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03xn? o, ' ®tft i • • ■ »„ t » ■ ■ , » ' « . s ' . l v ' » ' •• ' ' • ' • « . : • -. Rfi .•»s-. ' .-i V i « w mmm mmaiXMVWMW CTJ -V " V CUT " iv e@ ai p v — 1 l) 31 i it IE DCZDI DO JD 1 1 II 1 M 11 ii 1 DCZL3, 3 1=1 )C I! |Q □ 31 ID ji irn 11 I! IT DCZ1IZZO DC I I — I D 1 pin BARBARA AYALA editor U1 HEMANN business mgr EVIE MORRIS mgr. editor DICK PARKS photography DON HEIDEL ar£ -layout I 1 1 r 1 1 ! r -I N ii I r 1 FLORIDA STATE UNIVE w I tf ►rf % ukxV. ' |5 h I IBP ll ■ Hfce. ' - ??? I Volume X Published by the student body of Florida State University ft SF i — c i , i ,i rTT 2Z3 TTT RSITY • TALLAHASSEE D czuczn I 7 HIT - V V for whirlwind politics the president Dr. Doak S. Campbe Concluding his sixteenth year as President of the Florida State University, Dr. Doak S. Campbell, one of the nation ' s foremost educators, will retire from an active career in education this year. During his administration here, Dr. Campbell has seen the campus change from a woman ' s college to a co-educational university, more than double in enrollment, and has helped put into effect the expansion programs which have accounted for the remarkable growth of this Institution. On the national scene, Dr. Campbell served as a consultant to President Roosevelt ' s Advisory Committee on Education in 1937, and is a past president of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. He is also recognized as a national authority on curriculum, and has written a great d?al on that subject. In his plans for the future, Dr. Campbell intends to devote more time to the field of education in his writing, and by serving as a consultant in higher education. the governor Governor LeRoy Collins has the unique distinction of being the only governor of the State of Florida to be. elected for two consecutive terms. He first took office in 1954, when he was elected to fill out the remaining two years of the late Governor Dan McCarty ' s term, and again in 1957 when he was re-elected by an over- whelming first-primary victory. Prior to this, Governor Collins can claim eighteen years of service to Florida in the State Legislature. He was elected to the House of Representatives in 1935 and in 1940 was elected to the State Senate. He served in this capacity — except for a tour of duty in the Navy — until his election to the governor- ship in 1954. LeRoy Collins was born in Tallahassee in 1910. In 1932 he married Mary Call Darby, the great-granddaughter of Rich- ard Keith Call, one of the early territorial governors of Florida. The Collinses have four children — Roy, Jr., a recent grad- uate of the Naval Academy, Jane, Mary Call, and Darby. LeRoy Collins vice president Dr. Albert Martin administration board of control Seated, left to right; Hon. Ralph L. Miller, Chairman; Hon. Fred H. Kent; Hon. J. Lee Ballard; Hon. Hollis Rinehart. Standing, Hon. James J. Love, Vice Chairman; Hon. R. H. Gore, Sr.; Hon. Kendrick Guernsey; Dr. J. B. Culpepper, Executive Secretary. deans Dr. R. R. Oglesby Dean of Students Miss Katherine Warren Dean of Women Dr. Samuel R. Neel Dean of Men K Dr. James F. Carr Associate Dean of Men i stration Mr. R. K. Shaw Treasurer and Business Manager fill ¥ % }Mi| I 2 « »•- Dr. Norman L. Kilpatrick Director of Libraries Miss Elizabeth Lynn Assistant Dean of Women i Dr. Melvene D. Hardee Coordinator of Counseling Mr. Charles H. Walker Registrar Mr. John T. Flournoy Director, Personnel Records Dr. Haviland Hathaway Director, Student Health Service f v Mrs. Margaret Blair Acting Director, Vocational Guidence and Placement Mr. Edward D. Whittlesey Director, Public Relations Dr. W. Hugh Stickler Director, Educational Research and Service Dr. Reid H. Montgomery Adviser, Student Publications Dr. Hilda E. Tinney Coordinator of Counseling and Guidance - w i ? V Dr. Mark DeGraff Director, Test Service Bureau Mr. Frank E. Bean Adviser, Foreign Students Miss Marie Williams Director of Social Activities Mr. Robert T. Leigh Director of Publications hi hopeful trips to the Post Office the muffled rumble of bowling alleys . . butterflies during finals . . . and loafer-shod feet. ■v The College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to the type of educational program wh.ch emphasizes general and liberal training in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. More a»d more this broad training is being demanded by and gayernm Irts arjd " iJ ' n ' ces t ' v io pl a- lHB 1 bdem ' ic 1 d -ernmental agencies urse of study! education .program Students r ister in ces r2hopJcin rrtmenii-aw H ffl ii-profc science maiors, 3 prograr and essio c pnsehng, ' anjJK gover p r ?i5 % udy dentistry, IpdV fering, ious departme nrel-naiiprtGiiK recogni wa ' fhpliast d ee jn any department e $oqt»l)p tyflosophy gree in . Yd in any decided training medical ervices. fields chieved . Stu- , ' .»«k« - - -»$ vm K v Dr. Charles S. Davis Dean, College of Arts Sciences arts sciences languages . . . humanities . . . sciences . . . ■ I education blackboards . . . visual aids . . . interns papers to grade w— DR. MODE L. STONE Dean, School of Education Students in the School of Education pursue programs leading to teaching careers in nursery, kindergarten, elementary, second- ary and junior college; in special education, guidance, and per- sonnel work; as specialists in adult, art, driver, health, industrial arts, language arts, mathematics, modern and foreign language, physical, science, social studies, and vocational education; as school administrators and supervisors; as teacher educators; and as school finance, building, transportation, and research specialists. The expanding program has enrolled 1760 resident university students, including both undergraduate and graduate students. The University School, enrolling 735 students, provides laboratory experience for the preparation of school personnel. One hundred thirty-nine faculty members are engaged in research, in teaching on-campus and extension classes, and in various consultative ser- vices to the people throughout the state of Florida. DR. CHARLES A. ROVETTA Dean, School of Business business The present need for professional education for business administration is clearly defined. Modern busi- ness operations and management demand an increasingly high order of technical knowledge and administrative skill. It is now widely recognized that in business, as in law, engineering, or medicine, formal professional edu- cation is of vital importance in preparing for a career. Education for business offers significant advan- tages. It conserves time by shortening the period of apprenticeship for higher executive responsibility. It pro- vides a breadth of knowledge and perspective of complex business problems which are difficult to acquire through experience alone. More important, it supplements ex- perience and greatly enhances its worth by supplying the valuable insight of theory and basic principles. The management of the forthcoming decade must be more analytical than at present. In addition, a new responsibility must be incorporated and emphasized — that of creative thinking and planning. In the highly competitive executive area of tomor- row, creative imagination may well become the factor determining career advancement. Education designed to advance methods of analysis, formation of value judg- ments, and creative imagination are incorporated within the curriculum of the School of Business. music DR. KARL O. KUERSTEINER Dean, School of Music The School of Music accommodates all levels of musical interest from the child in primary school to the candidate for a doctoral degree. National recognition came to the school in 1930, when the National As- sociation of Schools of Music admitted it to fully accredited membership. A variety of curricula are offered: Bachelor ' s degrees with majors in Instru- mental or Vocal music, Piano Teaching, Music Education, both instrumental and choral, and Music Therapy; Master ' s Degrees in Applied Music, Theory, Compo- sition, History and Literature, Sacred Music, and Music Education; and Doctor ' s Degrees in Music Education, Piano Literature, Theory and Music Education. Faculty members of outstanding achievement in their fields include Dr. Dohnanyi, who was a featured soloist at the Edinburg Festival in Scotland; Mr. Carlisle Floyd, whose opera " Susannah " had its New York premiere as he accepted a Guggenheim scholarship award; and Dr. Housewright and Dr. Rigsby, who spent the year in Japan and Austria, respectively, on Fullbright scholarships. Some of the students ' accomplishments must also be mentioned; the per- formance of an opera, " See the Wind " , written by senior Ryan Edwards; the award to David Ward-Steinman of a scholarship to Aspen Music School to study composition under Darius Milhaud; and the Marie Morrisey Award given to pianist James Stafford by the National Federation of Music Clubs. y DR. MILTON W. CAROTHERS Dean, Graduate School 01 0) The Graduate School administers graduate programs in all depart- ments of the University except the School of Nursing. Doctoral programs ore offered in Music, Education, Home Economics, Government, Humanities, Spanish, English, Biological Oceanography, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Meteorology, Sociology, Physiology, Psychology, Speech, Home and Family Living Education, Counseling, and Research. All graduate students are eligible to apply for a limited number of Graduate Fellowships. Graduate Assistantships are available through the departments. Numerous research projects offer valuable educational ex- perience and financial assistance to graduate students. The Graduate School Office is now housed in the Graduate S chool Building, which was formerly the Library Building. A part of this building will be used for social and other activities of graduate students. Special facilities for graduate students have been provided in the new Library School. Substantial additions in holdings have been made to support the rapidly expanding graduate program. • • : -. mP LIBRARY library science microfilm . . . document ' s . . . records . . . books DR. LOUIS SHORES Dean, Library Science Librarianship has suddenly become a profession of destiny. Librarians are now one of the main components of the psychological army abroad and at home. FSU graduates are serving all over the world in the libraries and in- formation centers of the U. S. Department of State and of the Armed Forces. Librarians are now full partners in industry research and in the scientific laboratories of the United States. The decision of Congress to appropriate seven million dollars annually for the next five years to assist in the extension of free public library service to rural areas creates a tremendous demand for public librarians. The introduction of bibliographers on the staffs of college and university libraries stimulates a new demand for Ph. D. librarians doubly trained in librarianship and in the sciences, social sciences, or humanities. Finally, schools all over the country have moved to establish material centers in the elementary schools and high schools. For that reason librarian- ship has now become the number one shortage in the index of teacher demand in the United States. FSU has the only nationally accredited professional Library School within a radius of 500 miles of the center of Florida. Its program leads to the basic master ' s degree which can be completed in one calendar year. Librarianship is fundamentally concerned with the dissemination of good ideas and the study of all the media of communcation. sunlight dappling the campus . quick trips to the coast . . . sparsely populated classes the spangled magic of Circus the picnic-look of walking shorts . . . malHlBHi wn suntans at the Gulf planning ahead to marriage or midterms a wash and polish job on the car and jubilation at a brother ' s pinning. I i Bi DR. COYLE E. MOORE Dean, School of Social Welfare :£ The School of Social Welfare offers programs of education and training on both the undergraduate and graduate levels for those preparing for positions in social work, social welfare, mental health, criminology and penology, and marriage and family counseling. Many students majoring in the School of So- cial Welfare qualify to teach social studies in the high school or to teach in the elementary grades. Other students combine a major in social welfare with the equivalent of a major in psychology, political science, journalism, sociology, public administration, or some other field. Many pre-ministerial or pre-law stu- dents find social welfare an excellent undergraduate major as basic prepara- tion for their profession. The Division of Marriage and Family Living in the School of Social Welfare offers a number of courses ranging from " Preparation for Marriage " to " Marriage Counseling " that prepare people for choosing mates wisely and for intelligent parenthood. In all of its educational programs, the School ties up theory with practice through field trips, demonstrations, work- shops and internships. The student in so- cial welfare courses comes to grips with reality which makes for vital and dynamic learning as well as effective teaching. v M ' ■ P. m soc i a welfare . public administration The School of Public Administration is the only school cf government in the South, and one of the few in the nation. Though less than ten years old, the School has already become recognized throughout the United States, drawing students from all sections of the country and from foreign countries. It has pioneered a number of programs and courses which have been adopted in other universities. An example is the School ' s Federal Lecturer Program, which has brought to the campus as visiting lecturers top officials of the Federal Gov- ernment. A similar program for state officials brings into the classroom each year members of the State Cabinet and other top State officials. Members of the School ' s faculty are continually taking part in programs of research and advice for state and local governmental officials of Florida. These governmental problems and experiences are shared with students in the classroom. The internship program of the School is another way in which students are able to see first hand how government actually works. Graduates of the School of Public Administration are found in increasing numbers of key positions in state, city, county, and Federal government. The State Budget Director, the Director of the Florida Securities Commission, the Assistant Per- sonnel Director of the State Road Department, the Business Manager of the State Board of Control, and many others are graduates of the School. Journalism graduates are at work in New York, Chicago, and other distant cities as well as in the South. Many of them report news for news- papers, radio, or television. Others teach, work on magazines, or are in advertising and public relations. In 1956-57 the faculty of the School of Journalism reviewed and revised the curriculum. The undergraduate program in television and radio received special attention. The graduate program also was modified con- siderably. Additional equipment was added to the television-radio labora- tories. Four offices, a lecture room, and reporting and editing laboratories in the Reynolds Annex eased the space problem in the Journalism Building. An advertising layout laboratory was set up in the basement of the Women ' s Gymnasium. Dean Laurence R. Campbell was re-elected executive secretary for the Florida Scholastic Press Association. Professor Earl Mclntyre was ap- pointed executive secretary of the Florida Association of Magazine Pub- lishers. Professor Royal H. Ray was ; n charge of the distribution center of the Advertising Federation of America, Fourth District. Professor Daniel F. Wozniak expanded radio-television workshop activities. Professor Richard Joel served as national vice-president of Alpha Delta Sigma. Gamma Alpha Chi won honors in national competition. journalism DR. LAURENCE R. CAMPBELL Dean, School of Journalism home economics patterns . . . material . . . menus . . . recipes The School of Home Economics moved last September into its spacious new building and for the first time in several years all departments in the school are housed in one building. Major programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels may be found in the Departments of Clothing and Textiles, Food and Nutrition, Home and Family Life, Home Demonstration Education, Home Economics, Education and Institution Administration. Graduates from any of these areas will find many opportunities for personal or professional use of their training. Home economists are needed in so many areas that the supply of graduates has never yet equalled the number of positions open. For the college student wishing interesting work with a future, Home Economics should be one of the areas considered. The student interested in the sciences may wish to major in Nutrition, Food Technology, Textiles or Household Administration; the student with artistic ability and may find that a major in Interior Design or Fashion Design is more to her liking; while the student interested in the social sciences may wish to specialize in Child Development, Family Relations or to combine a major in Nutrition with courses fitting her for public health careers. These are only a few of the opportunities available. The teacher of Home Eco- nomics, the home demonstration agent or the commercial home economist will find opportunities awaiting her within or without the State. DR. MARGARET R. SANDELS Dean, School of Home Economics The Florida State University School of Nursing offers two programs leading to the Bachelor of Science Degrees in Nursing or Nursing Education. Both programs are planned to include the full general educational requirements of the University, giving all nurses a solid foundation on which to base their professional education. The first program prepares the student just out of high school to develop to her fullest potential in her abilities to make intelligent decisions and practice positive mental and physical health, as well as to learn about hospital care of patients. Pub- lic health agencies, a mental hospital, a nursery school, a large general hospital, a tuberculosis hospital, and rural hospitals all contribute to the basic education of these students. The second program prepares nurses who are already registered to assume leadership positions in many areas in nursing. This is done through a core curriculum centered about principles in administration and teaching. Both programs are concerned with the needs of nursing in this state and region, although graduates of the programs can already be found in the worldwide setting. MISS VIVIAN M. DUXBURY Dean, School of Nursing nursing i v ' t t tWK a 2S i .-r-r ; ■ 4jR5J LT. COL. CHARLES H. CALHOUN rote The mission of the Army ROTC Program is to develop educated, well-rounded leaders to officer our nation ' s armies during periods of national emergency. The program affords a student the opportunity to combine his military duties with academic preparation for his future career. The Program of Instruction follows the General Military Science Curriculum and consists of two years each basic and ad- vanced courses. Successful completion of the program leads to a reserve commission of second lieutenant in any branch of the Army, depending upon service requirements and individual student training, choice and back- ground. Distinguished military students may receive appointments in the Regular Army. Specifically, the program prepares young men for positions of command and develops in them essential knowledge and character- istics of an officer. It embraces subjects common to all branches of the Army, in- cluding psychology of leadership, personnel management, military administration, mili- tary history, map and aerial photograph reading, military operations and logistics, teaching methods, weapons and their em- ployment and command and staff proce- dures. Classroom instruction is supplemented by practical field work, engaged in by mem- bers of the advanced course during attend- ance at a six weeks summer camp at a reg- ular Army installation. maps . . . rifles . . . drill . . . manuals . . . parades COL. HOWARD J. WITHYCOMBE afrotc The mission of the Air Force ROTC Unit is to provide an Air-Age Citizenship Course and to select and train cadets as future lead- ers in the United States Air Force. The four-year ROTC program is divided into a basic and an advanced course, each of two years ' duration. The basic course is designed to familiarize the student with the characteristics and capabilities of air power, weapons, and operations. Selected cadets are invited to take familiarization rides in USAF aircraft. Other activities provide ca- dets the opportuity to participate in the Cadet Band, Precision Drill Team, Rifle Team, and newspaper. The Advanced Course provides qualified and selected cadets with generalized training in the fields of Leadership, Air Power Con- cepts, Administration and the military as- pects of World Political Geography. Selec- tion for the Advanced Course is based on such factors as leadership, academic ad- vancement, and physical qualifications. Ad- vanced cadets who qualify for pilot training are given 35 to 40 hours of flight instruction during their senior year. Seniors have class distinction . . . graduation families . . . convocation troubles . . . sophomore brothers and sisters and pictures for the yearbook. C «T «(• VOW Student Government . . . Publications . . .Dorm Government Seniors . . . Undergraduates contents ji MIC iss F S U . . . Campus Queens Sororities . . . Fraternities Campus Events Honoraries . . . Clubs Advertising . . . Index I 32 UDENT GOVERNMENT • DORM GOVERNMENT • PUBLICATIONS government student government The Student Government has three di- visions of power patterned after our Na- tional Government. A Student Body Constitution outlines the duties, offices and authority of these branches. The Executive Branch is composed of the President, the President ' s Cabinet, and three Vice-Presidents. The Legisla- tive powers of Student Government rest in the Student Senate. This year, for the first time, Senators have been elected to represent both classes and living areas. The highest court of the Judicial Branch of Student Government is the Honor Court. The University Court, bet- ter known as Judiciary, has jurisdiction over violations of regulations concerning the conduct of all students. Traffic Court handles all traffic and parking violations involving student cars, and makes recom- mendations regarding traffic policies on campus. Off Campus Court functions for sorority women as the Dorm House Coun- cils for their residents. DAVE BACHMAN Student Body President executive branch Working together on many issues concerning the Student Body, the Student Senate and the President ' s Cabinet have major accomolish- ments in several areas. In January library hours were extended until 10 p.m. on Sundays. Two student policemen have been employed by the University to check on traffic violations . As a result of Senate investigations and recommen- dations both the University and Morrison ' s Food Service have increased their wages. Student lobbyists have been registered with the State Legislature for the purpose of furthering stu- dent interests. SHARES has been organized to raise money, through benefits and donations, for scholarships for Hungarian Students JIM SOLES Men ' s Vice President CAROLYN CLOSE Women ' s Vice President President ' s Cabinet: Bob Elting, Secretary of Student Welfare; Carmine Ranieri, Secretary of Student Events; Arnold Greenfield, Attorney General; Mitzi McCullough, Secretary of Elections; Jim Mclntyre, Secretary of Honor; Dave Bachman, President; Norma Trippodo, Secretary of Organizations; Barbara Jefferies, Secretary of the Interior; Evelyn Moll, Secretary of Finance; Jan Kaminis, Secretary of State. BILL CULLOM Student Body Vice President Men ' s Senate ' Front row left to right. Harold Williams, Don K. Lewis, Ronnie Blue, Jim Soles, Bob Murray, Fred Rob- erts, Alden Gilmore. Second row. Dick Crawford, Jack Lang, Bucky Cannon, James Baird, Jim Moore, Gerry Gordon, Frank Fain, Bob Porter. Third row. Mike Copps, Ramon Ar- nold, Charles Van Delinder. Not pictured: Jack Montgomery. Women ' s Senate: Front row left to right. Cynthia Lawrence, Judy Ramsey, Pat Mickler, Pol- ly Atwater, Pat Finlay, Carolyn Close, Diane Godin. Second row. Barbara Moore, Betty Faye Horner, Pat Manning, Barbara Watson, Prise i I la Moss, Ev Lomaistro, Kay Ready. Not pic- tured: Charlotte Patten, Faye Moses, Bennie Jo Cozart, Mary Ann Lassiter. SYLVIA KEARSON Secretary of Senate Serious Soles sits. senate legislature 36 GERRY GORDON ' Any new business? ' honor court • • • judicial BILL MANNING Chief Justice of Honor Court Honor Court has jurisdiction over violations of the Honor Code, the constitutionality of all laws passed by the Student Senate, and appeals from the lower courts. For the first time Honor Court notices have been posted on campus reviewing the results of cases so students may be aware of the function- ing of the court. Composed of a Chief Justice, Clerk, and eight representatives elected by the student body, Honor Court has a range of power including ex- pulsion subject to review and recommendation by a Faculty review Committee. Left to right: Carol Roth, Barbara Burkhardt, Phyllis Patten, Love Scarborough, Polly Swain, Clerk; Bill Man- ning, Chief Justice; Don Alford, Bill Strickland, Dick Fregoe, Karl Edwards. Women ' s Court: Left to right. Gretchen Kerr, Nancy Johnson, Nancy Worrall, Martha McGinnes, Jane Salley, secretary; June McManus, chairman; Ann Munroe, Barbara Hendrix, Martha Grizzard, Judy Dekle, Mary Margaret Williams. university court JUNE McMANUS Chairman of University Court Men ' s Court: Left to right. Ray Mc- Coy, Dick Lukas, Earle Peterson, Neeley Alexander, chairman, John G. Brown, Charlie Sizer. Not pictured Bob Duke, John C. Calhoun, Bob Saltz. Traffic Court: Left to right. Ruth Johnson, Secretary; Mary Frances Horn, Patty Pasciak, Chief Justice, Joanne Thompson. NANCY JOHNSON Chairman of Off Campus Court Off Campus Court: Front row Left to right. Sue Maxwell, Gary McAteer, Emilie Hudson, Nancy Johnson, chair- man, Pat Warner, Cora Ann Manning. Back row. Eleanor Erwin, Pat Brazil, Ann George, Nancy Jo Bowers, Ann Williams, Carol Daily, Ann Elliott, Ann Riley, Alice McDonald, Alma Wandeck, Shirley Ison, Grace Schmidt. off campus court publications LARRY MEREDITH Business Manager MARTIN DYCKMAN News Editor DON HEIDEL Managing Editor OSCAR JOHNSON Editor-in-Chief florida flambeau Striving to maintain the Ail-American rating awarded to the Florida Flambeau last year, the staff endeavors to give its readers creditable presentation of features, sports, editorials, student opinion and news, on a national as well as a local level. As well as news items and editorials the Flambeau features Herblock cartoons, a review of campus events, letters to the Editor and the ever popular Little Man on Campus by Dick Bibler. Additions to the Flam- beau during the past year have included Peanuts by Schultz, the cartooon drawings by Don Heidel and a society page in the Friday edition. The cooperation of all divisions of the staff re- sults in orderly confusion on Monday and Thursday afternoons before the Flambeau goes to press. The two main divisions of the staff are the editorial and the business. The editorial staff headed by the Edi- tor-in-Chief includes the feature and news editors as well as the columnists and editorial writers. The job of supplying the advertising and keeping the books belongs to the business staff, headed by the Business Manager. DUNCAN OSBORN Advertising Manager SANDRA COLLEY Assistant Business Manager MICKEY COLE Society Editor CHARLOTTE POITEVINT Associate Editor ALAN WHITMARSH Sports Editor Sports Staff: Left to right. Bess Weller, Ronald Cold, Joe Greene, Ben Balser, Frank Ramos, Larry Block, Sports Editor. Left to right: Ruth Fritchie, Sr. Staff, Jeri Bradfield, Campus Editor, Dave Fletcher, Sr. Staff, Sylvia Ward, Society Staff, Nancy Gene Brown, Asst. Advertising Mgr. Columists: Left to right: Oscar Johnson, Arnold Green- field, Martin Dyckman, Jim Soles. Left to right: Tom Sawyer, Photo Editor, Charlie Sizer, Bill Watkins, Photographers. Left to right: Helen Ireland, Ralph Morgan, Advertising Staff, Johnny Hall, Circulation Manager. 42 i Staff: Left to right. Elaine Belvin, Betty Sue Graham, John Boardman, Mary Lou Suher, Else Newberry, Barbara Wyatt, Marsha Myrick, Marcello Truzzi, Jack Norton, Marilyn Mason, Majel Hinson. smoke signals MARCELLO TRUZZI Editor-in-Chief JIM OLSEN Managing Editor JACK NORTON Humor Editor F. S. U. ' s humor magazine is published " every so often " under the leadership of these three photogenic students, and others who were too shy to even have any picture taken. The Smoke Signals staff and " assorted compatriots " annually spon- sor a short story contest. This year, for the first time, one issue of Smoke Signals was devoted entirely to the publication of a serious literary edition featuring student talent. EVIE MORRIS Managing Editor BARBARA AYALA Editor-in-Chief DON HEIDEL Art Editor tally ho Planning and work toward the 1957 Tally Ho started last spring with the selection of the Editor and Business Manager. Learning from the mistakes of previous years the staff has revised and improved upon existing policies. The contracting of a professional yearbook photographer for the class section, composite rather than group pictures in the Greek section, and an index of people and organizations pictured in the Tally Ho have been among the improvements the staff feels have helped make this Tally Ho an improvement over past editions and a guide for the future. We have endeavored to relate in words and pictures a representative story of the past year at Florida State. Amid the confusion of clacking typewriters, sorting pictures, phone calls and many questions this Tally Ho has emerged. To those who have contributed time and service we give our thanks. Don Talmon, Business Staff, Arlene Sargent, Asst. Business Manager Jeri Bradfield Schools Gretchen Kerr Student Govt.; Dorm Govt.; Publications Bob Moren Sports Bob Wolfenbarger Sports Betty Hatton Class Desse Pinckard Greeks Barbara Bertolett ... Greeks Liz Schmitt Organizations STAFF Vieva Bryan Mary Ann Lassiter Eleanor Cain Russ Parrish Barbara Card Timmie Perkins Sally Lou Carlson Jerrie Shearouse Derryl Grace Joyce Stocking Joyce Day Charlotte Stoker Monty Gillham Sidney Tally Gloria Johnson Molly Walker Kay Jordan Sandra Wilson Sylvia Kearson RAY HEMANN Business Manager I PAT MURPHY Photography Editor Gretchen Kerr, Editor, Student Govt., Dorm Govt., Publications; Liz Schmitt, Editor, Organizations; Skip Maurer, Barbara Card, Eleanor Cain. BOB ASHTON Lab Technician DICK PARKS Chief Photographer TOM SAWYER Photographer 45 Seated Left to right. Joyce Day. Back row, Charlotte Stoker, Jerri Shearouse, Sylvia Kearson, Mollie Walker, Monty Gillham, Sidney Tally. Seated Left to right: Derryl Grace, Mary Ann Lassiter, Bob Wolfenbarger, Sports Co-editor. Back row. Bob Moren, Sports Co-editor, Sally Lou Carlson. Left to right. Betty Hatton, Gloria Johnson, Class Editors; Desse Pinckard, Barbara Bertolett, Greek Editors. Left to right. Jeri Bradfield, Schools Editor; Caroline Watt, Vieva Bryan, Sandra Wilson, Index Editors. 40 board of student publications The purpose of the Board of Student Publications is to help maintain a high standard of journalism in student publications. Its duties include the appointing of the editor and business manager of each of the publications, approving their budgets and financial statements, and considering requests concerning their policies. The publication of a literary magazine and a revision of the Pow Wow have been topics considered by this group during the past year. Five students elected in the spring serve on this Board along with three faculty members appointed by the President. A student elected by the Board serves as Chairman. Editors and Business Managers of all student publications serve on the Board as non-voting members along with Dr. Reid Montgomery, Advisor for Student Publications. DON HEIDEL Chairman Left to right: Russ Parrish, Mr. Richard Joel, Dr. Elston Roady, Don Heidel, Laird Anderson, Alan Whitmarsh. Not pictured: Ann Bohler, Dr. Earl Beck. - . University television pro- grams are produced by the Office of Communications and Radio. Typical of this activity is the telecourse in basic con- versational Spanish offered through WCTV, channel 6, Tallahassee, and WMBR-TV, channel 4, Jacksonville. Facil- ities of the Office of Communi- cations and Radio are utilized by instructional departments in radio and television who supply student talent for University radio and TV programs and films. The Office of Communi- cations and Radio is headed by Roy Flynn, Director of Radio and Television. Dr Margaret Campbell of the Modern Languages faculty prepares for her series " Let ' s Learn Spanish, " the first University telecourse offered through commercial television stations. wf su-tv Werner Vagt, cinematographer for the Office of Communications and Radio, adjusts lights for a sound-on-film sequence being shot in the main studio. Dr. Margaret Campbell in action. A radio-TV Speech class rehearses a dramatic program which will be tape-recorded for broadcast over WFSU- FM. June Si I lay reads with Frank Kaney who is also student operations assistant for the station. w f s u - f m WFSU-FM, the University radio station, ex- tends hi-fi University-level listening to an audience within a fifteen mile radius of the Music Building where beautiful studios and an excellent outlay of equipment are located. The station broadcasts a total of sixty-five hours per week, and also serves as the pro- duction center for programs aired through commercial stations over the country via the Tape Network. WFSU-FM is only one area of activity supervised by the Office of Communi- cations and Radio. Station facilities are also used in preparation of sound tracks for Uni- versity films produced by the department and broadcast through commercial TV stations of the state. Roy Flynn, Director of Radio and Television, checks the schedule with Barbara Waddell, student announcer, in the WFSU-FM an- nouncer ' s studio. Florida State University music reaches listeners from the Virgin Islands to Oregon via the Tape Network. Bill Ragsdale, chief engi- neer for the Office of Communications and Radio, checks in tapes with Patti Wisener, student producer of " Repeat Performance. " With heavy emphasis on hi-fi good music, Jean Cooper, music li- brarian, fills a key post on WFSU-FM operations. She discusses each new song-play selection with Ray Cheydleur, assistant-director of Radio-TV. 50 women ' s dorm life 51 dorm government BROWARD First row left to right. Jean Fussell, social chairman. Back row. Shirley McLendon, vice pres., B. J. Little, pres., Linda Broderick, vice pres. BRYAN Front row left to right. Polly Atwater, vice pres., Glenda Briscoe, pres., Gina Francescon, social chairman. Back row. Kay Decubellis, vice pres. JENNIE MURPHREE Left to right, Pat Arrants, social chr.; Sara Jane Griffin, vice pres., Gayle Gardner, vice pres., Joyce Weatherup, pres. REYNOLDS Left to right. Sylvia Willis, social chairman, Catherine Dunn, vice pres., Nina Williams, vice pres., Chris Ginoc- chio, pres. I EAST LANDIS First row Left to right. Barmell Bled- soe, Nancy Womer, Motsy Cunning- ham, Jeannette Burnsed, Marie Lock- er. Back row. Jean Worley, social chairman, Betty June Bishop, vice pres., Doris Holt, pres., Nadine York, vice pres., Mary Lou Yearty. GILCHRIST Left to right. Norma Trippodo, vice pres., Nena Psares, pres., Regina Ray, vice pres., Nancy Hudgins, social chairman. Not Pictured Fran Wilson, vice pres. WEST LANDIS First row Left to right. Flo Simon, Arlene Sloan, Penny Appleby, Sandra Bass, Doris Hustin. Back row. Bitsy McKeown, Lois Charlesworth, vice pres., Pat Rooney, pres., Sandra Ro- senberg, vice pres., Ethel Calhoun. FLORIDA Left to right Cora Ann Hargrove, social chairman, Eleanor Welbes, pres., Rosemary Hollander, vice pres., Mary Alice Croft, vice pres. NORTH CAWTHON Front row left to right. Jacque Bouder, social chair- man. Back row. Evie Morris, vice pres., Lisabeth Stainer, pres., Irent Rodriguez, vice pres. SOUTH CAWTHON Left to right. Faye Moses, vice pres., Martha Trice, pres., Pat Weeks, vice pres., Peggy Robinson, social chairman. , ;.i MAGNOLIA Lefr to right. Larry Moore, Bill Brenner, governor, Frank Ramos, Ralph Peckham. WEST HALL First row Left to right. Jack Taylor, Howell Winfree. Back row. Tom Westhaver, David Curry, governor, Steve Kleid. SENIOR HALL First row Left to right. Jim Arnold, Jim Fox, John Counter. Back row. George Goldstein, Bob Moren, governor, Al Matman. M fl BfliHH||K3HHBS3HBH ' - WwhHHHHI - " -- .jjgMi i • i HnMyM| dormitory life seniors • undergraduates m - ' , t . 1 _ " - - 1 r - - r TH ' r-r _ — - X- - - • ' X — v.- -_ ' • -. — w SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PAUL ORT President RAY WAGNER Vice President RUTH HENSHAW ROGERS _ Treasurer DONNA HARDY Secretary NANCY CUBBON Social Chairman the senior class ROW ONE: ELSIE R. ABBOTT, Pensacola; B.S. Education; Wesley Foundation; Junior Counselor; Recreation Society 3, 4 . . . JANE ANN ABBOTT, Miami; B.S. Education; Baptist Stu- dent Union, FTA . . . JO HN PATRICK ADAMS, Miami; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Pre-Med; Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Council; Alpha Epsilon Delta 3, 4; Pershing Rifles 1; ROTC Rifle Team 1 ; Biology Club 2; Newman Club; Phi Sigma 4 . . . MARY LOUISE ALBRECHT, St. Petersburg; B.A. Education; Sigma Delta Pi; ACE; FTA; Canterbury Club; Circus . . . T. NEELY ALEXANDER, Pompano Beach; B.S. Business, Man- agement; Alpha Tau Omega, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4; Men ' s Judiciary, Chairman 4; Football Manager 1, 2; Wesley Foun- dation . . . SION A. ALFORD, Chipley; B.S. Business; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; West Hall Governor . . . Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Counselor . . . ANITA AN- DERSON, Tampa; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Village Vamps; Sophomore Council; Gymkana Court 2; Circus 3; FTA 4 . . . GERALDINE ANDERSON, Jacksonville; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Art; Delta Delta Delta; University Singers 3; Gamma Alpha Chi Fashion Show 3 . . . THELMA SUTTON ANDERSON, Ponce de Leon; B.S. Education . . . MAVRO M. ARAMENDIA, Havana, Cuba; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Chem- istry; Sigma Delta Pi . . . OLLIE MARION ARD, West Palm Beach; B.S. Social Welfare; Delta Gamma, President 4; Junior Counselor; Social Chairman Bryan Hall 3; Sophomore Council; Tarpon; Social Work Club . . . ROW TWO: DONALD OWEN ALFORD, Naperville, III ; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Pre-Med; Sigmi Chi, Treasurer; Varsity Basketball; Alpha Council; Judiciary 2; Honor Court 3, 4; Gold Key; ODK . . . KATHERINE ALLEN, Jacksonville; B.M.E. . . PAUL DELMER ALLEN, Brandenton; B.S. Business; Wes- ley Players 3; Vice-President 4; West Hall Dorm Government 2 . . . BLANCHE ADELE ALLIGOOD, Key West; B.S. Education JACQUELINE MARLENE ALTMAN, New Smyrna Beach; B.S. Education, Early Childhood and Elem; Delta Gamma; ACE 3, 4; FTA 2; State Scholarship Club 1 ; Theatre Dance Group 3 . CORA R. AMY, Marianna; B.A. Library Science; Soltas . . . ROW THREE: NAOMI YOUNG ANDERS, Gainesville; B.S. Education, Home Economics; Westminister Fellowship; FTA 1; ROW FOUR: PATTI LATRICIA ARMSTRONG, Tampa; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Women ' s F Club 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 3; Sophomore Council; URA Secretary 2, Vice-President 3; Physical Education Asso.; Student Advisor to Board of Student Welfare 3; Assistant Intramural Manager 3; WNORC 3, 4; AAHPER . . . FLORENCE HELEN ASHBY, Sarasota; B.M.E.; Kappa Alpha Theta President 4; Tau Beta Sigma 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 3; Sigma Alpha lota 2, 3, 4; Baptist Student Union Foun- dation Chairman 3, Vice-President 4; Sophomore Council; Jun- ior Counselor; Mortar Board, Garnet Key, MENC; MTNA Sym- phonic Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2; Circus Band ], 2, 3, 4; Marching Chiefs 1,2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List; Vice-President of School of Music; Who ' s Who . . . THEMISTOCLES WILLIAM ASSIMACK, Tarpon Springs; B.S. Education . . . SARA ELIZA- BETH ATKINSON, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Retailing; Sigma Kappa President 3, 4; Circus; Village Vamps; Fashion Institute; Gamma Alpha Chi . . . BASIL W. ATWOOD, Baldwinsville, N. Y.; B.S. Arts and Sciences . . . MAXINE JOY AUTEN, Sebas- tian; B. S. Elementary Education; Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Glee Club 2, 3; Junior Counselor; Vice-President South Caw- thon 4; NEA . . . Well, maybe tomorrow . ROW FIVE: TONY N. AVITABLE, Lindenhurst, N. Y.; B.S. Journalism, Advertising; Alpha Delta Sigma; Baseball Team 2, 3, 4; FEDS; Pershing Rifles . . . BARBARA SYLVIA AYALA, Tampa; B.A. Education, English; Alpha Gamma Delta Cor- responding Secretary 3, 2nd Vice-President 4; Tally-Ho As- sociate Editor 3, Editor 4; Epsilon Chi; Sigma Tau Delta; FTA; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who . . . MA RY GAIL BASS, Leesburg; B.A. Arts and Sciences; Canterbury Club . . . GEORGE WIL- LIAM BABCOCK, Orlando; B.S. Business; Alpha Kappa Psi 1 Vets Club . . . SHIRLEY LORRAINE BABER, Green Cove Springs B.S. Nursing . . . DAVID DWIGHT BACHMAN, Gainesville B.S. Arts and Sciences, Social Science; Sigma Chi; Student Body President; ODK President; Gold Key; Alpha Council; Stu- dent Senate; Who ' s Who . . . ROW SIX: MARILN YVONNE BACQUE, Miami; B.A. Arts and Sciences; Gymkana; FTA; Pi Delta Phi; Cotillion; Circus . . . JOHN REID BAGGETT, Jacksonville; Kappa Alpha; BSU . . . AVERY DEAN BAKER, Worthington, Minn.; B.A. Arts and Sciences . . . PATRICIA ANNE BAKER, Arlington, Va.; B.S. Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Wesley Foundation . . . FREIDA C. BARBER, Madison; B.S. Elementary Education . . . ROW SEVEN: MARJORIE GLENDA BARBER, Madison; B.S. Education; Epsilon Chi 4; FTA; BSU 1; ACE . . . RUBY JEAN BARKER, Plant City; B.S. Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; FTA; ACE; Circus . . . FRANK PERRY BARLOW, Largo; B.S. Secondary Education; BSU; Transfer 1955 . . . ADA MAHON BARNES, Riviera Beach; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Psychology Club; Transfer Palm Beach Junior College . . . JOAN ALBA BARROW, Pensacola; B.S. Elementary Education; FTA; Epsilon Chi 3, 4; Transfer Pensacola Junior College, 1955 . . . TER- RENCE K. BARROWS, Fort Lauderdale; B.S. Business; Phi Delta Theta; Transfer Furman University . . . THOMAS R. BAR- ROWS, Fort Lauderdale; B.S. Business, Marketing; Phi Delta Theta; Transfer Furman University . . . (52 Abbott, E. Abbott, J. Adams Albrecht Alexander Alford, S. Alford, D. Allen, K. Allen, P. Alligood Altman Amy Anders Anderson, A. Anderson, G. Anderson, T. Aramendia Ard Armstrong Ashby Assimack Atkinson Arwood Auten Avitable Ayala Baas Babcock Baber Bachman Bacque Baggett Baker, A. Baker, P. Barber, F. Barber, M. Barker Barlow Barnes Barrow Barrows, Terrence Barrows, Thomas the senior class ROW ONE: JOHN RILEY BARTON, JR., Clewiston; B.S. Secondary Education; FTA 4; BSU; Vets Club 3, 4 ... H. CARROLL BARWICK, JR., Winter Park; B.S. Business, Baking Science Management; Delta Sigma Pi 3, 4 . . . ROBERT NILES BASHAW, Seffner; B.S. Arts and Sciences; American Chemical Society, Treasurer 3, President 4; Westminister Fel- lowship; CLO Business Manager I, 2; Dean ' s List; J. Velma Keene Scholarship 3 . . . RICHARD MILTON BASSETT, Jupi- ter; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Phi Alpha Theta Historian . . . SARAH HELEN BATSON, Milton; B.A. Library Science; Soltas Club . PHYLLIS ELEANOR BAUCINO, Miami; B.S. Educa- tion; Gymkana; FTA; Cotillion . . . ROW THREE: ROGER LEWIS BERRY, Pensacola; B.S. Busi- ness; President Florida Hall 1 ; Alpha Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade . . . ROBERT L. BETHEA, JR., Quincy; B.S. Arts and Sciences, History; Marching Chiefs; Concert Band; Kappa Pappa Psi 2, 3, 4 . . . LELAND W. BETHERS, Tallahassee; B.S. Business; Alpha Kappa Psi; Vets Club . . . CLARE BEVIS, Tallahassee; B.S. Library Science; Alpha Xi Delta; Soltas Club 3, 4; State Party Treasurer 3, Secretary 4 . . . NICK MICHEAL BILLIRIS, Tarpon Springs; B.S. Education; Alpha Tau Omega . . . ZOLA MAE BLAKESLEE, Stuart; B. A. Library Science; BSU 3, 4; FTA 4; Scholarship Holders Club 4; Soltas 3, 4 . . . ROW TWO: LESLIE M. BAUR, Fort Lauderdale; B.S. Social Welfare; Sigma Kappa . . . LENORA ANN BAUMGARTNER, Pass-A-Grille; B.S. Nursing . . . JOHN ELLIS BEAVER, Burn- ham, Pa.; B.S. Business, Baking Science and Management; Bakers Club President 3 . . . KATHLEEN SUE BEEHLER, St. Petersburg; B.A. Education, English; Sigma Kappa; Sigma Tau Delta Secretary 4; Epsilon Chi 4 . . . GEORGE ERNEST BEN- NETT, Miami; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology; Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . MARIAN LOUISE BENSON, Jasper; B.S. Education, Speech Therapy and English; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sophomore Council; Warpath Club 2; Junior Counselor; Wesley Foundation Council 3, 4; Choral Union 1, 2; Sigma Tau Delta 3; Social Chairman 4; Sigma Alpha Eta 3, 4; Panhellenic Coun- cil Secretary 3, President 4; Garnet Key Treasurer 4; Mortified; Who ' s Who . . . ROW FOUR: WILLIAM BLUMEN, Hartford, Conn.; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Meteorology; Meteorology Club 2, 3, 4, President 2, Secretary 3; FEDS 3, 4 . . . BILLY RAY BOATRIGHT, Live Oak; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Chemistry; Pi Kappa Phi Chaplain 2, 3, 4; American Chemical Society . . . GLORIA ANN BOHLER, Ocala; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega Rush Chairman 3; Senior Class Executive Council; Garnet Key Sec- retary 4; Judiciary 3; FTA; Epsilon Chi 3; BSU I; Panhellenic 4; Freshman Flunkies . . . PAUL R. BOWEN, Gainesville, Ga.; B.S. Business; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . JOHN FRANKLIN BOYD- STON, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Economics . . . ANNE WELLES BRADBURY, St. Petersburg; B. A. Arts and Sciences; Pi Delta Phi, Secretary-Treasurer 4; President South Cawthon 3 . . . Birdman plays boy flamingo. ROW FIVE: FRANK M. BRADBURY, JR., St. Petersburg; B.S. Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . JOAN P. BRADEN, Zephyrhills; B.S. Home Economics; Phi Mu Rush Chairman 4; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Omicron Nu President 4; Home Economics Club . . CHARLES WILLIAM BRANNON, Cottondale; B.S. Business, Personnel Management; Delta Sigma Pi 4 . . . MARTHA ANN BRIGMAN, Vernon; B.S. Home Eco- nomics; Gamma Alpha Chi 3, 4; Recording Secretary; Home Economics Club 3, 4; Student Fashion Institute 3, 4 . . . CARO- LYN BEATRICE BROWN, Pensacola; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha Theta; Speech Productions . . . JOHN W. BROW- NELL, Westville; B.S. Education, Mathematics; Scholarship Club 2, 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; BSU; CLO 2, 3, 4 . . . ROW SIX: THOMAS BRUCKNER, DeFuniak Springs; B.S. Business, Accounting; Honorary Society of Student Accounts, President 4; Honor Count Member Summer 3 . . . BEVERLY SUE BRUNSON, West Palm Beach; B.S. Education, Elementary; Alpha Gamma Delta Recording Secretary 4; Sophomore Council; ACE 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; Choral Union; BSU Executive Council 3; IF Week Committee 3, 4 EDWARD AUTHUR BUCHANAN, Orlando; B.S. Business, Insurance and Real Estate; Vets Club; Insurance and Real Estate Club . . . DAVID R. BUCHANAN, Cecilia, Ky.; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Kappa Alpha . . . ARTHUR HAROLD BUGGE, Tallahassee; B.S. Education . . . ARTHUR PRICE BUHRMAN, St. Petersburg; B.M.E. Music; Phi Mu Alpha; Kappa Kappa Upsilon; Marching Chiefs 1, 2, 3, 4; Circus Band 1 , 2, 3, 4; Symphonic Band 1,2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3 4; Light Opera Guild 3; WFSU-FM 2, 3, 4 . . . ROW SEVEN: ARLENE LOUISE BUREAU, St Petersburg; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association 1 , 2, 3, 4; Circus 1 , 2, 3 . . . LOU ANN BURKHIM, Gainesville; B.S. Education, English; Pi Beta Phi; Dean ' s List 3; FTA 2, 3, 4; Epsilon Chi 4 . . . PHYLLIS ELIZABETH BURNHAM, Dania; B.S. Education, Busi- ness; Dean ' s List . . . LOIS ELIZABETH BUSSEY, Cairo, Ga.; B.S. Education, Social Studies; Alpha Delta Pi . . . RUTH JOAN BYNUM, Gainesville; B.S. Education, Elementary; Alpha Delta Pi; Tally-Ho 1 . . . PATRICIA LOUISE BYRD, St. Augustine; B.S. Education, Business; Delta Gamma Treasurer 2, 3; New- man Club 1; Warpath Club I; Village Vamps; Dean ' s List 1, 2. 64 Barton Barwick Bashaw Bassett Batson Baucino Bauer Baumgartner Beaver Beehler Bennett Benson Berry Bethea Bethers Bevis Billiris Blakeslee Blumen Boatright Bohler Bowen Boydston Bradbury, A. Bradbury, F. Braden Brannon Brigman Brown Brownell Bruckner Brunson Buchanan, D. Buchanan, E. Bugge Buhrman Bureau Burkhim Burnham Bussey Bynum Byrd, P. the senior class ROW ONE: WILLIAM CLYDE BYRD, Greenville; B.S. Busi- ness, Management and Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi; Veterans Club . . . NANCY CAMP, Columbus, Ga.; B.A. Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi; Circus 3, 4; Epsilon Chi 4; ACE 4; Transferred from Sweet Briar . . . ROBERT C. CAMP, Talla- hassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Economics; Delta Sigma Pi . . . DOROTHY J. CAMPBELL, Tallahassee; B.S. Nursing, Nursing Education . . . JOYCE MARLENE CAMPBELL, Panama City Beach; B.S. Education, Early Childhood and Elementary; Sigma Kappa Panhellenic Representative; FTA; ACE . . . MARY LOU CAMPBELL, Tarares; B.S. Elementary Education; Wesley Foun- dation Council 1, 3, 4; Wesley Players 1 , 2, 3, 4, President 3; 4-H Club; Punior Counselor; MENC 4; Choral Union 4 . . . ROW TWO: FRANK DANIEL CANGELOSI, Havana, Cuba; B.S. Hotel and Restaurant Management; B.A. from Emory Uni- versity . . . FRANCES CAREY, Jacksonville; B.S. Arts and Sci- ences, Art; Pi Beta Phi; Choral Union 3; Fashion Institute 4; Delta Sigma Pi . . . MARY F. CARGILL, Savannah, Ga.; B.S Education, English; Kappa Alpha Theta Secretary 3; Village Vamps; Epsilon Chi . . . CLAUDETTE L. M. CARLEY, Miami; B. S. Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delta; Home Economics Club President 4; Marching Chiefs 1 ; Gymkana 1 ; Sandspur I ; Gamma Alpha Chi 1, 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Wesley Foundation; Bit and Spur 1,2... EUGENE JOSEPH CARR, Daytona Beach; B. S. Arts and Sciences, Industrial Relations; Kappa Sigma Rush Chairman; Transfer West Virginia Uni- versity, University of Florida . . . JOHN ANTHONY CARROLL, JR., Tampa; B. S. Business . . . ROW THREE: MARY CATHERINE CASEY, DeFuniak Springs; B.S. Home Economics Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Vice-Presi- dent 3, Preisdent 4; Gymkana 2, 3, 4; Circus 1 , 2; Fashion Institute 3; Home Economics Club 1 , 2, 3, 4 . . . LORETTA Music; University University Singers; DOROTHY ANN ' just drink mine now. IRIS CASTELLINO, Sao Paulo, Brazil; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Chemistry; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; American Chemistry Society 3, 4 . . . THOMAS B. CASTIGLIA, Tallahassee; B.S. Journalism; Lambda Chi Alpha; Tally-Ho Head Photographer 3; Flambeau Staff . . JOYCE ELAINE CAYARD, Daytona Beach; B.M. Symphony 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Glee Club; Sigma Alpha lota; Pi Kappa Lambda . . CELLON, Alachua; B.S. Home Economics, Institution Adminis- tration; Home Economics Club; Transferred from Mary Wash- ington . . . NIDA CHAIXANIEN, Bangkok, Thailand; B.S. Home Economics, Home Demonstration Education . . . ROW FOUR: SANDRA DIAN CHAMPLIN, Tampa; B.S. Home Economics Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Fashion Insti- tute; Gamma Alpha Chi; Circus . . . JANE CHAPMAN, Talla- hassee; B.S. Social Welfare; Delta Gamma; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Reynolds Vice-President 3; Wesley Founda- tion Secretary 4; Garnet Key; Mortified; Social Welfare Club 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4 . . . CHARLES A. CHESTER, Perry; B.S. Public Administration; Society of Public Administration 3; Stu- dent Party Executive Council 3, Treasurer 3; President ' s Cabi- net 3, Administrative Assistant 3; Football Student Manager 2, 3, 4; Lt. Governor Senior Hall 3; Senior Representative Sen- ior Hall 4; Veterans Club; Arnold Air Society . . . LESTER H. CHILDS, JR., Nicevelle; B.S. Education; Wesley Foundation; Circus 2, 3, 4; Industrial Arts Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; Vets Club Char- ter Member . . . DEBORAH FENNELL CLARK, Tallahassee; B.A. Music; Delta Delta Delta; Choral Union 1, 2; University Singers 1, 2; Women ' s Glee Club 1; Light Opera Guild 1; Dean ' s List; BSU 1; State Scholarship 1,2... GEORGE JAMES CLARK, Leesburg; B.S. Education; Industrial Arts Club; Dean ' s List . . . ROW FIVE: KATIE MOZELLE CLARK, Tampa; B.S. Educa- tion; Wesley Foundation; Marching Chiefs 1; Junior Counselor . . . MARGARET E. CLEMENT, Green Cove Springs; B.S. Busi- ness; Baking Club Secretary-Treasurer 3, 4; BSU . . . CARO- LYN KENDALL CLOSE, Coral Gables; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Sociology and English; Delta Delta Delta Secretary 3; Women ' s Vice-President 4; Student Senate 1, 2, 3; Mortar Board; Garnet Key; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Disciple Student Fellowship President 1, Vice-President 4; University Singers 1, 2, 3; Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4; Debate Team 1 ; Student Party Executive Council 3, 4; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who . . . LELAND JAMES CLOWERS, Tallahassee; B.A. Business; Delta Sigma Pi President 2; Insurance and Real Estate Club 4 . . . LAURA JACQUELINE COGGIN, Pensacola; B.S. Nursinq Education . . . GRACE JOAN COLEMAN, Tallahassee; B. S. Arts and Sciences, Speech Therapy; Alpha Gamma Delta; Tally-Ho Staff 1, 2; Circus 1 ; Speech and Hearing Honorary 4 . . . ROW SIX: SANDRA JEAN COLEMAN, Umatilla; B.S. Nurs- ing; Student Nurses Association 1, 2, 3; University Singers 1 . . . FRANCES CAROLYN COLLINS, Jacksonville; B.A. Social Welfare; Social Work Club 4 . . . WILBUR KNOX COLLINS, Live Oak; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Sociology; Veterans Club 4; Sociology Club 3, 4 . . . MARTHA ANN COMPTON, Jackson- ville Beach; B.S. Business, Secretarial Science . . . IRMA E. CONE, Greenville; B.S. Business . . . PATRICIA JOAN CONK- LIN, Miami; B.A. Music; International Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Record- ing Secretary 4; Canterbury Club . . . ROW SEVEN: DONALD MARVIN CONLON, Pensacola; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Zoology . . . BOBBY JEAN COOK, Jackson- ville; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi; FTA; Epsilon Chi . . . DONNA JEAN COOPER, Bartow; B.A. Arts and Sci- ences, Spanish; Delta Zeta Secretary 2; Choral Union 1; West- minister Fellowship 1; Junior Counselor; WFSU-FM 3, 4 . . . CONNELLE COOPER, Pensacola; B.S. Business, Business Ad- ministration; Delta Tau Delta Treasurer; Delta Siqma Pi; Vets Club . . . ALLAN MICHAEL CORDISH, Miami; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Meteorology; Hillel Foundation; Alpha Phi Omeqa; Meteoroloqy Club; Inter-Faith Fellowship . . . LEE RICHARD CORSO, Miami; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Alpha Tau Omega; F Club Vice-President; Gold Key; ODK; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3; All-Florida Football Team 2, 3, 4; Player of the Nation, October 12-18, 1956; INS; Who ' s Who . . . 66 Byrd, W. Camp, N. Camp, R. Campbell, D. Campbell, J. Campbell, M. Champlin Chapman Chester Childs Clark, D. Clark, G. Clark, K. Clement Close Clowers Coggin Coleman, J. Coleman, S. Collins, F. Collins, W. Compton Cone Conklin - 4 Conlon Cook Cooper, Donna Cooper, Donnelle Cordish Corso the senior class ROW ONE: DOLORES FRANCIS COSIO, Tampa; B.M. Music, Piano; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Kappa Lambda 4 . . . JUDITH ANN COULTER, Miami; B.S. Education, Elementary; Gamma Phi Beta; FTA 1, 2, 4; Junior Counselor; Wesley Foundation . . SORA ANN COULTER, Tallahassee; B.S. Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha President 4; Wesley Foundation; Warpath Club I; Sophomore Council; Choral Union 1; Fashion Institute 3, 4; Home Economics Club 4 . . . LUCY BARNETT COUNCIL, Tampa; B.S. Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha Recording Secretary 4; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi 3, Cor- responding Secretary 4; Sophomore Council; Wesley Founda- tio n; FTA; ACE 3, 4; Choral Union 2, 3; State Scholarship Club 1, 2; Organists Guild Student Group 1, 2, 3; State Scholar- ship Club 1, 2; Organists Guild Student Group 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 2 . . MARGARET LOUISE COX, Vero Beach; B.S. Edu- cation; Gamma Phi Beta; Westminister Fellowship . . . JOHNNY M. CREEL, Sebring; B.M. A. Music; Delta Tau Delta; Kappa Kappa Upsilon Treasurer 3; Phi Mu Alpha 2, 3; Collegians 2; Symphony Band 1 , 2, 3, 4; Symphony 1 ; Marching Chiefs 1, 2, 3, 4; Circus Band 3, 4 . . . ROW TWO: CURTIS MARVIN CROWE, Roanoke, Va.; B.S. Business, Business Administration . . . NANCY ANN CUBBON, Tallahassee; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Speech; Alpha Xi Delta Rush Chairman 3, President 4; Senior Class Social Chairman; Junior-Senior Prom Court 3; Garnet Key Vice-President 4; Czar of Mortified; Village Vamps; Junior Counselor; Gamma Alpha Chi; Rad io and TV Workshop; Westminister Fellowship Program Chairman 3; Sandspur 2; " Charlie ' s Aunt, " " Ah, Wilderness, " " Carousel, " " New Moon; " Secretary of Men ' s Judiciary; Who ' s Who . . . BESSIE CAROLINE CULLISON, Ocala; B.S. Education, Business; Scholarship Club; Pi Omega Pi; Wesley Foundation . . . CARYL JAMES CULLOM, Talla- One for you . . . . . and one for me. hassee; B.S. Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sweet- heart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3; IFC Court 2; Wesley Founda- tion Recreation Chairman 2 . . . FLORENCE M. CULPAN, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Nursing Education . . . MARTHA JOAN CUNDIFF, Live Oak; B.S. Elementary Education; Kappa Delta; FTA . . . ROW THREE: DOROTHY JOAN CUNNINGHAM, Jackson- ville; B.S. Education, English; Alpha Gamma Delta Vice-Presi- dent 4; Epsilon Chi 3, 4, President 4; Cotillion 3, 4; Sigma Tau Delta 4; Board of Student Publications 3 . . . THOMAS J. CUNNINGHAM, JR., St. Petersburg; M.S. Geography; Gam- ma Theta Upsilon . . . CHRISTOPHER JAMES CURRAN, JR., Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Public Administration; FEDS Vice-Presi- dent; Newman Club; American Society Public Administration; Florida Correctional Research Association . . . MARJORIE ANN CURTIS, Tallahassee; B.S. Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Omega Pi Recording Secretary 3, 4; FTA 3; Junior Counse- lor .. . JOYCE VASQUEZ CUTRO, Tampa; B.S. Education; FTA 2, 3, Membership Vice-President; Junior Counselor . . . MARY FENN DANIEL, Chipley; B.A. Art Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Alpha lota 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 2, 3, 4; Chairman Campus Chest 3; Dean ' s List; Scholarship Club; Art Club; Young Democrats Chairman; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; President Reynolds Hall; Ways and Means Com- mittee . . . ROW FOUR: HELEN DARDIS, St. Petersburg; B.S. Education; John Henry Newman Honor Key; Newman Club, Gymkana; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List . . . DENETTE DASINGER, Chipley; B.S. Education; FTA; Transferred from University of Wisconsin . . . SALLY ANN DAVENPORT, Ocala; B.S. Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi . . . ROBERT DAVID, Tallahassee; B.S. Public Administration; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . SHIRLEY KAYE DAVIDSON, St. Petersburg; B.S. Home Economics; Kap- pa Alpha Theta Social Chairman 3, 4; Dean ' s List; Home Eco- nomics Club 2, 3; Transferred from Wesleyan College 2 . . . WILLIAM P. DAVIDSON, JR., Wauchula; B.A. Arts and Sciences . . . ROW FIVE: KATHERINE E. DAVIES, Jacksonville; B.S. Edu- cation . . . ALFRED LOUIS DAVIS, Mims; B.S. Business Ad- ministration; Siama Alpha Epsilon; Real Estate and Insurance Club . . . BEVERLY JEAN DAVIS, Pensacola; B. S. Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; FTA; Epsilon Chi; ACE . . . BRUN WIL- TON DAVIS, Ruskin; B. S. Business; CLO President 2, 3; Westminster Foundation . . . DAVID LAMAR DAVIS, Donal- sonville, Ga; B. S. Business; Delta Sigma Pi . . . GEORGE W. DAVIS, JR., Richmond, Va.; B. A. Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha . . . ROW SIX: JANE MITCHELL DAVIS, Jacksonville; B.S. Busi- ness; Pi Beta Phi: Smoke Signal Staff; Freshman Flunkies . . . JANICE DAVIS, Tallahassee; Education; Chi Omega . . . JOHN PAUL DAVIS, Fort Walton Beach; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha; Speech Productions 1 , 2, 3, 4; Marchinq Chiefs I, 2; Theater Dance 2 . . . JOHN WATSON DAVIS, Ashville, N. C; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Vet ' s Club . . . MARION HUTCHINS DAVIS, Orlando; B.S. Business; Pi Beta Phi; Tar- non Club 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation . . . NELL DAVIS, Ouincy; B.S. Education; Alpha Gamma Delta Social Chairman 3; Co- tillion 3, 4; Recreation Society President 3; Sophomore Coun- cil; Kappa Sigma Sweetheart 3 . . . ROW SEVEN: SHIRLEY ANN DAVIS, Sarasota; B.S. Edu- cation; Marching Chiefs 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Rifle Team; FTA 2, 3, 4 ... AL RANDOLPH DAYES, II, Merrick, N. Y.; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Kappa Sigma Social Chairman; Warpath Club President; Ugly Man of FSU 4; Trans- ferred from Brigham Young University 2 . . . ALLEN O ' NEAL DEAS, Jennings; B.S. Business; Delta Sigma Pi; Vet ' s Club . . . HELEN DEEN, Douglas, Ga.; B.S. Social Welfare; Phi Mu Cor- responding Secretary; Wesley Foundation 3, 4 . . . CHARLENE DELEGAL, Avon Park; B.S. Music . . . MARGARET DURHAM DELLINGER, Homestead; B.S. Education, Business; Delta Delta Delta Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Kappa Delta Kp 4; Gamma Alpha Chi 4; Secretary for Student Body President ' s Cabinet 3; Flambeau 1; Freshman Flunkies 1 . . . 68 Crowe Cubbon Cullison Cullom Culpan Cundiff Cunningham, J. Cunningham, T. Curran Curtis Cutro Daniel Davis, Jane Davis, Janice Davis, John P. Davis, John W. Davis, M. Davis, N. the senior class ROW ONE: H. DIANE DEMOULPIED, Tampa; B.S. Nursing; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tarpon Club; Student Nurses Organiza- tion Treasurer 2 . . SHIRLEY ELAINE DERTING, Sarasota; B.S. Education, Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta; Junior Counselor; Kappa Alpha Rose Court 3; Home Economics Club 4; Elections Committee 2, 3; State Scholarship Club 1,2... VELA VONCILLE DIAMOND, Pensacola; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Day Students Organization I, 2, 3, -4; ACE 2, 3, 4; Membership Chairman 3, Treasurer 4 . . . GERALDINE MER- CEDES DIAZ, Tampa; B.A. Elementary Education; Summer Vice-President North Cawthon 3; Junior Counselor; FTA; ACE, Secretary 3; Newman Club; Los Picaros 1,2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Choral Union 2 . . . DONALD RICHARD DITTMAN, Craw- fordville; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Track Manager 4; Kappa Delta Pi . . . JUDITH ANNE DOUGAN, Auburndale; B.A. Arts and Sciences; Sigma Tau Delta 2; Westminster Fel- lowship . . . ROW TWO: GLORIA F. DOUGHERTY, Lindcle, Ga,. B.S. Social Welfare; Social Welfare Club . . . RUTH ELIZABETH DOWLING, Jacksonville; B.S. Social Welfare; Social Work Club . . . DOROTHY DIANA DRAG, Fort Lauderdale; B.A. Educa- tion, Physical Education; Tarpon 3; Junior Counselor . . . CHARLES L. DRISKELL, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Economics . . . EDNA RUNNELS DUGGAN, Homestead, B.A. Arts and Sciences; Sigma Delta Pi 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Sigma Alpha 3, 4; Wesley Foundation; Politics Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor . . . WILLIAM EDWARD DUGGAN, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Mathematics . . . ROW THREE: DIANA ELIZABETH DUNCAN, Bradenton; B.S. Social Welfare; Social Welfare Club; Wesley Foundation . . . LEROY W. DUPRE, Milton; B.S. Education, Art; Art Edu- cation Club, FTA . . . MABEL GWENDOLYN DUPRE, Live Oak; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Choral Union 1, 2; BSU 1,4... MARY MERRITT DUPREE, Talla- hassee; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Sociology; Alpha Delta Pi Rush Chairman; Sociology Club . . . CHARLES Q. DUXBURY, Lake Worth; B.S. Business, Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Newman Club; Vet ' s Club; Seminole Flyers . . . MARTIN A. DYCKMAN, Clearwater; B.A. Arts and Sciences, American Studies; Florida Flambeau News Editor; Pi Sigma Alpha; Gold Key . . . ROW FOUR: DAVID ROY DYNES, Tallahassee, B.S. Busi- ness, Marketing; Director of Student Work, Christian Church . . . CAROLYN OGDEN EARWOOD, Belle Glade; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association 2; Transferred from Gulf Park Jun- ior College 2 . . . JANICE ELANE EBERLY, Maiden, W. Va.; B.A. Arts and Sciences, French; Gymnastica 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Gymkana 2, 3, 4; Theater Dance 2; Transferred from Morris Harvey College 2 . ELIZABETH CARSON EDWARDS, Mayo; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega Chaplain 2; Re- cording Secretary 2; Kappa Delta Pi Corresponding Secretary 4; Choral Union 1, 2; Scholarship Club; FTA . . . ROBERT FRAN- CIS ELLIOTT, St. Petersburg; B.S. Physical Education; New- man Club 3; Varsity Football 3, 4; Kappa Kelta Pi; AAHPER . . . ROBERT ARTHUR ELTING, Miami; M.S. Business, Restau- rant and Hotel Management; Theta Chi Social Chairman 3; Chairman of Men ' s Judiciary 3; Under Secretary of Labor 4; Student Travel Service Director 4; Gold Key President 5; Secre- tary of Student Welfare 4, 5; Chairman of Homecoming Dance 5 . . . God bless our drama department, too. ROW FIVE: MARY JO SHAEFFER EMMONS, Tallahassee; B.S. Business Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Treasurer 2; Pan- hellenic Treasurer 2; Symphonic Band 2; Alpha Lambda Delta 2 . . . VIRGINIA LEE ENTENZA, Jacksonville; B.A. English; Kappa Alpha Theta Chaplain 4; Sophomore Council; West- minster Fellowship Council . . . MARY LOUISE ESCOTT, Miami; B.S. Education . ERNEST HADLEY EUBANKS, St Peters- burg; B.S. Business Administration; Kappa Alpha; Transferred from St. Petersburg Junior College 2 . . . BARBARA STRAUTH- ER EVANS, Miami; B.S. Home Economics Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Bit and Spur 1, 2; Gymkana 1; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Gamma Aloha Chi 3, 4; Sandspur 1,2... FRANCIS ANTHONY FAGGIONI, Pensacola; B.S. Psychology. ROW SIX: MATTIE SUE FAIN, Tallahassee; B.A. English; Pi Beta Phi; Circus; Westminster Fellowship . . . NORMAN FRANCIS FAIN, JR., Quincy; B.A. Chemical Science; Kappa Alpha, Housefellow; Senator: Summer Honor Court 4; ACS; Vet ' s Club; Senior Executive Council . . . FRANKLIN DELANO FANSLER, Waycross, Ga.; BME Music Education; Marching Chiefs 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band 1; Concert Band 2; Symphonic Band 2, 3; Phi Mu Alpha Secretary 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi Secretary 4 . . . KATHRYN HAZEL FEARS, Belle Glade; B.S. Home Economics . EUGENE CHARLES FERGUSON, Phila- delphia, Pa.; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Sociology; Lambda Chi Alpha, Varsity Swimming; Biology Club . . . ROBERT LEE FERGUSON, Panama City; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Mathematics. ROW SEVEN: JOHN ALLISON FICKLIN, Ware Shoals, S. C ; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Philosophy; Wesley Foundation . . . CLARENCE EDWIN FIELD, Homestead; B. S. Arts and Sciences; Delta Tau Delta; Gymnastic Team; Gymkana; Alpha Phi Ome- ga .. . WILLIAM SCOTT FIGLEY, Hobart, Ind.; B. S. Business; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . BARBARA JEAN FINGER, Leesburg; B.S. Nursing Education . . . KATHERINE LOIS FINNEY, Jack- sonville; B.S. Nursing Education . . . DIANE FERNE FISHEL, Tampa; B.S. Social Welfare; Hillel Foundation Secretary; Choral Union; Women ' s Glee Club . . . 70 De Moulpied Derting Diamond Diaz Dittman Dougan Dougherty Dowling Drag Driskell Duggan, E. Duggan, W. Duncan Dupre, L. Dupre, M. Dupree Duxbury Dyckman Dynes Earwood Eberly Edwards Elliott Elting Emmons Entenza Escott Eubanks Evans Faggioni Fain, M. Fain, N. Fansler Fears Ferguson, E Ferguson, R. Ficklin Field Figley Finger Finney Fishel the senior class • - — . » i t_— ..:■.! -:.- _— — - « - - : _ :. — :i — e : T_rr — i i I it- -S— — i I- i f ■■— — r i-pnr ._: : Z _ J- I. - i I • . : : : T I r I :. -:: " Z " Z . : ; Z . : Z : - :- - : . z z x - e e : -:.- - « z_- I - :.«:: : r «.-- « -;-:_: Be-nar r ■» j — c - te crcn: 3 " jcet Cu 1 : - :- - ' ■ - ' .-- Z : - - - - : -: " :_: — : : : Z : Sicrrs " _=- - 2SCBtZ -t;} I.:1: _a— _ = : : : t ; : " _ - " Z - : ' t : - . ' z " : ircs i c - - : : : ; ; ___: •» e e : «.a - « - : - j_- z ' . i . . - __.-: -.-z . ______ : 1 =se Brae - • : t : ' - : ' - ' .Z-i : - : : Z Z ::.:::■ - Z . : ? - — : - ZZu_ » _r . . - : : : . tzr zriz E e n eTu ' : : : : . J - :: : : -5T3-I - : ■ - : . ; = : : = : : i Zi zzznzr .;-..:: Z c - : - 5grc Zete -; 1 : - - = IE — 1 Zi — g 1 : }— :-;Z : - Zr — : : : Z : - : = - : = It " - I- - ' : - ;i— Z Z - » .-..? £ -..»» • E E Z. - Z E ' ■ : ■ :. - : — -. 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" i " r Z-:-:t E- -- rrc ___-a ; - : . t : r : - — -,r - - - - - _ .ir-ir ararisr ' ::::: A .crc .-: Z-XJ-HS Z :. : - ; i ; ■ Z . : Z — _p t -:- : : _ ;.i " i " Z -i - Z Ford, E. Ford, N. Fountain Frank, E. Frank, G. Fraschetti Freeman Fregoe Friedheim Friedman Fulmer Fulton Futch Gangloff Gauger Geisler Gentry Gibson Giebeig Gilbert Gilchrist Gillard Gillespie Githens Glisson Golden Goodson Gosnell Granger Grant, J. Grant, R. Grant, M. Gray Grayson Grebel Greene, F. Greene, W. Greenough Greer Griffin Grosser Guinand the senior class ROW ONE: MARY MARGARET GUNTER, Winter Haven; B.S. Home Economics Education; Delta Gamma, Rush Chair- man 4; Tarpon Club 1, 2; Dorm Government 3; Warpath Club 1; Dean ' s List 3 . . . MICHAEL GUTIERREZ, Live Oak; B.S. Education; Football, 1949 . . . BETTY HAAS, Mount Dora; B.S. Home Economics Education; BSU 1 , 2, 3, 4; FTA 4; Home Economics Club 3, 4; Junior Counselor . . . LILLIAN HAAVIND, Miami; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Spanish, English; Sigma Kappa, 2nd Vice-President 3; Flambeau Exchange Editor 1 ; Los Picaros 1 , 2, 3, 4; FTA 4; Epsilon Chi 4; Congregational Student Group, Vice-President 4; Dean ' s List 3 . . . BARBARA HACKNEY, Ponce de Leon; B.S. Elementary Education . . . LESLIE HAGA- DORN, St. Petersburg; B.S. Business, Hotel and Restaurant Management; Scullions; Lieutenant Governor, Senior Hall 2; Smoke Signals 2; W. F. S. U. 2 . . . ROW TWO: JEAN MARIE HAIGHT, Orlando; B.S. Education . . . MARY HAIR, Tampa; B.S. Social Welfare and Corrections; Alpha Omicron Pi . . . RICHARD HAIR, Tampa; B.S. Educa- tion, Industrial Arts; Kappa Sigma; Industrial Arts Club, Sec- retary 3; Transfer, University of Tampa . . . JANET HALE, Kissimmee, B.S. Nursing; Marching Chiefs 2, 3, 4; Student Nurses ' Association 2, 3, 4 . . . JOHNNY HALL, Blountstown; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Geology; Delta Tau Delta . . . EDWARD HAMILTON, Jacksonville; B.S. Business, Marketing . . . ROW THREE: RUTH HAMNER, Birmingham, Ala ; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Art; Alpha Delta Pi; Transfer, Judson Col- lege . . . DONALD HAMPTON, Jacksonville; B.S. Business Edu- cation; Pi Omega Pi 3, President 4; FTA 3, 4; Scholarship Club 4 . . . EDYTH HAMPTON, Key West; B.S. Business Education; Phi Mu; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4, Recording Secretary, Treasurer; FTA; Wesley Foundation; Transfer, Brenau . . . LORITA HAM- Do you really think he ' ll pull a pop quiz? RICK, West Palm Beach hassee; B.S. lando; B.S. Council; Circus 1 , 2 Freshman Flunkies Palm Beach; B.S. Elementary Education; Transfer, Junior College . . . CHARLES HANCOCK, Talla- Business, Accounting . . . GAIL HANSHAW, Or- Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi; Sophomore 3, 4; Epsilon Chi 4; Off-Campus Court 3; ROW FOUR: DONNA HARDY, Jacksonville; B.A. Arts and Sciences; Sigma Kappa, Treasurer 2, 3; Sigma Tau Delta 4; Alpha Delta, Treasurer 3; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Council 4; Fashion Institute 4; Senior Class Treasurer . . . JULIA HARGROVE, Bartow; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Vice-President 3; Tally-Ho Staff 2, 3; FTA 4 . . . BARBARA HARLESS, Bartow; B.S. Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer 1; Sophomore Council; Wesley Foundation; New Moon 3; Theater Dance Group 2; ACE 4; Vice-President, Bryan 3; Choral Union 1; Women ' s Glee Club 3; Dean ' s List . . . HENRIE HARNED, Mulberry; B.S. Social Welfare; Student Christian Association, Corresponding Secretary 1; Social Welfare Club 1,2, 3, 4; FTA 4 . . . BERNICE HARPER, St. Petersburg; B.S. Nursing Educa- tion . . . JEAN EVELYN HARRIS, Daytona Beach; B.S. Ele- mentary Education; Tarpon Club; Sigma Alpha Eta . . . ROW FIVE: SHIRLEY HARRIS, Greensboro; B.S. Home Eco- nomics Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Corresponding Secretary; Student Fashion Institute, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . ANNE HARRISON, Tallahassee; B.A. Education; Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship 3, 4, Publications Chairman . . . GREENE HARRISON, Eaton Park; B.S. Arts and Sciences, His- tory; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . RACHEL HARTNESS, St. Peters- burg; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; FTA 3, 4; ACE 3, 4; Scholarship Club 3 . . . THOMAS HAVER- KORN, Dallas, Texas; B. B.A. -M.S. . . . OLIVER HEATH, Val- dosta, Ga.; B.A. Arts and Sciences, International Affairs . . . ROW SIX: PAULINE HECHT, Miami; B.M. Music Therapy; Sigma Alpha lota, Chaplain 2, 3, 4; Tau Beta Sigma, Chaplain 2, 3, 4, National Music Therapy Association, Secretary-Treas- urer 3, 4; Gamma Delta, Vice-President 1 , 2, 3, 4; University Sy mphony, Secretary 1 , 2, 3, 4; State Symphony; Symphonic Band 1,2, 3, 4; Marching Chiefs 1 , 2, 3, 4; Circus Band; Junior Counselor . . . JAMES HEDMAN, St. Petersburg; B.S. Business Administration; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . WILLIS HEFNER, Bra- denton; B.A. Education, Constructive Design; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band; Concert Band . . . DONALD HEIDEL, St. Petersburg; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Art; Omicron Delta Kappa 4, Gold Key 3, 4; Alpha Council 2; Phi Eta Sigma 1; Varsity Track 1; Editor-in-Chief Smoke Signals 2, 3; Flambeau Man- aging Editor 4; Art Editor Tally-Ho 4; Chairman, Board of Publications 4; Who ' s Who . . . ROBERT HEINEMANN, Miami; B.S. Arts and Sciences; AFROTC; Transfer, University Miami . . . RAYMOND HEMANN, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Geology; Phi Kappa Tau, Steward 2, Vice-President 2, Presi- dent 3, 4; Inter Fraternity Council 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Busi- ness Manager Tally-Ho 4; Business Manager Summer Flam- beau 2; Seminole Flyers 2, 3, 4; Student-Faculty Traffic Com- mittee 2, 3, 4; Intelligent Faith Week 3, 4, Steering Commit- tee 4; Geology Club 4; Charter Member of Astronomy Club 3, 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Senior Class Executive Council 4. ROW SEVEN: ARTHUR HEMPEL, St. Petersburg; B.S. Busi- ness, Management and Finance; Phi Delta Theta, Senior Execu- tive Council, Rush Chairman, Pledge Master; IFC Co-ordinating Committee . . . CARLEE HENDRIX, Panama City; B.S. Business, Business Management . . . DERALD HENDRY, Tice; B.S. Edu- cation . . . MARGARET NAN HENLEY, Jacksonville; B.S. Home Economics, Retailing; Alpha Chi Omega, 1st Vice-Presi- dent; Gamma Alpha Chi, Corresponding Secretary; Home Eco- nomics Club; Fashion Institute; Wesley Foundation . . . NANCY HEROLD, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Nursing; Gamma Phi Beta; Tar- pon 1,2, 3, 4; Sophomore Council; Canterbury Club 1, 2; Stu- dent Nurses ' Association . . . CHARLES HERRON, St. Peters- burg; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Chemical Science; Alpha Epsilon Delta, President 4; SAACS . . . 74 Gunter Gutierrez Haas Haavind Hackney Hagadorn Hardy Hargrove Harless Harned Harper Harris, J. Harris, S. Harrison, A. Harrison, G. Hartness Haverkorn Heath Hecht Hedman Hefner Heidel Heinemann Hemann Hempel Hendrix Hendry Henley Herold Herron the senior class ROW ONE: HELEN ELIZABETH HERSHFELT, Clearwater; B.S. Education; ACE; Newman Club; Scholarship Club . . . ANN SHUMAN HESS, Monticello; B.S. Business, Accounting; Phi Mu; Honorary Society of Student Accountants; Gamma Delta 4; Home Economics Club 1; Choral Union 1 , 2, 3 . . . KIP- LING RANDALL HESS, Pensacola; B.S. Arts and Science, Ge- ology; Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4; Choral Union 2, 3 . . . AUD- REY MAE HIERS, Enterprise; B.S. Physical Education . . . DEBORAH GRIFFIN HILL, Tallahassee; B.S. Home Economics, Child Development; Alpha Delta Pi; Circus 1 ; Village Vamps 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . DORIS ELIZABETH HISLER, LaBelle; B.S. Edu- cation; State Scholarship Club 1 , 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3, Presi- dent 3; BSU; FTA . . . ROW TWO: SYLVIA ALICE HOBE, St. Petersburg; B.M. Education; Sigma Alpha lota 2 . . . FREDERICK BENJAMIN HODGES, JR., Amsterdam, Ga.; B.S. Business, Marketing; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; Arnold Air Society; Choral Union; Air Forc» ROTC Band 2, 3; BSU; Alpha Gamma Delta Man 3 . . . VIRGINIA ANN HODGES, Plant City; B.S. Nurs- ing; Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary 1 ; Student Nurses ' As- sociation, President 2; Sophomore Council; Baptist Student Union 1, 2; Collegiate 4-H Club 1, 2; Social Chairman Bryan 1; Vice-President Florida Hall 2 . . . JEAN CAMPBELL HOL- DERBACH, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Home Economics; Bryan Floor Chairman; Sophomore Council; Scholarship Club, Corresponding Secretary; FTA; Home Economics Club . . . ROSEMARY LOUISE HOLLANDER, Jacksonville; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Speech Correction; Social Chairman Florida Hall 3; Vice-President Florida Hall 4; Sigma Alpha Eta, Vice-President 4; Gmykana; Sr. Class Executive Council; Newman Club . . . JOAN HICKS HOLMES, Albany, Ga.; B.S. Elementary Educa- tion; FTA; Wesley Foundation, Social Chairman; Junior Coun- selor, Vice-President of Broward 3 . . . ROW THREE: DORIS MERLE HOLT, Jacksonville; B.S. Phy- sical Education; Sophomore Council 2; Junior Counselor 3; " F " . . Now if I ' d been calling the play . . . Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Physical Education Majors ' Advisory Board 2, 3, 4, Vice-Chairman 3, Chairman 4; Intramurals, Unit Man- ager, Sports Chairman; Assistant Intramural Manager 3; Intra- mural Manager 4; All-Star, Soccor 1, Basketball 1 , 2, 3, Soft- ball 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3; AAHPER; FAHPER; FHSAA . . . JOSEPH HOLT, Graham, N. C; B.S. Business, Marketing; Al- pha Tau Omega, Vice-President 4; Vrasity Football 1,2, 3, 4; Collegians I, 2, 3; Phi Mu Alpha 2 . . . WILLIAM COLLIVER HOLT, West Palm Beach; B.A. Arts and Science, Psychology; LUCIA NELL HOPKINS, Tampa; Kappa Delta, Treasurer 3; Vice- ; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sophomore 3 . . . MARY FRANCES HORN, Canterbury Club 3, 4 . . B.S. Secondary Education; President Freshman Dorm 1 ; Council; Circus 1, 2; FTA Tallahassee; B.A. Library Sciences; Gamma Phi Beta, Presi- dent 3, 4; Traffic Court 4; Choral Union 2, 3 . . . BERTHA CAROLINE OLSEN HORTON, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sci- ence, Sociology; Alpha Kappa Delta . . . ROW FOUR: JANE HOWARD, Jacksonville; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Commercial Art; Delta Delta Delta; Freshman Class Treasurer 1 ; Gamma Alpha Chi 4; National Advertising Hon- orary . . . EMILIE ANDREWS HUDSON, Miami; B.S. Elemen- tary Education; Kappa Delta, Rush Chairman 3; Mortar Board, President 4; ACE, President 3, 4; Sophomore Council, Secre- tary; Vice-President Jennie Murphree; Vice-President Florida Hall 2; Off Campus Court, Secretary 3, 4 . . . HOUSTON DONALD HUGHES, Geneva, Ala.; B.S. Business, Management and Finance; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . MARTHA ELSIE HUMPH- REY, Tallahassee; B.S. Elementary Education; Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer 4; Westminster Fellowship; Junior Panhellenic Advisor 4; Epsilon Chi 4; ACE 4; FTA 2, 3, 4; Freshman Flunkies 1 ; Student Party 2, 3, HUNLEY, Thomasville, Ga.; B.S. Kappa Psi 2, 3, 4, President 4; AUGUSTUS HUTCHISON, Panama 4 . . . MARION BENNETT Business, Accounting; Alpha Vets Club 4 . . . EDWARD City; B.S. Business . . . 2, Vice- Upsilon; DORO- ROW FIVE: DEWEY M. IVEY, Pensacola; B.S. Psychology; Choral Union; Transfer, Pensacola Jr. College . . . JOHN FREDERICK JACOBS, DeLand; B.S. Public Ad.; Lambda Chi Alpha, Editor; Choral Union 3, 4; President Young Republican Club 3; ASPA 4; Transfer, University of Florida . . . BARBARA JEAN JEFFRIES, St. Cloud; B.S. Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Chaplain 3, Pledge Trainer 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Pi Omega Pi 4; Garnet Key 4; Wesley Foundation; Secretary of Interior- President ' s Cabinet 4; Junior Counselor; Dormitory President Broward 3 . . . EDWIN H. JENKINS, Jacksonville; B.S. School of Business; Golf Team; Transfer, Jacksonville Junior College . . . ROBERT MITCHELL JERNIGAN, Ft Pierce; B.S. Arts and Science; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary President 3; SCA, President 2, 3; Gamma Theta Geology Club; BSU; International Student ' s Club . . THY HELENE JOB, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta, Treasurer; Fashion Institute; Beauty Sec- tion of Tally-Ho ' 55-56 . . . ROW SIX: SUSAN EMMA JOHN, Harrodsburg, Kentucky; B.S. Education; FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; BSU; Dean ' s List . . . GORDON LAVAN JOHNS, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Sigma Pi Sigma; Physics Honor Society . . . CAROL LEE JOHNSON, Winter Haven; B.S. Business; Delta Zeta, Treasurer; Concert Band ' 54, ' 55, ' 56; Women ' s Glee Club . . . DENISE M. JOHNSON, Miami; B.A. Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Village Vamps; ACE; Theater Dance Group; Fashion Institute Modeling Corp. . . . MARY LANE JOHNSON, Palm Harbor; B.S. Business Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Transfer, St. Petersburg Junior College . . . NANCY JANE JOHNSON, Jacksonville; B.A. Education; Chi Omega, Secr e- tary 4; House Council 2; Off-Campus Court 3, Chairman 4; Judiciary 4; Women ' s F Club 3, 4, Social Chairman 4; West- minster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Epsilon Chi 4; ACE 3, 4; FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; Circus 2 . . . ROW SEVEN: JANICE CARROL JONES, Punta Gorda; B.S. Education; B.S.U.: Octette 1, 2; Baptist Players 4; FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; International Club 4 . . . JUDITH ANNE JONES, Miami; B.S. Nursing; Kappa Alpha Theta, Chaplain 2; Student Nurses ' Assoc; Sophomore Council; Methodist Student House; Tarpon Club . . . LAURA RUTH JONES, Branford; B.S. Edu- cation; ScholarshiD Club 1 , 2, 3; FTA 2, 4; Home Economics Club 3, 4; Wesley Foundation . . . MARY JO JONES, Trenton; B.S. Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Songleader, Corresponding Secretary; University Senate 1, 2; Women ' s Vice President 3; Sophomore Council; BSU. Octete 2, 3; Garnet Key, Ritual Chairman; Mortified; Senior Class Executive Committee; Univer- sity Singers 1 , 2, 3,4; Who ' s Who . . . BIRGIR KARLSSON, Mel- stadv Breidholtsveg, Reyksavic, Iceland; B.S. Business; Interna- tional Student Club; Scullions . . . JAMES FREDERICK KAUFF- MAN, Lexington, Ky.; B.S. Education; Sigma Chi; Alpha Coun- cil; Varsity Baseball; Presbyterian Westminster Fellowship; President ' s Cabinet; Under-Secretary Recreation in Student Government; Senior Class Executive Council; Recreation Club, Secretary 54, Treasurer 55, President 56. 76 Hershfelt Hess, A. Hess, K. Hiers Hill Hisler Hobe Hodges, F. Hodges, V. Holderbach Hollander Holmes Holt, D. Holt, J. Holt, W. Hopkins Horn Horton MsA ±. Howard Hudson Hughes Humphrey Hunley Hutchison 1 flf Ivey Jacobs Jeffries Jenkins Jernigan Job John Johns Johnson, C. Johnson, D. Johnson, M. Johnson, N. Jones, Janice Jones, Judith Jones, L. Jones, M. Karlsson Kauffman the senior class ROW ONE: JOSEPH MARVIN KELLER, Tallahassee; B.S. Edu- cation- B S.U ... DANIEL LEO KELLY, Tallahassee; B.S. Business; Delta Sigma Pi . . . EDWARD W. KENYON, Pen- sacola- B S Education; Industrial Arts Club, Treasurer; Vet ' s Club . ' . . EDWARD JOHN KERCHER, Bradenton; B.S. School of Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi 3, 4, Vice- President Pledge Master 4; Football 2, 3; Insurance and Real Estate Club 3, President 4 GRETCHEN HODGSON KERR, Dunedin; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Sociology; Mortar Board, Vice-President 4; Garnet Key; Sophomore Council, Flag Chair- man; Junior Counselor; Dorm Vice-President 3; Alpha Kappa Delta 3, 4, Secretary; Judiciary 4; Canterbury Club; Tally Ho Staff 4; Assistant Secretary Recreation 3; Senior Executive Council; Student Party Executive Council 2, 3; Who ' s Who . . . BONNIE S. KIDD, Tallahassee; B.S. Elementary Education . . . ROW TWO: CLIFFORD S. KIDD, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Social Studies; Phi Kappa Tau . . . JOHN THOMAS KIL- KEARY, St. Petersburg; B.S. Arts and Sciences; FEDS; Transfer St. Petersburg Junior College . . . CHONG-KAB KIM, Seoul, Korea; B.A. Arts and Sciences; International Club . . . ALEYNE KING, Tampa; B.S. Education; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Recording Secretary 4; FTA Industrial Arts Club; Art Education Majors BETTY ANNE KING, Tampa; B.S. School of Nurs- ing; Gamma Phi Beta; Westminsiter Fellowship Funds Com- mittee 54-55; Editor SN Bulletin State Nurses ' Assoc. 54-55, First Vice-President State Student Nurses ' Assoc. 55-56 . . . ANNETTE KIRKLAND, Panama City; B.S. Education; Assoc. of Childhood Education 3, 4; FTA 4 . . . ROW THREE: CAROLE ANN KISSLING, Atlantic Beach; B.S. Education; GTA; Scholarship Club; ACE . . . CLARENCE B. Dear Mom, wish you were here. KNAPP, JR., Orlando; B.S. in Nursing . . . WILLIAM B. KOLLER, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon PAUL MARTIN KREAGER, St. Marks; B.S Business; Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Council Collegians 2 . . . MARTIN J. KUCK, Miami; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Kappa Alpha . . . NEIL LEE LA BAR, Panama City Beach; B.S. Jour- nalism; Theta Chi, Rush Chairman; TV-Radio Workshop; Kappa Alpha Mu Fraternity . . . ROW FOUR: LINA BELLE LAMAR, Century; B.S. Education; AAHPER 2; ACE 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; Girls ' Rifle Club; Transfer Mars Hill Junior College . . . JOHN STEWART LANG, Roanoke, Va.; B.S. Business; Delta Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4; Student Senator 4; Dorm President 3 . . . MARY CLARE LANGAN, Clearwater; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma Honorary 4; Newman Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; International Club 4; Intramural Tennis 4; Transfer St. Petersburg Junior College . . . FRANCES LE ARLINE LANG- FORD, Live Oak; B. M. E.; Wesley Foundation; Choral Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1; State Scholarship Holder 1,2... PHYLLIS JO LANGFORD, Frostproof; B.S. Education; Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer 3, Personnel Chairman 4; Smoke Signals Staff 1; Epsilon Chi 4; ACE 3, 4; FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Executive Council 1 , 2, 3, 4 . . . LUCILLE GATES LANGSTON, Jacksonville; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu, Chaplain . . . ROW FIVE: GLORIA ANN LANTZ, Jacksonville; B.S. Social Welfare; Sophomore Council; President Florida Hall 2; Wom- en ' s " F " Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Garnet Key 3, 4; Mortified 3, 4; Social Work Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club; Campus Chest, Chairman Women Dorms 3, 4; Student Activi- ties Committee 3; Reservation Committee (Faculty Camp Committee) 3, 4; Women ' s Intramurals Basketball Manager . . . CAROLYN SHULER LARKINS, Briston; B.S. Education . . . NANCY ANN LARSON, Pensacola; B.S. Education; Schol- arship Club 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; Transfer Pensacola Junior College . . . RUTH AULICK LAURENE, Tampa; B.S. Education; Pi Omega Pi 3; Junior Counselor 3; Sandspur 2 . . . MARCIAL VELAZCO LAVINA, Silang Cavite, Philippines; M.A. History . . . EARL VICTORY LEE, Pensacola; B.S. Business; Honor Society of Student Accountants 3, 4. ROW SIX: GRACE CRAIE LEE, Rutherfordton, N. C; B.S. . . . GERRY LOUISE LEHNER, Miami; B.S. Home Economics, Educa- tion; Alpha Omicron Pi, Panhellenic Representative, Recording Secretary; Student Fashion Institute, Vice-President 3, Pro- gram Chairman 4; Circus 1; Gymkana; Sophomore Manager, Junior Manager, Senior Manager; Gymnastica, Secretary 3, President 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Gamma Alpha Chi 3, 4; FTA r; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3; Sophomore Representa- tive 2 . . . ALICE ELIBABETH LENTZ, Belmont Hills, Penn.; B.A. Arts and Science; Los Pi ' caros 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 2, President 3; Choral Union 1,4... ANTHONY MARK LEONE, JR., Ft. Myers; B.S. Accounting; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . GARY WILLIAM LETCHWORTH, Tallahassee; B.A. Arts and Science; Track 4; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 3, 4; Inter Faith Council, President 4; Transfer, Columbia Bible College 3 . . . SUANNE LETT, Montgomery, Ala.; B.S. Home Economics F.B.L.A. 1; Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Fashion Institute 4 4-H Club 4; FTA 3, 4; Floor Chairman Jennie Murphree 1 Vice President Gilchrist 3 . . . ROW SEVEN: ORA LEE LIMING, Orlando; B.M.E.; Phi Mu Alpha 3, 4; University Singers . . . WAYNE WILLIAM LIMKE- MAN, Sutter, III.; B.S. Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . RICH- ARD EARL LINCOLN, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Newman Club . . . KATHERINE LINDLEY, Coral Gables; B.S. Business, Secretarial Science, Pi Beta Phi, Corresponding Secretary 4, Recording Secretary 3; Circus 1, 2, 3, 4; Off-Campus Court 2; State Party Dele- gate 3; Freshman Flunkies 1 . . . MARY LEIGH LISTON, Leesburg; B.S. Education, Business; Wesley Players 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice - President 3; Wesley Foundation, Meditations Chairman 3, Social Chairman 4; Wesley Singers 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . JOHN A. LITTLE, Belle Glade; B.S. Arts and Science, Biology, Zoology; Pi Kappa Alpha; Collegians 3, 4; Young Democrats Club 3, Publicity Chairman 4; Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Canterbury Club; Biology Club 3; Trans- ferred, Palm Beach Junior College . . . 78 Keller Kelly Kenyon Kercher Kerr Kidd, B. Kidd, C. Kilkeary Kim King, A. King, B. Kirkland Liming Limkeman Lincoln Lindley Lisron Little the senior class ROW ONE: MARY P. LOCKLIN, Milton; B.S. Elementary Education; FTA . . . SYLVIA DELLA LOCKLIN, Milton; B.S. Elementary Education; FTA . . . RICHARD CONRAD LUKAS, Hollywood; B.A. Arts and Sciences, History; Pi Kappa Phi, Pledgemaster 2, Historian 3, Secretary 4; Phi Alpha Theta, President 4; Judiciary 3, 4 . . . CLARENCE WILLIAM LUND- BERG, Rockford, III.; B.A. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Scullions; FBLA . . . FRANK ANTHONY LUP- PINO, Panama City; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Chemistry; Inter- nationa! Club; Affiliate to American Chemical Society . . . WILLARD LYNN, Orlando; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Psychology. Secretary- B.A. Arts AUBREY ROW TWO: JEROME WILLIAM MacEACHIN, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Accounting . . . THOMAS GERALD MACKEY, Tallahassee; B.S. Journalism; Kappa Alpha Mu, Treasurer . . . RITA LANE MAGEE, Nutley, N. J.; and Sciences, Sociology; Pilgrim Fellowship . . . LEROY MALOY, Panama City; B.S. Business, Personnel Ad- ministration; Delta Sigma Pi . . . EDWARD A. MANDERS, JR., Washington, D. C; B.S. Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . WILLIAM DUDLEY MANNING, Tampa; B.A. Arts and Sci- ences, Chemical Science; Kappa Alpha, Vice-President 3; Gold Key; Associate Justice of Honor Court 4 . . . ROW THREE: JACKIE MARCHANT, Sneads; B.S. Business, Management; Insurance and Real Estate Club 4 . . . ANN PEARCE MARKHAM, Jacksonville; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Sigma Kappa, Rush Chairman 3; Fashion Institute; Foreign Films Club; Student Party Representative . . . ROBERT Academic regalia — with a burnt tassel? CHARLES MARKY, Tallahassee; B.S. Business; Tally-Ho Staff 2; Vets Club . . . DONALD ELBERT MARSHALL, Ft. Walton Beach; B.S. Business, Management; Sigma Nu, Scholarship Chairman 3, Recorder 4; Newman Club 4 . . . ROBERT GLAD- STONE MARSHALL, Clearwater; B.S. Social Welfare . . . BETTY PRESSLY MARTIN, Hartsville, S.C.; B.S. Library Science . . . ROW FOUR: ROBERT EUGENE MARTIN, Jacksonville, B.S. Education; Varsity Debate 3, 4 . . . ESTHER LOUISE MARTING, Ohio; B.S. Elementary Education; Village Vamps; Social Com- mittee Florida Hall; Transfer, Stephens Junior College . . . JOSEPH F. MASCI, Mamaroneck, N. Y.; B.S. Business; Phi Kappa Tau, Vice-President 3, Treasurer 4 . . . BETTY LEE MATHIEU, Scotch Plains, N. J.; B.S. Home Economics; Alpha Omicron Pi, Social Chairman 3; Transfer, Florida Southern College . . . DONALD ROY MATHIEU, Coral Gables; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Transfer, University of Miami . . . ALFRED G. MATTMAN, Sarasota; Arts and Sciences . . . ROW FIVE: GERALD DELLON McARTHUR, Pensacola; B.S. Public Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . PAUL FRAN- CIS McCARTNEY, Tallahassee; B.S. Business . . . MARY JUNE McCASKILL, Sandersville, Ga.; B.M.E. Music; Gamma Phi Beta, Secretary, Vice-President; Choral Union; Women ' s Glee Club; Junior Counselor; MENC; Sigma Alpha lota . . . SAM- UEL STEELE McCLAIN, JR., Quincy; B.S. Arts and Science, Mathematics; Lambda Chi Alpha, Ritual Chairman 2, 3; Scab- bard and Blade, Secretary 4 . . . VIRGINIA LOUISE McCLURE, Jacksonville; B.M.E. Music; Sigma Alpha lota 3, 4; Music Teachers National Association 2; Choral Union 1, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Light Opera Guild 2, 3; Junior Counselor; Wesley Foundation 4; Wesley Singers, Choir Di- rector 4; Wesley Players 4; MENC, Vice-President 3, President 4; Florida Music Educator ' s Association 2, 3, 4 . . . MARY HELEN McCORD, Pensacola; B.S. Elementary Education; West- minster Fellowship; ACE; FTA; Transfer, Queens College . . . ROW SIX: JULIA GAY McCOY, Orlando; B.A. Arts and Science, Psychology; Gymnastica 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Gymkana 2, 3, 4, Senior Manager 4; Transfer, Canal Zone Junior Col- lege . . BARBARA JEAN McCULLOUGH, St. Petersburg; B.S. Elementary Education; Light Opera Guild 3; Children ' s Theater Production 3; FTA 3; Transfer, St. Petersburg Junior College BERNICE MARION McCULLOUGH, Miami; B.S. Home Economics, Food and Nutrition; Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Transfer, Maryville College . . . MARGARET JEAN McCUL- LOUGH, St. Augustine; B.S. Arts and Science, Medical Tech- nology; Kappa Alpha Theta, Treasurer 4; Sophomore Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Undersecretary of Elections 3; Secretary of Elections 4; Sigma Tau Delta; Senior Class Executive Coun- cil .. . JAMES CHISHOLM McDANIEL, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Science, Biology; Circus 1, 2; ROTC Rifle Team 1,2... ALICE McDONALD, Jacksonville; B.S. Arts and Science, So- cial Science; Chi Omega; Pow Wow Staff; Westminster Fellow- ship; IF Week Comm. . . . ROW SEVEN: JOHN A. McDONALD, Chipley; B.S. Business, Personnel Management; Delta Sigma Pi . . . MARJORIE BELL McDONALD, Lake Worth; B.S. Home Economics Education; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Rural Youth Conference Chairman 3; Women ' s " F " Club; Florida Hall Floor Chairman 2; Home Economics Club 3, 4 . . . SHELIA ANN McGINTY, Miami; B.S. Business; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Theatre Dance . . . ELIZABETH ANN McKEE, Miami; B.S. Business, Secretarial Science; Zeta Tau Alpha; Choral Union 3; Women ' s Glee Club 4 . . . TOM A. McKENZIE, Dania; B.S. Elementary Education; BSU . . . HELEN LOUISE McLAIN, Miami; B.S. Education; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; BSU 1 , 2, 3, 4; FTA 3; Junior Counselor, Dorm Vice-President 3 . . . 80 Locklin, M. Locklin, S. Lukas Lundberg Luppino Lynn MacEachin Mackey Magee Maloy Manders Manning Marchant Markham Marky Marshall, D. Marshall, R. Martin, B. Martin, R. Marting Masci Mathieu, B. Mathieu, D. Mattman McArthur McCartney McCaskill McClain McClure McCord McCoy McCullough, Barbara McCullough, Bernice McCullough, M. McDaniel McDonald, A. McDonald, J. McDonald, M. McGinty McKee McKenzie McLain the senior class ROW ONE: ALAN S. McLANE, Brandon; B.S. Arts and Science, Political Science . . . MARY JEANETTE McLENDON, Orlando; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Recording Secretary 4; Circus 1 ; Varsity Debate Squad 3; Wesley Players 3; Tau Kappa Alpha 3 . . . MARTHA CARYL McLEOD, Bar- tow; B.A. Business Education; Delta Zeta; Flambeau Staff 3; Pi Omega Pi 4; Student Party Rep. 3; FTA 3, 4; BSU 3, 4; Transfer, Mars Hill College . . . JUNE MARY McMANUS, Clearwater; B.S. Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, Alumnae Secretary 3; Vice-President 4; Judiciary 2, 3, 4, Chairman 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Garnet Key 3, 4; Mortar Board, Editor 4; Vice President Bryan Hall 1 ; Sophomore Coun- cil; Junior Counselor; FTA 3; Who ' s Who . . . IRIS YVONNE McMULLEN, Madison; B.S. Business Education; Wesley Foun- dation; Junior Counselor . . . PHILLIP WARREN McRAE, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Marketing . . . ROW TWO: LEONARD LEROY MELTON, JR., Tallahassee; B.S. Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Football ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Track ' 49 . . . PATRICIA ANNE MELTON, Tallahassee; B.M. Music . . ANITA PATRICIA MENGASON, Cordele, Ga .; B.S. Arts and Science, Medical Technology . . . CHARLES VEN- ABLE MERCER, Jacksonville; B.A. Arts and Science . . . JOEL D. MERCER, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Science, Geology; Alpha Council; Geology Club . . . FRANK D. METCALF, Sop- choppy; B.S. Business, Insurance and Real Estate; Accounting Club; Insurance and Real Estate Club . . . ROW THREE: CLAYTON A. MILLER, JR., Jacksonville; B.S. Business, Marketing; Phi Delta Theta; Transfer, University of Florida . . . RICHARD ARTHUR MITCHEM, Tulsa, Okla.; B.S. Arts and Science, Meteorology; Lambda Chi ology Club MARTHA SUE MIZELL, Delta Zeta, President 4; Sophomore Garnet Key; Vice-President Bryan 2, Sigma Alpha lota; University Singers Music; Board; selor; Alpha; Meteor- Tampa; B.M.E. Council; Mortar 3; Junior Coun- 1, 2, 3, 4; Col- Tilt! Crown going down on Soph Hop Queen. legion ' s Accompanist 3, 4; Women ' s Glee Club; Light Opera Guild 2, 3; Who ' s Who . . . JOAN ELIZABETH MOBLEY, Mi- ami; B.S. Nursing; Chi Omega; Student Nurses ' Association . . . CARL H. MOFIELD, Daytona Beach; B.S. Business, Marketing; Kappa Alpha . . . EVELYN CLAIRE MOLL, Tampa; B.S. Arts and Science, Sociology; Alpha Gamma Delta, Activities Chair- man 4; Phi Beta Kappa; Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Garnet Key; Sophomore Council, Vice-President 2; Wesley Foundation, Vice-President 3, President 4; Inter-Faith Fellow- ship, President 4; Student Government Secretary of Finance 4; Honor Court 3; Dorm Vice-President 2; Junior Counselor 3; Who ' s Who . . . ROW FOUR: FRANK ESTES MOODY, Plant City; B.S. Busi- ness . . . THOMAS EDWIN MOODY, Plant City; B.S. Busi- ness, Insurance and Real Estate; Insurance and Real Estate Club 4; Transfer, Davidson College . . . BARBARA HUGHES MOORE, Tallahassee; B.S. Education; Alpha Xi Delta, Social Chairman 3, Vice-President 4; FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; ACE 4; Garnet Key 3, 4; Mortified; Sophomore Council; Tally-Ho 2; Senator 3, 4; SCA 1, 2; Corresponding Secretary 2; BSU 1, 2, Social Chairman; Westminster Fellowship 3, 4; Day Student Counselor . . . CAROLYN TONYA MOORE, Jacksonville; B.S. Physical Education; Tarpon Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Women ' s " F " Club 1,2, 3, 4; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; AAHPER; FAHPER; Physical Education Asso- ciation; Florida High School Activities Association; Intramurals Unit Manager, Sports Chairman; All-Star, Soccer, Basketball, Softball . . . JAMES C. MOORE, JR., Plant City; B.S. Arts and Science; Psychology; Phi Delta Theta, President 3; Circus 1 ; Men ' s Judiciary 1 ; Alpha Council 2; Who ' s Who . . . JAMES EDWARD MOORE, DeFuniak; B.S. Business; Sigma Chi; Alpha Council; Gold Key; Westminster Fellowship; Senate 1,2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who . . . ROW FIVE: MARY LOU MOORE, Miami; B.S. Nursing; BSU 1, 2, 3, 4; Transfer, Mars Hill Junior College . . . MARJORIE H. MORELAND, Havana; B.S. Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa; Wesley Foundation; Student Group of American Guild of Organists, President 3; Choral Union 1; University Off- Campus Court 2; ACE; FTA . . . MARY SUE MOSELEY, Winter Park, B.S. Arts and Science, Psychology; Delta Zeta; Symphonic Band 2, 3; Westminster Fellowship . . . JANET LUCILLE MOSER, Coral Gables; B.S. Education; ACE; FTA; Canterbury Club . . . JOHNNIE FAYE MOSES, Tampa; B.S. Education; Circus 1, 2, 3, 4; Gamma Phi Beta, Rush Chairman 2; Vice- President 3, 4; Village Vamps, Cotillion; Senate; Junior Coun- selor; Vice-President S. Cawthon; Recreation Club; FTA; Who ' s Who . . . JACK PAUL MOSKOS, Tallahassee; B.S. Business; Delta Sigma Pi; Insurance and Real Estate Club, 2nd Vice- President . . . ROW SIX: DON W. MOWATT, St. Petersburg; B.S. Arts and Science, Psychology . . . CAROLYN ANN MULLIS, Ft. Myers; B.S. Physical Education; Women ' s " F " Club 3, 4; Physical Education Association 1 , 2, 3, 4; AAHPER 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Unit Manager 2 . . . MARILYN MAE MURRAY, Melbourne; B.S. Business Education; Scholarship Club 1 ; FBLA, State Treasurer 3, Recording Secretary 4; FTA; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4 . . . GARY W. NAHRSTEDT, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Sigma Chi, Pledge Trainer; Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Committee; Social Standards Committee . . . JAMES IRVIN NEDLEY, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Science, Geology; Geology Club 4; Seminole Flyers Club, Secretary 3, President 4 . . . HARRY F. NELSON, West Palm Beach; B.S. Arts and Science, Art . . . ROW SEVEN: VIRGINIA PEARL NESMITH, Plant City; B.S. Home Economics Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; Omicorn Nu 4; BSU, Vice-President 4; Sophomore Council; 4-H Club, President 4; Home Economics Club, Secretary 3; Junior Coun- selor; Vice-President Florida Hall 2; President Bryan Hall 3; Freshman Orientation Committee 4 . . . JAMES EDWARD NETTLES, Chipley; B.S. Arts and Science, Geology; Pi Kappa Phi, President 4, Social Chairman 3; Inter-Fraternity Council, Treasurer 4; Geology Club 2, 3, 4 . . . GEORGE CHESTER NEWTON, Ft. Worth, Texas; B.S. Business; Delta Sigma Pi 3, 4; Baking Club 3, 4 . BRIAN DORIAN NICHOLSON, Pensacola; B.S. Arts and Science, Geology; Geology Club; Water Ski Club . . MILLARD JEFFERSON NOBLIN, Talla- hassee; B.S. Arts and Science, Chemistry; Sigma Chi . . . RALPH AARON NOLEN, Tallahassee; B.M. Music, Vocal Pedagogy; Choral Union 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4; Phi Mu Alpha 2, 3, 4, Historian 4; Light Opera Guild 2, 3 . . . 82 McLane McLendon McLeod McManus McMullen M cRae Melton, L. Melton, P. Mengascn Mercer, C. Mercer, J. Metcalf Miller Mitchem Mizell Mobley Mofield Moll Moody, F. Moody, T. Moore, B. Moore, C. Moore, James C. Moore, James E. Moore, M. Moreland Moseley Moser Moses Moskos Mowatt Mullis Murray Nahrstedt Nedley Nelson Nesmith Nettles Newton Nicholson Noblin Nolen the senior class ROW ONE: MEADE BONNER NORMAN, St. Petersburg; B.S. Arts and Sciences . . . DURRELL N. NORRIS, Tallahassee; B.S. Educational; Industrial Arts Club; Dean ' s List . . . ED- WARD C. O ' CONNELL, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; B.S. Business; Newman Club 3; Scullions 3; Feds 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Veteran ' s Club; Transfer, Paul Smith College . . . UPTON DAY OFFICER, Tampa; B.S. Business, Business Management ; Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary 3, 4; Arnold Air Society, Treasurer 4 . . . PAUL AUBRY ORT, Clearwater; B.M.E. Education, Music Education; Phi Delta Theta, President 4; Gold Key; Senior Class President; Sophomore Class President; University Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Uni- versity Singers 2, 3; Alpha Council 1, 2; AFROTC 1,2, 3, 4; Secretary of Student Welfare 3; Kappa Kappa Psi 2, 3, 4; Dormitory Floor Governor 1; Who ' s Who . . . WILLIAM B. O ' STEEN, Jacksonville; B.A. Arts and Sciences, English; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Epsilon Kappa; Transfer, University of Florida. ROW TWO: WILLIAM L. OSTERHOUDT, Key West; B.S. Business, Insurance and Real Estate; Theta Chi, Rush Chair- man; Varsity Track 1; Traffic Committee 2 . . . CAROL ANN OTTS, DeFuniak Springs; B.S. Home Economics; Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . CAROL SUE OWEN, Daytona Beach; B.M.E. Music Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Music Di- rector 3; Sigma Alpha lota, Treasurer; Choral Union; Women ' s Glee Club; Light Opera Guild . . . SINUAN PAEPRABHATR, Angthong, Thailand; B. S. Education . . . CAROLYN XAN- DRINA PAINTER, Ft. Meade; B.S. Home Economics; FTA; Home Economics Club; Transfer, Florida Southern College . . . ANGIE ROSE PALERMO, Tampa; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Art; Alpha Omicron Pi; Newman Club; Fashion Institute . . . ROW THREE: SANG OH PARK, Seoul, Korea; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Economics; International Students Club; Newman Club; Transfer, Seoul National University . . CLYDE RUSS One of these mornings I ' m putting it on upside-down. PARRISH, Vernon; B.A. Journalism, Advertising . . . PATRICIA MARILYN PASCIAK, Palmetto; B.S. Education, Elementary Ed- ucation; Dormitory Vice-President 1; Freshman Cabinet; New- man Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Regional Executive of Newman Clubs in Florida 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Council; Dormitory Government 2; Traffic Court 2; Chief Justice Traffic Court 4; Warpath Club 2 . . . JANIE CONCETTA PASQUARELLO, Miami; B.S. Business, Secretarial Science; Alpha Delta Pi, President 4; Warpath Club, Sec. 3; Circus 1, 2; Village Vamps . . CHARLOTTE HOLMES PATTEN, Chattanooga, Tenn.; B.S. Home Economics, Foods and Nutrition; Pi Beta Phi, Ac- tivities Chairman 2; Village Vamps; Sophomore Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Wesley Foundation; Co-Winner Freshman Scho- lastic Award; Circus 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Counselor for Day Students; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Co-President of Student Religious Association 3; InterFaith Fellowship 4; Omicron Nu, Secretary 3; Co-Winner of Home Economics Junior Scholar- ship Award; Danforth Home Economics Senior Award; Senate 4; Who ' s Who . . . PHYLLIS McCHESNEY PATTEN, Chatta- nooga, Tenn.; B.S. Home Economics, Foods and Nutrition; Pi Beta Phi; Village Vamps; Sophomore Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Wesley Foundation; Co-Winner Freshman Scholastic Award; Circus 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Counselor; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Co-President of Student Religious As sociation 3; Inter- Faith Fellowship; Omicron Nu; Danforth Home Economics Senior Award; Honor Court 4; Who ' s Who . . . ROW FOUR: PRISCILLA LEE PEARCE, St Petersburg; B.S. Education, Art Education; Art Education Club; FTA; FATA . . . CAROLYN A. PECK, Lake City; B.A. Library Science; Soltas 1, 3, 4, Secretary 3; FTA 1 , 2, 3 . . . NORMA BESS PERRY, Tallevast; B.S. Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club; Collegiate 4-H Club; Baptist Student Union . . . LOUISE FRANCER PETERING, Lake Wales; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Scholarship Club; Sandspur . . . EARLE W. PETERSON, JR., Hallandale; B.S. Business, Accounting; Kappa Alpha, Treasurer 3; Alpha Council; Sophomore and Junior Men ' s Judiciary; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade, President 4; Varsity Swimming Team Manager 2, 3 . . . DANIEL PETURSSON, Reykjavik, Iceland; B.S. Business; Scullions; FSU Flying Club; International Students Club . . . ROW FIVE: BARBARA LEA PICHARD, Tallahassee; B.A.; Baptist Student Union . . . WINONA M. PICKELS, Palatka; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Biology . . . ROBERT LEE PICKERING, JR., Fort Myers; B.S. Education, Social Studies . . . SHIMER ZANE PINCKNEY, Pinellas Park; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Mathe- matics; Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Theta Kappa; Mathematics Club . . . BETSY WOLCOTT PINKERTON, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Tau Beta Sigma 4; Marching Chiefs 3, 4; Concert Band 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Theater Dance Group 2 . . . GEORGIA ALICE PITTAS, Bar- tow; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association 1 , 2, 3, 4 . . . ROW SIX: NANCY VIRGINIA PLATTE, St. Petersburg, B.A. Education, Elementary Education; Scholarship Club 3; FTA 3, 4; St. Petersburg Junior College . . . NATHANIEL WILLIAM POLAK, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Insurance and Real Estate; Lambda Chi Alpha; Football 1, 2, 3; " F " Club 1, 2, 3, Sec- retary 1 ; Veterans Club 3, 4, President 4; Alpha Kappa Psi 4; Insurance and Real Estate Club 4 . . . BETTY ANN POOL, Pompano Beach; B.S. Education; Delta Zeta, Vice-President 4; FTA 4; Scholarship Club 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . ROBERT WILLIAM POPE, Tallahassee; B.S. Social Welfare, Juvenile Correction; Tau Kappa Epsilon; West Hall Dormitory Officer; Alpha Phi Omega; Social Work Club; Transfer, University of Florida . . . MYRA JEAN PORTER, Chipley; B.S. Elementary Education; FTA 2, 3, 4; Epsilon Chi 2, 3, Secretary 4; Junior Counselor; Scholarship Club . . . ROBERT M. PORTER, Crawfordville; B.S. Business, Personnel Management; Kappa Alpha, President 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, Vice-President 4; Alpha Council, Bap- tist Student Union 4; Traffic Court 2, 3; Senator 4; Collegians 1,2... ROW SEVEN: JAMES HENRY POWERS, St. Petersburg; B.S. Business . . . KATHRYN EVELYN POWERS, Dania; B.S. Ele- mentary Education; Scholarship Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA . . . REBECCA L. POYTHRESS, Rocky Mount, N. G.J B.S. Nursing Education . . . FRED L. PRINCE, Charlotte, N. C; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Economics . . . KAY ELLEN PRITCHARD, St. Petersburg; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3, 4 . . WILLAM MORRIS PROKOPI, Manitoba, Canada; B.M. Music Theory; Phi Eta Sigma, Treas- urer 2; Phi Mu Alpha; Concert Band; Choral Union . . . 84 2 111 Osterhoudt Otts Owen Paeprabhatr Painter Palermo Park Parrish Pasciak Pasquarello Patten, C. Patten, P. Pearce Peck Perry Petering Peterson Petursson Pichard Pickels Pickering Pinckney Pinkerton Pittas the senior class ROW ONE: KATHLEEN PSARAS, Tarpon Springs; B.S. Edu- cation; Garnet Key; ACE 3, 4; Dean ' s List; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Vice-President Gilchrist Hall 2, President 4 CHARLES GORDON PSCHIRRER, Canton, III ; B.S. Arts and Science, Speech, Radio and TV; WFSU-FM; Transfer, Palm Beach Junior College . . . JEANETTE PUCKETT, Perry; B.S. Business; Phi Mu; University Singers 2, 3, 4; Flambeau Staff 3; FEA 3, 4 . . . MARY MOLLY QUINCE, Miami; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses ' Association 1 , 2, 3, 4; Choral Union 2 . . . DONALD BOYER RAMSEY, Port St. Joe; B.S. Business, Insurance and Real Estate; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Swimming 1, 2, 3; Insurance and Real Estate Club 4 . . . DONALD BLAINE RANDALL, Clearwater; B.S. Business, In- surance and Real Estate; Phi Delta Theta; University Singers 1, 2, 3, President 2, 3; Choral Union 1; Insurance and Real Estate Club 4; Modern Dance 2; Wesley Foundation . . . ROW TWO: CARMINE JOAN RANIERI, St. Petersburg; B.A. Arts and Science, Spanish Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Rush Chairman 4; Secretary of Senate 3; Secretary of Student Events 4; Treasurer Sophomore Class; Sophomore Council; Secretary of Student Party 3; Sigma Delta Pi 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Mortar Board, Secretary 4; Garnet Key; Who ' s Who . . . ARTHUR EUGENE RADIN, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Transportation; Vets Club, Treasurer 3 . . . C. NILES RAY, Asheville, N. C; B.S. Business, Accounting; Sigma Chi, Social Chairman 3, Treasurer 4 . . . ELINOR FRANCES REED, Alex- andria, Va.; B.S. Nursing; Alpha Xi Delta; Student Christian Association 1; Westminster Fellowship; Student Nurses 1, 2 . . . HERB F. REINHARD, JR., Miami; B.S. Arts and Science; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sandspur Chairman 1, 2, 3; Cavalier 1, 2, 3, 4; Flambeau Staff 2; Tally-Ho Staff 2 . . . TED MAR- SHALL REITER, Bradenton; B.S. Business, Accounting; Kappa Sigma, Vice-President 3 . . . Whaddya mean, three no-trump? We ' re playing poker. ROW THREE: PATRICIA RUTH REGISTER; Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Science, Biology . . . LISA MARGARET RENO, Miami; B.S. Home Economics, Fashion Design; Phi Mu, Treas- urer 3, 4; Gamma Alpha Chi; Fashion Institute 2, 3, 4 . . . RICHARD CARDOZA REIS, Central Falls, R. I.; B.M.E. Music Education; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band . . . WALTER LEON REVELL, Tallahassee; B.S. Journalism . . . EUNICE CARLYEN RHODES, Ft. Myers; B.S. Business Retailing; Phi Mu, Fraternity Education Chairman 3, President 4; Transfer, Rollins College . . . LEONARD LAMAR RICH.. Niceville; B.S. Elementary Education; Social Welfare Club; Vets Club . . . ROW FOUR: EVERETT ROYCE RICHARDSON, Jacksonville; B.S. Business; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . JOSEPH RIESGO, JR., Tampa; B.S. Arts and Science, Social Science . . . MARION FAYE RIGBY, Pensacola; B.S. Education, Elementary; Dorm Council 3; Transfer, Pensacola Junior College . . . CAROLYN RUTH RILEY, Winter Haven; B.A. Education, Recreation; Alpha Chi Omega, Social Chairman 4; SRA 3; Recreation Club, Vice-President 3; Transfer . . . NANCY MAE RISMILLER, Leesburg; B.S. Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; BSU 1, 2, 3, 4; Dorm Vice-President 3; Junior Counselor; FTA 2, 4; Choral Union 4 . . . DORIS ROGERS ROBERDS, Pensacola; B.A. Education, Education and Recreation; Alpha Gamma Delta; Tarpon 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Recreation Association 2, 4; Wesley Foundation 1,2, 3, 4; Epsilon Chi 4; ACE 4; FTA 4 . . . ROW FIVE: FRED ROBERTS, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Public Administration; Lt. Governor West Hall 3; Gold Key, Secretary 3, 4; Varsity Debate 1 , 2, 3, 4; Senate 4; Tau Kappa Alpha 3, 4; Board of Publications; After Dinner Speaking Champion F.S.U. 3; All-Southern Debating Tournament 1st Place 3 . . . GERALD F. ROBERTS, Baldwin; B.S. Business, Marketing . . . BARBARA ANN ROBERSON, Jacksonville; B.S. Home Eco- nomics, Food and Nutrition; Phi Mu . . . DIXON GALT ROB- INSON, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Marketing; Kappa Alpha . . . PATTY ROBINSON, Williston; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; BSU, Secretary 4; Women ' s " F " Club; Home Economics Club; FTA . . . PERRY O ' NEAL ROB- INSON, Crestview; B.A. Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon; BSU 1. ROW SIX: PATRICIA GAY ROBSON, Pompano Beach; B.S. Business, Insurance and Real Estate; Delta Zeta, Treasurer; Student Religious Association 3, 4; Insurance and Real Estate Club, Secretary 2, 3, 4; Circus 2; Politics Club 3; Sophomore Council; Flambeau Staff 1 ; Wesley Foundation . . . IRENE RODRIGUEZ, Tampa; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Gamma Phi Beta, Pan Hel Delegate 3; State Party Secretary 2; Junior Counselor; Vice-President N. Cawthon 4; Home Economics Club 2 . . . JACK W. ROGERO, San Mateo; B.S. Education; Lambda Chi Alpha; Epsilon Chi, Vice-President 4; FTA 3; Sandspur Chairman 2; Westminster Fellowship 4 . . . JAMES H. ROGERS, Quincy; B.A. Arts and Science; Kappa Sigma; Phi Mu Alpha; Sintonia 2, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi 3, 4 . . . JANE ROGERS, Kissimmee; B.A. Elementary Education; Delta Zeta, Pan Hel Representative 3, 4; FTA 2, 4; ACE 3; Transfer, Queens College . . . SUE CAROLYN ROGERS, Clear- water; B.A. Arts and Science, Psychology; Alpha Omicron Pi, Scholarship Chairman 4; Theatre Dance, Secretary 3, Produc- tion Manager 4; Psychology Club; Vice-President S. Cawthon 3; Delta Tau Delta Queen 4 . . . ROW SEVEN: KENNETH G. ROHACH, Tampa; B.S. Busi- ness, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Theta Chi . . . MARY BERKHAN ROHACH, Tampa; B.S. Elementary Educa- tion; Delta Zeta; Women ' s Glee Club; FTA . . . HENRIETTA DEAN ROLLEN, Tallahassee; B.S. Physical Education; Physical Education Association 4; Chairman Women ' s Division Univer- sity Recreation 4; Transfer . . . PATRICIA ELLEN ROONEY, Orlando; B.S. Education; Mortar Board; Tarpon Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2; Women ' s " F " Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; URA 2, 3, 4, President 4; AAHPR 1, 2, 3, 4; Garnet Key; Dorm President 3, 4; Who ' s Who . . . DIANNE C. ROWE, Jacksonville; B.A. Arts and Science, Biology and Zoology; Delta Gamma; Newman Club 1 ; Biology Club 2; Junior Counselor . . . ELLEN MARGARET ROWE, Akron, Ohio; B.A. Arts and Science, Spanish; Alpha Gamma Delta; Los Picaros 3; FTA 4 . . . Mi ■ ■-- " it- - Mi Psoras Pschirrer Puckett Quince Ramsey Randall Register Reno Reis Revell Rhodes Rich Richardson Riesgo Rigby Riley Rismiller Roberds Roberts, F. Roberts, G. Roberson Robinson, D. Robinson, Patty Robinson, Perry Robson Rodriguez Rogero Rogers, James Rogers, Jane Rogers, S. Rohach, K. Rohach, M. Rollen Rooney Rowe, D. Rowe, E. the senior class ROW ONE: CHARLES GLENNON ROWELL, Jay; B.S. Edu- cation . . . ALICE G. ROY, Tallahassee; B.S. Nursing Educa- tion . . ELIZABETH BARBARA ROZMAN, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Science, History; Newman Club . . . ALLAN WILSON RUSSELL, Jacksonville; B.S. Social Welfare; Phi Eta Sigma . . . TEDDY S. RYBICKI, Moriches, N. Y.; B.S. Advertising; Alpha Delta Sigma, President 4 . . . RENA JAME McBRIDE RYBICKI, Panama City; B.S. Home Economics, Child Development; Alpha Chi Omega; Home Economics Club; Newman Club . . . . . . HENRY G. SCHARLES, JR., Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Science, Psychology; Veterans Club . . . MARILYN CAROLYN SCHAUBLE, Bradenton; B.S. Home Economics Education; New- man Club; FTA Home Economics Club; Transferred, St. Peters- burg Junior College . . . FRANK HUGH SCHEIBLE, Milwaukee, Wis.; B.S. Business; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . JOHN HERMAN SCHILL, St. Petersburg; B.S. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Delta Sigma Pi . . . ROW TWO: DAVID LEE SALMON, JR., St Petersburg; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Zoology; Kappa Sigma; I.F.C. -4 . . . CHARLES O. SANDERS, Pensacola; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Social Science . . . JANE DENTON SANDERS, Deland; B.A. Arts and Sciences, French; Alpha Gamma Delta; Phi Beta Honorary Music and Speech; Canterbury 3, 4; International Club; Transfer from Dijon, France . . . CHARLES SAMUEL SAPP, Madison; B.S. Business, Business Management . . . SHIRLEEN SASSER, Tampa; B.S. Education; Kappa Delta; Freshman Flunkies; Women ' s Glee Club; Sophomore Council; FTA; ACE . . . SUZANNE SAUNDERS, Lake Worth; B.A. Arts and Science, Speech; Alpha Gamma Delta; Les Jongleurs; Speech Production " Skin of Our Teeth, " FTA; Transferred from Palm Beach Junior College . . . ROW FOUR: LOVIS LEO SCHLITT, Vero Beach; B.S. Busi- ness, Insurance and Real Estate; Newman Club; Honor So- ciety; Insurance and Real Estate Club; Alpha Phi Omega . . . ROBERT RICHARD SCHLIPF, Louisville, Ky.; B.S. Business, Baking Science and Management; Alpha Kappa Psi; Bakers Club . . . PATSY ANN SCHULSTAD, Bradenton; B.S. Social Welfare; Alpha Gamma Delta . . . WILLARD H. SCOTT, Greenville; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President 3, Comptroller 4 . . . SHIRLEY ANN SEAMAN, Waycross, Ga.; B.S. in Nursing Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain; Vice-President Broward Hall Sophomore Council; Student Nurses Association 1, 2, 3, 4 Wesley Foundation 1 , 2, 3 . . . JAMES LONNIE SELLERS Panama City; Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary 4 . . . ROW THREE: CHARLES HEROLD SCARBROUGH, Atlanta, Ga.; B.S. Baking Science and Management; Delta Sigma Pi, Secretary; Alpha Phi Omega; Student Christian Association; Dormitory Council . . . ETTIE LOVE SCARBOROUGH, Chatta- hoochee; B.S. Education; Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation 3, Chairman of Vespers 4; Junior Counselor; FTA; Association of Childhood Education 4; Epsilon Chi 4; Senior Honor Court You can almost tell it ' s Sunday. ROW FIVE: LONNIE DAVID SELLERS, Delray Beach; B.A. Elementary Education; Sigma Nu; Alpha Phi Omega, Presi- dent 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3; Collegians; Scholarship Club 2; Trans- ferred, University of Florida . . . CARLA KAE SESSIONS, Talla- hassee; B.S. Education; Home Economics Club 3, 4; FTA 3, 4 . . . JUANITA McANNALLY SETTINE, Green Cove Springs; B. S.; American Chemical Society; Transferred, University of Hawaii . . . PATRICIA ELLIS SEXTON, Marianna; B.S. Edu- cation, Elementary Education; Phi Mu; FTA; Transferred, Chi- pola Junior College . AUTUMN YVONNE SHANNON, Sanford; B.S. Business Education; Alpha Lambda Delta 1 ; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; FTA 4 . . . MARTHA GWENDOLYN SHAN- NON, Sanford; B.S. Education; Sigma Tau Delta 2; Alpha Lambda Delta 2; Epsilon Chi 2, Treasurer; BSU 2; Choral Union 3 . . . ROW SIX: CHARLOTTE L. SHARP, Perry; B.S. Education, Art Education; Dean ' s I ist; Art Education Club 2, 3, 4; FEA . . . DAWN SHARP, Nokomis; B.A. English; Sigma Kappa, Pie ' ge Scholarship Award, Chapter Scholarship Award 3, Schol- arship Chairman 3, 4; Sigma Tau Delta 2, 3, 4, President 3; Winner Original Oratory Contest in FSU Speech Intramurals Tournament; Sophomore Council; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Epsilon Chi 3, 4; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4 . . . CHARLES GARLAND SHAW, Longwood; B.S. Business, Management and Finance; Phi Kappa Tau; Cavalier 3, 4 . . . EDNA MAE SHEPARD, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Accounting . . . DAVID JOSEPH SHERMAN, Ouida, Colo.; B.S. Business, Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi 4; Accounting Honorary 4; Vet- erans Club 3, 4; American Accounting Association 4; Transfer, Northeastern Junior College of Colorado . . . GLENDA JO SHERRILL, Lookout Mountain, Tenn.; B.S. Home Economics; Pi Beta Phi, Historian 4; Tarpon Club 2, 3, 4 . . . ROW SEVEN: GORDON HAYES SHIRAH, II, Sarasota; B.S. Business, Accounting . . . MARGARET LYNN SHIRLEY, Paho- kee; B.M.E. Music Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretary 4; Sigma Alpha lota, Secretary 4; Choral Union 1, 2; Women ' s Glee Club 3, 4; MENC; Scholarship Club 4 . . . MARTHA MARIE SIMMONS, Orlando; B.S. Elementary Education; Fresh- Man Flunkies; Home Economics Club 3; FTA 4; Delta Zeta . . . MARY FRANCES SIMMONS, Jacksonville; B.S. Education; Marching Chiefs; Tau Beta Sigma; Social Chairman South Cawthon; Executive Council Westminster House; FTA . . . GRETA LOUISE SIMS, St. Petersburg; B.A. Arts and Science, English; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sophomore Council; Sophomore Women ' s Judiciary; Sigma Tau Delta 2, 3, 4; Senators 3; Mortified; President of Westminster Fellowship 4; Garnet Key 3, 4, President 4; Secretary of Inter-Faith Student Council; Who ' s Who . . . PEARL SKINNER, Tallahassee; B.A. Library Science; Newman Club . . . 88 Rowell, C. Roy Rozman Russell Rybicki, T. Rybicki, R. Salmon Sanders, C. Sanders, J. Sapp Sasser Saunders Scarbrough, C. Scarborough, E. Schar les Schauble Scheible Schill Schlitt Schlipf Schulstad Scott Seaman Sellers, J. Sellers, L. Sessions Settine Sexton Shannon, A. Shannon, M. Sharp, C. Sharp, D. Shaw Shepard Sherman Sherrill Shirah Shirley Simmons, Martha Simmons, Mary Sims Skinner the senior class ROW ONE: BEATRICE PEARL SMITH, Mims; B.S. Arts and Science, Medical Technology; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Players 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 4; FTA 3 . . . JOHN HINES SMITH, Jacksonville; B.S. Business; Kappa Alpha, Corresponding Secretary 2, Social Chairman 2, Rush Chairman; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Election Committee 2, 3, 4; Pub- lic Relation Office; Collegians 3 . . . MARY ANN SMITH, Quincy; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; FTA; ACE; Epsilon Chi; Transfer Gulf Park College . . . MILFORD DURWOOD SMITH, Bonifay; B.S. Business Administration; Alpha Kappa Psi 3, 4; Vets Club 4 . . . ROBERT LEE SMITH, Tampa; B.S. Public Administration . . . STANLEY L. SMITH, JR., Lutz; B.S. Business Administration; Insurance and Real Estate Club 3, 4; Collegians 3, 4; Dorm Government 4; Delta Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Executive Council 4 . . . ROW TWO: VIRGINIA CAROLYN SMITH, Jacksonville; B.A. Library Science; Soltas Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice- President 4 . . . VIRGINIA ROGERS SMITH, Jacksonville; B.A. Arts and Science, English; Chi Omega, Treasurer 3, Vice- President 4; Sigma Tau Delta 2, 3, 4; Tally-Ho Staff 1 . . . JAMES RALPH SOLES, Auburndale; B.S. Arts and Sciences, History; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gold Key, Vice-President 4; Alpha Council; Alpha Delta Sigma, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Politics Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4, Council 3, 4; Young Democrats 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Flambeau Columnist 3, 4; Pow Wow Staff 3; Student Senate 1, 2, 3; Men ' s Vice-President 4; Student Body Vice-President 4; Who ' s Who . . . NELL LAMAR SOLOMON, Marianna; B.S. Elementary Education; FTA; FBLA . . . RAY HANCE SOLO- MON, Tallahassee; B.S. Business; Insurance and Real Estate Club 1 . . . ROBERT SOMMER, Bronx, N. Y.; B.S. Business Finance; Public Relations Chairman of Delta Sigma Pi 3, 4 . . . ROW THREE: JANE ANN SOPER, St. Petersburg, Arts and Science, Sociology; Delta Delta Delta, Vice-President 4; Senate Yuletide joy — oh boy, oh boy. I; Sophomore Council, President; Garnet Key 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2; Wesley Foundation, Officer 3, 4; Junior Counselor; Class Executive Council 3, 4; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who . . . GOR- DON EDWARDS SPEED, Jacksonville; B.S. Arts and Science, History; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, President 3, Vice- President 4; Inter-Faith Fellowship, Vice-President 4; Alpha Pi Omega, Chaplain 4; BSU 1, 2; President Magnolia Hall 3; Scholarship Award, Magnolia Hall 2 . . . BETTY LEJEAN SPENCE, Niceville; B.S. Home Economics Education; Junior Counselor; Home Economics Club; FTA; Wesley Foundation Council . . . PLATT ROGERS SPENCER, JR., Port Orange; B.S. Business, Accounting; Marching Chiefs 1 ; Circus Band 1 ; Christian Science Organization 1 , 2, 3, 4 . . . DON RAY SPIVEY, Tampa; B.A. Secondary Education; FTA; Bit and Spur; Choral Union; Veterans Club; Speech Productions and Light Opera Guild Productions . . . CHARLES ROSS SPROUL, Holly- wood; B.S. Arts and Science, Geology; Geology Club . . . ROW FOUR: LISABETH ANTIONETTE STAINER, Tampa; B.S. Home Economics, Fashion Design; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sophomore Council; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Omicron Nu; Pi Delta Phi 4; Junior Counselor, Vice-President Jennie Mur- phree 3; President N. Cawthon 4; Junior Honor Court; West- minster Fellowship . . . WILLIAM ELLIS STANLEY, JR., Talla- hassee; B.S. Business; Phi Eta Sigma 2, 3, 4; Delta Sigma Pi 4 . . . NANCY JANE STECH, Montgomery, Ala.; B.S. Social Welfare, Social Welfare and Child Development; Pi Beta Phi; Circus 2, 3, 4; Social Welfare Club 2, 3, 4; Westminster Fel- lowship 2; Transfer, Stetson University . . . JOAN STECKER, Ft. Lauderdale; B.S. Social Welfare; Social Welfare Club 1 , 2, 3, 4, President 4; ACE 4; Circus 1 ; Kappa Delta, Activities Chairman 4 . . . LOIS STEIN, St. Petersburg; B.S. Business, Retailing; Gamma Alpha Chi; Fashion Institute; Transfer, St. Petersburg Junior College . . . TICIA ELIZABETH STITT, Clewiston; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Kappa Delta Pi 2; Westminster Fellowship 4; Choral Union, Business Manager 3; Home Economics Club 4; Finance Com- mittee of Student Government 1 ; Vice-President Florida Hall, Summer . . . ROW FIVE: SIDNEY DYKES STOTESBURY, Gainesville; B.S. Business Management and Finance; Phi Delta Theta; Circus . . . JUNE BOWEN STOUTAMIRE, Limestone; B.S. Home Eco- nomics Education; Gymkana 1, 2, Manager 2; Art Interest Club; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Executive Council 3; Collegiate 4-H Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4 . . . G. WAR- REN STRICKLAND, Miami; B.S. Business Management; Var- sity Track 1,2, 3, 4; Sigma Delta Psi . . . JOAN E. STRICK- LAND, Marianna; B.S. Education, Social Studies; Delta Zeta, Social Chairman 3; Circus 1, 2; Scholarship Club 2; Cotillion 2, 3, 4; Modern Dance 3; Junior Counselor; FTA 3; Dean ' s List . . . CARL WILBUR STUCKI, The Dalles, Oregon; B.S. Interna- tional Affairs, U. S. Air Force; Bootstrap Student . . . KUSON SUCHANYA, Bangkok, Thailand; Elementary Education . . . ROW SIX: ALICE FLORENCE SULLIVAN, Bartow; B.S. Edu- cation; Alpha Delta Pi; Gymnastica 4; Gymkana 3, 4; Tally- Ho Staff 2 . . . MATTHEW JOHN SULLIVAN, Grosse Pointe, Mich.; B.S. Public Administration; FEDS; Varsity Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Florida Correctional Research Association; American Society of Public Administration; Newman Club . . . JACQUE- LINE SUTOR, Tallahassee; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses, As- sociation, Secretary 2; Wesley Foundation . . . PRISCILLA ANNE SWAIN, St. Petersburg; B.A. Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Mortar Board; Garnet Key; Sigma Delta Pi; Methodist Student House; Band 4; Tau Beta Sigma; Honor Court; Sopho- more Council; Junior Counselor; Alpha Delta Lambda; Who ' s Who . . . HARVEY ROE SWEENEY, Tallahassee; B.S. Busi- ness, Accounting; Varsity Baseball; " F " Club . . . JOHN BAX- TER SWING, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Personnel Manage- ment . . . ROW SEVEN: DOLORES MARIE SYMASEK, Jacksonville; B.M.E. Music Education; Women ' s Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 2; Sigma Alpha lota 3, 4; Choral Union 3; MENC 3; Co- Chairman Campus Sing 4; Transfer, Jacksonville College of Music . . . GILBERT BOARMAN SYPHER, Tampa; B.S. Busi- ness; Kappa Alpha; Transfer, University of Florida . . . JO- SEPH G. TAYLOR, Tallahassee; B.S. Physical Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Varsity Gymnastic Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Gymkana 1, 2, 3, 4 . . ROBERT MICKLER TEMPLE, JR., Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Science; Sigma Chi, President 4; Gold Key; Alpha Council, President 2; Senate Chaplain; Sophomore Senator; Junior Class President; Circus 1, 2, 3; Who ' s Who . . . JAMES LEWIS TEW, DeFuniak Springs; B.S. Education . . . BEVERLY ANN THOMAS, West Palm Beach; B.S. Education, Science; Transfer, Palm Beach Junior College . . . 90 Tl IP Smith, B. Smith, J. Smith, Mary Ann Smith, Milford Smith, R. Smith, S. Smith, Virginia C. Smith, Virginia R. Soles Solomon, N. Solomon, R. Sommer Soper Speed Spence Spencer Spivey Sproul Stainer Stanley Stech Stecker Stein Stitt Stotesbury Stoutamire Strickland, G. W. Strickland, J. Stucki Suchanya Sullivan, A. Sullivan, M. Sutor Swain Sweeney Swing the senior class ROW ONE: JAMES BERT THOMAS, JR., Monticello; B.S. Business, Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity; Intramural Athletics; University Intramural Council; Collegians; Student Audit Committee; Dorm Government; Wesley Foun- dation Council, Athletic Chairman . . . SARAH BETTY THOMAS, Laurel Hill; B.S. Nursing, Nursing Education; Bap- tist Student Union . . . SUE E. THOMAS, Ft. Pierce; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Women ' s " F " Club, Treasurer 3; Physical Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4; AAHPER 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Intramural Unit Manager; WNORC 4 . . DOROTHY VIRGINIA THOMASSON, Lakeland; B.S. Nursing; Florida State Student Nurses Association 1,2, 3, 4; Women ' s " F " Club 2, 3, 4; Gymkana 1, 2; Flambeau Staff 1,2... DOTTIE SUE THOMPSON, Jacksonville; B.S. Edu- cation, Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Scholarship Chairman 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; ACE 3, 4; Epsilon Chi 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Panhellenic Honor Chairman 4; Scholarship Club 3, 4 . . . ELIN ISABELLA THOMPSON, Port Orange; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses, Association 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . ROW TWO: GAVIN E. THORSEN, Pensacola; B.S. Social Welfare . . . LOIS ANITA TICHENOR, Miami; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Wesley Foundation 1 , 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 3, 4; Junior Counselor 3 . . . FRANK W. TILLIS, Talla- hassee; B.S. Business, Personnel Management . . . MARGIE TINDELL, Lake Wales; Arts and Sciences, Speech; Alpha Xi Delta; Gamma Alpha Chi; Les Jongleurs, Vice-President; Who ' s Who Committee . . . ELIZABETH ANN TITTERTON, Ft. Lau- Two to one the washing machine ' s already in use. derdale; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Art Interest Club, Officer 2, Ruge Hall, Episcopal Center 2, 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; ACE 4 . . . LOIS JOYCE TODD, Tampa; B.M.E. Music Edu- cation; Alpha Omicron Pi; Music Educators National Confer- ence Association 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Music Teachers National Association 4; Gymkana 2 . . . ROW THREE: LOIS RITA TOURTELOT, St. Petersburg; B.S. Social Welfare; Baptist Student Union; Social Work Club; Student Religious Association . . . NORMA LEE TRIPPODO, Miami; B.S. Tau Kappa Alpha 3, President 4; Assistant At- torney General 3; Secretary of Organizations 4; Vice-President Gilchrist 4; Varsity Debate 1 , 2, 3 . . . WALTER LEON TRUITT, Tallahassee; B.S. Business, Marketing; Dean ' s List 2, 3 . . . MICHEL PHILIP TSCHIRRET, Toledo, Ohio; B.S. Journalism, Advertising; Theta Chi; Swimming Team 1,2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Senior Executice Commission . . . BARBARA ANN TUCKER, West Palm Beach; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses ' Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Disciple Student Fellowship 1,2, 3, 4; Transferred from Palm Beach Junior College 1 . . . GALE BAXTER TUGGLE, Mulga, Ala.; B.S. Education; Sigma Delta Psi; Men ' s " F " Club 3, 4 . . . ROW FOUR: LUCILE TINNIN TURNAGE, West Palm Beach; B.A. Arts and Sciences, English; Delta Delta Delta; Theatre Dance Group 1,2, 3, 4; Production Manager 2, 3, President 4; Episcopal Student Center, Vestry 2, 3, Junior Warden 4; Gym- kana 1, 2; Sandspur 1, 2; Junior Counselor . . . MARY ANNE TURPIN, Dania; B.S. Education; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; State Scholarship Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Wesley Foun- dation; 4-H Club; FTA 1, 2, 4; Florida Hall Vice-President; Campus Chest Treasurer 4 . . . RONALD GEORGE TWITTY, Argo, III.; B.S. Journalism, Advertising; Theta Chi, President 4, Key Man, National Centennial Convention 4; IFC 4; Tally- Ho Staff 2; Varsity Swimming Team 1, 2, 3; Alpha Delta Sigma 3, 4 . . . RALPH E. UPTON, Vernon; B.S. Education, Industrial Arts, Vocational; Industrial Arts Club . . . RICHARD G. VAN- DER LINDE, Miami; B.A. Business . . . EDWARD MALUIN VAUGHN, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Mathematics. ROW FIVE: EVELYN VERNELL VINZANT, Tallahassee; A.B Home Economics . . . GRACE ELSA VON TONGELN, Miami; B.S. Home Economics, Home Economics Education; FTA; Scholarship Club; Transfer Counselor . . . IDA KATH- ERINE WADE, Tallahassee; B.S. Education, Elementary Edu- cation; Zeta Tau Alpha; Westminster Fellowship 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary-Treasurer 2; Sophomore Councl; Junior Counselor . . . LAURA WADSWORTH, Odessa; B.S. Education, Secondary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice-President 4; Circus 1, 2, 3; Junior Counselor . . . MARIE C. WADSWORTH, Tallahassee; B.A. Education, Speech Therapy; Zeta Tau Alpha; Campus Chest Officer; Sigma Alpha Eta . . . RAYMOND WALTER WAGNER, Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Geology; Dorm President 1, Officer 2; Alpha Council Member; Circus 2; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Homecoming Committee 3, 4; Senior Class Vice-President . . . ROW SIX: MARLIN B. WALDORFF, Marianna; B.S. Business, Finance; Delta Sigma Pi; Transfer from Chipola Junior College . . . BETTY JOE WALKER, Pensacola; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Physical Education Assoc. 3, 4; A.A.H.P.E.R 3, 4; Women ' s Intramural Sports Manager 3; Transfer from Pensa- cola Junior College . . . ANN WALL, Sarasota; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology; Zeta Tau Alpha; Women ' s " F " Club; Can terbury Club, Secretary 2; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Secretary 3; Choral Union 1 . . . JOYCE ATTYS WALLACE, West Palm Beach; B.S. Education; F.T.A. 2; BSU 1 . . . DOROTHY IONE WALLING, Jacksonville; B.S. Home Economics, Home Ec. Edu- cation; Phi Mu, Corresponding Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Wesley Foundation, Council 1 , 2, 3, 4; Alpha Lambda Delta; Omicron Nu, Treasurer 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Social Work Club 1 ; Home Economics Club 3, 4; F.T.A. 4 . . . MARYO WAL- TERS, Tallahassee; B.A.; Sigma Delta Pi, President 2 . . . 92 Thomas, J. Thomas, Sarah Thomas, Sue Thomasson Thompson, D. Thompson, E. Vinzant Von Tongeln Wade Wadsworth, L. Wadsworth, M. Wagner Waldorff Walker Wall Wallace Walling Walters the senior class ROW ONE: ALMA ADAMS WANDECK, Marianna; B.S. Edu cation, Elementary Education; Delta Delta Delta; Fashion Insti- tute Club; Assistant House President; Transfer Brenau College . CHARLES F. WARD, Orlando; B.S. Business, Business Man- agement; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President 4 . . . CLYDE R. WARD, Jay; B.A. Journalism; Sports Editor Flambeau 2; Script Writer WFSU 2; Columnist Flambeau 3; Dean ' s List 3 . . MARJORIE CHRISTINE WARD, Marianna; B.S. Social Welfare; Transferred from Chipola Junior College . . . DAVID WARD-STEINMAN, Alexandria, La.; Bachelor of Music, Com- position; Accompanist and Arranger, University Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Kappa Lambda; Pi Delta Phi; Phi Mu Alpha; Music Critic Flambeau 3, 4; Sandspur Musical Director 2, 3; University Symphony 1, 2, 3, 4; Lab Band 2, 3; Seminole Flyers Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chairman, Campus Composers Con- cert 3, 4; Charles Ives Scholarship in Composition; BMI Stu- dent Composers Radio Awards 1954, 1955; Scholarshi p to Aspen Music School Summer 1956; Who ' s Who . . . JOHN THOMAS WARE, St. Petersburg; B.S. Public Administration; Lambda Chi Alpha, President; I.F.C., President . . . ROW TWO: JACK LEE WATSON, Cedar Key; B.S. Business, Marketing . . . JUNE EARLIN WATSON, Miami; B.S. Educa- tion, Elementary Education; Alpha Xi Delta; I.F.C. Court 1; So- cial Welfare Club 1 ; Florida Hall Social Chairman 3; Florida Hall Court 3; FTA 3, 4; NEA 3, 4; Senior Class Executive Council; Kappa Delta Pi 4 . . . JEAN CAROLINE WATT, Sarasota; A.B. A Senior in walking shorts! We ' ll tell Kathy on you! Journalism; Phi Mu; Tally Ho Staff 4; Canterbury Club 4; Trans- fer from Judson College . . . JOHN ERFORD WAVE, Panama City; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Social Science; Alpha Phi Omega; Canterbury Club, Vestryman Vice-President; Marching Chiefs 2 . . . MARY JUNE WAVE, Panama City; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3; Marching Chiefs 1 . . . PHILIP K. WEINY, Keokuk, Iowa; B.S. Educa- tion, Physical Education; Lambda Chi Alpha; Varsity Swim- ming . . . ROW THREE: LOUISE IRWIN WEISSENBORN, St. Petersburg; B.S. Social Welfare; Kappa Alpha Theta; Freshman Flunkies; Social Welfare Club; Young Democrats Club . . . ELINOR LOUISE WELBES, Panama City; B.S. Social Welfare; President Florida Hall . . . BARBARA LAIRD WELCH, Panama City; B.S. Home Economics; Anthropology Club; Biology Club 1, 2; International Club 2, 3, 4; American Buddy to Foreign Students 3, 4; Gymkana 1, 2, 3; Choral Union 2, 3 . . . MARY E. WELLS, Jacksonville; B.A. Education, Elementary Education; TFA; ACE; Epsilon Chi; Transfer from Duke . . . WILLIAM JOHN WELLS, Longwood; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Collegians 3 . . . CAROL MARIE WESLEY, DeFuniak Springs; B.S. Home Economics Education; Gamma Phi Beta . . . ROW FOUR: PHYLLIS ANGELA WESNER, Jacksonville; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Circus 2, 3, 4; FTA 1, 2, 3, 4; Canterbury Club . . . WILLIAM PAUL WESSON, Panama City; B.S. Business, Real Estate and Insur- ance; Insurance and Real Estate Club . . . FLEETA ANNETTE WEST, Jacksonville; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Phi Mu, Secretary 4; FTA 3 . . . LORRAINE WYNNE WESTER, Marianna; B.S. Business; Wesley Foundation . . . RICHARD ANDREW WESTLING, Pinecastle; B.S. Education; Phi Mu Alpha 1, 2; Industrial Arts Club 3, 4; Veterans Club 3, 4, University Chorus 1, 2; Dean ' s List 4 . . . W. HALL WHALEY, JR., Crawfordville; B.S. Business, Public Administration . . . ROW FIVE: DAVID WILLIAM WHIPPLE, Miami; B.S. Jour- nalism; University Singers 1, 2, 3, 4; Collegians 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Alpha Phi Omega; Sophomore Council; Choral Union; BSU . . . MELDRED KELLY WHITE, Hollywood; B.S. Music Education; Phi Theta Kappa; Phi Beta . . . CLINTON HOWARD WHITEHURST, JR., Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences, International Affairs . . . BEVERLY ALICE WHIT- LEY, Tallahassee; B.S. Elementary Education, FTA 1,2, 3, 4; ACE 4; Alpha Gamma Delta . . . VERNON LEE WHITTIER, JR., Vero Beach; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Industrial Psychology; Kappa Sigma . . . BETTY LOU WHITTLE, Quincy; B.S. Home Economics Education; Pi Beta Phi; Circus 2, 3, 4; Village Vamps 1,2, 3, 4; Garnet Key 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 4; Secretary of Sophomore Class; Vice-President of Jennie Murphree 1 ; Sweet- heart of Jennie Murphree; Queen of Freshman Carnival; Sweet- heart of West Hall 2; Military Ball Court 3; Sophomore Hop Court; Junior-Senior Prom Court; Who ' s Who . . . ROW SIX: RUTH ANN WHITTLE, St. Petersburg; B.S. Edu- cation, Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer 3, Presi- dent 4; Circus 1, 2, 3, 4; Village Vamps 1, 2, 3, 4; Sopho- more Council; Social Chairman Freshman Class; Wesley Foun- dation 1, 2, 3, 4; Eosilon Chi 4; Freshmen Flunkies . . . MARY ALICE WILCOX, Riviera Beach; B.S. Nursing; Student Nurses Association 1,2, 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 1 , 2, 4 . . . ROBERT B. WILKIN, Tallahassee; B.S. Social Welfare- Social Work Club . . . CARL McKINNON WILLIAMS, Chipley; B.S. Education, Physical Education; Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Phi Omega; Majors Ciub . . . EDWARD VINSON WILLIAMS, Orlando; B.M. Music, Piano; Delta Tau Delta, Secretary; Col- legians; Choral Union JOHN SHERWOOD WILLIAMS, Highland Hieghts, Ky.; B.S. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Delta Tau Delta; Delta Sigma Pi 4; Collegians 2, 3; Scullions 2, 3, 4 . . . 94 Wandeck Ward, Charles Ward, Clyde Ward, M. Ward- Steinman Ware Watson, Jack Watson, June Watt Wave, J . Wave, M. Weiny Weissenborn Welbes Welch Wells, M. Wells, W. Wesley Wesner Wesson West Wester Westling Whaley Whipple White Whitehurst Whitley Whittier Whittle, B. Whittle, R. Wilcox Wilkin Williams, C. Williams, E. Williams, J. the senior class ROW ONE: LAVERNE CRAIG WILLIAMS, Tallahassee; B.A. Education, Elementary Education; House Council; Junior Coun- selor . . LOVETT EDWARD WILLIAMS, JR., Tallahassee; B.S. Arts and Sciences; Phi Sigma . . . MARY MARGARET WILLIAMS, Bartow; B.S. Education, Mathematics and Science; Tarpon Club; Junior Counselor; Sophomore Council; Judiciary 4; Military Ball Queen 1; Miss FSU Finalist 1; Homecoming Queen Court 3; Kappa Delta Pi 4; All-Star Volleyball Team 3; All-Star Ping Pong Doubles Team 1; Gymkana Court 2; Wesley Foundation; FTA . . . MARY PAGE WILLIAMS, Raleigh, N. C, B.S. Education, Physical Education; Alpha Xi Delta; PEA 1. 7. 3, 4; AAHPER 1, 2, 3, 4; Theatre Dance 2; Florida Hall Program Chairman 2 . . ROBERT ELBERT WILLIAMS, Chattahoochee; B.S. Business, Marketing . . . RUTH ALMA WILLIAMS, Tampa; B.S. Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Garnet Key 3, 4; Circus 1, 2; Wesley Foundation; Student Party Secretary 3; Vice-President Reynolds Hall 1; Sophomore Coun- cil; Sophomore Class Social Chairman; Queen Harvest Moon Ball 1 . . . ROW TWO: SALLY JANE WILLIAMS, Sebring; B.S. Business Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Transfer Wesleyan College FRANCES ELNA WILSON, Canal Point; B.S. Education; Wes- ley Foundation 2, 3, 4; Wesley Players 3, 4; Alpha Lambda Delta; Marching Chiefs 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 2, 3; Tau Beta Sigma 3, Treasurer 4; Gilchrist House Council 3; Vice-President Gilchrist 4; Junior Counselor; Scholarship Club 2, 3 4- FTA 2 3, 4 . . . THOMAS B. WILSON, Orlando; B.S. Business, Gen- eral Marketing and Retail Marketing; Senior Hall Dormitory Government, Treasurer 1 ; Smoke Signals, Advertising Manager 1, 2; Business Manager 3 . . . HOWELL LANGE WINFREE, JR., St. Petersburg; B.S. Arts and Sciences, Chemical Science; Alpha Pi Omega; Kappa Kappa Psi; Mayor Penthouse Gang 4; March- ing Chiefs 2, 3, 4; Dean of Men ' s Residence Staff . . . JANET FAY WISSMANN, Kissimmee; B.S. Education, Elementary -Edu- cation; Delta Zeta, Scholarship Chairman 3; Gilchrist Hall Social Chairman 3; Florida Hall Social Chairman 3; ACE 3, 4; FTA 4 . . . MARY WOGAN, Miami Shores; B.S. Home Economics, Food and Nutrition; Home Economics Club 1 , 2, 3 4; Flambeau 1 , 2; Newman Club 1,2... ROW THREE: PAUL ENOCH WOLFE, JR., Jacksonville; B.S. Business, Finance; Advanced Army ROTC . . . ELEANOR GRAULKY WOODWARD, Quincy; B.A. Social Welfare; Trans- fer from Wesleyan College . . . FRANCES CAROLYN WOOD- WARD, Pinetta; B.A. Library Science; Soltas Club, Vice- President 3, President 4; Junior Counselor; Jennie Murphree Social Chairman; Dean ' s List 1 , 2, 3 . . . DIANE ELIZABETH WRIGHT, Winter Park; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; FTA 4; Circus 1 , 2, 3, 4 . . RODNEY CHESHIRE WURST. Tallahassee; B.S. Social Welfare . . . PATRICIA ANN WYATT, Lakeland; B.S. Education, Elementary Education; Alpha Xi Delta, Secretarv 4; Choral Union 1 , 2; Caroucel; Canterbury Club . . . Women! They always watch the photographer. ROW FOUR: LONNIE EVERETT YARBROUGH, JR., Pensa- cola; B.S. Education, Social Studies; Marching Chiefs; Uni- versity Singers; Collegians; FSU Symphony . . . SHIRLEY JEAN YATES, Panama City; B.S. Education, Social Studies; Scholar- ship Club 2; FTA 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4 . . . JAMES MICHAEL YOUNGBLOOD, Tampa; B.S. Business . . . JOHN JOSEPH ZILLES, Sarasota; B.M.E. Music; Phi Mu Alpha; University Singers 1,2, 3, 4; Light Ooera Guild Productions 1, 2, 3, 4 Choral Union 1 ; Sandspur Production 2; Speech Production 3 Newman Club . . . LAWRENCE MESSIER ZUBER, Sarasota B.S. Business Administration; Governor Florida Hall 1; Inter- national Soccer Team 1 ; Alpha Kappa Psi 4 . . . ROSETTA ODOM ZUBER, Sarasota; B.S. Business Education, Secretarial Science; Vice-President West Landis 4; FTA; Pi Omega Pi, Vice-President 4; NBEA . . . ROW FIVE: NORMAN E. ZUROFF, New York, N. Y .; B.S. Business Administration; Freshman Council; Sophomore Coun- cil; History Society 1, 2; Sociology Club 2; Economics Society 2: Chemistry Society 1, 2; Phi Upsilon Nu, President, Social Chairman 1, 2; Hillel Foundation 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Canoeing Club 4; Astronomy Club President 4 . . . JOE L. CARTER, Miami; M.A. Graduate, Geography; President Gamma Theta Upsilon, ' 56- ' 57 . . . RAUL P. DE GUZMAN, Quezon City, Philippines; Graduate . ROBERT SCHAFF DOLLISON, JR., Winter Park; B.A. Arts and Sciences, Geology; Sigma Nu; Geology Club 3, 4; Florida Flambeau; Science Club 1, 2; J.V. Crew 1, 2; Alaernon Sydney Sulivan Award 1955 . . . RICH- ARD JOSEPH ELWOOD, Clearwater; B.S. Business; Sigma Al- pha Epsilon . . . RICHARD THURMAN HENDERSON, Tallahas- see; B.S. Business, Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi; Honorary Society of Student Accountants 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4 . . . ROW SIX: PRAKASH CHANDRA SOOD, India; Ph.D. Physics . . . LEON I. TIERNAN, Falls Church, Va.; B.S. Business, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Scullions, Vice-President . . . JOHN HENRY TIMMINS, Birmingham, Ala.; B.S. Business, Accounting; Transferred from St. Petersburg Junior College . . . CHARLES L. WATFORD, Greenwood; B.S. Business, Marketing; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . MARTHA M. J. WATKINS, Sebring; B.S. Social Welfare; Gamma Phi Beta . . . ' .Ml Williams, La Verne Williams, Lovett Williams, Mary Margaret Williams, Mary Page Williams, Robert Williams, Ruth Williams, S. J. Wilson, F. Wilson, T. Winf ree Wissmann Wogan Wolfe Woodward, E. Woodward, F. Wright Wurst Wyatt Yarbrough Yates Youngblood Zilles Zuber, L. Zuber, R. Zuroff Carter De Guzman Dollison Elwood Henderson Sood Tiernan Timmons Watford Watkins v ' H ' JAMES SOLES Vice President, Student Body; Member, Omicron Delta Kappa; Vice President, Gold Key; Men ' s Vice President, Student Body; Alpha Council; President, Future Business Leaders of America; Flambeau columnist; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. hall of fame Closed doors and secrecy veil the nomination and election of the members of FSU ' s Hall of Fame. Each year, a committee made up of mem- bers of the Junior class and of the faculty select the Seniors who have distinguished themselves among such fields as politics, organizations, pub- lications, scholarship, athletics, drama and the speech arts, music and University functions. Nominations for this honor — one of the high- est accorded to students on this campus — are made by the organizations within these cate- gories. The ten students who are finally selected are those who have made outstanding contribu- tions to FSU during their under-graduate careers. EVELYN MOLL Member, Garnet Key; Member, Honor Court; President, Wesley Foundation; President, Inter- faith Fellowship; Phi Beta Kappa; Member, Mortar Board; Secretary of Finance, Student Government; Alpha Gamma Delta; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. FLORENCE ASHBY Chairman, Intelligent Faith Week Committee; President, Kappa Alpha Theta; Member, Garnet Key; Member, Mortar Board; Sigma Alpha lota; President, Tau Beta Sigma; Member, Band Executive Council; Vice President, School of Music; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. ROBERT TEMPLE President, Sigma Chi; President, Junior Class; President, Alpha Coun- cil; Vice President, Inter-fraternity Council; Member, Gold Key; Chaplain, Student Senate; Circus; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. PATRICIA ROONEY President, West Landis Hall; President, Women ' s F Club; Member, Garnet Key; President, University Recreational Association; Mem- ber, A ortar Board; Member, Tarpon Club; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. CAROLYN CLOSE Women ' s Vice President, Student Body; Delta Delta Delta; Mem- ber, Mortar Board; Member, Garnet Key; Sigma Tau Delta; Alpha Kappa Delta; President, Student Fellowship of Christian Church; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. hall of fame DAVID BACHMAN President, Student Body; Member, Alpha Council; Member, Gold Key; President, Omicron Delta Kappa; Executive Committee, Stu- dent Party; Sigma Chi; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. i 100 PAUL ORT President, Senior Class; Member, Alpha Council; Member, Gold Key; Kappa Kappa Psi; President, Sophomore Class; Secretary of Student Welfare, Student Body; President, Phi Delta Theta; Secre- tary, Inter-fraternity Council; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. PHYLLIS and CHARLOTTE PATTEN Members, Mortar Board; Members, Garnet Key; Members, Inter- faith Council; Co-Presidents, Student Religious Association; Omi- cron Nu; Pi Beta Phi; Circus; Alpha Lambda Delta; Village Vamps; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. undergraduates SOPHOMORES Pat Starnes, vice president; Claire Green, social chairman; Mary Ann Benedict, treasurer; Liz Armes, secretary; Bill Clendinen, president. JUNIORS Sue Shives, social chairman; Barbara McCartney, treasurer; Barbara Chambers, secretary; Bill Roche, vice president; Bill Weaver, president. FRESHMEN Dennis Smith, social chairman; Sandy Burnes, treasurer; Kay Hutford, secretary; Gene McCormick, vice pre;i- dent; Maddox Hair, president. 103 Abbott, E. Abbott, K. Abel Ackert Adam Adams Addison Ainsworth Albert Aldred Alderman, J. Alderman, T. Alford, J. Alford, M. Allard Allen, Jerry Allen, Judith Allen, M. Allen, P. Altenberger Ambrose Ambrosini Amoury Anderson, J. Anderson, L. Anderson, 0. Andre Andrew Appleby Applegate Arant Archibald Armstrong, R. Armstrong, T. Arnold, L. Arnold, R. Arrants Arrington Arthur Ashley Ashton Atkins Atkinson Atwater, B. Atwater, P. Autry, G. Autry, W. Ayres Babbitt Babcock Bach Bagdanovich Baggett, H. Baggett, Martha Baggett, Marvin Bailey Bales Ball Barber Barberree Barnes Barnett Barnette Barrineau Barton, N. Barton, J. Bartkus Bashaw Bass, H. Bass, S. Basten Baum Baumer Baughman Baumgartner Baya Bayliss Baylor Bazemore Beal undergraduates ROW ONE: ELEANORE ABBOTT, Pensacola, 2 . . KEN ABBOTT, Birmingham, Ala., 3 Kappa Alpha . . . ROBERT E. ABEL, Orange City, 2 . . . JOHN PHILLIP ACK£RT, Palm Beach Shores, 3 . . . ANN LOUISE ADAM, Coral Gables, 3, Delta Gamma . . . NANCY MARGARET ADAMS, Atlantic Beach, 1, Gamma Phi Beta . . . BiTTY V. ADDISON, Chatta- hoochee, 3 . . . RICHARD LEE AINSWORTH, West Springfield, Mass., 2, Sigma Chi . . . ROW SEVEN: NONNYE CLAIRE BABBITT, Tallahassee, I . . . CHARLES H. BABCOCK, Ft. Walton Beach, 3, Phi Kappa Tau PHILIP R. BACH, Sanford, 3 . . . PATRICIA AGNES BAGDANOVICH, Pensacola, 1, Delta Zeta . . . HENRY FRANKLIN BAGGETT, Pensacola, 3, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . MARTHA PAULINE BAGGETT, Ft Pierce, 3 . . MARVIN ANTHONY BAGGETT, Pensacola, 3 . . . TEMPLE COLE BAILEY, Chattahoochee, 2 . . . ROW TWO: MARY JANE ALBERT, Miami, 3, Alpha Xi Delta MARGILYN ALDRED, Deland, 1 . . . JERRY WAYNE ALDERMAN, Boston, Ga ., 1 . . T. CARLTON ALDERMAN, Pompano Beach, 2 . . . JAMES HARMNEY ALFORD, Live Oak, 3 . . . MARY MARGARET ALFORD, Tallahassee, 1, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . GAYLE ANGELA ALLARD, Hollywood, 2 . . . JERRY MAC ALLEN, Kokomo, Colo., 2 . . . ROW EIGHT: ARTHUR WILLIAM BALES, Jacksonville, 1 . . . KATHERINE ELIZABETH BALL, Jacksonville, 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . DOROTHY JEAN BARBER, Havana, 2, Gamma Phi Beta . . . HELEN LOUISE BARBERREE, Haine City, 1 . . . VONCILE BARNES, Tallahassee, 2 . EDGAR JAMES BAR- NETT, Quincy, 1 . . . MARY SUE BARNETTE, Tallahassee, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . JUDITH FRANCES BARRINEAU, Pensacola, 2 . . . ROW THREE: JUDITH ANN ALLEN, Warrington, 2, Delta Delta Delta . . . MARTHA RUTH ALLEN, Hialeah, I . . . PATRICIA ALLEN, Orlando, 1, Alpha Xi Delta . . THOMAS JOHN ALTENBERGER, Hernando, 1, LINDA LEIGH AMBROSE, Tampa, 1 BROSINI, Elberton, Ga., 2, Phi Mu . AMOURY, Miami, 2 . JANICE L. 3, Alpha Chi Omega . . . Delta Tau Delta . . . . . . ANGELA C. AM- . . KATHRYN LOUISE ANDERSON, Pensacola, ROW NINE: NANCEY ANN BARTON, Tampa, 2 ... J. CARO- LYN BARTON, Williston, 1 . . . DAGMAR ANN BARTKUS, Clearwater, 3, Pi Beta Phi . . . WILBUR LOUIS BASHAW, Seffner, 3 . . . HUGHEY DEAN BASS, Jacksonville, 2 . . . SANDRA J. BASS, Pensacola, 3 . . . BARBARA ANN BASTEN, Carol Gables, 1 . . . MARIAN RUTH BAUM, Quitman, Ga., 3, Gamma Phi Beta . . . ROW FOUR: LAIRD B. ANDERSON, Atlanta, Ga., 3, Sigma Chi . . . OLIVIA M. ANDERSON, Jacksonville, 3 . . . EVELYN JANIECE ANDRE, Pensacola, 2 . . BETTY JO ANDREW, St. Augustine, 1 . . . PENELOPE JO APPLEBY, Columbus, Ga., 2 . . . FRED W. APPLEGATE, JR., Pompano Beach, 3 . . . MARILYN ARANT, Ft Meade, 1 . . . CATHERINE ELIZA- BETH ARCHIBALD, St. Petersburg, 1, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . ROW TEN: ELOISE BAUMER, Tallahassee, 2 . . . GEORGE LARKINS BAUGHMAN, Palatka, 1 . . . BARBARA JEAN BAUMGARTNER, St. Petersburg, 2, Alpha Chi Omega . . . MADGE GREENWAY BAYA, Tampa, 1 JAN EVE BAYLISS, Pensacola, 3 . . . PAMILLE ROSELYN BAYLOR, Orlando, 1, Phi Mu . . . DEANNE MARGOT BAZEMORE, Jacksonville, 2 . . . CARYL JEAN BEAL, Elyria, Ohio, 2, Delta Gamma . . . ROW FIVE: ROBERT KENNETH ARMSTRONG, Lake Mary, 1 . . . TAMSY FAIN ARMSTRONG, Tallahassee, 1 . . . LINDA LOU ARNOLD, Lake City, 3, Kappa Delta . . RHODA LOUISE ARNOLD, Lake City, 1, Kappa Delta . . . PATRICIA VIR- GINIA ARRANTS, Chattanooga, Tenn., 3 . . . HORACE FRAN- CIS ARRINGTON, Gainesville, 3 . ANDREA JEAN ARTHUR, Miami, 1 . . HOLVOR WALTER ASHLEY, Tallahassee, 2 . . . ROW SIX: ROBERT D. ASHTON, Pensacola, 3 CHRIS- TINE ANN ATKINS, Blountstown, 3, Delta Zeta . . . BETTY JEAN ATKINSON, Umatilla, 1, Alpha Xi Delta . . . BRODIE A. ATWATER, Lake Worth, 3, Phi Delta Theta . . . POLLY ANN ATWATER, Miami, 3, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . GENE AUTRY, Hinsonton, Ga., 1 .. . WILLIAM MAC AUTRY, Wau- chula, 1 . . . DONALD LEWIS AYRES, Miami, 2, Delta Tau Delta . . . 105 FSU ' s answer to Kon-Tiki Bearden Beardsley Beatty Beauchamp Becker, N. Becker, W. Beese Belcher, K. Belcher, M. Bell, M. Bell, C. Bell, J. Bennett, J. Bennett, W. Benoit Benton Beranek Berkshire Berning Berry, A. Berry, C. Bertolett Sibby Bllinski Binder Bird Bishop, B. Bishop, J. Bishop, K. Bishop, P. Bishop, R. Bivens Blackwell Blalock Blanchard Blanco Blanton Bledsoe, B. Bledsoe, T. Bleichner Blount Blumer Bodine Bogge? s Bohannon Bollinger Bolt Booth Bostwick Bouder Boulware Bowden Bowen, M. Bowen, J. Bowen, S. Bower, S. Bowers Bowes Bowman Bowser Boyd Brackett Bradley Bragdon Brand Brandies Bradfield Brandriff Branning Branscomb Brassard Brennan Brewton Bridges Briner Brinkley, B. Brinkley, H. Brinson Briscoe Brock, H. i undergraduates ROW ONE: OTIS RICHARD BEARDEN, Fallansbee, W. Va., 3, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . SALLEANN BEARDSLEY, Merritt Is- land, 2 . . . BETTY BEATTY, Cayce, S. C, 1 . . . FRANCES OCTAVIA BEAUCHAMP, Chiefland, 1 . . . NORMA INGRID BECKER, Florida City, 1 . . . WILLIAM FRANKLIN BECKER, Lake Worth, 3 . . . SANDRA JEANNE BEESE, Miami Springs, 2 . . . KAREN BELCHER, Valdosta, 1 , Phi Mu . . . ROW SEVEN: MARILYN ELVA BOSTWICK, West Palm Beach, 2, Phi Mu . . . JACQUELINE B. BOUDER, Sarasota, 3 . . . ROBERT MACDOWELL BOULWARE, JR., Tavares, 1, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . LAYTE MARSHA BOWDEN, Ft. Laud- erdale, 3, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . MARY REBECCA BOWEN, Waycross, Ga., 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . JEANETTE BOWEN, Leesburg, 1 . . . S. LYNETTE BOWEN, Quincy, 2 . . . SUSAN LEE BOWER, Ft. Lauderdale, 2 . . . ROW TWO: MARTHA NELL BELCHER, Sebring, 3 . . . MARY ELIZABETH BELL, Miami, 1 . . . CAROLYN J. BELL, Lake Worth, 2, Alpha Xi Delta . . . JULIANA ROSALIE BELL, Miami, 1 ... JOE ANN BENNETT, Waycross, Ga., 2, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . WILLIAM E. BENNETT, Orlando, 2, Sigma Chi . . ALBERT LEE BENOIT, Panama City, 2 . . . ALICE VERNON BENTON, Bartow, 3 . . . ROW EIGHT: BARBARA ALLENE BOWERS, Sarasota, 2 . . . KENNETH E. BOWES, Miami Springs, 2 NITA DIANE BOWMAN, Tampa, 3 . . . VIRGINIA LEA BOWSER, Arcadia, 1 . .A. JACQUELYN BOYD, Clearwater, 1, Alpha Xi Delta . . . BEVERLY LEE BRACKETT, Atlanta, Ga., 1 . . . MARTHA BARDEN BRADLEY, Sarasota, 3 . . . MARGARET ANNE BRAG- DON, Jacksonville, 2, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . ROW THREE: MARY JOAN BERANEK, Tampa, 2, Delta Zeta JUDITH R. BERKSHIRE, Gulf Breeze, 2 . . CYANE HARRIET BERNING, Miami, 2 . . . ANN KENDALL BERRY, St. Petersburg, 1 . . . CARLENE FRANCES BERRY, Ft. Lauder- dale, 3 . . . BARBARA BERTOLETT, Sarasota, 2, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . BERT EDWIN BIBBY, Neptune Beach, 3 . . . ELLA JO BILINSKI, Monticello, 3, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . ROW NINE: SUSAN D. BRAND, Clearwater, 3 . . . HELEN FAY BRANDIES, Neptune Beach, 3 . . JERI GAIL BRAD- FIELD, Riviera Beach, 3, Alpha Chi Omega . . . BARBARA LOU BRANDRIFF, Tallahassee, 1 . . . WILLIAM WESLEY BRANNING, Panama, 2, Pi Kappa Phi . . . JESSIE BRANS- COMB, Cairo, Ga., 1 . . . ROGER VICTOR BASSARD, Lynch- burg, Va., 2 . . . WILLIAM R. BRENNAN, Tallahassee, 2, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . ROW FOUR: SONDRA BINDER, St. Petersburg, 1, Gamma Phi Beta . . . JACQUELINE ANN BIRD, Tuckahoe, N. Y., 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . BETTY JUNE BISHOP, Bagdad, 3 . . . JAMES ROBERT BISHOP, Pensacola, 3, Kappa Alpha . . . KAY JEANETTE BISHOP, Holly Hill, 3 PAUL W. BISHOP, Vero Beach, 2, Phi Kappa Tau . . . RODNEY LAYTON BISHOP, Clewiston, 2, Chi Omega . . . NANCY LEE BIVINS, Tampa, 1 , Alpha Gamma Delta . . . ROW TEN: EUNICE ELAINE BREWTON, Orlando, 3, Chi Omega . . . F. SHARON BRIDGES, Tallahassee, 1 . . . CAROLE ELIZABETH BRINER, Winter Haven, 1 , Phi Mu . . . BONNIE JEAN BRINKLEY, Rockledge, I . . . HARRIET EMILY BRINK- LEY, Brooksville, 2, Phi Mu . . . HELEN A. BRINSON, Mel- bourne, 2 . . . GLENDA LOUISE BRISCOE, Atlanta, Ga., 3, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . H. ELIZABETH BROCK, Vernon, 1 . . . ROW FIVE: SANDRA RUTH BLACKWELL, St Petersburg, 2 . . . PEGGY JOYCE BLALOCK, Tifton, Ga., 1 . . . JOAN BLANCHARD, Jacksonville, 1 . . . FELIX BLANCO, Martinez, Cuba, 2, Delta Tau Delta . . . ROBERT W. BLANTON, Sara- sota, 2 . BARMELL BLEDSOE, Brooksville, 3 TANTRIS KREKEL BLEDSOE, Brooksville, 3 GENEVIEVE AMELDA BLEICHNER, Miami, 2 . . . ROW SIX: CHARLES FRANK BLOUNT, Tallahassee, 1 . . . SHARON OVIDA BLUMER, Tampa, 1, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . CARYL ANN BODINE, Jacksonville, 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . DOROTHY ANN BOGGESS, Miami, 1 . . . CHARLES EDWARD BOHANNON, Jacksonville, 3 . . WILLIAM RICH- ARD BOLLINGER, Tallahassee, 3 CAROLYN RUTH BOLT, Zolfo Springs, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . BETTY LOU BOOTH, Crestview, 2 . . . 107 They all promised to legalize Bermudas. Brock, L. Bromley Brower Brown, Daisy Brown, Doris Brown, G. Brown, John Brown, Judith Brown, M. Brown, N. Brown, R. Brown, Sandra Brown, Susan Browne Bruce Bruner Brunson Brush Bryan, K. Bryan, V. Bryant, J . Bryant, N. Bryson, R. Bryson, J. Buchanan Budd Bunker Burch Burgess Burkhart Burks Burnsed Burnham Burnash Burns Burr Bush Butterfield Byerley Byrd Cain Caldwell Calhoun, J. Calhoun, M. Callahan Calvin Campbell, C. Campbell, M. Campbell, R. Canaday, L. Canaday, W. Cannon Canon Canter Cappleman Capps, Betty Capps, Beverly Card Carlan Carleton Carlson Carr Carroll, M. Carroll, S. Carroll, W. Carruth Carpenter Carrin Carter Casbon Cascone Castro Covin Cawthorn Cawthon Cayard Cecil Chadwick Chambers, B. Chambers, D. undergraduates ROW ONE: LARRY SPENCE BROCK, Tallahassee, 3 . . . VICKI MAE BROMLEY, Pompano Beach, 1 . . . JOY H. BROWER, Gainesville, 3, Delta Zeta . . . DAISY DARLENE BROWN, Orlando, 1 . . . DORIS ELIZABETH BROWN, Mari- anne, 1, Delta Delta Delta . . . GLENDA FAYE BROWN, Warrington, 3, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . JOHN G. BROWN, Boca Raton, 3, Pi Kappa Phi . . . JUDITH GIVENS BROWN, Fort Mill, S. C, 3 . . . ROW SEVEN: ROBERT LOYD CAMPBELL, Pompano Beach, 2 . . . LYNNE MERCEDES CANADAY, Wantagh, N. Y , 1 . . . WILLIAM ROBERT CANADAY, JR., Miami, 2 . SHERRY T. WHITLEY CANNON, Tallahassee, 3, Sigma Kappa . . . BRADLEY CHARLES CANON, Hollywood, 2, Phi Kappa Tau . . . BARBARA MAE CANTER, Wauwatosa, Wise, 3, Alpha Chi Omega . . . OWEN CAPPLEMAN, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 . . . BETTY CAPPS, Bartow, 1 . . . ROW TWO: MARJORIE ELLEN BROWN, Clewiston, 1 . . . NORMA LEE BROWN, Pensacola, 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . ROXANE LIETCH BROWN, Eastman, Ga., 1, Alpha Omicron Pi . SANDRA WILLENE BROWN Tallahassee, 1 . . . SUSAN JANE BROWN, Avon Park, 2 . . . NANCYANNE BROWNE, Miami, 2, Pi Beta Phi . . . PATTY BRUCE, Lake City, 3, Kappa Delta . . . JUDY BERNICE BRUNER, Miami, 1 . . . ROW EIGHT: BEVERLY ANN CAPPS, Plant City, 3 . . . BARBARA JEANNE CARD, St. Petersburg, 3, Alpha Omicron Pi . PEGGY HOPE CARLAN, Perry, 1 . . . RHON VERNON CARLETON, Hollywood, 2 . . SALLY LOU CARLSON, St. Petersburg, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . MARY FRANCES CARR, Pensacola, 2 . . . MOLLIE A. CARROLL, Sarasota, 3 . SANDRA LEE CARROLL, Tampa, 1 . . . ROW THREE: BARBARA JUNE BRUNSON, Perry, 3 . ROBERT MICHAEL BRUSH, Jacksonville, 3 . . . KENNETH EDWARD BRYAN, Tallahassee, 3, Kappa Sigma . . . VIEVA SANDRA BRYAN, St. Petersburg, 2, Alpha Xi Delta . . . JULIAN PAUL BRYANT, Panama City, 3, Sigma Nu . . NANCY JEANETTE BRYANT, Bell, 2 . . ROBERT HOLMES BRYSON, Tallahassee, 2, Sigma Chi . . . JUDY BRYSON, Greenville, S. C, 3, Chi Omega . . . ROW NINE: WESLEY B. CARROLL, Statesboro, Ga., 2, Pi Kappa Phi . . . LOYD HARVEY CARRUTH, Orlando, 3, Delta Tau Delta . . . NONA CARPENTER, Biloxi, Miss., 1, Phi Mu . . YVONNE LOUISE CARRIN, Jacksonville, 3 . . JOHN H. CARTER, Panama City, 3, Phi Kappa Tau . . . DORIS ANNE CASBON, Cocoa Beach, 2, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . JOAN CLAIRE CASCONE, Sarasota, 3 . . ROSA CASTRO, Miami, 1. ROW FOUR: MARGARET BUCHANAN, Conyers, Ga., 2, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . SARA BUDD, Tallahassee, 1, Delta Gamma . . . MARTHA CAROLYN DEITZ BUNKER, West Palm Beach, 2, Delta Zeta . . . STANLEY ELLISON BURCH, St Petersburg, 3 JOHN FREDERICK BURGESS, JR., St Peters- burg, 3, Phi Kappa Tau . . . FRED A. BURKHART, Hialeah, 2 . . . BARBARA BURKS, Jacksonville, 1 . . . MINNIE JEAN- ETTE BURNSED, Glen St. Mary, 2 . . . ROW TEN: LYNNIE KATE CAVIN, Jacksonville, 2, Alpha Chi Omega . . . EVELYN ESTELLE CAWTHORN, Blountstown, 1 . . . LYNDA RUTH CAWTHON, Chipley, 1, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . BRUCE SOMERS CAYARD, Daytona Beach, 1, Phi Delta Theta . . . CAROL LYNN CECIL, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 . . . LAURA JANICE CHADWICK, Sarasota, 1 . . BARBARA LEE CHAM- BERS, St. Petersburg, 3 . . . DAVID RALPH CHAMBERS, At- lanta, Ga., 1 . . . ROW FIVE: ROGER L. BURNHAM, Dania, 3 PATRICIA ANN BURNASH, Cranford, N. J, 1 . . . SANDY JEAN BURNS, Gainesville, 1, Delta Delta Delta . . . DORIS MILDRED BURR, Miami Shores, 2 . . . BETTY JO BUSH, Bonifay, 3, Delta Zeta . . . FRANK MELVIN BUTTERFIELD, Orlando, 1, Sigma Chi . . . WILLIAM HOWARD BYERLEY, Tampa, 1 . . GAIL ALLEN BYRD, Panama City, 3, Delta Gamma . . . Mass elopement? ROW SIX: ELEANOR LOUISE CAIN, Carol Gables, 1, Sigma Kappa . JOANNE ADELAIDE CALDWELL, Deland, 1 . . . JOHN C. CALHOUN, JR., Tallahassee, 2, Sigma Chi . . . MARY ELIZABETH CALHOUN, Sarasota, 1, Delta Gamma . . . JANET FRANCES CALLAHAN, Cocoa, I . . . SANDRA KAY CALVIN, Miami, 1, Alpha Chi Omega . . . CHARLOTTE CAMPBELL, Statesboro, Ga., 1, Phi Mu . . . MARGARET PATRICIA CAMPBELL, Miami, 1 . . . 109 Champion Chambliss Charlesworth Chase Cheeseman Cheshire Chesnut Church, E. Church, W. Cisneros Clardy Clark, A. Clark, C. Clark, D. Clark, G. Clark, J. Clark, R. Clarke Claville Cleary Clements, A. Clements, S. Clendenon Cleveland Clubbs Clyde Cody Cogburn Cohen Coker Cole, C. Cole, Marilyn Cole, Mickey Cole, P. Colee Coleman, M. Coleman, W. Colley Collier Combs, E. Combs, R. Congdon Conley Connell Conner Cook, A. Cook, B. Cook, C. Cooke Cooper, B. Cooper, N. Cooper, S. Cooper, C. Corbin Corcoran Cordoba Cornell Costin Cotton Couch Coukart Coulter Counter Coupland Cowart, Mary Cowart, Miriam Cowle Cox, B. Cox, E. Crawford, C. Crawford, S. Crawford, G. Crawford, N. Credle Crochet Croft Crooks Crossette Crossett Crosson undergraduates ROW ONE: JACK CHAMPION, Tallahassee, 2 . . . JUDY CHAMBLISS, Tampa, 1, Kappa Delta . . . LOIS JEAN CHARLESWORTH, Delray Beach, 2 . . . VALERIE DAWN CHASE, Coral Gables, 1, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . JOANNA CHEESEMAN, Louisville, Ky ., 2 WALTER GERALD CHE- SHIRE, Lakeland, 1 WESLEY WAKEFIELD CHESNUT, Apalachicola, 2 . . . EDGAR CAREY CHURCH, Bartow, 3 . . . ROW SEVEN: MARYANN WHITE COOKE, Rock Hill, S C , 1 . . BETTY ANNE COOPER, St. Petersburg, 3 . . . NANCY ANN COOPER, Jacksonville, 2 . . SARA TALLULAH COOPER, Pensacola, 3 . . . CAMILLE COOPER, Graceville, 2 CHERRYLENE CORBIN, Belle Glade, 3 BETTYE A. COR- CORAN, Columbus, Ga., 3 . . . LYDIA M. CORDOBA, Republic of Panama, 3 . . . ROW TWO: WILLIAM J. CHURCH, Eustis, 1 ... A. JULIE CISNEROS, Miami, 3 . . SARA FRANCES CLARDY, Ocala, 1, Delta Delta Delta . . . ANNA LOIS CLARK, Greensboro, 2 . . . CAROLYN MARIE CLARK, Miami, 1 . . DOROTHY HELEN CLARK, Chattahoochee, 1 . . . GARY KEITH CLARK, Lake- land, 1 . . . JUNE SHARON CLARK, Clarksville, 3 . . . ROW EIGHT: PENNY CORNELL, Venice, 1 MARTHA LEE COSTIN, Port St. Joe, 1 . . . JERRIE ANN COTTON, Jacksonville, 3 . . . JERRY WAYNE COUCH, Panama City, 2, Delta Tau Delta . . . JANET COUKART, Daytona Beach, 1 . . . SARA LOUISE COULTER, Orlando, 2, Pi Beta Phi . . JOHN A. COUNTER, Winter Haven, 1 . . . M. MADLYN COUPLAND, Wildwood, 2 . . . ROW THREE: RONNIE E. CLARK, Palatka, I . . . CAROLE ANNE CLARKE, Ft Lauderdale, 2 . DORIS LINDA CLA- VILLE, Valrico, 1 . . . ELIBABETH LEE CLEARY, Vero Beach, 2, Delta Delta Delta . . . ANN MARIE CLEMENTS, Louisville, Ky., 1 . . . SANDRA JEAN CLEMENTS, Valdosta, Ga., 1 . . . SANDRA JEAN CLENDENAN, Clearwater, 1 . . . DEAN CHANDLER CLEVELAND, JR., Miami, 1, Pi Kappa Phi . . . ROW NINE: MARY ELIZABETH COWART, Miami, 2 . . . MIRIAM ELIZABETH COWART, Havana, 1 , Phi Mu . . . MARIANNA COWLE, Eustis, 1 BETTY COX, Miami Springs, 3 . . . ELLA SUE COX, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 . . . CHAR- LOTTE CAIL CRAWFORD, Bartow, 1 . . . SYLVIA JOAN CRAWFORD, Bessemer, Ala , 2 . GWENDA CARLINE CRAWFORD, Bushnell, I . . . ROW FOUR: BEVERLY CLUBBS, Panama City, 3 RAY- MOND CLAY CLYDE, St Cloud, 2 . EDITH DOROTHY CODY, Palatka, 1 . . . JESSE CLAY COGBURN, Panama City, 2, Alpha Tau Omega . . . ARLENE COHEN, Carol Gables, I . . . LEE FREDDIE COKER, Lakeland, 1 . . . CAROL COLE, Jacksonville, 1, Pi Beta Phi . . . MARILYN GAYE COLE, Madi- son, 3 . . . ROW TEN: NANCY CAROL CRAWFORD, Miami, 1 .. . ROBERT B. CREDLE, Daytona Beach, 3 . . . SHARON CRO- CHET, Clewiston, 2, Pi Beta Phi . . . MARY ALICE CROFT, Delray Beach, 2 . . . NANCY JEAN CROOKS, Ft. Pierce, 3 . . . ELIZABETH ANNE CROSSETTE, Kensington, Md , 1 . . . SHARON GAIL CROSSETT, Miami, 1 . JEANETTE CROS- SON, Thonotasassa, 1 . . . ROW FIVE: MICKEY COLE, Ft. Lauderdale, 3, Alpha Chi Omega . . . PAULA VIRGINIA COLE, Ft. Lauderdale, 2 . . . JAMES RICHARD COLEE, St Augustine, 1 . MARY ANNE COLEMAN, Daytona Beach, 2, Delta Delta Delta . . . WALSEY T. COLEMAN, Tifton, Ga., 2 . . . SANDRA COLLEY, Panama City, 2, Alpha Xi Delta . . . MARY LOU COLLIER, Live Oak, 2 . . . ELAINE JOYCE COMBS, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 . . . ROW SIX: RUBY MAUDE COMBS, Hialeah, 2, Zeta Tau Alpha . . LILLIAN RUTH CONGDON, Haines City, 3 . . . CLAY CONLEY, Cross City, 2 SARA HOLT CONNELL, Inverness, 3 , Delta Delta Delta . . . JAMIE LUCRETIA CON- NER, St. Petersburg, 2, Delta Zeta . . . ALICE TERRYL COOK, Bristol, 2 . . . BETTIE JANE COOK, St. Petersburg, 2, Delta Gamma . . . CLARICE COOK, Arlington, Ga., 1, Phi Mu . . . Ill Sure I ' m a Rebel — but I ' m broke! Crouse Crowell, J. Crowell, N. Crusoe Crutchfield, B. Crutchfield, C. Crutchfield, G. Cubbedge Cude Cuervo Culbreath, J. Culbreath, L. Cu ' brelh Culley Cullom Culpepper Cummins Curry, G. Curry, J. Dail Dale Dalhouse Dancy Daniel; Darwick David Davis, C. Davis, Donald Davis, Donie Davis, G. Davis, J. B. Davis, J. C. Davis, S. Dawson, James Dawson, Janet Day Dean Dear De Berry De Bolt Decker De Cubellis De Fore Dehner Deley Del Vecchio Denham Derby De Reus De Shazo Dickson Dilmore Dixon, J. Dixon, M. Dixon, O. Dodd Doke Donalson Donovan Donnelly Dorety Dorsey Douglas Doyle Dozier Drane Dressier Drunagel Drymon Duke Dunn, C. Dunn, H. Dunn, J. DuPee Durack Duren Duval Earl Easterday Echerd undergraduates ROW ONE: NANCY JERRYLEAN CROUSE, Winston-Salem, N. C, 2 . . . JOHN ROBERT CROWELL, Kissimmee, 3 . . . NINA SUE CROWELL, Kissimmee, 3 . . . MURIEL CHRISTIAN CRUSOE, Tallahassee, 3 . . . ROBBIE NELL CRUTCHFIELD, Graceville, 3 . . . CHARLES MARVIN CRUTCHFIELD, Altha, 1, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . GAY ELAINE CRUTCHFIELD, Pan- ama City, 3 . . . NELLE CHRISTINE CUBBEDGE, Jacksonville, 1 . . . ROW SEVEN: GENEVIEVE WADDELL DEREUS, Tampa, 3 . . . JACQUE DESHAZO, DeFuniak Springs, 1, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . MAUREEN RUTH DICKSON, Hialeah, 1, Alpha Xi Delta . . . HAZEL P. DILMORE, Cottondale, 2 . . . JEAN ANNE DIXON, Fernandina Beach, 1 . . . MALINDA JANE DIXON, Jacksonville, 1, Pi Beta Phi . . . OLIVER CLAUDE DIXON, JR., Colquitt, Ga., 2, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . DOROTHY EDITH DODD, West Palm Beach, 3, Gamma Phi Beta . . . ROW TWO: BEVERLEY ANNE CUDE, Nornada, Quebec, Canada, 2 . . . MARTA ELIZABETH CUERVO, Tampa, 3 . . . JUDY MARIE CULBREATH, Tallahassee, 1, Pi Beta Phi . . . LAURA BEBE CULBREATH, Tampa, 1, Alpha Delta Pi . . . MARYNEL K. CULBRETH, Panama City, I . . . LEIGH CUL- LEY, Jacksonville, 1, Si gma Kappa . . . WILLIAM OTIS CUL- LOM, Huntsville, Ala., 3, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . STARR CULPEPPER, Miami, 3 . . . ROW EIGHT: MABLE CLAIRE DOKE, Alachua, 3 . . . WILLIAM R. DONALSON, Parker, 3 THOMAS W. DONO- VAN, Jacksonville, 2, Kappa Alpha . . . PATRICK K. DON- NELLY, Pensacola, 3, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . JOAN DORETY, Jacksonville, 2, Sigma Kappa . . . MAMIE ANN DORSEY, De- Funiak Springs, 3 . . . WINNIE MAE DOUGLAS, Panama City, 2 PATRICIA ANN DOYLE, St Augustine, I . . . ROW THREE: BARBARA FLOREE CUMMINS, Tallahassee, 1, Sigma Kappa . . . GEORGE FRANKLIN CURRY, Maccienny, 2 . . . DAVID CURRY, Miami Springs, 3 . . . SANDRA DAIL, Jasper, 2 . . . JANE ELIZABETH DALE, Miami, 1, Delta Gamma . . . SUSAN DALHOUSE, Jacksonville, 2, Alpha Chi Omega . MARTHA DANCY, Tampa, 1 . . JOSEPH TEDDY DANIELS, Clearwater, 1 . . . ROW NINE: BARBARA JEAN DOZIER, Orlando, 3 . . BARBARA ANN DRANE, Tampa, 1 . . . MARY SUE DRESSLER Gainesville, 3 . . . ANN DRUNAGEL, New Port Richey, 1 Alpha Chi Omega . . . FRANK J. DRYMON, Tallahassee, 3 . . GAIL ADAIRE DUKE, Starke, 1 . . . CECIL FARR DUNN Richmond, Ky., 2, Sigma Chi . . . HELEN DALILA DUNN Blountstown, 3 . . . ROW FOUR: DORIS DARWICK, Miami, 1 . THOMAS E. DAVID, Tallahassee, 3, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . CAROLYN DAVIS, Tampa, 3, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . DONALD KENNETH DAVIS, Phenix City, Ala., 3 . . . DONIE ANN DAVIS, De- Funiak Springs, 2 . . . GLORIA YVONNE DAVIS, Atlanta, Ga., 1, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . JAMES BISHOP DAVIS, JR., Madi- son, 2, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . JAMES C. DAVIS, JR., San- ford, 3, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . ROW TEN: JUNE CLAIRE DUNN, Western Springs, III., 1 . . . LENORE ANDERSON DUPEE, Lake Worth, 2 . . . MAR- GARET EMILY DURACK, Tampa, 1 ... JO ANN DUREN, Copeland, 1 . . . YVONNE DUVAL, Madison, 3 . . . ELIZA- BETH ANNE EARL, Eufaula, Ala., 2, Delta Delta Delta . . . ELIZABETH ANNE EASTERDAY, Jacksonville, 1, Pi Beta Phi . . . PATRICIA ANIECE ECHERD, Jacksonville Beach, 1 . . . ROW FIVE: SANDRA ELLEN DAVIS, Ft Lauderdale, 1 . . . JAMES TAYLOR DAWSON, Brooksville, 3 . . . JANET IONE DAWSON, Johnson City, Tenn., 1, Delta Gamma . . . JOYCE EVELYN DAY, Carol Gables, 1 . . . REEVES CLAYTON DEAN, Ft. Lauderdale, 2 . . . TYRREL DEAR, Ormond Beach, 1, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . ANN NORMA DEBERRY, Perrine, 2 . . . MARGARET ELIZABETH DEBOLT, Dunedin, 3 . . . ROW SIX: RICHARD DONALD DECKER, Clear Lake, Iowa, 1, Kappa Sigma . . . KAY SUE DECUBELLIS, St. Petersburg, 3, Delta Gamma . . . NANCY ELIZABETH DEFORE, Clemson, S. C, 1 . . . LINDA ANN DEHNER, Daytona Beach, 1, Gamma Phi Beta . . . GERALD JOHN DELEY, Jacksonville, 3, Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOHN RICHARD DEL VECCHIO, Miami, 1, Kappa Sigma . . . NANCY VIRGINIA DENHAM, Miami, 2, Sigma Kappa . . . RICHARD DERBY, Jacksonville, 2, Theta Chi. 113 It ' s for the sorority, it ' s for the sorority, it ' s for Eddy Edgington Edwards, P. Edwards, M. Edwards, Mary Eigl Eissey Elkins Ellinwood Elliott Ellis Ellzey Elvery Elvidge Emmett Engert English, F. English, T. Etersque Eubank Eubanks Ewing Fairnington, Wm. Fairnington, Wendy Fallon Fappiano Farls Fehlberg Fell Ferguson, D. Ferguson, N. Ferguson, P. Ferlisi Fernandez, B. Fernandez, I. Feyling Fielding Fillmore Finlay Finley Finney Fischer Fisher, C. Fisher, F. Fisher, R. Flesher letcher, J. Fletcher, R. Fletcher, S. Flohe Flory Flynn Ford, J. Ford, S. Fortune Foster Fountain Fox Foxworth Fraleigh Francescon Fraser, M. Fraser, N. Frazier, L. Frazier, M. Freeman French Frick Fritchie Fry Fulghum Fussell Gabriel Gaillard Ganey Garcia, C. Garcia, L. Garcia, S. Garrett, Jeanette Garrett, John undergraduates ROW ONE: SUNSHINE EDDY, Jacksonville, 1 . . . CAROL D. EDGINGTON, Tallahassee, 1 PEGGY L. EDWARDS, Tampa, 3 . . . MARGUERITE EDWARDS, Ft. Gaines, Ga., 1 . . . MARY LOUISE EDWARDS, Bradenton, 1, Kappa Delta . . RUDOLPH GEORGE EIGL, Kings Park, N. Y., 3, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . BARBARA ANN EISSEY, West Palm Beach, 2, Pi Beta Phi WILLIAM TERRELL ELKINS, JR., Tallahassee, 1. ROW SEVEN: SANDRA MITCHELL FLETCHER, Tallahassee, 2 AUDREY JOY FLOHE, Clearwater, 2 . SUZANNE RUTLEDGE FLORY, Pequea, Penn., 1 . . . SUZANNE ELIZA- BETH FLYNN, Tampa, 1 JOHN EDWIN FORD, St Cloud, 1, Pi Kap D a Alpha . . . SALLY THORNTON FORD, Jesup, Ga., 3, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . JACKIE W. FORTUNE, Laurel Hill, 3 . . . MARGARET HELEN FOSTER, Tampa, 3 . . . ROW TWO: FRANCES RAE ELLINWOOD, St Petersburg, 3 . . . JANICE ANNE ELLIOTT, Memphis, Tenn., 3, Sigma Kappa . . . DOROTHY RAMELLE ELLIS, Orlando, 2, Pi Beta Phi . . . MARJORIE ANN ELLZEY, Rochester, N. Y., 3, Gamma Phi Beta . . . ELIZABETH BRENT ELVERY, Limona, 2, Phi Mu . . . CAROLYN JOAN ELVIDGE, Daytona Beach, 1 BARBARA ANN EMMETT, West Palm Beach, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . BEVERLY FAYE ENGERT, Cantonment, 1. ROW EIGHT: REUBEN RAY FOUNTAIN, Pensacola, 3 . . JAMES LEE FOX, Sanford, 1, Alpha Tau Omega . . . BETTY ANN FOXWORTH, Chipley, 1 NANCY LOU FRALEIGH, Tallahassee, 1, Kappa Delta . . . REGINA ANGIE FRANCES- CON, Miami, 3, Kap D a Alpha Theta . . . MARGIE KATHLEEN FRASER, Lake City, 1 . . NANCY JANE FRASER, Delray Beach, I . . . LESLIE JANE FRAZIER, Amencus, Ga., 3 . . . ROW THREE: FAYE AUGUSTA ENGLISH, Altoona, 2, Phi Mu... TERRY LAMAR ENGLISH, Winter Haven, 3 . . . GUS ETERSQUE, Jacksonville, 2, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . HUGH E. EUBANK, Daytona Beach, 3, Phi Delta Theta . . . SHEPARD MACK EUBANKS, Greensboro, 3 SARA JOAN EWING, Ft Pierce, 2 WILLIAM JOHN FAIRNINGTON, Orlando, 1 . . . WENDY ANN FAIRNINGTON, Orlando, 1, Pi Beta Phi. ROW NINE: MARTHA PHIPPS FRAZIER, Miami, 2, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . MARY RAY FREEMAN, Clearwater, 1 . . . BINNI JO FRENCH, Collins, Miss , 2 ANN MARCESTA FRICK, Tallahassee, 2, Delta Delta Delta . . . RUTH FRITCHIE, Miami, 3 .. . MARJORIE ANNE FRY, Orlando, 1 . . . ANA JANE FULGHUM, Miami, 1 TOMMY JAMES FUSSELL, Homeland, 2, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . ROW FOUR: PHILIP MICHAEL FALLON, Leominster, Mass., 1 . . BARBARA JANE FAPPIANO, Miami, 1 . JOSEPH PETER FARLS, JR., Freedom, Penn , 2 SUSAN CAROL FEHLBERG, Dade Ci ty, 1 RONALD DE MILLE FELL, Talla- hassee, 3, Kappa Alpa . . . DALE C. FERGUSON, Lake City, 1 . . . NANCY JOHN FERGUSON, Ft Myers, 3, Phi Mu . . . PATRICIA JEAN FERGUSON, Hampton, Va , 1 . . . ROW TEN: E. MAYO GABRIEL, Jacksonville Beach 2, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . MARY FRYE GAILLARD, Tampa, 1 . . . SALLYE DELLE GANEY, Dania, 3 . . . CYNTHIA GERTRUDE GARCIA, Tampa, 1 LORETTA HILDRED GARCIA, Tampa, 1 SANDRA MARIE GARCIA, Tampa, 1 . . . JEANETTE HELEN GARRETT, 2, Pi Beta Phi . . JOHN C. GARRETT, Columbus, Ga., 3, Pi Kappa Phi . . . ROW FIVE: MARIANNE ELIZABETH FERLISI, St Augus- tine, 1 . . . BETTY JOYCE FERNANDEZ, St. Petersburg, 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . IRENE YOLANDA FERNANDEZ, Tampa, 1 . . . KRISTIN MARIE FEYLING, St. Petersburg, 3 . . . MURIEL WARD FIELDING, Ocala, 5, Kappa Sigma . . . HOWARD CHARLES FILLMORE, Dearborn, Mich , 2, Delta Tau Delta . . . PATRICIA ANN FINLAY, Blountstown, 2, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . MARY ELLEN FINLEY, Ocala, 3, Pi Beta Phi. Why aren ' t the weekends like this? ROW SIX: JAMES BENJAMIN FINNEY, St Petersburg, 3, Phi Kappa Tau . . . PATSY GRACE FISCHER, Havana, 1 . . . CHRISTINE AGNES ESTELLA FISHER, Daytona Beach, 1, Delta Delta Delta . . . FRANCES EVELYN FISHER, Avon Park, 2 . . . RONNIE HERBERT FISHER, Tampa, 2 MOLLY FLESHER, West Palm Beach, 1 . JOYCE LORRAINE FLETCHER, Jack- sonville, 1 . . . ROBERT KEATING FLETCHER, Hornell, N. Y., 3 . . . 115 Garrett, K. Garrett, M. Gartman Gaskins Gaskin Gates Gatlin Gentry George, A. George, M. Giella Gifford Gillham Gladding Glancy Gledhill Godfrey God in Godwin Goldstein Goode Goodman Goodwin Gordon Gorrie Gosselin Gossman Gotshall Gould Grady Graetz Graham, Jeannine ' lraham, Julian Graham, L. Gramling Grams Granger Graves Gray, E. Gray, M. Green Greenberg Greene Gregg Gregory, D. Gregory, P. Greisen Griffin, C. Griffin, Sarah Griffin, Sybil Griffin, T. Grimm Grizzard Gross, N. Gross, P. Grow Grubbs Guerrant Gunderson Guthrie, A. Guthrie, S. Haas Hackney Hadfield Haeflinger Haeger Hagar Hager Hailey Haley, H. Haley, J. Hall, C Hall, H. Hall, Karen Hall, Kay Hamilton Hammond, L. Hammond, R. Haney Hankinson k f dJG. £ m 44 ± M t ji M IKtifc • . ' ■ v j4Kk 14 I r rs undergraduates ROW ONE: KATHERINE JUNE GARRETT, Lake Alfred, ! . . . MARVIN ALVIN GARRETT, Tampa, 1 . . . C. YVONNE GARTMAN, Panama City, 1 . . . GINA GASKINS, Pamdale, 2 . . . JOAN GASKIN, Wewahitchka, 1 . . . ELEANOR ANN GATES, Canton, N. C, 2, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . WILLARD EARL GATLIN, Tallahassee, 2 . . . ELBERT C. GENTRY, Pen- sacola, 3 . . . ROW SEVEN: SARAH JANE GRIFFIN, Frostproof, 3, Pi Beta Phi . . . SYBIL GRIFFIN, Bainbridge, Ga., 1, Phi Mu . . . TONI GWEN GRIFFIN, Atlanta, Ga., 1 . . . RUTH MARY GRIMM, Winter Park, 1 . . MARTHA YVONNE GRIZZARD, Atlanta, Ga., 3, Chi Omega . . . NANCY MARIE GROSS, Bradenton, 1 . . . PEGGI ANN GROSS, Clearwater, 1, Delta Gamma . . . JOHN DAVID GROW, Tallahassee, 1, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . ROW TWO: ANN W. GEORGE, Miami, 3, Pi Beta Phi . . . MARY BEALE GEORGE, East Point, Ga., 1, Alpha Xi Delta . . . MARY GRACE GIELLA, Dade City, 1 CELESTINA VIRGINIA GLIFFORD, DeLand, 3, Phi Mu . . . FRANCES MONTY GILLHAM. Atlanta, Ga., 1, Pi Beta Phi . . . MAR- GERY DALEY GLADDING, DeLand, 1, Delta Gamma . . . HANK JEROME GLANCY, Atlanta, Ga., 2, Phi Delta Theta . . LEONARD W. GLEDHILL, JR., Biddeford, Maine, 3 . . . ROW EIGHT: MARY HILL GRUBBS, Columbus, Ga., 1, Alpha Delta Pi . . . HATTIE LEE GUERRANT, Winchester, Ky., 3, Kappa Alpha Theta . . SUZANNE COLETTE GUNDERSON, Lake Worth, 2, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . ADELIA ANN GUTH- RIE, Lake City, 2, Delta Gamma . . . SARAH ELIZABETH GUTHRIE, Jacksonville, 1 . . . FREDNA ANITA HAAS, Mc- Alpin, 3 . . . CHARLES WILLIAM HACKNEY, Hampton, Va., 2 . DIAN LOU HADFIELD, Clearwater, 2 . . . ROW THREE: MARJORIE NAN GODFREY, Chipley, 1, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . DIANE ELIZABETH GODIN, St. Petersburg, 1 . . . ALBERT DETLOUS GODWIN, Jacksonville, 3 . . . GEORGE RICHARD GOLDSTEIN, Miami, 3 . . . RUSSELL FRANK GOODE, JR., Orlando, 2 . . . LILLIAN LOUISE GOODMAN, Midland, Ga., 2, Delta Gamma . . . DOROTHY JO GOODWIN, Jacksonville, 2, Pi Beta Phi . . . GAIL ANN GORDON, St. Opa Locka, 1 . . . ROW NINE: CHARLES FRED HAEFLINGER, Winter Park, 3 . . . ALTON MALCOM HAEGER, Miami, 2 . . . ANTHONY ANN HAGAR, Orlando, 1, Chi Omega . . ELINOR MARIE HAGER, Bradenton, 2, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . JACKIE RAY HAILEY, West Palm Beach, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . HIL- TON HENDRICKS HALEY, Pensacola, 3 . . JEAN STARR HALEY, Daytona Beach, 2 . . . CAMILLA HELEN HALL, Coral Gables, 1 . . . ROW FOUR: JACK MALCOLM GORRIE, Tampa, I . . . ELIZABETH MARIE GOSSELIN, Lakeland, 1 . . . JANE MARIE GOSSMAN, Goulds, 1 . . CELIA RAE GOTSHALL, Panama City 2 . . . STUART FRED GOULD, Atlanta, Ga., 3, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . JOHN PATRICK GRADY, Tampa, 1 . . . CAROL GRAETZ, Avon Park, I . . . JEANNINE MARIE GRA- HAM, Jacksonville, 1 . . . ROW TEN: HELEN MARGARET HALL, Pensacola, 2 . . . KAREN ANN HALL, Winter Haven, 1 . KAY NEWTON HALL, Tampa, 1, Kappa Delta . . . JUNE HAMILTON, Bush- nell, 3, Delta Zeta . . . LYMAN LESLIE HAMMOND, Valdosta, Ga., 3 . . . RUTH A. HAMMOND, Ft. Lauderdale, 3, Kappa Delta . . . ARTHUR LEE HANEY, Miami, 1, Kappa Alpha . . . FRANCES LOUISE HANKINSON, Valdosta, Ga., 1, Delta Zeta. ROW FIVE: JULIAN N. GRAHAM, JR., Tampa, 1, Kappa Alpha . . . LOUISE GRAHAM, Tampa, 3, Alpha Chi Omega . . . EDWIN W. GRAMLING, St. Augustine, 2, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . L. EDSEL GRAMS, Gillette, Wyoming, 5, Sigma Nu . FELIZIA LAJUAIA GRANGER, Apopka, 2 . HAZEL LOUISE GRAVES, Yulee, 1 . EVELYN S. GRAY, Panama City , 2 . . . MARTHA FRANCES GRAY, Atlanta, Ga., 2 . . . ROW SIX: MARY ELIZABETH GREEN, Palatka, 2, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . MIMI R. GREENBERG, Tallahassee, 3 . . . BARBARA ADELAIDE GREENE, Tallahassee, 3 Alpha Omicron Pi . HAROLD G. GREGG, Mount Dora, 2 . . . DORIS E. GREGORY, Lake Worth, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . PATRICIA EVELYN GREGORY, Allam, Ga., 2 . . . PATRICIA ANN GREI- SEN, Bradenton, 1 . . . CAROLYN COMMYNS GRIFFIN, Pen- sacola, 1 , Alpha Gamma Delta . . . 117 Old Forester? Faberge? Shucks, it ' s only distilled water. Hannon Hanson Hardin Hardy Hargrove Harmer Harp Harper Harrill Harris, G. Harris, H. Harris, M. Harrison, Diane Harrison, Dorothy Hart Harter Hartung Hartley Hatton Hayes Haywood Hearn, F. Hearn, K. Heath Heckendorf Hedrick Hefele Heim Henderson, B. Henderson, M. Hendrix Hendry Henley Herndon Heroux Herrington, C. Herrington, P. Hess Heyward Highnam Hilgert Hill, M. Hill, P. Himalstein Hinshaw Hinson, J . Hinson, M. Hohlr Hobkirk Hodges Hoffman Hohne Holland Holler Hollins Holmstrom Holroyd Homer, B. Homer, J. Hoober Hooks Hoover Hopewell Hi .rtnn Howard, J. Howard, M. Howard, S. Howe Huber Hudson Hufford Hughes, E. Hughes, S. Hull Hummel Hunt Hunter Hustin Huszty Hutcrjins undergraduates ROW ONE: G. MAXINE HANNON, Tallahassee, 3, Alpha Chi Omega . . . BARBARA ELAINE HANSON, Miami Springs 1 . . . MARGARET ANN HARDIN, Panama City Beach, 1 . . . PAT HARDY, Bonifay, 3 . . . CORA LOUISE HARGRAVE, St. Petersburg, 2 . . . ROBERT GEORGE HARMER, Panama City, 1 . . . KEITH ALLAN HARP, St Petersburg, 2 . . . PATRICIA ESTELLE HARPER, Lakeland, 1, Delta Zeta . . . ROW SEVEN: JANYCE HELEN HOBKIRK, Lake Wales, 1 . . . MARY JANE HODGES, Plant City, 1 . . . PATRICIA ANN HOFFMAN, Miami Shores, 1 CHARLES JERALD HOHNE, St. Augustine, 1 . . . DOROTHY S. HOLLAND, Jacksonville, 1 . . . JANET EDITH HOLLER, Miami, 2 . PATRICIA ANN HOLLINS, St. Petersburg, 1, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . HELEN ELSIE HOLMSTROM, Miami, 1 . . . ROW TWO: BETTY HARRILL, Miami, 1 . GLORIA JEAN HARRIS, Roberta, Ga., 2 . . . HOMER THORPE HARRIS, Jack- sonville, 3 . . . MARILYN LOU HARRIS, Bradenton, 1, Kappa Delta . . . DIANNE MAREDYDD HARRISON, Miami, 1 . . . DOROTHY JANE HARRISON, Tallahassee, 3 BONNIE LE MERLE HART, Foley, 1 MARTHA LOUIE HARTER, Lake Wales, 2 . . . ROW EIGHT: DIANA HOLROYD, Miami, 2, Delta Gamma . . . BARBARA LOU HOMER, Winter Haven, 1 . . . JACQUE- LIN SUE HOMER, Miami, 2 . . ANN ETTA HOOBER, Jack- sonville, 1 . . . JOYCE ELAINE HOOKS, Jacksonville, 3 . . . LEMUEL HOUSTON HOOVER, Jacksonville, 3, Kappa Alpha LUCY ANN HOPEWELL, Fort Lauderdale, 2 . MARGARET ANN HORTON, Palatka, 1 . . . ROW THREE: KATHLEEN HELENE HARTUNG, Clearwater Beach, 1, Delta Gamma . . MARIAN HELEN HARTLEY, Daytona Beach, 1 . . . DOTTIE HATTON, Orlando, 1, Pi Beta Phi DONALD N. HAYES, Pensacola, 3 JIM CARLTON HAYWOOD, Leesburg, 3 . . FRANCES ANN HEARN, Plant City, 2, Kappa Delta . . . KENT HAROLD HEARN, Denver, Colo., 3, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . ELLEN E. HEATH, Zephyr- hills, 1 . . . ROW NINE: JACQUELINE MAE HOWARD, Ft Lauderdale, 1 . . . MARY BIRDIE HOWARD, Gainesville, 3, Delta Zeta SHARON KATHLEEN HOWARD, St Petersburg, 1 . . . RHODA GALE HOWE, Ocala, 2, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . JEANNE MARGUERITE HUBER, Boynton Beach, 1 . . . KAY R. HUDSON, Sarasota, 1, Gamma Phi Beta . . . KATHLEEN FRANCES ROWENA HUFFORD, Tampa, 1 ELEANOR HUGHES, Columbus, Ga., 1, Alpha Delta Pi . . . ROW FOUR: ELSA LOUISE HECKENDORF, Sarasota, 3, Delta Delta Delta . . . JOAN REID HEDRICK, Tampa, 2, Delta Delta Delta . . . PATRICIA GAYLE HEFELE, Coral Gables, 1 . . . SHARRON A. HEIM, St Petersburg, 2 . . . BETTY ARLENE HENDERSON, St. Petersburg, 2 MARY LOVE HENDERSON, Tallahassee, 1 . . . BARBARA LOUISE HENDRIX, Ormond Beach, 3, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . PATRICIA ANN HENDRY, Tampa, 1 , Chi Omega . . . ROW TEN: SALLY FRANCES HUGHES, St Augustine, 3 . . . JOHN HAYMOND HULL, Plant City, 1, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . RITA MAE HUMMEL, Cleveland, Ohio, 1 PHILLIP G. HUNT, Montgomery, Ala., 3, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . MAR- THA JEAN HUNTER, Albany, Ga., 1 . . . DORIS LAVON HUSTIN, St. Petersburg, 3 . . YOLANDA MARY ANN HUSZTY, Ft Lauderdale, 1 . . MARGARET ELIZABETH HUTCHINS, Fernandina Beach, 1 . . . ROW FIVE: BETTY ANN HENLEY, Campbellton, 2 . . . RODGER D. HERNDON, Miami Beach, 3 . RICHARD R. HEROUX, Lake Worth, 1 CARLEEN HERRINGTON, Miami, 2, Delta Delta Delta . . . PEGGY ANN HERRINGTON, Claxton, Ga., 2 . TEMPLE HESS, Jacksonville, 2 . POLLY VIR- GINIA HEYWARD, Bogalusa, La., 3, Delta Zeta . . . SALLY GAY HIGHNAM, Lakeland, 1, Alpha Xi Delta . . . ROW SIX: EDUARDO CESAR HILGERT, LaPunta, Peru 2 Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . MARY CAROLYN HILL, Ft. Myers, 1 . . PATRICIA ANN HILL, Miami, 1 . . . SUSAN JANE HIMALSTEIN, St. Petersburg, 1 . . . CAROLYN HINSHAW, Atlanta, Ga., 1 . . . JAN HINSON, DeFuniak Springs, 3, Chi Omega . . . MAJEL HINSON, Plant City, 3, Kappa Delta . . . NATALIE HALSTEAD HOBBS, Sarasota, 1 . . . 119 Take this — ' get the rest from the car. (Wait ' ll she sees the room.) Hutto Ingram, J. Ingram, S. I rvin, E. I r vin , S. Irvine Ivey Jackson, G. Jackson, M. Jackson, S. Jaeger Jagger Janes Jeffers Jockel Johns Johnson, B Johnson, C Johnson, G Johnson, H Johnson, I Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Marilyn Johnson, Merling Johnson, Robert Johnson, Ruth Joiner Jolly Jones, C. Jones, F. Jones, Marilyn Jones, Melinda Jones, O. Jopling Jordan, B. Jordan, J. Jorgensen Joseph Kaleta Kaminis Kapnias Kay Kearson Keene, L. Keene, W. Keesler Keller Kellerman Kelly, A. Kelly, J. Kelsey Kemblowski Kennedy Kent, A. Kent, S. Kent, T. Kerley Kerr Kickliter Kidd Kienzle King, E. King, G. King, M. Kinsey Kirchman, A. Kirchman, V. Kirk Kirkland, V. Kirkland, W. Kirkpatrick Kiser Kitchens Knight Koch Koeth Kokalari Koperski Koppeis Korst undergraduates ROW ONE: JACQUELAN SUE HUTTO, Bartow, 1 JULIA ANN INGRAM, Winter Park, 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . SANDRA LYNETTE INGRAM, Apopka, 3, Phi Mu . . . ELEA- NORE ANN IRVIN, Miami, 3, Alpha Xi Delta . . . SYLVIA DIANA IRVIN, Albany, Ga ., 1 . HARRIET LOUISE IRVINE, Harrisburg, 2 . . . RUTH ANN IVEY, Tallahassee, 3 . . . GAY A. JACKSON, Jacksonville, 1 . . . ROW SEVEN: ANN M. KELLY, Coral Gables, 3, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . JANE ANNETTE KELLY, Lake City, 1, Kappa Delta . . . SUSAN KELSEY, Tampa, 2, Delta Zeta . PHIL JACOB KEMBLOWSKI, Auburn, N. Y., 2, Phi Kappa Tau . . SHEILA NANNETTE KENNEDY, Clearwater, 1, Delta Zeta . . . ANN- ETTE KENT, St. Petersburg, 1, Delta Delta Delta . . . SARAH FRANCES KEAT, Chipley, 3 . . . TWYLA SUE KENT, Gulfport, ROW TWO: MERRY JUNE JACKSON, Clearwater, 1, Alpha Chi Omega . . . SHIRLEY GAY JACKSON, Panama City, 3, Sigma Kappa . . . ELAINE MARIE JAEGER, Haines City, 1 . . . BRENDA W. JAGGER, St Petersburg, 1 JAN ELIZABETH JANES, Wauchula, 1 . . . CONSTANCE MELANIE JEFFERS, Jacksonville, 1 . . . RICHARD HENRY JOCKEL, Pensacola, 3 . . . LINDA SUE JOHNS, Starke, 1 . . . ROW EIGHT: ROBERT D. KERLEY, Miami, 2, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . MARY JANET KERR, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 . . . JOYCE ANN KICKLITER, St Petersburg, 1 . JACKIE DON KIDD, Greenacres City, 3, Kappa Sigma . . . ROBERTA MARIE KIENZLE, Miami, 2, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . ELLEN ANNETTE KING, Baker, 3 . GLORIA ROSEMARY KING, Coral Gables, 1 . . . MELANIE ANN KING, Miami, 1 . . . ROW THREE: BARBARA JEAN JOHNSON, Bradenton, 1 . . . CARL BOONE JOHNSON, Green Cove Springs, 2 . . . GYNELLE JOHNSON, Jasper, 3, Phi Mu . . . HAMAN HAROLD JOHN- SON, Tallahassee, 3 . . . ISABEL JANE JOHNSON, Jasper, 1, Phi Mu . . . MARGARET GLADYS JOHNSON, Tallahassee, 2 . . . MARILYN RUTH JOHNSON, Coral Gables, 1, Siama Kappa . . . NETTIE MERLING JOHNSON, Jacksonville, 1, Alpha Xi Delta . . . ROW NINE: HATTIE NANN KINSEY, Camaguey, Cuba, 3 . . . ARLENE KIRCHMAN, Belle Glade, 2 . . VICKIE CAROL KIRCHMAN, Arlington, Va., 2, Delta Delta Delta . . . COR- RINNE LOUISE KIRK, Miami Springs, 1, Alpha Xi Delta . . . VIRGINIA MADELEINE KIRKLAND, Jacksonville, 1 . . . WIL- LIAM ROUSE KIRKLAND, Tallahassee, 3, Kappa Alpha . . . LORETTA FAYE KIRKPATRICK, Miami, 1 . . VIRGINIA KATHRYN KISER, Cocoa 2 . . . ROW FOUR: ROBERT M. JOHNSON, Tallahassee, 3, Sigma Chi . . . RUTH ATHALIE JOHNSON, West Palm Beach, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . JOHN B. JOINER, Jacksonville, 3, Kappa Alpha . . . JOYCE M. JOLLY, Miami, 1, Alpha Omicron Phi . . . CARLA ELAINE JONES, Orlando, 1, Delta Zeta . . . FLOY DAGMAR JONES, Jacksonville, 1, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . MARILYN JONES, Dade City, 2 . MELINDA JANE JONES, Daytona, 2, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . ROW TEN: JEANI KITCHENS, Coral Gables, 3, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . SUSAN ANN KNIGHT, Coral Gables, 1, Delta Gam- ma ELLWOOD LOUIS KOCH, Tallahassee, 2 LEONARD ALFRED KOETH, Euclid, Ohio, 2, Theta Chi . . . WILSON KOKALARI, New York, N Y , 2 . BARBARA ANN CATH- ERINE KOPERSKI, Jacksonville, 1 . . . CARL JOSEPH KOPPEIS, Memphis, Tenn., 1, Theta Chi . . . SUSAN ELIZABETH KORST, Tallahassee, 1, Alpha Delta Pi . . . ROW FIVE: OKLE CATHERINE JONES, Jacksonville, 2 . . . F. EMILY JOPLING, Jacksonville, 1, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . BONNIE ANN JORDAN, LaBelle, 1, Gamma Phi Beta . . . JILDA VIRGINIA JORDAN, Atlanta, Ga., 1, Zeta Tau Alpha . . SANDRA LEAH JORGENSEN, Punta Gorda, 1 DOLORIS JOANN JOSEPH, Dothan, Ala , 3 VICTOR JOHN KALETA, Tampa, 1, Kappa Sigma . . . JAN MARILYN KAMINIS, Tam- pa, 3, Alpha Xi Delta . . . ROW SIX: ATHENA K. KAPNIAS, Jacksonville, 1, Phi Mu . . SALLY LOU KAY, Bradenton, 1 . . . MARY SYLVIA KEARSON, Blackshear, Ga., 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . LON- NIE HORACE KEENE, JR., Palatka, 2 . . WARREN HARPER KEENE, Palatka, 1 . . BARBARA ALISA KEESLER, St Peters- burg, 3, Abha Gamma Delta . . . HELEN ELAINE KELLER, Bradenton, 1 . . . JAMES S. KELLERMAN, Largo, 3 . . . 121 Coke! At the coast? Who ' s kidding whom: Korzan Kovas Krogland Kuster Lafferty La Fleur Lamb Lambert Lambrecht Lamson Landrum, H. Landrum, S. Landry Langston Lansford Larimore Larsen Lassa Lassen Lassiter Lastinger Latimer, K. Latimer, M. Latina Latoszewski Latshaw La Vergne La Vigne Laurene Lawrence Lay Lazonby Leap Lee Lees Leffel Lehan Lehmann Lemons Leone, James Leone, Jane Leopard, Betty Leopard, Elizabeth Levinson Levy Lewis, A. Lewis, C. Lewis, D. Lewis, E. Lewis, F. Lewis, H. Lewis, L. Lewis, M. Lieb Lineback Lingo, D. Lingo, M. Lippincott Lipscomb Little, B. Little, M Littleton Livingston Lloyd, C. Lloyd, K. Lloyd, L. Loftin Logue Lomaistro Long Looney Loper Lord Lott Loveland Love 1 1 Lowery Lozier Lucas Lupo undergraduates ROW ONE: FREDERICK RICHARD KORZAN, Miami, 2, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . FRANCES BARBARA KOVAS, Ft. Lau- derdale, 3, Alpha Chi Omega . . . BARBARA KROGLAND, Co- lumbus, Ga., 2, Gamma Phi Beta . . . LOIS GWEN KUSTER, Vero Beach, 2, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . DOLORES LORETTA LAFFERTY, Lakeland, 2, Kappa Delta . . . PATRICIA ANN LA FLEUR, Warrington, 1 . . . CAROL ANNE LAMB, States- boro, Ga., 2, Phi Mu . . JOHNNY PATRICK LAMBERT, Havana, 2 . . . ROW SEVEN: EUGENE ARDEN LEWIS, Melbourne, 3 . . . FEDORA BELLE LEWIS, Bradenton, 1, Alpha Gamma Delta HENRY CYRUS LEWIS, JR., Lakeland, 2 . . . LOU REBA LEWIS, Pensacola, 1 . . . MARGARET REED LEWIS, Panama City, 1, Delta Delta Delta . . . PATSY ANN LIEB, Lakeland, I ROBERT MILTON LINEBACK, Panama City, I . . . DORO- THY DEANNE LINGO, Clearwater, 1 . . . ROW TWO: CAROL KAY LAMBRECHT, St. Petersburg, 1 . . . SALLY ANN LAMSON, Tampa, 1 . . . HENRY BRITTON LANDRUM, Panama City, 2, Sigma Chi . . . SHIRLEY ANN LANDRUM, Panama City, 3 . . . CAROL ANN LANDRY, Ft. Lauderdale, 3 . . . LINDA ANN LANGSTON, Ft. Myers, 1 . . . ROBERT CUSHMAN LANSFORD, St. Petersburg, 3, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . GRANVILLE LEE LARIMORE, Albany, N. Y., 2. ROW EIGHT: MYRTLE JEAN LINGO, Pensacola, 2 KAY LIPPINCOTT, Clearwater, 1 . . SUSAN MARY LIPS- COMB, Jacksonville, 1 . . . BARBARA JEAN LITTLE, Tampa 3, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . MARY ELLA LITTLE, Miami, I . . . JOYCE ELAINE LITTLETON, Madison, 1 . . . CLIFF LIVING- STON, Panama City, 1 . . CHARLES ALLEN LLOYD, Ft Lauderdale, 2 . . . ROW THREE: JUDITH CLAIRE LARSEN, Miami, 1 . . . WILLIAM R. LASSA, Ft Lauderdale, 3 . . LLOYD F. LASSEN, South Bend, Ind., 3 . . . MARY ANN LASSITER, West Palm Beach, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . JAMES L. LASTINGER, Cornwell, 2 . . . KAY GLEN LATIMER, Tampa, 1, Kappa Delta M. DIANE LATIMER, Miami, 3, Kappa Delta . . . ALBERT AMERICO LATINA, Plant City, 3 . . . ROW NINE: KAY LLOYD, Panama City, 2, Kappa Delta . . . LINDA GAIL LLOYD, Daytona Beach, 1 . . JANICE KELLER LOFTIN, Tallahassee, 3 CAROLYN ELIZABETH LOGUE, West Palm Beach, 1 . . . EVELYN ANN LOMAISTRO, Miami, I . . . HUEY BILLY LONG, Columbus, Ga., 3 . . . JAMES PAUL LOONEY, Miami, I BARBARA ANN LOPER, Tampa, 1 . . . ROW FOUR: JOHN T. LATOSZEWSKI, Jackson, Mich, 3 . . . MARGARET JANE LATSHAW, Miami, 1 . . MARY JACQUELYN LAVERGNE, Ft Lauderdale, 1 HARRY EU- GENE LA VIGNE, Ocala, 1 EINAR DONALD LAURENE, Miami, 2 . . . CYNTHIA ANN LAWRENCE, Tallahassee, 2, Pi Beta Phi . . . MYRA ANNE LAY, Coral Gables, 3, Alpha Xi Delta . . . ANN LAZONBY, Gainesville, 2, Chi Omega . . ROW TEN: PATRICIA ANNE LORD, Orlando, 2 . MAR- THA LENORE LOTT, Hollywood, 2 . PATRICIA STEWART LOVELAND, Miami, 1 . . FRED RALPH LOVELL, Decatur, Ga., 2 . . . JOHN FRED LOWERY, Daytona Beach, 1 . . . SANDRA RUTH LOZIER, Lantana, 1 . . SAMUEL THOMAS LUCAS, Jacksonville, 1 . . . ALICE LOUISE LUPO, Orlando, 1. ROW FIVE: CAROLE KING LEAP, Tallahassee, 1, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . MARGARET ANN WHITEHEAD, Tallahassee, ELIZABETH ELLIS LEES, Jacksonville, 1, Delta Zeta . PATRICIA VONN LEFFEL, Harrisonburg, Va , 1 . JUDY MARY LEHAN, Maitland, 1 RICHARD L. LEHMANN, Tallahassee, 3 . . . PATSY RUTH LEMONS, Orlando, 2, Delta Zeta . . . JAMES DICK LEONE, Tampa, 2 . . ROW SIX: JANE FRANCES LEONE, Ft Myers, 3 BETTY JEAN LEOPARD, Winter Haven, 2 . ELIZABETH ANN LEOPARD, Auburndale, 3 . . . JEAN A. LEVINSON, Sarasota 3 LARRY E. LEVY, Tallahassee, 3 . . . ANN LEWIS, Palatka, 3 . . . CAROL JO LEWIS, Tallahassee, 1, Delta Gam- ma.. . DON ROBERT LEWIS, Holly Hill, 3, Sigma Chi . . 123 Y ' mean some people work at night? MacKenzie Mackin MacLeod Magill Magnuson Mahannah Maifeld Majors Malmborg Malseed Maltby Mann Mappin Marchesseau Marcotte Marks Marsh Marshall Martin, A. Martin, G. Martin, J. Martin, Marie Martin, Merribel Martinez, N. Martinez, G. Mason, B. Mason, M. Massey Masterson Mathers Mathis Matouk Matson Matthews, D. Matthews, J. Matthews, S. Matzat May Mayncrd Mazur Maurer McAteer McCollum McConnell McCoy McCue McDaniel McDonald McDougold, C. McDugald, M. McEwen McFatter McFarland McGillivray McGinnes McGregor Mcintosh McKeithen McKelvin McKeown McKinney, C. McKinney, M. McKnight McLain McLaughlin McLendon McLeod McLester McMillan McNiel McPherson McQuaid McRae Meador, A. Meador, H. Meadows Meissner Meltzer Merritt Met Z S. w ' IPP % l IP c l i£ W t ii ' i - f$ V 1 . ♦ undergraduates ROW ONE: BEVERLY JUNE MACKENZIE, Palatka, 2, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . ROSETTA MACKIN, Coral Gables, 3 . . . SARA JEAN MacLEOD, Jacksonville, 2, Kappa Delta . . . JEANNE EDITH MaGILL, Chattanooga, Tenn., 2, Pi Beta Phi . . . ERNESTINE JOAN MAGNUSON, Tampa, 1 . MARIAN LOUISE MAHANNAH, Miami, 1, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . JE AN A. MAIFELD, St Petersburg, 3 ... JOE I. MAJORS, Huntland, Tenn., 2, Phi Delta Theta . . . ROW SEVEN: D. CARLINE McDOUGALD, Tallahassee, I, Pi Beta Phi . MARILYN JO ANN McDUGALD, Dundee, 1 . . . ROSEMARY McEWEN, Miami, 2 . . JAMES E. McFATTER, Bonifay, 2 JO ANNA McFARLAND, Sarasota, 1 . . . MARY EONNEAU McGILLIVRAY, Lakeland, 1 . . . MARTHA EMILY McGINNES, Plant City, 3, Kappa Delta . . . BONNIE LEE McGREGOR, Miami Springs, 2 . . . ROW TWO: JOYCE EVELYN MALMBORG, Jacksonville, 2 . . . PATRICIA EILEEN MALSEED, Sarasota, 2 MARY JANE MALTBY, Hastings, 1, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . JACK TAY MANN, Winter Park, 1 . . . BARBARA JEAN MAPPIN, Miami, 3 . . . MARY ANN MARCHESSEAU, Atlanta, Ga., 1, Phi Mu SUE MARCOTTE, Leesburg, 1 . . THOMAS CLARK MARKS, Tampa, 1 , Kappa Alpha . . . ROW EIGHT: RUTH ANNETTE MclNTOSH, Pahokee, 1 . . . JO ANN McKEITHEN, Bartow, 1, Pi Beta Phi .. . GEORGE H. McKELVIN, JR., 2, Phi Kappa Tau MARY KATHERINE McKEOWN, Pensacola, 3 CARLA SUZANNE McKINNEY, Panama City, 1, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . MARY FRANCES Mc- KINNEY, Miami, 1 ... JO ELLEN McKNIGHT, Tallahassee, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . SALLIE NAOMI McLAIN, Lakeland, 2 . . . ROW THREE: ANNE ISABEL MARSH, Jacksonville, 3 . . . EDWIN ROLAND MARSHALL, JR., Anthony, 2 . . ANN BRENNAND MARTIN, Umatilla, 3 . . GROVER EDWARD MARTIN, Umatilla, 1 . . . JAMES A. MARTIN, Sarasota, 1 . . . MARIE LUCILLE MARTIN, Tallahassee, 1, Alpha Omicron Pi MERRIBEL CAROLYN MARTIN, Kewanee, III., 1 . . . NANCY A. MARTINEZ, Daytona Beach, 2, Sigma Kappa . . . ROW NINE: CAROLE CECILIA McLAUGHLIN, Miami, 1 . . SHIRLEY ANN McLENDON, Ft Lauderdale, 3 . . MA- RION CLYDE McLEOD, JR., Panama City, 1, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . RUTH ELAINE McLESTER, Ft Lauderdale, 1 . BAR- BARA HARRIETT McMILLAN, Dahlgren, Va , 2 . . PETE McNIEL, Panama City, 2, Phi Kappa Tau . . . BONNIE GAIL McPHERSON, Birmingham, Ala., 3, Kappa Delta . . . RONALD JOSEPH McQUAID, Buffalo, N. Y., 2, Pi Kappa Phi . . . ROW FOUR: GILBERT GEORGE MARTINEZ, New Orleans, La., 2 . . . BETSYRENE TUDI MASON, Clearwater, 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . MARILYN ANN MASON, Clearwater, 3, Kappa Delta . . . BERNICE LEANNE MASSEY, Jacksonville, 1 WILLIAM ALBERT MASTERSON, Jacksonville, 3 . . . DEWITT MATHERS, Greenville, 3 . HELEN C. MATHIS, Tampa, 1 . . . MARLENE ELISSA MATOUK, St Petersburg, 3 . . . ROW TEN: PAT ELOISE McRAE, Mcintosh, 1 . . . ALFRED CLIFTON MEADOR, Tallahassee, 2 . HENRY LOUIS MEA- DOR, Bradenton, 1, Phi Kappa Tau . . . JEANIE MEADOWS, Riverview, 1, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . ADELE ETHEL MEISSNER, Balboa, Canal Zone, 3 . . . GLORIA ANN MELTZER, Palatka, 2, Alpha Omicron Pi . . BETTY GWENDOLYN MERRITT, Tallahassee, 2 . . . SHIRLEY IRENE METZ, St. Petersburg, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . ROW FIVE: JAMES ELWIN MATSON, Tallahassee, 2 . . . DOROTHY GENE MATTHEWS, Augusta, Ga., 2 JAMES FRANKLIN MATTHEWS, Orlando, 3 . . . SALLY ANN MAT- THEWS, Pompano Beach, I . . SUZANNE IRENE MATZAT, Jacksonville, 1, Delta Zeta . . . DOROTHY JEAN MAY, Miami Shores, 2, Pi Beta Phi . . . ROSALIE MAYNARD, Sebring, 1 ... J. RALPH MAZUR, Daytona Beach, 2, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Three suitcases, and she ' s going home for the weekend. ROW SIX: HANS D. MAURER, Tallahassee, 3 GARY LINDA McATEER, Tampa, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . W. ROY McCOLLUM, Atlanta, Ga., 2, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . SALLY MARIE McCONNELL, Suffield, Conn , 3 . RAY- MOND LAWRENCE McCOY, Seffner, 3 . KAY STEELE McCUE, Monroe, La., 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . GLORIA GAIL McDANIEL, Tallahassee, 1 . . . MARY BETH McDON- ALD, Blountstown, 3, Delta Zeta . . . 125 Metz, T. Mickler, H. Mickler, P. Milam Milford Miller, Ella Miller, Edward Miller, P. Miller, S. Million Mills Milstead Minton Mitchell Mohlhenrich Moloney Montgomery Moore, A. Moore, M. Moore, Y, Moras Moren Moran Morgan Morrill Morris, E. Morris, M. Morrison Morse Morton Moss Mueller Mugge Mullins Murphy, Pat Murphy, Patricia L. Murrah Murray, B. Murray, M. Murrell, P. Murrell, L. Nagode Nathe Nearing Neeley Neff Nelson, C. Nelson, Davis Nelson, Doris Nelson, P. Newberry Newman Newsome, J. Newsome, N. Newton Nichols, B. Nichols, S. Nicholson, F. Nicholson, W. Nipper Noll Norris Oakley O ' Brien O ' Donnell Oexle Olson Olsen O ' Neal Osborne O ' Steen Osterhoudt Ott Overholt Overstreet Owen Owens Pace Pafford Page, C. undergraduates ROW ONE: THOMAS ORT METZ, Dayton, Ohio, 1, Theta Chi . . . HELEN KARLENE MICKLER, Jacksonville, 1, Alpha Delta Pi . . . PATRICIA ANNE MICKLER, Tampa, 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . JULIE ANN MILAM, Miami, 2, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . PATRICIA ANN MILFORD, St. Petersburg, 2, Delta Gamma . . ELLA MAE MILLER, Lakeland, 2 . . . EDWARD H. MILLER, Ft. Lauderdale, 3, Delta Tau Delta . . . PHYLLIS ANN MILLER, Sarasota, 3, Kappa Delta . . . ROW SEVEN: DORIS RUTH NELSON, Haines City, 1 . . . PEGGY LUCILLE NELSON, Stuart, 1, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . ELISE YVONNE NEWBERRY, Bainbridge, Ga., 2, Kappa Delta . . . ELINOR NEWMAN, Fruitland Park, 3 . . . JAMES ALTON NEWSOME, Ft Meade, 2 . . . NANCY ANNE NEWSOME, Columbus, Ga., 1, Pi Beta Phi . . . JAMES CURTIS NEWTON, Panama City, 1 . . . BYRON EDGAR NICHOLS, Dunnellon, 3. ROW TWO: SYLVIA DOROTHY MILLER, Tampa, 1 . . . SHIRLEY LOU MILLION, Balboa, Canal Zone, 3 ELLIS WILLARD MILLS, Waynesboro, Ga., 1, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . MARY V. MILSTEAD, Jacksonville, 2, Alpha Delta Pi . . . DAVID SIDNEY MINTON, Tallahassee, 3, Lambda Chi Alpha . . PETE MITCHELL, Ft Lauderdale, 3 . . MARY PRISCILLA MOHLHENRICH, Coral Gables, 2, Chi Omega . . . VALERIE J. MOLONEY, Lake Worth, 1 . . . ROW EIGHT: SHERRY LYNNE NICHOLS, St Petersburg, 2, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . FANCHONE NICHOLSON, San Antonio, 3 . . . WILLIAM GLENN NICHOLSON, Jacksonville, 2, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . VIRGIL CALVIN NIPPER, Cordele, Ga., 2 . . . CAROLYN ELAINE NOLL, Ft Lauderdale, 2 . . CECELIA A. NORRIS, Pahokee, 3 KARL WILSON OAKLEY, Talla- hassee, 2 . . . M. KATHIE O ' BRIEN, Miami, 1 . . . ROW THREE: BETTY ANN MONTGOMERY, Tallahassee, 1, Delta Delta Delta . . . ARVA JEAN MOORE, Miami Shores, 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . MARTHA GAYLE MOORE, Wauchula, 1 . . YVONNE MOORE, Key West, 1 . . . MARIA ADELA MORAS, Tallahassee, 3 . . ROBERT ALAN MOREN, Freeport, III., 2, Sigma Chi . . . MARY JOYCE MORGAN, Tampa, 3 . . . RALPH THOMAS MORGAN, Odessa, 1 .. . ROW NINE: MARY ANN O ' DONNELL, Tampa, 1, Delta Gamma . . . NANCY ELIZABETH OEXLE, Pensacola, 3, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . GERALD EVERETT OLSON, Winter Haven, 1 . . LILIAN FLORENCE OLSEN, St Petersburg, 3 . . CAR- MEN O ' NEAL, Vero Beach, I . . . JOSEPH F. OSBORNE, Hal- landale, 2 . . . MARTHA DREW O ' STEEN, Branford, 1 . . . NANCY JONES OSTERHOUDT, Dade City, 3, Chi Omega . . . ROW FOUR: HARRIETTE E. MORRILL, Miami, 3 . . . DIANA EVIE MORRIS, Miami, 2, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . MARGARET JANE MORRIS, Belle Glade, 3, Phi Mu . . . JAMES LOUIS MORRISON, Winter Haven, 1 . . . ANN LOUISE MORSE, Deland, 2 . . . DOROTHY LOUISE MORTON, Jack- sonville, 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . HELEN PRISCILLA MOSS, Coral Gables, 3, Pi Beta Phi . . . BARBARA JOY MUELLER, Merritt Island, 2, Delta Gamma . . . ROW TEN: CHARLOTTE ANN OTT, Ocala, 1, Delta Delta Delta . GARY LEE OVERHOLT, Bradenton, 2 . . . TROY E. OVERSTREET, Americus, Ga., 3 . . MARTHA J. OWEN, Sanford, 3 . . . ROBERT JOSEPH OWENS, Quincy, 2 . . . WILLIAM FRANKLIN PACE, Pensacola, 3, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon . . PEGGY ANNE PAFFORD, Jennings, 1 . . CATHERINE E. PAGE, Tallahassee, 1, Sigma Kappa . . . ROW FIVE: CAROLYN ANN MUGGE, Greenville, 2 . . . WALTER MICHAEL MULLINS, Hialeah, 1 . . . PAT MURPHY, Ft. Lauderdale, 2, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . PATRICIA LEE MURPHY, Miami, 1 . ROBERT H. MURRAH, JR., Pelham, Ga., 3 . . . BOB PERRY MURRAY, Frostproof, 3, Sigma Chi . . . MARION YANCY MURRAY, Palatka, 2, Alpha Omicron Pi . . PATRICIA C. MURRELL, Miami, 1 . . . ROW SIX: LAURA MATILDA MURRELL, Deland, 3 . . . RICHARD WILLIAM NAGODE, Euclid, Ohio, 3, Phi Delta Theta . . . PATRICIA ANNE NATHE, Dade City, 1 . . . AG- NES ELOUISE NEARING, Hastings, 3 . . . FRANCES NEELEY, Lamont, 3 . . . CAROL JANE NEFF, Winter Haven, 1 . . . CAROLANNE NELSON, Tallahassee, 2 . . . DAVIS RAY NEL- SON, St. Petersburg, 3 . . . Brooks Brothers will hear about this! 127 Page, R. Painter, M. Painter, R. Palm Palmer Palmyra Parker, Jackie Parker, James Parkinson Parks Parson Partridge Paschal Pate Patterson, L. Patterson, M. Patterson, N. Peacock Peaden Pearson, D. Pearson, J. Peck Peckham Peel Pendleton Pendray Pennington, C. Pennington, P. Perkins, B. Perkins, R. Perkins, T. Perry, J. Perry, I. Persons Petee Peterman Peterson Petrow Phelps Pickett Pieper Piercy Pilcher, K. Pilcher, S. Pinckard Pinckney Pinkard Piper Pittard Pittman Pitts Piatt, D. Piatt, M. Plockelman Poe Pohl Pooley Posey Poulos Powell, A. Powell, B. Powell, D. Powell, Margaret Powell, Mary Power Powers Prandoni Prather Pratt Preston Price Privett Puckett Pugh Purcell Putnal, J. Putnal, L. Ragans Ramsey, Jimmie Ramsey, Julia undergraduates ROW ONE: ROBERT E. PAGE, Tallahassee, 3 . . . MAR- JORIE ANN PAINTER, Ft. Meade, 3 . . ROBERT LEE PAINT- ER, Ft. Meade, I . . . PATRICIA ELIZABETH PALM, St. Petersburg, 1 . . . JAMES MONROE PALMER, Ft. Myers, 2 . . . LINDA ANN PALMYRA, Miami, 1 . . . JACKIE H. PARKER, Orlando, 1, Delta Delta Delta . . . JAMES HARMON PARKER, Oshkosh, Wis., 1 . . . ROW SEVEN: CAROLINE LAVONIA PITTARD, West Palm Beach, 1 . . . JAY CHARLES PITTMAN, JR., Boston, Ga., 3 . . . AURELIA FITZPATRICK PITTS, Pittsview, Ala., 1 . . DEAN ALLEN PLATT, Sarasota, 2 . . . MARJORIE PLATT, Melbourne, 1 . . CYNTHIA HOLLEY PLOCKELMAN, West Palm Beach, 1 . . . PATRICIA ANN POE, Ozark, Ala 1 CYNTHIA DAWN POHL, Winter Park, 1 .. . ROW TWO: NANCY BIRCH PARKINSON, Jacksonville, 1 . . . RICHARD F. PARKS, Tallahassee, 2 ... JO MARGARET PARSON, Belle Glade, 1 . . . JOHN N. PARTRIDGE, JR., Or- lando, 1, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . WILLIAM BLANCHARD PASCHAL, JR., Madison, 2 .. . MYRA JOY PATE, Tampa, 1 . . . LYDIA ELAINE PATTERSON, Miami, 2 . . . MARY LYNN PATTERSON, Tallahassee, 1, Kappa Delta . . . ROW EIGHT: HONEY SUE POOLEY, Cocoa, 2 PHILLIP CARL POSEY, Mobile, Ala., 2 . . . EVELYN POULOS, Jackson- ville, 1 . . ARTHUR JOSEPH POWELL, Miami, 2 . . . BETTY CAROLYN POWELL, Lakeland, 1 . . . DOROTHY SUE POWELL, Ft. Lauderdale, 3 . . . MARGARET JANE POWELL, Tallahassee, 1, Delta Gamma . . . MARY ESTHER POWELL, Sanford, 1 . . . ROW THREE: NANCY KAROLYN PATTERSON, Tampa, 2 . . . GEORGE H. PEACOCK, Panama City, 3 . . . R. JOAN PEA- DEN, Live Oak, 2 . . DAWN ANN PEARSON, Sanford, 1 . . . JANET LYNN PEARSON, Miami, 2 . . . SARAH ELIZABETH PECK, Zephyrhills, 1 . . . RALPH BRANNAN PECKHAM, Tampa, 3 . . . N. ANNETTE PEEL, Chipley, 3 . . . ROW NINE: KATHLEEN ROBERTA POWER, Sebring, 2, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . G. FRED POWERS, Richmond, Ind., 1 . KATHLEEN MARIE PRANDONI, Orlando, 1 . . BETTY PRATHER, Ft Myers, 3, Pi Beta Phi . . ROSE MARIE PRATT, Plant City, 1 . . . PATTY ANN PRESTON, Miami, 1 . . , BETTY JEAN PRICE, Pompano Beach, 1 . . . ROWENA PRIVETT, Clearwater, 2, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . ROW FOUR: FAY ANNETTE PENDLETON, Tampa, 3 . . . THOMAS PENDRAY, Coral Gables, 2, Sigma Chi . . . CLEM PENNINGTON, Tallahassee, 3 . . . PAULINE PENNINGTON, Ponce de Leon, 2 . . . BEVERLY PERKINS, Tallahassee, 3, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . RAENID CARELLA PERKINS, Canton- ment, 1 . . . THELMA BOLTIN PERKINS, Neptune Beach, 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . JEAN ARLEN PERRY, Bradenton, 1. ROW TEN: THERESA IRENE PUCKETT, Brooksville, 1 . . . GRIFFITH THOMPSON PUGH, JR., Tallahassee, 1 . . PEGGY ARLENE PURCELL, Ft Lauderdale, 2 . . . JANELL JACQUE- LINE PUTNAL, Mayo, 1 . LOUISE APPIE PUTNAL, Mayo, 1 . . . CAROL JEAN RAGANS, Madison, 2, Alpha Delta Pi . . . JIMMIE KATE RAMSEY, Blountstown, 3, Delta Zeta . . JULIA CLAIRE RAMSEY, Tampa, 1, Chi Omega . . . ROW FIVE: IONE LOUISE PERRY, St Augustine, 3 . . . MAXINE DEANNE PERSONS, Winter Park, 2 . . . FRANCES ANN PETEE, Miami, 1 . . . MYRA JANE PETERMAN, Milton, 3 . . . JIMMIE SANDRA PETERSON, Osteen, 1 . . . SONYA CARRIE PETROW, Miami Shores, 1 . . . JANET ELIZABETH PHELPS, Pensacola, 2 . . . DONALD DE GRAFFENRIED PICK- ETT, Pahokee, 3 . . . Paint job, schmaint job. It still rides like it had square wheels. ROW SIX: KAY A. PIEPER, Havana, Cuba, 3 . IVONNE PIERCY, Panama City, 3 M. KATHLEEN PILCHER, Pan ama City, 3 . . . SARA JANE PILCHER, Laurel Hill, 2 . . . EVA DESSE PINCKARD, Daytona Beach, 2, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . CARTHA VALENCIA PINCKNEY, Pinellas Park, 3 CAROL LEE PINKARD, Miami, 3 JAN JEROME PIPER, St. Petersburg, 3 . . . 129 fr m ■H Rondel Randle Ratcliff Rathbun Ray Ready Redd Redditt Reeder Reedy Reely Reese, J. Reese, S. Reesman Reichelderfer Rehkop Rehwinkel Revell Reynolds, K. Reynolds, R. Rich Richards Richardson, C. Richardson, I. Richardson, M. Ricketts Riley Ritchie Roberts, E. Roberts, G. Roberts, S. Robertson Robinson Robison, Margaret Robison, Martha Rodgers Rogers, J. Rogers, S. Rooks Rosansky Rose, A. Rose, C. Rosenberg Rosenbush Rot Rou Roulston Rouse, B. Rouse, R. Rowell Royster Ruffin Ruskin Ryan, P. Ryan, W. Rykard Sackhoff Soger Sailor Salley Sampson Sanchez Sapp Sargent Sarris Sauls, B. Sauls, E. Saunders, C. Saunders, E. Savage Sawyer, A. Sawyer, B. Sawyer, S. Schilling Schlitt Schmit Schmitt Schulze Scott, J. Scott, N. undergraduates ROW ONE: BARBARA JEAN RANDEL, Ft Pierce, 1 . . . JUDITH JAY RANDLE, Covington, Ga., 1, Phi Mu . . . ROD- NEY W. RATCLIFF, Pompano Beach, 3 . . . DONALD L. RATHBUN, Fremont, Ohio, 3 . KEITH EDWARD RAY, Winter Haven, 1 . . . KAY READY, Miami, 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . LISA A. REDD, Sarasota, 1 . . . DIXON IRVINE REDDITT, Jacksonville, 2 . . . ROW SEVEN: ROSALIND JANE ROUSE, Ft. Pierce, 1 . . . LANDRESS LEON ROWELL, Green Cove Springs, 3 . . . E. FAYE ROYSTER, Macon, Ga., 1 . . . ANNE CLEGG RUFFIN, Albany, Ga., 1 . . . ROSE MARIE RUSKIN, Crestview, 1 . . . PEGGY JOYCE RYAN, Tallahassee, 2 . . . WILLIAM THOMAS RYAN, Tallahassee, 2 . . . MARY ANN RYKARD, Madison, 3. ROW TWO: MARY ANNETTA REEDER, Lakeland, 1, Delta Gamma . . ROSEMARY REEDY, Eustis, 1 . . ROBERT HAR- OLD REELY, JR., Sanford, 1, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . JAMES PRITCHARD REESE, Bartow, 2, Kappa Sigma . . . SANDRA LEE REESE, Jacksonville, 2 DEES CAMILLE REESMAN, Ocala, 1 . GAIL LOUISE REICHELDERFER, St Petersburg, 1 . . . CAROL ALFORD REHKOP, Tallahassee, 3 . . . ROW EIGHT: VIRGINIA CATHERINE SACKHOFF, St. Cloud, 1 . . . LARRY V. SAGER, Marion, Ohio, 2, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . ATHENA SAILOR, Palatka, 1 . . . JANE KING SALLEY, Talla- hassee, 2 . . . GEORGIA ANNE SAMPSON, Haines City, 1 . . . ROBERT FRANCIS SANCHEZ, Sarasota, 2 DELILAH RE- BECCA SAPP, Williston, 1 . . . ARLENE LEE SARGENT, Avon Park, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . ROW THREE: REBA B. REHWINKEL, Tallahassee, 3, Delta Zeta ... JO ANN REVELL, Wauchula, 1 .. . KAY REY- NOLDS, Albany, Ga., 1 . . ROCHELLE REYNOLDS, Miami, 1, Chi Omega . . . KATHRYN MARIE RICH, Clanton, Ala., 3 . . KATHRYN ANN RICHARDS, Altha, 3 . CHARLES ARNOLD RICHARDSON, Jacksonville, 3 . . . ISAAC W. RICHARDSON, Pine Village, Ind., 3 . . . ROW NINE: PHILLIP JAMES SARRIS, Birmingham, Ala , 3, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . BEVERLY SUE SAULS, Lakeland, 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . ELBERT LOUIS SAULS, Miami, 1 . . . CLARA FRANCES SAUNDERS, Sebring, 3 . . . EUGENIE OUDIN SAUNDERS, St Petersburg, 3 . . CHARLES SAVAGE, W. Allenhurst, N. J., 2, Phi Kappa Tau . . . ARTHUR LEROY SAWYER, Elfers, 1 . . BETTYE MARIE SAWYER, Malone, 1. ROW FOUR: MARIETTA RICHARDSON, St Petersburg, 2 . . . LAWRENCE EUGENE RICKETTS, Tampa, 1, Theta Chi JOHN EDWARD RILEY, Parkersburg, W. Va ., 2 . . , ARLENE MILDRED RITCHIE, Tallahassee, 1 . . . ETSON P. ROBERTS, Winter Haven, 1 . . . GAIL CLAIRE ROBERTS, Tampa, 1, Kappa Delta . . . SALLIE FLORRIE ROBERTS, Myakka City, 1 . . . ELIZABETH ROSS, Winter Haven, 2, Chi Omega . . . ROW TEN: SANDRA L. SAWYER, Miami Springs, 2, Zeta Tau Alpha DOLORES MILDRED SCHILLING, Brooksville, 1, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . ROBERT WILLIAM SCHLITT, Vero Beoch, 2 . . . WILLA MARIE BLANCHE SCHMIT, DeLand, 3, Delta Zeta ELIZABETH MAXON SCHMITT, St. Peters- burg, 3, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . SHERRY LEE SCHULZE, Pom- pano Beach, 1, Delta Zeta . . . JUDITH ANN SCOTT, Miami, I . . . NORMA JEAN SCOTT, Orlando, 1 . . . ROW FIVE: BARBARA JEANNE ROBINSON, Panama City, 2 . . . MARGARET CLARA ROBISON, Fernandina Beach, 2 . . . MARTHA CHARLOTTE ROBISON, Fernandina Beach, 2 . . . MINNIE JUNE RODGERS, Bunnell, 2, Delta Zeta . . . JUNE ANN ROGERS, Miami Springs, 1 . . . SONYA ROGERS, Wildwood, 3 . . . EVELYN ROOKS, Chipley, 3 . . . DON A. ROSANSKY, Brooklyn, N. Y., 2, Phi Kappa Tau . . . ROW SIX: ANN ELIZABETH ROSE, Punta Gorda, 1 . . . CHERYL ROSE, Miami, 1, Chi Omega . . . SANDRA LEE ROSENBERG, Daytona Beach, 2, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . CARL HERMAN ROSENBUSH, JR., Green Cove Springs, 2 . . . WILLIAM ROT, Oaklawn, III., 2, Sigma Chi . . . LINDA SLATON ROU, Eustis, 2, Alpha Delta Pi . . GAIL ROULSTON, Coral Gables, 1 . . . BARBARA ANN ROUSE, Lake Alfred, 2. No wonder it ' s not done! The oven ' s not turned on. 131 Sealy Sears Si lm ii Sessions Sewell Shaddick Sharp Shea Shearouse, Jerri Shearouse, Joan Sheffield Sheldon Shepard, P. Shepard, R. Sheperd, E. Sheperd, R. Sheppard Sherman Shick Shiver, E. Shiver, V. Simmons Sinclair Sinco Singletary Sjoblom Skoglund Sloan Slomka Smeltzer Smith, E. Smith, F. Smith, James Smith, Joann Smith, Joe Smith, Josephine Smith, Marilyn Smith, Marjorie Smith, Myrtis Smith, R. Smith, W. Snare Snook Snow Sommer Soud Sparling Spearing Speranza Spinks Spires Spiva Spoto Stainback Stainer Stallings Stalnaker Stang Starbuck Starnes Stecker Steele Stegmeir Stephens, M. Stephens, P. Stevens, C. Stevens, M. Stevens, S. Stevenson, Orel Stevenson, Oreline Stever Stewart, B. Stewart, L. Stewart, M. Stitt St. John, C. St. John, D. Stocking Stokell Stoker undergraduates ROW ONE: MARLENE MORRIS SEALY, Pensacola, 3 . . . ELVA LOUISE SEARS, Tavares, 1 . . SEARLE SELMON, Brook- lyn, N. Y., 3 . . . MARTHA HELOISE SESSIONS, Clearwater, 1 ... JO ETHEL SEWELL, Miami, 2 . . . PHYLLIS ANN SHAD- DICK, Lady Lake, 3, Gamma Phi Beta . . . RALPH H. SHARP, Palatka, 3, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . MARY PATRICIA SHEA, Tampa, 1 . . . ROW SEVEN: JOHN ALBERT SPERANZA, Frammgham, Mass., 2 . . . SYLVIA JANE SPINKS, Orlando, 3 . . . JAQULIN SPIRES, DeFuniak Springs, 3 . . . ERNEST RAYMOND SPIVA, Panama City, 2, Alpha Tau Omega . . . CONNIE SPOTO, Tampa, ) . . . ROSEMARY STAINBACK, Atlanta, Ga., 2, Delta Zeta . DANIEL JOSEPH STAINER, Pensacola, 2 . . . EM- MET FRANCIS STALLINGS, Tallahassee, 3 . . . ROW TWO: JERRI LYNN SHEAROUSE, Orlando, 1 . . . BARBARA JOAN SHEAROUSE, Orlando, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . NORMAN SHEFFIELD, Auburndale, 2, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . RAE ADELLE SHELDON, West Palm Beach, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . PATTY RAY SHEPARD, Atlantic Beach, 1, Kappa Delta . . . RALPH DALE SHEPARD, Sara- sota, 1, Kappa Sigma . . . EDWIN A. SHEPERD, Tallahassee, 2 RAMONA HUTCHINSON SHEPERD, Tallahassee, 1 . . . ROW EIGHT: JO ANNE STALNAKER, Tallahassee, 1 . . . BARBARA A. STANG, Miami, 2, Delta Gamma . . . ELLEN MARY STARBUCK, Jacksonville, 3 . . . PATRICIA GAIL STARNES, Atlanta, Ga., 2, Delta Delta Delta . . . JACQUELYN STECKER, Ft. Lauderdale, 2, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . CARO- LYN STEELE, Bradenton, 3 . . JOSEPH ALOYSIOS STEG- MEIR, Miami, 2 . . . MARY LIVINGSTON STEPHENS, Quincy, ROW THREE: ELIZABETH M. SHEPPARD, Key West, 3, Delta Zeta . . . LINDA DEE SHERMAN, St. Petersburg, 1, Delta Delta Delta . . . CAROL ANNE SHICK, Jacksonville, 1, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . ELIZABETH ANN SHIVER, Bartow, 1 VIRGINIA SHIVER, Homestead, 1 . . . BARBARA ANNE SIM- MONS, Quitman, Ga., 1 . . . HELENE ALICE SINCLAIR, Mi- ami, 2, Delta Delta Delta ... JO ANN SINCO, Miami, 1 . . . ROW NINE: PATRICIA LUCILE STEPHENS, Lakeland, 2 . . . CATHERINE SYLVIA STEVENS, Jacksonville, 1 . . MAR- GARET C. STEVENS, Miami Springs, 1 ... SUE STEVENS, Ft. Lauderdale, 2 . . . OREL THURMAN STEVENSON, Ft Myers, 1 . . . ORELINE STEVENSON, Ft. Myers, 2 . . . PATTY STEVER, Miami, 1 BETTIE JOQUELINE STEWART, Tam- pa, I . . . ROW FOUR: LOYD D. SINGLETARY, Milton, 2 . KATH- ERINE DALTON SJOBLOM, Venice, 1 PAUL WILFORD SKOGLUND, JR., Tallahassee, 3 PRISCILLA JANE SLOAN, Miami, 1 . CAROL JEAN SLOMKA, Orlando, 2 . ROSE ANN SMELTZER, Vero Beach, 3, Delta Zeta . . . ELIZABETH ANNE BETSY SMITH, Palmetto, 2 .. . FRANKIE IRENE SMITH, Monticello, 1 . . . ROW TEN: LANARA STEWART, Jay, 2 . . . MARTHA HAYDEN STEWART, Valparaiso, 1 . . JOHN McCONVILLE STITT, Tallahassee, 2 . . . CONSTANCE ST. JOHN, Umatilla, 1, Gamma Phi Beta . . . DAVID FRANKLIN ST. JOHN, Eustis, 1 . . . JOYCE ETHELLE STOCKING, St Petersburg, 1 . . . ANNETTE D. STOKELL, Ft. Lauderdale, 1 . . . CHARLOTTE J. STOKER, Miami, 1 . . . ROW FIVE: JAMES WHITE SMITH, JR., Clearwater, 1 . . . JOANN LOUESE SMITH, St. Petersburg, 3, Alpha Omicron Pi . . JOE KELLY SMITH, Burlington, Ky , 5 . . . JOSEPHINE SMITH, Lake Harbor, 2 . . . MARILYN ELAINE SMITH, Willis- ton, 1 . . MARJORIE HAGOOD SMITH, Clearwater, 1 .. . MYRTIS LULA SMITH, Williston, 2 . . . RONALD ZANE SMITH, Tallahassee, 3 . . . What do I want from Santa? Don ' t be silly! Santa isn ' t real. ROW SIX: WILLIAM TAYLOR SMITH, Tallahassee, 2, Sig- ma Chi . . . SALLY SNARE, Coral Gables, 1, Chi Omega . . . MARY LOU SNOOK, Clearwater, 3 . . HIRAM LARRY SNOW, Frostproof, 3 . . . RONALD R. SOMMER, Brooksville, 3 . . . JACKIE SOUD, Jacksonville, 1, Sigma Kappa . . . JOAN OPHELIA SPARLING, Ft Lauderdale, 2 VIRGINIA LEE SPEARING, Deerfield Beach, 1 . . . 133 Stone Stoutomire Strain Straker Strickland, B. Strickland, M. Strock Suber Surguine Sutor Swartz Sweeting Talbott Talley, J. Tally Talmon Tamulevicz Tanner Tata Taylor, C. Taylor, E. Taylor, J. Teare Templeman Terrell Teschke Thackerson Thackston Thompson, E. Thompson, Jean Thompson, Jean deLois Thompson, Joseph Thompson, M. Thomson Thornton Thurston Tidwell Tillman Tindale Tinker Tolle Tolleson Toth Trammell Trapnell Trapp 1 r a v i s Trimble Troup Tubb Tucker Tufano Turnbull Turner, A. Turner, C. Turner, J . Turner, M. Turner, O. Tyler, J. Tyler, R. Tylka Umstead, E. Umstead, R. Underhill Underwood Upthegrove Upton Ura Van Hyning Veal Verran Villars Vincent Viohl Waddell Waibel Walden Walker, J. Walker, M. Walker, N. Wallace, J. Wallace, M. Ward, J. Ward, L. Warley Warner, L. Warner, P. Warren i - d?h " " £ ' ' ■g$M " " J - • h - V i C «• -... undergraduates ROW ONE: JAMES ALEXANDER STONE, Tallahassee, 3, Sigma Chi . . . BARBARA SUE STOUTAMIRE, Tallahassee, 2 . . . MADGE EILEEN STRAIN, Orlando, 3, Alpha Xi Delta . . . PHYLLIS Y. STRAKER, Umatilla, 2 . E. BURRELLE STRICK- LAND, Richland, Ga., 2 . . . MILDRED STRICKLAND, Briston, 1 . . . SUSAN CARYL STROCK, West Palm Beach, 3, Alpha Chi Omega . . . FAYE ELAINE SUBER, Coolidge, Ga., 2 . . . ROW TWO: MYSIE SURGUINE, Orlando, 2, Delta Delta Delta GAIL P. SUTOR, Coral Gables, 1 BETTY JOAN SWARTZ, Leesburg, 2 . . . MARY THEODORA SWEETING, Key West, 2 . . . PATRICIA ANN TALBOTT, Miami, 2 . . . JEANNINE ELIZABETH TALLEY, Lakeland, 1 SIDNEY CATHERINE TALLY, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, 1 . . . DONALD WILLIAM TALMON, Bredanton, 1, Phi Kappa Tau. ROW THREE: PHYLLIS TAMULEVICZ, Perrine, 1 . . . JANET TANNER, Douglas, Ga., 1 , Phi Mu . . . MARY ANN TATA, Tampa, 2 . . . CHESTER H. TAYLOR, Douglas, Ga., 3 ELLEN EVE TAYLOR, Bainbridge, Ga., 3 . . JUDIETH ANNE TAYLOR, Pensacola, 2 . . . MARALYN LOIS TEARE, Palm Beach, 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . ALISON TEMPLEMAN, Atlanta, Ga., 3, Chi Omega. ROW FOUR: TOBY TERRELL, Ocala, 3, Sigma Chi . . . GRAHAM RONALD TESCHKE, Euclid, Ohio, 3, Phi Delta Theta . . . CLAUDETTE THACKERSON, Jacksonville, 3, Delta Zeta . . . BARBARA MAE THACKSTON, Bradenton, 2, Alpha Gam- ma Delta . . . ERNEST C. THOMPSON, Shifley, Ark., 3 . . . JEAN THOMPSON, Tampa, 1, Kappa Delta . . . JEAN DE LOIS THOMPSON, Fernandina Beach, 3, Delta Zeta . . . JOSEPH JOINVILLE THOMPSON, Tallahassee, 3 . . . ROW FIVE: MARYL AUDELLE THOMPSON, Lake Wales, 1, Gamma Phi Beta . . . JOAN BLANCHE THOMSON, Crystal Beach, 2 HELEN PATRICIA THORNTON, Pensacola, 3, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . LINDA DEE THURSTON, Miami, 1 . . . REX WALLACE TIDWELL, Cantonment, 2 . VIRGINIA LEE TILLMAN, Lakeland, 2, Chi Omega . . . G. CHRISTINE TINDALE, Tampa, 1 ... 0. CLANCY TINKER, Coca, Beach, 1. ALICE JEAN TURNER, Ocala, 1 TURNER, Trenton, 1, Zeta Tau Alpha Ocala, 1, Delta Delta Delta . . . CAROL ELIZABETH JUDY FAE TURNER, ROW EIGHT: MARGARET ANN TURNER, Bradenton Beach, 1 . . . ORAN LLOYD TURNER, Tallahassee, 3, Kappa Alpha . . . JACKIE TYLER, Jacksonville, 1 . . . RACHEL LOUISE TYLER, Miami Springs, 1 . . LEONARD S. TYLKA, Arrow, Ohio, 2, Lambda Chi Alpha . . . EMILY B. UMSTEAD, Tampa, 2 . . . ROBERT LEE UMSTEAD, Tampa, 3 . . . MARILYN DAWN UNDERHILL, Melbourne, 1 . . . ROW NINE: SONDRA SUE UNDERWOOD, Ozona, 1, Delta Zeta . . . DONNA LEE UPTHEGROVE, Canal Point, 1 . . . CHARLENE B. UPTON, Vernon, 3 . . EDITH SHARLENE URA, Lakeland, 2 . . PATRICIA VAN HYNING, Clearwater, 3 . . . RONALD DELANO VEAL, Venice, 1 . . . ANNE B. VERRAN, Cairo, Ga., 3 . ROGER GORDON VILLARS, Pan- ama City, 3, Phi Kappa Tau . . . ROW TEN: DELANE VINCENT, Coral Gables, 2, Delta Gam- ma .. . META VIOHL, Charleston, S. C, 3 . . . MIRIAM ELIZABETH WADDELL, St Petersburg, 3 . . ELEONORE IDA WAIBEL, St Petersburg, 2 . . THEODORE E. WALDEN, Clarksville, 3 . . . JESSIE FRANCES WALKER, St. Petersburg, 2 . . . MOLLIE WALKER, Barnesville, Ga., 3, Phi Mu . . . NAT R. WALKER, Tallahassee, 3 . . . ROW ELEVEN: JANE D. WALLACE, Temple Terrace, Tam- pa, 2, Phi Mu . . . MARTHA ANN WALLACE, Miami, 3 . . . JOLYN L. WARD, Ft. Lauderdale, I . . . LAURIE ANNETTE WARD, Port St. Joe, I . . . OLIVIA MURRAY WARLEY, Char- lotte, N. C, 1 . . . LINDA LEE WARNER, Tampa, 1 . . . PATRICIA LOU WARNER, Lakeland, 2, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . SYLVIA ANN WARREN, Wauchula, 3, Delta Zeta . . . ROW SIX: SUSAN KAY TOLLE, Lakeland, 1 CHARLES BENNETT TOLLESON, Jay, 1 .. . MARY LOUISE TOTH, Tampa, 1 . . . MARY JAC TRAMMELL, Tallahassee, 1 . . . GAIL TRAPNELL, Lyons, Ga., 1, Alpha Delta Pi . . . BAERBEL URSULA TRAPP, St. Augustine, 2 . THURSA SUE TRAVIS, Miami, 1 . . . NANCY RUTH TRIMBLE, Coral Gables, 1 . . . Spring, obviously. ROW SEVEN: DAVID SAMUEL TROUP, Intercession City, 3, Phi Kappa Tau . . . SARA TUBB, Amory, Miss., 3 . . . TAM- ARA RUTH TUCKER, Atlanta, Ga., 1 , Phi Mu . . . JAMES PAUL TUFANO, New Britain, Conn., 2, Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . ALICE C. TURNBULL, Tallahassee, 2, Sigma Kappa . . . 135 Watford, b. Watford, C. Watson Wear Weatherby Weaver Weber Weeks Welch Wells, H. Wells, P. Welsh Wesley Westbrook Wester Wetzel Whalen Whaley Wheatley White, G. White, N. Whitehead Whiteside Whittier Whittle Wiest Wiggin Wilder, P. Wilder, R. Wilkinson, E. Wilkinson, M. Will Willard Williams, Angela Williams, Ann Williams, B. Williams, E. Williams, M. Williams, J . Williams, N. Williams, V. Willis Wilson, B. Wilson, M. Wilson, P. Wilson, Sandra Wilson, Sula Wingate Wingerter Wintersdorf Wise Wisener Witherspoon Witman Wofford Wolfenbarger Womer Wood Woodham Woodruff, E. Woodruff, R. Woolington Worley Wortman Wright, B. Wright, M. Wright, W. Wroblewski Wunderlich Wylie Wynn Yeager Yearty Yeaton Yeomons Yon Yoder Yde Yudhasastrakosol Zech Zeiler Ziel Zyla 1 1 v i p undergraduates ROW ONE: BETTY JO WATFORD, Malone, 3 . . . CLYDE ELIZABETH WATFORD, Greenwood, I . . . BARBARA ANN WATSON, Pensacola, 2, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . ANN WEAR, Lakeland, 1, Pi Beta Phi . . . EDWARD FRANK WEATHERBY, Juno, 3 . . . MARY ANN WEAVER, Bristol, 1 . . . ROBERT DAVID WEBER, Charleston, 1, Phi Delta Theta . . . KATH- LEEN BLANCHE WEEKS, Panama City, 1 . . . LYNNE WISENER, West Palm Beach, 3 . . . EDITH ESTELLE WITHERSPOON, Daytona Beach, 3 . . PATRICIA ANN WITMAN, St. Petersburg, 3 . . . JOHANNA LEE WOFFORD, Miami, 1, Delta Zeta . . . ROBERT WOLFENBARGER, Home- stead, 3, Delta Tau Delta . . . ROW TWO: NORA EARLENE WELCH, Tallahassee, 1, Alpha Delta Pi . . HARRIET JACQUELYN WELLS, Jasper, 2 . . . PATRICIA BERRY WELLS, Mount Dora, 1, Alpha Xi Delta . . . ANN WELSH, Pompano Beach, 2, Delta Zeta . . . LOU ANN WESLEY, Tallahassee, 1, Alpha Gamma Delta . . . LESTER CURTIS WESTBROOK, St Augustine, 1 . . . D. REBEKAH WESTER, Grand Ridge, 2 . . ELAINE FRANKIE WETZEL, Orlando, 1 . . . ROW EIGHT: NANCY JEAN WOMER, Williston, 2 . . . SHEILA MARIE WOOD, Hialeah, 2 . . . BETTY JEAN WOOD- HAM, Chipley, 2, Aloha Omicron Pi . . . ELIZABETH MIZELLE WOODRUFF, Sanford, 1, Pi Beta Phi . . . RALPH RAPHAEL WOODRUFF, Key West, 2 . . WILLIAM ANDY WOOLING- TON, Jacksonville, 3 . . . EMMA JEAN WORLEY, Lake Placid, 2, Alpha Chi Omega . . . HENRY C. WORTMAN, Albany, Ga., 1 , Sigma Nu . . . ROW THREE: EMILY ELIZABETH WHALEN, Jacksonville, 1 . . . KAY LIND WHALEY, Rockledge, 1 . . CAROL ANN WHEATLEY, Miami, 1 . . . GINNY WHITE, Tampa, 2, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . NANCY JANE WHITE, Miami, 3, Alpha Omicorn Pi . . . MARGARET ANN WHITEHEAD, Tallahassee, 2 WILLIAM ALBERT WHITESIDE, Tallahassee, 3 . . . ROBERT PAUL C. WHITTIER, Vero Beach, 3, Kappa Sigma. ROW NINE: BOBBIE JEAN WRIGHT, Miami, 1, Alpha Chi Omega . . . MARY ANN WRIGHT, Sanford, 1, Delta Delta Delta WILLIAM WARREN WRIGHT, St. Petersburg, 2 . . . DORAINE BARBARA WROBLEWSKI, Miami, ] . . . MARGARET ANN WUNDERLICH, Dallas, Texas, 2, Pi Beta Phi . . . JANE WYLIE, West Palm Beach, 3 . . . MARALYN B. WYNN, Tampa, 3 . . PENNY YEAGER, Sebring, 3 . . . ROW FOUR: NA TALIE WHITTLE, Jacksonville, 1, Alpha Xi Delta . . JUDI MARY WIEST, Aurora, III , 1 . . . JACQUE- LIN M. WIGGIN, St. Petersburg, 3 . . . PAT WILDER, Port St. Jo, 2 . . . ROBERT C. WILDER, Inverness, 1 . . . EDITH RACHEL WILKINSON, Panama City, 2 . . MARY ELIZA- BETH WILKINSON, Punta Gorda, 1, Delta Gamma . . . MARY JANE WILL, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 1 . . . ROW TEN: MARY LOU YEARTY, Gulf Hammock, 3 . . . CONSTANCE IRENE YEATON, Jacksonville, 2 ... LEE CAL- VIN YEOMANS, Crystal River, 1 . . . ANN YON, Tallahassee, 1 . . . MARILYN KAY YODER, Sarasota, I . . . JOSEPHINE YDE, Leesburg, 1, Delta Delta Delta ... P. YUDHASASTRA- KOSOL, Bangkok, Thailand, 2 . . . PATRICIA ANN ZECH, Miami, 3 . . . ROW FIVE: C. THOMAS WILLARD, Havertown, Pa., 2, Sigma Chi . . . ANGELA WILLIAMS, Warner-Robins, Ga., 1 . . . ANN HUGHES WILLIAMS, St. Petersburg, 1, Kappa Alpha Theta . . . BENJAMIN HOLMES WILLIAMS, Live Oak, 1 . . . EMORY OTTO WILLIAMS, JR., Pensacola, 3, Sigma Nu . . . MARJORIE KENT WILLIAMS, Tallahassee, 1, Pi Beta Phi . . . JUDY ELISE WILLIAMS, Columbus, Ga., 1, Alpha Delta Pi . . NINA RUTH WILLIAMS, Griffin, Ga., 3 . . . ROW ELEVEN: DOLORES LEE ZEILER, Pensacola, 2 . . . WINONA A. ZIEL, Santa Rosa Beach, 3, Alpha Omicron Pi . . . ALBERT JOSEPH ZYLA, Garfield, N. J., 2, Phi Kappa Tau. ROW SIX: V. JEAN WILLIAMS, Griffin, Ga., 1 . . . MIL- DRED ANNE WILLIS, Milton, 1 . . . BRENDA JEAN WILSON, St. Petersburg, 1 . . . MARY ELINOR WILSON, Umatilla, 2 . . . PEGGY LOUISE WILSON, Orlando, 3, Delta Zeta . . . SANDRA CELESTE WILSON, St Petersburg, 2 .. . SULA PEARL WILSON, Cantonment, 3 . . . WILLIAM LEE WIN- GATE, JR., Sylvester, Ga., 1 . . . ROW SEVEN: NANCY LORAY WINGERTER, Miami, 3, Gamma Phi Beta . . . SYLVIA MARIE WINTERSDORF, Yalaha, 1 .. . MARY ELIZABETH WISE, Tallahassee, 3 . . . PATTI 137 Whaddya mean, imagination? They ' ve been reading science fiction. ■y hi - £ ' s • ' i tf . " ■■ if ' -V ■■W 1 -. ts. .• i mm miss fsu . . . campus queens . . . beauties miss f. s. u. lynn la grange RAE SHELDON Alpha Gamma Delta . . . West Palm Beach . . . Junior DOROTHY GOODWIN Pi Beta Phi . . . Jacksonville . . . Sophomore mmm MARTHA DOUGLASS Chi Omega . . . Tampa . . Freshman 0 144 . 4% fft: Lt La . PAT FERGUSON Pi Beta Phi . . . Hampton, Virginia . . . Freshman SHARON WALTERS Zeta Tau Alpha . . . Fort Lauderdale . . . Freshman BARBARA BISHOP Delta Delta Delta . . . Citra . . . Freshman campus queens Barbara Bishop, Delta Delta Delta Military Ball Queen . . . Miss Football Linda Jones, Zeta Tau Alpha IFC Queen . . . Miss Cymkana w i ■ Pat Starnes, Delta Delta Delta West Hall Sweetheart Beverly Laurent-, Chi Omega Orange Bowl Princess Ruth Shuman, Zeta Tau Alpha Sigma Chi Derby Queen fraternities . sororities i n panhellenic First row, left to right: Susie Tope, Kappa Delta; Jan Davis, Pi Beta Phi; Judy Burch, Alpha Delta Pi; Irwin Weissenborn, Kappa Alpha Theta; Joan Coleman, Alpha Gamma Delta. Second row: Charlotte Lucy, Delta Gamma; Ann Kelly, Zeta Tau Alpha; Marian Benson, Kappa Alpha Theta, Dottie Sue Thompson, Alpha Chi Omega. Third row: Suzie Fisher, Delta Delta Delta; Tina Gif ford, Phi Mu; Barbara Moore, Alpha Xi Delta; Barbara Green, Alpha Omicron Pi, Ann Bohler, Alpha Chi Omega; Ann Welsh, Delta Zeta; Ann Markham, Sigma Kappa. The Panhellenic Council is composed of representatives from the sixteen sororities on campus and functions as a governing body for all sorority activities. The goal of the council is to foster cooperation among sororities in work- ing toward the maintenance of college ideals and standards. The primary social function of the council is the annual Panhellenic Weekend, topped off by the Christmas Dance. Officers for the year were president, Marion Benson, Kappa Alpha Theta: secretary, Ann Kelly, Zeta Tau Alpha, treasurer, Charlotte Lucy, Delta Zeta. Panhel electricians prepare for Xmas dance Inter-Fraternity Council is composed of representatives of the fifteen national fra- ternities on the Florida State campus. To- gether they act as a governing body among the fraternities. In the Spring, IFC has its annual week- edn which includes a banquet, group meet- ings for the officers, and sports events in which all fraternities compete. Climaxing the weekend activities is the formal dance at which the new IFC queen and court are named. Officers for the year were: president, John Ware, Lambda Chi Alpha; vice presi- dent, Ray Hemann, Phi Kappa Tau; secre- tary, Paul Ort, Phi Delta Theta ; treasurer, Jim Nettles, Pi Kappa Phi. i. f. c. It ' s mood time at IFC annual formal Left to right: Bobby Temple, Sigma Chi, Ron Twitty, Theta Chi; Ray Hemann, Phi Kappa Tau, Nathaniel Ragland, Kappa Sigma; Robert Porter, Kappa Alpha; James Davis, Lambda Chi, John Morns. Alpha Tau Omega, Miles T. Dean, Fraternity Counselor; John Ware, Lambda Chi Alpha; Harold Lambert, Delta Tau Delta; Wayland Elam, Sigma Phi Epsilon, James Nettles, Pi Kappa Phi; Paul Ort, Phi Delta Theta, Charlie Ward, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Richard Bennett, Pi Kappa Alpha; Don Schwartz, Tau Epsilcn Phi; Jim Parkhurst, Sigma Nu. 153 President, Dot tie Sue Thompson. OFFICERS DOTTIE SUE THOMPSON President NAN HENLEY First Vice President BARBARA JEFFRIES Second Vice President CARSON EDWARDS Secretary KATHRYN PARKER Treasurer alpha chi omega The Alpha Chi ' s moved into their big new house on Park Avenue. The house was formally christened in October, at a dedication ceremony presided over by the national president. The AXO ' s help cerebral palsy victims as part of their national altruistic project In addition to financial help, the girls also make and distribute toys for stricken children. Social highlight of the year is the Carnation Ball, a part of the annual Weekend. Traditional uniform for the dance is white formal and red carna- tion. The chapter also gave a Christmas party for the Tallahassee alums. During their first Homecoming with a house to decorate, the girls used a total of 86,000 paper napkins on the house and float decorations. Half of these were used on the house alone. Calendar of special events: the pledges ' goat-watching episode . . . the dressed-up house meeting . . . the informal christening of the house — the first night the girls moved in, someone planted a sprinkler hose on the front porch. You better believe it: " you wonder where the yellow went " . . . the Alpha Chi pledges really do like oysters. MEMBERS Jackie Allen, Frances Bailey, Lois Baker, Nettie Black, Ann Bohler, Jeri Bradfield, Bobbie Cantor, Carole Dailey, Susan Dalhouse, Carson Edwards, Mary Jo Githens, Louise Graham, Maxine Hannon, Nan Henley, Betty Hodges, Anne Holcombe, Mary- Ethel Ingram, Barbara Jefferies, Mary Lane Johnson, Fran Kovas, Anita Maduros, Gretchen Oetjen, Kathryn Parker, Doris Pulliam, Carolyn Riley, Sue Strock, Kay Taylor, Dottie Sue Thompson, Ada Leigh Wall PLEDGES Alice Faye Adair, Janice Loise Anderson, Harriet Katherine Adams, Margaret P. Balliett, Barbara Baumgartner, Sandra Kay Calvin, Lynnie Kate Cavin, Joy Maxine Cole, Martha Costin, Barbara Ann Curtis, Ann Drunagel, June Dunn, Janet Ruth Entz, Merry June Jackson, Janet Jacob, Jean Jacob, Nancy Jones, Carolyn Logue, Sue Massey, Gayle Mays, Julie McKenzie, Susan Miller, Barbara Lee Smith, Mary Strick- land, Sylvia Ann Ward, Cynthia Woolson, Emma Jean Worley, Bobbie Jean Wright Alpha Chi Omega House. Put another nickel in. And we all had a Merry Christmas. 1 . Adair Adam Allen Anderson Bailey Baker Balliet Baumgartner Black Bobler Bradfield Calvin Cantor Cavin Cole Curtis Dailey Dalhouse Drunagel Edwards Entz Githens Graham Hannon Henley Holcomb Hodges Ingram Jackson Jacobs, Janer Jacobs, Jean Jefferies Johnson Jones Kovas Mad ir s Massey Mays McDonald McKenzie Oet|en Parker Pulliam Riley Strickland Strock Taylor Wall Ward Woo I son Worley Wright 155 $ " nn . JU President, Janie Pasquarello. OFFICERS JANE PASQUARELLO President SANDRA MOORE Vice President JEANETTE McLENDON Secretary NANCY DVORAK Treasurer alpha delta pi The girls from the big house with the columns and the fire escape get around — two are in Tarpon, three in Circus, and four in Village Vamps. An ADPi was also runnerup in the Miss Gymkana contest. Ain ' t it a shame: the ADPi ' s are haunted by the man in the green Hudson . . . some most happy fella used the big curved driveway for a drag strip- drove his Jag right up to the front steps. Believe it or don ' t dept. : seven pledges came back from Christmas vaca- tion with engagement rings . . . Mary and Betty Lou, the pj -wearing coo kie- raiders, got themselves caught — in the pantry . . . the Black Bullet is still running — and how . . . " if it ' s Sexton ' s, it ' s got to be good. " It has been known to happen: midnight rendezvous on the fire escape . . . songs on the radio dedicated to the ADPi ' s from the Green Hornet . . . bridge for twenty-four hours a day ... an ADPi float in the Inaugural Parade Two stories: one night the Sigma Nu Dog came over for dinner. He was well-behaved, well-received, and well-fed. Moral: what ' s wrong with a dog ' s life? Janie was always late after a date. One night Janie was so late that a friend threw a blanket out the window and said " Camp out 1 " Morals: Janie didn ' t. I ] 8 i! m I J ft :i ii .1 MEMBERS Anita Anderson, Patricia Bastine, Nencie Bevan, Christine Bryan, Judy Burch, JoAnn Bynum, Kay Conner, Sally Ann Davenport, Emma Dexter, Mary Dupree, Nancy Dvorak, Gay Elwes, Ann Faircloth, Ruth Hamner, Judy Hargrove, Beth Hooks, Patricia Houser, Kitty Kilner, Betty Lou King, Sarah Alice McKethan, Jeannette McLendon, Mary Milstead, June Mixon, Sandra Moore, Janie Pasquarello, Bobbie Plummer, Mary Ann Riley, Denny Rourk, Serena Schad, Leewood Shaw, Billie Stokes, Joe Anne Suber, Alice Sullivan PLEDGES Lynn Brinson, Vangie Carruthers, Laurabee Culbreath, Suzanne Edwards, Leslie Frazier, Cynthia Green, Mary Hill Grubbs, Sandra Guest, Patty Hackett, Claudia Jean Hill, Eleanor Hughes, Martha Ann Johnson, Carol Lee Koch, Susan Korst, Cenevive Malhers, Jane Megahee, Helen Mickler, Jean Ragans, Gay Rice, Judi Satterfield, Gail Trapnell, Joan Tyson, Joan Vincenti, Earline Welch, Dianne Williams, Judy Williams, Helen Woodbery, Donna Wrobcl Alpha Delta Pi House. Lav that cannon down, Ma! Save those eggs — we ' ll need them for breakfast! Anderson Bastine Bevan Brinscn Bryan Burch Bynum Carruthers Conner Davenport Dexter Dupree Dvorak Edwards Elwes Faircloth Frazier Green Grubbs Guest Hacketr Hamner Hargrove Hill Hooks Houser Hughes Johnson Kilner King Koch Korst Mathers McLendon McKethan Megahee Mickler Milstead Mixcn Moore Plummsr Ragans Rice Riley Rourk Satterfield Schad Shaw Stokes Suber Su!h an Trapnell Tyson Vincenti Welch Wrcbel Williams, D. Williams, . ' . Woodbury 157 President, Lou Griffin. OFFICERS LOU GRIFFIN President JOAN CUNNINGHAM First Vice President BARBARA AY ALA Second Vice President SUE BRUNSON Secretary DOT JOB Treasurer alpha gamma delta The Alpha Gams walked away with the scholarship trophy for the fifth straight semester with a booming 2.9 average — once more and it ' s a permanent fixture. With the Phi Delts, they sponsored FSU ' s Grand Prix — the Soapbox Derby, good for many laughs and many dollars for Campus Chest. The house with the missing Delta took second place in Homecoming house decorations. In June, FSU ' s Gamma Beta chapter was hostess for a three-day province convention — 85 Alpha Gams from the southeastern states were shown the welcome mat. Three Alpha Gams were picked for Who ' s Who . . . several had leading parts in campus dramatic productions ... the chapter boasts the only undergraduate Phi Beta Kappa member on campus — has Evelyn heard about " The $64,000 Question, " youalP Statistics: Alpha Gams claim the largest chapter on campus — some 75 strong . . . also Mother Rose Gilliland, who has served as housemother for 28 years — any challengers? Flash: the " Delta " above the door, missing lo these two years, has been replaced — the girls tired of playing Joe Friday and ordered a new one. Can ' t-you-just-see-it dept. : 75 Alpha Gams chanting " twice as many filter traps " on a TV commercial--seems that two girls at the house are Viceroy distributors, and you can ' t find another brand of weed on the place . . . attention, Viceroy company. MEMBERS Barbara Ayala, Ruby Jean Barker, Mary Sue Barnette, Jackie Bird, Carolyn Bolt, Mary Rebecca Bowen, Sue Brunson, Ann Bullock, Sally Lou Carlson, Joan Cunning- ham, Beverly Davis, Nell Davis, Barbara Emmett, Martha Frazier, Betty Jean Gadd, Derryl Grace, Ann Gates, June Grant, Doris Gregory, Lou Griffen, Stephanie Gunder- son, Elinor Hager, Jackie Hailey, Pat Hartness, Sylvia Hommer, Dot Job, Ruth Johnson, Kay Jordan, Sylvia Kearson, Barbara Keesler, Mary Ann Lassiter, Marie Locker, Beverly Mackenzie, Sara Mann, Shirley Metz, Evelyn Moll, Gary McAteer, Jo Ellen McKnight, Emily Phillips, Carmine Ranieri, Doris Rogers Roberds, Ellen Rowe, Beverly Russell, Arlene Sargent, Suzie Saunders, Patsy Schulstad, Joan Shearouse, Rae Sheldon, Mary Ann Smith, Pat Thornton, Barbara Watson, Beverly Whitley, Sally Jane Williams PLEDGES Mary Alford, Nancy Bivens, Mary Robbins Bowen, Judy Bunting, Dianne Davis, Yvonne Davis, Lorna Elder, Carolyn Griffin, Pat Hollins, Rhoda Howe, Emiley Jopling, Betty Anne Kuhn, Donna Leto, Fedora Lewis, Marian Mahannah, Helen Moore, Kathy Power, Bunny Swanson, Barbara Thackston, Marie Vogel, Lou Ann Wesley Alpha Gamma Delta House. What was that name again ; Only a rose? 9 s r i c Afford Ayala Barker Barnette Bird Bivens Bolt Bowen, M. Bowen, M. R. Brunson Bullock Bunting Carlson Coleman Cunningham Davis, B. Davis, D. Davis, N. Davis, Y. Elder Emmett Frazier Gates Grace Grant Gregory Griffin, C. Hager Hailey Hartness Hollins Hommer Howe Job Johnson Joplmg Jordan Kearson Keesler Kuhn Lassiter Leto Lewis Locker Mackenzie Mahannah Mann McAteer McKnight Metz Moll Moore Phillips Ranieri Roberds Rowe Russell Sargent Saunders Schulstad Shearouse Sheldon Smith Swanscn Thackston Thornton Vcgel Watson Wesley Whitley Williams 159 c- President, Mary Catherine Casey. OFFICERS MARY CATHERINE CASEY President SUE ROGERS Vice President GERRY LEHNER Recording Secretary GLORIA MELTZER Treasurer alpha omicron pi The AOPi ' s are plagued by those things called classes, but they manage not to let such trivial matters interfere with their college education In spite of study hall, they find time for projects and pranks and parties at the Reservation. The girls are working overtime at rush this year — fraternity rush, that is — doing the hostess chores for three of their neighbors. A grateful group even sent a dozen roses to one blond helper, name of Pat. The presidents of Gymnastica and the Newman Club are AOPi ' s . . . and so is the reigning queen of Delta Tau Delta. Historic institutions dept. : the Poetry Society — a poem a week — " hush hush hush we must rush " . . . the pledge who reads " True Story " . . . frarority meetings in the Sweet Shop . . . Irma Crankshaft . . the cat who sleeps on the fire escape ... the Delta Eta Club — " are you on the list? " ... the Bush Apes . . . the " Four-date Rule Blues " . . . the girls upstairs who play jacks all the time . . . two Kappa Sigs who always seem to know when there ' s lemon pie for dessert. We won ' t forget: rushing out to meet the mailman . . . the silent supper . . . studying in the attic . . . Dead Week and the pillow-footed elephant . . . Rita ' s beau and " Home on the Range. " MEMBERS Priscilla Barnes, Ella Jo Bilinski, Linda Brinkley, Doris Casbon, Mary Catherine Casey, Sandra Champlin, Carolyn Davis, Elizabeth Dell, Yvonne De Vane, Laura Eiler Annette Fountain, Patricia Fury, Gayle Gardner, Barbara Greene, Sue Guilford. Martha Hall, Sandra Hancock, Shirley Harris, Nancy Hudgins, Roberta Kienzel, Barbara King, Lois Kuster, Patricia Leiman, Gerry Lehner, Ann McConnel, Gloria Meltzer, Rita Nelms, Angie Rose Polermo, Shirley Paonessa, Jay Parcell, Hope Rachels, Sue Rogers, Lynn Shirley, Gretchen Thompson, Patricia Warner, Nancy White, Charlotte Wilson, Betty Jean Woodham, Joan Woods, Dixie Works, Winona Zeil PLEDGES Mary Barnette, Sharon Blumer, Roxanne Brown, Barbara Jean Burks, Barbara Jean Card, Valarie Chase, Jackie De Shazo, Jeanel Fordyce, Meg Greene, Joyce Jolly. Dagmar Jones, Carol Leap, Lucille Martin, Jeannie Meadows, Charlotte Maxwell, Yancy Murray, Peggy Nelson, Jonnie Pippin, Carol Shick, Delores Shilling, Ruth Skacil, Jo Ann Smith, Martha Stewart Alpha Omicron Pi House. Is that indelible ink? Let ' s all go to the races! Barnes Bilinski Blumer Brinkley Brown Card Casbon Champlin Chase Davis Dell DeVane Fordyce Fury ' .ardnei Greene, B. Greene, M. Guilford Hall Hancock Harris Hope Hudgins Jolly Jones Kienzel King Kuster Leap Leiman Lirman Lynn Martin Maxwell McConnel Meadows Meltzer Morgan Murray Nelms Palermo Paonessa Pippin Rogers Skacil Schilling Schick Schmidt Smith Thompson Warner White Wi Ison Woodham Woods Works Ziel 161 President, Nancy Cubbon. OFFICERS NANCY CUBBON President BARBARA HUGHES MOORE Vice President CAROL KEELS Secretary-Treasurer JAN KAMINIS Rush Chairman alpha xi delta The Alpha Xi ' s, rising from twelfth to second place, received the award for most improvement in sorority scholastic competition. In other campus activities, the chapter placed third in both the Sigma Chi Derby and the Soap- box Derby. The chapter won top national honors in a subscription-selling contest which is staged for the benefit of an Alpha Xi charity. Alpha Xi has two members in Mortar Board, six in Garnet Key, and two girls in Mortified, including the right honorable Czar. Anelou Johnson was a finalist in the Miss Football contest — and Marjorie Tindell was chosen as Best Actress of the Year at FSU for her parts in speech department productions. Big moment of the social season is the Rose Formal, a part of the yearly Weekend in February. Innovation: the Alpha Xi ' s don ' t throw people in the shower anymore — they give ' em the dirty bathtub treatment. Congratulations: to Matt the master chef for his picture of Ava Gardner ... to the lovely members of the Beta Beta chapter of Omicron Mu. Portrait gallery: Stephanie ' s back door caller . . . the man in the tree . . . Natalie and her nine frat pledge pins . . . Nancy and Louise, who have an autographed picture of Liberace . Merline the elephant-washer . . . Nancy, the Santa Claus who lost his trousers . . . ROTPOP, whoever that is . . . Patsy, the girl who swung on the fire escape. MEMBERS Charlotte Abney, Mary Jane Albert, Clare Bevis, Willa Bird, Linda Broderick, Vieva Bryan, Claudette Carley, Sandra Colley, Nancy Cubbon, Dorothy Emmett, Barbara H. Evans, Barbara S. Evans, Lois Griedman, Barbara Hammer, Eleanor Irvin, Jan Kaminis, Marguerite Katsch, Carol Keels, Joanne Kelz, Myra Anne Lay, Sara Lou McMillin, Suzy McRoberts, Maria Messer, Barbara Moore, Wanda Owen, Louise Petering, Stephanie Powell, Gerry Puryear, Elinor Reed, Connie Rodabaugh, Joyce Scarborough, Joyce Sims, Madge Strain, Margie Tindell, Doreen Thomas, Betsy Voorhees, June Watson, Celeste Webb, Beverly Welch, Joy Wilkins, Mary Page Williams, Patsy Wyatt PLEDGES Patricia Allen, Roberta Ashmore, Betty Jean Atkinson, Carolyn Bell, Jackie Boyd, Mary Crawford, Maureen Dickson, Molly George, Nita Gomez, Sandra Gipson, Audrey Grant, Sally Highnam, Airelou Johnson, Merlene Johnson, Gail King Alpha Xi Delta House. Come on, you can have your picture made too! Weekly paper reading session. hJkd ' - : kiki kj ULd Abney Albert Allen Ashmore Atkinson Bell Bevis Bird Boyd Broderick Bryan Calauito Carley Col ley Crawford Deiss Dickson Emmett Evans, Barbara H. Evans, Barbara S. Friedman George Gipson Gomez Grant Highman Irvin Johnson, A. Johnson, M. Kamims Katsch Keels Kelz King Kirk La , ' Lay, M. McMillian McRoberts Messer Moore Nelson Owen Petering Phares Powell Puryear Reed Rodabaugh Rowe Scarborough Sims Strain Thomas Tindell To I son Voorhees Watson Webb Welch Wells White Whittle Wilkins Williams Wyatt Yeoman Hi:; chi omega President, Martha Grizzard. OFFICERS MARTHA GRIZZARD President GINGER SMITH Vice President NANCY JOHNSON Secretary BARBARA McCARTNEY Treasurer Dreams came true for the Chi Omegas this year — thanks to a monu- mental job by alumni, actives and architect. After too many years of working and waiting, they moved into their new house on Jefferson Street. The interior is done in muted tones of the sorority colors, cardinal and straw, and furnished in modern functional style. The Chi O ' s stimulate sorority scholarship with an annual award for the highest academic average among the Greeks. They seem a good bid to win their own trophy this year, with a fine start by their pledge class — almost half the pledges made the magic three-point mark. Alumni were surprised this year with a unique Weekend. The actives moved out of the new house and alums were invited to spend the weekend, in appreciation for the part they played in its building. One balmy night, the girls lined the second floor balcony for a fraternity serenade — and were promptly met by a stream of very wet water issuing from a hose wielded by the boys. Usually reigned over by the wise old owl, Chi land was once invaded by a bird of another color. Girls were gathered in the rec room, talking, studying, talking, playing bridge, talking — the front door opened, the veep went to investigate. Lo and behold, the Chi house had been goosed ' Fraternity friends had planted a gigantic goose plunk in the middle of the entrance hall. The goose had evidently not been housebroken — and the pledges were treated with a cleanup party. MEMBERS Jane Anderson, Mary Lou Anderson, Mary Margaret Andrews, Rodney Bishop, Elaine Brewton, Barbara Christman, Jan Davis, Astrid Douglass, Joanne Fossey, Nancy Fowler, Martha Grizzard, Jan Hinson, Elise Humphrey, Madeline Johnson, Mary Jane Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Diane Kagen, Ann Key, Phyllis Longford, Beverly Laurent, Jane Lawrence, Ann Lazonby, Barbara McCartney, Ann McConnico, Mary Helen McCord, Alice McDonald, Julie Moody, Jinny Pepper, Anne Printup, Sandra Rhodes, Betsy Robertson, Verna Lee Robertson, Mary Virginia Sale, Love Scarborough, Ginger Smith, Pat Smith, Bonnie Tapley, Allison Templeman, Mary Sue Thomas, Jane Trimble, Patty Walker, JoAda Williams, Lolly Yeager PLEDGES Kittie Rae Brown, Judy Bryson, Lynn Canaday, Marion Clarke, Corinne Collins, Martha Douglass, Toni Hager, Lyn Hall, Joan Haugabook, Pat Hendry, Kay Hufford, Emily Johnson, Karen Kane, Betty Lovan, Meredith Martin, Barbara Patton, Judy Ramsey, Rochelle Reynolds, Cheryl Rose, Sally Snare, Lea Starry, Margaret Thomas, Ted Thomas, Sarah Jane Upp, Mary Jane Ward, Bess Weller, Mary Louise White Chi Omega House. Who ' s entertaining whom? May we come up? ±JLM!k JkJLJk d to " 3 Anderson Andrews Bishop Brewfon Brown Collins Davis Douglass, A. Douglass, M. Fossey Fowler Hagar Haugabook Hendry Hinson Humphrey Johnson, E. Johnson, M. Johnson, M. J. Johnson, N. Kagan Kane Key Langford Lanier Laurent Lawrence Lovan Martin McCartney McConnico McCord McDonald Moody Patton Pepper Printup Ramsey Rhodes Reynolds Robertson, B. Robertson, V. L. Sale Scarborough Smith, G. Smith, P. Snare Starry Tapley Templeman Thomas, M. Thomas, M. S. Thomas, T. Trimble Upp Walker Ward Welter White Williams Yeager 165 delta delta delta President, Margaret Dellinger. OFFICERS MARGARET DELLINGER President JANE SOPER Vice President MATILDE HUME Secretary SARA CONNELL Treasurer Chapter projects included an Easter party for children of alumni, a Christmas party for Negro children, and the awarding of a yearly scholarship to an FSU student. A formal dinner, with a program by the alums, commemorated the founding of Delta Delta Delta in 1888. Two Tri Delts, Carolyn Close and Jane Soper, were chosen for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Tn Delt Barbara Bishop was elected Miss Football. Barbara ' s picture will be used on brochures and other material publicizing the football team. Carol Ann Brown was chosen as Campus Chest Queen and SAE Sweetheart. It must be rough dept. : Stu Gregory, SAE prez, was elected the Tri Delt Man of the Year. Booster: the Tri Delts ' maid has a little girl named Delta Ann. Every Christmas, this small namesake is dressed in silver, gold, and blue, the sorority colors. Chapter traditions: Brussels sprouts . . . Nurse Seamen, the educator . . . the swinging senior party in the chapter room. We could have done without: the midnight complainer . . . the midnight phone calls . . . the two Sigma Chi ' s planning a party on the roof . . . the exhibitionist. MEMBERS Judy Allen, Gerry Anderson, Joy Auten, Mary Ann Benedict, Kitty Borland, Beverly Brantley, Carol Ann Brown, Barbara Buckles, Ellen Catron, Carolyn Close, Mary Ann Coleman, Sara Connell, Judy Dekle, Margaret Dellinger, Shirley Derting, Ann Dye, Betty Ann Earl, Suzie Fisher, Ann Frick, Meredith Gingles, Judy Hardenburgh, Nants Harvard, Elsa Heckendorf, Joan Hedrick, Dianne Henry, Jane Howard, Matilde Hume, Shirley Ison, Jane Jennings, Sandra Jones, Louise Justice, Vickie Kirchman, Susan Kirkconnell, June Lasseter, Loretta Lewis, Kay Moon, Mary Ann Parrish, Carol Roth, Jean Ryerson, Shirley Seaman, Helen Sinclair, Jane Soper, Pat Starnes, Mysie Sur- guine, Lucile Turnage, Alma Wandeck, Jean Wilson, Hester Wright, Peggy Wright PLEDGES Barbara Bishop, Betty Brown, Sandy Burns, Sandra Calhoun, Sara Clardy, Lynn Colley, Anne Connell, Anne Farr, Chris Fisher, Carleen Herrington, Annette Kent, Reed Lewis, Kay MacLean, Betty Ann Montgomery, Charlotte Ott, Jackie Parker, Mary Pittman, Patty Ryerson, Linda Sherman, Judy Turner, Mary Ann Wright, Jo Yde Delta Delta Delta House. She trumped her partner ' s ace! Tri Delt three plus one. Jfe f fcMUUfciLjfcJUU Allen Anderson Auten Benedict Bishop Borland Brantley Brown, Betty Brown, Beverly Brown, C. A. Buckles Burns Catron C lardy Close Coleman Colley Connell, A. Connell, S. Dekle Derting Dye Earl Farr Fisher, C. Fisher, S. Frick Hardenburg Harvard Heckendorf Hedrick Henry Herrington Howard Hume I son Jennings Jones Justice Kent Kirchman Kirkconnel! Lasseter Lewis, L. Lewis, R. MacLean Montgomery Moon Ott Parker Parrish Pitts Roth Ryerson, J. Ryerson, P. Seaman Sherman Sinclair Soper Starnes Surguine Turnage Turner Wandeck Wilson Wright, H. Wright, M. A. Wright, P. Yde 167 President, Marion Ard. OFFICERS MARION ARD President SUE SHIVES First Vice President CHARLlNA PIERCE Second Vice President KATHY ERSKINE Secretary delta gamma The big news for the Delta Gams is the new house. Plans are just about finished, and they hope to be able to move in around next September. The DCs should add " two no trump " to their chapter insignia — they went home with the Bridge Tournament trophy this year. They also brought the most dads to campus on Dad ' s Day, and added that trophy to their collection. In the Soapbox Derby, a Delta Gam was second to get the check- ered flag. For Campus Chest, the DG ' s joined the Pikes in sponsoring the Joe College-Betty Coed contest. Students who are blind or partially blind are helped by the Delta Gammas ' sight conservation project. The girls read aloud to these students, helping them with courses and with recreational reading. For people who can ' t brush after every meal: ye olde pledges filched all the actives ' toothbrushes, packaged them neatly in a shoebox, and hid them in a boy ' s car. Where were you when the lights didn ' t come oni 3 : those same li ' l ole pledges snatched all the bulbs in the meeting room. Came chapter meeting, and all the actives were left in the dark. Most unforgettable character: Diane the naturalist, whose treasured objets d ' art include a squirrel hide, two cat hides, and one stuffed hawk. MEMBERS Judy Abrams, Ann Lou Adam, Jane Allen, Jackie Altman, Marion Ard, Margaret Ann Bollinger, Caryl Beal, Lois Buckholtz, Gail Byrd, Pat Byrd, Jane Chapman, Betty Jane Cook, Kay Sue DeCubellis, Helen Dwelle, Kathy Erskine, Pat Freeman, Louise Gillespie, Sallie Gladding, Margaret Gunter, DeAnn Guthrie, Pat Hill, Diana Holroyd, Betty Faye Horner, Jane Lewis, Charlotte Lucy, Jane Maclntyre, Cora Ann Manning, Barbara Mentzer, Pat Milford, Barbara Joy Mueller, Joan Nicholas, Dorothy O ' Neil, Pat Pellicer, Charlina Pierce, Sally Reed, Judy Rogers, Dianne Rowe, Sue Shives, Sandra Smith, Bobbie Stang, Letitia Tamburino, Delane Vincent, Sylvia Willis PLEDGES Sara Budd, Mary Beth Calhoun, Nancy Carson, Jane Dale, Jan Dawson, June Garrett, Molly Gladding, Lillian Goodman, Peggi Gross, Kathy Hartung, Harriet Hiers, Pat Hoffman, Betty Ingalls, Susan Knight, Carol Jo Lewis, Pat McCall, Mary Ann O ' Don- nell, Jane Powell, Mary Ann Reeder, Arlene Ritchie, Linda Thurston, Mary Liz Wilkinson Delta Gamma House. What ' s this game ? On your mark, get set Abrams Adam Allen Altman Ballmger Beal Buckholtz Budd Byrd, G. Byrd, P. Calhoun Carson Chapman Cook Dale Dawson DeCubellis Dwelle Freeman Gladding, M. Gladding, S. Gillespie Gross Gunter Guthrie Hartung Hill Hiers Holroyd Horner Ingalls Knight Lewis, C. J. Lewis, J. Lucy Maclntyre Manning McCall Mentzer Milford Mohler Mueller Nichols O ' Donnel O ' Neil Pierce Pellicer Powell Reeder F jgers Rowe Shives Slappy Smith Stang Tamburino Vincent Wilkinson Willis 169 delta zeta President, Martha Sue Mizell. OFFICERS MARTHA SUE MIZELL President BETTY ANN POOL First Vice President KATE RAMSEY Second Vice President JUNE HAMILTON Secretary CAROLE JOHNSON Treasurer The Delta Zetas are happily finishing out the first year in their new house. They moved in last April, and have been well pleased with the huge Colonial style mansion. One DZ was placed in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. The chapter also boasts several members in campus honoraries, and supplies talent for Circus. The girls of the Roman lamp are agile in the vocal field, too — they ' ve won the Campus Sing trophy for the last three years. Something for the boys . . . beginning this year, the Delta Zetas are sponsoring an annual tea for all the Homecoming Queen candidates. This pageant takes place at the house, and is given, to quote the DZ ' s, " so that the men on campus can meet the queen candidates and decide who they will vote for. " Such pretty politicians you never saw. And then there was the case of the stolen teapot. The " teapot, " which the DZ ' s insist is really a Roman lamp, was an illuminated sign and was fastened above the front door to greet visitors. One dark night the lamp disappeared. The teapot finally turned up — express collect. Seems it had been lifted by male creatures from a quaint hamlet name of Gainesville. Since, friendly exchanges have been carried on — all collect. MEMBERS Chris Atkins, Potty Brazil, Marty Bunker, Betty Jo Bush, Jamie Conner, Jean Cooper, Kathy Davis, Ann Duncan, Sondra Golden, June Hamilton, Susan Helms, Polly Heyward, Sara Hobbs, Mary Birdie Howard, Carol Lee Johnson, Susan Kelsey, Berta Lambe, Patsy Lemons, Judith Linder, Beth McDonald, Martha McLeod, Martha Sue Mizell, Sue Moseley, Evelyn Nettles, Kathy Parrish, Betty Ann Poole, Kate Ramsey, Janet Randall, Reba Rehwinkel, Pat Robson, June Rodgers, Jane Rogers, Mary Rohack, Carol Rule, Willa Schmidt, Betty Sheppard, Martha Marie Simmons, Amelia Sinclair, Rosemary Stainback, Joan Strickland, Alyce Terry, Claudette Thackerson, Jean Thompson, Sylvia Ann Warren, Ann Welsh, Peggy Wilson, Janet Wissman PLEDGES Linda Arnow, Patsy Bagdanovitch, Helen Barberree, M. Joan Beranek, Patricia Ann Burnash, Peggy Carlan, Sylvia Ham, Frances Hankinson, Pat Harper, Jan Janes, Elaine Jones, Shelia Kennedy, Elizabeth Lees, Sandra McGlothlin, Suzanne Matzat, Nancy Negus, Liz Parker, Betty Jean Price, Gretchen Rufly, Sherry Shultze, Delores Stephens, Wilhelmina Stick, Jeannine Talley, Sondra Underwood, Johanna Wafford, Angela Williams Delta Zeta House. I - I IHlMliUlMil Come in, fellas. . - -r y : J • When do we leave? .; • « t+ . : Bj gi i - ' - . " l 1 II HI9i II iy n gi l s Hi ga igg flMite I IBi I H I j gfl g gji Arnow Atkins Bagdanovich Barberee Barenek Brazil Bunker Burnash Bush Carlan Conner Cooper Davis Duncan Golden Hamilton Hankinscn Harper Helms Heyward Hobbs Howard Janes Johnson Jones Kelsey Kennedy Lambe Lees Lemons Linder Matzat McGlothlin McLeod Mosely Negus Nettles Parker Poole Price Ramsey Randall Rehwinkel Robson Rodgers Rogers Rufly Rule Schmidt Shultze Sheppard Simmons Sinclair Stainback Stephens Stick Strickland Talley Terry Thackerscn Thompson Underwood Wafford Warren Welsh Williams Wilson Wissman 171 President, Mary Frances Horn. OFFICERS MARY FRANCES HORN President PAT WILSON First Vice President NANCY BETH HEACOCK Second Vice President DOROTHY BANKER Secretary PENNIE VINSON Treasurer gamma phi beta The sleek speedster, powerful pistons palpitating and a gorgeous Gamma at the wheel, pulled into the pit after a record run of 412.2 miles per hour. It really didn ' t, but that ' s the way the Gamma Phi ' s felt after their little mill took first position in the Soapbox Derby. The chapter also ran, shrieked, and scrambled their way to a second place prize in the Sigma Chi Derby. Gamma Phi Beta has members in student government, dorm government, Sigma Alpha lota, Tau Beta Sigma, and Cotillion. A dozen Gamma Phi ' s in the circus include star performer Faye Moses. Heard around the house: the cry of " Nursey! " early in the ayem . . . " man your stations! " -- the rallying cry of the balcony brigade . . . said June, when her chronically conking car conked — " Hurry — my car ' s sick and my battery ' s dying! " Occasions to forget: the modern dance sessions on Friday night . . . Dot and Carol locked in the attic ... the time Nancy Beth ' s bed collapsed . . . Jane ' s charm and grace lessons — she wants to learn how to curtsey to the queen ... the scavenger hunt and the white rat . . .tacky parade through the Phi Tau house ... the time the door almost caught on fire — who needs a new house that bad? These we salute: the nosy cat with the passkey . . Beth, who hold long conversations — both sound asleep gentlemen who are always around for Sunday dinner . Santa Claus . . . Betty Sue ' s goldfish — they reproduced. Nancy and Nancy . . the select few . Pat, the sagging MEMBERS Patricia Baker, Dorothy Bancker, Barbara Brooks, Judith Coulter, Margaret Cox, Carol Cross, Dorothy Dodd, Marjorie Ellzey, Caroline Emery, Sarah Dell Gibson, Betsy Green, Shirley Hall, Nancy Beth Heacock, Nancy Herold, Mary Frances Horn, Betty Anne King, June McCaskill, Faye Moses, Irene Rodriguez, Katherine Sanchez, Grace Schmidtt, Phyllis Shaddick, Sylvia Smith, Carol Thatcher, Jo Thomas, Alita Tomlinson, Pennie Vinson, Carol Wesley, Phyllis Wesner, Sylvia White, Patricia Wilson, Betty Sue Wrenn PLEDGES Nancy Adams, Marion Baum, Sondra Binder, Bette Clow, Linda Dehner, Marjorie Godbold, Barbara Ann Harrison, Kay Hudson, Bonnie Jean Jordon, Joyce Kicklighter, Barbara Krogland, Lois Lieberman, Patricia Palm, Lisa Redd, Connie St. John, Barbara Stoutamire, Meryl Thompson, Gail Waterman, Nancy Wingerter Gamma Phi Beta House. l [ L K $ I Gamma Phi ' s gather ' round Pearly Gates. She didn ' t know she ' d win! Baum Clew Coulter Ccx Cross Dehner Dodd Ellzey Emery Gibson Green Hall Harold Hudson Jordon King Krogland Lieberman McCaskill Moses Rodriquez Sanchez Schmitt Shaddick Smith St. John Tcmlinson Wesner Wi Ison Wingerter 173 ■■■MH H President, Florence Ashby. OFFICERS FLORENCE ASHBY President JUNE McMANUS Vice President MARY CARGILL Secretary MITZI McCULLOUGH Treasurer MARTHA GRANT Rush Chairman kappa alpha theta In the fall, the Thetas celebrated the crowning of Layte Bowden as Homecoming Queen Thetas have also been chosen as SAE and Phi Delt sweethearts, Gymkana princesses, and Homecoming Princess. Three girls have been elected to Mortar Board — others are in Garnet Key, Circus, Cotillion, Tarpon, and Village Vamps. Other individual honors include Panhellenic president, dorm presidents, Judiciary chairman, and VV president. Suzanne Lai ly spent the fall semester at Auburn, colonizing a Theta chapter there. Then FSU ' s Beta Nu chapter traveled to Auburn to visit the new chapter and to witness the installation ceremonies. One of the Thetas ' projects was the making of stuffed animals for their national philanthropic project. Pledges sponsored a spaghetti supper complete with atmosphere, and bought a TV set with the proceeds. It happened here: the squawking Thetas, who have a passionate love of chicken, earned themselves a steak supper by placing second in Campus Sing ... the wise pledges who cut study hall one night found themselves guests at a 6 a.m. study party . . . the same pledges also stole letters and various unmentionable items from the actives and auctioned them off at outrageous prices . . . any Thetas seen wandering around campus lately with towel in hand were not cracking up- -the boiler exploded and the Theta house was without hot water for several days Beastly inconvenient, I promise you. MEMBERS Snookie Amato, Flo Ashby, Joe Ann Bennett, Marion Benson, Barbara Bertolett, Layte Bowden, Nancy Jo Bowers, Ann Bragdon, Torchy Briscoe, Carolyn Brown, Mary Carg-lll, Laura Cheek, Shirley Davidson, Petey Dunn, Dee Entenza, Gina Francescon, Martha Grant, Alice Guinand, Sue Gunderson, Barbara Hendrix, Donna Huggins, Judy Jones, Nella Kelley, Jeani Kitchens, Barbara Jean Little, Mitzi McCullough, June McManus, Nellie Manda, Julie Milam, Evie Morris, Nancy Muller, Patti Murphy, Mary Louise Peacock, Beverly Perkins, Desse Pinckard, Mary Beth Roberts, Linda Rollins, Sandra Rosenberg, Sandra Sears, Greta Sims, Jackie Stecker, Polly Swain, Irwin Weissenborn PLEDGES Liz Armes, Katherine Ball, Caryl Ann Bodine, Glenda Brown, Norma Brown, Kay Desmond, Jean Enz, Betty Fernandez, Hattie Guerrant, Sue Haverstick, Julie Ingram, Kay McCue, Patricia Malloy, Tudi Mason, Patty Mickler, Arva Moore, Dorothy Morton, Timmie Perkins, Kay Ready, Beverly Sauls, Patsy Stearns, Maralyn Teare, Karol Thompson, Ginny White, Ann Williams Kapoa Alpha Theta House. i AND . . . they ' re off! Amato Armes Afwater Ball Bennett Benson Bertolett Bodine Bowden Bowers Bragdcn Briscoe Brown, C. Brown, G. Brown, N. Cargill Carr Cheek Davidson Desmond Dunn Entenza Enz Fernandez Francescon Guerrant Gumand Gunderson Grant Haverstick Hendrix Huggins Ingram Jones Kelley Kitchens Little Malloy Manda Mason McCue McCullough McManus Mickler Milam Moore Morris Morton Muller Murphy Oexle Peacock Perkins, B. Perkins, T. Pinckard Privitt Ready Roberts Rollins Rosenberg Sauls Sears Simms Stearns Stecker Swain Tea re Thompson Weissenbom White Williams 175 kappa delta President, Shirley Morgan. OFFICERS SH I RLEY MORGAN President BENNIE JO COZART Vice President DIANE LATIMER Secretary MARTHA McGINNES Treasurer The KD ' s acquired a new house at the beginning of the year. State Day for the KD ' s, oldest sorority in the state with a chapter at FSU, was hostessed by the KA chapter and featured a formal dedication of the new house. Three KD ' s were tapped for Garnet Key . . . the chapter took second place in the SK Variety Show . . placed a Princess in the Homecoming Court and runnerup for SX Derby Queen . . . Mortar Board chose a Kappa Delta for its prexy. Plans for the new house didn ' t include a patio, so the girls raised the cash and had one built — who did the work? An alum ' s husband . . . naturally. On the lighter side: for a time the KD lawn sported a green-and-white striped tree proclaiming " Haircuts — 35c " — courtesy of the Sigma Nu ' s. How-can-we-forget dept. : the wild ride of Caroline, ramming her Soap- box Special into a wall — wearing her glasses, yet . . . the basement full of water at one o ' clock on Monday morning . . . rendezvous — 35 KD ' s taking in Gaspanlla together at Tampa . the annual spaghetti supper — candlelight and good food — and well-earned pride in the new house . . . domestic doings around the house, with everybody and her sister taking up sewing — no baby things, they insisted. I MEMBERS Linda Arnold, Elaine Belvin, Patty Bruce, Bennie Jo Cozart, Jo Anne Cundiff, Hope Davis, Carolyn Evans, Betty Sue Graham, Hepsy Greer, Ruth Harvard, Frances Ann Hearn, Margaret Hearn, Mary Rose Heintz, Gail Hicks, Majel Hinson, Carolyn Holder, Lucia Nell Hopkins, Emilie Hudson, Diane Kern, Nancy Key, Deloras Lafferty, Diane Latimer, Jean MacLeod, Martha McGinnes, Patty Marley, Marilyn Mason, Lucille Massey, Shirley Morgan, Anne Munroe, Marsha Myrick, Elise Newberry, Kay Nielsen, Martha Pate, Shirleen Sasser, Diane Steagall, Joan Stecker, Sandra Stewart, Mimi Stokes, Mary Lou Surher, Susie Tope, Frances Townley, Susie Tyler, Mary Wells, Jennie Lind Williams, Ruth Williams PLEDGES Rhoda Arnold, Barbara Bryson, Judy Chambliss, Polly Clarke, Mary Jane Cooley, Mary Louise Edwards, Nancy Lou Fraleigh, Janey Getzen, Ginger Graham, Kay Hall Marilyn Harris, Julie Ingram, Jane Kelly, Kay Latimer, Geoffrey Lee, Kay Lloyd, Gail McPherson, Mary Lynn Patterson, Anne Perez, Aurelia Pitts, Gail Roberts, Beverly Rogero, Patti Rae Shepard, Joy Taylor, Jean Thompson, Mary Jane Will Kappa Delta House. Unpopular pastime. Safety first. Arnold, L. Arnold, R. Belvin Bruce Bryson Chambliss Clarke Cooley Cozart Edwards Evans Fraleigh Getzen Graham Greer Hall Harris Harvard Hearn, F. Hearn, M. Heintz Hicks Hinson Holder Hopkins Hudson Ingram Kelly Key Lafferty Latimer, D. Latimer, K. Lee Lloyd MacLeod Marley Masoi Massey McGinnis McGowan McPherson Munroe Myrick Nielson Newberry Perez Pitts Roberts Rogero Sasser Srecker Stewart Stokes Surher Taylor Thompson Tope Tyler Wells Will Williams, J. Williams, R. 177 President, Carlyen Rhodes. phi mu OFFICERS CARLYEN RHODES President DOROTHY WALLING Vice President FLEETA WEST Secretary LISA RENO Treasurer The gnn-and-bear-it ' s of Jefferson Street made theater history, winning the Sigma Kappa Variety Show trophy with a satire on Hamlet that was evi- dently caviar to the judges — though some say poor Will must still be turning over in his grave. The same week, Phi Mu added the APO Ugly Woman trophy to the mantel. Ugly Woman Nancy, ironically enough, has been entered in many bona fide beauty con tests. For community service, Phi Mu maintains a toy cart at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, and distributes food baskets at Thanksgiving and Easter. The Alpha Epsilon chapter sent twelve girls to the national convention, a larger delegation than any other state. Around the house: the procession of signs on the lawn, including " We Give S H Green Stamps " . . . the tap dance lessons during study hall . . . the case of the stolen green jello . . . " The Ouija board never lies " . . . Black Night . . . autographs for the Delts . . . bean salad . . . the wrestling match in the living room . . . little Edie has lost her Tuesdays and doesn ' t know where to find them . . . the Snake Club . . the nightly floor show in rooms 7 and 6 performances start after eleven . " let ' s go to class — o! MEMBERS Angela Ambrosini. B J. Atkinson, Marilyn Bostwick, Joan Braden, Charlotte Curry, Helen Deen, Beth Elvery, Faye English, Nancy Ferguson, Tina Giftord, Edyth Hampton, Jean Harrison, Sandy Ingram, Gynelle Johnson, Suzanne Keeffe, Anne Lamb, Lucy Langston, Ardis Liddon, Marilyn Madonia, Sueanne Maxwell, Susan Murphy. Mary Oliver, Penny Penningtcn, Trudie Perry, Sharon Poyser, Anne Preston, Jeanette Puckett, Lisa Reno, Carlyen Rhodes, Barbara Roberson, Nancy Rountree, Pat Sexton, Annetta Spruell, Elinor Thompson, Patty Tucker, Mollie Walker, Dorothy Walling, Caroline Watt, Fleeta West PLEDGES Pam Baylor, Karen Belcher, Patricia Berry, Carole Briner, Harriet Brinkley, Charlotte Campbell, Nona Carpenter, Clanre Cook, Miriam Cowart. Sybil Griffin, Jean Hunter, Isabel Johnson, Athena Kapnias, Jayne Keuling, Julie Leonard, Mary Anne Marchesseau, Jane Morris, Frances Neeley, Chloe Perry, Judy Randle, Janet Tanner, Tamara Tucker, Beverly Voss, Jane Wallace, Sally Whisenant Phi Mu House. Would Shakespeare claim this? Honorable thought, Honorable Mention. Ambrosini Atkinson Baylor Belcher [■■r, 1- n Briner Brinkley Bostwick Campbell Carpenter Cook Cowart Curry Dean English Ferguson Gifford Griffin Hampton Harrison Ingram Johnson, G. Johnson, I. Kapnias Keeffe Kueling Lamb Langston Leonard Liddon Madonia Marchesseau Maxwell Morris Murphy Oliver Pennington Perry, C. Perry, T. Poyser Preston Puckett Randle Reno Roberson Rountree Sexton Sprueli Tanner Thompson Tucker, P. Tucker, T. Voss Walker Wallace Walling Watt West Whisenant 179 pi beta phi President, Ruth Ann Whittle. OFFICERS RUTH ANN WHITTLE President JEAN TEDDER Vice President KATY LINDLEY Secretary PATSY STEWART Treasurer Well-rounded is the word for the Pi Phi ' s this year — these busy little Betas of Florida were all over. Village Vamps and the Student Religious Association have Pi Phi ' s for presidents . . . West Hall, Sigma Chi and the ATO ' s all chose Pi Phi girls for their sweethearts . . . and girls of the golden arrow occupy a Soph Hop throne, three Senate seats, and an Honor Court bench. Not satisfied with beauty and brains, the Pi Phi ' s turned athletic and added the volleyball and bowling championships to their record . . . their grave and grisly float took second prize in the Homecoming parade, and the house won top honors. Pi Phi projects included sponsorship of the campus Bridge Tournament and Christmas and Easter parties for underprivileged children. Will-we-ever-forget dept. : Tacky Night, for the sole purpose of deflating pledges . . . the gallant efforts of the Glamourous Gluttons . . . the contents of the peanut brittle can . , . Glenda the good fairy godmother . . . hi-fi dinner music by the misty Miss Christy . Tedder and her daily newscasts . . . the Best Hostess award presented to Jeanne . . . the worked-for thrill of winning house decorations. MEMBERS Sarah Boone, Nancy Anne Browne, Lou Ann Burkhim, Nancy Camp, Frances Carey, Nan Chamberlain, Sherry Cobb, Sally Coulter, lane Davis, Marion Davis, Ramelle Ellis, Sue Fain, Mary Ellen Fmley, Nancy Fogo, Jeanette Garrett, Ann George, Becky Glass, Dorothy Goodwin, Sarah Jane Griffin, Mary Anne Hannah, Gail Hanshaw, Betty Hatton, Jean Havden. DeAnne Head, Janice Jarrett, Gloria Johnson, Cynthia Lawrence, Dale Leary, Katy Lindley, Jeane Magill, Jean May, Prise ilia Moss, Chris Parmalee, Charlotte Patten, Phyllis Patten, Nancy Person, Betty Prather, Glenda Sherrill, Nancy Space, Eleanor Swealt, Patsy Stewart, Jean Tedder, Carol Traylor, Carol Uhlich, Adria Ann Whittle, Betty Lou Whittle, Ruth Ann Whittle, Mary Ed Williamson PLEDGES Mary Noel Adams, Mary Lou Campbell, Linda Carroll, Carol Cole, Sharon Crochet, Judy Culbreath, Malinda Dixon, Anne Easterdav, Paula Ruth Edgar, Barbara Eissev, Wendy Fairnington, Monty Gil ' ham, Linda Hanshaw, Dottie Hatton, Lynn LaGrange, Sara Kay Lewis, Carline McDougald, JoAnn McKeithen, Nancv Newsome, Florentine Phillips, Gale Sammons. Ann Wear, Margie Williams, Elizabeth Woodruff, Margaret Ann Wunderlich Pi Beta Phi House. Sob . . . sob . . . sob, sob, sob, Watch the birdie! v tJUkJhd 7 fcjt bJfci M klfflkJUHkAmA Adams Boone Brown Burkham Camp Carey Cole Chamberlain Cobb Coulter Crochet Culbreath Davis, J. Davis, M. Dixon Easterday Edgar Eissey Ellis Fain Fairnington Finley Fogo Garrett George Gillham Glass Goodwin Griffen Hannah Hanshaw, G, Hanshaw, L. Hatton, B. Hatton, D. Hayden Head Jarrett Johnson LaGrange Lawrence Leary Lindley Magill May Moss McDougold McKeithan Newsome Parmelee Patten, C. Patten, P. Person Phillips Prather Shernll Space Stewart Sweatt Tedder Taylor Uhlich Wear Whittle, A. A Whittle, B.I . Wiehrs Williams Williamson Woodruff Wunderlick 181 sigma kappa President, Sara Atkinson. OFFICERS SARA ATKINSON President JUNE SILLAY First Vice President NANCY BUCHAN Second Vice President BARBARA PHELPS Secretary The SK Variety Show topped all previous productions, turning out campus talent en masse and collecting $325 for Campus Chest. A week of the fall semester was devoted to the old folks ' homes in Tallahassee, and a caroling party cheered the patients and staff of the tuberculosis home at Christmas-time. Another project was the buying of Christmas gifts for Indian children. Sigma Kappa awards a " Best Host " trophy each year — the fraternity is selected by a vote of all sororities on campus. On the party line: the pledges gave a Christmas party for the actives and alums, complete with a pledge-trimmed tree and pledge-sung goat songs. Individual accomplishments were notable all year — sisters were chosen for Phi Kap Sweetheart, the lead role in " Carmen, " and treasurer and secretary of the senior class Sigma Kappa also numbers among her members the presidents of seven campus organizations. Things to come: the sound of falling bricks will be music to Sigma Kappa ears. They plan to tear down the brick house next door to the chapter house to make room for an addition The " addition, " scheduled to be built in the spring, will be larger than the original SK house. MEMBERS c .ara Atkinson, Leslie Bauer, Kathy Beehler, Betty Benton, Linch Brinson, Nancy Buchan, Patti Cain, Joyce Campbell, Patti Ccpeland, Sandra Davidson, Nancy Denham, Joan Dorety, Anne Elliot, Sue Ford, Janice Grosser, Rosemary Grow, Lil Havind, Donna Hardy, Susie Hay, Jeanyne Herring, Shirley Jackson, Bobbie Jones, Kay Kelsheimer, Jeannette Kent, Ann Markham, Lynn Markham, Cynthia Maxon, Betty Ann McGowan, Marione Moreland, Ed Marie Muniz, Susan Petree. Barbara Phelps, Bobbie Lee Pichard, Dorothy Rice. Margaret Roberts, Dawn Sharp, June Si I lay, Mary Ann Smith, Sa ' Zane Stokes, Jo Ann Thompson, Alice Turnbull, Gayle Utsey, Mary Walter, Vickie Walter. Carolyn Webb, Pat Weeks PLEDGES Andrea Ball, Sandy Brokaw, Eleanor Cain, Celinda Carey, Leigh Culley, Barbara Cummins, Marilyn Johnson, Sandra Lambur, lov McMillan. Frances Matthews, Patty Mickey, Ann Mitchell, Mary Monroe, Sara Monroe, Kay Page, Jackie Penny, Marian Riecken, Paula Roberts, Jackie Soud, Anna Smith Sigma Kappa House. J VLVWi vi iy Us and our shadows. In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. Ball Bauer Beehler Benton Brinson Brokaw Buchan Cain, E. Cain, P. Campbell Culley Cummins Davidson Denham Dorety Elliott Ford Grosser Grow Haavind Hardy Hay Herring Jackson Johnson Jones Kelsheimer Kent Lambur Markham, A. Markham, L. Matthews McGowan McMillan Mickey Mitchell Monroe, M. Monroe, S. Moreland Muniz Page Penny Petree Phelps Richard Rice Riecken Roberts, M. Roberts, P. Sharp Sillay Smith, A. Soud Stokes Thompson Turnbull Utsey Walter, M. Walter, V. Webb 183 E v V President, Sora Ann Coulter. OFFICERS SORA ANN COULTER President NANCY LEE YOUNG Vice President JO JONES Secretary MARY POWELL Treasurer zeta tau alpha The Zetas built the most beautiful float at Homecoming, won the Sigma Chi Derby, and took second place in the Variety Show and the Little 500. In addition, they have been picked as Outstanding Sorority for two years by the Delta Tau Deltas, who make the annual award. ZTA ' s are active in Garnet Key, Circus, Tarpon, Village Vamps, Gamma Alpha Chi, Tau Beta Sigma, Sigma Alpha lota, and several other organizations. In individual competition, Linda Jones was elected Miss Gymkana and a Homecoming Princess — Ruth Shuman is the Sigma Chi Derby Queen — and Mary Margaret Williams is the current Sweetheart of the Kappa Sigs. During the summer the Zetas added a few new touches around the house. There ' s the large three-cornered room with the Hawaiian name, lanai, for parties and the like — a patio and an extension to the rec room — and a new piano and tv set. Institutions: Simon the pet snake . . . the sun worshippers ' club . jello jello . . . the silver bullet club. Names in the news: Toad . . . Frandi . . . Birmingham . . . Steamship Hormone. lello Famous last words: Ruby at breakfast — " I hate tomato juice! lary the animal lover — " My bed is not a zoo! " MEMBERS Selbv Allen, Linda Bean, Beth Bowen, Peggv Buchanan, Barbara Burkhardt, Niela Chapman, Ruby Combs, Julie Conkling, Gineer Connor, Janet Corley, Sora Ann Coulter, Lucy Council, Dawn Davis, Frandy Dugan, Pat Finlay, Chris Ginocchio, Barbara Harless, Joan Harmon, Mary Harris, Denise Jchnson, Jo Jones, Joan Jones, Ann Kelly, Lala McDonald, Ann McKee, Sherry Nichols, Dean O ' Sullivan, Betty Otey, Carol Owen, Mary Powell, Emily Register, Sandy Sawyer. Ruth Shuman, Ruth Starling, Dottie Summers, Stephanie Swinford, Kitty Wade, Marie Wadsworth, Ann Wall, Ann Williams, Mary Margaret Williams, Nancy Lee Young PLEDGES Cappy Archibald, Pat Baggett, Patty Baker, Pam Brown, Lynda Cawthon, Joyce Combs, Anne Folsom, Sally Fnrd, Nan Godtrey, Barbara Johnson, Linda Jones. Nancy Jones, Jill Jordan, Mary Jane Maltby, Carla McKinney, Pat Peterson, Sall y Pigman, Carol Turner, Sharron Walter, Sharron Watkins, Betsy Wilson, Nancy Worrall Zeta Tau Alpha House. IB Mil. Do they know? Youi halo is slipping! y Hll Allen Archibald Baggett Baker Bean Bowan Brown Buchanan Burkhardt Chapman Combs, J . Combs, R. Conner Conkling Cor ley Council Davis Dugan Finley Folsom Ford Ginocchio Godfrey Harless Harman Harris Johnson, B. Johnson, D. Jones, Jo Jones, Joan Jones, L. Jones, N. Kelly Mac Donald Maltby McKee McKinney Nichols O ' Sullivan Otey Owen Peterson Pigman Powell Register Sawyer Shuman Sommers Starling Swinford Turner Wadsworth Wall Walters Watkins Williams, A. Williams, M. Wilson Worrall Young 135 President, John Morris. OFFICERS JOHN MORRIS President JOE HOLT Vice President BILL WILLIAMS Secretary NEELY ALEXANDER Treasurer alpha tau omega " Give ' em Help! " scream the ATO ' s, and that ' s just what they do. They ' ve transformed the annual Hell Week into Help Week. Instead of caressing the pledges ' bottoms with paddles, the chapter selects a project in or near Talla- hassee and gives out with manpower. Help Week projects have included a party for underprivileged children in Tallahassee and the painting of a church in a nearby community. To the intense delight of hundreds of jazz addicts, the ATO ' s brought Louis Armstrong and his band to the campus. The fabulous Satch and his vintage Dixieland set feet to tapping, and helped to swell the coffers of Campus Chest. And under ATO ' s sponsorship, Layte Bowden was crowned Homecoming Queen. Gossip-type column: the Snow King was all excited when his picture appeared in the Flambeau alongside all those borrowed trophies . . . the ATO ' s have their own version of The Elvis since Ronnie hit campus . . . the Jive King has been spotted showing off his tattoos at the coast. As the saying goes: " one for all and all for Pinky " . . . " put one on me till I get on my feet. " The Roll Call: Red Man . . The Groundhog . . . Jello Jaws . . . Letters O ' Leary . . . Rhoda . . . Frostee Jim . . . Lonzy-Wonzy . . . Sleepwalker . . . The Owl . . . Kingfish . . Toad . . . Paunch . . . Sister Boy . . . Steady Eddie . . . Spooks . . . Bird Legs . . . Stone Face . . . Lost-Weekend-Clifton . . the gallant defenders of Fort Apache. Sweetheart, Mary Ed Williamson. MEMBERS Neelv Alexander, Louis Bauerle, Ronald Beliech, Hamilton Bisbee, James Booth, Ted Boots, Millard Branning. Bill Brown, Bill Burkhardt, Robert Casteel. Edward Chalker, Jimmy Christo, Gerald Cigarran, Clay Cogburn, Lee Corso, John Craig, Gerald Davies, Wally Delaney, Vernon Edgar, Charles Fielding, Emmett Hardin, lerrv Hipps, Joe Holt, Robert Jernigan, Edward Johnson, Gerald Kelly, Lomon Koos, Gary Landrum, Bud Leonard, Toby Lovern, Bill McKemie, Talmadge Metts, Guy Millner, James Moore Walter Morris, John Morris, Thomas Munson, Lonnie Padgett, Ray Reinhardt, Guy Revell, Jack Rynerson, Thomas Sawyer, Ronnie Smith, Thomas Speck, Philip Weiting, Michael Whelchel, Bill Williams, Bud Williamson, Sidney Wilck PLEDGES Warren Baucum, Edward Boyack, Bill Childers, Bud Cole. James Fox, Ted Henium, Lynn Hodge, Franz Holt, Joe Kellett, Ray Laney, Joseph McGee, James McKeehan, Thomas Mills, Michael Patronis, Robert Peterson, Charles Pinkerman, Jon Powell, Donald Reedy, George Register, James Savage, Ernest Spiva, George Strickland, Doug Strickland, Leonard Voyles, Bobby White, Richard Wilson ATO ' s prepare for Satchmo. Alpha Tau Omega House. ,■■:■::■ ' :, i i-.:Zi£!i -_. - JBMH . miL Alexander Delaney Baucum Bauerle Beliech Booth Boots Boyack Branning Brown Casteel Chalker Childers Christo Cigarran Cogburn Cole Davies Davis Fielding Fox Griffis Hardin Henjum Hodge Jernigan Kellett Koos Landrum MeKeehan McKemie Millner Mills Moore Morris, W. Padgett Patronis Peterson Pinkerman Reedy Reinhardt Rynerson Savage Smith Speck Spiva Strickland, D. Strickland, G. Weiting Whelchel White Wilck Williams Wilscn 187 delta tau delta President, Harold Lambert. OFFICERS HAROLD LAMBERT President JOHN HALL Vice President VINCENT WILLIAMS Secretary DON COOPER Treasurer The Delts were blood donors again — this time for a little Tallahassee girl stricken with leukemia. They also sponsored parties for children in the Tallahassee area, once with the Alpha Xi ' s and once with the AOPi ' s. The Zetas were the happy winner of the Sorority of the Year award, given to the most outstanding sorority on campus. The Delt men presented Zeta representatives with their trophy at the Panhel Dance. Delt candidate Linda Jones is the reigning IFC queen, and was also a princess in the Homecoming Court Big social to-do of the year is the Rainbow Ball in April. Sue Rogers, AOPi, was last year ' s queen. Delt Doings: they ' re waiting for a rain to launch Perc ' s boat in the moat . . . Larry gets a cut rate at the laundry ... the Binocular Club ' s membership has expanded of late . . . the rams came to 209. Everybody wonders: who protected whom at the truck stop? Honoraries: Pi Pi Pi, the pinochle club ... Phi Alpha Chi . . . Tau Tau Mu, the party people ' s party out back . . . Gamma Nu Gamma. Sayings at the Shelter: " atrocious 1 " . . . " nice one, roomy " . . . " strollers! " . . . " who burned my paddle? " . . . " All-American " McCann. MEMBERS George Ackley, Don Ayres, Lewis Bi I kips, Clete Blaes, Loyd Carruth, Marc Cone, Don Cooper, John Creel, Jack Crew, Neil Crispo, Harold Elliott, Ronny Elvena, Ed Field, Howard Fillmore, Dale Gallagher, Art Good, Mike Guerra, John Hall, Jim Harrell, Dal ton Howard, Harold Lambert, Bill Lewis, Bernie McCann, Larry Meredith, Tom Mills, Ken Norton, Mikp Pou, Earl Schroeder, Joe Spagna, Ken Watkins, Avery White, Sherwood Williams, Vinson Williams, Bob Wolfenbarger, John Word PLEDGES Tom Adams, Tom Altenberger, Jerry Barrv. Felix Blanco, Bill Borries, Charley Bryan, Jack Carter, Emory Denmark, Fred Derby, John Fleming, Bruce Greenwood, Art Griffin, Victor Harke, David Harris, Jim Karnegis, Pete Kiefer, Alvin Leaphart, Edward Miller, Thomas Mitchell, Richard Percoco, Harold Powell, Pat Richmond, John Riley, Bill Sellers, Richard Straw, Bob Sylvain Sweetheart, Sue Rogers. These little Delts went to market. Delta Tau Delta House. " " v v_g flf 1 ' c A d , » s s • ' Altenberger Ayres Billups Blanco Carter Cooper Cree! Carruth Denmark Derby Elliott Eivena Fi Id Fillmore Fleming Gallagher Good Greenwood Griffin Guerra Hall Harrell Karnegis Leaphart Lewis Meredith Miller Moore Norton Percoco Pou Powell Ray Riley Sellers Straw Watkins White Williams, S. Williams, V. Wolfenbarger Word 189 President, Bob Porter OFFICERS BOB PORTER President CHARLIE PALAZZOLO Vice President M I KE YOUNG Secretary FLOYD JORDAN Treasurer kappa alpha Twas a beautiful winter ' s evening — frost on the pumpkin and all that — ■ and all was well at the DDD house. All was well — until one observant Tri Delt discovered that the front door was missing. The panic button was pushed, and shrieking coeds were horrified to see the door vanishing down Park Avenue atop a blue convertible, from which blared shouts of " KA, one time! " Several days later, after conferences of war, the intrepid ladies invaded the KA sanctuary, seeking sweet revenge and a front door. They were met with typical Southern courtesy, hospitably ushered to the basement, and there became the reluctant recipients of the most extensive hair-cutting in FSU history. The troops of Fort Kappa Alpha did not spend all their time waging such pleasant war. KA ' s were prominent in other campus activities — athletics, politics, cheerleading, circus, card games — and a few die-hards were seen attending classes. The Old South Weekend in April held the campus spotlight during its tenure, and the Rebel Toll Gate hit crackers and carpetbaggers alike for the benefit of Campus Chest. As the end of the semester rolls around, the gentlemen (Southern, suh) in the mansion on the hill sit back optimistically on the veranda, rising occa- sionally to refresh their mint juleps or to thunder hopefully, " The South will rise again! " MEMBERS Ken Abbott, Roddv Andrews, Billy Pat Atkins, Reid Baggett, John Belitz, Drew Branch, Livingston Branch, Fred Brinkhoff, Bill Bunker, J. P. Clark, Buddy Clarke, Michael Copps, Bus Davis, Walter Edwards, Dick Ervm, Frank Fain, Cliff Gwynn, Horry Hair, Jim Henderson, Arbie Herring, Lem Hoover, Bob James, Wallv lones, Buddy Jordan, Joe Mack Jordan, lim Julian, Art Kirchoffer, Bill Kirkland, Bubba Long, Wayne Long, Ron Mason, Rav Munioe, Charlie Palazzolo, Billy Payne, John Perry, Bob Porter, Bob Renn, OB. Smith, Bill Snyder, Wayne Stone, Bill Strickland, Gil Sypher, Jim Whitehurst, Mike Young PLEDGES Jim Arnold, Ramon Arnold, David Buchanan. Bob Bishop, Don Bua, Bill Carson, Bill Clendinen, Hume Coleman, Bill Coward, David Dale, Bill Gadd, Willy Gardner, Julian Graham, Mattox Hair, James Hooks, Kelvin Huehn, John Joiner, Dawin Justiss, Stuart Keith, Tom Marks, Ward Matthews, Jay Miner, Albert Shrigley, Stan Sirmans, Virgil Thorpe, Matton Ward, Bob Westbrook, Sam Westbrook, John Wolf, Bob Loftin Kappa Alpha Rose, Patsy Bastine Perry. Sumpen seems to be wrong, Suh! Kappa Alpha Mansion. Abbott Andrews Arnold, J. Arnold, R. Atkins Baggett Bishop Belitz Branch, L. Brinkhoff Bua Buchanan Bunker Clarke Clendinen Coleman Copps Coward Davis Edwards Eubanks Fain Graham Hair, H. Hair, M. Henderson Herring Hooks Hoover Huehn James Joiner Jones Jordan, F. Jordan, J. Julian Justiss Keith Kirchoffer Loftin Long, B. Long, W. Marks Mason Matthews Miner Mofield Munroe Palazzolo Perry Peterson Robinson Smith, J Smith, 0. I Stone Strickland Snyder Sypher Thorpe Ward Westbrock, R. Westbrook, S. Whitehurst Young 191 President, Dave Salmon. OFFICERS DAVE SALMON President TOM BRUCKMAN Vice President REX GREEN Secretary DICK FREGOE Treasurer kappa sigma The chapter has been busy at home, buying new furniture for the down- stairs area and building a barbecue pit. The brothers have also been doing their own landscaping around the house. The Kappa Sig blood bank, kept well stocked by contributions from the brothers, came in handy when an epidemic of operations hit the house. On the party scene, the Kappa Sigs staged the Black and White Ball, a children ' s Christmas party, and a Founder ' s Day Banquet. Social standout was the oriental party — the brothers sat on the floor, eyed the authentic Japanese mural, and en|oyed green tea and seaweed. The pledge-active football game was a success, even if most of it was played under water. Names you know: Stella Keck . . . Snake . . . Bunnyrabbit Mayer . . . Swabby Decker, the cool pool king . Stud . . . King Ugly. What price glory dept, : the men in room 2 are so popular they had a private telephone installed — number available on request, girls . . . Al finally put a pinup on the wall — nude nucleii . . . same Al, his buddy Ray, and the date-switching deal ... the sidewalk painters and the red badge of Kappa Sig courage. Salty sayings: " Let me tell you about my operation " . . . " Cattle Cross- ing " . . " Let ' s sing ' mushy-mushy " . . . " Air raid! " MEMBERS Gus Alford, Rnnnie Anderson, Tom Batchelor, Fenton Bennett, Jim Berg, Tom Bruckman, Gene Carr, Charlie Christian, Al Dayes, George Faiver, Dick Fregoe, Junior Gangloff, Rex Green, Ralph Green, Tom Hafner, Rich hair, Fred Hodses, Jim Hclt, Billy Johnson, C. W. Jones, W. S. Jones, Larry Keck, Jack Kidd, Gary Lipe, Bill McCorkle, Danny Petursson, Jack Pollock, Nat Ragland, Ted Reiter, Dave Salmon, Leroy Scott, Charlie Sizer, Jimmy Stanley, Bob Stearns, Tom Stromsen, Danny Wells, Gerry Wheeler, Bob Whittier, V L Whittier PLEDGES Nolan Adams, Jim Boucher, Ken Brock, Tom Byrd, Ken Cannon, Ted Daniels, Dick Decker, Bart Durham, Dick Futch, Rav Hitchcock, Bob Jernigan, Bobby Johnson, Vic Kaleta, Jack LeGrand, Ken Prescott, Jim Reese, Clayton Ryan, Bob Scavuzza, Joe Scofield, Harold Schoenborn, Joel Schoenborn, Dale Shepard, Don Thomas, Bill Todd, Harold Williams, Ray Williams Sweetheart, Nell Davis. Kappa Sigs socialize. Kappa Sig House. Adams Alford Anderson Bruckman Byrd Carr Christian Dayes Decker Fregoe Gangioff Green, Ralph Green, Rex Hafner Hair Hitchcock Hodges Holt Jernigan Johnson Jones, C. W. Jones, W. S. Kaleta Keck Kidd Lipe McCorkel Pollock Ragland Reece Reiter Scavuzza Scott Sheppard Sizer Stanley Stearns Stromsen Thomas Wells Wheeler Whittier, B. Whittier, V. Williams Wright 193 President, John Ware. lambda chi alpha Lambda Chi won a close Charity Bowl game over ATO. The two fraterni- ties stage the tackle football game each year for benefit of Campus Chest. As another project, the pledges worked at the Salvation Army Home here in Tallahassee. In mtramurals, the Lambda Chi ' s won the pingpong and badminton con- tests. They placed second in the Little 500. The Lambda Chi Weekend and Crescent Ball in March highlight the social slate — the current Crescent Girl is Mary Margaret Andrews, Chi Omega. Other events are Founder ' s Day and the Senior Banquet honoring graduating brothers. OFFICERS JOHN WARE President JAMES DAVIS Vice President BOB MEIGS Secretary KENNETH WHITE Treasurer Sweetheart, Nancy Reinhard. Brothers all: Bloato, the chubby bunny . . . Bingo Eddie . . . Country . . . Nero Rogero . . . Inky-boy Rogers . . . Protein Lofstrom . . . Keeny, FSU ' s answer to Arthur Murray . . . Mike Hamlin, boy pipe-cleaner . . . McNeil, the Clearwater version of Jerry Lewis. Top secret: Dick B. is trying to get in shape for his match with Vicious Paul . . . Colonel Wycoff has been demoted . . . Nicholson ' s actresses didn ' t show for the date . . . Gus has had two dates already since he became an active seven years ago . . . Nat and J.J. have been ordering hair restorer by the fifth MEMBERS Charles Alley, Robert Arlt, Don Axon, James Bailey, Warren Barrett, Gibson Bates, Richard Bee, Lonnie Blaine, John Bonanno, Paul Bowen, Bill Brennan, Robert Brown, Gordon Caldwell, James Davis, Bill Figley, Guy Fountain. Wvnfred (Barrett, Greene Harrison, James Heagerty, Cecil Jones. Carl Lofstrom, Tom Martin, Sam McClain, Bob Meigs, Dave Minton, William Nicholson, Tom Nissalke, Jim O ' Neal, Rouce Phillips, Herb Reinhard. Julio Rive, Jack Rcgero, Sam Rogers, Tony Rouse, Nels Seirsdale, Ralph Sharp, William Sullivan, Ben " T i Met. Nat Vasileff, John Ware, Ken White, Eugene Wise, Joe Wolfe, Ed Wycoff PLEDGES Harold Anderson, Marvin Andrews, John Armel, Joe Barber, Otis Bearden, Louis Boccia, Robert Boulware, Devon Brown, Wesley Brown, John Bryan, Glen Chance, Dave Connely, Larry Dannelley, Mike DePalmer, Larry Dee, Hal Dyer, Stanley Etersque, Tom Fussell, Jack Grant, Wendell Gunn, Mike Hamlin, Gerry Keeney, Lvle Knirk, Robert Lansford, James Markessay, Jack Manning, Neil Martin James McNeil, Charles Mynard, Duni Nelson, Charles Nye, William O ' Rourke, Robert Reely, James Rogers, Ken Saunders, Gene Schlickman, Ed Snyder, Dick Warner, Tommy Wyatt Gettin ' to know you. Lambda Chi House. 1 « . mi. Anderson Arlt Armel Axon Bailey Barrett Barber Bates Bearden Bee Blaine Boccia Bonanno Bowen Boulware Brennan Brown, R. Brown, W. Bryan Caldwsll Castiglia Chance Cochran Connely Dannelley David, B. David, E. Davis Dee Etersque Fountain Fussell Garrett Gunn Hamlin Harrison Hassfurder Haegerty Jones Keeney Kaetchman Lansford Lofstrom McClain McNeil Mackessay Martin, N. Martin, T. Meigs Mynard Neil Nelson Nicholson Nissalke O ' Neal Phillips Reely Rive Rogers, J. Rogers, S. Saunders Sharp Seirsdale Sullivan Tillet Warner White Wilkerson Wise Wolfe Wyatt Wycoff 195 President, Paul Ort. OFFICERS PAUL ORT President JIM WEBB Vice President SCOTT HARPE Secretary DON NOOT Treasurer phi delta theta The Phi Delta Theta roll this year includes the names of two class presi- dents, a vice-president, members of Alpha Council and Gold Key, and repre- sentatives to Student Senate and Judiciary. The Fightin ' Phi ' s also boast players on every varsity team at FSU. With the Alpha Gams, they sponsored the popular Soapbox Derby. Their only gripe is the loss of pledges used as bumpers to stop the speeding cars. But what ' s Phikeia here and there? — it ' s all for Campus Chest. The boys of the blue and white socialize each year at the Bowery Ball. Another annual event is Phi Delt Weekend — Jeani Kitchens is the current queen. It happened around the house: after seven long years, the wall around the patio is finished . . . the pungent aroma of Stillman ' s Gym has migrated to third floor — dead lifts, anyone? ... Phi Delts claim the only Mohawk businessman in the country . . . G. Hill says a rolling stone gathers no moss . . . the house lost money on the mechanical cow — the cow put out, but it cost too much ... Phi Delts mourn the graduation of the Singing Sensations from Lauderdale . . . Johnny ' s Brother pledged this fall. Have you heard: Williams is expected to be out of bed for graduation, provided it isn ' t earlier than twelve o ' clock . . . next year ' s Bowery Ball Queen has already been selected ... for lost and found, check the missing persons bureau . . . butterflies — swans — roaches next, Hank? . . . pay attention to the Scripture, brother ... we were the hairy-chested men. Sweetheart, Jeani Kitchens. Kingly crown cops second place. MEMBERS Brodie Atwater, Tom Barrows, Terry Barrows, Dick Bittner, Frank Bryan, Jack Buford, John Bullock, Frank Carney, Sonny Casca. Donald Chappell, Arnold Davis, Hugh Durham, Fletcher Eyster, Jerry Glancy. Robert Granger, Harvey Hall, Scott Harpe, Arthur Hempel, George Hill, Paul Jones, William Kelley, George Livingston, Tom Livingston, Alan Martens, Frank Mav, Hank McCann, Donald Melson, Clayton Miller, James Moore, Jack Montgomery, Richard Naoode, Don Noot, Paul Ort, Donald Randall, Dick Rhodes, Charles Ringer, Harry Robinson, Bob Saltz, Robert Sistrunk, Leonard Skinner, Sidney Stotesbury, Del Swilley, Travis Taylor, Graham Teschke, Sherwood Van Campen, Bill Weaver, Jim Webb, Buddy Weekly, Jack White, Bob Williams PLEDGES Bigbie Abner, Bob Carnes, Bob Caton, Bruce Cayard, Clitt Cook, Bob Douglas, Bob Ehrhardt, Hugh Eubank, Tom Fisher, Tom Gallen, Warren Hall, Jim Hooks, Bill Jacobs, Tony Jackson, Ted Keen, Galen Kilburn, Joe Majors, Gene McCormick, Jerry Millard, Bob Montgomery, John Myrick, John Nevelle, Arnold Peebles, Frank Petruzzelli, Skip Sauls, Bob Sharpe, Gil Smith, Bill Strandhagen, Lou Wallace, Bob Weber, Mike Williams Phi Delt House • s $i: 5 ? am , » " • : Atwater Barrows, Terry Barrows, Tom Bittner Bryan Casca Cayard Chappell Cook Douglas Eubank Fisher Gallen Granger Hall, H. Hall.W. Harpe Hempel Hill Jackson Jacobs Jones Keen Kilburn Kimbro Magee Majors Martens May McCann Millard Miller Moore Montgomery, B. Montgomery, J. Myrick Noot Petruzzelli Randall Rhodes Saltz Sauls Stotesbury Strandhagen Taylor Teschke Van Campen Wallace Webb Weekly Williams 197 President, Ray Hemann OFFICERS RAY HEMANN President PAUL BISHOP Vice President PHILLIP KEMBLOWSKI Secretary JAMES MAURER Treasurer phi kappa tau The Phi Tau ' s are well in the swing of campus things, with members in varsity sports, student government, honoraries, Cavaliers, and student publications. Social highlights included a big redecorating spree around Homecoming time, a Christmas party (with Santa Claus 1 ), and a gala weekend topped off by the annual Carnation Ball. In spite of all the parties, the Phi Tau ' s kept up their academic standing, placing second in frat scholarship first semester. The fall rush program was a big success, the Phi Tau ' s say — they signed the biggest pledge class ever. They say it really happened: skindiving exhibition in Westcott pool . . . a really " hot " party at Wakulla- -whoever thought beer would burn? . . . the DZ ' s won the Campus Sing trophy, but they didn ' t keep it for long . . . Padre ' s hearse lost its wheels ... if you date a Gamma Phi, take along an oil can for that squeaky swing . . . flash — the SAE ' s have initiated three more Phi Tau ' s into the Cueball Club . . . there are some really truly war heroes around the house — if you believe the stories they tell . . . typical Saturday night party- garbage can through convertible roof. MEMBERS Joe Assad, Chuck Babcock, Paul Bishop, John Carter, Dick Corriveau, Jerry Fleming, Jim Gosnell, Ray Hemann, Phil Kemblowski, Clifford Kidd, Tony King, Joe Masci, Skip Maurer, Byron Rhodes, Ron Sanders. Charlie Savage, Harlace Sealy, Don Sebree, Tom Toler, George Wajdowicz, Tom Woods, Dave Youngblood, Al Zyla PLEDGES Merlin Allan, Dick Beach, Jerry Breitbart, Louis Brooks, Dick Brown, Fred Burgess, Bucky Canon, John Clements, Bob Duke, Bob Erwin, Jim Etly, Ben Finney, Bob Ford, Sheldon Fretwell, Ernest Gladstone, John Hansen, Benny Jones, Jerry Keebler, Cameron Killian, George McKelvin, Pete McNiel, Louis Meador, Neal Morar, Don Rosanski, James Sellars, Sonny Shaw, Bill Simpson, Bill Stevenson, Don Talmon, Dave Troup, Gordon Vi liars, George Young Sweetheart, Janice Grosser. Hefty pushers pause for picture Phi Tau House. Allan Assad Babccck Beach Bishop Breifbart Brown Burgess Cannon Carter Clements Corriveau Duke Etly Finney Fleming Ford Fretwell Gladstone Gosnell Hanson Jones Keebler Kemblowski Kidd Killian King Kopytchak Masci Maurer McKelvin McNiel Meador Morar Rozanski Savage Shaw Simpson Spence Stevenson Talmon Toler Troup Villars Wajdowicz Woods Young Youngblood Zyla 199 pi kappa alpha President, J. Frank Beauchamp. OFFICERS J. FRANK BEAUCHAMP President ROY HARRIS Vice President UPTON OFFICER Secretary CARMINE MONTELEONE Treasurer The Pikes hope to move into a new home on Woodward Street next year. There ' s an acre of ground with the house, and the Pikes are planning all sorts of additions to be built during the summer. Founder ' s Day Banquet was in March, with a faculty speaker. The Dream Girl Dance and the annual Weekend, both scheduled for March, were combined this year for one large ball. The Pike House won the Most Original House Decorations award for the second straight year. PiKA ' s are members of the varsity track, volleyball, and swimming teams. Prominent Pike People: Cyrano the Count . . . Belle Glade . . . Limey . . . Bleakly . . . General Officer . . . John the Jock . . . The Hummingbird . . . Numbthumb . . . Swanee . . . Der Fuehrer . . . Genis . . . the Plant City Flash . . . Woy . . . Bigmouth . . . Aloysius. Landmarks: Pete ' s three-diamond mural . . . paratrooper school . . . Harris ' health center ... the Junior Executive Council — meets every payday . . . Hemingway ' s bottle collection. MEMBERS Robert L. Atkins, Frank Beauchamp, Fred Boska, Richard Bennett, Allan Collins, Robert Earl Collins. Alan David, Joh n Paul Davis, Rudolph Eigl, James C. Fortune, Gene Foster, Richard E. Harrel, Roy Harris, John R. Michaels, Carmine J. Monteleone, John Neuseanger, Upton Dav Officer, Eugene Peters, Anthony Tangeri PLEDGES W. L. Hemingway, Charles Curry, Patrick D McKeown, John Allen Scott, Warren Gerard, John Ford, John Hull, Clyde McLeod, Donald DeLapp, Arthur Dear, Jack Giles, Lawrence Saeger, Lonnie Randall, Bill Blakeley PiKA Dream girl, Rachel Caldwell. Earning their way through college. Pike House. Atkins Bennett Blakely Boska Collins, E. Collins, Jr. Curry David Davis Dear Delapp Eigl Ford Fortune Foster Gerard Giles Harrell Harris Hemingway Hull Jordan Little McLeod McKeown Michaels Monteleone Neuseanger Officer Peters Randall Sager Scott Tangeri President, Jim Nettles. OFFICERS JIM NETTLES President PAUL PERRY Secretary BOB HUTCH INS Treasurer pi kappa phi The year started sadly for the Pi Kaps — Sarah Seminole disappeared from her customary place in the hallway. But in other realms, Dame Fortune was more benign. Perry ' s work paid off, and the chapter took first place in Campus Sing ... the pledges did the impossible at Thomasville and now Ike ' s auto- graph graces the Pi Kap mantle. Pi Kaps in campus activities include members of ODK, Alpha Council, Gold Key, Judiciary, and varsity teams; and the presidents of Phi Alpha Theta, Los Picaros, and the IFC. John (The Pool Playboy) Brown ' s brothers claim the most-dunked record for Westcott pool — nine pinless brothers took the icy plunge on two consecu- tive days. A waiter replete with kimono — and generous servings of fish eyes and rice — lent flavor to the Japanese party. The Monte Carlo party honored the gods of chance, with fortunes riding on the click of the wheel or the turn of a card. The Christmas party brought a suspicious dampness to the eyes of grown men . . . with " those wonderful courageous kids " . . . and especially little Starlit. Doxie was Pi Kap Rose at the Ball . . . highlights of the weekend were Dick B. ' s incomparable chow and the dramatic entrance of Rebel Brown. Jottings: Mimi the pup, who outdid Liberace . . . Werner ' s shaven head . . . cable break at the midnight Soapbox run . . . love those road trips . . . the swimming races at Blue Sink . . . the football team — spirit aplenty. MEMBERS John Adams, Douglas Allen, Gary Allen, T homas Althouser, Robert Baden, Albert Benoit, Wesley Branning, John Brown, Warren Bryson, Hugh Burch, Donald Bowlin, Billy Boatright, Bruce Cole, Curt Compton, Eugene Caruthers, Earnest Diaz, Michael Donahue, Joseph Emmons, Gilbert Fernandez, John Garrett, William Gi I li land, Benjamin Gillis, Alfred Hofflander, Franklin Hopkins, Robert Hutchins, Frank Kaney, Richard Lukas, Thomas McCullough, Jim Nettles, Paul Perry, James Ralston, Walter Smith, Burnett Stilwell, Ronald Steurer, Frank Valdes, Charles Welker, Carl Williams PLEDGES Werner Ammann, Pat Antonelli, Richard Berube, Wesley Carroll, Gary Clark, Dean Cleveland, Robert Ekland, Thomas Hogle, Peter Heaeerty, Norman Kreiss, Thomas Lucas, Edward Mason, David Mathews, Ronald McOuaid, Michael O ' Farrell, Ronald Parham, Allen Pate, Raymond Raines, Jim Rogers, Roger Randolph, Paul Spaulding, Terry Tesar, Michael Tolomea Sweetheart, Ruth Shuman Pretty smiles grace Pi Kap float. Pi Kappa Phi House. Adams Allen, D. Allen, G. Antonelli Baden Benoit Berube Boatrighf Bowlin Branning Brown Bryson Burch Carrol Caruthers Cleveland Cole Compton Diaz Donahue Ekland Emmons Fernandez Heagerty Hogle Hopkins Hutchins Kaney Kreiss Lucas Lukas Mason McQuaid Parham Pate Perry Raines Randolph Ralston Spalding Stillwell Steurer Tesar Tolomea Welker Williams 203 President, Stuart Gregory. OFFICERS STUART GREGORY President CHARLIE WARD Vice President DALE KOCH Secretary BILL ROCHE Treasurer sigma alpha epsilon The SAE ' s, strong contenders for the intramural championship this year, have won the bowling and the volleyball events two years in succession. This year they also took the tennis doubles and basketball com petition. Coming up are the ten-mile marathon with Kappa Alpha and the Beer Bowl game with the Phi Delts. SAE ' s won both last year. The chapter serenaded an alum, Governor LeRoy Collins, after his inauguration in January On tap for the spring are a reception for all alums in the Legislature, and a reception honoring FSU President Doak S. Campbell. Set for April is the Hawaiian party, rumored to be the year ' s biggest blast. Plans and refreshments are fomenting and fermenting. Characters: the Tootsie Roll from Athens Alpha . . . Nose Man . . . the Orlando Flash . . . " Jett Rink " Blue . . . The Human Javelin . . . Mother Grow . . . The Rag Twins . . . Goon ... TT ... the Bonifay Bullet from Alpha Mu . . . Wharf Rat . . . Snorkel . . . The Colquitt Brothers . . . Pooch . . . Little Abner. The way they say it: M-l-C— K-E-Y, M-O-S-A-E ... " I don ' t know what to tell you " . . . " sing brothers sing " . . . " help me " . . . " Sam, there ' s a new Mercury out front " . . . " awright, youse guys " . . . " where did those rats come from? " . . . " where are your teeth, Stretch? " . . . " don ' t blame Gladys " . . . " stop talking through that fifty-gallon drum, Oliver " . . . " it ' s a known fact. " SAE tradition: sandwiches. MEMBERS Bob Bell, Ronnie Blue, Tom Boyd, James Browning, Bert Daly, Jim Davis, Bob Davis, Charlie Davis, Jim Davis, Oliver Dixon, Art Fenton, Stuart Gould, Stuart Gregory, Bill Grow, Paul Hammond, Bill Haynes, Ken Hearn, John Holland, Dave Hulse, Phil Hunt, Ken Jacquot, Don Johnson, Bill Kimber, Dale Koch, Gerald McArthur, Roy McCullom, David Medford, Bob Nellums, Melvin Pope, Don Preisser, Vic Prinzi, Don Ramsey, Frank Reuss. Bill Roche, Phil Sarris, Zack Shelley Fred Siegnst, John Stewart, Dick Sweetman, John Thomas, Tom Turpin, Jim Wade, Charlie Ward, Slater Wight, Hubert Williams, Phil Sears PLEDGES Henry Baggett, Charlie Crutchfield, Gerald Deley, Jerry Donaway, Pat Donnelly, Gary DuBois, Tommy Dunn, Richard Elwood, Rod Fields, Bob Fohl, Richard Fowler, Mayo Gabriel, Mike Goodman, Claude Grizzard, David Grow, Pat I ley, Don Joyner, Bob Kerley, Stan Lewis. Sam Logan, Pete Menten, Ellis Mills, Charlie Morris, Bill Pace, Rogers Padgett, John Partridge, Colin Phipps, Vic Robson, Fred Singleton, Scott Treadway, John Waddall, Jack Weller, Joe Williams, Joe Williamson. Sweetheart, Carol Ann Brown. Is it spiked? SAE House. -l l Bell Blue Boyd Crutchfield Davis, B. Davis, C. Davis, J. Deley Dixon Donaway Donnelly DuBois Fields Gculd Grizzard Grow Hammond Haynes Hearn Holland Hulse Hunt I ley Jacquot Kerley Koch Logan McArthur McCullcm Medford Menten Morris Pace Padgett Partridge Phillips Presser Reuss Robson Roche Sarris Siegnst Stewart Sweetman Thomas Turpin Wadall Wade Weller Wallace Ward 205 sigma chi President, Bobby Temple. OFFICERS BOB TEMPLE President BRUCE JACOB Vice President ALAN SCOTT Secretary NILES RAY Treasurer The Sigma Chi ' s came through on grades again, topping all other Greek groups in academic competition and winning the IFC scholarship trophy for the sixth consecutive year. The brothers found time to socialize, celebrating Founder ' s Day, Sigma Chi Weekend, and Parents ' Weekend. The Sigma Chi Derby brought out some of the most spirited competition ever, with the lady Greeks battling for the first place trophy and a piece of a Sig derby. Amidst a scramble of shaving cream, eggs, flour and chicken feathers, the Zetas emerged victorious. In sports, the Sigs are represented on the basketball, track, swimming, golf, baseball and gymnastic teams. In student activities, brothers are active in Senate, student publications, Alpha Council, ODK, and Gold Key. Dave Bachman, student body president, is a Sigma Chi. Easy come, easy go: after the Sigs had put a hard week ' s work into their Homecoming float, a careless driver rammed his car into it just as the parade was starting. And that ain ' t all — after the parade was over, some firebug struck a match and the whole float went up in flames. Exploits: Kissing Jim ' s record n umber of shafts at the Theta house . . . the smooth job of rushing that Belly Bigchest and the Blountstown Butterball did on a passing prof . . the refusal of Shorty to date a girl because she wasn ' t five feet tall . . . Alfie ' s graceful waltz on the roof . . . Mouse ' s portrayal of Nature Boy in the front yard. MEMBERS Don Alford, Laird Anderson, Dave Bachman, Stan Baldwin, Larry Beatty, Chuck Burnham, Buck Bryan, Bob Bryson, John Calhoun, Rob Carter, Cecil Dunn, Dean Donley, Karl Edwards, Dave Evans, George Evans, Gerry Gordon, Tom Hale, Bruce Jacob, Joel Jacobs, Rufus Jennings, Bob Johnson, Jim Kauffman, Phil Knight, Don K Lewis, Don R. Lewis, Durfee Marshall, Bob McCall, Les Meyers, Bob Moren, Art Moore, Jim Moore, Gary Nahrstedt, Millard Noblin, Tom Pendrav, Bill Phillips, Whlie Poag, Niles Ray, Frank Sattler, Al Schissler, Bob Skiff, Maurice Steinberg, Jim Stone, Bill Swigert, Al Scott, Bobby Temple, Tobby Ternll, Jack Terwilliger, Art Unger, Chris Vogl, Lynn Wollschlager, Lynn Wilder, Garv Wold, Joe Westhafer, Tom Mann, Bob Murray, Ed Pabor, Gene Soud, Bill Bailev, Sam Skogstead PLEDGES Stan Alford, Dick Ainsworth, Tom Bruhn, Morris Busbia, Frank Butterfield, Norman Donahue, Jerry Dye, Bill Farnington, Allen Howell, Dick Jackson, Britt Landrum, Bob Meier, Cal McGoogan, Chuck McPherson, Jack Phillios, Joe Phi 1 1 Ids, Bill Pool, Jim R ' chardson, Bill Rot, Bill Smith, Dave Teague, Tom Willard, Alec Woodhull, Dan Thorton, Frank Merlina, Glen Thatcher Sweetheart, Betty Lou Whittle. Tally Tabulators. Sigma Chi House. ( N ] ' ' ' • I liumj m Ainsworth Alford, D Alford, S. Anderson Bachman Baldwin Bruhn Busbia Butterfield Byars Bryan Bryson Calhoun Carter Cheek D nal le Donley Dunn Dye Edwards Evans Farningfon Gordon Hale Howell Jacob J a I soi Jennings Johnson, B Johnson, D. Kauffman Knight Landrum Lewis, Don K. Lewis, Don R, Marshall Mann McCall McGcogan McPherson Moore Moren Murray Nahrstedt Noblm Pendray Phillips, Bill Phillips, Jack Phillips, Joe Poag Pool Ray Richardson Sattler Schissler Scott Smith Steinberg Stone Swigert Teague Terrill Terwi Niger Thatcher Unger Vogl Waddell Westhafer Wilder Willard Woodhull Wollschlager 207 sigma phi epsilon President, Wayland Elam. OFFICERS WAYLAND ELAM President WILLIAM KOLLER Vice President RUDY SIGNORELLI Secretary RALPH MAZUR Treasurer The Sig Ep ' s kicked off the second semester by repainting the fraternity house. Now they ' re working on a boat, to be used for picnics and parties. Big party for the fall semester was the pledge dance, traditionally called the Queen of Diamonds Dance. Barbara Krogland was the reigning monarch. As a result of FSU ' s victory over Mississippi Southern, the Sig Ep ' s are the proud owners of a sheepskin presented to them by their brother chapter at Southern. Spring sprang and the SPE ' s celebrated their annual Weekend. A ship- wreck party on Friday night was followed by the Queen of Hearts formal on Saturday, with Sara Jo Mitchell as queen. A cool conversation piece was the large ice carving of the Trojan horse, made by the father of one of the brothers. True love: seems like George had a date, and was stood up — came home singing the blues and joked that he was going to shoot himself. The brothers took him at his word and strung George up in effigy. After three days with a hung-up dummy in his room, George was about ready to take the same step. Sig Ep signatures: Fat Boy . . . Daddy Rabbit . . . Spook the Gravedigger . . . Harvey . . . Moby Bill. MEMBERS Norman Burth, Wayland H Elam, Jr., Rinev Fulmer, William Koller, James Lockhart, George Massoth, Ralph Mazur, Neal Robinson, Willard Scott, Rudy Signorelli, Fred Vidzes, Coy Winchester PLEDGES Jerry Allen, Thomas Babiak, David Burkey, James Cameron, Larry Campbell, Jack Fitzpatrick, Bill Fulford, Vern Gosney, Jack Hampton. John Heaton, Richard Hutchinson, Mike Kavoklis, Fred Korzan, Norman Sheffield, Donald Tillman, Joe Wasilewski Sweetheart, Sarah Jo Mitchell. Who prayed for rain? ' Sig Ep " House. _______ Babiak Burih Cameron Fitzpatrick Fulmer Hutchinson Koller Korzan Massoth Mazur Robinson Sheffield Signorelli Vidzes 209 sigma nu President, Jim Parkhurst OFFICERS J I M PARKHURST President RALPH ATWELL Vice President DON MARSHALL Secretary EARL MEEKS Treasurer Sweetheart, Rosemary Stainbeck. SN pin on display. " Ship ahoy 1 " yelled Parkhurst, and the Sigma Nu ' s launched full speed ahead into the new year. Along with their shipwreck party, the Sigs duded up for a western-type blast, and turned suave for the big cabaret party. The social agenda was climaxed by the White Star Weekend, an annual affair. Even all these parties didn ' t leave Sigma Nu shortwinded — they came off the intramural football field trophy in hand, and were runners-up for the basketball championship. And then there was work. Sigs went all out on their Help Week, and supported Campus Chest by selling drinks ' soft) at the CC dance. Big moment of the year was the christening of the new red brick house on Call Street as the home of the Sigma Nu ' s. The latest battle cry is " home sweet home. " Who ' s Who in Sigma Nu: Knappy . . . Monk . . . Tiny . . . Dog . . . Blob . . . Fog . . . Mother Tucker . . . Slime . . . Mortimer Snerd What ' s my line dept. : " Let ' s go to Dallas " . . . " To the clay pits ' " . . . " Come on uptown and see the boys " . . . " Let ' s get a keg " . . . " I ' m shy at college but. . . . " MEMBERS Ralph Atwell. Bill Benner, John Blue. Buddy Bryant, Wade Crews, Dale Croy, Gordon Dixon, Ed Fenn, Fred Forst, Jim Fvfe, Bernie Hoffman, Dick Howser, Marvin Ingram, John Keifer, Maurice Kennedy, Fred Kenney, John Lauritz, Harvey Lofton, Darryll Mahoney, Don Marshall, Bill McCarter, Earl Meeks, Paul Merganthal, Dave Morris, Jim Parkhurst, J. C. Pike, Gordon Pschirrer, Beaver Ray, Sonny Sellers, John Schi IlinburR, Charlie Sowell, Byron Smith, Earl Strickland, Dave Talty, Danny Thomas, Jerry Tucker, Emory Williams, Art Willits, John Young PLEDGES Dick Blue, Jerry Brock, Myron Brown, Jack Gorrie, Hugh Hayes, Ronnie Higgins, Chuck Holland, Bob McDonald, Dick Mitchell, Sam Mudano, Tony Ohlidal, Don Penn, John Phillips, Larry Pool, Benny Pridgeon, Bud Ranous, Tommy Rogers, Russ Rollinger, Dennis Smith, Tommy Tomlin, Carl Torsi iff, Dave Victor, Henry Wortman Sigma Nu House. Atwell Marshall Meeks Benner Blue Brown Bryant Crews Croy Dixon Forst- Gorrie Hayes Higgins Hoffman Holland Howser Ingram ■■■■«■■ Kenney Lofton Merganthal Mitchell Morris McCarter Penn Phillips Pschirrer Pridgeon Ray Rogers Smith, B. Smith, D. Torsi iff Tucker Victor Willits Wortman 211 tau epsilon phi President, Donald Schwartz. OFFICERS DONALD SCHWARTZ President JACK SCHLOSBERG Vice President BRUCE MORRELL Secretary MORT LARNER Treasurer The TEP ' s are represented on the football team, student government, Flambeau, and the tennis team. The pledges helped the chapter by buying furniture for the house. An- other pledge project, during Help Week, was painting the house. Socials included a dinner party at the home of an alum and the yearly boating party on the St. Marks River. The traditional Lavender Ball featured Claire Green as TEP Sweetheart. The most-often-heard conversation bad — so am I ! " " Let ' s flip — I ' m out of gas " - " Too TEP types: The Beak . . . Chan . . . Swabby . . . The Hype . . . Adolph . . . The Poppyseed Kid . . . Rick, the singing fool ... the oldest brother on campus ... the airplane maker . . . Izzy . . . Levy, the patched-up tennis player . . . Eagle-Eye Morrell. Overheard: " How much do I owe? " . . . " Oh you turtle! " . . . " Going to Hillel, Clyde? " . . . " The Cha-Cha Kid " ... " a penny saved is a penny saved " " At ease! " ... " I Wanna Go Back to Dixie. " MEMBERS James Bernstein, Mort Larner, Bruce Morrell, Jack Schlosberg, Don Schwartz PLEDGES Arnold Abramson, Larrv Block, Joe Feldman, Richard Fink, Frank Freedman, Lenny Levy, Clyde McCutcheon, Paul Smith Sweetheart, Claire Green. Big Brother is watching you! TEP House. Abramson Bernstein Feldman Fink Lamer McCutcheon Morrell Schlosbere 213 theta chi President, Ron Twitty. OFFICERS RON TWITTY President ED H I NSON Vice President DICK CRAWFORD Secretary GENE STRIEGEL Treasurer The brothers of Theta Chi are in Cavaliers, student government, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Delta Sigma, and Pershing Rifles. Bob Elting, also active in student government, is president of Gold Key. The Theta Chi Weekend and Dream Girl Dance are slated for April. Other events include a Christmas dance with the Tallahassee alum chapter, and a party with Les Brown and his Band of Renown. At Christmas, the Chi O ' s ]Oined the Theta Chi ' s for a children ' s party. Other chapter projects were blood donations, and the cleaning and painting of Westcott fountain. The Roster: Pete the Raunch . . . Red-Red, Fanny Mae ' s helper . . . Toad John, who spent a buck for a B . . . Big Black Earl from North Cuba . . . Skinhead Stubbs, the painter . . . The Pent, surgical specimen . . . Neil L, the midnight kid . . . the BO Kid . . . Jack, sweetheart of Alpha Xi Delta . . . Double Bogie Milligan, the Hacker ... Jim Cabbagehead — some pitcher . . . Doug the one-stripe general . . . Tom N., the water blade . . . Ray (Napoleon) Marky . . Bill the Owl Man . . . Eugene, the man behind the books . . . Jack the Brain . . . One Beer Carl . . . One-Arm Maddock and Four-Eyes Geisler, the racket squad . . . T-shirt. What ' s coming off here dept. : Osh writes a lot of letters but doesn ' t get many . . . Harvey ' s hunting a supercharger to help him get to class . . . Josh sings like a canary but doesn t look like one . . . Tweety ' s convertible has three whitewalls . . . Spermdon is headed for the railroad in Chi . . . Wrong Way Riggins got lost in the subway . . Crash Ed says he wants to get married. MEMBERS Bill Alderman, Bill Brown, Dick Crawford, Jack Curtiss, Myron Herndon, Jerry Higs, Ed Hinson, Neil LaBar, Pierce Lehmbeck, Owen McCarron, Ray Marky, Jerry O ' Leary, Bill Osterhoudt, Ben Powell, Don Ramsden, Ken Rohach, Ken Segner, Bob Shuman, Clarence S.oivev, Gene Striegel, Jack Striegel, Mike Tschirret, Ron Twitty, Jack Veghte PLEDGES Joe Adamo, Rnb Austin, Rhon Carleton, Sean Geary, Richard Derby. Rod Desmond, Bill Enoel, Dave Esco, Ed Fields, Fred Ford, Marty Frantz, John Goodeman, Doug Greene, Earl Griffin, Mel Hunter, Ed Johnson, Lenny Koeth, Carl KoDDeis, Jack Lewis, Flovd McLeod, Jim Maddock, Roger Manges, Tom Metz, Bruce Milligan, Tom Moore, Dave Munger, Bob Myers, Tom Newell, John Niedenthal, Clark Finder, L.irry Ricketts, Tom Riggins, Doug Rogers, Harvey Ross, Jim Sewell, Bob Simmons, Dick Smith, Tom Spies, Sid Stubbs, Jim Wentworth, Bob West, Stu Yates Sweetheart, Nancy Jones. Board of Control authorizes campus cleanup? Theta Chi House. Adamo Alderman Brown Cleary Crawford Curtiss Derby Desmond Esco Fields Ford Franfz Goodeman Greene Herndon Hinscn Johnson Koppeis LaBar Lewis Maddock Manges Marky McCarron McLeod Metz Moore Munger Myers Newell Pinder Ratnsden Ricketts Riggins Rogers Ryan Sewell Shuman Simmons Smith Spies Spivey Striegel Stubbs Tschirret Veghte West Yates 215 CampUS events . . . artist series . i I ■ ■ «.! ' » vu n m m t m» iu m i ' " ■ " " K— hw ww ' 1.1 1 homecoming . . soapbox derby . . circus . . gymkana university gallery Old Maste rs frcm the Ringling Museum draw the attention of students. Featuring a breadth of Hme and culture range, the University Mu- seum and Art Gallery brings ex- hibits of outstanding merit in the fields of anthropology and art to FSU. Modern art — a study in line and contrast. museum Exhibitions of the Museum this year have in- cluded a representation of ten thousand years of ceramic development, contemporary art of the American Indians, a display on atomic energy, and a loan exhibit of masterpieces from the Ringling Museum One man shows have included the works of FSU art students, designer Irwin Rubin, Joseph Almyda, Robert Schuler, Yvonne Streetman, and members of the faculty of the Department of Art. Carvings and pottery highlight the exhibition of American Indian art. Nancy Smith, Carolyn Brown, and Valda Mock in " Patterns. " Valda Mock and Charles Robinson in " Premiere. ' The Theatre Dance Group ' s annual produc- tion highlights student choreography and composition in " An Evening of Dance. " Under the direction of Nellie Bond-Dicken- son, Nancy Smith, and Valda Mock, the group presented interpretations of contemporary dance which included " Mambo " ; " Patterns, " based on a poem by Amy Lowell; and " Small Town, South, " the music for which was writ- ten by student David Ward-Steinman. Musical directors for the production were Carlisle Floyd and Lester Bruch. Membership in the Theatre Dance Group is open to both men and women, who are selected on their performances in tryout sessions. evening of dance " Incident for Four " produces some fancy strutting Curtain going up! Igor Gorin prepares to sing. The first winter presentation, " The Best of Steirbeck, " was composed of dramatized ex- cerpts from that author ' s works, including Of Mice and Men, Cannery Row, and Grapes of Wrath. Constance Bennett, Robert Strauss, Tod Andrews and Frank McHugh comprised the cast. Intermission time for " Best of Steinbeck " cast. artist series Good grief, Charlie Brown 1 A full house! The University Artists Series ' s first offering this year was baritone Igor Gorin He presented a varied program in which the songs ranged from the classic to humorous folk songs and spirituals. roger wagner chorale The Roger Wagner Chorale — an organization including thirty voices and two pianos — made up the third Artist Series presentation of the year. The program included " Ave Maria, " " The Echo Song, " and a medley from Gershwin ' s " Porgy and Bess. " Spring brought the Canadian Ballet, a remarkably young group of dancers . Lead roles were danced by Rod Adams ; Lois Smith, and Celia Franca. national ballet of Canada Angela Leigh as the witch in " The Fisherman and His Soul. " The Artist Series is part of the Uni- versity ' s plan to bring outstanding per- sonalities in the fields of art and entertainment to the campus. Its pur- pose is educational, entertaining, and a familiar part of student life. ' Nutcracker ' s " lead rcles as danced by David Adams and Lois Smith. The Satchmo stomp satch Top brass in jazz. The grand old man of jazz, Louis Armstrong, came to town under the sponsorship of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity as a project for Campus Chest. Satchmo entranced Seminole Dixieland fans with his golden horn and gravelly voice, and jazz came to FSU to stay. The Student Artist Series, a program provided through the planning of Student Senate, brought the Billy May Band to campus this year. Seminole lovers of the " new sound " in bands filled the Wescott Auditorium for two concerts given by the May aggregation. billy may band Billy May Band blowing up a storm at rehearsal By George! We ' ve been playing it wrong all this time. 222 A whirldwind tour of " Fantasy Land " conducted by Hans Chris- tian Andersen provided the theme for Tarpon ' s annual aquashow. Thirty-six members took part in planning and presenting favorite children ' s stories in water ballet form Among the twice-told tales were " Cinderella, " the " Sleeping Beauty, " " Peter Pan, " the " Wizard of Oz, " and the " Arabian Nights. " Each number was written and supervised by a student member of Tarpon, while Miss Glynise Smith, sponsor of Tarpon, coordinated the finale. tarpon club speech production Everyone locks doubtful in this scene from " Skin of Our Teeth. ' skin of our teeth Starting the year in a jolly mood, the Speech Department presented Thornton Wilder ' s The Skin of Our Teeth, " a comedy concerning the fabled " average man " and his family, their misadventures and mishaps, and their perennially optimistic outlook on the future Leading the cast directed by Lynn Orr were Suzanne Saunders, as the maid; Marjone Tindall as Mrs. Antrobus; Stanley DeHart, Mr. Antrobus; and Ruth Havard and Eli Ask as their children. Margie Tmdell and Stan DeHart seem to have reached an understanding. sabrina fair " Sabnna Fair, " Samuel Taylor ' s comedy about the daughter of a well-read chauffeur with a mind for business, featured Jack Rockett and Phil Johnson as the scions of the wealthy Larrabee family, Betty Caldwell as Sabrina, the chauffeur ' s daughter, and the direction of Paul Davee. The play deals with the romantic adventures of Sabrina, newly arrived from several years abroad, who in turn jilts a titled French suitor, decides she does not love the younger son of her father ' s employer, and — after the expenditure of some effort — awakens the Larrabee ' s elder son to the fact that Sabrina is the girl for him. Jack Rockett, Eli Ask, Betty Caldwell, and Phil Johnson in " Sabrina Fair. " Cast in children ' s production " Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp. " aladdin and his wonderful lamp In connection with the Service League of Tallahassee, the Department of Speech presented as its children ' s play, James Norris ' dramatization of " Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp. " Under the direction of Lynn Orr, Jack Terwilliger as Alad- din and Eli Ask as the magician conjured up some mystical visions of genie-haunted lamps and rings for their youthful, and somewhat wide-eyed, audience. Adding to the hocus-pocus effect were scenery and lighting by Charles Reimer and cos- tumes and makeup by Pat Clift. Hometown boy makes good. hich he the bigger they come " The Bigger They Come " by Dr. Ernest Bormann of the speech faculty evolved from play called " The Kingpin ' wrote as a graduate student at the State University of Iowa. The drama traces the development of a Southern politician through seven years, during which he misuses his political apti- tudes and becomes — instead of a statesman—a demagogue. Directed by Paul Davee, Don Westbrook portrayed Harry, a hillbilly who was destined for politics, and Betty Caldwell created the part of Honey Lee, who was " somewhat more than a secretary. " Impromptu political rally from " The Bigger They Come. " % M m$ 4 4ir sigma chi derby Leaping over bales of hay, scrambling through obstacle courses, and in general taking a lot of punishment, the Zeta Tau Alpha ' s made their way to first place in the annual Sigma Chi Derby. Sixteen sororities entered teams in various con- tests of skill including a key hunt, obstacle race, four-legged race, balloon pop, chicken chase, and egg drop. Trailing the Zetas were Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Xi Delta, second and third place winners. The end of a perfect day, for the Zetas, came when their candidate, Ruth Schuman, was an- nounced Queen of the Derby during a dance that night. Attesting the success of the program were the bruised contestants, hoarse spectators, and a lib- erally augmented Campus Chest. Keep going, gal — it ' s in the bag. - . .- ' ■ - . ' ■ ' . ' l ? " -W ' " ' .. " " ' . ' " ' " What ' s the score here? Sometimes the sorority demands too much. ]u , who ' s watching the obstacle race? The Egg and I — why aren ' t they poached? ..etiMsat ' - Somebody drop a frat pin? Shucks! Ya ' dropped it. It ' s real simple — no clutch, no brakes, and the steering wheel doesn ' t work. Women drivers, sleek racers, and a perilous downhill descent are the in- gredients of FSU ' s challenge to the Indianapolis Speedway. Sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta and Phi Delta Theta, the proceeds of the Soapbox Derby are donated to Campus Chest. Miraculously steering clear of col- liding racers, spectators, and the hay- reinforced finish line, Nancy Herold of Gamma Phi Beta piloted her Delta Sigma Pi-built racer to first place in the contest. soap box derby Hey, what ' s the snafu up there? Sure, they only work downhill, but think of the money you save on gas. Is that grin victorious or groggy? Help! How do ya stop this crate? Good grief! He ' s on sale! This is my last dollar. don ' t care what Lincoln said- you re mine. slave auction Setting some sort of precedent, the Delta Tau Delta ' s auctioned off their members in a Slave Auction one after- noon. The project was sparked — not by a desire to pay off their house ' — but to raise money for Campus Chest. The bargains were snapped up by girls who promptly put their merchandise to work washing cars, waiting on tables, or — for those with a more sadistic bent — back- stroking around Wescott Pool. Other projects to raise money for the Campus Chest included car washings (white walls extra), and Mortar Board ' s Penny-A-Minute Night, during which women were allowed to stay out an hour beyond closing time for the payment of sixty cents. Time means money on Mortarboard ' s Penny-A-Minute Night. Why bother? It ' s going to rain. Whose idea was this anyway? homecoming 1956 Getting underway in a big way, Homecoming Weekend started off with the judging of house decorations and the parade on Friday afternoon. A combination of overtime and ingenuity paid off for the Kappa Alpha ' s and the Pi Beta Phi ' s, who copped first place in house decorations with their seascape of " Deacons on the Rocks " and headlines of " Florida State Fruit Fly Destroys Wake Forest, " respectively. While spectators kept an anxious eye on the clouds darkening over- head, the parade started off at Wescott Gate. Among five bands and forty- two floats entered, Kappa Sigma was awarded first place in the division of " most original, " and Zeta Tau Alpha was lauded " most beautiful. " Either someone ' s a biology major, or the Pi Phi ' s have been reading science fiction stories. i$4 IDA 5TRTE FRUIT FLY flESJWys VRKEfcFDREST What I like best about Homecoming is the gaity. What ' s this about? It ' s for me 1 Gee, gang . . . All the planning and variety of a television spectacular went into the Pow Wow on Friday night. Fireworks, a show by the Marching Chiefs — complete with majorettes and the Flying Seminoles — circus acts, cheerleaders, and the crowning of the Homecoming Queen greeted Seminole rooters who inched their way through snarled traffic to Camp- bell Stadium. 232 and I was so surprised, I almost died. Our feathered friends, left to right, Paula Parsons, Layte Bowden, Anne Munroe. queen layte bowden High spot of the evening came when Layte Bowden was announced 1956 Home- coming Queen, and presented, along with her court, in the traditional Indian head dresses. Homecoming Court, clockwise, Paula Parsons, Linda Jones, Queen Layte Bowden, Anne Munroe, and Liz Armes. Melody for Homecoming Dance provided by Les Brown and Company. It never rains at Homecoming — those are sunshades. Skies which had threatened all weekend finally opened up during the game on Satur- day afternoon. Seminole spirit was not af- fected, however, as Wake Forest and FSU waded to a 14-14 tie. Setting the mood for the Homecoming Dance, stars glittered in the new Men ' s Gym as the music of Les Brown ended the weekend on a dreamy note. Whirling Dervish guest stars at Homecoming Dance. The Hayden Planetarium ' s got nothing on us. •» " S ■V Now get this . . . left to right, Arnold Greenfield, Lee Anne Reetz, Jean Bleichner, Bob Wynn, Ruby Combs, Jim Mclntyre, members of Varsity Debate. FSU ' s Varsity Debate Team did some fast talking this year, and came up with top honors in the Pensacola Junior College Debate Tournament, and second places in the West Georgia and FSU ' s Invitational Tournaments. Among the individual honors garnered by the members of the Debate squad were Arnold Greenfield ' s superior rating in Alabama ' s Discussion Tourney; the Azalea Debate Tournament in which he was named first place speaker as Ruby Combs and Jean Bleichnor were awarded titles of superior debators; and the University of Miami ' s tournament which gave Greenfield second place as individual speaker. Highlighting the debates on campus was the international discussion led by Fred Roberts and Arnold Greenfield against Britishers Morgan and Davies. Clad in Agnes Scott sweatshirts, the worthy opponents from Cambridge turned the meet into a fast running exchange of repartee. The result? A unanimous resolution that Englishmen do have a sense of humor. varsity debate Colonists Greenfield and Roberts in international debate with Tories. Debate Club; left to right, first row: Jim Mclntyre, Ruby Combs, Arnold Greenfield, Bob Martin. Second row: Melvin Peters, Frances Annis, Bart Durham, Suzie Flory. Standing: Tom King, Bob Wynn, L. A. Hester, Fred Roberts, Don Clark, Lee Anne Reetz, Jean Bleichner, Mrs. Betty Phifer, Dr. Gregg Phifer. A boat load of gymnasts on their way home from the Olympics in Australia docked at Hawaii, setting the stage for Gymkhana ' s 1956 production, " Aloha . " In the course of the evening, performances were given on such gymnastic apparatus as the high bar, trampoline, side horse, tumbling mats, parallel bars, and both the still and flying rings. As a highlight of the show, members of the International Students Club gave an exhibition of the Philippine Bamboo Dance- authentically produced and staged by students from the Philippines. gymkhana aloha Say, need any more judges? Finalists in Miss Gymkhana contest. Great act! But how does he get down? FSU ' s " Royal Hawaiians " in finale. Hu-la la! Doris Gregory dances South Sea style The final performance featured the crowning of Linda Jones as Miss Gymkhana and the introduction of the members of her court, who were dressed in costumes carrying out the Hawaiian theme. Gymkhana is staged, managed, and acted entirely by students, from the planning of costumes and props to choreography. Among 1 he notable performers in the cast were NAAU champions Jamile Ashmore, Chick Cicio, and Ronald Amster; Fernando Lecuona, Don Holder, and Jack Miles complete the list as members of various Olympic teams. — vj T -» Massed handstands — the symbol of gymnastics. 237 Hang on, boy! I ' ll call the Fire Department. HHHHHi Don ' t believe it; it ' s trick photography. Somebody put too much wax on the floor. 238 queen linda jones Even old Circus hands are fascinated by the trap acts. Goggle-eyed kids, college students, and adults cram Campbell Stadium three nights in a row each spring to watch the spangled per- formers in FSU ' s " Flying High. " Plenty of excitement is furnished for them by a myriad of acts ranging from the traditional clowns and trapeze performers to the Australian Whipcrackers and roller skaters. FSU ' s unique all-student circus gained national recognition last circus circus Adagio acts warm up on the lot. year through an appearance on the " Sealtest Circus " over a coast-to- coast television hookup, and again this year when several acts ap- peared on Dave Garroway ' s " Morning Show. " During the year, the circus performed in Atlanta, toured Florida, and stopped in at Sarasota for a look at the great gran ' daddy of ' em all — Rmgling Brothers at their winter quarters. » Sometimes a guy hasn ' t got a smile left. circus circus circus A real, live circus has these two young ' uns dazzled. ' ■• ' .: ' ■•■■•■■ Wm We were great! They loved us! Granted we have a transportation problem, but there are limits. " Flying High " is the product of long hours of hard work and planning on the parts of Coaches Jack Haskins and Jim DeCosmo. Coach Haskins started the first circus activi- ties class at FSU in 1947. " Flying High " has grown since then to become an integral part of campus life and one of the outstanding features of the University. Just don ' t let go . . . don ' t let go don ' t . . . Good grief! What happened to the tightrope? Circus coach Glen Haskins. Among the outstanding acts in " Flying High " are the trapeze with performers Leonard Darcy, Ken Hearn, and Arlene Wootten; clowns Jackie Fortune and Toby Terrell; tightwire, Faye Moses and Charlie Matthews; Spanish web, Julie Milam and Marilyn Teare; and toe hang with Fred Burkhardt, who also doubles in Australian Whip- crackers with Les Childs. Who started this fight anyway? So I ' m here — now what do I do? Gimme an " A " Okay, Coach? Okay? Circus, listed as an extra-curricular activity, may be taken for credits in Physical Education or strictly from the lure of sawdust and rosin. In either case, it means year round practices and performances — which include taking down all equipment before anyone is excused for bed. This rigging and un-ngging process is tradition- ally performed to the accompaniment of rigging songs made up and chanted by the feminine members of the troupe. Gee, I wonder if Mom will let me be a clown when I grow up. Forget it. Some nights you just can ' t get a laugh. Oh, oh This wan ' t in the script. How ' d she get up there in the first placer This is a hell of a way to make a living. i 3ut we couldn ' t afford a tent. Hey diddle diddle. P Jl H v HbbB v Hj H F fl| Llv HA 1 " Vi- , ' : I H te- « Mw Z_ " " B4 Anybody on the road ahead ? Indian rope trick — Seminole style. Yep. It was a darned good show. little 500 A motorcade consisting of cars representing the twenty finalist teams in the Little Five Hundred Bike Race preceded the running of the race itself. Relay workouts for the Little Five Hundred. Who stole the bike rack? The gruelling thirty mile course was completed first by the four members of the Kappa Alpha team who relayed each other during the evening. Phi Kappa Tau won the award for the best pit decorations with a huge bicycle wheel mod- estly captioned " Biggest Wheels on Campus. " Quit looking at the people — keep your eyes on the track. teeny-weeny trike race Sororities trained hard and long on borrowed tricycles for competition in the Teeny Weeny Five Hundred. Held during the morning of the bike race, the Teeny Weeny consisted of a mad dash around Wescott Pool Circle. Speeding along on three wheels, Pi Beta Phi managed to cop the winning position among the Bermude shorts- clad entries. Cut in the afterburner! i music at f. s. u. t f •■ n a .- -. i ' • m The Women ' s Glee Club at their Christmas Concert. In their annual Christmas Vespers, Women ' s Glee Club presented the story of the birth of Christ through a selection of songs and Scripture readings representing the prophecies of the com- ing of the Christ Child. The invocation was given by Dr. Edwin Hartz, University Chaplain, the Glee Club was directed by Betty Jane Grimm, and was accompanied by Sally Hukle. Women ' s Glee Club is open to all women students interested in singing and is a regularly scheduled weekly class. women ' s glee club collegians Miss Betty Jane Grimm, Director, Women ' s Glee Club. George Booker, Director, Collegians. Collegians, the male glee club, was organized in 1948 to give interested male students an opportunity to participate in interpretative ensemble singing and the performance of a variety of music. Under the leadership of President Bill Strickland, the Collegians have given two concerts on campus this year, have appeared on local television shows, and have given performances in various parts of the state several times during the school year. i The Collegians, men ' s singing group. 3- 1 %i r - Hi i iff J? «Uw. J 1 m 3 o • v ' • ' » " ' 1t. f Choral Union in their Christmas performance of " The Messiah. ' Herman Gunter, Jr., Director, Choral Union. choral union Choral Union, a musical organization open to all students and townspeople, presented Han- del ' s oratorio " The Messiah " preceding the Christmas holidays. In the spring, Choral Union pre- sented it ' s Annual Grand Opera — this year, Smetena ' s " The Bartered Bride. " university singers The University Singers, under the direction of Herman Gunter, Jr., is open to all students who enjoy singing choral literature ranging from folk songs to present day music. Membership may be attained through tryouts, and consists of approximately sixty members. Activities this year included a joint concert with the Choral Union and the University Symphony in the fall, a tour of concerts in St. Petersburg and Sarasota, and the annual Campus Concert. The University Singers. university symphony mmm The University Symphony. The University Symphony, conducted by Robert Sedore, gives four concerts every year, two of which feature out- standing seniors and graduate students as soloists. Guest soloists for November ' s concert were James Stafford, Audrey Blomgren, and Ryan Edwards; for March, Lowell Roddenberry, Mary Jane Marriott, Dororthea James and Daniel I Revenaugh. The orchestra presented Frederic Kirchberger, pianist, on their January program which featured Ernst von Dohnanyi as guest conductor. Hey, slow down. I can ' t read music that fast. Anybody call for the plumber? In addition to these concerts, the orchestra appeared in other capacities such as playing for the Garnet and Gold Banquet during Homecoming and joining with other University music organizations in the presentation of " South Pacific, " " The Messiah, " and " The Bartered Bride, i Robert N. Sedcre, University Symphony. Sometimes a boy ' s best friend is his bass. Rest period for bass section. The University Symphony rehearses in the pit. marching chiefs " How ' s our Hooper Rating? " One wouldn ' t ordinarily think that the Marching Chiefs gave much thought to their television popularity, but then, this band is hardly ordinary. It all began when the band was scheduled to play for the FSU-Villanova game in Philadelphia. " Being this close to New York, " reasoned the Chiefs, " We should naturally make a point of stopping in on the town. " So they did. De- scending upon the unsuspecting city like the proverbial wolf on the fold, the Chiefs toured New York, gawked at skyscrapers, and eventu- ally wound up — in full view of their proud parents and assorted early birds — on Dave Garroway ' s " Morning Show. " Manley R. Whircomb, Director, Marching Chiefs. They ' re dandy marchers, but how do they know where they ' re going? The Marching Chiefs ' Majorettes. ' Rock a Bye Baby " accompanies the formation of a stork. ... .r-JPJr ww That ' s fine, group, but you ' re ahead of the director. I ' ll huff, and I ' ll puff and I ' ll bring down the house. I told you smoking would stunt your growth. Flying Seminoles in a fast game of charades. lab band Robert Brunagel, Director Lab Band. Organized last year, FSU ' s Lab Band consists of some twenty persons who meet twice a week to discuss, play and arrange a variety of popular and progressive music. The band, directed by Robert Brunagel presented " An Evening of Progressive Music " this spring. Featured on the program were origi- nal compositions and arrangements by the members of the group. The objectives of Lab Band are to acquaint members with the best forms of modern and popular music, to give performers an ability to play and develop their style, and to perform at concerts and other occasions where popular music is appropriate. Break time. A fast cigarette, and then back to work. This is the last number — then we go home. 254 i KV? r C o The cast of " South Pacific " — in various stages of array. south pacific Robert L. Briggs, Producer and Musical Director. " Younger than Springtime " with Sheldon Torn and Liz Armes. Richard Waff and Beverly Brown as Emile deBecque and Nellie Forbush. The Light Opera Guild, sponsored by Sigma Alpha lota, went native this year with a production of " South Pacific " that crowded Wescott Auditorium during its three night stand. The Guild ' s presentation of Rogers and Hammerstein ' s hit musical was sparked by the musical direction of Robert Briggs and the staging of Betty Jane Grimm, who doubled in the role of Bloody Mary. Turning in excellent performances, the cast included Beverly Brown as Nellie Forbush; Richard Waff, Emile De Becque; John Zilles, Luther Billis; Sheldon Torn, Lt. Joseph Cable; George Goldstein, Commander William Harbison; and Liz Armes as Liat. ' Honey Bun " featuring sundry nurses and lieutenants. P ' •■ Ryan Edwards perfects the score of " See the Wind. " Included in the cast were Phyllis DeKalb as the widow Mrs. Collins; Peter Peck as her son Bill; Sam Jordan as Eddie Mulhaus; and Mary Jane Marriott as the daughter Sue Col- lins. Ryan Edwards, who has won a Fu 1 1 bright scholarship for further study in Paris, wrote book and music in addition to staging and conducting the performance. Alex Hay de- signed the set. Dr. Ernst von Dohnanyi plays for Faculty Recital. Edward Kilenyi in Faculty Recital see the wind " See the Wind " a one act opera by student Ryan Edwards was per- formed this year under the sponsorship of Phi Mu Alpha music fraternity, as a part of the Campus Composers Concert. The story explores the tensions created when the son of a Florida cracker widow returns home unexpectedly. The son, Bill Collins, and his cohort Eddie Mulhaus are fleeing from the law and demand that the widow and her daughter put them up for the night. Ryan instructs cast on how to interpret a scene. Daniell Revenaugh, soloist in Khachaturian ' s Piano Concerto. Delta Zeta, winning sorority, directed by Martha Sue Mizell. campus sing ■£ Top honors in the annual Campus Sing contest, sponsored by Sigma Alpha lota and Phi Mu Alpha, were won by Delta Zeta and Pi Kappa Phi in the women ' s and men ' s divisions, respectively. The Delta Zeta ' s rendition of " The Continental " and " Through the Silent Night " effected their third straight win and retired the trophy. Pi Kappa Phi sang " In the Still of the Night " and " Battle Hymn of the Republic, " and thereby hangs a tale. Seems one of the brothers, a loyal reb, refused to sing said Yankee tune, and rashly predicted that if the Pi Kap ' s won Campus Sing he ' d stand up in Wescott Fountain and warble a solo of it. Well, they did, and he did, and the triumphant Pi Kap ' s sent the weekend out in a blaze of glory, glory, hallelujah! Paul Perry leads the Pi Kappa Phi ' s in " Battle Hymn of the Republic ' sports football basketball baseball swimming gymnastics track volleyball tennis Head Coach Tom Nugent football The question posed by the smiling, affable Irish- man Thomas Norman Nugent, in the spring of 1957 was " to be or not to be. " Was Florida State University to be a nationally known or was it to remain a football " small town " ? However, by 1956, the die was cut and the assem- bly line was producing football talent. After two years of bigtime football, which saw the Semmoles continue their meteoric rise to the ranks of the major football schools, the powers at Westcott nodded approval to FSU ' s appearance on the football map. In February, 1957, Nugent was named Director of Intercollegiate Football, in complete control of a newly-created Football Department. With the tacit approval of the administration, football on the FSU campus was given its most significant boost in the short football history at FSU. The sport which started as a joke 10 years ago was raised to the status of an independent department of Florida State University. introducing our coaches The FSU coaching staff; kneeling, front row: Assistant Coach Hugh Adams, Heaj Coach Tom Nugent, Assistant Coach Frank Toomey. Standing, back row: Assist- ant coaches Paul Odom, Hugh " Bones " Taylor, Vaughn Mancha, Bob Harbison. Walking through the stadium park- ing lot, ycu feel the spirit of foot- ball weather in the air. Outlined against the cold arc lights, Doak S. Campbell stadium offers a cheery hello to lead us to our best season yet • . • Up the ramp to the section marked " reserved " ycu walk, anticipating the excitement and thrills to come. Bulling through two tons of human flesh, an Ohio University ball carrier, with the help of a strong forward wall picks up yardage fsu routs ohio 47-7 for first win The mysterious offensive punch was an " X " factor as the untried Florida State Seminoles met a highly touted Ohio University eleven in the first game of the 1956 season at Doak S. Campbell stadium Commencing their second year of major college football, the Seminoles put up a fancy show of offensive skill as could be found anywhere. Lee Corso, playing his first role as quarterback since his freshman year, and Bobby Renn, transfer halfback who was ineligible during the 1955 season, led the assault on the Ohio team. Two quick Seminole touchdowns buried the Ohioans and the 18,312 fans watched as the home team shoved over five more touchdowns until the final tally read Florida State 47, Ohio University 7. Al Pacifico, senior guard, Altoona, Pennsylvania. 3uck Metts, senior halfback, Sanford, Florida. Although seemingly worried over the outcome of the game, Coach Nugent ' s fears proved to be unjustified as his charges chalked up the biggest opening game win in history. After the game, an exhausted player rests briefly before the trip from Athens to Tallahassee. bulldog ' s field goal drops f s u . . • 3 - O A 36-yard field goal by a second string end with a minute and a half remaining cost FSU a heart-breaking 3-0 defeat after they had a second quarter touchdown called back by a penalty. Wally Butt ' s Bulldogs waged an uphill fight against the tight Seminole defense. The Bulldogs could not cross the midfield stripe until late in the first half when they pushed down to the goal. An abortive FSU scoring attempt was halted by a holding penalty in the first quarter. Bobby Renn took a pitchout from Lee Corso and passed seven yards to Bob Nellums in the end zone. However, a red flag lay on the ground at the seven. John Craig, junior tackle, Orlando Bob Nellums, junior end, Pensacola Bobby Renn, sophomore halfback, Henderson, North Carolina c- I roy Barnes, junior center, Chickasaw, Alabama 201 «%£. t lit t, si Behind, 7-0, FSU ' s Rodngue passes out to the flats FSU tied score but lost in second half. Florida State ' s bid to harness a power packed Virginia Tech eleven flared brightly then went out on the wings of a 66 yard punt return late in the first quarter. VPI halfback pulled in a punt on his own 34 then evaded the entire FSU defensive unit to score the first Gobbler touchdown. Reserve quarterback Ted Rodrique entered the game late in the second stanza in an attempt to tie the ballgame. He did — within a minute and a half Rodrique found end Bob Nellums in the end zone with an arcing pass. The Techmen bounced back in the final stanza with two touch- downs and the possession of the ballgame. Ted Rodrique, junior quarterback, Lynn, Massachusetts George Boyer, junior tackle, Jacksonville vpi ' s late rally dumps tribe 20-7 Taking the handoff, an FSU back aims for a hole off tackle Note the block thrown by a Seminole lineman. This appears tc be an easy night for Coach Nugent. Maybe it wasn ' t so easy for one Seminole. A prancing, dancing Miami speedster, Lee Corso, dulled the fangs of a surprised Wolfpack in Raleigh. After a frustrating first half, which saw the Seminoles penetrate the N. C. State lair five times, Corso scored once and set up an- other touchdown in the final half. The Wolf- pack stopped Tribe drives on the 36, 22, 8, 12, and the 35 yard lines. Corso bulled over from the 38 for the first tally and Vic Prinzi passed to Bob Nel- lums for the other tally. stiff defense halts nc state 14-0 Lee Corso, senior quarterback, Miami Joe Holt, senior fullback, Henderson, North Carolina Bill Weaver, junior halfback, Coral Gables Joe McGee, sophomore guard, Raleigh, North Carolina A little worse for wear, defensive standout Jce Holt is greeted by President Campbell. and the rains began.. Early in the game, a Wake Forest kicker punts just out of reach of a host Seminole defenders. If first you don ' t succeed, try to jump over your blocker. wake forest tied 14-14 Splattered with mud, a group of FSU reserves sit in the downpour awaiting another chance to get in the game. This doesn ' t exactly qualify as that fall afternoon hike. in soggy homecoming A rain drenched Homecoming crowd of 14,000 sat in a steady drizzle for two hours to watch the Seminoles exact a 14-14 tie from Wake Forest. All American candidate Bill Barnes scored both Deacon touch- downs to match the Tribe pair. Barnes scored in the first quarter at the climax of a 38 yard scoring drive, then again at the start of the second quarter from the 216 yard line. A pass interference penalty gave the Seminoles the ball on the one, where two plays later, Lee Corso crashed for one Tribe tally. Buck Metts scored from the four for the other F5U touchdown. Late in the final quarter, Bob Nellums ' attempted field goal, sailed wide, and the game ended 14-14. This Wake Forest tackle seems to be trying to cha-cha with passer Lee Corso. Bob Elliott, junior guard, St. Petersburg Billy Odom, senior halfback, Mr. Dora Leo Baggett, junior guard, Panama City Two hours later, after the drenched crowd left, only a few soggy reminders are left to testify to the 1956 homecoming game. ! W ' - » ' ' ■ ' : n -. A 4. A r Nfr I rj m. • f C . i On one of Coach Nugent ' s patterned I -formation specials, tail back Bil ly Odcm takes the snap and behind a line of blockers, skirts right end. The Seminoles invaded the spacious parenthesis of the huge Philadelphia Municipal Stadium opposing one of the most vicious passing attacks and the most frigid weather they had encount- ered yet. The Villanova Wildcats, playing in familiar surround- ings and familiar weather, threatened early in the first quarter then bogged down. Northerner Vic Prinzi struck back, scoring in the first period. Reserve quarterback Ted Rodrique that got in the game before the half ended, lofting a scoring pass to end Bob Nellums in his first appearance in the game. Another pass climaxed the FSU scoring for the evening. Le Corso fired a pass to fullback Joe Holt from the Wildcat 9 to the end zone. " Automatic " Jack Sheppard split the uprights for the Seminoles ' third score. The final score . . . 20-13. fsu edges cats 20-13 Coach Nugent ponders pensively the play on the other end of the field. Vic Prinzi, junior quarterback Waverly, New York Bill Musselman, junior tackle Lynchburg, Virginia Jerry Graham, sophomore tackle Chicago, Illinois canes halt seminoles 20-7 It took a long time to get started against Miami ' s Hurricanes, but when they did, it took a 15-yard penalty to keep them from scoring twice in the fourth quarter. Left — Maybe it was the Hurricanes, the Miami defense, or Andy Gustafson and company, but Seminole followers swore it was the black cat that led to their defeat. Ms astJts Eddie Johnson, junior fullback, Charleston, West Virginia. Bud Leonard, senior center, Ocala. Backs Joe Holt and Vic Prinzi eye the struggle at midfield as FSU stages a fourth quarter rally. Time and time again, it was Ted Rodrique who kept FSU rolling in that game before 36,000 in the Orange Bowl. Twice in the final period, Rodrique kept the Seminoles close to the goal line. First Rodrique threw to Stan Dobosz for the touch- down, but that was called back 15 yards by the illegal shift penalty. The next scoring drive was more suc- cessful, however, as Rodrique fired the Seminoles to a first down on the two-yard line. Lee Corso plunged over from there for the only score for the Seminoles. Bob Thom as, sophomore tackle, Mansfield, Ohio. Bob Fountain, sophomore end, Crestview. ■■ Jim Arnold, junior end, from Bainbridge, Georgia. Stan Dobosz, junior halfback, from East Chicago, Indiana. Halfback Renn relaxes before the game as trainer Don Falls tapes his ankle. There seems to be a premium en pigskin as Seminole Eddie Johnson gets the jump on two Furman defenders. The Seminoles scored the biggest coup of the year as they scored the first time they got the ball, then went on to overpower Furman, 42-7, before a Dad ' s Day crowd of 9000. Lee Corso and Bobby Renn were once again the key to victory as Corso passed for two touchdowns and rushed for 87 yards, while Renn scored twice and ran for 119 yards. fsu flays furman Players ' fathers burst with pride as FSU scores biggest Dad ' s Day victory in history. A Southern defender upends Buck Metts along the sidelines. Stan Doboz appears to be squirting out of the hands of a huge Southern tackier. last minute kick tops southerners 20-19 John Sheppard, sophomore extra point kicker, Tallahassee. The reliable toe of John Sheppard, which had successfully con- verted 18 out of 19 extra point attempts, once again made the differ- ence. Late in the fourth quarter, Sheppard kicked the point which gave FSU the game. Even though, the Seminoles had to fight off an inspired Southern squad to win in the fourth period. In that final period, Southern ' s huge quarterback Bobby Hughes tossed a dramatic touchdown pass to end Pete Waits at the goal to set up the score. But a high pass from center kept the Southerners from converting successfully. Ham Bisbee, junior end, Sanford. Gerald Phi Ip, junior end, Royal Oak, Michigan, powerful auburn halts seminoles 13-7 Only one obstacle seems to be in Bobby Renn ' s way to success One of those freak plays that you only read about and never see happen, really happened to the Seminoles against Auburn. The freak accident probably prevented FSU from defeating its first Southeastern Conference team. Shortly after an Auburn touchdown, FSU halfback Billy Odom took the kickoff and, finding a clear field in front of him, set sail to the other goal. There was one obstacle in front — a team- member, who ran in front of him and tripped him. The only real Seminole score came midway in the third period as Len Swantic passed to Joe Holt for the score. A Seminole evades a host of Auburn defenders. Len Swantic, senior quarterback, Columbus, Georgia. Ron Schomburger, junior end, Pittsburgh, Pa. Carmen Battaglia, junior fullback, Niagara Falls, New York. ■ ' hJ tm - - A mm i - - w » ' - ■ 1«1 M I. A =J - - L-J £.- ' %] l .•.. . . THE 1957 SEMINOLE FOOTBALL TEAM First row: Billy Odom, Stan Dobosz, Al Pacifico, Joe Holt, Len Swantic, Bud Leonard, Lee Corso, Buck Metts. Second row: Jim Arnold, Ham Bisbee, Jerry Henderson, Wes Mmron. George Boyer, Vic Prinzi, Bob Nellums, Ted Williams, Melvin Pope, Bob Elliott. Third row: Bill Kimber, Bob Keys, Bob Fountain, Carmen Buttaglia Bill Atkins, Ron Wetherington, Stuart Keith, Bob Renn, Gerald Philp, Millard Davis, Troy Barnes. Fourth row: Pat Vesprille, Ed Johnson, Steve Holton, John Craig, Ron Schomburger, Ted Rodrique, Bill Musselman, Oather Taylor, Bob Thomas, Leo Baggett, Bill Weaver. Willie Gardner, junior tackle, Tampa. Stuart Keith, sophomore center, Panama City. the team cheerleaders S-E-M-l-N-O-L-E-S . . . fight! The 1956-57 Cheerleaders. First row: Betty Lovan, Nancy Fowler, Judy Dekle, Donna Huggins. Second row: Jim Julian, Sticks Steinberg, Dick Ainsworth, Charles Johnson. iM Head Basketball Coach Bud Kennedy. basketball " One of the most barren futures ever, " predicted many of the FSU basketball critics. With the loss of high scoring guard, Jim Oler, through graduation last year, and only five lettermen returning, basketball coach Bud Ken- nedy faced his most grueling schedule with a largely untried team. The big question was — who is going to fill Jim Oler ' s shoes? Before the season started, Coach Bud Kennedy said, " I believe the boys are ready, though they are perhaps not working as a unit as much as I ' d like to see them yet. " In the early games, lack of unity showed. The Semi- noles had but a 2-12 record to show at midseason. But the Seminoles soon had a new heir apparent to Jim Oler at guard. He was Hugh Durham, who began rewriting the record books with a new school mark for the most points in a single game, against Stetson, in the new men ' s gymnasium. seminoles wind up strong, but 9-17 FSU varsity basketball squad; front row, I. to r. : Tom Garcia, Darryl! Mahoney, Stu Gregory, Bob Williams, Bob Ward, Fred Twomey, Bob Waites, Manager Jake Jacoby Second row; Coach Bud Kennedy, Hugh Durham, Joe Williams, Merle Bryant, Joe Westhafer, Tommy Donovan, Larry Strom, and assistant Coach Mile Long. This scene of Hugh Durham shooting his two-handed push shot became a familiar one to Seminole fans. Hi- - i Hugh Durham, guard, Louisville, Kentucky Bob Waites, forward, Jacksonville. Bob Waites leaps high in the air to lay up another FSU basket. Bob Ward, forward, Lynette, Alabama Stu Gregory, forward, Jacksonville Joe Westhafer, forward, Greensburg, Indiana Joe Williams, guard, Tallahassee soph star durham provides scoring punch Larry Strom swings wildly to block a Loyola shot. jf gJW S A Bob Casteel, center, Fort Lauderdale Fred Twomey, forward, Gloucester, Mass. Bob Williams, center, Covington, Indiana Tom Garcia, guard, Fort Myers UA_S. Durham put on a 43 point performance, which cracked the old high of 42, set by Oler against Morning- side College in 1956. As a team, the Seminoles galvanized their efforts behind the high scoring Durham. In their last 13 games, the Seminoles caught fire and reeled off eight wins to salvage a 9-17 season record. Although the final record does not look particularly distinguishing, a number of high spots may be noticed. Early in the season, the luckless Seminoles traveled down to Gainesville to meet the high riding Gators. With an 0-4 record, the Tribe faced a difficult task against the Gators, who had yet to lose. Somehow, against the current of partisan Gator jeers and taunts, Bud Kennedy ' s charges checked the Gator attack and mounted their own attack to hold a slim lead for 37 minutes of the game. Slowly in the waning minutes, the Gators hacked away at the Tribe lead, until with three minutes to go, the Gators forged ahead. Two and one half minutes later, the Seminoles rebounded into a tie at 65-65. Then with only seven seconds left, U of F forward, Joe Hobbs heaved in a one-handed push shot from near half court — and that was the game. Final statistics show that Hugh Durham became the second high scorer in FSU history to score more than 500 points in a season. His total of 509 tops the previous sophomore standard of 468 set in 1 952-53 by Ham Wernke for a 19.5 average per game. Bobby Waits was second high scorer with a 14.5 average, and led the team in free throw accuracy with a .802 percentage. Center Larry Strom led the team in percentages of successful field goal attempts with a .514 average. The Jacksonville junior was also third high scorer. 1956-57 SCHEDULE FSU Opponents 55 Duquesne 70 64 Steubenville 79 54 West Virginia 89 66 Bradley 90 65 Florida 67 74 Texas A. M 83 58 East Tennessee State 65 68 Georgia 72 75 Morehead State 97 108 Furman 96 58 North Carolina State 63 77 Miami 85 70 Stetson 97 104 Stetson S6 86 Georgia 63 84 Tampa 65 97 Rollins 94 63 Florida Southern 78 67 Florida Southern 73 96 Rollins 79 81 Mississippi Southern 72 79 Loyola 77 82 Miami 98 88 Tampa 57 74 Centenary 92 58 Loyola 83 Bobby Ward stretches for the tip as FSU squeezes by Loyola 79-77 in the year ' s first meeting between the two schools. 277 despite 9-17 record, we did look potentially good Come on " ref, " don ' t just stand there, blow that whistle. frosh squad fails to produce ... but showed promise The 1957 Freshman basketball team: Jim Savage, Charlie Rogers, Tom Adams, Mike Williams, Tom Gregory, Jerry Hohne, Jerry Alderman, Buddy Cash, Ernie Langtord. Tom Donovan, guard, Jacksonville. Merle Bryant, guard, Evansville, Indiana. baseball Head Coach Danny Litwhiler til A Seminole outfielder slides into third — a bit too late. With a 19-6 record in tow, the 1957 version of the baseball squad looks forward to the forthcoming NCAA district tourna- ment with real lust in their eyes. Winners of the Florida Intercollegiate Baseball champion- ship and their own Florida State Invitational Baseball tourney, the Tribe ranks as one of the top contenders in the South. Al- though a shade shy of the 1956 mark of 24-5, the Tribe base- ballers notched three new records in the record book. The team logged 16 home runs as against 12 in 1956. They stole 63 bases and scored 164 runs for two other records. Bantam Dick Howser again led the team batting average. Howser hit a lusty .364, with 29 RBI s. Owen McCarron led the team RBI department with 36 and hit .353. Moundsmen Jerry Boxer and Jack Bristol sparked the pitching department. Boxer finished with a 6-2 and a 1.85 earned run average, while Bristol won six and lost only one. Athletic Director Howard Danford presents the championship trophy for the 1956 Florida State Invitational Tourney to Captain Max Long and Coach Litwhiler as the second place Illinois Coach and captain look on. 279 Outfielder Lee Corso The entire FSU baseball squad rushes off the bench to greet outfielder Riley Sievers after his homerun. the players Outfielder Riley Sievers Outhfielder Owen McCarron Infielder Carlee Hendrix. Catcher Johnny Sheppard W M I |T|.Jf 1ft Pitcher John Ash Infielder Dale Koch Against a backdrop of the nearly deserted bleachers of the Tallahassee baseball stadium, a Seminole batter connects with an LSU pitch. Outfielder Fred Twcmey A Seminole double play combination works out. golf Opening the 1957 campaign with an unbeaten string of 17 straight dual victories and a fifth place finish in last year ' s NCAA tourney, coach Don Veller ' s golf squad were ranked as one of the nation ' s best. Justifying their followers acclaims the Seminole linksman in early matches have compiled a record of 4-1 in dual tests and breezed home victorious in the Florida State Intercollegiate Tourney. Lettermen include new state champ Bunk Berry, national left-handed champ Harry Shoemaker, national quarterfinalist Bob Shave, Ed Jenkins, Billy Shelton, Jack Veghte, Bob Shuman, and Dave Morris. National Amateur quarterfinalist Bob Shave blasts out of a trap on the eighteenth hole. golf team strongest in south Captain Ed Jenkins lines up a shot on the last green. Bob Shuman of Atlanta displays perfect follow-through on a two-wood shot off the fifth fairway. Matching scores after practice round are Bob Shave, Bill Thornton, Jack Veghte, and Ed Jenkins. The FSU golf team; first row: Rem Noble, Jack Veghte, Ed Jenkins, Bob Shuman, Bill Shelton. Second row: Coach Don Veller, Harry Shoemaker, Bob Shave, Dave Morris, John Berry, Dick Parker, and Tuffy Parsons. Coach Veller gives some final advice to number Jenkins before the Florida match. man Ed State Intercollegiate Champion Bunk Berry and freshman Al Yancey work on their putting style. Head Swimming Coach N. B. " Bim " Stults The 1 957 mermen topped three existing records. A 200 yard medley relay team of Ryan Ray, Joel Jacobs, Don Lewis, and Ken Abbott set the record in that event and went on to the NCAA championship representing FSU. A new 400 yard free- style record of 3:33.7 was set by Ken Abbott, Don Lewis, Ryan Ray, and Jim Julian. Jim Julian bettered a six year old mark in setting a new record in the 100 yard freestyle with 52.9. Not only did the 1957 mermen win the Florida AAU, they also took the Georgia AAU as well. The Tribesmen topped Florida 86-78 in the Florida tourney. During the regular season, the FSU swimmers split with the Gators, winning 46-40, and losing, 51-35. Joel Jacobs, junior breaststroker, Fort Lauderdale stult ' s tankers post 10-3 Seniors Mike Tschirret and Jim Julian confer before the last meet in their four-year careers. Ken Abbott, junior breaststroker, Birmingham, Ala. Al King gives last minute instructions to record holding medley relay team of Julian, Tschirret, Jacobs, and Abbott. vet studded squad cops state aau Jim Wentworth, sophomore backstroker, Jacksonville Jim Julian, senior freestyler, Jacksonville Graham Teschke, junior free styler, Euclid, Ohio Don Lewis, junior freestyler, Daytona Beach 285 Mike Tschirref, senior butterfly, Toledo, Ohio Oops, the pool ' s empty! Byron Rhodes, senior diver, Albany, Ga. Glenn Thatcher, sophomore freestyler, Canton, Ohio Rube Waddell, sophomare freestyler, St. Louis, Mo. Jim Justice, junior diver, Marianna FSU ' s record holding 400 yard freestyle relay team check times with assistant coach Al is, left to right: Ryan Ray, Paul Hammond Mike Tschirret, and Jim Julian. m. i ne team . ■ ■ ■ » ■ ■ ' •ViV.Vi!;?- " : " : .■ ■ ■■ Howard Fillmore, sophomore breaststroker, Dearborn, Michigan. Len Koeth, sophomore breaststroker, Euclid, Ohio Paul Kilbane, senior Freestyler, New York, N. Y. Fernando Lecuona, freshman, Havana, Cuba Joe Taylor, senior, Philadelphia, Pa. seminole ' s rafael lecuona goes to Olympics One of the top athletes at Florida State University and a participant in the 1956 Olympic ' s gymnastics competition, is a bantam (5 ' 5 " and 128 pounds citizen of Cuba. Rafael Lecuona of Havana, rates as one of the outstanding gymnasts of the world. Three-time captain of the Cuban Olympic squad, and recently voted his country ' s outstanding gymnast, Lecuona graduates after four years as captain of the Florida State Uni- versity gymnastics team. As most average college gym teams go, one star should be enough. But not for gymnastics coach Hartley Price; Dr. Price keeps a stable full of gymnastics talent. Certainly it is not difficult to see why a Price- coached team have managed to remain in the top five teams in the nation. A glance over the stars Dr. Price has developed reads like a record book. To get some perspective of the 1956-57 squad, we must know some former stars who have gained fame for FSU. The original Florida State University gymnastics star was Bill Roetz- heim, who won five individual national titles in 1951 and eight titles over a period of three years at FSU. One of the members of the present team, Jack Miles, won the NAAU flying rings title in 1951 and tied for the national all-around in 1956. Dr. Hartley Price, gymnastics coach The 1956-57 Gymnastics team gymnasts boast galaxy of stars Ch;ck Cicio, scphcmcre, Brooklyn, New York According to some, Don Holder, a member of this year ' s varsity, is one of the greatest gymnasts in U.S. history. Holder placed on the U.S. Olympic squad as a freshman in 1952. He made the Pan American team in 1956 and stands as one of the Semmoles greatest point makers ever. Three seniors who Dr. Price rates very high are Jamile Ashmore, Joe Taylor and Ronnie Amster. The bouncing Texan, Ashmore, won the NCAA Calisthenics Championship in 1956. Tumbling is his specialty, and he likes to teach tumbling to children. Joe Taylor is hard to imagine as a gymnastics champion. Tiny, only 5 ' 9 " and 140 pounds, Taylor won the Florida and Georgia flying rings title in 1953. The third standout is Ronnie Amster, another bantam (5 ' 7 " and 140 pounds) from Chicago, Illinois, who won the NCAA high bar competition in 1956. Ronnie Amster, senior, Chicago, Illinois Bob Murray, junior, Boston, Massachusetts Larry Malmlin, freshman, Sweden H ■ ' ' V N i ; ■ ■■■■ sh is ; " " «(- 1 ■ HHHHBBIBHHHHHHBBBViHHcHHi ' Jamile Ashmore, senior, Dallas, Texas Larry Bestman, senior, Chicago, Illinois experience plus, brags » 57 track team » Javelin hurler Jimmy Harrell tenses before releas- ing the throw which may top 190 yards. The year 1957 may well be remembered as the " great track year " for track mentor Mike Long. With his three high point men of 1956 returning, Long is looking forward to his best year at FSU. Jack Terwilliger, high point man last year, Joe Davis, who specializes in the low hurdles and the broad jump, and Miler Mike Conley, who holds the school record for the mile, head the track congregation this year. The Seminoles took the non-conference division of the Atlantic Coast Conference Indoor Games on February 23 in their sec- ond effort this year. They followed that victory with a 102-36 defeat of Mississippi Southern here on March 16. Possible record breakers on this year ' s squad are Lloyd Lassen, who set the school mark in the high jump at 6 ' 2 " , Don Ayres, Warren Strictland, and Richard Elwood in the pole vault, and Wes Minton, who holds the school record in the high and low hurdles. A talented as well as versatile star, Seminoles captain Joe Davis performs in the sprints, broad jump, and low hurdles. The 1957 track team, first row: team manager, Jack Terwilliger, Mike Conley, Pete Fraschetti, Don Ayres, Lloyd Lassen, Tenny Brown, Charley Watson. Second row: Phil Royce, Chuck Hackney, Buddy Elliott, Jimmy Harrell, Mike Hillegas, Doyle Ruff. Third row: Coach Mike Long, Maurice Kennedy, Tommy Chivers, Bobby Bryson. Harvey Hall, Richard Elwood, Billy Odom. 292 A syncronization of perfect timing and co-ordination is displayed by Jack Terwilliger and Mike Conley as they start off the blocks. fsu wins ace non-conference title Relay man Ken Segner sprints for his team- mate in the second lap of mile relay. Irouched like a charging bear, printer Doyle Ruff kicks away from he starting block. If humans could fly Seminole Bobby Bryson would be first in line as he is in his specialty, the broad jump. V V O Rod Fields follows through in winning discuss toss. This is no contest, the only ones in the race are Tenney Brown, Tom Chivers and Charley Watson ... all of FSU Seminole star and high point-man Jack Terwilliger displays customary form as he breaks the tape first. Looks like there must be a piece of dirt on the bar as Loyd Lassen examines it on another record breaking jump. Freshman track team, first row: Ben Gecrge, Dave St. John, Ted Keen, Galen Kilburn, Gary Buttner. Second row: Charlie Nye, Tom Keeney, Henry Worthman, Claude Griz- zard, Tom Gregory. Distance man Mike Conley exhibits stride that has led him to set two school records. " Daddy, show me how, " says miler Pete Fraschetti ' s son. Every muscle fiber in Don Ayres ' body strains to push him over the bar. An FSU volleyball player leaps high to spike the serve against Stanford University in the NCAA volleyball contest in Seattle in 1956. volleyball Three Seminoles try to block a spike from a Stanford player in the same tourney. One of the most significant facts to be found about the FSU volleyball squad is the multiplicity of past and present All-American players. No other ath- letic teams at FSU can claim as many All-Americans as the volleyball squad. All-Americans on the present FSU squad include two-time All-American Berme McCann and Fehmi Zeko who was named to the first team All-American team in 1956. Perhaps most of the credit can be attributed to Coach Bill Odeneal, who himself was quite a volley- ball player in his college days. In charting the brief history of the FSU volleyball fortunes, one can readily note the steady rise of the volleyball squad from a name on a score card in 1949 to the National Intercollegiate Champions in 1955 and a prominent contender ever since. The 1957 Volleyball Team: kneeling: John Miller, Marvin McLean, Duane Eby, Fehmi Zeko. Second row: Coach Bill Odeneal, Berme McCann, Gene Lewis, Edgar Barnett, Jim McFadder, Matt Sullivan. A portion of the 1957 tennis team. Jack Crew, Bill Counts, Dave Tiedt, Oliver Cannon, Jack Curtiss, Pat Hey, Bill McKmney, and Tom Woods. tennis Tennis Coach Keith Pitchford. A lack of experienced men is the biggest shortcoming of the 1957 edition of the tennis team, Coach Keith Pitchford complains. The two top men of last year ' s team graduated and only five lettermen returned. But, of the five who returned, four were freshmen in 1956. Only Sonny Sellers has had more than one year ' s experience on the team. The five lettermen, besides Sellers, were Fred Sherrett, Lex Hester, Frank Bryan, and Jim Maddox. Letterrnan Jim Maddock sets himself for a powerful serve. Number 1 man, Fred Serrett volleys with his opponent before the start of their match. Sonny Sellers slams a backhand at team- mate Jack Curtiss in a practice match. Jack Crew, Delta Tau Delta, displays the form he used in winning the fraternity tennis singles title. men ' s intramurals 1955-56 winners Independent League Fraternity League Senior Hall BASKETBALL Alpha Tau Omega Methodists VOLLEYBALL Sigma Alpha Epsilon Senior Hall BOWLING Sigma Alpha Epsilon Penthouse SWIMMING Phi Delta Theta Baptists FOOTBALL Alpha Tau Omega Senior Hall SOFTBALL Sigma Alpha Epsilon Baptists HORSESHOES Theta Chi Senior Hall TRACK Alpha Tau Omega Baptists GOLF Phi Delta Theta Magnolia TABLE TENNIS TENNIS Phi Delta Theta Penthouse SINGLES Sigma Nu Methodists DOUBLES Phi Kappa Tau 1956-57 winners Two Methodist team mates warm-up for the evening ' s volleyball match. Feds BASKETBALL Sigma Alpha Epsilon Penthouse VOLLEYBALL Sigma Alpha Epsilon Feds SWIMMING Phi Delta Theta Rebels FOOTBALL Sigma Nu Senior Hall TRACK Phi Delta Theta Lutherans TABLE TENNIS Lambda Chi Alp SINGLES Lambda Chi Alpha Lutherans DOUBLES TENNIS Delta Tau Delta International Club SINGLES Delta Tau Delta Magnolia DOUBLES Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon, fraternity basketball champs. Kneeling: Phil Hunt and Jerry Donaway. Standing: Stan Lewis, Claude Grizzard, Bob Fold, John Joiner, Dale Koch. Cold fans bundle up together to watch the Delta Tau Delta-Alpha Tau Omega touch football game. 1 " stf ' - 1TO % W Wto The Pi Phis in action against Chi Omega, before winning the volleyball championship. Pi Beta Phi volleyball champions; front row: Malinda Dixon, Marion Davis, Ramelle Ellis, Nancy Fogo. Back row: Frances Carey, Jean Magi] I, Nan Chamberlain, Dottie Hatton. women ' s intra murals First Sports Season Volleyball sorority Winner: Pi Beta Phi dormitory Florida Hal Doubles Winner: Bets Harrell and D. Darwick, Bryan Hal Second Place, Ella Mae Miller and Hazel Burke, East Landis Table Tennis Singles Winner: Julie Milam, Kappa Alpha Theta Second Place: Ruth Dowling, East Landis Doubles Winner: Florida Hall Second Place: Kappa Alpha Theta Bowling Winner: Pi Beta Phi Second Place: Kappa Delta Second Sports Season Basketball sorority Winner: Zeta Tau Alpha dormitory Broward Hall Badminton Singles Winner: Joan Cascone, West Landis. Second Place: B. J. Little, Kappa Alpha Theta Pat Murphy lines up the shot as her Kappa Alpha Theta teammates look on. 299 organizations honoraries . . . clubs . . . student houses OFFICERS Dr. Victor R. B. Oelschlager President Prof. William Watson Vice President Dr. Lynette Thompson Secretary Dr. Burke Vanderhill Treasurer Dr. Venila L Shores Historian phi beta kappa MEMBERSHIP Mrs. Mary B. Alfriend Dr. Charles W. Arnade Mr. Stanley E. Asplund Dr. William M Barrows Prof. Ramona Cruikshank Beard Natha S. Blount Mrs. Lois H. Boggs Dr. Irene Boliek Dr. Ruth Schornherst Breen Mr. Reno W. Bupp Dr. Grace Edith Cairns Dr. Doak S. Campbell Dr. Margaret V. Campbell Prof. John Elmer Champion Mr. George Robert Clapp Mrs. Charles S. Davis Dr. Graydon S. DeLand Dr. Ezda M. Deviney Dr. Dorothy Dodd Dr. William G. Dodd Dr. Olivia N. Dorman Dean Wilson K. Doyle Dr. Ralph Drager Mrs Richard Eide Dr. James Watson Ellis Dr. R. L. Eyman Mrs. R. L. Eyman Dr. Robert S. Fouch Dr. Earl Frieden Dr. Dwight B. Goodner Dr. Viola Graham Dr. Alex E. Green Dr. H. C. Griffith Dr. Ernest M. Grunwald Mrs. Herman Gunter, Sr. Dr. Marion J. Hay Dr. Werner Herz Dr. Dorothy L. Hoffman Mrs. Katherine B. Hoffman Dr. Marion D. Irish Dr. Roy N. Jervis Mr. Richard Joel Dr. Michael Kasha Dr. Winthrop Niles Kellcg Dr. Lewis Martin Kill ian Dr. William C. Kirk Miss Olga Larson Dr. Albert L. Leduc Dr. John Edward Leffler Dr. Ernest H. Lund Dr. Kenneth Floyd McLaughlin Mrs. Ralph McWilliams Dr. M. Avramy Melvin Mrs. Thomas Morrell Dr. Myer Francis Nimkoff Dr. Victor R. B. Oelschlager Dr. Lynn E. Orr Prof. Daisy Parker Dr. May R. Parmeter Dr. Malcom B. Parson Honorable Claude Pepper Dr. Robert Lee Plunkett Dr. J. Russell Reaver Dr. J. Paul Reynolds Dr. Harold Richards Dr. William Hudson Rogers Mrs. Arthur Seymour Dr. Venila L. Shores Dr. Robert B. Short Dr. J. R. Skretting Dr. Elmer Smith Miss Nancy Warren Smith Dr. Gerald Speisman Mrs. Sara Srygley Dr. Lynette Thompson Mrs Vincent Thursby Dr. Lyman D. Toulmin Dr. Burke Gorden Vanderhili Dr. Hubert Odell Waldby Dr. Francis R. Walton Prof. William Watson Dr. Betty M. Watts Miss Miriam Wilson Mr. Richard Burton Wilson Dr. Eunice Work Undergraduate: Evelyn Moll i Honorary Fraternity for Men and Women in Arts and Sciences Founded William and Mary College, 1776 Alpha Chapter of Florida, 1934 302 OFFICERS Dr. Walter D. Smith President Dr. Milton Carothers Vice President Dr. Marian W. Black Secretary Mrs. Hortense M. Glenn Treasurer Dr. Margaret Campbell Corres. Journal phi kappa PHI KAPPA PHI Mrs. Nelda C. Alderman Miss Mary V. Alexander Mrs. Betty White Bailey Dr. Marian W. Black Dr. Doak S. Campbell Dr. Margaret V. Campbell Dr. Milton Carothers Mr. John E. Champion Miss Martha G. Chapman Mrs. Betty D, Culpeper Dean Charles Davis Dr. R. L. Eyman Mrs. Ruth D. Ferguson Miss Elizabeth Ann Gardner Mrs. Azzurra B. Givens Dr. Dwight Goodner Dr. R. L. Goulding Mrs. Hortense Glenn Dr. Sarah Lou Hammond Dr. Dorothy L. Hoffman Dr. Richard Joel Mr. Robert A. Kromhaut Dr. Karl 0. Kuersteiner Miss Olga Larson Mr. L. Lisle, III Dr. Kenneth D. Miller Dr. Katherine Montgomery Dr. Malcom B. Parsons Dr. Gregg Phifer Mr. Keith Pitchford Mr. Paul Redfearn Miss Louise Richardson Dr. Robert B. Short Dr. Walter D. Smith Dr. Hazel Stevens Dr. Hugh Stickler Dr. Willian Stratton Mrs. Marion C. Thompson Dr. H. Odell Waldby Dr. R. L. Witherspoon Honorary Fraternity for Men and Women in General Education Founded Nationally 1897 303 Don Alford Dave Bachman Mr. Frank Bean, Jr. Dr. James F. Carr Bill Cullom Lee Corso Dr. Charles S. Davis Don Heidel Dr. Louis Killian Dr. R. R. Oglesby Bob Porter Jim Ralston Dr. J. Paul Reynolds Jim Soles Dr. William Tate Mr. Edward D. Whittlesey j omicron delta kappa National Men ' s Leadership Honorary Selection to Omicron Delta Kappa, Na- tional Leadership Honorary, is one of the highest forms of recognition a male student can receive on the Florida State University campus. Membership is extended to those who have attained high standards of Character, Scholarship, Fellowship and Leadership in campus life. O.D.K. brings together members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mu- tual interest and understanding. OFFICERS DAVE BACHMAN President BOB PORTER Vice President JOE PLANT Secretary JIM RALSTON Treasurer mortar board National Senior Women ' s Honorary Mortar Board is a national senior women ' s honorary established on the Florida State University campus in 1925. The purpose of the organization is to promote college loy- alty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among University women, to promote and maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college women. OFFICERS EMILY HUDSON President GRETCHEN KERR Vice President CARMINE RANIERI Secretary POLLY SWAIN Treasurer Flo Ashby Evelyn Moll Pat Rooney Carolyn Close Charlotte Patten Jane Soper Emily Hudson Phyllis Patten Liz Stainer Gretchen Kerr Carmine Ranieri Polly Swain Martha Mizell Not Pictured: Martha Grizzard Martha McGinnis Charlotte Abney Jan Kaminis June McMannus Jackie Bouder Sylvia Kearson Mary Louise Peacock Glenda Briscoe Barbara McCartney Joyce Weatherup Barbara Chambers 305 gold key Men ' s Leadership Honorary Gold Key is a local Men ' s leadership honorary organization established in 1947. Its purposes and objectives are four-fold: first, to honor those who have exemplified the ideals of service, leadership and high scholastic standards; secondly, to organize as a unit for further service to the University; thirdly, to stimulate continued leadership among its members; and lastly to foster service as a worthwhile goal for all students. Don Alford Dave Bachman Lee Corso Bill Cullom Martin Dyckman Vernon Edgar Ryan Edwards Bob Eltmg Arnold Greenfield Don Heidel Oscar Johnson Jim Mclntyre Bill Manning Coyle Moore Jim Ralston Fred Roberts Jim Soles Bobby Temple NOT PICTURED Laird Anderson Frank Fain Jack Lang Jim Moore Paul Ort Tony Swain David Ward-Stei Bill Weaver Pat Wolfe OFFICERS BOB ELTING President JIM SOLES Vice President FRED ROBERTS Secretary JIM RALSTON Treasurer 306 Garnet Key is a local women ' s leadership honorary organized in 1948. The purpose of the organization is to recognize women students for their outstanding contributions of leadership, spirit and service to the University, and to promote those activities which foster the progress of the University. Candidates for Garnet Key are tapped twice a year from the second semester sophomores, juniors and seniors having an all-over average of 2.3 and being active in at least two extra-curricular activities. OFFICERS GRETA SIMS President NANCY CUBBON Vice President ANN BOHLER Secretary MARIAN BENSON Treasurer garnet key Women ' s Leadership Honorary Flo Ashby Margaret Ann Baliinger Marion Benson Ann Bchler Jane Chapman $gi m Carolyn Close Benie Jo Cozart Nancy Cubbon Elka Frank Martha Grizzard Barbara Jeffries Jo Jones Jan Kaminis Gretchen Kerr June McMannus Martha Sue Mizel Evelyn Moll Charlotte Patten Phyllis Patten Kathleen Psaras Carmine Ranieri Pat Rooney Gretta Sims Jane Scper Liz Stainer Polly Swain Joyce Weatherup Betty Lou Whittle Ruth Williams NOT PICTURED Gloria Lantz - who ' s who in american colleges universities Florence Ashby Barbara Ayala Candidates for Who ' s Who are seniors who have been nominated by a Student Govern- ment committee assigned to choose leader id ■ " " ■ " ■ fi |, | ' of i ,jrri| ir k i iti. ■ rJn r| then voted on by their class. Dave Bachman Marian Benson Carolyn Close Lee Corso Nancy Cubbon Don Heidel Jo Jones Gretchen Kerr June McManus Martha Sue Mizell Evelyn Moll James Moore James E. Moore Faye Moses Paul Ort Charlotte Patten Phyllis Patten Carmine Ranieri Pat Rooney Greta Sims Jim Soles Jane Soper Polly Swain Robert Temple David Ward-Steinman Betty Lou Whittle NOT PICTURED Margaret Ann Ballinger Ryan Edwards Al Pacifico Tony Swain 308 First row, left to right: Jean Wicks. Ada Leigh Wall, Nancy Worrall, Ruby Combs, Nellie Manda. Second row: Jan Kaminis, Maria Salgado, Audrey Flohe, Judith Anne Taylor, Lynnie Cavin, Pat Cale, Ellen Shaw, Linda Brinkley. Third row: Nancy Jo Bowers, Sherry Nichols, Ethel Calhoun, Barbara Houston, Marie Locker, Nancy Key, Penny Appleby, Jeanne Magill, Josephene Smith, Deanne Guthrie, June Lasseter, Ester Brown. Not Pictured: Mary Armistead, Genevieve Bleichner. Julia Conkling, Janet Holler, Barbara Krogland, Dean O ' Sullivan, Carol Terpening. alpha lambda delta Freshmen Women ' s Scholastic Honorary NANCY WORRALL President JULIE CONKLING Vice President ADA LEIGH WALL Secretary NELLIE MANDA Treasurer Alpha Lambda Delta is a national scholastic honorary for freshmen women established on the campus in 1 941 . The purpose of the organization is to encourage superior scholarship among the freshmen women at Florida State. Among its social events were assisting the Dean of Women with the annual tea honoring the freshmen girls with a two point average or better, and an initiation banquet for new members. 309 First row, lefl to right : Rosemary Stainback, Pat Talbott, Madaline Copeland, Winnie Mae Douglas, Mary Ann Benedict, Ginny Pepper, Barbara Eissey, Marlene Brand, Patsy Mann, Marie Locker, Ruth Dickenson, Cinthia Lawrence. Second row: Beth Bowen, Nancy Frey, Claire Green, Pat Starnes, Gina Gaski.is, Barbara Rouse, De Anne Head, Carol Uhlich, Dean O ' Sullivan, Peggy Buchanon, Neila Chapman, Mary Beth Roberts, Ethel Calhoun, Serena Shad, Nancy Person, Okie Jones. Third row: Carolyn Bell, Nan Chamberlain, Eleanor Sweat, Nettie Black, Jan 3 Sal ley, Betsy Smith, Nancy Space, Sandra Rosenberg, Nancy Key, Sue Gunderson, Nancy Worrell, Sara Ewing, Barbara B i Id, Ann Frick. Fourth row: Desse Pinkard, Evie Morris, Betty Schwartz, Linda Bean, Julie Conkling, Barbara Mentzer, Delane Vincent, Pat Manning, Lynn Markhan, Laura Chuk, Linda Rollings, Yancy Murray, Donnie Ann Davis, Lois Charlesworth, Judy Allen, Ginger Connor, Gretchen Oetchen, Nancy Heacock, Ada Leigh Wall. Fifth row: Nancy Fowler, Judy Dekle, Pat Finlay, Nellie Manda, Liz Armes, Bobbie Ann Stang, Louise Justice, Lynne Cavin, Ellen Catron, Pat Wilder, De Anne Bosemore, Carlene Hernngtcn, June Lassiter, Barbara Buckles, Barbara Thackston, Nancy Jo Bowers, Mary Alice Croft, Cora Hargrove, Jean Brackston, OFFICERS SANDRA ROSENBERG President NANCY SPACE Vice President NANCY KEY Secretary BETSY SMITH Treasurer sophomore council Service Honorary for Women Sophomore Council is a sophomore women ' s service honorary. The purpose is to be of service to the university and its organizations. During Orientation they welcome, acquaint and counsel new students. Their projects include helping with the campus elections, raising money for Campus Chest, acting as guides for visiting groups on campus, and being of service to other campus organizations in any way possible upon request. 310 OFFICERS PHIL KNIGHT President BILL CLENDINEN Vice President JOHN CALHOUN Secretary RUFUS JENNINGS Treasurer alpha council Service Honorary for Men Alpha Council is a Freshman-Sophomore leadership honorary established in 1952. Its purpose is to bring the future leaders of the school together early in their college careers so they work with each other in benefitting the university. The organization provides guides and counselors during Orienta- tion Week and actively promotes campus-wide activities. First row, left to right: Bill Bunker, Gerry Gordon, Bob Kansky, Tom Pendray. Second row: Jim Soles, Rufus Jennings, Phil Knight, Bill Clen- dinen, John Calhoun. Third row: Bob Moren, Dale Koch, Jack Montgomery, Cliff Gwynn, Oliver Dickson, Charles Sizer. First row, left to right: Russ Parrish, Bob Johnson, Russ Alderman, Bob Dumke, Sonny Sellers, Miss Adams, Jack Champion, Chuck Schwenk. Second row: Bill Donalscn, Don Bryan, Lloyd Campbell, Richard Percoco, Harold Euler, Charles Gottschalk, Mike Mullins, Roger Herndon. Third row: Ron Sommer, Bob Kansky, Tom Marks, Jack McQuestion. alpha phi omega Service Fraternity OFFICERS bONNY SELLERS President JACK CHAMPION Vice President ROBERT DUMKE Vice President CHUCK SCHWENK Secretary BILL WRIGHT Treasurer Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity established on the Florida State campus in 1951. Membership is composed of students who have had previous association with scouting, either as scouts or scout leaders, who have the desire to render service to their fellow men and community and have a sufficient scholastic standing. The purpose of the organization is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship and to promote service to humanity. The Used Book Exchange is the chief service project for the university. APO also sponsors the Ugly Man and Ugly Woman con- test, provides guides for Orientation Week and an annual Easter Egg Hunt for crippled children. 312 First row, left to right: Mr. Howard Abel, June Mildred Swearingen, advisor; Charles Matthews. Second row: Alynne King, Lucy Council, Carson Edwards, Barbara Jeffries. kappa delta pi Education Honor Society Kappa Delta Pi, National Education Honor Society, founded its FSU chapter in 1925. Its purpose is to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. Members are selected on the basis of commendable personal qualities, worthy educational ideals, and sound scholarship. The society also endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members and to quicken professional growth by honoring achievement in educational work. The FSU chapter holds receptions to honor interns at the end of each semester. It also sponsors, along with Phi Delta Kappa, the Kappa Delta Pi-Phi Delta Kappa Summer Lecture Series. OFFICERS HOWARD P. ABEL President CHARLES MATTHEWS Vice President BARBARA JEFFRIES ALYNNE KING Recording Secretary LUCY COUNCIL CARSON EDWARDS Corresponding Secretary DR. HARRIS DEAN Treasurer 313 tau beta sigma Band Honorary for Women OFFICERS CHARLOTTE ABNEY President ALICE LUCAS Vice President MYRA ANNE LAY Secretary FRANCES WILSON Treasurer Tau Beta Sigma is a national band honorary for women which was established on the Florida State campus in 1955. It is now the largest chapter in the nation with 40 active members. The purpose of the organization is to encourage musical interests and abilities in promoting band work among women students, to co-operate with other musical organizations, and to promote better band-student body relations. First row, left to right: Tina Gifford, Nannie M. Christian, Nancy Jacobs, Betsy Pinkerton, Sara McMillin, Peggy Wilson, Pat Turpin, Barbara Keesler, Anne Verran, Meta Viohl, Paula Parsons. Second row; Florence Ashby, Phyllis Shaddick, Helen Brinson, Fran Wilson, Myra Anne Lay, Charlotte Abney, Alice Lucas, Jean Thompson, Linda Bean, Patsy Zech, Willa Schmit. Third row: Patsy Stephens, Agnes Nearing, Marietta Richardson, M Hecht, Lillian Olsen, Carol Terpening, Ellen Starbuck, Jackie Hailey.artha Robinson, Polly Swain, Willa Bird, Barbara Jean Little, Pauline 314 First row, left to right: Bob Hipps, Roy McCance, Pat Stewart, Frank Fansler, Bill Taylor. Second row: Mike Hipps, Howell Winfree, Carl Johnson, Ronnie Bell, Dale Jensen, Tony Swain, Bob Loughridge, Lee Knowles, John Bracewell, Stanley Blosch, Ben Baldy, Charlie Turner. Third row: Fred Boska, Phi! Posey, Dixon Redditt, Alan David, Jim C. Lyman Hammond. kappa kappa psi Band Honorary for Men OFFICERS PATRICK DANIEL STEWART President ROY HUGH McCANCE Vice President FRANKLIN FANSLER Secretary SID WILCK Treasurer Kappa Kappa Psi is a national band honorary for men established on the campus in 1955. It acts as host for visiting bands which come to our campus and is a service organization for the University Band. 315 First row, left to right: Connie Rodabaugh, Lynn Shirley, Char-laine Ralston, Pauline Hecht Second row: Dolores Symasek, Martha Baggett, Alice Lucas, Louise Gillespie, Martha Sue Mizell, Florence Ashby. Third row: Shirley Wallace, Nancy Dvorak, Mary Dare Moore, Carol Terpening, Patsy Stephen, Helen Dunn, Ann Morse, Lorna Elder. Fourth row: Carol Rehkop, Ellece Burns, Joan Jones, Linda Bean, Pat Turpin, Sandra Smith, Jean Wicks, Jean Thompson. sigma alpha iota Music Honorary for Women OFFICERS CHAR-LAINE RALSTON President CONNIE RODABAUGH Vice President LOUISE GILLESPIE Secretary CAROL OWEN Treasurer Sigma Alpha lota is a national music fraternity for women organized on the Florida State campus in 1947. Its membership is composed of women who intend to make a life ' s work in the field of playing and teaching music. It sponsors the Light Opera Guild whose 1956 production was " South Pacific, " co-sponsors Campus Sing Weekend with Phi Mu Alpha, and the annual Easter Vespers Program. It also provides ushers for the Artist Series and for campus musical performances. 316 i phi mu alpha Music Honorary for Men OFFICERS WILLIAM H. TAYLOR President RAYMOND LIEBAU Vice President PHILIP C. POSEY Secretary DIXON REDDITT, JR Treasurer Phi Mu Alpha is a national professional music honorary for men established on the Florida State campus in 1949. The purpose of the organization is to advance the cause of music in America; to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music; to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members; to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater; and to give recognition to outstanding worth in musical activity. Phi Mu Alpha co-operates with Sigma Alpha Iota in sponsoring Campus Sing Weekend, and its members usher at University music programs. wril ' " .- 1ZS3 First row, left to right: John MacLean, Dizon Redditt, Richard Lehmann, Jerald McCollum, Jon Gilbert, Mike Hipps, Phillip Posey, Dave Brmson, John Zilles, Ryan Edwards. Second row: Stanley Blosch, Maurice King, Sheldon Torn, Ralph Nolen, William H. Taylor, Karl Mchr, Franklin Fansler, Jim McGoni- gal, William Catledge, Lyman L. Hammond, Trellers G. Case. Standing: Tommy Glennan, Tony Brittin, Jack Meader, Dick Adams, James Matson, Raymond Liebau, Lonnie Keene, Dale Jensen, Bill Alton, Sid Wieck, Bill Prokop, John Bracewell, Robert Blanton, John Galea. 317 . First row, left to right: Charlotte Patten, Joan Braden, Lisabeth Stainer, Dorothy Walling. Second row: Phyllis Patten, Miss Eunice Grady, Janice Jarrett. omicron nu National Home Economics Honorary OFFICERS JOAN BRADEN President ELIZABETH STAINER Vice President CHARLOTTE PATTEN ..Secretary DOROTHY WALLING ..Treasurer sigma tau delta National English Honorary OFFICERS RUTH ROGERS President JUNE GRANT Vice President KATHY BEEHLER Secretary DONNA HARDY Treasurer First row, left to right: Helen Anderson, Mary Louise Peacock, Greta Sims, Marian Benson, Polly Atwater, Mary Elizabeth McKeown. Second row: Barbara Ayala, Barbara Chambers, Dawn Sharp, Kathy Beehler, Ruth Rogers, June Grant, Martha Swann, Mitzi McCullough. Third row: Miss Sarah Herndon, Miss Blanche Trezevant, Dr. Dwight Burton, Robert Jones, Dr. Townsend, David Raney, Dr. Hudson Rogers, Sylvia Willis, Dr. Claude Flory, Carolyn Close, Joan Cunningham. i OFFICERS TEDDY S. RYBICKI, SR. .President RONALD KOSEMUND Vice President SHUFORD M, FUTCH, JR. Secretary-Treasurer First row, left to right: Professor Richaid E. Joel, Russ Parrish, Dick Palmer, Ted Rybicki, Ronald Kosemund, Shuford Futch, Tony Avitable. Second row: Ralph Peckham, Art Albrecht, William Munroe, James Olsen, Duncan Osborn. alpha delta sigma National Professional Advertising Fraternity pi delta phi National French Honorary First row, left to right: Dr. Margaret Campbell, Lisbeth Stainer, Jane Maclntyre, Anne Bradbury. Second row: Dr. Wilson Micks, Lomon Koos, Dr. Albert Leduc, Dr. Graydon Deland, Dr. Victor Oelschlager. OFFICERS E. LOMON KOOS, JR. .. .President KATHERINE HARTLEY Vice President NANCY BRADBURY Secretary-Treasurer ■ i nm ■iiiiiHim First row, left to right: Roger Berry, Sam McClain, Roy Wagner, Ed Nunez, Dusty Rhodes, Gordon Russ. Second row: Jim Webb, Wilbur Bashaw, Ben Powell, John Legerton, Sonny Casca, Ray McCoy, Earl Peterson. scabbard and blade OFFICERS EARL PETERSON President ED NUNEZ Vice President SAM McCLAIN Secretary BEN PO WELL Treasurer The supreme goal, the highest achievement of ail the brass shin- ing, mirror gazing cadet officers of Army ROTC is to be selected as a tap of the National Society of Scabbard and Blade. It is composed of men who have proved, in the eyes of the military, outstanding leader- ship and intelligence. The national military honorary society now boasts a membership of over 68,000 men spread over 96 colleges and universities. The principal aim is to promote a feeling of unity among military leaders and to maintain a high standard in the military activities of the corps. This year Scabbard and Blade was responsible for making the annual Military Ball an occasion to be remembered. The highlight of the Ball for which Ray Eberle furnished the music was the crowning of Miss Barbara Bishop as the 1957 ROTC Queen. 320 i OFFICERS BILL KING President MARGE TINDELL Vice President RUTH HARVARD Secretary GERRY FRANK Treasurer First row, left to right: Nancy Cubbon, Marlene Matouk, Phil Johnson, Lois Friedman, Majorie Tindell Bill King. Eli Ask. Second row: Steve Kleid, Ron McCall, Jack Terwilliger, George Goldstein, Ethel Giffcrd, Sue Powell. les jongleurs Dramatic Arts Honorary phi alpha theta National History Honorary OFFICERS RICHARD C. LUKAS.... President S • GORDON SPEED Vice President J NORMA JEAN TEDDER Sec ' etary-Treasurer RICHARD BASSETT .... Historian Left to right: Richard Bassett, Dick Lukas, Jean Tedder, Gordon Speed. 321 OFFICERS CHARLES HERRON President GEORGE BENNETT Vice President ANN WALL Secretary CAMERON McKNIGHT Treasurer alpha epsilon delta National Premedical Honorary First row, left to right: Ann Wall, Charles Herron, George Bennett, Donna Hardy. Second row: Robert Whittier, Troy Overstreed, Ruby Livingston, John Adams. Third row: Lloyd Fish, David Salmon, Robert Meggs, Dr. J. Carl Reynolds. First row, left to right: Maria Salgado, Mary Katherine McKeown, Jackie Wiggin, Dr. Margaret Campbell, Gilbert Fernandez, Mary Elizabeth Wise, Edna Duggan. Second row: Loretta Lewis, John Brown, Dr. Herbert Lacayo, Miss Marjorie Judy, Dr. Victor Oelschlager, Dr. Graydon DeLand, Ann Bradbury. Third row: Maryo Walters, Myra Anne Lay, Mauro Aramedia, Mary Lou Albrecht, Sally McNutt, Betty Champeaux. sigma delta pi National Spanish Honorary OFFICERS JACQUELIN M. WIGGIN President GILBERT FERNANDEZ Vice President PANSY STEELE Secretary MARY KATHERINE McKEOWN Treasurer 322 gymnastica Gymkana Honorary First row, left to right: Dr. Hartley Price, Lynne Fizell, Gerry Lehner, Doris Gregory, Beverly Cude. Second row: Chick Cicio, Charlie Christian, Janice Eberly, Roger Webb, Laird Anderson. OFFICERS GERRY LEHNER President FLOYD GANGLOFF Vice President LYNN FITZELL Secretary JUDY McCOY Treasurer Gymnastica is a local honorary organized in 1955. Its purpose is to promote and maintain constructively and artistically an interest in gymnastics, to cultivate an appreciation for sportsmanship and to further the development of gymnastics. 323 First row, left to right: Marilyn Murray, Donald F. Hampton, Marjorie Curtis, Edyth Hampton, C. C. Miller. Second row: Bessie Cullison, Wanda Owen, Howard P. Abel, Margaret Dellinger, Ruth Laurene, Ann Mayfield. Not Pictured: Rosetta Odum, Barbara Jeffries, Ellen Goodman, Nancy Ann Dittman, Glen Herrin, Martha McLeod, Autumn Shannon, Carolyn Parish. OFFICERS DONALD F. HAMPTON President ROSETTA ODUM Vice President MARJORIE CURTIS Secretary EDYTHE HAMPTON Treasurer pi omega pi National Business Education Honorary phi sigma National Biological Science Honorary : OFFICERS NEIL C. HULINGS President DONALD W. DEVY Vice President BERTIE PITTMAN Secretary DICK JACKSON Treasurer First row, left to right: Lovett Williams, Neil Hulmgs, Mary Ann Joyner, Bertie Pittman, Betty Linthicum, Richard Jackson. Second row: Ray Damian, Louis R. Almodovar, George Grice, Leland Shannor, Robert Lynn, Mohassen Nejad. 324 i gamma alpha chi Women ' s National Professional Advertising Fraternity Alpha Delta is FSU ' s chapter of Gamma Alpha Chi, Women ' s National Professional Ad- vertising Fraternity. It was founded locally in 1952, to give its members experience in advertising and the opportunity to meet people in the advertising profession. Each Spring it selects an outstanding student and woman in the advertising field. It also assists with the School of Business Reception and the Job-Getting Seminar. This year it sponsored a fashion show for Campus Chest. Alpha Delta received second place for chapter achievement at the Gamma Alpha Chi national convention this year. It also placed second at the Fourth District Advertising Fed- eration of America meeting for advertising achievements. OFFICERS CLAUDETTE CARLEY President NAN HENLEY Vice President MARTHA BRIGMAN Secretary JOAN HARMON Treasurer First row, left to right: Nancy Buchan, Jane Sal ley, Pat Starnes, Barbara Dozier, June Si I lay. Second row: Janet Corley, Dr. Royal H. Ray, Claudette Carley, Joan Harmon, Mrs. Royal Ray, Lois Stein. Third row: Gerry Lehner, Jo Ann Smith, Alice Turnbull, Gayle Utsey, Ruth Fritchie, Helene Sinclair, Martha Hall, Bobby Jones. Fourth row: Betty Otey, Mary Ann Smith, Barbara Evans, Carole Clarke, Lois Friedman, Ann Markham. 325 accounting honorary First row, left to right: Thomas Bruckner, David Sherman, Dorothy Hewes, Anna Hess, Earl Lee, George Nunez. Second row: Frank Bradbury Jr., John Champion, Dick Henderson. pi mu epsilon OFFICERS RICHARD T. HENDERSON President ED NUNEZ Vice President ANNA HESS Secretary RICHARD STRAUSS . . . .Treasurer JOHN CHAMPION Faculty Vice President National Mathematics Honorary OFFICERS JOHN G. HARVEY President JOHN T. MacLEAN.Vice President CARL A. SCHULZ Secretary-Treasurer First row, left to right: William T. Stratton, Margaret J. Schmidt, Martha 0. Lisle, Clifton N. Mills, John T. Mac Lean, Carl A. Schulz, George W. Polites. Second row: Stanley R. Bender, Donald V. Easter, Bruce J. McDonald, James W. Ellis, Charles W. McArthur, Thomas L. Wade. Third row: H. C. Griffith, Paul J. McCarthy, Eugene D. Nichols, Nicholas Heerema, Dwight B. Goodner, H. Walter McCurdy, Joe M. Plant. Not pictured: John G. Harvey, Robert L. Plunkett, James E. Snover, Howard E. Taylor, John L. Bagg, Robert A. Krcmhcut, Ora S. Dromhbut. 326 student houses OFFICERS FRANK FANSLER ' President PHIL HUNT Vice President ROSEMARY YARR Corresponding Secretary SUE LOWELL Recording Secretary BILL WRIGHT Treasurer LAURA LEE Faculty Advisor LUELLA RICHEY Faculty Advisor MRS. ANNA GOODRICH House Director christian science First row, left to right; Arielou Johnson, Mary Frances Horn, Jill Jordan, Jeannine Talley. Second row; Mrs. Anna H. Goodrich, Bill Wright, Pfil Hunt, Sue Lowell, Franklin Fansler, Rosemary Yarr. Third row; Laura Lee, Elaine Dick, Piatt Spencer, Meade Norman, Janet Jacob, Mike Hamlin, Jean Jacob, Phyllis Halsey, Luella Richey. The Christian Science Student Union is the organization on campus which unites members of their faith in closer bonds of fellow- ship. The group holds regular devotional services, and sponsors Christian Science lecture on campus. In addition they maintain a study room where all authorized Christian Science literature may be read, borrowed, or purchased. 327 ruge hall vestry VESTRY MARYANNE BENEDICT Sr Warden CAROL DEAR Jr. Warden ROBERT WESTBROOK Treasurer REV. HARCOURT E. WALLER, JR Chaplain First row, left to right: Willard Lynn, The Rev. H. E. Waller, Mary Ann Benedict. Second row: Jack L. Watson, Lucile Turnage, William C. Holt. wesley foundation council OFFICERS EVELYN MOLL President PAT WOLFE Vice President JOYCE WEATHERUP Secretary LOIS TICHENOR Treasurer JANE CHAPMAN Attendance Secretary KEN BRYAN Recording Treasurer REV. AUSTIN HOLLADY Director First row, seated on floor, left to right: Dot Walling, Jane Morris, Marian Bensen, DeAnn Head, Barbara Eissey, Ann Key. Second row, seated on floor: Nancy Worral, Betty Spence, Mary Lou Campbell, Lois Charlesworth, Jane Soper, Evelyn Nettles. Third row, seated: Joyce Weatherup, Pat Wolfe, Jane Chapman, Ken Bryan, Betty Hat.ton, Evelyn Moll, Lois Tichenor, Jan Kaminis. Fourth row, standing: Pierre Kil- bourn, Arnold Greenfield, Richard Percoco, Austin Hollady. baptist student union First row, left to right: Ida Simmons, William R. Moyle, Jim Browning, Anne Embry, R. R. Oglesby. Second row: Fredna Haas, Virginia Vaughan, Patty Robinson, Mary Alice Craft, Kay Bishop, Velma Ackerman, Sally Hukle, Barbara Mappin, Lola Johnson. Third row: Ken Watkins, Ray Fountain, Don Hayes, Jack Champion, Cecil Johns, Jim Haywood. This organization is the connecting link between the Baptist student and the local churches. The Student House at 602 West Call is called their " home away from home " as they gather there for fun and fellowship as well as inspirational services. " Hobo " project, the biggest project of the year, is an annual event when the students do all kinds of work to raise money to send a student as a summer missionary the following summer. For the summer of 1957, Velma Ackerman is a Student Missionary to Hawaii. OFFICERS JIM BROWNING President VELMA ACKERMAN Enlistment Vice President MARTHA TRICE Social Vice President BARBARA MAPPIN Devotional Vice President VIRGINIA VAUGHN Stewardship Vice President MARY LOIS EDWARDS Promotional Vice President PATTY ROBINSON Secretary JACK CHAMPION Sunday School Representative GLORIA PAYNE Training Union Representative FREDNA HAAS Y.W.A. President JIM HAYWOOD B.M.OC. President BARBARA HOUSTON Music Director SALLY HUKLE Baptist Players Director LOLA JOHNSON : Publicity Director KAY BISHOP LINK Editor KEN WATKINS Life Service Band President RAY FOUNTAI N Extension Director MARY ALICE CROFT Librarian DON HAYES House Chairman CECIL JOHNS Intramural Director MRS. IDA SIMMONS Faculty Advisor DEAN OGLESBY Faculty Advisor BILL MOYLE B.S.U. Director ANNE EMBRY Associate Director newman club OFFICERS ELLA JO BILLINSKI President BUSY McKEOWN 1 st Vice President DICK AINSWORTH 2nd Vice President MARY JOYCE MORGAN Recording Secretary NANCY BARTON Corresponding Secretary MARY LOU SNOOK Treasurer TISH TAMBURINO Freshman Advisor JEANIE BLIECHNER Parliamentarian MISS KATHERINE CONLON House Mother The Newman Club is a Catholic club that shall foster the spiritual, intellectual, and social interest of the Catholic students of Florida State University in this order of importance; weed them into a common union; assist the Florida State University students whenever possible; and aid by Catholic action through the Bishop and Diocese, the work of the Roman Catholic Church. First row, left to right: Charles J. Cunningham, Jr., Bob Gabler, Marcial Lavina, Carol Colombin. Second row: Vina Lee Scheffer, Scnya Petrow, JoAnn Sinco, Rose Marie Ruskin, Jane Leone, Gay Al lard, Linda Ambrose, Loretta Garcia, Margaret Durack, Patti Shea, Jo Ann Beranek, Suzanne Knight. Third row: Sylvia Wmtersdorf, Valerie Moloney, Maria Adela Maras, Tish Tamburmo, Mary Moran, Bitsy McKeown, Miss Kathenne Conlon, Ella Jo Bilinski, Mary Lou Snook, Jean Bloichner, Madce Baya, Linda Dehner, Esther Friedheim. Fourth row: Louis Vertich, Sang 0. Park, Barbara Ulrich, Nancy Barton, Frances Annis, Lydia N. Cosdoba, Maria Gaudier, Barbara Leper, Janet Coukart, Mary Langan, Fran Pette, Delores Joseph, Marianne Ferlisi, Mary Wells, Nancy Smith, Janet Ray, Nida Chaizanien, Louis Schlitt, Susan Wood. Fifth row: John Heaton, James Maher, Bill Westendick, Bert Benoit, Edward Duymter, Anthony Leone, Reggie Ivory, James P. Moore, Edwardo Hilgert, Bob Schlitt, Richard R. Heroux, Donald J. Ray, Robert C. Mslcher, James D. Leone. 330 gamma delta OFFICERS DAVID REINHARDT .President RICHARD LEHMANN Vice President CASSIE LOVE Secretary CAROL REHKOP Treasurer REV. RICHARD P. LEHMANN Pastor Advisor First row, left to right: Delphia Johnson, Cassie Love, David Reinhardt, Richard Lehmann, Jacqueline Jacoves. Second row: Faith Weiss, June Forrest, Raymond Liebau, Pauline Hecht, Karen Dixon, Tony Klappas, Rev. Richard P. Lehmann. Westminster fellowship council First row, left to right: Gay Jackson, Ray McCoy, Barbara Rouse, Joe Westhafer, Greta Sims, Jim Kauffman, Sara Pilcher. Second row: Lisbeth Stamer, Cecil Dunn, Linda Rollins, Dee Entenza, Ann Stickler, Sarah Jane Griffin Third row: Louis Bashaw, Maurice Steinberg, Lois Bucholtz, Jack Taylor, Laird Anderson, Not present: Alice McDonald, Donna Hardy, Harriet Morrill, Neila Chapman, Lee Liming, Kitty Wade. OFFICERS GRETA SIMS President JOE WESTHAFER .Vice President BARBARA ROUSE Secretary-Treasurer campus clubs First row, left to right: Ruth Ann Whittle, Greta Sims, Nancy Cubbon, Betty Lou Whittle, Marian Benson. Second row: Jo Jones, Barbara Moore, Jane Chapman, Gloria Lantz, Barbara Jefferies. mortified These girls are Mortified, lacking only the scholarship require- ment for membership in Mortar Board. Mortified is an informal organization of girls chosen on the basis of leadership, character, and activity. A friendly rivalry exists between the two organizations, as Mortified taps one less person than Mortar Board to make itself more exclusive. They do absolutely nothing on campus in the way of projects or raising money, and limit their activities to parties to which no one else is invited. 332 delta sigma pi Professional Business Fraternity OFFICERS WILBER D. PARKE President HARRY PETRY Vice President CHARLES SCARBOROUGH Secretary JOHN McDERMOTT Treasurer Delta Sigma Pi is an international professional business fraternity established on the Florida State campus in 1949. Its purpose is to foster the study of business in the university, to encourage scholar- ship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual achievement by research and practice, and to promote closer affilia- tion between the commercial world and students of commerce. It co-sponsors the " Job Getting Seminar " and a Salvation Army- Clothes Drive each Spring. First row, left to right: Paul N. Jula, John McDonald, Dan Kelly, Bert Daly, Joe Osborne, John Schwartz, John Schill, Bill Standley, Labon Chappell. Second row: James K. Glenn Jr.. Jack P. Moskos, Bob Sommer, Charles Scarboroug, Edward J. Kercher, Wilber Parke, Harry Petry, Dr. Claude A. Campbell, Stanley L Smith Jr. John E. McManus. Third row: Gene Freshour, Sherwood Williams, Don Cooper, Jim Reese, Frank Flynn, Paul Petry, Jim Thomas Roy Moloy Allen Deas Harry Look, William C. Byrd. Fourth row: Marlin Waldorff, Dick Nelson, Bruce Woodruff, Donald Hickson, Gordon Merims, John D. McClellan, Bob Muse, Bob McCall, Carroll Barwick, Robert Brubaker. Percy L. Steele, Jr., president of the Beta Psi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi. alpha kappa psi Professional Business Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi is a national professional business fraternity organized on the Florida State University campus in 1949. The mem- bers are pledged to foster scientific research in the fields of com- merce, accounts and finance, educate the public to appreciate higher ideals therein, to promote and advance in institutions of college rank courses leading to degrees in business administration, and to further individual welfare of its members. First row, left to right: Joseph P. Farls Jr., John G. Deal, Phillip J. Sarris, Kiatibasm Xato, John B. Joiner Jr. Second row: Russell Anderson, Carl Stover, Landress Rowel I, Robert MacLean, James Crombie, Leonard Gledhill, Joseph Schmidt Jr., Ira Ghsson, Robert Wilson. Third row: Charles Lockhart, Walter Elliott, Sam Chudnofsky, Edward Buchart, Graham Stikelether. OFFICERS PERCY L. STEELE, JR President M BENNETT HUNLEY Vice President CHARLES L. WATFORD, JR Secretary WILLIAM C. COLEMAN Treasurer Monthly banquet held at the Quaker House Restaurant. The Chapter has been very active this y ear starting early by assisting during Orientation Week, and also by co-sponsoring the School of Business ' Reception and the annual Job Getting Seminar which is directed by the Office of Vocational Guidance and Place- ment. Another activity in which they have actively participated was assisting the national organization in establishing a new chapter at Stetson University. A sports series in football, basketball, softball and volleyball was started this year with their rivals, Delta Sigma Pi, which will be an annual event. First row, left to right: Joe Swann, Frank Bradbury, Charles Richardson, Jim Bradford, Everett Richardson, Bill Brown, Dick Delaplane, Jim Hedman, Dick Schhpf, Dave Sherman. Second row: Larry Brock, Lamont Wynn, Dr. Wesley Harter, Ben Hunley, Bill Coleman, Percy Steele, Charles Watford, Roger Berry, Prof. John Ewing, Prof. Elmer Schick, Don DeWbody, Ed Weatherby. Third row: Joe Moffa, John Martin, Larry Zuber, Dave Young, Fred Tyson, Neal Robinson, George Peacock, Charles Best, Gene Stivender, Dick Henderson, Wayn Limkeman, Bill Ryan. Fourth row: Ed Hutchison, Jim Julian, Bob Hays, George Babcock, Durwood Smith, Lee Bethers, Fred Hodges, Bennett Stephens, Frank Scheible, Bob Suggs, Dixon Robinson, Hilton Haley. t T-s- -rj ' «! « at s=.-. - .... J " c i J 11 f 3 i First row, left to right: Wallace Yeager, Jim Julian, Jim Arnold. Second row: Phil Bach, Gordon Davis, Gordon Vi liars, Jerry Keeney. Third row: Sonny Shaw, Buddy Jordan, Joe Trawick, Richard Bynum. cavaliers OFFICERS JIM JULIAN President TOM RAMSEY Vice President, Treasurer GORDON DAVIS Secretary MEMBERS Jim Arnold Jerry Keeney Phil Boch Rafael Lecucna Eldndge Bravo Buss Leonard Richard Bynum Ray Marky Hank Curci Paul Mergenthal Gordon Davis George McKelvin Jerry Deley Neal Morar Fred Ford Bill Pelham James Gi Hard Joe Pinson Mike Guerra Tom Ramsey Myron Hearndcn Bill Ryan Jack Hurley Sonny Shaw John Joiner Gordon Vi liars Buddy Jordan Wally Yeager Jim Julian Jim Rilev The purpose of the Cavaliers is to teach dan.cing, to promote campus social events, host dances and other social events. They conduct dance lessons for six weeks each semester, from which members are tapped and initiated. They are judged on: dancing ability, general appearance, reputation and personality. 336 cotillon club OFFICERS JANICE GROSSER President SYLVIA WHITE Vice President CONNIE CHILLURA Secretary GAIL CREWS Treasurer Cotillion is a national social organization. It gives free dance lessons to the students of FSU, holds an annual dance, and works with Cavaliers jointly for dance improvement on the campus. First row, left to right: Gloria Harris, Patty Mickey, Peggy Wright, Sara Hobbs, Jeanyne Herring, Ginny White. Second row: Edmane Muniz, Sandra Sears, Joan Cunningham, Janice Grosser, Connie Chillura, Doris Gregory, Claire Dardis. Third row: Cathy Gryder, Carolyn Griffin, Donna Huggins, Betty Brown, Janet Phelps, Joni Vincenti, Rosemary Stainback, Joe Ann Bennett, Sara Mann, Barbara Watscn, June Rogers. Net pictured: Faye Moses, Dot Bancker, Sylvia White, Joan Strickland, Paula Parsons, Dot Johnson, Gail Crews. OFFICERS MRS. BOBBY WARD President MRS WILLIAM WALKER Vice President MRS. PAUL REDFEARN Secretary MRS. LELAND BETHERS Treasurer dames club Jo Anne Ward, President Student Wives Organization The Dames Club promotes friendship and provides opportunities for social contacts and cultural development. Their programs included variety shows with all the entertainment by the Dames, auction of homemade articles, fashion show with the Dames as models, speakers, demonstrafions and tours. First row, left to right: Laura Jockel, Ruth Scheible, Diane Ryan, Ann Wadkins, Carole Newall, Alice Caldwell, Suzanne Farren. Second row: Fran Wright, Pat Dorsey, Jackie Walker, JoAnne Ward, Wanda Bethers, Alice Redfearn, Marlene Sealy. Third row: Shirley Kofoed, Jean Pillsbury, Joanne Paulk, Margaret Radin, Yvina Fernandez, Eleanor Haley, Patricia Martin, Roxa Roberts. 338 First row, left to right: Bill Ryan, Dr Donald Lundberg, Daniel Trocme, Phil Sarris. Second row: Merle Johnson — Faculty Advisor, Frank Cangelcsi, Mane Locker, Ashby Stiff, Julio Rive ' , Eva Saws, Bill Moody, Martha Ann Hall — Faculty Advisor. Third row: Jack Le Grand, William Walker, Dave Meadcr, Joseph Osborne, Lonnie Blaine, Fred Ford. Carl Lofstrom, Bob Elting, Joe Fclsom, Harold Coleman. scullions OFFICERS JULIO RIVE President LEO TIERNAN Vice President ASHBY STIFF 2nd Vice President FRANK CANGELOSI Corresponding Secretary LARRY MURAL Recording Secretary EVA SASS Treasurer Scullions is a local social organization which was founded on this campus in 1951 to develop a unified spirit; to satisfy the needs of students and alumni; and to support and initiate such projects that will further their interest of a common goal in academic, social and professional fellowship. This organization is made up of those who are majoring in Restaurant and Hotel Management. 339 MEMBERS First row, left to right: Barbara Emmett, Nancy Cubbon, Jackie Stecker, Jane Hm- son, Pat Starnes, Toots Janes, Barbara Hendrix, Mary Beth Roberts. Second row: Beverly Laurent, Beverly Brown, Becky Glass, Ann Printup, Mary Ann Hannah, Frandy Dugan, Jean Hayden, Martha McGmnis, Patty Bruce. Third row: Anita Anderson, Betty Lou Whittle, Sally Coulter, Nancy Fowler, Mary Bowen, Chris Jinacchio, Dorothy Goodwin, Joanne Thompson, Janie Pas- quarello. Fourth row: Kay Davis, Alison Templeman, Patty Mohlhennch, Nancy Person, Ruch Shuman, Denise Johnson, Nancy Key, Vicky Walter, Mary Walter. TAPS First row, left to right: Hattie Lee Guer- rant. Patricia Mitchell, Meredith Martin, Martha Douglass, Mary Louise White, Mary Lynn Patterson, Sara Clardy, Sandra Calhoun. Second row: Jane Kelly, Wendy Fairning- ton, Malinda Dixon, Toni Harar, Jackie Tyler, Patty Mickey, Mary Monroe, Sarah Monroe, Jackie Soud. Third row: Patty Baker, Joyce Combs, Nancy Jones, Sharon Walter, Sharon Wal- ker, Sharon Watkins, Patti Hackett, Kath- erine Ball, Burrelle Strickland, Barbara Bishop, Mary Jane Cooley. Fourth row: Carline McDougold, Lea Starry, Norma Brown, Marilyn Teare, Su- san Brand, Betty Brown, Arna Moore, Lynn La Grange. village vamps OFFICERS SARAH JANE GRIFFIN President ELAINE BREWTON Vice President LAYTE BOWDEN Secretary DEBORAH HILL Treasurer Village Vamps is a social honorary composed of girls chosen for their poise, personality, and attractiveness to act as hostesses for the university. First row, left to right: Layte Bowden, Sarah Jane Griffin, Deborah Hill. Second row: Elaine Brewtcn, Jeani Kitchens, Joar Harmon. 340 soltos club OFFICERS CAROLYN WOODWARD President CAROLYN SMITH Vice President LYDI A PATTERSON Secretary JACK PITZER Treasurer First row, lett to right: Tomma Nan Hill, Jane Cox, Miss Louise Galloway, Kamil Farid, Murray Berman, Ellen Drane, Shirley Millon. Second row: Mr. John Clemens, Miss Sarah Reed, Jane Fulton, Betty Martin, Carolyn Woodward, Carolyn Smith, Lydia Patterson, Mr. Robert Clapp, Dean Louis Shores. Third row: Louise Singleton, Mrs. L. Rahn, Mrs. Ruth Rockwood, Mae Talbot, Caroline Everett, Caroline Williamson, Sue Anne Maxwell, Nancy Oexle, Sarah Tubb, Dorothy Ann Young, Ann Pennington, Geraldine Baumgartner, Mr. Harold Moreland. Fourth row: Louise Stem, Jim Nation, Margaret Ann Nation, Jack Pitzer, Bob Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth Urban, Mr. and Mrs. Cox, Iris Teutor, Dick Potter, Miss Mary Alice Aunt, Dr. Otis McBnde, Mr. William Quinly. Soltas is a local professional club of the library school, estab- lished for the furtherance of the profession of librarianship and spon- sorship of opportunities for social and professional contacts for the students engaged in the study of their profession. This organization holds annual Halloween and Christmas Parties, entertains the visiting librarians and prospective library science majors. 341 First row, left to right: Yolanda Husztv, Marjorie Pipkin, Peggy Paf- ford, Caroline Pittard. Second row: Laura Jones, Joyce Stocking, Sharon Poyser, Margaret J. Latshaw, Frances Annis, Mary Esther Powell, Nancy Ruth Trimble. Third row: Robert K. Armstrong, David E Mathis, Edith Cody, Caro- lyn Collins, Sonya C. Petrow, Patty A Preston, Mary L: Stephens, Jane Turner, Charles Matthews, Sheldon E. Fretwell, Jr. First row, left to right: Le Merle Hart, Beverly Eregert, Mary Anne Turpin, Jeannette Burnsed, Grace Von Tongeln, Mary Ann Reeder. Second row: Joan Martino, Barbara Lou Homer, Martha Martin, Caro- lyn Rice, Gay Allard, Delphia John- son, Margaret Janz. Third row: Dr. S. T. Lastinger, Fac- ulty Sponsor: Raymond Clyde, Wal- ter Merle Deland, Raymond L. Mc- Coy, Dons Hisler, Marion Helen Hartley, Elva Sears, Sally Matthews, Bob Painter, James L. Morrison, Bill Donalson. state scholarship holders club OFFICERS MARY ANNE TURPIN President RAYMOND C. CLYDE Vice President DORIS HISLER Recording Secretary JEANNETTE BURNSED Corresponding Secretary LOUIS BASHAW : Treasurer The purpose of the Scholarship Club is to serve holders of Gen- eral, House, Lewis, and Senatorial Scholarships; to serve Florida State University, and to help high school students interested in the profes- sion of teaching and in securing State Scholarships. Among their projects are free tutorial service to all students of the University, sponsoring and carrying out a planned program for exceptional chil- dren on West Campus. i 342 First row, left to right: Dr. S. T. Lastmger, Mary Sweeting, Miss Agnes Johnson, FEA, Elinor Newman, Bill Donalson. Richard Percoco, Publications; Marjorie Painter, Newsletter; Carolyn Painter, Newsletter; Marlene Brand, Merit Certificates; Bob Armstrong, Membership; Robert E. Martin, Parliamentary Procedure. OFFICERS ELI NOR NEWMAN President WILLIAM R. DONALSON Vice President MARY SWEETING Secretary MERLE DELAND Treasurer FTA is a national organization established to acquaint students with their profession. FSU ' s chapter is the largest in the State of Florida, and the fourth largest chapter nationally. Among their projects are toys and food which they provide for underprivileged families in Leon County and they run a book loan service for students who cannot afford to buy their own books. future teachers of america 1 ' ' ■ _J ■ s di }j A „■ , m «? ■d K ■ " 1 i| 9 mr ■ • u kH • I a : ' - ?. ( fi $ .0 3h home economics A branch of the American Home Economics Association, FSU ' s Home Ec Club provides domestically inclined females an opportunity to get together periodically and exchange ideas and recipes. §fe ft •£ N Njsf First row, left to right: Nancy Goodwin, Annette Peel, Harriet Adams, Annette Mcintosh, Rhoda Howe, Anne Easterday. Second row: Barbara Ulrich, Claire Jaeger, Priscilla Sloan, Jean Williams, Mary Frances McKinney, Jackie Hutto. Third row: Barmell Bledsoe, Susan Fehlberg, Carol Neff, Jean Perry, Nancy DeFore, Janellen Osborn, Mary Elizabeth Green, Bette Clow, Sandra McGlothlin, Flcrrie Roberts, Rachel Tyler. OFFICERS CLAUDETTE CARLEY President FREDNA HAAS Vice President JACKIE BOUDER Secretary NINA WILLIAMS Treasurer First row, left to right: Nina Williams, Laura Murrell, Barbara J. Dozier, Lola Johnson, Jacque Bouder, Fredna Haas, June Stoutamire, Claudette Carley, Bernice McCullough, Phyllis Shaddick. Second row: Nida Chaixanien, Lillian Congdon, Jean Holderbach, Carolyn Painter, Sara Ann Coulter, Carol Turner, Gerry Puryear, Karen Kane, Beverly Welch, Patty Robinson, Barbara S. Evans. Third row: Miss Ann Gardner — Sponsor, Helen Clark, Cecelia Norris, Linda Carroll, Phyllis Stephens, Ruth Ann Ivey, Jeanette Garrett, Cynthia Lawrence, Laura Jones, Monty Gillham, Sally Snare, Ruth Fritchie, Ann Cellon, Betty Spence, Betty Haas, Rosemary Stamback, Marie Gauger, Mrs. Eleanore Adam. 344 i First row, left to right ' Patti Andrews, Marion Davis, Nancy Fogo, Lynn Chamberlin, Madge Strain Linda Broderick, Pat Hartness, Ann Wall, Jackie Bird Second row: Nancy Johnson, Patti Armstrong, Carolyn Bell, Fiona Lantz, Pat Rooney, Pat Malseed. Martha Grizzard, Betty Ann McGown. Third row Joan Cascone, Clare Gilchrist, Doris Holt, Dolores Vi I late, Sue Thomas, Ann Grayson, Tony Moore, Sally Reed, Mary Ed Williamson. Fourth row: Nadine York, Billie Stokes, Lanara Stewart, Carolyn Mullis, Sue Ford, Mollie Carroll, B. J. Walker, Mary Birdie Howard, Jean Marshick. women ' s " F " club OFFICERS PAT ROONEY President FLORIA LANTZ Vice President PAT MALSEED Secretary CAROLYN BELL Treasurer The purpose of the Women ' s " F " Club is to cooperate with the Women ' s division of the University Recreation Association in pro- moting women ' s athletic activities, and to contribute to the develop- ment of high ideals and university spirit among the students on this campus. They also render services to the university and the community through their many projects. Some of these projects being Home- coming decorations at the gates, fountain and queen ' s float, Christmas party for the underprivileged children, a serenade for old folks ' homes and hospitals, box supper for Campus Chest and the Hungarian Student Fund Raising Project. 345 OFFICERS J UAN LOPEZ President ALI EL ATRASH Vice President MARIE LOCKER Corresponding Secretary PATTY CONKLIN Recording Secretary TAICHI IKETANI Treasurer First row, bottom to top: Faiza Fawaz, Taiichi Iketani, Raul P. de Guzman, Mrs. Frahk, Eva Sass, Levente Osvath, Frank Bean, Domingo Cmtron. Second row: Carlo Colmbini, Kamil Farid, Jeanette Burnsed, Prakash Sood, Karima Fario, Marcil Lavina. Third row: Hans Plendl, Chuan Chieh Shen, Joyce Perry, Gisella Wolters, Audrey Flohe, Nancy Crouse, Basis Tarladgis. international club First row, bottom to top: Christina Oliveira, Nida Chaixanien, Smuan Paeprabhatr, Alfredo Ruiz, Joaquin Hennquez, Fernando R. Davilo. Sec ond row: Socn Torn, Lydia Cordoba, Jessie Branscomb, Pilar Jaspe, Liz Cleary, Susan Wood, Kay Pieper. Third row: Georgy Garrett, N. V.V.J. Swamy, Manuel R. Carvo, Pedro Qulooga, Eduardo Hilgert. First row, bottom to top: Eddie Yudhasastrakosol, Ike Yudhasastrakosol, Charin Yudhasastrakosol, Akellan Sastry, Juanito Lopez. Second row: Praphakorn Yudhasastrakosol, Tavon P. Pipat, Khan M. Shamshad. Third row: Ramesh Bhatnager, Ester Marting, Luis A. Paniza, Marie Locker. 346 OFFICERS JIM NEDLEY President JOHN BYRD Secretary DR KEN MILLER Treasurer First row, left to right: Carl A, Schulz, John Byrd, Jim Nedley, Walt McCurdy, Harold Luce. seminole flyers club association for childhood education OFFICERS EM I LY HUDSON President KAY SUE DeCUBELLIS. . . .Vice President PHYLLIS LANGFORD Secretary VELA DIAMOND Treasurer First row, left to right: Mary Sweeting, Peggy King, Peggy Foster, Barbara Emmett, Nancy Stech, Marjorie Moreland, Barbara Moore, Ethel Wainright. Second row: Barbara McCartney, Manice Davis, Vela Diamond, Emilie Hudson, Kay Sue DeCubelis, Patricia Ann Wyatt, Betsy Voorhees, Carolyn Steele. Third row: Marjorie Painter, Elinor Newman, Jay Parcell, Mary Ann Lassiter, Joan Shearouse, Sandra Hancock, Anne Elliott, Diane Latimer, Ann Kelly, Mary Sue Barnette, Mary Jane Albert, Eleanore Irvin, Charlina Pierce, Sylvia Willis, Deanne Bazemore. Fourth row: Ruth Johnson, Madeline Johnson, Fay Pendleton, Susie Tyler, Gail Hicks, Jennie Lind Williams, Marilynn Mason, Cecelia Norris, Ann Williams, Selby Allen. 47 OFFICERS VIRGINIA NESMITH VAUGHAN President JUNE B. STOUTAMIRE. . Vice President PHYLLIS SHADDICK Secretary CAROLYN BELL Treasurer First row, left to right: Phyllis Shaddick, June Stoutamire, Virginia Vaughan, Ann Kykard, Cherry Corbin. Second row: Peggy Johnson, Mary Frances McKmney, Mary Jane Hodges, Betty Ann Henley, Elva Sea r s, Laura Murrell, Loretta Kirkpatrick. Third row: Florrie Roberts, Nida Chizianien, Helen Clark, Anna Lois Clark, Gail Burdsall, Rose Marie Pratt. 4 h club epsilon chi Junior Affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English OFFICERS JOAN CUNNINGHAM President JACK ROGERO Vice President MYRA JEAN PORTER Secretary JEAN LINEBAUGH Treasurer First row, left to right: Mary Carlgill, Mrs. Evelyn S. Gray, Martha Swann, Myra Jean Porter. Second row: Joan Cunningham, Jack Rogero, June Grant. 348 - fashion institute OFFICERS NANCY BUCHAN President BARBARA EMMETT Vice President LIZ STAINER Secretary SARA DELL Gl BSON Treasurer Student Fashion Institute is an organization whose main purpose is to provide a professional interest group for those interested in fashion and to make available facilities to meet the educational needs of the group. This year they organized a corps of models selected from the membership who model for the local stores and for university fashion shows. ,.;. --a.w. ■ " ' i— .- " ' ... j gg First row, left to right: Aurelia Pitts, Lola Johnson, Martha Steenbergen, Carol Graetz, Charlotte Stoker, Marilyn Johnson, Mary Ann Smith, Donna Hardy, Donna Huggms, Joan Shearhouse, Elsa Heckendorf, Second row: Eleanor Cain, Jc Ethel Sewell, Nancy Denham, Nancy Jones, Kay Desmond, Caryl Ann Bodme, Katherine Ball, Alice Turnbull, Gayle Utsey, Reed Lewis, Pat Mariotti, Joan Heller, Jeani Kitchens. Third row: Jacque Bouder, Helene Sinclair, Gale Sammons, Gerry Lehner, Lisbeth Stainer, Barbara Emmett, Nancy Buchan, Sarah Dell Gibson, Mickey Cole, Betty Anne Earl, Lucile Massey, Aldene Evers. Fourth row: Liz Schrr.itt, Ehse Newberry, Sandra Handcock, JoAnn Smith, Lois Kuster, Doris Casbon, Elizabeth Dell, Dixie Works, Beverly Russell, Sylvia Hommer, Mary Hillgrubbs, Carolyn Davis, Lilliam Congdcn, Sally Lou Carlson, Roe Sheldon, Jeri Bradfield, Paula Cole, Jean Thompson. Fifth row: June Si I lay. Mary Lou Suhrer, Jackie Bird, Barbara King, Joy McMillan, Judy Williams, Helen Mathis, Dolores Lapperty, Patsy Stewart, Betty Benton, Vicky Walters, Mary Walters, Sue Bower. 349 First row, left to right: Joseph VerDerver, Marvin Garrett, Searle Selmon, John Riley, Roy Wynn, Werner Ammann Second row: Joseph J Palazzo, L. A. Rumsey, Paul Wright, Margaret Clement, Jack Beaver, Mike Kelly. Third row: Donald Penn. Troy Reeves, Harold Delorey, Dick Blackwell, Dick Schlipf, Harry Petry, Gerald Hendnx, Jerry Cigarran, Richard O ' Brien. Fourth row Jimmy Davis, Jack Lewis, Bill Whitehead, Ronnie Smith, James O ' Brien, Chester Newton, Carl J. Koppeis, Robert West, Edgar Thomas fields. baking science and management OFFICERS JOHN E. BEAVER President PAUL A. WRIGHT Vice President MARGARET E. CLEMENT Secretary-Treasurer 350 - OFFICERS LOUISE McCLURE President ANN DUNCAN Vice President PAT TURPIN Secretary TOMMY CLENNAN Treasurer m» e. n c. First row, left to right: Patsy Stephens, Jeannine Talley, Louise McClure, Patricia Turpin, Second row: Jen Bradfield, Ann Duncan, John Galea, Tommy Glennan, Ann Morse, Patricia Gregory, Aurelia Pitts. Third row: Carol Owen, Lynn Shirley, June McCaski II, Sandra Davis, Nancy Dvorak, Connie Rodabaugh, Bill Hiscock, Allen Putlan. Fourth row: Joy Pate, Joan Wells, Juliana Bell, Florence Ashby, Nancie Carson, Frances Ellinwood, Katharine V. Allen, Lois Schnwor — Sponsor. social work club OFFICERS JOAN STECKER President PAT MANNING Vice President SANDRA FLETCHER Secretary JANE CHAPMAN Treasurer First row, left to right: Barbara Curtis, Sue Massey, Bobbie Canter, Nancy Stech, Babs Trayer, Johnnie Pippin. Second row: Gloria Lantz, Maxine Hannon, Sandra Fletcher, Jean Stecker, Pat Manning, Patsy Hirt, Jane Chapman. Third row: Avis Todd, Charles Newman — Advisor, Margie Williams, Lois Lieberman, Barbara Casalvieri, Ruth Dowling, Barbara Burkhardt, Sylvia Kearson, Susan Kelsey, William L. Leap. Fourth row: J. Robert Grant, Ray Fountain, Elaine Suber, Tantris Bledsoe, Motsy Cunningham, Mary Lou Yearty, Beverly MacKenzie, Bert Benoit, Robert T Lansdale. 351 collegiate party OFFICERS ART MOORE Chairman HANK McCANN Vice Chairman BARBARA CHAMBERS Secretary PATTY PASCIAK Treasurer First row, left to right: Ruth Dickenson, Barbara Cham- bers, Patty Rasciak, Jan Davis. Second row: Bill Wright, June Sillay, Paul Ort, Claire Bevis, Hank McCann. student party OFFICERS KARL EDWARDS Chairman RUTH WILLIAMS Secretary JOAN HARMON Treasurer Student Party heads consult with Justice Stephen O ' Connell. Left to right: Justice Stephen O ' Connell, Jim Soles, Polly Atwater, Karl Edwards. 352 The purpose of the Student Nurses is to promote professional and social unity among the student nurses of FSU; to afford an opportunity to discuss student problems; to prepare for participation in the professional nursing organizations; and to encourage participa- tion in student nurses ' associations on the state and national level. OFFICERS SARA EWING President MARJORIE SCOVILLE Vice President AVIS HOWE Recording Secretary JACKIE HOMER Corresponding Secretary LAURA BROWN Treasurer i student nurses First row, left to right: Blondell Sewell, Helen Brinson, Angela Lee, June Rogers, Barbara Rouse, Carol Rule. Second row: Mary Lou Moore, Jac- queline Sutor, Jackie Homer, Avis Howe, Sara Ewing, Marjone Sco- vi lie, Laura Brown, Barbara Tucker, Mary Alice Wilcox, Third row: John Speranza, Mar- garet Robinson, Rebecca Wester, Mary Lou Collier, Delores Eby, Julia Conkling, Joyce Perry, Bar- bara Stoutamire, Ruth Hackathorn, Edith Ura, Marvin Harvest. Fourth row: Winona Ziel, Toby Os- lin, Gail Johnson, Gail Burdsall, Sandra Dail, Martha Harter, Caro- lyn Colbert, Cassie Love. First row, left to right: Susan Himalstein, Sandra Parnell, Patricia Lieb, Sandra Sue Gilber, Doris Nel- son, Jeanette Bowen, Sue Marcotte. Second row: Georgia Sampson, Su- san Klein, Thelma Perkins, Carole Burns, Susan Lipscomb, Raenid Per- kins, Athena Kopnias. Third row: Marianna Ccwlr, Carole Leap, Elizabeth McCuskey, Joyce Lorrane Fletcher, Barbara Loper, Mildred Pumphrey, Marjorie Brown. First row, left to right: Bob Taylor, Earl Blakely, Ron Beliech, Brad Chism, Second row: Jane Wiley, Martha Grizzard, Gene Fuller, Anne Preston, Jim Kauffman, Sally Dices, Bill Phillips, Charlie Mason. Third row: Coach Jack Haskin, Bruce Proccer, Sarah Redling, Carol Riley, Harriet Highschool, Sue Herndon, Fay Moses, Dick Chambers, Peter Perciville, Dr. William Tait. recreation club los picaros OFFICERS GILBERT FERNANDEZ President ALFREDO TONDO Vice President MARTHA CUEVO Secretary GLORIA MELTZER Secretary JERI BRADFIELD Treasurer DR. HERBERTO LACAYO Sponsor Members: Marty Cuevo, Carlos Lundt, Nancy Denham, Kay Pilcher, Arlene Ritchie, Connie Spato, Betty Lou Rosen, Cynthia Pohl, Margaret Latshaw, Loreita Garcia, Pilar Jospe, Pat Van Hyning, Marilyn Bacque, Martha D. O ' Steen, Richard Watson, Elizabeth Coleman, Norma J. Pakz, Virginia Kirkland, Martha Dancy, Irene Fernandez, Gerry Cizarrou, Diana Ayala, Martha Sessions, Don Spiney, Leonora Rowe, Lydia Cardoba, Eduardo Hilgert, Tommy Loeb, Felix Rodriguez, Ruben Cancepcion, Domingo Cmtron, Jane McEntyre, Carolyn Emery, Joyce Parry, Alice Ginnand, Ellen Rowe, Wayne Huddkeston, Sylvia Smith, Jeri Bradfield, Gil Fernandez, Lillian ' Haavind, Alfredo Tondo, Gloria Meltzer, Pedro Zuloaza, Alice Lintz, Madge Jensen, Mauro Aramendia, Daniel Huerto, John Brown, Tenny Brown, Jose Henriguez, Madge Boya, Jack Mann, Dianne Kearns, Cynthia Plochelman, Juan Lopez, Maria Adela Moras, JoAnn Budd, Judy Ramsey, Helen Starling, Kay James, Nancy Foga, 354 - f m, a ' I WZ. ■H MnS OBW Kg bus BaK advertising 355 ROSE PRINTING COMPANY I N C Tallahassee printers of the 1 95 TALLY HO Official Photographers to the 1957 Tally Ho COLONNA STUDIOS, INC. " On Location " Photographers Phone BEekman 3-7514 114 Park Row New York 7, N. Y. The negatives of individual photographs in this year book, are kept on file indefinitely and may be ordered from at anytime. 357 HAVE A NIGHT OUT! TAB HUNTER MARILYN MONROE JACK PALANCE STATE-FLORIDA-RITZ Capital DRIVE-IN Perry Highway OUTDOOR Tallahassee, Florida 358 Our 34th annual expression of appreciation to the Student Body and Faculty for their faithfulness and confidence in this Shop I Kjc V ociujc Tallahassee, Florida GOOD DESIGN COSTS NO MORE SHAW ' S CATERS TO THE — Design Conscious — Value Conscious — Budget Keeping People who KNOW good design SHAW ' S CORNER COLLEGE DUVAL RUGS — DRAPERIES — FURNITURE — GIFTS W BOOK STORE NEW USED BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES ' We are grateful for your Patronage " phone 3-1066-107 S. COPELAND 359 Floridan Hotel • Little Grille famous for good food • Banquet Facilities Ball Room tallahassee ' s largest • Rose Room • Cypress Lounge MONROE CALL ST. Phone 2-3850 HIGHEST QUALITY! LOWEST PRICES! Plus Those Wonderful S H GREEN STAMPS { - oncjvatulations ! an a K-jood eJL wck to the K- lass of 1957 " We have appreciated your Patronage " CENTER BUILDING — ADAMS PENSACOLA PHONE 2-1286 360 lite you cttecivn lo t ffa e J oin ' rortt uue . Safeguard Your Pennies With Us . . . Whether you represent a campus organization or maintain an individual account— you will receive the same attentive service . . . at The Lewis State Bank Florida s Oldest TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA MEMBER OF F. D. I.C. Be up to date Go Lewis State COMPLIMENTS Of SCHWOBILT CLOTHES of TALLAHASSEE SCHWOBILT uits the t oiitn ADAMS and COLLEGE AVE. BAKER ' S MUSIC CENTER 107 E. JEFFERSON THE ROBIN ' S NEST PARK COPELAND IMisk 4ll QooJ JZucL 3(31 1L QUAKER J iouse RESTAURANT 2 MINUTES FROM CAMPUS SERVING STUDENTS LARGE PORTIONS of QUALITY FOOD at LOW PRICES on W. TENNESSEE Phone 2-8677 QUALITY CLEANERS 2 PLANTS TO SERVE YOU --Downtown-- 21 5 W. College Dial 2-5097 --Opp. Jitney Jungle-- 1306 N.Monroe Dial 2-1651 ONE DAY SERVICE PICK UP and DELIVERY QUALITY LAUNDRY SERVICE Our Expression Of Appreciation To The Student- Body and Faculty, For Their Patronage and Confidence In Our Store a s . 0 fc In The Heart of the Student Center " 362 organization index Accounting Honorary 326 ACE 347 Administration 6-13 Alpha Council 31 1 Alpha Delta Sigma 319 Alpha Epsilon Delta 322 Alpha Kappa Psi 334, 335 Alpha Lambda Delta 309 Alpha Phi Omega 312 Art Shows 218 Artist Series 220, 221 Baking Science b Management Club 350 Billy May b Band 222 Board of Publications 47 Campus Chest 226-229 Campus Queens 148, 149 Cavaliers 336 Circus 240-245 Class Officers, Senior 61 Class Officers, Undergraduate 103 Cotillion 337 Dames Club 338 Debate 235 Delta Sigma Pi 333 Dorm Government Broward 52 Bryan 52 Cawthon, North 54 Cawthon, South 54 Florida Hall 54 Gilchrest 53 Jennie Murphree 52 Landis, East 53 Landis, West 53 Magnolia 55 Reynolds 52 Senior Hall 55 West Hall 55 Epsilon Chi 348 " F " Club, Women ' s 345 Fashion Institute 349 Flambeau 40, 41, 42 Flyers Club 347 Four H Club 348 Fraternities Alpha Tau Omega 186, 187 Delta Tau Delta 188, 189 Kappa Alpha 190, 191 Kappa Sigma 192, 193 Lambda Chi Alpha 194, 195 Phi Delta Theta 196, 197 Phi Kappa Tau 198, 199 Pi Kappa Alpha 200, 201 Pi Kappa Phi 202, 203 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 204, 205 Sigma Chi 206, 207 Sigma Phi Epsilon 208, 209 Sigma Nu 210, 211 Tau Epsilon Phi 212, 213 Theta Chi 214, 215 Future Teachers of America 343 Gamma Alpha Chi 325 Garnet Key 307 Gold Key 306 Gymkana 236-239 Gymnastica 323 Hall of Fame 98-101 Homecoming 230-234 Home Economics Club 344 Interfraternity Council 153 International Club 346 Kappa Delta Pi 313 Kappa Kappa Psi 315 Les Jongleurs 321 Little 500 246 Los Picaros 354 Louis Armstrong 223 M.E.N.C. 351 Miss FSU 140, 141 Miss FSU Court 142-147 Mortar Board 305 Mortified 332 Music at FSU Campus Sing 257 Choral Union 249 Collegians 248 Lab Band 254 Marching Chiefs 252, 253 Recitals 256 See the Wind 256 South Pacific 255 University Singers 249 University Symphony 250, 251 Women ' s Glee Club 248 Omicron Delta Kappa 304 Omicron Nu 318 363 organization index Panhellenic 152 Phi Alpha Theta 321 Phi Beta Kappa 302 Phi Kappa Phi 303 Phi Mu Alpha 317 Phi Sigma 324 Pi Delta Phi 319 Pi Mu Epsilon 326 Pi Omega Pi 324 Recreation Club 354 Religious Student Houses Baptist Student Union 329 Christian Science 327 Gamma Delta 331 Newman Club 330 Ruge Hall 328 Wesley Foundation 328 Westminster Fellowship 331 Scabbard b Blade 320 Scholarship Club 342 Schools b Colleges Arts b Sciences 16 Business 1 8 Education 17 Graduate 20 Home Economics 27 Journalism 26 Library 21 Music 19 Nursing 28 Public Administration 25 ROTC 29 Social Welfare 24 Scullions 339 Seniors 62-97 Sigma Alpha lota 316 Sigma Delta Pi 322 Sigma Tau Delta 318 Smoke Signals 43 Social Work Club 351 Soltas 341 Sophomore Council 310 Sororities Alpha Chi Omega 154, 155 Alpha Delta Pi 156, 157 Alpha Gamma Delta 158, 159 Alpha Omicron Pi 160, 161 Alpha Xi Delta 162, 163 Chi Omega 164, 165 Delta Delta Delta 166, 167 Delta Gamma 168, 169 Delta Zeta 170, 171 Gamma Phi Beta 172, 173 Kappa Alpha Theta 174, 175 Kappa Delta 176, 177 Phi Mu 178, 179 Pi Beta Phi 180, 181 Sigma Kappa 182, 183 Zeta Tau Alpha 184, 185 Speech Productions 224, 225 Sports Baseball 279-281 Basketball 275-279 Cheerleaders 274 Football 260-274 Golf 282, 283 Gymnastics 288-291 Intramurals 298, 299 Swimming 284-287 Tennis 297 Track 292-295 Volleyball 296 State Party 352 Student Government Cabinet 35 Honor Court 37 Judiciary 38 Men ' s Vice President 34 Off Campus Court 39 President 34 Senate 36 Traffic Court 39 Vice President 35 Women ' s Vice President 34 Student Nurses 353 Student Party 352 Tally-Ho 44-46 Tau Beta Sigma 314 Theatre Dance 219 Underclassmen 104-137 Village Vamps 340 WCTV 48 WFSU-FM 49 Who ' s Who in American Colleges b Universities 30c 364 autographs autographs autographs autographs

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