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;»;;ii ' ' " . ' »■ ' • ■ » ' ' ■f. ' Ji!- : i:pr:: J Volume 34 m. c 1947 r} i to Otcded ta coft ouc ie SCm4., SdCC(n astacoS o We proudly dedicate this, our 1947 FLASTACOWO to Miss Edith Woodfin West, who has been our most beneficial advisor for this publication for a number of years. We wish at this time to recognize her sparkling wit, gay personality, and endearing charm. Her comments, criticisms, and guidance have been invaluable towards the publishing of our yearbook. To you, Miss West, our symphony of memories for 1947. Miss Edith W. West, M. A., associate professor of the Classics Department, is an instructor here at Florida State College for Women in classic mythology, antiques, and Latin. 7 M H ■ ? ! | H n f 1 ' i cr oire All the world is a stage and we are merely players. And ours here at Florida State College is a musical. We choose this theme to present this year for it is the background for new words that are being set to music. We ar e in a transition stage of a possible change to co-education and feel that only harmony and peacefulness that comes from all kinds of music will make this change a success. It is a new medley being played for the first time at Florida Stote. Campus Vi s . . . .X . s..l. 8 Suite Administration SfUnituai Classes .... . . " Nv . 0 41 TfoctUfMC Features . . 111 Panhellenic . M 33 Honoraries I. . , 1 Organizations , . 177 W. R. A . 2( Activities 21 Tally U 246 Advertisements 273 With the opening of the Foil quarter, o medley of changes in Florida State College for Women began to be effected. In the past history of the college it would have been an uncommon sight to have seen men in the classrooms, studying in the library, and gathering on the campus to dis- cuss issues of the day. This, however, is no longer true. With the enrollment of over six hundred men students, F. S. C. W. is well on the way to a concert of reconversion towards the theme of coeducation. September, 1 946, also found con- ditions more crowded due to the largest enroll- ment of women students this institution has yet experienced. This new phase in the history of the college brought with it such reforms as allowing students to have automobiles; the lessening of the dating restrictions; plans for a revision of the college constitution; the changing of the Thanksgiving festivities — thus allowing students a holiday, which has never been, prior to this year; as well as the presentation of one musical production to replace the usual two demonstrations and Junior Minstrels. The dining hall has been established as a cafeteria, and, although the lines are longer than ever before, this new plan aids a great deal in the systematic method of serving meals to the student body. A south annex to the History Building was completed for this scholastic year and is useful in meeting the crowded situation and confusion of an increased enrollment. Mixed voices of mem- m-Am ■4 ,4 ' ■ -■., . ' t . i: bers of the co-ed student body harmonize in the college choir; men and women students compose the orchestra as well. On the other hand, an increase in the faculty is also evident with the blending of a number of new professors into the academic composition. Dances throughout the college year have been more successful, which may be attributed to the revision of melody of men, who help by their presence generally, as well as by affording new and varied themes and ideas for these social functions. From among the men on the campus has de- veloped an orchestra which plays for numerous social functions throughout the year. This harmonic group also plays for other organizations outside the college. The Dale Mabry branch of the University of Florida also was an aid in the social program of this college with their Saturday night dances at that extremity of the campus. Looking more closely into this rhythmic regime, it can be seen that with the addition of the Tallahassee Branch of the University of Florida, culminated in the procurement of Dale Mabry Field, came a student government for the men. Political parties, the All- Florida Party and the Independent Party, were formed, and large-scale campaigning was carried on. Florida State College progressed further into a concerto of evolution. Dale Mabry campus not only housed the men students of this college, but also several hundred of the women students. These co-eds commuted by buses to and from the main campus. A dining hall to take care of this surplus enrollment was established at this new campus; and plans concerning a student cooperative book- store were considered with committees chosen to investigate the idea. dni 11 i iUi lif fSk . m SL Students who live at the newly acquired section of the campus, Dale Mabry Field, enjoy the recrea- tion of their hometown snack-bar which is found in the " O " Club on that campus. A spacious dance floor, lounge, game room, and soda fountain com- prise this movement in fun for the co-eds. A syncopated society, the " Stray Greeks, " formed to give the fraternity men here an oppor- tunity to meet and retain some form of affiliation with their Gainesville brothers. This organization worked in conjunction with the Ponhellenic group of this institution on several social arrangements. During the second quarter students at F. S. C. W. were fascinated with a frozen fantasy in the form of icicles on the fountain at the entrance in front of the Westcott Building. Tradition and the condition of the weather seem to play in a chorus that this phenomena occurs only once during each student ' s four years here. The two social honorories, Cotillion Club and Village Vamps, contemplated the suggestion of tapping men among their new members this year; until the symphonic theme of coeducation is ac- tually effected, the plan is as yet embryonic. A varied musical pattern was evidenced in the scheme of Florida State College for Women this past year which, as has been seen, was completely different from anything experienced in the past. Harmony was the resultant factor and we look towards a theory of improvement along this theme in the future. uite cAbmini iraiioi) Governor Millard Caldwell 7 (S AenH n Serving his third year in his capacity as Governor of Florida, Millard Caldwell has taken an active interest in the affairs and welfare of Florida State College for Women. It is in his power to appoint the members of the Board of Control, who act as a body under his supervision. The Board of Control is composed of five of Florida ' s outstanding citizens. They are appointed by the governor to serve for four years, they hold their meetings once a month. This Board supervises the expenditures of appropriations; appoints the faculty; advises the legislature as to the needs of the different institutions; and gives advice to executive officials. Members of the Board include: J. Thomas Gurney, chairman, Orlando; J. Henson Markham, Jacksonville; N. B. Jordan, Quincy; Thomas W. Bryant, Lakeland, and M. Luther Mershon, Miami. N. B. Jordan Thomas W. Bryant J. Thomas Gurney, Chairman J. Henson Markham M. L. Mershon The Class of ' 47 began their college careers during the depths of the war. And now you are graduating into a world that is struggling for peace. The world must rely upon the intelligence, the self-control, and the spirit of tolerance and fair play on the part of you and your kind if real peace is to be achieved. Your College sends you forth with confi- dence and our best wishes. DOAK S. CAMPBELL Miss Katherine Warren Dr. Ruth O. Schornherst Miss Florence Bethea Dr. R. L. Eyman Miss Olivia N. Dorman oUe Our College Council composed of both Faculty end Students makes a combination for harmony and understanding that can ' t be beat. In this combination student ideas, presented by Executive Council of C. G. A., and suggestions from the Faculty Committee on Student Affairs are reviewed with equal attention. The Faculty Committee on Student Affairs is appointed by the President of the College to Dr. Coyle E. Moore Dr. Mary N. Hood Dr. Guy L. Diffenbaugh Dr. Hugh L. Waskom Mr. Royal M. Mattice Miss E. Elizabeth Lynn Martha Peacock Catherine Gallagher 3rd Vice-president Secretary Dalia Santos Ida Lee Rentz 1st Vice-president 2nd Vice-president fi M«tcd Sara Lewis President of C. G. A. act on all legislation passed either by the College Council or by the Student Senate of College Government Association. It also serves as a reviewing body on all judicial decisions recommending the severest penalties, full restriction, judicial probation, College Gov- ernment probation, and withdrawal. Mary Louise White Freshman Advisor Rosetta Carver Chairman of Judiciary f 1 Ann Hunter Harriet Kirk Chairman Residence Halls Chairman of Off-Campus Eleanor Bragg Treasurer Dalia Santos Chairman of Senate Student Senate, was led this year by Dalia Santos through many tense and well-attended meetings. Senate this year set up a committee for revising the Constitution, and passed vari- ous rules affecting our campus life. The 1946- 47 Senate deserves a lot of credit for its hard work in meeting the many new problems set before it. Student Senate is composed of rep- resentatives from the classes, from various campus organizations, and members of the executive council Delia conducting Senate Senate hears Constitution Committee report Senate Forum at work Martha Peacock Third Vice-president of C. G. A. and Forum Chairman Student Forum, organized for the purpose of providing an outlet for student opinion and of keeping the campus informed on both world and campus issues, was under the di- rection of capable, hard-working Martha Peacock, third vice-president of C. G. A. Outstanding topic under discussion for the year was the question of coeducation, which included coed forums, speeches by the Cit- izens ' Committee, and many other stimulat- ing sessions. The forum committee assisting the chair- man included Ann Parker, Enid Krouse, Jane Hardacre and twenty people from various organizations on campus. Panel discussion after forum fcnum yucUccan f The Judiciary, our highest court, deals with infractions of major college regulations and works in conjunction with the two divisions of lower court. In cooperation with the Judiciary Committee, Judiciary strives to make the Honor Code more effective and more desirable to the students. Rosetta Carver, Chairman of Judiciary Judiciary members are: Virginia Goodell, Amarene Thompson, Marjorie Holmes, Mary White, Sara Lewis, Rosetta Carver, Bobs McCarthy, Ann Hunter, Harriet Kirk, Roberta Friedkin, Irma Lee Shepherd, and Helen Looby. Evelyn Johnson, Dorothy McKirnon, Neva Delgado, Mary Alice Pitts, Alva Ray, Jimmy Rogers, Ann Hunter, Juanita Krentzman, Ann Mclnnis, Betty Moody, Annette Maples, Patricia Yates. O - ttfiu Committee Back row: Zean Lanier, Ann Holton, Mervin Thomas, Gloria Douglas, Harriet Kirk, Cynthia Merrin, Barbara King, Marion Davis, M. Smith, and Elizabeth Read. Front row: Marie Everitt, Ann Curtis, Barbara Whidden, Nancy Ware. Landis: Dorothy McKirnan, Grace Bryan, Jacquelin Smith, Jane Gunn, Margaret Hunter, Dot Ring, Nancy Day, Mary Monaco, Gynn Ramage, and Barbara Owens. Reynolds: 1st row: Caire Hill, Myro Jean Bates, Yolanda Arias, Peggy Moss, Eddie Fay Stokes, Mildred Mann; 2nd row: Annette Haire, Alva Ray, Marylynn Dewey, Joan Boucher, Betty Mowat. Bryan: 1st row: Carol Diters, Elaine Govlgan, Ann Mc- Innis, Jean Fliess; 2nd row: Irmo Lee Shepherd, Jo Story, Grace Hayes. f?W4e Each Dormitory has a house council composed of the officers of the dormitories with the house director ex-officio. House Councils deal ' .WT ' - Broward: 1st row: Jeanne Smith, Dolly Ray, Evelyn Roberts; 2nd row: Evelyn M. Johnson, Audrey Hunt, Sylvia Leibovitz, L. D. Oatley. Gilchrist: 1st row: Katherine Cooper, Leona Gavigan, Art Skevakis; 2nd row: Shirley Hargraves, Dorothy Crowson, Betty Mooty, Betty Dixon, Martha Jane Byrd. Jennie Murphree: 1st row: Virginia Der Garry, Ruby Pate, Miss Dorothy Brown, Juanita Krentzmon; 2nd row: Marie Ratliff, Helen Coppleman, Charlotte Mc- Geachy, Enid Krouse, Phyllis Hazen, Dot Butts. Magnolia: 1st row: Betts Brown, Priscilla Carter, Margie Berns; 2nd row: Louise Shonter, Renee Settle, Neva Delgado, Dorothy Martin, Arsenia Rodriguez, Pat Grant. ocutciU with petty offenses and aid in solving student problems. Village: 1st row: Frances Cannon, Jimmy Rogers, Jean Sharer; 2nd row: Janet Fountain, Judy Rhodes, Janet Robertson, Jo Long. Off Campus: 1st row: Hazel Clarkson, Minie Louise Greene; 2nd row: prankie Hull, Elouise Smith, Patricia Yates, Frances Wells, Dorothy Burnhom. Dale Mobry: Henrietta Micheal, Helen Hoeger, Hazel Melfon, Ann Barton, Virginia Caldwell, and Mary Alice Pitts, Bryan: 1st row: Joyce Garmon, Carol Deters, Elaine Gavigan, Bopie Whitaker, Anne Maclnnes, Jean Fliess; 2nd row: Martha Peacock, Irma Shepherd, Josephine Story, Grace Hayes. Reynolds: 1st row: Eddie Faye Stokes, irma Hammond, Dorothy Cox, Carol Clous, Martha West, Yoianda Arias, Aryene Siegel; 2nd row: Annette Haire, Catherine Sullivan, Myra Jean Bates, Linda Lee Devane, Peggy Moss; Jean DeBevoise, Audrey Evans, Mildred Mann; 3rd row: Alva Ray, Dorothea McRee, Amarene Thomp- son, Claire Hill, Anne Singleton, Lynn Smith, Anna K. Home, Roberta Perkins, Marilyn Dewey, Barbara Baxter, Joan Boucher, Betty Mowat, Ruthmary Bliss. Freshman Counselors play a very important role in the lives of Freshmen and Transfer students by orienting them to the school tra- ditions, to the regulations, to their responsi- bility as campus citizens, and the Honor Code. These girls live in the Freshmen halls Herky White Freshman Advisor um n n Day Students: Kathleen Hamilton, Mary Ann Herring, Geraldine Brumby. Jennie Murphree: 1st row: Marie Ratliff, Ann Shull, Catherine Witherspoon, Ann Martin; 2nd row: Dorothy Crotts, Virginia Der Garry, Jo Craig, Dot Butts, Char- lotte Bouland, Phyllis Hazen; 3rd row: Bruce Flanders, Helen Cappleman, Ruby Pate, Charlotte McGeachy, Pep Stcnoland, Juanita Krentzman, Doris Dubois, Lydia Moore, Enid Krouse. and are always willing to devote a little time to those who need their aid. Herky White, the Freshman Advisor, has assisted in planning the orientation program and in training the counselors. Village: Jimmie Rogers, Janet Robertson, Judy Rhodes, Joe Long, Jean Sharer, Frances Cannon, Janet Fountain. ( acut elon4. So iAomone ( MHCii Here are those vivacious girls in blue and white who greet FSC ' s newcomers with a smile and a helping hand. They are kept busy helping at registration, checking convo absences, and doing many other unheralded tasks on campus. Their lives are full of work and fun, too, and they are an integral part of our college life. Sophomore Council girls are tapped at the end of their Freshman year on the merit of their first year ' s progress and service. Ida Lee Rentz, 3rd Vice-president Faith Adams Virginia Anthony Camille Batten Laura Bentley Mary Ann Berry Hester Chazal Gladys Clark Martha Jane Byrd Margaret Ann Blocker Norma Elaine Brown Mary Calley Anne Baxley Carter Hazel Clarkson Katherine Cooper Patsy Crosby Jean Ann Daly Phyllis DeKalb Pat Dilliard Jeanne Du Pree Rosemary Fleming Margaret Flynn Jean Furman Catherine Gallagher Virginia Goodell Betty Green May Gwynn Lucille Harding Shirley Hargraves Joy Harper Marjorie Headley Tobie Jacobskind Nancy Jones Ann Cooper Knight Ellen Koenitzer Nancy Lefholz Jane Carol Levy Helen Looby Betty Loy Margery Mallard Dorothy Martin Cynthia Merrin Esther Miller Valda Mock Mary Catherine Moody Betty Wells Nelson Jane Nightingale Marjorie Norris Betty Jeanne Phillips Gwendolyn Ramoge Esther Rasmussen Fern Meta Roberts Ann Seaward Renee Pauline Settle Marie Louise Shonter Sally Slater Artemis Skevakis Pat Small Joyce Strobe rg Margaret Swonson Virginia Swicord Pauline Tuttle Violet V aters Sarah Lou Wells Joyce Williams Clair Virginia Wilson Pat Yates Joanne Zewadski 1 USHER COMMITTEE Under the chairmanship of Betsy Bird for this school year, this committee served as ushers at College Functions. 1st row: V. Walters, B. Bird, D. Clifton, A. Miller; 2nd row: F. McCall, R. Baisden, G. Hughes, B. D. Galbraith; 3rd row: B. Lindsey, M. Brokaw, R. Leonard, D. Butts; 4th row: L. Silverman, J. Knipe; 5th row: M. Mining, L. Conant, C. Nolan. ORGANIZATIONS COMMITTEE Rachel Chambers headed this committee which sets up regulations for all the organizations on campus. A. Seaward, R. Chambers, C. Snyder, I. L. Shepherd, G. Jaeckel. SOCIAL STANDARDS COUNCIL Is responsible for administering the social activities of the campus. Emily Sheftall headed this committee. Pictured ore: 1st row: Martha McCormick, Vivian Sheaffer, Emily Sheftall, Dot Butts, Dorothy Crowson; 2nd row: Janet Robertson, Joan Boucher, Carol Deters, Clara Jane Caroll, Betty Green, Barbara Owens. HONOR COMMITTEE This committee headed by Margery Holm works in cooperation with the Judiciary plans and directs a program for promoting the acceptance of the standards of the Honor Code. Pictured above are: M. J. Byrd, V. Cone, E. Thomson, E. Gavigon, M. Holm, V. Goodeil, J. Furman. LEGISLATIVE AND CODIFYING COMMITTEE Under the leadership of Beth Fuhrer this committee is responsible for the changes made in the student handbook. Pictured obove: A. Singleton, C. Savage, B. Fuhrer, L. Wells, J. Furman. HANDBOOK COMMITTEE This committee helps edit the handbook for the coming year. Pictured with Janet Robertson, chairman, are: J. Elder, J. Robertson, M. Burns, M. A. Berry. I The Budget Committee which served under Martha Burke. Mary Jane Inabnit, chairman, is pictured with the Auditing Committee. This year it was Eleanor Bragg ' s job to take care of the finances of the Association. The Budget Committee, pictured above, allots the student activity fee to such organizations specified in the C. G. A. constitution. Chairman for this year was Mary Jane Inabnit. The Auditing Committee, headed by Martha Burke, is re- sponsible for auditing the books of all organizations which receive funds from the student activity fee. Eleanor Bragg Treasurer of C. G. A. UfMdCC ' ' .,. iX Dr. Guy Diffenbaugh Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences Dr. Ralph L. Eyman Dean of the School of Education Florida State College is divided into four schools, each supervised by its respective dean. These able Administrators give personal assistance to students in their curricular activ- ities and problems, in addition to aiding in the selection of the students ' courses. Dr. Karl O. Kuersteiner Dean of the School of Music Dr. Margaret Sandels Dean of the School of Home Economics ;4cUptM 4tn€ltUAC CCUt4. Dean Elizabeth G. Andrews Dr. William T. Edwards Mr. Rod Shaw Administrative deans include Olivia N. Dor- man, Dean of Students, and head of the Classics Department; Elizabeth G. Andrews, Director of Personnel and Placement; Dr. William T. Edwards, Professor of Education and acting Registrar; Rod Shaw, Business Manager; and Murphy Roy Hinson (not shown). Director of the Graduate Division. Dean Olivia N. Dorrman ' Defi mtment r e Beatrice Williams Department of Art Herman Kurz Department of Bacteriology and and Botany Leiand J. Lewis Department of Chemistry The four schools. Arts and Sciences, Education, Home Economics, and Music, are divided into sixteen departments. This provides for greater specialization and integration for each individual in his field. The department heads coordinate the work of the instructors in their field with the work of other departments. This sub-division gives a greater degree of personal relationship between student and faculty. R. L. Goulding Principal of Demonstration School Fannie B. Shaw Department of Health Education Thomas L. Wade Department of Mathematics Dr. D. L. Confield Deportment of Modern Languages Katherine Montgomery Department of Physical Education Harold F. Richards Department of Physics Viola Graham Department of Physiology Paul F. Finner Department of Psychology Raymond Bellamy Department of Sociology and Social Work Ezda Deviney Department of Zoology U ace TiJe See " This looks OS if it would be fun. " Ann M. Kirn, Instructor in Art. Miss Kirn re- ceived her A.B. from Columbia University. After graduation, she worked as a fashion illustrator, book illustrator, and taught the 2nd grade in Missouri. She studied further at the Chicago Academy of Minor Arts, U.C.L.A., and St. Louis School of Fine Arts. Also she went to Mexico on o field trip to study water color and jewelry. She came to F.S.C. in 1944. " Feel free to experiment. " Mary E. Mooty, Associate Professor of Art Education and Constructive Design. Miss Mooty is a 1935 graduate of F.S.C. and received her M.A. from Columbia in 1939. Before coming back to F.S.C. she studied at the Institute of Design in Chicago, the Chicago Art Institute, and taught in Memorial Junior High in Orlando. " Off on a tangent. " Katherine W. Mont- gomery, Director of Physical Education. Miss Montgomery is a F.S.C. graduate. She received her M.A. from Columbia and her Ph.D. from New York University. She taught a year in elementary schools before coming back to F.S.C. as on instructor. " That reminds me of a joke. " Henry Floyd Becker, Professor of Geography. Mr. Becker got his B.S. Degree from the University of Chicago in 1924 and his M.S. in 1925. For two years he was an instructor in the University of Chicago Laboratory. Before coming to F.S.C. in 1928, he taught in high school, in Marshall College, West Vir- ginia, East Illinois State Teachers College, and did administrative work in public schools in Wisconsin. " Now just between us girls. " Earl L. Vance, Associate Professor of English and Journal- ism. Baylor University gave Mr. Vance his A.B. He received his M.A. from the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania. Before coming to F.S.C. to teach, he taught at Georgetown College, Kentucky. " It ' s absolutely irritating. " Claude R. Fiery, Professor of English. Dr. Flory re- ceived his A.B. at Juanita College, Hunt- ington, Pennsylvania, and his M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. He got his Ph.D. also at the University of Pa. in 1935. He attended Oxford University in 1937 and 1938. In 1945 Dr. Flory came to F.S.C. " Shall we have prune whip tonight? " Anna May Tracy, Head Dietitian. Miss Tracy received her degrees from the University of Chicago. She was Phi Beta Kappa. She taught Home Economics, was a Hospital Dietitian, and was with the Government food service before coming to F.S.C. in 1 922. She is now president of the American Dietitians ' Association. " The philoshopy of the human baying. " Anno Forbes Liddell, Professor of Philoso- phy. In 1918 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Liddell re- ceived her A.B. degree. She received her M.A. in 1922 at Cornell ,and her Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina in 1924. She made her appearance on the F.S.C, campus in 1926. " . . . now my wife. Hazel. " Harold Fred- eric Richards, Professor of Physics. Dr. Richards received his A.B., M.A., and Ph.D. at the University of Cincinnati. Be- tween his M.A. and his Ph.D. he served as an army x-ray technician in France. He was a National Research Council fellow at Princeton. Before coming to F.S.C. in 1925, he taught at the University of Cin- cinnati and at Lawrence College, Appleton, Wisconsin, where he met Hazel. " Is that not so? " Sadie Gertrude Young, Associatie Professor of Economics. Miss Young took both her B.S. and her M.A. at the University of Missouri. She also had graduate study at the University of Penn- sylvania. She taught at a Junior College in Iowa, Teachers College in Kirksvilie, Missouri, University of Missouri, and in high schools. In 1928 she came to F.S.C. _. fc l!S- " That ' s the Irish plan. " Marion D. Irish, Professor of Political Science. Dr. Irish received her A.B. from Bounaud in 1 930, and her M.A. from Bryn Mawr in 1932. Her Ph.D. she received from Yale University in 1939. Before her appearance at F.S.C. in 1933, Dr. Irish did work in the Research Library in Gov- ernment and Law at Lafayette College in 1930 and 1931. " Chevrolet coupe on ze highway. " Miss Roberta Ackerman, instructor in Modern Language. Miss Ackerman received her A.B. from Wheaton College, and her M.A, from Columbia University. She has studied at La Sarbonne, the University of Paris, and the University of Siena, Siena, Italy. She came back from Paris at orders of the U. S. Government be- cause of war and caught the last boat back from England before the embargo, in 1944 she came to F.S.C.W. These two, Dr. and Mrs. Doak S. Campbell, are as familiar on our campus as the newspaper they ' re reading. They have been with us since Dr. Camp- bell ' s inauguration in 1942. " It all derives from human nature — any comment ' ' " William Hudson Rogers, Professor of English. Dr. Rogers received his A.B. at Davidson College in 1913, and his M.A. at ' the University of Virginia in 1917. After serving two years in the army in France, he received his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in 1922. The subject for his doctors ' degree was " The History of the Book Review in English Litera- ture. " In 1922 Dr. Rogers came to F.S.C.W. " Have I told you about my bargain hat? " Gertrude Pennington Meek, Assistant Professor of Economics. Miss Meek received her M.A. and came to the F.S.C.W. campus in 1941. " We have a number of fine specimen in the hot house. " Herman Kurz, Professor of Botany. Dr. Kurz received all of his degrees, B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He became a mem- ber of the F.S.C. faculty in 1922. i piritwaf S5CS Front row: Nita Nord, Marjorie Potter, Betty Donnally, Betty Redd, Nancy Wright. Second row; Cora Lee Wells, Mary G. Holland, Helen Stone, Barbara Irving, Jean Cole, Bopeep Shell, Frances Myers. Senior . . . President Jean Cole Vice-President Betsy Wilson Secretary Morjory Potter Treasurer Betty Redd Parlionnentarian Helen Stone Athletic Manager Betty Donnally Representatives to Senate — Frances Myers, Juonita Nord, Bopeep Shell, Cora Lee Wells, Barbara Irving With the aid of their Sophomore sisters the Seniors were invested in the early part of the year. When Dr. Campbell ' s birthday rolled around the seniors were there with a birthday cake to help him celebrate. This year a class marshall was elected, for the first time, to help direct the class in all academic functions. Christmas fes- tivities were enjoyed with a coffee, dinner, and caroling in the community afterwards. Next came the Jr.-Sr. Prom, Kid day, and Senior talent program. Before anyone realized it June was there and the seniors marched down the aisle for the last time to receive those long awaited diplomas. Martha Abbott Tampa B.A. in Education Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta Sophomore Council Panhellenic President Zeta Tau Alpha President Who ' s Who Betty J. Adams Key West B.S. in Arts and Sciences Virginia Ailstock St. Petersburg A.B. in Arts and Sciences Orchestra May Alexander Tallahassee A.B. in Arts and Sciences Sophomore Council Flambeau Staff Editor Distaff Y.W.C.A. Junior Counselor Carolyn Allison DeFuniak Springs B.S. in Arts and Sciences Band, Junior Counselor Social Chairman of Bryan Estar Argintar Miami A.B. in Arts and Sciences Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Phi Epsilon President Hillel Freshman Flunkies Odd Demonstration Emma Sue Arnold Tifton, Ga. B. S . in Arts and Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha Y.W.C.A. Gay Nineties Club Jane Arnold Miami A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Choir, Red Cross Radio Workshop Westminster Fellowship Marjorie Atwater Chattahoochee B.S. in Arts and Sciences Marjorie Austin Apalachicola A.B. in Education Alpha Chi Omega Newman Club Flambeau Staff Fiastacowo Staff Transfer Counselor Rush Chairman of Alpha Chi Omega Eugenia Avant Tallahassee A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Sophomore Council Shirlee Barish West Palm Beach A.B. in Arts and Sciences Delta Phi Epsilon Freshman Flunkies Hillel Junior Minstrels Panhellenic Representative Avonell Barker Cristobal A.B. in Education Lucille Barry Tallahassee B.S. in Arts and Sciences Fiastacowo Staff Junior Minstrels Odd Demonstration Gloria Basila Miami B.S. in Arts and Sciences President Newman Club Junior Counselor Eleanor Bayer Jacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Freshman Flunkies Odd Demonstration Flambeau, Y.W.C.A. Joyce Benton Lake Wales B.S. in Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Sophomore Council Freshman Flunkies Handbook Committee Geneva Bettie Miami B.S. in Arts and Sciences Sophomore Council Y.W.C.A. Junior Counselor Pre-Med Club Pre-Tech Club Odd Demonstration 7 oit947 NOTHING ODD ABOUT US Marie Beverly Tampa B.S. in Arts and Sciences Elaine Bishop Aucilla Lavonne Black West Palm Beach A.B. in Education Kappa Alpha Theta Junior Counselor Odd Cheerleader Flostocowo Staff Odd Demonstration Junior Minstrels Ruth Blair Blountstown A.B. in Arts and Sciences B.S.U. Mary Jane Boone Plant City B.S. in Education Junior Counselor Juonita Bowles Lakeland B.S. in Education President of P.E.A. Life Saving Corps F. Club Flcstacowo Staff Eleanor Bragg Tampa B.M. in Music Alpha Lambda Delta Sophomore Council Spirogira Mortar Board Treasurer of C.G.A. Who ' s Who Helen Broward Jacksonville B.S. in Commerce Phi Mu Freshman Flunkies Y.W.C.A. Mary Elizabeth Brown West Palm Beach A.B. in Arts and Sciences Lucy Brown Rocky Mt., N. C. A.B. in Education Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta President FClub Morjorie Brown Jacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Menton Brown A.B. in Education Classical Club Ann Bruner TItusville B.S. in Home Economics Martha Burke Miami B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Lambda Delta Auditing Committee Budget Committee Senate Dorothy Bush Clearwater A. B. in Arts and Sciences Ouita Campbell Pensocola B.S. in Arts and Sciences Y.W.C.A. Red Cross Pre-Med Club Home Ec. Club Joyce Carlton Plant City A.B. in Arts and Sciences Glee Club Home Ec. Club Y.W.C.A. Junior Counselor Wesley Foundation President Barbara Carter Tampa B.S. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Freshman Flunkies Chi Omega Vice- President Rosetta Carver Gainesville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Sophomore Council Spirogira Mortar Board Chairman of Judiciary Who ' s Who Laura Cason Kissimmee B.S. in Education Zeta Phi Eta P.E.A. Norma Chalker Deerfield Beach A.B. in Education Y.wxr.A. Playnite Committee Rachel Chambers Oca la B.S. in Education F Club Emblem Wearer Chairman of Organ- zotions Committee Playnite Committee Nell Clark Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Sophomore Council Spirogira Mortar Board Flastacowo Staff Who ' s Who Jean Cole Miami A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Sophomore Council Spirogira Second Vice-President of C.G.A. Senior Class President Mortar Board Who ' s Who Irene Coleman Biltmore, N. C. B.S. in Arts and Sciences Choir Odd Demonstration Westminster Fellowship Junior Minstrels Sarah Corry Quincy A.B. in Education Alpha Delta Pi Y.W.C.A. Flastacowo Staff Alpha Delta Pi Vice- President Elizabeth Collins Webster B.S. in Arts and Sciences Burma Cox Tallahassee A.B. in Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Zeta Phi Eta Glee Club Flambeau Staff Phi Mu President Ann Colvin Jacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Lambda Delta Mortar Board President Senate Spirogira Sophomore Council Who ' s Who Olivia Crane Oca la B.S. in Arts end Sciences Y.W.C.A. B.S.U. Sidney Conner Live Oak B.S. in Music Alpha Delta Pi Music Club Orchestra Symphonic Band Glee Club Shirley Cummings Lutz A.B. in Arts and Sciences Mary Cooney Miami B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta Freshman Flunkies Newman Club Home Ec. Club Esther Dale Kissimmee B.S. in Education Omicron Nu Alpha Lambda Delta Home Ec. Club President Omicron Nu President Band Doris Corry Quincy A.B. in Arts ond Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Sophomore Council Handbook Committee Alpha Delta Pi President Ann Daniel Coral Gables B.M. in Music Pi Beta Phi Music Club Glee Club Emily Daniel Rosetta Darling Catherine Ann Davis Ida Lula Davis Marion Davis Sarah Anne Davis Chipley Tallahassee Tampa Starke Wa basso Jacksonville A.B. in Education B.S. in Arts and B.S. in Arts and A.B. in Education A.B. in Education B.S. in Arts end B.S.U. Treasurer Science Sciences Kappa Delta Pi Geography Club Sciences 3upt. of Sunday School Pi Etta Pi Pi Alpha Theto I.R.C, Y.W.C.A. Pi Beta Phi Class Classical Club Y.W.C.A. Freshman Flunkies Wesley Foundation Junior Counselor I.R.C. Freshman Flunkies Village Vamps Josephine Dowkins Evelyn Deas Mary Diamond Sue Diamond Betty Donna My Shirley Dorr Tampa Jasper Jacksonville Titusville High Springs Winter Haven B.S, in Arts and B.S. in Arts and B.S. in Home Economics B.S. in Home Economics B.S. in Education B.S. in Commerce Sciences Sciences Home Ec. Club W.R.A. Episcopal Student Ves Alpha Xi Delta Y.W.C.A. Y.W.C.A. Junior Counselor President Alpha Lambda Delta I.R.C. 4-H Club Athletic Manager Gamma Sigma Epsilon Band Junior Counselor P.E.A., F Club Life Saving Corps Betty Dowd Gueneth Duden Virginia Der Garry Ysobel Dupree Nannie Ruth Durrance Hazel Eddy Arcadia Bronson Lakeland Miami Medart Gainesville B.S. in Arts and A.B. in Education B.S. in Home Economics Pi Beta Phi B.M. in Music A.B. in Education Sciences I.R.C, Y.W.C.A. Alpha Chi Omega Village Vamps Glee Club Glee Club Flambeau Staff Glee Club President Junior Minstrels Music Club Constitution Committee I.R.C. Odd Demonstration Choir, Y.W.C.A. Junior Counselor May Day Committee Junior Minstrels Coileyfc Pioduction Virginia Edwards Orlando A.B. in Education Y.W.C.A., Red Cross Junior Minstrels Odd Demonstration Ruth Erwin Tallahassee A.B. in Arts and Sciences Zeta Tou Alpha Glee Club American Guild of Organists Social Standard Council Mary Evans St. Petersburg A.B. in Arts and Sciences Pi Delta Phi Sigma Delta Pi Los PicGros Lillian Fagen St. Augustine A.B. in Arts end Sciences Classical Club Westminster Fellowship Hope Farmer St. Petersburg A.B. in Education Geography Club Marion Ferraro Tampa B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Med Club Newman Club Artie Flanders Tallahassee B.M. in Music Glee Club Music Club Choir Joy Fleming Miami A.B. in Arts and Sciences Zeta Phi Eta Play Production Eleanor Forman Tallahassee B.S. in Home Economics Jeanette Fountain DeFuniak Springs A.B. in Education Classical Club Junior Counselor Vice-President of Village Mary Fredenburg Orlando B.S. in Arts and Sciences B.S.U. Literary Society Roberta Friedkin Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences Freshman Flunkies Odd Demonstration Geography Club Usher Committee Representative to Judiciary Virginia Gallamore Bartow A.B. in Education Chi Omega Kappa Delta Pi Y.W.C.A., Glee Club Los Picaros Betty Gardiner Gainesville B.S. in Education Sophomore Council P.E.A., F Club Spirogira Senate W.R.A. President Mortified Delores Gardner Boynton A.B. in Arts and Sciences I.R.C. President Freshman Flunkies Flambeau Alice Gehan Tallahassee A.B. in Arts and Sciences Senate Day Student President Lydia George Delray Beach B.S. in Arts and Sciences Freshman Flunkies Y.W.C.A. Canterbury Club Betty Jean Giberson Lake Wales B.S. in Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Alpha Epsilon Delta Canterbury Club Life Saving Corps SOPHISTICATED SENIORS 7 f i 7 4 947 Mrs. Anita Gilbert New Orleans, La. B.S. in Arts and Sciences Margaret Gillis Weirfield B.S. in Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Freshman Flunkies Y.W.C.A. Odd Demonstration Leta Roe Glasscock Auburndale B.S. in Education Junior Counselor Intramurals Mary Glaviano Tampa B.S. in Arts and Sciences Nancy Gleoton Chattahoochee B.S. in Education Cotillion Y.W.C.A., P.E.A. Odd Demonstration Junior Minstrels Mary Nell Goldman Winter Park B.S. in Education P.E.A., FClub, W.R.A. Life Saving Corps President Constitution Committee Betty Ruth Goode Helpaw A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Lambda Delta Band, Y.W.C.A. Wesley Foundation Jean Ann Graham West Palm Beach Alpha Chi Omega Sophomore Council Junior Counselor Representative to Judiciary Flostacowo Staff Virginia Green St. Petersburg A.B. in Arts and Sciences Zeta Phi Eta Speech Workshop Sarah Griffin Plant City A.B. in Arts and Sciences Delta Zeta I.R.C. Off-Campus Representative June Grindstoff St. Petersburg A.B. in Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa Flambeau Staff Irene Gross Tallahassee A.B. in Education Delta Phi Epsilon Hillel President Freshman Flunkies Odd Demonstration Coline Gunn Gainesville B.S. in Home Economics Delta Delta Delta Band Westminster Fellowship Y.W.C.A. Home Ec. Club Odd Demonstration Emma Guthery Reddick B.M. in Music Symphonic Band Band Persis Haas West Palm Beach B.S. in Arts and Sciences Junior Minstrels Ruth Haddox Apopka Dorothy Hahn Miami B.S. in Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa Red Cross Sigma Kappa President Social Standards Committee Frances Hull Inverness B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Freshman Flunkies Y.W.C.A. Elizabeth Hallen Pensocola B.S. in Arts and Sciences Carolyn Henley Tampa A.B. in Education Chi Omega Freshman Flunkies Sophomore Hop Committee Junior-Senior Prom Committee Lena Harding Mt. Dora B.S. in Education Senior Hall Margaret Harley Auburndale A.B. in E.i-jcation Sigma Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi Classical Club FClub Calisto Hatcher Chattahoochee Zeta Tau Aipha Annie Mae Hatchett Lamont Marnita Hatchett Lamont Zilda Hastings Melino B.S. in Arts and Sciences Junior Counselor Senior Hall Edna Haynie Clearwater Frances Hazard Jacksonville B.S. in Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Freshman Flunkies Odd Demonstration Charlotte Heoley Brodenton A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Beverly Heard Miami A.B. in Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Tarpon, I.R.C. Village Vamps Betty Hentz Blountstown A.B. in Education Methodist Student Council Wesley Foundation Emma Herlong Lake City B.S. in Arts and Sciences Geography Club Y.W.C.A. Sonya Heyman Jacksonville A.B. in Education Freshman Flunkies I.R.C. Junior Counselor Hillel President Robin Hill Orlando A.B. in Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Sophomore Council Who ' s Who Spirogira Third Vice-President of C.G.A. Mortar Board Frances P. Hines Tallahassee A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi Shearer Hines Silaria, Ala. B.S. in Arts and Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha Red Cross Y.W.C.A. Mary G. Holland Bartow B.S. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Freshman Flunkies Chairman of May Day Chi Omega President Jean Hunt Jacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Freshman Flunkies Off-Campus Committee Margery Holm Bartow B.S. in Education Tarpon Sophomore Council P.E.A. Life Saving Corps Representative to Judiciary F Club Spirogira Anne Hunter Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Lambda Delta Zeta Phi Eta Mortar Board Spirogira Glee Club Who ' s Who Mary Ann Hopson Pompano B.M. in Music Perilee Hunt Okeechobee A.B. in Education Freshman Flunkies Choir Jean Helms Indian River City B.S. in Arts and Sciences Band Louise lllingsworth Jacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Beta Phi Eta Junior Counselor B.S.U. President Evelyn Howell Bonifay B.S. in Arts and Sciences Cotillion Band Dance Committee Mary Jane Inabnit Prichard, Ala. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Zeta Phi Eta B.S.U. Junior Counselor Budget Committee Wilna Humphrey Forest City A.B. in Arts and Sciences Y.W.C.A. Junior Counselor Wesley Foundation I.R.C. Barbara Irving Miami B.S. in Home Economics Sophomore Council F Club President Tarpon Who ' s Who Spirogira Mortar Board Christine Jacabson Sneads Kathleen Johnson Jacksonville B.S. in Arts and Sciences Delta Zeta Freshman Flunkies I.R.C, Y.W.C.A. Methodist Student Council Delta Zeta President Aileen James Sebastian A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Pi Junior Counselor Loyce Johnston Kissimmee A.B. in Education Betty Lou Jernigan Tallahassee B.S. in Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa Band Orchestra Y.W.C.A. Home Ec. Club Honor Committee Margaret Johnson Greensboro B.S. in Education Alpha Chi Omega Transfer Counselor Business Manager of Flastacowo Alpha Chi Omega Secretary Clarice Journigan Gotha A.B. in Education B.S.U., Y.W.C.A. 4-H Club President Shirley Johnson Tampa B.S. in Arts and Sciences Y.W.C.A. Classical Club Odd Demonstration Iris Johnston St. Cloud B.S. in Arts and Sciences Gamma Sigma Epsilon Pre-Med Club Y.W.C.A. B.S.U. German Club Mary Jo Jones Chipley A.B. in Education Sigma Kappa Y.W.C.A., B.S.U. Katherine Johnson West Palm Beach B.S. in Arts and Sciences Pre-Med Club Junior Counselor Life Saving Corps Archery Leader Marianne Jones Clewiston B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Flambeau Staff Business Manager of Flastacowo Transfer Counselor Alpha Chi Omega Treasurer Ruth Jones Tallahassee A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Pi Nina Kinsey Tallahassee A.B. in Arts and Sciences Red Cross Day Students Organization Elaine Keller Miami Harriett Kirk Pensacola A.B. in Education Alpha Delta Pi Sophomore Council Senate, F Club Chairman Off-Campus Who ' s Who Mortar Board Pat Keller Tallahassee Phi Mu Alpha Lambda Delta Pi Delta Phi President I.R.C. Day Students Organizations Mary Jane Kirst Orlando B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Lambda Delta Gamma Sigma Epsilon Glee Club, Y.W.C.A. Junior Counselor Methodist Student Council Dixie Kennedy Melbourne A.B. in Education Glee Club, Y.W.C.A. I.R.C. Beryl Kitchen Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences Freshman Flunkies Mademoiselle College Board Flambeau Staff Celia King St. Petersburg B.S. in Education Glee Club Joy Knipe St. Petersburg B.S. in Education Alpha Gamma Delta Joan Kingsbury Lake Wales B.S. in Arts ond Sciences Phi Mu Canteroury Club Life Saving Corps Nanayanna Koelliker Tallahassee B.S. in Arts and Sciences Day Students Organization WHAT ' S THE JOKE? 7 7 WHAT ' S COOKING? Doris Lamb Leesburg B. M. in Music Glee Club, Choir Music Club Odd Demonstration Junior Minstrels Anne Lewis St. Petersburg A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Pi Transfer Counselor B.S.U. Flastacowo Staff Estill Molphurs Norfolk, Va. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Flastacowo Staff Ouida Martin Perry A.B. in Arts and Sciences Band Pat Millican Gainesville .S. in Home Economics Tarpon Life Saving Corps B.S.U. , Y.W.C.A. Home Ec. Club Chris Morrison DeFuniak Springs A.B. in Education Delta Delta Delta Band Cotillion President Orchestra Spirogira Odd Demonstration Margaret Lassiter Lake Wales Phi Mu Doris Lewis Shady Grove Barbara Mann Tarpon Springs A.B. in Arts end Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Sophomore Council Spirogira Mortar Board Who ' s Who Willie Martin Jacksonville B.S. in Home Economics Delta Delta Delta Home Economics Club Odd Demonstration Jane Mobley Tampa B.S. in Arts and Sciences Odd Demonstration Aero Club Senior Hall Council Helen Mosley Century A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Lambda Delta Y.W.C.A. Frances Ledbetter Graceville B.S. in Education Sarah Lewis Tallahassee A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Zeta Phi Eta Alpha Lambda Delta F Club Sophomore Council Spirogira, Mortar Board First Vice-President of C.G.A. President of C.G.A. Who ' s Who Mae Manning Florala, Ala. B.S. in Education Y.W.C.A., P.E.A. F Club Tarpon Life Saving Corps Vivian Mercer Bartow A.B. in Arts and Sciences Sigma Delta Pi B.S.U., Y.W.C.A. Mary Monaco Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences Westminster Fellowship Y.W.C.A. Los Picaros Junior Counselor Eileen Murinson Sarasota A.B. in Education Betty Lee Orlando B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Lambda Delta Y.W.C.A., I.R.C. Westminster Fellowship Barbara Jane Lindsey Fort Meade A.B. in Education Kappa Delta F Club Tarpon Usher Committee Junior Counselor Freshman Flunkies Annette Maples Bowling Green B.S. in Education Sigma Delta Pi Los Picaros Lois Meriweather Sanford B.S. in Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Sophomore Council Cotillion F Club Glee Club Golf Leader Junior Minstrels Katherine Moore Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences Zeta Phi Eta Jounior Counselor Classical Club Zeta Phi Eta President Frances Myers Jacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Fhi Mu Alpha Lambda Delta Glee Club Sophomore Council Secretary of C.G.A. Junior Class President Senate Spirogira President Mortar Board Who ' s Who Elizabeth Lee Pensocola A.B. in Arts and Sciences Ondina Lombardero Tampa A.B. in Education Sigma Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi Junior Minstrels Los Picaros Sigma Delta Pi President Mrs. J. J. Mark Alachua B.S. in Education Kappa Delta Pi Y.W.C.A. Home Economics Club Julia Nesius St. Petersburg Marion Moorhead Ocala A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta Nancy MacEdwords Washington, D. C. B.S. in Education F Club Tarpon Junior Counselor Odd Demonstration Junior Minstrels Constitution Committee Mortified Who ' s Who Marcile Leiter Panama City B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club Y.W.C.A. 4-H Club Dorothy Luke Tampa B.S. in Arts and Sciences Classical Club Senior Hall Council Pauline Marks Albany, Ga. A.B. in Education Delta Phi Epsilon Freshman Flunkies Hiilel Junior Minstrels Odd Demonstration Marjorie Miller Brodenton B.S. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Freshman Flunkies Y.W.C.A. Odd Demonstration Senate Usher Committee Chairman Kappa Delta President Emily Morgan Daytona Beach A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Anne McDonald Jacksonville B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Delta Gamma Sigma Epsilon Sophomore Council Junior Counselor Constitution Committee Band Mary Nell McFadden Dorothy McKir nan Betty J. McLeod Louise McMichael Nell McNiel Betty McRae Groveland Palatka Lakeland Tampa Jacksonville Mcintosh A.B. in Education B.S. in Arts and A.B. in Arts and B.S. in Arts and A.B. in Education A.B. in Education . Sciences Sciences Sciences Chi Omega Westminster Fellowship Junior Counselor Flambeau 1, 2, 3, 4 Kappa Delta Kappa Delta Pi I.R.C. Auditing Committee Cheerleader Village Vamps Junior Counselor House President of Sophomore Council Flambeau Staff Landis Odd Demonstration Usher Committee Spirogira Gloria McVey Ann Nicholson Catherine Nollmon Bettie Lee Norman Mary Lou Norwood Loma D. Oatley Ft. Lauderdale Coral Gabies Starke Auburndale Tallahassee Tampa ' B.S. in Education A.B. in Arts and A.B. in Arts and A.B. in Arts and B.S. in Arts and Kappa Alpha Theta Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences r F Club Odd Demonstration Zeta Tau Alpha Odd Demonstration Freshman Flunkies Choir Alpha Lambda Delta Junior Minstrels Off-Campus Committee i Junior Minstrels Phi Alpha Theta Chairman 1 Flambeau Staff Cotillion President I! Radio Workshop Mortified f Spirogira Constitution Committee 1 • Joycelin Odom Jean Olson Doris O ' Neill Barbara Owen Ethel Pacheco Virginia Palmer Pensacola DeLand Daytona Beach Miami Tampa Tampa A.B. in Education A.B. in Education B.M. in Music Flastacowo Staff B.S. in Arts and B.S. in Education Los Picaros Delta Delta Delta Sciences Sophomore Council , I.R.C. Glee Club Band Music Club Radio Workshop Odd Demonstration Delta Zeta FClub Junior Counselor W.A.A. Life Saving Corps Spirogira Ann Parker Margaret Parker Elaine Parramore Carolina Patterson Louise Patterson Dorothy Peacock Brooksville Stuart Citra Monticello Port Orange Blountstown B.S. in Home Economics B.S. in Arts and A.B. in Arts and B.S. in Arts and A.B. in Arts and B.S. in Home Economics Newman Club Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha Home Ec. Club Band Zeta Phi Eta Pre-Med Club Y.W.C.A. F Club Y.W.C.A., B.S.U. Classical Club 1 Junior Counselor Junior Counselor I.R.C. i Spirogira Pre-Med Club Geography Club ! Mortified Czar Forum Committee Louise Peeples Mary Perfect Carol Perrin Mae Pickins Mary Ora Pitt Betty Poe Conner Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Meade Chattahoochee Savannah, Go. Titusville A.B. in Education B.S. in Education B.S. in Education B.S. in Arts and B.S. in Home Economics B.S. in Education Junior Counselor Kappa Delta Pi Residence Hall Sciences B.S.U. Odd Demonstration ' Wesley Foundation Committee Zeta Tau Alpha Junior Counselor Junior Minstrels Geography Club Freshman Flunkies Home Ec. Club Band Y.W.C.A. Y.W.C.A. Swing Band Mabel Pope Josie Poppell Marjory Potter Gwen Poacher Mary Jane Powell Erin Poythress Homestead Perry Orlando Gainesville Cairo, Go. MacClenny A.B. in Education B.S. in Education A.B. in Arts and A.B. in Arts and B.S. in Education Phi Alpha Theta Outing Club Sciences Sciences Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi Y.W.C.A. Alpha Chi Omega Phi Mu Classical Club Geography Club Geography Club Senior Class Secretary Glee Club I.R.C. 1 B.S.U. Westminster Fellowship President Mortar Board First Vice-President of Alpha Chi Omega I.R.C, Y.W.C.A. French Club Junior Counselor Honor Committee ODD HANK » mm m 1 ■■. . " ' 7 oi f947 7 Senear oi t947 Caroline Pruitt Valpariso B.S. in Arts and Sciences Y.W.C.A. Pre-Med Club Ann Richardson Clarcona B.S. in Arts and Sciences Band Tarpon Myrtle Robinson Live Oak B.S. in Education B.S.U. Daphne Rowe Tallahassee b.M. in Public School Music Glee Club Day Students Organization President Junior Minstrels Odd Demonstration Music Club Martha Jean Satterfield Miami B.S. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Annie Pullara Tampa B.S. in Arts and Sciences Geography Club Marii Richardson Miami Beach B.S. in Arts and Sciences FClub W.R.A., Y.W.C.A. Volleyball Leader Shirley Rodgers Savannah, Go. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta Freshman Flunkies Flambeau Staff Flambeau Editor Spirogiro Mortar Board Who ' s Who Senate Catherine Royoll Jacksonville B.S. in Arts and Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha Catherine Settle St. Augustine Delta Delta Delta Aileen Soyers Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta Newman Club Odd Demonstration Margaret Shackelford Quincy B.S. in Education Life Saving Corps P.E.A. Y.W.C.A., B.S.U. Alva Ray Burbank A.B. in Education Y.W.C.A., B.S.U. 4-H Club FClub Esteren I.R.C. Ruby Richbourg St. Augustine B.S. in Home Economics Home Ec. Club Methodist Student Organization Lola Rose Tallahassee A.B. in Arts and Sciences lambeou Staff Junior Counselor Sophomore Council B.S.U. Y.W.C.A. Betty Redd Jacksonville B.S. in Arts and Sciences Sophomore Council Junior Council B.S.U. Band Senior Class Treasurer Marjorie Scan Ion Miami A.B. in Arts and Sciences B.S.U. Gladys Reams Lomont B.S. in Home Economics Social Standards Council 4-H Club Home Ec. Club B.S.U. Rosaline Riegle Daytona Beach A.B. in Education Orchestra Methodist Student Council Joyce Rosenthal Poughkeepsie, N. Y. B.S. in Arts and Sciences Frances Rutland Homestead A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Pi B.S.U. Emily Sheftal Jacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Social Standards Council Chairman Senate Chi Omega Rush Chairman Norma Schaffner Gainesville B.S. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Cheerleader Tarpon Traditions Committee Village Vamps President Billie Eva Shell B.S. in Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Freshman Flunkies Senate Sophomore Council Spirogiro Delta Delta Delta President Sophomore Class President MIGY AND JOYCE Gloria Reed Kansas City B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Phi Alpha Theta Flambeau Staff Canterbury Club Mary Rivero Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences Newman Club Marguerite Ross Ferncndina B.S. in Arts and Sciences Cotillion Virginia Sopp St. Petersburg A.B. in Education Sigma Kappa Sigma Delta Pi Cotillion Los Picoros Wesley Foundation Betty Schwartz Miami B.S. in Arts and Sciences Sophomore Council Junior Counselor Representative to Judiciary FClub Spirogiro Mortar Board Who ' s Who Sarah Shriver Jacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Sigma Delta Pi Glee Club Westminster Fellowship Lylione Richards Ft. Pierce B.S. in Arts and Sciences Betti Robinson Hollywood B.S. in Arts and Sciences Rebecca Routon Quincy B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Freshman Flunkies Junior-Senior Prom Committee Nicky Sortoris Canal Point A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Geography Club President I.R.C. Panhellenic Representative Alpha Chi Omega Treasurer Jackie Sells Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences Jean Simon West Palm Beach B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi College Production Transfer Counselor Alpha Delta Pi Treasurer Margaret Simpson Doytona Beach B.S. in Arts and Sciences Freshman Flunkies Y.W.C.A . Classical Club Odd Demonstration Lorraine Smith Ft. Lauderdale A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Sigma Delta Pi I.R.C. College Production Barbara Stephens Alachua A.B. in Education Louise Sims Canal Point A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Sophomore Council Senate Spirogira Transfer Counselor Flastacowo Editor Betty Speer Pahokee B.S. in Arts and Sciences Gamma Sigma Epsilon Classical Club Junior Counselor Budget Committee B.S.U. Shirley Stever Miami A.B. in Education Sigma Kappa Junior Minstrels Red Cross Christian Science Organization Phyllis Singer Cordele, Ga. B.S. in Education Delta Phi Epsilon Hillel Odd Demonstration Junior Minstrels Alice Spiers Tallahassee B.S. in Arts and Sciences Freshman Flunkies Day Students Organization Y.W.C.A. Amelia Stewart Miami Sigma Kappa Betty Jane Singleton Winter Park B.S. in Arts end Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Tarpon Cotillion F Club Pre-Med Club Spirogira Ann Spooner Hernando B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club Methodist Student Organization Alice Stiehl West Palm Beach Elizabeth Smith ( Fay Reeves) A.B. in Education Gloria Smith Haines City B.S. in Arts and Sciences Band Ann Stambaugh Auburndale B.S. in Education P.E.A. Life Saving Corps W.R.A. Senior Intramural Manager Helen Stone St. Petersburg B.S. in Arts and Sciences Honor Committee Freshman Flunkies Senior Class Production Playnight Committee Jean Stosch St. Petersburg B.S. in Arts and Sciences Betty Strickland Tavares B.S. in Arts and Sciences Freshman Flunkies Ju nior Counselor Flambeau Outing Club I I Mrs. Josephine Strong Winter Park B.S. in Home Economics Home Ec. Club Virginia Summer Vero Beach B.S. in Arts and Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha Y.W.C.A. June Sullivan Tallahassee B.S. in Arts and Sciences Day Students Organization Jane Talbot New Port Richey A.B. in Arts and Sciences Freshman Flunkies Outing Club Carolyn Taylor Shiloh Frances Taylor Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Freshman Flunkies Y.W.C.A. Odd Demonstration Marjorie Ferreil Everglade City B.S. in Arts and Sciences Mary Helen Tew Sanford B.S. in Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Pi B.S.U. Geography Club Jane Thomas West Palm Beach B.S. in Arts and Sciences Odd Demonstration Social Committee Landis Charlotte Thorpe Miami B.S. in Home Economics Sigma Kappa Odd Demonstration Home Ec. Club Martha Jane Tison Parrish A.B. in Education B.S.U. Y.W.C.A. Grace D. Trice Crescent City B.S. in Home Economics Delta Zeta Wesley Foundation Home Ec. Club Delta Zeta President 4 Clarice Truebiood Lakeland B.S. in Education Sophomore Council F Club W.R.A. Vice-President P.E.A. Mortified Spirogira Honor Committee Nell Tuten Archer B.S. in Arts and Sciences I.R.C. Geography Club Aero Club Caroline Vorn Ft. Meade Delta Delta Delta Marjorie Wadley Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences Pi Delta Phi Wesley Foundation Y.W.C.A. Evelyn Walker Orlando Nancy Ward Lakeland B.S. in Education F Club P.E.A. W.R.A. Spirogira Life Saving Corps VANCE— DANCE 7 Nancy Ware West Palm Beach B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Flastacowo Staff Off-Campus Committee Morte Waters Jacksonville A.B. in Education Flastacowo Staff Aero Club Mary Weekley Milton B.S. in Arts and Sciences Usher Committee Junior Minstrels Cora Lea Wells St. Augustine A.B. in Arts and Sciences Freshman Flunkies Junior Counselor F Club Spirogira Mortified Senate Who ' s Who Alice Wheeler Tallahassee B.M. in Music Music Club Glee Club Day Students Organization American Guild of Organists Barbara Whidden Mulberry A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Freshman Flunkies Chi Omega Treasurer Off-Campus Committee Mary Louise White Ft. Lauderdale Senate Junior Counselor Freshman Advisor FClub Sophomore Council Who ' s Who Spirogira Mortar Board Roberta Whitfield Raiford B.S. in Education Usher Committee Band Barbara Wickham Jacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Chairman Red Cross Mortar Board Spirogira Who ' s Who Constitution Committee Jean Wigham Sanford B.S. in Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Margaret Williams Ft. Pierce A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Y.W.C.A. Geography Club Y.W.A. Elizabeth Wilson Pensacola A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Freshman Flunkies Junior Counselor Usher Committee Senior Class Vice-President Senate Dona Wilson Greenville Zeta Tau Alpha Mrs. J. M. Windham Coleman B.S. in Education Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Flunkies Y.W.C.A. Home Economics Catherine Winstead Jacksonville A.B. in Education Odd Demonstration Y.W.C.A. Ina Jo Wrench Gainesville A.B. in Education Chi Omega Cotillion May Day Committee Nancy Wright Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Spirogira Odd Demonstration Chairman College Production Junior Minstrels Betsy Zurwelle Miami A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Classical Club I.R.C. Canterbury Club Odd Soccer Team yum(n President Beth Fuhrer Vice-President Peggy Stanaland Secretary Jo Long Treasurer Jeanne Oldfather Parliamentarian Judy Rhodes Athletic Manager Amelia Pavese Representatives to Senate — Carol Clous, Doris DuBois, Connie Savage, Janice Richey, Anne Singleton Chairman of Jr.-Sr. Prom Candy Jones A good many of the juniors found themselves living in the freshmen dorms this year as Junior Counselors and at the first of the year were eagerly awaiting the arrival ot their sister class. In November the juniors enjoyed giving Dr. Campbell a birthday dinner and afterwards presented a gift to him from the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior classes. April brought with it the Jr.-Sr. Prom in Parisian theme. In May the juniors and seniors showed that they still enjoyed the simple things of life by their active participation in the annual Kid Party. Seated left to right: Peggy Stanaland, Jo Long, Connie Savage, Jeanne Oldfather, Amelia Pavese, Jean Shearer, Doris DuBois; standing: Candy Jones, Carol Clous, Beth Fuhrer, Judy Rhodes, Janice Richey. i i yu U(n FIRST ROW: Felicia Alessi, Tampa; Anne Allen, Orlando; Rosalind Almony, Tallahassee; Thelma Aly, Moore Haven; Yolanda Arias, Tampa; Neal Ayala, Key West; Rose Boisden, Jacksonville; Edna Baker, Jacksonville; Lillian Baker, Miami. SECOND ROW: Betty Jean Barber, Mount Berry; Nancy Barber, Orlando; Laura Barfield, Greenville; Theresa Barfield, Pensacola; Norma Barmore, Bradenton Margaret Barnett, Marianna; Lila Barrington, Ft. Meade; Martha Jean Bash, St. Petersburg; Myra Jean Bates, Tampa. THIRD ROW: Barbara Baxter, Coral Gables; Bettie Bazemore, Miami; Barbara Beckman, Jacksonville; Dorothy Bennett, Perry; Carolyn Berry, Pensacola; Jean Bess, Miami; Betsy Bird, Drifton Norma Blackburn, Bowling Green; Margaret Blackwelder, Dania. FOURTH ROW: Lillian Blackwelder, Miami; Paulette Blank, West Palm Beach; Margaret . Blanton, Salerno Ruth Mary Bliss, Orlando; Yvonne Boatright, Jacksonville Harriette Boltin, Gainesville; Eugenia Booth, Plant City; Eleanor Boothby, Cedar Keys; Blance Bosanquet, Fruitland Park. FIFTH ROW: Mary Evelyn Bosweil, Jacksonville; Jane Boucher, Miami; Charlotte Bouland, Zephyrhills; Aileen Boyett, Terre Ceia; Mami Ruth Bradley, Niccoonkee; Evelyn Breedlove, Tavares; Katherine Browning, Orlando; Lillian Brown, Miami; Sarah Brown, Gainesville. FIRST ROW: Geraldine Brumby, Tallahassee; Sarah Bryan, Grace Bryan, Palatka; Jane Bryson, Jacksonville; Virginia Budd, Quincy; Betty Burch, Ft. Lauderdale; Laura Butler, Kissimmee; Dorothy Butts, Bartow; Gloria Caiola, Miami. SECOND ROW: Ann Campbell, Tampa; Helen Campbell, DeFuniak Springs; Frances Cannon, Ft. Lauderdale; Helen Cappleman, Miami; Texanna Carey, Miami Beach; Nell Caro, Pen- sacola; Patricia Carr, St. Petersburg; Shirley Carr, Crestview; Martha Carter, Jacksonville. THIRD ROW: Stella Ruth Carter, St. Petersburg; Joyce Cayce, Deerfield Beach; Emily Chancey, Lloyd; Jeanette Chapman, Tallahassee; Marjorie Christian, Pensacola; June Chyna, Miami; Mary Jane Ciccorello, Tampa; Katheryn Lee Clark, Titusville; Carol Claus, Hollywood. FOURTH ROW: Jane Close, Eustis; Sibyl Coiegrove, DeLand; Kitty Condurelis, Ft. Myers; Vera Cone, Winter Pork; Mary Conn, St. Cloud; Margaret Cook, LaBelle; Mavis Core, Tallahassee; Gertrude Corry, Quincy; Dorothy Cox, Bowling Green. FIFTH ROW: Marie Cox, Perry; Betty Jo Craig, Clearwater; Dorothy Crawson, Clearwater; Alice Cromartie, Chosen; Dottie Crotts, Apaiachicola; Marian Curry, Pine Castle; Virginia Curtis, Tampa; Joan Dance, Tallahassee; Ruby Grace Daniel, Chipley. ?, caUon ?, CUU0%4. 1 FIRST ROW: Tess Daniels, Winter Haven; Dorothy Davis, Jacksonville; Margie Davis, Starke; Marie Davis, St. Petersburg; Rosa Lee Davis, Tampa; Violet Davis, Holopcw; Nancy Day, Birmingham, Ala.; Marian Deiders, Tampa; Neva Deigado, Tampa. SECOND ROW: Rosalie Dell, St. Petersburg; Carol Deters, Jacksonville; Marilyn Dewey, Miami; Harriet Ruth Dews, Clearwater; Anna Bella Dias, Orlando; Ruth Dix, Orlando; Jean DeBevoise, Jacksonville; Linda DeVane, Plant City; Juanita DeVette, Fernandina. THIRD ROW: Gloria Douglas, Jacksonville; Jean Douglas, Lakeland; Doris DuBoise, Jupiter; Loisell Edwards, Perry; Jeanne Edier, Jacksonville Beach; Lila Eubanks, Tallahassee; Audrey Evans, Jacksonville; Marie Everett, Panama City; Donna Jane Farmer, St. Petersburg. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Farrar, Tampa; Barbara Fennell, Tampa; Martha Ferguson, Lake- land; Lilo Fernandez, Tampa; Rose Marie Ferro, Miami; Ann Fielding, St. Petersburg; Bruce Flanders, Lake Placid; Jean Fleis, Jacksonville; Olive Fleming, Jacksonville. FIFTH ROW: Marion Floyd, Winter Park; Jacquelin Fosdick, Ft. Pierce; Mary Fowler, Lake- land; Jean Fowls, St. Petersburg; Beverly Frank, Vero Beach; Peggy Futch, Lake City; Ruth Futch, Dade City; Polly Gage, Jacksonville; Marian Game, Tallahassee. FIRST ROW: Violet Gaskin, Wewahitchka; Elaine Gavigan, Miami; Rita Gendzier, Jackson- ville; Gloria Gilmore, Perry; Florence Given, Gainesville; Isabel Glass, Tallahassee; Drucilla Gnann, West Palm Beach; Lea Goodman, DeLand; Edith Goodwin, Ft. Pierce. SECOND ROW; Margie Grace, Graceville; Hilda Grant, Tallahassee; Betty Sue Gray, Lake Wales; Annie Lou Gues, Foley; Mary Guest, New Smyrna Beach; Jane Gunn, Jacksonville; Annette Haire, Gretna; Sarah Hale, Tampa; Kathleen Hamilton, Conway, S. C. THIRD ROW: Irma Hammond, Lady Lake; Betty Hancock, Palatka; Elizabeth Harper, St. Petersburg; Emilia Harper, St. Petersburg; Jeani Harris, Coral Gables; Patricia Harrison, Miami; Martha Hart, Ft. Pierce; Mary Hart, Zephyrhills; Helen Hasley, Ft. Myers. FOURTH ROW: Lois Watkins, Gainesville; Virginia Hatton, Orlando; Grace Hays, DeLand; Marion Hays, Lakeland; Nancy Hazard, Jacksonville; Phillis Hazon, Brooker; Beverly Hendon, Clearwater; Emily Herold, Tallahassee; Mary Ann Herring, Sarasota. FIFTH ROW: Betty Hill, Belle Glade; Ester Hill, La Belle; Marion Hill, Orlando; Mary Hill, Gainesville; Ann Holloway, Jacksonville; Ann Holton, Jacksonville; Dorothy Hasbrouch, Tallahassee; Nell Howes, Pahokee; Geraldine Hubert, Kissimmee. 9 CMCOn 7, u iccn FIRST VSy : Vera Hudson, Panama City; Gloria Hughes, Lake Worth; Margaret Hunter, Melbourne; Laura Huttson, St. Petersburg; Georgia Jaeckel, St. Augustine; Betty Johnson, Quincy; Carol Johnson, Cocoa; Evelyn Johnson, Quincy; Marian Johnson. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Johnson, Orlando; Carolyn Jones, Miami; Biliie Kacinski, Corpus Christi; Carolyn Kelley, Tallahassee; Betty Kennedy, Orlando; Rebecca Kennedy, Winter Gar- den; Bettye Kent, Pensacola; Jackie Key, Quincy; Gloria King, Jacksonville. THIRD ROW: Ruth King, St. Petersburg; Mary Ruth Kinsler, Round Lake; Doris Knight, Lake Butler; Lessie Knight, Vernon; Enid Krause, Winter Park; Juonita Krentzman, Milton; Betty LoBree, Dania; Nancy LaGrange, Miami; Louise Lake, Tampa. FOURTH ROW: Marquita Lance, Tallahassee; Barbara Lanford, Jacksonville; Zeane Lanier, Jacksonville; Marjorie Lant, Ft. Myers; Ruth Largent, Longwood; Betty Lashley, Zephyrhills; Mary Jane Lassiter, Lake Wales; Aldine Law, Pinetta; Sylvia Leibovitz, Jacksonville. FIFTH ROW: Ruth Leonard, Jacksonville; Margaret Leslie, Tampa; Hascia Levine, Orlando; Norma Lewis, Tallahassee; Jean Lieberman, Jacksonville; Polly Lockhart, Coral Gables; Betty Long, Winter Haven; Jo Long, Clewiston; Moria Long, Crestview. FIRST ROW: Myra Long, Crestview; Martha Ann Maguire, Orlando; Mildred Mann, Coral Gables; Rosemary Marcoux, Miami; Polly Marks, Apalachicola; Nona Marshall, College Hill; Ann Martin, Orlando; Joan Mossie, Tallahassee; Rose Mayhew, Tallahassee. SECOND ROW: Jo Meldrine, Eilston; Thelma Merrell, Taft; Ann Mikell, West Palm Beach; Mary Ruth Miller, Plant City; Lucille Millinor, Perry; Jo Mingoia, Tampa; Bettie Moody, Crystal Beach; Ann Moore, Tampa; Lydia Moore, Miami. THIRD ROW: Marianne Morris, Monticello; Mary Morris, Tampa; Mabel Jean Morrison, Laurel Hill; Betty Mowat, Lynn Haven; Betty Ann Mundee, Jacksonville; Betty Murphy, Tallahassee; Doris Mussleman, Tampa; Ann Maclnnis, Jacksonville; Mary Elizabeth McAlpin, White Springs. FOURTH ROW: Connie McCall, Sanford; Farrior McCondichie, Jacksonville Beach; Betty Mcintosh, Tallahassee; Carolyn McKeethan, Tampa; Elizabeth McLean, Tallahassee; Dorothy McRee, Palmetto; Lois Narovec, Miami; Miriam Neidlinger, Jacksonville; Lois Neward, Winter Park. FIFTH ROW: Ethel Newbern, Auburndale; Jo Anne Newman, Tallahassee; Gladys Nichols, Graceville; Mary Nichols, Mt. Dora; Catherine Nolan, Lakeland; Kathryn Oberholtzer, Yalaha; Jeanne Oldfather, Miami; Margaret Olsen, Pensacola; Iris Parson, Orlando. P ' (UiCO G. (mcan4 FIRST ROW: Amelia Pevese, Ft. Myers; Martha Peacock, DeLand; Shirley Pelaez, Tampa; Marty Perkins, Sanford; Roberta Perkins, Lake City; Joyce Petty, Pulaski, Tenn.; Emily Phillips, Gainesville; Loretta Phoenix, St. Petersburg; Lucille Pittman, Tampa. SECOND ROW: Ester Porter, Marianna; Josephine Puglisi, Tampa; Barbara Randolph, Jack- sonville; Frances Ranney, Silver Springs; Marie Ratliff, Jasper; Mary Alice Ray, West Palm Beach; Ellen Reddick, Cairo, Go.; Phyllis Reindell, Lake Worth; Ida Lee Rentz, Miami. THIRD ROW: Frances Rhodes, Woodville; Judy Rhodes, DeLand; Anne Rice, Ft. Lauderdale; Fannie Mae Richard, Palmetto; Janice Richey, Coral Gables; Dorothy Ring, Jacksonville; Anna Lou Rivero, Enterprise; Janet Robertson, Jacksonville; Anne Elise Rogers, Chiefland. FOURTH ROW: Jimmie Rodgers, Dania; Luella Rouse, Jacksonville; Sarah Sanders, Fernan- dina; Daiia San tos, Tampo; Connie Savage, West Palm Beach; Jo Anne Savory, Inverness; Mary Ellen Scarborough, Brooksville; Marguerite Scull, Jacksonville; Virginia Sewell, Starke. FIFTH ROW: Evelyn Shea, Miami; Jean Shearer, Pensacola; Irma Lee Shepherd, Cocoa; Betty Shirley, Orlando; Mary Jane Sherman, Coral Gables; Anne Shull, Melbourne; Arlyne Siegel, Miami Beach; Mary Siers, Largo; Lucille Simmons, Monticello. FIRST ROW: Ester Lee Sivermar, Ft. Lauderdale; Annette Simpson, Ft. Myers; Betty Ann Sinclair, Winter Haven; Anne Singleton, Miami; Carolyn Smith, Jacksonville; Dorothy T. Smith, Coral Gables; Edith Smith, Orlando; Franklin Smith, Coconut Grove; Jockquelin Smith, Palatka. SECOND ROW: Morno Smith, Bradenton; Marydel Smith; St. Augustine; Nancy Jane Smith, Haines City; Nancy Petti Smith, Haines City; Peggy Jo Smith, Avon Park; Kathleen Snider, Coral Gables; Lois Snyder, Wocisso; Joan Sparkmon, Tampa; Dorothy Sperry, Tampa. THIRD ROW: Peggy Stanaland, Quincy; Ann Stasch, St. Petersburg; Eleanor Steele, Crestview; Dorothy Stokes, Baker; Eddie Fay Stokes, Neptune Beach; Josephine Storey, Eau Gallic; Lois Stults, St. Augustine; Catherine Sullivan, Miami; Betty Sue Taylor, Live Oak. FOURTH ROW: Paula Teagarden, Tallahassee; Audrey Thomas, Tallahassee; Laura Thornton, West Palm Beach; Helen Tobias, Chipley; Mervin Thomas, Gainesville; Mary Maud Trow- bridge, Largo; Ann Tucker, Ft. Pierce; Margaret Turnage, Chattahoochee; Marian Turrentine, Wauchula. FIFTH ROW: Lillian Ussery, Winter Garden; Marilyn Van Netta, Ft. Lauderdale; Dot Vincent, New Rochelle, N. Y.; Kathleen Wagner, Miami Beach; Johanne Walker, Donalsonville, Go.; Mary Louise Walker, Miami; Betty Walsh, Tampa; Virginia Watford, Marianne; Marilyn Waston, Key West. P ' U«UO FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Ann Ward, Winter Park; Jackie Waybright, Jacksonville; Peggy Welch, Cottondale; Gloria Wells, West Palm Beach; Martha West, Jacksonville; Lois What- ford, Largo; Grade Whidden, Bartow; Mary Jo Whidden, Frostproof; Jo Ann Whitaker, Bartow. SECOND ROW: Frances Whitley, Lee; Sarah Lee Williams, Tampa; Isabel Wilson, Bartow; Kathryn Witherspoon; Carabeile; Anita Wilkinson, Pensacola; Joyce Williams, Jacksonville; Jane Wooten, Bradenton; Emma Lee Worn, Bradenton; Florence Young, Jacksonville. THIRD ROW: Adeline Yen, Tampa. yUHl(n . . . So liAomonc President Pauline Tuttle Vice-President Jane Nightingale Secretary Mary Ann Berry Treasurer Mary Catherine Moody Representatives to Senate — Esther Rasmussen, Pat Dil- lard, Ann Seaward, Jean Furman, Shirley Margraves Parliamentarian Pat Yates Athletic Manager Sis Miller Sophomore-Senior Breakfast Chairman .... Betty Dixon Sophomore Hop Chairman Patsy Crosby The Sophomores started off their second year of college by marching down the aisle of Wescott with their senior sisters, thus impressing at least themselves with their newly acquired upperclassmen importance. It didn ' t seem long after this but plans were being made for Sophomore Hop. This event was held at the Dole Mabry Student Union Building and turned out to be a super, huge success with lots of men from everywhere. Then before third quarter had hardly begun plans were afoot for the annual Sophomore-Senior breakfast which of course turned out to be a most spectacular occasion with everyone enjoying the food and company. Thus another wonderful year ended. Left to right; Jean Furman, Pat Dillard, Pauline Tuttle, Jane Nightingale, Shirley Margraves, Mary Ann Berry, Pat Yates, Mary Cath- erine Moody, Patsy Crosby, Sis Miller, Betty Dixon. 2o iHomo ie . . Archilon Adams Homestead Faith Adams Coral Gables Mabel Adams Cortez Ruth Adams Lake Worth Shirley Agress Daytona Beach Marie Aiken Miami Elizabeth Alexander Bartow Dixie Jean Allen Leesburg Virginia Allen Orlando Phyllis Allsopp Weirsdale Martha Ambrose Callahan Ann Anderson " ' Rosaria Arias Tampa Betty Arnold Holly Hill Gladys Atlas Jacksonville Johnnie Augustine Jacksonville Audrey Bach anford Jean Bagley South Miami Juanelle Bailey West Palm Beach Nancy Baker eLand Peggy Baker Jacksonville Sarah Banks High Springs Dorothy Barbridge Tampa Kathleen Barker Pensacola Pauline Barker O ' - ' e " Marilyn Bassett • " ' Lou Anne Batman Tampa Camille Batten Sanford Carolyn Baxter Ponce de Leon Julia Beckman Merritt Island Peggy Becknell Tampa Leola Beland • • Pensacola Wylene Bender Plant City Ann Benedict Tallahassee Lula Bennett Tampa Virginia Bennett Orlando Margie Bernes Jacksonville Mary Ann Berry Jacksonville Bertha Bewley Ft. McCoy Martha Jane Bird Jacksonville Juanita Birdwell Aucilla Carolyn Blackburn Ft. McCoy Evelyn Blair Monticello Virginia Blanton Orlando Margaret Blocker St. Petersburg Nancy Boggs Hollywood Margie Booth Plant City Frances Bosanquet Fruitland Park Mary Ann Bossidy Cocoa Lilly Pearl Boston Gotha Doris Bourquardez Tampa Carrie Kate Boynton Tallahassee Grace Bradley Jacksonville Marjorie Bradshaw Miami Carolyn Bragg Tampa Margaret Braun Tallahassee S fiAamonc . . . SafiA Mtone . . . Earline Bright Inverness Sara Briles Gainesville Esther Brinkman Miami Lois Brinkman Miami Martha Brokow Orlando Betty Brobston Tallahassee Barbara Brown Lake Park Betty Ann Brown West Palm Beach Elaine Brown Monticello Jeonnelle Brown Jacksonville Margaret Burch ■ Jasper Helen Burnett Tampa Eugenia Butler Panama City Margaret Butler Havana Lavina Cahill Ft. Lauderdale Betty Calhoun Jacksonville Mary Calley Miami Celia Camp Lake Alford Bet Cargill Orlando Potty Carlson Tallahassee Violet Carlton Zolfo Springs Elease Carr Citra Clara Jane Carroll Tallahassee Anne Carter Orlando Priscillo Carter Jacksonville Nell Carrier Tallahassee Angie Castelano Tampa Kitty Chaires Chaires Polly Chazel Ocala Ada Lou Cherry Pensacola Edith Chestnut Sonford Betty Jane Clark Greensboro Gladys Clark Jacksonville Ethel Clann Tampa Hazel Clarkson Ft. Myers Gwen Clements Lakeland Donnis Clifton Ocala Marie Clifton DeLand Pearl Cline Boynton Beach Carol Coghlan Ft. Lauderdale Jewell Ann Coleman Lake Butler Helen Colgan New Port Richey Helen Commander Westville Elizabeth Conant Lakeland Katherine Cooper St. Petersburg Judy Courtney Miami Barbara Ann Covington Plant City Lola Covington Warrington Jeanne Crammond Miami Virginia Lee Crews Lake Placid Priscilla Crosby Coral Gables June Crumbley Tampa Bayne Culbreth Panama City Gloria Cummings Coral Gables Doris Cunningham Holly Hill Jean Cushman Titusville S frAo Pvonc , . . SofiAomofte . . . Jean Ann Daly Palm Beach Jean Dance Tallahassee Oris Darling Tallahassee Doris Love Darsey Quincy Isabel Davis Tampa Marjorie Davis Parker Mary Margaret Davis Tallahassee Terese Anne Davis Albany, Ga. Emily Dawkins Tampa Jewell Dees Havana Anna Deese Wellborn Caria Deitz Miami Phyllis DeKalb Jacksonville Betty DeVersey Clearwater Eleanor Dickerson Toft Elizabeth Ann Dickson Chipley Patricia Dillard Miami Betty Dixon Tampa Vera Dixon Lee EInora Dohlin Miami Jeanne Dupree Miami Nell Duncan Jacksonville Joyce Durrance Fort Mead Juanita Dyal Live Oak Dorothy DeLotte Cross City Frances Eaddy Bushnell Ruby Eaddy Bushnell Helen Edminston St. Augustine i Jonnie Edwards Quincy Grace Elder Jacksonville Beach Mary Ewart Jacksonville Judy Feinburg Miami Mabel Ferguson New Smyrna Geraidine Fernandez Tampa Carolyn Flint St. Petersburg Margaret Flynn Tallahassee Jacquelin Freeman Miami Beach Anita Freidmon Jacksonville Jean Furman Jacksonville Suzanne Fuss Jacksonville Nita Fussell Tampa Jean Gainey Fort Myers Betty Galbreath Orlando Catherine Gallagher Zephyrhills Jean Ganey Fort Myers Kathryn Gord Tallahassee Edna Gardner Jacksonville La Verne Garner Arcadia Leona Gavigan Miami Norma Gavilon Tampa Emily Geeting Dade City Ruth Geiger Lake Butler Roselyn Geiserman Miami Joan Giverson Lake Wales Jean Giedd St. Petersburg Dorothy Gill Chattahoochee So A oatone , , , Safi iiiane . Virginia Ginn Miami Elizabeth Golden St. Petersburg Virginia Goodell Jacksonville Yolanda Gonzalez Tampa Marylaide Granaghan Jacksonville Anne Grant Miami Pat Grant St. Petersburg Catherine Gray Longwood Nell Gray Havana Elizabeth Green Tallahassee Frances Green Miami Minnie Louise Greene Stuart Rocheal Greene Greensboro Betty Grimes Sumterville Joan Grimsley Tampa Mae Gwynn Tallahassee Betty Hall Arcadia Ruth Holladay Ft. Lauderdale Mary Alice Hancock Ft. Meade Betty Hansen Tallahassee Joyce Hansen Dania Nedra Hansen Arcadia Lucille Harding Mt. Dora Evelyn Hare Quincy Louise Hargis Leesburg Shirley Hargraves Bushnell Joy Harper West Palm Beach Joyce Harris Bowling Green Lois Harris Bartow Eloise Harrison Tallahassee Kay Harrison Tallahassee Sybil Harrison Miami Rosanne Hartwell Ft. Lauderdale Nancy Harvey Tampa Dorothy Hay White Springs Alice Haywood Tallahassee Thelma Haymond Bartow Marjorie Headley Punta Gordo Elynor Heath Bristol Lucy Hedburg Jacksonville June Hedick Brooksville Barbara Henderson Winter Haven Jeannette Herndon Bristol Linda Herold Miccosukee Catherine Hertzman Gainesville Mary Lou Hofma Tallahassee Dorothy Ann Holland Winter Haven Mary Lou Holland DeFuniak Springs Irma Holt Miami Phyllis Hooker Fort Lauderdale Lorene Horner Waukennah Mildred Horrox Lake Wales Betty Houlihan Lake Alford Helen Mae Howell Branford Gladys Hughs Lake Worth Audrey Hunt Minneola SapAamone . . . " " So Si4amo ied . . . Rovena Hutchins Tampa Louise Hutchinson Jacksonville Mary Jackson Daytona Beach Violet James Fort Myers Evelyn Johnson Quincy Mildred Johnson Fort Pierce Myra Jean Johnson Bascom Terry Johnson Jacksonville Estelle Jones Jacksonville Helen Jones Windemere Jackie Jones Coral Gables Mary Jones Punta Gordo Marcille Kaufman Miami Beach Catherine Kautz Jacksonville Ann Keller Foley Geraldene Kendrix Tallahassee Juanita Kendrix Tallahassee Marijo Kennedy Punta Gorda Colleen Kenney Orlando Marjorie King Dunnellon Marjorie Kinzer Archer Irene Kirby Plant City Bernice Kirkland Bonifay Kathryne Klein Glen Saint Mary Mary Kathryn Klutz Jacksonville Beach Ann Cooper Knight Tampa Ellen Koenitzer Miami Joan Langdon Daytona Beach Joan Longer Miomi Beach Constonce Loube Orlondo Anne Leach West Palm Beach Nancy Lefholz Coral Gables Angie Lerios Tarpon Springs Ollivio Letton Tampa Bertie Loftus Tampa Shirley Longino Bradenton Helen Looby Miami Jean Lord Jacksonville Frances Love Cocoa Betty Loy West Palm Beach Flo Lyies Tampa Imogene Lyons Jacksonville Sarah Macready West Palm Beach Marilyn Maddox Wewahitchka Martha Magruder Coconut Grove Margery Mallard Tampa Margaret Marshall Orlando Adele Morsicano Tampa Barbara Martin Dorothy Martin Jacksonville Jane Martin Tampa Polly Mortorell Tampa Retho Mae Mauldin Williston Mary Mayhuse Bartow Carolyn Mease Dunedin Bobbie Meffert Ocala S foAom n€ , . . Sa iA ' tHon . . , Cynthia Merrin Gainesville Sylvia Meisch Sanford Hilda Messer Greenwood Alice Miller Jacksonville Ccnnia Miller Miami Mary Miller Panama City Wanda Miller Dcytona Beach Elizabeth Milton Marianna Maude Mims Miami Antoinstte Minardi Tampa Valda Mock Fort Meade Marie Moe Jacksonville Mary C. Moody Panama City Betty Moore Sanford Marilyn Morgan Havana Panky Morgan Plant City Courtland Morpher Archer Meda Morris Miami Frances Moseley Panama City Peggy Moss Jacksonville Carol Murrell Cocoa Cheryl Muster Boynton Beach Bessie Lou Myer Punta Gorda Flora Mae McBride Lake City Patty McColpin Plant City Frances McCall Orlando Helen McCann Tallahassee Rosemary McCoy Miami Beverly McCollum Miami Martha McCormack Jacksonville Eleanor McCullough Miami Martha McDonald Sebring Melba McElwain Tallahassee Margaret McGoggan Jacksonville Mary Ann Mclrvin Leesburg Sara Frances McLarmore Warrington Mavis McMillin Lake Aiford Evelyn McRoyan Sarasota Betty Jean Nanney Fort Pierce Betty W. Nelson DeFuniak Springs Beverly Nelson Sarasota Margaret Newman Jacksonville Mildred Nichols Jacksonville Em Turner Nickinson Pensocola Jane Nightingale Neptune Beach Barbara Ann Nolen St. Petersburg Annette Nordan St. Augustine Velma Norman Starke Margie Norris Jacksonville Doris Novak Pensocola Frances Oberholtzer Yolaha Pattie Odom Perry Ann Marie Oetjen Jacksonville Carolyn Cofer Jacksonville Ruth Ellen Olsen Pensocola Dorothy Osborn Miami Sofaj o n ne , , , S foAamone , , , Helen Osborn Miami Lucille Ossenkop Miami Betty Owen Tampa Martha O ' Bannon Miami Alice O ' Brien _ Sebring Bernice O ' Bryan Altho Margaret Page Dade City Martha Page Sanford Shirley Palmer Tampa Alice Parker Naples Norma Parramore Citra Emmala Pate Monticeilo Dottie Patrick Hollyhill Barbara Jean Patton Crawfordville Betty Patterson Tallahassee Jean Paul West Palm Beach Carmen Peeples Punta Gorda Floy Jean Pflough DeLand Auralie Phillips Chipley Bettye Jean Phillips Jacksonville Betty Pierce St. Petersburg Madge Pilcher Sarasota Mary Alice Pitts Tampa Miriam Portnoy Jacksonville Creola Priest Crystal River Margaret Pruitt Miami Cristine Puckett Tallahassee Agnes Pumphrey Marianna Jane Anne Ranson Delray Beach Esther Rasmussen DeLand Zula Ratcliff Arlington, Ga. Mildred Ray Burbank Elizabeth Ann Reed Tampa Elise Reese Miami Guinevere Register Graceville Agnes Renfroe Lake Placid Tobe Ritwe Miami Fern Roberts Tampa Rose Anne Roberts Alachua Arsenia Rodriguez Tampa Abbye Jean Rogers Chieflond Verna Rogers Miami Natalino Rogolino St. Augustine Eloise Rollins Clearwater Sarah Routon Quincy Emma Rumbley Sonford Jerry Sockhoff Narcoossee Betty Soger Jacksonville Annie Sanchez Pensocola Hilda Sanchez Tampa Mary Jean Saunders Orlando Vivian Scheaffer Miami Beach Avo Ruth Sawyer Monticello Joy Schoedler Tampa Ida Schmid Sarasota Charlotte Scott Oklawaha Muriel Scott Ft. Myers So iHomone , . . Ann Seward Jacksonville Ann Segrest Sneads ThresG Sellers Fort Meade Amante Semmes Pensacola Renee Settle New Smyrna Beach Bobbie Setliff Ft. Lauderdale Alice Sharp Jacksonville Helen Sheoly Citra Jane Shirley Fort Meade Louise Shonter Miami Bernice Shuler Blountstown Frimit Silberstein Jacksonville Margaret Simkins Jacksonville Marie Simmons Oak Hill Marion Simmons Tampa Mary Frances Simmons Pensacola Laura Simpson Fort Myers Dale Simon West Palm Beach Artemis Skevakis St. Petersburg Solly Ann Slater Hollywood Aurelia Smith Chattahoochee Elizabeth Smith Pensacola Eloise Smith Mayo Emma Jeannette Smith Ocola Gladys Smith Tampa Jeanne Smith Gulfport Mary Louise Smith Gainesville Frances Smithers Jacksonville Dorothy Sniverly Winter Haven Charlotte Snyder Tampa Delores Spitzer Jacksonville Jessie Spratt Lake Wales Katherine Spurgeon Melbourne Doris Stallwood Plant City Sue May Stanfill Graceville Catherine Stanford Oakland Dorothy Stanton Tampa Lucy Stapleton Jacksonville Eugenia Stathis Jacksonville Jeanne Stephens Jacksonville Nancy Ann Stevens Pahokee Violet Stephens Ponce de Leon Dallas Stever Miami Doris Stewart Tallahassee Ann Stinson DeFuniak Springs Bette Stokes Graceville Mary J. Story Lakeland Sara Ruth Straker Umatilla Joyce Stroberg Miami Frances Jane Stuick Winter Garden Harriet Sturgis Sarasota hAargaret Swanson Palm Beach Shirley Swearinger Gainesville Alvyna Sweatt Okeechobee Betty Sweet Miami Mary Swicord Panama City So iHO Hanc4 , . . S i wone . Frances Swingley Seffner Betty Tarratus Jacksonville Dottie Jane Taylor Cortez Ann Teague Jacksonville Jean Thomas Tallahassee Jean Thompson Tallahassee Betty Thrower Jacksonville Mary Neil Thrower Tampa Marilyn Till Bartow Joyce Todd Tallahassee Betty Trevorthen Orlando Betty Jean Tucker Sebastian Sylvia Turner Jacksonville Beach Betty Tuten New Smyrna Beach Pauline Tuttle West Palm Beach Ella Jean Turvaviile Tampa Miriam Vaughn Atmore, Ala. Morjorie Vickery Jasper Annette Vitsky • Miami Virginia Vogt Lake Wales Elizabeth Van Dohlen Jacksonville Edna Marie Voyles Lakeland Martha Waits Miami Lillian Walker Okeechobee Mary Ann Walker Miami Violet Walters Jacksonville Aileen Ward Tampa Olga Ward Malone Dorothy Welker St. Petersburg Dorothy Wells Monticello Frances Wells Jasper Frances Wesson Tallahassee Betty West Gainesville Betty White Archer Frances White Tallahassee Jo Ann Whitehurst Lake Wales Janet Whitman Sarasota Virginia Wilder New Smyrna Ruth Wilkie Jacksonville Betty Wilinkson Tampa Winona Willner Valrico Ida Lee Williams Alachua Fran Williams Ft. Lauderdale Joyce Williams Jacksonville Mary Williams Cross City Nelda Williams Pensacola Patricia Williams Tampa Clara Wilson Tampa Janice Ann Wilson Jacksonville Lois Ann Wilson Tampa Louise Wilson Jacksonville Mary Wilson Jacksonville Mabel Wood Pierce Mary Wood St. Augustine Sara Lee Woodward Tallahassee Gwen Wright G lenwood SofiAom ne . . . 1 Kathryn Wright Pensacola Patricia Yates Tallahassee Ernestine Yelverston Miami Evelyn Youngblood Tampa Charlotte Younkman Sarasota Jeanne Zewadski Tempo ' r4u,tm »l 0SS ' Iff S J . ' . 1st row: Kathryn Aspinwall, Ida Santos, Woodie Betts; 2nd row: Betty Worth Armstrong, Shirley Webster, Nancy Jo Gonzalez, Sis McCoy; 3rd row: Vance Jelks, Eileen Lomax, Barbara Jean Morgan, Susan lllingworth. e mHCK . . . President Ida Santos Vice-President Shirley Webster Secretary Susan lllingworth Treasurer Woddie Betts Parliamentarian Vance Jelks Athletic Manager Kathryn Aspinwall Representatives to Senate — Betty Worth Armstrong, Nancy Jo Gonzalez, Eileen Lomax, Sis McCoy, Bar- bara Jean Morgan At the first meeting of the class of 1950 Miss Florence R. Tryon and Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Rogers were elected as class sponsors. This year the traditional Freshman Carnival had as its theme, " Make-believe Land. " Cakes, candy hotdogs, pop-corn, and soft drinks were sold by the freshmen to all those who attended the carnival. Upperclassmen turned out by the score to review the talent of this new class in their midst. Betsey Abbott Pensacola Sarah Adcock Jacksonville Belva Adkins O ' Brien Hilda Akins Ft. Lauderdale Gloria Albritton Sarasota Carolyn Alexander Fort Myers Betty Jean Alford Bonifay Roberta Alford Grand Ridge Eliie Ruth Allen Pensacola Jacqueline Allen Leesburg Joyce Ammerman Orlando Martha Amos Pensacola Betty Anderson St. Augustine Kay Anderson Dade City Louise Anderson Pierson Audrey Anthony Apalachicola Betty Armstrong Chipley Elizabeth A. Armstrong Lakeland Elizabeth W. Armstrong Ft. Lauderdale Norma Jean Armstrong Bean City Joy Lotto Ashley Pensacola Catherine Aspinwall Jacksonville Mary V. Atkinson St. Petersburg Jean Augur Jacksonville Catherine Nell Austin Apalachicola Joy Austin Miami Anne Boche Cocoa Alma Bailey Pensacola Audrey Baird West Palm Beach Rosemary Baker Fort Myers Shirley Baker Jacksonville Suzanne Baker Jacksonville Bobbie Barber Orlando Phyllis Bardos West Palm Beach Barbara Jean Barfield Lakeland Jo Ann Barnes Clearv ater Elizabeth Barnes Lakeland Comille Bartley Sebring Anne Barton Clearwater Margery Boss Century Gloria Baxter Gainesville Mary Baxter Coral Gables Patricia Baxter Jacksonville Nellie Bearden Eau Galiie Helen Beasley Tallahassee Shirley Bell Pensacola Gloria Jean Bennett Miami Beach Perryne Bentley Pensacola Elizabeth Jane Berg Tampa Marie Berry Jacksonville Virginia Bert Havana Woodie Betts Tampa Mildred Biorseth Sarasota Elizabeth Lee Bird Monticello Frances Bishop West Palm Beach Betty Bjornson Pensacola Marilyn Blackburn Bowling Green Catherine Blanton Bradenton Raye Blanton Tallahassee Sallie Mae Blocker St. Petersburg Alexa Blount Pensacola Elizabeth Blount Grand Ridge Barbara Boling Jacksonville Betty Borrego Tampa Ellen Bossidy Cocoa Barbara Boyden Pensacola Billie Bradshaw Jasper Sue Bradshaw Miami Barbara Breen Brooksville Edith Bregger Belle Glade Barbara Brennan Jacksonville Joan Brick Miami Beach Betty Jo Brock Sanford Clara Brooks Tampa Sara Brooks Jacksonville Carnie Jane Brown Ochopee Frances Brown Lakeland GenivG Brown Tallahassee Joanna Jean Brown West Palm Beach Lucille Brown Jacksonville Martha Brown DeLand Suzanne Brown Homestead Ann Browing Orlando Gloria Brownlee Seville Miriam Bucholtz Jacksonville Gwendolyn Bui lard Lament Mary Elizabeth Bunnell St. Petersburg Helen Burch Coral Gables Marilyn Burckel Hollywood Doris Burdick Tallahassee Martha Burdine Leesburg Dianna Burdett Jacksonville Irene Burton New Smyrna Lyverne Bush Bonifay Sue Bush New Smyrna Mary Ann Butler Miami Joy Butts Miami Audrey Byrd Miami Lila Roe Caldwell Raiford Yvonne Caldwell Orlando Rita Callanan Orlando Hilliard Cameron Gainesville June Cameron St. Petersburg Thomasine Campbell Wewahitchko Ann Carlisle Sneads Carolyn Carlton Orlando Caroline Caro Pensacola Moxine Carpenter Ft. Lauderdale Kathryn Carroll Gainesville Nella Carter Orlando Martha Cartwright Miami Joyce Cason Raiford June Cason Plant City Helen Cassady Graceville Lillian Carver Gainesville Mary Cawthon DeFuniak Springs Sarah Cawthon DeFuniak Springs Marilyn Chamberiin Pensacola Mary Chandler Daytona Beach Morjorie Chandley Lake Wales Geraldine Chastain Bradenton Vera Chasteen Lake City Muriel Chesnut Gainesville Marie Chilli ngworth West Palm Beach Barbara Church Ellenton Edith Clark Jacksonville Joyce Clark Tampa Peggy Clayton Gainesville Mildred Clouts Stuart Jo Ann Cloud Orlando Theresa Cochran Ocala Gloria Cohen Miami Beach Nona Colburn Madison Joyce Coleman Tallahassee Betty Collins Jacksonville Geraldine Collins Sarasota Catherine Colonneso Palmetto Geraldine Connell Avon Park Daphne Connelly Sanford Jeannine Cook Daytona Beach Mary Elizabeth Cook Miami Nell Cook Marianne Joyce Cooper Monticello Barbara Council Tampa Joan Covington Warrington Barboro Cowdery Miami Jackie Cox Tampa Rosalyn Cox Fernandino Nina Craig Dade City Lunetta Cravey Pensacola Jeonnetti Creel Pensacola Evelyn Cribbs Branford Margaret Cromer Delray Beach Peggy Croom Marianne Amelia Crosland St. Petersburg Carrie Sue Cross Ft. Pierce Lee Jean Crum Weirsdale Dot Crumley Sonford Helen Culbreth Panama City Sara Culbreth Panama City Virginia Cumming Homestead Irene Cundy Jacksonville Mary Custis Tallahassee Imogene Cutts Gainesville Priscille Dale Miami Beach Barbara Dalsheimer Tampa Dolores Daniels Haines City Dorothy Daniels West Palm Beach Pat Dart Jacksonville Renvie Doughtry Pine Mount Dorothy Davis St. Augustine Pauline Davis Jacksonville Joan Daye Miami Carol Dean Tallahassee Lois Delevan Bradenton Betty Denman Tampa Martha Dickie Palmetto Bette Dillard Miami Carrie Dixon Jacksonville Rosemary Dixon Tampa Jean Doberganes Jacksonville Nancy Doh!in Miami Elaine Dorfman Miami Beach Iris Dossey Plant City Frances Douglas Weirsdale Martha Dowd Moore Haven Joan Downey Jacksonville Camilla DeNisco Miami Johnnie DeVane Miami Ruby Duke Alachua Dorothy Dunworth Miami Jane Dupree Vero Beach Mary Dupree Tampa Nancy Eatough Miami Carolyn Edge Hawthorne Dorothy Edmonson Ocalo Valma Edwards Tallahassee Rose A. Eie Gainesville Elaine Eiselstein Orlando Margaret Elder Port St. Joe Margaret Jean Elder Tarpon Springs Laura Jean Eldridge Cottondale Barbara Elliott St. Petersburg Mary Ellison Miami Beach Lucy Elton Crestview Emma Engle Homestead Rosalyn England Miami Beach Helen Everett St. Petersburg Jeanne Erickson Pensacola Diana Di Fabrizo Tampa Leone Falls Orlando Elizabeth Farnell Oveido Anna Fernandez Tampa Celio Fernandez Tampa Barbara Firestone Miami Beach Betty Ruth Fisher Winter Haven Jean Flanders Lake Placid Ann Marie Flournoy DeFuniak Springs Anne Flowers Graceville Sara Jean Floyd Plant City Beverly Fogarty Sarasota Addie Ruth Folks Dunnellon Margaret Foote Jacksonville Jessie Forbes Kissimmee Barbara Fosgate Miami Eleanor Foshee Jacksonville Joyce Fowler Tampa Lillian Friedman St. Augustine Camille Funderburk Brooksville Shirley Futch Ormond Nadine Gobel Pensacola Emily Gohr Orlando Kay Gaines Tampa Charlton Galloway DeSoto City Pat Galloway Westville Louise Gamble West Palm Beach Mary Ellen Game Tampa Peggy Gatewood Orlando Mary Etta Gatlin Tallahassee Polly Gerow Tampa Shirley Gerstein Miami Beach Julia Gibson Pensacola Jackie Geiger Miami Sara Ann Gilmer Millville Barbara Gilmore Tallahassee Janice Glover Panama City Joan Godwin Chattahoochee Saritc Gold St. Augustine Edythe Golin Miami Beach Emily Golson Marianna Helen Gong Miami Nancy Gonzalez Sanford Evelyn Gooding Tampa Beverly Goodnight Pensacola Evaline Gordon Pensacola Gladys Gordon Largo Marie Gran Kissimmee Dorothy Grayson Miami Gayle Greenberg Miami Beach Barbara Green Mt. Pleasant Mary Griffin High Springs Betty Griffith Tallahassee Mary Grimsley Panama City Gertrude Grubb Mt. Pleasant Yetta Guiko Miami Emily Gunn Pensacola Mary Jo Gwynn Delray Beach Nancy Hahn Tampa Miriam Hail Pensacola Margaret Hamilton Bunnell Patricia Hamilton Miami Ruth Hamner West Palm Beach Amanda Hancock Alachua Joyce Hand Sarasota Helen Hanna Dunedin Juanita Hansen Orlando Helen Hardaker Jacksonville Betty Lou Hardin Lakeland Sue Hardsell Tallahassee Winona Hardy • Winter Park Effie Hargrove Brooker Clara Harley Pensacolo Joyce Harper Tallahassee Helen Horn ' s St, Petersburg Sara Harris Tampa Hilda Harrison Tollohossee Rosalind Harrison Marionno Sarah Hort Tallahassee Marie Hartley Jacksonville Marie Harvell Tallahassee Carol Harvey Crawfordvilie Ann Hatfield Ft. Lauderdale Elizabeth Hawkins St. Augustine Beatrice Hayes Jacksonville Miriam Hoynes Tallahassee Bobbie Hays Frostproof Ruth Hayworth Tallevast Frances Helms Gainesville Jean Heisler West Palm Beach Jean Henderson Miami Sara Henderson Tallahassee Jewell Hendrix Cantonment Sally Henley Lakeland Betty Hensley Tampo Martha Jean Hewett Lakeland Dorothy Hewitt Fort Pierce Martha Heyl Tampo Lucile Hickey Tampa Chris Higginbotham Palotka Sadie Higginbotham Yulee Charlotte High Jacksonville Jane Tillman Lake Wales Margie Hinson Bradenton Sara Hinson Bradenton Jackie Hinton Ft. Lauderdale Helen Hobbs Tampa Marjorie Hodge Tampa Betty Hodges Ft. Lauderdale Peggy Hodges Plant City Margaret Hodgson Daytona Beach Ann Hoffman Lake Worth Gladys Holden Ocolo Marjorie Holderman Ft. Lauderdale Jacquelin Holdstock Tampa Eunice Holley Sebring Lucerne Holmes Gotha Peggy Holmes Pensacola Frances Hopkins Lakeland Grace Hopson Dunnellon Betty Howard Lake Worth Esther Howard Plant City Clara Howell Mayo Peggy Howell Dunedin Hilda Howze Lake Alford Betty Hudnall Jacksonville Ernestine Hudson Chipley Clare Humes Ft. Lauderdale Lotus Hunt Palmetto Mary Hunt Jacksonville Marilyn Hunter Auburndale Opal Hutcheson Mount Dora Susan lllingworth Jacksonville Sarah Jackson Sebring Shirley Jacobson Winter Haven Rema Jackson Miami Beach Erma James Sebastian Jean James Miami Vance Jelks Delroy Beach Alice Jenkins Zephyrhills Mary Ann Jennings Arlington Pat Jennings Coshocton Lucy Ann Jernigan Ocaia Bobbie Johnson Pensacola Esther Johnson Cocoa Lucille Johnson Jacksonville Patricia Johnson Woverly Victorine Johnson Tampa Danetta Jones Arcadia Marjorie Jones Tallahassee Marjorie Jones Crescent City Mary Ellen Jones Sebring Betty Sue Jones Key West Nancy Jones Miami Patricia Jones Orlando Virginia Joslin Orlando Dolores Juster Tampa Zelda Kaplan Miami Beach Phyllis Keane Ft. Lauderdale Nancy Keener St. Petersburg Mary Kelley Miami Gladys Kennington Gainesville Cinda Kent Pensacolo Sammie Ketchum Tallahassee Joyce Kerzin Miami Beach Ann Keyton Thomasvilie, Go. Joanne Kilpotrick Bradley Junction Sara Kinard Ocala Martha King Orlando Charlotte Kinsman Lutz Virginia Kirvin Apalachicoia Mary Kline Jacksonville Virginia Knapp Jacksonville Elizabeth Knight Alachua Merry Beth Knight Gainesville Gail Kohn Miami Beach Suzanne Kunkel St. Petersburg Doris Lake Sanford Dottle Lamb Tampa Alice Lane Miami Leila Lane Orlando Betty Lu Lanier Jacksonville Patricia Laney Port St. Joe Margaret Lagrid Miami Pat Lannom Jacksonville Angel Lappington Pensacolo Katherine Laricy Bradenton Wilda Larson Tallahassee Katherine Lee Bradenton Mildred Leonard Jacksonville Kathleen Lester Jacksonville Ruth Lemmon Barberville Lucille Lewis Cottondale Jean Lewis Pensacola Gloria Lichtenstein Miami Beach Peggy Lindsay Daytono Beach Joyce Linton Perry Chairman Linzmayer Gainesville Le Cia Mae Lipe Daytona Beach Janet Little Miami Beach Ann Lockhart Haines City Anne Lomax Jacksonville Eileen Lomax Tampa Glenna Long Tampa Joy Long Palatka Marian Love Ft. Lauderdale Jean Lumpkin Miami Doris Lundgren Miami Cynthia Lurie Arlington Doris Luster Leesburg Peggy Lyerly Jacksonville Sally Lyies Tampa Elizabeth Lynch Jacksonville Gercldine Lynn High Springs Helen Maki Miami Marion Marotta Tampa Mary Marshall Jacksonville Ruth Marshall Orlando Coieen Martin Coral Gables Donnye Massey Morianno Mary May Bradenton Peggy May Perry Marguerite Mayers Sebring Barbara Maurer Orlando Esther Medina Tampa Burlie Melligan Auburndale Pat Merrell ' Daytona Beach Ann Messer Greenwood Lena Meyer Apalachicola Shirley Meyer St. Augustine Mcrjorie Middleton Jacksonville Robie Lee Milam Jacksonville Janet Millar Jacksonville Betty Jo Miller Ft. Lauderdale Mary Miller Blountstown Mary Mills Vero Beach Helen Muller Jacksonville Beryl Mimms Tallahassee Gertrude Miner St. Petersburg Marajo Mitchell Jasper Mary Mitchell Tampa Jean Mixson Miami Ann Moody St. Petersburg Mildred Mook Tampa Peggy Mordt Daytona Beach Barbara Jean Morgan Orlando Nancy Morgan Key West Charlotte Morper Archer Fay Morris Port St. Joe Nancy Morris Jacksonville Nell Morris Pensacola Mildred Morse Pinettc Mary Mowiser Lakeland Aileen Murphy Orlando Pat Murphy Brooksville Mary Murray Vero Beach Bettye Myrick Jacksonville Nell McAnulty Jacksonville Roberta McAtee Tampa Jackie McCain Gainesville Martha McCann Miami Beach Doris McCartney Tallahassee Priscille McCaskill Perry Suzanne McCaskill Marianna Emma Jane McClanahan Pensacola Betty McCormick Jacksonville Elsie Mae McCoy Orlando Cornelia McCreary Jacksonville Eleanor McDonald Ft. Myers Winifred McEachern Jacksonville Sarah McFarlin Winter Haven Janet McGee Hosford Martha McGohee Jacksonville Mary Ann McGinley Jacksonville Lauro McGoon Miami Springs Rachel Mcinnis Gainesville Shirley McKay Tampa Doris McLeod Pensacola Jane McLeod Aucilla Lovina McMasters Tampa Betty McPhaul Port St. Joe Josephine McVay Pensacola Billie Nelms Warrington Nina Nelson Miami Beach Dorothy Neville Miami Annette Nichols Graceville Evelyn Nix Daytona Beach Kate Nunez Tampa Gloria Nuwak Pensacola Rose Marie Nunnari Pensacola Jacqueline Ober Mount Dora Barbara O ' Brien Palm Beach Joan O ' Donnell Gainesville Beatrice Oglesby Palatka Judy Owens Vero Beach Mary Oxer Lake Placid Margie Padgett Marianna Evelyn Page Callahan Christine Parker Tampa Jean Parker Stuart Milton Parker Tallahassee Mary Parker Brooksville Mary Parks Shalimar Natalie Parramore St. Petersburg Elizabeth Parrish Gainesville Virginia Parrish Enterprise Jini Patterson Graceville Dorothy Pate Tampa Martha Peel Graceville Peggy Pegues Tampa Laverne Pendley Alachua Priscilla Pennington Miami Muriel Perry Tampa Mary Peters Orlando Margaret Pettis Key West Mary Pettit Miami Mary Pettit Miami Suzanne Pettit Haines City Anna Petronra Jacksonville Jeanne Phillips Tallahassee Elizabeth Pickett Pahokee Betty Jo Pickle Lakeland Lucy Piloian Longwood Laura Porch Mt. Pleasant Jean Porter Winter Park Rosa Maris Posey Largo Josephine Powell Orlando Martha Powell Brewster Mina Joe Powell Gainesville Nancy Ann Powell Jacksonville Roi-nona Powers West Palm Beach Jeane Pratt Montgomery, Ala. Marcelle Presley Crestview Bobbie Price Alford Merrell Pritchett Tampa Violet Puglissi Tampa Mary Proctor Dover Julia Purvis . Tampa Jo Ann Rackley Tallahassee Peggy Rainey Brooksville Mildred Randall St. Cloud Floyce Reagan Jacksonville Beverly Rentz New Smyrna Beach Hilda Renwick Bristol Gwendolyn Revell Tallahassee Jean Revell Punta Gorda Jean W. Revell Tallahassee Laura Reynolds Melbourne Fannie Richards Palmetto Peggy Rigell Punta Gorda Frances Riggs Jacksonville Amy Rish Wewahitchka Lucille Risley Punta Gorda Betty Clair Roberts Ft. Lauderdale Martha Robinson Daytona Beach Cleona Robnitt Lakeland Betty Rocher Jacksonville Margaret Rogers St. Petersburg Myra Nell Rogers Brooksville Patricio Rogers Ft. Lauderdale Mabel Roper New Smyrna Beach Patricia Rose Clearwater Mary Rosenbush Green Cove Springs Patsy Ross Jacksonville Shirley Rowan Greensboro Mary Rowell Tallahassee Sylvia Rubin Ft. Pierce Janet Rudd Stuart Helen Rumph Miami Betty Jean Rushmer Miami Marcio Sable Miami Beach Doris Sackhoff Nar Coosee Enis Sanders Pensacola Irene Sanders Bradenton Levina Santorone Opa Locka Ida Santos Tampa Jacqueline Sauls Tallahassee Margaret Savage Ocala Eleanor Scheiper Hollywood Barbara Schippert St. Petersburg Shirley Schroeder Tampa Dorothy Schoonmaker Miami Cynthia Schumaker Sebring Ann Schwartz Miami Catherine Scoggins Tallahassee Evelyn Scott Dade City Joan Scott Orlando Sally Scott New Smyrna Beach Betty Jo Sellers Delroy Beach Catherine Seevers Tallahassee Eva Shaw Alachua Ann Sheppard Chipley Nina Sherman Dunnellon Rosalie Sherman Daytona Beach Shirley Shifke Miami Beach Doris Shirley Miami Ann Shiver Winter Pork Lucy Shriver Tampa Marceline Shuman Monticello Sarah Simkins Jacksonville Helen Simmons Holly Hill Laura Simmons Groceville Mary Sims Clearwater Dori: Singer Jacksonville Alma Sirmans LaBelle Frances Sizemore Plant City Billie Skaggs Ft. Pierce Gussie Mae Skinner Archer Claire Smith Winter Haven Dianna Smith Orlando Juanelle Smith Lake Wales Lois Smith Tampa Lutie Smith Bradenton Edith Sneider Hollywood Beryle Solomon Tampa Patricia Somers Tampa Violetta Sosier Key West Barbara Southard New Smyrna Beach Helen Spach Coral Gables Bertha Sparkman Dade City Glenna Sparkman Dade City Julie Spencer Miami Rita Sprankle Princeton Gloria Stafford Marianne Jean Staimaker Haines City Beverly Staples Ft. Lauderdale Eleanor Staples Tampa Alice Steed Orlando Betty Steele Hollywood Jane Steele Gainesville Bobbie Steig Miami Beach , " Floy Stephens Tallahassee Janet Stephenson Eau Gallie Lois Stevenson Sebring Betty Stewart Milton Peggy Stewart Jacksonville Betty Strickland Jacksonville Bobbie Strickland Miami Dixie Strickland Tallahassee Martha Strickland Gainesville Augusta Struck Pensacolo Margaret Strum St. Petersburg Patricia Stubbs Marianne Ruth Sullivan Miami Shirley Sullivan Miami Wanda Sullivan Gretna Joann Sumners Sarasota Arden Sweet Pensacola Jane Taprell Daytona Beach Jayne Tarilton Miami Beach Mary Jane Taylor Howey Orviile Taylor Tampa Jean Theibaut Orlando Elise Thomas St. Petersburg Georgia Thomas Panama City Suegene Thomas Tampa Twyla Thomas Palatka f egine Thomasello We:t Palm Beach Glenn Thorpe Auburndale Josephine Thorpe Miami Charlene Tiedt Delray Beach Anne Timmons Quincy Mary Timmons Quincy Jeannie Tinny Tampa Marie Tobias Chipley Idell Tomlinson . Okeechobee Dorothy Trask Lakeland Beberly Treisback Jacksonville Jeanne Trimble Bradenton Carolyn Turnage Chattahoochee Irmc Turner Pinemount Barbara Turnipseed Ocala Peggy Ulnar Stuart Sue Upshow St. Augustine Nancy Usher Miami Roberta Van Buskirk Daytono Beach Nancy Varn Ft. Meade Barbara Vaugfm Miami Beach Lenora Vedder Orlando Olga Vega Tampa Betty Wade Tampa Kalheryn Vickers Terra Ceia Joan Vinson Bradenton Pot Vinson Miami Henrietta Vogel Pensacola Mary Waddell Warrington Dorothy Wade Jacksonville Marguerite Wainwright Laurty Betty Jean Walker St. Cloud Elizabeth Walker Orlando Jean Walker Macclenny Patricia Wallace Jacksonville Virginia Waller plant City Martha Walker Milton Elise Ward Haines City Vivian Warren Maitland Beryl Waters Jacksonville Betty Watson Punta Gordo Helen Weaver Tallahassee Shirley Webster Ft. Lauderdale Lillian Weekly Milton Dot Weeks Tallahassee Lucy Weisenburger Bradenton Alice Welch Tampa Carol Weller Pensacola Muriel Wester High Springs Betty Wheeler Tallahassee Martha Wheeler Tallahassee Martha Whitaker Gainesville Catherine White Archer Gertrude Whitty Lee Joyce Whisenant Palmetto Erin Wilcox Jaci sonville Harmon Wilder Orlando Dolores Williams Lake City Florence Williams Archer Gloria Williams Alachua Louise Williams Panama City Martha Jane Williams Bradenton Nancy Williamson Delray Beach Blanche Wilson Dunedin Renee Wilson Miami Betti Winchester Sebring Barbara Wingate Callahan Mildred Winfield Ocala Margaret Winn Lake Butler Jeannie Winter Pensacola Jane Wittmer St. Petersburg Doris Wolf Pensacola Ruth Wolfe St. Augustine Ann Wood Ft. Myers Emily Wood Century Grace Woodali Kissimmee Rosalie Woodali Kissimmee Alice Wooten Bradenton Jeannie Wright Jacksonville Mary Ann Yancey Umatilla Mildred Zaika Miami Wynonah Zetrower • Palatka Dorothy Zuccarello Jacksonville CWoctw Qieaiuve ? X CAPRICCIO — for the quick silver personality of Nancy Wright, who is many Nancys tucked into one. Four years of college have not dulled her sparkling humor and she turns a phrase as aptly now as she did when she was first an enthusiastic freshman or the mis- chievous Jiminey Cricket in Pinochiodd. She runs the gamut from the wide-eyed teasing little girl with the beribboned pigtails to the in- tellectually sophisticated college woman with an upswept hair-do and a daring black frock. She is a red-head with c red-headed temnpr and her occasional outbursts are as amusing and enjoyable as her endless repartee. A quick mind and an unquenchable zest for life will enable Nancy to adapt herself to any situation and to endear herself, as she has to college, to all who know her spontainiety and her generosity. 5 Nothing could be more descriptive of Nell Clark than FANTASTICA. Unpredictable as a spring morn, she manages to convey the impres- sion that her most fantastic ideas are practical, and they usually are. A rare creative ability combined with a fanciful imagination and subtle v it have been the keynotes to Pete ' s success in various productions. She can be found piled up in bed with her favorite book of poetry, Wolfe and " Red " journalism. And despite her seeming " delight in disorder, " and love for the Bohemian life, Nell invariably startles all of us with brilliant masterpieces in the form of short stanzas for DISTAFF, a long-to-be-remembered " Pinno- chiODD, " or o masterly done part in Minstrels. The character of our class — the tall little girl telling tall tales, or thinking long thoughts will always provoke an indulgent smile when we remember Our Little Nell. s UMORISTICO . . . Jean Cole . . . with humor. For Jean and humor are as inseparable as Siamese twins. From her Freshman year when she worked on Demonstration script to this, when she holds the busy office of class president, Jean has always found time to lend her wit to whatever production, script, or skit needed her. Senior Hall will long cherish her terse, side-splitting thumb-nail sketches, just as the student body will recall her as Susie Q. Smith. She is a conscientious worker and a careful thinker, as her work as second vice-president of C.G.A. testifies. Jean is the girl who holds firmly to her convictions against all opposition, who has won the respect of her classmates and the affection of her friends. She is an energetic lazybones who will sleep her way to o bright future. Jean is our most serious comic. (9 f 6 " lndispen;able to the just performance of a composition " says the dictionary concerning OBLIGATO, and so say of Sarah Lewis the many organizations of which she is a part. Our divine Sarah — far from being angelic — is one of the most human and lovable of people. With a versatility unequalled by most of her classmates, sh3 has juggled sports, scholarship, drama and government with the skill of a wizard, finding time to do all she does well and play a little, too. As FSCW ' s poised and mature president of C.G.A., as a college woman maintaining her high principles and her sincere faith in th3 Christian ideals without wavering, as a tolerant friend or a talented actres: — or as just Lulu whose irrepressible and highly audible giggle was an indispensable part of our Senior Hall midnight parties, Sarah Lewis will long be remembered. Color and brilliance are two of the terms embraced in the phrase COLORATURA and these apply to Betty Schwartz, who is herself a colorful individual. Betty ' s personality is as magnetic and dramatic as her appearance — the tall, blithe blonde with the bronzed tan. Betty is vitally interested and equally as intense in everything she undertakes, in sports, in studies, in extracurricular activities. Wearer of the highly prized FSCW emblem, her excellence in sports speaks for itself. She has a quick mind and a high scholarship rating. Betty is a frank person, willing to fight for her convictions and to withstand any criticism for what she believes is right. Many know the intensity of her seriousness as well as the pleasantness of her humor. Always poised and self-assured Betty is one of FSC ' s most popular girls. t VELOCITE — with rapidity and speed is Mary White ' s usual pace. Her conversation is indicative of the pace at which she goes for her speech is crisp and clipped and there is a decisiveness about it that is good to listen to. Herkie is rather an impulsive person, quick to take sides. She has the admirable quality of admitting to a wrong decision and of being able, if convinced, to have her mind changed. She has mode a good member of Senate, a vivacious Spirogira and a pep-filled participant in Odd-Even sports. A winning personality and a delightful manner, as well as a deep feeling for the traditions of FSCW, hove combined to make Herkie a competent and com- mendable Freshman Advisor. Diminutive and cute, with a contagious laugh, Herkie is one of our favorites on campus or at camp. 7 I TAKTFESTE used as a musical term denotes steadiness in time. Used to describe a personality it denotes those qualities of steadiness and tranquillity that have made Frances Myers one of our most beloved. From the time that Franny first came on campus and was elected to lead her class, she ' s been in step — with an easy slowness and a cheerfulness of spirit that make her a joy to know. As Spiro- gira ' s president, Franny has faithfully cared for the battered bones of poor Dead Ernestine. Franny is the busy girl who is never too busy to hear your troubles or teach you to knit. She is the laughing soul who loves WINNIE — THE POOH and THE LITTLE PRINCE. She is the whimsical artist and the quiet individualist. But above all she is the Frances whom everyone would like for a friend. PIANISSIMO . . . softly and evenly indicate the ability of Ann Colvin to do an amazing amount of work quietly and well, without apparent effort. As Mortar Board ' s capable president she demon- strated her talent for leadership and organization, yet no one is more easy-going or worries less than the efficient Colvin. Her quick wit, her frankness in outspoken opinions, and thoughtfulness of others are outstanding qualities. And for all her practicality a vivid imagination is hers, as well as deep appreciation of all things cultural and artistic. It is hard not to deal in superlatives in speaking of Ann for she has profited to the highest degree possible by her college education and has made great contribution to her college merely by being herself. a VIVACE denotes the brisk, spirited, good-natured quality of Louise Sim ' s perronolity. As editor of the annual these characteristics have served Louise well, for she works easily with people and has com- manded the respect as well as the affection of her staff. In o position . that leaves plenty of room for artistic temperament, Louise is a calm, self-controlled soul with a firm sweet manner. Capable, con- scientious and dependable to the utmost, Louise ' s only weakness of temper comes regularly at exam week when to her roommates ' delight she faithfully leaps up from her studying and flings a book against the wall. Always well-groomed and poised, her only peculi- arities are a consuming passion for chocolate-covered mints and o predilection for late hours. Her friendliness and charm will carry Louise far in her chosen field of Sociology as it has in her four years of college. ALLEGRETTO — sprightly, happily . . . Barbara Wickham is all of these. Endowed with a remarkable set of brains, unquenchable sense of humor and inexhaustible vitality, Wick is a highly con- structive person. The prodigious amount of hours she has taken in her major subject, political science, as well as her internship at the Capitol hove combined to make her, politically, one of the best informed students on the campus. An active member in IRC, she was responsible her junior year for keeping the students abreast with the news by her convocation analyses. Wick is a conscientious worker for the drives and moves on campus which is in keeping with her great interest in what is happening in the world today. The laughing, teasing Mortar Board miss with the tip-tilted nose and long blonde locks is one of our favorite people. ARDENTE suggests intensity and fire, and this is Virginia Palmer. Ginny is a fierce little bundle of laughing energy. There is a friendly warmth, on energy and a jolliness, about her. She is an excellent sportswoman, her major field, and has been o valuable member on many an Odd team. She is an enthusiastic Spirogira and a loyal F Club member. Virginia has another side, too, for we ' ve found her book shelves populated with volumes of fine poetry and albums of classical music. She is always dependable, always trust- worthy. What she undertakes to do she does, and well. And for all her little girl playfulness, she is a person of deep and passionate convictions with an acute sense of fairness and justice. With her tolerance and understanding, Ginny is one of the most human of people and, also, one of the most lovable. SERIOSO — gravely or seriously stands for Robin Hill who has since last Christmas joined the ranks of the Mrs. ' . She was the girl we all liked and respected. As third vice-president of C.G.A. she was a hard and tireless worker who attempted to make us all aware of conditions in the " outside world. " She has a shy, soft-spoken manner, for Robin is an unassuming person with an abundance of dignity and reserve. But for all her seriousness there is another side to Robin, too. She was a teasing wearer of the black and white and possessed a penchant for involved and subtle jokes, as well as flights into sheer fantasy. We will always remember Robin with fondness, knowing that she will make her marriage as happy and satisfactory as she did her college career. JOIE is ths exact word for Ann Parker. All know her sunny smile and dancing blue eyes, as well as her irrepressible giggle. It is impossible to rerrerrber Park looking glum or sad, for her happy disposition is an integral part of her personality. Her enthusiasm is contagious and is matched only by her conscientiousness and her capacity for hard work. As chairman of Senior Hall she has done a hard task well. Park, a Home Ec. major, served her time at the Home Management House, preparing, no doubt for the days when she will be entertaining us all in the house that Don built for her. Ann will be remembered as a roguish little czar of Mortified, as an engagingly effervescent Spirogira. She will be remembered always OS one of the most thoroughly lovable members of her class. i ARTISITCA is the word for Cora Leo Wells for there is ortistry in everything that she does. Lea is the girl we invite to plan our dream house, to discuss the aesthetics of the subject. She is the soul who " wanders lonely as a cloud " for she is an independent spirit; ap- parently nonchalant, free, unruffled. She is small with an elfin quality about her as well as an undeniable zest for life. Hers is a sincere individualism, unannounced and unassuming, completely compatible with her contempt for anything false or insincere. She is an F clubber and an ardent outdoor girl, but it is through the many contributions to student productions made by Lea ' s talented brush and ready hammer that we have come to know her best. She will be remembered as someone who commanded our respect and endeared herself to us completely. MYSTERIOSO is the keynote of Rosetta Carver ' s personality, for the Judge is something of an enigma even to those who know her well. The students know her as the quiet, low voice that proclaims " these announcements come from Judiciary " and as the small girl whose intense devotion to the principles of the Honor Code and whose personal integrity have won her campus-wide respect. Fewer know the irrepressible Judge; the mischievous elf in cut-off jeans whose love of punning is exceeded only by her ability to run the gamut from the most subtle to the most obvious plays on words. Her faculty know her as a student whose interest in her work and in her beloved honor ' s paper have entitled her to the designation, scholar. And between the extremes of this personality; the idealistic scholar and the roguish cut-up lies a warm, sympathetic and thoroughly under- standing nature. FRESCO — freshly . . . And we think of Harriet Kirk. For Harriet, despite her apparent efficiency and organization, has something of the little girl, freshly scrubbed, about her. There is something about the turned-up nose and twinkling eyes . . . the freshness of the white collars she wears, that give Kirkie a band box look that is good to see. As a highly efficient chairman of Off-Campus Com- mittee she functioned this year, keeping the sorority girls toeing the mark. A quick wit and on even disposition make Kirk good company as well as a good speaker for any principles which she adheres to strongly. A Village Vamp, she has successfully combined flirtatiousness and vivacity with competence, intellect and efficiency to develop into the well-rounded personality we all know as Kirk. EXPRESSIVO is the word for Eleanor Bragg as she is one of the most expressive girls on campus, for she possesses a world of magic in her fingertips. An outstanding music major, the expressively beautiful quality of her ploying, whether on one of the uprights in practice room or on the grand in Westcott, is a gratifying sound. To hear her play is a truly great treat and she has given unstintingly her time and talent to innumerable student productions. Her narve humor and innocence are qualities for which we love her most, and it Is with amazement that we realize this artistic spirit is our highly efficient treasurer of C.G.A. Those who know E.B. well, know her as a very warm and genuine person — completely feminine, completely sincere and with a firm and likable sweetness all her own. a e ANDANTE — meaning slowly. Anne Hunter has taken a lot of teasing about her slow and unruffled manner, but there have been times when many of us hove envied her calmness and deliberateness. Anne is the most conscientious of students. She is firm in her beliefs and her convictions and in her determination to perform her duties well. Her concern for the students ' well-being is intense and genuine — she has brought this into her fine work as chairman of Residence Halls. Anne is a good student and a capable actress, and has shed quantities of light on school productions. She has the tranquillity of maturity in her religious beliefs. But for all that, she is a bit of a prankster as many a Spirogira will testify. Innocence, capability, humor and talent all combine to make Anne a girl worth knowing. •Ji- ANIMATO is with life and animation or with Barbara Irving, for they are much the same thing. Our Biff is a thoroughly likeable soul for she enjoys so much just being herself. One of the prettiest girls in the Senior class, Barb mixes brains with beauty as well as brawn. An excellent athlete, she wears the F, is a loyal F-clubber, a mischievous Mortar Board, a laughing Spirogira. We like Barb for her practicality and her good common sense. We appreciate her forthrightness and her brisk humorous way of saying exactly what she thinks . . . and we smilingly agree with her never failing defense of house presidents — a job she has handled herself, effi- ciently and capably. She is the girl with the ever ready laugh and engaging smile we ve enjoyed knowing, for Biff is a joy to know. ALLEGREZZA . . . gaily, happily . . . And what could better de- scribe Shirley Rodgers? From the top of her sunny blonde head to her quizzical, slightly puzzled grin, on down to those scuffed loafers, Rodg is the picture of a child with a sunshiney disposition. Always feminine, she possesses, in addition to light tresses and wide, baby- blue eyes, a competence and efficiency that has been demonstrated by her ability to successfully edit a newsworthy Flambeau. With her sweet personality and friendly manner we were charmed and im- pressed when our Rodg got the scoop on the Duke and His Duchess. Despite her easy-going happy manner. Miss Rodgers has a bit of temper, too, but only airs it out when times are short and staffs are particularly trying. Mortar Board and Spirogira, Shirley Is a lovely picture of a well-adjusted, popular, intelligent college woman. VIRTUOSO implies excellence and versatility in the liberal arts, and at FSC virtuoso implies Mary Lou Norwood. Amazed, we have read her contributions in Distaff and Flambeau; heard her excellent script and subtle puns; admired her poetry, music and paintings, and love for beslacked comfort. An energetic Cotillion president, M ' Lu ' s the genius who produced the superb Junior Minstrels. A conscientious perfectionist, possessed of a bluff generosity (what prop man hasn ' t depended on the Norwoods as a first or last resort?), Norwood ' s an idealist to the bone. And beneath her nonchalant and offhand manner is a warm person with a sweetness of her own. Mary Lou puts heart and soul into everything she does and she does everything. She ' s one of our most dependable and flamboyant per- sonalities. She ' s the " I Got A Song " girl whose music the whole campus has whistled. She ' s our girl who ' s going places. Alpha Chi Omega page 1 36 Beta Eta 1 929 Alpha Delta Pi page 1 38 Iota ■ 1909 Alpha Gamma Delta page 1 40 Gamma Beta 1 925 Alpha Xi Delta page 1 42 Alpha Omega 1 929 Chi Omega page 1 44 Gamma 1 908 Delta Delta Delta page 1 46 Alpha Eta 1916 Delta Phi Epsilon page 1 48 Iota 1925 Delta Zeta page 1 50 Alpha Sigma 1 924 Kappa Alpha Theta page 1 52 Beta Nu 1924 Kappa Delta page 1 54 Kappa Alpha 1 904 Phi Mu page 1 56 Alpha Epsilon 1 929 Pi Beta Phi page 1 58 Florida Beta 1 921 Sigma Kappa page 1 60 Omega 1 920 Zeta Tau Alpha page 1 62 Beta Gamma , . . 1 924 I Seated left to right: B. Shell, M. Mims, J. Dawkins, P. Reindell, L. Rouse, V. Budd, R. Gendezier, P. Marks, J. Dupree, C. Coghlan, E. Argentar, N. Scheaffner. Standing: N. Sartoris, D. Hahn, N. Clark, M. G. Holland, M. N. McFadden, H. Clarkson, B. Jernigan, B. Cox, M. Abbott, G. Trice, Y. Dupree, L. Brown, D. Dubois, B. Mann, D. Corry, M. Miller. Panhellenic started operations this year with rushing lec- tures to freshmeti, parties, receptions, and finally the issuing of bids. Their job during the year consisted of pledgings during the quarters, checking scholarship averages, and planning the dance and traditional sing. Under the able guidance of Virginia Budd, president, and Rita Gendezier, secretary, Panhellenic had a success- ful year. The representatives this year were: Alpha Chi Omega, Luella Rouse, Nicky Sartoris; Alpha Delta Pi, Doris Corry, Barbara Mann; Alpha Gamma Delta, Phyllis Reidell, Mary Nell McFadden; Alpha Xi Delta, Joe Dawkins, Maude Mims; Chi Omega, Mary Groover Holland, Nell Clark; Delta Delta Delta, Bo Peep Shell, Marie Ratliff; Delta Phi Epsilon, Ester Argentar, Polly Marks; Delta Zeta, Grace Trice, Sarah Griffin; Kappa Alpha Theta, Lucy Brown, Doris Dubois; Kappa Delta, Marjorie Miller, Norma Schaeffner; Phi Mu, Burma Cox, Hazel Clarkson; Pi Beta Phi, Ysobel Dupree, Jeanne Dupree; Sigma Kappa, Dorothy Hahn, Betty Lou Jernigan; Zeta Tau Alpha, Martha Abbott, Carol Coghlan. ' (gU ' ( of c p Friendships and fun at the house. Informal gatherings around the piano. Our " Black Magic " formal in January. Pledges entertaining with a night club party for other pledges and a supper and skit for actives. Our pride in our Mortar Boards, Spirogiras, Esterns, and Who ' s Who ' ers. Friendship in just being together, bound by the strings of the Lyre. Date of founding: 1885 Colors: Scarlet and olive green Flower: Red Carnation President: Luella Rouse Vice-President: Marjorie Potter Secretary: Morgaret Johnson Treasurer: Marianne Jones Albritton Arnold Austin, C. Austin, M. Bennett Blank Brown Carpenter Clayton Coleman Cook DeNisco DerGorry Dews Dietz Diliard Elder Graham ;4lfiAci ( 0«pte Gloria Albritton Jane Arnold Catherine Nell Austin Marjorie Austin Virginia Bennett Paulette Blank Lillian Brown Maxine Carpenter Peggy Clayton Joyce Coleman Betty Cook Camilla De Nisco Virginia Der Garry Harriet Ruth Dews Carlo Dietz Bette Dillard Jennie Elder Jean Ann Graham Betty Hancock Betty Lou Hardin Pat Harrison Mary Hart Jean Henderson Marianne Jones Margaret Johnson Gerry Lynn Anne McDonald Mary Mowiser Martha Peacock Marjorie Potter Gloria Reed Judy Rhodes Frances Riggs Mary Rosenbush Luella Rouse Nicky So rtoris Mary Jean Saunders Dot Schoonmoker Irma Lee Shepherd Louise Sims Sally Slater Mary Louise Smith Bobbie Strickland Betty Sweet Launa Thornton Barbara Vaughn Nancy Ware Gloria Wells Barbara Wickham Margaret Williams Hancock Hardin Harrison Hart Henderson Johnson Jones Lynn Peacock Potter Reed Rhodes Riggs Rosenbush So rtoris Schoonmoker Shepherd Sims Slater Smith Strickland Sweet Vaughn Ware Wells Wickhom WlNiams 4lfi Vdtci Pc Susan Baker Bettie Bazemore Barbara Breen Barbara Bryan Jane Bryson Jean Cole Sidney Conner Doris Corry Gertrude Corry Sara Corry Barbara Council Jean Dance Joan Dance Jean Dobarganes Marie Everitt Anne Fielding Florence Givens Nancy Hahn Faye Hall Lois Harris Sarah Henderson Frances Hines Jackie Holdstock Betty Johnson Marian Johnson Harriet Kirk Mary Kathryn Kluttz Suzanne Kunkle Marquita Lance Kathryn Loriscy Flo Lyies Barbara Mann Joan Massie Pat Meginnis Robie Lee Milam Elizabeth Milton Frances North Idella Parker Patricia Ann Rose Rebecca Routon Sarah Routon Dale Simon Jean Simon Mary Theresa Sims Dorothy Sniverley Ann Stinson hfarriet Sturgis Ruth Sullivan Beverly Treisback Henrietta Trezevant Frances Wesson Fran Williams Delores Wynne Baker Bazemore Breem Bryson Cole Corry, D. Corry, G. Corry, S. Dance, J. Dance, Joan Dobarganes Everitt Fielding Givens Hahn Harris Henderson Hines Holdstock Johnson, M Kluttz Kunkle Lariscy Following pledging, a banquet ot the Floridan. Breakfast at the house after initiation. Sunday night coffees. Supper in the back yard. Our open house in November. The formal dance in January. The Garden party in May. Treasures of an A. D. Pi. Date of founding: 1851 Colors : Blue and white Flower: Violet President: Doris Corry Vice-President: Sara Corry Recording Secretary: Bettie Bazemore Treasurer: Jane Bryson Simon, D. Simon, J. Sims Sniverly Stinson Sturgis Sullivan Triesbach Wesson The traditional Halloween party with song-title costumes as an open house for the new co-eds. Cooking suppers every Sunday night. Our Alpha Gam week-end including a hay- ride and picnic to Wakulla and our Stardust Formal. Looking forward to a gay house party at Daytona Beach at the end of the year. This is an " Alpha Gam Year " . Date of founding: 1904 Colors: Red, buff, green Flower: Red rose President: Phyllis Reindel First Vice-President: Donis Clifton Recording Secretary: Margaret Swanson Treasurer: Mary Cooney Abbot Aiken Anderson Ashley Baird Barrington Bird Brokaw Budd Burdine Carroll Carter Clifton Cooney Cooper Floyd Futch Galbroith Godwin ;4Cfo6. ( ptm eit€i Betsy Abbot Hilda Atkins Betty Anderson Joy Ashley Audrey Baird Lila Lee Borrington Betsy Bird Martha Brokaw Virginia Budd Martha Burdine Ann Butler Clara Jane Carroll Stella Carter Doris Clifton Mary Cooney Katherine Cooper Sarah Jean Floyd Peggy Futch Jo Ann Godwin Betty Dot Galbroith Sarah Hart Ann Hoffman Nancy Jones Joy Knipe Wilda Larson Norma Lewis Sally Lyies Frances McCall Carnela McCreary Betty Mcintosh Mary Nell McFadden Alice Miller Marian Moorhead J udy Owens Jeanette Patterson Phyllis Reindel Betty Claire Roberts Shirley Rodgers Margaret Savage Aileen Sayers Jean Sharer Jane Shirley Lucy Shriner Nina Shumon Margaret Swanson Jesse Sprott Ella Jean Turnaville Mary Ann Wallser Violet Walters Mary Pat Warner Mildred Winfield Hart Hoffman Jones Larson Lewis Miller McCall McCreary Mcintosh McFadden Owens Patterson Reindel Roberts Rodgers Savage Sayers Sharer Shirley Shriver Sprott Swanson Walters Winfield 4tft " Xi Z dC z Kathleen Barker Barbara Dee Brennan Texanna Carey Jayne Close Judy Courtney Emily Dawkins Josephine Dawkins Marian Deiders Helen Edmiston Martha Ferguson Jaunice Glover Kathleen Hamilton Anne Hatfield Betty Ann Hawkins Grace Hays Mary Ann Hopson Marilyn Hunter Helen Jones Billie Kacinski Mary Kelley Bettye Lovett Martha Jane McCann Lavinia McMasters Shirley Meyer Frannie Michael MaryMims Maude Ann Mims Juanita Nord Christine Parker Mary Pettit Polly Porter Martha Powell Evelyn Roberts Pat Rogers Verna Rogers Mervin Thomas Be tty Ann Walsh Virginia Watford Frances Wells Charlotte Younkman Barker Carey Close Courtney Dawkins, E. Dawkins, J. Dee Brennan Deiders Edmiston Ferguson Glover Hamilton Hatfield Hawkins Hays Hopson Hunter Jones izg: ' J?)(P ' tvy t Welcoming a new housemother, Mrs. Morion C. Hertwig. Pledge banquet following our October pledging. Initiation breakfast at the Cherokee. Coffees at the house. Corn- popping. Intramural sports. The formal dance in February followed by a picnic the next day. Graduation and summer vocations. These ore memories of the girls who wear the Blue and Gold. Date of founding: 1893 Colors: Double blue and gold Flower: Killorny rose President: Josephine Dawkins V. -President: Frannie Michael Recording Sec ' ty. : Grace Hoys Treasurer: Emily Dawkins Kelly Meyer Mims McCann McMaster Parker Pettit Porter Powell Rogers, P. Rogers, V. Thomas Walsh Watford Younkman The hectic rush week. The pledge tacky party in November. Our " Winter Carnival " Dance. Dr. Richards playing Santa Claus at our Christmas party. The outstanding chapter cup we won at convention, initiation and then a breakfast for our new members. The Panhellenic tea dance and formal. Founder ' s Day. Farewell to our seniors. The memories of a Chi Omega. Date of founding: 1895 Colors: Cardinal and straw Flower: White carnation President: Mary Groover Hol- and V. -President: Barbara Carter Secretary: I no Jo Wrench Treasurer: Isabelle Wilson Alexander Avant Carlton Carter Clark Covington Davis DuPree Fiynn Foote Gollemore F Glc Gwynn Hanley Harris Holland, D. Holland, M. G. Jaeckel Jones, E. Jones, P. m Omea Elizabeth Alexander Eugenia Avant Carolyn Carleton Bobbie Carter Neil Clark Barbara Ann Covington Mary Margaret Davis Mary DuPree Margaret Flynn Margaret Foote Virginia Fran Gallemore Isabel Glass y Qe Gwynn Carolyn Hanley Sara Jane Harris Dorothy Ann Holland Mary Groover Holland Georgia Marion Jaeckel Estelle Jones Patricia Jones Ann Cooper Knight Louise Lake Leila Lane Sarah Lewis Jane Martin Connie McCall Shirley McKay Caroline McKeithan NellMcNiel Mildred Ann Mook Mary Frances Morgan Bettye Myrick Betty Wells Nelson Kate Nunez Betty Patterson Emily Phillips Nancy Ann Powell Joan Scott Emily Sheftall Alice Steed Shirley Swearingen Sarah Taylor Jane Tillman Bobbie Whidden Jo Ann Whitehurst Ann Wiggins Isabelle Wilson Alice Wooten Jane Wooten ina Jo Wrench Lake Lane Lewis Martin Mooi Morgan Myricl . McCall McKeithan McNeil Nelson Nunez Patterson Phillips Steed Swearinger Whidden Whitehurst Wilson Wooten, A. Wooten, J. Wrench Vdtci T dt Vdta Faith Adams Arabella Allen Nancy Baker Marilyn Bassett Joyce Benton Woody Betts Joanna Jean Brown Sally Caldwell Ann Cameron Catherine Carroll Ann Carter Rosetta Carver Amelia Crossland Dot Crumley Eleanor Foshee Jean Furman Cora Gil I is Coline Gunn Dorothy Hasbrouch Craig Hedrick Carolyn Henderson Clarn Howell Louise Hutchinson Nancy Keener Martha Helen King Betty La Bree Shirley Longino Billie Martin Elsie McCoy Betty McLean Sylvia Meisch Pat Merrill Cynthia Merrin Lois Merriweather Janet Millar Chris Morrison Margie Norris Doris O ' Neil Dee Dee Phillips Madge Pilcher Jo Ann Rackley Marie Ratliff Cleona Robnett Armante Semmes Catherine Settles Billie Eva Shell Betty Shirley Franklin Smith Ann Teague Caroline Varn Nancy Varn Martha Wheeler Jean Whigham Adams Crossland Keener Allen Baker Crumley Foshee LaBree Bassett Benton Betts Brown Furman Gillis Gunn Hasbrouck Longino Martin Meiich Merrill Carroll I Carver Howell Merrin C ' t ' Wt ) t £ When it ' s darkness ' neath the Delta moon. For night-clubbing reservations coll 742. Seniors christening the new barbecue pit with a bottle of root beer. Midnight serenades by G-ville visitors. Open House for Tally U men. Pansies pressed in memory books after Initiation Banquet. Initiates dancing to " Stardust " at Heaven, Earth, and Hell formal. May we always remember. Date of founding: 1888 Colors: Silver, gold, blue Flower: Pansy President: Billie Eva She Vice-President: Franklin Smith Recording Secretary: Coline Gunn Treasurer: Billie Martin Semr Shell Shirley Smith Teague Varn, C. Varn, N. Wheeler Whigham £ m «j r« « • r% c « 4yf ' ui)it t : A birthday party to celebrate the chapter ' s twenty-first year on campus. The National Convention in Montreal attended by one of our members. Our informal week-end. Fun to- gether at the house. A triangle of unity. Agress Argintor Atlas Baker Date of founding: 1917 Colors: Purple and gold Flower: Pansy President: Ester Argintar First Vice-President: Rita Gendezier Recording Secretary: Jean Lieberman Treasurer: Phyllis Singer Bcrish Bucholtz Davis Freedmon Gendezier Gerstein Gilbert Gold Gross Jackson Jgcdbson Juster Kaplan Kohn Ve(t€i PU Sf dm Shirley Agress Ester Argintar Gladys Atlas Shirley Baker Sherlee Barish Miriam Bucholtz Marie Davis Lillian Freedman Rita Gendezier Shirley Gerstein Anita Gilbert Sarita Gold I rene Gross Rema Jackson Shirlee Jacobson Delores Justen Zelda Kaplan Gail Kohn Mildred Leonard Gloria Lichtenstein Jean Lieberman Polly Marks Eileen Murinson Miriam Portney Joyce Rosenthal Marcia Sable Betty Soger Ann Schwartz Irma Schwartz Shirley Shifke Rosalie Sherman Arlyne Siegel Irimit Silberstein Phyllis Singer Arlene Solomon Annette Vitsky Ruth Wolfe Mildred Zolko Leonard Lechtenstein Lieberman Marks Murinson Portney Rosenthal Sable A. Schwart Schwartz, I. Sherman Shifke Silberstein Solomon Vitsky Wolfe Zolka dta et Mable Adams Lillian Blackwelder Edith Bregger Sally Briles Jeanuelle Brown Martha Cartwright Kitty Condurelis Joyce Cooper Dorothy Crowson Carolyn Cox Alice Datson Jewell Dees Betty Ruth Denman Carrie Dixon Nancy Jo Gonzales Margie Grace Sarah Griffin June Hays Betty Jean Hudnall Kathleen Johnson Mildred Johnson Margarie Jones Gloria King Jo Ann Long Martha Vail McDonald Margaret McGoogan Jane McLeod Barbara Nolen Ann Oetjen Ethel Pacheco Martha Page Mary Peters Betty Jean Phillips Eliabeth Ann Read Beverly Rentz Joy Schoedly Betty Jo Sellers Ann Singleton Carolyn Smith Kathryn Spurgeon Jamie Sumner Paula Jean Teagarden Jean Tinny Grace Trice Clarice Varnadore Dot Vincent Dorothy Wade Marilyn Watson RuthWilkie Louise Wilson Grace Griffin Hudnall Johnson, K. Johnson, M. Jones King Long McDonald McGoogan McLeod Nolen Oetjen Pacheo Page Philli ps Reed Rentz The banquet commemorating " Founder ' s Day " . The wonder- ful picnic given for us by Dr. and Mrs. DeGraff. The " Garden of Roses " dance. The Chinese pledge party. The Christmas party given by the pledges. The Initiation breakfast. The reception for the old and new patrons at the chapter house. The lamp of Delta Zeta has burned brightly through another year. Date of founding: 1902 Colors: Old rose and Vieux green Flower: Rose President: Grace Trice Vice-President: Dot Vincent Recording Secretary: Louise Wilson Treasurer: Betty Jean Phillips Schoedly Simmons Singleton Smith Spurgeon Sumner Teagarden Tinny Trice Vincent Wade Wainwright Watson Wilkie Wilson g ' j Coffees at the house. Sunday night suppers. Fireside chats. Coeds welcoming the Eds. Theta Week-end. Crowning the king and queen at the annual February dance. The picnic at Wakulla. Founder ' s Day. Faculty teas. Friendships. The life of a girl who wears a Theta kite. Date of founding: 1870 Colors: Black and gold Flower: Black and gold pansy President: Lucy Brown Vice-President: B. J. Singleton Secretary: Jeanne Oldfather Treasurer: Lorraine Smith Bailey Banks Barber, B. Barber, N. Bennett Black Blount Bosenquet Boyden Brown, B. Brown, L. Burdett Carglli Chiilingworth Dale Daly DuBois Fosgate 7C, ifi ;4ifi €t€i Juannel Bailey Betty Banks Bobbye Barber Nancy Barber Jane Bennett Lavonne Black Alexa Blount Blanche Bosenquet Barbara Boyden Betts Brown Lucy Brown Diane Burdett Bets Cargill Marie Chillingworth Priscilla Dale Jean Ann Daly Doris DuBois Barbara Fosgate Jackie Geiger Jean Giedd Mary Griffin Ruth Hamner Kay Harrison Betty Hodges Phyllis Hooker Candy Jones Barbara King Martha Lainhart Anne Leach Janet Little Estil Malphurs Rosemary Marcoux Margaret Marshall Helen McCann Barbara McCarthy Gloria McVey Lydia Moore Barbara O ' Brien Dot Oetjen Jeanne Oldfather Jean O ' Steen Connie Savage Betty Jane Singleton Lorraine Smith Joyce Stroberg Pauline Tuttle Jane Wittmer Anne Wood Betsy Zurwelle Giedd Geiger Griffin Hamner Harrison Hodges Hooker Jones Leach l - m. Little Malphurs Marcoux Marshall Moore McCann McVey O ' Brien Oldfather Singleton Tuttle Wood J2 dta Neal Ayaia Elizabeth Barnes Shirley Bell Bettilee Bird Martha Jane Bird Mary Bunell Jeannette Chapman Elizabeth Conant Mary Alice Cooper Betty Jo Craig Mary Ellen Game Sara Ellen Glenn Emily Gunn Rosanne Hartwell Sally Claire Healey Mary Ann Herring Anne Holton Frances Hopkins Susan lllingworth Louise Johnson Betty Kent Cinda Kent Betty Lou Lanier Barbara Jane Lindsey Dorothy Martin Rachel Mclnnis Louise McMichael Carolyn Mease Ann Mikell Marjorie Miller Emily Morgan Em Turner Nickinson Catherine Nolan Margaret Olsen Ruth Ellen Olsen Iris Parsons Emmala Pate Norma Schaeffner Renee Settle Joan Sparkman Eleanor Staples Jean Thomas Suegene Thomas Mary Nell Thrower Frances White Erin Wilcox Betsy Wilson Nancy Wright lllingworth Kent Kent Lanier Lindsey Martin Mease Mikell One of our pledges is chosen as a University of Florida cheer- leader. Weekends with Gainesville and Tally U. boys high- lighted by suppers and Sunday night coffees. The Halloween breakfast for actives. The traditional Hawaiian Pledge party The annual Christmas party with our gifts going to the Crippled Children ' s Hospital in Virginia. The traditional Senior Banquet bringing to a close another Ka year. Date of founding: 1897 Colors: Green and white Flower: White rose President: Marjorie Miller Vice-President: Iris Parsons Secretary; Louise McMichael Treasurer: Mary Ann Herring Morgan Mclnnis Wilcox Wilson Wright gfjic f V oC Alpha Epsilon ' s " Faithful Sisters " . Looking back over a year of pleasant memories. Halloween party honoring our first coeds. Informal get-togethers at the house. Traditional Christmas party complete with pledge attempts at song writing. Highlight of the year, our Founder ' s Day Formal in March. Annual party for our graduating seniors. Life for the wearers of the heart and hand. Date of founding: 1852 Colors: Rose and white Flower: Enchantress carnation President: Burma Cox Vice-President: Betty Ann Sinclair Secretary: Helen Broward Treasurer: Tess Daniels i f Daniels, D. Daniels, T Dart Downey Ewart Giberson, B. J. Giberson, J. Gwynn Hazard, F. PU TfU Eleanor Bayer Laura Bentley Mary Ann Berry Yvonne Boatright Helen Broward Rita Callanan Marjorie Chandley Gladys Clark Hazel Clarkson Barbara Cox Dot Daniels Tess Daniels Pat Dart Joan Downey Fran Ewart Betty Jean Giberson Joan Giberson Mary Jo Gwynn Vina Havens Frances Hazard Nancy Hazard Frances Helms Jean Hunt Vance Jelks Pat Wells Keller Joan Kingsbury Barbara Lanford Zeanne Lanier Isabelle Lesley Margaret Lassiter Mary Jane Lassiter Margaret Leslie Mary Marshall Farrior McCondichie Laura Mae McGoon Frances Myers Betty Ann Mundee Jane Nightingale Margaret Poo ley Gwen Poucher Ann Seaward Alice Sharpe Laura Simpson Betty Ann Sinclair Jane Lee Stanley Frances Taylor Regina Tomosello Beryl Waters Harmon Wilder Sara Lee Woodward Seaward Sinclair Taylor Waters Wilder Woodward Anne Allen Ann Anderson Camllle Batten Margaret A. Blocker Sally Blocker Betty Jo Brock Martha Brown Patty Carlson Ann Carter Nelle Carter Polly Chazel Patsy Crosby Virginia Curtis Anne Daniel Sarah A. Davis Joan Daye Pot Di I lard Pc eta PAl Jean Du Pree Ysobel Du Pree Olive Fleming Jackie Fosdick Peggy Gatewood Pat Grant Jean Harris Beverly Heard Robin Hill Mary Lou Hunt Jackie Jones Betty l Cennedy Colleen Kenny Dottie Sue Lamb Nancy Lefholz Martha Ann Maguire Bebe Minardi Jean Mixon Mary C. Moody Barbara Jean Morgan Natalie Parramore Marty Perkins Floyd Jean Pf lough Mary Alice Pitts Esther Rasmussen Anne Rice Virginia Sewell Peggy Simkins Sally Simkins Margaret Strum Mary Jane Taylor Jean Thompson Ann Tucker Joanne Zewadski Allen Anderson Batten ■ Carter, N. Chazel Crosby Dupree, II. Gatewood Grant Blocker, M. Blocker, S. Brock Curtis Daniel Davis Brown Carlson Carter, A. Daye Dillard Dupree, J. Fleming Fosdick Harris Jones Kennedy Kenny Lamb Lefholz Maguire Minardi Mixon Moody Morgan The invasion from Gainesville on our Phi Delt Week-end. The annual Christmas party. The riotous traditional pledge party circus. Our big Pi Phi formal in April. Pi Phi nights every month. The sadness and happiness of our senior fare- well party. Another wonderful year for the girls who wear the arrows. ' r, M.. JM,i Date of founding: 1867 Colors: Wine and silver blue Flower: Wine carnation President: Ysobel DuPree Vice-President: Betty Kennedy Recording Secretary: Jackie Fosdick Treasurer: Jeani Harris Perkins Pflough Pitts Rice Sewell Simkins, P. Simkins, 5 Strum SCei f i of 5? ' 5 c Companionship. The Sigma triangle. Traditional Halloween party. Welcoming dance for the veterans. Gaiety and excite- ment of our formal week-end. Sentimental memories. Picnics at the park. April tea-dance. Sunday jaunts to Wakulla. Senior banquet. Fun being together at 503 West Park. House party in Jacksonville. Pleasure and enrichment from being a Sigma. Date of founding: 1847 Colors: Lavender and maroon Flower: Violet President: Dorothy Hahn First Vice-President: Charlotte Thorpe Secretary: Martha Magrider Treasurer: Virginia Sapp Si Pt AofZ Eulie Ruth Allen Rosaland Almony Edman Earle Baker Virginia Bert Betty Jane Bjomson Barbara Bo ling June Cameron Muriel Chestnut Carolyn Cofer Anne Coleman Jackie Cox Betty De Versy Gloria Douglas Bruce Flanders Drucilla Gnann Anne Grant Hilda Grant June Grindstaff Dorothy Hahn Betty Lou Jernigan Lucy Anne Jernigan Terry Johnson Mary Jo Jones Marjorie King Mary Lou Kinsler Sara Lambert Frances Lyon Martha Magreider Roberta McAtee Jo Ann McClanahan Beverly McCollum Elizabeth McLean Betty Sue McPhal Priscilla Pennington Gene Robinson Virginia Sapp Jacqueline Saules Helen Spach Dalas Stever Shirley Stever Aurelia Stewart Charlotte Thorpe Josephine Thorpe Fawn Trawick Sue Upshaw Roberta or Buskerts Ann Williams Jean Winter ernigan, B. Jernigan, A. Johnson Jones Magreider McAtee McPhal Pennington Sapp Saules Spach Stewart Thorpe, C. Thorpe, J. Upshaw Winter et cuc ;4ifr Martha Abbott Betty Arnold Sue Walters Arnold Martha Bash Betty Bolles Betty Brown Suzanne Brown Betty Burch Ethel Clann Mary Ann Cannon Carol Coghlan Betty Collins Virginia Cumming Delia Sue Decker Jean De Bevoise Virginia Edwards Ruth Ervin Audrey Evans Beth Fuhrer Artye Futrelle Marylaide Granighan Mary Frances Guest Carlista Hatcher Shearer Mines Peggy Hodgson Evelyn Johnson Enid Krouse Martha McGahee Marjorie Sue Middleton Mary Cathryn Miller Marie Mae Peggy Mordt Peggy Moss Patsy Murphy Doris Mussleman Beverly Nelson Joanne Newman Mary Nichols Evelyn Nix Catharine Nollman Dorothy Peacock Mae Pickens Mildred Anne Randall Jean Whitfield Revell Catharine Royall Catharine Scoggin Marydel Smith Lucy Stapleton Virginia Summer Betty Timmons Jackie Waybright Barbara White Joyce Williams Dana Willson Abbott Collins Mines Arnold, B. Arnold, S. Bash Brown, B. Brown, S. Burch Clonn Coghlan Cumming DeBevoise Edwards Ervin Evans Granighan Hodgson Johnson Krouse Mae Middleton Miller Mordt sn Murphy m The fun at our open house for Dale Mobry coeds. The Christmas party for the actives and pledges. Our Stardust formal in January. The initiation breakfast at the Cherokee Hotel. The after-dinner coffees. Our chapter picnic at Wakulla. Week-end at Camp. That ' s fun for a Zeta Tou! Dote of founding: 1898 Colors: Steel gray and tur- quoise blue Flower: White violet Officers: President: Martha Abbott Vice-President: Sue Arnold Secretary: Joanne Newman Treasurer: Virginia Summer Mussleman McGahee Royal I Scoggins Smith, M. Stapletort Summer Timmons Waybright Williams Willson Alpha Chi ' s enjoy sun . . , (norane " ?■ ' et ' ? afrfia Date of Founding 1 776 Alpha of Florida 1935 Phi Beta Kappa is an academic fraternity recognizing high scholarship and breadth of cultural in- terests. Membership is considered the highest academic honor which may come to a graduate of the college of Arts and Sciences to which school life it is confined. Motto: Love of Wisdom the Helmsman of Life. 1 1 Daisy Parker — President William Barrows — Vice-President Lucretia llsley — Secretary Olga Larson — Treasurer Elmer Smith — Historian William G. Dodd Myrtle Dolbee Olivia N. Dorman Mrs. Ralph Eyman Viola Graham Charter and Foundation Members Marian Hay Marian Irish Claude Pepper Harold Richards William H. Rogers Arthur Seymour Mrs. Arthur Seymour Venila Shores Elmer Smith Anna Mae Tracy Mary Bethell Alfriend William Barrows Ramona Beard Irene Boliek Ruth Bourne Dorothy Brown Mary Helen Burns Doak S. Campbell Guy L. Diffenbaugh Ezda Deviney Evelyn Ann Doyle Resident and Affiliate Members Marguerite Dressier Charlotte Harriman Betty Hatch Dorothy Hoffman Lucretia 1 Isley Nellie Kannwischer Sarah Krentzman Olga Larson William E. Loftin Daisy Parker Colin English Herman Gunter, Sr. Cleta 0. Robbins Mary Rogolino Ruth Schornherst Lynette Thompson Carolyn Trump Grace Evelyn Wilder Mrs. Franklin Alexander Mrs. Allen Boggs Millard Caldwell Dorothy Dodd Fred Walker Miriam Wilson Junior Member, Class of 1947 Ellen Whitman Bynum 6l ifi ' Date of Founding 1 897 1 925 FSCW Motto: The Love of Learning Rules the World. Phi Kappa Phi is a national honorary society giving recognition to students of high scholastic ability, in all departments of American colleges and universities. Its prime object is to emphasize scholar- ship in the thought of college students and to stimulate them to mental achievement by the prize of membership. Dr. K. O. Kuersteiner President Dr. A. R. Seymour Vice-President Miss Charlotte Harriman Secretary Miss Olga Larson Treasurer Miss Florence Tryon Historian Mary B. Alfriend Agnes Brown Doak S. Campbell Margaret Campbell Martha Chapman Mary Brice Deaver Guy L. Diffenbaugh Marguerite Dressier Ralph L. Eyman Ruth D. Ferguson Paul F. Finner Robert L. Goulding Betty Hatch Charlotte Harriman Active Members Dorothy Hoffman Nellie Kannswicher Karl O. Kuersteiner Herman Kurz Olga Larson Leiand J. Lewis Lou Miller Katherine Montgomery Robert C. Moon Ella S. Opperman Daisy Parker Elizabeth Pierce Louise Richardson Mary Rogolino Louise Salley Margaret Sandels Arthur R. Seymour Dora Skipper E. R. Smith V. E. Stewart Betty Ann Taylor Lynette Thompson Jennie Tilt Florence Tryon Virginia Turrentine Jess H. Wheeler Ellen Koenitzer President Margy Mallard Vice-President Geraldine Meyer Secretary Mary Jones Treasurer Valda Mock Historian Dr. Hoffman Faculty Advisor 1st row: Valda Mock, Mary Jones; 2nd row: Geraldine Meyer, Ellen Koenitzer, Dr. Shores, honorary mem- ber. 1st row: Catherine Corey, Pa uline Tuttle, Dorothy Martin; 2nd row: Janet Whitman, Hazel Ciarkson, Catherine Gallagher, Margie Morris. 1st row: Sibyl Colegrove, Emily Daw- kins, Margaret Flynn, Louise Shonter, Martha Jane Bird, Margaret Phipps, Marilyn Till; 2nd row: Beatrice Campbell, Gwen Clerments, Audrey Hunt, Catherine Heitzman, Esther Rasmussen, Catherine Cooper, Nelda Williams. Not pictured: Margie Berns, Jean Daly, Margery Mallard, Doris Stewart, Edna Wamble, Ann- ette Vitsky, Lenore Bergida, Rose- mary Fleming, Winifred Anthoiiy, Virginia Anthony, Mary Luther. A national honorary society for freshmen recog- nizing high scholastic achievement. ' Tftontofi ( i id Front — left to right; Morjorie Potter, Secretary; Barbara Wickham, vice-president; Ann Colvin, president; Frances Myers, historian; Barbara Mann; Center: Betty Schwartz, treasurer; Nell Clark, editor; Back: Rosetta Carver, Shirley Rodgers, Sarah Lewis, Robin Hill, Jean Cole, Eleanor Bragg, Barbara Irving, Harriet Kirk, Anne Hunter, Mary White. Mortar Board is dedicated to advance the spirit of service and fellowship, to maintain a high standard of scholar- ship, and to recognize and encourage leadership. The Torchbeorer chapter of Mortar Board of 1947 is com- posed of seventeen seniors exemplifying these ideals of Leadership, Scholarship and Service. As a special project for this year the group maintained a study clinic for freshmen and sophomores. S tene t Esteren is the Even honorary whose purpose is to promote the ideals and traditions of the Evens, and to foster a feeling of friendship and loyalty among the Evens. Esteren members, distinguished by their green and white, symbolize Even spirit and college loyalty. These girls are chosen for their unflagging service and outstanding leadership. 1st row, left to right: Ida Lee Rentz, Elaine Gavigan, Catherine Sullivan, president, Jo Ann Long; 2nd row: Dalia Santos, Alva Santos, Alva Ray, Connie Savage, Jean Sharer, Evelyn Shea, Bobs McCarthy, Juanita Krentzman; 3rd row: Irma Lee Shepherd, Amarene Thompson, Martha Peacock, Rosa Marcoux, Beth Fuhrer, Betty Kennedy, secretary-treasurer, Carol Clous, vice-president, Jimmie Rogers. m - ' 3S W 1st row, left to right: Barbara Irving, Rosetta Carver, Bookie McMichcei, Nancy Wright, Lea Wells, Nita Nord, Pauline Tuttle; 2nd row: Ann Seaward, Anne Parker, Sis Miller, Barbara Mann, Eleanor Bragg, Shirley Palmer, Virginia Goodell, Anne Hunter, Catherine Gallagher, Herkie White; 3rd row: Louise Sims, Betty Schwartz, Helen Looby, Mary Lou Norwood, Marion Looby, Robin Hill, Jean Cole, Bo Peep Shell, Lucile Harding, Shirley Rodgers; 4th row: Barbara Wickham, Anne Carter, Pat Dillard, secretary, Sarah Lewis, Nell Clark, vice-president, Ann Colvin, Frances Myers, president, Laura Simpson, Elaine Brown. Members not pictured: Betty Gardiner, Nancy Ward, Clarice Trueblood, Virginia Palmer, treasurer, Cris Morrison, Betty J. Singleton. SfrOia cftci Spirogira, honoring those outstanding members of the Odd classes, provides leadership and inspires loyalty to the college and Odd classes. Setting the pace in the changing needs of the campus, Spirogira, in conjunction with Esteren, designed a project of keeping the students well-informed of the action concerning coeducation and other educational programs taken by the current Florida legislature. The greatest excitement of the year was the mysterious arrival of a genuine skeleton who was promptly dubbed " Dead Ernestine " , the club mascot, and who fulfilled the tradition of all Spirogiras by wearing her black and white and by honoring always the gold skull and bones of Spirogira. ' ? fi ' Ddta P(t 1st row: J. Nesius, M. Perfect, E. Poythress, I. Davis, R. Jones, N. McNiel; 2nd row: A. James, F. Rutland, M. Pope, V. Gallemore, Mrs. P. Finner; 3rd row: A. Lewis, Mrs. J. J. Mark, M. Harley, A. Crume, Dean R. L. Eyman; 4th row: Mrs. Marion Hay, Dr. P. F. Finner, Dr. Otis McBride, Mrs. Mamie Mockery; 5th row: Dr. M. R. Hinson, Mr. Jess H. Wheeler, Dr. Robert C. Moon, Dr. Mark H. DeGraff, Mr. E. W. Cason. The height of achievement in the practical field of education has been reached by the members of Kappa Delta Pi, notional honorary fraternity for those who are outstanding in the School of Education. To those in the field of education the little scroll key is the highest scholastic honor attainable. Officers Mr. Ernest W. Coson President Miss Ida Lulo Davis Vice-President Miss Frances Rutland Recording Secretary Miss Aileen James Corresponding Secretary Miss Neil McNeil Historian Dr. M. R. Hinson Counselor Miss Fannie B. Shaw Treasurer Faculty Mrs. Mary Alfriend Miss Dorothy Brown Dr. D. S. Campbell Mrs. James Carr Miss Martha Chapman Dr. Ruth Connor Dr. Broward Culpepper Dr. M. H. DeGraff Dr. M. W. Carothers Dr. R. L. Eyman Dr. P. F. Finner Dr. Morion J. Hoy Dr. Dorothy Leahy Mrs. M. L. Mockery Miss Florence Morlatt Dr. Otis McBride Miss Edith McCollum Mrs. Lou Miller Dr. R. C. Moon Dr. Nita K. Pyburn Miss Florence Tryon Miss Katherine Warren Mr. J. H. Wheeler Miss Agnes Brown Dr. W. T. Edwards Mr. J. M. Doggett 1: Alice Crume Margaret Harley iean Mark Erin Poythress Mary Louise Perfect Students Virginia Gallemore Ruth Jones Riley Beatrice Lewis Julia Nesius Mabel Pope Betty Long Gloria Hughes Yolando Arias Mae Snyder P 4(fiA !i. €t Phi Alpha Theta was founded with the purpose of giving special recognition to those students who have excelled in history and have gained scholastic achievement in other fields. To hold membership in this honorary one must have a 2.5 average in history and a B average in two- thirds of their remaining subjects. Members: Gloria Reed, president; Joanne New- man, Mabel Ruth Pope, Dr. Venila Shores, Dr. Anne Popper, Dr. R. S. Cotterill, Dr. M. E. Thomas, Miss Daisy Parker, Miss Florence Tryon. 1st row: J. Newman, G. Reed; 2nd row: Dr. Popper, Dr. Shores, M. Pope, Miss F. Tryon, Miss D. Parker. (i UPtm Sc m Sfo i M ' Gamma Sigma Epsilon, honorary chemical fraternity, was founded in 1919 at Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina. The Beta Gamma Chapter was installed at the Florida State College for Women in 1939. The purpose of the fraternity is to stimulate and encourage the science of chemistry. Left to right: J. Dawkins, M. Floyd, B. Speer, M. Trowbridge, M. J. Kirst, B. Gray, J. Sullenberger, K. McDonald, J. Nord, I. Johnston. Josephine Dawkins, Vison; Mary Jane Kirst, Grand Alchemist; Ann McDonald, Recorder; Juanita Nord, Keeper of the Kult; Marion Floyd, Betty Speer, Mary Trowbridge, Betty Sue Gray, Iris Johnston, Miss Charlotte Harri- mon. Miss Mary Christine Langston, Dr. L. J. Lewis, Miss Isabel McKinnel, Mr. Jerry Kelley, Dr. R. S. Leopold, Mrs. Lester. Omccn M ' TIac Omicron Nu, founded in 1912 and installed at FSCW in 1922, is a national Home Economics Honor Society. The object is to recognize and promote scholar- ship, leadership and research in the field of home economics. Only students in the last of their junior year, and seniors are eligible for membership. Every year it awards the Omicron Nu scholarship cup to the sophomore majoring in home economics who has made the highest average during her freshman year. Members: Student: Esther Dale, President Faculty: Mrs. Ruth D. Ferguson, Advisor Dr. Margaret R. Sandels Miss Helen Richey Miss Ellen Wright Miss Mary Deaver Miss Ethyl Holloway Miss Anna hAae Sikes lifdci Sfi ii M. T de Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national honorary fraternity for prc- medical students. The object of the fraternity is to encourage excellence in premedical scholarship, to stimulate an appre- ciation of the importance of premedical education in the study of medicine, to promote cooperation and contacts be- tween medical and premedical students and educators in developing an adequate program of premedical education, to bridge the gap between the premedical and medical schools, and to bind together similarly interested students. Charter membe rs: Joanne Whitaker, president; Betty Jean Giberson, vice-president; Marian Ferraro, secretary; Joyce Funke, Ella Mae Baer, Peggy Lunroth, Carmen Gomez, Sarah Stewart, Jackie Partin, Marilyn Sumner, Teeny Langston, Dr. Viola Graham, sponsor. PC VdU P Fostering of interest in the French Longuage, literature and civiliza- tion is the purpose of Pi Delta Phi. This honorary is open to juniors and seniors excelling in advanced French courses. Sponsor: Miss Lucy Lester Colors: Blue, white, red Founded 1938 Patricio Keller President Frances Lyon Vice-President Juanito Nord Secretary-Treasurer Front, left to right: Miss Morjorie Judy, Nita Nord, Miss Lucy Lester, Annie Lou Guess, Miss Betty Ackerman; Back: Mary Evans, Morjorie Wadley, Frances Lyon, Pat Keller. Members not pictured: Yvonne Stondish, Jean Luberman. Sc pta etta Pi Sigma Delta Pi, the Spanish honorary, strives to bring about a greater understanding of the cultures of the Spanish speaking countries, and to thereby foster unity among nations. Members: Ondina Lombardero, president; Lorraine Smith, secretary; Margaret Horley, treasurer; Vivian Mercer, historian; Pat Thomas McGinnis, Yolonda Arias, Carol Clous, Shirley Colley, Mary Evans, Anne Fielding, Annie Lou Guess, Frances Proctor Mines, Enid Krause, Ruth Leonard, Annette Maples, Inez Newman, Joanne Newman, Josephine Pulisi, Virginia Sapp, Sarah Shriver, Anne Singleton, Adeline Ynes, Miss Betsy Home, Miss Ruth Jones, Miss Carmen Rivera, Miss Myrtle Dolbee, Mrs. Nellie Kannwischer, Dr. Arthur Seymour, Dr. Delos Lincoln Canfield, Dr. Margie Burks, Dr. Marion Hay, Miss Mary Rogoiino, Miss Morjorie Judy, Miss Natalie Johnson, Miss Ruth Compbell, Miss Margaret Campbell. Left to right; D. Bush, M. Horley, L. Smith, V. Mercer, Dr. Canfield, O. Lombardero. ' Pi " TC tifi sd PtJ d Members: 1st row, left to right: Mi ss Marjorie Clayton, Fawn Trowick, Eleanor Bragg; 2nd row: Miss Gladys Koch, vice-president, Mr. Owen Sellers, secre- tary, Miss Mary Winslow, president, Miss Mary Reeder, treasurer. Miss Mary Ann Gooding, Miss Helen Merrill; 3rd row: Mr. Walter Cowles, Miss Etta Robertson, Miss Zadie Phipps, Mrs. Ramona Beard, Dean Karl Kuersteiner, Dr. Dock Campbell, Miss Rebecca Rodenberg, Miss Mary Meginnis. eta P ' St Motto: Try to grosp things beautiful. Founded 1943 Pi Kappa Lambda is an organization dedicated to the furtherance of musi- cal education. Its primary object is the encouragement of eminent achievement in performance, original composition and musical leadership. A national honorary to promote the highest standards in speech arts, recognizing students who show exceptional dramatic ability. Katherine Moore President Mary Ann Cannon Vice-President Mary Jane Inobnit Secretary Elaine Parramore Treasurer Outside circle, left to right: Betsy Bird, Betty Shirley, Burma Cox, Joy Fleming, Claire St. John, Eugenia Avant, Gloria Wells, Elaine Parramore, Anne Hunter, Laura Cason. Inside circle: Yvonne Cody, Jane Wooten, Mary Jane Inobnit, Kay Moore, Fay Bass, Louise lllingworth, Virginia Green. Members not pictured: Sarah Lewis Mary Ann Cannon Miss Elizabeth Thompson Miss Kemper Moore " - ■ NC aatjixaiion 1st row: Anne Seaward, Georgia Jaeckel; 2nd row; Rachel Chambers, Charlotte Snyder, Irma Lee Shepherd. Serving on the Organizations Committee this year were: Irma Lee Shepherd, Charlotte Snyder, Georgia Jaeckel, and Anne Seaward. Their chairman was Rachel Chambers. This organization regulates the activity load of every student. They also direct the extra-curricular activities of the campus. 7 ' DcAta{( Chief Selector of Copy, May Alexander, and her Associate in Charge of pencil and paste, Winnie Lane, planned the Distaff issues. Barbara Beckman assisted as Copy Editor, and Marcia Daniel handled the best of the campus ' s poetic output. The staff members are Laura Lee Butler, Jean Douglas, Elizabeth Hunter and, the visible evidence of co-education, Lucius Daniel. Joining their ranks at the second quar- ter were Sara Bowser and Barbara Byrnes, freshmen poetry and prose winners respectively. Kitty Chaires, with the help of Miriam Portnoy, has been the staff ' s Business Manager. Shirley Agress, Shirley Ger- stein, Doris Singer and Miriam Buckulta tracked down the advertisements and handled other business matters. In selecting material for the Distaff the staff has attempted to draw closer to the campus citizenry. May Alexander Editor J. Douglas, M. C. Skipper, A. Armstrong, M. Alexander, B. Beckman, M. Daniel, M. Portnoy, K. Chaires, L. L. Butler, S. Gerstein, W. Lane, L. Daniel. 6 C i taCMMi " Let ' s get the book out on time! " has been the pass-word of the Flastacowo office since the beginning of school. Though we had to move from a larger office early in the year, working on the floor, using window ledges as tables, and sitting three deep hasn ' t bothered us in the least. This year we decided to use a musical theme, for we felt maybe this year would be the beginning of harmonious years of co-education. Louise Sims guided us as editor-in-chief, with able assistance from Dot Butts, Marshall Lee Vernon, and Jean Sharer, as assistant editors. Talented members of the staff were Jean Sharer, " Dip " Brown, Lea Wells, and Art Skevakis who gave us theme, design, and color. Nancy Lefholtz set our music to words. Estill Malphurs and Marte Waters gave us originality in the Administration section with informal snaps of the deans. Class roles were checked and rechecked by Betty Jo Craig and Frances Wesson. The Feature section was turned over to Barbara Owen and Nell Clark. Panhellenic was deftly handled by LaVonne Black, Anne Lewis, and Louise Hutchinson. Shirley Longino and " Mel " worked out the Honorary division. And Jeanne Oldfather and Dottie Smith put the Organization section into order. Right there at every game were Rose Marie Ferro and Evelyn Shea to get material for their Sports di- vision. " Jag " Graham and Jean Sharer took pictures and found themselves at every function complet- ing their Activity section. The Tally-U division you ' ll hear more about as you keep turning pages. Freshman flunkies were Peggy Clayton, Ruth Hamner, Gloria Albritton, and Barbara Council. Ever reminding the editor that we had a budget was Margaret Johnson, Business Manager. Effi- cient ad-hunters on her staff were Sally Blocker, Nancy Keener, and Mary Catherine Moody. Symbol — of coeducation Everybody assembles for the Wednesday night meeting Louise Sims Editor-in-Chief Margaret Johnson Business Manager Months of hard work and planning precede the publication of the FLASTACOWO. These are the staff members who work behind the scenes — " under cover. " 7 ioncdci " I resign! " screams a voice from a far corner of the Flambeau office amidst the other frantic, hysterical cries of hrr colleagues and the constant beating of the typewriters. " You can ' t, " Editor Shirley Rodgers yelled back. " You did that last Thursday! " . Thursday afternoon with lots of copy still out, o last minute story on on important event as yet unobtainable, and thoughts of the hectic evening ahead before the Flambeau con be put to bed and the tired gals and guys can retire is enough to make any member of the s taff see red and want to resign. But, as the show must go on, the paper must go out Friday morning. The news editors, Laura Lee Butler and Jean Douglas the feature editors, Alicia Armstrong and Barbara Beckman; and the men ' s editor (a new addi- tion along with the Tallahassee branch of the University of Florida), Bob Shirley Rodgers Editor Cooksey, are eating copy paper and slug sheets trying to find out whether this week ' s issue of the " radical red rag " is going to be a four, six, or eight pager. Managing Editor, Joyce Petty, refers the matter to Business Manager, Vivian Sheaffer, who spends hours and hours juggling the books to allow for a maximum amount of wisdom to be disseminated through this organ published by the student; of Florida State College. " Hey, fellers, " calls our " Rodg " , " this story calls for a policy conference in the inner office right now. " In a vain attempt to get from some of the confusion, " The Chief, " with her associate editors, B. J., Bee Dowd, and Lola Rose, retire to the editorial office, provided by the moving of the Flambeau office to the old Flastacowo office in the Longmire building, to decide where the Flambeau will stand on this newly-arisen major issue. i The staff pulls its respective hair, but the FLAMBEAU always appears on Friday. J iam c cc Madge Pilcher and Paulette Blank, society editor and assistant, find their job greatly, but pleasantly increased by the social activities incurred with the suggestion of co-education on campus. Sports editor, Evelyn Shea, and her assistant, Margaret Goydon, moke up the sports page, to include men ' s athletics as well as women ' s games. " Cashin ' In " is evidence of the new male interest. And all of this results in Winnie Lane having such a job as copy editor as to require the services of a copy-and-proof reading staff. Mary Lou Norwood, June Grandstoff, Beryl Kitchen, Margie Clark, and Catherine Nollman are responsible for the weekly — or almost weekly — col- ums which are a large part of the Flambeau. On the rewrite desk are Jane Hardacre, Jean Lord, and Catherine Nollman. Theirs is really a big job at the first of the year and of each quarter when new reporters are getting used to the ways and means of newspaper work. Vivian Schceffer Business Manager The steady " one, two, three, four, and a half " from the middle desk is not a group of co-eds beating out verbal rhythm, but the headline staff trying to make the headlines fit the count marked by Joyce Petty — and also make sense. Thursday night is over, but there ' s another paper coming out next week. Editors must post assignments early Friday morning so the reporters con try to see the busy ones who can give them the news, for even the Flambeau has a deadline to be met. Any member of the Flambeau staff will look puzzled if you should ask why he or she goes through this every week, then answer, " Why, I guess it ' s the printer ' s ink in my veins — and those bull sessions we always take time to have. " The vicious cycle of the " Red Rag " . . . collect material, assemble material, and start all over again. et Nicky Sartoris President Pattie Odom Secretary-Treasurer Marion Davis Program Chairman H. F. Becker Sponsor The aims of this organization are to afford an opportunity for extra- curricular work in geography to foster extra-classroom acquaintance be- tween faculty and students and to increase interest in geography as a college subject. The foremost purpose of the Aero Club is to promote an interest in aviation on the Florida State College campus. Aviation is a new field, and we would like to see our campus have a part in beginning the work in the colleges. To make flying less expensive for ourselves and others is also an aim of our club. In addition, we would like to see courses concerning aviation and other related fields introduced into our college curriculum. The club poses typically between two of their planes. ' Doff Stude tt 0% 4XKCfCitc M. All students who live at home and attend classes at FSCW qxq day students, and it is the aim of their organization to bring these students closer to the campus activities. The Day Students Lounge in the Longmire Build- ing is one of the most " lived-in " places on campus — you ' ll find them all there at some time or another, for a coke or smoke between classes or maybe a relaxing chat after a grueling session of studies and tests. ! 1 ■ ' ■ ' T " " f % WKBm i- ' - ' tmK flt E. Tonney, J. Dance, M. Harvell, M. Y. Jones, J. Powell, E Grider, G. Brumby. Eg: it I.L a I - M. H. Johnson, Vice-President; A. Gehan, President. M. Norton, J. Thomas, N. Leth, B. Wheeler, H. Jackson, E. Greene, C. Hart, H. Weever, S. Ketchan. J. Folsom, J. Gard, D. Groover, M. McElwain, P. Farnsworth, V. Varne, D. Stewart. Alice Newett Secretary-Treasurer Dee Gardner . . ■ President Rarbara Randolph Vice-President Jean Olson Publicity 7 tten uztcfMoi ei ztcoH iu The International Relations Club was formed to promote an intelligent interest in world affairs. The Carnegie Endowment for world peace sponsors the Clubs on campuses in this country and abroad. Any students who are interested in world affairs are eligible for membership. Speakers of interest to all students have been brought to the campus under the sponsorship of IRC. Row 1 : W. Pulliom, V. Sheaffer, C. Smith, N. Morgan, M. Johnson, D. R. Kennedy, L. Watkins, E. J. Johnson, P. Mounts, M. J. McCann, A. Rodriguez; Row 2: A. Shedroff, G. Goodkind, M. Evans, P. Keller, S. Bradshaw, R. Sprankle, J. deVette, R. Jackson, A. Siegel, A. Solomon, R. Wilson; Row 3; E. Lomax, I. Santos, B. S. Taylor, F. Raney, E. Boothby, B. Hendon, J. E. Williams, L. Baker, A. Stiehl, B. Limms. Row 1 : B. Solomon, F. Roberts, I. Davis, H. Maki, E. Deas, P. Hunt, Z. Hastings, E. Keller; Row 2: J. Ashley, B. Abbott, O. Letton, J. Story, N. Sartoris, V. DerGarry; Row 3: R. Leonard, S. Heyman, S. Shifke, A. Schwartz, M. Sable, Z. Kaplan, J. Harris. s, CfU t " M This year, one hundred and eighty Senior Hall members enjoyed its privileges and re- sponsibilities. Ann Parker served C3 Chairman of the group and Caroline Pruit was Secretary- Treasurer. Miss Elizabeth Lynn, the capable and much respected advisor of the girls, counseled them throughout the year. Senior Hall ' s outstanding project of the year was the inauguration of a new fire drill system. From year to year the constant aim of each Senior Hall girl is to willingly par- ticipate in any activity for the betterment of the school and to conduct herself so as to demonstrate high standards of thought and action. " Judge " Carver and Ann Parker scrub up. Ann Parker, Eleanor Bragg, and others relax for a hand or two. Mary Ann Cannon, Jean Cole, and Sarah Lewis hang the Mortar Board with pride. RelaxI " While a Chesterfield burns! " Mary Nell Goldman and Nancy McEdwards give " Herky " White a hard time. ' Wome Sc M Muc hc OFFICERS Esther Dale President Anne Spooner Secretary Eddie Faye Stokes Treasurer Ruth Largent Social Chairman Carolyn Flint Publicity Chairman Elizabeth Harper Poster Committee Chairman Grace Trice Senior Representative Yvonne Boatright Junior Representative June Hoiloway Sophomore Representative Ann Carlisle Freshman Representative The purpose of the college Home Economics Club of F. S. C. W. is to develop and promote interest in the various aspects of home economics and to foster good student-faculty relationships. Having been on the campus since 1916 and maintaining continuous affiliation with its National Profes- sional Group, membership has always been based upon an interest in the field of home economics. Row 1 : Mrs. J. Windham, M. Morris, A. Lockhart, E. F. Stokes, E. Dale, P. Hourihan; Row 2: R. Marshall, I. Dossey, N. J. Armstrong, L. Anderson; Row 3: E. J. Geeting, M. Morse, R. Kennedy; Row 4: A. Spooner, V. Gosken, R, Richbourg; Row 5: A. Dorsey, C. Kautz, E. Rollins, R. Powers, S. Meyer, G. Chastain Row 6: R. Lemmon, C. Gray, D. Gill, R. Brown, D. Welker, E. Farnell, M. 0. Pitt, 0. Letton, G. Trice, Miss Wright, E. Hill, A. Cromartie, M. McAlpin, A. Martin, J. Savory, M. Cook. J ed ( n t44 Barbara Wickhom Chairman Margie Holms First Vice-Chairman Audrey Evan Second Vice-Chairman Betty Sweet Secretary Betty Dixon Treasurer In its first year of existence on the campus, the FSCW chapter of the American Red Cross made definite contributions. One hundred sixty-seven Junior Red Cross gift boxes were sent to children overseas, along with sweaters members had knitted. Swimming technique was taught the students of the Demonstration Summer School by Betty Dixon, and a disaster relief committee was organized. One of the most heart-warming projects carried out by the chapter was the making of decorations for the Veterans ' Hospital in Thomasville at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Big planning for our college unit First Aid is a principal need Dr. Carothers accepted our charter These people are responsible for the chapter of the American Red Cross on this campus. Bij?r% »« i r I Row 1: B. McRee, B. Beckman, Row 2; B. Trevorthon, M. Hill, Miss Goldrran, Miss Greife, J. Petty, M. H. Burns, A. Ransom, R. Hill; Row 3; M. VanNetta, B. Frank, M. V. McDonald, R. Hutchins, A. Nordon. % Tij. e - With the aid of their new executive director, the YWCA has endeavored to give all members an op- portunity for personal growth, for activity in the community, for education concerning the vital political, social, and economic problems of the day, and for meaningful worship with the entire student body. In these activities they strive " to understand Jesus and to follow Him. " Left to right: B. Trevorthon, social chair- man, J. Howard, secretary, M. Peebles, publicity chairman, C. Journigon, president, M. Miller, vice-president, F. Smith, treasurer. 1st row: B. Rushmer, N. Colb urn, R. Lem- mon, J. Merritt, W. Pulliorn; 2nd row: J. Howard, C. Journigon, H. Jones, R. Boston, M. Morse, V. Dixon, M. Peebles M. Ray, R. Lorgent; 3rd row: B. Trevor- thon, G. Brownlee, G. Albritton, A. Roy, D. Nowok, G. Nowok. a-i e Under the auspices of the State Home Demonstration Office, the objectives of the 4-H Club are to encourage the 4-H girls to enter college and to promote the program of 4-H work in the state. The calendar of activities for the year consists largely of social functions ending with the Annual State Short Course for Florida 4-H girls held at F, S. C. W. eccd The Canterbury Club is an or- ganization made up of all Episcopal students on the cam- pus. The Vestry is the governing body that plans and directs the activities of this group. Row I : S. Dorr, B. R. Demman, D. Sperry, H. McCarter, H. C. Everett; Row 2: E, Boothby, A. Keyton, M. Harrox; Row 3: I. Hammond, P. Yates, B. Anderson, C. Smith. 7 Ti e tmM tcn. ' peUoiot Acfr Row 1 : B. Moore, t . Maclnnes, V. Swicord, M. Potter, M. Mallard, T. Stan- ford, D. J. Allen; Row 2: S. Shriver, B. Mowat, M. McCormack, N. Delgodo, C. Baxter, H. Burnett, C. Morper. The Westminster Fellowship is the organization of all Presby- terian students on campus. The Student Counselor, Miss Miriam Wilson, a council composed of upperclassmen, and all the mem- bers of the Westminster Fellow- ship strive to live more Christ- like lives and to bring others to a knowledge of Him. Row 1 : R. McAfee, D. DiFabrigio, E. Bassidy, P. Roache, M. K. Murray, S. Sanders, B. J. Waters, J. Downey, F. Ewart, A. Holden; Row 2: C. Austin, V. Sosin, M. Marotto, M. A. Bossidy, A. Lappington, J. Erickson, R. M. Nunnori, A. Rodriquez, A. Pavese, B. Oglesby, A. Firnandez, N. Shumon, M. VonReeden; Row 3: J. Martin, C. Kenney, H. A. Chczal, S. Fuss, F. Williams, K. Park, A. Murphy, J. Clark, J. Tippin, J. Ingals, L. Vocelle, O. Vega, E. Brinkmonn, L. Brinkmann, D. Borbridge, E. Clark. Row 1 ; H. Burch, B. Smith, M. Baxter, M. A. Welder, M. Cooney, E. Reese, G. Cummings, A. Sanchez; Row 2: B. Baxter, D. McLeod, A. Semmes, M. Perry, M. Berry, D. Mayhew, M. A. Parker, A. Vocelle, M. Carter, N. Smith; Row 3: R. Mayhew, A. Parker, B. Weedon, M. Blackshow, M. A. Berry, M. Braun, C. Heitzman, H. McCann, D. De- Lotte, D. Cunningham, P. Hourihon, N. Rogolino; Row 4: L. Brooks, R. Schwem, G. Dunnavont, J. O ' Hara, T. Kane. 7 Tleami M ( iuS OFFICERS Dr. Paul J. Coughlin Sponsor Rose Mayhew Junior Representative Patricia Hourihon Senior Representative Marjorie Blackshow Treasurer Catherine Heitzman Corresponding Secretary Ann Parker Freshman Advisor Gloria Basila President Mary Cooney Vice-President Gloria Cummings Recording Secretary Mary Ann Berry Parliamentarian Notalina Rogolino Sophomore Representative I he Cotholic girls and boys on campus constitute the membership of the Newman Club. With a variety of activities — from religious and intellectual discussion groups to the fun-packed social activities — the Newman Club serves as a medium of closer friendship for its members. Cor Ad Cor Locquitur — " Heart Speaketh to Heart " — is the expressive motto of the group. Jt. AtiM Science June Chyna President Mary Jane Sherman Vice-President Janice Richey Secretary Elnora Dohlin Treasurer First row: M. Chamberlain, A. Simpson; second row: E. Doblin, N. A. Powell, J. Chyna, M, J. Sherman, Miss L. Richey, J. Richey; third row: R. Hartwell, M. N. Thrower, B. Heard, R. Baker, C. Clous, J. Chastoin, M. Chillingworth, L. Smith. The Christian Science Organization was formed in January, 1945 to include students of Christian Science among the students, faculty and staff of the college. Its object is mutual aid and encouragement in the study and prac- tice of Christian Science. Ti e Ce ' pocutdatcoK Joyce Carlton President Frances Cannon Vice-President Kathleen Johnson Secretary Lillian Blackwelder Treasurer Methodists at FSCW are working towards fel- lowship and the furthering their high spiritual ideals through religious meetings at their stu- dent house. Top — Row 1 : M. J. Bird, D. McRee, A. Leeper, K. Johnson, B. Smith; Row 2: F. Cannon, F. McLarr.ore, N. Gray, B. Hill, A. Ciorrortie, J. Swingley. Left — Row 1 : M. J. Lasriter, B. Hentz, J. Newrr.an, J. Carton, M. A. Herring, B. Flanders, G. Trice; Row 2: E. M. Johnson, M. V. McDonald, L. Blackwelder, B, R, Goode, E. Krouse. W ' S ' nM " f Md (KmcCmtam ■ pn| ■1 mS i wk W ' ' 1 H u. 1 Rp i m ' flk iM ' fl 3 L w H Pm Hi 1 1 M Hillel is an organization devoted to cultural, religious, and social activities omong Jewi:h students at American univer- sities. FSCW Hillel comprises in its membership most of the students of Jewish faith, and has toL;ght them the best of Jewish traditions a nd religion, and has interpreted and rep- resented Judaism to the non-Jswish majority of FSCW students. H. Levine, I. Gross, R. Leonard, D. Dovis Top — 1st row: R. Wolfe, P. Singer, S. Gold, M. Sober; 2nd row; J. Freeman, M. Buchholtz, L. Freeman, R. Jackson; 3rd row: D. Singer, S. Baker, C. Rosenvaig, Y. Guiko, A. Shedroff, B. Solomon. Right — 1st row: J. Rosenthal, P. Marks, S. Gerstein, G. Lichenstein, M. Portnoy 2nd row; Rabbi Ernest Lorge, Miss Lois Goldman, S. Barish, J. Leiberman, E. Silverman, M. Leonard; 3rd row: A. Friedman, D. Spitzer, T. Davis, A. Solomon, S. Shifke, Z. Kaplan, A. Schwartz, G. Greenberg, R. England, B. Firestone. Irene Gross President Hoscia Levine Vice-President Ruth Leonard Secretary Dorothy Davis Treasurer Louise lllingsworth President Myrtle Robinson Secretary Betty Redd Treasurer " We are all one body, tho ' from east and west, We would serve the Master, put us to the test. Thus with hearts united. Sin we shall subdue With His love unfailing. Spirit of B. S. U. " Members of the Baptist Student Union are led by its senior council. Throughout the year they have had morning watches, numerous devotional programs, and have enter- tained with barbecue parties. This group works towards the unification of spirit in religion. |W| ' V - msA ■ . W w f ■ ' ■ ' .fii. ■ Ife n j ph 1 |M| Sj » M n 1 1 1 nn 1 B.S.U. outings 1st row: I. Rentz, B. Redd, L. Illingworth, M. J. Inabnit, B. Stokes, S. Margraves, B. Speer; 2nd row: M. Pitt, C. Gallagher, M. J. Tison, A. Lewis, Miss Faye James, C. M. Foster, A. O ' Brien, C. McGeachy, V. Clifton, S. Wells, C. Tobias, Jr. Mr. Herman Gunter College Choir Mr. William H. Presser College Orchestra The orchestra and the choir hove worked together this year to give us such a fine pre- sentation as The Messiah. In doing this they have shown a keen sense of co-operation, which will set or example for the coming years. Orchestra, by itself, has given several fine concerts under the gijiding hand of Mr. Presser. Choir also has given a Spring Concert and surpassed in their inspirational Easter Vespers. Mr. Gunter has organized a group that will bring us the best in sacred and secular choral literature. Me S(f pt kA M Onc €4t i President — Jere Farnsworth Vice-President — Marilyn Dewey Secretory-Treasurer — Marno Smith VIOLINS— H. Merrill, L. Baker, C. Anderson, B. Cook, F. Honour, A. Jenkins, V. Allstock. SECOND VIOLINS— M. J. Williams, M. Haldeman, J. Cameron, B. J. Rushmer, G. Sparkman, J. Stephenson, M. Beckman. VIOLAS — M. Smith, K. Kuersteiner. CELLOS — G. Smith, P. Hill, C. Trump, R. Ropenberg, T. Carey. BASSES— F. Blake, O. Sellers. FLUTES — M. Dewey, C. Taylor. CLARINETS — E. Fleet, B. Steele, O. Taylor. BASSOON — J. Farnsworth. HORNS — A. Vltsky, K. Wagner, R. Hartsfield. TIMPANI — C. Morrison. 1 Touring the state was fun The Messiah rehearsals were many, but the big night was worth it oUe ( aOt President — Chris Holley Business Manager — David Wilcox Vice-President- — -Lucille Wooten WOMEN SOPRANO I— E. N. Ayala, A. Bache, G. Fitzgerald, I. Glover, N. L. Harrell, P. Harrison, E. Howard, P. Hunt, V. Johnson, C. Kent, D. Lamb, P. Laney, R. Mclnnis, N. Morris, A. Nicholson, D Stallwood, B. J. Strickland, J. Summers, G. Williams. SOPRANO II — M. Booth, I. Bowles, J. Cooper, L. J. Crum, B. Dowd, M. L. Gamble, J. Hansen, B. Kacinski, M. Lance, M. Long, M. McCormack, N. McFarland, C. Murrell, M. Nichols, E. Nix, D. D. Phillips, P. Rainey, J. Stephenson, B. Strickland, D. Shirah, E. Thomas, L. Watkins, B, Watson, M. Waters. ALTO I — J. Arnold, J. A. Barnes, A. Beard, C. Bezant, E. Booth, S. Bush, M. C. Curtis, P. Dale, C. Ellis, B. J. Epps, A. Prink, M. Grimsley, G. Long, K. Nunez, P. Parish, J. Sauls, S. Slater, M. Tobias, S. Webster, M. Wheeler, J. Williams, L. Wooten. ALTO 11 — H. Beasley, I. Coleman, E. Hargrove, N. Jones, M. M. Keddie, M. Long, I. Lyons, M. S. Michael, B. Myer, S. Pettit, P. Rigell, J. Shropshire, J. Stalnoker, D. Stanton, M. Strum, L. Walker, M. Williams. MEN TENOR I— A. Bradford, D. McDowell, J. P. Foldes. TENOR II— S. Boyer, J. Burt, R. Burt, P. DeMilly, J. Graham, S. Jordan, I. Price, D. Smith. BASS I— L. Gilberg, M. Guild, M. Harrison, R. Harts- field, P. Jensen, A. Kannwischer, E. Kent, C. Long, G. Terrell, C. Tobias, D. Wilcox. BASS II — C. Holley, E. Holiingsworth, G. Jennings, D. Knapp, D. McFarland, E. Morgan, V. Nasrallah, R. Willis. ACCOMPANIST — Peter Jensen. 0Cu Virginia Dsr Garry President Dophns Rowe Vice-President Ann Townsend Secretary-Treocurer Jeanette Chapman Businsss Manager Saraln Brameiiter end Alice Wheeler Librarians Mies Etta Robertion Director The Glee Club is organized to provide pleasure and stimulation for a better and wider interest in music among the student body. Two programs are presented yearly — Christmas Vespers in Decem- ber and Spring Concert in March. There is a program presented for the University of Florida some- time in the spring. Members — J. Bagley, E. Bragg, S. Brameister, H. Bright, J. Brown, S. Brown, G. Bryan, J. Carlton, J. Chapman, J. Chyna, H. Clarkson, J. Coleman, M. L. Conn, D. Connelly, J. Cox, N. Craig, D. Crum- ley, V. Gumming, A. Daniel, R. Dart, J. Daye, M. Davis, V. DerGarry, P. DeKalb, N. Durrance, H. Edminston, G. Elder, R. Ervin, B. Fennell, A. Flanders, J. Fosdick, A. Futrelle, V. Gallemore, M. Hart, M. Hartley, D. Hewitt, M. Heyl, M. A. Hopson, B. Houlihan, E. Johnson, B. Kent, R. King, M. J. Kirst, M. B. Knight, J. Long, M. Nonn, B. Marlin, H. McCann, J. McGee, A. McClelland, M. Mc- Millin, S. Meish, L. Meriwether, C. Merrin, C. Morper, M. Morris, D. Musselman, M. Nichols, J. Ober, D. O ' Neill, M. Pilcher, D. Rowe, V. Sewell, L. Simpson, E. Smith, M. Smith, J. Stroberg, P. Teagarden, V. Thompson, A. Townsend, H. Vogel, D. Wade, E. Ward, M. Welch, M. Westberry, A. Wheeler, J. Williams, S. L. Williams, R. Wilkie, M. Wilson, E. Worn, W. Zetrouer, McC The band has done a splendid job this year under the supervision of Mr. Sellers, not only for our enjoy- ment but also for the enjoyment of many others in touring the state and bringing pleasure to many. FLUTES — W. Boyles, M. Davis, M. Dewey, M. Howell, R. Perkins, F. Venters. CLARINET — B. Alford, C. Ellis, E. Hare, E. Harper, E. Har- rison, P. J. Hodges, P. McCaskill, J. Mills, E. Ozee, I. B. Price, B. Redd, J. Backoff, A. Smith, B, Steele, D. Stokes, O. Taylor, B. Wade, B. White. ALTO CLARINET — V. Carr. BASS CLARINET — E. L. Pickett, C. Burt. OBOE — H, Sturgis, M. L. Gamble. BASSOON — E. Harper. FRENCH HORN — R. Hortsfield, P. J. May, W. Miller, A. Vitsky, K, Wagner. SAXOPHONE — S. Conner, C. A. Henderson, J. Longford, A. Norden, S. McCaskill, M. Morris. TRUMPET— A. M. Adkinson, M. J. Bates, A. Carlisle, R. F. Cole, M. Futch, M. A. Harrison, J. G. King. CORNET — B. J. Allen, E. Guthery, A. Jenkins, F. Michael, R. McElroy. BARITONE — M. F. Allen, V. Joslyn. TROMBONE — B. Berg, F. Clopton, B. A. Sparkmon, J. C. Stubbs, C. Varnadore. BASS — E. Blair, P. B. Hebert, E. Morgan, N. Whittle. PERCUSSION — C. Allison, E. Bowman, S. Brameister, J. Longdon, D. McRee, C. Morrison. Betty Jean Allen President Chris Morrison Vice-President Evelyn Hare Secretary Myra Jean Bates Treasurer Mr. Owen F. Sellers Director gotdUi Od Loy, Hadley, Norwood, Oldfather, Shull Mary Lou Norwood President Jeanne Oldfather ■ •, Vice-President Betty Loy Secretary Jane Anne Hadley Treasurer Ann Shull Dance Chairman These energetic little gals act as permanent hostesses in the rec in the Alum Building . . . consistently helpful and cheerful, they willingly entertain. They are identified by their wee top hats, these Cotillion. D. Brown, P. Harrison, N. Lefhoitz, F. Smith, B. J. Singleton, H. Merriweather, 5. Meisch entertain in the " rec. " New " taps " : V. Sapp, S. Stever, J. Fosgate, P. Parrish, T. Miner, H. Spach, B. LaBree, R. McGinnis, S. Harrison, J. Mixson, and C. DeNisco. dict autt The campus cuties with their vivacious smiles and winning ways — they are always sought after at college dances where they act as official hostesses — these are the Village Vamps. » iJ Norma Schaeffner Chief Heartbreaker Nell McNeil Chief Twotimer Mary Catherine Kluttz Keeper of Dotes Jeanne DuPree Chief Golddigger C. K. Boynton, M. N. Thrower, E. Jones, S. A, Davis. J. A. Massie, N. L. Streeter, C. McKeithan, H. Kirk, A. Holten, B. Patterson, Y. DuPree, A. Rice, P. Crosby, J. Harris, B. Heard. Seated: E. Hunter, S. Osborn, S. Colegrove, B. Houlihan, B. Goodnight, E. Gordon, D. Grayson; Standing: B. Delo, H. Gong, M. Fountain, Miss Edith West, A. Connelly, D. Osborn, A. Struck. The aim of the Classical Club is two-fold: to stimulate student interest in the civilizations of Greece and Rome; and to promote a spirit of fellowship among family and students. Anyone on campus who is in- terested in the classics is welcomed into membership. OFFICERS: Betty Hunter President Sibyl Colegrove Vice-President Adelia Nicholson Secretary Jack Parish Treasurer Arthur Connolly Bulletin Board Chairman Helen Gong Publicity Chairman Betty Houlihan Social Chairman Miss Edith W. West Sponsor 1st Row: W. Hardy, Miss Lynette Thompson, M. Brown; 2nd Row: B. Scarboro, L. Horner, A. Nicholson, M. Ambroce A Sawyer, M. Shumon, M. Hunter, E. James, G. Thorp. Mci U OFFICERS: Eleanor Bragg President Peggy Welch Vice-President Lucille Wooten Secretary Alice Wheeler Treasurer The Music Club, founded only a few years ago, chooses for membership only those with high scholas- tic rating, musicianship, and leadership. These mem- bers from among the junior and senior classes, aim towards expanding musical activity and high stand- ards of musical appreciation on our campus. P. Welch, E. Bragg, A. Daniel, D. Lamb, A. Wheeler, and Miss Gladys Koch. 1st Row: E. Smith, A. Flanders, M. A. Hopson, R. Perkins, M. Duvey; 2nd Row: N. Durronce, V. Thompson, A. Townsend, G. Fornsworth, S. Conner. :-Lij: w , CWIKX ci ome ' 4 ecncatcoK ;4 4 cc€itioK EXECUTIVE BOARD Seated: Whitaker, Gardiner, Shea, MacEdwards; Standing: Stambaugh, Brown. With FSCW in the midst of what many called a " transition period " the members of this year ' s W. R. A. Board took a stand to continue to perpetuate ODD-Even ac- tivities insofar as it was possible. Aside from this, the main project for this year was the building up of the intramurals program in order to attract wider interest and participation in the recreational facil- ities on campus. This goal was attained with an overage of over twenty teams en- tering in all intramural sports. Betty Jane Gardiner President BOARD MEMBERS Seated: Richardson, Miller, Irving, Singleton, Pavese, Donnally; Standing: Aspinwall, Gorman, White, Bowles, Davis, Goldman. TiJecLfien t6 S t i Emma Spencer ' 28 Simpy Yarborough ' 28 Bernice Conklin ' 28 Margaret Richerds ' 29 Betty Suhrer ' 29 Betty Wood ' 30 Edna Mattox ' 30 Betty Bell ' 31 Nancy Lutz ' 3 1 Marian C. Phillips ' 30 Dorothy Archer ' 32 Helen Geffcken ' 32 Dorothy Hicks ' 32 ■ ' , Buddy Autrey ' 33 Rhea Gallagher Grace Kirley ' 33 m »- Betty Schwartz Marion Looby Betty Bailey ' 35 Felicia West ' 38 Yvonne Marchessau ' 40 Cornelia Wation ' 41 Jean Wood ' 42 Pauiette Noland ' 42 Stella Volenti ' 43 Margie Lambert ' 44 Dottie McGahagin ' 44 Aliese Trieste ' 45 Catherine Barrs ' 46 Sarah Bennett ' 46 Racheal Chambers ' 47 Marion Looby ' 47 Virginia Palmer ' 47 Betty Schwartz ' 47 Virginia Palmer Racheal Chambers 7 The wearers of the F are those girls who have successfully participated in Odd-Even sports. These girls try to promote school spirit, athletic achievement, and sportsmanship throughout the student body as a whole. Their favorite pastimes, besides some game participation, are indulging in Friday sings in front of Bryan, outings, camp weekends, and plagueing the lowly " upside down " F wearers. -i 1st row: Irving, president, Adams, Augustine, Beazeii, Beckneii, Bouiand, Bowles, Brown, Burch; 2nd row: Calley, Cham- bers, Clous, Davis, Donnelly, Dubois, Fliess, Floyd, Gardiner; 3rd row: Gorman, Govigan, Goodell, Goldman, Hayes, Holmes, Home, Jackson. Barbara Irving President Nita Nord Vice-President Elaine Gavigan Secretary Jeannie Booth Social Chairman :vans. Members not pictured: Jeannie Booth, Lucy Brown, Emily Chancey, Marilyn Dewey, Audrey E Lucy Harding, Shirley Margraves, Betty Kennedy, Harriet Kirk, Sarah Lev is, Nancy MacEdwards, Mae Manning, Gloria McVey, Virginia Palmer, Ann Parker, Amelia Pavese, Ann Shull, Amarene Thomp- son, Clarice Trueblood, Pauline Tuttle, Nancy Ward, and Sarah Wells. 1st row: Nord, vice-president, Johnson, Jones, Krentzman, LaBree, Levy, Lindsey, Looby, Marcoux; 2nd row: Merriweather, McCarthy, Mclnnis, Palmer, Rov. Richardson, Seaward, Schwartz, Shea 3rd row: Shepherd, Singleton, Stanaland, Skevakis, Story, Sullivan, Welts, White, Whitaker. C CC zi S t CC tUM. ;44 0CCCitc M. Nita Bowles President Senior and Junior Members Sophomore Members The Physical Education Association is made up of girls who ore physical education majors. They foster profes- sional interest, and assist VVRA with intramural sports are two main func- tions of the PEA. Freshmen Members ( Mtmcttee This is the place where the talented, but not officially recognized, members of the student have their fling at dramatics. Here anything goes from a mad magician to featured hockey games with broom sticks. It ' s the place to be every Saturday night for laughs and dancing. It may be a medly of skits or a few off key singers but anyway they ' ll al- ways guarantee you one good laugh. One may be the player of the tune or one may only listen to the music. OutMf 0iu An outing at camp. Members of the committee. The committee plans. Be it a hay ride or a picnic in Gaines Wood or an outing at camp it ' s always fun when planned by the Outing Club. Several projects have been sponsored this year by the outing committee that have been great fun for all those who took part. fon iOK 3etty Jane Singleton President Betty Jane Singleton President Carol Clous • ' Vice-President Anna Lou Rivers Secretory-Treasurer Miss Ernestine Troemel Sponsor Tarpon ' s still on top. This year ' s demonstration included such innovations as the Sophisticated Free Style and the Pow Wow Stroke. Their swimming style and form was up to its usual perfection. They were again asked to the National Aquatic Forum where they contributed to the advancement of formation swimming. Their new pins, a graceful miniature tarpon in silver, is rapidly becoming a familiar sight on campus and they hope new royal blue suits will soon be shown to the crowds of demonstration goers. These mermaids will continue to exemplify the skill and grace of the tarpon throughout the years. Left to right; B. Irving, F. Adams, M. Swanson, C. Bouland, D. Wynn, C. Clous, B. Lindsey, J. Levy, M. Manning, B. Barnes, M. Holmes. Left to right: R. Davis, A. Rivers, A. Pavese, J. Zewadski, C. Batten, A. Home, A. Chazal, D. DuBois, Martin, J. Boucher. ' d c SofAcu ( an Mary Nell Goldman Captain Joyce Cayce First Mote Anna Home Second Mote Grace Bradley Yeoman, First Class Mary Nell Goldman Captain The Life Saving Corps is organized under the American Red Cross in order to carry out the standards and services set up by the A.R.C. here at Florida State College. The main duty of the Corps is to provide life guards and swimming instructors for all the swimming classes taught in the pool and for all the plunges scheduled. Also the Corps offers classes in Senior life saving each quarter of the year and special classes to train instructors for teaching swimming at the pool. This Corps also provides guards to watch over the week-end swimmers at camp. 1st row: G. Bradley, Miss Martha Heifirn, C. Bezant, J. Cayce, K. Aspinwall, A. Home; 2nd row: M. N. Goldman, M, McGeahy, J. Bogeley, B. Barnes. 1st row: A. Home, Miss Martha Heifirn, M. N. Goldrron, J. Cayce; 2nd row: K. Aspinwall, C. Bezant, G. Bradley 3rd row: J. Bageley, M. McGeahy, B. Barnes, H. Harris. adie This year red, white, and purple handed green and yellow a 4-1 shellacking in the traditional game held in November. Taking scoring honors for the game, and the Odds, was Nancy Ward accounting for three of the Odd goals. Nita Nord brought in the other point. The Evens ' only tally was made by Rosa Lee Davis in the third quarter. Marion Floyd Even Hockey Leader Nita Nord Odd Hockey Leader Odds threaten the Even goal as the goalie takes a healthy swing. 1st row: Augustine, White, Gleaton, Ward, Miller, Miss Stephens, Nord; 2nd row: Goldman, MacEdwards, Gallagher, Manning, True- blood, Richardson, Jackson, Harding, Patrick, Goodell. ' f 1 4 ' 1st row: Graydon, Simmons, Lipe, McQuig, Smith; 2nd row: Mc- Innis, Whidden, Gorman, Floyd, Cone, Whidden, Pavese. Taking the game from the Evens were: Nita Nord, hhciQ Manning, Nancy Ward, SAary Jackson, Virginia Goodell, Clarice Trueblood, Sis Miller, Mary Nell Goldman, Dottie Patrick, Nancy Gleaton, Catherine Gallagher, Mary White, Gussie Augustine, Lucy Harding, Nancy MacEdwards, and Marii Richardson. Giving the Odds a run for their money were: Claire Smith, Mary Jo Whidden, Rosa Lee Davis, Mary Jane Taylor, Anne Mclnnes, Amelia Pavese, Amarene Thompson, Joyce Gorman, Snooks Lipe, Pinky Simmons, Vera Cone, Marion Floyd, Graydon, and McQuig. Even Lipe is attempting to intercept Odd Nord ' s drive. Odds Ward and Manning watching Evens Thompson and Floyd. s cce With a tied score of 2-2 Soccer honors go this year to both the Odd and Even teams. After a surprise play made by the Evens at the kick-off the Odds made their first offen- sive play and leader, Virginia Palmer, scored the Odds ' points. Kothryn Aspinwall evened the score for the Evens during the second quarter. Odds: Pauline Tuttle, Joanne Zewadski, Ethel Clann, Shirley Margraves, Marion Looby, Mickey Chambers, Betty Gardiner, Twirp Barry, Lee Wells, Betty Schwartz, Sarah Well, Mary Galley, Betsy Zurwelle, Joy Harper, Peggy Becknell, Elaine Brown, Virginia Palmer. Evens: Bopie Whitaker, Evelyn Shea, Pokey Aspinwall, Betty Stewart, Mary Reihart, Bar- bara Randolph, Elaine Gavlgan, Jean Lumpkin, Betty Dixon, Betty Kennedy, Anna Home, Ellen Schallern, Gandy Jones, Mary Roundtree, Lois Gonn. 1st row: Tuttle, Whitaker, Zewadski, Shea, Clann, Aspinwall, Margraves, Stewart, Looby, Reihart, Chambers; 2nd row: Barry, L. Wells, Schwartz, Sullivan, S. Wells, Lumpkin, Calley, Dixon 3rd row: McLeod, Zurwelle, Kennedy, Harper, Home, Becknell, Schallern, Brown, Jones, Roundtree, Palmer, Conn. Elaine Gavigan Even Leader Virginia Palmer Odd Leader Bopie, Anno, and Candy are recovering the ball for the evens. The Odds are about to take over the ball K. Johnson Johnson, Dixon, Friedkin DeLavan, Pettit, Carter Odd Robin Hooders were victorious over the Evens from Sherwood Forest by a score of 250 to 208. Pep Stanolond was leader of the Even team while Katherine Johnson led the Odds to victory. Odd archery: Roberta Friedkin, Juanita Bowles, Margaret Harley, Kitty Johnson, Betty Dixon, Carol Charles, Betty Sweet, and Marilyn Till. Even archery: Mary Griffin, Lois DeLavan, Martha Carter, Lois Snyder, Emily Chancy, Mary Petit, Lou Rivers, and Pep Stanaland. ;4nc en f Pep Stanaland Tftode m Hcc The " Stephen Foster Suite " was the Evene theme for a win over the Odd team which chose " Street Scene " . Ann Shull was leader for the Evens, while Theresa Myers led the Odds. Even Modern Dance Team: D. Butts, D. DuBois, R. Duke, A. Evans, A. Shull, S. L. Williams, J. Cayce, M. Chillingworth, J. Geiger, V. Hatton, E. Krouse, and A. McNair. Odd Modern Dance Team: B. Cargill, J. Headley, B. Loftus, D. Wells, V. Black, J. Hardacre, V. Walters, C. Wilson, B. Brobston, J. Levy, V. Mock, and L. Smith. " Our Odd team is out for a victory " .... " Even spirits never die " . Loyol Odds and Evens cheer their teams on to victory led by their girls in red and purple, and in green and yello w. Mary Ellen Game Suzanne Kunkel Norma Schaeffner Amelia Pavese Joyce Coyce Mary Jo Gwynn Lavonne Black Mary Alice Pitts Theresa Myers Mary Nell Thrower Floy Jean Pflough S«Km«ttM Swimmers became water nymphs under the guidance of Betty Jane Single- ton, for the Odds, and Carol Clous for the Evens. The Evens were victorious in the swim meet by a margin of fourteen points. C. Clous 1st row: McGahee, Galloway, Horn, Cone, Hadsell, Shearer, DuBois; 2nd row: Boucher, Pavese, Clous, Rivers, Cacey. B. J. Singleton 1st row: HoliTf es, Zewadski, Goldman; 2nd row: Meffert, Dixon, Irving, Singleton, Loftus, Levy. White, Hunt, Nightingale, Cushman, Chambers, Palmer wotch as Looby takes aim. Hording shoots as Brown, Ossenkop, Clonn, and Miller watch. The Evens were triump hant over the Odds again this year when the two teams met on the basketball court. Under the able guidance of Rose Lee Davis the Evens managed to toss up a score of 38 to 20 over their opposing team. The Odds, under the hand of Herkie White, gave them a stiff fight. Herkie White Odd team: Elaine Brown, Lucy Harding, Sis Miller, Marion Looby, Audrey Hunt, Jean Cushman, Ethel Clann, Shirley Palmer, Lucille Ossenkop, Mickey Chambers, Jane Nightingale, and Herkie White. Even team: Leora Lipe, Betty Stewart, Amorene Thompson, Catherine Sul- livan, Mary Jane Taylor, Juanita Krentzman, Mary Rountree, Phyllis John- son, Betty Kennedy, Bopie Whitaker, Rose Marie Ferro, Evelyn Shea, and Rosa Lee Davis. Rosa Lee Davis Ferro and Tommy get lost minute instructions Shea, Whitaker, Nite, Sully, Lipe, and Stew get instructions from Davey. P OOOAOy Manning, Peters, Becknell, Augustine, Goodell, Harrison, Meriweather, Friedkin, Richardson, Miss Roxie Stevens, Zur- welle. Waits, Barry. The ball was volleyed fiercely back and forth before any favorite could be determined but finally it was the Odds who won out. Point by point, the score crept up as the ball flew faster and faster. The Odds managed to get the highest score of 25 to 21, Marii Richardson led the Odds, while Joyce Gorman did her best for the Evens. MarIi Richardson Odd team: Mae Manning, Happy Meriweather, Betsy Zurwelle, Twirp Barry, MarIi Richardson, Bert Friedkin, Gussie Augustine, Martha Waits, Peggy Becknell, Virginia Goodell, Jo Peters, and Syble Harrison. Even team: Elaine Gavigan, Joyce Gorman, Marion Floyd, Candy Jones, Pep Stanaland, Bobby Cowdrey, Josephine Story, Nan Church, Helen Gong, Roses Marcoux, Martha Looby, and Jean Fliess. Joyce Gorman Standing: Stanaland, Jones , Fleece Seated. Gavigan, Gorman. Kneeling: Church, Gong; Standing: Cowdrey, Floyd, Marcoux, Looby, Miss Laverne Sitton. " In the spring a young girl ' s fancy turns to a golf course — " . This year more than ever the players for both teams managed to find time to putt around the green to get in prac- tice. Dot Butts tried to keep the Evens under par, while Lois Meriweather kept the Odds straight on the fairway. Lois Meriweather d tUHtOK Whizzing rackets and flying shuttlecocks as the Odds and Evens battle again over the badminton net. This year Ncncy V ' ord helped her Odd teammates to get the swing of things and Evelyn Shea rounded out the Evens ' curves. Nancy Vv ard Evelyn Shea fCtuU Anne Mclnnis These girls may not smash an ace over the net every time but they ' re champions in their own place. Showing the Odds how to lob a ball over the net was Enid Sandler, Odd leader. Trying to hit these fast balls back were the Evens, led by Anne Mclnnis. Enid Sandler S SM It ' s never a dull afternoon when the Odds and Evens meet on the diamond. Whether it ' ll make the Odd cap fit a little tighter or put another feather in the Evens ' cap it doesn ' t mat- ter — the game is still in the major league class. Bopie Whitaker leads the Evens, while Mickey Chambers does her part for the Odds. Bopie Whitaker Mickey Chambers ' y tt i ptcncd Ann Stambaugh, intramurals manager, looks on at the bridge tournament. This is the place where those girls who hove no outstanding athletic ability have a chance to com- pete for honors in the field of sports. All sports are anxiously entered with the hope that a certain dorm or sorority will come out on top. The name of each winner of the activity is engraved on a plaque or cup and at the end of the year the intramurals cup is presented to the group with the win- ning number of points. INTRAMURAL WINNERS (1946-1947) Badminton — (singles) Jennie Murphree (doubles) Pi Beta Phi Basketball Village Bowling Kappa Delto Bridge • • Delta Delta Delta Horseshoe Jennie Murphree Ping Pong (singles) Delta Delta Delta (doubles) Jennie Murphree Tennis Pi Beta Phi Volieybqll Pi Beta Phi WL.. " 91 ' . " ' ' K i . Fw i H . " ' " ■■■■•, ..j wKr " H B Z ' - K y HK k- h .. - t ' » -- i .-m mKBSf f sS M ' " ' - X ■ m ' im ? ' ' ' ' " " Practicing for the basketball games. Over the net with the volleyball Making tracks on the diamond Jeanne and Bgbs battle out badminton !i Camp Flastacowo Many groups take time off to spend a week- end at camp each year. They take their own food and have a wonderful time cooking out- doors on the open fireplace. Nights are spent in the large lodge type dormitory. Camp is the place to go for a week-end of relaxation and enjoyment. ( ftfr This is the place we go for a good time, quiet solitude, sunshine, and recreation. Canoeing, hiking, swimming, sailing, and sunbathing are perfectly good reasons for the road to camp always being traversed by FSCW students. Sunset Picnics and fun ZKci ctivUle5 ec n U a t ca The freshmen got their first taste of wet Tally weather. Sophomore council girls waiting for thi train to come in. Junior counselors and freshmen soon get acquainted. Freshmen being impressed by " big fat sophomore council girls. " Sophomore council girls start out on their rounds. " " Goodnight, freshmen dear. ||| l||| |te| u||yL Dale Mabry bus . . . note sad expressions. At the first of the year the boys were a little shy McBeth a la Cody makes a hit at playnight. How does a banana peal? Just watch Sis at playnight. Faculty members don cap n ' gowns for the annual academic procession. Senior hall " coffee. " Chi Omegas start off the year ' s pledge parties Carrying a torch for Vires, Artes, Mores. Sophomore Council impresses freshmen with traditional Torch Night ceremony. Halloween brought Spirogiro to the Mecca. (Look what Sarah brought on her broomstick. ' 9 hall Run, goats, run! Spirogira goats " sweep " down on passing cars As the goats see the members (or the egg and I ) . 1 s5 " »- Mm%i!£ mt j m¥ 1 -- i Fm.i 1 ' ' K m " i te , 1; • r n 1 m i ' ' Nb- ' • • — • ' " Whoop her up, whoop her up " with the Odd 1 cheerleaders. M 1 i _ Wm K aB •Jj F " hBI Wf r -ii jfc - y j iS ' 3 ' f B JC jB wK flK ; - ■ 3p i-B ' .Jg m m An Odd and an Even draw for first Night Out! (Remember who won?) jimmie declines to sing, but she laughs hysterically instead. f " m ■ im i f I , and the Even teams are presented. (Look at the happy soccer players.) The Odd teams are introduced. (Here is the modern dance team.) " Good ole Even " Dr. Richards m akes his traditional speech at Even Night Out. A i ' f Odd ch er , Oc , e -s vvov, ■e 7c Mud shyly dishes out inspiration to her fellow Odds. ■ ' «di " " ' 4i Ham on PYGMALION (Top) Spirogira-Esteren hockey game — no holds barred, b-r-r-r ' Much Ado About Nothing " cast doing nothing. Two photographers 1947 A.D. R. I. P. mpe ©r earns J page y. Jf .y A .T- 6 " page • • • ■ •] V ' ? S ' Sfointted page October and the beginning of an era at Florida State College for Women . . . some- thing new hod been added. For the first time (except for a brief period after this institution ' s founding ' the mole of the species wan- dered aimlessly but happily where only angels dared to tread . . . bass laughter startled many a feminine ghost along hall and ancient rafter . . . ' twas rumored that on Hallo- ween, from Westcott ' s highest spire, a voice was heard to wail, " born thirty years too soon. " Tally U had come into being. In selecting a man for the Directorship of the newly conceived Tallahassee Branch of the University of Florida, we who make up that body consider ourselves fortunate that Dr. Milton Carothers was chosen. The job called for a man of wide experi- ence in educational affairs . . . the job called for someone whose everyday contact with men and women in the past assured them of an understanding of their problems and needs of the future. Such a man is Dr. Carothers, who is never so busy that he can ' t spare a moment to talk things over. Dr. Milton Carothers Director One day last summer out in the Panhandle of Never Never land (Texas to those not orientated) the telephone rang. Ex- Army Major Otis McBride, one time supply expert in Uncle Sam ' s Twelfth Air Force, long time English professor at Peabody, took the re- ceiver off the hook and said in his best civilian voice, " Mr. McBride speaking. " The caller was none other than President Doak Camp- bell of Florida State College, offering him the position of Dean of Men at the new University of Florida branch. Dr. McBride accepted and has been an invaluable guide and teacher in these early days at Dale Mabry. Dean Otis McBride Dean of Men Sta CH. OMcC Perhaps no other man on either campus is better known than Dr. Coyle Moore, Registrar at T B U F. Affable, easy going, his ready wit made the maze of registra- tion bearable. Mr. James Carr in hi-s dual role as Director of Housing and Assistant Dean of Men is the living example of the old army slogan — " We do the hard things immediately, the impossible takes a little longer. " «« mr-iai ' Dr. Coyle Moore Registrar Mr. James Carr Assistant Dean of Men Student 2W 0 cc€n4 ' Little time was wasted in the forming of a Student Government by the men at T B U F. In a special election held shortly after school began, Student Body and Class Officers were elected. These men began the drafting of a Constitution which was submitted for Faculty approval, and ratified by the student body in the record time of thirty-eight days. The team-work of both faculty and officers has laid the foundation for a unique relationship be- tween the Administrative and Student Government functions of the school. .A relationship built on trust and understanding that through the years ahead will stand as a model to those who follow in their footsteps. To Dr. Carothers, Dr. McBride, Dr. Moore, Mr. Carr, and the men who appear on these pages go a lion ' s share of the credit for the building of these precepts. John P. Sullivan President To " Big John " , Milt, Dean, Bob, and Jesse, whose efforts in behalf of the school were unmatched, go the thanks of a grateful student body. We have seen that the effort was worth all it took. We look for- ward to better things because of your labor. Milton Flack Vice-President Dean Wentworth Secretary Bob Saunders Treasurer Jesse Wilson Social Chairman Oh e(f Although small in number, on the upperclass- men fell the mantle of responsibility and leadership of T B U F. On these men ' s shoulders it fell heaviest. It was not mis- placed. Their work will stand as a monument, for those who follow, to attain. i a George J. Croy President m Jack Richey Vice-President Mallory Horn Secretory-Treasurer Charles Campbell Social Chairman Sc Uon Roy Rhodes Tallahassee Bachelor of Scierre College of Arts and Sciences Paul Hartsfield Tallahassee Economics College of Arts and Sciences Aubrey Dean Wentworth Pensacola Bu-iness Administration College of Arts and Sciences LL L z cMcon4 W. L. Bailey Blountstown Wayne Bell Crawfordville John Copelond Tallahassee George Croy Tallahassee Preton Da MiMey Tallahassee Roy Holt Pensacola Robert Greenberg Tallahassee J. Hewell, Jr. Chattchoochre Robert Kohier Tallahassee Melvin Magidson Port St. Joe W. F. Monroe Fruitland Park Dana Scruggs Tampa John P. Sullivan Tallahassee Sa mamcne E. C. Allen Tallahassee Sandy Beyer Tallahassee Joseph Caswell St. Petersburg Melvin Coursen Orlando 1 W. P. Dawson Tampa Bill Dearman Purius, Miss. B. C. Edenfield Panama City Milton Flack New York, N. Y. John Folson Tallahassee S? ' J. p. Folds Tallahassee Julian Foster Sarasota , liiimii Byron Godwin Jacksonville Edgar Hare Tallahassee Bill Home Tallahassee Mallory Home Tallahassee M. R. Keller Tallahassee Richard Lachman Jacksonville B. J. Mathis Vero Beach Richard Lamb Tallahassee R. C. Lang Coral Gables Gordon Maxwell Perry S. E. Miller Tallahassee f .f W. P. Owen Milton John Patterson Tallahassee John Richey Tallahassee fl y Ibert Robles Tampa Phillip Rountree Chipley Harry Stafford Lake Worth Robert Sanders Jacksonville jy " : L. J. Sannady Thomasville, Ga. E. G. Shelor Tallahassee Wallace Stich Clearwater M. M. Thigpen Jacksonville Paul Thomas Stuart William Tomlinson Lloyd T. W. Troy Daytona Beach David Wilcox Clearwater R. A. Wood Ocala Gordon Higginbotham President Joseph Peel Vice-President Charles Dyson Secretary James Adams Treasurer fne Ame V € J James Adams Jacksonville A. N. Adkinson Bonifay Wm. G. Albright St. Petersburg Jerome Allen Panacea J. G. Almyde Tampa Adrian Anderson Greensboro J. K. Anderson Manatee Maurice Arnow Jacksonville John Arnold Gonzalez Robt. Ashmore Crawfordville Glen Atkinson Greensboro James Baird DeLand Howard Banaszak Hollywood Theo. Bannerman Lake Wales George Barefoot Bonifay I Roy Belcer B. W. Badenbaugh John Benkert Wayne Betts Robert Brekenridge Elba High Springs Lake Worth Quincy Tavares Samuel Boggs Dwarf, Ky. Fred Boris Orlando Edward Bowman Altha H. L. Boyd Hollywood Jim Brinkman Jacksonville Leonard Brooks St. Petersburg Robert Brown Ft. Lauderdale Richard Brown Graceville Lawrence Buie Eau Gallic Tillman Burks Pensacolo Bob Burks St. Petersburg Thomas Burns Jacksonville Benjamin Bussy Jacksonville John Bushlinger Miami La Moyne Cash Tallahassee Howard Calhoun St. Petersburg James Briggs Ft. Pierce Walter Buchann Tallahassee Lonnie Burt St. Petersburg H. W. Chandler Tallahassee Elridge Chastain Leffner James Cliett fowling Green Vernon Clifton Holly Hill A. E. Cobb Pensacolo Leonard Cobb Chipley William Cogburn Cottondale Billy Colbert Tampa Rolla Compton Jacksonville Arthur Connelly Tampa R. A. Cooksey Winter Haven Clyde Daniels Ft. Myers Henry Daniels Tampa L. P. Darsey Quincy James DeLoach New Smyrna Beach Edwin Dew Tallahassee George Dickie Palmetto Douglas Dickson Lake Wales James Diffenbaugh Tallahassee Edward Dilsaver St. Augustine Theo. Dooley Pensacola Fred Drake Tallahassee Robert Duckworth Orlando W. M. Dunaway Clearwater George Dunnavant Havana William Dunnavant Sarasota Charles Dyson Pensacola Alexander Early Pensacola Thomas Easterling Jacksonville Lewis Eckhart Zephyrhills S. O. Edwards Port St. Joe Robert Fenton Warrington Augustine Fernandez Tampa Herman Fillingim Campbellton Carol Fisher Tampa Roy Froom Pensacola William Fussell Tampa W. C. Futrell Pensacola Howard Falcon Delray Beach John Garcia St. Petersburg R. J. Gates Pensacola J. F. Gilmore Floyd Glisson L. M. Gould R. C. Gray James Graham New Smyrna Beach Tallahassee West Palm Beach Tallahassee Tallahassee Donald Grant Valdosta, Ga. O. A. Green Brooksville David Greenfield Dunedin Donald Griffin Clearwater Robert Griffith Pensacola Charles Gordwir. Madison Halvor Hansen Tallahassee George Harris Pensacola Richard Harris Tallahassee Max Harrison Tallahassee Ralph Hartsfield Tallahassee Paul Hebert Jocksonville George Hedrick Lake Worth Charles Hendry Okeechobee John Herndon Altho Edwin Higgenbothom Plant City Gordon Higgenbotham Plant City Russell Hill Tampa J. C. Milliard Pensacola T. M. Mines Tallahassee C. L. Holley Valparaiso Ernest Mollingsworth DeFuniak Springs Fred Honour Daytona Beach Howard Horton Ft. Pierce James Howard Millville Roy Howard Sanford Harvey Howell Ft. Lauderdale Mathew Hutto Laurel Hill Frances Jackson Summervilie JK?s T S ' ,. Walter Jarreli White Springs Rufus Jefferson Tampa — sMBsaaik Peter Jensen Tallahassee J. A. Johnson Chipley Norman Johnson Miami Donald Jones Quincy Scott Jordan Auburndale A ' f ?, J Thomas Kane Arnold Kannwischer Henry Kates Pensacola Tallahassee Jacksonville Henry Kelley Daytona Beach Edward Kent Chipley J. S. Ketner Tnmnn J. E. Kinsey Pt I oiiHorHnIo Douglas Knopp Tnmnn Arthur Knight Jnrk ;onvillp W. C. Knight Jorksonville Wayne Koger Jacksonville Sam Lamar Brooksville J. W. Lambert Marianna Thomas Lane Milton William Lane Baldwin John Langford Jacksonville Lester Lavender St. Petersburg Jomes Lemon James Leonard Miami Beach Milton John Leonard Milton James Livingston Chattahoochee John Madigan Tallahassee Giles Lofton Jacksonville Emery Maddox Tallahassee A. B. Lujen Key West Guy Maddox Tallahassee D. G. Lujen Key West « | J f4 ' t John Maher Jacksonville Charlie Macon Greensboro Mack Mangham Miami Milton Markowitz Jacksonville Charles Mead Pensacola Ray Massey New Smyrna Beach John Mattm iller Vero Beach Ted Maurer Jacksonville John May Quincy r. iftfr m Evan Merritt Sumterville David Middlebrooks Edward Morgan Pensacola Kissimmee T. G. Morgan Pensacola Carl McCranie Panama City Don McDonnell Jacksonville Marion McDonald Montgomery Huey McDuffie Tallahassee H. R. McLendon Quincy William McRoe Lake Worth Victor Ncrsallah Jacksonville R. H. Nord Miami Harold Odum Tallahassee r :. R. H. Palmer Lake Worth J. J. Palumbo Jacksonville Jack Parish Cocoa Walter Parramore Tallahassee Jerome Payne Tallahassee Joseph Peel Chipley Howard Pelham Milton Henry Pitts Holt Kenneth Powell Pensacolc Tom Powell Tallahassee Thomas Priest Crystal River Custis Proctor Altamonte Springs C. W. Ramsey Brooksville J L. Redd Quincy George Redd Blountstown Richard Reed Ft. Lauderdale William Register Arcadia Delzie Revell Old Town y_. Edwin Revell Tallahassee Joseph Richard Warrington Robert Richard Warrington Robert Scherman Orlando Ernest Sims Morionna J im Stidham Lakeland James Sumrall Lake Wales Clifford Taylor Ft. Pierce R. E. Schwelm Miami Jimmy Shirley Pahokee David Smith Pensacola Thomas Smith Tampa 3ruce Stone Miami Austin Stoner Ft. Lauderdale W. F. Suber Quincy Carol Thompson Tallahassee Jerry Thomas Stuart L. W. Summerlin Daytona Beach Carson Shuman Monticello Marion Skipper Tallahassee Horace Stoncel Tampa Bill Stewart Orlando H. W. Strickland Bonifoy John Stubbs Corrobelle Davis Swan Tampa William Tanner New Smyrna Beach Giles Thompson Chattahoochee W. G. Thornton Jacksonville Edward Tiller Panama City Charles Tobias Chipley James Tippin Vero Beach James Treweek Port St. Joe W. E. Turner Tampa Thomas Vamedt Pensacola Basil Vocelle Tallahassee M. H. Voth Ft. Pierce C. Eugene Waits Canal Point . M. Waitscheck St. Petersburg Norman Walther Milton Eugene Ward Vero Beach Henry Ward Bon i fay Lowell Warnock Oxford Charles Worrell Jacksonville H. H. Watson St. Petersburg Harry Wehunt Tallahassee .jf William Wellmcn Winter Pork John Wells Tallahassee William Wells Tallahassee George Westmoreland Perry Paul Wickham Eau Gallie Richard Williams Orlando Dean Wilson Pahokee Jesse Wilson Okeechobee L. G. Williams Doytona Beach J. L.Williams Miami T. E. Williams Graceville Frank Witham St. Petersburg Wilson Wortman Dunedin Malcolm Yancey Tallahassee IciU St€l George Croy Editor Roy Holt Business Manager James Tippin Louis B. Vocelie John Mattmillur Croy, Vocelie, Mattmillur, and Tippin hard at work. For the first time in the history of Florida State College the yearbook was divided into two sections. The Tally U division of the Flastacowo worked under the di- rection of the editor of the Flastacowo. They had their own staff meetings and drew up their own lay-outs. In working on the annual this staff set up their goal as one that in the not too distant future these two sections will be merged and become one harmonious whole. Tfote Oh ' Sfo nt w% n This should become a common occurrence in Florida State College for Women ' s " gym " . Since the colonization of the Tallahassee Branch of the Uni- versity of Florida, a number of different sports have been or- ganized. Because of the small number of men and the limited physical facilities, sports have been for the great part intra- murals. Among the sports par- ticipated in this year were: foot- ball, basketball, baseball, (pin bail), tennis, and swimming. Ac- tive participation and enthusias- tic competition was evident be- tween the barracks. TBUF hopes to expand its athletic program for the coming year. TBUF takes over and shoots to win. That score looks bod from this end. Scheduled Intercollegiate Games: Jan. 16 — Albany (Ga.) Professors, here. Jan. 17 — St. Petersburg Jr. College, here. Jan. 24 — Norman Park Junior College, there. Jan. 25 — Albany (Ga.) Professors, there. Feb. 7 — University of Georgia, Savannah Division, here. Feb. 8 — University of Tampa, there. Feb. 1 4 — Norman Park Junior College, here. Feb. 19 — St. Petersburg Juni or College, there. Feb. 22 — Southern College, there. Feb. 25 — University of Georgia, Savannah Division, there. Mar. 1 — University of Tampa, here. Coeducation sport! The Bufs (our nickname for the local team) are an all-freshman team having no member with previous college experience. Yet considering all that the Dale Mabry Crew has come a long way. Basketball was the only sport in which TBUF had scheduled competition. Legally TBUF is a part of the University of Florida and full entrance into intercollegiate competition would be the same thing as having two teams from one school. TBUF sports plans for the most part consisted of intramural athletics. Pitching shoes. A little jumping practice. The kind of thing we ' d like to see more of. The swimming team, pictured above, presented an aquacade complete with distance races, fancy diving, and amusement events. It was carried out in the form of a regular swim meet, competition being between team members. Basketball still reigns. He flies through the air Kdvepii3 met)i3 CAMPUS STUDIO D. C. ADAMS SAM ADAMS MRS. ADAMS PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 FLASTACOWO TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Our Twenty-fourth Annual Expression of Appreciation to the Student Body and Faculty, for Their Faithfulness and Confidence in This Shop fwi n jZoU t f ELINOR DOYLE, FLORIST 202 S. Adams • FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED ANYWHERE • Phone 767 Janie Bixler Invites You to the FLORIDA GRILL Ask your Flastocowo girls from NEW SMYRNA BEACH Where do you come from? Hear them say quickly — Florida ' s Smarf-est Little City €i HOTEL FLORIDAN TALLAHASSEE 1 50 Rooms European Plan Excellent Dining Room J. T. Smith, Jr., Mgr. Prompt and Courteous Clean CAB Service 7 4 Phones 4 Phones Day and Night R. B. ATKINSON, Mgr. The Oldest and Largest Cab Operator 400 CAB SERVICE Tallahassee, Fla. Preferred By Particular People TERRY -ROSA Hardware Co. " COMPLETE LINE OF HARDWARE " Telephone 677 203 So. Monroe St. Tallah ossee A Pleasant Evening At - 7 ::zyiLpvet - Tallahassee ' s Most Exclusive Dining Room Tallahassee, Florida Steaks, Seafoods Telephone Chinese Dishes 2311 (( Have a Coke " It ' s th. real thing BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Tallaliassee Coca-Cola Bottling Company Your fashions at DRESSES COATS SUITS 118 S. Monroe St. Phone 20 HHBj r__ H ■5 | jBH ' ' -, H ftB Biii ' ' " ' irf«iiiiililiiliMiiiiiii Smi ' i ' See Us For This import-ant Purchase Moon Jewelry Co COT GR TUL TIOT S Heartiest Congratulations to the Florida State College for Women and to the fine group of young women who compose its student body HAV-A-TAMPA CIGAR CO. TAMPA • FLORIDA CAPITAL CITY NATIONAL BANK OF TALLAHASSEE TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -Capital and Undivided Profits $ oOjOoo- COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS DEPOSIT MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION AND THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Compliments of a Friend Accentuate Your Charms By Wearing Exclusive Fashions From 1 1 1 1 2 E. Park Ave. Ph. 2784-R Compliments of MEN ' S WEAR 1141 2 E. College Ph. 2784-W 1 i Compliments of ARTCRAFT PRINTERS Tallahassee. Florida Expert Shoe Repairing HENLEY ' S SHOE SHOP We Carry A Full Line of Shoe Mendings FIX WHILE YOU WAIT 215 W. College St. Tallahassee, Fla. FEDERAL BAKE SHOP Makers and Bakers of Good Things to Eat Let Us Bake Your Birthday Cake Phone i2_9 SOUTHEASTERN TELEPHONE COMPANY TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA BENNETT ' S 2 DRUG STORES 2 COLLEGE INN PHARMACY MONROE ST. PHARMACY Free Motorcycle Delivery from Both Stores TWO COMPLETE FOUNTAIN CAFES Hollingsworth and Whitman CANDIES WE CARRY THE LEADING COSMETIC LINES Elizabeth Arden, Heleno Rubinstein, Dorothy Gray, Tussy, Hudnuts, DuBarry, Elmo and H. H. Ayers TOOLEY-MYRON STUDIOS Foremost Photographers in the South " 120 E. College Street Phone 2751 JIMMY s DRIVE IN CHICKEN in the box SHRIMP in the box OYSTERS in the box ES SANDW 1 CH Ph, 781 WE SPECIALIZE LUNCHES FOR ETC. IN PREPARING BOX OUTINGS, SUPPERS, Compliments, of CHEROKEE HOTEL J. A. STILES Manager Air Conditioned Rooms and Coffee Shop ' Meet your friends at the Cherokee Coffee Shop ' GREETINGS to CLASS OF 1947 We Are Always Happy to Serve You ■ GREYHOUND LINES Compliments of MILLERS III East College Avenue Tallahassee ' ' Fine Shoes Since 1914 ' ' 104 East College Ave. We have a varied selection of Gifts and Quality Jewelry EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING Distincfive Portraifure FOR ALL OCCASIONS We Sug-gest an Appointment PIKE STUDIO 107 W. College Meet Your Friends at Tallahassee ' s Only AIR-CONDITIONED FOUNTAIN CAFE BEAUTY SHOP DRUG STORE MARTIN AND DALTON ' S 210-212 SOUTH ADAMS M N SIZZLING WESTERN STEAKS— SEA FOODS SHORT ORDERS AT ALL HOURS PHONE 1054 119 E. JEFFERSON ST. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. 1 1 ince ninteen hundred and thirty-three fourteen FLASTACO WOS have been produced in our plant. We are appreciative of this continued patronage and proud indeed of the confidence placed in our organisation over the years. R OSE PRINTING COMPANY creators of fine printing at T allahassee THE SWEET SHOP where people meet for good things to eat and drink DOORWAY TO FASHIONS DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVER GIFTS W. W. PUTNAM Registered Jeweler — American Gem Society 308 South Monroe Street LEON COUNTY MILK CO. Grade " K " Pasteurized Milk Moore ' s Delicious Ice Cream RAINEY CAWTHON ' S Headquarters For GOODYEAR TIRES and SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Tallahassee Florida COX FURNITURE CO. Furniture of Distinction Thomasville Rd. Tallahassee, Fla. Tallahassee ' s Oldest and Finest Young Men ' s Shop ALFORD BROTHERS, INC. We Feature Nationally-Advertised Lines of SPORTSWEAR CLOTHING SHOES, HATS AND ACCESSORIES 212 So. Monroe St. MEN ' S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS, DOBBS HATS, ARROW SHIRTS FREEMAN AND EDWIN CLAPP SHOES, LUGGAGE P. W. WILSON COMPANY Tallahassee ' s Best Store Since 1837 Telephone 88 Tallahassee, Florida LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR, LINGERIE, ACCESSORIES, HOME FURNISHINGS, PIECE GOODS, MILLINERY, NOTIONS Compliments of The MIDDLE FLORIDA ICE CO. TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA PHONE 9 IN TALLAHASSEE A complete store plus 100,000 items avail- able at catalog Sales Department — No mat- ter what you need. Sears famous values and Sears tremendous selections make your shop- ping easy — Saves you many dollars. Sdtuhotieit uaaatiieed ot yfftit, -mms f - »£ ' ffAH HOTEL COLLINS Rooms Daily and Weekly Phone 2786 PuncdU 111 E. Park Ave. Across From Postoffice LAURA AT MONROE JACKSONVILLE 1, FLORIDA Annex No. 1 424 N. Calhoun Annex No. 2 i 202 W. College For Refreshments and Tasty Sandwiches Try THE SODA SHOP Student Alumnae Building Make Our Fountain Your Meeting Place ii The FLORIDA THEATRE TALLAHASSEE The STATE THEATRE TALLAHASSEE ik it The RITZ THEATRE TALLAHASSEE Talking Pictures at Their Besf I) ( ) J: 1 i ; 7H uf, Veuf, W47 On May 10th at 5:30 P. M. in front of Wescott, Florida State College held its annual spring festival. The legend of celebration was a story in dance adapted from the Greek myth of Persphone and Pluto, in which the Greeks explained the mystery of the seasons. Characters who presented the legend before the court were the following: Jester Nancy Wright Persephone Anne Shull Demeter Audrey Evans Pluto Mary Robnett Katherine Winstead, queen of the festival, ruled over the celebration with her court. Members of the queen ' s court were: Eleanor Bragg, Jean Cole, Beverly Heard, Mary Groover Holland, Anne Hunter, Barbara Irving, Marion Moorehead, Bookie hhc- Micheal, Shirley Rodgers, Louise Sims, Betty Jean Singleton, and Grace DeWolf Trice. These girls were chosen by a vote of the student body. Train bearers for the queen were Celia Davis and Lee Willis of Tallahassee. The annual May Day dance was held that evening at Dale Mabry Student Union Building. This was the only all college dance of the year. At this time the queen and her attendants were presented to the festive crowd as Grecian goddesses. General chairman for the celebration was Mary Groover Holland, with Nell Clark acting as assistant chairman. Committee chairmen were as follows: elections — Judy Rhodes, programs — Ann Singleton, publicity — Cleona Robnett, scenery — Nell Clark and Lea Wells, dances — Ann Shull, costumes — Doris Stewart, music — Phyllis De Kalb, pianist — Helen Edmoniston, flowers — Louise Lake, and usher — Norma Schaeffner. Pictured at left is the queen and her court. Seated: Beverly Heard, Betty Jean Singleton, Shirley Rodgers; standing: Eleanor Bragg, Jean Cole, Barbara Irving, Kath- erine Winstead, Louise Sims, Anne Hunter, and Mary Groover Holland. Members of the court not pictured: Marion Moorhead, Bookie McMicheal, and Grace DeWolf Trice. THE MECCA SANDWICHES SUNDRIES PLATE LUNCHES DINNERS by Photo Process Engraving Companj Atlanta, Georgia Louise Sims Margaret Johnson Well, here it is, your 1947 FLASTACOWO. You ' ve reached the end, but before you close the last page we ' d like a word with you. As you no doubt know, to edit your an- nual takes a lot of planning and many long steady hours. We want you to stop with us and thank the people who have made this book possible. First of all to Miss Edith West, who has worked with us all the way; to Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Adams, for tireless hours of photography, go our deepest appreciation; to Mr. R. K. Shaw, who helped us with our legal problems; to our roommates and friends, who put up with our work and helped us when the going was the toughest; to these, and all who helped us, go our many thanks. We haven ' t forgotten our staffs, for it is a known matter that we would hove no book without them. To each and everyone of them a gold star for bearing with us, for always being willing to work long and hard, and just being the kind of staff ed- itors and business managers only dare dream of. Excuse us for getting sentimental, but you see it has become a port of us. We only hope that you will enjoy it through the years half as much as we ' ve enoyed publishing it for you. Editor-in-Chief ' i2 U l - t CW ' - 2- Business Manager ;4uta napA 4uto nafr m ' ■ % 1 ' ' 5SM€ ,{s p( :fe ' ' ' ' t 1 »! ' r ' H ' fwaMA ' m. i-f-ii % 1 ,.?? I ' m ' li tkA ,« - f ,i ' % ■ill ,ij ,} iXf ' A i:, W. i

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