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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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•HH itBK£— ffi m SE UK.3ES54 H The 1950 Ho presents your i i Volume 1 1 1 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA r . i ; i ] l %j % , " y Editor JACQUIE ALLEN Business Manager WILLIAM G. ALBRIGHT Advertising Manager JOHN BENKERT Managing Editor SUZANNE BROWN Printing by; Rose Printing Co., Inc. Engraving by: Respess-Grimes Engraving Company Photography by: Beoudoin Studio The 1950 Tally-Ho V -__; Eflp ' piarwv r-I br f p JWj l»f p •» «, krtutfW HI L N II l¥ I 4 v y fajw 1 ' j$sX« X i 1- 1, III a : m. r BOOK I . . . . . . . Academic BOOK II . . . . . . Activities BOOK III . . . . . Athletics BOOK IV . . . . . And So Forth BOOK V . . . . . . Ads — _— _______ ________ An. ' I ] %V , ' 4 ' ' |t J| .. .1 ™ iKt ' ■ ' ..»♦; :-v ¥ : jw A,: ,$u ■■. ' . If ? ,., 1 ' " i " " ■ ' " " ■ ' ■. -j[£. . ..,dMMH« , ?. eaMMMMMMMM " ' " JC£ : ' " ' :. From their native Ever- glades deep in the Florida swamplands, the Semi- noles begin their pilgrim- age to Florida State Uni- versity. To conduct our visitors safely there the tally-ho was sent. The itinerary begins with Miami, Florida ' s wonder city of skyscrap- ers, white beaches and waving palms. Over the famous Tami- ami Trail the tally-ho clops bringing our visitors to Tampa in time for the annual Gasparilla cele- bration with its colorful pageantry. ■ nT $- Wfmfr Wh kf- w- wM WMh.-Tio. I.J m ' Mr §1 V T1 W ( My ' •. ' ••■ " ,r. ' hi ■B ' 1 fv- ' S " fm ' M ' ' • uic»»- _L- »- We halt the tally-ho riefly at Tarpon Springs ) view Florida ' s unique Donge industry. w: Our carriage wends its way upstate to behold the majestic beauty of Florida ' s Bok Tower. The tropical splen- dor of Cypress Gar- dens, its verdant foli- age and thrilling water sports, mag- netically draw our tally-ho to Winter Haven. pfc • - " .. . -««S8»W ; - " SEE SILVER SPRINGS " advised billboards throughout the state. We and our visitors agreed the advice was good. -• mBmmKmBBBBmBBKKmSXm Winter playground with white sands in January instead of white snow — from the cold wintry blasts of the North, tourists flock to the sun in Daytona Beach. And of course, we can ' t miss the treat of a trip to Marine Studios; so our tally-h o is next directed here. n St. Augustine we stop to visit the old- est schoolhouse in the United States and the historic fort there. ' : , - ' ■Viv 3 »9» u |c r e Ik Another of Florida ' s large cities is Jack- sonville — a thriving industrial center with adjacent play- ground. £? 1 :. {!. ' I . IPS r If ' Msin ' • : ill I— L ■« ; «a, 7 1 The coachman heralds our arrival in Tallahassee as the capitol building comes in view over the hill. Our destination finally reached, we show our visitors with pride the campus of Florida State University. ROWENA LONGMIRE STUDENT ALUMNI BUILDING BRYAN HALL MAGNOLIA HALL Dining Hall Women ' s Gymnasium Music Building STUDENT UNION BUILDING Having viewed our campus, the Seminoles vote unanimously to change their status from visitor to resident of Florida State University. 1 I -■ ■ 1 ' i ' ! V ■ vW THE HONORABLE FULLER WARREN Governor of the State of Florida The Board of Control. (Left to right) Hollis Rinehart, Miami; N. B. Jordan, Quincy; Chairman Frank M. Harris, St. Pet- ersburg; Eli H. Fink, Jacksonville; and George J. White, Sr., Mt. Dora. DOAK S. CAMPBELL President of Florida State University The Board of Control views with approval FSU ' s master campus plan. Shown inspecting the plan are (left to right) : Frank W. Bail, Jr., FSU President Dock S. Campbell; Board Chairman Frank M. Harris, Frank W. Bail, Sr., Architect Jean Labatut; Board Members N. B. Jordan, Geo. J. White, Sr., and Eli H. Fink. A EU ZABf orne n As s stont U GLOVER E. TULLY Acting Director of Vocational Guidance Dean .Ki R V A LVCt , sciences ED ' l Arts and u. Cotteoe ° of the RALPH L. EYMAN Dean of the School of Education Academic MARGARET R. SANDELS Dean of the School of Home Economics Deo " of „ " N fC. COYLE E. MOORE Dean of the School of Applied Social Sciences Domini strati, m; Director HALE G. SMITH of the NAuseum of RICHARD B. EIDE Director of the School of Journalism Department BEATRICE B. WILLIAMS Head of the Art Department MARY NOKA HOOD Head of the Bacteriology Department rnent KARL DITTMER Head of the Chemistry Department LYMAN D. TOULMIN Head of the Geology Department VENILA L. SHORES Head of the History Department WERNER A. BAUM Head of the Meteorology Department THOMAS L. WADE Head of the Mathematics Department V ead , me W° de ' " I »1 Ida FS ? ?7p f B. S. BARR Head of the Military Department ANNA FORBES LIDDELL Head of the Philosophy and Religion Department HAROLD F. RICHARDS Head of the Physics Department HUGH L. WASKOM Head of the Psychology Deportment RAYMOND BELLAMY Head of the Sociology Department Head of D t t M z ° eVl Y frie Oology Dpr , yy Ue Partment CLARENCE W. EDNEY Head of the Speech Department W. HUGH STICKLER Chairman of General Education RUTH S. BREEN Chairman of Biological Science in General Education ° EL %er E sono M «« t Heolth and Ver JAMES PAUL STOAKES Head of Communication through Language, General Education ROBERT MILLER Chairman of Humanities in General Education MARY ELIZABETH MITCHELL Chairman of History in General Education SADIE G. YOUNG Chairman of Social Science in General Education THOMAS R. LEWIS Chairman of Speech in General Education HAROLD E. SUTTON Head of Art Education Department e OA e, or HOWARD DANFORD lead of Department of Physical Education for Men KATHERINE MONTGOMERY Head of Department of Physical Education for Women HAZEL T. STEVENS Head of the Clothing and Textiles Department ANNA CAROL FULTS Head of the Home Economics Education Department RUTH CONNOR Head of the Department of Home and Family Life J. FRANK DAME Head of the Commerce Department Class of 1950 .hO oLove P re5lde T;;osurer , „ t . Dorothy u V ce-Pf es,de r cho.rmon. Roche, v ' , , Social « " (Left to nv Secreta rv S choonrr.o ker ' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Moll Qt sh u ' 3ht) . .?■•;•- M ; ° " o , J ° Ot. e 7 S ' Uli Qrr, lQ Pki, " -is Q o Ss SENIORS ABBOTT, BETSEY Pensacola B. S., Arts and Sciences, Zoology; Alpha Gamma Delta. ALBRIGHT, WM. G. St. Petersburg B. S., Applied Social Sci- ences, Hotel and Restau- rant Management; Phi Kappa Tau, President; Gold Key; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tally-Ho, Busi- ness Manager; IFC; Jun- ior Hotel Men of Amer- ica; " F " Club, Secretary; Tennis; L ' Apache; Elec- tion Committee, Chair- man; Social Standards Committee. ALLEN, JACQUIE Fort Myers B. S., Education, Spee ch; Mortar Board; Garnet Key; Zeta Phi Eta, Pres- ident; Junior Counselor; Debate Team; Sophomore Council; F Club; Sand- spur ' 49, Chairman; Tally-Ho ' 50, Editor; Flambeau Staff; Speech Department Productions. ADAMS, GUSSIE S. Archer B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Home Economics Club; Transfer Counselor. ALBRITTON, DAL Tallahassee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Kappa Alpha, President; Senior Class, President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Writer ' s Club, President; Gold Key; MGA; Talaria; IFC; WFSU; Eddy Arnold Fan Club, President; Univer- sity Council; Debate Team. ALLEN, RAY F., JR. Milton B. S., Applied Social Sci- ences, Commerce; Alpha Kappa Psi. ADAMS, HELEN Holt A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education. ALBRITTON, GLORIA PERSIS Sarasota B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Alpha Chi Omega; Sophomore Council; Tally-Ho Staff; Home Economics Club. ADAMS, HUGH Punta Gorda B. S., Education, Social Studies; Men ' s F Club, President; Chairman, Uni- versity Athletic Commit- tee; Football, Captain, Little All American Tackle; Seminole Flying Club; Omicron Delta Kappa. ALFORD, BETTY J. Bonifay B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Omicron Nu; Home Economics Club; Band; Junior Counselor. ADKINSON, A. M. Bonifay B. M. E., Music, Instru- mental Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha; Band; Or- chestra. ALFORD, ROBERTA S. Grand Ridge B. S., Public Administra- tion; Flambeau; Press Club; Freshman Flunkies; Pi Alpha Sigma. ALLEY, DOUGLAS Pulaski A. B., Education; Kappa Delta Pi; WFSU; Gold Key; Writer ' s Club; Geography Club; Flam- beau. AMOS, MARTHA F. Pensacola B. S., Education, Elemen- tary Education; BSU; Geography Club; YWCA; University Singers; Senior Hall. ANDERSON, ADA L. Pierson B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Kappa Delta Pi; Home Economics Club; Lutheran Stud ents League. ' 50 ANDERSON, ADRIAN L. Greensboro B. S., Arts and Sciences, Economics; Alpha Tau Omega. ANDERSON, ELIZABETH ANN St. Petersburg B. S., Arts and Sciences, Physics; Freshman Flunk- ies; Vestry, Canterbury Club; Speech Department Productions. ANDERSON, ISHAM L. Monticello B. S.. Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Delta Tau Delta; P r e - L a w Club. ANDERSON, JOHN K. Manatee B. S., Commerce, Ac- counting; Alpha Kappa Psi. ANTHONY, AUDREY L. Apalachicola B. S., Education, Business Education; Freshman Flunkies; Wesley Found- ation; Landis, Vice-Presi- dent; Business Education Club, President. ANTINORI, FRANCES M. Tampa A. B., Education, Health Education; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Cotillion; Health Education C 1 u b; AAHPER; New man Club. ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH ANN Lakeland A. B., Education, Arc Education; Art Club; Pow Wow Art Editor. ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH W. Ft. Lauderdale B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Alpha Chi Omega; Freshman Senator; Soph- omore Council; Honor Committee; Cotillion. Secretary. ARMSTRONG, NORMA JEAN Bean City B. S., Home Economics, Hospital Dietetics; Home Economics Club; YWCA; BSU. ARROJO, BEATRICE C. Tampa B. S., Education, Elemen- tary Education; Los Pic- aros; Newman Club. ARROWSMITH, KATHERINE Jacksonville B. S., Home Economics. Retailing; Alpha Gamma Delta; Home Economics Club. ASPINWALL, KATHRYN Jacksonville B. S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Kappa Delta Pi; " F " Club; Garnet Key; Sophomore Council; Life Saving Corps In- structor; AAHPER. ATKINSON, MARY V. St. Petersburg A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Zeta Tau Alpha; Westminster Fellowship; Junior Counselor; Fresh- man Flunkies; Sigma Tau Delta. ATWATER, ARLENE Lake Worth B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Omicron Nu; Kappa Delta Pi; YWCA; Home Economics Club; Trans- fer, Palm Beach Junior College. AUGUR, JEAN Jacksonville B. S., Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology. SENIORS AUSTIN, CATHERINE NELL Apalachicola B. S., Education, Business Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Newman Club; Business Education Club. BACHE, ANNE St. Petersburg A. B., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sophomore Council; Sec- retary, Sophomore Class; University Chorus; " F " Club; Junior Counselor; University Senate; Ruge Hall Vestry; Vice-Pres., Senior Class. BAGGETT, MARY L. Tallahassee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Medical Technology. BANKS, WILMER C. Tallahassee B. M. E., Music; Phi Kappa Lambda; Phi Mu Alpha; Symphony Orches- tra. BANNERMAN, ROBERT LEE, JR. Tallahassee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Economics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres.; Junior Class, Pres.; University Executive Council; L ' Apache; Gold Key; De- bate Team; IFC, Pres. BARBER, HARVEY C, JR. Cottondale B. S., Applied Social Sci- ences, Commerce; Alpha Kappa Psi; F Club. BARKOSKIE, ESTON L., JR. Ponte Vedre B. S., Applied Social Sci- ences, Hotel and Restau- rant Management; Lamb- da Chi Alpha; Delta Sig- ma Pi; Junior Hotel Men of America; Newman Club; University Senate; Transfer, University of Florida. BARNES, BETTE Hollywood A. B., Arts and Sciences, Religion; Garnet Key; Tarpon Club, Pres.; Wes- ley Foundation, Pres.; Honor Court; Women ' s Judiciary; So p h o m o r e Council; Junior Counsel- or; Freshman Flunkies. BARNES, ELIZABETH ANNE Lakeland B. S., Applied Social Sci- ences, Social Work; Kap- pa Delta; Social Work Club; Tally-Ho; Usher Committee; Fresh man Flunkies; Junior Counsel- BARNES, JOE ANN Clearwater B. S., Education, Elemen- tary Education; Alpha Delta Pi; South Cawthon, Pres.; University Chorus. BARTLEY, CAMILLA Sebring B. S., Applied Social Sci- ences, Business Educa- tion; Delta Zeta; Fresh- man Flunkies; Day Stu- dent Counselor; West- minster Fellowship; Busi- ness Education Club; Sandspur. BASS, MARGERY Sweetwater, Ala. B. S., Arts and Sciences, Sociology; YWCA; Wes- ley Foundation; Women ' s Glee Club; Junior Coun- selor; IRC; Sandspur. BASSETT, JOE Penacook, N. H. B. S., Education, Physical Education; Theta Chi; P. E. Club; Golf; F Club; Vice-Pres., AAHPER. BAUKNIGHT, ARTHUR W. Jacksonville B. S., Applied Social Sci- ences, Commerce; Sigma Nu. BAXTER, GLORIA S. Gainesville A. B., Library Training and Service, Library Sci- ence; Flambeau Staff; North Cawthon, Pres. 50 BAYARD, MAX McMURRAY, JR. Sarasota B. S., Education, Physical Education; Volleyball; Radio Workshop; Men ' s Physical Education Club, President; Gold Key, Sec- retary; Tally-Ho; Circus. BEAUDOIN, MIKE St. Augustine A. B.j Journalism; Editor Flambeau. Asst. BECKER, NATALIE M. Bartow B. S., Education, Kinder- garten; Alpha Delta Pi; Transfer, Sullins Junior College. BECKHAM, HAL D. Blakely, Ga. B. S., Applied Social ences, Commerce. Sci- BEDELL, MAHLON Woodbine, Ga. A. B., Arts and Sciences, Spanish. BEDGOOD, MYRON W Hayward, Calif. B. S.. Education, Social Science; Lambda Chi Al - pha. BEELER, CARL V. Tallahassee B. S., Public Administra- tion; Kappa Alpha; Gold Key; Cavaliers; Sandspur ' 49; Speech Department Productions. BELL, JACK ALEX Marianna B. S., Arts Physiology; Club. ind Sciences, Pre- Med BELL, SHIRLEY Pensacola A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Kap- pa Delta. BENKERT, JOHN O. Lawrence, N. Y. B. S., Arts and Sciences, Economics; Sigma Phi Epsilon; F Club; New- man Club; Flambeau Staff; Swimming Team, Captain; Pre-Law Club; Tall y-H o, Advertising Manager; IFC. BENNETT, GLORIA Miami Beach J. BERG, A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Cotillion; Freshman Flunkies. ELIZABETH Tampa A. B., Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Band; YWCA; Flambeau, Busi- ness Manager; Sandspur; Co-chairman Jr.-Sr. Prom; Tally-Ho; Mortar Board; Christian Science Organ- ization; WFSU; Garnet Key. BERKNER, THOMAS L. Sanford B. S., Education. BERNDT, RICHARD B. Coral Gables B. S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Theta Chi; Swimming Team. BERT, VIRGINIA Havana B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Sigma Kappa; Home Ec. Club. jf J ' fiiMeV ' F 5- ' V SENIORS BETTS, WOODIE ANN Tampa B. S., Applied Social Sci- ence, Social Work; Delta Delta Delta; Sophomore Class, President; Sopho- more Council; Senate; Garnet Key. BEVIS, LAWSON H. Tallahassee B. S., Education. BIRD, LEE Monticello B. S., Home Economics; Kappa Delta; Freshman Flunkies; Sophomore Council; Home Ec. Club; Flambeau. BLANTON, CATHERINE, " CAPPY " Bradenton A. B.. Arts and Sciences, Social Studies; Alpha Delta Pi; Parliamentarian, Sophomore Class; Treas- urer, UGA; Phi Alpha Theta; " F " Club; Junior Counselor; Senior Class Marshal. BLOUNT, BETTY R. Quincy A. B., Arts and Sciences, English. BLOUNT, ELIZABETH Grand Ridge A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; BSU. BOLING, BARBARA A. Jacksonville A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Sigma Kappa; Sa n d s p u r; Canterbury Club; Junior Counselor; " F " Club. BOND, HAYVVARD R. Thomasville, Ga. B. S., Commerce, Applied Social Science, Business Education; Delta Sigma Pi; Business Education Club. BONEY, MATTIE W. High Springs B. S,. Education; BSU. BORGERT, JOSEPH Chickasaw, Ohio B. S., Applied Social Sci- ence, Commerce. BOSSIDY, ELLEN Cocoa B. S.. Education, Elemen- tary Education; Newman Club. BOYDEN, BARBARA Pensacola A. B., Education, Sec- ondary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Pres.; Pan- Hellenic Council; New- man Club; Freshman Flunkies. BOYLAN, HAROLD G. St. Albans, N. Y. B. S., Education, Physical E d u c a tion; Swimming Squad; AAPHER. BRADFORD, ALBERT C. Tallahassee B. S., Education, Math- ematics; Track; Circus; Vice-Pres., Male Chorus; University Chorus; Phi Mu Alpha; Gold Key; Sandspur. BRADSHAW, BILLIE Jasper B. M. E., Music, Music E d u c a tion; University Singers; Band. ' 50 BRAIDWOOD, PATRICIA RUTH Miami A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; New- man Club; Geography Club; Landis Social Com- mittee. BRECKENRIDGE, ROBERT Orlando B. S., Applied Social Sci- ence, Commerce. BRENNAN, BARBARA DEE Jacksonville Beach B. S., Applied Social Sci- ences, Social Work; Al- pha Xi Delta. BRENNEIS, JEAN Hawthorne B. S., Education, Elemen- tary Education; Junior Counselor. BRETT, HENRY J. Tallahassee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Pi Kappa Phi; IFC. BRIGHT, EARLINE Jacksonville B. S., Education, Biology. BRINDAMOUR, ELIZABETH Saflord, Ariz. B. M. E., Music, Music Education; Delta Delta Delta; University Chorus; University Singers; Trans- fer, Adelphi College. BROADHURST, WENDELL Daytona Beach B. S., Political Science; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Adel- phos Society. BROADRICk, LAWSON K. Dalton, Ga. B. S., Arts and Sciences, Zoology. BROCK, BETTY JO Sanford B. S., Applied Social Sci- ences, Social Work; Pi Beta Phi; Freshman Flunkies; Cotillion Club; Social Work Club. BROOKS, LEE St. Petersburg B. S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Gold Key; Newman Club; Psychol- ogy Club; Social Stand- ards Committee; MGA- UGA Senate; Debate Team. BROOME, LAURA J. Fort Lauderdale B. S., Arts and Sciences, Zoology; Symphony Or- chestra; Wesley Founda- tion. BROWN, ALVIN H. Atlanta, Ga. A. B., Arts and Sciences, Political Science. BROWN, JOANNA J. West Palm Beach B. S., Home Economics, Clothing and Textiles; Delta Delta Delta; Fresh- man Flunkies; Off-Cam- pus Court. BROWN. JOSEPH A. Bonifay B. S., Education; Adel- phos Society. r %m? tm m Y fs P ' SENIORS BROWN. MARCUS HENRY, III Jacksonville B. S., Education, Natural Sciences. BROWN, MARK A. Tampa B. S., Education, Physics; Swimming. BROWN, SUZANNE Homestead B. S., Education, Elemen- tary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Freshman Flunk- ies; Usher Committee; Tally-Ho, Managing Ed- itor; Ruge Hall Vestry; Chairman, Social Stand- ards Committee; Organi- zations Committee; Sen- ior Hall; Sandspur. BROWNE, FRANCES T. Lakeland A. B., Arts and Sciences, History. BROWNING, MARTHA ANNE Orlando B. S., Applied Social Sci- ences, Social Work. BROXTON, MARGARET ANN Pensacola A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education. BULLOCK, SIBYL East Palatka B. S., Home Economics, Home Ec. Education; Home Economics Club; Freshman Carnival. EUNNY, VIVIAN MARY Tampa A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Jun- ior Counselor; YWCA; Westminster Fellowship. BURDETT, DIANE ELIZABETH Jacksonville A. B., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Kappa Alpha Theta. BURDINE, MARTHA Leesburg B. S., Home Economics, Home Ec. Education; Al- pha Gamma Delta; Home Economics Club; Sand- spur. BUSH, CAROLYN SUE New Smyrna Beach A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Uni- versity Chorus; Speech Department Productions, Freshman Flunkies: Freshman Carnival; Lower Court. BUSH, LYVERNE Bonifay A. B., Arts and Sciences. English; Alpha Lambda Delta; Senior Hall; Flam- beau. B. S ogy. BUTLER, IKE M. Jennings Education. Sociol- BYRD, AUDREY Miami B. S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Sophomore Council; Junior Counsel- or; Senior Hall Council; YWCA, President; WSSF, Chairman. CALDWELL, MARY VIRGINIA Sarasota B. S., Education, Physical Education; " F " Club; YWCA; AAHPER; PEA. I ' 50 CAMARDA, RUSSELL J. Brooklyn, N. Y. CAMERON, HILLIARD Gainesville B. S., Education, Physi- A. B., Arts and Sciences, cal Education; Freshmen Political Science. Flunkies; Life Saving Corps, President; AAHPER; PEA; Junior Counselor; Gymkana. CAMP BILLIE Tampa ANN B. S., Education, Physi- cal Education; PEA; AAHPER; " F " Club. CAMPBELL, EDWARD J. Miami B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Phi Kappa Tau; Gold Key; Seminole Rifle Club; Al- pha Kappa Psi; Men ' s Honor Court; Pre-Law Club; Chairman, Student Budget Committee. CAMPBELL, HAZEL EVELYN Dundee B. S., Education, Mathe- matics; Alpha Xi Delta. CANNON, CURTIS W. CARLISLE, ANN CARN, NANCY ELOISE CARNEY, CARPENTER, St. Augustine Sneads Tallahassee ROBERT TOBIAS St. Petersburg ARCHER EUGENE Orlando A. B., Arts and Sciences, B. S., Applied Social B. S., Applied Social Physiology; President, Sciences, Accounting; Sciences, Social Work; A. B., Arts and Sciences, B. S., Arts and Sciences, Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre- Sandspur; Even Dance Delta Delta Delta; Trans- Pre-Med Club. Political Science; Delta Med Club. Leader; Tally Ho; Social fer, Mary Baldwin Col- Tau Delta; Men ' s Honor Chairman; Junior Coun- lege. Court; University Honor selor; Y W C A ; W R A Court; Chairman, Co-op Board; BSU; Pow Wow. Committee. CARROLL, KATHRYN CARTER, BETTY JO CARTER, ELISE CARTER, NELLE ADA CARY, JOHN T„ JR. Gainesville Oxford Baker Orlando Pensacola B. S., Home Economics, A. B., Education, Ele- B. S., Education, English; B. S., Applied Social B. S., Arts and Sciences, Retailing; Delta Delta mentary Education; Judiciary; So. Cawthon, Sciences, Social Work; Economics; Alpha Tau Delta. Chorus; Symphonic Band, Pres.; Honor Committee; Pi Beta Phi; Freshman Omega; University Ath- Junior Counselor; Judi- Philosophy Club; Discus- Flunkies; Social Work letic Committee; Univer- ciary. sion Club; Junior Coun- selor. Club. sity Budget Committee; L ' Apache, President. SENIORS CASE, ROBERT WILLIAM Peru, Indiana B. S., Education, Physi- cal Education; Pi Kappa Alpha. CASON, JUNE MARIE Plant City CASSADY, HELEN Graceville B. S., Home Economics, A. B., Education, Ele- Clothing and Textiles. mentary Education. CASSELS, ISLA JUNE Arcadia A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; YWCA; Wesley Founda- tion. CAWTHON, LEWIS DeFuniak Springs B. S., Arts and Sciences, Botany. CAWTHON, MARY VIRGINIA DeFuniak Springs B. S., Arts and Sciences, Physiology; Vice Pres., Cawthon N.; " F " Club; Pre-Med Club. CAWTHON, SARAH CATHRYN DeFuniak Springs B. S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics ; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Classics Club. CHAFFIN, ROBERT F. Rome, Ga. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. CHANDLER, HERBERT W. Tallahassee A. B., Applied Arts and Sciences, C o m m erce; Alpha Kappa Psi. CHANDLER, MARTHA HEWETT Tallahassee A. B., Arts and Sciences, Art. CHAPPELL, BABBARA LEONA Jacksonville B. S., Education, Mathe- matics; University Sing- ers; Transfer, Jacksonville Junior College. CHASTAIN, GERALDINE Bradenton B. S., Applied Social Science, Business Educa- tion; Business Education Club; Pi Omega Pi. CHILLINGWORTH, MARIE West Palm Beach A. B., Arts and Sciences, Design; Kappa Alpha Theta; Freshman Flunk- ies; Sophomore Council; Social Standards Commit- tee; Christian Science Organization, President; Junior Class Social Chair- man; Sandspur. CHURCH, BARBARA NAN Ellenton B. S., Education, Physi- cal Education; Kappa Delta Pi; " F " Club. CLARK, ANNA DELL Lakeland B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Mag- nolia, President; Judi- ciary; Geography Club; YWCA. ' 50 CLARK, EDITH ALMEDA Jacksonville B. S., Home Economics, Clothing and Textiles; Newman Club; Junior Counselor; Home Econo- mics Club; Sandspur, Circus. CLARK, JOYCE Tampa B. S., Home Economics, Child Development. CLEMONS, MYRTICE Palmetto B. S., Education, Mathe- matics; Circus. CLIFTON, VERNON R. Holly Hill A. B., Arts and Sciences, Religion and Philosophy; BSU. CLONTS, MILDRED FAYE Stuart A. B., Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Junior Counselor; Westminster Fellowship; IRC. CLOUD, JO ANN Orlando A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sophomore Council; Gar- net Key; University Sen- ate; Women ' s Senate; F Club; Tally Ho; Phi Kappa Phi; Debate Team. COGBURN, WILLIAM A., JR. Marianna B. S., Arts and Sciences, Botany. COLE, QUENTIN W. Upper Montclair, N. J. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Theta Chi; Swimming Team; Sandspur; L ' Apache; I F C; Band; Social Work Club. COLEMAN, JOYCE Tallahassee A. B., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Alpha Chi Omega, Pres.; Pan Hellenic Council. COLEMAN, ROSE ELLEN Umatilla B. M. E., Music, Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota. COLLIER, J. ALCYONE Bartow A. B., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Alpha Xi Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; Tarpon; Junior Counselor. COLLIER, JAMES Q. Jay A. B., Education, Applied Social Sciences. COLLIER, ROBERT W. Blakcly, Ga. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. COLLINS, BETTY Jacksonville A. B., Arts and Sciences, Modern Languages; Zeta Tau Alpha; University Honor Court; Westmin- ster Fellowship; Sopho- more Council; Garnet Key; Judiciary Chairman; Mortar Board; Sigma Delta Pi; Los Picaros. COLLINS, CALVIN RAY Umatilla B. S., Education, Physical Education; Pi Kappa Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Basketball; Baseball; AAHPER; Men ' s Physical Education Club; F Club. SENIORS mt -w COLONNESO CATHERINE Palmetto B. S., Library Sciences; Soltas; Newman Club. CONE, WESLY Pelham, Ga. A. B., Education. COOK, BETTY Miami B. S., Arts and Sciences, Medical Technology; Alpha Chi Omega; Or- chestra; Canterbury Club. COOK, NELL Marianna B. S., Arts and Sciences, Chemistry; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Pre-Med Club; ACS. COOKE, ELLEN SPERRING Live Oak A. B., Education, mentary Education. El( COOKE, HENRY Sarasota A. B., Education; Sigma Nu; Male Chorus. COOPER, HOWARD L. Tallahassee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Economics; President. Men ' s Archery Club. COOPER, ROBERT St. Petersburg B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m m e r c e; Theta Chi. COPPEDGE, CHARLES DWANE Clearwater B. M. E., Music, Compo- sition; Phi Mu Alpha; University Singers. CORSO, MARIO PAUL Brackenridge, Pa. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; F Club; Newman Club; Business Education Club; YMCA; Track. COTTON, DORIS EVELYN Esto B. S., Arts and Sciences, Zoology. COVINGTON, JOAN EVELYN Pensacola A. B., Education, mentary Education. COUNCIL, BARBARA JEAN Tampa Ele- A. B., Education, Eng- lish; Alpha Delta Pi; Fresh m a n Flunkies ; Kappa Delta Pi. COWART, LUANN HARRY Miami B. S., Arts and Sciences; Zeta Pi Eta; Cotillion. COWART, RALPH L. Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; F Club; Golf; Cavaliers. ' 50 COWDERY, BARBARA JEAN Hollywood B. S., Education, Physical Education; YWCA; Soph- omore Council; WRA, Pres.; Mortar Board; PEA; Garnet Key; Junior Counselor; AAHPER; F Club. COX, JACQUELINE LOUISE Tampa B. M. E., Music, Voice; Sigma Kappa; Glee Club; Soloist, Male Chorus. COX, ROSALYN Fernandina A. B., Education, Spanish; Los Picaros, President; Glee Club; S p a n i s h House, President. CRAIG, NINA LOUISE Dade City B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Glee Club; Social Work Club. CRAVEY, LUNETTE Miami B. S., Education. CREWS, ELINOR FRANCES Keystone Heights B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work, President, Social Work Club; Symphony Or- chestra; YWCA. CRIBBS, EVELYN Branford B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion. CROSS, CARRIE SUE Ft. Pierce B. S., Home Economics Education; Home Eco- nomics Club; Judiciary; Lower Court. CROWELL, JACK Truro, Nova Scotia B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Phi Kappa Tau; Cavaliers; Flambeau; Tally Ho; Sandspur. CRUM, LOU JEAN Weirsdale A. B., Education, His- tory; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sophomore Council. CULBRETH, BAYNE Panama City B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Band; AAHPER. CULBRETH, HELEN R. Panama City B. S., Education, Busi- ness Education; Univer- sity Singers; Business Education Club. CULBRETH, SARA ELIZABETH Panama City B. S„ Education, Ele- mentary Education; Circus. CUMMINGS, GLORIA ANN Coral Gables B. S., Education, Speech. CUMMINGS, ROBERT E. Norman, Indiana B. S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Basketball. SENIORS CURTIS, MARY CAROLYN Tallahassee R. M. E., Music Edu- cation. CURTIS, PAUL L. Neptune Reach R. S., Arts and Sciences, Speech; Sigma Phi Ep- silon, President; Debate Team. DALE, CHRISTY DUNCAN, JR. Jacksonville R. S., Arts and Sciences, Social Studies; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pre-Law Club. DALE, MARIE KIRRY Lake City R. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; 4-H Club; RSU. DALSHEIMER, RARRARA CORINNE Tampa R. S., Education, Physical Education. DANIELS, DOLORES E. Haines City R. S., Elementary Educa- tion; Sandspur. DART, RORERTA Jacksonville R. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Phi Mu; Circus; Glee Club; Freshman Flunkies. DAURMAN, HOWARD Fort Myers R. S., Education, Science; Kappa Delta Pi. DAVIS, ISAREL D. Miami R. S., Applied Social Science, Social Work. DEAN, CAROL Tallahassee A. R., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Freshman Car- nival; Los Picaros; Spanish House; Junior Counselor. DELAND, GRAYDON S., JR. Tallahassee A. R., Arts and Sciences, Economics; Lambda Chi Alpha. DELAVAN, LOIS VIRGINIA Rradenton A. R., Arts and Sciences, Journalism; Flambeau, Tuesday Editor; F Club; Sophomore Council; Tally Ho; Even Golf Leader; Flamboyants. DE VERNER, JOAN Daytona Reach R. A., Arts and Sciences, Spanish. DICKIE, MARTHA NEAL Palmetto R. S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology. DICKS, JOHN C, JR. Lake Worth R. S., Applied Arts and Sciences, Commerce. ' 50 DI FABRIZIO, DINA Tampa B. S., Commerce, Ac- counting. DILSAVER, ED St. Augustine B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m m e r c e; K a p p a Alpha; Honor Court; Gold Key; Foot- ball; Sandspur. DIX, M. RUTH West Palm Beach B. S., Education, Physical Education; AAHPER; F Club. DIXON, ROSEMARY Tampa B. S., Applied Arts and Sciences, Business Ad- ministration. DODD, RANDELL DIXON St. Petersburg A. B., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Phi Delta Theta; University Honor Court; Gold Key; Sigma Delta Pi; Phi Mu Alpha; Male Chorus; Sandspur; Omi- cron Delta Kappa. DOHLIN, NANCY Miami A. B., Education, mentarv Education. Ele- DOLACK, DAN H. Upper Darby, Pa. B. S., Journalism; Flam- beau; Press Club. DONOGHUE, LESLIE H. West Palm Beach B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. DORSEY, LAURA AGNES Crestview B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Home Economics Club. DOSS, CHARLES R. Tavares B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m mere e; Delta Sigma Pi. DOSSEY, IRIS HILDA Plant City B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; BSU; Junior Counselor; Lower Court; Chairman, Orientation Committee; Chairman, TB Christmas Seal Sale; Social Work Club. DOUGLAS, CAROLYN Dade City A. B., Education, Social Studies; BSU; University Singers. DOUGLAS, FRANCES Weirsdale B. S., mentary Education, Education. Ele- DRAKE, CHARLES DARRELL Lake Worth B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Economies; Delta Tan Delta. DRAPER, ARTHUR D., JR. Sarasota B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Business Ad- ministration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Baseball; Uni- versity Chorus. SENIORS DRAUGHON, H. ELLIS Okeechobee B. M. E., Music Educa- tion; Phi Mu Alpha, Vice Pres.; Male Chorus; Uni- versity Chorus. DREW, JOHN WALTER Quincy B. S., Arts and Sciences, Economics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DUNAWAY, MEDFORD Clewiston B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Insurance; Alpha Kappa Psi. DUNCAN, NORMAN W. Jacksonville A. B., Arts and Sciences, Psychology. DUVAL, MRS. ELENE Tallahassee A. B., Education, mentary Education. Ele- EARNHART, ETHLYN LOUISE Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Science, Social Work; Day Students Organiza- tion. EARP, BERNACE B. Thomasville, Ga. B. S., Social Work; Sigma Nu; Social Work Club. EATOUGH, NANCY ELLEN Miami B. S., Home Economics, Dietetics; Home Ec Club. ECKHART, LEWIS V. Zephyrhills B. S., Education, Mathe- matics; Cavaliers; Sand- spur. ECKSTEIN, FREDA M. Eustis B. M. E., Music Educa- tion; University Chorus. EDENFIELD, JOHN R. Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Science, Public Admini- stration. EDENFIELD, MARY GRIMSLEY Panama City B. S., Education, Busi- ness Education; BSU; Choir; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi. EDGE, CAROLYN MAY Hawthorne A. B., Library Science, English. EDWARDS, SHERWOOD Apalachicola B. S., Physical Education, Pi Kappa Alpha; Basket- ball. EDWARDS, VALMA Y. Tallahassee B. S., Education, Mathe- matics; BSU; Day Stud- ents Organization. ' 50 ' EISELSTEIN, MARGARET ELAINE Orlando A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Wes- ley Foundation; Junior Counselor; Kappa Delia Pi; University Singers. EISSEY, EDDY West Palm Beach B. S., Education, Physical Education; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi; Gold Key; Pres- ident, MGA; Senior Class Parliamentarian; Home- coming Committee; Foot- ball; University Council Sandspur; Pow Wow Gymkana: A A H P E R Intramurals. ELDEN, JEAN Tarpon Springs B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Business Edu- cation. ELDRIDGE, JEAN Cottondale B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. ELLERBE, ESTHER GLENN Orlando B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work. ELLIOT, BARBARA JOYCE St. Petersburg B. S., Arts and Sciences, Biology; Garnet Key; Tarpon; F Club; Presi- dent, Reynolds Hall; Chairman, Senior Hall, Elee t i o n s Committee; Freshman Flunkies; Junior Counselor; Lower Court. ELLIS, VI JEANNE HILDA DeLand A. B., Arts and Sciences, Political Science. ELTON, LUCY Chipley B. S., Home Economics, Home Ee. Club. ENGEL, EMMA E. Homestead B. S., Education, Mathe- matics. EULENFELD, A. LYNWOOD Orange Park A. B., Education, Geog- raphy; Geography Club. EVERETT, HELEN CONCHA St. Petersburg A. B., Arts and Sciences, Philosophy and Religion. EWING, JAMES LINNSAY St. Petersburg A. B., Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Sigma Chi; IRC. FAIRCLOTH, ROBERT G., JR. Cocoa B. S., Arts and Sciences, Economics; Phi Delta Theta; L ' Apache. FALCON, HOWARD JOHN, JR. Delray Beach A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Phi Delta Theta; Men ' s Honor Court; Uni- versity Honor Court. FANN, SAM S. Quitman, Ga. B. S., Commerce, Sales- manship; Baseball; F Club. SENIORS __ FANNIN, WILLIAM E. Raceland, Ky. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Accounting. FARNELL, BETH Oviedo B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; BSU; Garnet Key; F Club; YWCA; Home Ec Club; Soph. Council; Junior Counselor. FENN, JOHN W. Orange B. S., Journalism; Flam- beau; Press Club; Flam- bouyants. FENN, LEWIS E., JR. Orange B. S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Flambeau; Press Club; Philosophy Club. FENNELL, ROY S., JR. Douglas, Ga. B. S., Applied Social Science, Commerce; Theta Chi. FERNANDEZ, ANNA LOUISE Tampa A. B., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Los Picaros; Newman Club; IRC; Junior Counselor. FINLEY, MARY KATHERINE Orlando A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Pi Beta Phi; Freshman Flunkies; Off Campus Court. FISHER, JOHN A. Seminole B. M. E., Music, Music Composition; Phi Mu Alpha; Sandspur; Radio Workshop; Male Chorus; University Chorus. FLEMING, PHILIP J. Terra Ceia A. B., Public Administra- tion; Lambda Chi Alpha. FLOURNOY, ANNE MARIE DeFuniak Springs B. S., Home Economics, Hospital Dietetics; Presi- dent, Geography Club; YWCA. FOGARTY, BEVERLY JEAN Sarasota FOLKS, ADDIE RUTH FONES, FRANKLIN W. FOSGATE, BARBARA A. B., Education, mentary Education. Ele- Dunnellon A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; YWCA; Geography Club. Perry B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi. Coral Gables B. S., Home Economics, Child Development Kappa Alpha Theta Freshman Flunkies Cotillion. FOUNTAIN, MARGUERITTE DeFuniak Springs B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Latin Club; Home Economics Club; 4-H Club. ' 50 FROHOCK, ROBERT B. Panacea B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. FRY, ROBERT Perry B. S., Educati on, English; Kappa Delta Pi. FUTCH, SHIRLEY RUTH Ormond A. B., Education, mentary Education. GAHR, EMILY M. Orlando A. B., Arts and Sciences, Ele- English; Westminster Fellowship; Sophomore Council; Junior Coun- selor; President, Landis; F Club; Classical Club, Vice President; Garnet Key. GALLOWAY, CHARLETON JUNE DeSoto City B. S., Education, Physical Education; Sophomore Council; Junior Coun- selor; F Club; Pres., Women ' s Physical Educa- tion Association. GAMBLE, MARY LOUISE West Palm Beach B. M. E., Music Educa- tion; Orchestra. GARDNER, EDNA MABLE Jacksonville B. S., Home Economics, Clothing and Textiles, Home Economics Club. GATEWOOD, PEGGY Orlando B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Pi Beta Phi; Freshman Flunkies; Tarpon; Social Work Club. GAVIGAN, ROBERT H. Tampa B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Hotel Manage- ment; Delta Sigma Pi. GAY, ED Tavares B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Baseball. GIBSON, JULIA M. Pensacola B. S., Home Economics, Nutrition; BSU; Home Economics Club. GILBERT, KENNIS W. Tallahassee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Geology; Pi Kappa Phi. GILBERT, WILLARD T. Tallahassee B. S., Education. GILMER, MRS. POLLY Tampa GILCHRIST, JAMES GLENN, JR. Bartow B. S., Arts and Sciences, B. S., Education, Science; Psychology. Phi Delta Theta. T SENIORS GLISSON, FLOYD Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Public Admini- stration; Sigma Phi Ep- silon; Speech Production. GODFREY, WARD GRIFFITH Chipley B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. GODWIN, JOAN Chattahoochee A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta. GODWIN, OSCAR, JR. West Palm Beach B. S., Arts and Sciences, Education. GOLSON, EMILY Marianna B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education. GONG, HELEN Miami A. B., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Phi Kappa Phi; Mortar Board; Gar- net Key; F Club; Sopho- more Council; Vice Pre- sident, University Gov- ern me n t Association; Alpha Lambda Delta. GONZALEZ, RAMON, JR. Tampa A. B., Arts and Sciences, Modern Languages; Los Picaros. GOODNIGHT, BEVERLY JEANNE Pensacola A. B., Arts and Sciences; Los Picaros; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Pi. GORDY, ANN SHEPPARD Chipley B. S., Home Economics Freshman Flunkies Home Economics Club Social Standards Council Wesley Foundation. GRAHAM, ANNE M. Lakeland A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Lu- theran Students League. GRAHAM, JAMES L., JR. Tallahassee A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Chi Phi. GRAHAM, ROBERT BENJAMIN Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Accounting; Band. GRANAHAN, THOMAS F. Elmhurst, N. Y. A. B., Arts and Sciences, Political Science. GRAVELY, ROBERT T. Tallahassee A. B., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. GREEN, JETTIE E. Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Public Admini- stration; Alpha Tau Omega. ' 50 GREENE, MARION ALICIA Tampa B. S., Education, Elt mentary Education. GRIFFIN, DONALD Clearwater B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Male Chorus; University Chorus. GRIFFITH, BETTY N. Tampa B. S., Home Economics, Child Development; Home Economics Cluh. GRIMALDI, STELLA DAGMAR Tampa B. S., Arts and Sciences; Chemistry; Cotillion; American Chemistry So- ciety; Circus; Los Picaros. GRIMES, BETTY JANE Dade City B. S., Appliel Social Sciences; Accounting; Alpha Delta Pi. GROVENSTEIN, GLORIA West Palm Beach A. B., Arts and Sciences, English. GRUBB, TRUDY Mt. Pleasant A. B., Arts and Sciences, Speech; Zeta Phi Eta; YWCA; Wesley Founda- tion Council. HADDEN, EDWIN E., JR. Madison B. S., Education, Science; Pi Kappa Alpha. HADSELL, SUZANNE Tallahassee HAIRE, CARL, JR. Gretna B. S., Applied Arts and B. S., Journalism. Sciences, Commerce, Tarpon Club; Mortified; Canterbury Club; Junior Counselor; Freshman Flunkies. HALL, SHIRLEY E. Miami Beach B. S., Home Economics; Alpha Omicron Pi; Uni- versity Chorus; Cotillon. HAMILTON, WANDALEE Somerset, Ky. B. S., Education, Recrea- tion; Sigma Kappa; Marching Band; Sand- spur; Symphonic Band. HAMMOCK, FRANK M. Bartow B. S., Arts and Sciences, Chemistry. HANCOCK, DREW W. Ocilla, Ga. B. S., Education, Indus- trial Arts. HANSON, JUANITA BODELL Orlando B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; YWCA; University Sing- ers; Geography Club; Senior Hall. SENIORS HARDIN, ELIZABETH LOU Lakeland A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Fresh- man Flunkies; Honor Court. HABDING, AILEEN DEAN Orlando B. S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Freshman Flunkies. HABGRAVE, EFFIE LaCrosse B. M. E., Music Educa- tion; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Junior Counselor; BSU; University Chorus; Kappa Delta Pi; Florida State Music Teachers Associa- tion. HABGBAVE, ELSIE IRENE St. Petersburg B. S., Home Economics Junior Counselor; 4-H Home Economics Club Omicron Nu. HABKNESS, LOUANNA Miami B. S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Chi Omega. HABMON, JEBOME E. Panama City B. S., Education, Biology. HABPEB, JOYCE Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Science, Social Work, BSU; Junior Counselor; Social Work Club. HABBIS, HELEN MABGABET St. Petersburg B. S., Arts and Sciences, Biology; Sophomore Council; Junior Coun- selor; Freshman Orienta- tion Committee; Tally Ho. HABBIS, PAUL ALLEN Jacksonville A. B., Arts and Sciences, American Studies; Sigma Chi; Cavaliers; Sandspur; Transfer, Emory Univer- sity. HARRISON, HELEN FRASIER Panama City A. B., Arts and Sciences, English. HABT, SABAH ELIZABETH Tallahassee A. B., Arts and Sciences, Art; Alpha Gamma Delta. HARTLEY, MABIE Jacksonville A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Glee Club; YWCA; French House. HARVARD, FRANCES MARY Chattahoochee A. B., Library Training and Service. HARVELL, MARIE Tallahassee A. B., Arts and Sciences, Journalism; YWCA; Day Stude n t s Organization; Social Work Club. HABVEY, CABOL Crawfordville, B. S., Education, Busi- ness Education; Business Education Club. ' 50 HATFIELD, ANN HUGHS Fort Lauderdale B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Alpha Xi Delta; Social Work Club; Senior Class Social Chairman; Pan- hellenic Council. HAYES, BOBBIE Frostproof B. S., Education, cal Education; YWCA; AAHPER. JEAN Physi- BSU; HAYMOND, THELMA GAYE Bartow A. B., Education, Education. HAYNES, MIRIAM Jacksonville A. B., Arts and Sciences, Art Speech; Alpha Lambda Delta; YWCA; University Singers; Junior Counse- lor; Zeta Phi Eta; Phi Kappa Phi; Wesley Foun- dation; Speech Depart- ment Productions. HEARN, JOSEPH GLENN Newark, Delaware B. S., Applied Science; Theta Ch Social HEDGES, FRANKLIN Melbourne B. S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Beta Phi. HEFNER, NANCY Ocala B. S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics. HELMS, HAROLD D. Brundidge, Ala. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work. HENDERSON, JEAN Miami B. S., Applied Social Science, C o m mere e; Alpha Chi Omega; Freshman Flunkies; Junior Counselor; Busi- ness Club. HENDRY, CHARLES W., JR. Tallahassee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Geology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HENLEY, SALLY CLARE Lakeland B. S., Education; Ele- mentary Education; Kappa Delta; Village Vamps. HENRY, GEORGIA THOMAS Panama City A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; YWCA; Band; Wesley Foundation. HENRY, JAMES D., JR. Live Oak B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Pres., Alpha Tau Omega. HENRY, SIDNEY S. Tampa A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Wes- ley Foundation; Univer- sity Court; Co-Chairman, Inter-Church Fellowship. HESTER, JACQUELYN Leesburg B. S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics. SENIORS HEWETT, WILLIAM D. Cairo, Ga. B. S., Applied Social S c i e n c es, Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi. HEYERDAHL, ROY B. Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Sciences; Commerce. HIGGINBOTHAM, EDWIN C. Plant City B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. HILL, ANNA Lakeland B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education Freshman Flunkies Alpha Lambda Delta Kappa Delta Pi; Univer- sity Chorus; Geography Club; University Singers; Classical Club; B S U; YWCA. HINTON, JACKIE Ft. Lauderdale B. S., Arts and Sciences, Journalism; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres.; Flambeau; Sandspur; Freshman Flunkies. HODGE, MARJORIE Tampa B. S., Arts and Sciences, Medical Technology. HOFFMAN, JULIA ANNE Fort Myers B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Social Work Club. HOLDEN, ANNA Ocala B. S., Arts and Sciences, Sociology; Freshman Flunkies; Sophomore Council; Junior Coun- selor; Flambeau; New- man Club, Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Alpha Theta; Alpha Kappa Delta. HOLLEMAN, JOSEPHINE Crestview A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education. HOLSHOUSER, EUGENE C. Linville, N. C. B. S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Geography Club. HONOUR, FRED K. Daytona Beach B. S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Delta Tau Delta, President; Phi Mu Alpha; Orchestra; Circus; IFC; Honor Committee; Florida State Symphony. HOOD, ROBERT W. Tampa B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Public Adminis- tration; Chairman, Coop Committee; Gold Key. HOPKINS, WILLIAM H. Cairo, Ga. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Kappa Alpha; M G A; Gold Key; Senior Class Marshal; University Chorus. HOSAFROS, WAYNE O. Rawson, Ohio B. S., Education, Physi- cal Education; Gymkana; Football. HOWARD, ESTHER ARNITA Plant City B. M. E., Music; Presi- dent, School of Music Students; BSU. ' 50 HARVARD, FRANCES Chattahoochee A. B., Arts and Sciences, Library Science. HOWELL, CLARA MOFFITT Fayetteville, N. C. B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Educatio n; Delta Delta Delta. 15. HOYT, SARAH Tampa S., Education, Eng- lish; Intramural Debate. HUDNALL, BETTY JEAN Jacksonville A. B., Education, Ele- mentary E d u c a ti o n; Delta Zeta; Freshman Flunkies. HUDSON, ERNESTINE Chipley B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education. HUNT, MARY ALICE Jacksonville A. B., Arts and Sciences, Journalism; Freshman Flunkies; IRC; Flamboy- ants; WFSU; Flambeau, Managing Editor. HUNTER, ELIZABETH BARDIN Live Oak B. M. E., Music, Music Education; Delta Kappa Gamma; University Chorus. HUNTER, MARILYN Auburndale B. S., Education, Physical Education; Alpha Xi Delta; F Club; Circus; Junior Counselor; Life Saving Corp; AAHPER. HUTCHINS, ELEANOR PARKER Jacksonville A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Alpha Lambda Delta. HUTTON, ELIZABETH RUTH St. Petersburg B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Circus; Transfer, St. Pet- ersburg Junior College. INGALLS, JOSEPH F. Vero Beach B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; IFC, Newman Club; Elections Committee. INGRAM, LUTHER E. Monticello A. B., Arts and Sciences, Journalism. JACKSON, SARAH VIRGINIA Sebring B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Social Work Club; Fresh- man Flunkies; Junior Counselor; YWCA; Senior Hall. JAMES, DONNA JEAN Miami B. S., Education, Mathe- matics; Alpha Lambda Delta; Wesley Founda- tion; YWCA; Geography Club. JARRATT, ROBERT, JR. Pensacola B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; L ' Apache; Tennis; F Club. SENIORS mat is mP JARRELL, WALTER G. White Springs B. S., Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology; Pi Kappa Phi; University Chorus; Band; IRC. JELKS, VIRGINIA VANCE Delray Beach A. B., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Phi M u , President; Psyche Club. JENNINGS, GEORGE GRAVELY Pensacola B. S., Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Delta Tau Delta; WFSU, Tennis. JENNINGS MARY ANN Coronado, Cal. A. B., Applied Sciences, Social Phi Kappa Phi. Social Work; JERGER, HUGH R. B. S., Arts and Sciences, Medical Technology; Theta Chi. JESSUP, CAREY CLAIBORNE Quincy B. S., Arts and Sciences, Journalism. JOHANSON, MARGARET JEANNE Miami B. S., Education, Social Studies; PEA; AAHPER; Christian Science Organi- zation; Transfer, U. of Miami. JOHNSON, BOBBIE ANN Pensacola B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work. JOHNSON, DAVID W. St. Augustine B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. JOHNSON, EMMETT R., JR. Handsom, Va. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Hotel Manage- ment; Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Junior Hotel Men of America. JOHNSON, ESTHER IVA Cocoa B. S., Education, Com- merce; BSU. JOHNSON, EVELYN Pensacola B. S., Home Economics, Dietetics. JOHNSON, GUY D. A. B., Arts and Sciences, Art; Art Club. JOHNSON WILLIAM E. Chipley B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m m e r c e; Alpha Kappa Psi. JOHNSTON, WILFRED J. Sarasota B. S., Education, Health Education; Lambda Chi Alpha; Newman Club; Elections Committee. ' 50 JONES, BERTHA ADA Tampa B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; BSU; Junior Coun- selor. JONES, DANATTA Arcadia B. S., Education, Science; Rifle Club. JONES, JIMMY Orlando B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commer c e; Alpha Kappa Psi. JONES, MARGERY NEAL Crescent City A. B., Arts and Sciences, Art; Delta Zeta; Art Club; Tally Ho; Fresh man Flunkies; JONES, MARJORIE YVONNE Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Social Work Club; Day Students Organization; BSU. JONES, MARVIN B., JR. New Smyrna Beach B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Economics. JONES, MARY ELLEN Sebring B. S., Education, Recrea- tion; University Chorus. JONES, PATRICIA ANN Orlando A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; C h i Omega; Sandspur; Village Vamps. JONES, SAM PAUL, JR. Tampa B. S., Education, Science. JORGENSEN, EDNA M. Sanford B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Lutheran Students League; University Chorus. JUNGMEYER, HELEN JOYCE A. B., Education, Recrea- tion; Sigma Kappa, Presi- dent; AAHPER; Wesley Foundation; Honor Court; Panhellenic Council; Speech Department Pro- ductions; Transfer, Duke University. KAPLAN, ZELDA Miami Beach B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Business Edu- cation; Delta Phi Epsilon, Pres.; Hillel; Business Education Club. KATES, HENRY T., JR. Jacksonville B. S., Arts and Sciences, Economics. KEENER, NANCY OLIVER St. Petersburg B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Delta Delta Delta; Tally Ho; Freshman Flunkies. KELLEY, GEORGE C. West Palm Beach B. S., Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology. SENIORS KELLEY, MARY T. Miami B. S., Arts and Sciences, Chemistry; Alpha Xi Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pres.; Pre-Med Club, Pres.; Newman Club; Freshman Carnival; Freshman Flunkies; Am- erican Chemical Society Affiliate. KENDALL, WILLIAM RICHARD Shellyville, Ind. B. S., Education, Physical Education; Phi Gamma Delta; Football; Basket- ball; F Club; Circus. KENT, CINDA Pensacola B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Kappa Delta; University Chorus; Usher Commit- tee; Social Work Club. KEYTON, ANN ELIZABETH Tallahassee A. B., Education, Ele mentary Education Alpha Lambda Delta Sophomore Council Kappa Delta Pi; Canter bury Club, President. KICKLITER, ROSEMARY Sarasota A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Geo- graphy Club; Lower Court; Transfer, Shorter College. KINARD, SARA Ocala B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Accounting; Wesley Foundation, YWCA; Freshman Flun- kies. KING, J. GORDON Tallahassee B. M. E., Music, Music Education; Symphonic Band; Marching Band; Symphonic Orch estra; Florida State Symphony; Phi Mu Alpha. KINSEY, JAMES E. Ft. Lauderdale B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m mere e; Phi Kappa Tau; Circus; Swimming; Football; F Club. KNIGHT, GODFREY Panama City B. S., Education, Physical Education. KNIGHT, WILLIAM " SKIP " Jacksonville B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha, President. KNOX, HENRY B. Wynnewood, Pa. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Advertising. KOENITZER, LISA Miami A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; North Cawthon, President; Lower Court. KOGER, LEMUEL WAYNE Jacksonville B. S., Arts and Sciences, Zoology; Theta Chi; Cavaliers; Sandspur. KUNKEL, SUZANNE St. Petersburg A. B., Arts and Sciences; Alpha Delta Pi; Village Vamps; Cheerleader; Sophomore Council; Tally Ho. LAGERGREN, WALTER Pensacola A. B., Arts and Sciences, History. ' 50 LAND, MARY Apopka A. B., Education, Ele mentary Education Alpha G a m m a Delta Freshmen Flunkies Sophomore Council Freshman Carnival; Sec retary, Sophomore Class F Club; Sandspur. LANE, LEILA KATE Orlando A. B., Arts and Sciences, Social Studies; Chi O m e g a; Fresh m a n Flunkies; Organizations Committee; University Executive Council; Sec- retary, UGA. LANEY, PATRICIA Port St. Joe A. B., Arts and Sciences, Philosophy and Religion; Sophomore Council; Uni- versity Chorus; Wesley Foundation. LANG, WILLIAM J. Umatilla B. S., Education, Physical Education; Kappa Delta Pi; F Club; AAHPER; Football Manager; Men ' s Physical Education Club; Circus. LAPPINGTON, ANGEL Pensacola A. B., Arts and Sciences, Inter- American; Newman Club; IRC. LARSON, WILDA RACHEL A. B., Education, Modern Language; Alpha Gamma Delta; Mortar Board, Garnet Key; Kappa Delta Pi; Junior Counselor; President, Bryan Hall; Women ' s Senate; Sopho- more Council. LEE, KATHERINE Bradenton B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; University Chorus; Alpha Lambda Delta; Social Work Club. LATIMER, DOROTHY ELIZABETH Miami A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Zeta Tau Alpha; President, Westminster Fellowship ; University Singers; President, Sigma Tau Delta. LEMMON, RUTH SCOTT Barberville B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Mortar Board; Gar- net Key; Women ' s Judi- ciary; Omicron Nu; Kappa Delta Pi; Home Economics Club, Presi- dent, Province IV; Wes- ley Foundation; 4 - H Club; YWCA; Sophomore Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Junior Counselor; Village, President; F Club. LAVENDER, LESTER P. St. Petersburg B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m m e r c e; Kappa Alpha. LENOX, ESTHER ELIZABETH Miami LAW, ALDINE Pinetta B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work, Social Work Club. A. B., Education, mentary Education. KI- LE VINES, JENNIE LAURA Arcadia B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Child Develop- ment. LAWRENCE, RICHARD Marianna B. S., Education, Social Sciences; Honor Com- mittee. LEWIS, H. CANFIELD Key West B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Alpha Kappa Psi; Sigma Phi Epsilon. SENIORS LEWIS, JOSEPH VIRGIL Jasper B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi. LEWIS, NORMA ELAINE Marianna B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. LILLY, DAVID Jacksonville A. B., Arts and Sciences, History. LINDLER, NANETTE Lake City B. S., Arts and Sciences, Zoology; Alpha Epsilon Delta; BSU. LIPE, LEORA Daytona Beach B. S., Education, Physical Education; Sophomore Council; F Club; AAHPER. LITTLE, ERNESTINE GRIFFIN Pensacola B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. LITTLE, FLOYD N. Pensacola B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. LITTLE, JANET ADELE Miami B. S., Arts and Sciences, Physiology; Kappa Alpha Theta; Circus; Freshman Flunkies. LITTLETON, FLORENCE ELOISE Madison B. S., Education, Social Studies; Geography Club; 4-H Club; IRC. LLOYD, JAMES F. Bradenton B. M. E., Music; Phi Mu Alpha; Band. LOFTIN, GILES O. Jacksonville B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m mere e, Delta Sigma Pi. LOMAX, ANNE Jacksonville B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m m erce, Lutheran St udents League. LOMAX, EILEEN Tampa A. B., Arts and Sciences, Social Studies; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sopho- more Council; Chairman, Honor Committee; Junior Counselor; Co-Chairman, Interchurch Fellowship; Wesley Foundation; Mor- tar Board, President; Gar- net Key; Chief Justice, University Honor Court. LONG, C. H. Crestview A. B., Applied Social Sciences, C o m m erce; Alpha Kappa Psi. LONG, GLENNA JEAN Tampa B. M. E., Music, Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota; Junior Counselor; University Chorus. ' 50 LONG, JEAN RIDGWAY Crestview B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work. LONG, JOY Palatka B. S., Home Economics, Dietetics; Home Econo- mics Club. LOVE, MARION ROBERTA Fort Lauderdale A. B., Arts and Sciences, Speech; Alpha Xi Delta; Zeta Phi Eta; Treasurer, Junior and Senior Class; Queen of Sophomore Hop; Mortified; Life Sav- ing Corps; Flambeau; Speech Department Pro- ductions. LUMPKIN, JEAN OWEN Miami A. B., Arts and Sciences, Inter - American; Sopho- more Council; F Club. LUSTER, DORIS Leesburg A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education. LYLES, SALLY Tampa A. B., Arts and Sciences, History. MACLEAN, KENNETH R. Quincy B. S., Education, Physical Education; Pi Kappa Al- pha; Football; Physical Education Club. MACON, CHARLIE M. Greensboro B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m m e r c e; Theta Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi. MADDOX. MARTHA WHELLER Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m mere e; Delta Delta Delta; Fresh- man Flunkies; University Choir. MAHER, JOHN LAWRENCE Jacksonville B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m m e r c e; Kappa Sigm a; Delta Sigma Pi. MAHON, JACK LITTLETON Port St. Joe B. S., Arts and Sciences. Psychology; Newman Club; Psychology Club; Health Education Club. MANDEVILLE, GWENDOLYN Tampa B. M. E., Music. MANGHAM, ROBERT " MACK " Miami B. S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Kappa Al- pha; Head Cheerleader; Pres., Gold Key; MGA: University Executive Council; Cavaliers; Sand- spur; WFSU; Honor Code Committee; Univer- sity Chorus. MAR OTTA, MARIAN Tampa B. S., Home Economics, Dietetics; Home Econo- mics Club. MARSHALL, RUTH L. Orlando B. S., Home Economics, Education; Omicron Nu, President; Kappa Delta Pi; Junior Counselor; BSU; Home Economics Club. SENIORS MARSHALL, WILLARD WILCO West Palm Reach A. R., Applied Social Sciences, C o m mere e; Alpha Tau Omega. MARTIN, COLEEN Miami R. S., Education, Journ- alism; Freshman Flunkies; Theta Sigma Pi; Junior Counselor; YWCA. MASSEY, RAY New Smyrna Reach R. S., Education, Physical Education. MATHEWS, SHIRLEY Plant City R. S., Education, Science. MAURER, RARRARA LOUISE Orlando A. R., Arts and Sciences, Sociology; Religious Worker ' s Council; Wesley Foundation; Junior Coun- selor; Senior Hall Coun- cil; Freshman Orientation Committee. MAY, MERTON R. Waterford, Pa. A. R., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Phi Kappa Tau; Rifle Club; Psy- chology Club. MAY, RORERT M. Hollywood R. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m mere e; Cavaliers; S w im m i n g Team. McARTHUR, MILTON P. Sneads R. S., Arts and Sciences, Geology. McRRIDE, RORERTA Tallahassee A. R., Arts and Sciences, English; Sigma Kappa; Freshman Flunkies; Sophomore Council; Pre- Law Club; Treas., UGA; Wesley Foundation. McCALL, CHARLOTTE Pine Castle R. S., Horn Clothing Home Economics Club Economies, ind Textiles; McCALL, MARVILENE Jacksonville A. R., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Freshman Flunkies; RSU; Home Economics Club. McCASKILL, PRISCILLA Perry R. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Symphonic Rand; Circus. McCOY, ELSIE Orlando MAE A. R., Arts and Sciences, English; Delta Delta Delta, President; Women ' s Senate; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sopho- more Council; Women ' s Judiciary; Mortar Roard; Garnet Key; Chairman, Off Campus Court; Or- ganization Committee; Freshman Flunkies. McCOY, WILLIAM C Tallahassee R. S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Sandspur. McCREARY, CORNELIA Jacksonville A. R., Arts and Sciences, English; Alpha Gamma Delta; Sandspur; Tally - Ho; Kappa Delta Pi; Usher Committee, Chair- man. ' 50 McDANIEL, IRIS Jacksonville B. S., Arts and Sciences, Social Studies. Mcdonald, ELEANOR Ft. Myers B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work: BSU; Social Work Club. McFARLIN, SARAH Bradenton A. B., Arts and Sciences, Art; Art Editor, Tally- Ho; Art Editor, Talaria; Art Club; Los Picaros. McGAHEE, MARTHA JEAN Jacksonville B. S., Educati on, Physical Education; Zeta Tau Al- pha; F Club; Tarpon Club; Life Saving Corps; Junior Counselor; West- minster Fellowship. McGINLEY, MARY ANNE Jacksonville A. B., Arts and Sciences, Art; Pi Beta Phi; Fresh- man Flunkies; Village Vamps; Panhellenic Council; Social Standards Committee. McGRAW, JACK E. Tallahassee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Journalism; Art Editor, Flambeau ; Geography Club. McINNIS, RACHEL Gainesville A. B., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Kappa Delta; A 1 p h a Lambda Delta; Cotillion Club; Univer- sity Chorus; Sigma Delta Pi; President, Panhellenic Council; Sandspur; Pow Wow Handbook. McKAY, SHIRLEY LOUISE Tampa A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Chi Omega; Vil- lage Vamps; Sandspur. McKINNON, JOEL L. Quincy A. B., Arts and Sciences. Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi, President. McLEMORE, MARY JANE Orlando B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. McLEOD, JANE Aucilla A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Delta Zeta; Glee Club. McLEOD, TOT Wauchula B. S., Arts and Sciences, Physiology; Alpha Epsi- lon Delta. McMASTER, LAVINIA LEONIE Tampa B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Al- pha Xi Delta; University Chorus; Freshman Flunk- ies; YWCA; IRC. McNEIR, WILLIAM V., JR. Pensacola B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Pi Kappa Alpha; L ' Apache. McPHAUL, BETTY SUE Port St. Joe A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Sigma Kappa; Psychology Club. SENIORS Mcpherson, tewy j. Greensboro B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Al- pha Kappa Psi. MELVIN, WILLIS F. Marianna A. B., Education, History. MERCER, JOHN LOUIS Fort Lauderdale B. M. E., Music; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Mu Al- pha; President, Band; University Chorus; Men ' s Glee Club. MERNER, HARRY B., JR. Jacksonville A. B., Education, Science; Sigma Chi; WFSU. MESSER, ANN Greenwood B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Business Edu- cation. MEYER, LENA Apalachicola B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Commerce Club. MEYER, MARILYN B. Gainesville B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; WFSU. MEYER, SHIRLEY ANN St. Augustine B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Alpha Xi Delta; Home Ec Club; Christian Science Organization; Junior Counselor. MICHAEL, MARY SUE Cross City B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education. MIDDLETON, MARJORIE SUE Jacksonville A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Sand- spur; Tally Ho; Transfer Counselor. MILLAR, JANET CLAIRE, Jacksonville A. B ., Arts and Sciences. Journalism; Delta Delta Delta. MILLEB, BETTY JO Ft. Lauderdale B. S., Home Economics, Child Development; Al- pha Omicron Pi; YWCA; Home Economics Club. MILLER, BILLY GENE Wausau A. B., Education, Social Science. MILLER, MARY FRANCIS Panama City B. S., Education, mentary Education. Ele MILLEB, PHOEBE CLAIRE Orlando A. B., Arts and Sciences, Speech; Freshman Flunkies; Organizations Committee; Junior Coun- selor; Speech Dept. Pro- ductions; WFSU; Zeta Phi Eta. ' 50 MILLIGAN, BURLIE MAE Auburndale B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Social Work Club. MILTON, ELIZABETH M. Marianna A. B., Arts and Sciences, Journalism; Alpha Delta Pi. MINER, MAXINE Tampa B. S., Education, Physical Education. MIZER, BARBARA Coral Gables B. S., Home Economics, Clothing and Textiles; Pi Beta Phi; Home Econo- mics Club. MOLER, BARBARA S. St. Petersburg B. S., Home Economics, Education. MOLER, ROBERT B. St. Petersburg B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Public Adminis- tration. MONTES DE OCA, ANTHONY A. Tampa B. S., Arts and Sciences, Social Studies. MOODY, RICHARD ALFRED Macon, Ga. B. S., Education, Science, Kappa Alpha; Transfer, Mercer University. MORGAN, EDRIS ELAINE Tampa B. S., Education; Flam- beau; Tally Ho; Press Club; Classical Club. MORGAN, BARBARA JEAN ( )l lanclo B. S., Arts and Sciences, Social Studies; Pi Beta Phi; Freshman Flunkies, Pres.; Women ' s Senate; Chairman, UGA Senate; Vice Pres., UGA; Forum Chairman, UGA; Chair- man of WSSF Drive; Garnet Key, Pres.; Mortar Board; BSU, Pres.; Soph- omore Hop Court; Soph- omore Council. MORGAN, GEORGE H. St. Augustine B. S., Education, Health Education; Phi Sigma Kappa; Transfer, Univ. of S. C. MORSE, GENE A. Marianna A. B., Arts and Sciences, Journalism; Flambeau. MORSE, MILDRED DOROTHY Pinetta B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Y W C A; Home Economics Club; 4-H Club; IRC; President, Parkside; Wesley Foun- dation; Freshman Ad- visor. MOSELEY, JOHN O., JR. Jacksonville A. B., Education, English. MOWISER, MARY DORIS Lakeland B. S., Home Economics, Dietetics; A 1 p h a Chi Omega. SENIORS MOYER, MARGARET Sebring R. S., Home Economics, Education; U n i versity Singers. MULLER, JUANITA Jacksonville R. S., Arts and Sciences, Riology; Circus; Newman Club; Junior Counselor. MULLIKIN, HARRY A., JR. Tallahassee R. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Phi Kappa Tau. MUNNERLYN, FRANCES MARION Kissimmee R. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Al- pha Omicron Pi; Vestry Ruge Hall. MURPHY, JACK Clearwater R. S., Arts and Sciences, Journalis m; Kappa Kappa; Flambeau; Tally Ho; Men ' s Senate; Uni- versity Senate. MURPHY, PATRICIA Rrooksville A. R., Arts and Sciences, English; Zeta Tau Alpha, President; Flambeau, Managing Editor; Garnet Key; Tally Ho; Sandspur; Junior Counselor; Alpha Lambda Delta; Flamboy- ants. MYERS, MARGUERITE R. Miami A. R., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Newman Club; Junior Counselor; Social Work Club. MYRICK, MYRIAM RETTYE Jacksonville A. R., Arts and Sciences, Art; Chi Omega; Fresh- man Flunkies; Village Vamps; Sandspur; Art Club; Whip and Derby. NAPIER, ROY T. Greenwood R. S., Education, Science; Phi Kappa Tau. NELMS, LOIS ROMOLA Tallahassee A. R., Education, Com- merce; Rusiness Educa- tion Club. NELSON, ALLEN O. Lake Worth A. R., Education, Social Science. NELSON, HAZEL ANN Panama City R. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education. NEVILLE, DOROTHY J. Miami A. R., Education, Ele- mentary Education; YWCA; Junior Counselor; Social Standards Council. NICHOLL, FRANK D., JR. Orlando A. R., Arts and Sciences, History. WILLIAMS, MARTHA JANE Rradenton R. S., Home Economics, Institution Administra- tion; Symphony Orches- tra; Rand; Home Eco- nomics Club. ' 50 NOWAK, GLORIA F. Cantonment B. S., Education, Physical Education; Circus; Wes- ley Foundation; 4 - H Club; YWCA; AAHPER. OAKS, FRANK J. Pensacola B. S., Arts and Sciences, Geography. O ' FARRELL, MARGIE ELOISE Atmore, Ala. B. S., Education, merce. Com- OLIVER, MERCIA L. Apalachicola B. S., Education, Com- merce; K a p p a Delta; Kappa Delta Pi. OLLIFF, MARTHA FRANCES Jacksonville B. S., Home Economics, Household Administra- tion; Home Economics Club. OSBORN, DOROTHY SUSAN Miami A. B., Arts and Sciences, English. OSBORN, HELEN MARGARET Miami A. B., Arts and Sciences, English. OSBURN, OLIVE CAROL Crestview B. S., Home Economics, Retail Clothing and Tex- tiles. OWENS, JUDY C. Vero Beach B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Al- pha Gamma Delta; Fresh- man Flunkies. OXER, MARY LOUISE Lake Placid A. B., Arts and Sciences, Social Work; Rifle Club; Social Work Club; YWCA. PADGETT, HERBERT R. Tallahassee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Geography, Geography Club. PAFFORD, JAMES M.. JR. Madison B. S., Education, General Science; Pi Kappa Alpha. PAGE, JAMES H. Greenville B. S., Applied Social Science, C o m m eice; Delta Sigma Pi. PARISH, PEGGY Miami B. S., Applied Social Science, Commerce; Cotillion; Circus; Sand- spur. PARISH, WYATT MITCHELL Bonifay B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m merce; Kappa Alpha; Football; F Club. SENIORS PARK, JAMES L. Pass Christian, Miss. B. S., Education, English; Band. PARKER, CHRISTINE CECILIA Tampa A. B., Arts and Sciences, German; Alpha Xi Delta; Newman Club; Flam- beau; Sandspur. PARKS, MARY ELLEN Shalimar B. S., Arts and Sciences, Commerce; Alpha Lambda Delta. PARRAMORE, NATALIE St. Petersburg A. B., Arts and Sciences, Sociology; Pi Beta Phi, President; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Village Vamps; Alpha Kappa Delta. PARRAMORE, WALTER B. Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Science, Accounting. PARRISH, ANN Gainesville A. B., Education, Recrea- tion; Zeta Tau Alpha; Wesley Foundation; Junior Counselor; F Club. PAULINE, RICHARD St. Petersburg B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Restaurant and Hotel Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; JHMA. PEARSON, PATRICIA HAMILTON Miami B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Sandspur; University Chorus; Buge Hall. PEEL, JOSEPH ELLIS Chipley B. S., Education, Physical Education; F Club; Bas- ketball; Circus; Men ' s Physical Education Club, Pres. PEEL, MARTHA Graceville B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. PENNELL, FRANK Columbus, Ga. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m m e r c e; Kappa Phi; Westminster Fellowship; Swimming. PENNINGTON, PRISCILLA IRIS Miami B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Public Adminis- tration; Sigma Kappa; Flambeau; Panhellenic Council. PERMENTER, MARIANNE Jacksonville A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Phi Mu; Senior Hall; Trans- fer, Queens College. PERRY, ELIZABETH Longwood A. B., Education, English. PETERS, LEWIS H. Albany, Ga. B. S., Education, Science. 50 PETERS, MARY FRANCES Orlando B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m mere e; Delta Zeta, President. PETTIT, MARGARET ANN Key West A. B., Education, mentary Education. PETTIT, MARY MARGARET Miami Ele- B. S., Education, Physical Education; A 1 p h a X i Delta; F Club; Junior Counselor; AAIIPER; Life Saving Corps. PETTIT, SUZANNE LISLE Haines City A. B., Arts and Sciences, Inter- American; Delta Delta Delta; Sophomore Council; Sigma Alpha Iota; University Chorus. PHILLIPS, JEANNE CAY Tallahassee B. M. E., Music, Music Education; Delta Delta Delta; University Chorus; University Singers; Freshmen Flunkies. PHILLIPS, WALTER MYLES III Jacksonville B. S., Education; Kappa Tau. Phi PORTER, LAWRENCE W. Crawfordville B. S., Education, Health Education. PORTER, PRISCILLA JANE DeLeon Springs A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Alpha Lambda Delta; Freshman Flunk- ies; Phi Kappa Phi; YWCA. PORTNOY, REBECCA IDLENE Jacksonville A. B., Education, Speech; Delta Phi Epsilon; Pres., Hillel; Pres., IZFA; Zeta Phi Eta; Off Campus Honor Court. POSEY, ROSE MARIE Largo B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m m e r c e; Freshmen Flunkies; Wes- ley Foundation. POWELL, CATHARINE A. St. Petersburg A.B., Education, Spanish; Los Picaros, Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi. POWELL, ERNIE Jacksonville B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Phi Kappa Tau. POWELL, MARTHA ELAINE Brewster B. S., Home Economics, Dietetics; Alpha Xi Delta; Home Economics Club; YWCA; Junior Counselor; BSU. POWELL, MINA JO Thomasville, Ga. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Public Adminis- tration; Freshman Flunk- ies; Wesley Foundation; Pi Alpha Sigma. POWELL, RALPH MARTIN West Palm Beach A. B., Education, Geog- raphy. SENIORS POWERS, RAMONA E. West Palm Beach B. S., Home Economics, Dietetics; Alpha Xi Delta; Home Economics Club; B S U; YWCA; Junior Counselor. PRESLEY, MARCELLE PRIEST, THOMAS M. Crestview B. S., Education, Com- merce; Business Educa- tion Club. Crystal River B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Accounting. PRITCHETT, MERRELLE Tampa B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; YWCA; Home Eco- nomics Club. PROCTOR, MARY ETHEL Hastings B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; BSU; YWCA. PUGLISI, VIOLET Tampa B. S., Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Flam- beau; Los Picaros. QUIGLEY, BILL Panama City B. S., Education, Physical Education; Kappa Alpha: F Club; Men ' s Physical Education Club; AAHPER. OUILLEN, ROBERT I. Indianapolis, Ind. B. S., Arts and Sciences, Physics; Pi Kappa Alpha; Seminole Flying Club; Rifle Club. RACKLEY, JOE ANN Tallahassee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Medical Technician; Delta Delta Delta. RAINEY, PEGGY ANN Tampa B. S., Education, Physical Education; Tarpon; Uni- versity Chorus; Mortified; Wesley Foundation; AAHPER; F Club; Women ' s Physical Edu- cation Association. RANDOLPH, BERNECE Ocala RANSOM, HENRY D. Jacksonville B. S., Education, Social B. S., Education, Corn- Science, merce; Delta Sigma Pi. RATNER, MILTON Vineland, N. J. REAGAN, FLOYCE St. Petersburg REDDICK, ERNEST Chipley B. S., Arts and Sciences, B. S., Home Economics, A. B., Education, Physical Bacteriology. Dietetics; BSU. Education; Kappa Alpha; Football; F Club; Men ' s Physical Education Club. ' 50 REGISTER, MAX Graceville B. S., Commerce, Per- sonnel Management; Phi Kappa Tau; Alpha Kappa Psi; University Chorus. REGISTER, WILLIAM PALMA Arcadia B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi. REID, HELEN RUTH Fort Myers A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; YWCA. RENTZ, BEVERLY JOAN Jacksonville A. B., Arts and Sciences, Inter-American; Los Pic- aros; Westminster Fel- lowship; Junior Coun- selor; Vice Pres., Landis. RENWICK, HILDA (MIMI) New Smyrna Beach B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Sophomore Council; Junior Counselor; Senior Hall; Vestry, Ruge Hall; Home Economics Club; Sandspur; Tally Ho. REVELS, DELZIE C. Old Town RHODES, CECIL C. Woodville RICE, VIOLET M. Washington, D. C. B. S., Applied Social A. B., Education, Social A. B., Arts and Sciences, Sciences, Public Adminis- Studies. English, tration; Men ' s Senate; Constitution Committee. RICHARD, JOSEPH D. Warrington B. S., Arts and Sciences, Physics; Rifle and Pistol Club; American Chemis- try Society; Geography Club; Newman Club. RICHBOURG, A. D. Panama City B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Business Ad- ministration; Alpha Kappa Psi. RIDGE, MARYNELL Orlando B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work. RIECKEN, JOSEPHINE L. Orlando A. B., Education, Social Science. RIGDON, JOHN NICK Tiiton, Ga. A. B., Applied Social Sciences, Accounting; Al- pha Kappa Psi. RIHERD, FRANCES Lake Butler B. S., Education, Physical Education; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Senior Intramurals, Manager; Junior Coun- selor; F Club. RIMER, BARBARA ANN St. Petersburg A. B., Arts and Sciences, Sociology; Kappa Alpha Theta. SENIORS ROBERTS. EUGENE O. Howey-in-the-Hills B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Public Adminis- tration. ROBERTS, WILLIAM C. Port Saint Joe B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m m e r c e; Delta Sigma Pi. ROBINSON, MARTHA ANN Daytona Beach B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Al- pha Omicron Pi; Fresh- man Flunkies; YWCA; Business Education Club; IRC. ROBNETT, CLEONA CURLE Lakeland A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Delta Delta Delta. ROGERS, EVELYN Annapolis, Md. B. S., Arts and Sciences, Political Science. ROGERS, MARGARET J. St. Petersburg B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Freshman Flunkies; Social Work Club; Senior Hall. ROLAND, DAVID, JR. Ocella, Ga. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. ROSE, PATRICIA ANNE Clearwater A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; President, Alpha Delta Pi; Freshman Flunkies; Sophomore Council; Alpha Lambda Delta, President; Classi- cal Club, President; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. ROSENBUSH, MARY Green Cove Springs B. M. E., Music, Piano; Alpha Chi Omega; Junior Con n s e 1 o r; University Chorus. ROSS, BETTY INEZ Dunnellon A. B., Education, English. ROWAN, SHIRLEY YVONNE Greensboro B. S., Education, Business Education; Business Edu- cation Club. RUDD, JEANNETTE Havana B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m mere e; BSU; Flambeau. RUSSELL, RICHARD L. Quincy B. S., Arts and Sciences, Economics, Alpha Kappa Psi; BSU. RUTLAND, RUTH Homestead B. M. E., Music, Music- Education; U n i v e rsity Chorus; BSU; Junior Counselor; Sigma Alpha Iota; Alpha L a m b d a Delta. RYDER, HERBOTH S. Tallahassee A. B., Arts and Sciences, Journalism; Pi Kappa Al- pha; UGA; MGA; Senior Class Marshal; IFC; Fri- day Editor, Flambeau; Gold Key; Phi Mu Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa. ' 50 SANTARONE, LEVINA J. Opa Locka B. S., Home Economics, Dietetics. SANTOS, IDA PAULA Tampa A. B., Arts and Sciences. Sociology; Zeta Tau Al- pha; President, WGA; President, Freshman Class; Sophomore Coun- cil; Garnet Key; Kappa Alpha Delta; University Council; Vice President, Westminster Fellowship; Mortar Board. SCHMIDT, GEORGE R., JR. Daytona Beach B. S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Theta Chi; Psychology Club. SCHNEIDER, FLORA JEAN Baker B. S., Education. SCHEIPER, ELEANOR Hollywood B. S., Arts and Sciences, Physiology. SCHLITT, EDGAR L. Vero Beach B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m mere e; Gold Key; Men ' s Senate; President, Newman Club. SCHAEFER, ROBERT E. Rochester, N. Y. B. S., Applied Arts and Sciences, Commerce. SCHONECK, RAY ALLEN Key West B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commei c e; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Basketball. SCHONECK, WILLIAM ROBERT Key West B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Business Ad- ministration. SCHOONMAKER, DOT Gainesville A. B., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Alpha Chi Omega; Sophomore Coun- cil; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honor Committee; Junior Counselor; Women ' s Sen- ate; Sec, Senior Class; Mortar Board; Freshman Orientation Committee. SCHROEDER, SHIRLEY Tampa A. B., Education, English; Junior Counselor. SCHWARTZ, ANN Miami Beach B. S., Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology; Delta Phi Epsilon; Los Picaros; H i 1 1 e 1; Freshman Flunkies. SCOTT, EVELYN G. Arcadia B. S., Arts and Sciences, Medical Technology; Pre- Med Club. SCOTT, MARGARET JOAN Orlando A. B., Arts and Sciences, History; Chi Omega; Whip and Derby; Geog- raphy Club; IRC; Fresh- man Flunkies; Christian Science Organization. SEGREST, ANN L. Sneads B. S., Arts and Sciences, Zoology. SENIORS SEIGLER, CLAUDE MILO Panama City B. S., Arts and Sciences, History. SELWAY, PATRICIA JEAN Miami Beach B. S., Home Economics, Child D e v elopment; Kappa Alpha Theta. SESSIONS, CLIF Tallahassee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Chemistry; American Chemical Society Affil- iate. SHEARER, GEORGIA McKENZIE Washington, D. C. A. B., Arts and Sciences, Art; F Club; Tarpon; Canterbury Club. SHEFFIELD, JOHNNIE MAE Bunnell A. B., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; BSU. SHERMAN, ROSALIE Daytona Beach A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Delta Phi Epsilon; Panhellenic Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Hillel; Social standards Committee. SHIVER, ANN J. Winter Park B. S., Arts and Sciences, Physiology; Freshman Flunkies. SHUMAN, CLIFFORD C, JR. Monticello A. B., Applied Social Sciences, Business Ad- ministration; Delta Tau Delta. SHUMAN, NINA J. Dunnellon B. S., Education, Com- merce; Alpha Gamma Delta; Newman Club. SHUMWAY, SARA J. Tampa B. S., Arts and Sciences, Social Studies; Alphu Omicron Pi; IRC. SILAS, C. E. Carrabelle B. S., Education, Physical Education; Men ' s Physi- cal Education Club; AAHPER. SINGLETARY, SARAH BRUCE Marianna B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work. SIMMS, BEVERLEY CARROLL Miami A. B., Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Los Picaros; President, IRC; UWF; Freshman Flunkies. SIMS, CLAUDE C. Port Tampa City B. S., Arts and Sciences, Physics. SKAGGS, BILLYE JUANITA Fort Pierce B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Business Edu- cation; Business Educa- tion Club; Pi Omega Pi. ' 50 SKINNER, M. CAROLYN West Point, Ga. B. S., Home Economies, Child Development; Al- pha Delta Pi. SMITH, ALLARD C. West Palm Beach B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Hotel Manage- ment; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Newman Club. SMITH, CHARLES GERALD Tallahassee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Pi Kappa Phi. SMITH, CLAIRE LOUISE Winter Haven B. S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Zeta Tau Alpha; F Club; Tally Ho, Organizations Committee, Senior Hall; Westminster Fellowship. SMITH, CLINTON F., JR. Center Hill B. S., Education, Indus- trial Arts. SMITH, DIANA HARRIET SMITH, JOAN MARVIN SMITH, LOIS IMOGENE SMITH, THOMAS P., JR. SOLOMON, ARLENE L. Orlando Miami Tallahassee Tampa Miami Beach A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; YWCA; IRC; Freshman Flunkies; Canterbury Club. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Alpha Delta Pi; Village Vamps. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Social Work Club. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m mere e; Delta Tau Delta, Pres.; Los Picaros; S p a n i s h Club; WFSU. B. S., Applied Science, Business Education; Delta Phi Epsilon; Hillel; Busi- ness Education Club. SOSIN, VIOLETTA ELA SOUTHARD, BARBARA M. SOWELL, ELVERA CROSBY SPACH HELEN PORTIA SPARKMAN, BERTHA ANN Key West New Smyrna Beach Monticello Coral Gables Dade City B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Secretarial Science; Newman Club; Los Picaros; IRC; Busi- ness Education Club. B. S., Arts and Sciences, Social Science; Sigma Kappa; Pre - Law Club; Freshman Flunkies; Sand- spur. B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education. B. S., Applied Social Sciences, C o m mere e; Sigma Kappa; Freshmen Flunkies; Freshman Car- nival; Sophomore Hop Court; Panhellenic Coun- cil; Chairman, Sandspur Dance; Cotillion Club. B. S., Education, Physical Education; Band; Life Saving Corps; AAHPER; Junior Counselor; Women ' s Physical Educa- tion Club. SENIORS SPARKMAN, GLENNA Dade City B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Accounting; University Symphony Or- chestra; Budget Com- mittee. SPEIGHT, ELEANOR Chipley A. B., Arts and Sciences, Art; Alpha Gamma Delta. SPENCE, MYRA LEE DeFuniak Springs B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Transfer, Montreat Col- lege. SPENCER, JULIE Miami B. S., Education, Ele mentary Education Westminster Fellowship Junior Counselor; YWCA Sr. Life Saver. SPENCER, MARTHA PATRICIA Laurel Hill A. B., Arts and Sciences, English. SPIVEY, JAMES M. Wausau B. S., Personnel Adminis- tration. SPOONER, BILL Havana B. S., Education, Social Studies. SPRANKLE, RITA Miami A. B., Education, Psy- chology; Alpha Gamma Delta; Geography Club, Freshman Flunkies; YWCA; IRC; Usher Com- mittee; Kappa Delta Pi; Tally Ho. STAFFORD, GLORIA LEE Marianna B. S., Applied Social Science, Social Work. STAFFORD, HARRY A. Lake Worth B. S., Applied Social Science, Commerce. STAINBACK, RICHARD C. Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Al- pha Kappa Psi. STALNAKER, DOROTHY JEANNE Haines City B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Uni- versity Chorus. STANDISH, PHYLLIS ELNORA Arlington A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pres., Pi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. STANSEL, MARY L. Tampa A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Pres., BSU; Junior Counselor. STAPLES, BEVERLY ANN Ft. Lauderdale A. B., Arts and Sciences, Sociology; Alpha Xi Delta, Pres.; Freshman Flunkies ; Westminster Fellowship; YWCA; Fres hman Advisor; Pres., Alpha Kappa Delta; Pan- hellenic Council; Garnet Key. «■!% ' 50 STEED, ALICE BURMAH Orlando A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Chi Omega; Fresh m a n Flunkies; Social Stand- ards Committee; Geog- raphy Club. STEELE, BETTY ANN Hollywood B. S., Home Economics; Alpha Xi Delta. STEVENS, BILL Hollywood B. S., Arts and Sciences, Journalism. STEWART, BETTY JOYCE Milton A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Sophomore Council; F Club; Pres., Garnet Key. STEWART, JOHN BILL Orlando B. S., Applied Social Science, C o m merce; Pres. Male Chorus; BSU. STOKES, PATSY RUTH Fort Meade B. S., Education, Social Studies. STONE, BRUCE E. Miami B.S., Library Service and Training, Library Service; YMCA; Rifle Club; IRC; World Federalist. STONER, AUSTIN D. Fort Lauderdale B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Al- pha Kappa Phi; Cavaliers. STRAUB, GLORIA REEVES Miami B. S., Arts and Sciences, M a t li e m a tics; West- minster. STRUCK, AUGUSTA E. Pensacola B. S., Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology. SUMMERFORD, JAN MORGAN Panama City B. S., Education, English. SUMMERS, JOANN Sarasota A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Uni- versity Chorus; Wesley Foundation. SWEET, JANET CAROLYN St. Petersburg B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work, Social Work Club; Trans- fer, St. Petersburg Junior College. SWINDAL, GARRETT Okeechobee B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Al- pha Kappa Epsilon. SYKES, MRS. IRENE BURTON Tallahassee A. B., Education, English. SENIORS TURNER, GLENN ODELL Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Science, Commerce; Al- pha Kappa Psi; Gold Key; Flambeau. TANNER, WILLIAM New Smyrna Beach B. S., Education, Health Education; Sigma Alpha E p s i 1 o n; Baseball; F Club; Health Club. TAPRELL, JANE FRANCES Daytona Beach B. S., Home Economics, Food and Nutrition; Kappa A 1 ph a Theta; Sandspur; Fresh m a n Flunkies; Home Econo- mics Club. TARPY, WILLIAM ARIESS Quincy B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce. TARZETTI, CARMEN DeLisle, Miss. B. S., Education, Physical Education; F Club; Physical Education Asso- ciation; AAHPER. TAYLOR, CLIFFORD O. Ft. Pierce A. B., Arts and Sciences, Social Studies. TAYLOR, RAY P. Thomasville, Ga. B. S., Arts and Sciences, Geology. TAYLOR, SARAH VERDERY Jacksonville A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Chi Omega; Usher Committee; Village Vamps; Freshmen Flunkies; World Feder- alists. THARPE, NELL KIRKLAND Tallahassee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Phi Mu; Transfer, Randolph - Macon. THIBAUT, JEAN Miami B. S., Arts and Sciences, Medical Technology. THOMAS, ELISE SHUCK St. Petersburg B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Alpha Delta Pi; Univer- sity Symphony Orchestra; University Chorus; BSU Council. THOMAS, SUEGENE Tampa B. S., Arts and Sciences, Spanish; Kappa Delta, Chairman, Sopho m o r e Hop; Secretary, Junior Class; President, Village Vamp s; Junior - Senior Prom Queen; Sophomore Hop Court; Circus; Uni- versity Singers; Garnet Key; Homecoming Court; May Queen. THOMAS, TWYLA Palatka A. B., Education, English; Business Education Club. THOMPSON, GILES B. Chattahoochee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Geology. THOMPSON, MARGARET E. Sussex, N. J. B. S., Education, Geog- raphy; Garnet Key; F Club; Geography Club; World Federalists. ' 50 THORP, GLENN ANNA Auburndale B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Social Work Club; West- minster Fellowship, Senior Hall Council. THORPE, JOSEPHINE H. Miami B. S., Arts and Sciences, Mat h e m a t i c s; Sigma Kappa; Fresh m a n Flunkies; Sandspur. TIDD, CLARENCE EUGENE Niagara Falls, N. Y. B. S., Arts and Sciences, Journalism; Pi Kappa Phi; Flambeau; Press Club; Tally Ho; Flamboyants. TIERESE, INGRID Titus vi lie B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion; Home Economics Club; 4-H Club. TIMMONS, BARBARA Quincy B. S., Home Economics . Home Economics Educa- tion; Alpha Gamma Delta; Home Economics Club. TIMMONS, BETTY Quincy A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Freshmen Flunkies; IRC. TIMMONS, ELIZABETH ANNE Quincy B. S., Education, Com- merce; Business Educa- tion Club; Classical Club; Geography Club. TIPPIN, JAMES Vero Beach B. S., Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Lambda C li i Alpha; President, UGA; MGA; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tally Ho. TOBIAS, LIBBY MARIE Chipley B. M. E., Music, Music Education; U n i V ersity Chorus; S i g m a Alpha Iota; BSU. TOLTON, MARGARETTA Pensacola A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Kappa Delta; Panhellenic Council. TOMASELLO, M. O. West Palm Beach A. B., Education, English; Kappa Delta Pi. TOMLINSON, NAOMI Cape Canaveral A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Junior Counselor. TOOLE, TOTTEN, MARY TSALICKIS, MARGARET COLSON Oviedo STEVE JAMES Chattahoochee B. S., Education, Bio- Tarpon Springs B. S., Education, Ele- logical Science. B. S., Education, S mentary Education; Al- Studies. pha Delta Pi; Band; Sym- phonic Orchestra; Univer- sity Chorus; Westminster Fellowship. Social SENIOR! TUCKER, THOMAS Pensacola B. S., Applied Social Studies, Commerce. TURNAGE, CAROLYN Chattahoochee A. B., Education, English, BSU; Garnet Key; Kappa Delta Pi; Zeta Phi Eta; Alpha Lambda Delta. TURNER, DAVID M. Ocoee B. S., Applied Social Science, Commerce. TALLEY, JIM Tallahassee B. S., Education, Education; Art Club. TURNER, IRMA Tampa Art B. S., Education, Business Education; Business Edu- cation Club; BSU, YWCA; Junior Counselor. TURNIPSEED, BARBARA MAE Ocala B. S., Applied Social Science, Social Work; Freshman Flunkies; Social Work Club; Senior Hall. TUSTING, RUTH ANN St. Petersburg A. B., Education, Art; Tally Ho. ULMER, PEGGY Stuart A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education. VANDEROEF, JOHN S. Clearwater A. B., Arts and Sciences, Political Science; IRC. VAN PELT, JACOB J., JR. Jacksonville B. M. E., Music, Music Education; Phi Mu Al- pha; University Chorus, Male Chorus. VAN PELT, MARY JUNE Wadesville, Ind. B. S., Home Economics, Nursing. VARN, NANCY ANN Fort Meade A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Delta Delta Delta. VAUGHN, LA ROSA West Palm Beach B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Al- pha Delta Pi. VAUSE, MARY RUTH Umatilla B. M. E., Music, Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota; BSU; University Chorus. VEDDER, LEONORA Orlando B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work, Alpha Xi Delta; Social Work Club; YWCA; Freshman Flunkies; Usher Committee; Sandspur, Wesley Foundation. 50 VEGA, OLGA MARIE Tampa B. S., Arts and Sciences, Chemistry; Los Picaros; Sigma Delta Pi; Newman Club; Affiliate, American Chemical Society. VINSON, PAT Miami A. B., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Wesley Foundation; YWCA; Social Work Club; Junior Counselor. VOCELLE, ANGEL Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Newman Club; Organi- zations Committee; Women ' s Senate. VOCELLE, L. B. Tallahassee A. B., Arts and Sciences, Philosophy; Pi Kappa Phi, Swimming Team; New- man Club; Men ' s Senate; Gold Key. VOTH, MURRAY Fort Pierce B. S., Arts and Sciences, Zoology; F Club; Men ' s Senate; U G A Senate, Gold Key; Canterbury Club; Classics Club. WADE, BETTY Tampa A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Band; Geography Club; World Federalists; YWCA; Westminster Fel- lowship. WADE, JOHN SEWELL Miami Beach A. B., Arts and Sciences, History; Swimming Team. WAINWRIGHT, MARGUERITE Lawtey A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; YWCA; Wesley Founda- tion; Geography Club, University Singers. WALKER, MARTHA Milton B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work; Zeta Tau Alpha; Sopho- more Council; F Club; President, Broward; Mor- tified. WARD, ELSIE KAROLYN Haines City B. S., Home Economics, Retailing; Glee Club; Sandspur. WARD, LUCY AILEEN Tampa B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education. WARNOCK, LOWELL L. Oxford A. B., Arts and Sciences, Economics; Delta Sigma Pi. WATERMAN, JANET Tallahassee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Mathematics; Freshman Flunkies; YWCA; Wesley Foundation. WATSON, JOHN A. Pensacola A. B., Applied Social Sciences, Economics; Theta Chi. WEAVER, HELEN Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Secretarial Science; Day Students ' Organization. SENIORS WEEKS, DOROTHY Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Sigma Kappa; Freshman Flunkies. WELLS, PATRICIA MAY Bradenton B. S., Home Economics, Clothing and Textiles; Sigma Sigma Sigma. WELLS, ROWENA Madison A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Alpha Chi Omega. WELSH, ALBERT RANSOM St. Petersburg B. S., Applied Arts and Sciences, Commerce; Phi Kappa Tau; Alpha Kappa Psi; Seminole Flying Club. WENTZ, RHODA ANN Red Creek, N. Y. B. M. E., Music, Choral. WESTMORELAND, ROZANNE High Springs B. S., Education, mentary Education. Ele- WHEELER, BETTY Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Sophomore Council; Uni- versity Chorus; Day Stu- dents Organization. WHEELER, JOHN P., JR. Thomasville, Ga. B. S., Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Presi- dent, Wesley Foundation; Chairman, Men ' s Honor Court; Gold Key; Men ' s Senate; Speech Depart- ment Productions. WHIDDEN, JUNE Tampa B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education. WHITAKER, CLYDE Monterey, Tenn. M. S., Arts and Sciences. Physics. WHITAKER, MARTHA EMILY Gainesville B. S., Education, Physical Education; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; AAHPER; Life Saving Corps; Sandspur; Women ' s Physical Edu- cation Association. WHITE, ALFRED J. St. Petersburg B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Social Work, University Chorus; Male Chorus. WHITE, NANCY ELIZABETH Tallahassee B. S., Home Economics, Dietetics; Day Students Orga n i z a t i o n; Delta Sigma Omega, President. WHITTY, GERTRUDE Lee A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; Wesley Foundation; Junior Counselor. WILBURN, HOWARD E. West Palm Beach B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Accounting; Lambda Chi Alpha. ' 50 WILCOX, ERIN GERTRUDE Jacksonville A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education, Kappa Delta, Pres., Freshman Flunkies; Soph- omore Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Garnet Key; Mortar Board; Wesley Foundation; Chairman, Inter-Church Fellowship Chairman, WSSF Drive Honor Court; Judiciary V-Pres., Junior Class; Vil lage Vamps; Phi Kappa Phi. WILFORD, ALLAN T., JR. Jacksonville A. B., Education, History. WILKERSON, ALVA L. Indianapolis, Ind. A. B., Arts and Sciences, Journalism; Phi Eta Sigma. WILKINSON. RAHL WHITE, JR. Dania B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Accounting; Football; Wesley Foun- dation; University Chorus; Speech Depart- ment Productions. WILLIAMS, DOLORES V. Lake City B. S., Education, mentary Education. Ele- WILLIAMS, JOANNAH Lakeland B. S., Education, Science; YWCA; Junior Counselor; BSU; Pre-Med Club; Al- pha Lambda Delta. WILLIAMS, RICHARD M. Orlando B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Business Ad- ministration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Football. WILLIAMS, WANDA Fort Myers A. B., Education, Ele- mentary Education; BSU; Geography Club; YWCA. WILLIS, ROBERT N. Milton A. B., Arts and Sciences, English. WILSON, ELIZABETH Gulf port, Miss. B. S., Education, Physical Education; Tarpon; AAHPER; Women ' s Physical Education Asso- ciation. WILSON, JESSE D. Okeechobee B. S., Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Adel- phos Society. WINDHAM, HELEN PATRICK Malone B. S., Home Economics, Home Economics Educa- tion. WINFIELD, MILDRED LEWIS Ocala A. B., Arts and Sciences, English; Alpha Gamma Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Usher Committee Chairman; Westminster Fellowship. WINTERMUTE, GENEVIEVE Pomona, Calif. B. S., Applied Social Science, Commerce; YWCA; Alpha Gamma Sigma; Spanish Club. WOLFE, DORIS L. Pensacola B. S., Home Economics, Dietetics; Home Econo- mics Club; Junior Coun- selor. SENIORS WOLFE, MARY ALICE Hastings B. S., Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha; Home Economics Club; YWCA, Wesley Foundation. WOOLFE, ROBERT C. West Palm Beach B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Lambda Chi Alpha; Honor Court. WOOD, ANN BRADLEY Fort Myers A. B., Education, Spanish; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sophomore Council; Los Picaros; Spanish House. WOOTEN, ALICE Bradenton A. B., Education, Art Education; Chi Omega; Freshman Flunkies; Vil- lage Vamps; Art Club. WRIGHT, HELEN MARIE Miami A. B., Arts and Sciences; Art; Art Club. YANCEY, CLICE T. Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Public Admin- istration; Football. YANCEY, MARY ANN Umatilla B. S., Arts and Sciences, History; Sophomore Council; Junior Coun- selor; Phi Alpha Theta, Westminster Fellowship. YATES, WARREN Wellborn B. S., Education, Social Studies. YELVERTON, ESTELLE St. Petersburg B. S., Education, Ele- mentary Education. YOUNG, LEE Tallahassee B. S., Applied Social Sciences, Commerce; Al- pha Kappa Psi. ZALKA, ZALUMAS, STEVE ZETROUER, CROSS, WILLIAM MILDRED VIRGINIA Thomasville, Ga. WYNONAH Tallahassee Miami Beach Palatka A. B., Arts and Sciences, A. B., Arts and Sciences, B. S., Home Economics, History. B. S., Applied Social Zoology; Phi Beta Kappa. Dietetics; Delta Phi Ep- Sciences, Business Edu- silon, President; Home cation; Glee Club; Busi- Economics Club; Panhel- ness Education Club. lenic Council; Hillel. GRADUATE STUDENTS BRINKMAN, LOIS Miami FELLERS, JOHN D. Amarillo, Texas GILLISPIE, CARLTON Tallahassee Psychology Restaurant and Business Hotel Management GILLISPIE, WINONA H. Tallahassee HAINES, HELEN D. Bradenton Mathematics Library Science HARDACRE, HILL, W. W., JR. HOSS, JANE p anama city GENEVIEVE Jacksonville „ Elizabethan, Tenn. Speech Economics Library Science HSU, SHU SHENG China Physics HSU, LIEN TIEN China Chemistry HUNTER, ELIZABETH Jacksonville Beach Latin PRYOR, REDMOND, ROBERTS, ROGERS, STUCKY, TILL, MARILYN TU, HSIN YUAN WILLIAM LEE DOROTHY MARGUERITE GWEN ELIZABETH Bartow China Lakeland Nameoki, 111. Chaires Bradenton Indianapolis, Ind. Spanish Geology English Library Science Education Education Education WANG, HAI-PE WEED, WELLS, WILSON, WOODALL, WOODALL, China MERLIN D., JR. JOHN DAWSON WILHELMINA BETTY ROSALIE Punxsutawney, Pa. Tallahassee Lakeland Kissimmee Kissimmee Education Philosophy English Library Science Mathematics Economics YANG, DAVID China Education Class of 1951 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS (Reading from left to right) : Joanne Scaggs, parliamentarian; Betty Ann Holland, treasurer; Betsy Blanton, social chairman; Dr. W. H. Rogers, sponsor; Pat Burghard, president, and Faye Patterson, vice president. Not pictured: Lessie Busbee, secretary. JUNIOR! AASE, REBECCA Tallahassee ABNEY, LORENE Trenton ADAMS, CATHERINE Clearwater ADAMS, JENNIE Tampa ADDISON, BETTY Arcadia AITKEN, MAMIE MILLS Fernandina ALDRIDGE, EUGENE G. Tampa ALEXANDER, BEVERLY L. Bartow ALLEN, HELEN JEAN Tampa ALLEY, BARBARA JEAN Plant City AMMONS, JACK Findlay, Ohio ANDERSON, ANELLE Greenwood ANDERSON, JEROLD GAY Jacksonville ANDERSON, MARION Winter Park ANDERSON, PHYLLIS F. Hernando ANDERSON, RUTH Winter Park ARCUI, STEVE Tampa ASKEW, RUBE Pensacola BABIONE, THOMAS C. Freemont, Ohio BADCOCK, MAIDA Mulberry BAILEY, BETTY JO Blountstown BAKER, WILLARD " BO " Miami BALL, JOY AVIS Miami BARRINEAU, NORMA JEAN Pensacola BARTLETT, JAMES M. Winter Haven BASS, WILLIAM Sarasota BASSETT, MARIANNE Ft. Lauderdale BATES, BETTY JANE Leesburg BATTLE, MAX G. St. Petersburg BAZEMORE, ELIZABETH ANN Orlando BEAMAN, PATRICIA Jacksonville BEAN, MARION Warrington BEARDEN, ANNA Sarasota BEATTY, JOHN St. Andrew BENDA, CHARLES J. Shalimar 1 BENNETT, JEAN R. West Palm Beach BENNETT, WILLIAM H. Perry BETZ, MARION ANN Dunedin BIRCHARD, ALVENA St. Petersburg BIRT, WARREN A., JR. Jacksonville BISHOP, MARIAN Ft. Myers BLACKKETTER, DONNA Bradenton BLANTON, BETSY Tampa BLANTON, BETTY GENA Jacksonville BOERWINKLE, ELIZABETH Orlando BOOTH, ALLEN Plant City BOSTIC, PORTER Geneva, Ala. BOULWARE, LOIS LENORE Tallahassee BOWDEN, EARLE Altha BOWLES, NEZZIE Lakeland BOWLES, RITA GWEN Green Cove Springs BOYCE, LYDIA Jacksonville BRANTFERGER, MILTON Hollywood BRITTON, E. ALEEN Tampa BROCK, HURDIS A. Bonifay BROWN, BETTY JEAN Coral Gables BROWN, CECIL H. Orlando BROWN, FRANCES E. Chattahoochee BROWN, LOUISE BEATY Thomson, Ga. BROWN, PATRICK Tallahassee BRUNER, DAVID Titusville BUISSETT, MARY JUNE St. Petersburg BURGESS, VIRGINIA OLIVE Stuart BURGHARD, PATRICIA Ft. Lauderdale BURNS, HELEN ALENE West Palm Beach BURRY, MARY VIRGINIA Jacksonville BUSBEE, LESSIE St. Petersburg BUSH, MERLE Bonifay BYNUM, ROSEMARY Panama City CALDER, BETTY LOU Tallahassee JUNIOR CALDWELL, SUSAN Tallahassee CALLAWAY, ED Apalachicola CANNON, V. JUANITA Auburndale CAPORUSSO, PAT MARY Miami CARY, GEORGE Tampa CAREY, GERTRUDE AGNES Orlando CARILLET, PAULETTE Marineland CARLIN, DONNA Jacksonville CARTER, COPELAND CLARENCE Bradenton CARTER, GUS Graceville CECIL, VERONICA Clewiston CHAMBERS, SARA LOU Jacksonville CHARLESWORTH, ALMA BETTY Ft. Lauderdale CLARK, BARBARA White Springs CLARK, EMMA SUE Chattahoochee CLARKE, MARY ANN Monticello CLARY, MARTHA ROSLYN Crestview CLEMONS, DORIS Tallahassee CLONTS, DOROTHY M. Stuart COBB, DWIGHT JACK Pensacola COBB, JOY Coral Gables COLEAN, MARIEL Ft. Pierce COLEMAN, RICHARD Atmore, Ala. COLLINS, BARBARA Dunedin CONDICT, JEAN AUDREY Winter Park CONLEY, MORGAN ED Cross City COOK, EMMA LOU Delray Beach COPELAND, HARRY Marianna COWEN, MARY EMMA Chattahoochee CUBBEDGE, GAY C. Winter Park CURRY, BARBARA Sarasota CUTLER, RICHARD Sarasota D ' ALESSANDRO, APPIE Ft. Myers DANFORD, ARDATH ANNE Avon Park DAVIDSON, BETTY SUE Avon Park DAVIS, BETTY JANE Tallahassee DAVIS, GLENN Jacksonville DAVIS, JEFFERSON V., JR. Miami DAVIS, MARGARET ANN Pensacola DAY, BILLIE JEAN Punta Gorda DEAN, HARRY CORBETT Tallahassee DEGNAN, PEGGY Miami DEKLE, BETTY ANNE Ocala DeLACURE, DENNIS RANDOLPH Lake Wales DeMONT, ELAINE Chattahoochee DeWAR, KATHERINE Felda DIAL, CHARLES P. Marianna DIAL, JOHN F., JR. Marianna DICKINSON, LOUIE Jacksonville DONAHUE, LORRAINE Miami DORO, MARION Jacksonville DOUGLAS, VIRGINIA ANN Dade City DUNCAN, BETTY Daytona Beach DUNCAN, VIVIAN JEANNETTE West Palm Beach DYKES, FLORA Miami EASON, CLARA L. Tampa EDDINS, MARY St. Augustine EDWARDS, HANZEL Greensboro EDWARDS, MIRIAM A. Quincy EGAN, ANNE Lakeland ELLERY, BARBARA Ft. Lauderdale EMERSON, ISABELLE Sarasota ENNO, MARIE LOUISA Tampa EIDSON, ANN Orlando EVANS, CLYDE G. Tallahassee EVERITT, ANN Panama City FAIRCLOTH, ANGELA Jacksonville FALLS, GLORIA MONTYNE Frostproof FLANDERS, JEAN Sebring FLOYD, CHARLES Pensacola J U N J R FOLMAR, ANNETTE Crestview FORBES, RUTH Jacksonville FORTUNE, JOHNNIE Laurel Hill FOUNTAIN, MARY Monticello FREEMAN, JUNE EVELYN Frostproof FULLER, RUTH Ponte Vedra Beach FURLOW, FRANCES Winter Haven FUTCH, HELEN D. Live Oak GADDY, ELIZABETH ELAINE Jacksonville GALLAGHER, JANET DeFuniak Springs GARCIA, ELSIE St. Petersburg GARCIA, ROSE Miami GARRETT, MADELINE Everglades GARRETT, MARY LOUISE Birmingham, Ala. GARRISON, PAUL EUGENE Pensacola GATES, RAYMONDE Miami GIBSON, FRANK Clearwater GIBSON, SARAH RUTH Madison GIGL, BETTY ANNE Jacksonville GILLEN, CAROLYN Jacksonville GILLESPIE, BARBARA ANN Pensacola GILLETTE, VIRGINIA St. Petersburg GILMER, JAMES W. Jacksonville GIOVENCO, NORMAN Tampa GLENN, EUGENIA Cross City GODDARD, JOAN Jacksonville GOVANTES, MERCEDES Tampa GRAY, CARLTON Tallahassee GREEN, BETTY Miami GREEN, ROBERT Stuart GREENBERGER, DARYL Chicago, 111. GREGORY, ANN MARIE Miami GREGORY, BETTY Quincy GREGORY, THOMAS RODDY Crawford, N. J. GRIFFIN, JAMES, JR. Miami GRIFFIN, PAT NOCINO Tampa GRIFFITH, VIRGINIA St. Petersburg GROEZINGER, EDNA Bradenton GUNN, JAMES EDWARD Tallahassee HACKER, EDWIN MARCELLOS Pensacola HAGER, RALPH S. Tallahassee HALL, GLORIA ALENE Dunnellon HALL, RITA ROSE Lakeland HAMILTON, ZADA Tampa HARDING, BETTY J Panama City HARFORD, EARL Middletown, N. Y. HARMS, EDITH MARIE Wabassa HARRELL, BETTY E. Tallahassee HARRIS, BARBARA L. Ft. Myers HARRIS, LOUISE Ft. Pierce HARTMAN, MARJORIE Delray Beach HARTSFIELD, ALBERT Tallahassee HAYES, HOMER Orlando HAYWARD, JULIA Wildwood HAYWORTH, RUTH A. Tallahassee HEBB, CHARLES Lakeland HEMPHILL, RAY Tarentum, Penn. HENDRY, BARBARA Belle Glade HENRY, AUDREY Ocala HENRY, HELEN West Palm Beach HETTINGER, JOAN St. Cloud HEWETT, MARY ANN Lakeland HIATT, MARJORIE Jacksonville HICKS, ELIZABETH Plant City HIGGINBOTHAM, FRANCES Warrington HIGHGATE, MARY Orlando HOBBS, CLARINE J. Tampa HOLDER, CAROLYN Jacksonville HOLLAND, NANCY L. Winter Haven HOLMES, MIRIAM K. Homestead JUNIOR HOOKER, JEANNE Belle Glade HORNE, ANNETTA Miami HORTON, ROYE Tampa HOSPODAR, CHARLES Ft. Lauderdale HOWELL, ROBERT LEE Apalachicola HUBBARD, BETTY LEE St. Petersburg HUCKABEE, BARBARA Daytona Beach HUDSON, ELIZABETH Miami HUGHES, VIRGINIA Ft. Lauderdale HULL, BARBARA JUNE St. Petersburg HUNT, SHIRLEY ANN Orlando HUTCHINS, GEORGIA S. Sanford IRVIN, MARION Callahan ISLEY, DORIS N. Jacksonville JACKSON, NANCY Coral Gables JARRATT, MARY JANE St. Petersburg JEFFERIS, DORIS Eustis JENKINS, GEORGE R. Bonifay JOHANSON, HELEN MARIE Coral Gables JOHNSON, DORIS EVA Jacksonville JOHNSON, EDWINA Virginia, Minnesota JOHNSON, MARY ESTHER Sebring JOHNSON, SHIRLEY Clermont JOHNSON, THOVALD Jay JOHNSTON, HELEN Kissimmee JONES, BARBARA St. Petersburg JONES, DONALD Quincy JONES, DONNA MARIE Tampa JONES, GILBERT R. St. Petersburg KASTNER, HAROLD Sanford KEARNEY, NORMA JEAN Haines City KELSHEIMER, CAROLYN Bradenton KELLY, VIRGINIA C. Fernandina KELLY, SARAH Sarasota KENNEDY, WALLACE Tallahassee KERR, ALIX West Palm Beach KEY, AUSTIN GUTHRIE Baxley, Ga. KING, GEORGE STOWELL Belle Glade KINSEY, REBA Ft. Lauderdale KNIGHT, ORALEZE Tampa KNOWLES, CECIL C. Pensacola KNOWLES, STEWART Cedar Rapids, Iowa KOONS, RONALD M. Jacksonville KRAMER, L. EMERSON Stuart KRETSCHMAR, NANCY C. Bradenton KUTROW, ANN Lakeland LAMB, JOHN SAM Tallahassee LAMARR, JACK Hollywood LANGSTON, BETTY LEE Lake City LANGSTON, DALE W. Tallahassee LANGSTON, GLENN E. Tallahassee LARKIN, JOSEPH D. Thomasville, Ga. LAVENDER, BETTY Pensacola LAWTON, MARIAN CORBIN Jacksonville LAZEAR, ELIZABETH Eustis LEE, ANN Leesburg LEE, CAROLYN St. Petersburg LEE, ROBERT Tallahassee LEE, ROWEENA Doctor ' s Inlet L ' ENGLE, SARAH B. Jacksonville L ' ENGLE, SUSAN Jacksonville LESLIE, IRENE Jacksonville LEVERETT, GENE Havana LEWIS, BARBARA Tallahassee LINICK, IRENE ELIZABETH Miami LISCHKA. CHARLOTTE St. Petersburg LLOYD, BRUCE HUGHES Pensacola LLOYD, WINSTON Pensacola LOHMEYER, J. W. Miami Beach LONG, THOMAS REX Wooster, Ohio JUNIOR LOUGH, MIRIAM LOUISE Tampa LUMPKIN, YVONNE Jacksonville LURIE, CYNTHIA Addison, 111. LYNCH, HARRY Wilmington, Del. MacCRONE, ANN OLIVIA Pensacola MAHONEY, MARY EDNA Jacksonville MARRLE, RETTY RLY Daytona Reach MARINO, JENNIE Tampa MARQUAND, HOWARD W. Hollywood MARSH, HERR Jacksonville MARTIN, KENNETH H. Jameson MARTINEZ, LUCIAN Tampa MARTINO, NORMA Tampa MASSEY, GUY R. Marianna MATHEWS, FRED Jacksonville MATHIS, RARRARA Lake City MATTER, JOHN G. West Palm Reach MAURER, JACK Jacksonville MAXWELL, KENNER Punta Gorda MAYFIELD, WILLIARD Pine Castle McATEE, RORERTA Tampa McCREA, HENRY Jacksonville McKINLEY, LOUISE MARGARET Tampa Mclaughlin, rarrara Orlando McLEOD, ESTHER R. St. Petersburg McMANN, JAMES Jacksonville McMEEKIN, JULIA Hawthorne McMILLEN, RETTY Haines City MEARS, RORERT Tallahassee MEEKS, MARIAN Tallahassee MERRITT, LOFTON S. Pensacola MERRITT, MAURINE C. Raker MILLER, HAZALENE Rlountstown MILLER, LOIS JEAN St. Petersburg MILLER, MAVIS Frostproof MILLER, VIVIAN Sarasota MINX, CARL DENNY Tampa MINX, MARTHA ANN Marianna MONDON, DORA ANN Brooksville MONTSALVAGE, JOHN Kev West MOON, ALMA JEAN Highland City MOORE, JUANITA P. Lake Wales MOORE, MARTHA ANN Panama City MOSES, CORNELIA Lakeland MOWRER, DONALD Wooster, Ohio MULLIS, HULDA Pensacola MURRAY, PATRICIA ANN Bradenton REVELL, THEODORE B. Tallahassee MUSTER, MARY LOU Roynton Reach MYERS, ALICE Palmetto In NANKIVELL, BIGGS Miami NAUMAN, WILLIAM J. Milwaukee, Wis. NEET, BETTY St. Petersburg NICHOLS, ALICE ROSE Anthony NICHOLSON, ELSPETH St. Cloud NORFLEET, BILL Hollywood NORMAN, KATHERINE Jacksonville NORTON, ALMA PAULINE Apalachicola NOXSTINE, LUCY Leesburg NUCCIO, ROSALIE Tampa OELSLAGER, LILLIAN F. Limona OLIVER, ANN Miami OREN, SAMUEL GRADY Tampa OSBORNE, DON Baxley, Ga. O ' STEEN, MABLE SERENA Live Oak OWEN, ELIZABETH JOAN Daytona Beach OWEN, MARY HELEN Winter Haven PACE, BETTY Ft. Pierce PALMER, ROBERT E. St. Petersburg PARISH, JUNE ELIZABETH Lakeland JUNIORS PARKER, CECIL Daytona Beach PARKER, RUTH Everglades City PARKHILL, VIRGINIA St. Augustine PARTIN, FLORENCE Fernandina PATTERSON, FAYE Jacksonville PATTERSON, NELL Graceville PEACOCK, SARA MARGARET Blountstown PEARSON, DOROTHY Jacksonville PEAVY, CAMP LEWIS Havana PERRY, JOHNIE LEE Baker PHILPOT, CAROL ANN Gainesville PICKERILL, JOANNE Orlando PINKERTON, PAT Tallahassee PLANT, LAURIE Tallahassee PLOCKELMAN, PAT West Palm Beach tr, ■ " ■ - ' ■ PORTER. HELEN F. Apalachicola PREECE. MARGOT St. Petersburg PRIOR, NANCY West Palm Beach PUCKETT, RENNER St. Petersburg QUAY, HERBERT St. Petersburg QUIGG, MARIANNE Miami RAULERSON, RUBY Frostproof RAY, LOIS M. Jacksonville REESE, JANE West Palm Beach REGISTER, DAISY Atmore, Ala. REVELL, R. GUY Tallahassee REVELS, JEAN Lake City RICHARD, AUDREY BENITA Jacksonville RICHBOURG, MILDRED P. Panama City RIECKER, CHARLOTTE A. Jacksonville RIGG, MARGARET R. St. Petersburg ROBINSON, IWANA Laurel Hill ROBISON, WILLIAM CAMPBELL Beaven, Pa. ROGERS, ARLESIA Laurel Hill ROPER, MARY JOAN Jacksonville « la ROWAN, JAMES C. Greensboro RUSSO, ALICE ESPERANTE Tampa RYAN, JERRY Ocala SABINO, PAUL Sneads SAFFOLD, SARA JANE Jacksonville SANDERSON, WILLIAM St. Petersburg SAPP, JOSEPHINE Waycross, Ga. SAYER, JEAN Sanford SAYER, NEWTON LEE Tallahassee SCAGGS, JOANNE Lakeland SCUDDER, ANNE San Antonio SELF, CHARLES New Smyrna Beach SESSIONS, MONTRELL Tallahassee SHEPPARD, CHARLES E. Cross City SHULER, RAE PALMER Tallahassee SIXES, EDWARD E. Nichols SIKES, MARINA Key West SIKES, TEDDY Jacksonville SLINEY, BARBARA Miami SLUSSER, ANNE B. St. Petersburg SMITH, ELLIS ROUNTREE Tallahassee SMITH, JEAN Lakeland SPACH, NANCY JANE Coral Gables SPENCE, GERALD Niceville SPENCER, VIRGINIA CLARE West Palm Beach STABLER, HELEN FLOY Winter Haven STEELE, JACQUELINE Punta Gorda STEMBRIDGE, GEORGE H. Miami STEPHENS, BEULAH Panama City STEPHENS, FRANCIS C. Jacksonville STEPHENS, GRACE L. Ocala STEVENS, NANCY ANN Pahokee STEVENSON, LILLIE BESS Sebring STEWART, ALICE MARIE Chattahoochee STOCKWELL, WILLA DeLand JUNIOR! STRAUSS, THEODORE Tallahassee STRICKLAND, FRANCES Tallahassee SULLIVAN, JOHNNY G. Clewiston SWINGLEY, RORERTA Seffner SYFRETT, HETTIE Chipley TARVER, MARY St. Augustine TATOM, JERRY Greenwood TAYLOR, CHARLES Palmetto TAYLOR, JEAN Largo TAYLOR, THOMAS E. Tampa TH ACKER, ELVA Miami THOMAS, ANNE Tampa THOMAS, JERRY West Palm Reach THOMPSON, EARL D. Miami TOUCHTON, MARY ELIZARETH Sanford TORN, FAYE Jacksonville TRORAUGH, RICHARD L Greensburg, Ind. VANTURE, JANICE R. Sarasota VAUGHN, CLAUDE New Smyrna Reach VAUGHN, NAN GALLEY Lakeland VOGTRITTER, CURT W. Des Plaines, 111. WADDELL, RARRARA E. Pensacola WADE, LILLIAN MOORE Ft. Lauderdale WAGNER, THOMAS JOSEPH Chaires WALTER, DORA WANDA Haines City WALTERS, ERAMAE Grandin WAMPOLD, EDWARD LEE Montgomery, Ala. WARD, DOROTHY Tallahassee WARD, HELEN GRACE Plant City WERR, SHIRLEY SUE Pensacola WEEKS, NANCY L. St. Petersburg WELDON, MARY CATHERINE Stark WELLER, JOY Arlington, Va. WELLS, ANNE Callahan WELLS, FELICIA ALICE Coral Gables WELLS, JAN Orlando WHEELER, SHIRLEY Ft. Myers WHITE, CAROLYN VIRGINIA Orlando WHITE, LELAND St. Augustine WHITEHEAD, HULAN Pensaeola WHITFIELD, DOROTHY F. Tampa WHITTLE, BETTY NELL Greensboro WIEDMAN, ZOE Jacksonville WILCOX, MERRILL CALVIN Green Cove Springs WILL, BARBARA ANNE Belle Glade WILLIAMS, CAROL MAUDE Inverness WILSON, HELEN ELIZABETH Jacksonville WINKLER, MERRY Starke WITCHER, ALLEN Pensaeola WITHERSPOON, ANN ELIZABETH Carrabelle WOOLFE, WALTER L. Jacksonville WOOTTEN, MARY DeLand WRIGHT, ONA B. Montverde YANCEY, JOYCE Tallahassee YARBROUGH, BILL St. Petersburg YAWN, JOSEPH BERRY Graceville YEATS, MARJORIE ANN Miami YONGE, CATHERINE Jacksonville YOUMANS, VELMA St. Petersburg Class of 1952 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS (Left to right) : Peg Redding, Parliamentarian; Ba bara Ann Goleman, Treasurer; Bess Enge, President; Norman Eubanks, Vice President; Mary Stuart Smith, Secretary. Not pictured: Lou Harrison, Social Chairman. SOPHOMORES ABEL, HOWARD P. Orange City ADAMS, ROBERT E. Tampa ADUDDELL, FRED R. Sikeston, Mo. AGEY, EDWARD N. Winter Haven AIKEN, PATRICIA Lutz AITCHISON, MILDRED Punta Gorda ALBURY, NANCY Miami ALEXANDER, EVELYN G. Ft. Myers ALEXANDER, SUSAN Jacksonville ALFORD, BARBARA Tampa ALLEN, BETTY JANE Miami ALLEN, CARMELITA Tallahassee ALLEN, DONALD G. Leesburg ALLEN, SYDNEY Orlando ALVARADO, GAVINA Tampa ALVAREZ, BUDDY Tampa ALVAREZ, ROSE MARIE Tampa AMAN, MARTHA KERR Tampa ANDERSON, ARDEN A. Pensacola ANDERSON DOLORES E. Pensacola ARNOLD, HELEN Gonzalez ARNOLD, INEZ L. Tallahassee ATCHLEY, BETTY JANE Jacksonville ATKINSON, MARILYN Winter Haven ATWELL, SHIRLEY Branford AUSTIN, RUBY KATRINE Miami BACH, PHYLLIS JESTY Sanford BAILEY, IRENE E. Orlando BAKER, ANN Oklahoma City, Okla. BALDY, LACY Bradenton BALL, JAMES Belle Glade BARBER, CLEO J. Jacksonville BARDIN, KARALYN Schenectady, N. Y. BARFIELD, EDWIN W. Monticello BARNES, EUNICE C Lakeland 52 BARON, EDITH Miami BASSETT, JAMES Montieello BAYLY, PATRICIA Clearwater BEACH. JOYCE ANN Miami BEAN, WILLIAM Warrington BEASLEY, SUE Lake Alfred BECK, PHYLLIS E. Howey-in-the-Hills BECKHAM, JEANNE Palm Bay BELL, HELEN Daytona Beach BELL, HELEN BETH Branford BELL, NANCY R. Miami BENNETT, NANCY Miami Beach BENSON, CAROL Apalachicola BENSEN, MARIE Melbourne BEOVICH, JANIS Pensacola BERONDA, BENNY Tampa BERRY, BEVERLEY Ocala BERVALDE, FAYE Key West BETHEL, BARBARA Miami BETTS, JANICE Quiney BIGGS, EDNA MAE Georgetown BISHOP, MARY PENELOPE Montieello BLALOCK, JOAN Ocala BLITCH, MARY AGNES Ocala BLOUNT, BETTY JANE Jacksonville BOLES, JENCIE Lake City BOONE, OWEN B. Albemarle, N. C. BOWDEN, VIRGINIA Venice BOWERS, GEORGE BENNY Daytona Beach BOYD, CLAUDE K. Hendersonville, N.C. BRADLEY, DOROTHY C. Tallahassee BRADLEY, RICHARD P. Tampa BRAY, LOIS Tampa BRIDWELL, JANICE L. Lake Butler BROWDER, SALLY A. Arcadia SOPHOMORES BROWN, DOROTHY Miami BROWN, EDITH Panama City BROWN, JANICE Zolfo Springs BROWN, LEO DeFuniak Springs BROWN, LEVEDA Ponce de Leon BROWN, WARREN H. Tallahassee BROWNE, JOYCE Jacksonville BRYANT, BILLIE BARBARA Atlanta, Ga. BRYANT, BEVERLY Marathon BUECHLY, BARBARA JANE Miami BURNETT, BETTY Tampa BUSH, BARBARA Jacksonville BYRD, BETTY JANE Miami CALDWELL, MARTHA ANN Miami CAMERON, LOIS New Smyrna Beach CAMPBELL, JO Panama City CAMPBELL, NANCY Miami CAPITANO, EVELYN Tampa CARBALLO, CARITA Miami CARNLEY, FRANK JR. Ponce de Leon CARO, PATRICIA Milton CARPENTER, DORIS J. Miami CARSON, LUCINDA Ft. Myers CARTER, CHARLES H. Tallahassee CARTER, HARRIS Q. Tampa CARUTHERS, BARBARA A. Tallahassee CASAL, CARMEN Tampa CASKIE, GLADYS L. St. Petersburg CASSENS, JEANNE Ft. Pierce CASTELLANO, JOSEPHINE Tampa CASTIGLIONE, RICHARD Ft. Lauderdale CASTORINA, DOLLY Pensacola CATES, MYRTLAND Key West CAWTHON, LANDAUM DeFuniak Springs CAWTHON, WALTER DeFuniak Springs ' 52 CHICK, JOYCE M. Titusville CHILLURA, ANGIE Tampa CLARK, DOROTHY E. Mulberry CLARK, JULIANNE Atlantic Beach CLARK, PAULINE Greensboro CLAYTON, JANET ANN Eustis CLEMENTS, BOBBIE J. Graceville COBB, FRANCES M. Sanford COCHRAN, BARBARA ANN Jacksonville COLEMAN, DOROTHY Ft. Lauderdale COLEMAN, JANET R. Tallahassee COLLINS, ANONA LOUISE Jacksonville COLLINS, JANE ANN Webster CONLIN, MARILYN L. Ocala CONNELL, BETTY Inverness CONNELLY, BETTY SUE Panama City CONNELLY, MARIAN DEE Tampa CONNER, J. D., JR. Lewis, Del. COOK, RUSSELL, JR. Chipley COOLIDGE, SUSAN Clearwater COONS, KATHRYN Pensacola COOPER, ELIZABETH Jacksonville CORLEY, ANN Tallahassee CORNELIUS, BILL Jacksonville CORRADINO, GEORGE Miami COUCH, WILLIAM Holly Hill COX, JEANETTE Fernandina COX, MARY E. (Quincy, 111. COZART, DOROTHY Graceville CRANDALL, MADGE L. Weirsdale CRANE, NORMA Ocala CREECH, FAYE Jacksonville CRENSHAW, MARTHA NELLE Ft. Lauderdale CROSS, FRED E., JR. Altoona CROSSEN, NANCY Belle Glade SOPHOMORES Wt IBBi. Hp IP m ' r 1 •sr J ' Bb %cp r I ( CROWLEY, CAROLYN St. Augustine CRUM, PATRICIA Weirsdale CRUMPLER, RUBY Ft. Myers CULPEPPER, FAY Ft. Pierce CURRY, CAROLYN Tampa CURRY, RAY Caryville CURTIS, DOROTHY Tallahassee CUSHING, HARRELL Chipley CUTLER, W. HARLAND Sarasota DALTON, CAROLE Tampa DANIEL, MARTHA SUE Winter Haven DAVIDSON, ALICE Cocoanut Grove DAVIDSON, JOYCE Miami DAVIS, DOROTHY Brooksville DAVIS, LILLIAN Tallahassee DEAN, FAYE Orlando DE FRANCO, LEE Tampa DEMPSEY, WILLENE Branford DENTON, FLORENCE Frostproof DE WOLF, MARY LOUISE Crescent City DIDIER, NORBERT Tampa DIKE, ANN Mt. Dora DILLARD, FRANCES ANN Miami DIONNE, YVONNE Pensaeola D ' LUGOS, BETTY THERESA Pensaeola DOMINQUEZ, DIGNA Tampa DORSEY, CHARLES G. DeFuniak Springs DOUGHTRY, PATRICIA ANN Key West DOWLING, PATSY L. Altha DRAA, JAMES R. Titusville DRAKE, SHIRLEY ANN Holly Hill DREYER, GLORIA STELLA St. Petersburg DREYER, NORMA ALICE St. Petersburg DRIVER, EARNEST CARL Havana DUFFY, RITA Miami ' 52 DUKE, JASPER L. Orlando DUNCAN, FRANCES B. Jacksonville EARNEST, MARGARET Miami EATON, EDWARD J. St. Augustine EBERT, JO Ft. Lauderdale ECKLES, ELIZABETH ANN St. Petersburg EDDINS, JOHN Bushnell EDELMAN, GLORIA Lake Wales EDMONDSON, ELIZABETH Nokomis ELKINS, BRONNA MAE Perry ELLIS, MARY HELEN Tampa ELTON, JANE Chipley ELTON, JOAN Chipley ENGE, BESS Arlington ENGLAND, MARY Mobile, Ala. ERICKSON, MARGARET H. Jacksonville EUBANKS, NORMAN Clearwater EVANS, EDSON, Altamonte Springs FABER, EDNA Lakeland FAIRCLOTH, SAMUEL Pensacola FALLS, MARILYN Macon, Ga. FARGIS, JOAN Jacksonville FERNANDEZ, AMELIA C. Tampa FIELDING, MURIEL Ocala FLANDERS, ROBERTA Blountstown FLEET, MARILYN Jacksonville FLEMING, MAVIS Laurel Hill FLYNN, JEANNE Tampa FOERTMEYER, CHARLES Ft. Lauderdale FOGARTY, MARJORIE N. Sarasota FOLSOM, ELEANOR Monticello FORHAN, JEAN Ft. Lauderdale FOSSETT, YVONNE SUSAN Jacksonville FOUNTAIN, DAVID G. Pensacola FOUTS, JUNE Jacksonville SOPHOMORES FREEL, SUE JANE Tampa FRENCH, VIRGINIA Miami FRIEDHEIM, HELEN MAY Belle Glade FRISCIA, DORIS ROSALIE Tampa GAGE, ELEANOR A. Jacksonville GARDNER, ANN Key West GARDNER, PAT Orlando GARDNER, ROBERT E. St. Augustine GARRETT, DALTON B. Ellenton GARSIDE, JANE Tampa GARST, MARY EMMA Manatee GATES, BARBARA Miami GATLIN, FAYE Tallahassee GAUSE, JAMES H. Reheboth, Del. GEIGER, BETTY RUTH Miami GEORGE, HARRY JAY Bloomsburg, Pa. GHIOTTO, JEAN Ft. Lauderdale GIBSON, LOUIS Jasper GILLIS, CHARLES REID Ft. Lauderdale GODFREY, ANN Panama City GODFREY, JANE Panama City GODWIN, MARY Quincy GOLEMAN, BARBARA Lakeland GRAEBNER, JEANNE M. Wmter Park GRAY, EVELYN Quincy GREENWOOD, GLORIA DONREE Miami GREGORY, SHIRLEY Hollywood BRIGGS, CAROLINE Ft. Pierce GRIFFIN, BETTY Ft. Pierce GRIFFIN, JAMES Darlington GRIFFIN, ROBERT Tallahassee GRIFFITH, PATRICIA ANN Warrington GROENE, MARILYN JOAN Ft. Lauderdale GROOT, LOUIS Miami GROSS, JOAN IRENE DeLand 52 GROTEVVOLD, MILDRED Sebring HABERKORN. RUTH Ft. Lauderdale HAMILTON, GLORIA C. Miami HARDING, BILLIE Miami HARRIS, VIVIAN Thomasville, Ga. GUARISCO, MARY Tampa HAIRE, SARAH CAROLYN Gretna HAMILTON, HILDA Montieello HARDWICK, RICHARD E. Daytona Reach HARRISON, EVELYN Tallahassee GUILFORD, ANN Lakeland HAIRE, SHIRLEY Gretna HAMM, LOTUCE, JR. Elba, Ala. HARGROVE, BETTY Chipley HARRISON, HILDA Tallahassee GUNNOE, PAT Ironton, O. HALL, ALICE Tallahassee HANCE, DON M. Carrabelle HARPER, ESTELLE Arcadia HARRISON, LOU Panama City GUSTAFSON, EVELYN St. Petersburg HALL, HAROLD New Smyrna Beach HANNON, MARY MARTHA Tallahassee HARRINGTON, GERALDINE Sarasota HARRISON, PAT St. Petersburg GUTHRIE, RUPERT C. Charlotte Harbor HALL, MILDRED Inverness HARDEN, LATRELLE Jacksonville HARRINGTON, JACQUELINE Miami HARROD, NANCY Coconut Grove GUTHRIE, VIRGINIA CLAIRE Jacksonville HAMBY, CATHERINE Pensacola HARDEN, MARGIE LOU Tampa HARRINGTON, JEANINE Palatka HAWES, JULIE Tallahassee fcfcHk SOPHOMORES HAWKINS, ANN T. Tampa HAYES, DORIS MARIE St. Cloud HEARNE, HERRERT H. Titusville HECK, NORMA Sarasota HEIDEL, KENNETH D. Gooding, Idaho HEMPSTEAD, JO ANNE Thomaston, Ga. HENDERSON, MARGARET Arlington, Va. HENDERSON, WILHEMINA Marianna HENDON, RERECCA ANN Clearwater HENDRYX, MARILYN JEAN Neptune Reach HENRY, ELLA CAROLYN St. Petersburg HENSEN, WORTH ALLISON Bradenton HIGGINBOTHAM, SHIRLEY Callahan HIGGINS, OWENS Haines City HILL, NANCY Sarasota HINSON, KATHERINE Deerfield Beach HIRES, HELEN Chiefland HOLLER, GEORGE B. Rochester, Pa. HOLLOWAY, LOIS Milwaukee, Wis. HOLMES, JACK Jacksonville HOLM, BERTHA JEAN Sarasota HOOKER, LURA Dover HORN, JOHN MILTON Jacksonville Beach HORTON, ALTA MAE Orange Park HOUSER, JEANNE West Palm Beach HOWES, HELEN Clermont HUDDLESTON, ELEANOR Jacksonville HUGGINS, CAROLYN Tampa HUNTER, MILDRED Bowling Green HURLBERT, SHIRLEY M. Orlando IACUZZI, JAMES Orlando JACKSON, ALICE Jacksonville JACKSON, BARBARA Lakeland JACKSON, W. C. Tallahassee JACKSON, WILLIE Perry 2 JESTER, PEGGY Miami JINKS, H. LYNWOOD Colquitt, Ga. JOHNS, CLAUDE J., JR. Starke JOHNSON, ANNA Miami JOHNSON, DICK Bradcnton JOHNSTON, GEORGE G. Pensacola JONES, HELEN St. Petersburg JONES, JACK Mulberry TONES, JOYCE Tallahassee JONES, NINA K. Lakeland JONES, RUBY CLARK Headland, Ala. KAISER, RAYMOND Orlando KARDONSKY, BERNA Ft. Lauderdale KELLEY, GAIL Tallahassee KENT, )OROTHY JEAN Live Oak KERLEY, MARY Ft. Lauderdale KERSEY, BERTHA Miami KERR, JAYNE Zephyrhills KETCHUM, BILLY F. Tallahassee KIGHT, MYRA Jacksonville KIRBY, PAT St. Petersburg KIRK, JANE Plymouth KISH, DOROTHY Miami KNEPPER, PAUL ALLEN Sarasota KOON, EMILY Lakeland KUCERA, EDWARD A. St. Louis, 111. KURRAS, RICHARD A. Mt. Dora LA GRONE, MARY Tampa LAMB, ALLANAH ?w Smyrna Beach LAMB, DWIGHT Ft. Myers LANDRUM, ALICE JEAN Ponte Vedra Beach LANE, NANCY L. Key West LANE, SHARON West Palm Beach LANGSTON, DOROTHY Jacksonville LASSITER, JO ANN Lakeland SOPHOMORES LATHERS, RAE Winter Haven LEDBETTER, PATRICIA Jacksonville LEE, HARRY Cincinnati, Ohio LEE, VIRGINIA M. Orlando LEHMAN, MARIAN Orlando LENZ, MARLENE Ft. Lauderdale LESTER, NINA Quincy LIVINGSTON, MARGARET Jacksonville LOMAISTRO, TIL Miami LORCH, KENDALL New Port Richey LORD, BETTY Key West LOVE, DONALD Miami LUFF, BARBARA Jacksonville LUMIA, CAROL A. Tampa LUNSFORD, RELIA ANITA Leary, Ga. LUTTRELL, JACK Knoxville, Tenn. MacFIE, LARENA DeLand MacPHERSON, MELVA Miami MARETT, ELEANOR Miami MARSHALL, MARGARET Miami MARTIN, GRADY Jacksonville MARTIN, LILLIAN Tampa MARTIN, MARY ELOISE Tampa MATHEWS, DOROTHY Plymouth MATTHEWS, BETTY JANE Miami MATTHEWS, MARY Hollywood MATTISON, BETTY Bradenton MAYER, JOHN W. Washington, D. C. McCALL, ROBERT W. Jennings McCLELLAN, FRANCES Blountstown McCLURE, NANCY Ocoee McCRAY, BREECE A. New Smyrna Beach Mcdonald, L. W. Marianna Mcintosh, norma Daytona Beach McINTYRE, JAMES Jesup, Ga. ' 52 McKEEVER, JOHN PORTER Panama City McLEOD, ADELAIDE Orlando McLEOD, AVA NELL Wauchula McMICHAEL, NELL Tampa McNABB, ALVA Tallahassee Mcpherson, HUGH Webster McWILLIAMS, RALPH DAVID Ft. Myers MECKSTROTH, MARJORIE Orlando MEEKER, RUSLEY C. Pensacola MEEKS, MARION Tallahassee MEITER. JOAN St. Petersburg MEITER. MARILYN St. Petersburg MERRIMAN, DICK Lake Wales MICHAELS, PATTY Orlando MIDDLEBROOKS, BARBARA Pensacola MIDDLETON, BETTY ANN Tampa MIMS, PATRICIA Daytona Beach MIMS, PATTI BRANNON Jacksonville Beach MINK, CYNTHIA Orlando MITCHELL, FRANCES St. Petersburg MIZE, ANN Daytona Beach MONROE, AETNA I. Elgin Air Field MONROE, BILL Tallahassee MONROE, PAT Tampa MOODY, IONA Bunnell MOONEY, SYLVIA ANN Miami MORAN, LILLIAN F. Sanford MORGAN, JOHN ELVIS Molino MORGAN, MARIANNE Brandon MORRIS, BETTY LOU Quiney MORRISON, HAZEL Clermont MORELAND, SHIRLEY ANN Sanford MUELLER, NANCY ANN Limona MUNDEE, SUE Orlando MUNROE, JETT Tallahassee SOPHOMORES MURPHY, PATSY Miami MYERS, WILLIAM D. Eustis MYERS, WILLIAM R. Ft. Lauderdale NASRALLAH, MARGOT Jacksonville NAVARRO, A. S. Key West NEWMAN, BEN Jacksonville NOBLES, RAMON F. Punta Gorda NOEGEL, MARLENE Tallahassee NOLAN, ROBERT Jacksonville NORTON, EDWARD CURTIS New Orleans, La. NOTTAGE, LORRAINE Key West NOTT, CATHERINE St. Petersburg NUTTLE, BETTY LOU Bradenton OETJEN, JEANNE K. Jacksonville OGRAM, ROSE MARY Tallahassee OLIVER, LA ROSE Sylvania, Ga. O ' NEAL, MILDRED Wewahitchka OXTOBY, MARILYN Miami PADGETT, RAY Westville PAGGORD, BARBARA Miami PARKER, MARGERIE Miami PARROTT, JOYCE Apopka PASTER, SANDRA New York PAUL, HARRIET West Palm Beach PEMBERTON, HOLLIS Tallahassee PENNELL, WILL Columbus, Ga. PENNINGTON, LAVELLE Ponce de Leon PETERS, GUS Tallahassee PETERS, JEAN Vero Beach PETERS, SHIRLEY D. St. Petersburg PETTIT, BARBARA Daytona Beach PICHARD, BETTY MAE Tallahassee PIERCE, JANET Tampa PINKERTON, PAT Tallahassee PITMAN, JUNE Miami ' 52 POTTER, EDITH GRACE Jacksonville POWELL, CLAUDIA J. Pensacola PRICE, MARY Panama City POWELL, MARGARET Pahokee PRATER, NORMA ANN Wildwood PRICE, JOHN FORD Zephyrhills PROCTOR, SALLY ANN Jacksonville RAFELD, FLORENCE Tampa RAST, MARION RUTH Port Orange RAULERSON, FRANCES Miami REARDEN, NANNIE L. Tallahassee REDDING, MARGARET Jacksonville REDFEARN, PATRICIA Wewahitchka REED, DORIS Nichols REED, MARGARET Sarasota REGISTER, CATHERINE Miami RENTZ, ZOE Jacksonville RETTIE, NANCY M. Ft. Lauderdale REYNOLDS, M. ANN Jacksonville RHODES, FAYE Lake Wales RICH, BETTY Punta Gorda RIDGWAY, PHYLLIS Miami RIVAS, ELISE CASEL Tampa ROBERTS, DEAN Jacksonville ROBERTSON, DOROTHY C. Pompano Beach ROBINSON, FLORENCE E. Pensacola ROSS, BARBARA JEAN Lakeland ROTHERHAM MARY Revere, Mass. RUSS, JULIA Ft. Lauderdale RUSSELL, CHARLES R. Tallahassee SAMPSON, JOSEPH T. Thomasville, Ga. SANDERS, MARGARET Fernandina SAPP, EVELYN V. Chipley SAULS, FRANCIS JANE Monticello SAUNDERS, BARBARA Sanford SOPHOMORES SCARBOROUGH, JACK Lakeland SCHECHTER, NANCY Miami SCHULZ, DOROTHY Jacksonville SCOTT, ELBERT LEE, JR. Tallahassee SHANNON, ELIZABETH L. Winter Park SHEPHARD, NEVA Tallahassee SHERMAN, DOROTHY FAYE Lake Wales SHERROD, HARRY Orlando SHOFNER, NANCY C. Lakeland SHURUM, DAISY LEE Blountstown SINCLAIR, JUNE Jacksonville SIMMONS, GRETA Miami SIMMONS, PATRICIA Ocala SITTERMANN. ROWLAND St. Louis, Mo. SIZOO, ANTOINE HENRI Panama City SKIPPER, EDYTHE Dunedin SKIPPER, SALLY Lakeland SAIGH, ELIZABETH ANN Miami Beach SLATON, KATHERINE Eustis SLEMP, MARY ANN Jacksonville SMITH, CHARLES E. Vero Beach SMITH, EMILY Gainesville SMITH, FRANCIS Jacksonville SMITH, IMOGENE Bonifay SMITH, JOEL Tallahassee SMITH, LAURA LOUISE Sarasota SMITH, MARY STUART Jacksonville SMITH, NANCY Jacksonville SMITH, WINSTON New Smyrna Beach SNIDER, LAVONA Miami SOLOMON, EARL RAY Carrabelle SOMERS, MARY ALICE Tampa SPAETH, LOUISE Miami SPRING, MARY LOU Pine Castle STAFFORD, J. c. Tallahassee ' 52 STANLEY, CELIA Uleta STARLING, FAZIL DIANE Tampa STEARS, EVELYN JO Lake Worth STEPHENS, MARTHA ANN Panama City STEVENS, NANCY A. St. Petersburg STIGLER, MARILYN Daytona Beach STOCKMAN, VIRGINIA Panama City STOKES, WANDA A. Tampa STORM, JULIE Chicago, 111. STOUT, FLORA Pensacola STOWE, BEVERLY T. Orlando STRAUGHN, LOIS ELIZABETH Florala, Ala. STRICKLAND, JANE M. Winter Haven STRICKLAND, JEAN Winter Haven STRICKLAND, LOIS Winter Haven STRUNK, CAROLYN Key West SULLIVAN, KATHLEEN Miami SUNDBERG, RICHARD Jacksonville SUTHERLAND, MITCHELL Plant City SWEISGOOD, ANN Jacksonville SWETT, JEAN Palm Beach SYKES, J. D. Tallahassee TAIT, ELIZARETH Winter Haven TAPPAN, NANCY Miami TAPRELL, DOROTHY Daytona Beach TATUM, CHARLOTTE Boynton Beach TAVEL, MARY Palatka TAYLOR, CARLOS Clearwater TEMPLETON, DOROTHY Holly Hill THOMBLESON, JOHN Bicknell, Ind. THOMPSON, CATHERINE A. Miami THOMPSON, ELIZABETH Tallahassee THOMPSON, EUNICE Pensacola THOMPSON, WARNER PAUL DeFuniak Springs TIBBETTS, MARIANNE Ft. Lauderdale SOPHOMORES TIMMERMAN, JANE Sarasota TINKLER, GLADYS Lakeland TOMASELLO, YVONNE West Palm Beach TOOLE, REX Marianna TOOTLE, CLYDE LAMAR Tampa TOUCHTON, ROBERT M. Tallahassee TRAWICK, BARBARA Jacksonville TRASK, PHYLLIS St. Augustine TREADWELL, HELEN ANN St. Petersburg TREFETHEN, ROSEMARY Tampa TUPPIN, VIRGINIA Lake Worth TURNER, BETTY Lake Wales TYNDALL, CONSTANCE Winter Garden TYRRELL, WILLIS Pensaeola UNDERWOOD, THOMAS Wauchula VAN SERKE, RICHARD Palmetto VAUGHN, JOANNE Ft. Lauderdale VELASCO, ADA Tampa VERGASON, GLENN Tampa VICKERS, JOHN E. Panama City WADE, JO Jacksonville WALKER, MARY Gainesville WATKINS, MARTHA CURRY Key West WARD, ROBERT H. Tallahassee WATSON, JOHN, JR. Punta Gorda WATSON, MARY LILLIAN Wood vi lie WATTS, MIGNON Fellsinere WEAVER, HARRY K. Vernon WEBBER, CHARLOTTA Miami WEIGAND, PAT Lakeland WEITMAN, CHARLENE Oveida WELCH, L. B., JR. Madison WELCH, MARY LEE Apopka WEST, ELLEN Ft. Myers WEST, MARY J. Tallahassee ' 52 WESTLING, RICHARD Linden, N. J. WHITE, JEAN Jacksonville WHITE, WILLIAM Jacksonville WHITMIRE, CAROLINE Miami WHITMORE, LOIS Winter Park WILDER, KATIE Inverness WILLIAMS, CLARA Winter Beach WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Palatka WILLIS, BOB Pensacola WILLIS, CLARICE St. Petersburg WINBURN, JEANETTE AVIS Mayo WITCHER, CAROLYN Tallahassee WOLFE, MARY VIRGINIA Orlando WOMBLE, FRED Tallahassee WOOD, WALKER 7 t. Lauderdale WORK, SUE Pensacola WRIGHT, PATSY ANN Monticello WROTE N, BARBARA Pahokee YEARSLEY, PATRICIA Jacksonville ZAPPOL, JEANNE Bonifay Class of 1953 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS I Reading from left to right are) : Jerry Saiyers, treasurer; Bud Robinson, vice president; Jean Nydegger, parliamentarian; John Morris, president, and Marilyn Wingo, secretary. FRESHMEN AASE, DONAH Tallahassee ABBOTT, BARBARA Atlanta, Georgia ABSHER, LOIS LEE DeLand ADAMS, BENTLEY, JR. Thomaston, Georgia ALBRITTON, JEWEL Wauchula ALDRIDGE, KENNETH Pelham, Georgia ALEXANDER, MADGE Monticello ALFORD, BETTY LOU Ocala ALLEN, DRUCILLA Umatilla ALLEN, PHYLLIS ANN Milton AMIDON, MARY Daytona Beach ANDERSON, GLORIA J. Canal Zone ANDERSON, JANET Titusville ANDERSON, REBECCA ANN St. Petersburg ANDREWS, GERALD Westville ANDREWS, NADINE Clewiston ANGEL, PATRICIA Haines City ANTHONY, ELIZABETH Tallahassee ANTHONY, DELMA F. Apalachicola ARBOGAST, JANICE Stuart ARNOLD, SARA FRANCES Lake City ASHMORE, DELILAH CARTER Tallahasse e ATHANASON, ANNA MARIE Clearwater ATON, ANN St. Petersburg ATZEL, ROBERTA Miami AUXIER, DIANE L. Key West AVIS, ELLEN Vero Beach AYERS, VIRGINIA Miami BACH, PHILLIP JR. Sanford BALL, BETTY RENE Sanford BARBER, ELIZABETH ANNE Miami BARNES, JIMMY Pensacola BARRINGER, CASTLE A. Jacksonville BARTH, BILLIE JEAN Sarasota BATES, LORENE R. Plant City 53 BATTLE, MIRIAM LAVERNE DeLand BAUGHAN, NELL Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville BAUMGARDT, ELIZABETH ANN Ft. Lauderdale BAYLY, PHYLLIS Clearwater BAZEMORE, HARRIETTE Miami BEACH, MARILYN Coral Gables BELCHER, MARTHA JOLINE Jacksonville BENTON, ROBERT LEE Tampa BERG, MARY PATRICIA St. Cloud BERNING, NANCY Miami BICKNELL, CAROLYN JANE Miami BIGGS, BETTY FAYE Georgetown BILLINGSLEA, ANN Marianna BISHOP, NANCY Lakeland BLAIR, LILA LEE Macclenny BLAKE, SHIRLEY Bartow BANCKER, MARY Live Oak BLIZARD, JEAN Miami BOBBITT, DOROTHY Miami BODEKER, PHYLLIS JOAN West Palm Beach BOGGS, ELEANOR Tampa BOLTIN, FRANCES Gainesville BONNER, MILDRED Tallahassee BOOZER, RAMONA Gainesville BORELLI, ELLEN S. Tampa BORLING, BETTY Orlando BORNEMAN, BARBARA Tallahassee BOSCHEN, CAROLYN Pensacola BOSSIDY, ALICE Cocoa BOWEN, TOMMY Tallahassee BOURON, PHYLLIS ANN Eustis BRAGG, SUSAN Tallahassee BRANAN, MARY New Symrna Beach BRENNEMAN, FRANCES Lakeland BREWER, SARA Winter Haven V FRESHMEN BREWTON, BARBARA Orlando BRIDGES, DOTTIE Lake Wales BRIGANCE, FRANK G. JR. Miami BOCK, BETTY LOU Clearwater BROWDER, MARY CATHERINE Arcadia BROWN, HELEN Mulberry BROWN, MARY L. Maeelenny BROWN, SARA Orlando BROWN, SARAH Pensaeola BROWNING, MARIANNE Lovett BROWNLEE, FRANKIE Jacksonville BROWNLEE, MADGE Starke BUCKLES, DOROTHY Belle Glade BUETTNER, JOHN St. Petersburg BUGGS, JANIE LEE Daytona Beach BUHRMAN, ARTHUR PRICE St. Augustine BURKE, EDNA Miami BUSH, JOHN Bonifay BUTLER, CAROLYN Leesburg BUZZARD, DON Huntington, Indiana BYRD, JOANNE Ojus CALLICOTT, BETTY DALE Perry CARLILE, BETTY ROSETTA Miami CARLIN, VERNA LOREE Jacksonville CARLTON, CATHERINE Hawthorne CARO, PAUL W., JR. Pensaeola CASEY, BILLIE DOVE DeFuniak Springs CAWTHON, MARY FRANCES Tallahassee CHALKER, LORRAINE Deerfield Beach CHATHAM, JAMES Port St. Joe CHILDS, ZILLA ALICE Winter Haven CHORPENING, EMILY Miami CICCARELLO, PETE Tampa CLARK, FRANCES Jacksonville CLARK, MARY LEIGH Pensaeola ' 53 CLARK, MARY LOUISE Panama City CLARK, J. P. Tallahassee CLEARE, CARLA JEAN Tampa CLOUD, PATRICIA Orlando CODD, EDITH TYNAN Corpus Christi, Texas COFFIN, EMILY Jacksonville LASSITER, JO ANN Lakeland COLLIER, WILMA SUE Sarasota COMELLAS, CLARA LEILA Tampa CONKLING, ANN Miami CONNOR, JERRY St. Petersburg COOK, RUSSELL Chipley COOKE, ELIZARETH Lake Worth CORDELL, ALLYN Daytona Reach CORDELL, RETTY Lakeland CORE, RETTY JEAN Tallahassee COMER, PAT Daytona Reach CORRY, JAMES PELHAM Quincy COSEY, ELIZARETH Wauchula COSTELLO, PATRICIA Jacksonville COSWELL, RETTYE DeFuniak Springs COX, LOIS ANN Moore Haven CREWS, VERA Roca Grande CROUCH, JOY ELIZARETH Clewiston CULLIVER, RORERT Ft. Lauderdale DALTON, ANNE ELIZABETH Tallahassee DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM Oneca DAME, NELL Orlando DANIELS, ROSE MARY Jacksonville DARRINGTON, DOTTIE West Palm Beach DAVIDSON, JANE LEGARE Sarasota DAVIS, JEANNE Orlando DAVIS, KATHRYN Pensacola DAVIS, MIRIAM Miami DAVIS, SARAH MARGARET Quincy FRESHMEN DAVIS, WILLIAM GUY, JR. Quincy DAWSON, LYNNE Pensacola DAY, LOUISE Live Oak DAY, NANCY LEE Miami Beach DEAN, VIVIAN Avon Park DE BOER, PAMELA Chipley DEITCH, DONALD GERALD Miami Beach DE LAUNAY, ROSEMARIE Ft. Myers DEL GADO, ESTELLA Key West DEMETREE, ARTHUR Tallahassee DEMETREE, JULIETTE Tallahassee DESHA, MARJORIE Wildwood DEWEY, DORA FRANCES Merritt Island DIAZ, FRANCES Tampa DICKERSON, JACQUELYN Coral Gables DIXON, GRACE Jacksonville DOMINICK, ELIZABETH Oakland Park DONALDSON, ALICE MARY Ponte Vedra Beach DONALDSON, JEAN Jacksonville DORSEY, MARY ANN Gainesville DOUGHERTY, MAUREEN St. Petersburg DOUGLAS, DOROTHY Wildwood DOWDY, LEONA High Springs DOWLING, JASPER B Altha JR. DOYLE, DORIS JEAN Tallahassee DRAKE , BOBBY Tallahassee DRESSEL, ORAMAE West Palm Beach DUCKWORTH, JEANETTE Alturas DUGGAR, IRIS JEANINE Bristol DUNCAN, BETTE LOU Sanford DURRANCE, LOUISE Crawfordville DUTTENHAVER, CHARLES R. Palatka EDENFIELD, BARBARA Sanford EDMUNDS, MARIAN REED Daytona Beach EDWARDS, MILLY ANN Miami ' 53 ELLIS, JUDITH ANNE Orlando ELLIS, SARA MARY St. Petersburg ENGEL, DOROTHY Homestead ENGEL, RUTH Homestead ENGLAND, BETTY Pensaeola ERWOOD, JACKIE Miami ESTERBROOK, DARLYNE Miami ETCHISON, JAYNE ANN Orlando ETHERIDGE, WANDA JOAN Jacksonville FAIN, LINDA Oeilla, Ga. FAIRCLOTH, VIRGINIA West Palm Beach FANEUF, CYNTHIA ANN St. Petersburg FARRELL, NANCY Sarasota FLANNERY, VIRGINIA Coral Gables FORT, BETTY JO Lake Butler FOREMAN, MARY JANE Leesburg FORTNEY, JO ANNE Bradenton FOSGATE, BEATRICE Coral Gables FOSTER, BARBARA ANN DeLand FOX, PAT Macon, Ga. FRANCESCON, BETTY Miami FREEMAN, JOAN SARA Tampa FRETWELL, SHIRLEY MAE Cocoa Beach FRIEND, NANCY Tampa FRYER, BARBARA ANN Jacksonville GABRIEL, PAT Miami GAINER, GAYNELLE Panama City GALLAGHER, JOHN W. A. Zephyrhills GALIANO, HOPE CARMEN Tampa GALLOWAY, LUCILLE Pensaeola GALLOWAY, DREW Westville GALLOWAY, MARY ANNE Sanford GARCIA, ROSE Miami GARDNER, DAVIS L. Chipley GARRETT, RUTH Malone FRESHMEN GASKIN, BETTY ANN Wewahitchka GATES, PATSY Miami GEIGER, AUDREY ELAINE Tallahassee GILLESPIE, RUTH LOIS Jacksonville GODFREY, EDYTHE St. Petersburg GOLDMAN, STANTON West Palm Beach GOLSON, BARBARA ANN St. Petersburg GOODBREAD, HARRIETT Lake City GOODMAN, NORMA Jacksonville GOODNIGHT, GERRY Pensacola GRANT, SALLIE Orlando GREEN, ELEANOR Jacksonville GREEN, MARTHA Ft. Valley, Ga. GREENALL, ELIZABETH Jacksonville GREENE, LURLINE Stuart GRIFFIN, CASSIE Elton GRIFFIN, ETHEL WARREN Branford GRIFFITH, DOROTHEA Warrington GRIZZARD, WOODLEY ANN Lakeland GROSSER, JOAN BARBARA Jacksonville GRUBB, JOAN Mt. Pleasant GRUBBS, HILDA JUANITA Tallahassee GYLAND, SALLY Tampa HAMILTON, MARGARET JO Clearwater HAMRICK, VIRGINIA GAY Tallahassee HANCOCK, MARGARET ANN Neptune Beach HANKS, RALPH Pensacola HANNAHS, VIRGINIA ELAINE Miami HARRIS, JAMES M. Apopka HARRIS, MARILYN Vero Beach HARRISON, BENNIE BEATRICE Bushnell HARTSFIELD, IDA JEAN Tallahassee HARTWELL, CHARLOTTE Ft. Lauderdale HAYES, RUBY ALLEGRA Lake Butler HENDERSON, BETTY Frostproof ' 53 HENDERSON, CAROL VERNELLE Jacksonville HENDERSON, WILLIAM FRANCIS Tallahassee HENEY, JESSIE DeLand HENSON, ANITA Tampa HERRING, DOTTIE Orlando HICKS, VIRGINIA Plant City HILDRITH, JUDITH Jacksonville HILL, CLIFFORD St. Augustine HILL, ELIZABETH Orlando HITES, ELAINE Blountstown HOADLEY, MARGARET Dunedin HOCKER, ALICE Ocala HODGES, BENJIE Monticello HOLLAND, BETTY JEAN Pensacola HOLLAND, LAVADA Crestview HOLTON, EDNA OLIVER St. Augustine HOOKER, ROWENA ANN West Palm Beach HOPKINS, JEAN St. Petersburg HOPKINS, JEANETTE Tallahassee HOOVER, FRED W. Jacksonville HORMAN, MARTHA JEAN Pompano HORTON, JUANITA Quiney HOULE, JEAN Daytona Beach HOUSE, BETTY JOAN Titusville HOWARTH, ELEANOR Daytona Beach HUDSON, BOB Haines City HUDSON, ELAINE Winter Haven HUGHES, HOUSTON Westville HUNT, ERNESTINE Okeechobee HUNTER, MARTHA ELIZABETH Fort Lauderdale INGRAM, EMILY Avon Park JENNINGS, WATSON Sanford JIRETZ, DOROTHY ANN Tampa JOHNSON, DAGMAR DOLORES Lakeland JOHNSON, DORIS Jacksonville FRESHMEN JOHNSON, VIRGINIA ADRIENNE Lake Mary JOHNSTON, LORNA Winter Garden JONES, CLARICE Callahan JONES, GEORGIA Clearwater JONES, MADELINE Crescent City JONES, RAY G., JR. Dalton, Ga. JONES, RORERT Cocoa KAMM, MARY LOU Jacksonville KEENE, PHYLLIS ANN Tallahassee KELLER, AUDREY Tampa KELLER, FLORENCE Foley KENDALL, SARA East Point, Ga. KENNEDY, FAUSTELLE Orlando KENNEDY, SARA Pensacola KICKLITER, VIRGINIA Tampa KING, JOAN Fort Lauderdale KING, VIVIAN DeFuniak Springs KINLEY, MARY JANE Tampa KINNAIRD, MARTHA Miami KEIRSTEAD, ROSEMARY JUNE Tampa KISSLING, JANET Atlantic Beach KLUTTZ, JANE Jacksonville Beach KNIGHT, DOROTHY HILL Coral Gables KNIGHTON, EARLENE Jacksonville KNOX, ELINOR Miami KOHN, SHIRLEY Tampa KRASEMANN, MARGARET Tallahassee LaBARBERA, KATHERINE Tampa LADD, JAY LEWIS Miami LAIRD, MARGARET Tallahassee LANEY, ROGER L. Chipley LANIGAN, ROBERT CHARLES Coral Gables LATIMER, JULIA St. Augustine LAVENDER, SHIRLEY Bradenton LAWTON, SUSAN Arlington Liiiirillitt ' 53 LEFFLER, LILA Sanford LEE, YVONNE Miami LEONARD, PEGGY Milton LeROY, JOANNE Jacksonville LESTER, PATSY Jacksonville LETTON, RHODA Tampa LEWIS, AUDREY J. St. Augustine LEWIS, PAULA Tallahassee LILLY, LOIS LAVERNE Florahome LINDSEY, ADELAIDE Panama City LOGUE, MARTHA Quincy LOJESKI, LOIS V. Miami LOPEZ, HENRIETTA Tallahassee LORD, JOAN Key West LOVERN, ELIZARETH Winter Haven LOWE, DAVID Ocala LOWE, SARA ELMORE Auburn, Ala. LOWRY, CLEMENTINE Tallahassee LUCREE, MARY ANN Miami LUFFMAN, VIRGINIA Ocala LYON, PATRICIA Yokohama, Japan LYONS, ROBERT STEWART Bartow LYNN, JEAN Tampa MAIER, RALPH Venice MANNING, LUCRETIA Florala, Ala. MANOLT, DOROTHY L. Tampa MARINI, SYLVIA Ft. Lauderdale MARKER, ADELBERT Jacksonville MARSHALL, MARY JANE Tallahassee MARTI, JOSE New York MARTIN, JACK Sarasota MARTIN, JEAN Bradenton MARTIN, JOCELYN ANN Winter Haven MARTIN, MADGE JOAN Green Cove Springs MARTIN, JUNE Fort Myers FRESHMEN MATTHEWS, LILLIAN VIRGINIA Hollywood MAUK, ANNIE Miami MAY, JUNE M alone MAYHEW, NANCY LOUISE Tallahassee MAYO, MARY ANN Jacksonville McCABE, MARIAN St. Petersburg McCartney, joanne St. Petersburg McCLAMMA, FRANCES E. Wewahitchka McCONNELL, MARY JEAN Olustee McCURDY, ANNE Stuart Mcdonald, ann miller Pensacola Mcdonald, mary Pierce Mcdowell, sarah annette Fruitland McGEACHY, LUCY Chipley McGLAMERY, PATRICIA Grace ville McGOUGH, EASTER ANN St. Cloud McGUFFEY, PATTY Orlando McHAFFEY, JEAN FRANCES Jacksonville McKINNEY, FRANCES Pensacola McKINNON, JEANNETTE Quincy McKINNON, LANELL Marianna McLEOD, BETTY C. Perry McMillan, lee Orlando Mcmullen, Elizabeth Clearwater McWHORTER, JACKIE Panama City MEEK, PHILIP G. Limona MELTON, MARJORIE Lakeland MELZER, SHIRLEY ALICE Jacksonville MENDELSON, NORMAN Panama City MILLIGAN, CLARA JO Crestview MILLER, GLORIA JANE Rochester, N. Y. MILLER, IRWIN Mulberry MILLS, WILLIAM CURTIS Tallahassee MONROE, ANNE Jacksonville MONTZANAS, EVELYN Perry ' 53 MOODY, SARAH LOUISE Citra MOORE, CAROLYN E. Tarpon Springs MOORE, MARGARET ANN Sarasota MORELAND, JANICE Winter Haven MORGAN, LOIS Pahokee MORGAN, MARY ANN Miami MORRIS, JACQUELINE Quincy MORRIS, POLLY Ft. Lauderdale MORRISON, MARINEL Sarasota MOSHONAS, EUGENIA Tarpon Springs MOSLEY, RETTY Century MUENCH, CAROL Miami MULLANEY, MAUREEN Oklawaha MURRAY, ELEANOR Lake Worth MUSGROVE, JONOLA Rlountstown MUSSELMAN, VIRGINIA Tampa MYERS, MARY ANN Pompano Beach NARI, GENE Jacksonville NAHM, CARMAN DeLand NALL, LAURA GERTRUDE Clearwater NEBLETT, VIOLET ANN Key West NEET, WILLIAM E. St. Petersburg NELSON, BARBARA JEAN Miami NELSON, JOANNE Miami NEWBERRY, JUDITH Panama City NIEDER, DONNELL Delray Beach NORFLEET, JOANNE Hollywood NORMAN, JANE Apalachicola NORTON, ADRIANNE Mt. Dora NUNEZ, ELEANOR Nichols NYDEGGER, BETTY JEAN Orlando O ' BRIEN, MARILYN Delray Beach O ' NEAL, BETTY LEE Punta Gorda OWEN, SHIRLEY ANN Clewiston OWSLEY, HARRIET Pensacola FRESHMEN PABOR, BERTHA ANN Avon Park PADGETT, PEGGY ANN Panama City PADGETT, RUTHANNE Live Oak PAGE, EDNA Jacksonville PAGE, IVEY Callahan PAGE, MARY EVELYN Orlando PARKER, JOHN J. Philadelphia, Pa. PARKER, NANCY Arcadia PARISH, GEORGE C. Darlington PARSONS, MARY Jacksonville PARTIN, GLORIA Boynton Beach PATTERSON, ROBINA Port Orange PEARSON, DORIS JACKIE Jacksonville PEARSON, WILLIAM Brandon PEDDIE, DOROTHY Apalachicola PEEL, BOBBIE NELL Greenville PELOT, PEGGY Tallahassee PETER, DOLORES Venice PETTEWAY, MARY KATHLEEN Tampa PETTEWAY, SUE Lakeland PHELPS, JO ANNE Tampa PHILLIPS, JULIA Orlando PHILLIPS, SAMUEL St. Petersburg PHILPOT, POLLY NASH St. Petersburg PHILYAW, SARAH CEVA Port St. Joe PIERCE, BETTY ANN Arcadia PINKSTON, LELL RAINER Mt. Dora PINKSTON, MARY FRANCIS Coral Gables PINNEY, MARY JANE Pensacola PIPKIN, EDWARD Tallahassee PONCE, PEGGY JANE St. Augustine POPE, EDITH LYVONNE Monticello PORTER, ALYCE Miami PORTER, BONIFAY MOLLY Jacksonville PORTER, THRESSA Jacksonville ' 53 POWELL, JOAN ELAINE Miami POWELL, LAMAR West Palm Beach POWERS, MARGARET PATRICIA Orlando PRESLEY, JAMES, JR. Crestview PRESSLEY, MARTHA HELEN Miami PRIME, ROSEMARY Daytona Beach PROCTOR, JO NELL Miami RAINES, ANN Miami RASMUSSEN, VIVIAN DeLand RAY, SUZANNE Lyme, N. H. RECTOR, EMILY JANE Jacksonville REDD, ANNA JEAN Jacksonville REDDING, DOROTHY ANN Ocala REED, BARBARA L. St. Petersburg REED, MARGARET JOYCE Green Cove Springs REID, JOAN Miami RENFROE, JULIENNE Ft. Lauderdale RENZ, SYLVIA LOUIS Tampa REVELL, FANNETTA Wauchula RICE, JOANNE West Palm Beach RICE, MARGARET Miami RICHARDSON, FRANCES ANN Jacksonville Beach RICHARDSON, PATRICIA ANN Belview RILEY, JOHN Hollywood, Calif. RILEY, VERONICA Miami RIVERS, CATHERINE Miami RIVERS, JOYCE ELAINE Jacksonville ROBERTS, ANN Lake Butler ROBERTS, CAROLYN St. Augustine ROBLES, MIRIAM Tampa ROBINSON, BETTIE Miami ROCHE, TANYA Jacksonville Beach ROGERO, JACK San Mateo ROGERO, THOMAS San Mateo ROGERS, ELIZABETH South Miami FRESHMEN ROLAND, NAN Newberry ROSEBERRY, MARY Pensacola ROSS, ELIZABETH Jacksonville ROSS, FRANKLIN B. Chipley ROWE, ROSALIND Miami RUCKS, E. JOY J aeksonville RUDD, RUSSELL S. Havana RUSSELL, PATRICIA Key West RUST, JACQUELINE Miami RUTH, BARBARA Cross City RUTHERFORD, VIRGINIA LEE Hollywood RUTTER, BARBARA DeLand SABIN, NANCY Jacksonville SAITTA, THOMAS Jacksonville SALYERS, JERE Miami SAXON, SUE VIRGINIA Brooksville SCHIPPERT, DIANE St. Petersburg SCHNABEL, ELLEN LOUISE Cocoa SCHOENBERGER, EMILY Jacksonville SCHOEPPE, BETTY ANN St. Petersburg SCHUCHART, SALLY Tallahassee SCHULZ, ROSEMARY Jacksonville SCHUNEMAN, CARYL ANNE Tallahassee SCHWARK, JANET J. St. Petersburg SCOTT, BETTY JEAN Cottondale SCOTT, ELEANOR JEAN Punta Gorda SEBRING, JACQUELINE Sebring SEMMES, EMILY Pensacola SERROS, ROBERT Orlando SESSIONS, ANDREA Tallahassee SHARP, ANNE Bradenton SHAW, ALEXIS Jacksonville SHAW, PATSY Miami SHEALY, LYNETTE Panama City SHEFTALL, DOROTHY Jacksonville ' 53 SHEFARD, JANE Mt. Pleasant SHERMAN, E. LOWRY Lake Wales SHEROUSE, PEGGY Tampa SIDNER, MARY ANNE Wendermere SIMMONS, FRANCES Charlotte, N. C. SIMMONS, IDA HENRY Oak Hill SIMMONS, NITA JEAN Tylertown, Miss. SIMMS, JOAN MAE Miami SIMPSON, MARY Ft. Myers SINTON, SALLY St. Petersburg SISSON, PATSY Tampa SKINNER, CAROL Sanford SKIPPER, BILL Lakeland SKIPPER, JACQUELINE Sebring SLAICK, ELSIE LEVENE Hollywood SMALE, NADINE Tampa SMITH, BARBARA JEAN Miami SMITH, CECILY Lakeland SMITH, JAMES K. Jacksonville SMITH, JOYCE Chipley SMITH, ROSEMARY Haines City SMYTH, MARY KATHRYN Orlando SNIPES, SONYA Malone SNOOK, LAWRENCE Auburndale SOLOMON, ROY H. Carrabelle SPARLING, JEAN MARIE Ft. Lauderdale SPAULDING, BILLIE JOANNE Sanford SPEARS, ETTA Leesburg SPEED, MARY HELEN Jacksonville SPENSER, ANN Columbus, Ga. SPENSER, GRACE ANICE Jacksonville STARBIRD, DOROTHY ANN Palatka STARNES, PATRICIA ANN Ft. Myers STEED, MARTHA ANN Jacksonville STEIN, TERESA ELLEN Miami FRESHMEN STEPHENS, NATHOLYN Winter Garden STEVENSON, SHIRLEY PALMER Coral Gables STEWART, RETTIE Jacksonville STEWART, CARY JO Milton STILL, MARTHA Lakeland STOKES, IRIS Ft. Meade STOTT, KATHERINE E. Lakeland STRICKLAND, ANN F. LaGrange, Ga. STRICKLAND, ELLYNE Tavares STRICKLAND, MARJORIE Tallahassee SUBER, SALLY MARIE Homestead SULLIVAN, MARY LOUISE Madison SUMMER, JACQUELYN Bristol SUMMERS, MARY RUTH Tampa SUMMERS, JACKIE Sarasota SWANSON. JAN KAREN Jacksonville Beach SWEAT, FREIDA Clinton, S. C. TANNER, SHIRLEY ANNE Miami TAPPAN, BETTY St. Petersburg TARVER, GEORGE ROBERT St. Augustine TATUM, ELISE Miami TAYLOR, DOLORIS Wauchula TAYLOR, HAYWOOD Sebring TAYLOR, MARTHA Minis TAYLOR, MARY Largo TEEL, BILLY DUANE Crestview TEMPLE, PAT Coral Gables TEMPLE, VIOLET Orlando TERRY, NANCY MAE Jacksonville THIXTON, DON Ft. Lauderdale THOMAS. BARBARA ANN Miami THOMAS, BARBARA KATE High Springs THOMAS, CLAUDIA Groveland THOMAS, CONSTANCE Gainesville THOMAS, KATIE St. Petersburg ' 53 THOMAS, LEWIS H. Tallahassee THOMSON, PATRICIA LEE Zephyrhills THORP, ALICE MARIE Green Cove Springs THORPE, JOANNE Tampa THROCKMORTON, ANN Miami TOMLIN, JUNE St. Petersburg TREISRACK, PAULA Jacksonville TRITT, MARJORIE Miami TURBS, MIMI Dania TUCKER, SUE Oakland TURVAVILLE, WILLIAM JAMES Tampa ULMO. ELSIE MARTHA Tampa UPSON, KAY Miami VANCE, SUE Jacksonville VANSKIKE, PEGGY Bradenton VAUGHAN, EMILY Miami VERNAM, CLAUDE Jacksonville WADE, PEGGY Tallahassee WAITS, DOROTHY JEAN Jacksonville WALDRON, BARBARA Miami WALKER, MARGARET Waycross, Ga. WALKER, PATRICIA St. Petersburg WALKER, VIRGINIA R. Bradenton WALLACE, LAURENE Birmingham, Ala. WALTER, JOANN Hialeah WANG, ARVY LEE Laurel Hill WARD, ANNETTE Malone WARD, REVERLY Miami WARD, ROYCE HAROLD Atmore, Ala. WARDLAW, MARTHA ANN Frostproof WATFORD, DAVID M. Sebring WATKINS, MARTHA J. Sebring WEAVER, BETTY LOUISE Winter Garden WEAVER, JANETTE Panama City WEBB, MARGARET Trenton L- Vil yr rA tmiu, JH FRESHMEN WEED. KEN Ft. Lauderdale WEEKS, BARBARA Gainesville WEHNER, MARY ANNE Daytona Beach WELLONS, ANN Key West WELLS, MARY LOU St. Petersburg WESTERFIELD, BOB Ft. Lauderdale WHEAT, HELEN CLAIRE Quiney WHEATLEY, SHIRLEY L. Miami WHEELER, LUCILLE Ft. Myers WHETSTONE, BETTY Tampa WHIDDEN, DODIE Okeechobee WHIDDEN, HENRIETTA Mulberry WHISENANT, KAY Palmetto WHISNANT, MARY DUNN Raleigh, N. C. WHITE, BARBARA Jacksonville WHITE, SUSAN Tallahassee WILDER, KATHRYN RUTH Orlando WILHELM, BONNIE St. Petersburg WILKISON, RHONDA St. Petersburg WILLIAMS, CAROL Orlando WILLIAMS, MARGARET Quiney WILLIAMSON, CHARLES Jacksonville WILLIAMSON, MARTHA Jacksonville WILLIS, SUSAN Greenwood WILSEY, GEORGE FRANK St. Petersburg WILSON, BETTY JEAN Tampa WILSON, JOAN Marianna WILSON, LELAGENE Aufaula, Ala. WILSON, MARTHA JEAN Pensacola WOOD, BARBARA Darlington WOOD, JANE Miami WOOTEN, ANNE Bradenton WOOTEN, JOAN Coral Gables WRIGHT, JESSE HERBERT Miami WYNNS, MILDRED Bushnell ' 53 YANCEY, CAROLINE E. Tallahassee YANCEY, RUTH ALICE Miami YARBROUGH, EVERETT Pensaeola YEAGER, RICHARD M. Jacksonville YOUNG, JOANNE Tampa ZIEGLER, MARTHA Sarasota ZUVER, BARBARA Ft. Pierce Government •-■■ ■■•.. en i%i - 1 . ' ■-■.: UNIVERSITY GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Seated: Ed Eissey, President of Men ' s Government Association; Beverly Alexander, Chairman Budget Committee; Helen Gong, Vice-President of University Government Association; James Tippin, President of University Government Association; Jean Sayer, Secretary of University Government Association; Barbara Jean Morgan, Forums Chairman; Ida Santos, President of Women ' s Gov- ernment Association. Standing: Dr. Charles Davis, Dal Albritton, Bill Hopkins, Bess Enge, Miss Elizabeth Lynn, Roberta McBride, Dorothy Burt, Dr. Otis McBride, Pat Burghard. Mft m UNIVERSITY SENATE 1st Row: Angel Vocelle, Jo Ann Cloud, Herb Marsh, Helen Gong, Jean Sayer, Catherine Yonge, Margie Hiatt. 2nd Row: Ann Oliver, Betty Jane Larson, Wilda Larson, Adelaide McLeod, Betty Jane Allan. 3rd Row: Jack Murphy, Ed Schlitt, Rube Askew, Harry Ryder, Bill Conklin, Will Pennell. University Senate is a legislative body which deals with problems con- cerning both men and women students. Presided over by University Govern- ment Association Vice-President Helen Gong, the group is composed of twelve men and twelve women senators, the vice-presidents of Women ' s Government Association and Men ' s Government Association and the secre- tary of University Government Association. WOMEN ' S GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Left to right: Beverly Alexander Burton, treasurer; Cass Yonge, vice-president; Ida Santos, president; Nell Troy Kincaid, secretary. Women ' s Government Asso- ciation has been very active this year, concentrating on re- vising this branch to meet the changing needs concurrent with the development of our University Government. The primary function of the Men ' s Govern- ment Association is to help male students with problems pertaining to their welfare and to cooperate with the University Government in serving the entire student body. MEN ' S GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION (Left to right) : Herb Marsh, vice president; Ed Eissey, president; William Hopkins, secretary. MEN ' S SENATE (Left to right) : Bill Hopkins, Ed Schlitt, Ed Eissey, Harry Ryder, Herb Marsh, Bill Conklin, Will Pennell, Lee Brooks, Tommy Dale, Jack Murphy. Men ' s Senate and Women ' s Senate have as their function the enactment of legislation which pertains specifically to their respective students. Senators in this group are elected by the students and also represent their respective classes in the University Senate, WOMEN ' S SENATE 1st Row (left to right) : Ann Oliver, Nell Troy Kincaid, Cass Yonge, Angel Vocelle. 2nd Row (left to right) : Wilda Larson, Betty Jane Larson, Jo Ann Cloud, Sissie McLeod. HONOR COURT Left to right) : Jennie Adams, Bo Baker, Eileen Lomax, Randell Dodd, Bette Barnes. Made up of two representatives from both the junior and senior classes, Honor Court deals with infractions of the honor code such as lying, cheating, and stealing. It also hears other cases which effect both men and women students, and the chairmen of men ' s and women ' s judiciary are ex-officio members of the court. This group works in conjunction with the Honor Committee for the promotion and understanding of the Honor Code. (Left to right) : Sidney Henry, Marilyn Archbold, John Wheeler. Erin Wilcox, Jefferson Davis. WOMEN ' S JUDICIARY 1st Row: Bette Barnes, Patty Mims, Betty Collins, Chairman; Ruth Lemmon, Marilyn Archbold. 2nd Row: Jennie Lee Adams, Eleanor Graves, Nancy Bennett, Frances Higginbotham, Erin Wilcox. Women ' s Judiciary and Men ' s Judiciary serve as the judicial body of W. G. A. and M. G. A. These courts handle all infractions of rules not under the jurisdiction of Honor Court or Women ' s House Council. MEN ' S JUDICIARY Jeff Davis, Randell Dodd, Willard Baker, Sidney Henry, John Wheeler, Ed Campbell, Bill Hayes, Frank Cotton, Ed Eissey. The Organizations Com- mittee is under the jurisdic- tion of U. G. A. Its chief objective is to approve all new organizations on cam- pus and to keep the estab- lished ones active. ORGANIZATIONS COMMITTEE Sitting: Lucille Rogers, Catherine Blanton, Jean Sayer — Chairman, Ann Eidson, Phoebe Miller. Standing: Suzanne Brown, Helen Ward, Rita Simon, Angel Vocelle. Not pictured: Anne Bache, Jo Ann Cloud. The Funds Committee is another function of the Uni- versity Government Associa- tion. Budgets of all organ- izations are supervised by this committee. FUNDS COMMITTEE (Left to right) : Anna Lee Overbay, Mack Mangham, Harriet Forehan. —— — " p-- J - V Publications Florida Flambeau Helen Hobbs Editor-in-chief Horry M er Friday Betty Berg Business Manager COLUMNISTS Front, left to right: Gene Tidd, Janet Pearce, Bill Conklin, Anne Gregory; back: Charlie Dils, Tom Conkling, Bob Griffin. SPORTS STAFF . Klug, Earle Bowden, Murphy. SOCIETY EDITORS Barbara Sliney, Clarine Hobbs. (Not pictured) : Jane White. FEATURE EDITORS Joel Smith, Jeanne O ' Riorden Harry Copeland, Jean Flynn. NEWS EDITORS Montrell Sessions, Betsy Blanton, Jerry Tatum, Anne Gregory. ADVERTISING STAFF Mary Lou Medlin, Ruth Alice Yancey, Nelle Crenshaw, local advertising manager; Carolyn Curry, national advertising manager. Assistant managing editors: Earl Dobert, Roberta Alford. (Not pictured): Ele a n o r Hutchins, Shirley Morton. QUIE ALLEN, Editor L ALBRIGHT, ness Manager JOHN BENKERT, Advertising Manager The 1950 Tally Ho Staff SARAH McFARLIN, Art Editor BETSY BLANTON, HARRY NEWMAN, Assistant Editors JOEL SMI IFC Editor, FLOYD FO Assisroi ckAlLY KOON an lhA Class Editors d GLADYS TINKLER, JO ANN CI Pan-Hellenic BARBARA GOLEMAN and CINDY CARSON, Class Editors JACK MURPHY, Sports Editor ANN CARLISLE, Snapshot Editor and HILDA MAE RENWICK, Organizations Editor PAT MURPHY, Feature Editor and MARGIE SUE MIDDLETON, Assistant Junior Staff Members at Work Other staff members include: Margo Preece, Faculty Editor; Edris Morgan, Jerry Tatum, Ellen West, Ruby Crumpler, Class Editors; and Pete Ciccarello, Photography Staff. JACK CROWELL CLAIRE SMITH Photography Staff Talaria Cynthia Jo Schumacher — Editor Gail Kelley — Art Staff; Sarah MacFarlin — Art Editor; Carolyn Henry — Art Staff Terry Nunez — Poetry Editor; Cynthia Jo — Editor; Nancy Smith — Fiction Edi Harry Copeland — Article Editor Allan Head — Business Manager Allan Head — Business Manager; Margo Preece — Business Staff; Mary Jane Marshall — Business Staff The quarterly literary publication of FSU is fhe Talaria. Students submit articles of current interest, humor, fic- tion and poetry. Talaria sponsors contests for student compositions to encourage a wider rep- resentation of school literary talent. Not pictured: Dal Albritton, Criticism Editor; Peter Dunn Rankin, Humor Editor; Barbara Robbins, Art Staff; Donna Jolley, Business Staff. Honoraries Phi Beta Kappa Date of founding I77() Alpha of Florida 1935 Love of wisdom the helmsman of life. Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest national honorary society in America, recognizes intellectual attainment and promise of distinction in the world of achievement. Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is normally restricted to the Liberal Arts and is considered generally as the highest academic honor that can be attained. CHAPTER OFFICERS President Robert George Clapp Vice President Frank Bolser Secretary Aileen Merwin Treasurer Lewis Lapham Historian Mary Fisher Parmenter FOUNDATION MEMBERS Mrs. A. R. Seymour, Mrs. R. L. Eyman, Rev. G. E. Benedict, Claude Pepper, William G. Dodd, Edward Conradi. CHARTER MEMBERS Myrtle Dolbee, Olivia N. Dorman, Viola Graham, Marian Hay, Dorothy Hoffman, Marian Irish, Harold F. Richards, William H. Rogers, Arthur Seymour, Venila Shores, Elmer R. Smith, Anna May Tracy. RESIDENT AND AFFILIATE MEMBERS: vWy B. Alfriend vWjorie Applewhite Villiam M. Barrows nne Bache Walter Blackstone r rank J. Bolser - uth Schornherst Breen -yverne Bush Doak S. Campbell Robert G. Clapp Jo Ann Cloud William Cross Ezda M. Deviney Wilson K. Doyle Winona Hardy Gillespie Beverly Goodnight Gloria Grovenstein Luther H. Gulick, Jr. Dr. Herman Gunter, Sr. Aileen Dean Harding Doris Ada Harding Miriam Haynes Katherine Hoffman Gladys Anna Holden Nellie Kannwischer Mary Kelley Alix Kerr W. C. Kirk, Jr. Olga Larson Albert L. Leduc Patricia Murphy Edna Wamble Nichols Daisy Parker Mary F. Parmenter Priscilla Porter Cynthia Schumacher Martha Spencer Margaret Elizabeth Thompson Miriam Wilson Mildred Winfield Phi Kappa Phi Hate of founding 1897 Phi Kappa Phi is a national hon- orary society giving recognition to students of high scholastic ability, in all departments of American colleges and universities. Its prime object is to emphasize scholarship in the thought of college students and to stimulate them to mental achievement by the prize of membership. 1925 F S C W The love of learning rules the world. OFFICERS Dora Skipper 1 President John Newton Baker Vice President Olga Larson Treasurer Hazel T. Stevens Secretary Martha Chapman Journal Correspondent FACULTY AND STUDENT MEMBERS Dolly A. Aiken Betty Jean Alford Arlene M. Atwater Anne Bache John Newton Baker Bettie Frances Bazemore Elizabeth Blanding Clyde E. Burns Dora Lyverne Bush Doak S. Campbell Margaret V. Campbell Milton W. Carothers Sarah Cawthon Martha G. Chapman Jo Ann Cloud Charles S. Davis Juanita DeVette W. P. Dillingham Roy E. Donegan W. T. Edwards Margaret Elaine Eiselstein Ralph L. Eyman Ruth D. Ferguson Paul F. Finner Carlton T. Gillespie Azzura Givens Hortense Glenn Helen Gong Dwight B. Goodner Beverly J. Goodnight R. L. Goulding Gloria Grovenstein Sara Lou Hammond Aileen Dean Harding Miriam Haynes John S. Henderson Frances H. Higginbotham Anna Hill Dorothy L. Hoffman Anna Holden Mary T. Kelley Ann Elizabeth Keyton Margaret L. Kranz Karl O. Kuersteiner Herman Kurz Olga Larson Ruth Scott Lemmon Dr. Leland Lewis Rita Dunn Ludden Jennie Mcintosh Kenneth D. Miller Justin G. Montgomery Katherine Montgomery Patricia May Murphy Daisy Parker Natalie Parramore Kei th Pitchford Priscilla Porter Dorothy Ann Redmond Louise Richardson Peyton E. Richter Ruth Rutland Margaret Sandels Dorothy Schoonmaker Cynthia Schumaker Dora Skipper Martha Patricia Spenser Phyllis Standish Hazel T. Stsvens W. Hugh Stickler Carmen Mary Tarzetti Lynette Thompson Florence R. Tryon Carolyn P. Turnage Virginia Turrentine Edwin R. Walker Erin G. Wilcox Mary Catherine Williams Mildred Winfield Ralph L. Witherspoon Thomas Wright Phi Kappa I ambda X 1st Row (left to right) : John Boda, Mrs. Ramona Beard, Owen Sellers. 2nd Row: Carolyn Oxford, Mary Reeder, Gladys Olive Koch, Marie Tobias, Etta Robertson, Fawn Trawick, Rebecca Rodenberg, Lucille Patronis, Zadie Phipps, Mary Rosenbush, Virginia Rouse. 3rd Row: Henry Fasthoff, Robert Briggs, C. Fred Blake, Wilmer Banks, Robert Sedore, Herman Gunter, Dr. W. L. Housewright, Walter Cowles, James Gunn. Pi Kappa Lambda is a national honorary society dedicated to the fur- therance of musical education. Its prime object is the encouragement of eminent achievement in performance, original composition and musical leadership. Sigma Alpha lot ' o o n i 1st Row (left to right): Marble, Tobias, Pettit, Kerley, Rosenbush, Morper, Hargrove, Long, Torn, Bervaldi, Nottage, Wentworth. 2nd Row: Kock, Rutland, Grimal, Bell, Barrineau, Parker, Hill, Rodenberg, Grimm, Owen, French, Kirby, Coleman, Gatlin. 3rd Row: Clonts, Abney, Truett, Nelson, White, Ellis, Manford, Alderman, Clary, Browning, Hamilton, Green, demons, Ellis. Not in picture: Joan Day. OFFICERS President Cortlandt Morper Vice President Mary Rosenbush Recording Secretary Effice Hargrove Corresponding Secretary Mary Kerley Treasurer Glenna Jean Long Chaplain Marie Tobias Editor Suzanne Pettit Sergeant -at -arms Faye Torn Sigma Alpha lota, international music fraternity, promotes the highest standard of professional ethics and culture among women students of music schools and provides a closer relationship among women pursuing some phase of music as a profession. Phi Mu Al pha 1st Row (left to right) : King, Lloyd, Kelley, Gunter, Westling, Johns, Prentiss, Van Pelt, Adkinson, Coppedge, Rogers. 2nd Row: Housewright, Smith, Wilson, Hilton, Fisher, Myers, Hoffman, Schmidt, Gunn, Bradford, Honor, Corradino, Dodd, Kannwischer, Banks. 3rd Row: Draughan, Crabb, Sedore, Winslett, Mercer, Boda, Mitchell, Sellers, Blake, Upshaw, Briggs, Forman. OFFICERS President Bill Banks Vice President . Ellis Draughan Secretary -Treasurer lames Phillips Warden Claude Johns Faculty Advisor Dr. W. L. Housewright Students, officers and instructors of the school of music are eligible for membership in Phi Mu Alpha, music honorary. The purpose of the organiza- tion is to advance the cause of music in America, to foster mutual welfare and brotherhood among students of music and to give recognition to out- standing worth in musical activity. Kappa Delta Pi MEMBERS: 1st Row, (left to right) : Ruth Lemmon, Wilda Larson, Catherine Powell, Anna Hill, Louise Anderson, Jean Fogarty, Marie Rudisill, Mrs. Mary G. Edenfield, Rita Sprankle, Cornelia McCreary, Juanita deVette, Vivian Craig. 2nd Row: Barbara J. Council, Elaine Eiselstein, Jean Flanders, Effie Hargrove, Frances Riherd, Nan Church, Addie Ruth Folks, Arlene Atwater, Eliza- beth Armstrong, Ruth Marshall, Ann Keyton, Mrs. R. L. Eyman, Mrs. P. F. Finner. 3rd Row: Edna Parker, Mrs. Marian Black, Lisa Koenitzer, Oscar Daubman, Mrs. Myrtle Campbell, Mrs. Gracie Ashmore, Henry J. Fasthoff, Florence Tryon, M. R. Hinson, Ruth Connor, Joseph Brown. 4th Row: Rosalyn Clary, Robert G. May, Stephen Gage, Robert Case, Walter Foy, Calvin Collins, Paul F. Finner, Mrs. Marian J. Hay, Ralph L. Eyman, Elmer Schick, William Lang, Robert Foy. OFFICERS President Mrs. Marian Black Vice President Mildred Swearingen Recording Secretary Mrs. Mary G. Edenfield Corresponding Secretary Wilda Larson Treasurer Edna Parker Recorder-Historian Jean Flanders Reporter Wi 1 1 iam Lang Counselor M. R. Hinson The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage in its members a higher degree of devotion to social service by fostering high intellectual and per- sonal standards during the period of preparation for teaching and recog- nizing outstanding service in the field of education. Zef-o Phi Eta 1st Row (left to right) : Miss Emilie Johnson, faculty adviser; Bobbie Love, Vivian Hicks, Alice Clark, Barbara Hull, Janice Vanture, Barbara Ally, Carolyn Turnage, Betty Pace, Phoebe Miller. 2nd Row: Trudy Grubb, Daisy Register, Jacquie Allen, Betty Jane Davis, Betty Dekle, Idleen Portnoy, Thelma Coggins, Luann Cowart, Ann McKenzie, Jane Hardacre, Miriam Haynes Upsilon Chapter of Zeta Phi Eta, national professional speech arts fra- ternity for women, chooses its members from outstanding students in all fields of speech work. Projects for the year include ushering for speech de- partment plays, assisting with play tryouts and honoring freshmen speech students with a coffee at the beginning of the year. Pi Delta Phi OFFICERS ' resident Irene Lesley ice President „ . __„Graham Heath secretary „ Jean Halliday Oeasurer Joan Buschmann social Chairman Rita Simon Historian... . Shirley Davidson Pi Delta Phi is a national -rench honorary which has as its Durpose the desire for mastering .tie French language and further- ng the interest in French culture 2nd literature. 1st Row: Irene Lesley, Rita Simon, Shirley Davidson. 2nd Row: Marysol Grim al, Louise Sand, Joan Buschmann, Arsenia Rodriguez, Miss Margaret Grantz, Patty Rose, Miss Azzurra Givens. 3rd Row: Wr. Wilson Mix, Justin Montgomery, Graham Heath, Miss Mildred Finnegan, Jean Halliday, Betty Collins, Mr. Richard Jameson, Miss Betty Ackerman, Dr. Lincoln Canfield, Miss Madeline Postaire, Mr. Robert Leduc. Sigma Delta Pi 1st Row (left to right) : N. Rogolino, L. Brinkman, Irene Leslie, H. Sanchez, B. Collins, B. Goodnight. 2nd Row: A. Givens, J. Buschman, R. O ' Neal, O. Vega, B. Hawkins, A. Collier, M. Campbell. 3rd Row: M. Bedell, D. Canfield, M. Finnegan, E. Rivera, H. Lacayo, G. Deland. OFFICERS Olga Vega President Betty Ann Hawkins Vice President Robert O ' Neal Secretary Alcyone Collier Treasurer I rene Lesl ie H istorian Dr. Dorothy Hoffman Faculty Advisor Sigma Delta Pi, national Spanish honorary which recognizes students who show exceptional ability and scholarship in tnis language, strives to promote a wider knowledge of and a greater love for the Hispanic contributions to modern culture. Los Picaros 1 t Row (left to right): Doris Friscia, Anna Fernandez, Irene Leslie, Charlotte Lischka, Catharene Powell, Dr. Huberta Lacayo, Mercedes Govantes, Amelia Fernandez, Carita Carballo, Ada Velasco. 2nd Row: Francis Strickland, Pat Weigand, Tom Smith, Norma Martino, Beverly Rentz, Rosalyn Cox, Beverly Goodnight, Olga Vega, Gavina Alvarado, Charlotte Ricker, Violet Sosin. OFFICERS Catharine Powell President Mercedes Govantes Vice President Irene Leslie Recording Secretary Amelia Fernandez ._.. Corresponding Secretary Charlotte Lischka Treasurer Betty Ann Hawkins Historian Los Picaros de Lope de Vega, Spanish Honorary Fraternity, was founded on this campus in 1947. It is one of the four chapters in the State of Florida. Membership is limited to those who pass an oral and written exam in Spanish which is given each quarter. Its purpose is to acquaint its members with Latin America and to foster Pan-American ideals and to facilitate the dis- semination of knowledge of our Hispanic neighbors through the sponsorship of lectures, movies and entertainment. Alpha Lambda Delta OAf O 6 ft Q ® o a- Af 1st Row (left to right) : Nottage, Alexander, Watkins, Yearsley, Mims, De Wolfe, Langoton, Gray, Crane. 2nd Row: Burr, Smith, Hill, Goleman, Storm, Spring, Brown, Williams. 3rd Row: Spaeth, Potter, Weigand, Lumsden, Crumm, Byrd, Bivans, Crake, Fleming. (Not in picture) : Helms, Rice, Enge. Emerson, Minus, Baisden, Addler, Abbott, Reeder, Crane, Register. OFFICERS Treasurer Martha Watkins Vice President Patricia Yearsley President Patty Mims Secretary Mary Louise De Wolfe Historian Dorothy Langoton Alpha Lambda Delta is the national scholastic honorary for Freshmen Women. Students are chosen during the spring of their freshman year and serve as active members throughout their sophomore year. The purpose of the organization is to promote scholarship among freshmen women. Gold Key 1st Row (left to right) : Doug Alley, Randell Dodd, Les Brooks, Mack Mangham, John Wheeler, Robert Hood, Jack Campbell, Bill Conklin. 2nd Row: Ed Schlitt, Dennis DeLacure, Ed Eissey, Herb Quay, Dal Albritton, Harry Ryder, Bill Albright. The purpose of Gold Key is the recognition of those male students who have demonstrated leadership in the various fields of student activities, and have maintained the spirit of and rendered service to the University. Gold Key is dedicated to the perpetuation of the three ideals among the male students of this University. Alpha Kappa Psi MEMBERS: 1st Row (left to right) : Richard Brooks, James Calhoun, Leondres Young, Graham Walker, Richard Pauline, Edgar Schlitt, Albert Welch, James Gunn, A. D. Richbourg. 2nd Row: Virgil Lewis, James Jones, John Rigdon, Harvey C. Barber, Joel McKinnon, Tewy McPherson, Odell Turner, Ronald Koons. 3rd Row: O. E. Shaw, Ross Hunter, John Arnold, Emmit Johnson, Ed Campbell, Henry Lewin, Richard Russel, Austin Stoner, Garrett Swindal, J. K. Anderson, Charles Macon, Joseph Borgert, Ray Allen. 4th Row: William Hewett, William John- son, Don Willis, E. C. Allen, Thomas Priest, Cauley Bullard, Cecil Brown, Ricard Stainback, William Nauman. OFFICERS President Joel McKinnon Vice President Harver Barber Secretary Tewy McPherson Treasurer G. 0. Turner Master of Rituals John Rigdon Alpha Kappa Psi is a business fraternity open to all business majors who have a one point average. It is not an honorary group. The purpose of the fraternity is to further the business education of its members in college through research work and contact with professional men in the actual business world. Omicron Delta Kappa 1st Row (left to right) : Dr. Otis McBride, Herb Quay, Ed Eissey, Dal Albritton, Dr. J. B. Kelly, Bill Conklin, Bill Albright, Dr. Charles S. Davis. 2nd Row: Mack Mangham, Randell Dodd, Doug Alley, John Wheeler, Lee Brooks, James Tippin, Harry Ryder. OFFICERS Dal Albritton President Ed Eissey Vice President Dr. Jerry B. Kelley Secretary Doug Alley Treasurer Dean Otis McBride Sponsor Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honorary founded in 1914, the Florida State University Charter being granted in May of 1950. It is based on leadership and service, scholarship, fellowship, and consecration to democratic ideals. Membership is one of the highest honors awarded junior and senior male students. Both students and faculty participate as members. Outstanding all around student service, activity and leadership is recognized. Phi Alpha Theta STUDENT MEMBERS Catherine Eloise Blanton, Lou Jean Crum, Mrs. Carolyn Mar- cum Douglas, John Henderson, Eleanor Hutchins, Anna Gladys Holden, Mrs. Janice B. Miller, Hilda Sanchez, John Scheper Vanderoff, Mary Ann Yancey, Mary P. Robison. FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Earl Ray Beck, Dr. Annie M. Popper, Dr. Venila L. Shores, Dr. Robert S. Cotterill, Dr. Charles S. Davis, Miss Mary E. Mitchell, Miss Florence Try-on, Miss Alma Lester, Miss Daisy Parker, Miss Carol Jean Mather. Sponsor and Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mary E. Thomas Phi Alpha Theta is a national fraternity for the purpose of encouraging the study of history. It is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. Omicron N u OFFICERS Ruth Marshall President Ruth Lemmon Vice President Betty Alford Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Ruth Connor Faculty Sponsor STUDENT MEMBERS Betty Alford, Ada Louise Anderson, Elizabeth W. Arm- strong, Arlene Atwater, Mrs. Vera Barnett, Sarah Brown- ing, Sibyl Bullock, Edith Clerk, Mary Emma Cowen, Judy Gibson, Elsie Hargrove, Helen Johanson, Ruth Lemmon, Joy Long, Ruth Marshall, Jane Reese, Anne Witherspoon. FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Margaret R. Sandels, Dr. Ruth Connor, Miss Geo Arnett, Miss Helen Cate, Mrs. Ruth Ferguson, Mrs. Hortense Glenn, Dr. Anna Carol Fults, Dr. Lucille L. Lurry, Miss Mary Lee Marshall, Miss Mildred Riedesel, Miss Helen Richey, Dr. Hazel Stevens, Miss Anna M. Tracy. Advanced students who have shown outstanding ability in the study of home economics are honored by membership in Omicron Nu, national home economics honorary. To recognize and promote scholarship, leader- ship, and research in the home economics field is the purpose of Omicron Nu. Each year the Omicron Nu scholarship cup is awarded to the sophomore majoring in home economics who has achieved the highest average in her freshman year. Top, left to right: B. Berg, J. Allen, E Lomax, E. Wilcox, B. Cowdery, H. Hobbs C. Turnage, I. Santos, H. Gong, V-Pres. B. Collins, B. Elliot, S. Thomas, E. McCoy M. Doro, Treas., W. Larson, Sec, J. Cloud, Staples, B. Morgan, Pres., P. Murphy, F. Higginbotham, J. Sayer, E. Gahr, F. Pat- terson, P. Thompson, C. Yonge. Mortar Board 1st Row (left to right) : Erin Wilcox, Wilda Larson, Eileen Lomax, Bobbe Cowdery, Dot Schoonmaker, Betty Berg. 2nd Row: Helen Gong, Ruth Lemmon, Sis McCoy, Jacquie Allen, Barbara Jean Mor gan, Ida Santos, Betty Collins. Not present: Helen Hobbs. OFFICERS Eileen Lomax President Bobbe Cowdery Vice President Wi Ida Larson Secretary Betty Berg Treasurer Dot Schoonmaker Historian Helen Hobbs Editor The local Torchbearer chapter is a part of the National Mortar Board organization, honorary for senior college women. The purpose is to promote and develop among women students the qualities of scholarship, leadership and service. Included in the aims are activities planned to stimulate standards of integrity and democratic leadership on campus. Pi Alpha Sigma Charter Members ( left to right, standing) : Bud Ruhl, Dall Albritton, Delzie Revels, Floyd Glisson, Milton Clegg, John Edenfield, Jimmy Doyle. (Left to Right, seated) : Mina Jo Powell, Roberta Alford, Priscilla Pennington. Not pictured: Frances Raney, Al White, Alvin Brown. Honorary Members: Dr. Wilson K. Doyle, Dr. Henry L. Burch- ardt, Dr. George Fox Mott, Professor Michael P. Balwan, Professor Edward Eikman, Professor Lewis J. Lapham, Miss Juanita M. Gibson, Mrs. Isabella Edenfield, Mr. J. Otis Garber. Initial pledge class: James Ball, Copeland Carter, Jeff Davis, Philip Flemming, James Spivey, James Taylor, Jerry Thomas. Pi Alpha Sigma is dedicated to the professional advancement of the Art and Science of Public Administration and Management. Devoted to the high principles of integrity and sound training, it is designed to be useful. The theories and practices of administration guided its founding. The many new features utilized in Pi Alpha Sigma ' s unique system of organization lend every assurance that it will successfully serve the elements of good govern- ment. Its streamlined membership system actively brings the administrators, the educators and the students together where they might serve each other to a mutual advantage. Alpha Epsilon Delta Seated, left to right: Leland White, June Freeman, Nanette Lindler. Standing: Mary Kelley, Curtis Cannon. Not pictured: Nelle Cooke. OFFICERS President Curtis Cannon Vice President Mary Kelley Treasurer Leland White Secretary June Freeman Historian Nanette Lindler Alpha Epsilon Delta sponsors the pre-med club, and assists pre-med students in selecting courses. Gamma Sigma Epsilon 1st Row (left to right) : Jean Auger, Olga Vega. 2nd Row: Jack Bell, Curtis Cannon, Frank Hammock, Mary Kelley. OFFICERS Frank Hammock Grand Visor Mary Kelley Grand Alchemist The purpose of Gamma Sigma Epsilon is to recognize scholastic achievement in the field of chem- istry, and to bring together those interested in chemistry. This or- ganization spon:ors programs of interest to members and other students. Organizations University Chorus 1st Row (left to right) Jody Barnes, Sue Bush, Mary Carolyn Curtis, Lois Ray, LeRose Oliver, Vivian King, Shirley Drake, Dottie Smith, Robert Reid, Jimmy Phillips, Bill Hopkins, Herman Gunter, Adrian Ketcham, Harvey Ross, Eugenia Williams, Rosie Smith, Jeanne Phillips, B. J. Henson, Nessie Bowles, Marty Still, Marian Bean. 2nd Row: Betty Lavender, Glenna Long, Mildred Abney, Marie Tobias, Joyce Gregory, Marilyn Archibold, Bennie White, Sara Mar- garet Davis, Walter Jarrell, Ralph Wilkinson, Bill Dalrymple, Floyd Fogle, Edwin Hocker, Rube Askew, Norma Jean Kearney, Faye Bervaldi, Edyth Skipper, Nell McMichael, Maida Babcock. 3rd Row: Ann Everett, Pam de Boer, Betty Pierce, Lou Day, Dee Stevens, Betty Charlesworth, Kathryn Davis, Warren Prentice, Claud Johns, Dick Westling, Brick Bradford, Dean Hennessey, Boc Culliver, Frank Smith, Herman Bekemeyer, Joan Farges, Pat DeLaney, Elizabeth Brindamor, Mildred Voss, Esther Howard, Jo Pettit. 4th Row: Reda Eckstein, Pat Kirby, Till Lomaistro, Caroline Whitmire, Patty Mims, Laverna Van DeSande, Pat Harrison, Dave Bruner, Curtis Norton, Tom Howes, J. C. Stafford, John Buckley, Bill Jones, John Fisher, Adrianne Norton, Norma Prater, Jane Sheppard, Jackie Stelle, Dot Curtis, Eugenia Glenn, Ann Mauk. 5th Row: Ann Clayton, Jackie Steel, Faith Frederick, Virginia French, Joan Owen, Earl Sapp, William Cox, Edward Pipkin, Donald Detcsh, Bill Kelly, Jimmy Folston, Bill Upshaw, Suzanne Egar, Mary Etta Gatlin, Kathryn Lee, Kathryn Slater, Hilda Hamilton, Mary Ellen Jones, Jean Barrineau. 6th Row: Lucy McGahee, Jean Toomer, Faye Torn, Effie Hargraves, Veronica Metshel, Dunn Griffin, L. Y. Dyrenforth, John Eddins, Barnum McCarty, Bob Kirsey, Kick Willis, Arnold Kannwischer, Irvin Gatlin, Rahl Wilkinson, Leroy Tippins, Al Tippins, John Price, Henry Kelly, Dorothy Wistedt, Dorothy Couts, Barbara Manford, Margaret Marshall, Barbara Harris. The University Chorus has, in effect, a three-fold purpose, though it stems from one central theme: enrichment of life. Singing the best in choral literature, both ancient and modern, the members are given opportunity to: (1 ) glean and envision different viewpoints and ways of life, (2) interpret and assimilate these for themselves, and (3) pass these on individually and collectively as a singing group. It is our aim to thereby make iife more beautiful. Ma le Chorus MEMBERS: E. Agey, J. Benefise, R. Bodenstein, J. Brown, A. Buarman, F. Busby, W. Carpenter, W. Cole, W. Croup, W. Dalrymple, A. Downes, J. Gillespie, R. Griffin, B. Hennessey, C. Haspodar, E. Kucera, L. McMath, B. McCray, T. McMullin, R. Meeker, R. Reid, H. Ross, T. Taylor, A. Tippins, L. Tippins, F. Vrenna, B. Yarbrough, J. Zappia. Accompanist Beth Bly marble Director Walter James Founded at Florida State University in the spring of 1948, the male chorus is composed of men who are interested in music and who perform on campus musical programs. The group also advances the cause of music at FSU. Women ' s Glee Club First Sopranos: Joan Daye, Donna Blacknetter, Jane McLeod, Yvonne Lumpkin, Doris demons, Patricia Ledbetter Helen Bell Martha Caldwell, Jackie Cox, Ernestine Hunt, Mary Watson, Bonafay Porter. Second Sopranos: Roslyn Clary, Vivian Zigrang, Mary Dee Matthews, Nina Craig, Yvonne Fossett, Mary Smith, Annette Hol- land, Lorraine Nottage, Lillian Davis, Patricia Junnos, Jeanine Herrington, Jane Atchley, Marilyn Harris, Virginia Ann Raines Phyllis Bodeker, Joan Elaine Powell, Mary Kniffin, Gloria Ann Alexander, Yvonne Dionne, Patricia Comer, Marianne Bas- sett, Janie Louise Brown, Jane Wooten, Shirley Hunt, Joyce Rivers, Barbara Manford, Dorothy Robertson, Barbara McLaughlin Margaret Jordan, Dorothy Sheftall, Martha Ann Still. First Altos: Mary E. Barber, Virginia Kelly, Elouise Truett, Barbara Trawick, Betty Lou Shannon, Eleanor Edith Marett, Mari- lyn Lynette Shealey, Martha Watkins, Barbara Robbins, Verna Loree Carlin, Dorothy Sherman, Betty Jo Armstrong Second Altos: Patsy Ann Pate, Sarah Lowe, Faith Frederick, Rosalyn Cox, Jeannette Cox, Varian Helms, Mary Lou Spring Jane Godfrey, Ann Mize, Lois Walker. OFFICERS President Rosalyn Cox Vice President Roslyn Clary Secretary-Treasurer Doris demons Business Manager Joan Daye Librarians Yvonne Lumpkin, Patricia Comer, Mary Kniffin Accompanist Lorraine Nottage Symphonic Band Clarinets Benny Beronda Frankie Brownlee Lois Comeron Billie Cassey Frances Cobb George Corradino Shelby Creagh Constance Davis Joan Etheridge Edna Groezinger Helen Howes Sarah Lowe Jane Mattison Dorothy Mathews Nancy Parker Hoyt Porter Nancy Reeniner Thomas Rogero Joe Rutherford Ed Santana Joy Summers Jerry Kholer Johnny Mercer Alto Clarinet Margaret Reed Bass Clarinets Martha Stephens Leonard Westbury Saxophone Jack Blackburn Tommy Dale Steve Edwards Lloyd Fish Gene Mitchell Percussion Davis Gardner Jessie Heney Worth Henson Frank Killgo Joe Morris Happy Micholson Lee Hamilton Betty Wells Trombones Marie Benson Price Buhrman Bayne Culbreth John Eddins Robert Harris William McArthur Van Brock Bass Horns Paul Cadenhead William Frank James Harris Jim Park Martha Taylor Baritones Ed Calloway Donna Gray Mary Tarver Trumpets James Mayo Harold Carrin Roy Carter Muriel Fielding Dalton Garrett Earl Jackson Lee Jeffers Dorothy Jiretz Frank Luizzo Tommy McMullen John Merriman Jack Scarbrough William Stokes Gordon King Horns Betty Coates Emily Coffin Pat Daniel Nell Fogarty Geraldine Goodnight Peggy Moore Patsy Pate Everett Yarbrough University Singers OFFICERS Mae Gautier President Will iam Neet Vice President Jean Hooker Publicity Chairman W. L. Housewright Conductor William V. Montgomery Accompanist SECTION LEADERS Ann Mauk First Soprano Barbara Borneman Second Soprano Martha White First Alto Jean Anderson Second Alto J . Dayton Smith Tenor Ervin Gatlin Bass Adrian Ketcham Baritone MEMBERS Drucilla Allen Phyllis Ann Allen Lorene Bates Elizabeth Baumgardt Herman Bekemeyer Frank Brigance Lee Brooks Harold Carrin Joyce Collins Betty Jean Core Nathan Crosley Carolyn Curry Nancy Day Ann Deal Donald Deitch Maryhelen Ellis Dorothy Engel Ruth Engel Betty Jo Fort Cindy Faneuf Gerry Goodnight Joan Grubb Gloris Hamilton Gay Hamrick Jim Harris Ruth Hayworth Blair Hennessey Margaret Hoadley Carolyn Holder Tom Howes Elizabeth B. Hunter Alice Jackson Bill Kelley Sally Kennedy Mary Kerley Dorothy Kish Richard La Mar Terry Lane Martin Last Betty Latimer David Lowe Evel yn Lumsden Mary Ann Lu Cree Gwen Mandiville Charlotte Mauk Alva Claud McNabb Phil McNiel Betty Ann Merry Patsy Monroe Carolyn Moore Niel Myers Adrianne Norton Helen Phillips Helen V. Pine Mary Jane Pinney Margaret Powell Harvey Ross Dolly Rowe Judy Russ Patsy Shaw Emily Smith Shirley Stephenson Tom Swanson Marna Smith June Tomlin Rosemary Trefethen Miriam Boyd Thomas Mignon Watts Barbara Wells Laeta Wentworth Bob Westerfield Bennie White Lelagene Wilson Martha Jean Wilson Carolyn Witcher Ed Woods Everett Yarborough Jean Anderson Helen Beth Bell Billie Bradshaw Dolores Brooke Beverly Bunker Joanne Carlton Barbara Chappell Julianne Clark Rose Ellen Coleman Dwane Ceppedge Anitra Davis Carolyn Marcum Douglas Yvonne Fossett Virginia French Jean Flynn Tom Foley Virginia Hicks Jean Hooker Sid Henry Edwina Johnson Barbara Lewis Til Lomaistro Charles Miner Shirley Parker Patsy Pate Martha Paxton Elizabeth Ann Roberts Nellis Scardasis Mary Katherine Thomas Emily Vaughan Lois Whitmore James Yon Lewis Aiken James Bilderbeck Betty Brindamour Lynne Dawson Margaret Eiselstein Faith Frederick Paul Golden Esther Howard Roweena Lee Roberta Swingley Shirley Tanner Rhoda Wentz Eugenia Williams Marching Band Ml n ' " liter OFFICERS President Johnny Mercer Vice President Ed Santana Secretary Steve Edwards Treasurer Jack Blackburn Publicity Manager Martha Stephens Librarian loanne Nelson Social Chairman " Happy " Nicolson MEMBERS Clarinets: Benny Beronda, Lois Cameron, Billy Cassey, Connie Davis, Joan Etheridge, Lloyd Fish, Helen Howes, Jerry Kohler, Sarah Lowe, Jane Mattison, Gene Mitchell, Evelyn Ozee, Nancy Parker, Hoyt Porter, Nancy Renninger, Tommy Rogero, Joe Rutherford, Ed Santana, Russell Shampine, Beverly Stowe, Joy Summers, Leonard Westberry, Patty Weaver. Alto Clarinet: Frances Cobb. Bass Clarinet: Martha Stephens. Flutes: Joanne Nelson, Shirley Stephenson, Barbara Wooten. Oboes: Mary Boothby, Katherine Coons. Bassoons: Steve Edwards, Martha Watkins. Saxophone: Jack Birch. Trumpets: George Batty, Harold Carrin, Roy Cater, Larry Curevo, Muriel Fielding, Dalton Garrett, Lee Jeffers, Dorothy Jeritz, Harry Lloyd, Michael Saliba, Jack Scarborough. Horns: Betty Coates, Emily Coffin, Pat Daniel, Nell Fogarty, Peggy Moore, Everett Yarborough. Trombones: Marie Bensen, Van Brock, Price Buhrman, James Joyce, Bob Lee, Bob Ryals. Baritones: Ed Calloway, Beverly Edenfield, Donna Gray, Jo Pettit, Mary Tarver, Mary Tavel. Basses: Paul Cadenhead, William Frank. Percussion: Davis Gardner, Betty Core, Worth Henson, Frank Killgo, Betty Merry, Joe Morris, Elspeth Nicolson. Home Economics Club 1st Row (left to right) : C. Prevedell, M. Garrett, B. Clements, E. Smith, L. Anderson, M. Cowen, M. Ed- wards, Miss Dales, R. Lemmon, A. Witherspoon, J. Gibson, A. Atwater, R. Marshall, Miss Mcintosh, C. Yonge, J. Rucks, V. Stockman, M. H. Speed. 2nd Row: C. Cross, J. Schneider, B. Hicks, N. Armstrong, D. Hayes, B. Farnell, S. Hunt, L. Absher, A. MacCrone, B. Gillespie, V. Bert, B. Alford, H. Johanson, M. Burdine, B. Timmons, M. Weldon, S. Bullock, D. Douglas, J. Hayward, M. Bishop, L. J. Lewis, B. Elkins, C. Moses. 3rd Row: J. Beach, F. Mitchell, E. Strickland, J. Pearson, J. Schwartz, M. Gardner, E. Hargrove, M. Zalka, M. Maratta, J. Tcppell, H. Youngmire, P. Ledbetter, M. Morse, M. Winkler, P. Beaman, E. Harms, F. Brown, I. Simmons, W. Stockwell, C. Register, L. Spaeth. OFFICERS President Ruth Lemmon Vice President Ruth Marshall Secretary Madeline Garrett Treasurer Judy Gibson The Home Economics Club is composed of all students who are interested in home economics. Members of the club study recent developments in their field of interest. A varied social program is carried on throughout the year. This chapter is a student club of the Florida and American Home Economics Association. 1st Row (left to right) : Lanelle Pennington, Louise Spaeth, Miriam Holmes, Mildred Morse, Mary Lou Medlin, Jean Flynn, Ruth Lemmon. 2nd Row: Muriel Beck, Josephine Roehrig, Frances Brenneman, Marguerite Fountain, Elizabeth Hudson, Lois Moore. 3rd Row: Bobbie Jean demons, Bonnie Mae Elkins, Arlene Atwater, Maureen Mullaney, Elsie Hargraves, Ida Henry Simmons, Florence Littleton. OFFICERS President Mildred Morse Vice President Miriam Holmes Treasurer Louise Spaeth Secretary Mary Lou Med I in Reporter Jean Flynn Freshman Advisors — Catherine Thompson, Marguerite Fountain University 4-H Club The 4-H Club is com- posed of girls who were 4-H members before en- tering college and who wish to remain active in the group ' s work. Mem- bers are active in pro- moting 4-H work through- out the state. Activities include many social func- tions and educational pro- grams. Press Club The purpose of the Press Club is to sponsor projects which will pro- mote the interests of journalism. Under the di- rection of their faculty advisor, Dr. Richard Eide, the group brings guest speakers to this campus who can aid and advise journalism students. 1st Row (left to right) : Helen Ward, Roberta Alford, Montrell Sessions, President; Anne Gregory, Janet Pierce. 2nd Row: Allan Head, Mary Jane Marshall, Colleen Martin, Betty Blount, Betsy Blanton, Virginia Burgess, Jeanne O ' Riorden, John Fenn. American Chemical Society 1st Row: Stella Grimaldi, Mr. Michael Michaelis, Olga Vega, Charles Courtney. 2nd Row: Doris Friscia, Mary Kelley, Cliff Sessions, Catherine Thompson, Laura Smith. Not pictured: Nell Cook. OFFICERS Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Michael Treasurer Stella Grimaldi Cor. Sec Catherine Thompson Recording Sec. ..Nell Cook Historian Charles Courtney Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Michael Michaelis The American Chemi- cal Student Affiliate chapter of Florida State University was organized on this campus in 1947. It is composed of chem- istry majors and its object is to further the interest of students in this field and to help them profes- sionally. Classical Club OFFICERS President Frances Fur low Vice President Emily Gahr Sec.-Treas. Claridell Eason Social Chairman: Jane Thomson Faculty Advisor: Miss Lynette Thompson Aims: The aims of the Classical Club are to in- crease knowledge and in- terest in the Greek and Roman civilizations and to promote fellowship among the faculty and students. Anyone inter- ested in the classics may become a member. 1st Row: E. West, C. Aronovitz, C. Jernigan, 0. Dorman, M. Yancey, B. Hunter, Wm. Kirk. 2nd Row: J. Bartlett, V. Craig, E. Gahr, F. Furlow, C. Eason, J. Thomson, E. Potter, B. Bloom. 3rd Row: E. Robinson, P. Rose, J. Munroe, E Cook. Members not present for picture: N. Rankin, F. Rafeld, I. Ebner, C. Holder, F. Smith, J. McCartney, Wm. Davis. Business Education Club 1st Row (left to right) : Jean Revels, Lois Ann Cox, Betty Nell Whittle, Ruth Parker, Geraldine Chastain, Jean Elden, Audrey Anthony, Wynonah Zetrouer, Betty Gigl, Camilla Bartley, Arlene Soloman, Janice Bridwell, Louise Wiitikka. 2nd Row: Zelda Kaplan, Isabelle Pugatsky, Tryla Thomas, Jeanette Rudd, George Parish, Bi I lye Scaggs, Hayward Bond, Mr. Glen Murphy, Max Ransom, Gloria Falls, Carol Harvey, Doris Lundgren, Catherine DeWar, Helen Hiers. 3rd Row: Carol Thomas, Yvonne Rowan, Ann Messer, Marlene Lenz, Erma James, Patsy Durrance, Ruby Raulerson, Caroline Lee, Pat Joiner, Lena Mae Meyer, Catherine Nell Austin, Irma Turner, Mary Edenfield, Joan Vinson. Audrey Anthony President Jean Elden Vice President Wynonah Zetrouer .. Secretary Ruth Parker Cor. Secretary Betty Gigl — Cor. Secretary Marlha Robinson Treasurer Mr. Glen Murphy Sponsor The Business Education Club is a club for Busi- ness Education and Sec- retarial Science majors. The object of this or- ganization is to promote interest in the field of business education, to foster good will among the students of this de- partment, to promote a better understanding be- tween business and busi- ness education, and to contribute to the social and professional growth of its members. Geogra phy Club OFFICERS Anne Flournoy President Addie Ruth Folks Vice Pres. Martha Amos Secretary Mr. D. E. Christenson Sponsor To further the interest of geography and international affairs. 1st Row (left to right): McCadams, Wainwright, Rochrig, Folks, Flournoy, Amos, Braidwood, O ' Neal. 2nd Row: Raiford, Fahle, Perkins, James, Thom- son, Thompson, Wooten, Christensen. 3rd Row: Belzeski, Padgett, Love, Mc- Graw, Hamm, Dickson, Richard, Ch?s- tang, Reynolds. 1st Row (left to right) : William Albright, Evan Merritt, Lillian Martin, Reid Gillis, Ralph Oleson, Eston Barkoskie, Emmett Johnson. 2nd Row: Howard Gehres, Clifford Hill, James Cornbrooks, Al McNabb, Richard Pauline, Robert Gavigan. 3rd Row: Judson Bibb, Roy Ferguson, Robert Stewart, Edward Davies, Lamar Hargrove, George Furman, Allard Smith. OFFICERS President Reid Gillis Vice President Ralph Oleson Sec ret a ry Lillian Martin Treasurer Honer Hayes Faculty Advisor Helen E. Underwood, Head of Department of Restaurant and Hotel Management Junior Hotel Men of America The Junior Hotel Men ot America is a national or- ganization found on cam- puses which have depart- ments of hotel management. A chapter of the Junior Hotel Men of America was organized on this campus in 1949. This is the seventh chapter to be organized in the United States. The aim of the organiza- tion is to promote mutual professional interest and to foster continuous growth and progress by keeping abreast of new develop- ments in the hotel industry. Social Work Club The Social Work Club is open for those students interested in or majoring in social work. Be- sides the business meetings there are social activities for the members. OFFICERS President _ Lydia Boyce Vice Presidents __J. C. Rowan Secretary__ ... Jean Brenneis Program Chairman Pat Vinson Faculty Advisors: Mr. Howard C. Busch- ing, Mr. J. Benjamin Beyer. 1st Row (left to right) : B. J. Brown, Mary Louise Oxer, Jean Brenneis, Lydia Boyce, Mr. Howard C. Busching, Donna Carlin, B. Spence. 2nd Row: Ann Hatfield, Hubert Williams, Ann Moody, Richard Coleman. 3rd Row: Lee Vedder, Barbara Curry, Eleanor Crews, Lois Ray, Mary Edna Mahoney. Casa Cervantes In the belief that lang- uage is not only a practical art, but a human invention and a social activity and the very key to all culture, the Spanish House was founded on the campus of F.S.U. by members of the Spanish fac- ulty in the spring of 1946 for the purpose of simulat- ing residence in a Spanish speaking country for those interested in perfecting their spoken Spanish. The residents of the Spanish House pledge them- selves to speak only Spanish in the House, eat dinner at a special Spanish table in the college dining room, and ro dedicate one hour each day to supervised activities involving the language. Un- der the direction of Miss Carmen Rivera, instructor in Spanish, the Spanish House has been under very suc- cessful operation for four ears. 1st Row (left to right) : Dolly Aiken, Sara Peacock, Govina Alvarado, Jane Russell, Patricia Rule. 2nd Row: La Rose Vaughn, Betty Jane Grimes, Amelia Fernandez, Nancy Hill. 3rd Row: Miss Carmen L. Rivera, Director; Betty Robinson, Imogens King, Joan Buschmann, Pat Wei- gand, Miss Margaret Kranz. Amelia Fernandez- OFFICERS -President Pat Weigand — Vice President 1st Row (left to right) : Joe Richard, Mary Ann Seidner, John Morris, Jean Scott, Frank Gibson. 2nd Row: Charles Benda, Winston Lloyd, Emily Chorpening, Jean Lynd, Helen Abrams, Mary Louise Oxer, James Ball, Jack Fouts. Rifle Club The object of this organi- zation shall be the encour- agement of organized rifle and pistol shooting among the undergraduate students of this institution, with a view toward a better know- ledge of the safe handling and proper care of firearms, as well as improved marks- manship. It shall be our further object and purpose to forward the development of those characteristics of honesty, good - fellowship, self - discipline, team play and self-reliance which are the essentials of good sportsmanship and the foun- dations of true patriotism. OFFICERS President James Ball Vice President Hank Brewer Secretary-Treasurer Helen Abrams Executive John Morris Publicity Frank Gibson (Left to right) : Paul Curtis, Robin Day, Robert L. Bannerman, Geoffrey Johnson-Smith. Oxford-FSU Debate, November 10. FOR Dr. Gregg Phifer, brand - new Director of Forensics, ably assisted by Dr. Wayne Minnick, started the year by pitting Paul Curtis and Bob Lee Bannerman against an Oxford University team. Next on the schedule was an intramural debate tournament. This highly successful affair resulted in a tie between Phi Mu Sorority and the Cloud Family. Arlene Amend was chosen as the best debater. Paul Curtis annexed the Southern Discussion ChampionshiD in com- petition with 1 50 students at Tusca- loosa, Alabama. Curtis was joined by Dal Albritton in a debate against favored Wheaton College. Audience shift of opinion favored FSU. Paul and Dal toured Georgia debating Mercer, Emory and Georgia. Arlene Amend and Cappy Skogstad joined the two for the All Southern Debate Tournament at Decatur, Georgia. The girls won first in the affirma- lst Row: (left to right) : Mary Jane Marshall, Pat Cloud, Betty Pace, Shirley Hurlbert, Lorna Cowle, Barbara Brooks. Sarah Hoyt. 2nd Row: Dr. Wayne Minnick, Mary Jo Battle, Margie Parker, Arlene Amend, Katherine Skog- stad, Margerie Meckstroth, Dr. Gregg Phifer. 3rd Row: Dal Albritton, Allan Head, Don Mower, Paul Curtis, Jack Lamarr, William Folsom. 1949-50 Debate Team members. ENSICS tive and the boys won first in the negative plus a cup for top team in the tournament. Then FSU had her home tourna- ment and placed second. Moving on to the Southern Speech Congress, FSU sent Cappy Skogstad, Pat Cloud, Allan Head and Dal Albrit- ton to Birmingham. Albritton was elected leader of the Liberal Party and the assembly selected him as one of the ten most outstanding Senators participating. Next the All Southern champs gave an exhibition before the Jaycees. In the campus Extemporaneous Speaking contest, Dal Albritton rep- resenting Kappa Alpha won and was awarded the Governor ' s Cup, Howard Falcon won the Original Oratory and Miriam Haynes took the After Dinner Speaking title. Considering the entire year, FSU ' s forensic participants set a terrific pace for their predecessors. Dr. C. W. Edney, Head of the Speech Department, awards trophies to the winners in the Intramural Debate Tournament. (Left to right) : Dr. Edney, Allan Head, Mary Jane Marshall, Betty Pace, Shirley Hurlbert. 2nd Row: Arelen Amend, Pat Cloud, Margerie Meckstroth. The All-Southern Debate Tournament champions: Dal Albritton, Paul Curtis, Arlene Amend and Katherine Skogstad. This tournament was held at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia. Dennis DeLacure Program Director Lake Wales, Fla. _ f Roy Flynn Station Advisor Tallahassee, Fla. i Phoebe Miller Production Manager Orlando, Fla. ' i. W F Sam Mansfield Station Manager Tallahassee, Fla. S II Doug Alley Director, Writing, Promotion Pulaski, Va. Neil Jacoby Chief Announcer Middletown, N. Y. Sran Gould Special Events Director Middletown, N. Y. tmmmcaugm • c$ o 1st Row (left to right) : Buddy Silverman, Alice Silverman. 2nd Row: Margo Preece, Ann Weldons, Jan Vanture, Estella Delgado, Jean Atchley. 3rd Row: Doug Alley, Clif Mater, Bill Bass. 1st Row (left to right) : Mary Whisnant, Alice Porter, Joan Nor- fleet. 2nd Row: Gloria Partin, Terry Porter, Ann Rains, Verra Crews, Jenny Faircloth. 3rd Row: Paul Nipper, Stan Gould, Neil Jacoby. Elected in the spring of last year, the WFSU executive staff represented the best radio talent at Florida State University. Pictured left to right are: Stan Gould, Doug Alley, Phoebe Miller, Sam Mansfield, Neil Jacoby, and Den DeLacure. The Seminole Broadcasting Association is composed of all students work- ing at WFSU. Writers, producers, actors, actresses, librarians, secretaries, directors, are given experience in every phase of radio by the campus radio station. Auditions are held throughout the year for students interested in radio work, with awards being given those who serve faithfully and capably. WFSU serves the university in many ways. Its facilities are always avail- able to any organization; the personnel are used for state-wide broadcasts and recorded programs for local and state stations; programs are those re- quested by the students; its non-commercial status assures the students of good entertainment without the stigma of advertisements attached. WFSU is continually expanding, and has become one of the most important organizations on the campus. Staff at Work On the Air! Women ' s Recreation Association ■ 1st Row (left to right) : Myra Kight, Jean Smith, Cynthia Mink, Bobbe Cowdery, Peg Rigg, Frances Riherd. 2nd Row: Betty Gurney, Jane Kirk, L. J. Miller, Carla Floyd, Bobbe Love, Lorraine Larson, Faye Funchess, Hill iard Cameron. 3rd Row: Ruth Lemmon, Mary Pettit, Pat Crum, Cass Yonge, Ann Carlisle, Cecile McRae, Betty Stewart. OFFICERS President Bobbe Cowdery Vice President Jean Smith Secretary Cynthia Mink Treasurer Myra Kight Publicity Chairman Peg Rigg Intramurals Manager Frances Riherd Summer President Barbara Elliot The purpose of the Women ' s Recreation Association is to stimulate in- terest in a program of wholesome physical and recreational activities, to promote athletic accomplishment, and to contribute to the development of the ideals of health and sportsmanship of every woman student. All women students regularly enrolled in Florida State University are members of this organization. r i i Club 1st Row (left to right) : M. Land, N. Lane, P. Crum, S. Lipe, J. A. Cloud, J. Smith, P. Rainey, B. J. Stewart, C. Huggins, B. Cottrill, D. Harding, M. Pettit, R. Alvarez, J. Solomon. 2nd Row: B. Elliot, C. Moore, K. Aspinwall, J. Kirk, B. Boling, A. Henry, C. Galloway, S. Wilson, V. Caldwell, M. McGahee, A. Brittin, E. Graves, B. J. Cobb, M. Cawthon, F. Riherd, C. Mink. 3rd Row: P. Thompson, L. J. Miller, H. Gong, J. Lumpkin, E. Robertson, B. Cowdery, J. Allen, B. S. Barber, M. Walker, C. Tarzetti, M. Hunter, L. Larson, F. Funchess, E. Gahr, C. L. Smith, R. Lemmon, C. McRae, E. Farnell. OFFICERS President Betty Stewart Vice President Peggy Rainey Secretary and Treasurer lean Smith Assistant Secretary Carolyn Huggins Sing Doris Harding Social JoAnn Cloud The Woman ' s " F " Club honors those awarded a position on two Odd- Even teams in three consecutive quarters. This year the club sponsored the contest for the best Homecoming decorations, built the Homecoming Queen ' s float and decorated the fountain and front gates for Homecoming. The group was also active in the WSSF drive. Men ' s i 1 1 Club 1st Row (left to right) : Cris Banakas, Bill Dawkins, Monte May, Herb Quay, Ted Hewitt, Moe Allen, Barney Compton. 2nd Row: Godfrey Knight, Bob Trowbridge, Johnny Fortune, Bill Tanner, Howdy Calhoun, Bill Weigle, Bob Duckworth, Wiley Watkins, Coach Charles Armstrong, Advisor. 3rd Row: Harold Conrad, Trubey Shaw, Ed Kucera, Jim Lohmeyer, Dick Bradley, John Benkert, Bill Albright. Members absent when photo taken: Ed Fox, Dick Dendall, Dick Montney, Buddy Browning, Jack While, Jack Holmes, Walter Jardine, Mike Castagnia, Mark Brown, Roger Slater, Charlie Bradham. OFFICERS Herb Quay President Ted Hewitt Vice President Dick Bradley Secretary Men ' s " F " Club honors those men who have received their letter in recognition of varsity athletic participation. ROTC Left to right: Red Clardy, Cadet First Lieutenant; Sonny Morrison, Cadet First Lieutenant; Bill Up- shaw, Cadet Captain; Hulen Whitehead, Cadet Major; Frank Lowry, Cadet Lt. Colonel; Bruce Kirksey, Cadet Major; Rube Askew, Cadet Major; Charles Benda, Cadet First Lieutenant; Ernest Kidd, Cadet First Lieutenant. Not pictured: Guy Massey, Cadet First Lieutenant. ROTC, air branch, made its first appearance on campus this fall and has been active from that time. A feature of the year was the formal drill and inspection held Spring Quarter. Village Vamp OFFICERS Sugene Thomas Chief Heartbreaker Alice Wooten Chief Twotimer Shirley McKay Keeper of Dates Margie Hiatt Chief Goldigger The Village Vamps are chosen for their vivaciousness, charm, poise, and personality. Pert and pretty, these girls serve as the official campus hostesses, and are in charge of all Artist Series ushering. With coeducation well es- tablished . . . well, the Village Vamps have their share of activity — and more. 1st Row (left to right) : Holland, Strickland, Steagan, Heniey, Russ, Rogers, Jackson, Lovett. 2nd Row: Wilcox, Strickland, McKay, Myrick, Thomas, Wooten, Sayer, Bentz. 3rd Row: Kunkel, Taylor, Stayer, Allen, Peacock, Smith, Denmark, Monroe, Lowru, Oliver, Gillem, Gwyan, Church. 4th Row: Ellery, Bush, Miller, Morris, Hawkins, Jones, Allen, Sowell, Thomas, McGinley, Overbye. L ' Apache Top, left to right: J. Aiken J. Seaborn W. Albright B. Strauss G. Allen C. Vogtritter D. Bliss R. Fuller A. Brautigan B. Gahlenbeck E. Campbell H. Hayes F. Chapman M. Register J. Clark R. Saffer J. Connor N. Italiano R. Crisp R. Jarratt A. Draper E. Jasper D. Williams H. Kastner B. Yon B. McKay T. Dyrenforth W. McNeir R. Faircloth J. Nooney R. Ferguson D. Parrott 1st Row (left to right) : Brewer, Mays, Sisson, Ellis, Green, Charlotte. 2nd Row: Ows- ley, Brewton, Kennedy, Holland, Nahm, McCabe, Lowry, Parsons. 3rd Row: Ivey, Wingo, Kennedy, Wooten, House, Hunt, Ellery, Morrow. 4th Row: Wilder, Leonard Spenser, Stallings, Dobbins, Dorsey, Olsen, Tresback. U Cotillon Club 1st Row (left to right) : Aase, Brown, Haire, Nond, Hettinger. 2nd Row: Ball, Johnson, Penney, Mooney, Cham- bers, Antinori, Missus, Ghiotto, Owen, Proctor. 3rd Row: Kabeary, Tarilton, Lugnes, Dance, Tatum, Davidson, Fleet, Duncan, Lassiber, Thomas, Gates. Not pictured: Armstrong, Bennett, Harte, Parish, Dunn, Harrington, Ball, Dart, Pettit, Whisnant, Burke, Crum, Whitfield, Geiger, Trask, Jackson, Wells. Cotillion is a campus byword for dancing skill and poise and is made up of those girls skilled in the execution of various steps, both leading and following. The Cotillionites conduct classes through the year in all types of dancing. Members also serve as hostesses at campus dances. L Cavaliers Seated (left to right: Frank Vrenne, Buddy Browning, Herb Reinhard, Bob May, Roger Seabrem, Dean Roberts, Walter Essler, Jerry Thomas. Standing: Mike Castagna, John Winslett, Emerson Kramer, Jim McMann, Gene Allerd, Norbert Diddier, Nick Pappas, Cosmo Cordone. Cavaliers is a brother organization of Cotillion. Membership is based on dancing ability and personality. Members of Cavaliers have been active throughout the school year in various dance activities. Senior Hall Senior Hall is an organization of senior girls which rests the ability to take responsibility for the actions, standards, and rep- utation of the group which they represent. The primary aims are the testing of the maturity of its members and being an organiza- tion of self government. 1st Row: (left to right) : Miriam Haynes, Glenn Anna Thorp, Miss P ' simer, Barbara Elliot. 2nd Row: Barbara Maurer, Beverly Goodnight, Audrey Bird. Absent: Glenna Long. OFFICERS Chairman Barbara Elliot Residence Counselor Miss P ' simer 1st Row (left to right): Faye Coe, Jeannette Hopkins, Ardath Danford, Nancy White, Montrell Sessions, Jeanne De Camps. 2nd Row: Carolyn Ellis, Barbara Lewis, Carmelita Allen, Pat Pinkerton, Ethlyn Earnhart, Betty Anthony, Betty Gudenrath. Day Students The Day Students ' Organiza- tion has been very active on campus this year, sponsoring many social activities, among them the big dance of the Student Union. Sophomore Council 1st Row (left to right) : Mink, Friedheim, Redding, Kersey, Langston, Meckstroth, French, Mims, Hurlbert, Jack- son, Stockman, Guilford, Strickland, Mooney, Smith, Barns. 2nd Row: Weigand, Graves, Myens, Kirk, Kight, Collins, Caro, Strickland, Cooper, Bush, Kettie, Grotewold, Davidson, Peters, Goldman, Smith. 3rd Row: Nas- rallah, Flynn, Smith, Aman, Smith, Hamby, Gregory, De Wolf, Whitmire, Storm, Tavel, Lomaistri, Enge, Rogers, Allen. 4th Row: Rich, Weitman, Coumbe, Fernendaz, Lembock, Thompson, Pettit, Clayton, Lee, Harrison, Lar- son, McLeod, Miller, Dillard, Shephard. OFFICERS Chairman Shirley Hurlbert Vice Chairman .. Marjorie Meckstroth Secretary Patty Mirns Treasurer Virginia French Faculty Advisor Miss Elizabeth Lynn The " Marines, " the name given to the Sophomore Council this year by Dr. Campbell, well deserve all that the word implies. They were on hand at all elections held during the year. This group took charge of the decora- tions for the Homecoming dance and operated an information booth during Homecoming. The annual faculty auction with the proceeds going to the WSSF was also put into the capable hands of Sophomore Council. This service group ready for any call was made an official recognized organiza- tion this year and was given a constitution by the Student Government. YWCA Cabinet 1st Row (left to right): Bertha Kirsey, Martha Robinson, Mary Eddins, Beverly Staples, Frances Duncan, Jean Flynn. 2nd Row: Madeline Garrett, Mrs. Coyle Moore, Beth Farnell, Alma Moon, Louise Spaeth. OFFICERS President Beverly Staples First Vice President Mary Eddins Second Vice President Dot Neville Secretary Frances Duncan Treasurer Martha Robinson Though busy with many activities, the YWCA still has time for lots of fun. Just a few of the projects which this nondenominational group sponsors include the Easter Sunrise service, Thanksgiving vesper service, a recreational and leadership training program for summer camp counselors, local Girl Scout troops and the Y-Teen program at Leon High School. The program of the YWCA is directed by a cabinet composed of officers and committee chairmen. Baptist Student Union 1st Row (left to right) : Miller, Sheffield, Ainsworth, Mo r gan, Simmons, Gandy, Lumsden. 2nd Row: Mims, Mathis, Turnage, Fredenburg, Thompson, Brown, Weatherford, Hamby, Beach, Howard. 3rd Row: Stephens, Padgett, Curtis, Farnell, Kelly, Gibson, Crane. OFFICERS President Barbara Jean Morgan Vice President Carolyn Turnage Secretary Norma Crane Treasurer lohnnie Sheffield Student Secretary Mary Elizabeth Ainsworth The Baptist Student Union strives to instill the spirit of Christ in the hearts of college youth. An opportunity for spiritual experiences, service, and fel- lowship is provided through Sunday School . . . Training Union . . . Vespers . . . Morning Watch . . . Bible Hour . . . pre-school retreat . . . picnics . . . skating parties . . . " Grandma ' s Follies " . . . state convention . . . " Capsule Week " . . . study courses . . . prayermates . . . Student Evangelistic Week . . . Young Woman ' s Auxiliary . . . Brotherhood . . . faculty student banquet . . . spring retreat . . . B.S.U. choir . . . summer Ridgecrest assembly. B.S.U., the link between the college and the church, seeks to develop con- secrated Christian youth. Wesley Foundation 1st Row (left to right) : Barbara Hull, Betty Charle;worth, Mary Ellen Jones.. Miriam Holmes, Ann Par- rish, Margie Lou Harden, Eileen Lomax. 2nd Row: Sara Kinard, Gertrude Whitty, Elaine Eiselstein, Miss Alpharetta Leeper, John Wheeler, Trudy Grubb, Bette Barnes. 3rd Row: Rahl Wilkinson, Erin Wilcox, Jeanette Griffin, Shirley Gregory, Miriam Haynes, Pat Vinson, Barbara Maurer, Ann Clayton, Jean James, Dee Stevens, Georgia Henry, Sidney Henry. 4th Row: Dalton Howard, Pat Caro, Ruth Lemrr.on, Pat Laney, Mae Gautier, Rosalyn Clary, Harry Copeland. Not pictured: Bo Baker. OFFICERS President John Wheeler Vice President Elaine Eiselstein Secretary Gertrude Whitty Treasurer Sara Kinard President of Sunday School Bette Barnes Wesley Foundation offers a center of worship, a training school for churchmanship and a sense of commitment to Methodist students on campus. The fellowship at the student house is deepened by Sunday night suppers, social activities and the many hours spent sharing experiences with each other. Westminster Fellowship 1st Row (left to right): Emily Smith, Dolly Rowe, Ann Egan, Pat Burghard, Wallace Kennedy. 2nd Row: Cecile McRae, Betty La+imer, Miss Miriam Wilson, Will Pennell, Marilyn Archbold. 3rd Row: Mary Ann Yancey, Mildred Clonts, Mary Guzman, Frances Higginbotham. Mignon Watts, Varian Helms, Shirley Drake. 4th Row: Anona Collins, Ida Santos, Frank Pennell, Mildred Winfield, Mary V. Atkinson, Emily Gahr, Madeline Garrett, Betty Collins. OFFICERS President Betty Latimer First Vice President Will Pennell Second Vice President Marilyn Archbold Secretary -Treasurer Cecile McRae Student Worker Miss Miriam Wilson Westminster Fellowship is the organization of the college Presbyterian students. Sunday school classes, Bible study and discussion, music, Sunday night suppers, and service projects are included in the activities. The group seeks to carry on a complete church-centered program to fit the needs of all students. Canterbury Club 1st Row (left to right) : Mimi Renwick, Doris Johnson, Ann Lindermuth, Patricia Pearson, Betty An- derson. 2nd Row: Hazel Burnette, Jackie Steele, Ann Keyton, Leland White, Suzanne Brown, Grace Register. 3rd Row: Skippy Knight, Bill Bean, Chaplain Paul Reeves, Bill Skipper, O. H. Williamson. VESTRY President Ann Keyton Vice President Leland White Secretary Jackie Steele COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Suzanne Brown, Mimi Renwick, Doris Johnson, Ann Lindermuth, Pat Pearson, Betty Anderson, Hazel Burnette, Grace Register, Skippy Knight, Bill Bean, Bill Skipper, O. H. Williamson, Mary Stuart Smith, Pat Ledbetter. The Canterbury Club is the official organization of all the Episcopal stu- dents on campus and has the vestry as its governing body. The basic aim of this organization is to promote fellowship among the members of the group and others interested in the Episcopal Church. The lovely brick student house on West Jefferson is the center of much activity. Besides the religious aspect of life at Ruge Hall there is the social life which includes teas, dinners, and parties. H i I lei 1st Row (left to right) : Norman Mendelson, Hermina Doych, R. Idlene Portnoy, Arlene Solomon, Tillie Capeluto. 2nd Row: Rabbi Julius Drauetz, Miss Lois Goldman, lames Lewis, Irene Lenox, Shirley Schneider, Gloria Mouheit, Jo Singer, Stanton Goldman, Doctor George Rogosa. 3rd Row: Claire Becker, Helen Bell, Marilyn Duchan, Nancy Schecter, Marilyn Fleet, Rosalie Sherman, Zelda Koplan. R. Idlene Portnoy President Tillie Capeluto Corresponding Secretary Hermina Doych Recording Secretary Norman Mendelson Treasurer Doctor George Rogosa Faculty Advisor The Hillel Foundation is a home away from home for its members. Meetings include planning for cultural and welfare projects. Monthly suppers at the Hillel House . . . joint participation with the Gainesville chapter during their weekend . . . Thanksgiving baskets given the needy under the helpful guidance of Rabbi Kravetz and Irene Lexon, social welfare chairman. Newman Club Seated (left to right): Juanita Muller, Anne Grego y, Ed Schlitt, Morjorie Parker, Marguerite Myers. Standing: Mike Vocelle, Carl Michealos, Jean Carmine, Anna Holden. The Newman Club functions actively to foster the interests and further the activities of Catholic students on campus. Besides the Newman Club Formal, they have had several socials and picnics throughout the year. (IhrisiMii Science Organization Seated (left to right) : Betty Berg, Shirley Ann Me er, Geraldine Chastain, Nancy Dohlin, Gladys Cas- kie. Standing: George King, Berna Kardonsky, Marie Chillingworth, Jean Johanson, Howard Marquand. The Christian Science Organization is comprised of students, faculty, and staff of Florida State University who are interested in the study and application of Christian Science. Sororities and Fraternities Inter Fraternity Council Pictured from left to right beginning with left end of table: Ralph Saffer, Roy Fergusen, Joe Ingalls, Jake Sandy, Jack Nooney, David Long, Quentin Cole, President Bob Lee Bannerman, James Brett, Dean Roberts, Don Williams, Pat Stockton. Alpha Chi Omega 1st Row: J. Vecciohitti, P. Lester, E. Foster, R. Agrams, G. Howell, L. Lyness, A. Dilliard, N. Smith. 2nd Row: C. Tatum, M. Jordan, S. Norton, J. Stewart, B. Boshard, H. Jones, G. Kelly, J. Johnston, D. Sherman. 3rd Row: G. Casons, M. H. Speed, B. Fryer, N. Vaughn, M. Rosenbush, J. Reynolds, Mrs. Dowling, N. Bishop, J. Wells, M. Mowiser. 4th Row: Y. Long, M. L. Garrett, P. Tempel, J. Henderson, W. Evans, B. Cook, J. Tarilton, K. Petteway, B. L. Hardin, B. L. Calder, F. Gatlin, S. L. Chambers, E. Tatum, D. Schoonmaker, S. L. Stikelether, V. Stockman. 5th Row: B. Bramier, J. Tomlin, M. Jerden, M. Gautier, B. Armstrong, D. Robertson, C. Moore, P. Weigan, L. Harrison, K. Tor- rance, B. Zuver, B. Foster, P. Kirby. Beta Eta Chapter OFFICERS President Joyce Coleman First Vice President Mary Rosenbush Second Vice President Dot Schoonmaker Corresponding Secretary .. _ Catherine Austin Recording Secretary Jean Henderson Treasurer Alma Norton A most successful year was begun with rush week and then soon came the big Homecoming weekend with a float, decor- ations, and weekend festivities. The Alpha Chi ' s enjoyed their annual Carnation Ball at the Country Club — dancing to music by Johnny Mercer. Many fraternity parties were given and all enjoyed the amusing skits of Helen Jones. All in all it has been a most successful year. Alpha Delta Pi O ft Cl ( First Row: J. Hutchins, M. J. Sowell, D. Hargrove, K. McFarlin, C. Lowry, B. Council, M. Williamson, I. Steagall, P. Lowry, A. Monroe, J. Lovett, F. Wilkinson, J. Stayer, S. Kinkel, B. Roberts, M. Brownlee. Second Row: M. Bentz, M. Bowler, A. Everett, T. Toole, A. Bache, Mrs. Strachan Barret, P. Rose, J. Stallings, B. J. Grimes, J. Smith, B. Burr. Third Row: S. Eger, P. Theisback, J. Dance, A. Lembeck, M. Goode, H. C. Wheat, S. Henderson, E. Adams, K. Sanders, J. Flynn, J. Church, M. Jones, M. Lawton, N. Martin, M. Shollar, S. Shucart, E. Thomas. Fourth Row: C. Palmer, H. Hall, R. Simon, M. Hall, R. Vaughn, M. Dorsey, E. Rutherford, C. Blanton, C. Thomas, R. A. Pad- gett. Not pictured: N. Becker. Iota Chapter OFFICERS President Patty Anne Rose Vice President Anne Bache Secretary Suzie Kunkle Treasurer Rita Simon Guard Catherine Sanders A diamond year for the Alpha Delta Pi ' s . . . eighteen energetic pledges in the fall. . . . The canoe float for Homecoming weekend and Christ- mas carols around the fire just before vacation time. ... A D Pi weekend and the diamond ball and the Suppressed Desires party in the back yard. . . . Panhellenic weekend, the dance and the animal cracker crumbs left over from the Lollypop Party. ... At last violets for the whole chapter and a real live goat for initiation! kSaEuAi vfTy - T ■ ■■ ■ J Alpha Gamma Delta First Row: K. Austin, S. Petteway, M. Hiatt, B. Timmons, R. Daniels, P. Lewis, M. Marshall. Second Row: M. Williams, B. Cochran, N. Mayhew, B. J. Mathis, J. Hinton, Mrs. Rosabelle Gilliand, R. Sprankle, P. Plockleman, C. McCreary, B. EMery, N. Farrell, M. Brokaw. Third Row: D. Sheftall, M. Bassett, E. Hunt, S. Black, B. Ball, P. Cole, M. Coggin, B. Denmark, J. Ghiotto, J. Ebert, B. Mathis, N. Shuman, S. Hart, W. Larsen, H. Johanson. Fourth Row: K. Arrowsmith, S. Peacock, J. Owens, B. Saunders, L. Day, M. Burdine, B. Middlebrooks, J. Widman, B. J. Larson, B. Abbott, M. Winfield, O. J. Whitehead, B. Rushing, B. Rushing, M. Land, A. Henry. Gamma Beta Chapter OFFICERS President Jackie Hinton First Vice President Rita Sprankle Second Vice President Audrey Henry Recording Secretary Co.nelia McCreary Treasurer Jo Ann Ebert House Mother., „ Mrs. Rosabelle Gilliland Another year has passed, but the memories will linger. . . . Homecoming with the " Major Catas- trophe " and Pat Cole in the Queen ' s Court . . . our excitement at winning the intramural cup . . . the weekend at camp . . . the Sunday night coffees . . . IRD at Jacksonville . . . Gamma Beta ' s twenty-fifth anniversary . . . the Southern Colonial weekend with the introduction of this year ' s initiates. . . . All these memories and more served to bind closer the girls who wear the pearl pin of Alpha Gamma Delta. Alpha (Jmicron Pi «? First Row: J. Vanture, D. Kish, D. Carlin, E. Brown, A. Harding, L. Oliver, F. Rhodes, M. Walker, S. Hall, J. Moore. Second Row: B. Cathey, N. Hill, A. McKenzie, F. Antinori, M. Ratcliff, Mrs. M. D. Knox, M. Whitaker, L. McKinley, L. Boyce, N. Kearney, B. Miller, A. Butler. Third Row: F. Richardson, A. Hendon, C. Nott, M. Tavel, J. Butler, J. Sistrunk, P. Griffin, V. Spencer, J. Sapp, M. Blitch, M. Decker, G. Ryan, I. Emerson. Fourth Row: M. Rovinson, R. Smith, J. Smith, S. Shumway, J. Timmerman, J. Barnes, R. Bowles, B. Allen, F. Munnerlyn, S. Geer, A. Moody, P. Walker, M. Crosby. Not pictured: R. Aa-.e, 0. Dressel, B. Jackson, M. Parker, S. Paiker. Alpliti Pi Chapter OFFICERS Martha Whi taker President Louise McKinley Vice President Frances Antinori Recording Secretary Lydia Ann Boyce Corresponding Secretary Martha Robinson Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Marion Knox House Mother Many AOPi ' s don caps and gowns in a fond fare- well to gay college days. Each has her own special Alpha O memories ... it was a wonderfully full year, wasn ' t it? The chapter hustled into its attrac- tive new home as the fall quarter heralded in rush week and the pledging of many fine girls. " Open House, " coffees, and friendly " get-togethers " af- forded pleasure for all. Remember the fun? . . . Wednesday night dinner parties honoring each frat, hamburger frys in the back yard, the side porch at light flash, and after-hour serenades. . . . The proud congratulations to our sisters winning honors on campus. . . . Even study hall, and intra-mural sports . . . our annual weekend, and the picturesque Rose Ball. And tops of all was our own Mother Knox, very dear to each Alpha 0. " 1 % S ... LSfB Alpha Xi Delta First Row: R. Powers, H. Scondon, M. L. Medlin, J. Landrum, T. Shsppard, E. Sellas, A. Scudder, H. Campbell. Second Row: J. Moreland, E. Lavender, J. Fahle, E. Eckles, H. Hobbs, C. Landrum, M. Eddins, E. Edmondson, A. Deal, E. Cooke. Third Row: P. Fitzgerald, M. Kelly, B. Blanton, K. Siddam, S. Myers, B. Staples, A. Hatfield, Mrs. Ruth Hill, J. DeRolph, C. Ricker, B. Love. Fourth Row: B. A. Steele, J. Gross, C. Bardon, L. Grone, J. Herrington, J. Bowen, E. Corpening, M. Atkinson, B. L. Nuttle, V. Hughes, B. Pafford, B. Tomasello, J. Way, N. Collier, A. Collier, D. Blackketter, M. Hunter, C. Nord. Fifth Row: J. Barrineau, J. Bartz, H. Tredwell, L. Chalker, N. Tribble, M. L. Kamm, D. Ashmore, N. L. Ericson, B. F. Ross, J. Lynn, B. Whetstone, B. Boon, M. Pettit, M. Powell, L. Vedder, B. Curry, N. Crenshaw. Alpha Omega Chapter OFFICERS President Beverly Staples Vice-President Ann Hatfield Recording Secretary Shirley Meyers Corresponding Secretary __ Joy DeRolph Treasurer Charlotte Ricker Enthusiasm reigned — led by the bubbling delegates return- ing from national convention . . . " Millsaps Cry Baby, " gala parties, and a house full of people saw another successful Homecoming . . . the unique " Quill Room " theme was used for the active party while the pledges were feted at the annual Christmas party, with a " real live " Santa and holiday caroling . . . the " big " weekend brought forth the Charleston rage at the " Roaring 20 ' s " party . . . the Sweetheart dance added to our memories . . . camp weekend weather could not " dampen " our spirits . . . Senior party made us sad but proud . . . these memories and more have made this another year of fun and companionship — for " that ' s true " ! Chi Omega f 0 OifjOO First row: B. Brewton, J. Wooten, L. Olsen, P. Sisson, C. Dalton. Second Row: J. Davis, M. Nicholson, C. Mays, E. Collins, L. Colas, C. Dobbins, M. A. Ivey, P. Whiddon, S. Treadwell, A. M. Donaldson. Third Row: O. Knight, B. Myrick, B. Moore, P. Jones, S. Taylor, S. McKay, Mrs. Mack, L. Lane, M. Foote, Alice Wooten, L. Harkness, A. Steed, J. Scott. Fourth Row: F. Denton, M. E. Davis, N. Holland, J. Bennett, B. Cooke, A. Oliver, H. Foreband, N. Sammon, A. Thornton, A. Over- bay, L. Mook, M. Gwynn, F. Patterson, I. Holland, Ann Wooten. Fifth Row: B. Banks, S. Miller, J. Weatherall, S. Thomas, B. Williams, M. Gillen, A. Allen, M. McLaughlin, M. Caldwell, J. Gil- bart, S. Strange, G. Register, L. Davis, L. Williams, N. Haddleston. Gamma Chapter OFFICERS President Leila Lane Vice President Margaret Foote Secretary Shirley McKay Treasurer Anna Lee Overbay Pledge Trainer Faye Patterson " Welcome to the X and Horseshoe, so glad you dropped in! " sang the Chi O ' s as fall rush season rolled into full swing. Homecoming with its winning decora- tions of " modern application, " memories of the big Tri- State convention the preceding spring quarter, Pan- Hellenic weekend with the hilarious " Roaring 20 ' s " party, the unanimous election of Shirley and Trish as ASA delegates and the gay Sunday night coffees were only a few of the memorable events of the year for Mother Mack ' s girls. Could anyone forget the unforseen incidents that made life in the Chi O house so entertain- ing? (Remember the chocolate eclair battle with Bettie as the victor?) Looking forward to a new year with great expectations of a new house, the Chi O ' s say " So long! " as they leave for houseparties at Daytona Beach. Delta Delta Delta Oft Of) fa r4 First Row: A. McLeod, E. Graves, S. Pettit, J. Phillips. Second Row: W. Betts, C. Robnett, N. A. Varn, N. Keener, J. J. Brown, C. M. Howell, B. Brindamour, J. Millar , J. A. Rackley. Third Row: E. Airs, D. Whitfield, B. J. Dunn, L. Busbee, S. Caldwell, Mrs. Crume, E. M. McCoy, N. Jones, N. Cam, M. Quigg, J. Gregory. Fourth Row: C. Boschen, D. Van Dusen, P. Ryerson, M. Hartman, M. M. Chafer, G. Cubbage, B. Harrison, K. Duggan, B. Hum- phrey, J. Lee, P. Delaney, J. Reese, M. Nance, E. Meisch, B. J. Brawley, P. Michaels, M. Latham. Fifth Row: Y. Head, N. Ives, M. Tubbs, C. Skinner, A. Davidson, G. Garber, S. C. Philyaw, J. Peters, J. Pettit, M. Wingo, M. A. Galloway, S. Allen, J. Merrin. Not pictured: K. Carroll, H. Paul. Alpha Eta Chapter OFFICERS President Elsie " Sis " McCoy Vice President Cleona Robnett Secretary Jane Reese Treasurer Susan Caldwell House Mother Mrs. W. W. Crume The Tri Delt moon beamed on scores of pleasant weekends that filled the past year . . . the fun of Sunday night suppers, honorable mention for Home- coming decortions, the Panhellenic weekend with its " Super-Sonic Seventies " theme, and other really enjoyable events like the pledge and initiation ban- quets, the weekly chapter sings which made tradi- tion a pleasure. The " Heaven " formal dance was really " out of this world " . . . from such activities as these, Tri Delts blithely breeze onward. Delta Phi Epsilon First Row (left to right) : A. Schwartz, C. Becker, M. Zalker, A. Solomon. Second Row: R. Sherman, Mrs. Murr, Z. Kaplan, I. Portnoy. Third Row: R. Frank, T. Capeloto, V. Harris, G. Monheit, S. Schneider. Intel Chapter OFFICERS President Zelda Kaplan Vice President „ Idlene Portnoy Recording Secrsta.y Rosalie Sherman Corresponding Secretary Ann Schwartz Treasurer Arlene Solomon Wonderful memories that the D Phi E ' s recall are those of Homecoming Weekend, and their An- nual Week-end which carried the theme of Val- entine ' s Day. Surprise birthday parties continue to make up a part of the treasured D Phi E traditions. Another memory to hold is the Annual Christmas Dinner given by Mother Murr. The gals always anticipate the frequent visits of their alums. Delta Zeta First Row: P. Jester, S. J. Costin, C. Bartley, V. Starling, M. LaGrone, S. Beasley, J. McLeod. Second Row: S. Hurlbert, J. Oetjen, M. Neal Jones, M. F. Peters, Mrs. C. W. Dinwiddie, M. F. Strickland, B. Pace, H. Wilson, N. Day. Third Row: K. Davis, E. Folsom, V. Bowden, F. J. Sauls, B. L. Shannon, B. Turner, J. Bevis, B. Henkel, B. Stevenson, A. C. Irvine, P. Degnan, S. McLain, M. A. Mayo. Fourth Row: B Hodges: J. Hinson, N. Campbell, R. Duffy, L. Strickland, G. Edelman, I. Leslie, P. Weaver, C. Thomas, J. Clark. Alpha Sii nia Chapter OFFICERS President Mary Frances Peters Vice-President Mary Frances Strickland Recording Secretary Helen Wilson Corresponding Secretary Jimmie Bevis House Mother Mrs. C. W. Dinwiddie So closed another year for Delta Zeta with memories by the dozens — winning house decorations for Homecoming . . . entertaining the frats with dances and suppers in the back yard and being ser- enaded ... a very successful Rose Week- end and parties for actives and pledges. . . . Delta Zeta will long remember the year of 1949-50. Kappa Alpha Theta First Row (left to right): E. Glenn, J. Bosonquet, 0. Taprell, B. Gciger, J. Swett, J. Fouts, C. Crowley, J. Cobb, N. Brown, A. Birchard, J. Houser, S. Haire, B. Pettit. Second Row: J. Vaughn, P. Selway, A. Wood, B. Fosgate, B. Rimer, B. Boyden, Mrs. Stanley Watson, M. Chillingworth, D. Bur- den, J. Little, N. Bennett, J. Taprell, J. Bennett, A. Lewis. Third Row: J. Harrington, M. Pinney, P. Trask, A. Shaw, A. Lee, P. Leonard, B. Reed, M. Bishop, N. Day, A. Strickland, B. Enge, N. Prior, F. Wells, N. Jackson, M. Flannery, M. Beach. Fourth Row: L. Harris, N. Crossen, C. Webber, N. Lester, J. Bugg, S. Gibson, B. Luff, M. Wehner, E. Harrison, B. Brophy, R. Haberkorn, E. Holton, B. O ' Brien, S. Mooney. Betci Nu Chapter OFFICERS Barbara Boyden President Mickey Chillingworth Vice President J anet Little Treasurer Jeannie Boranquet Corresponding Secretary Ann Wood Recording Secretary Mrs. Watson House Mother The Thetas were welcomed back by a wonderful new house mother, Mrs. Watson, who brought along another surprise, meals served in the house. . . . Thus began a successful year. . . . Rushing. . . . Homecoming filled with parties and dancing and culminating in Bobbie Pettit ' s being chosen as Homecoming Queen. . . . Camp weekend. . . . Theta weekend with emphasis on the Theta-Pi Phi football game. . . . Everyone has many pleasant memories and all eagerly look forward to the coming year. £®m • Kappa Delta w First Row (left to right) : S. C. Henley, G. Shaw, L. Pinkston, J. Glass, G. Carey, M. Taylor, E. Johnson, B. Cordell, F. Boltin, J. Carper, S. J. Morrow, M. Anderson, A. Folmar, N. Martin. Second Row: H. Owsley, M. A. Clark, S. J. Thomas, M. Oliver, E. Barnes, E. Wilcox, Mrs. Sledge (house mother), J. Scaggs, C. Kent, L. Wade, B. A. Holland. Third Row: P. Caro, E. Cooper, M. Badcock, B. Clark, B. Bush, L. Plant, J. Taylor, S. Bell, M. F. Johnson, E. Barnes, R. Coleman, A. Guilford, C. Hartwell, J. Dickerson, M. West, S. Brewer, J. A. Moon. Fourth Row: E. Hudson, M. Tolton, R. Mclnnes, B. J. Holm, J. Belcher, B. Goleman, V. Miller, B. L. Bird, A. Kutrow, N. Rettie, A. Hawkins, J. A. Lassiter, M. Parsons, B. Bunker, Jean Strickland. Abcent: Jane Strickland. Kappa Alpha Chapter OFFICERS President Erin Wilcox Vice President Jo Anne Scaggs Secretary Elizabeth Barnes Treasurer Cinda Kent House Mother Mrs. E. C. Sledge A brand new redecorated house greeted the the Kappa Deltas as they returned to school in September to begin their full year of activities . . . a wonderful rush week with 18 new pledges . . . Sunday night coffees with fellowship and singing . . . Homecoming weekend with Suegene in the court . . . Panhellenic weekend with our hayride to Wakulla . . . K D weekend with our houseparty at the coast and our formal at the Country Club . . . campus participation with Kappa Deltas in Tarpon, VV, Cotillion, Circus, SandsDur, Garnet Key, Mortar Board, Honor Court, Kappa Delta Pi, Sophomore Council, Alpha Lambda Delta . . . suppers in the kitchen . . . midnight bull sessions . . . after-hour serenades. . . . These are the memories of 1950 that linger in the hearts of all the K D girls. ■ f JM Pi lieta Phi First Row: J. Sayer, J. Ellis, E. Gray, P. Charlette. Second Row: D. J. Smith, H. Coith, M. K. Gum, W. Grizzard, A. Rust, S. Kennedy, M. A. McGinley, B. J. Brock, D. Evans. Third Row: L. Rogers, N. T. Kincaid, M. Brown, J. Cloud, N. Parramore, P. Gatewood, N. Carter, B. J. Morgan, J. Munroe, B. Kennedy, C. Nahm. Fourth Row: J. Jarrett, B. J. Schoeppee, A. Di Hard, K. Upson, M. P. Pinkston, A. Aaton, J. Livingston, E. McLeod, C. Purvis, M. McCabe, B. Bryant, A. Moore, B. L. Morris, J. Wade, P. Angel. Fifth Row: J. Blalock, B. Wilhelm, A. Eidson, A. Hocker, P. Holden, M. Coleen, M. V. Wolfe, C. Oldham, M. Finley, V. Rasmussen, S. Davidson, E. Hill. Not pictured: B. Meiser, J. Daye, M. J. Angel, A. Camp, S. Blocker, E. Tally, J. Nydegger. Florida Beta Chapter OFFICERS President Natalie Parramore Vice President Jo Ann Cloud Secretary Joan Daye Corresponding Secretary Nelle Carter Treasurer Peggy Gatewood Pledge Trainer Barbara Jean Morgan House Mother Mrs. Frances H. Fogg . Wills ' . - W ' tiS-WT»milll ' ,i »fi All you little Freshmen . . . Just come to town . . . What you going to do . . . When the bids go around . . . Rush week over . . . And twenty new Pi Phis . . . Football . . . FSU one time! . . . Jett and Bootie, cheering . . . Homecoming . . . " By the shores of Flastacowo ' A prize! . . . G-Bar ' s UGA Forums . . . with Pi Phi ' s in the audience . . . First in scholar ship! . . . Jett, Queen of Sophomore Hop . . . Liz President of Freshman Flunkies ... Jo Ann ' s birth- day party . . . Phi Beta Kappa ' s Nat and Jo Ann . Mortar Board G-Bar . . . Plans for houseparties at Daytona . . . Football practice . . . Full of fun . . Game with the Thetas . . . And we won! . . . Ou own Mardi Gras . . . The Best Weekend ever! . . Buying the lot . . . Big Plans . . . Parties, Friends and Studies . . . Goodbye for awhile . . . Seniors Farewell ... A full and happy year for the Arrow Gals. Phi Mu First Row (left to right) : Pat Fox, Mariam Irving, Sally Gyland, Anice Spenser, Romona Boozer, Clarine Hobbs, Betty Kabery, Sally Sharouse. Second Row: Sarah Brown, Cass Younge, Mary Ann Permenter, Katherine Norman, Vance Jelks, Mrs. Webb (house mother,. Nell Tharp, Pat Dart, Alicia Cresswell, Leland White, Phyllis Bailey. Third Row: Bobbie Harris, Donnell Neider, Jinnie Chillingsworth, Pat Roehling, Jan Wallis, Helen Floy Stabler, Louise Ware, Edna Page, Cindy Carsons, Sue Mundee, Gloria Holmes, Alice Thompson, Pat Baily, Shirley Stevenson. Fourth Row: Virginia Lee, Janet Kissling, Marjarie Meckstrof, Barbara Sliney, Netell Isley, Mary Louise Simpson, Pat Starnes, Jackie Pearson, Bettye Hart, Doris Johnson. Not pictured: Barbara Lockhart, Katherine Skogstead, Carol Henderson, Ruth Forbes, Francis Clark, Ronnie Riley, Pat Cloud, Betty Kelley, B. J. Brown, Joy Carter, June Martin. Alpha Epsilon Chapter OFFICERS President Vance Jelks Vice President Nell Thorpe Secretary Alicia Creswell Treasurer Katherine Norman Pledge Trainer Leland White Panhellenic Rep. Catherine Yonge House Mother Mrs. H. T. Webb A wonderful year of fun, frolic and achieve- ment from October ' s open houses after foot- ball games to our beautiful rose and white formal dance during our weekend in May. The actives and pledges enjoyed many activities throughout the year; among them, weiner roasts, Hallowe ' en party, coffees, Bessie Marie ' s birthday party, coke party for the out- standing pledges of other sororities and our annual Greek Tea Dance. Phi Mu ' s achievements and campus activi- ties are shown through — Cass . . . vice presi- dent of W.G.A., and member of Garnet Key . . . Leland . . . president of Reynolds . . . Ginny . . . vice-president of Gilchrist and in the Soph- omore Hop Court and Sophomore Council . . . Betty H., Pat and Betty K. . . . tapped for Cotillion . . . Anice . . . Village Vamps . . . Margie ... in the Sophomore Hop Court and vice-president of Sophomore Council . . . Bob- bie, Cass, Leland, Anice, Sally . . . making Odd-Even teams. Sigma Kappa First Row: R. McAfee, C. Williams, J. Keirstead, C. Robinson, J. Hinson. Second Row: J. Hayward, J. Browne, N. Spach, H. Spach, L. Traxler, A. Kerr, P. Pennington, M. Reeves, J. Rucks, G. Alexander. Third Row: A. Dalton, M. Moore, B. Alexander, T. Edwards, N. Bussey, Mrs. J. Cocper, R. McBride, M. Burry, G. Gillettee, J. Cox, F. Brownlee. Fourth Row: M. Springer, N. Daniels, A. Turner, J. Godtrey, J. Alderman, J. Blue, H. Jungmeyer, J. Davidson, L. Hamilton, M. Risen, J. Gro:ser, B. Boling, P. Redding, A. Godfrey. Fifth Row: M. Ziegler, M. Oxtoby, B. Bell, B. Ward, M. Bishop, P. Rigg, V. Bert, C. Register, P. Walsmith, M. Sauls, C. Kelshimer, J. McClamhan, G. Wilson, J. Wilson. llllllillili P Mf VJS F T J " !. " ' Alpha Sigma Chapter OFFICERS Nelle Bussey President Teresa Edwards First Vice President Roberta McBride.... Second Vice President Mary Virginia Burry Recording Secretary Martha Ann Moore Cor. Secretary Joan Alderman Treasurer Mrs. Jennie Cosper House Mother The whirl of another wonderful year has passed . . . but will never be forgotten. After a successful rush season, the new pledges were honored with a banquet . . . Homecoming in- spired gala affairs — we had fun decorating the house and were extremely proud of our prize-winning float in the parade . . . Christ- mas arrived with the annual party for the pledges . . . After vacation we all had fun during Panhellenic weekend . . . Initiation in January was followed by our Valentine dance at the Country Club . . . the 1950 initiates were presented ... a picnic at the coast . . . open houses . . . informal get-togethers . . . and breakfasts kept us busy the rest of the year — a year that will hold pleasant memories for all of us. Mm Zeta Tau Alpha First Row: J. Day, S. Brown, A. Parrish, B. Gardner, B. Timmons, B. Huckabee, N. Mcintosh, J. Wade, V. Parkhill. Second Row: N. Scoggins, S. Gibson, S. Clark, B. Duncan, M. Middleton, Mrs. Vernon, P. Murphy, B. Latimer, I. Santos, A. Jackson, P. Wade. Third Row: B. Bryant, H. Burnette, M. Mahoney, A. Johnson, B. Anderson, M. McGahee, M. Stigler, M. Archbold, C. Schumann, M. Marshall, N. Sterling, J. Taylor, E. Johnson, P. Torraco. Fourth Row: L. Boulware, V. Muscleman, H. Miller, B. Gaskins, M. Atkinson, S. Ellis, M. McCall, B. Carouthers, M. Wolfe, M. Walker, A. Reynolds, B. Collins, S. Bragg, A. Collins, A. Phillips. Not pictured: M. Alexander, B. Anthony, B. J. Bailey, M. Edmonds, M. Falls, M. N. Morrison, C. Smith, J. Smith, K. Wilder. Beta Gamma Chapter OFFICERS President Pat Murphy Vice President Margie Middleton Treasurer Sue Clark Secretary Betty Duncan Historian Betty Latimer House Mother Mrs. L. L. Vernon Zetas watched a dream come true before their eyes with the construction of the three- story, white brick, Georgian " mansion. " It ' s a fitting beginning to ZTA ' s twenty-fifth year on campus. Barn dances were the rage start- ing with the gala Panhellenic weekend party at Silver Lake through the hilarious evening planned by the Dick Ervins, Zeta sponsors. Twenty girls wore the blue and silver square this year. Retaining its place among the first five in sorority scholastically, Zeta was one of the leaders in campus activities with rep- resentatives in Mortar Board, Garnet Key, F Club, Tarpon, Village Vamps, the university publications, Sandspur, Sophomore Council, and student government. Zeta " Stardust " weekend was one of the year ' s highlights for the wearers of the black and gold shield. The outstanding social event was the commemora- tion of its Silver Anniversary on campus with alumnae returning from all over the state. «■ - ' : , " 5 fcHHKlW-. Alpha Theta Phi The Alpha Tau Omega ' s made a big step third quarter when they moved into their new home on East campus, being one of the first fraternities to go off campus. Under the leadership of J. D. Henry, Worthy Master; Edward Entz, Scribe; William Robinson, Treasurer; and Don- ald Williams, IFC Representative, the group enjoyed a full year of fraternity activities. Pat Cole, Alpha Gamma Delta, represented the ATO ' s in the annual Homecoming Court in the IFC beauty contest. The ATO ' s were instrumental in making the annual IFC dance and concert very successful. Jesse Duckworth ' s or- chestra furnished the music for the dance and concert. The ATO ' s enjoyed a good rush season and pledged a number of freshmen. . Alpha Tau Omega OFFICERS J. D. Henry Worthy Master Gene Fitcher Worthy Keeper of the Annals Ed Lintz Worthy Scribe J. T. Cary Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer Dickie Mead Worthy Chaplain Jim Aikin Worthy Usher Harold Kastner Worthy Sentinel First Row: B. Adams, E. Harper, Jr., D. Williams, G. Fithener, E. Lintz, R. Mead, J. Henry, Jr., J. Cary, J. Aikin, H. Hastner, R. Susege, C. Young, J. Boynton. Second Row: C. Miner, P. Bach, G. Harris, H. Saunders, Harold Saunders, J. Doyle, E. Smith, W. Robinson, H. Raulerson, Jr., L. Sutton, R. Tully, L. Donoghue, H. Marshall, A. Anderson, P. Bach, Jr., C. Miner. Third Row: R. Cass, Jr., Randal Brady, B. Krupp, S. Robinson, D. Bonifay, R. Jernigan, M. Nul, P. Butler, W. Seaborn, F. Marcus, J. Quinn, J. Marcus, J. Morgan. Colony of Phi Delta Theta Beta Phi, colony of Phi Delta Theta, national social fraternity, has had a very active year on the FSU campus. Probably their most outstanding achievement is the honor of being winner of the annual I FC trophy for Intramurals sports activity. The Beta Phi weekend will long be remembered by the chapter and their dates. It was highlighted by the annual dance at the Country Club. Miss Clementine Lowry represented the fraternity as their representative in the IFC contest. Outstanding members around campus include Bill Kratzert, first three-letterman at the university; Walter Foy, football squad member; Walter Jardine, captain of the swimming team; Roger Slater, diver on swimming team; and Jack Nooney, pres- ident of IFC. Beta Phi OFFICERS Howard Falcon ....President Franklin Hodges ...Vice President Charles Chowning __ ..Secretary Alrlon McCarty Treasurer Jack Nooney IFC Representative (1st Row): J. Gilcrest, B. Boon, J. Turner, E. Sikes, R. Faircloth, G. Gray, A. McCarty. (2nd Row) : RMassey, O. Wtaon, G. Eubanks, W. Foy, H. Falcon, R. Dodd, R. Van Ostveen, J. Nooney, T. Rogero. (3rd Row) : T. Beach T. Conway, H. W.les G. Massey, W. Flynn, R. Barber, J. Shepherd, J. Culpepper. (4th Row): F. Hedges, W. Jardine, R. Wells, J. Thompson, C. Ware, C. Johnson, B. Kratzert, N. McMillan, J. Buettner. Delta Phi Chapter Delta Tau Delta, in its first full year as a national fraternity at FSU, has taken a position of leadership. In the University Government Association elections, Rube Askew and Bill Yon were elected to the presidency and senior judiciary, respectively. The Delts are represented in Gold Key, ODK, ROTC, the Circus, WFSU, and other leading campus organizations. On the social side, this year ' s whirl of activities was climaxed in February with the Rainbow Ball weekend, followed by a house-party at Wilson ' s Cottages. IFC weekend saw the Delts ably represented by its sweetheart, Miss Carman Nahm, in the beauty contest. The Delts are looking forward to an even greater year next year in all phases of activity. Delta Tau Delta Fraternity OFFICERS Tom Smith President Wilbur Reed Vice President Tom Davis Treasurer Ronald Wilds ..Secretary William Jasper IFC (1st Row) : B. Culliver, C. Guitterz, R. Hicken, B. Jasper, W. Resd, T. Smith, T. Davis, R. Wilds, L. Davis, J. McClendon, T. An- derson. (2nd Row) : G. Carpenter, F. Chapman, B. Cornelius, W. Morrison, R. Goodall, H. Whitehead, D. McDonald, T. Sikes, O. Higgins, J. Drake, D. Lang. (3rd Row) : C. Mader, D. Parrot, L. Powell, B. Yon, R. Askew, B. Brown, F. Scott, B. Merritt, F. Honor, T. Puckett, G. Jennings. Gamma Rho Chapter " Well-rounded " may well be used to describe Theta Chi since they founded on this campus, December 1, 1947. They were in the first seven fraternities to go national on this cam- pus and have continued to be a leader in IFC up to the present time. The Theta Chi ' s have recently won the IFC cup for top scholarship and have distinguished themselves by winning second place in the intramural sports. Outstanding among the wearers of the red and white pin are Bill Roetz- heim, nationally known gymnastics champion who is captain of the FSU gymnastics team; Bob Delaney, Bob Pense and Kim McKay on the basketball team and Dick Berndt, variety swimming; Bob Lanigan, tennis team and Joe Bassett, golf team. Active in other organizations is Bill Waters, new UGA vice president and male lead in 1 950 Sandspur. Bill Skipper, sophomore senator and Burton Welch, junior senator are also active in campus government. Bob Schmeltz is junior representative to honor court and Walt Wilson sophomore representative to judiciary. Pledge Bill Shiphorst was chairman of election com- mittee this year. Theta Chi OFFICERS President Ad Brautigan Vice President Quentin Cole Secretary Bob McKay Treasurer Bill Knight Chaplain Dick Berndt Advisor Charles Reimer Back Row: R. Cooper, R. Montney, C. Vogtritter, J. Schaffer, R. Fennell, R. Schmelz, G. Schmidt, C. Blalock, W. Skipper, J. Gaws, D. Gaws, P. Bukay, W. Lambert, R. Albertson, C. Macon. Middle Row: K. McKay, R. Mears, W. Waters, T. Revel, J. Roarke, B. Vukers, R. Fuller, W. Shiphorst, D. Harden, G. Roades, W. Roetzheim, W. Walker, H. Jergen, R. Delaney, G. Revel. Front Row: W. Koger, A. Schmelz, M. Urquhart, J. Bassett, Q. Cole, A. Brautigan, R. McKay, W. Knight, J. Watson, R. Berndt, J. Conner. Kuklos Adelphon Chapter The Kappa Alpha Order, founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865, became represented at Florida State in March 1949, by the installation of the Gamma Eta chapter. The fraternity, which is of Southern origin, was founded on the ideals of Robert E. Lee. These Southerners have had a success- ful year in placing men in the offices of University Government, Men ' s " F " Club, ODK, Gold Key, L ' Apache, and the Rifle Club. There have been many KA ' s on the Seminole football and tennis teams, and in the FSU Circus. The chapter placed third in the intramural sports pro- gram this year. The outstanding event of the year was the annual Rebellion Ball, which followed the surrender of Bryan Hall to the Kappa Alpha ' s in their forty-eight hour " seces- sion " from the Union. s4VPf - ' -• y Kappa Alpha OFFICERS President Dal Albritton Vice President Don Albritton Secretary ....Bill Hopkins Corresponding Secretary ..____.. Herb Quay I. F. C. Representative Ralph Saffer Seated: D. Hill, S. Smith, P. McLeran, E. Rcddick, G. Jones, H. Quaw, R. Satfer, D. Albritton, W. Hopkins, L. Lavender, J. Ball, D. Albritton, G. Aldridge. Second Row: R. Webb, J. Crona, E. Quigley, C. Johnson, M. Mangham, B. Weiland, R. Toole, R. Holman, G. Goode, J. Williams, R. Lansy, E. Shaver, R. Curry, T. Williams, W. Parish, E. Dilsave " , B. Kyne, T. Dyrenforth, R. Bliss, J. Fouts. Third Row: J. Rodgers, C. Garsuch, W. Lau, D. Crabb, B. Dove, E. Dunaway, W. Fal:ome, G. Cary, C. Beeler, J. Alymda, G. Allen, C. Fellows, J. Mullis, P. Saffer. Colony of Kappa Sigma The Kappa Kappa ' s closed a suc- cessful year as a colony of Kappa Sigma national fraternity. The highlight of their social year was the crowning of their sweetheart, Jean Church. Many improvements were made around the house, including an addi- tion to the yard. A barbecue pit was built by the pledge class, and lawn furniture was secured. Helen Clair Wheat, Kappa Kappa ' s representative in the beauty contest for Homecoming won the lovina ' " tip. The chapter was presented with a large trophy. Numerous informal parties at the house on West campus and at the coast helped fill the social calendar of all Kappa Kappa ' s. The Kappa Kappa ' s took first place in tennis in the year ' s intramural program. IPI f ' W " c J ■ , " Kappa Kappa OFFICERS Robert Darsey President Paul D. Meyers Vice President Jack D. Cobb Secretary William R. Myers Treasurer Charles P. Stocton IFC Representative H. F. Cottingham Advisor First Row: W. Poppell, W. Mayers, B. Lovell, L. Brown, D. Cobb, P. Meyers, R. Darsey, W. Myers, P. Stocton, C. Bradam, G. Stokes, M. Miller, Sampson. Second Row: J. Murphy, Burton, C. Cardone, D. Thixton, J. Bibb, Conley, J. McMann, W. Esser, Soderquist, Nolan, McKeever, Webb, C. Poppell. Third Row: Johnson, Cox, Sanderson, McCall, Cooksey, Dean, Wood, Henson, Edwards, Rutherford, Ellingsworth, Wolfe, Weed. Not pictured: Mike Paczolt, Arthur Wells. Zeta Rho Chapter With the admittance of Lambda Chi Alpha on the Florida State Uni- versity campus, February 18, 1949, notable advancement has been made and recognition received by its mem- bers. Lambda Chi boasts having in its membership many campus dignitaries. James Tippin served as president of the University Government Association for the year 1949-50, along with Ed Schlitt who served as vice-president. Ted Barkoskie and Ronald Koons served as senators to UGA. Lambda Chi was fifth in scholastic standing this year among fraternities. The official magazine of the fraternity is the Cross and Crescent. Lambda Chi Alpha OFFICERS William Kinght President Joe Ingals Vice President Bob Carastro Secretary Harold Lee Treasurer Howard Wilburn Social Chairman First Row (left to right) : J. Beach, R. McCall, W. Pennell, W. Granger, H. Lee, J. Ingals, W. Knight, B. Carastro, H. Wilburn, R. Wolfe, J. Norris, J. Carastro, A. Stoner. Second Row: G. DeLand, C. Cain, W. Johnson, R. Koons, R. Kaiser, E. Barkowskie, J. Tippen, M. Howell, H. Reinhard, B. Land, B. Cummins, E. Schlitt. Third Row: H. Hodges, O. Lunsford, T. Looney, H. Williams, R. Green, E. Kramer, E. Gray, P. Fleming, C. Foertmeyer, J. Gunn, R. Kersey, D. Claridge, J. Landry, R. Lee, M. Bedgood. Pi Kappa Chapter The Pi Kappa Alpha year was highlighted by many social events. The Opening Year dance was held in October, followed by the Southeastern States Pi K A Ball in Jacksonville in December. After the annual Founders Day banquet, the Pi Kappa Alpha " Dream Girl " dance in May, at which time Bobbie Pettit was crowned and presented with a sweetheart pin, was the climax of the year. In sports the Pikes took the intramurals basketball championship, and tied for the Softball championship. Ken McLean is a member of the Seminoles football squad, while Lamar Brown claims a place on the varsity baseball team. Outstanding among the members of Pi Kappa Alpha are George Partin, chapter president, who was tapped this spring for Gold Key. Bill Conklin, president of Gold Key and vice president of Omicron Delta Kappa, wears the diamond and shield. L ' Apache members include Joe Clark, Jim Hightower, Bill McMeir, and Bill Gohlenbeck. Pi Kappa Alpha Front Row: J. P. Love, Kenneth Hull, Ken McLean, Eugene Hadden, Loftin Merritt, George Partin, William McNeir, Marshall Cul- breth, Joe Clark, J. T. Sandy, Robert Crisp, James Hightower, Robert Jarratt. Second Row: Espin Bullock, George Aase, Gene Booker, James Doss, Grady Martin, Mike Pickering, Bill Conklin, Charles Davis, Bill Gahlenbeck, Frank Chase, Bob Case, Henry Coburger, Ted Maurer, Robert Quillen, Jack Maurer. Third Row: John Kimsey, Bubba Dyal, Joe Oliver, Bill Driver, Thad Butler, Bill Peebles, Art Chesnut, John Edwards, R«x Kirby, Lamar Brown, Tom Chesnut, George Cave, Chase Tinny, Ralph Cowan. Beta Eta Chapter On February 18, 1949, Kappa Phi became a colony petitioning Pi Kappa Phi for a charter. There were twenty men who made up this first group. Kappa Phi has now become a national chapter of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity with a large growing organization of approximately forty mem- bers. The local colony became an active chapter one year after its founding as a colony and has attained many honors since. They are second in scholastics on FSU campus, and have shown outstanding skill in many sports. Earl Hunter is a member of the FSU gymnastic team, and Jack Holmes, the FSU swimming team. Other notable members of the fraternity are Gene Tidd, Assistant Editor and Columnist on the Florida Flambeau; Buck Vocelle, who is a Senator in Uni- versity Government, and a member of Gold Key. Walter Jarrell was president of the George Smothers for Senator Club on this campus, and James Rals- ton has appeared in many musical productions, among them, " Slow Dusk. " Pi Kappa Phi OFFICERS Walter Jarre 1 1 Archon Elbert Scott Treasurer Emmett Johnson Secretary William Myers Chaplain Donald Allen Historian Earl Hunter Warden First Row (left to right) : J. Ralston, G. Tidd, H. Franklin, G. McClellan, D. Allen, E. Johnson, W. Jarrell, E. Scott, W. Myers, Breece McCray, J. Britt, L. Vocelle, M. Bagley. Second Row: F. Pennell, J. Beatty, E. Evans, K. Gilbert, S. Zewins, E. Hunter, B. Morris, E. Taylor, G. Holler, H. Carter, B. Tribble, D. Ljungquist. Third Row: E. Williams, W. Yarborough, W. Cole, D. Simpson, F. Vrenna, C. Taylor, R. Sundberg, C. Dorsey, J. Horn, C. Bell, R. Gillis, P. Gilbert, R. Owen. Phi Alpha Chapter Spotlighted this year among SAE functions was the annua ' weekend, when Rachel Maginnis was chosen sweetheart and also the yearly reception for President and Mrs. Doak S. Campbell. Sigma Alpha Epsilon at FSU boasts among its members Buddy Strauss, Little All-American who played with the Seminoles in the Cigar Bowl this year; and Sonny Tinney, Dixie Golf Champion for two years. Bob Lee Bannerman, president of IFC and intercollegiate de- bater, along with Jack Kazanzas, treasurer of IFC wear the dia- mond pin of SAE. New members this year John Morris and Bud Robinson served as president and vice president of the freshman class. Charles High has starred in numerous dramas on campus, while Earl Harford served behind stage in " School for Husbands " and the 1950 SANDSPUR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon OFFICERS President ______ ___. Charles High Vice-President Walter Phillips Secretary ... Robert Stewart Treasurer Edward Davies Corresponding Secretary .... Richard Pauline Chaplain Buddy Strauss 1st Row (left to right) : T. Knight, R. Browning, R. Pauline, R. Bannerman, W. Phillips, J. Thomas, C. High, E. Davies, A. Draper, F. Larson. 2nd Row: J. Kazanzas, D. Dunn, A. Dickinson, C. Downs, E. Harford, R. Hemphill, B. Strauss, J. James, T. Proctor, D. Cork, B. Adams, A. Knight, R. Withers. 3rd Row: D. Douglass, O. Babcock, R. Williams, W. Tanner, T. Ranney, P. Corry, G. Hol- lingsworth, P. Combs, C. Robinson, R. Schoneck, K. Clarke, W. Figley, J. Morris, R. Stewart, R. Drake. Zeta Zeta Chapter The Zeta Zeta chapter of Sigma Nu national fraternity was installed April 22, 1950, climaxing a year of petitioning. Sigma Nu ' s from Florida, Rollins, Stetson, Miami University, and alumni members throughout the state were entertained by the local members. Suegene Thomas was crowned sweetheart of the chapter. Dignitaries on campus who wear the five-arm star include Dean Roberts, vice president of the junior class, treasurer of IFC, and Cavalier member; Joel Smith, associate editor of the FLAMBEAU, fraternity editor of the TALLY-HO, chairman of the Sophomore-Senior breakfast, and publicity man for the Cir- cus; Bill Dawkins and John Newland earned positions on the Seminole football squad; and Ton Sizoo headed the Foreign Student ' s Club. The pledges also made outstanding contributions to extra- curricular activities around campus. Jerry Thomas served as senator, columnist for the FLAMBEAU, sports staff of the TALLY-HO, and member of the social standard ' s committee, as well as being an active member of Cavaliers. Jerre Salyers served as freshman senator and was re-elected to the position third quarter. Bob Jenkins is responsible for the original cartoons that appeared weekly in the Flambeau. The Sigma Nu ' s won the loving cup for the best float in the Homecoming parade and placed second in scholarship for the year among fraternities. Sigma Nu OFFICERS Ray Gaines President Joel Smith Vice President Roland Sittermann Recorder Grady Oren Treasurer Dean Roberts IFC First Row (left to right) : B. Bennett, J. Flitas, J. Bassett, D. Bruner, B. Earp, R. Gaines, J. Mayer, D. Roberts, J. Smith, R. Turner, B. Hennessey. Second Row: R. Sittermann, R. Drawhon, T. McKenzie, B. Eubanks, C. Benda, W. Knight, R. Watts, R. Cook, B. Wilson, W. Cox, E. Pipkin, C. Stone, T. Sizoo, A. Bauknight. Third Row: T. Doak, R. Halloway, E. Stripling, G. Oren, J. Vincent, F. Hirt, F. Dreves, J. Raffo, R. McElvain, E. Hacker, T. Under- wood, F. Fogle, J. Bowman. Colony of Sigma Phi Epsilon Highlight of the Sig Eps year came on May 6, when Sigma Epsilon colony became a full fledged chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon national fraternity. At the dance, climax of the weekend, Carrie Mims was crowned queen. The SPE ' s are justly proud of their schol- arship record this year, for they have successfully maintained an average which topped the fraternity list. In intramurals they copped top honors in swimming and bridge. Member Paul Curtis brought fame to FSU when he captured the southern de- bate championship. Paul is also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa. Herb Marsh served as president of the junior class this year, while Richard Yeager is junior senator elect. Cristy Dale served the senior class as senator. G. Gnann, C. Dils, B. Larson, F. Gleason, H. Lewis. Sigma Phi Epislon OFFICERS Paul Curtis President Christy Dale Vice President Allard Smith . .. Secretary Charles Bauman Treasurer Warren Birt Historian John Benkert IFC Wendel Broadhurst, George Haad . Pledge Captains (1st Row): W. Birt, J. Benkert, C. Bauman, C. Dale, P. Curtis, A. Smith, W. Broadhurst, G. Head. (2nd Row): R. Olsen, M. Pearce, C. Smith, D. McCrea, R. Bowen. (3rd Row) : T. Bowen, R. Fowler, R. Brown, P. Garrison, V. Conant, R. Mims, R. Yeager. Beta Iota Chapter Starting the year with twenty-five pledges, Phi Kappa Tau led in many Uni- versity activities. In intramurals they featured by winning the volley ball tour- nament. Participating in all campus func- tions throughout the year, the Phi Tau ' s wound up a successful year with their annual Carnation Ball, climax of their weekend, when Miss Becky Aase was crowned sweetheart of Beta lota chapter. Outstanding among the chapter ' s members are Bill Albright, member of ODK and Gold Key; Herb Reinhard, chairman of " Sandspur " for 1950 and 1951; and Bruce Kirksey, president of the chapter and Gold Key tap. Cavaliers claim Phi Tau ' s Jay West- berry, Billy Houghton, Jack Crowell, and Reinhard. Sports stars Pat Farrell of the Seminole swimming team, and Gleen Gresham of the FSU baseball team wear the Phi Tau badge. ROTC officers include members Frank Lowry and Kirksey. Phi Kappa Tau OFFICERS William G. Albright President John A. Arnold Vice President Merton B . May Secretary Max Regester Treasurer Edward J. Campbell Pledge Master Joseph M. Doggett Faculty Advisor First Row: R. Edwards, W. M. Phillips, W. H. Byrom, E. J. Campbell, M. B. May, J. M. Doggett, W. G. Albright, M. Regester, R. M. Ferguson, T. A. Freeman, F. Bergin, A. Welsh, E. J. Scotfield, G. W. Burton. Second Row: D. Banks, J. M. Martinez, H. A. Mullikin, C. E. Locklin, J. E. Kinsey, F. W. Palmer, H. B. Massey, H. M. Heagerty, J. W. Lohmeyer, J. E. Conner, W. W. Cate, A. B. Lujan, J. J. Heagerty, C. B. Kinard. Third Row: H. A. Lynch, E. Landry, J. J. Westberry, D. G. Gresham, J. P. Clark, W. E. Villar, H A. Hayes, J. H. Wilson, R. Schir- mer, C. G. Jackson, B. E. Kirksey, C. A. Rodriguez, R. P. Woodburn, 0. J. Locklin. fh Football HEAD COACH DON VELLER Is Woodruff twice as good? DR. DOAK S. CAMPBELL " I ' ll be on the sidelines if you need me. . . . " ASSISTANT COACH CHARLIE ARMSTRONG ' A team that won ' t be beat, can ' t be beat. " ASSISTANT COACH BOB HARBISON " Get those stinking knees off the ground. " A tribute to the 1950 Dixie Conference Football Cham- pions and the winners of the Cigar Bowl Classic on January 2, 1950 . . . The Florida State University Seminoles. J r a 36.3 52 e»«,©3e £4 « i a? L 9 53 49 i eo . 37 54, 44 4? 33 3f 4 ? % ' 0 $ ' jus ■ ' . ' . •.■ ' - ' : -- v .:: : ;: ..i:P-. ' ; j|;- : ' . " ; i THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY SEMINOLES, 1950. JOE MARCUS, ■ " • Center and most valuable player, Uniontown, Pennsylvania. HUGH ADAMS, Team Captain and Tackle. 1949 Little All-American selection. Punta Gorda. F S U 74, Whiting Field King , the t 1 Strauss 9 oe Ralph Chaudron, Back, Pensacola The Seminoles opened their season by downing Whiting Field by an almost unbelievable score of 74-0. The ground attack rolled up 352 yards through the Flyer ' s forwards with Ernie Reddick scoring three times. Irwin Hanson, one of the many freshmen on the team, booted eight extra points in the victory — more than in the entire 1948 season. Whiting Field lost this one 74-0. Buddy, Strauss, All-Conference Back, Tallahassee gives the smile of victory with friends June Fouts left, and Nancy Bennett. F S U 33, Mississippi College 12 eco- eco- Norman Eubanks, No. 51, strains to help ittle Bo Manuel who seems to be doing OK for himself. F S U 26, Erskine 7 lorry g Bob Duckworth, Tackle, Daytona Beach. Dan Mady and Louis Sutton put the skids on a Millsaps player. MKJUS " 6 ' BacV- M tor P°V dirt- Qc c, Norman Eubanks, Clearwater, End All-Conference 1949. " He ' s really not this ugly . . . " SU 6, Sewanee The Indians continued to roll through Mississippi College, Ers- kine, and Sewanee. Dick Peter- son began to move and it was apparent that FSU was on the way to another Dixie title. W. A. " Dub " Kendrick, Tackle Center Hill. When we stop a runner, we keep him stopped! (How did this picture get in twice? FSU 33, Stetson 14 Could Bob Trocolor be wrong Walter Fo y Qoes th atter s me D ight Osh o, T, Qck 6 Glenn Allen, End Clearwater FSU 6, Livingston 13 So meb ° d V-ssed Qb ock en coach ' The student body went on the first " student trip " to see the Seminoles dump Bob Trocolor ' s Stetson Hatters 33-14, in a onesided tilt. The next week the Indians had an off day against a stronger than expected Livingston team. Here, the Indians suffered their only loss of the season, 13-6. Ted Hewitt, End, Detroit, Michigan • r Leonard Melton, End, Tallahassee. A broken leg kept him out of action Red a ' flosK 9 ' oes or oun c e It end ago nst Ste on in e Gawr B° F S U 40, Millsaps Seminoles set for Wofford offense. Urquharr almost gets away V: ■ " % - ■% .. Vic Szczepanik, End, Rochester, Pennsylvania. Loren " Duke " Maltby, Guard, Mishawaka, Indiana. Captain-elect 1950. 3 av e ! UP or sfe$ bo«„ « 3S KV2 Bo Manuel, Back, Newberry. j J " 1 ... ■■ - - ■ . % ■ X ' :v ' .? ' ■■■■••■ .• ' ,.:; ' : " HI c; " - " ' ■ ' •4 t S o, • - h ■ l aga ,n;: y offord W th " fa , ° nd ufa Qf ; 9o es „ ' " VVo F S U 34, Tampa 7 s tcondC ° ' e Bill Dawkins, Guard, Miami. His interception and run back of a Wofford fumble broke the game for FSU. Dick. Peterson, Back, Chicago, Illinois. Red Parrish, Back, Chipley. Johnny Quinn, Back, Live Oak. ChnsBon End, ? sOC Jerry Morrical, Tackle. South Bend, Indiana. 1949 Intermediate All-American. ■ w yf Cigar Bowl FSU 19 Wofford 6 Monte May, Center, Miami Basketball CI fH kO Back Row (left to right I : Osha, Weigel, Kendall, McLaughlin, Cummings, Dickson, Pence, LeCain, Coach Bud Kennedy. Middle Row: McKay, Benjamin, Trobaugh, Hewitt, Nettles, Wyman, Landry. Front Row: Coach Adams, Kersey, Taylor, Hamm- rich, White, Clark, Coach Pavey. FSU -43 Mississippi College —24 FSU- -51 Mississippi College —45 FSU- -72 College of Charleston —37 FSU- -50 Central College —62 FSU- -50 Drury College 57 FSU- -34 Southwest Missouri State —79 FSU- -60 University of Tampa —80 FSU- -65 Florida Southern College — 71 FSU- -48 Florida Southern College —51 FSU- -57 Mercer University —45 FSU- -59 Howard College —58 FSU- -45 Birmingham-Southsrn Colleg :— 55 j|jjp y ' ' HEAD BASKETBALL COACH, J. K. " BUD " KENNEDY. Tco e „» «2S (y t ° ' FSU 62— Millsaps College FSU 61 — Stetson University FSU 61 — Mercer University FSU 50 — Howard College FSU 57 — David Lipscomb Coll FSU 58 — University of Tampa FSU 79 — Troy State Teachers FSU 80 — Univ. of South (Sewanee FSU 85 — University of the South FSU 74 — Stetson University DIXIE CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT FSU 56 — Florida Southern 68 FSU 72 — Mississippi College 63 Art Adams, Assistant Coach, looks at score board, while " Bud " and Edmonston look at the game. Ted Hewitt goes in for a lay-up shot. ShelbyviUe, ir William " Wild Bill " Weigel Guard, Batesville, Indiana VO ' ,«Cf Volleyball VOLLEYBALL TEAM — STATE AAU CHAMPIONS, 1950 Back Row (left to right) : Coach Bill Odeneal, Louis Groot, Charles Floyd, Jack Wilson, Bob Johnson, Danny Hobbs, Ronald Pickett, Myrt Cates. Middle Row: Max Woitschek, John Fortune, Emerson Kramer, Max Bayard, Bob Greene, Wal- lace Cox. Front Row: Mgr. Wallace Yaeger. Serving with a screen, Wallace Cox serves while Ronald Pickett, Charlie Floyd, Emerson Kramer, and Jack Wilson stand up front waiting. Charlie Floyd, Second Team All-American Spiker, Pensacola. Charlie Floyd drives by Bud Groot an FSU 2 — Montgomery YMCA 4 FSU — Jacksonville Naval Air Station 6 Triangular Meet- at St. Petersburg FSU First. Tampa " Y " Second. St. Petersburg " Y " Third. FSU 2 — Jacksonville Naval Air Station 3 State AAU won by FSU. Gymnastics HARTLEY PRICE, Head Gymnastic Coach. Undefeated in dual meets with Indiana, Georgia Tech, Illinois, and Maryland. Winners of three championship meets with the nation ' s best college teams. That ' s the record of the FSU gymnastics team under Coach Hartley Price in their maiden sason. At the National AAU meet Seminole co-captain Bill Roetzheim successfully defended his all-around title, and added another, the National high-bar championship. Also finishing in the first ten for all-around honors were Joe and Carmine Regna. Members of the Southern Gymnastics League, this year ' s team was declared ineligible for the League championships, but members Georgia Tech and Maryland were decisively defeated in dual meets. Maryland won the league crown. ikper L horse. Standout star of the year was Roetzheim, who clinched his position as the best gymnast in the United States with the all-around victory in the Nationals. Averaging almost four first places per meet during the year, Roetzheim also is Midwestern all-around, side horse, high bar, parallel bars, and flying rings champion; Southeastern all-around, high bar, parallel bars and flying rings champion; and Florida all-around, side horse, high bar, parallel bars, and tumbling titleholder. Joe Calvetti, the other co-captain, placed second to Roetzheim on the high bar in every meet but one, giving the Seminoles an almost sure-fire one-two finish in that event. Calvetti was also one of the team ' s best rope climbers. Freshmen Joe and Carmine Regno were other consistent high finishers in four or five events, Ciacing second and third to Roetzheim for around totals in the Southeastern championships end the Florida Open. Among the other title winners on the gymnastics squad were Gene Vinik, Southeastern AAU side- horse champion, Carmine Regna, Florida AAU rope climb champion, and Eddie Fernald, Southeastern AAU trampoline titleholder. FSU meets Indiana Joe Reg na completes a flip-flop Carmen Regno on the flying rings. Swimming Team The Tribe tankers ended the season with a 7-2 record lo sing to Georgia by five points and Miami by one point. However, FSU defeated both teams later in the season. The Miami victory, 40-35, was perhaps the most outstand- ing single meet of the year Lettermen for the 1950 season include Dick Berndt, Mark Brown, Buddy Browning, Owen Boone, John Buettner, Mike Castagna, Tom Conway, Pete Dunn-Rankin, Pat Farrell, Jack Holmes, Walter Jardine, Wilton Jardine, Joe Mills, Roger Slater, Tony Stormont, Dick Wells, Jack White, Scott Ramsey, Bob Ensworth, Bob Wells, Bob May (manager) and Charlie Bradham Imanager). Tom Campbell, Paul Caro and Bob Hud- son received numerals. Captain for the swimming team was Walter Jardine, the top long distance swimmer on the squad. Stults is planning big things for his 1951 team, which will be practically the same as this year ' s. A number of big schools have already been lined up for next season. Jan. 26 — Emory University Jan. 28 — University of Georgia Feb. 4 — University of Miami Feb. 9 — University of Georgia Feb. 1 1 — Georgia Tech Feb. 17 — Clemson College Feb. 18 — University South Carolina- Feb. 24 — University of Miami Mar. 4 — Southeastern AAU Meet: Won by 1. North Carolina; 2. University of Miami; 3. FSU; 4. Georgia. Mar. 11 — Pensacola Navy WON 7, LOST 2 28 FSU— 47 W 40 FSU— 35 L 38 FSU— 37 L 29 FSU— 46 W 24 FSU— 51 W 32 FSU— 43 w 1 1 FSU— 64 w 35 FSU— 40 w 35 FSU— 40 W 272 443 Captain Walter Jardine Baseball THE 1950 DIXIE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS Lamar Brown Robert Trowbridge August Pompelia Ronald Nettles Godfrey Knight Edward Sessions John S. Witt Lee Bailey Edward Lockhard Glenn Gresham Les R. Mullen Harry Truluck Ronald Melton Lynn McKelvey, Jr. William Teel Managers: John McKeever, Fred Hoover. jfevifi The Coaching Staff: Armstrong, Kwest and Sebben. Florida State University ' s baseball team enjoyed the most successful season in the school ' s history this past season. The Seminole nine compiled a won-lost record of 13-7 and took the Dixie Conference title by downing Mercer University with a nine-run rally in the top of the ninth frame at Macon, Georgia. The official 1950 batting crown went to Ronald Melton, regular first baseman. The veteran collected 30 hits in 83 times at bat for a .361 average. After going hitless in the first three contests, Melton got aa least one hit in the last 17 games of the season, giving him the crown. Pitcher John Witt followed with a .346 average, 9 hits in 26 trips to the plate. Last year ' s batting champion, Lamar Brown, started in a slump, but snapped out in time to end with a .329 average, 24 for 73. Brown led in stolen bases with 10, leading second place Lee Bailey by 5. Glenn Gresham, who finished the season with a .333 batting average, led in runs batted in with 15. Melton and Bob Trowbridge followed with 13 each. The home run king for the 1950 diamond season was Augie Pompelia, who pounded out 3. Bailey blasted two for the runner-up spot. Bailey was also the best target for opposing hurlers. He was hit five times by pitched balls. Trowbridge and Ronnie Nettles worked opposing pitchers for 17 and 16 bases on balls, lespectively. Nettles took the " booby prize " with 10 strike-outs to his credit. In fielding, Les Mullen and Pompelia took " booby prizes " with 12 and 1 1 errors, respectively. Freshman Ed Lockhard took the pitching crown with a perfect 3-0 record. The big right hander fanned 32 batters during the season and walked 25, leading in both departments. Witt, who hurled in 8 of the 20 games, followed with 27 strikeouts and a 3-3 won-lost record. Bill Lanier, the lone left hander on the pitching staff, saw service in 7 games and ended with a 3-1 mark. He was the most consistent moundsman on the team. Track and Field Head Track Coach Kenneth Miller shows Brick Bradford, 1950 Track Captain from Tallahassee, how to put the shot. Led by Captain Brick Bradford, the 1950 Florida State track and field squad established a record that will prove difficult to match by future Seminole teams. After a discouraging start against a " keyed-up " University of Miami aggregation, our team showed steady improvement in rolling to five successive dual meet wins and the Dixie Conference cham- pionship. During the season, new school records were posted in every event except the javeline throw, in which Bill Rodgers ' 1949 Dixie title throw remained unbeaten. The outstanding performer on the team was Tom Bowman, a University of Florida transfer, who scored an almost unbelievable total of 142V4 points during the season. Bowman competed in 10 events during the year, and set FSU standards in the 100-yard dash, 220-yard dash, 120-yard high hurdles, 220-yard low hurdles, high hurdles, high jump and broad jump. He also ran the anchor lap on the record breaking mile relay team. In addition to Bowman, six other members of the team were crowned conference champions in individual events. They were Brad- ford, Joe Fracassi, Pete Fraschetti and Dick Mize. Frank Pearson and Rickey Mahoney teamed with Mize and Bowman to take the mile relay title. Of the 16 lettermen, only five will be missing next year. Despite the fact that these men are all key performers on our present squad, prospects look bright for another outstanding team in 1951. Golf... THE DIXIE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS OF 1950 Left to right: Ted Hewitt, Joe Bassett, Coach Harbison, Dick Montney. The 1 950 golf season was a success from the standpoint of the won and lost column. The record stands at 6 wins, 2 ties and 2 defeats. The team participated in three tourna- ments during the season: the Florida Inter- collegiate, the Southern Intercollegiate, and the Dixie Conference Tournament. The team members who performed for FSU during the 1950 season were: Ted Hewitt, an outstanding all-around athlete, who has great ability on the putting greens. Dick Montney, the man with many nick- names. His greatest honor this season was touring the Tallahassee course with the Duke of Windsor. Joe Bassett, who some day will be famous for his ability in using the pitching wedge. Jimmy James, a student of the game. Sonny Tinney, who is probably one of the outstanding southern collegiate golfers. Next season promises to be a great one, with a schedule of several large collegiate tournaments and dual matches with some of the larger universities and colleges. Jimmy James, Miami. Sonny Tinney, Tallahassee, Dixie Conference Medalist of 1949, holder of amateur record for Tallahassee course. Tennis . . . 1950 DIXIE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS Left to right: Bob Lanigan, Larry Dickson, Coach Don Loucks, Herb Quay. The hard-driving Seminole netters successfully defended the net championship at the second Annual Dixie Conference tournament at Macon, Georgia. Living up to their season record of no conference defeats, the Tribe copped the crown with very little trouble. The final team standings: Florida State University 19, Florida Southern College 1 1, Mercer University 4, Oglethorpe University 2. Individual tennis honors were taken by Herb Quay of FSU in the Class B singles, Bob Lanigan of FSU in the Class C singles, and Quay and Don Seiffert in the doubles. George Winchell of Florida Southern successfully defended his Class A singles crown by edging Seiffert in a three-set match. Seiffert had previously beaten the FSC netter in regular seasonal play. In Conference play this season the Seminole netters could not be subdued, winning seven and losing one. Outside the loop, however, playing against top-notch opposition, FSU ' s racketmen were less successful, dropping six and winning two. Among these non-loop opponents were such powerhouses as Indiana University, a " Big Ten " team; Presbyterian, South Carolina State Champions for the last ten years; and the strong Pensacola Navy squad. Eleven netters were awarded letters this season, making up what Coach Don Loucks rates as " the strongest tennis team the school has ever had. " Herb Quay and Bob Lanigan are the only two members slated to graduate before next season ' s play. During the entire season play, Quay lost only one of 1 5 singles contests. Both Quay and Lanigan were among the top six netters and their loss will be keenly felt. Other lettermen, also turning in outstanding performances, are Don Seiffert, Larry Dickson, Sam Smith, Don Boda, Tom Babione, Sid Stringer, Richard Bradley, George Martin and Jesse Stokes. These men will probably carry the bulk of the load next year. FSU ALMA MATER High o ' er the towering pines our voices swell, Praising these Gothic spires we love so well: Here sons and daughters stand, faithful and true, Praising our Alma Mater, FSU. ' 9S Jr et-t Sh-m ° " ' o. " " t, n Even Modern Dance Group Back Row (left to right) . Marianne Tibbetts, Peggy Rainey, Jean Forhan, H i I lard Cameron. Gladys Tinkler, Joanne Vaughn, Nancy Smith. Front Row: Emily Koon, Marie Suber, Leader Ann Carlisle, Sally Lyles, Sandra Paster. Ann Carlisle, Even Modern Dance Leader, did an excellent job of choreography for this group depicting a mother ' s sup- pressing love for her children. Throughout the whole dance you were conscious of many conflicting emotions between the mother and her children. er °° n Odd Modern Dance Team Back Row (left to right) : Kay Upsom, Cass Yonge, Anice Spencer, Frances Clark, Faye Patterson, Jo Nell Proc- ter, Jean Sayer. Front Row: Audrey Lewis, Joan Solomon, Audrey Henry, Mary Frances Pinskton, Carolyn Henry. Creating various scenes from gay " Paree, " the Odd Modern Dancers, led by Cass Yonge and Jean Sayer, presented a dance exhibition of the very highest calibre which will long be remembered. Hockey the Odds the Evens The losers . . . Odd-even sports for girls is a highly skilled type of intramural program. This program is set up for girls who are interested in a more specialized form of activties. The odds are girls who enter the uni- versity in an odd year while the evens enter the school in an even year. This program originated when the university first became FSCW. The girls were divided into two teams — the Comets and the Stars. As the school grew larger more activities were offered and the two teams became the odds and the evens. The sports seasons which now include hockey, soccer, archery, and dance first quarter, basketball, volleyball, swimming and bowling second, and soft- ball, tennis, badminton and golf third are being revised for the semester system. The sports will remain the same, but there will be two sports sea- sons a semester. All team sports play a best two out of three series. In dance no winner is declared but the performance The winners . . . is constructively criticized by judges. Individual sports are run off as tournaments or meets. The results for the year are as follows: First Quarter: Soccer Evens Hockey Evens Archery Odds Second Quarter: Basketball Evens Volleyball Odds Swimming Evens Bowling Evens Third Quarter: Softball Evens Badminton .___ Evens Golf Odds Tennis Odds Odds drive for even goal. •«. -« Around the World with Tarpon W- — K D ' s in intromura Zeta ' s beat the K.U. Warmin 9 U P for th " " P ° er 6ovvr garne Sports for Everyone Qn en e! Time , " Here we come, ready or not F " Club tapping- goQt s Even volley bailers gather round after practice. So well it ' s up with the Red and White Down with the green and gold, Our Odd team is out for a victory. We ' ll break the battle-ax O ' er Evens ' heads When we meet them — our team is sure to beat them ! Out at old F. S. U., there ' ll be no sound ' Till our Rah, Rahs, rip through the air In the morning the Evens will be found on the ground With the Odd team swarming round. Then hail to the Green and the Gold, To the glory that they will uphold, To the team that will add to the praise Of the standards on high that we raise. Then hail to the girls staunch and true To the tie that binds Evens old and new, With hearts pure as gold we ' ll uphold The glorious name and lofty fame Of dear old Evens! Odd Even Basketball Teams " o Action in the Odd-Even basketball game. Odd-Even Volleyball Teams Odd-Even Swim Teams a o f o o ' 9 Evens beat the Odds in the Swimming Meet .■ ■ ■ • . Odd Even Keglers I would like to thank Jed West, " Smoky " Har- is, Betty Gurney, Betty Wilson, Wilber Kinley of he Tampa Times, Fred ettijohn of the Tallahas- see Democrat, and all )thers who have helped vith the athletic book. JACK MURPHY, Sports Editor. n r c ® _ _ 41 ' { ' f- - iTT Features I BARBARA JEAN MORGAN Madam Chairman . . . the best note of music is the G-bar . . . DAL ALBRITTON Headed for the mansion on North Adams Street . . . campus Caesar ... all FSU was divided into three parts until Dal came along. MARIE CHILLINGWORTH Twinkling toes and a twinkling smile ... a cosmopolitan air and an artistic flair, that ' s Mickey. Jacqueline Allen " You can ' t very well deny " that all the world ' s a stage for Jacquie. James Tippin We had a good " Tip " this year . . . seemed as if nothing could daunt that grin of his . . . look for further news of him in the headlines of 1960. Eileen Lomax Some pun . . . friendliness and a goal to strive for — we found it there with a girl named Eileen. Helen Gong Jingo! A winner on all counts. » -v.CvV : " " Hugh Adams Look Hugh ' s talking . . . ready to tackle the job of education. Betty Berg An idea girl who knows her business . . . versatility and good judgment. BARBARA ELLIOT For mirth, give ' em Elliot . . . manager of Boomtown . . . always in the swim. imij BETTE BARNES Bound to make a splash . . . Barnes is the indispensable ingredient, a clear thinker with a matchless wit. 4 £ JOHN WHEELER He ' s not just whistling " Dixie " . . . the guy with the purpose in life, the ideals and the umbrella. PAT MURPHY Round and round she goes . . . and where she ' ll stop everyone knows — the top. ANNA HOLDEN The Flamboyant sociologist . when silence isn ' t Holden. MACK MANGHAM Three cheers . . . and dancing digits on the . . his keys to success. 4» WILDA LARSON An unwitting wit with the innocent eyes . . . anyway you look at it, it ' s grand Larson-y. JO ANN CLOUD A cloud that we never mind seeing . . . the silver shines through on this one. BILL ALBRIGHT You ' re all right with Albright . . . the know-how for business managing the Tally-Ho or man- aging a weekend at the coast. ED EISSEY Eissey does it . . . and mighty well, too. EMILY GAHR The original southpaw . . . with the classic sense of humor. ft. DOT SCHOONMAKER The ready smile and bright eyes . . . enthus- iastic and eager . . . psy- chologically speaking. HELEN HOBBS Let the presses roll . . . and " Jeep " rolls on carrying the Flambeau right into the semi- weekly field ... a small charge of dynamite. RUTH LEMMON We really learned to count on Lemmon - aid . . . always knows what ' s cooking. LOUIS B. VOCELLE Plead the case for TBUF . . . Gainesville ' s law school got its Buck ' s worth this spring. CHRIS BANAKAS " Damn, I ' ve never tried THIS before " . . . clown, sportsman, and friend. gam ' fik 1 HARRY RYDER A name that ' ll always be in the news . . . by- lines or otherwise. ERIN WILCOX Honor bright ... a love for children . . . and a slow drawl that delights everyone. BETTY COLLINS And there she goes with her booming per- sonality . . . not that we ' re prejudiced against Stanback, but we always found B C a quick remedy for troubles. BOB LEE BANNERMAN Suave . . . assured . . . there ' s no debating about his future. IDA SANTOS She who laughs last, but longest . . . the president who set the precedent. . . . RANDELL DODD FSU ' s roving songster . . . service with a smile and a tune. ANNE BACHE Diplomacy and brains . . . a dominant factor in student government. CAPPY BLANTON History is her forte . . . making it or teach ing it, she ' s scheduled for success. CARL BEELER FSU ' s song and dance man . . . from Sandspur to dramatic school, Carl carries on. b$m$. , I j §j BARBARA COWDERY Calling meetings to order or calling square dances, Bobbe ' s efficiency plus made her a vital member of the many circles she wheeled in. RACHEL MclNNES The gracious Southern belle . . . with the bell-like voice to match. ELSIE McCOY Her dimples are the real Mc- Coy . . . " oeachy neat " , that is. ■ . SUEGENE THOMAS Heads turn when she enters a room . . . she ' s our campus queen with the unspoiled beauty. SAM MANSFIELD The " Voice " of WF5U . . . our script for Sam reads " tops " . Beauty Barbara Pettit sponsored by Pi Kappa Alpha Rachel Mclnnis sponsored by Sigma Alpha Epsilon carmen Nahm sponsored by Jelta Tail Delta Barbara Fosgatt sponsored by Beta Pit Dorothy Robinson sponsored by Phi Kappa Tail Jean Churc sponsored by Kappa Sign Barbara Huckabee sponsored by Pi Kappa Phi Patricia Col sponsored by Alpha Tau Omeg Suegene Thomas Sponsored by Sigma Nu Mildred Koger sponsored by Theta Chi Betty Armstrong sponsord by Lambda Chi Alpha Prize-winning house decorations- Delta Zeta r!f ■; « £«,« . Dean Otis McBride and Seminole Chief Queen Bobbie and her court . : - ■.■-.. VV.-- Homecoming 1950 Our Homecoming Queen — MISS BOBBIE PETTIT Cervantes Seniori aS f K r 0o r Tribute to Fuller! Orchids to You Congratulations are in order. Left to right: 1. Magnolia ' s tepee. 2. Tri-Delt monkey-shines. 3. Gilchrist ' s thatched huts. 4. Sigma Kappa ' s " Operation Victory. " 5. Alpha Xi Delta ' s papoose. 6. Cawthon ' s wash-day. Left to right: 1. A royal Seminole greeting. 2. AOP ' s cement mixer, putti, putti! 3. Bryan ' s symphony in D-feat. 4. D Phi E ' s put ' em on ice. 5. Phi Mu ' s grinding ' em out. 6. The KAT ' s meow. Mr. Sandspur himself — Herb Reinhard. Sandspur 1950 ' Make Up Your Heart FRED MYERS — Dialogue SANDSPUR — when students desert books and studies for scripts and grease-paint . . . nights of confused rehearsal . . . painting flats . . . wonderful costumes by Mimi . . . exciting ighting . . . unique sets . . . swell music by Johnnie Mercer . . . the breathless thrill of the first curtain . . . opening night with the Governor out front . . . anticipation of the proposed state-wide tour . . . the huge dance with Skinnay Ennis and his orchestra . . . the party at the coast. ... All this was part of " Make Up Your Heart " — a musical-comedy full of original songs and dances, laughs, and applause! ffflf w °»„ ° ut „ .; - i950 Sandspur Takes Spotlight; Fourth Annual Production Nears Skinnay Ennis Signs For Sandspur Dance Swell show, kids! Orchids to " Moke Up Your Heart. " « CURTAIN - Florida State Circus 1950 Flying High " FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY ' S CIRCUS is on annual attraction designed and produced by the students of the Physical Education De- partments under the capable direction of Mr. Jack Haskins. Because of its universal appeal through the great variety of acts included in the show, it is fast becoming one of the most popular sources of training and entertainment. This year the circus has enjoyed nationwide publicity through newsreel shorts and television shows. High Flying Foot Revolve — Betty Ann Holland Flying Casting — Bobbie Jones and Charlie Floyd Doris Kettrell and Ted Revell prepare for their act. Skill and Beauty ngle Adagio — bbie Jones and Charlie Floyd Cloud Swing Leap — Jody Clark ngel Throw — Babs Ellery, the angel. Daring Aerial Feats • " M Wit ■l tP ya - ifc ' Triple Trapeze Nita Mueller Single-toe Hang — and Sara Culbreth Clowns on the High Trapeze — Johnny Fortune and Charles Floyd 9 - A{ c ° ' ' %. «« « o r u - aO Jet ►M n«° e o t Lucky cotch! Doris Kittrell and Wendell Barnes. Can YOU do it? Nita Mueller on the tight wire. •1 K V J f V Sensational Balance and Brace! Balance beyond compare! Jane Burfoot and Warren Brown. Don ' t make me talk! Bobby Jones and Charles Floyd in the spectacular iron jaw act. Pictures, left to right: Newsreel photographers " shoot " clowns on F.S.U. campus. Jack Watson, Clown Supreme. Double-fun with Betty Ann Holland and Wendell Barnes. The Emmett of F.S.U. Circus wagons and all! Those masters of mirth perform their mystic mission. v = Bicycle built- for three — Becky Aose, Myrtice Clemons, and Max Bayard Ted Revell gets a bird ' s-eye view of the teeter-board. Assistant Coach DeCosmo gets a hand from Nita Mueller. Coach Haskins looks over a new act. F Jg+k $ f J l Careful with that rigging! ft Jim DeCosmo, Assistant Coach, gives pointers to performers. Gil and Felicia thrill the crowd with their daring spin. Wendell and Lou watch. % V V Three triple threats on the triple traps. (Say it aloud if you can.) Two on the perch pole — Jim Kinsey and Felicia Wells. Clown Alley tries h hand at photograph Ms— 1 Rigging the flying casting cradle is tricky business. ' The Girl in the Moon " — Miss Bobby Jones. Coach talks it over with a group of performers. Antlit a e tie£ Artist Series Programs. DEAN KARL 0. KUERSTEINER Conductor, State Symphony of Florida and Chairman, Artist Series Committee. The Artist Series is a program of entertainment by renowned artists in many fields given throughout the academic year for the students and faculty of Florida State University. Hodding Carter Lecturer Robert St. John Lecturer Lord John Hope Lecturer jrth ■ .-- Lawrence Tibbett Baritone Pagonini String Quartet Robert Shaw Chorale U. S. Navy Band Martha Graham Contemporary dancer and choreographer Martha Graham ' s Performing Dance Troupe — ■ ■ Erick Hawkins Leading male dancer of Graham ' s Performing Dance Troupe - i Daphne Slyva, Wagner Opera Co. The Count of the " Barber of Seville ' — Wagner Opera Co. You don ' t say! Brushing up on her lines. Curtain call! ' Barber of Seville, " Wagner Opera Co. Thunderock, " Barter Theatre. Behind Scenes with the Barter Theatre The Department of Speech of Florida State University presents 9fmkpma Amo-tvy, 7 he ai Mani by Euripides Freely Adapted from the Translation by Hadas and McLean JANUARY 31, FEBRUARY 2, 3, 4, 1950 8:15 P. M. Augusta Conradi Theatre Directed by George McCalmon and Emily Crow Setting by Charles Reimer Costumes designed by Barbara Lewis and executed by Irene McCalmon Original musical score by Carlisle Floyd Piano accompaniment by Carlisle Floyd and Cortlandt Morper Choreography by Nellie-Bond Dickinson CAST IPHIGENIA, daughter of Agamemnon Jacquie Allen, Julie Storm ORESTES, brother of IPHIGENIA Earl Harford PYLADES, friend of ORESTES Kenneth Martin Speech Department Productions George Cory and Jack Holmes in a scene from THE MALE ANIMAL. To bring a wide variety of theatrical productions to the campus, to train talented students in dramatic techniques, and to promote the general culture of the university are the aims of the Speech Department plays. The 1949-1950 season at Conradi Theatre was composed of THE MALE ANIMAL, IPHIGENIA AMONG THE TAURIANS, CRAIG ' S WIFE, GEORGE AND MARGARET, THE SHOEMAKER ' S HOUSE, SCHOOL FOR HUSBANDS and several programs of experimental one-act plays. " Iphigenia Among the Taurians " Snapshots The elusive treasure of college memories we hope to enrich by these snapshots re- cording our fun and frolicking at FSU . . . t |f sri 3 Party! Party! Party! J fc » — f Pvfi-. 1 _ - ' TS » Pilu , . . ' • s WB i • ' , ' «tni i ii T . i ADVERTISING INDEX Name Page Airways Coffee Shop 426 Alford Bros., Inc 422 Atlantic National Bank of Jacksonville 412 Barnett National Bank of Jacksonville 425 Bassett Dairies, Inc. 427 Bennett ' s Drug Store 416 Brown ' s Men ' s Wear 412 Capital Shoe Fixery 413 Coca-Cola Bottling Company 413 College Point 413 Cox Furniture Company 424 DeLuxe Laundry 421 Dutch Kitchen 414 Elinor Doyle 422 Faiver ' s Drive-In 426 Florida National Bank of Jacksonville 418 Grapette Bottling Company 418 Greyhound Lines 421 Hunt, John E., Inc. 424 Levins, Jack 414 Lewis State Bank 424 Mecca 420 Middle Florida Ice Company 417 Midyette-Moor Insurance Company 426 Moon ' s Jewelry Company 419 Quality Dry Cleaners 426 Respess-Grimes Engraving Company 410 Rose Printing Company 409 Schwobilt ' s 416 Sears, Roebuck, and Company 417 Seven Seas Restaurant 422 Soda Shop 427 Southeastern Telephone Company 423 Strickland ' s 419 Sweet Shop 425 Tallahassee Enterprises 411 Tallahassee Federal Saving and Loan Association 423 Turner ' s 420 University Grill 419 Vason, W. C, Jr., Jeweler 421 Vogue, The 414 Ward ' s Paint Store 415 Wilson, P. W„ Company 415 W e are proud of the continuing part we have played in the production of yearbooks for the Florida State University for the past seventeen years. . . The tally-ho and its predecessors occupy an important place in the traditions of our own organisation and receive the utmost of our skill and effort. The igjo tally-ho staff has performed with rare ability and we are grateful for the opportunity to have been their co-workers in what we believe is ar outstanding yearbook. printing company, inc. . . taiiahassee CREATORS OF FINE PRINTING rsi ' -l 1 in jS ■ HI SB JPP «i ™ ™ W TffFH 1 JUT •ii: SL, ?ac 4 mvift THE FL The ORIDA THEATRE TALLAHASSEE The STATE THEATRE TALLAHASSEE The RITZ THEATRE TALLAHASSEE The DRIVE-IN THEATRE TALLAHASSEE " iv 1 : | is • i DRESS SMART . . . BE SMART . . . BUY SMART . . . at Kwm Men ' l Wea Monroe at Park TALLAHASSEE, FLA. WE INVITE YOUR PATRONAGE The Atlantic National Bank Of Jacksonville ORGANIZED IN 1903 MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ongratolatiom X 69 V l r TALLAHASSEE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY COLLEGE POINT WHERE ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS MEET FOR FINE FOOD AT LOW PRICES EXPERT SHOE REPAIR CAPITAL SHOE FIXERY If It ' s Made of Leather We Fix it! 118 E. Jefferson St. Phone 2-1846 JACK LEVINS AUTHORIZED CUSHMAN MOTOR SCOOTER REPRESENTATIVE DUTCH K1TCHEI TALLAHASSEE -for- Excellent Food Our twenty-seventh annual expression of appreciation to the Student Body and Faculty, for their faithfulness and confidence in this shop. ! ! f»Ml " » -flavJ STUDENT PAINT HEADQUARTERS DEVOE PAINTS ©ENAMELS • FLATS • ART SUPPLIES •CARDBOARDS • WALL PAPER • U. S. GYPSUM PAINT • TEXOLITE • CEMENTICO • PATCHING PLASTER ©TEXTONE ©PERF-A-TAPE WARD ' S PAINT STORE Tel. 2-3415 OLIN HUTTO, Prop. 204 So. Adams Tallahassee Men ' s Clothing and Furnishings Dobbs Hats, Arrow Shirts Freeman and Edwin Clapp Shoes Luggage ILSON COMPANY Tallahassee ' s Best Store Since 1837 Telephone 2-2310 Tallahassee, Florida Ladtes ' Ready-to-wear, Lingerie, Accessories, Home Furnishings, Piece Goods, Millinery, Notions Bennetts 2— DRUG STORES— 2 COLLEGE INN PHARMACY Phone 2-8980 MONROE STREET PHARMACY Phone 2-4450 FREE MOTORCYCLE DELIVERY FROM BOTH STORES TWO COMPLETE FOUNTAIN CAFES HOLLINGSWORTH and WHITMAN CANDIES WE CARRY THE LEADING COSMETICS LINES Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubenstein, Dorothy Gray, Tussy, Hudnuts, DuBarry, Elmo and H. H. Ayers THE BEST DRESSED MEN WEAR A GREAT NAME IN CLOTHING " SCHWOBILT SUITS THE SOUTH " MIDDLE FLORIDA •v ■ « ■; .. .,. PICNIC AND PARTY PACKAGE CRUSHED © CUBES BLOCK Tallahassee Phone 2-3230 Largest and Leading Department Store }l: ■ ; ■ :■. What a good bank means to you. ♦ ♦ A bank is not just a place where people check money in and out. Rather it is the heart or the whole business community. It helps to finance business. It helps people build homes. It handles the transfer of huge amounts of money from one business to another, from one person to another. Through its connections in other cities, it enables you to buy goods, pay bills not only in Jacksonville but everywhere in the world. Whether or not you plan to go on to a business career, plan now to establish a banking connection. We feel sure you will like the friendly way in which the Florida National Bank does business. Come in, ask all the questions you want, you ' ll be most welcome. FLORIDA N ATI O N AL BANK " A FINANCIAL STRONGHOLD " S§ OUR DEPARTMENTS: General B.nkina . . Trust ((pp)) Bond . . Sjvingi . . L»diei . . Collection . . S«fe-Depo«it X tX COMPLIMENTS of Gropette Bottling Co. 114 Oakland Ave. Phone 1130-K Roblee Shoes for Men Air Step Slwes for Women STRICKLAND ' S SHOE STORE j 115 E. College Avenue Phone 3-0873 Compliments of ' s R€GIST€R€D J6W6LGRS— American Gem Society TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA DINE WITH FRIENDS at I ii . uLvetiitu Quit SMARTER WEARABLES WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE :50: Greyhound Lines CALL GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT PHONE 2-1650 Corner Tennessee and Adams W. C. VASON, JR. Jeweler 124 East Pensacola Street TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA ART-CARVED DIAMONDS HAMILTON ELGIN BULOVA WATCHES For the Best Place To Have Your White Dress Shirts Cleaned and Pressed call DeLuxe CLEANERS Pensacola Highway ikben easi BEST IN DINNERS Reduced Rates to Students Flowers by Elinor Doyle 202 South Adams Phone 2-1298 Slforb protfjer£ fflm f $, 3nc, FASHIONS FOR MEN ♦ ♦ ♦ 2.12. S. MONROE TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Tallahassee Federal Sayings and Loan Association 115 E. Park PHONE 2-0950 ::: | m RESOURCES OVER $9,800,000.00 SAVINGS INSURED TO $5,000.00 ::: ■ MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION w J (£ s ?j y$€m£ : K=»: Welcomes the account of everyone at FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY :0 = 0: The Lewis State Bank MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Compliments of Cox Furniture Company • i. " A LITTLE OUT OF THE WAY, BUT A LOT LESS TO PAY " • Thomasv file Road Phone 2-4070 Onlutance Agency Every Line of Insurance and Bonds, Including Life Insurance • Representing Travelers Insurance TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Cherokee Hotel Bldg. Phone 3-0960 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1950 • The BARNETT NATIONAL BANK of JACKSONVILLE Jacksonville, Florida • M EMBER F.D.I.C. GOOD FOOD ke weet kay PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE Midyette-Moor Insurance Agency Complete Insurance and Bond Service Midyette-Moor Building Tallahassee, Florida Telephone 2-3456 AIRWAYS COFFEE SHO Compliments of uality Dry Cleaners 215 W. College Avenue Be Safe With Laboratory Tested Milk! Bassett Dairies Inc. The Milk of Superior Flavor For REFRESHMENTS and TASTY SANDWICHES Try THE SODA SHOP Student Alumnae Building MAKE OUR FOUNTAIN YOUR MEETING PLACE Auta afiUl luta apAd 4 ' r :••.:-.? ::::;:::;;

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