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activities Florida State University ' s outstanding activities — carefully packaged in a first-class program — afford variety and oppor- tunities for all types of talent. ■ . Joj y i r ' n ' • ' ! - ' ■ , . . . .♦• " ' ■ i BSW 2 . m: A Fragile coeds and notable students are outstanding fea- tures at Florida State University — a valuable package to be handled with care. XT ' features m organizations Honoraries recognizing scholarship and leadership, service groups, professional clubs, and special talent organizations are insured to instill high ideals and to recognize the best in stu- dents — a weighty package. Internationally and nationally famous athletic teams and ; . coaches cause students to view with pride the records estab- lished by the Seminoles, contained in a non-perishable, non- breakable package. V athletics x .V: •V ' «f t ' : -. » sturdy package wrapped in the best materiaL the most important part oi higher education is not neglected at FSU. Rotable professors and a broad curriculum produce worthy ' , , «- .-4f - ' ; ' %m. ' •fcJ ' XM r «. i sli ' ? ' (f ' .y, ■TW . i.f • ! V» Editor-in-Chief Cla Managing Editor Rebecca Brown Assistant Editor Julie Ferrell Business Manager Tom Edwards Advertising Manager Donnie Hollis I PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF FL ' ■- ,r,.; M 1 Ig " f DA StATE rXIVER ITY AT TALLAHASSEE elfare. Dr. J. Broward Culpepper supervises and coordinates the student life and activities at FSU. For his greq contribution to our university ana fo iis willingness and abiiny 10 help any student with a problem, no matter how great or how small we are proud to dedicate thls« the 1953 Tally Ho. to every student ' s Dean« I. Broward Culpepper GO ERNOK DANIEL T. McCARTY The GOVERNOR Daniel T. McCarty, Florida ' s thirty-first governor, was born January 18, 1912, in Fort Pierce, Florida. McCarty attended the University of Florida where he made an outstanding record. In 1934 he graduated from the Col- lege of Agriculture and returned home to engage in citrus fruit growing. Subseguently, he became inter- ested in the cattle industry and now raises beef cattle as well as citrus. In 1940, McCarty married Olie Brown and they have three children, Danny, Mike, and Frances Lela. The people of St. Lucie County elected McCarty to represent them in the Florida Legislature in 1937 and re-elected him in 1939 and 1941. He was unanimously elected Speaker of the House of Repre- sentatives in 1941 and is the youngest Speaker yet to serve that Body. McCarty was called to active duty in World War II as a lieutenant, later serving in Africa, Italy, France, Germany and Austria. After four and a half years of service, he was released as a full colonel. During his service, he was awarded the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and the French Croix de Guerre. McCarty is a lifelong member of the St. Andrews Episcopal Church of Fort Pierce and has been active in laymen ' s affairs throughout the state. He has served as president of Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Jaycees, and President ' s Round Table in Ft. Pierce and also was State Chairman for the American Cancer Society. McCarty is an active member of the American Legion, VFW, Masonic Order, Scottish Rites, Shrine, OES, Elks and Moose. The governor has always been partial to outdoor activity and excelled in athletics throughout school and college days. Hunting and fish- ing are still his major recreations. STATE CAPITOL BUILDING r ,- " -Ms ' T •SV4 ■ •v . i ' ■ ' ' ■ " . K- ■■■ ' ' . V " ri ■• 1 ' iy? •4% ir ' f p HH::trk ¥ ' »-,: ««|!W!« «!l ' " r , » ' gm-ii- m.. m i , £:ri " i P i:} 4 . ' v-V- » - « - ' " , ir . v,- ■,.s- • ' W.» ' a» » -, xmi - ■ ' ' A0l£ 0 li f mi ' ' One of the nation ' s outstanding edu- cators serves as president of Florida State University. Dr. Doak Sheridan Campbell is now in his 12th year as president of the University. At FSU there is much evidence of President Campbell ' s leadership. In ad- dition to the tremendous building program and enrollment increases that have come about under his leadership, perhaps the most significant step has been develop- ment from four major academic divisions in 1947 to 15 in 1953. Before coming to Tallahassee, Dr. Campbell was associ- ated with George Peabody College in Nashville, Tennessee, for 13 years — first with the Division of Surveys and Field Studies and then as Dean of the Graduate School and Senior College. In 1916, he became vice-president and later president of Central College, Conway, Arkansas. President Campbell has received national recognition in the academic field for his work with junior colleges and curriculum. He was elected in 1921 as secretary of the American Association of Junior Col- leges, a position he held for 17 years. In 1937 he was chosen consultant to Presi- dent Roosevelt ' s Advisory Committee on Education. He is also a past president of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and has always been in the forefront in the development of one of the new trends in higher education — regional education. President Campbell is recognized as one of America ' s leading curriculum authorities and his book Cur- riculum Development, under joint author- ship with Dr. H. L. Caswell, has been the most widely used book on this subject. DR. DOAK SHERIDAN CAMPBELL The PRESIDENT The Fountain. Under the palms. A warm welcome at FSV. • " i ' i ' . ' Mi w mmi ■, i iS- -n::% IMBI I ' W If i . ..: .. -■: J Jul. J:J: ,.■ ilHit« 1 m ■I ' l [|[ ' [p ' «H aSf T1 VICE PRESIDENT ALBERT B. MARTIN The VICE-PRESIDENT Dr. Albert B. Martin, prominent Southern educator, was appointed Vice-President of Florida State Univer- sity, August 1, 1951. Dr. Martin conies to FSU from the University of Mississippi, where he was director of the University Extension Services. A professor of education at the University, Dr. Martin also served as director of the University Summer Session. He received his edu- cation in Texas, his Bachelor of Arts being granted at Southwest Texas State College. Dr. Martin ' s master ' s degree in education, and his doctoral degree in college administration were completed at the University of Texas. He worked with the Texas State Department of Education and his broad experience with schools includes service as teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent in that state. For a period of three years during World War II, Dr. Martin served in the U. S. Navy, holding the rank of lieutenant-commander. When the growth of Florida State University continued to multiply the duties and details of administration to the point where it was necessary to create the position of University vice-president. Dr. Martin ' s specialized train- ing and experience made him eminently qualified to be the first person given this assignment at FSU. The BOARD of CONTROL The Florida State Board of Control is appointed by the Governor, and is composed of five outstanding cit- izens of Florida. The duties of the Board are to advise the Legislature of the needs of the school, to appoint the faculty, to give advice to the executive officials and to supervise the expenditures of appropriations. While the Board is not in session. Bill Powers, its Sec- retary, carries on the business of the Board. (LEFT TO RIGHT): Mi. Frank J. Heintz, attorney for Board of Control, Tallahassee; Mr. W. Glenn Miller, Monticello; Mr. George J. White, Sr., Mt. Dora; Mr. EH H. Fink, Jacksonville; Mr. Frank Harris, Chairman, St. Petersburg; Mr. W. F. Powers, Secretary, Tallahassee; Mrs. Jessie Ball DuPont, Jacksonville; Mr. Hollis Reinhardt, Miami; Mr. George W. English, Jr., Ft. Lauderdale. " ' , -m-k % iV i ■ 1 »C t : « •■ ' i H- ' ■ ' ' :S k. r ». ' % ' -N, • I 1 !«? 1! ' ii;-! " - a -: r tf -f " . g |g| 1 fe ' ' n . " a|M[ M • ■ • ■ " " . s i- - . v : ' fw J; iv ?« : " »■ «r. ' irf- V, Ji •:« - S; -,,,-■ ■«! ,. 41 . - 1» I ■ 1 JJ | ' ' 8P " ' V Lf I ' ,M 1L t4 ' I. ♦-•I :? ■; ?. «K««M , Zri . " im § 0mm |4 liiSia l fe:. The DMI I!$TRAT10N DEAN OF STUDENT WELFARE Dr. Culpepper knows and is known personally by most of the students as he carries out the purpose of this Division — to give students indi- vidual attention and to insure that each student receives counsel and aid, giving him the greatest benefits which the institution has to offer. DEAN OF WOMEN For eighteen years, Miss Warren has served the women students and the university by assist- ing in developing a well-rounded program of desirable social experiences. DEAN OF MEN As Dean of Men, Dr. McBride keeps in close contact with student groups in order to achieve the best possible adjustment of students to cam- pus life. DR. J. BROWARD CULPEPPER MISS KATHERINE WARREN DR. OTIS McBRIDE ir mm t ' ' ' ► ™A L - » X, ' " MR. ROD K. SHAW Business Manager From the first registration payment to the final di- ploma fee, a student comes in frequent contact with the Business Office, which is under Mr. Shaw ' s super- vision. His many other responsibilities include the operation and maintenance of all University property. MR. CHARLES H. WALKER Registrar Mr. Walker and his staff are respon- sible for the registration of all students attending the University and keep avail- able records of grades and credits. The ADMINISTRATION MISS ELIZABETH LYNN Assistant Dean of W omen Freshman Orientation Week during which the Junior and Sophomore Counselors help the new students adjust to college life is planned and di- rected by Miss Lynn. She also handles absences, withdrawals, and recommendations for all wom- en students. MR. JAMES F. CAR R Assistant Dean of Men Mr. Carr returned to the University last year after a leave of absence to resume his responsibilities counseling the men students and supervising the social pro- gram for them. Out of the History Building, into the sun. X y..... X ' ' :;. -Sc , r ' ::Af r 3 T-..V ? .!• ' -■ - " ' ■! ' ' : ' ' i -. ' ' ■ ii ! . .v. . X- ■frK 1% r -.: sik. " M ' •• The ADMINISTRATION MR. ROY FLYNN Director of Public Relations The Director of Public Relations, Mr. Flynn, and his staff assist in interpreting the University to the State and the public at large. MISS ANNNA M. TRACY Head Dietitian Since 1922, Miss Tracy has been at- tempting to appease the ravenous appe- tites of our university students through first, the dining hall, and now the various cafeterias. DR. MARK H. DeGRAFF Director of Test Service Bureau The Test Service Bureau under the di- rection of Dr. DeGraff administers diag- nostic, psychological, aptitude, and voca- tional tests. Results are made available to guidance agencies for counseling students. MK. GLOVER E. TULLY Director of J ocational Guidance Mr. Tully is responsible for developing and carrying forward a complete pro- gram of vocational guidance for students. MR. JOHN T. FLOURNOY Director of Personnel Records Records of social adjustment, scholastic progress, and participation in university activities are compiled in the Personnel Records office, and made available to counselors, faculty members, and admin- istrative officers in counseling students. DR. MELVENE D. HARDEE Coordinator of Guidance and Counseling The Coordinator of Guidance and Coun- seling supervises the program of educa- tional counseling and the in-service train- ing of teacher-counselors. ADMINISTRATION DR. J. J. O ' CONNELL Director of Health Services Dr. O ' Connell, head physician and Di- rector of Health Services, renders the nec- essary medical and health services to the student body and works closely with the faculty and student groups in the devel- opment of proper health experiences. Patterns against the sky DEAN MILTON W. CAROTHERS Dean Cur ftheri, GRAB The Graduate School at FSU offers advanced educa- tional opportunities in all of the undergraduate divisions of the university with the exception of Nursing. The school ranks in the top half of the graduate schools in the South, both in enrollment and in the number of master ' s degrees conferred each year. A graduate project in the weaving lab. ¥ ; Deep discussion ii L. " JJV ' ■J ' i. ' ■ ■m xs r ■s? mimSt. ii«i " " fT iidr ' JB ' - ' ta s tH " SSssiSi BK I Em s h! 3SSm w0 T ' 6 m j ita ii«£2ii gg w ■r-j lats with his assistant. Dr. Goodner UATE !$€IIOOL In addition to the graduate programs leading to a master ' s degree, the Graduate School offers advanced graduate programs leading to a doctor ' s degree in Home Economics, Educa- tion, Music, English, Spanish, Chemistry, Phy- siology, Zoology, Botany, Meteorology, Speech, and in the Inter-Divisional area of Marriage and Family Life Education and Counseling. education seminar. ■3 fx r:m «£•■ • Si s ' ljf fei S rfSi. " ' 1 ' i ' hV c Graduates in the art department work on murals for the new 11 -story dorm. DR. CHARLES S. DAVIS Dean The College of Arts and Sciences has five major fields of study in the General Education Program: Communications, Personal Development, Social Thoughts and Institutions, Humanities, and Natural Sciences. When a general foundation is laid, the student emphasizes in his program advanced work in the field of his choice. Students interested in one of the professions — law, medicine, dentistry, engi- neering or in a civil service career will find it in the College of Arts and Science ' s pre-professional curricular. The general trend of professional schools is to demand a broad liberal education as prerequi- sites to the professional training. The Liberal Arts degree satisfies this demand in every regard. The College of Arts and Sciences offers two under- graduate degrees, a B.S. and an A.B. degree. A Graduate Program is also included in the College of Arts and Sciences. A Ph.D. is offered in a number of departments: speech, botany, chemistry, English, meteorology, physiology, psychology, and zoology. COLLEGE of ARTS anij Dr. Sam ISeel, FSU chaplain, counsels students. Dr. Hudson Rogers gives Shakespeare life in English lit class. DR. PAUL REYNOLDS Assistant Dean SCIENCES The fascination of a Calder mobile hanging in the Art Gallery. Students inspect geological exhibit. Future greats in the art world? The wide spread of the Oceanographic Studio at Alligator Point. Demonstration School sixth graders hard at work on a mural. SCHOOL of EDU€ A century ago, the Legislature provided for the establish- ment of the institution that has become Florida State Uni- versity. The original Act specified that this institution was to prepare teachers for the youth of Florida. The School of Education has kept faith with its founders by keeping abreast of the needs of our time. The work of the school is shared by its six major depart- ments: Art Education and Constructive Design, Basic Pro- fessional Education, the Demonstration School, Health Edu- cation, Physical Education for Men, and Physical Education for Women. Its students receive at the undergraduate level a broad and functional program leading to certification for public school teaching. Through its Master ' s Degree and Doctoral programs, graduate students attain a high level of professional competence and prepare themselves for posi- tions of leadership in Education. Dr. Ralph L. Eyman has directed the development of this school since becoming Dean in 1938. The University has been honored by his being invited to be the leader of a small group of American professors who are to spend two years as educational consultants to the government of Thailand. Dr. Mode L. Stone, acting dean, is directing the program of the School of Education during his absence. ACTING DEAN MODE L. STONE SCHOOL of HOME ECONOMIC! DEAN MARGARET R. SANDELS The School of Home Economics offers stimulating courses in various areas such as nutrition, clothing, foods, house furnishings, textiles, family problems and child development. This work is organized into three departments: Clothing and Textiles, Food and Nutrition, and Home and Family Life. Students re- ceive professional training in each of these areas. The non-professional major offered by this school provides courses important in your general educa- tion and helps prepare you for successful family living and homemaking. Young men and young women find many subjects in the Home Economics School that will make them better citizens of their future communities. Knowing fabric quality makes buying easier. An attractive table makes meals more fun. Future homemakers try their hand at desserts. The Christmas season provides a chance to shoiv table decorating ability. ttudying family food needs will help ! utrition majors in the future. The nursery school gives excellent aid in watching child development. Jim Harris presides over Music School with the help of other student officers. A rest period SCHOOL oi The School of Music is one of the oldest collegiate schools of music in the country, having been estab- lished as a department in 1900 and as a school in 1911. In facilities and professional leadership, however, it is among the most modern. The Music Building, opened in 1948, is without parallel anywhere in the world in providing the equipment and environment for a broad musical training and experience. The FSU Music School was one of the two state university music schools chosen to offer a course at the end of which a doctor ' s degree in music would be awarded. The first candidate will receive this degree in June. Music courses are designed not only to acquaint the An aerial view of the world-famous Music Building. The Light Opera Guild presents Sweethearts. " |ii l|fe«-— " »fi the terrace. USIC adent with the theoretical basis of music, but to pro- de ample opportunity for participating in the per- rmance and creation of music. About 150 programs e presented each year, including such varied pro- ams as faculty and student recitals, operettas and ganization concerts. Each of the eight music organ- 2tions appear in two or more concerts annually, lese are the Woman ' s Glee Club, the University ■mphony, the Marching Chiefs, and the Symphonic ind, which is formed after the marching season. The loral Union includes both students and townspeople id the Collegians are FSU ' s Men ' s Glee Club. The niversity Singers and the Brass Choir complete the ster of musical groups. DEAN KARL O. KUERSTEINER Dr. Allen watches Dr. Dohnanyi at the harpsichord. Dr. Smith directs the Cnllefiians. Dr. Bruce WeaU ! €IIOOL ol DEAN J. FRANK DAME Building upon a strong foundation of general edu- cation, the School of Business offers study that will provide earnest young men and women with a de- sirable education for business. It recognizes that the successful person in business and industry must have a well-rounded background. For example, the sales executives should be familiar with the general problems of accounting and business law. Men and women in modern industry should understand the functions of finance and advertising as well as the problems involed in general marketing and man- agement. Courses of study are available for major concen- tration in the following fields: accounting, advertis- ing, baking science and management, business teacher education, finance and banking, industrial management, insurance and real estate, marketing, personnel management, public relations, restaurant and hotel management, retailing, secretarial science, sales management, and transportation. Future restaurant owners get experience in the art of pie baking. caches future salesnten. BIJSII ESS Learning about the mimeograph machines. Students investigate machines - - - complicated? The movement of goods is most important. Directing a student to a vocation. ,.7 Advertising layouts interest journalism students. DEAN LAWRENCE R. CAMPBELL SCHOOL of The FSU School of JournaHsm prepares us for such work as reporting and editing of news- papers and trade magazines, free-lance writing, news photography, and publishing of small city daily and weekly newspapers. Courses are also offered in teaching high school journal- ism in public relations, and in radio and tele- vision broadcasting. If newspaper work is an individual ' s special interest, the school can arrange summer internships for him between his Junior and Seniors years. He will gain prac- tical experience and valuable contacts with the Florida press. The school conducts southern newspaper- men ' s short courses for daily and weekly news- papermen. It also cooperate with high school publications staffs and advisors in arranging conventions and conferences and in appraising student work. Work in each course is realistic, reproducing condi- tions in typical newspaper offices. Students report cam- pus activities as well as city, state, and federal news events. The location in the Capital City provides un- usual opportunities for observing and reporting the lOURNALISM news. The school has its own building which is equipped with a library and reading room, besides the modern classrooms and offices. There is also a complete AP wire service for classroom use, plus laboratories for practical work in photography, typography, news writ- ing, editing, and advertising. Students inspect press at the Tallahassee Democrat ' s new plant. s%%fe r H-i i ift fxi mmmmmmmimma ' x rasSF " ■ . r ..SKi iWaK -W ' iW J. DR. LOUIS SHORES Dean Florida State ' s School of Library Training and Service prepares young men and women for work in general and special libraries. The areas include: college or university library work, public library, school library, special libraries, and material specialist work. Usually a professional librarian must pursue four years of regular college work plus a year of library training. At FSU, professional training may be begun in the junior year. The school also provides an internship program for those working toward a bachelor ' s degree. I CIIOOL of LI The current vacancies in library service are so numerous that candidates for posi- tions have no difficulty in securing them, not only in accordance with their preference as to the type of work, but also, within cer- tain limitations, in accordance with geo- graphic preferences. Education majors find many Library Science majors get practical experience. Working on that everlasting parallel reading. lARY SCIENCE This school occupies its own building in the Village. Included in this building are: a curriculum library, and audio-visual lab- oratory, a projection room, a professional service library, study rooms, a laboratory for photography, a student lounge, offices and classrooms. elpful aids in the Curriculum Library. A student teacher learns from books and children. The fascination of maps! Learning from films. It is the aim of the School ol Nursing to regard its students as individuals, to guide them in making adjustments, not only as professional nurses, but to life as well. We Delieve collegiate nursing includes making intelligent decisions, practicing positive men- tal and physical hygiene, communicating effectively, and giving drive and direction to democratic citizenship in the modern world. The school offers two programs leading to a Bachelor ' s Degree. One of them is a basic four-year program for students just embarking on their nursing careers. The other supplements and broadens the general and professional background of the grad- uate nurse. Students will enjoy fifteen months of clin- ical education in Miami at Florida ' s largest general hospital facility, Jackson Memorial Hospital. The planned program also includes rural hospital nursing, psychiatric nursing at Florida State Hospital, and tuberculosis nursing at the new T. W. Edwards Hospital in Tallahassee. DEAN VIVIAN DUXBURY ! €IIOOL oj First practice comes on a dummy. The School of Public Administration offers pro- grams for students who have one of the following interests: (1) A position as a public administrator, such as City Manager, Personnel Administrator, Budget Office, City Planner, Public Relations Di- rector, or other administrative positions; (2) elec- tion to public office including the legislature or other state or local elective office; (3) effective participation as a citizen in government, whatever location the student may choose. The School of Public Administration offers stu- dents unusual advantages by reason of its loca- tion, its program, and its staff. It is the only School of Government in the South and one of the few such schools in the nation. Its program includes more than 50 courses on the graduate and under- graduate level. Among the course offerings are a number of pioneer courses which are designed to bring governmental officials and their experi- ences directly into the classroom. The school has developed an extensive intern- ship program which enables students to intern on a full or part-time basis in an office of the state or local governments of Florida. Many of them are now holding important positions in the federal government and in the state and local governments of Florida. SCHOOL ol ADMINl DEAN WILSON K. DOYLE Exterior of St. Marks power plant. PUBLIC TRATION Time out for informal discussion. SCHOOL of !$0€IAL DEAN COYLE E. MOORE In a democracy it is important that pro- vision be made for the welfare of all peo- ple. The social service programs of public and private social agencies are one means of achieving this. The School of Social Welfare provides education and training for those who wish to work in the agencies which give this valuable service to our nation. This training is offered at both the pre-professional, under- graduate level and the graduate, profes- sional level to prepare students for social work practice. Undergraduate students are given an opportunity to secure prac- tical information by observing social agencies at work in one of our state ' s larger cities. A number of social work courses include study trips to state insti- tutions and hospitals. The graduate pro- gram leads to a Master ' s degree and re- quires two years. The School of Social Welfare is the only fully accredited train- ing program in social work in Florida, and it also served the neighboring states under the Southern Regional Compact. The Marriage and Family Division of the School offers students preparation for wise courtship, marriage and parenthood. This division has its graduate counter- part in an inter-divisional program pro- viding training for marriage education, counseling and research. In connection with this program the School of Social Welfare offers a counseling service in marriage and family relations. Swing your partner and then promenade! WELFARE ield trip shows JSegro housing conditions PROGRAM o] GENEI General Education, as conceived here at our University, is designed to develop in students those skills, under- standings, attitudes, and that set of values which will equip us for effective personal and family living and respon- sible citizenship in a democratic so- ciety. It includes the study of man ' s physical and biological environment, the social science, the historical back- ground of present day civilization, phy- sical and mental health, and past and present cultures as expressed by lit- erature, art, music, and philosophy. General Education also provides stu- dents an opportunity to become ac- quainted with broad areas of subject matter, aids us in the discovery of our own interests and abilities, and equips us to live more effectively with our- selves and with our fellowmen as cit- izens in a democratic social order. Students whose training will event- ually become highly specialized get the foundation of a general education experience in order that each of us may have a better understanding and appreciation of the relationship of our specialties to the whole of knowledge and to the needs of society. GirVs nyni class practices basketball shots. A lecture on the Sphinx in Humanities class. Looking for bugs in Biology. A tea-party in the new Science lecture hall. LL EDUCATION Classes, classes, and more classes! I ! Fascinating plant life! COLONEL CORNELL D. BOOTH Reserved Officer ' s Training Corps. In the spring of ' 52, cadets prepare to fly to Los Angeles for the annual national meet- ing of Arnold Air Society, the Phi Beta Kappa of the Air Force, COLONEL BERNICE S. BARR Air Force Reserved Officer ' s Training Corps. n. o.T. ( The Air R. O. T. C. here at Florida State University is designed to help train young men to become good Air Force officers and responsible citizens. This training, divided into basic and ad- vanced courses, is given while the cadets work toward an under- graduate ' s degree in the field of his choice. Upon graduation an Air R. O. T. C. cadet is qualified for a Second Lieutenant commission in the United States Air Force reserve. In special cases he may be appointed " distinguished military graduate " and be offered a regular commission in the United States Air Force. Even with these advantages the cadet need not enter upon an active military career because he pursues the Air R. O. T. C. program. The Army Ordnance R. O. T. C. unit trains a selected group of students to become officers in the Army Ordnance Corps. The mission of Army Ordnance is to design, manufacture, store, issue and maintain small arms, artillery, ammunition, wheeled and combat vehicles, fire control equipment, and guided missiles. The Full A. F. R. O. T. C. unit at attention on drill field. Table models are used in ground tactics courses. Combined color guard of R.O.T.C. and A.F.R.O.T.C. The R. O. T. C. color guard. nd A.F.R.O.T.C intenance of light aircraft including helicopters, observation reconnaissance planes and small transport planes is also lin the scope of Ordnance Corps activities, six-weeks summer camp at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Mary- i, gives the Ordnance Cadet first-hand knowledge of the man- :ture and testing of ordnance weapons, vehicles and ammu- n. Many R. O. T. C. graduates will be eligible for advanced cation at arsenals, with industrial organizations, and at lead- universities. The A.F.R.O.T.C. guidons passing in rerieii ' . R.O.T.C. drills at West Campus. Colonel Barr briefs three cadets prior to orientation flight. Captain Pchelkin points to map in a World Political Geography class. WOMEN ' li The residence halls for women at Floric State University accommodate approximate 2,700 students. The red brick Tudor Gothic sty dormitories include three halls exclusively f freshman students, Jennie Murphree Hall, Re nolds Hall, and Bryan Hall. This arrangeme for housing has been adopted to enable fres men to become more easily adjusted to colle( life and better acquainted with members their own class. A certain num ber of selects juniors live in these halls with the freshm to assist them in their orientation to collec Landis-Gilchrist Arcade (extreme right) Bryan Hall (upper left) Catvthon Hall (lotver left) Reynolds Hall (lotver center) Gilchrist Hall (right) Broicard Hall and Suivannee Room (upper right) lORMITORIES All undergraduate women (who are not tied) are housed in university residences. L each building there is an office through ch students may receive messages and s. Each hall is provided with social areas sisting of parlors, lounges and kitchens for use of students and their guests. The five e recreation rooms, equipped with recrea- al facilities, are the scenes of many happy aories. le unmatched collegiate atmosphere por- ing these dormitories is the outstanding Lire of each. MEN ' S DOMITORIES The year 1952-53 saw the migration of the men students of Florida State University to East Cam- pus. The minority sex has become the privileged with their new modern housing units. A new dormitory for senior men, which has been occu- pied for three years, houses a total of one hun- dred and fifty students. Beautiful new structures of steel and concrete with brick veneer will now house the remaining men students. Occupied this year was Freshman Hall, an eight-story dormi- tory, and now ready for occupancy is the fabu- lous eleven-story dormitory located west of the Student Center. Housing 571 men, this building represents the heighth in luxury for students with a lavatory in each room and a snack bar, glass- enclosed lounge, and sun deck other features limited to the new skyscraper. These new halh will hold many hours of hard work, fun, and relaxation. t A ' Ms 1 dMli S «i- t»« SUt iWV " activities f ik ..ii W : ■ Is ' y ■3- M. MARY RUTH SUMMERS President of VGA The Executive Branch of the University Gov- ernment Association is the President ' s Cabinet. In 1952, the Constitution was revised, thus changing the Executive Branch of the govern- ment from that of an elected Executive Council to that of an appointed Cabinet. The member- ship of the cabinet is the UGA President, Mary Ptuth Summers; Attorney General, Tom Sim- mons; Secretary of Elections, Bob Ducker; Sec- retary of Organizations, Jo Nell Proctor; Honor Chairman, June McMillan; Secretary of Labor, Bill Hess; Forums Chairman, Jan Arbogast; Secretary of Finance, Bill Skipper; and Secre- tary of Recreation, Bill Petry. Outstanding projects of the year include the annual Campus Chest Drive, Honor Emphasis Week, and UGA Week. UGA Week was high- lighted by forums on government with out- standing speakers, including Attorney General, Richard J. Irvin. The University Government is the voice of the students and through UGA are represented in any policies or standards set up by their student body officers. UNIVERSITY GOVERNMENT ASS MARCIA MORRIS Secretary of VGA JEAN WETHERELL Treasurer of UGA JUNE CONYERS Vice President for Women ' s Affairs JIM DYE Vice President for Men ' s Affairs OFFICERS President Mary Ruth Summers Vice President of Legislative Affairs Milton Carothers Secretary Marcia Morris Treasurer Jean Wetherall W M rni ■ 1 EXECUTIVE vice President of Men ' s Affairs Jim Dye IX B B _y 1 BRANCH vice President of Women ' s Affairs June Conyers UGA CABINET — (Left to right): Ducker, B., Simmons, T., Proctor, J., Petry, B., Skipper, B., Summers, M. R., Arbogast, J., Hess, B. f ' _, ' -gy m « L-_„ m L JUNE TATE Chief Justice of University Court PEGGY MOORE Chairniun of Judiciary LEGISLATIVE UNIVERSITY The legislative power of the University Government Association rests in the Uni- versity Senate. This is composed of Women ' s Senate and Men ' s Senate combined, which in turn are made up of three men and three women from each class. The job of the Sen- ate is to handle legislation regarding the rules and regulations for the student body and to make necessary constitutional changes. The Vice-President in charge of Legislative Affairs presides over the Uni- versity Senate. The Women ' s Senate and Men ' s Senate meet separately to handle legislation per- taining solely to the women or men students. UNIVERSITY HONOR COVRT— (Left to rijfht): Brownlee F., Jackson, R., Avis, E., Tate, J., Sniilli, J., MrLain, N„ Slater, P., Bowen, T. WOMEN ' S JUDICIARY— a e « to right, seated): Avis, U., Martin, P., Moore, P., Grant, S., Webb, J. (Standing): Douglas, D., Johnson, C, McCar- thy, Y., Cooke, D. MEN ' S JUDICIARY— ( Le t to right): Rogers, R., Chatham, J.. Hainlan, D., Foley, B., Crowther, J., Stancik, B. The Judicial Branch of the University Government Association is made up of University Honor Court; Judiciary, men ' s and women ' s; and the House Councils. The University Court, made up of four representatives from the junior and senior classes, tries infractions of the Honor Codes, namely lying, cheat- ing, and stealing. It also hears appeals from the Judiciary and hands down decisions in questions of constitution- ality. The Court works closely with the Honor Committee to promote an under- standing of the Honor Code. The Chief Justice is an ex-officio member of the Committee. JUDICIAL MILTON CAROTHERS Vice President of Legislative Affairs GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION UNIVERSITY SENATE — (First row, left to right): Dye, J. Morris, M., Carothers, M;, Dean Katherine Warren, Conyers, J., Mil- lord, C, Moore, M. (Second row) : Graham, N., Bittner, D., Terry, W., Carothers, G., Drake, B., Hollis, D., Coulter, C, Mc- Daniels, C, Moore, C, English, C, Evans, J., Lawler, G. (Third row): Sinikins, J., Thomas, B., Spencer, A., Jackson, P., Do- zier, J,, Lowe, H., Renick, P., Halford, J., Stein, T., Keaton, J. EDITOR The editor held as her goal an accurate and interesting record of the year 1952-53 at Florida State University, to be presented in your fifth Tally Ho. This yearbook repre- sents hours of planning and hard work by your editor and her de- pendable staff members. You, the students and readers, will determine the success of these efforts. The 1953 TALLl CLAUDIA THOMAS Editor in Chief JULIE FERRELL Assistant Editor DOININIE HOLLIS Advertising Manager MIMI TUBBS Sorority Editor m • • ' .----■i-m ' " - HO 99 BUSINESS MANAGER With the able assistance of the advertising manager, your business manager has strived to fulfill the trust the student body placed in him to handle the Tally Ho budget so that the books will balance. The many hours spent in billing, keeping books, and handling the necessary " red tape " pay off in a succersful business year for the Tally Ho. TOM EDWARDS — Business Manafier PHOEBE RYERSON and JO PETTIT Administration and Schools BECKY BROWN Managing Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Claudia Thomas Editor Becky Brown Managing Editor Julie Ferrell Assistant Editor Patsy Peter, Jo Anne Moore Organizations Editors Jo Pettit, Phoebe Ryerson Administrative Editors Mimi Tubbs Sorority Editor Al Shuler Fraternity Editor Arthur Kennerly Sports Editor Anne Dalton, June Keirstead Feature Editors Marian Anderson, Joan Hough Senior Class Editors June Winters, Sally Darnell, Joan Trittipo — Undergraduate Editors Staff Members: Janet Burroughs, Norma Jean Braddock, Jerry Turner. BUSINESS STAFF Tom Edwards Business Manager Donnie Hollis Adve rtising Manager Tom Dickey Ad Layout Manager Nancy Weir Ad Staff Manager DR. GRIFFITH PUGH Faculty Advisor ANNE MINROE Activities lulittn- The 1953 Work on the 1953 Tally Ho was begun in the spring shortly after the election of your editor and business manager. Much credit is due the managing editor who assumed most of the responsibility while the editor was interning during the second semester. All staff members have tried to present you with a yearbook you can be proud of, one which will stand with the past two " First-class " rated yearbooks. We hope we have succeeded. The usual problems of publications have not been absent in the production of this Tally Ho — deadlines and more dead- lines, familiar screams of " we must take that picture in five minutes, " " the copy was due t wo weeks ago, " " the photog- rapher was due at the Alum and West Campus at 4:30, can ' t understand why he isn ' t here, " " can ' t anyone identify this picture? " . . . Despite the numerous headaches, nervous break- down, and black circles, your 1953 Tally Ho has been as- sembled, and we thank you for the opportunity and experience of producing it. AMNE DALTON anfl JUNE KEIRSTEAI) Feature Editors AL SHULER Fraternity Editor ARTHUR KENNERLY Sports Editor TALLY HO Much recognition is deserved by Mr. Robert Faerber of Alabama Engraving Company, who always helped to cover up the deadlines we missed, our printers Mr. Charles Rosenberg and Mr. Al Block for the guidance and hours of over- time they provided to produce the yearbook on time, and Mr. Harry Stewart for his unending patience. The book could not be complete with- out the talents of our photographers, George and David Avant, Jim Edris, and Jennings Rehwinkel. We also express our gratitude to our faculty advisor. Dr. Griffith Pugh for keeping us in line and out of trouble with the administration, Mr. Bob Leigh, Dr. J. Broward Culpepper, and Public Relations who all gave freely of their time and services. We present to you FSU packaged within the covers of this book — a priceless package to be cherished through the years to come. MARIAN ANDERSON and JOAN HOUGH Senior Class Editors JUNE WINTERS, SALLY DARNELL, JOAN TRITTIPO Class Section Editors FRED HEROLB— Snapshot Editor JO ANNE MOORE Organizations Editor The FLORIDil EDITOR As Editor-in-Chief, Bill Dunn spent long hours assembling a staff and attempting to train them for the labors ahead. His job as administrator and liaison officer also in- cluded the less glamorous facets ... re- writing editorials, gathering photos and see- ing that they were printed . . . lassoing un- suspecting writers, endowing them with ideas, then reconstructing their handiwork in readable form . . . speeding up his staff at deadline time and herding them to the Democrat for proofreading . . . and taking the criticism valiantly for the rest of the staff. Bill did an excellent job — sometimes under handicapped conditions — and made ' 53 a fitting climax for his four-year career on the Flambeau. BILL DUNN — Editor FLORIDA FLAMBEAU Bill Dunn Editor Joan Etheridge Business Manager Babs Henry Managing Editor Frances Cawthon News Editor Associate Editor Marcia Morris Sports Editor Jim Eady Copy Editor Judy Simkins Feature Editor June Morgan JUNIOR STAFF — (Left to right): Al Pierce, News Editor; Judy Simkins, Copy Editor; Bob Harris, Morgue Editor; Liz Vmig. Morgue Editor. ■ ' ' ' Hi K if -i- OiB ' " " ■-•- ' ■■■; t ; r. C M ' , J.J, W l Bv» - " i- ■ ' ■WW™ - .y m MARCIA MORRIS — Associate Editor FLAMBEAU F.S.U. ' s semi-weekly newspaper, the FLORIDA FLAMBEAU, added the year 1952-1953 to its list of successful seasons. Cap- tained by Editor Bill Dunn, the faithful crew of department editors, reporters and staff members recorded activities, campus events, achievements and progress of the student body and faculty mem- bers during the year. Office headquarters for the Monday and Thursday " deadline beaters " were entrenched in the second floor of the Longmire building. There seated before a battery of not so dependable typewriters, staff regulars covered all the hot tips of the day. Receiving lead positions and banner headlines as the big stories of the day were — Labor Secretary debate . . . Campus Chest drive . . . Class and UGA election excitement . . . " Flying High " Circus . . . Sandspur Weekend . . . Homecoming and Sammy Kaye . . . and in flaming terms — the birth of a political party and FSU ' s first nominating conventions. The year was a memorable year and the Flambeau took pleasure in recording its steps forward. Four-year standbys leaving hard-to-fill spots on the paper are Fran Cawthon, Babs Henry, Joan Etheridge and Bill Dunn. They were an integral part of the office scenery and the staff machinery. FRANCES CAWTHON — News Editor BABS HENRY— Managing Editor MANAGING EDITOR Babs ' happy faculty for dream- ing up anything in the realm of originality — whether it be make- up, editorial or headlines — will be hard to replace. NEWS EDITOR Frances Cawthon ' s columns were a favorite of Flambeau read- ers and her column line " Semi- nole Scenes " is trademark of the Cawthon brand of humor. NEWS STAFF — (Seated, left to right): Orchid Alonzo, Becky Brown, Margaret Horrox. (Standing, left to right): David Dreis; Frances Cawthon, ISews Editor; Al Pierce, Assistant News Editor. BUSINESS MANAGER In the field of Business Man- agers, Joan Etheridge ranks par excellence. For sheer capability, determination, and efficiency there is none to outdo Joanie. She was the practical mind of the staff that kept the editorialists out of the clouds and the Flambeau budget in the black. What a mind for numbers the gal had! REPORTERS — (Left to right): Betty Lee Herron, Becky Brown, Margaret Horrox, Ann Wiley. The FLAMBEAU JOAN ETHERIDGE — Business Manager JUNE MORGAN — Feature Editor Scene in Flambeau office. BUSINESS STAFF— (Left to right): Marilyn Searifihl, Julie ISorton, Pat Robinson, ISancy Lowe. (Left to right): Sylvia Closter. Betty Lee Herron, Frances Helms, Ann } iley. The top editors are lost without an efficient staff. The following people worked hard to put out a successful newspaper. Marcia Morris, who succeeds Bill as Captain of the staff, was the ever dependable Associate Editor. In charge of the Home- coming issue and other special editions, Marcia could be found on Mondays and Thursdays writ- ing headlines, features, editorials, columns and always keeping busy. The new editor is dependa- bility personified. Feature Editor June Morgan, member of Mademoiselle ' s Col- lege Board, brought bits of fash- ions and color into Flambeau features. June was also respon- sible for bringing the latest movie news to the students. Others to be remembered for continued outstanding work on the ' 52- ' 53 Flambeau: Jim Eady — Sports Editor. Al- ways depended on for an inter- esting and complete bit of sports coverage, striking headlines a specialty. . . . Al Pierce— Assistant News Editor. For colorful news stories and in the role of office entertainer, Al is not to be sur- passed. . . . Judy Simkins — Ironed out all of the grammatical kinks as Copy Editor and contributed the society for the Homecoming edition. . . . Nancy Lowe — Joanie ' s able protege on the business side and next year ' s Business Man- ager. . . . Frances Helms, Betty Lee Herron, Margaret Horrox, Syl- via Parrish — Steadily working headline writers without credit. These gals also stayed up late at the Democrat for proofreading along with the Senior Staffers. Margaret Horrox was also a com- petent writer. . . . Jayleen Robert- son — Freshman writer who turned in some excellent features. . . . Orchid Alonzo — Another freshman staff member, handled big stories for the news staff. . . . Bob Harris and Liz Vang — Morgue Editors and convention representatives. . . . John Harrocopus — Rewrite Ed- itor. . . . All the members who donated so much study time to the publishing of the 1952-1953 Florida Flambeau. John Howard, Managing Editor; Boots Haynie, Editor; Nancy Wilson, Business Manager, EDITORIAL STAFF Boots Haynie Editor-in-Chief John Howard Managing Editor Mary Leslie Keen Literary Editor Nelda Fielding Art Editor Herbert Lacayo Sports Editor David Dreis Humor Editor Jennings Rehwinkel Photograph Editor §MOKE SIGNALS Under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Boots Haynie and her diUgent staff work- ers, four outstanding issues of Smoke Sig- nals were published and this year it be- came even more " a magazine for the students. " Smoke Signals featured current campus activities and events of interest to the students. There is humor in it that can make even the dullest person laugh, and contains fiction like the famous Jeff Davis series which will long be remembered. BUSINESS STAFF Nancy Wilson Business Manager Margaret Horrox Advertising Manager Florence Lee Office Manager Dr. Josepli Doggett, Faculty Ad- visor, Margaret Horrox, Warren Dixon, Mary Leslie Keen. , ! I » ' 1 (Seated) : Nelda Fielding, Boots Haynie, Mary Leslie Keen, Florence Lee. (Staiuliiig) : Dr. Joseph Doggett, Pete INinikoff, John Howard, Nancy Wilson. Outstanding events sponsored by Smoke Signals ' staff were the Calendar Girl contest and the Literary Contest, under chairmanship of John Howard, Man- aging Editor. The Calendar Girl contest was completely different from any which has taken place in the past at this university. Thirteen girls out of a group of 70 were chosen on the basis of photographic adaptability, phy- sical appearance and personality to go into the issue of the magazine. The top contestant, who was Barbara Brewton, was featured on the cover and represented the magazine for 1953. A literary contest was another big campus-wide event. To the most outstanding short story, essay or theme in fiction submitted, the Smoke Signals ' Staff offered a beautiful gold cup. The winner was Warren Cobb. Congratulations go to all Smoke Signals staff mem- bers for the hard work, and long hours which went into the making of the student magazine. (Seated) : Florence Getzen, Ann Mcin- tosh, Mary Jane Kohertson, Mary Corn, Mary Leslie Keen, Dorsey Lee Cooper, Florence Lee, Nelda Fielding. (Stand- Pete NinikoCr, Warren Dixon, Mar- Horrov, Jennings Kehwinkle. Radio has a peculiar fascination for those young people who are equipped with imagination. There is that lure that draws people to explore the possibilities of something new. The campus radio station is five years old and yet it has found its way into the time and the hearts of the students at FSU. Some of the old favorite programs of last year re- mained on the schedule during 1952-53. " Late Date " and " Supper Club " were the top favorites in music. Another popular music program, " Dreambuster, " was added during second semester. New programs filled the air with melodious tones, the emphasis was on live shows with student participation. " Sigma Alpha Iota, " " Meet the Greeks, " " Los Picaros, " and " UGA Forum " were all FSU student programs. Remote broad- casting played its part in the well-rounded schedule, with special programs from the Music Building, as well as sports and on-the-spot interviews. BOB DUCKER — Program Director RONALD MARTIN — Chief Announcer MARGARET JEAN PARHAM — Station M(inager WFSU thi Basketball broadcasts were introduced this year as part of special events, followed by play-by-play baseball. Added to the remote equipment was the " little red wagon " for a mobile unit to facilitate on the spot broadcasting. WFSU participated in a program exchange with other colleges bringing to Florida State " Montevallo Nocturn, " " Music from Montevallo, " and " U. N. Re- view. " Special continuity programs included the annual " Album of Christmas, " six hours devoted to Christmas music and pro- gramming, a series of Lenten programs, " Classical Keynotes, " and " Music from a Modern Age. " ENGINEERING STAFF — (Seated): Bill Sutton. (Left to right): John Danaliy, Arden Eiibanks, Marian Mar- tin, Mary Ellen Martin, Stan Tippin, Van Roqueniore, John McCorkle. COUNCIL — Betty Nasrallah, Leah LaPlante, Mary Fry, John Danahy, Carl Brett. Producers for late disc jockey request program. ANNOUNCEKS— Marlene MacDowell, Leah LaPlawte, Hal LeVay, Marcie Lee, Chris Young, Carl Brett. Interviewing during Homecoming. oice of F.§. U. One of the main services which WFSU offers the university is the announcement of campus activi- ties. This was afforded by the " Seminole News Roundup " each Monday through Friday. During this year the station ' s staff was represented at two Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Re- gional meetings. Margaret Parham, station manager, was elected Director of the Southeastern region of IBS. On April 30th when the radio station signed off the air, the students all agreed that for five years, WFSU has been the " Voice o f FSU. " An inside vien Allan McCall shows Ruth Johnson steps of engineering. Coach Haskins ffives pointers to Betty Ann Rohert.s. Jerry Fortune rhnvns around in fly- iiifi art with John Mahee and Johnny Fortune. cvtMe 7- «• Ann Yates smiles prettily from her position atop the ' ' ' ' Moon. " Betty Ann Roberts and John Mahee in " Breakaway. " Johnny Fortune, as drunk cloivn. tries to li ht a cigarette on lamp. i ntsi The Skating Whirlwinds — Ralph Atwell, Shirley Knight, Ann Cal- lahan, Billy Joe. Pat Payne in Quartette Adagio with Dick Slade, George Bowers, Dick Williams. ) Caroline Calhoun on Tlw f rh. e tJMma cce i o m The Rolla-Rolla—Dick Slade and Dale Blair. FLORIDA STATE Ruthie Spencer leaps out from " Breakaway " with Dick Williams md Dick Slade. Bicycle Built for Three — Jeanne Rutherford, Vernon ISelson. Lenora Windham. The Perch Pole — Vernon I elson and Ruthie Spencer, Shirley Harper in the Cluud Sivin Triple Trapeze Act. 4 a LIFE TIME Featuring Ruthie Spencer, Clown Jerry Fortune, John Mahee, Johnny- Fortune. ISancr Warner and Gale Tomlinson in " M« and My Shadow. " Loraine — Contortionist extraordinary. Rolla-Rolla with Dale Blair and Dick Slade X N. Flying Act with John Mahee and Fay Williams. " Hv Madge Alexander in the cloud s wing. Triple Trapeze with Caroline Calhoun, Jinky ISorthrup. Haven Wilson. i t jFf W ■■L S : • ' tm g - i i jL HBEwr " " . l ' ' J F w ■■■■Sfe ' i ' - Marlies Gessler tries out the tight rope. Double with Pat Payne and George Bowers. Seminole princesses on triple trapeze. Double Trapeze with Pat Wayne and George Bowers. Quartet Adagio with June Morris, Harlace Seeley, Ralph Atwell, Ronnie Skelton. " The Wabash Blues " with Dee Dee Duguid, Mary Ann Council, Sue Humphries, Selma Morgan, Gale Tomlin- son. Jo Ann Hutto, Shirley Harper. Ann Yates. Flying Act with John Mabee anil Johnny Fortune. Pretty girls display Charles- ton costumes in the Charles- ton Dance Routine. A bicycle built for three. ARTHUR FIEDLER " ' ' ,!t?! ° POPS « feSTR A ARTHUR FIELDER Conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra THE BOSTON POPS ORCHESTRA The 1952-53 Artist Series program was highlighted by the performance of the Boston Pops, which featured one of Ernest Dohnanyi ' s compositions with Hilda Somer the piano soloist. Other programs included the production of Carmen by the Wagner Opera Company, a return engagement of this troupe, and a lecture by Richard Neutra, one of the two top architects in the United States. Mr. Neutra was accompanied to Talla- hassee by his wife, an accomplished musician who sings and accompanies herself on the cello. This couple proved to be one of the most popular attractions of the Artist Series. The ARTI!$T SERIES of FLORIDA STATE SYMPHONY, Kuersteinrr tlirpctlnn. if €§ ' I ' %. I HILDE SOMER Soloist with the Boston Pops LYDIA IBARROUDO Mr. Thomas Wright of the FSU School of Music served as chairman of the Artist Series Committee which is composed of twelve members, including two students, June Conyers and Jim Dye. This year ' s pro- gram was limited because of the lack of an auditorium. The University Art Gallery, sponsored by the Artist Series, presented many outstanding shows for the students and faculty of FSU. Mr. Edmund Lewandowski, famous artist and member of the committee, super- vised the display of the following shows: Lithographs and Etchings, Half-century of Picasso, Advertising and Editorial Art, Europe — the New Generation, Musical Themes, and a display of the inventions of Leonardo daVinci. The program was planned to appeal to stu- dents of varied interests. RICHARD EUTRA Architect and Lecturer FRINI MANOLO Dancers 053 fiiti2» ' i»i FAMILIAR POSE, DIFFERENT PROPS CONSTRUCTION IS A SIGN OF PROGRESS - OG AYS ABE HERE I CAftS » •sm-- NOW WHERE DID I LEAVE MY SUNGLASSES? ' iSjB, H AGhm COME ON EOY SCOUTS. WHERES THE FIRE? PARTY STARTS IN TWO MINUTES P WHYl HELLO DEAN. " - l a AW— THAT GOO NEVER WORKS t . SHARK BAIT TYPICAL STUDY HALL? O NOW VIC. YOUR NICKEL READY ONE MORE FOR THE RC 41$ tff ' ' ITv ' V ' ' MP s?« ,■%• ' i " ' - ] ' :m f T ■ - si ' ' ' t: -iViaS $ f K »% - «(ii ?% ' ■♦ pp ' j ••... ' ♦1 ' ■vfi ;i:r iT-i ' ' iV:- PAXHELLEXIC OFFICERS President Phoebe Ryerson Secretary Alberta Large Treasurer June McMillan Honor Court Chairman Edna Oliver Holton The Florida State University Panhellenic Council is composed of two representatives from each of the six- teen national sororities on campus. Panhellenic guides and supervises the rushing activities of the sororities and helps these groups to have as successful a rush season as possible. Panhellenic partially supports an European orphan who is living with foster parents. Each sorority takes turns writing to her as well as sending her Christmas gifts. At Christmastime, Panhellenic sponsors a formal dance when new Village Vamps are tapped for mem- bership. Each sorority does its part toward decorating and planning so that the dance may be the most suc- cessful ever held. Lila Lee Blair Pat Costello Ruthie Garst Betty Sue Fryer Nellie Lawrence Adelaide Lindsey Patty Martin Jackie Morris MEMBERS Fe ' Pittman Marjorie Potts Betty Ann Roberts Kathleen Toole Mary Belle Twitty Yvonne Warren Nancy Wilson Lou Rene Voges FIRST ROW: Margie Potts, Alpha Xi Deha; Lila Lee Blair, Alpha Omicron Pi; Betty Sue Fry. Alpha Chi Omega; Fe ' Pittman, Delta Delta Delta; Betty Ann Roberts, Alpha Delta Pi. SECOND ROW: Nancy Wilson, Zeta Tau Alpha; Harriet Knight, Delta Zeta; June McMillan, Alpha Chi Omega; Phoebe Ryerson, Delta Delta Delta; Alberta Large, Sigma Kappa; Jackie Morris, Kappa Alpha Theta; Kathleen Toole, Kappa Delta. THIRD ROW: Adelaide Lindsey, Phi Mu; Mary Belle Twitty, Alpha Gamma Deha; Nellie Lawrence, Chi Omega; Yvonne Warren, Gamma Phi Beta; Ruthie Garst, Sigma Kappa; Patty Martin, Delta Gamma; Pat Costello, Pi Beta Phi. • .- ■ " t ■ ' 11 K-J - ■ -J, " C ■■ , 1 id »» « w f ' •• • ' » Pt » W - ■ H» •- • FIRST ROW: Vaughn, Carter, Wodrich, Waters, Baylor. McKeown. SECOND ROW: Johnson, Beatty, F., Beatty, L., David, Sundberg, Price, Aggelis, Sellers, Richards. THIRD ROW: Costin, Velzey, Williams, Yeager, Bond, Shaw, Fritz. INTER -FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS President Don Waters Vice President Bob Wodrich Secretary Kent Taylor Treasurer Jim Carter Faculty Advisor Mr. George Heilman Representatives from all the fourteen fraternities on the campus of Florida State University comprise the Inter-Fraternity Council. This group functions as a co- ordinating body, acting to promote the best interests of the University through the fraternities. The Inter-Fraternity Council establishes and enforces rules concerning fraternity rushing, pledging and initia- tion. Rush week is under the direct supervision of the IFC. One of the most important social events of the social season at Florida State University is always the IFC Dance, and the selection of the IFC Queen, who was this year Patsy Gates. Under the capable leadership of President Don Waters, the Inter-Fraternity Council completed another year of ambitious service to Florida State University and its fraternities. MEMBERS Ted Aggelis Steve Bailey Kent Baylor Forest Beaty Larry Beaty Bob Berto Jack Bond Jim Carter Bob Connor Ashley Costin Charles Curtis Bill David D ick Fritz Spurgeon Johnson Ernest Laroche Bill McClellan Jim McKeown Gordon Price Sylvester Rickards Harvey Sellers Frank Shaw Bill Shiphorst Alan Sundberg Dick Vaughn Bob Velzey Don Waters Jack Williams Bob Wodrich Richard Yeager BETA ETA OF ALPHA CHI OMEGA l,£iSS SiSSiu DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1929 COLORS: SCARLET AND OLIVE GREEN FLOWER: RED CARNATION Mortar Board . . . Who ' s Who . . . Junior Class Sec- retary . . . Honor Court Members . . . Judiciary Mem- bers . . . Tarpon . . . Village Vamps . . . Sophomore Council . . . Cotillion . . . and Sandspur all have Alpha Chi ' s active in their respective groups. For their part in the Campus Chest Drive, these girls held a fudge sale to raise money. Contributions are also made to victims of the flood area, a war orphan and to Variety Children ' s Hospital. The fraternity parties, weekends at camp, Alpha Chi Weekend climaxed with the Carnation Ball and the Carnation Girls for each month mingled with the last- ing friendships will be everlasting in the memories of these Alpha Chi Omega ' s. Just strummin ' ' Keeping in shape FIRST ROW: E. Simmons, K. Petteway, Y. Long, N. Bishop, P. Lester, B. Marsee, J. Phelps, B. Zuver. SECOND ROW: J. McMillan, J. Webb, P. Temple, J. Stewart, Mrs. Jernigan, B. Thomas, N. Friend, E. Tatum, M. Weaver, C. Hill. THIRD ROW: P. Dewberry, B. Butler, N. Baxter, H. Martin, G. Croy, S. Hayden, A. Williams, B. S. Bryer, B. Linehan, B. Bachman, B. Pichard, C. Redfern. FOURTH ROW: M. Mangels, K. Morrow, N. Joyce, N. Prater, M. Vaughan, B. Lu nsford, H. Folds, B. Hartsiield, P. Slater, J. Rogers, L. Hollingsworth, S. Norman. Nancy Baxter Nancy Bishop Barbara Butler Gail Croy Helen Folds Nancy Friend Barbara Fryer Betty Sue Fryer Bobbie Jean Hartsfield Sue Ann Hayden Nancy Joyce Barbara Bachman Pat Dewberry Loretta Green Charlene Hill MEMBERS Patsy Lester Yvonne Long Mary Ann LuCree Bernice Lunsford Helen Martin Romona McCall June McMillan Katherine Morrow Katherine Petteway Betty Pichard Norma Jean Prater PLEDGES Lenora Hollingsworth Barbara Linehan Marjorie Mangles Shirley Norman Carolyn Redfern Jo Anne Phelps Pat Slater Mary Helen Speed Jo Stewart Elise Tatum Pat Temple Barbara Thomas Joan Webb Anne Williams Barbara Zuver Jean Rogers Jerry Sellers Evelyn Simmons Marion Weaver JO STEWART OFFICERS President Jo Stewart Vice President Pat Temple Secretary Nancy Friend Treasurer Joan Webb THREE ALPHA CHI ' S RATED IN WHO ' S WHO IOTA OF ALPHA DELTA PI DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1909 COLORS: BLUE AND WHITE FLOWER: VIOLET Homecoming festivities . . . Halloween Party . . . Scholarship Banquet . . . Alpha Delta Pi Weekend . . . and Senior Banquet kept these girls stepping through an eventful year. The A D Pi ' s and Phi Delts entertained a group of underprivileged children, and as their National Philanthropic project, their chapter aided a group of crippled children. Individual honors are found with members in Village Vamps . . . Sophomore Couuncil . . . Tarpon Club . . . Circus . . . Band . . . Sandspur . . . and University Chorus ... a well-rounded record for an equally well- rounded chapter. Candy kisses included? Gee, thanks te i3i ' «%S.;%Ai ' ' ■ Wl v ' I ii ' », ' f_, ' " ' ' ;: ' ji ' . ' jaiA " ::-«.« 5,:? Ai: ' ' ■ ' ««; ' . f f% FIRST ROW: J. Helvey, C. Rodgers, V. Shaw, L. Wyatt, M. Ingram, C. Hatcher, L. Johnson, C. Starbird. SECOND ROW: V. Spicer, J. Price, A. Midyette, M. A. Murphy, J. Swearingen, P. Wood, A. I. Adams, G. Adams, J. Porter, M. Miller. THIRD ROW: N. Wakefield, C. McFarlin, N. A. Goode, N. C. Wilson, A. Monroe, Mrs. S. E. Barret, M. A. Whitehurst, R. A. Padgett, H. C. Wheat, M. Williamson, A. Blake. FOURTH ROW: M. A. Young, J. Braswell, E. McLendon, M. Rasor, S. A. Davenport, B. Sowell, J. Rutherford, J. C. Law, S. Paul, P. Van Kleek, B. Brown, M. A. Ziegler. FIFTH ROW: M. Boynton, N. A. Bartlett, C. EUinor, J. Hughes, P. Schuchart, S. Schuchart, H. Carothers, P. Corry, B. A. Roberts, M. A. Council, M. J. Davis, R. A. Adams, L. Hall. Ann Adams Ann Blalce Cinnie Brown Trisha Corry Mary Ann Council Martha Ann Goode Jeanne Lee Helvey Marjorie Ingram Jo Carol Law Celia McFarlin Ada Adams Gwen Adams Nancy Barlette Mary Boynton Joan Braswell Betty Brown Helen Carothers Sally Davenport MEMBERS Janie Midyette Ann Monroe Lil Monroe Mary Ann Murphy Ruthanne Padgett Jackie Price Betty Ann Roberts Jeanne Rutherford Peggy Schuchart Sally Schuchart PLEDGES Jane Davis Carol Elinor Liz Hall Claire Hatcher Janet Hughs Liquita Johnson Elaine McLendon Margaret Miller Sally Paul Virginia Shaw Betty Sowell Pride Van Kleek Nancy Wakefield Helen Claire Wheat Mary Audery Whitehurst Martha Williamson Nancy Wilson Lillian Wyatt Mary Ann Zeigler Jeanette Porter Martha Razor Carol Rogers Virginia Spicer Christine Starbird Jennie Swearinger Pat Wood Margaret Ann Young ANN MONROE OFFICERS President Ann Monroe Vice President Mary A. Whitehurst Secretary Martha Ann Goode Treasurer Nancy Wilson ALPHA DELTA PI STARS IN CIRCUS SHOW GAMMA BETA OF ALPHA GAMMA DELTA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1925 COLORS: RED, BUFF, GREEN FLOWER: RED AND BUFF ROSE The Alpha Gamm ' s were well out in front in the line of worthy projects . . . helping the Cerebral Palsy Association . . . sending packages to Korean orphans . . . sponsoring a child to a summer camp and con- tributing their efforts towards the Campus Chest. Members were represented in the Phi Delta Theta and Kappa Alpha Courts as well as the Sophomore Hop. Circus, Village Vamps, Judiciary, Alpha Lambda Delta, Los Picaros, Cotillion and Sandspur all have Alpha Gams within their membership. They were also proud of their girls in Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta and the Varsity Debate Squad. Never to be forgotten were the backyard picnics planned by the pledges . . . the Xmas party enjoyed by their alums . . . and the busy year climaxed with their wonderful weekend in May. Mother Rose and the girls .4 touch of the South Seas S . ' Nif : ■ ■ " ' " " ' I ■■■■ " ■ ■B iHil % ' ' ' FIRST ROW: Iva Leah Earnest, Mary Jean Gillis, Diane Hood, Virginia Phillips, Barbara A. Tribble kerson, Mary Truluck. SECOND ROW: Betty Jane Sharp, Sylvia Lewis, Joanne Anderson, Elin Qu Turnbull, Nancy Lapp, Betty Jane Baiby. THIRD ROW: Dot Sheftall, Nancy Mayhew, Betty Mosley, Gilliland, Ernestine Hunt, Van Griffin, Connie Decker, Joanne Rice. FOURTH ROW: Sara Whitehe Carole Crabb, Beverly Bennett, Nancy Killgore, Janelle Hull, Carol Snyder, Mary Ann Sperry, Judy Nancye J. Clark, JoAnne Setzer, Celeste Rodgers, Sandra Shuman, Mary Dinning, Dorothy Womb Hogan, Nell Jopling. MEMBERS Judy Ash Jo Anne Hogan Jo Ann Setzer Beverly Bennett Janelle Hull Jean Shearouse Becky Branan Ernestine Hunt Dottie Sheftall Nancy Clark Carolyn Johnson Sandra Shuman Carol Crabb Nell Jopling Mary Ann Sperry Connie Decker Nancy Kilfore Carol Snyder Mary Dinning Nancy Mayhew Mary Belle Twitty Joan Finson Betty Mosley Patricia Wahers Van Griffin Jo Ann Rice Sara Whitehead Patsy Herndon Celeste Rogers Dorothy Womble PLEDGES Jo Anne Anderson Carol Fulkerson Elin Quicksall Betty Jane Bailey Mary Jean Gillis Dee Roys Bettie Carter Diane Hood Betty Jane Sharp Scottie Dickinson Toni Leto Barbara Tribble Mary Dougherty Nancy Lepp Mary Truluck Pat Emmett Sylvia Lewis Mary Turnbull Iva Leah Ernest Donna McNab Jo Ann Williams Virginia Phillips , Ann Dickinson, Bettie Carter, Carol Ful- icksall. Donna McNab, Toni Leto, Mary Carolyn Johnson, Becky Brannan, Mrs. ad, Patsy Herndon, Mary Belle Twitty, Ash. FIFTH ROW: Pat Walters, De Roys, e, Jean Shearouse, Pat Emmitt, Joanne 1 p i £% Bik Ik ; ] BECKY BRANAN OFFICERS President Becky Branan Aice President Ernestine Hunt secretary Betty Mosley treasurer Van Griffin i ALPHA GAM ' S BUILD NEW ADDITION TO THEIR CI RAFTER HOUSE ALPHA PI OF ALPHA OMICRON PI DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1948 COLORS: RED AND WHITE FLOWER: JACQUEMINOT ROSE Outstanding on campus, the A O Pi ' s boast the editor of Smoke Signals, State President of F.B.L.A., Smoke Signals cover girl, Chairman of Judiciary and Social Chairman of the Freshman Class. Members are also in Sophomore Council, F-Club, Cotillion, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Tarpon, Circus, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Alpha Lambda Delta. We ' ll never forget our annual Rose Ball Weekend . . . coast parties . . . Marilyn runner-up in Gymkana as " Venus " . . . State Day in Gainesville . . . Mary George being chosen to represent F.S.U. as the girl with the loveliest smile. Our last ritual before the seniors graduated . . . the Rose of A O Pi . . . graduation . . . and promises to return to the Alpha Pi Chapter and the happy days. Just looking ISice, uh? 1 T ' ' ' ' V fV i ' t r ' vT JI, ' Ad FIRST ROW: Jan Eichenger, Gail Griffin, Lila Lee Blair, Mary Passiglia, Barbara Ann Pearl, Barbara Santana, Fran Ann Richardson, Donah Aase, LaVerne Battle. SECOND ROW: Edithe Skipper, Adrenn Miller, Kay Harding, Kitty Pittman, Rosamay Smith, Margaret Moore, Faye Nor- man, Jo Fabian, Sue Collier, Joan Simms. THIRD ROW: Martha Jean Wilson, Jeanne O ' Hern, Cally Economons. Barbara Lynch, Mary George Anderson, Emily Ingram, Joyce Elson, Jean Hopkins, Virgie Milton, Frances Cawthon, Sue Allen, Jane Wood, Boots Hayne, Pat Schofield, Audrey Marie Butler. FOURTH ROW: Lila Peterson, Betty Owene, Jeanine Jeffords, Betty Holland, Barbara Herring, Ann Blitch, Marilyn Goble, Betty Christ, Loretta Woods, Sarah Murray, Peggy Bray, Gail Baker, Betty Carlile, Shirley Houston. Dorothy Baker La Verne Battle Lila Lee Blair Ann Blitch Audrey Butler Betty Carlile Jo Fabian Marilyn Goble Sally Brant Peggy Bray Emily Ingram MEMBERS Kay Harding Jean Hopkins Virgie Melton Ardrenn Miller Peggy Moore Sarah Murray Faye Norman Kitty Pittman Fran Richardson PLEDGES Barbara Herring Betty Christ Betty Holland Joan Simms Edythe Skipper Rosie Smith Martha Wilson Jane Wood Loretta Woods Jan Echinger Betty Owens Fran Cawthon Jeanine Jeffords PEGGY MOORE OFFICERS President Peggy Moore Vice President Rosamay Smith Secretary Kitty Pittman Treasurer Faye Norman A O PI PRESIDENT OF THE STATE FBLA ALPHA OMEGA OF ALPHA XI DELTA A2 DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1929 COLORS: DOUBLE BLUE AND GOLD FLOWER: PINK KILLARNEY ROSE «« .« «»-»«i. ' «i»i js: » ' ' »%!»s» ij ; | ► ' w% « ' ' « ' : gB " , ® ? ' S , a J During the Homecoming festivities, the Alpha Xi ' s placed themselves in the limelight of awards ... 1st place in the skit contest, 1st place for the most beautiful float and 3rd place in the house decorations ... a record to be proud of! Alpha Xi ' s are well represented in such groups as Sigma Alpha Iota, F-Club, Tarpon Club, Los Picaros, Kappa Delta Pi and Omicron Nu in which Priscilla Holmes received the scholarship award. Their social calendar revealed a variety of fun-filled occasions . . . their Rose Formal . . . weekends at camp plus many open houses and picnics. A combined Christmas party with the Delta Tau Deltas brought many smiles from a group of underprivileged children. Manicure anyone? But . . . Santa! V FIRST ROW: M. A. Gotter, B. Whetstone, M. Vann, B. Sullivan, M. Potts, D. Hunt, N. Smale, J. Cams, M. Ricker, L. Shafer. SECOND ROW: B. A. Haines, D. Ashmore, J. Moreland, M. Kamm, C. Nord, Mrs. Ruth Hill, S. Saxon, J. Reitsma, E. Cooke, S. Meyer. THIRD ROW: M. Scott, E. Pace, E. Card, J. Hamrick, N. L. Erickson, E. Fable, I. Williams, J. Ross, M. Harrelson, B. J. Armstrong, M. Nichols, S. Shannon, P. Finney, D. Albert. FOURTH ROW: G. Schatzman, J. Arbogast, J. Johansen, K. Kohler, A. J. Winter, M. J. Coyne, B. Reitsma, L. Chalker, P. O ' Brien, P. Holmes, N. Emery. lanice Arbogast Betty Jo Armstrong Delilah Ashmore Joyce Corns Lorraine Chalker Elizabeth Cooke Mary Jane Coyne Nancy Lea Erickson Elizabeth Fahle Patricia Finney Eleanor Gard Delia Albert LaDonice Atkinson Anita Brunson Mary Will Davis Nathalie Emery Mary Alice Gotter MEMBERS Janet Hamrick Betty Ann Haynes Priscilla Holmes Marylou Kamm Gloria Mickler Janice Moreland Sonya Meyer Carolyn Nord Patricia O ' Brien Emily Pace Marjorie Potts -PLEDGE S Diane Hunt Joan Johansen Kay Kohler June McGill Marilyn Nichols Patricia Robinson Frances Louise Ross Barbara Reitsma Joan Reitsma Madelyn Rieker Sue Saxon Grace Schatzman Miriam Shannon Nadine Smale JoAnne Thorpe Marjorie Vann Charlotte West Betty Whetstone Martha Scott Luanne Shaier Betty Sullivan Helen White Jane Williams Anne Winter CAROLYN NORD OFFICERS President Carolyn Nord Vice President Sue Saxon Secretary Marylou Kamm Treasurer Joan Reitsma WINNERS OF HOMECOMING SKIT GAMMA OF CHI OMEGA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1908 COLORS: CARDINAL AND STRAW FLOWER: WHITE CARNATION The Chi O ' s have been an active chapter on this campus since their arrival in 1925. This year they were proclaimed Volleyball Champions. The Home- coming Queen Court boasted Chi Omega ' s Barbara Brewton and Dot Johnson. Other Chi O ' s were active in Garnet Kay, U.G.A., and Mortar Board. Each year the chapter gives a Political Science Award to the student with the highest average in this field. Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas toys are given by the chapter to needy individuals. The group looks back over the year with pleasure and satisfaction, knowing it was one long to be re- membered. Is this a hanging? Heap big teepee mm FIRST ROW: M. A. Macintosh, J. Partin, L. Armstrong, S. Williams, M. Seayden, K. Moody, D. L. Cooper, S. Linebaugh, ]. Sisson, B. A. Chance. SECOND ROW: G. Robinson, H. F. Denton, M. Davis, B. L. Smith, A. Woolen, B. Brewton, Mother Mack, S. M. Davis, P. Sisson, P. Whiddon, M. L. Keen. THIRD ROW: C. Calhoun, L. King, J. Northrupt, A. Andrews, N. Lawrence, L. Fagen, S. Schock, J. Wetherell, A. Long, J. Robertson, FOURTH ROW: N. Black, J. Mikesell, P. Ellsworth, E. Ogden, D. Piatt, J. Cronmiller, E. Scarborough, S. Bailey, L. Lane, L. McNab, A. Whitney, J. Owens, G. McSwain, D. Johnson, H. Ramsey. IF r Ara Andrews Susan Bailey Betsy Birdkbickler Nancy Black Barbara Brewton Jan Cronmiller Anne Crownover Mary Davis Sara Margaret Davis Florence Denton Peggy Ellsworth La Vetra Armstrong Betty Ann Chance Dorsey Lee Cooper Suzanne Linebough Ann Mcintosh Eugenia McSwain MEMBERS Leslie Fagan Dorothy Johnson Mary Leslie Keen Layniere King Lynda Lane Nellie Lawrence Alice Long Lynn McNab Joan Mikesill Jean Northrup Eugenia Ogden PLEDGES Joyce Partin Phyllis Pittman Eleanor Scarborough Martha Slayden Tina Stahl Jane Sisson Dodie Piatt Harriet Ramsey Joan Robertson Grace Robinson Sue Schock Patsy Sisson Bonnie Smith Jean Wethrell Penny Whitney Ann Whitney Ann Wooten Shirley ShuU JoAnne Owens Shirley Williams Sarah Hambley Kay Moody BARBARA BREWTON OFFICERS President Barbara Brewton Vice President Sara Margaret Davis Secretary Ara Andrews Treasurer Jean Wetherell CHI O ' S VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS ALPHA ETA OF DELTA DELTA DELTA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1916 COLORS: SILVER, GOLD, BLUE FLOWER: PANSY An annual scholarship award to a deserving student on campus is given by the Tri Delt Chapter on this chapter each year. During the Campus Chest Drive, a Fashion Show was staged to provide funds and entertainment. Tri Delts are found to be active in Tarpon Club, Village Vamps, Sophomore Council, Circus, Garnet Key, Kappa Delta Pi, Cotillion and Judiciary. The chapter entertained the children of their alums with an Easter Egg Hunt, and at Christmas, the pledges entertained the actives. Fraternity parties . . . suppers in the backyard . . . and informal get-togethers filled their social calendar. Never to be forgotten ... Tri Delta Weekend . . . tears at the Pansy Breakfast . . . plans for the new dining room . . . and a year filled with fun. Where ' s the mistletoe? FIRST ROW: Paula Orr, Georgatte Johnson, Kay Kayse, Cecile Robinso.i, Charlene Caviness, Sandy Chance, Joanne Poe, Patsy Moser, Eloise McGirr, Susan McGlothlin, Helen Russell. SECOND ROW: Nito Richardson, Nancy Mayer, Jane Adicks, Jo Pettit, Becky Wood, Carolyn Boschen, Mrs. W. Crume, Mimi Tubbs, Phoebe Ryerson, Sara Philyaw, Frances Johnson, Fe ' Pittman, Karen Bell. THIRD ROW: Joan Goddard, Jackie Goddard, Meredith Glenn, Bette Fischer, Gayle Fulghum, Jean Cooper, Libby Turner, Lil Avis, Ann Babel, Dot Young, Jan Craig, Eleanor Smith, Betsy Small, Suzie Sumner, Nancy Lee Hume, Carolyn Briles. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Cox, Shirley Smith, Cynthia Parr, Betty Graham, Betty Ann Furman, June McKenney, Elizabeth Carol Johnson, Shirley Hogan, Nancy Smith, Sarah David, Adrienne Pope, Jeanne Hobbs, Martha Simpson, Emma Buck, Linda Lee, Faith Dunn-Rankin. Jane Adicks Lillian Avis Ann Babel Carolyn Boschen Carolyn Briles Charlene Caviness Sandra Chance Jean Cooper Jan Craig Sara David Bette Fischer Karen Bell Emma Buck Shirley Cox Meredith Glenn Joan Goddard Gayle Fulghum Betty Ann Furman MEMBERS Betty Graham Jackie Goddard Shirley Hogan Frances Johnson Georgette Johnson Kay Kayse Nancy Mayer Patsy Moser June McKenney Eloise McGirr Jo Pettit Sara Ceva Philyaw PLEDGES Jeanne Hobbs Nancy Hume Elizabeth Johnson Linda Lee Paula Orr Cynthia Parr Jane Putnam Joanne Poe Adrienne Pope Nancy R ainey Nita Richardson Phoebe Ryerson Betsy Small Eleanor Smith Nancy Smith Mimi Tubbs Libby Turner Becky Wood Cecile Robinson Helen Russell Louanne Self Martha Simpson Shirley Smith Dorothy Young MIMI TUBBS OFFICERS President Mimi Tubbs Vice President Ann Babel Secretary Sandra Chance Treasurer Carolyn Boschen PLANS FOR NEW DINING ROOM UNDERWAY GAMMA MU OF DELTA GAMMA DATE OF INSTALLATION: I95I COLORS: BRONZE, PINK, BLUE FLOWER: CREAM-COLORED ROSE The Delta Gamma ' s are rapidly gaining a strong- hold on campus as a very active chapter since their recent arrival. D G ' s are in Circus . . . Cotillion . . . Village Vamps . . . Sophomore Council . . . and are class officers. They also give reader service to F.S.U. blind students and work with their National on Sight Conservation and Aid to the Bhnd. A friendly atmosphere always graced their social functions as the Christmas Party . . . Fraternity Parties . . . D G Weekend . . . and the Homecoming Luncheon for their alums. We ' re listening! Once upon a time V, W ■t f l-i l ' ' ••■f r;« ,? FIRST ROW: Pat McCall, Nancy Munt, JoAnne Winter, Rosemary Delauney, lanet Vanouse, Sue Angel, Carolyn Moore. SECOND ROW: Pat Martin, Jeanne Thomson, Martha Hall, Mrs. Thigpen, Beverly Edenfield, Carolyn Read, Sarah Howard, Joan Trittipo. THIRD ROW: Shirley Hamblin, Ann Farber, Darolzn Peck, Judy McCracken, Nancy Penrose, Pat Filson, Nancy Carter, Gail West. FOURTH ROW: Gay Hamreck, Mary Louthan, Janice DeWitt, Melinda Usina, Gail McDonough, Marjorie Grice, Frances Tuttle, Mary Korn, Beatrice Smith. Nancy Carter Rosemarie ' deLaunay Beverly Edenfield Patricia Filson Martha Hall Gay Hamrick Sarah Howard Sue Anget Susy Cook Mary Corn Janis DeWitt MEMBERS Mary Louthan Patricia Martin Patricia McCall Judy McCracken Carolyn Moore Nancy Numt Nancy Penrose -PLEDGES Anne Farger Marjorie Grice Shirley Hamblin Carolyne Hudson Carolyn Read Jeanne Thomson Joan Trittipo Frances Tuttle Janet Vanouse Gail West Jo Anne Winter Gail McDonough Daralyn Peck Beatrice Smith Malinda Usina MARTHA ANN HALL OFFICERS President Martha Ann Hall Vice President Beverly Edenfield Secretary Patricia McCall Treasurer Jeanne Thomson READER SERVICE TO BLIND STUDENTS GIVEN BY THE D G ' S ALPHA SIGMA OF DELTA ZETA ' IMT DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1924 COLORS: OLD ROSE AND VIEUX GREEN FLOWER: KILLARNEY ROSE Tops on the Delta Zeta social calendar for this year was the Founder ' s Day reception on October 24 cel- ebrating the Golden Jubilee. The Christmas Party for the members and their dates saw the DZ House turned into a Polar Bear Club. In addition to these activities, open houses, fraternity parties, the traditional Active ' s Night Out, and the party for the seniors added spice to the social life of the girls who wear the golden lamp. These social activities were climaxed by the Rose Weekend in April which included a Noah ' s Ark costume party, the Rose Ball, and a picnic at Camp Flastacowo. D. Z. girls are busy on campus as WFSU station manager, Tally-Ho editor, Theater Dance Club presi- dent, in Circus, Sophomore Council, the Home Eco- nomics Club, and religious organizations. As a result of these activities, honoraries have selected members for Los Picaros, Zeta Phi Eta, Who ' s Who, Garnet Key, Kappa Delta Pi, and junior counselors. D. Z. ' s look with pride upon their Sigma Chi Sweet- heart, Harriet Knight. IS ice, you bet! W ' e re tvatchina A V -— ' ■ ' St ■ " . FIRST ROW: S. Knight. A. Phillips, B. England, L. Asher, B. O. Hendry, N. Stephens, I. Taylor, L. Windham. SECOND ROW: J. Beasley, C. Trimmer, N. G. Braddock, A. C. Irvine, Mrs. C. W. Dinwiddle, C. Thomas, S. McLain, K. Davis, H. Knight. THIRD ROW: M. McKenzie, B. Campbell, L. Voges, B. Browne, J. E. Stephens, A. Longshore, P. Hampton, B. A. Corbett, J. Ferrell, G. Harrington, M. Garrett, M. Martin, C. J. Peacock, C. A. Davis. FOURTH ROW: S. Bowden, P. Hawn, M. Price, E. Lindeman, C. A. Nydegger, C. Glenn, R. Howard, J. Williamson, P. Dye, A. J. Bird, J. Brinson, D. A. Craven, O. Golf, G. Sutton. Jean Beasley Allie Jane Bird Shirley Bo vden Jeannie Brinson Barbara Browne Norma Jean Braddock Betty Campbell Doris Ann Craven Ann Corbett Caryann Davis Phyllis Dye Betty England Julie Ferrell Martha Garrett Ann Burnett Barbara Capps Harriet Davis MEMBERS Carolyn Glenn Diana Golf Pat Hampton Peggy Hawn Geraldine Harrington Rose Howard Annie Claire Irvine Alice Jones Harriet Knight Shirley Knight Ann Longshore Joann Mabry Marian Mabry Mildred McKenzie PLEDGES Ellen Lindeman Margaret Jean Parham Corrie Simmons Shirley McLain Carol Ann Nydegger Kitty Peacock Marilyn Price Ann Phillips Natholyn Stephens Joyce Sutton Irene Taylor Claudia Thomas Carol Trimmer Lou Rene Voges Helen Jane Williams Janis Williamson Lenora Windham Jane Ellen Stephens Betty Struth Regina Thorpe CLAUDIA THOMAS OFFICERS President Claudia Thomas Vice President Annie Claire Irvine Secretary Shirley McLain Treasurer Kay Davis HARRIET KNIGHT REIGNS AS SIGMA CHI SWEETHEART BETA MU OF GAMMA PHI BETA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1950 COLORS: BROWN AND MODE FLOWER: PINK CARNATION The Gamma Phi ' s were awarded the Panhellenic cup for the most scholastic improvement for 1952 . . . poppy sale for the American Legion . . . projects for the Salvation Army . . . aiding a needy family at Christmas . . . sponsoring a crippled child to summer camp gave this chapter much to be proud of. Members were busy in their activities as Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Iota, F- Club, Sophomore Council, Tarpon Club and Junior Counselors. Teas . . . luncheons . . . fraternity parties . . . open houses . . . informal dances kept the chapter in a spin of activities . . . the memorable Gamma Phi Weekend climaxed with the glorious Crescent Ball. She bought a poppy! Fan Club? ii esf FIRST ROW: Irene Mantzanas, Virginia Pendleton, Joan Pearson, Ann Lee Hays, Cecil Gatlin, Jane Wardlaw, Susan Earle, Barbara Beers. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Thomas, Yvonne Warren, Jayne Etchison, Reba Fay Miller, Martha Watkins, Mrs. Daley, Dot Douglas, Ann Mc- Curdy, Mary Lou Wells, Janet Rawls, Elaine Hannahs. THIRD ROW: Netty J. Johns, Ann Anderson, June Morgan, Enid Taylor, Arden Eubanks, Dot Giretz, Helen Lawler, Romania Ingram, Charlotte Neighbors, Susan Finley. FOURTH ROW: Betty Jane Johns, Carole MacCory, Celia Lancaster, Ann Pabor, Dottie Ruth Harrison, Joyce Turber, Margaret Valero, Mary Ann Sindner, Peggy Page. A nn Anderson Barbara Beers Dot Douglas Jayne Etchison Arden Eubanks Susan Finley Cecil Gatlin Elaine Hannahs Dottie Harrison Ann Hays Romania Ingram Frances Brooks Barbara Burke Susan Earle Betty Johns MEMBERS Dottie Jiretz Clelia Lancaster Helen Lawler Anne McCurdy Fay Miller June Morgan Charlotte Neighbors Peggy Page Joan Pearson Virginia Pendleton Betty Ann Pierce PLEDGES Netty Johns Carol MacCorry Irene Mantzanas Jayne Owens Janet Rawls Mary Ann Seidner Joyce Suber Betty Strickland Mary Anne Thomas Margaret Valero Yvonne Warren Jane Wardlaw Martha Watkins Mary Lou Wells Anne Pabor Patricia Stapleton Enid Taylor Betty Sue Williams DOROTHY DOUGLAS OFFICERS President Dorothy Douglas Vice President Anne McCurdy Secretary Martha Watkins Treasurer Fay Miller GAMMA PHI ' S SELL POPPIES FOR CAMPUS CHEST BETA NU OF KAPPA ALPHA THETA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1924 COLORS: BLACK AND GOLD FLOWER: PANSY The victory of the Powder Bowl Game put the finish- ing touch to the successful Theta Weekend this year. The entire year, however, was exciting with the numerous fraternity parties, the Christmas Party and weekends at camp. The Thetas also found time to work with the local Institution of Speech Correction and at Christmas, gave clothes and toys to needy children. The enthusiasm of the year was sparked by Thetas in Cotillion . . . Tarpon . . . Circus . . . F-Club . . . Village Vamps . . . Sandspur . . . Choral Union . . . and Judiciary. Ardis, stop laughhif. Busy as bees FIRST ROW: Sherry Mitchell, Janet Stark, Joan Carson, Katharine Mason, Jeannie Craig, Donna Lou Harper, Cynthia Vance, Ruthie Spencer, Carolyn Williams. SECOND ROW: Betty Wilmon, Ann Robidoux, Ann Hayes, Jackie Morris, Edna Oliver Holton, Mrs. F. S. Vernay, Ann Strick- land, Alynn Cordell, Claire Kenyon, Kathleen Veal. THIRD ROW: Sue McCormick, Kay Haines, Barbara Caldwell, Inia Jean Pruitt, Pat Mere- dith, Jeanne Parker, Mildred Burroughs, Betty Jo Grubbs, Marilyn Stephens, Nancy Wehner, Jean Hodges, Jane McKneely, Mary Ann Mathews. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Kellogg, Jane Walker. Joan Edwards, Charlotte Hardy, Carol Slavens, Jo Ann Hutto, Janet Epting, Pat Guthrie, Joan Avril, Helen Hamilton, Joan Lee, Louise Yarborough, Sue Young. Joann Avril Ardis Boiirland Mildred Burroughs Joan Carson Alynn Cordell Jeanne Craig Joan Edwards Pat Guthrie Kay Haines Barbara Caldwell Janet Epting Betty Jo Grubbs Helen Hamilton Jean Hodges Shirley Kellogg MEMBERS Charlotte Hardy Donna Lou Harper Ann Hayes Edna Oliver Holton Joann Hutto Claire Kenyon Yvonne McCarthy Jane McKneely Catherine Mason Pat Meredith PLEDGES Joan Lee Sue McCormick Mary Ann Matthews Sherry Lee Mitchell Inia Jean Pruitt Ruth Spencer Jackie Morris Jeanne Parker Ann Robidoux Carol Slavens Janet Stark Marilyn Stephens Ann Strickland Kathleen Veal Nancy Wehner Cynthia Vance Jane Walker Carolyn Williams Betty Willmon Louise Yarborough Sue Young EDNA OLIVER HOLTON OFFICERS President Edna Oliver Holton Vice President Ardis Bourland Secretary Alynn Cordell Treasurer Jeanne Parker WINNERS OF POWDER BOWL GAME KAPPA ALPHA OF KAPPA DELTA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1904 COLORS: GREEN AND WHITE FLOWER: WHITE ROSE The whirl of this year is now past, but not forgotten are the memories of K D Weekend . . . fraternity par ties . . .. football games . . . Ike ' s Birthday Party . . . and many exciting events. The K D ' s gave much of their time working with the crippled children and members were busily working in Circus, Garnet Key, Sophomore Council, Tarpon, Village Vamps, University Singers, Choral Union, Alpha Lambda Delta and as Junior Counselors. The usual traditions were observed and the Kappa Delta ' s can be credited with a most successful year. Happy birthday, Ike Homecoming, you know •v gi w ' tjwi ' eiiMi " FIRST ROW: N. Warner, S. Fussell, C. Neel, M. J. Robertson, B. Brown, A. Fraizer. SECOND ROW: S. Martin, D. Jackson, J. Wallace, S. Brunson, C. Alford, T. Secord, P. Flynn, M. C. Branch, M. L. Thornhill. THIRD ROW: S. Tompson, J. Tompson, H. Owsley, B. Bunker, J. L. Reale, Mother Sledge, C. Hartwell, S. Lavender, E. Bryant, J. Groot, J. Brady. FOURTH ROW: E. Scott, S. Daniel, G. Tomlinson, P. Vines, J. Belle, P. Campbell, J. Whiddon, H. Fuller, I. Johnson, K. Toole, L. Reece, J. Cuningham, L. Boggs. FIFTH ROW: L. Helms, B. J. Miller, J. Dozier, M. Johnson, K. Chastain, M. Brown, V. Anderson, J. Mynihan, A. MacKay, R. Miller, F. Getzsen, A. Williams. Virginia Anderson Joanne Belle Lavral Boggs Mary Lynn Brown Edith Bryant Beverly Bunder Petrea Campbell Jeannette Carper Joan Dozier Kay Fields Mary Hope Fuller Jackie Glass Carolyn Alford Mary Carolyn Branch Beverly Brown Barbara Ann Brunson Joanne Cunningham Lujane Donaldson MEMBERS Eleanor Green Charlotte Hartwell Lynda Helms Iris Johnson Madelyn Johnson Shirley Lavender Ann Mackay Betty Jo Miller Rae Miller Joan Mynihan Harriet Owsley Betty Ann Ray PLEDGES Ann Graser Pat Flynn Sally Fussell Florence Getzen Deane Jackson Sue Martin Joyce Morgan Jennie Lou Reale Elizabeth Reece Eleanor Scott Pat Smoak Mary Taylor Gale Tomlinson Kathleen Toole Pat Vines Joyce Whiddon Ann Williams Shirley Daniel Carol Neal Marie Secord Mary Jane Robertson Mary Lois Thornhill Jane Wallace Nancy Warner ELEANOR GREEN OFFICERS President Eleanor Green Vice President Jennie Lu Reale Secretary Charlotte Hartwell Treasurer Shirley Lavender KAPPA DELTAS WORKED WITH THE CRIPPLED CHILDREN ALPHA EPSILON OF PHI MU DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1929 COLORS: ROSE AND WHITE FLOWER: ENCHANTRESS CARNATION The Phi Mu ' s own Suzi Jones was this year ' s Gym- kana Queen . . . their float won second place in the Homecoming parade . . . four Phi Mu ' s were tapped for Mortar Board and many more members in Garnet Key. Sophomore Council, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi, Village Vamps, Cotillion and Sigma Alpha Iota are well represented in this chapter ... an active group our campus can be proud of. Fraternity parties . . . open houses . . . serenades . . . initiation dinners illuminated by candlelight and Phi Mu Weekend ... all will linger long in the memories of this chapter. Lucky Santa! Well, hello FIRST ROW: M. Jordan, J. Carter, S. Burrell, C. Henderson, A. M. Henley, S. Dempsey. J. Parkinson, L. Johnson, M. Stevenson, S. Morgan, D. Tyler, A. Lindsey, P. Whisenant. SECOND ROW: M. Browder, M. Anderson, K. King, P. Lassiter, B. Michael, F. Clark, Mrs. Edna Otto, C. Gray, K. Oliver, E. Page, S. Marini, B. White, M. G. Shoemaker. THIRD ROW: S. Browder, B. L. Kabeary, A. Tucker, A. Spencer, H. Copeland, J. Futch, S. Traxler, B. Strickland, A. Chandley, J. Folsom, B. Brannon, S. Jones, F. Packall, B. Rudin, S. Tanner, M. A. McFarland. FOURTH ROW: J. Haag, J. Hobson, J. Hough, M. Chestnut, V. Norfleet, P. Manaugh, J. Brooks, N. Graham, P. Johannes, P. Bayly, A. Spencer, B. R. Jacobs, A. Amend, K. Skogstad, M. Wilkinson, C. Williams. Marian Anderson Arlene An end Phylis Bayly Bebe Brannon Mary Browder Sallie Browder Carol Brown Joy Carter Ann Chandley Frances Clark Hilda Copeland Joanne Futch Carol Gray Joyce Haag JoAnn Brooks Shirley Burrell Martha Chestnut Shirley Dempsey Jeanette Folsom Joey Hobson Betty Rose Jacob MEMBERS Joan Hough Musadore Jordan Suzi Jones Bette Lu Kabeary Betty Jack Kerzan Kay King Carol Henderson Polly Lassiter Adelaide Lindsey Sylvia Marini Mary Ann McFarland Barbara Michael Ruth Ann Miles Selma Morgan Kitty Oliver PLEDGES Lil Johnson Phyllis Jordan Parolee Johannes Alice Marie Henley Nancy Graham Pat Manaugh Francine Packall Edna Page Jackie Pearson Barbara Rudin Mary Grace Shoemaker Kappy Skogstad Patsy Sanders Anice Spencer Ann Spencer Shirley Traxler Anne Tucker Dot Tyler Phyllis Whisenant Barbara White Carolyn Williams Jane Parkinson Jean Robison Marion Steveson Virginia Norfleet Bea Strickland Margie Wilkinson CAROL GRAY OFFICERS President Carol Gray Vice President Frankie Clark Secretary Kitty Oliver Treasurer . . . ' . Barbara Michael SUZI JONES CROWNED GYMKANA QUEEN BETA OF PI BETA PHI DATE OF INST ALL ATxON: 1921 COLORS: WINE AND SILVER BLUE FLOWER: WHITE CARNATION The 1951-1952 Panhellenic Scholarship Cup was copped this year by the Pi Phi ' s, as well as the first place for house decoration during Homecoming. The presidents of Garnet Key and Village Vamps are Pi Phi ' s JoNell Procter and Judy ElHs ... the Pi Phi ' s also boast members in Mortar Board, Senate and U.G.A. A settlement school is sponsored by the National Pi Beta Phi Sorority which all of its members can be proud of. The Pi Phi ' s also contribute their part to the Campus Chest Drive by playing the Theta ' s in the Annual Powder Bowl Game. The Halloween Party . . . Christmas Party and Pi Phi Weekend kept the girls in a whirl of social events to round out their unforgettable year. W e can sing too! The tvinnins house ■ i ■ F ' l m P ' 1 ■ l:i It Kir H m mmm - sCi -VjS. l fl FIRST ROW: S. Parrish, J. Parkman, J. Southerland, J. Lifsey, J. Griffin, F. Ekwurzel. SECOND ROW: M. Abel, S. Hamner, M. Irwin, S. Phelps, J. Sitges, N. Astner, C. Sweatt, M. Lilienthal, S. Resoner, A. Carlton, J. Tavel. THIRD ROW: J. Ellis, B. Kennedy, J. Proctor, P. Costello, E. Hill, Mrs. Helen Palmer, P. Charlette, A. Aton, K. Upson, P. Angel, C. Oldham, W. Grizzard, B. Henry. FOURTH ROW: J. Moore, P. Peter, B. Far- thing, M. McAfee, N. Sweetman, S. Kennedy, B. L. Wharton, J. Nydegger, M. A. Fields, J. Higgins, L. Sullenberger, D. Dean, M. Chambers, A. Hoffman. FIFTH ROW: J. Blitch, M. Simpson, M. Rodes, A. Wiley, B. Williams, S. Sullenberger, M. Morris, J. Simkins, B. L. Herron, D. Wells, P. Jackson. Patricia Angel Ann Aton Judy Blitch Mary Chambers Patsy Chaflette Patricia Costello Dorothy Dean Judy Ellis Mary Ann Fields Woodley Grizzard Barbara Henry Betty Lee Herron Polly Abel Audrey Carlton Frances Ekwurzel Joan Griffin Sallay Hamner Ann Hoffman Mary Irwin MEMBERS Joan Higgins Elizabeth Hill Phoebe Jackson Bootie Kennedy Sally Kennedy Nancy McAfee Joanne Moore Marcia Morris Betty Ann Numroe Jean Nydegger Charlotte Oldham Patsy Peter PLEDGES Janet Lifsey Mary Lilienthal Vivian Matthews Rose Ellen Moore Louise Ostner Jane Parkman Sylvia Parrish Jo Nell Proctor Marcia Rodes Judy Simkins Myrtle Simpson Elizabeth Sullenberger Sara Sullenberger Nancy Sweetman Kay Upson Dot Wells Betty Lou Wharton Ann Wiley Barbara Williams Susan Phelps Susie Resoner Janet Sitges Janice Southerland Cynthia Sweatt Joan Tavel Helen Whitemoore ELIZABETH HILL OFFICERS President Elizabeth Hill Vice President Faustelle Kennedy Secretary Jean Nydegger Treasurer Barbara Henry WINNERS OF PANHELLENIC SCHOLARSHIP CUP OMEGA OF SIGMA KAPPA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1920 COLORS: LAVENDER AND MAROON FLOWER: VIOLET Stardust Memories ... the Country Club resplendent with shining stars . . . our dance . . . the faculty tea . . . fraternity parties . . . the annual Christmas Party . . . the thrill of " Sigma Day " and the honor of winning the Campus Sing . . . Shirley Harper reigned as Betty Co-ed . . . Patsy Gates as co-head cheerleader and Terry as Productions Manager of WFSU. Well represented on campus in Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Alpha Iota, Tally-Ho staff, Village Vamps, Gar- net Key, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who, Cotillion, Circus, Senate, Honor Court and class officers are these Sigma Kappas. We ' ll never forget . . . birthday parties, trips to the kitchen, serenades, Sigma Nu pins, the Pearl banquet. The joy of things past and the hope of things to come make an enviable year with Sigma. ISot the local mortuary Check that knitting ' wmumma i mm: FIRST ROW: G. Gainer, P. Gates, J. Keirstead, J. Jewett, M. A. Morgan, J. A. Grubb, F. Brownlee, R. Garst. SECOND ROW: A. Large, K. Kent, E. Geiger, A. Dalton, A. Barber, Mrs. J. O. Gosper, A. Davis, T. Stein, S. Brawshaw, E. Dick, B. S. Bradshaw. THIRD ROW: N. Seavey, M. Harris, P. Cummins, B. Browne, S. Wilson, J. Grosser, P. Neal, R. Reid, J. Pritchard, S. Portz, E. D ' Lugos, L. Traxler, A. Wright. FOURTH ROW: J. Hinson, D. Duguid, P. Cooper, S. Harper, J. Henry, F. Weeks, J. Sullivan, J. Bell, G. Jackson, L. Vincenti, M. Mattaire, V. Rocker. Anne Barber Shirley Bradshaw Betty Sue Bradshaw Beverly Browne Frankie Brownlee Patsy Coop ' er Pat Cummins Anne Dalton Anne Davis Eliza Dick Delores Duquid Joey Bell Patsy Cooper Edith D ' Lugos Anne Gwinn Shirley Harper Joan Henry Charlotte McCants MEMBERS Gayrelle Gainer Ruthie Garst Patsy Gates Elaine Geiger Joyce Grosser JoAnne Grubb Mary Harris Jean Hinson Gail Jackson Joan Jewett June Keirstead PLEDGES Sandra Portz Joan Pritchard Yvonne Rocker Ruth Reid Julia Tullos Laurie Vincinti Arden Wright Elizabeth Arrowood Katherine Kent Alberta Large Mary Anne Morgan Marian Mattair Patsy Neal Nancy Seavey Terry Stein Jeanne Sullivan Florence Weeks Shirley Wilson Joan Wilson Patricia Brawley Linda Farrell Cecile Parker Gloria Riley Irma Jean Simpson Toolie Streetman Irene Vamvaks ANNE BARBER OFFICERS President Anne Barber Vice President Joan Wilson Secretary Anne Dalton Treasurer Anne Davis SPONSORED VARIETY SHOW FOR CAMPUS CHEST BETA GAMMA OF ZETA TAU ALPHA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1925 COLORS: TURQUOISE BLUE AND STEEL GRAY FLOWER: WHITE VIOLET Beta Gamma ' s begin year with new housemother and 17 pledges ... a reception follows in honor of Mrs. Nicolai . . . another homecoming dawns and endless preparations bring results ... a second place award . . . ROTC skit is given at pep rally and Military Ball . . . frat parties and Christmas party before vacation . . . cramming before exams ... a dream come true when new grey rugs arrive . . . equipment bought for the Special Orthopedic Class . . . second place in intramural volleyball and basketball. . . . Many activities . . . Anne and Pat are Queens . . . Ikey is Sophomore Council President . . . Village Vamps, Janet, Charis, June and Ann . . . nine Sopho- more Council members . . . eleven in Circus . . . rep- resentatives in three publications . . . Patsy and Denise at the Music Building . . . Tarpon . . . Who ' s Who . . . majorettes . . . Sue in SAL ... Our weekend in May climaxed a wonderful year. A party at the house and the Stardust Ball at the Country Club gave us many memories to last until next year. Just call me Bubbles Clean girls, anyway ■I UN WM .,.. FIRST ROW: P. Potter, J. Yates, A. Yates, S. Boulware, M. Meide, S. Holland. SECOND ROW: S. Ellis, C. Schuneman, B. J. Cromartie, A. Oliver, P. Comer, Mrs. Rita Nicolai, B. A. Gaskin, M. Edmunds, M. L. Turner, M. Alexander. THIRD ROW: J. Burroughs, N. Wilson, S. Tindell. S. Darnell, M. S. Chandler, T. Stahlnaker, J. Stigler, D. Browning, C. Coulter, B. Sellers, V. Tussell, D. Darnell, D. A. Miller, L. Lynch, V. New- berry, D. Dever. FOURTH ROW: S. Reed, J. Smith, C. Van Hoose, B. Lipthrett, M. Canter, V. M. Gaskin, C. Moore, D. Eiselstein, M. E. Scott, B. Brown, N. Knighten, S. Herndon, M. Horrox. lola Arnold Becky Brown Dorothy Browning lanet Burroughs Margaret Cantey Pat Comer Charis Coulter Betty Jean Cromartie Deidre Darnell Mary Ruth Armstrong Margaret Barr Shirley Boulware Gail Buttress Martha Sue Chandler Virginia Ann Cook Sally Darnell Denise Dever Dorothy Eiselstein MEMBERS Marion Edmunds Sally Ellis Betty Ann Gaskin Margaret Horrox Beverly Lipthrott Leila Lynch Marion Meide Colleen Moore Valda Newberry PLEDGES Nancy Fagen Vera Marie Gaskin Helen Hamrick Sue Herndon Sarah Holland Sue Humphreys Nancy Knighton Pat Leary Betti Lawrence Barbara Meadows Audrey Oliver Patsy Potter Sally Reed Virginia Russell Caryl Ann Schuneman Susie Tindell Canora Van Hoose Nancy Wilson Anne Yates Dorothy Ann Miller Ann Moore Jo Robold Betty Sellers Jane Smith Terry Stalnaker Jean Stigler June Winters June Yates BETTY ANN GASKIN OFFICERS President Betty Ann Gaskin Vice President Pat Comer Secretary Marion Edmunds Treasurer Audrey Oliver ZETA ' S ANN YATES IS SOPHOMORE HOP QUEEN EPSILON SIGMA OF ALPHA TAU OMEGA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1947 COLORS: BLUE AND GOLD FLOWER: WHITE TEA ROSE The ATO social season for the fall semester reached its peak with the annual Apache Dance planned by social chairman Charles Miner. A hundred couples in Left-Bank Parisian attire danced in the chapter house which was transformed into a French cabaret. Home- coming Weekend saw Bill David ' s decorations with the theme, " Suck ' em Up, Seminoles " all but cover the front of the house. The true Christmas spirit was ex- hibited by the ATO ' s when they feted thirty children from the County Home. The plain white interior of the ATO house was transformed in one day into a bril- Hantly colorful show-place when the pledges painted the house in February. The 88th anniversary of ATO ' s founding was observed March 15 with a banquet pre- pared under the guidance of our housemother, Mrs. Bernice Bradshaw, and Bob Harris. Nearly a hundred Alpha Taus, alumni, and administration officials attended. ATO was active both in sports and socially. Foot- ball, basketball, baseball, track, golf, tennis and the tennis team are represented in ATO, as is WFSU, the Flambeau and the Arnold Air Society. Well known ATO ' s are Charles Booth, Bill Dunn, Walter Baldwin, Curt Campbell, Nelson Italiano, Steve Kalenich and Bobby Jones. ATO s mugg for the camera W ' hat s in the bushes, boys? - - , i l » ' ' " " " « H iii l| M » « " ' 5!? 1 , h f T ' . - J » h » " f " C.« l nB " • rr I 1 i FIRST ROW: J. Griner, I. Atwood, B. Crenshaw, N. White, R. Harris, B. Dunn, C. Young, B. Jones. SECOND ROW: C. Campbell, D. Merritt, B. Adams, N. Italiano, S. Kalenich, J. Dailey, G. Bunn, B. David, B. Clifton, D. Mead. THIRD ROW: J. Westhafer, R. Young, D. Kennedy, W. Min- ton, I. Messinese, L. Willis, D. Powell, H. Powell, T. Scarritt. R. Stephens, C. Mosby, N. Clarke, W. Baldwin, J. Taylor, C. Booth. FOURTH ROW: C. Miner, R. Hardin, J. Martinez, V. Edgar, D. Hollahan, E. Willis, W. Conrad, P. Pivaronas, J. Richardson, J. Hardy, A. Costin, B. Harwood, P. Peterson, E. Chalker. Robert Adams Walter Baldwin Charles Booth George S. Bunn, Curtis Campbell Robert Clarke Bobby Clifton Ashley Costin Bobby Crenshaw James Dailey William David William Dunn Vernon Edgar III Jim Atwood Cecil Carlton Eddie Chalker Walter Conrad Vincent Gibson Dick Hallohan MEMBERS Douglas Hardin Robert Harris Robert Harwood Nelson Italiano Bobby Jones Steve Kalenich David Kennedy Lester Lintz Richard Mead Dossey Merritt James Messinese Charles Miner, Jr. Marvin Mollnow PLEDGES Jack Hardy Jerry Hipps Rodney McCombs Richard Matthews Weston Minton Pete Peterson Charles Mosby Don Powell John Quinn Jimton Richardson Edward Seagram Mike Sellers Bobby Stephens Jimmy Lee Taylor Jerry Westhafer Ellison Willis Lynwood Willis Christopher Young Raymond Young Pete Pivarones Hal Powell Tom Scarritt Phillip Weiting Norman White JIM DAILEY OFFICERS President Jim Dailey Vice President George Bunn Treasurer Dossey Merritt Secretary Bob Adams CURT CAMPBELL ELECTED FOOTBALL CO-CAPTAIN DELTA PHI OF DELTA TAU DELTA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1947 COLORS: ROYAL PURPLE, WHITE AND GOLD FLOWER: PURPLE IRIS The red Delt fire truck has been at the center of many activities all year long. The " firebug " doubled as a taxi during the Campus Chest drive, collecting $25 in " fares " for F. S. U. ' s favorite charity. After valiant service during the March of Dimes, the faithful fire wagon still had plenty of pep left when it served as old Saint Nick ' s reindeer team at the Delt-sponsored charity party for underprivileged children. During Homecoming Delta Tau Delta captured first place among fraternities and second place on campus for both float and skit. An active social season was highlighted by the First Annual Founders Day Banquet, the Shipwreck Ball, and the Rainbow Ball, at which Miss Betty Ann Gaskin was crowned Delt Queen. Delta Tau Delta was active both in sports and socially, placing men in baseball, football, volleyball, track, circus and gymnastics. Delts were also in Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Kappa Psi, Circle K, Alpha Phi Omega, Cavaliers, Collegians and the F Club. Well known on campus are John Kinsaul, Haywood, Taylor, George Arrants, John Pate, Harvey Sellars, Teddy Aggelis, Sam Blount and Bob McKenzie. ' Deffa Queen ' " ' rated most beautiful Homecoming float Darkies serenade Delt Queen, Betty Ann Gaskin w ' f )R FIRST ROW: B. Cutler, S. Blount, H. Sellars, Mrs. Dorothy Lambert, J. Kinsaul. B. McKenzie, R. McWilliams, S. Risley. SECOND ROW: H. Tay- lor, K. Chadwick, B. Dixon, ]. Morrison, J. Pate, S. Plaines, F. Griffin, C. B. Jones, B. Blanchard, G. W. Arrants, D. Hartsfield. THIRD ROW: L. Jones, F. Smiseth, R. Downie, B. Arris, G. Johnson, T. Aggelis, B. Adams, J. Crosby, D. Purvis, W. Parker. Bill Adams Teddy Aggelis George Arrants Sam Blount Preston Brtidley Joel Carter Ken Chadwick Brian Arris Bob Blanchard Tommy Boyd Bill Branton Marcus Cone Jim Crosby Bob Day Don Dixon MEMBERS Bill Cutler Fred Griffin Charlie Jones John Kensaul Bill McDonald Ralph McWilliams Jim Morrison PLEDGES Bud Dixon Don Downing Ronnie Eiland Jim Fadigan Carl Green Don Hartsfield Gene Johnson Ray Johnson Woody Parker Cadesman Pope Duane Purvis Steve Risley Harvey Sellars Fred Smiseth Haywood Taylor Lamar Jones Sammie Plaines Bob Raulerson Jim Renaker John Roberts Mike Sheridan Phil Slaton Bill Williams JOHN KINSAUL OFFICERS President John Kinsaul Vice President Harvey Sellers Recording Secretary Sam Blount Corresponding Sec. Ralph McWilliams Treasurer Bob McKenzie DELT FIRE TRUCK RUNS WILD GAMMA ETA OF KAPPA ALPHA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1947 COLORS: CRIMSON AND OLD GOLD FLOWER: RED ROSE AND MAGNOLIA Lacking only the white colonial columns traditional in the Old South, the Kappa Alpha house is otherwise reminiscent of ante-bellum days, for Kappa Alpha holds Southern patriotism and hospitality in high regard. Far from seceding from Florida State activities, the Kappa Alphas are busy in campus activities. From the Christmas party for underprivileged children through the Convivium Banquet held in memory of Robert E. Lee, many university and fraternity dances. Kappa Alpha had a full social calendar. Well known Kappa Alphas on campus are Coyle Moore, Jr., Freshman Senator, Tom Edwards, Business Manager of Tally-Ho, Men ' s Sophomore Council Presi- dent Donnie Hollis, Art Kennerly, Tally-Ho Sports Ed- itor, gridders Earl O ' Neal and Tommy Brown, Tom Edwards and Jim Ball, Omicron Delta Kappa members. U x KA pledges revive North-South rivalry ' :km,i Southern hospitality — beautiful women — southern gentlemen and mint juh Zisf W ' f» ' W-i ff ny L iif ■at, T fc fel 1 ' t : ' FIRST ROW: Bryant, Kyle, Munroe, Long, Toler, Dickie, Sands, Moore, Waits, Stanley. SECOND ROW: Kennerly, Price, Edwards, Barnwell, Brittain, Mrs. Doris Lawrence, Price, Westberry, Williams, Hollis, Ford, Bliss. THIRD ROW: Hollis, Curtis, Merkle, Turk, Lee, Hess, Mote, Smith, Edwards, Mixon, Rozman, Bowden, Hunnicutt, Rogers, Palazzolo. FOURTH ROW: Durham, Cluster, McKenzie, J. Durham, Whaley, O ' Neal, Crews, Gray, Scudder, Hodges, Dean, Williams, Owen. Jim Ball Bennie Barnwell K. D. Bliss Kingman Btittain Nat Copenhaver Jim Crews Jud Durham Tom Edwards Bill Ford Bill Hess Donnie Hollis George Boyer Ed Cluster Tom Dickey Bill Durham Walter Edwards Charles Jacobs MEMBERS John Hunnicutt Art Kennerly Roger Laney David Lee Joe Lester Ronald Melton Coyle Moore, Jr. Bill Mote Earl O ' Neal Tommy Owen Charlie Palazzolo LEDGES Sonny Joiner Gene Kirchoffer Gordon Kyle Skippy Lingo Max Long Charlie Miller Walter McKenzie Tom Perkins Gordon Price Will Price Ray Rogers Ray Royster Benson Skelton John Stanley Gay Toler Joe Turk John Westberry J. T. Williams Charlie Mixon John Smith David Smith Jim Ward Tom Waits Howard Willson WILL PRICE OFFICERS President Will Price Vice President Kingman Brittain Recording Sec ' t ' y. . John L. Westberry Treasurer J- T. Williams KAPPA ALPHA REPRESENTATIVE PATSY GATES, IPC QUEEN EPSILON SIGMA OF KAPPA SIGMA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1951 COLORS: SCARLET, GREEN AND WHITE FLOWER: LILY-OF-THE-VALLEY Kappa Sigma was the proud winner of the Home- coming house decorations trophy. Homecoming was part of a busy Kappa Sigma social calendar. Other social highlights of the year were a Witches Wail Halloween costume party and the Gala Kappa Sigma Weekend. The weekend began with the annual Black and White Ball at which Miss Faye Miller was crowned Queen of the Ball. This was followed by a " Gay Nineties " costume party at the house. A Founders Day observance was made and the following awards were presented: Chapter Man of the Year, John Lattner; $100 scholarship, Richard Lapp; Outstanding Pledge, Howard Stoll; Lewis Dorn Scholar- ship Achievement Award to Richard A. Lapp. Well known men of Kappa Sigma include George Bowers and James Byrd of Circus, John Brown and Malcolm McMullen of Arnold Air Society, and Cavalier Charles Heisner. Kappa Sig ' s members are in Inter- national Students Club, Scullions Club and many other organizations on campus. . Kappa Sig ' s- admire original prize-winning decorations Furman Hurricanes survive deep purple falls FIRST ROW: J. Rogers, W. Henson, F. Murray, S. Edwards, Mrs. S. M. Lloyd, H. Rutherford, J. Lattner, F. McMullen, J. Hardy. SECOND ROW: C. Beehler, J. Ber, T. Beehler, R. Lapp, C. Heisner, J. May, C. Stanaland, H. Fountain, K. Weed, F. Brown. THIRD ROW: G. Bowers, C. Jackson, S. Ragnarsson, R. Fritz, J. Thomas, J. Johnston, W. Lewis, H. Stoll, B. Karlsson. Kent Baylor Cecil Beehler Thane Beehler James Berg John Brown George Bowers Steve Edwards, Fred Brown James Byrd David Durrett Charles Heisner MEMBERS Murray Fadial Harrell Fountain Richard Fritz James Hardy William Henson Fred Hodges Jack Johnston Richard Lapp PLEDGES Fred Howard Don Kyser John May Reginald Nairon Jack Northrup John Lattner Malcolm McMullen Sigurjon Ragnarsson James Rogers Joe Rutherford, Jr. Howard Stoll Kenneth Weed Daniel Petursson Thomas Robertson James Thomas Robert Murphy F. MALCOLM McMULLEN OFFICERS Grand Master F. Malcolm McMullen Grand Procurator Joe Rutherford, Jr. Grand Master of Ceremonies — William Henson Grand Treasurer John Lattner Grand Scribe Murray Fadial KAPPA SIGS WIN HOMECOMING HOUSE DECORATIONS TROPHY ZETA RHO OF LAMBDA CHI ALPHA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1950 COLORS: PURPLE, GREEN AND GOLD FLOWER: WHITE ROSE Prominent socially and in athletics, Lambda Chi Alpha can look back on the 1952-53 school year with pride. Men of Lambda Chi Alpha can point with pride to such events as the annual Theta Chi - Lambda Chi Charity Bowl game played for the benefit of the Cam- pus Chest. They will remember such things as winning the intramural golf trophy, playing Pi Kappa Phi for the basketball trophy, a glorious Christmas party, and a fine Open House party at Homecoming. Lambda Chi Alpha can be proud of such men as Bob Ryals, president of the senior class and Gold Key man, fraternity president and Gold Key man Jim Lan- dry, varsity basketball player Duane Gordon, baseball star Ed Lockard, and E. L. Allen, circus man. Other well known men are Bill Suttlemeyer, Jack Hopkins and Sophomore Councilman David Donnelly. DoTt ' t get upset . . . It ' s not spiked Chi O ' s and Lamhda Chi ' s enjoy dancing in the Rer Room FIRST ROW: C. Moore , D. Kish , D. Donnelly, H. Wester, B. Lockard, B. Ryals, M. Harden, T. Bludworth. SECOND ROW: D. McMillan, N. Polak, 1 ' 1, B. Aspey, W. Wesley, Mr. W. F. Morrow, Mrs. W. F. Morrow, J. Landry, J. Kerzan, A. Cochran, D. Vaughn. THIRD ROW: T. Fountain, B. Mc- |! Clellan, C. Miller, C. ] loifman. T. Morrill, B. Suttlemyre, D. Gordon, G. Wagner, T. Nissalke W. Toole, W. Patton, C. Newsome, R. Cloridge. FOURTH ROW: T. Harrison, C. Chafin, D. Morrow, J. Welch, B. Davis, M. Steinmeyer, J. Connell, S. Mead, B. Boyd, B. Wyatt, J. Bunnell, J. | Bishop. 1 MEMBERS F i k H i Bill Aspey Jim Bishop Joe Bunnell Van Ness Butler Dick Claridge Dave Donnelly Harrison Fisher Tommy Fountain Duvane Gordon Dave Graham Mac Hardin Jack Hopkins Jack Kerzan Mike Kish Jim Landry Ed Lockard Fred Mansfield Bill McClellan Dougald McMillan Charles Miller PLEDGES Dick Morrow Clynch Newsome Wayne Patton Bob Ryals Clarence Smith Bill Suttlemyre Stan Tippin Bill Toole Dick Vaughn Willie Wesley M E. L. Allen Tally Bludworth Harold Carrin Jerry Connell Bill Corbett Bob Davis Tracy Harrison Jack Holmes Scudder Mead Bill Monies Charles Moore Mac Steinmeyer Jim Welch Hunt Wester Bob Wyatt JAMES R. LANDRY OFFICERS 1 President James R. Landry Vice President Jack Kerzan Secretary William Wesson Treasurer William Aspey BOB RYALS ELECTED SENIOR CLASS PE lEXY FLORIDA GAMMA OF PHI DELTA THETA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1951 COLORS: BLUE AND WHITE FLOWER: WHITE CARNATION The Phi Delta Theta calendar has been full indeed this year. The men of Florida Gamma have been busy scholastically, socially, and in sports. Although the Phi Delt weekend was the biggest social event, the Phi Delts also enjoyed the Beer Bowl game with SAE, a great Roman Times party, and the third annual Christmas party for underprivileged children held in conjunction with Alpha Delta Pi. In athletics Phi Delta Theta was well represented on the football, basketball, golf and tennis teams. The bowling, football and track intramural championships were won by Phi Delt. Charlie Jones, Buddy Leynes, Vic Szczepanic, John Karlowitz, Ralph Eagleton, Herb Wiles, Hal Schaus, John Burnett and Dick Wells are well known and liked on the Florida State University campus. Touch football inusile men pose after the game They get credit for this, too ' M. m.m. wkWi U m m ■mi. FIRST ROW: G. Story, W. B. Statesbury, G. Spang, H. Strandhagen, B. Roffey, T. Ehrhardt, A. Pierson, L. Barber. SECOND ROW: J. Houser, L. Powell, J. Parker, R. O ' Connell, D. Cooper, S. Bailey, C. Rogers, C. Jones, R. Eagleton, D. Lang, B. Berlo, D. Blackshear, D. Abner. THIRD ROW: J. Burnett, C. Keen, R. Sistrunk, J. Dunfee, R. Boyd, J. Jacobs, C. Johnson, W. Gallups, D. Turk, D. Melson, D. Simatovich, J. Grider, E. Long, H. L. Wiles. FOURTH ROW: S. Faulkner, J. Elliott, B. Rhoden, D. Pohl, B. Leynes, G. Games, H. Truluck, E. Goodwin, K. Edwards, C. Brown, K. Peterson, D. Whitehead, G. Kallish, Jr., H. Schaus. David Abner Art Alwood Steve Bailey Lee Barber Rick Benson Bob Berto Danny Blackshear Rudy Boyd Charlie Brown John Burnett John Butler George Carnes Don Cooper Tommy Craft Jude Dunfee Kent Edwards MEMBERS Ralph Eagleton Tom Erhardt Sam Faulkner John Grider Jack Housser Jerry Jacobs Charlie Johnson Charlie Jones John Karlowitz David Lang Buddy Leynes Earl Long Don Melson Bob O ' Connell Tom Overstreet Joe Parker PLEDGES Sonny Peacock Ken Peterson Dean Pohl Lamar Powell Bob Rhoden Hal Schaus Bob Sistrunk George Story Walter Stotesbury Vic Szczepanik James Thompson Harry Truluck Dick Turk Dick Wells Herbie Wiles Don Whitehead CHARLIE JONES John Baruch Eddie Goodwin Billy Graham Ray Lee Harry Massey Ron Pullen Bill Quarrels Bob Roffey Danny Simatovich Gordon Spang Ernie Stock Harry Strandhagen Bing Wainscott OFFICERS President Charlie Jones Vice President Steve Bailey Secretary Don Cooper Treasurer Ralph Eagleton PHI DELTS WIN BOWLING, FOOTBALL AND TRACK INTRAMURALS BETA IOTA OF PHI KAPPA TAU DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1947 COLORS: HARVARD RED AND OLD GOLD FLOWER: RED CARNATION Fond memories for Phi Tau are associated with the Phi Kappa Tau regional conference held here the week- end of April 11. Representatives from the eight other Phi Kappa Tau chapters in this region were guests of the local chapter. The annual Phi Tau weekend was held at this time for the benefit of these guests. Scholastically and socially, as well as in athletics, Phi Tau was well represented. Scholastically, second ranking fraternity on campus for the first semester was Phi Kappa Tau. The annual Founders Day Banquet, as well as a host of other parties, was enjoyed by the men of Beta Iota chapter. Prominent members are Joe Mills, Norbert Didier, Pete Williams of WFSU fame, Ray Jones and Jerry Connor. This is the price of a pin " You have to be a football hero " ' ' FIRST ROW: F. Greene, H. Peebles, W. Poston, R. Jones, Mother Cone, P. Williams, G. Rowland, D. Herring, C. Mills. SECOND ROW: D. Rem- ington, B. Graham, P. Phelps, C. Sanders, H. Wade, G. Tucker, B. Ammons, J. Dunn, C. Van Middlesworth. THIRD ROW: B. Stuckey, B. Wat- son, I. Yadon, J. Rine, W. Kelly, N. Smith, E. Hoffman, J. Connor, G. Wilsey. James Brodie Jerry Connor Norbert Didier Edward Hoffman Gerald Howland Richard Corriveau Robert Fiveash Lamar Ford William Graham William Kelly Ronnie King Connie Mills MEMBERS Raymond Jones Joseph Mills Donald Remington Norman Smith Charles Van Middlesworth PLEDGES Stafford Morgenthau Vernon Nelson Harold Peebles Plen Phelps Ralph Richardson Charles Saunders Ronald Saunders Horlace Sealy William Watson Peter Williams George Wilsey James Yadon Osmond Sharpless Walton Stuckey George Tucker John Turberville James Van Middlesworth Howard Wade Albert Woodham RAY JONES OFFICERS President Ray Jones Vice President Pete Williams Secretary Bill Poston Treasurer Jerry Howland PHI TAU REGIONAL CONVENTION HELD HERE DELTA LAMBDA OF PI KAPPA ALPHA DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1947 COLORS: GARNET AND GOLD FLOWER: LILY-OF-THE- VALLEY Established locally and chartered nationally in 1947, Delta Lambda, under President Tommy Scott, enjoyed another big years on campus. Social highlights of the season were the Fathers Day Weekend and the Dream Girl Dance. Delta Lambda chapter was well repre- sented by their Dream Girl, Jean Thompson, at the annual Dream Girl of the South Dance in Jacksonville. Again this year the " Pikes " had the honor of sponsor- ing the first dance of the school year. At Christmas time a party was given for several underprivileged children of Tallahassee. There was plenty to eat and presents were distributed by Santa Claus. The Pikes are active in many school organizations, placing members in Phi Beta Kappa, The University Singers, Alpha Kappa Psi, Athletics, ROTC, Foreign Students Club and Smoke Signals. ' It takes two to ' Pikers step up social tempo with weekend dances FIRST ROW: G. Martin, L. Hall, B. Leicht, B. Browning, Mrs. Margaret A. Frodin, T. Scott, B. Adams, J. Stephens. SECOND ROW: F. Baau- champ, R. Loomis, T. Simpson, H. Correa, J. Williams, T. Hall, R. Braswell, R. Velgy, J. Phillips, E. LeaMond, T. THIRD ROW: D. Scott, G. Har- vey, T. Wells, W. Holcomb, W. Wisner, J. Smith, W. Debar, A. Graze, O. Pickens, M. Watkins, G. Aase. George Aase Robert Adams Frank Beauchamp Ronald Efraswell Walter Dobar Graham Harvey Herbert Holcomb Preston Baswell John Bergstresser Robert Cassidy Bert Correa Thomas Hale, Jr. MEMBERS Eugene Leamond Robert Leicht Robert Loomes Grady Martin Jack Phillips Thomas Scott Thomas Simpson PLEDGES Jerry Higgs Edward Holland William Houston Victor Irby Fred Jaiks James Stephens Robert Upton Robert Velzy Jack Watkins Thomas Wells John Williams Bill Wisner Ed Naylor Charles Newman Louis Nirenstein Doughlas Scott Ray Turner TOMMY SCOTT OFFICERS President Tommy Scott Vice President Walt Dobar Secretary Tom Simpson Treasurer Bob Velzy PIKES SPONSOR Y EAR ' S FIRST FORMAL BETA ETA OF PI KAPPA PHI DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1949 COLORS: GOLD AND WHITE FLOWER: RED ROSE V ««S ' _ f w ■iV Pi Kappa Phi is proud to have won top honors in scholastic achievement for the past two semesters. In athletics, Pi Kappa Phi teams won the annual Pi Kappa Phi - Lambda Chi Alpha basketball trophy. Always active socially, as well as scholastically and in sports. Pi Kappa Phi enjoyed especially their annual Rose Ball, held this year in the Tallahassee Country Club. Another big event was the Mardi Gras party held in February. Sigma Kappa, Shirley Harper, won the Pi Kappa Phi sponsored Betty Coed Contest. Pi Kappa Phi, Rick Rickards was winner of the Joe College contest sponsored by Delta Gamma. The new Pi Kappa Phi house is expected to be the center of many fine social events in years to come. I ancy Munt is crowned Pi Ktip Queen at Annual Rose Formal Paper napkins make lovely background for FSV coeds FIRST ROW: B. Gillis, V. Spoto, C. Wells, Mrs. Marshall Gore. W. Harper, D. Lambe, Jr. SECOND ROW: P. Spivey, B. Scott, T. Althauser. A. Sundberg, H. Augustine, L. Symmes, H. Burch, F. Bean, L. Almerico. THIRD ROW: G. Carter. R. Dorsey, F. Lorch, W. Ranew, W. Myers, K. Lozier, Jr., T. Sheldon, R. Rickards. Leo Almerico Thomas Althauser Howard Augustine Frank Bean Hugh Burch Gary Campbell Darrell Evans MEMBERS Russell Dorsey Ben Gillis Warren Harper Dwight Lambe PLEDGES Joe Fernandez Bruce Fletcher Curtis Golden Sylvester Rickards Robert Spivey Victor Spoto Alan Sundberg Frank Lorch Frank Valdey David Webb WARREN HARPER OFFICERS Archor Warren Harper Treasurer Ben Gillis Secretary Dwight Lambe Historian Vic Spoto Chaplain Tom Althauser Warden Rick Richards PI KAPPA PHI TOPS SCHOLARSHIP LIST FLORIDA BETA OF SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1947 COLORS: PURPLE AND GOLD FLOWER: VIOLETS Going all out to make Homecoming a big success, SAE achieved a double triumph. Their candidate, beautiful Marlies Gessler, was acclaimed Homecoming Queen, while SAE won the award for the most original float in the pre-game parade. At Christmas SAE held its annual Christmas Party, with gifts going to under- privileged children of Tallahassee. Well represented in sports, Sigma Alpha Epsilon won the intramural crowns in tennis doubles and vol- leyball. SAE has men active in football, swimming, tennis, track, circus and baseball, as well as in student government. Prominent men of SAE are Senior Senator and Who ' s Who member, Bobby Drake; football star, Roy Thomp- son; swimmer, Don Burwell; and Norman Shipley, Jack Morgan, Bob Hudson, Mike Barlow, Ed Richardson, Ron Pickett, Bob Stewart, Bill Stancik and Joe Harris. SAE ' s survive burned float to ivin most orifiinal prize The crest makes an impressive harkground for SAE parti ■piifil! |i|i H iitMiii ' in FIRST ROW: A. Rivers, J. Clark, M. Vann, G. Cox, J. Parker, F. Shaw, B. McCollister, J. Bond, A. Harvey. SECOND ROW: R. Pickett, M. Bar- ■ ™ ■■ ' ■ low, J. Meyer, N. Malloy, T. Ranney, Mrs. Raymond Holton, E. Richardson, B. Drake, J. Harris, J. Crowther, S. Haynes. THIRD ROW: C. Lester, R. Weaver, S. Titus , N. Shipley, D. Burwell, B. Carraway, D. Kirkpatrick R. Stewart, B. Stancik, R. Rockleff, T. More, L. Cochran, D. Bookyer. FOURTH ROW: G. Martin , R. Cochran, M. Powell, A. Stringer, P. Grimmig, B. Mahaffey, E. Rice, B. Bennett, B. White, J. Lindgren, L. Brown, E. Gray, T. Proctor. MEMBERS B r illCt WaKkm. H Mike Barlow Sidney Haynes Ronald Pickett Bob Bennett Bob Hudson Theo Proctor ' 4u F m Don Bookmyer Baker King Tom Ranney ■ ' ' JL if Jim Brady Donald Kirkpatrick Eddie Rice ■i Bpi l 1 Don Burwell Charles Lester Ed Richardson K t Bill Carraway Johnny Lindgren Frank Shaw H. B B Pelham Corry Bob McCollister Norman Shipley WJm. H ' ' James Crowther Bill Mahaffey Bill Stancik Hf ' mms SigHgi B Bruce Donaldson Neville Malloy Roy Thompson HL fe sk Bobby Drake George Martin Sonny Titus ■■■ Tony Flitcraft Jerry Meyer Ronald Weaver Eddie Gray Don Miller Joe Wheat Hh H i bH Paul Grinnig John Morris Buddy White H B 1 Joe Harris Jerry Parker PLEDGES KpP 1 Bob Brady Howard Gray Allan Rivers TOM RANNEY Leighton Brown Richard Hilderkrand Ronald Rockleff Lou Cochran Jack Morgan Al Stringer OFFICERS Ray Cochran Bob Morrison Tommy Tinney Bob Critfiden John Munn Mac Vann President Tom Ranney Dickie Dunn Dick Palmer Bob Verbanac ' Vice President Ed Richardson Maxey Powell Secretary Neville Malloy Treasurer Bobby Drake SAE CANDIDATE MARLIES GESSLER, WINS HOMEC OMING QUEEN EPSILON ZETA OF SIGMA CHI DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1951 COLORS: BLUE AND OLD GOLD FLOWER: WHITE ROSE After dominating fraternity scholarship for five pre- vious semesters and winning the first permanent IFC trophy, Sigma Chi captured the new 1952-53 trophy. It rests beside the all-Fraternity Sing trophy, won three years in a row. In intramural athletics, Tom Morgan won the tennis championship; chapter teams placed third in track and advanced to the finals in football. Second place was awarded to Sigma Chi for the best- decoated house during FSU ' s fall Homecoming. Among its leaders Sigma Chi claims fall president Ted Steinmeyer, president of Gold Key and a member of ODK, former vice-president in charge of men ' s af- fairs and elected to " Who ' s Who . . . " ; Mac Huey, president of the " F " club and twice voted the most sportsmanlike football player, a member of Gold Key and ODK; and Milton Carothers, vice-president in charge of legislative affairs and chairman of the Sen- ate, and a member of Gold Key. Harriet Knight reigns as Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Last minute rush before the judges arrive FIRST ROW: L. Hill, D. Boggs, B. Doxey, D. Van Hise, J. Joanos, G. Carothers. SECOND ROW: G. Cornelius, H. Chastain, P. Thomas, M. Caroth- ers, T. Steinmeyer, M. Moore, P. Nimkoff, B. Roselle, B. Miller. THIRD ROW: B. Canada, G. Bischoff, C. English, J. B. Cassedy, E. Mann, A. Schissler, G. Blitch, J. Rooney, J. B. Bachman, R. Maltby, R. Eddy. FOURTH ROW: F. Jarrett, L. Beaty, F. Beaty, G. Valentine, S. Sanderson, D. Slade, B. Petry, T. Whitchard, F. Hoover, D. McNeill. J. B. Bachman Forest Beaty Larry Beaty Gordon Blitch Drew Boggs Hugh Campbell Bob Canada Graham Carothers Milton Carothers Harold Chastain John Cooper George Cornelius Bob Ducker Ray Eddy Joe Ben Cassedy Bill Doxey Kenn Haskins Bill Kelly MEMBERS Colin English Larry Hill Fred Hoover Mac Huey Bill Hughes Ken Jarrett Jimmy Joanos Jerry Jones Ray Kickliter Key MacPike Tom Mangum Ed Mann Dane McNeill Bob Miller Merrill Moore PLEDGES Ray Maltby Bob McCall Jack O ' Brien Jim Prescott Tom Morgan Pete Nimkoil Bill Petry John Rooney Sandy Sanderson Sam Skogstad Dick Slade Ted Steinmeyer Pudgy Thomas George Valentine Don VanHise Cooter Wetherell Ted Whitchard Elliott Whitton Bill Sutton Ray Williams TED STEINMEYER OFFICERS President, 1952 Ted Steinmeyer President, 1953 Bob Ducker Vice President Merrill Moore Secretary Milton Carothers Treasurer Pudgy Thomas SIGMA CHI CAPTURES CAMPUS SING TROPHY ZETA ZETA OF SIGMA NU DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1949 COLORS: BLACK AND GOLD FLOWER: WHITE ROSE From this house on the corner just across from the campus, then men of Sigma Nu have taken an active interest in the affairs of Florida State University. Sigma Nu captured third place in the Homecoming house decorations contest, and co-sponsored the Home- coming skit contest in cooperation with Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. The social program of Sigma Nu has been colorful and varied, coming to a climax at the White Star Weekend. This together with parties at the coast and annual banquet made up a successful year for the Sigma Nu ' s. Outstanding Sigma Nu ' s are Jere Salyers, Senior Senator; Floyd Fogle, Sigma Nu President; John How- ard, Managing Editor of Smoke Signals; Klyne Nowlin, Chief Justice of the Traffic Court; Cooter Mills, 1953 Baseball Captain; and Collegian Blair Hennessey. Sigma P H alums receive ghostly welcome The chaperones will he right hack FIRST ROW: A. Canant, T. Tomlin, J. Hanke, J. McKelvey, R.. Church. SECOND ROW: C. Jackson, C. Stone, G. Pipkin, E. Pipkin, Mother Sealey, F. Fogle, J. Howard, J. McKeown, D. Robinson, B. Mills. THIRD ROW: F. Beovich, J. Patronia, J. Parkhurst, T. Psoitis, J. Barnes, J. Laritz, S. Rumble, B. Teel, R. Hanks, S. Johnson, D. Marshall, M. Culbreth, B. Watson. FOURTH ROW: J. Hickey, B. Joines, V. HoUoway, B. Andrews, J. Callahan, B. Stephens, C. Singer. B. Hennessey, D. Mayo, H. Logue. FIFTH ROW: P. Gibson, T. Sizoo, B. Wagoner, P. Craig, P. Morgan, J. Salyers, J. Raffo, B. Ray, J. Koonce, R. Atwell, J. Hurst. Ralph Atwell John Ayres Jim Barnes Randy Church Paul Craig Floyd Fogle Pete Givson Benny Hamilton Ralph Hanks Blair Hennessey Jim Hickey Vic Holloway John Howard Bob Andrews Arthur Atkins Frank Beovich Buddy Bryant Ted Burkett Martin Culbreth John Clark MEMBERS Jule Hurst Curtis Jackson Richard Jackson Spurgeon Johnson Bob Joines Jack Koonce John Laritz Jack McKelvey Jim McKeown Billy Mills Pat Morgan Klein Nowlin Jim Parkhurst PLEDGES Bobby Guest Jimmy Hanks Howard Logue Russ Martin Lyle Lazier Billy Joe Norris Hal Rutland Jim Patronis Ed Pipkin Tom Psoitis Joe Raffo Beaver Ray Jere Salyers Carlos Stone Ed Stripling Billy Teel Billy Wagoner Warren Cobb Ton Sizoo Theo Rumble Charlie Singer Bill Stephens Jack Sweeney Brent Watson Charlie Whidden FLOYD FOGLE OFFICERS President Floyd Fogle Vice President Ed Pipkin Secretary Jim McKeown Treasurer John Howard SIGNA NU SHINED AT THEIR WHITE STAR WEEKEND FLORIDA EPSILON OF SIGMA PHI EPSILON DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1950 COLORS: RED AND PURPLE FLOWER: AMERICAN BEAUTY ROSE, VIOLET Sigma Phi Epsilon was honored to have Governor Dan McCarty attend their open house during the Home- coming Weekend. Governor McCarty was also present at a buffet suffer given by fraternity alumni. SPE ' s Sweetheart Patricia Leary was chosen as the Calendar Girl in the Smoke Signal ' s contest, and was our can- didate for Homecoming Queen. Socially and scholastically active, SPE claims history honorary member Dallas Lloyd, APO executive Jim Evans, Who ' s Who member George Gnann, and many others who are active in campus clubs. The pledges challenged the actives to a football game. The losers were to give a beer party for the winners; the actives won the game and the pledges gave them the party. A climax to a year of fun was the SPE ' s weekend held in May. The Queen of Hearts Ball held at this time was an event never to be forgotten by Sig EP ' s and their dates. Brothers are proud of Sig Ep Governor, Dan McCarty SIg Ep ' s dream of Pink Elephants m T ? %« FIRST ROW: E. Weber, B. Pittman, E. Vidal, B. Scarboro. SECOND ROW: J. Gardener, R. Yeager, B. Battle, L. Freiwald, Mrs. R. B. Kemp, D. Lloyd, D. Hainlin, C. Graves. THIRD ROW: W. J. Reitter, M. Bowers, G. Gnann, H. Baker, G. Argo, L. Crutchfield, J. Pinson, D. White, H. J. Hampton. FOURTH ROW: E. LaRoche, J. Love, G. N. Spurling, H. Leddy, R. Nasrallah, T. Olson, S. Daye, J. Blanton, L. Kay. Gay Argo Henry Backer Bill Battle Tommy Bowen Mac Bowers Leo Crutchfield James Evans Bob Fowler William Daye Harry Eielson Jack Hampton Walter Johnson MEMBERS Leo Friewold Jack Gardner George Gnann Clayton Graves David Hainlin Ernest La Roche Harold Leddy Dallas Lloyd PLEDGES Lloyd Kay William Phiffer Robert Pittman Richard Nasrallah Neal Robinson John Lutz Ted Olson Oscar Oropeza William Teitter Beyrl Scarboro George Spurling Erick Weber Richard Yeager Exiquis Vidal Donald White James Williams Coy Winchester DALLAS LLOYD OFFICERS President Dallas Lloyd Vice President Leo Friewold Treasurer Bill Battle Secretary Tommy Bowen GEORGE GNANN PLACES IN COLLEGE " WHO ' S WHO " GAMMA RHO OF THETA CHI DATE OF INSTALLATION: 1947 COLORS: MILITARY RED AND WHITE FLOWER: CARNATIONS The serpent and dagger pin of Theta Chi is well known on the F.S.U. campus. It may be seen wherever the men of Theta Chi are to be found, engaged in sports, social activities, or studies. The badge of Theta Chi is worn by men prominent in football, basketball, baseball, varsity and intramural debate, the student government, student publications and social life. Theta Chi won this fall ' s annual Charity Bowl Game with Lambda Chi Alpha. Proceeds from this game were donated to the Campus Chest. The intramural debates were won by Theta Chi debaters Tom Woods, Andy Beverly and Herb Lacayo. The men of Theta Chi enjoyed a well rounded and active social program highlighted by a buffet supper and party in honor of old Theta Chi, Sammy Kaye, a Halloween party and dance, and the Florida Festival in Miami. Popular and prominent wearers of the Theta Chi emblem are president Bill Skipper, I.F.C. executive Don Waters, treasurer Joe Long, Fred Herold and Al Shuler, Tally-ho staff members, Jim Dye, vice president of Men ' s Affairs, Ray Krupo, John Shaeffer, Kenny Kruger, Pete Bukay and Jim McCauley. Can ' t you make up your mind? Rpally, mother, it was all right FIRST ROW: H. Stewart, G. Schafer, H. Lacayo, A. Beverly, J. Towns, B. Kennedy, J. Campbell. SECOND ROW: J. Shaeffer, I. Rourke, J. Long, F. Herold, B. Skipper, Mrs. Gertrude Golden, D. Waters, B. Cooper, B. Shiphorst, B. Foley, J. McCauley. THIRD ROW: R. Blinn, J. Dye, H. Hud- son, R. C. Cobb, I. Cunnings, B. Scarbrough, W. Herold, D. Pichard, B. Delaney, R. Krupo, R. Baker, K. Cruger, D. Dean, B. Pearson. FOURTH ROW: A. Shuler, D. Whidden, S. Vandivier, M. Hendrix, D. Cunningham, J. Naugle, G. Simmons, B. Wilson, L. Palmer, J. Kyle, C. Franklin, T. Johnson, C. Allen. Roger Bickel Pete Bukay Bill Cooper Kenny Cruger Bob Delaney Jim Dye Bob Foley Charles Franklin Fred Herold Charlie Allen Ray Baker Andy Beverly Ralph Blinn Jimmy Campbell R. C. Cobb Joe Cummings " Doc " Cunningham Dick Dean George Faiver MEMBERS Henry Hudson Ray Krupo Herb Lacayo Joe Long Jim McCauley Ray McClellan Jim Naugle John Rourke Glayden Schafer PLEDGES Tom Johnson Maurice Hendrix Jim Heightzman Walter Herold Rick Hubert Bob Kennedy Jim Kyle John Matthew Bill Neblett Bill Osterhoudt John Shaefier Jack Sherman Bill Shiphorst Al Shuler Bill Skipper Harold Stewart Stuart Vandivier Don Waters Tom Woods Lee Palmer Buddy Pearson Douglas Pichard Bob Scarborough Bob Skala Charles Strickland Gary Sammons Jim Towns Bob Wilson BILL SKIPPER OFFICERS President Bill Skipper Vice President Don Waters Secretary Fred Herold Treasurer Joe Long THETA CHI WINS CHARITY BOWL GAME vv ' f ' t: ' f(4 ' ii features f: m tHlf • » A HOMECOMING QUEEN Marlies Gessler ' s short stay in America resembles a fairy tale. She came from Poland a few years ago and has settled down to the task of becoming an Ameri- can citizen. Her election by the student body as Homecoming Queen at Florida State University ' s homecoming weekend caused her to be featured as LIFE cover girl and attracted national attention. Pert, sweet Marlies reigned over the festivities and made this year ' s celebration one of the best and most successful home- Classes must go on despite modeliug tours and fame. ■ • mii ' Miss F. S. U. SALLY KENNEDY Sally Kennedy, 1952 Homecoming Queen, was the choice of Jon Whitcomb, top illustrator, as Miss FSU. Sponsored by Pi Beta Phi, Sally was chosen from fifteen beauty finalists submitted to Mr. Whitcomb. Queen Sally has been a many-times winner of beauty contests at Florida State. Hailing from Pensacola, she has been in the Sophomore Hop court. Village Vamps and sweetheart of the basketball team. Congratulations, Sally, on being chosen Miss FSU for 1953. J iii If ' hitcomh, iiatioiially-knoiVJi illustrator, selected Miss FSU of 1953. Sally gives us a smile as she greets her date for the dan ' " ir " ' l-Pk " -.f - ' . ' . CAROLYN CALHOUN ANN MONROE MARY ANN FIELDS RUTHIE GARST LIZ COOKE BETTY WILLMON ■ " .1 SHIRLEY BURRELL JANE PARKINSON The HALL To honor not only outstanding leaders, but those who have contributed in a vital way to the development of our university, the Tally-Ho staff presents F. S. U. ' s Hall of Fame. Many other Seniors are worthy of recognition for their contributions to the university, and we wish that space permitted honorable mention of all who have given outstanding service to F. S. U. ARLENE AMEND . . . skillful debater . . . marvel- ous sense of humor . . . intelli- gence personified . . . Phi Beta Kappa. DANIEL BODA . . . tennis enthusiast . . . Presi- dent of Phi Mu Alpha . . . well liked by all who know him. JAN ARBOGAST . . . effervescent U.G.A. Forums Chairman . . . personality plus . . . a brilliant conversationalist. ELLEN AVIS . . . capable worker . . . con- scientious . . . charming President of Mortar Board an outstanding religious worker PAT COMER . . . excellent trainer of the Tarpon minnows ' aqua parade . . . spirit, pep, and push. of FAME The following seniors were also selected to appear for the Hall of Fame, but were unavailable for pictures. We regret that we can only include their names as a tribute. Frances Clark George Gnann Margaret Krasemann Betty Ann Pierce BOBBY DRAKE always smiling ... on able . progressive political lator BILL DUNN . . a likeable person . . . re- arkable journalist . . . always usy . . . Editor of the Flambeau. BOB DUCKER . . . ability and confidence . . outstanding in organizations . . joker extraordinary. JIM HARRIS . . . industrious . . . energetic " spoke " in the wheel of the Sandspur Production . . . talent- ed pianist. BABS HENRY . . . administrative ability . . quick mind . . . managing itor of the Flambeau . . Mortar Board gal. SARA MARGARET DAVIS ... a dramatic artist . . . hard worker . . . efficient . . . bubbling director. PEGGY MOORE . . . cooly capable . . . Chair- man of Judiciary . . . witty . . . able President of Alpha Omicron Pi. BOB RYALS, SR. solid politician . . . Senior Class president . . . man quality ... a real wit. of JO NELL PROCTOR . . . faithiul service to campus . . . Garnet Key Prexy . . . efficient U.G.A. Secretary ... a busy gal. KAPPY SKOGSTAD . . . sincere . . . outstanding public speaker and debater . . . a stately orator of exceptional worth. ( PAUL SORAPARU . . . ambitious . . . F.S.U. letter- man . . . hard working Funds Committee chairman . . . social leader for the Senior Class. SUE SAXON . . . energetic . . . member of Mortar Board . . . Senior Class Veep . . . willing and ready to execute plans. BILL SKIPPER . . . Secretary of Finance " bright as a dollar bill " Tally-Ho business manager O.D.K. member. The HALL ANICE SPENCER . . . vivacious head majorette of the Seminoles . . . V.V. Chief Heartbreaker. TERRY STEIN . . soft spoken, but spoken ith conviction . . . efiective )ordinator of Intelligent Faith feek. TED STEINMEYER . . . outstanding Gold Key pres ident . . . amicable . . to school and fraternity quenchable spirit. service . . un- »f FAME CLAUDIA THOMAS . . . competent Editor of the Tally-Ho . . . drive and stamina . . . President of Delta Zeta . . . calm dignity personified. JUNE TATE . . . " honor above all " ... a cooperative spirit . . . diligent Chief Justice of University Court. BARBARA THOMAS . . . Senator through the years . . . conscientious . . . enthusi- astic . . . gal with a sly humor. JOAN WEBB ... a brilliant spark . . . active President of F. Club ... de- termination with a good-natured smile. MARY RUTH SUMMERS . . . outspoken U.G.A. Prexy . . . inexhaustible supple of energy . . . worldly knowledge of stu- dent activity. ii :. - « 4 : I V ' . i I ij|f ; . 1 -IS, i :-v w wW I |r:. J» t . .jji PHI BETA KAPPA OLDEST NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FOR LIBERAL ARTS OFFICERS President Ramona C. Beard Vice President Lyman Toulmin Secretary Daisy Parker Treasurer Dwight B. Goodner Historian J. Russell Reaver " Love of wisdom the helmsman of Ufe " — this Greek motto from whence Phi Beta Kappa derived its name, symbolizes the distinguishing principles of its society: Friendship, Morality, Learning. This organization, the oldest national honor society in the United States, was organized in 1776 by students of the College of Will- iam and Mary at Williamsburg, Virginia. It was the first of all " Greek-letter " secret societies; its meetings were devoted to literary exercises and debates; its founders later distinguished themselves in public life in the young Republic. Membership, normally restricted to the liberal arts, is considered generally to be the highest academic honor. Alpha chapter of Florida was installed at Florida State College for Women in March, 193 5, with eighteen charter members, more than hall of whom are still on the faculty here at Florida State University. It is customary to hold a meeting of the chapter each year on Founders Day, December fifth, and to mark the initiation of new members with a banquet and address at the spring meeting. Myrtle Dolbee Olivia Nelson Dorman Viola Graham Marion Jewell Hay CHARTER MEMBERS Dorothy L. Hoffman Marian D. Irish Harold F. Richards William H. Rogers Arthur R. Seymour Venila Lovina Shores Elmer R. Smith Anna May Tracy RESIDENT AND AFFILIATE MEMBERS Mary B. Alfriend Clark Allen Warren D. Allen Mary Edna Anders William Barrows Ramona Beard Walter Blackstock Lois H. Boggs Irene Boliek Ruth Breen Reno W. Bupp Mary Jo Burr Grace E. Cairns Doak S. Campbell Margaret V. Campbell Francis Carlier Robert Clapp Patricia Crum Mary Davis Graydon DeLand Ezda Deviney Dorothy Dodd William G. Dodd Wilson K. Doyle Paul Edmonston James Watson Ellis Earl Frieden Paul Fuller Barbara Goleman Dwight Goodner Ernest Grunewald Herman Gunter, Sr. Werner Herz Katherine Hoffman Dorothy Myers Hood Harold Humm Guy W. Johnson Winthrop Kellogg Lewis Martin Killian William C. Kirk Henry Kmen Sharon Lane Olga Larson Albert Leduc John E. Leffler Ernest H. Lund Alice Mauck Ralph McWilliams M. Avramy Melvin Wayne C. Minnick Martha Malone Nez Meyer Nimkoif Lynn Orr Woodrow Page Daisy Parker Mary R. Parmenter Malcolm Parsons Lester Phillips Edith Grace Potter Eugene Price J. Russell Reaver J. Paul Reynolds Mayce Seymour Leon Sherman Robert Short Nancy Warren Smith Sara Srygley Lynette Thompson Agatha Thursby Lyman Toulmin WUlis W. Tyrrell Hubert Waldby John Michael Walsh Francis R. Walton William Watson Ruric Wheeler Miriam Wilson MEMBERS-IN-COURSE. ELECTED 1952 Clara Cornelias Bartlett Arlene Amend Patricia Angel Elizabeth Ann Barber MEMBERS-IN-COURSE. ELECTED 1953 Nathan S. Blount Trave L. Brown William Guy Davis Nancy Lee Day Bruce Galphin Frances Clark Hagan Katherine D. Harding Emily Ingram Henry Redd ALUMNI MEMBER, ELECTED 1953 Carrie Ethelyn Chapman PHI KAPPA PHI NATIONAL SCHOLASTIC HONORARY OFFICERS President Charles S. Davis Vice President Ralph Witherspoon Secretary Betty A. Williams Treasurer Hortense Glenn Phi Kappa Phi was founded as an honor society for honor students from all departments of American uni- versities and colleges and is dedicated to the Unity and Democracy of Education. To promote scholarship and character in the thought of college students, to further the significant purposes for which institutions of higher learning have been founded, and to stimulate mental achievement by recognition through election to membership are its main purposes. In the spring of this year initiation of new members and a banquet was held on May 19. A special project of Phi Kappa Phi was to send letters of congratulations to all freshmen on the Dean ' s list to encourage scholarship. Doak S. Campbell Margaret V. Campbell Milton Carothers Martha Chapman Charles S. Davis Juanita de Vette Robert O. de Vette W. P. Dillingham Ruth D. Ferguson Rita Garris Azzura B. Glenn MEMBERS Sarah Hammond Dorothy Hoffman Henry Kmen Audrey Kmen Kenneth Miller Katherine Montgomery Daisy Parker Jo Nell Proctor Gregg Pfeifer Betty Ann Pierce Carolyn Rhea Margaret Sandels A. R. Seymour Dora Skipper Walter D. Smith Hugh Stickler Florence Tryon Marion C. Thompson Ralph Witherspoon Thomas Wright Betty Williams OFFICERS President Henry J. Redd, Jr. Vice President Gould C. Garcia Secretary Patricia S. Crum Treasurer Hiram A. Stephens, Jr. Faculty Adviser Dr. J. Paul Reynolds FIRST ROW (left to right): Crum, P.; Reynolds, P.; Edgar. W. SECOND ROW: Redd, H.; Stev- ens, H.; Garcia, G. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA PRE-MEDICAL HONOR SOCIETY To encourage excellence in pre-medical scholarship; to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of pre-medical education in the study of medicine; to promote cooperation and contracts between medical and pre-medical students and educators in developing an adequate program of pre-medical education; to bind together similarly interested students. These are the purposes of Alpha Epsilon Delta. Projects for the year include the preparation of a bulletin to be used in counseling high school students who think they might be interested in the study of medicine; the maintaining of a small library containing the latest catalogs of all medical schools and to make such material readily available to all who are in- terested in medicine; and the promotion of closer contact with the FSU infirmary staff of physicians. Special guest speakers and regularly planned programs are the aim of Alpha Epsilon Delta to bring pre-medical students at this university closer together. ALPHA KAPPA DELTA SOCIOLOGY HONORARY The chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, National Honorary Sociology Fraternity, was estabhshed at Florida State University in 1948 — the first of its kind to be started in the State of Florida. This fraternity is dedicated to high academic standards in the field of sociology. Students, in order to be admitted to membership, must have attained an average of " B " or higher in all their college courses as well as those in sociology. The organization promotes student interest in sociology and in social research. OFFICERS President Earle J. Gerson Vice President Paul B. Wever, Jr. Secretary Vonceil Todd Treasurer Donald Gray Faculty Adviser Dr. Francis Allen FIRST ROW (left to right): Ger- son, E.; Day N.; Nimkoff, M. F.; Gray, J.; Allen, F. R. FIRST ROW (left to right): Dr. Harter; Kerr, F.; McDonald, W.; Eaton, W.; Pate, J.; Faircloth, G. SECOND ROW: Morred, W.; Silcox, J.; Vogt, H.; Shaver, K.; Bailey, S.; McKenzie, R.; Smvieth, F.: Nelson, R.: Gardner, R.: Taylor, H. THIRD ROW: Tippins, L.: Cowart, B. FOURTH ROW: Moore, W.; Ponder, P.; Gainey, J.; Lewis, J.; Dolan, W.; Velzy, R.; Forbes, R.; Home, R.; Brink- man, F.; Hutto, D.; Atkinson, N. ALPHA KAPPA PSI BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL OFFICERS President Raymond E. Nelson Vice President Doyle Hutto Secretary Gerald Faircloth Treasurer James N. Gainey Master of Rituals Edward Stripling Deputy Councilor Mr. Kenneth Shaver The aims of Alpha Kappa Psi are " to further the individual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; and to promote and advance in institutions of college rank, courses leading to de- grees in business administration. " For social functions Alpha Kappa Psi at Florida State holds a banquet meeting each month; with mem- bers bringing their wives or dates. In the past there has been the annual formal dance, but tentative plans for this year include a special banquet with a dance or some party such as a beach trip or outing. Alpha Kappa Psi has many projects such as their service-to-the-school projects with a very prominent speaker. Last semester a very successful job-getting-seminar was planned with representatives from many local and nationally known businesses present. Also each year many fields trips to places such as large insurance companies, industries are planned. Each year all chapters in the nation are rated by efficiency points, (100,000) maximum. The local chapter placed fourth in 78 chapters throughout the nation with 93,000 points. When the first rating was published this year Alpha Kappa Psi was first in the nation. FIRST ROW: Gainey, J.; Nelson, E.; Hutto, D. SECOND ROW: Stripling, E.; Faircloth, G. OFFICERS President Helen Hamrick Vice President Hilda Wagner Secretary Sally Reed Treasurer Phoebe Jackson Faculty Advisor Olivia Dorman MEMBERS Madalyn Cox, Betty Lou Dilmore, Joan Dozier, Helen Hamrick, Joyce Hicks, Phoebe Jackson, Sally Reed, Sandra Phoebe Jackson, Sally Reed, Sandra Shuman, Lou Rene Voges, Hilda Wag- ner, Dorothy Womble, Folernce Brown, Anita Brunson, Joan Bryan, Harriet Davis, Marcia Douglas, Mary Cather- ine Freeman, Derryl Grace, Nancy Lee Hume, Sandra Lee, Margaret Malloy, Margaret Neller, Betty Jean Nichols, Harriet Ramsey, Corrie Simmons, Ellen Snow, Ann Stokes, Jeanene Stokes, Sara Tornay, Margaret Ann Young. FIRST ROW: Dozier, J.; Wagner, H.; Hamrick, H.; Jackson, P.; Cox, M. SECOND ROW: Diemore, B. L.; Shuman, S.; Hicks, J.; Womble, D. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA FRESHMAN WOMEN ' S SCHOLASTIC HONORARY A national organization founded to encourage scholastic achievement among women students in all undergraduate schools and colleges of the university, Alpha Lambda Delta arrived on campus October 24, 1941. The purpose is to stimulate interest in scholarship and promote leadership among women students. A banquet was given in the spring honoring those who had just been initiated. Projects included the selling of poppies for Veterans of Foreign Wars. The senior member who has maintained the highest average throughout college is annually awarded a plaque. Tapping and initiation ceremonies are held in the spring on the basis of the first semester ' s work and in the fall on the basis of the entire freshman year; an over-all average of 2.5 is required. BLAZONS ADVERTISING CLUB The Blazon ' s Club is a student advertising club which was formed with the idea of establishing the two professional advertising fraternities on the F. S. U. campus, Gamma Alpha Chi for women, and Alpha Delta Sigma for men. On May 3rd, less than a year after the Blazon ' s club was formed, a local chapter of Gamma Alpha Chi was installed by the national organization ' s pre.sident, Mrs. R. Dean Johnson. Alpha Delta Sigma, the men ' s advertising professional has been petitioned, and the national organization has assured us that a chapter will be installed before June. At this writing no specific date has been set for installation. OFFICERS President Louis Calderoni Vice President Michael Barlow Secretary Kenneth Clanton Secretary Virginia Lundy Treasurer Steven Zatyko Faculty Adviser Dr. Royal H. Ray FIRST ROW (left to right): Calderoni, L.; Ray, R., Barlow, M. SECOND ROW: Parrott, J.; Birge, G.; Comer, P.; Pieree, A.; Zatyke, S.; Hopper, N. Wn I FIRST ROW (left to right): Pickett, R.; Bookmyer, D.; Drake, B.; Hennessey, B.; Costin, A.; Booth, C; Kalenich, S.; Balwin, W. SECOND ROW: Major Campbell; Teel, B.; Willis, B.; Dolan, J.; Hanks, R.; Bachmann, J.; Patronis, J.; Cox, F.; Quinn, J. THIRD ROW: Ball, J.; Weaver, H.; Stevens, H.; O ' Connell, B.; Brown, B.; Tyrrell, G.; Jones, R.; Summers, J.; Malloy, N.; Groot, B.; King, B.; Yadon, J. FOURTH ROW: Craft, A.; MacNeil, D.; Leynes, B.; McMullen, F.; Brady. J.; Gray, E.; Barnes, J.; Rumble, S.; Petry, B.; Skelton, B. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY HONORARY MILITARY FRATERNITY OFFICERS President Billy Teel Vice President Bob Willis Secretary ' . Ralph Hanks Treasurer Jimmy Patronis Public Inofrmation Officer J. B. Bachman Operations Officer Warren Dolan Flying high on the wings of success, the Arnold Air Society, an honorary military fraternity, has gone a long way since its inauguration in 1950. The purpose of this organization is to further the mission, tra- dition, and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of national defense, to promote American citizenship, and to create a close and more efficient relationship among the Air Reserve Officers ' Training Corps Cadets. Members are composed of ROTC cadets who have displayed exceptional abilities in military leadership and scholastic achievements. Their Military Ball is an outstanding social event of the year. This year Carolyn Calhoun was crowned military ball gueen at the dance. DELTA SIGMA PI BETA GAMMA COMMERCE HONORARY OFFICERS President James Smith Faculty Advisor Mr. Royal Mattice Delta Sigma Pi was founded on this campus in 1907 and serves to bridge the gap between business education and business practice. Its purpose is to foster the study of business in the universities; to encour- age scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affihation between the commercial world and the students of commerce, to further a higher standard of commercial ethics. j Delta Sigma Pi endeavors to carry out its aims and objectives through business meetings and professional programs. Two business meetings are held each month, and one professional meeting at which time some well-known businessman gives a talk on subjects related to the field of endeavor. Delta Sigma Pi is the sponsor of the " Business Machines Show. " ETA SIGMA PHI CLASSICS HONORARY OFFICERS President Edward F. Olechovsky Secretary Frances Clark Treasurer Edith Potter Faculty Advisor Miss Edith W. West Eta Sigma Phi is a national classical honorary whose purpose is to foster interest in classical study and to promote friendship among students interested in classics. Membership is based on invitation only, and then only when the grades of the person considered for admission are equivalent to the by-laws of the local constitution of the organization. One meeting a month is regularly scheduled. This organization sponsors a series of lectures each year about classical subjects. Regular meetings of a social nature are in the form of lectures sponsored by the Eta Sigma Phi. MEMBERS: Frances Clark Edward F. Olechovsky Edith Potter FIRST ROW: Arlene Amend, Jan Arbogast, Ellen Avis, Barbara Brewton, Frankie Brownlee, Fran Cawthon, Frances Clark, Peggy Dame, Nancy Day. SECOND ROW: Dot Douglas, Betty Garrett, Carolyn Gola, Eleanor Green, Boots Haynie, Babs Henry, Liz Hill, Betty Holland, Beverly Lacayo. THIRD ROW: Jane Merlin, Peggy Moore, Marcia Morris, Betty Ann Pierce, Jo Nell Proctor, Pat Renick, Elizabeth Rose, Sue Saxon, Jane Shepard. FOURTH ROW: Judy Simkins, Katherine Skogstad, Mary Helen Speed, Anice Spencer, Terry Stein, June Tate, Barbara Thomas, Claudia Thomas, Joan Webb, Jean Wetherell. GARNET KEY WOMEN ' S LEADERSHIP HONORARY OFFICERS President ' ! Jo Nell Proctor Vice President Elizabeth Rose Corresponding Secretary Eleanor Green Recording Secretary Barbara Thomas Treasurer Sue Saxon The purpose of Garnet Key, women ' s leadership honorary, is to recognize women students for their contribu- tion of leadership, service, and spirit to the University, and to promote those activities which foster the prog- ress and spirit of the University. Projects of service during the year include the selling of cokes at the Sandspur performances, raising money to aid Campus Chest, and co-sponsoring with Gold Key, the annual FSU Home- coming Banquet. Garnet Key members are selected from second semester sophomores, juniors and seniors; tapping occurs twice a year. Grade requirements are an over-all 1.3 average. 4 1 DAN BODA TOMMY BOWEN MILTON CAROTHERS BOB DUCKER BILL DUNN TOM EDWARDS BILL HESS MAC HUEY JAMES LANDRY JOHN QUINN BOB RYALS BILL SKIPPER PAUL SORAPARU TED STEINMEYER DON WATERS GOLD KEY MEN ' S LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE HONORARY OFFICERS President Ted Steinmeyer Vice President Bill Skipper Secretary Bill Hess Treasurer Jim Evans Faculty Advisor Dr. Claude Flory Gold Key, men ' s leadership and service honorary, has the following functions: to honor those who have exemplified the ideals of service, leadership, and high scholastic standards; to organize as a unit for further service to the University; to stimulate continued leadership among its members; and foster service as a worth while goal for all students. The organization taps for new members twice each year. The qualifications for membership consist of lead- ership, scholarship, and service to the University. Each tap must complete a project of his own before he can be initiated as a member. OFFICERS President Harriette McCarter Vice President Edgar Beaty Secretary Ellen Avis, Anne Monroe Treasurer Dr. Harris Dean Counsellor Dr. Ernest Cason FIRST ROW: Tollman, W.; Tallman, M. Cason, E.; Witherspoon, R.; Tully, G. Ryerson, P.; Lindsey, A. SECOND ROW Hammond, S.; Dickinson, N.; Beatty, E. Monroe, A.; McCarter, H.; Dr. Harris Dean Hay, M.; Thorpe, J. A. THIRD ROW Stephens, N.; Meador, C; Elder, M. A. Wester, B.; Thomson, P. L.; Smith, M. Hannahs, S. L.; Ference, A.; Allen, F. Tilley, W.; Black, M.; Swearington, M. Russell, P. FOURTH ROW: Fox, G.; Strard S.; Bridges, D.; Feier, B.; Proctor, J. Fleek, J.; Bridges, M.; Tally, J.; Smith D. J.; Shampine, R.; Batty, G.; Wright, B KAPPA DELTA PI EDUCATION SCHOLASTIC HONORARY Alpha Delta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi was installed on the campus January 12, 1925. It strives to encour- age its members to a higher degree of consecration to social service and stands for the professional train- ing of teachers. Activities of this year have included honoring the intern teachers, cooperation with other student groups (A.C.E. and F.T.A.), administration of the Schwalmeyer Loan Fund, and establishment of the School of Education Memorial Foundation Fund honoring deceased members of the faculty of the School of Education. LES JONGLEURS DRAMATICS HONORARY The pvirpose of this organization is first, to insure continuity to an organized creative student activity; sec- ond, to stimulate interest in providing more and better productions as consistent with a sound philosophy of educational theatre; and third, to study the theatre and its arts. OFFICERS President Lee K. Hildman Vice President Sarah Margret Davis Secretary-Treasurer Leah La Plante Corresponding Secretary Carolyn Briles FIRST ROW: Dr. Orr; La Plante, L.; Davis, S. M.; Hildman, L.; Briles, C; Russell, D. SECOND ROW: Hollander, B.; Brown, B. K.; Gardner, J.; Ray, B. A.; Haynes, V.; Dickinson, N. LOS PICAROS HONORARY SPANISH FRATERNITY OFFICERS President Carroll English Vice President Joan Dewey Secretary Elvira Alvares, Amalia Paniello Treasurer Betty Zoll Sponsor Dr. Herberto Lacayo Los Picaros de Lope de Vega was established on this campus in 1947 and has gone a long way in further- ing and fostering Spanish ideals and culture through the medium of Spanish movies, assisting with the Span- ish Weekend, and radio programs. Membership is open to students who are familiar with the Spanish lan- guage, and who can pass the written and oral examination given each semester. FIRST ROW: Albert, D.; Zoll, B.; Paviello, A.; English, C; Alvarez, E.; de Lauany, R. SECOND ROW; lackmalthall, J.; Pearl, B. A.; Ingram, E.; Perez, D.; White, H.; Covin, E.; Lower, H.; Vanouse, J.; Quicksall, E.; Dewey, J.; Jordan, P.; Diamond, J. THIRD ROW: Potter, E.; Mandese. V.; Traeger, C; Johnson, V.; Bryan, J.; Alvarado, O.; Woods, L.; Cox, I.; Parker, J.; Taylor, I.; Dee, M. L.; Hume, N.; Core, M. lO i i m- i E MORTAR ROARD SENIOR WOMEN ' S LEADERSHIP HONORARY OFFICERS President Ellen Avis Vice President Katherine Skogstad Secretary Anice Spenser Treasurer Elizabeth Rose Sponsor Miss Ruth Pyche Mortar Board ' s purpose is to recognize Junior women who have shown outstanding qualities of leadership, service, spirit and scholastic achievement while at Florida State University and to provide for the cooperation between societies, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among university women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. The local Torchbearer chapter arrived on campus in 1926 and is one oi eighty-five national honorary chapters in the United States. The qualifications for membership are service, scholarship, and leadership. Honorary membership in this organization may be conferred only upon a woman who has been actively con- nected for three years with a college or university. National Council alone grants such memberships. Here on our campus Mortar Board is well known for its Sophomore Scholarship Trophy, the Freshman Scholarship Plaque, their Leadership Training Conference and the Junior Counselor Workshop and also its many other beneficial activities. MEMBERS: Arlene Amend, Ellen Avis, Frances Clark, Sara Margaret Davis, Barbara L. Henry, Peggy Moore, Mary Nell Morrison, Jo Nell Proctor, Elizabeth Rose, Sue Saxon, Katherine Skogstad, Mary Helen Speed, Anice Spenser, Terry Stein, June Tate, Barbara Thomas. First Row: Arlene Amend Frances Clark Barbara L. Henry Peggy Moore Second Row: Jo Nell Proctor Elizabeth Rose Sue Saxon Katherine Skogstad Third Row: Mary Helen Speed Anice Spenser Terry Stein June Tate Barbara Thomas FIRST ROW: Tait, W. J.; Tyrrell, W.; Bradley, D.; Boda, D. SECOND ROW: Killian, L. M.; Ducker, B.; Dean Otis McBride; Ball, J.; Ryals, B.; Huey, M. THIRD ROW: Davis, C. S.; Dr. Sam Neel; Plant, J. M.; Steinmeyer, T.; Dynes, W.; Reynolds, J. P. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA NATIONAL LEADERSHIP HONORARY FOR MEN OFFICERS President Willis Tyrrell Vice President Dick Bradley Secretary Dr. William Tait Treasurer Dan Boda Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honor society for men, was formulated with the idea that all- round leadership in college should be recognized, that representative men in all phases of college life should cooperate in worthwhile endeavor, and that outstanding students and faculty members should meet on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness. The Florida State Circle, one of the seventy-seven circles in the national organization, gained national recognition this year by receiving an honorable mention in competition for the General Council Award. The Florida State Circle ' s projects for the past year include continuing and participating in the F.S.U. blood bank, the annual ODK-Mortar Board Leadership Training Conference, the F.S.U. speakers bureau, the political ralUes. The organization also stimulated work and interest toward (1) the establishment of a Freshman Leadership Organization at F.S.U., and (2) the reorganization of the F.S.U. Cheerleaders to include men. ODK members as individuals served in various capacities throughout the year which have contributed much to the University. OMICRON NU HOME ECONOMICS HONORARY OFFICERS President Mary Helen Speed Secretary Edna Page Treasurer Joan Jewett Sponsor Mrs. Hortense Glenn Omicron Nu, established in 1922 on this campus, was the first chapter in any southern state. The purpose of Omicron Nu is to recognize superior scholarship and to promote leadership and research in the field of Home Economics. Each fall Omicron Nu presents a scholarship cup to a sophomore majoring in Home Economics who maintained the highest average as a freshman. MEMBERS Shirley Allen Mary Louise Archibald Margaret Bamett Elise Duval Joan Jewett Edna Page Mary Helen Speed Dr. Margaret Sandels Dr. Helen Gate Mrs. Joan Coleman Dr. Ruth Gonnor Miss Alice Gromartie Mrs. Ruth Ferguson Miss Rita Garris Mrs. Hortense Glenn Miss Mary Lee Marshall Mrs. Kathryn Powell Miss Helen Richey Miss Genevieve Scheier Dr. Hazel Stevens PHI ALPHA THETA HISTORY SCHOLASTIC HONORARY OFFICERS President Betty Mosley Secretary-Treasurer Mary Audrey Whitehurst The purpose of Phi Alpha Theta is to encourage the study of history to gain a better insight into the present and the future. Phi Alpha Theta recognizes high scholastic attainment in the field of history. To become a member a student must have a 2.5 average in all History subjects as well as a 2.0 average in all of his other svibjects. Anne Barber Katherine Harding MEMBERS Betty Mosley Jerry Patterson Mary Audrey Whitehurst PHI MU ALPHA MEN S MUSIC HONORARY FRATERNITY OFFICERS President Adrian Ketcham Vice President David Lowe Secretary Ernest Jones, Sam Frank Treasurer Bill Dalrymple Faculty Advisor Robert L. Briggs Phi Mu Alpha was installed on the F.S.U. campus in 1949. This national fraternity aims to further the cause of music in America, to promote the general welfare of students of music, to create the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Outstanding social events include the initiation banquets, the SAI-PMA Christmas Party and serenading. Projects for the year include ushering for musical events, sponsorship of the University Sing, and the American Music Program. FIRST ROW: Bodo, D.; Dalrymple. B.; Ketchum, A.: Jones, E.; Frank, S. SECOND ROW: Davis, J.; Carpenter, W.; Ragsdale, B.; Starbuck, F.; Lowe, D.; Crews, J.; Stanley, J. THIRD ROW: Forman, R.; Hasbrovck, C; Wached, B.; Fish, L.; Carwithen, C; Leslie, B.; Head, B. OFFICERS President Robert O. de Vette Vice President Edith Potter Secretary-Treasurer . Jerry D. Patterson Sponsor Dr. Albert L. Leduc FIRST ROW: Givens, A. B.; de Vetts, R.; Potter, E.; Baker, M.; Patterson, J.; Dr. Campbell. SECOND ROW: Judy, M.; Mon- nett, Y.; Obrecht, D.; Dr. Leduc; Dr. De- land; Miss Ackerman; Miss Alwood, Dr. Michs. PI DELTA PHI FRENCH HONORARY Pi Delta Phi aims to spread French civiUzation, Uterature, and language and to honor students who have distinguished themselves in French studies. The society provides a nucleus for social and cultural activities among the French students at the university. PI KAPPA LAMBDA NATIONAL MUSIC HONORARY OFFICERS President Ramona C. Beard Vice President Zadie L. Phipps Secretary Herman Gunter, Jr. Treasurer Carlisle Floyd Phi Chapter of Pi Kappa Lambda is a national music honorary organization which was founded on our Florida State University campus in 1943. The club ' s purpose is the furtherance of musical education; and also the encouragement of eminent achievement in performance, original composition and musical leadership. FIRST ROW: Koch, E.; Brimm, B. J.; Pierce, B. A.; Gunter, H.; Beard, R.; Kuersteiner, K.; Phipps, Z.; Floyd, D.; Robertson, E.; Winslow. M.; Schoor, L. SECOND ROW: Ward, A.; Hartmeyer, H.; Mathis, W.; Wilson, H.; Carroll, C; Cooper. J.; Wright, T.; James, W.; Dohnanyi, E.; Allen, W.; Zachara, E.; Barnes, M. S.; Rodenburg, R. THIRD ROW: Nehez, J.; Cramer, W.; Forman, R.; White, J.; Gunn, J.; Boda, D.; Sedore, R.; Boda, J.; Briggs, R.; Smith, J. D.; Holmberg, H.; Housewright, W. OFFICEHS President Betty Carlile Vice President Bette Kabeary Recording Secretary and Treasurer — Phyllis Bayly Corresponding Secretary Jo Stewart FIRST ROW: Kabeary, B. L.; Carlile, B Miss Crawley; BaUey, P. SECOND ROW Richard, L.; Gilbert, G. P.; Henderson, C. Laux, D.; Dr. Murphy; Stewart, M.; ZoU B.; Stewart, J. PI OMEGA PI BUSINESS HONORARY Pi Omega Pi is the National Business Honorary at Florida State University. In addition to its regular meet- ings, the group has three main projects which it stages during the school year. These projects are the annual Homecoming initiation luncheon, remedial typing and shorthand laboratorie s and full cooperation with F.B.L.A. ' s state convention and the annual reception of the School of Business. Members of Pi Omega Pi are tapped at the beginning of each semester. SIGMA DELTA PI SPANISH SCHOLASTIC HONORARY The purpose of the national organization Sigma Delta Pi is to " forment a wider knowledge of, and a greater interest and love for the Spanish contributions to modern culture; and to provide a nucleus for Spanish lan- guage student activities; and to foster friendly relations among the Hispanic nations. " Those students who have attained a 2.0 overall average and a 2.5 average in Spanish are eligible for membership. Each semester Sig- ma Delta Pi honors all outstanding students of Spanish at a reception. At this time the fraternity presents a program of Spanish plays and music in order to give the student a better idea of the Latin culture. .4 OFFICERS President James Chatham Vice President Ann Barber Treasurer Lynn Dawson Faculty Advisor Dr. Dorothy Hoffman FIRST ROW: Givens, A. B.; Dr. AvUes Dr. Lacayo; Dr. Hoffman; Dr. Deland Greenleaf, H. SECOND ROW: Ingram, E. Diamond, J.; Dawson, L.; Barber, A. Chatham, J.; Reitsma, J.; Appleby, E. Obrecht, D.; Clark, J.; Potter, E. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA WOMEN ' S PROFESSIONAL MUSIC FRATERNITY OFFICERS President Jean Anderson Vice President Bette Jo Armstrong Secretary: Connie Davis, Lelagene Wilson Treasurer Mary Ann Bohlayer Faculty Advisor Mrs. Ramona C. Beard The Beta Alpha chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota was founded on this campus in 1927. Membership is open to all women students who have completed twelve semester hours in music and have maintained a 2.0 average in their music courses and a 1.5 overall average, with the unanimous approval of the active members. Proj- ects of Sigma Alpha Iota have included the sponsorship of the Light Opera Guild and the annual Campus Sing as well as assisting with ushering at university music and cuUural programs. FIRST ROW: Aitchison, M.; Dorsey, A.; Bohleyer, D.; Wilson, L.; Anderson, J.; Armstrong, B, J.; Davis, C; Tyler, D.; Thomas, J. SEC- OND ROW: Peacock, A.; McHale, I.; Brov n, J.; Byl, D.; McCubbin, B.; Poe, J.; Lucas, S.; Summers, J.; Rawls, J.; Longbottom, L.; Phillips, H. THIRD ROW: Driver, D.; Mauk, A.; McSwain, L.; Pierce, B. A.; Schatzman, G.; Johanson, L.; Parkman, J.; Merlin, J.; White, B.; Mandese, V.; Humphries, S.; Zappolo, K. I ' if ' MM i i mm K H ' l OFFICERS President Barbara Brewton Secretary Barbara Goleman Sponsors Dr. Sarah Herndon Dr. George Yost FIRST ROW: Goleman, B.; Flory, C; Brewton, B.; Rogers, H.; Yost, G.; Rogers, C. SECOND ROW: Loomis, R.; Nimkoff, P.; Halperen, M.; Bowen, N. E.; Helperen, v.; Doggett, J.; Paluka, F. THIRD ROW: Howell, B.; Smith, N.; Herndon, S., Blount, S. SIGMA TAU DELTA HONORARY FOR ENGLISH MAJORS Sigma Tau Delta is a national honorary for English majors only. To become a member, it is necessary to have a 2.0 overall average and a 2.0 English average. Members sometimes write poetry or short literary pieces for the national magazine " The Rectangle. " Sigma Tau Delta meetings are usually a combination of a business meeting, a lecture by either a member or an outside speaker on a subject pertaining to the ralm of English, and concluded with a social. The pur- pose of the club is for higher educational discussion and worthwhile promotions in the field of English. Any- one is invited to the meetings who is interested in hearing the speakers. Members are usually tapped twice a year, but this fluctuates according to those who have the grade averages. Dr. Claude Flory serves as faculty advisor for the group. ZETA PHI ETA SPEECH SCHOLASTIC HONORARY The national professional speech arts fraternity for women, Zeta Phi Eta, was established on our Florida State University campus in 1937. This organization selects its members from all phases of speech work on the basis of scholarship and participation in extra-curricular activities in the field of speech. Zeta Pi Eta ' s purpose is to promote scholarship in speech and develop a professional attitude among speech majors in all areas. This group is always kept busy ushering for departmental productions and acting as hostesses at departmental functions. OFFICERS President Sara Margaret Davis Vice President Nancy Erickson Secretary Katherine Skogstad Treasurer Arlene Amend Faculty Advisor Miss Elizabeth Thomson FIRST ROW: Amend, A.; Davis, S.; Skog- stead, K. SECOND ROW: Battle, M. J.; La Plante, L.; Stein, T.; Erickson, N. SOPHOMORE COUNCIL SERVICE HONORARY FOR FRESHMAN WOMEN ' OFFICERS President lola Arnold Vice President Barbara Delgado Secretary Nancene Price Treasurer Nancy Fagen , Faculty Advisor Miss Elizabeth Lynn Familiar figures around the campus during Freshman week are those who wear the blue and white. These girls you see doing everything they can to help the freshmen are Sophomore Council members. They are never forgotten for their leadership and guidance during Freshman week and for their faithfulness in keep- ing the polls for the university elections. Sophomore Council ' s purpose is to act as a service organization to the University in connection with the University Government Association. Numerous projects have been marked this year for the wearers of the white skirts and blue jackets. Freshman women are tapped during the latter part of the year for this honor. They are selected on the basis of their leadership, scholarship, and of the service rendered to the student body during their freshman year. MEMBERS lola Arnold Lillian Avis Wylene Barmore Carol Brown Cynthia Browne Beverly Brown Dot Browning Betty Christ Dot Cooke Gwyn Cooper Pat Cooper Charis Coulter Pat Cummins Deidre Darnell Connie Decker Adrienne Delaney Barbara Delgado Mary Dinning Joan Dozier Jackie Dupont Jo Fabian Nancy Fagen Martha Garrett Joan Guard Kay Haines Helen Hamrick Shirley Harper Mary Harris Ann Hays Mary Evelyn Hill Rose Howard Sue Humphrys Jo Ann Hutto Phoebe Jackson Gail Jackson Dot Johnson Carolyn Johnson Elaine Lewis Lynn Longbottom Marion Meide Joan Mikesell Ruth Ann Miles Selma Morgan Betty Ann Munroe Joan Paris Ann Phillips Nancene Price Kathy Raburn Madelyn Rieker Barbara Rudin Martha Scott Jo Ann Setzer Mary Grace Shoemaker Sandra Shuman Shirley Simpson Eleanor Smith Mary Ann Sperry Shirley Traxler Liz Vang Lou Rene Voges Dot Wells Sarah Whithead Ann Williams Dorothy Womble Anne Yates FIRST ROW: Wells, Harris, Reicker, Smith, E., Smith, B., Humphrys, Price, Delgado, Arnold, Lewis, Cams, Hamrick, Rudin, Phillips, Garrett, Howard. SECOND ROW: Womble, Vang, Mikesell, Christ, Dozier, Yates, Couher, Miles, Haines, Williams, Setzer, Decker, Dinning, Fagen, Avis, Hill, Scott, Browning, Barmore, Hedges, Jackson, Darnell, Browne. THIRD ROW: Cooke, Cooper, Tyler, Morgan, Hutto, Munroe, Traxler, Cummins, Brown, Guard, Paris, Simpson, Johnson, Whitehead, Sperry, Delaney, Shoemaker, Du Pont, Meide, Johnson, D. •■ je MEN ' S SOPHOMORE COUNCIL SERVICE HONORARY FOR FRESHMAN MEN OFFICERS President Donnie Hollis Vice President David Dreis Secretary Wayne Terry Treasurer William C. Stanick The purpose of this organization is to serve the University and the University student body in such a way as to earn the respect due an agency of the University Government Association. FIRST ROW: Herold, F.; Dreis, D.; Coble, W.; McCauley, J. SECOND ROW: Van Hise, D.; Harris, R.; Knucky, N.; Harris, J.; Stancik, B.; Kennedy, D.; Lawler, G.; Howard, J. THIRD ROW: Donnely, D.; Shuler, A.; Hollis, D.; Johnson, S.; Collisn, D.; Terry, W. " ' FIRST ROW: Dreis, D.; Terry, W.; Sharpless, O.; Adams, J.; White, C; Adams, A.; Nasrallah, R. SECOND ROW: Pearce, J.; Mills, C. Quattlebaum, H.; Mcintosh, B.; Lawler, G.; Williams, P. ALPHA PHI OMEGA SERVICE AND LEADERSHIP FRATERNITY Alpha Phi Omega honorary fraternity stands for service, leadership, and friendship. The Alpha chapter got its start in Pennsylvania in 1925, and has increased now to 247 chapters throughout the nation. Iota Rho chap- ter, at FSU, was established in 1950. The primary purpose of the fraternity is to render service to the student body and faculty, youth and com- munity, members of the fraternity, and the nation as participating citizens. Alpha Phi Omega members are constantly in evidence on the F.S.U. campus. Probably their most noted activity is the operation of the book exchange each fall and spring. Students buying and selling books are greatly aided by this exchange. Wearing blue and yellow APO armbands, they can be seen helping with visiting high school students on Career Days, helping in blood drives, Campus Chest programs, and student elections. Newest service of the fraternity is the program set up this year for students in the infirmary. Each night a member of the chapter goes to the boy ' s floor to run errands for the confined. This member also notifies the religious student house of the patient, thus alleviating both the physical and spiritual needs. During the summer. Alpha Pi Omega will send out more than 10,000 phamplets to graduating high school seniors throughout the state, explaining and showing typical campus scenes around Florida State University. OFFICERS President John Adams Vice President Bert Mcintosh Secretary Wayne Terry Treasurer Richard Nasrallah FIRST ROW: Richard Nasrallah, lohn Adams, Wayne Terry. SECOND ROW: 2nd Vice President, David Dreis; 1st Vice President, Bert Mcintosh. KHJ i OFFICERS President Charles E. McDaniel Vice President Mac Huey Secretary-Treasurer Byrne Ashmore FIRST ROW: Slavey, G.; Sparling, G.; Mc- Daniel, C; Aggelis, T. SECOND ROW: Leynes, B.; Harrison, K.; Bailey, S.; Sellars, H.; Moore, C; Burla, B. THIRD ROW: Dixon, D.; Joanos, J.; Terry, W.; Steinmeyer, T. CIRCLE K JUNIOR KIWANIS SERVICE ORGANIZATION Circle " K " is a junior Kiwanis service organization equivalent to the high school Key Club. This organiza- tion is pirmarily for the purpose of developing leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and perform acts of serv- ice to the school and the community through the different projects taken on by the organization. Our club was the 28th club to be chartered by Kiwanis International. It was also the second club in the state to be organized. 4-H CLUB SERVICE ORGANIZATION The University 4-H Club is a local organization. The purpose of this organization is to strengthen 4-H work in our state and nation; to have a fraternal spirit for 4-H work after entering college; to have an opportunity to assist in sponsoring the state and national 4-H program; to make for the growth of a better and bigger 4-H organization in the colleges of our land. The activities during the past year have included both projects and social events. The projects were work- ing on the Homecoming float, the membership drive; sending a demonstration team to the Tampa Fair; help- ing at the State 4-H Short Course; holding youth conferences and presenting flags to Dr. Campbell. The social events included entertaining the freshman at a Freshman Party; having a Christmas Party; going out to Camp for a week-end; having a Faculty Reception, and holding a Junior-Senior Reception at annual Short Course. OFFICERS President Evelyn Henley Vice President Jacqueline Dupont Secretary Dorothy George Treasurer Mickey Kendall Advisors: Miss Bronna Mae E ' kins, Miss Lor- rene Stevens, Miss Frances Cannon. FLOOR: Elkins, B. FIRST ROW: Dupont, J.; Miss Sikes; Miss Cannon; Henley, E.; Devore, C. SECOND ROW: Thompson, B.; Cosby, N.; Engle, C; Christian!, E.; Folson, B.; Betzer, M.; Tilly, J.; Wenkelhake, E.; Edwards, A. THIRD ROW: Wester, J.; Hawthorn, M.; Brownell, J.; Lowe, H.; Kennedy, A.; Beneke, B.; Hicks, C. OFFICERS President Bill Dunn Secretary Ann Mcintosh Treasurer Pat Filson Honorary Officers Patsy Gates Martha Williamson (Left to right): Mcintosh, A.; Filson, P.; Dunn, B.; Williamson, M.; Gates, P. WARPATH CLUB UNIVERSITY PEP CLUB The War path Club was founded on this campus in 1951 by Jett Munroe, former cheerleader and Homecom- ing Queen, for the purpose of stimulating school spirit and promoting student interest in the university ' s sports. The " Warpath Seminoles " are also concerned with helping to meet the needs for an expanding ath- letic program. Official duties of members include compulsory attendance at all athletic events and pep rallies, as well as working on committees. Another project is seeing that the goal posts at the stadium are decorated before each football game. Pledges, who are called " papooses, " must accumulate 50 points by working at various jobs before they become " braves and squaws. " Prospective members must make an application for membership. The Warpath Club plans Pep Rallies and schedules pre-game parades. " Papooses " wear a gold feather in recognition of their service, while " braves " and " squaws " are awarded Gold Tomahawk Keys. iti. FIRST ROW: Black, N.; Bell, J.; Yates, A.; Harper, S. SECOND ROW: Johnson, D.; Hambley, S.; Munroe, B. A. OFFICERS President Pat Renick Vice President Nancy Wilson Secretary-Treasurer Nelda Fielding Publicity Chairman Frances Rumbley Sponsor Fred Metzke FIRST ROW: Miriam Shannon, Frances Rumbley, Nelda Fielding, Pat Renick, Nancy Wilson, Jean Sparling. SECOND F. W. Metzke, Erma Vause, Betty Haus- rath, Betta Weeks. ART EDUCATION CLUB ART EDUCATIONAL DEPARTMENTAL The Art Education Club, a newly organized group at Florida State University, was founded to foster Art Education on campus; to provide a means of acquaintance between Art Education Majors and also between them and staff members; to clarify opportunities and objectives of Art Education Majors; to elevate the stand- ard of art work in student publications; and to undertake worthwhile projects related to the field of Art Educa- tion. Membership is open to Art Education Majors and or Art Majors who have an interest in this type of organization. Ab % m Kim ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENTAL To work for the education and well-being of children is the purpose of the Association for Childhood Edu- cation. An annual social event of ACE is the get-acquainted party at the beginning of each year. Projects in- clude taking care of children, especially for members of the faculty; the sponsoring of a Junior Artist Series and a publication; and reading to children in the hospital. ACE is an international organization with state and local branches. This chapter was installed at FSU on March 7, 1952. This year ACE presented a play " Scattered Showers " for the Southern Regional Conference on Children under six at Daytona Beach, April 16-18, 1953. OFFICERS President Libby Sullenberger Vice President Ann Blitch Secretary Joanne Cunningham Treasurer Doris Bondi FIRST ROW: Lindsey, Mrs. Casson, Ciccarello, Reale, Spencer, Taylor, Miss Hammond, Russell. SECOND ROW: Blitch, Westor, Andrews, Williams, Nash, Sullenberger, Skipper, Philyaw, Johnson, Denton, Milligan, Smith, Sum- mers, Aton, Costello, Feier, George. THIRD ROW: Penrose, Reese, Westor, Calleth, Kennedy, Lee, Pettit, Smith, Thomas, Green, Cunningham, Glass, Blizard, Kennedy, Sutton. OFFICERS President Betty Lu Kabeary Vice President Mavis Stewart Secretary Juanita Davis Treasurer John Pate, Pat Potter Faculty Advisor Glen E. Murphy FIRST ROW: Dr. Glen Murphy; Mi33 Inez Frink. SECOND ROW: del Riseo, O.; Lopinski, M. E.; Stewart, M.; Pate, I. G.; Davis, J.; Simms, J. THIRD ROW: Jefferis, J.; Milligan, C. J.; Simpson, M.; Brandies, C. E.; McConnell, R. D.; Tyrrell, G.; Goldman, S.; Chaungsu- awanig, I.; Rector, E.; Collier, S.; Tin- dell, B.; Martin, M. FOURTH ROW Moshanas, E.; O ' Grady, S.; Pabor, A. Kelsey, A.; West, G. E.; Hollander, B. Miller, v.; Slocumb, A.; Webb, J. Zoll, B. Am Ba III Am SCHOOL OF BUSINESS DEPARTMENTAL The purpose of this organization is to serve as state sponsor, to assist other local chapters in the state, to plan state conventions, and to cooperate with other student organizations in the School of Business in sponsor- ing School of Business activities. Membership is open to any student taking courses in the School of Business. The local chapter arrived on campus in the fall of 1950, and has received national recognition for " The Blotter, " a mimeographed newspaper. They cooperated in putting on the annual School of Business Reception, the FBLA Club Christmas Party, and the FBLA Convention with all the high school chapters over the state represented. The chapter publishes a club news letter and serves as state sponsor of FBLA clubs in Florida. They planned the yearly state convention and the state FBLA president was elected from the Florida State University chapter. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENTAL The purpose of this organization is to develop and to promote interest in the various aspects of home eco- nomics and to foster good student-faculty relationships. Membership in the club is composed of all majors, minors, and other students who are interested in the field of Home Economics. The social activities for the year include a tea for the Freshmen to acquaint them with the functions of the club, and a Fashion Show for which the students designed, made, and modeled their own creations. The FSU chapter is affiliated with the Florida and American Home Economics Association. OFFICERS President Dorothy Douglas Vice President Margaret Vaughn Secretary Mary Dinning Treasurer Shirley Allen FIRST ROW: Rotherham, M.; Miss Beta Garris; Dinning, M.; Douglas, D.; Vaughan, M.; Allen, S.; Miss Nona Goodson; Claypool, M. A. SECOND ROW: Brooks, J.; George D.; McFar- land, J.; Burke, B.; Miller, F.; Leslie, D.; Johnson, D.; Warren, Y.; Howard, R.; Schock, S.; Peaden, D.; Garrett, M.; Blanton, J.; Johnson, P.; Hordusky, D.; Wilder, F. A.; Murray, A.; Wood, P. A. THIRD ROW: Norton, J.; Stephen- son, M.; Moshanas, E.; Ridge, D.; Cochran, L.; Sutton, J.; Smith, B. L.; Wardlaw, J.; Hill, M. E. OFFICERS President Ed Richardson Vice President Insurance — Ted Steinmeyer Vice President Real Estate — Ralph Hanks Secretary Charlie Marks Treasurer John Silcox (Seated): Bevis, W.; Daley, J.; Dr. Vogt; Richardson, E.; Blackshear, D.; Powers, J. (Standing): Brinkman, F.; Home, B.; Hardin, R.; Wilson, D.; Hanks, R.; Wiles, H.; Teel, B.; Silcox, J.; Mells, M.; Beasley, J.; Martin, M.; Eaton, B.; Witt, J.; Nel- son, E.; Crisp, B.; Thompson, B.; Steinmeyer, T.; Morris, J.; Mac- Donald, B. INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE LOCAL DEPARTMENTAL This club is open to all students interested in the fields of insurance or real estate. The club supplements the " WHY " of the classrooms with the " HOW " through experienced insurance and real estate personnel who speak at the club ' s bi-weekly meeting. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS LOCAL ORGANIZATION OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS The International Students Club, known as " the Little United Nations " of Florida State University, is a local organization to promote friendly relationships and better understanding among its members and other mem- bers of the " University Family. " There are 65 members representing more than 30 different countries. OFFICERS President David C. Yang (China) Vice Pres. Birgit Prytz Wikstrom (Norway) Secretary Yvette Monnet (France) Treasurer Hildegard Wagner (Germany) Critic Birgir Karlsson (Iceland) Social Ezzat Younathan (Egypt) AdoH Hochstim (Germany) Faculty Advisor Dr. Albert Leduc FIRST ROW: Van Dorp, C; Youn- than, E.; Monnet, Y.; Prytz, B Yang, D.; del Risco, O.; Karlsson B. SECOND ROW: Baptista, S. Tews, L.; McGlynn, J.; King, M. Erdman, A.; Lensen, G.; Ragnars son, S.; Hochstim, A.; Krasemann M.; Marstrander, A.; Wagner, H. Correa, H.; Azucena-Fuentes, A. Shih-kung, L. THIRD ROW: Doran Ross, I.; Intira, S.; Ven-shun, W. Iwasaki, S.; Der Hovhannissian, H. Matsuda, R.; Walsh, R.; Salacz, J. del Risco, E.; Canobra, J. WOMEN ' S F CLUB PHYSICAL EDUCATION HONORARY OFFICERS President joan Webb Vice President Anna Athanason Secretary j n q Assistant Secretary Pat Folsom ' Q ' Dr. Elizabeth Jeffress F Club has been one of the most outstanding clubs this year with its projects and other events. The year started off with the Campus Chest Drive for which F Club sponsored a box supper. Through this project F F Club won the Campus Chest Trophy which is given to the organization who contributes the most money per person to the drive. The Homecoming decorations and the Christmas party for the under privileged children are just a couple of the many projects which keep F Clubbers busy. FIRST ROW: Crum, P.; Martin, P.; Sturgis, D.; Webb, J.; Athanason, A.; Folsom, P.; McGill, J.; Haynes, B. A. SECOND ROW: Knight, S.; Staley, M.; Herndon, M.; Simpson, S.; Ellis, S.; Comer, P.; Temple, P.; Rohme, J.; McWilliams, £.; West, C; Mickler, G.; Spencer, R.; Pulley, F.; Brownlee, F. THIRD ROW: Maynard, S.; Austin, J.; Starbird, K.; Hargrove, L.; Grant, S.; Hayes, A.; Holland, B.; Guard, J.; Bolton, N.; Batcheller, M. A.; Simpson, V.; Dr. Jeffress, Paris, B.; Brown, C. l|n% i t itm- fA .Ol f ' " 51% r y •!»; FIRST ROW: Kalenich, S.; Taylor, J. L.; Mullinow, M.; Hoover, F.; O ' Neal, E.; Egan, J.; Kennedy, D. SECOND ROW: Cooper, D.; Powell, D.; Fraundorfer, D.; Hirt, F.; Nimkoff, P.; Boyer, G.; Griner, J.; Wagoner, B.; Mann, E. THIRD ROW: Crenshaw, B.; Messinese, J.; Jones, ].; King, B.; Regna, C; Whaley, B.; Huey, M.; Jarrett, K.; Fracassi, P. MEN ' S F CLUB ORGANIZATION FOR VARSITY LETTER MEN OFFICERS President Fred Hoover Vice President Billy Mills Secretary Marvin Mullinow Treasurer Earl O ' Neal F Club is composed of all men who have won varsity letters. The purpose of Men ' s F Club is to encourage more school spirit and to sponsor pep rallies; to create better relations between students and athletes; and to help publicize the athletic program. Regular meetings are held every week for full pledge members. Letters are earned in varsity sports. For the first letter a garnet sweater is worn and for the second letter a white sweater. The third letter merits a leather jacket and the fourth letter a blanket is awarded. A social event of the year was the club dance sponsored by the men of F Club. Projects include sponsoring the student body rally to meet Coach Nugent and the concession stands at basketball games, baseball and track games in addition to giving needed help in all athletic events. OFHCERS Intramural Director Jim Gause Assistant Director Jack Phillips FIRST ROW: Royster, R.; Braswell, R.; Gause, J.; Kazan, J.; Hoover, F. SECOND ROW: Phillips, J.; Spoto, V.; Carpenter, M.; Schroeder, E.; Oropeza, O.; Berto, B.; McMullen, F. MEN ' S INTRAMURAL BOARD SUPERVISORS OF MEN ' S INTRAMURALS The Men ' s Intramural Board is composed of one sports manager from each fraternity and dormitory which participates in the intramural program. Sponsored by the Men ' s Physical Education Department, the program is directed by a staff member, Jim Gause, assisted by Jack Phillips. All the sports are included in the fall and spring semesters and keen competition results as the participants vie for the coveted title of over-all winner. SOCIAL WORK SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WELFARE DEPARTMENTAL ,The purpose of this organization is to provide programs of general interest to Social Work students; to pro- mote social relationships among students and between the student body and faculty and to provide a medium for discussion of curriculum and other related matters between students and faculty. OFFICERS President Bonnie Hawkes Vice President Betsy Berckbickler Secretary Mary Louthan Treasurer Dorothy Zubrod SEATED: Louthan, M.; Howes, B.; Berck- bickler, B.; Barber, J.; Zubrod, D.; Pod- dick, G.; Leslie, E. J. STANDING: Luttrell, L.; Griffin, E.; Cox, L.; Fletcher, M.; Hal- ford, J.; Dr. Holland; Nelson, P. ■, A i .v ' 8S ' ■.,_ ' 1 " A i ■ itfVjp-- FIRST ROW: Newman, R.; Davis. M.; Dr. Shores; Boroco. J. SECOND ROW: Dr. Mitchell; Glass, D.; Hendry, B.; Black, H.; Nelson, J.; Fredrickson. E.; Sanders, M.; Bush, A.; Vrettos, B. THIRD ROW: Kunkle, H. J.; Gregory, A.; Marshall, R.; Ten Hick, M.; King, M.; Sullivan, S.; Hopewell, H.; Hula, A. M.; Hunt, M. A.; Taxwood, V.; Prostov, L.; Hunter, F. FOURTH ROW: Massoneau, S.; Robison, I.; Burn, P.; Adair, H.; Podden, P.; Capps, B.; Pettis, P.; Smith, L.; Pchelkin, H.; Manning, L.; Finch, J. SOLTAS LOCAL LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS President Jo Ann Nelson Vice President Evelyn Fredrickson Secretary Martha Sanders Treasurer Helen Black Sponsors: Miss Agnes Gregory, Mr. Robert Clapp, Miss Mary Edna Anders The Soltas Club is a local library science club which was organized on this campus in 1949. The purpose of this club is to further the profession of librarianship and to provide for social and professional contacts for the students engaged in the study of that profession and to forward better relations between the faculty, stu- dents and librarians. Social events for the year include a Christmas party and a spring picnic for all of its members. Membership in the Soltas Club is open to all students who are interested in this sort of club. MEMBERS Helen Adair Miss Mary Edna Anders Harriet Andrews Helen Black Alice Bush Pauline Capps Martin Davis Mrs. Ralph Dreger Jane Finch Evelyn Frederickson Terry Garrett Dewey Glass Norma Graham Barbara Hendry Helen Hopewell Mary Alice Hunt Myra King Jay Ladd Lucretia Manning Ruth Marshall Jo Ann Nelson Hildegarde Pchelkin Lydia Prostov Jo Roehrig Tommy Rogers Martha Sanders Lucille Smith Mrs. Sara Srygley Margaret Strassler Vol Taxwood Mary Ten Eick Dick Neuman OFFICERS President Betty Holland Vice President Pat Folsom Secretary-Treasurer Joan Guard FIRST ROW: Guard, Holland, Scott. SECOND ROW: Ellis, Simpson. UNIVERSITY RECREATION ASSOCIATION SUPERVISORY ORGANIZATION FOR CO-RECREATION ACTIVITIES The p irpose of the University Recreation Association is to provide recreation for university students. URA is a local organization which strives to give many co-recreation activities to the students on this campus. They include such organizations as the Rifle Club, Fencing Club, Theatre Dance Group. Many special proj- ects throughout the year have been planned by the University Recreation Association. WOMEN S RECREATION ASSOCIATION SUPERVISORY ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN ' S RECREATION ACTIVITIES The purpose of this organization is to stimulate interest in a program of wholesome physical and recrea- tional activities, to promote athletic accomplishment, and to contribute to the development of the ideals of every woman student. OFFICERS Acting Chairman Jo Anne Thorpe Vice Chairman Becky Brannon Secretary Cinnie Brown Intramural Manager Anna Athanason Publicity Chairman Betty Ann Haynes Faculty Advisor . Miss Marion Sanborn FIRST ROW: Folsom, P.; Athanason, A.; Brannon, B.; Ellis, S.; Brown, C; Haines, B. A. SECOND ROW: MacWilliams, E.; Webb, J.; Herndon, M.; Powell, J.; Crouch, J.; West, C; McGill, J. 4 FIRST ROW: Richardson, A.; Black, N.; Helms, P.; Council, M. A.; Ziegler, M. A.; Theobald, B. A. SECOND ROW: Wharton, B. L.; Shrine, L.; Eichenger, J.; Vines, P.; Comer, P.; Hartwell, C; Brown, M. L.; Wehner, N.; Simpson, V.; Starbird, K. THIRD ROW: Closter, S.; Benson, E. M.; Brown, C; Paris, B.; Ashmore, D.; Herold, N.; Swearingen, J.; Resoner, I.; King, C; Chance, S.; Fuller, H.; Bour- land. A.; Burton, S.; Slater, P. FOURTH ROW: Parker, F.; Crane, A.; Young, S.; Correll, A.; Bellenger, B.; Crouch, J.; Burroughs, J.; Grosser, J.; Meide, M. TARPON CLUB HONORARY SWIMMING ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN OFFICERS President Betty Lou Wharton Vice President Sandra Chance Secretary Patricia Vines Treasurer Marion Meide Publicity Chairman Mary Hope Fuller Sponsor Miss Frances Hall The Tarpon Club is an honorary swimming organization founded at Florida State College for Women in 1937 for the purpose of promoting greater interest and skill in synchronized swimming. The club became famous throughout the nation when it was featured in two Grantland Rice Sportlight films in 1939 and again in 1945. In April and May of 1953, Tarpon was again at Wakulla swimming before the Grantland Rice cameras. This film will be released around August or September of this year. Each year Tarpon demonstrates its skill in a large show. The members themselves plan and direct the choreography of the numbers and the special effects such as scenery, costumes and props, all of which are worked around a central theme. The theme for this year ' s show was " Calendar Daze " which depicted the mood or holidays of the twelve months of the year. Besides the club ' s large production, Tarpon has performed for the Women ' s Recreation Association Sports Day show on February 21, and the Freshman Carnival on March 28. On May 9, Tarpon went down to Lake- land to put on a show at the Yacht Club pool and on May 15, the club performed for the opening of the Municipal Pool in Tallahassee. Tryouts for the club are held at the first of the fall semester. Those wishing to tryout may attend the classes which are given for two weeks before the tryouts. Membership is open to women only. ' S V, J« l, FLOOR: Regna, C; Faneuf, C; Tucker, A.; Tanaka, J. SEATED: Price, H.; Vickers, B.; Jones, S.; Goble, M.; McNatt, M. THIRD ROW: Byerly, M. L.; Rowe, P.; Ireland, D.; O ' Brien, P.; Gutting, D.; Hayes. A.; Fadigan, J.; Roton, S.; Sellers, M. E. FOURTH ROW: Weichel, H.; Baker, H.; Neblett, B.; Palant, T.; Lament, G.; Heberling, K.; Weston, L. GYMKANA COED GYMNASTICS ORGANIZATION FOR ENTERTAINMENT OFFICERS Director and Coach . Dr. Hartley Price General Chairmen (Men) Bob Martin (Women) Ann Tucker Senior Managers Harmer Weicheland, Pat Finney The reputation of Florida State University ' s Gymkana is growing rapidly. This year the annual production " Out of This World " played six straight nights to capacity audiences in the East Gymnasium. Bob Martin, General Men ' s Chairman, did an outstanding job. Suzi Jones was elected " Miss Gymkana of 1952-53 " and represented the university to great advantage at all the shows. She divided the master of ceremonies position with Dick Gutting. In addition to entertaining local audiences on numerous occasions, the troupe has brought FSU favorable publicity in many out-of-state and in-state appearances including in Georgia: Albany, Camilla, Adel, Bain- bridge, and Valdosta; and in Florida: Pensacola, Jasper, DeFuniak Springs, and many others. At St. Peters- burg, the troupe performed for the 22nd Annual Charity Ball and at the Venoy Park Hotel. The Tallahassee Tumbling Tots under Coach Dick Gutting predict continuing fame for Gymkana at FSU. Tots Brent Pichard and Mary Cummins have won th3 Florida AAU Tumbling Championship for boys and girls repeatedly. THEATRE DANCE WOMEN ' S MODERN DANCE CLUB OFFICERS President Joyce Cox Vice President Shirley Knight Secretary Janyce Marz Production Manager Pat Hampton Sponsor Miss Nellie-Bond Dickinson The purpose of the Theater Dance group is to stimulate interest and develop appreciation of dance and to provide experience in dance production. The main project of the year was the annual dance performance, which was entitled " An Evening of Dance, " given in the Opperman Music Hall. All the dances given were original creations of the students and faculty sponsors. The members of the Modern Dance Group are chosen by try-outs and voted upon by the active members. They are selected on the basis of ability, rhythm, grace and movements. New members are tapped twice a year. FIRST ROW. Herndon, M.; Hayes, A.; Knight, S.; Cox, J.; Hampton, P.; M arz, J. SECOND ROW: Breed, ].: Weaver, M.; Mabry, J.; Tribble, B.; Ball. S.; West, C. THIRD ROW: Gooch, B.; Hayden, S. A.; Petruska, A.; Powell, J.; Dozier, J.; Membert, C; Price, L. FOURTH ROW: Fergueson, L.; Grice, M.; Folsom, P.; Mickler, G.; McGill, J.; Nellie Bond Dickinson. 5 iniIMp immi FIRST ROW: Lovell, Caton, Mains, Pakall, Simmends, Kraseman, Conyers, Wixon, Hall, Willis, TurnbuU, Farthing, Jones, Darling, Sitges, Kenyon, Yarper. SECOND ROW: Hamilton, Peters, Tornay, Hataling, Morrill, Browii, Parrish, Malone, Campbell, Byl, Williams, Park- man, Thomas, Longbottom. THIRD ROW: Hough, Glenn, Allen, Swearingen, Kelly, Dalrymple, Haskins, Kickliter, Harrison, Eichinger, Bellamy, Scott, Dallas, Kerr, Thomas, Summerkamp, McCall, Medlin. FOURTH ROW: Fain, Bird, Stephen, Bradshaw, Rhome, Geertz, Kelley, Atkinson, Vandervere, Wixstron. McCubbin, Green, Pettit, Boda, James, Powell. FIFTH ROW: Starbuck, Ketcham, Leslie, Crews, Yelvington, Nelson, Mohr, Weekley, Tippen, Long, Rogers, Carwithen, Hathcox, Thomas, Kendrick, Fain. CHORAL UNION MIXED CHORAL GROUP OFFICERS President Lynn Longbottom Vice President ' Kenneth Haskins Accompanist Robert Leslie In the fall of 1348, with the advent of co-education at F.S.U., through the establishment of the Tallahassee branch of the University of Florida (later legislation established full fledged co-education) came the need for mixed choral groups on our campus. To fulfill this need, the University Chorus under the direction of Herman Gunter, Jr., was established. From this organization evolved the larger and more inclusive group, the present F.S.U. Choral Union. The primary purpose was, as it now is, to provide the opportunity for all interested stu- dents and townspeople to sing from the best in music literature. Many great works from the best in choral literature have been sung, but major emphasis is now placed on works in the larger forms. Some of the more significant ones are " The Messiah, " Bach ' s " Christmas Oratorio, " " Hora Novissima, " and, currently, the first full length opera to be completedly staged and sung at F.S.U. , " Cavalleria Rusticana " by Mascagni. All students, faculty, and townspeople are cordially invited to join in the activities of this democratic group. THE COLLEGIANS FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY MEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS President Jack Watkins Vice President James M. Crews Secretary-Treasurer Don VanNus Director J. Dayton Smith Student Director George S. Bunn, III Accompanist Joyce Elson The Collegians were formed in 1947 by Walter James, Assistant Professor of Voice, and were known as the Florida State University Male Chorus. In 1950 J. Day con Smith became director of the group and they re- named themselves The Collegians. Wearing their brilliant gold satin shirts and singing music beloved by everyone, this all-male singing organization has rapidly become a campus tradition. Each year The Col- legians present two formal concerts on the campus and take their music to many cities in Florida. In the spring and fall of the year, their midnight serenades are anticipated events at the sorority houses and girls ' dormitories. Membership is open to the entire male student body at Florida State University, FIRST ROW: Chodwick, K.; Johnson, P.; Head, W.; Eagleton, R.; IVIcDonald, R.; Smith, J. D.; Elson, J.; Davis, J.; Bowen, T.; Raulerson, B.; Harris, J. M.; Sheffield, A. SECOND ROW: Watkins, J.; Chastain, H.; Hundley, J.; Bunn, G.; Atwell, R.; Jones, P.; Dreis, D.; Van- Nus, D.; Crews, J.; Cooper, D.; Kirby, J.; Arthur, B.; Hudson, J. THIRD ROW: Smith, W.; Kelly, W.; Wallis, J.; Vandiviere, S.; Auges- tine, H.; Parker, E.; Dalrymple, W.; Stephens, A.; Hennessey, B.; Garrett, B.; Carpenter, W. I - 1 ) I ' f i I •!• ' !! ■ ■ UNIVERSITY SINGERS SELECT MIXED CHORUS OFFICERS President Claude Rhea, Jr. Vice President Jean Anderson Secretary Nancy Ann Ellis Director Dr. Wiley L. Housewright The University Singers provides experience in singing music of the best hterature from all periods and as- sists through music in the life of the university. All students of the University are eligible to try out for mem- bership in this outstanding choral group. Several programs are presented during the year at the university and on tours. Evelyn Amundson Bette Jo Armstrong LaVetra Armstrong Barbara Beers Joyce Bryant Edwin Cargill John Condra Jerry Connell Jane Cornwell Helen Crooks Shirley Dallas Robert Davis Denise Dever Delano Driver Nancy Ann Ellis Harrison Fisher Harry Gaines Gordon Gaskin Donna Lou Harper James Harris Ken Haskins Anna Hendren Herbert Holcomb Eddie Hotaling James Hudson James Hussong Gail Jackson Jack Jarrett Iris Johnson Bill Kelly Adrian Ketcham Raymond Kickliter Nancy Killgore Eugenia McSwain MEMBERS Scudder Mead Joan Meodor Beverly Morrill Ted Morrill Patsy Neal Carol Nydegger Ray Nye Jane Parkman Robert Parrish Alice Peacock Eifie Perry Frank Peters Patsy Potter Carolyn Redfern Barbara Scanlon Gene Simmons Lorena Smith Ellen Snow Bill Stephens Barbara Teagarden Sara Torney Danny Whipple David Whipple Thalia Whitehurst Jean Wixson Mary Ann Baucino Birgit Wikstrom Thomas Wikstrom Richard Pisano Judy Russ John Cooper Bill Dalrymple Robert Brady Jane Shepard M ' II I fHPn m I iHl W1 i i!J j ! ]})( i i H i l i if ii f i i| ii|y -0% f a- A f r4 I ' jjH « FIRST ROW: Berthasel, R.; Davis, B. S.; King, M.; Turnbull, M.; Willis, M. K.; Carver, J.; Renninger, N.; McWherter, N.; Myer, S.; Running, J.; Wilson, P.; Alice, J.; Jett, K.; Shull, S.; Ramsey, H.; Nelson, N.; Thomas, K.; Cooper, B.; Parker, N. SECOND ROW: Ellis, N.; Cox, E.; Harper, D. L.; Humphries, S.; Hayden, S. A.; Nassallah, A.; Hall, S.; Thornton, J.; Brown, J.; Johnson, D.; Gavin, V.; Hamrick, G.; Darsey, A.; Keen, P.; Marcellino, S.; Reuning, E.; Wilson, L.; Glenn, C; Spenser, M.; Pasciglia, M. THIRD ROW: Luns- ford, B.; Kendell, M.; Helms, J.; Bivens, J.; Peacock, A.; Day, N.; Lite, T.; Anderson, J.; Nasrallah, B.; Merlin, J.; Simmons, J.; Usina, M.; Geertz, C; Willis, B.; Cox, J.; Thomas, J.; Hayes, A.; Dallas, f : Finney, P.; Rohm, J. WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB LOCAL WOMEN ' S CHORAL GROUP OFFICERS President Annette Darsey Vice President Nancy Parker Treasurer Sue Humphries Librarians Mary Turnbull, Carolyn Glenn Business Manager Lelagene Wilson The Women ' s Glee Club is a class in the school of music. It ' s purposes are the musical growth and develop- ment of each member and the upholding of the high ideals of a professional choral organization. Students may register for this class as they would for any other. Permanent membership is based on the musical and vocal ability of the student. The glee club was organized on this campus in September, 1911. It is a local organization comprised of about sixty " singing voices. " Two concerts a year are usually given in addition to performing at various other functions. Two projects the club fulfills annually are the traditional Christmas vespers and a singing tour of Florida. ■W- UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY AMATEUR SYMPHONY WITH PROFESSIONAL ABILITY OFFICERS President Lloyd Fish Vice President Mary Ann Bohlayer Secretary-Treasurer Helen Homrick Publicity Manager John Davis Orchestra Manager Loren Reichert Librarian Mildred Aitchison Reno The University Symphony is conducted by Robert Sedore. It is a University wide activity serving the stu- dent body and providing performance activity for students who play instruments. A cultural service to the University is provided by the many concerts which are given each year. Three public concerts were given this year including the presentation of the Messiah. The orchestra is maintained on full symphonic propor- tions and performs the best of the great orchestral literature of the world. Outstanding guests of the season include Howard Silberer, piano soloist, with Ernest Von Dohnanyi as guest conductor. MEMBERS C. B. Agey Mildred Aitchison Howard Augustine Lester Baker Marysue Barnes John Baxley Jim Belote Dan Boda Mary Ann Bohlayer George Boldi Shirley Boulware Robert Briggs M. Robert Brown Martha Bush Lee Crook Lewis Danfelt Connie Davis Johnny Davis Adrienne Delaney Dan Ellis Lloyd Fish Harrison Fisher Helen Hamrick Mary Hargrove Carole Harris Helen Hartmeyer Calvin D. Hasbrouck Harry Holmberg Jo Hood Virginia Jackson James Rae Pat Johnson Ernest Jones Fred Jones Sharon Lane Susan Lucas Tommy McMullen Malcolm Moore James Nehez Frank Peters Lila Peterson Alicia Pelruska Frank Prindl Bill Ragsdale Mary Reeder Loren Reichert Rebecca Rodenberg Lois Schnoor Jackie Schofield Louanne Seli Lynn Shuler Ellen Snow Frank Starbuck John Venetazzi Brownlee Waschek Wayne Wells Tom Wikstrom Jim Yelvington M C %£. W 00 ' ■ vJ ' Wf hi. ; FIRST ROW: James, E.; Norris, B.; Regna, C; Signorelli, P.; Jindra, I.; Bixler, T.; Regno, J.; Heisner, C; Condurelis, D. SECOND ROW: Stevens, E.; Neblett, B.; Bryant, B.; Guest, B.; Fadigan, J.; Hudson, J.; Harrison, T.; Donnelly, D. CAVALIERS NATIONAL SOCIAL DANCE HONORARY OFFICERS President Jim Jindra Vice President Martin Sullivan Secretary Ted Bixler Treasurer Pat Signorelli The members of Cavaliers, national social-dancing honorary, represents the highest in social dancing skill. This society is dedicated to improve social activities, privileges, and opportunities among the students of Flor- ida State Universtiy. The local chapter came on the campus in 1947. Cavaliers sponsored a Play Nite Dance in September to welcome the student body back. During the year, the organization has co-sponsored with Cotillion dancing lessons for all students, a dance introducing the Raven Quintet on campus, and the traditional May Day Dance. An outstanding event of the year was the Talent Show which was sponsored and produced by the Cavaliers. FIRST ROW: Smith, R.; Robidoux, A.; Mayer, N.; Thomas, B.; Gola, C; Bleckley, M. S.; Aase, D.; Williams, M. A.; Yarbrough, L. SECOND ROW: Sellers, J.; Crouch, J.; Piatt, D.; Cronmiller, J.; Carson, J.; Futch, G.; Dees, B. A.; Traxler, L. THIRD ROW: Schumacher, B.; Yost, B.; Long. Y.; Duguid, D.; Michaiel, B.; Dopko, P. COTILLION LOCAL SOCIAL DANCING HONORARY OFFICERS President Carolyn Gola Vice President Martha Thomas Secretary Martha Sue Bleckley Cotillion was formed to foster interest among women students in the age-old custom of dancing. Member- ship is through tryouts and new members are tapped twice a year. In order to improve social activities and to promote better dancing among the student body, Cotillion has presented their annual formal dance and tea dances. The society has also co-sponsored with Cavaliers dancing lessons and the May Day Dance. FIRST ROW: Charlotte, P.; Calhoun, C; Spenser, A.; Ellis, J.; Coulter, C; Miller, B. J. SECOND ROW: Bourland, A.; Stark, J.; Turnley, P.; Shaw, V.; Johnson, D.; Owen, J.; Yates, A.; Laurence, N.; Burroughs, J.; Collins, A.; Green, E.; Brewton, B.; Helms, L.; Veal, K. THIRD ROW: Spencer, R.; Tomlinson, G.; Simonton, S.; Hutto, J.; Adams, A.; Sweet- man, N.; McNob, L.; B ' .itch, J.; Munroe, B. A.; Jones, S.; Kennedy, S.; Kennedy, B.; Toole, K. NOT SHOWN: Widdon, J.; Field, M. A. VILLAGE VAMPS SOCIAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN OFFICERS President Kathleen Toole Vice President Ardis Bourland Secretary Judy Blitch Treasurer Dot Johnson Village Vamps is a social honorary which taps not more than thirty freshmen girls each fall on the basis of poise, personality and attractiveness. The Vamps are available to be called on by the university to aid in any school activities, and they are the official hostesses for campus affairs. The Vamps are a local organi- zation and tap for new members at the Pan-Hellenic Dance in the fall. A special project this year was to give food to the needy at Easter. FIRST ROW: Bellinger, B.; Secord, T.; Brungan, S.; Parkinson, J.; Hammons, J.; Payne, M. SECOND ROW: McCants, C; Frazier, A.; Jackson, D.; Carter, S.; Sisson, J.; Wilkinson, M.; Hatcher, C; Vamvaks, I.; Quicksall, E.; Fulkerson, C; Leto, T.; Gessler, M.; Warner, N. THIRD ROW: Hambley, S.; Bowder, J.; Kellogg, S.; Morgan, J.; Rasor, M.; Yates, J.; Slayden, M.; Moose, R. E.; Tavel, J.; Lee, J.; Wilmon, B.; Lester, B.; Hamner, S.; Hall, E. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION FOR BAPTIST STUDENTS OFFICERS President Jerry Fortune Vice President Emily Pace Secretary Sara Ann Barker Treasurer Mary Beth Baggett Student Secretary Mary Elizabeth Ainsworth Faculty Advisors Mrs. Ida Simmons Mr. Charles H. Walker Mr. Robert McGehee . . . LINKS the Baptist college student and the Baptist church in the college center. . . . SEEKS to develop well-rounded students, and thus fosters a well-rounded program, meeting the varied needs and interests of young people with worship, devotional, musical, Bible study, social, and recreational activities, providing a wholesome outlet for every God-given talent and ability and an opportunity for lifelong and inspiring friendships. . . . SERVES the college community in seeking to raise the standards and ideals of the entire university and in striving to make Christianity a growing influence in the university community. FIRST ROW: Ainsworth, M. E.; Browder, M.; Nabi, G.; Dorsey, A.; Norris, V.; Mrs. Simmons. SECOND ROW: Thomas, B. K.; Thomas, B. A.; Stevens, D.; Brownley, F.; Setzer, J.; Baggett, M. B.; Medlin, J. THIRD ROW: Carpenter, W.; Taylor, M.; Parkman, J.; Barker. S. A.; Willis, G.; Mr. Charles Walker; Jortune, J. T ' ? .J Sf « ■■m CANTERBURY CLUB RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION FOR EPISCOPAL STUDENTS OFFICERS President Ellen Avis Vice President Bill Skipper Secretary Mildred Crickenberger Treasurer David Hainlain Chaplain Rev. Walter K. Morley The Canterbury is the official organization of all the Episcopal students on campus and has the vestry as its governing body. The basic aim of this organization is to promote fellowship among the members of the group and others interested in the Episcopal church. Besides the religious aspect of life at Ruge Hall there is the social life which includes receptions, teas, the famous " Smorgasbord " supper, and other parties. Students are encouraged to contribute to the program of the Canterbury Club through study classes, workshop activi- ies, and other committees. FIRST ROW: Yeoger, R.; Maer. R.; LoRoche, E. SECOND ROW: Delgodo, B.; Ream, C; Rev. W. K. Morley; Feir, R.; Wakefield, N. THIRD ROW: Crickenberger, M.; Hainlain, D.; Young, C. B.; Miller, B.; Avis, L. t ' J i} f ' ' wV •2 ' • ' ' Hi f ' - FIRST ROW: VanDonen, J.; Keicera, E.; Tippin, S.; Boda, R.; Boernke, Rev.; Potts, M.; Cock, J.; Feddern, B. SECOND ROW: Kasch, R.; Johnson, R.; Renninger, N.; Graebner, N.; Martin, R.; Holling, L.; Frederickson, E.; Rottler, D.; Fackler, E.; Kirby, B. THIRD ROW: Boda, D.; Hausrath, B.; Walter, F.; Hofman, B.; Augustine, H.; Eilelson, H.; Krieg, W.; Kirby, J. GAMMA DELTA RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION FOR LUTHERAN STUDENTS OFFICERS President Stanley L. Tippin Vice President Harry Eidlson Secretary Linda Holling Treasurer Doris Rottler The Lutheran League, which is the Gamma Tau chapter of Gamma Deha, arrived on the F.S.U. campus in May of 1951. Its purpose is to foster a thorough study of the Bible, to train Lutheran students for Christian serv- ice in the church and in the world, to encourage and maintain Lutheran fellowship, and to establish fraternal relations with Lutheran students of other colleges and universities. FIRST ROW: Greenberg, M. Pepper, R.; Pepper, M. SEC OND ROW: Sperling, L. Gertz, B.; Lantz, R.; Marcus A.; THIRD ROW: Shapiro, R. Dr. Kobre; Rabbi Kravetz Hirsch, B. FOURTH ROW Younathan, E. HILLEL RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION FOR JEWISH YOUNG PEOPLE OFFICERS President Alan Marcus Vice President Leonard Spiegal Recording Secretary Mimi Greenberg Corresponding Secretary Corinne Trager Treasurer Jerry Klonsky Social Chairman Ray Shapiro The purpose of the Hillel Foundation is to provide a source for rehgious and cultural experience for the Jew- ish students of Florida State University. NEWMAN CLUB RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION FOR CATHOLIC STUDENTS OFFICERS President Bert Hollander Vice President Jim Friend Secretary Betty Palermo, Virginia Lundy Treasurer Erich Weber Parliamentarian Donald White Freshman Advisor Muriel Rotherham House Mother Mrs. Murray Sharkey, Sr. The purpose of the Newman Club is to foster the spiritual, intellectual and social interests of the Catholic Stude nts of Florida State University in that order of importance; weld them into a common union; assist the Florida State University students whenever possible; and aid by Catholic Action through the Bishop of the Diocese, the work of the Church. The annual weekend was a big success; a formal dance was held February 13 and a picnic February 15. Informal dances were held at the Newman House throughout the year as well as socials, a Christmas party, and informal suppers. A big event of the year was an informal reception given for all new students in Sep- tember. During Lent a retreat was held as well as lectures and programs throughout the year. A big event filled with lots of fun for every member was the talent show. The Christmas manger scene which decorated the lawn was enjoyed by everyone. All Catholic students on the campus are automatically members of the Newman Club. By paying dues they are considered to be active members and eligible for initiation. The Newman Club ' s motto, " Heart Speaketh to Heart " is the watchword for members throughout the year. FIRST ROW: Dr. I. J. O ' Connell, Friend, J.; Hollander, B.; Rev. R. Amiro; Sharkey, M.; Mrs. J. J. O ' Connell. SECOND ROW: Lundy, V.; Rotherham, M.; Weber, E.; Jacobs, C; Yeoman, A.; Palermo, E. STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION NON-DENOMINATIONAL RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION OFFICERS President Dick Schoenberger Vice President Yvonne McCarthy Secretary Madelyn Ricker Treasurer Evelyn Fredrickson The Florida State University Student Christian Association is a fellowship of student and faculty mem- bers, who by study, worship and service are seeking to understand Christ, and His spirit to serve their fellowmen on the campus, in the nation, and throughout the world. FIRST ROW: McCarthy, Summers, White, M.; White, B.; Phillips. SECOND ROW: Fredrickson, Louthan, Ricker, Harris, Crews, Smothers, Goven, Cosby, Johnson, O ' Brien, Johnson, DuPont. THIRD ROW: Kirk, Chadwick, Walters, Harmon, Allen, Whipple, Shoenberg, Grady, Sved, Harrison, Danahy, Gray. OFFICERS President Dale Johnson Vice President Polly Lassiter Recording Secretary Bobbie Sue Davis Corresponding Secretary Myra Hicks Treasurer Jonathen Piper FIRST ROW: Vredenbrugh, H.; Harvey, M.; Simmons, J.; Day, N.; Hicks, M.; Bryant, H.; Berry, B.; Barber, J.; Bette Barnes, Director. SECOND ROW: Stein, T.; Lassiter. P.; Eng- lish, C; Powers, M.; Freeman, M. C; Huie, B.; Birthisel, R. THIRD ROW: Prater, N.; Bar- more, W.; Johnson, C; Whitmire, B.; Rose, J.; Scott, J. FOURTH ROW: White, C; Stan- iield, N.; McMillan, J.; Whitehead, S.; Mc- Daniels, C; Smite, P.; Clark, C; Fryer, B.; Moorer, D.; Clayton, M.; Johnson, D. WESLEY FOUNDATION RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION FOR METHODIST STUDENTS Wesley Foundation offers a center of worship, training for churchmanship, and an opportunity to deepen each student ' s sense of commitment to the Christian ethic. The fellowship at the Methodist Student House is increased by Sunday night suppers, social activities and the many hours spent sharing experiences with each other. WESLEY PLAYERS NATIONAL RELIGIOUS DRAMA GROUP Wesley Players is a national, religious, drama group whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for Christian students to express themselves and gain a richer religious experience through drama. The activi- ties of the group include the presentation of plays in connection with the religious holidays and at other times as they fit into the total program of the Wesley Foundation, and the presentation of a trophy to the outstanding Wesley Player of the year. OFFICERS President Terry Stein Vice President " . . Dick Moorer Recording Secretary June Barber Corresponding Secretary Myra Hicks Treasurer Betty Jo Jenkins FIRST ROW: Hoadley, M.; Harvey, M.; Hicks, M.; Barber, J.; Moorer, D.; Stein, T.; Sap- pington, C; Berry, B. SECOND ROW: Murray, G.; Howes, M. A.; Edwards, A.; Jones, K.; Simmons, J.; Day, N.; Parrish, G.; Teal, D.; Hopkins, B.; Kieper, D.; Powers, M.; Goode, C; Freeman, M.; Wise, L.; Bryant, H.; Du- Pont, J. THIRD ROW: English, C; Whitehead, S.; Johnson, C; Donaldson, J.; Clark, C; Ward, R.; Smith, J. FOURTH ROW: Barnes, B.; Johnson, F.; Phillips, C; Whisler, H.; Hildebrande, R.; Mason, P.; Huie, B.; Guerley, A.; Poddick, G. 1 ' « %l%v % Wi athletics ,. v;r. Jilt ' - « ■ . ,V :. ? a " r ■m Dr. Danford heads up the athletic program at FSU as di- rector of athletics and director of physical education for men. Under his guidance, the FSU department of physical educa- tion has been expanded greatly both from a standpoint of cur- riculum and personnel. Dr. Dan- ford guides the overall athletic program which includes inter- collegiate competition in nine sports and the nationally fam- ous FSU student circus. DK. HOWARD DANFORD J « ATHLETIC Florida State University ' s nine athletic teams enjoyed a good overall year, winning 73 events, losing 43, and tying two, for a winning .589 percentage. The best record was recorded by the Tribe tennis team which won 15 matches, lost only two, for the finest net season ever. Coach Don- ald Loucks ' netters lost only to strong Rollins and LSU. With the exception of football, all sports either finished with more wins than losses or broke even. Starting out in the fall, FSU, saddled with a murderous schedule that included Georgia Tech, Mississippi Southern, VMI, Furman, N. C. State, battled heavy odds all season, win- ning only one, losing eight, and tying one. With the end of the football season, FSU ' s four winter sports took the spotlight. In basketball, a young Seminole team under Coach J. K. Kennedy posted an 11-11 mark and were runnersup in District 25 NAIA tournament play. Ham Wernke led State scorers with 468 points, good for first place among Florida ' s collegiate scorers, good for unanimous all-state . ' ■election, and good enough for a berth on the All-America team of the Helms Athletic Foundation. FSU ' s nationally renowned gymnastics team, coached by the peerless Dr. Hartley Price, had a qood year, winning the Georgia and Florida AAUs, the Alabama invitational, placing fifth at the NCAA. Then, competing under the name of Florida State Gymkana, the team copped the national title for the aymnasts under Price. FSU had won the NAAU title in 1951, copped the NCAA buntings in 1951 and 1952. Roy Williams, Head Trainer of All Sports (foreground) and Fred Hoover. Student Assistant Doak S. Campbell Football Stadium. at F. S. U. Seminole swimmers posted wins over such stalwarts as Georgia, Texas A. M., Emory, and a second-place finish at the Southern AAU. Coach Bim Stults ' tankmen placed seventh in the National AAU at New Haven, Conn. The 300-yard medley relay team of George Cooper, Ernie Stock and Dick Wells set new pool and school marks in the event. Coach Ralph Motherly, in his second campaign as diamond boss, guided the Indians to a 13-10-1 season and promised that the frosh-heavy ' 53 nine would do better in ' 54. In volleyball, the Tribe posted at 20-10-1 mark, com- peted in the Mid-South meet in Memphis, and journeyed to Omaha, Neb., for the nationals. Howard Gould was named to the All-America team for second straight year. Dr. Don Veller resigned after the ' 52 football season and took over as golf coach. His linksmen posted a 5-4 mark in dual competition and competed in the Southern Inter- collegiate. FSU ' s track team bested Georgia and Georgia Tech in a triangular meet for the second year. CHEERLEADERS: Nancy Warner. Joey Bell. Pot Johnson, June Yates, Sally Hamner, Hatsy Gates, Martha W illiamson, Betty Ann Munroe, Shirley Harper. Sarah Hambley, Shirley Knight. Ruthie Spencer, Ann Yates, ISancy Black. DR. DON VELLEK At the close of the 1952 football season, Coach Veller resigned his coaching duties and assumed a full professorship in the department of physical education. FSU regrets the loss of a good coach, but is happy to still have such a capable man on the faculty. FOOTBALL This is an Indian story. Many moons ago, in 1947, Florida State University scraped together its first football team, played five games, and lost them all. In 1948 the Seminoles gathered a second grid tribe and pounded through the season to win seven out of eight games and the Dixie Conference title. The only loss of the year was to Erskine. The Indian footballers out-footballed just about every- body the next year, losing one contest to Livingston. The State team was on top in the Dixie Conference again and whipped Wofford in the Cigar Bowl. The mid-century mark, 1950, was the jackpot year for FSU. The Seminoles war-danced through their schedule undefeated and untied, winning the Dixie Conference throne a third time. The 1951 season was ushered in with scholarships and an eye on the " big-time. " Florida State dropped two games: Miami and Tampa. Then came 1952. Florida Staters looked at the schedule. Some called it suicide. Others said FSU would become nationally known; it was good publicity. Everybody wanted an- other successful season. But the schedule was tough. The Indians retired to their teepees and sharpened their tomahawks. The gridiron games started and the walls came tumbling down. Beginning against Louisana State, the Seminoles were surprised by the enemy and lost 32 to 13. This was followed by a defeat to Louisville 41 to 14. And a third loss ... to Virginia Military Institute 28 to 7. Co-Captain Vic Szczepanik Curtis Campbell Most Valuable Plaver Earl O ' lSeal Curt Campbell carries the ball against Wofford at FSV Homecoming RESULTS IN 19S3 Florida State hit the road for the first time and barely slipped at North Carolina State 13 to 7; it was a heart- breaker. Suddenly FSU tied Stetson 6-6 in a bone- crusher, and folks thought maybe a comeback was in sight. But Mississippi Southern polished off the Indians 50 to 21, and that was that. Furman sgueezed by Florida State 9 to 0. It was the sixth loss of the season and set a gloomy stage for the Georgia Tech game. The Seminoles played a hard- hitting, hard-running game against Tech and came out better than was expected — a 30 to loss. Still full of fight after the Atlanta game, th e FSU boys ran full tilt over Wofford 27 to 13. Victory was temporary though. Tampa, always a rough opponent, overwhelmed FSU to the tune of 39 to 6. Statistics for the year: Stan Dobosz, Nelson Ital- iano, and Ronald King all made three touchdowns each to lead in the TD department. On total offense. Nelson Italiano, Curt Campbell, and Al Woodham had the best averages per try. Stan Dobosz chalked up the most yards on offense with 609. Tommy Brown led in punting with 39.4 yards per kick. Curt Campbell was the best pass receiver with 24 catches good for 290 yards. The passing standout was Bobby Fiveash who completed 26 out of 76 tosses, two of which went for TD ' s. The Seminoles picked up 2,013 yards rushing to their opponent ' s 2,423 yards. Average yardage per game for FSU was 244 to their opponent ' s 321. " The Indians made 119 first downs. Their opponents made 140 first downs. Football Squad J 1ji - - ' . ' unc lB ' t4 Fiveash runs for the lost cause. FLORIDA STATE 13 LOUISIANA TECH 32 Florida State ' s opening game loss to little Louis- iana Tech was a surprise. The Seminoles had been favored and a lot of folks thought this would be one of the easier contests on the grid slate. But Louisiana Tech ' s pony backfield, running from the T formation, galloped all over the stunned Seminoles. The Seminoles tallied twice in the second portion of the battle, with Nelson Italiano, Curt Campbell, Roy Thompson, Ronnie King, and Bobby Fiveash leading the way. The Tech Bulldogs chalked up 335 yards rushing. The Seminoles got 135 yards. In passing, the Indians gained 144 yards, whi le the boys from Louisiana gained 92. Leaders in the yardage department for FSU were Thompson and Italiano. FLORIDA STATE 14 LOUISVILLE 41 Although the score does not show it, FSU improved a lot in the second game of the season. Two Louisville gridders, John Unitas and Jim Will- iams, almost beat the luckless Seminoles single- handed. Trigger-armed Unitas passed for two touch- downs and 195 yards of the total offense. Williams scored three touchdowns and picked up 162 yards on the ground. For Florida State, Roy Thompson, Tommy Brown, and Stan Dobosz were outstanding. Oh, my achin ' back! A black nifiht and the gloom hangs on a pass. F. S. U. 7 V. M. I. 28 The VMI game was the third straight game at home and ended in a third straight loss. Plagued by fumbles and a shaky de- fense, the Seminole gridmen had a hard time keeping the score down. Seminole yardage gained on offense: 234. Keydet yardage gained on offense: 374. The lone FSU tally came in the second quarter when Nelson Italiano bulled over from two yards out to cul- minate a 56-yard drive. Other backs who picked up sizeable gains for the Indians were Thompson, Woodham, and Dodosz. % you can ' t run over ' em, kick ' cm. FLORIDA STATE 7 N. C. STATE 13 It took N. C. State three quarters to get ahead of the much improved Seminoles. The fatal blow came in the fourth quarter when Frank Henico ' s passing was inter- rupted by a Wolfpack interception which turned into a 76-yard jaunt to glory. Except for this stroke of bad luck, the Seminoles dominated the game. Early in the second quarter, the leading groundgainer for the day, Stan Dobosz, had set FSU in first place with a TD charge from the 10. Injuries came left and right to the Indian squad, put- ting out Woodham, Fiveash, and Italiano. Tommy Brown was an FSU standout, averaging 43 yards per punt. Line play was the important factor. The Seminole forward wall, led by Vice Szczepanik, Buddy Bryant, Jerry Jacobs, Bob Crenshaw, and Dossey Mer- ritt, charged the Wolfpack punchy. Oh, for the life of a lineman. Some days you just can ' t make a nickel. .:- , -iw;. : V %0 ll S Mac Huey, guard and quarterback (top left) Buddy Bryant, end (upper right) ISelson Italiano, hack (middle left) Bohhy Fiveash. hack (middle center) George Bayer, center (middle right) Al Woodham, back (bottom left) Steve Kalenich, end (bottom center) Boh Wodrich, tackle and guard (bottom right) PLAYERS Charlie Booth, tackle (top left) Stan Dobosz, back (top right) John Karlowicz, tackle (middle left) Roy Thompson, hack (middle center) Bob Crenshaiv, center (middle right) Ronnie King, end (bottom left) Don Powell, tackle (bottom center) ISat Polak. tackle (bottom first) One, livo, three, kick! Gotchul There goes that scholarship. FLORIDA STATE 6 STETSON 6 The Seminoles ' losing streak was brought to a temporary halt in Orlando in a hard-fought battle that ended in a deadlock. Stan Dobosz was the TD man for FSU. The State defense came through in fine style and kept the Stetson crew jump- ing. Both the Hatters and the Indians muffed the chance to win the game by missing their try for the extra point after touchdown. The contest was one of the season ' s best, and the Florida State boys, though they only scored once, threatened sev- eral times, but just could not push across into paydirt. Stellar Hatter-crushers were Bill Whaley, George Boyer, Vic Szczepanik, and Louis Leonhardt. FLORIDA STATE 21 MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN SO With machine-like precision, Mississippi Southern dumped Florida State University hard. It was the worst defeat in the Tribe ' s history. Southern speedster Hugh Pepper, along with teammates Rouchon and Jarrell, led the visitors in the invasion. The Mississippians had 43 points at the half. Ronnie King caught two TD passes, and Curt Campbell snagged one. They were backed up by the hard play of ItaHano, Fiveash, Huey, and Dobosz. FLORIDA STATE FURMAN 9 Fumbles, penalties, and intercept- ed passes defeated the Seminoles in this match. Florida State domi- nated the first half, but lacked the punch to score. In the last portion ot the game Furman started rolling and marked up a touchdown and a field goal. The entire Indian squad was out- standing, but not outstanding enough to stop the Hurricanes. FLORIDA STATE GEORGIA TECH 30 This was sheer murder to some Florida State fans. But the Indians came out better than expected. Edwin Pope, of the Atlanta lournai- Constitution staff told the story well. Wrote Pope: " Florida State ' s Semi- noles bounced into Grant Field Sat- urday afternoon with the idea of holding the score down against 23- straight - times - unbeaten Georgia Tech, and did just that. The Jackets could punch in only four touchdowns and a safety — all by regulars — on Dr. Don Veller ' s single wingback practitioners . . . FSU was far from the pushover expected . . . Dodd threw 62 players, the whole works, including four quarterbacks, in there. But they didn ' t faze scrappy FSU. " Three times Tech was stopped by interceptions inside the Seminole 20. Three times. Tommy Brown, FSU ' s 150-pound answer to Tech ' s Jackie Randolph at safety, stole Tech passes. The little guy played for Army . . . and Saturday he showed why. " Then there was Stan Dobosz . . . a sawed-off, 175-pound freshman fullback. . , . Smacking into the line 18 times as his blockers trapped the tackle and double-teamed the guard, he bagged 87 yards. That was the best individual rushing performance against Tech this year. " The Jackets . . . had more team class, but it took a while to show. " Harry Bringger, Jerry Jacobs, and Troy Barnes were hitting as hard as the Tech defense. " Seminole yardage gained: 151. Tech yardage gained: 304. He flies through the air . . . We sho are about to die to salute you. Gr-r-rl Our Harry Bringger, bach (top left) Louis Leonhardt, tackle (top center) Jimmy Lee Taylor, back (top right) Jerry Jacobs, guard (middle left) Troy Barnes, end (middle center) Jimmy McDonald, end (middle right) Joe Ben Cassedy, back (bottom left) Billy Rabon, back (bottom right) PLAYERS John Griner, hack (top left) Ed Mann, end (top center) Preston Bradley, hack (top right) Jimmy Messinese, hack (middle left) Ted Morrill, end (middle center) George Carnes, guard (middle right) Eddie Johnson, guard (hottom left) Dick Turk, hack (bottom right) Uiih fifty yards to go. If hither aoest thou? FLORIDA STATE 27 WOFFORD 13 They won this one. The Seminoles scrambled up to South Carolina and came back home with a war-cry and a victory. Stan Dobosz ' s short legs and toes gained long and vital yardage and points. Dobosz racked up nine points: one touchdown and three extra points. Italian© came through with a TD. Woodham caught a pass good for six points, and Fiveash scooted over for a score too. In previous years the Indians had whipped the Wof- ford bunch good, and a lot of folks thought that the South Carolina boys would throw the FSU squad for a loss this time. Not so, though. Florida State came through again. FLORIDA STATE 6 TAMPA 39 The football season began with defeat. It ended the same way. The loss to Tampa was the worst since the Seminole-Spartan series was started. Bobby Fiveash made the lone TD for FSU and was the big gun for the Indians on offense. Vic Szczepanik was the leader on the defense. BASKETBALL Coach Bud Kennedy ' s freshmen- and sophomore- laden team registered a season record of 11 wins and 11 losses. Lack of experience took its toll, but the cagers came a long way during the season and ended it with some exhibitions of outstanding basketball. With only one graduating senior, Bob Pence, on the team, predicitions that next year will be a record season are pretty safe. Outstanding sophomore Ham Wernke was a unani- mous All-State selection; holds the title of leading scorer in the state, having meshed 468 points in 22 games last season for a 21.3 average, and was All- American on the Helms Foundation All-American se- lection. Second highest scorer Jerry Westhafer served as alternate captain with Wernke and displayed fine defensive work and rebounding for the Seminole quintet. FSU advanced to the finals of the NAIA District 25 Tournament where they were defeated by Stetson. The highlight of the season for the team was the 82-52 defeat of Southeastern Conference member Mississippi State. COACH BUD KENNEDY Basketball Squad, left to right: Head Trainer Roy Williams, Dick Artmeir, Tom Burst, Ham Wernke, Bob Pence, Duane Gordon, Gary Wold, Rich Benson, Jerry Westhafer, Jimtom Richardson, Tom Dellahun, Jimmy Oler, Coach " Bud " Kennedy. Hani Wernke. unanimous All- State and leading individual scorer. Jerry Westhafer FSII gets tipoff from Tampa. Players get set to pounce if Jerry misses basket. Students jam stands for FSlJ-Mianti tilt. SCORES FSU 62- -Mercer 78 FSU 79- -Rollins 82 FSU 68- -Georgia Teachers 63 FSU 73- -Memphis State 87 FSU 90- -Rollins 83 FSU 77- -Arkansas State 88 FSU 77- -Mercer 76 (overtime) FSU 76- -Stetson 66 FSU 59- -Central (Mo.) 62 FSU 79- -Florida Southern 77 FSU 58- -Sewanee 69 FSU 83- -Tampa 74 FSU 82- -Mississippi State 52 FSU 77- -Loyola (South) 85 FSU 66- -Loyola (South) 72 FSU 81- -Miami 75 FSU 65- -Miami 93 FSU 83- -Stetson 79 FSU 73- -Tampa 77 FSU 87- -Mercer 77 FSU 71- -Florida Southern 69 FSU 81- -Stetson 94 Hick Benson takes rebound from three Miami cagers. Bob Hence, only senior (upper left) Duane Gordon, forward (upper center) Rick Benson, center (upper right) Jim Tom Richardson, forward (center left) Gary W old. center (center) Tom Dellahan, guard (center right) Jim Oler. guard (lower left) Dick Artmier. forward (lower center) Tom Burst, guard (lower right) Ham maneuvers under the basket to score 2 points for FSV. TE?SMS TEAM — ( hneeling, left to right): Kennedy, D.; Morgan, J. (Standing): Boda. D.; Wyly. I).; Harris, j.; Egan, J.; Cundy, T.; Schaus, H.; Coach Don Loucks. TENNIS Dan Boda Dare Kennedy Joe Harris RESULTS FSU 8 — University of Georgia 3 FSU 8— Jacksonville State (Ala.) 1 FSU 8— Spring Hill College 1 FSU 1— L. S. U 8 FSU 5— Loyola 4 FSU 7— Kenyon College 2 FSU 8— Auburn 1 FSU 9— Mercer FSU 9— Valdosta State " FSU 9— Florida Southern FSU 0— Rollins 9 FSU 9— Valdosta State FSU 7 — University of Georgia 1 FSU 7— Emory 2 FSU 9— Mercer FSU 8— Auburn 1 FSU 9— Florida Southern Hal Schaus Don Wyly The Florida State University racquet wielders closed out their most successful season in the history of the school with a highly respectable 15 wins, 2 loss record. Hal Schaus, Mansfield, Ohio, set a new school record by playing in the No. 1 slot in all seventeen matches during the season. Dan Boda, only senior on the squad, playing in the No. 6 position, won 16 and lost only to Rollins for an outstanding mark. Dave Kennedy, sopho- more from Tampa, was a steady and dependable winner at the No. 3 spot. Dr. Donald Loucks, who has never had a losing Seminole tennis squad since the school became co- educational in 1947, accounts for the success of the squad by saying, " We had a successful season pri- marily for the simple reason that as sophomores our boys won the three set matches that as freshmen they lost. " With only one man graduating this year, the pros- pects for future Seminole tennis hopes is bright. Jack Egan Tom Cundy Jack Morgan mm - J, Co-captains. FSU J ational Chantpionship Gymnastic Team. Carmine and Joe Regna. FSZJ Olympic stars Bill Roetzheim. left, and Don Holder get young J. Vrettos off to an early start for international competition. Don Holder, 1 952 V. S. Olympic team member, exhibits flank dismount from quadruple. Pat Signorelli demonstrates kber-in on sidehorse. Joe Regna. 1952 Southern Intercol- legiates Ail-Around Gymnast, handstand. The 1952-53 edition of the Varsity Gymnastic Team, co- captained by Carmine and joe Regno and coached by Dr. Hartley Price, won four championships, namely the Alabama Open Team Championship, the Florida AAU for the fourth successive year, the Southern Intercollegi- ate for the third successive year, and the Georgia AAU. The team has lost both its National Collegiate champions although they had eligibility left. Jack Sharp, NCAA Rings Champion graduated in February, and Dick Gutting, NCAA Trampoline Champ, was declared ineligible by the NCAA. Our nationally famous gymnasts, coached by our inter- nationally famous Hartley Price, took the NAAU crown in Chicago to mark the fourth national championship for FSU and the tenth national championship for Coach Price ' s teams. His Florida State teams won the NCAA championships in 1951 and 1952 and the AAU crowns in 1951 and 1953. The 1953 team placed fifth in the NCAA competition. iiAi ' DR. HARTLEY PRICE at FLORIDA STATE Benny W allace exhibits farm in rope-climbing. Jim Tanaka does a cross on the rings. Bob Ballitiffer practices the back somersault on LaiifUs Green. G FSU ' s record of individual titles was lengthened b ythis year ' s performance at the NAAU with Bill Roetzheim excelling on the side horse and placing second all-round gymnast, Dick Gutting NAAU trampoline champion, and Don Holder, Indian clubs. Don Holder of the U. S. Olympic Team won four individual crowns at the Southern Intercol- legiates at Hattiesburg, Miss., the all around, calisthenics, side horse, and parallel bars. Other Southern Intercollegiate Champions include Joe Regna, flying rings; Dick Ireland, trampoline; Benny Wallace, rope-climb; Pat Signarelli, tied for first in calisthenics. Bill Roetzheim, representing Florida State Gym- kana won five individual crowns at the Florida AAU: Jack Miles, the flying rings and long horse; Bob Bollinger in tumbling, and Joe Taylor, the still rings. Other top prospects on the squad are Larry Weston, Jim Tanaka, Alan Marcus, Jim Fadigan, Bill Koslow, and Al Ruda. Coach Price has " done it again. " FSU ' s OLYMPIC GYMNASTS The highlight of the 1952 gymnastic season was Florida State ' s Don Holder and Bill Roetzheim being named to the U. S. Olympic Team. The pair were the only Florida representatives on the en- tire U. S. Squad. Since only the top eight perform- ers of the country ' s 3,000 gymnasts comprise the Olympic team, Florida State has accomplished a once-in-a-lifetime by contributing two athletes. 1952 Florida AAU flying rings champion. Jack Miles. Carmine Kegna. 1952 Southern Inter- collegiate high bar champ, does a half twist. Joe Taylor performs with the inverted cross on the still rays. i Dick Gutting. National Intercollegi- « ' - ate Trampoline through the air. Champion, flys Jim FaiUgati perfects a hack lay- out from the trampoline. Dick Ireland makes a graceful swan from the trampoline. IN ASTICS Bill Koslotv demonstrates a stutz kher. To Don Holder goes the distinction of being the second college fresh- man in gymnastic ' s history to qualify for the World Olympics. Bill Roetzheim was first to achieve the trick as a freshman at the Navy Pier branch of the University of Illinois in 1948. For Bill Roetzheim, the Olympics was his second as a member of the U. S. team. It also marked the fifth time that Bill has represented his country in international competition. Bill is now a graduate student at FSU and thus ineligible for collegiate competition. However, he may still compete with the Florida State University Gymkana Club. FSU salutes with pride these outstanding athletes. Larry Weston prepares for a belly-drop on the trampoline. SCORES FSU 51 — Northwestern Louisiana 33 FSU 43— Jax Navy 40 FSU 39— Georgia 45 FSU 50— Jax Navy 33 FSU 48— Georgia Tech 36 FSU 55— Texas A. M 29 FSU 46— Georgia 38 FSU 57— Emory University 26 TEAM TITLES: Second in Florida AAU (Gainesville) Tied for Seventh National AAU (New Haven, Conn.) Second in Southern Regional AAU (Atlanta) Co-Captains John Burnett and Dick Wells, Coach Ben Stultz, swim .SWIMMIING TEAM — (First row. left to ri ht): Dick Khoton, Joe Lurie. Bill Hufman. Bill Durham. Ryan Ray, Charlie Crowe, Danny Blackshear. (Second roiv): Coach Ben Stultz. Don Burtvell. W alt Kreig, Larry Beatty, Mike Castagna, Don Van Hise, Bob Stuke. Chuck Biershorn. (Third row) John Callahan, Ronald Weaver. I orman Shipley. George Cooper. John Burnett, co-captain; Dick Wells, co-captain. John Baruch. Don Melson, manager. . ST Mt STfl-E S iTB sfm h STATE ■ t!irt $tl4T srm ' ST A .iU STITE ... r TATf tm.m 5 ' iTE f - Diver Bob Stuke Diver Larry Beaty John Baruch IING Record breaking medley relay team : (Left to right) George Cooper, Ernest Stock, and Dick Wells. Florida State University ' s tankmen once again proved their excellence in dual meet competition, chalking up seven wins against a single defeat by the University of Georgia during the year. This was the ' best mark made by any team in the Deep South for 1953. FSU avenged its lone loss later in the sea- son when they beat the University of Georgia in their home pool. This was FSU ' s outstanding victory of the season. On State ' s western trip, when they beat the highly touted Northwestern Louisiana State tankmen, the Seminoles broke five pool records and led the coach of the Louisiana squad to say: " The most outstand- ing team to ever swim in our pool! " The Seminole tankmen also ranked high in cham- pionship meets. They were second by a single point in the Southern Regional AAU; placed second in the Florida AAU, and were seventh in the National AAU swimming meets. Times turned in during the year show that this was the strongest team in Florida State University ' s history. The 1953 squad broke nine school and pool records in a record-breaking season. Perhaps the outstanding individual performance of the year was turned in by freshman breaststroker Ernie Stock, who placed sixth in the NAAU 100-yard breaststroke event. Ernie also broke school records in the 200-yard breaststroke event, 300-yard medley relay and 400-yard freestyle relay. J Direr Dannr Blackshear Mike Castagna SWIMMING Chuck Biersborn The three outstanding swimmers of the 1953 season com- bined in setting a new pool and school record in the 300-yard medley relay event with the sparkling time of 2:58. These were co-captain Dick Wells, the 100-yard freestyle champion of Flor- ida; Ernie Stock, and George Cooper, who was the outstanding backstroker on this year ' s team. Cooper won both the 200- and 400-yard backstroke events in the Southern Regionals and Florida AAU and placed eighth in the nation in the NAUU at Ohio State. Consistent point winners on this year ' s squad include: Dick Rhoton, school record holder of the 200-yard breaststroke; John Baruch, 400-yard record-breaking freestyle relay team mem- ber; co-captain Jack Burnett; and distance man Chuck Biers- born. Freestyler Ryan Ray turned in an amazing performance as a freshman. Ray, who had one year ' s swimming in high school, was the second fastest man on the squad at the end of the season. He was on the FSU record 400-yard relay team, placed fourth in the 100 in the Florida AAU, third in the Southern Regional meet, and with Ernie Stock and George Cooper placed eleventh in the nation in the 300-yard medley relay. GOLF The golf season began with only two lettermen re- turning — Jimmy James (junior) from Miami and Frank Hirt (senior) from Tallahassee. In addition to the two returning lettermen the team was composed of Johnny Ayres (senior) from Dothan, Alabama, and three fresh- men, Bob Harwood from Tampa, Rudy Boyd from LaPorte, Ind., and Randy Church of Dothan, Ala. Other boys competing during the season were Tally Bludworth from Panama City, Rocky Mead from Pen- sacola, and Bob Upton from Joliet, Illinois. At the end of the season the players were ranked in the following order: James, Boyd, Harwood, Hirt, Church, Ayres, Bludworth. Lack of seasoned experience was responsible for the loss of at least three matches. Even so, the team fin- ished with a record of 5 wins and 4 losses in dual matches. Captain Jimmy James was the low medalist for the year, although freshman Rudy Boyd was pushing him at the end of the season. Next low medalist was Bob Harwood. Next season should be improved, since there will be four regulars returning for competition. COACH DON VELLER RESULTS FSU 21 —Rollins 6 FSU 10 —Stetson 8 FSU 91 2— Davidson IV ' a FSU 12 V2— University of Georgia 15 ' a FSU 141 2— Rollins I2V2 FSU 23 —Western Illinois State 4 FSU 7 — University of Georgia 20 FSU 13 - Auburn 14 FSU 171 2— Pensacola Navy 9V2 Captain Jimmy Jam.es 1 m an on the FSV links ladder. Rocky Mead Quadrangular Meet — FSU, Stetson, University of Miami, Florida Southern — FSU finished third. Florida Intercollegiates — FSU fifth place. Southern Intercollegiates, Rudy Boyd qualified for finals, but withdrew because of injury. Randy Church Tom Hall ■«s »w - , Ir 4jc;-« Chi Otnegas defeat Zetu Tau Alpha in finals of the volleyball intramurals. WOMEN ' S INTRAM1 Dormitory and sorority spirit — you get both in intramurals as the groups compete for honors in softball, bowling, basketball, and volleyball. Intramural sports for women was organized on this campus for the purpose of providing friendly competition and wholesome recreation for teams from the sororities and dorm- itories. The wide variety of sports included each year in the intramural program encourages high team spirit and provides a source of enjoyment for all. Throughout the year the teams compete on a range of sports that includes almost everything from softball to bridge, and each winning team is awarded a trophy which remains in their possession for a year. The team accumulating the most points by the end of the year is awarded the over-all intramural trophy. Whether it ' s shuffleboard or swimming, the interest is always at a peak during the sports season. Win or lose, spirits remain high and a good time is had by all. Sifima Kappa s defeat Alpha Delta Pi, 17-5 in softball intramurals. • J f ' W: ' ' ' ' -y w wm. It may be a homer! [ALS t. ' -» J % -, i CTiJ Omega ' s are present to cheer their team on to victory. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL RESULTS Sport Winner Runnerup Volleyball Basketball Softball Bowling Chi Omega Alpha Xi Delta Jennie Murphree Alpha Chi Omega Zeta Tau Alpha Phi Mu Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Xi Delta OVERALL WINNER— ALPHA XI DELTA Alpha Omicrom Pi ' s have created a tense moment as a run is about to be made. o BOWLING TEAM— M. MacWilliams, M. Sheppard, J. Reed, C. Bassett, B. A. Theobold. ODD BASKETBALL— rFirst row) : S. Presnell, J. Guard, B. A. Haines. (Second row) : J. A. Young, M. Sheppard, J. A. Thorpe, ODD-EVEN RESULTS Sport Winner Hockey Evens Soccer Odds Volleyball ... Evens Bowling . . ... Evens Basketball Evens SOCCER — (First row): P. Folsom. S. Presnell. J. Guard. B. A. Haynes. M. Herndon. (Second row): E. MacWilliams. P. ISoriell, P. Hawes. C. West. (Third row): V. Peck. J. Reed. G. Mickler. A. J. H inter, P. Crum. EVEN BASKETBALL— (-First row): C. Bas- sett, P. Hawes, P. ISorvell. C. West. P. Crum. (Second roiv): V. Peck. P. Folsom, A. J. Bas- sett, A. J. Winter. J. McGill, M. Herndon, G. Mickler, B. Evans. VOLLEYBALL — (First row): M. Herndon, P. Fol som, C. West, P. Crum. (Second roiv): J. Allen, P Haues. B. Parris, B. A. Haynes. (Third row): S Presnell, V. Peck, A. J. Bassett, G. Mickler, J Guard, B. Evans, J. McGill. HOCKEY — (First row): B. Parris, R, Rilea, B. A. Theobold, J. Dupont, B. Evans. (Second row): B. Gray, E. Zipperer. I. Morraine, A. Yeomans, S. Free. (Third row): P. Kyle, J. Poivell, A. J. Bassett, C. Bassett, K. J. Simpson. J. McGill. ' 1W 9 ' 0 ARCHERY — M. Reeder, leader; M. Freeman, C. Gola, B. Gouch, IS. Graham, A. Gwin, C. Kaufman, M. A. Newton, E. Palmer, J. Will- iams. These are the songs you often hear on the sports fields around F.S.U. ODD-EVEN competition began on this campus thirty- seven years ago, in 1915, and has grown each year with the hope of better and greater promises in the interest of more specialized forms of women ' s athletics. The ODDS are composed of girls who enter F.S.U. in the odd years and the EVENS in the even years. Good sportsmanship in a highly skilled program has been the aim of ODD-EVEN, with the thought always in mind that " when the one great scorer comes to write against your name — he ' ll write not that you won or lost but how you played the game. " Evens place victory over the Odds in finals of Hockey Games. ODD-EVEN BADMINTON — (First row): E. Zipperer, B. Gray, S. Knight, R. Rilea, B. A. Theobold, J. Dupont. (Second row): I. Sullivan, A. Yeoman, J. Powell, P. Kyle, D. Kauf- mann, P. Martin, B. Parris. m ■ m t M I ♦ ♦ ( M» «mH«m. ' .t .Si , 9 (W ♦ «• -K r.% p ; ' : ' 5 ' i. ; ' . ( .iiU ' " . ' ' V „lfp?- %. " mmm- ■: ' m ' f The SENIORS OFFICERS President Bob Ryals Vice President Sue Saxon Secretary Barbara Brewton Treasurer Jane Shepard Social Chairman Paul Soraparu Parliamentarian June Keirstead With degrees in hand, the graduates of Florida State University face a world of opportunities. Many of the 600 June graduates will leave a permanent mark in the fields of education, business, government, research, or will be renowned for their contributions to society as they continue to illustrate the value of higher edu- cation at institutions such as FSU. The graduates of 1953 have experienced great growth with their university. The completion of Camp- bell Stadium, the almost complete abolition of " West Campus, " the erection of the Student Center and new men ' s dormitories, and expansion of the curriculum and enrollment all have taken place during the college life of this year ' s graduates. Those who have shared a part in this important phase of the life of Florida State University deserve to be honored now. (Seated): Ryals. (Standing): Keirstead, Soraparu, Shepard, Brewton, Saxon. ' It- 4«X ' Aase, D. S. Aase, G. Absher Aitchison Alexander Allen Amend Anderson, J. Anderson, M. Angel Arbogast Archibald Ard Armstrong Arrents Ashmore Aspey Aspinall Athanason Aton Avis Bachmann, J. Bachmann, D. Backus Baldwin Barber Barelli Barlow Barnes Bateman, C. A. SmXIORS FIRST ROW: • DONAH SUE A ASE- Tallahassee; B.S., Home Economics; Alpha Omicron Pi; Cotillion, Treasurer, President; Home Economics Club; Circus. • GEORGE E. A ASE— Virginia, Minnesota; B.S., Geology; Pi Kappa Alpha; Cavaliers. • LOIS LEE ABSHER DeLand; B.S., Elementary Education; Delta Zeta; Ping Pong Championship; Art Editor of the Fourth Torch; Home Economics Club; Wesley Founda- tion; Student Christian Association; Circus. » MILDRED ANN AITCHISON— Punta Gorda; A.B., Education; Sigma Alpha Iota; Freshman Flunkies; University Symphony Orchestra; Florida State Symphony; Light Opera Guild Orchestra; Northwest Florida Chapter of International Council for Exceptional Children. • MADGE B. ALEXANDER— Monticello; B.S., Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Designed Sandspur Cover for " Make Up Your Heart " ; Circus; President of Youth Fellowship; Tally-Ho; Transfer from Auburn; Dolphin Club; Co-organizer of ZTA Chapter; Education Club; Plains- man Staff, Glomerata Staff. SECOND ROW: • SHIRLEY A. ALLEN—Mihon; B.S., Home Economics; Alpha Lambda Delta; Omicron Nu; Home Economics Club, Treasurer; Phy- sical Education Club, President; V estminster Fellowship. • ARLENE K. AMEND— Miami; B.A., Speech; Phi Mu; Varsity Debate Squad; Mortar Board; Tau Kappa Alpha; Zeta Phi Eta; Garnet Key; Alpha Lambda Delta; Best Debater, 1950; First Original Oratory; Sopho- more Council; Junior Counselor; Vice President, Bryan Hall; Fresh- man Orientation Committee; Phi Beta Kappa. • G. JEAN ANDER- SON — Miami; B.M.E., Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota, Corre- sponding Secretary, President; Music Education National Conference, President; University Singers, Treasurer and Vice President; Choral Union; " Roberta " ; Light Opera Guild. • MARIAN E. ANDERSON — Homestead; B.S., Social Welfare; Phi Mu; Transfer from Ward- Belmont Junior College; Tally-Ho Senior Class Editor; Social Work Club; University Singers; Choral Union; Marching Chiefs; Symphonic Band. • PATRICIA ANGEL— Haines City; A.B., Economics; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Deha; Cotillion; Phi Beta Kappa. Bookworms . . . a la library THIRD ROW: • JAN ARBOG AST— Stuart; B.S., Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delta; U.G.A. Forums Chairman; U.G.A. Cabinet; Garnet Key; Tau Kappa Alpha; Home Economics Club, State Secretary; Varsity Debate Squad and Club; Canterbury Club, Vestry; Band. • MARY L. ARCHIBALD— Lake Park; B.S., Home Economics Education. • JOHN THOMAS ARD— Clermont; B.S., Elementary Education; B.S.U.; Exec- utive Council; Future Teachers of America; Christian Service Band. • BETTE JO ARMSTRONG— Bradenton; B.M. in Music. • GEORGE WOOD ARRANTS Monticello; B.S., Business; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi. Bills must be paid to get an education FOURTH ROW: • DELIAH C. ASHMORE Tallahassee; B.S., Recreation Education; Alpha Xi Delta; American Recreation Society, Program Chairman; F.A.H.P.E.R., Student Chairman; A.A.H.P.E.R.; B.S.U.; Warpath Club; Delta Sigma Omega. • WILLIAM THOMAS ASPEY Belle Glade; B.S., Arts Sciences. • JOHN T. ASPINALL Tallahassee; B.S., Education; Newman Club; Art Education Club. • ANNA MARIE ATHANASON— Clearwater; B.S., Physical Education; Women ' s " F " Club, Vice President; W.R.A.; U.R.A.; A.A.H.P.E.R. • MARTHA ANN ATON- St. Petersburg; B.S., Education; Pi Beta Phi; Freshman Flunkies; Sandspur. FIFTH ROW: • ELLEN ATKINSON AVIS Vero Beach; B.S., Education; Delta Delta Deha; Sophomore Council; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Deha Pi; Canterbury Club. • JOSEPH B. BACH- MANN Jacksonville; B.S., Business. • DOROTHY F. BACHMANN Plant City; B.S., Education. • WILLIAM E. BACKUS Tampa; B.S., Science Education; Sandspur. • WALTER A. BALDWIN, JR. — Tampa; B.S., Marketing; Alpha Tau Omega. SIXTH ROW: • ELIZABETH ANNE BARBER Miami; A.B., Spanish; Sigma Kappa; Sigma Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta. • ELLEN SUSAN BARELLI— Tampa; B.S., Education. • J. MICHAEL BARLOW Lansdowne, Pa.; B.S., Marketing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Blazons, Vice President. • TRAVIS JAMES BARNES Pensacola; B.S., Business Administra- tion; Sigma Nu; Alpha Phi Omega; Junior Class President; Insurance and Real Estate Club. • C. A. BATEMAN— Kissimmee; A.B., Education. FOUR YEARS OF BARGAINING FOR ONE LITTLE PIECE OF PULPWOOD. Bateman, J. Battle, L. Battle, M. Batty Bayly Bazemore Bearss Beaty Beauchamp Bedgood Beehler Bethel Bishop Bixler Blizard Boda Bowen Blair, D. Blair, L. Blifch Bloom Blount Bock Bo ' wers Boyd Braddock Brady Branon Brewton Britt, D. SENIORS FIRST ROW: • JACKIE SUMNER BATEM AN— Bristol; B.S., Social Work; Social Workers Club. • MIRIAM La VERNE BATTLE—Cocoa; B.S., Ele- mentary Music Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Freshman Flunkies; Orchestra; Band; Choral Union; U.G.A. Funds Committee. • MARY JOE BATTLE— Miami; A.B., Speech; Zeta Phi Eta; Women ' s " F " Club; Newman Club. • GEORGE BATTY— Milton; B.M.E. in Music. • PHYLLIS BAYLY— Clearwater; B.S., Business Education; Phi Mu; Pi Omega Pi; Circus. SECOND ROW: • HARRIETTE BAZEMORE— Miami; B.S., Speech Correction. • MILDRED BEARSS— Tampa; B. S. in Nursing. • FOREST C. BEATY, JR.— Lake Worth; B.S., Business; Sigma Chi; I.F.C. • JAMES P. BE AUCH AMP— Tallahassee; B. S. Accounting. • CARL A JEAN CLE ARE BEDGOOD— Tampa; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. And furthermore, friends, I promise a television set in every room THIRD ROW: • THANE RAYMOND BEEHLER— St. Petersburg; B.S., Zoology; Kappa Sigma; D.S.F. • BARBARA BETHEL— Miami; B.S., Cloth- ing Textiles. • NANCY ANN BISHOP— Lakeland; B.S., Educa- tion; Alpha Chi Omega; Home Economics Club; Westminster Fel- lowship; Flambeau Staff. • TED HALL BIXLER— West Palm Beach; B.S., Psychology; Cavaliers, Secretary; Flambeau Staff. • JEAN BLIZARD — Miami; B.A. in Education; Wesley Players; Intramurals; Choral Union. FOURTH ROW: • DANIEL BOD A Tallahassee; B.M. in Music; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gold Key; Phi Mu Alpha; Pi Kappa Lambda; President of Phi Mu Alpha; Treasurer of ODK; Pres. of Orchestra; Gamma Delta; Varsity Tennis. • THOMAS WHITTED BOWEN— Tallahassee; B.S. in Social Welfare; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Gold Key, Secretary; Charter Member and President of Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity; Choral Union; Collegians; Chairman — APO Used Book Exchange, Homecoming Decoration Committee ' 51, Guard, Secretary, Charter Member Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, University Court; IF Week Committee, Projects Chairman, Senior Class, Westminster Fellow- ship; Chairman, Fall APO Leadership Conference ' 52. • M. DALE BLAIR — West Palm Beach; B.S., Recreation and Elementary Educa- tion; Phi Kappa Tau Dream Girl; Recreation Majors ' Club; Circus; Landis Vice President and Treasurer. • LILA LEE BLAIR — Macclenny; B.S., Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; A.C.E.; Panhellenic Representative. • GORDON POTTER BLITCH- Jacksonville; B.S., Business. President Campbell gets excited over crucial play FIFTH ROW: • WILLIAM BLOOM— Bradenton; B.A., History; Classical Club, Treasurer; University Honor Court; Westminster Fellowship; Vice President; Honor Court Investigating Committee. • SAM BLOUNT — Ft. Myers; B.A., Arts and Sciences; Deha Tau Delta; Pi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Tau Delta; Phi Kappa Phi. • BEATRICE LOUISE BOCK St. Petersburg; B.S., Home Economics Education. • McELROY MARION BOWERS— Jacksonville; B.S., Business. • CLAUDE K. BOYD -Hendersonville, North Carolina; B.S., in Business. SIXTH ROW: • NORMA JEAN BR ADDOCK— Bartow; B.S., in Business Educa- tion; Delta Zeta; Junior Counselor; Freshman Flunkies; Warpath Club; Tally-Ho Staff; Florida Business Leaders of America. • JAMES L. BRADY— Ft. Lauderdale; B.S., Hotel and Restaurant Man- agement; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scullions Hotel Club, President; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary; Distinguished Military Student 1952. • MARY REBECCA BRANON— New Smyrna Beach; B.S., Educa- tion. • BARBARA BREWTON— Orlando; A.B., in Arts and Sci- ences; Chi Omega; Sigma Tau Delta, President ' 52; Sigma Nu Sweet- heart ' 52; Queen of Military Ball ' 50; Jr. Class Secretary; Senior Class Secretary; Jr.-Sr. Prom Court; Westminster Fellowship Wor- ship Chairman; Sandspur ' 50; Village Vamps; Mortified ' 52; Social Standards Committee ' 52— Chairman ' 53. • DANIEL M. BRITT— Smithfield, North Carolina; B.A. in Arts and Sciences. IF CLASSES GET MUCH FURTHER APART WE ' LL HAVE TO USE JET PROPULSION, Britt, L. Brinkman Bringger Bookmeyer Browder, M. Browder, S. Brown, B. Brown, G. Brown, H. Brown, J. Brown, M. Brownlee Bryant Bruner Buchanan Bunker Burden Bush, A. Bush. J. Butler, A. Butler, C. Butler, G. Buzzard Cadwallader Campbell Canterbury Carlile Carlton Caro Carpenter ENIOllS FIRST ROW: • LUCY EVANS BRITT— Niceville; B.S. in Education. • FRED P. BRINKMAN— Tallahassee; B.S. in Business; Alpha Kappa Psi; Ar- nold Air Society;; J.H.M.A.; Scullions Club; Insurance and Real Estate Club; Seminole Club; V.F.W. • DOLORES G. BRINGGER— Tampa; B.S. in Public Administration. • DONALD G. BOOK- MEYER — Fremont, Ohio; B.S. in Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Arnold Air Society; L ' Apache. • MARY CATH- ERINE BROWDER— Arcadia; A.B. in School of Education; Phi Mu; Women ' s F Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; B.S.U.; Executive Council of B.S.U.; Theatrical Dance Group. ISew students gather for President ' s Reception SECOND ROW: • SALLY ANN G. BROWDER—Arcadia; B.S. in Physical Educa- tion; Phi Mu; Women ' s F Club; Theatrical Dance Group; P.E.A.; Baptist Student Union; Junior Counselor; Vice-president Reynolds. • EDWARD NICHOLAS BROWN— Niceville; B.S., Arts and Science. • GERALD P. BROWN— Niceville; B.S. in Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi. • HELEN ROBERTA BROWN— Lakeland; B.S. in Elementary Education; Senior Hall Council; Dormitory Officer; Freshman Flunkies; Future Teachers of America, Librarian-Historian; Baptist Student Union; Flambeau Staff. • JANIE LOUISE BROWN— Na- ranja; B.M. in Music Education. THIRD ROW: • MARY LEATHA BROWN Macclenny; B.C., Journalism. • FRANKIE BROWNLEE Jacksonville; B.S. in Education; Sigma Kappa; Garnet Key; Junior Counselor; Sophomore Counselor; Con- federates; Mortified; Women ' s F Club; F.T.A.; W.R.A.; Junior and Senior Representative to University Court; Baptist Student Union Council; Band. • EDITH PULLEN BRYANT— Greenville, South Carolina; B.S. in Business; Kappa Delta; Choral Union. • GEORGE B. BRUNER— Grace ville; B.S. in Business. • FRANK A. BUCHANAN— Pensacola; B.S. in Biological Science; Rifle Club; Monitor (H); Varsity Baseball; Dormitory Governor; Dormitory Athletic Director. FSU coed gives Sammy Kaye a few instructions FOURTH ROW: • BEVERLY RUTH BUNKER Bradenton; B.S. in Business; Kappa Delta; Tarpon Club; Future Teachers of America; Choral; Singers. • HERBERT G. BURDEN -West Palm Beach; B.A. in Education. • ALICE E. BUSH— Tallahassee; A.B., Library Science. • JOHN JACKSON BUSH -Bonifay; B.A. in Social Sciences. • AUDREY M. BUTLER— Daytona Beach; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury; Tally Ho Junior Staff. FIFTH ROW: • CAROLYN BUTLER Leesburg; B.S. in Education. • GEORGE L. BUTLER— Tallahassee; B.S., Business. • DONALD EUGENE BUZZARD Huntington, Indiana; B.S. in Industrial Arts; Vice Presi- dent Industrial Arts Club; President of Industrial Arts Club; Uni- versity Government Judiciary Court; Social Chairman for Freshman Bldg.; Intramural Football and Basketball. • ANNA MARIE CRANE C AD WALLADER— Miami; B.S. in Art Education; Sigma Kappa; Art Club; Sigma Kappa Treasurer ' 52. • CURTIS H. CAMPBELL — Pensacola; B.S., Journalism; Alpha Tau Omega; Ar- nold Air Society; Football Team ' 49, ' 50, ' 51, ' 52— Co-Captain, ' 52. SIXTH ROW: • ANGELINE CANTERBURY— Panama City; B.S. in Sociology and Psychology; Wesley Foundation. • BETTY R. CARLILE— Miami; B.S. in Business Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Pi Omega Pi; Presi- dent, 1952-53; Women ' s F Club; Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica, Pres., 1950-51; Junior Counselor. • CATHERINE CARLTON— Hawthorne; B.S., Education; Newman Club. • FLORA ANNE CARO — Pensacola; B.S., Education; F.S.U. Band; University Chorus; Women ' s Judiciary. • L. WENDELL CARPENTER— Jasper; B.M. in Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha; Baptist Student Union; Execu- tive Council; Collegians, president; Light Opera Guild. NO CLASS WEDNESDAY. SHUCKS! ANOTHER HOUR OF SLEEP I ' LL MISS. mtf. Carper Carradino Castagna Cawthon Charlette Chalker Chatham Chavers Ciccarello Claridge, J. Claridge, R. Clark Vernam Clawson Clayton Cobb Collier Comer Condurelis Conkling Conner Cooke Copeland Cordell Corry Costello Couch Couliette Cox, J. L. Cox, J. SKNIOUS FIRST ROW: • JEANETTE CARPER Fort Lauderdale; B.S. in Speech Correc- tion; Kappa Delta, editor; Zeta Phi Eta. • GEORGE R.CARRA- DINA — Miami; B.S. in Education; Phi Mu Alpha; Newman Club; FSU Marching and Symphonic Band. • MICHAEL CASTAGNA— Janesville, Wisconsin; B.S. in Biology; Cavaliers; F Club; Life Saving Club; Swim Team. • FRANCES C A WTHON— Tallahassee; A.B. in Journalism; Alpha Omicron Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Los Picaros; Scholarship Pledge Award; International Relations Club; Florida Flambeau Assistant News Editor; Assistant Editor, Associate Editor, Now News Editor and Columnist; Odd Teams; President Women ' s Press Club; Editor Gilchrist Newspaper; Homecoming Committees; Annual Modern Language Play. • PATRICIA CO- RINNE CHARLETTE— Tallahassee; B.S. in Education; Pi Beta Phi; Phi Delta Theta Court; Canterbury; Village Vamps; Freshman Flunkies Club; A.C.E. SECOND ROW: • LORRAINE CHALKER— Deerfield Beach; A.B. in Arts and Sciences; Alpha Xi Delta. • JAMES R. CHATHAM— Port St. Joe; A.B. in Modem Languages; Sigma Delta Pi; Los Picaros; Men ' s Judiciary. • WILLIAM R. CHAVERS— Pensacola; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi; Quill and Scroll Honorary Society; Radio Sta- tion WFSU; Member of Auburn Players; Rifle Club; Sports Radio Announcer and news Photographer; President of the Crush Club; Auburn Plainsman, and in " The Madwoman of Challiot, " " Lady In the Dark, " " The Late Christopher Bean, " " For Keeps, " " Janny Kissed Me, " and " The Barretts of Wimpole Street " ; Director of 1953 Sandspur Production, " Heaven Forbid! " • JENNIE CICCARELLO— Tampa; B.S. in Child Psychology and Elementary Education; Treas., Association for Childhood Education. • JOAN POWELL CLAR- IDGE — Miami; B.S. in Education; Sigma Kappa; Lambda Chi Darling, 1952; Cotillion. mother could see me now Coeds line up for Smoke Signals Beauty Contest THIRD ROW: • RICHARD ALLEN CLARIDGE Tampa; B.S. in Industrial Man- agement; Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi. • FRANCES C. CLARK — Jacksonville; A.B. in Arts and Sciences; Phi Mu, Vice- president, Eta Sigma Phi; Garnet Key, Mortar Board; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; President Jennie Murphree; Judiciary; Floor Chairman; Classical Club; Student Christian Association; Sandspur; Odd Modern Dance. • CLAUDE C. VERNAM— Talla- hassee; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. • HOMER RICHEY CLAWSON — Miami; B.S. in Biological Science; President of American Chemical Society Student Affiliates. • JANET ANN CLAYTON— Tallahas- see; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Sophomore Council; Home Economics Club; University Chorus; Choral Union; Wesley Founda- tion, Wesley Players. FOURTH ROW; • FRANCES MAE COBB— Sanford; B.S. in Education; Gymnastica; Marching and Symphonic Band; Gymkana. • SUE COLLIER — Sarasota; B.S. in Secretarial Science; Alpha Omicron Pi; Future Business Leaders of America; Historian; Junior Counselor; Social Chairman of Dormitory, 1951. • PAT COMER— Daytona Beach; B.S. in Business; Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice-President; Sophomore Coun- cil; F Club; Tarpon Club, Mortified; Advertising Club; Confederacy; Junior Counselor; Vice-President of Reynolds; Women ' s Glee Club. • DEAN GEORGE CONDURELIS— Fort Myers; B.S. in Business Administration; Cavaliers; Social Chairman for Freshman Men; Student Union Organization. • THOMAS O. CONKLING— Middel- town. New York; B.S. in Journalism; Gymnastica; Gymkana and Newman Club; Sports Editor Florida Flambeau; Manager Gymnastic team, 1951, 1952. FIFTH ROW: • JEREMIAH CONNER St. Petersburg; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Phi Kappa Tau. • ELIZABETH ANNA COOKE— Jacksonville; B.S. in Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delta; Home Economics Club. HILDA JANE COPEL AND— Jacksonville; Bachelor of Music Educa- tion; Phi Mu; Organizations Committee of U.G.A.; Organization Staff of Tally-Ho; Choral Union. • ALYNN CORDELL— Daytona Beach; B.S., Education. • PELHAM CORRY— Quincy; A.B. in Arts and Sciences; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice-President of Junior Class; Episcopal Student Center Work. SIXTH ROW: • MARY PATRICK COSTELLO— Jacksonville; B.S., Education. • JAMES E. COUCH— Daytona Beach; B.A. in Journalism-Public Relations; F Club; Flambeau Sports Editor; Volleyball Team. • JEANETTE COULLIETTE— Greenwood; B.S. in Education; A.C.E. • JAMES LAWRENCE COX— Jacksonville; B.S. in Education; Delta Tau Delta; President Social Work Club; Seminole Flying Club; Social Work Club; Education Club. • JEANNETTE COX— Fernan- dina Beach; B.S. in Education; Glee Club; Junior Counselor; WFSU; A.C.E.; Light Opera Guild production, " Sweethearts; " Secretary of Student Guild of Organists; Intramural Sports. FOR GRADUATION, HONEY, A TWO-CARAT WILL BE OKAY. Creel Crum Cutler CuUer Dailey Dalfon Dalrymple Davis, C. Davis, K. Davis, S. Davis, W. Dawson Day Deal Deese de Launay Demetree Denson Denton Dickerson Dickson Didier Dolan Dorsey, A. Dorsey, R. Douglas Dowdy Drake Ducker Dunn SENIORS FIRST ROW: • CECIL MORRIS CREEL Pensacola; B.S. in Business; Pi Kappa Phi. • PATRICIA SWEARINGER CRUM— Weirsdale; A.B. in Zo- ology; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Secretary, Women ' s Recreation Association; Vice- President, University Recreation Association; Junior Counselor (for transfers); F Club. • WILLIAM H. CUTLER Sarasota; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. • JOHN J. CUTRER—Perry; B.S. in Business. • JAMES T. DAILEY — Ripley, Tennessee; B.S. in Business in Insurance and Real Estate; Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer 1950-52, President 1952-53; Insurance and Real Estate Club; Vice President 1952. SECOND ROW: • ANNE ELIZABETH D ALTON Tallahassee; B.S. in Education; Sigma Kappa; Freshman Flunkies; Tally-Ho Staff (feature section); Sigma Kappa, rush chairman 1951-52, secretary 1952-53. • WILLIAM LARIMER DALRYMPLE— Bradenton; B.S. in Education; Phi Mu Alpha, Treasurer; Light Opera Guild; University Singers; Collegians; Choral Union. • CONSTANCE E. DAVIS— Arcadia; B.M.E. in Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; University Band; University Symphony; State Symphony. • KATHRYN DAVIS— Pensacola; B.S. in Social Welfare; Delta Zeta. • SARA MARGARET DAVIS— Quincy; A.B. in Speech; Chi Omega; Who ' s Who; Zeta Phi Eta, presi- dent; Les Jongleurs, Vice-President and Secretary; Sophomore Coun- cil; Garnet Key; Mortar Board, Historian; Baptist Student Union; Social Vice-president and Director of Baptist Players; Chi Omega, Vice-President and Treasurer; Speech Department Productions; Intra- mural Debating (first place); FSU ' s Delegate to Zeta Phi Eta ' s National Convention; Dramatic Productions over WFSU. THIRD ROW: • WILLIAM GUY DAVIS, JR.— DeFuniak Springs; B.A. in Political Science; Classical Club, President; Walton Country Club; Varsity Debate Squad. • LYNNE DAWSON Pensacola; B.A. in Inter- American Studies; Sigma Delta Pi. • NANCY LEE DAY— Miami Beach; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. • ANNIE MERLE DEAL— Talla- hassee; B.S. in Education; Alpha Xi Delta; University Singers; Home Economics Club; Freshman Flunkies; Warpath Club. • NEIL DEESE Chipley; B.S. in Health Education; A. A. Health, Physical Education and Recreation; Health Education Club. Chefs prepare banquet or politician ' s week-end Sophomore Queen, Ann Yates, and King, Don Van Hise. in all their glory FOURTH ROW: • ROSEMARIE JEANNE DE LAUNAY— Fort Myers; B.A. In Arts and Sciences; Delta Gamma; Social Chairman of Los Picaros; Canterbury Club; Choral Union; Tally-Ho Junior Staff. • JULIETTE M. DEMETREE Tallahassee; B.S. in Social Welfare. • JOHN F. ' DENSON — Harvey, Illinois; B.S. IN Business. • FLORENCE DENTON— Frostproof; B.S. in Education. • JACKIE DICKERSON — Miami; A.B. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta; Kappa Delta Pi. FIFTH ROW: • BILLIE JANE DICKSON Chipley; A.B. in Arts and Sciences; Circus. • NORBERT G. DIDIER Tampa; B.S., Business Adminis- tration; Phi Kappa Tau; Arnold Air Society; Cavaliers; WFSU; Circus, Dramatics; Sandspur. • WARREN PHILIP DOLAN-- Pan- ama City; B.S. in Marketing; Alpha Kappa Pi; Arnold Air Society. • ELIZABETH A. DORSE Y— Havana; B.M.E. in Music. • RUSSEL ALFRED DORSEY— Tallahassee; B.S. in Geology; Pi Kappa Phi; Geology Club. SIXTH ROW: • DOROTHY ELIZABETH DOUGLAS Wildwood; B.S. In Home Eco- nomics Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Sophomore Council; Freshman and Junior Winner of Danforth Fellowship; Gamma Phi Beta Presi- dent; Home Economics Club; Senior Representative to Women ' s Judiciary; Wesley Foundation; Women ' s Glee Club; President State Home Economics College Clubs. • LEONA AZILENE DOWDY— High Springs; B.S. in Food and Nutrition; Junior Counselor; Senior Hall Council; Baptist Student Union. • BOBBY B. DRAKE— Tallahassee; B.S. in Accounting; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; U.G.A. Senate; Arnold Air Society; Who ' s Who. • ROBERT L. DUCKER— Hollywood; B.S. in Speech; Sigma Chi; Pi Kappa Delta (Forensics); Canterbury Club; UGA Cabinet; Homecoming Committee; MC of Freshman Convoca- tion; WFSU; Alpha Phi Omega; Sigma Chi, President; FSU Speaker ' s Bureau; Intercollegiate Forensics; Speech Department Production, " You Can ' t Take It With You; " Choral Union; Gold Key; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Garnet-Gold Key. • WILLIAM D. DUNN— Tampa; B.A. in Journalism; Alpha Tau Omega; Gold Key; Delta Sigma Pi; Who ' s Who; Florida Flambeau, Editor; Smoke Signals; Make-up Editor; Florida Intercollegiate Press Associ- ation; Warpath Club; Newman Club; Bit and Spur, President; Student Life Committee; Homecoming Committee. WHAT? BED CHECK AGAIN? WHO S ON THE LOOSE? Dunn-Rankin, N. Dunn-Rankin, P. Dye Elder Edmunds Edwards, C. Edwards, E. Ellis, S. M. Ellis, J. Engel England, B. England, E. Enyeart Erickson Etchison Etheridge Eubanks Faircloth, F. Faircloth, L. Feier Finney Fish Folds Fogle Fort Fowler Frank Freiwald Friend Frohock SENIORS FIRST ROW: • NANCY S. DUNN-RANKIN— Winter Park; A.B. in Education; Circus. • PETER DUNN-RANKIN— Winter Park; B.S. in Education; Varsity Swimming, Co-Captain; Flambeau writer; Smoke Signals contributor; Men ' s F Club; Gold Key; Tarpon Show and Honorary Member; Westminster Fellowship; Circus; Talaria Staff Editor. • JIMMY LOUIS DYE— Tallahassee; B.S. in Public Administration; Theta Chi; Alpha Phi Omega; Vice President of Men ' s Affairs. • MARY ALICE ELDER— Port St. Joe; A.B. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi Education Honorary; Westminster Fellowship. • MARIAN EDMUNDS— Daytona Beach; B.S. in Child Development; Zeta Tau Alpha; House President Zeta Tau Alpha and Secretary. Homecoming picnic at (lamp Flastacoivo SECOND ROW: • CAROLINE EDWARDS— Quincy; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. • ETHEL MAE EDWARDS— Quincy; A.B. in Arts and Sciences; Chi Omega. • SARA MARY ELLIS— St. Petersburg; B.S. in Physical Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Women ' s F Club; Physical Education; Associate Secretary of A.A.H.P.E.R.; President, Vice President of Women ' s Section of U.R.A.; Junior Counselor. • JUDITH ANNE ELLIS — Orlando; B.S. in Education; Pi Beta Phi; Smoke Signals Cover Girl; Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart; Tarpon; Village Vamps, President; Off Campus Court. • DOROTHY LYDIA ENGEL— Homestead; B.S. in Education; University Singers; Junior Counselor. THIRD ROW: • BETTY ENGLAND Pensacola; B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Zeta; Choral Union; Number Nine Club. • EMMA HELEN ENGLAND — Pensacola; B.S. in Elementary Education; Geography Club; A.C.E. • JAMES FRANK ENYEART St. Petersburg; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. • NANCY LEA ERICKSON Fort Lauder- dale; B.S. in Speech Correction; Alpha Xi Delta (historian); Zeta Phi Eta, Vice President. • JAYNE ANN ETCHISON -Orlando; B.S. in Clothing and Textiles, Retailing; Gamma Phi Beta; Junior Counselor; Corresponding Secretary, Gamma Phi Beta; Home Eco- nomics Club; Freshman Flunkies. Homecoming Queen and her Court on parade FOURTH ROW: • JOAN ETHERIDGE— Jacksonville; B.S. in Journalism; Marching Band; Tally-Ho; Circus Band; Riding Club; Flambeau Business Manager; BSU; FIPA, Editor; Advertising Club. • MARTHA ARDEN EUBANKS— Vero Beach; B.S., Psycholgy; Gamma Phi Beta; Justice and Chairman of Traffic Court; WFSU worker; WFSU Council worker; Freshman Flunkies. • LAVANIA F. FAIRCLOTH Bristol; B.S. in Education. • MARCIA L. FAIRCLOTH— Bristol; B.S. in Education. • ROBERTA EDNA FEIER Melbourne; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Vestry Canterbury Club; A.C.E. FIFTH ROW: • PATRICIA L. FINNEY Fort Lauderdale; B.M.E. in Music Educa- tion. • LLOYD ARNOLD FISH Miami; B.M.E. in Education; Phi Mu Alpha; Hillel Club; F.S.U. Symphony Orchestra; President, Marching Chiefs; Sandspur Orchestra; Roberta Orchestra. • MILTON W. FOLDS— Haines City; B.S. in Public Administration. • FLOYD M. FOGLE— Panama City; B.S. in Business; President of Sigma Nu. • BETTY JO FORT- -Lake Butler; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. SIXTH ROW: • BOBBIE J. FOWLER— Bartow; B.S. in Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sophomore Senator. • SAM H. FRANK — Bradenton; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. • J. LEO FREIWALD West Palm Beach; A.B. in Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • NANCY M. FRIEND— Tampa; B.S. in Business Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Cotillion; FBLA; University Singers; Tally-Ho Associate Editor. • LILLIAN E. FROHOCK — Greenville; B.S. in Home Economics. ' A CIGARETTE, SWEET MUSIC, AND YOU " — THE AMBER HOME. Gaskin Gates Geiger George, R. J. George, R. T Gibson Glass, D. L. Glass, J. Glass, M. J. Goldman Goode Gossman Grant Grage Gray, C. Gray. J. Green Greene Gregory Greiner Griiiin Groot Grubb Hainlin Hall, C SKNIOUS FIRST ROW: • JOSEPH M. FROSIO Warrington; B.S. in Education. • BAR- BARA ANN FRYER Jacksonville; B.S. in Education. • CHARLES NELSON FUTCH— Marianna; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Geolgy Club • MARY FAY GALLOWAY— Ponce de Leon; B.A. in Educa- tion. • JAYNE P. GARDNER— St. Augustine; B.S. in Speech; Les Jongleurs; second place Oral Interpretation, State Tournament; Flambeau. SECOND ROW: • BETTY ANN GASKIN— Wewahitchka; B.S. in Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Delta Tau Delta Queen; BSU. • PATSY GATES— Miami; B.S. in Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa, Cotillion; Cheerleader, Co-captain and Head Cheerleader; Circus. • ELAINE GEIGER — Tallahassee; B.S. in Education; Sigma Kappa; Circus. • RALPH J. GEORGE Panama City; B.S. in Accounting. • ROGER T. GEORGE — Panama City; B.S. in Business. Picnic at Flastacowo . . . alums meet to eat THIRD ROW: • BETTY BROWN GIBSON— Tallahassee; B.S. in Journalism; Gamma Phi Beta. • DEWEY LEE GLASS Chipley-Panama City; B.A. in Library Science; S.O.L.T.A.S.; B.S.U. • JACQUELYN GLASS — Apalachicola; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta. • MARGARET J. GLASS— St. Cloud; B.S. in Education. • STAN- TON H. GOLDMAN— West Palm Beach; A.B. in Business Education; F.B.L.A.; Palm Beach Country Club; Flambeau; Hillel. in Business Educa- of America; Fresh- and Secretary. • FOURTH ROW: • MARTHA ANNE GOODE Tallahassee; B.S. tion; Alpha Delta Pi; Future Business Leaders man Flunkies; Alpha Delta Pi, Treasurer FRANCES MARION GOSSMAN— Goulds; B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion; Tally-Ho Staff; Association of Childhood Education. • SALLIE JEANETTE GRANT— Orlando; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Freshman Flunkies; F.T.A.; Choral Union; F Club; Junior Counselor; Confederacy; B.S.U. ;Judiciary. • WALTER A. GRAGE— Atlantic Beach; B.S. in Education. • CAROL GRAY— Orlando; B.S. in Business; Phi Mu, Rush Chairman and President; FBLA; Radio Station Office Manager and Secretary; Elections Committee; B.S.U.; Tally-Ho Staff. ISot a care in the ivorld FIFTH ROW: • JOHN W. GRAY— Pensacola; B.S. in Pubhc Administration; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; President Rifle and Pistol Club. • ELEANOR EDNA GREEN -Jacksonville; B.S. in Education; Kappa Delta; Sophomore Council; Garnet Key Corresponding Secretary; Freshman Flunkies; Village Vamps; Junior Class Officer; Kappa Delta, Social Chairman and President. • LURLINE GREENE— Stuart; B.S. in Educatoin; Association of Childhood Education. • JOAN GREGORY- Miami; B.S. in Business; Newman Club. • VIRGINIA KAY GREINER— Dundee; B.S. in Education; Vice Presi- dent of North Cawthon. SIXTH ROW: • ETHEL WARREN GRIFFIN -Branford; B.S. in Social Welfare; Social Work Club; Junior Counselor. • JOLINE BELCHER GROOT — Jacksonville; A.B. in Arts and Sciences; Kappa Delta; Sophomore Council; Freshman Flunkies; Circus; Chairman of Judiciary; Summer Recreation Program Committee. • JO-ANN GRUBB— Mt. Pleasant; A.B. in Math Education; Sigma Kappa; Cotillion; Freshman Flunkies; Corresponding Secretary and House Chairman of Sigma Kappa; Wesley Foundation; Off-Campus Court; Warpath Club. • DAVID H. HAINLIN— Miami; B.S. in Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon, His- torian and Guard; Judiciary; Industrial Arts Club, Secretary; Ruge Hall. • CAROL ROBERTSON HALL— Tampa; B.S. in Education; Newman Club. SEMINOLE WEATHER REPORT— THAT SAME OLE MISTY RAIN, UGH! V Hall, M. A. Hall, M. J. Hollon Hamrick Hanks Hanley Harding Hardy Harper Hartwell Hannahs Harris, J. Harris, M. Harrison, D. Harrison, K. Harvey Haskins Hassett Haynes Huynie Henry Heitzmen Henderson Hendry, B. C. Hendry, S. Henrikson Hinson Hess Hill, E. Hill, M. SISNIOKS FIRST ROW: • MARTHA ANN HALL -Palm Beach; B.S. in Business Admin- istration; Delta Gamma; President of Delta Gamma; Scullions; Newman Club; Flambeau. • MARY JO HALL Bartow; B.A. in Elementary Education; Flambeau; Freshman Flunkies. • EDNA OLIVER HOLTON— St. Augustine; B.S. in Business; Kappa Alpha Theta; Cotillion. • GAY HAMRICK— Tallahassee; A.B. in Library Science; Delta Gamma; Women ' s Glee Club. • RALPH W. HANKS — Pensacola; B.S. in Business; Sigma Nu; Arnold Air Fraternity; Pi Alpha Sigma; Treasurer of Sigma Nu; Insurance and Real Estate Club; Pow Wow; Nine Club; Florida Young Democrats Club. Hello, Mr, President SECOND ROW: • JOHN WILLIAM HANLEY— Terre Haute, Indiana; B.S., Educa- tion; Lombda Chi Alpha; Newman Club; A.C.E. _ KATHERINE DEAN HARDING— Orlando; A.B. in History and Social Studies; Alpha Omicron Pi; Phi Alpha Theta, National History Honorary; Methodist Student Union; Student Government; Transfer from Duke University. • JAMES HARDY— Newman, Georgia; B.S. in Market- ing; Kappa Sigma; F.S.U. Chapter of American Guild of Organists. • WARREN E. HARPER— Pensacola; B.S. in Public Administration; Pi Kappa Phi; Member of American Society for Public Administra- tion. • CHARLOTTE HARTWELL— Fort Lauderdale; B.S. in Edu- cation; Kappa Delta; F.T.A.; Tarpon; Freshman Flunkies. THIRD ROW: ' • ELAINE HANNAHS— Miami; B.S. in Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Junior Counselor. • JIM HARRIS— Apopka; B.M.E. in Music; Pi Kappa Lambda; Gold Key; Who ' s Who; President of Students of School of Music; Westminster Fellowship; M.E.N. C. Student Chap- ter; Light Opera Guild; University Singers; Collegians; Sandspur; Homecoming Pow Wow Committee. • MARILYN ELLA HARRIS — Vero Beach; B.S. in Education; Council, Westminster Fellowship; Women ' s Glee Club; Junior Counselor; American Guild of Organists. • DOTTIE BRIDGES HARRISON— Lake Wales; B.S. in Education; Gamma Phi Beta, Scholarship Chairman; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Freshman Flunkies; Wesley Foundation; Sophomore class Treasurer; Debating; Speech Production, " Craig ' s Wife. " • KENNETH W. HARRISON— DeFuniak Springs; B.S. in Education; Baptist Student Union; Circle K Club. Do YOU think the Lone Ranger will get his man? FOURTH ROW: • HARRIS G. HARVEY— Port St. Joe; A.B. in Arts and Sciences. • MARYZELL HASKINS Havana; B.S. in Education. • JOAN D. HASSETT— Fort Myers; B.S. in Home Economics. • VALERIE HAYNES St. Petersburg; B.S. in Drama; Zeta Phi Eta; Les Jon- gleurs; Sophomore Council; WFSU; Sandspur. • BEULAH (Boots) HAYNIE — Clearwater; B.S. in Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Smoke Signals Editor. FIFTH ROW: • BARBARA LEE HENRY— Miami; A.B., Arts and Sciences; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Flambeau, Managing Editor; Co-chairman of U.G.A.; Organization Committee; Social Chairman of Magnolia Hall; Junior Counselor; Odd Softball and Bowling Team. • ANDREW JAMES HEITZMAN, JR.- Pitts- burgh, Pennsylvania; B.S. in Psychology. • CAROL VERNELLE HENDERSONN Jacksonville; B.A. in Education; Phi Mu; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Vice-President South Cawthon; Odd Bowling Team; Secretary-Treasurer; Disciple Student Fellowship; Future Business Leaders of America; Summer Recreation Committee; Campus Chest Committee; Social Committee. • BETTY CALLI- COTT HENDRY— Perry; B.S. in Education; Delta Zeta; F.T.A.; B.S.U.; Choral Union. • SIDNEY H. HENDRY— Perry; B.S. in Physical Education; Delta Tau Delta. SIXTH ROW: • GLORIA L. HENRIKSEN— Apalachicola; B.S. in Psycholgy. • ELIZABETH WHISENAN HENSON— Palmetto; B.S. in Education. • WILLIAM D. HESS— St. Petersburg; B.S. in Business; Kappa Alpha. • ELIZABETH PENRY HILL— Orlando; B.A. in Political Science; Pi Beta Phi, President; Judiciary; Sphomore Council; Freshman Flunkies, President; Canterbury Club. • MARILYN JEAN HILL— St. Petersburg; B.S. in Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Kappa Delta Pi; A.C.E. ; Parliamentarian of Junior Class. WHAT DID YOU DO TO SUPPORT THE CAMPUS CHEST? Hoadley Holland Holler Holloway Hopkins Home Hough Houle Houston Hudson Ingram Irvine Italiano Jaicks James Janson Jenkins Jewell Jiretz Johnson, D. Johnston Jones, E. Jones, N. Jones, R. G. Jones, R. Jones Kabeary Kagamaster Kamm Keen SENIORS FIRST ROW: • MARGARET LINDA HOADLEY— Dunedin; A.B. in Elementary Education; Bi Y Cabinet; University Singers; Classical Club; Wesley Players; U.G.A. Budget Committee; F.T.A.; Choraleers; Wesley Foundation. • BETTY JEAN HOLLAND -Pensacola; B.S. in Phys- ical Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Women ' s F Club, Secretary; Physical Education Association; A.A.H.P.E.R.; Odd Sports; Univer- sity Recreation Association, Press; Chairman of Student Movie Com- mittee; Homecoming Decorations Committee. • GEORGE B. HOLLER — Rochester, Pennsylvania; B.S. in Art Education; Pi Kappa Phi. • WILLIAM VICTOR HOLLOWAY— Pensacola; B.S. in Business Management; Sigma Nu. • GWENDOLYN JEAN HOPKINS— Miami; B.A. in Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; F.T.A.; A.C.E.; Elections Committee of U.G.A. Read any good hooks lately? SECOND ROW: • RUFUS HORNE Pelham, Georgia; B.S. in Business; Alpha Kappa Psi; J.H.M.A.; Scullions Club; Insurance and Real Estate; American Legion; V.F.W. • JOAN HOUGH Fort Myers; B.S. in Social Welfare; Phi Mu; Social Work Club; Choral Union; Tally-Ho Stephens College. • JEAN M. HOULE Day- Elementary Education. • ARNOLD HOUSTON Arts and Sciences. • ROBERT E. HUDSON— in Business; Disciples Student Fellwship, Presi- Dormitory Officer. Staff; Transfer from tona Beach; B.S. in — Leesburg; B.S. in — Haines City; B.S. dent; Swim Team; A backstage peek at ' ' ' Sweethearts " THIRD ROW: • EMILY JANE INGRAM— Avon Park; A.B. in Arts and Sciences. • ANNIE CLAIRE IRVINE- -Orlando; B.A. in Journalism; Delta Zeta: President of Christian Science Organization. • NELSON A. IT ALIANO— Tampa; B.S. in Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • DONALD WEST JAICKS Tallahassee; B.S. in Business. • EDWARD M. JAMES— Hialeah; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. FOURTH ROW: • DORYAND J ANSON— Tallahassee; B.A. in Fine Arts; Art Club. • BETTY JO JENKINS Clermont; B.S. in Education. • JOAN CLARA JEWETT — Savannah, Georgia; B.S. in Home Economics; Sigma Kappa; Omicron Nu; Home Economics Club. • DOROTHY ANN JIRETZ— Tampa; B.S. in Clothing and Textiles RetaiHng; Gamma Phi Beta; F Club; Tarpon; Junior Counselor; Marching Chiefs and Symphonic Band. • DAGMAR DOLORES JOHNSON - Lakeland; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Junior Counselor; Home Economics Club Council; Sandspur; Westminster Fellowship; Bi Y. FIFTH ROW: • JOSEPHINE JOHNSTON Fort Lauderdale; B.S. in Home Eco- nomics Education; Home Economics Club. • ERNEST A. JONES — Tallahassee; B.M.E. in Music. • NANCY LENORE JONES -Dun- edin; B.S. in Home Economics. • RAY G. JONES, JR. Dalton, Georgia; B.S. in Business Management; Phi Kappa Tau; Arnold Air Society; President of Phi Kappa Tau; Chairman of I.F.C. Tri- bunal. • ROBERT G. JONES— Chattahoochee; B.S. in Education. SIXTH ROW: • RUBY C. JONES— Tallahassee; B.S. in Educalion. • BETTE LU KABEARY— St. Petersburg; B.S. in Education; Phi Mu; Pi Lambda Pi, Vice President; Cotillion; Odd Dance Team; F.B.L.A., President; Newman Club. • G. S. " Stan " KAGAMASTER -St. Petersburg; B.S. in Mathematics; Math Club. • MARYLOU KAMM— Jackson- ville; B.A. in Physiolgy; Alpha Xi Delta; Freshman Flunkies; Riding Club; Tally-Ho; S.C.A.; Gamma Delta; Y.W.C.A.; Forum ' s Commit- tee. • MARY LESLIE KEEN— Tallahassee; B.A. in English; Chi Omega; Literary Editor of Smoke Signals; U.G.A. Election Commit- tee; Campus Chest Committee; Pledge Trainer of Chi Omega. THE DEAN OF MEN AND DEAN OF WOMEN ARE GOING TO STOP NECKING ON CAMPUS. Keirstead . . Keller, A. Keller, J. Kennedy, F. Kennedy, S. Kerr Ketchum King Kinsaul Kirby Krasemann Kucera Lambert Lamb, D. Lamb, W. Lancaster Landahl Landry La Plante Lapp Larkin Lattner Luttrell Lavender Lawler Leander Lee Leonard Le Roy Lester SENIORS FIRST ROW: • ROSEMARY JUNE KEIRSTE AD— Tampa; B.A. in Public Admin- istration; Sigma Kappa; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Can- terbury Club; Freshman Flunkies; Off Campus Court; Sigma Kappa Historian; House Chairman; Tally-Ho Junior Staff Feature Editor; Parliamentarian of Senior Class; American Society of Public Admin- istration; Chairman of arrangments IF Week. • AUDREY KELLER —Tampa; B.S. in Social Welfare. • JEAN KELLER— Foley; A.B. in Education; Los Picaros; Future Teachers of America; Disciples Student Fellowship, Vice President. • FAUSTELLE KENNEDY— Orlando; B.S. in Education; Freshman Flunkies; Pi Beta Phi; Fresh- man Cheerleader; Sandspur; Village Vamps; A.C.E. • SALLY KENNEDY— Pensacola; B.S. in Education; Pi Beta Phi; Sophomore Hop Court; Vice President of Broward Hall; Gator Bowl Attendant; Homecoming Queen; Sweetheart of Basketball Team; Village Vamps; A.C.E. ; Elections Committee; Member of " Flying High " (Circus). Think tikis ivill ever take the place oj music? SECOND ROW: • FRANKLIN VERN KERR— Tampa; B.S. in Business; Alpha Kappa Upsilon; Men ' e Glee Club. • ADRIAN KETCH AM— Tallahassee; B.M.E. in Choral Music; Phi Mu Alpha, President; German Club; University Singers. • MARY ANN KING— Tallahassee; B.S. in Education. • JOHNNY M. KINS AUL— Okeechobee; B.S. in Educa- tion; Delta Tau Delta, President. • JAMES MITCHELL KIRBY— Tallahassee; B.A. in Arts and Sciences; Lutheran Students League; Gamma Delta; Art Club; University Chorus; Men ' s Glee Club; Social Standards Committee. THIRD ROW: • MARGARET F. KRASEMANN Tallahassee; A.B. in Modern Lan- guages; Senator; Secretary of Foreign Students Club; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Westminster Fellowship; Sophomore Hop Queen; S.C.A.; Garnet Key; Chairman of Campus Chest; Los Picaros. • EDWARD KUCERA St. Louis, Missouri; B.S. in Com- merce; Track F; Gamma Delta, President; Male Chorus; Choral Union; WFSU announcer; Monitor Men ' s Residence; Epiphany Lutheran Choir. • BEATRICE (Skipper) LAMBERT St. Petersburg; B.S., Speech; Les Jongleurs; WFSU; Newman Club. • D WIGHT W. LAMBE, JR.— Fort Myers; B.S. in Bacteriology; Pi Kappa Phi, Secretary. • WILLIAM CARROLL LAMB Madison; B.S. in Business. A Military Ball Queen, Carolyn Calhoun FOURTH ROW: • CELIA B. LANCASTER— Miami; A.B. in Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Junior Counselor. • ELIZABETH ANN LANDAHL Miami; B.S. in Education; Dormitories Vice-President. • JAMES R. LANDRY — Tallahassee; B.S. in Arts and Sciences; Lambda Chi Alpha. • LEAH LaPLANTE— Miami; B.A. in Speech; Junior Council; Sopho- more Council; Les Jongleurs, Secretary; Zeta Phi Eta; Garnet Key; Mortified; Classics Club; Seminole Broadcasting Association and T.B.S.; Copy Editor, WFSU; Member Varsity Debate Squad. • RICHARD A. LAPP — Edgewater; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. FIFTH ROW: • DONALD R. LARKIN— West Palm Beach; A.B. in Chemistry; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • JOHN W. LATT- NER — Fort Pierce; B.S. in Business; Kappa Sigma, President; Arnold Air Society, Adj. Recorder. • LLOYD M. LUTTRELL Tallahassee; B.S. in Social Welfare. • SHIRLEY LAVENDER Bradenton; B.S. in Secretarial Science; Kappa Delta; U.G.A. • HELEN MAY LAWLER — Tallahassee; B.A. in Zoology-Modern Languages; Gamma Phi Beta; Debate. SIXTH ROW: • KAY LEANDER— Miami; B.A. in Arts and Sciences. • FLOR- ENCE ELIZABETH LEE— Clearwater; B.S. in Education; A.C.E.; Choral Union; Smoke Signals; Canterbury Club. • KEY LEONARD— Mil- ton; B.S. in Business; Alpha Kappa Psi; Male Chorus. • JOANNE LeROY— Jacksonville; A.B. in Arts and Sciences; Varsity Debate Squad; Discussion Group; Intramural Speech Contests; Baptist Stu- dent Union; Odd Volleyball Team. • PATSY LESTER— Jackson- ville; B.A. in English; Alpha Chi Omega. BOSTON POPS REALLY GOT HOT ON BEETHOVEN ' S " FIFTH Letton Lewis Lindsey Lintz Lippke Littleton Lloyd. D. Lloyd, J. Lockhard Lockmiller Logan Long Lu Cree Lynch Mandese Manning Mantzanas Maples Marshall Marini Martin Mauchline Mauk, A. Mauk, C. May Mayhe ' w Maynard McCall McConnell McCorkle SENIORS FIRST ROW: • RHODA LETTON Tampa; B.A. in Arts and Sciences; Junior Counselor; Wesley Foundation. • JOYCE BARROW LEWIS -Talla- hassee; B.S. in Education. • ADELAIDE LINDSEY — Panama City; B.S. in Education; Phi Mu; Circus; Typist for WFSU; Panhellenic Association; Wesley Foundation; A.C.E. • LESTER CROSBY LINTZ — Pensacola; B.S. in Accounting; Alpha Tau Omega. • BETTY ANN LIPPKE— St. Petersburg; B.S. in Education; F Club; P.E.A.; A.A.H.P.E.R. - SM mgr ■ ■ c A weekend of study at FSV SECOND ROW: • FRANK C. LITTLETON— Leesburg; B.S. in Geolgy; Geology Club. • DALLAS D. LLOYD St. Petersburg; B.A. in History; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Mu Alpha; President, Secretary of Sigma Phi Epsilon; Transfer from Baldwin-Wallace College. • JOHN L. LLOYD Monticello;B.S. in Arts and Sciences. • EDWIN W. LOCKARD— Jacksonville; B.S. in Business; Lambda Chi Alpha; F Club; Newman Club; Tri Chi Social Fraternity. • WAYNE La VERNE LOCKMILLER — West Palm Beach; B.S. in Physical Education; Men ' s Physical Education Club; Transfer from Palm Beach Junior College. THIRD ROW: • WESLEY A. LOGAN West Palm Beach; B.S. in Business; Delta Sigma Psi; Arnold Air Society. • MARILYN YVONNE LONG— Tampa; B.S. in Social Welfare; Alpha Chi Omega; Cotillion Club; Social Work Club; University Glee Club; Young Democrats Club. • MARY ANN LuCREE Miami; B.S. in Clothing and Textiles; Alpha Chi Omega; Home Economics Club; Cotillion. • THOMAS D. LYNCH Tampa; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. • VIOLET CHAR- LOTTE MANDESE Tampa; B.M. in Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Los Picaros; Choral Union. ZT.4 " cadets " contemplate next move in Military Ball Skit FOURTH ROW: • LUCRETIA B. MANNING Florola, Alabama; B.A. in Library Service; Junior Counselor; S.O.L.T.A.S. • EVELYN MANTZANAS —Perry; B.S. in Social Studies. • EUGENE MAPLES Medicine Lodge, Kansas; B.S. in Public Administration; Kappa Alpha. • M. HUGH MARSHALL Niceville; B.S. in Education. • SYLVIA A. MARINI Fort Lauderdale; B.A. in Education; Phi Mu; Student Christian Association; WFSU, Director of Music; North Cawthon, Intramural Manager. FIFTH ROW: • GRADY W. MARTIN— Jacksonville; B.S. in Education; Pi Kappa Alpha. • DANIEL D. MAUCHLINE— Tallahassee; B.S. in Arts and Sciences. • ANN MAUK- Miami; B.S. in Secretarial Science; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Sophomre Council; Junior Counselor. • CHARLOTTE MAUK— Miami; B.S. in Business. • JUNE MAY Malone; B.S. in Psychology. SIXTH ROW: • NANCY MAYHEW -Tarahassee; B.S. in Education; Alpha Gamma Deha. • SALLY ANN MAYNORD— Demopolis, Alabama; B.S. in Education. • ALLEN D. McC ALL— Milton; B.S. in Journal- ism. • RONALD McCONNELL Fort Worth, Texas; B.S. in Baking Science and Management; Rifle Team; F.B.L.A.; Bakers Club; ROTC Drill Team; A.F.R.O.T.C. • JOHN MILTON McCORKLE Ocala; B.S. in Physics; Delta Sigma Phi; Kappa Kappa Psi. PRE-MARITAL INTERDIGITATION IS THE LATEST FAD ON OUR CAMPUS. Nydegger Nye Owsley Pabor Padgett Padgett, R. Page, E. Page. I. Page, P. Palmer Paniello Parker, F. Parker, J. Parker, N. Pate Patrick Patronis Peacock Pearson Peddle Peel Pence Peters Pettit Phelps Philyaw Pichard Pickett Pierce, A. Pierce, B. Pipkin Plemmons Pope, D. Pope, E. Porch SENIORS FIRST ROW: • JEAN NYDEGGER— Orlando; B.S., Public Administration; Pi Beta Phi; Parliamentarian of Freshman Class and Sophomore; Freshman Flunkies; Chairman of Legislative Reference Committee. • RAY- MOND NYE— Miami; B.M., Music. • HARRIET OWSLEY- Pensa- cola; B.S., Business Education; Kappa Delta; Village Vamps; Circus. • ANNE PABOR— Avon Park; B.S., Business Education; Gamma Phi Beta. • RAY PADGETT— West ville; A.B., Modern Languages. SECOND ROW: • RUTHANNE PADGETT— Live Oak; B.S., Home Economics Educa- tion; Alpha Delta Pi; Home Economics Club. • EDNA PAGE - Jacksonville; B.S., Home Economics; Phi Mu;Omicron Nu; Home Eco- nomics Honorary; Home Economics Club; Freshman Flunkies; Honor Committee; Campus Chest Committee, 1950; Junior Counselor. • IVEY JEAN PAGE— Callahan; B.S., Business. • PEGGY PAGE— DeFuniak Springs; B.S., Home Economics Education; Gamma Phi Beta. • ELIZABETH PALMER- Tampa; B.A., English; Alpha Lambda Delta; F Club; Westminster Fellowship. The waltz supreme is full of surprises THIRD ROW: • AMALIA PANIELLO— Attapulgus, Georgia; B.A., Spanish; Secre- tary of Los Picaros; Newman Club. • FRANCES LAURITA PARKER— Maitland; B.S., Home Economics; Tarpons; Home Eco- nomics Club; Association of Early Childhood Education; Gymkana. • JACQUELINE MARSH PARKER— Quincy; B.A., Arts and Sciences; Los Picaros; Geography Club; Rifle Club; Flambeau Reporter; Band. • NANCY VEE PARKER— Arcadia; B.M.E., Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota; University Bands; Woman ' s Glee Club. • JOHN GILLIS PATE, JR. Pensacola; B.S., Business; Delta Tau Delta; Treasurer of Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Cum Laude; F.B.L.A., Treasurer; Treasurer and Reporter of Dorm 297. Place your bid at the faculty auction FOURTH ROW: • KATHRYN E. PATRICK Sneods; A.B., Education; Wesley Foun- dation; Association for Childhood Education; F.T.A.; Junior Coun- selor. • JIMMY THEO PATRONIS Tallahassee; Business Educa- tion; Sigma Nu; Arnold Air Society. • ALICE CAROLYN PEA- COCK — Jacksonville; B.M., Voice; Sigma Alpha Iota; Lead in Sweethearts Production; Girls Glee Club; Roberta; Social Commit- tee of North Cawthon. • DORIS JACQUELINE PEARSON Jackson- ville; B.S., Home Economics; Phi Mu; Home Economics Club; Baptist Student Union Executive Council; Y.W.A.; Freshman Flunkies. • DOROTHY PEDDIE— Apalachicola; B.S., Education; Future Business Leaders of America; Social Committee of Dormitory in 1951-52; Disciple Student Fellowship. FIFTH ROW: • BOBBIE NELL PEEL— Graceville; B.S., Elementary Education. • ROBERT E. PENCE — Shelby ville, Indiana; B.S., Business Education. • PEARLINE PETERS— Stuart; B.S., Education. • JOSEPHINE BOULDIN PETTIT— Haines City; B.A., Education; Delta Delta Delta; Circus; Flambeau; Tally-Ho Staff; Faculty Editor; University Chorus, Band; Choral Union; Student Guild of Organists; Association of Childhood Education. • JO ANNE PHELPS— Tampa; B.S., Food and Nutrition; Alpha Chi Omega; Home Economics Club. SIXTH ROW: • SARAH CEVA PHILYAW— Port St. Joe; B.S., Elementary Educa- tion; Delta Delta Delta; A.C.E.; Choral Union. • BETTY MAE PICK ARD Tallahassee; B.S., Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Cotil- lion; Freshman Flunkies; University Singers. • RONALD EDWARD PICKETT — Daytona Beach; B.S., Restaurant and Hotel Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramural Award; Outstanding Brother Award; Secretary of Scullions. • ALAN FRANKLIN PIERCE— Saranac Lake, New York; B.S., Business; Scullions; Florida Flam- beau; Smoke Signals; WFSU; Sandspur, Dormitory Government. • BETTY ANN PIERCE— Arcadia; B.M.E., Music Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Kappa Lambda; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Alpha Iota; President, Gamma Phi Beta; President, Sigma Alpha Iota; University Singers. SEVENTH ROW: • EDWARD LELAND PIPKIN— Tallahassee; B.S., Arts and Sci- ences; Sigma Nu; Pow Wow, Finance Com.; Bus. Mgr. Smoke Signals. • BOB C. PLEMMONS AsheviUe, North Carolina; B.S., Medical Technology. • DORIS SAWYER POPE— Gary ville; B.S., Elemen- tary Education. • EDITH LYVANNE POPE— Monticello; B.S., Edu- cation. • CHARLES E. PORCH. SR.— Mt. Pleasant; B.S., Arts and Sciences. A CUTE CHIC DECLARES CAMPUSOLOGY MAJOR. MINOR? WHAT ' S THAT? Powell, J. Powell, M. Powers Prati Price Prime Proctor Pulley Quinn Raffo Rahn Ray Reale Rector Reiber Reitter Renninger Reynolds Rice, E. Rice, J. Richards Richardson Risher Roberts Robinson. C. Robinson, J. Robles Roche Rogers Rogero Roquemore - Rose Rourke K Rupp v— Russell SENIORS FIRST ROW: • JAMES LAMAR POWELL— West Palm Beach; B.S., Business; Phi Delta Theta. • MARGARET E. POWELL— Pahokee; B.M.E.,Music Education; University Singers; Women ' s Glee Club; Choral Union; Student Chapter of Music Educators National Conference. • MAR- GARET PATRICIA POWERS— Orlando; B.S., Education; Tarpon; Wes- ley Foundation Council. • JOAN RITA PR ATI— Miami; A.B., Edu- cation. • MARY PRICE— Panama City; A.B., Education; Future Teachers of America; Association of Childhood Education. SECOND ROW: • ROSEMARY PRIME Daytona Beach; B.S., Education; Westmin- ster Fellowship. • JO NELL PROCTOR Miami; B.S., Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi; Treasurer, Alpha Lambda Delta; Secretary, Sophomore Council; President, Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Social Chairman, Sophomore Class; Sophomore Hop Court; Secretary, U.G.A.; Secretary of Organizations in Cabinet; Cotillion, Treasurer and Secretary, Freshman Flunkies; Odd Modern Dance Team; Who ' s Who. • FRANCES C. PULLEY— Pensacola; B.S.,Education. • JOHN HARRELL QUINN— Live Oak; B.S., Arts and Sciences. • JOSEPH U. RAFFO, II— Fernandina Beach; B.A., Physics; Sigma Nu. ft ' m m., ,,jo . m nbim.-20 Heap big smoke doesnt phase Seminoles THIRD ROW: • JOHN E. RAHN— Rock Rapids, Iowa; B.S., Meteorology; Phi Theta Kappa. • SUZANNE ROGERS RAY— Braintree, Massachu- setts; A.B., English; Riding Club; Geography Club. • JENNIE LU REALE — Tampa; B.S., Education; Kappa Delta; Circus; Vice Presi- dent of A.C.E. • EMILY JANE RECTOR— Jacksonville; B.S., Busi- ness Education; Women ' s F Club; Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica; Junior Counselor; Theatre Dance Group. • FRANK MARTIN REIBER— Bradenton; A.B., Arts and Sciences. FOURTH ROW: • WILLIAM J. REITTER— Tallahassee; B.S., Psychology; Sigma Phi Epsilon; I.F.C. • NANCY C. RENNINGER— Miami; B.M.E., Music Education; Editor, Sigma Alpha Iota; M.E.N.C.; Gamma Delta; Freshman Flunkies; Band; Choral Union; Woman ' s Glee Club; Light Opera Guild; Honor Committee. • PAUL McDANIELS REYNOLDS — Ridgewood, New Jersey; B.S., Management;; Newman Club; Fu- ture Business Leaders Association; Real Estate and Insurance Club; 849 ' ers; Intramurals. • EDDIE LEE RICE West Palm Beach; B.S., Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JOANNE RICE— West Palm Beach; B.M.E.. Music Education. Coed gets ready for Tally-Ho picture FIFTH ROW: • LOUISE H. RICHARDS Jacksonville; B.A., Business Education; F.B.L.A.; Canterbury Club. • JIMTON RICHARDSON— Jackson- ville; B.S., Business; Alpha Tau Omega; Basketball Varsity; Univer- sity Singers. • JEAN RISHER— Cocoa; B.S., Education; Mathe- matics Club. • BETTY ANN ROBERTS Tallahassee; B.S., Home and Family Life; Alpha Delta Pi; Home Economics Club; Circus. • GRACE VIRGINIA ROBINSON Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.A., Psy- chology; Chi Omega. SIXTH ROW: • JUSTINE ROBINSON Marco; B.S. Teachers of America; Association MIRIAM " Mickey " ROBLES— Brooklyn guages; Los Picaros. • TANYA Beach; B.S., Arts and Sciences. • Blountstown; B.S., Business. • THOMAS ROGERO— San Mateo; B.S., Education; A. P.O.; Westminster Fellowship. Elementary Education; Future for Childhood Education. • New York; B.A., Modern Lan- KAREN ROCHE Jacksonville IRMA McCLELLAN ROGERS- SEVENTH ROW: • JAMES VAN ROQUEMORE Forsyth, Georgia; B.S., Education; WFSU. • ELIZABETH JEAN ROSE— Clearwater; B.S., Arts and Sci- ences. • JOHN J. ROURKE- St. Petersburg; B.S., Arts and Sciences; Theta Chi. • RUSSELL RUPP— Orlando; B.S., Nursing Education. • FLORINE PATRICIA RUSSELL— Key West; B.S., Elementary and Early Childhood Education; Kappa Delta Pi; President of Future Teachers of America; Association for Childhood Education; Junior Counselor; Confederacy; Social Standards Committee; Wesley Foundation. WHEN INAUGURATION ROLLED AROUND, WHY DIDN ' T THEY PICK ME? Ruth Ryals Ryerson Sadler Saitta Salyers Sapp, £. Sapp, R. Saxon Scardasis Schuchart Schuneman Scott Seidner Sessions Shaeiier Sharp Shaw Shepard Simms Simpson, S. Simpson, V. Sisson Skelton Skipper, B. Skipper, J. Skogstad Smith, B. Smith, B. L. Smith. D. Smith, J. Smith, K. Smith, M. L. Smith, R. Snipes SENIORS FIRST ROW: • BARBARA J. RUTH— Cross City; B.S., Elementary Education. • ROBERT C. RYALS, JR.— San Mateo; Public Administration, Pre-Law; Lambda Chi Alpha; Gold Key; President, Lambda Chi Alpha; Junior Senator; President, Senior Class; Circle K Club. • PHOEBE RYERSON— Tallahassee; B.S., Education; Delta Deha Deha; Kappa Delta Pi; Freshman Flunkies; Arts Education Club; Secretary and President of Panhellenic; Faculty Co-Editor, Tally-Ho. • FRED SADLER— Tallahassee; B.S.,Education. • THOMAS A. SAITTA— Jacksonville; B.S., Economics. SECOND ROW: • J. RAYMOND SALYERS Miami; B.S., Business; Sigma Nu. • EARL ALLEN SAPP— Tallahassee; B.A., Education; Phi Mu Alpha; German Club; University Singers. • ROBERT BRUCE SAPP, JR.— Cottondale; B.S., Business. • SUE V. SAXON— Brooksville; B.S., Psychology; Alpha Xi Delta; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Vice Presi- dent, Senior Class. • NELLIE SCARDASIS— Inverness; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; University Singers. THIRD ROW: • SARAH JANE SCHUCH ART— Tallahassee; B.S., Elementary Edu- cation; Alpha Delta Pi; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi; Westminster Fel- lowship; Freshman Flunkies; A.C.E.; Alpha Delta Pi Social Chair- man. • CARYLE ANNE SCHUNEM AN— Tallahassee; A.B., Arts and Sciences; Zeta Tau Alpha; Westminster Fellowship; Freshman Flunkies. • CHARLINE P. SCOTT— Bonif ay; A.B., Library School. • MARY ANN SEIDNER — Windermere; B.S., Art Education; Gamma Phi Beta, Rush Chairman; Sophomore Council; Freshman Flunkies; Sandspur; Smoke Signals; Rifle Club, 1950; Choral Union; Summer Recreational Committee, 1952. • AUDREA SESSIONS— Tallahassee; B.S., Secretarial Science; Delta Sigma Omega; Baptist Student Union. .Sit ' eel Shop Clan icaits for service Club. • JANE SHEPARD— Mt. Pleasant; B.M.E., Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota; Pi Kappa Lambda; Kappa Delta Pi; Vice Presi- dent of East Landis; Secretary of Senior Hall; Junior Counselor; Treasurer, Senior Class; Election Committee; Choral Union; Women ' s Glee Club; University Singers; Wesley Players; Sandspur; Wesley Foundation; M.E.N.C. • JOAN M. SIMMS— Homestead; B.A., Busi- ness Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; State President, Future Business Leaders of America; Clerk, University Honor Court; Election Com- mittee; Honor Committee; Choral Union; Canterbury Club; Off Campus Court; Freshman Flunkies. FOURTH ROW: • JOHN SHAEFFER— Tampa; B.S., Business; Theta Chi; Insurance and Real Estate Club; L,Apache. • JOHN DOUGLAS SHARP— Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; B.S., Mathematics; Captain, 1952 Gym- nastic Team; N.C.A.A.; Champion on Flying Rings; Gymnastic Letterman, 1951, 1952. • PATRICIA E. SHAW— Miami; B.A., Inter- American Studies; University Singers; Choral Union; Women ' s Glee ' Inevitable end " ' had to be first place in Homecoming Decorations FIFTH ROW: • SAMMY L. SIMPSON— Tallahassee; B.S., Heahh Education; F.T.A.; Health Education Club, President; Florida Education Associ- ation. • VIOLA VIRGINIA SIMPSON DeLand; B.S., Education and Recreation; Woman ' s F Club; Tarpon; Recreation Club. • PATRICIA ANNE SISSON— Tampa; B. S., Elementary Education; Chi Omega; Village Vamps; A.C.E.; Freshman Flunkies. • BENSON SKELTON — Tallahassee; B.S., Commerce; Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi. • WILLIAM M. SKIPPER, JR.— Lakeland; B.S., Business; Theta Chi, President; U.G.A. Cabinet; Tally-Ho Business Manager; Episco- pal Students Vice President; Gold Key, Vice President; U.G.A., Senate; Junior-Senior Prom Court; Sophomore Hop King; Honor Committee. SIXTH ROW: • JACQUELINE SKIPPER— Pensacola and Sebring; B.S., Education; F.E.A.; Association for Childhood Education. • KATHERINE CLARKE SKOGSTAD — Coral Gables; B.A., Speech; Phi Mu; Sophomore Coun- cil; Zeta Phi Eta; Garnet Key; Tau Kappa Alpha; Mortar Board, Vice President; Senior Class Marshall; First Place, Public Speaking Contest, 1951; Junior Counselor; Varsity Debate Squad. • BONNIE LOU SMITH— Columbia, South Carolina; B.S., Textiles; Chi Omega; Sophomore Council, President; Home Economics Club; Vice President, Village; Junior Counselor; Honor Committee; Campus Chest. • WILLIAM BURTON SMITH Pensacola; B.S., Business. • DORO- THY JEAN SMITH— Pensacola; B.S., Early Childhood and Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; B.S.U.; A.C.E. SEVENTH ROW: • JAMES K. SMITH— Jacksonville; B.S., Business; Delta Sigma Pi, President; Senior Representative, Honor Court. • KENNETH W. SMITH— Tulsa, Oklahoma; B.S., Mathematics. • MARIE LYDIA SMITH — Miami; B.S., Elementary Education; Kappa Deha Pi; Fresh- man Flunkies; A.C.E. ; Junior Counselor; Archery, Odd-Even, 1951. • ROSAMAY SMITH— Haines City; B.S., Education; Vice President, Alpha Omicron Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Cotillion Club; Choral Union; University Chorus; Future Teachers of America. • SONYA SNIPES— Malone; B.S., Busines Education. NEW PUBLICATION ARRIVES ON CAMPUS, THE SHOPPER ' S GUIDE. Soraparu Sorenson Spears, E. Spears, M. Speed Spencer Spitzer Sfaley Starbird Starbuck Stein Italiano Strand Stephens, H. Stephens, N. Stewart Stokes Straub Strickland, A. Strickland, E. Sullivan Summerland Summers Sutton Sved Swann Tappan Tate Taylor, D. Taylor, H. Taylor, I. Taylor, M. Teagle Teel Temple E i I O R S FIRST ROW: • PAUL I. SORAPARU— Chicago, Illinois; B.S.,Business; Beta Theta Pi; Gold Key; Sigma Delta Psi; Alpha Phi Omega; Social Chairman, Senior Class; President, Baker ' s Club; Dean ' s List; Business Man- ager, Sandspur; University Government; Varsity Track Letterman; Seminole Flyers Club, Secretary; Lettermen ' s Club; Newman Club; Freshman Football; Sports Reporter. • DAVID C. SORENSEN— Uniontown, Pennsylvania; B.S., Business; Newman Club; Transfer, Monmouth College and Waynesburg College; Football Team. • ETTA VIRGINIA SPEARS Leesburg; B.S., Business Education; F.B.L.A.; Junior Counselor. • MARY VIRGINIA SPEARS Bonif ay; B.S., Education. • MARY HELEN SPEED Jacksonville; B.S., Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Omicron Nu; Omicron Nu Scholarship Cup; Garnet Key; Sophomore Council; Mortar Board; Junior Council; Sophomore and Junior Senator, Pro- tem Women ' s Senate. SECOND ROW: • GRACE ANICE SPENCER Jacksonville; B.S., Elementarv Educa- tion; Phi Mu; Mortar Board, Secretary; Garnet Key, Social Chair- man; Sophomore Council; Village Vamps, Vice President; Phi Mu, Pledge Trainer; Head Majorette; Junior Counselor; Senior Senator; A.C.E. President; Theater Dance Group; Odd Dance Team; U.G.A. Organizations Committee; Freshman Flunkies. • JUDY ARANKA GOTTFRIED SPITZER— Budapest, Hungary; B.A., Chemistry. • MARTHA PARSON ST ALE Y Tarpon Springs; B.S., Arts and Sci- ences. • DOROTHY ANN STARBIRD—Palatka; B.S., Arts and Sci- ences. • FRANK ST ARBUCK Jacksonville; B.M.E., Music Education. THIRD ROW: • TERESA ELLEN STEIN— Miami; A.B., Arts and Sciences; Sigma Kappa. • TED STEINMEYER— Tallahassee; B.S., Business; Sigma Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; President, Gold Key; President, Sigma Chi; President, Sophomore Class; Vice President, Men ' s Affairs; Alpha Kappa Psi; Vice President, Insurance and Real Estate Club; Who ' s Who; Circle " K; " Alpha Phi Omega; Arnold Air Society. • SARAH BARRINEDU STRAND— Pensacola; B.S., Education; Junior Counselor; Kappa Delta Pi; Methodist Student Movement; Choral Union; Transfer, Birmingham Southern College; Vice President, Y.W.C.A. • HIRAM AUBREY STEPHENS, JR.— Ponce de Leon; A.B., Arts and Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • NATHOLYN A. STEPHENS— Winter Garden; B.S., Education; Delta Zeta. FOURTH ROW: • GARY JO STEWART— Milton; B.S., Business Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Pi Omega; Sophomore Council; Westminster Fellowship; " F " Club. • IRIS ELAINE STOKES— Miami; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; Cotillion; Circus; Landis Floor Chairman. • Garnet and Gold Keyers listen at Banquet They re supposed to he alumni? ? BETTY LOU STRAUB— Kissimmee; A.B., Education. • ANN STRICKLAND -LaGrange, Georgia; B.S., Education; Kappa Alpha Theta. • EVA ELLYNE STRICKLAND Tavares; B.S., Food and Nutrition and Institution Administration. FIFTH ROW: • MARTIN DANIEL SULLIVAN— Tallahassee; B.S., Business; Cava- liers, Vice President and Treasurer. " NELSON ITALIANO Tampa; B.S. in Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • MARY RUTH SUMMERS Gainesville; B.S., Education; Garnet Key 1950; Sophomore Council 1950; President of Student Body 1952; Freshman Senator; Sophomore Senator; Junior Senator; Chairman, Pro-Tern of Senate 1951; Future Teachers of America; Treasurer of Westminster Fellowship; A.C.E. ; Junior Counselor; Sophomore Hop Court; Junior-Senior Prom Court; Chairman of Decorations, Junior-Senior Prom; State Vice President, Presbyterian Young People. • MAURITA L. SUTTON Miami; B.S., Education; Social Chairman, Association for Childhood Education; Social Chairman, East Landis; Tally-Ho Staff. • IGNACIO SVED— Jacksonville; B.A., Mathematics; U.G.A.; Senate; Foreign Students Club. SIXTH ROW: • GLENDA MARIE SWANN Wauchula; B.S., Education; F.E.A., 1951-52; Choral Union. • BETTY JANE TAPPAN St. Petersburg; B.S., Medical Technology. • JUNE TATE Miami; A.B., Arts and Sciences; Mortar Board; Garnet Key; Sophomore Council; Junior Counsellor; Chief Justice of University Court; Vice President and President, Magnolia; Westminster Fellowship; Young Democrats Club; Honor Committee. • DOLORIS J. TAYLOR Wauchula; B.S., Social Welfare; Social Work Club; Social Committee, Cawthon Hall. • HAYWOOD O. TAYLOR Sebring; B.S., Accounting; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi; L ' Apache, Secretary-Treasurer; Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman, and Karnea Delegate of Delta Tau Delta. SEVENTH ROW: • IRENE TAYLOR Pensacola; B.A., Spanish; Delta Zeta; Los Picaros; Odd-Even Sports. • MARY TAYLOR Largo; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; Kappa Delta; A.C.E., Secretary; Off Campus Court. • WALTER BLAN TEAGLE- Pensacola; B.S., Psychology. • BILLY DUANE TEEL — Crestview; B.A., Business Administration; Sigma Nu; Arnold Air Society; Outstanding Junior, A.R.O.T.C.; Cadet Award; Insurance and Real Estate; F.S.U. Young Democratic Club; Baseball Letterman. • PATRICIA ANN TEMPLE Coral Gables; B.S., Education and Physical Education; Alpha Chi Omega; " F " Club; Junior Counselor; A.A.H.P.E.R.; B.T.U.; B.S.U.; P.E.A.; Fresh- man Flunkies; Vice President and House Chairman, Alpha Chi Omega; Off Campus Court. THE COAST GOES TO WASTE IN 1953. MORE ORDERS FROM HEADQUARTERS. Thomas, B. A. Thomas, B. K. Thomas, C. Thomas, L. Thomas, M. Thompson, C. Thompson, S. Thomson Thorp Thorpe Trell Tubbs Turner, D. Turner, G. Turner, W. Upson Vaughn Wade Wallace Walters Wandhaw Wang Ward Waters Watkins Webb, F. Webb, J. Weed Weichel Wells, B. Wells, C. Wells, M. Wells, N. Wester Wharton SEXIORS FIRST ROW: • BARBARA ANN THOMAS— Miami; B.A., Arts and Sciences; Alpha Chi Omega; Secretary, Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Sophomore Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Junior Counselor; Baptist Student Union; Cotillion, Vice President; University Senate; Vice President, Reynolds Hall. • BARBARA KATE THOMAS— High Springs; B.S., Education. • CLAUDIA THOMAS Groveland; B.S., Education; Delta Zeta, President; Kappa Delta Pi; Garnet Key; Junior Coun- selor; Editor, Tally-Ho; Freshman Flunkies; Editor, Fourth Torch. • LEWIS H. THOMAS— Bell; B.S., Education. • MARY KATHERINE THOMAS— St. Petersburg; B.M.E., Music Education; Delta Gamma; Baptist Student; Music Educators National Conference. SECOND ROW: • CATHERINE THOMPSON— Goulds; B.S., Mathematics; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; 4-H; American Chemical Society. • SARA BREWER THOMPSON— Winter Haven; Education. • PATRICIA LEE THOM- SON— Zephyrhills; B.S., Elementary Education. • ALICE MARIE THORP— Russell; B.S., Arts and Sciences. • JOANNE LEE THORPE — Wimauma; B.S., Education. THIRD ROW: • WILLIAM TRELL— Tallahassee; B.S., Business. • MIMI TUBES — Dania; B.S., Social Welfare; Delta Delta Deha; Off Campus Court Chairman; Delta Delta Delta, President; Social Work Club; Tally-Ho. • DON T. TURNER— Tallahassee; B.S., Sanitation; Health Educa- tion Club; University Sanitarian Staff. • LADY GLORIA TURNER —Crystal River; B.S., Education. • WILLIAM LOUIS TURNER— Evansville, Indiana; B.S., Geology; Geology and Rifle Clubs. Is it worth all this to have your picture marie? Heap pretty Seminole Queen and Court FOURTH ROW: • KAY LOUISE UPSON Jacksonville; B.S., Social Welfare; Pi Beta Phi. • RICHARD L. VAUGHN— Madison, Indiana; B.S., Marketing and Business; Lambda Chi Alpha; Real Estate and Insurance Club; Newman Club; Tri-Chi Fraternity; Inter-Fraternity Council. • MAR- GARET ELIZABETH WADE— Tallahassee; B.S., Elementary Educa- tion; President, Westminster Fellowship. • MARY LINDA WAL- LACE— DeFuniak Springs; B.S., Education. • PATRICIA J. WAL- TERS — Jacksonville; B.S., Education. FIFTH ROW: • MARTHA ANNE WARDLAW Frostproof; B.S., Education; Fresh- man Flunkies; Junior Counselor. • ARVY LEE WANG — Laurel Hill; B.S., Geography. • ROBERT H. WARD— Marianne; B.S., So- cial Welfare. • DONALD E. WATERS— St. Petersburg; B.S., Eco- nomics; Theta Chi; President, Inter-Fraternity Council; Vice President, Theta Chi; Election Committee; L ' Apache; Homecoming Campus Decoration Chairman; Hospitality Committee. • MARTHA WAT- KINS — Sebring; B.S., Social Welfare; Gamma Phi Beta, Secretary; Social Work Club; Wesley Foundation; Band; Orchestra; Glee Club; Off Campus Court. SIXTH ROW: • FRANCES WEBB— Bonifay; B.S., Education; Intramural Sports; F.B.L.A. • JOAN WEBB— Trenton; B.S., Business Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Treasurer; Sophomore Council; Junior Council; Garnet Key; Mortified; " F " Club, President; F.L.A.; Judiciary; Junior Class Treasurer; Vice President of Gilchrist and Jennie Murphy Halls. • KENNETH G. WEED, JR.— Fort Lauderdale; B.S., Management; Kappa Sigma; Tri-Chi; Kappa Sigma, Vice President; Newman Club. • HARMER WEICHEL — Jacksonville; B.A., Bacteriology; Gymnastic Team; Gymkana. • BARBARA JANET WELLS— Homestead; B.S., Speech; Geography Club. SEVENTH ROW: • CHARLES C. WELLS, JR.— Coral Gables; B.S., Sanitation; Pi Kappa Phi. • MARY LOU WELLS— St. Petersburg; B.S., Educa- tion; Gamma Phi Beta, A.C.E.; F.T.A. • NANCY LEE WELLS— St. Petersburg; A.B., Arts and Sciences. • PENCIE W. WESTER— Grand Ridge, B.S., Education. • BETTY LOU WHARTON— Jack- sonville; B.S., Home Economics; Pi Beta Phi; Tarpon Club, President. SEE YOU AT SUMMER SCHOOL. ONLY 39 HOURS OF 300 AND 400 COURSES. White, Barbara White, Bennie White, C. Whitmer Widden Wier Wilkinson Williams, C. Williams, M. Williams, M. E. Williamson Willis, E. Willis, R. Wilson, James Wilson, Joan Wilson, H. Wilson, L. Wilson, M. Wilson. W. V isley Witt Wood, J. Wood, R. Woodrich Woods Wright Yancey Yeager Yelzy Young, J. A. Zuver Young, R. Leddy Ladd SENIORS FIRST ROW: • BARBARA VINCENT WHITE Jacksonville; A.B., Fine Arts; Phi Mu; Art Club; Flambeau; Dorm Social Chairman; Phi Mu Historian; Homecoming Chairman; Senior Advertising Committee. • BENNIE WHITE— Perry; B.S., Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota. • CAR- ROLL E. WHITE— Moorhead, Mississippi; B.S., Geography; Alpha Phi Omega; Wesley Foundation. • BOB WHITMER— New Bruns- wick, New Jersey; B.S., Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Public Re- lations of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Football; Basketball, Captain; Baseball. • HENRIETTA WHIDDEN— Mulberry; B.S., Education; Chi Omega; Honor Committee; A.C.E.; Freshman Flunkies. SECOND ROW: • MARGARET ANNE WIER— Marianna; B.S., Elementary Educa- tion; A.C.E. • DAYTON E. WILKINSON MiUigan; B.S., Business Administration. • CHARLES E. WILLIAMS Jacksonville; B.S., Business. • MARGARET REED WILLIAMS Green Cove Springs; A.B., Art Education. • MARTHA E. WILLIAMS— Tallahassee; B.M.E., Music Education. The things candidates won ' t do to get in office THIRD ROW: • MARTHA RUSSEL WILLIAMSON— Jacksonville; B.S., Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Cheerleader, Captain; Circus Warpath Club; Glee Club; Basketball Mascot; Freshman Flunkies; Flambeau Staff. • A. ELIZABETH WILLIS— Greenwood; B.S., Elementary Education. • ROBERT B. WILLIS— Pensacola; B.S., Mathematics; Arnold Air Soci- ety, Executive Office; Math Club; WFSU; Band. • JAMES W. WILSON— Decatur, Alabama; B.S., Medical Technology. • JOAN NESBIT WILSON— Marianna; B.S., Education; Sigma Kappa, Vice President; Circus; Sandspur; Cotillion; A.A.H.P.E.R.; Recreation Soci- ety, Secretary; Wesley Foundation; Freshman Flunkies; Odd Badmin- ton Team. Hooray! . . , Freshmen are free of their rat cap bond FOURTH ROW: • HAVEN ELIZABETH WILSON— Tampa; B.S., Child Psychology. • LELAGENE WILSON— Eufaula, Alabama; B.M., Organ; Sigma Alpha Iota, Recording Secretary; Women ' s Glee Club, Business Man- ager; American Guild of Organists, President; University Singers; Choral Union. » MARTHA JEAN WILSON— Pensacola; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; University Singers; University Chorus; Election Committee; U.G.A. • WILLIAM DONALD WIL- SON— Gonzalez; B.S., Business. • GEORGE WISLEY St. Peters- burg; B.S., Social Welfare. FIFTH ROW: • JOHN S. WITT- West Palm Beach; B.S., Insurance and Real Estate; Alpha Tau Omega; Baseball; Insurance and Real Estate Club. • JANE CLAIRE WOOD Miami; B.S., Education. • RE- BECCA MERCER WOOD Jacksonville; B.S., Education; Delta Delta Deha; A.C.E.; Junior Counselor. • MARILYN L. WOODRICH— Tampa; B.S., Art Education; Delta Zeta; Kappa Delta Pi; Sophomore Council. • FRANCES BRENNEMAN WOODS Mulberry; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; 4-H Club; Association for Child- hood Education; B.S.U.; Junior Counselor. SIXTH ROW: • ROBERT A. WRIGHT Sarasota; B.S., Education. • CAROLINE YANCEY— Tallahassee; B.S., Education. • RICHARD YEAGER— Jacksonville; B.S., Arts and Sciences. • ROBERT L VELZY Silver Creek, New York; B.S., Arts and Sciences. • JOANNE E. YOUNG ---Tampa; B.S., Education; Freshman Orientation Committee; Junior Counselor; Women ' s " F " Club; P.E.A.; A.A.H.P.E.R. SEVENTH ROW: • BARBARA ZUVER Fort Pierce; B.S., Recreation Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Sophomore Council; Vice President, Bryan; Freshman Flunkies; Junior Counselor; Recreation Club; Westminster Fellowship. • RAYMOND K. YOUNG- Jacksonville; B.S., Management and Business; Alpha Tau Omega. • HAROLD D. LIDD Y— New York City, New York; B.S., Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Epsi- lon Kappa; President, Physical Education Men ' s Majors Club; Ameri- can Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation; Foot- ball; Circus; Track; Assistant Freshman Basketball Coach. • JAY LOUIS LADD — Miami; B.A., Library Service and Training; Alpha Phi Omega; Soltas. FOUR YEAR CHECKUP-PASSED JUNIOR ENGLISH, 124 HOURS, 124 QUALITY POINTS-HELP! The UNDERGRADUATES The undergraduates Florida State University include the largest freshman class yet to be enrolled at this institution — another sign of the growth of FSU. They are prepared to carry on the old traditions and estab- lish new ones as they carry FSU forward along the road of progress. As these students approach the goal of graduation, they will witness the realization of parts of the fifty-year plan, many already begun as Westcott Auditorium and the Geology Building. To them we say — great expectations. JUNIOR CLASS (seated): Louthan, McMillan; (standing): Fryer, Staton, Bourland, Crownover. SOPHOMORE CLASS (seated): Canada; (standing): Helms, Shoemaker, Mikesell, Setzer, Johnson. FRESHMAN CLASS (seated): Vaughn, Joanos, Tovell; (standing): Bischoff, Vincenti. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Roy Staton Vice President Ardis Bourland Secretary Betty Sue Fryer Treasurer Ann Crownover Social Chairman June McMillan Parliamentarian Mary Louthan SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Bob Canada Vice President Jo Anne Setzer Secretary Joan Mikesell Treasurer Dot Johnson Social Chairman Mary Grace Shoemaker Parliamentarian Frances Helms FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Jimmy Joanos Vice President Tom Dickey Secretary Joan Tavell Treasurer Nancy Vaughn Social Chairman Barbara Santana Bischoff Parliamentarian Lauri Vincenti .5? k ;1 t:?m f- .i% M ' , W ?S P " ri ■ " " i M , H,, ' «n »i M l j ' Vf m Y • rfrS l ..- . X. IJ N 1) 11 11 G R A n IJ A T K S Row One: MARY CAROLYN ABBOTT, Oklawaha; Freshman . . . POLLY ABEL, Nennah, Wisconsin; Freshman . . . DAVID A. ABNER, Clearwater; Freshman . . . ADA ADAMS, Sanford; Freshman . . . GWINN ADAMS, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . ELEANOR ADKINSON, Pensa- cola; Freshman . . . JAMES AKRIDGE, Lynn Haven; Freshman . . . DELLA ALBERT, Miami; Sophomore. Row Three: ORCHID FA VIA ALONSO, Tampa; Freshman . . . OLEMA ALVA- RADO, Tampa; Junior . . . ELVIRA ALVAREZ, Tampa; Sophomore . . . HARRIETT ANN ANDERSON, Arcadia; Sophomore . . . JANE ANDERSON, Plant City; Sophomore . . . JOANNE ANDERSON, West Palm Beach; Freshman . . . MARY GEORGE ANDERSON, Talla- hassee; Freshman . . . VIRGINIA ANDERSON, Tallahassee; Sopho- more. Row Two: CAROLYN ALFORD. Jacksonville; Freshman . . . JEANETTE ALFORD, Ocala; Freshman . . . SAMUEL ALDERMAN, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . CHARLIE ALLEN, Lake Worth; Sophomore . . . FRANCES ALLEN, Miami Beach; Freshman . . . SUE ALLEN, Miami; Freshman . . . JEANNE ALLES, Ft. Lauderdale; Freshman . . . WINIFRED E. ALMAN, St. Petersburg; Freshman. Row Four: BOB ANDREWS, Savannah, Georgai; Freshman . . . ELLEN APPLE- BY, Hialeah; Junior ... LA VETRA ARMSTRONG, Quincy; Fresh- man . . . MARY RUTH ARMSTRONG, Madison; Sophomore . . . lOLA ARNOLD, Daytona Beach; Sophomore . . . PEGGY ARNOW, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . ELIZABETH ARROWOOD, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . GARY ASHLEY, Greenville, South Carolina; Fresh- man. Circle K and Sophomore Council greet incoming Freshmen Our sentiments exactly! ! Row Five: JAMES ATKINSON, Daytona Beach; Sophomore ... LA DONICE ATKINSON, Winter Haven; Freshman ... JIM ATWOOD, Miami; Freshman . . . CAROLE AUGUR, Decatur, Georgia; Freshman . . . JOANNE AUSTIN, Lake City; Sophomore . . . TONY AVITABILE, Lindenhurst, New York; Freshman . . . JO ANN AVRIL, St. Augustine; Sophomore . . . ALICE E. AYLWARD, Silver Springs; Sophomore. Row Six: FA YE BAGGET, Pensacola; Freshman . . . ELIZABETH JEAN BAILEY, Palatka; Freshman . . . GAIL BAKER, Tampa; Sophomore . . . HENRY J. BAKER, Daytona Beach; Freshman . . . RAY BAKER, Lakeland; Freshman . . . BARBARA JEAN BALSKE, Panama City; Sophomore . . . ESSIE J. BARBER, Dade City; Junior . . . GRACE MYRAL BARCLAY, Greenville; Freshman. Row Seven: WYLENE BARMORE, Bradenton; Sophomore . . . BARBARA ANNE BARNETT, Jacksonville; Junior . . . FAYE BARNHILL, Baker; Fresh- man . . . MARGARET BARE, Quincy; Sophomore . . . JENISU BARTLEY, Miami; Sophomore . . . FAYE M. BASS, DeFuniak Springs; Freshman . . . PRESTON LOUIS BASWELL, Warrington; Junior . . . WILLIAM J. BAYLESS, Anna Maria; Freshman. Row Eight: SUSAN BAYMILLER. Panama City; Freshman . . . FRANK E. BEAN, JR., Knoxville, Tennessee; . . . JAMES RAY BEASLEY, Bartow; Junior . . . LARRY BEATY, Lake Worth; Sophomore . . . CECIL BEEHLER, St. Petersburg; Sophomore . . . BARBARA BEERS, War- rington; Sophomore . . . KAREN BELL, St. Petersburg; Junior . . . JIM BELOTE, Jacksonville; Sophomore. Row Nine: BETTY BENECKE, Titusville; Freshman . . . BEVERLY BENNETT, St. Petersburg, Sophomore . . . FRED BENNETT, Jacksonville Beach; Freshman . . . LANN BENNETT, Brooks ville; Freshman . . . ROBERT HAROLD BENNETT, Atlanta, Georgia; Freshman . . . EVA MARIE BENSON, St. Petersburg; Junior . . . SANDRA BENSON, Lake Wales; Junior . . . BETSY BERCKLUCKER, Hartiord, Alabama; Sophomore. Row Ten: MARTHA BERRY, Ft. Lauderdale; Freshman . . . ROGER BICKEL Lake Worth; Freshman . . . RHODA BIRTHESAL, Daytona Beach; Sophomore . . . BEBE BISBEE. Sanford; Freshman . . . GUS BISCHOFF, Sarasota; Freshman . . . BETTY BISHOP, Jay; Sophomore . . . DAWN MARIE BISHOP, Sanford; Freshman . . . DICK BITTNER, Miami; Freshman. FSU SPREADS OVER 1,913 ACRES WITH 300 BEAUTIFULLY LANDSCAPED ACRES OF CAMPUS. Abbott Abel Abner Adams, A. Adams, G. Adkinson Akridge Albert AUord, C. Alford. I. Alderman Allen, C. Allen, F. Allen, S. AUes A ' man Alonso Alvarado Alvarez Anderson, H. Anderson, I. Anderson, Jo Anderson, M. Andersor. V. Andrews Appleby Armstrong, L. Armstrong, M. Arnold Arnow Arrowood Ashley Atkinson, J. Atkinson, L. Atwood Augur Austin Avitabile Avril Aylward Bagget Bailey Baker, G. Baker, H. Baker, R. Balske Barber Barclay Barmore Barnett Barnhill Barr Bartley Bass Baswell Bayless Baymiller Bean Beasley Beaty Beehler Beers Bell Belote Benecke Bennett, B. Bennett, F. Bennett, A. Bennett, R. Benson, E. Benson, S. Bercklucker Berry Bickel Birthesal Bisbee Bischoii Bishop, B. Bishop, D. Bittner IJ N I) E 11 G K A I) U A T E S Row One: ANN ISABELL BJORKMAN, Leonia, New Jersey; Sophomore . . . SHARON BLACK, Munson; Freshman . . . ANN BLAKE, Tampa; Junior . . . BETTY JOAN BLANTON, Salerno, Freshman . . . MARTHA SUE BLECKLEY, Clewiston; Sophomore . . . ANN BLITCH, Ocala; Junior . . . DOROTHY BOHMAN, Miami; Freshman . . . ARDIS BOURLAND, Greenville, South Carolina; Junior. Row Three: WILMA BRAZELL, Anthony; Freshman . . . CARL BRETT, Mango; Freshman . . . PAULINE BRETT. Crestview; Junior . . . MARY LOUISE BREVELLE, Pensacola; Freshman . . . MARY KATHERINE BREWER, Blakely, Georgia; Sophomore . . . SARA BREWTON, Ponce de Leon; Junior . . . JOY BRIGHTON, West Palm Beach; Sophomore . . . CAROLYN BRILES, Leesburg, Junior. Row Two: THOMAS BOYD, Jacksonville Beanch; Freshman . . . MARY LOUISE BOYDEN, Miami; Freshman . . . BETTY JEAN BRADDOCK, Crescent City; Sophomore . . . BARBARA BRADFORD, Miami; Freshman . . . MARY CAROLYN BRANCH, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . CHARLES ERWARD BRANDIES. Callahan; Junior . . . RONALD BRAS WELL, Lakeland; Sophomore . . . LEWIS BRAY, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Freshman. Row Four: JE ANNIE BRINSON, Jacksonville; Junior . . . JORITA BROCK, Green Cove Springs; Freshman . . . JAMES H. BRODIE. Lake Mary; Freshman . . . FRANCES BROOKS, Chattahoochee; Sophomore . . . JOAN BROOKS, Bradenton; Freshman . . . JUNE BROWDER, Pensacola; Freshman . . . ANN BROWN, Bastrop, Louisiana; Junior . . . BETTY BROWN. Bainbridge, Georgia; Freshman. Joanos for president Row Five: BEVERLY BROWN. Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . HARRIETTE BROWN. St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . MARY LYNN BROWN, Lakeland; Sophomore . . . VERNON BROWN, Jacksonville; Fresh- man . . . DOROTHY BROWNING. Madison; Sophomore . . . GLADYS JEAN BROWNLEE, Crescent City; Freshman . . . PATRICIA BROWN- RIGG, Miami; Freshman . . . BARBARA BRUNSON, Jacksonville; Freshman. Row Six: F ANNETTE BRUNSON, Perry; Freshman . . . FRANCES BRUNSON, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . JOAN BRYAN, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . LOTTIE JEAN BRYAN, Pensacola; Freshman . . . HAZEL MAE BRYANT, Winter Haven; Junior . . . JANET BRYANT, Arcadia; Freshman . . . EMMA LOUISE BUCK, Shreveport, Louisiana; Fresh- man . . . CHARLOTTE BURDA, Pensacola; Freshman. Row Seven: BARBARA BURKE, Miami; Sophomore . . . BARBARA BURNHAM, Jasper; Freshman . . . ANN BURNETTE, Swannanoa, North Caro- lina; Junior . . . SHIRLEY J. BURRELL, Dania; Freshman . . . JANET BURROUGHS, Daytona Beach, Junior . . . MILDRED BURROUGHS, Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . DONALD BURWELL, Kansas City, Missouri; Freshman . . . MARTHA BUSH, Jacksonville; Freshman. A box of celebrities at Homecoming Row Eight: DALE BUSSEY, Miami; Junior . . . BARBARA BUTLER, Quincy; Junior . . . JANICE BUTLER, Point Washington; Freshman . . . MARY LOU BYERLY, Savannah, Georgia; Junior . . . LOUIS J. CALDERONL Tallahassee; Junior . . . BARBARA CALDWELL, Clearwater; Fresh- man . . . CAROLYN CALHOUN, Tampa; Junior . . . ANN CALLA- HAN, Tallahassee; Freshman. Row Nine: IDA CALLIN, Marianna; Junior . . . BETTY CAMPBELL, Panama City; Junior . . . BYRON CAMPBELL, Pensacola; Sophomore . . . ELLEN RUTH CAMPBELL, Green Cove Springs; Freshman . . . JAMES H. CAMPBELL, Panama City; Freshman . . . PATRICIA CAMPBELL. Panama City; Junior . . . VIVIAN CAMPBELL, Tampa; Sophomore; MARGARET CANTEY, Madison; Sophomore. Row Ten: BARBARA CAPPS, Asheville, North Carolina; Freshman . . . KATH- RYN CAREY, Williston; Sophomore . . . AUDREY CARLTON, Winter Park; Freshman . . . GEORGE CARNES, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . BETTIE CARTER, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . JOEL WILLIAM CARTER, Americus, Georgia; Junior . . . JOHN H. CARTER, Panama City; Freshman . . . NANCY CARTER, Daytona Beach; Sophomore. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SODA SHOP? IT CLOSES AT 5:00 NO LESS. Bjorkman Black Blake Blanton Bleckley Blitch Bohman Bourland Boyd Boyden Braddock Bradford Branch Brandies Braswell Bray Brazell Brett, C. Brelt, P. Brevelle Brewer Brewton Brighton Briles Brinson Brock Brodie Brooks, F. Brooks, I. Browder Brown, A. Brown, Betty Brown, Beverly Brown, H. Brown, M. Brown, V. Browning Brownlee Brownrigg Brunson, B. Brunson, F. Brunson, Frances Bryan, J. Bryan, L. Bryant, H. Bryant, J. Buck Burda Burke Burnham Burnette Burrell Burroughs, J. Burroughs, M. Burwell Bush Bussey Butler, B. Butler, J. Byerly Calderoni Caldwell Calhoun Callahan Callin Campbell, Betty Campbell, Byron Campbell, E. Campbell, J. Campbell, P. Campbell, V. Cantey Capps Carey Carlton Carnes Carter, B. Carter, Joel Carter, John Carter, N. IJ i 1) K R G K A 1) IJ A T K S Row One: ALTON H. CASH, Tallahassee; Junior . . . ROBERT LAURENCE CASSIDY. Miami; Freshman . . . EMMA JO CASSON, Tampa; Junior . . . JETTA CATO. Bainbridge, Georgia; Junior . . . NANCY CAVES. Miami; Freshman . . . JEAN CEDERSTROM, Warrington; Junior . . . BETTY ANN CHANCE, Miami; Freshman . . . JEAN CHANCEY, Daytona Beach; Sophomore. Row Three : RANDY CHURCH, Dothan, Alabama; Freshman . . . ALTON CLAN- TON, Lakeland; Sophomore . . . CHARLES A. CLARK. Tampa; Freshman . . . CHARLES B. CLARK; St. Cloud, Minnesota; Sopho- more . . . JOHN CLARK, Eustis; Freshman . . . MARY ALICE CLAYPOOL, Miami; Freshman . . . VIRGINIA COBB, Sarasota; Freshman . . . ATWOOD B. COCHRAN, JR., Camilla, Georgia; Sophomore. Row Two: MARTHA LEE CHANDLER. Jacksonville; Freshman . . . MARTHA SUE CHANDLER, Miami; Freshman . . . ROY CHAPMAN, Sarasota; Sophomore . . . BENNY CHEEK. Panama City; Junior . . . LESTER CHILDS. Niceville; Junior . . . BETTY ANN CHRIST, Tampa; Sopho- more . . . CONSTANCE CHRISTIE, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . LAURA E. CHRISTIAN, Greenacres City; Junior. Row Four: GEORGE COCHRAN, Jacksonville; Freshman ... JO ANNE COG- GINS, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . BETTYE COLEMAN, Clewiston; Sophomore . . . FRANCES COLEMAN, Tampa; Freshman . . . SHIRLEY COLLIER, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . ANN COLLINS, Blakely, Georgia; Sophomore . . . LESBIA COLLINS, Miami, Fresh- man . . . JOAN COLSEN, Callahan; Freshman. •V vVv B :;;: ' •. " ■ ' •■.■■■ .■•• ■. ••. S ' .-V.ii SRvVt ' ' .. ' . " • ' . C joo.siiig our Homecttiitif Queen Row Five: DIANE CONNER, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . DAISY CONOLY, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . VIRGINIA ANN COOK. Mayo; Fresh- man . . . DOT COOKE, Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . BARBARA COOPER, Homestead; Freshman . . . VIRGINIA COPELAND, Miami Beach; Sophomore . . . BETTY ANN CORBETT. Fernandina; Sopho- more . . . MARY CORN, St. Petersburg; Freshman. Row Six: RICHARD CORRIVEAU, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . RUTH ANN CORYELL, Marietta, Georgia; Freshman . . . NORMA JEAN COSBY, Ft. Lauderdale; Freshman . . . CHARIS COULTER, Tallaha ssee; Sophomore . . . HELEN BERNICE COULTER, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . MARY ANN COUNCIL, Tampa; Sophomore . . . JEANETTE COURTNEY, Miami; Freshman . . . MARGARET COVEY, Pensacola; Junior.. Row Seven: I WILLIAM CO WART, JR., Havana; Junior . . . EUPHENIA COX, Palmetto; Junior . . . IRMA L. COX, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . JOYCE WERNA COX, Perry; Junior . . . JAN LEE CRAIG, Ocalq; Sophomore . . . MARION JEAN CRAIG, Coral Gables; Junior . . . ANN P. CRANE, Winter Park; Freshman . . . IRENE CREWS, St. Mary; Freshman. ' I ' m u,oiina send this picture home lo mother Row Eight: JIM CREWS, Ocala; Junior . . . GEORGE T. CRICHTON, Quincy; Freshman . . . MILDRED CRICKENBERGER, West Palm Beach; Junior . . . ROBERT F. CRISP, Marianna; Junior . . . HELEN CROOKS, Winter Garden; Freshman . . . CHARLES CROWE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Freshman . . . JEANNE CROWNMILLER, Winter Haven; Junior . . . KATHLEEN CRUTCHFIELD, Graceville; Freshman. Row Nine: JOE CUMMINGS, Miami; Freshman . . . JOAN CUNNINGHAM, Plant City; Junior . . . JOHN CURRY, Key West; Freshman . . SHIRLEY DALLAS, Winter Park; Freshman . . . PEGGY DAME, Tallahassee; Junior . . . SHIRLEY DANIEL, Ft. Lauderdale; Sopha more . . . SANDRA DARLING, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . DEIDRE DARNELL, Chipley; Sophomore. Row Ten: SALLY DARNELL, Miami; Freshman . . . SALLY ANN DAVENPORT, Savannah, Georgia; Freshman . . . SARA DAVID, Hollywood; Sophomore . . . ANN DAVIS, West Palm Beach; Junior . . . BETTY DAVIS, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . HARRIETT RUTH DAVIS, Orlando; Freshman . . . JANE DAVIS, Sanford; Freshman . . . MARY WILL DAVIS, Jacksonville; Sophomore. FSU GYMNASTICS TEAM NCAAC WINNER FOR THE THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR. Cash Cassidy Casson Cato Caves Cederstrom Chance Chancey Chandler, M. L. Chandler, M. S. Chapman Cheek Childs Christ Christie Christian Church Clanton Clark, C. A. Clark, C. B. Clark, J. Claypool Cobb Cochran, A. B. Cochran, G. Coggins Coleman, B. Coleman, F. Collier Collins, A. Collins, L. Colsen Conner Conoly Cook Cooke Cooper Copeland Corbett Corn Corriveau Coryell Cosby Coulter, C. Coulter, H. Council Courtney Covey Cowart Cox, E. Cox, I. Cox, J. Craig, J. Craig, M. Crane Crews, I. Crews, J. Crichton Crickenberger Crisp Crooks Crowe Crownmiller Crutchfield Cummings Cunningham Curry Dallas Dame Daniel Darling Darnell, D. Darnell, S. Davenport David Davis, A. Davis, B. Davis, H. Davis, J. Davis, M. IJ N 1) E 11 ; 11 A 1) IJ A T E S Row One: PATRICIA J. DAVIS, St. Augustine; Junior . . . VIRGINIA ANNE DAVIS, West Palm Beach; Junior . . . DICK DEAN. Lakeland; Sopho- more . . . JU ANITA DeBERRY, Perrine; Sophomore . . . KATHRYN DeBOER, Miami; Freshman . . . BETTY ANN DEES, Quincy; Sopho- more . . . ALLEN CHARLES DeGRAW, Succasunna, New Jersey; Freshman . . . KAY DeHAVEN, Winter Haven; Sophomore. Row Two: DOROTHY DEKLE, Boston, Georgia; Freshman . . . ADRIENNE DELANEY, Dunedin; Sophomore . . . SHIRLEY DEMPSEY, Fort Myers; Freshman . . . PAT DEWBERRY, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . JOAN DEWEY, Pompano Beach; Junior . . . LISA DICK, Miami; Junior . . . ANN SCOTT DICKINSON, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . CYNTHIA DILLARD, Altha; Sophomore. Row Three: BETTY LOU DILLMORE, Cottondale;; Sophomore . . . DONALD DIXON, Plant City; Freshman . . . WARREN DIXON, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . LUJANE DONALDSON, Bainbridge, Georgia; Fresh- man . . . THEODORE DOOLEY, Pensacola; Sophomore . . . MICHAEL D. DORAN, Manchester, England; Freshman . . . MARCIA DOUG- LAS, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . ANN DOWELL, Daytona Beach; Freshman. Row Four: JOAN DOZIER, Arcadia; Sophomore . . . DAVID DREIS, Miami; Sophomore . . . DELANE DRIVER, Clearwater;; Sophomore . . . PATRICIA DUANE, Key West; Junior . . . DELORES DUGUID, Jack- sonville; Sophomore . . . CECIL DUNN, Moultrie, Georgia; Sophomore . . . ELIZABETH J. DUNN, Highland City; Junior . . . BEVERLY DUPERROUZEL, Tallahassee; Freshman. Gymkana Queen, Suzi Jones, and her court Row Five: VIRGINIA DuPREE, Vero Beach; Sophomore . . . JUDSON W. DURHAM, Jacksonville;; Junior . . . WILLIAM E. DURHAM, Jack- sonville; Freshman . . . DAVID DURETT, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . PHYLLIS DYE, Miami; ; Sophomore . . . RALPH EAGLETON, Peoria, Illinois;; Junior . . . SUSAN EARLE, Melbourne; Sophomore . . . IV A LEAH EARNEST, Wauchula; Freshman. Row Six: PAT EARNEY, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . FRANCES EKWURZEL, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . KALLIOPE ECONOMOS, Bradenton; Sophomore ... JIM EDRIS, Daytona Beach; Freshman . . . WAYNE EDRIS, Marianna; Sophomore . . . ANN EDWARDS, Quincy; Junior . . . TOM EHRHARDT, Ft. Lauderdale; Freshman . . . HARRY ALBERT EIELSON, JR., Ft. Lauderdale; Freshman. Row Seven: DOT EISELSTEIN, Orlando; Sophomore . . . JEAN ELLIOTT, Miami Sophomore . . . ROBERT ELLIOTT, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . NATHALIE EMERY, Miami; Freshman . . . PATRICIA K. ENAMETT, Pensacola; Sophomore . . . COLIN ENGLISH, Tallahassee; Junior . . . F. CARROLL ENGLISH, Fort Myers; Junior . . . JANET EPTING, Savannah, Georgia; Freshman. Theta ChVs help support Campus Chest Row Eight: HELEN ERICKSON, Park Ridge, Illinois; Freshman . . . NANCY ERICKSON, Miami Beach; Freshman . . . HELEN ESPENLAUB, Clewiston; Freshman . . . MARY ELLEN FABAL, Miami; Freshman . . . ESTHER FACKLER, Miami; Freshman . . . NANCY LOU FAGEN, Tampa; Sophomore . . . DOLLY ELIZABETH FAHLE, Lakeland; Sophomore . . . JOYCE FAIN, Edison, Georgia; Freshman. Row Nine: HAROLD FARMER, Clermont; Junior . . . LINDA FARRELL, Clear- water; Sophomore . . . PAT FARRELL, Canton, Ohio; Junior . . . RHODA FARTHING, Tampa; Freshman . . . SAM FAULKNER, Columbus, Georgia; Sophomore . . . MARY H. FAY, Miami; Junior . . . BARBARA FEDDERN, Lake Wales; Junior . . . ELIZABETH FERGUSON, Fort Myers; Freshman. Row Ten: JULIE FERRELL, Orlando; Sophomore . . . NELDA FIELDING, Uma- tilla; Junior . . . PATRICIA FILSON, Hollywood, Florida; Sopho- more . . . SUSAN FINLEY, Jacksonville; Junior . . . DOLORES FIRTA, Tallahassee; Junior ... A. ELIZABETH FISCHER, St. Peters- burg; Sophomore . . . BENJAMIN FISHER, Tampa; Freshman . . . JACQUELINE FLETCHER, Branford; Freshman. CAMP FLASTACOWO PROVIDES SWIMMING, BOATING, AND PICNECKING. Davis, P. Davis, V. Dean De Berry DeBoer Dees De Grow De Haven Dekle Delaney Dempsey Dewberry Dewey Dick Dickinson Dillard Dillmore Dixon, D. Dixon, W. Donaldson Dooley Doran Douglas Dowell Dozier Dreis Driver Duane Duguid Dunn, C. Dunn. E. Duperrouzel Du Free Durham, J. Durham, W. Durrett Dye Eagleton Earle Earnest Earney Ekwurzei Economos Edris, J. Edris, W. Edwards Ehrhardt Eielson Eiselstein Elliott, I. Elliott, R, Emery Enamett English, C. English, F. Epting Erickson, H. Erickson, N. Espenlaub Fabal Fackler Fagen Fahle Fain Farmer Farrell, L. Farrell, P. Farthing Faulkner Fay Feddern Ferguson Ferrell Fielding Filson Finley Firta Fischer Fisher Fletcher, ]. IJ N ]) K K G 11 A 1) IJ A T K S Row One: MAXINE FLETCHER, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . SARAH FLETCHER, Greensboro; Freshman . . . PAT FLYNN, Lakeland; Freshman . . . CLIFFORD FALES, Lake Worth; Sophomore . . . BILLIE ANN FOL- SOM. Mims; Freshman . . . EMMA JEANNE FOLSOM, Madison; Junior . . . PAT FOLSOM. Orlando; Junior . . . WANDA FORBES, Tallahassee; Special. Row Three: SUE FREE. St. Petersburg; Sophomore . . . MARY CATHERINE FREEMAN. Jacksonville; Freshman . . . BETTY SUE FRYER, Jack- sonville; Junior . . . GAYLE FULGHUM, Atlanta. Georgia; Fresh- man . . . CAROL FULKERSON. Jacksonville; Freshman . . . CARO- LYN FULLER, Vernon; Freshman . . . SANDRA FURLONG, Pensa- cola; Freshman . . . SALLY FUSSELL, Lakeland; Freshman. Row Two: BOB FORD. Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . DOROTHY FORTNER, Bradley; Freshman . . . JJERRY FORTUNE, Laurel Hill; Sophomore . . . HARRELL FOUNTAIN. Carrollton. Georgia; Sophomore . . . FLORENCE FRALEIGH, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . CLAIRE FRANKS, Tampa; Sophomore . . . ANN FRASER, Greenville, South Carolina; Freshman . . . EVELYN FREDERICKS, Melbourne; Junior. Row Four: GLENDA FUTCH, Tampa; Sophomore ... JO ANN GARDINER, Daytona Beach; Junior . . . BETTY GARNER, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . MARTHA GARRETT, Fruitland Park; Sophomore . . . ELIZA- BETH C. GARWOOD, Augusta, Georgia; Sophomore . . . VERA MARIE GASKIN, Wewahitchka; Freshman . . . CARL GAY, Panama City; Freshman . . . CAROL GEERTZ, St. Petersburg; Junior. Frosh campaigner: " l nv if Vm elected ... " Row Five: OSWALD GEIGER, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . DOROTHY H. GEORGE, Morriston; Junior . . . HARRY J. GEORGE. St. Peters- burg; Junior . . . FLORENCE GETZEN, Dade City; Sophomore . . . JAMES ROBERT GIBSON. II, Greensboro, North Carolina; Sopho- more . . . LEONARD GIBSON, Perry; . . . FLORINE GINN, Clinton. South Carolina; Junior . . . PATRICIA GLEIS, Miami; Freshman. Row Six: CAROLYN GLENN, Miami; Sophomore . . . MEREDITH GLENN, Vero Beach; Freshman . . . HERBERT GLOVER, Winter Haven; Freshman . . . JACQUELINE GODDARD, Winter Park; Sophomore . . . JOAN GODDARD, Maitland; Freshman . . . MARY TOM GODBOLD, Miami; Junior . . . DIANA MAXINE GOFF, Live Oak; Sophomore . . . BETTY GOOCH, St. Augustine; Freshman. Row Seven: CAROLYN GOODE, St. Cloud; Freshman . . . ALLENE GORDON, Tampa; Freshman . . . DIANE GOTTSCHALK, Saukville, Wisconsin; Freshman . . . VIRGINIA ANN GOVIN, Tampa; Freshman . . . JANET M. GRAFF, Cleveland, Florida; Freshman . . . NANCY GRA- HAM, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . EARLYNN GRANT, Tallahassee; Junior . . . LORETTA LUCILLE GREEN, Albany, Georgia; Junior. Lambda Chi cheerleaders pray for team Row Eight: WILLIE TRAVICK GREEN, Olustee, Freshman . . . RAYMOND GREGORY, JR., Havana; Junior . . . MARJORIE GRICE, St. Augus- tine; Sophomore . . . EVANGELINE P. GRIFFIN, Pensacola; Junior . . . GAIL GRIFFIN, Orlando; Freshman . . . MARY LORAINE GRIF- FITH, Perry; Freshman . . . BETTY JO GRUBBS, Sarasota; Sopho- more . . . PAT GUTHRIE, St. Petersburg; Sophomore. Row Nine: ANN GWIN, Atlanta, Georgia; Freshman . . . KAY HAINES, Daytona Beach; Sophomore . . . PEGGY HALBERSTADT, Atlanta, Georgia; Freshman . . . JOAN HALFORD, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . ANN HALL, Miami; Freshman . . . JOAN HALL, Winter Park, Freshman . . . HELEN HAMILTON, Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . KATHLEEN C. HAMILTON, Tampa; Freshman. Row Ten: JUNE HAMMONS, Lake City; Freshman . . . HARVEY J. HAMPTON, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . PAT HAMPTON, Orlando; Junior . . . JANET HAMRICK, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . JIMMY BURTON HANKS. Pensacola; Freshman . . . BEVERLY HANSON, Sarasota; Freshman . . . EDWARD B. HARDING, Mt. Dora; Sophomore . . . EDITH HARDWICK, Macon. Georgia; Freshman. THE FSU SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WELFARE THE ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND IN THE SOUTHEAST. Fletcher. M. Fletcher, S. Flynn Fales Folsom, B. Folsom, E. Folsom, P. Forbes Ford Fortner Fortune Fountain Fraleigh Franks Fraser Fredericks Free Freeman Fryer Fulghum Fulkerson Fuller Furlong Fussell Futch Gardiner Garner Garrett Garwood Gaskin Gay Geertz Geiger George, D. George, H. Getzen Gibson, I. Gibson, L. Ginn Gleis Glenn, C. Glenn, M. Glover Goddard, J. Goddard, Joan Godbold Goff Gooch Goode Gordon Gottschalk Govin Graff Graham Grant Green, L. Green, W. Gregory Grice Griffin, E. Griffin, G. Griffin, M. Grubbs Guther ie Gwin Haines Halberstadf Halford Hall, A. Hall, I. Hamilton, H. Hamilton, K. Hammons Hampton, H. Hampton, P. Hamrick Hanks Hanson Harding Hardwick IJ N I) 1 11 G R A 1) U A T E S Row One: CHARLOTTE HARDY, St. Petersburg; Sophomore . . . JOHN HARDY, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . LUCY HARGRAVE, Brooker; Junior . . . DAVID HARMON, Lake Worth; Freshman . . . DONNA LOU HARPER, Sanford; Sophomore . . . ELLEN HARPER, Punta Gorda; Freshman . . . MARY LOU HARRELSON, Ft. Pierce; Sophomore . . . MARTHA A. HARRIGAN, Melrose; Sophomore. Row Three: ' NORMA FA YE HARVEY, Sanford; Freshman . . . REAMOND HAS- KINS, Havana; Freshman . . . JEANETTE HATCH, Branford, Sopho- more . . . BETTY LENORE HAUSRATH, West Palm Beach; Junior . . . BESSIE HAWES. Tampa, Junior . . . PATRICIA HAWES, Tampa; Freshman . . . MARY L. HAWKINS, Clewiston; Junior . . . PEGGY HAWN, Jacksonville; Junior. Row Two: GERRY HARRINGTON, Sarasota; Junior . . . CAROLE ANN HARRIS, Pompano Beach, Freshman . . . MARY HARRIS, Quincy; Sophomore . . . SALLY HARRIS, DeLand; Freshman . . . SHIRLEY HARRIS, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . ALICE HARRISON, Panama City; Sopho- more . . . RALPH HARRISON, Ponce de Leon, Freshman . . . TRACEY HARRISON, Tallahassee, Freshman. Row Four: MARTHA HAWTHORNE, Plant City; Freshman . . . KITTY HAY, Melbourne: Junior . . . SUE ANN HAYDEN, Ft. Ogden; Freshman . . . MARLENE EVE HAYES, Miami; Freshman . . . BILL HEAD, Tampa; Junior . . . KATHERYN HEDGES, Melbourne; Sophomore . . . PATTI HELBING, Tampa; Freshman . . . LYNDA HELMS, Tampa; Sophomore. Now let ' s get to the bottom of this Row Five: MAURICE HENDRIX, Ormond Beach; Freshman . . . ALICE HENLEY, Ft. Myers; Freshman . . . EVELYN HENLEY, Campbellton; Sopho- more . . . JACKSON C. HENRY, Dade City; Sophomore . . . JOAN HENRY, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . JOHN HERMAN, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . PATRICIA HERN, Tallahassee, Sophomore . . . MYRTICE HERNDON, Miami; Junior. Row Six: PATSY HERNDON, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . SUE HERNDON, Chipley; Freshman . . . NANCY B. HEROLD, Ft. Lauderdale; Freshman . . . WALTER HEROLD, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . DEMPSEY HERRING. Panama City; Freshman . . . JOANNE HICK- MAN, Columbus, Georgia; Freshman . . . CAROLYN HICKS, Perry; Sophomore . . . DOLORES HICKS, Westville; Junior. Row Seven: JOYCE HICKS, Westville; Sophomore . . . MYRA LEE HICKS, Dade City; Junior . . . RALPH HICKS, Barth; Sophomore . . . CAROLYN HIGGINS, Miami; Freshman . . . EARL HIGHTOWER. Vernon; sophomore . . . LEE K. HILDMAN, Oneco; Junior . . . CAROL ANN HILL, Miami; Freshman . . . CHARLENE HILL, Tallahassee, Freshman. Behind the scene stars of the Gymkana Show Row Eight: HELEN HILL, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . MARY EVELYN HILL, Wildwood; Sophomore . . . NANCY HILLMAN, Lake Worth, Sopho- more . . . BARBARA ANN HOBBS. Tampa;; Sophomore . . . JEANNE HOBBS, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . SANDRA HOBBS, Panama City; Freshman . . . JULIAN HODGE, Panama City; Freshman . . . ERVA HODGES, Bowling Green; Sophomore. Row Nine: JEAN HODGES, Atlanta, Georgia; Freshman . . . BILL HOFMAN, Hollywood; Freshman . . . ALFRED HOLDERBACK, Orlando; Fresh- man . . . SARA HOLLAND, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . ROBERTA HOLLANDER, Balboa, Canal Zone; Junior . . . LENORE HOLLINGS- WORTH, Anniston, Alabama; Freshman . . . DONNIE HOLLIS, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . FLOSSIE HOLMES, Artesia; Junior. Row Ten: DIANE HOOD, Ft. Myers; Freshman . . . JAMIE HOOD, Jackson- ville; Sophomore . . . DOROTHY HORDUSKY, Union City, Pennsyl- vania; Freshman . . . MARGARET HORROX, Lake Wales; Junior . . . ANN HOSMER, Zephyrhills; Freshman . . . EDDIE HOTALING, Orlando; Freshman ... JO ANN HOWARD, Lake City; Freshman . . . PATRICIA HOWARD, Blakely, Georgia; Junior. YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO USE A BICYCLE NOW: SOLUTION TO THE TRAFFIC PROBLEM. Hardy, C. Hardy, J. Hargrove Harmon Harper, D. Harper, E. Harrelson Harrigan Harrington Harris, C. Harris, M. Harris, Sally Harris, S. Harrison, A. Harrison, R. Harrison, T. Harvey Haskins Hatch Hausrath Hawes, B. Hawes, P. Hawkins Hawn Hawthorne Hay Hayden Hayes Head Hedges Helbing Helms Hendrix Henley, A. Henley, E. Henry, J. C. Henry, J. Herman Hern Herndon, M. Herndon, P. Herndon, S. Herold, N. Herold, W. Herring Hickman Hicks, C. Hicks, D. Hicks, I. Hicks, M. Hicks, R. Higgins Hightower Hildman Hill, C. A. Hill, C. Hill, H. Hill, M. Hillman Hobbs, B. Hobbs, J. Hobbs, S. Hodge Hodges, E. Hodges, J. Hofman Holderback Holland Hollander Hollingsworth Hollis Holmes Hood, D. Hood, J. Hordusky Horrox Hosmer Hotaling Howard, I. Howard, P. IJ N 1) K 11 (ii K A 1) IJ A T E S Row One: ROSE HOWARD, Barton; Sophomore . . . SARA HOWARD, Carra- belle; Junior . . . PAT HOWELL, Panama City; Freshman . . . MARY ANN HOWES, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . CAROLYN HUDSON, Sanford; Freshman . . . NANCY ELEANOR HUDSON, Tavares; Freshman . . . MARY ELIZABETH HUFF, Leesburg; Freshman . . . ELIZABETH HUIE, Ft. Pierce; Junior. Row Three: JAMES HUSSONG, Eustis; Sophomore ... JO ANN HUTTO Talla- hassee; Sophomore . . . RICK HUTTO, Orangeburg; Sophomore . . . ARTHUR ILLG, Endicott, Naw York; Sophomore . . . DEANE JACKSON, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . KATHY JACOBS, Lake City; Freshman . . . LAVERNE JENNINGS, Jacksonville; Junior . . . JOYCE JEFFERIS, Eustis; Freshman. Row Two: JANELLE ROSE HULL, Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . NANCY LEA HUME, Coral Gables; Freshman . . . STANLEY C. HUMPHRIES, Leesburg; Junior . . . MARTHA SUE HUMPHRYS, Ft. Pierce; Sopho- more . . . DIANNE HUNT, Ponte Verda Beach; Freshman . . . JOHN KENNETH HURLEY, St. Petersburg; J unior . . . ELIZABETH HUS- KISSON, Tampa; Freshman . . . MARIANNE HUSSEY, DeFuniak Springs; Junior. Row Four: JAMES E. JINDRA, Buffalo, New York; Junior . . . PAR ALEE JO- HANNES, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . BETTY JANE JOHNS, Chat- tahoochee; Freshman . . . NETTY JEAN JOHNS, Chattahoochee; Freshman . . . BARBARA LADELLE JOHNSON, Jacksonville; Fresh- man . . . BOBBY LEE JOHNSON, Tallahassee, Sophomore . . . CAROLYN JOHNSON, Quincy; Sophomore . . . CHRISTINE JOHNSON, Largo; Freshman. Gilchrist ' s jiijt ta Homecoming Row Five: DONALD JOHNSON, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . DORIS JOHNSON, Selma, Alabama; Junior . . . EDNA MARGARET JOHNSON, Ocala; Freshman . . . ELMER JOHNSON, Eustis; Sophomore . . . LIL JOHNSON, Alva; Freshman . . . MADELINE JOHNSON, Tallahassee, Sophomore . . . MAXINE JOHNSON, Sebring; Junior . . . PATRICIA JOHNSON, Tallahassee, Freshman. Row Six: PHILIP JOHNSON, Greenville; Junior . . . RUSSELL JOHNSON, Lakeland; Freshman . . . YVONNE JOHNSON, Pensacola; Sopho- more . . . MARY FRANCES JOINER, Wachula; Sophomore . . . RICHARD JOLLY, Meridian; Junior . . . BOBBY JONES, Lakeland; Freshman . . . JANE ELLEN JONES, Ocala; Freshman . . . JEAN JONES, Palatka; Junior. Row Seven: MINNIE FRANCES JONES, Punta Gorda; Freshman . . . PATREA INEZ JONES, Miami; Sophomore . . . WAYMON LEE JONES, JR Winter Garden; Sophomore . . . PHYLLIS H. JORDAN, Thomasville Georgia; Junior . . . NANCY JOYCE, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . ANNE ELLENE JURGENS, Miami; Freshman . . . DOROTHY KAN NON, Winter Garden ;Sophomore . . . BIRGIR KARLSSON, Reykjavik Iceland; Freshman. Campus Chest spaghetti supper at KD House Row Eight: BENNY KEEL, Panama City; Freshman . . . PHYLLIS KEEN, Tampa; Freshman . . . STEWART KEEN, Mavisdale, Virginia; Sophomore . . . PHYLLIS KEITH, Miami; Freshman . . . SHIRLEY KELLOGG, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . JANET KELLEY, Warringotn; Junior . . . PHILLIP RICHARD KELLEY, Clearwater; Sophomore . . . ANNE KELLEY, Quincy; Sophomore. Row Nine: BILLY KELLEY, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . LILA KELLY, Miami; Freshman . . . ANIBEL KELSEY, Avon Park; Junior . . . SANDRA LANE KENDRICK, Ft. Pierce; Freshman . . . DOLORES KENNEDY, St. Augustine; Junior . . . JEWEL ADEL KENNEDY, Auburndale; Freshman . . . ARTHUR KENNERLY, Tallahassee; Junior . . . KATHARINE KENT, Jay; Junior. Row Ten: CLAIR KEN YON, Jacksonville; Junior . . . MARY KERR, West Palm Beach; Junior . . . JOHN DIAMOND, Jay; Sophomore . . . RAY KICKLIGHTER, Tampa; Sophomore . . . EDITH KIEFER, Lake Worth; Freshman . . . JEAN KILBURN, Pompano Beach; Freshman . . . NANCY KILLGORE, St. Petersburg; Sophomore . . . JOHN KINCHLEY, Little Ferry, New Jersey; Freshman. FSU HAS THE LARGEST SCHOOL OF EDUCATION IN FLORIDA AND ONE OF THE LARGEST IN THE SOUTH. Howard, R. Howard, S. Ho well HoTwes Hudson, C. Hudson, N. Huff Huie Hull Hume Humphries Humphrys Hunt Hurley Huskisson Hussey Hussong Hutto, J. Hutto, R. Illg Jackson Jacobs Jennings Jeffers Jindra Johannes Johns, B. Johns, N. Johnson, B. Johnson, Bobby Johnson, Carolyn Johnson, C. Johnson, D. Johnson, Doris Johnson, Edna Johnson, Elmer Johnson, L. Johnson, M. Johnson, Maxine Johnson, P. Johnson, Philip Johnson, R. Johnson, Y. Joiner, M. Jolly Jones, B. Jones, Jane Jones, Jean Jones, M. Jones, P. Jones, W. Jordan Joyce Jurgens Kannon Karlsson Keel Keen, P. Keen, S. Keifh Kellogg Kelley, J. Kelley, P. Kelley, A. Kelley, B. Kelly Kelsey Kendrick Kennedy, D. Kennedy, J. Kennerly Kent Kenyon Kerr Diamond Kicklighter Kiefer Kilburn Kilgore Kinchley IJ i ] K K G R A 1 IJ A T E S Row One: CHERRY MAE KING, Lakeland; Freshman . . . JU ANITA P. KING, Tampa; Junior . . . KAY KING, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . MARTHA KING, Milton; Freshman . . . GENE KIRCHOFFER, Pensacola; Junior . . . ELLEN KIURU, Lake Worth; Freshman . . . SHEILA KNAUB, Tampa; Junior . . . NANCY KNIGHTON, Americus, Georgia; Junior. Row Two: NORMAN E. KNUCKEY, St. Petersburg; Sophomore . . . KAY KOHLER, New Port Richey; Freshman . . . KATHER INE KRATZ, Tallahassee; Junior . . . CHARLES KRBLICH, Chicago, Illinois; Sophomore . . . WALTER KREIG, Whitstone, New York; Freshman . . . ROBERT KURRAS, Mount Dora; Junior . . . JAMES KYLE, Miami Beach; Freshman . . . DON SCOTT KYSER, Lynn Haven; Freshman. Row Three: FRANCES LACKEY, Miami; Sophomore . . . CAROL FRANCES LABENSKL Waterford, Connecticut; Sophomore . . . JEAN LAMB, Arlington; Sophomore . . . WILLIAM DAVID LAMB, Swainsboro, Georgia; Freshman . . . BEATRICE L. LAMBERT, Havana; Fresh- man . . . DAVID LANG, Tallahassee; Junior . . . GRETA LARSEN, Bowling Green; Freshman . . . POLLY LASSITER, Lakes Wales; Junior. Row Four: BETTY LAWRENCE, Panama City; Freshman . . . JUANITA E. LAWRENCE, Marianna; Junior; LYLE RAY LAZEAR, Eustis; Fresh- man . . . PATRICIA ANN LEARY, Miami; Freshman . . . BETTY LECK, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . DAVID LEE, Tallahasse e; Freshman . . . JOAN LEE. West Palm Beach; Freshman . . . LINDA LEE, Palatka; Freshman. ' ' Party makes the world go ' round " at Tri Delt House Row Five: MONA JO LEE, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . SANDRA LOU LEE, Bradenton; Freshman . . . NANCY LEPP, St. Petersburg; Junior . . . DOROTHY LESLIE, Miami; Sophomore . . . EVELYN JANE LESLIE, Lake City; Freshman . . . BARBARA LOU LESTER, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . MARY ELAINE LEWIS, Cottondale; Sophomore . . . SYLVIA LEWIS, Cottonwood, Alabama; Freshman. Row Six: WAYNE LEWIS. Bradenton; Freshman . . . HANS W. LEWS. Sara- sota; Freshman . . . BERNHARDT LEYNES, Tallahassee, Sopho- more . . . MARY G. LICHARDELLO, Apalachicola; Freshman . . . JANET LIFSEY, West Palm Beach; Freshman . . . NELL LIMBAUGH, Alva; Sophomore . . . ELLEN JANE LINDEMAN, Orlando; Freshman . . . MARY SUZANNE LINEBAUGH, Tampa; Freshman. Row Seven: BARBARA LINEHAN. Tampa; Freshman . . . BEVERLY LIPTHROTT. Orlando; Sophomore . . . ALICE OSBORNE LONG, Jacksonville; Junior . . . FRIEDA LONG. Panama City; Freshman . . . JOE LONG, Winter Haven; Junior . . . MAX LONG. Jacksonville; Freshman . . . LYNN LONGBOTTOM. Avon Park; Sophomore . . . ANN LONGSHORE. St. Petersburg; Junior. Garnet Key goes " whackey " again Row Eight: HOWARD LOGUE. West Palm Beach; Freshman . . . ALICE LOSH- BOUGH, Clermont; Sophomore . . . MARY ALBERTA LOUTH AN. Okeechobee; Junior . . . SONIA LOVELL. Ocala; Sophomore . . . HARRIET LOWE. Homestead; Freshman . . . NANCY ELLEN LOWE, Miami; Sophomore . . . SHIRLEY LOWE. Zolfo Springs; Freshman . . . GWEN LOY. Vero Beach; Freshman. Row Nine: KARL LOZIER. Lantana; Freshman . . . SUSAN E. LUCAS. Jackson- ville; Sophomore . . . BERNICE LUNSFORD, Leary, Georgia; Sopho- more . . . JOEL LURIE. University Heights; Freshman . . . SHIRLEY LUTHER, Miami Shores; Freshman . . . BARBARA LYNCH, Miami; Freshman . . . LEILA LYNCH. St. Petersburg; Junior . . . TENILLA LYNES. Tampa; Freshman. Row Ten: JOAN MABRY. Plant City; Sophomore . . . CAROLE MacCORY. Miami; Freshman . . . MARGARET A. MacINTOSH. St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . PHYLLIS MACK. Winter Park; Freshman . . . CALVIN MADDOX. Wewahitchka; Freshman . . . HARRIET MAGFORD, Venice; Freshman . . . RALPH MAIER. Venice; Junior . . . ANN FRANCES MAINS. Clearwater; Freshman. CLAUDE THORNHILL AND HIS ORCHESTRA HAD THEM JUMPING AT THE SANDSPUR DANCE. King, C King, J. King, K. King, M. Kirchofier Kiuru Knaub Knighton Knuckey Kohler Kratz Krblich Krieg Kurras Kyle Kyser Lackey Labenski Lamb, J. Lamb, W. Lambert Lang Larsen Lassiter Lawrence, B. Lawrence, J. Lazear Leary Leek Lee, D. Lee, I. Lee, L. Lee, M. Lee, S. Lepp Leslie, D. Leslie, E. Lester Lewis, M. Lewis, S. Lewis, W. Lews Leynes Lichardello Lifsey Limbaugh Lindeman Linebaugh Linehan Lipthrott Long, A. Long, F. Long, J. Long, M. Longbottom Longshore Logue Loshbough Louthan Lovell Lowe, H. Lowe, N. Lowe. S. Loy Lozier Lucas Lunsiord Lurie Luther Lynch, B. Lynch, L. Lynes Mabry MacCory Macintosh Mack Maddox Magford Maier Mains IJ i 1) 11 R G 11 A 1) IJ A T E S Row One: MARGARET MALLOY. Sanford; Freshman . . . ROY MALOY, Pan- ama City; Freshman . . . RAY MALTBY, Dade City; Freshman . . . PAT MANAUGH, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . MARJORIE MAN- GELS, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . HELEN MANSFIELD, Bowling Green; Junior . . . BETTY MAPES, Arcadia; Sophomore . . . BETTY OLIVER MAPES, Montgomery, Alabama; Freshman. Row Three: CHRISTINE MARTINELLI, Homestead; Sophomore . . . JANICE MARZ, Orlando; Sophomore . . . KATHERINE MASON, Tallahassee; Junior . . . BARBARA MATHEWS, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . GEORGE MATTER, West Palm Beatch; Freshman . . . CHARLES C. MAT- THEWS, Westville; Freshman . . . MARY ANNE MATTHEWS, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . JOSEPH MATTMAN, Sarasota; Freshman. Row Two: SONYA MARCELLING, Delray Beach; Freshman . . . GEORGE E. MARCHETTL Pensacola; Junior . . . ELAINE MARCUM, Jacksonville, Junior . . . MIRIAN MARCUM, Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . CHAR- LOTTE MARSHALL, West Palm Beach; Sophomore . . . JOYCE MARSHALL, Apalachicola; Junior . . . RONALD MARTIN, Miami; Freshman . . . SUE MARTIN, Lakeland; Freshman. Row Four: NANCY MAYER, Pensacola; Sophomore . . . FRANCES MAYO, Richland, Georgia; Junior . . . NANCY McAFEE, Tampa; Junior . . . ANN McBRIDE, Lake City; Sophomore . . . JEANNE McCABE, Clinton, South Carolina; Freshman . . . ROBERT McCALL, DeFuniak Springs; Freshman . . . ALECIA McCARTHY, Miami; Freshman . i;- . GERNALD McCLELLAND, Leesburg; Sophomore. Row Five: WANDA McCLUNG, West Palm Beach; Junior . . . JUDY McCRACKEN, Scarsdale; Sophomore . . . MARGIE McCREIGiiT, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . JEAN McDANIEL. Lake Worth. Fr h- man . . . CHARLES McDANIELS, Freeport; Junior . . . QjfKlL McDONOUGH, Hollywood; Freshman . . . RODNEY McDONAlD, Tallahassee; Junior . . . DERWYN McELROY, Panama Cjty; Freshman. - i I Row Six: I ' Coeds look over Broward Hall decorations LOIS McGILLIVRAY, Lakeland; Freshman . . . RUTH McGRAW, Tallahassee; Freshman ... JO ANN McINTOSH, Graceville; Fresh- man . . . JAMES L.McKEOWN, Quincy; Junior . . . RUTH McKlN- NEY, Panama City; Sophomore . . . ROBERT McKENZIE, Panama City; Junior . . . JANE McKNEELY, Griffin, Georgia; Sophomore . . . MARY ELIZABETH McLEOD, Jasper; Freshman. Row Seven: N ANNETTE McLAIN, Tampa; Sophomore . . . ELAINE McLENDON, Homestead; Freshman . . . LYNN McNAB, Tampa; Sophomore . . . BOBBIE LOU McPHERSON, Zephyrhills; Junior . . . EUGENIA McSWAIN, Arcadia; Sophomore . . . NATHETTA McWHERTER, Miami; Junior . . . BARBARA MEADOWS, Daytona Beach; Sopho- more . . . JOAN MARIE MEDLIN, St. Augustine; Sophomore. Row Eight: MARION MEIDE, Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . EUDORA MELVIN, Cottondale; Freshman . . . CAROL MEMBERT, Sarasota; Fresh- man . . . PAT MEREDITH, Daytona Beach; Sophomore . . . JANE MERLIN, Tampa; Junior . . . EDWARD MESSICK, Laurel Hill; Fresh- man . . . SONYA MEYER, Apopka; Junior ... VIC MICKUNAS, St. Petersburg; Sophomore. jf | Row Nine: ■ .n. ' Ms Just a little harmonizing JOAN MIKESELL, Largo; Sophomore . . . CHARLIE MILFORD, Madison; Junior . . . NORMA LEA MILES, Coral Gables, Freshman . . . RUTH ANNE MILES, Miami; Sophomore . . . ARDENN MILLER, Palatka, Sophomore . . . BARBARA JEAN MILLER, Bonifay; Fresh- man . . . DOROTHY ANN MILLER, Key West; Sophomore . . . FAY MILLER, DeFuniak Springs; Junior. Row Ten: MARILYN MILLER, Vero Beach; Sophomore . . . MARY ELIZABETH MILLER, Wauchula; Sophomore . . . PATRICIA ANN MILLER. Ft. Walton; Freshman . . . RAE MILLER, Palatka; Sophomore . . . CONNIE MILLS, Century; Freshman . . . DOROTHY MAE MITCHELL, Miami; Freshman . . . SHERRY LEE MITCHELL, Valparaiso; Fresh- man . . . VIRGINIA H. MITCHELL, Kenansville, Sophomore. OPPERMAN HALL, OUR AIR-CONDITIONED MUSIC BUILDING, IS UNEXCELLED IN THE NATION. Malloy Maloy Maltby Manauqh Mangels MansHeld Mapes, Betty Mapes, Betty O. Marcellino Marchetti Marcum, E. Marcum, M. Marshall, C. Marshall. J. Martin, R. Martin, S. Martinelli Marz Mason Mathews Matter Matthews, C. Matthews, M. Mattman Mayer Mayo McAfee McBride McCabe McCall McCarthy McClelland McClung McCracken McCreight McDaniel McDaniels McDensough McDonald McElroy McGillivray McGraw Mcintosh McKeown McKinney McKenzie McKneely McLeod McLain McLendon McNab McPherson McSwain McWherter Meadows Medlin Meide Melvin Membert Meredith Merlin Messick Meyer Mickunas Mikesell Milford Miles, N. Miles, R. Miller, A. Miller, B. Miller, D. Miller, F. Miller, M. Miller, Mary Miller, P. Miller, Rae Mills Mitchell, D. Mitchell, S. Mitchell, V. IJ N 1 E U G 11 A 1) 11 A T E S Row One: CARL MOHR, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . SARA EULA MONEY, Haines City; Freshman . . . ANN MOORE, Daytona Beach; Junior . . . JOANNE MOORE, Tallahassee; Junior . . . JOSEPH RICHARD MOORER, Orangeburg, South Carolina; Sophomore . . . JULIE MORAN, Mulberry; Freshman . . . JEAN MORGAN, Miami; Fresh- man . . . SELMA MORGAN, Lake Wales; Sophomore. Row Three: BETTY ANN MUNROE, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . DINAH LEE MURPHY, Auburndale; Sophomore . . . ANN MURRAY. Bagdad; Freshman . . . GERMAINE MURRAY, Miami; Freshman . . . WALTER SHELDON MUSGROVE, West Palm Beach; Freshman . . . JOAN E. MYNIHAN, Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . GENE NABL Jacksonville; Junior . . . REGINALD NAIRON. Parris, Tennessee; Freshman. Row Two: TOM MORGAN, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . DANNY MORRIS, DeFuniak Springs; Sophomore . . . FAY MORRIS, Pensacola; Sopho- more . . . JUNE MORRIS, Pensacola; Freshman . . . GAIL MOR- RISON, Pelham, Georgia; Sophomore . . . JACKIE MORRISON, Clermont; Sophomore . . . KATHERYN MORROW, Tampa; Sopho- more . . . MANUEL MOSHANAS, Tarpon Springs, Sophomore. Row Four: RICHARD NASRALLAH, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . PaiSY NEAL, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . CARYL NEEL, Thomasville, Georgia; Freshman . . . VIRGINIA NEILL, Ft. Pierce; Freshman . . . MAR- GARET NELLER, Ft. Pierce; Freshman . . . KENNETH NELSON, Pensacola; Junior . . . VERNOR NELSON, Pensacola; Freshman . . . MARY NESMITH, Tampa; Freshman. Alumni .sign up for big Homecoming weekend Row Five: PATRICIA NEWBEEN, Auburndale; Freshman . . . VALDA AwN NEWBERRY, Bainbridge, Georgia; Sophomore . . . WILLIAM R. NEWBERRY, Barth; Junior . . . LUCY NEWSOM, Williston; Sopho- more . . . CLYCH NEMSOME, Jacksonville; Junior . . . ROBERT J. NEWSOM, Ocala; Sophomore . . . MARILYN NICHOLAS, Jack- sonville; Freshman; BETTY JEAN NICHOLS, Tallahassee; Freshman. Row Six: « LOU NIERNSTEIN, Birmingham, Alabama; Freshman . . . VIRGINIA NORFLEET, Newberry; Sophomore . . . FA YE NORMAN, Talla- hassee; Sophomore . . . BILL NORRIS, Panama City; Freshman . . . WILLIAM E. NORRIS, Lake City; Junior . . . JULIA NORTON, Tampa; Sophomore . . . PAT NORVELL, Ft. Pierce; Freshman . . . KLYNE NOWLIN, Daytona Beach; Junior. Row Seven: MARIETTA NUCCIO, Tampa; Freshman . . . BETTY JOAN OAKS, Crawfordville; Sophomore . . . PAT O ' BRIEN, Jacksonville, Sopho- more . . . EUGENIA RUTH OGDEN, Winter Haven; Sophomore . . . PATRICIA O ' HERN, Atlanta, Georgia; Freshman . . . JANE OLDS, Venice; Freshman . . . TED OLSON, Tallahassee; Junior . . . PAULA ORR, Orlando; Freshman. Five minutes before curtain time Row Eight: JANET ANN OSBORN, Eustis; Sophomore . . . PHYLLIS OUTLAW, Ponce de Leon, Junior . . . JAYNE OWEN, Tallahassee, Freshman; TOMMY OWEN, Webster; Junior ... JO ANN OWENS, Pensacola; Sophomore . . . MARTHA OWENS, Quincy; Sophomore . . . RO- BERTA RUTH PACE, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . FRANCINE PAKALL, Clearwater; Freshman. Row Nine: GRAGIANO PALAZZOLO, Miami; Sophomore . . . KATHERINE PANOS, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . BETTY JEAN PARKER, Stuart; Sophomore . . . CECILE PARKER, New Smyrna; Sophomore . . . CYNTHIA PARR, Miami; Freshman . . . GLORIA PARRISH, Talla- hassee; Sophomore . . . MARILYN PARRISH, Laurel Hill; Sopho- more . . . ROBERT L. PARRISH, Pensacola; Freshman. Row Ten: SYLVIA PARRISH, Orlando; Freshman . . . JOYCE PARTIN, Winter Haven; Freshman . . . FLORENCE H. PATE, Greenville; Freshman . . . SALLY PAUL, Lake City; Junior . . . MEREDITH PAYNE, Pa- latka; Freshman . . . PAT PAYNE, Atlanta, Georgia; Junior . . . KITTY PEACOCK, Auburndale; Junior . . . DOROTHY PEADEN, Trenton; Junior. OUR HOMECOMING QUEEN, MARLIES GESSLER, MADE LIFE MAGAZINE. Mohr Money Moore, Ann Moore, J. Moorer Moran Morgan, J. Morgan, S. Morgan, T. Morris, D. Morris, F. Morris, J. Morrison, G. Morrison, J. Morrow, K. Moshanas Munroe Murphy Murray, A. Murray, G. Musgrove Mynihan Nabe Nairon Nasrallah Neal Neel Neill Neller Nelson, K. Nelson, V. Nesmith Newbeen Newberry, V. Newberry, Wm. Newsom Newsome, C. Newsome, R. Nicholas Nichols Niernstein Norfleet Norman Norris, B. Norris, Wm. Norton Norvell Nowlin Nuccio Oaks O ' Brien Ogden O ' Hern Olds Olson Orr Osborn Outlaw Owen, J. Owen, T. Owens, J. Owens, M. Pace Pakell Palazzulo Panos Parker, B. Parker, C. Parr Parrish, G. Parrish, M. Parrish, R. Parrish, S. Partin Pate Paul Payne, M. Payne, P. Peacock Peaden i; X 1) E 11 G R A 1) IJ A T E S Row One: BARBARA ANN PEARL, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . JOAN PEAR- SON, Miami; Sophomore . . . MELViN PEARSON, Savannah, Georgia; Freshman . . . DARLYN PECK, Tampa; Freshman . . . HAROLD PEEBLES, Bluff Springs; Freshman . . . ANN PELL, Hollywood, Freshman . . . JACKIE PENMAN, Miami; Sophomore . . . ALICE LUCILE PENNER, Santa Rosa; Freshman. Row Three: SUSAN PHELPS, Orlando; Freshman . . . VIRGINIA PHILLIPS, West Palm Beach; Sophomore . . . WILLADENE PIERCE, Palmetto; Junior . . . CAROL SUE PIPER, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . GENE PIPKIN, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . BERTIE PITTMAN, Quincy; Junior . . . PHYLLIS ANN PITTMAN, Boston, Georgia; Junior . . . ELIZABETH PITTS, Tallahassee; Freshman. Row Two: NANCY JEAN PENROSE, Sarasota; Junior . . . PATSY PETER, Orlando; Junior . . . PATRICIA ANN PETERS; Atlanta, Georgia; Freshman . . . ARLENE ANN PETERSON, Callahan; Freshman . . . LILA PETERSON, Largo; Sophomore . . . ALICIA PETRUSKA, Pensa- cola; Freshman . . . FRANK PETUS, Palmetto; Freshman . . . WILLIAM PFEIFFER, Pensacola; Freshman. Row Four: CEDORA PLATT, Dade City; Sophomore . . . JOANNE PLATT, Pahokee, Freshman . . . PHYLLIS PLATTS, Ft. Pierce; Junior . . . GERDA PODDICK, Miami; Sophomore . . . BETTY JEAN POLLOCK, Highland City, Freshman . . . PHILLIP PONDER, Ocala; Sophomore . . . JEANETTE PORTER, Tarpon Springs; Freshman . . . PATSY POTTER, Chipley; Junior. TB or not TB — hope it ' s out of the question Row Five: MARJORIE POTTS, Miami; Junior . . . JOSEPHINE POWELL, Holly- wood; Junior . . . NORMA JEAN PRATER, Jacksonville; Junior . . . NANCENE PRICE, Lake Worth; Sophomore . . . MARILYN PRICE, Tampa; Junior . . . JOAN PRICHARD, Miami; Freshman . . . LYDIA E. PROSTOV, Panama City; Sophomore . . . IN A JEAN PRUITT, Miami; Freshman. Row Six: JEAN PUTNAM, Orlando; Freshman . . . SUSAN QUARTERMAN, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . ELLEN QUICKSALL, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . PAUL RAGG, Jacksonville; Junior . . . SIGURJON RAGNARSSON, Reykiavik, Iceland; Freshman . . . NANCY ELIZA- BETH RAINEY, Monticello; Sophomore . . . HARRIET RAMSEY, Blountstown; Freshman . . . HARRIET ELIZABETH RAMSEY, Tampa; Sophomore. Row Seven: JEAN RANDOLPH, Jacksonville; Freshman . . .JANET RAWLES, Jacksonville; Junior . . . MARTHA RAZOR, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . CHARLOTTE REAM, Miami; Sophomore . . . CAROLYN RED- FERN, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . JANET REED, Ft. Pierce; Fresh- man . . . MILDRED REGISTER, Madison; Junior . . . RUFUS REG- ISTER, Graceville; Freshman. Sophomores vote for Hop Queen Row Eight: JENNINGS REHWINKEL, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . FRANK REISER, Bradenton; Junior . . . JOYCE REYNOLDS, Tampa; Freshman . . . DOROTHY RICH, Odessa; Sophomore . . . ANITA RICHARDSON, Clarcona; Sophomore . . . ROSEMARY RICHARDSON, Mims; Fresh- man . . . MADELYN RICKER, Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . ANN RIDDELL, Ft. Lauderdale; Freshman. Row Nine: DONNA RIDGE, Naples; Fre3h:-nan . . . MICHAEL RIDGEDELL. Wild- wood; Freshman . . . ROSE ELLEN RILE A, Ocala; Freshman . . . CUBY RILES, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . GLORIA RILEY, Jackson- ville; Freshman . . . JACK RITCHIE, Tallaha-.see; Freshman . . . FLOYD S. RISLEY, Mount Dora; Junior . . . BARBARA ROBEHSON, GraceviFe; Freshman. flow Ten: JOHN G. ROBERTS, Tampa; Freshman . . . ELIZABETH ROBERTSON, Gainesville; Sophomore . . . HOWARD ROBERTSON, Pensacola; Freshman . . . JEAN ROBERTSON, Miami; Freshman . . . MARY JANE ROBERTSON, Orlando; Freshman . . . ANN MARIE ROBIDOUX, Pensacola; Sophomore . . . NEAL ROBINSON, Crestview; Freshman . . . PATRICIA ANN ROBINSON, St. Petersburg; Sophomore. FSU IS ONE OF THE FEW UNIVERSITIES IN THE U.S. lO HAVE OPEN STACKS. Pearl Pearson, J. Pearson, M. Peck Peebles Pell Penman Penner Penrose Peter Peters Petersen Peterson Petruska Petus Pfeiifer Phelps Phillips Pierce Piper Pipkin Pittman, B. Pittman, P. Pitts Piatt. C. Piatt. I. Platts Poddick Pollick Ponder Porter Potter Potts Powell Prater Price, N. Price, M. Prichard Prostov Pruitt Putnam Quarterman Quicksall Ragg Ragnarsson Rainey Ramsey, H. Ramsey, H. E. Randolph Rawles Razor Ream Redfern Reed Register, M. Register, R. Rehwinkel Reiber Reynolds Rich Richardson, A. Richardson, R. Ricker Riddell Ridge Ridgedell Rilea Riley Ritchie Risley Roberson Roberts Robertson, E. Robertson, H. Robertson, J. Robertson, M. Robidoux Robinson, N. Robinson. P. IJ N 1) K R G 11 A 1) IJ A T K S Row One: WILLIAM DOUGLAS ROBINSON, Mango; Sophomore . . . GRACE ROBINSON, Tampa; Freshman ... JO ROBOLD, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . CAROL RODGERS, Miami; Freshman . . . JUNE A. RODGERS, Miami; Freshman . . . CELESTE RODGERS, Ocala; Sophomore . . . JEAN ROGERS, Miami; Freshman . . . LAURA NELL ROGERS, Laurel Hill; Junior. Row Three: HELEN RUSSELL, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . VIRGINIA RUSSELL, Key West; Junior . . . HAL RUTLAND, Williston; Freshman . . . BARBARA A. RYNSKl Jensen; Freshman . . . CLIFFORD SADLER, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . ARLENE SALEEBY, Jacksonville; Fresh- man . . . RALPH E. SALLS. St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . CLAIRE SAPPINGTON, Vero Beach; Junior. Row Two: JEANNE ELINOR ROHME, Riviera Beach; Sophomore . . . MARIAN ROSEBOUROUGH, Mount Dora; Sophomore . . . FRAN ROSS, Lake- land; Freshman . . . MURIEL V. ROTHERHAM, Revere, Massachu- setts; Sophomore . . . DORIS ANN ROTTLER, Miami; Freshman . . . PAT ROUEN, Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . DOLORES KCYS, Ft. Myers; Sophomore . . . ALAN J. RUBIN, Miami Beach; Freshman. Row Four: MARY J. SANCHEZ, Key West; Sophomore . . . RONALD E. SAND- ERS, Pensacola; Sophomore . . . VIRGINIA SANFORD, Apopka; Junior . . . BARBARA S ANT AN A, Sarasota; Freshman . . . EARL SAPP, Tallahassee; Senior . . . CLAIRE SAPPINGTON, Vero Beach; -Junior . . . MARTHA SAUNDERS, Havana; Junior . . . RONALD SAVELLE, Bonifay; Sophomore. Row Five: BARBARA JEAN SCANLON, Panama City; Sophomore . . . LOUISE SCARBOROUGH, Miami; Freshman . . . SANDRA SCHAAL, Ocala; Freshman . . . GRACE SCHATZMAN, St. Cloud; Sophomore . . . EARL SCHROEDER, Valparaiso; Freshman . . . GINNY SCHENCK, Savannah, Georgia; Sophomore . . . BETTY ANN SCHERER, Molino; Freshman . . . SUE SCHOCK, Winter Haven; Junior. Row Six: PATRICIA SCHOFIELD, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . JAY SCHWARZ- MAN, Miami; Sophomore . . . MARTHA SCOTT, Bradenton; Sopho- more . . . MARILYNE SE ARIGHT, Cen Hershy, Cuba; Sophomore . . . ELEANOR SEARING, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . BETTY SELLARS, Tampa; Junior . . . JERRY SELLERS, Altha; Freshman . . . LOU ANN SELF, Sarasota; Freshman. The ' jumping jacks " of the Gymkana Show Row Seven: DOROTHY SHAFER, Lakeland; Freshman . . Bradenton; Freshman . . . NANCY SHARP, . . . DOROTHY SHARITZ, Pahokee; Freshman Tampa; Sophomore . . . MARILYN W. SHEFFIELD, Mango; Fresh- man . . . JANE SHEPARD, St. Petersburg; Sophomore . . . MARY SHEPPARD, Trenton; Sophomore. BETTY JANE SHARP, Ft. Pierce; Freshman . . . VIRGINIA SHAW, Ten minute hretik hetiveen classes Row Eight: NORMAN SHIPLEY, Kansas City, Kansas; Freshman . . . MARY GRACE SHOEMAKER, Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . RICHARD SHO- ENBERGER, Hallandale; Junior . . . BARBARA SHULER, Homestead; Sophomore . . . BARBARA SHUMACKER, Sebring; Junior . . . ALLEN SIKES, O ' Brien; Sophomore . . . J. W. SILCOX, Panama City; Junior . . . FRANK SIMARL Melbourne; Freshman. Row Nine: CORRIE SIMMONS, Orlando; Freshman . . . EVELYN SIMMONS, Albany, Georgia; Freshman . . . RAMON A SIMMONS, Ft. Walton; Freshman . . . CAROLYN SIMONDS, Winter Park; Junior . . . ELIZ- ABETH SIMONTON, Orlando; Junior . . . IRMA JEAN SIMPSON, Tampa; Freshman . . . MARTHA SIMPSON, Mount Dora; Freshman SHIRLEY ROSE SIMPSON, Ft. Pierce; Sophomore. Row Ten: JANE SISSON, Tampa; Freshman . . . ROBERT SISTRUNK, Talla- hassee; Sophomore . . . PHILLIP SLATON, Eustis; Freshman . . . BARBARA SLAUGHTER, Wauchula; Freshman . . . CAROL SLAVENS, St. Petersburg; Junior . . . MARTHA SLAYDEN, Brooksville; Fresh- man . . . ELEANOR SMITH, Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . JANE SMITH, Haines City; Freshman. THE CIRCUS HAS OVER 300 STUDENT PERFORMERS AND DOES 15 ROAD TRIPS A YEAR. Robinson. W. Robinson, G. Robold Rodgers. C. Rodgers, J. Rogers, C. Rogers, J. Rogers, L. Rohme Rosebourough Ross Rotherham Rotller Rouen Roys Rubin Russell, H. Russell, V. Rutland Rynski Sadler Saleeby Sails Sappington Sanchez Sanders Sanford Santanas Sapp Sappington Saunders Savelle Scanlon Scarborough Schaal Schatzman Schroeder Schenck Scherer Schock Scholield Schwarzman Scoff Searight Searing Sellers, B. Sellers, I. Sell Shafer Sharp, B. Sharp, N. Sharitz Shaw Sheffield Shepard Sheppard Shipley Shoemaker Shoenberger Shuler Shumacker S ' kes Silcox Simari Simmons, C. Simmons, E. Simmons, R. Simonds Simonfon Simpson, I. Simpson, M. Simpson, S. Sisson Sistrunk Slaton Slaughter Slovens Slayden Smith, E. Smith, I. i; i I) K R 11 A l IJ A T E S Row One: JANE LUNDY SMITH, Venice; Sophomore . . . JEANINE SMITH, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . JOSEPH JAMES SMITH, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . MARY ALICE SMITH, Tampa; Sophomore . . . MICKI SMITH, Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . NANCY SMITH, Mount Dora; Junior . . . NETHA CLARA SMITH, Kissimmee; Junior . . . ROSE SMITH, Jacksonville; Sophomore. Row Three: JANICE SOUTHERLAND, Lakeland; Freshman . . . GINGER SPARKS, Ft. Myers; Freshman . . . RAYMOND SPEARS, Winter Garden; Sophomore . . . MARY ANN SPERRY, Clearwater; Sophomore . . . VIRGINIA J. SPICER, St. Augustine; Freshman . . . NANCY SPIDEL, Tampa; Freshman . . . ROBERT P. SPIVEY, Tampa; Sophomore . . . ELOISE E. SPOTO, Tampa; Freshman. Row Two: SHIRLEY SMITH, Ocala; Freshman . . . WENDELL SMITH, Lake Worth; Freshman . . . MARTHA SMOTHERS, Sebring; Freshman . . . SYBLE SNELL, Bartow; Sophomore . . . JANICE SNELLGROVE, Grace ville; Freshman . . . CAROL ROSALIE SNYDER, Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . MARVIN SOLOMON, Tampa; Sophomore . . . ANNE SOUTER. Tallahassee; Sophomore. Row Four: TERRY ANN STAHLNAKER, Haines City; Freshman . . . JOYCELYN LEE STANDISH, Safety Harbor; Sophomore . . . JOHN STANLEY, Ft. Walton; Freshman . . . WILLIAM STANLEY, Parker; Freshman . . . JIMMY STAPLES, Ft. Lauderdale; Freshman . . . PATRICIA STAPLETON. Wilmette, Illinois; Freshman . . . JANET STARK, Day- tona Beach; Sophomore . . . ROY STATTON, Mount Dora; Junior. i. Cheerleaders urge team on tvith war whoop Row Five: CAROLYN STEEDLEY, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . KENNETH STEELE, Baker; Sophomore . . . DOT STEPHENS, Tallahassee; Soph- omore . . . MARILYN STEPHENS, St. Augustine; Junior . . . MARION STEPHENSON, Bradenton; Freshman . . . BARBARA STEVENSON, Red Creek, New York; Freshman . . . MAViS STEWART, Jay; Soph- omore . . . JEAN STIGLER, Daytona Beach; Freshman. Row Six: FRANCES BAILEY STOKES, Tampa; Sophomore . . . JEANNE STOKES, Auburndale; Freshman . . . SHIRLEY ANN STOKES, Lake Aliord; Freshman . . . EDRIS ANN STONE, Ft. Lauderdale; Freshman . . . HAROLD DEAN STONE. Greenwood; Freshman . . . GEORGE STORY, Tallahassee; Junior . . . ELSIE BE A STRICKLAND, Gainesville; Freshman . . . BETTY STRUTH, Milton; Sophomore. Row Seven: WALTON KENNETH STUCKEY, Century; Freshman . . . DOROTHY STURGIS, St. Petersburg; Junior . . . ELIZABETH SUGGS, Avon Park; Freshman . . . EVELYN JOYCE SUBER, Greensboro; Sophomore . . . ELIZABETH SULLENBERGER, Tallahassee; Junior . . . SARA SUL- LENBERGER, Tallahassee; Junior . . . BETTY SULLIVAN, Lakelcnd; Freshman . . . ISABEL SULLIVAN, Miami; Freshman. Freshmen insist on Rat Court president going swimming Row Eight: WILLIAM SULLIVAN, DeFuniak Springs; Freshman . . . BARBARA SUMMERFIELD, Coral Gables; Sophomore . . . ADDIE SUMMERS, Bristol; Sophomore . . . JANE SWEARINGEN, Bartow; Freshman . . . CYNTHIA S WE ATT. Orlando; Freshman . . . JOHN W. SWEENEY, Riverview; Freshman . . . WILLIAM TARTT, Wilmington, North Carolina; Junior . . . MARY E. TATUM, Miami; Junior. Row Nine: JOAN TAVEL, Orlando; Freshman . . . BOB TAYLOR, Holly Hill Sophomore . . . ENID TAYLOR, Mims; Freshman . . . JOAN ESTELI, TAYLOR, Miami; Freshman . . . MINNIE TAYLOR, Blountstown Sophomore . . . MYRTICE TAYLOR. Dunedin; Sophomore . . PATRICIA TAYLOR, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . BARBARA TEA GARDEN, Tallahassee; Freshman. Row Ten: DONN G. TEAL. Bradenton; Sophomore . . . WAYNE TERRY, St. Petersburg, Sophomore . . . BARBARA KATE THOMAS, High Springs; Junior . . . JOYCE THOMAS, Panama City; Sophomore . . . MAR- LENE THOMAS, Ft. Pierce; Freshman . . . SUSAN FOLEY THOMAS, Tampa; Freshman . . . BARBARA THOMPSON, Miami; Junior . . . JOYCE E. THOMPSON, Live Oak; Sophomore. ATTENTION, MEN! FSU GENEROUSLY OFFERS YOU A.R.O.T.C OR R.O.T.C. Smith. J. L. Smith, Jeanine Smith, Joseph Smith. M. A. Smith, Micki Smith, Nancy Smith, Netha Smith, R. Smith, S. Smith. W. Smothers Snell Snellgrove Snyder Solomon Souter Southerland Sparks Spears Sperry Spicer Spidel Spivey Spoto Stahlnaker Standish Stanley, J. Stanley, Wm. Staples Stapleton Stark Statton Steedley Steele Stephens, D. Stephens, M, Stephenson Stevenson Stewart Stigler Stokes, F. Stokes, J. Stokes, S. Stone, E. Stone, H. Story Strickland Struth Stuckey Sturgis Suggs Suber Sullenberger, E. Sullenberger, S. Sullivan, B. Sullivan, I. Sullivan. W. Summerfield Summers Swearingen Sweatt Sweeney TartI Tatum Tavel Taylor, B. Taylor, E. Taylor, J. Taylor, Minnie Taylor, Myrtice Taylor, P. Teagarden Teal Terry Thomas, B. Thomas, J. Thomas, M. Thomas, S. Thompson, B. Thompson, J. . ' • twm IJ N I) 11 11 G R A 1) IJ A T li; S Row One: MARY LOIS THORNHILL, Winter Haven; Freshman . . . FRED A. THORNTON, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . IV A JOYCE THORNTON, Wauchula; Sophomore . . . LOUIS TILLER Y, Winter Haven; Fresh- man ... JO ANN TILLEY, Dunedin; Junior . . . BETTY TINDELL, Lake Wales; Sophomore . . . STANLEY LOUIS TIPPIN. Vero Beach; Sophomore . . . GALE TOMLINSON, Lake Wales; Junior. Row Three: , ALICE ANN TUCKER, Valdosta, Georgia; Junior . . . JULIA ANN TULLOS, Havana; Sophomore . . . JERRY TURNER, Tallahassee; Freshman . . .RAY TURNER, Bowling Green; Freshman . . . PAT TURNLEY, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . MARY BELLE T WITTY, Sebring; Sophomore . . . GORDON W. TYRELL, Pensacola; Junior . . . DALIO JOSEPH ULIANO, Lawrence, Massachusetts; Junior. Row Two: CORINNE BETTY TRAEGER, Miami; Freshman . . . HELEN TRAM- MELL, West Palm Beach; Sophomore . . . SHIRLEY TRAXLER, Alachua; Sophomore . . . BARBARA TRIBBLE, Wake Forest, North Carolina; Freshman . . . CAROL TRIMMER, Zolfo Springs; Junior . . . JOAN LOUISE TRITTIPO, Gambier, Ohio; Junior . . . CAROLYN TROWBRIDGE. Largo; Freshman . . . MARY TRUELUCK, Jackson- ville; Freshman. Row Four: MELINDA USINA, St. Augustine; Freshman . . . IRENE VAMVAKS, Miami; Freshman . . . CYNTHIA VANCE, Hamilton, Ohio; Freshman . . . ALIDA VANIDERSTEIN, Lake City; Sophomore . . . CHARLES VAN MIDDLES WORTH, St. Petersburg; Sophomore . . . MARJORIE VANN, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . DONALD VANNUS, Ft. Lauder- dale; Freshman . . . JANET VANOUSE, Canfield, Ohio; Sophomore. Scenes for S. Caivthon s Homecoming decorations Row Five: , MARGARET VAUGHAN, Jacksonville; Junior . . . NANCY VAUGHN, St. Petersburg; Freshman . . . KATHLEEN VEAL, Tallahassee; Soph- omore . . . BARBARA VETTER, Miami; Freshman . . . BARBARA VICKERS, Ft. Pierce; Freshman . . . LAURIE VINCENTl Howey-in- the-Hills; Freshman . . . PAT VINES, Atlanta, Georgia; Junior . . . LOU RENE VOGES, Orlando; Sophomore. Row Six: JOAN VON DOHLEN, Jacksonville; Junior . . . HOWARD WADE. Tavares; Freshman . . . HELEN WAGES, Mount Dora; Junior . . . RICHARD WAGNER, Fountain; Sophomore . . . THOMAS A. WAITS, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . NANCY WAKEFIELD, Mobile, Alabama; Sophomore . . . JIMMY WALDORFF, A ' .tha; Sophomore . . . CLAUDIA WALKER, Tampa; Freshman. Row Seven: CLYDE R. WALKER, Long wood; Sophomore . . . JANE WALKER, West Palm Beach; Freshman . . . FRED WALTER, Lake Worth; Freshman . . . JOYCE ANN WALTERS, Lutz; Freshman . . . PAT WALTERS, Apopka; Junior . . . GLORIA WARD, Tallahassee; Junior . . . RUTH WARD, Hollywood; Sophomore . . . JANE WARDLAW, Hialeah; Sophomore. First signs of spring Row Eight: YVONNE WARREN, Chipley; Junior . . .BROWNLEE WASCHEK, Brooks ville; Junior . . . LOUISE WATSON, Wild wood; Junior . . . GAILEE WATTS, Clearwater; Freshman . . . MARION WEAVER, Boynton; Freshman . . . RONALD WEAVER, Kansas City, Kansas; Freshman . . . JOYCE WHIDDON, Thomasville, Georgia; Junior . . . BETTA WEEKS, Lynn Haven; Junior. Row Nine: FLORENCE WEEKS. Lake City; Junior . . . NANCY WEHNER. Day- tona Beach; Sophomore . . . JEAN WEIKERT, Vero Beach; Freshman . . . NANCY WEIR, Tampa; Sophomore . . . CAROL ANN WELLS, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . CLARA NELL WELLS, Madison; Sopho- more . . . THOMAS L. WELLS, JR., Clearwater; Freshman . . . THOMASSINA WELLS. Bunnell; Freshman. Row Ten: PHYLLIS WESNER, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . CHARLOTTE WEST, St. Petersburg; Junior . . . GAIL WEST. Daytona Beach; Sophomore . . . EUGENIA WESTER, Grand Ridge; Junior . . . LAWRENCE WES- TON, Marianne; Junior . . . BETTY WHETSTONE, Tampa; Junior . . . DAVID WHIPPLE, Opalocka; Freshman . . . DONALD WHITE, St. Petersburg, Freshman. FSU SPONSORS ONE-HALF HOUR OF TV SHOW EVERY TWO WEEKS IN JACKSONVILLE. Thornhill Thornton, F. Thornton, I. Tillery Tilley Tindell Tippin Tomlinson Traeger Trammell Traxler Tribble Trimmer Trittipo Trowbridge Trueluck Tucker Tullos Turner, J. Turner, R. Turnley Twitty Tyrell Uliano Usina Vam Vaks Vance Vaniderstein Van Middlesworth Vann Vannus Vanouse Vaughan Vaughn Veal Vetter Vickers Vincenti Vines Voges Von Dohlen Wade Wages Wagner Waits Wakeiield Waldorf Walker, Claudia Walker, Clyde Walker, J. Walter Walters, J. Walters, P. Ward, G. Ward, R. WardlaTW Warren Waschek Watson Watts Weaver, M. Weaver, R. Whiddon Weeks, B. Weeks, F. Wehner Weikert Weir Wells, Carol Wells, Clara Wells, Thomas Wells, Thomctssina Wesner West, C. West, G. Wester Weston Whetstone Whipple White, D. IJ N 1) K R G 11 A 1) IJ A T K S Row One: HELEN L. WHITE. Pensacola: Sophomore . . . MARGARET WHITE, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . THALIA WHITEHURST. Lake Wales; Sophomore . . . HELEN WHITEMORE, Orlando; Sophomore . . . NELDA ANN WHITTLE, Brooksville; Sophomore . . . ELLIOTT WHIT- TON, Ponce de Leon; Senior . . . CAROLYN WILKINSON, Punta Gorda; Freshman . . . MARJORIE WILKINSON, Thomas ville, Georgia; Freshman. Row Three: JEAN WILLIAMS, Lakeland; Junior . . . JOANNE WILLIAMS, Adel, Georgia; Sophomore . . . J. T. WILLIAMS, JR., St. Augustine; Sopho- more . . . KENNETH DON WILLIAMS, Key West; Freshman . . . LA VERNE WILLIAMS, Greenville, South Carolina; Freshman . . . MARY ANN WILLIAMS, Tampa; Sophomore . . . SHIRLEY ANN WILLIAMS, Cordele, Georgia; Freshman . . . JANICE WILLIAMSON, Auburndale; Freshman. Row Two: CARLTON WILKS, Panama City; Freshman . . . ANN WILLIAMS, Jacksonville; Sophomore . . . AUDREY ANN WILLIAMS, Orlando; Sophomore . . . BETTY WILLIAMS, Cross City; Freshman . . . CAROLYN WILLIAMS, Pensacola; Freshman . . . FAITH WILLIAMS, Delray Beach; Freshman . . . IMOGENE WILLIAMS, Jasper; Fresh- man . . . JANE WILLIAMS, Fernandina; Junior. Suing and Sivay tvith Sammy Kaye — Homecoming ' 3.3 Row Four: BARBARA WILLIS, Panama City; Sophomore . . . MARTHA KAY WILLIS. Oklawaha; Freshman . . . BETTY WILLMON, Quincy; Freshman . . . MARGARET WILSON, Sanford; Freshman . . . NANCY WILSON, Tampa; Junior . . . PAT WILSON, Jacksonville; Freshman . . . RODNEY WILSON, Tallahassee; Sophomore . . . JUANITA WIMBERLEY, Homeland; Junior. Row Five: ° CARL WINCHESTER, Tallahassee; Freshman . . . LENORA WIND- HAM, Panama City; Sophomore . . . ESTHER WINKELHAKE, Ft. Lauderdale; Freshman . . . JUNE WINTERS, Miami; Freshman . . . FRANCES LOUISE WISE. DeFuniak Springs; Sophomore . . . JERRY ANN WOOD, Miami; Junior . . . LYNN WOOD, Tallahassee; Fresh- man . . . PATRICIA A. WOOD, Jacksonville; Junior. Row Six: ANITA WOODS, Wabasso; Freshman . . . LORETTA WOODS, Miami; Sophomore . . . PEGGY WORKMAN, Miami; Freshman . . . MORRIS WORLAND, Hollywood; Freshman . . . GLORIA WORTHING, Or- lando; Sophomore . . . GLORIA WRIGHT, Warrington; Sophomore . . . BOB WYATT, Tampa; Sophomore . . . JOHN WYCKOFF, Lees- burg; Junior. Row Seven: KAY WYNN, Clearwater; Sophomore . . . JAMES NELSON YADON, Pensacola; Junior . . . LOUISE YARBOROUGH, Miami; Freshman . . . LYDA YARBROUGH, Tampa; Freshman . . . ANN YATES, Key West; Sophomore . . . JUNE YATES. Key West; Freshman . . . ANN YEOMAN, Hialeah; Freshman . . . AKI YOSHIDA, Daytona Beach; Junior. Row Eight: , BARBARA YOST, Panama City; Freshman . . . CHRIS YOUNG, Palm Beach; Freshman . . . SUSAN C. YOUNG, Lake Worth; Fresh- man . . . SUSAN YOUNG, Lake Worth; Freshman . . . KATHRYN MARY ZAPPOLO, Bonifay; Sophomore . . . STEVEN ZATYKO, Clearwater; Junior . . . MARY ANN ZEIGLER, Tarpon Springs; Junior . . . EFFIE ZIPPERER, Bradenton; Junior. Phi Mu ' s are happy over Santa ' arrival Row Nine: BETTY ZOLL, Dania; Junior . . . DOROTHY ZUBROD, Indian Rocks Beach: Freshman . . . LAYNIERE KING, Signal Mountain, Tennessee; Sophomore . . . JOHN SUMMERS, Bristol; Junior . . . JACK WAL- THALL, Tallahassee; Junior. WE ARE TO HAVE A NEW WESTCOTT AUDITORIUM FOR THE CLASS OF ' 54. White, H. White. M. Whitehursl Whitemore Whittle Whitton Wilkinson, C. Wilkinson, M. Wilks. C. Williams, Ann Williams, Audrey Williams, B. Williams, C. Williams, F. Williams, I. Williams, Jane Williams, Jean Williams, Joanne Williams, J. T. Williams, K. Williams, L. Williams, M. Williams, S. Williamson Willis, B. Willis, M. Willmon Wilson. M. Wilson. N. Wilson, P. Wilson, R. Wimberley Winchester Windham Winkelhake Winters Wise Wood, I. Wood, L. Wood, P. Woods. A. Woods, L. Workman Worland Worthing Wright Wyalt Wyckoff Wynn Yadon Yarborough Yarbrough Yates, A. Yates, J. Yeoman Yoshida Yost Young, C. Young, Susan, C. Young, Susan Zappolo Zatyko Zeigler Zipperer SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN THE SENIOR SECTION AKINS, ROYAL EUGENE— B.S., Arts and Sciences Tallahassee ALLEN, DONALD GRANT— B.S., Business Tallahassee ALLEN, ELIZABETH YANCEY— B.S., Education Tallahassee ATKINSON, THOMAS O.— B.S., Business Graceville AUGHTMAN, IRIS STOKES— B.S., Education Miami BARKER, DOROTHY D.— B.S., Education Tallahassee BATTLE, WILLIAM A., JR.— B.S., Business Jacksonville BILL, MARTHA HARTZ— B.S., Social Welfare Panama City BLACKSHEAR, CHARLES D.— B.S., Business Albany. Ga. BLAIR. MYRTICE D.— B.S., Education Tallahassee BOCK. BEATRICE LOUISE— B.S., Home Economics St. Petersburg BOSCHEN, CAROLYN O.— B.S., Business Pensacola BOWERS. McELROY MARION— B.S.. Business Jacksonville BRADY, JEANETTE CARPER— B.S., Arts and Sciences Ft. Lauderdale BRINGGER, DOLORES G.— B.S.. Journalism Tampa BUNNELL. JOSEPH H.— B.S.. Business Orlando BURCH. HUBERT HERSCHEL— B.S.. Business St. Andrew BURNETT. JOHN CARVER— B.S.. Business St. Petersburg CARLILE, BETTY R.— B.S.. Business Miami CARR. KENNETH LEWIS— B.S.. Business Tallahassee CHANCE. LAURA LEE— B.S., Education Marianne CLANTON. KENNETH M.— B.S.. Business Jacksonville COBB, EDITH MARILYN— B.S.. Education Sanford COOK, JOHNNIE D. — B.S., Arts and Sciences Regina, Canada CORDELL. ALYNN— B.S., Education Daytona Beach COULLIETTE, JAMES C. — B.S.. Arts and Sciences Panama City CROMARTIE, BETTY J.— B.S.. Education Clearwater DAWKINS. MILDRED ANN— B.S.. Education Tallahassee DAY, NANCY LEE — B.A.. Arts and Sciences Miami Beach DONALDSON, BRUCE J.— B.S.. Business Ft. Lauderdale EDENFIELD. BEVERLY L. — B.S., Home Economics Tallahassee DONALDSON, BRUCE J. — B.S., Business Ft. Lauderdale EDENFIELD. BEVERLY L.— B.S.. Home Economics Tallahassee EVANS. JAMES GILES— B.S., Education Niceville FIELDING, JAMES L.— B.S., Business Thomasville, Ga. FOULIS, PETER BLAIR— B.S.. Education Fort Myers GARDNER. ROBERT E. — B.S., Business Tallahassee GARST, RUTH ELEANOR— B.S.. Business Bradenton GENTRY. GROVER CURTIS— B.S.. Education Tallahassee GERTZ, EILEEN— B.A.. Education Tallahassee GIBSON. LEONARD— B.S., Arts and Sciences Perry GILLIS, BENJAMIN— B.S.. Arts and Sciences Tallahassee GRAHAM. MARGARET A. — B.S.. Arts and Sciences Tallahassee GRAVES. JOHN LEWIS— B.S.. Arts and Sciences Vero Beach HANKS. HOWARD H.. JR.— B.S.. Arts and Sciences Tulsa. Okla. HARVEY, WALTER GARY— B.S.. Business Tallahassee HECHT. ALVIN HERMAN— B.S.. Education Attapulgus. Ga. HENNESSEY. C. BLAIR— B.S., Education Oakland Park HIRT. FRANK HILL— B.S., Journalism Tallahassee HOPKINS. ELIZABETH H.— B.A., Education Tallahassee INGALLLS. CONSTANCE J.— B.S.. Journalism Vero Beach JOHNSON, GUY WINFREY— B.A., Arts and Sciences Tampa JOHNSTON, GORDON H.— B.S., Education Tampa JONES. CHARLES B., JR.— B.S., Business Sebring JONES. CHARLES DeWITT— B.S.. Business Indian Rocks KENNEDY, SARAH FRANCES— B.S., Education Pensacola KETCHAM, ELEANOR M.— B.A.. Arts and Sciences Tallahassee LANE. WILLIAM H.— B.S.. Arts and Sciences Tallahassee LOGAN, WESLEY A.— B.S.. Business West Palm Beach LONG, J. ROGERS— B.S.. Social Welfare Bainbridge, Ga. MARKS, CHARLES A., JR.— B.S.. Business Apalachicola MARTIN, GEORGE J.— B.S.. Arts and Sciences Tallahassee MAY, JUNE ISABEL— B.S., Arts and Sciences Malone MAYFIELD. WILLARD C— B.S.. Education Pine Castle MELTON. RONALD H.— B.S., Business Tallahassee MILTON. GEORGE M.— B.A., Arts and Sciences Tallahassee MOORE. NORMAN MERRILL— B.A.. Business St. Petersburg MOORE. WILLIAM C— B.S., Business Tallahassee NORRED. WILLIE L.— B.S., Business Apalachicola OLDHAM, CHARLOTTE— B.A., Arts and Sciences Leesburg OVERMAN, LYNN— B.S.. Education Pensacola PADGETT, WILLIE RAY— B.A., Arts and Sciences Westville PCHELKIN. HILDEGARD— B.S., Library Science Tallahassee PHILLIPS. ALTO J.— B.S.. Education Quincy PHILLIPS, HELEN M.— B.A.. Arts and Sciences Ft. Lauderdale PICKETT. RONALD E.— B.S.. Business Daytona Beach PRICE, WILLIS J.— B.A.. Arts and Sciences Mandarin PROCTOR, WILLIAM T.— B.S., Business Tall ahassee PURSEL. ARTEWIUS T.. JR.— B.S., Education Ft. Lauderdale RAHN, JOHN EGHERT— B.S., Arts and Sciences Ellsworth. Minn. RANNEY. THOMAS ARTHUR— B.S.. Arts and Sciences Melbourne REDD, HENRY JEFFERSON— B.A.. Arts and Sciences Tallahassee RHODEN, ROBERT V.— B.S., Business Bradenton RICHARDSON, EDWIN W.— B.S., Business Jacksonville RINKEL, MURICE O.— B.S., Arts and Sciences Tallahassee ROBERTS, SALLY HILL— B.S.. Journalism Lakeland RODGERS, RACHEL LEE— B.S., Nursing Education Key Largo ROTHERHAM, MARY— B.S.. Home Economics Revere, Mass. SEAGRAM. EDWARD P.— B.S., Business Birmingham, Ala. SHIPMAN, SELENE D.— B.S., Education Tallahassee SIMPSON, JOHN THOMAS— B.A., Arts and Sciences Port St. Joe SMITH, HARRY MORGAN— B.S., Arts and Sciences St. Petersburg SORENSEN, DAVID CARL— B.S., Business Tallahassee SPURLING, GEORGE— B.S.. Arts and Sciences Miami STITCH. WILLIAM BYRD— B.S., Arts and Sciences Tallahassee STOLL, HOWARD ERNEST— B.S.. Education Tallahassee STOTESBURY, WALTER B.— B.S., Business Gainesville SZCZEPANIK, VICTOR J.— B.S.. Business Rochester, Pa. TALLEY, JAMES COLLINS— B.S.. Education Tallahassee TANNER, SHIRLEY ANN— B.S.. Home Economics Miami Springs TINKLER, GLADYS MARIE— B.S., Business Lakeland TRAFFORD, BERT FEARN— B.S.. Arts and Sciences Tallahassee TRAWICK. NELLIE J.— B.S., Education Pensacola TRUK, JOSEPH GEORGE— B.S., Business Coral Gables TURK, RICHARD DAVID— B.S., Business South Bend, Ind. VANCE, JAMES WALTER— B.S.. Arts and Sciences Tallahassee VELZY, ROBERT IVAN— B.A., Arts and Sciences Silver Creek, N. Y. VREDENBURGH, MICHAEL— B.S., Arts Sciences Alexandria, Va. WESSON, LEWIS LIVELY— B.S., Business Tallahassee WESTBERRY. JOHN L.— B.S., Journalism Perry WHEAT, HELEN CLAIRE— B.S., Home Economics Quincy WHIDDON, DAVID T.— B.S., Journalism Tallahassee WHITCHARD, TED— B.S., Education Blakely, Ga. WILES. HERBERT L.— B.S., Business Tallahassee WILKIE, JAMES ANTHONY— B.S., Business Miami WILSEY, GEORGE F.— B.S., Social Welfare St. Petersburg WOOD, HOWARD ROE, JR.— B.A., Education Tallahassee WRIGHT, LA VERNE ARDEN— B.S., Education Daytona Beach V aa iatc ta ci clcf . . . ... as the saying goes or just because these events came too late to meet our deadline. As we go to press there are still so many exciting things yet to happen and it seems almost im- possible to crowd them into the few remaining months until graduation. Sandspur, Speech productions, spring sports . . . events we don ' t want to miss or just that we saved the best till last. So here it is within these few remaining pages that we leave a package of events we ' ll never forget; indelible mem- ories in a day or a week-end. Each year brings something new and exciting, a package filled to the top from four marvelous years at Florida State. A • ' m m i ' ■ ' i " -C " ' ' ' - ' ' i% - i .■K,i .»V,J ' J iSWV ' ' » f _» ' . - .» 3»» ,iSii.«:» Director Jim Harris and leading members of the Sandspur cast smile for our photographer. SANDSPUR The 1953 all student produced, directed and acted Sandspur production, " Heaven Forbid " ran for four performances in Opperman Music Hall. Rehearsals began before Christmas and many long hours went in to make this year ' s unigue production which appeared in February. Producer Jim Harris and co-directors Beatrice " Skipper " Lambert and William Chavers deserve much of the credit for this entertainment for FSU. Business manager Paul Soraparu efficiently man- aged the finances for the show and big Sandspur Dance. Scenery was under the direction of Helen Erickson and Janie Johnson. Lee Hildman managed the Hghting. The elaborate costumes were partly made by Sara Howard. Stage manager Leah La- Plante, make-up chairman Valerie Haynes, publicity man John Howard, and tickets chairman Bill Hess each contributed a large part in making the annual production a success. The book for the three-act musical comedy was written by William Chavers. The music for the show was composed and arranged by Les Bruch, who also conducted the Sandspur orchestra. Lyrics by Beatrice Lambert and choreography by Frances Bailey Stokes completed the make-up of this year ' s show " Heaven Forbid, " which contained 14 tunes and a dozen dances. Nick Pappas, a four-year veteran of Sandspur, deserved particular credit for his comedy role. CAST OF CHARACTERS Byron . Ted Morrill Maxine Paula Bailey Lavinia Beverly Bennett Commander Curtin Harrison Fisher Chuck Nick Pappas Jackson Eb Thomas Crewman Don Remington King Vanda Ron Martin Raylu Kenneth Nelson Phoebe Bette Mullins Roxanne Marian Mattair Faculty Advisor Miss Elizabeth Lynn Beverly Bennett and Ron Martin help each other with make-up. r " UIn Finale of dance routine is in full swing as Frances Stokes rises high in the air. SANDSPUR. Cast members fall into character for photographer. Members of cast take time out for a breather during rehearsal. Claude Thornhill ' s danceable music closed a dramatic four days of " Heaven Forbid " at the Sandspur Dance in the Suwannee Room. Renowned for his famous " Snowflake " and " Snowfall, " Thornhill thrilled the dancers with his soft and sentimental music. Decorations for the dance, under the direc- tion of Floyd Fogle, dance chairman, carried out the theme of " Heaven Forbid " with stars, comets, and colored lights. The Thornhill music was broadcast by WFSU by remote control for the listening pleasure of all students. Assistant Director, Skipper Lambert, works on sets, as Betty Mullins, cast member, prepares for entrance dur- ing practice. Students jitterbug to music by Claude Thornhill at Sandspur Dance. Claude Thornhill and his band make pretty music for Sandspur Dance. X - -n % X. INTERNATIONAL DEBATE — (Left to right): Ronald Evans, Ted Clevenger, Arlene Amend. Kenneth Dihhen, Dr. Haul Rey- nolds, chairman for the debate. FSU representatives at the annual Miami Invitational Tourna- ment — (Left to right): Katherine Skogstad, Bert Bradley, Arlene Amend, Bill Carmavk. Dr. CreiX ' f ' hifer. SPEECE The ma in speech program is divided into two phases, the Intercollegiate Program and the Intramurals Program. The first part of the Intramural Pro- gram was the fourth annual program in the fall in which 20 teams of two members each participated. The pro- gram was open to any students, indi- viduals, fraternity and sorority groups, and members of the Debate Squad. Finalists were Tom Woods, Andy Bev- erly, and Herb Lacayo, Theta Chi team, and Gene Lawler and Phil Springer, Young Democrats. The second part of the program is the individual speaking contest, including extemporaneous speaking, oratory, and after-dinner speeches. The winners of these speak before Tallahassee civic groups. The other phase of the Intramural program is the discussion group. This year ' s topic, " How Best to Combat the Threat of Communism " has been discussed in a series of meetings and over WFSU. The Intercollegiate Debate and Dis- cussion group participated in several events. At the Alabama District Confer- ence at Tuscaloosa, Katherine Skog- stad was one of ten out of 120 con- testants to receive a superior rating in Finals in Intramural Debate Tournament on WFSV — (Left to right): Andy Beverly, Tom Woods, Gene Latcler, Herb Lacayo. DEBATE SQUAD MEETING — (First row, left to right): Tom W oods, Beverly Lacayo, Joan Leroy, Lou Rene Voges, Arlene Amend. (Second row) : Tommy Lewis, Bert Brad- ley, Bill Carmack, Bill Twyford, Katherine Skogstad, Gene Laivler. ORENSICS discussion, while Phil Springer received an excellent rating. Several of the FSU participants at the Student Congress of Human Relations of the Southern Speech Association at Greenville, S. C., won superior cer- tificates. At the FSU Home Tournament, Bob Ducker placed second in oratory. Kathy scored additional superiors in oratory and oral interpretation at the Southern Speech Association Tournament while Tom Woods also rated superior in oral interpretation. Approximately twenty-five students represented ESQ in intercollegiate debate, taking part in the Florida Invitational Tournament, the Southern Regional Tau Kappa Alpha Tournament in Baton Rouge, La., where Arlene Amend and Katherine Skogstad were the best affirmative team and Arlene was the best individual debater, the FSU Invitational, the Miami Invitational, the Gulf Speech Festival at Hattiesburg, Miss., and the Azalea Tournament in Mobile, when Lou Rene Voges and Beverly duPerrouzel won five out of six debates, as many as any affirmative team in the tournament. University of Miami sweepstakes winners at FSU Home Tournament, Scene from the FSU Tournament banquet as participants tally and check scores. (Left to right) : Russell West, Charles Bogdahn. Delniar Hansen, Lloyd Kay, Julian Hodge in ' " The Life of Man. " (Left to right) ; Lloyd Kay, Julian Hodge, Jo Ann Williams, Charles Bogdahn, Dorothy Womble, Bob Strane, June Mizell, Jayne Gardner, ISancy Dickin- son in ' ' The Life of Man. " SPEECH PR The 1952-53 season of the Department of Speech Theatre — The Augusta Conradi Theatre — was indeed an exciting and unusual one. The first play, produced in November, was THE TORCH-BEARERS, written by George Kelly and directed by Frank Hanson. A colorful comedy set in the roaring 20 ' s, " The Torch-Bearers " production featured un- usual costumes, with lovz-slung hip-lines, draped hems, and much jewelry and feathers. Also a sxirprise was the second scene, which took place backstage during a " Play within the play, " and showed the audience some of the amusing things that can (and do!) happen back-stage. For the first time in the last few years, a Shakespearean play was presented, as the second Speech De- partment production. It was THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, one of Shakespeare ' s most popular comedies. (I eft to right): Charles Bogdahn. David Dreis. Ted Clevenger. Boh Strane, Jayne Gardner, Hoyt Bowen, Bettye Ann Ray, Lee Hildman. Bill Peterson in " The Taming of the Shrew. " f mmmm 1 (Left to right): Delmnr Hansen, Sara Margaret Davis. Boh Sirane. %.ri0 0 (Left to right): Pliancy Dickinson. Jayne Gardner. June MizelU Jo Ann Williams, Dorothy W ' omhle in ' ' The Life of Man. " UCTIONS The play was directed by Carl Zerke, and the large cast called together some of the most capable actors on the University campus. The setting for this gay and fast-moving " battle of the sexes " was simple and functional, highlighted by the col- orful and flamboyant costumes, which were designed by Douglas Russell, who has been the costumer for the Oregon Shakespearean Festival for some years. This production proved to be one of the most popular ones of the season, and enjoyed a very successful four-night run in the Conradi The- atre in January. (Left to right): David Dreis, Ted Clevenger, Bill Peterson, Bob Strane, Hoyt, Bowen, Russ W est, Lee Hildman, Jayne Gard- ner, Marilyn ISelson, Bill Cutler, Huber Ellingsworth, Bettye Ann Ray, Charles Bogdahn in " The Taming of the Shrew. " ,V (Left to rifiht): Stanley Harvey, Donald Remington, Ken Hurley, Lloyd Kay, Forrest Altman m I he Taming of the Shrew. " (Left to right): Bob Strane, Jayne Gardner in ' ' The Taming of the Shrew. " (Left to right) : Franklin Adams, Fran- cis Louise W ise, Donald Remington, Lihby Mauch. Jo Anne Williams, Ken Hurley. Jean Tunney. June Morgan, Lee Hildman, Charles Bogdahn in " ' The Torchbearers. " The next production of the season, presented in March, was the unique and exciting THE LIFE OF MAN, by the Russian play- wright Andreyev. In direct contrast to the laugh-provoking TAMING OF THE SHREW which it followed, THE LIFE OF MAN is a deep symbolic fantasy, which takes place in a basic and simple " black and white " setting. All of the actors, with the exception of Someone in Grey, wore black outfits, and the make- up was stylized. THE LIFE OF MAN was an adventure for both actors and audience, and offered an interesting evening of dra- matic entertainment. . . •f0mK3l0itms4» To close the 1952-53 season, the Speech Department presented an original play, " THE LAST LES- SON OF PANT ALONE — written and directed by Russel Graves, a graduate student in the Depart- ment of Speech. Based on the Commedia dell ' arte, the popular ItaHan Comedy of the 17th and 18th centuries, THE LAST LESSON OF PANTALONE is a sparkling comedy, featuring many of the old stock characters that still live today in the popular circus clowns, and lighter comedy plays. THE LAST LESSON OF PANTA- LONE was the play presented at the Art Seminar in Sarasota early in April, and was very well re- ceived there. (Left to right): Charles Bogdahn, Winnie Altman, Jean Tunney, Francis Louise Wise, Libby Mauch. Lou Odom The Torchbearers. " in (Left to right) : Libby Mauch, Francis Louise W ise. Jean Tunney, Lou Odom, Winnie Altman in " The Torch- bearers. ' ' (Left to right): Charles Bogdahn. Jean Tunney, Franklin Adams. Don- ald Remington, Libby Mauch, Ken Hurley. JoAnne W illiams. Lou Odom, Francis Louise Wise in ' ' The Torch- bearers. " The 1953 Seminole nine proved there is no substitute for experience. Under the able direction of Coach Ralph Motherly, the Seminoles established a record of 13 wins, 10 losses, and 1 tie for the season record. Since this year ' s team will , lose no members by graduation, expectations are great for a more impressive record next year. The four upperclassmen letter winners steadied the team during the season; Chuck Sanders on the mound. Captain Billy Mills with his infield play and strong hitting, shortstop Ralph Bhnn, and Billy Campbell at 2nd base. Catcher Bob Wynn, although a first-year transfer, was also a letter winner. Sharing pitching honors with sophomore Chuck Sanders were freshmen Max Long, Jim Atwood, Wallace Higginbotham, and George Hehemann, who as a whole displayed good pitch- ing. Catchers Gary Ashley and John Cuesta added strength behind the pla te and were leading hitters. Other outstanding first-year men who are among the best prospects for ' 54 were infielder Manuel Yglesies and outfielders Bob Hudson, Joe Fernandez, and Ray Bazzell. The Freshman team recorded a season average of 1.000 for defeating the Atlanta division of the University of Georgia, five high school teams, Barin Field from Foley, Ala., and the Ft. Walton team in the Florida-Alabama League. SEMINOl COACH RALPH MATHERLY Pitcher Ed Lockard. left. and Captain Billy Mills. " if I l n iS% f 0l% K Ralph Blinn. shorlslop Billy Mills Max Long SS in ACTION RESULTS FSU 14 — George Teachers 6 FSU 0— Rollins 4 FSU 15 -Georgia Teachers 4 FSU 2 — Rollins 4 FSU -Georgia 3 FSU 8 Tampa 8 (tie) FSU 8 -Jacksonville (Ala.) State 4 FSU 1— Tampa 4 FSU 1- -S. E. Louisiana G FSU 14— Stetson 7 FSU 5 S. E. Louisiana 4 FSU 8— Stetson 2 FSU 5 Amherst FSU 14 Cincinnati 1 FSU 4 -Amherst 3 FSU 4— Jax Navy 2 FSU 4— Jax Navy 7 FSU 2— Georgia Teachers 6 FSU 15 — Georgia Teachers 6 FSU 6— Georgia 12 FSU 0— Stetson 1 FSU 9— Stetson 6 FSU 2— Florida Southern 7 FSU 15 Florida Southern 4 Billy Campbell, 2nd base Bob W rnn. catcher w $ m A " fllk %u f COACH KEN MILLER and DICK MIZE TRACK The FSU track team fell from its record of the past three years of only one defeat to two defeats and four wins for the season. Since the Seminole cindermen downed such noted teams as Mercer, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Mississippi Southern and bowed only to Loyola and Miami, we would still rate the season as successful. This year ' s squad contained outstanding performers but lacked depth and strength which the return of most of this year ' s performers should pro- vide for the next season. Probably the outstanding performer was sophomore Carlos Fraundorfer, the mainstay of the team. Versa- tile Fraundorfer stacked up points for his performance in several events, shotput, discus, javelin, broadjump, high jump, sprints, and relay events. Junior Woody Parker was rated the best individual performer. He was outstanding middle distance man and established a new school record of 49.5 seconds in the quarter mile. Other oustanding individual performers were Ken Jarrett in distances, senior Joe Fracassi in pole vault, and Captain Dick Mize in sprints. TRACK SQUAD — (First row. left to right): linddy Jacobs. Ken Jarrett. Baker King. Dirk Mize. captain. Charles Mixon. Bill W agoner. Bohhy Jones. (Second row): Bob Morrison. Woody Parker. Carlos Fraundorfer. Fete JSimkoff. Jule Hurst, Wes Min- ton. Ronald Ifeatier. (Third row): Boy If illianis. trainer. Jim Montgomery. Jimmy Joanos. Bob Verbnnanic. Jack Koonce, Joe Fracassi, Jack Kulzer, Dr. Ken Miller. TtffiSK ;«svn! -- ! - tW et ' • «,t . -»«i-i|ll. l«» ■ ♦»•■ , |V..„ ' ' j •% " r ' w T5 f mj ' f f " 4t Julian Hurst Joe Fracassi Carlos Fraundorfer (top left) Woody Parker (top right) Jack Kulzer (middle left) Jack Koonce (middle right) Dick Mize (bottom, left) Bill W agotier (bottom left center) Bobby Jones (bottom right center) Charles Mixon (bottom right) J ujaHHHJI Howard Gould, All-American Collegiate Ronald Hambrock, All-American Collegiate Phillip Slaton VOLLEYBALL FSU won the State AAU for the fifth consecutive year in volleyball, with the exception of last year when they were runners-up. The season record for the vol- leyball six, who started the year with only two letter- men, All-Americans Howard Gould and Ronald Ham- brock, totaled twenty wins and ten losses. The team placed fifth in the National Intercollegiate Tourna- ment, when Gould was again chosen All-American. Hambrock ' s participation in the national tournament was limited because of an injury to his shoulder. Dick Bagge, a freshman from Providence, R. I., added great strength to the team and was on the All-American second team. Outstanding freshmen Ray Johnson and Phillip Slaton, veteran Wally Cox, who returned in the middle of the season, and Duane Gordon (after basketball season) strengthened the squad, which showed the strongest attack of any team so far. Ray Johnson Dick Boggs Stanley Humphries GROWING WITH 2(1... W E AT ROSE cherish our association with the yearbook production at Florida State University. . . . For twenty years it has been our privilege to record in print the F.S.U. story. . . . so well told each year through the pages of the tally ho. We salute the Class of ' and congratulate its tally ho staff for a job well done. . . . ROSE printing company inc. CREATORS OF FINE PRINTING... tullclhciSSCt Congratulations from TKjc V c CjUJC Our thirtieth year of service TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Do you have your union card? Out-of-court settlement. Ooooh. that ice is cold! BROWN ' S MEN ' S WEAR ' SMART CLOTHES for SMART MEN ' ' Phone 2-3051 100 S. Monroe Weather cold, spirits hot. Mexican Hat Dance. Fun in the sun. Lcidies apparel sportswear lini erie t( M mn College Corner 1(10 L C(»lle. e Ave. Ph. 5-0188 The events of the years are recorded in words and pictures on the pages of your Yearbooks. As Engravers to the 1953 TALLY HO we hope that each one of the hun- dreds of pictures between these covers will help you recapture and relive the events of this year at FSU and preserve them for posterity. COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA EN fi RAVING CUMPANY BIRMINGHAM Midyette Moor I SUIVANOE AOENCY 1 Ask those we serve 99 COMPLETE INSURANCE AND BOND SERVICE Midyette-Moor Bldg. Phone 2-3456 Swing your Pardner! Don ' t rock the boat. HOLLINGSWORTH and WHITMAN CANDIES BENNETT ' S Monroe Street Pharmacy Phone 2-4450 FREE MOTORCYCLE DELIVERY We carry the leading cosmetics CAPITAL SHOE FIXRY " f ifs leather we can fix W 118 E. Jefferson St. Phone 2-1846 CV CV| Ci 5 RESTAURANT ood cooked the way you like id • TALLAHASSEE ' S FINEST • 318 S. Monroe Phone 2-2870 The male must go through. " " l H Just sittin ' and a waitin ' . DRY CLEANING • ALTERING • PRESSING and REPAIRING QUALITY CLEANERS daane an. laten. 4f 044 1 j aaanite " 215 W. Colfegs Delivery Service ( icU ' 4, SPANISH RESTAURANT Serving ® Black Bean Soup • Cuban Sandwiches • Spanish Bean Soup • Pizza Pie • Yellow Rice and Chicken 320 E. TENN. ST. PHONE 3-1177 TALLAHASSEE ' S BEST STORE SINCE 1837 P. COMPilM Phone 2-2310 • Tallahassee Ladies ' Ready-to- Wear . . . Men ' s Clothing and Furnishings . . . Luggage Shoes . . . Notions Smart Styles for Smart Women wo neH d. ap,4xanel 210 S. Monroe Phone 2-4813 We Value Your Confidence When we say, " We value your confidence " we mean it! That ' s why every bit of mer- chandise you buy at Sears is first quality. All of it is made to our rigid specifications. Then, it ' s tested! Actually it ' s TRIPLE- TESTED — at our laboratory, in the factories and under " in-use " conditions to insure satisfactory performance. Next time you see " Satisfaction Guaran- teed or Your Money Back " remember what it means. You can buy any article from Sears with complete confidence. Come la the Caslmli. Peel me a grape. ere s to good times and good friends . . . may you always have an abundance of both BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY TALLAHASSEE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 53 from the management and employees of tk B AM R HOUSE ' 4?o IfO-ad tUati Ifine 5 S. Copeland St. Phone 2-3625 J=l 202 SOUTH ADAMS - U ELINOR DOYLE 7 PHONE 2-1298 What ' ll the boys think? Tryouts for Ipana. At Your Favorite Grocers " IDEAL " for Every MEAL " ! ! ! •McGregor Sponswear • CAMPUS TOGS JARMAN 2 2 Sa. 7 i( t e - aiia addee Do you have your I. D. card? ff tiitiiif! for soTucoiie? Just relaxing. Best Wishes Class of ' 53! PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY of TALLAHASSEE THE SWEET SHOP GOOD FOOD i PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE Are you sure this toon ' t hurt? [Cflfrttfieb emoloftiBtl REGlSTERl ' ;!! JEWKl.EH Diamonds al their finest from ' s R€GISTeReD jeW€L6RS — AmericonGom Sorj«ty SHERWIN- WILLIAMS HOME DECORATING SERVICE CENTER 306 S. MONROE PHONE 2-5614 sal «««s«. Msn VThatcha see. Bo!}? Compliments of — Terry- Rosa HARDWARE WATER - WELL CONTRACTORS • S. MONROE TALLAHASSEE ■ " " t - Conclave in Miami, FRANK ' S DRIVE -IN 2027 NORTH MONROE • Foot- ong Hot Dogs • Chicken-in- the-Box • De uxe Hamburgers • REAL Pit Bar-B-Q John E. Hunt Horace Smith JOHN E. HUNT Insurance Agency 311 N. Monroe St. — Phone 3-0960 — Tallahassee ALL LINES of INSURANCE and BONDS Flyboys. Speedy tvorkers. Tiie Atlantic National Bank of Jaeksonville JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA • Organized 1903 THE ATLANTIC GROUP FIRST ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK Daytona Beach, Florida THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Gainesville, Florida THE PALATKA ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK Palatka, Florida THE SANFORD ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK Sanford, Florida ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK of WEST PALM BEACH West Palm Beach, Florida SPRINGFIELD ATLANTIC BANK Main Street, Jacksonville, Florida Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1953 from TALLAHASSEE AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSN. IVEY MOTORS MAYO-MINGLEDORFF MOTORS PROCTOR PROCTOR. INC. REDMON AUTO PARTS TALLAHASSEE MOTORS, INC. ALFORD CHEVROLET CO. CAPITAL LINCOLN-MERCURY CO. CORDELL MOTORS DEAN MOTORS DRAKE MOTORS SEABROOK TRUCK TRACTOR CO. GOOD FOOD at COLLEGE POINT 1 Where Your Friends Meet to Eat " CURB SERVICE LARGE DINING ROOM 1312 W.Tennessee St. Phone 2-9166 In our Sunday best. Take one more for Mom, Banking - A Major Course in Your Life Whether you consider the interesting field of Banking as your Uvelihood. or as a convenient and friendly place which handles your financial problems, it will play an important part in your daily life. You will want a safe place to deposit your money against which to draw checks in a business-like manner, when paying bills. Occasionally you will put something into your savings account, as Money in the Bank is Security Unspent. Sometimes, you will need friendly, confidential advice about a financial problem, which your banker will gladly give you. Call at anyone of the banks listed below to start your " career in banking. " It is their pleasure to be of service to you. FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA BANK AT ORLANDO FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK AT KEY WEST FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK AT LAKELAND FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK TRUST COMPANY AT MIAMI FLORIDA BANK TRUST COMPANY AT DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA BANK AT CHIPLEY FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK AT PENSACOLA FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK AT OCALA FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK AT BELLE GLADE FLORIDA BANK AT PORT ST. JOE FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK AT BARTOW FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK AT CORAL GABLES FLORIDA BANK AT STARKE FLORIDA BANK AT PERRY FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK AT FERNANDINA BEACH FLORIDA BANK AT MADISON FLORIDA BANK AT DE LAND FLORIDA BANK TRUST COMPANY AT WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA BANK AT BUSHNELL FLORIDA BANK AT FORT PIERCE FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK AT ST. PETERSBURG FLORIDA BANK AT GAINESVILLE CAPITAL AND SURPLUS OVER $28,000,000.00 TOTAL RESOURCES IN EXCESS OF $430,000,000.00 mmmwM em %fc« eiA FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION NATIONAi; GROUP OF BANKS SATISFIED CUSTOMERS AND GOOD MANAGEMENT HAVE BUILT THESE BANKS from IIOWJUD ' S SHOES " loMr Family Shoe Store ' • TSIIM-TKED for the co-ed • KAND for the man • POLL PAKROT . . . for the kiddies YOUR STAR BRAND DEALER 107 E. College Ave. WTU 1270 on your dial CBS IN TALLAHASSEE I ' m a tired ttiuther W here s the ivelrittuit j committee? • FAI VERS 1 de icious Dox suppers delivery service Stop Gt ' ' LITTLE FAIVERS " for daytime service Twenty-three years of catering to College Students HOLLAND ' S RESTAURANT " We can ' t serve all the food in Tallahassee so we serve only the best. " i 106 E. PENSACOLA (Facing the Capitol) Don ' t svraU ' h the finish. !utys. -■Sv , - ' Danger iurarpnrated. Compliments of College Avenue TALLAHASSEE 1 FINE SHOES SINCE 1924 ' ' Try our new PARTY ICE service . . . delivered in pick-up containers MIDDLE FLORIDA ICE CO. 1010 St. Michael St. Dial 2-3230 FOREMOST DAIRIES, INC. 216 Oakland Avenue Phone 2-5303 in Clothing " SUITS THE SOUTH College Avenue of- Adorns » Daytona Beach and co, " »5 : Who used up all the hot water? 4 ' ' The House of 1000 Fabrics ' ' 108 E. Jefferson St. Tallahassee, Florida 26 N. Palafox St. Pensacola, Florida 220 Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia Qancj n atulatiand. from THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY 1 aWahassce Florida ' ' for the latest in feminine appareV 118 S. Monroe Phone 3-1021 Ample parking in the rear. Compliments of aUanaddee and JiaaH Iddac. Ss!jS MEMBER OF FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION .. rciofiyr AvOVG r to ; ' ' ' vOUR We ' ve got a walloping big screen . . . and some darn good entertainment to go With it. We ' ve got a nice comfortable seat— just for you— where you can relax and enjoy yourself without interruption. You won ' t be jumping up to strangle a squawking phone— there ' s no reminder here of all the cleaning-up-after ward chores. Just pleasure and fun -and lots of it! You ' d be surprised how good it is for you to get away for this little while from the cares of the home and the cares of the day. So, c ' mon over to our house! ( a Out (n t e e t . . . GO TO A OVIE THEATRE! FLORIDA STATE CAPITAL DRIVE-IN PERRY HIGHWAY OUTDOOR THEATRES Tallahassee, Florida FLORIDA CONGRATULATIONS and ALL GOOD WISHES t-o THE CLASS OF ' 53! TALLAHASSEE CHAMBER of COMMERCE Bottoms up! And me tvithoul any lipstick. ve haDe served fine food since 1925. " CORNER ADAMS - PARK TALLAHASSEE BANKERS ASSOCIATION CAPITAL CITY NATIONAL TALLAHASSEE STATE BANK AND TRUST CO. ik MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Compliments of Fred Winterle Distributor of GULF OIL PRODUCTS Cleanliness is next to Godliness, GREYHOUND LINES Qreyhound is today ' s best Buy in traveV CALL GREYHOUND FOR YOUR CHARTER TRIPS Phone 2-1650 Corner Tennessee and Adams FINE FOODS for reservations call 2-8340 Wonderful Sea Foods Delicious Steaks DINE IN SECLUSION Fork of Highways 90 and 20 New Quincy Highway And here ' s to Otis. eal for visitors. Ideal for dances, eol for banquets. FLORIDAN HOTEL an Alsonett- Hotel TALLAHASSEE 1 Ballroom seats 300 Party makes the world go ' round. S.4E pledge tltiss hard at uitrk. Whatever the Sport We Furnish The Equipment Finkelstein ' i has served Florida schools and universities for nearly half a century . Our sports experts are always anxious to advise you on any problem regarding sports equip- ment. We feature such outstanding sports equipment as: i( SPALDING RAWLINGS if SPOTBILT ir WRIGHT DITSON HARRY FINKELSTEIN CO. 633 W. Bay, Cor. Jefferson JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA ( 4mGxatcdatc a GRADUATING CLASS OF 1953 ik YOUR UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE 1 " m me Student c te% ' Corner Woodward and Call Streets ShiiUm (le6.tau ant ' ' Dine in air-conditioned comfort ' SERVING GOOD FOOD FOR FINE PEOPLE 2220 W. Tennessee Phone 2-9144 ISe.vt party starts in 2 minutfs. For that special occasion try our " DICED ICE CREAM " AT YOUR FAVORITE VELDA DEALER Compliments of ELBERTA CRATE BOX CO. TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA PAINT SUPPLIES WALL PAPER ARTIST SUPPLIES WARD S Paint Store Free Estimates - Terms 204 S. Adams Phone 2-3415 NEW AND USED BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES MALONE S CO-OP BOOK STORE We are grateful for your patronage! " Phone 3-1066 107 S. Copelond ( C 4, af ' 53 SOUTHEASTERN TELEPHONE CO " SERVING YOUR UNIVERSITY " Wherever your path may lead, good telephone service will play an important part in your future! CONGRATULATI ONS CLASS OF 1953 The Barnett National Bank of Jacksonville The Barnett Notional Bank of DeLond The Barnett National Bank of Cocoa The Barnett Bonk of Avon Park The St. Augustine Notional Bank of St. Augustine MEMBER F. D. I. C. 4c(tai n fiA ;4cita fiafr6

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