Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL)

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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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5 w Ah fow x fo H ante ddrem er " arl iS -%, «% % Name ADDRE SS ftzMAfitrs y % tJ w $ Address NAME MDfflf REMAW fe V t , K ' L V ¥, THE 1949 TALLY-HO VOLUME TWO FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA M EDITOR. • ART SKEVAHLS BUSINESS M6B • BUDDV MARSHALL POINTING • ROSE PRINTING CO. ENGRAVING • RESPESS-GRlMES PWOTOGIiAPWV • PARAMOUNT MIL (A WAfiAAitlL VlVAtf •s N O 0 %S ' Of KIDS, THIS IS FOR YOU. THIS ' 49 EDITION OFTUE TALLY-HO IS DEDICATED TO YOU... " THE WORLD ' S FLAME OF HOPE THAT LIGHTS OUR WAY I THROUGH DARKNESS. " BUT DON ' T LET THOSE CLASSY WORDS SIDETRACK YOU. J . . IT ' S FOR YOU, JUNIOR, AMD YOU, MARYJ AND ALL THE JUNIORS AND MARYS IN THE WORLD. WE ' D LIKE TO GIVE YOU MORE THAN THIS PAGE OF DEDICATION. WE ' D LIKE TO GIVE VOU PEACE AND A WELL • ORDERED WORLD. WE ' D LIKE TO, BUT HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS IF WE CAN. WE CAN ' T WRAP PEACE UP IN A PACKAGE TIED WITH A PRETTY BOW AND GIVE IT TO YOU, BUT WE PROMISE WE ' LL DO MORE THAN SPEND OUR TIME FOLLOWING THE SHADE AROUND A PALM TREE sifek HBfc f - V Hp : ' S VI 1 1 tflMflH «. " " Nf t, ' . ' ' :. 1 P pt Ml ' 3 ' " - " - ■ft " wife, r lv p Photo by Fred Busbee Tallahassee, Florida . . . GET IT, LI ' L PEOPLE... WE ' RE MAKING A PPOMISE, A VERY SOLEMN! PPOMISE TO DO EVEPVTMING WE CAN TO MAKE TMIS WOteLD A LITTLE BIT BETTER. FOfe, YOU. DIRECTORY TALLY- HO DEDICATION ITINERARY „ „ a EXECUTIVE A . T lfaAArtA4kfGf Council- FRESWMEN,SOPHOMOaE5 % JUNIORS SENIORS, GRADUATE STUDEMTS, $ FACULTY i»i4i0hl t4 frfylJkuL Sirk (_ ? :LWctd ADMINISTRATION t PERSONNEL GOVERNMENT UONORARIES FLAMBEAU ORGANIZATIONS TALARJA GOVERNOR % BOARD OF CONTROL FEATURES PANUELLENIC i I-F-O WOMEN ' S i MEN ' S SPORTS ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS COLOR PHOTO— FRED BUSBEE ORGANISATIONS • GLORIA P ALBRlTTON CIRCULATION MGR. « DOROTHY V. B£ « ADVERTISING MGRt • ETARL JPtf rf R COPV EDITOR PAJ j JUPWY STAPP PHOTO 6gA£j ■fTY DOT C 5APFOL0 " TOTOEAlSl - fesE .ALBRAITW l-FC - WILLIAM G. ALBklGWT PANUELLENJC • ANN K.. LEACH What ho? A Tally-Ho — and all aboard for we ' re off with a stamp of the horses ' hoofs on a tour of the " Southland at its best. " First, we ' ll wheel down an oak- shaded street for a look at Florida ' s Capitol building. Pay no heed to the cola signs — Pensa and Apa- lachi, that is — but obey the one that reads " stop. " COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA mt •1 , a ■ J £ v • ? ? I ? ■ » v6 i ?• ••; ' • : - %f ■■ ■ r • ft r !?. »W£ ■ And surrounding the Capitol in mushroom-iike fashion we see the State Road Department and Industrial Commission Buildings so new they still wear their scaffolding and wet paint signs. Now, we roll down the hill, post haste, and stop with a " whoa " at the sight of Tallahassee ' s stolid post office. Its historic murals and park, garbed in the spring with pink and purple azaleas, are a " must " on any itinerary of the Capital City. £W Sjg) --...-.: % 1 ' N IB Sg M J ■% 5 1Sk 11 Ml m III! •3%,_ ' %t5 V - m xum ? . a s . ■ Across the park from the post office stands another picturesque Tallahassee building. Known to University students as the Dutch Kitchen because of the quaint tea room located in its basement, this historic house was built in 1832. Adjacent is a smaller build- ing which was the main kitchen with its large fireplace. A swift trot down the street brings us to the refined atmos- phere of Tallahassee ' s an- tiquity shown in the form of the First Presbyterian Church, the oldest church of its denom- ination in Florida. Built in 1834, the church has a " slave- balcony " where the slaves of early settlers sat during church services. « m l- t f v t h. P B 1 lYl V " D f Princess 0, A,MU i 1 1 mv of Oca. CHARLES LOUIS NAPOLEO): ADMIRES MURAT- t at aQpncrt 4 ' Ufc a vul s is |or, sinet ' i rml fed filon ' . ' t s t ' 4 ' ■ " ' 3 f • ' ■ ' .St.™ ' " . ' ■•- ' -» r»- V, £ We slow the horses down to enjoy the beauty of a typical Talla- hassee street lined with cool green oaks, whose grey beards of moss reveal their aged dignity. At the end of the hill we reach another Tallahassee landmark, the Episcopal Cemetery. Early history of the community can be untwined by a detailed reading of the tombstones. Two marble monuments always incur a great interest. These mark the graves of the Prince and Princess of Tallahassee, Achille Murat, nephew of Napoleon, and his wife, Katie, grand niece of George Wash- ington. Those early settlers who fled from France provided an air of romanticism and glamour in the small community of the ante-bellum period. ■• pfifev + M : k ' Mm ' . x 5 I i h » - Wffii Ste " ' ' t- B ■». IN % a J A quick spin through the aged residential area of town brings us to the Governor ' s Mansion, the official residence of the Chief Executive of Florida, tucked away among the stately spread of magnolia and oak trees. The mansion was completed in 1907 and was occupied by Governor Broward and his family at that time. This residence probably rates the title of Tallahassee ' s " most- looked-at " home. ,«• fife : • it ■ m.M-:::.. ?V£ A - : ' . .,..., ,:,: .,-■ , - ' ,?V v. UAMEJ Wfe ■-.JiT-- ' -- 1 t a? i,; r i % - I . — - r -f-cZ r J. . TE - r .,5? Vi I Flanked by ancient oaks, the Call Mansion peeks out at passers-by, mysteriously in- triguing them to stop to investigate the lovely dwelling. The old estate is one of the few Tallahassee homes that dates back past the Civil War. Made famous by Maurice Thompson in his book, " A Tallahassee Girl, " the house was built by Governor Richard K. Call and today the host and hostess of the mansion are Senator and Mrs. Leroy Col- lins. Mrs. Collins is a descendant of the Call family. r After a few pleasant moments at historic Goodwood, famous Tal- lahassee plantation, we head the horses down the Thomasville highway toward the enchantment of Killearn Gardens. This pho- tographers ' Utopia, designed by the late Alfred B. Maclay, was first opened to the public three years ago. Since then the Gar- dens have been a famed show- place of the South. s I Sl P i O Jfl 1 Wk y : ■ a i . i Set ; jjfjfc It takes more than the wave of a magic wand, but after a jaunt across the rolling countryside we arrive at Wakulla Springs, week- end paradise of frolicking students and home of famous " Henry, The Pole-vaulting Fish. " The beauty of the crystal clear waters is often graced by performances of the FSU Tarpon Club. Back once more within the city limits we journey to the attractive campus of the Florida A. and M. College. The buildings, situated on one of Talla- hassee ' s many hills, afford a picturesque view of the State Capitol building. Down College Avenue we prance and through the University gates for a look at the old and the new of FSU. ix it ■ l • « ' In N . „ • r m ■ The hum of saw and drill of riveters will soon be replaced by the melodious harmony of string, brass and percussion as the Music Building nears com- pletion. Along Dormitory Row the newest member of the fam- ily is streamlined C a w t h o n Hall; and across Landis green we see the new wing of the W omen ' s Physical Education Building. One of the oldest landmarks is the East Dining Hall located between Bryan and Reynolds. A section of the first floor of this building houses the Florida Geological Survey. " v ra Now we follow the trail blazed by the masculine population of FSU to the bar- racks, dormitory, aca- demic and recreation- al, of West Campus. jsji l 5P ■K -X a a l ujMVAHiftgSpo I The destination of hikers and campers is always Camp Flasta- cowo and Lake Bradford. Here sailing, swimming, canoeing, and, best of all, loafing, take the place of studies. - »■•.«.,. ' - £ We now return to East Campus through the south gates on our way to the last stop, the home of President and Mrs. Doak S. Campbell. • iC J - $£• ,-- We roll up the driveway and stop before the president ' s spacious southern colonial home. Whether there be two students or two hundred seniors arriving for the president ' s birthday party, Pres- ident and Mrs. Campbell are never too busy to extend a cordial welcome to their many visitors. Mrs. Campbell graciously serves tea as we admire their attractive new home. In the informal atmosphere of the sun porch, Dr. Campbell indulges in a fav- orite pastime, chatting about the ex- pansion of FSU. Dr. Campbell con- cludes the discussion of future plans by stating, " Whatever we develop for the young people of Florida must be good. " As the sun rolls behind the hill, our tally-ho rolls down the other side back toward campus. UNIVERSITY GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL ■■■■nHMpmBi Left to right: Dr. Charles Davis, Miss Fannie B. Shaw, Mr. Fred J. Hicks, Catherine Blanton, Eliza- beth Greene, Rufus Jefferson, Bob Lee Bannerman, Dal Albritton. The University Government Association Executive Council is com- prised of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Forums Chairman of UGA, class presidents, President of Day Students Organization, President, Secretary and Treasurer of WGA and MGA and designated faculty members who serve in an advisory capacity. The presiding officer of the Council is Charles McMillan, President of UGA. This joint council of stu- dents and faculty has jurisdiction over all extra-curricular activi- ties on campus. Left to right: Dr. Anna Forbes Liddell, Bill Horner, Leila Lane, Helen Hobbs, Jim Crabtree, Pauline Tuttle, Dean Katherine Warren, Dr. Broward Culpepper, Barbara Jean Morgan, Dean Otis McBride. (Not pictured: Dr. Louis Shores.) NELL TROY KINCAID Vice President NANCY RETTIE Senator BETTY JANE LARSON Treasurer ELEANOR GRAVES Senator WILL PENNELL President DONAH AASE Tallahassee MARJORIE ABBOTT Tampa HOWARD P. ABEL Orange City HELEN E. ABRAMS Clearwater BARBARA ADAMS Kissimmee WANDA ADAMS Newberry CAROL ADLER Miami Beach PATRICIA C. AIKEN Lutz MILDRED AITCHISON Punta Gorda EUGENE AKINS Tallahassee JOAN ALBRITTON Plant City CLARA J. ALDERMAr- Bradenton EVELYN ALEXANDER Fort Myers SUSAN ALEXANDER Jacksonville BARBARA ALFORD Tampa BETTY J. ALLEN Miami SYDNEY ALLEN Orlando MIRIAM ALLSOPP Weirsdale GAVINA ALVARADO ROSE M. ALVAREZ Tampa Tampa MARTHA AMAN BARBARA ANDERSON DOLORES ANDERSON MARGARET W. ANDERS! Tampa Lovett Pensacola Miami jFJBJ r -c v £■ _ ?j 1 % fFlpP L V» H . Hji m [TMk - afc JACKIE ARDARY JOHN ARMSTRONG ! Winter Garden Graceville ARILYN ATKINSON SHIRLEY ATWELL Winter Haven Branford ANN BAKER ANDERSON BALDY Alexandria, Va. Bradenton MABEL J. BARNES TERRELL BARR Hollywood Miami HELEN ARNOLD INEZ ARNOLD BETTY J. ATCHLEY WILLIAM ATKINSON Gonz alez Tallahassee Jacksonville Orlando MOLLY AUSTIN FREEMAN BAGGETT IRENE E. BAILEY KATHERINE BAISDEN Jacksonville Cross City Orlando Roseland JAMES A. BALL JACQUELYN BARBER KAROLYN BARDIN EUNICE C. BARNES Belle Glade Jacksonville Schenectady, N. Y. Lakeland FAY BARVALDI BARBARA BAYLY JOYCE ANN BEACH SUE BEASELY Miami Clearwater Miami Lake Alford ' 52 PHYLLIS BECK CLAIRE BECKER HELEN BELL HELEN BETH BELL BARBARA BENDINGER ELMER BENNETT Howey-in-the-Hill Jacksonville Daytona Beach Branford Coral Gables Key West ANCY LEE BENNETT CAROL BENSON MARIE BENSON IRENE L. BERKMAN BEVERLY BERRY EDNA M. BIGGS Miami Beach Apalachicola Melbourne St. Petersburg Ocala Georgetown BEVERLEY BIGLOW MARY P. BISHOP LOIS M. BIVANS SHIRLEY BLACK JACK BLACKBURN EDW1NA BLACKWOOD Jacksonville Beach Monticello Ft. Lauderdale Coral Gables Panama City Lakeland LARENCE BLALOCK JOAN M. BLALOCK HELEN BLAM J. DALMA BLANTON MARY A. BLITCH BARBARA A. BLOUNT Madison Madison Orlando Ocala Ocala Jacksonville •52 BETTY BLOUNT MARVIN R. BLOUNT LAURA JANE BLUE MARY HELEN BLUE EDITH BORON DIANNE BOSKEY Jacksonville Tallahassee St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Miami Leesburg VIRGINIA BOVVDEN PATRICIA BAYLY EUNICE BRANDT HELEN L. BRAY JANICE BRIDWELL MILLS M. BRINSON, III Venice Clearwater Panama City Tampa Lake Butler Marianna ATHERINE BRITTAIN ALVA JOYCE BROWNE DOROTHY L. BROWN EDITH BROWN JANICE BROWN WINIFRED BROWN Tallahassee Jacksonville Miami Panama City Zolfo Springs Largo CYNTHIA BRUCK ANN D. BRYAN BEVERLY BRYANT BARBARA BURCH LENA MAE BURCH MARY VIRGINIA BURKE Jacksonville Tampa Coral Gables Miami Jasper Pensacola ' 52 MARY JOE BURR BARBARA BUSH BETTY JEAN BYRD BETTY NEAL CALLAHAN GEORGE CALLOWAY JOHANNA CALHEART Mt. Dora Jacksonville Miami Miami Tallahassee Miami ANN CALLAHAN GISELDACALLEJA NANCY CAMPBELL LOIS N. CAMERON JO CAROLYN CAMERON ROSE CAMPISI Coral Gables Key West Miami Ne w Smyrna Beach St. Petersburg Tampa JUANITA CANNON EVELYN CAPITANO CARITACARBALLO ELIZABETH CARINHAS HAROLD CARRIN PATRICIA CARO Auburndale Tampa South Miami St. Augustine Jacksonville Milton LUCINDA CARSON BARBARA CARUTHERS CARMEN CASAL GLADYS CASK IE ANN L. CASS JEANNE CASENS Fort Myers Bushnell Tampa St. Petersburg Miami Ft. Pierce ' 52 DOLLY CASTOR INA MYRTLAND CATES MARY CATLETT BARBARA CONRAD PAT DUANE ANNIE E. CECIL Pensacola Key West Tampa Miami Oca la Clewiston VERONICA CECIL MAXINE CHILDS DAWN CHRISTENSON MARY E. CHURCH BETTY SUE CIMIOTTI MITCHELL G. CLADAKIS Clewiston Chipley Pensacola Miami Miami Tarpon Springs BARBARA CLARK DOROTHY CLARK JULIANNE CLARK MARGARET ANN CLARK MARY LOU CLARK ANN CLAYTON White Springs Mulberry Atlantic Beach St. Petersburg Tallahassee Fernandina HELEN CLAWSON BOBBIE JEAN CLEMENTS FRANCES COBB BARBARA ANN COCHRAN CAROLYN F. COE HELEN COITH Tallahassee Graceville Sanford Jacksonville Tallahassee Orlando ' 52 PAT COLE DAN COLEMAN WILLIAM L. COLEMAN PATRICIA COLLIER ANONA COLLINS CALVIN COLLINS Pensacola Overstreet Jacksonville Highland City Jacksonville Umatilla ELIZABETH COLLINS JANE ANN COLLINS JOANNE COLSON MARIAN CONNELLY MARYCONNELL BETTY S. CONNELLY Ozark Webster Jacksonville Tampa INVERNESS Panama City JOHN D. CONNER MURRAY CAWTHON JANICE COOKE MAURINE COOLIDGE KATHRYN COONS ELEANOR COOPER Lewes, Del. DeFuniak Springs Jacksonville Clearwater Pensacola Orlando VIOLET C. CORCES ANN CORLEY GEORGE R. CORRADINO DOROTHY COUMBE ELLEN L. COURSON JEANNETTE COX Sarasota Ft. Lauderdale Miami Miami Miami Fernandina ' 52 DOROTHY J. COZART JOHN DUDLEY CRABB BARBARA CRAIN MARY FRANCES CRAMER MADGE L. CRANDALL FREIDA E. CRANE Graceville Lake City Miami Coral Gables Weirsdale Lakeland NORMA CRANE ANNA CRAWFORD FAYE CREECH CLIFTON CREEL ROBERT CRISINGER ROBERT CRISP Oca la Winter Garden Jacksonville Pensacola Mill Hall, Pa. Jacksonville JACKIE CRITTENDEN CAROLYN CROWLEY PATRICIA CROWLEY PATRICIA CRUM RUBY L. CRUMPLER FAY M. CULPEPPER Greenville St. Augustine Sarasota Weirsdale Fort Myers Fort Pierce CAROLYN L. CURRY EDITH B. CURRY JAMES L. CURRY JAMES DANDELAKE MARTHA DANIEL NANCY LANE DANIE Tampa Chiefland Ponce de Leon Jacksonville Winter Haven Miami ' 52 BETTY J. DAVIS CARROLL C. DAVIES DOROTHY DAVIS JULIA H. DAVIS LILLIAN DAVIS MIRIAM ALICE DAVID! Wauchula Wilmington, Del. Brooksville Jacksonville Tallahassee Coconut Grove BARBARA JOAN DAY ANNIE M. DEAL WILLENE M. DEMPSEY BARBARA L. DENMARK FAYE DEAN PATRICIA DeWITT St. Augustine Tallahassee Branford Jacksonville Orlando St. Petersburg MARY LOUISE DeWOLF ERNEST K. DICKEY ANN DILLARD FRANCES ANN DILLARD YVONNE DIONNE DONA DIXON Crescent City Cross City DeLand Miami Pensacola Foley JUNE DOERR PAT L. DOMINCK JANICE DOUGHTY JOANNE RAE DOUGHTY PATSY DOWLING JAMES DRAA Orlando Miami Miami Miami Altha Titusville ' 52 A IRENE L. DRAGONES Neptune Beach SHIRLEY DRAKE Holly Hill NORMA A. DREYER St. Petersburg GLORIA DREYER St. Petersburg JULIA JOAN DUANE Ocala RITA DUFFY Miami KATHRYN DUGGAN FRANCES B. DUNCAN RUTH EARNEST Winter Haven Jacksonville Miami ELIZABETH A. EC ' r ,_ES St. Petersburg JOHN M. EDDINS Bushnell GLORIA R. EDELMAN Lake Wales LIZABETH EDMONDSON DAISY EDWARDS Nokomis Branford MILDRED EDWARDS Jacksonville STEVE EDWARDS Quincy SUZANNE EGER Auburndale BRONNA MAE ELKINS Perry MARY ELLEMAN Miami MARYHELEN ELLIS Tampa JANE S. ELTON Chipley BESS ENGE Arlington MARY A. ENGLAND Mobile, Ala. MARIE ENNO Tampa ' 52 JOAN FARGIS Jacksonville PATRICIA FERGUSON Miami ROY M. FERGUSON St. Petersburg AMELIA C. FERNANDEZ Tampa LOUISE FISCHER Gotha ELOISE FISHBACK Orlando MARGARET ERICKSON Jacksonville JOAN ERNST Miami NORMAN F. EUBANKS Clearwater PATRICIA LEE EVANS Orlando ATWELL EVER ITT Tallahassee EDNA FABER Lakeland BETTY FISHER Tampa NANCY FITTS Sanford MARILYN FLEET Jacksonville MAVIS FLEMING Laurel Hill PRISCILLA FLETCHER Tallahassee JEAN FLYNN Tampa CHARLES E. FOERTMEYER Ft. Lauderdale ELEANOR FOLSOM Monticello BETTY A. FORD Clearwater JEAN FORHAN Ft. Lauderdale YVONNE FOSSETT Jacksonville JUNE FOUTS Jacksonville ' 52 BOBBIE L. FOWLER BETTY FREDERICK JANE FREEL VIRGINIA FRENCH REGINA FREY HELEN FRIEDHEIM Bartow Miami Tampa Miami Hollywood Belle Glade DORIS R. FRISCIA FRANCES E. FUTCH ELEANOR GAGE JANE GAGUE JEANNE GANTIER BETTY J. GARDNER Tampa Dade City Pensacola St. Petersburg Miami Madison ELIZABETH GARDNER PATSY GARDNER DALTON B. GARRET JANEGARSIDE MARILYN GASSLER MARY E. GARST Key West Orlando Ellenton - Tampa Orlando Bradenton BARBARA ANN GATES FAYE GATLIN JAMES H. GAUSE MINA JANEGEDDES BETTY R. GEIGER JEAN GHIOTTO Miami Tallahassee Dewey Beach, Del. Fort Myers Miami Ft. Lauderdale ' 52 SUSIE GIBSON West Palm Beach JANE GODFREY Panama City Tampa JOAN GILBERT MARIANNE GILLEN REIDC. GILLIS SANTA GLAVIANO ANN GODFREY St. Petersburg Lake Wales Ft. Lauderdale Tampa Panama City MARY GODWIN DANELLA GOFF BARBARA A. GOLEMAN LENA C. GORDON MARION GORMAN Quincy Jacksonville Lakeland Winter Haven Miami LEANOR GRAVES EVELYN GRAY ASA C. GREEN BILLIE GREENWELL DONREE GREENWOOD Vero Beach Quincy Tallahassee Bradenton Beach Miami LOUIS GROOT Miami SHIRLEY GREGORY MARTHA CRENSHAW DORIS A. GRIFFITH PATRICIA A. GRIFFITH VIRGINIA GRIFFITH Dania Miami Moore Haven Warrington St. Petersburg H6 52 HELEN GRIM MARILYN GROENE JOAN IRENE GROSS LEILA GROSS MILDRED GROTEWOLD TRUDY GRUBB Jacksonville Ft. Lauderdale DeLand Miami Beach Sebirng Mt. Pleasant BETTY GUDENRATH ANN K. GUILFORD EVELYN GUSTAFSON VIRGINIA GUTHRIE MARY GUZMAN HELEN HAGLER Tallahassee Lakeland St. Petersburg Jacksonville Daytona Beach Miami CAROLYN HA IRE DORIS HAIRE SHIRLEY HAIRE CATHERINE HAMBY GLORIA HAMILTON WANDA LEE HAMILTON Gretna Jacksonville Gretna Pensacola Miami Somerset, Ky. DORRIS HAMMOND MARY HANNON FRANK IE HARDEN MARGARET HARDY MARGIE L. HARDEN LAMARR HARGROVE Lutz WoodviUe Jacksonville Wewahitchka Tampa Tallahassee ' 52 CAROL HARPER Pompano GLORIA HARPER Arcadia BETTY HARRELL JACQUELINE HARRINGTON MARTHA HARRIS Tallahassee Miami Miami Beach VIVIAN HARRIS Thomasville, Ga. EVELYN HARRISON Tallahassee LOU HARRISON Panama City PATRICIA HARRISON St. Petersburg NANCY HARROD Miami HELEN HATFIELD Winter Haven JEAN H ATT AW AY Jacksonville MARY J. HARNES Tallahassee VIRGINIA HAWES Tampa ANNE HAWKINS Tampa DORIS HAYES St. Cloud WILLIAM E. HAYES Jacksonville POLLY HAYNES Gainesville ALAN HEAD Tallahassee JOSEPH GLENN HEARN Newark, Del. HILDA HEATH Leonia EVELYN HEMMINGWAY Tallaha ssee ELLA HENRY St. Petersburg MARILYN HENDRIX Neptune Beach ' 52 CAROLYN HENRY HELEN HICKS HELEN HIERS SHIRLEY HIGGINBOTTOM LOISC. HUGGINS MONA HIGHSMITH St. Petersburg South Miami Chiefland Callahan Tampa Jacksonville JAMES HIGHTOWER DELLAHILL NANCY HILL MERILI HILTON KATHERINE HINSON THOMAS HCBBS Vernon Jacksonville Sarasota Key West Deerfield Tallahassee EMMIE HODGES GLORIA HOLDER LOIS HOLLOW AY WILLIAM R. HOLLOW AY JACK HOLMES SYBIL HOLSBERRY Hilliard Jacksonville Pewaukee, Wise. Marion, Ohio Jacksonville Plant City LURA MAE HOOKER BARBARA HORNE WILLIAM J. HORNER MILDRED HOROWITZ JEAN HORTON EMILY J. HOTTEL Dover Jacksonville Jacksonville Miami Beach Miami Orlando ' 52 JEANNE F. HOUSER West Palm Beach HELEN F. HOWELL Falmouth HELEN HOWES ELEANOR HUDDLETON ONA M. HUMPHRIES Pahokee Jacksonville Pahokee MILDRED HUNTER Bowling Green RUBY HUTTO Tampa NAUDAIN IVES Jacksonville ALICE JACKSON Jacksonville BARBARA JACKSON KATHLEEN JACKSON Lakeland Orlando WILLIE E. JACKSON Perry DIANA JAFFE St. Augustine WALTER JARDINE Lake Worth WILTON JARDINE Lake Worth IILLIE MAY JENKINS MARGARET JESTER Miami Miami MARTHA JETER Orlando GUY JOHNSON Bradenton ROBERT B. JONES Ft. Myers JOYCE JONES Tallahassee SHIRLEY JOHNS Jacksonville ALICE JOHNSTON Jacksonville CLAUDE JOHNS Starke ' 52 NINA JONES ANNA M. JOHNSON EMMETTE JOHNSON HELEN JOHNSON JACQUELINE JOHNSON JAMES W. JOHNSON Lakeland Miami Norfolk, Va. Coral Gables Miami Bradenton JOSEPH JOHNSON GLORIA JOHNSTON BERNA KARDONSKY JO ANNE KEAGLE FRANCES KELLEY SARAH KELLY Bradenton Winter Garden Ft. Lauderdale Alpine, N. J. Tallahassee Sarasota BRUCE KEMP CAROLYN KELSHIEMER DOROTHY JEAN KENT KATHRYN KERR BERTHA KERSEY BILLY FRAN KETCHAM Sopchoppy, Fla. Bradenton Live Oak Zephyrhills Miami Tallahassee LEE KIGLHT PATRICIA KIRBY JANE KIRK WILLIAM KIRKLAND DOROTHY KISH DORIS KITTRELL Jacksonville St. Petersburg Plymouth Tallahassee Miami Panama City ' 52 EMILY KOON MARY LA GRONE DWIGHT W. LAMBE DONALD LANIGAN JEAN LANDRUM NANCY L. LANE Lakeland Sulphur Springs Ft. Myers Miami Ponte Verde Beach Key West SHARON LANE DOROTHY LANGSTON BETTY LAPINSKI MARY L. LARCOM BETTY JANE LARSON ADOLPH LASTRES West Palm Beach Jacksonville Wauchula Port Tampa Tallahassee Key West JO ANN LASSITER RAE LATHERS PATRICIA LEDBETTER JAMES R. LEE VIRGINIA LEE AVERY LEMBECK Lakeland Winter Haven Jacksonville Tallahassee Orlando New Smyrna MARLENE LENZ MARY LEON IS NINA LESTER HILTON C. LEWIS HERBERT LEWITT MARGARETTE LEYNE Ft. Lauderdale Sanford Quincy Grand Ridge Thomasville, Ga. Tallahassee ' 52 EDITH LIEBLING Miami EDWARD R. LILLY Titusville BETTY LINHART Tampa BRUCE LLOYD Pensacola MATILDA LOMAISTRO Miami BENNY LOVEL Fort Lauderdale M THA LUCHTENBERG SHEILA LUDWIG East Fultonham, Ohio Miami BARBARA LUFF Jacksonville JOHNNIE LUKER Crestview CAROL LUMIA Tampa EVELYN LUNSDEN Valrico SUE LYNAGH Tampa MARGARET LYNN Bradenton FRANCES L. MACFIE DeLand ANN MacCRONE Warrington MELVA MacPHERSON Miami DOROTHY MAGEE Orlando GLORIA MANRIQUE Daytona Beach JENNIE MARINO Tampa PAULINE MARKS ELEANOR MARETT MARGARET MARSHALL LILLIAN N. MARTIN Coral Gables Miami Miami Tampa ' 52 MARY E. MARTIN Tampa PAT MARTIN Orlando BETTYE J. MATTHEWS DOROTHY B. MATHEWS BETTY JANE MATTISON MARY SUSAN MAY( Miami Plymouth Bradenton Chattahoochee KATHERINE McCADAMS Miami ROBERT W. McCALL Jennings PEGGY McCLAMMA Lakeland FRANCES McCLELLAN Blountstown LINNIE McCLURE Ft. Myers PATRICIA McCONNE Titusville JANANN McDONALD MARGARET L. McFADYEN DOROTHY McGAHEE Ft. Myers Sarasota Covington EVELINA MclNTOSH Lakeland NORMA F. MclNTOSH Daytona Beach JOHN McKEEVER Panama City MARGARET McLAUGHLIN Plant City ADELAIDE McLEOD Orlando AVA NELL McLEOD Wauchula JOHNNIE McLIN Plant City ERNEST L. McMATH Jacksonville NELL McMICHAEL Tampa ' 52 ELIZABETH McNEIL Florala, Ala. BEATRICE McQUAY Rehoboth, Dela. RALPH McWILLIAMS Ft. Myers MARJORIE MECKSTROTH Orlando MARY LOU MEDLIN Miami MARY M. MERCER Hosford |ALICE MERCADANTE Miami MARTHA L. MERRELL Daytona Beach JOAN LOIS MERRIN Tampa JAMES C. METHVIN Shamrock VERONICA METSHEL Miami ALICE MEYERS St. Augustine PATTI MICHAELS Orlando FRANCES R. MICKLER BARBARA MIDDLEBROOKS BETTY MIDDLETON Madison Pensacola Tampa HAZALENE MILLER Blountstown NANCY MILLER Pensacola SUSAN MILLER Tallahassee BURLIE MILLIGAN Auburndale ELIZABETH MIMS Daytona Beach PATTI MIMS Jacksonville Beach CYNTHIA MINK Orlando DOROTHY MINUS Port St. Joe ' 52 FRANCES MITCHELL St. Petersburg ANNEMIZE Daytona Beach GABRIELAMOLINO JOHN O. MONSALVATGE EVELYN MONROE Guantananio, Cuba Key West Tampa MARTHA MONSON Punta Gorda HELEN MOODY Tampa I ON A MOODY Bushnell SYLVIA MOONEY Miami ARDEN MOORE Jacksonville LILLIAN MORAN San ford SHIRLEY MORELANC S an ford JOHN MORGAN Molino MARIANNE MORGAN Brandon BETTY LOU MORRIS Quincy HAZEL MORRISON Clermont CHARLES S. MORSE Tampa JO ANNE MOSES Miami JOETTA MOUTZ Winter Haven NANCY A. MUELLER Limona SUE FRANCES MUNDEE Orlando DONALD T. MUNROE Tallahassee JESSIE MUNROE Tallahassee PATSY D. MURPHY Miami Wl JANIS MYERS WILLIAM D. MYERS WILLIAM R. MYERS SYLVIA R. NANESS MARGOT NASRALLAH ADOLFO S. NAVARRO Daytona Beach Eustis Ft. Lauderdale Miami Beach Jacksonville Key West 30RIS E. NEEDHAM BILLIE NELSON BETTY NEWSOM DOROTHY NICHOLS LOUISE D. NICHOLSON NORMA NIVEN Daytona Beach Tifton, Ga. Bonifay Tallahassee Uleta Daytona Beach KELSA NOEGEL JACK NOONEY EDWARD C. NORTON CATHERINE NOTT THERON A. NUNEZ M. BETTY LOU NUTTLE Tallahassee Jacksonville New Orleans, La. St. Petersburg Orlando Brodenton MARYC. O ' BRIEN PAULINE O ' BRYAN CHARLOTTE OLDHAM ANN OLIVER DORIS ANN OLIVER LeROSE W. OLIVER St. Petersburg Altha Leesburg Miami Jacksonville Sylvania, Ga ' 52 MILDRED O ' NEAL BARBARA OTTERSTEDT MARGARET OVERSTREET MARILYN OXTOBY CATHERINE PARKER MARJORIE PARKER Wewahitchka Holly Hill Kissimmee Miami Tampa Miami JOYCE PARROTT HARRY M. PARSONS FLORENCE PARTIN SHIRLEY PATTERSON HARRIET PAUL ANITA PEACOCK Apopka Tallahassee Fernandina Pensacola Ft. Lauderdale Tallahassee CAMP PEAVY GEORGE PENDARVIS WILL PENNELL BARBARA PERPALL JUNE PERKINS AUGUST C. PETERS Havana Blountstown Columbus, Ga. St. Augustine Miami Tallahassee BEVERLY J. PETERS SHIRLEY D. PETERS BARBARA PETTIT LILLIAN PEUHS ALICE J. PHILLIPS WALTER PHILLIPS Vero Beach St. Petersburg Daytona Beach Panama City Frostproof Jacksonville ' 52 BETTY M. PITCHARD MARY JIM PICKARD RUTH PIERCE JULIA ANNE PIKE JOHN PITTS EDITH POTTER Tallahassee Tampa Tampa Mt. Dora Holopaw Jacksonville CLAUDIA POWELL MARGARET POWELL NORMA PRATER WARREN PRENTICE CATHERINE PREVEDEL JOHN PRICE Pensacola Pahokee Wildwood Sea Gert, N. J. Lady Lake Zephyrhills SALLY ANN PROCTOR LAURA J. PURCELL FLORENCE RAFELD WILLIAM G. RAICHE JEAN B. RAIFORD JAMES RALSTON Jacksonville Jacksonville Tampa Nashua, N. H. Miami Riverview GEORGE C. RAMSEY MARION RAST MILDRED RAULERSON TED R. RAULERSON NANNIE REARDEN WALKER H. REDDIC Bristol Port Orange Miami Millville Tallahassee Cairo, Ga. ' 52 MARGARET W. REDDING Jacksonville DORIS REED Nichols MARGARET REED Sarasota MARGERY REEDER Jacksonville BETSY REESMAN Winter Park CATHERINE REGISTER Miami GRACE REGISTER Tallahassee LENNARD REGISTER Jaspe- MARY F. REID Bartow M. ZOE RENTZ Jacksonville NANCY RETTIE Ft. Lauderdale BARBARA REYNOLDS Miami MARGARET A. REYNOLDS FAY E. RHODES Jacksonville Lake Wales KATHERINE RICH Punta Gorda LUCIA RICE NORMA MARIE RICHARDS JEAN RIGELL St. Augustine Miami Punta Gorda LOUETTA RILEY CAROLYN RITTERSKAMP ELISA RIVAS Bartow St. Petersburg Tampa ' 52 ANNE ROBERTS Bell DEAN T. ROBERTS DOROTHY C. ROBERTSOr Jacksonville Pompano BETTY ROBINSON CAROLYN ROBINSON KATHRYN ROBINSON Pensacola Curundu, Canal Zone Miami Beach ANN J. ROGERO St. Augu:tine ARLESIA ROGERS Laurel Hill LUCILLE ROGERS Miami NATALINA ROGOLINO BARBARA JEAN ROSS PHYLLIS ROTENBERG MARY ROTHERHAM JOYCE ROWAN St. Augustine Lakeland Miami Revere, Mass. Telogia MARIE RUEGG Safety Harbor PATRICIA RULE Ormond Beach JULIA RUSS Ft. Lauderdale EMILY RUTHERFORD St. Petersburg JOE RUTHERFORD St. Andrews ELIZABETH SAIGH Miami Beach JOSEPH SAMPSON Tho nasville, Ga. BARBARA SANDERS CATHERINE SANDERS HELEN S. SANDERS EDWIN L. SANTANA MARY SATTERFIELD Sanford Dothan, Ala. Fernandina Sarasota Clearwater FRANCES SAULS Monticello ' 52 NELLE T. SCARDASIS NANCY SCHECHTER BARBARA SCHNEIDER SHIRLEY SCHNEIDER PAULA SCHUMANN DOROTHY SCHULZ Inverness Miami Beach Eustis Panama City Jacksonville Jacksonville HELEN SCANLON BARBARA SEBECKE WILLIAM E. SEIFFERT VIOLET V. SELLARS JACKIE SENNE SALLY SHEAROUSE Miami Delray Beach Pensacola Lynn Haven Grant Orlando ELIZABETH SHELBY NEVA CARL SHEPHARD THERESA SHEPPARD DOROTHY F. SHERMAN BETTY SHIVER RITA SHLAFROCK Pensacola Tallahassee Miami Lake Wales Jennings Miami NANCY SHOFNER BOBBY SIKES GRETA J. SIMMONS PATRICIA SIMMONS JOCELYN W. SINGER LULU SINGLETARY Lakeland Crestview Miami Ocala Cordele, Ga. Marianna ' 52 EDYTH SKIPPER Dunedin SALLY N. SKIPPER Lakeland KATHERINE SLATON Eustis MARY SLEMP Jacksonville ANTONICA SMITH Key West CHARLES W. SMITH New Smyrna Beach DORIS SMITH St. Petersburg EMILY T. SMITH Gainesville FRANCES L. SMITH Jacksonville IMOGENE SMITH Bonifay J. P. SMITH Panama City MARGARET SMITH Tallahassee MARY S. SMITH Jacksonville NANCY SMITH Jacksonville VIRGINIA K. SNEAD Panama City LAVONA SNIDER Miami EARL R. SOLOMON Carrabelle ETHELIND SOUTHERLAND Wauchula LOUISE M. SPAETH Opa Locke MARY SPANGENBERG Miami PEGGY SPARKMAN Dover SUSAN SPARKMAN Dade City ROSEMARY SPOTO Tampa MARY LOUISE SPRING Pinecastle ' 52 RICHARD STAINBACK Gainesville BETTY STARBIRD Palatka MARY ANN STARKEY Eustis FAZIL STARLING VIRGINIA STARLING MARTHA A. STEPHEN Tampa Pompano Panama City DORIS STEVENS Miami NANCY STEVENS St. Petersburg MARILYN STIGLER Daytona Beach VIRGINIA STOCKMAN BETSY STOCKWELL Panama City Jacksonville WILLA STOCKWELL; DeLand JULIE STORM Jacksonville MARY STOUT Charleston, W. Vet. BEVERLY STOWE Orlando LOIS E. STRAUGHN Florala, Ala. JANE STRICKLAND Winter Haven JEAN STRICKLAND Winter Haven LOIS A. STRICKLAND SUZANNE SUMMERS ALBERTA SUNSHINE MITCHELL SUTHERLAND GEORGE SUTTON Jacksonville Miami Miami Plant City Pensacola JEAN SWETT Palm Beach ' 52 HETTIE SYFRETT Wausau ELIZABETH TAIT Winter Haven JACKIE TALLEY Tallahassee NANCY TAPPAN Miami DOROTHY TAPRELL Daytona Beach CHARLOTTE TATUM Boynton Beach MARY TAVEL Palatka JOE ANN TAYLOR Tallahassee DOROTHY TEMPLETON SUZANNE THOMAS Holly Hill Gainesville ALICE C. THOMPSON CATHERINE THOMPSON Coral Gables Goulds EUNICE THOMPSON Pensacola GRACE THOMPSON Davenport MARGUERITE THIBADEAU Orlando THERESA TINDALL Kissimmee GLADYS TINKLER Lakeland JOCELYN TIPTON Dade City VIRGINIA TOMKINSON Brooksville REX F. TOOLE Marianna PATRICIA A. TORRACA Gainesville ROBERT M. TOUCHTON Jacksonville PHYLLIS TRASK St. Augustine BARBARA TRAWICK Jacksonville ' 52 .EN ANN TREADWELL ROSEMARY TREFETHEN SUE TREMOR NANCY TRIBBLE BETTY TUCKER JO ANN TUDEEN St. Petersburg Tampa Panama City Tallahassee Tallahassee St. Petersburg VIRGINIA TUPPEN BETTY L. TURNER VIRGINIA TURNER CONSTANCE TYNDALL WILLIS W. TYRELL, JR. ELAINE ULMER Lake Worth Lake Wales Bradenton Winter Garden Pensacola Stuart ARBARA VARNADOE JOANNE VAUGHN JOHN E. VICKERS JAMES VINCENT BARBARA WADDELL JEAN C. WADE Tifton, Ga. Fort Lauderdale Panama City Mount Dora Warrington Ocala JOSEPHINE WADE MARIELLA WAITE JUANITA WALDEN IRIS WALKER MARY SUE WALKER PEGGY N. WALSMITH Jacksonville Ft. Lauderdale Frostproof Alachua Gainesville Delray Beach ' 52 H Ml Jkkfl LOUISE WARE MARTHA WATKINS DOROTHY WATSON JOHN WATSON MARY WATSON RUDOLPH WATS ON Miami Key West Plant City Pensacola Woodville Tallahassee I MIGNON WATTS MARTHA ANN WEAVER CARLOTTA WEBBER HARMER WEICHEL PATRICIA WEIGLAND CHARLINE WEITMAh Fellsmore Sebring Miami Jacksonville Lakeland Oviedo ETA WENTWORTH EDWIN WESLEY ELLEN A. WEST SHIRLEY WESTBERRY MARY A. WESTENDICK ELINOR WETHERINGTI Tampa East Cleveland, Ohio Ft. Myers Perry Tallahassee Miami 3BBE R. WHEELER SHIRLEY WHEELER JEAN WHITE SUE WHITE CAROLINE M. WHITNEY LOIS WHITMORE Tallahassee Fort Myers Jacksonville St. Petersburg Plant City Winter Park ' 52 ALICE R. WHITTEN Bartow DOROTHY J. WIKSTEDT St. Petersburg ERIN WILCOX Jacksonville KATIE WILDER Leanto PATRICIA WILKINS Coral Gables FLORIDE WILKINSON; Tallahassee ANNE WILLIAMS Kissimmee LUCENE WILLIAMS Donalsonville, Ga. GRACE WILLIAMS Tallahassee HELEN WILLIAMS Altord JOHN WILLIAMS Tallahassee LEYSHON J. WILLIAM Miami JO ANNE WILSON Coral Gables MARJORIE WILSON Jacksonville MARY STEWART WILSON Lake Worth SHIRLEY WILLET Tallahassee ALBERT J. WINBURN Mayo JOHN C. WINSLETT Marianna CATHERINE WINTERSDORF Yalaha JOAN WISDA Tampa CAROL WITCHER Tallahassee MARY WOLFE Hastings BETTE WOLLEY Pensacola JAMES R. WOOD Parker ' 52 WALKER E. WOOD Fort Lauderdale SUE WORK Pensacola ADRIENNE WOS Menominee, Mich. ALJEAN WRIGHT Jacksonville PATSY WRIGHT Monticello BARBARA WROTEN Pahokee ILL C. YARBROUGH PATRICIA YEARSLEY STEVE ZALUMUS St. Petersburg Jacksonville Thomasville, Ga. JEANNE ZAPPALO Bonifay JEANNE OETJEN Jack ' onville ' 52 JUS f ait ,p • u if %. 0. . i • « --, i ' ' ' ;■,■ ' ' ' ' ■ : V ; ' » : ■ . ..... -.•: „i.. . . ' ■V , , J a. LORENE ABNEY Trenton CATHERINE ADAMS Clearwater CONNIE ADAMS St. Augustine HELEN ADAMS Holt MARY ADAMS Haines City PHYLLIS ALDORA Miami EUGENE G. ALDRIDGE Tom pa ANN ALLEN Ft. Lauderdale EVELYN ALLEN Umatilla MARTHA ALLEN Miami RAY ALLEN Milton WADE ALLEN Milton BEVERLY ALEXANDER Bartow DOUGLAS ALLEY Pulaski, Va. LENONOR ALONSO Tampa BARBARA ALTMAN Jacksonville ANNELLE ANDERSON Greenwood MARION ANDERSON Winter Park PHYLLIS ANDERSON Hernando RUTH ANDERSON DeFuniak Springs WILLIAM ANDERSON Monticello PENELOPE ANGELO Jacksonville FRANCES ANTINORI Tampa MARILYN ARCHBOLD Jacksonville REUBEN ASKEW Pensacola ROBERT AULTZ Jeannette, Pa. MA I DA BADCOCK Mulberry BETTY JO BAILEY Blountstown MARY ANNE BAIRD West Palm Beach GROVER BAKER Delray Beach Willard Baker Hialeah DOT SCHOONMAKER Gainesville WARREN BARNETT Tampa MARY BARRINEAU Pensacola IKIE BUTLER Jennings EDITH ANN BATE Miami BETTY BATES Leesburg GRETCHEN BAUER Miami THEODORE BAYLESS St. Petersburg BETTIE BAZEMORE Miami PATRICIA BEAMAN Jacksonville ANNA BEARDEN Sarasota JEAN BENNETT West Palm Beach MARTHA BENTZ Coral Gables MARION BETZ Dunedin JIMMIE BEAVIS Leesburg ALVERNA BIRCHARD St. Petersburg MARIAN BISHOP Ft. Myers EVELYN BISPHAM Sarasota DONNA BLACKKETTER Bradenton BETSY BLANTON Tampa WILLIAM F. BLASINGAME Sarasota JACK BLECKBY Clewiston JOE ANN BLUE Perry MADGE BLUNT Arcadia CURTIS R. BOHANNON Milton JOAN BOLEN Mayo MARY BOOTHBY Tampa JEANNE BOSANQUET Leesburg LOIS BOULWARE Tallahassee RITA BOWLES Green Cove Springs LYDIA BOYCE Mandarin TREVA LUCILE BOYD Lakeland PAT BRAIDWOOD Miami BARBARA BRAYMER Bradenton BETTY ANN BREEDEN Plant City JEAN BRENNEIS Bushnell IRVIN A. BREWER Dover ROSE MARIE BRITSCH Tallahassee AILEEN BRITTON Tampa HURDIS A. BROCK Bonifay ANN BRODIE Avon Park ' 51 MARGARET BROKAW Orlando BARBARA BROOKS Mango JEAN BROOME Ft. Lauderdale FRANCES BROWN River Junction JOSEPH BROWN Bonifay WARREN BROWN Tallahassee MARY BRYCE Bryceville PEARL BUHRKE Miami ANN BULLARD DeFuniak Springs ESPIN E. BULLOCK Pensacola SIBYL BULLOCK Palatka JANE BURFOOT Jacksonville MADALYN BURGESS Pensacola VIRGINIA BURGESS Stuart ELIZABETH BURNES Oak Hill GLORIA BURNHAM Miami HELEN BURNS West Palm Beach MARY VIRGINIA BURRY Jacksonville LESSIE BUSBEE St. Petersburg NELLE BUSSEY Tallahassee JEANNINE BUTLER Miami MURL BUSH Bonifay REBECCA AASE Tallahassee CLADOMIRO J. CABANAS Utuaho, Puerto Rico BETTY LOU CALDER Tallahassee SUSAN CALDWELL Tallahassee HAZEL CAMPBE LL Dundee T. A. CAMPBELL Sarasota PATRICIA M. CAPORUSSO Miami PAULETTE CARILLET Marineland DONA CARLIN Jacksonville COPELAND CARTER Bradenton JOYCE CASON Raiford MARY J. CASTELLO Tallahssee FORREST W. CHAPMAN Sarasota BARBARA L. CHAPPELL Jacksonville EMMA SUE CLARK Chattahoochee MARTHA R. CLARY Crestview BILLIE JEANCLEMONS Kissimmee DORIS CLEMONS Tallahassee CONNIE CLIFFORD Miami DOROTHY CLONTS Stuart BETTY JUNE COBB Miami JOY COBB Coral Gables MARTHA COBB Palatka RICHARD COLEMAN Atmore, Ala. JAMES COLLIER Tallahassee GERALDINE CONNELL Avon Park ' 51 EMMA COOK Marietta, Ga. HOWARD L. COOPER Tallahassee JAMES E. CORNBROOKS Washington, D. C. SARA JOCOSTIN Port St. Joe CHARLES F. COURTNEY Orlando LOIS ANN COURTNEY Orlando JAMES COWAN Hendersonville, N. C. JEAN MARIE COWAN Tampa MARY EMMA COWEN Chattahoochee WALLACE COX Palmetto MARY VAL CREARY Panama City BARBARA CRUMBECHER Jacksonville Beach GAY CUBBEDGE Maitland BARBARA CURRY Sarasota WAVINE CURRY Ponce de Leon JOYCE DANCE Lakeland ARDATH A. DANFORD Tallahassee BETTY SUE DAVIDSON Avon Park BETTY ANN DAVIS Tallahassee BETTY JANE DAVIS Tallahassee GLENN DAVIS Jacksonville JEFFERSON DAVIS Miami MARGARET DAVIS Pensacola MARIAN ELLISE DAVIS Kissimmee BILLIE JEAN DAY Punta Gorda HARRY C. DEAN Tallahassee RUTH DECKER Miami JERRY DE GARMO Tallahassee MARGARET DEGNA Miami DENNIS R. DeLACURE Lake Wales JOY ANN DeROLPH DeLand KATHERINE DEWAR Felda JOHN F. DIAL Marianna MARY E. DINWIDDIE Culleota, Tenn. LORRAINE DONAHUE Miami MARIAN DORO Jacksonville VIRGINIA DOUGLAS Dade City PATSY DURRANCE Ft. Meade CLARA EASON Tampa FLOYCE REAGAN St. Petersburg HANZEL M. EDWARDS Greensboro MIRIAM EDWARDS Quincy TERESA EDWARDS Port St. Joe ANNE EGAN Lakeland ANN EIDSON Orlando SARAH ELKINS Perry BARBARA ELLERY Ft. Lauderdale MARY ELLIOTT Quincy ' 51 A. C. ELLISON Foley, Ala. RUTH ENGEL Homestead WALTER A. ERIKSON Brooklyn, N. Y. ALICE ESPERANTE Tampa ARD EULENFELD Tallahassee CLYDE G. EVANS Tallahassee DONNA C. EVANS Orlando LAWRENCE EVANS Tallahassee JULIA FAHLE Lakeland ANGELA FAIRCLOTH Jacksonville GLORIA M. FALLS Frostproof MARGERY FARR Wauchula JOHN W. FENN Orange LEWIS E. FENN, JR. Orange JOHN A. FISHER St. Petersburg PATRICIA FITZGERALD Coral Gables YVONNE FITZGERALD Ft. Myers CHARLES L. FLOYD Pensacola ANNETTE FOLMAR Crestview RUTH FORBES Jacksonville JOHNNIE FORTUNE Laurel Hill BARBARA FOSTER Orlando EDITH FOSTER Orlando SHIRLEY B. FOTTLER Lynn Haven VIRGINIA FOUNTAIN Monticello JULIA FOWLER Jacksonville JOAN FRANCIS Tampa CAROLYN FREEDLUND Belle Glade JUNE FREEMAN Frostproof ROBERT B. FROHOCK Panacea ROBERT H. FULFORD Thomasville, Ga. FAY FULGHUM Lakeland AVONELL FULLER Arcadia FAY FUNCHESS Panama City ELIZABETH E. GADDY Jacksonville JOHN M. GAINER Panama City LAURA L. GALLAGHER Zephyrhills ELSIE GARCIA St. Petersburg MADELINE GARRETT Everglades MARY LOUISE GARRETT Birmingham, Ala. PAUL GARRISON Pensacola RAYMONDE GATES Miami SARA RUTH GIBSON Madison FRANK N. GIBSON Clearwater BETTY ANNE GIGL Jacksonville BETTY GILCHRIST St. Petersburg CAROLYN T. GILLEN Jacksonville BARBARA GILLESPIE Pensacola ' 51 VIRGINIA GILLETTE St. Petersburg EUGENIA A. GLENN Cross City JOAN GODDARD Jacksonville LYLA GOLDBERG Hollywood SHIRLEY GORDON Waycross, Ga. GERALD C. GRAY Daytona Beach BETTY GREEN Miami JOYCE GREGORY Dania JENNETTE GRIFFIN Jacksonville PAT GRIFFIN Tampa MARYSOLGRIMAL Tampa STELLA GRIMALDI Tampa CONSTANCE P. GRIMM St. Petersburg CHARLOTTE GROSS Palatka BETTY GURNEY Tampa MARY KAY GUM Lake Wales JAMES GUNN Tallahassee CHARLOTTE GUTHRIE Cortez ZADE P. GUY Marianna WANDA ANN HAILEY Coral Gables RITA R. HALL Lakeland ZADA V. HAMILTON Tampa BETTY JO HARDING Panama City ANN KUTROW Lakeland JOYCE HARKNESS Ft. Lauderdale EDITH HARMS Wabasso BEVERLY HARRINGTON Coral Gables BARBARA L. HARRIS Ft. Myers ELAINE HARRISON Miami BETTYE HART St. Petersburg MARJORIE HARTMAN Delray Beach MARY FRANCES HARVARD Chattahoochee JULIA HAYWARD Wildwood YVONNE HEAD Avon Park GRAHAM HEATH Marianna FRANKLIN HEDGES Melbourne HAROLD D. HELMS Troy, Ala. BARBARA HENDRY Belle Glade AUDREY HENRY Ocala JOAN HETTINGER St. Cloud MARJORIE HIATT Jacksonville ELIZABETH HICKS Plant City BARBARA HIGGINBOTHAM Miami FRANCES HIGGINBOTHAM Pensacola BETTY HIGHTOWER Wacissa OAKLEY HIGHTOWER Vernon LAURA HIOTT Melbourne CLARINE HOBBS Tampa ' 51 EDWIN HACKER Pensacola MARIE HACKER Ocala PAT HOLDEN Ocala NANCY HOLLAND Winter Haven GLORIA HOLMES Lake Mohopac, N. Y. JEANNE HOOKER Belle Glade ANNETA HORNE Miami BETTY HORNE Hampton BETTY HUBBARD St. Petersburg BARBARA HUCKABEE Daytona Beach ELIZABETH HUDSON Miami VIRGINIA HUGHES Ft. Lauderdale BARBARA HULL St. Petersburg BETTY LOU HUNTLEY Green Cove Springs GEORGIA HUTCHINS Sanford MARIAN IRVIN Callahan NATELLE ISLEY Jacksonville NANCY JACKSON Coral Gables VERA JARVIS Orlando DORIS JEFFERIS Eustis GEORGE JENKINS Bonifay ESTHER JENSEN Jacksonville DORIS ELAINE JOHNSON Apalachicola DORIS EVA JOHNSON Jacksonville ? v,V EVA JOHNSON Bartow HELEN M. JOHANSON Cora! Gables MARY ESTHER JOHNSON Sebring SHIRLEY JOHNSON Clermont DONA JONES Tampa HARRIET JONES Miami MARGARET JONES Chipley MILDRED L. JONAS Palmetto JEAN KABRICH Tampa CHRIS KALFAS Tallahassee NORMA J. KEARNEY Haines City ROSALIND KELLER Tampa VIRGINIA KELLY Fernandina ALIX KERR West Palm Beach EMOGENE KING Pensacola REBA KINSEY Ft. Lauderdale MARIE KIRBY Lake City MARILYN KLEIN Miami ORALEZE KNIGHT Tampa NANCY KRETSCHMAR Bradenton SARA LAMBERT Tallahassee BETTY LEE LANGSTON Lake City ELEANOR LARSON Vero Beach LORRAINE LARSON Orlando ' 51 BETTY JEAN LAVENDER Pensacola MARIAN LAWTON Jacksonville ELIZABETH LAZEAR Eustis ANN W. LEE Leesburg CYNTHIA LEINBACH St. Petersburg SARAH L ' ENGLE Jacksonville SUSAN L ' ENGLE Jacksonville IRENE LESLIE Jacksonville LAURA JEAN LEWIS Alachua ANN LINDENMUTH St. Augustine NANETTE LINDLER Lake City ARTHUR LINDQUIST Winter Park IRENE LINICK Miami CHARLOTTE LISCHKA St. Petersburg MARY LOU LISSENDEN West Palm Beach BETTY LITTLE Miami VIRGINIA LOCKE Pensacola YVONNE LUMPKIN Jacksonville CAROLYN MARCUM Jacksonville MARVILINE McCALL Jacksonville ESTHER McCLOUD Miami HELEN McCORKLE Vero Beach IRIS McDANIAL Jacksonville marian Mcdonald Tampa ANN McKENZIE Orlando BETTY McGUFF IN Jacksonville BARBARA Y. NAILE West Palm Beach BARBARA NEEL Miami LOIS NELMS Tallahassee RUTH NELMS West Palm Beach JOANNE NELSON Miami KARL NELSON Penama City ALICE R. NICHOLS Anthony WILLIAM NORFLEET Hollywood KATHERINE NORMAN Jacksonville ALMA NORDON Apalachicola ROSALIE NUCCIO Tampa HAZEL OBERHOLTZER Yalaha LILLIAN F. OELSLAGER Limona ELOISEO ' FARRELL Atmore, Ala. ANN O ' QUINN Gainesville DON OSBORNE Baxley, Ga. MABLE O ' STEEN Hollywood JOAN OWEN Daytona Beach MARY HELEN OWEN Winter Haven JOANNE OWSLEY Pensacola DOROTHY PACE Ft. Pierce WALDON PADGETT Westville ' 51 ANNIE PARKER Everglades MARIAN PARKER Daytona Beach VIRGINIA PARKHILL St. Augustine GEORGE PARRISH Gaskin DENNIS B. PARROTT St. Louis, Mo. FAYE PATTERSON Jacksonville CHARLES PATRICK Sneads HELEN PATRICK Sneads MARY F. PAUL Tavares DREW PEACOCK Altha SARA PEACOCK Blountstown JEAN PEEL Graceville PATRICIA PEARCE Sebring DOTTIE PEARSON Jacksonville KATHERINE PEARSON Jacksonville WALTER MYLES PHILLIPS Jacksonville JOAN PICKERILL Orlando LAURIE PLANT Tallahassee PAT PLOCKELMAN West Palm Beach JOHN POPE Homestead HELEN F. PORTER Apalachicola ESTHER L. POWELL Gainesville NANCY PRIOR West Palm Beach FAYE D. PROSSER Tallahassee FLORENCE PROTHAM Mims CONSTANCE E. PURVIS Miami MARIANNE QUIGG Miami MARY M. RATCLIFF Arlington, Ga. RUBY T. RAULERSON Avon Park JANE REESE West Palm Beach DAISY LEE REGISTER Atmore, Ohio JEAN E. REVELS Lake City AUDREY RICHARD Jacksonville JANYCE RICHARDS ON Tallahassee CHARLOTTE RIEKER Jacksonville MARGARET RIGG St. Petersburg PHYLLIS RIVERS Miami OLLIE J. RIVES Tallahassee IWANA ROBINSON Laurel Hill MYRTLE RODGERS Arcadia PEGGY ROGERS Jacksonville JOAN ROPER Jacksonville MARILYN ROSNER Jacksonville BETTY ROSS Dunnellon LEE ROWEENA Doctor ' s Inlet BARBARA RUSHING Wauchula BETTY RUSHING Wauchula SARAH JANE SAFFOLD Jacksonville ' 51 ROBERTA SARGENT Miami MARY JANE SOWELL Quincy MARY LEE SAULS Tallahassee LEROY SAWYER Key West JEAN SAYER Sanford JOANNE SCAGGS Lakeland EDGAR SCHLITT Vero Beach MARY ANN SCHOCK Winter Haven JO ANN SCOTT Pensacola MARY KATE SCOTTEN Gainesville ANNE SCUDDER San Antonio PHILIP SEIBERT St. Mary ' s, Ohio ELAINE SELLAS Tampa MONTRELL SESSIONS Tallahassee PAT SHAAR Jacksonville BETTE SHANNON Sanford GLENNA SHAW Tampa JOHNNIE SHEFFIELD Bunnell CHARLES SHEPPARD Cross City RITA SIMON West Palm Beach DAVID H. SIMPSON Blountstown ANN SMITH St. Petersburg ELISE SMITH Jacksonville NADINE SONGER Miami Springs SUSAN SOSSAMON Tampa NANCY SPACH Coral Gables GERALD SPENCE Niceville MARTHA SPENCER Laurel Hill VIRGINIA C. SPENCER West Palm Beach ELLEN SPERRING Live Oak HELEN F. STABLER Winter Haven JACQUALINE STEELE Punta Gorda CARL STEPHENS Sarasota CAROLYN STEPHENS Jacksonville GRACE STEPHENS Ocala WILLIAM W. STEVENS Hollywood LILLIE B. STEVENSON Sebring ALICE STEWART Chattahoochee KATHERINE STIDHAM Lakeland JAMES R. STOKES Tampa FRANCES STRICKLAND Tallahassee MERLE SUGGS Pensacola JOANN SUMMERS Sarasota JEANNE SUTTON Lake City ROBERTA SWINGLEY Seffner MARY TARVER St. Augustine JACKIE TATE Leesburg GERALDINE TATOM Greenwood H ' 51 JOYCE TEDDER Belle Glade JEAN TAYLOR Largo JENNIE TETO Tampa ANNE THOMAS Tampa CAROL J. THOMAS Lake City R ALLENE THOMAS Tampa JEANETTE THOMPSON Dade City JIM THRELKELD Titusville MARIANNE TIBBETTS Ft. Lauderdale HELENJANE TILGHAM St. Augustine MARY TOTTEN Oviedo CATHERINE TORRANCE Orlando JAMES TRAWICK Port St. Joe LOIS TROWBRIDGE Largo ELOUISE TRUETT St. Augustine JOAN TRUPP Miami LURLINE TUCKER Tallahassee DAVID M. TURNER Ocoee GLENN ODELL TURNER Tallahassee JEANETTE TURNER Lakeland MARY VASILOFF Fort Myers NANCY VAUGHN Lakeland MARGARET VICKERS Panama City CURT VOGTRITTER Des Plaines, III. B. JANICE VANTURE Sarasota LILLIAN WADE Ft. Lauderdale M AXINE WALDRON Ft. Lauderdale JACQUELINE WALKER Branford JAN WALLIS Jacksonville WILEY LEE WATKINS Tampa CAROLYN WEATHERFORD Frostproof ANNE WEATHERS Tallahassee G. EDWARD WEBB Baker PEGGY SUE WEBB Miami SUE WEBB Cantonment SHIRLEY WEISENBARGER Orlando MARY C. WELDON Starke ANNE WELLS Callahan FELICIA WELLS Coral Gables JANIS WELLS Orlando SUZANNE WHEELER Orlando CAROLYN WHITE Orlando LELAND WHITE St. Augustine HULAN WHITEHEAD Pensacola DOROTHY WHITEFIELD Tampa BETTY N. WHITTLE Quincy ZOE WIEDEMAN Jacksonville BARBARA WILL Belle Glade ' 51 CAROLYN WILLIAMS Inverness NORMA JEAN WILLIAMS Tampa VENORAH WILLIAMS Eustis JACQUELINE WILLIS Vero Beach JANE WILLIS Greenwood JEAN WILLIS Greenwood GLEN WILSON Marianna HELEN E. WILSON Jacksonville JEAN WILSON Pahokee SUZANN WILSON Miami MERRY WINKLER Starke ANNE WITHERSPOON Carrabelle JOHN WITT West Palm Beach ALMA WOOD Pensacola SARAH L. WOODWARD DeLand DOROTHY WOOLFOLK Cairo, Georgia MARY WOOTEN DeLand JOE L. WRIGHT Woodville MARJORIE A. YEATS Miami JOSEPH L. YON Orlando MARYLEE YOUNG Foley CATHERINE YONGE Jacksonville JEAN ZECH Miami ZELDA A. ZEIGLER Polk City 1 %. I . . .. t ■ ■IB ■ ■ MARION ROBERTA LOVE Treasurer BOB LEE BANNERMAN President ERIN WILCOX Vice President I ■■ ' . I " " 1 I JJ » My ' . " .■ ' - J ;. ' : ..v SUEGENE THOMAS Secretary LISA KOENITZER Publicity Chairman MARIE CHILLINGWORTH Social Chairman SARAH ADCOCK BETTY LEE ADDISON WILLIAM ALBRIGHT DAL ALBRITTON BETTY ALFORD ROBERTA ALFORD Jacksonville Arcadia St. Petersburg Tallahassee Bonifay Grand Ridge JACQUIE ALLEN MARTHA AMOS AUDREY L. ANTHONY J. K. ANDERSON LOUISE ANDERSON Elizabeth A. Armstrong K t. Myers Pensacola Apalachicola Manatee Pierson Lakeland zabeth W. Armstrong NORMA J. ARMSTRONG JOHN ARNOLD BEATRICE ARROJO KATHRYN ASPINWALL ARLENE M. ATWATER Ft. Lauderdale Bean City Gonzalez Tampa Jacksonville Lake Worth JEAN AUGUR CATHERINE AUSTIN MARY BAGGETT HOWARD S. BAILEY JOHN L. BANNER Jacksonville Apalachicola Tallahassee Tallahassee Americus, Georgia ' 50 ' 50 HARVEY BARBER Cottondale FLORAGENE BARNHILL Baker MARTHA E. BEALL West Palm Beach BETTY BERG Tampa WILLIAM I. BARBER Tallahassee CAMILLA BARTLEY Sebring NATALIE BECKER Bartow THOMAS T. BERKNER Buden, Pennsylvania ESTON L. BARKOSKIE BETTE BARNES ELIZABETH BARNES JOE ANN BARNES Ponte Vedra Beach Hollywood Lakeland Clearwater MARGERY BASS MARIANNE BASSETT GLORIA BAXTER MAX M. BAYARD Sweetwater, Alabama Ft. Lauderdale Gainesville Sarasota MAHLON BEDELL CARL BEELER JACK BELL JANE BENNET Woodbine, Georgia Tallahassee Marianna Miami Beach RICHARD B. BERNDT CLARA VIRGINIA BERT CATHERINE BLANTON ELIZABETH BLOUNT Coral Gables Havana Bradenton Grand Ridge BARBARA BOLING Jacksonville HAYWARD BOND Thomasville, Ga. ELLEN BOSSIDY Cocoa MINOR L. BOTT Aberdeen, Miss. MARY M. BOWLER West Palm Beach BARBARA BOYDEN Pensacola ILLIAM H. BRANNEN ROBERT BRECKENRIDGE ELIZABETH BRINDAMOUR LAWSON BRONDRICK LEE BROOKS Rockledge Orlando Pinellas Park Dalton, Ga. Albuqerque, N. M. ALVIN H. BROWN Tallahassee MARK BROWN RAYMOND BROWN SUZANNE BROWN FRANCES BROWNE BARBARA M. BRYAN MARGARET BROXT Tampa Miami Homestead Lakeland Bradley Beach, N. J. Pensacola BARBARA BUECHLY MIRIAM BUCHOLTZ VIVIAN BUNNY MARTHA BURDINE IRENE BURTON LYVERNE BUSH Miami Jacksonville Tampa Leesburg Tallahassee Bon i fay ' 50 ' 50 CAROLYN SUE BUSH AUDREY BYRD BILL CAHLENBECK JAMES L. CALHOUN JOHN CALVIN HILLIARD CAMERON New Smyrna Beach Miami Pensacola Charleston, S. C Greenville, Pa Gainesville LUCILLE CAMERON THOMASINE CAMPBELL BILLIE ANN CAMP CURTIS W. CANNON ANNE CARLISLE CHIP E. B. CARTER St. Petersburg Wewahitchka Tampa St Augustine Sneads Baker JUNE MARIE CASON JIM COSTELLO HELEN CASSADY ISLA JUNE CASSELS MARY CAWTHON RITA SPRANKLE Plant City Miami Graceville Arcadia DeFuniak Springs Miami HERBERT CHANDLER MARJORIE CHANDLEY GERALDINECHASTAIN JAMES CHILDS MARIE CHILLINGWORTH NAN CHURCH Tallahassee Lake Wales Bradenton Bonifay West Palm Beach Ellenton EDITH CLARK JOSEPH CLARK JOYCE A. CLARK MARY ANN CLARKE JO ANN CLOUD MILDRED CLONTS Jacksonville Chattahoochee Tampa Monticello Orlando Stuart WILLIAM A COGBURN JOYCE COLEMAN ROBERT COLLIER BETTY COLLINS CATHERINE COLONNESO R. E. COMPTON Marianna Tallahassee Blakely, Ga. Jacksonville Palmetto Jacksonville RTHUR P. W. CONNELLY BETTY COOK NELL COOK ROBERT COOPER DWANE COPEDGE VELMA COOPER Tampa Miami Marianna St. Petersburg Clearwater Bainbridge, Ga. JOAN E. COVINGTON BARBARA COWDERY JACQUELINE COX JASPER COX ROSALYN COX NINA CRAIG Pensacola Miami Tampa St. Augustine Fernandina Dade City ' 50 ' 50 LUNETTE CRAVEY ELINOR CREWS EVELYN CRIBBS MARGARET CROMER LOU JEANNE CRUM HELEN CULBRETH Pensacola Keystone Heights Branford Delray Beach Weirsdale Panama City SARA CULBRETH CHRISTY DALE RICHARD D. DAVIS CAROL DEAN MARY LUCY DECKER DINA DIFRABRIZIO Panama City Jacksonville Arcadia Tallahassee Miami Tampa ROSEMARY DIXON JOAN DOBROW RANDELL DODD DANNYE ANN MASSEY CHARLES DOSS IRIS DOSSEY Tampa West Palm Beach St. Petersburg Marianna Tavares Plant City FRANCES DOUGLAS BETTY DUNCAN GEORGE DUTTON NANCY E. EATOUGH JOHN EDENFIELD MARY G. EDENFIELD Weirsdale Daytona Beach Abingdon, Va. Miami Tallahassee Panama City CAROLYN M. EDGE Hawthorne VALMA EDWARDS Tallahassee ELAINE EISELSTEIN Orlando JEAN ELDEN Tarpon Springs VI JEANNE ELLIS DeLand BARBARA J. ELLIOT St. Petersburg ANN EVANS Tampa HOWARD J. FALCON Delray Beach BETH FARNELL Ouiedo ANNA L. FERNANDEZ Tampa MARY FINLEY Orlando GENE FITCHNER Tallahassee JEAN FOGARTY Sarasota ADDIE RUTH FOLKS Dunnellon FRANKLIN W. FONES Perry BARBARA FOSGATE Coral Gables SHIRLEY FUTCH Ormond LILLIAN FRIEDMAN, St. Augustine MARGARET FREDENBURG CHARLETON GALLOWAY JOHN GARDELLA Orlando DeSoto City Brooklyn, N. Y. MABLE GARDNER Jacksonville PEGGY GATEWOOD Orlando MARY ETTA GATLIN Tallahassee ' 50 ' 50 ED GAY HOWARD D. GEHRES POLLY GEROW JAMES D. GIBSON JUDY GIBSON KENNIS W. GILBERT Tavares Allock, Ky. Tampa Jacksonville Pensacola Tallahassee BARBARA GILMORE JAMES GLISSON WILLIE J. GLOVER GRIFFITH GODFREY EMILY GALSON HELEN GONG Tallahassee Tallahassee Monticello Chipley Marianna Miami NANCY JO GONZALEZ RAMON GONZALEZ EVELYN GOODING BEVERLY GOODNIGHT WALTER GRANGER CARLTON GRAY Sanford Tampa Tampa Pensacola Belle Glade Tallahassee MARION A. GREENE ALYCE GRIFFIN ELIZABETH GRIFFITH SHIRLEY HALL PAT HAMILTON FRANK M. HAMMOCK Tampa Tampa Tampa Miami Beach Miami Tallahassee lliAfcfe y UANITA HANSON AILEEN HARDING BETTY LOU HARDIN WINONA HARDY EFFIE HARGRAVE JOYCE HARPER Orlando Orlando Lakeland Winter Park Brooker Tallahassee MARIE HARTLEY MARIE HARVELL CAROL HARVEY BETTY ANN HAWKINS BOBBIE J. HAYES MIRIAM HAYNES Jacksonville Tallahassee Crawfordville St. Augustine Frostproof Jacksonville NANCY HEFNER JEAN HENDERSON IMA LEE HENDRY SID HENRY SARA HENSON JACQUELYN HESTER Ocala Miami Perry Tampa Bradenton Leesburg ■AMONA HERMAN MARTHA HEWETT ALMA HIGGINBOTHAM ANNA PATRICIA HILL RICHARD D. HILL JACKIE HINTON Miami Lakeland Callahan Lakeland West Palm Beach Ft. Lauderdale ' 50 ' 50 HELEN HOBBS STANLEY HOBSON MARJORIE HODGE JULIA ANNE HOFFMAN ANNAG. HOLDEN JOSEPHINE HOLLEMAN Tampa Sarasota Tampa Ft. Myers Ocala Crestview FRED K. HONOUR WILLIAM H. HOPKINS HOWARD HORTON CHARLES P. HOSPODAR MARY ALICE HUNT RALPH W. E. HUNT Daytona Beach Cairo, Ga. Ft. Pierce Ft. Lauderdale Jacksonville Tampa rtARILYNE HUNTER ELSIE 1. HARGRAVE PEGGY HODGSON LUCY ELTON PHILLIP FLEMING ANNE FLOURNOY Auburndale St. Petersburg Daytona Beach Chipley Terra Ceia DeFuniak Springs DOLORES DANIELS SARAH JACKSON ROBERT V. JARRETT WALTER G. JARRELL VANCE JELKS GLADYS G. JOHNSON Haines City Sebring Pensacola White Springs Delray Beach Tallahassee DAVID JOHNSON ERMA JAMES ESTHER JOHNSON WALTER JOHNSON DANATTA JONES MARGARY JONES St. Augustine Sebastian Cocoa Port St. Joe Arcadia Crescent City MARJORIE Y. JONES MARY ELLEN JONES HELEN JUNGMEYER MOLLY ANN KARY ANN KEYTON JAMES E. KINSEY Tallahassee Sebring Tampa Tallahassee Thomasville, Ga Ft. Lauderdale OSCAR KINSEY SARA KINARD W C. KNIGHT WILLIAM JOSEPH KNIGHT CALVIN B. KOESY WAYNE KOGER Aucilla Oca la Jacksonville Jacksonville Tallahassee Jacksonville RONALD M. KOONS SUZANNE KUNKEl SAM LAMAR LEILA LANE PATRICIA LANEY WILLIAM J. LANG Jacksonville St. Petersburg Brooksville Orlando Port St. Joe Umatilla ' 50 ' 50 ANGEL LAPPINGTON WILDA LARSON BETTY LATIMER ALDINE LAW RICHARD LAWRENCE KATHERINE LEE Pensacola Tallahassee Miami Pinetta Marianna Bradenton RUTH LEMMON ESTHER LENOX JANNIE L. LEVINES HENRY LEWIN J. VIRGIL LEWIS NORMA E. LEWIS Bakerville Miami Arcadia Key West Jasper Marianna LEORA LIPE JANET LITTLE FLORENCE E. LITTLETON GILES V. LOFTON ANNE LOMAX GLENNA LONG Daytona Beach Miami Beach Madison Jacksonville Jacksonville Tampa JOY LOUISE LONG ROBERTA LOVE MYRA LUCE EILEEN LOMAX JEAN LUMPKIN DORIS LUNDGREN Palatka Ft. Lauderdale Williston Tampa Miami Miami CYTHIA LURIE Addison, III. DORIS LUSTER Leesburg CHARLIE MACON Greensboro MARTHA W. MADDOX Tallahassee JACK MAHON Port St. Joe GWENDOLYN MANDEVIL| Tampa MACK MANGHAM Miami MARIAN MAROTTA Tampa RUTH L. MARSHALL Orlando JOHN L. MAHER Jacksonville COLEEN A. MARTIN ALBERT RAY MASSE X Miami New Smyrna Beach THERESA K. MATTMAN BARBARA MAURER Sarasota Orlando BERTHA MAY Tampa DANNITTE H. MAYS Tallahassee ROBERTA McATEE Tampa PRISCILLA McCASKIL Perry IJETTY JEAN McCORMICK CORNELIA McCREARY ELEANOR McDONALD ROBERT McDONALD SARAH McFARLIN Jacksonville Jacksonville Ft. Myers West Palm Beach Winter Haven MARTHA McGAHEE! Jacksonville ' 50 ' 50 lARY ANNE McGINLEY JANE McLEOD BETTY SUE McPHAUL WILLIAM V. McNEIR HAROLD MERCER DAVID MERLIN Jacksonville Aucilla Port St. Joe Pensacola Nashua, N. H. Tampa HARRY B. MERNER EVAN A. MERRITT ANN MESSER MARILYN MEYER LENA MEYER SHIRLEY MEYER Jacksonville Sumterville Greenwood Gainesville Apalachicola St. Augustine MARGUERITE MYERS MARJORIE MIDDLETON BETTY JO MILLER BILLY GENE MILLER MAXINE MINER ANTHONY MONTS DE OCA Miami Jacksonville Ft. Lauderdale Wausau Tampa Tampa ETTIE CLIFTON MOOR BARBARA J. MORGAN GENE A. MORSE MILDRED MORSE MARY MOWISER MARGARET MOYER Tallahassee Orlando Marianna Pinetta Lakeland Sebring HARRY MULLIKIN FRANCES MUNNERLYN AILEEN MURPHY PATRICIA MURPHY RAYT. NAPIER HAZEL ANN NELSON Tallahassee Kissimmee Orlando Brooksville Greenwood Panama City DOT NEVILLE GLORfA NOWAK M. L. OLIVER OLIVE CAROL OSBURN JUDY OWENS MARY LOUISE OXER Miami Pensacola Apalachicola Crestview Vero Beach Lake Placid JAMES PAGE CHRISTINE PARKER ANN PARRISH PEGGY PARRISH NATALIE PARRAMORE RICHARD C. PAULINE] Greenville Tampa Gainesville Miami St. Petersburg St. Petersburg JOSEPH E. PEEL MARTHA PEEL LAVERNE PENDLEY FRANK PENNELL PRISCILLA PENNINGTON MARIANNA PERMENTER Chipley Graceville Alachua Columbus, Ga. Miami Jacksonville ' 50 ' 50 MURIEL PERRY LEWIS H. PETERS MARY F. PETERS JANET PETRALIA MARGARET PETTIS MARY PETTIT Tampa Albany, Ga. Orlando Tampa Key West Miami ELIZABETH PICKETT REBECCA 1. PORTNOY ROSE MARIE POSEY CATHERINE POWELL MARTHA POWELL MINA JO POWELL Pahokee Jacksonville Largo St. Petersburg Brewster Thomasville NANCY POWELL RALPH POWELL RAMONA POWERS PRISCILLA PORTER MARCELLA PRESLEY RAYMOND S. PRICE Jacksonville West Palm Beach West Palm Beach DeLeon Springs Crestview Pensacola THOMAS M. PRIEST MERRELLA PRITCHETT MARY PROCTOR VIOLET PUGLISI PEGGY RAINEY DONALD R. REED Crystal River Tampa Hastings Tampa Tampa Tallahassee ' ' ■■ ' ; GLORIA REEVES WILLIAM C. REGISTER HELEN RUTH REID BEVERLY RENTZ HILDA RENWICK JOSEPHINE RIECKEN Miami Arcadia Ft. Myers Jacksonville New Smyrna Beach Orlando FRANCES RIHERD BARBARA RIMEY ELIZABETH C. ROBERTS WILLIAM C. ROBERTS ELIZABETH ROBERTSON MARTHA ROBINSON Lake Butler St. Petersburg Ft. Lauderdale Port St. Joe Tampa Daytona Beach JAMES B. ROGERS MARGARET ROGERS MARY ROSENBUSH MILDRED ROSS YVONNE ROWAN JEANETTE RUDD Clearwater St. Petersburg Green Cove Springs Tallahassee Greensboro Stuart HELEN RUMPH HERBOTH RYDER IDA SANTOS AUBREY L. SAPP RAY SCHONECK SHIRLEY SCHROEDER Miami Tallahassee Tampa Manatee Key West Tampa ' 50 ' 50 ' NTHIA SCHUMACHER FRANK E. SCOTT MARGARET SCOTT ANN SEGREST PAT SELWAY CHARLES H. SENIOR Sebring Perry Orlando Sneads Miami Beach Boynton Beach TRUBY SHAW ANN SHEPPARD ANN V. SHIVER JUNE M. SINCLAIR SARAH SINGLETARY BILLYE SKAGGS Panama City Chipley Winter Park Jacksonville Marianna Ft. Pierce CAROLYN SKINNER GUSSIE SKINNER D IANA SMITH CHARLES G. SMITH CLAIRE SMITH CLINTON SMITH West Point, Pa. Archer Orlando Tallahassee Winter Haven Center Hill _OIS IMOGENE SMITH MARIAN L. SMITH Tallahassee DeLand THOMAS P. SMITH ARLENE L.SOLOMON BARBARA SOUTHARD GLENNA SPARKMAN Tampa Miami Beach New Smyrna Beach Dade City ANN SPARKMAN JULIE SPENCER HELEN SPACH RITA SPRANKLE GLORIA STAFFORD JEANNE STALNAKER Dade City Miami Coral Gables Miami Marianna Haines City BEVERLY STAPLES ALICE STEED LOIS STEVENSON BETTY STEWART WILLIAM B. STICH BRUCE STONE Ft. Lauderdale Orlando Sebring Milton Clearwater Miami CARMEN M. TARZETTI CLIFFORD O.TAYLOR OR VILLE TAYLOR RAY TAYLOR FLOYD THACKER ELISE THOMAS DeLisle, Miss. Ft. Pierce Tampa Thomasville, Ga. Jacksonville St. Petersburg AUSTIN D. STONER AUGUSTA STRUCK JANET SWEET JAMES TALLEY WILLIAM TANNER JANE TAPRELL Ft. Lauderdale Pensacola St. Petersburg Tallahassee New Smyrna Beach Daytona Beach ' 50 ' 50 GEORGIA THOMAS TWYLA J. THOMAS INEZ THOMPSON GLENN ANNA THORP JOSEPHINE THORPE INGRIDTIERSE Panama City Palatka Jacksonville Auburndale Miami Titusville ANNE TIMMONS BETTY TIMMONS MARIE TOBIAS JOYCE TODD MARGARETTA TOLTON NAOMI TOMLINSON Quincy Quincy Chipley Quincy Pensacola Cocoa MARGARET TOOLE CAROLYN TURNAGE IRMA TURNER BARBARA TURNIPSEED RUTH TUSTING PEGGY ULMER Chattahoochee Chattahoochee Tampa Ocala St. Petersburg Stuart OHN S. VANDEROEF DOT VAN EEOPOEL RUTH VAUSE LENORA VEDDER OLGA VEGA WILLIAM E. VILLAR Clearwater Tampa Umatilla Orlando Tampa Milton JOAN VINSON PAT VINSON JOHN S. WADE MARGUERITE WAINWRIGHT BETTY WADE MARTHA WALKER Tarr.pa Miami Miami Beach Lavvty Tampa Milton ELSIE WARD HENRY D. WARD JANET WATERMAN WILLIAM A. WATERS HELEN WEAVER LUCY WEISENBERGER Haines City Bonifay Tallahassee St. Petersburg Tallahassee Bradenton ALBERT WELSH RHODA WENTZ THOMASINA WEST MURL WESTER ROZANNE WESTMORELAND BETTY WHEELER St. Petersburg Red Creek, N. Y. Coral Gables High Springs High Springs Tallahassee JUNE WHIDDEN JOYCE WHISENANT DA ' C Y L. WHITAKER MARTHA WHITAKER GERTRUDE WHITTY RONALD WILDES Tampa Palmetto Bunnell Gainesville Lee Tampa ' 50 ' 50 LUCILE WILKINS Laurel Hill RAHL W. WILKINSON Dania DOLORES WILLIAMS Lake City JOANNAH WILLIAMS MARTHA JANE WILLIAMS CALVIN W. WILLIAMS Lakeland Bradenton Monricello BLANCHE D. WILLSON Perry WANDA WILLIAMS Ft. Myers MILDRED WINFIELD Ocala BETTY WILSON Gulfport, Miss. JANICE V. WILSON Jacksonville JESSE P. WILSON Okeechobee FRANK WITHAM St. Petersburg DORIS WOLFE Pensacola MARY ALICE WOLFE St. Augustine ANN WOOD Fort Myers ROBERT C. WOOLFE West Palm Beach MARY ANN YANCEY Umatilla LEONDRES YOUNG WYNONAH ZETROWER CHARLOTTE ZELLERMAYER BARBARA ZIPF Tallahassee Palatka Miami Fort Lauderdale JUDDY MARSHALL Tallahassee ROBERTA McBRIDE Tallahassee 1 ARY ANN BE Vice President ERS President i f • ■ N 1 ■ ;■ ml ! Hi r Hi « ■ ' 1 H m 1 1 v, ii JAZEL CLARKSON Parliamentarian SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Abel, Leah Wrightsville, Pa. American Organist Guile American Chemical Society Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta Gamma Sigma Epsilon Allsopp, N. Phyllis Washington, D. C. Tally-Ho Staff I. R. C. Art Club EDWIN R. WALKER, Ph. D. Dean, School of Arts and Sciences Almyda, Joseph G. Tampa Cavaliers Gold Key Barnes, William W. St. Petersburg Baxter, Carolyn Ponce de Leon Psychology Club Y. W. C. A. Westminster Fellowsh Beland, Leola A. Pensacola Playnight Committee- Program Chairman Vice Pres. Residence Hal Speech Plays Zeta Phi Eta Delta Zeta Benedict, Ann B. Tallahassee Kappa Delta Bennet, Lula Tampa Geography Club Circus Berns, Margie Miami Ch. Freshman Lower Court Pres. Jennie Murphree Jr. Counselor I. R. C. World Federalists Alpha Lambda Delta Berry, Fred H. Pensacola Kappa Sigma Trans. Tulane Univ. Blake, John W. Tallahassee Sigma Chi Baker, Peggy Jacksonville Art Club Blakey, Millard Lee Tallahassee Phi Delta Theta Inter-Frat. Counsel Pre. -Med. Club Baptist Student Union Blocker, Margaret A. St. Petersburg Pi Beta Phi — Rush Ch. Soph. Council Lower Court — Off- Campus Tally-Ho Staff m Borysewich, Harry Winter Garden fat Braun, Margaret Tallahassee Tally-Ho Art Club Newman Club Day Students Club Brinkman, Lois Miami Newman Club Calhoun, Betty Jacksonville, Fla. Carter, Anne Orlando Pi Beta Phi — Pres. ' 48- ' 49 Freshman Senator Chairman Soph. Council Sec. Vice Pres. C. G. A. Spirogira Mortar Board Women ' s Senate University Senate Garnet Key Carter, Priscilla Jacksonville Art Club Pres. House Counselor Tally-Ho Childers, John K. Tallahassee Art Club Lambda Chi Alpha Beta Alpha Clark, Gladys Tampa Phi Mu Sophomore Council Junior Counselor Pre. to Senate Senior Class Treas. Clifton, Marie DeLand Clowe, Winifred Lake Worth Coghlan, Carol Ft. Lauderdale Zeta Tau Alpha — Sec. Y. W. C. A. Westminster Fellowship I. R. C. Freshman Flunkies Colbert, William J. Tallahassee Kappa Alpha — Sec. Sports Staff — Flambeau Univ. Honor Court — Sec. Curtis, Virginia Tampa Pi Beta Phi — Sec, Vice Pres., House Ch. Freshman Flunkies Freshman Carnival Y. W. C. A. Off Campus Comm., Sect. Dawkins, Emily Tampa Alpha Xi Delta American Chem. Society Gamma Sigma Epsilon Alpha Lambda Chi Dedge, Mary Alice Daytona Zeta Phi Eta o, Elizabeth Ann Miami •nbeau — Bus. Mgr. Dickie, George Palmetto Sec. Treas. — T.B.U.F. Bus. Mgr. — T.B.U.F. Senate Organizations Comm. Homecoming Comm. Gold Key — Pres. Dillard, Pat Miami Pi Beta Phi Ch. Freshman Flunkies Senate Sophomore Council Spirogyra Judiciary — Ch. Mortar Board English, Alvany Plant City Geography Club Fiezl, Ruth Dolores Orlando Los Picaros de Lope de Vega Sigma Delta Pi Newman Club Flynn, Margaret Tallahassee Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Delta Sophomore Council Senior Rep. Honor Coui Cotillion Foster, Julian S. Sarasota Mayor of Whispering Pines Fussell, Nita Tampa Gard, Katherine Tallahassee Gavilan, Norma Tampa Los Picaros Newman Club Gleaton, Carroll W. Tampa Pre-Med. Club American Chem. Society Sigma Gamma Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Delta Gonzalez, Yolondai Tampa Freshman Flunkies Newman Club Los Picaros Goodell, Virginia Jacksonville Freshman Class Treas. Judiciary Soph Council Spirogira " F " Club Honor Committee Garnet Key Mortar Board Gray, Jimmie Quincy Pi Beta Phi Program Chairman Griffith, Idana St. Petersburg Univ. Chorus Hagan, Tom A. Tallahassee Hardacre, Jane Jacksonville Hare, Edgar Tallahassee Hargraves, Shirley Bushnell Soph. Council " F " Club Soph. Class Senator Jr. Class Secretary Jr. Counselor B. S. U. Council Harris, Frank Bartow Canterbury Club Harris, George H. Pensacola Harrison, Kay Tallahassee Kappa Alpha Theta Freshman Flunkies Sec. of Cam. Radio Sta. Radio Workshop Ed. Kappa Alpha Theta Haywood, Alice Tallahassee Hipp, Helen Sarasota Hooker, Phyllis Ft. Lauderdale Kappa Alpha Theta Pre-Med Club Horrox, Mildred Lake Wales Houlihan, Betty M. Lake Alfred Howard, James B. Panama City Hunt, Audrey Minneola Alpha Lambda Delta " F " Club Junior Councilor Senior Hall Council Jefferson, Rufus Tampa Pres. World Federalists Pre-Law Gold Key Pres. Senior Class Pres. Jr.-Sr. Class Chief Justice T.B.U.F. Senator T.B.U.F. Constitution Comm. Honor Code Comm. Jenkins, Alice Zephyrhills Marching Band Concert Band Symphony Orchestra String Quartet Johnson, Edith Jacksonville Art Club Alpha Omicron Pi I. R. C. Kelly, James E. Ft. Myers A. E. D. King, Margery V. Dunnellon Sigma Kappa Los Picaros Geography Club Sponser, Delta Tau Delta Leach, Anne K. West Palm Beach Kappa Alpha Theta, House Ch., Pres. Freshman Flunkies Freshman Carnival Off Campus Comm. Tally-Ho Staff Love, Frances Cocoa I. R. C. Mallard, Margery Tampa Sophomore Council ' . G. A., 3rd Vice-Pres. Alpha Lambda Delta President Garnet Key Mortar Board Mathis, Colleen Vero Beach Mauldin, Retha Mae Williston Westminister Fellowship Y.W.C.A. McClure, Betty Clair Tallahassee Zeta Phi Eta McLamore, Sarah F. Pensacola Sigma Delta Pi Los Picaros Junior Counselor Life Saving Corps Wesley Foundation Radio Workshop Miller, Mary C. Blountstown Zeta Tau Alpha Nelson, Botty Wells DeFuniak Chi Omega University Senate Woman ' s Senate " F " Club Patton, Howard Macon, Ga. Beta Phi Colony of Phi Delta Theta Rhoads, Ann Jacksonville Life Saving Corps Tallahassee Soc. of Ornithology McCormack, Martha Jacksonville Social Standards Comm. Junior Counselor Lower Court Westminister Fellowship Zeta Phi Eta McGoogan, Margaret Jacksonville Delta Zeta Westminister Fellowship McLearn, Paul D. Tampa Kappa Alpha — Pres. Sandspur Cast Sandspur Script Pres. Council I. F. C. Drive Meyer, Geraldine Frostproof Alpha Lambda Delta Gamma Sigma Epsilon Miller, Ethel Miami Murrell, Carol Cocoa Junior Counselor I. R. C. University Chorus Geography Club Nickinson, Em Turner Pensacola Kappa Delta Tarpon Alpha Epsilon Delta Junior Counselor Life Saving Corps Usher Comm. Freshman Flunkies Presbyerian Council, Worship Ch. Nordan, Annette St. Augustine Vice Pres. Y.W.C.A. F. S. U. Bands Pearlman, Donald H. Tallahassee Trans, from U. of F. Price, Burton Quincy Roberts, Fern Meta Tampa Sophomore Counsel I. R. C. World Federalists House Pres. of Bryan House V.-Pres. of Landis Woman ' s Senate Junior Minstrel Robertson, Hazel Orlando " F " Club Rodriquez, Arsenia Tampa Newman Club V.-Pres. Sigma Delta Pi V.-Pres. Spanish House Floor-Ch. Sopomore Year Rogers, Verna Miami Alpha Xi Delta Zeta Phi Eta Newman Club Routon, Sarah F. Quincy Alpha Delta Pi Sophomore Rep. Sackhoff, Jerry Narcoossee Sanchez, Hilda Tampa Los Picaros — Pres. Sigma Delta Pi — Sec. Junior Counselor Rogolino, Natalina St. Augustine Newman Club Sigma Delta Pi Pi Delta Phi Junior Counselor Scott, Karhryn L. Tallahassee Band Newman Club Setcliff, Bobbie Ft. Lauderdale Simmons, Marion B. Tampa Simon, Barbara Dale West Palm Beach Alpha Delta Pi — Scholarship Chairman, Chapter Reporter Skevakis, Artemus St. Petersburg Chi Omega Mortar Board Ed-in-Chief Tally-Ho Pres. Canterbury Club Spirogira " F " Club Sophomore Council Vice Pres. Junior Class Garnet Key Art Club Freshman Carnival Sophomore Hop Odd Demonstration Mademoiselle College Board Smith, Gladys Tampa Orchestra String Quartette Canterbury Club Spurgeon, Katherinc Ft. Pierce Delta Zeta — Treas. Delegate, Summer ' 48 Member I. R. C. Settle, Renee New Smyrna Beach Kappa Delta — Asst. Treasurer Freshman Flunkies Sophomore Council V.-Pres. Magnolia Hall Phychology Club Stevens, Nancy Ann Pahokee Flambeau Staff Flastacowo Staff Stewart, Lois St. Petersburg Starnes, Hallie M. Memphis, Tenn. Trans, from Memphis State College. Stinson, Ann am " WW De Funiak m W Alpha Delta Pi Zeta Phi Eta L J ' M 45 1 Stulk, Frances Winter Garden Freshman Flunkies Junior Counselor B. S. U. Sullivan, Newton B. Tallahassee Swanson, Margaret Palm Beach Alpha Gama Delta Tarpon Club Sweet, Betty Miami Alpha Chi Omega Ch. Red Cross Comm. Teague, Ann S. Jacksonville Delta Delta Delta Social Chairman Pre-Med Club Alpha Epsilon Delta Thompson, Sarah Barberville Thornton, Wilbur G. Jacksonville Verser, Catherine Tallahassee Vickery, Marjorie Jasper Walters, Violet Jacksonville Alpha Gamma Delta Freshman Flunkies Sophomore Council Usher Committee Sandspur Odd Demonstration Junior Minstrels Odd Dance Wamble, Edna Tampa Worrell, Charles O. Jacksonville Watt, Marilyn A. Lakeland Kappa Delta Trans, from Ga. State College for Women Wells, John D. Tallahassee White, Frances Tallahassee Kappa Delta Usher Committee Circus Wiggins, Ernest C. Jacksonville Williams, Fred E. Havana, Fla. Sigma Chi Willner, Winona Eloise V alrico Y.W.C.A. Vestry Member Episcopal St. House Wilson, Clara Virginia Tampa Sophomore Council Modern Dance Team Junior Minstrels Freshman Lower Court Sandspur Senior Hall Council Junior Counselor Vice Pres. Reynolds Wilson, Louise Jacksonville Delta Zeta Winn, Margaret Eli Lake Butler Woodall, Rosalie Kissimmee Usher Club Wooten, Jane Bradenton Chi Omega — Pledge Trainer, V.-Pres. Cotillion C.G.A. Dance Chairman Social Standards Com. Zeta Phi Eta Wright, Karhryn Pensacola Zewadski, JaAnne Tampa Pi Beta Phi — Athletic Manager Tarpon — V.-Pres., Pres. Sophomore Council Life Saving Corps Red Cross — Treas. " F " Club Mortar Board Honor Committee Allsopp, Phyllis Weirsdale Bailey, Jeanell West Palm Beach Kappa Alpha Theta Barash, Esther West Palm Beach Delta Phi Epsilon — - House Ch. Hillel — Pres. Sr. Life Saving Corps Freshman Flunkies Brokaw, Martha Orlando Alpha Gamma Delta Gallagher, Catherine Zephyrhills Hipp, Helen Sarasota Johnson, Paul St. Augustine McDonald, Martha Sebring Delta Zeta Zeta Phi Eta Nightingale, Jane Neptune Beach Phi Mu Tuttle, Pauline Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Lambda Delta Fresh. Class Pres. Soph. Class Pres. Soph. Council FClub Vice-President WGA President WGA Mortar Board Garnet Key Who ' s Who Simpson, Laura Ft. Myers Phi Mu Tally-Ho Staff Freshman Carnival Freshman Flunkies Odd Dem. ' 46 Jr. Minstrels ' 46 Glee Club Spirogira Garnet Key Sandspur ' 47, ' 48, ' 49 Jr.-Sr. Prom Art Club EDUCATION RALPH LEE EYMA1N, Ed. D. Mean, School of Education Atlas, Gladys M. Jacksonville Delta Phi Epsilon — Pres. Social Ch., Pledge Mis. Freshman Flunkies Hillel University Chorus Talaria Staff Barton, Irene F. Anderson, S. C. Becknell, Peggy Tampa Sec. A. A. H. P. E. R. Sec. " F " Club Bishop, Frances West Palm Beach Boston, Pearl Gotha Brinkman, E. Miami Cotillion Newman International Relation Club Rifle Club Batman, Lu Anne Tampa " F " Club Bolton, William H. Perry Brown, Elaine Madison " F " Club Sophomore Council Vice Pres. Women ' s Rec. Asso. Pres. Women ' s Rec. Asso. Spirogira Garnet Key Odd Soccer Leader Binger, Robert Bushnell Wesley Foundation Kappa Delta Pi Brown, Betty Ann West Palm Beach Atkinson, George E. Quincy Barton, Dale S. Tallahassee Bossidy, Mary Ann Cocoa Newman Club Brown, Jeonnelle Jacksonville Delta Zeta Glee Club Wesley Foundation Y. W. C. A. Junior Counselor Dormitory Social Ch. Social Standards Council Burke, Tom Jacksonville Burkholder, Harry J. Lake Worth Byers, William S. Pensacola Beta Phi Fraternity, House Manager Calley, Mary Miami " F " Club Cotillion Sophomore Council Junior Counselor Athletic Mgr. Fr. Class A.H.P.E.R. — Vice Pres. W. R. A. Jr. Rep. to Senate Campbell, Miriar Pensacola Chairas, Eleanor Boorhby Cedar Key Canterbury Club — Workshop Ch. Publicity I. R. C. Chaires, Kitty Chaires Flambeau demons, Jacque Mayo Cogswell, Margaret K. Tallahassee Junior Minstrels Art Club Sandspur Collins, Frances L. Lee, Fla. Geography Club Y. W. C. A. Crabtree, Jim Pensacola Pres. of M. G. A Crammond, Dorothy Jean Miami Cotillion Crumbley, June E. Tampa Dar ' .cv, C. Herschel Havana, Fla. Dotson, Alice Orlando Delta Zeta Freshman Flunkies I. F. C. Dell-Donne Marseille Tallahassee Radio Workshop Campus Radio Station Sandspur Speech Dept. Prod. Dix, Ruth West Palm Beach A.A.H.P.E.R. Dixon, Vera Lee 4-H Club Junior Counselor Fire Warden Fischer, Carl M Tampa Phi Delta Theta Flowers, Anne Chipley Forbes, Jessie Kissimmee Fox, Ed L. Freemont, Ohio Football Furman, Jean Jacksonville Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain, Pres. Senate Freshman Flunkies Sophomore Council Ch. of May Day Ch. Handbook Comm. Spiorgira Garnet Key Mortar Board Kappa Delta Pi Honor Comm. Sophomore Dance Court Ruge Hall Ganey, Rubye Mayo Geography Club Gordon, Evaline Pensacola Granger, Martha Kissimmee Alpha Omicron Pi Y. W. C. A. Grimsley, Joan Tampa B. S. U. Groover, Duffie Tallahassee Zeta Tau Alpha — Historian Day Student Organiza- tion — Vice-Pres. Day Student Constitutic Hanna, Alda Mae Altha Geography Club 4-H Club B. S. U. Hansen, Nedra A rcadia Harding, Lucile Mt. Dora Garnet Key " F " Club -leadley, Marjorie J. Punta Gorda B. S. U. ; Sophomore Council Junior Counselor Y. W. C. A. Levy, Jane Carol Tampa res. Mortar Bd., Pres. ' F " Club, Sr. Rep. to udiciary, Kappa Delta Pi, Tarpon Club, Life laving Corps, Garnet Key, Girls ' Sports Ed. ally-Ho, Vice Pres. of Village, Vice Pres. of ilchrist, Soph. Council, Jr. Counselor, Hillel, Dndspur, Homecoming lorn., Fresh. Carnival, YWCA, WRA Board, H.P.E.R., Feature Sec. Tally-Ho McCranie, Carl M. Tallahassee oamma Sigma Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Delta M. G. A. Senate U. G. A. Senate Gold Key Harkey, Beth St. Petersburg Trans. St. Pete. Jr. College Harris, Joyce Bowling Green Sr. Hall Counselor Hay, Dorothy Anne White Springs Alpha Xi Delta B. S. U. Senior Hall Holton, Mary Jane St. Augustine Kappa Alpha Theta Cotillion Club " F " Club Hunter, Frances Century Jackson, Frances Sumterville Johnson, Edward N. St. Augustine Jones, Catherine Panama City Newman Club Trans, from Univ. of Miss. Lisle, Mary Ellen Winter Beach B. S. U. Lippincott, Dixie Tampa Looby, Helen Miami Garnet Key Mortar Board Lyles, Florence Tampa Alpha Delta Pi Freshman Flunkies MacMullen, Wynelle Ocala Trans, from Stetson Maddox, Emery A. Tallahassee Maddox, Marilyn Wewahitchka Mock, Peggy Jacksonville Alpha Omicron Pi Marching Band Symphonic Band Symphony Orchestra Y. W. C. A. Pre-Med. Club Miller, Connie L. Miami Christian Science Organ. Miller, Esther Miami Sophomore Council " F " Club Garnet Key Newman, Margaret Jacksonville Mims, Maude Anne Miami Alpha Xi Delta Newman Club Geography Club Nolen, Barbara St. Petersburg Delta Zeta Freshman Flunkies Off-Campus Court Nowok, Doris Pensacola Y. W. C. A. 4-H Club Home Economics Club O ' Bryan, Bernice Altha 4-H Club Georgraphy Club Ossenkop, Lucille Miami " F " Club Phy. Ed. Assn. Play Night Comm. Junior Minstrel Palmer, Shirley Tampa " F " Club Garnet Key Pavy, James S. Versailes, Ind. A. A. H. P. E. R.- " F " Club T es. Peebles, Marjorie Conner Pres. — Reynolds Hall Junior Minstrels Univ. Chorus Perkins, Rachel Greensboro Home Ec Club Geography Club Priest, Creola Crystal River Rizou, Helen Athen ' s, Greece Sanders, Bettye J. P. Mobile, Ala. Delta Zeta — Treas., Vices Pres. Sophomore Council Junior Counselor Junior Minstrels Sandspur Fr. Lower Court Shirley, Mary Jane Fort Meade Alpha Gamma Delta — Vice Pres. Odd Dem. Chorus Tarpon Club Red Cross Shropshire, Jane E. Daytona Beach Kappa Alpha Theta — Pledge Train., Social Ch. College Choir Social Ch. at Dale Mabry •V- Shupp, Janet Palatka mith, Mary Louise East Point, Ga. ( lpha Chi Omega — Corres. Sec. lamma Sigma Epsilon ■ — Sec. I Odd Dance Group (dent Affiliate — A.C.S. Junior Counselor Simmons, Marie Oak Hill Kappa Delta Pi Y. W. C. A. World Federalists Geography Club Swcatt, Alryna Okeechobee Tuten, Betty New Smyrna Beach Smith, Arthur C. Ft. Myers Swicord, Virginia Panama City Sophomore Council Westminster Fellowship Freshman Advisor Junior Counselor Waddell, Mary Elizabeth Pensacola Warner, Mary P. Quincy Alpha Gamma Delta Glee Club Usher Committee Widener, Jewel Panama City Williams, Ida Lee Alachua B. S. U. Y. W. C. A. Home Ec. Club Barker, Kathleen Pensacola Alpha Xi Delta Wilson, Iris Dee Perry " F " Club A. H. P. E. R. Life Saving Corps Band Gailbraith, Betty Dot Orlando Alpha Gamma Delta Schwartz, Jo An ne Miami " F " Club Swann, William Pensacola Kappa Alpha Wilkie, Ruth Jacksonville Delta Zeta Wilson, Wiley Perry DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS MAKGAKET IV SA1NDELS, Ph. I). Dean, School of Home Economics Blocker, Norma Savannah, Ga. Home Ec. Club B. S. U. Cummings, Gloria Coral Gables Gecring, Emily Tampa Home Ec. Club Senior Hall Burnam, Dorothy Jasper Home Ec. Club Deirz, Carlo Miami Alpha Chi Omega — Pres. Home Ec. Club — State Pres. Gill, Dorothy Chattahoochee Home Ec. Club Aronovitz, Joyce Miami Home Ec. Club Hillel Flint, Carolyn C. St. Petersburg Home Ec. Club Adams, Ruthie Lake Worth Phi Mu Freshman Flunkies Home Ec. Club Aero Club Sr. Hall Counselor Gray, Catherine Longwood Home Ec. Club Hancock, Mary Alice Ft. Meade Aero Club Y. W. C. A. Odd Demonstration Sandspur Hcdick, June Brooksville Home Ec. Club Holloway, June C. Marion, Ohio Home Ec. Club Jones, Edna Mae St. Petersburg Jones, Helen Windermere 4-H Club Social Ch. 4-H Club Treas. of 4-H Club Home Ec. Club Kautz, Catherine Jacksonville Lake, Doris Sanford Alpha Epsilon Delta Newman Club Pre-Med. Club Letton, Ollivia Tampa Home Ec. Club Wesley Foundation Morris, Meda Miami Junior Counselor Home Ec. Club Olsen, Ruth Ellen Pensacola Kappa Delta Rollins, Eloise Clearwater Rotolo, Mary Frances Tampa Newman Club Home Ec. Club Shafer, Mabel F. New Smyrna Shuler, Bernice Blountstown Smithers, Frances Jacksonville Home Ec. Club Snively, Dorothy Winter Haven Alpha Delta Pi Village Vamps Home Ec. Club I. R. C. Stephens, Violet Ponce De Leon Home Ec. Club Band Stewart, Doris Tallahassee Sigma Kappa — Parlia- mentarian Alpha Lambda Delta Home Ec. Club Omicron Nu Day Student ' s Organi- zation — V. Pres., Sec. Venters, Frances Tampa Home Ec. Club Symphonic Band Welker, Dorothy St. Petersburg Home Ec. Club Geography Club Wills, Betty B. Tampa - ' Bradley, Grace Jacksonville Callcy, Mary Miami Cline, Pearl Boynton Beach Green, Elizabeth Tallahassee Phipps, Margaret Orlando Alpha Gamma Delta SCHOOL OF musk; Bailey, Paula T. Delta Zeta — Song O Glee Club New Thespian Club Booth, Marjorie E. Plant City V. Pres., South Cawthon Upperclass Lower Court University Chorus KARL OTTO KUERSTEINER, Ph. I). Dean, School of Music Brameister, Sarah H. Palmetto I. Z. F. A. Hillel Glee Club Social Com — S. Cawthon Hall Glee Club Ensemble Bridges, Evelyn Brinson,Ga. DcKolb, Phyllis Clearwater Sophomore Council Junior Counselor Women ' s Glee Club Canterbury Club Epps, Betty J. Umatilla University Chorus Sigma Alpha lota — Pres. Fernandez, Geraldine Tampa Los Picaros Newman Club Hand, Bill ic Joyce Sarasota Kappa Delta Pi Radio Workshop Kent, Edward R. Chipley University Chorus Morper, Cortlandt Archer Sigma Alpha lota Pi Kappa Lambda Westminster Fellowship Rushmcr, Betty Jeanne Miami 4-H Club Y. W. C. A. Georgraphy Club Orchestra University Singers Junior Counselors Pres. of N. Cawthon Smith, Marjorie Madison Stroberg, Joyce Miami Kappa Alpha Theta Sigma Alpha lota Cotillion University Chorus Sophomore Counselor Watson, J. Perry Miami Delta Tau Delta — V. Pres. Cavaliers — Dance Ch. Men ' s Music Club Drum Major of Band Kappa Kappa Psi Wilcox, David D. Clearwater Pi Kappa Alpha — Pres. Univ. Chorus — Bus. Mgr. Pres. Men ' s Music Club Historian — Gold Key Sandspur Amer. Guild of Organists Music Education Club Williams, Mary Anne Cross City University Chorus Senior Hall SCHOOL OF LIBRARY TRAINING SCIENCE Cushman, Jean Titusville F. Club Discussion Club LOUIS SHORES, Ph. D. Dean, School of Library Training and Science Hilton, Carol Jacksonville Lynn, Geraldine Miami Mpha Chi Omega Jniversity Chorus Circus rcshman Flunkies Stanford, Catherine Oakland Freshman Flunkies Jr. Counselor SOLTAS Von Dohlen, Elizabeth Jacksonville i SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCES Arias, Rosario Tampa Los Picaros Newman Club COYLE E. MOORE, Ph. 1). Dean, School of Applied Sciences Augustine, Johnnie Jacksonville F Club Social Work Club Berry, Mary Ann Jacksonville Phi Mu Freshman Class Secty. Soph. Class Sect. Jr. Class Pres. Sr. Class Vice Pres. Jr.-Sr. Prom Court Newman Club Parliamentarian Club Junior Club Social Work Club — V. Pres. Sr. Hall Counselor Spirogiro Garnet Key Campbell, Jack P. Chipley Kappa Alpha Varsity Golf Team Cash, Margaret Miami World Federalists — Sec, V. Pres. Flambeau — News Editor, Man. Editor Jr. Counselor Social Ch. of Bryan Cash, R. LeMoyne Tallahassee Associate Justice — TBUF Honor Court Constitution Com. TBUF Man. Editor — Flambeau Editor — Flambeau Constitution Comm. Student World Federalists Wesley Players Homecoming Committee Chazal, Hester At Ocala Pi Beta Phi — Tree Freshman Flunkif Social Chairman Jei Murphree Soph. Council I Tarpon Club Newman Club Clonn, Ethel Tampa Zeta Tau Alpha F Club Social Work Club Life Saving Corps Coburger, Henry J. Pensacola Cooksey, Robert A. Winter Haven Flambeau Tally-Ho Cooper, Katherine A. St. Petersburg Alpha Gamma Delta Mortar Board Drake, Fred O. Tallahassee Phi Alpha — Pres. Gold Key Fernandez, Augustine Tampa Fouts, Dottie Jacksonville gma Kappa — Historian Psychology Club Futrelle, Artye Jacksonville Zeta Tau Alpha— V. Pres. Judiciary B. S. U.— Pres. Guthrie, Eddie West Palm Beach Phi Kappa Tau Cavaliers Harper, Joy Rose West Palm Beach Cotillion Harris, Lois C. Bartow Alpha Delta Pi Off-Campus Court Social Work Club Holland, Dorothy Winter Haven Chi Omega Flambeau Howes, Nell Pahokee B B% " wk Y. W. C. A. B B, Wesley Foundation — HL ik • att " reas., Promotion Ch. Hk e- W Marching Band I O. - • p Johnson, Myra Jean Bascom Hughes, Blanche Cairo, Ga. Hughy, Harry L. Pensacola Cavaliers Radio Station — Manager Radio Workshop Varsity Football Jons, Nancy R. Jacksonville F Club Kelly, Thomas Apalachicola Kirklond, Berniccc Bonifay Lovett, Lois E. Greenville Alpha Xi Delta — Scholarship Ch. I. R. C. Social Worker ' s Club Loy, Betty West Palm Beach Cotillion — Sec, V. Pres., President Soph. Council Pres. of Sr. Hall Sect, of Sr. Class Ch. of Social Standards Comm. Co-Chaiman of May Day Spanish House Dance Ch.— W. G. A. Lcth, Nellie Ann Tallahassee Social Work Club Lett, Roy E. Tallahassee Lujan, Arthur B. Key West Macread, Sarah West Palm Beach Magrudcr, Martha Miami Sigma Kappa — Sect. Social Ch., Pres. Mansell, Solon Tampa Martin, Jane Tampa Chi Omega Freshman Flunkies X 1 Martin, Wilson G. %s - Lake City Kappa Alpha Men ' s Senate . . • X ■ Sandspur L kw May, Peggy Enterprise Mayhusc, Mary C. Bartow Flambeau Tally-Ho Maxwell, Cynthia Pensacola Delta Delta Delta — House Ch. Ch. Off-Campus-Court Moore, Loys Tallahassee Norn ' s, James E. Pensacola Pacctti, Hildcgarde St. Augustine Newman Club Page, Margaret Dade City Pate, Dorothy Lee Tampa A. C. S. — Cor. Sec. Pate, Emmala Monticello Kappa Delta — House Ch. Usher Comm. Social Work Club Perry, Mary Etta Baker B. S. U. Y. W. C. A. Proctor, Custis N. Altamonte Springs Kappa Alpha Football Speech Dept. Prod. Social Standards Comm. Rish, Amy Wewahitchka Hood, Nancy Neal Jacksonville Rudisill, Marie Miami Sanderson, Raymond Tallahassee Robbins, Betty Ft. Lauderdale Saunders, Mary Jean Tampa Freshman Flunkies Life Saving Corp Alpha Chi Omega Flambeau Staff Social Work Club Peak, George T. Tallahassee Revell, Edwin Tallahassee Rodgers, Abbye Jean Chiefland Soger, Betty Cecelia Jacksonville Recording Sect., Corr. Sect. Social Work Club Hillel Saunders, William Orlando ward, Catherine Ann Jacksonville Mu — Pledge Director F Club Soph. Council Women ' s Senate Spirogira Junior Counselor Garnet Key Shatto, James B. Moline, III. Ch. of Men ' s Judiciary Shuler, Iris Blountstown ' Sirmans, Alma LaBelle Geography Club Snyder, Charlotte Tampa F Club Sprott, Jessie Lake Wales Alpha Gamma Delta Tarpon Lhher Comm. Stapleton, Lucy Thomas Jacksonville Zeta Tau Alpha — Pres. Standards Chairman Y. W. C. A. Student Budget Comm. Stathis, Eugenia G. Jacksonville Red Cross I. R. C. Pre-Law Club Tally-Ho Sandspur Y. W. C. A. Program Ch. Investiture Outing Club Radio Work Shop Election Ct. for May Day Muster, Cheryl Boynton Beach Sterns, Elsie St. Petersburg Story, Jacquelyn Lakeland Flambeau — News Ed. Flambeau — Asst. Editor Aero Club — Vice Pres. I. R. C. World Federalists Y. W. C. A. Strickland, Roy Tallahassee Pi Kappa Suber, Mary Catherine Homestead Thompson, Carl L. Tallahassee Trevine, Jackie Jacksonville Flambeau Staff B. S. U. Usher Comm. Tra k, Dorothy Lakeland Kappa Alpha Theta Freshman Flunkies House Council Sopho.rore Council Treas. Soph. Class VanLandingham, Hubert Greensboro Vogt, Virginia, Lake Wales ' otson, Caroline Caro Pensacola _ L Bf jf Westmoreland, George Perry Wood, Mabel Pierce Glee Club Sand, Louise St. Petersburg Meigs, Bill Niceville Alpha Tau Omega Gold Key Who ' s Who Chief Justice Men ' s Honor Court Speech Dept. Prod. Flambeau Radio Workshop UGA Executive Council Honors Committee Wesson, Frances Tallahassee Alpha Delta Pi — Pres. Flambeau Staff Tally-Ho Staff Freshman Flunkies Youngblood, Evelyn Tampa I. R. C. Life Saving Club Senior Hall Social Comm. of Landis Hall Vorh, Dick Ft. Pierce Walker, Lillian Okeechobee ▲ Sanders, Robert J. Mobile, Ala. FRANCIS R. ALLEN EVA MAY ATWOOD WALTER BLACKSTOCK JOHN L. BAGG FACULTY ARTS AND SCIENCES M. B. ALFRIEND ROBERTA ACKERMAN HAROLD BEARD FRANK C. BOLSTER LEROY E. BABCOCK CHARLES M. BOWEN RAYMOND F. BELLAMY WILLIAM F. BLAYLOCK HAROLD F. COTTINGHAM MARTHA G. CHAPMAN LORACE E. CATTERSON DAVID E. CHRISTENSEN MARCUS B. CALDWELL CHARLES L. CLAPP OLIVE H. CROSS D. LINCOLN CANFIELD MARGARET V. CAMPBELL CHARLES S. DAVIS MYRTLE E. DOLBEE EZDA M. DEVINEY ARTS AND SCIENCES THEO R. DEVEER GRAYDON S. DELAND CLARENCE W. EDNEY LORETTA C. ELLIAS JACK W. EICHINGER JAMES B. FLEEK CLAUDE R. FLORY MILDRED FINNEGAN J. RUSSELL REAVER LUTHER H. GULICK LOIS L. GOLDMAN BETTY B. GARLAND FACULTY AZZURRA B. GIBERY MILDRED F. HENRY WESLEY C. HARTER A. C. HIGGINBOTHAM DOROTHY LOIS HOFFMAN EDGAR H. HENDERSON MARY N. HOOD MARIAN D. IRISH MARJORIE S. JUDY HERMAN KURZ ADOLPH J. KARL JERRY B. KELLEY ARTS AND SCIENCES FLORENCE KAWA WILLIAM C. KIRK HEBERTO LACAYO ALBERT L. LEDUC LAWRENCE J. LAFLEUR FRED H. LEACH ROBERT S. LEOPOLD H. ROWLAND LUDDEN BESS LANCE ROBERT L. LEATHERS LAURA C. LEE ROBERT W. LONG FACULTY ANNA F. LIDDELL LELAND JUDSON LEWIS PAUL T. McCARTY MARY A. MAGGINIS CAROL J. MATHER MELVIN C. MAGIDSON EDWARD T. MACKEN GRACE C. MADSEN ROYAL MATTICE CARL I. MICHAELIS HUGH EDWIN MURPHY Jacqueline R. Misenheimer ARTS AND SCIENCES ISABEL McKINNELL WILSON MICKS HELEN E. NIELSEN GAYNELL NEFF CHESTER S. NIELSEN SAMUEL R. NEEL MADELINE NOAH JOSEPH M. ODIORNE MADELINE POSTAIRE DAISY PARKER MARY F. PARMENTER GRIFFITH T. PUGH FACULTY ANNIE M. POPPER RUTH A. PYCHE WALLACE W. REICHELT WILLIAM H. ROGERS ELSTON E. ROADY VERA L. RYDER EMILY ROWE WILLIAM RANDEL MARYR. SIERS JAMES PAUL STOAKES W. G. SHOVER HOWARD W. SMOYER ARTS AND SCIENCES JULIA B. SCHWARTZ RUTH SCHORNHERST KURT A. SEPMEIER ELIZABETH STUCKY LYMAN D. TOULMIN ALLAN THOMSON ELEANOR TAPP GILBERT C. TOLHURST FLORENCE TRYON THOMAS L. WADE JAMES B. WELCH MELVIN J. WILLIAMS FACULTY SALLIE WILLIAMS EDITH WOODFIN WEST BEATRICE B. WILLIAMS KENNETH L. YODOWITCH GEORGE YOST ARTHUR W. ZIEGLER EDUCATION MARIAN W. BLACK RACHEL E. BRYANT ARDNEY JAMES BOLAND H.A.CURTIS NELLIE-BOND DICKINSON FRANCES L. ECKLAND f LBi EDUCATION WARD T. FLETCHER CAROLYN M. FOREHAND GLENN A. HASKINS TRACY B. HARE MARION J. HAY MURPHY R. HINSON DONALD LOUCKS KENNETH D. MILLER MARY J. MARTIN-VEGUE GEORGE L. OLSEN HARTLEY D. PRICE EDNA E. PARKER FACULTY VIRGIL E. STRICKLAND W. HUGH STICKLER MARY E. TITUS MARTHA L. WILLSON HUME ECONOMICS RUTH CONNOR RUTH J. DALES NONA M. GOODSON RICHARD L. D. MORSE HELEN L. RICHEY MUSIC FRED BLAKE ROBERT L. BRIGGS HOWARD A. DOOLIN HERMAN GUNTER GLADYS 0. KOCH J.SIGNEQUALE ETTA L. ROBERTSON E. REBECCA RODENBERG PAUL RAMSEIER OWEN T. SELLERS LOIS L. SCHNOOR FACULTY LIBRARY SCIENCE NANCY K. BIRD LOUISE RICHARDSON EDNA E. VANSYOC APPLIED SOCIAL SCIENCE EVANS C.ALLEN JAMES E. BALLOU MICHAEL P. BALWAN HETTIE CAMP J. FRANK DAME WILSON K. DOYLE iU APPLIED SOCIAL SCIENCE WENDELL L. EAST EDWARD EIKMAN JUANITA M. GIBSON LUCIUS B. GRAVELY CHARLES B. HOWELL JUANITA R. KRENTZMAN LEWIS J. LAPHAM O. M. MONTGOMERY GLENN E. MURPHY LESTER S. PEARL LUELLA RICHEY ROY T. SHAW FACULTY ELMER L. SCHICK HELEN E. UNDERWOOD EARL L. VANCE DORSEY VERNON WILSON ELIZABETH G. ANDREWS, Ph.D. Director of Personnel and Placement Bureau ADMINISTRATIVE 1JEANS and PERSONNEL CHARLES P. HOGARTH, Ph.D. Registrar KATHERINE M. WARREN, MA. Dean of Women MILTON W. CAROTHERS, M.A., Ed.D. Dean of Graduate School BROWARD J. CULPEPPER, M.S., Ed.D. Dean of Student Welfare MG A EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, M.G.A. (Left to right): JIM CRABTREE, President; DAL ALBRITTON, Secretary; JAMES TIPPIN, Vice-President; JIM WILSON, Treasurer. (Not pictured): JAMES SHATTO, Chief Justice The primary objective of the Men ' s Government Association for the year has been to serve the men students. This group, orig- inated in TBUF days, also aims at cooperation with the University Government to serve the entire student body, as well as coping with the demands of a tremendous expansion in the male student body. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, W.G.A. (Left to right): VIRGINIA SWICORD, Freshman Adviser; CATHERINE YONGE, Secretary; PAULINE TUTTLE, President; HELEN HOBBS, Treasurer; IDA SANTOS, Vice-President. Women ' s Government Association, a survivor of university gov- ernment revision, has been on active group this year. Women officers have made an attempt to evaluate and revise this gov- erning branch to meet the changing needs concurrent with the development of university government. WGA UNIVERSITY SENATE Every Tuesday night at nine o ' clock our University statesmen could be found in the midst of a legisla- tive session. The University Legislature is composed of ten women and ten men elected by women ' s and men ' s senate, the secretary of UGA, Leila Lane, and the vice-president of UGA, Barbara Jean Mor- gan, who serves as chairman of this legislative body. The University Legislature has the responsibility for establishing rules and regulations that apply alike to men and women, for considering and es- tablishing Constitutional changes, and for voicing the opinion and will of the student body. It is the duty of these members to enact laws beneficial to both the students and the University. Men ' s and Women ' s Senates, slated to be abol- ished when the new constitution goes into effect, will be replaced by a University Senate which will include both men and women representatives and put an end to the duplication of work in the sep- arate senates. Led by Ida Santos, the Senate saw many changes and new additions to rules pertain- ing to women students. Sponsoring progressive legi- slation to keep up with the ever-changing trends of a campus newly co-ed. Men ' s and Women ' s Senates bow out of the picture to make way for a more uni- fied University Government. (Left to right) : Jean Furman, Eleanor Graves, Nancy Rettie, Ordy Taprell, Joan Trupp, Helen McCorkle, Woodie Betts, Helen Gong, Ida Santos, Chairman, Catherine Yonge, Secretary, Wilda Larson, Betty Wells Nelson, Anne Bache, Dot Schoonmaker, Fern Roberts, Betty Jo Drake, Ann Graves. MEN ' S SENATE (Left to right) FIRST ROW: Murray Voth, Dal Albritton, James Tippin, Ed Schlitt. SECOND ROW: Arthur P. W. Con- nelley, Bob Segers, Billy Gene Miller, Bill Yon, John Wheeler, P. M. Findlay. (Not pictured): Charles McMillan, James Crabtree. UNIVERSITY The highest judicial body in University Government is the Uni- versity Court. It deals with all infractions of the Honor Code, and with all other regulations which effect both men and women. The court works in conjunction with Honor Committee for the promotion of understanding and observance of the Honor Code. COURT Left to right) : Eileen Lomax Bill Colbert Betty Collins Margaret Flynn Gene Carpenter Esther Rasmussen, Chief Justice Don Grant Betty Barnes (Not pictured) : Howard Falcon MEN ' S JUDICIARY Left to right) : Earl Dobert, Clerk Gene Carpenter, Justice Howard Falcon, Justice James Shatto, Chief Justice James Gunn, Justice Al Skinner, Justice Raymond Thornton, Asst. Attorney General Dal Albritton, Attorney General ( Not pictured ) : Ed Dilsaver, Justice Jim Costello, Justice Men ' s Judiciary serves as the judicial body for MGA. The Court handles all cases of minor infractions of university rules regarding general conduct and etiquette. Each of the men ' s classes is rep- resented by members serving on the Court. Presiding officer is Chief Justice James Shatto. Corresponding to Men ' s Judiciary is Women ' s Judiciary, judicial body of WGA. Judiciary handles infractions of university rules not under the jurisdiction of minor women ' s courts. Presiding offi- cer is Pat Dillard. (Left to right) : Faye Patterson Betty Collins Jane Carol Levy Patricia Dillard Ann Olive r Sis McCoy Marion Doro !Not pictured) : Helen Looby Betty Barnes WOMEN ' S JUDICIARY WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY: (Left to right) : Rufus Jefferson Pauline Tuttle Betty Dixon Jean Furman Virginia Swicord Margie Berns Pat Dillard Elaine Brown George Dickie Art Skevakis LeMoyne Cash Jane Carol Levy Margie Mallard Joe Almyda Valda Mock Esther Rasmussen ( Not pictured) : Mary Ann Berry Anne Carter Catherine Gallagher Virginia Goodell Betty Loy Bill Meigs Shirley Palmer Laura Simpson Patricia Yates Joanne Zewadski HONORARIES Beta DATE OF FOUNDING 1776 appa ALPHA OF FLORIDA 1935 Love of Ivisdoni-, the- helmsman of life Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest national honorary society in America, recognizes intellectual attainment and promise of distinction in the world of achievement. Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is nor- mally restricted to the Liberal Arts and is considered generally as the highest academic honor that can be attained. CHAPTER OFFICERS: OLIVIA N. DORMAN President WILLIAM M. BARROWS Vice President WILSON K. DOYLE Treasurer IRENE BOL I EK Secretary MARY F. PARMENTER Historian FOUNDATION MEMBERS: CHARTER MEMBERS: Mrs. A. R. Seymour Myrtle Dolbee Harold F. Richards Mrs. R. L. Eyman Olivia N. Dorman William H. Rogers Rev. G. E. Benedict Viola Graham Arthur Seymour Claude Pepper Marian Hay Venila Shores William G. Dodd Dorothy Hoffman Elmer R. Smith Edward Conradi Marian Irish RESIDENT AND AFFILIATE MEMBERS: Anna May Tracy Mary B. Alfriend Lewis J. Lapham Marjorie Applewhite Olga Larson William M. Barrows, Jr. Albert L. Leduc Walter Blackstock H. R. Ludden Rosalind Blake Carol Jean Mather Irene Boliek Aileen Merwin Frank C Bolser Valda Mock Ruth Schornherst Breen Daisy Parker Grace E. Cairns Mary F. Parmenter Doak S. Campbell Esther Rasmussen Robert G. Clapp J. Russell Reaver Graydon S. Deland W. H. Spragens, Jr. Ezda M. Deviney Lynette Thompson Wilson K. Doyle Lyman D. Toulmin Betty Garland Marshall Lee Vernon Luther H. Gulick, Jr. Mrs. Allen Boggs Katherine Hoffman Mrs. C S. Davis Nellie Kannwischer Dorothy Dodd Sara Krentzman Joanne Newman Juanita Krentzman Dr. Herman Gunter, Sr. Margaret L. Kranz Mrs. H. C Trimble W. C Kirk, Jr. Miriam Wilson ■■■■■ni DATE OF FOUNDING 1897 1925 FSCW he ovcj of learning rules the world Phi Kappa Phi is a national honorary society giving recognition to students of high scholastic ability, in all departments of Amer- ican colleges and universities. Its prime object is to emphasize scholarship in the thought of college students and to stimulate them to mental achievement by the prize of membership. OFFICERS: DR. W. HUGH STICKLER President DR. CHARLES DAVIS Vice President DR. MILDRED BRICKER Secretary MISS OLGA LARSON Treasurer MISS LOUISE SALLEY __. Journal Correspondent DR. KATHERINE MONTGOMERY Alumni Secretary ACTIVE MEMBERS: Mary B. Alfriend Herman Kurz Marion Black Olga Larson Mildred L. Bricker Leland Lewis Clyde E. Burns Jennie Mcintosh Doak S. Campbell Lou Miller Margaret Campbell Katherine Montgomery Milton W. Carothers R. C Moon Martha Chapman E. S. Opperman Charles S. Davis Daisy Parker Juanita DeVette Gwen Ramage R. L. Eyman Louisa Richardson Ruth D. Ferguson Louise Salley P. F. Finner Margaret Sandels Betty Garland A. R. Seymour Azzura Givens Hazel Stevens R. L. Goulding W. Hugh Stickler Albert Hardy Jennie Tilt Dorothy Hoffman Florence Tryon Edna Howard Virginia Turrentine K. Q. Kuersteiner appa Pi li i|i|i i Lambda OFFICERS GLADYS O. KOCH President LUCILLE WAGNER .... Vice-President MARY ANN BURR Secretary FAWN TRAWICK Treasurer Betty Aughenbaugh Paul Allwardt Ramona E. Beard Fred C. Blake . Doak S. Campbell Walter R. Cowles Ruby Dunstan Emily Gunter Herman Gunter Kathryn Reese Haun MEMBERS Walter James Karl O. Kursteiner Mrs. B. A. Meginniss Cortlandt Morper Ella Scoble Opperman Carolyn Oxford Zadie L. Phipps Mrs. Ralph Proctor Mary E. Reeder Etta L. Robertson Rebecca Rodenberg Robert Sedore Owen F. Sellars Robert Smith Mrs. Mode Stone Roy Will Mary Esther Winslow Lucile Wooten Pi Kappa Lambda is a national honorary society dedicated to the furtherance of musical education. Its prime object is the encour- agement of eminent achievement in performance, original com- position or musical leadership. Zeta Phi Eta i OFFICERS JANE WOOTEN President MARTHA VALE McDONALD, V-Pres. PAT YATES BELCHER.... . Secretary ANN STINSON ...Treasurer VERNA ROGERS Marshal BETTY McCLURE Corr. Sec. fr Outstanding participants in campus dramatic productions are recognized by membership in Zeta Phi Eta, national speech honorary for women. A higher skill in acting, direct- ing and technical production of plays is fostered by Zeta Phi Eta. An active social group, the members entertain the cast and crew of speech department play with a stage party. Sigma Alpha Iota OFFICERS BETTY EPPS President EFFIE HARGRAVE __ Vice-President ELOISE HARRISON. ... Rec. Sec. GLENNA LONG.... Corr. Sec. CORTLANDT MORPER Treasurer HELEN EDMISTON Chaplain MERCEDES FUTCH Sgt.-at-Arms LUCILLE WOOTEN Editor FACULTY ADVISORS MISS BETTY JANE GRIMM MISS GLADYS OLIVE KOCH MRS. H. 0. PEMBERTON ft The Beta Alpha Chapter was installed at Florida State Uni- versity, October 30, 1947. This professional music fraternity recognizes outstanding women in the field of music and strive to promote professional com- petency and achievement. Li|)|i.i Delta Pi OFFICERS MRS. MARIAN BLACK President DALE BARTON, JR Vice-President MRS. DOROTHY BINGER .. Recording Secretary MARY LOUISE PERFECT ....Corresponding Secretary MISS EDNA PARKER Treasurer EVELYN FAYE JOHNS ... Historian Recorder DR. ROY M. HINSON ... Faculty Counselor Kappa Delta Pi, national honorary fraternity for those who are outstanding in the School of Education, encourages a higher de- gree of devotion to social service by fostering high intellectual and personal standards during the period of preparation for teaching and recognizes outstanding service in the field of education. Those students who exhibit worthy educational ideals, sound scholar- ship, and adequate personal qualifications are given the honor of membership in Kappa Delta Pi. Pi Delta Phi OFFICERS NATALINA ROGOLINO President IDANA GRIFFITH Vice-President JANET McGEE Sec. -Trees. FACULTY ADVISORS MISS BETTY ACKERMAN MISS MADELEINE POSTAIRE MISS RUTH CAMPBELL DR. DOROTHY HOFFMAN A general interest in French culture and history as well as a desire for mastering of the French language is the pur- pose of Pi Delta Phi, French honorary. Sigma Delta Pi OFFICERS NATALINA ROGOLINO -.President ARSENIA RODRIGUEZ _ . Vice-Pres. HILDA SANCHEZ Secretary MAR I LYN Tl LI Treasurer BEATRICE CAMPBELI Historian FACULTY MEMBERS DR. D. L. CANFIELD DR. DOROTHY HOFFMAN MISS CARMEN RIVERA ft Sigma Delta Pi, a Spanish hon- orary which recognizes stu- dents who show exceptional ability and scholarship in this language, strives to promote a wider knowledge of and a greater love for the Hispanic contributions to modern cul- ture. Alpha Epsilon Delta OFFICERS JANE NIGHTINGALE.... President JAMES KELLY Vice-President MARY KELLY... ...Secretary SARAH LOU WELLS Treasurer ALICE WELCH .Historian ANN TEAGUE... ....Scalpel Reporter FACULTY ADVISOR DR. VIOLA GRAHAM £ Members of Alpha Epsilon Del- ta are pre-medical students interested in encouraging a high degree of skill in their field of study. A coordination of pre-medical work and study in a school of medicine is ob- tained through the members ' similarity of interest. Phi Alpha Theta STUDENT MEMBERS ESTHER RASMUSSEN President MARY ROB I SON Secretary-Treasurer SPONSOR MISS MARY ELIZABETH THOMAS FACULTY MEMBERS DR. VENILA SHORES MISS ALMA LESTER DR. R. S. COTTERILL MISS FLORENCE TRYON DR. A. M. POPPER MISS DAISY PARKER DR. MARY ELIZABETH THOMAS ft Phi Alpha Theta is a national fraternity for the purpose of encouraging the study of history. It is a member of the Associa- tion of College Honor Societies. ' f 4 A0 ff k£fit- Omicron Nu OFFICERS IRMA HOLT President, Vice-President and Editor DORIS STEWART Secretary and Treasurer RUTH CONNOR Faculty Advisor Advanced students who have shown outstanding ability in the study of home economics are honored by membership in Omicron Nu, national home economics honorary. To recognize and pro- mote scholarship, leadership, and research in the home eco- nomics field is the purpose of Omicron Nu. Each year the Om icron Nu scholarship cud is awarded to the sophomore major- ing in home economics who has achieved the highest average in her freshman year. Gamma Sigma Epsilon OFFICERS EMILY DAWKINS Grand Alchemist JANE NIGHTINGALE— .Sgt.-at-Ams MARY LOUISE SMITH Recorder FACULTY ADVISOR DR. ROBERT S. LEOPOLD Gamma Sigma Epsilon pro- poses to unite students of high scholastic standards in chem- istry and foster a more com- prehensive study of this im- portant phase of science. Mortar Board OFFICERS JANE CAROL LEVY .-President VALDA MOCK Vice-President HELEN LOOBY Recording Secretary CATHERINE GALLAGHER. Corresponding Secretary VIRGINIA GOODELI ..Treasurer ART SKEVAKIS ....Historian MEMBERS Anne Carter Catherine Cooper Pat Dillard Jean Furman Catherine Gallagher Virginia Goodell Jane Carol Levy Helen Looby Margery Mallard Valda Mock Esther Rasmussen Art Skevakis Pauline Tuttle Leadership, scholarship, service: these are words which become a living part of our campus activities through Mortar Boards emissaries, the thirteen members of the Torchbearer chapter No matter what their field of study, their work is predominated by a love of learning. They are the ones who find time to serve and give of their knowledge. Alpha Lambda Delta OFFICERS CAROLINE WHITNEY..... President ALLENE THOMAS Vice-President ANNE WITHERSPOON Secretary CARLA FLOYD ... Treasurer ELISE SMITH Historian To those freshmen students who have mastered the art of good study habits is given the reward of membership in Alpha Lambda Delta, national scholarship honorary for freshmen. Pictured here are the sophomores who achieved this recognition for high scho- lastic ability their first year. Alpha Lambda Delta seeks to promote intelligent living with an increased appreciation of intellectual and cultural phases of campus life. Garnet Key OFFICERS MARGERY MALLARD President BETTY DIXON ...Vice-President BETTY STUART Secretary WOODIE BETTS Treasurer MEMBERS K. Aspinwall, M. A. Berry, W. Betts, E. Brown, A. Carter, B. Collins, P. Dillard, B. Dixon, J. Furman, C. Gal- lagher, H. Gong, V. Goodell, L. Hard- ing, H. Looby, E. Lomax, M. Mallard, E. Miller, B. J. Morgan, S. Palmer, E. Rasmussen, P. Tuttle, I. Santos, A. Seward, L. Simpson, A. Skevakis, B. Stewart, M. Berns, A. Futrelle, J. C. Levy, B. Loy, C. Merrin, M. Swan- son, V. Swicord, J. Zewadski. £ The Garnet Key organized in 1948 for the purpose of recog- nizing women students of the University who have made out- standing contributions of lead- ership, service and spirit. The organization promotes those activities which will foster the progress and spirit of Florida State University. Gold Key OFFICERS GEORGE DICKIE ... President JOE ALMYDA Vice-President CARL McCRAINE Secretary ARTHUR CONNELLY Treasurer DAVID WILCOX Historian The purpose of Gold Key is the recognition of those male students who have demon- strated leadership in the vari- ous fields of student activities, and have maintained the spirit of and rendered service to the University. Gold Key is dedi- cated to the perpetuation of the three ideals among the male students of this Univer- sity. rE!°J feeler Blames Crowded Condition On Lack of Spat Lack of «, «...-_, v 2Sd Sooks Outlast Lines As Students Finish Battlejjt ookstore ' ice s a nd ' jsss: stat n e t leirt 10 .„. na istn ev re port " lU ssocvated yjere » .., oP V: to «X5pJ »V b ° " u» school ol Lcu red f tudents has ed s majority of v e arrived and the V the e- ; . w » TPWWInr to Mr J G Wheeler, . p " nager of the bookstdre, about y A o° k s have been sold there r . © Member an if a il these 50 Year Program Will Include Men ' s Housing, Other New Buildings New dormitories for men, a new music building and a new wing to the gymnasium ro nn . 7 ' T.O Xid end to end there o;y ' ? + ,. ' « s j£Z ° T° fc, o r Sm A tha " all " the £ I L 4 who waited so % Xt . -.estimated e 5 long enough to " d of College with books line of books er than all the who waited so Vt ootn » 1DV v, o0 ol J " — i,,cw aormitories for men a n ™ ift T « ° -I5ir?:fc SP n " -=-TV ■ - - . I ft Vance e fU oce3 The p wag 4 2 2? %7 P SsUSSte. Sff SS3SS m£W ? ers Start Two Debate On Question Of One World Knickerbocker Takes Negative Side; Duranty Affirmative on Russia ..« T,.iuia be part of ua Uo mStee • 50 ««. college officials said 3 V ft - " y - oXOX l and The newest phase of the n™ ° r° ' J- v% . d ents a gram " « . Pro- L - , ' 4n ' e rTty 4 ei estimated that VVVV r 1, on the average, ? Cfc books each and upper - A $ y about three, jsh there were shortages • ' " •t.ore is re- -----. — " c SC oinciais said. e :r d, rd St. a go ...:n. . U " 4 j | c r p one p arte£ Deleqates Attend l rs - v,ou com Pleted ar r ve pf « Iar Sara La Press Convention P u fnter ' and the 99,01 . , ■ %■• f e ft f a g( Hisfc ory bun] In Columbus, Ohio tvn year. es I, re u History | tin6 a ° year. »t iacnv r t e« f Five delegates from Florida eS a iacU es, is V gtate Univer sity left this week to ,ne ttlV ! u utn,K attend the annual Associated Col- ese t a la ciuUe atv isf State University left this week to P the ive !uiattv.V« attend the annual Associated Col- ko nart of Ope [ L ct ive , L c0 n- 1 egiate Press convention which «Can Russia be part ox Uttr f- as he i d a t Columbus, Ohio, on World, " was the topic ol the oe w0 uia ct ical use October 21 22 and 23. bite given by H R Knickerbocker. Lore P greater LeMoyne C ash, editor of the J Unowned roving reporter. Uven ■ e tojjj scepiambeau. left Tuesday by car, world renowr a ted Brit ish at T and Art Skevakis and Joe Almyda and Walter Duranty, « » Sitol ' ' m ' " •- Uv Ho. Betty Delo of the ; c nroeram. ftwff basJc b a]; l» lv emiy S 9 toe ' the 3 ios s. TK Wajr Wtho, ntra " , -for a Z lisfV sored by the Florida State Sty artist series program. ' o i Knickerbocker, Negative ld ea « .._ xr„i, rbocker, who took isrn ,Ktf C 5 Mr Knickerbocker, who took I ,■ the negative side ol the « " " £, nead W i°t g " S ' worM S«S.fe S3r5A?SrSS«-» jpsi-w b ° o. ' oTuntU it encomP-s es J 1 - P , g ave ■■■■,« British |ps ' _ an vouch fnr ;: ' r s in thel oes and manv , f. . 3arbar ft c ommpnt g m in3tr UctQrg hflw 1 Miami in the FsJ f 0n the tini Que " f « • I I T " P AAA anofc her. Profe sslon de Partment. wh P es; Mar- Product J? f rodu ces a ,„ " he « " U HerJare S ' the fl eW . Vt 01 " Prom the negative vie - Vi -r».„ 1 varied -•« ' «w y with 5 a «ett Qrr Su- Knickerbocker avered hat Jf JJP Held can V0Uch gpfnce. in the Be Ss and jJ K FSU Registration Tops 5,00Q: ot For New Ail-Time Record r- « " not s ' ,™ e " • ' •• ri " S? 3 academic communi- istructive action in lies in the creation rship. ;nts Can Help • torn counlrie; in co: loney Fr s ie Uimed S vtries look they cann; nselves, " ason, I SU t the Vili Discuss nstitution e of Florida s proposed new Flor- ion? A forum will ber 26 at 8 p m in litorium for the pur- ering this question, [rish, head of the po- department and Mr son, assistant profes- 1 science, will discuss ,his proposed consti- ;d by the Florida Bar e urged by Chairman ner to attend this ler to become more h. this constitution 5 presented to the slature during the n. stated that the pol- -ill be to limit forums hour as possible. Hi.-! io a i- iiA seems to flouri grace, intim tail. " art. ng Play ' loot ' s ' Delight Robert Sherwood ' s Pu prize winning play, " Idi light, " is being presente speech department of State Univei-sity on the November 15, 16, 17 and 18. Sherwood ' s literary career began at the age of seven wlen be edited a children ' s magazine. " I; light, " which is under- tion of Miss Emily C eighth play. In 1936 he receivec prize for his corned acclaimed by the cr greatest play of th American author timely subject. ' I tion going to po wasted or corrup From the reco stuc? J who trie was {■feed for in MK-oduction annua Phi of t least thr ' »e e. Information scheduled period and ed activities should also be furnished. committee state Abhat must be confineflLo eriod and that J approved by d Head onorary :ie was elected pre c coming year at • ' I g of the Gold T £ honorary reco and service, ers elected f o were : Joe A,; t; Carl M, hur Connell ' id Wilcox, tO a. and Dav jH .icox ?e of plan tor the w members and ini- Discusses Homecoming Plans for the appointment, by President Doak S Campbell, of a committee to write a constitution were discussed at the initial meet- ng jfk the Universita j R nment Ex kive couj St week in uilding with all de fl Pfnbers and faculty ad- isors resent. Dr Broward Culpepper, Dean of Student Welfare, presided but in the future Charles McMillan, President of the University Gov- are supporting end. We can ' t Harry. i weekend was dis- ; was decided that Qd work on the ap- nt with the Garnet ers present who re- Jold Keys were Ar- 7, Bill Meigs, Le- Roland Bagget, Han, Charles Dyson, Rufus Jefferson and Culpeppe Homecom For Decen " Florida State " homecoming v, held December nounced Dr J Bj Dean of Studen meeting of the ] mittee Monday Longmire buildii FSU-Universit; ball game Decen highlight. Oth Odd-Even garni swimming exhi Pow-wow, coffee the president ' s h honor guests ' pi to the Centenni and many other All legislatun been invited to s coming " and m guished guests, of the committe local citizens, and students. sy Discusses ling Plans new members and rnet Key, women ' s iry activities during weekend were dis- meeting Tuesday he honorary is rec- ilevement and lead- Fgppft PAT MURPHY hav rii hut ier or trie FloricrersEace uriTveTs; circus troup, does better. Fred LanMrtilaiKe; Seniors to •onsors, enior class , iture speake further y queen to ie Birmingl festival, ts business when meets next Tues mire auditorium Class member; ; formed of the cl of investiture, w MHB for November 22 Election of representative w er Westcott nex Thursday and tl announcd in the following day. Rufus Jeffersc ,asked all class fcicipate in the ana Varied Perfazm ers i iorf dfdlBHF f i Spectators, munching popcorn and stamping their cold feet, saw over a dozen acts ranging from comical clowns to thrilling triple trapeze performances. The stars, all FSU students instructed by Mr Glenn A Haskins of the men ' s physical education department, have been training since last spring for their acts, which will also be used in the annual FSU circus this spring. mm it time. ackdrop uating Birf A WJf % 1% e elder, tarirler, %»i|A|el% Wf% ' i ' wtettes vied that much fi k«p ! crowd saw the troup performing an thqgfettfctifct fcersjifed.. note open air fpt the first time Aj|ainji cW w en backdrop with spd JpJL Itj ntuating ta 1 enW y§£Wt whistler, adagio qui with hand-balancing display of music and " Pete and Repeat, " the clowns. Master ' of ceremonies, Steve Foster, introduced the aerial manuevers and comedy routines, which were performed in spite of the cold weather and scanty cos- tumes. One of the new acts which brought the loudest " oh ' s " and " ah ' s " from the packed audience hi? mouth, ve the heads nd spun her una as ' sHW nung by her neck- Remarks ranged from " Who ' s your ly man Jo rust a p his m shut! " oflTyMxrfJb Among: thajJro tfnflM eWfftred in the show ar Afc TQuinn, Al bert " Brick ' f Bradford, Marilyn Watt, Fred Honor, Jim Kinsey, Felicia Wells. Nancy Jackson, Jody Clark, Nancy Bennett, Gil Al- dridge, Lee Young, Barbara Brooks, Sarah Culbreath, Jett Munroe, Maxine Martin, Mary Tarver. Sharon Hopkins, Betty McGuf- Ibritton To Lead M Members of tl ers ' Club elected president of theii Friday night. A J Linwood Cutle ism department uLfo ' Ai vis ; idents ;he club this meeting will be of the History b October 27. Mortar Bo On Quarrei PAPER The Florida Flambeau JUNE, 1949 VOL. I TALLY-HO CAPERS FLAMBEAU COVERS CAMPUS Policy Guarantees Full Coverage and Unbiased News The policy of the Florida Flam- beau has been one of constructive criticism aimed to stimulate dis- cussion and forward the progress of the school. As an editorial said in 1944, " It is not the function of a newspaper to praise The God of Things As They Are. " It is, instead, the Flambeau ' s goal to encourage thinking and incite action upon necessary reforms. In 1927 the Flambeau started campaigning for the Phi Beta Kappa organization which was founded in 1935. Other years the paper led in requests for liberal changes in rules, fights for tradi- tions and changes in campus pol- itics. The Flambeau has endeavored to present unbiased news fairly and has tried to be the place for the airing of student opinion. THE DUTIES OF A NEWS EDITOR consist among many other things of posting assignments for the coming issue. Helen Hobbs and Harry Ryder see that reporters know where to find " news while it ' s hot. " Webster Says . . . " Flambeau — (1) a flaming torch, especially one made by combining thick wicks invested with a quick burning sub- stance; (2) an ornamental candlestick; (3) a kettle used in boiling sugar (Southern, United States). " Editors Relate Many Trials And Cite Classic Mistakes There have been millions of words wasted on the worn subject of the trials of an editor, but Flambeau editors are not going to be outdone. " Trials? " they ask credulously. " Yes, we have them — all 50 of them. " they say, pointing a unanimous finger at the reporters. A green reporter is always the biggest complaint of any editor and the Flambeau reporters are never anxious to break traditions. The first week of reporting a story is likely to begin in the usual hum- drum fashion with some startling sentence buried in the third para- graph announcing that Westcott has been blown up. But besides the reporters the editors have their public. One of the favorite subjects of the paper staff is the wonderful logic expressed in the headlines. At the first of the year a head- line announced quite seriously that " Wheeler Blames Crowded Con- ditions to Lack of Space. " " We ' ve had some funny letters, " says LeMoyne Cash, editor. " Take for example the time we got a letter bawling us out for a story that sounded, in the letter-writer ' s opinion, ' catty. ' But this is only one — the letters we get are a howl, " he added. The proofreaders get a chance to read some hilarious misprints. Frances Wesson tells of the time one of her staff of proofreaders discovered a sports story that was supposed to read: " That ' s all water under the bridge. " The " g " was left out. Perhaps some of the funniest sentences come up in the feature copy. At least that is the expressed opinion of Feature Editors Jacquie Allen and Betty Berg who cite an example. " One story we got was telling about a secret marriage: ' They were married secretly for over a year, ' it read. ' Now they have two children ' . " Where ' s the red pencil? Flambeau Now Presents News Of University Editors Hobbs and Ryder Start New Coverage System With a staff of 50 reporters, the Florida Flambeau has been able to expand its news coverage into almost every corner of both cam- puses of Florida State University. During the past year News Ed- itors Helen Hobbs and Harry Ry- der have worked out a system with most of the departments that makes the reporter ' s task a more simple one and the members of the department happier. If any- one in the department has any news, he reports it to one specific person. That specified person ' s name is put down on the report- er ' s assignment sheet and the re- porter is able to pick up the entire department ' s news from one per- son. Increased enrollment and the use of West campus have made the reporter ' s task more difficult but cooperation between the Flambeau and the academic de- partments and the other various offices and organizations has en- abled the paper to have a com- plete campus coverage. The four principle occupations of people are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Even Classes Give Funds to Promote First School Paper Receiving its first boost by the classes of 1916 and 1918, the Florida Flambeau expanded great- ly as it traveled through 30 years of news gathering and editing. When the two graduating class- es forfeited their annual and ac- cumulated money to give Florida State College for Women both the front gates and a newspaper, the Flambeau started on its way. In 1923 the students got subscriptions to the paper by paying their stu- dent activity fee — the same fee that entitles the present student body to free papers each week. Journalism Started Journalism courses were intro- duced on the campus in 1927 and the eight column Flambeau made its appearance the following year. According to the issues of that year the enlargement was due largely to the efforts of Mr. Earl Vance, present head of the jour- nalism department. Staff Selects In the infant years of the pub- lication, staff positions were filled by the faculty. The entire faculty nominated and the executive board elected. Today the Flam- beau staff members are selected by the outgoing staff. The faculty takes no part in the selection and the editor is elected by the student body in the regular UGA elections. The Florida Flambeau today represents visually the expansion and progress of Florida State Uni- versity through the years by its growth from a small four column paper to its present size of eight columns and six pages. A home is where you live with your loved ones; a house is a man- sion on a hill with plenty of trou- bles. A sincere friend is one who says nasty things to your face instead of saying them behind your back. Page Two THE FLORIDA FLAMBEAU June, 1949 MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR STAFF confer on the forthcoming issue of the Flambeau. Jackie Story, Jean Bagley, LeMoyne Cash, Cheryll Muster and Hazel Clarkson discuss the problems. Not pic- tured are Betty Wilkison and Terry Sellers. Red Wagon Rolls Onward As Old Custom Continues " It ' s your red wagon " said Flambeau reporters of 1937. AVhen the papers of that year were delivered off campus, the staff added a new member to their ranks — a red wagon. This wagon was used to carry the paper to the houses and was kept in the Flambeau office. All went well until the reporters started riding to classes in their garnet jalopy. Then other stu- dents wanted a ride, too. From that time on the use of the red wagon was restricted strictly to the carrying of Flambeaus. The wagon has disappeared with the passing of time and the practice of personal distribution of the paper, but its memory lives on. In recognition of her out- standing work in seeing that stu- dents received their news weekly, Margie Cash, managing editor, was presented upon graduation in December a little red wagon. The award was made by the Flamboy- ants shortly after the giant home- coming edition was put to bed. COMPLIMENTS OF Campbell ' s Soup (Condensed) Other plans for reviving the " spirit " of the red wagon were discussed the entire year by Flam- boyants and other staff members. After pricing several typical such wagons the matter was discarded for reconsideration by incoming Flamboyants next Fall. Mean- while others are continuing to search for a suitably priced ve- hicle. ANY USED BOOKS? • Are Your Shelves Cluttered With OLD USED BOOKS? For only a slight fee we will be glad to dispose of them for you. • Not responsible for rare volumes • Lower Westcott Bookstore KEEP THE PRESSES ROLLING Publication of Paper Takes Week of Reporting, Editing The unfailing appearance of the Florida Flambeau is no mod- ern miracle. It is, instead, the result of a week of work that brings the paper to Westcott each Friday morning-. (Assignments are put up for the reporters on Friday morning and are usually deadlined for Tuesday noon. Then at the first of the week the editor checks in the copy. After a few corrections, ad- ditions and other necessary evils, the story is either initialed by the editor or tossed into the rewrite editor ' s box. School Elects Cash First Male Editor Through two world wars and dozens of campus upheavals, an editor in skirts has guided the Flambeau over the years. That statement was true until 1948 when the election of Le- Moyne Cash broke the tradition. LeMoyne, who first started to work on the Flambeau when the campus male element was by courtesy of The University of Florida, became the first male ed- itor of the Flambeau ' s 33 years of existence in the spring UGA elections. A Tallahassee resident, he exepcts to continue in the journalistic profession after grad- uation. Flamboyants Initiate Twelve New Members The ranks of the Flamboyants, " journalism ornery, " were swelled at the end of the Winter Quarter when twelve new members were abducted into the organization. The recent initiates who were formally made members at an im- pressive ceremony in the Flam- beau office on March 11 are Betsy Blanton, Mike Beaudoin, Vic Dun- away, Earl Dobert, John Fann, Marian Doro, Harry Ryder, Mon- trelle Sessions, Gene Tidd, Helen Ward, Jack Murphy and Art Skevakis (ornery member). Former members conducted the Next Steps If okayed, the story passes to the copy reader ' s desk. Here it is grammatically corrected. From the copy desk the story goes to the managing editor ' s desk. It is given a head size and sent to the head- line editor. The headline editor ' s job is to write a head according to the unit count and " slug " the story on the printer ' s slug sheet. Proof Read Once the printer gets the story, it ' s life isn ' t over. A trial copy is run off and checked twice by the proofreaders for typographical er- rors. Then okayed again, it goes back to the printer who places it on the page according to a dummy laid out by the managing editor. The following Friday morning the life cycle of a Flambeau story is completed as eager readers rush to get their copy of the paper. ceremony. Taking part were: Jac- quie Allen, conductor of the sym- phony; Helen Hobbs, keeper of the flame; Vi Pu glisi, sermon; Betty Berg, doorkeeper; Mary Alice Hunt, investiture; Anna Hol- den, the principles of the ornery; Pokey Aspinwall, refreshments; Bobby Love, Pat Murphy and Lois DeLavan were in charge of Gen- eral Preparations, Club sponsor. Jackie Hinton kept a club tradi- tion by attending " in spirit. " THE BUSINESS STAFF, the ones who gather the ads, confer with their chief. Rudolph Watson, Susan Pettit, Jeanette Rudd, and Virginia Burgess, standing, meet with Betty Delo, Sparky Benz, and Caroline Whitmore, seated. June, 1949 THE FLORIDA FLAMBEAU Page Three BETTY DELO, business manager for the paper, is responsible for filling a great deal of the space as well as keeping the paper go- ing financially. Names Submitted For Weekly Paper; Flambeau Picked It might be called The Weekly Flastacoivo, The Pine Knot, The State College News or The Lan- tern. These were only a few of the suggested names for the present Flambeau. But Mrs. L. A. Yates, the first circulation manager, submitted the winning name, the Flambeau. The paper cannot claim fame for being the first publication on 1 campus for it was the third. How- j ever, it is the only publication I which has retained its original name. SLIGHTLY USED RED TAPE Handy for gift wrapping and hanging your roommate. You may buy it by the yard or by the mile. See the Administration Office MEET YOUR FRIENDS At the campus ' newest rendezvous . . . The Reference Room of The Ha If -of -Knowledge Hotel • for formal occasions _ TRY OUR RESERVE ROOM Business Staff Is Essential Delo Manages Group, Handles Financial Burden Essential to the smooth opera- tion of any newspaper is the or- ganization and work of the busi- ness staff. The Florida Flambeau is no exception. The business staff is headed by Betty Delo and is charged with the responsibility of selling adver- tisements, getting the money, keeping the office supplied with paste, scissors and the like, and mailing out copies of the paper to advertisers and other universities. Plan for Ads Where the editorial staff is con- cerned only with writing, the business staff thinks in terms of how many ads they must sell to finance the words written. In planning special issues, as for ex- ample the homecoming issue, the business staff is told how many pages the paper is to be. In the event that they did not bring in the correct number of inches the paper would necessarily have to be shortened in order that it would not be a financial failure. There are more bananas in banana cream pudding than in two stalks of bananas. You can drive a horse to water but a pencil must be led. To err is human, but when the eraser wears out before the pen- cil, beware. " Don ' t worry " is a better motto when you add the word " others. " MANAGING EDITORS Pat Murphy and Margie Cash plan the lay- out for the next issue of the FLAMBEAU. As well as judging the importance of news, they must be a general jack-of-all-trades in the office. Card Catalogue and Morgue Help Flambeau Reporters As an aid to the busy reporters and staff members, the Flambeau card catalogue and the morgue are indispensable. The card catalogue was institut- ed May 4. 1934 under the direc- tion of Professor Earl Vance and three student assistants. It is a complete cross-file on persons, departments and subjects and is kept in the journalism office. The file has not been kept up to date since 1944 but plans have been formulated to revise it. The Flambeau " morgue " con- tains bound volumes of every paper published since 1924. As a tool to reporters, the morgue is especially helpful during the pub- lication of special anniversary is- sues such as homecoming or Flor- ida State University ' s birthday. jSfM GENERAL OFFICE CONFUSION and the typical last minute rush in the room on the second floor of the Longmire building is shown here. Between cries of " Who ' s seen that building story? " and " Any- body got a cigarette? " , the paper is written. Page Four THE FLORIDA FLAMBEAU June, 1949 The Florida Flambeau EDITORIAL STAFF LEMOYNE CASH EDITOR JEANNE BAGLEY, CHERYL MUSTER BETTY WILKISON. THERESA SELLERS ASSOCIATE EDITORS JACKIE STORY, HAZEL CLARKSON ASSISTANT EDITORS MARGARET CASH MANAGING EDITOR PAT MURPHY MANAGING EDITOR JACKIE HINTON COPY EDITOR HELEN HOBBS NEWS EDITOR Feature Editor Jacquie Allen Feature Editor Betty Berg Assistant News Editor Harry Ryder Copy Staff Violet Pugiisi and Judy Taylor Picture Editor and Office Manager Margaret Strum Sports Editor Arthur Cobb Women ' s Sports Editor Lois Delavan Sports Staff Lcnnie Burt and Billy Colbert Society Editor Bobbie Love Re-write Editor Jacqu.e Trevine Headline Editor . . . ; Margaret Langrud Art Editor Mary Alice Hunt Proof Editor Frances Wesson Fashion Editor Kitty Chaires Columnists Harry Ryder. Mike Beaudoin BUSINESS STAFF Betty Delo BUSINESS MANAGER Assistant Business Manager Sparkie Benz Business Assistants Susan Petti, Martha Whitaker Circulation Staff Jeannette Rudd, Virginia Burgess Exchange Staff Bety Jo Miller, Gloria Baxter ADVERTISING STAFF Rudolph Watson, Caroline Whitmire, Virginia French, Doris Stevens. Harriet Paul and Marion Lehman. Member Intercollegiate Press (Re-entered as second class matter, January 30, 1915, at the post office at Tallahassee, Florida, under the Act of March 3, 1879) Published Weekly During the School Year 5th Column LETTERS TO • YOU CAN ' T PLEASE ALL Getting out a newspaper is no picnic. If we print jokes, people say we are silly. If we don ' t they say we are too serious. If we stick to the office all day, we ought to be out hustling material. If we go out and try to hustle, we ought to be on the job in the office. If we don ' t print contributions we don ' t appreciate genius; and if we do print them the paper is filled with junk. If we edit the other fellow ' s write-up, we ' re too critical ; if we don ' t we ' re asleep. If we clip things from other papers, we are too lazy to write them ourselves. If we don ' t we are stuck on our own stuff. Now like as not some guy will say we swiped this from some newspaper. We did. From the U. of Houston Cougar, who swiped it from the Daily Texan, who swiped it from the SMU Campus, who swiped it from the Texas A M Battalion who swiped it from someone else. • ORCHIDS AND INKSPOTS To the boys of the printshop at the Tallahassee Daily Democrat goes a chorus of " Thanks, fellas. " We know we ' ve treated you rough— pounding out copy past that nine o ' clock deadline and pleading " just this once. " We know that we haven ' t been doing our share of the bargain by sending one- third of the copy in on time. We know it and we hate ourselves. But you boys — you are patient cusses. We are sitting here loathing ourselves and you continue to spoil us. " Okay, just this once. " And so it goes on and on ... . Here gentlemen — help yourselves to a bouquet of orchids! " all the news that ' s fit to tint " tally-ho! it ' s off and away we fly. they tell us that this is for the annual but we are under the impression that miss skevakis wants it to send to the un-ameri- can activities committee, art — you wouldn ' t dare would you? our flambeau work is getting to be most trying, how can poor redicals hope to succeed under prevailing conditions, namely: — we work for cash, check copy, live in the capitol city, and send our paper to the democrat to be print- ed! our only encouragement has been the establishment of a new left wing on the gym. Preparation for marriage stu- dents and instructors have at last determined the main cause of divorce — marriage. And before winding up this column here ' s a tip to humanity students: achilles was the Greek warrior whose mother dipped him in the river stinx until he became intollerable. since this is to be preserved for prosperity er, positively — es pos- tureity — oh heck — for the future — we give you our good by-line — the flamboyants ps — this makes about as much cents as we haven ' t got! THE EDITORS Dear Editor: There is a general feeling on camptis that your weekly scandal sheet has communistic tendencies. I would hate to add to the burden of the congressional committee on Un-American activities so I am not submitting your name for in- vestigation. As proof of your leftist leanings I offer the fact that you weekly publish a libelous feature entitled the fifth column. Even if you deny the fact that it is completely com- munistic you must admit that it is certainly read — . Yours truly, CARL MARKS Dear Editor: Five years ago when I finished my Freshman year at FSC I was stupid. I was ignorant, uneducated and suffered from illusions and hal- lucinations. Then I started read- ing your fine paper — the Flam- beau. Now I am a different person and expect to leave this school soon. In fact here comes the little man in the white coat to take me away now. Sincerely, MABEL HAYES. Spirit of the year Repose June, 1949 THE FLORIDA FLAMBEAU Page Five Another year has rolled by and with it our FSU Seminoles have scored upsets in all the varied branches of the sports field. And to report the news of the winning ways of our fighting Indians for the enlightenment of the specta- tors are Arthur Cobb, men ' s sports editor, ably assisted by his erst- while colleagues, Lonnie Burt and Bill Colbert. Tagging onto the " big " news has been no small job. The columns of the ' 48- ' 49 Flam- beau will prove that these boys are equipped with power-packed pens and rapid-fire drive, and are able to hit pretty nearly a 4.0 mark in the writing game. On the women ' s sports agenda is Lois De Lavan, women ' s sports editor. She has to keep up with the tanglings of the Odds and Evens as they take the field in the FSU sports arena. These teams battle it out for the top berth in women ' s sports every quarter. Try ECEIPTRESAM CIGARETTES (That ' s Masterpiece spelled backwards) Eceipretsam Cigarettes are not KING size, not MONARCH size, but DICTATOR SIZE CIGARETTES ' Sponsors of that exciting mystery show, " The Adventures of GREG CRAWFISH, The Vulture. " Journalism Department Keeps Expanding •■■mj xW-Ti FSU SPORTS NEWS is selected by Lois Delavan and Arthur Cobb, Flambeau sports editors. Special Issues Emphasize Important Campus Events Special issues have always been both the pride and the pain of the Flambeau staff— from the original one-man job to the present one involving over 45 people. Tn iqts when the oaner was ' Under the Florida State College ■ ? t £ u rlJ, Tp fTrtt for women, the Flambeau printed just a baby Ruby Leach, the first ror worn celebrating its editor worked all night to wnte binhday in 1940 The « baby the first big special issue. Al- novel „ con tained over 65,000 though she had to be prudent as words she said " in those pre-war days This year to CO mmemorate Flor- when ladies were expected to be- j ida state University ' s first Home- have according to mid-Victorian coming weekend, a 16-page, two- standards, " she could proudly eel- | section issue was published cover- ebrate the original eight-page j ing all phases of university ex- Flambeau. I pansion VanceSeesGrowth Throughout Years From a one-man department offering one course to a four-man department with two pages of courses listed in the catalogue is the record of the journalism de- partment. Vance Teaches The first course in journalism was taught by Professor Earl Vance who came here in 1927. This past year Mr. Vance wit- nessed a report of the Florida Newspaper Publishers Association which rated FSU ' s journalism de- partment above the University of Florida department. " We stress the practical side of the business but we also insist up- on a broad liberal arts back- ground, " explained Mr. Vance. " That is why we were rated so high, " he added. 300 Majors There are approximately 300 journalism majors registered at FSU. Over 400 students are en- rolled in the journalism courses. The present department boasts a staff of four instructors. Besides Mr. Vance, Mr. O. M. Montgom- ery, Mr. Lin Cutler and Miss Het- tie Camp all teach classes in jour- nalism. Situation wanted— One worn out Flambeau staff wanta easy, short hours, high pay job for lifetime (Until age of 65). Preferably not any paper work. THE FLAMBOYANTS, authors of the fifth column, get a big laugh reading the column copy in a typical writing session. From left to right- Anna Holden, Mary Alice Hunt, Helen Hobbs, Lois DeLaven, Jacquie Allen, Bobbie Love and Betty Berg. Not pic- tured are Jackie Hinton, Pat Murphy and Violet Puglisi. RIML YOU oveaw£ Grv T iisn THE. FHMoUS--- Page Six THE FLORIDA FLAMBEAU - Tlambeau flickers - LeMoyne Cash, chief consultant of the Senior Staffers and his charming wife Margie, manager of the Flambeau ' s Cash, went to the well known beach resort. Alligator Point, for the weekend. Meanwhile other Staffers at- tended the weekly Thursday night meeting held in the Democrat office. Present last night were Cheryl Muster, Betty Wilkison, Terry Sellers, Jackie Story, Hazel Clarkson, Margaret Strum and Kitty Chaires. After the regular business meeting a party was formed to honor Jeanne Bagley who graduated last December. AAA Colonel McCormick of the Chi- cago Tribune was guest speaker at a short meeting of the Flamboy- ants last Wednesday. Members of the Flambea u Ad- vertisers went on a scavenger hunt Monday afternoon. The hunt led through most of the Tallahassee businesses. Each member was in- structed to bring back 500 inches of advertisements. ft ft ft The Busmess Staff Society hon- ored its leader Betty Delo Tues- day night. Cokes and aspirin were served the retiring Business Man- ager by her staff. The exclusive Sportsmen ' s Club met secretly to flip coins and se- lect winning teams for their col- umns tomorrow. ft ft ft Announcement of a new union for the prevention of overworking editors was made yesterday by Harry Ryder. Judy Taylor, Mar- garet Langrud, Jacquie Trevine, and Prances Wesson have been pledged to the union. Flambeau Gets New Editors For Year New members of the Flambeau staff were appointed during the Winter Quarter this year. Helen Hobbs was elected as editor of the publication by the student bod y in the regular UGA elections. Senior staff officers for the cur- rent period are Harry Ryder and Lois DeLavan, Associate Editors; Mike Beaudoin and Anna Holden, Assistant Editors; Mary Alice Hunt, News Editor; Pat Murphy, Managing Editor; Vi Puglisi, Copy Editor; and Betty Berg, Business Manager. Other staff positions are filled by Junior members. These are the following: Earl Dobert, Assistant Managing Editor; Montrelle Ses- sions and Betsy Blanton, Assistant News Editors; Harry Copeland and Jeanne O ' Riorden, Feature Edi- tors; Jane White, Society Editor; Barbara Sliney, Fashion Editor; Edris Morgan and Helen Ward, Copy Staff; Earl Bowden, Sports Editor; Jack Murphy, Assistant Sports Editor; Harlan Franklin and Dot Hatch, Sports Staff; Anne Gregory and Gene Tidd, Re- write Editors; Vic Dunaway and John Wheeler, Columnists; Ted Bayless, Picture Editor; Betty Thornhill, Office Manager; Jerry Tatum and Marian Doro, Staff Writers; Ramona Herman and Mary Loud Muster, Staff Assist- ants; John Fenn, Proof Editor; and Roberta Alford and Elaine Sellas, Proof Staff. In Christianity a man can have only one wife. This system is called Monotony. A Scout is a friend to all and a bother to every other scout. " ALL THE NEWS THAT ' S FIT TO PRINT " is helped to reach the students by Margaret Strum, picture editor; Jackie Hinton, copy editor; Frances Wesson, proof editor; Betty Wilkison, associate editor and Violet Puglisi, copy editor. " IT ALWAYS COMES IN AT THE LAST MINUTE, " complain staff members. Mary Alice Hunt, art editor; Jacquie Allen and Betty Berg, feature editors; Bobbie Love, society editor, work on the final articles. Not pictured is Kitty Chaires, fashion editor. Annual Banquet Introduces Next Year s Staff Members The celebration of the New Year is usually held January 1st but not by Flambeau staff members. For the editors and would- be editors, the year begins third quarter. In the spring the out-going staff entertains the new staff members at the annual Flambeau banquet. The " boys of the back room, " the linotype operators, are guests of honor according to custom. Newsroom Motif Speeches, menus and gifts carry out the newspaper motif. Quill pens in ink bottles, miniature flambeaus or metal slugs as name plates are among the many novel favors used. The new staff for the next year are informed of their new job at the banquet. The senior ed- itorial staff is appointed by the newly elected editor. The senior staff then names the junior staff members. Fifteen Graduate From Paper Staff The Florida Flambeau gradu- ates 15 lettermen this year. Included in the number who will not return to the office on the second floor of the Longmire building are Margie Cash and Jeanne Bagley who graduated last December. Others who will receive their degrees this June or August are LeMoyne Cash, Cheryl Muster, Betty Wilkison, Terry Sellers, Jackie Story, Hazel Clarkson, Margaret Strum, Art Cobb, Jac- quie Trevine, Frances Wesson, Kitty Chaires, Betty Delo and Jeanette Rudd. This method of selection con- trasts greatly with the original way of choosing the paper ' s staff. Then the faculty nominated all the staff positions. Tracey s Diner Offers Something NEW To Students FOOD Try This Amazing Specialty Today ! (Bring your own magnifying glass) i O ; vl " " • • W t 7 ' " » % — U " 7 — • «,... « 0B AMZW1QN OFFICERS JUANITA DE VETTE ....President GWENDOLYN RAMAGE Secretary LOUIS OWEN ZIEBOLD ....Treasurer DR. M. W. CAROTHERS Counselor The Graduate Club was organized in the spring of 1 948. Its mem- bership is drawn from approximately three hundred graduate students. Its aims are ( 1 ) to foster a spirit of fraternity among graduate students. (2) to advance mutual professional interests, and (3) to help in building a great Graduate School in Florida State University. HEALTH CLUB OFFICERS JAMES DIFFENBAUGH President FRANCES ANTENOVA ... Secretary JACK R. WILSON Vice-President MRS. ODELIA M. WILSON Faculty Sponsor Membership of this organization is composed of health education majors and minors. WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS BETTE BARNES President EILEEN LOMAX_____ Vice-President MARGARET DAVIS Secretary GERTRUDE WHITTY Treasurer SID HENRY President Sunday School Our Wesley Foundation offers a center of worship, a training school for churchmanship and a sense of commitment to Metho- dist students on campus. The fellowship at our student house is deepened by our Sunday night suppers, our social activities and the many hours we spend sharing experiences with each other. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION VIRGINIA GOODELL JOAN GRIMSLEY MARY ELLEN LISLE CAROL FREDENBURG LUNETTE CRAVEY MARIE TOBIAS JEAN HEADLEY JOYCE HARPER EXECUTIVE COUNCIL HELEN CULBRETH MARY TOTTEN IRIS DOSSEY MARY CAROLYN CURTIS HAZEL HODGE EDNA WAMBLE BOBBIE NEEL RAY BROWN SHIRLEY HARGRAVES SARAH LOU WELLS CLYDE MARIE FOSTER BARBARA JEAN MORGAN CAROLYN TURNAGE MISS FAITH JAMES ARTYE FUTRELL Through the Baptist Student Union we seek to present a well-rounded program of ac- tivity that will challenge the best in every student. Christ is made personal through Sunday School . . . Vespers . . . pre-school retreat . . . freshman circus . . . Training Union . . . hikes . . . skating parties . . . Bible discussion groups . . . state convention . . . " Screwball Week " . . . study courses . . . prayermates . . . Young Woman ' s Auxiliary . . . annual faculty-student banquet . . . summer Ridgecrest assembly . . . hikes . . . BSU choir . . . state spring retreat . . . " Bap- tist Players " . . . morning watch . . . Devel- oping the student ' s loyalty to his local church is one of the purposes of the Baptist Student Union. NEWMAN CLUB EXECUTIVE COUNCIL ANNA HOLDEN President EDGAR SCHLITT Vice-President VIOLET SOS IN . Treasurer N I NA SHUMAN Recording Secretary MARY ANN BERRY.... Parliamentarian MARJORIE BLACKSHAW ._ ...Senior Representative MARGUERITE MYERS Junior Representative MAR I ON DORO Sophomore Representative DICK MOONEY Men ' s Representative REV. FATHER WILLIAM O ' FARRELL, REV. FATHER KOHONE Chaplains MISS MADELINE NOAH Faculty Advisor Newman Club is the club of Catholic culture and fellowship at Florida State University. Through its bi-monthly meetings Catholic students are brought together in religious, social and educational activi- ties, which range from discussion study clubs and lectures to picnics, dances and parties. All Catholic students enrolled at FSU are automatically mem- bers, and spiritual guidance is given to the group by the local priest. In addition to their activities on campus, Newmanites help teach catechism classes and maintain a Sunday morning nursery for the local parishioners ' children. Representatives are usually sent to both the state and the province Newman Club conventions. HILLEL FOUNDATION OFFICERS ESTHER BARASH President GRACE DAYAN— Vice-President and Social Welfare Chairman ANITA FRIEDMAN Recording Secretary MARILYN ROSNER Corresponding Secretary LEATRICE Z I VI REN Social Chairman JOYCE ARONOVITZ Cultural Chairman HERBERT LEWITT Treasurer BOB PEARLMAN Parliamentarian RABBI JULIUS KRAVETZ Director MISS LOIS GOLDMAN Faculty Advisor MEMBERS C. Adler, G. Atlas, C. Becker, H. Bell, L. Benjamin, I. Berkman, H. Blam, S. Brameister, M. Bucholtz, M. Capelonto, R. Cohen, M. Edwards, M. Fleet, L. Friedman, S. Dwoskin, L. Gross, M. Haimowitz, E. Goodwin, M. Harris, V. Harris, D. Jaffe, R. Herpe, E. Liebling, I. Linick, S. Ludwig, P. Marks, R. May, G. Monheit, S. Maness, I. Portnoy, M. Tatner, P. Rotenberg, A. Solomon, B. Sager, N. Schecter, A. Schwartz, A. Sunshine, R. Sherman, R. Shlafrock, J. Singer, I. Pugatsky, R. Torn, M. Zolka, Z. Kaplan, . C. Levy, M. Kaufman, S. Goldstein. Sponsored by B ' Nai B ' rith, Hillel Foundation works to bring a more adequate knowledge of their her- itage to the Jewish students on FSU ' s campus. Hillel provides the medium where Jewish students can meet socially. The officers and directors of the Foundation are dedicated to help the Jewish student find the activities most suited to his need and desire. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP CYNTHIS MERRIN .. President COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN: PARKER PERKINS 1st Vice President T Stanford, B. Collins, E. Nickinson, C. McRea, I. Santos, P. , nA c a M-r -ic - j w n _i Perkins, V. Swicord, M. McCormick, R. M. Mauldin, C. Verser, IDAbANlUb Znd Vice President r , ., .. VA : fu c r l n r ■. d i .• n. D. J. Allen, M. Winfield, E. Gahr, M. Garrett, B. Latiner, D. MARILYN ARCHBOLD ....Secretary Clonts, F. Higginbotham, G. Reeves, M. V. Atkinson, A. Egan, BETTY MOORE Treasurer M. Betts, C. Baxter. Westminster Fellowship is the organization of the college Presbyterian stu- dents. Sunday school classes, Bible study and discussion, music and service projects are included in the activities. The group seeks to carry on a complete church-centered program to fit the needs of all students. CANTERBURY CLUB VESTRY COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN ART SKEVAKIS ...President A Bache, M. Curry, C. Gillen, P. Hamilton, M. Harrox, MIMI RENWICK .... Vice President Keyton, N. Jones, E. Lazear, B. Loftus, B. J. McCormick, BARBARA BOLING Secretary Taylor, H. Everett. BUDDY MARSHALI Treasurer To promote fellowship among the members of the group and others interested in the Episcopal church is the aim of the Canterbury Club. The official organ- ization of the Episcopal students on campus, it has as its governing body, the Vestry. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION MARIE CHILLINGWORTH._._ President GERALDINE CHASTAIN Corresponding Secretary BETTY BERG Vice-President GLADYS CASKIE -Treasurer NANCY ANN POWELL Recording Secretary The Christian Science Organization is composed of students, faculty and staff of the university who are of this denomination. The major annual under- taking of the organization is the presentation of a Christian Science lecture which is given on the campus and open to the public. Also open to all those who are interested in Christian Science are the weekly testimony meetings. 4 RED CROSS COLLEGE UNIT BETTY DIXON . Student Chairman MARTHA WALKER Treasurer MARGARET ANN BLOCKER Vice Chairman PEGGY PRUITT Publicity Chairman JO ANN CLOUD Secretary The college unit of the American Red Cross gives the students actual experi- ence in and a better understanding of Red Cross work. It is the connecting unit between the local chapter and college students. First aid, water safety and accident prevention courses, the annual fund drive, and other services are performed by this unit. SOPHOMORE COUNCIL The " Blue Jackets " of Florida State University have sponsored such activities as the WSSF Faculty auction during the year. The activities of Sophomore Council has been confined to service to the school. Members of the council are elected each spring and they are the first to meet the timid Freshmen in the fall. This year, the Council operated on information booth in front of Westcott during the first homecoming cele- bration of the University. Another project given to the organization is the sale of " rat caps " in cooperation with the Sophomore class. The " Blue Jackets " are charged also with the responsibility of raising and lowering the flag in front of Bryan. MEMBERS: B. Alexander, E. Allen, M. Archbold, M. Badcock, J. Bennett B. Blanton, P. Burghard, B. J. Cobb, G. Cubbedge, M. Doro, B. J. Drake, A. Eidson, C. Floyd, M. Ford, J. Fowler, M. Ful- ghum, F. Funchess, A. Graves, B. Gurney, D. Harding, D. Hassinger, V. Haynes, M. Hiatt, F. Higginbotham, J. Hiscock, P. Holden, B. A. Holland, D. Hopkins, B. Hutt, R. Kinsey, A. |Kutrow, L. Larson, M. Land, C. Leinbach, R. McBride, H. McCorkle, B. Mathis, L. Minkley, B. Neel, A. O ' Quinn, A. Oliver, J. Owen, V. Parkhill, F. Patterson, P. Patterson, N. Prior, M. Queen, M. Quigg, M. Rigg, B. Rushing, N. Sayer, A. Scudder, P. Sharr, B. Shannon, C. Shiver, R. Simon, J. Sledzinski, J. Smith, A. Thornton, J. Trupp, C. Whitney, L. White, R. Williams, C. Yonge, B. Zipf. ■ {!! Hi ! » Y WC A OFFICERS: AUDREY BYRD President ANNETTE NORDAN— . First Vice President PAT VINSON Second Vice President MARTHA ROBINSON Secretary MARY EDDINS ' _ Treasurer Picture titles: 1 . Cabinet poses 2. Bathing Beauties 3. Morning Worship in the Cathedral 4. Meditation in the Morning Dew 5. Our President at Gussie ' s Mercy 6. Swing Yo ' Partner 7. Canoe Champs 8. Scout Leaders and their Chilluns One of the most diversifed organizations on campus is the YWCA. During the year they have sponsored such activities as evening Vespers, Easter Sunrise service, forums on cur- rent affairs and a recreational and leadership training program for summer camp counsel- ors. The " Y " is non-denominational and seeks to unify the various religious groups on cam- pus. The Fellowship Clubs have helped ac- quaint the freshmen members with the dif- ferent committees. The program of the YWCA is directed by a cabinet composed of officers and committee chairmen. UNIVERSITY 4H GLllll OFFICERS: INGRID TIERESE President RUTH LEMMON Vice President BETTY TREVARTHEN Secretary BETTY RUSCHMER Social Chairman MIRIAM HOLMES and ANNE GREGORY ....Freshman Advisors GERTRUDE WHITTY Reporter MRS. BONNIE JEAN CARTER and MISS LORENE STEVENS Advisors MEMBERS: A. M. Hanna, V. Gaskins, H. Jones, M. Publes, B. Trevarthen, H. Hipp, R. Lemmon, M. Morse, B. Hudnall, M. Foun- tain, I. Tierese, G. Whitty, B. Ruschmer, S. Futch, F. Littleton, M. Kirby, S. R. Elkins, A. Gregory, I. King, M. Holmes, T. Medline, G. Caskie, M. L. Medline, L. Spaeth, J. Raebring, J. Flynn, C. Thompson, J. Giddens, J. McNeill, K. McCadams, N. Richards, B. M. Elkins, H. Arnold, M. L. DeWolf. The University 4-H Club is the one organization at FSU that has a special course designed to encourage members of the younger generation to go to college. The Short Course, held at the end of the school year, brings high school students from all over the state to Tallahassee. The purpose behind the 4-H ' ers here is to become more familiar with the work of the Florida Extension Service. GEOGRAPHY OLUB Douglas Alley, Martha Amos, Annette Anderson, Mary A. Bossidry Betty Burns, Marjorie Chandley, Alda Lou Cherry, Jacque demons, Frances Collins, Gladys Collins, Mils Dean, Alvary English, Ard L. Eulenfeld, Anne Marie Flournoy, Addie Ruth Folks, Anita Friedman, Rubye Ganey, Mary E. Garst, Alda Mae Hanna, Betty Lou Hardin, Anna Hill, Martha Jo Jones, Marjorie V. King, Irene Kerby, Lisa Koenitzer, Sara Lambert, Florence Littleton, Tony Montesdeoco, Tony Machado, Helen Maki, Jack McGrare, Eva- lina Mcintosh, Maude Mims, Mildred Nichols, Doris Nowark, Jean Raiford, Audrey Richard, Charlotte Ricker, Helen Rizon, Jose- phine Roehrig, Frank E. Scott, Betty Rushmer, Joan Scott, Alma Simmons, Marie Simmons, Julie Spencer, Martha Spencer, Rita Sprankle, Alice Steed, Clifford Taylor, Peg Thompson, Jane Thompson, Mickey Tamasello, Alfred Hsinyuan Tu, Betty Tuten, Mar- guirite Wainwright, Mary Lillian Watson, Dorothy Welker, Wanda Williams, Mamie Maitken, Marie Clifton, Gladys Crane, Mary C Mayhuse, Carol Murrell, Virginia Venters, June Whidden, Sally Henley, Dolly Aiken, W. J. Glover. A _ __ ., , INTEUNATIONAL RELATIONS OLllll OFFICERS: JIM EWING BETTY WILKI SPARKIE BEN President SON Secretary Z Treasurer BEVERLY SIMMS ....Program Chairman EDITH JOHNSON Historian MR. H. R. LUDDEN Faculty Advisor That its members should leorn to understand the feelings and actions of people in all countries is the purpose of the International Relations Club. Through its many sponsored speakers and discussion, it tries to promote peace through understanding. MEMBERS: P. Allsopp, P. Baker, D. Benz, L. Boyce, B. Brown, D. Carlin, M. Clonts, J. Ewing, R. Herman, E. Johnson, F. Littleton, R. D. Ludden, E. McRoyan, M. Morse, J. Paul, G. Pamage, J. Stathis, B. Wilkison, B. Sims. t » ■ 1 — r Ms Hi IK L » ■ £ WOULD FEDERALISTS OFFICERS: RUFUS JEFFERSON President JEANNE O ' RIORDEN Recording Secretary MARGARET CASH ... Vice President MARY LOU MUSTER.... ...Treasurer BEVERLEY SIMMS Corresponding Secretary Members of the United World Federalists strive to arouse public interest in establishing a federal world government. The FSU group brought speakers to the campus this year and sponsored radio programs on WFSU. CASA CERVANTES Casa Cervantes is the only kind of dormitory life for which you get college credit. From the moment a member of this unique groups enters the door of the little house at 61 1 West Jefferson street until the time she leaves it again, all conversation is carried on in Spanish. The Spanish house was started in 1946 for the purpose of giving students a chance to really learn the language by speaking it almost continually. They eat the evening meal together each day and follow this with a social hour. The social hour consists of singing, story-telling, skits or entertaining guests — all in Spanish. One Spanish custom not observed by all members however is the commend- able siesta habit. MEMBERS: J. Buschmann, I. Leslie, J. Fogarty, G. McWilliams, A. Wood, B. A. Hawkins, E. Garcia, C. Lischka, I. Berkman, G. Caskie, P. Marks, A. Sunshine, J. Hand, B. Moore, J. Sackhoff, S. F. McLamore, D. Lippincott, H. Burnside, B. Simms, R. Cox, J. Brinson, C. Ricker. LOS PICAROS UE LOPE DE VEGA OFFICERS: ROSARIO ARIAS President BEVERLY RENTZ Treasurer OLGA VEGA Vice President ANNA FERNANDEZ Publicity Agent CATHY POWELI Recording Secretary BEVERLY GOODNIGHT Historian ALICE ESPERANTE Corresponding Secretary HERBERTO LACAYO Sponsor MEMBERS: L. Alsonso, R. Arias, B. Arrojo, W. Baker, J. Buschman, B. Campbell, N. Day, C. Dean, J. Dupree, A. Esperante, Alice Fernandez, Anna Fernandez, J. Fernandez, R. Fiezl, B. Foster, N. Gavilan, Y. Gonzalez, B. Goodnight, M. Govantes, S. Grimaldi, B. A. Hawkins, H. M. Johnson, M. King, I. Lesie, C. Lischka, M. Martin, N. Martino, S. McFarlin, S. McLa- more, C. Powell, V. Puglisi, B. Rentz, B. J. Richards, H. Sanchez, T. Smith, V. Sosin, M. F. Stiekland, O. Vega. PLEDGES: D. Aiken, G. Alvarado, I Berkman, C. Carballo, B. Collins, J. Cooke, D. Dominguez, J. Durrance, Amelia Fern- andez, D. Friscia, R. Gonzalez, E. Potter, R. Spoto, A. Velasco. Founded on campus in 1947, Los Picaros, the National Spanish Honorary, is naturally quite limited in its membership. Each quarter oral and written examinations are given to aspirants and each spring a new crop of Picaros is harvested. Confidentially if you are brushing up on your Spanish, dust off your record collection and ask the examiner " Cuanta Le Gusta? " PRE LAW CLUB trod. Marie Kirby, Buck Vocelle, Martin Gainer, Margot Nasiallah, Christy Dale, Richard Brooks, J. B. Crutchfield, Rube Askew, Garrett Swindale, Herbert Marsh, Peggy Hodgson, Marion Elise Davis, Eugenia Stathis, Ed Campbell, Roberta McBride, Hap Kneale, Barbara Southard, Carolyn Williams, Rufus Jefferson, June Cameron. Sponsor: MR. LORACE E. CATTERSON HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS: NANCY BOGGS President RUTH LEMMON Vice President DOROTHY LOVE Secretary IRMA HOLT Treasurer CARLA DEITZ Senior Representative RUTH MARSHALI ...Junior Representative ANN WITHERSPOON Sophomore Representative MEDA MORRIS Publicity Chairman PEARL CLINE Membership Chairman JUDY GIBSON- ....Social Chairman IRMA HOLT Finance Chairman DR. MILDRED BRICKER, MISS FRANCES TACIONIS, MISS RUTH DALES Faculty Sponsors MEMBERS: C. Adams, R. Adams, B. J. Allen, L. Anderson, E. Armstrong, N. J. Armstrong, H. Arnold, J. Aronovitz, A. Atwater, F. Barnhill, J. Beach, B. Bendinger, V. Bert, M. Bishop, N. Boggs, S. D. Bowman, B. Buechly, F. Brown, M. Burdine, V. Carlton, S. K. Oakes, M. Catlett, B. Clark, B. J. Clements, P. Cline, B. Cochran, J. Cowan, M. E. Cowan, G. Crane, C. S. Cross, A. Cutts, C. Deitz, B. Denmark, K. Dewar, M. A. Edwards, S. Elkins, M. K. Ellis, B. Farnell, C. Flint, A. Flournoy, M. Fountain, H. Friedheim, H. Galloway, A. Gardner, M. Gardner, M. Garrett, V. Gaskin, E. Geeting, J. Gibson, D. Gill, B. Gillespie, C. Gray, E. Greene, B. Griffity, E. Gustafson, W. Haily, M. Hanzo, E. Hargrove, L. Harrison, D. Hayes, J. Hayward, J. Hedick, B. C. Hicks, J. Holloway, I. Holt, M. Huckins, B. Hutt, M. Johnson, C. Kautz, R. Lemmon, O. Letton, L. J. Lewis, D. Love, C. Malloy, M. Marotta, R. Marshall, B. May, L. Medlin, M. L. Medlin, H. Meiners, S. Meyer, B. J. Miller, F. Mit- chell, M. Morse, M. Morris, S. Morton, J. A. Moses, M. Mowiser, M. Myers, C. McCall, N. McCleery, A. MacCrone, B. Need- ham, B. L. Nuttle, M. 01 1 iff, M. Osteen, M. H. Owen, D. Partridge, S. Peacock, M. Phipps, A. Pike, M. Powell, R. Powers, C. Prenedel, M. Pritchett, S. Procter, Z. Ratcliff, C. Register, M. Renwick, L. Riley, M. F. Rotolo, J. Rouse, E. Rutherford, L. Santarone, H. Scanlon, J. Schwartz, B. Schnider, E. Sellas, A. Sheppard, G. Skinner, E. Smith, F. Smithers, L. Spaeth, J. Standley, W. Stockwell, K. Sullivan, R. A. Langham, H. Tilghman, B. Travarthen, J. Tyndall, F. Venters, M. Vickery, I. Walker, M. S. Walker, B. Ward, M. C. Weldon, D. Welker, C. A. Well, B. West, I. L. Williams, M. J. Williams, B. Wills, H. Wilson, B. Windham, M. Windier, C. Witcher, A. Witherspoon, M. A. Wolfe, M. Yeats. FACULTY MEMBERS: Dr. Margaret R. Sandels, Dr. Mildred Bricker, Miss Helen Cate, Dr. Ruth Connor, Mrs. Jessie Mc- Vey Rossman, Miss Ruth Dales, Mrs. Ruth Ferguson, Miss Mary Dee Marshall, Miss Aileen Merwin, Miss Bertha Munks, Dr. Jennie Mclnlosh, Miss Helen Richey, Dr. Hazel Stevens, Miss Frances Tacionis. SENIOR HALL COUNCIL OFFICERS: BETTY LOY President IRMA HALI Secretary SENIOR HALL COUNCIL MEMBERS: R. A. Adams, D. J. Allen, M. A. Berry, N. L. Boggs, G. Clark, E. Dawkins, J. Harper, J. Harris, I. Holt, M. Horrot, A. Hunt, E. Johns, B. Loftus, D. Love, B. Loy, M. Mallard, R. McCoy, B. Moore, B. Nelson, J. Swartz, B. Setliff, A. Welch, C. Wilson. Senior Hall Council is the official judicial body of Senior Hall. All cases involving members of the Hall are reviewed by the Council. The main purpose of the group is to uphold the traditions and standards set by previous Senior Halls. A. DAY STUDENTS ' ORGANIZATION OFFICERS: ELIZABETH GREENE President SARA GOULD Secretary NANCY WH ITE Treasurer MONTRELL SESSIONS Social Chairman The Day Students ' Organization is now for women day students only, but reorganization is planned to include men as well. The Day Students ' Organization will continue as the gov- erning body while Lambda Beta will be a social arm of the group. VILLAGE VAMPS OFFICERS: CARR I E KATE BOYNTON President SALLY C. HENLEY Vice President ALICE WOOTEN Secretary BETTYE MYRICK Treasurer MEMBERS: A. Bannerman, M. Bentz, C. Boynton, J. Day, B. Ellery, S. Ellis, F. Fulghum, M. Gwynn, S. Henley, M. Hiatt, B. A. Holland, P. Jones, B. Koons, S. Kunkle, P. Lowry, M. A. McGinley, S. McKay, B. J. Murdough, B. Myrick, A. Oliver, A. Over- bay, N. Parramore, B. Patterson, F. Patterson, P. Patterson, M. Rosner, P. Roush, A. Russ, J. Sayer, J. Smith, D. Snively, M. J. Sowell, I. Steagall, M. J. Taylor, S. Taylor, J. Tate, S. Thomas, M. N. Thrower, E. Wilcox, A. Wooten. As the official hostesses for campus social affairs, the Village Vamps are selected for poise, personality, vivaciousness and attractiveness. The Vamps took over the production of a fashion show first quarter and have continued with a full schedule of activities through- out the year. With the alluring talents of the VV ' s they might easily qualify as outstand- ing date-bait. COTILLION OFFICERS: BETTY LOY President PATSY PINKTON Vice President PEGGY PARISH Secretary HELEN SPACH Treasurer MARY JANE HOLTON ... Dance Chairman SARA LOU CHAMBERS Publicity Chairman MEMBERS: B. Loy, P. Pinkston, P. Parish, D. Brinkman, M. Calley, S. L. Chambers, J. Cram- mond, B. J. Cobb, D. Crumley, M. Flynn, B. Fosgate, J. Harper, M. J. Holton, L. Harry, N. Jackson, R. Mclnnis, M. Munro, N. Prior, H. Spach, J. Stroberg, F. Wells, J. Wooten, M. Burke, B. Moor, S. Hall, Y. Fitzgerald, M. Badcock, J. Ghiotto, N. Spach, M. Wester, B. Coleman, J. Butler, M. Adams, P. Trask, J. Bennett, S. Mooney, B. Geiger, S. Grimaldi, L. Brinkman, B. J. Brock, N. Jones, B. Hart, B. Armstrong, D. Missio, F. Antinori, J. A. Lassiter, D. Evans, C. Wilson, P. Preece, D. Whitfield. Dancing their way through college the Cotillionites conduct classes throughout the year for all students interested in brushing upon their dancing technique. The members also serve in the capacity of hostesses at campuswide dances. Membership in the club is based on the individual ' s ability to execute the various steps while leading or following. CAVALIERS Jerome Allen, Kenneth Roberts, Jim McMann, Ralph Cowart, Charles High, Bill Gahlcnbcck, D. L. Middlebrooks, D. G. Lujon, G. H. Williamson, Eddie Guthrie, Austin D. Stoner, John Crowell, Wayne Koger, Wendel Barnes, Parke Saffe, Jared J. Westberry, Ray Culbreth, Roger Drahan, Dean Roberts, Frederick Boris, Mack Mangum, Carl Beeler, Carl Thompson, Rube Askew, John Witt, Harry Hughey, Joe Almyda, J. T. Sandy, Carlton Gray, Bill Horner. PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE FACULTY COMMITTEE ON THE TALLY-HO (Left to right) : Mr. J. N. Baker, Miss Edith W. West, Faculty Advisor to the Tally-Ho, Mr. Rod K. Shaw, Miss Helen Mooty, and Dr. Louis Shores, Chairman of Faculty Committee on Student Publications. (Not pictured, Dr. Chester S. Neilson.) With a full crew aboard the ' 49 Tally-Ho coach, Driver Art Skevakis cracked the whip and the long trip to the printer and engraver was begun. Art Editor Joe Almyda and his assistants, Mar- garet Braun, Pris Carter and Susie Kunkle drew up colorful plans to complete the journey through the yearbook, while the trip ' s financing was left to the ingenuity of Business Manager Aquila J. Marshall, Assistant Earl Turner, Sparkie Benz and Jean Stathis. Fuel for the Tally-Ho was provided by Copy Ed- itor Pat Murphy and her staff, Betty Berg, Marion Doro, Betty Wilkison, and Ramona Herman. Gen- eral repair and handy-man was Managing Editor Jacquie Allen. Directing from a strategic position on the axel, Jacquie kept the wheels in motion. Important cogs in these wheels were such staff members as: Nancy Owens, Picture Editor; Esther Jensen, Class Editor; Ann Leach, Panhellenic Ed- itor; Bill Albright, IFC Editor; Laura Simpson, Features; Gloria Albritton, Organizations; Lois Delavan, Women ' s Sports Editor; Max Baird, Men ' s Sports Editor; Art Cobb and Bob Cooksey, sports staff writers; Betty Dot Galbraith, Honor- aries Editor; Jane Saffold, Activities Editor; Phyllis Alsopp and Edith Johnson, Heads of Publicity Staff; Lessie Busbee, Faculty; and Jack Crowell, Annette Nordan, and Eddie Hacker, staff photographers. Lending invaluable assistance at rather difficult cross-roads were Fred Busbee of the Campus Studio, and Max Zeigler who took all the pictures in the Feature Section. After a weary and lengthy journey, the staff members consoled themselves by announcing, " We ' ve devoted this year to ART! " TALLY HO STAFF MEN ' S MUSIC CLUB DAVID WILCOX . President BILL BANKS ..Vice President GUD ADKISON ■ Secretary-Treasurer DR. W. L. HOUSEWRIGHT ...Faculty Advisor There ' s music in the land and the Men ' s Music Club was founded at Florida State University in the spring of 1948 to advance its cause. The club ' s mem- bership is composed of men who are interested in music and perform in the campus musical organizations. MEMBERS: G. Adkison, J. Mercer, G. Mitchell, D. Strickland, P. Watson, R. Canfield, J. Gunn, J. Kohler, B. Banks, F. Honour, J. Van Pelt, L. Evans, W. Baker, A. Bradford, D. Griffin, J. Phillips, G. King, J. Sandy, E. Draughon, A. Kannwischer, H. Kepple, G. Gaskins, D. Wilcox, H. Kelly, B. Kirksey, C. Hospodar, A. Larsen, R. Smith, F. Blake, J. Boda, R. Briggs, R. Braunagel, Dr. W. L. Housewright, Dr. K. O. Kuersteiner. UNIVERSITY SINGERS OFFICERS: BETTY LATIMER President PATTY MIMS Vice President DORIS STEVENS Secretary WILEY L. HOUSEWRIGHT Conductor MAE GAUTIER Accompanist This organization, new this year, is designed to meet the needs of the general university girl who finds pleasure and satisfaction in choral singing. Musically worthy performances of a wide sampling of choral literature are given. First Sopranos: Marianne Bassett, Joyce Beach, Helen Blam, Elizabeth Bridamour, Lucinda Lee Carson, Juli- anne Clark, Rose Ellen Coleman, Louise Fischer, Jean Flynn, Betty Ford, Carolyn Haire, Latrelle Harden, Anna Hill, Edwina Johnson, Jo Anne Keagle, Jane Kirk, Dorothy Kish, Betty Latimer, Betty Jean Lavender, Gloria Manrique, S. Margaret Marshall, Gabriella Molina, Margot D. Nasrallah, Delly Rowe, Julie Spencer, Jean Strick- land, Mary Watson, Ellen West, Caroline Whitmire, Caroline Witcher, Mary Ruth Vause, Marie Underwood. Second Sopranos: Martha Amos, Beverly Bennett, Sarah Brameister, Carmen Casal, Dorothy Clark, Elizabeth Cooper, Helen Culbreth, Carolyn Dixon, Evelyn Draper, Pat Duane, Rita Duffy, Bess Enge, Alice Fleury, Ruth Forbes, Virginia French, Elizabeth Futch, Mary Etta Gatlin, Virginia Guthrie, Juanita Hanson, Clarine Hobbs, Jeanne Hooker, Alice Jackson, Amanda Kennedy, Bertha Kersey, Melva MacPherson, Jeanette Mathis, Elsie Peddie, Betty Pichard, Pat Roehling, Ruth Rutland, Mary Ann Schock, Grace Stephens, Marie Tobias, Rosemary Trefethen, Harriet Whitlock, Ruth Wilkie, Mary Wooten. Altos: Betty Jane Allen, Barbara Alley, Miriam Allsopp, Gretchen Bauer, Linda Bowser, LeVeda Brown, Gwen Clement, Betty Epps, Eloise Fishback, Patricia Harrison, Joan Hettinger, Peggy Jester, Doris Eline Johnson, Til Lomaistro, Glenna Long, Carolyn Marcum, Eleanor Marett, Marion Meeks, Marilyn Meiter, Patty Mims, Sylvia Ruth Naness, La Rose Oliver, Margaret Powell, Bonnie Roddenberg, Myrtle Rogers, Betty Jean Rushmer, Nellie Scardasis, Smily Smith, Doris Steven, Roberta Swingley, Allene Thomas, Virginia Tuppen, Marguerite Wainwright, Lois Whitmore, Elizabeth Zim, Faye Zorn. WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB Mary Elizabeth Adams, Beverly L. Alexander, Jane Atchley, Katharine Baisden, Mary Eliza- beth Barber, Margery Bass, Elizabeth Bell, Helen Bell, Donna Blackketter, Sarah Ann Bra- meister, Helen Coral Bright, Jeannelle Brown, Martha Caldwell, Hazel Clarkson, Martha Clary, Doris demons, Janice Marily Cooke, Jacqueline Cox, Jeannette Cox, Rosalyn Cox, Nina Craig, Roberta Dart, Lillian Davis, Joan Daye, Phyllis DeKalb, Julia Mae Ditty, Helen Edminston, Yvonne Susa Fossett, Marjorie Fussell, Elizabeth Gigl, Sara Jane Godfrey, Geraldine Halliburton, Marie Hartley, Varian Helms, Helen Lorena Henry, Laura Hiott, Annette Holland, Barbara Home, Betty Houlihan, Helen Jungmeyer, Rosalind Keller, Virginia Kelly, Patricia Ledbetter, Mary Lissenden, Yvonne Mae Lumpkin, Marjorie Maner, Mary Dee Mathews, Roberta Mc- Bride, Jane McLeod, Cynthia Merrin, Cortlandt Morper, Ann Mize, Janice Myers, Doris Need- ham, Lorraine Nottage, Joan Roper, Laura Simpson, Joan Sistrunk, Mary Stuart Smith, Mary Lou Spring, Virginia Swicord, Elouise Truett, Elsie Ward, Velma Wilkie, Daisy Whitaker, Wy- nonah Zetrouer, Vivian Zigrang, Shirley Davidson, Betty Lou Shannon, Barbara Trawick. UNIVERSITY CHORUS OFFICERS: CRIS HOLLEY__ GENE GASKINS. JOE ANN BARNES RAWL WILKINSON MARIE TOBIAS—. HERMAN GUNTER- President .Vice President .Secretary-Treasurer Librarian Librarian Director and Faculty Advisor - • Organized for the betterment of music on this campus, the University Chorus was installed at FSU in 1946. SYMPHONIC RANIJ ALTO CLARINET Margaret Reid Martha Stephens BASS CLARINET Steve Edwards Edna Grvezinger ALTO SAX Betty Carter Myra Kight Gene Mitchell Claudia Narday Jack Birch TRUMPETS Betty Jean Allen Russ Elsader Guss Atkison Harold Carrin Charles Dean Lee Jeffers Gordon King John Luper Alice Jenkins Jack Scarborough Earl Jackson Junior Garret BARITONES Shirley DeBald Ed Calloway Willie Jackson Mary Taruer TROMBONE Don Allen Marie Benson John Eddens John Watson Ann Rogers TENOR SAX Tommy Dale Robert Herpe Eloise Harrison BARITONE SAX Jack Blackburn OBOE Katherine Coons CLARINET Benny Bernanda Ed Birch Dalaris Burnham Merle Bush Francis Cobb Billie Greenwell HORNS Betty Aditison Pat Daniel Nell Fogarty Mercedes Futch Perry Watson Helen Hawes Dot Mathews John Mercer Evelyn Ozee Ed Santana Kathryn Stedham Orville Taylor Lois Cameron George Corradino Jane Mattison Henry Blake BASS James Parks PERCUSSION Wanda Hamilton Worth Henson Frank Kellgo Happy Nicolsen FLUTE Jeanne Beckham Barbara Hibbard Joanne Nelson Barbara Wroten MARCHING BANI1 MEMBERS: B. L. Addison, B. J. Allen, D. Allen, S. Atwell, M. Bensen, B. Berondo, J. Black- burn, M. Bush, E. Calloway, L. Cameron, H. Carrin, F. Cobb, R. Cook, G. Corradino, S. Daboll, T. Dale, P. Daniel, J. Eddins, S. Edwards, R. Elsasser, M. Fielding, N. Fogarty, M. Futch, D. Garrett, B. Greenwell, E. Groezinger, W. Hamilton, E. Harrison, W. Henson, B. Herpe, B. Hibbard, H. Howes, E. Jackson, L. Jeffers, A. Jenkins, M. Kight, G. King, F. Killgo, B. Lee, J. Lloyd, D. Mathews, J. Mattison, G. Mitchell, J. Nelson, E. Nicolson, A. Nordon, J. Park, J. Phillips, P. Reed, J. Rutherford, E. Santana, J. Scarborough, M. Stephens, K. Stidham, M. Tarver, M. E. Tavel, O. Taylor, J. Watson, P. Watson, B. Wroten. UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY Firs Violin Fred Honour William Hilton Charlie Anderson June Cameron Mary Elizabeth Cook Glenna Sparkman Dan Boda Ernest Jones Willard Baker James Gunn Second Violin Martha Williams Jeane Broome Lois Schooner Elise Thomas Betty Rushmer Margie Harden Margaret Ratcliff Jean Alderman William Bean Viola Nancy Kretschmar Alice Jenkins Sharon Lane Fred Blake Cellos Gladys Smith Mildred Aitchison Flora Kinsey Rebecca Rodenburq Owpn Sellers Bass Wilmer Banks Elinor Crews Shirley Higginbotham Marion Meeks John Boda Harp Mary Reeder Librarian Augustus Adkinson Kerry McElhany Flute Joanne Nelson Louise Fischer Margaret Toole Barbara Hibbard Piccolo Margaret Toole Oboe Mary Louise Gamble Kathryn Coons Betty Louise Wells Mary Boothby English Horn Robert Smith Clarinet Jerry Kohler Edwin Santana Beverly Stowe Alto Saxophone Robert Smith Bassoon Steve Edwards Betty Bly Marble Horn Annette V. Bork Don Strickland Pat Daniel Trumpet J. Gordon King Augustus Adkinson Dalton Garrett Trombone Joseph Vara Marie Benson Tuba Peggy Mock Tympani Don Banks Percussion Robert Smith Peggy Pelot SO LIAS Library Service Club OFFICERS: BILL POLLARD Editor PHOEBE SUDLOW Social Director BETTY WOODALL President EDNA GROSLINGER Secretary-Treasurer MISS AGNES GREGORY Faculty Advisor MR. ROBERT CLAPP Faculty Advisor MEMBERS: June Inman, Hazel Burnside, Auralie Phillips, Elizabeth Von Dohlen, Mary Tone, Lillian Oelslager, Cleo Sapp, Frances Hatfield, Marjorie Wright, George Olsen, Valona Bromich. MEMBERS: C. Newman, W. Frost, E. Gahr, D. Massey, F. Furlow, J. Thompson, H. Knowles, C. Warrell, H. Morrison, N. Schechter, D. Lake, L. Abel, C. Eason, E. Mor- gan, G. Davis, P. Perkins, E. Johnson, P. Johnson, W. Duckworth, R. Thornton, R. Bowen, R. Jefferson, K. Gard, C. White, R. Wilkie, E. Potter, M. Winfield, A. Kerr, A. Teague, J. Nightengale, M. Gwynn, W. Barber, P. Rose, H. Rizou. Faculty Ad- visor: Miss Lynette Thompson. CLASSICAL CLUB OFFICERS: PATTY ROSE President RAY THORNTON Vice President DANNY MASSEY Secretary MISS LYNETTE THOMPSON Advisor The Classical Club has set down as its guiding light the encouragement of the study among the student body of Greek and Roman civilizations. The members band to- gether in order that each of the members might in- crease his own personal knowledge of the classics. However, the cultural crowd readily admits that its ulterior motive is to make studying the class- ics popular on this cam- pus and throughout the state. Opposite is a cover which should be familiar to all as that of the psucclo- intellectural publication ably mis-managed by the brightest psuedo-intellect in FSU ' s aalaxv — Barbara Byrnes! Barbara R. Byrnes, Editor, TALARIA ' t t e •p m I M zh-%- fall 748 0- Editorial CHEATING is an old and venerable practice; it is one employed often and skillfully by people in every walk of life — they cheat each other and they cheat them- selves. In many instances it has developed into something of a fine art. There are as many techniques of cheating as there are people and issues involved. Now this custom is much more universal than is commonly supposed. In fact, deception, fraud, trickery and hypocrisy are so prevalent, so very much a part and parcel of the lives of everyone of us, that it is difficult to imagine the chaos which would result were these practices sud- denly discontinued. Our civilization — ANY civilization — would be bankrupt. We would have no spiritual resources on which to draw. Let us take a look at what would inevitably occur. Every advertising firm in the nation would immediately be dissolved, thus throwing thousands of people into unemployment. Most magazines and newspapers would go out of print, for there would be no advertisers to support them; more people would be without a source of income and instrument of delusion. Countless products would go off the market, for they could no longer sell themselves under false pretenses, and therefore would have no justification at all for being. Naturally radio would become a thing of the past, for the programs would find themselves without sponsors, and by the very nature of the case most of them would perish on the grounds of decep- tion. The cinema business would restrict itself to non-partisan documentaries and shortly cease to exist at all. Cartels, monop- olies, corporations — these would be nothing but words. The church would be out on a limb of embarrassment, and so, for that matter, would government. The doors of classrooms would be closed. International negotiations would have to be termi- nated. Individuals would be denied the pleasure and joy of hypocritical and deceitful thoughts and deeds — my fraudulent reader, you can easily imagine how dull life would then become. In a word, our entire culture, the delicate product of in- numerable generations of cheating, would collapse and die. We would be no better off, materially, than were the cavemen. Such a situation is fantastic — no rational man, child of his twentieth century heredity and environment, could will such a thing. For it is well known that the more advanced a civiliza- tion becomes, the more hypocritical it must be. And therefore, since we all reallize what an integral and fundamental part of our lives cheating is, why do we not acknowledge it? It is, of course, essential to our concept of deception of others and self that we should preach one thing and practice another — this enables us to increase our hypocrisy geometrically without any real expenditure of energy and in- tellect. This frequently works to our advantage, for we all know that material betterment is the sole purpose underlying our simple and delightful philosophy, though we must neces- sarily deny this in order to adhere faithfully to our doctrine. Therefore that if we are able to dissuade from cheating those who are stupid enough to believe us, we will be cutting down competition; those who do not cheat fall by the wayside and constitute life ' s failures. A common practice in this respect is the attempt to instill in small children a conviction that cheat- ing is not nice, with the hope that by the time they are old enough to see the fallacy of whatever line of unreason you pursue, you will have gotten your own, and can retire from commercial competitive cheating into a sedentary life of back- biting and self-deception. This is a very important factor, and not one to be underestimated as to net effectiveness, but it ' s not nearly so esthetically pleasing, from a hypocritical point of view, as the System of Rules and Regulations. This system represents the very apex, the ultimate, in hypocrisy. We gather together, as a nation, a state, a com- munity, or an institution and glibly make rules or laws whereby cheating is prohibited. Not only does this procedure afford us a great deal of inner glee, but it is purposeful as well. For by the enforcement of rules and regulations, the unfit are weeded out, thus clearing the field for those who are adept at cheating, who have a genuine talent for it, so to speak. Our keen enthusiasm for cheating would no doubt be some- what dulled were the danger element removed. Now, taking into consideration the fact that the almighty super-structure of society is erected upon a firm foundation of cheating, and that each of us, as an individual, is caught in a web of hypocrisy, which is indeed, of his own spinning, we should face the facts snidely. We, as college students, should prepare ourselves carefully for our future roles as cit- izens. Are we going to permit ourselves to be outcheated and outhoaxed at every turn? Are we going to become social mis- fits and fall by the wayside because of an inferior ability to fraud or some perverted predisposition toward honesty? Or shall we go forth into the world proudly and earn a good name for ourselves and for our Alma Mater by becoming respected, feared, and loathed by our fellow citizens? It is beyond question that all of us, except for the few neo-idealistic dissenters in our ranks, aspire to success. Well then, is there any way by which we ccn further our chances? Let us see. As the status now quo, we are busy playing our hypocritical little game of Rules and Regulations. This is fine; as I said above, it tends to keep us alert, on our toes. We will encounter plenty of this sort of thing when we go forth into the big wide world, until we are well established, that is, and so we had better learn how to buck it on a somewhat smaller scale. But there seems to be a tendency now to move away from stringency of rules. We are being put on our honor to do or not to do certain things. This is unfortunate — all we have to do is tell a lie, and then only if we are backed into a corner. And mere lying will never help us greatly in the Struggle for Survival. If we are given much more leeway the practice of cheating will probably be abandoned here on campus — there will be no incentive, no risk involved. It is not a good thing to give people too much freedom — they are apt not to abuse it. This is a deplorable situation. Something must be done about it. What can we do about it ? The solution is very simple and should prove to be enjoyable, too. Since a relaxation of the rules results in a relaxation in cheating, and then in a further relaxation of rules, we must pull ourselves together and make a tremendous effort to cheat as much as possible for a few months — this should not be difficult, however. If con- venient, we might even have an organized movement, a real drive. Carried on extensively and thoroughly, over say a period of three or four months, I am sure that we will find ourselves enmeshed but good in a stimulating and intellectually chal- lenging system of rules and regulations. Cheaters of the school unite! You have nothing to lose but the honor which cripples you. — B. R. B. UNPATTERNED Yesterday, I whispered all my soul into unhearing ears, And straight pale lips smiled absently at all my fears; Today, aloud and unafraid I said, God pity feet that travel down one road with one intention Clad with the fitted shoes of stiff convention. And pity eyes that see with narrowed vision A marble world through bars of iron tradition. I shall have a life of free winds blowing; Of tangled wild green ferns and dark vines growing. I shall not see a rainbow as some strange reflection But as an afterthought of God in pink and green perfection. You who fear to branch your path With fear of other human creature ' s flimsy wrath Fear not. Move out on unshod feet And focus vision down a newer, broader street. Forget the lips and feet and eyes That measure living inch by inch and paralyze The soul that struggles to the wall Around the heart to grope and fall And wallow helpless in the mud Of centuries ' dust and stagnant blood. —SYLVIA TURNER. TO SUMMER Sun-burnt peer of Puck and drowsy laughter! Lazy vagabond ! Did you think I failed to see you Wading in my pond, Lying down beneath my maple In the purple shade, Grinning at the bobolink, Singing as you played And dipped your impudent fingers in the stream To make the bass a startled arrow In a black and silver dream 5 Ah, idle one, but you ' re a subtle lover! Luring me away, Down into the tawny grasses, Whispering as they sway, Deep into the sleepy humming Of the yellow bees, Where the sunlight trembles dusk-filled Through the stooping trees, And the languid lips of poppy woo the rose. Up into a green-gold madness You have whirled my being Rocked my heart in a bluebell ' s cup, Laughed and sent it fleeing Like some giddy, tipsy moth Drunk with poppy wine, And you ' ve pinned a rose in my hair And sworn that you were mine . . . I might have let you go your way. You never would have missed me. But now, alas! See what you ' ve done! You shameless rogue, You ' ve kissed me! And what shall I tell Autumn? —CYNT HIA JO SHUMACHER. REVENGE DAL ALBRITTON Andy sneered. " You think you ' re smart, don ' t you? " " No. " " No SIR! " " Yes sir. " " Shut up. " " All right, I — " The boy slapped Willie sharply. " Didn ' t I tell you to shut up? I guess I ' ll have to teach you a lesson. Put up your fists. " Tears were running down Willie ' s cheeks. He looked up at the bigger boy. " Put up your fists, I said. " Willie ' s arms hung down at his sides. Andy struck out and knocked him sprawling in the muddy road. He made no move to get up. A few schoolboys had gathered around. One of them stepped up to Andy. " What ' s the matter, Andy? " " Willie here is getting too smart for his britches. " " What did he do, huh? " Andy spat in Willie ' s direction. " He answered a question after I told the teacher I didn ' t know the answer. " " Yeah 5 That ' s a dirty trick. " The newcomer was evidently trying to gain Andy ' s favor. " Yeah, ain ' t it, " said Andy. He walked over and kicked Willie. " Get up, Big Britches. I ' m going to teach you that you ain ' t so damn smart, see. " Several of the boys standing around gasped in awe at Andy. They hadn ' t learned to use " damn " yet. Even Andy said it awkwardly. Willie sat up in the muddy street. He pulled him- self to his feet. Andy slapped him again. " How come you don ' t fight 5 " Willie put his hand to his burning cheek. " You ' re too big for me. I didn ' t mean to make you mad, Andy. " Andy put his hands on his hips. " You ' re a damn sissy, that ' s all. Ain ' t you? " Willie looked at the ground. " Ain ' t you? " " What? " " You ' re a damn coward. Say it. " Willie shook his head blindly. " No. " Andy slapped him again, once with each hand. " Say it. " Willie started to sob. Andy shook him. " Say it. " " I — I ' m a — sissy. " " A damn coward, too. " " I ' m a — " he sniffed, " — a damned coward. " He blurted it out. " You bet you are. " Andy laughed and started to pick up his bicycle. He reached in the bicycle basket and turned back to Willie. " I want you to carry my books home, Willie. " He glanced at the boys standing around him, their faces confused with awe, fear, and a tinge of sympathy. " Every afternoon, too, see? Get that? " Willie nooded hopelessly. He shifted the books in his arms to make them more comfortable. " How long do I have to carry them? " " Till I say stop. Forever, if I don ' t. Got that 5 " Willie nodded. Andy reached out and slapped him again. " Just to make sure. " He swung his leg over his bike and pedaled off. The boys moved away from Willie ashamedly. Willie began to walk up the muddy road staring at the swirling water in the ditch beside the road. The water in the sewage was very dirty. He looked about him. The boys were gone. He dropped the books in the mud. He selected a green primer and took it in his hands. The cover came off with a tearing sound. He tossed it into the dirty stream. It floated away. He threw the insides after it. One after another, he ripped the covers from Andy ' s books and tossed them into the muddy wcter. Tomorrow Andy would beat him up all over again, only worse, when he found out about his books. It didn ' t matter. He straightened his shoulders as he watched some of the covers spin and swim in the sewage. He started up the road and forced a smile. He chucked bravely to himself. Tough about Andy ' s books — damn tough. The brown water whirled the green cover around and around until at last it capsized and slowly sank. Left to Right: John Childers Barbara Byrnes Sarah Dwoskin Rawl Wood Theron Nunez Left to Right: (standing) Dal Albritton Elise Smith Cynthia Jo ShumacH ( sitting) Gladys Atlas Lewis Hughen Miriam Bucholtz I COLIN ENGLISH Coordinator of Higher Education FLORIDA STATE BOARD OF CONTROL J. THOS. GURNEY Chairman T. W. BRYANT N. B. JORDAN J. H. MARKHAM HOLLIS RHINEHART W. F. POWERS Secretary Newly elected Governor Fuller War- ren is greeted by President Doak S. Campbell during a tour made by the Governor of Florida State University campus. Leon County legislators in- cluded in the party are pictured, left to right, Senator Leroy Collins, Representatives Wilson Carraway and John Ward Henderson. Retiring Governor Millard F. Caldwell extends best wishes to Governor Fuller Warren for a successful term of governorship. FEATURES - " " v CHARLIE MACMILLAN . . . big fellow with a heart to match . . . friend indeed. VIRGINIA SWICORD . . . serious . . . gets things done quietly . . . bubbles over with friendliness. MARY ANN BERRY . . . understanding and sym- pathetic . . . laughing eyes . . . seldom ruffled. RUFUS JEFFERSON . . . one out of many ... a real guy with a cause. ARTHUR CONNELLY . . . lost in thought- . . . found in activity . . zip . . . zip . . . zip. PAULINE TUTTLE . . . tennis court . . . judicial court ... all round friend and leader. MARGIE MALLARD . . . throttled flit . . . effi- cient organizer . . . makes people want to follow. GEORGE DICKIE hard buddy sincere working kind of guy who thinks everybody de- serves a chance. CATHERINE GALLAGHER ... all out for her class from beginning to end . . . effi- cient ... a good gal is Gallagher. ) LEMOYNE CASH . . . soft spoken . . . consci- entious . . . the jester with a lifted eyebrow. PAUL McLE VRN . . . the skit boy . . . organ- izer ... an eye for the girls . . . Varga or otherwise. ART SKEVAKIS there ' s art, in her future JANE CAROL LEVY . . . if there ' s a pie. she has a finger in it . . . dry wit . . . loved by all. FRED DRAKE - : 0P . . . stops, thinks, acts . good head for enterprise . charming. . . . steady head . . . helping hand . . . need a smile? . . . he ' s got it. JOE ALMYDA ANN CARTER . . . poised . . . neatly tail- ored ... penetrating eyes . . . pleasant conversation. BILL MEIGS ,„ ■ ' ■■ ' ■ . . . versatile, to put it mildly . . . horned rims . . . good taste . . . suave. PAT DILLARD . . . exotic . . . direct . . . slow smile . . . quick mind. ' :%-■. SAM BOGGS . . . smart business man has the " know how " . nice to k now. ) ESTHER RASSMUSSEN 7 . brains . . . good looks what more can you ask? LAUM SIMPSON . . . effervescent personality . . . many talents . . . the joker . . . always steals the show. . . . DAVID WILCOX . . . where ' s there ' s Dave, there ' s music . . . most likely to be liked . . . fine. Inter Fraternity Council Left to right: Bill Albright, Carl Thompson, Neal Sandy, Dal Albritton, Bob Lee Banner- man, Carlton Gray, Chad Drake and James Aiken. Panhellenic Left to right: FIRST ROW: Rosanne Hartwell, Jean Furman, Kitty Spurgeon, Ruth Wilkie, Norma Jean Kearney. SECOND ROW: Claire Howell, Helen Jungmeyer, Helen Spach, Rachel McGinnis, Ann Hatfield, Barbara Boyden, Betty Claire Roberts, Betty Claire Roberts, Betty Dot Galbraith. THIRD ROW: Elisabeth Alexander, Mildred Zalka, Mary Ann McGinley, Margaret Cromer, Janet McGee, Anne Leach, Lucy Stapleton, Peggy Hodgson, Nancy Prior. FOURTH ROW: Betty W. Armstrong, Carlo Deitz, Marilyn Watt, Dorothy Hay, Verna Rogers, Frances Wesson, Patricia Lowry. Alpha Chi Gloria Albritton, Jean Andrews, Catherine Nell Austin, Elizabeth Worth Armstrong, Virginia Bennett, Dorothy Benz, Jeannine Butler, Betty Lou Colder, Sara Lou Chambers, Joyce Coleman, Betty Cook, Carla Deitz, Barbara Foster, Edith Foster, Betty Lou Hardin, Jean Henderson, Virginia Howell, Dolly Leite, Gerry Lynn, Valda Mock, Carolyn Moore, Mary Mowiser, Sally Norton, Patsy Pingston, Mary Rosenbush, Mary Jean Saunders, Dot Schoonmaker, Mary Lou Smith, Elise Smith, Betty Sweet, Catherine Torrance, Nan Vaughn, Janis Wells, Betty Wills, Betty Braymer, Jeanne Cassens, Frances Ann Dillard, Mary Louise Garrett, Helen Susan Grim, Lou Harrison, Helen Hatfield, Patricia Marie Kirby, Lynette Leynes, Rose Mary Ogram, Betty May Pichard, Sally Ann Procter, Nancy Warren Smith, Charlotte Ann Tatum, Patricia Ann Weigand. Bela Eta Chapter OFFICERS: CARLA DEITZ President BETTY SWEET First Vice President VALDA MOCK — Second Vice President MARY LOUISE SMITH Corresponding Secretary CATHERINE AUSTIN . Treasurer VIRGINIA BENNETT Recording Secretary MRS. LEILA D. AULLS House Mother Beta Liu Chapter Installed in 1929 After the successful fall quarter and especially the Homecoming weekend with a float, decorations, skit, and the usual good time, the Alpha Chis re- newed their annual event of the year by having their traditional Carnation Ball. True campus hos- pitality came when the Lambda Chis were offered their house for rushing — pledge weekend at camp proved most entertaining — and the fraternity " Hour Dances " were even more entertaining — Sunday suppers were fun and filling — but most of all, the girls were able to show the first plans of their new chapter house to be. Alpha Delta Pi " " W ■ -■ " • :-■ Of o Anne Bache, Barbara Council, Ann Everitt, Suzanne Kunkle, Lois Harris, Sarah Routon, Sarah Henderson, Flo Lyles, Patricia Low- ery, Ann Stinson, Carrie Kate Boynton, Charlotte Palmer, Mallie Hall, Alice Perkins, Harriet Sturgis, Joan Smith, Dorothy Snively, Frances Wesson, Mary Jane Powell, Margaret Toole, Dale Simon, Rita Simon, Mary Matilda Bowler, Idella Parker, Patricia Rose, Isabel Steagall, Martha Rentz, Constance Grimm, Marian Brown, Christine Randall, Elaine Adams, Terrell Barr, Natalie Becker, Eunice Brandt, Joyce Dance, Suzanne Eger, Jeanne Flynn, Mildred Hall, Jean Hamlin, Avery Lembeck, Joan Lovett, Peggy Mc- Clamma, Kathryn McFarlin, Newell Martin, Catherine Sanders, Sarah Simmons, Jan Stayer, Elise Thomas, Floride Wilkinson, Pa- tricia Wilkins, Emily Rutherford. Iota Chapter . ■a ?» ifj tfPT OFFICERS: FRANCES WESSON President SARAH ROUTON Vice Presidenl MARGARET TOOLE Recording Secretary BARBARA COUNCIL Corresponding Secretary ANN STINSON Treasurer lota Chapter Installed in 1909 MRS. S. E. BARRET House Mother Off to another year with pledging and the banquet that followed. . . . Mother Barrett ' s Halloween party was enjoyed along with the weekly celebration after a football game. . . . Santa didn ' t forget the A D Pi ' s so the annual Christmas party was a success. . . . But even more successful was the " 49er ' s " Dance. . . . lota Chapter celebrated its 40th birth- day with a Founder ' s Day Reception for faculty and friends. . . . Friendships grew and friends departed, but memories went with all. Alpha Gamma Delta MEMBERS: Mary Pat Warner, Jesse Sprott, Violet Walters, Betty Dot Galbraith, Margaret Swanson, Jane Shirley, Martha Brokaw, Martha Burdine, Betty Claire Roberts, Mildred Winfield, Nina Shjman, Betsey Abbott, Wilda Larson, Cornelia McCreary, Sarah Hart, Margaret Phipps, Jackie Hinton, Rita Sprankle, Mary Land, Jo Ann Shirley, Beverly Shannon, Barbara Ellery, Helen Johan- son, Olive Jane Whitehead, Marianne Bassett, Margaret Brokaw, Barbara Hutt, Marjorie Hiatt, Barbara Mathis, Judy Owens, Bar- bara Rushing, Betty Rushing, Bobbie Moorhead, Edie Ann Bate, Patsy Plockelman, Sue Wheeler, Elise Reese, Patty Evans, Audrey Henry, Barbara Cochran, Barbara Denmark, Betty Jane Mathews, Betty Jane Larson, Katrine Austin, Julia Ann Pike, Barbara Saunders, Sally Peacock, Shirley Black, Jean Hattaway, Pat Cole, Mary Stewart Wilson, Jo Ann Ebert, Jean Ghiotto. Gamma Beta Chapter OFFICERS: BETTY DOT GALBRAITH ___ President JANE SHIRLEY ..... First Vice President MARGARET SWANSON Second Vice President RITA SPRANKLE .... Recording Secretary JACKIE HINTON Treasurer MRS. ROSABELLE GILLILAND House Mother Gamma Beta Chapter Installed in 1925 The whirl of another year is now complete, but not without the intermittent pleasures. What would the year be without the Colonial ball Christmas party, transformed to a house shower this year coffees . . . and crowded weekends. Then there were the bright new ideas . . . pledges entertaining the frat pledges . . . International Re- union Day in Miami in April . . . and Sunday suppers this the Alpha managed to stu and remain the friendly selves. the Alpha Omicron Pi . " «BPZ MEMBERS: Betty Jane Allen, Phyllis Allsopp, Frances Antinori, Lydia Boyce, Edith Brown, Donna Carlin, Barbara Cathy, Marilyn Crosby, Sybil Geer, Martha Granger, Patricia Griffin, Ann Henson, Nancy Hill, Betty Huntley, Edith Johnson, Norma Jean Kear- ney, Ann McKenzie, Louise McKinley, Evelyn McRoyan, Betty Jo Miller, Peggy Mock, Ann Moody, Juanita Moore, Catherine Nott, Margaret Ratcliff, Zula Ratcliff, Suanne Richardson, Martha Robinson, Josephine Sapp,Sara Shumway, Jean Sistrunk, Jean Smith, Virginia Spencer, Mary Ellen Tavel, Jane Timmerman, Martha Whitaker, Joanne Wilson, Myra Luce, Shirley Daboll. OFFICERS: EVELYN McROYAN President MARTHA WHITAKER Vice President MARGARET RATCLIFF Treasurer EDITH JOHNSON Recording Secretary PHYLLIS ALLSOPP Corresponding Secretary Reinstalled in F. S. U. in 1948 Reactivation of A O Pi on campus was set off to a roaring start with the grand cooperation of the other Greeks. . . . Homecoming found them entertaining on the Landis Green in their prefabri- cated tepee that solved their problems. . . . Breakfast. . . . Open House. . . . Alumnae coffee and Founder ' s Day activities. . . . February Initiation and the prospects of a new house in the fall added to the enthusiasm of the first year and its activities and boosted moral on high. . . . Alpha Xi Delta MEMBERS: Kathleen Barker, Betsy Blanton, Hazel Campbell, Barbara Curry, Emily Dawkins, June Day, Joy DeRolpli, Mary Ed- dins, Pat Fitzgerald, Helen Edmiston, Ann Harfield, Betty Ann Hawkins, Dorothy Hay, Virginia Hughes, Marilyn Hunter, Barbara Higginbottom, Helen Jones, Mary Kelley, Bobby Love, Betty Lovett, Lurline Medlin, Shirley Meyer, Maude Mims, Mildred Nichols, Mary Pettit, Martha Powell, Ramona Powers, Charlotte Ricker, Evelyn Roberts, Verna Rogers, Elaine Sellas, Christine Parker, Bev- erly Staples, Katherine Stidham, Lee Vedder, Frances Wells, Marilyn Atkinson, Karolyn Bardin, Donna Blackletter, Alcyone Collier, Jean Cowan, Martha Crenshaw , Anne Deal, Elizabeth Eckles, Julia Fahle, Marilyn Greene, Joan Gross, Claire Haynes, Helen Hobbs, Jean Landrum, Betty Lou Neetle, Joyce Parrott, Barbara Jean Ross, Helen Scanlon, Ann Scudder, Mary Virginia Stout, Nancy Tribble, Barbara Brennan, Mary Lou Medlin. Alpha Omega Chapter OFFICERS: VERNA ROGERS President BEVERLY STAPLES Vice President MAUDE MIMS Corresponding Secretary KATHY BARKER Recording Secretary MARY KELLEY ...Treasurer MRS. RUTH HILL.... House Mother Alpha Omega Chapter Installed in 1929 Ghosts, goblins, and gaiety prevailed at the spooky Halloween party, but mostly enthusiasm. . . . Fine decorations, gala parties, and a house full of people gave Homecoming weekend that extra something. . . . The pledges ' big Thanksgiving party for the actives could only be topped by the merry Christmas party for the pledges. . . . There was the traditional Founders Day Breakfast . . . . The Sweetheart dance in February. All these and other social activities made up a year of fun, companionship, and gay memories. ... If you don ' t believe it ask any of the chapter and they will gladly " clue you. " Chi Omega MEMBERS: Alice Wooten, Jane Wooten, Harriet Forehand, Dorothy Ann Holland, Barbara Cook, Priscella Patterson, Marion Elise Davis, Caroline Whitney, Ann Oliver, Artemis Skwakis, Betty Wells Nelson, Nancy Ann Powell, Marthanne Black, Betty Jo Drake, Margaret Gwynn, Betty Morrison, Margaret Foot, Mildred Mook, Lillian Mook, Alice Steed, Jean Scott, Jane Martin, Betty Myrick, Sarah Taylor, Jean Bennett, Oralize Knight, Leila Lane, Patricia Jones, Mae Gwynn, Anna Lee Overbay, Luanna Harkness, Betty Patterson, Elizabeth Alexander, Mary Margaret Davis, Margaret Flynn, Jane Tillman, Shirley McKay, Fay Patterson, Mary Nancy Sammon, Sylvia Strande, Suzanne Thomas, Ann Allen, Grace Register, Susan Miller, Betty Williams, Lucy Williams, Bar- bara Home, Virginia Haws, Ann Bryan, Lillian Davis, Joyce Wetherell, Catherine Banks, Jean Kilbert, Virginia Turner, Joanne Gilbert, Nell Huddleston, Marianne Gillan. Gamma Chapter OFFICERS: ELISABETH ALEXANDER President MARGARET FLYNN Vice President MAE GWYNN Secretary MARGARET FOOT Treasurer MRS. E. L. MACK House Mother Gamma Chapter Installed in 1908 A brand new housemother welcomed the Chi Omegas back to school in September, and rush week heralded the opening of the fall quarter. " Party, Party " was the keynote for these gregarious lasses at 661 W. Jefferson with Sunday night cof- fees, hamburger fries in the side yard, and coke parties in the smoker rounding out a full social program. A hayride with a full moon, song sprees with Foote at the piano, conferences with the " mogul, " and after hour serenades are all mem- ories of ' 49 that linger in the hearts of the girls who wear the cardinal and straw. Delta Delta Delta MEMBERS: Sally Caldwell, Dee Dee Phillips, Jo Ann Rackley, Susan Caldwell, Jean Furman, Ann Teague, Winifred McEachern, Janet Millar, Elsie Mae McCoy, Caroline Shiver, Mary Graham Ford, Gay Cubbedge, Marianne Quigg, Marian Munroe, Cynthia Merrin, Mary Kate Scotten, Nancy Keener, Lessie Busbee, Joyce Gregory, Woodie Betts, Dottie Whitfield, Jeannie Jo Brown, Jane Reese, Sue Pettit, Billie Jean Campbell, Claire Moffat Howell, Margie Hartman, Nancy Ann Varn, Mary Ann Whelchel, Cleona Robnett, Ann Graves, Yvonne Head, Ann Brodie, Mary Lee Young, Betty Brendemore, Barbara Jean Dunn, Louise Merrell, Tinkie Duggan, Diane Van Deusan, Patti Michaels, Catherine Robinson, Nancy Cam, Sissy McLeod, Eleanor Graves, Aleen Hen- dry, Harriet Paul, Mary Margaret Chafer, Kitty Brittain, Betty Marie Davis, Naudain Ives, Alice Davidson, Nina Jones, Sidney Allen, Jean Peters, Joan Merrin. Alpha Eta Chapter OFFICERS: J EAN FURMAN President ELSIE McCOY Vice President JOE ANN RACKLEY ... Corresponding Secretary JANET MILLAR Treasurer MRS. W. W. CRUME House Mother Alpha Eta Chapter Installed in 1916 □ y- i f 11 The Tri Delt moon beamed on scores of pleasant weekends that filled the past year. . . . Foremost of which was Homecoming, packed full of honors for the best decorated house and the regal Campus Queen, Claire Howell, who reigned over the dance. . . . The old really enjoyable events like the pledge and initiation banquets, Founders Day Breakfast, the weekly chapter sings make tradition a pleasure, especially when the climax is the " Heaven and Hell " dance that was such a success in April. buH Delta Phi Epsilon MEMBERS: Gladys Atlas, Miriam Bucholtz, Esther Barash, Lillian Friedman, Zeida Haplan, Naomi Machtei, Idlene Portnoy, Isa- bel Pugatsky, Marilyn Rosner, Betty Soger, Ann Schwartz, Rosalie Sherman, Arlene Solomon, Mildred Zalke, Carol Adler, Helen Bell, Irene Berkman, Mildred Edwards, Marilyn Fleet, Diana Jaffe, Shelia Ludwig, Pauline Marks, Jocelyn Singer, Alberta Sunshine. Iota Chapter OFFICERS: MILDRED ZALKA President ZELDA KAPLAN Vice President ARLENE SOLOMON -_ Treasurer BETTY SAGER Corresponding Secretary MIRIAM BUCHOLTZ. .. Recording Secretary MRS. W. E. MURR House Mother lota Chapter Installed in 1925 K The year ' s biggest event was the D Phi E weekend when men hailed from all around to share the fun and dancing. . . . The girls ' talents were perhaps the most interesting as all seemed to enjoy the entertainment and parties. . . . Founders Day Banquet was one of the many tradi- tions observed. . . . Panhellenic weekend in the Spring proved to be crammed with more pleasure. . . . These, mingled with the lasting friendships, create the atmos- phere of pleasant living and make the house homey and welcome to those who visit. Delta Zeta MEMBERS: Camilla Bartley, Jimmie Bevis, Jeannelle Brown, Alice Datson, Nancy Day, Marjorie Farr, Doris Giddens, Nancy Jo Gonzalez, Betty Jean Hudnall, Mildred Johnson, Margaret Neal Jones, Martha Vail McDonald, Margaret McGoogan, Jane McLeod, Barbara Nolen, Betty Pace, Mary Frances Peters, Elizabeth Pickett, Elizabeth Read, Beverly Rentz, Bettye Jean Sanders, Kathrine Spurgeon, Lois Stevenson, Mary Frances Strickland, Helen Wilson, Louise Wilson, Ruth Wilkie, Leola Beland, Sara Jo Costin, Mel- anie Hanzo, Nina Bates, Julianne Clark, Peggy Degnan, Eleanore Folsom, June Hinson, Mary Beth Henkle, Peggy Jester, Mary La Grone, Jeanne Oetjen, Janice Rouse, Lillie Bess Stevenson, Mary Nell Schoettle, Frances Jane Sauls, Betty Turner, Annette Kolhmeier, Irene Leslie, Virginia Starling. Alpha Sigma Chapter OFFICERS KATHRINE SPURGEON President BETTYE JEAN SANDERS Vice President LOIS STERVENSON___. Recording Secretary ELIZABETH PICKETT Corresponding Secretary ELIZABETH READ Treasurer MRS. C. W. DINWIDDIE House Mother Alpha Sigma Chapter Installed in 1924 Routine never graces the Delta Zeta house nor ever will if years like this prevail. ... A very successful Rose Dance. . . . The frat parties and " After the Game " get-togethers. . . . Panhellenic Dance more fun than usual along with I F C this season. . . . Banquets and breakfasts in honor of the founders and initia tes. . . . Such activities managed to keep the chapter well occupied and satisfied. Kappa Alpha Theta aSNSs MEMBERS: Juanell Bailey, Betty Ann Brown, Kay Harrison, Mary Jane Holton, Phyllis Hooker, Martha Lainhart, Anne Leach, Jane Shropshire, Joyce Stroberg, Dorothy Trask, Pauline Tuttle, Constance Adams, Jane Bennett, Barbara Boyden, Marie Chilling- worth, Barbara Fosgate, Ann Lee, Janet Little, Barbara O ' Brian, Barbara Rimer, Patricia Selway, Jane Taprell, Ann Wood, Alvina Birchard, Marion Bishop, Jeanne Bosanquet, Joy Cobb, Julia Fowler, Nancy Jackson, Harriet Jones, Ann Lee, Mary Lu Lissenden, Virginia Locke, Nancy Monroe, Nancy Prior, Merle Suggs, Joan Trupp, Felicia Wells, Jo Ann Scott, Nancy Bennett, Carolyn Crowley, June Fouts, Betty Ruth Geiger, Suzanne Gibson, Jacqueline Harrington, Evalyn Harrison, Jean Houser, Barbara Luff, Sylvia Ann Mooney, Barbara Pettit, Jean Swett, Dorothy Ann Taprell, Phyllis Trask, Joanne Vaughn, Martha Ann Weav er, Charlotta Weber. Beta Nu Chapter OFFICERS: ANNE LEACH . President POLLY TUTTLE .. Vice President PHYLLIS HOOKER Treasurer BETTS BROWN ... Corresponding Secretary JOYCE STROBERG ...Recording Secretary MRS. J. H. MORGAN House Mother Beta Nu Chapter Installed in 1924 What a year . . . Theta ' s most unusual . . . Fall rush week in the alum . . . The rest of the quarter devoted to the building of the new house . . . Four pretty sponsors were gladly donated for football games and Polly was acclaimed WGA president . . . Life at the new house began Winter quarter and so did a continuous social whirl ... A Valentine Dance ... A weekend at camp and the Panhellenic Formal were just a few events . . . The eleven seniors will truly be missed, but all look eagerly toward next year. Kappa Delta MEMBERS: Anne Benedict, Rosanne Hartwell, Dorothy Martin, Em Turner Nickinson, Ruth Ellen Olsen, Emmala Pate, Mary Nell Thromer, Frances White, Renee Settle, Nancy Lee Streater, Barbara Henderson, Elizabeth Ann Barnes, Shirley Bell, Sally Claire Henley, Cinda Kent, Rachel Mclnnis, Sugene Thomas, Erin Wilcox, Maida Badcock, Shirley Sue Ellis, Faye Fulghum, Betty Ann Holland, Elizabeth, Hudson, Ann Kutrow, Glenna Shaw, Lillian Wade, Mary Frank Johnson, Betty Jo Murdaugh, Jean Taylor, Joanne Owsley, Larrie Plant, Eva Johnson, Dolly Ellery, Andrena Anderson, Peggy Anderson, Eunice Garner, Barbara Bayley, Barbara Bush, Betty Clark, Eleanor Cooper, Barbara Galeman, Ann Guilford, Ann Hawkins, Jo Anne Lassiter, Lillian Martin, Marcia Louise Oliver, Mary Jim Pickand, Nancy Bettie, Jean Strickland, Jane Strickland, Margaretta Tolton, Mary Ann Clark, Joanne Scaggs. Kappa Alpha Chapter OFFICERS: ROSANNE HARTWELI President ER I N Wl LCOX Vice President RENE SETTLE Treasurer 5HIRLEY BELI Corresponding Secretary MARY NELL THROWER ....Recording Secretary MRS. E. C. SLEDGE House Mother Kappa Alpha Chapter Installed in 1904 5w ,H f w The Kappa Deltas thrilled to welcome their wonderful new housemother, Mrs. Sledge . . . Besides all the cheer from the inside, the house on Copeland had a new " facial " on the outside last summer . . . Home- coming activities . . . The K D ' s weekend full of hayriding and dancing . . . The wearers of the pin were greatly increased along in February . . . From election returns the chapter held claim to three of the most qual- ified officers . . . Visits from National officers contributed to the year ' s pleasures and the fortunate ones look forward to the National Conven- tion in Duluth this summer. Phi Mu MEMBERS: Ruth Ann Adams, Ann Barton, Mary Ann Berry, Marjorie Jane Chandley, Julia Chillingworth, Gladys Clark, Hazel Clarckson, Alicia Crestwell, Margaret Lee Cromer, Pat Dart, Barbara Harris, Frances Harris, Marion Irvin, Vance Jelks, Doris John- son, Janet McGee, Marilyn Mooney, Jane Nightengale, Katherine Norman, Jimmie Owens, Marianne Permenter, Muriel Scott, Ann Seward, Laura Simpson, Helen Floy Stabler, Nell Thorp, Jan Wallis, Leland White, Barbara Zipf, Gloria Holmes, Natelle Isley, Peggy Mordt, Catherine Yonge, Barbara Bendinger, Jane Burfoot, Jennie Chillingworth, Betty Hart, Ann Hasty, Martha Jeter, Bar- bara Jean Lockhart, Sue Mundee, Billie Nelson, Pat Roehling, Mary Ann Schock, Sally Shearouse, Alice Thompson, Marie Under- wood. Alpha Epsilon Chapter OFFICERS: JANET McGEE President ANN BARTON Vice President MARJORIE CHANDLEY Secretary MURIEL SCOTT Treasurer ANN SEWARD Pledge Trainer MRS. WEBB House Mother Alpha Epsilon Chapter Installed in 1929 After rushing came the annual Halloween party, featuring witches, pumpkins, and apple bobbing. . . . Noisy open-houses after football games. . . . The weekly games on the radio that ran most away from the house. . . . The homecoming gala affairs and their decorations complete with giant Semi- noles. . . . Christmas arrived with the annual party for the pledges. . . . There were other highspots too. . . . Bessie Marie ' s famous poems that kept us quiet for hours. . . . The trip to camp with all of its funny stories. . . . And, finally, the big weekend in May which was a pink and white climax to a year of fun. Pi Beta Phi MEMBERS: Mary Jane Angel, Anne Bannerman, Margaret Ann Blocker, Sallie Blocker, Betty Jo Brock, Martha Brown, Gloria Burnham, Anne Carter, Nelle Carter, Polly Chazal, Jo Ann Cloud, Virginia Curtis, Joan Daye, Patricia Dillard, Ann Eidson, Mary Finley, Peggy Gatewood, Jimmie Gray, Mary Kay Gum, Marie Hocker, Patricia Holden, Jean Klay, Becky Koons, Martha Ann Maguire, Mary Ann McGinley, Esther McLeod, Barbara Jean Morgan, Natalie Parramore, Esther Rasmussen, Jean Sayer, Sally Simkins, Susan Sossamon, Margaret Strum, Jackie Tate, Mary Jane Taylor, Dorothy Van Eopoel, Joanne Zewadski, Phyllis Bach, Helen Coith, Ann Dillard, Ann Evans, Donna Evans, Evalyn Gray, Jean Jarrett, Nell Troy Kincaid, Jean Livingston, Arden Moore, Shirley Moreland, Betty Lou Morris, Jett Monroe, Charlotte Oldham, Constance Purvis, Lucille Rogers, Doris Jean Smith, Jerry Struthers, Jean Wade. Florida Beta Chapter OFFICERS: ANNE CARTER ...President ESTHER RASMUSSEN ...Vice President MARGARET STRUM.... .Recording Secretary PEGGY GATEWOOD.— . Corresponding Secretary NATALIE PARRAMORE Treasurer PAT DILLARD Pledge Trainer MRS. FRANCES H. FOGG .... ... House Mother Florida Beta Installed in 1921 The arrows hit the mark this year. . . . Besides gaining many fine pledges they " captured many campus offices and honors. . . . Weekends are always full at the Pi Phi house and espe- cially so was Homecoming and the annual Pi Phi-Chi Omega formal at the Country Club. . . . The chapter was proud and pleased with Pat, Esther, and Anne, their three Mortar Board girls. . . . Also Phi Beta Kappa Esther. . . . The usual traditions were observed and the group looks back over the year with pleasure, knowing that it will be long time before they " for- get it. " Sigma Kappa MEMBERS: Beverly Alexander, Virginia Bert, Barbara Boling, Mary Virginia Burry, Nelle Bussey, June Cameron, Jacqueline Cox, Theresa Edwards, Bruce Flanders, Dorothy Fouts, Julia Haywood, Helen Jungmeyer, Alix Kerr, Marjorie King, Sara Lambert, Martha Magruder, Gloria Mayo, Martha Ann Moore, Roberta McAtee, Roberta McBride, Jo Ann McClanahan, Betty Sue McPhaul, Priscilla Pennington, Merry Reeves, Margaret Rigg, Mary Lee Sauls, Barbara Southard, Helen Spach, Doris Stewart, Jeanne Sutton, Jo Thorpe, Tina Wash, Carolyn Williams, Glen Wilson, Mary Adams, Virginia Gillette, Joyce Hinson, Jean Alderman, Mollie Austin, Barbara Bell, Mary Penelope Bishop, Jane Blue, Joyce Browne, Pat Domnick, Yvonne Fitzgerald, Wandalee Hamilton, Mary Ann Nicholson, Marilyn Oxtoby, Catherine Register, Lulu Singletary, Nancy Spach, Jo Ann Tudeen, Peggy Walsmith, Bobbe Wheeler, Dannye Ann Massey. Alpha Sigma Chapter OFFICERS: HELEN JUNGMEYER ..... President JACQUELINE COX Vice President MARJORIE KING 2nd Vice President JUNE CAMERON Recording Secretary BARBARA SOUTHARD Corresponding Secretary JOSEPHINE THORPE ... Treasurer MRS. JENNIE COSPER House Mother Omega Chapter Installed in 1920 Rushing and its consequences ... all of the wonderful new pledges who were promptly feted at a banquet. . . . Then the " season " began with parties, studies, and more parties. . . . Homecoming inspired a skit for the " Pow Wow " , a float in the parade and a charming sponsor for the football game. . . . Initiation in the winter was followed by the Valentine dance. . . . Though the lawn was dampened, spirits weren ' t. . . . Informal living and a friendly atmosphere always grace the Sigma Kappa House. . . . What better combination could you find? Zeta Tau Alpha .... ' k iMMt ve rlMMfaH ' HU " k V Marilyn Archbold, Lois Boulware, Patricia Burghard, Ethel Clann, Sue Clark, Carol Coughlan, Betty Collins, Betty Duncan, Artye Futrelle, Sarah Ruth Gibson, Duffie Groover, Peggy Hodgson, Sharon Hopkins, Esther Jenson, Betty Latimer, Martha McGahee, Mary Edna Mahoney, Margie Middleton, Mary Catheryn Miller, Pat Murphy, Barbara Neel, Ann Parrish, Vir- ginia Parkhill, Betty Rawls, Gloria Reeves, Ida Santos, Lucy Stapleton, Betty Timmons, Martha Walker, Mary Atkinson, Bev- erly Bigelow, Hazel Burnette, Anona Collins, Betty Connell, Joan Day, Betty Gardner, Vera Jarvis, Ann Johnson, Sue Mayo, Hazeline Miller, Marvilene McCall, Norma Mcintosh, Norma Niven, Doris Oliver, Alice Jean Phillips, Nancy Sterling, Jackie Talley, Jo Ann Taylor, Patricia Torraco, Jo Wade. Beta Gamma Chapter OFFICERS: LUCY STAPLETON President ARTYE FUTRELLE -Vice President CAROL COGHLAN Secretary MARGIE MIDDLETON ... . Treasurer DUFFIE GROOVER Historian MRS. WINIFRED N. DODGE House Mother Beta Gamma Chapter Installed in 192-4 " Gee, I ' m glad I ' m a Zeta " resounds down College Avenue as the ZTA ' s end another gala party . . . The FSU women ' s intramural cup gleams brightly on the mantel . . . Clouds of angel ' s hair and foil stars swing over the waltzing couples at the annual Starlight Ball . . . Little Beaver reigns over the house during Homecoming weekend . . . Weekly song fests . . . surprise parties by Mother Dodge . . . Another wonderful year for the wearers of the crown and shield. Alpha Tau OFFICERS: JEFF DAVIS President JIM AIKEN Vice President MARTIN PALMER Secretary J. T. CARY Treasurer JIM AIKEN IFC Representative FRED HOLSCHUH _ Advisor MEMBERS: Jeff Davis, Jim Aiken, Martin Palmer, J. T. Cary Peyton Richter, Brantley Helveston, Ernest Daffin, Richard Mead, Ed Lintz, Lawrence Evans, Bob Martin, Jerome Paine, T. M. Himes, Bishop Clark, Mel Magidson, Lee Wieder, Bill Meigs. PLEDGES: Jettie Green, Jim Kirkland, Don Sirmon, Tom Looney, John Witt, Harold Conrad, Joe Marcus, George Taff, Al Tharpe, Jack Boynton, Don Williams, Max Parsons, Gene Fitchner, Les Donahue, Charlie Fannin, Ted Scarritt, Jack Nug- gent, Hubert Van Landingham. The Alpha Theta Phi Colony of Alpha Tau Omega made rapid strides towards becoming a national fraternity this year. Early this year the colony house was visited by Province Chief Henry Palmer and representatives from nearby colleges. In November rush week ended with 1 3 new men pledged to Alpha Theta Phi. This fraternity prides itself on both the scholastic and sports record it made last year. Winning the scholastic trophy for winter and spring quarters in 1948, the boys also held down the second place in the intramurals last year. Cherished among the many memories of fraternal life at the Alpha Theta Phi house are the parties at Talquin lnn v Joe ' s Spaghetti House and the banquet at the Silver Slipper which ended a solid weekend of entertainment. Alpha Theta Pi Colony 1st Row: Wieder, Mead, Aiken, Cary, Meigs, Daffin, Palmer, Payne, Kirkland. 2nd Row: Parsons, Nugent, Boynton, Fannin, Witt, Davis, Helvenston, Clark, Green, Taff. 3rd Row: Williams, Scarritt, Lentz, Symon, Van Landingham, Conrad, Evans, Magidson, Marcus, Donohue. Kappa Alpha MEMBERS: Ernie Redick, Bill Quigley, Dub Martin, Les Lavender, Donald Grant, Ed Dilsaver, Jim Costello, Bill Colbert, Ralph Chaudron, Dal Albritton, Dick Bliss, Al Swann, Paul McLeran, Costus Proctor. PLEDGES: Tom Dug Williams, Johnny Williams, Burkett Howard, Dub Hill, Dudley Crabb, Bill Hopkins, Gil Jones, Gil Aldridge, Gene Durden, Gene Murchison, Caroll Schlader, immy Ball, Red Parrish, Robert Peacock, Lonnie Burt, Mack Mangham, Charley Fellows, Joe Crona, Howard Welchel, Bob Webb, E. J. Quigley, George Goode. The Kuklos Adelphon colony of Kappa Alpha Order started its year off by erect- ing tall white columns in front of its " mansion " on West Campus. The colony, whose ideals are inspired by General Robert E. Lee, has taken an active part in social and athletic func- tiontions on campus. Rush parties in the fall, followed by barbecues at Horseshoe Plantation and weekends at the coast are but a few of the many activities that the boys took part in this year. The highest spot in social circles came, probably, with the KA Rebellion Ball. The K.A. brothers will long remember the chicken dinners, the picnics around a fire with a portable radio giving the news of FSU ' s out-of-town football games, the homecoming float, the late evening sere- nades at the sorority houses and the even later meetings at the Talquin. OFFICERS: PAUL McLAREN.. . President DONALD GRANT.... Vice President B I LL COLB E RT Secreta ry ED DILSAVER Treasurer DAL ALLBRITTON ... IFC Representative JAMES WELCH Advisor Kuklos Adelphon Colony 1st Row: Chaudron, Bliss, Howard, Colbert, McLeran, Grant, Dilsaver, Hopkins, Hill. 2nd Row: E. Quigley, Albritton, Williams, Webb, Ball, Crabb, Goode, Aldridge. 3rd Row: Mangham, Crona, W. Quigley, Fellows, Proctor, Costello, Martin, Lavender, Muncheson. Sigma Alpha Epsilon MEMBERS: Bob Lee Bannerman, Frank Cochran, Joe Collins, Warren Coloney, Fred Drake, Lawson Ha ncock, Charles Hendry, Ted Maxwell, Buddy Straus, Langdon Williams, Bill Henry, Turner Knight. PLEDGES: Bill Atkinson, Bob Browning, Dorsey Cork, Ted Davies, Bill Fain, Bob Fegers, Charles High, Jack Kazanzas, Don Lanigan, Clyde Morgan, Dick Pauline, Buddy Phillips, Bob Stewart, Jack Thomas, Bill Tanner, Dick Williams, Bob Withers, Red Hortsfield. Phi Alpha colony of Sigma Alpha Epsilon swung into the social whirl this fall with the annual formal dance. At this affair held at the Tallahassee Country Club, Miss Nancy Spach was chosen to reign as " The Sweetheart of Phi Alpha. " Rushing new students was also at the too of the list of fall activities. A picnic at Lafayette park, two informal stag parties and a pre- football game party were staged for the entertainment of the rushees. New pledges were feted with a banquet a Talquin Inn. During the summer months, Phi Alpha ' s who attended summer school put the finishing touches on new living room at the house. Emphasis for this year is upon improvement of the grounds sur- rounding the house. C 1 ; r o s • p OFFICERS: BOB LEE BANNERMAN..- ..President FRANK COCHRAN -Vice President BILL HENRY Secretary TED MAXWELL. Treasurer BOB LEE BANNERMAN. . IFC Representative ROD K. SHAW Advisor Phi A I phci Colony 1st Row: Bannerman, Hancock, Hendry, Cochran, Drake, Coloney, Maxwell, Knight. 2nd Row: Morgan, Pauline, Fegers, Browning, Tanner, Davies, Stewart, Drew, Melton. 3rd Row: Phillips, Lanigan, Cork, Withers, Thomas, Fain, Atkinson, Kazanzas, High, Harts- field. Phi Delta Theta % %.- MEMBERS: Robert G. Faircloth, Howard Falcon, William S. Byers, Ben McCrary, Carl Thomp- son, Howard S. Patton, Walter Foy, Charles McMillan, Jack Croy, R. L. Massey, Frank Massey, Bill ' Cowden, Millard Blakey, O. H. Williamron, Charles Chowning, Robert Ralsch, Spurgeon Camp, George Eubanks, Bill Kratzcrt, Lee Hewett, Shad Hilamcn. PLEDGES: Bill Walker, Bobby Waters, Jim Burke, Arthur Cobb, Jack Nconey, Jack Turner, Randal Dodd, Tommy Rogers, Guy Massey, Bob Van Ostveen, Jack Jones, Charles Grooms, Tom McGlaughlin, Frank Klapp, Bill Armstrong, Ronald Nettles, Carl Fisher. After a year of colonization the Beta Phi colony of Phi Delta Theta looks back on some outstanding events. The first fraternity intra- mural league troohy is pointed to with pride by the members. Bill Kratzert, a Beta Phi, was the first three-letter man in the history of Florida State University. Charles McMillan, president of the student body, is the first male to hold this position. Spurgeon Camp is on University Senate, while Howard Falcon is a member of the Honor Court. The colony ' s victory in the annual Beta Phi-Phi Alpha touch foot- ball game resulted in a party in their honor given by the losers. More proof of the Beta Phi ' s athletic prowess are members on the varsity sports squads. Bill Kratzert, Tommy McGlaughlin, Shad Hilaman and Ronald Nettles are on the basketball team. Walter Foy was Seminole quarter back. OFFICERS: ROBERT G. FAIRCLOTH President HOWARD FALCON Vice President BEN McCRARY . Secretary WILLIAM S. BYERS Treasurer CARL THOMPSON — IFC Representative WILLIAM RANDALI Advisor lieta Phi Colony - 1st Row: Thompson, Williamson, Byers, Faircloth, Cowden, Hewett, Falcon, McCrary, Croy. 2nd Row: Camp, Jones, Cobb, Turner, Clopp, Dodd, Nettles, Van Ostveen, R. Massey, G. Massey, Rogers, McLaughlin, McMillan. 3rd Row: Hilaman, Armstrong, Grooms, Chaney, Walker, Foy, Burk, Mooney, F. Massey, Patton, Waters, Kratzert. Theta (J hi MEMBERS: Sam Harris, Cliff Brody, Dick Barlow, Earl Bush, Bob Fuller, George Schmidt, Jack Dyas, Kenneth Powell, Anthonv Royrrond Brautiqam, Carlton Gray, Charles Voss, Dick Berndt, Ed Redgate, Julio Garcia, Jack Wikon, Marvin Urquhart, Jack Watson, Bob Burns, Bill Knight, Joe Hearn. PLEDGES: Bob Lanigan, Bobby Mears, Dave Hardin, Frank Calhoun, Wayne Koger, Bob Cooper, Frank SkioDer, Chris Holly, Jimmy Neal, Joe Bassett, Hank Mercer, Guy Maddox, Charles ' Brady, Bob Schmelz, Bob Pence, Bob McKav, Bill Waters, Quentin Cole, James Gause, Doug Connors, Jerry Allen. Chi Theta colony of Theta Chi appeared on campus the first of December, 1947, after organization, rushing and pledging. Originally having fifteen members, it now claims forty as " brothers. " Among it ' s other accomplishments on campus, it has at least one Chi Theta on every varsity team of the Univer- sity. Frank Calhoun, a Chi Theta pledge, was in charge of the formal dance Homecoming weekend. On October 1, 1948, the colony was approved by the Theta Chi national organization. By the time of publi- cation, the local group expects to be an active chapter of the national fraternity. The complete redecoration of the interior of the house is one of the projects undertaken by the group. OFFICERS: SAM HARRIS President CLIFF BRADY Vice President DICK BARLOW ... Secretary EARL BUSH Treasurer CARLTON GRAY—. IFC Representative G. E. TULLY Advisor Chi Thet i Colony 1st Row: Garcia, Hardin, Schmidt, Barlow, Harris, Brady, Bush, Fuller, Powell, Brautigam. 2nd Row: Koger, Grey, Wilson, Voss, Brady, Mercer, Gaws, McKay, Cooper. 3rd Row: Mears, Lanigan, Pence, Calhoun, Conners, Bassett, Schmeltz, Burndt, Knight. Pi Kappa Alpha ACTIVES: Howard E. Wamick, T. C. Maurer, Neal W. Sandy, Kenneth R. MacLean, Joseph P. Clark, James S. Martin, Tommy Woodford, William Horner, Roy Strickland, William McNeir, James Pafford, Gene Hadden, Richard Davis, Charles T. Tinney, David Wilcox, Robert Hall, Harry Ryder. PLEDGES: James Doss, Arthur Chestnutt, Robert P. Crisp, James Hightower, James Dandy- lake, William Conklin, Norman Stone, J. P. Love, John Kinsey, Joe Oliver, William Graham, Leonard Humphreys, Ralph Cowart, Kenneth Hull, William Galenbach, Bobby Jarret, Sam Armor, Lofton Memmit, Hugh Adams, George Cave, Gene Clark, Bill Cooksie, Bob Quillen. Since the Pi Kappa Colony of the Pi Kappa Alpha was founded on the Florida State Univer- sity campus in the fall of 1 947, fraternity members of this group have been active in the academic and social life of FSU. First on the calendar of fraternity formals was the gala Pike ball held early in the fall at the Country Clu b. Pi Kappa is represented by their members participating in university sports, government, publi- cations, and dramatic productions. Recently the fraternity was inspected and approved by the national officers of Pi Kappa Alpha in preparation for their installation as a national chapter. The chapter project has been the upkeep and beautification of their new chapter house on West Campus. OFFICERS: CHARLES TINNEY ._ President TED MAURER ...Vice President JAMES S. MARTIN Secretary JAMES PAFFORD ... ....Treasurer NEAL SANDY JFC Representative OTIS McBRIDE Advisor Pi Kappa Colony 1st Row: Woodford, Horner, Sandy, Tinney, Maurer, Pafford, Martin, MacLean, Clark, Hall, Wilcox. 2nd Row: Atkinson, Conklin, Cowart, Love, McNeer, Merrett, Chestnut, Clark, Oliver, Hum- phries, Wamick, Hadden, Stone, Doss. 3rd Row: Jarrett, Hightower, Dandelake, Armar, Ryder, Hull, Gahlenbeck, Culbreth, Quillen, Cooksey, Cave, Strickland. Delta Tan Delta MEMBERS: Ike Anderson, George Anderson, Herman G. Arndt, W. Forrest Chapman, Chad Drake, Russell Hicken, Fred Honour, Francis Jackson, Bill Jasper, David M. Lang, Dannitte Mays, Dennis B. Parrot, Ibert B. Robles, Clifford W. Shuman, Thomas P. Smith, Herchel Stalvey, Mylon E. Trifonoff, V. Perry Watson. PLEDGES: Ed Bailey, Bill Bass, Gene Carpenter, Lemuel Davis, Herbert D. Gahres, George Jennings, Gerald Manuel, Evan A. Merritt, Tommy Miller, Frank E. Scott, Jim Taylor, Ronald P. Wildes, Bill Yon, Delwin Anderson, Rickey Mahoney, Newton Jones. Like every other fraternity colony on Florida State ' s campus, the Delta Delta colony of Delta Tau Delta was mainly concerned with preparations for " going national. " The Delt ' s volunteered to relinquish their plans for the " Rainbow Ball " and to let the Inter Fraternity Council use that weekend for the weekend of installation of all the fraternities. Open houses, rushing, remodeling and interior decorating filled the rest of the time. The Delt ' s efforts were rewarded though. They ' re the only fraternity to boast a private swimming pool! PLRRY WATSON .. President MYRON TRIFFONOF Vice President HERMAN ARNDT Secretary TOM SMITH -..Treasurer CHAD DRAKE IFC Representative I. P. STOKES Advisor Delta Delt i Colony 1st Row: Mays, Parrott, Smith, Watson, Honour, Davis, I. Anderson, D. Anderson, Jones. 2nd Row: Yon, De Gamo, Arndt, Taylor, Merritt, Scott, Robles, Drake, Gehres. 3rd Row: Wildes, Jennings, Mahoney, Jasper, Miller, Jackson, Stalvey, Hicken, Trifonoff, Bass. Phi Kappa Tau MEMBERS: William G. Albright, John A. Arnold, Thomas Ates, William H. Byrcm, Georgs Burton, Edward W. Campbell, James B. Childs, Leo V. Davis, Thomas A. Freeman, Glen Gresham, Bruce E. Kirksey, James Leonard, Harry Mulliken, Roy Napier, Ernest Powell, Max Regester, John D. Rice, Robert Schirmer, Henry D. Ward, James H. Wilson, Joseph Vara. PLEDGES: Robert Bellows, Kerry Bussey, Mills M. Brinson, Oscar Godwin, Edwin Guthrie, Harvey Heagerty, Roy Ferguson, Leonard Linquist, Morton May, Jack McGraw, Edward Scofield, Kyle Sermon, Harbert Smith, Clifton Spencer, Holly Spencer, Jay Westberry. Since its founding last year as a colony of Pi Kappa Tau, the Gamma Phi colony has been hard at work. The members have remodeled and painted the house, as well as redecorated its interior. In campus activities, Bill Albright represents the colony on the elections committee, tennis team and Garnet Key. In the dance bands, two Gamma Phis, Hank Ward and Joe Vara, swing out. Tom Freeman and Bruce Kirksey sing in University Chorus, while Glen Gresham plays on the baseball team. Party boys? Not altogether, although they have already given hay rides, picnics and an informal dance. The main plan on the agenda is the accep- tance of their colony by Phi Kappa Tau in the near future. OFFICERS: WILLIAM H. BYRON-. - President WILLIAM G. ALBRIGHT.... Vice President THOMAS FREEMAN ...Secretary JOHN A. ARNOLD .... Treasurer WILLIAM G. ALBRIGHT.... ...IFC Representative JOSEPH DOGGETT -- ....Advisor Gamm ' a Phi Oniony 1st Row: Campbell, Burton, Regester, Freeman, Byrom, Albright, Arnold, Ward, Kirksey, Athey. 2nd Row: Schirmer, Linquist, Wilson, McGraw, Godwin, Leonard, Gresham, Ates, Westberry, Smith. 3rd Row: Bellows, Scofield, Mays, Ferguson, Napier, Davis, Childs, Rice, Mulliken. — Men ' s Physical Education Oluh i F ' Club I COACH DON VELLER AND STAFF. FSU had Coach Veller flanked on his right by Backfield Coach Bill Armstrong and Line Coach Charlie Armstrong, on his left by Line Coach Bob Harbison and Trainer Eddie Qwest. Football at Florida Sate University did a complete turnabout in one year. From a season ' s record of no wins and five losses in 1947, the Seminole gridders came back to take the Dixie Conference crown and win seven out of eight games for this season. The highlight of the season was the final game against Tampa University. Playing be- fore a Homecoming crowd of 6,500, the Seminoles demonstrated their powerful offense as they rolled over the Spartans 33 to 12. f | ft f| l flft p 1948 DIXIE CONFERENCE CHAMPS. Front row: Reddick, Chaudron, Manuel, Coleman, Browning, Dawkins, Strauss, Foy, Melton, Quigley, Adams. Second row: Turner, Farrior, Peterson, Kendrick, Vogtritter, Kendall, Marcus, Morgan, Jones, Tully, Parrish and Urquhart. Third row: Banakas, Eubanks, Bond, Thombleson, Martin, Grant, Costello, Schmeltz, Fox, Kalfas, Hewitt, Love, May, MacLean, McClure, Filchock and Case. Walter Foy, 206-pound quarterback, was one of the chief passers and sig- nal callers for the Seminoles. Joe Marcus, 185-pound center, trans- fered from Findlay College in Ohio where he was an outstanding center for two years. Hugh Adams, 200-pound tackle, was named on Paul B. Williamson ' s Lit- tle All-American team for his bril- liant play during the ' 48 season. W. A. Kendrick, 185-pound tackle, disproves the theory that it takes a heavy man to play on the line in col- lege football. Buddy Strauss, 190-pound fullback, was one of the oustanding perform- ers in the Indian backfield. W. A. Kendrick captained FSU to an 18-7 vic- tory over Stetson. It avenged a 1 4 to 6 loss to that school in 1947. Ken MacLean, Indian left halfback, was the leading ground gainer with 469 yards. FSU MacLean (43) is pictured here scoring the third touchdown against Cumberland. King (34) and Law- rence (44) fail to stoo the Seminole star. FSU won 30-0. Buddy Strauss (44) scores the first touchdown for FSU against Stetson. Gerald " Bo " Manuel was quick kick specialist for the Seminoles. Little All-American Hugh Adams dumps Ernie Reddick in a practice. John Filchok acted as the Seminoles place kick specialist, converting seven times from place- ment. FSU PASSERS: Ralph Chaudron, Walter Foy, Dick Peterson, and Wyatt " Red " Parrish. Norman Eubanks, FSU end, was one of the leading pass receiv- ers this past year. Ralph Chaudron was FSU ' s leading punter, averaging 39.7 on 18 kicks. Coach Don Veller is pictured at the blackboard explaining plays to his gridders. Seated on the platform are Charlie Armstrong, Bob Harbison, George McMullen (sports announcer), Bill Armstrong, and Manager Bill Lang. 194» FOOTBALL RECORD FSU Opponent Score 30 Cumberland 6 Erksine _ 1 4 7 Millsaps 6 18 Stetson 7 26 Mississippi College .. 6 12 Livingston State . . 6 20 Troy State 13 33 Tampa ... 12 Ernie Reddick, breakaway back for the Seminoles, picks up yardage against Liv- ingston State. FSU BASKETBALL TEAM. From row: Kendall, McKay, Nettles, Hewitt, Pavy, Kline, Ben- jamin, Wyman. Top row: Weigle, Collins, Falzone, Adams, Folliard, McLaughlin, Pence, Dickson. Coach J. K. " Bud " Kennedy coached the FSU basketball team to eleven wins against ten de- feats during the regular season. Florida State University basketball became a winning sport this year as Coach Bud Kennedy maneuvered his squad to an eleven and ten card. In the ' 47 - ' 48 campaign FSU won only five of eighteen games. The Indians, however, became known for their unpredictable style. In the West Campus gymnasium FSU won eight games while losing only three, numbering among their victims such rugged teams as Southern (twice), Stetson, Tampa and Sewanee. Their spontaneous brand of basketball placed them as one of the teams to watch in the Dixie Conference tourna- ment. On the road Florida State found mat- ters tougher as they won only against Troy, Stetson and Millsaps. Seven times the Seminoles met defeat on for- eign courts. Kratzert (9) and Wyman ( 5 I go after the ball in the first Southern game. FSU won 46 to 38. Tom McLaughlin, 19-year-old forward, was third in scoring for the Seminoles. Lee Benjamin, stocky guard, topped the Seminole scorers V Art Adams was selected captain for the ' 48- ' 49 season. Orlando " Whitey " Wyman was one of the outstanding floor- men. Jim Pavy saw action as Sem- inole guard. Dick Kendall (17) is pictured scoring against Stetson. Kendall scored 21 points as FSU won 49-40. Ronald Nettles was an out- standing player on the defense. Bill Kratzert started the season with the team. Bob Pence was defensive sta! wart for the Seminoles. Bill Weigle was second high scorer for the ' 48 season. Larry Dickson, FSU forward, was injured in the Ta m p a game. Tom McLaughlin (10) and Art Adams (15) go up in the air for a rebound in the second Southern game. FSU won 63 to 45. 4A Mi Bob McKay was FSU guard and floorman. Jim Pavy (13) shown in action against Stetson in the West Campus gymnasium. FSU won 49-40. The Seminole basketball team displayed ability and potentiality during the ' 48- ' 49 season. Led by Lee Benjamin who scored 208 points, the team marked up eleven wins out of twenty-one games. The conference record stood at eight wins and six losses. 1948-49 RECORD I Dixie Conference games starred) FSU Opponent Score 53 Mississippi College 21 46 Florida Southern 38 63 Florida Southern 4 5 68 Troy (Ala.) State 64 50 Lambuth 57 52 Union (Tenn.) 56 47 Southwestern (Tenn.) 54 49 Stetson 40 40 Stetson 36 51 Tampa U. 63 65 Troy State 46 56 Mercer 65 52 Oglethorpe 64 59 Mercer 62 60 Tampa 58 46 Mississippi College 57 49 Millsaps 46 47 Oglethorpe 46 35 Sewanee 43 46 Sewanee 38 44 Birmingham-Southern (won 1 1, lost 10) 50 1078 1049 (Dixie Conference) 721 (won 8, lost 6) 698 This season ' s volleyball team showed a great increase in ability over last year ' s squad. Although only two let- termen returned, the final tabulations showed a won- lost record of 9-4. More improvement is noticeable in the state AAU tournament records which saw FSU defeat the St. Petersburg YMCA and the Miami fire- men twice to win the state title. Coached by Dr. Howard G. Danforth the squad ' s first match was a four team tournament in Tampa which ended with FSU victories over Tampa YMCA and Tampa U. and a loss to Florida Southern. The match between FSU and Tampa U. was the first vol- leyball match to be held in the south. This victory was repeated with a match against the Spartans held in Tallahassee. The Seminoles then travelled to Mobile, Alabama, and Vicksburg, Mississippi, where the squad was edged in a close match with the Alabama state champions and trounced by the Vicksburg YMCA, but recovered to subdue the Jackson, Mississippi, YMCA. Playing two home matches in succession, the high- netters defeated the Montgomery YMCA sextet and split, 3-3, with the powerful Macon YMCA, Georgia ' s state champs. As a result of the Florida state AAU tournament, four of the victorious Seminoles received all-tournament honors: Jack Wilson, spiker; and Newton Sayers, Wal- lace Cox, and Royce Burt, set-up men. In its last competition the team bowed to the Mont- gomery Y in a return match and then participated in the Mid-South tournament at Memphis where the Seminoles placed fourth. DR. HOWARD G. DANFORD Professor of Physical Education for Men Head Volleyball Coach i I Newton Sayers, elected captain, dem- onstrates the setting-up form that won him an all-Mid-South berth. Jack Wilson spikes a hard one against Tampa U. Back- ground; set-up man Taft Green. ' j4k ' W LjWP 5 s s M ' tm v nj . mm % » ■ v Carroll Gleaton, an outstanding spiker, cracks one. Others: Wallace Cox (14), Newton Sayers (3), Taft Green (4) , and Jack Wilson (8). Waiting for the serve — Bayard, Burt, Floyd, Cox, Franklin, Fortune Bim Stults (left I, FSU swimming coach, chats with Tom Lamar, Miami coach, in the Magic City. The Hurricanes won their fourteenth consecutive match when they beat the Seminoles 42-33. The swimming te am at FSU continued its progress as it splashed its way to wins over such teams as Emory and the University of Georgia and gave a pow- erful Miami University squad a close match. At this writing FSU has won two matches, Emory 48-27 and Georgia 38-37, and lost four meets, Emory 42-33, Georgia 52-33, Pensacola Navy 40-35 and Miami 42-33. Freestyle men open their events during the FSU-Miami meet at the Patton Hospital pool in Miami. Roger Slater, diving star, is one of the reasons for the marked improvement of the FSU tank team. f rr A graceful swan dive by 17-year-old Don Wen- singer is caught by the camera in midair. Wen- singer teams with Roger Slater to give the indians a tough combination in the diving event. Coach Bim Stultz is shown here instructing Frank Cochran, freestyle artist for FSU. Relay man, Jack White, is reclining to the right of the Seminole mentor. JAMES DELOACH, captain of the 1948 FSU tennis squad. Recording eight victories against four defeats the Florida State University tennis squad became the first athletic team to complete a winning season. A well-balanced team provided FSU with their winning season. Six-foot, four-inch Jim Costello won ten straight matches before losing to Southern ' s Glenn Tolle in the final meet of the year in Lakeland. FIRST WINNING TEAM IN FSU HISTORY. The Seminole net squad became the first ath- letic crew to record a winning season. They are: standing, Pat Gilmore, Jim Costello, Bob Lanigan, Larry Dickson and Coach Don Loucks. Kneeling, James Deloach, Bill Kratzert, Bob Gavigan and Bill Albright. A ninth member of the team, Bob Jarratt, is not pictured. Jim Costello blasted his way through the 1948 season with only one loss in intercollegiate competition. 1948 RECORD FSU Opponent Score 1 Southern 8 3 Stetson 6 9 Mercer 9 Middle Ga. 9 U. of Ga. (Savannah ) 9 Troy State 5 Emory 2 6 Stetson 3 1 Emory 6 9 Middle Ga. 9 1 U. of Ga. (Savannah ) Southern 8 72 Bill Kratzert, FSU ' s only three- letterman for ' 47- ' 48. Kratzert made a letter in tennis along with football and basketball. (won 8, lost 4; 33 Larry Dickson proved to be one of the steadiest members of the Seminole netters. Bob Lanigan was one of the leading racqueteers on Coach Louck ' s squad. Baseball coach, Charlie Armstrong, who guided the 1948 diamond squad to eight wins in fifteen games. . X rf ? j kT 4 kT m kT i ' . kr ei kT e r ; " gi " - ' r :r it- 8£i ' ' " ' ' FSU BASEBALL TEAM. Stand- ing, coach Armstrong, Kramer, Padgett, Gay, Brown, Shaw, Cox, Newman, Allen, Witt, Calhoun, Tanner and manager Wiggins. Sitting, Chaudron, Gresham, Parker, Knight, Con- rad, Wilson, Nettles, Howell, Bassett, Murphy, Banakas and manager Compton. Baseball came to the Florida State University campus in 1 948. Coach Charlie Armstrong worked on his diamond candidates and turned out a winning team. Led by such performers as " Howdie " Calhoun, Dago Murphy, Al Padgett, John Witt and others FSU scrapped their way to eight triumphs against seven setbacks. Although no regular wound up the season with a .300 bat- ting average, Dago Murphy, the clean-up batter; Dozier Al- len, lead-off man, and Lamar Brown proved to be long range hitters and added punch to the batting order. Jack Wilson clouted .297 to lead the Seminoles. Howard " Howdie " Calhoun, ace fireballer of the Seminole mound staff set a record for strikeouts when he fanned 19 men in the season ' s opener against Missis- sippi College. FSU won the game 6-0. Jack Wilson started the season as a catcher, then was switched to the out- field. Wilson led the Seminole batters with a .297 mark. Burnell " Dago " Murphy emerged as the hardest hitter on th2 Indian tribe. Bill Tanner, Indian first baseman, takes a peg in one of FSU ' s night games. Dozier " Mo " Allen, second baseman, is in the background. ARMSTRONG SPEAKS TO BASEBALL GROUP. Coach Charlie Armstrong gives batting principles to Calhoun, Padgett, Wilson, Allen, Banakas, Murphy, Brown, Parker, and Tan- ner. Godfrey Knight, angular relief hurler, for the Seminoles. Dozier " Mo " Allen, sec- ond baseman, scoops up I grounder in practice. •,.-■ ' Harold Conrad, F S U catcher, gets set to swing. Ronald Nettles, Florida catcher, stops low pitch in University of Georgia, Savannah Branch, clash. FSU won the game at Centennial Field 8-3. FSU CHEERING SQUAD. Standing, (left to right) Helen Hatfield, Phyllis Bach, Ann O ' Quinn, Margaret Strum, Margie Hiatt, Jean Flynn and Nancy Bennett. Kneeling, Mack Mangum, Dick Piatt, Bill Merritt, William Williams, Richard Hunt. FSU 6 3 5 2 8 5 3 7 2 4 5 14 8 7 2 FSU BASEBALL RECORD OPPONENT Mississippi College Mississippi College Rollins Rollins Mississippi College Mississippi College Georgia Teachers Georgia Teachers Troy State University of Georgia, Savannah Middle Georgia Mercer University of Georgia, Savannah Middle Georgia Rollins SCORE 13 8 23 7 6 2 3 3 9 4 12 3 6 12 Women ' s F Club The women ' s athletic honorary on campus is the Women ' s F Club. A girl becomes eligible for F Club member- ship when she has been awarded a position on two Odd-Even teams in three consecutive quarters. Before she is made a member, though, she must successfully pass a probation period, commonly known as " goating. " This done, she is formally initiated into the F Club. Front row, left to right: Ann Seaward, Mary Pettit, Martha Mc- Gahee, Francis Riherd. Second row: Betty Gurney, Carlo Floyd, Bertie Loftus, Lorraine Larson. Third row: Mary Wood, Hazel Robertson, Doris Harding, Nan Church. Fourth row: Barbara Elliot, Peggy Rainey, Marilyn Hunter, Martha Walker. Fifth row: Lois De Lavan, Georgia Shearer, and Aileen Britton. AoO L ' " ' J u- ] f=pj I Front row, left to right: Betty J. Cobb, Betty Dixon, Audrey Hunt, Betty Stewart. Second row: Peg Thomp- son, Charlotte Snyder, Leore " Snooks " Lipe, Joan Trupp. Third row: Ruth Lemmon, Kathryn Aspinwall, Jean Smith, Charleton Galloway. Fourth row: Jane Carol Levy, club president, Jean Cushman, Ethel Clann and Inez Augustine. F Club has organized, in cooperation with the University cheerleaders, pre- football game Pep Rallies, and toward the latter part of the football season the club started a Pep Squad to lead the cheering at the home contests. In addition to their other projects, F Club helps sponsor University Sings held every Friday in front of Bryan Hall at 7 p.m. ' I B I I WRA Women ' s Recreation Association, commonly known as WRA, serves as a link between the students and the extra-curricular athletic activities. The intramurals program is a part of this group ' s work. Odd-Even sports are also aided by WRA. Headed by Elaine Brown, president, the board included: Martha Walker, vice president; Betty Gurney, secretary; Betty Sue Barber, treasurer; and Esther Miller, Intramurals Manager; Nan Church, Jane Carol Levy, Bobby Cowdery and Jean Smith. L. to r. — B. Barber, B. Church, B. Gurney, B. Cowdery, J. Smith, J. C. Levy. Not pictured: E. Brown, Pres.; M. Walker, V.-Pres. AHPER Left to right: Nan Church, Secretary-Treasurer; Cynthia Leinbach, Social Chairman; Mary Calley, Vice-President, and Dr. Katherine Montgomery, Advisor. (James Pavy, President, and Joe Peel, Program Chairman, not in picture.) The Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation was installed at FSU in the spring of 1948 in an at- tempt to unify Health, Physical Edu- cation and Recreation majors through common standards, meetings and ex- change of ideas. Through this organ- ization the members are given a chance to assume leadership in their field and to become acquainted with the proble ms, organization, and prog- ress of Health, Physical Education and Recreation in the local, state and na- tional fields. A H P E R t tmm ■■■ ■ • immm ■ Ifll M M ■Mi MM ii ii 1 ! i . uJI TARPON CLUB One of the Tarpon Club formations in their Fall performance. Tarpon Club is the women ' s swimming club on campus. The members are chosen for their proficiency in form swimming and the club has a national reputation for aquatic acrobatics. Members are: Bette Barnes, president; Evelyn Allen, vice president; Virginia Wolfe, secretary; Barbara Elliot, Virginia Lou Angel, Mary Jane Engle, Martha McGahee, Jean Forhan, Joanne Vaughn, Alycone Collier, Aileen Britton, v aida Babcock, Nancy Tribble, Margaret Swanson, Ruth Wickie, Em Nickinson, Polly Cahzel, Cynthia Leinbach, Beverly Shannon, Sue Hadsell, Joanne Zewadski, Peggy Gatewood, Jane Carol Levy, Jo Wade, Alice Davidson, Georgia Shearer, and Dianne Van Dusen. Tarpon members splash through another formation. A heart is one of the many examples of aquatic acrobatics that the Tarpon Club includes in its programs. LIFE SAVING CORPS A method of staying afloat in case a small boat overturns is demonstrated by members of the Life Saving Corps. Members demonstrate how to propel a canoe full of water to shore, in case of emergency. The Life Saving Corps holds Senior Life Saving classes during each quarter of the year for the purpose of training instructors for teaching swimming in the pool The Corps provides the pool and camp with life guards. KIFLE CLUB The newest organization on campus in the sports field is the FSU Rifle Club. Under the leadership of its founder, Audrey Richard, the club has begun to take on intercollegiate competition with rifle clubs of such colleges as the University of Alabama, Louisiana State University, University of Cincinnati, and Tulane. Anyone interested in its activities may attend its weekly meet- ings, on Thursday night, at the County Armory. Club officers are: Frank Gibson, president; Grover Baker, vice president; Bette Thornhill, secretary; Sam Price, treasurer; Merton May, executive officer; and Audrey Richard, instructor. Front row, left to right: Merton May, Zula Ratcliff, and Grover Baker. Second row, left to right: Joseph Richard, Helen Hipp, Sam Price, Audrey Richard,- and Frank Gibson. 000 EVEN SOCCER and HOCKEY Odd-Evens tusseling for possession of that soccer bal The annual Odd-Even soccer and hockey games were played during the Homecoming Weekend with the Odds coming out victorious in hockey and the two teams playing to a deadlock in soccer. The Odds were captained in hockey by Dottie Patrick and in soccer by Elaine Brown. The Evens took their cues from Leora " Snooks " Lipe in hockey and Kathryn " Pokie " Aspinwall in soccer. Odd hockey team members: Iris Dee Wil- son, Peg Thompson, Lucille Ossenkop, Mary Jackson, Inez Augustine, Mary Kate Scotten, Leland White, Doris Harding, Jean Smith, Sis Miller, Gay Cubbage, Joan Trupp, Mary Land, Lucille Minkley, and Fay Funchess. Odd soccer team members: Peggy Becknell, Ethel Clann, Joanne Shirley, Joan Solomon, Nancy Jones, Bee Jay Cobb, Aileen Britton, Joanne Zewadski, Polly Penn, Betty Sue Bar- bar, Betty Cottrell, Mary Calley, Pauline Tut- tle, Shiriey Palmer, Dot Hatch, and Elaine Brown. Even hockey team members: Claire Smith, Pat Shelmeidine, Bobbie Sikes, Mickey Mc- Quaig, Nancy Lane, Eunice Thompson, Mary Odds send a " looper " down the field. Cawthon, Audrey Byrd, Pat Powell, " Pete " Morgan, Marjorie Parker, Maxine Miner, Tot McLeod, Gertrude Whittey, Martha Robinson, Leora Lipe, and Leah Abel. Even soccer team members: Bobbie Cow- dery, lona Moody, Jean Lumpkin, Rose Al- verez, Jean Rigell, Jane Kirk, Nan Church, Pat Crum, Carmen Tarzetti, Carolyn Huggins, Martha Aman, Betty Stewart, Beth Farnell, Martha McGahee, Cynthia Mink and Frances Riherd. ODD EVEN MODERN DANCE The Odd-Even modern dance teams do not compete, but are judged and given construc- tive criticism for the programs they present. The dance program was held during Home- coming Week with the Odd dance group, di- rected by Valda Mock, doing " Cry in the Wind " and the Evens, under the supervision of Peggy Rainey giving " Web of Condemna- tion " for their program. Standing: Emily Koon and Ann Bache; sec- ond row, left to right: Helen Gong, Gloria No- wak, Gladys Tinkler and Peggy Rainey; on the floor, Marie Chillingworth. Left to right: Catherine Yonge, Helen Mc- Corkle, Julia Beckman, and Audrey Henry. Left to right: Nancy Smith, Ann Carlisle, Mimi Renwick, and Barbara Bailey. Left to right: Mary Lou Smith, Valda Mock, Jean Sayer, and Pat Plockelman. ODD EVEN ARCHERY The Odd team lines up for the Odd-Even tournament. The Even team ready and waiting! Counting up those points during the tournament. The Odd-Even archery tournament held a spotlight during Homecoming Weekend, also. The Evens, captained by Ruth Lemmon, came out victorious for the second straight year. The Odds sparked by Betty Dixon put up a hard fight for the victory. Members of the victorious Even team were: Ruth Dix, Ann Corley, Martha Walker, Joann Cloud, Esther Lenox, Barbara Boling, Susan Alexander, Cath- erine Blanton, Marilyn Hunter, Avery Limbeck, Eleanor Graves and Ruth Lemmon. The Odd team consisted of Charlotte Snyder, Marion Doro, Carlo Floyd, Helen Looby, L. J. Miller, Mary Lou Lissenden, Harriet Jones, Cecile McRae, Carolyn Moore, Sybil Geer, Sue Wilson, and Betty Dixon -■:m ODD-EVEN SWIMMINO The second quarter found the Evens winning the swimming meet 59-28. Sue Hadsell piloted the Evens to victory against an efficiently captained Odd team led by Cynthia Leinbach. W ' mw Odd team all set for a plunge. Ik Even team practicing for the meet. Charleton Galloway, Even, performing a back jack-knife in fhe diving portion of the meet An excitin g moment in the 75-yard medley relay Members of the Odd team were: Aileen Britton, Cynthia Leinbach, Evelyn Allen, Carolyn Moore, Mary Lu Lissenden, Jean Smith, Sue Wilson, and Cecile McRae. The Even team featured Sue Hadsel, Jean Forhan, Joanne Vaughn, Eleanor Graves, Ann Parrish, Charleton Galloway, Jo Wade, Henrietta MacConnell and Martha McGahee. WINNERS OF INTRAMURALS (1948 1949) Basketball Kappa Alpha Theta Tennis Delta Delta Delta (doubles and singles) Horseshoes Delta Delta Delta (doubles) Deita Zeta (singles) Softball Reynolds Hall Shuffleboard Delta Delta Delta (doubles) Delta Zeta (singles) Bowling Kappa Alpha Theta Bridge Pi Beta Phi ( 1 st tournament) Kappa Alpha Theta (2nd tournament) ODD EVEN BASKETBALL and VOLLEYBALL Even Martha Walker tangles with Odd Betty Sue Barber and her teammates in an effort to get possession of the ball in a practice game. Odds Beckman, Cottrell and Camp go after a back-board rebound. The Evens came out on top in both volleyball and basketball with Nan Church and Leora " Snooks " Lipe leading the respective Even teams against Odd Peggy Becknell and Elaine Brown ' s teams. Members of the Even volleyball team were: Ruth Dix, Helen Gong, Terry Mattman, Mary Cawthon, Francis Riherd, Lou Larcom, Cynthia Mink, Jane Kirk, Carolyn Henry, Carolyn Huggins, and Mary Guyman. Representing the Odds were: Inez Augustine, Polly Clifford, Bee Jay Cobb, Carla Floyd, Betty Gurney, Lois Miller, Betty Wells Nelson, Ann Oliver, Elizabeth Rogertson, Ann Seaward, and Mary. Land. Even basketball players were: Hazel Robertson, Carmen Tarzetti, Rose Alveraz, Pat Crum, Nancy Lane, Martha Walker, Tot McLeod, Mary Lou DeWolfe, Nancy Albury, and Virginia Caldwell. Odd basketeers were: Betty Sue Barber, Audrey Hunt, Lorraine Larson, Pat Shaar, Joan Soloman, Billie Camp, Betty Cottrell, Nanette Lindler, Mary Scotten, Ann Scudder and Joanne Shirley. Nan Church, Even leader, spikes one to Odd Audrey Hunt in one of the tournament games. Even ' s setting up the ball for a spike in ths tournament. THIIU) QlIARTEfl SPOKTS LEADERS Emily Gahr, left, led the Evens in Badmin- ton while Ann Seaward took the Odds in hand. Lois De Lavan, left, tried to get the Evens on the victory road in golf as Catherine Verser sparked the Odd team. Third quarter found the Odds and Evens slugging it out in golf, Softball, badminton and tennis. The competition was keen and the games hard fought. Softball found Jean Lumpkin getting the Evens in home run shape, while she was watching S i s Miller and her Odd team. In the field of tennis, Peg Thompson had charge of the Odds, against Lu Anne Batman and the Evens. ■ tJtt Don ' t mind if I do. Paws for identification Where do we feed the elephants? Still ' tea ' sing. FSU learns to drive. Hot foot? Jus ' clownin ' We ' re reaching the top. W. +• ' . ' JKF-r. Invesritured interests. c.-V- .:;;.■ ctipp t Whew! Aw, goat on. r v M i The mighty ' F ' fort. It probably wasn ' t that funny! Hot dog! What am I? Boy, look at Har-lem! A tree with two heads- hmm! — Dr. Kurz! •tf GIRLS Shall we gather at the piano! Just to show how the other half lives! ■ ! HOMECOMING yAVGHLlGiHr OF T ow wow witmWIKIGi S lT lit J 1 1 You can ' t very well deny ir. ooo x Swing your partners. Dancers on tap. Do you get that ' let down feeling ' ; P ¥ J I . • - i • : Fancy meeting you here? Speech Department Productions Charmed, I ' m sure. Aren ' t men beasts? ... ' . •:.. Always up in the ' Underneath the Arches ' What ' s the hold-up? p J air about something. Kneed a handkerchief? At S © ' SARASOTA 5 ™ WFSU 660 ON YOUR RAIJIO DIAL Station manager Harry Hughey who conceived and carried out plans for the building of a campus radio station at Florida State University. Yes, you ' re on GtiU! The first program was beamed to the students of FSU the night of Jan- uary 21 after 14 months of preparation. The station offers a variety of pro- grams from jazz sessions to religious forums, from sorority functions to news presentations. It offers an entirely new outlet on campus for student initiative and imagination. WFSU was a dream come true to Harry Hughey. Now serving as station manager, Harry oversees the entire operation of the station. He is assisted by several able staff members whose occupations vary from engineering to making station breaks. The equipment for the station was built — at a cost of $2,500 — by Mr. Thomas H. Bedwell of the FSU physics department. With the help of two graduate assistants, Mr. Bedwell constructed the console and transmitters in three months. THE VOICE OE THE SEMINOLE " Roy Flynn St ation Advisor Dennis Delacure Program Director W Ik. The staff of radio station WFSU are pictured, left to right, in the front row: Paula Bailey, script writer; Arthur Cobb, sports director; middle row: Jon Allan, music director; Joe Yon, dramatics director; Doug Alley, head script writer; Kay Harrison, chief secretary; Pat Martin, dramatic script writer, and Neil Jacoby, traffic director; the back row: Earl Dobert, publicity director; Harry Hughey, station manager; Catherine Pearson, production manager; Jack Madigan, chief announcer; Sam Mansfield, assistant station manager, and Dennis DeLacure, program director. Was it that bad? Oh well, guess it couldn ' t be helped. My picture was left out of the annual? I got to nave another one taken! Everything always comes out all right- in the end. Alford, Ouido Tallahassee Allen, Betty Jean Live Oak Symphonic Band Pres., ' 46, ' 47 Secretary, ' 48, ' 49 Symphonic Orchestra Marching Band Brass Quartet Stardusters Dance Band Allen, Dixie Jean Leesburg Westminster Fellowship I. R. C. Jr. Counselor Sr. Hall Council Constitution Committee Bagley, Jeanne Miami Flambeau Managing Editor, Asso- ciate Editor Cotillion Spanish House Sigma Delta Pi Glee Club (V. Pres.) Boird, Wilmer West Palm Beach Barber, Mary Elizabe Okeechobee Glee Club Beckman, Julia A. Merritt Island Modern Dance Group Bennett, Virginia Lee Gotha Alpha Chi Omega Bennett, Virginia Varne Tallahessee Bewley, Bertha Fort McCoy Boggs, Nancy Hollywood Jr. Counselor Sr. Hall Council Pres. Home Ec. Club B. S. U. Bowen, Reeves, Jr. Tallahassee Bower, Garth Tallahassee Brady, Ruth West Palm Beach Brown, Barbara Lake Park Flambeau I. R. C. Discussion Club Burnett, Helen Tampa Cahill, Lavinia Ft. Lauderdale Floor Chairman Spanish Play Campbell, Beatrice Sarasota Alpha Lambda Delt Jr. Counselor Los Picaros Sigma Delta Pi arter, Wesley Tallahassee tball team ' 47 Chestnut, Rachel Bradenton Clarkson, Hazel Ft. Myers Alpha Lambda Delta Sophomore Council Glee Club Flambeau Pan-Hellenic President Phi Mu Rush Chairman Cobb, Arthur E. Pensacola Men ' s Senate (TBUF) Beta Phi Flambeau Sports Columnist Flambeau Sports Editor Director of Sports, WFSU Crane, Gladys Mount Dora Landis House Council Home Ec. Club Geography Club YWCA Davis, Anne DeFuniak Springs is, Mary Margaret Tallahassee Dayan, Grace St. Petersburg lei, Vice Pres., ' 48, ' 49 Izfa, Pres., ' 48, ' 49 World Federalists Discussion Club Diffenbaugh, James Guy Tallahassee Deese, Louise Wellborn Dixon, Margaret Elizabeth Tampa Garnet Key Spirogira " F " Club Jr. Representative to Senate Chairman, Soph.-Sr. Breakfast Chairman, Red Cross College Unit Pres. Landis Hall Odd Archery Leader Playnight Committee Freshman Flunkies Constitution Committee Mortified Dixon, Richard Tallahassee Dohlin, Elnora Miami lairman Auditing Committee Student Budget Zommittee UGA easurer Christian ence Organization Duke, Aubrey Tallahassee Duncan, Nell Jacksonville »- V Dupree, Jane Vero Beach Freshman Flunkies B. S. U. Spanish House Los Picaros Durrance, Joyce Fort Meade Dyer, June Bartow Eaddy, Ruby Bushnell Flanders, Bruce Sebring Sigma Kappa Jr. Counselor Wesley Foundation Council Wesley Players Foster, Clyde Marie Center Hill Forrester, Lynnette Jacksonville Friedman, Anita Jacksonville Freshman Flunkies Odd Demonstration Hillel Geography Club Futch, Mercedes E Live Oak Symphonic Band Symphonic Orchesti Marching Band Brass Quartet Stardusters Dance Bij ' Sigma Alpha lotc Galloway, Helen C. Westville Golden, Elizabeth St. Petersburg Grimes, Bette Louise Sumterville Gwynn, Mae Tallahassee Freshman Carnival Freshman Flunkies Sophomore Council Chi Omega Classical Club Harris, Frances Ft. Myers Phi Mu Freshman Flunkies YWCA Pre-Law IRC Sr. Hall Florida Rep. to Birm- ingham Christmas Carnival Hall, Miriam Pensacola Harrison, Eloise Tallahassee Sigma Alpha lota Symphonic Band Marching Band Symphonic Orchestra University Chorus Day Student ' s Organ- ization MENC Hall, Robert Orlando Pi Kappa Alpha Hartwell, Rosanne Ft. Lauderdale Freshman Flunkies Kappa Delta, Pres. Usher Cmtt. Christian Science Organization Hedberg, Lucy Jacksonville Vice Pres. Village Jr. Counselor Freshman Flunkies Hodge, Hazel Orlando Transfer student Holt, Irma Eva Miami Jr. Counselor Pres. Omicron Nu Treas. Home Ec. CI Sec ' ty Treas. Sr. He Sarah Elizabeth Tampa Flambeau Hunt, Lois Wilson Tampa Jackson, Mary South Daytona AHPER " F " Club Johns, Evelyn Faye West Palm Beach Kappa Delta Pi Sr. Hall Council Johnson, Mildred Ft. Pierce Jones, Betsey Sarasota nes, Martha Jo Tampa Jr. Counselor Kelley, Lucy Lee Perry Kennedy, Amanda Punta Gorda Kennedy, Marijo Punta Gorda University Chorus ainharr, Martha ' est Palm Beach ppa Alpha Theta ctivity Chrmn. Rush Chrmn. eshman Flunkies Kerby, Irene Plant City Geography Club Jr. Counselor Lamb, Richard Tallahassee Kraus, Margaret St. Petersburg Newman Club Senior Hall Social Committee, Landis Laslie, Isabel Tallahassee Phi Mu Business Ed. Club Budget Committee UGA Lottus, Bertie Tampa " F " Club Canterbury Club Jr. Counselor Sr. Hall Council Love, Dorothy Panama City Home Ec. Secretary Sr. Hall Council Lujan, Daniel Key West Cavaliers Newman Club Lofton, Anicio. Alemon Tampa Moki, Helen Miami IRC YWCA Geography Club Sr. Hall McBride, Flora Mae Lake City Kappa Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi Wesley Foundation (Freshman Council) YWCA McCoy, Rosemary Miami Jr. Minstrel Flambeau, Associate Editor Talaria IRC Sr. Hall Council McCoy, Brantley Elizabeth City N. C. Mcrrin, Cyntnia Gainesville Delta Delta Delta Freshman Flunkies Glee Club Off-Campus Court Chairman Westminster Fellowship, President Faculty Stunt Night, Student Chairman Odd Demonstration Jr. Minstrel Garnet Key AHPER Religious Workers Council Miller, Jim Havana Flambeau McRoyan, Evelyn Sarasota IRC YWCA Sandspur Activitie Alpha Omega Pi, President South Cawthon Sod Committee Milton, Ruth Ocala B. S. U. Home Ec. Club 4-H Club Moore, Betty Sanford Golf Team Jr. Counselor House Council Lower Court Sr. Hall Council Moore, Ewell Tallahassee Nichols, Mildred Jacksonville Alpha Xi Delta Sigma Alpha lota Kappa Delta Pi University Chorus Geography Club Oberholtzer, Catherine Yalaher O ' Brien, Alice Ruth Sebring B.S. U. Parker, Idella Tallahassee » Patrick, Dottie Laurel, Miss. " F " Club AHPER Paul, Jean West Palm Beach Social Work Club Discussion Club IRC Phillips, Auralie Chipley B.S. U. Soltas Sr. Hall 5S, Georgene Orlando assical Club YWCA tiring Club Piloian, Lucy Longwood YWCA Rasmussen, Esther DeLand Alpha Lambda Delta Mortar Board Phi Beta Kappa Garnet Key Pi Beta Phi Sophomore Council Phi Alpha Theta Women ' s Senate Women ' s Judiciary University Court, Chief Justice Westminster Fellowship Inter-Church Fellowship Ratcliff, Zula Arlington, Ga. Home Ec. Club Rifle Club Alpha Omicron Pi Scarborough, Delores Brooksville Geography Club Latin Club Schnell, Betty T. Orlando Classical Club Hore Ec. Club 4-H Club Secretary YWCA h, Mary Eloise Mayo Smith, Emma Jeannette Oca la Wesley Foundation, Executive Council University Singers Smith, Gladys Marie Tampa Smith, Marjorie Faye Madison Speck, Harold Marianna Stephens, Jo Anne Jacksonville rum, Margaret it. Petersburg ead University Cheerleaders ture Editor and ffice Manager, Flambeau eta Phi, Secretary i Social Chrmn. tiversity Chorus shman Flunkies Sandspur Sturgis, Harriet Sarasota Alpha Delta Pi Sigma Alpha lota Band Thrower, Mary Nell Tampa Kappa Delta Village Vamps Usher Committee Odd Cheerleader Till, Marilyn Bartow Turner, Earl Tampa Taliy-Ho Tuttle, Pauline West Palm Beach Alpha Lambda Delta Sophomore Council " F " Club Garnet Key Pres. Freshman Class Pres. Soph. Class First Vice Pres.WGA Pres. WGA Mortar Board Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice President Ward, Olga Malone Welch, Alice Tampa Alpha Epsilon Delta Gamma Sigma Epsilon Sr. Hall Council YWCA House President Judiciary Pre-Med. Club, V. Pres. B. S. U. Wells, Minnie L. Stuart Flambeau Staff Jr. Counselor Wells, Sarah Lou Miami B. S. U. Freshman Flunkies Sophomore Council " F " Club Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Med Club Wheatley, Jeanne West Palm Beach Whitman, Janet Sarasota Alpha Lambda Delta Wells, Frances Jaspar Alpha Xi Delta Business Ed. Club Auditing Cmmtt. UGA YWCA West, Elizabeth Gainesville Wilcox, Thyrza Miami Chairman, Psychology Club Vice Pres. Psyche Club Affiliate Member Florida Psychological Association Student Rep. to Fla. Academy of Science, Soc. Sci. Branch Student Rep. to FPA Wingate, Lonnie Callahan Wood, Lois Tallahassee Winner of 1 948 AAUW Creative Arts Contest Flambeau Wood, Rolland Ocala Art Editor Talaria Woodall, Betty Kissimmee Campus Fire Marshall Cawthon North Fire Marshall House President President, Soltas Wood, Mary St. Augustine " F " Club Life Saving Corp Wright, Gwendolyn Glenwood, Indiana Home Ec. Club Social Cmmtt. V Yates, Patricia Tallahassee Sandspur, Chairman Zeta Phi Eta McMillan, Charles Quincy Phi Delta Theta Pres. UGA Football Team Harden, Sylvanu! Okeechobee Scott, Muriel Ft. Myers Phi Mu Cowden, William Cleveland, Ohio Phi Delta Theta Maynes, Marilyn Pensacola Macon, Gene St. Petersburg Barnes, William Tallahassee Pierce, Betty St. Petersburg DID YOU FEEL LEFT ODT? FKESHMAN CLASS NANCY ALBURY Miami PHYLLIS JESTY BACH Sanford PEGGY BLITCH Tallahassee MARTHA CALDWELL Miami JO CAROLYN CAMPBELL Panama City JOHANA MAE CATHCART Wauchula MURRAY CAWTHON DeFuniak Springs WALTER CLAYTON CAWTHON DeFuniak Springs JOYCE M. CHICK Titusville HAROLD CARRIN Jacksonville MARTHA NELLE CRENSHAW Ft. Lauderdale JO ANN EBERT Ft. Lauderdale ELIZABETH IVES Jacksonville MARIAN LEHMAN Orlando JO LOVETT Ocala HELEN MacWILLIAMS ALICE MYERS Palmetto LORRAINE NOTTAGE Key West KATHERINE J OETJEN Jacksonville ALICE MAE PATE Kissimmee JULIET GLORIA PEACOCK Coral Gables LOIS RAY Jay PHYLLIS ROGERS Coral Gables MARK ELIZABETH ROBERTS Orlando JANICE ROUSE Pompano BETTY L. SMITH Coral Gables RUTH A. SMITH Key West MARY STEMP MARIANNE TIBBETTS Ft. Lauderdale JOHN TOOLEY South Charleston, W. Va. MAY CAROL VOLENA Miami HARMER WEICHEL Jacksonville BETTE M. WOLLEY Pensacola HARRIET WHITLOCK Arcadia DOROTHY LOUISE WILLIAMS Homestead MARGUERITE D. WADLEY Tampa SOPHOMORE CLASS JOSEPH AARON BETTY JEAN BROWN Miami GEORGE BURTON Marianna SUE CARSON Lake City VIRGINIA GRIFFITH St. Petersburg PAT GUFFEN JOSEPH HEARN Newark, Dela. MARY LAND Apopka ROWEENA LEE Doctor ' s Inlet JIM MacARTHUR Pensacola MARJORIE MANER Tampa JEAN MALLOY Chipley PEGGY McCORMICK Jacksonville GLORIA MAYO Tallahassee MERTON MAY Waterford, Penn. KENNER MAXWELL Punta Gorda HURSCHELL MATHEWS Jacksonville HAZEL MATTHEWS Tallahassee CHARLES MATHEWS Palatka NORMA MARTI NO Tampa HERBERT MARSH Jacksonville THOMAS J. MARTIN Monticello LOUISE McKINLEY Tampa JULIA McMEEKIN Hawthorne tewy Mcpherson Tallahassee CECILE McRAE Mcintosh ROBERT MEARS Tallahassee LUOLINE MEDLIN Hollywood MARION MEEKS Tallahassee HENRIETTA MEINERS St. Petersburg LOFTON S. MERRITT, JR. Pensacola MAVIS MILLER Frostproof BURDEST MIMMS Tallahassee EUGENE MITCHELL Inverness MARTHA ANN MOORE Panama City EDRIS MORGAN Tampa CORNELIA MOSES Lakeland HULDA MULLIS Pensacola PHOEBE MILLER Orlando VIVIAN MILLER Sarasota ANN MOODY Shady Grove ALMA MOON Highland City BOBBIE MOORHEAD Ocala ERNEST B. MURPHY Sneads ANNE C. MURRILL Bradenton MARY LOU MUSTER Boynton Beach JOAN SOLOMON Tampa BEVERLY SHANNON Sarasota JOSEPHINE SAPP Waycross, Ga. MARIAN SAMTAN JACKIE PARISH Pensacola MARY JANE SOWELL Quincy MARY ELIZABETH TOUCHTON Sanford NANCY LEONA WEEKS St. Petersburg ROBERT WOOLFE West Palm Beach RITA ZENONI Tampa JUNIOK CLASS GLORIA ALBRITTON Sarasota B1LLIE BRADSHAW Jasper SARAH CAWTHON DeFuniak Springs ANNA DELL CLARK Lakeland WILLIAM HENLEY CROSS Tallahassee DOLORES DANIELS Haines City NANCY DOHLIN Miami LUCY ELTON Chipley EMMA ENGEL Homestead BILL GAHLENBECK Pensacola SUE HADSELL Tallahassee WANDALEE HAMILTON Somerset, Ky. BILL HORNER Jacksonville CALHOUN JONES SARA LAMBERT Tallahassee DANNYE MASSEY Marianna GEORGE MORGAN St. Augustine DOT SCHOONMAKER Gainesville NINA SHUMAN Dunnellon VIOLETTA SOSIN Key West JEAN THIBAUT Maimi PICTURES OMITTED Due To Technical Difficulties! r V FLOWERS By ELINOR DOYLE 202 South Adams Phone 767 JOHN E. HUNT BROWARD WILLIAMS ACCIDENT - AUTOMOBILE - LIABILITY - BURGLARY - MARINE - FIRE - LIFE - SURETY BONDS Every Line of Insurance and Bonds, Including Life Insurance TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Cherokee Hotel Bldg. Phones — 1722 and 1689 Compliments of COX FURNITURE COMPANY " A Little Out Of The Way, But A Lot Less To Pay " Thomasville Road Phone 1173 Now flap your arms! THE BEST DRESSED MEN WEAR A GREAT NAME IN CLOTHING " SCHWOBILT SUITS THE SOUTH " On College at Adams Street How rough can ijou get? Go ahead— it ' s your neck! Could this be real? Have a Coca-Cola = Let ' s be friendly . . . a way to win a welcome ivherever you go There ' s friendliness in the simple phrase Have a " Coke " . It turns strangers into friends. In both hemispheres, Coca-Cola stands for the pause that refreshes,— has become the high-sign of the good- hearted. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY TALLAHASSEE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY © It ' s natural for popular names to acquire friendly abbrevia- tions. That ' s why you hear Coca-Cola called " Coke " . Compliments Shop for . . . of SMARTER WEARABLES at P g$ fr Moon ' $ J£2 -U— R€GIST€R€D J€W€L€RS- American Gem Society TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Sittin pretty. £ S A Y- ' n ii) u „ tired- ' c(W . t t oo tl1 St " 6 I ' m l l,st Painting yourselves— or the house! HOTEL FLORIDAN TALLAHASSEE 150 Rooms European Plan Excellent Dining Room J. T. Smith, Jr., Mgr. Compliments of miller ' s 1 1 1 East College Avenue TALLAHASSEE • • • FINE SHOES SINCE 1924 " We just had our faces lifted —and look what they found! Well— send us a post card! We are proud of the continuing part we have played in the production of yearbooks for the Florida State University for the past sixteen years. . . The tally-ho and its predecessors occupy an important place in the traditions of our own organisation and receive the utmost of our skill and effort. The 1949 tally-ho staff has performed with rare ability and we are grateful for the opportunity to have been their co-workers in what we believe is an outstanding yearbook. printing Company tallahassee CREATORS OF FINE PRINTING •%k »f ! ? 4M J5 VJM • ' rf .-• - ,m ! •$ m ■ ' Y ,•- ' «7 fm b % ' fe j - j g$ RBSPESS-GRIfflES RHGRHVinG compfliw STUDENT PAINT HEADQUARTERS DEVOE PAINTS ENAMELS FLATS ART SUPPLIES CARD BOARDS WALL PAPER U. S. GYPSUM PAINTS TEXOLITE CEMENTICO PATCHING PLASTER TEX TONE PERF-A-TAPE WARDS PAINT STORE Tel. 1567 OLIN HUTTO, Prop. 204 So. Adams Just throw yourself into it. Our twenty-sixth annual expression of appreciation to the Student Body and Faculty, for their faithfulness and confidence in this shop. » !£ UfrUw ' -fi+J . Who told him he had wings? DRUGS TALLAHASSEE ' S ONLY AIR-CONDITIONED DRUG STORE 210 South Adams Phone 123 COMPLIMENTS OF 215 W. COLLEGE AVENUE MEN ' S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS, DOBBS HATS, ARROW SHIRTS FREEMAN AND EDWIN CLAPP SHOES LUGGAGE P. W. WILSON COMPANY Tallahassee ' s Best Store Since 1837 Telephone 88 Tallahassee, Florida LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR, LINGFRIE, ACCESSORIES, HOME FURNISHINGS, PIECE GOODS, MILLINERY, NOTIONS , -3 H v W -w jMF- Seminoles go on war path. A " " « - » 7Z WE INVITE YOUR PATRONAGE The A tlantic National Bank Of Jacksonville ORGANIZED IN 1903 MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE : XZ= 0: GREYHOUND LINES CALL GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT PHONE 701 Corner Tennessee and Adams Can- an TALLAHASSEE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 115 E. PARK RESOURCES OVER $8,000,000.00 SAVINGS INSURED TO $5,000.00 MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Largest and Leading Department Store SEARS Your fashions at DRESSES COATS SUITS 1 18 S. Monroe St. Phone 20 Compliments of TALLAHASSEE ' S OLDEST AND FINEST YOUNG MEN ' S SHOP 212 So. Monroe St. Phone 39 McGREGOR soprtswear CAMPUS-TOGS clothes ARROW SHIRTS and TIES JARMAN shoes RAIN FAIR rainwear Compliments of §Mpette$ottlinqQr. 141 Oakland Ave. Phone 1130-K Carter ' s Sporting Goods YOUR FRIENDLY SHOP Distributors for MacGREGOR GOLDSMITH SPORTS EQUIPMENT 117 S. Adams Phone 32 EXPERT SHOE REPAIR HENLEY ' S SHOE SHOP FIX WHILE YOU WAIT 215 W. College Phone 1922-W ROBLEE SHOES FOR MEN AIR STEP SHOES FOR WOMEN STRICKLAND ' S SHOE STORE 115 E. College Avenue Phone 878 So I sez— We eat! Elberta Crate Box Co. TALLAHASSEE FLA. BAINBRIDGE GA. Manufacturers of FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PACKAGES N CAFE SIZZLING WESTERN STEAKS— SEA FOODS SHORT ORDERS AT ALL HOURS PHONE 1054 119 E. JEFFERSON ST. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. FRATERNITY AND SORORITY PLAQUES w 5T) UTNANI . AMERICAN DEM SOCIETY 308 So. Monroe St. Phone 1266 LISTEN TO W. F. S. U. FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY BROADCASTING STATION On Your Dial READY TO SERVE YOU! Whether you plan to continue your studies, pre- pare for a profession or enter business, there are finances to be considered. Whatever your plans — please feel free to come in and talk them over with the Florida National Bank in your home town. FLORIDA NATIONAL GROUP OF BANKS Florida of National Bank Jacksonville Florida at National Bank and Trust Company Miami Florida at Bank Trust Co. Daytona Beach Florida at National Bank St. Petersburg Florida at Bank Orlando Florida at National Bank Pensacola Florida at Bank Trust Company West Palm Beach Florida at National Bank Lakeland Florida at National Bank Bartow Florida at National Bank Key West Florida at National Bank Ocala Florida at Bank Starke Florida at Bank Chipley Florida at Bank Port St. Joe Florida at National Bank Belle Glade Florida at National Bank Coral Gables Florida at National Bank Fernandina Florida at Bank Fort Pierce Florida at Bank Bushnell Florida at Bank Gainesville Florida at Bank DeLand Florida at Bank Madison The FLORIDA THEATRE TALLAHASSEE The STATE THEATRE TALLAHASSEE The RITZ THEATRE TALLAHASSEE The DRIVE IN THEATRE TALLAHASSEE Come out to . . . THE QUAKER HOUSE - for - DELICIOUS DUCHESS ICE CREAM DRINKS • SOUPS • SANDWICHES NEW QUINCY HIGHWAY One Block West of the Duchess Ice Cream Plant ■ ce cream Be Safe With Laboratory Tested Milk! BASSETT DAIRIES INC. THE MILK OF SUPERIOR FLAVOR Compliments of The DDLE FLORIDA ICE CO TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA PHONE 9 Flamboyants investing pledges. Those remarx must be hilarious. Veteran 5th columnists. Blest be the tie that blinds! Beginning of the quarter no doubt. FOR REFRESHMENTS AND TASTY SANDWICHES TRY THE SODA SHOP Student Alumnae Building Make Our Fountain Your Meeting Place MIDYETTE MOOR INSURANCE AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE AND BOND SERVICE Midyette-Moor Building TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA Telephone 586 FLORIDA ' S OLDEST BANK K=X Welcomes the account of all persons connected with the FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY K= 0 THE LEWIS STATE BAN1 MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Just leave my eyeball there. Pin-up boy. Heap big tomfoolery. ALWAYS A WELCOME to F. S. U. SOUTHEASTERN TELEPHONE KILLEARN GARDENS COMPANY TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA open Dec. 1st to April 15th BENNETT ' S 2 DRUG STORES 2 COLLEGE INN PHARMACY MONROE S. PHARMACY PHONE 800 PHONE 93 Free Motorcycle Delivery From Both Stores TWO COMPLETE FOUNTAIN CAFES Hollingsworth and Whitman CANDIES WE CARRY THE LEADING COSMETIC LINES Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubenstein, Dorothy Gray, Tussy, Hudnuts, DuBarry, Elmo and H. H. Ayers Well, shake a leg. LUGGAGE JEWELRY SPORTING GOODS RAWLINGS- SPALDING -SPOT BILT ' WHATEVER THE SPORT WE FURNISH THE EQUIPMENT " Harry Finkelstein Company W. Bay corner Jefferson JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA THE H. W. B. DREW COMPANY MANUFACTURING STATIONERS LITHOGRAPHERS PRINTERS STEEL AND COPPERPLATE ENGRAVERS OFFICE SUPPLES OFFICE FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT ENGINEERING AND DRAFTING SUPPLIES 22-30 West Bay Street JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA MIAMI TALLAHASSEE The DUTCH KITCHEN TALLAHASSEE for Excellent Food CENTRAL FLORIDA ' S FASHION CENTER J)idcm i ORLANDO, FLORIDA The Nelly Shop WELCOMES YOU! Our skilled, courteous sales staff will happily assist you in selecting appropriately, properly fitted femin- ine wearables. 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