTTIS BEAUCHAMP. JR.. Chiefland, 1 ARDIS ANN BELAND. Tallahassee. 3 CHIC BELDEN. Sigma Chi. Canton, Ohio, 1 STANLEY SAMUEL BETHIEL, Tau Epsilon Phi, New York, N. Y., 1 MARTHA NELL BETTS. Woodbury, Ga., 2 MARY FRANCES BETTS, Alpha Omicron Pi, Quincy, 2 BARBARA A. BEVIS, Miami, 3 CAMILLE LUVONNE BEWAN, Miami, 1 BEVERLY KAY BICKERSTAFF, Clearwater, 1 ELLA JEAN BIGELOW, Ft. Myers. 1 CHARLES L. BELFLOWER. Tifton. Ga., 3 ALBERT JULIAN BELL, Delta Tau Delta, Sarasota, 1 ALMA LOUISE BELL, Miami, 1 JULIANA ROSALIE BELL, Miami. 3 MARY ELIZABETH BELL. Alpha Xi Delta. Miami, 3 VIRGINIA LOU BELL, Lake Worth, 2 SANDRA LEE BENDAZI, Holly Hill, 1 NANCY JEAN BILD, Delta Gamma. Miami, 2 JUDITH M. L. BILLINGHAM. Winter Park, 1 BARBARA A. BILLMYRE, Talahassee, 1 HAYES OLIVER BLACK, Live Oak, 1 PATRICIA ANN BLACKBURN, St. Cloud, 2 SUSIE A. BLACKBURN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Mobile, Ala., 3 ANNETTE BLACKWELDER, Sigma Kappa, Winter Haven, I CAROLE ANN BERARDI, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 JANET MARIE BERELSMAN, Orlando, 1 BRYAN FRANK BERGERON, JR., Tallahassee, 1 SHIRLEY OWEN BERGERON, Tallahassee, 3 PATRICIA ANNE BERGERT, Delta Delta Delta. Orlando. 1 ANN MARGARET BERGIN. Tampa, 2 JACK DENBY BERGSTRESSER, Pi Kappa Alpha, Vero Beach, 2 JANICE ELLA BLACKWELL, Alpha Delta Pi, Bushnell, 1 PATRICIA KENT BLAKON, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 PEGGY JOYCE BLALOCK, Tifton, Ga., 3 MARGERY ANNE BLANKENSHIP, Pi Beta Phi, Columbia, S. C. 2 THEDA M. BLANTON, McDavid. 2 JO LEE BLONDHEIM, Kappa Delta, Atlantic Beach, 2 CHARLES FRANK BLOUNT, Tallahassee, 3 266 BARBER, A. BARBER, G. BARCHAK BARKHOUSE BARLEY BARLOW BARNES, I. BARNES, M. BARNES. S. BARR, F. BARR, J. BARRES BARROW BARTEAUX BARTLETT, G. BARTLETT, S. BARTON BASQUILL BASS BASTEN BATES BAXTER BAYFIELD BAYLESS BAYMILLER BAZZELL BEAMER BEAN BEARD BEASLEY BEAUCHAMP, F. PEAUCHAMP, W. BELAND BELDEN BELFLOWER BELL, ALBERT BELL, ALMA BELL. J. BELL. M. BELL. V. BENDOZI BERARDI BERELSMAN BERGERON, B. BERGERON. S. BERGERT BERGIN BERGSTRESSER BETHIEL BETTS. MARTHA BETTS, MARY BEVIS BEWAN BICKERSTAFF BIGELOW BILD BILLINGHAM BILLMYRE BLACK BLACKBURN. P. BLACKBURN. S. BLACKWELDER BLACKWELL BLAKON BLALOCK BLANKENSHIP BLANTON BLONDHEIM BLOUNT LOUISE ELIZABETH BLUME, Foley, 1 BETHANY MARGARET BLUMER, Miami, 2 SHARON O. BLUMER, Alpha Omicron Pi, Tampa, 3 MARIA RIXIE BOEKEE, Delta Delta Delta, Bradenton, 2 CAROLE MILDRED BOGART, Daytona Beach, 1 BETTY LOU BOOTH, Crestview, 4 ROBIN FRANCES BOSSO, Pensacola, I THOMAS P. BOWER, Sanford, 2 ROBERTA ANN BOYCE, Miami, 2 CHARLES C. BOYD, Tallahassee, 1 EARL JONES BOYD, Delta Tau Delta, Lake Placid. 2 JACQUELYN BOYD, Alpha Xi Delta, Clearwater, 3 MIGNON ELAINE BOYETTE, Tallahassee, 1 BEVERLY ANN BOZEMAN, Chi Omega, Orlando. 2 SHARON PATRICIA BOSTAIN, Delta Gamma, Gainesville. 1 FLORRIE AV ALINE BOSTICK, Plant City, 1 GENE WAYNE BOUCHILLON, Tallahassee, 1 WILLIAM LEE BOUKNECHT, St. Petersburg, 2 JON HOBBS, BOULWARE, Tavares, 1 JOAN EVELYN BOWEN, Delta Delta Delta. Lakeland, 1 MARGARET W. BOWEN. Tallahassee, LINDA ANN BOZEMAN, Leesburg, 1 CHARLE EUGENE BRACKETT, Ft. Lauderdale, 3 ALBERTA MARIAN BRACKIN, Tampa, 1 JANICE M. BRACKIN, Milton, 1 FRANCES ELIZABETH BRADLEY, Jasper, 1 SARAH JEAN BRADLEY, Horse Shoe, N. C. 1 BETSY R. BRADSHAW, Ft. Lauderdale, 3 Mugs Gallery? What is Art Doing? LA ndercfradi ' d ' uatcs CAROLE ELIZABETH BRINER, Phi Mu, Winter Haven, 3 CRYSTAL LU BROACH, Miami, 1 DOROTHY LOUISE BROADWELL, Phi Mu, Albany, Ga., 1 H. ELIZABETH BROCK. Vernon. 3 JOHN ALAN BROCKSMITH, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1 CHARLES W. BROGDON, Wewahifchka, 2 VICKI MAE BROMLEY, Erie, Pa., 2 NAOMI BROOKS, Alpha Delta Pi, Waynesboro, Ga., 2 MARY ANNE BROTHERSON, Alpha Omicron Pi. Mt. Dora, 2 BARBARA ROSE BROWN, Land O Lakes, 2 BRUCE BROWN. Sigma Nu, Tallahassee, 2 HARRY M. BROWN. Perrine. 1 NANCY LEE BROWN, St. Petersburg, 2 PAUL ALLAN BROWN. Tallahassee, 1 EVELYN ANN BRADSHAW. Palatka, 3 BETTY ANN BRADY. Orlando, 4 EDWARD J. BRADY. Ridgefield Park. N. J.. 3 CHARLES EDWARD BRAGG, Bartow, 3 HARRIET HOPE BRAGG, Miami, 1 JOHN SAMUEL BRAND, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Tallahassee. 2 BRENDA LEE BRANDT, Miami, I ROXANE LITCH BROWN, Atlanta, Ga., 3 WINIFRED E. BROWN. Tallahassee, 1 JEAN SUE BRUBAKER, Delta Gamma, Tallahassee, 3 BETTE JEANNE BRUCE, Eustis, 1 DAVID L. BRUNDAGE, Delta Tau Delta, Miami. 1 BARBARA BRYAN. Sigma Kappa. Jasper. 2 BETTY LAURA BRYANT, Miami, 2 SARA LYNN BRANTLY, Clermont, 3 REBECCA NAN BRAXTON, Chipley, 1 ANN CAROL BRENNAN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Ft. Pierce, 1 JOHN FRANCIC BRICKETT, Arlington, Mass.. 1 PAUL LANIER BRIDGES, Tallahassee, 3 PAXTON HOLMES BRILEY, Phi Delta Theta, Tallahassee, 2 LOULYN BRIM. Alpha Omicron Pi. Tampa, 1 GLORIA DELIA BRYANT. Kappa Delta. Jacksonville. 2 RUSSELL FORREST BRYANT, Sigma Chi, Jacksonville Beach. 1 GERALD J. BUCHERT, Port St. Joe. 2 NORMA J. BULLARD, Atlanta, Ga.. 1 JANE N. BULLER, Delta Gamma, Miami. 2 JUDITH BUNTING, Alpha Gamma Delta. Lake Wales. 3 MALINDA FRANSHEL BURGESS, Alpha Xi Delta, Pensacola. 2 268 BLUME BLUMER, B. BLUMER, S. BOEKEE BOGART BOOTH BOSSO BOSTAIN BOSTICK BOUCHILLON BOUKNECHT BOULWARE BOWEN, J. BOWEN. M. BOWER BOYCE BOYD, C. BOYD, E, BOYD. J. BOYETTE BOZEMAN, B. BOZEMAN, L. BRACKET! BRACKIN, A. BRACKIN, J. BRADLEY, F. BRADLEY, S. BRADSHAW, B. BRADSHAW, E. BRADY. B. BRADY. E. BRAGG. C. BRAGG. H, BRAND BRANDT BRANTLY BRAXTON BRENNAN BRICKETT BRIDGES BRILEY BRIM BRINER BROACH BROADWELL BROCK BROCKSMITH BROGDON BROMLEY BROOKS BROTHERSON BROWN, BARBARA BROWN, BRUCE BROWN, H. BROWN, N. BROWN. P. BROWN, R. BROWN. W. BRUBAKER BRUCE BRUNDAGE BRYAN BRYANT. B. BRYANT, G. BRYANT, R. BUCHERT BULLARD BULLER BUNTING BURGESS Mk BARBARA BURK, Alpha Omicron Pi, Jacksonville, 3 JANE BURKS, Alpha Omicron Pi, Jacksonville, 2 MORRIS BURKWALL, Beaumont, Tex., 2 PATRICIA ANN BURNASH, Delta Zeta, Cranford, N. J., 3 GEORGE KENNETH BURNETT, Wauchula, 1 SANDY JEAN BURNS, Delta Delta Delta, Gainesville, Ga., 3 JANIS ROSE BURRELL, Leesburg, 2 JOANNE ADELAIDE CALDWELL, DeLand, 3 MARGUITTE J. CALHOUN, Alpha Tau Omega. Tallahassee, 1 ANNE STUART CALVERT, Gamma Phi Beta, Monroe, N. C, 1 ROBERTA LEE CALVERT, Alpha Chi Omega, Miami, 2 HILDA KAYE CAMPBELL, Jay, 3 MARGARET PATRICIA CAMPBELL, Miami, 3 ALLISON LOUISE CANN, Daytona Beach, 2 S. PHILIP BURTON, Sparr, 1 MARILYN LAVONNE BUSH, Gamma Phi Beta, Lake Wales, 1 CARL H. BUTLER, Theta Chi, Jackson, Miss., 2 DIBBA BUTLER, Chi Omega, Jonestown, Miss., 3 SUSAN BUTLER. Del«a Delta Delta, Orlando, 1 ROBERT WILLIAM BYRD, Kappa Alpha, Abbeville, S. C, I RONALD DENVER CAIN, Albany, Ga., 3 CARL THOMAS CANNON, Alpha Tau Omega, Orlando, 1 LINDA CANNON, Alpha Delta Pi, Alexandria, Va., 1 SELBY CANNON, Alpha Delta Pi, Alexandria, Va., 1 PAT CANOVA, Alpha Xi Delta, Miami, 2 PATRICK SPEIGHT CANTEY. Madison, 1 FRANKIE CAROL CANNON, Jacksonville, 1 WILDA ANN CAPPS, Perry, 1 iyindeyqfyadi erijyaduatcs !@X ! !! Same old story for the SAE ' s MARLENE FERNANDA CARBONELL, Key West, 1 DON LEROY CARLSON, Park Forest, III., 1 NONA CARPENTER, Phi Mu, Biloxi, Miss., 3 JEAN ELIZABETH CARRISON. Jacksonville, 1 EWING WHITFIELD CARROLL, JR., St. Petersburg, 3 LINDA NELL CARTER, Lake City, 1 MARILYN ANN CARTER, Alpha Delta Pi, Mulberry, 1 DOROTHY OTIS CHAZEL, Ocala, 1 LYNWOOD BRUCE CHEATHAM, Green Bay, Va., 2 JEWELL NAOMI CHEELY, Williston, 1 CHARLENE JANICE CHEVALIER, Dania, 3 ALICE JEAN CHRISTIAN, Bradenton, 3 AUNDREA ELAYNE CHRISTOPHER, Miami Springs, 1 RONALD RAY CHRONISTER, JR.. Apopka, 3 DAVID H. CASEY. Rochester, N. Y., 3 NANCY SARAH CASH, Delta Zeta, Sanford, 2 EDITH ANN CASTO, Tampa, 1 ROSA CASTRO, Miami, 4 SUSAN ANN CATHCART, Lakeland, 1 EVELYN ESTELLE CAWTHORN, Blountstown, 3 NANCY LOUISE CELLON, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alachua, 3 WILLIAM JARRETT CHURCH, Eustis, 2 CLARE FRANCES CICHOWSKI, Prince, Haiti, 1 JUDITH ANN CLAPPER, Miami, 2 BARBARA CLARK, Miami, 1 CAROLYN M. CLARK, Alpha Omicron Pi, Miami DIANE CLARK, Clewiston, 3 HARRY BAUCHMAN CLARK, JR., Statesboro, Ga., GR DAVID R. CHAMBERS, Atlanta, Ga., 3 BEVERLY LOUISE CHAMPION, Jacksonville, 1 MYGNON CHAMPION, Tallahassee, 1 MARCIA KATHRYN CHAPMAN, Alpha Delta Pi, Troy, Ala., 1 NORMA CHAPPELL, Chi Omega, Clearwater, I VALERIE DAWN CHASE, Alpha Omicron Pi, Miami, 3 LORETTA MARIE CHASTAIN, Haines City, 1 DORIS LINDA CLAVILLE, Valrico. 3 ROBERT WESLEY CLAXTON. Pi Kappa Tau. Nashville. Tenn., 1 JUDY ELAINE CLAYTON, Monticello, 1 PAMELA JOY CLAYTON, Jay, I NANCY RUTH CLELAND, Jacksonville, 1 MARY ELLEN CLEMENS, Panama City, 3 ANN MARIE CLEMENTS, Alpha Chi Omega- Louisville, Ky., 3 270 iSUHK. BURKS BURKWALL BURN ASH BURNETT BURNS BURRELL BURTON BUSH BUTLER, C. BUTLER, D. BUTLER, S. BYRD CAIN CALDWELL CALHOUN CALVERT, A. CALVERT, R. CAMPBELL, H. CAMPBELL, M. CANN CANNON, C. CANNON, L. CANNON, S. CANOVA CANTEY CANWON CAPPS CARBONELL CARLSON CARPENTER CARRISON CARROLL CARTER, L. CARTER, M. CASEY CASH CASTO CASTRO CATHCART CAWTHORN CELLON CHAMBERS CHAMPION, B. CHAMPION, M. CHAPMAN CHAPPELL CHASE CHASTAIN CHAZEL CHEATHAM CHEELY CHEVALIER CHRISTIAN CHRISTOPHER CHRONISTER CHURCH CICHOWSKI CLAPPER CLARK, B. CLARK, C. CLARK, D. CLARK, H. CLAVILLE CLAXTON CLAYTON, I. CLAYTON, P. CLELAND CLEMENS CLEMENTS LARY ANDERSON CLENDINEN, Sigma Chi, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 BARBARA BENNETT CLEVELAND, Gulfport, 2 SANDRA MAE CLIFT, Pi Beta Phi, West Palm Beach. 1 DONNA FA YE CLINTON, Daytona Beach, 1 LINDA ANN CLOSE, Macon, Ga., 1 EVELYN JOAN COACHMAN, Delta Gamma, Clearwater, 1 SHIRLEY M. COACHMAN, Delta Gamma, Clearwater, 2 BETTE CLAIRE COLLAR, Delta Zela, Tampa, 2 CAROL SUE COLLEY, Pensacola, 3 LOIS JACQUELYN COLLEY, Starke, 2 CONSTANCE H. COLLIER, Alpha Gamma Delta, Winter Park. 1 GWYNN MARIE COLLINS, Alpha Delta Pi. Pensacola. 2 THOMAS A. COUINS, Caryville, 1 PHYLLIS E. COLTER, Kappa Delta. Pensacola. 1 VIRGINIA ANITA COCKRELL, Alpha Chi Omega, Panama City, 1 GERALDINE JOWERS COGGIN, Quincy, 3 KENNETH MICHAEL COHEN, Tampa, 2 ROBERT WALTER COLBY, Ff. Lauderdale, 3 JAMES RICHARD COLEE, St. Augustine, 3 JIM COLEMAN, Tampa, 2 REBECCA JEANNE COLEMAN, Orlando, 2 DARLENE COMPTON, Tallahassee. 2 THOMAS LEE CONDRA. West Palm Beach, 1 BYRON DAVID CONE. Brandon, 2 KENNETH B. CONE. Alpha Tau Omega, Lakeland. 2 PATRICIA RUTH CONGER. Clearwater. 3 ANNE EVANS CONNELL, Delta Delta Delta, Inverness, 3 ANTOINETTE MARIE CONNELLY, Ft. Lauderdale. 3 CA n dcrciradi erofraduates " Whole lot of shaking going on! " Familiar scene in West Hall shop. JEANNE ELIZABETH CONNOLLY, Lakeland, 3 LOIS ELAINE CONNOLLY, Lakeland, 1 IRENE CONS, St. Petersburg, 2 CARLA GWEN COOK, Miami Springs, 1 CLARICE COOK, Phi Mu, Arlington, Ga.. 3 DOUGLAS RYAN COOKE, Tallahassee, 1 MARCIA ANN COOLEY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tampa, 1 JAMES W. COX, Pascaqouia, Miss., 1 JULANNE MARSHA COX, Alpha Gamma Delta, Jacksonville, 1 MARY THOMAS COX, Crestview, 1 CAY CRANFORD, Delta Delta Delta, Valdosta, Ga., 2 SONDRA KAY CRANGL Miami Shores. 1 JESSE KEITH CRAWFORD, Jacksonville. 1 LINDA SHARON CREIGHTON, Tampa. 1 LINDA JEAN CORBETT, Sigma Kappa, Tallahassee, I CHARLES LYNN CORBIN, Belle Glade, 2 BONNIE LEAH CORE, Alpha Omicron Pi, Jackson, Miss., 1 VIRGINIA MARGARET COSTELLO. Sigma Kappa, Palm Valley, 1 MARTHA LEE COSTIN, Alpha Chi Omega. Port St. Joe, 3 SHEILA MARY COSTIN, Delta Zeta, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 JOHN A. COUNTER, Kappa Alpha, Winter Haven, 3 LOY ANN CRIBBS, Branlord. 1 JOANNE CRISP, Fernandina Beach, 1 DOROTHY ANNE CRONIN, Delta Gamma, Miami, 2 LUCY ANN CROOK, Jacksonville, 1 SARA LA MBERTH CROOKS, Delta Zeta, Ft. Pierce, 1 LINDA CARROLL CROWDER, Alpha Chi Omega, Eustis, 2 ESTER CLAUDIA CROWE, Tampa, 2 REGINA LEE COVINGTON, Lakeland, I MARGARET LEE COWAN, Miami, 1 CAROL ANN COW ART, Miami 1 FRANCES M. COW ART, Phi Mu, Arlington, Ga., 3 IDA P. COWELL, Pompano Beach, 1 CYNTHIA SUELLEN COX, Alpha Xi Delta, Live Oak, 1 EMMA JEAN COX, Hartsville, S. C, 3 MICHAEL JOSEPH CRUZ, Tampa, 1 MARYNEL K. CULBRETH, Panama City, 3 B. JEAN CULPEPPER, Alpha Delta Pi, Live Oak, 2 J. LOVVORN CURRIE, Clewiston, 1 JUDITH IRENE CURTISS, Ft. Pierce, 1 KATHLEEN ANN DALY, Leisure City. 1 DORIS DARWICK. Miami. 3 272 CLEVELAND CLIFT CLINTON CLOSE COACHMAN, E. COACHMAN, S. COCKRELL COGGIN COHEN COLBY COLEE COLEMAN, J. COLEMAN, R. COLLAR COLLEY, C. COLLEY, L. COLLIER COLLINS, G. COLLINS, T. COLTER COMPTON CONDRA CONE, B. CONE, K, CONGER CONNELL CONNELLY CONNOLLY, J. CONNOLLY, L. CONS COOK, CARLA COOK, CARLICE COOKE COOLEY CORBETT CORBIN CORE COSTELLO COSTIN, M. COSTIN, S. COUNTER COVINGTON COWAN COWART, C. COW ART, F. COWELL COX, C. COX, E. COX, JAMES COX, JULIANNE COX, M. CRANFORD CRANGI CRAWFORD CREIGHTON CRIBBS CRISP CRONIN CROOK CROOKS CROWDER CROWE CRUZ CULBRETH CULPEPPER CURRIE CURTISS DALY DARWICK MARSHARAE DAVID. Miami, 3 ROBERT FRAWFLIN DAVID, Washington, D.C., 2 ANNA LOUISE DAVIS, Ocala, 1 CAROLYN JANE DAVIS, Miami, 1 DORIS DAVIS, Perry, 1 GLORIA YVONNE DAVIS, Atlanta, Ga., 3 JOHN R. DAVIS, Phi Delta Theta, Atlanta, Ga., 2 SANDRA ELLEN DAVIS, Ft. Lauderdale. 3 PEGGY ELAINE DAWSON. Kappa Alpha Theta. Ocala, 1 JOYCE EVELYN DAY. Coral Gables, 3 MARY ALICE DAY, Alpha Gamma Delta, Orlando, 1 NAOMI ANNETTE DAY, Miami, 2 NORMA DECAMP, Miami Springs, 1 ARTHUR LADERSON DEDGE, Jasper, 1 LINDA ANN DAVIS, Port Washington, N.Y., 1 LINDA SUE DAVIS, Sigma Kappa, Sarasota, 1 MARY KATHRYN DAVIS, Kappa Delta, Jacksonville, 2 MARTHA LOUISE DAVIS, Clewiston, 3 NANCY L. DAVIS, Jacksonville, 1 PATRICIA ANN DAVIS, Quincy, 1 RONALD CLIFTON DAVIS, Jacksonville, 3 F. RAMONA DEESON, Lakeland, 1 NANCY ELIZABETH DEFORE, Alpha Xi Delta, Clemson, S.C. 3 EDNA LOIS DELAND. Key West. 1 VIRGINIA FERN DELAVAN, Jacksonville. 2 MARY ANN DELONEY. Alpha Xi Delta. Lakeland, 2 VIRGINIA SARAH DELVALLE, Miami, 2 ALEXIS DEMAS, Daytona Beach, 1 ergraduaies Vets put on the dog for homecoming. TED DOUGLAS DEMMON, Theta Chi, Syracuse, N.Y., 3 DOUGLAS IRVING DENNETT, Norfolk, Va., 1 DAVID WILLIAM DENNIS, Bradenton, 2 MERRY INA DENNIS, Foley, 2 CECILY SUSAN DERRICK, Gamma Phi Beta, St. Petersburg, 3 WILLIAM FREDERICK DETTMER, Phi Kappa Tau, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 DONNA MARION DEUTSCH, Palatka, 1 DOROTHEA W. DAVIS, Kappa Alpha Theta, Pensacola, 2 JOE DOWDELL, Coral Gables, 2 NANCY JEAN DOWLING, Tampa, I KATHLEEN MARIE DOWNEY, Merritt Island, 1 VIVIAN ANNE DOZIER, Alpha Omicron Pi, Orlando, 2 MARTHA ANN DREADIN, Tampa, 2 TED ERVIN DRUM, Kappa Alpha, Ft. Lauderdale, 3 LAVEENIA EVELYN DICKS, Chiefland, 2 MARGARET AGNES DIEHL, Miami, 2 PENELOPE CLAIR DIEHL. Ocala, 1 MAYDRA ANN DINKINS, Live Oak, 1 JUANITA JANE DINSMORE, Lakeland, 3 DAVID CLINTON DIXON, Brunswick. Ga., JEAN ANNE DIXON, Fernandina Beach, 3 LORRAINE JEAN DUDEK, Sarasota, 1 DEBORAH SUSAN DUMKE, Buffalo, N.Y., 1 DOROTHY FA YE DUNAWAY, Pi Beta Phi, Tallahassee, I BARBARA ANN DUNCAN, Delta Zeta, Tampa. 1 VIRGINIA FRANCES DUNNING, Miami Shores. 1 MARGARET E. DURACK. Tampa, 3 KATHRYN INEZ DUREN, Delta Gamma, Tallahassee, 1 PRISCILLA JEANNE DOBBS, West Palm Beach, 1 PATRICIA RAE DOEPKE, Pi Beta Phi, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 CAROLE ANN DOLFI, Orlando, 1 CARLYN ANN DONATH, Pi Beta Phi, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 MARY ELIZABETH DONNELLY, Delta Delta Delta, Ocala, 1 JAN ISABELLE DOUGHERTY, Kappa Alpha Theta, Miami, 1 PHYLLIS DOUGLAS, Dunedin, 1 JANNI LEAH DURRANCE, Bunnell, 2 MILDRED J. DURST. Sarasota, 2 CAROL ANN DUVAL, Winter Haven, 1 NOBEL ALV;N DYAL, JR.. Kappa Alpha, Jacksonville NORMA JEAN EADIE, Lake City, 2 SANDRA LEIGH EASON, Tampa, 1 LORENA ANN EASTHAM, Star City, Ark., 1 274 DAVID, R. DAVIS, A. DAVIS, C. DAVIS, D . DAVIS, Y. DAVIS, J. DAVIS, LINDA ANN DAVIS, LINDA SUE DAVIS. MARY DAVIS, KAY DAVIS. N. DAVIS. P. DAVIS, R. DAVIS, S. DAWSON DAY, J. DAY, M. DAY, N. DECAMP DEDGE DEESON DEFORE DELAND DELAVAN DELONEY DELVALLE DEMAS DEMMON DENNETT DENNIS, D. DENNIS, M. DERRICK DETTMER DEUTSCH DICKS DIEHL, M. DIEHL, P. DINKINS DINSMORE DIXON, D. DIXON. J. DOBBS DOEPKE DOLFI DONATH DONNELLY DOUGHERTY DOUGLAS DAVIS. D. DOWDELL DOWLING DOWNEY DOZIER DREADIN DRUM DUDEK DUMKE DUNAWAY DUNCAN DUNNING DURACK DUREN DURRANCE DURST DUVAL DYAL EADIE EASON EASTHAM BLANCHE MARIE EASTMAN, Mulberry, 2 CORRELLA OULD EASTMAN, Orlando, 2 JOHN F. EDDINS, Panama City, 3 CAROL D. EDGINGTON, Gamma Phi Beta, Tallahassee, 2 DENNA LEE EDWARDS, Eustis, 1 IDA MARGUERITE EDWARDS, Ft. Gaines, Ga., 3 LORAIN J. EDWARDS, Lake Worth, 1 BOYT LEE ELAM, Greenville, 2 BARBARA NELLIE ELLIOTT, Bradenton, 1 CAROLE JEAN ELLIOTT, Monroe, N.C., 3 DOLORES O. ELLIS, Sigma Kappa, Oklawaha, 1 MALCOLM GEOFFREY ELLIS, Miami Beach, 3 ELOISE ELLISON, Birmingham, Ala., 1 WILLIAM JEROME ELMORE, Greer, B.C., 3 MERpiLL JEROME EDWARDS, Starke, 2 SUZANNE ELIZABETH EDWARDS. Jacksonville, 2 SYLVIA ELIZABETH EDWARDS, Princeton, 1 GEORGE ANTHONY EGERMIER, Miami, 1 SALLY SHERWOOD EHRMANN, Pi Beta Phi, Gainesville, 1 MARJORIE ELAINE EICHINGER, Alpha Omicron Pi, Tallahassee, 2 SYLVIA KAREN EKMAN, Zeta Tau Alpha, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 GORDON RICHEY ELWELL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Orlando, 1 SUSAN JOAN EMPTAGE, Jacksonville, I BEVERLY FAYE ENGERT, Cantonment, 3 MARTHA ERWIN, Clearwater, 2 LINDA RUTH ESHLEMAN, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 JOHN RICHARD ESPEY, Pi Kappa Phi, Clearwater, 3 JOAN HEATHER ESSIG, Lakeland, 1 Um-gah-wah! Chick Cicio, Seminole mascot guards homefront. LA-nderaraduales ' d SAMUEL DAVID FEDOR, ZephyrhiUs, 1 SUSAN CAROL FEHLBERG, Delta Delta Delta, Dade City, 3 ANNCLARE FELDSTEIN, Miami, 2 CARL RONALD FERDON, St. Petersburg, 3 IRENE YOLANDA FERNANDEZ, Tampa, 3 MARGARET ELIZABETH FERQUERON, St. Petersburg, 3 JANET MAY FERRIS, Palatka, 2 MARTHA LOU FESPERMAN, Newberry, S.C. 2 LAURA ELIZABETH FETTERLEY, Bunnell, 1 KATHERINE JO FICARROTTA, Tampa, 1 CAROLYN FIELD. Lakeland, 2 JANE MARILYN FIELD, Ft. Pierce, 1 SUSAN MAE FIELD, Tallahassee, 2 EDGAR THOMAS FIELDS, Lakewood, N.J., 3 DONNA JOAN EUBANKS, Panama City, 2 JOHN RICHARD EUBANKS, Panama City, 3 ROGER LEE EUBANKS, Crawfordville, 1 EMORY DONALD EVANS, Panama City, 3 ALDENE RUTH EVERS, Ft. Pierce, 3 ARTHUR M. EWALD, Tallahassee, 1 JO ELEN EYSTER, Pi Beta Phi, Pensacola, 1 GORDON P. FINCH, St. Augustine, 2 JOY LYNN FINCH, Jacksonville, 2 JANE LOUG FINCHUM, Zeta Tau Alpha, Daytona Beach. 1 NANCY JEANNE FINDLEY, Miami, I RICHARD BERNARD FINK, Tau Epsilon Phi, Mt. Vernon, N.Y., 3 F. BETH FINLAY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Blountstown, 1 CHRISTINE A. D. FISHER, Delta Delta Delta, Hollywood, 3 CAROLYN ANN FAIN, Sigma Kappa, Tallahassee, 1 MARGARET TERESA FARLEY, Miami, 1 JOSEPH P. FARLS, JR., Freedom, Pa., 3 OLLIE JEROME FARNAM, Tallahassee, 2 CROCKETT FARNELL, Kappa Alpha, Tampa. I JUDY FARRIS, Jacksonville, 1 MARY VIRGINIA FEARNSIDE, Palatka, 1 FRANCES EVELYN FISHER, Avon Park, 4 JOYCE HELEN FISHER, Delta Deha Delta, Daytona Beach, 1 PEGGY O ' NEAL FLEMING, Oviedo, 2 KAY CHARLOTTE FLETCHER, Quincy, 1 CAROL SUE FLINN, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 SUZANNE RUTLEDGE FLORY, Pequea, Pa., 3 ANNA CLARE FLYNN, Sarasota, 2 276 EASTMAN, C. EDDINS EDGINGTON EDWARDS. D. EDWARDS. I. EDWARDS, L. EDWARDS, M. EDWARDS. SUZ. EDWARDS, SYL. EGERMIER EHRMANN EICHINGER EKMAN ELAM ELLIOTT, B. ELLIOTT, C. ELLIS, D. ELLIS, M. ELLISON ELMORE ELWELL EMPTAGE ENGERT ERWIN ESHLEMAN ESPEY ESSIG EUBANKS, D. EUBANKS. J. EUBANKS, R. EVANS EVERS EWALD EYSTER FAIN FARLEY FARLS FARNAN FARNELL FARRIS FEARNSIDE FEDOR FEHLBERG FELDSTEIN FERDON FERNANDEZ FERQUERON FERRIS FESPERMAN FETTERLEY FICARROTTA FIELD. C. FIELD, J. FIELD, S. FIELDS FINCH, G. FINCH, J. FINCHUM FINDLEY FINK FINLAY FISHER, C. FISHER. F. FISHER. J. FLEMING FLETCHER FLINN FLORY FLYNN DOROTHY JEAN FORBES, Delta Delta Delta, Miami, 1 WILLIAM HARLEY FORD, Alpha Tau Omega, Orlando, 3 GEORGE EDWARD FORDHAM, Pi Kappa Phi, St. Petersburg, 3 LOIS LORETTA FOREMAN, Eau Gallie, 1 HELEN HARLET FORREST, Phi Mu. Clearwaier, 2 JOAN SUZANNE FORRESTER, Miami, 1 LOIS AILEEN FORRESTER, Winter Park, 2 MARGIE KATHLEEN FRASER, Lake City, 3 NANCY JANE FRASER, Alpha Xi Delta. Delray Beach, 3 E. IVYLYN FRAZIER, Alpha Gamma Delta, Atlanta, Ga., 1 CARLEY ANN FRECK, St. Petersburg, 1 JEANNE LOUISE FREEMAN, Pensacola, 1 MARY GLENN FREEMAN, Fitzgerald, Ga., 2 CLAIRE LOUISE FREIBURGER. Miami, 1 JANET LEA FOSSUM, Tallaha.ssee. 1 ANN TUCKER FOSTER, Chi Omega, Jackson, Miss., 3 J. LAWRENCE FOX, Tallahassee, 1 JAMES LEE FOX, Alpha Tau Omega, Sanford, 2 VIRGINIA JOYCE FOX, Alpha Gamma Delta, 1 JOHN RUSSELL FRANKLIN. Carrollton, Ga., 3 WILLIAM W. FRANKLIN, Miami. 2 DOUGLAS STEPHEN FRENCH, Lambda Chi Alpha, Elmira, N.Y.. 1 VIRGINIA K. FUGATE, Ft. Lauderdale, I FRED T. FULKERSON, Phi Delta Theta, Jacksonville. 2 EDITH MARIE FULLER, Lakeland, 1 SHERRY J. FULLER, Panama City, 3 ANADELL SUE FULLINGTON, Bartow, 1 Donna Kay Fulton, Miami, 2 LA n derciradi ergfraduates Spartans snowed by FSU babes. KD-SAE float at homecoming. ELIZABETH JOSEPHINE GADDY, Jacksonville, 1 MINORA FRANCES GALBRAITH, Tallahassee, 1 MICHAEL GALLAGHER. Pi Kappa Alpha, Daytona Beach, 1 ELBIA GARCIA, Miami, 2 LORETTA H. GARCIA, Tampa, 3 LORNA HELENE GARCIA, Tampa, 2 SANDRA MARIE GARCIA, Tampa. 3 MARY GRACE PAULINE GIELLA. Dade City, 3 WILLIAM PEAKE GILBERT, McClenny, 1 GERALDINE ANN GILBURTS, Alpena, Mich., 3 VERLYN McDowell GILES, Jacksonville, 2 MARY GAIL GILLESPIE, Pi Beta Phi. Neptune Beach, 1 JOHN ANDREW GILLIS, St. Petersburg, 3 JACK A. GILLRUP, Jacksonville, 3 TRUDY GARCIA. Tampa, 2 VIRGINIA ANN GARNER, Dublin, Ga., 3 MARVIN ALVIN GARRETT. Tampa, 3 C. YVONNE GARTMAN, Panama City, 3 GRETCHEN GATEWOOD, Alpha Delta Pi, Orlando, 2 PAULETTE BEBIANA GAUTHIER, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 MARJORIE PRISCILLA GEGENSCHATZ. Zeta Tau Alpha, Miami. 2 DOROTHY ANN GILMORE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pensacola. 1 JUDY ANN GILSON. Tallahassee. 1 ROBERTA ANDREA GINORIO. St. Petersburg Beach, 1 MARIANNA GIRTMAN, Zeta Tau Abha, Tifton. Ga.. 1 JEFF CHARLES GITLIN, Madeira Beach. 1 CAROLYN FAY GLOECKNER. HagersviUe. Ontario. 1 BETTIE ANN GOBER. Sarasota. 2 MARY BEALE GEORGE. Alpha Xi Delta. East Point. Ga., 3 MIKE GEORGE, Apalachicola, 2 MARVIN W. GERHARD, Pi Kappa Alpha, Dunedin, Fla.. 3 JUDITH MAE GERNHARD, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sarasota, 2 DANNYE CAROL GIBSON, Miami, 1 SANDRA LEE GIBSON. Bradenton. 1 SUZANNE PATRICIA GIBSON. St. Petersburg. 2 KATHRYN ELLEN GOBIE, Miami, I M, NAN GODFREY, Chipley, 3 SUSAN WINIFRED GOLDWASSER, Alma, Ga.. I CHARLOTTE ANDREA GOODMEN. Kappa Alpha Theta. Columbus, 2 GARY GORDON GOODMAN. Miami. I JAMES F. GOODWIN. Marianna, I MARCIA ANN GORDY. Phi Mu. Columbus. 3 278 FORD FORDHAM FOREMAN FORREST FORRESTER. J. FORRESTER, L. FOSSUM FOSTER FOX, I. LAWR. FOX, JAMES FOX, V. FRANKLIN, J. FRANKLIN, W. ERASER, M. ERASER, N. FRAZIER FRECK FREEMAN, J. FREEMAN, M. FREIBURGER FRENCH FUGATE FULKERSON FULLER. E. FULLER. S. FULLINGTON FULTON GADDY GALBRAITH GALLAGHER GARCIA, ELBIA GARCIA, LORETTA GARCIA, LORNA GARCIA, S. GARCIA, T. GARNER GARRETT GARTMAN GATEWOOD GAUTHIER GEGENSCHATZ GEORGE, MOLLY GEORGE, MIKE GERHARD, M. GERNHARD GIBSON, D. GIBSON, SANDRA GIBSON, SUZ. GIELLA GILBERT GILBURTS GILES GILLESPIE GILLIS GILLRUP GILMORE GILSON GINORIO GIRTMAN GITLIN GLOECKNER GOBER GOBIE GODFREY GOLDWASSER GOODMAN, C. GOODMAN. G. GOOWIN, J. GORDY f -I %„.- J SALLY ANN GOTSHALL, Panama City, 1 EDITH SANDRA GOVE, Belle Glade, 1 JOHN P. GRADY, Bartow, 3 JULIAN N. GRAHAM, JR., Kappa Alpha, Tampa, 3 AUDREY MAE GRANT, Alpha Xi Delta, Meade, 3 CAROL CASSANDRA GRANT, Perry, 1 ELIZABETH LEE GRAVES, Tampa, 1 PATRICIA ANN GREGG, Delta Gamma, Houma, La., BASCOM A. GREGORY, Jacksonville, 2 MARTHA GREGORY, Havana, 1 PATRICIA ANN GREISEN, Bradenton, 3 MIMI ANN GRIESER, Zeta Tau Alpha, Titusville, 2 EARL C. GRIFFIN, Lockland, 2 LUCY ANNE GRIFFIN, Pi Beta Phi, Frostproof. 1 NANCY ALEEN GRAY, Hollywood, 1 ROBERT SHANE GREAR, JR., St. Petersburg, 3 CYNTHIA GREEN, Alpha Delta Pi, Pensacola, 3 TRILBY ANNE GREENE, Glen St. Mary, 1 MARTHA GREENLEAF, Coral Gables, 1 PATRICIA ANN GREENWOOD, Delta Gamma, Clearwater, 2 SONYA ILENE GREESON, Tampa, 1 MARY ELIZABETH GROOVER, Delta Zeta, Atlanta, 2 MELANIE FRANCES GROOVER, Dade City, 1 JOHN DAVID GROW, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tallahassee. 3 MARY HILL GRUBBS, Alpha Delta Pi, Columbus, 3 MICHAEL ALBERT GUERRA, Delta Tau Delta, Sarasota, 3 MARY ANN GUICE, Delta Gamma, Jackson, Miss., 3 SANDRA GUILBERT, Pensacola. 2 CA n de ray ad I ergfraduates Viva Castro! — False alarm panty raid gets underway before Fla. game. M. MATILE GUINAND, Kappa Alpha Theta, Clearwater, 2 JOYCE JOSEPHINE GUINTA, Pi Beta Phi, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 VIRGINIA GUNN, Apalachicola, 2 CHARLES D. GUNTER, JR., Jacksonville, 1 PATRICIA CHARLENE GUTHRIE, Delta Gamma, Lake City, 2 JOAQUIN M. HAILEY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pensacola, 2 ANITA ELIZABETH HAIR, Orlando, 1 BETTY JEAN HAND, Clarksville, 1 MARY EDWENE HANSELL, Kissimmee, 2 EDITH GRACE HANSEN, Tavares, 2 BARBARA ANN HARDIN, St. Petersburg, 3 LARRY JOHN HARDIN, Elizabethton, Tenn., 1 NORA NELL HARDY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Ocala. 2 WILBUR EARL HARE, Blountstown, 2 MARCIA MARIE HALE, Tennessee, 3 DIANA SUE HALL, Okahumpka. I GARY WAYNE HALL. St. Petersburg. 3 LYNN W. HALL. Ft. Lauderdale. 2 SUSAN ELIZABETH HALLISEY. Clearwater, 1 CAROLYN SUE HALMAN. Wewahitchka, 1 MARY CATHERINE HAMBRIGHT, Kappa Delta. Grover. N.C.. 3 ELIZABETH HAMPSHIRE HAREN. Sarasota. 1 RONALD ALLEN HARLAN. Montgomery. La.. Gr. CURTIS W. R. HARRELL, Live Oak, 2 MARILYN LOU HARRIS, Kappa Delta, Bradenton, 3 CHARLES RALPH HARTLEY. Waverly. 3 ELLA JEAN HARTZ. Kappa Alpha Theta. Tallahassee. 2 JOHN HARRIS HASLAM. Tallahassee. 3 DIANE MARIE HAMILTON. Homestead. 1 HILDA HAMILTON, St. Petersburg, 3 MIKE ESTILL HAMLIN, Lambda Chi Alpha, Winter Park. 3 HOMER McCOAD HAN, Tallahassee. 1 GERALDINE HOPE HANCOCK. Opalocka, 3 JONNYE ANNETTE HANCOCK, Sarasota. 2 ARTHUR MITCHELL GERBER. Hollywood, 1 JACQUELIN ALICE HASLINGER. Sebring. 2 DOTTIE HATTON. Pi Beta Phi, Orlando, 3 JOYCE ANN HAULMAR, Alpha Chi Omega, Panama City. 1 EDNA ELIZABETH HA WES. Valdosta. Ga.. 2 CHARLES LOUIS HAWKINS. West Palm Beach. 1 JACQUELINE NADINE HAWKINS. Pensacola. 3 ROY THOMAS HAY. Pensacola, 3 280 GOVE GRADY GRAHAM. J. GRANT. A. GRANT, C. GRAVES GRAY GREAR GREEN GREENE GREENLEAF GREENWOOD GREESON GREGG GREGORY, B. GREGORY, M. GREISEN GRIESER GRIFFIN, E. GRIFFIN, L. GROOVER, MARY GROOVER, MEL. GROW GRUBBS GUERRA GUICE GUILBERT GUINAND GUINTA GUNN GUNTER GUTHRIE HAILEY HAIR HALE HALL, D. HALL, G. HALL, L. HALLISEY HALMAN HAMBRIGHT HAMILTON. D. HAMILTON, H. HAMLIN HAN HANCOCK. G. HANCOCK. J. GERBER HAND HANSELL HANSEN HARDIN. B. HARDIN. L. HARDY HARE HAREN HARLAN HARRELL HARRIS HARTLEY HARTZ HASLAM HASLINGER HATTON HAULMAN HA WES HAWKINS, C. HAWKINS. J, HAY GAYLE HASKELL HAYDEN. Pi Beta Phi, Jacksonville, 1 GORDON ARTHUR HAYMOND, West Palm Beach, 1 MARY MARTHA HEADLEY. St. Petersburg, 1 JACK D. HEALEY, JR., Dunedin, 3 KATHRYN SUE HEARD, Lakeland, 1 JANET GAYLE HEARN, Kappa Delta. Plant City, 1 LINDA E. HEATH, Lake Wales, 1 MARION DOROTHY HELBING, Delta Delta Delta, Tampa, 2 NANCY LEE HENDERSON, Alpha Chi Omega, Jacksonville, 2 CAROL MILLAY HENDRICKS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Ocala, 2 HERBERT E. HENDRICKSON, Delta Tau Delta, Cranford, N.J., 1 SUE-ELLEN HENDRICKSON, Hollywood, 1 GERALD E. HENDRIX, Tallahassee, 3 JANE RUTH HENLEY, Miami, 2 JAMES L. HEDDON, Winter Haven, 2 PATRICIA GAYLE HEFELE, Delta Zeta, Coral Gables, 3 RAY EDWARD HEFELE. 11 Coral Gables, 1 MARTHA JILL HEFNER, Bradenton, 1 MARLENE MARGARET HEINZ, Alpha Omicron Pi, Ft. Lauderdale, 2 LARRY C. HEISER, Alpha Tau Omega. Orlando, 1 WILLIAM RICHARD HEITSMITH, Colorado Springs, 2 ALFRED MARLOW HENNE, Pensacola, 2 JEAN LOUISE HENRY, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 LILLIAN ELOISE HENRY, Tampa, 1 MARIAN JANE HENSLEY, Warner Robins, Ga., 3 PHYLLIS LINDA HERING, Delta Gamma, St. Petersburg, 2 JACK LARUE HERRING, Mobile, Ala., 1 SALLIE JANE HERRMANN, Grand Island, N.Y., 3 LA nderatraduatcs ' d Lump it. Dorm teas are a Wednesday afternoon feature of FSU life. VIRGINIA LEE HERRMANN, Miami, 1 KARIN ROSE HERZ, Hollywood, 3 JOAN ELEANOR HEYDEGGER, Winter Haven, 1 BERA BARNETT HICKMAN, Gamma Phi Beta, Jacksonville, SALLY GAY HIGHNAM, Alpha Xi Delta, Lakeland, 3 BETTY CATHERINE HILL, Dania, 1 EDWARD JOEL HILL, JR.. Sigma Chi, Tallahassee, 1 KEITH LYNN HODGE, Alpha Tau Omega. Tallahassee, 2 MARGARET HODGES, Ona, 2 MARY JANE HODGES, Plant City, 3 PAUL B. HADGES, Panama City, GR RICHARD FRANK HOFFMAN, Tallahassee, 1 DILMUS D. HOGAN, Clearwater. 3 CHARLES JERALD HOHNE, St. Augustine, 2 PATRICIA CRESSWELL HILL, Kappa Alpha Theta, Clearwater, 1 ROY DAVID HILLIARD, Miami Springs, 1 SOPHIE LOUISE HIMROD, Wauchula, 1 JUDY ELLEN HINtS, Clearwater Beach, 2 LLOYD HINOTE, Milton, 3 TURA ELIZABETH HINSON, Kappa Delta, Plant City, 1 GLEN HINTON, Tallahassee, 3 CHARLEY ELISE HOLDEN, Alpha Omicron Pi, Tampa, 1 DOROTHY S. HOLLAND, Jacksonville, 3 HOMER GREENE HOLLAND, Delta Tau Delta. Crestview, 1 PATRICIA ANN HOLLINS, Alpha Gamma Delta, St. Petersburg, 3 CHARLES H. HOLLOWAY, Chattahoochee, 2 P. JOLENE HOLLOWELL, Plymouth, N.C., 3 SALLY ANN HOLT, Miami, 1 WILLIAM DANA HISCOCK, IIL Pi Kappa Alpha, Miami Shores, 3 JACKIE HOBBS, Starke, 3 JULIA KATHRINE HOBBS, Tallahassee, 2 LINDA CAROLE HOBBS, Chi Omega, St. Petersburg, 2 NATALIE HALSTEAD HOBBS, Kappa Alpha Theta. Sarasota, 3 THOMAS WOODROW HOBBS, JR., Tavares, 1 FRANCES LOUISE HOBKIRK, Lake Wales, 2 DIANA HOOD, Tallahassee, 1 SABRA LYNN HOOKS, Jacksonville, 1 JON JULIEN HOOVER, Normal, 111., 1 COLETTE ELIZABETH HORN, F ' . Lauderdale, SP BEVERLY JEAN HORSLEY, Orlando, 3 SARAH WINCY HORTON, Bradenton, 1 PATRICIA ANN HOUSTON, Bartow, 1 282 HAYMOND HEADLEY HEALY HEARD HEARN HEATH HEDDON HEFELE, P. HEFELE, R. HEFNER HEINZ HEISER HEITSMITH HELBING HENDERSON HENDRICKS HENDRICKSON, H. HENDRICKSON. S. HENDRIX HENLEY HENNE HENRY, I. HENRY, L. HENSLEY HERING HERRING HERRMANN, S. HERRMANN, V. HERZ, K. HEYDEGGER HICKMAN HIGHNAM HILL, B. HILL, E. HILL, P. HILLIARD HIMROD HINES HINOTE HINSON HINTON HISCOCK HOBBS, JACKIE HOBBS, JULIA HOBBS, L. HOBBS, N. HOBBS, T. HOBKIRK HODGE HODGES, MARG. HODGES, MARY HODGES, P. HOFFMAN HOGAN HOHNE HOLDEN HOLLAND, D. HOLLAND, H. HOLLINS HOLLOWAY HOLLOWELL HOLT HOOD HOOKS HOOVER HORN HORSLEY HORTON HOUSTON ESEL MARIE HOWARD, Bartow, 3 JACQUELINE MAE HOWARD, Alpha Chi Omega, Ft. Lauderdale, 3 SHARON K. HOWARD, St. Petersburg, 3 HARRIET HASTINGS HOWE, Sarasota, 2 MARY RUTH HOWELL, Lakeland, I RICHARD LYLY HOWES, Pensacola, 2 LAURILLA ELIZABETH HOWIE, New Smyrna. 1 V IRGINIA R. HUFF, Tallahassee, 3 KAY HUFFORD, Chi Omega, Tampa, 2 YVONNE ELIZABETH HOFSTETLER, Dundee, 2 ELEANOR HUGHES, Alpha Delta Pi, Columbus, Ga., 3 THOMAS WENDELL HUGHES, Tampa, 2 JOHN H. HULL, Plant City, 3 RITA MAE HUMMEL, Ft. Lauderdale, 2 CAROL DIANE HUBER, Lake Worth, 3 JEANNE M. HUBER, Boynton Beach, 3 ANN KATHRYN HUDSON, Sigma Kappa, Jacksonville, 1 JAMES DAVID HUDSON, Tallahassee, 1 SYLVIA DIANE HUDSON, Haines City, 2 JAMES HAROLD HUEY, Phi Kappa Alpha, 1 MARTHA JO HUEY, Miami, 3 CAROLYN JO HUNT, Delta Delta Delta, Miami, 2 CHARLOTTE DORIS HUNT, Winter Park, 1 HORACE DOTSON HUNT, Bushnell, 1 SHELLEY RUPERT HUNTER, Alpha Xi Delta, New Orleans, La., 2 BARBARA A. HUSTON, St. Petersburg, 2 YOLANDA MARY ANN HUSZTY, Alpha Xi Delta, Ft. Lauderdale, 3 KATHLEEN ANN HUTCHINS, Alpha Gamma Delta, St. Petersburg, 1 Me tarzan, you Jane! iA ndeyciradt d ' uates BRENDA W. JAGGER, St. Petersburg, 3 JOYCE JAMES, Miami. 1 VIRGINIA ANN JANKUNIS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Ft. Lauderdale, 2 MARY DEAN JARRIEL, Jacksonville, 2 CHARLOTTE ALICE JENKINS, Wildwood, 1 JENNIE DAVIS JENKINS, Chi Omega, Tallahassee, 1 MELBA JEAN JESSUP, Leesburg, 1 ALYCE-MAE JOHNS, Winter Park, 1 CAROL LUANNE JOHNSON, Lakeland, 1 DELPHIA N. JOHNSON, Ocala, 3 JACQUELINE BARBARA JOHNSON, Miami, 1 JOYCE PEARL JOHNSON, Haines City. 1 KAREN ANN JOHNSON, Tallahassee, 2 WINIFRED LORENE JOHNSON, Gamma Phi Beta, Cairo, Ga., 2 MARGARET ELIZABETH HUTCHINS. Fernandina Beach, 3 RICHARD ALLAN HUTMACHER, Michigan City, Ind.. I JACQUELAN SUE HUTTO, Barlow, 2 GALE CHALMA HYDE, Bonifay, 1 ARTHUR E. IMMEL, Hialeah, 2 ELIZABETH ALICE INGALLS, Delta Gamma, 3 HAL C. INGRAM, Tallahassee, 1 CHARLOTTE ANNE JOHNSTON, Tampa, 2 D. PATRICIA JOHNSTON, Phi Mu, Albany, Ga., 1 VENETIA HARWELL JOHNSTON, Kappa Alpha Theta, Atlanta, Ga„ 1 BETTY ANN JONES, Alpha Gamma Delta, West Palm Beach, 2 DAN T. JONES, Coral Gables, 1 FLOY DAGMAR JONES, Jacksonville, 3 LAURA BETH JONES. Sigma Kappa, Tallahassee, 2 JULIE ANN INGRAM, Kappa Alpha Theta, Winter Park. 3 CECIL M. JACKSON, Jacksonville, 1 MERRY JUNE JACKSON, Alpha Chi Omega, Clearwater Beach. 3 SANDRA JUNE JACKSON, Zeta Tau Alpha, Quitman, Ga., 2 CECILIA TERESA JACOBSON, Lake Worth, 2 GALE RENE JACOBY, Miami, 1 JACQUELINE HELEN JACOVES, Miami, 3 L. JOANNE JONES, Gamma Phi Beta, Tallahassee, 2 MARGARET KATHERINE JONES, Tampa, 1 MARILYN GAYLE JONES, Braniord, 2 MARY LOUISE JONES, Lakeland, 1 N. CAROL JONES, Chi Omega. Atlanta, Ga., 2 OTIS PAUL JONES, Atlantic Beach, 3 TERRIE CAROL JONES. Alpha Xi Delta. Tallahassee. 2 284 HOWARD, J. HOWARD, S. HOWE HOWELL HOWES HOWIE HUBER, C. HUBER, J. HUDSON, A. HUDSON, J. HUDSON, S. HUEY. J. HUEY. M. HUFF HUFFORD HUFSTETLER HUGHES, E. HUGHES, T. HULL HUMMEL HUNT, CAROLYN HUNT, CHARL. HUNT, H. HUNTER HUSTON HUSZTY HUTCHINS, K. HUTCHINS, M. HUTMACHER HUTTO HYDE IMMEL INGALLS INGRAM, H, INGRAM, I. JACKSON, C. JACKSON, M. JACKSON, S. JACOBSON JACOBY JACOVES JAGGER JAMES JANKUNIS JARRIEL JENKINS, C. JENKINS, J. JESSUP JOHNS JOHNSON, C. JOHNSON. D. JOHNSON, JACQ. JOHNSON, JOYCE JOHNSON, K. JOHNSON. W. JOHNSTON, C. JOHNSTON, D. JOHNSTON, V. JONES, B. JONES, D. JONES, F. JONES, LAURA JONES, L. JOANNE JONES, MARG. JONES, MARILYN JONES, MARY JONES, N. JONES, O. JONES. T. FRANCES EMILY JOPLING, Alpha Gamma Delta, Jacksonville, 3 FRANCES MIGNON JORDAN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Bartow, 2 MADONNA JORDAN, St. Petersburg, 3 E. IVAN JUDY, Tallahassee, 3 BILL F. JURNEY, Sarasota, 2 VICTOR JOHN KALETA, Tampa, 3 LINDA SUE KANE, Boynton Beach, 1 CHARLES McLEAN KEATING, Lambda Chi Alpha, Corning, N.Y., 1 TED KEEN, Phi Delta Theta, Atlanta, Ga., 3 BILL P. KELLEY, Sigma Chi, Coral Gables, 1 MARY PATRICIA KELLEY, West Palm Beach, 1 KAREN MARIE KEMMER, Daytona Beach, 2 CAROLYN ANNE KEMP, Jacksonville, 2 JOHN DAVID KENDALL, Miami, 2 JERRY DEAN KANUPP, Asheville, N.C., 2 ATHENA K. KAPNIAS, Jacksonville, 3 ANTHONY NICK KARAVOKIROS, Tarpon Springs, 3 CAROL ANN KARNEY, Alpha Xi Delta, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 JEAN LEE KASTEN, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 CRESCENTIA ANN KEARNS, Delta Zeta, Lakeland, 2 JOHN PATRICK KEARNS, Lakeland, 1 LINDA FRANCES KENDRICK, Kappa Delta, Bradenton, 2 BARBARA KENNEDY, Tallahassee, 3 SHEILA NANETTE KENNEDY, Delta Zeta, Clearwater, 3 MARY KAY KENNEY, Lake Wales, 1 PARTICK CURTIS KENNICOTT, West Palm Beach, 1 KATHERINE WANDA KENNINGTON, Port St. Joe, 1 WILLIAM J. KEOGH, Union City, N.J., 2 Relax, he says, I ' m still 12 hours short on my major! ULndercfyaduatcs ' d LOIS MARIE KING, Miami, 2 LOUISE KING, Bascom, 3 AUDREY NADINE KIRBY, Live Oak, 3 DAISY ESTHER KIRK, Gamma Phi Beta, Tallahassee, 2 ROBERT WILLIAM KIRK, Pi Kappa Alpha, Orlando, 1 MARILYN ELIZABETH KIRKLAND, Jacksonville, 2 VIRGINIA M. KIRKLAND, Jacksonville, 2 SUSAN CAMILLE KITTREDGE, Pi Beta Phi, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 SHIRLEY ANN KLINGER, Beloit, Wis., 1 JEAN DIANE KNIGHT, Alpha Omicron Pi, Dayton, Ohio, 1 MARILYN GANE KNOWLES, Zeta Tau Alpha, Ft. Pierce, 3 RICHMOND LEE KNOWLES, Columbus, Ga., 4 RUTH D. KOEPP, Madeira Beach, 1 JUDITH ANN KOSCHLER, Miami, 1 PATRICIA EARLE KERLEY, Tampa, 1 JAMES GREGORY KERSEY, Miami, 1 WILLIAM FRANCIS KESSLER, Tallahassee, 3 BETTY JANE KIEM, Jacksonville, 1 WANDA LARAINE KIGHT, Alpha Xi Delta, Miami, 1 GALEN B. KILBURN, Phi Delta Theta, Atlanta, Ga., 3 KARLA KILINSKI, Miami, 2 LUISA LEE KRAMER, Kappa Alpha Theta, Winter Park, 2 ARLENE R. KRETSCHMAR, Bradenton, 3 GEORGE ANN KUSTER, Alpha Omicron Pi, Vero Beach, 1 JUDY LaBADIE, Brandon, 1 JOSEPH AUGUST L ' ABBE, Crestview, 2 CHARLES FRANK LaBELLA, Apopka, 1 PATRICIA OTILLIA LACEDONIA, Key West, 2 DEBBIE KIMBALL, Alpha Gamma Delta, Jacksonville, 3 DOLORES CAMILLE KIMBLE, Safety Harbor, 1 GORDON M. KINCHELOE, Tallahassee, 2 CYNTHIA JOYCE KINDERNAY, Sigma Kappa, Hollywood, 1 BETH TAYLOR KING, Kappa Delta, Lakeland, 1 DOROTHY ANN KING, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 JANET CAROLYN KING, Delta Delta Delta, Pensacola, 1 JUDY LAISSER, Pi Beta Phi, Coral Gables, 1 CHARLES ANDREW LAMBERT, Kappa Sigma, Atmore, Ala., 3 PATRICIA LANCE, Key Largo, 2 DOROTHY ANN LANE, Chiefland, 2 ROSEMARY LANEY, WINTER GARDEN, 1 ERNEST E. LANFORD, Phi Delta Theta, Shellman, Ga., 3 AUDREY LANGFORD, LaBelle, 2 286 JORDAN, F. JORDAN. M. JUDY JURNEY KALETA KANE KANUPP KAPNIAS KARAVOKIROS KARNEY KASTEN KEARNS, C. KEARNS. J. KEATING KEEN KELLEY, B. KELLEY, M. KEMMER KEMP KENDALL KENDRICK KENNEDY, B. KENNEDY. S. KENNEY KENNICOTT KENNINGTON KEOGH KERLEY KERSEY KESSLER KIEM KIGHT KILBURN KILINSKI KIMBALL KIMBLE KINCHELOE KINDERNAY KING. B. KING. D. KING. J. KING, LOIS KING, LOUISE KIRBY, A. KIRK, D. KIRK, R. KIRKLAND, M. KIRKLAND. V. KITTREDGE KLINGER KNIGHT KNOWLES, M. KNOWLES, R. KOEPP KOSCHLER KRAMER KRETSCHMAR KUSTER LABADIE L ' ABBE La BELLA LACEDONIA LAESSER LAMBERT LANCE LANE LANEY LANFORD LANGFORD € 1 tb MlMmmmM 0 t 0 JP J ED W. LAPOINTE, Bradenton, 2 ESTHER SUE LARSON, Coral Gables, 1 SHIRLEY FAYE LAUGHRIDGE, Clover, S.C, GR BONNIE RUSSELL LAW, Miami Springs, 2 RICHARD ALLAN LAY, Long Beach, Calif., 3 MIKE B. LEBLANC, Delta Tau Delta, Jacksonville, 1 HELEN JEAN LEBO, Delta Delta Delta, Tampa, 2 BARBARA HOPE LEEDY, Bradenton, 2 JUDITH M. LEHAN, Sigma Kappa, Maitland, 3 MARY KATHERYNE LEIGHTON, Miami Beach, 2 JACQUELIN DELL LEMEX, Deland, 2 CARYL TREWYN LENAHAN, Pi Beta Phi, Dunwoody, Go., 1 HARRIET L ' ENGLE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Jacksonville, 2 JOYCE HELEN LENNARD, Jacksonville, 2 LOUIS KERLEY LEBOEUF, Phi Kappa Tau, Winter Garden, 1 ALINDA MAE LEE, Daytona Beach, 1 LETTY ANNE LEE, Palmetto, 1 LINDA LEE, TitusviUe. 1 MYRTLE VIRGINIA LEE, Umatilla, 2 ROBERT JESSE LEE, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pensacola, 2 SYLVIA LEE, Live Oak, 2 GAIL W. LENZI, Ft. Lauderdale, 2 GERMAINE CHARLOTTE LEONHART, Kappa Delta, Clearwater. 2 SALLY ROSLYN LEWINSKY, Key West, 1 CAROL JO LEWIS, Delta Gamma, Tallahassee. 3 FEDORA BELLE LEWIS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Bradenton, 3 KATHERINE LEWIS, Greenville, 1 MARGARET REED LEWIS, Delta Delta Delta, Panama City, 3 lA n derofradi ■ ' uates Now hold it! Ann Williams and other majorettes pause during practice. SAMUEL JOE LOCKHART, Bascom, 2 ALBERT B. LOCKWOOD, Tallahassee, 1 BETTY FAWN LOCKWOOD, Tallahassee, 1 DIANE FRANCES LOGAN, Rockledge, 1 ALBERT GALLATIN LOVE, Gainesville, 1 LAURA LEE LOVELAND, Miami, 2 LESLIE ANN LOWELL, Miami, 2 SNOW ANDERSON LOY, Delta Delta Delta, Eustis, 2 GENN RICHARD LUCAS, Tampa, 1 LINDA LILLIAN LUHR, West Palm Beach, 2 ALICE LOUISE LUPO, Gamma Phi Beta, Orlando, 3 CELESTA ODELL LYON, Bradenton, 2 ELIZABETH ANN MABRY, Alpha Chi Omega, Tallahassee, 1 SALLY LOU MacDONALD, Ft. Lauderdale. 2 SYLVIA CASSIN LEWIS, Delta Delta Delta, Jasper, 3 SUSAN ANN LILE, Alpha Delta Pi, Jacksonville, I BARBARA JEAN LIMA, Gamma Phi Beta, Tampa. 1 MARGARET HOPE LIND, Lakeland, 1 BEVERLY LINDQUIST, Alpha Chi Omega, Edgerton, Wis.. 2 MARY ANN LINDSEY, Alpha Gamma Delta, Jacksonville, 2 MARY LOU LINDSEY, Tallahassee. 2 ELIZABETH ANN MACGILLIVRAY. Evanston. 111.. 1 EDWARD JOSEPH MacGROTTY, Phi Kappa Tau, Plandome. N.Y.. 1 MOLLIE JAND MacKIN, Coral Gables. 2 MARGARET JEANET MacKINNON. Marianna. 3 BONNIE DUNDEE MAGBES. Palmetto. 1 JUDITH ANN MAGNELL. Kappa Alpha Theta. Tallahassee. 2 EUGENE FRANCIS MAINZER, Palm Beach Shores, 3 DOTTIE SUE LINEBAUGH. Chi Omega, Tampa, 2 CAROL JOYCE LINGO, Clearwater, 1 ANNA LOUISE LINTON. Perry. 1 IRVIN LIPSCOMB, Winter Garden, 2 BLAIR RICE LITTLEJOHN. JR., Phi Kappa Tau. West Palm Beach. 1 JOYCE ELAINE LITTLETON, Madison, 3 JUDITH LOUISE LIVELY, Hawthorne, 1 FRANK MALARA, Elmsford, N.Y., 2 JACK TAY MANN. Winter Park, 3 JOHN MICHAEL MANN, Monticello. 2 MORITA JANETTI MANN, Phi Mu, Winter Haven. 3 MARTHA GENEVIEVE MANSFIELD. Lakeland. 2 JANE A. MAPLES. Hialeah. 2 BEVERLY LOUISE MARCHANT, Lakeland. 1 288 LARSON LAUGHRIDGE LAW LAY Le BLANC LEBO LeBOEUF LEE, A. LEE, LETTY ANN LEE. LINDA LEE, M. LEE, R. LEE, S. LEEDY LEHAN LEIGHTON LEMEX LENAHAN L ' ENGLE LENNARD LENZI LIONHART LEWINSKY LEWIS, C. LEWIS, F. LEWIS, K. LEWIS, M. LEWIS. S. LILE LIMA LIND LINDQUIST LINDSEY, MARY A. LINDSEY, MARY L. LINEBAUGH LINGO LINTON LIPSCOMB LITTLEJOHN LITTLETON LIVELY LOCKHART LOCKWOOD. A. LOCKWOOD, B. LOGAN LOVE LOVELAND LOWELL LOY LUCAS LUHR LUPO LYON MABRY MAC DONALD MAC GILLIVRAY MAC GROTTY MACKIN MACKINNON MAGBES MAGNELL MAINZER MALARA MANN. JACK MANN, JOHN MANN, MORITA MANSFIELD MAPLES MARCHANT BEVERLY MARCHETTA, Sarasota, 1 JAMES THOMAS MARKLEY, Tallahassee, 3 RUTHANN SCHAIBLE MARKLEY, Zeto Tou Alpha, Tallahassee, 2 THOMAS CLARK MARKS, Kappa Alpha, Tampa, 3 LEWIS EUGENE MAROTTI, Winter Haven, 2 KATHRYN MACLEOD MARSH, Jacksonville, 2 HOWARD LAMAR MARSHALL, Carrabelle, 1 BETSYRENE T. MASON, Kappa Alpha Thela, Cleawater, 3 JOHN ALLEN MASON, Pi Kappa Phi, DeFuniak Springs, 2 HERB BOYD MATHEWS, Kansas City, Mo., 2 MARY CAROLYN MATHEWS, Atlanta, Ga., 2 MARY COVER MATHIS, Chi Omega, Tampa, 2 LINDA JANE MATTHEWS, Kappa Alpha Theta, St. Petersburg, 1 MELINDA SUE MATTHEWS, Delta Zeta, Pompano Beach, 1 NELSON FRANCIS MARSHALL, Bradenton, 1 GLEN O. MARSHEK, Pensacola, 3 HARRIET JANE MARTIN, Winter Park, 1 LOUISE SCOTT MARTIN, Alpha Omicron Pi, Montgomery, Ala., 2 MARIE LUCILLE MARTIN, Alpha Omicron Pi, Tallahassee, 3 SHIRLEY ANN MARTIN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Jacksonville, 1 MARION CAROL MARTIN- VEGUE, Marathon, 1 SALLY ANN MATTHEWS, Delta Zeta, Pompano Beach, 3 JANET SANDRA MATTOCKS, Daytona Beach, 1 NANCY CAVERLY MATYLA S, Lake Placid, 3 ANN H. MAXWELL, Tallahassee, 1 ROSEMARY MAY, Miami, 1 ROSALIE MAYNARD, Gamma Phi Beta, Sebring, 3 KATHRYN ALICE MAYWALT, Tarpon Springs, 2 tyt n deyqfyadt eygyaduates JEANNE ANN MILAM, Miami, 1 BERYL ELAINE MILLER, Miami, 2 DELBERT EUGENE MILLER, Milwaukee, Wis., 2 MARILYNN YVONNE MILLER, Delta Zeta, Marianna, 3 MARY CHARLOTTE MILLER, Alpha Chi Omega, Bushnell, 2 PATRICIA BRIOUN MILLER, Zeta Tau Alpha, Jacksonville, 2 RHODA BAYNARD MILLER, Delta Delta Delta, Greensboro, N.C., 1 SYLVIA DOROTHY MILLER, Alpha Chi Omega, Tampa, 3 MAURICE BERNER MILLIS, Jacksonville, 1 ELLIS WILLARD MILLS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Waynesboro, Ga., 3 MARJORIE M. MILLS, Jacksonville, 2 MARYANN BARBARA MILMORE, Miami, 2 JANE D. MIMS, Lake Wales, 2 MARIE J. MIMS, Ft. Pierce, 2 PATRICIA JOAN MEAD, Kappa Alpha Theta, Sarasota, 1 lEANIE MEADOWS, Riverview, 2 CHARLES GUY MEDLOCK, JR., Jacksonville, 2 PHYLLIS JOAN MEEBOLD, West Palm Beach, 3 VIVIAN IRENE MEEKISON, Bradenton, 2 DAVID W. MEEKS, Jr., Chiefland, 1 GERALD EDWARD MEHLICH, Miami, 1 SHARON ALISE MIMS, Gamma Phi Beta, Tampa, 2 BILLIE MINGS, Tyler, Tex., GR JUDITH ANNE MITCALFE, Tallahassee, 2 RUPERT MOCK, JR., Pahokee, 2 ' blanche AUGUSTA MOEHLE, Ft. Pierce, 1 BETTY JO MOFFITT, Hallandale, 2 VALERIE J. MOLONEY, Lake Worth, 3 FLORENCE LEORETA MELVIN, Gamma Phi Beta, Panama City, 2 EUGENIE ALICE MENIS, Hollywood, 2 KAY IRENE MERRIN, Alpha Gamma Delta, Plant City, 1 THOMAS O. METZ, Theta Chi, Dayton, Ohio, 3 JUDITH LEE MEYERS, Gamma Phi Beta, Miami, 1 YOLANDE MEZEY, Gamma Phi Beta, Clearwater, 2 FRANK JOHN MICELL Tampa, 2 MARILYN JOAN MONROE, Westbury, N.Y., 1 BARBARA JEAN MONROSE, St. Petersburg, 1 HELEN GEORGINE MONROSE, Tampa, 2 CHARLES HAROLD MONTFORD, Tallahassee, 1 HELEN JO MOON, Ft. Walton, 3 JOE KEITH MOORE, Jacksonville Beach, 3 JUDITH ANN MOORE, Sarasota, 2 290 MARKLEY, J. MARKLEY, R. MARKS MAROTTI MARSH MARSHALL, H. MARSHALL. N. MARSHEK MARTIN, H. MARTIN. L. MARTIN M. MARTIN, S. MARTIN-VEGUE MASON, B. MASON, J. MATHEWS. H. MATHEWS, M. MATHIS MATTHEWS, L. MATTHEWS, M. MATTHEWS, S. MATTOCKS, I. MATYLAS MAXWELL MAY MAYNARD MAYWALT MEAD MEADOWS MEDLOCK MEEBOLD MEEKISON MEEKS MEHLICH MELVIN MENIS MERRIN METZ MEYERS MEZEY MICELI MILAM MILLER, B. MILLER, D. MILLER, M. MILLER, MARY MILLER, PATRICIA MILLER, RODA MILLER, SYLVIA MILLIS MILLS. E. MILLS, M. MILMORE MIMS, I. MIMS. M. MIMS. S. MINGS MITCALFE MOCK MOEHLE MOFFITT MOLONEY MONROE MONROSE. BARB. MONROSE, HELEN MONTFORD MOON MOORE, lOE MOORE, JUDITH MARY JANE MOORE. Sarasota, 1 MERRY ELIZABETH MOREHOUSE, Lakeland, 1 WALT H. MOREHOUSE, Jacksonville, 3 DAVID CURTIS MORGAN, III, Tampa, 2 DEANNA INEZ MORRIS, Bradenton Beach, 2 JAMES LOUIS MORRISON, Winter Haven, 3 SANDRA EULALIE MORRISON, Warrington, 3 LINDA ROSE MOULD, Tavares, 1 SARAH GUNN MOURE, Pi Beta Phi, Pensacola, 1 DAVID LAWRENCE MUENCH, Miami, 2 ROTHANNE MEAD MUMPOWER, Tampa, 1 MARTIE LU ANN MURPHY, Delta Delta Delta, Miami, 2 PATRICIA C. MURRELL, Miami, 3 WILLIAM J. MUSIC, Tampa, 3 PHYLLIS H. MORTENSEN, Larso, 1 DOROTHY L. MORTON, Kappa Alpha Theta, Jacksonville, 3 MICHAEL VANCE MORTON, Tallahassee, 1 NANCY ELLEN MORTON, Chi Omega, Miami, 1 SARAH OLIVIA MORTON, Jacksonville, 3 CYNTHIA E. MOSBERG, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 PATRICIA PATTY-LU MOSES, Clearwater, 3 GILBERT B. McARTHUR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Clearwater, 2 THERESE E. McBRIDE. Kappa Alpha Theta. Ft. Lauderdale, 2 MARVIN RALPH McCALL. Lakeland. 1 BRENDA W. McCAMPBELL, Pi Beta Phi, West Palm Beach, 2 NANCY JEAN McCARTHY, Green Cove Springs. 1 WILLIAM MARSHALL McCLAIN. Manchester. Ga.. 3 JANE MARIE McCLELLAND, Jacksonville, 2 lyLnderciradt w Hates ' Oh. when the chiefs go marching in! " JANICE LUCILE McCLUNG, Homestead. 1 MARY LOU McCLUNG. Homosassa Springs. 3 ZONA MARLENE McCOLLUM. Miami, ,1 JOYCE FAY McCONNELL, Pensacola, 4 HAROLD B. McCORMACK, Apopka, 1 GLORIA GAIL McDANIEL, Tallahassee, 3 SANDRA MEADE McDAVID, Alpha Chi Omega, Jacksonville, 1 M. JUDITH McMillan, Pj Beta Phi, Tallahassee, 2 JOHNNY ELIZABETH McNEIL, Tallahassee, 1 H. WYATT McNeill, Crestview, 3 ELEANOR BEATRICE McRAE, Mcintosh, 2 MURIEL ANN McSHEEHAN, Miami, 3 SALLIE BEST McSWAIN, Chi Omega, Arcadia, 1 BARBARA J. McVEY, Orlando, 2 GAIL ELAINE McDONALD, Bradenton, 1 SUSAN SELLERS McDONALD, St. Augustine, 2 D. CARLINE McDO.UGALD, Pi Beta Phi, Tallahassee, 3 BRENDA L. McDUFFIE, Vero Beach, 1 MARILYN JOAN McDUGALD, Avon Park, 3 MARY JANE McGINNES, Kappa Delta, Plant City, 1 KAREN A. McGUINN, Lake Butler. 2 MARILYN ANNETTE NASWORTHY. Palmetto. 1 PATRICIA ANNE NATHE. Dade City. 3 GARY EDWARD NEAL. Abingdon. Va.. 1 HILDA DERRYBERRY NEAL. Kappa Delta. Bradenton, 1 SUSAN DOROTHY NEALY, Sarasota, 1 APRIL ANITA NEELD, Tampa, 1 CAROL JANE NEFF, Winter Haven. 3 LOUVENIS ELIZABETH McGUIRE. Delta Zeta. Apopka, 1 RUTH ANNETTE McINTOSH. Delta Delta Delta. Pahokee. 3 MARY KAY McKEOUN. Quincy, 1 MARTHA ANN McKETHAN. Alpha Delta Pi. Brooksville. 1 PEGGY JO McKIBBIN. Alpha Chi Omega. Goshen. Ind., 1 SALLIE NAOM McLAIN. Lakeland. 3 CAROLYN ANN McLAULIN. Sarasota, 2 JUDITH LYNN NELSON, Miami, 1 LORRAINE MARIE NELSON, Winter Park, 1 RICHARD DONALD NELSON. Pi Kappa Alpha. Pensacola, 2 JUDY KATHERINE NeSMITH, Phi Mu, Dalton, Ga.. 2 MARTHA LEE NeSMITH, Kappa Alpha Theta, Coral Gables, 2 GLORIA ANN NESSLER, New Port Richey, 1 MARY ELIZABETH NEWBERG, Ocala, 2 292 MOREHOUSE MOREHOUSE, W. MORGAN MORRIS MORRISON, J. MORRISON, S. MORTENSEN MORTON, D. MORTON, M. MORTON, N. MORTON, S. MOSBERG MOSES MOULD MOURE MUENCH MUMPOWER MURPHY MURRELL MUSIC McARTHUR McBRIDE McCALL McCAMPBELL McCarthy McCLAIN McClelland McCLUNG, J. McCLUNG, M. McCOLLUM McCONNELL McCORMACK McDANIEL McDAVID McDonald, g. McDonald, s. McDOUGALD McDUFFIE McDUGALD McGINNES McGUINN McGUIRE Mcintosh McKEOUN McKETHAN McKIBBIN McLAIN McLAWLIN McMillan McNEIL McNeill McRAE MsSHEEHAN McSWAIN McVEY NASWORTHY NATHE NEAL, G. NEAL, H. NEALY NEELD NEFF NELSON, I. NELSON, L. NELSON, R. NeSMITH, J. NeSMITH, M. NESSLER NEWBERG MARYLOU NEWDE, Tampa, 2 THOMAS WILLIAM NEWELL, Theta Chi, 3 JANE REID NEWSOM, Pi Beta Phi. Orlando, 4 ALFRED COOPER NICHOLS, Sigma Chi. Savannah, Ga., 2 BARBARA JO-ANNE NICHOLS. Delta Gamma, Miami, 1 ALICE M. NICHOLSON, Tampa, 1 GAYLE NORMAN, Delta Delta Delta, Tallahassee, 1 RICHARD PAUL O ' BRIEN, Theta Chi, Detroit, Mich., 2 PATRICIA MARY O ' DAY, Dania, 2 DORIS JOAN OFFERLE, Delta Zeta, Miami, 3 BARBARA KAY OGDEN, Fort Myers, 1 JOAN S. OJALA, Miami Shores, 1 BUTCH O ' KELLEY, Kappa Alpha, Leesburg, I MARGARET ANN OLD, Ocola, 1 ROBERT L. NORMAN, Orlando, 1 WILLIAM HURST NORMAN, Orlando, 1 DIANE MURIEL NORTHSUP, Ft. Lauderdale, 2 LOIS JEANNE NOVAK. Lakeland. 1 VASHA NOWAKOWSKI. Miami, 1 JAMES J. O ' BRIEN. Minonk, 111.. 4 MAE BEA O ' BRIEN. Perry, 1 MARY ANN OLDHAM, Sigma Kappa, Jacksonville. 3 NANCY JO OLINGER, Jacksonville, 2 EUGENIA RUTH OLIVER, Panama City, 1 JERRY E. OLSON, Winter Haven, 3 ANN ELIZABETH O ' NEILL, Alpha Gamma Delta, Sarasota, 2 MARY PATRICIA O ' REILLY. Lakeland, 1 JUDITH ANN ORR, Pompano, 2 LA nderciyaduatcs ' 3 Oh, heck, not again! Sigma Chi Derby presented keen competition among the Sororities. GEORGEA LEONE ORT, Delta Delta Delta, Clearwater, 2 JANELLEN N. OSBORN, Miami. 3 BETTY OSLIN, Ft. Lauderdale. 1 DON NEILS OSTERGAARD. Sheboygan. Wis.. 2 ANTAL GEZA OSZLANYI, Cleveland, Ohio, 1 BETTY JUNE OVERHOLSER, Coral Gables, 1 JAMES HENRY OVERSTREET, Jacksonville, I DAVID ROSS PARRYN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Arcadia, 1 VIRGINIA ANN PATTERSON, Alpha Xi Delta, Tampa, 1 SANDRA RUTH PATTISON, Deland, 2 LINDA LOYCE PATTON, Chi Omega, Tallahassee, 1 LAURA JEAN PAYNE, Groveland, 1 HARRY A. PAYTON, Miami Beach, 2 ADA ALICE PEACOCK, Perry, 1 PATRICIA FAY PACHLER, Chi Omega, Tampa, 2 SHIRLEY LaVERNE, Tampa, 1 FAYE E. PADRICK, Coral Gables, 1 THOMAL ALBERT PAINE, Jacksonville, 1 JUDITH LOUISE PALMER, Miami, 2 CHARLOTTE ANN PARIS, Haines City, 2 EVELYN RICHARDSON PARIS, Palmetto, 3 JACK H. PEACOCK, Tallahassee, 2 JACK M. PEARCE, JR., Crawforville, 1 MARILYN THERESA PEARCE, Tampa. 1 MARY ANN PEARSON, Miami, 1 SARAH E. PECK, Zephyrhills, 3 JOAN PEDDY, Phi Mu, Dawson, Ga.. 1 MARTINE PEREDSON, Perrine, 2 JAMES A. PARISH, Vernon, 3 ALICE ELIZABETH PARKER, Kissimmee, 2 BETTY JEAN PARKER, Enterprise, 1 NORA LORAINE PARKER, Alpha Delta Pi, Tallahassee, 1 PETER LESTER BARKS. Savannah, Ga., 1 ELIZABETH ANN PARMALEE, Jacksonville, 2 PATRICK RODNEY PARRISH, Pi Kappa Phi, Vernon, 2 PAUL GREGORY PEDRERO, Havana, Cuba, 1 PEBECCA SUE PECK, Eau Gallie, 1 ADRIENNE MARCO PENAN, Jacksonville, I EDWARD STEPHEN PENESKL Theta Chi, Trenton. N.J., 3 NORMA JEAN PEREZ, Tampa, 2 DIANE JOY PERICOLA, Jacksonville, 1 BONNIE BARBARA PERRY, Hollywood, 1 294 NEWELL NEWSON NICHOLS, A. NICHOLS, B. NICHOLSON NORMAN, G. NORMAN, R. NORMAN, W. NORTHSUP NOVAK NOWAKOWSKI O ' BRIEN, J. O ' BRIEN, M. O ' BRIEN, R. O ' DAY OFFERLE OGDEN OJALA O ' KELLEY OLD OLDHAM OLINGER OLIVER OLSON O ' NEILL O ' REILLY ORR ORT OSBORN OSLIN OSTERGAARD OSZLANYI OVERHOLSER OVERSTREET PACHLER PADGETT PADRICK PAINE PALMER PARIS, C. PARIS, E, PARISH PARKER, A. PARKER, B. PARKER, N. PARKS PARMALEE PARISH PARRYN PATTERSON PATTISON PATTON PAYNE PAYTON PEACOCK. A. PEACOCK, J. PEARCE, J. PEARCE, M. PEARSON PECK PEDDY PEDERSEN PEDRRO PEEK PENAN PENESKI PEREZ PERICOLA PERRY, B. JAMES J. PERRY, Cantonment. 3 JEAN ARLEN PERRY, Bradenton, 3 JANET PERSONS, Ft. Myers, 2 BARBARA RAE PETERS, Jackson, Miss., 2 KORITA SARAH PETERS, Brewster, 1 KAY PETRIS, Winter Garden, 2 STEPHEN PEYTON, Miami Beach, 2 SHERRY N. PIPER. Lake Worth. 2 BARBARA PIPES. Chevy Chase. Md.. Gr. MARGUERITE PIPKIN. Arcadia, 1 MARY FRANCES PIPKIN, Charlotte, N.C., 1 THOMAS ARTHUR PISINSKI, Northboro, Mass., 1 AURELIA PITTS, Kappa Delta, Pittsview, Ala., 3 BARBARA LUCILE PITTS, Tallahassee, I JACK C. PHILLIPS, Tallahassee, 3 JOE C. PHILLIPS. Pensacola. 3 DORIS PENELOPE PICKELS. Zeta Tau Alpha. Jacksonville FAITH DIANE PICKETT. DeFuniak Springs. 1 BARBARA ANN PIDGEON, Tampa. 2 DOROTHY RUTH PIEHLER, Hialeah. 2 NANCY GALPIN PIERSON, Phi Mu, Albany, Ga., 1 EARL HAMPTON PITTS, Theta Chi, Ft. Walton eBach, 1 HAROLD EUGENE PITTS. Tallahassee. 2 CYNTHIA HOLLEY PLOCKLEMAN. West Palm Beach, 3 LAVERNE FREDERICK POHL, Winter Park, 1 JANET PONTON, St. Augustine, 1 ATKINSON EDWIN POOSER, JR., Tallahassee, 1 DOROTHY ANNETTE POPE, Tallahassee, 1 Honestly, you ' d think they would come soon. CA n derciradi w .uates RUTH ELLEN PRIDGEN, Jacksonville, 3 MICHAEL PRIESTER, Tampa, 1 ELIZABETH CATHERINE PRIORE, Miami, 2 CAROL ANN PROCHNIAK, St. Petersburg, I ELIZABETH JANE PROCTOR, Sarasota, I PATRICIA I. PUDERBAUGH, Delta Zeta, Wenatchee, Wash., 2 NANCY RAE PURVIS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Bradenton, 1 SANDRA KATHRYN PURVIS, Birmingham, Ala., I JANET E. RAE, Sigma Kappa, Sarasota, 1 PHILIP ALAN RAGANS, Alpha Tau Omega, Madison, 2 JAMES MICHAEL RAMSEY, Chattahochee, I DOROTHY LOUISE RANES, Deerfield Beach, 3 CONSTANCE ANNE RANSICK, Eustis, 2 GLENN B. RAST, Cameron, S.C, 2 ROBERT RONNY POPPELL. Tallahassee. 1 LYNDON KIM PORTER, Kappa Alpha, Jacksonville, 1 JUDITH ANN POTTS, Ml. Myers. 3 JUDY ANNE POUNDS. Winter Haven. 1 BETTY C. POWELL. Lakeland, 3 NANCY LEE POWELL, Tampa. 2 ANDREA LOUISE POWERS. Delta Delta Delta. Lake City. 1 ELIZABETH MARION RAU, Clearwater, I JAMES ROBERT RAVENCRAFT, Bradenton, 1 CHARLOTTE ANNE RAY, Atlanta, Ga., 1 KEKITH EDWARD RAY, Winter Haven, 2 LYNN MARIE RAYMOND. Balboa. Canal Zone, 1 ELINOR WILSON READY, Kappa Alpha Theta, Miami, 1 LINDA LOUISE REAMS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Winter Pork, 2 GLENDA POWERS, Pi Beta Phi, St. Petersburg, 2 ROSE MARIE PRATT, Plant City, 3 BRENDA JOYCE PRISSLER, Miami, 1 KEN DURHL PRESCOTT, Ft. Pierce, 3 ANNE HAYDEN PRICE, Alpha Chi Omega, Winter Haven, 1 JUDITH LEE PRICE, Miami Beach, 2 KAREN SUE PRICE, Miami, 2 SANDY G. REARICK, St. Petersburg, 1 HARRIETT CLAIR REDDING, Alpha Xi Delta, Sanford, 3 DOROTHY LOUISE REEDY, Orlando, 1 ELOISE SHIRLEY REESE, Delta Zeta, Bartow, 1 CAROLYN ANNE REEVES, Alpha Chi Omega. Panama City, 1 GAIL LOUISE REICHELDERFER, St. Petersburg, 3 NELLIE JANE REID, Tama, 1 296 PERRY. JEAN PERSONS PETERS, B. PETERS, K. PETRIS PEYTON PHILLIPS. JACK PHILLIPS, JOE PICKELS PICKETT PIDGEON PIEHLER PIERSON PIPER PIPES PIPKIN, M. M. PIPKIN, M. F. PISINSKI PITTS, A. PITTS, B. PITTS, E. PITTS, H. PLOCKELMAN POHL PONTON POOSER POPE POPPELL PORTER POTTS POUNDS POWELL, B. POWELL, D. POWERS, A. POWERS, G. PRATT PREISSLER PRESCOTT PRICE, A. PRICE, J. PRICE, K. PRIDGEN PRIESTER PRIORE PROCHNIAK PROCTOR PUDERBAUGH PURVIS, N. PURVIS, S. RAE RAGANS RAMSEY RANES RANSICK RAST RAU RAVENCRAFT RAY, C. RAY, K. RAYMOND READY REAMS REARICK REDDING REEDY REESE REEVES REICHELDERFER REID, N. PENNY FRAZER REID, Tampa, 2 DAVID E. REINHARDT, Kappa Sigma, Chicago, 111., 1 BARBARA A. RENNER, Miami, 2 JO ANN REVELL, Bowling Green, 3 BRUCE G. REYNOLDS, Ft. Myers, 2 JOHN LAWRENCE REYNOLDS, Miami, 3 VIRGINIA REYNOLDDS. Chi Omega, Eglin AFB, 2 MARY LEE RININSLAND, Ft. Lauderdale. 1 MARIO NORBERTO RIOS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Key West, 1 JENNIE RUTH ROACH. Delta Gamma, Lake Worth, 2 JACQUELINE CLAI RE ROBERTS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Miami Springs, 1 LINDA GAY ROBERTS, Alpha Chi Omega, More Haven, 3 MARGARET ANNE ROBERTSON, Delta Gamma, St. Petersburg, 3 OLAF ELERY ROBINSON, Jr.. Atlanta. Ga.. 1 VIRGINIA SUE RHODES, Phi Mu, Ft. Myers, 1 CAROLYN RUTH RICHTER, Alpha Chi Omega. Panama City. 1 DEBORAH JOSEPHINE RICKETTS, Orlando, I AMELIA JEANETTE RIDDLE, Lakeland, 1 ELIZABETH MARGARET RIDGE, Naples, 1 ROBERT EUGENE RIECK, Hialeah. 3 LINDA CHRISTINE RIEDELL, Delta Delta Delta, Maracaibo, Venezuela, 2 RALPH GORDY ROBINSON, Alpha Tau Omega, Orlando, 1 DOROTHY D. RODABAUGH, Alpha Xi Delta. Miami, 1 ESTHER JANE RODGERS. Phi Mu. Tampa, 2 SANDRA JANE RODGERS. Alpha Delta Pi, Jacksonville, 2 WILLIAM MAURICE RODGERS. Gainesville 2 GEORGE WADE RODGERS, Hialeah, 4 JUNE ANN ROGERS, Mami Springs, 3 LA nclercfracluates ' d At least it ' s a story! Nancy Jean, Ken and Bucky work speedily to get the Flambeau on the press. ROBERT LESTER ROGERS, Jacksonville. 1 MARY LYNN ROLEY. Delta Gamma, Clearwater. 1 PETER LEONARD ROLLER. Miami, 2 CLIFFROD ANSON ROOT, Miami, 1 ARTHUR P. ROSEN. Tau Epsilon Phi, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 JUDITH HELENE ROTH, St. Petersburg, 2 TONY LAMAR ROUGHTON, Panama City. 1 JACK DEO RYDER. Sigma Chi. Dayton, C, 2 JUDITH ANN SADLER. Alpha Xi Delta. Tallahassee, 2 MARY LENORA SADLER. Perry. 3 S. GALE SAMMONS. Pi Beta Phi, Miami, 3 GEORGIA ANN SAMPSON. Tampa, 1 LOWELL BRUSE SANDERS, Clewiston, 1 PEGGY ANN SANDERS, Pensacola, 1 CONSTANCE BLANCHE ROUNTREE. Miami. 1 RANDELL E. ROWELL. Green Cove Springs. 2 DARLENE JOY ROWLAND. Ft. Lauderdale. 3 LEWIS FREDERICK ROWLAND. Lambda Chi Alpha. Jacksonville. 3 MARJORIE JEANNE ROYALS. Miami, 1 ANNE CLEGG RUFFIN. Alpha Omicron Pi, Albany, Ga., 3 BARBARA LUCILLE RUSH, Tallahassee, 3 MARY LUCILLE SANDS, Delta Delta Delta, Ocala, 2 ELSIE JEAN SANTA CRUZ, Tampa, 1 DELILAH REBECCA SAPP. Williston. 3 GAIL SATTERWHITE, Bradenton, 1 BILLIE LEE SAULS. Sigma Kappa. Tallahassee, 1 DALE AUDREY SAVILL, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tampa, 1 LINDA ANN SAVILLE, Hollywood, 1 ROBERT LEGRAND RUSHMORE, Phi Delta Theta. Bradenton, 1 SANDRA LYNNE RUST. Tampa. 2 NOEL LYNN RICHARD. Orlando. 2 BILLY CHARLES RUTHERFORD. Caryville, 3 WANDA KAY RUTLEDGE. Delta Zeta. Winter Haven, 1 KATHY RYAN, Miami. 2 PEGGY JOYCE RYAN, Tallahassee, 3 CARL ALONZA SAYE. Panama City, 3 VINA LEE SCHEFFER, Ft. Walton Beach, 3 EDWARD T. SCHIESS, Sigma Nu, Bradenton, 3 LOUIS CONRAD SCHIESS, Jr.. Sigma Nu, Bradenton, 2 CHARLOTTE SCHILDECKER, Miami, 1 JACQUELYN ANN SCHIRM. West Palm Beach, 1 JULIE M. SCHNEEBERGER, Miami Beach, 2 298 REINHARDT RENNER REVELL REYNOLDS, B. REYNOLDS, J. REYNOLDS, V. RHODES RICHTER RICKETTS RIDDLE RIDGE RIECK RIEDELL RININSLAND RIOS ROACH ROBERTS, I. ROBERTS. L. ROBERTSON ROBINSON, O. ROBINSON, R. RODABAUGH RODGERS, E. RODGERS, S. RODGERS, W. ROGERS, G. ROGERS, J. ROGERS, R. ROLEY ROLLER ROOT ROSEN ROTH ROUGHTON ROUNTREE ROWELL ROWLAND, D. ROWLAND, L. ROYALS RUFFIN RUSH RUSHMORE RUST RICHARD RUTHERFORD RUTLEDGE RYAN, K. RYAN, P. RYDER SADLER, I. SADLER, M. SAMMONS SAMPSON SANDERS, L. SANDERS, P. SANDS SANTA CRUZ SAPP SATTERWHITE SAULS SAVILL SAVILLE SAYE SCHEFFER SCHIESS, E. SCHIESS, L. SCHILDECKER SCHIRM SCHNEEBERGER LINDA LILLIAN SCHNUPP, Miami, 1 JACK RICHARD SCHULER, Miami Beach. 2 HARRIET LOUISE SCHUMACHER. Sebring. 2 EARL F. SCHWORM, Placida. 1 BARBARA ANN SCOTT. Tampa. 1 DONALD MARCEL SCOTT. Bradenton. 2 GRACE LEWIS SCOTT. Sarasota. 1 HENRY CHARLES SHAD. Alpha Tau Omega, Jacksonville, 2 MARGARET JANE SHAD, Gamma Phi Beta, Orange Park 1, DEANE ALDEN SHAFER, Pi Beta Phi, Tallahassee, 3 LINDA PAULINE SHAFER, Miami, 1 DOUGLAS OWEN SHANK, Theta Chi, Sullivan, III., 1 FRANCES ANNETTE SHARP, Orlando, 1 MARY VIRGINIA SHARP, Alpha Delta Pi, Orlando, 1 MARY LYNN SCOTT, Sigma Kappa. Tallahassee, 1 REVA JANE SCOTT, Ft. Myers. 2 ELVA LOUISE SEARS. Tavares. 2 MARGARET ANNE SECHREST. Canton. N.C.. 3 PATRICIA ANN SENN. Ft. Lauderdale, 2 MARTHA H. SESSIONS. Clearwater. 3 GRACE LEWIS SCOTT. Sarasota. 1 CARL NEIL SHAW. St. Petersburg. 3 LYDIA VIRGINIA SHAW, Tampa, 1 SANDRA LEE SHAW, Miami, 1 MARY PATRICIA SHEA, Alpha Omicron Pi. Tampa, 3 BETTY SHEETZ, Miami, 3 ANDREW H. SHEFFIELD, Panama City, 4 JOE VICTOR SHELDON, Dunedin, 3 4 LA nderciracli ey(jyadHates Ok. now. we need another like that. FSU scores first 2 point conversion. BENNETT HOWARD SHELFER. JR., Jacksonville, 1 HELEN A. SHEPPARD, Canal Point, 1 ROBERT RATHBONE SHERMAN. St. Petersburg. 3 SUSAN ANN SHOAF. Sarasota. 2 KAY WILLIAM SHOBER. Reading, Pa., 3 PATRICIA LORAINE SHOLAR. Tallahassee. 1 ARTHUR TERRELL SHRADER. Miami, 1 ELLEN JANE SIMS, Ft. Myers, 2 TIMOTHY WAYNE SINEATH. Jacksonville, 1 M. KAREN SINGLETARY, Kappa Alpha Theta, Thomasville, Ga., 1 CAROL IRENE SINGLEY, Clearwater, 2 PEARL ESTIA SIROTOWITZ, Tampa, 1 GEORGE RONALD SISK, Miami, 1 CAROLYN ANN SISTRUNK, Alpha Delta Pi, Jacksonville, 2 RICHARD ALLAN SHULMAN. Theta Chi. Ithaca. N.Y.. 1 BONNIE ELIZABETH SHUMAN. Monticello, 2 ALBERT THURMAN SIEGRIST. Venice. 1 BETSY LOU SILVERSTEIN, Charlote, N.C.. 1 BARBARA LEE SIMMONS. Alpha Chi Omega. Tallahassee, 2 FRANCES EDITH SIMMONS. Frostproof, 1 KATE SIMMS, Homestead, 2 RUTH EMILIE SKACIL, Alpha Omicron Pi. Miami, 3 MARY JANE L. SKADDING, Miami, 1 HELEN W. SKELTON, Tampa, 3 ROBERT NEVINS SKIPPER, Jacksonville, 1 VERNICE FAYE SLATER, Tallahassee, 1 PRISCELLA JANE SLOAN, Miami, 3 ALBERTA BARIE SMALANSKY, St. Petersburg, 1 BARBARA RUTH SIMON, St. Augustine, 1 PATRICIA SIMONDS, Winter Haven, 3 EVELYN PATRICIA SIMPSON, Tallahassee, 3 MARTHA LOUISE SIMPSON, Phi Mu, Milton, 1 MYRA FRANCES SIMPSON, Miami, 1 PEGGY SCARLETT SIMPSON, Kappa Alpha Theta, Pelham, Ga., 1 EDWARD LINNIE SIMS. Pinetta, 3 DAE DEEANNA SMALLEY, Bradenton, 1 EDITH V. SMART, Miami, 1 SANDRA L. DIANE SMART, Tampa, 3 ADELE C. SMITH, St. Petersburg, 3 ALLEN RAY SMITH, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tallahassee, 1 D. BODSFORD SMITH, JR., Tallahassee, 1 GORDON HASKELL SMITH, Sigma C hi, Mansfield, Ohio. 1 300 SCHULER SCHUMACHER SCHWORM SCOTT. B. SCOTT, D, SCOTT, G. SCOTT, M. SCOTT, R. SEARS SECHREST SENN SESSIONS SEWELL SHAD, H. SHAD, M. SHAFER, D. SHAFER, L. SHANK SHARP, F. SHARP, M. SHAW, C. SHAW, L. SHAW, S. SHEA SHEETZ SHEFFIELD SHELDON SHELFER SHEPPARD SHERMAN SHOAF SHOBER SHOLAR SHRADER SHULMAN SHUMAN SIEGRIST SILVERSTEIN SIMMONS, B., SIMMONS, F. SIMMS SIMON SIMONDS SIMPSON, E. SIMPSON. MARTHA SIMPSON, MYRA SIMPSON, P. SIMMS, EDWARD SIMMS, ELLEN SINEATH SINGLET ARY SINGLEY SIROTOWITZ SISK SISTRUNK SKACIL SKADDING SKELTON SKIPPER SLATER SLOAN SMALANSKY SMALLEY SMART, E. SMART, S. SMITH, ADELE SMITH, ALLEN SMITH, D. SMITH. G. P mMmkmk JAMES CLOUDIS SMITH, Alpha Tau Omega, Jacksonville. 1 JOHN RALPH SMITH, St. Petersburg, 2 JUDITH SMITH, Coral Gables, 1 LINDA LEE SMITH, Ft. Myers Beach, 2 MARJORIE WALKER SMITH, Jacksonville, 3 MARY PAGE RANDOLPH SMITH, Clearwater, 1 PATRICIA G. SMITH, Zeta Tau Alpha, Dade City, 1 SHARON VAY SMITH, Miami, 1 SHERMAN DOUGLAS SMITH, Pi Kappa Phi, Tampa, 1 WILLIAM DAVID SMITH, Chiefland, 2 WILLIAM GREGORY SMITH, Alpha Tau Omega, Jacskonville, 2 WILLIAM T. SMITH, Sigma Chi, Tallahassee, 3 ZEBBIE CLAIRE SMITH, Alpha Xi Delta, Miami, 1 LESLIE RUTH SNOGRASS, Maitland, 3 ROBERTA SMITH, Ocala, 1 ROBERTA HOLT SMITH, Tampa, 1 SARA ANN SMITH, Miami, 1 SARALEE SMITH, Kappa Alpha Theta, Miami, 1 SARA LOU SMITH, Clermont, 1 SARAH SUE SMITH, Cleveland, Tenn., 1 SHARON ELIZABETH SMITH, Haines City, 2 DORIS LOUISE SOLOMON, Pensacola, 1 PAULA JOYCE SOX, Jacksonville Beach, 1 SELINA ANN SPARROW, Zeta Tau Alpha, Hattiesburg, Miss., 3 LYDIA ROBINSON SPEED, Jacksonville, 1 FRANCES MARIE SPELL, Zeta Tau Alpha, Winter Park, 3 ADDIE LEE SPENCES, Gamma Phi Beta, Winter Haven, 2 ALYCE JOYCE SPENCER, Pahokee, 1 LA ndcrciradi eraraduates I told you to keep your mouth shut! SANDRA MARY SPOTO, Tampa, 2 ELIZABETH CAROL SPROUL, Hollywood, 2 PHERIBA KAY STACY, Alpha Omicron Pi, Jacksonville, 2 SANDRA EUGENIA STAFFORD, Alma, Ga., 2 MELISSA ESTHER STALLINGS, Waldo, 2 JO ANNE STALNAKER, Tallahassee, 3 SARAH EMILY STANINGER, Alpha Chi Omega. Jacksonville, 1 JAMES RONALD STEWART, Jacksonville, 2 JOAN STEWART, Miami, 1 MARTHA H. STEWART, Alpha Omicron Pi., Valparaiso, 3 MARCIA LYNNE STICH, Live Oak, 1 SIMEON DEAN STIDHAM, JR., Auburndale, 2 DOROTHY CLAIRE STILLMAN, St. Petersburg, 3 JOYCE ETHEL STOCKING, Alpha Gamma Delta, Park Ridge, 111., 3 BETTY CASSELL STANLEY, Gamma Phi Beta. Tallahassee, 1 PERMELIA ANN STANLEY, Gamma Phi Beta, Pensacola, 3 EDITH VIRGINIA STARRETT, Tampa, 1 LINDA KAYE STEARNS, Winter Haven, 1 MARY BURNHAM STEARNS, Miami, 1 THEODORE BEA STEELE, Theta Chi, Crestview, 2 JOHANNA ELIZABETH STEIN, Miami, 1 BETSY SUE STOINOFF, Phi Mu, Miami Springs, 1 LINDA STOKESBERRY, Alpha Xi Delta, Miami, 2 EDA LOUISE STOLTZ, Bartow, 1 AVERY DONALD STONE, Tavares, 3 JOYCE ANN STORY, Alpha Gamma Delta, Jacksonville, 1 MILDRED STRICKLAND, Bristol, 3 SANDRA STRICKLAND, Bristol, 2 PHYLLIS CAROLYN STEPHENS, Ft. Meade, 3 BARBARA KAY STEPP, Jacksonville, 1 CELIA LOUISE STEVENS, Miami, I JOYCE A. STEVENS, Delta Gamma, St. Petersburg, 2 CYNTHIA LEE STEVENSON, St. Petersburg, 1 ELIZABETH LYNN STEWART, Miami. 2 FRANCES E. STEWART, Madison, 2 MARTHA LYNETTE STROM, Sigma Kappa, Panama City, 2 ROBERT LANE STROMBERG, Sarasota, 4 LARRY S. STRUSS, Kappa Sigma, Tampa, 2 ROBERT ALLAN STUART, Tampa, 4 ROBERT FRANKLIN STURGEON, Perry, 4 GEARGIA ANN SULLIVAN, Miami, 1 SUELLEN MARY SULLIVAN, Miami, 1 302 SMITH, JOHN SMITH, JUDITH SMITH. L. SMITH, MARJORIE SMITH, MARY SMITH, P. SMITH, ROBERTA SMITH, R. H. SMITH, SARA ANN SMITH, SARALEE SMITH, SARA LOU SMITH, SARAH SUE SMITH, SHARON SMITH, S. V. SMITH, SHERMAN SMITH, W. D. SMITH, W. G. SMITH, W. T. SMITH, Z. SNODGRASS SOLOMON SOX SPARROW SPEED SPELL SPENCER, ADDIE SPENCER, ALYCE SPOTO SPROUL STACY STAFFORD STALLINGS STALNAKER STANINGER STANLEY, B. STANLEY, P. STARRETT STEARNS, L. STEARNS, M. STEELE STEIN STEPHENS STEPP STEV ENS, C. STEVENS, I. STEVENSON STEWART, E. STEWART, F. STEWART, JAMES STEWART, JOAN STEWART. M. STICH STIDHAM STILLMAN STOCKING STOmOFF STOKESBERRY STOLTZ STONE STORY STRICKLAND, M. STRICKLAND. S. STROM STROMBERG STRUSS STUART STURGEON SULLIVAN, G. SULLIVAN. C. BEVERLY LYNN SULOR, Coral Gables, 1 NANCY LOU SUMMERS, Sarasota, 3 FRANKIE JANE SUMNER. Dade City, 2 BILLY WAYNE SURLES. Tallahassee, 2 ALEX C. SUTOR, Tallahassee, 3 GINGER SWAIN, Raleigh, N.C., 1 RAY EDWIN SWAIN, Jacksonville, 1 BERNIE WOOD TAYLOR, Blountstown, 2 CHARLES WESLEY TAYLOR, Kappa Alpha, Atlanta, Ga., 2 GRACE AILEEN TAYLOR, Kappa Alpha Theta, Lake Worth, 2 JOHN W. TAYLOR, Auburndale, 3 KENNETH BROOKS TAYLOR, Sigma Chi, Pensacola, 3 LARRY EARL TAYLOR, Parker, 1 THOMAS SWANN TEAGUE, Kernersville, N.C., 3 JUDITH PATRICIA SW ALLEY, Largo, 1 SUZANNE SWAIN, Kappa Delta, Orlando, 3 FREDERICK B. SYLVIN, St. Petersburg, 3 GWENDOL M. TALBOT. Pensacola, 3 DONALD WILLIAM TALMON, Bradenton, 3 JOAN LUCILLE TANNER. DeLeon Springs. 1 JUIA CATHERINE TARVER, Leesburg, 1 MARALYN LOIS TEARE, Kappa Alpha Theta, Palm Beach, 3 SAUNDRA KAY TERWELL, Savannah, Tenn., 2 GEORGE PETER TELEPAS, Sigma Nu, St. Augustine, 3 SARAH ANNE TERVIN, Phi Mu, Tampa, 1 DIANE ELIZABETH THAL, Miami, 2 LOUISE THAMES, Panama City, 2 MARY ANNETTE THAMES, Delray Beach, 3 Lyindeycryadi d ' uates Pardon, may I be excused. Mignon Champion speaks to Senate members. ROBERT DOUGLAS THERRELL. Waxhaut, N.C.. 1 JACK L. THIGPEN. Madison. 1 GEORGIA FAYE THOMAS. Altha, 1 JAMES EDWARD THOMAS. Lambda Chi Alpha, West Palm Beach, 3 RONALD WILLIAM THOMAS, Crawfordville, 1 CHARLES EDWARD THOMPSON, Haines City, 3 KAROL MARGERY THOMPSON. Kappa Alpha Theta. Ft. Myers. 3 INGE EDITH TRAPP, Orlando, 2 JANET ELIZABETH TRASK, Chi Omega, Bartow, 2 MARY ANN TRAVIS, Delta Delta Delta, Jacksonville, 2 PEGGY JANE TRENSCH, Indian Rocks Beach, 2 ANDREW JONES TRICE, Tampa, 3 ANNE LEE TRICE, Tampa, 2 NANCY RUTH TRIMBLE, Coral Gables. 3 LARRY W. THOMPSON. St. Petersburg, 1 PATRICIA ANNE THOMPSON, Tallahassee, 2 JOSEPH THOMAS THORNTON, Pensacola, 3 LUCY CHARLENE THORNTON, Alpha Xi Delta, St. Petersburg, 1 MARY ANN THORNTON, Kappa Delta, Albany, Ga., 1 KAREN SUE THOUREEN, Kappa Alpha Theta, Lake Worth, 1 MARY JANE THURLOW, Stuart, 2 GEORGE RICHARD TROENDLE, Apopka, 3 RITA LOUISE TRUCKS, Delta Zeta, Birmingham, Ala., 2 PATRICIA ELIZABETH TUCKER, Holly Hill, 1 DAVE R. TUNSTALL. Phi Kappa Tau. Joliett, III., 2 ELIZABETH TURBERVILLE, Alpha Gamma Delta, Century, 1 ALICE JEAN TURNER, Ocala, 3 CAROL E. TURNER, Zeta Tau Alpha, Trenton, 3 FRANK A. TICHENOR. JR.. Lake Park. 1 JOHN FRANKLIN TIDWELL, JR., St. Petersburg, 3 GRADY WYNNE TOLER, Tallahassee, 2 ANN TOMLINSON, Alpha Delta Pi, Metter, Go., 2 LAWRENCE GLEN TORGUSON, Colorado Springs, Colo., 1 JOSEPH THOMAS TORRE, Tampa, 1 JOSEPHINE TOWNSEND, Davenport. 1 JUDITH LOUISE TURNER, Jacksonville, 1 NANCY ANN TURNER, Panama City, 2 TERRY SUE TURNER, Frostproof, 1 TONI DEWITT TUSKEEP, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 VIRGINIA CATHERINE TWERDOCHLIB, Palmetto, 1 MARTHA DRUCILLE TYLER, Alpha Omicron Pi, Tampa, 1 RACHEL L. TYLER, Miami Springs, 3 304 SUMMERS SUMNER SURLES SUTOR SWAIN, G. SWAIN, R. SWALLEY SWANN SYLVIN TALBOT TALMON TANNER TARVER TAYLOR, B. TAYLOR, C. TAYLOR, G. TAYLOR. J. TAYLOR, K. TAYLOR, L. TEAGUE TEARE TED WELL TELEPHAS TERVIN THAL THAMES, L. THAMES, M. THERRELL THIGPEN THOMAS, G. THOMAS, J. THOMAS, R. THOMPSON, C. THOMPSON, K. THOMPSON, L. THOMPSON, P. THORNTON, J. THORNTON, L, THORNTON, M. THOUREEN THURLOW TICHENOR TIDWELL TOLER TOMLINSON TORGUSON TORRE TOWNSEND TRAPP TRASK TRAVIS TRENSCH TRICE. ANDREW TRICE, ANNE TRIMBLE TROENDLE TRUCKS TUCKER TUNSTALL TURBERVILLE TURNER, A. TURNER, C. TURNER, I. TURNER. N. TURNER, T. TUSKEEP TWERDOCHLIB TYLER, M. TYLER, R. MATRYD JANE TYREE, Chi Omega, Arcadia, 2 WAYNE EDWARD UNWIN, Pi Kappa Ph ,iPahokee, 1 SUE ELLEN UPCHURCH, Delta Gamma, Raleigh, N.C., 1 CHLOE LINDA UPSHAW, Delta Zeta, Jackson, Miss., 2 LINDA LEE VAHUE, Orlando, 1 LIZ VANARSDALL, Ft. Lauderdale, 2 PETER FRANKLIN VANCE, Miami, 1 AMELIA CLAIRE VEAL, Perry, 3 GUSTAV WILHELM VERHEUL, Sarasota, 3 JUDITH NAN VETTER, Delta Gamma, Coral Gables, 2 MARTHA ANTOINETTE VEVERRA, Alpha Xi Delta, Panama City, 2 PATRICK E. VICK, Jacksonville, 1 MARY ANN VICKERY, Kappa Alpha Theta, Daytona Beach, 2 GLENDA LYNNE VICKERY, Tallahassee, 2 EDNA JANE VANDERIPE, Bradenton, 1 HELEN JEAN VANDERVEEN, Tampa, 1 ANITA SUE VANLANDINGHAM, Belle Glade, 2 NANCY LOU VANSANT, Winter Haven, 1 SANDRA GAIL VANSANT, Atlanta, Ga., 1 NANCY LEE VARBLE, Miami, 1 THOMAS VICTOR VARNEDOE, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 ROSEMARY VITALE, Delta Zeta, Miami, 1 ANDREA VIRGINIA VOGLER, Chi Omega, Orlando, 2 DAN VOICH, JR., St. John, Ind., 2 MARCIA VONTHADEN, Treasure Island, 2 BETTY LUCRETIA VOWELL, Clewiston, 1 DAVID VOYE, Tampa, 1 KITTY ROGERS WADE, Pi Beta Phi, Miami, 2 LINDA ANN WAHL, Kappa Alpha Theta, Jacksonville, 2 No, never in this weather! Typical Jennie Murphree scene. NANCY LINDA WAINWRIGHT, Jacksonville, 3 BARBARA JOAN WALKER, Miami, 1 KAREN LUCILLE WALKER, Palmetto, 2 MAXINE WALKER, Tallahassee, 1 WILLIE ANN WALL, Webster, 2 LINDA LOUISE WALTER, Coral Gables, 1 JUANITA ANNE WARD, Jacksonville. 3 SYLVIA WANDA WARD, Miami, 2 ANGELA CARLO WARING, Kappa Delta, Jacksonville. I LORA WARREN, Kappa Delta, Tampa, 3 SARAH FRANCES WARWICK, Kappa Alpha Theta, Valdosta, Ga., 1 MARGARET FAYE WASDEN. Delta Delta Delta, Pensacola, 1 GWENDOLYN AMARYLLIS WATERS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Ashe- ville, N.C., 2 ROBERT DALTON WATERS, Jacksonville. 1 JUDY KAY WATKINS, Lakeland, 2 MARTHA CLYDE WATKINS, Bartow, 1 LA nderciradi crairaduatcs ROBERT WAYNE WATKINS. Delta Tau Delta, Tarpon Springs, 3 LINDA LOUISE WATSON, Quincy. 1 RICHARD ARNOLD WATSON, Key West, 2 WILEY WAYNE WATSON, Lutz, 2 ANN WEAR. Pi Beta Phi. Lakeland. 3 MARTHA LETTY WEAR, Townsend, Tenn., 2 MARY ANN WEAVER, Bristol, 3 NAOMI SHARON WEAVER, Tampa, 1 JUDITH ANN WEBB, Hialeah, 2 MARYLEEN HAZEL WEBB, Brooksville, 1 TALLULAH A. WEBB, Delta Delta Deha, Homestead, 3 KATHLEEN BLANCHE WEEKS, Panama City, 3 JULIEETTE WEEMS, Boynton Beach, 2 JUDITH DIANE WEHKING, St. Augustine. 1 MARGARET RUTH WEHLE, St. Petersburg, 1 VELMA JANE WEINELL, Gulfport. 2 SANDRA DAWN WELCH, Pelham, Ga., 1 BARBARA KAY WELLS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Miami, 1 JOHN C. WELLS, Winter Haven, 1 JUDITH WELLS. St. Petersburg, 3 JULIA ANN WELSH, Clermont, 3 RICHARD NELSON WELTON, Tuscaloosa, Ala., 3 MARTHA MARY WERMESCHER, Jacksonville, 1 JAMES W. WESLEY, Tallahassee, 2 LOU ANN WESLEY, Alpha Gamma Delta, Tallahassee, 3 PATRICIA ANN WEST, Bushnell, 1 LAURA GAYLE WESTER, St. Petersburg, 2 JOHN A. WESTHAFER, Sigma ChL Greensburg, Ind., 1 CARLA JEAN WESTPHAL, St. Augustine, 2 PATRICIA JEAN WHIDDON, Ft. Pie rce, 1 PATRICIA ANN WHILDEN, Ocala, 2 SUSAN JANE WHIPPLE, Gamma Phi Beta, Winter Park, 1 306 1 IRCC UNWIN UPCHURCH UPSHAW VAHUE VANARSDALL VANCE VANDERIPE VANDERVEEN VAN LANDINGHAM VANSANT. N. VANSANT, S. VARBLE VARNEDOE VEAL VERHEUL VETTER VEVERKA VICK VICKERY VICKREY VITALE VOGLER VOICH VONTHADEN VOWELL VOYE WADE WAHL WAINWRIGHT WALKER, B. WALKER.K. WALKER, M. WALL WALTER WARD, J. WARD, S. WARING WARREN WARWICK WASDEN WATERS, G. WATERS, R. WATKINS, J. WATKINS, M. WATKINS, R. WATSON, L. WATSON, R. WATSON. W. WEAR, A. WEAR, M. WEAVER, M. WEAVER- N. WEBB, I. WEBB, M. WEBB, T. WEEKS WEEMS WEHKING WEHLE WEINELL WELCH WELLS, B. WELLS, JOHN WELLS- JUDITH WELSH WELTON WERMESCHER WESLEY, J. WESLEY, L. WEST WESTER WESTHAFER WESTPHAL WHIDDON WHILDEN WHIPPLE BOBBY CARLTON WHITE, Pi Kappa Phi, Canal Point, 3 CAROLE JEAN WHITE, Orlando, 3 KINNARD WHITE, Waynetown, Ind., 3 MARYANN WHITE, Rock Hill, S.C, 3 JUDY ILEEN WHITEHILL, Alpha Omicron Pi, Ft. Myers, 1 THOMAS FOLSOM WHITLEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tallahassee. 1 HELENE SCHLAKE WHITMAN, Alpha Omicorn Pi, Lake Wales, 1 JUDY RENATA WHITTAKER. No. Miami Beach, 1 PEGGY CYNTHIA WHITTIER, Vero Beach, 2 ELIZABETH ANN WICKERSHAM, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 PEGGY B. WIERK. Alpha Chi Omega, Jacksonville, 2 JEAN MARIE WILBAR. Miami, 2 MARTHA WILDER, Phi Mu, Jacksonville, 3 KATHARINE LUISA WILKINSON, Tavernier, 2 MARY ELIZABETH WILKINSON, Punta Gorda, 3 MARLENE LOLA WILLETT, Miami, 2 ABNER KENNETH WILLIAMS, Albany, Ga., 4 ANGELA WILLIAMS, Delta Zeta, Warner Robbins. Ga., 3 ANN HUGHES WILLIAMS, Kappa Alpha Theta, St. Petersburg, 3 CAROLE FRANKLIN WILLIAMS, Alpha Gamma Delta, Waycross. Ga., 2 CHARLES DONALD WILLIAMS, Branford, 2 GENE CURTIS WILLIAMS, Monticello, 1 JUDITH ANN WILLIAMS, St. Petersburg, 1 LINDA DOU WILLIAMS, Alpha Gamma Delta. Pensacola, 2 LYNNE WILLIAMS, Pi Beta Phi, Jacksonville, 2 MARY ALICE WILLIAMS, Clewiston, 2 MILLICENT JOAN WILLIAMS, Granville, 1 NOLA MAUREEN WILLIAMS, Monticello, 3 SANDRA JEAN WILLIAMS. Alpha Gamma Delta, Avon Park. 3 VELLA JEAN WILLIAMS, Griffin, Ga., 3 WYNYARD MARIE WILLIAMS, Live Oak, 1 CLARENCE L. WILLIAMSON, Atlanta, Ga., 1 But I tell you, I gotta get out in June. GLEN EARL WILLIAMSON, Wildwood, 2 JUDY ANNE WILLIS, Greenville, S.C, 2 MARTHA SUE WILLIS, Winter Haven, 3 BRENDA JEAN WILSON, St. Petersburg, 3 DEANNA WILSON, Alpha Gamma Delta, Tampa, 1 LARRY FRANKLIN WILSON, Apex, N.C., 3 ROSA NELL WILSON, Ocala, 1 SANDRA MAY WILSON, Delray Beach, 1 ' lyl H a emraa Males ' LOREN GILBERT_ WOLFINBARGER, Alpha Gamma Delta. Winter Haven, 1 BARBARA SUE WOOD, Niceville. I CHARLES GEORGE WOOD, Cincinnati, O., 2 KATHERINE INDIA WOOD, Lyndon, Ky., 3 MARTHA JANE WOOD, Miami Beach, 2 RUTH ANN WOOD, Tallahassee. 1 BARBARA LEE WOODFILL, Delta Delta Delta, St. Petersburg. 1 PATRICIA ELIZABETH WOODRUFF, Chi Omega, Atlanta. Ga.. 1 RALPH R. WOODRUFF, Tallahassee. 3 LINDA KAY WOOD, Gamma Phi Beta, Jacksonville. 2 MARJORIE SUSAN WORKIZER, Alpha Gamma Delta, Sarasota, 1 CHARLENE EDITH WORRALL, Zeta Tau Alpha. Ft. Walton Beach. 1 HERBERT ERWIN WOTRING, Kappa Alpha. Jacksonville. 1 ALICE LEE WRIGHT, Sarasota. 2 MARY ANN WHIGHT, St. Petersburg, 2 PATRICIA LEE WRIGHT, Bradenton. 1 THERSA GOVLET WRIGHT. Orlando, Gr. PATRICIA FRANCES WYNNE, Miami. 3 JOHN EMMANUEL YANCY. Cocoa. 1 ANITA YANKE, Ponte Vedra Beach. 1 REVERDY FRANCIS YARNALL, Phi Kappa Tau. Key West. 1 GEORGE ARTHUR YOEMAN, Phi Kappa Tau, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 BARBARA ANN YOUMANS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Tifton. Ga.. 2 JEAN ROBERTA YOUNG, Delta Gamma, Dunn, N.C.. 3 RACHAEL LERABETH WIMBERLEY, Port St. Joe, 3 KATHERINE M. WING, Jacksonville, 1 MARGARET ELIZABETH WINSHIP, Clearwater, 1 CHARLES WILLIAM WINSTEAD, Steinhatchee, 1 FRANCES GAIL WINSTEAD, Jacksonville, 2 MAUREEN ANN WINTERS, Lake Worth, 3 GWEN ELLEN WOFFORD, Gainesville, Ga., 2 JOYCE SANDRA WOLFGANG, Tampa. 2 MARY LUANNA YOUNG, St. Petersburg, 3 NANCY ANNA YOUNG, Ft. Lauderdale, 2 WILLIAM EARL YOUNG, Jasper, 3 ANN MARIE ZEIS, Jacksonville, 3 LEVONNE VERA ZESS, Alpha Delta Pi, Moultrie, Ga., 2 MARYLYN ZIBELL, Delta Delta Delta, Decatur, Ga., 2 ROBERT R. ZIMMERMAN, Sarasota, 2 CHARLES SANTO ZITO, Miami. 2 308 WHITE, C. WHITE, K. WHITE, M. WHITEHILL WHITLEY WHITMAN WHITTAKER WHITTIER WICKERSHAM WIERK WILBAR WILDER WILKINSON, K. WILKINSON, M. WILLETT WILLIAMS, ABNER WILLIAMS, A. WILLIAMS, ANN WILLIAMS, CAROLE WILLIAMS, CHAS. WILLIAMS, G. WILLIAMS, J. WILLIAMS, LINDA WILLIAMS, LYNN WILLIAMS, MARY WILIAMS, MILLIC WILLIAMS, N. WILLIAMS, S. WILLIAMS, V. WILLIAMS, W. WILLIAMSON, C. WILLIAMSON, G. WILLIS, J. WILLIS, M. WILSON, B. WILSON, D. WILSON, L. WILSON, R. WILSON, S. WIMBERLEY WING WINSHIP WINSTEAD, C. WINSTEAD, F. WINTERS WOFFORD WOLFGANG WOLFINBARGER WOOD, B. WOOD, C. WOOD, K. WOOD, M. WOOD, R. WOODFILL WOODRUFF, P. WOODRUFF, R. WOODS WORKIZER WORRALL WOTRING WRIGHT, A. WRIGHT, M. WRIGHT, P. WRIGHT, T. WYNNE YANCEY YANKE YARN ALL YEOMAN YOUMANS YOUNG, I. YOUNG, M. YOUNG, N. YOUNG, W. ZEISS ZESS ZIBEL ZIMMERMAN ZITO Bob Meier Editor W ' i Mf J-A ' ' S- ' Mt r M f)p€1tg The brains and the brawn Head Coach Tom Nugent Director of Sports Publicity, Pat Hogan 312 The F.S.U. coaching staff watch the results oi their teaching TRIBE WINS 7, LOSES 3, AND COACH Florida State had been seeking a " big time " football schedule for many years. In 1958 they finally had one. It included such formidable foes, as Tennessee, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Miami, and finally Florida. Goach Tom Nugent for the first time in several years did not have to patch together a backfield. In fact he had two excellent units, each with a capable signal-caller. He also had a line, but it was small, very small, compared with the forward walls of the opposition which the Seminoles had to face. Nugent ' s real problem at the start of the year was getting his men to realize that they were as good as the next team. This he did and he did it well because the 1958 Seminoles wrote a page in Florida State ' s football history book that will long be remembered. OPPONENT F.S.U. OPP. Tennessee Tech 22 7 Furman 42 6 Georgia Tech 3 17 Wake Forest 27 24 Georgia 13 24 Virginia Tech 28 Tennessee 10 Tampa 43 Miami (Fla.) 17 6 Florida 7 21 313 SEMINOLES 22 TENN. TECH 7 In the opening game of the year for the Seminoles, it was an inspired Tribe that rolled over Tennessee Tech by a 22-7 margin. Carrying the ball only six times, it was Vic Prinzi who supplied the big punch for the team, by scoring 14 points, including one of the first two-point conversions of the college Football season. Dink Lawrence, starting at the fullback slot, picked up 67 vards on 15 carries. Fred Pickard drove over for the second score of the game and picked up an average of 4.4 yards per carry. Coach Tom Nugent kept the Tribe on the ground for most of the evening. Prinzi, Bob Conrad, and Joe Majors threw onlv a few times and then just for short yardage. Bobby Renn passed for the third touchdown and averaged 42 yards on three punts, besides breaking away for several long runs. No one in Campbell Stadium that night had any idea that this was to be the last year at the Seminole helm for Tom Nugent, including Nugent himself. The Tribe sup- plied a fine beginning for the end of Nugent ' s reign. The Seminoles are flat on their backs, bui no one is loafing. Halfback Bobby Renn is stopped picking up yardage around end in the first quarter. 314 Bobby Renn displays form that helped him gain 130 yards against the Purple Hurricane. F.S.U. ROMPS OVER FURMAN BY 42 TO 7 Florida State ' s second game of the 1958 football cam- paign was all Bobby Renn. Renn, a senior from Henderson, North Carolina, ran wild. He went through and around the Furman line for a grand total of 130 yards. 50 of those 130 came via a 50 yard run ' for the first Seminole score. Al Ulmer stood out for his fine play on defense. On one occasion Ulmer ' s vicious tackling forced the Finman ballcarrier to fumble and set a Seminole score. Two touchdowns by Renn, and one each by Bob Con- rad, Fred Fickard, Bud Whitehead, and Bill Kimber rounded out the Seminole scoring. John Sheppard used his automatic toe to account for four extra points and Vic Prinzi added a two point conversion. The total was 42 points for the fighting Seminoles. Furman scored late in the fourth quarter on a 17 yard pass play. It was their only score of the night. Furman fought all the way, but the Seminole depth was just too much to handle. Quarterback Vic Prinzi being pulled down by Furman defender in first half action. 315 Jerry Graham tackle Al Ulmer quard Leo Baggett guard Gene McCormick quarterback Bo Davis center Bill Brown tackle Herman Brown tackle SEMINOLES SCORE FIRST BUT LOSE TO TECH 17-3 Once again the Seminoles had a chance to beat their first Southeastern Conference opponent, but they couldn ' t score a touchdown. The place was Grant Field in Atlanta and the opponents were the Yellowjackets of Georgia Tech. Oddly enough the Seminoles scored first on a 31 yard field goal by Johnny Sheppard. This marked the first time the Tribe had scored on the Techmen in four meetings and it also marked the first field goal in F.S.U. ' s football history. The Seminoles played hard all the way and Tech knew they were in a football game. The score at the half was 3-3. This moment of glory for the Tribe was short lived however, because Tech scored early in the second half to go ahead for keeps. F.S.U. had a chance to score when they recovered a fumble on the Tech 20, but they couldn ' t push it across. Fred Pickard accounted for two-thirds of the Seminole rushing yardage with 49 yards gained from scrimmage. This was where the Tribe lost the game. They couldn ' t move the ball on the ground. Ron Hinson end Toe Majors quarterback Bobby Renn halfback Bobby Renn finds himself with two Demon Deacons in his path. DEMON DEACONS UPSET! F.S.U. 27 WAKE FOREST 24 Florida State ' s scrappy Seminoles came from behind three times Saturday night to squeak past the 18th ranked Demon Deacons of Wake Forest, 27-24, before a record setting crowd of 19,700. It was Vic Prinzi who led the Seminole attack by passing for two touchdowns and picking up two extra points by runs. Fred Pickard slammed through the line for 25 yards and another FSU score. Coach Tom Nugent singled out Prinzi for individual praise. " In my opinion, Vic came into his own tonight. It was his greatest performance, " said Nugent. Using a com- bination of rollouts and short passes, quarterback Prinzi directed the Tribe attack on touchdown marches of 58, 88, and 72 yards. It ' s that man Renn again! Vic Prinzi Quarterback Jim Calhoon Fullback Jim Hooks End Tony Romeo End Georgia quarterback Tommy Lewis goes over from the one yard line for the first Bulldog score. Seminole halibock Bobby Renn finds the going rough as he is brought down by a Georgia defender. SEMINOLES FALL TO BULLDOGS IN GATOR BOWL 28-13 Florida State ' s hopes for their first victory over an SEC power, were squashed again by the Bulldogs from the University of Georgia. Playing in Jacksonville ' s Gator Bowl before a crowd of 16,023, Georgia ground out a 28-13 victory over the Seminoles. After spotting the Bulldogs a two touchdown lead at the half, FSU fought back twice to within one touchdown, but each time Georgia struck back to maintain their lead. Vic Prinzi directed the Tribe attack and completed 11 of 20 passes for 150 yards. Fred Pickard led the FSU run- ners with 79 yards in 19 carries. Tony Romeo caught five passes for a total of 103 yards and an outstanding night on the receiving end of Prinzi ' s throws. The Seminoles didn ' t disappoint the fans in the Gator Bowl with their inspired play and they are looking forward to playing there again. 318 SEMINOLES STOP VPI IN THE RAIN FSU 28 VPI Florida State kept their perfect home record as they splashed and sHpped by the Gobblers of VPI by the score of 28 to 0. It was a rainy afternoon and only eight thousand fans showed up to watch the Seminoles. The Tribe made them forget the rain in a hurry as they scored in eleven plays. It was senior quarterback Vic Prinzi who directed the march down the field after the Seminoles took the opening kickoff to their own 26 yard line. Prinzi threw the slippery pigskin the final 8 yards to Jack Espenship for the score. F.S.U. ' s second score came like a bolt of lightning. It wasn ' t lightning though, it was Bobby Renn, who faked a punt on his own 28 and ran 72 yards for the score. An- other Prinzi pass, and a sneak by Joe Majors accounted for all the Seminole scoring . The final score, a wet 28 to 0. The Seminole faithful brave the storm. Safe! Seminole fullback Paul Pasquale finds the turf a little slippery as he slides around right end in the second half. 319 Dan Strickland tackle end Bill Kimber IT HAPPENED! RS.U. 10 TENN. John Bell center John Craig tackle lack Espenship back Carl Meyer back •i ' mMigmnsmBma mt -v:. " We did it and we ' re glad. " This was the attitude o£ the Fighting Seminoles as they stepped off of the plane that Saturday night at the Tallahassee airport. Several thousand fans were on hand to greet the little band of warriors that only several hours earlier had defeated the once mighty Vols of Tennessee. This was the first victory over an SEC school for the F.S.U. football team and it was a great victory. Freddy Pickard gained 133 yards from scrimmage, while the Tribe defense held the Tennessee single-wing attack to a mere 29 yards. Florida State ' s first score came from the talented foot of Johnny Sheppard who kicked his second field goal of the year from the Tennessee 10 yard line. Bobby Renn scored the only touchdown of the game after Tony Romeo hauled in a Vic Prinzi aerial on the Tennessee one yard line. This was a team victory for F.S.U. Everyone played great football, and the Tribe deserved to win because they outplayed and outfought Tennessee. Bud Whitehead back Bob Swoszowski end I i - . L k MNk i ' M • i Pickard moves out of " I " formation as Prinzi blocks for him. TRIBE DISPLAY ' S POWER FOR HOMECOMING FSU 43 TAMPA It took Florida State ' s Seminoles less than five minutes to show Tampa that Homecoming isn ' t the time to come to Tallahassee. With a lopsided victory the Tribe stretched its string of wins to tliree. It was the Seminoles all the way as they walked over the Spartans by a 43-0 score. Bobby Renn climaxed a 77-yard drive that started the first time the Seminoles got their hands on the ball. Fea- tured in the drive were runs of 17 and 11 yards by Fred Pickard, plus runs by Renn of 11 and eight. Four plays later the Seminoles upped the score to a 14-0 count. A wild pitchout by Tampa ' s quarterback was recovered by Carl Meyer on the Spartan 15. Then Joe Majors hit end Bob Fountain in the end zone for the score. From there on it became simply a case of how high the score would run. Bobby Renn broke the school scoring record by adding 12 points to his total. Prinzi hands off to Renn in second-half action. Lenny Levy Terry Moran Clare Bagnall Bob Conrad Sophomore Carl Meyer on his way to the first Seminole touchdown, as Ron Hinson clears his path. The place was the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. The teams were the University of Miami and the Florida State University. This was an occasion. It marked the first time since the Seminoles have been playing the Miami Hurri- canes that they were playing the role of the favorite. The Seminoles held true to form and whipped the Hurricanes 17-6. This was the first time in F.S.U. ' s football history that the Seminoles came out on top in this particular game. Sophomore halfback Carl Meyer had his finest hour in this game. He scored a touchdown, led the ground gainers, and to boot, he intercepted a pass. It was said after the game that F.S.U. was lucky to win, but they weren ' t. They played hard and deserved to win. The Seminoles really played as a team. A team that wanted to win, and win they did! Miami had better beware, because the Seminoles have found that they can win and will be waiting for next year to try and prove it again. MIAMI ' S HURRICANE BLOWS OUT F.S.U. 17 MIAMI 6 Bud Whitehead, sophomore halfback, is stopped after a sizeable gain in the Orange Bowl. F.S.U. three times! Joe Majors rolls out of the famed " I " formation as Bob Conrad comes by for the hand-off. WE LOST! FLORIDA 21 FSU 7 A dream come true! The scrappy Seminoles of Florida State finally got their chance to play ball with the big Gators from G-Ville. It took a legislative decree to get the game scheduled and contrary to pre-game opinion the Seminoles did not muff it. Well, the Seminoles showed up, - and they played a whale of a football game. Bobby Renn had the crowd on its feet by running back the opening kick-off 85 yards to the Gator 15 yard line. There he was pulled down from behind by Jimmy Dunn, the Gator signal-caller. This was to set the picture for the rest of the afternoon. F.S.U. scored the touchdown and made the point, but Jimmy Dunn had yet to get his hands on the ball. He took over and beat the Seminoles with an almost one-man effort. Dunn ran, passed, and tackled to the amazement of everyone, including Tom Nugent. F.S.U. had her heroes, too! Everyone who saw action for the Tribe put out to his utmost. Bobby Renn, Al Ulmer, and Vic Prinzi stood out perhaps a little more than the rest. The Seminoles will meet the Gators again next year, but no one will forget the stubborn little band of Indians that came down from the North and showed everyone that they too, knew how to play football. 323 The 1958 Seminole TRIBE LOSES BLUEGRASS BOWL BOWS TO OKLAHOMA STATE IN COLD The 1958 football season at FSU brought many sur- prises. Among them were a winning season, a victory over a Southeastern Conference opponent, a bowl game, and the loss of a colorful football coach. Most of the so-called experts predicted that FSU would win only three football games in 1958. One even went so far as to say that the Tribe would be lucky to win one game. The Seminoles surprised everyone. Everyone, that is, except themselves. They had an inspired football team. A team that knew it could win even with the odds overwhelm- ingly against them. Someone had to inspire these men. Someone who knew them well. Someone who knew that they could win and that someone was Tom Nugent. At the beginning of the year Coach Nugent and his staff were faced with a squad of young and inexperienced men, and a schedule that was the toughest in the school ' s history. They worked hard in developing these men into a scrappy, aggressive, fighting football team that made its mark wherever they played. Tennessee will never forget the " breather " they had on the 1958 schedule, nor will the Florida rooters forget how tough the " Gator Bait " from Tallahassee proved to be. Florida State also has something which they will remember for a long time, The 1958 Fighting Seminoles and their coach, Tom Nugent. 324 Football Team PERRY MOSS NAMED NEW COACH FORMER WISCONSIN ASSISTANT LOOKS FOR WINNING YEAR Perry Moss shows moods at press conference L lf f sp i c l : y - ' . ' iRmJ f M STM-d t3i STATI OfffO ATE • %J fS-, —•m _J The 1958-59 Seminole Cagers Jim Savage scores on a driving lay-up as Hugh Durham watches during the Florida game, from which the Seminoles emerged victorious. ROAD pNX HAMPERS SEMINOLE CAGERS An old foe again hampered the Seminole cagers this year, they couldn ' t win on the road. Coach Bud Kennedy had a promising team at the start of the year, and the Tribe looked good in defeat against the Kentucky Wildcats in the opening game of the year at Lexington, Kentucky. Captain Hugh Durham and his running mate at guard, Don Bates, kept the Seminoles above the .500 mark for the first half of the season. The Tribe ' s opponents improved dur- ing the second half of the season and the Tribe did not. They could not win on the road and this meant a losing season for the Seminoles. They ended up the year with an 8-15 record. The prospects for next year ' s quintet look fairly good, but only time will tell. Coach Kennedy will lose four key men from this years ' squad. Captain and high scorer Hugh Durham will be sorely missed by the Seminoles. Other graduating seniors are Joe Williams, Dan Boltz, and Jim Litkey. Back in the fold will be the Seminole ' s second highest pointmaker this year, Don Bates. Backing him up will be Jim Savage and Charlie Tinsley. As in the past the Seminoles will be lacking a good big man, but Coach Kennedy is known for his recruiting of Junior College talent. We will have to wait and see what he comes up with. 326 Captain Hugh Durham Coach Bud Kennedy Jim Litkey lakes Miami defender and scores as the Seminoles defeat the nation ' s highest scoring team. 327 Joe Williams, guard Charlie Tinsley, forward SEASON ' S RECORD KENTUCKY 91 — FSU FURMAN 72 — FSU SPRING HILL 70 — FSU WAKE FOREST 73 — FSU FLORIDA 60 — FSU AUBURN 95 — FSU MIAMI 85 — FSU GEORGIA 72 — FSU LSU 82 — FSU AUBURN 69 — FSU MISS. SOUTHERN 92 — FSU MEMPHIS STATE 75 — FSU MIAMI 69 — FSU GEORGIA 94 — FSU OKLAHOMA CITY 103 — FSU CENTENARY 87 —FSU LOYOLA 60 — FSU MURRAY STATE 96 — FSU MEMPHIS STATE 93 — FSU OKLAHOMA CITY 98 — FSU STETSON 98 — FSU ROLLINS 83 — FSU MIAMI 92 — FSU 68 73 100 64 82 74 79 83 67 62 65 72 93 91 75 63 61 71 69 84 91 94 85 Fred Woodward, guard 328 Don Bates, guard Jim Litkey, guard Jim Savage, forward Dan Boltz, center 329 The 1958-59 Gym Team. ■4 - - vJCi GYMNASTS COP SOUTHEASTERN INTERCOLLEGIATES Again this year, as in the past, the FSU Gym team was in the national spothght. Without a doubt, they are the top in the South. They gained national prominence at the N.C.A.A. meet in Berkeley, California, in March. Coach Jack Miles had many veterans on his star-studded squad. National free exercise champion. Chic Cicio, was the team ' s top point man. Jack Ryder gained national recognition on the trampoline. Fernando Lecouna, Roger Webb, and Bill Beavers, also added many points this year. In addition to the Southeastern Intercollegiates, the gymnasts were undefeated in dual meets. They won the Florida A.A.U. crown. The gym team gave FSU national acclaim at the A.A.U. meet by again placing near the top. Jos Boersma demonstrates his agility on the parallel bars. Wayne Thompson on the rings. 330 Roger Webb on the parallel bars. Bill Beaver in free exercise. Jack Ryder on the trampoline. Roger Webb in free exercise. Rick Miller on the rings. 331 The 1958-59 Seminole Swimming Team. MERMEN HAVE BANNER YEAR BEAT GATORS TWICE MANY RECORDS BROKEN Paul Thompson, freshman. Bucky Hiles, sophomore. Jim Wentworth, Bud Cole, Bucky Hiles, and Paul Hammond. Bud Cole, Howey Fillmore, and Tom Newell. Jim Wentworth and Jerry Clancy. Glenn Thatcher. STITE Seniors Jerry Glency, Paul Hammond, Jim Wentworth, Howey Fillmore, Lenny Koeth, and Glenn Thatcher. FLORIDA A-A-ITS, GEORGIA AAITS, AND FLORIDA Coach Bim Stult ' s Seminole swimmers continued their winning ways during die 1958-1959 campaign. They started the year ofiF on the right foot by copping both the Georgia and Florida A.A.U. titles. Stults had a squad which pos- sessed great depth and strength. Highlights of the year perhaps were the two victories over the Florida Gators. During the season, many records were broken and new ones set. Buck Hiles and Jerry Glancy led the parade of record breakers. Hiles is a top prospect for All-American honors this year. Between semesters, the team made a trip to Texas where they swam against S.M.U., Texas Christian, and Bucky Hiles, Paul Hammond, Glenn Thatcher, and Jerry Glancy. Bob Weber and Bill Simpson. Chic Belden, freshman. INTERCOLLEGIATES AMONG TAlSfKERS MANY VICTORIES Texas. The Southwestern schools gave the Seminoles stiff competition and they dropped two out of the three meets. These were the only two defeats for Coach Stults and his men during the year. Even though the team will be without such men as Jerry Clancy, Clenn Thatcher, Jim Wentworth, and Paul Hammond, the prospects for next year are very good. A talented freshman aggregation led by Chick Belden and Denny Flandreau will help fill in the gaps. Tlie outlook is bright, and it looks like Bim Stults and the Seminole Tankers will have another winning year. Freshmen all are Glenn Mitchell, Chic Belden, Paul Thompson, and Bob Abstein. SPRING SPORTS B aseball Track Due to changes in publishing contracts, we regret that we are unable to include the Spring Sports for 1959 in this year ' s book. These sports will be in- cluded in next years annual and this method will be followed from here on. This was a transition year for the Tally-Ho and next year the results of the change will be seen. Tennis Golf With the deadhne drawing near there was httle infor- mation available on the Spring Sports program here at FSU. The baseball team under the able direction of Danny Litwhiler seemed almost a sm e bet to reach the College World Series for the third straight year. The Track Team in an early season meet with Miami showed an amazing amount of talent. Many of last years top men are gone, but Coach Mike Long has an abundant number of talented Juniors and Sophomores on this years ' squad. Heading the list is Ted Keen an all around per- former from Atlanta, Georgia. FSU ' s new tennis coach, John Powless, is blessed with four experienced players to fill the top four positions on his squad. Lex Hester, Rebal Bellamy, Fred Serrett, and Jackie Crew make up the nucleus of this years team which faces the toughest tennis schedule in FSU ' s history. Headed by all-American senior, Bob Shave, Bill Ode- neal ' s golfers opened the season by defeating Florida. Sophomores Downing Gray and Frank Malara together with co-captain Mel Fleischer make the outlook for the Golfers look very good. 336 SCALP EM! SCALP EM! CHEERLEADERS ADD SPIRIT " Scalp ' em! Scalp em! " Was a favorite saying this year for the spirited Florida State cheerleaders as they boosted the morale of the student body and led the team on through a successful year. Special effort was made on the part of the cheerleaders to attend our out-of-town games since the funds were low. They made souvenir headdresses to sell at the Homecoming Game which proved to be a very successful project and enabled all of the group to attend games away from Talla- hassee — specifically the Miami game. Other games attended were the Georgia Tech, Florida, Tennessee, and the new Blue Grass Bowl in Louisville. Cheering seemed almost hopeless at times since distance kept many FSU fans at home by the radio. However, they were not dampened by the lack of supporters and their efforts were untiring and rewarding. The last game brought the football season to an excit- ing end as the cheerleaders decorated the whole city in garnet and gold with pictures of the team in all the shop windows. This time the team was well supported by train and plane loads of rowdy yet freezing fans. During basketball season the cheerleaders had an at- tractive addition to the squad in the form of a mascot. Little Sandy Montgomery came in as entertainment and to do some rooting of her own. Because of lack of space in the gym the cheerleaders alternated attending the games by one half going every other week. ■ H to H ■ 1 9 yt 3fc ' TBL HB HBUUI Martha Douglas in action at the Furman game. Led by Dick Ainsworth the 1958-59 cheerleaders can be proud of their vigorous efforts. They are: Linda Gormley, Martha Douglas, Maralyn Teare, Judy Turner, Barbara Walker, Ralph Russell, Ray Smith, Ronnie Davis, and Scott Schanzenbach. The joy of victory is shared by all! 337 Men ' s Intramurals Florida State has one of the most complete in- tramural programs of any school. Intramural Di- rector Keith Pitchford has done much in keeping the program at this level. Both fraternities and in- dependent groups have a chance to compete in all major and most minor sports. Each group is repre- sented on the Men ' s Intramural Board whose presi- dent is Bob Moren. The program is set up so that there are two leagues. A fraternity league and a dorm-independ- ent league. Events are played on a round robin type basis and the champions in each league play- off after each sport is completed to determine the campus champion. Bob Moren, president of the Men ' s Intramural Board The standings at the time of the printing of the yearbook are DORM-INDEPENDENT 1. Newman Ckib 2. " 400 " Ckib 3. Magnoha Hall 4. Playboys 5. Penthouse 6. Baptist Student House This does not include all the spring sports, nor do the standings include all the teams. High jump action at the intramural track meet " I should have stayed in shape " FRATERNITY Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Delta Theta Sigma Nu Sigma Chi Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Women ' s Intramurals TROPHY WINNERS 1957-58 Volleyball Broward Hall Bowling Gilchrist Basketball Broward Deck Tennis Phi Mu Horseshoes Delta Zeta Shuffleboard East Landis — gm P N v l B ..J 1 WI£;S ■■ ' l? " % mm b -ti m ' 7 f H 1 " Has anyone got a comb? Is my lipstick on straight? ' Table Tennis Singles West Landis Table Tennis Doubles Gamma Phi Beta Badminton Singles West Landis Badminton Doubles Florida Hall Swimming Pi Beta Phi Softball Alpha Xi Delta Tennis Singles B. S. U. Tennis Doubles Alpha Xi Delta Fast action in a badminton game. Last year ' s champs were West Landis and Florida Hall. 339 340 Zetwc peci 341 In Retrospect . . . Thoughts — the things we did, the things we didn ' t do — wistful, regretful, appreciative, chuekJe- some — flash through the minds of Seniors awaiting their degrees with uncertainty and elation. The awe and total bewilderment in the cavernous maze of your first registration; the spontane- ous unifying spirit that electrifies a crowd; the quiet pride of ac- complishment as a chaos of mathematical symbols becomes a logical statement; the sparkling intensity of cool sunlight danc- ing over rain washed walks and slanted eaves; these are the scenes remembered in retrospect. Long-awaited sheepskins come to hand at last as graduating Seniors line up for the conferring of degrees in Campbell Stadium. Game, hut obviously fighting a los- ing battle, two " rats " struggle through a labyrinth of forms dur- ing registration. 342 i the people, the placej the things we did . . Grinning in amazement at their mass reception, the football team deplanes after their triumph over Tennessee. Solitude and a sense of accomplishment mark the long evening study periods before midterms and finals. Deserted pathways near the Longmire Building indicate that morning classes are in full swing. 343 It pays to advertise! Getting there " fustest with the mostest " seems to be the campaign philosophy of FSU politicians. Between-class breaks provide a few minutes for cokes, chatter and comparing assignments in the patio of the Home Economics Building. Hallmark of the University, Westcott Fountain has greeted students and visitors to the campus for over forty years. 344 Impressions Groggily issued " hello ' s " in the early morn- ing mist . . . screaming and enthusiastic voices that filled the gyni . . . empty coffee cups and hastily put out cigarettes at the Corner . . . raincoats grabbed at ten o ' clock but super- fluous at eleven . . " Sagebrush Gulch " at the drive-in and cokes at the Dixieland . . . sleepy Sunday afternoons punctuated by bridge games, coffee breaks and math problems . . . the hush that preluded Artisi Series presenta- tions . . . the tingly excitement of conventions and elections . . . dirty tennis shoes, lost scotch tape and paint-smeared hands that accom- panied Homecoming preparations . . . un- finished term papers, unmade beds and half- packed suitcases . . . the melancholy but confident, hopeful faces that leave FSU for the last time Early autumn brings to Tallahassee the too-familiar and too- sudden cloudbursts, always neatly timed to catch univart students on their way to class. Classic lines of the Library framed by dogwood blossoms sym- bolize the university idea — an admiration for the functional harmonizing with an appreciation of the beautiful. 345 AeCverti i 346 fltCWtt 347 Come out to THE QUAKER HOUSE Drive-ln and Restaurant Good Food for less money Soups, Sandwiches, Drinks West Tennessee SHAWS furniture Good Design Costs No More furniture rugs pictures • mirrors SHAWS, INC. 3-1316 West- College and Duval DUVAL HOTEL Visit Our Coffee Shop The Town House North Florida ' s Hotel of Distinction Monroe and Virginia Phone 2-8080 348 CONGRATULATIONS Graduating Class of 1959 from your uiitiiiiiiiTv BOOK mu II IN THE STUDENT CENTER 349 BETTE-CILLE Hairstylists COMPLETE BEAUTY CARE Phone 2-5214 for an appointment 812 West College Avenue TALLAHASSEE CAMERA CENTER • Cameras • Film • Lamps • Projector Rentals • Everything in photographic equipment : :y " Across from the Florida Theater ' ' 123 N. Monroe Ph. 2-8771 THE SWEET SHOP The place to come for Good Food at reasonable prices Phone 2-2617 107 West Jefferson 350 O r 37d y eay . TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA 1 . . . of expressing our appreciation to the Student Body and Faculty for their faith- fulness and confidence in this shop. c tl ' NEW AND USED BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES ' We are grateful for your patronage ' ' 107 South Copeland Phone 3-1066 L the L Across the Street from the Campus 105 South Copeland Street Phone 2-0860 351 MERLE NORMAN Cosmetic Studio For Every Boy and Girl... Complimentary Demonstration and Free Instruction in Complexion Care with Merle Norman ' s 3-step Complexion Treatment Individual and Group Demonstration by Appointment 204 East Pensacola St. Phone 4-3328 Congratulations Class of ' 59 Wherever your path may lead, good telephone service will play an important part in your future SOUTHEASTERN TELEPHONE COMPANY Tallahassee, Florida Refreshing remembrance AUTOGRAPHS (X 352 353 Engravings in Tally-Ho by Southern Photo Process Engraving Company -O- 730 BLUFF STREET, S.W. ATLANTA 10, GEORGIA Phone JAckson 2-7567 354 1 i There is no substitute for EXPERIENCE or Quality! At ROSE you may enjoy the benefits of our years of ex- perience in annual production. Your annual will enjoy that mark of quality in its appearance. ROSE PRINIING COMPANY Producers of fine Annuals TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA 355 CLASS AND GREEK l oyivalis L ompiiinentd of TED KIPER Service Studios Telephone 4-1755 109 West College Ave. 356 STUDENT INDEX ABBOTT, BERNARD 174, 94 ABBOTT, DANIEL J 198 ABBOTT, ELEANOR 222 ABBOTT, JOSEPH DANIEL 222 ABDELNOUR, WILLIAM 222 ABRAMSON, ARNOLD 222 ABSTEIN, BOB 335 ADAMO, JOE 120 ADAMS, CAROLYN 265, 72 ADAMS, JEANNE 88 ADAMS, MARY ANN 265, 1 85 ADAMS, NOLAN 222 ADAMS, PATRICIA 265 ADAMS, RICHARD 265, 94 ADAMS, SALLY 265, 68 ADKINS, GENE 265, 180 ADKINSON, MARSHA JOHANN 222 AGEE, PATSY RUTH 222 AHRENS, MERLIN ROLLO 265 AHRENS, ANDY 74 AKEL, HOWARD 1 87 AKEY, DAVE 106 AKIN, FLORENCE ELEANOR 265, 82 AKINS, FRANKLIN M 265 ALBANO, FRANK PAUL 265 ALBERSON, BRENDA 74 ALBERT, JERRY 265, 96 ALDERMAN, T. CARLTON 222 ALDRICH, SYBIL 84 ALDRIDGE, HELEN 222 ALEXANDER, ELINOR 66, 72 ALEXANDER, NANCY 222 ALEXANDER PHYLLIS 265 ALEXANDER, SUSAN 203 ALLARD, GAYLE ANGELA 222, 206 ALLEN, GLORIA 265, 72 ALLEN, JUDITH ANN 222, 72 ALLEN, KATHY 62 ALLEN, MARY SUE 265 ALLEN, PETE 92 ALLEN, RAY 100 ALLEY, CLYDE 108 ALLISON, ELLEN LORRAINE 265 ALLISON, MARY MARGARET 265, 64 ALMOND, ANN 74 ALONSO, ANGELA 265, 64 ALSOP, KATHERINE 265, 86 ALTENBERGER, THOMAS 94 ALU, BARBARA JEAN 265 ALVAREZ, ANITA LOUISE 265, 84 OLYEA, JIM 94 AMAN, JEROLYN 265 AMANN, ANN 265, 78 AMBROSINI, ANGELA CECILE . . 265, 222, 84 AMBROSINI, RENA LEE 84 AMMANN, WERNER 265 AMOS, JOAN 265, 207 AMOS, JOYCE 64 AMOURY, KATHRYN LOUISE 222 ANCHORS, GAIL 175, 60, 185 ANDERS, NANCY 265 ANDERSON, ALICE 84 Af. ' DERSGN, DICK 265, 1 14 ANDERSON, HARRIET 265 ANDERSON, JAMES 189 ANDERSON, JANE 222 ANDERSON, ROZ 70, 210, 185 ANDERSON, WALLY 94 ANDERSON, WILLIAM ROGER 265, 222 ANDRE, JANIECE 222, 203 ANDRE, LOUIS THOMAS 222 ANDRESS, DOROTHY 203 ANDREWS, ANN 265 ANDREWS, BETTY SUSAN 222 ANDREWS, JAMES 2 65 ANDREWS, RICHARD 222 ANDREWS, RODDY 98 ANDROS, CARMEN MONICA 222 ANGEL, ANN 72 ANGELOTTI, MIKE 265, 106 ANGUS, JOYCE 265 ANSLEY, FRANKLIN 265 APPLEBY, PENNY 203, 223 APTHORP, JIM 34, 110, 170, 214 ARBUTHNOT, FRANK DAVID 265 ARBUTHNOT, RACHEL REBECCA 74 ARCHER, ANN MARGARET 265 ARCHER, BILL 114 ARCHIBALD, CATHERINE 171, 211 AREHARTS, PATRICIA ANN 265 ARLT, RICHARD 96 ARMBUSTER, RICHARD 198 ARMEL, JOHN 96, 204 ARMENT, CLAIRE 265 ARMER, TOM 92 ARNETT, WILLIAM DALE 265 ARNOLD, BENNY 265 ARNOLD, JOHN 265 ARNOLD, MARGARET ANN 175 ARNOLD, RAMOND 96, 1 70, 2 3 ARNOLD, RHOLDA LOUISE 82 ARNOW, SARA LINDA 74, 265 ARTHUR, WARREN 112 ASCHERY, JACKSON 96, 265 ASHER, GAIL 60 ASHFORD, SUE 265 ASHMORE, WAYNE 265 ASHWORTH, RUFUS CHARLES 265 ATHANSON, WILLIAM 265 ATHKINS, DWAYNE 265 ATKINSON, BETTY JANE 265, 68, 84 ATKINSON, PAUL 223 ATTAWAY, ANN DELORES 265 ATWATER, BRODIE 223, 102 ATWATER, NINA 84, 265 ATWELL, JOANN 223 AUGUSTINE, JACK 114 AUSTILL, LYDLA ALICE 74 AUSTIN, LINDA JEANNE 265 AVERA, CAROLINE 265 AVIS, FLOSSIE 36, 72, 185, 265 AXON, RICHARD CHARLES 265 AYDELOTT, DONALD AUTHUR 265 AYRES, DON 37, 94, 190, 198, 223, 257, 170 AYRES, JAMES 191 AXON, DON 96 — B — BACH, PHILIP R 204, 223 BACHE, MARGARET 265 BADGER, SANDRA 76, 185, 265 BADOLATO, MIKE 112 BADRAN, MAHMOUD 265 BAGGETT, DONALD R 198, 199 BAGGETT, LEO 92, 316 BAGNALL, CLARE 321 BAGOCIUS, JOHN C 223 BAILEY, BARBARA 265 BAILEY, CLAYTON .- 265 BAILEY, ERNESTINE 265 BAILEY, GARY 102 BAILEY, JOE 174 BAILEY, SALLY 265 BAILIETT, PUDDIN 60 BAINTER, NANCY JOANN 223 BAIRD, JUNE 90 BAIRD, PATRICIA 68, 265 BAKER, BILL 60, 263, 265 BAKER, JIM 120 BAKER, LOIS 60, 223 BAKER, WILLIAM 265 BALANKY, DAVID A 223 BALCSIK, BELA 92 BALDWIN, ALFRED H 223 BALDY, BENJAMIN S 223 BALDY, JOAN 265 BALL, DANA 70, 265 BALL, KATHERINE 80, 210, 265 BALLARD, SHIRLEY 265 BALESX, PATRICIA A 267 BALLENTINE, JOHN W 223 BALLOU, MERLE 60, 210 BALSER, BEN 43 BANDLOW, RONNIE 92 BANNING, MARTHA ANN 62 BARBAR, ORIS ■ 114 BARBATO, JOHN 104 BARBER, ALICE .76, 267 BARBER, GLORIA 267 BARCHAK, PRISCILLA 267 BARKER, KENNETH 178 BARKER, LYNDA 72 BARKHOUSE, EVA LOUISE 267 BARKMAN, RON 108 BARLEY, JOHN 1 16, 267 BARLOW, HELEN DARLEEN 267 BARNES, EDNA P 66, 223 BARNES, JUDITH 267 BARNES, JULIETTE 267 BARNES, SARA 96, 267 BARNES, TIPPY 98 BARNES, VONCILE 223 BARNS, LOU 62 BARONA, LOU 92 BARR, FRED 267 BARR, JANE : ... .78, 267 BARRANCO, BOB 120 BARRE5, JOSEPH ANGELO 267 BARRINEAU, JUDITH F 223 BARROW, MARIETA LOUISE 267 BARRY, GERALD 94 BARTEAUX, MAUDENA 267 BARTELS, RUSS 112 BARTLETT, ANN 195 BARTLETT, GRETCHEN 66, 210, 267 BARTLETT, SANDRA 267 BARTON, CAROLYN 267 BARTRAM, MARY ANNESE 60, 223 BASQUILL, JOHN JOSEPH 267 BASS, ROBERT ERNEST 267 BASSETT, AUDREY R., JR 223 BASTEN, BARBARA ANN 267 BATCHELOR, JOANN 210 BATES, DON 329 BATES, DOWELL 112 BATES, NANCY 47, 82, 267 BAUCUM, WARREN 92 BAUMER, ELOISE J 223 BAUMGARTNER, BARBARA J 60, 223 BAXTER, CHARLOTTE 68, 267 BAXTER, JOYCE 90, 175 BAYFIELD, JAMES E 216 BAYFIELD, MARY KATHERINE 267 BAYLESS, JAMES RAPHAEL 267 BAYLOR, PAM 84, 217 BAYMILLER, VIRGINIA 207, 267 BAZZELL, RAY 114, 267 BEACH, SAM 96 BEAMER, SAM 108, 267 BEAN, LINDA FAY 90, 224 BEAN, SHIRLEY 267 BEARD, CHARLES EARL 224 BEARD, NANCY 60, 267 BEARDSLEY, SALLEANN 224 BEASLEY, DIANNE EUGENIA 267 BEATTY, DANA LOUISE 224 BEAUCHAMP, FRANCIS 267 BEAUCHAMP, WOODROW 267 BEAVERS, BILL 180, 331 BECK, DR. EARL R 40 BECK, KAREN SUE 82 BECKER, GAYLE IRENE 224 BECKER, NORMA 217 BEDELL, MARTHA . . 62, 185, 195, 210, 263 BEDGOOD, DANNY RICHARD 224 BEDSOLE, JIM 120 BELAND, ARDIS 267 BELDEN, HENRY (CHIC) 112, 267, 335 BELEN, ALONSO 206 BELFLOWER, CHARLES 204, 267 BELITZ, JOHN 98 BELL, ALBERT 267 BELL, ALMA 267 BELL, CAROLYN JEAN 68, 169, 171, 211, 224, 202, 257 BELL, GINNY 21 1 BELL, J. ED 214 BELL, JAMES R 187 BELL, JAY 110 BELL, JOHN 263, 320 BELL, JULIAN 94 BELL, JULIANA R 267 BELL, MARY ELIZABETH 68, 267 BELL, VIRGINIA LOU 175, 267 BELLAMY, REBEL 112, 173 BELOIN, DONALD KENNETH 224 BENDOZI, SANDRA 267 BENEDICT, JUDY 88 BENEDICT, MARY ANN 72, 73 BENNETT, JULIAN FOSTER 224 BENNETT, THOMAS PETER 224 BENSON, EUGENE 96 BERANEK, JOHN 120 BERARDI, CAROLE ANN 76, 267 BERELSMAN, JANET MARIE 267 BERGEN, BOB 116 BERGER, JANE 90 BERGERON, BRYAN FRANK 267 BERGERON, SHIRLEY 267 BERGERT, PATSY 72, 210, 267 BERGIN, ANN MARGARET 267 BERGMAN, BARBARA 78 BERGSTRESSER, JACK 267 BERGSTRESSER, WILLIAM 110 BERIS, BETTY ANN 76 BERSHIRE, JUDITH 224 BESKIN, SANDY 263 BEST, DAVID 110 BETHIEL, STAN 118, 267 BETTS, MARTHA 267 BETTS, MARY FRANCES 66, 185, 267 BEVIER, SUZANNE 208 BEVIS, BARBARA A 267 BEVIS, JANET 47, 82, 210 BEVI S, MARY ELIZABETH 224 BEVIS, SUZANNE 210 BEWAN, CAMILLE LUVONNE 267 BICKERSTAFF, BEVERLY KAY 267 BIGELOW, ELLA JEAN 78, 267 BILD, NANCY JEAN 74, 185, 202, 267 BILLINGHAM, JUDITH 267 BILLMYRE, BARBARA 267 BINDSCHALDER, BENNY 102 BIRCHFIELD, BEN 224 BISHOP, PAUL 224 BIVENS, NANCY LEE 64 BIXBY, WILLIAM E 198, 199 BLACK, EDNA RAY 82 BLACK, HAYES OLIVER 267 BLACK, HOMER 178 BLACK, LARRY 4 ' BLACK, NETTIE 60, 171, 22-i BLACKBURN, HELEN 224 BLACKBURN, PATRICIA 267 BLACKBURN, SUSIE 90, 175, 185, 267 BLACKWELL, SANDRA R 217, 224 BLACKWELDER, ANNETTE 267 BLACKWELL, JANICE 60, 210, 267 BLAES, CLETE 94 BLAKE, JOAN 68 BLAKON, 267 BLALOCK, PEGGY JOYCE 267 BLANKENSHIP, MARGERY 86, 185, 267 BLANTON, THEDA 267 BLEICHNER,GENEVIEVE 224 BLOCK, LAWRENCE B 1 1 8, 224 BLONDHEIM, JO LEE , , , 46, 82, 185, 267 BLOSEH, CHARLES STANLEY 187, 224 BLOUNT, CHARLES 267 BLOW, ROBERT M 224 BLUME, ELIZABETH 269 BLUMER, BETHANY MARGARET 269 BLUMER, SHARON 66, 269 BOEKEE, RIXIE 72, 73, 269 BOERSMA, JON 330 BOESCH, JOHN 94 BOGART, CAROLE MILDRED 269 BOLTON, LENA A 225 BOLTZ, DAN 102, 221, 225, 329 BOLTZ, PORTER 102 BONDS, ROYCE M 198 BONE, MARY-LEE 64, 175, 185 BONTI NG, JOYCE 64 BOOTH, 269 BORNHEIM, RALPH 174 BOSENBERG, CHARLES E 225 BOSSO, ROBIN FRANCIS 76, 269 BOSTAIN, SHARON P 74, 269 BOSTICK, AVALINE 269 BOUCHILLON, GENE WAYNE 269 BOUKNECHT, WILLIAM 269 BOULWARE, JON 96, 269 BOURGUARDEZ, 78 BOWEN, BETH 90, 171, 225 BOWEN, CHRISTOPHER 269 358 BOVVEN, JOAN 72, 73 BOWEN, JOHN 108, 269 BOWEN, MARGARET 269 BOWER, SUSAN L 225 BOWER, THOMAS 269 BOWERS, CAROL 80 BOWERS, NANCY JO 37, 80, 169, 171, 187, 258 BOWES, KEN 40, 41, 174, 214, 225 BOWLES, BILL 98 BOYCE, BILL 106 BOYCE, ROBERTA 185, 21 1, 269 BOYD, CHARLES C 198, 269 BOYD, EARL JONES 180, 269 BOYD, JACQUELYN 68, 189, 269 BOYETTE, MEGNON ELAINE 269 BOZEMAN, BEVERLY 70, 269 BOZEMAN, LINDA ANN 207, 269 BRACEWELL, JOHN L., JR 225 BRACKETT, CHARLES EUGENE 269 BRACKIN, ALBERTA 269 BRACKIN, JAMES D 198, 199 BRACKIN, JANICE M 269 BRADEN, JERRY 1 20 BRADFIELD, JERI G 60, 225 BRADLEY, F. ELIZABETH 36, 269 BRADLEY, JEAN 208 BRADLEY, SARAH JEAN 269 BRADSHAW, BETSY 269 BRADSHAW, EVELYN 269 BRADY, BETTY 269 BRADY, EDWARD 269 BRAGDON, MARGARET ANNE 46, 80, 225, 269 BRAGG, CHARLES ED 269 BRAGG, HARRIET HOPE 269 BRAND, JOHN 92, 269 BRANDT, BRENDA LEE 269 BRANSCOMB, JESSIE 225 BRANSON, MARGARET 62 BRANTLY, SARA LYNN 217, 269 BRASSARD, ROGER 189, 225 BRAXTON, REBECCA 269 BREESE, SUSAN 70 BREGGAR, MARGARET 60 BREMER, CHARLIE 110 BRENNAN, ANN CAROL 269 BRENNAN, BILL 96, 174, 225 BRENSON, BARBARA 62 BRETELER, RICHARD 100 BREWTON, FLOYE E 198, 199, 225 BREWTON, ROY 110 BRICKETT, JOHN 269 BRIDENBAKER, ARNOLD 116 BRIDGEMAN, JEAN A 88, 225 BRIDGER, DONNA 88 BRIDGES, PAUL 269 BRIGHTWELL, CLAIRE 185 BRILEY, PAXTON 102, 269 BRIM, LOULYN 66, 269 BRINER, CAROLE ELIZABETH 84, 269 BRINSON, BARBARA 225 BROACH, CRYSTAL 269 BROADWELL, DOROTHY LOUISE ... 84, 269 BROCK, H. ELIZABETH 269 BROCK, JERRY 114 BROCK, KEN 114 BROCK, LAMAR S 225 BROCK, LARRY S 225, 198 BROCK, OSCAR W., JR 180 BROCKSMITH, JOHN ALAN 120, 269 BROMLEY, VICKl 269 BROOKS, LOU 1 04 BROOKS, NAOMI 60, 269 BROSNAN, BOB 98 BROSSEIT, BETTY JO 88 BROTHERSON, MARY ANNE .. 66, 175, 269 BROWN, BARBARA 217, 269 BROWN, BILL 120,316 BROWN, BONNIE 70 BROWN, BRUCE 36, 114, 269 BROWN, CONNIE 72, 185 BROWN, DWIGHT 96 BROWN, HARRY 269, 316 BROWN, JIM 98 BROWN, JO 88 BROWN, JOHN .• 189 BROWN, NANCY LEE 269 BROWN, NORMA 80, 210 BROWN, PAUL 269 BROWN, RICHARD E. JR 225 BROWN, ROBERT 96 BROWN, ROXANE L 66, 269 BROWN, WINIFRED 269 BROWNE, NANCYANNE 86, 225 BRUBAKER, JEAN SUE 74, 269 BRUCE, BETTE JEAN 269 BRUNDAGE, DAVID 269 BRUNNER, BARBARA 207 BRUSHWOOD, DALE 94 BRYAN, BARBARA 269 BRYAN, BILL 36, 110 BRYAN, BUCK 37,112, 170, 226 BRYAN, FRANK JAY 102, 226 BRYANT, BETTY LAURA 269 BRYANT, GLORIA .36, 82, 185, 202, 269 BRYANT, RAYMOND F 226 BRYANT, RUSSELL F 112, 269 BRYON, BARBARA 88 BRYSON, ROBERT H 112, 198, 226 BRYSON, WARREN 108 BUCHANAN, MARY 1 85, 211 BUCHERT, GERALD 269 BUCK, MELANIE 72 BUCKLEW, BETTY 70 BUCKLEY JUDITH P 66 BULLARD, NORMA 269 BULLER, JANE 74, 208, 269 BULLOCK, JOHN 102 BULZONI, FRANK 174 BUNKER, MARTHA D 226 BUNKER, WILLIAM V 98, 226 BUNTING, JUDITH 269 BUNTING, RICHARD 102 BUPP, RENO 188 BURCH, STANLEY E 226 BURDSALL, GAIL R 208,214,226 BURGESS, MALINDA 68, 269 BURGSTINER, BILL 98 BURK, BARBARA 271 BURKE, ERNESTINE, M 226 BURKHARDT, WILLIAM 92 BURKHART, FRED 226 BURKS, JANE 66, 271 BURKWALL, MORRIS 271 BURNASH, PATRICIA ANN 271 BURNETT, GEORGE KENNETH 271 BURNS, SANDY 72, 271 BURR, DORIS M 203, 226 BURR, N. PRESTON 191 BURRELL, JANIS 271 BURTON, PHILLIP 271 BUSBIA, MORRIS 112 BUSH, MARILYN LAVONNE ...60, 78, 271 BUSS, DAVE 112 BUSSMAN, JOHN 96 BUTLER, CARL 36, 120, 271 BUTLER, CHARLES 36 BUTLER, DAN 102 BUTLER, DIBBA 70, 271 BUTLER, FREDERICK S 204 226 BUTLER, RONALD 94, 187 BUTLER, SUSAN 72, 271 BUTTERFIELD, FRANK 112 BYERLEY, MARY H 226 BYNUM, DICK 120 BYRD, BOBBIE 36, 98, 271 BYRD, PEGGY 88 BYWATER, SPIKE 98 — C — CABLE, JIM 120 CACCIATORE, LOUIS R 226 CAIN, ELEANOR L 88, 202, 226 CAIN, LEVY P 226 CAIN, DONALD DENVER 271 CAJOLEAS, GEORGE 120 CALDWELL, GORDON 96 CALDWELL, JEANNE ADELAIDE 271 CALE, PATRICIA J 216, 226 CALHOUN, ETHEL T 40, 64, 171, 226 CALHOUN, JAMES 317 CALHOUN, JOHN 112,174,214 CALHOUN, MARK 36 ,92 CALHOUN, MARGUITTE 271 CALKINS, SIDNEY 226 CALVERT, ANNE 271 CALVERT, ROBERTA 60, 271 CAMANCHO, HENRY 106 CAMEBON, SUSAN, R 74 CAMPBELL, CHARLOTTE 84 CAMPBELL, CLAUDE A 201 CAMPBELL, HILDA KAYE 271 CAMPBELL, MARGARET P 271 CAMPBELL, MARGARET V 189 CAMPBELL, MARY LOU 86 CAMPBELL, PHILLIP 108 CAMPBELL, ROBERT L 225 CANN, ALLISON LOUISE 271 CANNON, BUCKY 41, 170 CANNON, CARL THOMAS 92, 271 CANNON, FRANKIE CAROL 271 CANNON, LINDA 208, 271 CANNON, SELBY 271 CANON, BRADLEY C 226 CANOVA, PAT 271 CANTLEY, PATRICK 108, 271 CAPPS, WILDA ANN 271 CARBONNELL, MARLENE 271 CARLETON, RHON V 120, 227 CARLILE, DONALD 96, 178 CARLILE, RICHARD 96 CARLSON, BUD 98 CARLSON, DON LEROY 120,271 CARLSON, RICHARD J 178, 198, 199 CARLTON, RHON 170, 188 CARMEN, NANCY 78 CARMICHAEL, BLUFORD D 227 CARN, NEIL 104 CARNES, BOB 102 CARPENTER, CAROL R 227 CARPENTER, NONA 84, 271 CARPENTER, RICHARD W 92, 227 CARR, LORNA D 227, 80 CARR, MARY F 227 GARRISON, JEAN 263, 271 CARROLL, EWING 271 CARRUTH, LLOYD 94 CARSON, BILL 98 CARTER, AUDREY 84 CARTER, ELMER B 216 CARTER, LINDA 271 CARTER, MARILYN 62,271 CARTER, ROBERT E 227 CARTWRIGHT, WILLIAM P 227 CARUTHERS, LAWTON E 227 CARUTHERS, VIEVA B 227 CASEY, BOB 92 CASEY, CONWILL 96 CASEY, DAVID 271 CASH, BUDDY 92 CASH, NANCY 175, 271 CASITY, JOYCE 203 CASTO, EDITH ANN 271 CASTO, MINNIE JEAN 227 CASTRO, ROSA 271 CASWELL, JAMES 96 CATHCART, SUSAN 271 CATON, BOB 102 CATRON, ELLEN C 72, 73, 227 CAVALLERO, LARRY L 198, 199 CAVIN, LYNNIE 60, 227 CAWTHON, LYNDA R 90, 227 CAWTHORN, EVELYN 271 CELLON, NANCY 271 CENEDELLA, EDMUND 227 CHAKERES, X. A 100, 101 CHAMBERLAIN, ANN 70 CHAMBERLIN, DONALD L 106, 227 CHAMBERLAIN, NAN .... 86, 180, 211, 227 CHAMBERS, DAVID 198, 199, 271 CHAMBERS, RALPH 204 CHAMBLISS, JUDY 82 CHAMPION, BEVERLY 271 CHAMPION, CHARLES J 227 CHAMPION, JOHN 178 CHAMPION, MYGNON 36, 271 CHANDLER, RICHARD E 227 CHAPMAN, CURTIS B 227 CHAPMAN, MARCIA KATHRYN ... 60, 271 CHAPMAN, NEILA 90, 227 CHAPPELL, DON 102, 195 CHAPPELL, NORMA 70, 271 CHARLESWORTH, LOIS JEAN 169, 171, 187, 221, 228, 258 CHASE, VALERIE 66,271 CHASTAIN, LORETTA MARIE 271 CHAZEL, BOROTHY 271 CHEATHAM, BRUCE 271 CHEEK, LAURA E 35,80, 228 CHEELY, JEWELL NAOMI 207, 271 CHESNUT, WESLEY W 228 CHEVALIER, CHARLENE J 271 CHRISTIAN, ALICE JEAN 271 CHRISTINE, DONALD C 228 CHRISTMAN, PETE 36, 120 CHRISTOPHER, AUNDREA 271 CHRISTY, GEORGE 100, 101 CHRONISTER, RONALD RAY 271 CHURCH, WILLIAM J 271 CICCARELLO, JOYCE 72, 73 CICHOWSKI, CLARE 271 CICIO, CHICK 180 CICIO, CASPER 1 228 CISSEL, BOB 116 CLAPPER, JUDITH ANN 271 CLARDY, SARA 72, 210 CLARK, ANNA L 228 CLARK, BARBARA 271 CLARK, CAROLYN 66, 271 CLARK, DIANE 271 CLARK, FAYE C 228 CLARK, F. ELAINE 228 CLARK, FRANK 108 CLARK, FRED 102 CLARK, HARRY 198, 271 CLARK, HELEN 202, 214 CLARK, IRVING 100 CLARK, MARION 96 CLARK, RON 36 CLARKE, BUDDY 98 CLARKE, CAROLE A 203, 228 CLARKSON, BOBBY SUE 228 CLARKSON, GENE P 198, 228 CLAVILLE, DORIS LINDA 271 CLAXTON, ROBERT W 271 CLAYTON, JUDY ELAINE 271 CLAYTON, PAMELA 271 CLELAND, FLORENCE D 228 CLELAND, NANCY RUTH 271 CLEM, ROBERT 110 CLEMENS, MARY ELLEN 271 CLEMENTS, ANN MARIE 60, 271 CLEMENTS, BUCK 228 CLEMENTS, JOHN E 228 CLENDENIN, LARRY 273 CLEVELAND, BARBARA 273 CLEVELAND, BETTY M 78,228 CLIFT, SANDRA MAE 86,273 CLINGER, TONY 112 CLINTON, LONNA FAYE 273 CLOSE, LINDA 273 CLOUD, CALCIN 108 CLOW, BETTY 78 CLUBBS, BEVERLY 203, 228 COACHMAN, EVELYN JOAN 74, 273 COACHMAN, SHIRLEY 74, 273 COCCHI, JOI 202 COCKRELL, VIRGINIA ANI H 60, 273 COGBURN, CLAY 92 COGGIN, GERALDINE 273 COHEN, KENNETH MICHAEL 273 COLBY, ROBERT W 178, 198, 273 COLDWELL, SHEILA 70 COLE, BUD 333 COLE, CAROL 86 COLE, PAULA V 228 COLE, SANDRA 82, 210 COLEE, JAMES RICHARD 108, 273 COLEMAN, BETSY 196 COLEMAN, HUME 98 COLEMAN, JIM 187,273 COLEMAN, MARY ANNE .36, 72, 187, 228 COLEMAN, REBECCA JEAN 273 COLEMAN, TOM 1 04 359 COLEMAN, WALSEY, T 228 C OLLAR, BETTE 273 COLLEY, CAROL SUE 273 COLLEY, LOIS JACQUELYN 273 COLLEY, SANDRA 68 COLLIER, CONSTANCE H 64, 273 COLLIER, JUNIOR A 228 COLLIER, MARY L 208, 228 COLLIER, VIRGINIA 90 COLLINS, GWYNN 62, 175, 273 COLLINS, THOMAS A 273 COLTER, JOAN DIANNE 82 COLTER, PHYLLIS 82, 273 COLVILL, LEE 188, 198, 199 COMBS, JOYCE 36, 90, 171 COMPTON, CURT C 108, 228 COMPTON, DARLENE 273 CONDRA THOMAS LEE 273 CONE, BRYON DAVID 273 CONE, KENNETH 92, 273 CONGER, PATRICIA RUTH 273 CONKLING. JULIA 90, 187, 191, 229 CONLFY, CLAY J 229 CONNFLL, ANNF FVANS 72, 207, 273 COMNFl LY, ANTOINETTE 273 CONNFR, JAMIE L 229 CONRAD, BOB 92, 321 CONNOLLY, JFANNE ELIZABETH 273 COMNni.l.Y, LOIS ELAINE 273 CONOVER. PAT 106 CONS, LRFNE 273 COOK, Ai l E T 229 COOK, PFTTE JANE 74 COOK, CARI A 273 COOK, CLARICE 84, 273 COOK, EMORY F., JR 229 COOK, GFORGE 100, 101 COOK, VICTOR 114 COOKE, DOUGLAS RYAN 273 COOKE, JOSEPH 114 COOLEY, MARCIA ■. , . 90, 273 COOPER, CHARLOTTE 229 COOOFR. HILDA EVELYN 229 COPFLAND, WILLOU 70, 210 CODPINS. BARBARA 88 CORBFTT, JOHN 108 CORBETT, LINDA JEAN 88, 210, 273 CORBIN, CHARLES 273 CORDOBA. LYDIA 229 CORE, BONNIE LEAH 273 CORLEY, JANET 90, 203, 229 CORY, MRS. PAUL 207 COSCIA, RICHARD C 204 COSTFLLO, VIRGINIA 88,202,273 COSTIN, MARTHA LEE 60, 273 COSTIN, SHFILA MARY 273 COSTIN, LINDA 86 COSWELL, LAURA 60 COTE, BOB 217 COUNTER. JOHN A 98, 273 COUPI AND. MARY M 229 COVINGTON RFGiNA L 273 COWAN MARGARET L 273 COWARD, PILL 98 COWART. CAROL ANN 273 COWART, FRANCES M 84, 217, 273 COWART, LARRY 110 COWART, MARIAM E 84, 229 COWELL, IDA P 273 COX, CYNTHIA 207, 273 COX, EMMA JEAN 273 COX, JAMFS W 273 COX, JULANNE 273 COX, MARSHA 64 COX, MARY THOMAS 273 CRAIG, JOHN 92, 320 CRANFORD, CAY 273 CRANGI. SONDRA KAY 273 CRAWFORD, DICK 120 CRAWFORD, JANE 60 CRAWFORD, JESSE KEITH 273 CRAWFORD, S. JOAN 229 CRFDLE, ROBERT B 229 CRFIGHTON, LINDA SHARON 273 CREW, JACK 94 CRIBBS, LOY ANN 273 CRISP, JOANNE 273 CROMARTE, KATHERINE 229 CROMARTIE, JOHN 92 CRONIN, DOROTHY ANNE. .74, 175, 207, 273 CROOK, LUCY ANN 273 CROOKS, SARA 273 CROSBY, FREDERICK 229 CROSBY, JIM 94 CROUSE, NANCY 229 CROWDER, LINDA CARROLL 60, 273 CROWE, ESTER 273 CRUZ, MICHAEL 92, 273 CUDE, BEVERLY 180 CULBRFTH, MARYNEL K 273 CULPEPPER, B. JEAN 60, 273 CUMMINS, BARBARA 88 CUNNINGHAM, DON 100 CUPPETT, CAROLYN 60 CURRIE, J. LOVVORN 273 CURRY, CHARLES E 229 CURTISS, JUDITH IRENE 206, 273 — D — DAGLIS, FAYE L 76 DALE, ANALANE 60 DALE, JANE 74 DALHOUSE, SUSAN 60 DALY, KATHLEEN ANN 273 DAME, JOHN 100 DANIEL, JAMES 110 DANNELLY, LARRY 108 D ' AOUST, PIERCE 94 DAVIDSON, MARY JANE 72 DAVIS, BILL 106 DAVIS, BO 92, 316 DAVIS, CAROLYN JANE 275 DAVIS, DONIE A 230 DAVIS, DORIS 275 DAVIS, DOROTHEA 80, 275 DAVIS, FRANK 102 DAVIS, GLORIA YVONNE 275 DAVIS, JANE 62 DAVIS, JOHN R 102 DAVIS, KATHRYNE D 230 DAVIS, LINDA ANN 275 DAVIS, LINDA SUE 88, 275 DAVIS, MARTHA L 275 DAVIS, MARY KAY 46, 82, 210, 275 DAVIS, NANCY 275 DAVIS, PATRICIA 275 DAVIS, DONALD CLIFTON 275 DAVIS, SANDRA ELLEN 78, 275 DAVIS, SHELTON C ' . . . . 198, 230 DAWSON, JAMES T 198 DAWSON, JAN 74 DAWSON, PEGGY 80, 275 DAY, JOYCE EVELYN 275 DAY, MARY ALICE 275, 64 DAY, NAOMI ANNETTE 275 DEAN, EDGAR J 230 DEAN, FRANK 98 DEAR, TYRELL 106 DeBERRY, ANN N 230 DeCAMP, NORMA 275 DECKLE, BERT 102, 214, 174 DEDGE, ARTHUR 275 DEE, LARRY 96 DEEN, SISCO 104 DEESON, F. RAMONA .... 275 DeFELICE, LOUIS 120 DEFORE, NANCY ELIZABETH 68, 275 DEGNON, PHIL 106 DeHAVEN, JIM 98 DEKLE, JUDITH M 72, 230, 171 DeLAND, EDNA LOIS 275 DeLAND, GRAYDON S 189 DELAVAN, VIRGINIA 275, 41 DELK, CHARLIE 108 DELONEY, MARY ANN ■ 68, 275 DEL VALLE, VIRGINIA 275 DEL VECCHIO, JOHN ... 94 DEMAS, ALEXIS 275 DEMETREE, GEORGE 106 DEMMON, TED DOUGLAS ... 120, 174 275 DENHAM, NANCY . . 35 88 230 DENMARK, EMORY ' 94 DENNETT, DOUGLAS IRVING .... 275 DENNIS, DAVID ... . 275 DENNIS, MERRY INA 275 DENNIS, PAUL .... . 116 DENT, BETSY ... 62 DERRICK, CECILY SUSAN 275 DESMOND, KATHERINE 80 DETTMER, WILLIAM FREDERICK .. 275, 104 DEUTSCH, DONNA MARION 275 DeVORE, PENNY . 214 DICKENSON, JOHN ' 110 DICKENSON, RUTH M ■ 230 DICKMAN, PEGGY . . 207 DICKS, LAVEENIA 275 DICKSON, MARY 175 DICKSON, MAUREEN 68 DIEHL, MARGARET AGNES 175, 275 DIEHL, PENELOPE CLAIR 275 DILLEY, BILL 106 DINKINS, MAYDRA ANN 275 DINSMORE, JUANITA JANE 275 DIULUS, FRED 108 DIXON, DAVID 275 DIXON, JEAN 275 DIXON, MALINDA 86,210 DIXON, MARY 185 DIXON, OLIVER C, JR. 230 DOBBS, PRISCILLA JEANNE 275 DOBSON, CLARK 187 DOBSON, JACK T., PROF. .. 198 DOCKTER, WILLIAM F 201, 230, 174 DOEPKE, PATRICIA 86, 275 DOLFI, CAROLE ANN 275 DONALDSON, ETHEL M 230 DONALDSON, JOHN 112 DONATELLI, DON .... 94 DONATH, CARLYN 86, 275 DONAWAY, JERRY 110 DONLEY, DEAN 112 DONNELLY, MARY ELIZABETH ....72,275 DONNELLY, PAT . . 110 DONOVAN, THOMAS W. 230 DOPKO, MARION J 230 DORMAN, CAROL 70 DORSETT, JOE 94 DOSTER, DAN 98 DOTSON, MARY ALICE 230 DOUGHERTY, JAN ISABELLE 80, 275 DOUGLAS, BOB 102 DOUGLAS, MARTHA 337 DOUGLAS, PHYLLIS 275 DOUGLAS, WINNIE-MAE 64, 230 DOW, LETITIA ADAIR 76 DOWDELL, JOE 275 DOWLING, NANCY JEAN 275 DOWNEY, KATHLEEN MARIE 275 DOZIER, VIVIAN ANNE 66, 275 DRAGO, CHARLES 120 DREAD! N, MARTHA 175, 196, 275 DRUM, TED ERVIN 98, 275 DRUNAGEL, ETHEL ANN 60, 230 DRYBREAD, DON 106 DUCHENE, KEN 98 DUDEK, LORRAINE JEAN 275 DUEY, BOBBIE NELL 86 DUKE, MARYCILLE 80, 230 DUKE, SUE CAROLE 68 DUKES, JIM 98 DUMKE, DEBORAH SUSAN 275 DUMKE, ROBERT C 106, 230 DUNAWAY, DOROTHY FAYE 86, 146, 210 275 DUNAWAY, ROBERT K 230 DUNCAN, ANN 230 DUNCAN, BARBARA ANN 275, 76 DUNCAN, DOROTHY GAIL 76 DUNLAP, STEVE 38, 112, 173 DUNNING, ANN M 231 DUNNING, VIRGINIA FRANCES ... 82, 275 DUPEE, LENORE 231 DURACK, MARGARET E 275 DUREN, KATHRYN INEZ 74, 275 DURHAM, HUGH 327 DURHAM, SAM 102 DURRANCE, JANNI LEAH 275 DURST, MILDRED J 275 DUVAL, CAROL ANN 275 DWELLE, HELEN LOUISE 74 DYAL, ALVIN 98 DYAL, NOBEL 275 DYER, BUD 112 DYER, HAL 38, 96 DYKE, JOE 98 DYKES, ELMA 231, 208 — E — EADIE, NORMA JEAN 275 EASON, SANDRA 275 EASTERDAY, ANNE 86 EASTHAM, LORENA ANN 275 EASTMAN, BLANCHE MARIE 68, 277 EASTMAN, CORRELLA ANN 277 EBY, DOLORES 208, 233 EBY, DUANE F 106, 231 ECKHART, L. V 216 EDDINS, JOHN F 277 EDGAR, PAULA RUTH 86 EDINGTON, CAROL D 277 EDNEY, TIM 110 EDWARDS, DENA LEE 277 EDWARDS, IDA MARGUERITE 277 EDWARDS, LORAIN J 277 EDWARDS, MARY LOUISE 196 EDWARDS, MERRILL JEROME 277 EDWARDS, SUZANNE 277 EDWARDS, SYLVIA 277 EGFRMIER, GEORGE ANTHONY 277 EHRMANN, SALLY SHERWOOD 277 EICHiNGER, MAJORIE 36, 185,277 ElKMAN, ED 114 EISSEY, BARBARA 37, 169, 231 EKMAN, SYLVIA KAREN 210, 277 ELAM, BOYT KAREN 100, 277 ELAM, WAYLAND 1 16, 231 EL BIOUMY, SOHEIR 231 ELDER, LORNA E 64, 231 ELLINOR, ROBERT HO ELLIOTT, BARBARA NELLIE 60, 277 ELLIOTT, CAROLE JEAN 277 ELLIS, BOB 195 ELLIS, DAVE 114 ELLIS, DOLORES 277 ELLIS, DOROTHY R. 231 ELLIS, MALCOLM 277 ELLIS, RAMELLE ,»6 ELLISON, ELOISE 277 ELMORE, WILLIAM JEROME 277 ELVENA, RON 94 ELVERY, ANNE • • SA ELVERY, ELIZABETH .?f ' ?!I EWELL, GORDON R . JU ' ?ZT ELWOOD, RICHARD J 110, 190, 231 EMERY, CAROLINE 231 EMMETT, DOROTHY 231 EMPTAGE, SUSAN JOAN ■ ■ 277 EMGERT, BEVERLY F 206, 277 ERWIN, MARTHA • • • 277 ESCO, DAVE 120, 204 ESHLEMAN, LINDA RUTH 277 ESPENSHIP, JACK , i ' !?2 ESPEY, JOHN R ° ' ?ZZ ESSIG, JOAN HEATHER 277 ETERSQUE, STANLEY 96, 231 EUBANKS, DONNA 207, 277 EUBANKS, JOHN RICHARD 277 EUBANKS, ROGER 277 EVANS, DAN 94 EVANS, EMORY DONALD 277 EVANS, LLOYD 110 EVANS, MARY JUDITH 62 EVANS, ROBERT 96 EVERS, ALDENE RUTH 277 EWALD, ARTHUR 277 EWING, BILL ••■■ 96 EWING, SARA ° ir3?] EXUM, BOBBY ,„ ' °V3 EYSTER, FLETCHER 102, 231 EYSTER JO ELLEN 86, 152, 209, 277 F — FAIN, CAROLYN ANN 277 360 FALCONNIER, DONNA 68 FARLEY, MARGARET TERESA 277 FARRINGTON, BILL 112 FARRIS, JUDY 277 FAZIO, FRED 100 FAZIO, MARIO 100 FEARNSIDE, MARY VIRGINIA 277 FEATHER, GORDON 231 FEDOR, SAMUEL DAVID 277 FEHLBERG, SUSAN 72, 277 FELDSTEIN, ANNCLARE 277 FENTON, DICK 201, 231 FERDON, CARL RONALD 277 FERGUSON, DALE 231 FERGUSON, GENE 94 FERGUSON, MRS. RUTH 202 FERNANDEZ, GILBERT 188, 189 FERNANDEZ, IRENE YOLANDA 277 FERNANDEZ, ROBERY 231 FERQUERON, MARGARET ELIZABETH . 277 FERRIL, ERNEST 232 FERRINGTON, MERCER 98 FERRIS, JANET MEY 277 FERRISS, SHIRLEY 80 FESPERMAN, MERTHA LOU 208, 277 FETTERLEY, LAURA E 208, 277 FICARROTTA, KATHERINE JO 277 FIDDLEMAN, NELL 232 FIELD, CAROLYN 277 FIELD, JANE MARILYN 277 FIELD, SUSAN MAE 277 FIELDING, CHUCK 92 FIELDS, EDGAR THOMAS 198-9, 277 FILLMORE, HOWEY 94, 333-4 FINCH, GORDON P 277 FINCH, JOY LYNN 277 FINCHUM, JANE 277 FINDLEY, NANCY JEANNE 277 FINK, RICHARD 118, 277 FINLAY, BETH 277 FINLAY, PATRICIA ANN 169, 232 FINLAYSON, ANDREE 232 FISCHER, SUSAN ELAINE 84 FISHER, CHRISTINE A. D 44, 72, 277 FISHER, FRANCES ... 207, 277 FISHER, JOYCE HELEN ...72, 147, 210, 277 FISHER, MARC 118 FISHER, RONNIE 232 FISHER, TOM 102 FLANDREAU, DENNY 102 FLEET, ANITA 189 FLEET, JUDITH 232 FLEISCHER, MEL 112 FLEMING, JOHN 94 FLEMING, PEGGY O ' NEAL 277 FLEMING, WALTER 94 FLETCHER, KAY CHARLOTTE 277 FLETCHER, SANDRA 232 FLINN, CAROL SUE 277 FLITCRAFT, STANLEY 232 FLOHE, AUDREY 189 FLORY, CLAUDE R. 170, 191 FLORY, SUZANNE RITHLEDGE 277 FLOYD, JANYCE ANN 64 FLYNN, ANNA CLARE 216, 277 FLYNN, DONALD 232 FORBES, DORTHY JEAN 72, 279 FORD, FRED 94 FORD, HOWARD F 232 FORD, ROBERT 104 FORD, WILLIAM HARLEY 92, 279 FORDHAN, GEORGE EDWARD 108, 279 FOREHAND, CHARLES 36, 110 FORREST, HELEN HARLEY . 211, 217, 279 FORRESTER, JOAN 279 FORRESTER, LOIS 279 FOREMAN, LOIS LORETTA 279 FOSSUM, CORNELIUS 232 FOSSUM, JANET LEA 279 FOSTER, ANN 70, 279 FOSTER, GAIL 232 FOUNTAIN, ROBERT G 232, 320 FOULS, E. KAY 92 FOX, JAMES LEE 92, 279 FOX, J. LAWRENCE 279 FOX, VIRGINIA JOYCE 64, 279 FRALEIGH, HELEN 82 FRALEIGH, NANCY LOU 82 FRANKLIN, JOHN RUSSELL 98, 279 FRANKLIN, WILLIAM W 279 ERASER, MARGIE KATHLEEN 279 FRAZIER, DAVID 106 FRAZIER, HARRIET CLAIRE 62 FRAZIER, IVYLYNN 64, 210, 279 FRAZIER, JIM 114 FRAZIER, MARTHA 64, 232 FRECK CARLEY 279 FREEMAN, JEANNE LOUISE . . 60, 208, 279 FREEMAN, MARY GLENN 279 FREIBURGER, CLAIRE LOUISE 279 FRENCH, DOUGLAS STEPHEN 96, 279 FRESHOUR, GENE 201 FRICK, ANN 72, 202, 207, 232, 187 FRIEDMAN, JOEL 104 FUGATE, VIRGINIA K 279 FULFORD, WILLIAM 116 FULKERSON, FRED T 102, 279 FULLER, EDITH MARIE 279 FULLER, SHERRY J 279 FULLINGTON, ANADELL 279 FULTON, DONNA KAY 279 FULTON, SHIRLEY 232 FURCI, FRANK 114 FUSSELL, TOMMY 96, 232 FUTCH, ROBERT 100-1 — G — GABRIEL, ERNEST 110 GADDY, ELIZABETH J 279 GAGLIARDO, ANDREW 232 GAINER, GENE F. 198, 232 GALBRAITH, MINORA FRANCES .210,279 GALEA, JOHN 232 GALLAGHER, MICHAEL 279 GARCIA, ELBIA 185, 279 GARCIA, GREG 100 GARCIA, LORETTA 279 GARCIA, LORNA 279 GARCIA, SANDRA MARIE 279 GARCIA, TOM 190 GARCIA, TRUDY 279 GARNER, PAT 62, 210 GARNER, VIRGINIA ANN 279 GARNETT, KATHERINE 202,214 GARNETT, JULIA K 233 GARNETT, RITA 36, 185 GARRETT, JEANETTE 86, 233 GARRETT, JUNE 211, 74 GARRETT, MARVIN ALVIN 198, 279 GARTMAN, C. YVONNE 203, 279 GARVIN, JUDITH E 233 GASKINS, GINA 233 GATES, ANN 64, 217 GATEWOOD, GRETCHEN 62, 210, 279 GATTIS, DONALD 110 GAUTHIER, PAULETTE B. . . . 62, 279 GEGENSHATZ, MARJORIE . 90, 185, 279 GFGENSHATZ, PENNY 90 GEISLER, JOHN E 196,233 GENDPRS, CURTIS 102 GEORGE, MARY 68, 279 GEORGE, MIKE 279 GERALD, WARREN 42 GERBER. ARTHUR 281 C RHARD, MARVIN 106, 279 GERNHARD, JUDITH 90, 279 GFTZFN, MARY JANE 82 GIBSON, DANNYE CAROL 279 GIBSON, DAVID S 198 GIBSON, PAUL E 198 GIBSON, SANDRA 279 GIBSON, SUZANNE 279 GIELLA, MARY G 279 GILBERT, WILLIAM 279 GILBURTS, GERALDINE 279 GILES. VERLYN M 279 GILLESPIE, MARY GAIL 86, 279 GILLHAM, MONTY ... 38, 46, 86, 171 GILLIS, JOHN ANDREW 279 GILLRUP, JACK A. 279 GILMORE, DOROTHY ANN 90, 279 GILSON, JUDY ANN 279 GINORIO, ROBERTA ANDREA 279 GIRTMAN, MARIANNA . . ,90, 210, 263, 279 GITLIN, JEFF CHARLES 279 GIUNTA, RICHARD 96 GLADDING, MARGERY D 74 GLANCY, JERRY 102, 333, 334 GLOECKNER CAROLYN FAY 279 GOBER, BETTIE ANN 207,279 GOBIF. KATHRYN ELLEN 279 GODFREY, NAN 279 GODIN, DIANE 35, 43 GODBOLD, PHILLIP 233 GOLDEN, SYLVIA J 233 GOLDWASSER, SUSAN W 279 GONZALEZ, RHODA MARY 82 GOODE, RUSSELL F. 198, 233 GOODMAN, CHARLOTTE A. 80, 175, 185, 279 GOODMAN, GARY GORDON 106, 279 GOODMAN, JERRY 120 GOODMAN, MAE JONES 233 GOODMAN, MICHAEL L 233 GOODWIN, DOROTHY JO . 38, 86, 210, 233 GOODWIN, JAMES F 100, 279 GOODWIN, TOM 116 GORDON, GERRY 35, 112, 214 GORDY, JULE 78 GORDY, MARCIA ANN 84, 279 GORLEN, JEAN 88 GORSKI, JOAN 78 GOSNEY, VERN 116 GOTSHALL, SALLY ANN 81, 207 GOTTHARDT, GAIL LOUISE 76, 185 GOVE, EDITH SANDRA 81 GOZA, MAX D 233 GRADY, GEORGIA 62 GRADY, JOHN P 81 GRADDY, .MM 92 GRAHAM, GINGER 82 GRAHAM, JEANNINE M 233 GRAHAM, JERRY 316 GRAHAM, JOE 201, 233 GRAHAM, JULIAN 98, 281 GRAHAM, JULIAN 98, 281 GRAHAM, MARLENE KAY 233 GRAMLING, CHARLES 102 GRANES, ELIZABETH 78 GRANGER, FELIZIA L 233 GRANGER, LAJUAIA 207 GRANT, AUDREY MAE 68, 281 GRANT, CAROL CASSANDRA 281 GRAVES, ELIZABETH 281 GRAY, DOWNING 173, 110 GRAY, MARTHA F 233 GRAY, NANCY ALEEN 208, 281 GREAR, ROBERT SHANE, JR 198, 281 GREEN, CLAIRE 189 GREEN, CYNTHIA 62, 281 GREEN, WILLIE T 108, 233 GREENE, TRILBY ANNE 202, 281 GREENLEAF, MARTHA 281 GREENWOOD, PATRICIA ANN 74, 281 GREER, MARY 70 GREESON, SONYA 281 GREGG, HAROLD G 233 GREGG, PATRICIA 74, 281 GREGORY, BASCOM 281 GREGORY, ELOY 233 GREGORY, JEANIE 72 GREGORY, MARTHA 281 GREGORY, PATRICIA 234 GREGORY, TOM 102 GREISEN, PATRICIA ANN 216, 281 GRESSLER, LIZ 88 GRIDLEY, JANE ELLEN 80 GRIESER, MILDRED 90, 281 GRIFFENY, PRISCILLA 217,234 GRIFFIN, CAROLYN 64 GRIFFIN, EARL 281 GRIFFIN, LUCY ANNE 86, 281 GRIFFITH, LLOYD 110 GRIGSBY, YVONNE 68, 175, 202 GRIMSLEY, DOUG 173 GRIMSLEY, JOHN 37, 112 GRIZZARD, CLAUDE 110, 174, 190, 201, 263 GRODZICKI, RAY 114 GROOVER, MARY ELIZABETH 202, 281 GROOVER, MELANIE 281 GROSS, NANCY .80 GROW, JOHN DAVID 110, 216, 281 GRUBBS, MARY HILL 62, 281 GRUEL, SHARON 72 GEURRA, MICHAEL 94, 190, 281 GUICE, MARY ANN 281 GUILBERT, SANDRA 281 GUINAND, M. MATILE 47, 80, 185, 214, 281 GUINTA, JOYCE J 86, 281 GUMPTON, RON 94 GUNDERSON, STEPHANIE 64, 234 GUNDERSON, SUE 234 GUNN, VIRGINIA 281 GUNNELS, DAVID 98 GUNTER, CHARLES D 281 GUTHRIE, PATRICIA C 281 GUSIC, JOE 190 GUTHRIE, PATSY 74, 175, 214 — H — HADFIELD, DIAN 234 HAEGER, ALTON M 198, 234 HAFELE, JIM 98 HAGER, ELINOR 234 HAILEY, JOAQUIN 106,281 HAIR, ANDA ELIZABETH 281 HAIR, CAROL 86, 148, 210 HAI R MATTOX 35, 98 HALBACH, VIC 102 HALE, MARCIA MARIE 281 HALE, TOM 40, 1 12, 234 HALL, DIANA SUE 281 HALL, FRANCES 68 HALL, GARY WAYNE 281 HALL, HELEN 70, 234 HALL, LYNN W 198, 281 HALLEY, JOHN 116 HALLISEY, SUSAN E 78, 281 HALMAN, CAROLYN SUE 281 HAM, HOUSTON 234 HAMBY, MARRY 234 HAMILTON, DIA NE MARIE 281 HAMILTON, HILDA 281 HAMILTON, SARAH J 90 HAMLIN, MIKE 96, 271, 281 HAMM, MARCIA 76 HAMM, RON 44, 98 HAMMER, ANN 82 HAMMOND, PAUL 333, 334 HAN, HOMER 281 HANCOCK, ANNETT 185 HANCOCK, GERALDINE 196,281 HANCOCK, JONNYE 281 HAND, BETTY JEAN 281 HANKINS, TRAVIS 116 HANKS, KAREN KIM 90 HANNA, CAROLYN 207 HANNAH, BERNIS 216 HANNAH, ELEANOR 70 HANNAH, HARRYETTE 90 HANNAH, PEG 70, 1 85 HANSELL, MARY E 281 HANSEN, EDITH GRACE 281 HANSEN, ERIE 100 HANSEN, JOHN 104 HANSHAW, LINDA 86 HANSON, DON 92 HARDIN, BARBARA A 281 HARDIN, LARRY JOHN 281 HARDY, NORA NELL 175, 185, 281 HARE, WILBUR EARL 281 HAREN, ELIZABETH 281 HARGRAVE, CORA 38, 234 HARIS, LYNETTE 66 HARKE, VICTOR 234 HARLAN, RONALD A 281 HAROLD, ANITA L 234 HARPE, SCOTT 102, 170 HARRELL, CURTIS 281 HARRELL, EDWARD 188, 234 HARRELL, OLCIE LI 234 HARRELL, RICHARD 106, 234 HARRELL, ROBERT 102 HARRINGTON, MANSFIELD 234 HARRIS, DAVID 188 HARRIS, GERALD 92 361 HARRIS, LANNY 60 HARRIS, MARILYN LOU .38, 180, 196, 281 HARRISON, BARBARA 78 HARRISON, CORDELL 108 HARRISON, DOROTHY S 234 HARRISON, JEAN 58, 234 HARRISON, ROBERT S 204, 235 HART, BONNIE LE MERLS 235 HART, SALLY 82 HARTER, MARTHA L 235 HARTLEY, CHARLES RALPH 281 HARTSFIELD, LAMAR 112 HARTZ, ELLA JEAN 80, 210, 281 HARVEY, GAY 72 HARVEY, WILLIAM R 191 HASLAM, JOHN HARRIS 281 HASLINGER, JAQUELIN ALICE 281 HATCHETT, WILLIAM 104 HATTON, DOTTIE 177, 196, 211, 281 HAULMAN, JOYCE ANN 60, 281 HAVEN, LIZA 210 HAWES, EDNA ELIZABETH 281 HAWKINS, CHARLES LOUIS 114, 281 HAWKINS, JACQUELIN 281 HAY, ROY THOMAS 283 HAY, SARA E 236 HAYDEN, GAYLE H 283 HAYDEN, JEAN 86 HAYDEN, JOHN 100 HAYES, HUGH 4 HAYES, WILLIAM 114 HAYMOND, GORDAN A 283 HAYNIE, CARROLL 82 HEACOCK, NANCY BETH 58, 78, 169, 171, 235 HEAD, DEANNE 171 HEADLEY, MARY M 283 HEAGERTY, NORMAN 96 HEALEY, JACK. D., JR 198, 283 HEARD, KATHRYN 283 HEARN, FRANCES ANN 235 HEARN, JANET " 283 HEATH, LI NDA 283 HEATH, MARTHA ANN 74 HEATON, JOHN 116 HEDDON, JAMES 283 HEFELE, PATRICIA 283 HEFFERN, PARKE 120 HEFNER, MARTHA JILL 283 HEIM, SHARRON A ■ 235 HEINZ, MARLENE 66, 283 HEISER, LARRY 92, 283 HEISLER, JACK H 235 HEITSMITH, WILLIAM 283 HELBING, MARION DOROTHY 283 HELGEMO, STEVE 94 HELLER, NORMA A 235 HELTON, HENRY, H 235 HENDERSON, BETTY ARLENE 235 HENDERSON, NANCY LEE 60, 185, 283 HENDRICKS, CAROL M 64, 283 HENDRICKSON, HERBERT 94, 283 HENDRICKSON, SUE ELLEN 283 HENDRIX, GERALD 283 HENDRY, PAT ■ 70 HENLEY, BETTY A 214, 235 HELELY, JANE RUTH 283 HENNE, ALFRED 283 HENRY, CHARLES 106 HENRY, JEAN LOUISE 283 HENRY, LILLIAN ELOiSE 283 HENSLEY, MARIAN JANE 283 HERING, PHYLLIS L 283 HICKMAN, BERA 283 HICKS, BOB 201 HICKSON, BUD ■ 98 HIERONYMUS, DAVE 106 HIERS, HARRIET 2 1 HIGGINS, JAMES ■ ■ ■ 114 HIGGINS, RONALD G 114, 235 HIGHMAN, SALLY GAY 196, 283 HILES, BUCK 102, 332, 333, 334 HILGERT, EDWARDO 201, 233 HILL, BETTY CATHERINE 207, 283 HILL, EDWARD 283 HILL, JERRY 00 HILL, JOEL 112 HILL, PATRICIA ,. ■ 283 HILLIARD, ROY DAVID 116, 283 HIMROD, ANN 66 HIMROD, SOPHIE LOUISE 283 HINES, JUDY ELLEN 283 HINES, TOM ■ 94 HINOTE, LLOYD 283 HINSON, RON 316 HINSON, TURA ELIZABETH 283 HINTON, ED 112 HINTON, GLEN 283 HIRSH, WILLIAM W 1 18, 235 HISCOCK, WILLIAM DANA ...106, 187, 283 HOBBS, JACKIE 283 HOBBS, JULIA 175, 283 HOBBS, LINDA 36, 70, 283 HOBBS, MOE 114 HOBBS, NATALIE 80, 145, 195, 283 HOBBS, THOMAS 283 HOBGOOD, B I LL 110, 173 HOBKIRK, FRANCES LOUISE 283 HOBKIRK, JANYCE 60 HODGE, KEITH LYNN 283 HODGE, LYNN 92 HODGES, ELIZABETH A 60, 23d HODGES, MARGARET 185, 214, 283 HODGES, MARY ■ . 283 HODGES, MARY JANE 211, 214 HODGES, PAUL B 283 HOFFMAN, BERNIE 114, 204 HOFFMAN, RICHARD FRANK 283 HOGAN, DILMUS D 283 HOGLE, THOMAS R 108, 236 HOHNE, CHARLES JERALD 283 HOLDEN, CHARLEY ELISE 62, 283 HOLDING, KATHLEEN LOUISE 72 HOLLAND, CHUCK 114 HOLLAND, DOROTHY 171, 211, 283 HOLLAND, GINGER 185, 21 1 HOLLAND, HOMER 94, 283 HOLLAND, JAMES W 236 HOLLAND, JOHN 236 HOLLEY, BUDDY 92 HOLLINS, PATRICIA ANN 64, 283 HOLLOWAY, CECILE ELIZABETH 236 HOLLOWAY, CHARLES 283 HOLLOWAY, GEORGE R 236 HOLLOWELL, P. JOLENE 283 HOLDER, CAROLYN 82 HOLMES, CHUCK 201 HOLROYD, DIANE 36, 44, 236 HOLT, FRANZ 92 HOLT, SALLY ANN 208, 283 HOME, ANIS 208 HOMER, JACQUELIN SUE 208, 236 HOOD, DIANA 208, 283 HOOKS, JIM 98, 170, 317 HOOKS, SABRA LYNN 283 HOOVER, JON JULIEN 283 HOOVER, PATTY 88 HOPKINS, FRANKLIN V 236 HOPKINS, JUNE 72 HORN, COLETTE ELIZABETH 283 HORSLEY, BEVERLY JEAN 283 HORTIN, DAVID G 236 HORTON, SARAH WINCY 283 HOUSER, DAVE 112 HOUSTON, BARBARA JOAN 236 HOUSTON, PATRICIA ANN 36, 285 HOVEY, DOROTHY R 236 HOWARD, ESEL MARIE 285 HOWARD, JACQUELINE MAE 60, 285 HOWARD, JOHN R 198 HOWARD, HARTLEY J 204, 236 HOWARD, SHARON 203, 285 HOWE, AVIS 236 HOWE, RHODA 64 HOWE, HARRIET 285 HOWELL, MARY RUTH ■. 285 HOWES, ROBERT 108 HOWES, RICHARD 94, 285 HOWIE, LAURILLA ELIZABETH 285 HOY, BETTE R 90 HOY, SUSAN ■_- 62 HUDDELSTON, KAY 70, 210 HUBER, CAROL 285 HUBER, JEANNE 285 HUDSON, ANN 88 HUDSON, JAMES DAVID 285 HUDSON, JOHN C 1 10, 214, 236 HUDSON, SYLVIA DIANE 285 HUFHN, KELVIN W 98, 236 HUEY JAMES HAROLD 104, 285 HUEY, MARTHA JO 285 HUFF, VIRGINIA 285 HUFFORD, KAY 70, 263, 285 HUFSTETLER, YVONNE ELIZABETH ... 285 HUGHES, ELEANOR 62, 285 HUGHES, THOMAS - 285 HULL, JOHN 100, 285 HULSE, DAVE 1 10, 214 HUMMEL, RITA MAE 28d HUMPHREES, MARGARET 66 HUNT, BARBARA 62 HUNT, CAROLYN 72, 285 HUNT, CHARLOTTE 285 HUNT, HORACE 285 HUNT, LINDA 196 HUNTER, SHELLEY RUPERT 285 HUSTON, BARBARA 285 HUSZTY, YOLANDA MARY ANN ...285, 68 HUTCHINS, KATHLEEN ANN 64 HUTCHINS, MARGARET ELIZABETH ... 285 HUTCHINSON, DICK 116 HUTMACHER, RICHARD ALLAN 285 HUTTO, JACQUELAN SUE 285 HYERS, ELAINE 60 HYDE, GALE 285 HERNANDEZ, SEBASTIAN V 235 HERNDON, MYRON 120 HERRING, JACK LARUE 283 HERRINGTON, OLIVA CARLEEN . .82, 207, 235 HERRMANN, SALLIE JANE 283 HERRMANN, VIRGINIA LEE 283 HERSON, PADDY 68 HERWIG, CHARLES 96 HERZ, KARIN ROSE 283 HESS, P. TEMPLE 235 HEYDEGGER, JOAN ELEANOR 283 lAUKEA, PETE 92 ICE, DR. JACKSON 188 IKEIANl, TAIICHI 236 IKELER, GEORGE 112 I LEY, PAT 110 IMESON, MARGARET LOUISE 82 IMMEL, ARTHUR 285 INGALLS, ELIZABETH ALICE 74, 285 INGRAM, HAL 285 INGRAM, JULIE ANN 80, 217, 285 INGRAM, ROWELL MARVIN .114, 198, 236 INSCHO, SHIRLEY 68 IRELAND, HELEN 78 JACKSON, BETTY SUE 236 JACKSON, CECIL 285 JACKSON, MERRY JUNE 60, 285 JACKSON, RICHARD R 112, 198 JACKSON, SANDRA JUNE 90, 285 JACOBS, NANCY 236 JACOBS, WILLIAM 102 JACOBSON, CECILIA TERESA 285 JACOBSON, MICHAEL 118 JACOBY, GALE RENE 285 JACOVES, JACQUELINE HELEN 285 J ACQUOT, KEN 110 JAGGER, BRENDA W 285 JAMES, JOYCE 285 JAMES, ROBERT E 236 JANKUNIS, VIRGINIA ANN ...64, 185, 285 JARRIEL, MARY DEAN 285 JAY, SANDRA 64 JELLISON, BRUCE 100 JENKINS, BILL 94 JENKINS, CHARLOTTE ALICE 285 JENKINS, JENNIE DAVIS 70, 285 JENKINS, JILL S 76 JENNINGS, RUFUS 112 JENSEN, DIANE ASTA 76 JESSUP, MELBA JEAN 285 JEWELL, JANE LEE 76 JEWETT, CHARLES 237 JOEL, DR. RICHARD 40, 174 JOHANNES, MARILYN J 237 JOHNS, ALYCE MAE 285 JOHNSON, ARIELOU 68 JOHNSON, BOBBY 100 JOHNSON, CARL 237 JOHNSON, CARL B 1 87 JOHNSON, CAROL LUANNE 285 JOHNSON, CATHERINE 86 JOHNSON, CHARLIE 98 JOHNSON, DELPHIA 285 JOHNSON, ED 112 JOHNSON, GAILE 207, 208 JOHNSON, ISABEL 84 JOHNSON, JACQUELINE BARBARA .... 285 JOHNSON, JEAN 60 JOHNSON, JOYCE 285 JOHNSON, KAREN ANN 210, 285 JOHNSON, MARILYN 88, 203 JOHNSON, MARVIN 178 JOHNSON, MARY ETTA 175 JOHNSON, M. CATHERINE 70 JOHNSON, MERLINE 68, 21 1 JOHNSON, ROBERT D 94, 204, 231 JOHNSON, WILLIAM H 237 JOHNSON, WINIFRED LORENE 285 JOHNSTON, CHARLOTTE ANNE 285 JOHNSTON, D. PATRICIA 84,285 JOHNSTON, VENETIA H 80, 285 JOHNSWICK, BOB 114 JOINER, RICHARD 237 JONES, ANTON 104 JONES, BEN 108 JONES, BETTY ANN 285 JONES, BILL 100 JONES, BRUCE 94 JONES, CAROL 70 JONES, DAN • ■ ■ 285 JONES, EVON L ' III JONES, FLOY 285 JONES, JACK ■■ 14 JONES, JOANNE 78, 185 JONES, KAY - 66 JONES, LAURE 88, 285 JONES, LESLIE ■■ 114 JONES, L. JOANNE 84, 285 JONES, MAMIE 237 JONES, MARGARET KATHERINE 285 JONES, MARILYN GAYLE 203, 283 JONES, MARY LOUISE 285 JONES, N. CAROL _• 285 JONES, NANCY 37, 60 JONES, OKLE 237 JONES, OTIS PAUL 285 JONES, TERRIE CAROL 175, 185, 287 JONES, STEPHEN 237 JONES, SUE 90 JONES, TERRIE 68 JONES, TOOTS 210 JOPLING, F. EMILY 287 JORDAN, F. MIGNON 64, 287 JORDAN, KAY 64 JORDAN, MADONNA J. . 287 JORDEN DR. WEYMOUTH 188 JORDON, KATHERINE 237 JOYNER, RAYBURN N 198, 237 JOYNES, BONNIE =8 JUDY, E. IVAN 287 JURNEY, BILL F 287 — K — KALETA, VICTOR J • • ■ 287 KALIL, ROSANNE -90, 237 KALMES, PETER A ° ' ??Z KAM, DAVID 118 KANE, KAREN ■ ■ ■ 70 KANE, LINDA SUE 208, 287 KANUPP, JERRY DEAN 287 KAPNIAS, ATHENA K 287 KARAVOKIROS, ANTHONY N 287 KARNEGIS, JAMES ;.„■ ■ • • • 94 KARNEY, CAROL ANN 68, 210, 287 KASTEN, JEAN LEE ■ ■, 287 KEARNS, CRESENTIA ANN 203, 287 362 KEARNS, FRANCES 76 KEARNS, JOHN PATRICK 287 KEATING, CHARLES 94, 287 KEELS, CHUCK 98 KEEN, TED 102, 190, 287 KEENE, LONNIE 237 KENNE, WALLY 102, 273 KENNEY, GERALD 94 KEENEY, THOMAS 120 KELLEY, BILL P 287 KELLEY, MARY PATRICIA 287 KELLEY, NANCY 238 KELLEY, PATRICIA 208 KELLY, BERNARD 237 KELLY, BILL 102 KELLY, GERALD 237 KELLY, JAMES 238 KELLY, KAY 88 KELLY, L. BERNARD 238 KELLY, PAT 110 KELLY, SHIRLEY 88 KELSEY, SUSAN 238, 76 KEMMER, KAREN MARIE 287 KEMP, CAROLYN ANNE 287,202, 78 KENDAL, PHILIP 238, 104 KENDALL, JOHN DAVID 287 KENDRICK, LINDA FRANCES 287, 82 KENNEDY, BARBARA 287 KENNEDY, DAVIE 72 KENNEDY, SHEILA NANETTE 287 KENNEY, FRED 114 KENNEY, MARY KAY 287 KENNICOTT, PATRICK CURTIS 287 KENNINGTON, KATHERINE WANDA . . 287 KEOGH, WILLIAM 287 KERLEY, PATRICIA EARLE 287 KERLEY, ROBERT 110 KERSEY, JAMES GREGORY 287 KESSEL, KAY 180 KESSLER, WILLIAM FRANCIS 287 KESTNER, KEN 102 KETCHERSID, ARTHUR 188 KETRING, JOE WAYNE 238, 201, 120 KEY, ANN 38, 70, 58 KEY, NANCY 259, 238, 38, 171, 82, 169, 210 KICKLITER, JOYCE 78 KIRCHMAN, VICKIE 238 KEIFER, PETE 94 KIEM, BETTY JANE 287 KEINZIE, ROBERTA 62, 238 KIGHT, WONDA LARAINE 68, 287 KILBURN, GALEN B 287, 102 KILINSKI, KARLA 287 KILNER, KITTY 62 KIMBALL, DEBBIE 287, 64 KIMBER, BILL 320 KIMBERLIN, BILL 108 KIMBLE, DOLORES CAMILLE 287 KINCHELOE, GORDON 287 KINDERNAY, CYNTHIA JOYCE .287, 88 KING, BETH 287, 82 KING, BETTY LOU 62 KING, DOROTHY ANN 287 KING, JOHN 173 KING, LOIS MARIE 287, 185 KING, LOUISE 287 KING, NANCY 238, 86 KING, WILLIAM S 238, 201 KIRBY, AUDREY NADINE 287 KIRBY, MIRTH CAROLE 72 KIRBY, NADINE 202 KIRCHOFF, JEAN VALERIE 84 KIRCHMAN, VICKIE 72 KIRK, DAISY ESTHER 78, 287 KIRK, ROBERT WILLIAM 287, 106 KIRKLAND, JIM 108 KIRKLAND, MARILYN ELIZABETH 287 KIRKLAND, VIRGINIA M 287 KIRKPATRICK, ALAN 108 KIRKWOOD, DICK 120 KIRTON, SANDRA 202 KITCHEN, OLYMPIA 187 KISER, VIRGINIA 238 KITTREDGE, SUSAN 287, 84 KLINGER, SHIRLEY ANN 287 KNAPP, HARVEY J 1 8 KNIGH, JIM 44 KNIGHT, HELEN 44 KNIGHT, JEAN DIANE 287 KNIGHT, RUSS 106 KNIGHT, PHILIP 221, 238, 170, 112 KNIGHT, SUSAN 74 KNIRK, LYLE 94 KNOWLES, BOBBIE 238 KNOWLES, MARILYN 287, 90 KNOWLES, RICHMOND LEE 287,187-B KOCH, DALE 36, 170, 110 KOCH, ELLWOOD 238 KOCH, WILLIAM 238 KOEPP, RUTH 287 KOETH, LEONARD 238, 334, 120 KOOS, CORNELIA 64 KOPPEIS, CARL 1 20 KORST, SUSAN 62 KORZAN, FRED 62 KOSCHLER, JUDITH ANN 287 KOSH, DALE 110 KOSS, WALTER J 238 KRAMER, CHARLES 114 KRAMER, LUISA LEE 287, 80 KRETSCHMAR, ARLENE 287 KROGLAND, 238 KULZER, JAMES 114 KUNZ, JULIUS 238 KUSTER, GEORGE ANN 287, 66 KUSTER, LOIS 238, 66 — L — L ' ABBE, JOSEPH AUGUST 287 LABADIE, JUDY 287 LA BELLE, CHARLES FRANK 287 LA CAGNINA, GIULIA 84 LACEDONIA, PATRICIA OTILLIA 287 LAESSER, JUDY 287, 86 LAFFERTY, DOLORES L. 239, 82, 40, 43 LA GRANGE, LYNN 46, 210, 86 LAMB, ANNE 217 LAMB, CAROL A 239, 84 LAMB, HERB 102 LAMB, JANICE E 230 LAMB, PAT 84 LAMBERT, CHARLES ANDREW ....100, 287 LAMBERT, JOHNNY P 239 LAMBRECHT, CAROL 64 LAMBUR, SANDRA 36, 21 1, 88 LANCE, PATRICIA 287, 36, 185, 90 LANCY, HARRISON JEAN 239 LANDRUM, BRIT 112 LANDRUM, GARY 92 LANE, DOROTHY ANN 287 LANEY, RAY 92 LANEY, ROSEMARY 287 LANGFORD, AUDREY 289 LANGFORD, ERNEST 287, 102 LANGSTON, MARGIE ANNA 76 LANZA, SAL 94 LA POINTE, ED 289 LARSON, ESTHER SUE 289 LARSON, TEXIE ANN 90 LASSETER, JUNE 187, 239, 171 LASTINGER, DR 207 LASTINGER, JAMES L 239, 216 LATTNER, DICK 100 LAUGHRIDGE, SHIRLEY FAYE 289 LA VIGNE, HARRY 110 LAW, BONNIE RUSSELL 289 LAWLER, DEREK S 180 LAWRENCE, CYNTHIA A. 239, 171, 169, 86, 259 LAY, CAROLYN 68 LAY, RICHARD ALLAN 289 LAYTON, JOHN 94 LEABO, PHIL 106 LEAP, DR. WILLIAM L 217 LE BLANC, MIKE 289, 94 LEBO, ALEENE 239, 72 LEBO, HELEN JEAN 289, 72 LE BOEUF, LOUIS KERLEY 289, 104 LECUONA, FERNANDO 180 LEDGERWOOD, DOROTHY G 239 LEE, ALINDA MAE 289 LEE, CAROL 239 LEE, DAVID S 239, 94 LEE, LETTY ANN 289 LEE, LINDA 289 LEE, MYRTLE VIRGINIA 289 LEE, ONZELLA 208 LEE, ROBERT JESSE 289, 94 LEE, SYLVIA 289 LEEDY, BARBARA HOPE 289 LEHAN, JUDITY 289, 217, 88 LEHARDY, FRANK 98 LEHMANN, TOM . 94 LEIGHTON, MARY KATHERYNE 289 LEMEX, JACQUELIN DELL 289 LENAHAN, CARYL 289, 36, 86 L ' ENGLE, HARRIET 289, 47, 185, 214, 90 LENNARD, JOYCE HELEN 289 LENSEN, DR. GEORGE 188 LENZI, GAIL 289 LEONARD, JAMES W 239 LEONARD, JULIE R 84 LEONE, JAMES D 239, 216, 187 LEONHART, GERMAINE 289, 82, 207 LEOPARD, BETTY J 239 LESHEFKA, GEO 114, 204 LETO, DONNA 64 LEUTHER, MARY CAY 84 LEVY, LENNY 321 LEWINSKY, SALLY ROSLYN 289 LEWIS, CAROL JO 289, 74 LEWIS, DON R 239 LEWIS, FEDORA BELLE 289, 64 LEWIS, GENE 92 LEWIS, JACK 120 LEWIS, KATHERINE 289, 207 LEWIS, MARGARET 289 LEWIS, MARVIN 94 LEWIS, PAUL 94 LEWIS, PETER 104 LEWIS, REED 72 LEWIS, SARA K 86 LEWIS, STAN 110 LEWIS, SYLVIA 289, 72 LIEBAU, RAYMOND K 239 LIDDON, SALLIE M 82 LILE, SUSAN 289, 62 LIMA, BARBARA JEAN 289, 78 LIND, MARGARET HOPE 289 LINDER, JUDITH C 239 LINDQUIST, BEVERLY 289, 60 LINDSEY, MARY ANN. ..289, 185, 207, 64, 210 LINDSEY, MARY LOU 289 LINEBAUGH, DOTTIE SUE 289, 70 LINGO, CAROL JOYCE 289 LINGO, MYRTLE J 239 LINLEY, DOROTHY 68 LINTON, ANNA LOUISE 289 LIPSCOMB, IRVIN 287, 187-B LITKEY, JIM 329, 102 LITTLE, MARJORIE bb LITTLEJOHN, BLAIR RICE 289, 104 LITTLETON, JOYCE ELAINE 289, 21 1 LIVELY, JUDITY LOUISE 289 LIVESEY, DONALD W 239, 94 LIVINGSTON, CLIFF 98 LLOYD, CHARLES A 239, 204 LLOYD, JIM 108 LLOYD, KAY 240, 82 LOCKHART, SAMUEL JOE 289 LOCKWOOD, ALBERT B 289 LOCKWOOD, BETTY FAWN 289 LOEB, THOMAS 240 LOEHR, KEN 112 LOGAN, CLINTON 240 LOGAN, DIANE FRANCES 289 LOGAN, PAMELA 82 LOGUE, SALLY 240 LOMAISTRO, EVE 66 LONG, WAYNE 98 LOONEY, JAMES 94 LORD, PATRICIA 204 LORENZE, ROGER 114 LOTSPEICH, MARTHA 240 LOVE, ALBERT GALLATIN 289, 102 LOVE, CASSIE 240, 208 LOVE, WILLIAM 106 LOVELAND, LAURA LEE 289 LOWE, BOB 92 LOWELL, LESLIE ANN 289, 175, 185 LOWELL, SUZANNE 240 LOWERY, FRED 94 LOY, SNOW ANDERSON 289, 72 LUCAS, GLENN RICHARD 289 LUCAS, TOM 108 LUFT, ROBERT 240, 118 LUHR, LINDA LILLIAN . , . 289, 68 LUMPKIN, DFANNA DOROTHY ... 82 LUPO, ALICE9 LOUISE 289, 78 LYLES, ANN CHAPEL 240 LYLKA, LEONARD STANLEY 240 LYON, BOYD 120 LYON, CELESTA ODELL 289 LYON, PAUL 94 LYONS, CRES 92 — M — McAllister, charles 120 McANENY, JOHN 204 McARTHUR, GILBERT 110, 173, 293 McBRIDE, THERESE 293 McCALL, MARVIN RALPH 293 McCAMPBELL, BRENDA 86, 185, 210, 293 McCarthy, nancy jean 293 McCarthy, VINCENT c. 201 McCLAIN, WILLIAM MARSHALL 293 McCLAMMA, SALLY FORTUNE 84 McClelland, janet marie 293 McCLUNG, MARY LOU 293 McCOLLUM, JERALD 241 McCOLLUM, ZONA MARLENE 293 McCONNELL, JOYCE FAY 293 McCONNELL, JOYCE FAY 293 McCORMACK, HAROLD 293 McCORMICK, GENE 102, 316 McCOTTER, JIM 102,316 McCROCKLIN, WILLIAM 94 McCUNE, SARANAN 80 McCUTCHEON, CLYDE 118 McDANIEL, GLORIA GAIL 180, 293 McDANIEL, LUCY 241 McDAVID, SANDRA 60 McDonald, gail elaine 293 McDonald, susan sellers 293 McDOUGALD, d. charlene 86, 207, 210, 293 Mcduffie, brenda 293 McDUGALD, MARILYN J 293 McGEE, joe 92, 320 McGINNES, MARY JANE 82, 293 McGLAUGHON, WILLIAM .100, 174, 241 McGUINN, KAREN 293 McGUIRE, TERRY . . SO MclNTOSH, RUTH ANNETTE .72, 196, 293 McKEE, TERRY 106 McKELUIN, GEORGE 104 McKEOUN, MARY KAY 293 McKETHAN, MARTHA ANN 62, 293 McKIBBIN, PEGG JO 293 McKINNEY, MAURY 112 McLAIN, SALLIE NAOM 293 MCLAUGHLIN, ROBERT 241 McLAULIN, CAROLYN ANN 293 McLAULIN, HENRY 241 McLEAN, JOSEPH 241 McLEAN, MARVIN 114 McLEOD, FLOYD 1 20 McMANAMA, LYNN 60 McMillan, Barbara 203 McMillan, Harriett 24i McMillan, m. judith 86, 263, 293 McMillan, rodney ■ 78 McNEAL, SARA 241 McNEIL, JAMES . 94 mcneil, johnny elizabeth 293 McNeill, h. wyatt 293 McNEILLY, LORA LEE 90 McNEIL, Mahlon 104 Mcpherson, carolyn 24i Mcpherson, chuck lOO McQUAGGE, WILLIAM ' .. 110 McQUAID, RONALD 241 McRAE, ELANOR BEATRICE 293 McRAE, ROBERT 92 McSHEEHAN, MURIEL ANN 293 363 McSWAIN, SALLIE BEST 293 McVEY, BARBARA 293 McWHIRTER, GAYLE 70, 211 McWHIRTER, SANDRA 70 MAAS, CAROL 60 MABRY, ELIZABETH ANN 289, 60 MacCONNELL, THOMAS 222 MacARTHUR, PENNY 185 MacDONALD, SALLY LOU 289 MacGILLIVRAY, ELIZABETH ANN 289 MacGROTTY, EDWARD JOSEPH . .289, 104 MacKENZlE, VIRGINIA NEVADA 240 MACKIN, MOLLIE JAND 289 MACKIN, ROSETTA 202, 240, 88 MACKINNON, MARGARET JEANET 289 MACKLIN, GRACE 36, 74 MacLEOD, SARA JEAN 240, 82 MacNICHOL, MARIANNE 60 MacRAE, PAT 72 MAGBES, BONNIE DUNDEE 289 MAGEE, JIM 102 MAGILL, JOANNE EDITH 240, 86 MAGNELL, JUDITY ANN, .185, 289, 175, 80 MAHANNAH, MARIAN 64 MAHER, JAMES 100 MAI, LOIS L 191 MAINZER, EUGENE FRANCIS 289 MAJOY, JOE 316, 102 MALARA, FRANK 289 MAMATEY, V. S 188 MANDA, NELLIE CHURCH 240, 80 MANN, DOROTHY 210, 76 MANN, JACK 289, 189 MANN, JOHN 289 MANN, MORTIA JANETTI 289, 84 MANNING, PATRICIA LOUISE .240, 171, 68 MANSFIELD, MARTHA GENEVIEVE 289 MAPLES, JANE A 21 1, 289 MERCHANT, BEVERLY LOUISE 291 MARCHESSEAN, MARY ANN 217 MARCHETTA, BEVERLY 291 MARGOTH, PATSY 208 MARKETT, RAY .195 MARKETTE, SARAH 74 MARKLEY, JAMES 291 MARKLEY, RUTHANN 291,202, 90 MARKS, THOMAS CLARK 291, 98 MAROTTI, LEWIS EUGENE 291, 114 MARSH, EVERETT H 110 MARSH, HAROLD 240 MARSH, KATHLEEN 240 MARSH, KATHERYN 291 MARSHALL, DURFEE 112 MARSHALL, EDWIN ROLAND 240, 198, 199 MARSHALL, HOWARD LAMAR 291 MARSHALL, NELSON FRANCES 291 MARSHALL, ROBERT L. 112 MARSHEK, GLEN 291 MARTHAM, JOANN 70 MARTIN, BEVERLY A 66 MARTIN, CELIA 70 MARTIN, EMMA SHARON 84 MARTIN, HARRIET JANE 291 MARTIN, LOUISE SCOTT 291, 66 MARTIN, MAC 92 MARTIN, MARIE LUCILLE 291, 66 MARTIN, MARILYN 175 MARTIN, MARY CECILIA 82 MARTIN, NEIL 96 MARTIN, SHIRLEY ANN . . 291, 263, 64 MARTIN-VEGUE, MARION CAROL , 291, 202 MARTINELLI, VINCE 214, 102 MARTI NO, JOAN 60 MASON, TUDI 291, 80 MASON, JOHN ALLEN 291, 108 MASON, RON 98 MASSEY, SUE 217, 60 MATHEWS, HERB BOYD 291 MATTHEWS, FRANCES 88 MATHEWS, LINDA SO MATHEWS, MARY CAROLYN 291 MATHIS, GENEVIEVE 62 MATHIS, MARY COVER 291 MATHIS, RAY 38, 110 MATTHEWS, LINDA JANE 291, 80 MATTHEWS, MELINDA SUE 291 MATTHEWS, SALLY ANN 291 MATTHEWS, WARD 98 MATTOCKS, JANET SANDRA 291 MATYLAS, NANCY CAVERLY 291 MAULTSBY, CHAS 94 MAXON, CYNTHIA 240, 208 MAXWELL, ANN H 291 MAY, DOROTHY 241 MAY, FRANK 102 MAY, ROSEMARY 291 MAY, JEAN 86 MAYBERRY, JAMES 100 MAYER, CHARLOTTE 80, 185 MAYNARD, ROSALIE 291 MAYWALT, KATHERYN ALICE 291 MAZUR, JOSEPH RALPH 241, 1 16 MEAD, PATRICIA JOAN 291 MEADOR, ALFRED 241 MEADOR, LOU 104 MEADOWS, JEANIE 291 MEDLOCK, CHARLES GUY 291 MEEBOLD, PHYLLIS JOAN 291, 74 MEEKISON, VIVIAN IRENE 291 MEEKS, BURRELLS 241 MEEKS, DAVID 291, 106 MEEKS, KATHY 60 MEHLICH, GERALD EDWARD 291 MEIER, BOB 40, 46, 112 MELTON, LINBY 112 MELTZER, GLORIA 241, 189, 66 MELVIN, FLORENCE LEORETA 291 MENIS, EUGENIA ALICE 291 MENIS, JEANNE 202 MENTON, PETER 110 MENTZER, BARBARA 241, 74 MERGINS, JACK 102 MERRIMAN, CAROL 84 MERRIN, KEY IRENE 291, 64 McSWAIN SALLIE 70 METZ, THOMAS 291, 198, 199, 120 MEW, TOM 112 MEYER, CARL 320 MEYERS, JUDITH LEE 291, 78 MEZY, YOLANDE 291, 208, 78 MICELI, FRANK JOHN 291, 216 MICHLO, MICHAEL 241 MICHELL, CHAS 96 MICKEY, PATTY 88 MICKLER, PATRICIA 241,36, 80 MICKLER, WALTER 241 MICKNER, HELEN 62 MIDDLETON, DAVE ' . ... 173, 98 MILAM, JEANNE ANN 291 MILAM, JULIE 80, 241 MILES, ALICE V 62 MILES, JACI 62 MILFORD, ERIC 100 MILFORD, PAT 208, 74 MILLER, BARBARA 64, 1 85 MILLER, BERYL ELAINE. .291, 46, 215, 185 MILLER, DELBERT EUGENE 291 MILLER, DAN 114 MILLER, ED H 216, 94 MILLER, ELIZABETH 74 MILLER, KIM 58 MILLER, GIBBS 178 MILLER, MARILYN YVONNE 291 MILLER, MARY CHARLOTTE 291 MILLER, PATRICIA 291, 175, 202, 90 MILLER, RICK 331 MILLER, RHODA 291, 72 MILLER, ROBERT 114 MILLER, SYLVIA DOROTHY ...291, 175, 60 MILLIS, MAURICE BERNER 291, 94 MILLS, ELLIS WILLARD ... 291, 187-B, 110 MILLS, MAJORIE 291 MILMORE, MARYANN BARBARA 291 MIMS, JANE 291, 185 MIMS, MARIE 291 MIMS, SHARON ALISE ' 291 MINGS, BILLIE 291 MITCALFE, JUDITY ANNE 291 MITCHELL, SOPHY MAE 204 MITCHELL, GLENN 335 MIXON, WILLIAM 96 MOCK, RUPERT 291, 108 MOEHLE, BLANCHE AUGUSTA 291 MOFFITT, BETTY JO 291 MOLL, JOHN 120 MOLES, COURTNEY % MOLONEY, VALERIE 291 MONROE, MARILYN JOAN 291 MONROSE, BARBARA JEAN 291 MONROSE, HELEN GEORGINE 291, 185 MONTAGUE, HAL 241 MONTAGUE, JO ANN 242 MONTFORD, CHARLES HAROLD 291 MONTGOMERY, BETTY 72 MONTGOMERY, JACK 102 MONTGOMERY, DR. REID 40 MONROE, SID 102 MOON, HELEN JO 291 MOON, HENRY REID 242 MOORE, ANDY 94 MOORE, ANN 36, 86 MOORE, ART 34, 242, 170, 214, 112 MOORE, DAVE i12 MOORE, JOE KEITH 291 MOORE, JERRY 108 MOORE, JUDITH ANN 293, 208 MOORE, JOAN 185 MOORE, MARY JANE 293, 82 MOORE, MARY MILLER 82 MOORE, MILLIE 210 MOORE, RONNIE 92 MOORE, TOM 120 MOORE, WILLIAM DELANO 242 MOORE, YVONNE 78 MORAN, TERRY 321, 92 MORAR, NEAL 104 MOREHOUSE, MERRY ELIZABETH .293, 44 MOREN, BOB 338, 112 MORGAN, DAVID CURTIS 293 MORGAN, JOHN H 198, 199 MORGAN, RALPH 43, 174 MORGAN, SALLY LOU 242, 216 MOCK,. WILLIAM ARTHUR 242 MORRILL, HENRIETTE E 242 MORRIS, CAROLINE 34 MORRIS, DEANNA INEZ . .293, 175, 189, ' 85 MORRIS, DIANA EVIE .242, 171, 191, 169 MORRIS, JAMES EUGENE 242 MORRIS, RONALD B 198-199 MORRIS, WILLIAM 120 MORRISON, JAMES LOUIS ...293, 206, 114 MORRISON, NANCY ALPHA ...242, 217, 90 MORRISON, SANDRA EULALIE 293 MORSE, ANN LOUISE 242, 78 MORSE, DAVE 103 MORSER, WILLIAM D 242 MORTENSEN, PHYLLIS 293 MORTON, DOROTHY 293, 80 MORTON, MICHAEL VANCE 293 MORTON, NANCY ELLEN 293, 70 MORTON, SARAH OLIVIA 293 MOSBERG, CYNTHIA E 293 MOSE, PATRICIA PATTY-LU 293 MOSS, RICHARD LEWIS 242, 92 MOULD, LINDA ROSE 293 MOURE, SARAH GUNN 293 MOURE, SALLY 86 MOWISER, EDWARD 178 MOWLSER, JAMES E 198-199, 242 MUELLER, BARBARA 207,242, 74 MUENCH, DAVID LAWRENCE 293 MUGGE, CAROLYN ANN 242 MULLER, TOM 96 MULLINS, PATRICK GRANT 242 MUMPOWER, ROTHANNE MEAD 293 MURPHY, MARTIE LU ANN 293, 72 MURRAY, MARIAN YANCY 242, 66 MURRAY, MARCIA LOUISE 62 MURRELL, PATRICIA 293, 216 MUSE, ROBERT 201 MUSIC, WILLIAM 293 MYERS, BILLY 242 MYNARD, CHUCK 96 MYRICK, JOHN 102 — N — NASWORTHY, MARILYN ANNETTE .... 293 NATHE, PATRICIA ANNE 293 NAUGHTON, ANDREA 86 NEAL, GARY EDWARD 102, 293 NEAL, HILDA DERRYBERRY 82, 293 NEALING, MIKE 100 NEALY, SUSAN DOROTHY 293 NEDLEY, ROBERT 96 NEEL, WILLIAM CHARLES 102, 242 NEELD, APRIL ANITA 293 NEFF, CAROL JANE 293 NEHER, JACKIE 68 NEILSON, ANN 210 NELMS, RITA 66, 149, 242 NELSON, CARL 96 NELSON, CAROL 68 NELSON, GAIL 68 NELSON, JUDITH LYNN 293 NELSON, LORRAINE MARIE 293 NELSON, RAYMOND 94 NELSON, RICHARD DONALD 106, 7:93 NeSMITH, JUDY KATHERINE 84, 293 NeSMITH, MARTHA LEE 80, 293 NESSLER, GLORIA ANN 293 NEUMAN, DAVID 118 NEW, DANIEL 243 NEWBERG, MARY ELIZABETH 208, 214, 293 NEWBERRY, ELISE 82, 243 NEWDE, MARY LOU 207, 295, 185 NEWELL, THOMAS WILLIAM . .120, 295, 333 NEWMAN, CHUCK 106 NEWMAN, JAMES 108 NEWSON, JANE REID 295 NEWTON, CURT 94 NEWTON, JEAN 217, 243 NICHOLS, ALFRED COOPER 47, 112, 174, 195, 295 NICHOLS, BARBARA JO-ANNE 74, 295 NICHOLS, BYRON 243 NICHOLS, COLIE, JR 116, 243 NICHOLS, SHEILA 88 NICHOLSON, ALICE 202, 295 NICHOLSON, ANNE 74, 243 NICHOLSON, WILLIAM 96, 217, 243 NIEDENTHAL, JOHN 120, 204 NIPPER, VIRGIL 187-B, 243 NOLAND, CLARA 243 NOLL, CAROLYN 243 NORMAN, GAYLE 72, 295 NORMAN, ROBERT 295 NORMAN, WILLIAM HURST 295 NORTHSUP, DIANE MURIEL 295 NORTON, JERRELE 243 NORTON, KENNETH 178 NOVAK, LOIS JEANNE 295 NOWAKOWSKI, VASHA 295 NUHER, SUSAN 66, 203, 243 NUCHOLLS, JOYCE 68, 1 85 NUSSBAUM, WALTER 102 NUSSEAR, BOB 120 NUTT, THEODORE D 198-9, 243 NYE, CHARLIE 120 — O — OAKES, MELVIN 216 OBERHOLTAER, J. D 216 O ' BRIEN, DICK 38 O ' BRIEN, JAMES 295 O ' BRIEN, MAE BEA 295 O ' BRIEN, MICHAEL 112 O ' BRIEN, RICHARD PAUL 120, 295 O ' BRIEN, TOM 102 O ' CONNOR, MIKE 94 O ' DAY, PATRICIA MARY 295 OELSCHLAGER, VICTOR 189 OFFERLE, DORIS JOAN 76, 295 OGDEN, BARBARA KAY 295 OHLIDAL, ANTON 209, 243 OJALA, JOAN 295 O ' KELLEY, BUTCH 98, 295 OLD, MARGARET ANN 206, 295 OLDHAN, MARY ANN 88, 295 OLINGER, NANCY JO 295 OLIVER, EUGENIA RUTH 64, 295 OLLIPHANT, YVONNE 185, 210 OLSON, JERRY E 295 O ' NEILL, ANN ELIZABETH 64, 295 OPPENHEIMER, MAX, JR 189 O ' REILLY. MARY PATRICK 295 364 ORR, DIAN 189, ORR, JUDITH ANN ORT, CHARLOTTE ORT, GEORGEA LEONE 72, 185, ORTELT, EUGENE OSBORN, JANELLEN N OSBORNE, JOSEPH F OSLIN, BETTY OSTERGAARD, DON NEILS O ' SULLIVAN, DEAN 90, 187, 221, OSZLANYI, ANTEL GEZA OTHEN, CAROL OTTAIRS, TOM OVERHOLSER, BETTY JUNE 217, OVERSTREET, JAMES HENRY ORR, DIAN OWENS, JACKIE 88, OWENS, ROBERT J — P — PACHLER, PATRICIA FAY 70, PADGETT, LONNIE PADGETT, ROGERS PADGETT, SHIRLEY LA VERNE 64, PADRICK, FAYE PAFFORD, PAGGY ANNE 84, PAGE, BILL PAINE, THOMAS ALBERT PALAZZOLO, MARLENE PALMER, ALLAN PALMER, DICK PALMER, DONALD PALMER, JUDITH LOUISE PARIS, CHARLOTTE ANN PARIS, EVELYN PARISH, JAMES A PARKE, BUBBA PARKER, ALICE E PARKER, BETTY JEAN PARKER, NORA LORAINE 62, 210, PARKIN, PRISSY PARKS, DICK PARKS, ELEANOR ANN PARKS, PETER LESTER PARKYN, ROSS PARMELEE, CHRISTINE 86, PARMALEE, ELIZABETH ANN PARMELEE, JANE PARRAMORE, PEGGY PARRISH, PATRICK RODNEY 108, PARRYN, DAVID ROSS PARSON, JO MARGARET PARTRIDGE, JOHN PASCHAL, WILLIAM PATRONIS, MIKE PATTERSON, JOSEPH PATTERSON, KARDYN PATTERSON, MARY LYNN 82, PATTERSON, NANCY PATTERSON, VIRGINIA ANN 68, PATTISON, SANDRA RUTH 208, PATTON, BARBARA PATTON, LINDA JOYCE 70, PATRICK, BOB PAYNE, LAURA JEAN PAYTON, HARRY A PEACOCK, ADA ALICE PEACOCK, JACK 42, PEADEN, JOAN PEADEN, RUBY PEARCE, JACK M PEARCE, JAN 175, 185, PEARCE, MARILYN 82, PEARSON, MARY ANN PECK, SARAH PEDDY, JOAN 84, PEDERSEN, MARLINE PEDRERO, PAUL GREGORY PEEK, REBECCA SUE PEEKS, DRENA PENAN, ADRIENNE M PENBERTON, DAVID PENDRAY, TOM 38, 112, PENESKI, EDWARD STEPHEN 120, PENN, DONALD A 114, PENNINGTON, PENNY PENNY, JACQUELYN 84, PENNINGTON, RUBY PERCOCO, DICK PEREZ, NORMA JEAN PERICOLA, DIANE JOY PERRY, BONNIE B PERRY, CHOLE M PERRY, EARL PERRY, JAMES PERRY, JEAN PERRY, JOYCE PERRY, PAUL PERSON, NANCY 86, PERSONS, JANET 196, PETERMAN, MYRA PETERS, BARBARA 210, PETERS, KORITA PETERSON, PETE PETRIS, KEY PETTEWAY, CARL PETTY, MILTON PEYTON, STEPHEN PHARES, MARILYN PHILLIPS, BOYCE PHILLIPS, JACK 201, PHILLIPS, JOE 201, PHILLIPS, JOHN PHILLIPS, LAURA L PICKELS, PENNY 36, 185, 210, 243 295 72 295 243 295 201 295 295 243 295 60 114 295 295 74 263 243 295 92 110 295 295 243 191 295 243 96 174 243 295 295 295 295 98 295 295 295 88 45 80 295 106 244 295 86 244 295 295 74 110 244 92 244 191 210 244 295 295 70 295 263 295 295 295 295 191 244 295 210 295 295 295 295 295 295 295 60 295 244 244 295 198 84 244 244 94 295 295 295 84 92 297 297 244 108 244 297 244 297 297 92 297 244 112 297 244 204 297 297 114 90 297 PICKETT, DIANE 297 PICKETT, DONALD 2.44 PICKETT, RONALD 108 PIDGEON, BARBARA ANN 297 PIEHLER, DOROTHY RUTH 297 PIELOW, BOB 102 PIERSON, NANCY 84, 297 PIKE, JAMES 244 PILCHER, SARA 244 PINCKARD, DESSE .... 45, 80, 244, 169, 171 PINDER, CLARD 120 PIPER, SHERRY 297 PIPES, BARBARA 297 PIPKIN, M. MARGUERITE 297 PIPKIN, MARJORIE 244 PIPKIN, MARY FRANCES 297 PIPKINS, ROYCE 106 PISINSKI, THOMAS A 297 PITCHFORD, KEITH 102, 187 PITTS, AURELIA 82, 297 PITTS, BARBARA 297 PITTS, EARL 210, 297 PITTS, HAROLD E 297 PITTS, HURDIS H 198-9 PLATT, DEAN 244 PLATTIS, MICHAEL LOUIS 245 PLOCKELMAN, CYNTHIA 297 PLOWMAN, ELIZABETH 245 PLUMMER, ROBERT 245 POAG, WYLIE 112 POGUE, SCARLETT 70 POHL, CYNTHIA 189 POHL, LAVERNE F 297 POITEUANT, RIP 98 POLLOCK, AL 100 POLLOCK, E. JACKSON 100, 201 PONTON, JANET 76, 297 POOLEY, HONEY SUE 245 POOLSAWASDI, PI ROM 216, 245 POOSER, ATKINSON EDWIN 297 POPE, DOROTHY 297 POPPELL, ROBERT 297 POPPENGER, CAROL ANN 86, 245 PORTER, DONAND 116 PORTER, JUDY 86 PORTER, KIM 98, 297 POSEY, PHILLIP 187-B, 245 POST, ALLEN 174 POTTER, CHARLES E 245 POTTER, LINDA 175, 185,210, 80 POTTER, MARTIN 204 POTTS, JUDITH ANN 297 POU, MIKE 94 POUNDS, JUDY ANN 297 POWELL, ARTHUR J 198, 204, 245 POWELL, BETTY 297 POWELL, DARWIN 245 POWELL, FRANKLIN E 245 POWELL, JANE 203 POWELL, JANET H 245 POWELL, MARGARET 74 POWELL, MARY H 68, 185, 210 POWELL, MARY ESTHER 78 POWELL, NANCY LEE 297 POWELL, ROBERT EDWARD 245 POWERS, ANDREA OUISE 72, 297 POWERS, DONALD 245 POWERS, FRED 38, 114 POWERS, GLENDA 86, 185, 297 POYSELL, BOB 112 PRANDONI, CLAIRE 74 PRATT, ROSE MARIE 297 PREBIANCA, TOM 102 PRESSLER, BRENDA JOYCE 297 PRESCOTT, KEN D 297 PRESNELL, MIDGE 185, 211 PRESTON, ANNE CHRISTIAN 86, 245 PRICE, ANNE HAYDEN 60, 210, 297 PRICE, JUDITH LEE 297 PRICE, KAREN SUE 297 PRIDGEN, RUTH ELLEN 297 PRIESTER, MICHAEL 297 PRINZI, VIC no, 317 PRIORE, ELIZABETH C 297 PRIVETT, ROWENA 80, 245 PROCHNIAK, CAROL ANN 297 PROCTOR, ELIZABETH JANE ... 297 PUDERBAUGH, PATRICIA 76, 297 PULLIAM, ROY D 198-9, .245 PURCELL, PEGGY ARLINE 245 PURNELL, ADRIAN 112 PURVIS, NANCY 64, 297 PYLANT, PETE 112 PURVIS, SANDRA KATHRYN 84, 297 — Q— QUARTERMAN, GAIL 210 QUICKEL, DAVID 94 QUICKEL, DIANE 84 — R — RAE, JANET 297, 88 RAEDISCH, BONNIE 214 RAGANS, CAROL JEAN 62, 245 RAGANS, PHILIP 297, 92 RAINES, RAY 108 RALLI, SERANDA 90, 185 RAMOS, FRANK 42 RAMSAY, JUDY 37, 70 RAMSDEN, DON 35, 120, 170, 204 RAMSEY, JAMES MICHAEL 297 RANDOLPH, ROGER 108 PANES, DOROTHY LOUISE 297 RANSICK, BONITA DAWN 68 RANSICK, CONSTANCE ANNE 297 RAST, GLENN 297 RAU, BETSY 297 RAVENCRAFT, JAMES ROBERT 297 RAWLS, LOUIS 102 RAY, CHARLOTTE ANNE 297 RAY, DON 94 RAY, KEITH 297 RAYMOND, LYNN MERIE 297 RAYNOR, ELLEN 245 READETTE, EUNICE ALEDA 245 READON, WALTER 246, 174 READY, ELINOR 297, 80 REAMS, LINDA 38, 185, 297 REARICK, SANDY 297 REDDING, HARRIET 68, 297 EDDITT, DIXON 187, 246 REEDY, DON 35, 170, 214, 246 REEDY, DOROTHY LOUISE 297 REEDY, MARILYN 246 REELY, BOB 187-B REESE, ELOISE SHIRLEY 76, 297 REESE, JIM 201 REESE, JOHN 246 REESE, SANDRA 246 REEVES, CAROLYN 60, 297 REEVES, FRANK 246 REEVES, JIM 37 REGISTER, GEORGE 92 REGISTER, JIM 92 REICHELDERFER, GAIL 297 REICHERT, MIKE 92 REID, NELLIE JANE 297 REID, PENNY 299 REILING, JOSIE 76 REINHARDT, DAVID 100, 299 REMICK, JOHN 198, 246 RENN, BOBBY 316 RENNER, BARBARA 185, 299 REUSS, FRANK 110 REVELL, JO ANN 299 REVELL, RAYMOND 187, 246 REYNOLDS, BARBARA 90 REYNOLDS, BRUCE 299 REYNOLDS, HARRY 112 REYNOLDS, JEAN 246 REYNOLDS, JOHN LAWRENCE 36, 198, 299 RENOLDS, ROCHELLE 70 REYNOLDS, VIRGINIA 70, 185, 299 RHODES, BUD 94 RHODES, SANDRA 70, 246 RHODES, VIRGINIA SUE 84, 299 RICE, BETSY 70 RICE, CAROLYN 246 RICH, DAVID 118 RICHARD, MARY NOEL 62, 299 RICHEY, MISS LUELLA 178 RICHTER, CAROLYN RUTH 60, 299 RICKETTS, DEBORAH JOSEPHINE 299 RIDDLE, AMELIA JEANETTE 299 RIDGE, ELIZABETH MARGARET 299 RIECK, ROBERT EUGENE 299 RIECKE, GERALD 246 RIEDELL, LINDA 72, 185, 299 RIEKEN, MARION 88 RIGGINS, TOMMY 120 RILEY, JOHN 198, 246 RININSLAND, MARY LEE 299 RIOS, MARIO 116, 299 RIVERS, DEE 150, 210 ROACH, JENNIE RUTH 47, 74, 299 ROODY, DR. ELSTON E 40 ROBERSON, JIM 98 ROBERTS, DAYTON 170 ROBERTS, ETSOL 98 ROBERTS, DAIL CLAIRE 82 ROBERTS, JACQUELINE 35, 90, 299 ROBERTS, JUNE 46, 210 ROBERTS, LINDA GAY 60, 299 ROBERTS, MARY BETH 246 ROBERTSON, KAREN 70 ROBERTSON, MARGARET ANNE 299 ROBERTSON, VERNA LEE 70, 246 ROBINSON, BONNIE 20, 210 ROBINSON, HENRY 102 ROBINSON, KENNETH 246 ROBINSON, OLAF ELERY 299 ROBINSON, RALPH GORDY 92, 299 ROB I SON, MARGARET 208, 246 ROBLES, RAUL 116 ROBSON, VIC 110 ROCHE, ELIZABETH 80 RODABAUGH, DOROTHY 68, 207, 299 RODGERS, ESTHER JANE 84, 299 RODGERS, MINNIE 76, 246 RODGERS, SANDRA JANE 62, 185, 299 RODGERS, WILLIAM MAURICE 299 RODREQUER, VIVIAN 60 ROESSLER, KATHERINE 68, 246 ROGERS, BARBARA J 84, 246 ROGERS, DOUG 120 ROGERS, GEORGE 247 ROGERS, GEORGE WADE 299 ROGERS, JUNE ANN 299 ROGERS, LAURA 74 ROGERS, ROBERT LESTER 299 ROJAS, FRANK 94 ROLEY, MARY LYNN 299 ROLLER, PETER LEONARD 299 ROMEO, TONY 317 ROOT, CLIFFORD ANSON 299 ROSE, CHERYL 70, 247 ROSEN, ARTHUR 118, 299 ROSENBERG, SANDRA.. 35, 81, 171, 247, 261 ROSENBUSH, CARL 247 ROSS, JACK 102 365 ROSS, ROGER 94 ROSS, SPENCER 118 ROTH, JUDITH HELENE 299 ROUGHTON, TONY LAMAR 299 ROUNTREE, CONSTANCE BLANCHE 299 ROUSE, BARBARA 247 ROUSE, CAROLYN 208, 247 ROUSSEAU, SYLVIA 60 ROWELL, RANDELL E 299 ROWLAND, LEWIS FREDERICK 96, 299 ROWLEE, GARY 247 ROWLAND, DARLENE 207 ROWSEY, SONJA 247 ROYALS, MARJORIE JEANNE 299 ROYCE, PHILIP 247 RUDD, BARRY 112 RUCKER, SILVIA 185 RUDY, RICHARD 247 RUFF, DOYLE 1 20, 247 RUFFIN, ANNE CLEGG 66, 299 RUFLY, GRETCHEN 76 RULE, CAROL 208, 249 RURA, TED 116 RUSH, BARBARA LUCILLE 299 RUSHMORE, ROBERT LEGRAND 299 RUSSELL, KERMIT 114 RUSSELL, RALPH 96 RUSSO, ROBERT 104 RUST, SANDRA LYNNE 299 RUTHER, RAYMOND A 198, 255 RUTHERFORD, BILLY CHARLES 299 RUTLEDGE, WANDA KAY 76, 299 RYAN, KATHY 76, 299 RYAN, PEGGY JOYCE 299 RYDER, JACK DEO .38, 112, 190, 299, 331 — S — SACKHOFF, VIRGINIA . , .- 247,203 SADLER, JUDITH ANN 299, 68 SADLER, MARY LENORA 299 SALE, JIM 92 ST. JOHN, CONNIE ; 78 SALTZ, BOB 102 SAMIDE, DANIEL 191 SAMMONS, S. GALE 299, 86 SAMPSON, GEORGIA ANN 299 SANCHEZ, ROBERT 247 SANDERS, LOWELL 207,299 SANDERS, PEGGY ANN 299 SANDERS, RONALD - 247 SANDS, MARY LUCILLE 299, 72 SANGTONG, SUPAT 247 SANTA CRUZ, ELSIE JEAN 299 SAPP, CYNTHIA ANNE 76 SAPP, DELILAH REBECCA 299 SARDINNA, GUS 94 SAROODIS, HARRIET 60 SATTERWHITE, GAIL 299 SATTLER, FRANK 112,247 SAULS, BILLIE LEE 299, 88 SAVAGE, CHARLES 247, 104 SAVAGE, JIM 329 SAVILL, DALE AUDREY 299, 90 SAVILLE, BETTY 247 SAVILLE, LINDA ANN .... 299 SAWICKI, STEVE 104 SAYE, CARL ALONZA 299 SCAMBLER, GLENN 247 SCARBOROUGH, HARRY 247 SCHANZENBACH, SCOTT 120 SCHEFFER, VINA LEE 299 SCHENCK, BOB , . 120 SCHICK, PROFESSOR ELMER 198-199 SCH I ESS, EDWARD 299 114 SCHIESS, LOUIS CONRAD 299, 114 SCHILDECKER, CHARLETTE ... 299 SCHIRM, JACQUELYN ANN 299 SCHLEIFER, JEFF B. 187-B SCHLITT, ROBERT W 201, 248 SCHOLTT, WADE R 248 SCHMALZ, MARIANNE 248 SCHMITT, HAROLD 100 SCHNEEBERGER, JULIE 299 SCHNOOR, LOIS 216 SCHNUPP, LINDA . ' . . 301 SCHOENBORN, JOEL 100 SCHOU, DENNY 102 SCHRIEBER, WALTER WILLIAM 248 SCHRIMSHER, WILLIAM FLOYD 248 SCHULER, JACK RICHARD 301 SCHULZE, WANDA KAY . . 76 SCHUMACKER, HARRIET LOUISE 301, 78 SCHUSTER, FREDERICK WILLIAM 248, 196, 112 SCHWARTZ ROBERT ... 118 SCHWEBEL, WILLIAM H 198, 248, 204 SCHWORM, EARL F. . . . 301 SCOTT, BARBARA ANN 301 SCOTT, CLARENCE F., J R 198 248 SCOTT, DONALD 301 SCOTT, DUKE 102 SCOTT, JUDY 78 SCOTT, GRACE 301 SCOTT, MARY LYNN 301, 202, 88 SCOTT, REVA JANE 301 SCOVILLE, MARJORIE 208 SEALS, CATO 88 SEALY, HARLACE 248 SEALY, MARLENE MORRIS 248 SEARS, ELVA LOUISE 301 SEARS, SANDRA DONAHOO 248 SECHREST, MARGARET ANNE 301 SELLERS, JOHN 248 SELLERS, SISSY 38 SELLERS, WILLIAM MARTIN 248, 94 SENKO, JAMES 94 SENN, PATRICIA ANN 301, 175 SESSIONS, MARTHA H 301 SEWELL, BLONDELL 248, 208 SEWELL, CAROL SUE 301 SEWELL, JO ETHEL 248, 196 SEYDET, MARGARET L 76 SEYEZ, DONALD 1 04 SEYKORA, EDWARD 108 SHAD, HENRY CHARLES 301, 92 SHAD, MARGARET JANE 301 SHAFER, DEANE ALDEN 301 SHAFER, LINDA 301 SHAFFER, CHARLES 114 SHANK, DOUGLAS OWEN 301, 120 SHANKS, F. MARILYN 62 SHANOR, KAREN 185, 86 SHARKEY, TOM 120 SHARP, FRANCES ANNETTE 301 SHARP, LARRY 116 SHARP, MARY VIRGINIA 301, 62 SHARP, RALPH H 248 SHARPE, LAWRENCE G ' 248 SHAVE, BOB 102 SHAW, CARL NEIL 301 SHAW, ELLEN 248 SHAW, LYDIA VIRGINIA 301, 208 SHAW, PETE 120 SHAW, RICHARD 120 SHAW, SANDRA LEE 301 SHEA, MARY PATRICIA 301 SHEAROUSE, JERRI 64 SHEETZ, BETTY 301 SHEFFIELD, ANDREW H 301 SHELDAR, RAE 208 SHELDON, BRUCE 92 SHELDON, JOE VICTOR 301 SHELDON, RAE ADELLE 248 SHELFER, BENNETT HOWARD 301 SHELTON, BILLY 92 SHEPPARD, HELEN A 301 SHEPARD, PATTY RAY 82 SHERMAN, LINDA 72 SHERMAN, ROBERT 301, 198 SHEVLIN, RICHARD 248, 114 SHIPLEY, NORMAN 110 SHIROMA, MICHIO 248 SHIVER, JACK H 249 SHOAF, SUSAN ANN 301, 175, 185 SHOBER, KAY WILLIAM 301 SHOLAR, PATRICIA LORANE ' 301 SHRADER, ARTHUR TERRELL 301 SHULMAN, RICHARD ALLAN 301, 120 SHUMAN, BONNIE ELIZABETH 301, 207, 214, 78 SIBAL, KEN 112 SIEGRIST, ARTHUR THURMAN 301 SIGLER, CARLOYN 74 SIGMUND, HERB 120 SIKORA, ARLENE 21 1 SILVERSTEIN, BARRY 118 SILVERSTEIN, BETSY LOU 301 SIMMONS, BARBARA LEE 301, 60 SIMMONS, FRANCES EDITH 301 SIMMONS, ROGER 112 SIMMONS, THOMAS 112 SIMMS, KATE 301 SIMON, BARBARA RUTH .301 SIMONDS, PATRICIA 301 SIMPSON, EVELYN PATRICIA . . ' 301 SIMPSON, H. A 191 SIMPSON, MARTHA LOUISE 301, 84 SIMPSON, MYRA FRANCES 301 SIMPSON, PATRICIA 175 SIMPSON, PEGGY SCARLETT 301, 80 SIMPSON, SAMUEL 198 SIMS, BRYANT 116 SIMS, EDWARD 301 SIMS, ELLEN JANE 301 SIMS, JOYCE 68 SINARTZ, BETTY 250 SINCLAIR, HELENE 72, 249 SI NEATH, TIMOTHY WAYNE 301 SINGLETARY, LLOYD 249 SINGLETARY, M. KAREN 301, 80 SINGLETON, FRED 110 SINGLETON, WILLIE B 249 SINGLEY, CAROL IRENE 301, 208 SINK, DON 96 SIPE, PAT 196 SIROTOWITZ, PEARL ESTIA 301 SISK, GEORGE RONALD 301 SISTRUNK, CAROLYN ANN . . . .62, 301, 185 SKACIL, RUTH EMILIE 66, 301, 202 SKADDING, MARY JANE 301 SKAGGS, ANNE 68 SKELTON, HELEN W 301 SKIPPER, BARBARA 84 SKIPPER, ROGERT NEVINS 301 SLAPPY, JAMES 110 SLAPPY, SUZANNE R 249 SLATER, VERNICE FAYE 301 SLATON, JACK 102 SLATON, JOHN 110 SLOAN, PRISCILLA JANE 301 SISUNG, VICTOR L 198 SMALANSKY, ALBERTA JANE . , 301 SMALLEY, DAE DEANNA 301 SMALLWOOD, LAURA J 249, 208 SMART, EDITH V 301 SMART, SANDRA 301 SMITH, ADELE C 301 SMITH, ALLEN RAY 301 SMITH, ANN 207 SMITH, BARBARA 249, 60 SMITH, BETTY L 249 SMITH, BILL 35, 214 SMITH, BUSTER 112 ' SMITH, D. BODSFORD 301, 108 SMITH, DENNIS 114 SMITH, DE VAUGHN 114 SMITH, ELAINE 21 1 SMITH, ELIZABETH 249 SMITH, ELLIOT 112 SMITH, GORDON HASKELL 301, 1 12 SMITH, GREG 92 SMITH, GIL 102 SMITH, HAL 96 SMITH, JAMES CLOUDIS 303, 92 SMITH, JOHN RALPH 303 SMITH, JONNA K 208, 185 SMITH, JOSEPHINE 249 SMITH, JUDITH 303, 210, 185 SMITH, JULIA ANN 62 SMITH, JUNE R 208 SMITH, LINDA LEE 303 SMITH, MARGARET ANN 84 SMITH, MARJORIE WALKER 303 SMITH, MARY PAGE 303,210 SMITH, MYRTIS L 249 SMITH, PATRICIA G 303, 90 SMITH, RAY 106 SMITH, ROBERT 110 SMITH, ROBERTA 303, 210, 60 SMITH, ROBERTA HOLT 303 SMITH, RONALD 249 SMITH, SARA ANN 303 SMITH, SARALEE 303, 210, 80 SMITH, SARA LOU 303 SMITH, SARAH SUE 303 SMITH, SHARON ELIZABETH 303 SMITH, SHARON VAY 303 SMITH, SHARON 303 SMITH, SHERMAN DOUGLAS 303 SMITH, WILLIAM DAVID 303 SMITH, WILLIAM GREGORY 303 SMITH, WILLIAM T 1 1 2, 303 SMITH, ZEBBIE CLAIRE 68,303 SNARE, SALLY 70 SNODGRASS, LESLIE RUTH 206, 303 SNOWDEU, JAMES 249 SOLOMON, DORIS LOUISE 207, 303 SOLOMON, JANET 249 SOMMER, RONALD R 249 SOMMERS, DAVID 249 SORY, JOANNE 86 SOUD, JACKIE 36, 88, 210 SOX, PAULA JOYCE 303 SPARKMAN, DOYLE 94 SPARKS, SUZANNE 88 SPARROW, SELINA ANN 217, 303 SPAULDING, ROY 178,249 SPEAR, SANDRA 86 SPEARING, VIRGINIA 66 SPEED ADDIE LEE 303 SPELL, FRANCES MARIE 90, 210, 303 SPENCE, SANDRA 80 SPENCER, ADDIE LEE 78, 303 SPENCER, ALYCE JOYCE 303 SPIERS, DON 92 SPI NKS, SYLVIA 249 SPINNEY, GLENDA 249 SPIVEY, CLARENCE 120 SPOTO, SANDRA MARY 185, 303 SPRVELL, ANNETTA 84, 249 SPURLOCK, HAZEL 249 SQUIBB, CHARLES 249 SQUIER, RUSSELL 250 ST. JOHN, DAVE 114 STACY, PHERIBA KAY 66, 303 STAFFORD, SANDRA EUGENIA 303 STAINBACK, ROSEMARY 76, 250 STAINOFF, BETSY SUE 84 STALLINGS, MELISSA ESTHER 303 STALMAKER, JO ANNE 303 STANDRIDGE, GEORGE 98 STANFIELD, WILLIAM 250 STANG, BARBARA 74, 207, 250 STANINGER, SARAH, EMILY 60, 303 STANLEY, BETTY CASSELL 78, 303 STANLEY, PAM 78, 210 STANLEY, PERMELIA ANN 303 STANLEY, WILLIAM 104 STANSFIELD, AGNES 207 STAPLETON, DON 1 20 STARLING, PATRICIA 66 STARNES, MARGIE 82 STARNES, PATRICIA 44, 72, 250 STARRETT, E. VIRGINIA 303 STARRY, LEA 70, 210 STAYER, PIPER 62 STEARNS, LINDA KAYE 206, 207, 303 STEARNS, MARY BURHAM 303 STEARNES, PATSY 80 STECKER, JACQUELYN 80, 250 STEELE, THEODORE BEA 303 STEIN, JOHANNA ELIZABETH 303 STEPHENS, MARY 250 STEPHENS, PATRICIA 250 STEPHENS, PHYLLIS CAROLYN 303 STEPHENS, WILLIAM 120 STEPP, BARBARA KAY 303 STEVENS, CATHY 187 STEURER, RON :..... 108 STEVENS, CELIA LOUISE 303 STEVENS, JOYCE A 303 STEVENS, SUE 250 STEVENSON, CYNTHIA LEE 303 STEVENSON, WILLIAM 250 STEWART, CARLOYN 1 87 366 STEWART, ELIZABETH LYNN 60, 303 STEWART, FRANCES 303 STEWART, JAMES RONALD 303 STEWART, JOAN 303 STEWART, JOHN 110, 202, 250 STEWART, LANARA 250 STEWART, MARTHA H 303 STEWART, MILDRED 78, 202, 250 STEWART, PAT 187 STEWART, PATRICK 250 STEWART, SANDRA 82, 187, 250 STEWART, WILLIAM 112 STICH, MARCIA LYNNE 303 STICKLER, SUE 195 STIDHAM, SIMEON ... 303 STIFF, ASHBY G. , . . 96 STILLMAN, DOROTHY CLARE 303 STOCK, ERNIE 102 STOCKING, JOYCE ETHEL 64,303 STOCKTON, DON 100 STOCKTON, RON 116 STOHRER, JACK 116 STOKER, CHARLOTTE 88, 203 STOKES, MARY MARGARET 82 STOKESBERRY, LINDA 68, 185, 303 STOINOFF, BETTY SUE 303 STOLTZ, EDA LOUISE 207, 303 STONE, AVERY DONALD... . 303 STORY, JOYCE 64, 207, 303 STRAIN, ANJO 82 STRANDHAGAN, BILL ... 102 STRANDHAGAN, JON 102 STRAW, DICK 94 STRICKLAND, DAN 320 STRICKLAND, DOUG . . 92 STRICKLAND, EARL 114 STRICKLAND, GEOOGE 92 STRICKLAND, MILDRED 303 STRICKLAND, SUSAN . 250 STRICKLAND, S. 303 STRICKLAND, VIRGIL ... 250 STROBEL, BERKELEY 106 STROM, MARTHA 88, 151 303 STROMBERG, ROBERT 94 3C3 STRUSS, LARRY S. . . . 100 303 STUART, ROBERT LANE ' 303 STUBBS, SID ■ ■ ■ ■ ;20 STUDSTILL, TOM 250 STURGEON, ROBERT FRANKLIN .. 303 SUBER, FAYE 250 SULLIVAN, GEORGIA ANN 303 SULLIVAN, SUELLEN MARY ' 03 SULOR, BEVERLY LYNN ' 505 SUMMERS, NANCY, LOU 303 SUMNER, FRANKIE JANE . 208 305 SUMMERS, ANNETTE ' 64 SURLES, BILLIE WAYNE ' ' 305 SWAIN, GINGER 36 305 SWAIN, RAY EDWIN ' 305 SWALLEY, JUDITH PATRICIA ... ' 305 SWANN, SUZANNE 82 305 SWANSON, WM. J. ' 191 SWARTZ, BETTY ... ' ' ' 78 207 SWEATT, ELEANOR ' 86 SWEATT, MARY 250 SWEENEY, LVILEENE . .. 251 SWIFT, CLIFFORD . 1 10 SWOSZOWSKI, BOB . 20 SYLVIN, FREDERICK ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .] ' . .305 — T— TABER, STU 116 TAGGERT, JOSEPH . 110 TALBOT, GWENDOL 305 TALLEY, JENNINE 76 TALMON, DONALD WILLIAM 40 170 305 TANNER, JOAN LUCILLE ., ' 305 TAPLEY, BONNIE 79 TARGONY, SANDRA 66 TARVER, JULIA CATHERINE 305 TATA, MARY ANN ' ' 251 TATE, TERRY 94 TATOUL, CORINNE ' ' ' ' 251 TAYLOR, BERNIE WOOD ' 305 TAYLOR, CHARLES WESLEY 305 TAYLOR, GRACE AILEEN 80, 185 305 TAYLOR, JAN 62 TAYLOR, JOHN , . 305 TAYLOR, KAY 60 251 TAYLOR, KENNETH BROO KS 1 1 2 ' ' 305 TAYLOR, LARRY EARL 305 TAYLOR, MARY 251 TAYLOR, RICHARD 106 TAYLOR, ROBERT . 94 TAYLOR, TRAVIS 102 TEAGUE, THOMAS SWANN 305 TEARE, MARALYN LOIS ... 80 210 305 TEBAULT, BETH ' 70 TEDWELL, SAUNDRA KAY 305 TELEPHAS, GFORGE PETER 1Y4 305 TEMPLE, MARY ANNE . ' 88 TERPENING, J. CAROL 169 ' lYl ' 251 TERRY, ALYCE 76 25 TERRY, NANCY ... ' 64 TERVIN, SARAH ANNE 84 305 TESAR, JERRY . . ' ' ' 108 THAL, DIANE ELIZABETH 305 THAMES, LOUISE . . ' ' ' ' 305 THAMES, MARY ANNETTE .... ' . ' . 305 THARP, JOSEPH 17 ' 8 251 THATCHER, GLENN 112 333 ' 334 THERRELL, ROBERT DOUGLAS ' 305 THIGPEN, JACK 305 THOMAS, DON ... 100 THOMAS, GEORGIA FAYE .... ' .. ' . 305 THOMAS, JAMES EDWARD . 96 174 305 THOMAS, LAVONDUS R 198, 199 THOMAS, MARGARET 70, 251 THOMAS, RONALD WILLIAM 305 THOMPSON, ANN 214 THOMPSON, CHARLES EDWARD 305 THOMPSON, HELEN H 82 THOMPSON, KAROL MARGERY ...80,305 THOMPSON, LARRY 305 THOMPSON, DR. LYNETTE 175 THOMPSON, MARYL 78 THOMPSON, PATRICIA ANNE 305 THOMPSON, PAUL 332, 335 THOMPSON, VINCE 94 THOMPSON, WAYNE 330 THORNAL, ALYCE L 82 1 HORNTON, CHARLENE 68 THORNTON, JOSEPH THOMAS 305 THORNTON, LUCY CHARLENE 305 THORNTON, MARY ANN 82, 305 THOUREEN, KAREN SUE 80, 210, 305 THURLOW, MARY JANE 305 THURSTON, LINDA 74 TICHENOR, CYNTHIA 86 TICHENOR, FRANK 100, 305 TIDvVELL, JOHN FRANKLIN 305 TIDWELL, KAY 88 TILL, QUENTIN 112 TINKER, LINDA 88, 216 TINSLEY, CHARLES 328 TISON, HARRY P 120, 198 TODD, LARRY 112 TODD, WILLIAM 251 TOLER, GRADY WYNNE 305 TOLLE, MARTHA 70 TOLOMEA, MIKE 108, 204 TOMASZEWSKI, LEONARD 96 TOMLINSON, ANN 62, 305 TONEY, BARBARA 251 TORGUSON, LAWRENCE GEN 305 TORRE, JOSEPH THOMAS 305 TORSLEFF, CARL 114 TOTH, MARY LOUISE 62 TOTTEN, BEN 94 TOWNSEN, FRANCIS G 191 TOWNSEND, JOSEPHINE 207, 305 TRAPNELL, GAIL 62 TRAPP, INGE EDITH 305 TRASK, JANET ELIZABETH 70, 175, 305 TRASK, MARY ANN 70, 185, 210 TRAVIS, MARY ANN 72, 210, 305 TRAYLOR, CAROL 86, 251 TRAYLOR, HELEN 86, 210 TRENCH, PEGGY JANE 210, 305 TRICE, ANDREW JONES 305 TRICE, ANN LEE 305 TRICE, FRANK L 198, 199 TRIMBLE, JANE 251 TRIMBLE, NANCY RUTH 207, 305 TRIPLETT, JAMES 96 TROENDLE, GEORGE R 305 TROUSDELL, NORMAN 96 TUCKS, RITH L 76, 305 TRUMMER, OSCAR A 1 98 TUCKER, FRANCES P 84,251 TUCKER, PATRICIA E 305 TUNSTALL, DAVE 104, 187-B, 305 TURBERVILLE, EVON 64, 208, 305 TURNBULL, ALICE 88, 251 TURNER, CAROL 305 TURNER, GEORGE E. Ill 178, 198, 251 TURNER JERRY 110 TURNER, JUDITH LOUISE ..72, 70, 210, 305 TURNER, NANCY ANN 74, 305 TURNER, SCARF 112 TURNER, TERRY SUE 90, 208, 305 TURPIN, PAT 216, 251 TUSKEEP, TONI DEWITT 305 TUTHILL, MARY 251 TWERDOCHLIB, VIRGINIA C 305 TYLER, RACHEL 305 TYLER, MARTHA DRUCILLA .66, 210, 305 TYLKA, LEONARD 96, 204, 251 TYREE, M. JANE 70, 307 TYSON, JOAN 207,251, 62 TYSON, WILLIAM 104, 251 — U— UBRA, EDIE 208 ULMER, AL 316 UHLICH, CAROL LYNNE 86, 252 UNWIN, WAYNE EDWARD 307 UPCHURCH, NANCY 68 UPCHURCH, SUE ELLEN 307 UPSHAW, CHLOE LINDA 76, 307 UMSTEAD, EMILY B 252 UMSTEAD, ROBERT 252 USINA, GARY 110 — V— VACENOVSKY, TOM 100 VAHUE, LINDA LEE 307 VALENTINE, DWIGHT 116 VANARSDALL, LIZ 307 VAN CAMPEN, SHERWOOD 174 VANCE, JAMES 94 VANCE, DR. MAURICE 188 VANCE, PETER F 112, 307 VANCLEVE, NANCY L 252 VAN de MARK, J ERRY 116 VANDERIPE, EDNA JANE 307 VANDERVEEN, HELEN JEAN .206, 207, 307 VAN HYNING, PATRICIA 252 VAN LANDINGHAM, ANITA SUE 307 VANN, CAROL 68 VAN RYSSELBERGE, JOHN P 120, 252 VANSANT, NANCY LOU . . . 307 VANSANT, SANDRA GAIL ... 74, 307 VARBLE, ANCY LEE . 307 VARNEDOE, THOMAS VICTOR 104, 307 VAUGHN, IRA RODERICK 252 VAUGHN, JUNE . 62 VEAL, AMELIA CLAIRE 307 VEREEN, BARBARA 62 VERHEUL, GU5TAV W 307 VERTICH, LOUIS 187 VETTER, JUDITH NAN 208,307 VEVERKA, MARTHA ANTOINETTE 68, 175, 307 VICK, PATRICIA 307 VICKERY, MARY ANN 46, 80, 185, 307 VICKERY, SUZANNE 88, 252 VICKREY, GLENDA 307 VICROY, CLARENCE EUGENE . 252 VINCENT, LOUISE DELANE 74, 252 VINSON, RICH . . 110 VIOLETTE, MARGARET L 252 VITALE, ROSEMARY 208, 307 VOGL, CHRIS 36, 214, 257, 239 VOGLPR, ANDREA VIRGINIA . . 70, 307 VOICH, DAN 307 VOLL, DUTCH 120 VONTHADEN, MARCIA 208, 307 VOWELL, BETTY L 307 VOYE, DAVID 307 — W— WADE, JIM 110 WADE, KITTY R 175, 185, 307 WADKINS, JEFF 189 WAHL, LINDA ANN . 46, 80, 307 WAHLQUIST, KAY FORD 252 WAINWRIGHT, NANCY LINDA 88, 307 WALDEN, ESTHER 207 252 WALDEN, LAVEON A. . , 201 WALKER, BARBARA JOAN . 507 WALKER, DOUG , 110 WALKER, JESSIE 216, 252 WALKER, KAREN LUCILLE 207, 307 WALKER, MAXINE . , 307 WALKER, PATTY 70 WALKER, TED 102 WALL, ADA LEIGH .35, 60, 169, 252, 261 WALL, EDITH . 252 WARD, SYLVIA 60 WALL, WILLIE ANN . 307 WALLACE, JANE D 84 252 WALLACE, LOU 102 WALLACE, MARY JANE 82 WALSINGHAM, CARL 104 WALTER, LINDA LOUISE 210, 307 WALTERS, ELLA MAE 252 WATTERS, MAYMAR .... 74 WALLER, HARCOURT . . 195 WARD, DENNIS 114 WARD, MARY 189 WARD, EDWARD T 252 WARD, JUANITA ANNE 307 WARD, SYLVIA WANDA 307 WARDEN, BRUCE EDGE 252 WARING, ANGELIA CAROL .... 82, 307 WARREN, KAY . . 90 185 WARREN, LORA 82 ' 307 WARREN, WAYNE 47 WARWICK, SARA FRANCES 80 307 WASD N, MARGARET FAYE 72 07 WATERS, GWENDOLYN A. 64 07 WATERS, ROBERT DALTON ' 307 WATKINS, JUDY . 307 WATKINS, KEN ... 94 252 WATKINS, MARTHA CLYDE ' 307 WATKINS, RICHARD 253 WATKINS, ROBERT WAYNE 94 307 WATSON, BARBARA . . 35 64 172 WATSON, CHARLES L. . ' 190 WATSON, LINDA LOUISE 307 WATSON, RICHARD ARNOLD 307 WATSON, RUDOLPH 2 ' 3 WATSON, WILEY WAYNE 357 WATERS, GWEN 185 WAYT, MARY ALICE 64 WEAR, ANN 36,36 307 WEAR, MARTHA LETTY 307 WEAVER, GAIL . . ' ' ' 1 85 WEAVER, MARY ANN 307 WEAVER, NAOMI SHARON 307 WEBB, JUDITH ANN , , 307 WEBB, MARYLEEN HAZEL 307 WEBB, ROGER 180 253 3- ' !l WEBB, TALLULAH .... 72 ' 307 WEBB, TAMARA . 180 WEBER BOB 102 335 WEBSTER, JIM ' 108 WEEKS, KATHLEEN B 307 WEEMS, JULIE ETTE 208 307 WEHKING, JUDITH DIANE . ' 301 WEHLE, MARGARET RUTH 307 WEINELL, VELMA JANE . 307 WELCH, SANDRA DAWN 307 WELCH, TOM .... 114 WELLMAN, JIM .... ' ' 112 WELLS, BARBARA KAY 307 WELLS, JOHN C 207 WELLS, JUDITH 307 WELLS, MARGIE 185 253 WELLS, THOMAS 37, 102 253 WELSH, JULIA ANN 307 WELTER, GEORGE . 253 WELTON, RICHARD NELSON 507 WERMEXCHER, MARTHA MARY . 507 WESLEY, JAMES W. ... 307 367 WESLEY, LOUANN 64, 217, 307 WEST, PATRICIA ANN 307 WEST, TED 100 WESTER, LAURA GAYLE 307 WESTBROOK, CURTIS 110 WESTHAFER, JOHN 307 WESTHAFER, JOSEPH ...112, 170, 260, 253 WESTHAFER, TOM 112 WESTPHAL, CARLA JEAN ... 175, 189, 307 WHEELER, BETTY 88 WHEELER, HELEN L 45, 80, 253 WHEITING, PHIL 92 WHIDDON, LESTER 94 WHIDDON, PATRICIA J 307 WHILDEN, PATRICIA ANN 307 WHIPPLE, SUSAN JANE 78, 307 WHISENANT, SALLY M 84 WHITE, BOB 112 WHITE, BOBBY CARLTON 108, 309 WHITE, CAROL JEAN 309 WHITE, JAMES 110 WHITE, KINNARD 309 WHITE, MARY 86, 253 WHITE, MARY ANN 309 WHITEARD, RONNIE 114 WHITEHEAD, BUD 320 WHITEHILL, JUDY ILEEN 66, 309 WHITESIDE, KAY 70 WHITING, JAMES 198 WHITMAN, HELENE S 66, 309 WHITTAKER, JUDY R 309 WHITTIER, PEGGY CYNTHIA 309 WHITTLE, TOM 98 WICKERSHAM, ELIZABETH A 202, 309 WIDENER, WILLIAM 187 WIERK, PEGGY B 60, 309 WIGGIN, JACQUELIN 189 WILBAR, JEAN MARIE 309 WILCOX, LOU 46, 110 WILDER, MARTHA 84, 210, 309 WILKINSON, KATHERINE L 309 WILKINSON, MARY ELIZABETH 309 WILKINSON, WILLIAM 96 WILL, MARY JANE 82 WILLARD, TOM 112 WILLARD, CHARLES 253 WILLETT, MARLENE LOLA 203, 309 WILLIAMS, ABNER KENNETH 309 WILLIAMS, ANGELA 76, 309 WILLIAMS, ANN 37, 80, 309 WILLIAMS, CAROLE 64, 185, 211, 309 WILLIAM, CHARLES 309 WILLIAMS, DIANNE 62, 253 WILLIAMS, ELLIS 100 WILLIAMS, ERNEST 253 WILLIAMS, GENE CURTIS 309 WILLIAMS, HERMAN 253 WILLIAMS, HUBERT 110 WILLIAMS, JEAN 202 WILLIAMS, JUDITH ANN 309 WILLIAMS, LINDA LOU 64, 309 WILLIAMS, LYNNE 38, 185, 309 WIL LIAMS, MARJORIE 86 WILLIAMS, LUCIUS 253 WILLIAMS, MARY ALICE 309 WILLIAMS, MILLICENT, JOAN 309 WILLIAMS, NOLA MAUREEN 309 WILLIAMS, SANDRA JEAN 64, 309 WILLIAMS, SHARON 253 WILLIAMS, VELLA JEAN 309 WILLIAMS, WALT 108 WILLIAMS, WYNYARD MARIE 309 WILLIAMSON, CLARENCE 309 WILLIAMSON, GLEN EARL 309 WILLIAMSON, JERRY 112 WILLIAMSON, PHYL 68 WILLIS, BOBBY 120 WILLIS, JUDY ANNE 309 WILLIS, MARTHA SUE 309 WILLITS, ARTHUR 114, 178, 253 WILLITS, JEANNE 216 WILSON, BARCLAY , 114 WILSON, BRENDA JENA 203, 309 WILSON, DEANNA 309 WILSON, LARRY FRANKLIN 309 WILSON, LAURA 70 WILSON, MARY 78, 203 WILSON, MARY ELIZABETH 40, 253 WILSON, ROSA NELL 309 WILSON, SANDRA 253 WILSON, SANDRA MAY 309 WIMBERLEY, RACHAEL L 309 WINCHESTER, RICHARD 253 WING, CLINTON 254 WING, KATHERINE 309 WINGATE, RONALD 102 WINGATE, WILLIAM 96 WINSHIP, MARGARET E 309 WINSTEAD, CHARLES WILLIAM 309 WINTERHOLLER, RICHARD 104 WINTERS, MAUREEN ANN 309 WINTERS, PATSY 196 WISE, WILLIAM 254 WITHERS, BEN C 254 WITT, WAYNE 96 WOFFORD, GWEN ELLEN 309 WOLFENBARGER, BOB 94 WOLFGANG, JOYCE SANDRA.. 175, 202, 309 WOLFINBARGER, LOREN 64, 309 WOOD, BARBARA SUE ; 309 WOOD, CHARLES GEORGE 309 WOOD, KATHERINE INDIA 78, 309 WOOD, MARTHA JANE 309 WOOD, RUTH ANN 309 WOOD, SHEILA 254 WOOD, SUSAN 254 WOODBERRY, BILL 92 WOODBERRY, MARY DALE 254 WOODFILL, BARBARA 72, 309 WOODHAM, BETTY JEAN 254 WOODHAM, ROY 108 WOODRUFF, PATRICIA 10, 210, 309 WOODRUFF, ELIZABETH 86 WOODRUFF, RALPH 309 WOODS, LINDA KAY 207, 309 WOODSON, BOB 94 WOODWARD, FRED 328 WOOLDRIDGE, DALE 102 WORKIZER, MARJORIE SUSAN 64, 210, 309 WORRALL, CHARLENE EDITH. . 90, 208, 309 WORRALL, NANCY 38, 90, 169, 171, 187, 19 6, 254, 260 WORTHINGTON, JIM 92 WORTMAN, HENRY 114 WOTRING, HERBERT ERWIN 98, 309 WRENN, BARBARA KAY 185, 210 WRIGHT, ALICE LEE 309 WRIGHT, BOBBIE 254 WRIGHT, KAY 86, 185 WRIGHT, MARY ANN 309 WRIGHT, PATRICIA LEE 207, 309 WRIGHT, THERSA GOULET 309 WROBLEWSKI, DORIE 78 WYATT, PHILIP 216 WYATT, THOMAS 96 WYNN, CHARLES W 198 WYNNE, PATRICIA FRANCES 309 — Y — YANCY, JOHN EMMANUEL 309 YANKE, ANITA 309 YARNALL, BEVERDY FRANCIS 104, 309 YARR, ROSEMARY E 254 YAW, LARRY 102 YEATON, CONNIE 1 254 YEOMAN, GEORGE ARTHUR 309 YOUMANS, BARBARA ANN 90, 185, 263, 309 YOUNG, GEORGE 254 YOUNG, JEAN ROBERTA 74, 309 YOUNG, MARY LUANNA 309 YOUNG, NANCY ANNA 309 YOUNG, JUDIE ANN 78 YOUNG, WILLIAM EARL 309 YOUNGBLOOD, DAVID 104, 254 — Z — ZAGER, DON 120 ZEILER, DOLORES 254 ZEIS, ANN MARIE 309 ZESS, LEVONNE VERA 62, 309 ZIBELL, MARYLYN 72, 175, 185, 309 ZICCARD, MIKE 114 ZIEGLER, SUE 210 ZIEL, WINONA A 66, 208, 254 ZIGICH, STEVE 92 ZIMMERMAN, ROBERT R 309 ZIPPERER, JENNY 82, 210 ZITO, CHARLES SANTO 309 ZYLA, ALBERT 104 ORGANIZATIONS INDEX ADMINISTRATION 12 ALPHA COUNCIL 173 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA 174 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA 167 ALPHA KAPPA PSl 198 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 175 ALPHA PHI OMEGA 176 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 177 ARTIST SERIES 127 ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION 217 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION 192 BEAUTY SECTION 144 BETA ALPHA CHI 178 CAVALIERS 197 CHORAL UNION 159 CHRISTIAN SCIENCES STUDENT HOUSE 193 CHURCH KEY 214 CIRCUS 155 COLLEGIANS 158 COLLEGIATE 4-H 214 COTILLION CLUB 215 DAMES CLUB 200 DELTA SIGMA PI 201 DORMITORIES 50 FOREIGN STUDENTS CLUB 213 FRATERNITIES 92-121 FRATERNITY SWEETHEARTS ... 122 GAMMA ALPHA CHI 179 GARNET KEY 171 GOLD KEY 1 70 GYMKANA 152 GYMNASTICA 180 HALL OF FAME 257 HILLEL FOUNDATION 195 HOMECOMING 138 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB 202 INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 215 INTER FAITH COUNCIL 191 IFC 57 KAPPA DELTA PI 187 KAPPA KAPPA PSl 187 MARCHING CHIEFS 162 MENC 216 MORTAR BOARD 1 69 MUSEUM 126 NEWMAN CLUB 194 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA 168 OMICRON NU 181 PANHELLENIC 58 PHI ALPHA THETA 188 PHI BETA KAPPA 167 PHI CHI THETA 203 PHI KAPPA PHI 166 PHI MU EPSILON 188 PI OMEGA PI 189 PUBLICATIONS 40 RUGE HALL 195 SCABBARD AND BLADE 1 82 SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES 20 SCULLIONS 204 SIGMA ALPHA FTA 183 SIGMA CHI DERBY 132 SIGMA DELTA PI 189 SIGMA PI SIGMA 216 SIGMA TAU DELTA 1 90 SLAVE AUCTION 1 34 SOAP BOX DERBY 1 36 SOCIAL WORK CLUB 217 SOLTAS CLUB 205 SORORITIES 60-91 SOPHOMORE COUNCIL 1 85 STATE SCHOLARSHIP CLUB 206 STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 207 STUDENT GOVERNMENT 34 STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION 208 TARPON CLUB 209 TAU BETA SIGMA 1 86 UNIVERSITY RECREATION ASSOCIATION 212 UNIVERSITY SINGERS 160 VILLAGE VAMPS 210 WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP .... 196 WESLEY FOUNDATION 196 WFSU 48 WHO ' S WHO 172 WOMEN ' S F CLUB 211 368

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