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1958 TALLY HO STAFF EDITOR IN CHIEF .... EVIE MORRIS MANAGING EDITOR .... PATTI MURPHY BUSINESS MANAGER .... ARLENE SARGENT ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER .... PHIL KEMBLOWSKI CLASS EDITOR .... DESSE PINCKARD GREEKS EDITOR .... SIDNEY TALLEY CAMPUS EVENTS EDITOR ... LIZ SCHMITT CAMPUS EVENTS EDITOR .... MONTY GILLHAM SPORTS EDITORS .... TOM HALE, JIM MACINTYRE PHOTOGRAPHERS .... DICK PARKS, LES CHILDS, BOB MEIER, TOM SAWYER ART AND LAYOUTS .... YVONNE STREETMAN, MARGARET MCLEAN PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR . . . BARBARA BERTOLETT EXCHANGE EDITOR .... NANCY DENHAM COPY EDITOR .... HELEN WHEELER -- . ?i ' 4 " t , ,. ' .Jrr ' ►,♦, F d Tallahassee, Florida X :iKaSi,.i Taai7r ' MSili ,. Florida State University President, Robert Strozier. The President Dr. Robert M. Strozier One of the foremost educators in the country today, Dr. Strozier came to Florida State from the University of Chicago where he was Dean of Students. Originally from McRae, Georgia, President Strozier married the former Margaret Burnett of Denver, Colorado. The Stroziers have three children: Robert, Jr., a 1957 gradu- ate from the University of Chicago High School; Charles, 13; and Ann, 10, both of whom are students in the University School. At present. Dr. Strozier is a con- sultant to the United States State Department on the Educational Ex- change of Students, a member of the Board of the International House of Chicago, and President of the International House Associa- tion. In addition, he is Chairman of the Fellowship Committee of the LaFayette Foundation (a private organization which awards fellow- ships to French Students for studv in the U.S.), and a member of the Executive Committee of the Na- tional Association of Deans and Advisors to Men. The current year has marked a memorable chapter in FSU History. The faculty and student body an- ticipate future success under Presi- dent Strozier with enthusiasm and confidence. Getting acquainted with his new office, President Strozier looks over the day ' s work. Governor LeRoy Collins LeROY COLLINS LeRoy Collins, Florida ' s first governor to be elected for two consecutive terms, took office in 1954 to serve the final years of the unexpired term of the late Governor Dan McCorty. Governor Collins became, in addition, the first Florida candidate for the governorship to win a first-primary victory, and was re-elected for a four year term by a record vote. His political ex- perience prior to this includes eighteen years of service in the State Legislature. Under the leadership of Governor Collins, Florida has greatly promoted educational advance- ment, peaceful uses of nuclear energy and has expanded agricultural and industrial research. The state economy, under his leadership, is growing toward a balance on the " three sturdy legs of in- dustry, agriculture and tourism. " 8 A d m I n I s t r a I o n ir Vice President Dr. A. B. Martin Board of Control Board of Control Members Hon. James J. Love, Chairman Hon. S. Kendrick Curnsey Dr. Ralph L. Miller Hon. James D. Camp Hon. J. J. Daniels Hon. William C. Gaither Dr. R. R, Ogelsby, Dean of Students e a n s Dr. Donald Loucks, Dean of Men Miss Katherine Warren, Dean of Women % f .i TV ' % Miss Florence Bethea, Acting Director of Libraries. f.s " ' V %.X . ' % % K ' . " " . ' . Miss Jane Adams, Director and Hostess. Dr. Melvene D. Hardee, Coordinator of Counseling. Dr. Ruth E. Taylor, Acting Chief Physician, University Hospital. Miss Elizabeth Lynn, Assistant Dean of Women. Mr. O. B. Powell, Assistant Coordinator of Counseling. Left, Mr. Edward D. Whittlesey, Director, Public Relations. Above, Mr. Charles H. Wolker, Registrar. Left, Mr. R. K. Shaw, Treasurer and Business Manager. Below, Dr. W. Hugh Stickler, Director, Educational Research and Service. Left, Dr. Kenneth F. McLaughlin, Director, University Test Service. Below, left; Mr. John T. Flournoy, Director, Personnel Records. Below, right; Mr. R. G. Brewer, Assistant Dean of Men. Dr. Charles C. Davis, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences adminis ters the gen- eral education program which is required of all students and offers general and liberal training in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. This broad general background is being demanded more and more by leading industries and business corporations. Training is offered for semi-professional programs, including medical technology, guidance counseling, and government services; as well as in liberal arts and the sciences. Pre-professionol training is provided for the fields of law, medicine, dentistry and engineering. Stu- dents register in the College of Arts and Sciences who plan to major in any of the twenty-two basic fields or who are undecided about a major field of concentration. Graduate programs in various departments have achieved national, and in some cases, international recognition. A student may work toward a master ' s de- cree in any department of the College and toward the doctor of philosophy degree in eleven of the departments. Both undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Education may pursue programs leading to teaching careers in nursery, kindergarten, elementary, secondary and junior college; in special education, guid- ance, and personnel work; as specialists in adult, art, driver, health, industrial arts, language arts, mathe- matics, modern language, physical, science, social studies, and vocational education; as school administra- tors and supervisors; as teacher educators; and as school finance, building, transportation and research specialists. As an integral part of its program for teacher educa- tion, the School maintains the University School, in- cluding kindergarten through grade twelve. Special care is taken to coordinate the theory presented in education courses with practice in the school. The University School is dedicated to providing rich educational experiences for the students attending. Observation and limited participation in the school by students are for the pur- pose of seeing theory in action, in a carefully organized learning situation. Dr. Mode L. Stone, Dean, School of Education Strategically located in a rapidly expanding area of the United States, FSU ' s School of Business has an eye toward the future. Business is looking for more favorable economic, social and political environments, and projections of economic growth show that business is moving southward. It is estimated that 3,000 new plants with at least one million dollars ' investment will decide to build in the south within the next ten years. The factor that will ultimately determine the success of business in the industrial south is compe- tent management. Thus, the growth in southern industries must be paralleled by an increase in education for business. Young men and women find it advantageous to enter business through a well-designed educa- tional program. The foundation for a business career is best es- tablished by completing a pro- gram of general education, fol- lowed by emphasis upon ability to analyze business data, reason intelligently, make value judg- ments, and to develop a sense of high moral responsibility. Dr. Charles A. Rovetta Dean, School of Business B u I n e s s The School of Music endeavors to offer the best educotion in music available anywhere in the United States. Realizing the increasing in- fluence of music on the citizens of this coun- try, it would seem evident that outstanding men and women from this field should assume teaching responsibilities at Florida State Uni- versity. This plan has been followed in the School of Music, Thus, the best student talent and ability has been attracted to this campus. It is the purpose of the School of Music to help all students regardless of their degree of advancement. To this end, the general public is served by several hundred public perform- ances each year, the regular University stu- dent is invited to sing and play in any of the music organizations, the undergraduate music major may choose from the eleven curricula offered, and the graduate student is guided in a number of areas of music study to the highest degree — the doctorate. In addition to serving each year as hosts to a number of state meetings, the School of Music sponsors the FSU Music Camp, the Southeastern Music Workshop, Band Day and the String Clinic each year. M u S I c Dr. Karl 0. Kuersteiner, Dean, School of Music i Graduates -, Dr. Milton W. Carothers, Dean, Graduate School Florida State ' s rapidly expanding Graduate School has programs in all departments of the University except the School of Nursing. Doctoral programs are offered in music, edu- cation, home economics, music education, government, humanities, Spanish, English, biological oceanography, botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, meteorology, sociology, public administration, physiology, psychology, speech, and marriage and family living edu- cation, counseling and research. Special facilities for graduate students have been provided in the new library and in the Graduate School Building. Various research projects offer valuable ex- perience and financial assistance to graduate students. They may also apply for a limited number of Graduate Fellowships. Graduate Assistantships are available through each de- partment, and include teaching duties along with the course of study. Dr Louis Short- ' i, Deori, Library School L i b Librarianship is fundamentally concerned with the dissemination of ideas and the study of all the media of communication. Librarians, therefore, make up one of the main compon- ents of the psychological army. FSU graduates are serving all over the world in libraries and information centers of the United States De- partment of State and of the Armed Forces. The introduction of bibliographers on the staffs of college and university libraries has stimulated a new demand for Ph. D. librarians, doubly trained in library science and the hu- manities, the sciences or the social sciences. There is also a great demand throughout the United States for librarians in the high schools and elementary schools. FSU has the only nationally accredited pro- fessional Library School within a radius of five hundred miles of the center of the state. Its program leads to the basic master ' s degree, which may be completed in one calendar year. r a r y Dr. Coyle E. Moore, Dean, School of Social Welfare Programs of education and training on both the undergraduate and graduate levels are offered by the School of Social Welfare for those preparing for jobs in social work, social welfare, mental health, criminology and penology, and marriage and family counseling. Many students majoring in social welfare qualify to teach social studies in high school or teach in the elementary grades. Other students combine a major in social wel- fare with the equivalent of a major in psychology, political science, journalism, sociology or public administration. Many pre-ministerial students and pre-low stu- dents also find social welfare an excellent undergraduate major, as basic prepara- tion for their professions. The Marriage and Family Living divi- sion of the School offers a number of courses ranging from " Preparation for Marriage " to " Marriage Counseling " that prepare people for choosing motes wisely and for intelligent parenthood. In all its programs, the school ties up theory with practice through field trips, demon- strations, workshops and internships. Social Welfar Public Administration Dr. Wilson K. Doyle, Dean, School of Public Administration The objectives of the School of Public Administration are to train those seeking managerial careers in national, state or local government; to give pre-law training; and to help train good citizens. Although the School is relatively young, it has gained wide recognition, drawing students from various parts of the nation and from foreign counties. It has developed a program of instruction with a number of pioneer features, including the use of noted government officials in the classroom and on internship plan that gives students actual administrative experience. In government, as in business, administration is the unifying cord that runs through all programs at all levels. As administrative skills are vital in a com- plex society, there is a growing demand for graduates of the School of Public Administration. They are to be found OS budget officers, personnel officers, administrative assistants, city manogers and in similar posi- tions in the federal, state and local governments. Putting principles into practice is a feature of the lab-clasi roorn orr nge- ment of the School of Journalism. In editorial, advertising, and television- radio classrooms, journalism students learn by doing. This practical instruc- tion is supplemented by work on stu- dent publications as well as summer internships in communications media. Great interest in photojournalism has developed with the establishment of a chapter of Kappa Alpha Mu, na- tional photographic fraternity, on the FSU campus. A course in illustrative photography has been added to serve students majoring in art and related fields. The Institute of Medio Research was established this year with Dr. Sidney Kobre as head; the program of investigative studies was broadened; classrooms and offices in the Journal- ism Annex and the advertising lecture rooms were air conditioned; and addi- tional radio and audio-visual facilities were acquired. Dr. Laurence R. Campbell, Dean, School of Journalism J o u r n a I I s m Dr. Margaret R, Sandels, Dean, School of Home Economics. Home Economics The School of Home Economics offers courses deol- ing with the problems of the home and the community as its contribution to general education. It provides specialized training for the professions growing out of former home activities and engages in investigation and research on the subjects falling within its area. Students interested in the sciences may major in nutrition, food technology, textiles or household ad- ministration. The students with artistic ability may find that a major in interior design or fashion design is more to their liking; while students interested in the social sciences may specialize in child development, family relations or combine a major in nutrition with courses fitting them for public health careers. The teacher of home economics, the home demonstration agent or the commercial home economist are other possibilities for a career in this area. All departments are housed in the spacious build- ing which was designed for the School of Home Eco- nomics and completed in 1956. i Miss Vivian M. Duxbury, Dean, School of Nursing N u r s i n g The FSU School of Nursing is the only one in the state approved for Federal Traineeships and now has enrolled many students on both state and federal scholarships. The School offers two programs; both include the full general educa- tion requirements of the University, giving the pro- spective nurses a solid foundation on which to base their professional education. The Bachelor of Sci- ence in Nursing includes a basic program designed for people with little or no previous training in nursing, and gives them experience in working with hospital patients and with public health work. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Education pre- pares those nurses who are already registered for leadership in public health, teaching, super- vision, administration, and other related areas. Although the first nurs- ing students were not ad- mitted until 1950, grad- uates already number over one hundred and are to be found in many for- eign countries, as well as in the United States. Col. Howard J. Withycombe. The Army ROTC program offers G student the oppor- tunity to combine his military duties with academic prepara- tion for his future career. Training follows the general Military Science curriculum and consists of two years basic and two years advanced courses. Completion of the program leads to a reserve commission of second lieuten- ant in any branch of the Army; distinguished military students may receive appointments to the Regular Army. Aims of the program are to prepare young men for posi- tions of command and to de- velop in them essential knowl- edge and characteristics of an officer. Subjects common to all branches of the Army are included in the curiculum, such as psychology of leadership, personnel management, mili- tary administration, map and photograph reading, military operations and logistics, weap- ons and their uses and the procedures relating to com- mand and staff. A F R O T C R O T C Objectives of the Air Force ROTC unit are to attract the highest type of personnel into the US Air Force and its civil- ian components; to develop in all cadets an understanding of modern warfare and the place and function of air power in the defense of the United States; and to qualify AFROTC cadets to perform duties nor- mally expected of a junior Air Force officer. The basic course is design- ed to familiarize the student with the characteristics of air power, weapons and operations. Other activities provide cadets with the opportunity to parti- cipate in the cadet band, drill team, rifle team and news- paper. Advanced cadets who quali- fy for pilot training are given thirty-five to forty hours of flight instruction during their senior year. Lt. Col. Charles H. Calhoun. PUBLICATIONS AND STUDENT GOVERNMENT CLASSES GREEKS 1 ORGANIZATIONS , A k ,H.. , . CAMPUS EVENTS SPORTS • l__iXi .« ««N» V. - wwv Publications and Student 28 ■ I ' T Government 29 ARNOLD GREENFIELD Student Body President Student Government Checks and balances, a grand old American tradition, hallmark the University Student Government, which is comprised of Executive, Leg- islative and Judicial bodies. The duties of each of these divisions are outlined in the Student Body Constitution. The Executive Branch is composed of the President, three Vice Presi- dents and the President ' s Cabinet. The first two are elected in a general vote of the student body; the last is appointed by the President with the Senate ' s approval. BOB MURRAY Men ' s Vice President POLLY ATWATER Women ' s Vice President PRESIDENT ' S CABINET, clockwise: Arnold Greenfield, President; Liz Parker, President ' s Secretary; Jack Taylor, Secretary of Finance, Joan Harmon, Secretary of Elections; Ronnie Blue, Assistant to the President; Pat Finlay, Secretary of the Interior; Dick Crawford, Secretary of Student Welfare; Bob Johnson, Secretary of Organizations; Sylvia Kearson, Secretary of Student Events; Art Moore, Attorney General; Priscilla Moss, Secretary of State; Joyce Weatherup, Secretary of Honor. Executive Branch Highlighting the accomplishments of the Execu- tive branch this year are the revision of the Campus Chest program, extension of the University scholar- ships and loans, improvement and expansion of the University telephone system and a cheaper and more effective insurance plan for students. Other projects include a board on Health Service com- posed of students and Infirmary staff members, a Parent ' s Week planned for Circus Weekend in the spring and a more ambitious Student Artist Series program. JAN KAMINIS Student Body Vice President 31 Women ' s Senate, row one: Edna Black, Mary Louise Edwards, Diane Latimer, IVlirth Kirby, Ada Leigh Wall. Row two: Yolanda Huszty, Sonia Moreno, Betty Wilmon. Row three: Kate Ramsey, Joyce Holt, Polly Atwater, Ann Williams, Barbara Youmans, Pat Manning, Marianne Tally, Pat Mickler, Diane Godin. Senate GAIL GARDNER Secretary of Senate len ' s Senate, row one; Ronnie Clark, Dayton Roberts, Jim Apthorp, Gary K issenger, Don Hayes. Row two: Carl Butler, Gerry Gordon, Joe Barber, Mattox Hair, Don Sink, Rufus Jennings. . Honor Court. Seated: Barbara Burkhardt, Chief Justice; Nancy Worral. Standing; Sara Jane Griffin, Jeri Bradfield, Cynthia Lawrence, Barbara Eisey, Bill Strickland, Jim Young, Don Reedy. Honor Court The Honor Court is in its eighth year at Florida State University. The system, created by the students, has as its purpose the upholding of high standards of honesty at the University. The Honor Court has jurisdiction over violations of the Honor Code, which are cheating, lying and stealing; the constitutionality of all laws pa ssed by the Student Senate; and appeals from the lower courts. Composed of a Chief Justice, a clerk, and eight rep- resentatives elected by the student body, the Honor Court has a range of power including probation, suspen- sion and expulsion, subject to review and recommenda- tion by a Faculty Review Committee. BARBARA BURKHARDT Chief Justice of Honor Court Men ' s Judiciary, left to right: Chris Vogel, Jerry Dye, Durfey Marchall, Don Ramson, Paul Ramsey, Bill Smith. University Court The University Court consists of a Chairman, a clerk, and eighteen members elected from the sophomore, junior and senior classes. The members meet as a unit when a case involves both men and women, but are divided into Men ' s and Women ' s Courts when the case involves only one person. It is the duty of the University Court to see that the students abide by the regulations of the school. This court has jurisdiction over all cases not otherwise dele- gated, and over appeals from the House Councils of the dormitories. MARTHA GRIZZARD Chairman of University Court Women ' s Judiciary, seated: Desse Pinl ard; Martha Grizzard, Chairman; Barbara Hendrix, Layte Bowden, Patsy Stewart. Standing: Ruby Combs, Joyce Combs, Nancy Key, Monty Gillham, Jill Jordan, Cora Hargrave. Off Campus Court, seated: Betty Bolton, Nancy Muller, Ann Elliott, Chairman; Betty Jean Woodham, Shirley Jackson. Standing: Jean Hunter, Jackie Allen, Dotty Dodd, B. J. Atkinson, Patty Walker, Carol Collins, Bettie Stokes, Helen Barbaree, Sally Gladding, Sally Lou Carlson. Off Campus Court Traffic Court Traffic Court, left to right: Bill McKemie, Chairman; Judy Ramsey, Susie Hay, Ruth Fountain. LARRY BLOCK, Sports Editor CHARLOTTE POITEVIIMT Editor in Chief JIM MacINTYRE, News Editor Flambeau Organized chaos seems to pay off for the FLAMBEAU Staff, since the Monday and Thursday free-for-alls have resulted in another All-American rating for this publi- cation. " Florida ' s First Bi-Weekly University Paper " features among its services news on both national and local levels, sports, editorials, cartoons by Herblock, student opinions and a society page in the Friday editions. The staff is composed of two divisions — editorial and business. The former is headed by the Editor-in-chief and includes the news and feature editors as well as columnists and editorialists. The business stoff, under the watchful eye of the Business Manager, provides ad- vertising and keeps the books. M 36 A tfA Mmi. RUTH FRITCHIE Society Editor ALAN WHITMARSH, Managing Editor JOHN BURROUGHS, Advertising Manager i Nancy Gene Brown, Feature Editor and John Ray, Associate Editor. FLAMBEAU photographers Warren Gerard, Tom Sawyer and Les Childs. is I I I ■— — 4 Bettie Hatton, Assistant Business IVIanager and Don Talmon, Business IVIanager. 38 Smoke Signals SMOKE SIGNALS, the Seminoles ' gleeful, if slight- ly footloose, humor magazine manages to get itself published " every so often " despite efforts to the con- trary by the crew here pictured. The Signals contains original and deftly stolen cartoons, feature articles, fiction, poetry and enough advertisements to keep the books balanced. Above, Arlida Ries, Editor. Right, Editors and Assorted Com- patriots. Below, Ralph Peckham, Business Manager. Right, Bob Simmons, Managing Editor. ARLENE SARGENT Business Manager STAFF Mary Ann Adams Snookie Amato Janet Bevis Ginger Collier Mary Kay Davis Nancy Denham Margie Eichenger Mary Ciella Tile Cuinand Harriet Lengle June Roberts Mary Ann Vickery EVIE MORRIS Editor-in-Chief Tally Ho " Next week we ' ve got to get organized. " Using this phrase as a watchword, the 1958 Tally Ho staff managed to grope its way in ordered con- fusion through a manic-depressive sort of year. The result: a play-by-play account of the sundry go- ings-on at FSU in 1958. The staff and editor ore grateful to all who have contributed their blood, sweat and time in the pro- duction of this record of campus life at Florida State University. 40 PATTI MURPHY Managing Editor Liz Schmitt, Organizations Editor and Desse Pinkard, Class Editor. Tom Hale and Jim Mclntyre, Sports Editors. Barbara Bertollett, Photography Editor. Lynn La Grange, Beauties Editor. TOM SAWYER, Lab Technician BOB MEIER, Photogt-apher LES CHILDS, Photographer Left to right, Dr. Elton Roady, Dr. Joel, Dr. Beck, Art Albrecht, Madge Strain, Jane Salley, Dr. Reid Montgomery. Not pictured — Chairman, Ruth Fritchie. Board of Student Publications As its purpose, the Student Board of Publications helps to main- tain a high standard of journalism among student publications in the University. Its duties include the appointing of the editor and business manager of each publication, the approval of their re- spective budgets and financial statements and the consideration of requests concerning their policies. The Board is composed of five student members, elected in the spring for the following year, and three faculty members appointed by the President. Non-voting members include the editors and business managers of each publication and Advisor for Student Publications, Dr. Reid Montgomery. 43 WFSU-FM reaches listeners from Oregon to the Virgin Islands through widely distributed tape re- cordings, in addition to providing good listening for local fans. The University radio station, with offices in the Music Building, emphasizes good music during its sixty-five hour broadcasting week. In addition, the station ' s technical equipment is used to prepare sound tracks for University films, which ore produced by the department and broadcast throughout the state by commercial TV stations. WFSU-TV Documentary and educational television programs are the specialty of WFSU-TV, and are produced through the Office of Communication and Radio, headed by Di- rector Roy Flynn. Programs telecast over WCTV, channel 6 in Tallahassee and WMBR-TV, channel 4 in Jacksonville use a variety of student and faculty talent in the presentation of in- formative and interesting material ranging from lessons in basic Spanish to shows especially designed and arranged for children. Women ' s Dorm Life --, T J " Modine Cunch, room two-oh-nyon, you hove o collah. " Life in a women ' s dorm seems to consist of on eternal wait — for phone calls and messages, for a washing machine that ' s not in use, for the last minute before the clock ticks and the lights flash the signal to come in, and for your roommate to empty the waste- basket. Florida Hall at night presents a composition in dark and light areas. Tell her to hurry or we ' ll miss the first show. Whaddya mean, " like to iron " ! I ' ve got to have something to wear. Things — a wide assortment of them — do get done, though; the people next door move the furniture in their room twice at week — at midnight; fire drills ore regularly held on the coldest night of the year; someone who lives upstairs practices tap dancing at seven a.m.; and the days pass by in a procession of teas, homecoming decorations, snatched periods of study and lengthy conversations about every- thing imaginable. It ' s a great life. Bryan Officers. Sue Gunderson, President; Ginger Kaiser, Vice President; Ruth Dicl - enson, Vice President; Rosemary Stainbacl , Social Chairman. Dormitory Government South Cawthon Officers. Leni Dupee, Vice President; Ann Rykard, Social Chairman; Penny Yeager, Vice-President; Sally McConnell, President. North Cawthon Officers. Pat Arrants, Pres- ident; Ann Stickler, Vice President; Jacque Bouder, Vice President; Celia Norris, So- cial Chairman. Reynolds Officers. Kathy Powers. Social Chairman; Pat Manning, Vice President; Sandra Rosenburg, President; Nancy Persons, Vice President. Broward Officers. Jane Salley, Social Chairman; Cora Hargrave, Vice President; Lois Charlesworth, President; Laura Cheek, Vice President. Jennie Murphree Officers. Mary Alice Dotson, Social Chairman; DeAnne Head, Vice President; Nancy Jo Powers, Vice President; Barbara Bilj, President. East Landis Officers. Betty June Bishop, Presi- dent. Standing: Temple Hess, Social Chairman; Annette Mcintosh, Vice President. Florida Officers. Kay Bishop, Presi- dent; Mary Alice Croft, Vice Pres- ident; Ann DeBerry, Vice President; Sunshine Eddy, Social Chairman. West Landis Officers. Jean Newton, Vice President; Bitsy McKeown, Vice President; Judy Berkshire, Social Chairman; Doris Hustin, President. Gilchrist Officers. Elaine Bogue, So- cial Chairman; Lillian Congdon, Vice President; Pat Malseed, President; Gingir Connor, Vice President. West Hall Officers, any. Governor; Bob Porter, Gene Laney. left to right; Floyd Fal- Hale; Don Pickett, Bill Magnolia Hall officers, left to right; Bill Sheets, Athletic Chairman; Bill Masterson, Lieutenant Governor; Leonard Darsey, Gover- nor; William Spain, Social Chairman; Neil Fiddleman, Secretary. Senior Hall Officers, seated; Herb Purvis, Lieutenant Governor; Larry Snow, Social Chairman; John Coun- ter, Treasurer. Standing; Al Lomer, Athletic Chairman; Carmen Battag- lia. Governor. A quiet evening at home Includes reading and bull sessions. Men ' s Dorm Life Not a matter for the weak -hearted, living in one of the three men ' s dorms is like Mardi Gras in a wind tunnel. Whether you ' re a Magnolia Hall Smokeater, a member of West Hall ' s exclusive Penthouse Gang or one of the many sunbathers that crop up on the Senior Hall lawn every spring, dorm life means constant poker gomes, a crowd around the TV set, the guy next door who changes his sheets once a semester — whether they need it or not, the bull sesions that form instantly when you open a book and the constant (im) practical jokes. Inbetween times, the inhabitants also form intramurals teams, sponsor dances and steal lumber for Homecoming floats amidst the din of ringing alarm clocks, fire bells and telephones. 52 %-n Eightball in the corner pocket! One of the local champs prepares a masterly shot. The picture of comfort. Studying has to be done in the least inconvenient manner possible. CLASSES 54 Seniors, Undergraduates, Class Officers 55 Seniors SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Senior Class officers, left to right: Bill Weaver, President; Bill Roche, Vice President; Barbara Chambers, Secretary; Barbara McCartney; Treasurer; Linda Broderick, Social Chairman. 57 ABBOTT ABEL ABNEY ABRAMS ACKERMAN ACKERT ACUFF ADAIR ADAM ADDISON ALBERT ALBRECHT ALDERMAN ALFORD, J. ALFORD, J. W. ALLEN, J. ALLEN, S. ALLISON AMATO ANDERSON, H. ANDERSON, J. ANDERSON, L. ANDERSON, M. ANDERSON, 0. ANDERSON, R. ANDREEN ANDREWS, M. ANDREWS, J. ANTONELLI APPLEGATE ARANGO ARNOLD ARRANTS ASCOLY ATHENS ATKINS ATWATER AYRES BAGGETT, H. BAGGETT, M. P. BAGGETT, M. A, BAILEY The Senior Class KENNETH G. ABBOTT, Birmingham, Alabama; 8. S. Personnel Man- agement; Kappa Alpha; Swimming Varsity; Co-captain senion year; F Club; Alpha Kappa Psi, ROBERT E. ABEL, Orange City; B. S. Business Management; Delta Sigma Pi. CHARLOTTE ROSS ABNEY, Sebring; B. S. Business, Business Management; Alpha Xi Delta; Tau Beta Sigma; Garnet Key; Mortar Board Phi Chi Theta, President. JUDY ANN ABRAMS, Miami B.A. Chemistry; Delta Gamma; Sophomore Council- Junior Counselor; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Student Affiliates of A.C.S., Secretary; Choral Union. VELMA WINNELL ACKERMAN, Plant City; B.S. Elementary Education; Sopho- more Council; Junior Counselor; Baptist Student Union, President and Vice-President Inter-Faith Council, President. JOHN PHILLIP ACKERT, Palm Beach Shores; B.S. Social Studies; Delta Tau Delta; F.S.U. Circus. Good grief! The buttons melted! ANNA JEAN ACUFF, Eustis; B.S.; Nursing Education. GWENDOLYN ADAIR, Panama City; B.S.: Secretarial Science; Phi Chi Theta, Secre- tary; Junior Counselor. ANN LOUISE ADAM, Coral Gables; B.S.: Mer- chandising; Delta Gamma; Gamma Alpha Chi; Fashion Institute. BETTY V. ADDISON, Panama City; B.S.: Medical Technology; Sophomore Council; F.T.A. MARY JANE ALBERT, Miami; B.S.: Elementary Edu- cation; Alpha Xi Delta; F.T.A. ; A.C.E. ARTHUR JOHN ALBRECHT, Tallahassee; B.S.: Advertising; Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary; F.T.A.; Alpha Delta Sigma; Veterans ' Club; Flambeau; Summer Flambeau, Business Manager. RUSSELL 0. ANDERSON, Lake Worth; B.S.: Business; Alpha Kappa Psi; Transfer Palm Beach Junior College. JACQUELINE R. ANDREEN Duluth, Minnesota; B.S.: Education. MARTHA McGINNES ANDREWS, Tallahassee; B.S.: Elementary Education; Kappa Delta, Treasurer; Women 5 Judiciary; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Village Vamps; Sophomore Council; F.T.A.; B.S.U.; Sand- spur Court; Who ' s Who; Intelligent Faith Week Committees. JOHN DEWEY ANDREWS, Panama City; B.S.: Industrial Arts. PASQUALE ANTONELLI, Baltimore, Maryland- B.S.: Business; Pi Kappa Phi; Veterans Club. FRED WILKISON AFPLEGATE, JR., Pompano Beach; B.S.: Insurance and Real Estate; Insurance and Real Estate Society. CARL WILLIAM ALDERMAN, Tampa; B.S.: Business Management; Theta Chi; Baking Science Club; Chi Omega Owl Man. JAMES HARM- NEY ALFORD, Live Oak; B.S.: Mathematics; Math Club; Mathematic Teacher ' s Club. JOHN W ALFORD, Grand Ridge; B.S.: Social Welfare- B.S.U.; Life Service Band; Epsilon Kappa, Vice-President. JACQUELINE FENTON ALLEN, Lake Worth; B.S.: Journalism; Alpha Chi Omega, Secretary; Off-Campus Court, Secretary; Gamma Alpha Chi. SELBY PAULINE ALLEN, Daytona Beach; B.S.: Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; F.T.A.; N.E.A.; A.C.E.; Freshman Flunkies; War Path Club. CHARLES EDWARD ALLISON, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Restaurant and Hotel Management; Sigma Nu. ANNA KATHERINE ARANGO, Tampa; B.S.: Fashion Merchandising; F.S.U. Circus; Gamma Alpha Chi: Junior Counselor; Home Economics Club; Newman Club. LINDA LOU ARNOLD, Lake City; B.S.: Business Education; Kappa Delta: F.T.A.; Freshman Flunkies; Sophomore Coun- cil; Off Campus Court; Intramurals; Westminster House. PATRICIA VIRGINIA ARRANTS, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S.: Home Economics Education; Sandspur; Junior Counselor; Westminster Fellowship Council; President of North Cawthon; Winner of Danforth Summer Fellowship. BONITA ASCOLY, Irvington, New Jersey: B.S.: Elementary Education; F.T.A. JIM PETER ATHENS, Bradenton; B.S.: Education; B.S.U.; Mag- nolia Athletic Director- Manager of F.S.U. Student Cafeteria; Interna- tional Club; Caveliers. CHRISTINE ANN ATKINS, Blountstown; B.S.: Elementary Education; Delta Zeta; F.T.A.; Circus; Women ' s Glee Club; Choral Union. HELEN CATHERINE AMATO, St. Augustine; B.S.: Social Welfare; Kappa Alpha Theta; Tally Ho Staff; Social Welfare Club; Newman House; Freshman Flunkies; War Path Club. HAROLD C. ANDERSON, Tallahassee; B.S.: Business; Lambda Chi Alpha; Transfer, Orlando Junior College. JANICE L. ANDERSON, Pensacola: B.S.: Secretarial Science; Alpha Chi Omega; B.S.U. LAIRD BENEDICT ANDERSON, Atlanta, Georgia; B.A.: Arts and Science; Sigma Chi, Vice-President; Varsity Gymnastics; Alpha Council, Vice-President; Gold Key, President; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Gymnastica; Board of Publica- tion; Flambeau Photos; Westminster Fellowship Council. MARY LOU ANDERSON, Greenv ' ood: B.S.: Education; Chi Omega; F.T.A.; Pow Wow Staff; B.S.U. OLIVIA MAY ANDERSON, Jacksonville; B.A.: Elementary Education; F.T.A. POLLY ANN ATWATER, Miami; A.B.: English; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor, Vice-President of Bryan; Garnet Key; Mortified; Sigma Tau Delta; Student Senate; Women ' s Vice- President; Theatre Dance; University Athletic Committee. DONALD LEWIS AYRES, Miami; 3. HENRY FRANKLIN BAGGETT, Pensacola; B.S.: Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARTHA PAULINE BAGGETT, Ft. Pierce; B.M.E.: Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota, Secretary; " South Pacific " Production. MARVIN ANTHONY BAGGETT, Pensacola; B.S.: Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi. RITA ANN BAILEY, Miami; B.S.; Mathematics; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Epsilon Delta. 59 BANCKER BARNETTE BARRETT BARRIER BARTH BARTKUS BASHAW BASS BATTAGLIA BAUM BEDNAR BELCHER BENNETT, F. BENNETT, W. BENOIT BENTON, A. BENTON, E. BERLIN BERRY BILINSKI BIRCH BIRD, J. BIRD, T. BIRD, W. BISHOP, B. BISHOP, J. BISHOP, K. BLACKWELDER BLACKWELL BLANKS BLEDSOE, B. BLEDSOE, T. BLOMGREN BLUE BOHANNON BOLLINGER BOLT BORN BOSKA BOSWELL BOUCAR BOUDER The Senior Class DOROTHY BRAINERD BANCKER, Atlanta, Georgia; B. S.: Social Welfare; Gamma Phi Beta; Circus; Cotillion; Social Welfare Club. MARYSUE BARNETTE, Tallahassee; B. S.: Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; A.C.E., Secretary. WARREN CECIL BARRETT, Kissimmee; B.S.: Music Education; Lambda Chi Alpha; University Singers; Collegians; Symphonic Band; Marching Chiefs. CHARLES P. BARRIER, Orlando; B.S.: Public Administrations; A.S.P.A. H. JAMES BARTH, Tallahassee; B.S.: Chemistry. DAGMAR ANN BARTKUS, Clearwater; B.S.: Retailing; Pi Beta Phi. WILBUR LOUIS BASHAW, Seffner; B.S.: Mathematics; C.L.O, Presi- dent, Westminster Fellowship Council; ROTC; Scabbard and Blade Kappa Delta Pi; State Scholarship Club, Treasurer, Vice-President, Mathematics Teacher ' s Club; F.T.A. SANDRA JANE BASS, Pensacola B.S.: Personnel Management; Gamma Alpha Chi; Dorm Government. CARMELO LOUIS BATTAGLIA, Niagara Falls, New York; B.S.: Psy- chology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Football; Senior Hall Gov- ernor. MARIAN RUTH BAUM, Quitman, Georgia; B.A.: Business Ed- ucation: Gamma Phi Beta; Phi Chi Theta; Pi Omega Pi; F.T.A. ROBERT FLOYD BEDNAR, St. Paul, Minnesota; B.A.: Sociology; Kappa Sigma. MARTHA NELL BELCHER, Sebring; B. S.: Business Education; Phi Chi Theta; F.T.A. Bob Meier finds himself in a " secret event " during Sigma Chi Derby. Gamma Delta, Vice-President; A.C.E.; Circus; Women ' s F Club, Treas- urer; Fashion Institute; Tarpon Club; Kappa Delta Pi. TONI BIRD, Hialeah; B.A.: History; Women ' s Glee Club. WILLA PAULINE BIRD, Perry; B.S.: Secondary Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Marching Chiefs; Concert Band; Tau Beta Sigma. FENTON JAMES BENNETT, Winter Park; B.S.: Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma; Circus; Gymkana; Air Force Drill Team. WILLIAM E. BENNETT, Orlando; B.S.: Political Science; Sigma Chi. ALBERT LEE BENOIT, Panama City; B.S.: Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi; Social Wel- fare Club, Treasurer; Veterans ' Club; Newman Club; Student Gov- ernment; Little 500 Committee. ALICE VERNON BENTON, Bartow; B.S.: Elementary Education; A.C.E.; F.N.C.A. ELIZABETH A. BEN- TON, Orlando; B.S.; Art; Sigma Kappa, Treasurer; Fashion Institute; Sophomore Council. JACK E. BERLIN, Tallahassee; B.A.:Chemistry. CARLENE FRANCYS BERRY, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S.: Home Economics Education; Wesley Players; Gymkana; Home Economics Club; Art In- terest Club. ELLA JO BILINSKI, Monticello; B.S.: Speech Correc- tion; Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretary; Sophomore Council; Junior Coun- selor; Newman Club, President; Chairman Southeastern Province NNCF; Sigma Alpha Eta, President; Garnet Key; Interfaith Council. DONALD CHARLES BIRCH, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Social Studies Transfer Student St. Petersburg Junior College. JACQUELINE ANN BIRD, Tuckahoe, New York; B.S.: Elementary Education; Alpha BETTY JUNE BISHOP, Bagdad; B.S.: Business, Elementary Educa- tion; Scholarship Club, Secretary; F.T.A.; Pi Omega Pi, Secretary, Treasurer; Vice-President of East Landis; President of East Landis. JAMES ROBERT BISHOP, Pensacola; B.S.: Economics; Kappa Alpha; Transfer Student Pensacola Junior College. KAY JANETTE BISHOP, Holly Hill; B.S.; Elementary Education; Sophomore Council; President of Florida Hall; B.S.U., Link Editor, Enlistment Vice-President. ROBERT EDMOND BLACKWELDER, Winter Haven; B.S.: Marketing. CARL WHEELER BLACKWELL, Pensacola; B.S.: Public Administra- tion; A.S.P.A.; Veterans ' Club. CELIA DILLON BLANKS, Tallahassee; B.S.: Nursing Education; Ahechievs, President. BARMELL BLEDSOE, Brooksville; B.S.: Home Economics Education; Future Business Leaders of America; F.T.A.; Home Economics Club; B.S.U. TANTRIS KREKEL BLEDSOE, Brooksville; B.S.: Social Wel- fare and Secretarial Science; F.B.L.A. Club; Social Welfare Club F.T.A.; B.S.U. AUDREY MAE BLOMGREN, Ft Lauderdale; B.M.E. Music Education; FSU Symphony; State Symphony; Choral Union Librarian of FSU Symphony; Alpha Lambda Delta; Christian Science Organization; Concert Mistress of FSU Symphony. RONALD DOW BLUE, Pensacola; B.S.: General Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice- Pres., Pres.; Freshman senator; Alpha Council; Junior senator; head of Judicial Committee; Member of President ' s Cabinet. CHARLES ED- WARD BOHANNON, Gainesville; B.A.: Secondary Education; F.T.A.; NEA; Archaeological Institute of Americal-Tallahassee Society. WILLIAM RICHARD BOLLINGER, Tallahassee; B.S.: Accounting. 61 BOWDEN BOWEN BOWERS BOWMAN BOYCE BRADFIELD BRADLEY BRADSHAW BRANNON BRAUN BRESLAR BREWTON BRIDGES BRINKHOFF BRINSON BRISCOE BRODERICK BROKAW BROOKS BROOWIE BROWER BROWN, B. BROWN, G. BROWN, J. G. BROWN, J. BROWN, L. BRUCE BRUCKMAN BRUNER E. BRUNER, J. BRUNSON BRUSH BRYAN, K. BRYAN, N. BRYANT, J. BRYANT, Wl. BRYSON BUCHAN BUNNAG BURGESS, H. BURGESS, J. BURNS The Senior Class ROBERT E. BOLT, Zolfo Springs; B.S.: Insurance; Insurance and Real Estate Society, President. PATRICIA THORNTON BORN, Tallahassee; B.S.: Art, Alpha Gamma Delta; Sophomore Art Award; Social Chair- man-Reynolds Hall. FRED H, BOSKA, St. Augustine; B.M.E.: Music Education; Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer; University Symphony; March- ing Chiefs; WFSU-FM; Concert Band; Kappa Kappa Psi; Lab Band. JANET ANNE BOSWELL, Coral Gables; B.S.: Nursing; Student Nurses Association. ALETHEA ALLEN BOUCAR, Lake City; B.S : Physical Education; Theatre Dance Group; Physical Education As- sociation; American Association of Health Physical Education; Florida Anthropological Society. JACQUELINE BETTE-RAE BOUDER, Sara- sota; B.S.: Home Economics Education; Mortarboard; Omicron Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Junior Counselor, Vice-President of N. Cawthon; Home Economics Club; Collegiate 4-H Club; Sophomore Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Wesley Foundation. Who ' s trying to look collegiate? I ' m holding the building up. LAYTE MARSHA BOWDEN, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S.: Journalism; Kappa Alpha Theta; IFC Court; FSU Modeling Board; Village Vamps; Gamma Alpha Chi; Elections Committee; Sophomore Council; Senior Women ' s Judiciary; Flambeau; 1956 Home Coming Queen; Gymkana, Miss FSU 1957-58. MARY REBE:CCA BOWEN, Waycross, Georgia; B.S.: Elemen- tary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Secretary; Village Vamps; F.T.A.; A.C.E.; Epsilon Chi, Treasurer; Fashion Institute; Transfer from Huntingdon College, Montgomery, Alabama. FRED N. BOWERS, Tal- lahassee; B.S.: Business; Transfer from Uuniversity of Florida. NITA DIANE BOWMAN, Tampa; B.S.: Elementary Education; Circus. KATH- LEEN T. C. BOYCE, Lantana; B.S.: Elementary Education; Glee Club; Choral Union. JERI GAIL BRADFIELD, Riviera Beach; B.M.E : Music Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Treasurer, Vice-president; Sopho- more Council; Junior Counselor; Sigma Alpha Iota; M.E.N.C, Editor; Choral Union Flambeau Staff, Campus Editor; Tally Ho Staff, Schools Editor; Los Picaros, Treasurer; Senior Women ' s Honor Courts- Summer University Court, Chairman. MARTHA BARDEN BRADLEY, Sarasota; B.S.: Botany; Junior Coun- selor; B.S.U.; Phi Sigma, Secretary. CHARLES WILLIAM BRADSHAW, Tallahassee; B.S.: Management; Delta Sigma Pi; Army R.O.T.C. WIL- LIAM PERSHING BRANNON, Lake City; B.S.: Social Studies Edu- cation; F.T.A; Veterans ' Club; Scholarship Club; B.S.U. ROBERT G. BRAUN, St. Petersburg; B.A.: Psychology; WFSU-FM; Intramurals; Arnold Air Society, Treasurer. DOROTHY Z. BRESLAR, Miami Beach; B.S.: Education; Los Picaros; Hillel, Secretary; Tally Ho, Copy Edi- tor; Home-coming Committee; Gymkana; Choral Union. EUNICE ELAINE BREWTON, Orlando; B.S.: Business Education; Chi Omega; Sophomore Council; Circus; Village Vamps; Pi Omega Pi. DONALD DEWITT BRIDGES, Orlando; B.S.: Insurance and Real Es- tate; Insurance and Real Estate Society, Chaplain; Transferred from Orlando Junior College. FRED ALBERT BRINKHOFF, St. Augustine; B.S.: Chemical Psychology; Circus; Collegean. SIBBIE B. BRINSON, Port St. Joe; B.S.: Elementary Education; 4-H; F.T.A.; Wesley Foundation. GLENDA LOUISE BRISCOE, Dunwoody, Georgia; B.A.: Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice- president; Sigma Tau Delta; Garnet Key; Mortar Board, Secretary; Junior Counselor, President of Bryan Hall; Sophomore Council; West- minster Fellowship. LINDA ANNE BRODERICK, Sarasota; B.S.: Physical Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Junior Counselor, Vice-president of Broward Hall; Women ' s Physical Education Association, Vice-presi- dent, President; Women ' s Division University Recreation Association, Vice-President, President; Women ' s F Club; Garnet Key; Mortified; Student Government; Flambeau Staff Writer; Social Chairman of Senior Class. JERRY L. BROKAW, Tampa; B.S.: Geology; Geology Club; Veterans ' Club. BARBARA JEAN BROOKS, Chattahoochee; B.S.: English; Gamma Phi Beta, Standards Chairman; F.T.A.; Health Club; Scholarship Hold- er ' s Club. THOMAS H. BROOME, JR., Greenwood; B.S.: Psychology. JOY H. BROWER, Gainesville; B.S.: Secretarial Science. BEVERLY FAIRE BROWN, Atlanta, Georgia; B.M.E.: Voice; Delta Delta Delta; Village Vamps; Light Opera Guild; Westminster Foundation; " Miss Tallahassee " 1957; University Singers; Women ' s Glee Club; Choral Union. GLENDA FAYE BROWN, Warrington; B.S.: Mathematics; Kappa Alpha Theta; Transferred from Pensacola Junior College. JOHN GROVER BROWN, Boca Raton; B.A.: Spanish; Pi Kappa Phi, Treas- urer; Los Picaros; University Court; Sigma Delta Pi, Vice-president. JUDITH GIVENS BROWN, Fort Mill, South Carolina; B.M.; Music Therapy; Music Therapy Student Group; Transfer. LEIGHTON GRUBB BROWN, Fort Myers; B.S.: Business. PATTY BRUCE, Lake City; B. S.: Business Education; Sophomore Council; Village Vamps; Freshman Flunkies; F.T.A. : Kappa Delta; Westminster Foundation; Intramurals. THOMAS RICHARD BRUCKMAN, Largo; B.S.: Political Science; Kappa Sigma, Vice-president, Treasurer, President; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha; Student Welfare, Under-secretary; Westminster Fellowship; Junior I.F.C.; Inter-Fraternity Council. ELBERT C. BRUNER, JR., Pensacola; B.S.: Accounting. JAMES ROBERT BRUNER, Auburndale; B.S.: Commerical Art. 63 BURNSED BUSH BYARS BYRD CAIN CANTER CAPPS CAREY CARD CARLSON, R. CARLSON, S. CARLTON CARNEY CARROLL CARRUTH CARSON CARTER CASALVIERl CASCONE CAVALLARO CHAO CHAFFIN CHAMPEAUX CHANDLER CHASTAIN CHEEK CHILDERS CHU CHURCH CIGARRAN CISNEROS CLARK COBB, R. COBB, S. COBBS COFFEY COLE, J. COLE, M. COLE, S. COLLINS CONGDON CONOLY The Senior Class BARBARA JUNE BRUNSON, Perry; B.S.: Social Welfare, Elementary Education; B.S.U.; Social Welfare Club; Junior Counselor. ROBERT MICHAEL BRUSH, Jacksonville; A.B.: Geology; Acacia Fraternity. KENNETH EDWARD BRYAN, Tallahassee; B.S.: Meteorology; Kappa Sigma Kappa, Secretary; Alpha Omega Service Fraternity; Meteor- ology Club, President; Astronomy Club; Inter-Faith Council; Wesley Foundation Council, Treasurer; Wesley Players; Student Religious Association. NEVA CHRISTINE BRYAN, Lake Wales; B.M.E.: Voice; Alpha Delta Pi, President; University Singers; Women ' s Glee Club; Mu Phi Epsilon. JULIAN PAUL BRYANT, Panama City; B.S.: Ac- counting; Sigma Nu, Vice-President; Cavaliers. MERLE RAY BRYANT, Fort Branch, Indiana; B.S.: Management and Finance; Basketball; Future Business Leaders. Frankly, I don ' t understand why we can ' t wear raincoats over shorts. JUDY BRYSON, Greenville, South Carolina; B.A.: Social Welfare; Chi Omega; Social Work Club; Young Democrats; Transfer from Furman University. NANCY MYRICK BUCHAN, Tallahassee; B.S.: Fashion Merchandising; Sigma Kappa, Vice-president, President; Gamma Alpha Chi; Fashion Institute, President, Vice-presiden t; Home Economic Club, DUAN BUNNAG, Bangkok, Thailand; Arts and Sciences: Graduate. HAROLD EDWARD BURGESS, Tallahassee; M.S.: Public Administra- tion. Graduate student. JOHN F. BURGESS, JR., St. Petersburg; B.S.: Advertising; Phi Kappa Tau; Kappa Tau; Florida Flambeau, Adver- tising Manager, Editor. MARY ELLECE BURNS, Delray Beach; B.M.E.: History; Sigma Alpha Iota; Women ' s Glee Club; Light Opera Guild. IRMA JEAN BURNSED, Glen St. Mary; B.S.: Education; Junior Counselor; N.E.A. BETTY JO BUSH, Bonifay; B.S.: English; B.S.U.; Scholarship Club F.T.A. Sigma Tau Delta; Choral Union; Women ' s F Club; Delta Zeta. DAVID REYNOLDS BYARS, Tampa; B.S.: Social Science; Sigma Chi; Elections Committee; Band. GAIL ALLEN BYRD, Panama City; B.S.: Business; Delta Gamma, Secretary; Gymkana Queen Court; Junior Counselor; Phi Chi Theta. EARL KENNETH CAIN, Jacksonville; B.S.: Business; Kappa Alpha. BARBARA MAE CANTER, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin; B.A.: Social Welfare; Alpha Chi Omega. BEVERLY ANN CARPS, Plant City; B.S.: Speech, English. IVY ELIZ- ABETH CAREY, Jacksonville; B.S.: Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi; Jr. Staff of Flambeau; Tally Ho Staff; F.T.A. : Transfer from Alabama Polytechnic Institute. BARBARA JEANNE CARD, St. Peters- burg; B.S.: Business Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Public Relations Office and Reporter to National Magazine; F.T.A.; Tally Ho. RICH- ARD JOHN CARLSON, Schenectady, New York; B.S.: Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi. SALLY LOU CARLSON, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Interior Design; Alpha Gamma Delta, Secretary, House President; Tally Ho Beauty Editor; Student Events Committee; Fashion Institute. D. CAROLYN CARLTON, Plant City; B.S.: Elementary Education. BONNIE MAY CARNEY, West Palm Beach; B.S.: Chemistry; Transfer from Palm Beach Junior College. MOLLIE ANNE CARROLL, Sarasota; B.S.: Physical Education; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Tar- pon Club, President of Minnovi s; Women ' s F Club; Garnet Key; Morti- fied; Physical Education Assoc; Women ' s Division University Recreation Association, President, Vice-President; University Recreation Assoc; American Assoc. Health Physical Education and Recreation. LOYD HARVEY CARRUTH, Orlando; B.S.: Business Administration; Delta Tau Delta, President; l.F.C, Secretary; Veterans ' Club. NANCY ANN CARSON, St. Petersburg; B.S. Music Education; M.E.N.C; Delta Gamma; Women ' s Glee Club. JOHN H. CARTER, Panama City; B.S.: Psychology; Phi Kappa Tau. BARBARA L. CASALVIERI, Tallahassee; B.S.: Social Welfare: Social Work Club. JOAN CLAIRE CASCONE, Sarasota; B.S. Physical Education; Women s F Club; Physical Education Association; American Assoc, of Health Physical Education and Recreation; Intramurals. ILARIO LAWRENCE CAVALLARO, Jacksonville; B.S.: Geology; Geology Club. LUCILLE YVONNE CHAO, Jacksonville Beach; B.S.: Spanish; Choral Union. BARBARA CHRISTINE CHAFFIN, Kissimmee; B.S.: Nursing; Circus; Student Nurses Association. BETTY COX CHAMPEUX, Talla- hassee; B.A.: Spanish; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer; F.B.L.A. State President Sophomorj Council; Sigma Delta Pi. MARTHA SUE CHANDLER, Miami; B.S.: Social Work and Welfare; Zeta Tau Alpha; Circus; Social Work Club. REGINALD BRYAN CHASTAIN, JR., Miami; B.S.; Social Sc ience. CECIL BRYON CHEEK, Tampa; B.S.: Psychology; R.O.T.C. Drill Team. WILLIAM EARL CHILDERS, Tallahassee; B.S.: Business Ad- ministration; Alpha Tau Omega. YING SHAI CHU. Taipei, Formosa M.S.; Adult Education. EDGAR CAREY CHURCH, Tallahassee; B.S. Marketing. GERALD P. CIGARRAN, Tampa; B.S.: Baking Science Alpha lau Omega. 65 COOPER, B. COOPER, S. CORBIN CORDOBA CORSON COURTNEY COUSSON COUTANT COX CRAWFORD CROMBIE CROWELL, J. CROWELL, N. CRUSOE CRUTCHFIELD, B. CRUTCHFIELD, G. CUERVO CULBREATH CULLOM CULPAN CULPEPPER CUMMINGS CUPP CURRY CURTISS DANIELS DAVIDSON DAVIES DAVIS, C. DAVIS, D. DAVIS, H. DAVIS, J. L. DAVIS, J. C. DAWSON DEAN DeCUBELLIS DeLAPP DELEY DELPIT DeMONTFORT DeMOULLY DeREUS The Senior Class JULIE CISNEROS, Miami; B.A.: Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; WFSU-FM Staff; Choral Union; Newman Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Flambeau Staff. JAMES PAYNE CLARK, JR. Tampa; B.S.: Account- ing; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi; Student Body Financial Com- mittee. ROBERT GLEN COBB, Tallahassee; B.S.: Meteorology. SHERRY V. COBB, Pensacola; B.S.: Business; Pi Beta Phi; Smoke Signals, Secretary. JAMES ARTHUR COBBS, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S.: Anthropology; Veterans ' Club. FRANCINE BARBARA COFFEY, St. Louis, Missouri; B.A.: French; Alpha Gamma Delta; FSU Beauty Court. JOY MAXINE COLE, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S.: Art Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Tally Ho; Flambeau Society Editor; Fashion Institute; Art Ed- ucation Club. MARILYN GAYE COLE, Madison; B. S.: Elementary Ed- ucation; F.T.A. SARAH JANE COLE, Holly Hill; B.S.: Nursing; Stu- dent Nurses Assoc. CAROL LYNNE COLLINS, Tampa; B.S.: Sec- retarial Science; Delta Delta Delta, House President; Freshman Flunkies, President; Sophomore Council; Off Campus Court. LILLIAN RUTH CONGDON, Haines City; B.S.; Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Fashion Institute; Gamma Alpha Chi; 4-H Club; FT. A., Choral Union; Vice-president of Gilchrist Hall. HENRY LOFTON CONOLY, JR., Tallahassee; B.S.: Management and Finance. BETTY ANNE COOPER; St. Petersburg; B.S.: Education S. TAL- LULAH COOPER, Pensacola; B.S.: Elementary Education, CHERRY- LENE CORBIN, Belle Glade; B.S.: Home Economics; 4-H Club, Vice- President; Wesley Players, Vice-President, W esley Foundation; Home Economics Club. LYDIA M. CORDOBA, Panama, Republic of Panama; B.S.: Home Demonstration Education; International Club. RICHARD D. CORSON, Sarasota: B.S.: Insurance and Real Estate. CYNTHIA SUE COURTNEY, Aiken, South Carolina; B.A.: Biology; Gymkana. EMILY ELIZABETH COUSSON, Jacksonville; B.S.: Elementary Ed- ucation; F.T.A.; Scholarship Club. ELIZABETH ANN COUTANT, West Palm Beach; B. S.: Elementary Education; Westminster Fellowship; Transfer from Palm Beach J.C. POLLY ANN COX, Lake City; B.S.: Elementary Education; Scholarship Club; F.T.A.; L.D.S. Student Group, President; Junior Counselor. WILLIAM RICHARDSON CRAW- FORD, III, Plant City; B.S.: Education; Theta Chi, Secretary; Senate- Cabinet; Speech Productions; Jr. and Sr. Prom Committee. JAMES ROBERT CROMBIE, Tallahassee; B.S.: Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi; Veterans ' Club. JOHN ROBERT CROWELL, Kissimmee; B.S.: Public Administration; A.S.P.A.; Veterans Club. NINA SUE CROWELL, Kissimmee; B.S.: Elementary Education; Dames Club F.T.A.; Student Nurses Assoc. MURIEL CHRISTIAN CRUSOE, Tallahassee; B.S.: Nursing Education; Ahechievs. BOBBIE NELL CRUTCHFIELD, GraceviJIe; B.S.: Elementary Education: American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship; Intramural Sports; F.T.A GAY ELAINE Sure, the technique ' s good, but someone ' s already done the Mono Lisa. CRUTCHFIELD, Panama City; B.S.: Languages; Executive Committee of Student Party; Secretary of State Committee; Archaeological In- stitute of America; F.T.A. MARTA ELIZABETH CUERVO, Tampa; B.A.: Education; Newman Club; Los Picaros, Secretary. JAMES CHARLES CULBREATH, JR., Lumberton, North Carolina; B.A.: Music; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band; Transfer from University of N. C. WILLIAM OTIS CULLOM, Tallahassee; B.S.: Management and Finance; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Football; F Club, Treasurer; Sophomore Class President; Alpha Council, Treasurer; Gold Key, Treasurer; Omicron Delta Kappa, President; Veterans ' Club, Sophomore King. FLORENCE MAY CULPAN, Ft. Lauderdale: B.S.: Nursing Education; Ahechievs, Secretary. JERRY STARR CULPEPPER, Miami; B.S.: Education; Choral Union; F.T.A; Association of Early Childhood Education; Wesley Foundation. HAROLD CUMMINGS, Clermont; B.S.: Accounting; Na- tional Honorary Acting Society; Football. BARSHA LEE CUPP, Chat- tahoochee; B.S.: Education; Junior Counselor; Newman Club M.E.N.C. DAVID CURRY, Miami Springs; B.S.: Banking. JOHN GIESLER CURTISS, Cleveland, Ohio; B.S.: Geography; Theta Chi; Gamma Theta Upsilon; Versify Tennis; Transfer from Ohio Wes- leyan U. ELTON PAYNE DANIELS, Lake City; B.A.: Marketing; Kappa Alpha; Band. SANDRA FRANCES DAVIDSON, West Palm Beach; B.A.: Education; Sigma Kappa, Treasurer; Choral Union. GERALD W. DAVIES, Lancaster, New York; B.S.: Management and Finance; Alpha Tau Omega, Vice-President; Varsity Football. CAROLYN DAVIS, Tampa; B.A. Business Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Fashion Institute; F.B.L A. DONALD KENNETH DAVIS, Phenix City, Alabama; B.S. Management . Finance. 67 DIAZ DITTMANI DIXON, K. DIXON, W. DODD DO LAN DONALSON DOZIER DRYMON DuBOSE DUCK DUDLEY DUNN, C. DUNN, H. DUNN, L. EDENFIELD EDWARDS EGLIN EIGL EKLUND ELLINGTON ELLIOTT EWIMETT EMMONS ENGLISH ERVIN EUBANK EUBANKS EULER FALANY FELL FERNANDEZ FEYLING FIELDER FIELDS FINNEY FISHER FJERAN FLETCHER, R. M. FLETCHER, R. K. FORBES FORD, S. T The Senior Class HOPE DAVIS, Miami; B,S. Education; Kappa Delta; Wesley Founda- tion; Women ' s Glee Club; F.E.A.; AC.E.; Transfer from Wesleyan College. JACK L. DAVIS, Tallahassee; B.S. Marketing. JAMES CARL- TON DAVIS, JR., Sanford; B.S. Marketing; Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice- President; President Inter-Fraternity Council, Vice President; Wesleyan Foundation; Circle K Club. WILLIAM W. DAWSON, Nashville, Tenn.; M.A.; Arts and Sciences. REEVES CLAYTON DEAN, Tallahassee; B.S. Education; Sigma Tau Delta. KAY SUE DECUBELLIS, St. Petersburg; B. S. Elementary Education; Delta Gamma, President; A.C.E., Vice- President; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor. DONALD LEROY DeLAPP, Pensacola; B.S. Transportation Manage- ment; Pi Kappa Alpha. GERALD JOHN DELEY, Pittsburg, Penn.; B. S. Public Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WARREN WILLIAM DELPIT, JR., Ft. Lauderdale; B. S.: Restaurant Management. HAROLD De MONTFORT, New Orleans, La.; Education. CONSTANCE IRENE DeMOULLY, St. Petersburg; B.A.: Library Service; Newman Club; Soltas Club. GENEVIEVE WADDELL DeREUS, Tampa; B.S.: Elementary Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sophomore Council- Kappa Delta Pi. That ' s not a spade — it ' s o coffee spot. Blountstown; B.M.E. Music; Women ' s Glee Club; Choral Union; Uni- versity Singers; B.S.U. LOUIS EUGENE DUNN, Tallahassee; B.S.: Physical Education; Major ' s Club; Wrestling Club. IMOGENE EDEN- FIELD, Tallahassee; B.S.: Social Studies; F.T.A. PEGGY LOUISE ED- WARDS, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Elementary Education; N.E.A.; F E A. FREDERICK IRVING EGLIN, JR., Tallahassee; B.S.: Personnel Management. ERNEST ANIVAL DIAZ, Tampa; B.S.: Geology; Pi Kappa Phi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Geology Club; Band. NANCYANN DITTMAN, Crawfordville; B.S.: Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi. KAREN ANN DIXON, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S.: Special Education; F.T.A. Scholarship Club; Gamma Delta. WILLIAM DAVID DIXON, Lee; B.S.: Mathematics. DOROTHY EDITH DODD, West Palm Beach; B.A.: Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Circus; F.T.A.; American Childhood Assoc. EDWARD M. DOLAN, Tallahassee; B.S.: Anthropology. WILLIAM RENFREW DONALSON, Parker; B.S.: Elementary Educa- tion; Alpha Phi Omega; F.E.A. N.E.A., Vice-President, President; Scholarship Club. BARBARA JEAN DOZIER, Orlando; B.S.: Home Economics; Gamma Alpha Chi; Home Economics Club; B.S.U.; F.T.A. FRANK J. DRYMON, Tallahassee; B.S.: Accounting. MALINDA ANN DuBOSE, Miami; B.S.: Nursing Student Nurses ' Assoc, President; Fla. Assoc. Student Nurses, Secretary; Sophomore Council. BETTY CARO- LYN DUCK, Green Cove Springs; B.S.: Education; F.T.A.; Scholarship Club. LEE ALLEN DUDLEY, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S.: Economics. CATHERINE DUNN, Chipley; B.S.: History; Junior Counselor, Vice- President of Reynolds; President of North Cawthon; Alpha Lambda Delta; Women ' s Glee Club; Sophomore Council. HELEN DELILA DUNN, RUDOLPH GEORGE EIGL, Kings Park, New York; B.S.: Business Management; Pi Kappa Alpha; Baseball. ROBERT JOHN EKLUND, Ft. Myers; B.S.: Business; Pi Kappa Phi; Circus. WILLIAM E. ELLING- TON, Winter Park; B.S. Insurance Real Estate; Intramural Sports; Insurance Club. JANICE ANNE ELLIOTT, Memphis, Tennessee; B.S.: Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa. BARBARA ANN EMMETT, West Palm Beach; B.S.: Fashion Design; Alpha Gamma Delta; Gymkana Court of Beauty; Tally Ho Beauty Section; Village Vamps; Fashion Institute, Secretary, Vice-President, A. C. E.; B. S. U. CLARENCE JOSEPH EMMONS, JR., Tallahassee; B.S.: Meteorology; Pi Kappa Phi; Meteoroloyg Club. FAYE AUGUSTA ENGLISH, Altoona; B.S.: Elementary Education; Phi Mu, Secretary; Intramurals; Y.W.A. Community Missions Activity, Chairman; B.S.U. JAMES MANN ERVIN, Tallahassee; B.S.: Account- ing; Kappa Alpha. HUGH E. EUBANK, Daytona Beach; B.S.: Insurance Real Estate; Phi Delta Theta. SHEPARD McLANE EUBANKS, Greensboro; B.S.: Physical Education; Physical Education Majors Club, Treasurer; Scholarship Club; Homecoming Parade Committee. HAROLD CHARLES EULER, JR., Clearwater; B.S.: Radiation Physics; Alpha Phi Omega; Astronomy Club, President. FLOYD AUGUSTA FALANY, Foley; B.S.: History; Kappa Sigma; Inter-Dormitory Council, President; Dorm Officer. 69 FORD, S. E. FORSEE FORST FOSTER FOUNTAIN, G. FOUNTAIN, R. R. FOUNTAIN, R J, FRANCESCON FRANKLIN FRAZIER FREEDMAN FRITCHIE FUSSELL FUTCH, WI. FUTCH, S. GAGE GAINER GALERNEAU GAMBLE GANEY GARDNER. N. GARDNER, W. GARNER GARRETT GARRIGUES GASKIN CAUSE GAY GENTRY, E. GENTRY, G. GEORGE GEUTHER GIFFORD GINOCCHIO GLADDING GLASS GLEASON GLEDHILL GLISSON GODWIN GOULD GOWAN The Senior Class RONALD DeMILLE FELL, Tallahassee; B.S. Marketing; Kappa Alpha; Intramural Sports. GILBERT GERALD FERNANDEZ, Tampa; B.A. Inter-American Studies; Pi Kappa Phi; Sigma Delta Pi, Vice-President, President; Phi Alpha Theta, Vice-President; Los Picaros, Vice-Presi- dent, Treasurer, President; Football Manager. KRISTIN MARIE FEYLING, St. Petersburg; B. A. English; F. T. A.; International Club; Sigma Tau Delta; French Club. WILLIAM GEORGE FIELDER, Lake Park; B. S. Art Education; Alpha Phi Omega; S.F.E.A.; F.A.T.A. Art Education Club. RODNEY SMITH FIELDS, Tampa; B. S. Zoology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Track; R.O.T.C. Battle Group Commander; Transfer. JAMES BENJAMIN FINNEY, St. Petersburg; B. S. Indus- trial Arts; Phi Kappa Tau; Industrial Arts Club. SUZANNE FISHER, St. Petersburg; B.A. Art; Delta Delta Delta; Freshman Flunkies; Gymkana; Gamma Alpha Chi; Fashion Institute. DALE RICHARD FJERAN, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Psychology RICHARD M. FLETCHER, Tampa: B.S.: Psychology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; RO.T.C. ROBERT KEATING FLETCHER, Hornell, New York; Pre- law Public Administration; ASPA; B.S.U.; Intramurals; New- man Club; Veterans ' Club; Transfer from Buckneli U. Pennsylvania. MARCIA BOYER FORBES, Tallahassee; B.S.: Education. SALLY THORNTON FORD, Elizabeth, Louisiana; B.M.E. Music; Zeta Tau Alpha; M.E.N.C; Choral Union, University Singers; Light Opera Guild; Women ' s Glee Club; Transfer from Shorter College. Do you have an album called " Music to Write term Popers By " ? Symphonic Band; Symphony Orchestra; Kappa Kappa Psi. RUTH FRITCHIE, Miami; B.S,: Home Economics; Sophomore Council; Con- cert Band; Choral Union; Tally Ho Staff; Home Economics Club, Vice-President; Flambeau Staff, Society Editor; Junior Counselor; Board of Publications, Chairman; Canterbury Fellowship; Inter-Faith Fellowship; Gamma Alpha Chi. SUSANNA EDITH FORD, Palmetto; B.S.: Physical Education; Sigma Kappa; Tarpon Club; Mortified; Women ' s F. Club; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Kappa Delta Pi. SUZANNE FORSEE, Belle Glade; B.S.: Nursing; S.N. A. Transfer from University of Florida. FREDERICK FORST, West Palm Beach; B.S. Geology; Sigma ! lu; Collegians. ROBERT EUGENE FOSTER, Jacksonville; B.S.: Journalism; Pi Kappa Alpha. GUY LEE FOUNTAIN, DeFuniak Springs; B.S.: Accounting; Lambda Chi Alpha. REUBEN RAY FOUNTAIN, Pen- sacola; B.S.: Social Welfare; Social Welfare Club; B.S.U.; Epsilon Kappa. LORETTA JEAN FUSSELL, Tampa; B.S.: Elementary Education; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Circus. MARY JULIA FUTCH, Lawtey; B.M.E. Music Education. SHUFORD M. FUTCH, JR., Talla- hassee; B.S.: Advertising Marketing; Alpha Delta Sigma, Secre- tary, Treasurer; Summer Flambeau Advertising Manager: Collegians; Veterans ' Club; Transfer from University of Florida. RAY- MOND WILLIAM GAGE, II, Jacksonville; B.S. Social Science; Veterans ' Club; Westminister Club; American Sociological Society. WILLIAM GASTON GAINER, Chipley; B. S. Insurance Real Estate. HAROLD HENRY GALERNEAU, Graceville; B.S.: Social Science. RUTH JOHNSON FOUNTAIN, West Palm Beach; B S.: Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Sweetheart Court of Lambda Chi Alpha; Traffic Court Clerk; ACE. I.; F.T.A. REGINIA ANGELINA FRANCESCON, Miami; B.S.: Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, Secretary, Historian; Sophomore Council; Secretary of State Cornmittee; Junior Counselor; A.C.E.; Social Chairman Bryan Hall; Secretary of Organi- zations Committee. WILLIAM JOSEPH FRANKLIN, Panama City: B.S.: Insurance; Insurance Society; Men ' s Glee Club; Dorm Govern- ment. LESLIE JANE FRAZIER, Americus, Georgia; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary; B.S.U.; Recreation Club; Transfer from Georgia Southwestern College in Americus. FRANK GEORGE FREEDMAN; Jacksonville; B.M.E. Music; Marching Chiefs; BILLIE DIANE GAMBLE, Miami; B.S. Nursing; S.N. A., Vice-President. SALLYE DELLE GANEY, Co ral Gables; B.A. English; Phi Beta Kappa; Women ' s Glee Club; Choral Union; University Singers; Boots Saddle Club. NANCY GAYLE GARDNER, Jacksonville; B.S. Business Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Treasurer; Sophomore Council; Garnet Key; Junior Counselor, Vice-President of Jennie Murphree; Student Body Senate, Secretary; Student Faculty Budget Committee; F.B.L.A.; Wesley Foundation: Homecoming Committee; Student Speakers Bureau. WILLIE CLYDE GARDNER, JR., Bushnell; B.S. Physical Education. ROSEMAN GARNER, Sanford; B.S. Nursing: Marching Chiefs; Phi Mu; Concert Band; S.N. A. JOHN CECIL GARRETT, Columbus, Georgia; B.S. Journ- alism; Pi Kappa Phi; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band; Board of Student Publications. 71 GRACE GRAHAM, B. GRAHAM, E. GRANGER GREEN, B. GREEN, C. GREEN, L. GREEN R. GREENE, B. GREENE, D. GREENE, E. GREENFIELD GREENLEE GRIFFIN, D. GRIFFIN, S. GRIZZARD GROGAN GROW, R. GROW, W. HASS HAEFLINGER HAILEY HAIR HALE HALEY HALL HATTON HAMILTON HAMMER HAMMOND HAMNER HANNON HARDY HARMON HARRIS, D. HARRIS, L. HARRISON, E. HARRISON, J. HART HARTSFIELD HARVARD HAYES The Senior Class ROBERT GORDON GARRIGUES, Kansas City, Missouri; B.S.: Busi- ness Administration; Alpha Kappa Lambda; Transfer from Central Missouri State College. BETTY ELLEN GASKIN, Coral Gables; B.A.: Business. JANICE PARNELL GAUSE, Tallahassee; B.S.: Mathematics; Mathematics Club. EVELYN RUTH GAY, Lakeland; B.S.: Home Economics. ELBERT CLAY GENTRY III, Pensacola; B.S.: Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi. GEORGE MARSHALL GENTRY, Pensacola; B.S.: Chemistry; Science Club; Y.M.C.A. at Pensacola J.C. ANN WILLENE GEORGE, Miami; B.S.: Education; Pi Beta Phi; F.T.A.; Scholarship Club; Wesley Foundation, GAIL ANN GEUTHER, Bradenton; B.S.: Business Education. CELESTINA VIRGINIA GIFFORD, DeLand; B.S. Elementary Education; Phi Mu; Tau Beta Sigma; Scholarship Club; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band; F.T.A.; Wewman Club. CHRISTINE GINOCCHIO, Daytona Beach; B.A. Spanish; Zeta Tau Alpha; Circus; Sophomore Council, Treasurer; Sigma Delta Pi; Village Vamps; Sophomore Hop Queen; Garnet Key; Mortified; President of Reynolds Hall; Student Government Funds Committee. SALLIE BELL GLADDING, DeLand; B.S. Retailing; Delta Gamma; Freshman Carnival Queen; Gamma Alpha Chi; Phi Chi Theta; Fashion Institute; Homecoming Dance Committee; Softball All-star Team. BECKY ANN GLASS, Orlando; B.S. Education; Pi Beti Phi Circus; N.E.A.; Freshman Flunkies; Village Vamps. BEVERLY DAWN GLEASON, Orange City; B.S. Nursing; S.N, A. LEONARD GLEDHILL JR., Biddleford, Maine; B.S. Business; Alpha Kappa Psi; Student Council; B.S.U. IRA VANDES GLISSON, JR., Tallahassee; B.S. Business Administration; Alpha Kappa Psi; Colle- gians; Insurance and Real Estate Club; Veterans ' Club; Cavaliers. ALBERT DETLOUS GODWIN, Jacksonville; B.S. Insurance; Insurance . Real Estate Club; Westminster Fellowship, Vice-President; Transfer from Jacksonville J.C. FRED STUART GOULD, Atlanta, Georgia; B.S. Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JACK ARTHUR GOWAN, Tallahassee; B.S. Business; Insurance Real Estate Society, Secretary; Circle K Club; Transfer from Orlando J. C. DERRYL JANE GRACE, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S Art Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Smoke Signals Staff; Art Education Club; Tally Ho Staff. BETTY SUE GRAHAM, Tallahassee; B.S. Elementary Education; Kappa Delta. E. LOUISE GRAHAM, Tampa; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega; F.T.A.; Scholarship Club; Choral Union; Women ' s Glee Club; Xarmen ' ; " The Bartered Bride " . GAIL FRANCES GRANGER, St. Petersburg; B.S. Chemistry; Student Affiliates of the American Rainboots! I should have brought a rubber raft. Chemical Society. BETSY GREEN, l t. Valley, Ga.; B.S. Social Welfare; Gamma Phi Beta; Social Welfare Club. CAROL ROBERTA GREEN, Pensacola; B.S.: Nursing; S.N. A., Secretary. LAWTON RANDOLPH GREEN, Jacksonville; B.S.; Social Studies; " New Moon opperetta; Collegians. RALPH H. GREEN, Talla- hassee; B.S.: Accounting; Kappa Sigma. BRUCE ALLEN GREENE, Panama City; B.S.: Marketing; Alpha Kappa Psi, Veterans Club. DOUGLAS CHARLES GREENE, Raleigh, IM. C; B.S.: Psy- chology; Theta Chi; Arnold Air Society, Squadron Commander and Area Commander; Housefellow West Hall. ELDON LLOYD GREENE, Quincy; B.S. Accounting. ARNOLD LESTER GREENFIELD, Miami; B.S. Political Science; Varsity Debate Team, Manager 3; Elections Committee; Asst. Attorney General; Attorney General; Student Body President; Chairman Student Speakers Bureau; Executive Committee of the Intelligent Faith Week; Student Party Exec. Committee; National Public Speaking Champion; Intercollegiate Athletic Committee; Mem- ber of Alpha Council; Gold Key; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Kappa Al- pha; Pi Sigma Alpha; Who ' s Who in American Colleges. HERBERT JOHN GREENLEE, JR., Eustis; B.S. Accounting; March- ing Chiefs; Baptist Student Union. DONALD C. GRIFFIN, Jack- sonville; B.M.E., Phi Mu Alpha; Choral Union. SARAH JANE GRIFFIN, Frostproof; B. S.: Home Economics; Pi Beta Phi; West- minster House, President; Honor Court Junior Counselor. MARTHA YVONNE GRIZZARD, Atlanta, Ga.; B.S.: Recreation; Chi Omega, Pres.; Wesley Foundation Council; Circus; Organizations Commit- tee; F. Club, President; Social Chrm. Dorm; Sophomore Council; Judiciary Chairman; Recreation Club Pres.; Garnet Key; American Association of Health, Phys. Ed. and Recreation; Student-Faculty Athletic Committtee; Mortarboard; Junior Counselor. JANE ESTELLE GROGAN, Clearwater; B.S. Education ROSEMARY D. GROW; Colquitt, Ga.; B.S.: Education; Sigma Kappa; Wesley Foundation; Fashion Institute; FTA. 73 HAYWOOD HECKENDORF HENDERSON HENDRIX HENDRICKS HERNDON HESS HEYWARD HICKS, G. HICKS, S. HILTON HINSON HOBBS HODGES HOFFLANDER HOLT HOWIMER HOOKS HOOVER HORNER HOSKINS HOTCHKISS HOUSTON HOWARD HOWE HUDGINS HUGHES HUKLE HULL HUME HUNT HUNTER HUQ HUSTIN INGRAM IRVIN IVERSON IVEY JACKSON JACOBS JAJYALAPHO JEAFF The Senior Class WILLIAIVI ALTON GROW, JR.; Tallahassee; B.S.: Business Ad- vertising; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chaplain, Correspondent, Recorder, Scholarship Chairman; Arnold Air Society, Area Executive Officer. FREDNA ANITA HAAS; B.S. Home Economics and Home Demon- stration; Home Economics Club, President and State Treasurer; Sopho- more Council; 4-H Club; Junior Counselor; Baptist Student Union Council. CHARLES F. HAEFLINGER, JR.; Winter Park; B.S. Account- ing, Business. JACKIE RAY HAILEY; W. Palm Beach; B. S. Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Marching Chiefs, Head Majorette. HENRY HORRY HAIR, III, Live Oak; B.S. Insurance and Real Estate; Kappa Alpha; Marching Chiefs; F.S.U. Rifle Team; Army ROTC; BARBARA WILKERSON HALE, Orlando; B.S. Elementary Education. HILTON HENDRICKS HALEY; Tallahassee; B.S. Marketing; Alpha Kappa Psi; Veterans Club. We ' re seven minutes late to class now. Shall we make it an even ten? HILTON HENRICKS HALEY; Tallahassee; B.S. Marketing; Alpha Kappa Psi; Veterans Club. MARTHA ANNE HALL, DeLand; B.S.: Secretarial Science; Alpha Omicron Pi; Junior Counselor; Gamma Alpha Chi; Cir- cus; Ruge Hall. ELIZABETH ANN HATTON, Orlando; B.S.: Secretarial Science; Pi Beta Phi; Hedge Trainer; President; Tally-Ho Staff, Organ- izations Editor, Class Editor; Flambeau, Asst. Business Mgr.; Wesley Foundation. JUNE HAMILTON, Bushnell; B.S.: Interior Design; Delta Zeta, Recording Secretary, Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Omicron Nu; Home Economics Club; Freshman Flunkies; Kappa Alpha Rose Court BARBARA ANN HAMMER, Ft. Louderdale; B.S.: Nursing; Alpha X Delta; Student Nurses Ass ' n. RUTH A. HAMMOND, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S.: Social Welfare; Transfer from Monmouth College; Kappa Delta ROBERT CRAIG HAMNER, W. Palm Beach; B.S.: Management and Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi; Housefellow West Hall. GLORIA MAXINE HANNON, Tallahassee; B.S.: Social Welfare and Ed- ucation; Alpha Chi Omega; Vice Pres.; Social Work Club, Pres.; F.T.A. PAT HARDY, Bonifay; B.S.: Business Education; Gymkana; 4-H Club; F.T.A. JOAN ELIZABETH HARMON, St. Petersburg; B.A. Business, Retailing; Zeta Tau Alpha; Secretary of Elections; Gamma Alpha Chi, Pres.; Sophomore Council; Village Vamps; Circus; Jr.-Sr. Prom Invitation and Ticket Chairman; Student Party Treasurer. DAVID ALLEN HARRIS; B.S.: Political Science; Phi Alpha Theta; Pres.; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Sigma Alpha; State Treas. Future Busi- ness Leaders of America. LINDA LOUISE HARRIS; Tallahassee; B.A. Art Education; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec; Art Education Club. JIM CARLTON HAYWOOD, Leesburg, B.S.: Accounting; Kappa Al- pha; Circus; Baptist Men on Campus, Pres. ELSA LOUISE HECK- ENDORF, Sarasota; B.S.: Fashion Design; Transfer from Stetson, Circus; Fashion Institute; Gamma Alpha Chi; Kappa Phi; Theta Alpha Phi; Pepper Award for Fashion Design. JAMES RICHARD HENDERSON, Brooksville; B.S.: Economics; Kappa Alpha. BAR- BARA LOUISE HENDRIX, Ormond Beach; B.S.: Food and Nutri- tion; Kappa Alpha Theta, Editor, Pres.; Village Vamps; Garnet Key Home Economics Club; Judiciary; Gymkana Court; Florida Hall Pres. Transfer from Wesleyan at Macon. VELMA W. HENDRICKS, Milton B.S.: Elementary Education; Pres. Fla. Education Assoc; National Education Assoc. RODGER DUPREE HERNDON, Miami; B.S.; Business; Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha Delta Sigma; Sculions. JOSEPH HESS, Tallahassee; B.A.: Meteorology. POLLY VIRGINIA HEYWARD, Bogalusa, La.; B.A.: Art; Delta Zeta; F Club, Cor- responding Secretary; Art Interest Club, Sec-Treas.; Ruge Hall, Publications, Altar Guild. GAIL WINIFRED HICKS, Plant City; B.S.: Elementary Education; Kappa Delta; Theatre Dance Group. SUE HICKS, Pensacola; B.S.: Elementary Education. CLAUDE KEITH HILTON, Tallahassee; B.S. Education; Gymkana. EDGAR ALLAN HIN- SON, Plant City; B.S.: Business; Theta Chi, Vice Pres.; Pres., Jr. Inter-Frat. Council; Honor Court. E. TRACY HARRISON, Tallahassee; B.S.: Personnel Administration Lambda Chi Alpha; Rush Chairman; Baptist Student Union; Na- tional Society for Public Administration; Tally-Ho Staff; Cavaliers. JAN BAYLESS HARRISON, Pensacola; B.S.: Business, Secretarial Science. DELORES HART, Mayo; B.S.: Education. CAROL VIRGINIA HARTSFIELD; Tallahassee; B.A.: Phi Delta Pi, Vice Pres. REBECCA NANTS HARVARD, Columbia, S. C; B.A.: Speech; Delta Delta Delta. DONALD NORMAN HAYES, Tallahassee; B.S.: Social Science; Baptist Student Union; International Club. SARA LILLIAN HOBBS, Lumpkin, Ga.; B.S.: Education; Delta Zeta; Co- tillion. PAUL B. HODGES, Panama City; Graduate Student. AL E. HOFFLANDER, JR.; Tampa; B.S.: Physics; Pi Kappa hi; Sigma Pi Sig- ma; Astronomy Club. JOYCE HOLT, Rochelle, Ga.; B.S.: Social Welfare, Secretarial Science; Transfer from Valdosta State College; Women ' s Glee Club Senate; Baptist Student Union Council; Program Leader, Y.W.A; Social Work Club. SYLVIA CONRAD HOMMER, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Medical Technology; Alpha Gamma Delta. JOYCE ELAINE HOOKS, Jacksonville; B.S.: Elementary Education; Circus; Future Teachers of America. 75 JEFFERS JENSON JOCKEL JOHNSON, B. J JOHNSON, B. G, JOHNSON, G. JOHNSON, H. JOHNSON L. JOHNSON R. Wl. JOHNSON, R. G. JOINER, C, JOINER, J. JOINER, W. JONES, B. JONES, C. JONES, J. JONES, R. JOSEPH JULA KAIVIILAR KAMINIS KANEY KEARSON KEESLER KEEL KEELS KELLERMAN KELLY KELSHEilVIER KENDRICK KENNEY KENT KIDD KILBOURN KILIAN KING, B. KING, C. KING, E. KINSEY KIRBY KIRKCONNELL KISSINGER The Senior Class LEMUEL HOUSTON HOOVER, Jacksonville; B.S.: Business, IVlarketing; Kappa Alpha Order, Rush Chairman; Men ' s Intramural Board, Vice Pres- ident. BETTY FAYE HORNER, Miami Beach; B.S.: Advertising, Jour- nalism; Delta Gamma; Junior Senator; Gamma Alpha Chi; Junior Coun- selor; Mortified; Rush Chairman, Delta Gamma. LUCY RENDRO HOS- KINS; Pineville, Kentucky; Graduate. HELEN GERMAN HOTCHKISS, Vero Beach; B.S.: Elementary Education. DOLORES M. HOUSTON, Cy- press; B.S.: Elementary Education; F.T.A. MARY BIRDIE HOWARD, Gainesville; B.S.: Elementary Education; Delta Zeta; F.T.A.; " F " Club; Home Economics Club. JAMES EDWIN HOWE, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Business. NANCY ARLEEN HUDGINS, Lake Wales; B.S.: Art Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Historian; Junior Counselor, Dorm Social Chairman; Art Education Club; F.T.A. ; Kappa Delta Pi. SALLY FRANCES HUGHES, St. Augustine; B.S.: Biology. SARAH FRANCES HUKLE, Tampa B.M.E.: Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota, Treasurer; B.S.U. Women ' s Glee Club. EMILY JEANNE HULL; Daytona Beach; B.S. Physical Education; Tarpon Club; A.A.H.P.E.R.; P.E.A.; Freshman Flunkies. MARIA MATILDE HUME, Coral Gables; B.A.: Arts and Sciences; Delta Delta. CHARLES RAY HUNT, Tallahassee; B.S.: Journalism, Advertising; Al- pha Delta Sigma. MELVIN S. HUNTER; Tallahassee; B.S.: Business, Hotel and Restarant Management; Theta Chi. MURSHEDUL HUQ, Dacca, Pakistan; B.S.: Arts and Sciences, Biology. DORIS LAVON HUSTIN, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Business; West Landis Hall Dorm Pres- ident, Floor Chairman; Pi Omega Pi, President; Phi Chi Theta, Treas- urer. SANDRA LYNETTE INGRAM, Apopka; B.S.: Elementary Educa- tion; Phi Mu. ELEANORE ANN IRVIN, Miami Shores; B.S.: Elementary Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Choral Union; A.C.A.; F.T.A., Representa- tive for Student Party; Alpha Xi Delta, House Chairman, Secretary. JERRY RONALD IVERSON, Chicago, Illinois; B.S.: Arts and Sciences, Economics; Theta Chi, Officer; Circus. RUTH ANN IVEY, Tallahassee; B.S.: Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club. SHIRLEY GAY JACKSON, Panama City; B.S.: Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa; Cotillion Club, Secretary; F.T.A.; Sigma Kappa, Rush Chairman, Intramural Chairman, House Chairman. JOEL PAUL JACOBS, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S.: Business, Accounting; Sigma Chi; Varsity Swimming; Undersecretary of Organization. CHET- ANA JAIYALAPHO, Bangkok, Thailand; Graduate, Arts and Sciences. JOHN HULBERT JEAFF, Tuscon, Arizona; B.A.: Education. But I ' m your teacher. I won ' t hurt you. Please come out. MARY ELIZABETH JEFFERS, Tallahassee; B.S.: Nursing Education; Ahechievs Club; International Club. DALE KEITH JENSON, Chipley; B.M.E.; Music; Phi Mu Alpha, President; Kappa Kappa Psi; Sym- phony; Symphonic Band; Marching Chiefs; Flambeau. RICHARD HENRY JOCKEL, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Education. BARBARA JANE JOHNSON, Lake Worth; B.A.: Arts Sciences; Zeta Tau Alpha; Transfer from Palm Beach J. C; Circus; Women ' s Glee Club; Junior Counselor; Sigma Tau Delta, Treasurer. BILLY GRAYDON JOHNSON, Dunn, North Carolina; B.S.: Journalism; Kappa Sigma. GLORIA EVELYN JOHNSON, Tallahassee; B.S.: Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi; Circus; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Tally-Ho Staff; F.T.A. HAMAN HAROLD JOHNSON, Tallahassee; B.S.; Education. LOLA MAE JOHNSON, Chipley; B.S.: Home Economics; B.S.U.: Publicity Director; Home Economics Club; Membership Club. ROBERT MAUR- ICE JOHNSON, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts Sciences; Sigma Chi, Secre- tary and Chaplain; Secretary of Organizations, Student Body Presi- den ' s Cabinet; Gold Key; Homecoming Committee, Student Chairman, Parade Committee; Inter-faith Student Council; Executive Council, Student Party; Sophomore Judiciary; Housefellow Magnolia Hall; West- minster Foundation; Air Force ROTC, Outstanding Sophomore Cadet; Sabre Flight Honorary, Commander; Arnold Air Society Commander; Commander, Vandenberg Guard; Personnel Officer, (Lt. Colonel) Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. ROSE GYNELLE JOHNSON, Jasper; B.S. Education; Phi Mu, pledge trainer; Junior Counselor; Future Teachers of America. CHARLES EDWARD JOINER, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Management. JOHN JOINER, Jacksonville; B.S. Business, Personnel Management; Kappa Alpha; Transfer from Jacksonville Junior College Alpha Kappa Psi; Cavaliers; Circus. 77 KITCHENS KITZMAN KLAPPAS KLEID KNIGHT, J. KNIGHT R. KOVAS KREMIN KUHN LAMB LANDRY LANDRUM LANSFORD LARNER LASSA LASSEN LASSITER LATIMER LATINA LAURENT LAWRENCE LAY LE BEUF LEE LEGERTON LE GRAND LEHMANN LEONE LEVINSON LEWIS, C. LEWIS, D. LEWIS, E. LEWIS, J. LEWIS, L. LEVINE LEVY LEWITT LIDDON LINDSEY LINTHICUWl LITTLE LIVINGSTON M- - : I The Senior Class WILLIAM FLAKE JOINER, JR., Quincy; B.S. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Kappa Alpha; Scullions. BARBARA ELAINE JONES, West Palm Beach; B.S. Home Economics, Interior Design; Sigma Kappa, Secretary; Gamma Alpha Chi; Fashion Institute; Home Economics Club. CHARLES RAY JONES, Warrington; B. S. Business, IVIarketing. JOAN JONES, Miami Shores; A B. Music; Zeta Tau Alpha, Song Chairman; Sigma Alpha Iota, Social Chairman, President; Pi Kappa Lambda; Sigma Delta Pi; Pi Delta Phi; Choral Union; Women ' s Glee Club; Freshman Flunl ies. ROBERT CHARLES JONES, St. Peters burg; B.A. English; Sigma Tau Delta, Vice President; Soltas. DOLORES JO ANN JOSEPH; B.S. Social Welfare; Transfer, Barry College; New- man Club; Social Work Club; Gymkana; Gymnastica; Junior Coun- selor. PAUL NESTOR JULA, Fair Oaks, Pa.; B.S. Business; Delta Sigma Pi, President. SHELDON JOSEPH KAMILAR; Tallahassee; B.S. Industrial Arts Education; Vets Club. JANICE MARILYN KAMINIS; Tampa; B,A. Public Administration; Alpha Delta, President; Vice-President Student Body; President of Student Senate; President of Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Vice-President of Broward Hall; Secretary of State; Garnet Key, Historian; Mortar Board, Historian; Sophomore Council; Junior Council; Pi Sigma Alpha; Politics Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Pan- Hellenic Honor Court, Chairman; Wesley Council. FRANK N. KANEY, Tampa; B.S. Speech; Pi Kappa Phi; Chief Announcer WFSU-FM. MARY SYLVIA KEARSON, Blackshear, Ga.; B.S. Social Welfare; Alpha Gamma Delta, Treasurer, President; Social Welfare Club; IFF; Mortar Board; Garnet Key; Tally Ho; Secretary of Student Senate; Secretary of Student Events. Transfer, Huntington College. BARBARA ALIDA KEESLER, St. Petersburg; B.S. Business Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Majorette with the Marching Chiefs; Tau Beta Sigma. EDWARD KEEL, JR., Marianna; B.S.; Business, Management. CAROL ANN KEELS, Miami; B.S. Education; Alpha Xi Delta, Publicity Chair- man, Treasurer, Vice President; FTA; Scholarship Club; Tally Ho. JAMES S. KELLERMAN, Largo; B.S. Physical Education; Physical Education Majors Club. ANN M. KELLY, Coral Gables; B.S. Elementary and Early Childhood Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary Panhellenic; President Panhellenic; Junior Counselor; Dorm- itry Vice President; Secretary Kappa Delta Pi, FTA, ACE. KATHRYN LOUISE KELSHEIMER, Bradenton; B.S. Botany; Sigma Kappa. JEAN LIVINGSTON KENDRICK, Tallahassee; B.A. Chemical Science; Alpha Epsilon Delta. FRED P. KENNEY, Springfield, Mass.; B.S.: Business; Sigma Nu, Rush Chairman, Alumni Contact, Chaplain, Executive Council; Baseball- Newman Club; Saber Flight; Letterman ' s Club. ELIZABETH JEAN- ETTE KENT, Jay; B.S. Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa. JACKIE DON KIDD, Greenacres City; B.S. Insurance and Real Estate; Kappa Sigma; Veterans Club; Insurance and Real Estate Society, Treasurer. JAMES PIERRE KILBOURN, Port St. Joe; Geology; Geology Club; Wesley Foundation, Organizations Committee; Dorm Governor. WILLIAM Class in birdwatching? Nope. Just spring. CAMERON KILAN, St. Petersburg; B.S. Management and Finance; Phi Kappa Tau; Concert Band; Newman Club; Transfer, St. Peters- burg Junior College. BILLY JOE KING, Pensacola; B.S. Business; Veterans Club. CAROLYN WILKINSON KING, Punta Gorda; B.S. Interior Design. ELLEN ANNETTE KING, Baker; B.A. Education; BSU; Junior Coun- selor; Chaplain, Reynolds Hall. HATTIE NANN KINSEY, Ceballos, province de Camanguey, Cuba; B. S. Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club; Floor Chairman East Landis; International Club; Future Teachers of America. HARRY CHARLES KIRBY, Jackson- ville; B.S. Real Estate and Insurance; Alpha Kappa Psi; Insurance and Real Estate Society; Veterans Club. SUSAN VIRGINIA KIRK- CONNELL, Sarasota; B.A.: Elementary Education; Delta Delta Delta, Panhellenic Representative, Activities Chairman, Co-Rush Chairman; Flambeau Staff, National Education Asso ciation, Florida Education Association. GARY JOSEPH KISSINGER, Tallahassee; B.S.: Public Administration; Day Student Senator; Veterans Club; ASPA, Secretary- Treasurer. JEANI KITCHENS, Coral Gables; B.S.: Clothing and Textiles; Kappa Alpha Theta, Assistant Rush Chairman, Vice-president; Freshman Flunkies, Warpath Club, Sophomore Council, Fashion Institute, Gamma Alpha Chi, F.S.U. Modeling Staff, Smoke Signals Court, IFC Court; Phi Delta Theta Sweetheart; Co-Chairman of Miss Gymkanna Con- test, Village Vamps, Pres. GORDON ARTHUR KITZMAN; Tallahassee; B.S.: Meteorology; Major, United States Air Force. ANTHONY DEN- NIS KLAPPAS, St. Petersburg; B.A.: Industrial Arts Club, Secretary, Intermural Championship Team; Sigma Phi Sigma, President. STEVE KLEID, Miami Beach; B.S.: Speech, Flambeau; Tally Ho Chief Pho- tographer; Phi Eta Sigma, Collegians; Publicity Co-Chairman; West Hall Dorm Government; Lieutenant Governor, Dramatic Productions, Les Jongleurs; University Singers; Choral Union; Opera Workshop; Light Opera Guild; Drama-T.V. Workshop; Hillel; Vets Club; Smoke Signals; Phi Mu Alpha. JACK DANIEL KNIGHT, Zolfo Springs; B.S.: Business. RODNEY E. KNIGHT, Bradenton; B.S.: Business. 79 LOGAN LONG, E. LONG, H. LUBECK LUTTRELL Mac LACHLAN 1AH0NEY i IAIFELD 1ANDESE lANNING VIANTYK MAPPIN MARKY MARSH MARSHICK MARTIN, R. MARTIN, V. MASHBURN MASON MASTERSON MATHERS MATOUK MATSON MATTHEWS MAY MAYFIELD McCALL, G. McCALL, M. McCALL, T. McCANN McCartney McCONNELL, E. McCONNELL, S. McCOY Mcdonald, l. McDonald, m. IcDONALD, R. McGONIGAL McGOWAN McINTYRE McKEMIE McKEOWN The Senior Class FRANCES BARBARA KORAS, Ft. Lauderdale; B.A.: Public Adminis- tration; Alpha Chi Omega; Theater Dance Group, Production Manager; State Committee for Ol lahoma. MARGARET ANN KREMIN; Tampa; B.S.: Nursing Education; Ahechievs, Treasurer. JAMES E. KUHN, JR., Boyd; B.S.: Business; Kappa Sigma; Rifle Team, Co-Captain. JACK ROBERT LAMB, Okeechobee B.S.: Physical Education. CAROL ANN LANDRY, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S.: Medical Technology; Tally Ho; Junior Counselor, Dorm Government. SHIRLEY ANN LANDRUM, Panama City; B.S.: School of Education; FTA; ACEI; Epsilon Chi. ROBERT CUSHMAN LANSFORD, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Business; Lambda Chi Alpha, Scholarship Award; Alpha Omicron Pi Man of the Year; Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College. MORTON SHELDON LARNER, Tallahassee; B.S.: Business Administration; Tau Epsilon Phi; Insurance and Real Estate Club; Seminole Flying Club. WILLIAM R. LASSA, Ft. Lauderdale; B.A,: Philosophy. LOYD F. LASSEN, South Bend, Ind.; B.S.: Business; Varsity Track; Dorm Government; Sigma Delta Psi. MARY ANN LASSITER; West Palm Beach; B.S.: Ele- mentary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Student Senate; Student Events Committee; Epsilon Chi, President; Tally Ho; ACE, Treasure -; FTA; State Scholarship Club. M. DIANE LATIMER, Miami; B.S.: Elementary Education; Kappa Delta, Vice-President; Senior Class Senator; Sophomore Council, Vice President; Association for Childhood Education, President, Westminster Fellowship. ALBERT AMERICO LATINA, Plant City; B.A.: Biology; Newman Club; Choral Union; Warpath Club. BEVERLY ELISE LAURENT, Bar- tow; B.S.: Elementary Education, Chi Omega; Village Vamps; Future Teachers of America; Circus; Theater Dance Group; Fashion Modeling Squad, Sigma Chi Derby Queen, Military Ball Queen Court, IFC Queen ' s Court; Smoke Signals, Queen ' s Court; Gymkana Queens Court; Co- Chairman, Gymkana Contest. JANE GIBSON LAWRENCE, Dade City; B.S.: Education; Chi Omega; Modeling Squad Alternate; Theater Dance Group; Choral Union; F.H.A.; FT. A. MYRA ANNE LAY, Coral Gables; B.A.: Spanish; Alpha Xi Delta: Soph. Council; Jr. Counselor; Tau Beta Epsilon; Sigma Delta Pi; Gymkana Court. EUGENE L. LE BEUF, Tallahassee; B.S.- Insurance and Real Estate; Alpha Kappa Psi; In- surance and Real Estate Society. EARL VICTORY LEE, Pensacola; M.S.: Accounting. EDWARD K. LEGERTON, Tampa; B.S.: Geology; Scabbard and Blade Society, First Sergeant. JOHN PHILLIPS LEGRAND, JR., Mocksville, N. C; B.S.: Restaurant and Hotel Management. RICHARD L. LEH- MANN, Tallahassee; B.S.: Finance; Phi Mu Alpha; Lambda Delta, Regional President; Campus Sing Committee; Collegians; Choral Union. JANE FRANCES LEONE, Fort Myers; B.S.: Elementary Education; Freshmen picnic — iun, fellowship and fried chicken. F.B.L.A.; F.T.A.; Newman Club. JEAN A. LEVINSON, Sarasota; B.S.: Chemistry; Marching Chiefs; American Chemical Society-Student Af- filiate. CLAYTON HUGH LEWIS, Pensacola; B.S.: Business; Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity; Vets Club; Transfer. DON K, LEWIS, Miami; B.S.: Public Planning; Sigma Chi, secretary; Gold Key; Alpha Council; Vice Pres. Sophomore Class; Junior Senator; Senior Senator; Chairman of Student Labor, Services, and Education Committee; Speaker ' s Bureau. EUGENE ARDEN LEWIS, Thomasville, Ga.; B.S.: Physical Education; Vollyball; Alpha Phi Omega. JANE HASKELL LEWIS, Tallahassee; B.S.: Secretarial Science; Delta Gam- ma Historian; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor for Day Students; Wesley Foundation; Recreation Treasurer; Concert Band; Phi Chi Theta. LORETTA LEE LEWIS, Jacksonville Beach; B.A.: Modern Languages; Delta Delta Delta; Los Picaros; Freshman Flunkies; Sigma Delta Pi; International Students Club. JUDITH NAN LEVINE, West Englewood, New Jersey; B.S.: Psychelogy. LARRY E. LEVY, Talla- hassee; B.S.: Business; Sigma Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi, Veteran ' s Club. ROBERT LOUIS LEWITT, JR., Miami; B.S.: Social Studies; Dorm Government West Hall. ARDIS F. LIDDON, Winter Haven; B.S.: Ele- mentary Education; Phi Mu, Treas.; Freshman Flunkies; F.T.A. TROY C. LINDSEY, JR., Americus, Ga.; B.S.: Management. ANN LOUISE LINTHICUM, Hollywood; B.S.: Nursing; Student Nurses Association. BARBARA JEAN LITTLE, Tampa, B.S.; Science Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, Treas.; Freshman Class Treas.; Vice-Pres. Reynolds Hall; Sophomore Council; Marching Chiefs; Junior Counselor, President Broward Hall; Garnet Key; Tau Beta Sigma; Westminster Fellowship; F.T.A.; Mortified; Intramurals, Softball and Badminton All Star. GEORGE DAHMER LIVINGSTON, JR., Quincy; B.S.: Economics; Phi Delta Theta, Pledge Master; Advanced ROTC, Scabbard and Blade. 81 Mcknight McLENDON McMANUS McMillan, b. McMillan, l. MEADOR meissner melton meredith MERIMS MESERVE MILLER, E. MILLER, P. MILLER, S. MILLION MINTON MOFFA MONROE MONTELEONE MOORE, G. MOORE, J. M. MOORE, J. T. MOORE, M. MORAS MORAN MORGAN MORLEY MORRIS, D. MORRIS, J. MORRIS, M. MORROW MOSS MULLER MURRAH MURRAY, B. L. MURRAY, R. P. MURRELL MYERS NAGEL, J. NAGEL, N. NAGODE NAPIER, A. The Senior Class GARY M. LOGAN, Orlando; B.S.: Elementary Education; Sophomore Council, Alpha Gamma Delta; Future Teachers; Epsilon Chi; Kappa Delta Pi. ERNEST PIERCE LONG, Jacksonville; B.S.: Pers onnel Man- agement; Kappa Alpha; Methodist Student House; YMCA Leaders Club. HUEY BILLY LONG, Tallahassee; Geography. FRANCIS BARRY LUBECK, West Palm Beach; B.S.: Personnel Management, Economics; Delta lau Delta; Newman Club. CHARLES FRANKLIN LUTTRELL, Columbus, Ga., B.M.E.: Music; Marching Chiefs; Concert Band; Col- legians; University Singers; Alpha Phi Omega; Choral Union Summer. ANNE KENNEDY MacLACHLAN, Miami; B.S.: Elementary Education; Dorm Social Committee; Intramural Teams. JAMES EDWARD MAHONEY, Tallahassee; B.A.: Business. JEAN A. IVIAIFELD, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Home Economics. YOLANDA CHARLOTTE MANDESE, Tampa; B.S.: Medical Technology. CORA ANN MANNING; Punta Gorda; B.S.: Elementary Education; Delta Gamma; Circus; Concert Band; Westminster House; State Treasurer. MARILYN ANN MANTYK, Miami; B.S.: Elementary Education; Future Teachers of America. BARBARA JEAN MAPPIN, Miami; B.S.: Edu- cation; Baptist Student Union; Scholarship Club. RAYMOND LOUIS MARKY, JR., Tallahassee; B.S.: Bookkeeping Science; Theta Chi, Treas.; Bookeeping Club; Cavaliers. ANNE ISABEL MARSH, Jacksonville; :B.S. Elementary and Special Education. JEAN MARIE MARSHICK, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Physical Education; F Club; Intramural Manager; W.D.R.A. Board; Physical Education Association. RICHARD DANIEL MARTIN, Sarasota; B.A.: Psychology. VIRGINIA ANN B. MARTIN, Umatilla; B.S.: Elementary Education. ERNEST BROWARD MASHBURN, Cottondale; B.S.: Per- sonnel Management. " Take a break " he soys. This production would wear Ethel Merman out. HARRY C. MAY, Tallahassee; B.E.: Business. ANN JANET MAYFIELD, Wewahitchka; State Scholarship Club; Future Teachers; Pi Omega Pi, Vice-Pres. GERALD NACHOMAS McCALL, Mayo; B.S.: Education; Sigma Alpha Eta; Alpha Phi Omega MARY CLAIRE McCALL, Quincy; B.S.: Social Welfare; Junior Coun- selor; Baptist Student Union. THOMAS FAIN McCALL, St. Peters- burg; B.S.: History; Veterans Club. HANK McCANN, West Palm Beach; B.S.: Speech; Phi Delta Theta, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman, Exe- utive Board; Freshman Class Senator; Sophomore class Senator; Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Vice-Pres. Collegiate Party, Executive Board, Vice " hairman. Chairman; Circus; Mens Senate; Alpha Council; Cavaliers, Vice-President; Les Jounglers; Senate Honor Court Committee; Fresh- man Class Cabinet. MARILYN MASON, Clearwater; B.S.: Education; Kappa Delta WILLIAM ALBERT MASTERSON, Jacksonville; B.S.: Business; Vet- erans Club; Newman Club. DE WITT MATHERS, Greenville; B.S.: Accounting; Veterans Club. MARLENE ELISSA MATOUK, St. Peters- burg; B.S.: Speech; Les Jongleurs, Vice-Pres.; Gamma Alpha Chi; WFSU-FM Announcer. JAMES E. MATSON, Tallahassee; B.M.: Ed- ucation; Phi Mu Alpha; Symphonic Band; Collegians; Baptist Student Union. JAMES FRANKLIN MATTHEWS, Orlando; B.S.: Education; Veterans ' Club; Scholarship Club; Future Teachers; American Council of English Teachers. BARBARA McCARTNEY, Tampa; B.S.: Elementary Education; Chi Omega, Treasurer, Vice-President, President; Sophomore Council; Junior Class Treasurer; Senior Class Treasurer; Association for Child- hood Education, Vice-President; Garnet Key, Secretary; Motar Board, Editor; Theta Chi Dream Girl Court. EDITH ANN McCONNELL, Tampa; B.S.: Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; F.E.A. SALLY MARIE McCONNELL, St. Petersburg; B. S.: Elementary English; Art English Club; President of South Cawthorn. RAYMOND L. McCOY, Tallahassee; B.S.: Social Studies; Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; University Court; F.T.A., Scholarship Club Presi- dent; Scabbard and Blade. LALA ANN McDONALD, Quitman, Ga , B.A.: Art; Zeta Tau Alpha; Choral Union, Sophomore Council. MARY BETH McDonald, Blountstown; B.S.: Business Education; Delta Zeta; Womens Glee Club; T.FT.A.; Phi Chi Theta. 83 NAPIER, P. NEAPING NEEL NEELEY NELSON, D. NELSON, K. NELSON, R. NEWMAN NICHOLAS NICHOLSON NIXON NOOT NORRIS, C. A. NORRIS, C. H. NORRIS, W. OEXLE OLIVER ORVILLE OTERO OVERSTREET PACE PADGETT PAGE, R. PAGE, W. PAINTER PARIS PARKER PARKHURST PARSONS PAYNE, G. PAYNE, W. PEACOCK, G. PEACOCK, M. PECKHAM PEEL PENDLETON PENNINGTON PERKINS PERMENTER PERRY PHILLIPS PLOWMAN The Senior Class ROBERT CLARK McDONALD, Port Orange; B.S.: Chemistry; Track Team; American Chemical Society. THEODORE JAMES McGONIGAL, Kissimmee; B.M.E.: IVlusic; Phi Mu Alpha. BETTY ANN McGOWAN, Scarsdale, N. Y.; B. A.: English; Sigma Kappa, Pan-Hellenic, Intra- murals Chairman F. Club, Secretary, Social Chairman; W.D.U.R.A., Secretary; Flambeau; Election Committee. JAMES M. McINTYRE, New Port Richey; B.S.: Political Science; West Hall Governor; Collegians; President ' s Cabinet, Secretary of honor; Flambeau, News Editor; Tally-Ho, Co-Sports Editor; Tau Kappa Alpha; Gold Key, Vice-President Varsity Debate; Homecoming Dance Chairman; Intelligent-Faith Week Committee; Student Party Delegate; Intramural Extemporaneous Championship. WILLIAM ROGERS McKEMIE III, Tampa; B.S.: Insurance; Alpha Tau Omega, Pledge trainer, secretary; Varsity Tennis; Judiciary; Insurance Club; Chief Justice Traffic Court; Jr.-Sr, Prom Committee. MARY KATH- ERINE McKEOWN, Pensacola; B.A.: English; Sigma Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta, President; Junior Counselor; Landis Hall Social Chairman, Vice-President; Newman Club. I spend two hours getting dressed and where do we go? The gynn. JO ELLEN Mcknight, Tallahassee; B.S.; Social Welfare; Alpha Gamma Delta; A.C.E.; F.T.A.; Freshman Flunkies, Social Work Club. SHIRLEY ANN McLENDON, Miami; B.S: Education; Future Teachers; Scholarship Club; Junior Counselor; Broward Hall Vice-President; Baptist Student Union. JOHN E. McMANUS, Minonk, III.; B.S.: Baking Science and Management; Delta Sigma Pi; Bakers Club; Dorm. Government, Student Assistant. BETTY NAUTHENIA McMILLAN, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S.: Social Welfare; Transfer from U. of F.; Social Welfare Club; International Club; Dormitory Government. LEWIS CLYDE McMillan, Ft. Meade; B.S.: Retailing. DAVID DEAN MEADOR, Indianapolis, Ind.; B.S.: Restaurant-Hotel; Scullions, Vice- President. ADELE ETHEL MEISSNER, Balboa, Canal Zone; B.S.: Social Wel- fare. NINA RUTH WILLIAMS MELTON, Griffin, Ga.; B.S.: Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club, Treasurer; Junior Coun- selor, Vice-President Dormitory; Gymkana; Summer Judiciary. LARRY EDWARD MEREDITH, Miami; B.S.; Accounting; Delta Tau Delta, Social Chairman; Flambeau, Business Manager; Delta Sigma Phi; Student Government, Finance Committee; Westminster Foundation. GORDON S. MERIMS, Jackson Heights, N. Y,; B.S.: Personal Man- agement; Track Team; Delta Sigma Pi; F.B.L.A., Treasurer, President; Scholarship Committee, Chairman. JOSEPH M. MESERVE, Tallahassee; B.S.: Meteorology. EDWARD H. MILLER, Ft. Lauderdale; B.A.: Radia- tion Physics; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Phi Omega; Sabre Flight; Col- legians; Choral Union; West Hall Housefellow. PHYLLIS ANN MILLER, Sarasota, B.S.: Social Welfare; Kappa Del- ta; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice-President; Women ' s Glee Club; Social Wel- fare Club; Lutheran Student Association, President. SHIRLEY ANN MILLER, Hollywood; B.S.: Nursing; Student Nurses Association; F.S.U. Band; Baptist Student Union. SHIRLEY LOU MILLION, Balboa, Canal Zone; Transfer-Canal Zone Junior College; B.A.: Library Science; Soltas Club; Scholarship winner; Freshman Class Treasurer. DAVID SIDNEY MINTON, Tallahassee; B.S.: Science Education; Lambda Chi Alpha. JOSEPH G. MOFFA, Jeannette, Pa.; B.S.: Marketing; Alpha Kappa Psi; Vets Club. CRAIG LINCOLN MONROE, New Smyrna Beach; B.S.: Sociology. CARMINE JOSEPH MONTELEONE, Long Branch, N. J.; B.S.: Baking Science and Management; Pi Kappa Alpha; Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President, Baking Club. GLENDA RAE MOORE, Westville; B.S.: Nursing; Student Nurses Association. JAMES MARSHALL MOORE, Tampa; B.S.: Insurance; Alpha Tau Omega. JOHN THOMAS MOORE, Tallahassee; B.S.: Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Baseball, Football. MARION E. MOORE, Amarillo, Texas; Graduate Student. MARIA ADELA MORAS, Tallahassee; B.A.: Medical Technology; International Club; Tarpon Club; Los Picaros. MARY MORAN, Tampa; B.S.: Elementary Education; Newman Club, Secretary. SALLY LOU MORGAN, Titusville; B.S.: Physics; Alpha Omicron Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma. PATRICIA ANNE MORLEY, Columbus, Ga.; B.A.: Education; Tarpon Club. DAVID ALLEN MORRIS, Tallahas- see; B.S.: Economics; Sigma Nu, President, Rush Chairman; Flam- beau; Tally-Ho; Golf. JOHN WILLIAM MORRIS, JR., Tampa; B.S.: Insurance and Real Estate; Alpha Tau Omega, President; President of I.F.C., Chairman Advisory Committee; Advisory Council to Dean ics; Phi Mu. 85 PIEPER PIERCY PILCHER PINCKNEY PINKARD PIPER PITTMAN POITEVINT POSSENTI POWELL, M. S. POWELL, M. N. PRATHER PREISSER PREWITT PRIDGEON PURYEAR RACHELS RAMSEY RATCLIFF RATHBUN RAY REED REHWINKEL REVELL RICE RICHARDS RICHARDSON, C. RICHARDSON, J. RICHARDSON, I. RISTER RITTER ROBERTS, D. ROBERTS, M. RODGERS, E, ROGERS, C. ROGERS, L. ROGERS, S. B. ROGERS, S. K. ROMEU ROOKS ROSE ROSS The Senior Class JAN MORROW, Jacksonville; B.S.: Social Welfare; Delta Gamma; Social Worl Club; Delta Gamma, Social Chairman, Rituals Chairman. HELEN PRISCILLA MOSS, B.S.: English; Pi Beta Phi, Rush Chair- man, Secretary of State; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Junior Senator; Garnet Key, Vice-President; Mortified, NANCY MARIE MULLER, Clearwater; B.S.: Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, House Manager; Freshman Flunkies; Cantebury Club; Off Campus Court- Secretary; FTA; A.C.E.; Tally-Ho. ROBERT H. MURRAH, JR., Pel- ham, Ga.; B.S.: Recreation Education; Florida State Recreation So- ciety; Intramurals. BOBBIE LEE MURRAY, Mayo; B.S.: Education Science; F.T.A.; Circus; Alpha Lambda Delta; Scholarship Club. ROBERT PERRY MURRAY, Frostproof; B.S.: Management and Fi- nance; Sigma Chi; Day Student Senator; Mens Vice-President; Home- coming Committee; Gold Key. Sometimes this place gets downright seenic. LAURA MATILDA MURRELL, DeLand; B.S.: Home Economics; Home Economics Club, Treasurer; 4-H Club; Gamma Alpha Chi; Junior Counselor; F.T.A. BOB MYERS, Philippi, W.Va.; B.S.: Education, Theta Chi; Transfer, Alderson-Broaddus College. JULIE ANN NAGEL, Tampa; B.S.: Elementary Education. NORRIS G ENE NAGEL, Tampa; B.S.: Management. RICHARD WILLIAM NAGODE, Eclude, Ohio; B.S.: Insurance and Real Estate; Phi Delta Theta; Insurance and Real Estate Club. ARDYCE JO NAPIER, Hialeah; B.S.: Home Economics Education; Junior Counselor; Home Economics Club. CECELIA A. NORRIS; Pahoke; B.S.; Elementary Education; North Cawthon Social Chairman; F.T.A.; A.C.E. CURTIS H. NORRIS, Pensa- cola; B.A.: History. WILMER GENE NORRIS, Ponce Le Leon; B.S.: Management. NANCY ELIZABETH OEXLE, Pensacola; B.A.: Library Science; Transfer — Duke University; Kappa Alpha Theta, Chaplain; Ruge Hall Altar Guild; South Pacific Production. MARY JANE OLIVER, Thomasville, Ga.; B.S.: Business Education; Phi Mu. LAURA MILSTER ORVILLE, Alexandria, Va.; B.A.: English. PATRICK LEE NAPIER, Hollywood; B.S.: Applied Music; University Singers; Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary; Theatre Dance; Gymkana; Col- legians. AGNES ELOUISE NEARING, Hastings; B.S.: Business Educa- tion; Gamma Phi Beta; Marching Chiefs; Concert Band; Tau Beta Sigma; Phi Chi Theta; Newman Club; Junior Counselor. SYLVIA ELAINE NEEL, Blountstown; B.S.: Education; Baptist Student Union. FRANCES NEELEY, Monticello; B.S.: Secretarial Science; Phi Mu Circus; Zeta Sigma Upsilon. DAVIS RAY NELSON, St. Petersburg B.S.: Accounting; Beta Alpha Chi. KARL BERTEL NELSON, Panama B.S.: Management; Transfer — Tulane University; Pre-med Club; South Pacific production. CARLOS E. OTERO, Orocis, Puerto Rico; B.S.: Restaurant and Hotel Management; International Club, Vice-President; Scullions. JO ANN OVERSTREET, Jacksonville; B.A.: History; Transfer Carson-Newman College; Pi Delta Phi; Baptist Student Union. WILLIAM FRANKLIN PACE, Pensacola; B.S. Advertising; Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Coun- cil; Alpha Delta Sigma. JOHN KELLY PADGETT, Westville; B.S.: Mathematics; F.T.A.; Baptist Student Union; Math Club. ROBERT EVERETT PAGE III, Polk City; B.S.: Public Administration. WILLIE E. PAGE, JR.., Kinston, N. C; English; Graduate Student. RICHARD G. NELSON, Auburn, N. Y.; B.S.: Management; Delta Sigma Pi. ELINOR NEWMAN, Fruitland Park; B.S.: Education; F.T.A., Pres- ident, Vice-President, Secretary; Epsilon Chi, Vice-President; A.C.E.; F.A.F.T.A., State Executive Council, Secretary-Treasurer. JOAN BAR- BARA NICHOLAS, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Retailing; Delta Gamma, Treasurer; Gamma Alpha Chi, Reporter; Phi Chi Theta. FANCHONE NICHOLSON, San Antonio; B.S.: Elementary Education; F.T.A.; Wes- ley Foundation. ROY C. NIXON, Tallahassee, B.S.: Geology; Geology Club, Secretary-Treasurer. DONALD SCOTT NOOT, Upper Montclair, N. J.; B.S.: Baking Science and Management; Phi Delta Theta, President; Alpha Council; Bakers Club; Freshman Class King. MARJORIE ANN PAINTER, Fort Meade; B.S.: Elementary Educa- tion; Transfer Florida Southern College; F.T.A.; A.C.E. YVONNE ELIZABETH PARIS, Miami. ELIZABETH PARKER, Mayo; B.S.: Ed- ucation; Delta Zeta; F.T.A.; Delta Zeta, Activities Chairman; Dorm Officer; Health Club. ARTHUR BYRON PARKHURST, Marathon, B.S.: Political Science; Sigma Nu, President; Baseball. PAULA JOY PAR- SONS, Miami; B.A.: Arts and Sciences; Marching Chiefs, Majorette; I.F.C. Queen; Orange Bowl Princess; Homecoming Court; Cotillion. GLORIA ALMA PAYNE, Macon; B.S.: Physical Education; B.S.U. Council; Physical Education Association, Program Chairman. 87 ROUNTREE ROWELL RYAN RYKARD SALGADO, D. SALGADO, M. SANCHEZ SANDIFORD SARGENT SARRIS SAUNDERS SAWYER SCHERTZ SCHWARTZ SCHMITT SCHMIT SCOTT SEDDON SEILER SELLAS SELMON SHADDICK SHAW, L. SHAW, T. SHEALEY SHEAROUSE SHEPHERD SHIELDS SHIVES SHOWERMAN SHUMAN, R. L. SHUWIAN, R. M. SICA SILLAY SILVEY SIMMONS, G The Senior Class WILLIAM LYLE PAYNE, Jacksonville; B.S.: Management; Kappa Alpha; Freshman Basketball. GEORGE HOWARD PEACOCK, Panama City; B.S.: Accounting, MARY LOUISE PEACOCK, B.S.: Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, Rush Chairman; Freshman Class Secretary; Sophomore Council, Secretary; Garnet Key; Mortor Board; Junior Counselor; Sigma Tau Delta; Who ' s Who In American Colleges. RALPH BRANNAN ' PECKHAM, Tampa; B.S.: Advertising; Alpha Delta Sigma; Smoke Signals, Business Manager, Advertising Manager; Magnolia Hall Social Chairman. NAOMI ANNETTE PEEL, Chipley; B.S.: Home Economics; F.T.A.; Home Economics Club; Wesley Foundation. FAY ANNETTE PENDLETON, Tampa; B.S.; Elementary Education; Women ' s Glee Club; F.T.A.; Baptist Student Union; A.C.E. CLEMENT JOHNS PENNINGTON, Tallahassee; B.S.: Arts Education; Biology Club; Art Education Majors Club, Vice-President; Wesley Foundation, Historian; National Arts Education Association; F.E.A. BEVERLY PERKINS, Tallahassee; B.A.: English; Kappa Alpha Theta, Scholarship Chairman; Freshman Flunkies, Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Tally Ho Staff; Sigma Delta Pi. JEAN ELIZABETH PER- MENTER, Lakeland; B.S.: Home Economics; Transfer Wesleyan Col- lege; Dance Club; Fine Arts Club; Swimming Team; Fashion Institute, Secretary; Home Economics Club. TRUDIE W. PERRY, Bradenton; B.S. Arts Sciences; Phi Mu; Sigma Alpha Eta, Secretary; Student- Faculty Traffic Committee; Summer Council. WILLIAM V. PHILLIPS, Pensacola; A.B.: Recreation; Sigma Chi; Recreation Club. GEORGE WAY PLOWMAN, Key West; B.S.: Mathematics. KAY A. PIEPER, Miramar, Havana, Cuba; B.S.: Home Economics; Tarpon Club; International Students Club, Secretary; Newman Club; Sophomore Council; Home Economics Club. IVONNE PIERCY, Panama City; B.S.: Education; W.D.U.R.A., Publicity Chairman; Intramurals, Vice Chairman; Physical Education Association, Social Chairman. MARY KATHLEEN PILCHER, Panama City; B.A.: Arts Sciences; Los Picaros; Pi Delta Phi, President; Scholarship Club. CARTHA VA- LENCIA PINCKNEY, Pinellas Park; B.S.: Education; F.T.A., Secretary. CAROL LEE PINKARD, Miami; B.S.: Business Education; Junior Counselor; Phi Chi Theta; Baptist Student Union; Marching Chiefs; Concert Band. JAN JEROME PIPER, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Restau- rant and Hotel Management; Scullions Club. JACQUELYN PITTMAN, Pensacola; B.S.: Nursing; Ahechievs, Vice- President, President. CHARLET POITEVINT, N. Miami; B.S.: Journal- ism; Flambeau, Editor, Associate Editor, Greek Editor; Gamma Alpha Chi; Sophomore Council. HAROLD RICHARD POSSENTI, Tallahassee; B.S.: Accounting; Delta Tau Delta. MARY STEPHANIE POWELL, Lakeland; Alpha Xi Delta; B.S.: Personnel Management; Alpha Xi Delta, Secretary, Treasurer; Gamma Alpha Chi; Phi Chi Theta; Politics Club; Choral Union. MARY NAOMI POWELL, Daytona Beach; B.S.: Business; Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer. SARAH ELIZABETH PRATHER, Fort Myers; B.S.: Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer; F.T.A.; Village Vampi. Mascot? I thought it was your rooTimate. DONALD DAVID PREISSER, Denver, Colo.; B.S.: Physical Educa- tion; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Gymnastics; Gymnastica; Air ROTC; Arnold Air Society. TOM ORIN PREWITT, Jackson, Miss.; Graduate: Social Welfare. BENJAMIN HARLAND PRIDGEON, We- wahitchka; B.S.: Public Administration; Sigma Nu, Chaplain; American Society for Public Administration. GERRY PURYEAR, Groveland; B.S.: Home Economics Education; Alpha Xi Delta, Social Chairman; Fashion Institute; Home Economics Club. SHIRLEY HOPE RACHELS, DeFuniak Springs; B.S.: English Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta; Future Teachers; Smoke Signals Staff. JIMMIE KATHLEEN RAMSEY, Blountstown; Delta Zeta, 2nd Vice Pres.; Women ' s Glee Club; Circus; Garnet Key; Women ' s Senate; Freshmen Flunkies; Future Teachers. RODNEY WADE RATCLIFF, Pompano Beach; B.S.: Physical Education; Major ' s Club. DONALD L. RATHBUN, Fremont, Ohio; B.S.: Trades and Vocational Education; Veteran ' s Club; Pres. of the Industrial Arts Club; Art Interest Club. BERRY RYAN RAY, Miami Shores; B.S : Accounting; Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Psi; Varsity Swimming. JAMES C. REED, Enid, Okla.; B.S.: Home Economics; Collegians; Flying Club; Les Jongleurs. REBA BEVIS REHWINKEL, Tallahassee; B.S.: Elementary Education; Delta Zeta; Sophomore Council; Scholarship Club; Future Teachers; Funds Committee in Cabinet; D.Z., Secretary, Treas. PATRICIA NELL REVELL, Bristol; B.S.: Social Welfare. DOROTHY CAROL RICE, Orlando; B.S.: Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa; Future Teacher ' s; Newman Club. KATHRYN ANN RICHARDS, Altha; B.S.: Corrections, Social Welfare. CHARLES ARNOLD RICHARD- SON, Jacksonville; B.S.: Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary. JAMES MORELAND RICHARDSON, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Personnel Manage- ment; Baptist Student Union. ISAAC W. RICHARDSON, Pine Village, Ind.; B.S.: Meteorology; Meteorology Club, Vice-Pres.; Alpha Phi Omega; Veteran ' s Club. JOYCE L. RISTER, Orlando; Nursing Education; Graduate Nurse Club, Treas.; Pres., Graduate House. 89 SIMMONS, R. SIMON, F. SIMON, J. SINCLAIR SKIFF SLAPPEY SLUSSER SMELTZER SMITH, J. SMITH, M. M. SMITH, M. D. SMITH, R. A. SMITH, S. F. SMITH, S. L. SMITH, T. SNOOK SOMMER SOUTHERN SNOW SOWELL SPENCER SPIRES SPROUL STARBUCK STEELE STEINBERG, L. STEINBERG, M. STEVENS STEWART STOKES STRAIN STRICKLAND, M. STRICKLAND, W. STROCK STROM SUMMERS, C. The Senior Class KATHERINE F. RITTER, Tallahassee; B.S.: Art Education; Art Edu- cation Club; Transfer from Wesleyan College. DAYTON YOUNG ROBERTS, Tallahassee; B.A.: Foreign Servi ce Public Administration; Kappa Alpha Mu, National Vice-President; American Society Public Administration, Secretary, President; Veteran ' s Club, President; Intra- mural Board; Southern School Press Institute, Counselor; Senator. MARGARET CAMERON ROBERTS; B.S.: Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa; Fashion Institute; Westminster Fellowship. ELEANOR LILLY RODGERS, Parker; B.A.: Elementary Education; Choral Union; House Council; Future Teacher ' s; Univ. of Louisville. CATHERINE LOUISE ROGERS, Tallahassee; B.S.- Education; Art Education Club, Pres. LUCILLE WALKER ROGERS, Orlando; B.S.: Nursing Education. SAMUEL BYRD ROGERS, Tallahassee; B.S.: Insurance; Lambda Chi Alpha. SONYA KAY ROGERS, Wildwood; B.S.: Elementary Edu- cation. FRANKLYN ROMEU, Tallahassee; B.S.: Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Beta Chi. EVELYN ROOKS, Chipley; B.S.: Home Economics Education; Wesley Foundation; Vice-Pres. Landis Hall; Junior Counselor. MARY M. ROSE, Balboa, Canal Zone; B.M.E.: Music; University Singers; Women ' s Glee Club; Choral Union; Sigma Alpha Iota. TRAVIS HARVEY ROSS, Haines City; B.S.: Business Management; Choral Union; Collegians, Secretary. NANCY ALICE ROUNTREE, Sanford; B.S.: Elementary Education; Phi Mu LANDRESS LEON ROWELL, Green Cove Springs; B.S.: Mar- keting; Alpha Kappa Psi; Veteran ' s Club; Jacksonville Junior College. WILLIAM THOMAS RYAN, Hialeah; B.S.: Management; Alpha Kappa Psi; Cavaliers, Sec; Scullions Club; Veteran ' s Club. MARY ANN RYKARD, Madison; B.S.: Home Economics Education; University 4-H Club; Home Economics Club, Youth Conference Chairman. DANIEL ENRIQUE SALGADO, Key West; B.S.: Meteorology; Veteran ' s Club; Meteorology Club; International Club. MARIA ANTONIA SALGADO, Key West; B.A.: Spanish; Sigma Delta Pi; International Club; Alpha Lambda Delta. KATHRYN PEARL SANCHEZ, Key West; B.S.: Education; Gamma Phi Beta, Pres.; Future Teacher ' s; Junior Counselor; Kappa Delta Pi. KENNETH B. SANDIFORD, Pensacola; B.S.: Social Studies. ARLENE LEE SARGENT, Avon Park; B.S.: Business Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Rec. Sec; Scholarship Club; Tally Ho, Ass ' t Business Manager, Business Manager. PHILLIP J. SARRIS, Birmingham, Ala.; B.S.: Hotel and Restaurant Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Scullion, Sec. and Vice Pres. EUGENIE OUDIN SAUNDERS, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Child Development; West Landis House Council. PHYLLIS MARIE SAWYER, Miami; B.A.; Arts and Sciences. DONALD C. SCHERTZ, Takoma Park, Md.; B.S.: Meteorology; United States Air Force, Capt. DONALD H. SCHWARTZ, Miami; B.S.: Baking Science; Tau Epsilon Phi, Sec, Vice-Pres., President.; Tennis; Bakers Club. ELIZABETH MAXON SCHMITT, St Petersburg; B.S.: Social So you ' re bigger than I cm. I still say you look bowlegged in that outfit Studies Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Future Teacher ' s Tally Ho, Organizations Editor. MARIE-BLANCHE SCHMIT, DeLand; B.S.: Elementary Education; Delta Zeta; Marching Chiefs; Concert Band; Wesley Players; Kappa Delta Pi, Sec; Tau Beta Sigma; Wesley Foundation Council. JOHN ALLEN SCOTT, Miami; B.S.: Commercial Art; Pi Kappa Alpha GEORGE RICHARD SEDDON, Tallahassee; B.S.; Accounting. WILLIAM NORMAN SEILER, Tallahassee; B.S.: Meteorology; Ameri- can Meteorology Society; Veteran ' s Club; Ruge Memorial Scholar- ship; Baptist Student Union ROBERT DANIEL SELLAS, Tampa; B.S.: Management Sigma Nu, SEARLE SELMON, Brooklyn, N. Y.; B.S.: Baking Science, Management; Dorm Gov.; Baking Science Club. PHYLLIS ANN SHADDICK, Lady Lake; B S.: Home Economics Edu- cation; Gamma Phi Beta, Treas.; Junior Counselor; Dorm Vice-Pres.; Marching Chiefs; Concert Band; Tau Beta Sigma; Home Economics Club; 4-H Club, Sec, Pres.; Gamma Alpha Chi. LEEWOOD MAXWELL SHAW, Tallahassee; Alpha Delta Pi. THOMAS JAMES SHAW, Madison; B.A.: Mathematics; Math Club. MARILYN WILLETTE SHEALEY, Monticello; B.S.: Nursing. BARBARA JEAN SHEAROUSE, Orlando; B.S : Early Childhood Education; Fashion Institute; Future Teachers; Assoc, of Childhood Education; Epsilon Chi. CAROLYN ANN SHEPHERD, St. Petersburg; B.A.: Edu- cation; Los Picaros. SUE HARRIET SHIELDS, Fort Meade; B.A.: Journalism; International Club; Baptist Student Union. SUE SHIVES, Cincinnati, Ohio; B.S.: Recreation Education; Delta Gamma; Circus; Theatre Dance; Junior Class Social Chamn.; Sophomore Council- Westminster Student House; National Recreation Association; Colleg- iate Party Exec. DONALD W. SHOWERMAN, Ft. Pierce; B.S.: Psy- chology; Veterans Club. 91 SUMMERS, D. SUNDWALL SWANSON SWIGERT SWINGLE TAYLOR, C. TAYLOR, J. TAYLOR, W. TENGSTEDT TERRABONNE TERRELL TERWILLIGER THACKERSON THOMAS, M. THOMAS, T. THOMPSON, G. THOMPSON, J. D THOMPSON, J, R TILLETT TOLBERT, P TOLBERT, T, TOLER TOMLINSON TRICE TRUMBIC TUBB TURNER TYLER ULLRICH UPTON VAN BECK VELAZQUEZ VERRAN VIOHL WADDELL WALDEN The Senior Class ROBERT LEE SHUMAN, Chamblee, Ga.; B.S.: Business; Varsity Golf Theta Chi, Pledge Marshall. RUTH MARIE SHUMAN, Plant City; B.S.: Speech; Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary; Village Vamps; Miss Gym- kana Alternate; Gator Bowl Court; Sigma Chi Derby Queen; Campus Chest Executive Committee; Sigma Alpha Eta; Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart; Les Jongleurs; Junior Counselor. LOUIS SICA, Miami; B.A.: Physics; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon. JUNE ETHELYN SILLAY, Jacksonville; B.A.: Arts and Sciences; Health Club; Fashion Institute; Young Democrat ' s Club; Collegiate Party, Sec; Gamma Alpha Chi, Sec; Sigma Kappa, Vice-Pres., Pledge Trainer; interna- tional Club; Les Jongleurs; Job-Getting Seminar, Committee Chairman. ROBERT GERALD SILVEY, Warrington; B.S.: Personnel Management. GENEVA SIMMONS, Miami; B.S.: Nursing Education. RALPH A. SIMMONS, JR., Jacksonville; B.S.: Insurance and Real Estate; Veteran ' s Club; Insurance and Real Estate Society. FLORENCE SIMON, Miami; B.S.: Education; Landis House Council; Recreation Society. JULIAN RAYMON SIMON, Lakeland; B.A.: Design. SARAH AMELIA SINCLAIR, Winter Haven; Delta Zeta, Standard ' s Chairman; Choral Union; Future Teachers. ROBERT CHARLES SKIFF, Tallahassee; B.S.: Personnel Management; Sigma Chi. CHARLOTTE SLAPPEY, Dunedin; B.A.: Social Welfare; Junior Counselor; Women ' s Intra- murals. EUGENE FRANK SLUSSER, Nescopeck, Penna.; B.S.: Physical Edu- cation; Varsity Baseball; House-Fellow Senior Hall; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. ROSE ANN SMELTZER, Vero Beach; B.S.: Social Welfare; Methodist Student House; Social Wel- fare Club. JOANN LOUESE SMITH, Detroit, Mich.; B.S.: Advertising; Alpha Omicron Pi; Gamma Alpha Chi, Vice-Pres.; Dorm Gov.; Fashion Institute. MAXINE MARGARET SMITH, Lutz; B.S.: Elementary Education, Future Teachers; Dorm House Council. MILFORD DURWOOD SMITH, Tallahassee; Business Education. RICHARD ALLAN SMITH, Jacksonville; B.S.: Business. SANDRA FAYE SMITH, Ft. Lauderdale; B.M.E.: Music; Delta Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota; Choral Union; Women ' s Glee Club. SYLVIA LYNN SMITH, Beaufort; S.C; B.A.: Inter-American Studies; Gamma Phi Beta; Los Picaros; Junior Counselor; Dorm House Council. THEODORE CARLYLE SMITH, Tallahassee; B. S.: Insurance and Real Estate; Alpha Kappa Psi. MARY LOU SNOOK, Clearwater; B.S.: Secretarial Science; Phi Chi Theta; Junior Counselor; Newman Club. RONALD R. SOMMER, Brooksville; Wesley Foundation; Dorm Gov.; Alpha Phi Omega; Future Teachers; National Educational Assoc. DODD A. SOUTHERN, Valparaiso; B.S.: Public Administration; Alpha Tau Omega; University of Fla.; Association of Pub. Administration. HIRAM LARRY SNOW, Frostproof; B.S.: Accounting; Zeta Sigma Upsilon, Treas.; Baptist Student Union; Senior Hall, Social Chrm. CHARLES LOUIS SOWELL, Quincy; B.S.: Marketing; Sigma Nu. BARA ELNORA SPENCER, Pensacola; B.S.: Nursing; Delta Zeta; Student Nurses Assoc. JAQULIN SPIRES, DeFuniak Springs; B.S,: Secretarial Science; Junior Counselor; Phi Chi Theta. JOANNA ANITA SPROUL, Hollywood; B.S : Library Science ELLEN MARY STARBUCK, Jacksonville; B.A.: Math; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band; Tau Beta Sigma, Treas.; Junior Counselor. 38-26-38. CAROLYN STEELE, Bradenton; B.S.: Early Childhood Education. LOIS B. STEINBERG, Tallahassee; B.S.: Secondary Education, History; Tally Ho; Council Member Westminster Fellowship; Delta Gamma. MAURICE L. STEINBERG, Cheerleader, Capt.; Alpha Council; West- minster Fellowship, Council; Ass ' t Director; Sigma Chi, Rush Chair- man. WILLIAM B. STEVENS, Tallahassee; B.S.: Business; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. PATRICIA J. STEWART, St. Petersburg; Tally- Ho, Class Editor; Soph. Council; Gamma Alpha Chi; Student Party Treas.; Judiciary; Pi Beta Phi, Treas., Sec; Fashion Institute; Ruge Hall, Alter Guild; Garnet Key. BILLIE BURNHAM STOKES, Lake Alfred; B.S.: Retailing; Alpha Delta Pi; Fashion Institute; F Club. MADGE EILEEN STRAIN, Orlando; B.S.: Journalism; Alpha Xi Delta; Tarpon; F. Club; Board of Publications; Gamma Alpha Chi; Bowling All Star, Basketball All Star Team. MARTHA LYNN STRICKLAND, Tarpon Springs; B.S.: Education; Tarpon Club; Future Teachers: Art Club. WILLIAM ARMAND STRICKLAND, Tampa; B.S.: Social Science; Alpha Council; Honor Court; Collegians, Pr;s. SUSAN CARYL STROCK, West Palm Beach; B.S.: Social Welfare; Alpha Chi Omega; Gamma Delta; Social Welfare Club, LARRY 0. STROiVl, Jacksonville; B.S.: Business and Economics; Basketball, West Hall Government, CLIFFORD HENRY SUMMERS, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Chemistry; Symphonic Band; Circus Band; Student Affiliates of Am. Chemistry Society, Treas, DOROTHY KAY SUMMERS, Miami; B.S.: Elem. Education; Future Teachers; Fashion Institute; American Childhood Education. DELORES M. SUNDWALL, Eustis; B.S.: Nursing Education; Student Nurses Assoc, Archivist. LEONARD PERRY SWANSON, Tallahassee; B.S.: Psychology: Captain USAF, WILLIAM THERON SWIGERT, Miami; B,S,: Political Science; Sigma Chi; Senate, Alpha Council; Saber Flight, MARILYN RUTH SWINGLE, Cleveland, Tenn,; V,B,M,: Sacred Music; Wesley Foundation; University Singers; Women ' s Glee Club; Sigma Alpha lota. CHESTER HERBERT TAYLOR, Douglas, Ga.; B.S.: Political Science. 93 WALKER, J. WALKER, M. WALKER, W. WALLACE, M. WALLACE, S. WALTER WAMBLES WANG WARREN WATFORD WATKINS WATSON WEATHERBY WEATHERUP WEBB, A. WEBB, C. WEBB, J. WELCH WELLEN WELLS, C. WELLS, D WESNER WESTBROOK WEST1V1ARK WETHERINGTON WHITE, J. WHITE, K. WHITE, N. WHITMARSH WHITTLE WIEHRS WIGGIN WILFONG WILKINSON WILLCOXON WILLIAMS, A. The Senior Class Dance; Kappa Alpha Rosebud; American Childhood Assoc; Future Teachers. BARBARA ULLRICH, Wauchula; B.S.: Home Economics; Newman Club; Home Economics Club; Junior Counselor, CHARLENE B. UPTON, Vernon; B.S,: Education; Scholarship Club. JACK BARNETT TAYLOR, Lakeland; B.S.: Accounting; Alpha Council; S.G.A., Secretary of Finance; Treasurer West Hall. WILLIAM HALL TAYLOR, Miami; B.M.E.: Music; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band; University Symphony, Publicity Chairman; Phi Mu Alpha, Vice-Pres., Pres.; Kappa Kappa Psi, Kappa Delta Pi. RICHARD K. TENGSTEDT, Orlando; B.S.: Public Administration; Am. Society for Public Admin- istration; Lambda Gamma Phi; Veterans Club. JUANITA ROSE TERRE- BONNE, Warrington; B.S.; Home Economics Education; Dorm, Social Chairman and Vice President: Kappa Omicron Pi; Sailing Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Home Economics Club. ROBERT GARDNER TERRELL, Ocala; B.A.: English; Sigma Chi; Circus; Smoke Signals; Young Demo- crats; Transfer U. of F. JOHN REIS TERWILLIGER, Tallahassee; B.S.: Physical Education; Sigma Chi; Track; Dramatics; President University Recreation Assoc; Epsilon Kappa; Collegians; Intramural Board Secretary; Physical Education Majors Club; Men ' s F Club. JOHN CHARLES VAN BECK, Lantana; B.A.: Arts Sciences; Dorm Government; Psychology Club; Senate; Psi Chi. LOIDA ROSE VELAZ- QUEZ, Miami; B.S.: Nursing; Los Picaros; Wesley Foundation; Sopho- more Council; Choral Union; Student Nurses Association. ANNE B. VERRAN, Cairo, Ga.; B.M.E.: Music; Social Chairman, Music School; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tau Beta Sigma; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band; Pi Kappa Lambda. META VIOHL, Charleston S. C; B.A.: Sociology; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band; Tau Beta Sigma; Tarpon Club, Vice-Pres., Pres.; Alpha Kappa Delta, Secretary. MIRIAM ELIZABETH WADDELL, St. Petersburg; Transfer St. Pete Jr. College; B.S.: Early Childhood Education THEODORE EDWARD WALDEN, Clarksville; B.S.: Education; Future Teachers; C.L.O., Secretary, Vice Presid ent, President; Intramurals. CLAUDETTE THACKERSON, Jacksonville; B.S.: Social Welfare; Delta Zeta; Gamma Alpha Chi; Future Teachers; Social Welfare Club; Intramural All-Star. MARY SUE THOMAS, Quincy; B.S.: Elementary Education; Chi Omega; Choral Union; Future Teachers. TED TIDWELL THOMAS, Dade City; B.S.: Secondary Education; Chi Omega; Future Teachers; Pi Mu Epsilon, Sec-Treas. GRETCHEN ANN THOMPSON, DeFuniak Springs; B.S.: Special Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Rush Chairman; Women ' s Glee Club. JEAN deLOIS THOMPSON, Fernan- dina Beach; B.S.: Education; Delta Zeta; Marching Chiefs; Concert Band; Tau Beta Sigma, Chaplain; Junior Counselor; Methodist Student House; Future Teachers. JERAULD RIVAIS THOMPSON, Pensacola; B.S.: Business. JOHN RAWLS WALKER, Tallahassee; B.S.: Accounting. MOLLIE WALKER, Barnesville, Ga.; B.S.: Secretarial Science; Phi Mu; Choral Union; Tally Ho Staff; Phi Chi Theta; Wesley Foundation: WILLIAM DODGE WALKER, Crawfordville; B.S.: Accounting; Theta Chi; Circus; Cheerleader. MARTHA ANN WALLACE, Miami B.S.: Recreation; B.S.U. SHIRLEY JEAN WALLACE, Sebring; B.M.E: Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Tau Beta Sigma; Symphonic Band; Orchestra; Marching Chiefs; Circus Band. VICTORIA ANN WALTER, Miami; B.S.: Interior Design; Sigma Kappa, Historian and Rush Chairman; Fashion Institute; Circus; Gamma Alpha Chi; Modeling Squad FSU; Village Vamps. BYRON ADOLPH WAMBLES, DeFuniak Springs; B.S.: Insurance and Real Estate; Vets Club; Insurance and Real Estate Club. ARVY LEE WANG, Laurel Hill; Graduate Student. SYLVIA ANN WARREN, Wauchula; B.A.: Business Education; Delta Zeta; E.T.A.; Phi Chi Theta. BETTY JO WATFORD, Malone; B S.: Business Education; Phi Chi Theta. WILLIAM NELSON WATKINS, Delray Beach; B.S.: Insur- ance and Real Estate; Kappa Alpha Mu, Vice Pres.; Flambeau. CHARLES LOGAN WATSON, Ft. Myers; B S.: Physical Education. FRANK BENJAMIN TILLETT, Terra Ceia; B.S.: Marketing; Lambda Chi Alpha. PATRICIA HILTON TOLBERT, Panama City; B.S.: Business Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, President, Social Chairman; Junior Counselor. THOMAS CALVIN TOLBERT, Pensacola; B.S.: Business Veterans Club, JANICE GERALDINE TOLER, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Elementary Education. ALITA GAY TOMLINSON, Jacksonville; B.S. Social Welfare; Social Welfare Club, Chaplain; Gamma Phi Beta. MARTHA MAE TRICE, Tampa; B.A.: Religion and Philosophy; Circus; Junior Counselor, Dorm Vice President, President; Social Vice-President of B.S.U.; Recreation Majors Club, JUSTINE TRUMBIC, Tallahassee; B,S.: Elementary Education. SARA ALICE TUBB, Amory, Miss.; B,A.: Library Service. ORAN LLOYD TURNER, SR., Tallahassee; BS.: Sociology, SUSIE RUTH TYLER, Jacksonville; B,S,: Elementary Education; Kappa Delta; Theatre EDWARD FRANK WEATHERBY, Riviera Beach- B,S.: Marketing; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi; Circus, JOYCE B. WEATHERUP, Coral Gables; B.S.: Social Studies; Wesley Foundation, Council, Secre- tary; Sophomore Council; Vice Pres. of Dorm; Junior Counselor; Dorm Pres.; Garnet Key, Pres.; Mortor Board; Pi Sigma Alpha; Honor Committee; Secretary of Honor Court. ANISE CELESTE WEBB, Frost- proof; B.S.: Medical Technology; Alpha Xi Delta; Westminster Fellow- ship; Circus; U.R.A. CAROLYN SUE WEBB, South Miami; B.S.: Arts and Sciences; Sigma Kappa. JAMES WADLEY WEBB, Jacksonville; B.S,: Management; Phi Delta Theta, President; Outstanding Military Cadet; Scabbard and Blade, President; Golf Team, BEVERLY JANE WELCH, Umatilla; B,S,: Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delta; Home Economics Club. 95 WILLIAMS, E. WILLIAMS, G. WILLIAMS, H. WILLIAMS, J. E. WILLIAMS, J L. WILLIAMSON WILSON, P. C. WILSON P. L. WILSON, R. WILSON, S. WINGERTER WISE WITMAN WOLFE WOOD WOODHAM WOODRUFF WOODS WOOTEN, M. A. WOOTEN, M. N. WRENN WRIGHT, M. WRIGHT, P. WYATT WYNN WYNNE XUTO YEATS YENSUANG YEOMAN YON ZECH The Senior Class PATRICIA COPELAND WILSON, Quincy; B.S.: Nursing; Sigma Kappa; Student Nurse Assoc. PEGGY LOUIS WILSON, Orlando; B.A.: Educa- tion; Delta Zeta; Tau Beta Sigma; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band; Concert Band; Orchestra; F.E.A. ROBERT MACK WILSON, Tallahassee; B.S.: Insurance and Real Estate; Alpha Kappa Psi; Insurance and Real Estate Club. SULA PEARL WILSON, Cantonment; B.S.: Elemen- tary Education; Baptist Student Union, Vice President; Scholarship Club; Transfer from Pensacola Jr. College. NANCY LORAY WINGER- TER, Miami; B.M.E.: Music; Gamma Phi Beta; Sigma Alpha Iota; University Singers; Women ' s Glee Club; Wesley Foundation. MARY ELIZABETH WISE; B.A.: Education; Sigma Delta Pi, Social Chairman; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta; Westminster Student House. SARA CONNELL WELLEN, Inverness; B.A.: Secretarial Science; Delta Delta Delta, President; Circus. CLYDE BROWN WELLS, Bonifay; B.S.: Political Science; Chi Phi. DANIEL JACKSON WELLS, Tampa; B.S.: Social Science; Kappa Sigma; ROTC. ROSALIND YVONNE WES- NER, Jacksonville; B.S.: Public Relations; Ruge Hall; Homecoming Dance Committee. ELGIN ROBERT WESTBROOK, Cantonment; B.S.: Psychology; Chapel of the Resurrection; Choral Union; Collegians. GLENN WAYNE WESTMARK, Pensacola; B.S.: Biology. RONALD WETHERINGTON, Tallahassee; B.S.; Insurance; Kappa Alpha Football; Sophomore Court. JAMES COLY WHITE, Jacksu iville; B.S. Business. KENNETH ALAN WHITE, St. Petersburg; B.S.. .Accounting Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer; B.S.U. NANCY JANE WHITE, Miami B.S.: Special Education and Psychology. ALAN WILLIS WHITMARSH Miami; B.A.: Journalism; Flambeau, Sports Editor, Managing Editor Tally Ho, Sports Editor; Board of Publication. ADRIA ANN WHITTLE, St. Petersburg; B.S.: Business; Circus; Pi Beta Phi, Rush Chairman, Corresponding Secretary. PATTI ELIZABETH WIEHRS, Tampa; B.S.: Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi. JACQUELIN M. WIGGIN, St. Petersburg; B.A.: Spanish Sigma Delta Pi, President. JAY WILFONG, St. Petersburg; B.S. English Education. EDITH RACHEL WILKINSON, Panama City; B.A. Commercial Art; Dorm Homecoming Publicity Chairman; Social Chair- man. MARY LOU WILLCOXON, Frostproof; B.S.: Social Science; Glee Club; Junior Counselor; National Education Assoc. ANN REEVES WILLIAMS, Hawthorne; B.S.: Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, House President; President Off Campus Court; Future Teachers; American Childhood Education; Warpath Club, EMORY OTTO WILLIAMS, JR., Pensacola; B.S.: Personnel Manage- ment; Sigma Nu. GEORGE A. WILLIAMS, Fort Myers; B.A.: English; Varsity Tennis. HENRY FRANKLIN WILLIAMS, Lake City; B.S.: Ele- mentary Education; Collegians, Vice President. JANE E. WILLIAMS, Milton; Arts and Sciences; Transfer. JENNIE LIND WILLIAMS, Ponte Vedra Beach; B.S.: Elementary Education; Kappa Delta, Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi; Circus; Future Teachers; American Childhood Edu- cation. CAROLINE ARDEN WILLIAMSON, Tallahassee; B.S.: Library Science; Transfer from WCUNC; Soltas executive board; Speech Dept. major productions. PATRICIA ANN WITMAN, St. Petersburg Beach; B.S.: Education. PATRICK GAIL WOLFE, Oneco; B.A.: English; Wesley Foundation, President; Secreary of Honor; Homecoming Dance Decorations Chair- man; Inter-Faith Council, Vice-President; Gold Key; Omicron Delta Kappa. JOHN RUSSELL WOOD, Miami; B.S.: Marketing; Alpha Delta Sigma. GLENDA JOYCE WOODHAM, Atlanta; B.S.: Medical Tech- nology; Gymkana. E. BRUCE WOODRUFF, Lake Worth; B.S.: Finance; Delta Sigma Pi. JOAN JOSEPHINE WOODS, Cocoa; B.S.: Home Eco- nomics Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Freshman Flunkies; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Home Economics Club; Gymkana; Dorm Floor Chairman. MADELINE ARLINE SCHMITT WOOTEN, Sarasota; B.S.: Fashion Design; Circus Fashion Institute. MARVIN NOBLE WOOTEN, Lakeland; B.S.: Business. BETTY SUE WRENN, Tallahassee; B.A.: Speech; Gamma Phi Beta, Rush Chairman; Secretary; Future Teachers; Sigma Alpha Eta. MARGARET WRIGHT, Sanford; B.S.: Business; Delta Delta Delta; Cotillion Club; Fashion Institute. PAUL A. WRIGHT, Talla- hassee; B.S.: Business; F.S.U. Bakers Club, Vice President, President. JAMES G. WYATT; Spencer N. C; Graduate Student. MARALYN JO WYNN, Tampa; B.S.: Elementary Education. JOSEPH ROY WYNNE, Madison; B.S.: Chemical Science in Baking; Bakers Club. KIATIBASN XUTO, Bangkok, Thailand; B.S.: Business; Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice-Pres.; K.A.M.; International Student Club; Tally Ho. MARGARET H. YEATS, Gainesville; B.A.: Voice; University Singers; Women ' s Glee Club; Sigm a Alpha Iota; Transfer from University of North Carolina Women ' s College. SUGIT YENSUANG, Bangkok, Thai- land; B.S.: Meteorology. DOROTHY JANE YEOMAN, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S.: Elementary Education; Alpha XI Delta. PATSY ANN YON, Tallahassee; B.S.: Elementary Education. PATRICIA ANN ZECH, Miami; B.S.: Physical Education; Marching Chiefs, Major- ette; Circus; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Women ' s Physical Education Assoc.; Tau Beta Sigma; F.E.A. 97 : r€ { U ndergraduates SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Raymond Arnold President Ken Prescott Vice President Kay Hufford Secretary Kay Hall Treasurer Dennis Smith Social Chairman Sophomore Class Officers: Ken Prescott, Vice Pres.; Kay Hufford Sec; Raymond Arnold, Pres.; Kay Hall Treas.; Dennis Smith, Social Chairman. Junior Class Officers: Phil Knight, Pres.; Bill Bunker, Vice Pres.; Nancy Fowler, Treas.; Diane Williams, Sec; Victor Harke, Social Chairman. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Phil Knight President Bill Bunker Vice President Dianne Williams Secretary Nancy Fowler Treasurer Victor Harke Social Chairman Freshman Class Officers: Kip Tichenor, Vice Pres.; Kitty Wade, Sec; Claire Brightwell, Social Chairman; Bruce Brown, Pres. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Bruce Brown President Kip Tichenor Vice President Kitty Wade Secretary Claire Brightwell Treasurer Georgea Ort Social Chairman The Undergraduates FIRST ROW ELEANORE ABBOTT Pensacola, 3 NANCY ABBOTT Tallahassee, 1 WILLIAM ABDELNOUR Jacksonville, 3 HOWARD RANDOLPH ACKETT Sigma Nu Tallahasse, 3 JAMES NOLAN ADAMS Laurel Hill, 3 MARY ANN ADAMS Ft. Lauderdale,! GENE STEPHEN ADKINS Adel, Ga., 1 MARSHA JOHANN ADKINSON Tallahassee, 3 SEVENTH ROW DIANA AYALA Tampa, 2 JOHN WOOD AYERS Blountstown, 3 MARGARET BACHE Gainesville, 1 SANDRA KAY BADGER Delta Zeta Ocala, 1 PATRICIA AGNES BAGDANOVITCH Delta Zeta Pensacola, 2 MARTINEZ MODESTO BAHENA Mexico, 2 NANCY JOANN BAINTER Pensacola, 3 BARBARA CHLOE BAKER Alpha Chi Omega . . West Palm Beach, 1 SECOND ROW ELIZABETH ANN ADLER Alpha Xi Delta Hallandale, 1 NANCY JO ALEXANDER Sigma Kappa Bay Springs, Miss., 3 MARY M. ALFORD, Alpha Gamma Delta Tallahassee, 2 GAYLE ANGELA ALLARD Hollywood, 3 KATHERINE DOROTHY ALLEN Inverness, 1 PATRICIA ALLEN Alpha Xi Deta Winter Park, 2 ANGELA RAMONA ALONSO Jacksonville, 2 MARIA BELEN ALONSO Miami, 1 EIGHTH ROW ALFRED HATCHER BALDWIN Marianna, 3 DANA BALL Chi Omega Winter Haven, 1 KATHERINE ELIZABETH BALL Kappa Alpha Theta . . Jacksonville, 2 MARTHA LEE BALLEW St. Petersburg, 2 MERLE MADLYN BALLOU Jacksonville, 1 BENEDICT STANLEY BALSER Miami, 3 DONALD BERNARD BARBEE Grand Ridge, 3 LEWIS GLEN BARBERRE Crestview, 1 THIRD ROW BARBARA JEAN ALU Miami, 1 JEROLYN MARIE AMAN Homestead, 1 LINDA LEIGH AMBROSE Tampa, 2 ANGELA AMBROSINI Phi Mu Elberton, Ga., 3 ELSIE JOYCE AMOS Jacksonville, 1 ALICE LEE ANDERSON Jacksonville, 1 MARTHA LAINE ANDERSON Bradenton, 1 WALLACE LARS ANDERSON Delta Tau Delta Sarasota, 2 NINTH ROW CAROL BARCUS Kappa Delta Leesburg, 2 MARY JUDITH BARNES Tampa, 1 VONCILE BARNES Tallahassee, 3 MARY THOMASINE BARNETTE Alpha Omicron Pi .. Tallahassee, 2 WAYNE L. BARNINGHAM Miami, 3 JANE BARR Gamma Phi Beta Bowdon, Ga., 2 ANN BARRINEAU Pensacola, 1 JUDITH FRANCES BARRINEAU Pensacola, 3 FOURTH ROW EVELYN JANIECE ANDREE Lexington Park, Md., 3 BETTY JO ANDREW St. Augustine, 2 CHARLINE SUE ANDREWS Archer, 3 JAMES RODDY ANDREWS Kappa Alpha Jacksonville, 3 LOUISE ANDREWS Miami, 2 SUSAN ANDREWS Clewiston, 3 PENELOPE JO APPLEBY Columbus ,Ga„ 3 JAMES APTHORP Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tallahassee, 2 TENTH ROW LOIS ANN BARRINEAU Kappa Delta Penascola, 2 BONNIE BARRY Kappa Alpha Theta Pensacola, 1 GRETCHEN SU BARTLETT Alpha Omicron Pi Rockledge, 2 NANCY ANN BARTON Tampa, 3 AUDREY ROBERT BASSETT Marianna, 3 NANCY LEE BATES : Raiford, 1 JOYCE LAMB BAXTER Hawthorne, 1 JAMES RAPHAEL BAYLESS Tampa, 1 FIFTH ROW RACHEL REBECCA ARBUTHNOT Delta Gamma Lake Worth, 2 WILLIAM E. ARCHER Sigma Nu Melbourne, 1 CATHERINE ELIZABETH ARCHIBALD Zeta Tau Alpha St. Petersburg MARTHA JEAN ARNESON Bartow,! MARGARET ANN ARNOLD Williston, ! SARA LINDA ARNOW Delta Zeta Tallahassee, 2 CLARISSA ASCANO Graduate Student Dumaguete City, Philippines FLORENCE HELEN ASHBY Special Student, Kappa Alpha Theta, Sarasota SIXTH ROW SUE BYRON ASHFORD Cocoa, 2 ROBERTA ASHMORE Alpha Xi Delta Tallahassee, 2 ELIZABETH ANN ASKEW Kappa Delta Lakeland, 1 JOSEPH CHARLES ASSAD Phi Kappa Tau Danbury, Conn., 3 KATHERINE ATKINS Miami, ! BETTY JEAN ATKINSON Alpha Xi Delta Umatilla, 2 PAUL RAYMOND ATKINSON Rockledge, 3 LYDIA A. AUSTILL Jacksonville, 3 Okay, I ' m sorry I calleci it a doorstop. What is it? 100 ABBOTT, E. ABBOTT, N. ABDELNOUR ACKETT ADAMS, J. ADAMS, M. ADKINS ADKISON, ADLER ALEXANDER ALFORD ALLARD ALLEN, K. ALLEN, P. ALONSO, A. ALONSO, M. ALU AMAN AMOS AMBROSE AMBROSINI ANDERSON, A. ANDERSON, M. ANDERSON, W. ANDREE ANDREW ANDREWS, C. ANDREWS, J. ANDREWS, L. ANDREWS, S. APPLEBY APTHORP ARBUTHNOT ARCHER ARCHIBALD ARNESON ARNOLD ARNOW ASCANO ASHBY ASHFORD ASHMORE ASKEW ASSAD ATKINS ATKINSON, B. ATKINSON, P. AUSTILL AYALA AYERS BACHE BADGER BAGDANOVICH BAHENA BAINTER BAKER BALDWIN BALL, D. BALL, K. BALLEW BALLOU BALSER BARBEE BARBERREE BARCUS BARNES, M. BARNES, V. BARNETTE BARNINGHAM BARR BARRINEAU, A. BARRINEAU, J. BARRINEAU, L. BARRY BARTLETT BARTON BASSETT BATES BAXTER BAYLESS The Undergraduates FIRST ROW SEVENTH ROW SALLEANN BEARDSLEY Merritt Island, 3 DANA LOUISE BEATTY Abbeville, Louisiana, 4 FRANCES OCTAVIA BEAUCHAMP Chiefland, 2 CHARLOTTE MAY BECKLEY Jacksonville, 3 SANDRA JEANNE BEESE Miami Springs, 3 ARDIS ANN BELAND Sarasota, 2 CAROLYN BELL Alpha Xi Delta Lake Worth, 3 VIRGINIA BELL Lake Worth, 1 SUSAN BOWER Ft, Lauderdale, 3 THOMAS P. BOWER Sanford, 1 VIRGINIA L. BOWSER Arcadia! 2 ROBERTA ANN BOYCE Miami ' 1 WILLIAM MARTIN BOYCE Pi Kappa Alpha Tallahassee! 3 NORMA LEONA BOYLE Lake Alfred 1 BEVERLY ANN BOZEMAN Orlando ' 1 SARAH JEAN BRADLEY Horse Shoe, N. C ' 1 SECOND ROW EIGHTH ROW R. EDWARD BELLAMY Sigma Chi Bakersfield, Calif., 1 DONALD KENNETH BELOIN West Palm Beach, 3 BARBARA BENNETT Kappa Alpha Theta Albany Ga., 1 JULIAN FOSTER BENNETT Fernandina Beach, 3 JOHN RUSSELL BERANEK Tampa, ] ANN MARGARET BERGIN Tampa, 1 ANN BERRY St. Petersburg, 2 SANDRA GWEN BESKIND North Miami, 2 BETZY RUTH BRADSHAW Ft. Lauderdale BRENDA MARIE BRADY st. Petersburg! MARGARET ANNE BRAGDON Kappa Alpha Theta . . . Jacksonville ' CHARLES E. BRAGG Bartow ' BARBARA LOU BRANDRIFF Tallahassee MARGARET AGNES BRANNEN Alpha Delta Pi Inverness ' PAT BRANNEN pe ry LYNN S. BRANTLY [[[ ' Clermont ' THIRD ROW NINTH ROW MARTHA NELL BETTS Woodbury, Ga., 1 MARY BETTS Alpha Omicron Pi Quincy, 1 PEGGIE ANNE BEVILLE Coral Gables, 1 BARBARA A. BEVIS Miami, 2 EVELYN CHARLENE BEVIS Tallahassee, 1 JANET YVONNE BEVIS Bartow, 1 SUZANNE BEVIS Kappa Delta Lakeland, 1 BARBARA ANN BILD Miami, 3 SUSAN E. BREESE Chi Omega Coral Gables, 1 WILLIAM R. BRENNAN Lambda Chi Alpha Tallahassee! 3 JEAN ANN BRIDGEMAN Sigma Kappa W. Palm Beach ' 3 CLAIRE BRIGHTWELL Zeta Tail Alpha Americus Ga 1 PAZTON HOLMES BRILEY Phi Delta Theta Tallahassee 1 MARY FRANCES BRIOIS Hialeah ' 2 JUANITA ALICE BRITCHARD Marathon 1 ELIZABETH H. BROCK ' . ' . vernon ' 2 FOURTH ROW TENTH ROW BARBARA ANN BISHOP Delta Delta Delta Ocala, 2 PAUL W. BISHOP Phi Kappa Tau Vero Beach, 3 NETTIE NORMA BLACK Alpha Chi Omega Lake City, 3 PATRICIA ANN BLACKBURN St. Cloud, 1 SUSIE ANN BLACKBURN Mobile, Alabama, 1 JOHN BLANCHARD Jacksonville, 2 MARGERY ANNE BLANKENSHIP Pi Beta Phi . Columbia, S. C, 1 JUALINA RAY BLANTON Plant City, 1 JUANITA B. BROCK st. Petersburg, 1 LARRY SPENCE BROCK Sigma Chi Tallahassee 3 CHARLES WILLIAM BROGDON Wewahitchka ' 1 VICKI MAE BROMLEY pompano Beach! 2 JAMES LOUIS BROOKS Daytona Beach 2 NAOMI BROOKS Waynesboro, Ga , 1 BARBARA ANN BROOME Jacksonville 1 MARY ANNE BROTHERSON Mount Dora 1 FIFTH ROW ROBERT W. BLANTON Sarasota, 2 JOSEPHINE LEE BLONDHEIM Kappa Delta Atlantic Beach, 1 CHARLES STANLEY BLOSCH Fort Lauderdale, 3 DONALD W. BLUM Clearwater, 3 SHARON OUIDA BLUMER Alpha Omicron Pi Tampa, 2 MARGIE JEAN BOATRIGHT Tallahassee, 1 DOROTHY ANN BOGGESS Miami! 2 PHILLIP 0. BOGGS Tallahassee! 3 SIXTH ROW ELAINE M. BOGUE St. Petersburg, 2 LENA ANN BOLTON Tampa, 3 MARTHA G. BONE Columbus, Ga.! 3 MARY-LEE BONE Alpha Gama Delta Jacksonvile, 1 BETTY LOU BOOTH Crestview 3 BETH BOWEN Zeta Tau Alpha Tifton, Ga., 3 JEANETTE BOWEN Leesburg! 2 LYNETTE BOWEN Quincy! 3 Now, this spout dispenses hot coffee during the lab break. 02 BEARDSLEY BEATTY BEAUCHAWIP BECKLEY BEESE BELAND BELL, C. BELL, V. BELLAMY BELOIN BENNETT, B. BENNETT, J. BERANEK BERGIN BERRY BESKIND BETTS, M. N. BETTS, M. F. SEVILLE BEVIS, B. BEVIS, E. BEVIS, J. BEVIS, S BILD BISHOP, B. BISHOP, P. BLACK BLACKBURN, P. BLACKBURN, S. BLANCHARD BLANKENSHIP BLANTON, J. BLANTON, R. BLONDHEIM BLOSCH BLUM BLUMER BOATRIGHT BOGGESS BOGGS BOGUE BOLTON BONE, M. G. BONE, M. L. BOOTH BOWEN, B. BOWEN, J. BOWEN, L. BOWER, S. BOWER, T. BOWSER BOYCE. R BOYCE. W. BOYLE BOZEMAN BRADLEY BRADSHAW BRADY BRAGDON BRAGG BRANDRIFF BRANNEN, M. BRANNEN, P. BRANTLY BREESE BRENNAN BRIDGEMAN BRIGHTWELL BRILEY BRIOIS BRITCHARD BROCK, H. BROCK, J. BROCK, L. BROGDON BROMLEY BROOKS, J. BROOKS BROOME BROTHERSON The Undergraduates FIRST ROW SEVENTH ROW BARBARA ROSE BROWN Land Lakes, 1 BENJAMIN LEE BROWN Kansas City, Mo., 1 BRENDA MAE BROWN Pompano Beach, 1 MARGARET ANN BROWN Jacksonville, 1 MARJORIE ELLEN BROWN Clewiston, 2 NANCY LEE BROWN St. Petersburg, 2 SHERRY MARCINE BROWN Clearwater,! JEAN SUE BRUBAKER Tallahassee, 2 LORNA DOONE CARR Kappa Alpha Theta .. Ocean Springs, Miss., 3 MARY FRANCES CARR Pensacola, 3 LINDA LEE CARROLL Pi Beta Phi Sarasota, 2 PATRICIA ANN CARROLL Rantoul, III., 1 NANCY S. CASH Sanford, 1 JOYCE MARLENE CASITY Dunedin, 1 LOUIS R. CASS South Bend, Ind., 1 PEGGY JO CASSADY Marianna, 1 SECOND ROW EIGHTH ROW HARVY DALE BRUSHWOOD Winter Park, 1 BARBARA LOUISE BRYAN Jasper, 1 CHARLES E. BRYAN Valdosta, Ga., 3 ROBERT HOLMES BRYSON Sigma Chi Tallahassee, 3 WARREN RALPH BRYSON Pi Kappa Phi Miami, 3 DONALD HARRY BUA Kappa Alpha Tampa, 2 MARY CATHERINE BUCE Chi Omega Mar anna, l GERALD JOSEPH BUCHERT Port St. Joe, 1 RICHARD EARL CATON Port Orange, PATSY MARGARET CAUSSEAUX Tallahassee, LYNNIE KATE CAVIN Alpha Chi Omega Jacksonville, LYNDA RUTH CAWTHON Zeta Tau Alpha Chipley, EVELYN ESTELLE CAWTHORN Blountstown, NANCY LOUISE CELLON Alpha Omicron Pi Alachua! RODNEY THEODORE CHABOT Vero Beach, JANICE CHADWICK Sarasota ' , THIRD ROW NINTH ROW JANE N. BULLER Delta Gamma Miami, 1 MARTHA CAROLYN D. BUNKER Delta Zeta W. Palm Beach, 3 STANLEY ELLISON BURCH St. Petersburg, 3 BEVERLY JEAN BURGESS Ft. Lauderdale, 1 ROBERTA ANGELINE BURGESS Delta Zeta Tampa, 1 MARY LEE BURKHOLDER Mobile, Ala., 1 BARBARA BURKS Alpha Omicron Pi Jacksonville, 2 JANE BURKS Alpha Omicron Pi Jacksonville, 1 MARY ALLENE CHAMPLAIN Fort Myers, ARTHUR C. CHAPMAN Tampa, CURTIS CHAPMAN Colquitt, Ga.! JOHN WILBUR CHAPMAN JR Tallahassee, VALERIE DAWN CHASE Alpha Omicron Pi Miami, BETTY E. CHAZARRA Miami, JOANNA CHEESEMAN Louisville, Ky.! WALTER CHESHIRE Lakeland ' , FOURTH ROW TENTH ROW MORRIS PAT BURKWALL Beaumont, Texas, 1 PATRICIA ANN BURNASH Delta Zeta Cranford, N. J., 2 SANDY JEAN BURNS Delta Delta Delta Gainesville, Ga., 2 DORIS MILDRED BURR Miami, 3 JANIS ROSE BURRELL Leesburg, 1 JOYCE MARIE BURTON Jacksonville! 1 CARL H. BUTLER Theta Chi Jackson, Miss., 1 WILLIAM HOWARD BYERLEY Alpha Tau Omega Tampa, 2 FIFTH ROW RICHARD FRANK BYNUM Theta Chi Tallahassee, 2 JANET FRANCES CALLAHAN Cocoa, 2 SANDRA KAY CALVIN Miami! 2 DONNA LEE CAMPBELL Coral Gables! 1 HILDA RAYE CAMPBELL jay, 2 LONNIE JAMES CAMPBELL Trenton, Tenn.! 1 ROBERT LOYD CAMPBELL Pompano Beach! 3 ALLISON CANN Daytona Beach, 1 SIXTH ROW BRADLEY CHARLES CANON Phi Kappa Tau Hollywood, 3 PATRICIA ANN CANOVA Miami! 1 RHON VERNON CARLETON Theta Chi Hollywood! 3 CHARLOTTE CARLTON Palatka 1 JULIANNE CARLYON Jacksonville! 1 DAVID WALDO CARMOLLI Medford, Mass., 1 NEIL GILBERT CARN Phi Kappa Tau Lakeland ' 1 ANNIE GRISELDA CARPENTER De Funiak Springs ' 1 WESLEY WAKEFIELD CHESNUT Apalachicola, 3 SARA CATHERINE CHESTANG Bristol, 3 ALICE JEAN CHRISTIAN Bradenton! 2 WILLIAM JARRETT CHURCH Eustis! 2 JUDITH ANN CLAPPER Miami! 1 ARA FRANCES CLARDY Delta Delta DelU Qcala! 2 ANN ADELLA CLARK Tampa 3 ANNA LOIS CLARK Greensboro! 3 Atmosphere! Have we got atmosphere! 104 BROWN B. R. BROWN B. L. BROWN B. M. BROWN M. A. BROWN, M. E. BROWN, N. L. BROWN, S. M. BRUSAKER BRUSHWOOD BRYAN, B. BRYAN, C. BRYSON, R. BRYSON, W. BUA BUCE EUCHERT BULLER BUNKER BURCH BURGESS, B. BURGESS, R. BURKHOLDER BURKS, B. BURKS, J. BURKWALL BURNASH BURNS BURR BURRELL BURTON BUTLER BYERLEY BYNUM CALLAHAN CALVIN CAMPBELL, D. CAMPBELL, H. CAM PBELL, L. CAMPBELL, R. CANN CANON CANOVA CARLETON CARLTON CARLYON CARMOLLI CARN CARPENTER CARR, L. CARR, M. CARROLL, L. CARROLL, P. CASH CASITY CASS CASSADY CATON CAUSSEAUX CAVIN CAWTHON CAWTHORN CELLON CHABOT CHADWICK CHAMPLAIN CHAPMAN, A. CHAPMAN, C. CHAPMAN, J. CHASE CHAZARRA CHEESEMAN CHESHIRE CHESNUT CHESTANG CHRISTIAN CHURCH CLAPPER CLARDY CLARK, A. A. CLARK, A. L. The Undergraduates FIRST ROW SEVENTH ROW BETTYE CLARK Chipley, 1 DOROTHY HELLEN CLARK Chattahoochee, 2 FAYE CAROLYN CLARK Greensboro, 3 KAREN LEE CLARK Ft. Lauderdale,! CAROLE ANNE CLARKE Ft. Lauderdale,3 POLLY CLARKE Monticello, 2 SANDRA JEAN CLENDENON Clearwater, 2 BETTY MARGARET CLEVELAND Gamma Phi Beta Little Rock, Ark., 3 DOROTHY ANNE CRONIN Miami, 1 NANCY J. GROUSE Winston-Salem, N. C, 3 SYLVIA GAIL CRUSOE Bartow, 2 BEVERLY ANNE CUDE Quebec, Canda, 3 BETTY JEAN CULPEPPER Alpha Delta Pi Live Oak, 1 BARBARA FLOREE CUMMINS Sigma Kappa Tallahassee, 2 BARBARA ANN CURTIS Alpha Chi Omega West Palm Beach, 2 SYLVIA M. GUSHING Jacksonville, 2 SECOND ROW EIGHTH ROW BONNIE LU CLOSE Eustis, 1 BEVERLY CLUBBS Panama City, 3 JAMES JOSEPH CLUMPNER De Pere, Wis., 1 MARTHA WINIFRED COACHMAN Clearwater, 1 SHIRLEY MORRISON COACHMAN Delta Gamma Clearwater, 1 GLORIA JOY COCCHI Hollywood, 1 KENNETH MICHAEL COHEN Tampa, 1 SHARON COKER Tampa, 1 SANDRA JEAN CALHOUN Tri Delta Tallahassee, 2 SUSAN ARLENE DAHL Ft. Myers, 1 ELEANOR JOANNE DAMER Joplin, Mo., GR JACQUELINE DIANE DANIEL Miami, 1 ROBERT FRANKLIN DAVID Washington, D. C, 1 DONIE ANN DAVIS DeFuniak Springs, Fla., 3 EDWARD LEROY DAVIS JR Tallahassee, 3 GORDON B. DAVIS Tallahassee, 3 THIRD ROW NINTH ROW MARY CATHERINE COLBERT Miami, 1 JUDY GRAY COLE Miami, 2 JIM COLEMAN Tampa,! ROBERT PRESTON COLEMAN Tallahassee, 4 BETTE CLAIRE COLLAR Delta Zeta Tampa, ! VIRGINIA LEE COLLIER Ft. Lauderdale, 1 GWYNN MARIE COLLINS Pensacola, ! JOAN DIANNE COLTER Pensacola, 2 JOHN REGINALD DAVIS Phi Delta Theta Atlanta, Ga., ! MARY KATHRYN DAVIS Jacksonville Beach, 1 PENNY DAVIS Tallahassee, 2 PHILIP WALTER DAVIS Winter Haven, ! PHYLLIS KATHERINE DAVIS Kappa Delta Jacksonville! 3 RONALD C. DAVIS Jacksonville, 2 SANDRA ELLEN DAVIS Ft. Lauderdale, 2 JANET lONE DAWSON Delta Gamma Waverly, Ohio, 2 FOURTH ROW TENTH ROW RUBY MAUDE COMBS Hialeah, 3 JAMES PAUL COMOLA Kappa Sigma Jackson, Miss., GR KENNETH B. CONE Alpha Tau Omega Lakeland, ! CLAY J CONLEY Cross City, 3 ANNE EVANS CONNELL Tri Delta Inverness, 2 BARBARA ANN CONWAY Homestead, ! BETTIE JANE COOK Delta Gamma St. Petersburg, 3 FRANK EDWIN COOPER East Point, Ga., 1 JOYCE E. DAY Coral Gables, 2 NAOMI ANNETTE DAY Miami, 1 EDGAR J. DEAN Ft. Meade, 3 ARNO DE CORDRI Ft. Pierce, 3 NANCY ELIZABETH DE FORE Clemson, S. C, 2 BETTY LLOYD DEHART Alpha Gamma Delta Lake Wales, 1 ELEANOR LAURA DELL ' ORSO Ocala, 1 MARY ANN DELONEY Lakeland, 1 FIFTH ROW WILLOU COPELAND Chi Omega Brunswick, Ga., ! CHARLES LYNN CORBIN Pi Kappa Phi Belle Glade, ! LYNN KELLY CORBLY Chi Omega Miami, 1 JANET L. CORLEY Zeta Tau Alpha Daytona Beach, 3 MARTHA LEE COSTIN Alpha Chi Omega Port St. Joe, 2 JANET COUKART Daytona Beach, 2 JOHN A COUNTER Kappa Alpha Winter Haven, 2 MADLYN M. COUPLAND Wildwood, 3 SIXTH ROW FRANCES MARTIN COWART Phi Mu Arlington, Ga., 2 MIRIAM ELIZABETH COWART Phi Mu Havana, Fla., 2 MARIANNA COWLE Eustis, 2 CATHERINE CRANFORD Tri Delta Valdosta, Ga., ! RONALD HARVEY CRAVEN Sneads, Fla., ! CAREN M. CRAVEY W. Palm Beach, ! JOAN S. CRAWFORD Bessemer, Ala., 3 JOYCE FAYE CROLEY Panama City, : Look! Parking spaces! 106 CLARK, B. CLARK D CLARK F CLARK K CLARKE C CLARKE P CLENDENON CLEVELAND CLOSE CLUBBS CLUMPNER COACHMAN. M. COACHMAN, S. COCCHI COHEN COKER COLBERT COLE COLEMAN, J. COLEMAN, H. COLLAR COLLIER COLLINS COLTER COMBS COMOLA CONE CONLEY CONNELL CONWAY COOK COOPER COPELAND CORBIN CORBLY CORLEY COSTIN COUKART COUNTER COUPLAND COWART, F. COWART, M. COWLE CRANFORD CRAVEN CRAVEY CRAWFORD CROLEY CRONIN CROUSE CRUSOE CUDE CULPEPPER CUMMINS CURTIS CUSHING CALHOUN DAHL DAMER DANIEL DAVID DAVIS, D. DAVIS, E. DAVIS, G. DAVIS, J. DAVIS, M. DAVIS, P. DAVIS, P. W. DAVIS, P. K. DAVIS, R. DAVIS, S. DAWSON DAY, J. DAY, N. DEAN deCORDRE DeFORE DeHART DELL ' ORSO DeLONEY The Undergraduates FIRST ROW SEVENTH ROW DERYLENE DAUNITA DELP Monticello, 1 JOHN RICHARD DEL VECCHIO Delta Tau Deta Miami, 2 MARY ETTE DEMPSEY Live Oak, 2 CHARLES MELVIN DENNEY Tallahassee, GR ELIZABETH lONE DENNIS Atlanta, Ga., 1 PAUL RICHARD DENNIS Sigma Phi Epsilon Hollywood, 1 LAVENNA EVELYN DICKS Chiefland, 1 MARY ELIZABETH DICKSON Miami,! FRANCES RAE ELLINWOOD St. Petersburg, 4 DOROTHY RAMELLE ELLIS Pi Beta Phi Orlando, 3 PATRICIA LYNN ELLIS Tampa, 1 ELIZABETH BRENT ELVERY Phi Mu Limona, 3 MARTHA ANNE ELVERY Phi Mu Limona, 2 CAROLINE EMERY Gamma Phi Beta Orlando, 3 DOROTHY ADDELLE EMMETT Alpha XI Delta Miami, 3 BEVERLY FAYE ENGERT Contonment, 2 SECOND ROW EIGHTH ROW MAUREEN RUTH DICKSON Alpha XI Delta Hialeah, 2 MARGARET AGNES DIEHL Miami, 1 DAVID CLINTON DIXON Tallahassee, 1 JEAN ANNE DIXON Fernandina Beach, 2 MALINDA JANE DIXON Pi Beta Phi Jacksonville, 2 KENNETH NORMAN DONAHUE Sigma Chi Orlando, 2 DIANE DONEGAN Jacksonville Beach, 1 KAY M, DONNER Phi Mu Mascoutch, III, 1 TERRY LAMAR ENGLISH Pi Kappa Alpha ... Winter Haven, 3 DONNA JOAN EUBANKS Panama City, 1 JIM MAXWELL EUBANKS Sigma Nu Tall ahassee, 3 S. L. EVANS DONNA THERESA FALCONNIER Alpha XI Delta . . Clearwater, 1 BARBARA JANE FAPPIANO Miami, 2 ERIN ANNE FEIGIN Eau Gallie, 1 SUSAN FEINBERG Miami Beach, 1 THIRD ROW NINTH ROW THOMAS WILLIAM DONOVAN Jacksonville, 3 JOYCE DOPKO Miami ' , 3 DEANNE MARGOT DORSEY Jacksonville, 3 MARY ALICE DOTSON Miami Springs, 3 MARTA SHEFFIELD DOUGLAS Chi Omega Tampa, 2 LETITIA A. DOW Methesda, Md., 1 MARTHA ANN DREADIN Tampa, 1 JAMES DANIEL DRISKELL Sheffied, Ala., GR ANNCLARE FELDSTEIN Miami, 2 IRENE YOLANDA FERNANDEZ Tampa, 2 JANET MAY FERRIS Palatka, 1 MARTHA LOU FESPERMAN Newberry, S. C, 1 CAROLYN FIELD Lakeland,] ADA SUE YATES FINFROCK Winter Park, 2 PATRICIA ANN FINLAY Zeta Tau Alpha Blountstown, 3 CHRISTINE AGNES ESTELLE FISHER Tri Delta . . Daytona Beach, 2 FOURTH ROW TENTH ROW GAIL ADAIRE DUKE Ft Lauderdale, MARYCILLE DUKE Kappa Alpha Theta St. Petersburg, SUE CAROLE DUKE Alpha XI Delta Fern Park! BARBARA JEAN DUNBAR Deleon Springs CLAIRE DUNLAP Tallahassee! RICHARD ALLAN DUNLAP Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pensacola, JUNE CLAIRE DUNN Alpha Chi Omega Western Springs, III., SUZANNE DUNN Alph; Chi Omega Lakeland GERTRUDE ANN FISHMAN Miami Beach, .1 MARGO CLAIRE FITELSON Sarasota, 2 JUDITH FLEET Pi Beta Phi Port Washington, IM. Y., 2 PEGGY O ' NEAL FLEMING Oviedo, 1 JOYCE LORRAINE FLETCHER Jacksonville, 2 SANDRA MITCHELL FLETCHER Tallahassee, 3 ANNA CLARE FLYNN Sarasota, 1 DONALD MICHAEL FLYNN Fall River, Mass., 3 FIFTH ROW MARGARET EMILY DURACK Tampa, 2 MILDRED JOANNE DURST Sarasota 1 EDWARD JOSEPH DYKE Ft. Lauderdale! 1 NORMA JEAN EADIE Lake City, 1 BLANCHE MARIE EASTMAN Mulberry! 1 CORRELLA OULD EASTMAN Orlando! JOHN F. EDDINS Panama City! 2 SUNSHINE EDDY Jacksonville, 2 SIXTH ROW PAULA RUTH EDGAR Pi Beta Phi Lakeland 2 IDA MARGUERITE EDWARDS Fort Gaines, Ga ■ MERRILL JEROME EDWARDS Starke ' 1 MARJORIE ELAINE EICHINGER Alpha Omicron Pi Tallahassee! 1 ELAINE GAIL EISINGER Sigma Kappa Tampa! 1 BARBARA ANN EISSEY Pi Beta Phi West Palm Beach! 3 WAYLAND H. ELAM, JR. Sigma Phi Epsilon . Greenville 3 MARY ELIZABETH ELLERBE Clewiston ' ! Sure, It ' s a goatskin bag — but that ain ' t goats ' milk. 108 f m f t DELP DEL VECCHIO DEMPSEY DENNEY DENNIS, E. DENNIS, P. DICKS DICKSON, M. E. DICKSON, Wl. R. DIEHL DIXON, D. DIXON, J. DIXON, M. DONAHUE DONEGAN DONNER DONOVAN DOPKO DORSEY DOTSON DOUGLAS DOW DREADIN DRISKELL DUKE, G. DUKE, M. DUKE, S. DUNBAR DUNLAP, C. DUNLAP, R. DUNN, J. DUNN, S. DURACK DURST DYKE EADIE EASTMAN, B. EASTMAN, C. EDDINS EDDY EDGAR EDWARDS, I. EDWARDS, M. EICHINGER EISINGER EISSEY ELAM ELLERRE ELLINWOOD ELLIS, D. ELLIS, P. ELVERY, E. ELVERY, M. EMERY EMMETT ENGERT ENGLISH EUBANKS, D. EUBANKS, J. EVANS FALCONNIER FAPPIANO FEIGIN FEINBERG FELDSTEIN FERNANDEZ FERRIS FESPERMAN FIELD FINFROCK FINLAY FISHER FISHMAN FITELSON FLEET FLEMING FLETCHER, J. FLETCHER, S. FLYNN, A. FLYNN, D. The Undergraduates FIRST ROW SEVENTH ROW DIANNE BARBARA FOARD Alpha XI Delta Miami, 1 CAROL LOUISE FOLTZ Orlando, 2 HOWARD FREDERICK FORD Delta Tau Delta . . Nashville, Tenn., 3 ROBERT VINCENT FORD Phi Kappa Tau Sarasota, 2 M. JEANEL FORDYCE Alpha Omicron Pi Melbourne, 2 ASHLEY HINSON FRALEIGH Madison, 1 NANCY LOU FRALEIGH Kappa Delta Tallahassee, 2 JOYCE J. FRALIC Cantonment, 3 NORMAN RONALD GILFAND Delta Tau Delta Miami, 1 HENRY J. GLANCY Phi Delta Theta Atlanta, Ga., 3 PEGGY SUE GLASSCOCK Auburndale, 1 BETTIE ANN GOBER Sarasota, 1 M. NAN GODFREY Zeta Tau Alpha Chipley, 2 DIANE ELIZABETH GODIN St. Petersburg, 2 DOROTHY DELL GOFF Alpha Delta Pi Tampa, 1 SYLVIA JUNE GOLDEN Malone, 3 SECOND , ' ,0W EIGHTH ROW JEANETTE BILLIE FRANCISCO Homestead, 1 WILLIAM W. FRANKLIN Phi Kappa Tau Miami, 1 MARJORIE KATHLEEN FRASER Lake City, 2 ELIZABETH WARNER FRAZER Gainesville,! DAVID E. FRAZIER Miami Springs, 1 BETTY ANN FREEMAN Defuniak Springs, 1 RUTH FREITAG Nocatee, 1 JUDITH MAY FREUDENBERG Zeta Tau Alpha Orlando, 1 RHODA MARY GONZALEZ Kappa Delta Pensacola, 1 MAE J. GOODMAN Lew isburg, W. Va., 3 DOROTHY J. GOODWIN Pi Beta Phi Jacksonville, 3 JACK M GORRIE Tampa, 2 JOHN P. GRADY Bartow, 2 FELIZIA LAJUAIA GRANGER Apopka, 3 AUDREY MAE GRANT Alpha XI Delta Ft. Meade, 2 CYNTHIA GREEN Alpha Delta Pi Pensacola, 2 THIRD ROW NINTH ROW ANN MARCESTA FRICK Tii Delta Tallahassee, 3 ELEANORE D. FRIEL Clearwater, 2 NANCY MICHELE FRIPP Alpha Delta Pi Tampa, 1 GEORGIANA JEAN FRY Homestead, 1 DONNA KAY FULTON Miami, 1 PATRICIA CAROLE FURY Alpha Omicron Pi Perry, 3 ERNEST MAYO GABRIEL Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jacksonville Beach, 3 GERTRUDE LOUISE GARCIA Alpha Delta Pi Tampa, 1 BRUCE GURNER GREENWOOD Delta Tau Delta Ft, Pierce, 2 PATRICIA ANN GREENWOOD Delta Gamma Clearwater, 1 JANET GREGOIRE Miami, 1 BASCOM GREGORY Jacksonville, 1 EARL C. GRIFFIN Lockland, Ohio, 2 PRISCILLA JANE GRIFFING Miami, 3 STANLEY HOWARD GRIFFIS, JR Vero Beach, 3 PATRICIA YVONNE GRIGSBY Orlando, 1 FOURTH ROW TENTH ROW LORETTA H. GARCIA Tampa, 2 LORNA HELENE GARCIA Tampa, 1 SANDRA MARIE GARCIA Tampa, 2 SUZANNE GARCIA Tampa, 1 ELISE LIND GARDNER Miami, 1 JULIA KATHERINE GARNETT Lantana, 3 JEANETTE HELEN GARRETT Pi Beta Phi Bartow, 3 HARRY LEE GASKINS Tallahassee, 1 BILL GRIMSLEY Wauchula, 1 LYNNE MARY GRODZICKI Miami, 1 RAYMOND CHARLES GROOM Phi Kappa Tau Panama City, 1 MARY ELIZABETH GROOVER Delta Zeta Atlanta, G., 1 PEGGY ANN GROSS Delta Gamma Clearwater, 2 JOHN DAVID GROW Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tallahassee, 2 MARY HILL GRUBBS Alpha Delta Pi Columbus, Ga., 2 MICHAEL ALBERT GUERRA Delta Tau Delta Sarasota, 3 FIFTH ROW ELEANOR ANN GATES Alpha Gamma Delta Canton, N. C, 3 LINDA JANE GATES Ft. Walton Beach, 1 GRETCHEN GATEWOOD Orlando, 1 JACQUELINE ANNE GAVELEK Alpha Omicron Pi Miami, 1 J. KENNETH GAY Chipley, 1 JOHN E. GEISLER Orlando, 3 MARY GEORGE Alpha XI Delta East Point, Ga., 2 WARREN HUGH GERARD Miami, 3 SIXTH ROW ARTHUR MITCHELL GERBER Hollywood,! JUDY MAE GERNHARD Zeta Tau Alpha Sarasota, 1 ELIZABETH ANNE GESSLER Sigma Kappa Miami, 1 MARY JANE GETZEN Kappa Delta Orlando, 2 MARY JANE GHENT Gainesville, Ga., 1 SALLY JO GIBSON Atlanta, Ga., 3 SUZANNE PATRICIA GIBSON Pinetta, ! MARY GRACE GIELLA Dade City, 2 Whaddya mean, there ' s more in the trunk. ' Have you seen the room. ' 110 FOARD FOLTZ FORD, H. FORD, R. FORDYCE FRALEIGH, A. FRALEIGH, N. FRALIC FRANCISCO FRANKLIN ERASER, M. FRAZER, E. FRAZIER FREEMAN FREITAG FREUDENBERG FRICK FRIEL FRIPP FRY FULTON FURY GABRIEL GARCIA, G. GARCIA, L. H. GARCIA, L. GARCIA, S. Wl. GARCIA, S. GARDNER GARNETT GARRETT GASKINS GATES, E. GATES, L. GATEWOOD GAVELEK GAY GEISLER GEORGE GERARD GERBER GERNHARD GESSLER GETZEN GHENT GIBSON, S.J. GIBSON, S P. GIELLA GILFAND GLANCY GLASSCOCK GOBER GODFREY GODIN GOFF GOLDEN GONZALEZ GOODMAN GOODWIN GORRIE GRADY GRANGER GRANT GREEN GREENWOOD, B. GREENWOOD, P. GREGOIRE GREGORY GRIFFIN GRIFFING GRIFFIS GRIGSBV GRIMSLEY GRODZICKI GROOM GROOVER GROSS GROW GRUBBS GUERRA The Undergraduates FIRST ROW SEVENTH ROW SUZANNE COLETTE GUNDERSON Kappa Alpha Theta Lake Worth, 3 VIRGINIA GUNN Apalachicola, 1 DAVID PHILIP GUNNELS Kappa Alpha Jacksonville, 2 DEANNE GUTHRIE Delta Gamma Lake City, 3 PATRICIA CHARLENE GUTHRIE Delta Gamma Lake City, 1 PATRICIA EDITH HACKETT Alpha Delta Pi Jacksonville, 2 CHARLES W. HACKNEY Hampton, Va., 3 ELINOR MARIE HAGER Alpha Gamma Delta Bradenton, 3 BETTY LU HERDEN St. Petersburg, 1 PHYLLIS LINDA HERING Delta Gamma St. Petersburg, 1 ELWIN WALTER HEROLD, JR Tallahassee, 2 RICHARD R. HEROUX Lake Worth, 3 CARLEEN HERRINGTON Delta Delta Delta Miami, 3 KARIN ROSE HERZ Hollywood, 2 TEMPLE HESS Jacksonville, 3 ROBERT HESTON HICKS Sarasota, 3 SECOND ROW EIGHTH ROW GAYLE CHANDLER HAGER Eau Gallie, 2 THOMAS LEONARD HAGAR Sigma Alpha Epsilon ... Orlando, 1 MATTOX S. HAIR Kappa Alpha Live Oak, 2 KAY NEWTON HALL Kappa Delta Tampa, 2 MARY ELLEN HAMBY Pensacola, 3 GERALDINE HOPE HANCOCK Opa-Locka, 2 JONNYE ANNETTE HANCOCK Sarasota, 1 NANCY TREASURE HANNAFORD Miami, 1 JAMES MARIAN HIGGINS Tallahassee,! SALLY GAY HIGHNAM Alpha XI Delta Lakeland, 2 J. W. HILES Phi Delta Theta Atlanta, Ga., 1 PATRICIA ANN HILL Delta Delta Delta Miami, 2 GLEN HINTON Jasper, Ala., 2 MERRIMON TEAGUE HIPPS, JR New ton, N. C, 3 HARLAINE H. HOBBS Manchester, N. H., 1 JACKIE HOBBS Alpha Chi Omega Starke, 2 THIRD ROW NINTH ROW MARY EDWENE HANSELL Kissimmee, 1 EDITH GRACE HANSEN Tavares, 1 LORETTA JOHANNA HANSEN Ft. Pierce, 3 PEGGY ANN HARDIE Daytona Beach, 1 NORA NELL HARDY Zeta Tau Alpha Ocala, 1 PATRICIA ESTHELLE HARPER Delta Zeta Lakeland, 2 OLCIE L. HARRELL Tallahassee, 3 RI CHARD EARL HARRELL Pi Kappa Alpha Ft. Myers, 3 LINDA CAROLE HOBBS Chi Omega St. Petersburg, 1 NATALIE HALSTEAD HOBBS Kappa Alpha Theta Sarasota, 2 MARGARET HODGES Ona, 1 MARY JANE HODGES Plant City, 2 THOMAS R. HOGLE Pi Kappa Phi Tampa, 3 CHARLES JERALD HOHNE St. Augustine, 2 JANET EDITH HOLLER Miami, 3 PATRICIA ANN HOLLINS Alpha Gamma Delta St. Petersburg, 2 FOURTH ROW TENTH ROW EDITH HELEN HARRINGTON Taft, 1 YOLANDA LOUISE HARRIS Key West, 1 BONNIE LE MERLE HART Foley, 2 ELLA JEAN HARTZ Tallahassee, 1 JACQUELIN ALICE HASLINGER Sebring, 1 SUSAN MARIAH HATCHER Alpha Delta Pi Macon, G., 1 EDNA ELIZABETH HAWES Valdosta, Ga., 1 ALICE FAYE HAWKINS Wewahitchka, 1 CHARLES H. HOLLOWAY Chattahoochee, 1 GEORGE ROBERT HOLLOWAY Phi Kappa Tau Nubbin Ridge, 3 HOWARD ERIC HOLM Winter Haven, 1 ANN ETTA HOOBER Jacksonville, 2 DENNIS D. HOOD Jacksonville, 1 PATRICIA ANN HOOVER Miami, 1 WILDA PAUL HOUSTON Palatka, 2 FRANKLIN DELANO HOWARD Blountstown, 2 FIFTH ROW FRANCES ANN HEARN Kappa Delta Plant City, 3 MARTHA ANN HEATH Delta Gamma Miami, 1 PATRICIA GAYLE HEFELE Coral Gables, 2 SHARRON HEIM St. Petersburg, 3 MARLENE MARGARET HEINZ Alpha Omicron Pi . Ft. Lauderdale, 1 ROWAN JAMES HELFERTY, JR. Pi Kappa Alpha Clearwater, 3 HENRY H. HELTON, JR Tallahassee, 3 BETTY ARLENE HENDERSON St. Petersburg, 3 s.J kSM. ' . .Mi ' i SIXTH ROW DEANNA LOUISE HENDERSON Lakeland, 2 NANCY LEE HENDERSON Alpha Chi Omega Jacksonville, 1 LOREN HENDLEY Tallahassee, 1 CAROL MILLAY HENDRICKS Alpha Gamma Delta Ocala, 1 BETTY ANN HENLEY Camphenton, 3 DONALD EUGENE HENRY Pi Kappa Tau Tallahassee, 2 JEAN LOUISE HENRY Ft. Lauderdale, 1 MARIAN JANE HENSLEY Warner Robins, Ga., 2 M Tf ■ ' ■-V.O .y.,4 ' . i 4 J SJ- «j« ■ " ' ■: ' %s " ' Hey! Stop the safari — there ' s an oasis over here. 112 GUNDERSON GUNN GUNNELS GUTHRIE, D. GUTHRIE, P. HACKETT HACKNEY HAGAR, E. HAGER, G. HAGAR, T. HAIR HALL HAMBY HANCOCK, G. HANCOCK, J. HANNAFORD HANSELL HANSEN, E. HANSEN, L. HARDIE HARDY HARPER HARRELL, 0. HARRELL, R. HARRINGTON HARRIS HART HARTZ HASLINGER HATCHER HAWES HAWKINS HEARN HEATH HEFELE HEIM HEINZ HELFERTY HELTON HENDERSON, B. HENDERSON, D. HENDERSON, N. HENDLEY HENDRICKS HENLEY HENRY, D. HENRY, J. HENSLEY HERDEN HERING HEROLD HEROUX HERRINGTON HERZ HESS HICKS HIGGINS HIGHNAM HILES HILL HINTON HIPPS HOBBS, H. HOBBS, J. HOBBS, L. HOBBS, N. HODGES, M. HODGES, M.J. HOGLE HOHNE HOLLER HOLLINS HOLLOWAY. C. HOLLOWAY, G. HOLM HOOBER HOOD HOOVER HOUSTON HOWARD, F. The Undergraduates FIRST ROW SEVENTH ROW SHARON KATHLEEN HOWARD St. Petersburg, 2 RHODA GALE HOWE Alpha Gamma Delta Ocala, 3 LINDA ROSE HOWELL Bartow, 3 RICHARD LYLE HOWES Pensacola, 2 JOHN C. HUDSON Sigma Alpha Epsilon Rosedale, N. Y., 3 SYLVIA DIANE HUDSON Haines City, 1 KATHLEEN FRANCES HUFFORD Chi Omega Rowena, 2 YVONNE ELIZABETH HUFSTETLER Dundee,! CAROLYN JONES Cutlee Ridge, 1 DANIEL PATRICK JONES Sigma Nu Pensacola, 1 L. JOANNE JONES Tallahassee, 1 MARGARET BAIRD JONES Mobile, Ala., 1 MARILYN GAYLE JONES Branford, 1 MERLE S. JONES Wausau, 3 N. CAROL JONES Atlanta, Ga., 1 OKLE CATHERINE JONES Jacksonville, 3 SECOND ROW EIGHTH ROW JOHN CLARK HUGHES Ft. Myers, 2 SARA ELIZABETH HUGHES Alpha Delta Pi Bartow, 1 THOMAS WENDELL HUGHES Tampa, 1 CAROLYN JO HUNT Delta Delta Delta Coral Gables, 1 LINDA LEE HUNT Bradenton, 1 PFILIP GARDNYR HUNT Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Montgomery, Ala., 3 CHARLES T. HURD Jacksonville, 2 YOLANDA MARY ANN HUSZTY Ft. Lauderdale, 2 FRANCES MiGNON JORDAN Alpha Gamma Delta . . Bartow, 1 JILDA VIRGINIA JORDAN Zeta Tau Alpha Miami, 2 VICTOR JOHN KALETA Tampa, 2 PETER A. KALMES Pi Kappa Phi Yonkers, N. Y., 3 ATHENA K. KAPNIAS Phi Mu Jacksonville, 2 CRESCENTIA ANN KEARNS Lakeland, 1 WALLACE OLES KEENE Phi Delta Theta . . Washington, D. C, 1 BILL KELLY Miami,! THIRD ROW NINTH ROW JACQUELAN SUE HUTTO Bartow, 2 PRISCILLA SUE HUTTO Bartow, 1 ARTHUR E. IMMEL Hialeah, 1 ELIZABETH ALICE INGALLS Delta Gamma Ocala, 2 JULIE ANN INGRAM Kappa Alpha Theta Winter Park, 2 MARY ETHEL INGRAM Alpha Chi Omega Pineville, Ky., 3 KARY GWINNETTE INLOW Jacksonville, 1 SHIRLEY ANN INSCHO Alpha XI Delta Miami, 1 SUSAN KELSEY Delta Zeta Tampa, 3 PHILIP J. KEMBLOWSKI Phi Kappa Tau Panama City, 3 KAREN MARIE KEMMER Daytona Beach, 2 CAROLYN ANNE KEMP Jacksonville,! LINDA FRANCES KENDRICK Kaopa Delta Bradenton, ! BARBARA JEAN KENNEDY Tallahassee, 2 BARBARA JEAN KENNISON Miami, 2 HELEN MERRILL KENNISON Tallahassee, 3 FOURTH ROW TENTH ROW BETTY SUE JACKSON Quincy, 3 MERRY JUNE JACKSON Alpha Chi Omega Clearwater, 2 SANDRA JANE JACKSON Zeta Tau Alpha Quitman, Ga., ! JACQUELINE HELEN JACOVES Miami, 2 KATHLEEN JAMES Cantonment, 2 VIRGINIA LOUISE JAMES Delta Delta Delta Panama City, 1 JAN ELIZABETH JANES Delta Zeta Wauchula, 2 VIRGINIA ANN JANKUNIS Ft. Lauderdale, 1 KATHERINE MARIE KESSEL Miami,! ARTHUR LLOYD KETCHERSID Tallahassee, 3 KARLA KILINSKI Miami,! GORDON M. KINCHELOE Tallahassee, ! MARTHA KING St. Petersburg, 3 WILLIAM S. KING Tallahassee, 3 AUDREY NADINE KIRBY Live Oak, 2 VIVIAN CAROL KIRCHMAN Delta Delta Delta .... St. Petersburg, 3 FIFTH ROW CONSTANCE MELANIE JEFFERS Jacksonville, 2 JO ANN CAROL JENNIER Peru, Ind., ! WILLIAM MELL JENKINS Caryville, 3 EVA JOANOS Alpha Omicron Pi Tallahassee, ! DELPHIA NAE JOHNSON Ocala, 2 ISABEL JANE JOHNSON Phi Mu Jasper, 2 JESSIE LOUISE JOHNSON Wildwood, ! JOYCE EVANGELINE JOHNSON Plant City, ! SIXTH ROW KAREN ANN JOHNSON Tallahassee, ! N MER LINE JOHNSON Alpha XI Delta Jacksonville, 2 MARGARET G. JOHNSON Tallahassee, 3 WINIFRED LORENE JOHNSON Gamma Phi Beta Cairo, Ga., ! CHARLOTTE ANNE JOHNSTON Tampa, ! MARIANNA JOHNSTON Tampa, ! ROBERT LEON JOHNWICK Sigma Nu West Palm Beach, ! BENNY EARL JONES Vero Beach, 2 Somebody call the Biology Department — I ' m growing gills! IH HOWARD, S. HOWE HOWELL HOWES HUDSON, J. HUDSON, S. HUFFORD HUFSTETLER HUGHES, J. HUGHES, S. HUGHES, T. HUNT, C. HUNT, L. HUNT, P. HURD HUSZTY HUTTO, J. HUTTO, P. IMMEL INGALLS INGRAM, J INGRAM, M. INLOW INSCHO JACKSON, B. JACKSON, M. JACKSON, S. JACOVES JAMES, K. JAMES, V. JANES JANKUNIS JEFFERS JENNIER JENKINS JOANOS JOHNSON, D. JONHSON, I. JOHNSON, J. L. JOHNSON J. E. JOHNSON, K. JOHNSON, M. JOHNSON, N. JOHNSON, W. JOHNSTON, C. JOHNSTON, M. JOHNWICK JONES, B. JONES, C. JONES, D. JONES, L. JONES, M. B. JONES, M. G. JONES, M. S. JONES, N. JONES, 0. JORDAN, F. JORDAN, J. KALETA KALMES KAPNIAS KEARNS KEENE KELLY KELSEY KEMBLOWSKI KEMMER KEMP KENDRICK KENNEDY KENNISON, B. KENNISON, H. KESSEL KETCHERSID KILINSKI KINCHELOE KING, M. KING, W. ■ KIRBY KIRCHMAN The Undergraduates FIRST ROW SEVENTH ROW DAISY ESTHER KIRK Gamma Phi Beta Tallahassee, 1 MARILYN ELIZABETH KIRKLAND Jacksonville,! VIRGINIA KATHRYN KISER Cocoa, 3 GRACE CONSTANCE KLINE Lake Wales, 2 RITA ESTELLE KLONSKY Miami,! FRANKLIN KNIGHT, III Marietta, G., i RODNEY S. KNIGHT KATHLEEN KNOPS Delta Gamma Ft. Lauderdale, ! RICHARD JAMES LIETZ St. Petersburg, 5 JUDITH CAROLE LINDER Delta Zeta Wauchula, 3 MARY ANN LINDSEY Alpha Gamma Delta Jacksonville, 1 DOTTIE SUE LINEBAUGH Tampa, ! DOROTHY DEANNE LINGO Clearw ater, 2 IRVIN LIPSCOMB Winter Garden, 1 ALICE GAIL LIPTHROTT Zeta Tau Alpha St. Petersburg, ! DONALD WALLACE LIVESEY Lambda Chi Alpha . . St. Petersburg, 3 SECOND ROW EIGHTH ROW MARILYN GENE KNOWLES Zeta Tau Alpha Ft. Pierce, 2 i ICHMOND LEE KNOWLES, JR Columbus, G., 3 PATRICIA ROSE KONORZA Ponce de Leon, ! KARL DAVID KOONTZ Ft. Lauderdale, 3 SUSAN ELIZABETH KORST Alpha Delta Pi Tallahassee, 2 JOAN ELLEN KOVACE Cocoa, 1 NANCY ELIZABETH KRETZSCHMAR Miami, 1 BARBARA KROGLAND Columbus, Ga., 3 CLINTON ELMORE LOGAN, JR Carrabelle, 3 ROBERTA JEAN LOGAN Daytona Beach, 2 CAROLYN ELIZABETH LOGUE Alpha Chi Omega Orlando, 2 EVELYN LOMAISTRO Alpha Omicron Pi Miami, 2 CHARLENE DORILDA LONG Naples, 4 TERESA HOPKINS LONG Alpha Gamma Delta Tallahassee, ! BARBARA ANN LOPER Tampa, 2 PATRICIA ANNE LORD Orlando, 3 THIRD ROW NINTH ROW LOIS G. KUSTU Alpha Omicron Pi Vero Beach, 3 GIULA RIGA LACAGNINA Phi Mu Jupiter, 2 GORDON CRAIG LAMASTER Miami, 1 CAROL ANNE LAMB Phi Mu Statesboro, Ga., 3 JANICE ETHEL LAMB Madison, 3 PATRICIA LAMB Phi Mu Statesboro, Ga., 1 JOHNNY PATRICK LAMBERT Havana, 3 DOROTHY ANN LANE Chiefiand, 1 MARTHA LENORE LOTT Hollywood, 3 ARTHUR JOHN LOVARCO Ft. Lauderdale, 1 LAURA LEE LOVELAND Miami, 1 LESLIE ANN LOWELL Miami, 1 SNOW ANDERSON LOY Eustis, ! SANDRA RUTH LOZIER Lantana, 2 RUTH DOLORES LUCAS Taveres, 2 ALICE LOUISE LUPO Gamma Phi Beta Orlando, 2 FOURTH ROW TENTH ROW ERNEST LANFORD Shellman, Ga., 2 LINDA ANN LANGSTON Ft. Myers, 3 SAL ANTHONY LANZA Delta Tau Delta ... Port Chester, N. Y., ! ANDREW LAPICOLA Hialeah, 1 SUE CARROLL LARSON Jacksonville, 1 TEXIE ANN LARSON Zeta Tau Alpha Miami, 1 JUNE IRIS LASSETER Delta Delta Delta Tallahassee, 3 RICHARD DAVID LATTNER Kappa Sigma Ft. Pierce, ! MOLLIE JANE MACKIN Coral Gables, ! JULIE MacDOWELL Chi Omega Lakeland, 1 SARA JEAN MACLEOD Kappa Delta Jacksonville, 3 JUDITH ELIZABETH MADSON Albany, Ga., 1 JAMES MILNE MAGEE Phi Delta Theta Tampa, 2 MARIAN LOUISE MAHANNAH Alpha Gamma Delta . . Miami, 2 NELLIE CHURCH MANDA Kappa Alpha Theta . . West Palm Beach, 3 DOROTHY ESTELLA MANN Delta Zeta Jacksonville, 1 FIFTH ROW BONNIE RUSSELL LAW Miami Springs, 1 CYNTHIA ANN LAWRENCE Pi Beta Phi Tall ahassee, 3 MARGARET LINDA LEEGER Phi Mu Albany, Ga., ! JUDITH M. LEHAN Maitland, 2 JOYCE HELEN LENNARD Jacksonville, ! ETHELYN W. LENZI Ft. Lauderdale, 2 JAMES DICK LEONE Tampa, 3 GERMAINE CHARLOTTE LEONHART Kappa Delta .... Clearwater, 1 SIXTH ROW CAROL JO LEWIS Delta Gamma Tallahassee, 2 HENRY CYRUS LEWIS, JR Lakeland, 3 LOLA PATRICIA LEWIS Castleberry, Ala., 1 MARGARET REED LEWIS Delta Delta Delta Panama City, 2 PATRICIA JANE LEWIS Haines City, ! SALLIE LIDDON Kappa Delta Lynn Haven, ! PATSY LIEB Lakeland, 2 MARCIA G. LIEGEROT Coral Gables, 1 Can ' t stand eggs for breakfast — gimme a coke and doughnut. 116 KIRK KIRKLAND KISER KLINE KLONSKY KNIGHT, F. KNIGHT, R. KNOPS KNOWLES, M. KNOWLES, R. KONORZA KOONTZ KORST KOVACE KRETZSCHMAR KROGLAND KUSTER LACAGNINA LAMASTER LAMB, C. LAMB, J. LAMB, P. LAMBERT LANE LANFORD LANGSTON LANZA LAPICOLA LARSON, S. LARSON, T. LASSETER LATTNER LAW LAWRENCE LEEGER LEHAN LENNARD LENZI LEONE LEONHART LEWIS, C. LEWIS, H. LEWIS, L. LEWIS, M. LEWIS, P. LIDDON LIEB LIEGEROT LIETZ LINDER LINDSEY LINEBAUGH LINGO LIPSCOMB LIPTHROTT LIVESEY LOGAN, C. LOGAN, R. LOGUE LOMAISTRO LONG, C. LONG, T. LOPER LORD LOTT LOVARCO LOVELAND LOWELL LOY LOZIER LUCAS LUPO MACKIN MAC DOWELL MACLEOD MADSON MAGEE MAHANNAH MANDA MANN, D. The Undergraduates FIRST ROW SEVENTH ROW JACK TAY MANN Winter Park, 2 JOHN MICHAEL MANN Monlicello,. 1 PAT MANNING Alpha Xi Delta Jacksonville, 3 GENEVIEVE MANSFIELD Lakeland, 1 PATSY ANN MARIOTTI Hobe Sound, 2 THOMAS CLARK MARKS Kappa Alpha Order Tampa, 2 LEWIS EUGENE MAROTTI Winter Haven, 1 KATHRYN MACLEOD MARSH Jacksonville,! HENRY LOUIS MEADOR Phi Kappa Tau Bradenton, 2 JEANIE MEADOWS Alpha Omicron Pi Riverview , 2 VIVIAN IRENE MEEKISON Bradenton, 1 KATHRYN DORTHEA MEEKS Lake Park, 1 FLORENCE LEORETA MELVIN Gamma Phi Beta .... Panama City, 1 BARBARA JEAN MENTZER Delta Gamma Lake Worth, 3 SUZANNE HULETT MENTZER Lakeland, 1 JANE SHARP MERRELL Daytona Beach, 3 SECOND ROW EIGHTH ROW DONALD NORMAN MARSHALL Tallahassee, 1 GROVER EDWARD MARTIN Umatilla, 2 LOUISE SCOTT MARTIN Alpha Omicron Pi .... Pike Road, Ala., 1 MARIE LUCILLE MARTIN Alpha Omicron Pi Tallahassee, 2 MARILYN MARTIN Miami Springs, 1 MARTHA LOIS MARTIN DeFuniak Springs, 2 NEIL EDWARD MARTIN Lambda Chi Alpha St. Petersburg, 2 EMILY SUE MASSEY Alpha Chi Omega Jacksonville, 2 JUDITH ANNE METCALFE Tallahassee, 1 MARILYN LEE METZ Miami, 2 FRANK JOHN MICELI Tampa, 1 PATRICIA ANNE MICKLER Kappa Alpha Theta Tampa, 2 RICHARD DAVID MIKELL Delray Beach, 3 BARBARA CORDES MILLER Alpha Gamma Delta . . Jacksonville, 1 BERYL ELAINE MILLER Miami, 1 DELBERT EUGENE MILLER Milwaukee, Wis., 1 THIRD ROW DONAL B. MATHEWS Sigma Alpha Epislon Dillion, S. C, 1 MARY CAROLYN MATHEWS Atlanta, Ga., 1 MARY COVER MATHIS Chi Omega Tampa, 1 SALLY ANN MATTHEWS Delta Zeta Pompano Beach, 2 SUZANNE ALRENE MATZAT Delta Zeta Jacksonville, 2 DOROTHY JEAN MAY Pi Beta Phi Miami, 3 CHARLOTTE ANNE MAYER Severna Park Md., 1 ROSALIE MAYNARD Sebring, 2 NINTH ROW ELIZABETH V. MILLER Jacksonville,! ELLA MAE MILLER Lakeland, 3 JOSEPH CABAL MILLER Lambda Chi Alpha Palatka, 3 MARY CHARLOTTE MILLER Bushnell, ! ROBERT PAUL MILLER Delray Beach, 1 SYLVIA DOROTHY MILLER Alpha Chi Omega Tampa, 2 ELLIS WILLARD MILLS Sigma Alpha Epsilon , Wryn sboro, G., 2 MARGERIE MACKAY MILLS Jacksonville, ! FOURTH ROW TENTH ROW PENELOPE KATE McARTHUR Alpha Gamma Delta .... Crestview, i BRENDA WATTS McCAMPBELL Pi Beta Phi .. West Palm Beach, 1 MARY CATHERINE McCARQUODALE Washington, D. C, 1 JANE MARIE McCLELLAND Jacksonville, 1 CAROLYN McCOLLOUGH DeFuniak Springs, ! CATHY MARA McCORMACK Lakeland, 1 JAMES CAROON McCOTTER Jark-onville, 2 ELIZABETH LOUISE McCUSKEY Titusville, 2 MARYANN BARBARA MILMORE N. Miami, 1 JANE DEXTER MIMS Lake Wales, ! SHARON ALISE MIMS Gamma Phi Beta Tampa, 1 MONA RAE MIRACLE Gainesville, ! MICHAEL HOGAN MITCHELL Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Decatur, Ga., 2 PATRICIA MARIE MITCHELL Lakeland, 2 SOPHY MAE MITCHELL Sebring, 3 BETTY JO MOFFITT Hallendale, ! FIFTH ROW SANDRA JEAN McDANIEL Orlando, ! MARILYN JOANN McDUGALD Dundee, 2 JAMES E. McFATTER Bonifay, 3 RUTH ANNETTE McINTOSH Delta Delta Delta Pahokee, 2 MARY FRANCES McKINNEY Miami, 2 ROBERT E. Mclaughlin Terra Ceia, 3 CAROLYN ANN McLAULIN Sarasota, 1 JOSEPH DANIEL McLEAN Fort Walton Beach, 3 SIXTH ROW JUDY MCMILLAN Phi Beta Phi Tallaiass3s, 1 ANN KATHLEEN McNAMEE Orlando, i SARA ALLEN McNEAL Cravi fordville, 3 CAROLYN ANNE McPHERSON Quincy, 3 PATRICIA McRAE Mcintosh, 2 MURIEL ANN McSHEEHAN Miami, 2 GAYLE WYRICK McWHlRTER Chi Omega Clearwater, 1 ALFRED CLIFTON MEADOR Tallahassee, 3 What ' s a three letter word ending in e-x? 18 MANN, J. T. MANN, J. M. MANNING MANSFIELD MARIOTTI MARKS MAROTTI MARSH MARSHALL MARTIN, G. MARTIN, L. MARTIN, M. L. MARTIN, M. MARTIN, M. L. MARTIN, N. MASSEY MATHEWS, D. MATHEWS, M. MATHIS MATTHEWS MATZAT MAY MAYER MAYNARD McARTHUR McCAMPBELL l lcCARQUODALE McClelland McCOLLOUGH McCORMACK McCOTTER McCUSKEY McDANlEL McDUGALD McFATTER McINTOSH McKINNEY Mclaughlin McLAULIN McLEAN McMillan McNAMEE McNEAL McPHERSON McRAE McSHEEHAN McWHIRTER MEADOR, A. MEADOR, H. MEADOWS MEEKISON MEEKS MELVIN MENTZER, B. MENTZER, S. MERRELL METCALFE METZ MICELl MICKLER MIKELL IILLER, B. C. IILLER, B. E. MILLER, D. MILLER, E. V. MILLER, E. M. MILLER, J. MILLER, M. MILLER, R. MILLER, S. MILLS, E. MILLS, M. MILMORE MIMS, J. MIMS, S. MIRACLE MITCHELL, M. MITCHELL, P. MITCHELL, S. MOFFITT The Undergraduates FIRST ROW VALERIE J. MOLONEY Lake Worth, 2 BETTY ANN MONTGOMERY Delta Delta Delta Tallahassee, 2 BETTIE MOORE Tallahassee, 1 HELEN GEORGINE MONROSE Tampa, 1 HENRY CLAY MOORE Westville, 1 JOE KEITH MOORE Jacksonville Beach, 3 JOSEPH MOORE Delta Tau Delta Sarasota, 3 JUDITH ANN MOORE Sarasota, 1 SEVENTH ROW PATRICIA SEFTON OLIVER Alpha Gamma Delta .... Bradenton, 1 LEORA YVONNE OLLIPHANT Phi Beta Phi Jacksonville, 1 SYLVIA ALINE O ' NEAL Kappa Delta Tampa, 1 ANN ELIZABETH O ' NEILL Alpha Gamma Delta Sarosota, 1 DIAN I. ORR Delta Gamma St. Augustine, 3 MARTHA ORR Mimai Springs, 1 JANELLEN NORINE OSBORN Miami, 2 BETTY JANE OTEY Zeta Tau Alpha St. Petersburg, 3 SECOND ROW EIGHTH ROW LIBBY ANN MOORE Delta Delta Delta Sarasota, 1 MARY JOAN MOORE Tampa, 1 THOMAS CETERINO MOORE Theta Chi Key West, 2 SONIA JUSTINA MORENO Kappa Alpha Theta Tampa, 1 DEANNA INEZ MORRIS Havana Cuba, 1 DIANA EVIE MORRIS Kappa Alpha Theta Miami, 3 JAMES LOUIS MORRISON Winter Haven, 2 DOROTHY LOUISE MORTON Kappa Alpha Theta ... Jacksonville, 2 ROBERT J. OWENS Quincy, 3 PEGGY ANNE PAFFORD Jennings, 2 JOSEPH J. PALAZZO Rochester, I l. Y„ 2 JAMES MONROE PALMER Sigma Nu Ft. Myers, 3 LINDA ANN PALMYRA Miami, 2 CHARLOTTE ANN PARIS Haines City, 1 ALICE ELIZABETH PARKER Kissimmee, 1 NANCY BUREL PARKINSON Jacksonville, 2 THIRD ROW NINTH ROW MARGARET FRANCES MORTON Hollywood, 1 BARBARA JOY MUELLER Delta Gamma Cocoa, 3 BETHIA LETITIA MUELLER Clewiston, 1 PATRICIA LEE MURPHY Miami, 2 PATRICIA C. MURRELL Miami, 2 CAROL JANE NEFF Winter Haven, 2 PATRICIA ELAINE NEFF Sarasota, 1 CAROLANNE NELSON Tallahassee, 3 JOHN N. PARTRIDGE, JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Orlando, 2 CELIA ANN PARVIN Miami, 1 WILLIAM BLANCHARD PASCHAL, JR Madison, 3 RICHARD BRADLEY PASTO Tallahassee, 1 MYRNA JOY PATE Tampa, 2 KAROLYN PATTERSON Tampa, 3 SANDRA RUTH PATTISON Tallahassee, 1 MARY LOU PATTON Murgreesboro, 1 FOURTH ROW TENTH ROW RICHARD DONALD NELSON Pensacola, 1 MARTHA LEE NE SMITH Kappa Alpha Theta Coral Gables, 1 MARGARET NETTLES Atlanta, Ga., 1 HEIDI HEATHER NEUMANN Miami, 2 DANIEL PATRICK NEW Tallahassee, 3 r lARY ELIZABETH NEWBERG Ocoee, 1 TLISE YVONNE NEWBERRY Kappa Delta Bainbridge, Ga., 3 MARYLOU NEWDE Tampa, 1 THELMA ANN PEABODY Miami, 1 JACK H. PEACOCK Blountstown, 1 JAN M. PEARCE Ft. Lauderdale, 1 EDWARD STEPHEN PENESKI Theta Chi Trenton, N. J., 3 RUBY PAULINE PENNINGTON Ponce de Leon, 3 LOUIS MARK PENZI, JR., Theta Chi Miami, 2 CYNTHIA ANN PERCY Plant City, 1 NORMA JEAN PEREZ Tampa, 2 FIFTH ROW THOMAS WILLIAM NEWELL Theta Chi Lakewood, Ohio, 2 JUDITH LOUISE NEWMAN Sarasota, 1 JANE REID NEWSOME Pi Beta Phi Orlando, 1 JAMES CURTIS NEWTON Panama City, 2 JEAN G. NEWTON Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 3 SHERRY LYNNE NICHOLS Zeta Tau Alpha St. Petersburg, 3 ANNA LOUISE NICHOLSON Delta Gamma Lake Worth, 3 GISELA M. NICKEL Miami, 1 SIXTH ROW REMBRANDT W. NOBLE Tallahassee, 3 ARDIS JOANNE NOYES Miami, 1 SUSAN JANE NUBER Alpha Omicron Pi St. Petersburg, 3 ROBERT EARL NUSSEAR Theta Chi Tampa, 2 THEODORE DAVID NUTT Nassau, Bahamas, 3 KARL W. OAKLEY Tallahassee, 3 RICHARD O ' BRIEN East Detroit, Mich, i DORIS JOAN OFFERLE Delta Zeta Miami, 2 Excuse us, Mr. Johnson, but your mascara ' s running. 120 MOLONEY MONTGOMERY MOORE, B. MONROSE MOORE, H, MOORE, J, K. MOORE, J. MOORE, J. A. MOORE, L. MOORE, M. MOORE, T. MORENO MORRIS, D. I. MOORIS, D. E. MORRISON MORTON, D. MORTON, M. MUELLER, B. J. MUELLER, B. L. MURPHY MURRELL NEFF, C. NEFF, P. NELSON, C. NELSON, R. NESMITH NETTLES NEUMANN NEW NEWBERG NEWBERRY NEWDE NEWELL NEWMAN NEWSOM NEWTON, J. C. NEWTON, J. G. NICHOLS NICHOLSON NICKEL NOBLE NOYES NUBER NUSSEAR NUTT OAKLEY O ' BRIEN OFFERLE OLIVER OLLIPHANT ONEAL O ' NEILL ORR, D. ORR, M. OSBORN OTEY OWENS PAFFORD PALAZZO PALMER PALMYRA PARIS PARKER PARKINSON PARTRIDGE PARVIN PASCHAL PASTO PATE PATTERSON PATTISON PATTON PEABODY PEACOCK PEARCE PENESKI PENNINGTON PENZI PERCY PEREZ The Undergraduates FIRST ROW THELMA BOLTON PERKINS KAO Neptune Beach, 2 JEAN ARLEN PERRY Bradenton, 2 VALERIANN PERRY Zeta Tau Alpha Chattahoochee, 1 JANET PERSONS Ft. Myers, 1 KAY PETRIS Winter Garden, 1 ROBERT MILTON PETTY Sigma Chi Jaci sonville, 2 STEPHEN PEYTON Miami Beach, 1 PENELOPE DORIS PICKELS Jacksonville, 1 SEVENTH ROW WALTHEW FREDERICK REARDON St. Petersburg, 3 LISA A. REDD Gamma Phi Beta Sarasota, 2 DIXON IRVINE REDDITT Jacksonville, 3 MARLINE JANET REEBEL Homestead,! MARY ANN REEDER Delta Gamma Lakeland, 2 ROSEMARY REEDY Eustis, 2 JOHN LANCE REESE Pensacola, 3 SANDRA LEE REESE Jacksonville, 3 SECOND ROW BARBARA ANN PIDGEON Tampa, 1 DOROTHY RUTH PIEHLER Hialeah, 1 ROSE MARIE PIERCE Miami,? SUSAN ELEANOR PIERCE Jacksonville, 1 EVA DESSE PINCKARD Kappa Alpha Theta .... Daytona Beach, 3 CLARK STEADMAN PINDER Theta Chi Key West, 2 JOSEPH L. PIPITONE Miami,! MARJORIE JEAN PIPKIN Lakeland, 2 EIGHTH ROW DEES CAMILLE REESMAN Alpha Gamma Delta Ocala, 2 CAROLYN GARDNER REEVES Alpha Chi Omega . . Memphis, Tenn., ! JAMES WILLIAM REGISTER Alpha Tau Omega Jasper, 3 BARBARA ANN RENNER Miami, ! EDYTH ARDEN REVELL Bowling Green, 1 RAYMOND LESTER REVELL Tallahassee, 3 BECKY ANN REVELS Lake City, ! VIRGINIA REYNOLDS Capehart, ! THIRD ROW ROYCE DERREL PIPKINS Pi Kapoa Aloha Haines C ' ty, ! ROBERT BRUCE PITTELKOW Tallahassee, ! AURELIA PITTS Kappa Delta Pittsview, Ala., 2 HAROLD EUGENE PITTS Tallahassee, 1 CYNTHIA HOLLEY PLOCKELMAN West Palm Beach, 2 CYNTHIA DAWN POHL Winter Park, 2 ROBERT RONNY POPPELL Tallahassee, 1 CAROL ANN POPPENGER Pi Beta Phi Leesburg, 3 NINTH ROW CAROLYN RICE Tampa, 3 NOEL RICHARD Orlando, ! MARIETTA RICHARDSON St. Petersburg, 3 JOHN E. RILEY Parkersburg, W. Virginia, 3 ANDREW LAWRENCE RINGERS West Palm Beach, 3 ARLENE MILDRED RITCHIE Delta Gamma Tallahassee, 2 CADE JACKSON RITCHIE Tallahassee, 3 H. DOYLE ROBERTS Tallahasesee. 2 FOURTH ROW . JUDITH ANN PORTER Lakeland, ! JUDITH ANN POTTS Ft. Myers, 2 MARY HARRISON POWELL Alpha Xi Delta Clearwater, ! BETTY C. POWELL Lakeland, 2 DARVIN V. POWELL Brunswick, Ga., 3 MARGARET JANE POWELL Delta Gamma Tallahassee, 2 DONALD POWERS Hamilton, Ohio, 3 ROSE MARIE PRATT Plant City, 2 TENTH ROW LINDA GAY ROBERTS Alpha Chi Omega Moore Haven, 2 MARY ANTONENE ROBERTS Tallahassee, 2 SALLIE FLORRIE ROBERTS Gamma Phi Beta .... Myakka City, 2 SHIRLEY BLANZO ROBERTS Tallahassee,! BONNIE ROBINSON Chi Omega Orlando, ! KENNETH HUBERT ROBINSON Clearwater, 3 BARBARA JUNE ROGERS Ft. Walton Beach, 3 GEORGE HULLET ROGERS Tallahassee, 3 FIFTH ROW JUDITH CLAIRE PRESTON Delta Delta Delta Pensacola, 1 JUDITH LEE PRICE Miami Beach, ! KAREN SUE PRICE Miami, ! MARCELLA PRICHARD Miami,! CHICHI ELIZABETH PUCKETT Tallahassee, ! PATRICIA IRENE PUDERBAUGH Delta Zeta .. Montgomery, Ala., 1 SERANDA MARIE RALLI Daytona Beach,! FRANK ROBERT RAMOS Miami, 2 SIXTH ROW JUDY RAMSEY Chi Omega Tampa, 2 PEGGY JEANETTE RAMSEY Ft. Lauderdale, 3 BARBARA JEAN RANDEE Fort Pierce, 2 CONSTANCE RANSICK Eustis, 1 ELLEN RAMONA RAYNOR Tampa, 3 EUNICE ALEDA READETTE Pensacola, 3 SYLVIA REBECA REAGAN Miami, ! JUDIE REARDON He said he ' d meet me here at four — should I leave for dinner? 122 PERKINS PERRY, J. PERRY, V. PERSONS PETRIS PETTY PEYTON PICKELS PIDGEON PIEHLER PIERCE, R. PIERCE, S. PINCKARD PINDER PIPITONE PIPKIN PIPKINS PITTELKOW PITTS, A. PITTS, H. PLOCKELMAN POHL POPPELL POPPENGER PORTER POTTS POWELL, M. H. POWELL. B. POWELL, D. POWELL, M. J. POWERS PRATT PRESTON PRICE, J. PRICE, K. PRICHARD PUCKETT PUDERBAUGH RALLI RAMOS RAMSEY, J. RAMSEY, P. RANDEE RANSICK RAYNOR READETTE REAGAN REARDON, J. REARDON, W. REDD REDDITT REEBEL REEDER REEDY REESE, J. REESE, S. REESMAN REEVES REGISTER RENNER REVELL, E. REVELL, R REVELS REYNOLDS RICE RICHARD RICHARDSON RILEY RINGERS RITCHIE, A. RITCHIE, C. R OBERTS, H. ROBERTS, L, ROBERTS, M. ROBERTS, S. F. ROBERTS, S. B. ROBINSON, B. ROBINSON, K. ROGERS, B. ROGERS, G. The Undergraduates FIRST ROW JUNE ANN ROGERS Miami Springs, 2 PETER LEONARD ROLLER Miami, 1 SANDRA LEE ROSENBERG Kappa Alpha Theta , . Daytona Beach, 3 CARL HERMAN ROSENBUSH, JR Green Cove Springs, 3 JUDITH HELENE ROTH St. Petersburg,! RANDELL E. ROWELL Green Cove Springs, 1 FRED ROWLAND Jacksonville, 2 MARCIA KAY RUCKER Miami, 1 SEVENTH ROW JO ETHEL SEWELL Miami, 3 DONALD FREDRICK SEYEZ Phi Kappa Tau Hollywood, 1 CHARLIE W. SHAEFFER Sigma Nu Tallahassee, 2 RALPH HENDERSON SHARP Lambda Chi Alpha Perry, 3 ELIZABETH LOUISE SHARPE Alpha Xi Delta Winter Park, 1 MARGARET E. SHAY St. Petersburg, 1 MARY PAT SHEA Tampa, 2 DONALD W. SHEFFIELD Tallahassee, 2 SECON D ROW ANN CLEGG RUFFIN Alpha Omicron Pi Albany, Ga., 2 RAYMOND A RUTHER, JR Pensacola, 3 MARY JANE RUTLAND Tallahassee, 2 PEGGY J. RYAN Tallahassee, 2 WILLIAM RYAN Tallahassee, 3 JACK DEO RYDER Sigma Chi Dayton, Ohio, 2 VIRGINIA CATHERINE SACKHOFF St. Cloud, 2 CORA ANNE SADLER Mount Dora, 2 EIGHTH ROW GLORIA REID SHEFFIELD Tallahassee, Graduate ELIZABETH M. SHEPPARD Delta Zeta Key West, 3 SUSAN ANN SHOAF Sarasota, 1 SAMUEL BLAIR SHUFORD, JR Port St. Joe, 1 BONNIE ELIZABETH SHUMAN Monticello, 1 ELSIE MARIE SIGLER DeLand, 1 CHICK SILVAGNI Sigma Alpha Epsilon Surfside, 1 BABS LEE SIMMONS Alpha Chi Omega Tallahassee, 1 THIRD ROW JUDITH ANN SADLER Tallahassee,! FRIEDA HENRIETTA ELENA SAGALOWITZ Trujillo, Dominican- Republic, 1 JANE KING SALLEY Phi Mu Tallahassee,3 LOLA JEAN SALMON Haines City, 1 S. GAYLE SAMMONS Phi Beta Phi Miami, 2 SUSAN JANE SAMPLE Delta Delta Delta Gulfport, Miss., 1 GEORGIA SAMPSON Haines City, 2 PATTY JOAN SANCHEZ Delta Zeta Ft. Lauderdale, ! NINTH ROW KATE SIMMS Homestead, ! PATRICIA SIMPSON Tallahassee, ! WILLIAM J. SIMPSON Phi Kappa Tau Montgomery, Ala., 2 HENRY BRYANT SIMS Winter Haven, 1 HELENE ALICE SINCLAIR Delta Delta Delta Miami, 3 RAYMOND SINGER Miami, 3 LOYD D. SINGLETARY Milton, 3 DON F. SINK Lambda Chi Alpha Sarasota, ! FOURTH ROW ROBERT FRANCIS SANCHEZ Sarasota,3 MARY LUCILLE SANDS Delta Delta Delta Ocala, 1 BETTY ESTELLE SANFORD Largo, 3 WARNER C. SANFORD Tallahassee, 2 SUPAT SANGTONG Lampoon, Thailand, 2 BEVERLY SUE SAULS Kappa Alpha Theta Lakeland, 2 CHARLES EDWARD SAVAGE, JR. Phi Kappa Tau . . W, Allenhurst, N. J., 3 GLENN ARTHUR SCAMBLER Sigma Phi Spsilon ... Ft. Pierce, 3 TENTH ROW MARTHA CECILIA SIVER Sarasota, ! KATHERINE DALTON SJOBLOM Venice, 2 HELEN WATSON SKELTON Tampa, 2 PRISCILLA JANE SLOAN Miami, 2 BARBARA ANN SMITH Alpha Chi Omega Crestview, 3 ELIZABETH ANNE SMITH Palmetto, 3 FORBIE L SMITH Bonifay, 3 GERALD FRANCIS SMITH Orlando, 1 FIFTH ROW PEGGY JOYCE SCARBOROUGH Alpha Xi Delta Fruitland Park, 3 EDWARD T. SCHIESS Sigma Nu Bradenton, 1 ROBERT WILLIAM SCHLITT Vero Beach, 3 JULIE MARIE SCHNEEBERGER Morth Miami Beach,] DIANE SUE SCHMIPP Miami, 2 SHERRY LEE SCHULZE Delta Zeta Pompano Beach, 2 HARRIET LOUISE SCHUMACHER Sebring, 1 FREDERICK WILLIAM SCHUSTER Jacksonville, 3 SIXTH ROW GERALD GREEN SCOTT Live Oak, 1 ROBERT LEE SCOTT Havana, 1 SUSIE SCUDDER Clearwater, 1 MARY ANN SEABORN Kappa Delta Panama City, 1 SANDRA DONAHOO SEARS Kappa Alpha Theta Sarasota, 3 DELOROS SEEMAYER Tallahassee, 3 JAMES A. SELLARS Panama City, 2 MARTHA DELOISE SESSIONS Clearwater, 2 I got five bucks sez they pass. 124 i .f Jr ROGERS, J. ROLLER ROSENBERG ROSENBUSH ROTH ROWELL ROWLAND RUCKER RUFFIN RUTHER RUTLAND RYAN, P. RYAN, W. RYDER SACKHOFF SADLER, C. SADLER, J. SAGALOWITZ SALLEY SALMON SAWIWIONS SAMPLE SAMPSON SANCHEZ, P. SANCHEZ, R. SANDS SANFORD, B. SANFORD, W. SANGTONG SAULS SAVAGE SCAMBLER SCARBOROUGH SCHIESS SCHLITT SCHNEEBERGER SCHMIPP SCHULZE SCHUMACHER SCHUSTER SCOTT, G. SCOTT, R. SCUDDER SEABORN SEARS SEEMAYER SELLARS SESSIONS SEWELL SEYEZ SHAEFFER SHARP SHARPE SHAY SHEA SHEFFIELD, D. SHEFFIELD, G. SHEPPARD SHOAF SHUFORD SHUMAN SIGLER SILVAGNI SIMMONS SIMMS SIMPSON, P. SIMPSON, W. SIMS SINCLAIR SINGER SINGLETARY SINK SIVER SJOBLOM SKELTON SLOAN SMITH, B. SMITH, E. SMITH, F. SMITH, G. The Undergraduates FIRST ROW JOSEPHINE SMITH Ft. Lauderdale, 3 LINDA LEE SMITH Ft. Myers Beach, 1 MARGARET ANN SMITH Ocala, 2 MARILYN ELAINE SMITH Williston, 2 MARY CARRELL SMITH Nashville, Ga., 1 RONALD Z. SMITH Tallahassee, 3 SHARON ELIZABETH SMITH Haines City, 1 SUZANNE SMITH Arcadia, 1 SEVENTH ROW ROBERT LANE STROMBERG Delta Tau Delta Sarasota, 1 FAYE ELAINE SUBER Coolidge, Ga., 3 LILLIAN SULLIVAN Loughman, 2 ANN LOUISE SUMMERS Bradenton, 1 BILLY WAYNE SURLES Tallahassee! 1 ALEX C. SUTOR Tallahassee, 2 ELIZABETH LOUISE SWANSON Tallahassee, 1 BETTY JOAN SWARTZ Gamma Phi Beta Leesburg, 3 SECOND RO W WILLIAM T, SMITH Sigma Chi Tallahassee, 3 LESLIE RUTH SNODGRASS . ' Maitland, 2 SHARON LEE SNYDER Miami, 1 JO-ANN VIRGINIA SORY Pi Beta Phi Ft. Lauderdale, 1 GEORGE WILLIAM SPAIN Pensacola, 1 JOAN 0. SPARLING Ft. Lauderdale, 3 FRANCES MARIE SPELL Holly Hill, 2 ADDIE LEE SPENCER Wmter Haven, 1 EIGHTH ROW MARY ELEANOR SWEATT Pi Beta Phi Orlando, 3 LAVERNE SWEENEY Jacksonville, 3 MARY THEODORA SWEETING Key West, 3 ROBERT WILSON SWOSZOWSKI Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Orlando! 1 ELLEN BURDELLA TAAFFE Zeta Tau Alpha Coral Gables, 2 JOSEPH WARREN TAGGART Tampa, 1 THELMA MAE TALBOTT Martinsburg, W. Va., Grad. Student SYDNEY CATHERINE TALLY Delta Delta Delta Patterson AFB, Ohio, 2 THIRD ROW BEVERLY DAWN SPENCER Phi Mu Dayton, Va. 1 JOHN ALBERT SPERANZA Framingham, Mass., 3 SYLVIA JANE SPINKS Orlando, 3 GLENDA ANN SPINNEY Cantonment, 3 PAT A. SPIVA Delta Gamma Panama City, 1 CLARENCE WILLARD SPiVEY, JR, Theta Chi Manatee, 2 CONNIE SPOTO ,. Tampa, 2 SANDRA MARY SPOTO ]. Tampa, 1 NINTH ROW DONALD WILLIAM TALMON Phi Kappa Tau Bradenton, 2 MARY A. TATA . . Tampa, 3 CORINNE M. TATOUL Sigma Kappa W. Palm Beach, 3 KAY ELENE TAYLOR Alpha Chi Omega Mayo, 3 JOHN ROBERT TAYLOR Delta Tau Delta Albany, Ga., 3 SARAH REBECCA TAYLOR Birmingham, Ala., 2 J. CAROL TERPENING St. Petersburg, 3 NANCY LEE TERRY Macon, Ga., 3 FOURTH ROW ROSEMARY LEE STAINBACK Delta Zeta Atlanta, 3 DANIEL JOSEPH STAINER Tallahassee, 3 ESTHER MELISSA STALLINGS Waldo, 1 JO ANNE STALNAKER ,2 BARBARA ANNE STANG Delta Gamma Miami, 3 ELEANOR McCLELLAN STANTON Neptune Beach, 1 CAROLYN JOAN STEPHENS Miami, 1 ETHELDA MARIE STEPHENS Ocala, 1 TENTH ROW GEORGE BUFORD TESTON Tallahassee, 2 DIANE ELIZABETH THAL Miami, 1 JANE MAE THOMAS Coral Gables, 1 SHIRLEY ANNE THOMAS Orlando, 1 ELINOR JANE THOMPSON Phi Mu Atlanta, Ga., 3 MARGARET GAYLE THOMPSON Eustis, 1 MARYL AUDELLE THOMPSON Gamma Phi Beta . . Lake Wales, 2 MANAS THUMMANOND Bangkok, Thailand, 5 FIFTH ROW PATRICIA LUCILE STEPHENS Lakeland, 3 RONALD EMERSON STEURER Pi Kappa Phi ,, Berlin, Co-n , 1 SUE STEVENS Okeechobee, 3 MILDRED JAUNITA STEWART Atmore,Ala., 3 SANDRA DOROTHY STEWART Kappa Delta Jacksonville, 3 SIM STIDHAM Auburndale, 1 DAVID FRANKLIN ST. JOHN Eustis, 2 CHARLOTTE STOKER Sigma Kappa Coral Gables, 2 SIXTH ROW LINDA SYLVIA STOAKESBERRY AInha Xi Delta Miami, 1 JESSIE EDWANA STONER Miami, 1 LYNN GORDON STOVER Tallahassee! 1 RICHARD LEWIS STOWE Pi Kappa Alpha Ft. Lauderdale, 1 MILDRED STRICKLAND Bristol, Tenn., 2 RUTH FREEMAN STRICKLAND Alpha Delta Pi Richland, Ga., 1 SANDRA STRICKLAND Bristol,! MARTHA LYNETTE STROM Panama City! 1 Don ' t be silly, Daddy. They ' ll settle for a field goal on this play. 126 SMITH, J. SMITH, L. SMITH, M. A. SMITH, M. E. SMITH, M. C. SMITH, R. SMITH, S. E. SMITH, S. SMITH, W. SNODGRASS SNYDER SORY SPAIN SPARLING SPELL SPENCER, A. SPENCER, B. SPERANZA SPINKS SPINNEY SPIVA SPIVEY SPOTO, C. SPOTO, S. STAINBACK STAINER STALLINGS STALNAKER STANG STANTON STEPHENS, C. STEPHENS, E. STEPHENS, P. STEURER STEVENS STEWART, M. STEWART, S. STIDHAM ST, JOHN STOKER STOKESBERRY STONER STOVER STOWE STRICKLAND, M. STRICKLAND, R. STRICKLAND, S. STROM STROMBERG SUBER SULLIVAN SUMMERS SURLES SUTOR SWANSON SWARTZ SWEATT SWEENEY SWEETING SWOSZOWSKI TAAFFE TAGGART TALBOTT TALLY TALMON TATA TATOUL TAYLOR K. TAYLOR, J. TAYLOR, S. TERPENING TERRY TESTON THAL THOMAS, J. THOMAS, S. THOMPSON, E. THOMPSON, M. G. THOMPSON, M. THUMMANOND, M. The Undergraduates FIRST ROW VINITHA THUMWIANOND Bangkok, Thailand, CYNTHIA JOY TICHENOR Pi Beta Phi Orlando, FRANK A. TICHENOR, JR. Kappa Sigma Lake Park, REX WALLACE TIDWELL Cantonment, JIMMY KING TILLMAN Ocala, HARRY PAUL TILSON Bonifay, WILLIAM E. TODD, JR. Kappa Sigma Tampa, 3 ANN TOMLINSON Alpha Delta Pi Metter, Ga., 1 SEVENTH ROW ADA LEIGH WALL Alpha Chi Omega Jacksonville, 3 EDITH 0. WALL Phi Mu Jackson, Mississippi, 3 MARY JANE WALLACE Kappa Delta Pensacola, 1 JUDY K. WALTERS Lutz, 2 LAURIE ANNETTE WARD Port St. Joseph, 2 SYLVIA ANN WARD Alpha Chi Omega Jacksonville, 2 JOHN L. WARING Madison, 3 OLIVIA MURRAY WARLEY Zeta Tau Alpha ... Charlotte, N. C, 2 SECOND ROW BARBARA MARY TONEY Jacksonville, 3 MARGARET FAYE TONEY Jacksonville, 1 GLEN ERWIN TOWNSEND Battle Creek, Mich., 2 JACQUE TROMMELL Tallahassee, 2 JANET ELIZABETH TRASK , 1 HELEN VIRGINIA TRAYLOR Pi Beta Phi Orlando, 1 PEGGY JANE TRENSCH Indian Rocks Beach, I BEVERLY JANE TRIPLETT Miami, 1 EIGHTH ROW ROBERTA JOY WARREN Jacksonville, 1 GAIL WATERMAN Gamma Phi Beta Tallahassee, 3 GWENDOLYN AMARYLLIS WATERS Alpha Gamma Delta Charlotte, N. C, 1 JUDITH KAY WATKINS Lakeland, 1 RICHARD W. WATKINS St. Petersburg, 3 BARBARA ANN WATSON Alpha Gamma Delta Pensaloca, 3 JUDITH WATSON Wildwood, 1 MARTHA B. WATSON Delta Delta Delta Atlanta, Ga., 1 THIRD ROW GEORGE RICHARD TROENDLE Apopka, 2 NORMAN RANDLOPH TROUSDELL Lambda Chi Alpha Warwich, Va. 1 DAVID R. TUNSTALL Joliet, III, 1 ALICE C. TURNBULL Sigma Kappa Tallahassee, 3 FRANKIE JOANNE TURNER . DeFuniak Springs, 2 JANET YVONNE TURNER Ft. Lauderdale, 1 NANCY ANN TURNER Panama City, 1 PATRICIA ANN TURNER Orlando,! NINTH ROW RANDOLPH COLEMAN WAY Belle Glade, 1 MARTHA LATTY WEAR Townsend, Tennessee, 1 LENITTA GAYLE WEAVER Pi Beta Phi Jacksonville, 1 MARY ANN WEAVER Bristol, 2 CAROLYN SUZANNE WEBB Miami, 1 JUDITH ANN WEBB Hialeah, 1 NORA EARLINE WELCH Alpha Delta Pi Tallahassee, 2 MARY CHANDLER WELLS Alpha Omicron Pi Clearwater, 2 FOURTH ROW PATRICIA JEAN TURPIN Miami, 3 MARY LOU TUTHILL St. Petersburg, 3 RACHEL L. TYLER Miami Springs, 2 MATRYO JANE TYREE Chi Omega Arcadia, 1 EMILY B. UMSTEAD Delta Gamma Tallahassee,3 ROBERT LEE UMSTEAD Sigma Phi Epsilon Tallahassee, 3 HARRIET MALINDA UNDERWOOD Alpha Omicron Pi Atlanta, Ga. 1 SONDRA SUE UNDERWOOD Delta Zeta Ozona, 2 FIFTH ROW SARAH JANE UPP Chi Omega Gainesville, 2 ELIZABETH ANN VAN ARSDALL Ft. Lauderdale, 1 NANCY L. VAN CLEVE Atlanta, Ga.,3 JO ANN VANNUS Ft. Lauderdale,! JAMES ANTOW VERMOCH Hollyvi ood, III. 3 GEORGE HEPPELY VERSPRILLE Norfolk Virginia, 1 JUDITH NAN VETTER Coral Gables, 1 MARTHA ANTOINETTE VERVERKA Panama City, ! SIXTH ROW MARY ANN VICKERY Kappa Alpha Theta Daytona Beach, 1 JONI VINCENTI Alpha Delta Pi Mt. Dora, 2 ANDREA VIRGINIA VOGLER Orlando,! KITTY ROGERS WADE Pi Beta Phi Miami, 1 ESTHER GRACE WALDEN Clarksville, 3 LAVEON AUSTIN WALDEN Panama City, ! DIANE SUE WALKER Kappa Delta Lakeland, ! KAREN LUCILLE WALKER Palmetto, 1 Field trip! I should have joined the infantry. 128 THUMMANOND,V. TICHENOR, C. TICHENOR, F. TIDWELL TILLMAN TILSON TODD TOMLINSON TONEY, B. TONEY, M. TOWNSEN TRAMMELL TRASK TRAYLOR TRENSCH TRIPLETT TROENDLE TROUSDELL TUNSTALL TURNBULL TURNCA TURNER, J. TURNER N. TURNER, P. TURPIN TUTHILL TYLER TYREE UMSTEAD, E. UMSTEAD, R. UNDERWOOD, H. UNDERWOOD, S. UPP VAN ARSDALL VAN CLEVE VAN NUS VERMOCH VERSPRILLE VETTER VEVERKA VICKERY VINCENTI VOGLER WADE WALDEN, E. WALDEN, L WALKER, D. WALKER, K. WALL, A. WALL, E. WALLACE WALTERS WARD, L. WARD, S. WARING WARLEY WARREN WATERMAN WATERS WATKINS, J. WATKINS, R. WATSON, B. WATSON, J. WATSON, M. WAY WEAR WEAVER, L. WEAVER, M. WEBB, C. WEBB, J. WELCH WELLS, M. The Undergraduates FIRST ROW THOMAS HOWARD WELLS Phi Delta Theta Tallahassee, 3 ANN WELSCH Delta Zeta Pompano Beach, 3 JULIA ANNE WELSH Clermont, 2 SANDRA KAY WENTZ St. Petersburg, 2 LOU ANN WESLEY Alpha Gamma Delta Tallahassee, 2 BEATRICE HELEN WEST Key West, 2 DAVE WEST Orlando, 2 PATT WEST Orlando, 3 SEVENTH ROW PATRICIA JUNE WINTERS Tampa, 1 WILLIAM EUGENE WISE Lambda Chi Alpha Palatl a, 3 MARILYN JOY WISEHEART Pi Beta Phi Miami Shores, 3 GWEN ELLEN WOFFORD Gainesville, Ga. 1 ROBERT WOLFENBARGER Delta Tau Delta Homestead, 3 JOYCE SANDRA WOLFGANG Tampa, 1 MARTHA JANE WOOD Miami, 1 RONALD ALLEN WOOD Tallahassee, 2 SECOND ROW WILLIAM ANTHONY WESTENDICK Tallahassee, 2 ELAINE F. WETZEL Alpha Chi Omega Orlando, 2 DIANE JANE WEXLER Madison, 3 BETTY WHEELER Tallahassee, 1 HELEN LESTER WHEELER Kappa Alpha Theta.. Arlington Va., 3 PATRICIA ANN WHILDEN Ocala, 1 SALLY MARCELLA WHISENANT Phi Mu Palmetto, 2 BOBBY CARLTON WHITE Pi Kappa Phi Canal Point, 2 EIGHTH ROW SUSAN WOOD Vero Beach, 3 BETTY JEAN WOODHAM Alpha Omicron Pi Chipley, 3 ELIZABETH MIZELLE WOODRUFF Pi Beta Phi Sanford, 2 LINDA KAY WOODS Gamma Phi Beta Jacksonville, ] NANCY VIRGINIA WORRAL Zeta Tau Alpha . . Ft. Walton Beach, 3 MARTHA KAY WRIGHT Pi Beta Phi Decatur, Ga., 1 PATRICIA DAVIS WRIGHT Alpha Chi Omega Tallahassee, 3 WILLIAM WARREN WRIGHT St, Petersburg, 3 MIKI K. YODER Sarasota, 2 THIRD ROW DON ALAN WHITEHEAD Phi Delta Theta Tallahassee, 3 JACK GERALD WHITEHOUSE Miami, 3 PEGGY CYNTHIA WHITTIER Vero Beach, 2 MARGARET FRANCES WHITTLE Havana, 2 SUE FRANCIS WIGHT Tallahassee, 1 MARTHA WILDER Phi Mu Jacksonville, 2 MARY JANE WILL Kappa Delta Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2 MARLENE LOLA WILLETT Miami, 1 NINTH ROW BARBARA YOUMANS Zeta Tau Alpha Tifton, Ga., 1 GEORGE W. YOUNG Ft. Lauderdale, 3 NANCY ANNE YOUNG Ft. Lauderdale, 1 SUZANNE GAIL YOUNG Venice,! WILLIAM E. YOUNG Jasper, 2 DAVID T. YOUNGBLOOD Pi Kappa Tau Montrose, Penn., 3 DON ZAGER Theta Chi Jacksonville, 1 LeVONNE VERA ZESS Moultrie, Ga., 1 MARYLYN ZIBELL Decatur, Ga. ] FOURTH ROW ANGELA WILLIAMS Delta Beta Warner Robins, 2 BOBBIE JEAN WILLIAMS Tallahassee, 2 CAROLE FRANKLIN WILLIAMS Alpha Gamma Delta, Waycross, Ga., 1 CHARLES DONALD WILLIAMS Branford, 1 HERMAN EDISON WILLIAMS Pensacola, 3 LINDA LOU WILLIAMS Alpha Gamma Delta Pensacola, 1 LYNNE HURT WILLIAMS Pi Beta Phi Jacksonville, 1 NOLA MAUREEN WILLIAMS Monticello, 1 FIFTH ROW REBECCA JANE WILLIAMS Chipley, 1 SANDRA JEAN WILLIAMS Alpha Gamma Delta .... Avon Park, 2 VELLA JEAN WILLIAMS Griffin, Ga., 2 PHYLIS WILLIAMSON Alpha Xi Delta Wildw ood, 1 BARRY SCOTT WILLIS Manchester, Ga., 1 JUDY ANNE WILLIS Greenville, S. C, 1 MYRON EUGENE WILLIS Maitland, 1 ROD WILLIS Milton, 2 SIXTH ROW ARTHUR WINTER WILLITS Sigma Nu Daytona Beach, 3 BRENDA JEAN WILSON St. Petersburg, 2 EMILY LOUISE WILSON Largo, 2 LAURA VIRGINIA WILSON Chi Omega Bartov , 1 MARY ELINOR WILSON Umatilla, 3 RACHAEL LERABETH WIMBERLE Port St. Joe, 2 MARION ATLANTA WINCHESTER Boynton Beach, 1 FRANCES GAIL WINSTEAD Jacksonville, 1 Of course the courts are empty — the crowd doesn ' t get here til sun up. 130 WELLS, T. WELSH, A. WELSH, J. WENTZ WESLEY WEST, B. WEST, D. WEST, P. WESTENDICK WETZEL WEXLER WHEELER, B. WHEELER, H. WHILDEN WHISENANT WHITE WHITEHEAD WHITEHOUSE WHITTIER WHITTLE WIGHT WILDER WILL WILLETT WILLIAMS, A. WILLIAMS, B. WILLIAMS, C. F. WILLIAMS, C. D. WILLIAMS, H, WILLIAMS, L. L. WILLIAMS, L. H. WILLIAMS, N. WILLIAMS, R. WILLIAMS, S. WILLIAMS V. WILLIAMSON WILLIS, B. WILLIS, J. WILLIS, M. WILLIS, R. WILLITS WILSON, B. WILSON, E. WILSON, L. WILSON, M. WIMBERLY WINCHESTER WINSTEAD WINTERS WISE WISEHEART WOFFORD WOLFENBARGER WOLFGANG WOOD, M. WOOD, R. WOOD, S. WOODHAM WOODRUFF WOODS WORRALL WRIGHT, M. WRIGHT, P. WRIGHT, W. YODER YOUMANS YOUNG, G. YOUNG, N. YOUNG, S. YOUNG, W ' YOUNGBLOOD ZAGER ZESS ZIBELL GREEKS Panhellenic, I.F.C., Sororities, Fraternities Pi « Left to Right: B. Hutchins, B. Swigert, J. Davis, D. Schwartz, H. Arrington, P. Kemblowski, J. Morris, President H. Smith, IFC Counselor, P. Hunt, S. Elam, Dr. Ramsden, T. Bruckmon, L. Corruth, D. Morris, S. Westbrook, J. Webb. Inter-Fraternity Council OFFICERS President John Morris Vice President James Davis Secretary Lloyd Carruth Treasurer Robert Hutchens On the FSU Campus there are fifteen national frater- nities. The Inter-Fraternity Council, composed of repre- sentatives from all the fraternities acts as a governing body. It administers rules governing rushing, pledging, initiations, and the general deportment of fraternities on campus. The council encourages scholastic achieve- ment, cooperation among the various groups, and con- ducts its affairs in the best interest of the University. In the Spring, IFC held its annual weekend which in- cluded a banquet, group meetings for the officers of the different fraternities, and sports events among the vari- ous chapters. Climaxing the weekend ' s activities was the IFC formal dance, at which the new IFC queen and her court were presented. 134 Pan Hellenic The Panhellenic Council is composed of representa- tives from the sixteen sororities and functions as a gov- erning body for all sorority activities. The goal of the council is to foster cooperation among sororities in work- ing to .vard the maintenance of college ideals and stand- ards. Among the achievements of the council this year were the unusually high overall sorority scholastic av- erage. A Pan-Hellenic Workshop was held in the Fall which included seminars and discussion groups among the various sororities. Suggestions were made concerning new rush policies, and the possibility of a new sorority at FSU was discussed. On the social scene, the Council sponsored Pan-Hel Weekend in December which was highlighted by a formal dance, and the presentation of the Delta Tau Delta Sorority of the Year Award to Kappa Alpha Theta. " Operation Denise " was a major philanthropic proj- ect, endeavoring to moke the final weeks of a six year old girl ' s life enjoyable ones. Toys and money were col- lected and sent to the tiny leukemia victim at Christ- mas time. OFFICERS President Ann Kelly Secretary Barbara Thackson Treasurer Maiei Hinson Honor Court Chairman Jan Kaminis Seated: Jan Kaminis, Lynn Brinson, Patti Marley, Kathy Power, Pot Manning, Ramelle Ellis. Standing: Ann Kelly, President, Susan Kirkconnell, Kate Ramsey, Betty Ann McGowan, Susie Dahlhouse, Bunny Swanson, Barbara Metzer, Dean O ' Sullivan, Nancy Heacock. Not Pictured: Layte Bowden. ALLEN ANDERSON BAKER, B. BAKER, L. BALLIETTE BALLOU BARTRAM BAUMGARTNER BLACK BRADFIELD BRANNON CASWELL CAVIN CLEMENTS COLE COSTIN CROWDER CUPPET CURTIS DALHOUSE DRUNAGEL DUNN, J. DUNN, S. GRAHAM HANNON HENDERSON HOBBS HOBKIRK HODGES HOOD HOWARD INGRAM JACKSON JACOB, JANET JACOB, JEAN JOHNSON JONES KOVAS LOGUE MAAS MacNICHOLS MADURAS MARTINO MASSEY McKENZIE MILLER MILLS OTHEN PARKER PEKKS REEVES ROBERTS ROUSSEAU SARODIA SIMMONS SMITH STROCK TAYLOR VANCE WALL WARREN WELLS WIERK WiEST WOOLSON WRIGHT YAVORNIK YON ALPHA CHI OMEGA BETA ETA ALPHA CHI OMEGA Missing: One Mail Box and One Door Knocker! The second year for AChiO in the Big White House has been an eventful one. Mrs. Neva Schreck was welcomed as the new housemother, and she joined the AChiO ' s in a successful rush season followed by a hectic schedule all year long. Alpha Chi ' s contributed members to Cornet Key, Senate, Honor Court, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Iota, and other organizations. Peanuts invaded the chapter for Homecoming, with Lucy, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and lots of " Cood Grief " combining to make an original and clever decoration. Long live the pledge class: Hera Day, and the needy people . . . The Easter Egg Tree for the Tuberculosis Hospital . . . Carnation Ball . . . White Formats on the Balcony. MEMBERS Allen, Jackie; Anderson, Jan; Baker, Lois; Balliette, Margaret; Boumgartner, Barbara; Black, Nettie; Bradfield, Jeri; Covin, Lynnie; Cole, Maxine; Costin, Martha; Cuppet, Carolyn; Curtis, Barbara; Dolehouse, Susan; Drunagei, Anne; Dunn, June; Dunn, Suzanne; Graham, Louise; Hannon, Maxine; Hodges, Betty; Howard, Jackie; Ingram, Mary; Jackson, Merry June; Jacob, Janet; Jacob, Jean; Johnson, Barbara Jean; Jones, Nancy; Kovas, Frances; Logue, Carolyn; McKenzie, Julie; Maduras, Anita; Mortino, Joan; Mossey, Emily Sue; Parker, Kothryn; Strock, Susan; Taylor, Kay; Wall, Ada Leigh; Wiest, Judy; Woolson, Cynthia; Wright, Bobbie Jean; Yon, Ann. PLEDGES Baker, Barbara; Ballou, Merle; Brannon, Patricia; Caswell, Laura; Clements, Ann; Crowder, Linda; Harris, Yolanda; Henderson, Nancy; Hobkirk, Joyne; Hobbs, Jacquelyn; Hood, Wanda; Hyers, Elaine; Moos, Carol; Mac Nichols, Marianne; Miller, Sylvia; Mills, B. J.; Othen, Carol; Pekks, Drino; Reeves, Carolyn; Roberts, Linda; Rosseau, Sylvia; Sorodio, Harriet; Simmons, Barbara Lee; Vance, Mary; Warren, Roberta; Wells, Janet; Wierk, Peggy; Yovornik, Judith. PRESIDENT ADA LEIGH WALL FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT, MAXINE HANNON SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT JERI BRADFIELD TREASURER ANNE DRUNAGEL BANNING BARNES BEVAN BIDELL BRANNEN BREGGER BRINSON BROOKS BRYAN CONNER CULPEPPER DAVIS DVORAK ELLIS ELWES EVANS FAIRCLOTH FRAZIER FRIPP GARCIA GILLIAN GRADY GREEN GRUBBS HACKETT HAMPTON HARELL HATCHER HUGHES, E, HUGHES, S. HUNT IRVIN KILNER KING DORST MacKENZIE MATHERS MEEKS MEGAHEE MICKLER MILES, A. MILES, J. PLUMMER RAGANS ROGERS SATTERFIELD SHANKS SHARP SHAW SISTRUNK SMITH, J. SMITH, M. STOKES STRICKLAND TOMLINSON TOTH TRAPNELL TYSON WELCH WILLIAMS WOODBERRY WOODBURY 138 ALPHA DELTA PI IOTA ALPHA DELTA PI " Snorkel " time at the ADPi House finds mass confusion as it becomes known at 7 a.m. that a certin someone was pinned the night before; as the famous composer sings these memorable tunes while the faint roar of " Red Russia " prevails. In due time the question — - " Remember the night behind the Green Door? " which is dro A ' ned out by a screech from number one psycho case. Water filters through the plaster as the seniors are saturated, panic re- sults when buzzers go wild — " Who ' s it for? " — The answer: " Modine Cunch " . Overheard were — Ham and sweet potatoes — How will I ever make 750 pledge points- ' — Is this socially acceptable? — Yea, she ' s the one with a wart on her nose. — He ' s really cool. Inevitable sights — a car-type bug partially owned by two un- inhibited ADPi ' s, black coffee, a blissful four sporting the rings, and the eternal fraternity pins. ADPi points with pride to a winning float in the Homecoming parade ... a second in house decorations . . . the gavel holder of Freshman Flunkies . . . the circus members . . . Cotillion members . . . intramurals trophies . . . politicians as secretary of the Junior Class, Women ' s Senator . . . Theta Chi Sweetheart . . . Village Vamps . . . Gymkana court member and new housemother, Mrs. Flora Hudson. A toast for another winning year. MEMBERS Banning, Martha Ann; Brinson, Lynn; Bryan, Chris; Conner, Kay; Dvorak, Nancy; Eleves, Gay; Faircloth, Ann; Frazier, Leslie; Green, Cynthia; Grubbs, Mary Hill; Hackett, Patricio; Hughes, Eleanor; Kilner, Kitty; King, Betty Lou; Korst, Susan; Mathers, Genevieve; MeGohee, Jane; Mickler, Helen; Plummer, Bobbie; Ragans, Jean; Shaw, Leewood; Stokes, Billie; Strickland, Burelle; Trapneli, Gail; Tyson, Joan; Vincenti, Joni; Welch, Eorline; Williams, Dianne; Woodberg, Helen. PLEDGES Barnes, Lou Ann; Bedell, Martha; Brannen, Margaret; Bregger, Margaret; Brooks, Naomi; Culpepper, Betty Jean; Ellis, Beverly; Evans, Judy; Fripp, Nancy; Gaff, Dee Dee; Garcia, Trudy; Grady, Georgane; Hampton, Martha Ann; Harrell, Iro- gene; Hatcher, Sue; Hughes, Solly; Hunt, Barbara; Gilliam, Jean; Irwin, Sylvia; Mac Kenzie, Virginia; Miles, Alice; Murray, Marsha; Rogers, Sandra; Shanks, Marilyn; Sistrunk, Carolyn; Smith, Judy; Smith, Mary Janice; Strickland, Ruth; Tomlinson, Ann; Toth, Mary Louise; Woodbery, Mary Dale. OFFICERS PRESIDENT CHRISTINE BRYAN VICE PRESIDENT JEAN REGANS SECRETARY LESLIE FRAZIER TREASURER BETTY LOU KING ALONSO BARNETT BIRD BIVENS BONE BOWEN BUWTING CALHOUN CARLSON COFFEY COLLINS DAVIS DeHART DOUGLAS ELDER EMMETT FLOYD FRAZIER GATES GRIFFIN GUNDERSON HAGER HALEY HENDRICKS HOLLINS HOMMER HOWE JAY JONES JOPLING JORDAN, K. JORDAN, M. KEARSON KEESLER LAMBRECHT LASSITER LETO LEWIS LINDSEY LOGAN VlacKENZIE McARTHUR Mcknight MILLER NeSMITH O ' NEILL OLIVER PHILLIPS POWER REESEMAN REYNOLDS SARGENT SHEAROUSE, SHEAROUSE, SMITH SWANSON WATERS WATSON WEHMEIER WESLEY WILLIAMS, C. WILLIAMS, L, WILLIAMS, S. 140 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA GA AA BETA ALPHA GAMMA DELTA One-Two-Three-Four . . . One . . . Two . . . No, it isn ' t the band, it isn ' t even a dancing class. It ' s the Alpha Cams out to reduce! The calorie craze took the chapter by storm, and there were many laughs, even if few waistlines were thinned. Outside the house. Alpha Cams served as Secretary of Activities, members of Mortor Board, Tarpon, Women ' s F Club, Fashion In- stitute, Circus, Band, and Jackie Haley was Head Majorette. As if FSU honors weren ' t enough, the Alpha Cams went on to win a national award at their National Convention at Coronado, California as the chapter of Alpha Comma Delta with the highest scholarship in the country. In addition. National awarded the FSU chapter the award as the chapter most outstanding in campus activities. This is the first time that one chapter has won both awards. The Soap Box Derby, held with the Phi Delts, earned the contri- bution to Campus Chest. An Easter Egg Hunt was held in the Spring for underprivileged children of the Tallahassee area. Francine Coffey, a transfer to FSU, was a princess in the Orange Bowl Pageant on New Year ' s Day in Miami. The Hernando ' s Hideaway Party held in the fall in honor of the pledges, was a howling success. But the Party at the Reserva- tion after initiation had a few pitfalls . . . what did happen to the water, anyway? And, where did those Sigma Chi ' s come from? MEMBERS Barnett, Mary Sue; Bird, Jacqueline Ann; Bivens, Nancy Lee; Bowen, Mary; Bunting, Judy; Calhoun, Ethel; Carlson, Sally Lou; Coffey, Francine; Davis, Dianne; Elder, Lorna; Emmett, Barbara; Frazier, Martha; Gates, Ann; Griffin, Carolyn; Gunderson, Stephanie; Hager, Elinor; Hailey, Jackie; Hollins, Patricia; Hommer, Sylvia; Howe, Rhoda; Jopling, Emily; Jordan, Key; Kearson, Sylvia; Krisler, Barbara; Lambrecht, Carol; Lassiter, Mary Ann; Leto, Donna; Lewis, Fedora; MacKenzie, Beverly; McAteer, Gery Linda; McKnight, Jo Ellen; Phillips, Emily; Power, Kathleen; Reesmon, Deese; Reynolds, Jean; Sargent, Arlene; Shearouse, Joan; Stocking, Joyce; Swanson, Bunny; Watson, Barbara; Wesley, Lou Anne; Williams, Sandra. PLEDGES Alonso, Angela; Bowe, Mary Lee; Collins, Dorothy; Douglas, Winnie Mae; Floyd, Jancye; Jones, Betty; Lay, Sandra; Lindsey; Mary; Long, Teresa; McArthur, Penny; Miller, Barbara; NeSmith, Zada; Oliver, Patty; O ' Neil, Ann; Reams, Linda; Schart, Betty Lloyd; Shearouse, Jerri; Smith, Beth; Terry, Nancy Lee; Waters, Gwen; Wehmeir, Carol Sue; Williams, Carole; Williams, Linda. OFFICERS PRESIDENT SYLVIA KEARSON FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT JACKIE BIRD 2ND VICE-PRESIDENT MARY ANN LASSITER SECRETARY ARLENE SARGENT BARNES BARIMETTE BARTLETT BETTS BILINSKI BLUMER BRINKLEY BUCKLEY BURKS, B. BURKS, J. CARD CELLON CHASE CLARK DAVIS DUFF EICHINGER FURY GARDNER GARRETT GAVELEK GREEN GUILFORD HALL HARRIS HEINZ HUDGINS HUMPHRIES JOANOS JONES KIENZLE KUSTER LEAP LOMAISTRO LUCAS MARTIN MAXWELL MELTZER MORGAN MURRAY NELMS NUBER PIPPIN RUFFIN SCHMITT SKACIL SMITH STEWART UNDERWOOD WELLS WILLIAMS WOODHAM WOODS 142 ALPHA OMICRON PI ALPHA PI ALPHA OMICRON PI " AOPi One Time ' " The Red and White Banner proudly surveyed the playing field at the Sigma Chi Derby, and watched AOPi achieve a sweeping victory over the other sororities. Queen Rita Nelms presided over the various athletic events, and the trophy was won. A display of spirit and cooperation also retired the Ugly Man Trophy this year. AOPi ' s served their campus in Garnet Key, Circus, Student Government, Sophomore Council, Junior Council, Gamma Alpha Chi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Lambda Delta, and various religious groups. Next year the AOPi ' s hope to have a new house, but you ' d have to admit, rushing at the Kappa Sig House was fun. Other social highlights were a Christmas party for needy children, an Easter Party for children given with the Delts, the Pledge Banquet at the Silver Slipper, and AOPi Weekend. Bob Lansford gallantly served as Man of the Year and the AOPi housemother completed her tenth year with the FSU chapter. The Homecoming theme: " Around the World in 80 Days " indi- cates the spirit of the red and white for 1957-58. AO(cutie) Pi ' s: Captain Martha Hall and her portrait . . . this ole house . . . pedigree . . . Ann Mc ' s pony tail . . . Leomen the demon . . . the scholarship file . . . Thursday night suppers minus the buffet . . . Sally ' s laugh. MEMBERS Barnes, Priscilla; Barnett, Mary; Bilinski, Ella Jo; Blummer, Sharon; Brinkley, Linda; Burks, Barbara; Card, Barbara Jean; Chase, Valerie; Davis, Carolyn; Fury, Pat; Gardner, Gayle; Garrett, Gwen; Greene, Meg; Guilford, Sue; Hall, Martha; Hancock, Sandra; Harris, Shirley; Hudgins, Nancy; Jones, Dagmar; Kienzle, Roberta, M.; King, Barbara; Kuster, Lois; Lomaistro, Evelyn; Leap, Carol; Leiman, Patsy; McConnell, Ann; Martin, Lucille; Maxwell, Charlotte; Meltzer, Gloria; Morgan, Sally Lou; Murray, Yancy; Nelms, Rita; Paonessa, Shirley; Pippin, Johnnie; Rachels, Hope; Ruffin, Ann; Skacil, Ruth; Schmidt, Liz; Smith, Jo Ann; Stewart, Martha; Thompson, Gretchen; Warner, Pat; Wells, Mary; Woodham, Betty; Woods, Joan; White, Nancy; Ziel, Winona. PLEDGES Bortlett, Gretchen; Belts, Mary; Buckley, Judy; Burks, Jane; Cellon, Nancy; Clark, Carolyn; Duff, Janet; Gavelak, Jackie; Eichenger, Margie; Harris, Lynette; Hunz, Marlene; Humphries, Margaret; Joanos, Eva; Lucas, Delores; Martin, Louise; Nuber, Susan; Underwood, Harriet; Williams, Bettye Jean. OFFICERS PRESIDENT MARTHA HALL VICE-PRESIDENT PRISCILLA BARNES RECORDING SECRETARY __ ELLA JO BILINSKI TREASURER GAYLE GARDNER ABNEY ADLER ALBERT ALLEN ASHMORE ATKINSON BAIRD BELL, C. BELL, M. BIRD BOYD BRODERICK BRYAN DAVIS DE FORE DELONEY DICKSON DUKE EMMETT EVANS FALCONNIER FOARD ERASER GEORGE GOMEZ GRANT HALL HENDRICKS HIGHNAM HUZSTY IRVIN JOHNSON, A. JOHNSON, M. KAMINIS KEELS KELZ LAY LINLEY MANNING MONAGHAN NUCKOLLS POWELL, M. POWELL, S. PURYEAR ROBERTS ROESSLER ROWE SCARBOROUGH SHARPE SIMS STRAIN STOKESBERRY TARLETON UPCHURCH VEVERKA WEBB WELCH WELLS WHITE WILLIAMSON YEOMAN 144 ALPHA XI DELTA ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA Xt DELTA The " active Alpha Xi ' s " spent a busy year, contributing to all phases of campus life. Jan Kaminis as Vice President of the Student Body presided over the Senate, where three other Alpha Xi ' s held Senate chairs. Other activities included Circus, Sophomore Coun- cil, Flambeau, Garnet Key, Who ' s Who, Tarpon, Mortar Board, Mortified, Alpha Omega Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Chi Theta, Tau Beta Sigma, Comma Alpha Chi, various religious groups, and many more. Alpha Xi captured the inter-sorority bowling trophy, and v on first place in the Homecoming Skit Competition. Beauties reigned as Queen of the Kappa Sigmo ' s Snowball Formal, and as a member of the Homecoming Court. The pledge class gave a Thanksgiving Party for the actives, and presented the chapter with a Borbeque Pit for outdoor parties. A Christmas Party for underprivileged children given with the Delts, a Circus Combo, Square Dance during Pon-Hel weekend, and Alpha Xi weekend highlighted by the Rose Formal are further evidences of a gay and profitable year. Overheard: Let ' s get organized . . . You Toad ... He was a Gnome . . . We need a Fourth for bridge . . . That ' s weak . . . Any- one for a coffee break . . . Out of order . . . Madge and Steph ' s auction chair. MEMBERS Abney, Charlotte; Albert, Mary Jane; Ashmore, Roberta; Atkinson, Betty Jean; Baird, Patricia; Bell, Carolyn; Bell, Mary; Bird, Willa; Boyd, Jakie; Broderick, Linda; Bryan, Vieva; Dickson, Maureen; Emmet, Dorothy; Evans, Barbara; Fraser, Nancy; George, Molly; Gomez, Nita; Gipson, Sandra; Grant, Audrey; Highnam, Solly; Irvin, Eleanore; Johnson, Airelou; Johnson, Merle; Kaminis, Jan; Keels, Carol; Keltz, Joanne; Lay, Carolyn; Lay, Myro Ann; Manning, Pat; Nelson, Gail; Powell, Stephanie; Puryear, Gerry; Rowe, Lenoro; Scarborough, Joyce; Sims, Joyce; Strain, Madge, Thomas, Doreen; Webb, Celeste; Welsh, Beverly; White, Amelia; Yeoman, Dot. PLEDGES Atler, Betty; Davis, Martha; De Fore, Nancy; Deloney, Mary Ann; Duke, Sue Carol; Folconnier, Donna; Fenner, Barbara; Foard, Dionne; Hall, Frances; Hen- dricks, Betsy; Husty, Yolondo; Inscho, Shirley; Lindley, Dot; Monoghom ' Mary Ann; Nucholls, Joyce; Powell, Mary; Roberts, Mary Alma; Roessler, Kay; Sharpe, Betsy; Stokesberry, Linda; Torleton, Elaine; Upchurch, Nancy; Ververko, ' Martha; Williamson, Phyllis. OFFICERS PRESIDENT JAN KAMINIS VICE-PRESIDENT CAROL KEELS RECORDING SECRETARY . ELEANORE IRVIN TREASURER AMELIA WHITE ANDERSON, J. ANDERSON, M. ANDERSON, R, ANDREWS BREESE 8RYS0N BUCE BUCKLEW CAYCE CLARKE COLDWELL CORBLY DELANEY DORMAN DOUGLAS FOSS FOWLER 6RIZZARD HAGAR HALL HANNAH HAUGABOOK HENDRY HOBBS HUFFORD JOHNSON, A. JOHNSON, C. JOHNSON, E. JOHNSON, M. JOHNSON, M. J KANE KEY LAURENT LAWRENCE MacDOWELL MARTIN MATHIS MCCARTNEY McWHIRTER, G. McWHIRTER, S. MOODY PACHLER PATTON RAMSEY REYNOLDS ROBINSON, B. ROBINSON, V. ROSE RHODES SALE SNARE STARRY TEBAULT THOMAS, M. THOMAS, M. S THOMAS, T. TWITTY TYREE UPP WILSON 146 CHI OMEGA GAMMA CHI OMEGA TIDE has turned- LUX with us- FSU DUZ it again- TOTAL: VICTORY! The Chi O ' s displayed their originality and school spirit in this unique homecoming display, and for a skit showed Eloise, the chapter favorite, introducing new President Strozier to the campus. On the beauty scene, Chi Omega was represented four times on the Gymkana Court, on the Miss FSU Court, The Theta Chi Court, The KA Court at Gainesville, and supplied the Lambda Chi Crescent Girl. Chi O ' s mode their presence known by their contributions to Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Sophomore Council, Sophomore Traffic Court, Religious groups, and Chairman of Judiciary, in the form of Martha Grizzard. Fraternity parties, the charity party at Christmas with the Theta Chi ' s, the Retreat in May, and Chi O Weekend, which features the Owl Man (the boy who has done the most for the sorority during the year) highlighted the season ' s social calendar. MEMBERS Anderson, Mary Lou; Andrews, Mary Margaret; Brewton, Elaine; Bryson, Judy; Douglass, Martha; Foss, Jan Hinson; Fowler, Nancy; Grizzard, Martha; Hagar, Toni; Hall, Helen; Haugabook, Joan; Hendry, Pat; Hufford, Kay; Johnson, Madeline; Johnson, Mary Jane; Kane, Karen; Key, Ann; Laurent, Beverly; Law- rence, Jane; McCartney, Barbara; Martin, Merideth; Moody, Julie; Patton, Barbara; Ramsey, Judy; Reynolds, Rochille; Rhodes, Sandra; Robertson, Betsy; Robertson, Verna Lee; Rose, Cheryl; Sale, Mary; Snare, Sally; Starry, Lee; Tap- ley, Bonnie; Thomas, Margaret; Thomas, Mary Sue; Thomas, Ted; Trimble, Jane; Upp, Sarah Jane; Ward, Mary Jane; Walker, Patty. PLEDGES Anderson, Rosalyn; Ball, Dana; Breese, Susan; Buce, Mary Catherine; Bucklew, Betty; Cayce, Joan; Clarke, Marian; Copeland, Willou; Corbly, Lynn; Coldwell, Sheila; Dorman, Carole; Hannah, Peg; Hall, Lynn; Hobbs, Linda; Johnson, Anne; Johnson, Martha; McDowell, Julie; McWhirter, Gayle; McWhirter, Sandy; Mathir, Mary; Packler, Patty; Robinson, Bonnie; Tebault, Beth, Twitty, Sally; Tyree, Jane; Wilson, Laura. OFFICERS PRESIDENT BARBARA McCARTNEY VICE-PRESIDENT JAN FOSS SECRETARY MARY JANE JOHNSON TREASURER NANCY FOWLER ALLEN, E. ALLEN, J. BISHOP BROWN, B. BROWN, C. A. BROWN, C. L. BURNS CALHOUN CATRON CLARDY CLEARY COLEMAN COLLEY COLLINS CONNELL CORPS DAVIDSON DEKLE FEHLBERG FISHER, C. FISHER, S. FRICK GRUEL GRYDER HARLAN HARVARD HELBING HENRY HERRINGTON HESTER HILL HOPKINS HUME HUNT JAMES KENNEDY KING KIRCHMAN KIRKCONNELL LASSITER LEBO LEWIS, L. LEWIS, R. MACLEAN MALONE McINTOSH MEGATHLIN MONTGOMERY MOORE MORRIS OTT PARKER, J. PARKER, JUDY PRESTON ROTH SAMPLE SANDS SCARBROUGH SHERMAN SINCLAIR STARNES SURGUINE TALLY TRAVIS TURNER WATSON WELLEN WRIGHT YDE DELTA DELTA DELTA ALPHA ETA DELTA DELTA DELTA The Tri Delts supplied many FSU beauties this year, as Barbara Bishop served as a member of the Homecoming Court and Miss Football, Kay McClain was elected Citrus Queen and a member of the Maid of Cotton Court, and numerous DDD ' s graced the Cymkana Court. On the serious side, chapter projects included a Christmas party for their maids ' children. Each year one of the children, Delta Ann, is dressed in silver, gold and blue, the Tri-Delt colors, and honored at the party. Other philanthropic endeavors ore an annual Easter Egg Hunt for the alums ' children, and the presentation of a scholarship to a deserving FSU student. -__You Should Have Seen Dept: Cay Cranford as Cleopatra . . . the measles epidemic for Tri Delt weekend . . . the blazing totem pole . . . Ice skating on the terrace . . . the sleepwalker . . . the weight lifter . . . Vicki running from the pig in the Sigma Chi Derby. Tri Delts served as Vice Presidents of Landis and Bryan, Presi- dent of Gamma Alpha Chi, and June Lassister was the recipient of the Home Economics Scholastic Award. MEMBERS Allen, Judith Ann; Benedict, Mary Ann; Bishop, Barbara; Brantley, Beverly; Brown, Beverly; Brown, Carol Ann; Burns, Sandra; Calhoun, Sandra; Catron, Ellen; Clardy, Sara; Cleary, Betty; Coleman, Mary Ann; Colley, Lynn; Connell, Anne; Dekle, Judy; Dye, Ann; Felburg, Susan; Fisher, Chris; Fisher, Suzie; Frick, Ann; Gryder, Cathy; Herrington, Carieen; Harvard, Rebecca; Henry, Diane; Hume, Matilda; King, Judy; Kirkconnell, Susan; Lassiter, June; Lewis, Loretto; Lewis, Reed; Mac Lean, Kay; Malone, Joye; Mcintosh, Annette; Montgomery, Betty Ann; Morris, Marjorie; Ott, Charlotte; Parker, Jackie; Pi ttman, Mary; Roth, Carol; Ryerson, Patty; Sherman, Linda; Sinclair, Helene; Stornes, Pat; Surguine, Mysie; Tally, Sydney; Turner, Judith; Wellen, Sara; Wright, Peggy; Yde, Josephine. PLEDGES Allen, Elizabeth; Brown, Connie Lou; Cranford, Catherine; Davidson, Mary Jane; Gruel, Sharon; Harlan, TonI; Helbing, Marion; Hester, Goyle; Hopkins, Jane; Hunt, Carolyn; James, Virginia; Kennedy, Dovie; Lebo, Helen; Megathlin, Mary Karen; Moore, Elizabeth; Parker, Judith; Preston, Judith; Sample, Susan; Sands, Mary; Scarborough, Harriett; Travis, Mary Ann; Watson, Martha. OFFICERS PRESIDENT SARA WELLEN VICE-PRESIDENT ___. MARY ANN COLEMAN SECRETARY NANTS HARVARD TREASURER JUNE LASSITER ABRAMS ADAMS ARBUTHNOT AUSTILL BRUBAKER BUDD BULLER BYNUM BYRD CARSON COACHMAN COOK DALE DAWSON DECUBELLIS GARRETT GLADDING GREENWOOD GROSS GUTHRIE, D. GUTHRIE, P. HEATH HOLROYD HERRING HIERS INGALLS JONES KNIGHT KNOPS KOPERSKI MACKLEM MANNING MARKETTE McCORMICK MENTZER MILLER MORROW MUELLER NICHOLSON O ' NEIL ORR PARSON POWELL PRANDONI REEDER RITCHIE SELLERS SHIVES SLAPPEY SMITH SPIVA STANG THURSTON VETTER VINCENT V ILLIS 150 1 1 DELTA GAMMA GA AMA MU DELTA GAMMA Second semester found the Delta Comm ' s ready to move into their beautiful new, red brick modern-colonial house on the corner. Due to the hazards of Fullers ' earth, there was a wait. After several semesters of makeshift living, everyone agreed that it will be a welcome change when the DCs have a home of their own. Homecoming found the DCs not seeing, but riding a Pink Ele- phant. Rachel Arbuhtnot rode the huge float in the parade, and FSU in general was " tickled pink " . For their contribution to the Campus Chest Fund, the DCs teamed with the Pikes to sponsor the Joe College-Betty Co-Ed Contest. Students who are blind or partially blind are helped by the sight conservation project. Delta Gamma ' s read aloud to these students, both for academic and recreational purposes. The pledges, bless them . . . The Halloween Party out at Camp with the new pledges was a huge success. No, I wasn ' t scared, were you? Bridg ' ?, bridge and more bridge. Yes, it was a good year. MEMBERS Abrams, Judith Ann; Adam, Ann; Budd, Sara; Byrd, Gail; Carson, Nancy; Cook, Elizabeth; Coughlin, Constance; Dale, Jane; Dawson, Janet; De Cubellis, Kay; Garrett, June; Gladding, Margery; Gladding, Sallie; Gross, Peggy Ann; Guthrie, Adelia; Hiers, Harriet; Holroyd, Diana; Horner, Betty Foye; Ingall, Elizabeth; Knight, Susan; Kopersh, Barbara; Lewis, Carol Jo; Lewis, Jane; Manning, Cora; Me " tzer, Barbara; Marrow, Jon; Mueller, Barbara; Nichols, Joan; O ' Neil, Dorothy; Orr, Dian; Powell, Jane; Reeder, Mary Ann; Ritchie, Arlene; Shives, Sue Anne; Sloppy, Suzanne; Smith, Sandra; Slang, Barbara; Thurston, Linda; Vincent, Darlene; Willis, Sylvia. PLEDGES Adams, Mary; Arbuhtnot, Rachel; Bruboker, Jean Sue; Buller, Jane; Greenwood, Pat; Guthrie, Patsy; Heath, Martha; Hering, Phyllis; Jones, Evon; Knops, Kathy; Markette, Sarah; Parson, Jo Margaret; Prandoni, Kathy; Spiva, Pat. OFFICERS PRESIDENT KAY DE CUBELLIS FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT SYLVIA WILLIS 2ND VICE-PRESIDENT ______ DOROTHY O ' NEIL SECRETARY GAIL BYRD ALDERMAN ARANT ARNOW ATKINS BADGER BAGDANOVICH BARBERREE BUNKER BURNASH BUSH CONNER DAVIS, J. DAVIS, K. DUNCAN GROOVER HAMILTON HAMM HANKINSON HARPER HARRIS HEYWARD HOBBS HOWARD HUMPRIES JANES JENSEN JONES KELSEY KENNEDY LINDER MATTHEWS MATZAT McDonald McGLOTHLlN NEGUS OFFERLE . PACKARD PARKER POULOS PRICE PUDERBAUGH RAMSEY REHWINKEL RODRIGUEZ RUFLY SANDUSKY SCHULZE SEYDEL SHEPPARD SINCLAIR SMITH SPENCER STAINBACK TERRY THACKERSON TRUCKS TUTTLE UNDERWOOD WARREN WELSH WILLIAMS WILSON WOFFORD WRIGHT lilJ i p5«SS ' - ' T«» DELTA ZETA ALPHA SIGMA DELTA ZETA Fraught with dexterity, as ever, the Delta Zeta ' s demonstrated ability to lead and to follow, with active participation in Sophomore Council, Garnet Key, Senate, Circus, Cotillion, and various religious groups. DZ beauties were Sigma Nu sweetheart, Rosemary Stainback, and members of the Delt, KA, and Delta Sigma Pi courts. A coffee for the Homecoming Queen candidates has become an annual event; this year the candidates were introduced to the campus leaders. Stop that man! Three mystery men set fire to the DZ home- coming float at three o ' clock in the morning . . . but they rebuilt it in time for the parade. Arson, anyone? Oh, to be a fly on the wall: ... to see the contest during fire drills to choose the girl with the most original head-dress. Long to be remembered: " Delta Debutantes " . . . bicycle ride out to camp and the decorated bikes . . . pledge Christmas party . . . caroling . . . Rose Weekend. ' ■•vvirr ■ ' iS- MEMBERS Aront, Marilyn; Arnow, Linda; Atkins, Christine Ann; Bagdanovitch, Patricia; Barberee, Helen; Bunker, Martha; Burnash, Patricia; Bush, Betty Jo; Conner, Jamie; Davis Kathy; Duncan, Ann; Hamilton, June; Hankinson, Frances; Harper, Patricia; Helms, Susan; Heyward, Polly; Hobbs, Sarah; Howard, Mary Birdie; Janes, Jan; Jones, Elaine; Kelsey, Susan; Kennedy, Sheila; Lemmons, Patsy; Linder, Judith; Matzat, Suzanne; McDonald, Morybeth; McGlothlin, Sandra; Negus, Nancy; O ' Stien, Martha; Parker, Liz; Poulos, Evelyn; Price, Betty Jean; Ramsey, Kate; Rehwinkel, Reba; Rufly, Gretchen; Sapp, Cynthia; Sandusky, Johanna Sue; Schmidt, Willa; Sheppard, Elizabeth; Shulza, Sherry; Sinclair, Amelia; Spencer, Barbara; Stainback, Rosemary; Talley, Jeannine; Terry, Alyce; Thackerson, Claudette; Thompson, Jean; Underwood, Sandra; Wafford, Johanna; Warren, Sylvia Ann; Welsh, Ann; Williams, Angela; Wilson, Peggy Louise. PLEDGES Alderman, Joyce; Badger, Sandra; Burgess, Roberta; Collar, Betty; Davis, Joan; Duncan, Gail; Graham, Jeanine; Groover, Betty; Homm, Marcia; Harris, Sandra; Humphries, Laura; Mann, Dorothy; Matthews, Sally; Offerle, Joan; Packard, Mary; Puderbaugh, Pat; Rodriguez, Lucy; Seydel, Peggy; Sanchez, Patty; Smith, Gayle; Trucks, Rita; Tuttle, Judy; Wright, Sandra. OFFICERS PRESIDENT JUNE HAMILTON 1ST VICE-PRESIDENT KATHY DAVIS 2ND VICE PRESIDENT _. _ MARTHA BUNKER RECORDING SECRETARY SYLVIA ANN WARREN BANCKER BARR BAUM BELAND BINDER BROOKS BURT CLEVELAND CLOW DODD EDGINGTON EMERY GODBOLD GORSKI GREEN HARRISON HEACOCK IRELAND JOHNSON JONES KICKLITER MAYNARD McMillan MELVIN MIMS MOORE POWELL REDD ROBERTS SANCHEZ SCOTT SHADDICK SMITH SPENCER STOUTAMIRE SWARTZ THOMPSON TOMLINSON VINSON WATERMAN WILSON WINGERTER WOODS WRENN, B. K. WRENN, B. S. WROBLEWSKI 154 GAMMA PHI BETA BETA MU GAMMA PHI BETA Who ' s got the Bird? After Homecoming, somebody walked off with the huge gobbler that had been part of the Gamma Phi ' s house decorations. A mildly frantic search failed to recover the turkey so the " New Feathers for Sammy ' s Headress " were short lived. Honoraries: Phi Chi Theta, Tau Beta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Iota, Sigma Alpha Eta, Kappa Delta Pi. Comma Phi ' s on campus include members of Circus, Cotillion, Los Picaros, Choral Union, Flambeau Staff, Band, and Sophomore and Junior Counselors. —-Highway going through the house? No, it only looked that way — some joker planted red construction lights in front of the manse — just for fun, of course. Some other jokers, presumably sisters all, painted " Gamma Phi Beta " in big Creek letters on the sidewalks in front of many a frat house. It pays to advertise! MEMBERS Adams, Nancy; Boncker, Dorothy; Bourn, Morion; Binder, Sandra; Brooks, Bar- bara; Clow, Betty; Dodd, Dorothy; Edginton, Carol; Ellzey, Marjorie Ann; Emery, Caroline; Godbold, Marjorie; Green, Betsy; Harrison, Barbara Ann; Heacock, Nancy; Kickliter, Joyce; Nearing, Agnes; Moring, Agnes; Powell, Mary Esther; Sanchez, Kathryn; Shaddick, Phyllis Ann; Smith, Sylvia; Stoutamire, Barbara; Thompson, Meryl Audelle; Tomlinson, Alito Gay; Vinson, Pennie; Waterman, Gail; Wingerter, Nancy; Wilson, Pot; Wrenn, Betty Sue. PLEDGES Barr, Jane; Beland, Ardis Ann; Burt, Mary Munns; Cleveland, Betty; Gorski, Joan; Hohn, Alice; Ireland, Helen; Johnson, Winifred; Jones, Jeanne; Kirk, Daisy; Lupo, Alice; Maynerd, Rosalie; McMillian, Rodney; Melvin, Reda; Mims, Sharon; Moore, Yvonne; Roberts, Sallie; Scott, Judith Ann; Spencer, Addie Lee; Swartz, Betty Jean; Woods, Linda Kay; Wrenn, Barbara Kay; Wromblewski, Dorie. OFFICERS PRESIDENT KATHY SANCHEZ VICE-PRESIDENT PAT WILSON RECORDINC SECRETARY SYLVIA SMITH TREASURER PHYLLIS SHADDICK AMATO ARMES ASHBY ATWATER BALL BARRY BENNETT BERTOLETT BODINE BOWDEN BOWERS BRAGDON BRISCOE BROWN, G. BROWN, N. CARR CHEEK DAVIS DESMOND DUKE FERNANDEZ FERRISS FAIN FRANCESCON GARNETT GARWOOD GUINAND GUNDERSON HAVERSTICK HENDRIX HOBBS MUGGINS INGRAM JOHNSON KELLEY LITTLE MASON McBRIDE MICKLER MILAM MOORE MORRIS MORTON MOSLEY MULLER MURPHY NESMITH OEXLE PARKS PEACOCK PERKINS, B. PERKINS, T. PINCKARD POTTER PRIVETT READY ROBERTS, J. ROBERTS, M. ROLLINS ROSENBERG SAULS SEARS STEARNS STECKER STERLING TALLEY TEARE THOMPSON VICKERY WHEELER WILLIAMS KAPPA ALPHA THETA BETA NU KAPPA ALPHA THETA Sorority of the year! That ' s what the trophy says. At the Pan- Hel Dance, Delta Tau Delta awarded their sorority of the year trophy to the Thetos for their contribution to campus life. Other hardware includes the scholarship cup, evidence of two consecutive semesters top Creek scholastic standing. FSU will be represented officially for 57-58 by Layte Bowden, elected Miss FSU. Other Theta beauties include Linda Rollins, Sigma Chi Sweetheart; Liz Armes on the Homecoming Court and several members of the Cymkano Court. Thetas can be found out on Campus serving on Judiciary, Flambeau Staff, Mortar Board, Cornet Key, Who ' s Who, and Dormitory Presidents. Torchy Briscoe was elected to the Hall of Fame and Jeani Kitchens was president of Village Vamps. Scene of many good parties and TV watching was the " Little Hut " , the Theta Annex. The house was purchased by the alums as a place for recreation and informal entertaining. Highlight of the social season was Theta Weekend in March. KAT ' s and their dates spent Saturday at Panama City. Mrs. H. P. Reeves of Lakeland was welcomed as the new house- mother. She rapidly proved herself mistress of all situations, includ- ing a fire in the boiler room and a dead duck thrown inside of the front door. Theta Data . . . The serenade in the snow . . . 6:00 a.m. bridge games . . . the missing mail box . . . the FSU roadrunners . . . Day- tona Beach between semesters . . . " roll your stars over " . . . old spice sachet from the pledges . . . Pablo Amato on the bass and spoons . . . Legend has it . . . it was a great year. MEMBERS Amato, Helen; Armes, Liz; Ashby, Florence; Atwater, Polly; Boll, Kotherine; Bertolette, Barbara; Bodine, Carol Ann; Bowden, Layte; Bowers, Nancy Jo; Bragdon, Ann; Brown, Glenda; Brown, Norma; Briscoe, Glenda; Bryon, Jean; Carr, Lorna Doone; Cheek, Laura; Desmond, Kay; Fernandez, Betty; Francescon, Regina; Gunderson, Sue; Haverstick, Sue; Hendrix, Barbara; Muggins, Donna; Ingram, Julie; Kelley, Nelia; Kitchens, Jeanni; Little, Barbara Jean; Manda, Nellie; Mason, Tudi; Mickler, Patricia; Milam, Julie; Moore, Arva; Morris, Evie; Morton, Dorothy; Muller, Nancy; Murphy, Pat; Oexle, Nancy; Peacock, Mary Louise; Perkins, Beverly; Perkins, Timmie; Pinckard, Desse; Privett, Rowena; Ready, Kay; Roberts, Mary Beth; Rollins, Linda; Rosenberg, Sandra; Sauls, Beverly Sue; Sears, Sandra; Stearns, Patsy; Stecker, Jackie; Sterling, Faith; Teare, Maralyn; Thompson, Carol; Wheeler, Helen; Williams, Ann. PLEDGES Barry, Bonnie; Bennett, Barbara; Davis, Dorthea; Duke, Marycelle; Fain, Abigail; Ferriss, Shirley; Garnett, Rita; Garwood, Sue; Gross, Nancy; Guinand, Motile; Hobbs, Natilie; Johnson, Mary Ellen; Magnell, Judy; McBride, Terry; Mosley, Sandra; NeSmith, Martha Lee; Parks, Bebe; Potter, Linda; Roberts, June; Talley, Marianne; Taylor, Grace; Vickery, Mary Ann. OFFICERS PRESIDENT BARBARA HENDRIX VICE-PRESIDENT JEANI KITCHENS SECRETARY NELLA KELLEY TREASURER BARBARA JEAN LITTLE ANDERSON ARNOLD, L. ARNOLD, R. ASKEW BARCUS BARRINEAU BECK BELVIN BEVIS, J. BEVIS, S. BLACK BLONDHEIM BOLTON BRUCE CHAMBLISS DAVIS, H. DAVIS, K. EDWARDS FLYNN FRALEIGH GETZEN GOLSON GONZALEZ GRAHAM, B. GRAHAM, G. HALL HARRIS HERN HICKS HOBBS HOLDER JONES KAPP KENDRICK KEY KIRBY LAFFERTY LATIMER LEE LEONHART LIDDON LOYD MARLEY MARTIN NEWBERRY O ' NEAL PITTS ROBERTS SEABORN SHEPARD SHERRILL STARNES STEWART STOKES THOMPSON, H. THOMPSON, J. THORNAL TYLER WALKER WALLACE WILL WILLIAMS ZIPPER 58 1 KAPPA DELTA KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA DELTA _.„. " Excuse me, ma ' m, but I ' m working my way through college. . . " The KD ' s were awarded a prize for being the chapter with the highest magazine sales at their National Convention at St. Louis. Delegates were Betty Sue Graham and Barbara Jones. Four KD senators were active this year — sisters also held respon- sible positions in Village Vamps, Judiciary, Circus, and Theater Dance. Two KD ' s were members of the Cymkana Court — Jenny Zipperer and Marilyn Harris — and President of ACE was Diane Latimer. On the light side: the Pledge-Active Halloween Party and the annual Christmas Party, the spaghetti supper and the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the Alums ' children. Second place for originality in the Homecoming Float contest went to KD for their covered wagon. It took the efforts of the Tallahassee Police Force to erect the House Decorations — Who called the cops? MEMBERS Andrews, Martha McGinnis; Arnold, Linda; Arnold, Rhoda; Belvin, Elaine; Bruce, Patty; Chambliss, Judy; Davis, Hope; Davis, Kay; Edwards, Mary Louise; Fraleigh, Nancy Lou; Getzen, Janey; Graham, Betty Sue; Graham, Ginger; Harris, Marilyn; Hall, Kay; Hearn, Francis; Hicks, Gail; Holder, Carolyn; Key, Nancy; Latimer, Diane; Lee, Geoffrey; Lloyd, Kay; Marley, Patty; Mason, Marilyn; McCleod, Jean; Newberry, Lise; Pitts, Aurelia; Roberts, Gail; Rogers, Beverly; Shepard, Patti Rae; Steagall, Diane; Stoker, Mimi; Stuart, Sandra; Thompson, Jean; Townley, Francis; Tyler, Susie; Will, Mary Jane; Williams Jennie Lind. PLEDGES Anderson, Elinor; Askew, Ann; Barcus, Carol; Borrineau, Lois Ann; Beck, Karen Sue; Bevis, Janet; Bevis, Suzanne; Black, Edna; Blondheim, Jo Lee; Bolton, Betty Flynn, Sandra; Golson, Joan, Gonzalez, Rhoda; Hobbs, Jo Ann; Jones, Barbara Kapp, Marbeth; Kendrick, Linda; Kirby, Mirth; Leonhart, Gerry; Liddon, Solly Martin, Cecilia; O ' Neal, Sylvia; Seaborn, Mary Ann; Sherill, Becky; Thornall, Alyce; Thurmond, Patti; Walker, Dianne; Wallace, Jane; Zipperer, Jennie. OFFICERS PRESIDENT BETTY SUE GRAHAM VICE-PRESIDENT DIANE LATIMER SECRETARY JENNIE LIND WILLIAMS TREASURER ELAINE BELVIN ALDRICH ALL ALVAREZ AMBROSINI ATKINSON BERRY BRINER CAMPBELL CARPENTER CARTER COOK COWART, F. COWART, M. CURRY DICKEY DONNER ELVERY, A. ELVERY, B. ENGLISH EWALD FERGUSON FIELD FISCHER FORREST GARNER GIFFORD HARRISON HARTSFIELD HUNTER JOHNSON, G. JOHNSON, I. JONES LACAGNINA LAMB, A. LAMB, P. LEEGER MARCHESSEAU McCALL MERRIMAN MORRIS NEELEY OLIVER PERRY, C. PERRY, T. ROGERS ROUNTREE SKIPPER SMITH SPENCER THOMPSON TUCKER VOSS WALKER WALL WALLACE WHISENANT WILDER PHI MU ALPHA EPSILON PHI MU The direct approach is best, just ask the Phi Mu ' s . . . When they choose " Mad " comics as the theme for their Homecoming Decorations, they decided to clear it with " Mad " before proceed- ing. " Mod ' s " answer: " Send us a picture after it ' s all lit up — or better yet, send us a picture of your girls when they ' re all lit up. " For the second straight year . . . Phi Mu has " Ugliest Woman on Campus " . Not quite, but they did do a superb make-up job, and retired the " Ugly Woman " Trophy. In contrast, two Phi Mu ' s were members of the Miss Cymkono Court. Pi Mu on Campus: Joycees, Sophomore Council, Circus, Thea- ter Dance, SAI Tarpon, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Gamma Alpha Chi. Community spirit prompts the toy cart sponsored by Phi Mu in Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Jim Denny, the new housemother, has been a wonderful addition to the chapter . . . Welcome. A jolly Christmas party given by the pledges for the actives found Yuletide joy rife. This was especially evinced by the pledges in their red pajamas. Phi Mu all the time. MEMBERS Ambrosini, Angela; Atkinson, Betty Jane; Briner, Carol; Campbell, Charlotte; Carpenter, Winona; Carter, Audrey Ann; Cowart, Miriam; Cook , Clarice; Curry, Charlotte; Elvery, Beth; English, Faye; Ferguson, Nancy; Garner, Rosemary; Gifford, Tina; Harrison, Jean; Hunter, Jean; Ingram, Sandra; Johnson, Isobelle; Keuling, Jayne; Lamb, Carol Ann; Leonard, Julie; Lidden, Florine; Mavis, Jane; Maxwell, Sue Anne; Merriman, Carol; Neeley, Fran; Pennington, Mary; Perry, Chloe; Perry, Trudie, Poyser, Sharon; Preston, Anne; Rountree, Nancy; Spruell, Annetta; Thompson, Elinor; Tucker, Patty; Tucker, Tomora; Walker, Mollie; Wallace, Jane; Whisenheart, Sally. PLEDGES Aldrich, Sybel, All, Kathleen; Alvarez, Anita; Berry, Mary; Cowart, Frances; Dickey, Diane; Donnor, Kay; Elvery, Anne; Ewald, Bess; Fischer, Susan; Forest, Helen; Hartsfield, Marianne; Johnson Gynelle; Jones, Jo Ann; Lamb, Patricia; Leeger, Linda; McCall, Patsy; Rogers, Barbara Jane; Salbey, Jane; Skipper, Barbara; Spencer, Beverly; Wall, Edith; Wilder, Martha. OFFICERS PRESIDENT CHARLOTTE CURRY VICE-PRESIDENT JANE MAVIS SECRETARY MOLLY WALKER TREASURER ARDIS LIDDON ADAMS BLANDENSHIP BROWNE CA MPBELL CAREY CARROLL CHAMBERLAIN COBB COLE COSTON CULBREATH DIXON DUEY EASTERDAY EDGAR EISSEY ELLIS FERGUSON FINLEY GARRETT GEORGE GILLHAM GLASS GOODWIN GRIFFIN HATTON HEAD JARRETT LaGRANGE LEWIS MAGILL MAY McCAMPBELL McDOUGALD McMillan MILTON MOSS NEWSOM OLLIPHANT PARMALEE, C. PARMALEE, J. PHILLIPS POPPENGER POWERS PRATHER SAMMONS SHANOR SORY SWEATT TICHENOR TRAYLOR, C. TRAYLOR, H. UHLICH WADE WAND WEAR WEAVER WHITE WHITTLE WILLIAMS, L. WILLIAMS, M. WISEHEART WOODRUFF WRIGHT PI BETA PHI FLORIDA BETA PI BETA PHI Girls of the Golden Arrow hold seats on Honor Court, Sophomore Council, Flambeau Staff, Judiciary, and serve as members of Gar- net Key, Mortified, Village Vamps, and as class officers. On the beauty scene, Nan Chamberlain reigned as Queen of Gymkana, and Lynn LaGrange swapped her Miss FSU Crown to serve as this year ' s Homecoming Queen. The Soap Box Derby was triumphantly won by Deanne Head as she scooted down the Col- lege Avenue Hill in her racer. A retreat with the pledges was a howling success — they pre- sented " Teahouse of the Pi Phi Moon " . Other Pi Phi talents: The original Pi Phi Songs at the Christmas party; the Pi Phi Hideaway with Jean Hoyden as Lola; " Red Wing " presented by the silly sophomores; and McPi Phi singing the closet member ' s theme song: " I Know How Ugly I Are " . P.P.P.D.S.E.S.C. : held weekly meetings at the Round-Up . . . much fun and functioning by all. Spring found the sun worshippers headed for the garbage cans to soak up ol ' Sol. The Salvation Army Christmas Project was the main philan- thropic effort of the year — also at Christmas the Pi Phi ' s teamed with the Thetas for a party out at Silver Lake. f MEMBERS Adams, Mary Noel; Browne, Nancyonne; Campbell, Mary Lou; Chamberlain, Nan; Carey, Ivey; Cobb, Sherry; Cole, Carol; Crochett, Sharon; Culbreath, Judy; Dixon, Malinda; Easterday, Ann; Edgar, Paula Ruth; Eissey, Barbara; Ellis, Romeile; Finlay, Mary Ellen; Garrett, Jeanette; George, Ann; Gilham, Monty; Glass, Becky; Goodwin, Dorothy; Griffin, Sarah Jane; Hanshaw, Linda; Hatton, Betty; Hoyden, Jean; Head, De Anne; Jorrett, Janice; Johnson, Gloria; King, Nancy; La Grange, Lynn; Lawrence, Cynthia; Lewis, Sara; McDougold, Carline; Magill, Jeanne; May, Dorothy; Moss, Priscillo; Parmalee, Chris; Person, Nancy; Phillips, Florentine; Prather, Betty; Sammons, Gale; Stewart, Patsy; Sweatt, Eleanor; Traylor, Carol; Uhlich, Carol; Wear, Ann; Whittle, Adria Ann; Williams, Margie; Woodruff, Elizabeth. PLEDGES Blankenship, Margery; Costin, Linda; Duey, Bobbie Nell; Fergeson, Pat; Mc- Campbell, Brenda; McMillan, Judy; Milton, Judy; Newsome, Jane; OHiphant, Yvonne; Parmalee, Jane; Poppenger, Carol; Powers, Glenda; Shaner, Karen; Sory, Jo Ann; Tichenor, Cynthia; Traylor, Helen; Wand, Priscillo; Weaver, Gayle; White, Mary Jane; Williams, Lynn; Wiseheart, Marilyn; Wright, Kay. OFFICERS PRESIDENT BETTY HATTON VICE-PRESIDENT SARA JANE GRIFFIN RECORDING SECRETARY ___ PATSY STEWART TREASURER BETTY PRATHER ALEXANDER BENTON BRIDGER BUCHAN BURTON CAIN, E. CAIN, P. COPPINS CULLEY CUMMINS DENHAM EISINGER ELLIOTT FORD FOUTS GESSLER GROW HAY HERRING HILL HOOTEN JACKSON JOHNSON JONES KELLY KELSHEIMER KENT LAMBUR LEHAN MACKIN lATTHEWS VlcMILLAN MICKEY MILNER MONROE NICHOLS OWENS PARKIN PENNY RICE RIECKEN ROBERTS, M. ROBERTS, P. SILLAY SOUD STOKER STROM TATOUL TURNBULL WALTER WEBB WHEELER 164 SIGMA KAPPA OMEGA SIGMA KAPPA The daily morning alarm of hammers on the roof finally ceased and the Sigma Kappas realized their dream as the new addition was completed. Another new odidtion was the hi-fi set given to the chapter by the seniors and pledges — to supply background music for announcements at dinner. It ' s a " House Divided " this year, with June Silloy, Secretary of the Collegiate Party and Jackie Soud, Vice-Chairman of Student Party, as well as several other leaders on both sides. The Sigma Kappas captured the sorority award for the most improvement in scholarship. Almost half of the new initiates made the Dean ' s List. It ' s not just brains, however. Among the beauty awards were those to Margaret Sue Hooten, Chamber of Commerce Queen and Queen of Darlington College; Jackie Soud, Cymkona Court; Elaine Eisenger, Jennie Murphree Sweetheart Court; and June Sillay, Smoke Signals Feature. Wise Remarks Department: " It was big enough without the head, " contributed by Bobby Jones in her sleep, referring to the somewhat oversized, disqualified Homecoming float. Moments to Remember: The 2:00 a.m. Phi Delt callers; mass infirmary visits after the snow fights; Hot Rod Prissy Parkin ' s second place ride in the Soap Box Derby. Weekly Announcements: " Who stole my peanut butter? " " Who left the socks soaking in the bathroom? " " Girls, I ' m going to put lock on that kitchen door. " " Are you tired? " . . . " Noop! " MEMBERS Benton, Elizabeth; Buchan, Nancy; Cain, Eleanor Louise; Cain, Patty; Culley, Leigh; Cummins, Barbara; Davidson, Sandra; Denham, Nancy; Elliott, Anne; Ford, Sue; Grow, Rosemary; Hay, Susie; Herring, Jeonyne; Hill, Linda; Jackson; Shirley; Johnson, Marilyn; Lambur, Sandra; Mackin, Dixie; McMillan, Joy; Monroe, Mary; Muniz, Ed Marie; Penny, Jacque; Rice, Dorothy; Reichen, Marian; Roberts, Margaret; Roberts, Paula; Sillay, June; Soud, Jacquelyn; Turnbull, Alice; Utsey, Gayle; Vv ' alter, Victoria; Webb, Carolyn. PLEDGES Alexander, Nancy; Bridger, Donna; Bridgeman, Jean Ann; Burton, Laura; Coppens, Barbara; Eisinger, Elaine; Fouts, Kay; Gessler, Liz; Hooten, Margaret; Kelly, Shirley; Lehan, Judy; Mickey, Patricia; Milner, Susan; Nichols, Sheila; O ' Kelly, Carol; Owens, Jackie; Pankin, Prissy; Stanton, Dolly; Stoker, Charlotte; Strom, Martha; Tatoul, Corky; Wheeler, Betty. OFFICERS PRESIDENT NANCY BUCHAN VICE-PRESIDENT ANN ELLIOTT SECRETARY BARBARA JONES TREASURER SANDRA DAVIDSON ALLEN ALTHOFF ARCHIBALD BAKER BAXTER BEAN BLACKBURN BOWEN BRIGHTWELL BURKHARDT CAWTHON CHANDLER CHAPMAN COMBS, J. COMBS, R. CONKLING CONNER CORLEY FREUDENBERG FINLAY FOLSOM FORD GEGENSCHATZ GERNHARD GINOCCHIO GODFREY GRIESER HARDY HARGRAVE HARMON HARRIS HOY JACKSON, J. JACKSON, S. JOHNSON JONES JORDAN KALIL KELLY KNOWLES LARSON LIPTHROTT MALTBY McDonald McKINNEY MILLER NICHOLS NIELSEN O ' SULLIVAN OTEY PERRY PHILLIPS PIGMAN POWELL SHUMAN SPELL STARLING STEVENS SUMMERS TAAFFE TURNER WALTER WARLEY WARREN WATKINS WILLIAMS WILSON WORRALL YOUMANS ZETA TAU ALPHA BETA GAMMA ZETA TAU ALPHA Anyone care for roast duck? ' . . . Er-Dink: noise of the day . . . Notice a dent in Combs ' car? . . . College Avenue attempted kid- napping . . . the understanding County judge . . . the missing bush and the coffin door. There ' s never a dull moment at the White House on the Hill. Campus successes include first place in Homecoming House De- coration, second place in the skit contest; second place in scholar- ship; basketball championship; and National Merit award present- ed by ZTA to the chapter with sustained superiority in all phases of campus life. Honor Court has completed a successful year under the chair- manship of Barbara Burkhart. Other Zetas in the limelight are the secretary and three members of Judiciary; secretary of Elections; Frosh Treasurer and Senator; Comma Alpha Chi President and members of many campus organizations. Homecoming Princess Joyce Combs and KA Rose, Ruth Starling, and members of the Pi Kappa Phi and Kappa Sig Courts comprise the beauty section. In addition, Carlo McKinney, Miss Peanut, won a trip to Chicago for winning that notional competition. Zeta Zanies: Backwards baseball game with the Delts . . . Matthead . . . Step and a half . . . Senator . . . B. O. . . . Fogie . . . MEMBERS Allen, Selby; Archibald, Catherine; Baker, Patricia; Bean, Linda; Bowen, Beth; Burkhardt, Barbara; Cawthin, Lynda; Chandler, Martha; Chapman, Neila; Combs, Joyce; Combs, Ruby; Conkling, Julia; Conner, Ginger; Corley, Janet; Davis Dawn; Dugan, Frances; Finlay, Pat; Folsom, Anne; Ford, Sally; Ginocchio, Chris; Godfrey, Nan; Harmon, Joan; Harris, Mary; Johnson, Barbara Jane; Jones, Joan; Jordan, Jilda; Kelly, Ann; Knowles, Marilyn; McDonald, Lola; McKinney, Carlo; Maltby, Mary Jane; Nichols, Sherry; O ' Sullivan, Dean; Otey, Betty; Pigman, Sally; Powell, Mary; Register, Emily; Shuman, Ruth; Starling, Ruth; Stevens, Patricia; Summers, Dottie; Taoffee, Ellen; Turner, Carol; Walter, Sharon; VVarley, Olivia; Watkins, Sharron; Williams, Ann; Wilson, Mary; Worral, Nancy. PLEDGES Althoff, Marilyn; Baxter, Joyce; Blackburn, Susie; Brightwell, Claire; Freudenberg, Judy; Gagenschatz, Marjie; Gemhard, Judy; Griesser, Elaine; Hardy, Nora Nell; Hargrove, Cora; Hay, Betty; Jackson, Joyce; Jackson, Sandra; Kalil, Roseann; Larsen, Texie; Lipthroth, Alice; Nielson, Ann; Miller, Patty; Perry, Ann; Phillips, Laura; Spell, Frances; Warren, Kay; Youmons, Barbara OFFICERS PRESIDENT ANN WILLIAMS VICE-PRESIDENT BETH BOWEN SECRETARY BETTY OTEY TREASURER SHERRY NICHOLS ARMER BYERLEY CARPENTER COLE CONE COSTIN CRAIG CROMARTIE CUNNINGHAM DAVIES DAWKINS GOULD GRIFFIS HARRIS HOPKINS McCRANIE McKEMIE MILLNER MOORE OVERTON PARRY PAUL PETERSON REEVES REGISTER REINHARDT SMITH SPIERS STRICKLAND, D. STRICKLAND, G. WAIT WILLIAMSON WORTHINGTON IL , ALPHA TAU OMEGA EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA TAU OMEGA Gimme an " A " . . . Varsity Football would hove been in sad shape without the ATO ' s this year, as would baseball, basketball, swimming and tennis. In addition to their outstanding athletic representation, the ATO ' s supplied the President of IFC, John Morris; Don Reedy on Honor Court, and Bill McKemie as Chief Justice of Traffic Court. First place in fraternity scholarship goes to the blue and gold, and nobody can deny that they sure can pick Homecoming Queens. This year Lynn LaCrange of Pi Beta Phi, sponsored by ATO, reigned over the Homecoming celebration. The Four Freshmen came to FSU, courtesy of the ATO ' s as their contribution to the Campus Chest Fund. Additional charity projects are the annual Christmas Party for underprivileged children, and Help Week, when they painted a church in Chatahoochee. Life can be beautiful department . . . Every weekend during foot- ball season the house was the scene of a rousing combo party. Other social highlights were parties with the Tri Delts, Alpha Cams, Pi Phis and the annual Spring Weekend complete with Orchid Ball and coast party. Sound Off: Butterfly . . . Rhoda . . . Fish . . . Lonsie Wonsie . . . Duroc . . . Monk . . The Kid . . . The Grinder . . . The Pollock Jack . . . Goomba . . . Shad . . . Groundhog. . . Paunch . . . Coyote Redman . . . Zero . . . . . Pinky Drag-Happy MEMBERS Bisbee, Hamilton; Boyack, Edward; Burkhardt, William; Casteel, Robert, Child- ers, William; Cigorran, Gerald; Cogburn, Clayton; Cole, Buddy; Craig, John; Davies, Gerald; Fielding, Charles; Johnson, Edward; Landrum, Gary; McKemie, William; Millner, Guy; Moore, James; Morris, John; Morris, Walter; Padgett, Lonnie; Peterson, Peter; Pinkermon, Charles; Reedy, Donald; Reinhardt, Raymond; Rynerson, Jack; Smith, Ronald; Speck, Thomas; Strickland, Douglas; Welchel, Michael; Whiting, James; Williams, Ronald. PLEDGES Armer, Thomas; Baggett, Leo; Bauermeister, Charles; Bye rley, William; Car- penter, Richard; Cone, Kenny; Conrad, Richard; Cromartie, John; Dawkins, James; Cunningham, Willaim; Gaskins, Jack; Griffis, Samuel; Harris, Gerald; Haynes, Marvin; Hopkins, Clif; Holt, Franz; Jankea, Peter; Lyons, Creston; McCranie, John; Paul, Warwich; Petronis, James; Petrandis, Mike; Parry, James Earl; Pfiffenburger, Dave; Reeves, James; Sievers, Riley; Smith, Samuel; Spiers, Donald; Strickland, George Ed; Wait, William; Woodbury, William; Worthington, James. OFFICERS PRES. JOHNNY MORRIS VICE-PRES. JERRY DAVIER SEC. BILL McKINLEY TREAS. WALLY MORRIS »jlS i rk. ACKERT ANDERSON AYERS BARRY BILLUPS BLAES BRUSHWOOD CARRUTH CARTER COUCH CREEL CREW DEL VECCHIO DENMARK ELVENA FILLMORE FLEMING GAINER GUERRA HELGEMO JOHNSON JONES KIEFER LANZA LYON MILLS MOORE NEWTON O ' CONNOR POU PERCOCO QUICKEL RAY RHODES SELLERS SHELDON SPARKMAN SQUIBB TAYLOR WEATHERBY WHITE WILSON p f I 1 70 DELTA TAU DELTA DELTA PHI DELTA TAU DELTA How much am I bid? ' Ladies and gentlemen, how much will you give for this glorious specimen of American Manhood . . . Going, going, gone! The annual Delt Slave Auction provided one of the most color- ful events of the year, and netted a sizeable sum for the Delt con- tribution to Campus Chest. FSU Fixtures: Cruising around Campus loaded with Delts and assorted dates the Delt fire engine . . . it ' s tempermental, but it does make noise. At the Pan-Hel Dance in December, the Delt " Sorority of the Year " award was presented to the Theto ' s. The Delts themselves were the recipients of the Sigma Kappa " Host of the Year " award, evidence of plenty of good parties and Delt charm. Delts on Campus include Fred Ford of Men ' s Judiciary, and active participants in Collegians, Cavaliers, Marching Chiefs, Tally-Ho, and members of several varsity teams. The social season was highlighted by the Rainbow Boll on April 12, where reigning Sweetheart Marianne Ferlisi relinquished her title to the new queen. Homecoming took on the forward look with a replica of the Chrysler Corporation emblem and the University Seal riding an impressive float. The annual Christmas Party was held with the Alpha Xi ' s for underprivileged children. And the next time the Forest Rangers report that the pledges are in jail, we ' ll let them go! BROTHERS Ackert, John; Ayers, Donald; Billups, Lewis; Blaes, Cletus; Corruth, Loyd; Carter, Jock; Crew, Jackie; Creel, Jonny; Denmark, Emory; Elliott, Harold; Elvena, Ronald; Fillmore, Howard; Fleming, John; Griffin, Thomas; Greenwood, Bruce; Guerra, Michael; Johnson, Robert; Kieffer, Peter; Lewis, William; Meredith, Larry; Mills, Thomas; Miller, Edward; Moore, Joseph; Norton, Kenneth; Percoco, Rich- ard; Pou, Michael; Powell, Harold; Ray, Donald; Sardinha, August; Sellers, Will- iam; Straw, Richard; Watkins, Kenneth; Weatherby, Edward; White, Avery; Wolfenbarger, Robert. PLEDGES Abbot, Bernard; Anderson, Wallace; Barry, Gerald; Bernard, Thomas; Bowe, Lyman; Brushwood, Harry; Crosby, James; Del Vecchio, John; Dorsett, Earl; English, John; Ford, Howard; Gainer, Gene; Helgemo, Steve; Jones, Billy; Jones, Wilnot; Lanza, Salvatore; Lyon, Paul; Maultsby, Charles; Newton, James; O ' Connor, Michael; Quickel, David; Scott, Gerald; Sheldon, Richard; Sparkman, Doyle; Squibb, Charles; Stromberg, Robert; Rhodes, Carl; Taylor, John; Trice, Frank; Welch, Leon; Wheeler, Sanford; Whiddon, Lester; Wilson, Edwin. OFFICERS PRES. LOYD CARRUTH VICE-PRES. BUDDY ELLIOT SEC DONALD J. RAY TREAS DONALD AYERS ABBOTT AMOS ANDREWS ARNOLD ATKINS BASSHAM BELITZ BISHOP BRINKHOFF BUA BUNKER BYWATER CARSON CLARKE CLENDENIN COLEMAN COUNTER COWARD DALE DEAN, C. DEAN, F. DeHAVEN DOSTER DUCHENE FEARINGTON FRALEIGH GRAHAM GUNNELS HAFELE HAIR, H. HAIR, M. HAYWOOD HENDERSON HERRIN HOOKS HOOVER KELVIN JAMES JOHNSON JOINER JONES JORDAN JUSTISS KIRCHOFFER LAWSON LEHARDY LIVINGSTON LOFTIN LONG MARKS MASON MATHEWS MIDDLETON MIDULLA MILLER MINER MOSS PORTER ROBERTS SIRMANS SMITH SMITHSON SNYDER STONE STRICKLAND SWEAT THORPE WESTBROOK WETTSTEIN WHITEHURST YOUNG ,i - ■ il Hr 172 KAPPA ALPHA GAMMA ETA KAPPA ALPHA " In eighteen hundred and sixty five . . . " The strains of " Dixie " , the roll of drums, the roar of cannon . . . top hatted gentlemen, lovely ladies, and the Stars and Bars . . . These are the sights and sounds familiar to Tallahassee during Kappa Alpha Order ' s annual Old South Week-end, a celebration unique among college fraternities. All the glory and splendor of the ante-bellum South is recaptured as the KA ' s pay tribute to their heritage. " She has two dreamy eyes of blue . . . " Miss Ruth Starling of Panama City, now Mrs. William Atkins, was crowned Kappa Alpha Rose for 1957 at the Old South Ball which culminates the week ' s festivities. Another feminine face in evidence this past year was that of KA ' s new housemother, Mrs. M. L. Ward of Marianna. Mother Ward assumed her duties in January of 1957. " It ' s a grand old gong! " Not to be outdone by any domn-yankees, the scientific minds of the chapter pooled their knowledge, added a " little " physical energy and came up with an equal of Russia ' s missile program. Not only did the brothers build a satellite suitable for outer space they also constructed the the planet " Dixie with the little sputnik revolving around it. " Smash the VPI Sputnick " was the theme of this elaborate Homecoming decoration with a space suited Sem- inole doing the honors. No prize, but a lovely bonfire! BROTHERS Abbott, Ken; Arnold, Jim; Arnold, Ramon; Atkins, Billy Pat; Bassham, Hugh; Belitz, John; Bishop, Bob; Brinkoff, Fred Bua, Don; Bunker, Bill; Bywoter, Glen; Carson, Bill; Clarke, Thomas; Clendenin, Bill; Coleman, Hume; Coward, Bill; Counter, John; Dale, David; Dean, Grank; Doster, Dan; Graham, Julian; Hair, Harry; Hair, Mattox; Haywood , Jim; Henderson, Jim; Hooks, Jim; Hoover, Lem; Huehn, Kelvin; James, Bob; Johnson, Charles; Jones, Wally; Justiss, Dawin; Kearce, Jim; Keith, Stuart; Kirchoffer, Art; LeHordy, Frank; Livingston, Cliff; Loftin, Bob; Long, Wayne; Marks, Tom; Mason, Ron; Matthews, Ward; Miner, Joy; Roberts, Etsol; Sirmans, Stan; Snyder, Bill; Stone, Wayne; Strickland, Bill; Thorpe, Virgil; Westbrook, Sam; Whitehurst, Jim; Young, Mike. PLEDGES Amos, John; Dean, Charles; De Haven, Jim; Duchene, Ken; Ferrington, Mercer; Froleigh, John; Gunnels, David; Herrin, Ed; Hofeley, James; Lawson, William; Lawrence, Floyd; Medulla, Ben; Middleton, David; Miller, Kim; Moss, Dick; Porter, Bill; Smith, Charles; Smithson, Fraser; Spitzer, Garret; Sweat, Charles; Wettstein, Otto. OFFICERS PRES ART KIRCHOFFER VICE-PRES. BILL CLENDENIN SEC BILL BUNKER TREAS. BILL STRICKLAND BEDNAR A.«9ii m BRUCKMAN CHAKERTES m COOK ■m ELAM ■ FALANY •r GARCIA GOOD GREEIM, R. GREEN, REX GREGORY HAFNER HENRY HITCHCOCK HOLT JELLISON JENSEN JOHNSON JONES JONES KIDD PATTERSON SCHMITT SCHOENBORN, H. SCHOENBORN, J. STANLEY STROMSEN STRUSS THOMAS TICHENOR TODD WATKINS WHITTIER WILLIAMS KUHN LATTNER LUBNIEWSKI MAHER w McGLAUGHON Mcpherson 5B; OSVATH «■ KAPPA SIGMA EPSILON SIGMA KAPPA SIGMA How high does the eagle fly! ' Bob and Tom are still in the hog-rustling business this year. Just call 2-4514 for immediate delivery. These hogs are worth their weight in COLD! Drop by some Saturday evening and see the Totem Pole go up in smoke. Greenville one time! And no w to journey from the ridiculous to the sublime — Kappa Sigs hove been outstanding in Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha, Alpha Delta Sigma, Pershing Rifles, and Alpha Council. The FSU chapter ' s Blood Bank has become a national institution, helping brothers and friends of the chapter in time of need. Under- privileged children of the Tallahassee area were feted with parties at Christmas, co-sponsored by the Chi Omega ' s and at Easter, as well. On the social scene: the Pledge Cotillion in October, the Snow Ball Formal in December, and the Black and White Ball in March were highlights. Intramurals were not neglected, and most import- ant was winning the annual softboM game against the KA ' s. and now bock to the ridiculous: Kappa Sig Roll Coll; Little Caesar . . . Patsy ... St. Bernard . . . Landscape Architect . . . OIlie . . . Ostrich . . . Bunny Rabbit Maher . . . Daddy Holt . . . Stella. BROTHERS Bednar, Robert; Boucher, Jim; Bruckman, Tom; Decker, Dick; Green, Ralph; Green, Rex; Galany, Floyd; Hafner, Tom; Hitchcock, Ray; Holt, Jim; Johnson, Billy; Johnson, Bobby; Jones, Bill; Jones, Bill; Keck, Larry; Kidd, Jack; Kuhn, Bert; Maher, Jim; McCorkle, Bill; Pollock, Jack; Schoenborn, Joel; Scott, Leroy; Stanley, Jim; Stearns, Bob; Stromsen, Tom; Thomas, Don; Todd, Bill; Wells, Danny; Wheeler, Jerry; Whittier, Bob. PLEDGES Chakeres, Checkers; Cook, George; Elam, Boyt; Garcia, Mike; Good, Jerry; Gregory, Leroy; Henry, Bill; Jellison, Bruce; Jensen, Ralph; Lattner, Dick; Lubniewski, Pete; McGlaughon, Bill; McPherson, Chuck; Mealing, Mike; Osvath, Levente; Patterson, Jim; Saliceti, Tony; Schmitt, Harold; Schoenborn, Harold; Spongier, Bob; Struss, Lorry; Tichenor, Kip; Watkins, Lyn; Williams, Ellis. OFFICERS PRES. TOM BRUCKMAN VICE-PRES. BILL TODD SEC. JIM HOLT TREAS. LEROY SCOTT ANDERSON ARLT ARMEL AUTRY AXON BARBER BARRETT BENSON BRENNAN BROWN, D. BROWN, R. CALDWELL CASEY CASWELL CHANCE CLARK COCHRAN CONLEY DAVIS DYER ETERSQUE EVANS RUSSELL GIUNTA GUNN HAMLIN HARRISON HOWARD KEENEY KRETCHMAN LANSFORD LIVESEY LOONEY LOWERY MANNING MARTIN MARTIN McLAURlN McNeil MEIGS MOXON MYNARD NELSON RAMSEY ROGERS ROWLEE RUSSELL SHACOSKI SINK TOMASZEWSKI TROUSDELL WISE WITT WOLFE WYATT 176 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ZETA RHO LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambie Pambie ' s went politicking — end result: three Senators — Ron Clark, Joe Barber, and Don Sink legislated for Lambda Chi this year. You ' d better believe it: Gus finally got his Hudson this year! Must be Tough Department: Bob Lansford reigned as AOPi Man of the Year. Chapter Gallahads treated the sororities with parties during the year, and whirled their way through Lambda Chi weekend in the Spring. Other social events are Founder ' s Day, and the Senior Banquet honoring graduating brothers. We hate to point, but you can breathe now, Jack. Just one question, Don . . . What time does the balloon go up? To raise money for Campus Chest Lambda Chi challenges an- other fraternity to a tackle football game each fall. This year the game was played at Leon High School, and KA ' s were the oppo- nents. All proceeds went to the Campus Chest Fund. ' S -ji5t. BROTHERS Anderson, Harold; Arit, Bob; Armei, John; Axon, Don; Barber, Joe; Barrett, Warren; Benson, Paul; Brennan, William; Brown, Devon; Brown, Robert; Brown, Wes; Caldwell, Gordon; Chance, Glen; Clark, Ronnie; Cochran, James; Conley, Dave; Davis, James; Dee, Larry; Dyer, Hal; Etesque, Stanley; Fussell, Tom; Gunn, Wendell; Hamlin, Mike; Harrison, Tracy; Haeger, Alton; Hilaman, Stan; Kretch- man, Robert; Lansford, Robert; Manning, Jack; Martin, Neil; Martin, Tom, Mc- Neil, James; Meigs, Robert; Mynard, Charles; Minton, Dave; Nelson, Duni; Reely, Robert; Rogers, Samuel; Wise, Dink; Wolfe, Joe; Woodward, Fred; Wyatt, Tommy. PLEDGES Andrews, Marvin; Autry, William; Casey, Randolph; Caswell, James; Evans, Robert; Ewing, William; Guinta, Richard; Heagerty, Norman; Howard, Phil; Lindeman, Herman; Livesey, Don; Looney, James; Lowrey, Fred; McLaurin, John; Mixon, Aris; Nedley, Robert; Ramsey, Paul; Rowlee, Dave; Russell, Ralph; Shacoski, Steve; Sink, Don; Tomazeski, Len; Trousdell, Randolph; Witt, Wayne. OFFICERS PRES. --_ JAMES DAVIS VICE PRES. SAMUEL ROGERS SEC WILLIAM BRENNAN TREAS. TOM FUSSELL BAGNALL BELL BOLTZ BRILEY BINDSCHADLER BRYAN BULLOCK BURNS CALHOUN CASCA CHAPPELL CLARK, F. CLARK, R. DAVIS DOUGLAS ESPENSHIP EUBANKS EYSTER FISHER FULKERSON GLANCY GREGORY HALBACH HARPE HOOKS HUGHES JONES, J. JONES, R. KELLY KEEN KEENE KILBURN KRUSE LAMB LITEKY LIVINGSTON LOWE MAGEE MAJORS MAY McCANN Mccormick MILES MONTGOMERY MYRICK NAGODE NAJOUR NEEL NOOT NUSSBAUM O ' BRIEN PEDDIE PETRUZZELLI RAWLS ROCKS SALTZ SKINNER SMITH STEWART STRANDHAGEN.B. STRANDHAGEN,J. TAYLOR TESCHKE THOMAS VAN CAMPEN WALLACE WEBB WEBER WEEKLEY WELLS WHITE WHITEHEAD ,-« » Ut ■t 178 PHI DELTA THETA FLORIDA GAMMA r PHI DELTA THETA Have you heard? Fisher ' s Olds broke an oxie on the way back from Lauderdale. Any questions . . . Majors made bed check in Tampa! We salute: Phi Delts in ODK; Cold Key; Senate; Alpha Coun- cil; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Kappa; Circus; Bill Weaver, senior class President; Jim Webb, President of Scabbard and Blade; Hank McCann, Chairman of Collegiate Party and Vice President of Omicron Delta Kappa; Housemother, Mrs. Cora Rogers; Phi Delt Sweetheart, Miss Ramelle Ellis. Did You Know? Phi Delt has won overall intramurals six out of nine years, and has men participating in every varsity sport in- cluding four of the five starters on the Basketball team. We all enjoyed: The Bowry Ball; Phi Delt Weekend and Carna- tion Ball; Christmas Party with ADPi ' s; Soap Box Derby with the Alpha Cams; Easter Seal Drive; Community Service Day. Can you imagine? Keene not breaking any hearts . . . Saltz in a clean room . . . Benny making his grades . . . Kilburn lending money . . . Durham, Litkey, Boltz and Dekle playing . . . Intramural basketball . . . Casca married . . . Harpe playing a tuba . . . the blue goose not operating . . . BROTHERS Bagnell, Bud; Bindschadler, Benny; Bryan, Frank; Bullock, John; Burns, Chuck; Casca, Sonny; Chappel, Don; Douglas, Bob; Durham, Hugh; Eubank, Hugh; Eyster, Fletcher; Fisher, Tom; Glancy, Jerry; Gregory, Tom; Hall, Harvey; Harpe, Scott; Jacobs, Bill; Jones, J. P.; Keen, Ted; Kilburn, Galen; Kruse, Joe; Livingston, George; Magee, Jim; Majors, Joe; May, Frank; McCann, Hank; McCormick, Gene; Montgomery, Jack; Myrick, John; Nagode, Dick; Neel, Bill; Noot, Don; Over- street, Tom; Petruzzelli, Frank; Saltz, Bob; Skinner, John; Smith, Gil; Strandhagen, Bill; Strandhagen, Jon; Taylor, Travis; Teschke, Graham; Van Campen, Sher- wood; Webb, Jim; Weber, Bob; Wallace, Lou; Weaver, Bill; Weekly, Buddy PLEDGES Bell, John; Boltz, Dan; Briley, Paxton; Bunting, Dick; Calhoun, Jim; Clark, Fred; Clark, Rip; Davis, John; Deckle, Burt; Espenship, Jack; Fulkerson, Fred; Halbach, Vic; Hiles, Bucky; Hooks, Jim; Hughes, Ralph; Jones, Roy; Keene, Wally; Kelly, Bill; Lamb, L. R.; Liteky, Jim; Moody, Warren; Nussbaum, Walt; O ' Brien, Tom; Rawls, Louis; Stewart, Butch; Thomas, Tommy; Wells, Tom; White, Jim; Whitehead, Bud. OFFICERS PRES. JIM WEBB VICE PRES SCOTT HARPE SEC. DON CHAPPEL TREAS JERRY CLANCY ASSAD BISHOP BROWN BURGESS CARN CARTER CORRIVEAU FINNEY FORD FRANKLIN FRETWELL GROOM HARRIS HENRY HOLLOWAY JONES KEMBLOSKI KING LEWIS LOWENTHAL McKELVIN MORAR ROSANSKY SANDERS SAVAGE SEYEZ SHAW SIMPSON STANLEY TALMON TUNSTALL P J l||p ' TYSON WAJDOWICZ WATERS WATSON WAVRO Y0UN6BL00D ZYLA 180 PHI KAPPA TAU BETA IOTA PHI KAPPA TAU Come in, Station WXYZ . . . Chompion Ball Came Caller George Wajdowicz is on the air! Phi Tau prowess on the air paid off — listening (in shifts) continuously to a local radio program, the brothers were able to identify the proper songs, thus winning a hi-fi set for the chapter. Among other " wins " for Phi Tau were a second place in the Homecoming float competion with their float, " Campus Memories " , receiving the " most beautiful " com- mendation. The Flambeau, or " Phi Tau Cazette " as it might be called, relies on brothers for Business Manager, Advertising Manager, Exchange Manager, Circulation Manager, and columnist, Bucky Cannon. Other Phi Tou ' s on Campus are members of Collegians, Choral Union, Cavaliers, Marching Chiefs, ROTC Drill Team, Industrial Arts Club, Baking Science Club and several intramural teams. Sweetheart Alida Tomlinson of Gamma Phi Beta led the cheer- ing at intramural events, and Phi Tau ' s were proud of their stars on the diving and baseball teams. A visit from the National President on Founder ' s Day in March marked a successful year. Phi Tau is proud of: Phi Tau Blood Bank, Carnation Ball, Little 500 Pit Decorations, " Neophyte Jack " , " Little Susie " , and Mother Gwynne. BROTHERS Assad, Joseph; Babcock, Charles; Bishop, Paul; Brown, Richard; Burgess, Fred; Canon, Bradley; Carter, John; Corriveau, Richard; Finney, Benjamin; Ford, Robert; Fretwell, Sheldon; Hansen, John; Holloway, Robert; Kemblowski; Philip; King, Anthony; Lowenthal Robert; McKelvin, George; Meador, Louis; Morar, Neil; Rosanski, Donald; Savage, Charles; Shaw, Charles; Simpson, Wil- liam; Talmon, Donald; Tyson, William; Watson, Thomas; Youngblood, David; Zyla, Albert. PLEDGES Corn, Neil; Franklin, William; Groom, Raymond; Harris, Wilson; Hendry, Donald; Jones, Anton; Lewis, Peter; Seyes, Donald; Stanley, William; Tunstall, David; Walsingham, Carl; Waterfield, Bentley; Waters, Thomas; Wavro, Richard. OFFICERS PRES PHIL KEMBLOWSKI VICE-PRES. PAUL BISHOP SEC DAVE YOUNGBLOOD TREAS. DON TALMON ARRINGTON BARBEE BEAUCHAMP BLAKELY BOSKA BOYCE BROWIMLEE CHAMBERLIN COLLINS DAVIS DEAR DELAPP DUMKE EBY EDWARDS EIGL ENGLISH FORD FOSTER HARRELL HARRIS HARRISON HEMINGWAY HISCOCK JORDAN LA MASTER McKEE MICHAEL MONTELEONE NEWTON PIPKINS ROBARTS SCOTT SHANNON SMITH STOWE THOMSON ZUCHELLI 182 PI KAPPA ALPHA DELTA LAMBDA PI KAPPA ALPHA The Pikes took on the " forward look " this year, and won the Homecoming house decorations with a guided missile aimed straight for VPI. And who can say they aren ' t versatile — among other things, they boast the Ohio State YoYo Champion! Moving in the new house was an undeniable thrill. And think how nice it will be when there ' s heat in the West Wing. Pikes On Campus include members of Kappa Kappa Psi, APO, KAM, Baseball team. Cheerleader Don Chamberlain, and Circus Boy Bob Jordan. Sweetheart Rachel Caldwell Bennet reigns for her second year — a tribute to a great girl. The annual Christmas Party for underprivileged children with the Thetas proved successful. Other worthwhile projects include a basketball game with the inmates of FCI, and Beauchamp ' s Baby-Sitting Service for married brothers. Names we ' ve heard: Matress-back Collins . . . The Miami toas- ters . . . Herr Kitten . . . Woy . . . Chamberlain, the Faux Pas Kid . . . the Who ' s Who mystery man. BROTHERS Arrington, Horace; Barningham, Roland; Beauchamp, Frank; Bennet, Richard; Blakely, Earl; Boska, Fred; Boyce, William; Chamberlain, Don; Collins, Allen; Dear, Tyrrel; De Lapp, Don; Eby, Duane; Eigl, Rudy; Ford, John; Foster, Eugene; Harrell, Richard; Harris, Roy; Harrison, Ron; Hemingway, William; Hiscock, William; Michael, John; Monteleone, Carmine; Peters, Gene; Robarts, Gene; Scott, John; Zuchelli, Don. PLEDGES Barbee, Richard; Bowers, Michael; Brownlee, Harry; Davis, John; Dumke, Robert; Edwards, Patrick; English, Terry; Jordan, Robert; La Master, Gordon; McKee, Terrence; Newton, Anthony; Pipkins, Royce; Shannon, Kenneth; Smith, John; Steyerman, Larence; Stowe, Richard; Thomson, John; Winters, Frank. OFFICERS PRES. ROY HARRIS VICE-PRES. GENE ROBARTS SEC WILLIAM HISCOCK TREAS JOHN SCOTT ALLEIM ANTONELLI BENOIT BERU8E BOWLIN BRANNING BROWN BRYAN BRYSON CAMPBELL CARROLL CARUTHERS CLARK CLOUD COLEE COMPTON DANNELLEY DELK DIAZ DORSEY EKLUND FARR FERNANDEZ FORDHAM GARRETT GREEN HEAGERTY HOGLE HOPKINS HOWES JEFFRIES JOHNSON KALMES KANEY LUCAS MARTIN MASON, E. MASON, J. MOCK MORSE NEWMAN O ' FARRELL PERRY PICKETT POE RAINES RANDOLPH REED SCARBOROUGH SEYKORA SPORTELLI STEURER STEVENSON STILLWELL SWAIN TESAR WELKER WHITE WOMER 184 PI KAPPA PHI BETA ETA sir „- ■•-:-• • ' ■ ' I ' 7. PI KAPPA PHI Carusos all, the Pi Kap ' s won first place In the Campus Sing competition. Their memorable serenades delighted many a co-ed, and the Pi Kap ' s are fast becoming known as the " singing frater- nity. " Other awards have been first place in the Homecoming Skit contest, and second place in the house decorations competition, with the outer space theme, and slogan: " Everybody, but every- body, watches the Seminoles. " The pledge class did its share, as Phi Kappa Phi was picked as the fraternity with the most pledges making over a 3.5 average (One, is the grand total!) Paulo Parsons was the Pi Kap candidate, and later IFC Queen. Doxie O ' Neil has reigned throughout ' 57- ' 58 as Pi Kap Rose Queen. APO, Alpha Council, Kappa Kappa Psi, Sigma Delta Phi, Phi Alpha Omega, Los Picaros, and several other campus organiza- tions claim Pi Kap ' s as hard working members. Have you met: the lovely new housemother, Mrs. Mable Furth? Have you seen: The animal . . . Cornstick . . . Watermelon . . . Snake . . . Moneybags . . . Mickey Mouse . . . Zygote? Or, by any chance, one 250 lb. bell, missing since Hallowe ' en? Which is the only fraternity on campus with two houses? Pi Kappa Phi! BROTHERS Allen, Douglas; Allen, Gary; Antonelli, Pasquole; Baden, Robert; Berube, Richard; Bowlin, Donald; Branning, William; Brown, John; Bryson, Warren; Campbell, Phillip; Carroll, Welsey; Caruthers, Lowton; Compton, Curt; Donnelley, Larry; Diaz, Ernest; Ekiund, Robert; Emmons, Joseph; Farr, James; Fernandez, Gilbert; Fordham, George; Garrett, John; Hogle, Thomas; Hopkins, Franklin; Hutchins, Robert; Kaney, Frank; Lairsey, Charles; Lucas, Samuel; Mason, Edward; Newman, James; Perry, Paul; Raines, Raymond; Randolph, Roger; Scarborrough, Harry; Smith, Waiter; Spaulding, Paul; Steurer, Ronald; Stevenson, Orel; Stilwell, Burnett; Welker, Charles; White, Bobby. PLEDGES Bryan, David; Clark, Gary; Cloud, Calvin; Colee, James; Corbin, Charles; Delk, Charles; Dorsey, Bobby; Green, William; Heagarty, Peter; Howes, Robert; Jeffries, Gary; Johnson, George; Ka lmes, Peter; Martin, Thomas; Mason, John; Mock, Ruppert; Morse, David; O ' ForreM, Michael; Pickett, Ronald; Poe, Stephen; Reed, James; Rodgers, James; Seykora, Edward; Sportelli, Vito; Swain, Kenneth; Tesar, Gerald; Womer, John. B OFFICERS PRES ROBERT HUTCHINS V I C E- PRES. SEC. DONALD BOWLIN TREAS. CURT COMPTON APTHORP BARBER BATTAGLIA BLUE BRAVO BROWNING, E. BROWNING, J. BRYAN CULLOM DELEY DIXON DONAWAY DONNELLY DUNLAP FIELDS FLANDREAU FOREHAND GABRIEL GOULD GRAMLING GRAY GRIFFITH GRISSOM GRIZZARD GROW, B. GROW, D. HAGER HAMMOND HAYNES HEARN HOBGOOD HOWDEN HUDSON HUNT ILEY JACQUOT KELLEY KELLY KERLEY KIMBER KINGMAN KOCH LAVIGNE LEWIS MARSH MARTIN MATHEWS MATHIS McARTHUR McCOLLUM MINION MILLS MITCHELL NELLUMS PACE PADGETT, J. PADGETT, R. PARTRIDGE PASCHAL PHIPPS PREISSER ROBSON ROCHE SARRIS SIEGRIST SMITH, BOB SMITH, B. SMITH, R. SWIFT SWOSZONSKI TAGGART THOMAS TURPIN VAN DELINDER WADE WALLACE WELLER WESTBROOK WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON WILSON WOLFE 186 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON FLORIDA BETA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Leo ' s Lads teamed with the Thetas at Homecoming to make an elaborate float depicting the theme " Let ' s Enslave VPI " . Some- body goofed — come parade time, the float couldn ' t get out of the drive way. Arriving too late for the judging, the float nevertheless made an impressive display. The house decorations, " FSU Rail- roads VPI " took third place, however. Only one penny per vote. . . . SAE ' s sponsor the Miss Campus Chest contest to raise money for the Campus Chest Fund. Co-eds compete for the title by raising votes, hence money, for charity. The SAE Blood Bank, and the party with Zeta Tou Alpha at Christmas for needy children are further examples of worthwhile projects. Miss Judy Dekle was chosen SAE Sweetheart at the annual dance in the fall — another social success was the weekend in May. Liz Armes, princess on the Homecoming court, was sponsored by SAE. Leo makes his name heard on Campus. . . .Senior Class Veep and Distinguished Military Cadet, Bill Roche; Assistant to the President of the Student Body, Ronnie Blue; Phil Hunt, shortstop for Varsity baseball and Bobby Nellums, football star. Also active members of Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Coun- cil, Sabre Flight, ODK, Senate, and various honoraries. " Come sing to Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... BROTHERS Apthorp, Jim; Battaglia, Carmen; Bell, Bob; Blue, Ronnie; Browning, James; Cullom, Bill; Deley, Jerry; Dixon, Oliver; Donaway, Jerry; Donnelly, Pat; Fields Rod; Gabriel, Mayo; Gould, Stuart; Gramlin, Edwin; Griffith, Loyd; Grizzard, Claude; Grow, David; Grow, William; Hammond, Paul; Hudson, John; Hulse, Dove; Hunt, Philip; I ley, Pat; Jacquot, Ken; Keiley, Pat; Kerley, Bob; Kimber, Bill; Koch, Dale; La Vigne, Brudd; Lewis, Stan; McCollom, Roy; Menton, Pete; Mills, Ellis; Nellums, Bob; Pace, Bill; Padgett, Rodgers; Partridge, John; Phipps, Colin; Pope, Melvin; Preisser, Don; Prinzi, Vic; Reuss, Frank; Robson, Vic; Roche, Bill; Sarris, Phil; Singleton, Fred; Smith, Richard; Stewart, John; Thomas, John; Turpin, Tommy; Vs ade, Jim; Wallace, Dave; Weller, Jack; Westbrook, Curtis; Williams, Hubert; Williams, Joe; Williamson, Joe; Winchester, Dick. PLEDGES Atkinson, Larry; Barber, Wayne; Bravo, Eldridge; Browning, Edwin; Cavanaugh, Bob; Dunlap, Dickie; Forehand, Charles; Fohl, Bob; Flandreau, Don; Gray, Downing; Grissom, Swayne; Hagor, Tom; Heorn, Eldon; Hobgood, Bill; Howden, Bill; Keiley, Pat; Kingman, Bob; Marsh, Ev; Mathews, Don; Mathis, Roy; McArthur, Gil; Mitchell, Mike; Padgett, Jim; Paschal, Bill; Smith, Bob; Smith, Bubba; Siegrest, Bill; Swift, Clifford; Swozowski, Bob; Taggart, Joe; Van Delinder, Charles; Wilson, Hugh; Wolfe, Douglas. — r=? OFFICERS PRES. PHIL HUNT VICE-PRES. TOM TURPIN REC. SEC DAVID GROW TREAS. .._ ,_.„„ BILL ROACH ALFORD ANDERSON ARTHUR BADOLATO BANNERMAN BELLAMY BENNETT BRAND BROCK BRYAN BRYSON BURNHAM BUSBIA BUTTERFIELD BYARS CALHOUN CHEEK DONAHUE DONLEY DUNLAP DUNN DYE DYER EBERHARDT FAIRNINGTON GORDON HALE HARTSFIELD HOUSER HOWELL HULL JACOBS JOHNSON, B. JOHNSON, E. KNIGHT LANDRUM LENOX LEVY LEWIS LOEHR MARSHALL McKINNEY MEIER MOORE MOREN MULLER MURRAY PENDRAY PETTY PHILLIPS POOL PORTER POYSELL PYLANT REYNOLDS RYDER SATTLER SMITH STOFFREGEN STONE SWIGERT TERRELL TERWILLIGER THATCHER TURNER VOGL WESTHAFER, J. WESTHAFER, T. WILLARD WILLIAMSON l - - L V r- « , 188 SIGMA CHI EPSILON ZETA SIGMA CHI Hey, Sigs ! How are you fixed for o house??! ' ? Though they scattered to the four winds when the house was condemned, the Sigma Chi ' s managed to stay together in spirit, and chalked up a worthwhile year. Six members of Cold Key, in- cluding the president; four members of ODK; several Who ' s Who ' s members; three senators; Attorney General and Secretary of Or- ganizations show the Sigs ' interest in politics. Sweetheart Linda Rollins, a Theta, led the cheering at most of the intramural games; Sigma Chi was prominent in track, basketball, football, gymnastics, and swimming. FSU ' s answer to the Olympic Comes, The Sigma Chi Derby, was held in the fall. All sixteen sororities took part in the gomes of skill and intelligence!?); and AOPi emerged victorious. The parties with different sororities proved to be unusually suc- cessful, in particular, the Tri Delt, KD, and Halloween Party with the Thetas which featured the House of Horrors. Founders ' Day was celebrated on March 17 with a traditional banquet, and the social season culminated with Sigma Chi weekend in the spring. In closing, we present: The Mou Mau Raiders. . . .The Milk Runs. . . .Mighty Mouse. . . . " Twos the Night before Christmas " . . . BROTHERS Ainsworth, Dick; Alford, Stan; Anderson, Laird; Baldwin, Stan; Beatty, Larry; Bennett, Bill; Bryan, Buck; Bryson, Bob; Burnham, Chuck; Byars, Dave; Calhoun, John; Carter, Robert; Cheek, Cecil; Donley, Dean; Dunn, Cecil; Dye, Jerry; Fairnington, Bil l; Gordon, Gerry; Grimsley, John; Hale, Tom; Howell, Allen; Jacobs, Joel; Jennings, Rufus; Johnson, Dick; Johnson, Bob; Knight, Phil; Landrum, Britt; Lenox, Bud; Levy, Larry; Lewis, Don; Marshall, Durfee; Mc- Googon, Cal; McKinney, Maury; Meier, Bob; Moore, Art; Moren, Bob; Murray Bob; Pendray, Tom; Phillips, Bill; Poag, Wylie; Pool, Bill; Poysell, Bob; Reynolds Harry; Sattler, Frank; Skiff, Bob; Skogstod, Sam; Smith, Bill; Steinberg, Maurice Stoffregen, Paul; Stone, Jim; Swigert, Bill; Terrell, Toby; Terwilliger, Jack Thatcher, Glenn; Turner, Schorf; VogI, Chris; Westhafer, Joe; Westhofer, Tom Willard, Tom; Wollschlager, Lynn; Woodhull, Alex. PLEDGES Arthur, Warren; Bannerman, Bud; Bellamy, Rebel; Bodoloto, Mike; Brand, Jack Brock, Larry; Busbio, Morris; Butterfield, Frank; Donahue, Norman; Duer, Bus Dunlap, Steve; Eberherdt, Gary; Hortsfield, Sporty; Houser, Dove; Hull, David Johnson, Ed; Loehr, Kenneth; Marshall, Butch; Miller, Jim; Mueller, John; Petty Milton; Porter, Mike; Pylant, Pete; Ryder, Jack; Scheffsky, Phil; Smith, George Williamson, Jerry; Wilson, Dick. OFFICERS PRES. JOE WESTHAFER VICE-PRES. LAIRD ANDERSON SEC. DON K. LEWIS TREAS. CHUCK BURNHAM ARCHER BARBER BAZZELL BENNER BLUE BROCK BROWN, B. BROWN, M. BRYANT COLLER COOKES CRAWFORD CREWS CROSBY EUBANKS FORST FURCI GERMASKE HAYES HIGGINS HOLLAND HOWSER HURLEY INGRAM JOHNWICK JONES, J. JONES, P. KENNEY KULZER LORENZE MAHONEY McLEAN MEEKS MERGENTHAL MILLER MORRIS MORRISON PALMER PARKHURST PENN REID RUSSELL SCHIESS SHAEFFER SHEVLIN SIKES SMITH STRICKLAND TORSLEFF TUCKER VICTOR WARD WELCH WILLITS WORTMAN SIGMA NU ZETA ZETA SIGMA NU Fall of ' 57 found the Sigma Nu ' s in their new house on Call Street, and second semester saw the completion of the addition. With their new headquarters, the brothers were able to hold great parties, and sponsor a healthy FSU spirit. The first All American Baseball player in FSU ' s history is Sigma Nu ' s Dick Howser, also a member of Cold Key. Other Sig ' s in the spotlight are President of the Frosh, Bruce Brown and Sophomore Class Secretary Dennis Smith. Crew necks, regimental stripes, Bermudas, trench coats, and grey flannels assembled at the Sigma Nu House in the fall for FSU ' s first " Ivy League " party. Guests cooked over an outdoor grill and compared notes on the latest in fashion news from our Ivy brothers up North. The party at Homecoming was a winner in any language, and the annual White Star weekend in the spring, complete with formal banquet, dance, coast party and steak fry rounded up the social calendar. Roll Call: Seal. . . .Slime. . . .Red Dog. . . .Nappy. . . .Mother Tucker. BROTHERS Barber, Oris; Benner, William; Blue, John; Brown, Myron; Bryant, Julian; Crews, Wade; Crosby, Robert; Croy, Dale; Forst, Fred; Hayes, Hugh; Higgins, Ronald; Holland, Chuck; Howser, Richard; Ingram, Marvin; Jones, Leslie; Kenney, Fred; Lorenze, Roger; Mahoney, Darryl; Meeks, Earl; Mergenthal, Stafford; Morris, David; Parkhurst, Arthur; Penn, Donald; Pike, J. C; Powers, Fred; Pridgeon, Bernard; Ray, Berry; Sellas, Robert; Shaeffer, Charlie; Shillingburg, John; Sikes, Robert; Smith, Dennis; Sowell, Charles; Strickland, Earl; Tomberlin, John; Torsloff, Carl; Tucker, Jerry; Victor, David; Willets, Arthur; Williams, Emory; Wortman, Henry. PLEDGES Archer, Bill; Banning, Bruce; Bazzell, Ray; Brock, Jerry; Brown, Bruce; Coller, Chuck; Cooke, Joe; Crawford, Ernest; Eubanks, Jim; Fallon, Phillip; Furci, Frank; Germaske, Dennis; Hurley, Jack; Johnwick, Robert; Jones, Jack; Jones, Patrick; Kulzer, Jim; McLean, Marvin; Miller, Don; Morrison, Jimmy; Palmer, Monroe; Reid, Wayne; Russell, Kermit; Scheiss, Theodore; Shevlin, Richard; Smith, De Vaughn; Ward, Dennis; Welch, Tom; Whiteard, Ronald. OFFICERS PRES. DAVID MORRIS VICE-PRES. JULIAN BRYANT SEC MARVIN INGRAM TREAS. JOHN BLUE BURKEY CAMERON DENNIS ELAM FULFORD GOSNEY HEATON HUTCHINSON KORZAN MAZUR MIDGETTE NICHOLS NICKLE SCAMBLER SHARP SIGNORELLI TOLSON VALDIMARSSON VIDZES SIGMA PHI EPSILON FLORIDA EPSILON i SIGMA PHI EPSILON The fall semester started off with a complete redecoration of the interior of the " Old Homestead. " The Frat-house now boasts a painting of the coat of arms presented to the chapter by District Governor Rogers. The " fraternity with a heart " initiated the an- nual Hell ' s-A-Poppin ' party and did it pop! A floor show by Jim Brooks included some original songs plus many hit tunes. The annual Queen of Diamonds Dance, given by the pledges in December was a huge success — the pledges are now known as the " pole painting pledges. " (guess why) Highlight of the spring semester was the weekend, starting off with a barn dance at Silver Lake and the Queen of Hearts Ball the following night. Alumni present at the ball included John M. Welch, and Merrill P. Barber. Senator Barber further honored the Sig Eps by receiving the guests. The finale of the big weekend was a skiing party at the coast. Barbara Krogland lent charm and beauty to the entire weekend as Queen of Hearts. Floyd Widdon, of Tallahassee and Max Rieves, Counselor of Magnolia Hall, were both initiated as honorary members of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sig Ep Signatures: Joe College. . . .Daddy Rabbitt. . . .Fat Boy . . . .Don Jose. . . .The Eight Dollar Kid. . . .Popeye. BROTHERS Burkey, David; Cameron, James; Campbell, Larry; Elam, Wayland; Heaton, John; Korzan, Fred; Mazur, Ralph; Nickle, Dennis; Nichols, Colie; Sharp, Larry; Signorelli, Rudy; Vidzes, Fred. PLEDGES Beioin, Don; Dennis, Paul; Fulford, William; Gosney, Vern; Hutchinson, Richard; Midgette, Dennis; Mills, Austin; Scambler, Glynn; Toison, Walter; Voldimarsson, Thorkell. OFFICERS PRES. WAYLAND ELAM VICE-PRES. FRED KORZAN SEC. DENNIS NICKLE TREAS RALPH MAZUR BLOCK FINK FRIEDMAN KAM LEVY SCHLOSBERG SCHWARTZ 194 TAU EPSILON PHI EPSILON DEUTERON TAU EPSILON PHI TEP ' s social calendar is the biggest yet. Beginning with several successful open-houses, the TEP ' s swung onto the social band wagon with a " Down on the Farm " party and a " Greenwich Village Gathering. " The highlight was the annual weekend, featuring the Lavender Ball. Howard Levy represents TEP on the FSU tennis team, and Lennie Levy on the football team. Larry Block is sports editor of the Flambeau, an example of TEP ' s contribution to campus life. TEP ' s are trying for " cleanest on campus " . . . " NO SWEAT. " When Larry says " too much! " he means " more! " " All right. Meatball, back to work. " And our own Charlie Brown and Co. exclaim " Good Grief! " Jack — how do you spell " WelP " The second week without " Bab-0. " But the boys exclaim " That ' s ma presidunt. " Meanwhile, the " presidunt " is busy writing another letter (So where ' s the answer?) The Phantom strikes again! " T-Express leaving in five minutes. " Jack . . . " Well, I went with this gal once, and . . . " BROTHERS Block, Larry; Fink, Richard; Hirsh, William; Levy, Lenny; McCutcheon, Clyde; Schlossberg, Jack; Schwartz, Don. PLEDGES First, Fred; Friedman, Jay; Kam, Dove; Levy, Howard; Silverstein, Barry. OFFICERS PRES. RICHARD FINK VICE-PRES. DON SCHWARTZ SEC CLYDE McCUTCHEON TREAS. WILLIAM HIRSH ALDERMAN ALEXANDER BEDSOLE BYNUM CARLETON CONLEY CURTISS DRAGO ESCO GREENE HEROLD HERNDON HINSON IVERSON KEENEY KIRKWOOD KOETH KOPPEIS LEWIS MARKY McCARRONI METZ MOLL MOORE MYERS NEWELL NIEDENTHAL NUSSEAR NYE PENESKI PENZI PINDER RA60 RAMSDEN RIGGINS ROGERS ROSS RYAN SHAW SHUMAN SIMMONS SMITH SPIVEY STEELE STUBBS VAN RVSSELBERGE VOLL WATSON WENTWORTH WHATLEY YATES ZAGER 196 THETA CHI GAMMA RHO THETA CHI Homecoming found the Theto Chi ' s out in full force, working together and thinking hard. The result: first place float, voted most original by the judges. Individually, as well as collectively, Theta Chi has left its mark on FSU: Don Ramsden, Chairman of Men ' s Judiciary; Dick Crof- ford, Secretary of Student Welfare; members of Pershing Rifles, Gold Key, Alpha Council, Scullions, Alpha Delta Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Cavaliers, Senate, Board of Publications, and the Under- secretary of Finance are all Theta Chi ' s. The swimming team is made up largely of Theta Chi ' s — seven swimmers and two coaches. Track, also, relies on Mike Conley, Charlie Nye, Tom Reeny, Charlie Drago, and coach Ken Segner. " Sputnik Fever " invaded the chapter, and prompted the outer space party in the fall with the Thetas. Theta Chi weekend in the spring saw Sweetheart Bobbie Plumer relinquish her title as Dream Girl to the new sweetheart. " Let every good brother now join in the song . . . VIVE LA THETA CHI! " BROTHERS Alderman, Carl; Bedsole, James; Brown, William; Bynum, Richard; Carleton, Rhon; Crawford, William; Curtiss, John; Esco, David; Greene, Douglas; Herndon, Myron; Hinson, Edgar; Iverson, Jerry; King, Alfred; Koeth, Leonard; Koppeis, Carl; Lehmbeck, John; Lewis, Raymond; Marky, Raymond; McCarron, Owen; Metz, Thomas; Moore, Thomas; Newell, Thomas; Niedenthal, John; Pinder, Clark; Ramsden, Donald; Rooney, Malcolm; Riggins, Hiram; Rogers, Douglas; Ryan, Peter; Ross, Travis; Segner, Kenyon; Shaw, Richard; Shuman, Robert; Smith, Lawrence; Spivey, Clarence; Striegel, Jack; Striegel, Eugene; Stubbs, Sidney; Tschirret, Michael; Twitty, Ronald; Voll, Albert; Whatley, Thomas; Wilson, Walter. PLEDGES Adamo, Joseph; Alexander, Jon; Butler, Carl; Cable, James; Conley, Mike; Davis, Julian; Demmon, Theodore; Drago, Charles; Herold, Donald; Keeney, Thomas; Kirkwood, Richard; Maddock, James; McCartney, James; Moll, John; Myers, Robert; Nussear, Robert; Nye, Charles; Peneski, Edward; Pinzi, Louis; Prekup, John; Radencic, Joseph; Rago, Paul; Stapleton, Donald; Simmons, Robert, Steele, Theodore; Van Rysselberge, John; Watson, Wiley; Wentworth, James; Witte, William; Yates, Earl; Zager, Donald. OFFICERS PRES DONALD RAMSDEN VICE PRES. DOUG ROGERS SEC TOM NEWELL TREAS. RAYMOND MARKY ■ i ORGANIZATIONS 198 ,%%■ ■w .., t f?« N??-. ■ r Honoraries... Student Houses... Clubs Phi Beta Kappa MEMBERSHIP Mrs. Mary B. Alfriend Dr. Charles W. Arnade Mr. Stanley E. Asplund Dr. William M. Barrows Dr. Ramona Cruikshank Beard Dr. Homer Augustus Black Nathan S. Blount Mrs. Louis S. Boggs Dr. Irene Boliek Dr. Ernest Borman Dr. Ruth Schornherst Mr. Reno W. Bupp Dr. Grace Edith Cairns Dr. Doak S. Campbell Dr. Margaret V. Campbell Mrs. Janeth T. Carpenter Prof. John Elmer Champion Mr. George Robert Clapp Mrs. Charles S. Davis Dr. Graydon S. DeLand Dr. Ezda M. DeViney Dr. William G. Dodd Dr. Dorothy Dodd Dr. Olivia N. Dorman Dean Wilson K. Doyle Dr. Ralph Drager Mr. Corliss J. Driggers Mrs. Richard Eide Dr. James Watson Ellis Mrs. R. L. Eyman Mrs. Anita Kent Fleet Dr. Robert S. Fouch Dr. Earl Frieden Dr. Dwight B. Goodner Dr. Viola Graham Dr. Alex E. Green Dr. H. C. Griffith Dr. Ernest M. Grunwald Mr. Herman Gunter, Sr. Dr. Morion J. Hay Mr. Elton F. Henley Dr. Werner Herz Dr. Dorothy L. Hoffman Mrs. Katherine B. Hoffman Mr. Donald Leslie Holroyd Mr. Bents B. Howard Dr. Marion D. Irish Dr. Roy N. Jervis Mr. Richard Joel Dr. Michael Kasha Dr. Winthrop Niles Kellogg Dr. Lewis Martin Killian Miss Olga Larson Dr. Albert L. Leduc Dr. John Edward Leffler Dr. Kenneth Floyd McLaughlin Mrs. Ralph McWilliams Dr. M. Avramy Mr. Jerry L. Miller Miss Valda Mock Mrs. Thomas Morrell Dr. Myer Francis Nimkoff Dr. Victor R. B. Oelschlager Prof. Daisy Parker Dr. Mary R. Parmenter Dr. Malcolm B. Parsons Honorable Claude Pepper Dr. Robert Lee Plunkett Dr. J. Russell Reaver, Jr. Dr. J. Paul Reynolds Dr. Harold Richards Dr. William Hudson Rogers Mrs. Arthur Seymour Dr. Venila L. Shores Dr. Robert B. Short Dr. J. R. Skretting Prof. Elmer Smith Miss Nancy Warren Smith Mr. Gordon Speed Dr. Gerald Speisman Mrs. Sore Srygley Pres. Robert M. Strozier Dr. Lynette Thompson Mrs. Vincent Thursby Dr. Lyman D. Toulmin Dr. Burke Gorden Vanderhill Dr. Hubert Odell Waldby Dr. Francis R. Walton Prof. William Watson Dr. Betty M. Watts Miss Miriam Wilson Dr. Eunice Work UNDERGRADUATES Judith Abrams Richard G. Pittman, Jr. Louis Sica OFFICERS President Dr. J. Russell Reaver, Jr. Vice-President Prof. Daisy Parker Secretary Miss Valdo Mock Treasurer :. Dr. William Hudson Rogers 200 Phi Kappa Phi OFFICERS President William P. Dillingham Vice President H. Odell Waldby Secretary Morion W. Block Treasurer Keith Pitchford ACTIVE ASSOCIATE ACTIVE Nelda C. Aldermon Mary V. Alexander Marian W. Black Margaret V. Campbell Milton W. Carothers Martha G. Chapman Dolores Frances Cosio Charles S. Davis Juonito de Vette W. P. Dillingham Gretchen Everhort EIke E. E. Fronk Azzurra B. Givens Jewel Golden Sarah Lou Hammond Dorothy L. Hoffman Evelyn Rebecca Jordon Robert A. Kromhout Kenneth D. Miller Kotherine W. Montgomery Malcolm Parsons Gregg Phifer Keith Pitchford Allan Wilson Russell Dora Skipper Walter D. Smith Gordon E. Speed W. Hugh Stickler Marion Cross Thompson Odell Waldby Mrs. J. B. Culpepper Sara de Keni Morjorie Dillingham R. L. Eymon Hortense W. Glenn Dwight B. Goodner Richard Joel M. J. Nimkoff Annelle Sterk Hazel T. Stevens Thomas Wright UNDERGRADUATES Judith Ann Abrams Rita Ann Abrams Jacqueline B. Bouder Marie Motilde Hume Martha Emily McGinnes Mary Kotherine McKeown Richard C. Pittmon 201 Laird Anderson William Cullom Arnold Greenfield Robert Johnson Hank McCann James Mclntyre Omicron Delta Kappa National Men ' s Leadership Honorary OFFICERS President William Cullom Vice President Hank McConn Secretary Joe Plant Treasurer Arnold Greenfield One of the highest honors that con be paid to a male student at Florida State University is being chosen as a member of Omicron Delta Kappa. High standards of character, scholarship, fellowship and leadership in campus life are the goals attained by the members selected to receive the honor. Mutual interest and understanding brings members of the faculty and student body to- gether in O.D.K. Dr. Louis Killian Dean Reynolds Dr. Chas. A. Rovetta Dr, Edward D. Whittlesey Dr. Charles S. Davis R. R. Ogelsby Mr. Joseph Plant Dr. B. F. Buie Pres. Robert Strozier L ee Corso Joe Westhafer, not pictured. Mortar Board National Leadership Women ' s Honorary To promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among Univer- sity women, to promote and maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and en- courage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman, are the purposes of Mortar Board. Election to this honorary is one of the high- est achievements for a university woman. OFFICERS President Barbara Chambers Vice President Jacque Bouder Secretary Torchy Briscoe Treasurer Sylvia Kearson Charlotte Abney Martha Andrews Jacque Bouder Glenda Briscoe Martha Grizzard Jan Kamlnis Sylvia Kearson Barbara McCartney Mary Louise Peacock Joyce Weatherup Not pictured: Barbara Chambers 203 First Row: Left to right: Don K. Lewis, Pat Wolfe, Jim IVlclntyre, Arnold Greenfield, Laird Anderson. Second row: Bill Clendinen, Art Moore, Bill Cullom, Bob Murray, Bob Johnson, Dr. Flory. Men ' s Leadership Honorary Gold Key OFFICERS Laird B. Anderson President Jim Mclntyre Vice President Pat Wolfe Secretary Bill Cullom Treasurer Cold Key is a local leadership honorary for men established in 1947 at Florida State University. Its purposes ore to recognize leadership, scholarship and service among male students, to organize as a unit for further service to the university, to promote continued leadership among its members and to foster service as a worthwhile goo! for all students.. 204 Garnet Key OFFICERS President . Joyce Weatherup Vice President Priscilla Moss Secretary Barbara McCartney Treasurer Barbara Chambers Women ' s Leadership Honorary The purpose of Garnet Key is to recognize women students for their out- standing contributions of leadership, spirit and service to the University and to promote those activities which foster the progress of the University. FALL TAPS; Velma Ackerman, Pat Arrants, Jackie Bouder, Nancy J. Bowers, Carolyn Bell, Jerri Bradfield, Barbara Build, Ruby Combs, Ann Duncan, Barbara Eissey, Sue Gunderson, Joan Harmon, Jackie Hailey, Pat Malseed, Cynthia Lawrence, Diane Latimer, Ann Kelley, Betty Hatton, Patsy Stewart, Sue Shives, Carol Turpening, Ann Stickler. First row, left to right: Jan Kaminis, Barbara Chambers, Joyce Weatherup, Priscilla Moss, Gayle Gardner, Nancy Worral, Pat Finlay. Second row: Lois Charlesworth, B. S. Little, Linda Broderick, Molly Carroll, Polly Atwater, Evie Morris, Ada Leigh Wall. Third row: Torchy Briscoe, Sandra Rosenberg, Ella Jo Billinsky, Barbara Hendrix, Barbara McCartney, Sarah Jane Griffin, Judy Ramsey. Fourth row: Sylvia Kearson, Barbara Burkhardt, Mary Louise Peacock. 205 Mortified To the strains of " eii, eii, we ' re Mortified " , members of this organization are selected each spring. The bases of membership are service, character, spirit, activities and leadership. Only the scholarship requirement is lacking, hence the Mortified pin in the shape of a dunce cap. This year, Barbara Burkhardt, Czar and only officer of the group, lead the elite membership in maintaining the traditional activities of spontaneous parties and absolutely no meetings. Rivalry with Mortarboard is spirited and fostered by the tra- dition of tapping one less member in order to make itself the more exclusive organization. Left to right: Sue Ford, Barbara Burkhardt, Czar; Betty Faye Horner, Mc ' A ' ie Carroll, Sara Jane Griffin, Linda Broderick, Priscilla Moss, Barbara Jean Little. Not pictured: Polly Atwater, Chris Ginocchio. 206 Who ' s Who Charlotte Abney Priscilla Moss Bob Murray Paula Parsons Mary Louise Peacock Polly Atwater Layte Bowden Linda Broderick Mollie Carroll Gayle Gardner Chris Ginocchio Arnold Greenfield Sara Jane Griffin Martha Grizzard Jackie Hailey Joan Harmon Bob Johnson Jan Kaminis Sylvia Kearson Ann Kelley Jeani Kitchens Don K. Lewis Barbara McCartney Laird Anderson artha Andrews Bill Strickland Jack Terwilliger Joyce Weatherup Not Pictured: Barbara Burkhardt, Barbara Chambers, Phil Hunt Bob Nellums, Ronnie Schomburger, Bill Weaver. in 4Z t ntencan (ZolL eacs an 207 J U niversities First row, left to right: N. Worral, J. Hunter, C. Perry, P. Lieb, S. Rowsey, E. Jopling, S. IViiller. Second row: L. Langston, S. Blumer, J. Brubaker, B. Patton, P. Burnash, S. IVlatthews, C. Pohl, J. Blake. Third row: J. Garrett, B. Basten, E. Brock, M. Flesher, A. Houston, P. Wells, M. Banning, L. Andrews, L. Thompson. Fourth row: J. Ramsey, N. Eraser, I l. Kirby, S. Flory, M. Thompson, C. Cuppett, J. Powell, A. Bridges. Freshman Women ' s Scholastic Honorary Alpha Lambda Delta OFFICERS President Sylvia Miller Vice President June Garrett Secretary Sonja Rowsey Treasurer Sally Matthews No mean feat, maintaining a 3.5 average during their freshman year quali- fies women for membership in Alpha Lambda Delta. Among its projects, this organization lists serving at the Dean of Women ' s tea, setting up a window display of campus honoraries, maintaining an infor- mation booth for incoming freshmen and transfers, and giving talks on scholarship to freshmen women. In addition, " Alpha Lam " publicizes the Alice Lloyd Crocker Fellowship for graduate study. 208 OFFICERS President Cappy Archibald Vice President Dotty Hatton Secretary Ann Williams Treasurer Jill Jordan Sophomore Council Angela Alonzo Sandra Calhoun Katherine Ball Sharon Blumer Elaine Boque Jean Sue Brubaker Sandra Lee Carroll Valerie Chose Martha Costoin Sandy Davis Nancy Defore Molindc Dixon Ann Easterday Mary Louise Edwards Marge Fitelson Carol Foltz June Garrett Molly Gladding Nancy Gross Patty Hockett Marilyn Harris Harriett Hiers Jeanne Huber Jean Hunter Jackie Hutto Gay Jackson Barbara J. Johnson Isabel Johnson Ada Anne Johnston Jill Jordan MEMBERS Lynn La Grange Sandra Lambur Solly Matthew Carline McDougold Murial McSheehan Potty Mickie Sylvia Miller Arvo Moore Jo Margaret Parson Potty Preston Judy Ramsey Beverly Souls Sidney Tolly Pat Wells Ann Williams Coppy Archibald Eileen Toffee Sandra Beskind Caryl Ann Bodine Jackie Boyd Sandy Burns Judy Chambliss Joyce Combs June Dole Jon Dawson Koy Desmond Gail Duke Sunshine Eddy Marianne Ferlise Molly Flesher Nancy Fraser Monty Gillhom Diane Godin Lane Gourlie Linda Honshaw Dottie Hatton Dot Holland Kay Hufford Yolanda Huszty Julie Ingram Merry June Jackson Delphia Johnson Merline Johnson Nancy R. Jones Sheila Kennedy Ev Lomaistro Tudi Mason Shorlee Maxwell Patricio McCrae Marilyn Lee Metz Patty Mickler Pot Mitchell Sandy Oliver Timmie Perkins Betty Jean Price Koy Ready Elvo Sears Jackie Soud Bea West Cynthia Woolson 209 Left to right, first row: J. Grimsley, S. Westbrook, E. Laiidord, R. Weber. Second row: E. McCormick, IVl. Hair, D. Dale, T. Westhafer, D. Grow, T. Keen. Not pictured: W. Whitehead, A. Ulmer, A. Woodhull, B. Smith, R. Arnold C. Rozers, L. DuBroff, J. Haney, D. Smith, S. Lewis, P. Stoffragen. OFFICERS President Sam Westbrook Vice President Bill Smith Secretary Ted Keen Treasurer John Grimsley Alpha Council Service Honorary for Men Alpha Council is a Freshman-Sophomore leadership honorary established on the Florida State University campus in 1952. Its purpose is to recognize potential leadership ability and to develop and maintain interest in worth- while University activities of the male students by bringing them into asso- ciation with situations which will develop their leadership talents. Among Alpha Council ' s projects are aiding the University ' s orientation program, promoting the honor system and fostering school spirit. 210 Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity established at Florida State University in 1951. Its primary purpose is to render service to the student body, the youth and the community. The Used Book Exchange is the chief service project of APO, in addition to such projects as the Ugly Woman and Ugly Man contests, an Easter Party for retarded children, and acting as guides during Orientation Week. Alpha Phi Omega OFFICERS President Robert Dumke First Vice President Jack Champion Second Vice President Chuck Schwenk Secretary Edward Kurjack Treasurer Donald Zuchelli Men ' s Service Honorary Left to right, first row; K. Bryan, L. Brock, D. Cintron, D. Harris, J. Champion, IVliss Adams, R. Dumke, R. Sommer, C. Schwenk, D. Zuchelli. Second row: W. Yeager, B. Kansky, V. Kaleta, C. Hughes, J. Baird, R. Rodgers, W. A.nderson, T. McKee, G. Smith, G. Young. Third row: J. Farr, J. Rogers, B. Donalson, W. Richardson, R. Campbell, G. Cox, H. Euler, G. McCall, B. Yancey, T. McCall. 211 OFFICERS President _ Charles Blosch Vice President Lee Knowles, Jr. Secretary Merrimon T. Hipps, Jr. Treasurer Virgil Nipper, Jr. Kappa Kappa Psi Band Honorary for Men Sponsoring things seems to come naturally to members of Kappa Kappa Psi; among the events under their jurisdiction are a pep rally dance, in con- junction with the cheerleaders and Tau Beta Sigma; the Marching Chiefs Banquet; and a Bond Weekend. Other projects include acting as host for visiting bands which come to this campus and as a service organization for the University Band. Kappa Kappa Psi is a national honorary for men, established on the Florida State University campus in 1955. Left to right, first row: Dicl Adams, Louis Verticfi, Lee Knowles, Charles, Blosch, Virgil Nipper, Frank Freedman, Ben Baldy. Second row: Dixon Redditt, Carl B. Johnson, Phillip C. Po sey, Mike Hipps, Raymond L. Revell, James Leone, Bob Reely, Terry Johnson. 212 f Left to right, first row: Olivia Warley, Sandra Davis, Fedora Lewis, Lillian Olsen, Phyllis Shaddick, Carol Terpening, Patricia Turpin, Ellen Starbuck, Patricia Stephens, Mary Lou Campbell, Frances Gray. Second row: Helen Clark, Jackie Hailey, Barbara Keesler, Carol Lambrecht, Meta Viol, Paula Parsons, Charlotte Abney, Linda Bean, Joy Pate, Betty Lou Booth, Jackie Howard, Ellen Taaffe. Third row: Agnes Nearing, Nannie Christian, Liz Armes, Alice Jean Christian, Florence Ashby, Charlene Chevalier, Patsy Lieb, Nancy Jacobs, Rosalie Mayward. Band Honorary for Women Tau Beta Sigma OFFICERS President Carol Terpening Vice President Pat Turpin Secretary Phyllis Shaddick Treasurer Ellen Starbuck Boasting the largest chapter in the nation, Tau Beta Sigma, which arrived in the FSU campus in 1955, will play host to the 1959 National Convention in conjunction with Kappa Kappa Psi. The purpose of this women ' s band honorary is to encourage musical inter- ests and abilities in promoting band work among women students, to cooper- ate with other musical organizations and to promote better band-student body relations. 213 Left to right: Dr. Don Michel, Dale Jensen, President; Dr. John Boda. Phi Mu Alpha Music Honorary for Men Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the men ' s music fraternity on campus, is devoted to furthering the cause of good music. Working toward this goal from all angles, a wide variety of musical functions were employed, some traditional and some new this year. Together with Sigma Alpha Iota, Sinfornia sponsored the Annual Campus Sing, and started the year with formal receptions for visiting performers on the Artist Series programs. Evening concerts featuring the works of American composers and of FSU student and faculty composers were also sponsored. On the informal side, a series of Sunday afternoon Coffee Concerts was begun, which featured chamber music of all types in a relatively authentic setting, the Longmire Lounge. Left to right, first row: Jim Matson, Raymond Ravell, Dale Jensen, John Galea, Darrell O ' Day, Dixon Redditt. Second row: Lonnie Keene, Steve Kleid, John Bracewell, William Widener, Mike Hipps, Dick Lehmann, James Leone, Anthony Brittin. Third row: Charles Towden, Carl Rosenbush, Jr., Jenneth Shannon, Jr., Maurice King, Lyman Hammond, Potter Woodbery. — %(» UljLJt « Left to right, first row: Ellen Taaffee, Beth Bowen, Caria McKinney, Jackie Howard, Mary Lou Campbell, Alice Jean Christian, Barbara Krogland, Ellen Shaw, Pat Turpin. Second row: Helen Dunn, Ruth McLester, Ethel Donaldson, Martha Baggett, Sandy Smith, Joan Jones, Sally Hukle, Judith Linder, Nancy Carson. Third row: Kathryn Amoury, Aurelia Pitts, Lynnie Cavin, Lillian Olsen, Carol Terpening, Elaine Clark, Lorna Elder, Angela Ambrosini, Jean Wicks, Frances Hankinson, Barbara Whittington, Anne Morse. Fourth row: Anne Folsom, Margaret Yeats, Nancy Keller, Barbara Houston, Frances Ellinwood, Mary Rose, Okie Jones, Mary Barnett, Jessie Walker, Patsy Stephens, Kay MacLean. Honorary Music Fraternity for Women Sigma Alpha Iota OFFICERS President Joan Jones Vice President Phyllis Miller Recording Secretary Sandra Smith Corresponding Secretary Martha Baggett Treasurer Sally Hukle The wave of interest in part singing that grips the FSU campus every spring is largely due to the fact the Sigma Alpha Iota sponsors, with Phi Mu Alpha, the Annual Campus Sing. This project neatly corresponds with one of SAI ' s main objectives — promoting music on campus; other objectives are to provide an organization for professionally-minded women in the field of music and for furthering their professional aims. On the social side, Sigma Alpha Iota sponsors receptions, musicales, rush parties for prospective members and an annual spaghetti supper. 215 OFFICERS President Howard P. Abel Vice President Nancy Douglas Recording Secretary Ann Kelley Corresponding Secretary lone Perry Treasurer Dr. Mildred Swearingen Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society ACTIVE MEMBERS Howard P. Abel Mrs. Carolyn Alderman Mrs. Nelda C. Alderman Samuel R. Alderman Dr. Mary Virginia Alexander Barbara Ayala Mrs. Frieda C. Barber Ruby Barker Mary Sue Barnette Wilbur Bashaw Mrs. Eloise Berry Vachri Bhimbhayajuntr Dr. Marian Black Beverly Brunson Lily Bryan William Burr Dr. M. W. Carothers Mildred Carlton Dr. E. W. Cason Julia Cisneros Mrs. Thelma W. Coggins Marjorie Cook J. Leon Coulter Albert Craig Dr. H. A. Curtis Dr. Harris Dean Sara de Keni Lewis DeLaura Genevieve DeReus Juanita deVette Nancy Dvorak Nancyann Ditfman Nancy Dourlas Maxine Edwards Barbara Emmett William Evans Susanna Ford Dr. Grace Fox Nina Merle Gantt James Gollattscheck Mrs. Evelyn Gray Dr. Gifford Hale Dr. Sarah Lou Hammond Edyth Hampton Lucy G. Harrison Betty Hausrath Dr. Marion Hay Bob Henning Agnes Johnson Madeline Johnson Laura Jones Mrrs. Sara Jones Ann Kelly John Deifer Trene King Fay Kirtland Eleanor Ladd Dr. S. T. Lostmger Suanne Lett Mane Maclntyre Raymond L. McCoy Martha McGinnes Charles L. McKinney Dr. Katherine W. Montgomery Velma L. Moore Mrs. Catherine Murphy Dr. Glen E. Murphy Judy Naftulin Gary W. Nahrstedt Mrs. Perry Nicols Dr. Edna Parker lone Louise Perry Maurice Peterson Keith Pitchtord Patricia Rooney Kathryn Sanchez Shirleen Sasser Willa Schmit Lois L. Schnoor Dr. Julio Schwartz Sarah G. Sellers Sutumn Y. Shannon Luelle Shaw Mrs. Margaret Stickler Dr. W. Hugh Stickler Priscillo Swain Dr. Mildred Swearingen William H. Taylor Juanita Terrebonne Naomi Vaught Joyce Wallace Dale Wetmore Jennie L. Williams Frances E, Wilson Mary E. Wise Mrs. Kathleen Witherspoon Dr. Ralph L. Witherspoon Mrs. Smelia Zunich PLEDGES Carolyn Bell Jacquline Bird Nancy Jo Bowers Lois Charlesworth Mary Ann Coleman Ruby Combs Derryl Grace Cecil Hartsfield Nancy Hudgins Nanelle Jeter Nancy Key Gary Logan Sherry Nichols Chaterine O ' Sullivan Sandra Stewart Carlos Taylor Sharon Williams Nancy Worrall 216 OFFICERS President Jacqueline Bouder Vice President Barbara Emmett Secretory-Treasurer Joan Braden Sheppard Omicron Nu Recognition of leadership, scholarship and research in the field of home economics is the primary function of Omicron Nu. To further this end, scholarship awards are made to outstanding sophomores and juniors in this field which are presented at an open meeting held in January. Omicron Nu was founded on this campus in May, 1922, which date is commemorated by an initiation dinner held annually in that month. Home Economics Honorary Left to right, first row; Sarah Oaks, Patty Smith, Barbara Emmett, Joan Coleman, June Hamilton. _ Second row: Helen Richey, Hazel Stevens, Jacque Bouder, Ruth Connor, Anne Marie Erdman, Margaret Sandels. Third row: Emma Whiteford, Jewel Golden, Eunice Grady, Ann Thompson, James Walters, Jane Shearer, Hortense Glenn, Ruth Ferguson. 217 Left to right, first row: Robert Jones, Jane Salley, Mary Katherine McKeown, Julia Conkling, Nancy Jo Bowers, Claude R. Flory, Second row: Polly Atwater, Jane Peeples, Evie Morris, Mrs. Sharon Moran, Joan Peaden, Ruth Andrews. English Honorary Sigma Tau Delta OFFICERS President Mary Katherine McKeown Vice President Robert Jones Secretary Julia Conkling Treasurer Barbara Johnson Pi Mu Epsilon OFFICERS President Bobby Sanders Vice President A! LeDuc, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer Richard Chandler Mot-hemotics Honorary Left to right, first row: Louis Sica, Charles McArthur, Richard Chandler, Bobby Sanders, James W. Ellis. Second Row: Paul McCarthy, A. S. Galbraith, H. C. Griffith, T. L. Wade, James E. Snover. Third row: Joe Meggers, G. W. Polites, H. B. Mead, Eugene D. Nichols. J. ' Left to right, first row: Richard Joel, Victor IVlanuel, Ralph Peckham, Jim Ballard, Fehini Zeko, Bill McGlaughen, Ralph Bornheim. Second Row: Fred Burgess, Shuford Futch, Bill Brennen, Ray Reinhardt, Ben Self, Charles Huut, Ralph Morgan, Jack Hopkins, Claude Grizzard, Jack Runnerson, Bill Pace. Third row: Wade Crews, Pat Donnelly, Roger Herndon, Jack Wood, Bill Mills, William N. Monroe, Jr., Art Albrecht, Bill Grow, Rex Green. Professional Advertising Fraternity for Men Alpha Delta Sigma Getting off to a great year, Alpha Delta Sigma received a substantial boost when Pro- fessor Richard Joel of the FSU chapter was elected National President of the organization during the summer. Among its many activities, Alpha Delta Sigma includes the publication of an alumni newsletter, promotes Advertising Week, and co-sponsors field trips to Atlanta and Jackson- ville. Other projects devised to give the group experience in the advertising field are the selling and creating of advertising for the FSU Student Directory and the presenting of lectures and advertising education programs at local high schools. 219 Left to right: Shuford Futch, Secretary-Treasurer; Art Albrecht, Vice President; Rex Green, President. OFFICERS President James Webb Vice President Jack Terwilliger Secretary Ed Legerton Treasurer Wilbur Bashaw Scabbard and Blade Military Honorary Top brass in the Army ROTC program are the members of Scabbard and Blade, whose purpose is to promote leadership among the members of the corps. In order to further this end, awards are presented to those advanced students showing the greatest improvement, and a " B " average in military subjects is a prerequisite for membership. Scabbard and Blade ' s co-sponsorship of the annual Military Ball with the Air Force is one of the highlights of the campus social calendar. The event features a top-name band and the crowning of the Military Boll Queen at the end of the evening. Left to right, first tnw: W. Wait, E. Legerton, J. Webb, G. Livingston. Ser.nnd row: T. Reitz, R. Fernandez, W. Swigert, W. Paschal. I «; H i u -r-ri I; ■f ■ Left to right, first row: Bill Grow, Bernard Kelly, Donald Ayres, Commander; Douglas Greene, Fred Burkhart, Rhon Carlton. Second row: Frank Bryan, Robert Johnson, William Benner, David Hulse, Paul Hammond, Frank Sattler. Third row: Homer Harris, Pat Kelly, John Van Rysselberge, Stuart Keith, David Reams, Richard Walker. Air Force Honorary Arnold Air Society The wild blue yonder boys have in Arnold Air Society the highest honor on Air Force ROTC cadet may achieve. The purposes of this organization are to promote American citizenship in an air age; to advocate the support of airpower; to further the purpose, mission, tradition and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of national security; and to create a closer and more efficient relationship within the Reserve Officers Training Corps. These sky-minded cadets get their feet on the ground every spring with the sponsorship of the Military Ball in conjunction with Scabbard and Blade, an area convention and banquet, and the annual presentation of the Air Power Speech Award. OFFICERS Commander Donald Lewis Ayres Executive Officer Stuart Keith Adjutant-Recorder Robert Kerley Comptroller John Von Rysselberge 221 Left to right, first row: Huey B. Long, James A. Cobbs, Gilbert Fernandez, David Harris, L. H. Johnson, George A. Lensen, Charles W. Arnade. Second row: Reno W. Bupp, William M. Robinson, Jr., Richard A. Bartlett, V. S. Mamatey, Wallace Reichelt, Earl Beck, William Hair. History Honorary Phi Alpha Les Theta OFFICERS President David Harris Vice President Gilbert Fernandez Jongleurs OFFICERS President Betty Caldwell Vice President Marlene Motouk Secretary George Goldstein Drama Honorary Left to right, first row: Betty Caldwell, Marlene Matouk, George Goldstein, Walter Saric. Second row: Sue Powell, Reggie Ivory, Steve Kleid, June Sillay, Barbara Murray. Left to right, first row: Bar- bara Bertolett, Dorothy Hoff- man, Gilbert Fernandez, Mar- jorie D Hingham, Matilde Hume. Second row: Joan Jones, Dr. Herberto Lacayo, Dr. William Dillingham, Dr. Graydon S. DeLand, Eleanor Darner. National Spanish Honorary Sigma Delta Pi • OFFICERS President Gilbert Fernandez Vice President John Brown Secretary Josephine Smith Treasurer Mary Catherine McKeown Alpha Epsilon Delta OFFICERS President Robert Meigs Vice President Rufus Jennings Secretory Robert Whittier Treasurer Stan Alford Pre-Medical Honorary Left to right, first row: R. Meigs, A. Drunagel, R. Bailey, R. Whittier. Second Row: R. Tidwell, E. Heimer. ! Left to right, first row: Janet Pearson, Tamara Webb, Roger Webb, Beverley Cude, Roberta Calvert. Second row. Michael Plattis, Stan De Hart, Larry Block, Dr. Hartley Price, Don Preisser. Gymnastics Honorary Gymnastica Thoroughly at home on such apparatus as high bar, tram- poline, vaulting horse and still rings, members of Gymnastica strive to keep themselves physically, mentally and socially in top form. A local honorary, organized in 1955, Gymnastica has as its purpose the promoting and maintaining of an interest in gym- nastics, the cultivation of on appreciation of sportsmanship and the furthering of the development of gymnastics as a sport on the FSU campus. OFFICERS President Roger Webb Vice President Chick Cicio Secretary Gail MacDaniel Treasurer Tamara Webb 224 OFFICERS President Ella Jo Bilinski Vice President Douglas Stevens Secretary Trudie Perry Treasurer Donna Keith Sigma Alpha Eta Speech and Hearing Honorary Student clinicians of Sigma Alpha Eta, speech and hearing honorary, will find needed materials at their fingertips, as a result of the " therapy materials room " which is the organization ' s project for this year. The necessary sup- plies for this speech and hearing clinic are bought and collected by members of the honorary in order to aid students in this field. This relatively young organization, established on campus in 1956, has as its purpose to create and stimulate on interest among college students in the field of speech and hearing, and to encourage their professional growth by providing learning experiences not offered in the formal course structure. Left to right, first row: R. Shuman. D. Keith, L. Schendel, E. Bilinski, D. Stevens, F. Perry, A. Vaughn. Second row: 5. Flory, J. Dawson, D. Beatty, P. Fury, ' m m- « ' t« " » 1 14 W " 1 .■ 1 Pi Omega Pi Business Education Honorary OFFICERS President Doris Hustin Vice President Ann Mayfield Recording Secretary Betty June Bishop Corresponding Secretary Helen Sparling MEMBERS Nancy Ann Dittmon; Elaine Brewton; Doris Hustin; Marian Baum; Florence Stewart; Carol Collins; Sandra Beese; Ann Mayfield; Helen Sparling; Betty June Bishop; Clarissa As- cando; Betty Jo Watford; Bobby Sue Clarkson; Penelope Jo Appleby. ACTIVE ALUMNI Dr. Frank Dome; Mr. Elmer Schick; Mr. Milford D. Smith; Miss Jane Kirk Bell; Miss Frances Wise; Miss Veronica Chen; Mr. C. Miller; Mr. Ernest Miller; Mr. W. C. Richards; Mrs. Carolyn Parrish; Mr. Howard Abel. Phi Eta Sigma OFFICERS President Melvin Peters Vice President Stan DeHort Corresponding Secretary James Shiver Recording Secretary William Lindsey Treasurer Donald Clark Scholastic Honorary Left to right, first row: Ernest Stoutamire, Melvin Peters, Stan DeHart, Granville Larimore, Bill Whitehead. Second row: James Bayfield, Bill Westen- dick, Richard Heroux, Jack Lewis, Kin White. f First row, left to right: Ruth Fritchie, Toots Jones, Betty Jane Atl inson, Ehnor Thompson, Jane Salley, JoAnne Smith, Joan Harmon, Dr. Royal H. Ray, June Sillay, Pat Starnes, Helena Sinclair, Marlene Matouk, Carol Jo Lewis. Second row: Barbara Mentzer, Ginger Conner, Madge Strain, Janet Corlay, Betty Otey, Lillian Congdon, Martha Hall, Phyllis Shaddick, Jo Ethel Sewell, Elsa Heckendorf, Suzie Fisher, Chris Fisher, Barbara Dozier, Jean MacLeod. Third row: Charlet Poitevint, Betty Horner, Nancy Womer, Layte Bowden, Mary Beth Roberts, Valerie Chase, Eloise Baumer, Alice Turnbull, Cora Har- grave, Betsy Wilson, Dixie Mackin. Women ' s Advertising Honorary Gamma Alpha Chi Gamma Alpha Chi, women ' s national profes- sional advertising honorary was established locally in 1952. Its purpose is to provide a link between its collegiate members and those engaged in prac- tical advertising pursuits, to broaden and increase the opportunities for women in advertising, and to develop higher educational and professional stand- ards wherever advertising is a factor. FSU ' s Alpha Delta chapter received the A. P. Phillips Award for outstanding work in the field of advertising. It assists with the School of Business Reception and the Job-Getting Seminar. OFFICERS Joan Harmon President JoAnne Smith Vice President June Sillay Secretary Jane Salley Treasurer 227 Officers President Gibbs Miller Vice President Russel Anderson Secretary Franklyn Romeu Treasurer Charles Wynn In addition to " debit on the left; credit on the right " being the first principle of accounting, these members of the Ac- counting Honorary have the furtherance of some other prin- ciples at heart. The organization endeavors to familiarize its members with the recent changes and trends in accounting procedure, with problems in professional examinations, with the practical accounting field through visits to business es- tablishments; and to promote a better understanding and friendship among its members and the faculty of the Depart- ment of Accountancy. Accounting Honorary Left to right, first row: iVliss Luella Richey, Richard Possent, Elbert C. Bruner, Franklyn Romeu, Russell Anderson, Gibbs Miller, Charles M. Wynn, John Champion, Edward Trembly, Earl Lee. Second row: Eldon Greene, Ralph Green, Ernest Williams, Everett Mowlen, William Gallups, Elbert Gentry, Homer Black, Finley Belcher, De Witt Mathers, Thomas Rassey. Third row: E. Striegel, Harold Cummings, Davis Nelson, Berry Ray, Wallace Smith, John Martin. 228 rrtAiRSORCE Left to right: Al Dubrott, T. A. Westhater, J. G. brimsley, C. F. Blount, T. W. Henderson, D. Wl. Dale, J. D. Grow, A .D Parkman, H E. Reynolds, C. W. Shaeffer, W. J. Falrnington, H. C. Worthman, H. W. Matthews, D. IV!. Montgomery, Major, USAF. Sabre Flight Air Force ROTC Honorary Sigma Delta Psi Men ' s Physical Education Honorary Left to right: Charl es Watson, Dr Hartley Price, Dr. Kenneth Miller, Joseph Gusic, Gale Toggle. Lett 10 nyiil, sedted: Wdrreii Gerard, Prof. Earl Mcintyre, Dayton Roberts, Bill Watkins, Fehmi Zeko, Charles Guthrie. Standing: Kim Xuto, Roger Burnham, Jim Reese, JoAnn Overstreet, Dan Stainer, Pete Hea- garty, Bill Hemingway, Les Childs, Tom Sawyer. Photojournalism Honorary Kappa Alpha Mu OFFICERS President i Dayton Roberts Vice President Bill Watkins Secretary-Treasurer Fehmi Zeko Adviser Prof. Earl Mcintyre In one year on campus, Kappa Alpha Mu has compiled a comendable list of achievements to its credit. Chief among these is the election of Dayton Roberts to the office of National Vice President at the KAM convention last spring. In addition, this photojournalism honorary has sponsored a showing of " New Pictures of the Year " , a traveling exhibit of the outstanding pic- tures of 1957 collected by the National Press Photographers Association, and an all-campus photo exhibit in the spring of 1958. Through projects such as these. Kappa Alpha Mu endeavors to extend special recognition to persons displaying outstanding talent for, and interest in, the field of ohotojournal- ism and to promote achievement and advancement in that area. 230 I Student Religious Groups 231 OFFICERS President Rosemary Yarr Vice President Sue Lowell Corresponding Secretary Arielou Johnson Recording Secretary Phyllis Halsey Treasurer Jill Jordan Christian Science The Christian Science Organization affords those so desiring an oppor- tunity to learn about Christian Science, and serves to unite the Christian Scientists at FSU in closer bonds of fellowship. The Organization holds regular testimonial meetings every Thursday evening, which are conducted by student readers and are open to the college public. A study room is also maintained, in which all authorized Christian Science literature may be read or borrowed, and a lecture is sponsored at least once a year. Left to right, first row: Mrs. Louise Crawley, Jill Jordan, Arielou Johnson, Rosemary Yarr, Sue Lowell, Phylhs Halsey, Phil Hunt, Leslie Lowel Second row: Jan Pearce, Carol Hummel, David Koontz, Judy Sodler, Jeannine Talley, Mary Bell. Ruge Hall Episcopal St-udenf House VESTRY Senior Warden Mary Ann Benedict Junior Warden Terryll Dear Treasurer Bob Westbrook Chaplain Rev. Harcourt Waller Left to right, first row: Nancy Oexle, Mary Ann Benedict, Ethel Cal- houn. Second row: Sam Westbrook, Nat Hobbs, Bob Westbrook. Not pictured: Carolyn Griffen, Terrell Dear. Gamma Delta Left to right, first row: Faith Weiss, Ardis Ann Belaud, Ray Reinhardt, Delphia Johnson, Car- olyn Clark, Lynette Harris. Second row: Margaret Sanz, Sheila Bibby, Dick Lehmann, Dennis Lehmann, Rev. R. P. Lehmann, Sherry Brown, John Leese. Lutheran Student Association OFFICERS President Cassie Love Vice President Raymond Liebau Secretary Delphia Johnson Treasurer Raymond Reinhardt Left to right, first row: John Speranza, Charlotte Beckley, Margaret Toney, Carolyn Mahoom, Lynne Daniel, Tom Christoff, Georgiana Jaynes, Patricia Carroll. Second row; Jacqueline Jacoves, Joann Since, Mary Lou Snook, Mary Moran, Bill Westendick, Robert Schlitt, Fran Petee, John Guernsey, Anna Clare Flynn, Ella Jo Bilinski. Third row: Father Condren, Pat Pachler, Janet Coukart, Barbara Fappiano, Beryl Miller, Edward Freelore, Frank Miceli, Dick O ' Brien, Joe Gusic, Jerry Samberg, Richard Stafiej, David Akey, Brenda Brady, Barbara Ullrich, Rose Marie Esposito. Fourth row: Louis Vertich, Paul Dennis, Albert Latina, James Scaglione, John Huton, Herb Gould, Dick Bain, Pat Mullin, Bob Hicks, James Leone, Louis Cass, Louise Cuss, Dick Fentor, Bob Pittelkow. Newman Club Catholic Student House OFFICERS President Bill Westendick Vice President Bob Schlitt Secretary Mary Moran Treasurer Fran Petee The Newman Club is a Catholic club that fosters the spiritual, intellec- tual and social interests of the Catholic Students at FSU, aided through the Bishop and Diocese, the work of the Roman Catholic Church, This organiza- tion is a member of the Southeastern Province of the National Newman Club Federation. 234 Left to right, first row: Nancy Beth Heacock, Jane Lewis, Lois Chariesworth, Pat Wolfe, Barbara Eissey, Nancy Worrall, Karl Oakley, Becky Hollady. Second row: Jo Ethel Sewell, Marilyn Harris, Liz Armes, Betty Hatton, Ken Bryan, Dottie Hatton, John Waring, Pat Snipe, Sandra Reese, Edith Hansen, Annette Peel, Gerri Hancock, Anna Lois Clark, Rev. Austin Hollady. Wesley Council Methodist Student Group OFFICERS President Pat Wolfe Vice President Barbara Eissey Secretary Lois Chariesworth Treasurer Karl Oakley Wesley Players Left to right, first row; Pat Snipe, Ken Bryan. Second row: Janet Persons, Jo Ethel Sewell, Carmen O ' Neal, Sally Matthews, Sandra Reese, Jane Morris, Nancy Worrall, Bobbie Pidgeon, Laura Murrell. Third row: Marion Winchester, Gerri Hancock, Peg Whittier, Betsy Coleman, Virgil Austin, Jamie Conner, Clay Conley, Walter Saric, Jan Chadwick, Bryan Nichols, Brenda Jugger, Edith Hansen, Brooks Dean, Annette Peel, Joan Moore, Margaret Hodges. Left to right, first row: Judy Chambliss, Pat McRae, Kay Davis, Sarah Jane Griffin, Al Godwin, Jean Reynolds, Mildred Stewart. Second row; Eleanor Sweatt, Karl Mohr, Rodney Chabot, Bruce Brown, Sandy Burns. Third row: Pat Arrants, Jack Taylor, Monty Gillham, Judy Watkins, Ann Stickler. Westminister Fellowship Presbyterian Student Group OFFICERS President Sarah Jane Griffin Vice President Al Godwin Secretary -Treasurer Frank Butterfield Director Miriam Wilson Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union serves as a link or tie between the Baptist students and the local church or churches in the college center. It is, in turn, the church at work reaching out to the students. OFFICERS President Velma Ackerman Enlistment Vice President Key Bishop Social Vice President Carolyn Clark Devotional Vice Presidents Sula Wilson, Larry Strom Stewardship Vice President Ken Watkins Promotional Vice Presidents Gloria Payne, Bethany Blumer Secretary Mary Alice Croft 236 Clubs HSSS B SS OFFICERS President James Julian Vice President — Eugene Stivender Secretary Charles Richardson Treasurer George Peacock Master of Rituals Bill Ryan Deputy Councilor Mr. Jack Dobson Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity Business before pleasure is a maxim which does not always hold true, even to members of a professional fraternity in this field. As a result, mem- bers of Alpha Kappa Psi maintain a full calendar of events with such pro- jects and activities as sponsoring field trips, assisting with the reception of the School of Business, holding an annual weekend, monthly banquets, co- sponsoring the Job-Getting Seminar, and participating in University Home- coming festivities. Members of this fraternity are pledged to uphold and maintain scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts and finance; to educate the public to appreciate higher ideals therein; to promote and advance, in insti- tutions of college rank, courses leading to degrees in business administra- tion; and to further the individual welfare of its members. Left to right, first row; J. Julian, R. Wilson, P. Sarris, J. Ewing, E. Schich, W. Weale, J. Dodson, L. Gledhill, B. Brown, B. Ryan, R. Ruthen. Second row: J. Riley, L. Brock, J. Moffa, L. Levy, H. Kirby, C. Lewis, G. Stikelether, J. Dial, G. Clarkson, T. Barnes, C. Richardson, S. Chudnofsky, C. Lockhart, E. Weatherby, G. Peacock, E. Stivender, B. Green. Third row: D. T. Smith, D. Abbott, J. Bradford, L. Powell, P. Bryant, I. Glisson, K. Abbott, A. Baldwin, S. Simpson. Mutt, J. Beegle, J. Joiner, H. Cummings, J. Clark, W. Schwebel, J. Dawson, 238 Officers, left to right: E. Stivender, G. Pea- cock, C. Richardson, J. Julian, B. Ryan. Faculty members, left to right: Prof. Dod- son, Prof. Ewing, Prof. Schick, Prof. Harter. . ft£ ib " ' 239 First row: left to right; Robert Hamner, Steve Sawicki, William Dockter, Jr., Charles Holmes, Gordon Merims, Elbert Gentry, Richard Fenton. Second row; William King, Edwardo Hilgert, Bob Muse, Carroll Barwick, Paul Jula, Joseph Osborne, Bruce Woodruff, Richard Nelson, Robert Schlitt. Third row: John Champion, Lamar IVIassey, Robert Sisrtunk, Kenneth Davis, Frank Romeu, Claude Grizzard, John McManus, Jim Snowden, Robert Abel, Vincent IVIcCarthy. ' I Professional Business Fraternity Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is an international professional business fraternity estab- lished on the Florida State campus in 1949. Its purpose is to foster the study of business in the university, to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual achievement by research and practice and to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce. Activities of this group include an annual Rose Dance, monthly dinner meetings with outstanding speakers and field trips to various business installations. OFFICERS President Paul N. Jula Vice President Joseph Osborne Secretary H. Carrol Barwick Treasurer I - Robert Muse 240 Left to right, first row: Barbara Watson, Jeanyne Herring, Rosemary Stamback, Patty IVlickey, Mary Little, Ginny White, Sonie Underwood, Joyce Dopko, Judee Cole, Paulette Durgin, Mary Catherine Buce. Second row: Sara Hobbs, Rosanne Kalil, Carolyn Griffin, Angela Williams, Cathy Gryder, Shirley Kelly, Loretta Garcia, Martha Stewart, Dede Lingo, Jean Gilliam. Women ' s Dance Honorary Cotillion OFFICERS President Ginny White Vice President Sonie Underwood Secretary Patty Mickey Treasurer Mary Little Cavaliers OFFICERS President Gordon Davis Vice President Wallace Yeager Secretary Bill Ryan Treasurer Jim Arnold Social Dance Fraternity Left to right, first row: N. Morar, B. McKelvin, C. Show, M. Guerra, J. Arnold, W. Yeager, G. Davis, B. Ryan, R. Bynum, F. Ford, T. Ramsey, R. Noble, F. Bennett. Second row: J. Hurley, D. Talmon, B. Halloway, G. Keeney, J. Colee, R. Charles, C. Henderson, i. Glisson, W. Brown, W. Wright, A. Abramson, J. Giliard, S. Lamza, D. Taylor, J. Del Vecchio, H. Curci, R. Sikes I f It m:0 OFFICERS President Mrs. Jackie Walker Vice President _ Mrs. Pat Dorsey Secretary Mrs. Elsie Dunn Treasurer Mrs. Martha Lisle Dames Club Student Wives Organization " Putting Hubby Through " is the idea that unites this group of student wives in the Dames Club, This national social organization provides social and cultural diversion for the members and encourages friendship among wives of students. Left to right, first row: Bobbie Wall er, Joanne Johnson, Yvi Fernandez, Gerry Crawford, Barbara Self, Diane Ryan, Pat Dorsey, Jackie Walker, Martha Lisle, Ginger Williams, Patt West, Marguerite Kessler, Suzanne Weathers, Mary Palazzo. Second row: Alice Bryant, Doris Smith, Barbara Genders, Maedelle Walker, Betty Paul, Carole Piatt, Karen Brown, Margaret Gentry, Joann Chastain, Joyce Westmark, Ruth Brassard, Eleanor Haley, Mickey Stike- lether, Barbara Seddon, Watfie Sebree. Third row: Barbara Rathbun, Georgianne Capell, Willia Steele, Johnnie Green, Barbara Payne, Jean Holton, Cathy Nobels, Marilyn Smith, Norma Jean Cross, June Fell. Left to right, first row: Dave Conley, Jan Piper, Phil Sarris, Harold Coleman, Arthur Powell, Second row: John Armel, Lenny Tylka, William Docktor, Norman Raymond, Oscar Brightfield, Boyce Phillips. Restaurant and Hotel Management Club Scullions OFFICERS President Lonnie Blaine Vice President Phil Sarris Secretary Jack LeGrand Treasurer Jan J. Piper Going international this year, Scullions members have prepared and served authentic Hawaiian and English dinners in settings of the proper atmosphere and have prepared and served a United Nations dinner to the local Junior Women ' s Club. Keynoting their social events was the annual Christmas Dance held shortly before the holidays. The purpose of Scullions to to develop a unified spirit in its members; to satisfy the needs of students and alumni; and to support and initiate pro- jects which will further their interest of a common goal in academic, social and professional fellowship. 243 Left to right, first row: Joyce Combs, Patti Hackett, Pat Starnes, Toots Jones, Joan Harmon, Norma Brown, Judy Del le, Meredith Martin, Katherine Ball, Barbara Hendrix. Second row: Sarah Jane Griffin, Toni Hagar, Martha Douglas, Linda R ollins, Jackie Stecker, Dorothy Goodwin, Nancy Key, Maralyn Teare, Barbara Bishop, Malinda Dixon, Mary Bowen. Third row: Sharon Watkins, Vicky Walter, Kay Davis, Sharon Walter, Beverly Brown, Sara Clardy, Arva Moore, Jan Hinson Foss, Patty Mickey, Mary Monroe, Ruth Shuman, Nancy Person, Jackie Scud, Lynn La Grange, Sandy Calhoun, Barbara Emmett, Mary Beth Roberts. Village Vamps OFFICERS President Jeani Kitchens Vice President — Dorothy Goodwin Secretary Nancy Key Treasurer - Jackie Stecker Poise, personality end attractiveness are the attributes that qualify freshmen and transfer women for membership in Vil- lage Vamps. The organization acts as the official hostesses for the University by welcoming visiting groups to the campus, serving at various receptions and teas, and by ushering at Speech Productions and Artist Series programs. Pledges are tapped each fall and are officially presented at the annual Pan-Hellenic Dance. 244 OFFICERS President Barbara Emmett Vice President Nancy Buchann Secretary Jean Permenter Treasurer j Vicki Walters Fashion Institute The Student Fashion Institute is a student organization whose object is to provide a professional interest group for those interested in fashion, to make available facilities to meet the educational needs of the group, to assist the univer- sity as a whole, and to participate in all other aspects of fashion. Each year this group presents a fashion show on " Fashion Day " and sponsors the Campus Modeling Squad. First row, left to right; Stephanie Gunderson, Dolores Lafferty, Susan Fehlberg, Claire Brightwell, Thelma Peabody, Barbara Emmett, Elsa Heckendorf, Ruth Skacil, Helen Mathis, Barbara Hamlet, April Lee. Second row: IVIartha Erwin, Kathy Ryan, Judy Palmer, Patty Hoover, Kay Desmond, Gretchen Bartlett, Jeanel Fordyce, Sally Pigman, Ann O ' Neill, Francine Coffey, Audrey Flohe, Susan Andrews, Jackie Bird. Third row: Martha Frazier, Carol Singley, Alice Lipthrott, Joy Cocchi, Ann Nielsen, Clarice Cook, Ruth Strickland, Jan Dawson, Marion Helbring, Carolyn Clark, Valerie Chase, Isabel Johnson. Contrary to popular belief, Soltas is not a lan- guage organization. The name is derived as an ab- breviation of School of Library Training and Sci- ence, now officially the School of Library Science. Soltas members have an active year through such projects as playing hosts to library science conven- tions in this area, previewing the University film series each Tuesday night, sponsoring the annual Christmas party with the Library School faculty, and maintaining and enjoying their new lounge in the basement of the University library. Soltas OFFICERS President Carleton Thaxton Vice President Betty York Secretary Josephine Frczier Treasurer Al Pratt Library Science Club Left to right, first row: N. Wheomer, D. Young, H. Mal i, J. Fulton, W. Quimbly, Dean Shores, J. Frazier, C. Thaxton, B. York, G. Corbeau, A, Pratt, F. A. Rockwood, S. Quittle, J. demons, C. DelVloully. Second row: J. Williams T. Simpson, C. Jupeniaz, E. Urban, R. Ellis, M. Hoole, W. Hunsburger, P. Skinner, H. Danford, N. Oexle, E. Pace, M. Suydam, E. Cowart, L, Savoy, V. Menaher, M. F. Horn, A. Solomons, T. M. Talbott, M. A. Hunt. 246 Left to right, first row: Y. Gartman, C. Clarke, B. Clubbs, D. Hustin, G. Adair, C. Abney, A. Flahe, E. Lucy, N. Jacobs, B. Wilson, U. Sacl hoff, J. Andre. Second row; S. Howard, S. Warren, B. Watford, J. Powell, N. Johnson, S. Irvin, C. Stoker, H. Barrineau, S. Brown, G. Byrd, D. Burr, A. Nearing, C. Pinckard. Third row: M. Baum, J. Fralic, M. Snook, C. Andrews, B. iVIcDonald, M. Walker, P. Appleby, S. Powell, M. Carr, J. Lewis, M. Wilson, D. Reeseman. Women ' s Professional Business Frot-ernity Phi Chi Theta OFFICERS President Charlotte Abney Vice President Audrey Flohe Secretary Gwen Adair Treasurer Doris Huston Phi Chi Theta is a national business fraternity which promotes the cause of higher business edu- cation and training for all women; fosters high ideals for women in business careers; encour- ages fraternity and cooperation among women preparing for such careers, and stimulates the spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion to the attainment of such ends. 247 OFFICERS President Georgia Sampson Vice President Betty McCuskey Recording Secretary Jean Bowen Corresponding Secretary Doris Nelson Treasurer Carole Leap Student Nurses Among the purposes of the Student Nurses Association ore the promotion of professional and social unity within the membership; the presentation of an opportunity to discuss stu- dent problems; preparation for participation in the professional nursing organizations; and the encouragement of participation in student nurses associations on the state and national levels. Left to right, first row: Barbara Chaffin, Billie Gamble, Loida Velasquez Richardson, Ann Linthicum, Malinda DuBose, Suzanne Forsee, Marilyn Shealey, Glenda Moore, Sally Cole. Second row: Roberta Green, Ann Blanton, Shirley Miller, Patti Wilson, Beverly Gletson, Rosemary Garner, Janet Boswell, Barbara Hammer. Left to right, first row: Judith Moore, Nancy Abbott, Judi Vetter, Sarah Jean Bradley, Phyllis Linda Hering, Martha Lou Fesperman, Jane Buller. Second row: Alma Lowe, Margaret Whittle, Doris Nelson, Carole Leap, Elizabeth McCuskey, John Speranza, Georgia Sampson, Jeanette Bowen, Sue Mar- cotte, Delores Lucas, Miki Yoder. Third row: Marianna Cowie, Majorie Brown, Bek Wester, Susan Klein, Carolyn Newsom, Rae- nid Per kins, Martha Ballew. Fourth row: Sandra Gilbert, Patsy Lieb, Cathlyn McClain, Sheila Bibby, Joyce Fletcher, Barbara Han- son, Helen Barberree, Kay Lippincott, Tim- mie Perkins, Cynthia Woolson, Bobby Loper, Carol Foltz. Left to right, first row: IViary Ann Weaver, Pat Spiva, Don- ald Bridges, Theodore Smith, Robert Bolt, Jack Gowan, Kay Lloyd. Second row: Rich- ard Corson, James E, Dillin- ger, Byron Wambles. Insurance Club OFFICERS President Bob Bolt First Vice President Andy Beverly Second Vice President Ted Smith Secretary Brad Southerlond Treasurer Jock Kidd OFFICERS President Ann Duncan Vice President Pat Turpin Music Educators National Conference Secretary Beth Bowen Treasurer Jean Johnson Left to right, first row: Judy Chambliss, Joy Pate, Aurelia Pitts, Ann Duncan, Pat Turpin, Jeri Bradfield, Mary Rose. Second row: Katherine Allen, Katherine Crews, Jessie Wall er, Frank Mice li, Edward Dobson, Barbara Krogaind, Frances Ellinwood, Irvin Lipscomb. « r n 5 ?. f) First row, left to right; Susan Wood, Elena Sagalowitz, Janet Ray, Sara Pilcher, Nancy Grouse, Gisella Wolters, Christina Oliveira, Sushila Rangnekar, Maria Inez Rumayor, Graciella Rumayor, Jessie Branscomb. Second row; J.udy Buckley, IVIarina Astorga, Adele Meissner, Marge Jenson, Marlies Kroneg- ger, Kay Pieper, D.R.K. Murty, Gloria Meltzer, Jean Newton, Karri Norpech, Sue Shields, Ann Duncan. Third row: Hans Plendl, Suvitya Yingvorapunt, Duan Bunnag, Sugit Yensuang, Chalern Singaneti, Don Hayes, Domingo R. Cintron, Edvardo Hilgert, Ramesh Bhatnagar, Felix Blanco, Jaiyalapho Chetana, Murshedul Huq, Modesto Martinez. Fourth row: Shiroma Michio, Lai Mukherjee, Marcial V. Lavina, Chu Ying-Shai, Chuan Chieh Shen, Bela Balcsik, Akella N. Sastry, Nakamura, Swamy, Kiatibasn Xuto. International Club OFFICERS D. R. K. Murty President Ken Xuto Vice President Nina Esquivel Secretary and Gloria Meltzer Taiichi Iketani Treasurer A miniature United Nations on the FSU campus has its focal point in the International Students Club. Here students from such varied homelands as Korea, Thailand, India, Germany and South America come together for fellowship and to exchange ideas. Social activities include coast parties in early fall and late spring; the International Christmas party, on annual affair; and the decoration and entering of a float for the Homecoming Parade. Plans are now underway for an International Students House to be built on campus during the coming year. The House will serve as dormi- tory quarters and a social center for the students from abroad. 250 OFFICERS President Phyllis Shaddick Vice President Cherry Corbin Secretary Betty Ann Henley Treasurer Mary Jane Hodges Left to right, first row: Sara Chestang, Florrie Roberts, Mary Elizabeth Newbert, Mar- garet Hodges, Rose Marie Pratt, Laura Murrell. Second row: Elva Sears, Cherry Corbin, Phyllis Shaddick, Betty Ann Henley, Mary Jane Hodges, Emily Wilson. Third row: Lydia Cordoba, Anna Lois Clark, Frances McKinney, Katherine Garnett, Ann Thompson, Ann Rykard, Carolyn Bell, Bonnie Shuman. Four H Club Men ' s Physical Education Majors Left to right, first row: James De Cosmo, Earl Rosier, Joseph Gusic, Donald Preisser, Kenneth Miller. Second row: Roger Webb, Charles Watson, James Casteel, Ed Boyack, Gale Tuggle, Claude Hilton. OFFICERS President Joseph Gusic Vice President _ Thomas Garcia Secretary Casper Cicio Treasurer Richard Howser Fust rov«, ieti to right: Betty Bush, Pohy Heyv.dia, Jackit Bird, Nellie Dickson, Martha Grizzard, Pat Malseed, Sylvia Ann War- ren, Lucy McDaniel, Holly Chapman. Second row: Patsy Call, Danna Baird, Carolyn Bell, Dottie Hatton, Nan Chamberlain, Darlene Fordham, Harriet Hiers, D. Darwick. Third row: Betty Ann McGowan, Cappy Archibald, Sandra Lambur, Lanara Stewart, Connie Yeaton, Ella Mae Miller. Not Pictured: Mollie Carroll, Sue Ford, Linda Broderick, Joan Cascone, Jean Marshick, Ginny White. Women ' s ' T " Club OFFICERS Martha Grizzard President Pat Molseed Vice President Dot Holland Recording Secretary Jackie Bird Treasurer The purpose of the Women ' s " F " Club is to cooperate with the Women ' s division of the University Recreation Association in promoting women ' s ath- letic activities, and to contribute to the development of high ideals and uni- versity spirit among the students on the campus. " F " Club also renders services to the University and the community through many projects, some of which are Homecoming decorations of the gates, fountain and queen ' s float; Christmas party for the underprivileged children; a serenade for old folks ' homes and hospitals; box supper for Cam- pus Chest; and the Hungarian Student Fund Raising Project. 252 ■MJH. ' X. C-. . .»A...«X OFFICERS President Diane Latimer Vice Presidents Barbara McCartney and Carolyn Steele Secretary Mary Sue Barnett Treasurer Mary Ann Lassiter First row, left to right: Sarah Lou Hammond, Carolyn Steele, Barbara McCartney, Diane Latimer, Mary Ann Lassiter, Betty Sue Graham. Second row: Selby Allen, Dottle Kay Summers, Ann Kelly, Barbara Emmett, Frances Hearn, Mary Margaret Andrews, Ann Key, Allene Bridges. Third row: Kay Sue DeCubellis, Jackie Bird, Barbara Stang, Jennie Lind Williams, Mary Bowen, Helen Hall, Ann Bolton. Association for Childhood Education Social Work Club Left to right, first row: Judy Bryson, Tantris Bledsoe, Pat Manning, Maxine Hannon, Bert Benoit, Ruth Hammond, Judy Lehan. Second row: W. Leep, Mary Lou Yearth, Julie Ingram, Edwin Bowers, Cathlyn Mc- Cain, Susan Strock, Sue Massey, Robert Lansdale. OFFICERS President Maxine Hannon Vice President Margie Williams Secretary Pat Manning Treasurer Bert Benoit T7 Left to right: Jackie Soud, Campaign Manager; Mattox Hair, Acting Chairman; Timmie Perl ins, Secretary, IVlonty Gillham, Pub- licity Chairman. Not Pictured — John Howard, Chairman Pro Tern; Patsy Steward, Treasurer; Helen Moore, Corresponding Secretary. Student Party OFFICERS John Howarci Chairman Mattox Hair Vice Chairman Timmie Perkins Secretary Patsy Stewart Treasurer OFFICERS Gerry Gordon Presicient Bill Wright Vice President June Sillay Recording Secretary Pat Morley Corresponding Secretary Kate Ramsey Treasurer Collegiate First row, left to right: Nancy Denham, Kate Rdin e , June Sillay, Patty Marley. Second row: Graham Teschke, Bill Wright, Gerry Gordon, Phil Knight. Party 254 Tarpon Club Synchronized Swimming Club OFFICERS President - Meta Viohl Vice President Pat Malseed Secretary Natalie Hobbs Treasurer Jean Newton The south of the border theme caught the foncy of Tarpon members this year as they presented their spring production called " Mexirama. " A combination of water ballet and acqua- cade, Tarpon ' s show consists of student produced sketches, rou- tines and settings. Tarpon strives to develop and encourage greater swimming skill among its members, and to generate interest in synchron- ized swimming among the FSU student body. Left to right, first row: K. Kops, P. iVIalseed, M. Viohl, Miss G. Smith, J. Newton, N. Hobbs, S. Brown. Second row: iVI. Duke, A. Elvery, B. Sharp, E. Friel, V. Reynolds,C. Archibald, J. IMewson, J. Wood, J. Mims, P. Morley, i.. Leeger, Third row; M. Moras, J. Bird, M. Strain, L. Mc-Daniel, T. Perkins, C. Bell, D. Hatton, L. Strickland, l l. Chamberlain. Majors in Baking Science comprise the membership of the FSU Bakers Club. The purpose of this organiza- tion is to improve the interest of its members in the de- velopments in the field, to promote good fellowship and to increase the members ' knowledge of the baking in- dustry, its arts and sciences. OFFICERS President Paul Wright Vice President Roy Wynne Secretary-Treasurer Sam Chudnofsky F. S. U. Bakers Club Left to right, first row: Dr. Bayfield, Gerald Cigarran, Charles Savage, Roy Wynn, Paul Wright, Sam Chudnofsky, Searle Selmon. Second row: R. P. O ' Brien, Paul Jones, Bill Whitehead, Ronald Smith, James J. O ' Brien, Robert West, Dr. Rumsey. Third row: William Keogh, Stanley Sawicki, Pat Burkwall, Albert Voll, Wendell Hughes, Carl Koppeis. Fourth row: Marvin Garrett, John McManus, Edgar Fields, Jack Schuster, Gerald Hendrix. Fifth row: Charles Stone, Donald Penn, Raymond Lewis, Jr., Richard Frink, Michael Mitchell, James Millward, Don Noot. 256 Left to right, first row: IVlarilyn Johannes, Annette Peel, Ruth Ivey, Carolyn Bell, Ruth Fritchie, Fredna Haas, Jean Williams, Laura IVlurrell, Florrie Roberts, Helen Clark, Nadine Kirby. Second row: Mrs. Ruth Ferguson, Yvonne Grigsby, Barbara Ullrich, Jackie Hutto, Frances McKinney, Nancy DeFore, Lola Johnson, Emily Umstead, Ruth Davis, Bettie Groover, Rosemary Stainback, Lydia Cordoba, Barbara Dozier, Rachel Tyler, Mrs. Penalis. Third row: Carol Hendricks, Ruth Skacil, Abbie Fain, Jane Morris, Betts DeHart, Mary Davis, Valerie Chase, Mary Hodges, Connie Jeffers, Emily Wilson, Eleanor Cain, Betty Herden, Barbara Mentzer. Home Economics OFFICERS President Fredna Haas Vice President Ruth Fritchie Secretary Jean Williams Treasurer Laura Murrell Picnics highlighted the year for members of the Home Economics Club, as they started off with a fall freshman picnic and ended in the spring with an outing in honor of the seniors. Between times, the members were occupied with such projects as the editing of a Home Economics Journal, serving at the Faculty-Student Tea, and the planning of a Student-Faculty-Family Christ- mas party. The Home Economics Club endeavors to develop and promote interest in the aspects of its field and to foster good student-faculty relationships. 257 Left to right, first row: J. Minis, i l. Young, J. Morrison, E. Cousson, B Eiigert, G. Allard, Dr. Lasstinger, J. Peaden. Second row: V. Gunn, E. Rodgers, J. Bartlett, J. Robison, J. Matthews, N. Kirby, N. Boyle, M. Milmore, State Scholarship Holders OFFICERS President Raymond McCoy Vice President Louie Bashaw Secretary Beverly Ingram Treasurer Emily Cousson Far from trying to corner the market in " B " averages, State Scholarship Holders offer tutoring services in a variety of subjects to students seeking help. Aside from this, members keep busy with a Girl Scout club for retarded children and a project that compares the results of high school senior place- ment tests and college junior culture tests with the scores made by students holding scholarships. 258 Officers. Left to right: J. Kruse, Miss Agnes Johnson, IVl. Sweeting, iVI. Palazzolo, J. Golden, B. Swartz, E. Newman, J. Powell, R. Wood. Student Education Association OFFICERS President Joe Kruse Vice President Marlene Palazzolo Secretary Eleanor Newman Treasurer Ron Wood Members. Left to right, first row: A. Bolton, B. Montgomery, M. Heinz, M. Ellerbe, I. Johnson, C. Nelson, S. Stevens, A. Parker, E. Beasley, P. Winters, J. Persons. Second row: A. Frick, E. Walden, N. Kelley, B. J. Williams, G. Johnson, J. Gaveiek, P. Herrington, B. Henderson, N. Trimble, R. Nelms. Third row: G. Smith, P. Reid, M. Dreadin, M. Betts, B. Shuman, S. Hughes, Y. Grigsby, L. Woods, M. Dotson, S. Mims, S. Chestang, D. Schnupp. Fourth row: E. Raynor, D. Ayala, M. Stephens, M. Campbell, A. Jackson, R. Kienzle, J. Robinson, H. Neumann. . ... ? ' ,- ' ' igr g ' -. - .sscasi ' - ' i.jisu.-sjAii s.s 4tjaw Mj ii«i ffim iiii n wia mm I ' tai yi fc ftM ittw, i« f-wnr p» --j. Left to right, first row: F. S. McGee, Cecil Demille, Gary Kissenger, Juanita Gibson, Dayton Roberts, John Buechner, Bette Holloway, W. V. Holloway, H. F. Snuggs. Second row: Dodd Southern, Robert Gili ison, Richard Bain, Martin Gainer, Odell Waloby, John Crowell, R. K. Tengsted, L. F. Blitz, Harry Green, Samuel Round, Carl Blackwell. American Society for Public Administration OFFICERS President Dayton Roberts Secretory-Treasurer Gary Kissinger Faculty Sponsors Juanita Gibson John Buechner Guest speakers highlighted the meetings of the American Society for Public Administration this year. Among those who treated the various fields of public ad- ministration were Mallory Home, Leon County Repre- sentative to the State Legislature, who spoke on revision of the State Constitution, and Herschell Snuggs, City Manager of Thomasville, who treated the profession of city management. The meetings were followed by ques- tion and answer periods during which members of the ASPA could obtain specific information from men expe- rienced in their fields. 260 OFFICERS President Felix Blanco Vice President Gilbert Fernandez Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Leper Los Picaros 4 Spanish Club Left to i-ight, first row: D. Ayala, B. Loper, L Fernandez, F. Blanco, Dr. Lacayo, M. Dancy, C. Spoto, N. Perez. Second row; E. Sagalo- witz, A. Rowe, A. Ritchie, F. Davila, K. Pieper, D. Cintron, C. Lundt, IVl. Sessions, L. Garcia, G. IVleltzer, L. Garcia. f, ix3ifd. , ' ' »£ O t!f! " • »«.,„ A V , ' SLJtfWjWjgHBtMMr ' T « ' LJ " ' V ir-al t n • ' f .X. it V. ' " VV. " ' . . ;V - CAMPUS EVENTS ■ i ' :;, ' m ■Am 0:ws i ' W mi mm m M m Ww. ' :Sv,m ' M» m m .-if ■ 7i ' ' ■ ' ■•iV. . :. ' ■■ ' . I: a , ;« ' fi.n,m l y " ' V ' K ' ' ' ' ' " ■■ ' iTr 1 HH iliillllHllfIB mmm£« mSSic " ■ . 1 ' ' 1 i _ fij. ;.,■ .; m jii% i ' ., ■■ ' ' MBJUIiii i K K P LiJ - ii. ..ifti.. i..,Jifel, l w i Artist Series... Homecoming... Soapbox Derby... Circus... Gymkana ' A study in forms develops in a vase collec- tion from the University Museum. aKKSUiiii mum iiHiittiiiiitiUiMii University Museum and Gallery The Western Hemisphere, subject of one of the ex- hibits, catches the attention of Eleanor Sweatt. Primitive tools of Florida ' s early inhabitants make up one of the Museum displays. Outstanding exhibitions in art and anthropology are featured each year by the University Museum and Gallery above the Seminole Club. This year, displays ranged from ceramics and the Western Hemisphere cultures to a showing of Dutch mas- terpieces from the Ringling Collection and an ex- hibit of paintings produced by artists in the Talla- hassee area. Other art shows included the works of the art faculty, art students and sketches of Toulouse-Lautrec. Progressive harmonies marked the ATO-sponsored concert of the Four Freshmen Student Artist Series Playing to SRO for two performances during the same evening, the Four Freshmen delighted both audiences with their close harmony and easy going style. Their appearance was made possible by the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, which donated the proceeds of the concert as their annual charity project. Under the Student Artist Series program. Student Government brought Fred Waring and the Penn- sylvanians to FSU as the first booking in the series. Waring and his group, familiar favorites to every- one, presented a program designed to suit almost every musical taste, in which the numbers ranged from " Christmas Was Made for Children " to the ever-impressive " Old Man River. " Fred Waring, Director of the Pennsylvanians 265 But, ma ' m, you ' re not allowed in the locker room. University Artist Series " Damn Yankees " , the Broadway musical comedy hit appeared as a spring listing in the Artist Series presentations. Featuring a devilish " Lola " and a Faustian baseball team, the show entertained stu- dents, faculty and townspeople with such top songs as " You ' ve Got to Have Heart " , " Whatever Lola Wants " and " Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo. " Broadway seemed to have a fascination for Tal- lahassee this year, as another New York hit, Mau- rice Evan ' s " No Time for Sergeants " was pre- sented. The antics of a hillbilly in military life kept the audience in a state of mirth as Rex Everhart, Tucker Ashworth and Howard Freeman paced the series of improbable, but delightful, events. Cigars, cigarettes, weekend passes. The cast of " No Time for Sergeants " seems to be off limits. ' ' S •■■« - ' •- -•T ■ m - .. - ' -. ' " " ' ' ' " ; ' «Cr sss -Sr.iP ' i A-S- I(f1 it h P rif . Tyrone Power co-starred with Foye Emerson in Shaw ' s " Back to Methuselah. " A " parable in comedy " , George Bernard Shaw ' s " Back to Methuselah " provided an entertaining evening for a sold-out house. The witty lines, origi- nal sets and the acting of Tyrone Power, Faye Emerson and Arthur Treacher highlighted an en- joyable evening for the crowd at Westcott Audi- torium. Having satisfied the drama fans, the Artist Se- ries took note of FSU music lovers and scheduled Paul Paray and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for a spring performance. The program featured selections from Debussy, Mendelssohn and Wagner under the deft direction of maestro Paray. Who played on that rest? Paul Paray conducts the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Hey, wait a minute, Brutus. You ' ve got the wrong ploy. Ron McCall and Tom Applegard in a scene from " Caesar and Cleopatra. " Among the experimental series of the speech productions was George Bernard Shaw ' s satire " Caesar and Cleopatra " . The lead roles were taken by Ron McCall and Kay Cranford, while Dr. Brooks directed the play ' s imaginative portrayal of the el- derly Caesar ' s romantic inclinations toward Princess Cleo. Speech Productions " CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA " Other productions in this series included Jean Paul Sarte ' s " No Exit " , a witty and thought-pro- voking picture of hell, as well as T. S. Eliot ' s " Murder in the Cathedral " . 268 Action shot shows downfield blocking by Prince Charming as Beauty breaks for open country. Beauty And The Beast " Where did you go? " " Out " . " What did you do? " " Nothing. " " The Sleeping Beauty " , produced as the Speech Department ' s annual children ' s play, succeeded in attracting about as many grown-ups as it did mem- bers of the lollipop set. Marlene Matouk, Sue Cof- fery, Redgy Ivory and Phil Johnson enchanted their audience with a good supply of magic spells, prop- erly horrifying witches and a Prince and Princess straight from Fantasy-land. The fairy tale, directed by Richard Fallon, proved so appealing to its pint-sized audience that it was later presented over television. Back on the adult level, other dramas staged during the year included Tennessee William ' s " Class Menagerie " , " The Rainmaker " and " The Alchemist. " n Sigs go down hard trying to keep possession of prized derbies. Sigma Chi Derby While other sororities wilted in the mayhem, the rose of Alpha Omicron Pi out- fought, out-ran and out-scrambled its competitors to emerge dusty and bruised, but victorious in the Sigma Chi Derby. The climax of the day come during the final " secret event " which was scheduled to be a greased pig chose, participated in by representatives of sixteen sororities. The pig, however, played it cool, and with a bit of strategy turned it into a sorority-girl chose, which culminated in his biting the Tri-Delt entry. All ended well, however, and it is reported that the uncooperative animal wound up as ham sandwiches shortly thereafter. Finishing out a perfect day for the AO Pi ' s, Rita Nelms, was named Sigma Chi Derby Queen, with Cynthia Tichenor, Pi Beta Phi, and Frances Bell, Zeta Tau Alpha selected as her court. And they ' re off in the first race . ending in a photo-finish. 270 Key hunt starts in a mad scramble . . . and ends in a powdery mess which is shared by sympathetic onlookers. Deanne Head dons crash helmet. Pit crews checks record setting machine. Soap Box Derby Looking deceptively chic in her crash helmet, Deanne Head drove the Kappa Alpha-built Pi Beta Phi racer to a spectacular finish in the two-block plunge down College Avenue. Race fans lined the sidewalks to see the streamlined racer hit the hay- reinforced finish line — and several Phi Delt at- tendants — in record time. The Soap Box Derby is an annual event spon- sored by Alpha Gamma Delta and Phi Delta Theta to raise money for the Campus Chest. Drivers whizz by in a blurred flash of speed. Race ends in crash at finish line. It was a tough fight, Mom, but I won. Now there ' s a likely looking one. Slave Auction I ' ll bid fifty cents. Arguing Constitutional Low, reluctant Delta Tau Delta pledges were nevertheless auctioned off to the highest bidder in the name of charity. Unfortunately for the Delt slaves, their masters, not familiar with the concept, straightway set them to on assortment of unpleasant tasks for the after- noon, which included washing cars, waiting on tables (tips split 50-50) and serenading from, of all things, a tree top. The project proved successful to all concerned, however, with clean cars for the masters, freedom for the slaves, and a liberal donation to charity on the part of the Delts. Well, all right, seventy five. Oh boy ! I got him ! Heh! I ' m gonna get me one, too. Officials and dignitaries lead off in the parade down College Avenue. ,« «»:. ' Homecoming Plans for Homecoming started early this year, with Seminoles studying up on artwork and engi- neering in preparation for the house decorations and the annual parade that signals the start of the festivities on Friday afternoon. The work paid off for the Zeto Tau Alpha ' s, whose house decorations in the form of a dunking duck took first place. In the float division, the Phi Delta Theta entry, pulled by the members in slave costume, featured an Egyptian theme and barged into first place with the motto " FSU reigns the Victor. " ' Click. Spectators occasionally divert attention from the parade as they record the events on film. -,v ' ?! i L " Phi Delta Theta float, judged " most beautiful " , took no chances on a power failure. Alpha Delta Pi-Theta Chi float illustrated FSU ' s Cinderella story. Zeta Tou Alpha ' s dunking duck waddled off with the prize for house decorations. Ill The Homecoming Court included Liz Armes, Airelou Johnson, Queen Lynn La Grange, Barbara Bishop and Joyce Combs. Lynn La Grange Homecoming Queen Pow Wow, the rally held the night before the game was climaxed by the presentation of the Homecoming Queen and her court. Spectators waited anxiously as the court was introduced until Lynn La Grange, a sophomore member of Pi Beta Phi sponsored by Alpha Tau Omega, was announced Queen of the 1957 festivities. Lynn La Grange, 1957 Homecoming Queen. I ' m so excited. Liz Armes, Lynn La Grange and Layte Bowden ride on the Queen ' s float at the Pow Wow in Campbell Stadium. The football game on Saturday afternoon ended in a Seminole victory over the VPI Gobblers. Triumphant students and alumni celebrated that evening with a formal dance held in the Men ' s Gym and featuring the music of Stan Kenton ' s organization. We think it ' s marvelous . . Giving it all they ' ve got, the Marching Chiefs raise that " good ol ' Seminole spirit. " Pow Wow In the Friday night Pow Wow the Alpha Xi Delta ' s took first place among the sorority skits with their masterful presentation of " Hatlo ' s Inferno. " For the fraternities, the Pi Kappa Phi ' s took Seminole fans back to the good old days with a contrast of " Our University — Then and Now. " A motley assortment of characters pool their dramatic talents for the traditional Pow Wow skits. Debaters practice pros and cons in preparation for a tournament. Varsity Debate Chalking up a successful year, the FSU Varsity Debate team traveled through- out the southeast talking their way into an armload of trophies and medals. In the Tau Kappa Alpha national debate honorary ' s Golden Anniversary Convention, FSU proved its prov ess to the Lexington, Kentucky, audience. The debate tourney in Carelton, Georgia, was almost a clean sweep for the Sem- inoles as they won four out of five of the tournament ' s top honors — best school, best affirmative and negative teams, and best negative speaker. On the home front, Arnold Greenfield took first place in oratory at the ninth annual FSU invitational tourney. Rosa Castro and Melvin Peters were acclaimed superior debators. At the Magnolia Tournament, L. A. Hester was named best debator and rated superior in oratory, while Graham Stikelether was chosen as superor after after dinner speaker. Highlights of the year were the ninth annual international debate, featur- ink two students from Glasgow University, Scotland, on the subject of Sputniks; and the traditional intramural tournament. 279 Trio handbolancing stars Jack Miles, Joe Taylor and Chet Whitten pull o stunt out of their bag of tricks. " Headlines " , the title of this year ' s Cymkana production, was built around a newspaper theme. Sketches included the FSU gym team as the " sports section " working out on the uneven parallel bars; a skeleton dance represented the obituary column, the Tallahassee Tumbling Tots covered the open- ing of a new playground for " city news " and a dance routine entitled " Pick Up " represented the crime section. Candidates for the title of Miss Cymkana filled in as the society page, and a feature in this section was the trampoline routine " Conrad Bilton Throws a Party " , starring Beverly Cude, Don Preisser and Jim Jackson. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Nan Chamberlin as Miss Cymkana for 1957. Included in the court were Marilyn Harris, Peggy Trensch, Willou Copeland, Jenny Zipperer, and Penny Pickles. Gymkana Presents ' ' Headlines " The " Headlines " set for the 1 QS " ? Gymkana show. tl tt». niVfiW-mM i 8t « tJL - ' I So " k V Hrf W 1 .Ofwri W " ' " ,,1 The FSU gymnastic squad assembles in the " massed handstands " symbol of gymnastics. Chick Cicio and Roberta Calvert in on adagio routine from " Pick Up. " The cast of Gymkana " Headlines " relaxes during a trip to Silver Springs. One of the Tumbling Tots on the trampoiette. Jean Hayden presents the Mrs. Gymkana crown to Nan Chamberlin as Student Body President Arnold Greenfield watches in approval. NAN CHAMBERLIN Miss Gymkana 1957 Miss Gymkana Nan Chamberlin Headliners in the Gymkana Court The Court of Honor, seated: Nan Chamberlin, Marilyn Harris. Standing: Peggy Trensch, Willou Copeland, Jenny Zipperer, Penny Pickles. 1 w f- ' MISS .s.u C ' Layte Bowden Miss FSU ■IS t i ' . t T - i ' i % ] .jl ■■HB- Chamberlin Francine Coffee Willou Copeland • Diane Davis Diane Godin Paula Parsons Early in May each year, FSU is seized with the Circus fever — " Flying High " , the University ' s all-student circus, tradi- tionally holds its three night stand in Tal- lahassee in Doak Campbell Stadium dur- ing the first weekend in May. Circus This year, Circus was officially dubbed " Spring Homecoming " and parents and alumni were in- vited to attend the performances. The crowd in Campbell Stadium was treated to some spectacular performances in the form of trapeze acts, high wire routines, and slack wire balancing. In addi- tion, there were the traditional clowns; Circusettes, a precision dance team; the Spanish web acts; and the Circus Band. Under the direction of Coaches Jack Haskins and Jim DeCosmo, FSU ' s " Flying High " has gained na- tional recognition. Each year the show goes on tour through the state, and this year was featured on the " Arlene Francis Show " on a national TV hook-up. Cheryl Rose and Jim Haywood display an acute sense of balance in the tight-wire bicycle routine. Get ready — here comes our cue. Okay team! I want you to get out there and win! The Spanish Web — a symphony in blaci .. I dunno — this looks like a tough audience to me. Ah — the thrill of floodlights and applause. 294 Spellbound, the audience watches o tightwire routine Shadows from the trap act for a pattern on the tent. Hi-jinks go on between acts as circus stars pose for photographers. Who ' s a clown? Smile when you say that. The first shift of Operation Moonwatch is token over by these performers. Don ' t sweat it, Coach. -This is old stuff to the performers. Frozen in mid-air, the swinging trap act displays its split-second timing. Making like on egret, Julie Milam demonstrates prowess on the slack wire. Music At F. S. U 297 m I ' V It . The Women ' s Glee Club. Women ' s Glee Club Betty Jane Grimm, Director Collegians George Booker, Director The Collegians, men ' s singing group. I I I i I »N, 1 a 9 ■? o o University Singers Wiley L. Housewright, Director Choral Union Herman Gunter, Jr., Director The Choral Union. ! T University Symphony University Symphony The University Symphony presented four concerts during the year, two of which featured student soloists. The so- loists, chosen from talented senior music majors and music students working to- ward their Masters degrees, were Calvin Hosbrouch, Beverly Brown, Dolores Casio and Christine Bryan. The Symphony also works with the music school in that candidates for the Doctor of Music and Piano Literature degree present their concertos in con- junction with the Symphony. Programs in this field were presented by Katherine Smith and Paul Parmelee. Highlighting the year was the Sym- phony ' s participation in the Artist Series Production of " Amahl and the Night Vis- itors " and a trip to Albany, Georgia, under the sponsorship of the Albany Music Club. Robert Sedore, Conductor 300 The Marching Chiefs Manley Whitcomb, Director. Getting the genuine " low down " on Dixieland jazz, the Marching Chiefs spent a weekend in New Orleans after their trip to Mississippi South- ern with the Seminoles ' football team. The Chiefs also journeyed to Tampa this year, to play for the gome between FSU and Tampa University. Under the direction of Manley Whitcomb and Robert Braunagel, the Band treated halftime fans to a series of original and intricate maneuvers, as well as the best in band music. Comprised of some one hundred and twenty students, the Marching Chiefs also feature spe- cial attractions such as the Majorette Corps, with Head Majorette Jackie Haley; the Flying Seminoles, Ted Daniels and Bea Carroll; and Drum Major Terry Johnson. S, ■ The Majorettes, left to right: Ann Williams, Jackie Haley, Linda Bean, Patsy Zech, Paula Parsons, Barbara Keesler, Barbara Curtis, Anne Verran. Something new in band formations, the Chiefs sketch out the familiar lecherous grin of the Esquire man. Breaking formation. Marching Chiefs start to high-step for a new pattern. HALL f FAME WILLIAM CULLOM Varsity football; Sophomore Class Presi- dent; President, Senior Hall; Treasurer, Cold Key; Treasurer, Alpha Council; President, Omicron Delta Kappa; Vice President, Study Body. BARBARA CHAMBERS Cymkana; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Secretary, Junior and Senior Classes; Treasurer, Cornet Key; Presi- dent, Mortar Board; Varsity Debate; Chairman, Freshman Carnival; Who ' s V ho in American Colleges and Univer- sities. 305 LINDA BRODERICK Vice President, Residence Hall; member, Women ' s F Club; Vice President, Uni- versity Recreation Association; member. Mortified; Social Chairman, Garnet Key; Social Chairman, Senior Class; President, Women ' s Physical Education Association; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. MARTHA GRIZZARD Chairman, Judiciary; Junior Counselor, President, Women ' s F Club; President, Chi Omega; member. Garnet Key; mem- ber. Mortarboard; Circus; President, Rec- reation Club; Student-Faculty Athletic Committee; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. li 306 ARNOLD GREENFIELD President of Student Body; Captain, Var- sity Debate Team; member Pi Sigma Alpha; Secretary, Alpha Council; Treas- urer, Omicron Delta Kappa; Attorney General; Chairman, Student Speakers Bureau; Flambeau Columnist; Wesley Foundation Council; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. JACQUELIN BOUDER Social Chairman, Vice President, North Cawthorn; Vice President, Mortar Board; President, Omicron Nu; member. Cornet Key; member Alpha Lambda Delta; mem- ber, Phi Kappa Phi; Secretary, Home Economics Club; Sophomore Council. 307 tl JOYCE WEATHERUP Junior Counselor, President, Jennie Mur- phree; member Pi Sigma Alpho; Sopho- more Council; President, Cornet Key; Secretary of Honor; member, Mortar Board; Wesley Foundation Council; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. ROBERT JOHNSON Secretary of Organizations; member. Men ' s Judiciary; Commander, Arnold Air Society; member, Omicron Delta Kappa; member. Cold Key; Chaplain, Sigma Chi; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities; Student Chair- man, Homecoming Parade. 308 JAN KAMINIS Vice President, Student Body; Secretary of State; President, Alpha Xi Del- ta; President, Alpha Lambda Delta; Historian, Garnet Key; Historian, Mortar Board; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Vice President, Freshman Dormitory; Wesley Foundation Council; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. GLENDA BRISCOE Member, Kappa Alpha Theto; Vice Presi- dent, Alpha Lambda Delta; Sophomore Council; member Garnet Key; member Sigma Tau Delta; Westminster Fellow- Ship Council; President, Bryan Hall; Secretary, Mortar Board. 309 SPORTS Football... Basketball... Baseball... Swimming Gymnastics... Track... Volleyball... Tennis Football Faced with the problem of no vetern quar- terback, Nugent put into practice his old heory of using the best backfield man for the signal calling job. Turning to Bobby Renn, FSU ' s leading ground gainer at half- back in 1956, Nugent groomed him for the task. Although Renn performed adequately de- spite his inexperience, his absence at half- back left a gap which was felt the rest of the season. The Tribe fought hard against the best teams the country had to offer. Front row: Coach Herbert Hughes, Head Coach Tom Nugent, Coach Frank Toomey. Standing: Coaches Hugh Adams, Charlie LaPradd, Bones Taylor, and Bob Harbison. Lack of reserve power caused Coach Tom Nu- gent many gray hairs this year as the Florida State football team fell to its first losing season in five years — the only one under Coach Nugent. Nugent ' s inventions, such as the " I " formation, the double quarterback, and the typewriter huddle, as well as other new ideas failed to impress such foes as Auburn, Miami, N. C. State, and other teams who beat the Seminoles and almost pushed them back into the ranks of the small colleges. FSU could field one good squad that could mix with any team in the country for one half. The sec- ond half would be another story, however, with the sophomore-led reserves being outclassed by their more experienced opponents. Tribe Loses Five Head Coach Tom Nugent Pat Hogan, Director, Sports Publicity Cheerleaders; Charles Johnson, Maralyn Teare, Jim Jullian, Nancy Fowler, Dick Ainsworth, Betty Lovan. Cheerleaders strike the match to school spirit. m-: Cheerleaders Add Spirit Striking the match to FSU ' s spirited student body is the cheerleoding squad ' s year-round job. The six-fold force is responsible for igniting pep and enthusiasm at all events where grandstand participation is essential. They supply cheering support at all football games and occasionally lead pep rallies to liven school spirit. When possible, the squad follows the football team for its games out of town. Jim Jul- lian was captain of the 1957-58 team. Jim Jullian, Captain Silent Seminole fans stand for the National Anthem before the opener with Furman. 16,000 curious Seminole fans poured into Camp- bell Stadium for a look at the Furman opener and to see whether Bobby Renn, newly shifted from halfback to quarterback, would be able to carry the FSU offense through a stiff schedule. Apparent fears were soon squelched as Renn rolled out on the first play and scampered 34 yards to the end zone before the ploy was called back by a penalty. FSU scored three times in the second quarter with Renn scoring from the one, Ted Rodrique pitching to Clare Bagnall from the 33, and Nellums recovering a Hurricane fumble in the end zone. The game was mostly a one-sided affair, as Furman scored its only touchdown on a pass play to make the final score 27-7. Tribe Blows Out ' Canes 27-7 Looking o little worse for wear, a Furman defender slows down Billy Weaver. Clare Bagnell, Sophomore End, Battle Creek, Mich. Abner Bigbie, Sophomore Guard, Clearwater Billy Weaver, Senior Halfback, Coral Gables. Bob Nellums, Senior Fullback, Pensacola. Allard too much for Seminoles. 20-7 Halfback Bobby Renn takes time out for a necessary chore before the game. Boston College ' s Don Allard meets a stone wall as Johnson, Ulmer, and Slaton move in to bring him down. Someone forgot to tell Boston College ' s Don Allard that FSU was the favorite going into the Saturday afternoon clash. Completing 12 of 18 passes, Allard led his Eagles to a con- vincing 20-7 trouncing over the Tribe before 16,000 triumphant fans at Alumni Field in Boston. The Tribe started the gome with the re- covery of a BC fumble on the opening kickoff on the twenty-four yard line. After four ploys FSU was still on the 24. Allard then took charge, completing four straight passes as BC moved 82 yards in 12 ploys, to take a lead which was never threatened. After two more touchdowns directed by Allard, with the score 20-0, sub quarterback Ted Rodrique from nearby Lynn, Mossachu- settes averted on FSU shutout when he hit Captain Ron Schomburger with a pass from the 23 yard line for the Tribes only score. l . r Stuart Keith, Junior Center, Panama City. Ron Schomburger, Senior End, Pittsburg, Penna. Paul Slaton, Sophomore Center, Miami. Captain Ron Schomburger receives an aerial from Quaterbock Jerry Henderson for the Seminoles only score. Villanova Stops Tribe 21-7 Jerry Henderson, Senior Quar- terback, Pensocola. Jack Devereaux was too much fullback for an injury-riddled FSU squad as Villanova pasted the Tribe with its second straight loss in Philadelphia. Without the services of Bobby Renn, Fred Pickard, and Jerry Graham, the Tribe was never in the game, despite an oil-out effort by halfback Stan Dobosz. FSU ' s only score came on a fourth-and-one situation on the Villanova 14, when quarterback Jerry Henderson threw a pass to end Ron Schomburger in the end zone. Joe Majors looks for running room as Nellums throws a perfect block. Ramon Rogers, Sophomore Cen- ter, Pensocola Patsy Monaco, Sophomore Guard, Balston, N. Y. Recovering a Wolfpack fumble on the Seminole ' s goalline is Al Ulmer as he averts a North Carolina State score. Wolfpa Nips Tribe Moving in on Dick Hunter is FSU ' s Troy Barnes as the Tribe kept the Wolfpack bottled up all night. It was big Dick Christy ' s night as the 191 pound first team All American from N. C. State came out of nowhere with 16 seconds remaining in the half to grab a 20 yard pass from teammate Ernie Driscoll and add twenty more yards of his own to give State a 7-0 victory over the game Seminoles. FSU more than held their own against the 10th nationally ranked team, holding the Wolfpack to 1 1 7 yards on the ground and a .500 percentage through the air. The Tribe ' s Bobby Renn kept FSU in the game time after time with punts that went 215 vards in 4 tries, with two of them rolling dead on the 2 foot line and the 3 yard stripe, Renn emerged from the game as the nation ' s fourth best punter. Both Renn and bantam guard Al Ul- mer were chosen backfield and lineman of the week, respectively, in Florida for their efforts in the game. Jerry Graham, Junior Guard, Chi- cago, III. Bobby Renn, Junior Hclfbo Henderson, N. C. Bob Carnes, Sophomore Half- back, Tallahassee. Taking a last second dive in on effort to stop a Wildcat runner is Abner Bigbe. Lou Manning moves up from the left to make the tackle. In his initial start as a fullback, Bob Nellums more than fulfilled the fondest hopes of optimistic Coach Tom Nugent. Nellums, a converted end from Pensacola, gained 72 yards from scrimmage, a feat not many Seminole fullbacks have been able to accomplish in recent years as the Tribe set a new school single gome record of 383 yards rushing. Bobby Renn started the Seminole scoring spree with a roll- out play that went 63 yards before he stepped into the end zone. Nellums scored twice, once from the one and added a second on a pitchout from Ted Rodrique. Stan Dobosz and sophomore Pappy Rozman added the other two touchdowns as the Tribe handed the Wildcats a 34-7 trouncing to bounce back into the win column after three consecutive defeats. Bill Musselman, Senior Tackle, Lynchburg, Va. Stan Dobosz, Senior Halfback, East Chicago, Ind. Seminoles Dunk Abilene Christian 34-7 Slashing off tackle is Bobby Renn as he carries against Abiline Christion. Richard Rozman, Sophomore Halfback, Tallahassee. c . l iQ © Va. Tech Stopped 2 0-7 Before Alummi Coach Tom Nugent kept his Homecoming record perfect OS the tribe won their first victory in three tries against the spirited Cobblers from VPI. Striking swiftly and suddenly for two touchdowns in the second quarter and a final tolly in the third period, Florida State upended Virginia Tech 20-7 before 18,556 students end alumni, who had come to view FSU ' s tenth homecoming foot- ball gome. Soph halfback Fred Pickard jumped into the spotlight as he set a new FSU record for the longest run from scrimmage. The 80 yard dash come as the final touchdown of the gome and gave 1 60 pound Pickard a total of 1 35 yards for the day. Center George Boyer scored the first touchdown of his career as he recovered a VPI fumble in the end zone just nine seconds after Renn completed a 49 yard pass play to Schomburger for the Tribe ' s first score of the day. VPI ' s only score come in the second period after a first down on State ' s six yard stripe. On fourth down fullback Bob Connor plunged over from the one foot marker. Fred Pickard, Sophomore Half- back, Columbia, Tenn. Ham Bisbe, Senior End, San- ford. Struggling for an FSU pass on the eight yard line is Jerry Philp and defender Barry Fra- zee. Bobby Renn heads for the Tech goal as Bob Connor makes a desperate dive to stop the Seminole halfback K iz •• Seminole defenders failed to stop Tech Fullback Bob Conners as he dives over the 1 -foot marker for the Gobblers only score Stiff Defense Halts Gobblers An FSU lineman gets a few kinks out of his knee before the game. Tech ' s mascot has a worried look as the Tribe drives for the Gobbler ' s goal. Jim Hooks, Sophomore End, West Palm Beach Jerry Lane, Sophomore Tackle, Lakeland George Boyer, Senior Tackle, Jacksonville Officials seemed unconcerned as the Tribe pushed toward the Hurricane goal. Almost fumbling, Fullback Bob Nellums dives over the Miami goal to put the Seminoles briefly in the lead. F. S. U. Falters as Miami Wins 40-13 To a disappointing and disappointed turn- out of 15,712 Senninole partisans, it all seem- ed rather unreal. They saw the Seminoles forge scoring threats in Miami territory the first two times they got the ball. They saw the scoreboard at halftime posted 7-6 in FSU ' s favor. Then they sow Miami uncork a sweeping last-half wallop that left FSU dazed and beat- en. Most incredible of oil was Fran Curci, the little Miami sophomore quarterback who per- sonally accounted for 56 yards on 17 runs, completed six of 1 2 passes for 76 more and two touchdowns. Miami rolled up 336 yards rushing, 276 of it in the second half. FSU ' s first score came on Bob Nellum ' s 1- yard push after a 66 yard drive and on Joe Major ' s 45-yard pass to Bill Kimber in the last quarter. Al Ulmer was the line star of the day as he made 1 5 tackles, six more than any other player on either team. The little Miami Magician, Fran Curci, " Rest is the essence of life, " practices an FSU player. Jerry Philp, Senior Halfback, Royal Oak, Mich. With a weary expression, FSU tackle George Boyer watches Miami roll to another touchdown in the third quarter. Tribe Leads at First Half around FSU ' s end as Bob Nellums moves in like a giant to bring him down. Joe Majors,. Sophomore Quarter- back, Huntland, Tenn. Eddie Johnson, Senior Fullback ' ,, Charleston, W. Va. A couple of seemingly un- concerned FSU players catch up on a few facts about Au- burn before the game. No.1 Team Tops Seminoles Running into the awaiting arms of Bobby Renn and Bob Nel- lums, an Auburn runner is stop- ped in his tracks. " Wfiiafii Auburn Fullback Billy Ackins crashes into the center of the Seminole line in the second half as the Tribe line tightens end stops the Tiger offence. Scoring twice in the first five minutes and three times in the first quarter, Auburn showed the Seminoles in a convincing fashion why it was ranked No. 1 team in the nation. The second half looked like a different gome, how- ever, as the Seminoles held the Tigers to five first downs while picking up a touchdown on a 34 yard pass play from Majors to Kimber to notch one of the few touch- downs the best defensive unit in the country had scored against them during the season. Sophomore Majors came into his own as he completed 1 2 of 22 passes while bantam Fred Pickard emerged as the Tribe ' s leading ground gainer with 27 hard earned yards. Auburn caught Majors on a safety with 10 seconds remaining in the game to make the final score 29-1 . Fred Pickard blasts over center picking up a few yards against the stobborn Auburn defenders. Majors sets for the handoff in Nugent ' s famed " I " formation. Auburn Quarterback Lloyd Nixon gets pulled down from behind by FSU ' s Al Ulmer. Bobby Renn looks dejected as the Southerners roll to their second score. Coach Nugent gives instructions to the alternating unit as they impatiently wait to get into the game. Southern Blanks F. S. U. On Rally Cooperating in making Mississippi Southern ' s homecoming cele- bration a success, FSU got hit for two touchdowns within four minutes in the second quarter and another in the final period to suffer a 20-0 loss which assured the Tribe of their first losing season in five years. The Seminoles had a scoring opportunity in the opening period as they drove to the four yard line behind the passing of Bobby Renn and the running of Stan Dobosz, but in four plays got only to the one, and FSU ' s chances for a score were through for the day. Southern opened the scoring with a 57 yard jaunt by Bobby Lance mid-way in the second quarter, and seven plays later added anothe. after Joe Majors fumbled on his own 23. Carries by Lance and Bo Dickinson moved the ball over and put the Rebels in front 13-0. Southern ' s final touchdown came as reserve halfback Bud Sckul took it over from the one. Pregame Don Spires, Sophomore Guard, St. Petersburg. Jerry Moore, Sophomore Tackle, Miami, Steve Holton, Junior Tackk Perry. With a scowl on his face, a Tampa defender wraps his arms around Stan Dobosz ' s leg. Stumbling into the end zone tor a touchdown is Fred Pickard as Abner Bigbe looks on. Tribe Rolls Over Tampa in Finale There wasn ' t quite enough of 245 pound Fred Cason to spread over Phil- lips Field in Tampa as State ground out a 21-7 victory over the University of Tampa to mark the end of the Semi- noles first losing season under Coach Tom Nugent. A firmly partisan crowd of 12,000, shivering in high winds and 40 degree weather, saw Cason score twice and run for 127 yards in 19 tries in a des- perate effort to keep up with the Semi- noles ' powerful running attack. Junior guard Bob Fountain helped set a new school record with a fourth quarter recovery of a fumble to mark the 26th of the season and a new rec- ord. It was a long, hard year for the fighting Seminoles. A Tampa runner gets nowhere as Pickard and Nellums team up for the tackle. A FSU freshman finds easy yardage tough to get in the 13-12 win over South Carolina. Three Baby Seminoles gang up on a helpless Gamecock. Freshmen Fall to Miami in Only Loss Despite losing their unbeaten string in college competition, Cooch Paul Odom ' s Baby Seminole ' s completely dominated their opponents statistically this season. In downing Georgia Military, South Carolina, South Georgia, and Missis- sippi Southern, the Tribe grounded out 1 ,234 yards, more than twice their opponents ' , and scored 23 times in their five games. The Freshmen dropped a 21 -7 decision to the Miami yearlings in the final game of their five-game season, their first loss in two years in college competition. Until the Baby Hurricanes gained more than 400 yards in the final, oppos- ing teams had averaged only 100 yards total offense a game against the rugged FSU frosh defense. The 1957 Florida State Freshmen Football Team. Larry Strom reaches high for the ball in the opening tip-off against Army. Inexperience Hampers Cage Team Coach Bud Kennedy At the beginning of this year, with only one lettermon starter returning on the FSU basketball team, Coach Bud Kennedy was pondering whether inexperienced ball players plus junior college graduates would equal a successful ball club. He soon found out. Boasting only two seniors of the eleven man squad, the Seminole hoopsters raised many eyebrows as they conquered two of their first three opponents. The white cloud soon broke as the Tribe dropped five quick games in a row on on exten- sive road trip through the South. That, suddenly, became the sad fate of the basketball team this season. In fourteen games on the road, the Seminoles managed to win only a single game against Georgia, while meeting some of the best quintets in the nation including the nation ' s number one ranked team. West Virginia, and the highest scoring squad in the country, Marshall College. At home the Tribe did somewhat better, winning over half their contests. The prospects for the coming season look more promising as only senior forward Larry Strom and reserve Tom Garcia depart with graduation. Back to pace the Tribe will be high scorer Burt Deckel; Jim Liteky, and Hugh Durham. High scorers Burt Deckel and Hugh Durham paced the Tribe. ii Up m the air goes Larry Strom and Dan Boltz as they fight for possession with a Loyola eager. Sometimes nothing can go right. Danny Boltz, Junior Center, Quincy, III. Larry Storm, Senior Forward, Jacksonville. Players strain to get possession of the ball. The fans tried. Tom Garcia, Senior Guard, Fort Myers. Bob Casteel, Junior Forward, Fort Lauderdale. Tom Savage, Sophomore Guard, Ft. Lauderdale. Cagers Drop 16, Including Nations Best ' U gets possession. Durham starts dribbling. . . The Seminoles set up a play. . . And the ball gets away. Going high, a Loyola defender attempts to block a lay-up by Burt Deckel. With a mighty leap, an Army player dunks a shot while Strom watches on. Joe Westhafer, Junior Forward, Greensburgh, Ind. Fred Woodward, Sophomore Guard, Ft. Lauderdale. Jim Liteky, Junior Guard, Jack- sonville. Joe Williams, Junior Guard, Talolhossee. kmrn k ' - mmi Paul Hammond, Junior Freestyler from Sumter, S. C, broke school 200 freestyle record. Tankers Have Good Season " Bim " Stults, Head Swimming Coach The 1958 tankers splashed to six school records and four new pool standards on their way to the nnost successful swim season since 1955. Paul Hammond, Joel Jacobs, and Ken Abbott, the latter two seniors, set the major part of the records with Hammond pass- ing a five year school and pool mark in the 200 yard freestyle, Jacobs establishing a new time in the 200 yard breaststroke and Abbott bettering both the 50 and 100 marks. Abbott ' s record breaking effort of 51.3 in the 100 freestyle may win him ranking as an All American swimmer, says Coach " Bim " Stults, head mentor of the FSU mermen since 1951. On one road trip through the Midwest, the tankers met and won five straight meets, holding their nearest opponents to no more than two first places out of ten. Pulling hard is Rube Wadell in the Miami meet. Don Lewis, Senior Butterflymcn, Daytono Beach, Graham Teschke, Senior Freestyler, Euclid, Ohio. Tom Newell, Sophomore Butterflyman, Lakewood, Ohio. Paul Stoffregen, Sophomore Bockstroker, Dayton, Ohio. Rube Wadell, Junior Free- styler, St. Louis, Mo. Len Koeth, Junior Butterfly- man, Euclid, Ohio. Howard Fillmore, Junior But- terflymon. Dearborn, Mich, Jim Wentworth, Junior Back- stroker, Jacksonville. Former school 50 yard free record holder Ryan Roy congratulates Ken Abbott after Abbott broke the existing 50 and 100 freestyle marks in the Miami meet. Mermen Go 10-1-1 Beat Florida The 1957-58 Florida State ' Swimming Team. ' S j mn IV " -.;, 31 ,,. ' ' ' U i SftTE STATF STAT 3 ° % ' ,,. t ' V ' kl% Oi Ken Abbott, Senior Freestyler, Birm- ingham, Ala. Ryan Ray, Senior Freestyler, Day- tona Beach. Joel Jacobs, Senior school record holder in breaststroke event. Ft. Lauderdale. Bud Cole, Sophomore Brecststroker, Tampa. Glen Thatcher, Junior Freestyler, Can- ton, Ohio. ■■ 3 - Roger Webb, Junior, Toledo, Ohio. Gymnastics Nationally known among the most outstanding gymnastics coaches in the country. Dr. Hartley Price was selected by the government to conduct a gymnastic clinic in India for the coming year to foster inter- national relations and at the same time inspire the development of gym- nastics in that country. Dr. Price has led FSU to five national titles in the post six years. His teams swept the NCAA and NAAU in 1951, repeated as the NCAA team champions in 1952 after being edged out of a second successive AAU title. In 1954, FSU won the AAU title and again in 1955. In addition. Price is credited with developing FSU ' s Olympic stars Bill Roetzhiem, Don Holder, Jack Miles and Rafael Lecuona. As gymnastics coach at the University of I llinois in the 1 930 ' s, Price ' s teams won four NCAA championships and twice walked off with NAAU titles. In 1949, Price was the recipient of a research award from the Ameri- can Academy of Physical Education. Since 1951, the Price-directed Seminole gymnastics team has never been left out of the top five in Collegiate or AAU competition. Dr. Hartly Price, Gymnastics Coach. The 1957-58 Florida State Gymnastics squad. Laird Anderson, Senior, Atlanta, Ga. Tom O ' Connor, Sophomore, Detroit, Mich. Gymnasts Win Southern Lennort Malmlin, Stockholm, Sweden. Intercollegiate Former Swedish Olympic star Larry Malmlin and Brooklyn- born Chick Cicio led the Seminole gymnasts to their eighth consecutiv e Southern Intercollegiate crown this year. The Tribe gymnasts also walked away with the Midwest Open Championships in Chicago, the Florida AAU and the Georgia AAU along with winning six dual meets to extend the Seminoles ' victory streak to 25 straight meets over a six year period. Most notable of the team ' s victories over this period was on upset over the touring Swedish Olympic Gymnastics squad; the only setback the Olympic team suffered on their U. S. jaunt. Pacing the present team along with Malmlin and Cicio was Fernando Lecuona, brother of former FSU Olympic star Rafael Lecuona. Fernando, a sophomore, competed in the side horse and parallel events. Senior Laird Anderson broke his old school record in the rope climb with a clocking of 3.9 and is expected to place in the top five in national competition as he has done for the past two years. Cicio is the defending national champion in free exercise and is favored to capture the title again this year. Other Seminole gymnasts expected to place in national competition this year are Don Prisser, Roger Webb, Bob Mur- ray, Tom MacDonald, and Joe Cusic. Freshmen who may travel to the NAAU championships in Los Angeles include Bill Beavers, Dave Carmolli, and Jack Ryder. Chick Cicio, Junior, Brooklyn, N. Y. Don Prisser, Senior, Denver, Colo. Bill Beavers, Freshman, Omaho, Nebr. Fernando Lecuona, Sophomore, Hovona, Cuba. 1958 Golf team with Coach Bill Odeneal. Opening the 1958 campaign with only one loss in the post twenty-three matches and boasting a fourth place finish in the 1957 NCAA tournament, Coach Bill Odeneal found a record difficult to surpass as he took over the reins of the Coif squad. Odeneal coached the volleyball team to two national championships in four years be- fore the sport was dropped last year and he was named head mentor of the golfers. Only four lettermen returned to pace the Tribe. They are former National quarterfinal- ist Bob Shave, 1957 All-Marine Corps champ, Mel Fleisher, Rem Noble, and Dave Morris. Rem Noble gets set to clip a shot on the green. Golfers Boast Winning Team Freshmen golfers get ready for a seven meet schedule. 340 Ten n is . Netters prepare for season. A 13-match home schedule that includes meeting with five Southeastern Conference teams and t ' O members of the Big Ten high- light Coach Keith Pitchford ' s tennis schedule. The Seminole netters, winners of only five matches out of 1 6 last year, face another long, hard season against Florida, Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Michigan State and Indiana in their 17 contests. Junior Lex Hester figures to be Pitchford ' s No. 1 player and has Jim Maddock, Jim Berry, Frank Bryan, and Jackie Crew to back him up. Frank Bryan, two year veteran, strikes a pose. Jim Berry sets for a return. Tennis Coach Keith Pitchford. Varsity Tennis team; Left to right; Coach Pitchford, Jim Maddock, Alex Sutor, Russ Rollinger, Jim Berry, Frank Bryan, Howard Levy, and Lex Hester. • - A " ommy Chivers grits his teeth as he looks for the next hurdle. Coach Mike Long ' s thinclads face one of their most trying sched- ules in recent years as the cindermen travel to the Penn Relays in Philadelphia, the Coliseum Indoor Games in Montgomery, Ala., and the Kansas Relays in Lawrence, Kan. The tracksters also face Furman, Florida, Miami and Roanoke in dual meets in addition to taking their annual jaunt to Gainesville for the Florida Relays. In early season ploy, FSU finished second in the non-conference division of the Atlantic Coast Conference Indoor Championships. Paced by four school record holders and a record breaking mile relay team, the track squad could possibly develop into one of Flor- ida State ' s best. Mile record holder Mike Conley displays his easy stride. Track Coach Mike Long and his varsity Track Squad. m.u Off the starting blocks is speedster Jack Terwilliger. W ' ,-» " j,ii -•5 Doyle Ruff holds school 880 mark. A. Handing off to Mike Conley is Terwilliger, as the school record holding mile relay team gets off on its second leg while two teammates look on. Cindermen Win Florida Relays Senior Jerry Henderson set new school javelin mark this season. .%V: Danny Litwhiler, Head Baseball Coach. !. y i i First Team All-American Dick Howser, Shortstop. With a host of returning lettermen in- cluding first team All-American Dick Howser, Coach Danny Litwhiler optimis- tically looked toward the 1958 baseball season. Sporting a 19-6 record last year, the team won the NCAA district tournament in Gastonia, N. C, and went on to the collegiate world series tourney in Omaha, Nebraska, where the Tribe baseballers finished behind the five best college base- ball teams in the country. The Seminoles may do even better this year with veterans returning in seven of nine positions and a host of freshmen joining the squad from the Frosh team which went undefeated in college com- petition. Owen McCarron and Howser led the list of returnees. Howser won the batting title last year " ith a lusty .364 and Mc- Carron headed the RBI department with 29. Other lettermen included Don Axon, John Bristol, Tom Garcia, Fred Kenney, Riley Seevers, John Sheppard, and Frank Slusser. Baseball Tribe Goes To College World Series ' » It never helps. F. S. U. Wins District Tourney Jerry Hohne, Pitcher. Frank Slusser, Pitcher. Ron Zabco, Catcher. Paul Benson, Pitcher. Earnie Longford, Infield. Owen McCorron, Outfield. Harry Tison, Outfield. -« Mike Copps, Catcher. Al Zyla, Infield Charlie Rogers, Infield Tribe batter lets it go against Wisconsin. Jerry Philip, Outfield Fred Kenney, Pitcher Charlie Pinkerman, Outfield. 347 Women ' s Intramurals A ballerina couldn ' t be more graceful. Easy girls, it will come down. TROPHY WINNERS- 1956-57 Pi Beta Phi Volleyball Pi Beta Phi Bowling Zeto Tau Alpha Basketball Kappa Alpha Theta Table Tennis Singles Florida Hall Table Tennis Doubles West Landis Hall Badminton Singles Bryan Hall Badminton Doubles Pi Beta Phi Swimming East Landis Hall Softball BSD Tennis Singles Delta Zeta Tennis Doubles TROPHY WINNERS 1957-58 1st Sports Season Broward Hall Volleyball Gilchrist Hall Bowling 2nd Sports Season Delta Zeta Horseshoes Alpha Xi Delta Deck Tennis Landis Hall Shuffleboord Coach Durham gives the Pi Phi ' s some pregame pointers. Dorm Results 1956-57 Fraternity Results 1956-57 1. Penthouse 1. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2. Feds 2. Phi Delta Theta 3. Magnolia Hall 3. Sigma Nu 4. Rebels (West Hall) 4. Delta Tau Delta 5. Baptists 5. Alpha Tau Omega 6. Senior He ill 6. Sigma Chi 7. Vets 7. Lambda Chi Alpha 8. Methodists 8. Kappa Alpha 9. Playboys (West Hall) 9. Theta Chi 10. Lutherans 10. Phi Kappa Tau 1 1. Co-Op House 1 1. Pi Kappa Phi 12. Psychology Club 12. Tau Epsilon Phi 13. Newman Club 13. Kappa Sigma 14. International Club 14. Sigma Phi Epsilon 15. A. P.O. 15. Pi Kappa Alpha 16. Liberal Religious Youth 1957-58 WINNERS Dormitory Event Fraternity Baptists Football Phi Delta Theta Vets Basketball Sigma Alpha Epsilon Magnolia Hall Track Phi Delta Theta Table Tennis Newman Club Singles Sigma Phi Epsilon Newman Club Doubles Theta Chi Newman Club Swimming (T ie) Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Magnolia Hall Tennis Singles Sigma Alpha Epsilon Magnolia Hal! Tennis Doubles Sigma Nu Newman Club Horseshoes Alpha Tau Omega He ' s off at the start of Fraternity 100 yd. dash. Men ' s Intramurals Theta Chi player goes up to block spike in fraternity action. There ' s always action in intramurals. ' ;. ' i a wm- 4.1- : , 9 i K „ Florida Sf-ate University, 1958 — the place, the people, the things we did — varied, fleeting glimpses of campus life mesh into a larger pattern when viewed in lii CONTEXT Snow transformed palm trees into magical white towers. Some things were new a nd d liferent. Decorum snapped as born and bred Floridians jubilantly wallowed in four inches of the white powder. Unidentified early risers sought fame by being the first to leave their tracks in the sparkling cover. • • Snow! s . % ' « i innumerable cameras produced photographs as proof that it reolly did snow in Tallahassee. 353 Some things stayed the same... There was the perennial parking problem. On the other hand, parking wasn ' t always a problem. m L-iiSi Formal rush brought out the best m everyone ' s manners. The welter of new names and unfamiliar faces caused occasional merriment. Seslous conversations regarding hometowns, majors and the weather were the order of the day. 355 There were new faces ... Freshmen were subiected to a number of traditional ceremonies. " Rat " became an objectionol word to some two thousand new students. Adapting beautifully to their new classification as the " lowest form of life " , three frosh blend voices in the " Alma Mater. " In familiar sett i ngs Bridge games quickly became a vital part of dorm life. mmm More vital was the ritual of check- ing for phone calls. 357 I Va riations on con vent iona I themes • • • The class of ' 75 mulls over the glitter and disolay of the homecoming parade. Roman style, this Seminole watches proceedings in on atmosphere of pure comfort. i I A The familiar wail of " . . . but " 1 need this for graduation! " indicates that registration time has returned. And a variety of problems As if money and women weren ' t enough trouble — the cor has to break down, too! ' .- " «s,sjak ' ,ii ' H ' People, Places Events . • • Hours of preparation preceed a few minutes ' appearance before beauty contest judges. 360 FSU, 1958— Impressions in Context , ' ! if ' X ,K - ; X.N - Alitor ' •r lSit itA tili. ' i m t.)n V J i«ftftt ii)f»Oe.«L ' " Advertising CHEVET ' S Wants to Thank All F. S. U. Students For Their Patronage and Wish All of Them The Best Luck for Their Future Your Photo Shop Corner of College Adams the Mecca WHEN THE ELITE MEET TO EAT Fine Food and Good Fellowship ■TI BRIDGE ANYONE? ACROSS FROM CAMPUS The Vogue WHERE YOU SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY ' LL FIT? Tallahassee, Florida Leaders In Photography Since 1905 RAPPORT STUDIOS Official Photographers, 1958 Tally-Ho School College Photographers 485 Fifth Avenue New York 17, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS Graduating Class of 1958 from your UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE In The Student Center " ENGRAVINGS FOR 1958 TALLY-HO By COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY BIRMINGHAM s. cocfctin s ' dd High Fidelity Center 103 E. Jefferson St. TALLAHASSEE f r Records, Phonographs, High Fidelity Equipment, Tape Recorders, Band Instruments IT ' S LIKE COOL MAN, YOU KNOW. LEWIS G. SCOGGINS, JR. Phone 3-0161 ' M ' i BOOK STORE New Used Books School Supplies We Are Grateful For Your Patronage ALL THESE FOR FENCING 100? Phone 3-1066 — 107 S. Copeland Ideal for Visitors Ideal for Dances Ideal for Banquets FLORIDAN HOTEL An Alsonett Hotel TALLAHASSEE Ballroom Seats 300 THE SWEET SHOP Is The Place To Come For . GOOD FOOD At Reasonable Prices THREE NATIONAL COSMETIC LINES OH REALLY 107 WEST JEFFERSON Suits the South SCHWOBILT Clothes of Tallahassee I ' M IVY, WHAT ' S YOUR LEAGUE? Adams and College Ave. WORDS FOR SALE NOUNS, PRONOUNS, VERBS, ADVERBS, AND ADJECTIVES Every word in the English language that correctly describes your product, and which will help sell it, is now on sole at Rose Printing Company. All of these words are good words. Some of them hove never b een used before by advertisers. When our Staff puts them together correctly to form your advertising message, your soles will increase and you will enjoy more profits from your soles. Bring your printing problem to Rose. We will help you select the right words from our large stock, and put them all together to form an advertising message that will be practical, productive and economical. Call us today and let us put these words to work. ROSE PRINTING COMPANY, INC. TALLAHASSEE INDEX ■ Accounting Honorary 228 ACE 253 Administration 6- 1 3 Alpha Council 2 1 Alpha Delta Sigma 219 Alpha Epsilon Delta 223 Alpha Kappa Psi 238-239 Alpha Lambda Delta 208 Alpha Phi Omega 21 1 ASPA 260 Arnold Air Society 221 Artist Series 265-267 Baking Science Club 256 Board of Publications 43 Cavaliers 24 1 Circus 292-296 Class Officers, Senior 57 Class Officers, Undergraduate Collegiate Party 254 Cotillion 241 Dames Club 242 Debate 279 Delta Sigma Pi 240 Dorm Government 46-53 Epsilon Chi " F " Club, Women ' s 252 Fashion Institute 245 Flambeau 36-38 Four H Club 251 Fraternities 168-197 Gamma Alpha Chi 227 Garnet Key 205 Gold Key 204 Gymkana 280-283 Gymnastica 224 Hall of Fame 305-309 Homecommg 274-278 Home Economics Club 257 Insurance Club 249 Interfraternity Council 134 International Club 250 Kappa Alpha Mu 230 Kappa Delta Pi 216 Kappa Kappa Psi 212 Les Jongleurs 222 Los Picaros 261 M.E.N.C. 249 Men ' s P.E, Majors Club 251 Miss FSU 284-285 Miss FSU Court 286-291 Mortar Board 203 Mortified 206 Music Choral Un:on 299 Collegians 298 Marching Chiefs 302-303 University Singers 299 University Symphony 300-301 Women ' s Glee Club 298 Omicron Delta Kappa 202 Omicron Nu 21 7 Panhellenic 1 35 Ph Alpha Theta 222 Ph Beta Kappa 200 Ph Chi Theta 247 Ph Eta Sigma 226 Ph Kappa Phi 201 Ph Mu Alpha 214 Pi Mu Epsilon 2 1 8 Pi Omega Pi 226 Religious Student Houses Baptist Student Union 236 Christian Science 232 Gamma Delta 233 Newman Club 234 Ruge Hall 233 Wesley Council 235 Wesley Players 235 Westminster Council 236 Saber Flight 229 Scabbard Blade 220 Scholarship Club 258 Schools Colleges Arts Sciences 1 5 Business 1 7 Education 1 6 Graduate 1 9 Home Eocnomics 24 Journalism 23 Library 20 Music 18 Nursing 25 368 Public Administration 22 ROTC 26 Social Welfare 2 1 Scullions 243 Seniors 58-97 Sigma Alpha Eta 225 Sigma Alpha Iota 215 Sigma Chi Derby 270-271 Sigma Delta Pi 223 Sigma Delta Psi 229 Sigma Tau Delta 2 1 8 Slave Auction 273 Smoke Signals 39 Soap Box Derby 272 Social Work Club 253 Soltas 246 Sophomore Council 209 Sororities 1 36- 1 67 Speech Productions 268-269 Sports Baseball 345-347 Basketball 329-332 Cheerleaders 3 1 4 Football 312-328 Golf 340 Gymnastics 337-339 Intramurals 348-349 Swimming 333-336 Tennis 34 1 Track 342-343 SEA 259 Student Government Cabinet 30-31 Honor Court 33 Judiciary 34 Off Campus Court 35 Senate 32 Traffic Court 35 Student Nurses 248 Student Party 254 Tally-Ho 40-42 Tarpon Club 254 Tau Beta Sigma 2 1 3 University Museum 264 Underclassmen 100-131 Village Vamps 244 WFSU-FM 44 WFSU-TV 45 Who ' s Who 207 ( ■-.Cr ' -yi ' ' ' .: ' .■:. -r " ■ . ' ' . ' ,■..,■ ' ■- V-s ' ii ; ' :fr W: • ' v; ' .- ' . ' ..:• ■. ' • ( .1,1 ; . ' .-.. ' I

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