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JLlmridjL jzkmke aniverAity L KLJ Charlie with your 1951 Tally-Ho. Bringing you the year at Florida State University as you lived it. In classes, exams, par- ties, ball games and all those things that have pushed FSU into the realm of greatness. Charlie has lived with you throughout the year; enduring your hardships, and enjoying your fun. He is Florida State Uni- versity, the student. m TDwMrtt " TtfitA a (Slcutce info t e futunc The future Florida State University will leave the student of today awed with the beautiful splendor of its modern architecture. The expansive campus will engulf us. But never let us forget that it grew from the em- bryo of Florida State University 1951. The campus we hold so dear and look so proudly toward as it springs from us into an even greater and larger university ever growing. The future fraternity houses now being built. They will be ready for occupancy next fall. Scheme • A SUG ESTED EXTERIOR Three ► FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY TALLAHASS MARION I MAULEY ■ ARCHITECT COCONUT 6R0VS f.!RiO IM ASSOCIATION «1T« Guy C. Fulton architect to t«j st.tc r « or com Drawing of a girls ' dorm to be built in the near future. M, Hj taiar 3 w. Men ' s dorms built to hold forty men. £V EmF HBL R ' iiat B ?ffi% : L f ' A " ■ 1 Vt " I bU JSS r ' -. -«• - . - S we 6eco ntHy a front t at ma e ' p.S.Tt Each student makes up a part of this living institution dedicated to prepare us for a more complex world than ever before. Hurrying to classes, fighting the registration line, taking examinations and enjoying a breather in the dining hall at noon. All the activities that make us a part of Florida State University. . i¥e e tten info t6e Social LttatMecL cUtA fact f4 Pt(kti M4 As students we are enthusiastic and loyal to FSU. We are filled with the spirit that is FSU Whether on the varsity athletic field, in intra- murals, or as spectators, we represent the good sportsmanship and undying ambition to win, , . IB 1951 Published by: CAMPUS STUDIOS Photographer ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY Engraver ROSE PRINTING COMPANY Printer lalfy- ' Zo. a C " i Charles H. Newman . , Editor-in-Chief Harvey Heagerty Business Manager ' Dedicated fo.. YOU, without whom this publication would be impossible. It is you who are responsible for the rapid advance- ment of Florida State University, as no institution is greater than those who compose it. Giving you the recognition you de- serve, it is only appropriate that we dedicate the 1951 Tally-Ho to you, the students of Florida State University. ■ ' ■■ ' {■: %f % - • w OUR OWN LITTLE WORLD • • ■ ON TOP OF THE HILL ff ■ ' m % 1 y M ■ % »+— pp i---- t pW»7M i i " i? % I ■ -TV , IfK The fountain in the circle Our campus is not only beautiful but workable, usable, livable. As we go through the main gate and around the pond, up the front steps and enter Westcott, we see all the offices that make our university tick. We travel out the north door and run into the education building, where most of us have at least one class a day. Farther on down the walk we find our brand new music building with its outdoor amphitheater and won- derful auditorium, soundproof rooms and modern archi- tecture. Leaving the music building, we run headon into the Longmire Building, better known to us as the " Alum. " It houses student offices, the radio station, and the Soda Shop. Across the street from the " Alum " we see the Freshman dorms — Jennie Murphree, Reynolds, and Bryan. Back of " Jennie " is Cawthon Hall, the pride of the women ' s dormitories. Down here by Cawthon is the infirmary where we go when we ' re sick or try to go when we have an exam we haven ' t studied for. In front of the infirmary is the cafeteria, bookstore, museum, Snack Shop, and post office — all in one building! Across Landis Green we see the Women ' s Gym, and Magnolia Hall and the Village. These, too, belong to the female population. ' Way down at the other end of the green, we can just see the new men ' s Senior Hall. As wc cross the street and start our journey back, our first stop is Landis Hall which holds our most distinguished seniors, and a few underclassmen who happen to sneak in. Through the arcade we travel to Gilchrist and Broward, which house those girls we haven ' t yet met. Leaving the women ' s dormitories, our next stop is the Library where we spend a great deal of time. Up the hill a little farther we enter the History Building where we see plays, have conferences and attend classes. We leave by the side door and walk directly into the Science Building, with its newly equipped labs, and kitchens for the future homemakers. Out of the front door we find ourselves right back where we started — at the pond in our own little world on top of the hill. Landis Hall Education Building Longmire Building : . «.• Hw ' " " , % Gilchrist Hall Walk between Scien and History Buildini 15 m» mm , s»x -•i» " i :« 4K v Magnolia Hal! Jennie Murphree Hal The Village Londis Hal Senior Hall Governor Fuller Warren is a native Floridian, born in Blountstown, Florida, and was educated in Florida schools. He received his Doctor of Law from Cumberland University. Governor Warren became well known in Florida during his successful career as a lawyer and became Governor in 1948. He has been very interested in Florida State University and officiated at the open- ing of our new Doak S. Campbell Stadium. His enthusiastic support has helped immensely in the development of FSU. The coast of Florida was first sighted on Easter Sunday, 1513, by Ponce de Leon who was searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth. It was at St. Augustine that he landed and it constituted the first Florida Settlement. When the state came into the union the capitol was moved to Tallahassee from the West coast to give it a more central position. Through all these years, Tallahassee has grown into a prosperous and progressive state capitol. People from all over the United States have heard of the Florida capital ' s beauty during azalea time and have become indirectly acquainted with Talla- hassee. During the last few years the capital city has grown in size by leaps and bounds. Additions are the new Supreme Court Building, the Industrial Commission and the State Road Department. These are just a few samples of the things to come that make our state capital one of the best in the nation. the governor and THE FLORIDA STATE CAPITOL BUILDING he • • state capital DR. DOAK S. CAMPBELL the president Dr. Campbell has been a guiding spirit behind the growth of FSCW to FSU. One of his principal aims has been to see the University expand and become the finest in the South. He has been in- strumental in the drawing up and carrying out of the 50 year plan. He has wished to see the main points of this building plan started and the confines of the campus clearly defined. He has been in favor of abandoning the traditional in favor of the students ' comfort. He has been instrumental in the building of the Music Building, Cawthon Dormitory, Senior Hall, and the Doak S. Campbell Stadium. He has started construction of several new buildings, including a new women ' s dorm, new men ' s dorm, student union, and new fraternity houses. Rinehart Jordon Harris Fink White flic Immii iI of co ii fro I W. F. POWERS The Florida State Board of Control, appointed by the Governor, is com- posed of five outstanding Florida citizens. The duties of the Board are to: ad- vise the Legislature of the school ' s needs, appoint the faculty, give advice to the executive officials and supervise the expenditures of appropriations. The Board members are appointed for four years, holding meetings once a month in Tallahassee. While the Board is not in session, Bill Powers, the Secretary to the Board of Control, carries on the business of the Board. In order that students at our University may receive maximum benefits, such as health, aca- demic, personal and social guidance have been coordinated in a single administrative Division of Student Welfare. DR. J. BROWARD CULPEPPER the aitlniiiii MISS KATHERINE WARREN The main respon- sibility of our Dean of Women is that of counselor to women students. DR. OTIS McBRIDE The primary work of the Office of the Dean of Men is that of helping to solve the personal and social problems of university men. Through the Business Office we pay our bills, put our money in the bank, and draw it out again. Mr. Shaw ' s many duties include taking care of all the buildings on campus, school contracts, and official business. tration MR. CHARLES H. WALKER From the Regis- trar ' s Office comes the admission and classification of stu- dents, and the eval- uation of transcripts of credit. MR. JOHN N Mr. Baker as director of Public Relations pro- motes better relations between the University and the public. MR. GEORGE HIELMAN The Assistant Dean of Men is responsible for handling withdrawals, excessive absences, and at- tendance regulations. He also aids in the selection of student monitors. the adminif MISS ELIZABETH LYNN As Assistant Dean of Women, Miss Lynn handles excessive cuts, the pub- lication of the Pow Wow, and was the financial advisor of Sandspur. MR. JOHN T. FLOURNOY Records of social adjustment, schol- astic progress, and participation in University activities are compiled in the Personnel Records Office, and made available to counselors, faculty members, and administrative officers in counseling students. DR. THOMAS BROOKS Dr. Brooks and his competent staff are ready to meet the health needs of students in our modern infirmary. ration MR. ABNER AVERITT Mr. Averitt ' s duties in the business office consist of auditing books for the University. MISS ANNA M. TRACY To please the appetites of 6000 people with a wholesome diet at reas- onable prices is the difficult job of Miss Tracy. DEAN EDWIN R. WALKER Rain, Professor? Basic History school of nrt The College of Arts and Sciences has five major fields of study in the General Education Program. They are: Communication through Language, Personal Develop- ment, Social Thought and Institutions, Humanities, and Natural Sciences. These courses give a broad background and help students decide on special interests or a major subject. When the foundation is laid, a student may want to specialize. For example, he may want to be a chemist or a journalist, in which case he will choose a major in the Department of Chemistry or in the School of Journalism. Not all of the work will be in the field of his major or special interest. He will select certain subjects in other fields to satisfy his own intellectual and personal in- terests. For example, he may choose English as his major field, but still want to elect certain courses in history. He may choose such history courses as appear to be of great interest to him. On the other hand, he may wish to know more about music, art, or economics and decide to elect courses in these areas. What do they see? Turn on the electricity and sciences A student may be interested in one of the professions — law, medicine, dentistry, engineering — or in a civil service career. To complete his professional training he will have to attend a professional school. In many in- stances students enter the professional school after two or three years of pre-professional training. However, most schools of law and medicine and many others re- quire a bachelor ' s degree. This means that they demand a broad, liberal education for four years before they will admit a student to the professional school. Therefore, if a student is interested in a professional career that re- quires pre-professional training, the College of Arts and Sciences will provide him with the necessary broad back- ground. The College of Arts and Sciences is composed of twenty-four departments covering the broad fields of the biological, physical, and social sciences, and the humanities. To satisfy the requirement for the A.B. degree, a student must have two years of a foreign language and other courses in the broad field of the humanities. ASSISTANT DEAN CHARLES S. DAVIS DEAN LAURENCE R. CAMPBELL Our School has its own building with modern class- rooms, offices, library, and reading room. The School has a complete Associated Press wire service for class- room use. It is equipped with laboratories for practical work in photography, typography, news writing, editing, and advertising. Work in each course is realistic, reproducing con- ditions in typical newspaper offices. Students report campus activities as well as city, state, and federal news events. The location in the Capital City provides unusual opportunities for observing and reporting the news. school of The Florida State University School of Journalism prepares us for such work as reporting and editing of newspapers and trade magazines, free lance writing, news photography, and publishing of small city daily and weekly newspapers. Courses are also offered in teaching high school journalism, in public relations, and in radio broadcasting. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Eide discuss copy Proofreading Intent on something ■ ■ journalism If newspaper work is an individual ' s special interest, the School can arrange summer internships for him be- tween his junior and senior years. He will gain practical experience and valuable contacts with the Florida Press. The Journalism students have an active Press Club and are petitioning Theta Sigma Phi, women ' s profes- sional honorary, and Sigma Delta Chi, men ' s professional fraternity, for the establishment of local chapters. Students prepare a set of proofs in the typography lab Peck it out Write and rewrite Busy! DEAN RALPH L. EYMAN The Dean of the School of Education is Dr. Ralph L. Eyman. The University provides under this school a complete sequence of under- graduate courses required for teacher ' s cer- tification, a well-rounded graduate program for training of teachers ' supervisors, and an outstanding capitol field service program. In addition to this, numerous conferences, semi- nars, and workshops are held on campus or in strategic centers over Florida. Lamps, maybe? school of The six major departments under the School of Education are: educa- tion, art construction, physical edu- cation for men and women, health education, and a demonstration school. These offer broad programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. Newcomers to the School of Education this year are Dr. Eugene Boyce, new head of the Demonstra- tion School and formerly principal of Columbus, Georgia high school, Fascinating Arts and crafts exhibit education Professor Lawler, special- ist in school finance and formerly connected with Northwestern University; Dr. Kembell, transferring from Arts and Sciences; Dr. Ernest Kassen and Dr. Mildred Swearingen, who have returned to the school with their Doc- torate degree. Industrial arts class hard at work It ' s really fun ; V The FSU School of Home Economics offers you training for interesting and varied careers. It will train you to become a dietitian, a home economist, a house decoration specialist, a nutri- tionist, or a designer. They study children Students find out for them- selves the caloric value of foods homo DEAN MARGARET SANDELS Very pretty, Dolly That ' s fine fabric Let ' s record that economics The non-professional major offered by this School provides courses important in your general educa- tion and help prepare you for successful family living and homemaking. Young men as well as young women find many subjects to interest them in the School of Home Economics. Both men and women have profited from courses in Nutrition, Food Research and Tech- nology, Clothing and Textile Design, Retailing of Clothing and Textiles, Textile Analysis and Re- search, Family Economics, Housing, Child Develop- ment and Family Life Education. The subject matter in the School of Home Economics i s organized under the departments of Clothing and Textiles, Food and Nutrition, and Home and Family Life. Students can get profes- sional training in each of these areas. Interior decorating Set for a king The School of Music at Florida State University is one of the oldest and finest collegiate schools of music in the country. It was established as a department of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1900. Eleven years later, its status was changed to the School of Music. In 1930, the School of Music was accredited as a full member of the National Association of Schools of Music. The general objectives of the School of Music are to prepare students for music as a profession and to provide personal ex- perience in music to everyone interested. DEAN KARL KUERSTEINER Sponsored by this School is the University Choral Union, made up of interested students and faculty members who get enjoyment singing together. Each Christmas, this group presents the beautiful Han- del ' s Messiah. Besides the choral union is the Women ' s Glee Club and the Male Chorus. Also sponsored by the School of Music is the symphony school of Take your choice of recitals « STfriCATt RTCITAI WUW RECIT H mmn ■Lhm mm m.u ttTm . m$K HALL m ' « »«, I ' ll Discussing Artist Series Let ' s rehearse this again orchestra, the symphonic band and the University marching band. Dr. Karl Kuersteiner, Dean of the School of Music since 1944, was the recipient of the International Institute of Educational Fellowship on Conducting at the Mozartium Academy Salzburg. He has been recognized as a brilliant conductor both here and abroad. Ill II SIC • Practice makes perfect Mr. Braunagel directs DEAN LOUIS SHORES library Florida State ' s School of Library Training and Service prepares young men and women for work in general and special libraries. The areas include: College or University Library work, public library, school library, special libraries, material specialist work. Usually a professional librarian must pursue four years of regular college work plus a year of Look it up science library training. At FSU professional training may be begun in the junior year. The School also pro- vides an internship program for those working to- wards a bachelor ' s degree. This school occupies its own building on the FSU west campus. Included in this building are: a cur- riculum library, an audio-visual laboratory, a pro- jection room ; a professional service library, study rooms, a laboratory for photography, a student lounge, offices and class rooms. In the brief three years of its existence it has placed its graduates in important library positions in Florida, in the South and abroad even as far as Okinawa and Japan. One of its graduates is in the Air University Library; another is with the United Nations in New York, and numerous library posi- tions in college, public and school libraries. Card catalogs and more card catalogs Checking out books DEAN COYLE MOORE A democratic nation such as ours has as one of its primary functions the promotion of the welfare of its citizens. This manifests itself through the social services which are offered both by private and public social agencies. It is the function of the School of Social Welfare to train and educate personnel for these services at the local, state, and Federal levels. The School of Social Welfare offers both the under- graduate and preprofessional and the graduate pro- fessional education necessary to prepare a person to practice social work. Opportunity is given the prepro- fessional student to secure practical experience by observation in social agencies in one of our larger social Intent on learning Pay attention everyone Florida cities. The graduate course of study leads to a Master ' s degree and requires two years for completion. The School of Social Welfare is fully ac- credited and is the only one in Florida. Moreover, it serves the adjoining Southern States under the Southern Regional Compact. Another important service is in the area of Marriage and Family Living where students are pre- pared for marriage and parenthoo d. Aspects of courtship, marriage, and Miss Bristol discusses a problem with the class welfare parenthood are considered in detail with full student discussion. In addition to the under-graduate courses of study, an inter-divisional graduate program of study is offered to those who wish training for marriage instruction, marriage counseling, or research. In con- nection with these services the School of Social Welfare offers a counseling service in marriage and family relations. In addition, the School of Social Welfare is one of the participating schools in the inter-divisional curricula of Child Development and Recreation. Discussion of the steps A session in Dr. Leap ' s office school of public The School of Public Administration has four primary objectives : to provide training for those who are seeking a career in the government service and to coordinate the resources of the University in developing collateral programs of training, to pro- vide research assistance and advice to members of the Florida Legislature, officials of the Florida Executive and Judicial Branches, and officials of city and county governments of Florida, to furnish technical assistance by research and consultation to officials of the State and of local governments of Florida, and to offer a curriculum for pre-law students. The staff of the School has been selected with emphasis upon practical governmental experience as well as academic background. Students of this School have the opportunity to intern in government. Part-time and full-time in- ternships are available. These programs enable the student to obtain a valuable knowledge of govern- ment which leads to employment opportunities and provides actual work experiences. DEAN WILSON K. DOYLE This is the way it is Understand? administration Dr. Doyal, Secty. of State Gray, and students look up a law Interesting lecture Must be amusing EAN FRAN DAME school The School of Business helps to develop skills and fundamental principles needed to build con- fidence and promote success in the business world. It has four objectives: ( 1 ) To contribute to a liberal education for all students in order that they may live fuller, more useful lives. To this end, a student in the School of Business may select at least forty per cent, of his work in the liberal arts and non- professional fields. (2) To provide students with a professional education to meet the demands of various businesses. A student may pursue certain basic courses as well as specialized areas of busi- ness so that you may select the area in which you desire specific training. (3) To furnish adult edu- cational services for those who cannot attend regularly scheduled University classes. (4) To promote scholarly research in order to advance the level of business achievement in Florida and the entire Southeast. This school offers many opportunities to make field trips, hear guest speakers, and establish out- side business contacts The School has also set up internship programs in several fields to furnish students practical experience. Mochines and more machines of business A student works a duplicating machine ! .—• — .. -MM), The Florida State University School of Nursing, brand new in September of 1950, is the first col- legiate school of nursing in Florida. Vivian M. Duxbury heads the staff with Myrtle Lee Floyd as assitant professor. The goal of this school is to prepare women for the nursing needs of Florida with emphasis on public health. These students learn as they work by spending many helpful hours at the infirmary as student nurses. school of DEAN VIVIAN DUXBURY The distinguishing feature of a collegiate school of nursing is that it provides for the student to become a registered nurse and also to Just a small dose ■-■■■ Check pulse . mark it down keep records iiirsing and child welfare graduate with a bachelor ' s degree. Students thus prepared are qualified to fill positions of high responsibility in their chosen field. Don ' t move WILLIAM HUGH STICKLER and biological environment, the social sciences, the historical background of present-day civilizations, physical and mental health, and past and present cultures as expressed by literature, art, music, and philosophy. General Education also provides students an opportunity to become acquainted with broad areas of subject matter, aids us in the discovery of our school of General Education, as conceived here at our University, is designed to develop in students those skills, under- standings, attitudes, and that set of values which will equip us for effective personal and family living and re- sponsible citizenship in a democratic society. It provides a sound foundation upon which to build an intelligent in- terest in personal, family, vocational, social, and civic problems; a better un- derstanding of these problems; and a greater ability to deal with them. It includes the study of man ' s physical Dr. Edney greets visitors If you don ' t breathe properly Who sez history ' s a bore? |eneral oil million own interests and abilities, and equips us to live more effectively with ourselves and with our fellow- men as citizens in a democratic social order. A i There we was, hangin ' by our heels Students whose training will eventually become highly specialized get the foundation of a General Education experience in order that each of us may have a better understanding and appreciation of the relationship of our specialties to the whole of knowledge and to the needs of society. Pretty is as pretty does Free movies So I sez to him, I sex The Air ROTC program here at Florida State provides many benefits for its students. The pro- gram is designed to help train young men to become Air Force Officers and responsible citizens. Enrollment in the Air ROTC is voluntary. Students may earn credits toward an undergraduate degree while in training. This training consists of basic and advanced courses. The basic course coin- cides with Freshman and Sophomore years; the advanced course coincides with Junior and Senior years. COLONEL B. S. BARR, U.S.A.F. school of military science Forward march! Wheels ' -at L Vf ' SS iV gib -». ' • ft ' ■ . . M3yBpS§ fc WW ■ ■ ■ - 4 ' ' ' ' ' ■% BHJff|A ' , ' ' . fe " •.• ' .- i.6i . " w - ■ " flp - Upon graduation our students may be appointed " distinguished military graduate " and offered a regular com- mission in the United States Air Force. Or he may earn a commission in the Air Force Reserve. But he need not enter upon an active military career just because he pursues the Air Force ROTC program. Big confab " A-TEN-SHUN! " Dr. Campbell discusses " No, you don ' t hove to sign up, but Inspection mil l;i li s Participation in the ROTC program offers its students ample opportunity to engage in any of the intra-mural and social events sponsored by the unit. The highlight of the winter social season is the traditional Military Ball. I sf —i Recruits at work DEAN MILTON W. CAROTHERS III 4 Under the direction of Dean Milton W. Carothers, approximately four hundred courses are open to the graduate students at FSU. Graduate studies leading to a Master ' s degree are offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, the School of Education, the School of Home Economics, the School of Journalism, the School of Library Training, the School of Music, the School of Public Administration, and the School of Social Welfare. The entire graduate program is administered under supervision of a Graduate Council. You can bet- that ' s intellectual! You surely understand this graduate school • . In addition to the graduate program leading to a Master ' s degree, Florida State University provides advanced graduate studies leading to a doctor ' s degree in Home Economics, Education, English, Spanish, and Music. Dr. Shores speaks Graduates, you say university government association executive branch The executive power of the Uni- versity Government Association is vested in the University Council. The Council is comprised of the Presi- dent, the Vice-Presidents of Legis- lative, Women ' s, and Men ' s Affairs, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Forums Chairman, and the four presidents of the classes. The Coun- cil is responsible for policy making and supervision of student extra- curricular activities through stand- ing committees, composed of faculty and students. The University Coun- cil committees are Elections, Honor, Social Standards, Athletic and Recreational, Organizations, and Finance. The council stayed intact all year except for Bill Waters who grad- uated in February and whose posi- tion was filled by the President Pro- Tern of the Senate, Dick Bradley, and Cass Yonge who interned and whose postion was temporarily filled by Betty Rich. REUBIN " RUBE " ASKEW President of University Government Association WILLIAM " BILL " WATERS Vice-President of Legislative Affairs CATHERINE " CASS ' YONGE Vice-President of Women ' s Affairs WILLIAM " BILL " HAYES Vice-President of Men ' s Affairs GAIL KELLEY ALBRITTON Treasurer ALLAN HEAD Forums Chairman MARJORIE MECKSTROTH Secretary Left ro right: Bob Lanigan, Gail Kelley Albritton, Cass Yonge, Ted Steinmeyer, Bill Waters, Dean McBride, Rube Askew, Dean Warren, Marjorie Meckstroth, Dean Culpepper, Bill Hayes, Allan Head. Absent: Will Pennell and Charles Curtis. university gov The legislative power of the University Govern- ment Association is vested in the University Senate. The Senate is comprised of three men and three women from each class. The Senate is responsible for legislating rules and regulations for the student body and constitutional changes. BILL WATERS presides over University Senate ' 1 A j ■ B 40 ,. a i A T... w L [|:it: 1 IK Left: CASS YONGE presides over Women ' s Senate Right: BILL HAYES presides ovar Men ' s Senate WOMEN ' S SENATE The purpose of Women ' s Senate is to handle legislation pertaining solely to women. The Uni- versity Senate separates at the discretion of the Vice-President of Women ' s Affairs to carry out this purpose. Outstanding accomplishment was the obtaining of later hours. MEN ' S SENATE The University Senate also separates at the discretion of the Vice-President of Men ' s Senate for handling legislation concerning only men. ! rii m on I associal ion LEGISLATIVE BRANCH UNIVERSITY SENATE The Women ' s and Men ' s Senates combined as the University Senate handle legislation for student government pertaining to student life and consti- tutional changes. Outstanding legislation were the establishment of a Traffic Court and a Legislative Reference Bureau, the compiling of all student laws, and the revision of the student constitution. FRONT ROW: Jack Holmes, June Conyers, Bill Waters, Nancy Rertie, Betty Rich, Ann Oliver. MIDDLE ROW: Sonya Meyers, Jeanne Lu Armstrong, Jimmy Evans, Mary Helen Speed, James Turnbull, Wanda Evans, Burton Welch, Virginia Stockman, Ann Scudder, Margaret Kraseman, Marjorie Meckstroth, Mary Ruth Summers. BACK ROW: Richard Yaeger, Ronald Koons, Jere Salyers, Bill Skipper, Pete Williams, Dick Bradley, Bill Hayes. ABSENT: Cass Yonge, He.b Marsh, Bob Wodrich. university go HONOR COURT: Made up of two representatives from both the junior and senior classes, Honor Court deals with infractions on the honor code such as stealing, cheating, and lying. It also hears other cases which affect both men and women students, and the chairmen of men ' s and women ' s judiciary are ex- officio members of the court. This group works in conjunction with the Honor Committee for the pro- motion and understanding of the Honor Code. Women ' s and Men ' s Judiciary serve as the judicial body of the university. These courts handle all in- fractions of the rules not under the jurisdiction of Honor Court or Women ' s House Council. WILLARD " BO " BAKER Chief Justice of the University Court JERRY THOMAS Chairman of Men ' s Judiciary FRANCES HIGGENBOTHAM LOUWERSE Chairman of Women ' s Judiciary FAYE PATTERSON Chairman of Off-Campus Court rnment association judicial itic v II UNIVERSITY COURT Alice Jackson, Doris Harding, Willard Baker, Pegg Rigg, Patty Mims. WOMEN ' S COURT Ellin Avis, Harriet Forehand, Leland White, Frances Higgenbotham Louwerse, Elenor Graves, Virginia Lee, Margret Ann Moore. MEN ' S COURT James Ball, Jerry Thomas, Waldon Padgett, John Buckley. EDITORIAL STAFF CHARLES H. NEWMAN Editor In Chief GAIL KELLY ALBRITTON Managing Editor WILLIAM B. CONKLIN Associate Editor ALICIA CRESWELL Copy Editor PEG RIGG Art Editor HARRY NEWMAN. Waiting for Fred to call. BOBBIE JEAN LOCKHART. Waitina for Harry to call. GAIL KELLY ALBRITTON. Waiting for Dal. ly the 1951 tally WITH THE EDITORS . . . This is the hallowed place in the annual where the editors get together and say, " It ' s been a great year! " We just want to pull ourselves up off the floor long enough to say, " It ' s been a year! " It seems a long, long time since last fall when the new staff opened for business and asked, " Well, where are we? " We ' re still wondering. Every annual staff has their share of headaches and we don ' t claim originality for ours, but it does seem ly got our share. First and foremost, the carried a double load of work from the start, was there the problem of getting out this but also the distribution and mailing out of last year ' s annuals. Mailing problems, irate letters, delays and troubles in gen- eral besieged the office, and ran neck and neck with the ever ap- proaching 1951 deadline. We really don ' t want to weep too long on this subject, but in our apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused, we do wish to interject a note of explanation. BILL CONKLI Just waitin BUSINESS STAFF HARVEY HEAGERTY Business Manager HERB MARSH Advertising Manager GEORGE GANAN Advertising HARVEY HEAGERTY: " If I make this shot we ' ll have enough to send the proofs to the engravers. Iio ANNUAL PUBLICATION Still it hasn ' t all been hearts and flowers. Putting out an annual is a great experience. Everybody ought to try it — once! At least there ' s often time for laughter — Editor Newman surrounded by piles of unmailed annuals . . . the flaming tongues and poison pens of last year ' s seniors demanding action . . . the faculty " pep squad " . . . the fascinating game of Busby, Busby, Who ' s Got the Busby . . . the only copy editor in the world with a beebe in her leg . . the sparkling crew of Newman, H e a g e r 1 y, Marsh and Conklin, and how they grew . . . Time now also, in look- ing back, to throw a few orchids ... To those of the staff who remained faithful to the end, for doing hard work well . . . to our adviser Mr. Pugh and to Dean Culpepper . . to Bob Faerber for en- couragement beyond the call of duty which really kept us going . . . the fine work of the art staff . . . to the students. Here is YOUR annual. We hope you like it. HERB MARSH. " But they told me YOU ' D take an ad, warden. " NANCY SHAW and her fresh- man flunkies. " Put down the gun, we ' ve found your name here. " " Funny thing it took THIS long! " tketf j,ave tUeii time and CLASS EDITORS LOR AN E BATES JOT DeRALPH and BECKY BROWN I can ' t help it if he takes bad pictures. alentd, ta tke |£| I Iv-llO NADINE SMALE Women ' s Sports BARBARA HENDRY Office Manager EARL DOBERT, Editor kept the school jumping • • the florid;! ALL THE NEWS . . TWICE A WEEK BETSY BLANTON A full and motley crew of flamboyant reporters and staff members was captained by Editor Earl Dobert through their second year of semi-weekly publication. The second floor of Longmire building resembled a small portion of Bedlam on Monday and Thursday afternoons as all the news that ' s fit to print went through necessary processing for Tuesday ' s or Friday ' s paper. Managing Editor Betsy Blanton and News Editor Anne Gregory regularly went into a panic when some reporter missed a good tip or failed to get his story in by deadline time. These two have the chief responsibility of receiv- ing complaints from dissatisfied patrons or at least passing the buck to someone else. Along with Editor Dobert they are ex- pected to possess some mystical power which endows them with the gift of being administrators as well as jacks-of-all-trades. Associate editors Montrell Sessions and Jeanne O ' Riorden had the reputation of always being on hand when needed, whether it was to write a lead story or simply to answer ques- tions. Writing headlines as well as editorials also falls within their jurisdiction. Besides all this Jeanne wrote a column and filled in wherever she was needed. Montrell miraculously found time to be a chief helper on many projects along with her other extracurricular activities. All was not work with the Flambeau crew, however. Editor Dobert and Betsy got romantically involved in accordance with the tradition which has arisen regarding editors and managing editors. In addition, parties at the coast and Dog Lake relieved the tension throughout the year. Earl ' s reign was brought to a close with the annual Flambeau banquet in May. ANNE MARIE GREGORY ILAU Ibr Business Manager Bob Griffin and his capable staff worked hard at increasing the income from advertising this year. They met with much success, too, since the books show that the amount collected was almost double of that collected in previous years. Assistant business man- agers Virginia Smith and Nelle Crenshaw helped Bob keep the accounts straight and the office supplies in good condition. Bob was notorious for grabbing un- suspecting students and putting them to work as solicitors or in various other capacities. He constantly waged a war with the editorial staff about nabbing reporters from under their wing and putting them on an ad soliciting beat. Virginia was useful in every field from getting ads to drawing up the copy and proof reading it at the Democrat. Nelle was chief bookkeeper or anything else that needed to be done. Bob and his staff also plotted various ad campaigns such as the " Garnet Gimmick " and the Sand- spur ticket sale promotion. Mary Lou Klotz and Carolyn Curry were in charge of all advertising from national concerns, while Katherine Ed- wards was busy as circulation manager. lambeau BOB GRIFFIN, Business Manager Bob Griffin, business manager, demonstrates the art of stapling bills together to Assistant Business Manager Nelle Crenshaw. Nelle and Bob de veloped this talent thoroughly as the Tallahassee merchants will testify. Regularly on the first of every month the campus and local post offices were flooded with bills " payable immediately " . Salaries of everyone else on the editorial and business staffs were dependent on whether the bills got out in time, and thus they were the first order of business. Associate editor Jeanne O ' Riorden, left, looks the latest Flambeau over critically as associate editor Montrell Sessions checks the big story for errors. the flam Marianne Gillen, left, society editor, talks over the latest sorority doings with her assistant. Merry Reeves. Together, throughout the year, they have collected, written, and edited copy on all sorority, fraternity and dormitory doings. All the big " go national " weeks and dances were reported by these two. Sports editor Scott Marshall did all the basketball, baseball, gymnastic, swimming and other sport stories almost singlehandedly. Besides that, his column, " Keepin ' Score, " appeared twice a week in the Flambeau. Eorlc Bowden, assistant editor, gazes into space trying to think of that right word for an editorial. Earle, with Joel Smith, was in charge of the big 24 page Homecoming edition of the Flambeau. For that paper, they contacted all de- partments on campus, sororities, fraterni- ties, organizations, and students to gather feature story material. They planned the pictures and makeup that would appear in the big edition and assigned stories to the other members of the staff. The Homecoming issue was sent by many students to parents and other students all over the country. tM k «l II TAKES A LOT OF THEIR TIM E Hurry, hurry . . . only ten minutes till deadline Humor page gives editor Copeland a laugh. EDITORIAL STAFF Harry Copeland Editor-in-Chief Montrell Sessions Associate Allan Head Associate Mary Jane Marshall Acting Managing Editor Carolyn Henry Art Editor Jerry Thomas, Joel Smith, Anne Gregory, Gladys Caskie _j Senior Editors (Bob Jenkins, Pat Rogers — Not Pictured) Jeanne O ' Riorden, Jane Atchley .. Proof Editors Margot Nasrallah Rejection Editor Bob Griffin Promotions Doryand Jansen (not pictured) , Barbara Robbins Art Staff SMOKE SIGIHS - Aa Smoke Signals is a bi-monthly magazine published by and for the students of Florida State University. During the first semester, a contest was run for a new name for the magazine, which was formerly Talaria. The new name, Smoke Signals, was chosen, and appeared for the first time on the third issue of the year. Smoke Signals is the third name for a maga- zine that was founded in 1926 under the name of Distaff, when the university was Florida State College For Women. When FSCW became FSU in 1947, Distaff was changed to Talaria. Now again in 1951, the name has once more under- gone a change. In the past, the magazine has been a critical- literary quarterly, paid for from the student ac- tivity fee. It is still financed by the student ac- tivity fee, but has become a general magazine, with an accent on variety. The magazine (Continued on page 78) Members of the editorial staff have a laugh over jokes that humor editor Joel Smith has just typed up. .h a name ? Business manager Mary Jane Mar- shall pauses with a friendly smile for the photographer before she tackles the magazine ' s business problems. BUSINESS STAFF Mary Jane Marshall Business Manager Virginia Smith Assistant Business Manager Boots Haynie Circulation Barbara Braymer Office Manager Dot Welch Exchange Business staff of Smoke Signals discuss various aspects of business, such as circulation, exchange, and advertise- ment. Pictured from left to right are: Boots Haynie, cir- culation; Dot Welch, exchange; Mary Jane Marshall, business manager; Virginia Smith, assistant business man- ager; and Barbara Braymer, office manager. MANAGERIAL STAFF Members of the senior staff discuss content of the Fall issue of Talaria (now Smoke Signals) . Pictured from left to right are: Allan Head, associate editor; Bob Griffin, pro- motions; Mary Jane Mar- shall, business manager; Harry Copeland, editor; and Montrell Sessions, associate editor. smoke Associate editors Montrell Sessions and Allan Head always have a smile for someone. (Continued from page 76) publishes fiction, articles, features, reviews, cartoons, jokes, and pictorial material. The editorial staff this year attempted to give the students a magazine they would enjoy read- ing, at the same time maintaining a certain literary standing. In addition to increasing con- tent appeal, the magazine also varied the make- up, giving it more animation and color. Several major shifts were made in editorial and business positions since the pictures for these four pages were taken. Dick Mooney was assigned to the staff as photography editor. Joel Smith re- placed Allan Head as associate upon the latter ' s resignation. Virginia Smith replaced Mary Jane Marshall as business manager, and Boots Haynie was appointed managing editor. Mary Jane Coyne replaced Barbara Braymer as office man- ager, when Barbara went away to intern. Editor Harry Copeland and acting managing edi- tor Mary Jane Marshall enjoy a lighter moment in the tedious process of laying out the winter issue of the magazine. signals Editor Harry Copeland and associate Montrell Sessions discuss material for the spring issue of Smoke Signals. The business staff ' s main function on the Smoke Signals is to insure sound financial operation of the magazine. It is the co-task of the business manager and editor to see that the students ' money is properly expended and that they are getting their money ' s worth back in a magazine that they enjoy reading. Other func- tions of the business staff is circulating the magazine to students, mailing copies to interns, exchanging magazines with other colleges and universities, and selling space for local and national advertisement. It looks like everyone got into this one! Members of the editorial staff of Smoke Signals discuss different points about the winter issue of the magazine. Pictured from left to right are: Barbara Robbins, art staff; Jane Atchley, proof editor; Ann Gregory, senior editor; Jeanne O ' Riorden, proof; Jerry Thomas, senior editor; Gladys Caskie, senior editor; Margot Nasrallah, rejections; and Carolyn Henry, art editor. 1 The flying trapeze FLORIDA STATE upsidedown on the balancing perch " The Greatest Show on Earth " Look, no hands Indian Princesses Leapord women IIRCUS The Florida State University Circus Band under the direction of Bob Braunagel k ' fJHr. ifrJtik i " 1 - The trapeze Oh you kid Artist of the silver thread DENNIS DELACURE Station Manager W f S II Radio influences your thinking — WFSU is the radio on the Florida State University campus. The staff and management of WFSU feel a keen appreciation of the need to serve you with re- sponsible radio programs by FSU — for FSU. " The Voice of the Seminole " started off a big year of broadcasting by expanding its schedule from three hours to eight hours a day, five days a week. For the first time, a morning broadcast was begun with the two-hour " Early Bird " show from 7 to 9 each morning. After surveys were taken and popular music was found to be in demand, " Supper Club " came into existence. Other shows such as " Late Date " were revamped to offer students the type of music they wanted to hear. STAN GOULD Program Director TERRY PORTER Director of Writing NEIL JACOBY Chief Announcer STAFF WRITERS (left to right): Pete Williams, Janie Betts, Doug Alley, Ralph Hager, Ann Chandley and Claudia Powell. NEWSCASTERS (left to right): Jerry Thomas, Len Mellon, Bob Lauer. ANNOUNCERS: Bill Bass, Dennie Delacure, Claire Bailey, Paul Knepper, Joan Dewey, Stan Gould, Neil Jacoby. VOICE OF THE SEMINOLES LEN MELLON Special Events Director JANE ATCHLEY Director of Publicity BILL BASS Production Manager Next, the Seminole Theater Guild of the Air was formed to further interest in radio dramatics. The group, consisting of actors and directors, Droduced such well-known shows as THE TELL- TALE HEART, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, BUTCH MINDS THE BABY, and THE PERFECT VILLAGE. Elected chairman of this group was M. J. Parham; vice-chairman, June McMillan; secretary, Jacki Penman; and report- er, Elaine Marcum. FSU Radio history was made . . . with " Our Album of Christmas. " Friday night before the Christmas holidays WFSU dedicated its six hours of broadcasting to Christmas music, stories, and plays. The schedule became actually a six-hour continuous Christmas variety program with every staff member contributing to the over-all effect. Another first . . . remote broadcasting. This involved broadcasting directly from the East campus dining hall, bringing dinner music to the student audience during the supper hour. An unusual situation ... it took elections, with all their excitement, to keep the student station on the air until 1 a.m. When the 1 1 :00 o ' clock sign-off hour came, the results of UGA elections had not been completed, and WFSU held its first " Election Party. " " We ' re heard! " . . . that came as welcome music. An extensive survey revealed that six out of ten students turn their dials to 660. It also proved that the oldest program on the station ' s schedule, " Late Date, " was the favorite show. This year WFSU added approximately 100 new members to its working staff, as direct re- sults of interviews and auditions. These students are actively engaged in all phases of radio broad- casting . . . script writing, announcing, produc- tion, and engineering. If you find moments of pleasure at 660 on your dial, WFSU feels the year has been a success. PRODUCTION STAFF (standing, left to right I : Len Mellon, Bob Lauer, Sue Alvarez; (seated, left to right) : Suzi Jones, Ann Chandley, M. J. Parham, Gene Lu Armstrong, Jackie Pennian, Delores Bates, June McMillan, Jetta Cato. SECRETARIAL STAFF (standing, left to right) : Sylvia Marini, Margaret Nash, Betsy Simmons, Mary Ann DeLoach, Lolete Falck; (seated, left to right) : Connie Porter, Wanda Handcock, Carol Gray, Frieda Allen. JAMES P. STOAKES, DOAK S. CAMPBELL (MRS.) ODENE CANNON, Artist Series Secretary ARTIST SERIES The Artist Series is a program of entertainment by renowned artists in many fields given throughout the academic year for the students and faculty of Florida State University. This year brought exceptional presenta- tions. The first attraction was the concert by Ernst Von Dohnanyi, eminent Hungarian composer and pianist, who is at present a member of the faculty of Florida State University. Immediately following this program was Charles Laughton, screen and stage star. The Paganini String Quartet next presented a program of chamber music. KARL O. KUERSTEINER Dean, School of Music L050 - 1951 SEASON The fourth outstanding presen- tation was the Ballet Theater, starring Nora Kaye, Igor Youske- vitch, John Kriza, and Maria Tallchief. The season closed with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Walter Hend ■ 1U MIKADO " The Mikado, " a production sponsored by the Music Department of the University, opened to a delighted audience of students and faculty members. The entire cast was composed of stu- dents in music, who proved themselves to be artists in their field. The colorful costumes, the scenery, and their talented performance were combined to present a most vivid story of " The Mikado. " The leading roles were portrayed by Donna Blackketter, William Dalrymple, Don Mc- Donald and others. The musical director, Dr. Robert L. Briggs, conducted the University orchestra in one of their best performances of the year. DONNA BLACKKETTER WILLIAM DALRYMPLE SECTION OF CAST -•: £V. L Hf r [V 1 J 1 r ll B V CASS YONGE Jacksonville President, Women ' s Affairs Garnet Key Mortar Board DENNIS DELACURE Lake Wales Station Manager, WFSU Omicron Delta Kappa Gold Key senior BILL CONKLIN Middletown, N. Y. President, Gold Key Vice-Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa University Government Association RUBE ASKEW Pensacola President, University Government Ass ' n. Omicron Delta Kappa Gold Key notables MARION DORO Ocala Mortar Board Garnet Key Student Government MONTRELL SES SIONS Tallahassee Mortar Board Garnet Key Associate Editor, Talaria WILLARD (BO) BAKER Chief Justice of the University Court Gold Key Honor Court FRANCES HIGGENBOTHAM LOUWERSE Pensacola Chairman, Women ' s Judiciary Mortar Board Garnet Key HARRY NEWMAN Indianapolis, Indiana Editor, Tally-Ho Gold Key Theta Chi LELAND WHITE St. Augustine President, Alpha Epsilon Delta Garnet Key Mortar Board JEAN SAYER Sanford President, Garnet Key Mortar Board Secretary, University Government Association LOREN (DUKE) MALTBY President, Sigma Chi Captain, Football Team Gold Key FAYE PATTERSON Jacksonville Mortar Board Garnet Key Chairman, Off-Campus Court BILL WATERS St. Petersburg Vice-President, University Government Ass ' n. Gold Key Sandspur BOB LANIGAN Coral Gables President, Senior Class Gold Key Varsity Athletics DORIS HARDING Mt. Dora President, Mortar Board Garnet Key Judiciary HARRY COPELAND Marianna Editor, Smoke Signals Gold Key Vice-President, Wesleyan Players ANN SCUDDER San Antonio Mortar Board Garnet Key University Senate EARL DOBERT Tampa Editor, Florida Flambeau Omicron Delta Kappa Gold Key HERB MARSH Jacksonville Advertising Manager, Tally-Ho University Government Association President, MGA CYNTHIA LEINBECH St. Petersburg Mortar Board President, Tarpon Club " F " Club BETSY BANTON Tampa Managing Editor, Flambeau Garnet Key Parliamentarian, Senior Class FRONT ROW: Leslie Busbee, Jean Sayer, Bob Lanigan. BACK ROW: Betsy Blanton, Susie Sossamon, Ann Eidson. OFFICERS President BOB LANIGAN Vice-President JEAN SAYER Treasurer ANN EIDSON Secretary LESLIE BUSBEE Parliamentarian BETSY BLANTON Social Chairman SUSIE SOSSAMON the senior class Before there is time to realize it, four years have passed. Classes, exams, registration, football games, parties and all that makes college are over. The seniors have received their long awaited diplomas and left Tallahassee with only fond memories of Florida State University. V I ' • H Kr ,V J V V Kv - » V V c v » d " « v i t llio senior fla N A Job Well Done FIRST ROW: Aase, Rebecca — Tallahassee; B.S., Business Educa- tion; University Circus; Cotillion; Homecoming Queen ' s Court; Phi Kappa Tau Dream Girl — 1950; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Abbot, Frances — Jacksonville; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Biological Science; Counselor for transfers. • Abney, Lorene — Fort Pierce; B.M.E., Music, Music Education; MRNC; BSU; Sigma Alpha lota; Univer- sity Chorus; Women ' s Glee Club; Choral Union; Gamma Phi Beta, president. • Adams, Catherine — Clearwater; B.S., Home Eco- nomics, Clothing and Textiles; Home Economics Club. • Adams, Ginny — Tampa; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Social Welfare; Honor Court, Women ' s Judiciary; Wesley Foundation, president; Junior Counselor; Mortified; YWCA, president; Confederacy; Reynolds, V. Pres. • Addison, Betty Lee — Arcadia; B.A., Library Training and Service, Library Science; Soltas; Junior Counselor, Sigma Tau Delta. SECOND ROW: Allen, Jean — Tampa; B.S., Education, Art Edu- cation; Transfer-Student Stephens College; Gamma Phi Beta. • Allen, Glenn — Clearwater; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Economics; Varsity Football; University Government Assoc; Circus; Gold Key; L ' Apache; Kappa Alpha. • Alonso, Leonor — Tampa; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Los Picaros. • Altman, Barbara — Jackson- ville. • Ammans, Jack — Findley, Ohio. • Anderson, Jerold — Jacksonville; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Sigma Delta Pi. THIRD ROW: Anderson, Phyllis — Hernando; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Junior Counselor; Wesley Foundation. • Anderson, Ruth E. — Winter Park. • Anderson, William M. — Marianna. • Angle, Mary Jane — Haines City. • Archbold, Marilyn — Jacksonville; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Inter-American; Women ' s Judiciary, University Court; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Chairman, Freshman Orientation Com.; Chairman, Inter-Church Fellowship; Freshman Flunkies; Sophomore Council; Westminster Fellowship, Sec ' t and V. Pres.; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Atkinson, Marilyn — Winter Haven; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Alpha Xi Delta. AASE ABBOT ABNEY ADAMS, C. ADAMS, G. ADDISON ALLEN, J. ALLEN, G. ALONSO ALTMAN AMMANS ANDERSON, J ■JDERSON, P. ANDERSON, R. ANDERSON, W. ANGLE ARCHBOLD ATKINSON ©i P " !?■» v J ' r AUGHMAN BACIGALUPI BADCOCK BAILEY BAKER BALL BANCKER BARBER BARRINEAU BASS BASSETT BATES, BRYAN, JR BATES, BETTY JANE BAYLESS BEAMAN BEARDEN BELL, V. BELL, J. FIRST ROW: Aughman, John — Wabasso. • Bacigalupi, Joycelyn — Bradenton. • Badcock, Maida F. — Mulberry; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Sophomore Council; University Chorus; Tarpon Club; Cotillion; Kappa Delta. • Bailey, Betty Jo — Blounts- town. • Baker, Willard " Bo " — Miami; A.B., Political Science; Wesley Foundation; Jr. Rep., Men ' s Judiciary; Los Picaros; Honor Committee, Co-Chairman; University Court, Jr. Representative, Chief Justice; Gold Key; Who ' s Who. • Ball, Joy — Miami; B.S., Commerce, Secretarial Science; Cotillion. SECOND ROW: Bancker, Pat — Live Oak; B.A., Arts and Sciences, English Literature; Sandspur; Newman Club. • Barber, Betty Sue — Cross City; B.S., Education, Art Education; F Club; Women ' s Recreation Association, Treas. • Barrineau, Jean — Pensacola; B.M.E., Music, Music Education; Bryano Hall — V. Pres.; Junior Counselor; Music Education National Conference; University Chorus; Pi Kappa Lambda; Sigma Alpha lotc; Alpha Xi Delta. • Bass, William — Sarasota; B.S., Commerce, Advertising; WFSU, Production Mgr.; University Chorus; Homecoming Committee; Can- terbury Club; FSU Circus; Speech Department Plays. • Bassett, Marianne — Ft. Lauderdale; A.B., Arts and Sciences, SpanLh; Uni- versity Singers, Women ' s Glee Club; Freshman Flunkies; Alpha Gamma Delta. • Bates, Bryan, Jr. — Tallahassee. THIRD ROW: Bates, Betty Jane — Leesburg; B.S., Home Eco- nomics; General. • Bayless, Theodore, Jr. — Toledo, Ohio; B.S., Social Welfcre; Press Club; Male Chorus; University Chorus; Social Work Club. • Beaman, Patricia — Jacksonville; B.S., Home Eco- nomics, Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club. • Bearden, Anna Lou — Sarasota. • Bell, Vance — Melbourne. • Ball, James — Tallahassee; Business, Commerce; Canterbury Cub. February Graduation Speaker Dear Dad, this is positively the last time but — after all, seniors have to be seen in the right places .... Hit si n i or cl ass Have You Had 101? FIRST ROW: Benjamin, Lee — Miami. • Bennett, Jean — West Palm Beach; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Art; Freshman Flunkies; Sophomore Council; Art Club; Panhellenic; Chi Omega. • Bennett, William — Perry; B.S., Education, Physical Education; Men ' s Recrea- tion Assoc; AAHPER; Infirmary Staff; Sigma Nu. • Benz, Martha Ann — Miami. • Betz, Marian Ann — Dunedin; A.B., Education, Art Education; Junior Counselor; University Chorus; Sophomore Council. • Bevis, John T. Jr. — Chattahoochee. SECOND ROW: Birchard, Alvena — St. Petersburg; B.S., Educa- tion, Elementary Education; WFSU; Sandspur; Handbook Commit- tee; Tally-Ho; Freshman Flunkies; Student Christian Association; Westminster Fellowship; Kappa Alpha Theta. • Birt, Warren Arthur — Jacksonville; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Zoology; Florida Academy of Sciences; Sigma Phi Epsilon. • Blackketter, Donna — Bradenton; B.M.E., Music, Music Education; Homecoming Queen ' s Court; Miss Gymkana of 1950; " Mikado " ; Music Educator ' s National Assn.; Freshman Carnival; Women ' s Glee Club; Alpha Xi Delta. • Blount, Madge — Arcadia; B.S., Social Welfare, Social Work. • Boerwinkle, Elizabeth Ruth — Jacksonville; B.S., Education, Math and Science. • Bonner, F. C. — Jacksonville; B.S., Commerce; Sigma Chi, presi- dent. THIRD ROW: Booth, Allen — Plant City; B.S., Business, Restau- rant and Hotel Management; Junior Hotel Men of America; Phi Kappa Tau. • Booth, Georgia — Tallahassee; B.S., Education, Ele- mentary Education. • Borkovic, John H. — Rochester, Pa.; B.S., Edu- cation, Physical Education; Intramurals; Newman Club. • Boulware, Lois — Tallahassee; B.A., School of Library Training and Service, Library Science; Soltas; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; Tally-Ho; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Bowler, Mary M. — West Palm Beach; B.S., Home Economics, Housing and House Furnishings; Freshman Flunkies; Bit and Spur; Home Economics Club; Alpha Delta Pi, treasurer. • Bowles, Rita Gwen — Green Cove Springs. BENJAMIN, LEE BENNETT, J. BENNETT, W. BENZ BETZ BEVIS BIRCHARD BIRT BLACKKETTER BLOUNT BOERWINKLE BONNER BOOTH, A. BOOTH, G. BORKOVIC BOULWARE BOWLER BOWLES BRADHAM BRADLEY BRADY BRAYMER BREEDEN BRINSON BRITSCH BRITTON BROKOW BROOKS BROOME BROWN BROWNING BRUNER BUECHLY BUISSIT BULLOCK BULTER FIRST ROW: Bradham, Charlie — Jacksonville; B.S., Public Ad- ministration; Swimming Team, Mgr.; F Club; Male Chorus; Air Force ROTC; Flambeau. • Bradley, Dorothy — Tallahassee. • Brady, Charles G. — West Palm Beach; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Physics; Theta Chi. • Braymar, Barbara Jean — Bradenton; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Talaria; Westminster Fellowship; YWCA; Junior Counselor; Manatee County Club; Writer ' s Club; Alpha Chi Omega, V. Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi. • Breeder, Betty — Plant City; B.S., Social Welfare, Social Work; Social Work Club; Junior Coun- selor. • Brinson, Mills — Marianna; 8.S., Arts and Sciences, Medical Technician; Delta Tau Delta. SECOND ROW: Britsch, Edward J. — Tallahassee. • Britton, Elizabeth A. — Tampa; B.S., Education, Physical Education; F Club; Tarpon Club. • Brokow, Mary — Orlando. • Brooks, Barbara — Tampa. • Broom;, Aileen — Orlando; B.S., Business, Business Edu- cation; Pi Omega Pi; Future Business Leaders of America. • Brown, Betty Jean — Coral Gables; B.S., Social Welfare, Social Work; Flambeau; Social Work Club; Newman Club; Pep Club; Freshman Carnival; Landis Hall, V. Pres.; Phi Mu. THIRD ROW: Browning, Mary Helen — Madison; B.M.E., Music, Music Education; Women ' s Judiciary; House Presidents ' Council Chairman; Gilchrist, House Pres.; South Cawthon, House Pres.; Choral Union; University Chorus. • Bruner, David E. — Titusville. • Buechly, Barbara Jane — Miami. • Buissit, Mary June — St. Petersburg; A.B., Education, English and Spanish; " The Male Animal " ; " Iphigenia " . • Bullock, Espin E. — Pensacola. • Bulter, Joan Catherine — Daytona Beach. I. D. Card Pictures Dear Son, now that it ' s all over, who is this Miss Ellanious that you ' ve been spending so much money on? tlio senior class Did I Pass? FIRST ROW: Burdest, Mimms — Tallahassee. • Burgess, Madalyn — Pensacola • Burgess, Virginia — Stuart; B.S., Journalism; Flam- beau. • Burry, Mary V. — Jacksonville; B.S., Journclism; Freshman Flunkies; Press Club; Flambeau; Sigma Kappa, Recording Secretary. • Busbee, Lessie — St. Petersburg; A.B., Arts and Sciences, English; Junior Class, Secretary; Senior Class, Secretary; Garnet Key; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; University Chorus; Freshman Flunkies; Tally-Ho, Editor of Faculty and Administration; Sigma Tau Delta; Pinellas County Club, president; Delta Delta Delta. • Bynum, Rosemary — Panama City; B.S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Newman Club. SECOND ROW: Colder, Berry Lou — Tallahassee. • Callaway, Edgar H. — Apalachicola. • Calvetti, Joe — Newbury, New York. • Camp, Ann — Tallahassee. • Campbell, George — Crestview. • Campbell, Hazel B. — Milton. THIRD ROW: Caporusso, Pat — Miami; B.A., Arts and Sciences, Art; Newman Club. • Carey, Gertrude — Orlando; B.S., Home Eco- nomics, Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club; Kappa Delta. • Carlin, Donna — Jacksonville; B.S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Social Work Club; Art Club; I.R.C.; W.R.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Carter, Charles Henry — Bradenton; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology. • Carter, Charles L. — Tallahassee; B.S., Journalism, Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi; Tally-Ho, Sports Editor; Flambeau; Gymkana; Press Club; Phi Delta Theta. • Carter, Harris — Tampa. BURDEST BURGESS, M. BURGESS, V. BURRY BUSBEE BYNUM CALDER CALLAWAY CALVETTI CAMP CAMPBELL, G. CAMPBELL, H CAPORUSSO CAREY CARLIN CARTER, C. H. CARTER, C. L. CARTER, H. 1L «- mm -■..- ' CARTER, M CASEY CASKIE CHARLESWORTH CHAVOUS CHEESMAN CHICK CLARKE CLARY CLEMONS CLONTS COBB, B. J COBB, J. COGGIN COLEMAN CONBY CONDICT CONNOR FIRST ROW: Carter, Martha W. — Tallahassee; A.B., Arts and Sciences, English; Kappa Kappa Gamma. • Casey, Charlane — Bonifay. • Caskie, Gladys Letitia — St. Petersburg; A.B., Arts and Sciences, English; Sigma Tau Delta, President; Talaria; Christian Science Organization; F Club; Flambeau. • Charlesworth, Betty — Ft. Lauderdale; B.S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Junior Counselor; Judiciary; Senior Hall Council; University Chorus; Social Work Club; Wesley Foundation Council; Village, Vice President; IF Week Council; Honor Committee. • Chavous, Ronald — Bushnell. • Cheesman, Owen — Pensacola. SECOND ROW: Chick, Joyce Muriel — Titusville; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology. • Clarke, Mary Ann — Monticello; B.S., Edu- cation, Elementary Education; Freshman Carnival; Usher Commit- tee; Kappa Delta. • Clary, Martha Roslyn — Crestview; B.M.E., Music, Choral; Sigma Alpha lota; Kappa Delta Pi; Women ' s Glee Club, President and Vice President; " Slow Dusk " ; " Mikado " ; Wes- ley Foundation Council. • Clemons, Doris — Tallahassee; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Music; Sigma Alpha lota; University Chorus; Women ' s Glee Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Newman Club; Freshman Flunkies, Freshman Carnival; Sandspur. • Clonts, Dorothy — Stuart; B.M., Music, Voice; Sigma Alpha lota; Junior Counselor; Univer- sity Singers, President; Choral Union. • Cobb, Betty June — Miami; B.S., Education, Physical Education; Sophomore Council; Cotillion; F Club; AAHPER, Secretary; P.E.A.; Life Saving Corps. THIRD ROW: Cobb, Joy — Coral Gables; B.S., Education, Elemen- tary Education; Freshman Flunkies; Cotillion; Kappa Alpha Theta. • Coggin, Madaline — Chipley. • Coleman, Richard — Atmore, Ala- bama; B.S., Social Welfare, Social Work; Alpha Phi Omega; Social Work Club; Monitor; Intramurals. • Conby, Morgan E. — Cross City. • Condict, Audrey — Orlando; B.S., Education, Recreation; Sand- spur; Kappa Alpha Theta. • Connor, Bette — Bristol; B.S., Edu:a- tion, English. Congratulations! Oh, Dick, just any little ole two and a half carat diamond will do the trick for graduation . . I lie Mi»nioi 1-I;i s This Won ' t Hurt FIRST ROW: Cook, Emma Lou — Delray Beach; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Classics Club. • Copeland, Harry — Mari- anne; A.B., Journalism, Journalism; Talaria, Editor; Wesley Players, Vice President; Gold Key; Sandspur. • Costin, Sara Jo — Port St. Joe; A.B., Education, Elementary Education; Delta Zeta. • Courts, Robert Laroy — Valparaiso. • Cowan, Jamas — Hendersonville, N. C. • Cowan, Jean Marie — Tampa; B.S., Home Economics, General Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Tally-Ho Typist; Alpha Xi Delta. SECOND ROW: Cowen, Frances B. — Chattahoochee; B.S., Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club; Senior Hall. • Cowen, Mary — Chattahoochee; B.S., Home Eco- nomics, Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club, Presi- dent; Omicron Nu, Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi; Junior Counselor; Senior Hall. • Cox, Jasper, Jr. — Greenville. • Cozart, Dot — Grace- ville. • Crane, Freeda — Lakeland. • Creswell, Alicia — Xenia, Ohio; B.S., Education, Recreation; Flambeau; Cotillion; Tally-Ho, Copy Editor; Phi Mu, President. THIRD ROW: Crisp, Robert- -St. Petersburg; B.S., Business, Com- merce; I.F.C.; L ' Apache; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Crotty, John — Miami; A.B., Arts and Sciences; Inter American; Los Picaros; Wesley Players. • Croup, Wallace — St. Petersburg; B.S., Social Welfare, Social Work; Male Chorus; University Chorus; Social Work Club; Lambda Chi Alpha. • Cubbedge, Gay — Winter Park; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Sophomore Council; F-Club; Off Campus Court; W.R.A. Board; Freshman Flunkies; Delta Delta Delta. • Culbreth, Sara — Panama City; B.S., Education, Elementary Educa- tion; Circus; University Singers; B.S.U. • Curry, Barbara — Sarasota; B.S., School of Social Welfare, Social Work; Social Work Club; Canterbury Club; Senior Hall Council; Alpha Xi Delta. COOK COPELAND COWEN, F. COWEN, M CRISP CROTTY COST IN COX CROUP COUTTS COWAN, J. COWAN, J. M COZART CRANE CRESWELL CUBBEDGE CULBRETH CURRY CZZOWITZ D ' ALESSANDRO DANCE DANFORD DANIEL DAVIDSON DAVIS, B. J. DAVIS, G. DAVIS, L. DAVIS, M. E. DAVIS, M. A. DARSEY DAY, B. J. DAY, J. T. DAY, N. DEAL DEAN DECKER FIRST ROW: Czzowitz, Lewis — Butler, Penna. • D ' Alessandro, Apollonia — Fort Myers; B.S., Education, Commerce; North Caw- thon Hall, Vice President; Newman Club; F.B.L.A. Club. • Dance, Joyce — Lakeland; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Cotillion; Alpha Delta Pi. • Danford, Ardath — Tallahassee; A.B., School of Library Training and Service, Library Science; Day Student Organi- zation, President; Sottas, President. • Daniel, Martha Sue — Winter Haven; B.S., Education, Elementary Education. • Davidson, Betty Sue — Avon Park. SECOND ROW: Davis, Betty Jane — Tallahassee; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Speech Correction; Zeta Phi Eta, President; D.S.F., Presi- dent; Speech Department Productions; Y.W.C.A.; Freshman Flunkies. • Davis, Glenn — Jacksonville. • Davis, Lem — Perry. • Davis, Marion Ellise — Kissimmee; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Speech; Pre-Law Club; Canterbury Club; Speech Productions; Freshman Flunkies; Chi Omega. • Davis, Margaret A. — Pensacola; B.S., School of Social Welfare, Social Work; Social Work Club. • Darsey, John R. — Amsterdam, Ga. THIRD ROW: Day, Bi!li; Jean — Punta Gorda; B.S., Education, Elementary Education. • Day, June Theresa — Coral Gables; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Newman Club; Junior-Senior Prom Elections Chairman; Alpha Xi Delta, Vice President. • Day, Nancy — Orlando; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Village, Vice President; Los Picaros; Casa Cervantes; Pi Delta Phi; University Reading Room Chairman; Radio Workshop; Christian Science Or- ganization. • Deal, John F. Jr. — Marianna; B.S., Education, In- dustrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. • Dean, Harry — Tallahassee. • Decker, John Boyd — Daytona Beach. Don ' t Step on the Goldfish Sure, Joe, I ' d love to wear your football ' til the season ' s over (■■he senior el ass Ex-Sen. Pepper, Rep. Sikes and Pres. Campbe FIRST ROW: Dekle, Batty Anne — Ocala. • DeRolph, Joy Ann DeLand; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Tally-Ho, Editor of Senior Section; Y.W.C.A.; Sandspur Advertising Staff; Gymkana; Usher Committee; Freshman Flunkies; Alpha Xi Delta, Corres. Sec. • Delwar, Kctherme — Felda; Pi Omega Pi, Vice President; FBLA Club, Treasurer. • Dickson, Lawrence F. — Tampa. • Dobert, Earl — Tampa; B.S., School of Journalism, Journalism; Florida Flam- beau, Editor in Chief; Omicron Delta Kappa; Press Club; Men ' s Honor Court; Homecoming; WFSU, Publicity Director; Sandspur, Publicity Chairman; Publications Committee. • Donahue, Lorraine —Miami; B.A., Education, Elementary Education; WFSU; Newman Club. SECOND ROW: Doro, Marion — Ocala; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Women ' s Judiciary; Honor Committee; Garnet Key, Secretary and V. Pres.; Mortar Board, Secretary; Bryan, Pres.; Reynolds, V. Pres.; Talaria; Classics Club; Sophomore Council; Freshman Flunkies. • Douglas, Virginia A. — Dade City; B.S., Edu- cation, Health Education; Transfer from Florida Southern College; Health Club, Secretary; Chorus; Junior Counselor; Wesley Founda- tion. • Drake, Batty Jo — Tallahassee. • Duckworth, William G. — Tallahassee. • Duncan, Betty Jane — Daytona Beach; B.S., Ap- plied Social Sciences, Social Work; Tally-Ho; Sandspur; Social Work Club; Zeta Tau Alpha, President. • Duncan, Vivian J. — West Palm Beach; B.A., Education, Elementary Education. THIRD ROW: Dunn, Julia — Tallahassee. • Durrance, Patsy Ruth — Ft. Meade; B.S., Education, Business; Pi Omega Pi; Press Club; FBLA Club; B.S.U. • Dykes, Flora E. — Miami. • Eason, Claridell C. — Tampa. • Eckert, James O. — Akron, Ohio; B.S., School of Education, Math-Science; Governor, East Wing of Senior Hall; Student Union Organization; Choral Union; U.S. Naval Reserve — Air. • Eddins, John — Bushnell. DEKLE DeROLPH DELWAR DICKSON DOBERT DONAHUE DORO DOUGLAS DRAKE DUCKWORTH DUNCAN, B. J. DUNCAN, V. J DUNN DURRANCE DYKES EASON ECKERT EDDINS, J. EDDINS, M. EDMISTON EDMONDSON EDWARDS, M ELLIS ELLISON EMMERSON ENGEL ERIKSON EUBANKS EVANS, P. EVANS, W. EDWARDS, T. ENNIS EVERETT EIDSON ENNO FAHLE FIRST ROW: Eddins, Mary — St. Augustine; B.A., School of Lib- rary Training and Service, Library Science; YWCA, Treasurer and Vice President; Soltas; Flambeau Staff; Junior Counselor; Fresh- man Flunkies; Gymkana; Confederates; Alpha Xi Delta • Edmiston, George — St. Augustine • Edmondson, Elizabeth — Sara- sota — B. S., School of Education, Early Childhood and Elementary Education; Alpha Xi Delta, Secretary. • Edwards, Miricm — Quincy; B.S., School of Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Florida Home Economics College Clubs, President; Home Economics Club, President; Junior Counselor; Landis Social Chairman. • Edwards, Theresa — Port St. Joe; B.S., Education, Elementary Edu- cation; Newman Club; Sigma Kappa. • Eidson, Ann — Orlando; B.A., School of Arts and Sciences, English; Sophomore Council, Sec- retary; Jennie Murphree, President; Women ' s Senate; Senior Class Treasurer; Garnet Key; Pi Beta Phi, President. SECOND ROW: Ellis, Nancy Ann- -Ocala; B.M.E., Music, Music Education; University Chorus; University Singers; Women ' s Glee Club; MENC; Sigma Alpha lota. • Ellison, A. C. — Foley; B.S., Business, Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi, Chairman of Publicity Committee, Chairman of Social Welfare Committee; In- tramurals Basketball Team. • Emmsrson, Isabel — Sarasota. • En-cl, Ruth — Homestead; A.B., Education, Spanish; Junior Coun- selor; Kappa Delta Pi. • Ennis, Robert N. — Fort Pierce. • Enno, Marie L. — Tampa; B.S., Education, Elementary Education. THIRD ROW: Erikson, Walter — Brooklyn, N. Y. • Eubanks, Norman Franci; — Clearwater; B.S., Education; Sophomore Class Vice President; Football; Track; All Dixie Conference End; F Club; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Evans, Pat — Foley. • Evans, Wanda — Titus- ville; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Freshman Flunkies; Freshman Carnival; Junior Counselor; Senior Rep. to Univ. Senate; Westminster Fellowship; Alpha Chi Omega. • Everett, Caroline St. Petersburg. • Fahle, Julia — Lakeland; B.S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Freshman Flunkies; Geography Club; Sandspur Business Staff; Flambeau Circulation Staff; YWCA; Alpha Xi Delta. T.B. or Not T.B.? FLORIDA STATE BOARD of HEALTH Do you suppose they would ever think of giving us three hours credit for sitting through commencement? I In senior i las No Place to Go FIRST ROW: Faircloth, Angele— Jacksonville; B.S., Business, Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; Future Business Leaders of America; Wesley Foundation; Circus. • Falls, Gloria Montyne — Frostproof; A.B., Education, Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; FBLA; B.S.U.; Y.W.C.A. • Fitzgerald, Pat — Cornl Gables; B.S., School of Arts and Sciences, Math; Alpha Lambda Delta, Junior Counselor; Newman Club; Alpha Xi Delta. • Flanders, Katherine Jean — Sebring; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Child Psychology; Kappa Delta Pi; Transfer Counselor; Wesley Foundation; Magnolia, House President. • Fleming, Mavis — Laurel Hill; B.S., Education, Math and Science; Alpha Lambda Delta. • Fleury, Alice — Tampa; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi, Newman Club. SECOND ROW: Floyd, Carlo — Winter Park, B.S., Arts and Sci- ences, Physiology; Sophomore Council, Alpha Lambda Delta; Amer- ican Chemical Society, F Club. • Floyd, Charles Leslie — Pensacola; B.S., Physical Education; President of A.A.H.P.E.R., Volleyball team co-captain; Circus; Sigma Delta Psi; second string All- American Volleyball. • Folmar, Ouida Annette — Crestview; B.S., Social Welfare, Social Work, Junior Counselor, Social Work Club, Kappa Delta. • Forbes, Mary Ruth — Jacksonville; B.S., Education, elementary education; Junior Counselor, University Singers, BSU; Freshman Flunkies, Freshman Carnival, Floor chairman, House Council, Phi Mu. • Forehand, Harriet Ann — Lakeland, B.S., Busi- ness, Business Administration; Panhellenic president; Judiciary, U.G.A. Funds comm., Freshman Flunkies; Chi Omega, vice-presi- dent. • Fortune, Johnnie — Laurel Hill. THIRD ROW: Foster, Edith — Norfolk, Va.; B. A., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Los Picaros; Sigma Delta Pi; Alpha Chi Omega. • Foster, Barbara — Norfolk, Va.; B.S., Education, Elementary Edu- cation; Los Picaros; Alpha Chi Omega. • Fountain, Mary V. — Monticello. • Fox, Edward L., Jr. — Fremont, Ohio; B.S., Education, Physical Education; (transfer from Findlay College) ; AAHPER; F Club; varsity letters in football and track. • Francis, Joan Eliza- beth — Tampa; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Newman Club. • Fuller, Robert John — Portsmouth, Ohio; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Economics; L ' Apache; Tri-Delt House Father; Bachelor ' s Club; Theta Chi. t-AIRCLOTH FLOYD, C. FOSTER, E. FALLS FLOYD, C. L. FOSTER, B. FITZGERALD FOLMAR FOUNTAIN FLANDERS FORBES FOX FLEMING FOREHAND FRANCIS FLEURY FORTUNE FULLER, R. J. r | mT m r7|i FULLER, R. A. FUNCHESS FURLOW FUTCH GADDY GAINES GALLAGHER GAHLENBECK GANTENBEIN GARCIA GARRETT GARRISON GATTON GEER GIBSON, F. N., JR. GIBSON, S. R. GIGL GILLESPIE FIRST ROW: Fuller, Ruth Ann — Ponte Vedra Beach; A.B., Edu- cation; Elementary Education; Tally-Ho; Circus; WFSU; Junior Counselor; Sandspur Committee; Speech Play. • Funchess, Foy — Panamc City. • Furlow, Frances Russ — Winter Haven; A.B., Arts and Sciences, English; Sigma Alpha lota; Westminster Fellowship, Vice-Pres.; Sigma Tau Delta; Junior Counselor; Classical Club, President; Eta Sigma Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta. • Futch, Helen- Live Oak; A.B., School of Library Training and Service, Library Science; Soltas; Gamma Phi Beta. • Gaddy, Elizabeth Elaine — Jacksonville; A.B., Education, English. • Gaines, Ray — Tallahassee. SECOND ROW: Gallagher, Janet N. — DeFuniak Springs; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Gamma Phi Beta. • Gahlenbeck, William — Pensacola; B.S., Applied Social Science, Commerce; L ' - Apache; Pi Kappa Alpha. • Gantenbein, Delbert A. — New Albin, Iowa; B.S., Commerce, Advertising. • Garcia, Elsie May — St. Pet- ersburg. • Garrett, Mary Louise — Birmingham, Alabama; B.S., Education, Recreation; Transfer; Off Campus Court; F Club; Alpha Chi Omega. • Garrison, Paul Eugene — Pensacola; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Chairman, Elections Committee; Presi- dent, International Relations Committee; Governor, Senior Hall for Men; Number 9 Club; Chairman, Re-elect Pepper Club. THIRD ROW: Gatton, Rex L. — Highland Park, Mich.; B.S., Busi- ness, Marketing; Intramural Softball; Theta Chi. • Geer, Sibyl Lolita — West Palm Beach. • Gibson, Frank N., Jr. — Brooksville; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Geography; Alpha Phi Omega; President, Rifle Club. • Gibson, Sarah Ruth — Madison; B.A., School of Library Training and Service, Library Science; Soltas; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Gigl, Elizabeth Anne — Jacksonville; B.S., Business, Business Educa- tion; Women ' s Glee Club; Freshman Flunkies; Business Education Club; Future Business Leaders of America. • Gillespie, Barbara Ann — Pensacola; B.S., Home Economics, Child Development; Home Economics Club; B.S.U.; Child Development Forum. I Guess So Guaranteed to every co-ed: One date before graduation ill i senior © I a ss Landis Isn ' t a Mere Building FIRST ROW: Gillette, E. Virginia — St. Petersburg; Arts and Sciences, Art; Sandspur; Sweetheart of Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Kappa. • Gilmer, James W. — Jacksonville. • Glaze, Hal Thomas — Orlando; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Rifle Club. • Glenn, Eugenia — Cross City; B.M.E., School of Music, Music Educa- tion; Circus; Choral Union; Kappa Alpha Theta. • Goddard, Joan E. — Jacksonville; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Gamma Phi Beta. • Goldberg, Lyla — Hollywood; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; WFSU; Sandspur; Psychology Club; Newcomers Film Club; Les Jongleus. SECOND ROW: Golson, Frank M., Jr. — Marianna; B.S., School of Business, Accounting. • Gould, Sarah Jean — Tallahassee; B.S., School of Education, Elementary Education; Secretary, Day Students Organization. • Govantes, Mercedes — Tampa; B.S., Business, Busi- ness Administration; Los Picaros, Vice President; Newman Club. • Graham, John — Orlando. • Granagham, Marylaide Joyce — Jack- sonville; B.S., Social Work, Social Work; Social Work Club; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Granger, Walter — West Palm Beach. THIRD ROW: Greenberger, Daryl — Chicago. • Green, Betty — Miami. • Gregory, Anne Maris — Miami; B.S., School of Journalism, Journalism; News Editor, Flambeau; Criticism Editor, Talaria; New- man Club; Secretary, Press Club; Theta Sigma Pi; Freshman Flunkies; University 4-H Club. • Gregory, Betty — Quincy. • Gregory, Joyce Anne — Dania; B.M.E., Music, Music Education — Choral; Sigma Alpha lota; Women ' s Glee Club; University Chorus; Freshman Flunkies; President, Delta Delta Delta. • Gresham, Doyle — Pensacola GILLETTE GILMER GLAZE GLENN GODDARD GOLDBERG GOLSON GOULD GOVANTES GRAHAM GRANAGHAM GRANGER GREENBERGER GREEN GREGORY, A. M. GREGORY, B. GREGORY, J. A. GRESHAM GRIFFING GRIFFITH, J. GUNN HALL, R. R. HAND HARDING, D GRIFFIN GROEZINGER HAGER HALL, H. D. HARDING, B. J. HAYNES GRIFFITH, V. V. GURNEY HALL, H. P., JR. HAMILTON HARDING, R. HARFORD FIRST ROW: Griffing, Pat — Tallahassee. • Griffin, Jennette — Jacksonville. • Griffith, Virginia Verl — St. Petersburg; B.S., Busi- ness, Secretarial Science; Future Business Leaders of America. • Griffith, James — Darlington; B.S., Education, Math, Physics; Wal- ton County Club. • Groezinger, Edna Elizabeth — Palma Sola; B.A., Library Training and Service, Library Science; Band; Soltas; B.S.U. • Gurney, Betty — Tampa. SECOND ROW: Gunn, James E. — Tallahassee; B.S., Education, Social Studies; Men ' s Judiciary, 1949-50; University Honor Court, ' 49- ' 50; Arnold Air Fraternity; Adelphos Society, President; Home- coming Committee, ' 49- ' 50; Constitution Committee ' 49; Alpha Kappa Psi, Chaplain; Lambda Chi Alpha, President. • Hager, Ralph S. — Tallahassee; B.S., Journalism, Journalism; Flambeau; Varsity Debate Squad; WFSU; University Symphony, Publicity Chairman. • Hall, Hugh Pierce, Jr. — Center Hill; B.S., Business, General Busi- ness. • Hall, Rita Rose — Lakeland; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Child Psychology and Early Childhood Education; B.S.U.; Jr. Counselor. • Hall, Hollic D. — Ocala. • Hamilton, Zada Virginia — Tampa; B.S., Business Management. THIRD ROW: Hand, Mary Evelyn — Jackson, Miss.; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Delta Gamma. • Harding, Betty Jo — Panama City; B.S., Education, Mathematics; Odd Tennis Team. • Harding, Ruth — Limona; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Biology; Junior Counselor. • Harding, Doris — Mt. Dora; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Social Sciences; Wesley Foundation; Junior Counselor; Women ' s Judiciary; University Honor Court; F Club; Garnet Key; Sophomore Council; Mortar Board, President; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Kappa Delta; Phi Beta Kappa. • Haynes, Claire — DeLand; B.S., Education, Busi- ness Education; Y.W.C.A.; Business Education Club; Typist, Tally- Ho; Alpha Xi Delta. • Harford, Earl, Jr. — Middletown, N. Y.; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Speech Correction; Intramural Debate; Dramatic Productions; Sandspur ' 50; Sigma Alpha EpsHon. Future Governors? Which two hour crip are you raking this semester — canoeing or sailing? I In senior cl ass Before the Parade FIRST ROW: Hart, Henry G. — Tallahassee; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Kappa Alpha. • Hart, Bettye Jean — St. Petersburg. • Hartman, Marjorie — Delray Beach; B.A., Education, Elementary Education; Delta Delta Delta. • Hartsfield, Betty — Tallahassee. • Hartsfield, Albert — Tallahassee; B.S., Business, Accounting. • Hayward, Julia — Wildwood; B.S., Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Wesley Foundation, Home Economics Club; Freshman Flunkies; Junior Counselor; Sigma Kappa. SECOND ROW: Hayworth, Ruth Annette — Tallevast; B.S., Edu- cation, Recreation; University Singers; Choral Union; AAHPER; F Club; Rifle Club; Even Golf Leader; Freshman Flunkies. • Head, Yvonne — Avon Park; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Sand- spur ' 51; Panhellenic Council; Kappa Delta Pi; Delta Delta Delta. • Heath, Graham L. — Marianna; A.B., Arts and Sciences, French and English; Wesley Foundation; Pi Delta Pi, Vice President. • Hebb, Charles H. — Lakeland. • Hendry, Barbara — Belle Glade; B.A., Arts and Sciences, English; Junior Counselor; Tally-Ho; Flambeau; Sigma Tau Delta. • Henry, Audry — Ocala; B.S., Soci al Welfare, Social Work; Freshman Flunkies; Usher Committee; F Club; Alpha Gamma Delta, President. THIRD ROW: Hettinger, Joan M. — St. Cloud; B.S., Education, Business Education; Cotillion; Student Union Organization; Wesley Foundation; F.B.L.A. • Hiatt, Laura — Palm Bay. • Hicken, Russell — Jacksonville. • Hicks, Elizabeth Carolyn — Plant City; B.S., Home Economics, Dietetics; Home Economics Club. • Hicks, Zelma Ruth — Milligan; B.S., Education, Elementary Education. • Higgenbotham, Frances — Pensacola; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Biology; Westminster Fellowship; Vice President of Dormitory; President of Dormitory; Sophomore Council; Judiciary; Junior Counselor; University Judicial Court; Garnet Key; Mortar Board. HART, H. G. HART, B. J. HARTMAN HARTSFIELD, B. HARTSFIELD, A. HAYWARD HAYWORTH HEAD HEATH HEBB HENDRY HENRY HETTINGER HIATT HICKEN HICKS, ELIZABETH C. HICKS, Z. R. HIGGENBOTHAM V v w fPTi 0 fT HIGH, HERMAN HOLDEN HOOPER HIGH, CHARLES S. HOLDER HORTON HINSON HOLLAND, BETTY A. HOWARD HOBBS, CLAIRINE HOLLAND, NANCY HOWELL, PEGGY J. HOBBS, TOM HOLMES HOWELL, ROBERT L. HOCKHEM HOOKER HOWES FIRST ROW: High, Herman — Jacksonville. • High, Charles Sinclair — White Springs; A.B., Arts and Sciences, English; Cava- liers; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President. • Hinson, Betty Jo — Plant City; B.S., Music, Music Education; Circus; University Chorus; Gymkana; Kappa Delta Pi. • Hobbs, Clairine — Tallahassee. • Hobbs, Tom — Tallahassee. • Hockhem, William — Jacksonville. SECOND ROW: Holden, Pat — Ocala. • Holder, Carolyn Louise — Jacksonville; A.B., Arts and Sciences, English; Junior Counselor; University Singers; Choral Union; Flambeau; Duval County Club; Sandspur; Publicity, Sigma Tau Delta. • Holland, Betty Ann — Bartow; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Village Vamps; Circus; Freshman Council; Sophomore Hop; Junior Class Treasurer; University Chorus; Odd Dance Team; Sandspur; Homecoming Court; Kappa Delta. • Holland, Nancy — Winter Haven; B.S., Education, Recreation; Chi Omega. • Holmes, Miriam Kathryn Homestead; B.M.E., Music, Choral Elementary Music Education; Wesley Foundation; Choraleers; University Chorus; Glee Club; Music Educator ' s National Conference; 4-H Club, President. • Hooker, Jeanne — Belle Glade; B.S., Education, Elementary Educa- tion; Junior Counselor; Wesley Foundation Council; University Singers; Kappa Delta Pi. THIRD ROW: Hooper, Jesse H. — Selma, Ala. • Horton, Ray — Tampa. • Howard, Dalton D. — Miami; B.A., Education, Elementary Education; Wesley Foundation Council; Wesley Players, President; Delta Tau Delta. • Howell, Peggy Jeannine — Dunedin; B.S., Busi- ness, Business Education; Future Business Leaders of America. • Howell, Robert Lee — Apalachicola; B.S., Business Science, Com- merce; Delta Sigma Pi. • Howes, Carson Thomas — Perry; B.S., Social Welfare, Social Work; Dormitory Monitor; Male Chorus; University Singers; Choraleers; Wesley Foundation. Homecoming Parade Which Senate investigating committee are you investigating this week? I lie son i or class Dedication of Campbell Stadium FIRST ROW: Hoyce, Elma Louise — Jay. • Hubbard, Betty Lee — St. Petersburg; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Wesley Fel- lowship; Y.W.C.A.; Red Cross; Friars Club; Independent Women; Methodist Student House. • Huckabee, Barbara — Daytona Beach; A.B., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Tally-Ho; Sandspur Production Staff; Social Work Club; Pi Kappa Phi Queen; Zeta Tau Alpha. • Huckens, Mary D. — Hilliard. • Hudson, Elizabeth Black- burn — Miami; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta. • Hull, Barbara Jean — St. Petersburg; B.S., Education, Education; Garnet Key; Junior Counselor; Wesley Foundation; Speech Department Productions; Kappa Delta Pi; Zeta Phi Eta, President. SECOND ROW: Hull, Kenneth W. — Live Oak. • Humphreys, Hugh, Jr. — Tallahassee; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Art; Contributor to Talaria; Student Assistance to Vocational Guidance. • Hunt, Shirley Anne — Orlando; A.B., Social Welfare, Social Work; IRC, Social Work Club; Girls ' Glee Club; Home Economics Club. • Isley, Natelle — Jacksonville; A.B., Arts and Sciences, History and Library Sciences; Phi Mu Sorority; Chairman of Typing Committee, Fresh- man Flunkies; Social Chairman for Jennie Murphree; Member, House Council. • Jackson, Ann — Fernandina; A.B., Education, Elementary Education. • Jackson, Nancy Jean — Coral Gables; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, Vice President, Pledge Trainer; Circus; Cotillion Club; Freshman Flunkies. THIRD ROW: Jackson, Willis Carl — Tallahassee; B.A., School of Library Training and Service, Library Science; President of Soltas Club; Day Student Organization. • Jacobs, Jacquelyn Allene — West Palm Beach; B.A., Education, Elementary Education; Newman Club; Intramurals. • Jarrat, Mary Jane — St. Petersburg; A.B., Education, Secondary Education. • Jefferis, Doris Jeanne — Eustis; B.S., Education, Elementary; Y.W.C.A.; D.S.F. • Jenkins, George Royce — Bonifay; B.S., Business, Accounting. • Johnson, Mary Es- ther — Sebring; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; F Club; Physical Education Association; AAHPER; B.S.U. HOYCE HUBBARD HUCKABEE HUCKENS HUDSON HULL, BARBARA J HULL, KENNETH W. HUMPHREYS HUNT ISLEY JACKSON, ANN JACKSON, NANCY JACKSON, WILLIS C. JACOBS JARRAT JEFFERIS JENKINS JOHNSON, MARY E DHNSON, EDWINA JOHNSON, DORIS E. JONES, DON JONES, DONA M. JONES, GILBERT R. JONES, MILDRED L ONES, MYRNA B. KALFAS KELLER KELLEY, HOWARD L. KELLEY, VIRGINIA KELLEY, EVERRET KEARNEY, N. J. KERR KWEST KING, EMOGENE KING, GEORGE S. KINSEY FIRST ROW: Johnson, Edwina — Virginia • Johnson, Doris Eva — Jacksonville • Jones, Don — Quincy • Jones, Dona Marie — Tampa; B.S., Education, Elementary • Jones, Gilbert Reed — St. Peters- burg; B.S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Treasurer, Historian Secretary; Alpha Kappa Psi • Jones, Mildred L. — Jacksonville. SECOND ROW: Jones, Myrna Barbara — Bradenton Beach; B.A., Education, Physical Education; Circus-49,50,5 1 ; Modern Dance Group-49,50,51 ; AAHPER • Kalfas, Chris — Tallahassee • Keller, Rosalind Marie — Tampa; B.S., Education, Elementary, Eng- lish; Glee Club; IFC. Beauty Queen; Sophomore Hop; Homecoming Court; Phi Kappa Tau Dream Girl • Kelley, Howard Lee — Port St. Joe; B.S., Education, Health Education; Chairman of Christmas Seal Sale; Health Education Club • Kelley, Virginia — Fernandina • Kelley, Everret — Pensacola. THIRD ROW: Kearney, Norma Jean — Haines City; B.M.E., School of Music, Music Education; Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority; University Chorus; Pow Wow Handbook; Panhellinic Council; Off- Campus Court; May Day Dance Committee; Madrigal Group, " Hansel and Gretel " • Kerr, Alix — West Palm Beach; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Biology; Sigma Kappa Sorority; Freshman Flunkies; Classical Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa • Kwesr, Edward C. — South Bend, Indiana; B.S. Education, Physical Edu- cation; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Newman Club; Athletic Trainer; Governor of Bldg. 505; TMGA Member; Member of the Trainers Association • King, Emogene — Pensacola; A.B., Educa- tion, Elementary; BSU; 4-H Club; No. 9 Club • King, George Stowell — Belle Glade; B.S., Education, Mathematics and Science; Christian Science Organization • Kinsey, Reba Vasrie — Ft. Lauder- dale; B.S., Education, Elementary; Vice President of Broward Hall; Sophomore Council; Floor Chairman; Social Committee; Junior Counsellor; BSU; State Social Vice President. Mr. W.F.S.U. and Co. Just because I ' m graduating and won ' t be around any more, you don ' t have to give my pin back .... Ilio si ' iiioi o!;iss FIRST ROW: Kirksey, Bruce E. — Orlando; B.S., Applied Social Science, Commerce; Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, President; Gold Key; Arnold Air Fraternity; AFROTC; Honor Committee; Univer- sity Chorus; WFSU • Kitson, Denbigh — Pensacola; B.S., Home Economics, Clothing and Textiles Retail; Vestry of Ruge Hall; Home Ec. Club; Number 9 Club; Transfer Judson College, Marion, Ala. • Knowles, Cecil C. — Pensacola; B.S., Business, Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi; Escambia County Club • Kobelski, Korol M. — Holbrook, New York; B.S., Arts Science, Psychology; Newman " Big Chief " in Senior Hall Club; Intra-Murals; Governor of 849 Upper • Koons, Ronald M. — Jacksonville; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Economics; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Alpha Kappa Psi; Chairman, Social Standards Committee; Junior Senator; Senior Senator; Monitor; Track Team • Kretschmar, Nancy — Bradenton; B.S., Business, Secretarial Sci- ence; Future Business Leaders of America; Florida State Sym- phony Orchestra; University Symphony Orchestra. SECOND ROW: Kropp, Robert E., Jr. — St. Augustine; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Meteorology; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity • Kutrow, Ann — Lakeland; B.S., Home Economics, Retailing; Kappa Delta Sorority, President; Freshman Flunkies; Sophomore Council • Lamar, Sam — Brooksville • Land, Bennett — Little Rock, Arkan- sas • Landrum, Harry — Marianna • Langlois, Ester — Put-in-Bay, Ohio. THIRD ROW: Langston, Betty Lee — Lake City • Lanigan, Rob- ert C. — Coral Gables; B.S., Education, Physical Education; Theta Chi Fraternity; Senior Class President; Junior Senator; Sports Announcer WFSU; Men ' s F Club; Newman Club; Varsity Football- Varsity Basketball; Tennis Captain; Dixie Conference Tennis Singles Champion, Fraternity Intramurals • Larisey, Julian C- — Groveland; A.B., School of Library Training and Service, Library • Larson, Lorraine Lee — Orlando; B.S., Education, Physical Edu- cation; Sophomore Council; Women ' s F Club, Vice-president; WRA; AAHPER; Physical Education Association • Lavender, Betty Jean — Pensacola; B.M.Ed., Music, Music Education; Alpha Xi Delta Sorority • Lawrence, V. B. — Tallahassee. KIRKSEY KITSON KNOWLES KOBELSKI KOONS KRETSCHMAR KROPP KUTROW LAMAR LAND LANDRUM LANGLOIS LANGSTON LANIGAN LARISEY LARSON LAVENDER LAWRENCE ft " 7$ J i LAWTON LAZEAR LEE, ROWEENA A. LEE, CAROLYN LEINBACH L ' ENGLE, SARAH ENGLE, SUSAN LEONE LESLIE LETO LEVERIT LEWIS LINICK LIPPMAN LITTLETON LISCHKA LLOYD, WINSTON D. LLOYD, BRUCE H FIRST ROW: Lawton, Marion — Jacksonville • Lazear, Elizabeth A. — Eustis; B.A., Schcol of Library Training and Service, Library Science; Ruge Hall Vestry; Library Club • Lee, Roweena Anne — Doctor ' s Inlet; B.S., Education, Elementary; Social Chairman, Stu- dent Union Organization; Band; University Singers; Women ' s Glee Club; Choral Union; Junior Counselor • Lee, Carolyn — St. Petersburg; Leinbach, Cynthia Marie — St. Petersburg; B.S., Edu- cation, Physical Education; Mortar Board; F Club; Garnet Key; President of Jennie Murphree Hall; Secretary, Vice President, and President of Tarpon; Chairman of Senior Hall; PEA, Social Chair- man AAHPER; Odd-Even Sports Leader • L ' Engle, Sarah — Jacksonville. SECOND ROW: L ' Engle, Susan — Jacksonville • Leone, Frank J. — Union City, N. J.; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Pi Alpha; Varsity Gymnastics; Newman Club; Intramurals • Leslie, Irene — Jacksonville; B.A., Arts and Sciences, Modern Languages; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Pi, Social Chairman Historicn; Pi Delta Phi, President; Los Picaros, Social Chairman and Secretary; Delta Zeta Sorority, Courtesy Chairman, Panhellenic Representa- tive, Vice-President; Vice-President and Treasurer of the Spanish House and the French House; Sandspur Costume Committee; Tally-Ho Publicity Staff • Leto, Jean — Tampa; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Social Studies; Newman Club • Leverit, William Eugene — Havana • Lewis, Laura — Alachua. THIRD ROW: Linick, Irene — Miami; B.S., Education, Elemen- tary; Geography Club; Hillel; I.Z.F.A.; World Federalist Group • Lippman, Renee E. — Miami; B.S., Education, Physical Education; Stephens College; Tarpon Club; Odd Archery Team • Littleton, Taylor — Birmingham, Alabama; A.B., Education, English • Lischka, Charlotte — St. Petersburg; A.B., Arts Science, Spanish; Sigma Delta Pi; Los Picaros; Chairman Honor Committee, Junior Coun- selor; 4-H Club; Confederates • Lloyd, Winston D. — Pensacola • Lloyd, Bruce H. — Pensacola; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Electronics; BSU; Rifle Club. That ' s Me, Mom I can ' t truthfully say that in four years I have ever set foot in the library for purposes of studying iiio senior class Dr. and Mrs. Campbell and Visitors FIRST ROW: Locklin, Jack — Milton • Lough, Meriam — Tampa • Lowry, Frank A. Jr. — Cape Girardeau, Missouri; B.S., Public Administration; Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity; Speech Department Plays • Lowry, Patricia — Tampa • Lumpkin, Yvonne Mae — Jack- sonville; B.S., School of Social Welfare, Social Work; Freshman Flunkies; Women ' s Glee Club; Social Work Club; YWCA • Lums- den, Evelyn — Brandon; B.S., Education, Elementary; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Alpha lota; Baptist Student Union President; Glee Club; University Singers; University Chorus; Floor Chairman. SECOND ROW: Lupe, Jok — Tallahassee • MacCrone, Ann — Pensacola; B.S., Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club; Gamma Phi Beta • Mahoney, Mary Edna — Jacksonville; B.S., School of Social Welfare, Social Work; Off- Campus Court; Newman Club; Social Work Club; Freshman Stunt Night; Freshman Flunkies; Sandspur Stage Crew; Zeta Tau Alpha • Mandeville, Charles — Tampa; B.S., Arts and Sciences; Psychol- ogy • Manford, Barbara — St. Augustine • Marble, Betty — Day- tona Beach; B.M., Music, Piano; University and State Symphonies, president; Mikado orchestra; Fresh Stunt Night; Sigma Alpha lota. THIRD ROW: Marino, Jennie — Tampa; B.S., Education, Health Education; Health Education Club; Student Union Club; Kappa Delta Pi • Marsh, Herb — Jacksonville • Marshall, Carl — Nice- ville; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology and Sociology • Martin, Kenneth — Havana • Martin, Miguel — Panama City, Republic of Panama; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Inter-American Relations; New- man Club; Foreign Student Club; Los Picaros • Martinez, Lucian C. — Lakeland; B.A., School of Journalism; Flambeau Reporter; Press Club; Pi Kappa Phi. LOCKLIN LOUGH LOWRY, FRANK A., JR. LOWRY, PATRICIA LUMPKIN LUMSDEN LUPE MacCRONE MAHONEY MANDEVILLE MANFORD MARBLE MARINO MARSH MARSHALL MARTIN, MIGUEL MARTIN, KENNETH MARTINEZ E C " L MARTINO MASSEY MATTER MAXWELL McATEE McCASKILL McCREA McFARLIN McHARGUE MclNTYRE, JAMES E. MclNTYRE, CLARENCE McKENZIE McLAMORE McMEEKIN McRAE MEEKS MILLER, LOIS J. MILLER, MAVIS FIRST ROW: Martino, Norma — Tampa; B. S., Business, Business Education; Newman Club; Student Union Organization; FBLA; Los Picaros • Massey, Guy R. — Marianna • Matter, John — West Palm Beach • Maxwell, Mary Kenner — Punta Gorda; B.S., School of Social Welfare, Social Work; University Chorus; Choral Union • McAtee, Roberta —Tampa • McCaskill, James — Blountstown. SECOND ROW: McCrea, Henry — Jacksonville; B.S., Commerce, Accounting; Student Budget Committee • McFarlin, Kathryn — Quincy • McHargue, L. H. — Erlanger, Ky. • Mclntyre, James E. — Jessup • Mclntyre, Clarence W. — Perry; B.S., Applied Sciences, Economics; Delta Sigma Pi • McKenzie, Ann — Orlando; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Speech Correction; Debating; Zeta Phi Eta; WFSU; Freshman Flunkies; Jr. Counselor; Wesley Foundation; Student Union Organization; Intra-mural Sports; Alpha Omicron Pi. THIRD ROW: McLamore, Joan — Warrington; B.S., Applied So- cial Sciences, Social Work; Social Work Club; Chairman of Social Procedures; Jr. Counselor; Student Union Organization; Freshman Flunkies; University Singers • McMeekin, Julia — Hawthorne; B.S., Education, Mathematics • McRae, Cecile — Mcintosh; B.S., Edu- cation, Physical Education; Jr. Counselor; University Recreation Association, President; Women ' s Recreation Association, Presi- dent; F Club; AAHPER • Meeks, Marion — Tallahassee; B.M., School of Music, Music Education; Jr. Counselor; BSU; Women ' s Glee Club; University Singers; University Symphonic Band; Uni- versity Symphony Orchestra • Miller, Lois Jean — St. Petersburg; B.A., Arts and Sciences, Inter-American Relation; Sandspur; Intra- murals; F Club; WRA • Miller, Mavis — Frostproof. for better friendship, Gilchrist Tea Who was the joker who said it would only take four years? tin senior 4-lass Hit Those Books FIRST ROW: Miller, Sylvia Anne — St. Petersburg; B.S., Educa- tion, Elementary Education; Student Union; Choral Union • Mitchell, Eugene — Inverness • Mondon, Dora — Brooksville; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Judiciary; Lower Court; House Council; Chief Campus Fire Marshal Mook, Lillian — Tampa; B.A., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Freshman Flunkies; Sigma Delta Pi; Chi Omega • Moon, Paula — Orlando; Alpha Gamma Delta • Mooney, Lois — Jacksonville; B.S., Home Economics, Home Eco- nomics Education, Nursing. SECOND ROW: Moore, Jaunita — Lake Wales; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; BSU; Freshman Flunkies, Sandspur, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Omicron Pi • Moore, Martha Anne — Panama City; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa • Morgan, Bettie — Chattahoochee; B.A., Library Service, Library Science; Jr. Counselor; 030 Club • Morper, Charlotte — Archer; B.S., Edu- cation, Elementary Education • Morrison, J. M. — Laurel Hill; L ' Apache; Delta Tau Delta, president • Morrow, W. F. — Talla- hassee. THIRD ROW: Moses, Cornelia — Lakeland; B.S., Home Eco- nomics Education, Clothing and Textile Design; Ruge Hall; Home Economics Club; Social Standards Committee, secretary • Mower, Don — Wooster, Ohio; B.A., Arts and Sciences, Speech Correction; Dramatic Productions; Intra-mural Debate; Intercollegiate Choral Union • Mueller, George — Cincinnati, Ohio; B.S., Arts and Sci- ences, Psychology; Newman Club; University Chorus • Mullis, Hulda — Pensacola • Murphy, Earnest Burn — Sneads; B.S., Edu- cation, Social Studies; Baseball • Murquand, Howard — Hollywood; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics. MILLER, SYLVIA A. MITCHELL MONDON MOOK MOON MOONEY MOORE, JUANITA MOORE, MARTHA A. MORGAN MORPER MORRISON MORROW MOSES MOWER MUELLER MULLIS MURPHY MURQUAND ?tf wo MURRAY MURRILL NAUMAN NAVARRE NEEL NELSON NEWLAND NEUMAN NEET NICHOLS NICOLSON NIX NORFLEET NORMAN NORTON NOXTINE NUCCIO OELSLAGER FIRST ROW: Murray, Patricia Ann — Bradenton; A.B., Educa- tion, Elementary Education; YWCA; Jr. Counselor; Westminster Fellowship; Kappa Delta Pi • Murrill, Anne Carolyn — Bradenton; B.S., Education, Art Education; Junior Counselor; Talaria; Gamma Phi Beta, president • Nouman, W. J. — Milwaukee, Wisconsin; B.S., Business Administration, Real Estate and Insurance; Alpha Kappa Psi • Navarre, A. S. — Key West • Neel, Lucille Meredith — Orlando; B.S., Education, Elementary Education • Nelson, Joanne — Miami; B.M., School of Music, Music Education; Sigma Alpha lota; University Orchestra; State Symphony Orchestra; Symphonic Band; Circus Band. President of School of Music Students. SECOND ROW: Newland, John — Winter Haven; B.S., Education. Physical Education; Alpha Phi Omega; AAHPER; Student Rights Committee; Football; Sigma Nu, president • Neuman, Ben — Jack- sonville • Neet, Betty Weltan — St. Petersburg; B.S., Home Eco- nomics Education, Dietetics; Home Economics Club • Nichols, Alice R. — Anthony; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Jr. Counselor; BSU • Nicolson, Elspeth — St. Cloud • Nix, Elisha — Port St. Joe; B.S., Business, Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi, secre- tary; Student Union; Host and Hostess Committee. THIRD ROW: Norfleet, William — Hollywood • Norman, Kath- erine — Jacksonville • Norton, Alma Pauline — Apalachicola • Noxtine, Lucy — Leesburg • Nuccio, Rosalie Mary — Tampa; B.S., Education, Health Education; Newman Club • Oelslager, Lillian — Limona; B.A., Library Training and Service, Library Science; Soltas; BSU. Blind Date Hey, Harry, what did Otis have to say in his last notice? flic no ii i or class Pres. Askew Speaking to Students FIRST ROW: Oliver, Ann — Miami; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Eng- lish; Women ' s Judiciary; University Senate; Garnet Key; Sopho- more Council; Westminster Fellowship; F Club; Village Vamps, vice president; Chi Omega • Oliver, Joel — Jacksonville • O ' Neal, Robert D. — Inverness; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; IRC; Sigma Delta Pi, secretary; Sigma Tau Delta; Spanish plays • O ' Riorden, Jeanne — Indian Rocks; B.A., Journalism; Flambeau, assistant editor and columnist; Talaria; WFSU; Theta Sigma Phi; v. presi- dent; Newman Club; Press Club; Social Standards Committee; Student Union Organization; World Federalist • O ' Steen, Mable Serena — Madison; B.S., Home Economics Education, Home Eco- nomics; Wesley Foundation; Home Economics Club; Kappa Delta Pi • Orr, June Freeman — Miami; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Psy- chology; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-med Club; Broward Hall, v. president, Jr. Counselor, BSU. SECOND ROW: Ostwald, Laura — Tallahassee • Overbay, Ann Lee — Lakeland; B.S., School of Business, Business Administration; UGA Funds Committee; Sandspur; Freshman Flunkies; Village Vamps; Chi Omega, treasurer • Overby, George Robert — Talla- hassee • Owen, Joan — Daytona Beach; B.M., Music, Music Edu- cation; Judiciary; Vice President of Freshman Class; Sophomore Council; Jr. Counselor; Choral Union, sect.-treas.; Sigma Alpha lota, v. president • Owen, Mary Helen — Winter Haven • Owens, Horry T. — Tallahassee. THIRD ROW: Paczolt, Michael — Johnstown, Pa. • Padgett, Waldron — Westville; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Sr. Representative to Men ' s Judiciary; Alpha Epsilon Delta; BSU • Palmar, Charlotte — Jacksonville; B.S., Home Economics, Child Development; Home Economics Club; Freshman Flunkies; Child Development Forum, Alpha Delta Pi, President • Palmer, Robert — Tallahassee • Pardo, Angelo — Tallahassee • Parker, Marian — Daytona Beach. OLIVER, ANN OLIVER, JOEL O ' NEAL O ' RIORDEN O ' STEEN ORR OSTWALD OVERBAY OVERBY OWEN, JOAN OWEN, MARY H. OWENS PACZOLT PADGETT PALMER, CHARLOTTE PALMER, ROBERT PARDO PARKER, MARIAN ?£ " ?? RKER, WILLIAM PEARSON PHILPOT PARKHILL PERKINS PICKERAL FIRST ROW: Parker, William — Montgomery • Parkhill, Virginia — St. Augustine; B.S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Sopho- more Council; Jr. Counselor, Freshman Flunkies; Tally-Ho; Social Work Club; Zeta Tau Alpha • Parrish, George — Caskin; B.S., Busi- ness; Pi Omega Pi; BSU • Partin, Florence — Fernandina; B.S., Education, Elementary Education • Partin, George — Winter Haven; B.S., Business, Business Administration; Gold Key; Inter-Fraternity Rep.; WFSU; Pi Kappa Alpha, President • Patterson, Faye — Jack- sonville; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Mortar Board, president; Garnet Key; Off Campus Court; Judiciary; Sigma Delta Pi; Village Vamps; F Club; Chi Omega, president; Jr. Class, V. Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Jr.-Sr. Prom Court. SECOND ROW: Pearson, Dorothy — Jacksonville; B.S., Social Wel- fare, Social Work; Social Work Club; Lutheran ' s Student League • Perkins, Parker — Clemox, Ga. • Perry, Muriel — Miami • Pervis, Connie — Miami • Peters, Shirley Dolores — St. Petersburg; B.S., Arts and Sciences; Medical Technology • Pfeiffer, Barbara Lile — Pensacola; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Choral Union; Pep Club; Student Union Organization. THIRD ROW: Philpot, Carol Ann — Gainesville; B.S., Home Eco- nomics, General; Freshman Flunkies; Home Economics Club • PARRISH PARTIN, FLORENCE PARTIN, GEORGE PATTERSO PERRY PERVIS PETERS PFEIFFER PIKE PINKERTON PINO PITTS Pickeral, Joan — Orlando • Pike, Julia Anne — Mt. Dora; B.S., Edu- cation, Elementary Education; Freshman Flunkies; Cawthon, V. Pres.; Home Economics Club; Gymkana • Pinkerton, Pat — Talla- hassee; B.S., Journalism; Flambeau; Press Club; World Federalist; Day Student ' s Organization • Pino, Anita Del — Tampa • Pitts, John Calvin — Konansville; B.S., Education, Social Studies. Sorority Jam Session What! a football player from Florida? .... Never! tin senior class Bull Session FIRST ROW: Plant, Laurie — Tallahassee; B.S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Jr. Counselor; Freshman Flunkies; Wesley Foundation; Kappa Delta • Plockelman, Pat — West Palm Beach; B.S., Applied Social Sciences, General Business; Freshman Flunkies; Odd Modern Dance; Alpha Gamma Delta • Pope, John — Home- stead; B.S., Education, English; Baptist Student Union; Univer- sity Chorus • Porter, Helen — Apalachicola; B.S., Education, Ele- mentary Education • Poston, George — Palm Beach; Alpha Tau Omega • Prentice, Warren — Orlando; B.S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Phi Mu Alpha; Choral Union; University Chorus. SECOND ROW: Price, John Ford — Zephyrhills; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; University Chorus; Male Chorus; Choral Union; Wesley Players • Pugatsky, Isabel — Miami Beach; B.S., Business, Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; Sandspur; Delta Phi Epsilon • Quay, Herbert — St. Petersburg; B.S., Arts and Sciences, treasurer; Varsity Tennis Team; Kappa Alpha, president • Quigg, treasurer; Varsiety Tennis Team; Kappa Alpha, president • Quigg, Marianne — Miami; B.S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Sophomore Council; Freshman Flunkies; Delta Delta Delta • Rabb, Robert — Tampa; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Psychology • Raulerson, Ruby T. — Frostproof; B.S., Business, Business Education; Jr. Coun- selor; Baptist Student Union. THIRD ROW: Reaves, Daisy — Blountstown; B.S., Home Eco- nomics, Nursing • Reece, Jane — West Palm Beach; B.S., Home Economics, Clothing and Textiles; Omicron Nu, v. president; Fresh- man Flunkies; Delta Delta Delta • Reeves, Mary — St. Petersburg; B.A., Journalism; Ass ' t Society Editor, Flambeau; Freshman Flun- kies; Sandspur Committee; Sigma Kappa • Register, Daisy — At- more, Ala.; B.S., Education, English; Zeta Phi Eta • Reid, Mary Frances — Bartow • Reid, Robert Douglas — Largo; B.S., Education, Elementary Education and Science; University Chorus; Male Chorus; Choral Union; Pi Kappa Phi. PLANT PLOCKELMAN POPE PORTER POSTON PRENTICE PRICE PUGATSKY QUAY QUIGG RABB RAULERSON REAVES REECE REEVES REGISTER REID, MARY F. REID, ROBERT D jfwf Mm S t t A H REVELL RIEKER NSON, WILLIAM ROCHESTER ROPER ROUX RIGG RODDENBERY ROWAN FIRST ROW: Revell, Theodore — Tallahassee; B.S., Business, Marketing; L ' Apache; FSU Circus; Theta Chi • Riekcr, Charlott e A. — Jacksonville; B.A., Library Training and Service, Library Science; Sigma Delta Pi; Los Picaros; Junior Conselor; Senate Librarian; Alpha Xi Delta, president • Rigg, Margaret — St. Peters- burg; B.A., Arts and Sciences, Art; Women ' s Judiciary; Honor Court; Junior Conselor; Sophomore Council; Tally-Ho Art Editor; Sigma Kappa • Roberts, Dean — Jacksonville; B.S., Education, Health and General Sciences; Junior Class, Treasurer; Cavaliers, Vice President; Inter-Fraternity Council; Sigma Nu • Robinson, Mary Iwana — Laurel Hill • Robinson, Max — Quincy. SECOND ROW: Robinson, William — ?????• Rochester, Dean E. — Mercer Island, Washington • Roddenberry, Bonnie — Tampa; B.S., Education, Elementary Education • Rogers, Arlesia — Laurel Hill; B.S., Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Home Ec Club • Rosers, John L. — Pensacola; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Alpha • Rogers, Myrtle — Arcadia; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; BSU; YWCA; University Singers. ROBERTS ROGERS, ARLESIA RUNYON ROBINSON, MARY ROGERS, JOHN L. RUSSELL ROBINSON, MAX ROGERS, MYRTLE RUSSE THIRD ROW: Roper, Joan M. — Jacksonville; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Glee Club; Wesley Foundation • Roux, Steve — Apalachicola • Rowan, J. C. — Greensboro • Runyon, William — Ft. Pierce • Russell, Jane — New Smyrna • Russe, Alice Esperante — Tampa. Rush Party But why doesn ' t Social Work 305 have a lab? llu» senior class 1 M i ' . 1 8:00 o ' clock Class, Hurry! FIRST ROW: Sommon, Mary Nancy — Lakeland; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Freshman Flunkies, Sandspur, 1950; Chi Omega • Sanderson, William — Tallahassee • Sauls, Mary Lu — Tallahassee; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Sigma Kappa • Sayer, Jean — Sanford; B.A., Social Welfare, Social Work; UGA, Secretary; Sophomore Council; University Senate; Senior Class, Vice President; Garnet Key, President; Mortar Board; Village Vamps; Jr.-Sr. Prom Court; Odd-Even Cheerleaders; Odd Dance Team; Social Work Club, Sandspur 1949, Pi Beta Phi • Scoggs, Joanne — Lakeland; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Junior Class, Parliamentarian; Elections Committee; Kappa Delta, V. Pres. • Scudder, Anne — San Antonio; B.S., Arts and Sciences; Medical Technology; University Senate; Women ' s Senate; Chairman Sopho- more-Senior Breakfast; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Sophomore Council; Who ' s Who; Alpha Xi Delta; YWCA pres. SECOND ROW: Seaborn, William — Hollywood • Self, Charles — New Smyrna Beach; B.S., Business, Commerce; Sigma Nu • Sellas, Elaine — Tampa; B.S., Education, Science Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Freshman Flunkies; Off-Campus Court; Flambeau Staff; Can- terbury Club; Alpha Xi Delta • Sermon, Kyle D. — Panama City; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Economics • Sessions, Montrell — Talla- hassee; B.A., Journalism, Journalism; Winner DSO, Most Outstand- ing Freshman Award, ' 48; Mortar Board, editor; Garnet Key; Flambeau, associate editor, 51, News editor, ' 50; Flamboyants; Talaria, associate editor, ' 51; Theta Sigma Phi, vice-president, ' 50, secretary, ' 51; Press Club, president, ' 50; FSU Columnist, 51 • Sharpe, Stephen Edwin — St. Cloud; B.S., Education, Secondary Education. THIRD ROW: Shaw, Glenna — Tampa • Shaw Sara Frances — St. Petersburg; B.S., Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club; Wesley Foundation • Shaver, Edward Franklin — Bonifay; B.S., Commerce, Commerce; Kappa Alpha • Shirley, Jo Ann — Ft. Meade; B.A., Arts and Sciences, English; Classical Club; Psychology Club; F Club; Freshman Flunkies; Alpha Gamma Delta • Shaar, Patricia Ann — Jacksonville; B.S., Educa- tion, Physical Education; Newman Club; Women ' s PEA, president; WRA Board; AAHPER, vice-president; F Club, parliamentarian • Shuler, Rae Palmer — Bristol; B.S., Home Economics, H ome Eco- nomics Education. SAMMON SANDERSON SAULS SAYER SCAGGS SCUDDER SEABORN SELF SELLAS SERMON SESSIONS SHARPE SHAW, GLENNA SHAW, SARA F. SHAVER SHIRLEY SHAAR SHULER IKES, ALLEN E. MTH, ROBERT A. UTH, MARIAN L. SIKES, MARINA L. SMITH, ANTONICA SMITH, WILLARD SIMON SMITH, CECILY J. SOSSAMON SIMPSON SMITH, ELLIS R. SOWELL SLATER SMITH, JUNE E. SPACH SLUSSER SMITH, MADELINE G. SPENCER FIRST ROW: Sikes, Allen E. — Branford; B.S., Business, Account- ing • Sikes, Marina Lois — Key West; B.S., Home Economics, Cloth- ing and textiles; Newman Club; Home Economics Club; Los Picaros • Simon, Rita Chillingworrh — West Palm Beach; A.B., Arts and Sciences, English; Alpha Lambda Delta; Freshman Flunkies; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Pi Delta Phi, National French Honorary; Sigma Tau Delta, National English Honorary; Organizations Committee; Alpha Delta Pi, Treasurer • Simpson, David — Blountstown Slater, Roger — Tallahassee. • Slusser, Anne Barger — St. Petersburg; B.S., Education, English and Restricted Library Service; Transfer from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. SECOND ROW: Smith, Robert A. — Bradenton. • Smith, Antonica — Key West. • Smith, Cecily Jean — Lakeland; B.S., Education, Physical Education; Mortar Board; Garnet Key; Junior Counselor; Sophomore Council; Village president; WRA, vice-president; F Club, secretary; Westminster Fellowship; PEA; AAHPER. • Smith, Ellis Rountree — Tallahassee; B.S., Business, Business; Arnold Air So- ciety; Alpha Tau Omega. • Smith, June Elizabeth — Macclenny; A.B., Library Training and Service, Library Science. • Smith, Made- line G. — Everglades City; B.S., Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Kappa Delta Pi. THIRD ROW: Smith, Marian Louise — DeLand. • Smith, Willard — Jacksonville; B.S., Business, Marketing and Management Swim- ming Team; Sigma Chi. • Sossamon, Elizabeth Susan — Tampa; A.B., Education, Elementary Education; Freshman Flunkies; Pi Beta Phi, vice-president. • Sowell, Mary Jane — Quincy; B.S., Edu- cation, Elementary Education; Freshman Flunkies; Village Vamps; Alpha Delta Pi, vice-president. • Spach, Nancy Jane — Coral Gables; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Freshman Flunkies; Cotillion; Sandspur, ' 49; SAE Dream Girl, ' 48; Homecoming Queen Runner-up, ' 48; Sigma Kappa. • Spencer, Virginia Claire — West Palm Beach; A.B., Arts and Sciences, English; University Circus; Odd Bowling Team; Writers ' Club; Christian Science Organization; Freshman Flunkies; Alpha Omicron Pi, secretary. Coach Veller and Staff Well, who got " it " in the Slambeau this week? tin senior class Hot Dogs, Blankets, and Portables FIRST ROW: Stabler, Helen Floy — Winter Haven; A.B., Educa- tion, Recreation; F Club; Westminster Fellowship; Gymkana; Phi Mu. • Steogoll, Isabel — Jacksonville. • Steele, Jacqueline — Punta Gorda. • Stephens, Beulah — Pensacola; A.B., Education, English; Sandspur, ' 50 and ' 51. • Stephens, Grace LaVerne — Ocala; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Baptist Student Union; Junior Counselor. • Sterling, Nancy Jim — Key West; B.S., Education, English; Junior Counselor; Zeta Tau Alpha. SECOND ROW: Stevsnson, Bess — Sebring. • Stewart, Alice Marie — Chattahoochee; A.B., Library Training and Service, Library Science; Library Science Club. • Stewart, Margaret Juanita — Jay; B.S., Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Home Eco- nomics Club; Baptist Student Union. • Stewart, Noah Arnold — Asheville, N. C. • Stidham, Katherine — Lakeland; B.S., Educa- tion, Elementary Education; FSU Marching Band; FSU Symphonic Band; Baptist Student Union; Alpha Xi Delta. • Stockwell, Willa C. — DeLand; B.S., Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club. THIRD ROW: Stokes, Jamss R. — Tallahassee. • Storm, Julie — Pensacola. • Strickland, Don Edward — Tallahassee; B.S., Busi- ness, Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Mu Alpha. • Strickland, Mary Frances — Tallahassee; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Modern Languages; Sigma Delta Pi, vice-president; Pi Delta Phi; Los Picaros; Off-Campus Court; Junior Counselor; Freshman Flunkies; Usher Committee; Classical Club; Flambeau; Delta Zeta, vice- president. • Strickland, W. F. — Mayport. • Sullivan, Johnny G. — Clewiston; B.S., Business, Accounting; Club " 24 " ; Alpha Kappa Psi, treasurer. STABLER STEVENSON STOKES STEAGALL STEWART, ALICE M. STORM STEELE STEWART, MARGARET J. STRICKLAND, DON E. STEPHENS, BEULAH STEWART, NOAH A. STRICKLAND, MARY F. STEPHENS, GRACE STIDHAM STRICKLAND, W. F. STERLING STOCKWELL SULLIVAN 1R f i i pn I SWANSON SWINGLEY SZORTYKA TAMM TARVER TATOM YLOR, MARION J. TAYLOR, THOMAS E. TEDDER THAMM THOMAS THOMPSON TORN TORRANCE TRIBBLE TUCKER, FREDERICK TUCKER, LeROY A., JR. TURNER FIRST ROW: Swanson, John Fred — Pierson. • Sw ngley, Roberta — Seffner; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Junior Coun- selor; University Singers. • Szortyka, Frank R. — Wilkes-Barre, Penn.; B.S., Education, Secondary and Elementary; Newman Club Student Union Organization. • Tamm, Hildegard — Kissimmee A.B., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Alpha Lambda Delta Newman Club. • Tarver, Mary E. — St. Augustine; B.S., Educa- tion, Elementary Education; Symphonic Band, treasurer; Marching Band; Circus; President of Broward, Summer ' 50; Tally-Ho, ' 47, ' 48; Kappa Delta Pi. • Tatom, Geraldine — Greenwood; B.S., Edu- cation, Speech Education; Junior Counselor; Flambeau Staff; Speech Dept. Productions. SECOND ROW: Taylor, Marion Jean — Largo; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Kappa Delta. • Taylor, Thomas Elton — Tampa; B.S., Business Administration, Business Law and Manage- ment; Delta Sigma Pi; Male Chorus; Inter-Fraternity Council; Pi Kappa Phi. • Tedder, Therian D. — Perry. • Thamm, Beverly June — West Palm Beach; B.S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Social Work Club; Baptist Student Union. • Thomas, Anne — Tampa; B.S., Business, Accounting. • Thompson, James Kenneth — Cairo, Georgia; B.S., Education, Elementary Education. THIRD ROW: Torn, Fays Marilyn — Jacksonville; B.M.E., Music, Choral Music Education; Sigma Alpha lota; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Kappa Lambda; Choral Union. • Torrance, Catherine Moore — Orlando; A.B., Education, Speech; Zeta Phi Eta; Freshman Flunkies; Third place — Extemporaneous Speaking Contest, Southeastern Tau Kappa Alpha Debate Tournament; Intramural Debate Tournament; University Chorus; Alpha Chi Omega. • Tribble, Henry R. Jr. — DeLand; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology; Pi Kappa Phi. • Tucker, Frederick — Apalachicola. • Tucker, LeRoy A., Jr. — Apa- lachicola. • Turner, Glenn — Muskogee, Okla. Camp Flastacowo Here it is June 9th, and I still haven ' t passed my Junior English Hit so ii i or flnss Weather, Cold; Team, Red Hot! FIRST ROW: Tyre, Roswald — Daytona Beach; B.S., Business, Commerce. • van de Sonde, Laverno — New Smyrna Beach; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; YWCA; University Chorus; House Council; Flambeau; Junior Counselor. • Van Osteen, Robert- — Ft. Lauderdale. • Venture, Janice — Sarasota; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Speech; Zeta Phi Eta, vice-president; WFSU; Alpha Omicron Pi. • Vasiloff, Mary A. — Ft. Myers; B.S., Education, Elementary Educa- tion; Junior Counselor. • Vaughn, Nan — Lakeland. SECOND ROW: Venters, Virginia — Tampa; B.S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Freshman Flunkies; University Singers; Geog- raphy Club; YWCA; Wesley Foundation. • Vinik, Gene S. — Chicago, III.; B.A., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Gym Team; F Club. • Voth, Helen McCorkle — Vero Beach; B.S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Sophomore Council; Women ' s Senate, 47, 48, 49; Vice-president, Gilchrist Hall, 48; Odd Dance Team; Queen Sophomore Hop. • Wade, Lillian Moore — Ft. Lauderdale; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Kappa Delta. • Waddell, Barbara — Pensacola; A.B., Education, Elementary Education; President of South Cawthon, 49; Judiciary; Intramurals. • Woldron, Barbara Jean — Tampa; B.S., Education, Elementary Education and Child Development; Baptist Student Union. THIRD ROW. Walker, Graham B. — Orlando; B.S., Business, Ac- counting; Intramural Sports; Circus; Alpha Kappa Psi, President, 49-50; Homecoming Committee, 1948. • Walker, Jacqueline — Branford. • Wallis, William Turner — West Palm Beach; B.S., Business, Accounting; Transfer from Washington and Lee Univer- sity; Cavaliers; Sigma Nu. • Wallis, Janet Ruth — Jacksonville; A.B., Education, Elementary Education; Freshman Flunkies; YWCA; Duval County Club; Usher Committee; Tally-Ho; Phi Mu. • Walter, Dora Wanda — Haines City; B.S., Home Economics, Home Econo- mics Education. • Ward, Dorothy Eubanks — Marianna; B.S., Edu- cation, Elementary Education; Honor Freshman; Freshman Flunkies; Baptist Student Union; Kappa Delta Pi TYRE VAN DE SANDE VAN OSTEEN VENTERS VINIK VOTH WALKER, GRAHAM B. WALKER, JACQUELINE WALLIS, WILLIAM T. VANTURE WADE WALLIS, JANET R. VASILOFF WADDELL WALTER VAUGHN WALDRON WARD, DOROTHY E ARD, HELEN G. WEATHERS WELDON WATERS WEATHERFORD WELLS, FELICIA A. WATKINS WEBB, GOVENOR WELLS, VIRGINIA WATSON, FRANCES S. WEBB, SHIRLEY S. WHEELER WATSON, IRENE H. WEEKS WHITEHEAD WATSON, MAX H. WEISENBAYER WHITE, JANE FIRST ROW: Ward, Helen Grace — Plant City; B.S., Journalism, Journalism; Flambeau; Organizations Committee; Homecoming Committee; Chairman for T. B. Seal Sales. • Waters, Bill — St. Petersburg; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Economics; Student Body, Vice- President; University Senate, President; Gold Key; L ' Apache; IFC; Male Chorus; University Chorus; Male Lead in Sandspur of 1950; Board of Student Publications; Theta Chi, Vice-President. • Watkins, Wiley — Tampa; B.S., Business, Personnel Management; President, Delta Sigma Pi; Golf Team; " F " Club; Student Union Organization; Transfer, University of Florida. • Watson, Frances S. — Fort Myers; B.S., Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club. • Watson, Irene H. — Panama City; B.A., Arts and Sciences; Political Science; I.R.C. • Watson, Max Howe — Hobart, Indiana; B.S., Applied Social Science, Commerce; Track; Track Captain 1951; Kappa Sigma Kappa; " F " Club. SECOND ROW: Weathers, Anne Geiger — Panama City; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. • Weatherford, Carolyn — Frostproof; A.B., Library Training and Service, Library Service; Soltas; Psychology Club; B.S.U. • Webb, Govenor — Baker; B.S., Education, Mathematics. • Webb, Shirley Sue — Pensacola; Education, Recreation; Junior Counselor; Vice-President, Reynolds Hall; Choral Union; No. 9 Club Secretary. • Weeks, Nancy — St. Petersburg; B.S., School of Social Welfare, Social Work; Social Work Club. • Weisenbayer, Shirley — Orlando. THIRD ROW: Weldon, Mary Catherine — Starke. • Wells, Felicia Alice — Coral Gables; B.S., School of Business, Business Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Circus; Cotillion • Wells, Virginia — St. Petersburg. • Wheeler, Shirley — Fort Myers; B.S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Sandspur. • Whitehead, Hulan — Pensacola. • White, Jane — Coral Gables. Culture exam . . What next? tlielseiiior class Test in the Morning FIRST ROW: White, Leland Livingston — St. Augustine; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Physiology; Phi Mu; Sophomore Council; Presi- dent, Junior Counselor of Reynolds; President, Alpha Epsilon Delta; Judiciary; " F " Club; Treasurer, Garnet Key; Mortar Board; YWCA; Canterbury Club; Gilchrist Social Committee. • Whittle, Betty Nell — Greensboro; B.S., Business, Secretarial Science; Future Business Leaders of America; Wesley Foundation. • Wiedeman, Zoe Ann — Jacksonville. • Wiitikka, Louise — White Springs; B.S., Education, Business Education; Pi Omega Pi: Future Business Leaders of America; B.S.U. • Wiliox, Calvin — Green Cove Springs; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Psychology. • Will, Barbara Anne — Belle Glade; B.S., Education, Elementary Education. SECOND ROW: Williams, Carolyn Maude — Inverness; B.S., Ap- plied Arts and Sciences, Commerce; Sigma Kappa; Freshman Flunkies; Debating Club; Bu;iness Education Club; Pre-Law Club. Williams, Eorl — Graceville; B.S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; President, Pi Kappa Phi; President, Social Work Club; T. B. U. F. Basketball Team. • Williams, George H. — Tallahassee. • Williams, Parnick — Cleveland, Ohio. • Willis, Richard — Green wood; B.S., Business Administration; University Chorus. • Wilron, Agnes Glenn — Marianna; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa. THIRD ROW: Wilson, Helen Elizabeth — Jacksonville; B.S., Home Economics, Retailing and Buying of Clothing; Secretary, Rush Chair- man, Delta Zeta; Home Economics Club. • Wilson, Suzann — Miami; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Westminster Fel- lowship; Vice President, Junior Counselor of the Village; " F " Club; House Council; U.R.A. • Winkler, Merry A. — Starke; B.S., Home Economics, Food and Nutrition; Home Economics Club; B.S.U. • Weisenberger, Lucy D. ( " Cass " ) — Bradenton; B.S., Education, Mathematics and Biology; B.S.U.; Freshman Flunkies. • Witcher, Carolyn — Pensacola; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Uni- versity Singers; Home Economics Club; B.S.U.; Geography Club. • Witherspoon, Anne — Carrabelle; B.S., Home Economics, Home Economics Education; Secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta; Treasurer, Omicron Nu; Junior Counselor; President, Landis Hall; Home Eco- nomics Club; Sophomore Representative; Secretary, Student Union Organization; Wesley Foundation. WHITE, LELAND L. WHITTLE WIEDEMAN WIITIKKA WILCOX WILL WILLIAMS, CAROLYN M. WILLIAMS, EARL WILLIAMS, GEORGE H. WILLIAMS, PARNICK WILLIS WILSON, AGNES G WILSON, HELEN E. WILSON, SUZANN WINKLER WEISENBERGER WITCHER WITHERSPOON WOITSCHEK YOUMANS WOOTTEN ZAWADA YANCEY ZEIGLER YEATS ZELLERMAYER YONGE ZENONI FIRST ROW: Woitschek, Bernarr Max — St. Petersburg; B.S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; " F " Club; Varsity Volleyball; Monitor. • Wootten, Mary Carolyn — DeLand; A.B., Education, Elementary Education; Jennie Murphree Social Committee; YWCA; Circus; Geography Club; University Singers. • Yancey, Joyce — Tallahassee. • Yeats, Marjorie Ann — Miami; B.S., Home Economics, Retailing; Home Economics Club; Broward Social Commitlee • Yonge, Cathe- rine Estelle ( " Cass " ) — Jacksonville; B.S., Education, Home Eco- nomics; President, Freshman Class; Secretary, Vice-President, W.G.A.; Vice-President, U.G.A.; Phi Mu; " F " Club; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Sophomore Council; Social Chairman of Gilchrist; Junior Counselor. SECOND ROW: Youmans, Velma — St. Petersburg; B.M.E., Music, Mu;ic Education; Mu Phi Epsilon at Willamette University; Vice- President, Music Educators National Convention; B.S.U.; University Chorus; University Singers. • Zawada, Adam R. — Geneva, Ohio; B.S., Arts and Sciences, History. • Zeigler, Zelda Amelia — Polk City; B.S., Education, Elementary Education. • Zellermayer, Char- lotte — Miami; B.S., Education, Elementary Education; Transfer, Central Michigan College of Education; Dramatics Club; Home Economics Club. • Zenoni, Rita — Tampa; A.B., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; Newman Club. . tm u Homecoming Winner, AOP Care for a little shuffleboard .... Oasis? Left to right: Pat Caro, Secretary; Evelyn Raulerson; Peggy Sparkman, Social Chairman; Patti Brannon Mimms, Treasurer; Dean Roberts, Vice-President; Ann Di I lard, Parliamentarian; Will Pennell, President. the junior class I a s S c © o -, ? € f HOWARD ABEL Craijz City WANDA ADAMS Newberry PATRICIA AIKEN Lutz BETTY JAN. ALLEN Mia mi DONALD ALLEN Lo?:bu.g GAVINA ALVARADO Tempo )OLORES ANDERSON ' ensacola MARION A. ANDERSON Winter Pork HELEN ARNOLD Gonzalez RENE ELIZABETH JAILEY )rlando JAMES BALL Belle Glade KAROLYN BARDIN Buffalo, N. Y. UE HELEN BETH GAIL EASLEY BEEL BEELER ake Alfred Stanford Tallahassee VELYN MARIE ENSEN .IbournD JANICE BEOVICH Pensacola BENITO BERONDA, JR. Tampa •ALE LAIR est Palm Beach JOAN BLALOCK Ocala E. WALLYCE BONIFAY Pensacola MILDRED AITCHISON Punta Gorda NANCY CAROL ALBURY Miami SUSAN ALEXANDER Jacksonville ROSE MARY ALVAREZ Tampa MARTHA KERR AMAN Tampa BARBARA ANDERSON Jacksonville INEZ LILLIAN ARNOLD Tallahassee BETTY JANE ATCHLEY Jacksonville SHIRLEY ANN ATWELL Branford WILLIAM BARFIELD Monticello JAMES BASSETT Monticello BONNIE S. BATES St. Petersburg HERMAN BEKEMEYER Winter Garden HELEN BELL Daytona Beach NANCY LEE BENNETT Miami Beach BEVERLY C. JANICE BERRY BETTS Ocala Quincy EDWINA BLACKWOOD Lakeland OWEN LURA HOOKER LOIS BOONE BRADBURY BRAY Albemarle, N. C. Dover Tampa JANICE L. BRIDWELL Lake Butler STANLEY BROOME Orlando FRANK SALLY BROWDER Arcadia GLENNIE BUNTYN Tallahassee LENA MAE BURCH Jasper LOIS CAMERON Edgewarer CARITA LOUISE PAUL CARBALLO CARO Miami Pensacola HAROLD CARRIN Jacksonvil MICHAEL CASTAGNA Tampa JOSEPHINE CASTELLANO Tampa VERONICA CECIL Clewiston FRANCES MAE COBB Sanford FRANCES COGBURN Marianna ELEANOR COOPER Orlando MADGE LOUISE CRANDALL Weirsdale NORMA CRANE Ocala FAYE CAROL CREECH Jacksonville PATRICIA CRUM Weirsdale CAROLYN CURRY Tampa HARRELL CUSHING Chipley DOROTHY BROWN Miami JANICE BROWN Wauchula AVERY BRYANT Muncie, Indiana JO CAROLYN CAMPBELL Panama City GLORIA CANN St. Petersburg EVELYN CAPITANO Tampa ALLEN CARTER Amherst, Mass. BARBARA CARUTHERS Tallahassee CARMEN CASAL Tampa ANGIE CHILLURA Tampa ROSE MARIE CIANFRONE West Palm Beach BARBARA CLARK White Springs LORNA COWLE Eustis JEANNETTE MARY E. COX COX Fernandina Quincy, 1 MARTHA NELLE CRENSHAW Ft. Lauderdale AVERY CROSBY Jacksonville RUTH CROTHERS Miami Springs JAMES NANCY DANDELAKE DANIEL Jacksonville Miami ALICE DAVIDSON Coconut Grove c I «M •■■ s s V I? £ © MORRIS J. DAY Greenville WILLENE DEMPSEY Branford MARY DeWOLF Crescent City FRANCES DIAZ Tampa ERNEST K. NORBERT DICKEY DIDIER Cross City Tampa ROBERT THURMON PATSY L. JAMES DOBRY DOWLING DRAA St. Petersburg Marianna Titusville JO ANN EBERT Ft. Lauderdale SUZANNE EGER Auburndale BRONNA MAE ELKINS Perry EDSON EVERETT EVANS Altamonte Springs EDNA FABER Lakeland JOHN FAIN Cairo, Ga. AMELIA JEAN MARJORIE FERNANDEZ FLYNN FOGARTY Tampa Montverde Sarasota DORIS ROSAL FRISCIA Tampa ELEANOR ADELINE GAGE Jacksonville LUCILLE GALLOWAY Pensacola JANE GARSIDE Tampa MARY RAYMONDE GARST GATES Bradenton Miami JO ANN GILBART St. Petersburg MARIANNE GILLEN Lake Wales REID GILLIS Ft. Lauderdale WILLIAM WALLACE A. MARGARET DUNN DYNES EARNEST Tampa Tallahassee Miami BESS MIRIAN ENGE Arlington JEAN ERMETI West Palm Beach HAROLD C, JR. EULER Clearwater JAMES SAMUEL JOAN FAIRCLOTH FAIRCLOTH FARGIS Tallahassee Pensacola Jacksonvi ELEANOR DeWAYNE DONALD JANE FOLSOM FREE FRIEL Monticello Orlando Tampa ELIZABETH A. PAT DALTON GARDNER GARDNER GARRETT Key West Orlando Ellenton JEAN LOUIS GHIOTTO GIBSON Ft. Lauderdale Jasper SUSIE GIBSON West Palm Beach JANE GODFREY Panama City MARY GODWIN Quincy BARBARA GOLEMAN Lakeland I s 8 o £ i 1 1 ? V V £ ® |A ARTHUR GREENBERG Springvalley, N. Y. SHIRLEY GREGORY Hollywood ROBERT E., JR. GRIFFIN Tallahassee MARY PAT EVELYN GUARISCO GUNNOE GUSTAFSON Tampa Tallahassee St. Petersburg CAROLYN MILDRED MARY C. CATHERINE GLORIA MARGIE LOU HAIRE HALL HALLER HAMBY HAMILTON HARDEN Quincy Inverness West Palm Beach Pensacola Miami Tampa RICHARD E. HARDWICK Daytona Beach BETTY HARGROVE Chipley ESTELLE HARPER Arcadia LOU HARRISON Panama City NANCY RUTH HARROD Tallahassee JULIE HAWES Tallahassee DOT SHIRLEY NANCY HENDERSON HIGGENBOTHAM HILL Jacksonville Callahan Sarasota JEAN ALTA N. LYDIA HOPKINS HORTON HOWES Miami Orange Park Clermont ALICE JACKSON Jacksonville EDWINA C. JENKINS Caryville OSCAR JENKINS Tallahassee LOUIS ELLIS GROOT Washington, D. C. JOAN GROSS DeLand MILDRED GROTEWOLD Sebring VIRGINIA ( GUTHRIE Jacksonville MARY GUZMAN Daytona Beach PATRICIA HABERKORN Ft. Lauderdale BETTY ELMA COY HARRELL HARRIS Tallahassee Bonifay EVELYN HARRISON Tallahassee DORIS HAYES St. Cloud HOMER A. HAYES Orlando JOANNE HEMPSTEAD Thomaston, Go. JEAN HOBBS Tampa BETTY HOFFMAN Lynn Haven JACK HOLMES Jacksonville SHIRLEY HURLBERT Orlando RICHARD IACUZZI Orlando AGNES R. JACKSON Tallahassee HERBER ' r L. CLAUDE JINKS JOHNS Colquitt, Ga. Starke ANNA JOHNSON Miami I ■— •a a s £ CI a i ' •£ II i t± c - a. mm C 1 Q MICKEY JOHNSON Flagler Beach ROBERT LEE JOHNSON Miami Beach BERNA KARDONSKY Ft. Lauderdale MYRA PATRICIA JANE KIGHT KIRBY KIRK Jacksonville St. Petersburg Plymouth EMILY KOON Lakeland RICHARD KURRAS Mount Dora DWIGHT LAMB Ft. Myers RAE LATHERS Wint er Haven PATRICIA LEDBETTER Jacksonville AVERY LEMBECK New Smyrna Beach MARY KATHRYN BERTHA KERLEY KERR KERSEY Ft. Lauderdale Zephyrhills Miami JIMMY DOROTHY KIRK KISH Morristown, Tenn. Miami PAUL KNIPPER Sarasota JEAN LANDRUM Ponte Vedra Beach JOE LANE St. Petersburg SHARON LANE West Palm Beach LEYNETTE LEYNES Tallahassee KENDALL G. LORCH New Port Richey BARBARA E. LUFF Jacksonville BRADFORD MacGOWAN Tallahassee DORIS E. MARCHETTI Pensacola ELEANOR MARETT Miami BETTYE JANE MATTHEWS Miami DEE MATTHEWS Hollywood JANE MATTSON Bradenton NELL McMICHAEL Tampa RALPH McWILLIAMS Ft. Myers MARY LOUISE MEDLIN Miami MARLENE LENZ Ft. Lauderdale JOE LESTER Morristown, Tenn. BARBARA . LEWIS Tallahassee CAROL LUMIA Tampa ANITA LUNSFORD Leary, Go. CYNTHIA LURIE Addison, III. GRADY MARTIN Jacksonville LORALEI ANN MASTEY Lake Worth DOROTHY B. MATHEWS Plymouth DANNY MAUCHLINE McKeesport, Pa. IRMA McCLELLAN Blountstown NANCY McCLURE Ocoee LUCILLE MEEHOLD West Palm Beach JOAN MEITER St. Petersburg MARILYN MEITER St. Petersburg c m I i- «M •- s 1m a o m r, . s , £h f3y i. i jii a l ± m m A V E. RAY MERRITT Pensocolo KNOX EMERSON MILLER Jacksonville NANCY JEWELL MILLER Pensacola CYNTHIA FRANCES ANN MINK MITCHELL MIZE Orlando St Petersburg Daytona Beach CAROLYN MOORE Winter Park HAZEL MORRISON Clermont SARAH MORRISON Pensacola WILLIAM RUTH K. MARY ANN MYERS NELSON NICKALSON Eustis Tallahassee Havana HAROLD OSBORN Zellwood MARJORIE JOYCE PARKER PARROT Miami Apopka WILL LOUELLE DOLORES PENNELL PENNINGTON PETER Columbus, Ga. Ponce de Leon Venice EDITH POTTER Jacksonville CLAUDIA POWELL Pensacola CATHERINE PREVEDEL Lady Lake NANCY REARDEN Tallahassee MARGARET REDDING Ft. Walton PATRICIA REDFEARN Wewahitchka JOSEPH C. MILLS Akron, Ohio PATTI BRANNON MIMS Jacksonville Beach PATTY MIMS Daytona Beach IONA MOODY Bunnell SYLVIA MOONEY Miami A. GLENN MOORE Washington, D. C. SHIRLEY JETT PAT MUELLER MUNROE MURPHY Starke Tallahassee Miami E. CURTIS NORTON New Orleans, La. CATHERINE LOUISE NOTT St. Petersburg BETTY LOU NUTTLE Bradenton JEAN PEEL Graceville VERNON PEEPLES Punta Gorda HOLDS O. PEMBERTON Tallahassee GUS BARBARA DAVE PETERS PETTIT PINSON Tallahassee Daytona Beach Washington, D. C WINNIE PRINGLE Leesburg WILLIAM RAGSDALE St. Petersburg HAZEL BERNECE READY Safety Harbor DORIS REED Nichols MARQUA ZOE RENTZ Jacksonville NANCY RETT I Ft. Lauderdale f 11 $ %t C : I s = ■r • 4fM j: . C$ i 4 % % z: iv? Vv JACQUALINE RICE Tallahassee BETTY RICH Punta Gorda BOBBIE RIDDELL Ft. Lauderdale ELISA CASAL RIVAS Tampa JO ANNE ROBERTS Doytono Beach DOROTHY ROBERTSON Pompano Beach HAZEL ROWELL Jay CHARLES R. MIKE RUSSELL SALIBA Apalachicola Tampa PHYLLIS RIDGEWAY Miami FLORENCE ROBINSON Pensacola MARGARET SANDERS Fernandina HERBERT J. SECKEL Akron, Ohio NEVA CARL SHEPHARD Tallahassee E. L. SHERMAN Lake Wales MARY ANN SLEMP Jacksonville ARTHUR SMITH Tampa C. WINSTON SMITH New Smyrna NANCY SHOFNER Lakeland EMILY SMITH Gainesville LAURENCE LOUISE M. CELIA SNOOK SPAETH STANLEY Winter Haven Miami Miami VIRGINIA A. STOCKMAN Panama City FLORA STOUT Pensacola BEVERLY TORREY STOWE Orlando CAROLYN STRUNK Key West KATHLEEN SULLIVAN Miami MITCHELL SUTTERLAND Plant City MARTHA STEPHENS Panama City LOIS E. STRAUGHN Florolo Ala. JEAN RIGELL Punta Gorda DEAN RISHER Alliquippa, Pa. GRACE VIRGI ROBINSON Chattanooga, Tenn. MARY ROTHERHAM Reviere, Mass. BARBARA SAUNDERS Sanford NELLIE SCARDASIS Inverness ANTOINE SIZOO Panama City SALLY SKIPPER Lakeland NANCY WARREN SMITH Jacksonville PHILLIS JEAN SMITH Jacksonville NANCY STEVENS St. Petersburg ROBERT STEWART St. Petersburg LOIS ANN STRICKLAND Jacksonville BARBARA ANN STRODE Maquon, III. JEAN MARIE SWETT West Palm Beach DOROTHY TAPRELL Daytona Beach GEORGE TARVER St. Augustine c I •■■ s 8 !6 I f) • I 4 a ?. p - I ji , » m CARLOS TAYLOR Claarwoter WILLIAM TEBO Miami ELVA THACKER Miami GLADYS TINKLER Lakeland BARBARA TRAWICK Jacksonville ROSEMARY TR1FETHEN Tampa LOUISE VALENTINE Jacksonville IMOGENE VANN Durant JOANNE VAUGHN Ft. Lauderdale CATHERINE THOMPSON Groulds EARL D. THOMPSON May Port EUNICE THOMPSON Pensacola VIRGINIA TUPPEN Lake Worth BETTY TURNER Lake Wah JAMES TURVAVILLE Tampa JO WADE Jacksonvi MARY SUE WALKER Gainesville MARGARET LOUISE WARE Miami CHARLENE WEITMON Oviedo MARY LEE WELCH Apopka CATHERINE WELLS Callahan CAROLINE WHITMIRE Miami LOIS WHITMORE Winter Park FANNIE WILKERSON Tallahassee ROBERT H. WOODARD Tallahassee MARY L. WRIGHT Tallahassee BILL YARBROUGH St. Petersburg VIVIAN ZIGRANG Vero Beach ADA VELASCO Tampa CARLTON VERNOOY Middletown, N. ELIZABETH von WIENER St. Petersburg FAE MIGNON WATTS Fellsmere HARNER C. WEICHEL Jacksonville PAT WEIGAND Lakeland ROBERT WERBEL N w York City, N. Y. SHIRLEY WESTBERY Perry JEAN WHITE Jacksonville BRELAND WILLIAM Delray Beach CLARA L. WILLIAMS Winter Beach KATHERINE WINTERSDORF Yalaha MAXWELL RAY YORK Midland City, Ala. JOHN ADAM ZAPPIA Geneva, Ohio JEANNE ZAPPOLO Bonifay Left to right: Jean Nydegger, Parliamentarian; Jo Nell Procter, Social Chairman; Ted Steinmeyer, President; Dottie Bridges, Treasurer; Lorene Bates, V,ce- President. the sophomore class LOIS L. ABSHER DaLand ROBERT N. ADAMS Leesburg BETTY LOU ALFORD Ocala ANN ALLEN Milton GLORIA ANDERSON Miami MARIAN ANDERSON Homestead ANNE E. ANN ANNE ANTHONY ATON BARBER Tallahassee St. Petersburg Miami BARBARA BARNEMON Miami JIMMY BARNES Pensacola SARAH JANE BARRINEAU Pensacola PHYLLIS BAYLY Clearwater BETTYE BALL Sanford KATHRYN BANASZAK Hollywood ALICE BATEMAN Kissimmee LORENE R. BATES Plant City LaVERNE BATTLE DeLand HARRIET BAZEMORE Miami MARILYN BEACH Coral Gables ANN BILLINGSLEY Marianna WILLIAM BLOOM Bradenton BETTY BOCK Clearwater DAN BODA Tallaharsee FRANCES BRENNEMAN Mulberry DOROTHY BRIDGES Lake Wales FRANKLIN BRIGANCE Miami LEON BROWN Jacksonvil MARY LEATHA BROWN Macclenny FRANK BUCKANON Pensacola EDNA BURKE Miami A. T. BURKETT Crestview DON BUZZARD Huntington, Ind. TED JEAN BIXLER BLIZARD West Palm Beach Miami HELEN MARIE BLACK Wabasso GENE LOOKER Pensacola DONALD G. BOOKMYER Fremont, Ohio TOMMY BOWEN Tallahassee MARY HELEN BRAYDON Carabelle BETTY GIBSON BROWN Tallahassee HELEN BROWN Mulberry JOHN BUCKLEY Marianne JANIE FRANK BUGGS BURGIN Daytona Beach Miami w. c. BYRD GreenvilU BETTY DALE CALLICUT Perry VERNA L. CARLIN Jacksonville Q Q i •■■ a s c 1 ELLA CATHERINE JENNY JOY CARLTON CARPER CARTER Hawthorne Ft. Lauderdale Orlando JAMES FRANCES ANN CHATHAM CLARK CLAYTON Port St. Joe Jacksonville Eustis CLARA CAMELLAS Tampa DEAN CONDERELIS Ft. Myers ANN HARDMAN CONKLING Miami PAT JAMES G. ANN CROMLEIGH DALAFAVE DALTON Tampa Bonifay Tallahassee RUDOLPH L. DAVIS Tallahassee WM. GUY DAVIS, JR. DeFuniak Springs LYNNE DAWSON Pensacola MARJORIE DESHA Wildwood BILLIE DICKERSON Miami W. P. DOLAND Panama City IRIS DUGGAR Bristol MARION EDMUNDS Daytona ETHEL M. EDWARDS Quincy JAYNE ETCHISON Orlando JOAN ETHERIDGE Jacksonville ARDEN EUBANKS Vero Beach PHYLLIS CARTER Jacksonville RAY CARTER Jacksonville Beoch FRANCIS CAWTHON Tallahassee CLARA CLEARE Tampa BOBBIE CLEMENTS Graceville JODY CLEMENTS St. Petersburg ALYNN J. L. VERA C. CORDELL COX CREWS Daytona Beach Tallahassee Boca Grande ELIZABETH A. DARSEY Havana JO ANNE DAVIS Orlando KATHRYN DAVIS Pensacola NANCY L. ROSEMARIE DON DAY de LAUNAY DIETCH Miami Fort Myers Miami DOT LEONA CHARLTON DOUGLAS DOWDY DOWNS Wildwood High Springs Sarasota WILLIAM E. EDWARDS Tallahassee BETTY ENGLAND Pensacola DOROTHY ENGLE Homestead LUCY EVANS Niceville LINDA CAROLINA FAIN FICARROT Tallahassee Tampa VIRGINIA FLANNERY Coral Gables EVELYN GASSMAN Homestead JOAN GROSSER Jacksonville GAY HAMRICK Tallahassee MARY ZELL HASKINS Havana BENJIE HODGES Monticello ESTER HORTON Jacksonville BETTY JO FORT Lake Butler BETTY JEAN FRANICSCON Miami MARIAN GROSSMAN Homestead CATHERINE GATTA Tampa HARRIET JERRY CAROL GOODBREAD GOODNIGHT GRAY Lake City Pensacola Orlando JO ANN GRUBB Mt. Pleasant HILDA GRUBBS Tallahassee RALPH HANDS Pensacola ELAINE HANNAHS Miami JOAN HASSETT Ft. Myers BEULAH HAYNIE Clearwater MARGARET HOADLEY Dunedin ROBERT C. HOAG Tallahassee ROBERT E. HUDSON Haines City ERNESTINE HUNT Okeechobee SHIRLEY FRETWELL LILLIAN FROHOCK Greenville BETTY GASKIN Wewahitchka AUDREY GEIGER Tallahassee PAT GERDEMAN St. Petersburg STANTON GOLDMAN West Palm Beach LURLENE GREENE Stuart JOAN GREGORY Miami ETHEL GRIFFIN Branford SALLY ANN DAVID H. IMOGENE GYLAND HAINLAIN HAIR Tampa Miami Tampa DOROTHY HARGROVE Bartow MARIE JANE HARK River Forest, III. MARILYN HART St. Petersburg CAROL HENDERSON Jacksonville GLORIA L. HENRIKSEN Apalachicola BARBARA HENRY Miami LAVADA HOLLAND Crestview EDNA O. HOLTON St. Augustine JUANITA HORTON Quincy ANNIE CLAIRE ED IRVINE JAMES Orlando Miami DOROTHY JIRETZ Tampa 9 ■ • - r: •V • O C| i f 1 € 5 •I s 8 o V v MELVIN WAYNE JOHNSON Kissimmee ELIZABETH JONES Jacksonville JULIE E. JONES Pensacola JEAN KELLER Foley MARTHA KINNAIRD Miami JAMES M. KIRBY Tallahassee CLELIA LANCASTER Miami ELIZABETH LANDOHL Miami JOHN LATTNER Ft. Pierce YVONNE LEE Miami PATSY LESTER Jacksonville ADELAIDE LINDSEY Panama City MARY ANN LUCREE Miami VIRGINIA LUFFMAN Ocala PATRICIA LYAN Louisville, Ky. BETTY CAROLYN PHILIP McLEOD McNEIL Perry Miami JEANNE F. MAHAFFEY Jacksonville SYLVIA A. MARINO Ft. Lauderdale JACQUELINE MARSH Quincy HUGH MARSHALL Niceville ANNE MAUK Miami JUNE I. MAY Malone MARY ANN MAYO Jacksonville NANCY JONES Dunedin RAY G. JONES, JR. Dalton, Ga. MARILOU KAMM Jacksonville ELENOR KNOX Miami MARGARET KRASEMANN Tallahassee EDWARD A. KUCERA St. Louis, Mo. LEAH CLARIS KATHRYN J. La PLANTE LaROSE LEANDER Miami Tallahassee Miami RHODA LETTON Tampa YVONNE LONG Tampa HENRIETTA LOPEZ Tallahassee JOANE McCartney St. Petersburg FRANCES McCLAMMA Wewahitchka MARGARET P. McCALL Jasper CHESTER LESTER DOT MALLELT MALLELT MANNOTT Tallahassee Tallahassee Tampa MARY JANE MARSHALL Tallahassee JEAN MARTIN Bradenton JUNE MARTIN Ft. Myers LEONARD MELLON Homestead SHIRLEY MELZER Jacksonville PIERRE MESHEW Memphis, Tenn. mm IaI a s V VIRGINIA MILLER St. Petersburg CLARA JO MILLIGAN Crestview JANICE MORELAND Winter Haven HAZEL POLLY CAROL MORRISON MORRIS MUENCH Clermont Ft. Lauderdale Miami JO ANN NELSON Miami CARMAN NAHM DeLand CAROLYN NORD Miami REX OWEN Neptune Beach SHIRLEY OWEN Clewiston ANN PABOR Avon Park NANCY PARKE Arcadia KATHRYN PATRICK Sneads DORIS JACKIE PEARSON Jacksonville PEARLINE SUE BETTY ANN PETERS PETTEWAY PIERCE Stuart Lakeland Arcadia LAMAR POWELL West Palm Beach MARTHA PRESSLEY Miami MARY PRICE Panama City VIVIAN RASMUSSEN Orlando HIRAM H. RAULERSON Okeechobee EMILY RECTOR Jacksonville MARY AN NE SARAH MORGAN MOODY Miami Citra MARINIL MORRISON Sarasota VIRGINIA ROSEMARY GENE MUSSELMAN MUSTOC NABI Tampa Panama City Jacksonville ELEANOR NUNEZ Nichols BETTY LEE O ' NEAL Punta Gorda HARRIET OWSLEY Pensacola EDNA IVY JEAN PEGGY PAGE PAGE PAGE Jacksonville Callahan DeFuniak Springs DOROTHY BOBBIE PEDDIE PEEL Apalachicola Graceville PEGGY PELOT Tallahassee LELL PINKSTON Mt. Dora MARY FRANCES PINKSTON Coral Gables PEGGY PONCE St. Augustine ROSEMARY JO NELL ANN PRIME PROCTOR RAINES Daytona Beach Miami Miami BARBARA SYLVIA REED RENZ St. Petersburg Tampa NANCY CAROL RENNINGER Miami ■ o f £ £1 ev| £ ?f f V fa - I s S s o 1 JAMES H. REVELL Tallahassee MARGARET REED Green Cove Springs CARMINE L. REGNA Tallahassee BETTY ANN ROBERTS Tallahassee CAROLYN ROBERTS High Springs BETTIE ROBINSON Coral Gables FRED SUE DIANE SADLER SAXON SCHIPPERT Tallahassee Brooksville St. Petersburg JANET F. SCHWARK St. Petersburg CLARENCE SCOTT Pensacola LOIS SEALANDER Coral Gables ANN SHEFFIELD West Palm Beach DOROTHY SHEFTALL Jacksonville EMILY TERESA SEMMES Pensacola IRIS SIMONS Foley FAYE SISK Miami NADINE SMALE Tampa ROSEMARY SONYA MARIE ETTA SMITH SNIPES SPEARS Haines City Malone Leesburg TERESA STEIN Miami NATHOLYN STEPHENS Winter Garden SHIRLEY P. STEPHENSON Coral Gables JOSEPH REGNA Tallahassee JOHN HERBERT RILEY Marianna CATHERINE RIVERS Miami JACK ROGERO San Mateo THOMAS ROGERO DeLand BARBARA JANE RUTH Cross City BETTY JEAN SCHOEPPE St. Petersburg ROSEMARY SCHULZ Jacksonville CARYL ANNE SCHUNEMAN Tallahassee JACQUELYN SEBRING Sebring MARYANNE SEIDNER Windermere AUDREA SESSIONS Tallahassee JOAN MAE SIMMS Miami MARY SIMPSON Ft. Myers JOHN SIMPSON Port St. Joe BILL SKIPPER Lakeland HERMAN SMITH Napa, Calif. MARIE LYDIA SMITH Miami PATTI SPENCER Tallahassee DOROTHY STARBIRD Palatka WILLIAM E. STROKES Jacksonville ANN STRICKLAND LaGrange, Ga. ELLYNE STRICKLAND Tavares NANCY SUMMERS Sarasota i 45 C « O £ = CI ill G V SALLY MARIE SUBER Homestead MARY RUTH SUMMERS Gainesville ELIZABETH TALLEY Tallahassee HAYWOOD JUNE TAYLOR TATE Sebring Miami BARBARA ANN THOMAS Miami JUNE MIMI TOMLIN TUBBS St. Petersburg Dania GLORIA TURNER Crystal River LAURENE WALLACE Birmingham, Ala. JOANN WALTERS Hialeah ARVY LEE WANG Laurel Hill ROBERT WARD Marianna ANNE WARDLAW Frostproof MARTHA WATKINS Sebring MARY ANN WEHNER Daytona Beach MARY LOU WELLS St. Petersburg BARBARA WHITE Jacksonville MARTHA WILLIAMSON Jacksonville SUSAN ELIS WILLIS Greenwood JOAN WILSON Marianna L. EVERETT YARBROUGH Pensacola SHIRLEY TANNER Miami RICHARD TAPP Edgewater BETTY JANE TAPPAN St. Petersburg BARBARA KATE THOMAS High Springs CLAUDIA THOMAS Groveland JO ANNE THORPE Tampa ELSIE ULMO Tampa KAY UPSON Miami ROBERT VELZY Silver Creek, N. Y. ANNETTE WARD Malone BEVERLY WARD Miami RONNIE WARD Warren Hil MARGARET WATKINS Chipley SUE MARGARET JOAN WEBB Trenton KENNETH WEED Ft. Lauderdale KATHRYN WILDER Orlando RUTH CARL WILLIAMS Chipley JAMES WILLIAMS Tampa LELAGENE WILSON Eufaula, Ala. MARTHA WILSON Pensacola JEAN BARBARA DELL WOOD Darlington m : P % © 4 .- ■ - -= I •■■ s s i 1 V Charles Curtis, President; Ardis Bourland, Vice-President; Dorothy Eubanks, Treasurer; Arra Mae Hiscock, Secretary; Pat Corry, Social Chairman; Marcia Morris, Parliamentarian. the freshman class " • HH fgm fa s I •«■ 8 8 •«■ 8 8 V EDNA MARION ADKINSON Pensocolo JO ALICE AIKEN Tampa DELLA ALBERT Miami JOSEPHINE ALVARADO Tampa SUZANNE ALVAREZ Jacksonville NORMA JEAN AMSDEN Sarasota ADELAIDE ANTHONY Daytona Beach ANNIE APPELBERG Panama City ANNA ESTHER APPELBERG Panama City JAMES WARREN ARNOLD Bainbridge, Ga. JOYCE AYLOR Miami ANN BABEL Ft. Lauderdale BARBARA BALDWIN Ocala ROBERT BARKER Tampa SARA ANN BARKER Jasper NANCY CHRISTIAN BARWICK Pompano MARY ANN BATCHELLER Miami JEAN BEASLEY Lake Alfred MARTHA ANN BLECKLEY BLITCH Clewiston Ocala JOAN BLOCKER St. Petersburg FRIEDA ALLEN Bartow SHIRLEY ALLEN Milton TOM ALTHAUSER Ft. Lauderdale EVELYN AMUNDSON Hallendale JACOLYN ANDRE Coral Gables BETTY JOAN ANDREWS Auburndale GERALDINE ARCELLA Miami ANNE ARMISTEAD Holt GENE LU ARMSTRONG Orlando CLAIRE ROSAMOND BAILEY Orlando RALPH LEE BAILEY Blountstown VIRGINIA BAKER Flomaton, Ala. LUBY BARNES Bushnell BARBARA ANNE BARNETT Jacksonville RUTH BARROW Crestview SHIRLEY BENBOW Clewiston SANDRA THOMAS BENSON BETTS Lake Wales Quincy NATHAN SAMUEL BLOUNT Ft. Myers MARY ANNE BOHLAYER Sanford ROBERT BOLIN Ft. Lauderdale s o I •P4 a s s v ZOILA BOLTANSKY Havana, Cuba GENEVIEVE BOND Port Tampa City DORIS JOANNE BONDI Tampa SHIRLEY BRADSHAW Panama City CHARLES E. BRANDIES Callahan PAULINE BRETT Crestview THAD BROOKS Tampa FAIRLIE BROWN Pensacola JO ANN BROWN Ochopee TOMMY ARDIS ANN NEL BOWEN BOURLAND BRADSHAW Tallahassee Greenville, S. C. Jasper JANICE BRIDGES Jasper CAROLYN BRILES Leesburg SYLVIA BROOKS Colquitt, Ga. REBECCA BROWN Homestead EDNA JOY BRUNSON Jacksonville JERRY MAY BRYAN Tallahassee JOAN LEE BUCKLEY Cumberland, Ind. JACELYNE BUDDE Marianna JACQULYN BURCH Gainesville SALLY BURTON Miami CAROLYN CALHOUN Tampa FRANCES CAMERON Lakeland WILMA LYNDA NANCY CARLSON CARMAN CASEY Sarasota Quincy Coral Gables JEANNE CEDERSTROM Warrington MARY MARGARET CHANCE Miami SANDRA CHANCE Winter Haven NANCY BURCHAM Orlando BETTY BURKE Coral Gables CAROLYN BURQUEST Sarasota HUGH JO CLAIRE CHARLES ROBERT CAMPBELL CANNON CAREY Eustis Jacksonville Islamorada BEVERLY CASHWELL Tallahassee EMMA JO CASSON Tampa GLORIA JETTA CATO Bainbridge, Ga. ANN CHANDLEY Lake Wales BETTY CHAPMAN Plant City BENNY CHEEK Panama City = I •m s 8 V ANNIE CLARK Graceville JEAN CLARKE Winter H=ven MARY LEE CLAYTON Eustis MARVIN CLAYTON Tallahassee CAROLINE COBLE Miami SUE COLEMAN Hawkinsville, Ga. WILBUk COLLINS Live Oak MARY JANE CONNOLLY Sarasota DIANE CONNOR St. Petersburg JEAN CRAIG Coral Gables BARBARA CRAWFORD Bartow WILLIAM ROY CRAWFORD Quincy CARRILEE CULLISON Tallahassee PEGGY DAME Tallahassee BOBBIE DAVIS Pen;acola KATHRYN DeHAVEN Winter Haven DORIS DELAND Tallahassee MARY ANN DeLOACH Tampa BOB DOBRY St. Petersburg BETTY CLARK DOPSON McRae, Ga. PATRICIA JOYCE DUANE Key West MARTHA EIKEL Lake City ALICE ELDER Tallahassee BEVERLY JANE ELLIS Bartow DOROTHY EUBANKS Vero Beach MARY ELLEN FABEL Miami MURRAY FADIAL Tampa JUNE CONYERS Gainesville ALICE PATRICIA JOYCE CORRY COX Quincy Perry FLORA CRISP St. Petersburg JUNE CROSBY Clearwater RUBY CRUCE Madison PATRICIA DAVIS St. Augustine MARY LOUISE DEAL Tallahassee DOROTHY DEAN St. Petersburg BEATRICE DeMERITT Key West JOAN MARY DEWEY Pompano Beach JOHN DEWITT DIAMOND Jacksonville JUDSON DURHAM Jacksonville MARTHA EDENFIELD Tallahassee ANNA CAROLINE EDWARDS Quincy JOHN ELLSWORTH ELLIS Jacksonville JEAN ELIZABETH ESCOTT Miami ANITA ESPERDY Key West LESLIE ANN FAGEN Miami GERALD FAIRCLOTH Tallahassee GEORGENE FAIVER Tallahassee . " ' 1 . s I •■■ a s = Xj4 il -v BESSIE LOLETE FALCK Panama City BARBARA FEDDERN Lake Wales EDWARD FIELD Panama City PATRICIA BILL BARBARA FOLSOM FORD FRANKLIN Orlando Tallahassee Ocala MARY HELENA FRY Tampa BETTY SUE FRYER Jacksonville MARY FAY GALLOWAY Westville FLORINE GINN Clinton, S. C. DOROTHY GEORGE Morriston DOLORES GILLAHAN St. Cloud DORA ANN CAROLYN MARIGOLD GODWIN GO LA GOODLET Pensacola Miami Ft. Pierce MYRA MAY GREENLEE Tampa RAYMOND GREGORY Havana PROCTOR GUERNSEY Pensacola SUSAN NETTIE LOU PAT HALE HAMPTON HAMPTON Jacksonville Melbourne Orlando CHARLIE HARRISON Tallahassee FLORA HARRISON Century KENNETH HARRISON DeFuniak Springs NELDA FIELDING Clermont MARTHA LOU FLETCHER Plant City JAMES ISRAEL FOLSOM Monticello EVELYN FREDRICKSON Melbourne ROBERT FRICKE Eglin Field JOSEPH FRIEDHEIM Belle Glade BRUCE RICHARD CAROL GALPHIN GANT GEERTZ Daytona Beach Miami St. Petersburg MARY JEAN GILLIS DeFuniak Springs DEWEY LEE GLASS Chipley MARY TOM GODBOLD Miami WALTON GRADY Quincy SARAH GRAY Havana JAMES MURRAY GREEN Tallahassee MARGARET MIRIAM ROBERT GUPTON GUTIERRZ HALL Odessa Miami Sarasota WANDA HANCOCK Callahan EDWARD HARDING Mount Dora KATHERINE HARDING Orlando HARRIS OLA DONNA JAYNE HARVEY HAWES HAWKINS Port St. Joe Tallahassee Eglin F ield - = I •■■ s a 8 V « r " JJI AsJ £ I Ay 4 A - MARY LOIS JAMES HAWKINS HAYNES Clewiston Zellwood RUTH ANN HAYNES Gainesville BILLY READ Tampa ORLUE EVELYN BILL HENDRICKSON HENLEY HENSON Wakulla Cottondale Bradenton MYRTIS HERNDON Miami CHARLES ANNA HEISNER HENDREN Lynn Haven Miami ARRA MAE HISCOCK Orlando GLORIA HOLLINGSWORTH Ft. Lauderdale CAROL RUTH HOLMES St. Cloud FLORENCE ELIZABE1 MARY JANE HOLMES HORNE Arteria Lake Wales ROBERT HICKS Sarasota ELIZABETH ANN HILL Sneads MARILYN OLGA HUGHSON HUERTA Chipley Tampa IRMA JONES Callahan LLOYD JONES Mayo LLOYD NORMAN KELLY Miami CLAIRE KENYON Jacksonville V.RGINIA HiNMAN Miami DOROTHY HUSKEY Eustis BETTY GLORIA NORMA LOUISE JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON Alva Miami Titusville JUANITA PEARL KING Tampa MARGARET CHARLOTTE RALPH HORROX HOWIE HICKS Lake Wales Niw Smyrna Beach Pensacola PAT HUBERT Lexington, Va. CARLTON HUIE Albany, Ga. ELIZABETH ANN HUIE Ft. Pierce AUBREY HUTCHISON Panama City ROMANIA INGRAM Eustis LaVERNE JENNINGS Jacksonville YVONNE EILEEN ALICE JOHNSON JONES Pensacola Miami BARBARA JONES Ft. Lauderdale MINNIE FRANCES RAY RUTH ELIZABETH VELMA JONES JONES JONES JONES Punta Gorda Dalton, Ga. Haines City Chattahoochee LAYNIERE KING Chattanooga, Tenn. ANABEL KELSEY DeSoto City MICKALEEN KENDALL Tallahassee fa s e I • " • S S V ■ 10 4 i •■ DELORES KNOWLTON KATHRYN KENNEDY KENNEDY KENT St. Augustine Melbourne Jay SALLY KNIGHT DeLand SHIRLEY MAE KNIGHT Pompano Beach HERBERT KURRAS Mount Dora MORGAN JOAN LAFITTE LAND Tallahassee Pensacola MARY ESTHER LAPINSKI Wauchula ANN LEINBACH St. Petersburg CAROLYN EUNICE LEWIS Lakeland PAULINE LEWMAN Miami WARREN MASON KNAPE Jacksonville MARGARET KNIFFIN Shalimar HARRIET KNIGHT Lakeland GORDON KYLE Miami Beach CAROL LABENSKI Waterford, Conn. LARRY LADEROOT Clearwater IDA LARKIN Bristol POLLY LASSITER Lake Wales WILMA JEAN LASSITER DeFuniak Springs JOAN MAGUIRE Miami HELEN MAMSFIELD Wauchula MARTHA ELAINE MARCUM Jacksonville PATRICIA ANNE MARTIN Miami RONNIE MARTIN Lake Wales NORMAN MASSIE Clearwater MARY LOUISE McCREA Jacksonville BARBARA McCUBBIN Hastings CHARLES E. McDANIEL Freeport JUNE ELIZABETH McGILL Geneva RUTH McHARGUE Portland, Oregon BERT MclNTOSH Tallahassee BUDDY MARY LEILA LEYNES LOUTHAN LYNCH Tallahassee Okeechobee Key West VIRGINIA EDNA MARETT Miami CONSTANCE MARPLE Pensacola MARIAN MARTIN Winter Haven NANCY McAFFEE Tampa YVONNE McCarthy Miami GONDA LEE McCLAMROCK Parrish JOHN ROD Mcdonald Tallahassee WILLIAM Mcdonald Chattahoochee CAROL McGIBBONEY Coral Gables MARVIN A. McKINNEY St. Petersburg JOYCE NANNETTE McLAIN Tampa DANE McNIELL Tallahassee s i •■■ s s o ft e % $0 ArJ £t 1 © A ft BOBBIE MAXINE McFEE Delray Beach NATHETTA McWHERTER Miami MOLLY MEAD Tallahassee LOIS MERCER Bartow BARBARA BARBARA METZ MICHAEL Apopka Alva CHARLES BOB MILFORD MILLER Madison Pompano CASTELLE MILLER Sebring JEANNE MOREAU Tampa EDITH ADELL MORGAN Tallahassee MARCIA MORRIS Jacksonvil JOHN D. MEARS Malone MARY GRAY MICHAEL Sanford JOYCE MILLER Ft. Walton LESLIE NORTON Pensacola CHARLOTTE NEIGHBORS Eustis MARY ARILLA NESSMITH Miami DENA CAROLYN OETJEN Jacksonville JULIA MARY O ' GRADY St. Petersburg AUDREY OLIVER Madison PHYLLIS OUTLAW Westville BARBARA JEAN OWENS Apalachicola BILLIE PAFFORD Jennings DOROTHY JACKIE JANE PEADEN PENHAM PHILLIPS Trenton Jacksonville Tampa ROBERT, JR. NEWBERRY Pensacola AMELIA PANIELLO Attapulgus, Ga. DELORES MEEKS Miami FRANCES BETH MELSON Jacksonville GLORIA MICKLER Pompano FANNYE MIKEAL St. Cloud REBA FAY MILLER DeFuniak Springs COLLEEN MOORE Key West JACQUALINE KATHERINE JOANNE MORRISON MORROW MOORE Clermont Tampa Tampa JEAN NORTHRUP St. Petersburg KLYNE NOWLEN Daytona Beach KATHERINE WILLIAM MOLLY OLIVER OLIVER OMAN Jacksonville Miami Sarasota MARGARET PARHAM Orlando JERRY PARKER Crestview WILLADENE ANGELA PIERCE PINDER Palmatto Miami THOMAS EUGENE PINSON Cross City - s I •m s s I Mil Jki BERTIE DOROTHY PATSY PITTMAN PORTER POTTER Quincy Apalachicola Chipley JOANNE PRINCE Bainbridge, Go. SUSAN QUELCH Daytona Beach CAROLYN RANEY Fort Myers MILDRED REGISTER Madison LOUIS REGNA Tallahassee FLOYD RISLEY Mounr Dora NAN ROLAND Newberry EUGENIA ROLLINS Miami MURIAL ROTHERHAM Revere, Mass. JEAN RUSSELL Jacksonvil VIRGINIA RUSSELL Key West CLIFFORD U. SADLER Tallahassee RONALD E. SANDERS Pensacola VIRGINIA SANFORD Apopka EDITH C. SAPPINGTON Vero Beach JOHN HARVEY SELLERS Haines City IRENE SHOFFNER Crestvicw MIRIAM SHANNON Bradenton RICHARD ELIZABETH JUNE ELIZABETH JUDY MYRTLE GEORGE SHOENBERGER SIMARTON SIMMONS SIMPKINS SIMPSON SIMS Hallandale Orlando Archer Jacksonville Port St. Joe Mt. Dora MARJORIE LOUISE FE ' NORMA JEAN POTTS PITTMAN PRATER Miami Dania Jacksonville JANET KATHLEEN RAWLS Green Cove Springs DORIS EMILY REED Nicholas ELIZABETH REESE Tampa DIXON GALT DOUGLAS ANNE ROBINSON ROBINSON ROGERS Tampa Mayo Miami COLLEEN ROWLS Palmetto FRANCES RUMPLEY Sanford DONALD SHEPHARD RUSS Chattahoochee LEW JACQUALINE MARTHA PEARL SAFAR SANDERS SANDERS Jacksonville Tallahassee Havana JACQUELINE ELEANOR JANE SCHOFIELD SCOTT SCOTT Tampa Winter Haven Orlando FLAVIA SVRETT Chipley NANCY CAROLYN SHAW St. Petersburg BARBARA SHUMAKER Sebring £ :1 I •m a a e. © w £ r v ) a ?§ ' £ I ft c . ' v j; , ROBERT SiSTRUNK Tallahassee MARY LU SLATER Miami PATRICIA SLATER Hollywood louis: NANCY RUTH SMITH Mt. Dora NETHA SMITH Kissimmee VIRGINIA SMITH Jacksonville RUTH SPENCER Miami JOSEPHINE SPICOLA Tampa JACK M. SROLOVITZ Ft. Lauderdah ROBERT JANE MAVIS STEINBACX STEVENSON STEWART St. Petersburg Jacksonville Jay IRA SUTTON Tallahassee ANNE TALLIGANT Tampa BARBARA ANN THOMPSON Miami LORRAINE TIPPENS Orlando STANLEY LOUIS TIPPINS Vero Beach GERALDINE TOMASELLO West Palm Beach MARJORIE NANCY JULIA TROUSDALE TRUE TULLOS Tallahassee Lake Wales Havana PEGGY TYLER Tampa GORDON TYRRELL Pensacola MARGARET VALERO Tampa CAROL SLAVENS St. Petersburg ELSA LOUISE SMITH Apalachicola JEANNETTE SMITH Tallahassee DAPHNE SOUTHARD Miami THOMAS SOUTHERLAND Holopaw MARY ELIZABETH SPENCER Marianna BETTY SRYGLEY Tallahassee ROY STATON Mount Dora HIRAM STEPHENS Ponce de Leon DOROTHY STURGIS St. Petersburg BYRON W. SUMNER Muncie, Ind. JOHN JACOB SUMMERS Bristol JOYCE THOMPSON Liva Oak TOMMY J. THOMPSON Eglin Field JACK TINNEY Hollywood GALE TOMLINSON Lake Wales DONALD TRAFFORD Miami ELIZABETH TRECKEY Jacksonville GENE TURANO Miami CAROLYN TURNER Winter Haven FRANCES TUTTLE Gainesville EARLYNN VANCE Tallahassee PATRICIA VINES Atlanta, Ga. JOAN CLAIRE VON DOHLEN Jacksonville fa s I I d A m mm k m: i I? Q s a V HELEN WAGES Mount Dora GEORGE WAJDOWIEZ Tampa RALPH WALLACE Miami PATRICIA WALTERS Apopka JOANNE WANDECK Marianna JANIS WARD Panama City YVONNE WARREN Chipley BARBARA WATERSTON Daytona Beach LOUISE WATSON Wildwood MARTHA JANICE JAMES HENRY WESTER WHIDDEN WHIDDON Stuart Lake Wales Cross City BETTY MARTHA FAYE WHITMIRE WILKERSON WILLIAMS Miami Jacksonville Sanford MARY ELIZABETH NANCY CANNON NANCY WILLIAMSON WILLIS WILLSON WILSON East Orange, N. J. Greenwood Bartow Tampa JUANITA WIMBERLY Pembroke MARY MAC WIMBERLY Winter Haven JANE ANNE WINTER Plant City PHYLLIS WYATT Sanford TOM YARBROUGH Sarasota ERNESTINE YOUNG Jasper EFFIE ZIPPERER Bradenton BETTA WEEKS Panama City AUDREY NOVADEAN CHARLOTTE WEITMAN WEST Haines City St. Petersburg PHYLLIS BOB WHISENANT WHITE Palmetto Ft. Myers MARY AUDREY WHITEHURST Brooksville JANE WILLIAMS Fernandina JEAN WILLIAMS Lakeland DORIS WILLIAMSON Jacksonville RUTH VIRGINIA WILLSON WILSON Bartow Sanford IRENE MARYLYN JERRY WINTERLE WOLPERT WOOD Tallahassee Orlando Miami FRANCES YOUNG Bonifay MYRL MARY ANN ZIEGLER Tarpon Springs MARJORiE ZIGLAR Arcadia We have beauties, beauties, and more beauties. Homecoming was a tremendous success and Queen Jet carried out her duties royally. Circus was full of queens as was Sandspur, so let ' s look a little farther on and we ' ll find that queens rule every phase of a queen is Congratulations to beautiful Jett Munroe, the 1951 Home- coming Queen, and her court: Joanie Vaughn, Betty Ann Holland, Sally Kennedy and Bunny Banks. Florida State University is proud of them all. crowned JETT MUNROE JOAN IE VAUGHN BETTY ANN HOLLAND BUNNY BANKS II ■ ■ •■ ' f I ■i ' ill m - ' ■ 1 : «M n I . • B Ev HB B PATSY CHARLETTE fOowitteA Owt awi CE WATER T ' WARNT ME NO FALSIES 1 P ' c r " 4HI 1 SCRUB? MY BACK Sororities, fraternities: rush week madness, wonderful dances, parties, one huge week- end, parties, spirits high through intramurals, parties, men leaving, frats decreasing, parties —all is part of Creek life. FIRST ROW (left to right) : Leland White, Phi Mu; M. Coggin, Alpha Gamma Delta; Harriet Forehand, Chi Omega; M. Hall, Alpha Delta Pi; N. Mcintosh, Zeta Tau Alpha. SECOND ROW: B. O ' Brien, Kappa Alpha Theta; Jean Bennett, Chi Omega; Barbara An- derson, Alpha Ze Delta; Pat Cole, Alpha Gamma Delta; Ann Hawkins, Kappa Delta; A. McKenzie, Alpha Omega Pi; J. Godfry, Sigma Kappa; Y. Head, Delta Delta Delta; Ann Raines, Alpha Chi Omega; I. Leslie, Delta Zeta; Cece Parker, Gamma Phi Beta. panhellenic council The Florida State University Panhellenic Council, composed of a representative from each of the six- teen national sororities on campus, carried on the many responsibilities in governing sororities at F.S.U. Their first big task is to regulate the complex rushing system each fall. Pledges are the life blood of sororities and selecting them from the many new girls is an enormous undertaking. The Annual Pan- hell Dance was a success as usual even though it was held at the Old Club. Panhell Council received the Delta Gamma Colony this year, to increase the total number of sororities on campus to sixteen. It is the aim of this council to provide a workable rushing and pledging plan, and guide the sororities of F.S.U. to ever higher standards. in! cri ' niloriiit v council The Florida State University Interfraternity Council accomplished many objectives this year in furthering fraternities at F.S.U. The task of regulating, expanding and integrat- ing the activities of the fourteen national chapters falls on this group. IFC is a leading factor in the promotion of intramurals, scholastics, and social events on campus. It is the goal of IFC to help the university in promoting a better student life at F.S.U. FIRST ROW (left to right) : Bill Waters, Theta Chi; Bob Darsey, Kappa Kappa; John Quinn, Alpha Tau Omega; Jack Nooney, Phi Delta Theta; Dean Roberts, Sigma Nu; Bob Carastro, Lambda Chi Alpha. SECOND ROW: Ted Steinmeyer, Sigma Chi; Jack Kazanzas, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Donald Crisp, Pi Kappa Alpha; James Ball, Kappa Alpha; Ed Taylor, Pi Kappa Phi; Frank Bergin, Phi Kappa Tau. ipp «C5 ' f " " ALPHA CHI OMEGA beta eta chapter Nancy Bishop Barbara Braymer Leo Brown Betty Lou Calder Jeanne Cassens Wanda Sue Evans Edith Foster Barbara Foster Barbara Fryer Mary Louise Garrett Faye Gatlin Mae Gautier Betty Griffin Lou Harrison Helen Jones Virginia Arango Jean Bass Nancy Baxter Maxine Clark Emily Sue Coleman Gail Croy MEMBERS Margaret Jordon Gail Kelley Pat Kirby Patsy Lester Leynette Leynes Yvonne Long Ramona McCall Karolyn Moore Margot Nasrallah Jane Norman Sally Norton Betty Pichard Ann Raines Dorothy Robertson Dottie Faye Sherman PLEDGES Helen Folds Betty Sue Fryer Margie Gupton Ruth Ann Haynes Sally Knight Mary Ann LuCree Nancy Warren Smith Mary Helen Speed Cary Jo Stewart Virginia Stockman Joyce Tarilton Charlotte Tatum Elise Tatum Pat Temple Barbara Thomas June Tomlin Katherine Torrance Pat Weigand Janis Wells Barbara Zuver Anita Lunsford Helen Martin Katherine Morrow Nancy Ricks Patricia Slater . Joan Webb PRESIDENT — SALLY NORTON Parties after the football games . . . hay rides out to Silver Lake . . . Alpha Chi weekend, complete with the Carnation Ball at the Country Club . . . fraternity parties ... all these wonderful events highlighted the social year of Alpha Chi Omega. These gals labored furiously on the homecoming float and drew a trophy for the most beautiful. They did a repeat performance and captured first price in the County Fair Parade with their creation. The Alpha Chi ' s are well represented at FSU with all sorts of wheels. They have members in sophomore council, VV ' s, Women ' s F Club, Sigma Alpha lota, Los Picaros, Alpha Lambda Delta, and junior coun- selors. On student publication they claim the Pow Wow editor and the managing editor of the Tally-Ho. In student government they turned up with three senators and the treasurer of UGA. OFFICERS President Sally Norton Vice President __ Barbara Braymer Secretary Janice Wells Treasurer Pat Weigand Social Chairman .. Dorothy Robertson Panhellenic Rep. ... Mae Gautier o oooooo Of i i FIRST ROW (left to right) : Thomas, B.; Morrow, K.; Tomlin, J.; Jordon, M.; Knight, S.; LuCree, M. A.; Long, Y; Tarilton, J.; Gatlin, F.; Clark, M. SECOND ROW: Kelly, G.; Ricks, N.; Sherman, D. F.; Lester, P.; Norman, J.; McCall, R.; Gupton, M.; Leynes, L.; Fryer, B.; Raines, A.; Moore, K. THIRD ROW: Pichard, B.; Tatum, C; Colder, B. L.; Evans, W.; Braymer, B.; Mrs. Frank Dow- ling; Norton, S.; Weigand, P.; Wells, J.; Harrison, L.; Baxter, N. FOURTH ROW: Robertson, D.; Haynes, R.; Martin, H.; Jones, H.; Tatum, E.; Petteway, K.; Bishop, N.; Temple, P.; Brown, L.; Cassen, J.; Speed, M. H.; Zuber, B.; Griffin, B.; Slater, P.; Fryer, B. S.; Bass, J. FIFTH ROW: Arango, V.; Croy, G.; Folds, H.; Coleman, J.; Foster, B.; Torrence, K.; Stockman, V.; Stewart, J.; Webb, J.; Garrett, M. L.; Kirby, P.; Smith, N.; Foster, E.; Lunsford, A. ALPHA DELTA PI iota chapter Lorene Bates Martha Bentz Mary Bowler Betty Burr Jean Church Carolyn Conway Joyce Dance Mary Ann Dorsey Suzanne Eger Martha Ann Goode Hallie Hall Dolly Hargrove Julie Armstrong Betty Brown Jacquelyn Burch Patricia Corry Mary Ann Davis Barbara Edinfield MEMBERS Mildred Jones Doris Ann Kittrell Marian Lawton Susan Lawton Lila Leffler Avery Lembeck Jo Ann Lovett Clementine Lowry Patricia Lowry Kathryn McFarlin Jeannette McKinnon Ann Monroe PLEDGES Susan Hale Carlton Huie Alma Jane Midyette Celia McFarlin Mary Lu Slater Jan Stevenson Ruthanne Padgett Charlotte Palmer Betty Ann Roberts Sally Schuchart Rita Simon Marilyn Shollar Isabel Steagall Mary Jane Sowell Paula Triesback Helen Claire Wheat Martha Williamson Floride Wilkinson PRESIDENT — CHARLOTTE PALMER 1851-1951 . . . Alpha Delta Pi Centennial year featuring the " Diamond Ball, " Centennial Tea, and the National Convention in Macon, Georgia on May 18, as the highlights of the season. Winning the State Efficiency Award for second consecutive year also added a spark! The ADPi and Phi Delt Christmas Party for Underprivileged Children, intramurals, and those wonderful " Sunday night coffees " will long be remembered. ADPi ' s point with pride to: Sweethearts of Kappa Sig . . . the PiKA Dream Girl . . . the SAE Sweetheart . . . the KA Rose. Thirteen of our number in V.V. ' s with Mary Lou as President of the Taps ... a star in circus . . . Panhellenic Secretary . . . Tarpons . . . the Veep of the Sophomore Class and Social Chairman of the Freshman Class . . . members in Cotillion ... a Vice-president in Jennie and in Bryan . . . two who wore the blue and white. And who was it that was always there to offer assistance and ad- vice . . . why, Mother Barrett, of course! OFFICERS President Charlotte Palmer Vice-President .. Mary ane Sowell Secretary Hallie Hall Treasurer Mary Bowler FIRST ROW (left to right) : Stevenson, J.; Edinfield, B.; Burch, J.; Monroe, A.; Lawton, S.; Hargrove, D.; Williamson, M.; Treis- back, P.; Lovett, J.; Kittrell, D.; Wilson, N.. SECOND ROW: Jonas, M.; Goode, M. A.; Steagall, I.; Bentz, M.; Mrs. S. E. Barrett Lowry, P.; Lowry, C; Church, J.; Lawton, M. THIRD ROW: Warren, A.; Conway, C; Padgett, R.; Armstrong, J.; Dorsey, M. A Hale, S.; Bowler, M.; Wheat, H. C; Corry, P.; Huie, C; McKinnon, J., Whitehurst, A.; Burr, B.; Shollar, M.; Eger, S.; Tarver, P Slater, M. L. FOURTH ROW: Wilkinson, F.; Yaeger, I.; Brown, B.; Bates, L.; Hall, M.; McFarlin, C; Simon, R.; Hall, H.; Leffler L.; Lembeck, A.; Roberts, B. A.; Midyette, J.; Dance, J.; Zeigler, M. A. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA gamma beta chapter Katrine Austin Bettye Ball Marianne Bassett Ann Billingslea Shirley Black Becky Branan Margaret Brokaw Barbara Cockran Pat Cole Marilyn Conlin Louise Day Jo Ann Ebert MEMBERS Lucille Galloway Jean Ghiotto Norma Goodman Audrey Henry Ernestine Hunt Alyce Jackobson Paula Lewis Margaret Marshall Bettye Jane Matthews Nancy Mayhew Barbara Middlebrooks Sue Petteway PLEDGES Patricia Plockelman Barbara Rushing Betty Rushing Emily Semmes Ann Wynn Sharp Jo Ann Shirley Dorothy Sheffal Peggy Sparkman Jan Swanson Margaret Williams Mary Stewart Wilson PRESIDENT— AUDREY HENRY Dorothy Jean Byrd Margaret Laird Celeste Rogers Ann Bullard Dodie McAllister Betty Sims Carole Crabb Frances Merritt Rosalee Tolle Betty Chapman Virginia Mooney Lanier Tucker Patsy Chapman Betty Mosely Virginia Walker Evangeline Griffin Nancy Phoebus Patricia Walters Nancye Ann Jones Helen Prince Whirling around campus the Alpha Gams captured many honors during the year . . . they excelled in both sports and society. Village Vamps and Cotillion tapped many Alpha Gamma Delta ' s ... an Alpha Gam was chosen as the Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart . . . Circus and Sandspur took their toll of Galpha Gams. Their " Show- boat " received second prize at Homecoming time. For the year, the Alpha Gams were the over-all intramural winners. They took top honors in swimming, badminton, archery, and horse- shoes. The Alpha Gam Gals entertained fraternities weekly with coffees; held open house after football games, threw their annual sister- mother and pledge daughter picnic; and enjoyed their annual Christ- mas Party. When April 21 rolled around the Alpha Gams danced through their wonderful weekend. OFFICERS President Audrey Henry Vice-President Barbara Rushing Second Vice-President Betty Rushing Secretary Margaret Brokow Treasurer Shirley Black Social Chairman Joanne Shirley Panhellenic Rep. Pat Cole FIRST POW ' left to right) : Crabb, C; Sparkman, P.; Chapman, P.; Byrd, D J.: Hunt, E.; Ball, B.; Chapman, B.; Sharpe, A. W Tolle, R.; Wilson, M. S.; Petteway, S.; Sims, B.; Moseley, B.; Mer itt. SECOND ROW: Prince, H.; Plockelman, P.; Ebert, J. A Middlebrooks, B.; Matthews, B. J.; Rushing, B.; Gilliland, Mrs. R. Henry, A.; Rushing, B.; Brokow, M.; Shirley, J.; Black, S.; Walker V. THIRD ROW: Bullard, A.; Branan, B.; Williams, M.; Jones, N.; Conlin, M.; Bassett, M.; Tucker, L; Day, L.; Mayhew, N Jackobson, A.; Lewis, P.; Laird, M.; Rogers, C; Cockran, B.; Austin, K.; Galloway, L.; Timmons, B. FOURTH ROW: Sheftal, D Semmes, E.; Swanson, J.; Ghiotto, J.; Goodman, N.; Coggin, M.; McAllister, D.; Phoebus, N.; Billingslea, A.; Moon, P.; Marshall, M.; Walters, P.; Mooney, V. ALPHA OMICRON PI alpha pi chapter MEMBERS Becky Aase Nancy Hill Margaret Ratcliff Betty Jane Allen Jean Hopkins Joan Sistrunk Mary Agnes Blitch Norma Jean Kearney Edythe Skipper Rita Bowles Dorothy Kish Jean Smith Audrey Butler Ann McKenzie Rosamay Smith Joan Butler Louise McKinley Virginia Spencer Donna Carlin Juanita Moore Ann Steed Isabelle Emerson Peggy Moore Mary Ellen Tavel Sibyl Geer Cathy Nott Jane Timmerman Pat Griffen LaRose Oliver Janice Vanture Ann Hendon Marjorie Parker PLEDGES Patricia Ann Walker LeVerne Battle Renie Hall Kitty Pittman Ann Blitch Kay Harding Jeanette Smith Mary Jane Connolly Varian Helms Peggy Tyler June Crosby Mildred Hunter Martha Jean Wilson Carrilea Cullison Til Lomaistro PRESIDENT — RITA BOWLES During the Homecoming festivities the ingenious, hardworking AOPi ' s copped the trophy for the best-decorated house. Later in the year they captured the silver loving cup for the basketball intramurals. Alpha Omicron Pi ' s also carried these traits into other campus organizations. They were well represented in Cotillion, Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Cheerleader, Sigma Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha lota, Los Picaros, Tarpon Club, Sophomore Council, Women ' s Judiciary, Band, Junior Counselors, Kappa Delta Pi, Sandspur, Newman Club president, and president of Bryan Hall. Unforgetable activities for the AOPi ' s were their Rose Weekend with its formal Rose Ball and the Wednesday night fraternity suppers honoring all frats. OFFICERS President Rita Bowles Vice-President Joan Sistrunk Secretary (Cor.) Virginia Spencer Secretary (Recording) Louise McKinley Treasurer Nancy Hill House Mother Mrs. Marion Knox FIRST ROW (left to right) : Allen, B. J.; Harding, K.; Aase, B.; Hall, I.; Steed, A.; Kearney, N. J.; Pittman, A. SECOND ROW: Butler, J.; Griffin, P.; Spencer, V.; Bowles, R.; Mrs. Marion Knox; Hill, N. Sistrunk, J.; Carlon, D.; Venture, J. THIRD ROW: Rat- cliff, M.; Smith, J.; Geer, S.; Hopkins, J.; Smith, R.; Kish, D.; Crosby, J.; Wilson, M. J.; Connolly, M. J.; Oliver, L; Butler, A. FOURTH ROW: Timmerman, J.; Tyler, P.; Blitch, A.; Smith, J.; Blitch, M.; Parker, M.; Moore, J.; Skipper, J.; Helms, V.; Moore, P.; Emerson, I. ALPHA XI DELTA alpha omega chapter Barbara Anderson Marilyn Atkinson Betty Jo Armstrong Karolyn Bardin Jean Barrineau Jean Bartz Nancy Binda Donna Blackketter Betsy Blanton Hazel Campbell Lorraine Chalker Nancy Collier Elizabeth Cooke Jean Cowan Joyce Aylor Doris Cone Mary Jane Coyne Elinor Dailey Mary Louise Deal MEMBERS Martha Nelle Crenshaw Barbara Curry June Day Joy Ann DeRolph Mary Eddins Elizabeth Edmondson Nancy Lea Erickson Julia Fahle Patricia Fitzgerald Joan Gross Claire Haynes Mary Lou Kamm Jean Landrum Betty Lavender PLEDGES Ola Hawes Sonya Meyer Gloria Mickler Eleanor Nunez Miriam Shannon Mary Lou Medlin Janice Moreland Carolyn Nord Betty Lou Nuttle Doris Reed Charlotte Rieker Sue Saxon Anne Scudder Elaine Sellas Terry Sheppard Katherine Stedham Yvonne Tomaseilo Helen Ann Treadwell PRESIDENT— CHARLOTTE REIKER Geraldine Torracello Joanne Prince Jo Ann Thorpe Ernestine Young All in all, it has been a busy year for the Alpha Xi Deltas. Biggest news was the formation of their Building Corporation and the silver tray awarded to them for progress in their province. Important dates on their social calendar include the Christmas party for the pledges and their wonderful weekend featuring a " comic strip " party and formal dance. In activities the Alpha Xi ' s were well represented by a freshman senator, four members on Sophomore Council, two senior class officers, several members of Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Sigma Delta Pi, Theta Sigma Phi, Cotillion and " F " Club. OFFICERS President . Charlotte Reiker Vice-President June Day Secretary Elizabeth Edmondson Treasurer Joan Gross Pledge Trainer „ Ann Scudder Panhellenic . ... Barbara Anderson Social Chairman . Marilyn Atkinson oo o oo FIRST ROW (left to right) : Shephard, T.; Eddens, M.; Hawes, O.; Bodden, N.; Lavender, B.; Nunez, E.; Sellas, E.; Armstrong, B. J.; Cone, D.; Meyers, S. SECOND ROW: DeRolph, J.; Landrum, J.; Scudder, A.; Admundson, E.; Rieker, C; Mrs. Ruth Hill, Day, J.; Gross, J.; Folley, J.; Cowan, J.; Staley, K.; Deal, M. L. THIRD ROW: Erickson, N.; Tredwell, H. A.; Tomasello, J.; Cook, !_.; Nord, C; Tomasello, B.; Fitzgerald, P.; Blamton, B.; Atkinson, M.; Coyne, M. J.; Collier, N.; Nuttle, B. L; Chalker, L.; Medlin, M. L. FOURTH ROW: Saxon, S.; Kamm, M. L; Crenshaw, N.; Mickler, G.; Aylor, J.; Curry, B.; Haynes, C; Dailey, E.; Blackketter, D.; Moreland, J.; Anderson, B.; Ahannon, M.; Bardin, K. CHI OMEGA gamma chapter Katherine Banks Jean Bennett Barbara Brewton Marion Elise Davis Florence Denton Betty Jo Drake Harriet Forehand Joann Gilbart Marianne Gillen Margaret Gwynn Arabeth Andrews Mary Stuart Bostick Thad Brooks Jane Bush Carolyn Calhoun Mary Margaret Chance Leslie Ann Fagan MEMBERS Ivanhoe Holland Nancy Hol land Nell Huddleston Carolyn Mays Susan Miller Lillian Mook Margaret Nicholson Ann Oliver Anna Lee Overbay Faye Patterson PLEDGES Sara Margaret Davis Dora Ann Godwin Ruth Layniere King Jean Lafitte Helen Lane Julie Phillips Joan Robertson Grace Register Mary Nancy Sammon Patsy Sisson Sylvia Strange Suzanne Thomas Sue Treadwell Penny Whidden Betty Williams Lucy Williams Ann Wooten Grace Robinson Mary Shaw Joanne Wandeck Jean Wetherell Mary Helen Williamson PRESIDENT— FAYE PATTERSON The Chi Omegas will long remember the first annual Carnation Ball featuring a huge horseshoe made of carnations; the " Roaring Twenties " party on Pan-Hellenic Weekend; the traditional surprise party for the pledges where members dressed in costumes represent- ing Chi Omega symbols; Mother Mack ' s cocoa parties " after hours " ; Vesper Services once a week; those serenades from the balcony and the winning of the first place in the University Sing. All these indeed form a treasure chest of never-to-be-forgotten memories. Royalty galore in Chi O . . . Queen of military ball, Queen ' s court of Gymstravanganza, Homecoming Queen ' s Court, and Theta Chi dream girl. The Chi Omega ' s are proud of their members in Garnet Key, Mortar Board, Judiciary, Senate, and the Flambeau staff. OFFICERS President Faye Patterson Vice-President Harriet Forehand Secretary Barbara Brewton Treasurer Betty Williams Panhellenic Rep. Harriet Forehand Social Chairman ... Nancy Holland FIRST ROW (left to right): King, T.; Chance, M. M.; Lane, H.; Williamson, M. H.; Wandeck, J.; Wetherell, J.; Bush, J.; An- drews, A.; Godwin, D.; Brooks, T.; Calhoun, C; Robertson, J. SECOND ROW: Drake, B. J.; Holland, N.; Davis, M. E.; Bennett, J.; Patterson, F.; Mrs. E. L. Mack; Forehand, H.; Oliver, A.; Mook, L; Sammon, M. N.; Over bay, A. L; Gwynn, M. THIRD ROW: Banks, B.; Strange, S.; Thomas, S.; Denton, F.; Williams, B.; Miller, S.; Laffitte, J.; Gillen, M.; Williams, L; Gilbart, J.; Register, G.; Shaw, M.; Huddleston, N. FOURTH ROW: Bostick, M. S.; Whidden, P.; Phillips, J.; Wooten, A.; Mays, C; Davis, S. M.; Nich- olson, M.; Holland, I.; Treadwell, S.; Sisson, P.; Brewton, B. DELTA DELTA DELTA alpha eta chapter Sydney Allen Ellen Avis Carolyn Boschen Lessie Busbee Susan Caldwell Gay Cubbedge Alice Davidson Patsy Delaney Kathryn Duggan Barbara Jean Dunn Mary Anne Galloway Gloria Barber Jane Adicks Gene Lu Armstrong Ann Babel Carolyn Briles Jocelyn Budde Sandra Chance Jean Cooper MEMBERS Eleanor Graves Joyce Gregory Yvonne Head Brucie Humphrey Naudain Ives Marilyn Latham Joan Lee Joanne McCartney Adelaide McLeod Rebecca Mercer Patti Michaels Harriet Paul PLEDGES Donna Henderson Mary Jane Home Frances Johnson Joy Johnson Margaret Lawhone June McKenny Fe Pittman Jean Peters Jo Pettit Sarah Ceva Philyaw Marianne Quigg Jane Reese Phoebe Ryerson Carol Skinner Mimi Tubbs Diane Van Dusen Dottie Whitfield PRESIDENT — JOYCE GREGORY Nancy Smith Dot Turner Carol Williams Marylyn Wolpert Vivian Zigrang The Delta Delta Delta ' s started the year off with a bang by having two members on judiciary, two sophomore council members, and a Garnet Key member. They not only were well represented in student government and leadership honoraries, but in Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Village Vamps, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tarpon Club and many others. The Tri Delt ' s will always remember the wonderful whirl during their weekend which they shared with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frater- nity. The very impressive dance at the Country Club and the wonderful parties are memories not to be forgotten. So closed another year for the Tri Delt ' s with memories by the dozens. They will long remember the year of 1950-51. OFFICERS President Joyce Gregory Vice-President .. Jean Peters Recording Secretary .. .. Patti Michaels Cor. Secretary Diane Van Dusen Treasurer Harriet Paul Social Chairman Alice Davidson Panhellenic Rep. Yvonne Head rv 4 1 4 ' 4 oooooooooo _ O O O FIRST ROW (left to right) : Davidson, A.; Paul H.; Duggan, K.; Dunn, B.; Latham, M.; Cubbedge, G.; Chance, S.; Zigrang, V.; Mercer, R. SECOND ROW: Reese, J.; Latham, M.; Head, Y.; Mrs. Wallace Crume; Gregory, J.; Busbee, L.; Ouigg, M.; Whitfield, D.; Caldwell, S.; Galloway, M. A. THIRD ROW: Tubbs, M.; Lee, J.; Boschen, C; Wolpert, M.; Skinner, C; Van Dusen, D.; Home, M. J.; Babel, A.; Avis, E.; Graves, E.; Garber, G.; Briles, C; Lawthon, M.; Ryerson, P.; Budde, J.; Turner, D. FOURTH ROW: McCleod, A.; Peters, J.; Delaney, P.; Allen, S.; Williams, C; Armstrong, G. L.; Adicks, J.; Cooper, J.; Ives, N.; Michaels, P.; Philyaw, S. C; Pittman, F.; Smith, M.; McCartney, J.; Pettit, J.; Johnson, J. DELTA ZETA alpha sigma chapter Sue Beasley Norma Jean Braddock Alice Clark Sara Jo Costin Kathryn Davis Gloria Edelman Betty England Betty Jean Francescon Virginia French Dot Frierson Carolyn Haire Peggy Hardy Lois Lee Absher Jean Beasley Shirley Bowden Pat Hampton Harriet Knight MEMBERS Betty Henkel Benjie Hodges Nancy Hornbeck Shirley Hurlbert Annie Claire Irvine Peggy Jester Harriet Knight Nancy Lane Irene Leslie Marilyn Lingo Mary Ann Mayo Shirley McLain PLEDGES Shirley Knight Miriam Lough Jo Anne Roberts Carol Trimmer Nell McMichael Sylvia Rentz Frances Jane Sauls Patti Spencer Natholyn Stevens Bess Stevenson Fran Strickland Lois Strickland Claudia Thomas Betty Turner Patty Weaver Helen Wilson Patsy Wright Marian Martin Jane Reeves Janice Whidden PRESIDENT— BESS STEVENSON The Delta Zetas began a highly successful year as usual with the fury, worry and fun of Rush Week, and the Pledge Class was worth it. Then on to the parties! The redecorated DZ House was hostess to fraternity rush parties, and parties given to fraternities every Wednesday . . . and in turn the Delta Zetas were feted by the fraternities. The year already had sorority memories . . . picnics and parties in the back yard . . . the Garden of Roses Dance honoring sweethearts . . . the Bowery party complete with brass rail, spittons and beer . . . root beer . . . the initiation breakfast . . . and more and more . . . Plus showers and weddings and a real Delta Zeta wedding in the house . . . and the Delta Zeta Weekend. With DZ girls active in Garnet Key, tapped for Who ' s Who, elected to Sophomore Council and serving as Junior Counselors, the sorority was well represented on campus. All in all, a full year ... a happy year . . . and a look forward to more fine Delta Zeta years to come. OFFICERS Bess Stevenson . .__ President Irene Leslie Vice-President Nancy Day .. Recording Secretary Frances Jane Sauls Cor. Secretary Betty Turner .. .. Treasurer Gloria Edleman .. .. Social Chm. Irene Leslie Panhellenic Rep. ; % O O CV Vt ' ' FIRST ROW (left to right): Haire, C; Jester, P.; Wilson, H.; LaGrove, M.; Edleman, G.; Costin, S.; Strickland, S.; Hardy, P. Beasley, S.; Lough, M. SECOND ROW: Francesean, B.; Strickland, L.; Turner, B.; Stevenson, B.; Mrs. C. Dinwiddie; Leslie, I. Irvine, A.; Henkel, B.; Davis, K. THIRD ROW: Hampton, P.; MacMichael, N.; Spencer, P.; Lane, N.; Weaver, P.; Roberts, J. Hornbeck, N.; Mayo, M.; Hodges, B.; Bowden, S.; England, B.; Lingo, M.; Hurlbert, S.; Absher, L.; McLain, S.; Rentz, S. FOURTH ROW: Whidden, N.; Stephens, N.; Thomas, C; Frierson, D.; Braddock, N.; Trimmer, C; Clark, A.; Knight, S.; Wright, P.; Knight, H.; Reeves, J.; Beasley, I.; Martin, M.; French, V. wt- V GAMMA PHI BETA beta inn chapter Lorene Abney Phyllis Dodeker Anne Murrill Jean Allen Jayne Etchison CeCe Parker Rene Bete Bailey Arden Eubanks Betty Ann Pierce Barbara Barneman Janet Gallagher Mary Ann Seidner Janis Beovich Jean Goddard Mary Ann Thomas Betty Gibson Brawn Martha Green Martha Watkins Dottie Bridges Helen Futch Mary Lou Wells Jay Byrnes Dottie Jaritz Pat Yearsley Betty Caswell Clelia Lancaster Jeanne De Camp Ann MacCann PLEDGES Ann Bullock Dottie Eubanks Ann McCurdy Evie Carter Eleanor Gage Bart Key Dottie Coleman Romania Ingram Mildred O ' Neal Nell Craut Wink Jenkins Barbara Schmaker Clara Cornelias Castelle Miller Janet Rawls PRESIDENT— LORENE ABNEY The year ' s activities for Gamma Phi Beta flew by fast and furiously. Weekly fraternity parties every Wednesday and open house after every home football game gave the sorority lots of enjoyment. Also the float and house decorations for the Homecoming festivities. Big events of the year were the observance of Founders Day with on open house, the December Tea Dance and the Gamma Phi Beta Weekend, high up on the list of social successes. Outstanding in the sorority are Dottie Bridges, treasurer of the Sophomore Class and Dottie Eubanks, treasurer of the Freshman class. Lorene Abney, Barbara Barneman and Betty Ann Pierce are in Sigma Alpha lota, and Mary Ann Seidner is program chairman for Sandspur and a member of the Sophomore Council. OFFICERS President Lorene Abney Vice President Anne Murrill Recording Secretary __ . Janet Gallagher Corresponding Sec. .. Joan Goddard Treasurer __ Patricia Yearsley FIRST ROW (left to rightl : Cornelias, C; Gage, E.; Yearsley, D.; Eubanks, D.; Weeks, B.; Gallagher, J.; Rawls, J.; Seidner, M. A.; Beovich, J. SECOND ROW: Bodeker, P.; Parker, M.; Goddard, J.; Green, M.; Abney, L; Mrs. Mae Daley; Lancaster, C; Caswell, B.; Brown, B.; DeCamps, J. THIRD ROW: Bridges, D.; Pierce, B. A.; Murrill, A.; Bailey, I.; Jiretz, D.; Eubanks, A.; Allen, J.; Coleman, D. FOURTH ROW: Etchison, J.; Key, M. B.; Borneman, B.; Futch, H.; Byrnes, J.; Watkins, M.; Miller, C; Thomas, M. A.; Schu- macher, B.; McCurdy, A. KAPPA ALPHA THETA MEMBERS Marilyn Beach Eugenia Glenn Jackie Morris Nancy Bennett Ruth Haberkorn Bobbie Pettit Alvena Birchard Shirley Haire Mary Jane Pinney Jeannie Bosanquet Jacque Harrington Frances Powell Nancy Brown Evelyn Harrison Barbara Reed Janie Bugg Edna Oliver Holton Ann Strickland Joy Cobb Nancy Jackson Jean Swett Connie Condict Peggy Leonard Ordy Taprell Nancy Crossen Nina Jean Lester Joanne Vaughn Bess Enge Audrey Lewis Mary Ann Wehner i Mickey Flannery Barbara Luff Felicia Wells j Trix Fosgate Darlene Misseo Susie Gibson S ' ann Mooney i PLEDGES 1 Ardis Bourland Gerry Goodnight Ann Sheffield m Nancy Casey Janie Haberkorn Carol Slavens Mtf Susan Coolidge Claire Kenyon Bette Srygley mi Alynn Cordell Katherine Mason Marilyn Stephens t Jeanne Craig Beth Melson Pat Watson 1 J Delores Deland Yvonne McCarthy i i Jackie Fowler Carole Peterson - fa- fl beta n ii chapter PRESIDENT — JEANNIE BOSANQUET Shining brightly in campus the Kappa Alpha Thetas were active in Sandspur, Cotillion, Circus, cheerleading, Freshman Flunkies, Village Vamps, Tarpon, " F " Club, and Sigma Alpha lota — and chosen from the Theta ranks were the Pi Kappa Phi and Sigma Chi Sweethearts and the National Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl. The girls were de- liriously happy when they captured first place and three gold trophies in the first running of the Annual Sigma Chi Derby. Those trophies really look good, Thetas! They ' ll always have happy memories of gay times had during their weekend in March, the hilarious Powder Bowl football game, and the thrill of having made the most original Homecoming float. Fun and success have certainly made it a red-letter year for the Thetas. OFFICERS President Jeannie Bosanquet Vice President .. Nancy Jackson Secretary Jean Swett Treasurer .. S ' ann Mooney House Mother Mrs. Watson oo o° n if , A Ok O Of jn FIRST ROW (left to right) : Stephens, M.; Reed, B.; Mason, K.; Melson, B.; Pettit, B.; Flannery, M.; Craig, J.; Haire, S.; Lewis, A. Brown, N.; Beach, M.; Morris, J.; Misseo, D. SECOND ROW: Vaughn, J.; Cobb, J.; Wells, F.; Mooney, S.; Taprell, D.; Bosenqust, J, Mrs. Watson; Jackson, N.; Swett, J.; Birchard, A.; Condict, C; Enge, B.; Haberkorn, J.; Crossen, N. THIRD ROW. Bennett, N. Goodnight, G.; Harrron, E.; Bourland, A.; Luff, B.; McCarthy, Y.; Peterson, C; Sheffield, A.; Fosgate, B.; Bugg, J.; Haberkorn, R. Watson, P.; Casey, N.; Holton, E. O.; Slovens, C. FOURTH ROW: Srygley, B.; Kenyon, C; Penney, M. J.; Glenn, E.; Harrington, J. Fowler, J.; Lester, N. .; Powell, F.; Strickland, A.; Coolidge, S.; Gibron, S.; Leonard, P.; Deland, D. KAPPA DELTA kappa alpha chapter MEMBERS Maida Babcock Jacquelyn Glass Harriet Owsley Eunice Barnes Barbara Goleman Mary Parsons Joline Belcher Eleanor Green Lill Pinkston Sara Brewer Charlotte Hartwell Laurie Plant Beverly Bunker Ann Hawkins Jennie Lu Reale Gertrude Carey Betty Ann Holland Nancy Rettie Pat Caro Bertha Jean Holm Joanne Scaggs Jeannette Carper Elizabeth Hudson Glenna Shaw Betty Clark Ann Kutrow Jean Taylor Mary Ann Clarke Jo Ann Lassiter Mary Taylor Rae Coleman Lillian Martin Lillian Wade Eleanor Cooper Elizabeth McMullen Mary West Betly Cordell Mary Frank McNeill Pat Yates Annette Folmar Jo Anne Moon PLEDGES Joanne Belle Mary Hope Fuller Eleanor Scott Edna Joy Brunson Sally Ann Gctzen Marion Seibert Carolyn Burquest Iris Johnson Gale Tomlin:on Petrea Campbell Shirley Lavender Kathleen Toole Kathryn DeHaven Connie Marple Patricia Vines Downa Downey X Elizabeth Reece Joyce Whiddon PRESIDENT— ANN KUTROW Entertainments were numerous at the Kappa Delta house — the Christmas party, their big weekend, and the Easter party given for the children of the Alumnae. The KD ' s made a big splash in the stream of campus activities with members in circus, Homecoming Queen ' s Court, Village Vamps, Cotillion, Junior Class officers, a member in the cheerleading squad, and a majorette. In intra-mural sports, the KD ' s won the Doubles Tennis Trophy. But it ' s not all play and no work for the Kappa Deltas — these girls were awarded the scholarship cup for the highest sorority average. OFFICERS President ... Ann Kutrow Vice President Jean Taylor Secretary Annette Folmar Treasurer __ Lillian Wade House Mother Mrs. E. C. Sledge FIRST ROW (left to right) : Belle, J. A.; Brunson, E. J.; Fuller, M. H.; DeHaven, K.; Toole, K.; Seibert, M.; Whidden, J.; Johnson, I.; Reece, E.; Marple, C; Burquist, C; Scott, E.; Campbell, P.; Lavender, S. SECOND ROW: Hudson, E.; Scaggs, J.; Folmar, A.; Kutrow, A.; Mrs. E. C. Sledge; Wade, L.; Babcock, M.; Holland, B. A.; Clarke, M. A. THIRD ROW: Brewer, S.; Parsons, M.; Hartwell, C; McMullen, E.; Hawkins, A.; Lassiter, J.; Holm, B. J.; Rettie, N.; Caro, P.; West, M.; Glass, J.; Carey, G.; Coleman, R. FOURTH ROW: Taylor, M.; Cooper, E.; B arnes, E.; Clark, B.; Pinkston, L.; Cordell, B.; Carper, J.; Owsley, H.; Green, E.; Moon, J. PI BETA PHI beta chapter Mary Jane Angel Patricia Angel Ann Aton Joan Blalock Ann Bannerman Camp Patsy Charlotte Helen Coith Patricia Costello Shirley Davidson Ann Dillard Ann Eidson Judith Ann Ellis Evelyn Grey Woodley Grizzard Joan Blocker Nancy Burcham Dorothy Dean Joann Dean Arra Mae Hiscock MEMBERS Elizabeth Hill Alice Hocker Patricia Holden Jean Jarrett Faustelle Kennedy Sally Kennedy Jean Livingston Marian McCabe Betty Lou Morris Polly Morris Jett Munroe Carman Nahm Jean Nydegger Charlotte Oldham PLEDGES Carolyn Lewis Nancy McAfee Joanne Moore Marcia Morris Nancy Shaw Mary Frances Pinkston Jo Nelle Proctor Constance Purvis Vivian Rasmussen Lucille Rogers Angeiine Russ Jean Sayer Betty Jean Schoeppe Doris Jean Smith Susan Sossamon Elizabeth Talley Kay Upson Jean Wade Mary Virginia Wolfe Judy Simkins Sue Storrs Elizabeth Simonton Ann Rogers PRESIDENT— ANN EIDSON f f ■ The Pi Phi house on College Avenue buzzed with activity this year as the Pi Phi ' s carried out a full calendar of studies, activities, and social events. The social season began in the fall with dinners, tea dances, fraternity parties, and open houses after the football games. They wound up in the spring with their annual Pi Phi weekend. The Kappa Alpha Theta and the Pi Phi ' s had their Powder Puff game where the Pi Phi ' s emerged triumphant. The money that was made was donated to the Campus Chest Fund. Besides study and play, the Pi Phi ' s found plenty of time for activities. They have gals represented in Mortar Board, Garnet Key, Sophomore Council, and Alpha Lambda Delta. The Student govern- ment keys are won by many Pi Phi ' s who are senators, honor com- mittee members, class officers and chairman of student government committees. )!SbfiS3 OFFICERS President .__ Ann Eidson Vice President Susan Sossamon Secretaries Ann Dillard, Jean Jarrett Treasurer .. Constance Purvis Pledge Trainer ... Jean Sayer Faculty Advisor Miss Sadie Young FIRST ROW (left to right) : C. Lewis, N. McAfee, M. F. Pinkston, H. Coith, L. Rogers, N. Burcham, D. J. Smith, A. Russ, S. Kennedy, K. Upson, J. N. Proctor, P. Charlotte, J. Moore, F. Kennedy, A. M. Hiscock. SECOND ROW: B. J. Morris, J. Ellis, A. Aton, J. Sayer, M. J. Angel, S. Sossamon, Mother Palmer, A. Edison, C. Purvis, A. Holden, M. V. Wolf. THIRD ROW: P. Costello, C Nahm, P. Morris, D. Dean, J. Blalock, J. Livingston, A. Dillard, J. Nydegger, P. A. Angle, A. Rogers, E. Hill, J. Simpkins, J. Blocker, S. Storrs, J. Ward. FOURTH ROW: E. Simonton, A. Hocker, B. S. Dabbs, C. Oldham, J. Jarrett, E. Talley, N. Shaw, B. J. Schoeppe, V. Ras- mussen, J. Monroe, S. Davidson, M. Morris. PHI Mil alpha epsilon chapter Phyllis Bayley Sally Browder B. J. Brown Lucinda Carson Frances Ciark Pat Cloud Alicia Creswell Ruth Forbes Carol Gray Sally Gyland Betty Hart Carol Henderson Clarine Hobbs Helen Abrams Arlene Amend Marian Anderson Mary Browder Beverly Cashwell Ann Chandley Hilda Copeland JoAnne Davis Sue Drake MEMBERS Natelle Isley Doris Johnson Bettelu Kabeary Janet Kissling Virginia Lee Barbara Jean Lockhart June Martin Marjorie Meckstroth Sue Mundee Katherine Norman Edna Page Jacqueline Pearson Ronnie Riley PLEDGES Esther Horton Suzanna Jones Myra Kight Alice Kingsbury Polly Anne Lassiter Adelaide Lindsey Jean Martin Sylvia Maurine Barbara Lou Michael Sally Shearouse Mary Louise Simpson Katherine Skogstad Anice Spencer Helen Floy Stabler Patricia Starnes Shirley Stephenson Alice Thompson Jan Wallis Louise Ware Leland White Cass Yonge Katherine Oliver Gloria Smith Shirley Tanner Jean Thompson Nancy True Peggy Van Skite Doris Williamson PRESIDENT— ALICIA CRESWELL A whirl of social events were featured at the Phi Mu house this year — open house after football games, the Christmas party for the pledges, the Toy Cart and Christmas party for children at the hospital, informal fraternity parties and ending the year was the Phi Mu weekend with a round of events and a formal dance. Phi Mu ' s hold an active place on campus with eight members in Sophomore Council, five in Cotillion, and six in " F " Club, four in Garnet Key, also Mortar Board and Village Vamps. OFFICERS President Alicia Creswell Vice President Helen Floy Stabler Secretary Virginia Lee Treasurer Sue Mundee House Mother Mrs. H. T. Webb FIRST ROW (left to right) : Brown, B. J.; Shearouse, S.; Bailey, P.; Michael B.; Chandley, A.; Page, E.; Riley, R.; Carter, J.; Martin, J.; Cashwell, B.; Henderson, C; Davis, J.; Kabeary, B. SECOND ROW: Isley, N.; Wallis, J.; Lee, V.; Meckstroth, M.; Stabler, H.; Mrs_H. T. Webb; Creswell, A.; Mundee, S.; Yonge, C; White, L.; Forbes, R. THIRD ROW: Jones, S.; Brazer, R.; Abrams, H.; Gray, C; Cloud, P.; Oliver, K.; True, N.; Browder, M.; Browder, S.; Norman, K.; Kingsbury, A.; Pearson, J.; Skogstad, C; Kight, M ; Carson, L.; Thompson, A.; Stevenson, S.; Tanner, S. FOURTH ROW: Anderson, M.; Lockhart, B.; Hobbs, C; Kissling, J.; Lassiter, P.- Clark, F.; Williamson, D.; Cop eland, H.; Starnes, P.; Simpson, M.; Horton, E.; Spenser, A.; Wane, L.; Johnson, D.; Gyland, S. SIGMA KAPPA alpha signia chapter Jean Alderman Mary Nep Bishop Anne Barber Joyce Browne Franie Brownlee Mary Virginia Burry Nelle Bussey Jo Campbell Anne Dalton Nancy Daniel Sissie Edwards Barbara Gates Patsy Gates Giner Gillette Ruthie Garst Elaine Geiger Caroline Gibbons Donna Hawkins ACTIVES Anne Godfrey Jane Godfrey Joan Grosser Joanne Grubb Julie Hayward Jean Hinson June Keirstead Alix Kerr Martha Anne Moore Mary Anne Morgan Roberta McAtee Joan Powell Reg Redding Merry Reeves PLEDGES Marguerite Hughes Nancy Mueller Jean Sullivan Mary Sue Walker Catherine Register Pegg Rigg Ree Risen Bettie Robinson Mimi Sauls Mary Lou Spring Terry Stein Nancy Terry Lynnette Traxler Beverly Ward Joan Wilson Jan Wimberly Carolyn Williams Glenn Wilson PRESIDENT— NELLE BUSSEY Busy Sigma Kappas were scholastically on top during third quarter, won the Intramural horseshoe tournament, and had active members in many of the campus organizations — Sophomore Council, Phi Beta Kappa, Garnet Key, Who ' s Who, F Club, University Court, Honor Court, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Alpha Sigma, Sigma Alpha Iota, Sandspur, Cotillion, Circus, Junior Counselors — and claim the " Darling of Lambda Chi Alpha " . Sigma Kappa Weekend in December with its Winter Wonderland Dance, its picnic at Silver Lake, and dungaree party at the house — the annual Christmas party for the actives given by the pledges — open house after football games, the homecoming dinner at the house — fraternity parties, rush parties, birthday parties, and showers for all newly pinned and engaged girls — Panhell Weekend with a party at Dalton ' s cottage and an informal weekend in the spring with another coast party — the annual faculty fireside — all highlighted the Sigma Kappa year. OFFICERS President Nelle Bussey Vice President ._. .. Teresa Edwards Secretary ... Mary Lee Sauls Treasurer Jean Alderman Social Chairman Mary Nep Bishop Panhellenic Rep. Jane Godfrey FIRST ROW (left to right) : Hawkins, D.; Moore, M. A.; McAfee, R.; Gillette, V.; Kerr, A.; Gates, B. SECOND ROW: Daniel, N Alderman, J.; Sauls, M.; Edwards, T.; Mrs. J. O. Cosper; Bussey, N.; Hayward, J.; Godfrey, J.; Grosser, J. THIRD ROW: Riggs, M , Reeves, M.; Crane, A. M.; Gates, P.; Grubb, J.; Bishop, M.; Redding, M.; Campbell, J. C; Wilson, G.; Godfrey, A.; Dalton, A FOURTH ROW: Spach, N.; Browne, J.; Register, C; Robinson, C; Yancey, R.; Brownlee, F.; Traxler, L; Wilson, J.; Barber, A. Robinson, B. FIFTH ROW: Burry, M. V.; Spring, M. L; Terry, N.; Risen, M.; Hughes, M.; Morgan, M. A.; Stein, T .; Ward, B. Powell, J.; Williams, C. ZETA TAU ALPHA Madge Alexander Rebecca Anderson Betty Anthony Marilyn Archbold Betty Jo Bailey Lois Boulware Hazel Burnette Barbara Caruthers Anona Collins Bettye Connell Joan Day Betty Duncan Adelaide Anthony Rebecca Brown Janet Burroughs Pat Comer Barbara Franklin Margaret Horrox MEMBERS Marian Edmunds Sally Ellis Marilyn Falls Betty Gardner Betty Ann Gaskin Sarah Ruth Gibson Barbara Huckabee Alice Jackson Anna Johnson Edwina Johnson Mary Edna Mahoney Mary Jane Marshall PLEDGES Leila Lynch Colleen Moore Audrey Oliver Patricia Ann Potter Tanva Roche Mary Elizabeth Ross beta gamma chapter Marinel Morrison Virginia Musselman Norma Mcintosh Virginia Parkhill Alice Jean Phillips Caryl Ann Schuneman Joyce Smith Nancy Sterling Marilyn Stigler Jo Wade Peggy Wade Kathryn Wilder Virginia Russell Mary Stuart Smith Mary Louise Sullivan Barbara Waterston Martha Wilkerson Nancy Wilson PRESIDENT — BETTY DUNCAN •iifillifi b The ZTA ' s jumped into campus affairs head-first. They were rep- resented in Sophomore Council, Talaria, Tally-Ho, Garnet Key, Zeta Phi Eta, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tarpon Club, the F.S.U. Band, Village Vamps, Sandspur, Circus, Los Picaros, " F " Club, Judiciary, Honor Court, Women ' s Senate — and they also claim the president of Gilchrist Hall. The Zeta social season was full of interesting events. With parties galore, they entertained the fraternities, had a Christmas party for underprivileged children, and many other social events. We also must not forget the showers and serenades for the many pinned and engaged girls. But topping the Zeta calendar was their annual Stardust Formal, which rounded out a year of success and fun at the Zeta Tau Alpha House. OFFICERS President .... Betty Jane Duncan Vice President Barbara Huckabee Secretary Sarah Ruth Gibson Treasurer Marilyn Archbold House Mother Mrs. E. H. Brown FIRST ROW (left to right) : Mahoney, M. E.; Anthony, B.; Waterston, B.; Smith, J.; Stigler, M.; Brown, R.; Sterling, N. SECOND ROW: Parkhill, V.; Burnette, H.; Johnson, E.; Day, J.; Gibson, S. S.; Duncan, B. J.; Mrs. E. H. Brown; Huckabee, B.; Archbold, M.; Collins, N.; Caruthers, B.; Boulware, L. THIRD ROW: Horrox, M.; Moore, C; Phillips, A. J.; Wilson, N.; Jackson, A.; Comer, P.; Wade, J.; Schuneman, C. A.; Ross, B.; Smith, M. S.; Franklin, B.; Ellis, S.; Hammond, E.; Alexander, M.; Mcintosh, N.; Potter, p ' FOURTH ROW: Johnson, A.; Anthony, A.; Mussellman, V.; Burroughs, J.; Edmunds, M.; Anderson, R.; Roche, T.; Wade, P ; Russell V., Wilkerson, M.; Wilder, K.; Connell, B.; Oliver, A.; Morrison, M.; Sullivan, M. L; Lynch, L; Gaskin, B. A. ALPHA TAU OMEGA epsilon signia chapter Robert Adams Carmen Lombardi Rudolph Susege James Boynton Edgar Lintz Nelson Italiano Curtis Campbell Frank Marcus Robert Jernigan Paul Caro Robert Montgomery Richard Mead Paul Dailet Earl Neal Harry Saunders Daniel Dearing George Poaton Donald Williams Wendell Dennis John Quinn Charlie Post Eugene Fitchner John Raulerson John Poston Gary Folsom William Robison Thomas Scarritt Archer Gillen Harold Saunders Woodie Sutherland Ralph Hager James Seaborn Bryan Webb Reid Hardin Russell Scarritt PRESIDENT — RAY CASS Another of the East campus clan, the Alpha Tau Omegas completed another big year of fun and brotherhood. They had a big homecoming attending the football game, and entertaining old alumns at the house. The Maltese Cross was well represented on campus. John Quinn was vice president of IFC. Curtis Campbell and Barney Poston were officers of the Arnold Air Fraternity. On the football squad, ATO was represented by All Southern fullback Mike Sellers, along with Nelson Italiano, Curtis Campbell, Steve Kalenich, Gary Folsom and Bill Harwell. Track team members were stars John Poston and Ed Segram. Socializing were their L ' Apache members Jim Seaborn, Don Williams, Dick Mead, Hal Saunders, Raulie Raulerson, Bob Tully, C. M Booth and Nelson Italiano. The pledges gave their annual dance at the Women ' s Club in February. The big event of the year, the Orchid Formal, was held at the Country Club, May the 1 1th. The following day the chapter went to the coast for the remainder of the week-end. OFFICERS President Ray Cass Vice President .. Gene Fitchner Secretary Raulie Raulerson Treasurer Bill Robinson FIRST ROW (left to right) : Ken Campbell, Ernest Webb, Allen Mullins, Archer Gilliam, Cliff Young, John Paston, Bill Holland, Reid Harden. SECOND ROW: Bob Jernigan, Rudy Suseage, Hal Saunders, Rauline Raulerson, Mother Fischer, Ray Cass, Gene Fitchner, Bill Robison, Jom Doyle, Don Dearing. THIRD ROW: Bob Adams, John Schill, Harry Saunders, Charlie Miner, Bryan Webb, Curtis Camp- bell, Donald Williams, Jim Baynton, Woody Sutherland, Nelson Italiano. FOURTH ROW: Dick Mead, Jim Daily, Dan Butler, Earl Neil, Phil Sanchez, Bob Montgomery, Jack Smith, Bryan Pastom, Jim Seaborn, George Pastom, Charlie Post. PHI DELTA THETA f lorida gamma chapter MEMBERS Owen Boone Jack Jones Gene Sikes Spurgeon Camp Bill Kratzert Roger Slater Charles Chowning Guy Massey James Thompson Tom Cumbie Arlin McCarty DickTruk Tom Conway Tom McLaughlin Jack Turner Bill Flynn Norman McMillan Bob Van Ostveen Walter Jardine Jack Nooney Dick Wells Walter Jerkins Tom Rogero Herbert Wiles Charles Johnson Bob Serros PLEDGES 0. H. Williamson Steve Bailey Charles Jones LaMar Powell Jim Berry Dave Lang Robert Sistrunk Roy Brooks Buddy Leynes George Story John Butler Bill Malloy Vic Szezepanik Bob Camp Dave Pappv George Dunson Bob Rhoden PRESIDENT — CHARLES CHOWNING On January 12 and 13, the Beta Phi colony was officially installed as Florida Gamma of Phi Delta Theta. The Installation Week Formal was ruled by Miss Dianne Van Dusen. The men joined the spirit of Old Saint Nick with a Phi Delt-Alpha Delta Pi party for underprivileged children. The highlight of the Phi Delt social year came in May with the weekend and dance. Other functions and coast parties filled in to make the year a memorable one. Phi Delta Theta, the first fraternity to move to East Campus, won the annual SAE-Phi Delt football game. They also won the Balfour Trophy and the IFC Trophy. In intramurals, the football, track, golf, badminton, and tennis singles championships went to the brown house on the corner. Leading in individual honors were Jack Nooney, president of Inter- fraternity Council and L ' Apache president; Roger Slater, FSU tank team diver and the first All-American on this campus; Walter Jardine, captain of the swimming team; Tom McLaughlin, all-conference and state basketball center; and Dick Turk and Vic Szczepanik, members of the Dixie Conference Championship football squad. OFFICERS President Charles Chowning Vice President O. H. Williamson Secretary Bob Serros Treasurer Gene Sikes Warden Guy Massey Pledgemaster Tom Cumbie IFC Representative Jack Nooney FIRST ROW (left to right) : A. McCarthy, T. Cumbie, B. Kratzert. B. Van Ostveen, O. H. Williamson, Mrs. J. W. Sealey, C. Crowning, J. Nooney, G. Massey, R. Serros, G. Sikes, G. Story. SECOND ROW: S. Bailey, J. Berry, W. Jerkins, B. Malloy, B Camp, L. Powell, D. Wells, W. Jardino, C. John on, V. Szezepanik, J. Jones, N. McMillan, R. Sistrunk, R. Brooks, D. Papy, B. Flynn. THIRD ROW: R. Slater, G. Dunson, D. Lang, C. Jones, T. Conway, O. Boone, J. Butl jr, H. Wiles, R. Rhoden, B. Leynes, K. Nowlin, R. Turk, J. Turner, R. Mahan. SIGMA CHI epsilon zeta chapter PRESIDENT —DUKE MALTBY MEMBERS John Blake James Hamrick William Neet Frank Bonner Paul Harris Williard Smith Frank Brigance William Hocheim Ted Steinmeyer John Decker Fred Hoover Howard Wetherell L afl Dennis DeLacure Loren Maltby John Winslett m James Ewing Harry Merner Joe Yon Richard Fulton John Merriman fgg M- On March 17, 1951, the Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Sigma Chi Frater- nity took its place on the campus. The latest in arrival among the Greek letter organizations, it is by no means the last in achievements. Beginning as the Chi Sigma Colony, petitioning Sigma Chi Fraternity, Sigma Chi has maintained a steady growth from its " colony days " to the present days when all of its members proudly wear the White Cross of Sigma Chi. Among our proudest possessions are: the Sigma Chi House and our able housemother, " Aunt Sue " Lacy . . . the campus scholarship trophy . . . campus sing trophy . . . Epsilon Zeta ' s first Consul, Dennis Delacure. Our most able representatives: Duke Maltby, Mac Huey, Earl Mc- Pherson and Don Gladden in football . . . Jackie Morris, the Sweet- heart of Sigma Chi and Homecoming Queen Entry. Our biggest events: Installation of Epsilon Zeta Chapter . . . First annual Derby and Sweetheart Weekend. Our losses: To the armed forces, Joe Yon, Frank Cotton and Don Gladden . . . graduating, Duke Maltby, Dannis Delacure, Bill Smith and Johnny Decker .... The best to you for the future, Sigs! ' £r 3! OFFICERS Consul Dennis DeLacure Pro-Consul Claud Johns Annotator Harvy Jefferys Quaestor John Decker Tribune Milton Carothers Associate Editor Mac Huey FIRST ROW (left to right) : K. Lorch, J. Hamrick, J. Decker, D. Delacure, L. Maltby, C. Johns, J. Winslett, F. Brigance, M. Huey. SECOND ROW: B. Petry, G. Cornelius, C. English, H. Wetherell, F. Bonner, A. Gridley, J. Yon, T. Mangum, B. Weeks, E. McPherson, H. Campbell, C. Luther, F. Hoover. THIRD ROW: T. Steinmeyer, D. McNeill, K. MacPike, C. Thomas, B. Dobry, D. Gladden, D. Mathas, T. Ayers, B. Reves, B. Smith, D. Entzminger, F. Cotton. DELTA TAIT DELTA delta phi chapter ACTIVES Ruben Askew Russell Hicken George W. Reed Preston Bradley Dalton Howard Roy Rhodes Buddy Brinson William Jasper Ted Sikes Wallace Bullock Austin G. Key Haywood Taylor Forrest Chapman Delwood McDonald Hulan Whitehead Robert Culliver John McLendon William Yon Lem Davis James Morrison Thomas Davis Dennis Parrott PLEDGES Bill Adams Herbert Hendry Fred Smiseth Bill Collins Budd Jolly George Tarver Bill Cutler Charles Jones Harold Taylor Jim Devereaux John Mabee Carlos Tucker Edwin Field Bob Millinor Fred Usher Pratt Finlayson Kenneth Montgomery Steve Walker James Folsom Harvy Sellars Ralph Wallace PRESIDENT — J. M. MORRISON Starting the school year out right, the Delts were represented in the Homecoming Contest by the charming Miss Carmen Nahm. The Inter-Fraternity debate was won by the glib team of Forrest Chapman and Rube Askew. Outstanding among the wearers of the Delt diamond were Rube Askew, President of University Government Association; Bob Culliver, Cavalier member; Delwood McDonald and Sonny Morrison, L ' Apache Taps; Budd Jolly, Band and Orchestra; Hulan Whitehead, University Chorus; Bob Culliver, cheerleader; and athletes including Preston Bradley, football letterman; Ed Field, Gymkana and gymnastics team; and Delwood McDonald and John Mabee, members of Florida State ' s Circus. Beginning the social functions for the year was a Christmas party consisting of a weiner roast and dance for Delts and their dates at the chapter house. The traditional Delt-Pike basketball game was followed by a party. The socials for the year were climaxed by the Rainbow Ball Weekend. OFFICERS President J. M. Morrison Vice President .. Bill Yon Secretary Jim Devereaux Treasurer ... Ed Field IFC Representative Dellwood McDonald FIRST ROW (left to right) : A. G. Key Jr., J. M. Morrison, Rube Askew, L. A. Davis, E. W. Jasper Jr., Bill Yon, Thomas J. Davis, John L. Rhodes, John C. McLendon, W. Forrest Chapman Jr. SECOND ROW: Harvey Sellars, Jim Devereaux, Dalton Howard, Charles B. Jones, Pratt Finlayson, Charles R. Carey, Ken Montgomery, W. Harland Cutler, Ralph O. Wallace, Frederic Smiseth, Fred Usher, Carlos Tucker, Hulan Whitehead, Bill Adams, James Folsom. THIRD ROW: G. W. Reed, C. E. Field, W. T. Collins, Robert J. Millinor, Carl L. Jolley, George R. Tarver, Steve C. Walker, Harold E. Taylor, John Mabee, Russell B. Hicken, Ted Sikes, Dellwood McDonald, Haywood O. Taylor, M. M. Brinson III. K 2 rM mdw «i ■11111111 ' : KAPPA ALPHA gamma eta chapter PRESIDENT— HERB QUAY MEMBERS Albritton, Donald Kirk, Jim Lester, Joseph Aldridge, Gill Quay, Herb Leverett, Bill Allen, Glen Upchurch, Richard Mofield, Carl Ball, James Wieland, Robert Perkins, Thomas Bliss, Richard Conley, Bruce Saliba, Michale Crabb, Dudley Ford, Bill Westberry, Jahn Falsone, Bill Greene, Ralph Wodrich, Robert Hess, Bill Hutchinson, Lamar Floyd, Charles Jones, Reed Johnson, Robert Lee " Oh, I wish I was in the land o ' cotton ... " and other such phrases familiar to all southerners may be heard ringing throughout the Kappa Alpha House at any time. The Gamma Eta Chapter of KA was established here in March, 1949, and followed in the footsteps of General Robert E. Lee. The KA ' s may well boast of the many honors conferred upon their outstanding members. Herb Quay was president of Men ' s " F " Club, treasurer of O.D.K., co-captain of the tennis team and a member of Gold Key. Until he left for the Navy, Ralph Saffer was vice-president of IFC, and a member of honor court along with Glenn Allen and Dudley Crabb. Don Albritton and Jim Ball represent KA on judiciary; Jim is also a member of the Rifle Club and Pi Alpha Sigma. Fresh- men Jim Turnbull and Bob Wodrich represent them in Senate, and Charles Curtis as president of the Freshman Class. The members assembled for the annual convention in January; Province Council in November. Highlighting the year ' s activities was the annual glorious Secession Rebellion Ball in March. A coveted honor, the Frank H. Elmore award for outstanding social fraternity progress, was bestowed upon the Kappa Alpha Chapter of Florida State. OFFICERS President .. Herb Quay Vice-President .. Ralph Saffer Treasurer Jimmy Kirk Corresponding Secretary Gil Jones Recording Secretary __ Jim Ball Historian Richard Bliss FIRST ROW (left to right) : Bill Ford, Dixon Robinson, Gene Leverett, Tommy Perkins, Bob Chayne, Bob Cole, Lamar Hutchison. SECOND ROW: Charles Curtis, Richard Bliss, Jimmy Kirk, Ralph Saffer, Herb Quay, Gil Jones, Jim Ball, Frank Johnson, Mike Saliba. THIRD ROW: Carl Mofield, Buddy Upchurch, Jim Turnbull, Joe Lester, Frank Vrenna, Bob Johnson, DeWitt Miller, Bennie Barnwell, Don Albritton, Johnny Williams, Mac Mangham. FOURTH ROW: Cliff Mader, Ed Shaver, Jimmy Greene, Dudley Crabb, Bill Falsone, Gene Durden, Bob Wodrich, Ben Conley, Gene Maples, Dutch Martin, Bill Doty. KAPPA SIGMA kappa kappa colony PRESIDENT— GARLAND STOKES MEMBERS Fred Berry Paul Meyers Garland Stokes Allen Daniel Ben Newman Walt Vaughn Bob Darsey Bob Nolan Ken Weed Lew Dorn Mike Paczolt Walker Wood Steve Edwards, Jr. Joe Rutherford John Lattner Worth Henson Bill Sanderson Paul Knepper Milo Seigler PLEDGES James Berg Richard Fritz Jack Scarborough Jack Blackburn Bill Henson J. D. Sykes Lew Calderoni Hugh Hill Tom Stinson Muriel Fhelding Richard Lapp The Kappa Kappa ' s, F.S.U. colony of Kappa Sigma, won the IFC trophy for the Beauty Queen winner during the contest for IFC week- end, 1950. Their beautiful candidate was Miss Helen Clair Wheat, an Alpha Delta Pi. The KK ' s also took the intramurals tennis doubles championship with the team of Pat Stockton and Shelby Creagh, while their intramural debate team, Garland Stoakes and Bob Row- lett, took third place honors. As for individual honors, Jack Blackburn, Muriel Fielding, Jack Scarborough, and Steve Edwards were members of the Marching Chiefs, our University Band. Edwards was secretary of the Chiefs, as well as president of the University Symphony and a member of the Sandspur Pit Orchestra and the Mikado Orchestra. Jack Black- burn was drum major of the Marching Chiefs, while he, Edwards, and Muriel Fielding were members of Phi Mu Alpha, Sinphonia, men ' s music honorary fraternity. An active leader in the fraternity field was Bob Darsey, secretary of IFC. Rounding out the picture was letter winner James Berg, manager of the Varsity Gymnastics Team. Homecoming weekend saw the chapter ' s well decorated house buzzing with activity and working on a float for the big parade. December brought on the annual Pledge-Active football game fol- lowed by the traditional Christmas banquet. A grand time was had by all at Founder ' s Day Ball on February 17th. Many informal parties at the newly decorated house on West Campus and at the coast com- pleted the chapter ' s social activities. OFFICERS President ... Garland Stokes Vice-President Milo Seigler Secretary Joe Rutherford Treasurer Ken Weed FIRST ROW (left to right): Paul Meyers, Johnny Lattner, Milo Seigler, Joe Rutherford, Garland Stokes, Ken Weed, Bob Darsey, Steve Edwards, Lewis Dorn. SECOND ROW: Lou Calderoni, Bill Hen:on, Jimmy Berg, Paul Knepper, Walker Wood, J. D. Sykes, Richard Lapp, Ben Newman, Worth Henson. THIRD ROW: Jack Scarborough, Mike Paczolt, Hugh Hill, Richard Fritz, Bill Sand- erson, Joe Andrews, Muriel Fielding, Wallace Cox, Vernon Peeples. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA zeta rlio chapter PRESIDENT — JAMES GUNN MEMBERS Bunnell, Joe Fricke, Robert Kropp, Robert Butler, Van Gardner, Davis Kwest, Ed Cain, Charlie Granger, Walter Landry, James Callaway, Edgar Greene, Robert Lee, Robert Carastro, Lawrence Gunn, James Miller, Charme Claridge, Richard Hewitt, Ted Pennell, Will Crook, William Kerby, E. G. Ryalsy, Robert Croup, Wallace Kerzan, Jack Vaughn, Dick Cummins, William Koons, Ronald Drake, Charles Kramer, Luther Lambda Chi Alpha ' s were off to a fast start this year, being rep- resented in every phase of campus life. They moved into their new house in town in the winter, and immediately functioned actively with the sororities. Although well represented, the Lambda Chi ' s are especially proud of Will Pennell. Will was this year ' s president of the Junior Class, and elected president of the student body for next year. He is also a member of Gold Key, Westminster Fellowship, University Council, and many others. Other prominent campus citizens include: Ronnie Koons, Gold Key and Senate member; Ted Hewitt, varsity football, basketball, president of the " F " Club, and Gold Key; Ed Lockard, a member of the baseball team; Emerson Cramer, All-Southern volley- ball team, and Jim Landry and Joe Bunnell, newly-elected members to the Senate. The social season was highlighted by the Lambda Chi week-end dance; the first FSU dance given at the new Duval hotel. The follow- ing day they went to Panama City for two days. All in all their calendar was well rounded with teas, picnics, and record dances throughout the year. OFFICERS President James Gunn Vice-President .. _Bob Carastro Secretary Bob Ryals Treasurer .. Emerson Kramer Social Chairman Raymond Kaiser Rush Chairman Joe Bunnell FIRST ROW (seated) : William Cummins, Charles Miller, Raymond Kaiser, L. Emerson Kramer, Bob Carastro, James Gunn, Bob Ryals, Joe Bunnell, Dick Croup, Will Pennell. SECOND ROW: Edward Fernald, Joe Miller, Guy Kirby, Davis L. Gardner, Ronald M. Koons, Eddie Johnson, Phillip Mook, William Figly, Marvin Wooten, Harold Carrin, Robert E. Kropp, Jr., Edgar H. Calloway, Bill Roig, Stanley L. Tippen, Elmer F. Warn, Walt Granger, William H. Wesley, Robert Lee, Bill Crook. THIRD ROW: Ted Hewitt, Jim Landry, Charles Drake, Charles Cain, Leo Mitchell, Dick Vaughn, George H. Williams, Russell Cook, Dan Stephenfield, Dean Johnson, Van Butler, Robert E. Greene, Edward C. Kwest, John R. Kerzan, Robert W. Fricke. PHI KAPPA TAU beta iota chapter PRESIDENT — BRUCE KIRKSEY MEMBERS Allen Booth Harvey Heagerty Walter Philips Frank Burgin Raymond Jones Ed Schofield William Cate Bruce Kirksey William Villar Jerry Connors Frank Lowry Jared Westberry Roy Ferguson Merton May Jim Wilson Homer Hayes Hoyt Massey Robert Woodburn Glen Gresham Donald Newell PLEDGES Jim Arnold Pat Farrell Donald Remington Jim Bowen Stanley Gould Ronald Saunders Norbert Didier Jim Head Neil Sapp Walter Erickson Joe Mills Gene Saups The Phi Tau ' s had a busy year beginning with participation in the annual county fair. The Founder ' s Day Banquet and the Phi Kappa Tau Carnation Ball were the bright spots of the year. The big coast party hepled make the year a social success. In athletic circles, the Phi Tau ' s were proudly represented by James Arnold, varsity football end; Pat Farrell and Joe Mills, swimming team stalwarts; and Glen Gresham, baseball letterman. Bruce Kirksey and Frank Lowry were members of Gold Key hon- orary, while members of the Arnold Air Fraternity for Aviation Cadets were Norman Didier, Walter Erikson, and Bruce Kirksey. Harvey Heagerty excelled as head of U.R.A. and business manager of the Tally-Ho. Homer Hayes, Bob Woodburn, Roy Ferguson, and Harvey Heagerty were well socialized in L ' Apache, while Claude Locklin, Jay Westberry, and Glen Gresham upheld the dancing honors in Cavalier. OFFICERS President ... ... Bruce Kirksey Vice-President ... J.J. Westberry Secretary Glen Gresham Treasurer Homer Hayes FIRST ROW (left to right) : Ronald Sanders, Ed Schofield, Homer A. Hayes, Jared J. Westberry, Bruce E. Kirksey, Glen Gresham, Hoyt Massey, Allen Booth, Frank C. Burgin. SECOND ROW: William Cate, James E. Head, Jerry Connor, Neal Sapp, Walt Phillips, Ray Jones, James Wilson, Pat Farrell, Don Remington, Norbert G. Didier, David Sliney. THIRD ROW: James H. Bowen, Donald E. Newell, Walter A. Erikson, Robert Woodburn, Gene Sauls, Stan Gould, Howard Calhoun, Frank A. Lowry, Joe Mills, George Wilsey. PI KAPPA ALPHA delta lambda chapter PRESIDENT — GEORGE PARTIN George Aase Eugene Booker Charles Brown Espin Bullock Frank Chase Arthur Chesnut William Conklin Robert Crisp Robert Adams Frank Beauchamp Clemont Browning Earl Cawthon MEMBERS Charles Davis Grady Martin James Doss Joel Oliver William Driver George Partin Sherwood Edwards Jack Phillips William Gahlembeck Owen Shaw John Kimsey Norman Stone John Mauver Glenn Turner John Marron PLEDGES James Cullison William Oliver Norman Eubanks Bruce Owens Walter Grage Ellis Stevens Almonte May Vernon Smith This was another big year of fun and brotherhood for the Pi Kappa Alpha ' s. The chapter ' s social calendar was filled with many festivities beginning with the annual Dream Girl Dance which turned out with unusual success. The Founders Day Banquet, Active Banquet Pledge Party, Alumni Buffet and the Pi Kappa Alpha-Delta Tau Delta Party round out the year ' s activities. Beautiful Bobbie Pettit, Delta Gamma ' s Dream Girl was elected National Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl at the National Convention. Active on campus were Bill Conklin, George Partin, and Owen Shaw. Bill was Gold Key President, Tally-Ho Assistant Editor and a member of O.D.K.; George, PKA president and Gold Key; and Owen, R.O.T.C. Brass and L ' Apache. Also in L ' Apache were Charlie Davis and Glenn Baker. With Norman Eubanks, Jack Phillips, and Monte May, the Pikes were well represented on the gridiron. Buddy Browning captained the F.S.U. swimming team and Lamar Brown was on the diamond squad. In intramurals the Piers were among the top teams. OFFICERS President George Partin Vice-President _ Arthur Chesnut Secretary George Aase Treasurer Robert Crisp Chaplain Jack Maurer Historian John Marron Intramural Manager Joel Oliver SECOND ROW: J. Kimsey, G. Turner, J. Norton, W. Grage, N. Eubanks, M. May, G. Ekle, J. Doss, F. Chase. THIRD ROW: E. Stephens, E. Cawthon, W. Norred, G. Martin, B. Gahlenbeck, V. Smith, J. Cullison, R Adams, B. Owens. t --JL pi KAPPA PHI beta eta chapter MEMBERS Don Allen Dwight Lambe David Simpson Max Bagley Lucian Martinez Richard Sundberg Fred Bailey Breece McCray Carlos Taylor John Beatty William Myers Thomas Taylor James Brett James Ralston Earl Thompson Harris Carter Robert Reid Henry Tribble William Cole Thomas Sheldon Earl Williams George Holler William Yarbrough Jack Holmes PLEDGES Sandy Zevins Thomas Althauser Ben Gillis Charlie Sheppard Arden Anderson Fred Hall Martin Sullivan E. E. Cheeseman Jose Marti Lewis Symmes Cecil Creel M. M. Permenter Charlie Thompson John Ellis Jack Sapp PRESIDENT— EARL WILLIAMS S ■S The fraternity year was one of parties, rushing and general activity for Pi Kappa Phi. Proudest moment was the winning of the Basketball Trophy. Close second was placing first scholastically first semester. The new yard barbecue pit has been the scene of much fraternity activity, both stag and co-ed parties being held. The Founders Day and the annual Rose Ball highlighted second semester activities, along with a coast beach party and the Conclave of southeastern chapters at Atlanta, Georgia. Outstanding Pi Kaps are Jack Holmes of the varsity swimming team and senior senator; Jim Ralston, varsity baseball and vice- president of the Choral Union; Earl Williams, president of the Social Work club and Harris Carter and Richard Sundberg, Arnold Air Fraternity. OFFICERS Archon „ Earl Williams Secretary Carlos Taylor Treasurer .. Bill Myers Historian Max Bagley Chaplain Don Allen FIRST ROW (left to right) : Fred Hall, Lucian Martinez, Robert R -id. Max Bagley, Bill Myers, Earl Williams, Carlos Taylor, Don Allen, James Ralston, Elton Taylor, Tom Sheldon. SECOND ROW: Di k Brockman, Richard Sundberg, Mike Chreseman, David Simp- son, B-eece McCray, Earl Thompson, Jim Gillespie, Mitchell Permnter, Joe Marti, Nayne Johnson, Fred Bailey, Harry Carter. THIRD ROW: Lewis Symmes, George Holler, Gordon Cox, Charles Sheppard, Jack Holmes, Bill Yarbrough, Henry Tribble, Arden Anderson, Dwight Lambe, Ben Gillis, John Beatty, Jack Sapp. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON f lorida beta chapter MEMBERS Lacy Baldy Ray Hemphill Buddy Phillips Bob Lee Bannerman Charles High Ronnie Pickett Jim Brady Glenn Hollingsworth Theo Proctor Ken Clark Jack Kazanzas Tom Ranney Pelham Corry Bob Kersey Bob Repine Ted Davies Turner Knight Bud Robinson David Douglass Stanley LeCain Joel Smith John Fain Bud Marsee Sid Stringer Earl Harford Jack Martin Bud Wesson Bob Hartman John Morris PLEDGES Bob Whitmere John Adams Alton Harvey Bob McCollister Bill Blakey Charles Hayes Jerry Parker Toni Flitcraft Leslie High Chuck Thomas Bill Giebeig James Crowther Buddy White Eddie Gray Neil Liner Bill Woodward PRESIDENT— JACK KAZANZAS Third place in the Homecoming Float Contest went to the house with the white (occasionally) lions in front. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon date-book was full with the S.A.E. Christ- mas Party, the house party at Daytona Beach, and the SAE-Phi Delt football game and joint coast party. A high point in FSU was reached with the Tri Delt-SAE formal dance. The SAE ' s were prominent in activities on and off campus. Poli- ticians of the group were Bob Lee Bannerman, vice-president of the Student Rights Committee and member of the Legislative Reference Bureau; and John Morris, chairman of the Legislative Reference Bureau and treasurer of the Foreign Students club. Earl Harford was the FSU representative at the 1 950 Forensics Convention in Columbus, Ohio. OFFICERS President ... ... Jack Kazanzas Vice-President _. Turner Knight, Jr. Correspondent „ Ray Hemphill Treasurer . Theo Proctor Recorder ... John Morris Chronicler Bud Robinson FRONT ROW (seated, left to right) : R. Hemphill, B. Wesson, T. Ranney, T. Proctor, J. Kazanzas, T. Knight, J. Morris, B. Rob- inson, J. Martin, J. Smith. SECOND ROW: C. High, R. Pickett, W. Woodward, K. Clark, B. Repine, J. Fain, G. Hollingsworth, C Hayes, B. Blakey, L. Melton, L. High, E. Davies, C. Liner. THIRD ROW: J. Adams, C. Thomas, E. Harford, B. McCollister, J. Brady, B. White, E. Gray, A. Harvey, E. Blackstock, J. Parker, B. Geibeig, J. Crowther. SIGMA PHI EPSILON f lorida epsilon chapter PRESIDENT— CHARLES DILS Allen, Ernest Birt, Warren Bowen, Reeves Bowen, Thomas Bowers, McLeroy Cates, Myrt Childs, Lester Crutchfield, Leo Dils, Charlie Geary, Ed MEMBERS Gnann, George Olechowsky, Frances Graves, Clayton Rochester, Dean Hainlin, Dave Runton, Bill Hardwick, Richard Scarbrough, Burl LaRoche, Ernie Tootle, Clyde Larson, Jack William, Les Lewin, Henry Yeager, Richard Marsh, Herb Yeager, Wallace Mimms, Burdest O ' Hara, Charles The Sigma Phi Epsilon house with its traditional red door is to be found at the entrance to West Campus. The men of the heart medalion were justly proud to have sponsored Miss Jett Monroe, Florida State University ' s 1950 Homecoming Queen. Jett, a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, reigned over annual Pow Wow and Homecoming Dance. Campus politicians in the fraternity included George Gnann, Men ' s Judicia ry and S.C.A. convention delegate; Dick Yeager, Junior Sen- ator and Ruge Hall vestry member; and Bill Runyon, Secretary of Men ' s Senate. Other individual leaders were Tommy Bowen, treasurer of Phi Alpha; Wally Yaeger, cheerleader; Lester Childs, band mem- ber; and Herb Marsh, advertising manager of the Tally-Ho and Senior Senator. The Sig Ep social function of the year was the Queen of Hearts i Ball held in May. Active in these and other fields, the men were kept busy by intramural participation and numerous get-togethers. OFFICERS President Charles Dils Secretary William Runyon Senior Marshal H. C. Lewin Junior Marshal .. __ Thomas W. Bowen Comptroller Burdest Mimms Historian George Gnann, Jr. FIRST ROW (seated) : Ernest Allen, Jack Larson, Warren A. Birt, Jr., William Runyon, Charley Dils, Burdest Mimms, H. C. Lewin, Thomas W. Bowen, Richard Yeager. SECOND ROW: Mac Bowers, Clyde Tootle, Clayton Graves, Edward Olechovsky, Leo Crutchfield, David Hainlin, Charles O ' Hara, Alan Murrell, George Gnann, Jr., Lester H. Childs, Jr. THIRD ROW: Edward A. Geary, William J. Reitter, Myrtland Cates, Jr., Ernest P. LaRoche, Wallace A. Yeager, Richard E. Hardwick. SIGMA zeta zeta chapter Jaks Bas ctt Charles Benda Bill Bennett John Bowman David Bruner Oscar Cashwell Willie Cox Bill Dawkins Fred Dreves Floyd Fogle Ray Gaines William Geho Edwin Hocker James Barnes Warren Cobb Ralph Hanks MEMBERS Blair Hennessey Frank Hirt Robert Jenkins Kenneth Klein Wallace Knight Robert Lucas John Mayer John Newland Grady Oren Tunis Parsons Richard Piatt Edward Pipkin Joseph Raffo PLEDGES James Haynes Richard Montney Jere Salyers Dean Roberts Charles Self Roland Sittermann Antoine Sizzo Joel Smith Edward Stripling Jerry Thomas Robert Turne r George Watts Thomas Underwood Les Mullen James Vincent PRESIDENT— JOHN NEWLAND In the modernistic lounge of the Sigma Nu frat house sits the Intra- mural trophy for ping pong. Prominent in Seminole athletics were Sigma Nu ' s Bill Dawkins, captain-elect of 1951 Seminole football squad; Les Mullen, baseball team; and Dick Piatt, gymnastics. Other notables on campus were Dean Roberts, vice-president of the Junior Class and I.F.C. treasurer; Jere Salyers, Sophomore senator; Jerry Thomas, chairman of Men ' s Judiciary; Thomas Underwood, legislative Reference Bureau; and John Newland, Chairman of Funds Committee, Alpha Phi Omega, AAHPER, and Student Rights Group. Sigma Nu representatives in Cavaliers were Jerry Thomas, national vice-president, Dean Roberts, Carl Meeks, Kenneth Klein, and Bill Wallas. Journalists of the fra- ternity were Joel Smith, Associate Editor of Flambeau and Humor Editor of Smoke Signals; and Jerry Thomas, Flambeau Staff member. The Sigma Nu social year was led by successful rush parties. Home- coming saw the house busy with a buffet supper and dance. At Christ- mas the Sigma Nu ' s held their annual Christmas dance. The crown- ing touch was the White Star formal in April. OFFICERS Commander John C. Newland Lieut. Commander Samuel G. Oren Recorder Roland Sittermann Treasurer James E. Vincent Chaplain Edward Pipkin Reporter Floyd M. Fogle Alumni Contact Officer _ Ray F. Gaines Historian Charles J. Benda FIRST ROW (seated, left to right) : D. Bruner, K. Klein, E. Pipkin, R. Sittermann, S. Oren, J. Newland, J. Vincent, F. Fogle, R. Gaines, W. Cox, C. Benda. SECOND ROW: B. Watts, E. Hacker, R. Jenkins, E. Meeks, W. Cobb, J. Raffo, J. Salyers, F. Hirt, W. Wall is, J. Hedrick, J. Bassett, D. Roberts, W. Dawkins, W. Geho, L. Mullen, A. Sizzo, B. Bennett. THIRD ROW: B. Mills, C. Self, T. Underwood, B. McDonald, J. Barnes, B. Hennessey, R. Jackson, T. Parsons, R. Piatt, R. Turner, D. Bennett, J. Haynes, J. Bow- man, E. Stripling. TIIETA CHI gamma rho chapter PRESIDENT— DOUGLAS CONNER MEMBERS Bob Albertson Carlton Gray Allen Schmelz Buddy Blalock Earl Herold Bob Schmelz Pete Bukay Ted Hodson John Shaeffer Allen Carter Ray Krupo Bill Shiphorst Harold Cameron Bob Lanigan Pat Signarelli Bill Cooper Joe Long Bill Skipper Quentin Cole Bob McKay Howard Stephens Doug Conner Kim McKay Ira Sutton Bob DeLaney Harry Newman Bill Waters Carl Epperson Guy Revell Don Waters Louis Fischer Ted Revell Burton Welch Bob Fuller- Bill Roetzheim Walt Wilson Rex Gatton John Rourke The Theta Chi radio was crowded this year with the National Theta Chi Lewis trophy for outstanding achievement and progress, which was flanked by F.S.U. ' s 1950 scholarship, volleyball, swimming, and softball trophies. Prominent among campus politicians were Bob Lanigan, Senior Class President; Bill Waters, Student Body Vice-President and Uni- versity Senate President; Bill Skipper, Sophomore Senator and Home- coming Committee Member; Burton Welch, Junior Senator; Bill Ship- horst, Chairman of the Homecoming Dance Ticket sales and co- chairman of the Organizations Committee; Walt Wilson, Men ' s Judi- ciary; and Bob Schmelz, Honor Court Member. For Garnet and Gold glory in athletics were Bob Schmelz, varsity football guard and end, and a member of All-Dixie Conference Team; Bob Albertson and Lou Fischer, varsity basketball team; Bill Roetz- heim, captain of the gymnastics team, National A.A.U. title, and Olympic Games participant in 1948; Bob Delaney, Pat Signarelli, " Beans " Stephens, and Allen Carter, gvmnastic team. Also well represented in the publications field, they had Harry Newman, Tally-Ho Editor; Bill Shiphorst and Ted Hodson, annual fraternity section co-editors; and Bill Skipper, who worked in the annual organizations department. A high spot in the campus social picture was the annual Dream Girl dance, highlighted by orchid leis from Theta Chi chapter in Hawaii. Faye Patterson, Chi Omega, was the lovely dream girl. The year ' s activities included parties, the annual pledge-active football game, a banquet, and the big coast party. OFFICERS President .. Douglas Conner Vice-President .. Bill Waters Secretary Bob McKay Treasurer Pete Bukay Bill Skipper Chaplain FRONT ROW (seated, left to right) : Walter Wilson, Howard " Beans " Stephens, Donald Waters, John J. Rourke, Bill Waters, J. Douglas Conner, Bob McKay, Pete Bukay, William M. Skipper, Bob Schmelz, Earl Herold. SECOND ROW: Paul Thompson, Bill Shiphorst, Buddy Blalock, John E. Shaeffer, Ted L. Hodson, James E. Neil, Bill Cooper, Dick Spidel, Carlton Gray, Joe Barbree, Burton Welch, Harry Newman, Carl Lewis Epperson, Col. Skeets Strickland, Ira Sutton, Rex L. Gatton. THIRD ROW: William R. McClellan, Kenneth R. Roberts, Ken Cruger, Raymond M. Krupo, Harvey Ross, Bob Albertson, Ted Revell, Kim McKay, Guy Revell, Quentin W. Cole, Bob H. Delaney, Alan B. Carter, Allen E. Schmelz, Harold R. Cameron. ne the first lorida ' s history hanksgiving in ms and saw spills foe. Students and irits followed the mighty cksonville to see them come from win the District Tournament. FSU boasted erican performers in both gymnastics and swimming ,s well as excellent teams in track, volleyball, and baseball. t football to tennis, Florida State teams progressed, year ' s showing in sports would seem to be just an inkling of what is to come. As FSU athletic caliber increases, the day draws nearer when our university will receive the national recognition it so justly deserves. athletic committee TOP ROW (left to right): Roderick K. Shaw, Dr. Howard G. Danford, Dr. Harold F. Richards, Dr. J. Broward Culpepper. BOTTOM ROW (left to right): Dr. Coyle E. Moore, John N. Baker, Dr. Glarence W. Edney, Dr. Katherine W. Montgomery. MISSIN3: Dr. Florence C. Foster. llliv«irail-f»fl 4«»iiRid il ■■•— " ■ ' ■ g m - ' - B - -Vm m_ Jr WM.MWLM M.m. a d a. Veller, head football coach; Ned West, director of sports publicity; Dr. Howard G. Danford, director of men ' s physical education; J. K. " Bud " Kennedy, head basketball coach; Bill Odeneal, head volleyball coach; Glenn A. " Jack " Haskin, circus director; James DeCosmo, assist- ant circus director. BOTTOM ROW (left to right) : Dr. Hartley D. Price, head gymnastics coach; Edward Williamson, intra- mural director; Dr. Kenneth Miller, head track coach; Bob Harbison, head golf coach; Charles L. Arm- strong, head baseball coach; Eddie Kwest, trainer; Donald Loucks, head tennis coach. MISSING: N. B. " Bim " Stults, head swimming coach. varsity athletics in football we were undefeated Biggest news of the 1951 football season at Florida State was the un- defeated, untied record accomplished for the first time by a white Florida college team. As with most such championships, this one was the result of a well- rounded squad, strong all along the line and throughout the backfield. For the third year in succession, the Seminoles were awarded the Dixie Conference championship. Individual players honored were Mike Sellers, All- Conference and Intercollegiate All- State teams; Bill Dawkins, All-Confer- ence and All-State; Norman Eubanks, All-Conference, All-State second team; " Dub " Kendrick, All-Conference and All-State third team; Bob Schmelz, All-Conference; and Nelson Italiano, All-Conference second team and All- State second team. Other Seminoles placed on the All-Conference second team were Dwight Osha, Tommy Brown, and Sam Baker. At the close of the undefeated sea- son, Florida State received several of- fers to play in post-season Bowl games, but by team vote, all were refused. FOOTBALL COACHES BACK ROW: Dave Thomas, John Westberg, Ralph Motherly FRONT ROW: Charlie Arm- strong, Head Coach Don Veller, and Bob Harbison. Morula state troy state 26 7 Troy sow a lot of this. Tom Brown breaks up one of many Troy passes. Loose ball! Dwight Osha, Mac Huey, and Ernie Huggett converge. Doubts as to the calibre of football to be played at Florida State were largely dispelled September 30 at Troy State ' s new stadium. The Seminoles struck for four touchdowns before allowing Troy ' s one score in the fourth period. Florida State tallied first in the initial quarter following Arnold ' s first punt block, Brown scoring just three plays later. A few plays later, Dick Peter- son ' s 34-yard pass to Brown, who went over from the 15-yard line, made the score 13-0. Late in the second quarter, Seminole power ig- nited again as fullback Mike Sellers broke through tackle and went 23 yards to score. As the half end- ed, another drive had reached the eight-yard line. The final Florida State score came in the third period on a second blocked punt by Arnold. Dick Turk carried the ball over from the one-yard line. Troy ' s touchdown came late in the fourth period, with Troy ' s Little All-America fullback Chase Rid- dle climaxing a 90-yard drive with the score. Bill Dawkins, guard Captain-Elect 1951 Loren " Duke " Maltby, tackle Captain 1950 W. A. " Dub " Kendrick, tackle Most Valuable Player 1950 Nelson Italiano breaks into the Randolph- Macon secondary. We really dedicated our new Campbell Stadium! And Don Veller ' s squad cooperated to the fullest y recording a 40-7 win over a game but outfought Randolph-Macon team in the first meeting between he two teams. For the first quarter, it was a contest. Then, as he first quarter ended, Sellers covered the final seven yards of a 61 -yard drive for the first score, n the second quarter, the roof fell in for the Vir- ginia squad. A 54-yard punsh, with Sellers again going over, rang up touchdown number two. Two ninutes later Peterson made it number three. Dwight Osha recovered a fumble, and Dick Turk nade it four. Harry Bringger intercepted a pass Italiano carried the ball over, and then there were five, and the score stood 34-0. florida state 40 ramlolpli maeon 7 He didn ' t make it ref! The heck I didn ' t! Just before the half, Randolph-Macon scored their only counter of the game. Florida State scored the first time they got their hands on the ball in the fourth period to account for the final margin. Then Coach Veller sent in waves of reserves, and the remainder of the game was fairly evenly fought. Jimmy Arnold, end Bob Schmelz, guard Bill Driver, quarterback florida state 20 lioward college 6 A Bulldog tries to steal the ball from an outnumbered Eddie Gray. Florida State found the Howard Bulldog tough to tame, and along with a rough evening, saw them- selves at one point on the short end of the score for the first time this year. Offensively, Mike Sellers was practically a one- man show, as the Seminoles had the " bad night " that must come to all athletes. But the flashy full- back bucked and plunged for 1 31 yards from scrim- mage, and scored two touchdowns. Florida State ' s first touchdown came on the heels of a Howard passing-running attack, aided by Sem- inole penalties, which netted them a touchdown and 6-0 lead. Bill Driver returned the Howard kick- off to the 40. From there, line bucks by Sellers, and Milan " Mike " Sellers, fullback Dwight Osha, end-tackle passes by Peterson and Eddie Gray to Norman Eubanks set up the touchdown by Sellers. Midway in the second quarter, Florida State took the lead, and the margin of victory, when Italiano swept left end to the one, then went over. A Howard fumble recovered by Maltby in the third period resulted in the game ' s final scoring. A series of thrusts by Sellers from the Bulldog 28- yard line wore down the Howard defense, and finally allowed him to go over from the one. Howard repeatedly threatened throughout the rest of the game. One Howard advance was not stopped until they had reached the Seminole 13- yard line. Another Bulldog drive carried to the 25. Norman Eubanks, end Morula state 24 newfoerry college Whoozgotit? Sellers crashes over — but fumbles. Mike Sellers received some much needed back- field help from Nelson Italiano in the victory over Newberry played at Newberry, S. C. In fact, Ital- iano stole the show, running for 1 19 yards, and passing for 106 more. Penalties and rain throughout the game re- sulted in a slow, relatively dull contest. Florida State, heavily favored, won as expected by grind- ing out touchdowns in each of the four periods. The Seminoles scored the first time they obtained possession of the ball. After Italiano and Sellers had moved the ball to the State 20-yard line, Italiano passed to Eddie Gray on the 35, and Gray went 65 yards for the score. The Florida State touchdown was followed by a Newberry advance to the Seminole 1 5, where the line held. After a punt exchange, Italiano broke away from the 33 yard line and went all the way, 67 yards, to the second State touchdown. In the third quarter, Dick Turk took over for Sellers, and teamed with Italiano to produce an- other tally after Bringger had returned a New- berry punt 35 yards. Reserves took over the play in the fourth stanza until Don Linton intercepted an Indian pass on the Newberry 20. From there, Italiano passed first to Dick Sutherland, then to Clint Thomas, who was alone in the end zone. Nelson Italiano, halfback Gangway! Gray gets behind the Sewanee secondary florida state 12 suwaiinee Over 12,000 fans crowded Campbell Stadium to see the 1951 Homecoming battle with one of Florida State ' s most popular rivals Sewanee. As expected, they saw a glorious battle, one that almost brought defeat to the Seminole camp. This victory was one resulting from a good defense, and the entire forward wall play ed inspired ball. Sewanee drew first blood when safety man Harry Bringger slipped in the end zone retrieving a 63-yard Sewanee punt in the third quarter. This gave Sewanee a safety, and 2-0 lead. State immediately stormed back, however, and for a time the game looked as if previous victory patterns would be followed. This score came on a pass interception by Ted Hewitt, after which he ran 54 yards to score. A second tally was added late in the fourth quarter on runs by Wayne Benner, Dick Turk, and Nelson Italiano, who carried the ball over. SeNvanee soon showed they were not yet through, however, when they filled the air with passes and drove to a touchdown in six plays. Time ended further dispute of the game, as Captain Duke Maltby was returning the Sewanee kick-off to the State 43. Tommy Brown, halfback Wayne Benner, halfback Steve Kalenich, center A fighting Seminole team, in top condition and spirits, played by far their best game of the year at DeLand in a smashing 27-7 victory over Stetson. Even year-long Seminole followers had trouble recognizing their team as they unfolded a whole array of new running plays. Even in the passing department they stole the show from the supposedly strong pass- ing Hatter team. From end to end, the State line was " up " for this game, and all played inspired ball. Mike Sellers con- tinued to bowl over the opposition as he tallied twice, but he also showed observers he knows his way around on defense too. Helping the Florida State cause was the return to action of Tommy Brown, ace punter and pass de- fender, who had been out since an injury in the Randolph-Macon game. Don Gladden, quarterback Sam Baker, tackle Ernest Huggett, halfback florida state 33 ■Mississippi college Except for an opening flurry, and tighter defensive play in the fourth quarter, the Mississippi College Choctaws were completely run over by a Seminole team with its sights on an undefeated season. Nelson Italiano and Harry Bringger showed that the pass-touch- down cobination they exhibited in the Stetson game was no fluke by producing two more. The first pass was received by Bringger on the State 20, and he raced 80 yards to the score The second was a long pass which Bringger caught just 20 yards from the goal. Mike Sellers and Dick Turk, the double-barreled fullback attack, accounted for one touchdown apiece. With the " B " squad and reserves playing almost the entire second half, another score was added. This drive covered 66 yards, the final 16 being covered by a pass from Gary Folsom to Cliff Powell. The big Seminole forward wall, led by Schmelz, Dawkins, and Osha, completely bottled up the Mississippi College offense. What happened to my team? Earl O ' Neal, guard Mac Hucy, quarterback florida state 35 tampa If I Victory number 8, and an undefeated season, the first ever recorded by a Florida white college team, was achieved at the expense of the University of Tampa Spartans. Played in below freezing weather at Campbell Stadium, the game attracted only 3,000 fans, far below pre-season estimates. The small crowd, however, could be largely accounted for by the Thanksgiving holidays, which most students celebrated in their home towns. Even in defeat, the Sinkwich-coached Spartans were a good football team. At one point they tied t he Seminoles 13-13, until " breaks of the game " turned the tide against them. They also had the consolation of knowing their 19 points was the largest ever rung up against a State team under the coaching of Don Veller. Trying to keep warm? CONGRATULATIONS, BOYS President Campbell m Mfp $%4 |c;v l-ip. £r 33 sa ,ss v .if y - ' f " BASKET HEAD COACH J. K. " BUD " KENNEDY Bob Hartmon, guard Several new school records were set by the 1950-51 edition of the Florida State basketball team as they won 1 8 of 27 con- tests for the most successful season to date. Top achievement was winning the District 25 N.A.I.B. tourna- ment, after being seeded last, then going on to the quarter- finals of the national N.A.I.B. tournament in Kansas City before being defeated. Tom McLaughlin, center BALL Bob Hartman, guard, set a new Florida intercollegiate scoring rec- ord by pouring 493 points through the hoop during the season on 193 field goals and 107 free throws. Hartman was named to the All- Dixie Conference and Florida Inter- Collegiate All-State teams. Forward Bob Whitmer also bet- tered the former school scoring record by ringing up a total of 362 points. On the basis of the year ' s record, State was favored to win the Dixie Conference, but were upset in the finals by a fired-up Mercer five. Ronald Nettles, guard Irwin Quinn, forward Bob Whitmer, center Bud Scott, guard Bud Marsee, forward Larry Dickson, center DIXIE CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT FSU 64 — Howard 54 FSU 65 — Mercer 69 (finals) DISTRICT 25 N.A.I.B. FSU 65- — Stetson 58 FSU 69- — Georgia Teachers 67 (f nals NATIONAL N.A.I. B. FSU 85 — South Dakota State 70 FSU 61 — Pepperdine 59 FSU 60 — Millikin 91 (quarterfinals) " Whitey " Wyman, forward Dick Trobaugh, guard Lou Fischer, guard SEASON RESULTS: FSU 74 — Charleston 54 FSU 55 — Mercer 52 FSU 76 — Connecticut Stats Teachers 68 FSU 60 — Ho ward 44 FSU 86 — Florida Soythsrn 55 FSU 61 — Miami 80 FSU 73 — David Lipscomb 88 FSU 63 — University of Mississippi 58 FSU 66 — Stetson 67 FSU 44 — Florida Southern 41 FSU 80 — Tampa 69 FSU 58 — Howard 51 FSU 66 — Tampa 76 FSU 53 — Stetson 71 FSU 60 — Rollins 57 FSU 65 — Loyola 75 FSU 75 — University of Mississippi 79 FSU 77 — Mississippi College 54 FSU 69 — Mercer 64 FSU 62 — Rollins 45 SWIMMING HEAD COACH N. B. " BIM " STULTS SCHEDULE AND RESULTS: FSU 43 — George 32 FSU 41 — Georgia 34 FSU 47 — Pensacola Navy 28 FSU 41 — Georgia Tech 32 FSU 41 — Miami 34 FSU 44 — Emory 31 FSU 43 — Clemson 32 Southeastern AAU: Tied for first Florida AAU: First NCAA — Scored 1 point NAAU — No score S ATF " 4) rf SflJk r r y J SVATB S1ATB I 400-Yard Free Style Relay Team Coach " Bim " Stults followed the pattern of sports at Florida State during 1950-51, and fielded the strongest swimming team in the history of the University. The swimmers romped through their six dual meets undefeated, probably the most satisfying be- ing wins over Georgia and Miami, always tough to beat. Following the dual meet competition, the Semi- noles tied with North Carolina State for the South- eastern AAU crown, then snowed under the oppo- sition to win the Florida AAU championship. In National Collegiate and National AAU com- petition, however the State mermen did not fare as well. At the NCAA, Roger Slater led the team with a sixth in low board diving and a tenth in high board diving. Among the top swimmers was Dick Wells, who in dual meet competition, finished first in five of six individual events, and swam with four first place relay teams. At the Florida AAU meet, he set new school and pool records to win the 100-yard free- style. Other consistent point-getters included co- captains Buddy Browning and Walter Jardine, Roger Slater, Scott Ramsey, John Buettner, Tom Conway, and Ed Archer. Top: Roger Slater Bottom: Walter Jardine and Dick Wells GYMNASTICS The greatest collegiate team in the history of Florida sports — that ' s what the gymnastics team has been called. The Seminoles not only proved they were the best of the college teams in the nation by capturing the National Collegiate cham- pionship, but also won the National AAU, placing them over the professionals, too. Besides these national titles, the gymnasts won the Southern Gymnastics League, South- eastern AAU, and Florida AAU champion- ships. In dual and triangular meets, they de- feated Delaware and Maryland, but lost to Army and Navy by narrow margins. Both these losses were later avenged as these two teams were buried by State in the national compe- titions. Leading the team was Bill Roetzheim, team captain. Among his 1951 titles he numbers the Pan-American games all-around and hor- izontal bar; National AAU all-around, hori- zontal bar, and side horse; National Collegi- ate all-around and horizontal bar; and all- around, calisthenics, side horse, horizontal bar, and parallel bar at the Florida AAU. Titles were not limited to Roetzheim, however. Jack Miles of the freshman team won the National AAU flying rings championship and the Southeastern AAU flying rings and all-around titles. Carmine Regna was Southern Gymnas- tics League all-around, hori- zontal bar, and flying rings champion, and Florida AAU flying rings winner. His twin brother, Joe Regna, was Sou- thern Gymnastics League side horse champion. Dick Piatt was SGL tumbling champion; Dick Gutting of the freshman team was Florida AAU tumbling and trampoline champion, and trampoline champion at the Southeastern AAU. Pat Signor- elli, also of the freshman squad, was Southeastern AAU side horse titlist. Top: Howard Stephens Bottom: Bill Roetzheim Top: The Regna Twins Middle: Gene Vinik Bottom: Jack Sharp and Jack Miles THE FRESHMEN Mr. Gymnastics National champions on college rosters are relatively rare. But in Bill Roetz- heim, Florida State University has one of the most amazing national champions ever. At 1 9, Bill was a member of the U. S. Olympic team. At 20, he was National AAU all-around champion — the highest title in the nation ' s toughest com- petition. During the last two years at Florida State, he has not only repeated as National AAU all-around champion, but has added other national and regional titles. This year, his most brilliant, Roetzheim was the one-man representative of the United States at the Pan-American Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. True to form, he brought home the all-around title, and for good measure, the horizontal bar crown. He has been featured in " Parade, " nationally circulated newspaper magazine supplement. He has just been notified he will captain the next American Olympic gymnastics team. Coaches and sportswriters all over the nation acclaim him without question America ' s number one gymnast. And, not the least, his name is indelibly written in the sports annals of Florida State University. Tennis Larry Dickson, Captain The tennis team thus far has found itself in the pre- dicament of having a very difficult time winning out- side conference competition. Wins have been recorded over Florida Southern, Emory, Mercer, and Concordia of St. Louis. Losses have been suffered at the hands of Loyola, Indiana, Georgia, Dav- idson, Rollins, Jacksonville Navy, and the nationally top ranking Miami Hurricanes, who have won approximately 40 consecutive matches. Leading the tennis team is veteran Larry Dickson, team captain. Other netters who have shown flashes of top play are Dick Bradley, Ned Cooper, Jim Berry, Jack Egan, Dan Boda, and George Newman. Jim Berry THE RESULTS: FSU 1 — Loyola 5 FSU 7 — Concordia 1 FSU 2 — Indiana 7 FSU 3 Georgia 5 FSU 8 — Emory 1 FSU 1 — Miami 8 FSU 2 — Jacksonville Navy 6 FSU 9 — Florida Southern FSU 7 — Emory 2 FSU — Rollins 9 FSU — Miami 9 FSU 3 — Davidson 6 FSU 7 — Mercer 2 With the golf season almost complete, Florida State seems assured of a highly successful season. So far, the golfers have won seven, lost three, and tied Regulars with the golf squad include Ted Hewitt, Bud Mar- see, Dick Montney, Eddie John- son, Tommy Brown, and Tom Cumbie. GOLF Ted Hewitt SCHEDULE AND RESULTS: FSU 9 — Rollins 9 FSU 17 — Emory 13 FSU 16 — Stetson 2 FSU 18 — Stetron FSU 25 — Georgia 2 FSU 10 — Emory 8 FSU 9 ' 2 — Jacksonville Navy 17V 2 FSU 15 ' 2 — Rollins 2V 2 FSU 15 — Davidson 21 FSU 4 — Georgia 23 FSU 17 ' 2 — Mercer Vz FSU 19 — Mercer 8 Florida Intercollegiate: third Southern Intercollegiate Tournament : 8th place - To play: Dixie Conference Tournament Pensacola Invitational Tournament: first PHI DELTA THETA — 1950 INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS l TlKA.Ml ffi.VL The Florida State men ' s intramural program in- cludes badminton, basketball, bowling, golf, gym- nastics, Softball, swimming, table tennis, touch- football, tennis, track, and volleyball. Chances for competition are open to all men students through two leagues, fraternity and dormitory. Last year, the overall intramural champion in the fraternity league was Phi Delta Theta, their second win in three years. Winners last year of the overall intramural title in the dormitory league was Barracks 701 -Lower. SIGMA NU — TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS, 1950-51 Phi Kappa Phi Basketball Champions DORMITORY CHAMPIONS: Bowling — 849-U Basketball — Campuside Table Tenni: — 849-U Track — 349-U Touch Football — Oilers Tennis Doubles — 849-U Tennis Singles — Oilers Volleyball — 849-U FRATERNITY WINNERS: Bowling — Alpha Tau Omega Basketball — Phi Kappa Phi Table Tennis — Sigma Nu Track — Phi Delta Theta Touch Football — Sigma Nu Tennis Singles — Sigma Phi Epsilon Volleyball — Kappa Alpha 849-U Table Tennis Champion Phi Delta Theta Track Champions Competition in intramurals is always keen, with the athletes vieing not only for the glory of their dormitory or fraternity, but the cups awarded to the year ' s champion. In the dormitory league, 849-U appears on their way to the cup. The decision in the fraternity league is still in doubt with Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Nu, and others, battling down to the wire. If the Phi Delt ' s win again, the fraternity cup will be retired, and a new one purchased, since three-time winners retain permanent possession. IM ISA vgiHBiHHHg -, Half of the winning 849-U Doubles Tennis Teo 849-U Bowling Champion FRATERNITY LEAGUE Volleyball Final Standings Kappa Alpha Theta Chi Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Tau Delta DORMITORY LEAGUE Football Final Stcndingc Oilers 849-U 514 Newman Club FRATERNITY LEAGUE Final Track Standings Phi Delta Theta Phi Kappa Tau Sigma Alpha Epsilon DORMITORY LEAGUE Final Track Standings 349-U 849-U 514 DORMITORY LEAGUE Final Bowling Standings 849-U Newman Club 1URALS FRATERNITY LEAGUE Football Final Standings Sigma Nu Lambda Chi Alpha Theta Chi Pi Kappa Alpha Campuside Basketball Ch ampions WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS Odd-Even is a highly skilled type of intramural program. It is set up for girls who are interested in a specialized form of activity. The Odds are the girls who enter the university in an odd year and the Evens are girls who enter the university in an even year. This program originated when the university first became FSCW. The girls were divided into two teams — the Comets and the Stars. As the school grew larger more activities were offered and the two teams became the Odds and the Evens. The sports seasons are divided into four parts, the first and second half of each semester. Hockey, soccer, and golf, are offered the first half of first semester, followed by basketball, badminton, arch- ery, second half; the first half of second semester offers volleyball, bowling and dance, and the sports season is rounded out by swimming, softball, and tennis. ODDS And EVENS 00 oe 1 T . ODD SOCCER ROW 1 (left to right I: B. Edgren, E. Rector, P. Simmons, A. Athaneson, J. Rust, J. Thorpe. ROW 2: J. Webb, L. Miller, B. Carlyle, B. Barber, P. Gerdeman, J. Young. EVEN SOCCER ROW 1 (left to right) : J. Castellano, P. Lassiter, M. Herndon, P. Crum, C. West, D. Sturgess. ROW 2: J. Kirk, P. Folsum, M. Erickson, P. S. Alexander, I. Moody. EVEN HOCKEY ROW 1 left to right I : B Demeritt, D. Browr , N. L ane, N. Alb jry, C. Miller, M Morgan. ROW 2: M Grote- wall, M. Welch, C. Henry, P. Mims, M. Slemp , E. The mpson, J. McGill. Hockey .. SPORT AND WINNER First Semester I Odds Soccer Evens Odds Basketball . Evens -_ Evens Golf Evens Volleyball Second Semester Odds Bowling __ Evens ODD HOCKEY ROW 1 (left to right): N. Smale, 5. Maynard, M. Johnson. ROW 2: D. Starbird, V. Simpson, D. Peters, D. Harding. odd-even golf Then hail to the Green and the Gold, To the glory that they will uphold, To the team that will add to the praise Of the standards on high that we raise. Then hail to the girls staunch and true To the tie that binds Evens old and new With hearts pure as gold we ' ll uphold The glorious name and lofty fame Of dear old Evens! Kneeling: A. Lembech, J. Roberts. Standing: M. Staley, M. Smith, C. Floyd. EVEN BASKETBALL Kneeling N. Lane, C. West, B. Demeritt, P. Crum. Standing: P. Folsum, M. Eikel, M. DeWolf, P. Lassiter, M. Herndon. ODD-EVEN ARCHERY Kneeling: V. Simpson, B. Edgren, L. White, N. Wilson, S. Alexander. Standing: L. Miller, M. Staley, S. Wilson, N. True, A. Lembech. Kneeling: B. Carlyle, J. Thorpe, F. Lowerse, M. Guzzman, C. Mink, D. Brown. Standing: P. Simmons, D. Starbird, C. Henry, M. Bachellar, E. Thompson, J. Kirk. A basket for the Evens. JENNIE MURPHREE Kneeling: S. Smith, E. Zipperer, D. Meeks, C. West Standing: E. Marett, P. Hubert, J. Powell, J. Flynn. A O Pi Kneeling: D. Carlin, J. Smith, A. Butler. Standing: M. Tavel, M. Parker, J. Spencer, R. Bowles. mi nun Dormitory and sorority spirit — you get both in intramurals as the groups compete for honor in softball, bowling, basketball, and ping-pong. Each winning team gets a cup to display proudly. Never a dull moment for the girls as some sport is always in progress. Whether it ' s shuffleboard or swimming, the interest is always at a peak during the sports season. Alpha Xis practicing for baskets. A little more practice and then they ' ll be ready for the big day. Bea Demerit!, winner for Bryan. Bryant and Whistler Jennie ' s doubles winners. ATHLETICS SPORT AND WINNER BASKETBALL— Jennie M jrphree and A Pi. TENNIS — Kappa Alpha Jennie Murphy and Theta and Bryan. Tri Delrs; PING-PONG — Landis, N. Kappa Alpha Theta. Cawthon; Delta Zeta, HORSESHOES — Alpha Ga pa, Broward. Tima Delta, Sigma Kap- SOFTBALL — Alpha Xi Delta and Gil christ. A lesson in how to become a champion. ' ( Another basket is made. The art of fencing. Roz Keller Marie Smith Need some help with bowling? See Miss Thomps WOMEN ' S INTRA Do these goats look eager to you? 311 HALS Look at all the girls. cheerleaders • . . CHEERLEADERS: (left to right) Iris Johnson, Rene Hall, Jett Monroe, Patsy Gates, Nancy Bennett, Martha Williamson, Jackie Weiner, Jean Livingston. phi beta kappa HONORARY OFFICERS President Anna M. Tracy Vice-President Marion J. Hay Secretary Mary Parmenter Treasurer Ruth S. Breen Historian Charlton C. Jernigan Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest national honorary society in America, was organized in 1776 by stu- dents of the College of William and Mary at Wil- liamsburg, Virginia. It was the first of all " Greek- letter " secret societies; its meetings were devoted to literary exercises and debates; its founders later distinguished themselves in public life in the young Republic. Membership, normally restricted to the liberal arts, is considered generally to be the high- est academic honor. Alpha chapter of Florida was installed at Florida State College for Women in March, 1935, with eighteen charter members, more than half of whom are still on the faculty. It is customary to hold a meeting of the chapter each year on Founder ' s Day, December 5, and to mark the initiation of new members with a banquet and address at the Spring meeting. FOUNDATION MEMBERS William G. Dodd, Esther K. Eyman, Claude Pepper, Mayce F. Seymour. CHARTER MEMBERS Myrtle E. Dolbee, Olivia N. Dorman, Viola Graham, Dorothy L. B. Hoffman, Marian D. Irish, Harold F. Richards, W. Hudson Rogers, Arthur R. Seymour, Venila L. Shores, Elmer R. Smith. RESIDENT AND AFFILIATE MEMBERS Dabney Adams Clark Lee Allen Warren D. Allen Joseph Almyda W. M. Barrows, Jr. Ramona C. Beard Kathryn A. Beck Rosalind A. Blake M. Irene Boliek J. Elliott Brown Rene W. Bupp Grace E. Cairns Doak S. Campbell Sara Catherine Cawthon Jesse C. Clamp, Jr. Robert G. Clapp Sidney M. B. Coulling Albert N. Cousins William H. Cross Lyverne Bush Curry Graydon S. Deland Ezda M. Deviney Wilson K. Doyle Earl Frieden Winona H. Gillespie Dwight B. Goodner Ernest M. Grunwald Aileen D. Harding Werner Herz Timothy G. Higgins Katherine B. Hoffman Harold J. Humm Gloria G. Hunt Winthrop N. Kellogg William C. Kirk, Jr. Henry A. Kmen 0!ga Larson Albert L. Leduc John E. Leffler Mary J. Livingston Ernest H. Lund Marie Miller Wayne C. Minnick Meyer F. Nimkoff Woodrow W. Page Daisy Parker J. Russell Reaver J. Paul Reynolds Hilda Sanchez Louise Sand Paul Scalera Cynthia Schumacher Robert B. Short R. Seely Snyder Martha Spencer Lynette Thompson Lyman D. Toulmin William Watson Bernard S. Wildi Miriam Wilson Doris Ada Harding Alix Kerr phi kappa phi HONORARY MOTTO Philosophic Kratei Photon — " The love of learning rules the world. OFFICERS President Mrs. Dora Skipper Vice-Presidents lohn Newton Baker Secretary ...Mrs. Hazel T. Stevens Treasurer Miss Olga Larson Journal Correspondent Miss Virginia Turrentine This organization was established to provide an honor society dedicated to the Unity and Democracy of Education and open to honor students from all departments of American universities and colleges. Its prime object is to emphasize scholarship and character in the thought of college students, to foster the significant purposes for which institutions of higher learning have been founded, and to stim- ulate mental achievement by recognition through election to membership. FACULTY AND STUDENT MEMBERS Baker, John Newton Blanding, Elizabeth Burns, Clyde E. Campbell, Doak S. Campbell, Margaret V. Carothers, Milton W. Chapman, Martha G. Clark, Ernest P. Davis, Charles S. DeVette, Juanita Dillingham, W. P. Eyman, Ralph L. Ferguson, Ruth D. Finner, Paul F. Givens, Azzurra Glenn, Hortense Goodner, Dwight B. Goulding, R. L. Hammond, Sarah Lou Harper, Jennie Hoffman, Dorothy L. Larson, Olga Miller, Kenneth D. Montgomery, Katherine Parker, Daisy Richardson, Louise Sandels, Margaret R. Secor, Miriam E. Skipper, Dora Smith, Walter Stevens, Hazel Stickler, Hugh W. Tryon, Florence R. Turrentine, Virginia Walker, Edwin R. Williams, Mary Catherine Witherspoon, Ralph L. Wright, Thomas FIRST ROW (left to right) : Parker, Tryon, Williams, Turrentine, Baker, Skipper, Stevens, Chapman, Richardson, Montgomery. SEC- OND ROW (left to right) : Lewis, Harding, Eyman, Hammond, Davis, Miller, Stickler, Henderson, Goodner, Finner, Wright, Wither- spoon, Smith, Carothers, Curry. C % alpha lambda delta HONORARY OFFICERS President Frances Clark Vice-President Peggy Moore Secretary Arlene Amend Treasurer Jo Nell Proctor Historian Dorothy Sheftal Faculty Advisor Dr. Olivia Dorman Alpha Lambda Delta was first founded at the University of Illinois in the spring of 1924 to pro- mote intelligent iiving with an increased apprecia- tion of both the love of study and the cultural phases of campus life. Since that time, 64 chapters all over the United States have been granted charters, it has made remarkable progress on this campus since it was established in 1941 under the leader- ship of Dr. Hoffman, Dr. Shores, and Dean Dorman. At the present time there are approximately 80 undergraduate members at Florida State Univer- sity; only sophomore members are active. The Alpha Lambda Delta maintaining the highest over-all average for four scholastic years is presented a gift at graduation. During the fall semester, a tea was held honoring incoming freshmen women who were possible can- didates. Tapping and initiation ceremonies are held in the spring on the basis of the first semester ' s work and in the fall on the basis of the entire fresh- man year, an over-all average of 2.5 is required. MEMBERS Arlene Amend Patricia Angel Jeanne Bartz Dorothy Bridges Frances Cawthon Frances Clark Clara Cornelias Marjorie Desha Barbara Henry Emily Ingram Naudin Ives Beverly Lacayo Patricia Lee Ann Mauk Carolyn Moore Peggy Moore Mary Anne Morgan Marinel Morrison Carmen Nahm Elizabeth Palmer Betty Ann Pierce Jo Nell Proctor Rosemary Schulz Dorothy Sheftal Mary Helen Speed Ann Strickland Barbara Thomas Laurcne Wallace mortar board HONORARY OFFICERS President Doris Harding Vice-Presidents Faye Patterson Secretary Marion Doro Treasurer Mari lyn Archbold Historian Jean Smith Editor Montrell Sessions Discriminating service, responsible leadership, the application of scholarly principles to personal and general problems; to the development of these among women students are the members of Mortar Board, national senior women ' s honorary, dedicated. Through its activities the local Torchbearer chapter strives to incorporate with these aims the stimula- tion of standards of integrity and democratic par- ticipation in campus life. MEMBERS Archbold, Marilyn Doro, Marion Harding, Doris Higgenbotham, Frances Leinbeck, Cynthia Patterson, Faye Sayer, Jean Scudder, Anne Sessions, Montrell Smith, Jean White, Leland Yonge, Cass Archbold, M. Sayer, J. Doro, M. Scudder, A. Harding, D. Sessions, M. Higgenbotham, F. Smith, J. Leinbeck, C. White, L. Patterson, F. Yonge, C. HONORARY omicron delta kappa OFFICERS President . Douglas Alley Vice President Bill Conklin Secretary Mr. Jerry B. Kelley Treasurer Herb Quay Faculty Advisor Dr. Otis McBride Omicron Delta Kappa, leadership honor society for men, was founded December, 1914, at Wash- ington and Lee University. In the tradition of the idealism and leadership of George Washington and Robert E. Lee, the founders formulated the idea that all around leadership in college should be recog- nized, that representative men in all phases of college life should cooperate in worth-while en- deavor, and that outstanding students and faculty members should meet on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness. Many varied projects were undertaken by the ODK circle. Dedi- cation of the new Doak S. Campbell football stadium was sponsored by the Society. An FSU blood bank came into being through the efforts of ODK. The annual political rally preceding UGA elections formed another project. Individually, the ODK members on numerous committees contributed im- mensely to the welfare of the University. THE FACULTY AND STUDENT MEMBERS Albritton, Dal Alley, Doug Askew, Rube Campbell, Dr. Doak Clapp, Dr. D. B. Conklin, Bill Davis, Dr. Charles Delacure, Dennis Dobert, Earl Kelley, Mr. Jerry B McBride, Dr. Otis Neel, Dr. Sam Norton, Dr. James Plant, Mr. Joseph Quay, Herb Top row: Albritton, Alley, Askew, Conklin. Bottom row: Delacure, Dobert, McBride, Neel, Plant. chbold, M. Blanton, B. Hulburt, S. Hull, B. vAeyers, A. Mimms, P. essions, M. Tavel, M. E Busbee, L. Edison, A. Forehand, H Jackson A. Kite, M. Leinbeck, C Oliver, A. Patterson, F. Rigg, P. Not pictured: Doro, M., Harding, D., Smith, J. Graves, E. Higgenbotham, F McRae C. Meckstroth, M. Sayer, J. Scudder, A. White, L. Yonge, C. garnet key OFFICERS President Jean Sayer Vice President Marion Doro Secretary Patty Mims Treasurer Leland White Garnet Key is the local women ' s honorary that recognizes FSU women students for their outstand- ing contributions to leadership, service and spirit. The organization promotes those activities which foster the progress of the university. The members began the year with the proverbial " bang " as they accepted the co-partnership with Gold Key for the 1950 Homecoming. The climax of the weekend was the Garnet and Gold Key Banquet at which time honored guests, alumni, and students were feted. During the year Garnet Key had two major projects. One was the annual tea for the foreign students and the other to aid the campus chest. To make money the members set up a booth at Westcott during Sandspur and peddled Coca- colas to the thirsty audience. HONORARY HONORARY gold key Gold Key, leadership, service and scholarship honorary, was founded at FSU in 1947. Primarily established to recognize outstanding students, the organization has dedicated itself to the furthering of University ideals and a diversified program in the interests of student welfare. Guided by the able Bill Conklin as president, this year ' s Gold Key projects have included the Freedom Scroll distribution and various committee jobs. In conjunction with Garnet Key, Gold Key took com- plete and successful charge of Homecoming. For the first time in the history of Florida State, an organized Pep Rally called the Stetson Sendoff was sponsored by Gold Key. The rally inc luded a parade and a bonfire. January found the organization swelled to thirty-two after tapping of new members. Gold Key looks forward with promise to a bright future at Florida State University. Aldridge, Gil Allen, Glenn Alley, Doug Askew, Rube Bailey, Lee Baker, Bo Ball, Jimmy Bradley, Dick Conklin, Bill Copeland, Harry Dawkins, Bill Delacure, Dennis Dobert, Earl Floyd, Charles Garrison, Paul Gould, Stan Head, Allen Hewitt, Ted Jacoby, Neil Kirsey, Bruce Koons, Ronald Lanigan, Bob Lowery, Frank Morrison, James Newman, Harry Nooney, Jack Pennell, Will Thomas, Jerry Yon, Bill Flory, Dr. Claude Faculty Advisor r -■», ! b ■v I 1 Aft ► r.« i ' a Arlene Amend Ellen Avis Lorene Bates Mary Browder Prankie Brownlee Frances Clark Clara Cornelias Pat Comer Jo Ann Davis Sara Margaret Davis Nancy Day Pam DeBoer Dot Douglas Darlyne Esterbrook Jerry Goodnight Eleanor Green Carol Henderson Elizabeth Hill Benjie Hodges Nancy Hornbeck Bonnie Lou Smith — Chairman Betty Ann Jones June Keirstead Margret Krasemann Leah Laplante Marilyn Lingo Clementine Lowry Ann Mauk Peggy Moore Mary Ann Morgan Carmen Nahm Carolyn Nord Jo Nell Proctor Vivian Rasmussen Elizabeth Rose Sue Saxon Mary Ann Seidner Mary Helen Speed Anice Spencer Terry Stein Jo Stewart ; Katherine Skogstead Mary Ruth Summers Jan Swanson June Tate Barbara Thomas Joanne Thorpe Joann Walter Joan Webb Helen Wheat Barbara Zuver sophomore council Sophomore Council members are selected on a basis of their leadership, scholarship, and of the service rendered to the student body during their freshman year. Members are voted upon by their class-mates, the out-going Sophomore Council, Junior Counselors, and the Residence Counselors of their respective dormitories. Tapping for membership comes late in the year . . . an experience which is long remembered! This and many other traditions are symbolic of Sophomore Council: Mother and daughter relation- ships between " old " and " new " members, working at the polls during campus elections, daily raising the flag in front of Bryan Hall, and last but not least . . . serenading the freshman women at the beginning of the school year and the senior women at the end of the year! These are the things we will remember about the " Blue Jackets " . . . and the reason why every freshman woman would consider it an honor to be tapped for Sophomore Council!! HONORARY First Row, left to right: Burkett, Williams, Evans, Albritton, Minx. Second Row: Steinmeyer, Coleman, Hess, Hirt, Buckley, Bowen, Pipkin. Not Pictured: Newland, Short, Peeples, Geho, Turner, Lohmeyer, Tyrrell, Sandford, Askew, Gibson, Gray, Mc- Kinzie, Turvaville. OFFICERS President Jimmie Evans Vice President . . Bill Hess Recording Sec. Don Albritton Corresp ' ng Sec, Tommy Bowen Treasurer __ James Kirk Historian Vernon Peeples alpha phi omega The distinction of being the only service frater- nity of all the Greek-letter societies belongs to Alpha Phi Omega. The organization was founded on December 16, 1925, at Lafayette College by a group of former Scouts who wished to preserve the ideals of Scouthood. This incentive followed through when the men formed the purpose of the fraternity which is " to assemble men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship, and to promote service to humanity. " HONORARIES arnold air fraternity The Arnold Air Society, honorary military frater- nity was established by and named for General Hap Arnold. In the fall of 1950, the FSU chapter was established and named after a prominent Tampan, General Tinker, who held a brilliant record in the Pacific theater of war. The major mission of this fraternity is to create and foster on the campus, the purpose of the United States Air Force. Members are composed of ROTC cadets who have displayed exceptional abilities in military leadership and scholastic achievements. Only juniors and seniors are eligible for membership. Standing, left to right: Didier, Morrow, Smith, Lucas, Askew, Sundberg, Davis, Gunn, Massey, Hewitt, Kidd. Seated: Kirksey, Matthews, Marcus, Erickson, Carter, Morrison. OFFICERS President Joe Marcus Vice President „__ Ted Matthews Secretary-Treasurer „. Morrison Recording Secretary Carter Publications Bob Lucas Training Walter Erickson sigma alpha iota OFFICERS President Mary Rosenbush Vice President Joan Owen Recording Secretary . .. Lorraine Nottage Corresponding Secretary ._ ... Nancy Hill Treasurer Dorothy Clonts Faculty Advisor ... Mrs. Ramona Beard Sigma Alpha lota, a chapter of the national women ' s music honorary, was founded on this campus in 1927. The purpose of Sigma Alpha lota is to promote the highest standards of professional ethics and culture among women students of music schools, and to bring about closer relationships among women pursuing some phase of music as a profession. Many famous women in the different fields of music are members of Sigma Alpha lota. Membership is open to all women students who have completed twelve semester hours in music and have maintained two point average in their music course and have an overall one point five average. All members have to be approved by a unanimous vote of the active members, as well as having a recom- mendation. Two business meetings and one musi- cale are held each month and various social func- tions are held throughout the year. HONORARY FIRST ROW (left to right) : Marble, B.; Torn, F.; Clonts, D.; Rosenbush, M.; Nottage, L; Hill, N.; Ellis, N.; Nelson, J. SECOND ROW: Anderson, J.; Kerley, M.; Morper, C; Mindese, V.; England, C; Rowe, D.; Renninger, N.; Fargis, J.; Clements, D.; Bell, H. THIRD ROW: Kirby, P.; Mauk, Ann; Mims, Patty; Thomas, J.; Bornerman, B.; Hamilton, H.; Armstrong, B.; Norman, J.; Shephard, J. FOURTH ROW: White, B.; Lomaistro, Till; Ross, J.; Ellis, M. H.; Hinson, M.; French, V.; Parker, N.; Gregory, J ; Abney L ; Pierce, B. THIRD ROW (left to right) : Veronda, B.; Batty, G.; Jacobs, D.; Heckman, D.; Fielding, M.; Van Pelt, J.; Gunter, H.; Hennessy, B.; Jones, E.; Lee, B.; Carpenter, W.; Raines, V.; Banks, D. SECOND ROW (left to right) : Edwards, S.; Blackburn, J.; Briggs, R.; Dalrymple, B.; Rivard, B.; Santana, E.; Upshaw, B.; Gatlin, E.; Phillips, J.; Boda, J.; Housewright, W.; Carroll, M.; Foreman, R. FIRST ROW i left to right) : Carradina, G.; Langelier, D.; Boda, D.; Herpe, R.; Strickland, D.; Warren, W.; Johns, C; Meyers, N.; Lowe, D.; Kohler, J.; Mitchell, E.; Sellers, O.; Ketcham, A. hi in ii alpha OFFICERS President Claude Johns Vice President Warren Prentice Secretary Neil Myers Corresponding Secretary David Lowe Treasurer Don Strickland Publicity Ralph Hager Faculty Advisor Dr. W. L. Housewright Phi Mu Alpha, national men ' s music honorary came on this campus in 1948. The purpose of this organization is to advance the cause of music in America and to foster the welfare and brotherhood of students of music. The fraternity strives to de- velop the truest fraternity loyalty to our Alma Mater and to give recognition to outstanding worth in musical activity. New members are tapped twice a year. Banks, Don Batty, George Blackburn, Jack Boda, Dan Boda, John Bradford, Brick Briggs, Robert Carpenter, Wendell Carradino, George Carroll, Mike Dalrymple, Bill Edwards, Steve Fielding, Muriel Foreman, Robert Gatlin, Ervin Gunter, Herman Hager, Ralph Heckman, Donald MEMBERS Hennessy, Blair Herpe, Robert Housewright, Wiley Jacobs, Dick Jones, Ernest Johns, Claude Ketcham, Adrian Kohler, Jerry Langelier, Don Lee, Bob Lloyd, James Lowe, David Mitchell, Eugene Myers, Neil Neet, William Phillips, John Prentiss, Warren Ralstom, Jimmie Rivard, Bill Santana, Edward Sellers, Owen Strickland, Don Swanson, Thomas Upshaw, Bill Van Pelt, Jim Veronda, Benny Winslett, John HONORARY gftiai irro 11 11 ii HONORARY OFFICERS President Elsie Hargrove Vice President ... Jane Reese Secretary Mary Emma Cowan Treasurer Ann Witherspoon Sponsor Mrs. Hortence Glenn Omicron Nu, established in 1 922 on this campus, was the first Chapter in any southern state. The purpose of Omicron Nu is to recognize superior scholarship and to promote leadership and research in the fields of Home Economics. Each fall Omicron Nu presents a scholarship cup to a sophomore majoring in Home Ec who main- tained the highest average as a freshman. Student Members: Alford, Betty Cowan, Mary E. Cromartie, A. Edwards, Miriam Hargrove, Elsie Kutrow, Ann Oaks, Sarah C. O ' Steen, Mable Reese, Jane Spaeth, Louise Witherspoon, Ann MEMBERS Faculty Members: Sandels, Dr. Marg. Glenn, Mrs. Hortense Cate, Dr. Helen Coleman, Mrs. Joan Connor, Dr. Ruth Ferguson, Mrs. Ruth Fults, Dr. Anna C. Holloway, Ethyl Lemmon, Ruth Lurry, Dr. Lucille Marshall, Mary Lee Riedisel, Mildred Richey, Helen Scheier, Genevieve Sikes, Anna Mae Stevens, Dr. Hazel TOP ROW (left to right) : Richey, Helen; Lurry, Lucille; Lemmon, Ruth; Ferguson, Ruth; Riedisel, Mildred; Fults, Anna; Marshall, Mary Lee; Glenn, Hortense; Alford, Betty; Cate, Helen. BOTTOM ROW (left to right) : Reese, Jane; Wither- spoon, Ann; Hargrove, Elsie; Cowan, Mary Emma. T- - H| 1 FIRST ROW (left to right) : Ralph Richard, Billy Pouncey, Walter Lowe, Norman McGlinnen, Bill Allen. SECOND ROW (left to right) : Wesley Harter, Ronald Koon s, William Nauman, Graham Walker, Elisha Nix, Jr., Johnny Sullivan, Paul Dauten, Jr. THIRD ROW (left to right) : Robert Chaffin, John Graham, Chris Kalfas, Kenneth Shaver, James Gunn, Cauley Bullard, Guy Kerby. alpha kappa psi OFFICERS President Graham B. Walker Vice President __ .... William J. Nauman Secretary Elisha R. Nix Treasurer Johnny G. Sullivan Master of Rituals Ronald M. Koons The Beta Psi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, pro- fessional business fraternity, was installed at Florida State University May 28th, 1949. The local group has been active duping the year sponsoring in- dustrial trips, one of the most interesting being a tour through the Ford Assembly Plant in Atlanta, Georgia, and monthly dinners, at which members are afforded the opportunity of hearing from various businessmen in this area. Each year the fraternity gives a scholarship key to the graduating male student in the School of Business. MEMBERS Cauley C. Bullard James E. Gunn Edgar R. Jones Gilbert R. Jones Billy F. Ketchum, Jr. Ronald M. Koons William J. Nauman Elisha R. Nix Max W. Robinson Evan O. Shaw James R. Stokes Johnny G. Sullivan Graham B. Walker Robert F. Chaffin John A. Graham Chris J. Kalfas Ernest G. Kerby Guy B. Hill Billy C. McGlinnen Walter Lowe Ralph M. Richard Dr. Wesley C. Harter Mr. L B. Gravely III Mr. Paul Dauten Mr. Kenneth Shaver HONORARY OFFICERS President Leland White Vice President .. Roger Slater Secretary Barbara Naile Historian Veronica Cecil Scapel Reporter ... .. Susan Alexander Advisor .. Dr. Paul Reynolds Other Members: June Freeman Orr William Frank Benjamine Newman alpha epsilon delta Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national honor society which recognizes achievement in pre-medical work. The object of this society is to encourage excellence in premedical scholarship, to stimulate an apprecia- tion of the importance of premedical education in the study of medicine, to promote cooperation and contacts between medical and premedical students and educators. In addition to its regular meetings, AED sponsors medical films, arranges tours through hospitals, brings in outstanding speakers in the medical field, maintains a current library of med- ical school catalogs, and serves to promote interest among students interested in other fields of medicine. HONORARIES gamma sigma epsilon Beta Gamma Chapter of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, honorary chemistry fraternity, was established at Florida State University in 1939. Those eligible for membership are students who have maintained an outstanding average in chemistry and have a superior over all average. Activi ties of the chapter during the year included the organization of chemistry coaching classes for freshman and sopho- more students, and the sponsorship of the chemistry department ' s committee on safety. Social events included a spring beach party and the annual banquet for both honorary and active members. OFFICERS Grand Alchemist, Winston Lloyd Catylyst Landrum Cawthon Recorder .. Doris Friscia Keeper of the Kult .. Betty Rich Treasurer Ralph McWilliams Sergeant at Arms .. Paul Burr FIRST ROW (left to right) : McKenzie, Davis, Vanture, Dekle, Domingue, Love. SECOND ROW (left to right) : Hurlbert, Gray, Greenberg, Falls, Torrance, Richard, Register. zeta phi eta Zeta Phi Eta, professional Speech Arts Fraternity for women chooses its members from all phases of speech work on the basis of scholarship and par- ticipation in extra-curricular activities in the field of speech. On this campus, Zeta Phi Eta began its yearly activities with a coffee for speech majors and faculty. All freshmen interested in speech either as a major or a minor were urged to attend this coffee so that they might become acquainted with the faculty and students in the speech department. In addition to other activities members have undertaken the job of ushering at all speech performances. HONORARIES kappa delta pi Membership in Kappa Delta Pi, a national honor society in education, is open to both men and women who display leadership, character and high scholarship in the field of education. The purpose of this honorary is to encourage in its members a higher degree of devotion to social service by fostering high intellectual and personal standards during the period of preparation for teaching and recognizing outstanding service in the field of education. OFFICERS President Mildred Swearingen Vice-President _. Robert C. Fry Cor. Secretary . . James Dickson Rec. Secretary .. Katherine Sullivan Treasurer Otis McBride Historian Lou Jean Crum Counselor Ernest Cason SEATED: Fry, Swearingen, Sullivan, Cason. STANDING: Hinson, Skip- per, Hammond, Burdick, Moore, Clary, Dickson. OFFICERS Pres. ... Eleanor Robinson V. P. Edward Olechovsky Sec.-Treas. .. Edith Potter Fac. Adv. Miss Edith West FIRST ROW (left to right) : Dornin, Robinson, Olechovsky, Potter, West. SECOND ROW (left to right I : Furlow, Binniker, Terniga, Kirk, Thompson. eta sigma phi Eta Sigma Phi is the honorary undergraduate classical fraternity. Its purpose is to foster interest in classical study and to promote friendship among students interested in classics. This year Eta Sigma Phi has sponsored a series o f open meetings and lectures on the theme, " Greek Drama and Its Influence. " At the first of these meetings Dr. C. C. Jernigan gave a talk on " Origins and Development of Greek Drama. " The subsequent lectures were " The Influence of Greek Drama on the Eliza- bethan, " by Dr. Flory, " Greek Drama and the Spanish and French " by Dr. Canfield, and " Greek Drama and the Modern Theater " by Dr. McCalmon. HONORARIES sigma delta pi Sigma Delta Pi is a national honorary for Spanish, founded in California at Stanford University. It now has more than seventy chapters; the chapter at FSU is the Alpha Delta chapter. The objectives of the organization are to foster the knowledge of Hispanic culture and to inspire a love of the traditions of things of beauty contributed by Spanish culture. This year Sigma Delta Pi has sponsored a group of l ectures centered around the culture of Spain, including art, music, literature, etc. FIRST ROW (left to right): Lischka, Vega, Campbell, Johnson, Foster, Davidson, Strickland, Zenoni, Judy, Givens. SECOND ROW (left to right I : Potter, Mook, Patterson, Lacayo, DeLand, Leduc, Smith, Canfield, Wilson, O ' Neal, Ricker, Bowles, Leslie. OFFICERS President __ Rita Zenoni Vice President Mary Frances Strickland Secretary .. Doris Johnson Treas.. Bettysue Davidson Historian .... Edith Foster OFFICERS President Irene Leslie Vice President ._ Graham Heath Secretary Mrs. Halliday Treasurer Joan Buschman Social Chairman Rita Simon Faculty Sponsor Miss Mildred Finnegan MEMBERS Irene Leslie Graham Heath Mrs. Halliday Joan Buschman Rita Simon Mary Frances Strickland Shirley Davidson Nancy Day pi delta phi Pi Delta Phi is a national organization recog- nizing outstanding students in French. Its purpose is to spread the knowledge of French culture and literature. Members are chosen after they have fulfilled these requirements: At least one semester of literature on the advanced level, standing as a junior, a 2.2 grade average in French and a 1 .8 over all, facility in using the language, and a love for French. Initiation is held each semester for those qualified undergraduates. HONORARIES sigma tan delta Sigma Tau Delta, national English honorary, was established on this campus in 1949. Membership is limited to English majors with an overall average of 2 ; and an average in English of 2. Tapping is held once a year and a reception or banquet is given afterwards. Sigma Tau Delta, which is sponsored by the English Department, affords opportunities for con- genial associations with people of similar interests an d aims. It encourages a reading of recognized classics and promotes the mastery of written ex- pression. To be eligible for this honor, you must have contributed to a publication. STANDING (left to rightl : Hendry, F u r I o w, Curry, Smith, Goleman, Simon, Ad- dison, Holder, C a w th o n. SEATED (left to right): Doggett, Schumacher, Fry, Miller, Rogers. OFFICERS President Gavina Alvarado Vice President ... Eladio Camis Recording Secretary Miriam Robles Corresponding Secretary .. Pat Weigand Treasurer Elsie Ulmo Publicity Chairman ... . Katherine Gatta Historian Carita Carballo Reporter John Crotty los picaros Los Picaros de Lope de Vega, a Spanish Honorary Fraternity founded on this campus in 1947, is one of the three chapters in Florida and Texas. In order to gain membership in this organization, candidates must be familiar with the Spanish language, and they must pass the written and oral examination given each semester. Purposes of the honorary are to develop Latin American culture and a better understanding be- tween Spanish - speaking and English - speaking countries. The club sponsors monthly socials which include musicals and lectures delivered by members of the Modern Languages Department and visiting speakers, and present Spanish movies such as: Don Quijote, Dona Barbarea, and La Barranca. The fraternity also participates in yearly state conven- tions held in the different universities. HONORARIES delta signta pi Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity or- ganized to foster the study of business in univer- sities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and association of the students in business; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce. Two business meetings are held each month, and one professional meeting at which some well-known business man gives a talk on subjects related to our field of endeavor. Meet- ings are held at the Student Union at West Campus each Wednesday at 8:00 p. m. The professional meeting is open to the public. We also stress the close connection between the faculty and the students of business. We were one of the groups that sponsored the School of Business reception held in the fall. Each year we visit a large industrial plant or firm to see how it is run. This year we will visit the Ford Motor Plant in Atlanta. FIRST ROW (left to right I : Norfleet, Davis, Abel, Bre- land, Mattice, Cowan, Wat- kins, Aldridge, Young. SEC- OND ROW (left to right I : Strickland, Knowles, Tacuni, Turman, Dean, Dunn, Hud- son, Mclntyre, Griffith. THIRD ROW, (left to right) : Ellison, Howell, Dickey, Bea- ton, Draa, Erikson, Cornelius, Taylor. village vamps OFFICERS ' President ... Jean Sayer Vice President _ Ann Oliver Secretary Nancy Miller Treasurer . . Betty Lou Morris Reporter Angel ine Russ MEMBERS Adicks, Jane Dorsey, Mary Ann Lovett, JoAnne Allen, Sidney Ellis, Judy Lowery, Pat Armstrong, Julie Gillen, Marianna Lowry, Clementine Ball, Betty Green, Eleanor Mantz, Marcie Blocker, Joan Gwynn, Margaret Marett, Virginia Bourland, Ardis Haberkorn, Janie Mays, Carolyn Brewer, Sara Hargrove, Dolly McCabe, Marion Brewton, Barbara Hawkins, Anne Melson, Beth Brunson, Edna Joy Hiscock, Ara Mae Miller, Nancy Burch, Jackie Holland, Betty Ann Munroe, Jett Burrows, Janet Holland, Ivanhos Morris, Betty Lou Calhoun, Carolyn House, Joan Nahm, Carmen Chance, Mary Margaret Hunt, Ernestine Oliver, Ann Charlette, Patsy Jones, Suiie Overbay, Anna Lee Conyers, June Kennedy, Bootie Owsley, Harriet Church, Jean K-nnedy, Sa lite Parsons, Mary Davidson, Shirley L ane, Helen Patterson, Faye DeHaven, Kay Lawrence, Nellie Prater, Norma Jean Leonard, Peggy Rogers, Lucille Russ, Angeline Sayer, Jean Sirr.onton, Cissy Sisson, Patsy Slater, Mary Lu Spenser, Anice Sowell, Mary Jane Spenser, Ruth Steagall, Isabel Storres, Sue Thomas, Suzanne Tomlinson, Gail Toole, Kathleen Tresback, Paula Whiddon, Joyce Wilder, Cathy Williamson, Doris Yaeger, Isabel SERVICE SERVICE 1 11 |» 314 ' ll OFFICERS President Sec. Treas. Social Chairman Jack Jim Seabo Fred MEMBERS Alpha Tou Omega Mead, D. Raulerson, R. Saunders, H. Seaborn, J. William, D. Delta Tau Delta McDonald, D. Morrison, S. Parrot, D. Yon, B. Kappa Alpha Allen, G. Bliss, D. Crona, J. Falsone, B. Mofield, C. Saffer, R. Phi Delta Theta McCarty, A. McLoughlin, T. McMillan, N. Nooney, J. Williamson, O. Phi Kappa Tau Furgeson, R. Haegerty, H. Hayes, H. Woodburn, B. Pi Kappa Alpha Booker, G. Crisp, B. Davis, C. Kimsey, J. Oliver, J. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fred Larson Theta Chi Conner, D. Fuller, B. McKay, B. Revel, Guy Revel, Ted Waters, Bill SOCIAL cotillion club Cotillion, dedicated to the fostering of more and better social dances, met their goal with huge success this year. This dance society for women adds social opportunities and interests. They not only helped with the university dances, and im- proving social activities and privileges, but gave dancing lessons to all who were interested. New members are chosen twice a year. Mem- bership qualifications include ' the basic dancing ability plus good personality, good character, and good appearance on the dance floor. OFFICERS President Darlene Missio Vice President Betty Harte Secretary S ' Ann Moony Treasurer Sis Grimaldi Recording Secretary Jean Ghiotto MEMBERS Aase, Becky Anderson, Barbara Babcock, Maida Ball, Joy Black, June Biancarosa, Rose Brown, Nancy Bullard, Ann Bussey, Nelle Cassey, Nancy Cordell, Betty Costello, Pat Creswell, Alecia Dance, Joyce Davidson, Alice DeLaney, Patsy Gates, Patsy Gaynor, Gaynell Ghiotto, Jean Haire, Shirley Hall, Irene Harrington, Jackie Hettinger, Joan Holton, E. O. Howard, Sara Huie, Carlton Kabearary, Betty Leynes, Lynette Lewis, Audrey Long, Yvonne Lucree, Mary Ann Maple, Connie Missio, Darlene Moony, S ' Ann Nord, Carolyn Owen, Shirley Pettit, Bobbie Pichard, Betty Pinny, Mary Jane Powell, Joan Proctor, Jo Nell Raines, Ann Reeder, Sara Risen, Rhea Rogers, Barbara Shepherd, Terry Smith, Rosemary Spring, Mary Lou Tarilton, Joyce Tatum, Elise Thomas, Barbara Thorton, Peggy Vaughn, Joannie Yonge, Cass -•mnw rv -■ s cavaliers This year was a big year for the members of the FSU chapter of the Cavaliers, national men ' s dance society. The Cavaliers sponsored dancing lessons at the Student Union and put on a bang up minstrel. Members are chosen for their dancing ability, personality and their willingness to get out and work for the organization. Dancing tryouts are held several weeks after the beginning of each new semester. New Cavaliers are tapped twice a year in on impressive ceremony. Almost every big weekend at FSU, the Cavaliers can be seen in their traditional black and white satin shirts with the white sashes. OFFICERS President Jim McMann Vice President Norley Didier Secretary David Pinson Treasurer . Joe Marti Historian Bill Rogers Dance Chairman Nick Pappas SOCIAL MEMBERS Arkew, Rube Aase, George Bell, Virgil Browning, Buddy Castagna, Mike Combs, Paul Cordone, Cosmo Didier, Norley Edwards, Allen Essor, Wally Gragie, Walter Klein, Ken Kramer, Emerson Kuhl, Bob Leanitt, Bill Marti, Joe McMann, Jim McPike, Kenneth Miller, Dewitt Miller, Joe Mills, Joe Meeks, Earl Pappas, Nick Pinson, David Regna, Carmine Roberts, Kenneth Saffer, Parke Signorelle, Pat Sullivan, Martin Thomas, Jerry Vrinna, Frank Wallace, Bill Yaeger, Wally Zack, Bill FRONT ROW: demons, D.; Blackketter, D.; Norman, J.; VanSkike, P.; Kerley, M.; Bell, H.; Kniqht, D.; Fleury, J.; Nottage, L.; Hunt, E.; Mr. Running; Davis, B.; Kenyon, C; Rowe, D.; Mize, A.; Cox, J.; Helms, V.; Jackson, A.; Trimmer, C. MIDDLE ROW: Ray, L.; Palermo, B.; Pierce, B. A.; Brown, J.; Mosley, L; Harris, M.; Still, M.; Atchley, J.; Zigrang, V.; Smith, M. S.; Bethea, M.; Holmes, M.; Simmons, J.; Marett, E.; Gregory, J.; Wilson, L. J.; Meyer, S.; Williamson, A.; Roland, N.; Meeks, M. BACK ROW: Halliburton, G.; Thomas, K.; Lumsden, E.; Lee, R.; Comer, P.; Ledbetter, P.; Dionne, Y.; McAllister, D.; Phillips, H.; Mims, P.; French, V.; Merlin, J.; Rivers, J.; Bly, D.; Bell, H. B.; Abney, L.; Steel, C; Spencer, M.; Hamnck, G.; Carlin, V. NOT IN PHOTOGRAPH: Williams, E.; Kniffin, M.; Clary, R.; Simmons, J.; Shaw, P.; Smith, M.; Vaviloff, E.; Williams, E.; Clary, M.; Fargis, J.; Gunnoe, P.; Melson, F.; Miller, B.; Nichols, R.; Powell, M. women ' s glee club Sixty-two voices blended in song comprised this year ' s Women ' s Glee Club. This group met four times weekly to accomplish this blend and from these meetings grew " Christmas Vespers " which was presented in Westcott Audi- torium, and their Spring Concert in April with works by contemporary composers. Another project of theirs was fulfilled when the club took a singing tour of Florida, with perform- ances given in St. Petersburg, Bradenton, and Marianna. OFFICERS President .. Roslyn Clary Vice President Mary Stuart Smith Secretary-Treasurer Jane Atchley Business Manager Doris demons Accompanist Lorraine Nottage Director Mr. Joseph Running MUSIC r ft ft nieii ' s glee club The FSU Men ' s Glee Club is known at the uni- versity as the campus troubadours. Membership is open to men students through tryouts. It offers par- ticipation in interpretative ensemble singing. This active group sings at various functions at the Uni- versity and in town. There are several concerts given during the year by the Men ' s Glee Club. This or- ganization recorded the new FSU fight song and helped get the song across to the students. OFFICERS President Charles Hospodar Business Manager Alton Tippins Asst. Bus. Manager Robert Griffin Social Chairman John Zappia Historian Tom Rogero Accompanist Mae Gautier ATHLETIC women ' s ' ■ club OFFICERS President Fay Funchess Vice President Lorraine Larson Secretary-Treasurer Myra Kight Assistant Secretary Jo Stewart Parliamentarian Pat Shaar Social Chairman Cass Yonge Sing Chairman Mary Browder Since its founding in 1925, Women ' s F Club has had as its objectives fostering women ' s athletic activities and developing high ideals and university spirit on campus. The requirements for membership in this athletic honorary are the election of two Odd-Even teams within three sports seasons while maintaining an over-all !. average. Traditionally the prospective members of this organization are called " goats " . These goats serve a probationary period climaxed by their hike to camp and formal initiation. With a cosmopolitan membership the club is able to under- take varied projects which are of service to the university. Their outstanding annual projects begin with contributions to the Homecoming festivities of our university. In carrying out their objective to foster women ' s athletics the club sponsors co-recreational play nights, cooperates with WRA in sports days, and ushers at Tarpon performances. MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Cubbedge, Johnson, Guzman, Ellis, Crum, Gurney, Scudder, Athanason, Lane, Grant, Mink, Solomon, Ives. SECOND ROW: Garrett, Leinbach, Patterson, Shaar, Larson, Funchess, Browder, Kight, Yonge, Stewart, White, McRae, Kirk. THIRD ROW: Anderson, Rigell, Brown, Cottrell, Carlile, DeWolf, Temple Wilson, S. Browder, J. Johnson, McMichael, Forhan, Erickson, Hayworth, Barber, Gerdeman, Marett, Cobb, Graves, Harding. FOURTH ROW: Thompson, Britton, Morgan, Caskie, Henry, Miller, Albury, Thorpe, Welch, Alexander, Wade, Morrison, Larcom, Stabler, Smith, Moody, Costellano, Webb, Jackson, Holland. NOT SHOWN: Folom, West, Biencarosa, Simpson, Peters, Young, Edgren, Comer, Maynord, Lassiter, Limbeck, Hornby, Redding, Staley, Simmons, Starbird, Patti Mimms, Demeritt, Slimp, Lowerse, Henry. STANDING (left to right) : Freneld, Eddie; Pompelia, Augie; Truluck, Harry; Watson, Mike; Lockhart, Ed; Adams, Frank; Wells, Dick; Dunn-Rankin, Pete; Cramer, Jack; Stormant, Ted; Lohmeyer, Jim; Fannell, Pat. SEATED (left to right) : Armstrong, Charlie; Cowart, Dick; Montney, Dick; Bradley, Dick; White, Jack; Hewitt, Ted; Jardine, Walter; Castagna, Mike; Holmes, Jack; Browning, Buddy. men ' s ££-£99 c i w i| OFFICERS President Jack White Vice President Ted Hewitt Secretary-Treasurer Walter Jardine Faculty Advisor __ Charlie Armstrong Varsity lettermen at Florida State University, after being initiated, are full fledged members of Men ' s F Club. Lettermen can be seen, after earning their first " F " , wearing a red sweater, the second letter, a white sweater, the third, a leather jacket, and the fourth, sporting a beautiful blanket with the FSU crest on it. The purpose of the F Club is to promote athletic interest on campus and to interest high school athletes in attending FSU. Another goal is the publicizing of interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics. Each year the F Club presents the traditional and equally famous Sweater Dance (they wear more than sweaters) where the F Club queens are crowned. ATHLETIC INDUSTRIAL ART industrial arts club OFFICERS President Gene Work Vice President Don Buzzard Secretary David Hainlain Treasurer Charles Thompson Faculty Advisors ... Mr. Clyde Burns Mr. Stanley Sweet The aims of the IAC are to further the Industrial Arts program in this school, to keep in contact with Industrial Art majors who have graduated and are teaching; to work on the projects as a whole and to establish a fellowship in the future. The Industrial Art Club is open to all majors and minors in Industrial Art. Their programs include socials, such as fish fries, fishing trips and dances. The laboratory is very well equipped to include such projects as metal work, drafting, leather work, ceramics, plastics and textiles. MEMBERS Alexander, Robert Britsch, Ed Buzzard, Donald Campbell, George Dial, Charles Dial, John Farmer, Richard Ferrence, Andrew Hainlain, David Hust, William Land, G. P. Lyng, Harry McCarthy, Alex Owen, Harry Ray, Thomas Roux, Steve Shaeffer, John Sharp, Steve Thompson, Charles Weaver, H. K. Work, Gene Zappia, John • ' ' ' ' " ' " 1 MM ■-■ 2S Sfc ifftf V FIRST ROW (left to right) : Rogers, Bray, Arbogcst, Hicks, Page, Lewis, Hinson, Hancock, Medlin, Johnson, Jones. SECOND ROW (left to right I : Doughs, Dales, Trevedel, Cowen, Beaman, Edwards, Cowen, Witherspoon, Stockwell, Elkins, Riedesel, Friedheim. THIRD ROW (left to right): Gustafson, Mosley, Pearson, Winkler, Schwark, Ross, Miller, Corry, Bowler, Mitchell, Nuttle, Bishop, Spaeth, Riddel I, McClamroch, Shaw, Summers, Dopson. home economics club OFFICERS President Mary Emma Cowen Vice President Miriam Edwards Secretary Anne Witherspoon Treasurer Pat Beaman Ray The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to develop and promote interest in the various aspects of Home Economics and to foster good faculty- student relationships. Home Economics includes Food and Nutrition, Home and Family Life, Home Economics Education and Institutional Advance- ments. Club meetings are held once a month. The social activities for the year have been a Fashion Show for which the students designed, made and modeled their own creations, speeches by various guest speakers, who are specialists in this area, and a tea for the Freshmen to acquaint them with the functions of the club. Membership is composed of all majors, minors and other students who are in- terested in the field of Home Economics. This chapter is affiliated with the Florida and American Home Economics Association. DEPARTMENTAL OFFICERS President ._._ ___ Ennis Chesrang Vice President Herb Padgett Secretary June Perkins Project Chairman Gene Holshouse Program Chairman, Jane Thompson Publicity Chairman __ Jean Raiford Faculty Advisor ... Robert Leathers geography club The Geography Club, a local organization, was established on campus in 1948. Any interested students are asked to join. The club meets twice a month and has outstanding speakers in the field of geography. A social gathering is planned for each month. The purpose of this club is to further the interest of geography and international affairs. Chestang, Ennis Garside, Jane Garset, Mary Hart, Jane Holshouse, Gene MEMBERS Kardonsky, Berna Lawrence, U. B. Linick, Irene McAdams, Katherine Padgett, Herb Perkins, June Raiford, Jean Thompson, Jane Vanderhill, Burke Wells, Barbara DEPARTMENTAL classical club The Classical Club of Florida State University is formed for the increase of knowledge of Greek and Roman civilizations and for the promotion of fellow- ship among the students and faculty. Membership is open to anyone interested in the Classics. Meet- ings are regularly held once a month and are varied in nature combining program, discussion, business, and social activities. One of the high points on this year ' s calendar of events was the combined Roman Saturnalia and Christmas party. FIRST ROW: Potter, Walker, Atchley, Furlow, McCartney, Crane, Munroe, Everett, Skike. SECOND ROW: Kirk, Dorman, Barber, LaPlante, Binnicker, Clark, Robinson, Jernigan, Thompson, West. THIRD ROW: Carroll, Shofner, Thomson, Rogers, Risher, Olechov- sky, Bloom, Davis, Hawes, Hall, Hoadley. OFFICERS President Charles Binnicker Vice President ._. Shirley Drak e Secretary Leah LaPlante Treasurer Frances Clark OFFICERS President .... .. Isabel Pugatsky Vice President .. ... Dorothy Davis Treasurer Katherine Dewar Recording Secretary .. Dorothy Kish Cor. Secy. .... George Caroly Parish Sponsor Glenn Murphy future business leaders of america The Future Business Leaders of America Club provides opportunity for social and professional growth of the students in the School of Business. The national organization, which has the same name as the FSU chapter, sponsors the installation of FBLA Clubs in the state and renders guidance and supervisory service to all state chapters. FIRST ROW: Howell, Gordon, Aase, Davis, Pugatsky, Kish, Parish, Harper, Wiitikka. SECOND ROW: Lynagh, Whittle, Haire, Hargrove, Beaton, Murphy, Clark, Corlile, Kretschmar, Schulz, Brown. THIRD ROW: Adams, Haire, Faircloth, Lenz, Broome, Weaver, Griffith, Hiers, Bridwell. DEPARTMENTAL social work club To its members, the Social Work Club means not only working together for a better understanding of the social work profession, but also the enjoyment of social activities as a group. Included in the year ' s highlights were guest speakers discussing a variety of related subjects . . . the peanut hunt and male leg show at Camp Flas- tocowo . . . being in the dark during Mrs. Carruther ' s talk on " where were you when the lights went out? " . . . antics of the interns . . . steaming hot chocolate around the camp fire . . . These, and many more, contributed to a more informal and friendly working relationship between faculty and students. FIRST ROW: Hunt, McClure, Trimmer, Buckley, Folmar, Brown, Smale, Thamm, Parkhill, McLamore. SECOND ROW: Henry, Mahoney, Ruth, Sayer, Gross, Williams, Caro, Coleman, Demetree, Godwin, Cowle, Hawes. THIRD ROW: Beyrer, Simonton, Clement, Griffin, Granaghan, Croup, Sorrells, Blanton, Hebert, Bayless, Pennell, Breeden, Carlin, Pearson, Leap. OFFICERS President ... Earl Williams Vice President . Joan Gross Sec.-Treas. Patricia Caro Prog. Chr. .... Richard Coleman Faculty Advisors ... Mr. J. Benjamin Beyrer Dr. William Leap OFFICERS President .... Winston Lloyd Vice President Paul Barr Secretary Veronica Cecil Treasurer Charles Courtney MEMBERS FIRST ROW (left to right): Charles Courtney, Winston Lloyd, Catherine Thompson, Paul Barr. SECOND ROW (left to right): Doris Friscin, Veronica Cecil, Rhoda Letton. anierican chemical society This organization is composed of college chemistry students who have become affiliated with the American Chemical Society. The American Chemical Society is a national organization in its seventy-fifth year of existence and is composed of professional chemists. Each year the society sponsors a party for the students and faculty members on the Chemistry Department. Meetings are held every other week with a program, speaker, movies, etc., usually concerning a chemical subject. The members help the chemistry department by conducting coaching classes for lower division chemistry students. The club helps students by giving them experience in presenting material before technically trained audiences and provides them with the opportunity to meet chemists. DEPARTMENTAL library science club The Library Science Club, Soltas, came on this campus in 1949. All students who are interested in the profession are extended the invitation to join this active club. The purpose of this club is to further the interest of the library profession and to provide a common meeting ground for those interested in the pro- fession. MEMBERS Addison, B.; Alexander, G ; Anthony, B.; Bales, J.; Black, H.; Boulware, L.; Bryant, B.; Busbee, L.; Bush, A.; Cawthorn, M.; Danford, A.; Fogarty, M.; Frederickson, E.; Futch, H.; Givson, S.; Glass, D.; Graebner, E.; Manning, L.; Marron, J.; Mathews, D.; Marrair, A.; Morgan, B.; Nelson, J.; Newton, A.; DeSha, M.; Dice, G.; Eddins, M.; Edgemon Hawkins, A.; Horrox, M.; Ladd, J.; Lazear, E M.; Oelslager, L.; Parham, M. Weatherford, C; Wimberly, M. Ricker, C; Roussell, T.; Sanders, M.; Schuneman, C; Smith, R.; Stewart, A.; Tomkinson, V.; OFFICERS President Willis Jackson Vice President Betty Anthony Secretary Dot Mathews Treasurer John Marron Social Chairmen Nell Fogarty and Helen Black S E K V I C K OFFICERS Senior Hall Chairman Cynthia Leinbach Senior Hall Advisor Betty Charlesworth Senior Hall Advisor Virginia Kempston BACK ROW (left to right) : Mary Emma Cowen, Helen Porter, Helen Floy Stabler, Barbara Curry. FRONT ROW (left to right) : Betty Charlesworth, Miss Virginia Kemp- ston, Cynthia Leinbach. senior hall council Senior Hall, object of bouquets and brickbats according to the humor of various campus indi- viduals and organizations, is a self-governing body having their own policy-making house council. Composed of Senior Hall Chairman, Social Chair- man and Floor Chairman elected by popular vote of hall residents, this council meets each week with four different people known as " roving members " . Thus each member of the hall takes responsibility of governing the group. student christian association The YMCA and YWCA are no longer a part of the many organizations on the FSU campus. These two active groups have been merged to form the Student Christian Association, a nationally-recog- nized fellowship. The purpose of SCA, which has groups on 750 college campuses throughout the nation, is to bring together men and women in a wholesome coeducational relationship founded on the development of the body, mind, and spirit, and guided by the principles of Christian living. Though in its infancy on the Florida State campus, SCA is already carrying on an active and vigorous program. OFFICERS President Bill Hess Vice President Phyllis Ridgeway Secretary Joe Lane Corresponding Secretary Janet Schwark Treasurer Mary Lou Medlin Program Chairman Jitter Rose Religious Chairman Carolyn Moore Social Chairman Mary Ellen Tavel Publicity Chairman Mary Eddins Finance Chairman Will Penell Membership Chairman George Gnann Radio Chairman . Pete Williams Service Chairman Frankie Clark RELIGIOUS ATHLETIC women ' s recreation association BOARD MEMBERS President Cecile McRae Vice-President _.Myra Kight Secretary Pat Crum Treasurer Jane Kirk Intramural Manager Joan Solomon Publicity Chairman Jo Anne Thorpe Panhellenic Council Barbara Anderson Tarpon Club Cynthia Leinback Women ' s " F " Club Faye Funchess Women ' s Physical Education Ass ' n. Patricia Shaar Odd-Even Class Managers — Lois Jean Miller, Cynthia Mink, Sally Ellis Assistant Intramural Managers Gay Cubbage, Eleanor Graves, Lorraine Larson, Cynthia Mink Women ' s Recreation Association of Florida State University is an organization to stimulate interest in a program of whole- some physical and recreational activities, to promote athletic accomplishment, and to contribute to the development of the ideals of health and sportsmanship of every woman student. This is made possible by the organized Odd-Even and intramural sports program of archery, badminton, basketball, bowling, dance, golf, hockey, softball, soccer, swimming, tennis, and volleyball, bridge, horseshoes, shuffleboard, skish and pingpong; also special interest clubs such as Tarpon Club, the Dance group, Physical Education Association, and " F " Club; sports days, both at FSU and in the state; and club projects such as the FSU song book, records for Camp Flastacowo. Every woman student on campus is represented by a member of the Board. ODD-EVEN SPORTS LEADERS Archery — Lois Jean Miller, Susan Alex- ander Badminton — Cynthia Leinback, Myra Kight Basketball — Lorraine Larson, Mary Lou- ise DeWolf Becky Anderson, Mary Lou Cass Yonge, Nancy Bowling Spring Modern Dance Smith Golf — Lorraine Larson, Eleanor Graves Hockey — Jean Smith, Nancy Lane Softball — Betty Gurney, Rose Alvarez Soccer — Pat Shaar, Pat Crum Swimming — Aileen Britton, Jean Rigell Tennis — Oleo Knight, Helen Abrams Volleyball — B. J. Cobb, Jane Kirk ROW 1: Ellis, Kirk, Kight, McRae, Crum, Thorpe. ROW 2: Anderson, Miller, DeWolf, Hayworth, Leinback, Harding, Smith. «S C F C? K - -7- n OFFICERS President PATRICIA SHAAR Vice-President ROSE ALVAREZ Secretary -Treasurer JO ANNE YOUNG Social Chairman PAT GERDEMAN Program Chairman BETTY HOLLAND ATHLETIC physical education association The Physical Education Association is a profes- sional organization for majors in Physical Educa- tion. Its purposes are to acquaint the members with the problems and progress of Physical Education, to promote a professional attitude, and to unify all the majors in the department. Camp Flastacowo is the site of PEA week-end each semester. In the informal atmosphere, the majors take part in the activities which they enjoy most. After supper the majors gather around the campfire for singing and a bit of more serious thought about their profes- sional goals and ideals. SERVICE student union organization The Student Union Organization was introduced on the campus of Florida State University during the late fall of 1949 with the assistance of Miss Hilda Tinney, Director of the Student Union Build- ing on West Campus. The purpose of the Student Union Organization is working jointly with the Student Union in being of service to the university as a community. This organization sponsors activities that are favorable and enjoyable to all the students. One of the many events in which the Student Union Organization has a hand is Freshman Play night, a hilarious dance especially designed for new members of our campus. OFFICERS General Chairman BILL HAYES Social Chairman ROWEENA LEE House Chairman WILLIAM BARFIELD Planning MICKEY JOHNSON MEMBERS TOP ROW (left to right) : Lem- beck, Avery; Whitmire, Caro- line; Fernandez, Amelia; Ham- by, Catherine; Browder, Sally; DeWolfe, Mary Louise; Kemp- ston, Miss Louise; Slemp, Mary Ann; French, Virginia; Flynn, Jean. BOTTOM ROW (left to right): Lomaistro, Til; Adams, Jennie, Pres.; Yonge, Catherine; Hulbert, Shirley; White, Leland; Rigg, Peg; Scudder, Ann; Park- hill, Virginia. SOCIAL confederates " From the South, that is, " is one of the favorite phrases of the true southern belles (down among the magnolias) which make up the most unique organization on campus, the Confederates. It stands alone as being the only organization which vows and declares that it has no purpose. To reach this supreme honor of being a member of the Confederates you must convince the fellow Confederates that you have the interest of the " Deep South " at heart. bit and spur club " Organized in 1949, the Bit and Spur Club is a social club with the main purpose being educating students in the art of horsemanship. Capt. G. A. Tacot provides this free instruction at his riding academy, where the club has its headquarters. The club participates in campus activities by providing riders and horses for the FSU Circus and the Homecoming Parade. It also stages yearly shows displaying fine horses and horsemanship. RECREATIONAL FIRST ROW (left to right) : Tredwell, Laffitte, Adams, Lynagh, McClure, Tacot. SECOND ROW (left to right) : Dowling, Robinson, Bowler, Enno, Davis, Adams, Wilson. OFFICERS President SUE LYNAGH Vice-President NAN ADAMS Secretary TUNKIE BOWLER Instructor CAPT. G. A. TACOT OFFICERS President JOHN GRAY Vice-President TOM YARBROUGH Secretary NANCY STEVENS Treasurer JIM WILSON Executive Officer HAROLD OSBORN Faculty Advisor MR. ED. WILLIAMSON HHGHPSHHHI RECREATIONAL rifle and pistol club The purpose of the Rifle and Pistol Club is the encouragement of organized rifle and pistol shoot- ing among the undergraduate students of this in- stitution, with a view toward a better knowledge of the safe handling and proper care of firearms as well as improved marksmanship. Also to further the " characteristics " of honesty, good fellowship, self- discipline, team play, and self-reliance. Members participate in national and inter-collegiate rifle matches. MEMBERS Helen Abrams, Frank Gibson, Bruce Floyd, Winston Lloyd, Ray M. Roman, Jeanne Salman, Miriam Shannon, Tina Wintersdorf. Miller, Dick Mooney, John Morris, Barbara Robbins, Toni foreign students « • 1 1 1 1 • Because of the need of the foreign students to meet one another and to provide friendly relations among their friends at home and the students of FSU, the Foreign Students Club was organized this year. Countries from all over the world are repre- sented in this service club. A corespondence system, in which American stu- dents can correspond with foreign students in other parts of the world and the showing of slides and movies are just two of the many projects the or- ganization has undertaken. MEMBERS STANDING (left to right): Lien Tien Hsii, China; Marco Forestier, Puerto Rico; Pyung Chun Chai, Korea; Miguel Martin, Pan- ama; William Roig, Puerto Rico; Hilmar Skagfield, Iceland; Lazaro De La Garza, Mexico; David Yang, China; Manuela Crespo, Puerto Rico; Sin-yuan Tu, China; Elizabeth von Wiener, Hungary. SEATED (left to right) : Lydia Porro, Cuba; Julius Salacz, Hun- gory; Margaret Krasemann, Germany; Elin Haraldsdotti, Iceland; Ignacio Sved, Cuba; Zoila Boltansky, Cuba. NOT PICTURED: John Morrison, England; Antoine Sizoo, Holland. SOCIAL OFFICERS President ELIN HARALDSDOTTI Vice-President IGNACIO SVED Secretary MARGRET KRASEMANN Treasurer JOHN MORRIS Correspondent ZOILA BOLTANSKY Critic ANTOINE SIZOO Faculty Advisor GEORGE LENSEN ROW 1 : Lois Perry, Barbara Jones, Cynthia Leinback, Sandy Chance, Mary Jane Angel, Julia Hawes, Mary Virginia Wolfe, Mary Ann Wehner, Patricia Angel, Margie Parke. ROW 2: Carolyn Moore, Maida Badcock, Betty O ' Neal, Peggy Tarver, Del Peters, Dottie Templeton, Judy Ellis, Alice Davidson, Jean Landrum, Jean Rigell, Eileen Britton, Shirley Davidson. NOT SHOWN: Diane Van Dusen, Nancy Benda, Jean Forhan, Pat Gerdeman, Renee Lippman, Margaret Powers, Marilyn Stigler, Jo Ann Vaughn, Jo Wade, Becky Anderson, Nancy Albury, Jackie Burch, Sally Burton, Barbara Waterson, Marinel Morrison, Mary Ann Zeigler, Cass Miller, Jean Thompson, Marianne Morgan, Pat Hubert, Ann Raines, Jackie Steele, Dot Starbird. tarpon club OFFICERS President Del Peters Vice-President Jean Rigell Secretary Sandra Chance Publicity Chairman Marilyn Stigler Tarpon Club is an honorary for women students objective ratings of specified swimming and acro- with outstanding ability in form swimming and batic skills. Preliminary training periods and en- water acrobatics. Since it was organized in 1936 suing tryouts are held twice a year and successful shows have been produced each fall and spring. candidates become " minnows " for a probationary Tarpon membership is based upon the results of period. ATHLETIC RECREATIONAL seminole flying elub OFFICERS President Bob Delaney Secretary Mildred Grotewold Treasurer Lois Perry Faculty Advisor Mr. Kenneth Wagner The Seminole Flyers draws its membership from both students and faculty. Each member owns a share in the club ship, a Piper J-3, and flies a min- imum of two hours a month. The club meets twice a month and has the benefit of hearing speakers from many phases of the aviation field. Mr. G. C. Shuler gives frequent ground school instruction and has checked out several members flying the club plane participating in the recent Operation SARCAP conducted by the US Air Forces. MEMBERS Mr. Owen Sellers, Mr. Wagner, Col. and Mrs. Miller, Wilburn, Bob DeLaney, Lois Perry, Mildred Grotewald, Hugh Adams, Bill Hentz, Charlie Johnston, Paul Reynolds, Bill Kuzand, Jim McKay. Wagner, Wilburn, Delaney, Grotewold, Perry, Black. RELIGIOUS baptist student union OFFICERS President Evelyn Lunsden Vice President James Chatam Vice President Marvis Miller Vice President Mary Browder Secretary Barbara Kate Thomas Every Baptist student on campus is cordially in- vited to join the FSU Baptist Student Union. This club serves as a link between the student and the local Baptist churches. The purpose of this organ- ization is to link the college campus and the college student with the college church. The Baptist Student Union offers recreation, social entertainment inspiring and intellectual speakers and Christian fellowship. Students can always be sure of having an enjoyable time at the Baptist Student House on Call street. MEMBERS OF THE BAPTIST EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Crane, Norma Gushing, Harrell Davis, Sara Margaret DeBoer, Pam Evans, Pat Hall, Rita Kinsey, Reba Ligon, W. T. Mims, Patty Padgett, Waldon Ray, Lois Stevens, Grave Stockman, Virginia Tadlock, Jeanette Thomas, Barbara Watkins, Martha Weatherford, Carolyn Wilder, Katie Youmans, Velma ROW 1: S. Hulburt, Rev. J. J. Keohane, Marge Parker. ROW 2: Patsy Caparusso, Raymonde Gates, Bill Dunn, Anne Sweisgood, Barbara Edgren. newman club OFFICERS President Marge Parker Vice-President Edna Faber Corresponding Secretary Anne Sweisgood Chaplain Rev. . J. Keohane The Newman Club is an organization of Catholic students on campus whose main function is to pro- mote spiritual, intellectual, and social activities among Catholic students. The club ' s motto, " Heart Speaketh to Heart, " has been the watchword for its members throughout the year. The club ' s new house is the center of all activities and carries the name of " Newman House, Catholic Student Cen- ter. " The school year began with the dedication of Newman House by Bishop McDonough. RELIGIOUS OFFICERS President Gladys Caskie Vice-President .. George King Secretary-Treasurer Berna Kardonsky Lecture Chairman Annie Claire Irvine Reading Room Chairman Doris Partin MEMBERS Askew, Rube; Caskie, Gladys; Day, Nancy; Hartwell, Charlotte; Irvine, Annie Claire; Kar- donsky, Berna; King, George; McCadams, Kath- erine; Partin, Doris; Spenser, Laura Lee; Richey, Luella; Wasley, Fannie; Nold, Marie. christian science club The Christian Science Organization is composed of students and members of the faculty and staff who are interested in the study and application of Christian Science. Regular meetings are held every Thursday evening. The organization maintains a RELIGIOUS Christian Science Reading Room from which Chris- tian Science literature may be read or borrowed. A free lecture is sponsored annually by the organ- ization. lutheran league The constitution of the Lutheran Student ' s League has the following statement: " The object and purpose of this organization shall be to pro- mote and further Christian knowledge, service, and fellowship. " Regular monthly topic discussions in which the Bible is authoritative bring the Christian viewpoint to bear upon real life situations. Some topics this year include: " You Can Be Too Popular, " " Courtship and Engagement. " The fellowship de- partment offers a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor activities gauged to the various tastes of the group. MEMBERS Evelyn Amundson, Dan Boda, Robert Bolin, Alberta Brethauer, Barbara Feddern, Evelyn Fredrickson, Robert Fricke, Joan Goddard, Jeanne Graebner, Wallace Hamrick, Anna Hendren, James Kirby, Margaret Kniffin, Barbara Lockhart, Clydine Mayhall, Dottie Pearson, Marjorie Potts, Richard Shoenberger, Stanley Tippin, Carol Trimmer, Joan Von Dohlen. Minister — The Reverend Donald R. Boernke. OFFICERS President EDWARD KUCERA Vice-President RUTH BODA Secretary BERTHA KERSEY Treasurer FRED DARKOW, JR. Program Chairman MARY LOU KAMM Historian ROSEMARY SCHULZ Publicity LOUISE SPAETH OFFICERS President .. Grace Register Vice-President .. _ Jackie Steele Secretary Elizabeth Hill Treasurer .__ _„ Brad McGowan ROW 1 : Everett, Yancy, Steele, Register, Hill, Kitson. ROW 2: Ledbetter, Redding, Burnette, Corry. ROW 3: Yeager, Mac- Gowan, Bill, Anderson, Hainlin, Miller, Crickenberger, Bohman, Lane. canterbury club The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Com- munion are represented on this campus by the Canterbury Club. Through varied activities and services the organization strives to further the spir- itual life of Episcopal students. The acting chaplain this year is the Right Rev- erend Arthur Lea, and under his leadership and counsel a full schedule of weekly and daily services are held to meet the spiritual needs of the students. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Jan Arbugast, Lesley High, Richard Yeager, Mary Stuart Smith, Ellen Avis, Bill Skipper, Caroline Everett, Martha Bill, Denbigh Kit- son, Sharon Lane, Charles Binnicker, Ken Bohman, Gay Anderson, Alberta Large, Margaret Horrox. Advisors: Mrs. McPeat, Miss Margaret Blair. RELIGIOUS Westminster fellowship The Westminster Fellowship of Florida State Uni- versity is a local branch of the National West- minster Fellowship of the Presbyterian Church. All Presbyterian students on campus are invited to be- come members. The group acts as a link between the college students and the Presbyterian Church. Activities for the year include religious studies and discussions, participation in religious events on campus, service projects, musical programs, and social activities. Counselor for the students is Miss Miriam Wilson. Headquarters for the group is the newly completed Westminster House on Park Avenue at Copeland Street. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Spiritual Life Ann Oliver Worship Faye Patterson Christian Social Service Sue Wilson Attendance . Jean Smith Music Dolly Rowe Freshman ___ Will Pennell Dietitian Bonnie Roddenbery Westminster Chimes . Ann Eagan Student House Bill Bloom Social Eleanor Cooper Publicity Barbara Braymer OFFICERS President Cecile McRae 1st Vice-President Bud Allen 2nd Vice President Frances Furlow Secretary Betty Yancy Treasurer Varian Helms OFFICERS President JENNIE ADAMS Vice-President JEAN HOOKER Recording Secretary PHYLLIS ANDERSON Corresponding Secretary JOAN ROPER Treasurer JOHN MORGAN Sunday School President ELSIE GARCIA wesley foundation The object of the Wesley Foundation (Methodist Student Center) is to so represent the Christian way of life that those who are a part of its fellowship might become effective spir- itual and social contributors to the society of which they are a part. This objective is sought through Sunday School and week-day services of worship, study groups dealing with timely subjects of interest (War and Peace; Political Issues of the Day; Methodist Youth Fellowship Counselling; Christian Be- liefs; Study of the Bible, etc.) Planned recreational events, hours of informal fellowship and sharing, drama through Wes- ley Players, a Student House Choir, and an extensive deputation program. Thirty-seven council members and their committee- men give their time and services to help bring meaning to the program. MEMBERS ROW 1 : Harry Copeland, Beverly Berry, John Morgan, Jeanne Hooker, Al Leeper, Jennie Adams, Joan Roper, Phyllis Anderson, Helen Howes, John Price. ROW 2: Miriam Holmes, Margie Lou Harden, Dot Matthews, Charline Weitman, Winston Smith, Nancy Day, Elizabeth Rose, Carolyn Moore, Mae Gautier, Pat Caro, Teresa Stein. ROW 3: Jennette Griffin, Mary Lee Clayton, Grace Thompson, Ann Clayton, Bo Baker. ROW 4: Dalton Howard, Mary Louise DeWolfe, Betty Charlesworth, Julie Hawes, Roslyn Clary. NOT SHOWN: Ruth Engle, Doris Harding, Elsie Garcia, Virginia Venters, J. C. Rowan, Shirley Gregory. RELIGIOUS wesley players An organization in the Methodist churches to promote an intelligent program of religious drama. Members are chosen by their interest in drama and must undergo a pledge period. Meetings are held every week. Wesley Players aims to develop the connection between drama and religion and to de- velop a consciousness of the possibilities of this field. OFFICERS President DALTON HOWARD Vice-President HARRY COPELAND Secretary CHARLINE WEITMAN Treasurer GRAHAM HEATH Publicitv Chairman BARBARA HULL MEMBERS Crotty, J.; Weitman, C; Day, N. Berry, B.; Moore, C; Powers, M. Price, J.; Matthews, D.; Hoadley, M. Stein, T.; Howes, H.; Harden, M. Eaton, E.; Sherman, L. ROW 1 : Miss Gibson, Miss Myers, Jim Ball, Roberta Alford, Mrs. Edenfield. ROW 2: Buford Ruhl, Mr. Eikman, Dal Albritton, Dr. Norton, Dean Doyle, James Doyle, James Taylor, John Poston, Dr. Benton, Jefferson Davis, Robert Martin, Mr. Balwan. public administration club OFFICERS President James A. Ball Vice-President James Taylor Secretary Roberta Alford Treasurer . Jerry Thomas Pi Alpha Sigma is dedicated to the professional advancement of the Art and Science of Public Ad- ministration and Management. Devoted to the high principles of integrity and sound training, it is de- signed to be useful. The theories and practices of good administration guided the founding of Pi Alpha Sigma at Florida State University in 1950. Pi Alpha Sigma offers those students with genuine interest in government coupled with scholastic abil- ity, an opportunity to work closely with both edu- cators and administrators to a mutual advantage. Pi Alpha Sigma works in close cooperation with the School of Public Administration in all programs of the school in order to improve the training provided and in obtaining career opportunities for its grad- uates. MEMBERS Dal Albritton, Roberta Alford, James A. Ball, Frances Byron, Alvin H. Brown, Copeland Carter, Milton Clegg, James Collier, Jef- ferson Davis, James Doyle, John Edenfield, Floyd Glisson, Robert Martin, Alice Myers, John Poston, Mina Jo Powell, Delzie Revels, Priscilla Rogerson, Buford Ruhl, James Spivey, James Taylor, Jerry Thomas, Alfred White. DEPARTMENTAL ►ress there that they rt months left , more wonderful plays, ndspur, Junior- Senior Prom, Sophomore Hop.. Doug Alley receives check for winning Sandspur script from ex-director Herb Reinhard. sandspur Gypsy Holiday, the 1951 edition of the Sandspur, opened February 24, for three big nights. Entirely student produced, the script was written by Douglas Alley of Pulaski, Va. For the first time this year, a script contest was held to give all students a chance to take part. The winning script was a three- act musical comedy centering around a gypsy girl who falls in love with an outsider. The entire musical score was written especially for Sandspur by George Boldi, Jacksonville. George ' s 21 -piece orchestra played for the production. Sandi Horton became director of Sandspur when director-elect Herb Reinhard joined the navy. Sandi immediately took over where Herb left off, and led the show on to success. Jackie Morris and Jack Watkins co-starred in the leading rolls, supported by a cast including: Carry Cullison, Bob Dobry, Jerry Gray, Isabell Pugatsky, Nick Pappas, Fred Allen, Jane Shepard, Bobbie Pettit and a chorus line of nine shapely coeds. The production took place in Westcott Audi- torium, with a sellout crowd every night. The cast practiced in the Sandspur Playhouse, a building provided for Sandspur the first time this year, on West Campus. Staff discusses promotion plans. 94|w. Georgie B., his orchestra and the cast. The annual Sandspur Dance was held the night after the final pro- duction, February 24, in the Se- wanee Room. Elliot Lawerence and his " name " band provided the music for the hop. Thousands of students filled the Sewanee Room to join in the fun, as the big week ended. Jack Lamar completed his job as dance chairman, assisted by several other students, by having the best Sandspur Dance yet. Jack Watkins and Jerry Gray converse in gypsy camp. Elliot Lowerence and his Band play for the 1951 Sandspur Dance. Fun was had by all in the Sewanee Room. Director Sandi Horton talking to Bob Tippins at the intermission. SMIIII In honor of the senior class of 1951, the Junior-Senior Prom was the best ever. Queen Faye Patterson and King Rube As- kew reigned royally over the traditional class dance, supported by the court of seniors: Cass Yonge, Bob Lanigan, Ann Oliver, Sonny Morrison, Ann Scuddar, and Ted Hewitt, and juniors: Bobbie Pettit, Jerry Thomas, Jett Monroe, Joel Smith, Margie Meckstroth, and Will Pennell. The music was furnished by Bob Cole and his orchestra. King Rube and Queen Foye. Scrambling for balloons before intermission. PROM.... Students enjoy the dance. SPEECH DEPARTMENT PRODUCTION SCHOOL FOR HUSBANDS, presented in the spring of last year has to be printed in this year ' s annual as a production too good to go unrecognized. Presented dur- ing graduation ceremonies last year for the Ambassador of France, Moliere ' s play was received enthusiastically as " one of the best ever. " Student approval also ran high and all in all, SCHOOL FOR HUSBANDS remains one of the best of many fine Speech Department plays. Student managers and directors talk things up in favor of ol " Moliere from the results, their hard work was justified. . and the shoemaker ' s house The first and highly successful use of the new music building ampitheatre points up a dramatic highlight in the various turns of events that release a sweet niece from her miser guardian. A ballet interlude brings further pleasure to the stage and to this farce-comedy of Moliere, SCHOOL FOR HUSBANDS. Some stirring scenes concerning Christ ' s family. FAMILY PORTRAIT: A finely executed and technical show requiring four setting, FAMILY PORTRAIT brought new meaning to the Lenten season at Florida State University, in a vivid portrayal of the family of Christ. A five-performance run brought success to this play and was well received. CLARENCE: The first freshman play since co-edu:ation came into being at FSU, CLARENCE also had the distinction of modernity as it was done " in the round. " Directed by two seniors, Marion Elles Davis and Betty Dekel, the production was done well and neatly by all participating. The show also was given in Thomasville. Two snaps depicting high points of the play ' Arms and the Man " gave some fine parts and finer chances for a close-up of Shaw at his best. George and Jane " Cary on. " arms and the man A period play concerned with a satirical treatment of war and romance in the European circles of 1 895, " Arms and The Man " came to the campus shortly after the death of its author, George Bernard Shaw. Jane Gardner and George Cary successfully carried the action forward to a satisfying con- clusion and the play generally was well done. " Arms and The Man " became a popular play at FSU, one that both the speech department and the whole school could be justly proud of. I allies in retirement " Ladies In Retirement " was one of the early Speech Department plays given this year. Revived from summer production due to pop- ular demand, " Ladies In Retirement " was a murder mystery from the heart of England that brought more laurels to Jane Gardner and the popular director, Dr. George McCalmon. In itself interesting, fine directing and acting po ' nted up the play to successful reception on campus. Scenes of tragic import from the stirring murder melodrama, " Ladies In Retirement, " show some of the suspense created during its performance. THAI K The track squad ' s decision to open the season with a Duke University meet turned out to be a bad one, for the Blue Devils, the class of the South, scored a convincing 103-28 win. Coach Ken Miller ' s psychology must have been good, however, for his team bounced back from the defeat to trounce Mercer, Emory, Davidson, Florida Southern, Mississippi College, and Howard. Joe Fracassi, pole vaulter, and Tom Sebring, dis- cus, were the only two Seminoles to take a first in the Duke meet, and since then have been showing those wins were no mistake. Fracassi has estab- lished a new school and track record with a vault of 1 2 feet, 7 inches. Bulwarks of the track team ' s runners are John Poston, Dick Mize, and Pete Fraschetti. Poston has Jimmy Arnold Mize to Poston set a new school 220-yard dash record of 21 .6 seconds, and a new school 100-yard dash record of 9.8 seconds. Woody Parker 440-yard dash man, has set a new school and track record by circling the oval in 51 .6 seconds. With a year ' s record of six won, and one lost, the trackmen have still before them the defense of their Dixie Conference championship won at the con- ference tournament last year. DUAL MEETS: FSU FSU FSU FSU 28 — Duke 103 87 — Mercer 44 82 Vz — Mississippi College 48V2 87 — Howard 44 TRIANGULAR MEET: FSU 80 1 3, Davidson 73 1 6, Emory 8V2 1951 Captain Max Watson Tom Sebring Captain-Elect John Poston HEAD COACH CHARLIE ARMSTRONG It AM It Ml Powerhouse hitting, effective pitching, and im- proving fielding made the Seminole baseball team almost invincible during the first half of the season. With the season half gone, State had a won and lost record of 9-1 , the one loss, later avenged, being to the University of Miami. Among the vanquished were such worthy opponents as Tennessee, Georgia, Florida Southern, Mississippi College, and Rollins. With that record, the Seminoles took on Talla- hassee ' s professional team, and emerged on the long end of a 16-6 rout. But prosperity was evidently too much for the squad, for the baseball fortunes Outfield Infield were next quickly deflated by a sharp Stetson Hatter team. Stetson took two quick victories, one a shut- out. Still staggering, the team split a doubleheader with Georgia, won from Florida Southern, then split another doubleheader with Mississippi College. The last defeat was the first of the year in Dixie Con- ference competition and brought the season record to a still highly respectable twelve won and five lost. Seminole standouts have been second baseman Lee Bailey, catcher Ronald Melton, and shortstop Augie Pompelia. Playing a large part in the team ' s success has been the strong pitching staff of Ed Sessions, Ed Lockard, Bob Hartman, and Bob Whitmer. THE RESULTS: FSU 10 — Tennessee 9 FSU 16 — Tallahassee Citizens 6 FSU 9 — Georgia 4 FSU — Stetson 3 FSU 2 — Miami 1 1 FSU 2 — Stetson 3 FSU 1 3 — Miami 4 FSU 8 — Georgia 6 FSU 1 5 — Florida Southern 6 FSU — Georgia 2 FSU 1 3 — Florida Southern 3 FSU 6 — Florida Southern 5 FSU 22 — Mississippi College 9 FSU 1 — Mississippi College 4 FSU 6 — Mississippi College 2 FSU 7 — Mississippi College 8 FSU 9 — Rollins 3 Remaining: Stetson (two games) Ed Sessions Ed Lockard f?S voli i:vit i i The varsity volleyball team, hindered by a lack of competition, nevertheless had a successful sea- son, winning two championships. For the third consecutive year the Seminoles won the Florida AAU title over Florida Southern, Jack- sonville Navy, and other teams. They also won the Mid-South tournament at Memphis, and placed fourth in the national intercollegiate tournament. Named to the six-man All-State team following the Florida AAU competition were four Seminoles. They were Charlie Floyd, Emerson Kramer, Bob Crook, and George Edminston. A new scoring plan for volleyball devised by Coach Bill Odeneal whereby individual player ' s ac- complishments can be recorded, as in other sports, greatly increased interest in the sport. and the many doors we ' ve opened! ADVERTISING INDEX Alabama Engraving Company Midyette-Moor Insurance Agency Alford Brothers, Inc MiJIer ' s Bootery Atlantic National Bank (Jacksonville) Moon Jewelry Company, Inc. Barnett National Bank (Jacksonville) Nelly ' s Shop Bassett Dairies, Inc. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Bennett ' s Drug Store Plantation Foods, Inc. Coca-Cola Bottling Company P. W. Wilson Company Colonial Stores Rose Printing Co., Inc. Cox Furniture Compan Schwob Company of Florida Elinor Doyle Flowers Sears, Roebuck Co. Faiver ' s Drive-In Seven-Up Bottling Company Florida National Bank Soda Shop Gilberg ' s Southeastern Telephone Company Greyhound Bus Lines Sweet Shop Harry Finkelstein Company Tallahassee Auto Dealers ' Association Holland ' s Restaurant Tallahassee Bankers ' Association Leon Hardware Company Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Lewis State Bank Tallahassee Enterprises, Inc. Mecca Tallahassee Federal Savings fir Loan Association Merrill ' s Inn Terry-Rosa Hardware Company Middle Florida Ice Company University Grill The Vogue W e are proud of the continuing part we have played in the production of yearbooks for the Florida State University for the past eighteen years. . ' J he tally-ho and its predecessors occupy an important place in the traditions of our own organisation and receive the utmost of our skill and effort The 1 9 jo tally-ho staff has performed with rare ability and we are grateful for the opportunity to have been their co-workers in what we believe is an outstanding yearbook. printing company, inc. . . taiiahassee CREATORS OF FINE PRINTING THE FLORIDA THEATR TALLAHASSEE • The STATE THEATRE TALLAHASSEE • The RITZ THEATRE TALLAHASSEE • The DRIVE-IN THEATRE TALLAHASSEE FLOWERS by ELINOR DOYLE 202 SOUTH ADAMS PHONE 2-1298 TALLAHASSEE ' S Largest and Leading Department Store 1951 TALLY HO Designed Engraved by College Annual Division ALABAMA ENGRAVING CO. Birmingham Congratulations . . . CLASS OF ' 51 Wherever your path may lead, good telephone service will play an important part in your future. SOUTHEASTERN TELEPHONE COMPANY TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Compliments of COX Furniture Company " 4 Little Out of the Way, But A Lot Less to Pay " • Thomasville Road • PHONE 2-1070 Meteorology Department testing. Whatever the Sport We Furnish The Equipment Finkelstein ' s has served Florida schools and universities for nearly half a century . Cur spoils experts are always anxious to advise you on any problem regarding sports equip- ment. We feature such outstanding sports equipment as: SPALDING RAWLINGS SPOTBILT • WRIGHT DITSON HARRY FINKELSTEIN CO. 633 W. Bay, Cor, Jefferson JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA MIDDLE FLORIDA l-C-E COMPANY PICNIC AND PARTY PACKAGE CRUSHED CUBES BLOCK Tallahassee Phone 2-3230 You cute thing Mil IMK HHi juk - -- A MARK OF QUALITY FOODS TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1951 The Barnett afional Bank of JACKSONVILLE Jacksonville, Florida MEMBER F.D.I.C. Freshman carnival f. Senior Hall ..x. One, two, three, four CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS jsF .Mr V - SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. OF TALLAHASSEE e ®OMfl®» THE FACTS ABOUT CAN BE YOURS FOR THE ASKING ' S R€GIST€R€0 J6W€L€RS AmericonGetn Society Boo ! ! $uek up the suds Compliments of MERRILL S INN • Old Quincy Highway FROG LEGS • DANCING SEA FOODS ift WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE Greyhound Lines CALL GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT PHONE 2-1650 Corner Tennessee and Adams Happy birthday! I ' ll get him first. Congratulations from THE FLORIDA NATIONAL GROUP OF BANKS Serving the State of Florida with courtesy and convenience. ' ' A Financial Stronghold " MEMBER F.D.I.C. Midyette-Moor Insurance Agency • Complete Insurance and Bond Service Midyette-Moor Building Tallahassee, Florida Telephone 2-3456 I love the woods. Men ' s Clothing and Furnishings Dobbs Hats, Arrow Shirts Freeman and Edwin Clapp Shoes Luggage P. W. WILSON COMPANY Tallahassee ' s Best Store Since 1837 Telephone 2-2310 Tallahassee, Florida Ladies ' Ready-to-wear, Lingerie, Accessories, Home Furnishings, Piece Goods, Millinery, Notions Good clean fun THE 3UEEN Every bir a Queen l 108 E. Jefferson St. TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA 26 N. Palafox St. PENSACOLA, FLORIDA m± - 4t3L i Schmoo COMPLIMENTS OF MILLERS 111 East College Avenue TALLAH ASSE E • " FINE SHOES SINCE .1924 " 102 E. College Ave. Phone 2-4463 Floor meeting THE BANKS OF TALLAHASSEE Gilchrist Ha DINE WITH FRIENDS at I3he University Grill Congratulations Class of ' 51 Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Tallahassee Teddy Bear? Look, Dr. Price Thumbs up! GOOD FOOD The Sweet Shop PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE The Atlantic National Bank of Jacksonville JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Organized 1903 THE ATLANTIC GROUP FIRST ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK Daytona Beach, Florida THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Gainesville, Florida THE PALATKA ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK Palatka, Florida THE SANFORD ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK Sanford, Florida ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK of WEST PALM BEACH West Palm Beaeh, Florida SPRINGFIELD ATLANTIC BANK Main Street, Jacksonville, Florida • Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation SPE ' s move up Monroe LEO ardware Company HOUSEWARES HARDWARE and SPORTING GOODS 110 East Pensacola (Opposite Capitol) DIAL 2-4440 or 2-4451 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THEY SUPPORT YOUR TALLY-HO Twenty-one years of catering to College Students HOLLAND ' S RESTAURANT (ALL AMERICAN) A popular priced menu to fit your budget 106 E. Pensacola (Facing the Capitol) " Have a Coke " There ' s friendliness in the simple phrase, " Have a Coke " . It turns strangers into friends . . . Coca-Cola stands for the pause that refreshes — has become the high-sign of people of good will. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY TALLAHASSEE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Bennett ' s MONROE STREET PHARMACY Phone 2-4450 FREE MOTORCYCLE DELIVERY HOLLINGSWORTH WHITMAN CANDIES fPe Carry the Leading Cosmetics Attention! Be Safe With Laboratory Tested Milk! Bassett Dairies Inc. The Milk of Superior Flavor Just one more step Tallahassee Federal Savings and Loan Association 115 E. Park PHONE 2-0950 RESOURCES OVER $11,500,000.00 SAVINGS INSURED TO $10,000.00 MEMBER OF FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK BOARD s4tfa%ct tatfott, ) €C. Finer Clothes for Younger Men McGREGOR SPORTSWEAR CAMPUS-TOGS CLOTHES JARMAN SHOES 212 So. Monroe St. Tallahassee, Florida Safeguard your Tennies TjOith Us . . . Whether you represent a campus organization or maintain an individual account— you will receive the same attentive service . . . -at- The Lewis State Bank Florida ' s Oldest TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA MEMBER OF F. D. I. C. Be up to date Go Lewis State To the woods J Great flame in Clothing " SUITS THE SOUTH College Avenue at Adams Our twenty-eighth annual expression of appreciation to the Student Body and Faculty, for their faithfulness and confidence in this shop. TKjc J o ciujc Anybody want to buy a used trumpet? There ' s room for two VELDA-DUCHESS ICE CREAM •fc " SMOOTH AS VELVET " -k AT YOUR FAVORITE DEALERS . . . PACKED IN DRY ICE FOR PARTIES Phone 2-8939 • Lt., glad to meet you! THE MANAGEMENT AND STAFF OF . . . THE MECCA EXTEND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 51 Baby Seminole. The Senior Staff of Tally-Ho has endeavored to brin g to you a yearbook worthy of acclaim. We would like 1 to say that it is the best Tally-Ho ever produced. We hope that this success has been achieved. Sincerely, Editor Harry Newman Managing Editor . . Gail Albritton Associate Editor . . . . Bill Conklin Business Mgr. . . . Harvey Hagerty Advertising ! .... Herb Marsh PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THEY SUPPORT YOUR TALLY-HO Homeward bound T A L L Y TALLAHASSEE IS A GOOD PLACE TO LIVE AND PRACTICE WHAT YOU LEARN AT THE BEST PLACE TO LEARN HOW TO LIVE ' FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY CONGRATULATIONS! Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce " Serving the Capital City of the Sunshine State " H O DITTO! AND V To Tallahassee V To Our Advertisers i Florida State University and The State of Florida WE SAY THANK YOU ... For Everything! rfut04MLfl 4 s4utoynafi 4, rfutoynafifo

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