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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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■:: S-: FOR REFERENCE Do Not Take From This Room ■ [gpll ifspil f§pB Ifspll IfWpil IJWpil ([SWll Jspi LIBRARY Florida State University tallahassee GIFT OF Annual Staff g5 : II 11 le II I) S ISt? 11 11 31: iSt? II || S: 1 II 11 3S [ o || U 3ii j || U Ss i s U Ss s m 4- ■ , ' ■ j , I 4. «; m «• ici4tacow l£L ll Wro OMO omcr? i ro riAiX i i tUL rty 5 ' «? ' ' ' 7{ e SaCute a f DR. HAROLD RICHARDS. Here is a man who loves to teach . , . because he loves people. His obility to conduct each class with vigor and freshness and unfailing good humor . . . his willingness to help anyone at any time . . . are traits which have ende ar- ed him to countless students. And so, to a fervent Even and a loyal Esteren ... to an enthusiastic teacher ... to " my wife Hazel ' s " husband . . . the class of nineteen forty-six dedicates this annual. Page 4 i DR. HAROLD RICHARDS i50 Pagre 5 v - : o c " ° ' . .xepV ' ° nH oS io V e oO .V W cV = o9 o . •,,vov -; eo ' .c V e nco o 3 o ' c o s9 eo I ' ve oO Wv ie oo .v- oO d o ' o ov--. .v.): e- e-; ,. ,e - e co ' " ,,dW ' V O ' ' - " lOQ o ;s, ce- - 30 o 6, cV e " " .oe .es ec oQ V ov ' ,.. • VAe xe ov9 oS? V o9 o ' A( , oN sc o o9 - efi joVe o - oo ' UO A 0 S so ,-.V co N O " vN o t V.ooW G o VAo ' o e Vef Vxop ' N JW ' o . ,vW( ,o V v e aO oQ ' ,Va N Co Q .b .oPP " 1o V - oO Vv ' ec ooc oW xV e foe ' sO CO xx e o oO S VJ V as O ' TX o ' , osS ' CO ' v 9 v s e s o .oo 3ov 0KS Sop ' ,bo ' roo ves " cVA ' t ' ev res ' " " " es " - ' " o Noos eo VooV VAooo vor c ' ,xw es " c eco ' eo , s .oQ ,.9 oQ 9 ' ao oQ 9 ,-9 50Q .oQ® 265 uOKlOA Sl TALLAHASSILE. HUKiu; ' T Oufi 7V(Mdeni Md. . . Our college campus is our looking-glass land . . . Far removed from the realistic, modern world is the calm serenity of Westcott, the inspired silence of the Library, the majestic guardianship of Bryan. With the miraculous burst of dogwood blossoms, in the mist of cold winter nights, in the bright beauty of early summer mornings, we are in an enchanted country ... Page 8 ;„3l ,. - «?sss The door to looking-giass land . . .our ivy covered gates .O ' O ' )0 j e o .,, ° ° ,,ees. ° oO ° V o 3 .Va o . NO ,Ve co ov ' ,c ' sov " ■7 vWo ' ' e- ,sXO oec e 5 , ' v ' V aOO o co o• • V -A- r ,«» ' -• ' • ■ -S sBaBi MEJsiKm ! ■ VJiSAi; ■ — .Stf W fc,„.rt» ,T ' :; Bryan terrace, familiar landmari . reminiscent of freshman receptions Sun-filled Bryan-Broward arcade, favorite after-lunch " smoker " . . . Pathway to the Alum, with a nickel for that after class coke or that new record on the juke box . . . Stately pines . . . leafy shadows . . . nostalgic view of the Library . . . " The Half of Knowledge is to Know Where to Find Knowledge. " Page 14 h y)i i Yi; iOM THE GOVERNOR AND BOARD OF CONTROL Millard Caldwell, in his second year in the capacity of Governor of the State of Florida, has taken an active in- terest in the welfare of Florida State College for Women. He has the power to appoint the members of the Board of Control, who act as a body under his supervision. Five outstanding citizens of Florida make up the Board of Control. Appointed by the governor to serve for four years, they hold their meetings once a month. The duties of the Board ore to supervise the expenditures of appropriations, to appoint the faculty, to advise the legislature as to the needs of the different institutions, and to give advice to executive officials. Members of the Board include: J. Thomas Gurney, chairman, Orlando; J. Henson Marsham, Jacksonville; N. B. Jordan, Quincy; Thomas W. Bryant, Lakeland, and AvA. Luther Mershon, Miami. »!? ? - ■:„i!i xiut il! A- . L. It has been good to work together these four strenuous, eventful years. The class of 1946 has wrought well. Each member has written her own in- delible record. Each has made lasting friendships in the proportion that she has been friendly. May the years ahead be challenging and satisfying. May your remembrances of your college days be richer as you bring to bear upon the problems of life the experiences you had at F.S.C.W. DR. DOAK S. CAMPBELL Page 17 oUcf c .,:: M FACULTY COMMITTEE ON STUDENT AFFAIRS Our College Council is the legislative body on campus in which Student representatives and Faculty meet together for discussion and action upon campus issues, in these confer- ences student ideas, presented by Executive Council of C.G.A., and suggestions from the Faculty Committee on Student Af- fairs are reviewed with equal attention. This combination of Students and Faculty help make a better College Government. The Faculty Committee on Student affairs, appointed by the President of the College to act on all legislation passed by the College Council or by Student Senate, also serves as a reviewing body on all judicial decisions recom- mending severest penalties. This committee consists of Dr. Olivia Dorman, chairman. Miss Bethea, Dr. Diffenbaugh, Dr. Eyman, Miss Hood, Miss Lester, Miss Lynn, Dr. Moore, Dr. Schornherst, Miss Warren, Dr. Waskom. Page 18 ( outtcci. . . STUDENT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Executive Council, composed of the ten major C.G.A. officers, constitutes o port of College Council. This coun- cil acts in an executive capacity, assisting in the formu- lation of policies to be submitted to the College Govern- ment Association, or to student Senate. Elected by entire Student Body, Executive Council is composed Modelyn, King, Treas. of C.G.A. ; Audrey Perry, Fres man Adviser; Catherine Barrs, Chairman of Judicia Peggy Lou Thomas, Chairman of Residence Halls Co mittee; Betty Alday, Chairman of Off- Campus Committee; Ann Carolyn Alli- son, President of C.G.A.; Jimmy Rogers, Secretary of C.G.A.; Sarah Lewis, 1st Vice-President; Jean Cole, 2nd Vice- President; Robin Hill, 3rd Vice-President. Page 19 9 J. p« X r ' ' A : J COMPLICATED LEGISLATION REQUIRES NIGHT MEETINGS OF STUDENT SENATE SARAH LEWIS Chairman of Senate Student Senate, initiator of the greater part of student legis- lation was led this year by Sarah Lewis through many tense and well-attended meetings. Important work of Senate this year included liberalized dating restrictions, light privileges extended to Juniors and Sophomores, and a constitutional amendment concerning eligibility of candidates. Senate of 1945-46 deserves a bouquet for the great effort and long hours spent to work out problems for the benefit of the stu- dents. Student Senate is composed of representatives from the classes, from various campus organizations, and mem- bers of executive council. Senaie Page 20 Student Forum, organized for the purpose of providing an outlet for student opinion and of keeping the campus in- formed on both world and campus issues, was under the direction of hard-working Robin Hill, third vice-president of CGA. Outstanding topic under discussion for the year was the question of general education, resulting in the or- ganization of reading groups for the purpose of fostering interest and participation in contemporary affairs. ROBIN HILL Third Vice-President The forum committee assisting the chairman included Barbara Wickham, Peggy Lu Thomson, and Dalia Santos. A PANEL OF STUDENT SPEAKERS CONFER WITH ROBIN HILL ON A FORTHCOMING FORUM A STUDENT FORUM MEETING , - ' Page 22 The Judiciary, our highest court, deals with infractions of major college regula- tions and works in conjunction with the two divisions of lower court. In coopera- tion with the Judiciary Committee Judiciary strives to make the Honor Code more effective and more desirable to the students. Pictured on opposite page. Dalia Santos, Jean Ann Graham, Jeanne Kosey, Audrey Perry, Ann C. Allison, Catherine Barrs, Betty Schwartz, Peggy L. Thomas, Betty Alday, Rosetta Carver, and Bobs McCarthy. Residence Halls Committee: Peggy Lou Thomas, chairman; Roberta Perkins, Ann Parker, Juanita Krentzman, Barbara Irving, Irene Mendoza, Aileen Perry, Anne Maclnnes, Joyce Carlton, and Ann Hunter. Off-Campus Committee: Betty Alday, chairman; Pat Hornot, Miriam Angell, Betty Campbell, Helen Atwater, Lettie Sullivan, Betsy Golden, Shirlee Barish, Mary Baily, Lillian Blackwelder, Edna Price, Margaret Palmer, Carolyn King, and Virginia Summer. VILLAGE HOUSE COUNCIL HlM Csunciis OFF CAMPUS HOUSE COUNCIL Each dormitory has a house council which deals with petty offenses and aids in solving student problems. House Councils are composed of the of- ficers of the dormitories with the house director ex- officio. BRYAN HOUSE COUNCIL REYNOLQS HOUSE COUNCIL NEW HALL HOUSE COUNCIL BROWARD HOUSE COUNCIL GILCHRIST HOUSE COUNCIL O A M ' h y(mc(n a m eion . . JUNIOR COUNSELORS OF REYNOLDS HALL BRYAN HALL JUNIOR COUNSELORS Freshmen Counselors play o very important role in the lives of Freshmen and Transfer students by orienting them to the school traditions, to the regulations, to their responsibility as campus citizens, and to the honor code. These girls live in the Freshmen halls and are always willing to devote a little time to those who need their aid. Audrey Perry, as Freshman Advisor, has assisted in planning the orientation program and in train- ing the counselors. DAY STUDENTS COUNSELORS JENNIE MURPHREE COUNSELORS OFF-CAMPUS HOUSES COUNSELORS VILLAGE JUNIOR COUNSELORS ) . Se- ' coO ' .6 ' ce- S( m(Mi ne (M tcci Here are those energetic workers of the Blue and White thot greet you on your very first day at FSCW, check you absent at convo, and perform various other tasks on campus. But Sophomore Council isn ' t all work. Week-end at camp and Round-Up are two events eagerly awaited by councilors old and new. " That Ole Jean Cole " was their fun-loving and capable advisor this year, and Jo Ann Long the elected chairman. Sophomore Council girls are tapped at the end of their Freshman year on merit of their first year ' s progress and service. The Organizations Committee acts as coordinator of the extra-curricular or- ganizations on campus. Chairman this year was Harriet McCarter. The Usher Committee serves as ushers at Col- lege functions. The committee was under the chairmanship of Marjorie Miller. Pictured below is the Campus Social Standards Council which is responsible for administering the social activities of the campus. The Coun- cil ' s chairman of 1945-46 was Alice Walton. The Honor Committee in cooperation with the Judiciary plans and directs a program for promoting the acceptance of the standards of the Honor Code by the student body. Chair- man was Rosetta Carver. The Handbook Committee this year under Doris Corry helps edit the handbook for the coming year. The Codifying Committee, under the head of Mary White, and the Legisla- tive Committee, under Peggy Kay, are responsible to College Council and make to that body recommendations for changes and simplification in student regulations. Freasurer of C.G.A. " Madelyn King, Box 238. Enclosed $0.25. What is my sect number. " Such was the mail received by Madelyn King, Treasurer of C.G.A. It is Madelyn ' s job to take care of the finances of the Association and collect fines imposed by the Association. Helping her is a commit- tee from Sophomore Council. The Auditing Committee, pictured at upper left, under the chairman- ship of Margaret McCain, is re- sponsible for auditing the books of all organizations which receive funds from the student activity fee. To the Budget Committee, shown below, falls the task of allotting the student activity fee to such organi- zations specified in C.G.A. constitu- tion. Chairman for 1945-46 was Grace Sims. S cutco otmcii ;4c ictemcc ' Dea t . Florida State College is divided into four schools. Each of these sections is under the able supervisions of its respective dean, whose duty it is to give personal assistance to students in their curricular activities and problems, in addition to aiding in the selection of the student ' s courses. Dean Diffenbaugh of the School of Arts and Sciences, and head of the English Department; Dean Eyman of the School of Education; Dean Sandels of the School of Home Economics; and Dean Kuersteiner of the School of Music QXQ FSCW ' s academic deans. Dr. Guy Diffenbaugh Dr. Robert Eyman Dr. Karl O. Kusrcteinsr Dr. Margaret Sandels Page 33 ;4cCmuii tn XuAe ecut , , , Dr. Olivia N. Dorman The administrative body of the college is the hub in the wheel of college activities. Administrative deans include Olivia N. Dorman, Dean of Students, and head of the Classics Depart- ment; Elizabeth G. Andrews, Director of Personnel and Placement; Milton Carothers, Registrar; Rod Shaw, Business Manager; and Murphy Roy Hinson (not shown). Director of the Graduate Division. These deans with the President of the College make up ex- ecutive council. Dr. Elizabeth G. Andrews Dr. Milton Carothers Mr. Rod Shaw Fage 34 ttC mA , ' wir f; Beatrice Williams Department of Art Herman Kurz Department of Bacteriology and Botany Leiand J. Lewis Department of Chemistry R. L. Goulding Principal of Demonstration School Sarah P. White Department of Health Education Page 35 „« •» ■ Venila Shores Department of History, Geography, and Politico! Science -5 - »-;.-- Anna Forbes Liddell Department of Philosphy and Religion efrantmmt Louise Richard:on Department of Library Science Thomas L. Wade Department of Mathematics Lucy Lester Department of Modern Languages Page 36 ' Katherine Montgomery sportment of Physical Education Harold F. Richards Department of Physics ttC mA . Viola Graham Department of Physiology Paul F. Finner Department of Psychology Raymond Bellamy Department of Sociology and Social Work Ezda Deviney Department of Zoology I Beulah Belle Briley, deceased Dspartment of Commerce and Economics Pacje 37 President Martha Jane Brown Vice-President Gladys Lester Secretary Etta F raser Treasurer Sara Jans McKelvey Representatives to Senate — Kit Land, Peggy Kay, Louise Sikes, Margaret Winton, Tripp Thompson. Parliamentarian Stella Barineau Athletic Manager Frankle Hall Semen ( J44 0 cce i, . The Senior class in aii its solemn dignity was invested at the first of the year and calmly began their last year at Tally. Dressed in caps ' n gowns the Seniors presented Dr. Campbell with a birthday present in front of the dining hall, then went homa with him to help eat birthday cake. Bsfore leaving for the Christmas Holidays, the class went caroling and ended at the governor ' s mansion. At the last convo the Seniors dropped their dignity long enough to present the Senior Talent Program. Gathering for their last class meeting the class of ' 46 chose Martha Jane Brown permanent presi- dent and Dink Ashton permanent secretary of th2ir class. Finally the great day arrived, and the Seniors donned their caps ' n gowns for the last time and received their coveted diplomas. Page 40 Carolyn Abrams Fort Union, Vo. Joyce Airth -West Palm Beach Mollie Albritton Lake Wales Betty Aldoy Gainssvilie Judith Alexander Tampa Mattie Alford Grand Ridge Ann Carolyn Allison Lake City Wilhelmina Anderson Monticello Lillian Ardd New Smyrna Beach June Armistead Milton Scaio . . . Anne Powell Arrington (Mrs.) Havana, Fla. Maurine Ashton New Smyrna Beach Helen Atwoter Chaitahoochee Carolyn Avery St. Petersburg Ella Mae Baer Tampa Mary Bailey : Tampa Marie Bain _ Miami Willie Ruth Barfield Graceville Susan Barksdale Tampa Stella Barrineau Fort Barrancas Page 41 Catherine Barrs Tampa Betty Jo Barry Largo Bessie Basford Grand Ridgs Florence Bartleson Jacksonville Margaret Bough Orlando s CKun Jacqueline Belcher Dunedin Bobbie Bell Eustis Betty Bell Gainesville Sarah Bennett Miami Dorothy Binger Bushnell Betty Bishop Tampa Ruth Bishop West Palm Beach Margaret Boliek Tallahassee Martha Nell Booth Plant City Carolyn Bourlond Winter Garden Eloise Boyles Live Oak Carol Bradford Tallahassee Barbara Brantley Lake Wales Elizabeth Bregger Belle Glade Ann Bridges Homestead Page 42 Donna Bridges Panama City Louise Brown __ DeLand Martha Jane Brown Lake City Theo Brown Hastings Julia Burnett Hoines City Lois Byrd Pahokee Angie Comma rata Tampa Betty Anne Campbell Tallahassee Elizabeth Campbell Milton Martha Cannon Hialeol ' Senior , . . Martha Cargill ___ ...Columbus, Go Dorothea Carpenter Pahokee Helen Carson. Daytona Beach Margery Carter Winter Haven Claire Cashen Jacksonville Beach Angie Costellano - Tampa Jane Choncey _ - Jacksonville Eugenie Chozal Ocala Ann Chillingworth West Palm Beach Margaret Clayton Haines City Page 43 Margaret Cockrell Jacksonville Virginia Collins Umatilla Marjorie Cook Cebailos Pauline Council Tampa Kathleen Craig Coral Gables s CHKn Letitia Croom Jacksonville Lilla Crosby Son Mateo Norma Cuervo Tampa Bebe Daniel Coral Gables Margaret Danahower Ft. Pierce Eileen Davis West Palm Beach Dorothy Dekie . Occla Betty Jean DeVane Plant City Hilda Dodson Vero Beach Katherine Donohoe Jacksonville Lois Dossey Plant City Veda Mae Dubois Port Orange Shirley Duggan Miami Margaret Dugger ___. Winter Haven Doris Dunaway Tallahassee Page 44 Doris Dunn Lakeland Bronna Mae Durrance _ __ Fort Meade Ethel Eassa West Palm Beach Annette Eddy Alachua Evelyne Eldridge __.. Altha Peggy Elliot _ Haines City Sue Englander . Bushnell Lillian Ergie Plant City Lura Evans _, __ __ __ _ _ Orlando Pat Fabrick Gainesville s Aurora Faedo Tampa Norma Falcon Deiray Louise Felton : Miami Eurasia Fernandez Tampa Catherine Ficcio Tampa eHc n4. Anne Fifield Tampa Helen Filledes St. Augustine Beulah Fletcher Tallahassee Carolyn Flewellen Hastings Etta Fraser Brunswick, Go. Fage 45 Lonnie Friday Punta Gordo Sara Friscio Tampa Joyce Funke West Palm Beach Margie Fussell Atlanta, Ga. Jane Gaertner Atlanta, Ga. s aicon4 Helen Gaines ..__ Pensacola Eva Gainey Brooker Anne Gaither Mexico, D. F. Catherine Gallagher Hollywood Leona Garcia Tampa Joann Gentry Jacksonville Martha Gerber Jacksonville Anna Giese St. Petersburg Carolyn Bobbie Glenn •_ Havana Shirley Glover Jacksonville Katherine Godfrey Jacksonville Dora Golden St, Petersburg Carmen Gomez _ Puerto De Tierra, P. R. I no Gotler Tampa Clare Gray : , Jacksonville Page 46 Doris Grainger Jacksonville Eugenia Gregory Quincy Katharine Gremli _. Sarasota Peggy Grimsley Fort Gaines Shirley Grube St. Augustine Betty Jo Gutherie _ _ Punta Gordo Emma Jeanne Hackle Winter Haven Dorothy Ho ire Quincy Fay Hall Tallahassee Frankie Hall Jacksonville Scaic t . . Edna Hammer Ft. Lauderdale Martha Honley Tampa Helen Harper 1 DeLand Wilda Hayes locksonville Ciaryns Hedgecoth Jacksonville Mamie Hedgepoth Tallahassee Bette Hemphill Tallahassee Gloria Hendry Perry Betty Lou Henneke Miami Mercedes Hernandez Tampa Page 47 k«.»M,w,. TI 7 Doris Hill Lakeland Frances Hill Jacksonville Patty Lou Hill Jacksonville Peggy Hines Perry Ruth Hixon Crystal River 5. caan Barbara Holt Pensocola Mary Ann Hopson Pompano E I i zabeth H ud;on Hoi ly wood Bonnie Hunt Tampa Anne Hutton St. Petersburg a a Barbara Irvin Callahan Katherine Jackson Lake Wales Mary Jackson Ashburn, Go. Ava Janes Everglades Bernice Johncon DcFuniak Springs Elizabeth Johnston Lakeland Corrine Johnston Fort Myers Lucille Jordan Altha Peggy Kay Tampa Lillian Kennedy Sarasota Page 48 Esther Kerr Jacksonville Carolyn King _ lacksonville Madelyn King Tallahassee Mary Elizabeth Knight Bradenton Jeanne Kosey Miami Kit Land Apopka Mary Langston Lakeland Clarice Langston Tallahassee Eleanor Law Jacksonville Ruth L ' Engie Jacksonville s Jean Leslie Tampa Gladys Lester Jacksonville Peggy Limroth St. Petersburg Joy Little Miami Beach Jean Longdon Daytona Beach auon Mary Lopresti Tampa Jane Lyies Tampa Ruby Mann __. Babson Park Jean Moroni Sarasota Mary Marshall „.Eustis Page 49 Danella Martin Crescent City Winifred Meldrim Elkton Irene Mendoza . Ha Honda I e Lila Merriam Panama City Helen Miller Havana Lola Miller Tallahassee Audrey Miner Crystal Lake Sylvia Moscovitch Jacksonville Theresa Munroe Tallahassee Emma Murray Tampa 2cKCO% . . . Eldora Myers Noma Mary Myers Eustis Betty Jo McAte r Tampa Margaret McCain Clermont Jessie McCalla Orlando Margaret McCann Miami Harriette McCarter Tallahassee June McCurdy Ft. Lauderdale Sarah Jane McKeIvy Jacksonville Catherine McKinnon Quincy Page 50 Mary Nagel St. Augustine Marian Najaricn __. Port Orange Alice Neef Lutz Virginia Nelson ._. Tallahassee Sara Norman Gainesville Jane Northern Sarasota Martha Odem Woinsboro, Go. Nancy Otto Coral Gables Madge Overstreet Gainesville Virginia Page Greenville Seacon . . . Betty Parker Ma it land Carol Peacock Brodenton Peggy Pearson Jacksonville Judy Pepper Miami Audrey Perry Tampa Ei leen Perry Tampa Mourine Petty Pulaski, Tenn. Rubie Plant Tallahassee Laura Piatt Dade City Sara Polhill Boyd LIBRAK P 52 aORlOA STATE UN ' -tj . TALUHASSEE. FLORID Mary Pond Palmetto Elizabeth Pooser Lakeland Phyllis Porr West Palm Beach Martha Powers Glen St. Mary ' s Ella Mae Quinby Tampa Susannah Rabb Dade City Janie Redfearn Wewchitchka Bessie Rhodes Jacksonville Delia Mae Rhodes Jacksonville Virginia Ricks Oca la ScHcon4 , , , Mary Riherd Tampa Lois Roberts Immokalee Janet Rogers Apopka Sarah Roseborough Mt. Dora Gene Ryan Donia Annise Saunders Jacksonville Shirley Schwark Quincy Dorothy Scott Mulberry Joan Shanor Eustis Rose Sherrod Lament Page 52 Betty Ann Shiver Orlando Catherine Shores Cottondale Louise Sikes Tarpon Springs Gladys Silverblatt Miami Grace Sims Hobe Sound Maude Sistrunk , Morriston Carolyn Faye Smith Webster Gloria Smith Haines City Shelia Smith Jacksonville Virginia Inez Smith St. Petersburg s Melpomene Smitzes Tarpon Springs Maxine Sparkman Ft. White Lola Anne Sparkman Tampa Rhode Spechler Quincy Ruth Spiwak Jacksonville em n Ruth Sprott Lake Wales Mary Stallings Tampa Katherine Steed Orlando Nancy Strauss Miami Frances Strickland Tallahassee Page 53 Evelyn Stuckey Tallahassee Ruth Mary Sturrock West Palm Beach Morylin Sumner St. Petersburg Dolly Sutton Tampa Bobbie Sweat Tampa 5. e icon Helen Tarapani Tarpon Springs Anne Tate Murphy, N. C. Clarice Thomas Starke Peggy Lou Thomas Clearwater Betty Trigg Thomoson St. Cloud Peggy Lou Thomson Gainesville Jeanne Tillman Lake Wales Mary Douglas Tinsley Tallahassee Mary Margaret Torres Tampa Betty Touchton Avon Park Fawn Trawick Ta I iahassee Frances Traxler Gainesville Alma Treiman Brooksville Margaret Treisback Jacksonville Camerone Trent Fort Pierce Page 54 Dorothy Tucker Concl Point Mildred Turner Lake Wales Bettye Usher Miami Bobbie Usher Miami Naomi Vaught Palmetto Jane Waldo Hot Springs, Ark. Alice Walton Quitman, Ga. Mary Watford Okeechobee Beatrice Weaver Kissimmee Mary Weedon Tampa 2cHCO . . . Ina Weinberger Tampa Betty Jean Wells MacClenny Nellie Wentworth Keystone Heights Frances Wheeler Tallahassee Nancy Lee Wheeler Jacksonville Jean Ann White Cadiz, Ky. Anne Widerquist Ft. Myers Martha Wight Sonford Joenell Wildinson Sonford Naomi Williams Orlando Page 55 Marjorie Willis Bainbridge, Go. Jean Wilson Tampa Lois Wilson Tampa Martha Wilson Umatilla Ouida Winchester Tallahassee Margaret Winton Jacksonville Edna Yearty Jacksonville Ruth Young Fort Lauderdale Joycelyn Ziegler Sarasota Scmon . . Page 56 Semon ciAtt ut frcctccie . . . Julia Alfriend Theresa Bratley Julia Bridges Ruth Cuevos Shirley Deginther Lottie May Dykes, (Mrs.) Mary Fulford Betty Fussel Mary Geiger Geraldine Hansen Zilda Hasting Margaret Hathaway Virginia Herndon Marianne Kemp Eloise Levy Grace Lindberg Celia Llamas Merril Long Dorothy Mayhew Doris Mcintosh Mary Negel Bessie Rhodes Mabel Rust Minnie Stoutamire Page 57 ciKc n O ice u . . . President — Frances Myers Vice-President — Barbara Mann Secretary — Juanita Nord Treasurer — Eleanor Bragg Representatives to Senate — Ann Colvin, Mary White, Harriet Kirk, Sarah Ellen Glenn, Cora Lea Wells. Parliamentarian — Juanita Bowles Junior Minstrels Chairman — Mary Lou Norwood Junior-Senior Prom — Shirley Rodgers The Junior Class filled the upper floors of Landis and the counselor rooms of the Freshman dorms and began to take their place as the older Odd Class. Soon after Christmas holidays, the Juniors started making plans for the Junior-Senior Prom. The oriental theme was kept secret until the night of the dance. In May the Juniors and Seniors arrayed themselves in fine fashion (of three year olds) for the Kid Party. The " children " played games on Landis Green, and ate a rowdy dinner in the dining hall. At Class Day the class performed their last official act as Juniors. Solemnly they accepted their Senior sister ' s caps ' n gowns and assumed the dignity befitting the class of ' 47. Page 58 CcuUon Martha Abbott Tampa Doris Agner Perry Virginia Ailstock St. Petersburg Carolyn Allison DeFuniak Springs Ester Argintar Miami Jane Arnold , Miami Morjorie Atwater Chattahoochee Morjorie Austin Apalachicola Eugenic Avant Tallahassee Sherlee Barish West Palm Beach Avonell Barker Tampa Lucile Barry Tallahassee Gloria Basi la Miami Elinor Bayer Jacksonville Kathryn Beozell St. Petersburg Agnes Bedsole Gracevi I le Joyce Benton Lake Wales Geneva Bettie Miami Bettie Lee Bevill St. Augustine Marie Beverly Tampa Lavonne Black... West Palm Beach Virginia Black Gainesville Ruth Blair Blountstown Mary Agnes Blasingame Sarasota ,4 . Page 59 Mary Jane Boone Plant City Miriam Booth Clearwater Juonita Bowles Lakeland Eleanor Bragg Tampa • ' Jj y X, F Mildred Bridges Blountstown Betty J une Brophy Pensccola Claire Brown Miami Lucy Brown Miami ■ ' f ' , ' • Marjorie Browne Jacksonville Helen Broward Jacksonville Martha Burke Miami Louise Bur re 1 1 Eustis W«afe,. r ' .1 Dorothy Bush Clearwater Camilla Callahan Gainesville Ouita Campbell Pensacoia Betty Jeane Cannon DeLand Patricio Corey Plant City Joyce Carlton . Plant City Bobby Carter Tampa Rosetta Carver Gainesville Page 60 Norma Chalker Deerfield Beach Rachel Chambers Ocaic Marguerite Cherry Tampa Elinor Chisholm Jacksonville yum n cutixn Angelina Ciaravella Tampa Marian Clark Chattahoochee Nell Clark Tampa Prise ilia Clark St. Petersburg Marilyn Cleveland Miami Jean Cole Miami Irene Coleman i St. Augustine Ann Colvin lacksonville Sidney Conner Live Oak Mary Cooney Miami Doris Corry Quincy Sara Corry Miami Burma Cox Tallahassee Joan Cramer Winter Haven Olivia Crane Oca la Rachel Crotwell iTallahassee Jerry Crume DeLond Shirley Cumming Lutz Barbara Dale Daytona Beach Esther Dale Kissimmee Anne Daniel Miami Emily Daniel Chipley Rosetta Darling Tallahassee Catherine Davis Tampa %Mf ■ ■• •Sr -e i Page 61 : ' " t-C -V ; ' . -r-f ' -v ' -r " iCTijwpf f: . ! i m s y Ida L. Davis Starke Marian Davis Wabasso Sarah Anne Davis Jacksonville Josephine Dawkins Tampa Evelyn Decs Jasper Virginia DerGarry Lakelond Grace DeWolf Crescent City Mary Diamond Jay Betty Donnally High Sprmgs Shirley Dorr Winter Haven Betty Dowd Arcadia Frances Duckworth Marianna Gwenith Duden B ' ronson Ysobel DuPree Miami Beach Hazel Eddy Waldo Delores Edwards Jacksonville Virginia Edwards Orlando Ruth Ervin . Tallahassee Mary Ellen Evans Tallahassee Mary V. Evans -St. Petersburg Lillian Fagen St. Augustine Hope Farmer St. Petersburg Geraldine Farnsworth , Tallahassee Marian Ferraro Tampa Page 62 Cc{m(yu ycuUon Martha Fox Tampa Roberta Friedkin Tampa Elinor Fugate Boca Grande Virginia GoMemore Bartow Marie Garcia Tampa Betty Gardiner Gainesville De lores Gardner Boynton Viola Garnett Orlando Lydia George i Delray Beach Betty Giberson Lake Wales Margaret Gill is Westfield, N. J. Leta Glasscock Auburndale Mary Glaviano Tampa Sarah Glenn Birmingham, Ala. Betsy Golden St, Petersburg Mary Nell Goldman Winter Park Betty Ruth Goode Holopaw Jean Ann Gr ' ham . West Palm Beach Mary Greathouse Eadeton Annie Lou Green Tallahassee Virginia Green St. Petersburg Marion Gresham St. Marks Sarah Griffin Plant City June Grindstaff . St. Petersburg Page 63 m I L I £ 1 M ' xf -woj! 1 rene Gross Ta I lahassee Coline Gunn Gainesville Barbara Guptill St. Petersburg Laurie Haas West Palm Beach Ruth Haddox Apopka Alda Hagler Chipley Dorothy Hahn Miami Faye Hall Tallahassee Carolyn Hon ley Tampa Margaret Ha r ley Auburndale Jean Harper Sanford Zelda Hastings Molina Calista Hatchett Chattahoochee Mornito Hatchett Lament Edna Haynie Clearwater Francis Hazard Jacksonville Charlotte Healey____ Bradenton Beverly Heard Miami Jean Helms Indian River Betty Hentz Blountstown Emma Herlong Lake City Sonyo Heyman Jacksonville C la i re Hill Wi Idwood Robin Hill Orlando % Page 64 f ' cuU n UHccn Shearer Mines Siluria, Ala. Mray Groover Holland Bartow Margery Holm Bartow Patricia Hourihan Coral Gables Evelyn Howell Bonifay Wilna Humphrey Forrest City, Ark. Jean Hunt J oc kson v i 1 1 e Peri lie Hunt . Okeechobee Anne Hunter Tampa Elizabeth Hunter Ponte Vedra Lois Hyde Pompano Louise lllingsworth Jacksonville ' I ■ ; wi n i m wiwy i wiM Mary Jane Inabnit Prichard Fay Irvin Callahan Barbara Irving Miami Aileen James Sebastian Betty Lou Jernigan Tallahassee Katherine Johnson West Palm Beach Kathleen Johnson Jacksonville Louise Johnson Palatka Shirley Johnson Tampa Iris Johnston St. Cloud Loyce Johnston Kissimmee Marianne Jones Clewiston i Page 65 5fe S-.V Mary Jo Jones Chip ley R uth Jonesi Dunnel Ion Clarice Journigan Gotho Elaine Keller Miami Patricia Keller Tallahassee Mary Kendall Hapeville Dixie Kennedy Melbourne Esther Kilpatrick Sanford Celia King St. Petersburg Joan Kingsbury Lake Wales Nino Kinsey Tallahassee Harriet Kirk Jacksonville Mary Jane K i rst Or la ndo Beryl Kitchen Tampa Joy Knipe St. Petersburg Doris Koon Day Sue Kuelber Titusville Doris Lamb Leesburg Patti Landis DeLand Margaret Lassiter Lake Wales Page 66 Frances Ledbetter Grace vi lie Betty Lee Orlando Elizabeth Lee Pensacola Marciie Leiter Panama City yu Ucn ycuU n Barbara Lester Palm Beach Nell Lester Lakeland Beatri ce Lewis St. Petersburg Sarah Lewis Tallahassee Barbara Jane Lindsey Fort Meode Joyceline Lloyd Pensacola Ondina Lombardero Tampa Dorothy Luke Tampa i ' Frances Lyon Waycross, Ga . Martha Ann Maguire Orlando Estell Malphurs Norfolk, Vo. Barbara Mann Tarpon Springs Mae Manning Florala, Ala. Jean Mark Tallahassee Pauline Marks Albany, Ga. Martha Martin . Miami Ouida Martin Perry Willie Martin Jacksonville Vivian Mercer Bartow Lois Meriwether Sanford Dorothy Miller Havana Marjorie Miller Bradenton Patricia Mi 1 1 icon Gainesville Mary Cooper Mims Miami Page 67 f Ai • " 9 ' , i ■ Jane Mobley Tampa Mary Monaco Tompa Katherine Moore Tampa Marion Moorehead Oca la Emily Morgan Daytona Beach Christian Morrison DeFuniok Springs Betty Fay Moses Tampa Helen Mosley Century i- ' -jdlL » ' »■ ■ m; I r Eileen Murinson Sarasota Frances Myers .__ Jacksonville Theresa Myers To I lahassee Elizabeth Anne McDonald Jacksonville Nancy MacEdwards Lakeland Mary Nell McFodden Groveland Dorothy McKirnan Palatka Betty Jo McLeod Lakeland Bookie McMichael Tampa Nell McNiel Jacksonville Elizabeth McRae Mcintosh Gloria McVey Ft. Lauderdale Julia Nesius _1 St. Petersburg Ann Nicholson Coral Gables Catherine Nollman Starke Juanita Nord Miami Us. Page 68 CCMOn uac n4. Bettie Lee Norman Auburndale Loma Doris Oatley Tampa Doris O ' Neill Daytona Beach Bobby Owen Miami Elizabeth June Padgett Orlando Virginia Palmer Tampa Ann Parker Brooksvi I le Margaret Parker Stuart Elaine Parramore Citra Dorothy Peacock Blountstown Louise Peeples Bartow Mary Louise Perfect Ft. Lauderdale Sue Carol Perrin Ft. Meade Mae Pickens Chattahoochee Mary Ora Pitt Savannah, Ga. Betty J ean Poe Ti tusvi Me Mabel Pope Homestead Marjory Potter Orlando J une Powell Carlo, Ga . Erin Poythress MacClenny Frances Proctor Tallahassee Caroline Pruitt Valpariso Mary Puglisi Tampa Annie Pullara Tampa Page 69 r ' j .ir,. j«4-- ; ' , ' i ' • f; " --; j ' . Page 70 Willardeen Pulliam Pinetta Ada Rankin— _- Bristol Gladys Reams Lomont Betty Reed Jacksonville Gloria Reed Washington, D. C. Barbara Rees Tavares Lyiiane Richards Fort Pierce Ann Richardson Clarcona ■ -I Marii Richardson Miami Beach Mary Riddle Graceville Rosalind Riegle Daytona Beach Mary Rivero Tampa Betti Robinson Hollywood Myrtle Robinson Live Oak Maude Rhodes Ft. Lauderdale Shirley Rodgers Savannah, Ga. Catherine Rogers Plant City Joyce Rosenthal Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Marguerite Ross Fernandina Rebecca Routon Quincy Daphne Rowe Tallahassee Catherine Royall Jacksonville Frances Rutland Homestead Virginia Sapp l St. Petersburg yuaio cuu n Nicky Sartoris Canal Point Martha Jean Satterfield Miami Jean Louise Satterwhite Sebring Aileen Sayers Tampa Marjorie Ann Scanlan Coral Gables Betty Schwarz Miami Joe Nel Segree Palatka Catherine Sessions Tallahassee Margaret Shackleford Quincy Emily Sheftall . . Jacksonville Billie Eva Shell Orlando Doris Sherman Lake Wales Betty Shouse - Umati I la Sarah Shriver Jacksonville Jean Simon West Palm Beach Bobbie Simpson Miami Margaret Simpson Daytona Beach Louise Sims Canal Point Phyllis Singer Cordele, Ga. Betty Jane Singleton Winter Park I Charlotte Skinner Jacksonville Constance Smith Belle Glade Elizabeth Smith Pensacola Gloria Anne Smith Haines City I f ■ % Page 71 Lorraine Smith Ft. Lauderdale Margaret Smith West Palm Beach Ruth Solomon Ponce de Leon Betty Speer Pahokee | »: Alice Spiers Tallahassee Anne Spooner Hernando Ann Stambaugh Auburndale Jean Stasch St. Petersburg Barbara Stephen Alachua Shirley Stever Miami Aurelia Stewart Miami Alice Stiehl Fellsmere Helen Stone St. Petersburg Betty Strickland Tavares June Sullivan Tallahassee Virginia Summer Vero Beach - ' i Ruth Talbot New Port Richey Carolyn Taylor Shiloh Dorothy Taylor Andalusia, Ala. Frances Taylor Jacksonville Marjorie Terrill Adairsville, Ga. Jane Thomas West Palm Beach Patricia Thomas Tallahassee Jean Thomasson Miami Page 72 ? cmco u UMon Phy Thomson Lloyd Laura Thornton West Palm Beach Charlotte Thorpe Miami Martha Tison Porrish Henriette Trezevant Tampa Clarice Trueblood Lakeland Evelyn Tsangaris Tarpon Springs Nell Tuten Archer Elizabeth Vandergrift St. Petersburg Janice Van Tassel I Stuart Joyce Walker Orlando Emma Sue Walters Tifton, Ga. !•- - 1 Nancy Ward Lakeland Nancy Ware West Palm Beach Martha Walters Jacksonville Mary Weekley Milton Cora Lea Wells Gainesville Dorothy Ann Wells Miami Beach Ann Westmoreland Perry Alice Wheeler Tallahassee Barbara Whidden Mulberry Jean Whigham Sanford Mary White Ft. Lauderda le Roberta Whitfield Raiford »(» v Page 73 viff-v;- % P -»- " «3 i Ellen Whitman Sarasota Barbara Wickham Jacksonville Margaret Williams Ft. Pierce Dana Willson Tallahassee Betsy Wilson Pensacola J oyce Wi ndham . Coleman Katherine Winstead Jacksonville Winifred Winter Pensacola Marjorie Woodberry Tampa Ina Jo Wrench Gainesville Nancy Wright Tampa Betsy Zurwelle Miami Beach f ' cuua Page 74 UKCo% uUt ut fiictufte . . . Betty Adams Martha Bates Betty Blake Betty Brown Caroline Brown Mary Cadman Sadie Campbell Mary Cannon Laura Cason Ruth Clark Doris Dallas Frances Dean Mae Diamondais Katherine Donohoe Betty DuPree Nan Durrance Jeanne Echols Frances Edelen Aurora Faedo Joy Fleming Leonor Garcia Lean Harding Harriet Hazard Mildred Henry Caroline Herman Mercedes Hernandez Mary Ann Hopson Josie Kinsey Nancyanna Koelliker Nell McCollum Marian Mcintosh Nancy McLaourin Mary Lou Norwood Harriet Palmer Carolyn Patterson Alice Phillips Viva Porter Lola Rose Enid Sandler Catherine Settles Helen Smith Marianne Snyder Eva Stanciu Geraldine Sullivan Alice Summitt Taff Beryl Taylor Marion Thompson Dorothy Toney Marforie Wadley Ouida Winchester Thelma Wolfe Lillie Woodbery Page 75 Sa amaxe O ccen. . President — Connie Savage Vice-President — Jean Ann Rcmsdell Secretary — Jean Bennett Treasurer — Carol Clous Representatives to Senate — Pot Pcttishall, Ida Lee Rentz, Beth Fuerer, Janice Richy, Betty Kennedy. Parliamentarian — Jean Sharer Athletic Manager — Tommy Thompson Sophomore-Senior Breakfast — Juanito Krentzmon Sophomore Hop — Georgia Jaeckel The Sophomore class in its new-found upperclass glory began the year with a bang by promptly blowing the roof off Gilchrist. Early in the year, Sophomores carried their senior sisters ' mortar boards at Investiture and felt very grown up. At Thanksgiving time, the young Evens submerged themselves in Even Dem trying to learn all the things it took the seniors four years to learn. After Christmas, the Sophs began planning their biggest fling of the year, Sophomore Hop. Then at Val- entine Time, the Sophomores, drag or stag, trooped to the gym for their first big class dance. During the last part of third quarter, the Sophomore class planned the annual Sophomore-Senior Breakfast. Two by two the girls splashed through the mud to eat bacon and eggs and long-missing butter. Page 76 So li omonc Eugenia Ahlers Miami Felicia Alessi Tampa Sue Alford Bonifay Anne Allen Orlando Madeline Allen Milton Mary Frances Allen Bartow Thelma Aly Moore Haven Theodora Anderson Tampa Yolando Arias Tampa Aivero Ashe Green Cove Springs Juanita Ault Orlando Ann Avery Miami Beach Florence Ayers Melbourne Evelyn Marie Badcock Mulberry Rose Baisden Jacksonville Connie Baker Pensacola Edna Earle Boker lacksonville Theresa Barfield Pensacola Esther Barash West Palm Beach Margaret Barnett Marianna Gloria Barnum Orlando Li la Lee Barrington Fort Meade Martha Bash St. Petersburg Fay Boss Tampa Page 77 Myra Jean Bates Tampa Barbara Baxter Coral Gables Bettie Bazemore Miami Barbara Beckman Jacksonville yi J , f Lillian Belyeu Quincy Jean Bennett Miami Jean Bess Miami Betsy Bird Drifton Anita Bisbee Jacksonville Betty Rose Bishop Auburndale Norma Blackburn Bowling Green Lillian Black welder Miami Paulette Blank West Palm Beach R uthmory B I iss Orlando Yvonne Boatwright Jacksonville Jeanne Bollinger West Palm Beach ■r Harriet Boltin Gainesville Eugenia Booth Plant City Frances Booth Jacksonville Eleanor Boothby Cedar Key ...L. i,™,,..„ ;.v ««fc ' , 4 .■., ,.iS..i Page 78 Dorothy Boring Plant City Blanche Bosanquet Fruitland Park Mary Evelyn Boswell Jacksonville Joan Boucher Miami SofoA( monc Charlotte Bouland Zephyrhills Dorothy Bower Shell mar Janet Boyd Jacksonville Aileen Boyett Terra Ceia Constance Bradley DeLand Mamie Bradley Miccosukee Antoinette Bradley Miami Evelyn Breedlove Tavares Sarah Brockson Ponce de Leon Ruth Brokaw____ Miami Sue Brophy Pensacola Betty Lue Brown Miami Lillian Brown Miami Sarah Brown Gainesville Katherine Browning Orlando Geraldine Brumby Tallahassee Grace Bryan Palatka Anna Bryce Brycevilie Jane Bryson Jacksonville Virginia Budd Quincy Margaret Burch Jasper Betty Butler Miami Laura Lee Butler Kissimmee Dorothy Butts Bartow •«Mii6 - -» " Page 79 r J , . ! r - w " ■ M, fc . Page 80 Patsy Callahan Jacksonville Ann Campbell Tampa Helen Campbell DeFuniak Springs Frances Cannon Ft. Lauderdale Helen Cappleman Miami Nell Caro Pensacola Patricia Carr St. Petersburg Virginia Carr Crestview Martha Carter Jacksonville Faye Cat ledge Madison Joyce Cayce Deerfieid Beach Barbara Chaffee Miami Virginia Chancey Brandon Jeannette Chapman Tallahassee Marjorie Christensen Meridian, Miss. June Chy na Miami Mary Jane Ciccarello Tampa Marjorie Clark Atlanta, Ga. Carol Clous Hollywood Joy Clovel - Wauchula Jacque demons Mayo Phyllis Cole Tampa Sibyl Colegrove DeLand Elizabeth Collins Webster Jewell Collins Plant City Alice Comstock Miami Katherine Condurelis Ft. Myers Mary Lois Conn St. Cloud Margaret Cook Label le Mary Cope land Jacksonville Carolyn Cordray Jacksonville Martha Cordray Jacksonville Marvis Core Tallahassee Gertrude Corry Miami Barbara Covington Plant City Ann Cox Quincy Dorothy Cox Bowling Green Marie Cox Perry Betty Jo Craig Clearwater Joyce Craig Deerfield Beach Shirley Crawford Pensacola Virginia Croghan Ft. Pierce Alice Cromartie Chosen Dorothy Crowson Clearwater Dorothy Crotts Apa lach icola Marian Curry Pine Castle Virginia Curtis Tampa Ruby Grace Daniel Chip ley ' i k -1 Page 81 : f. ■ ' mm. % ' l ' " )l i. w ii J V -m. jlftL . ■■ ; Pag e S2 Tessie Daniels Winter Haven Sara Dougherty lackconville Dorothy R. Davis Jacksonville Georgene Davis Oca la Jane Davis Miami Marie Davis St. Petersburg Mcrjorie L, Davis Starke Rosa Lee Davis Tampa Violet Davis Holopaw Nancy Day Birmingham, Ala. Audrey Jean Debevoise Jacksonville Marian Deiders Tampa Neva Delgade Tampa Rosa Lee Dell St. Petersburg Espacia Demetrelis Neptune Beach Carol Deters Jacksonville Linda DeVone Plant City Marilyn Dewey Miami Harriet Dew Largo Evelyn Diamond Miami Gloria Douglass Jacksonville Frances Downing Clearwater Marie Dozier Arcadia Doris Dubois Jupiter S( fi o pt(ne So i om ne Jo Dunnagan Coral Gables Betty Dieson Orlo Vista Helen Edminston Venice Evelyn Edwards Miami Loisell Edwards Perry Audrey Evans Jacksonville Patty Evans Tallahassee Marie Everitt Panama City Barbara Farrar Tampa Barbara Fennell Tampa Martha Ferguson Lakeland Li I ia Fernandez Tampa Agnes Ferrell Midway Rose Marie Ferro Miami Anne Fielding St. Petersburg Doris Fincher Jacksonville Beach Dorothy Fincher Jacksonville Beach Artie Flanders Tallahassee Bruce Flanders Lake Placid Olive Flemming Jack:onville Marine I Fletcher Bradenton Jean Fleiss Jacksonville Marian Floyd . Winter Park Happy Ford Oneco 1 I ■i Page 83 ' I ' - Jackquelin Fosdick Fort Pierce Janette Fountain DeFuniak Springs Dorothy Fouts Jacksonville Mary Fowler Lakeland Beth Fuhrer Jacksonville Caroline Funchess St. Andrews Peggy Futch Lake City Pauline Gag .__ . Jacksonville Sara Golloher Tampa Marian Game Tallahassee Violet Goskin Wewahitchka Martha Ann Gast Dade City Elaine Gavigan Miami Rita Gendzier Jacksonville Gloria Gi Imore Perry Florence Gibbons Gainesville Page 84 Isabelle Glass Tallahassee Margaret Glisson Oca la Drucillo Gnann West Palm Beach Dorothy Gonzales Tampa Lea Goodman Panama City Edith Mae Goodman Fort Pierce Beatrice Gottfied Miami Beach Margie Grace Graceville S( fo m ne S( fonom ne Hilda Grant Tallahassee Betty Sue Gray Lake Wales Vivian Greene McAlpin Annie Lou Guess Foley Mary Frances Guest New Smyrna Beach Jane Gunn Jacksonville Barbara Hackney Bon if ay Annette Ha ire Gretna - .- P I Kathleen Hamilton : Baldwin Teddy Hamlin Sarasota Irma Hammond Lady Lake Betty Hancock Palatka Elizabeth Harper St. Petersburg Emile Harper St. Petersburg Jeani Harris Coral Gables Patricia Harrison Miami Carolyn Hart Tallahassee Martha Hart Fort Pierce Mary Hart Zephyrhills Dorothy Hasbrouck Tallahassee Helen Hasley Fort Myers Lily Hatton Brooksvi I le Virginia Hatton Orlando Marion Hays Lakeland „ » ' ' Fage 85 :» .■ ' ' T f . • -L,.:,.. ?4: ' - « 1 y ; K Pa e S6 Nancy Hazard lackson ville Phyllis Hazen Brooker Virginia Helie Pensacola Beverly Hendon Clearwater Emily Hero Id Tallahassee Mary Ann Herring Sarasota Betty Hill Belle Glade Esther Hill La Belle Marion Hill Orlando Mary Hill Gainesville Maude Hill Lake City Patricia Hill Miami Mary Hinson Homosassa Springs Ann Holloway Jacksonville Anne Ho I ton Jacksonville Hilda Hood Birmingham, Ala. Patricia Hornot Palm Beach Betty Hostetter Jccksonvi I le Beach Norma Hotard New Smyrna Beach Joanne Howard Miami Gloria Hughes Lake Worth Georgie Marion Jaeckel St. Augustine Anna Jernigan Tampg Betty J oh nson Qui ncy Sofo omone Sofo om ne Carol Johnson Cocoa Evelyn Marie Johnson Lakeland Margaret Johnson Greensboro Marion Johnson Quincy Vivian Johnson Davenport Carolyn Jones Miami Lena Jones Jensen Beach Joseph i ne J ordon Leesburg Estelle Josepher Miami Beach Billie Kacinski Corpus Christi, Tex. Alois Katz Jacksonville Carolyn Kelley Tallahassee Betty Kennedy Orlando Peggy Kennedy Jacksonville Rebecca Kennedy Tallahassee Betty Kent Pensacola Gloria King Jacksonville Ruth King St. Petersburg Corinne Kloeffer Orlando Doris Knight Lake Butler Merle Knowles Shady Grove Juanita Krentzman Milton Enid Krouse Winter Park Betty Labree Donia " f A i i « - .1, , i Page 87 ■- Pa e £S Nancy La Grange Miami Beach Louise Lake Tampa Marquita Lance Tallahassee Kitty Landress Miami Barbara Lanford lacksonville Zeane Lanier Jacksonville Marjorie Lant Fort Myers Mary Jane Lassiter Lake Wales Evelyn Lee Tallahassee Jean Leiberman lacksonville Sylvia Leibovitz Jacksonville Lois Leitch Fort Pierce June Lemmond Tallahassee Ruth Leonard Jacksonville Margaret Leslie Tampa Hascia Levine Orlando Norma Lewis Tallahassee Barbara Lincoln Limona Betty Linderman Lake Wales Anne Lindsey Panama City Mary Ann Lockard Jacksonville Betty Long Winter Haven Jo Ann Long Clewiston Moira Long Crestview Sa 4am ied wmthi Myra Long Crestview Doris K. Lorber Miami Maureen Mccy Starke Car lotto Mo Hoy Chipley Mildred Mann Coral Gables Annette Maples Bowling Green Roses Marcoux Miami Nora Marsha 1 1 Cottage Hill Joan Massie Tallahassee Rose Marie Moyhew Tallahassee Mary McAlpin White Springs Connie McCall Tallahassee Bobs McCarthy Miami Marian McEwen Miami Charlotte McGeachy Chipley Anne Moclnnes Grand Crossing Betty Mcintosh Tallahassee Barbara Mc Kinney Miami Elizabeth McLean Tallahassee Etoile McMichael Quincy Jean McMillan Ma lone Nancy McMullen Coral Gables Dorothea McCree Palmetto Jo Meldrim Elkton % Page 89 L -, Page 90 Ann Mike 1 1 Gainesville Doris Miller Florala, Ala. Mary Ruth Miller Plant City Lucille Mi Minor Perry Betty Moody Crystal Beach Ann Moore Tampa Faith Moore Tampa June Moore Tallahassee Lydia Moore Miami Rene Mae Morgan Gainesville Ernestine Morris Everglades Marianne Morris Monticello Mary Louise Morris Tampa Margaret Morrison __„_ Leesburg Gerry Lee Morton Eglin Field Peggy Moss Jacksonville Betty Mowat Lynn Haven Dolores Mowery Winter Park Hellyne Murphy Tallahassee Doris Musseeman Tampa Ann Mustaine Ft. Pierce Grace Myers Lakeland Margorette Napier Greenwood Lois Narovec Miami S finomone So iHomone Miriam Neidiinger Jacksonville Lois Newark Winter Park Ethel Newbern Auburndale Alice Newett Leesburg Harriet Newkirk Jacksonville Joanne Newman Tallahassee Gladys Nichols Graceville Mary Nichols Mt. Dora Catherine Nolan Lakeland Catherine Oberholtzer Yaioha Jeanne Oldf other Miami Margaret Olsen Pensacola Jean O ' Steen Jacksonville Joyce Palmer Tampa Frances Parker Blountstown I ris Parsons Orlando Ruby Pate Avon Pork Inez Paterson Ft. Meade Pat Pottisholl Orlando Amelia Pavese Ft. Myers » f 1 ' R ' 8= ■•J Martha Peacock DeLand Juanita Pearce Okeechobee Frances Pease Ft. Lauderdale Shirley Pelaez Tampa . . Page 91 hr- V ' ' J m i JI ► .1: Page 92 Joyce Pepper Miami Marty Perkins Sanford Roberta Perkins Lake City Joyce Petty Pulaski, Tenn. Emily Phillips Gainesvi lie Loretta Phoeniz St. Petersburg Georgene Pihos Orlando Madge Pi Icher Sarasota Lucille Pittman Tampa Josie Poppell Perry Ester Porter Marianne Mary Clyde Pratt Montgomery, Ala. Murl Price , Tampa Josephine Puglisi Tampa La Feme Quinn Jacksonville Louise Rabb Arcadia Louise Rampey Pensacola Jean Ann Ramsdell Plant City Barbara Randolph Jacksonville Frances Raney Silver Springs Virginia Ransley Cantonment Marie Ratliff Jasper Mary Alyce Ray West Palm Beach Barbara Reeves Miami So fr o ptone Peggy Reid Winter Haven Phylis Reindel Lake Worth Ida Lee Rentz Miami Mary Louise Reynolds Nocatee J udy Rhodes DeLand Ann Rice Ft. Lauderdale Fannie Richards Palmetto Ruby Richbourg St. Augustine Janice Richey . Coral Gables Elizabeth Riegler Lutz Dorothy Ring Jacksonville Ann Lou Rivers Enterprise Kathleen Robb Tampa Janet Robertson Jacksonville Jimmie Rogers Dania La Vera Roop Miami Laurel Rosenbaum Miami Luello Rouse Jacksonville Nancy Russell Winter Haven Doris Somford Jacksonville Gay Sanders I nverness Sarah Sanders Fernandina Dalia Santos Tampa Connie Savage West Palm Beach Page 93 Pafi e 94 Jo Ann Savory Inverness Lorilla Sayre Jacksonville Norma Schaeffnsr Gain esville Miriam Scheinberg Miami Katheryn Lorraine Scolt Tallahassee Elaine Segal Jacksonville V i rg i n i a Se we II Sta r ke Katherine Shaffer Orlando Jean Sharer Pensacola Betfy Shaw Citra Evelyn Shea Miami Irma Lee Shepherd Cocoa Betty Jone Sherman Coral Gables Betty Shirley Orlando Anne Shull Melbourne Arlyne Siegel Miami Beach Betty Sinclair Winter Haven Anne Singleton Miami Bernice Sloan Panama City Carolyn Smith Jacksonville Dottie Smith Coral Gables Edith Smith Orlando Franklin Smith Miami Jacqueline Smith Palatka S( fi Mi ne S( p 6 M te Jaunita Smith _. . Madison Marna Smith Bradenton Marydel Smith St. Augustine Nancy Jane Smith j. Pensacolo Nancy Pettit Smith Haines City Peggy Jo Smith Avon Park Shirley Smith Sonford Virginia Smith Fort Myers Sylvia Snell Okeechobee Kathleen Snider Coral Gables Doris Snow Coral Gables Lois Snyder Wacisso Joan Sporkman Tampa Margaret Sparrow Tampa Corol hy Sperry Tampa Betty Stakemiller Miami Peggy Stanaland Quincy Yvonne Standish St. Cloud Gloria Stapleton Fernandina Lynn Starbird Apopka Luna Mary Steadman Tampa Eleanor Steele Crestview Sally Stephens Fort Pierce Connie St. Johns . Tampa • ti A Fage 95 V Page 96 Dorothy Stokes Baker Eddie Foye Stokes Neptune Beach Josephine Story Eou Gallie Phyllis Strickland Tallahassee Margaret Stringfellow Bartow Lois Stults St. Augustine Catherine Sullivan Miami Lessie Swindle Vernon Clara Taylor Winter Haven Gladys Carolyn Taylor Pensacola Patricia Toys Coral Gables Paula Jean Teagarden Tallahassee Mary Helen Tew Sanford Audrey Thomas -- Tallahassee Mervin Thomas Gainesville Amarene Thompson Baker Jeweldeen Timmons Lament Rita Jean Toops St. Cloud Ann Townsend Jacksonville Mary Maud Trowbridge Largo Ann Tucker Fort Pierce Margaret Turnage Chattahoochee Marian Turrentine Wauchula Martha Upshaw Miami S( p omone Lillian Ussery Winter Garden Mary L. Van Natta .Lakeland Martha Vickers Miami Dot Vincent Waycross, Ga. Kathleen Wagner Homestead Til lie Waiden Bartow Dorothy Walker Miami Johanne Walker Donalsonville, Ga. Mary Loise Walker Miami Arnette Walling Weirsdale Betty Wa Ish Tampa J one Me Walter Tallahassee Marilyn Ward Coral Gables Marilyn Watson Key West Jackie Waybright Jacksonville Blanche Weedon Tampa Alice Welch Tampa Peggy Welch Cottondale Gloria Wells West Palm Beach Martha West lacksonville Lois Whadford Largo Mary Jo Widden F rostproof Jo Ann Whitaker Bartow Wanda Whitaker Bunnell Page 97 r-T ' ' T i I f , V " . i Jane Whitfield Tampa Marjorie Whitney Clearwater Frances Whitty Lee Joyce Williams Jacksonville Mildred Williams Raiford Sarah Williams Tampa Isabelle Wilson Bartow Kathryn Witherspoon Carrabelle Frances Wood Century Mary Wood St. Augustine Jane Wooten Brodenton Lucille Wooten DeFuniak Springs Emma lee Worn Brodenton Marine I Worth Tampa Dorothy Wynn Gainesville Adeline Ynes J Tampa Florence Young Jacksonville Christine Ziegler Tallahassee Jeonnette Zetrouer Miconopy E I i zabeth Zorn Pa latka Norma Barmore Brodenton Emily Chancey Lloyd -! Page 98 St fi omone S9fiA Mtine cuit ut frcctuie Doris Agner Patricia Allen Eloise Ammon3 Newlin Ashmore Joycelin Ayers Laura Ba-rfield Norma Barmore Dorothy Bennett Ruth Betheo Elaine Bishop Veria Bolin Betty Bolles Barriet Boltin Marthasue Britton Betty Brotchie Sarah Broxson Ann Bruner Gloria Butler Edwina Christie Charlotte Coe Miriam Connor Jean Cramer Marion Cross Barbara Douglas Eriynne Douglas Betty Lee Dyson Florence Du Rant I la Enzor Joyce Evans Lucille Feiden Tommie Feiton Ddrothy Dean Ferguson Nilda Fernandez Yvonne Fitzgerald Mary Flower Jacqueline Floyd-Jones Ruby Ganey Joyce Gorman Alice Gehan Nancy Gleaton Edith Dorsen Grider Emma Guthery Colleen Hall Mary Hallen Crystal Hammock Potty Harrison Grace Hays Claire Hill Jeonette Hollister Roberta Holz Anna Home Nell Hower Margaret Hunter Frances Isaac Bette Jones Clarice Journigan Martha Keiter Susan Kenneday Winifred Lone Betty Lashley Jean Leiberman Mary Lillycrop Martha Sue Lisenby Marion Looby Beverly Lott Mildred Luce Jacqueline Magee Angie Marino Ann Martin Vera Mayo Janice McFarland Nancy McForlond Maxine Meors Gloria Michelson Dorothy Mims Josephine Mingoio Jonnie Mires Barbara Moore Lucia Moore Alma Moreno Mabel Morrison Priscillo Mullins Betty Murphy Jean Nellenbogen Jacqueline Nevers Jean Olsen Josephine Parker Gladys Pate Alva Roy Margaret Reynolds Marguerite Reynolds Frances Rhodes Betty Riddle Mary Robertson Beatrice Sattfried Margaret Savory Mary Ellen Scarborough Jacqueline Sells Virginia Selmon Sylvia Serbovitz Miriam Scheinberg Kathleen Sides Annette Simpson Mary Charles Skipper Jacqueline Smith Juonita Smith Franklin Smith Anne Stiles Barbara Toit Mary Russell Torr Patricia Toys , lo Thomas Henrietta Trezevant Lucy Utiey Kay Von Deurs Marilyn Von Netto Marshall Lee Vernon Morjorie Wallace Mary Ann Walts Helen Webb Lucile Wells Betty Wholton Gladys White Bette Jo Wilson Charlotte Yotjnkman Page 99 ' " Kw rm %- m ' i , ■■ i 1 IE ifflll . ' ii ' e AmcK O ccen . . . President — Pauline Tuttle Vice-President — Helen Looby Secretary — Mary Ann Berry Treasurer — Virginia Goodell Representatives to Senate — Virginia Anthony, Winifred Anthony, Kctherine Cooper, Jean Furman, Ann Carter Parliamentarian — Patricia Yates Athletic Manager — Mary Calley This year ' s Freshman class, the largest on record, thundered down on Tally end filled every nook end rec on campus. As soon as registration was over and the new class began to accustom themselves to F.S.C., Fresh- man Flundies was formed. This group chose their new president and eagerly began to do the odd jobs on cam- pus. After Christmas, the colorful campaigns began, and eventually the freshmen elected officers to represent them. Second quarter the Freshmen started planning Freshman Carnival. The upperclassmen filled the gym to see the fun and to congratulate the Freshmen for their originality. Page 100 ne mcti . . Dorothy Aberle Tampa Faith Adams Coral Gables Ruth Adams Lake Worth Sue Adams Orlando Shirley Agress Daytona Beach Marie Aiken ._ ' . Miami Elizabeth Alexander . Bartow Dixie Jean Allen _ Leesburg Virginia Allen 1 Orlando Phyllis Allsop Jacksonville Annette Altman Lake Worth Martha Ambrose Callahan Ann Anderson Eustis Dorothy Andrews Atmore, Ala. Virginia Anthony Palm Beach Winifred Anthony Palm Beach a Betty Arnold Holly Hiil Gladys Atlas Jacksonville Yvette Averitt Tavares Audrey Bach Sanford Beverly Bacon Tampa Jeanne Bag ley South Miami Juanell Bailey West Palm Beach Mary Ellen Bai 1 1 ie Tampa Page 101 LIBRA- - aORIDA STATE UNIVERSIV TALUHASSEE. FLORID r J; $M ' - n M Page 102 Esther Bain Miami Peggy Boker Jacksonville Irene Boil Tampa Betty Bo n ks High Springs Kathleen Barker Pensocola Pauline Barker O ' Brien Jean Barnhill Baker Betty Jean Bartlett Tampa Marilyn Ann Bassett Eustis Patricia Bates Jacksonville Lu Anne Batman Tampa Cam i lie Batten Sanford Mary Baxter Ponce de Leon Beverly Bearden Fort Myers Julia Beckman Merritt island Leo la Bel and Pensacolo Anne Benedict Tallahassee Lula Agee Bennett Tampa Virginia Bennett Orlando Laura Bent ley Delray Beach Bettye Berney Miami Margie Berns Jacksonville Mary Ann Berry Jacksonville Bertha Bewley Ft. McCoy te mcfi . . fne4 pt€ . . Jeanne Biffi Hollywood Martha Jane Bird Jacksonville J uanita Bi rdwel I Auci I la Carolyn Blackburn Ft. Meade Marjorie Blackshaw Miami Virginia Blanton Orlando Margaret Ann Blacker St. Petersburg Dorothy B loodworth Miami Vivian B loodworth Miami Celia Blount Arcadia Nancy Boggs Hollywood Mattie Wood Boney High Springs Margia Booth Plant City Dorothy Borbidge Tampa Frances Bosanquet Fruitland Park Mary Ann Bossidy Cocoa Pearl Boston Gotho Carrie Kate Boynton Tallahassee Betty Jo Bozeman Live Oak Bobbye Bradley Miami Grace Bradley Jacksonville Sarah Ann Braemister Palmetto Carolyn Bragg Tampa Margaret B ra un Ta 1 1 a hassee Page 103 . .Jto Nan B rewton Pahokee Ear line Bright Inverness Helen Bright . Panama City Sarah Briles Glen St. Mary Esther Brinkmann Miami Betty Jean Brobston Tallahassee inells Bronson Kissimmee Barbara Brown Lake Park Betty Ann Brown West Palm Beach Clara Mae Brown Trenton Elaine Brown Madison Jeanne Me Brown Jacksonville i Ik- I Lucille Brown Jacksonville Geraldine Bryan Ft. Pierce Edythe Buchman Plant City Harriet Bunnen Pensacola Elsie Burdin Miami Mary Elizabeth Burrell Eustis Margaret Burler Havana Betty Calhoun Jacksonville Page 104 Mary Calley Miami Celia Camp Lake Alfred Beatrice Campbell Sarasota Miriam Campbell Pensacola fnc mCK . . fnemme . . Catherine Carey St. Augustine Elizabeth Cargill Orlando Patricia Carlson Tallahassee Violet Carlton Zolfo Springs E lease Carr Citra Ann Carter Tampa Anne Carter Orlando Jean Carter Jacksonville Joyce Carter , Jacksonville Prise ilia Carter Jacksonville Chris Caruthers Bradenton Angie Castellano Tampa 1L ■ ' i k- Marjorie Caswell Alachua Kitty Chaires Choi res Earlene Chancey Ft. Myers Hester Anne Chazal Oca la Ada Cherry Pensacola Edith Chestnut , Sanford Margaret Chewning West Palm Beach Ethel Clann Tampa r ' ly Betty Jane Clark Greensboro Gladys Clark Jacksonville Jean Adair Clark Eustis Hazel Clarkson Ft. Myers la ' ; 1 Page 105 . Gwendolyn Clements Wilmington, Va. Donis Clifton Ocala Marie Clifton DeLand Pearl Cline Boynton Beach f S - •Km- i H Frances Clopton Miami Beach Carolyn Cofer Jacksonville Carol Coghlan Ft. Lauderdale Margaret Cogswell Tallahassee Ann Coleman Lake Butler Helen Colgan New Port Richey Helen Commander Westview Mary Elizabeth Conant Lakeland Katherine Cooper Tampa J udy Courtney Miami Barbara Covington Plant City Lola Covington Pensocola Wanda Cowart Nocatee Carolyn Cox Tallahassee Elizabeth Cramar Ft. Myers Virginia Lee Crews Lake Placid Page 106 Dorothy Crosby , Brooker Priscilla Crosby Coral Gables Margie Crum Moore Haven J une Crumbly Tampa nc HmCH . . %cmmeK . . Bayne Culbreth Panama City Barbara Cullifer Panama City Gloria Cummings Coral Gables Doris Cunningham Holly Hill Jean Cushman Titusville Jean Ann Daly Palm Beach Jean Dance Tallahassee Sylvia Ruth Daniel Winter Haven Oris Darling Tallahassee Al ice Datson Orlando Lillian Davenport Sarasota Betty Davidson Chief land Christine Davis , Wauchula Dorothy Davis Lake Wales Jacquelyn Davis Perry Mary Margaret Davis Tallahassee Emily Dawkins Tampa Louise Deese Wellborn Carlo Deitz Miami Phyllis DeKalb Clearwater Dorothy LeLotte Cross City Evangeling Demetrilis Neptune Beach Zodie DeMovi I le Perry Betty DeVersey Clearwater i ' ii i (i? Page 107 ' .- . . i .-K Pace 108 Clarissa Dey Coral Gables Elizabeth Dickson , Chipley Patricia Dillard Miami Betty Dixon Tampa Vera Dixon Tampa EInora Dohlin Miami Agnes Dorsey Laurel Hill Caroline Drummond Miami Marion Dubois Jupiter Froncine Dunning Miami Jeanne Dupree Miami Beach Joyce Durrance Ft. Meade Helen Dwoskin Jacksonville Juonita Dyal Mayo Frances Eaddy Bushnell Ruby Eaddy Bushnell Martha Earnhardt New Smyrna Beach Jennie Edwards Quincy Marie Edwards Brooker Patricia Ellise St. Augustine Phyllis Etherton Moore Haven Frances Ewart Jacksonville Betty Ewing East Lake Weir Mabel Ferguson New Smyrna Beach ne mcH. . . Mono Ferguson Gainesville Geraldine Fernandez Tampa Gwendolyn Fitzgerald Tampa Rosemary Flanagan Gainesville Rosemary Fleming Pensacola Mary Virginia Fletcher i Tampa Carolyn Flint St. Petersburg Margaret Flynn Tallahassee Patty Folsom . Tampa Jacqueline Freeman . Miami Beach Anita Freidman Jacksonville Mary Fulton Miami Jean Furman Jacksonville Suzanne Fuss Jacksonville Nita Fussell Tampa Betty Dot Golbraith Orlando Catherine Gallagher Zephyrhills Jean Ganey Ft. Myers Jean Gard Tallahassee Kotherine Gard ...: Tallahassee Mable Gardner Jacksonville Laverne Garner Arcadia Jane Ann Gasque . Dade City Leona Gavigan Miami ' % Page 109 Norma Gavilan Tampa Emily Jane Geeting Dade City Rosy Ian Gei sermon Miami Jean Giberson Lake Wales Dorothy Gi II Chattahoochee Dorothy Gillen Jacksonville Doris Gillman Milton Elizabeth Golden St. Petersburg Virginia Goodell Jacksonville Mildred Gore Lake City Moryioide Granaghan Jacksonville Martha Granger Kissimmee Ruby Granger Lake City Ann Grant Miami Patricio Grant Bay Pines Ne 1 1 Gray Havana Margaret Graydon . Miami Rachel Green Greensboro Minnie Louise Green _. Stuart Joan Grimesly Tempo Page 110 J eon Gui 1 1 J acksonvi I le Mae Gvvynn To I lohassee Jane Anne Hodley West Palm Beach Betty Hall Arcadia %emm€ f%e4Hme . . Joyce Hall Jacksonville Mary Hall St. Petersburg Freddie Love Hamilton Steinhatchee Barbara Ann Hammett Dade City -jar ■ Joyce Hansen Danio Nedra Hansen Arcadia Betty Hanson Tallahassee Jane Hardacre Jacksonville s . Evelyn Hare Tallahassee Louise Hargis Leesburg Betty Harris Pensacola Joyce Harris Bowling Green Lois Harris Bartow Eloise Harrison Tallahassee Kay Harrison Tallahassee Betty Jo Hart Milton Rosanne Hartwell Ft. Lauderdale Nancey Harvey : Tampa Jean Harvill Tampa Dorothy Anne Hay White Springs Thelmo Gaye Haymond Bartow Betty Jean Hazen St. Petersburg Marjorie Headley . Punta Gorda Elynor Heath . Jacksonville Ik.. ■J ' ■f I i Page 111 Page 112 Anita Hebble Lakeland Lucy Hedberg Jacksonville June Hedick Brooksville Patricia Heisler Winter Haven Catherine Heitzman Gainesville Jeannette Herndon Bristol Linda Herold Miccosukee Betty Jane Herring Sarasota Laura Hilton Jacksonville Joyce Hinton Lakeland Polly Hodges Cedar Key Mary Lou Hofma Tallahassee Ruth Holladay Miami Jean Holland Ft. Lauderdale Mary Lou Holland DeFuniak Springs Irma Holt Miami Elizabeth Hooker Neptune Beach Phyllis Hooker Ft. Lauderdale Betty Hope Tampa Barbara Home Hampton Mildred Horrox Lake Wales Betty Houligan Lake Alfred Helen Mae Howell Branford Margaret Huff Ft. Ogden nemmcK . . fne HmcH . . Shirley Muggins Melbourne Gladys Hughes Lake Worth Jewell Hughes Daytona Beach Mary Lou Hunt , Miami Frances Hunter Miami Louise Hutchinson Jacksonville Anne Irving lacksonville Mary Jackson Daytona Beach -L. Toby Jacobskind Miami Navel la Jenkins Miami Edith Johnson Jacksonville Evelyn Johnson Quincy Evelyn Phene Johnson Warrington Marion Johnson Tallahassee Mildred Johnson Ft. Pierce My ra J eon Johnson Bascom Nina Faye Johnson Miami Terry Johnson Clearwater Estelle Jones lacksonville Helen Jones 1 Windermere Jacqueline Jones Jacksonville Jacquita Jones Coral Gables Mary Josephine Jones Punto Gorda Nancy Jones Jacksonville « ' • •31 „ „.i ;... A Page 113 T-l ■ ' ik i 1-rs- » - ?:. Puye ii4 Sally Ann Joyce Miami Lois Lillian Joyner Oca la Piri Kohlenberg Sarasota Carol Kartmon Miami Morcile Kaufman Miami Beach Catherine Koutz Jacksonville Barbara Keen Starke Lucy Lee Kelley Foley Ruth Kennedy DeFuniak Springs Colleen Kenney Orlando Barbara King Jacksonville Berniece Kirklond Bonifay Joanne Kirklond Melbourne Bessalena Kittreli Panama City Kathryne Klein Glen St. Mary Mary Catherine Kluttz lacksonville Beach Ann Cooper Knight Tampa Jane II Knight Jacksonville Martha Lainhart West Palm Beach Gloria Lance Tallahassee Sarah Lane Miami Joan Longner Miami Beach Betty Lankford Gainesville Mary Lena Lassing St. Petersburg nemmat . . fne mPtCH . . Nellie Latham Canal Point Constance Loube Orlando Elinor Law locksonville Jean Law Lutz Robin Lawson Miami Ann Leach West Palm Beach Joy Lee Gainesville Nancy Lefholz Coral Gables Olivia Letton : Tampa Mary Ellen Lisle Winter Beach Bertie Lot tus Tampa Joan Lonqdon Daytona Beach Shirley Longino Brodenton Jean Lord Jacksonville Arlene Love Trenton Dorothy Love . Panama City f Frances Love Cocoa Lois Lovett Greenville Betty Loy West Palm Beach Mary Lucas Miami Betty Luten . Miami Florence Lyies Tampa I mogene Lyons Cross City Sarah Macready West Palm Beach Page 115 i! - H Jir Page 116 Betty Lou Maddox Lakeland Marilyn Maddox Wewahitchkc Martha Magruder . Coconut Grove Margery Mallard Tampa Carmen Manucy Miami Lee Marshall New Smyrna Beach Adele Marsicano Tampa Elaine Marston Clearwater Dorothy Martin J acksonvi I le Jane Martin Tampa Joanne Martin Lake Wales Maxine Masters Jacksonville Retha Mae Mauldin Williston Elizabeth Jane Maxwell Plant City Mary Mayhuse Bartow Lois Meadors Glenwood Carolyn Mease Dunedin Bobbie Meffert Ocaia Sylvia Metsch Sanford Cynthia Merrin Gainesville Geraldine Meyer Frostproof Barbara Middleton Tampa Alice Miller Jacksonville Connie Miller Miami %€4Amc . f%e me(t . . Elizabeth Milton Marianna Maude Ann Mims Miami Antoinette Minardi Tampa Barbara Mitchell New Port, R. I. Barbara Mizer Coral Gables Valda Mock Ft. Meade Marie Moe Jacksonville Marjorie Lee Montgomery Jacksonville Mary Catherine Moody . Panama City Paggy Moor Clearwater Betty Moore Sanford Eloise Moore Oca la Marilyn Morgan Greenwood Corltandt Morper Archer Florence Morrison St. Cloud Anna Lee Moss Bradenton Betty Murray Miami Carol Murrell Cocoa Cheryl Muster Boynton Beach Betty Jo McBride Bradenton Flora Mae McBride Lake City Helen McCann Tallahassee Ann McCarty Tampa Annette McClellan Blountstown j »-. W , . I ■ Page in I i . " :3K- j«« » •• .-fai- WJ 1 ti Page 118 Inez McClellan Panama City Beverly McCollum Miami Martha McCarmack Jacksonville Rosemary McCoy Miami Eleanor McCullough Miami Martha Moil McDonald Sebring Joan MacEdwards Lakeland Margaret McGoogan Jacksonville Mary Ann Mc Irwin Leesburg Frances McKeown Sneads Mary Louise McKinney Wildwood Sara Frances McLamore Warrington Betty Jean McLarty Pahokee Mavis McMillan Lake Alfred Evelyn McRoyan , Sarasota Betty Wells Nelson DeFuniak Springs Beverly Nelson Tallahassee Em Turner Nickinson Pensacola Jane Nightingale -— Neptune Beach Barbara Nolen Inverness Annette Nordan St. Augustine Velma Norma n Starke Margie Norris - Jacksonville Doris Nowok Pensacola ne Ame ft . . fxe AmCK fi Martha O ' Bannon Miami Frances Oberholtzer Yalaha Alice O ' Brien Sebring Bernice O ' Bryan Altha Bessie Odiund Demery Hill Pattie Odom Perry Ann Oetjen Jacksonville Estelle O ' Farrell Atmore, Ala. Jean Ogden ' . Floral City Ruth Ellen Olsen Pensacola Mary Lee Overstreet Macclenny Zathia Owen Winter Haven L Margaret Page Dade City Martha Page San ford Shirley Palmer Tampa Idella Parker Tallahassee Emma la Pate Monticello Dottie Patrick Holly Hill Betty Patterson Tallahassee Barbara Patton Crawfordvil le I- l Jean Paul West Palm Beach Phyllis Paul Jacksonville Carmen Peeples Punta Gorda Elizabeth Petynia Jacksonville j " » ' . Page 119 Page 120 Floy Jean Pf lough DeLand Aura lie Phillips Chipley Bettye Jean Phillips Jacksonville Nell Phillips Orlando Mary Philpot Tampa Madge Phinney Wi I listen Mildred Pippin Chipley Teddy Pippin Chipley Mary Alice Pitts Tampa Elizabeth Pope Cypress Miriam Portnoy Jacksonville Creolo Priest Crystal River Margaret Pruitt Miami Christine Puckett Tallahassee Jane Rabb Tampa Gwendolyn Ramage Kissimmee Caroline Ramsey Jacksonville Jane Anne Ranson Delroy Beach Esther Rasmussen DeLand Mildred Ray Burbank Elizabeth Ann Read St. Petersburg Guinevere Register Graceville Agnes Renfroe Lake Placid Jean Rhodes ..: Orlando Bobbie Lee Rice Tampa Betty Richards Ft. Pierce Gloria Riegler Lutz Bernice Rizk Jacksonville Rose Ann Roberts Alachua Betty Robbins Brodenton Fern Roberts Tampa Mildred Roberts locksonville Ruth Roberts Tallahassee Edna Robinson Jacksonville Jerry Robinson Ft. Myers Mildred Robson Sanford Abbye Jean Rodgers Chiefland Arsenia Rodriguez Tampa Ramona Rodriguez Key West Verna Rogers Miami Natalina Rogolina St. Augustine Eloise Rollins Clearwater Jean Allison Roof Lake City Mary Frances Rotolo Tampa Sarah Routon Quincy Emma Rumbley Sanford Dorothy Russell New Smyrna Beach Myra Russell Brooksville P " » fc.._ Page 121 Betty Soger Jacksonville Annie Sanches Pensacola Hilda Sanches Tempo Pearl Sopero Miami Beach ■ i ' f» Mary Jean Saunders Orlando Ava Ruth Sowyer Montlcello Nora Evelyn Scaff Jasper De lores Scarborough Brooksville Vivian Scheaffer Miami Beach Margaret Schneider Miami Joy Schoedler Tampo Joanne Schwartz Miami Charlotte Scott Oklawaha Muriel Scott Ft. Myers Ann Seaward Jacksonville Theresa Sellers Ft. Meade Amante Semmes Pensacola Bobbie Setliff Ft. Lauderdale Renee Settle New Smyrna Beach Alice Sharp Jacksonville Page 122 Mamie Shaw Citra Helen Shealy Citra Jane Shirley . Ft. Meade Louise Shonter Miami led mcft . e AmcH . . Frimit Silberstein Jacksonville Margaret Simkins Jacksonville Marie Simmons Oak Hill Marion Simmons Tampa Mary Frances Simmons Pensacola Dale Simon West Palm Beach Annette Simpson Ft. Myers Joy Simpson Daytona Beach Laura Simpson : Ft. Myers Artemis Skevakis St. Petersburg Sa I ly Slater Hoi lywood Helen Slay Pensacola Carolyn Sloan West Palm Beach Patricia Small Miami Aurelia Smith Chattahoochee Elizabeth Smith Pensacola Eloise Smith Mayo Emma Jean Smith Ocalo Faye Smith Madison Gladys Smith Tampa isobei Smith Gainesville Margaret Smith Tampa Mary Louise Smith Gainesvflle Frances Smithers Jacksonville Page 122 Charlotte Snyder Tampa Rose Spicola Tampa Shirley Spiliers Jacksonville Delores Spitzer Jacksonville Frances Spooner Hernando Jessie Sprott Lake Wales Theora Stahmann Tallahassee Doris Stallwood Plant City I,-- Sue May Slantill Greenwood Catherine Stanford Oakland Jane Stanley Winter Haven Lucy Stapleton Jacksonville fi Christine Stasinos Pensacola Eugenia Stathis Jacksonville Shirley Stephens Neptune Beach Nancy Stevens Pahokee .. fcii:2 « , •• iS ' 4 . 9i » ' l4 - t I H 1 p -w K W 7. Page 124 Dallas Stever Miami Ann Stinson DeFuniak Springs Frances Stockbridge Miami Betty Stokes Neptune Beach Jacqueline Story Lakeland Nancy Lee Strecter Lakeland Joyce Stroberg i Miami Lottie Stubbs Marionna te44fueft . . fWmmcH . . Frances Stuick Winter Garden Eloise Suber Homestead Mary Catherine Suber Homestead Robbie Louise Summer Orlando Jean Sutton Live Oak Margaret Swanson West Palm Beach Shirley Swearingen Gainesville Alvyna Sweatt Okeechobee Betty Sweet Miami Frances Swingley Lakeland Elizabeth Tarratus Jacksonville Blanche Taylor Paiatka Dottie Taylor Cortez Lois Taylor Orlando Jean Thomas Tallahassee Patricia E I len Thomas Tampa Rosa Nell Thomas Jacksonville Jean Thompson Ta I lahassee Norma Thompson Tarpon Springs Betty Thrower Jacksonville Mary Nell Thrower Tampa Marilyn Till Bartow Joyce Todd Quincy Elizabeth Trevarthen Orlando r " A 2r « Page 125 ,...., Anne Turbiville Tampa Ella Jean Turaville Tampa Pauline Tuttle West Palm Beach Car Ion Unger Hollywood r Miriam Von Home St. Petersburg Charlotte Van Ness Inverness Ann Vaughn Jacksonville Edwina Vaughn Pensacola Jeonnefte Varn Dade City Virginia Varne Tallahassee Catherine Verser Tallahassee Elizabeth Vincon Miami Annette Vitsky Miami Beach Virginia Vogt Lake Wales Elizabeth Von Dohlen Jacksonville Edna Voyles Lakeland Helen Waldrop Bay Harbor Mary Walker Miami Violet Waiters Jacksonville Aileen Ward Tampa Page 126 Olga Ward Malone Mary Pat Warner Quincy Billie Washburn.___ Ft. Myers Sally Watson St. Petersburg %e mH€ . f%e uKCH , . Annie Ruth Welch Lake Butler Dorothy Juanita Wells Monticello Sara Lou Wells Miami Frances Wesson Tallahassee Betty West Gainesville Morye Lutho Wheeler Dover Barbara White Vero Beach Elizabeth White - Archer Frances White . Tallahassee Mary Louise White Ft. Lauderdale Jo Ann Whitehurst Lake Wales Janet Whitman Sarasota Barbara Whitney Neptune Beach Kathleen Wilder Jacksonville Virginia Wilder New Smyrna Beach Frances Williams Miami Ida Lee Williams Alachua Margaret Williams Clewiston Sylvia Joyce Williams Jacksonville Winona Wi liner Volrico Betty Wills- . . Tampa I ris Dee Wi Ison Perry Janice Wilson Jacksonville Lois Anne Wi Ison Tampa i Page 127 I . ' . i ;| , i i Louise Wilson Umatilla V i rg i n i a W i I son Ta mpa Doris Wood Miami Mary Wood St. Augustine Sore Lee Woodward Tallahassee Sarah M. Woodward Jacksonville Betty Jane Wright Ft. Lauderdale Patricia Yates Tallahassee Evelyn Youngblood Tampa Eloise Ziglar Arcadia Jane Ziegler Miami Joanne Zewadski Tampa Page 128 4 ' TH uf . . . Lovely Dink Ashton was our choice for May Queen. Crowned in a traditional ceremony, the Queen was accompanied by twelve of the most attractive seniors. Elected by the student body the court included: Betty Jean Wells, Lillian Ergle, Stella Barrineau, June McCurdy, Patty Lou Hill, Betty Ann Shiver, Corrine Johnson, Betty Trigg Thompson, Jane Waldo, Martha Jane Brown, Bonnie Hunt, and Margaret Bough. Page 130 MADELYN KING " She stood on tiptoe and peered over the edge of a mushroom. " Elfish eyes . . . bobbling black curls . . . infectious smile . . . even to her bouncing walk . . . there is a happy, carefree quality in " King, " . . . which she instantly conveys to all about h er ... As our Treasurer of C. G. A. . . . she has coped with the financial prob- lems of every organization and activity on campus . . . and with ory almost wizardly skill, has succeeded in making ends meet . . . Her love for " Stardust " is as fervent as her vehe- ment dislike for bananas . . . confronted with this fruit she is heard to scream, " Uh, uh, they make my ears itch " . . . Also seen is the serious side to Madelyn . , . the Made- lyn whose eagerness to help others has prompted her to excel as a Social Work Major . . . King has the rare quality of combining friendliness and strength . . . into proportions forming an ideal whole. Page 131 ANN CAROLYN ALLISON " Child of pure unclouded brow and dreamy eyes of wonder. " ' . Ann Carolyn . . . the charming girl whose quiet dignity . . . love of truth . . . and fairness in all things have been the cornerstone of her ascent from president of the sophomore class ... to President of C. G. A. . . . Her belief in people and love of church work have been evidenced in untiring hours spent at the Methodist Student House . . . Ann Carolyn professes her fav- orite form of recreation to be music . . . Westcott walls have welcomed the work of her fingers as they flew over the organ keys, and small gatherings always anticipate the pleasure of her presence at the piano ... A quiet girl . . . whose demure composure is vulnerable only to the mention of her " Walter " . . . Ann Carolyn . . . the fascinating girl . . . with a strange fancy for slinky evening attire . . . and an unfaltering strength of purpose. Page 132 KIT LAND " I know so)ncthi)i j inievesting is sure to happen. " " Miss Preoccupied " she could be called . . . Accompanied by her far-away look, Kit usually turns up at the most unexpected times and places . . . saying and doing the most unexpected things . . . hobbling across the stage in Even Dem, making a howling success of ancient Nero . . . " dressed up for a party " in a bedraggled old shirt . . . running across the grass with a hockey stick suspended over her head. She bears an obvious mark of distinction . . . her prominent widow ' s peak which points directly at two large brown eyes . . . sparkling . . . devil- ish . . . trusting. Kit is never ruffled . . . non-excitable . . . She is often puzzled and quietly amazed . . . Sometimes she is absent-minded . . . Kit runs on an even keel . . . can be sure of smooth sailing . . . always there for friendship and fun . . . the pet stagehand . . . " dear old Kit Land! " 1 Page 133 DINK ASHTON " r ;e sweet and loving heart. " , ■ . A softness and mellowness ... in her blonde hair . . . Dresden blue eyes . . . and olive complexion ... in the way she walks and speaks . . . even in the way she laughs so freely . . . but more than this, one is instantly impressed by the fact that Dink is a person of sincerity . . . Among her favorite " loves " are dancing . . . which she does so well . . . bridge . . . and Hunley, the man for whom she constantly endeavors to improve her cook- ing ability . . . Dink ' s antics have made her the practical joker of Esteren . . . often to the chagrin of the black and white clad members of the opposing faction . . . She is the ever-ready companion for hikes to camp and Games Woods ... or informal sessions at the piano . . . the agile nymph on the volleyball court . . . and the friendly language ma- jor .. . Dink is our lovely queen of May ... A royal personality always. Page 134 BEA WEAVER " So she rested at the Tuui-Tum tree and stood a while in thought. " Bea looks as she is . . . noble . . . Her portrayal of Even Dem ' s Mark Anthony with his greatness of character and high ideals required no great change of personality, for she merely displayed her own purposefulness and earnestness in a fictitious setting . . . Whimsical . . . subtle . . . commanding a marvelous sense of humor, Bea can convert small talk into conversation . . . engrossing and jocose . . . Hers is not the comical type of wit ... it is clever ... as deep-rooted as her logical thinking and innate sincerity . . . Knowing what she wants, Bea goes after it with determination, guided by a philosophy which she has conceived herself . . . Flavored with a bit of the precocious, a dash of the dramatic, Bea copes with everything . . . Russia is the topic she chose for her honor ' s paper . . . quoting Lenin is one of her favorite and versatile pastimes . . . She wants to understand . . . She tries to understand . . . and before long . . . she does! ] Page 135 CATHERINE BARRS " And how she would feel with all their simple sorrows and find a pleasure in all their simple joys. " Integrity, sincerity, tolerance . . . when one thinks of these, one thinks of Catherine . . . And with these go those other qualities . . . betrayed by her mischevious brown eyes and intriguing up-side-down smile . . . her ever present sense of humor and friendliness . . . For Catherine likes people . . . At F Club sings ... at camp — on the lake or in the kitchen — . . . wherever fun and fellowship are found one usually finds Catherine . . . One knows her as the student officer of sound judgment . . . the enthusiastic sports woman . . . the girl with the contagious laughter . . . but above all, as the sympathetic friend ... for kindly is the world for Cotton. Page 136 J CORINNE JOHNSTON " There ought to he a hook written ahoiit mc — thdt there ought! " The lovable clown of her classes, Corinne has " charged " through four years of college ... as the spirited fan dancer of Even Demonstrations ... as the green and gold of autumn pep rallies ... as the Thanksgiving queen gesturing with typical enthusiasm from a reeling jeep ... A lover of the unconventional, she will be remembered for her pigeon-toed walk . . . her attire of long shirts and blue jeans . . . her waggish ways . . . Born with the gift of the story-teller ... a lover of poetry and all people . . . she presides In the Soda Shop . . . favored for her friendly and thou ghtful conversation . . . Corinne is the unique source of kindness, generosity, and originality . . . An intriguing scamp . . . The Even Spirit. Page 137 MARTHA JANE BROWN " Thy loving smile will sitnltj hail The love-gift of a fairy tale. " Martha Jane . . . graceful and tranquil . . . the perfect president of the senior class . . . she is always the lady . . . even on the volleyball court . . . where she strives so diligently to become the " athletic type " ... As chairman of the Youth Conference this year and as a conscientious contributor to her student house program, Martha Jane ' s quiet voice and gracious manner have instilled in us a feeling of confidence . . . and of inspiration . . . The " Mother Hen " of Landis Hall, she has hovered over the activities of over-worked, oft-befuddled seniors . . . and has been looked upon as the unfailing Emily Post of her class . . . Just by being herself, Martha Jane has made a better thing of our school . . . and of us. ' Page 138 ANNE WIDEQUIST " There is no oilier flower in the garden tltat can move about like her. " The quiet one . . . wearing an amused smile which must accompany amused thoughts ... A girl with defi- nite opinions . . . Widie is perfection in modern dance ... a leotard-lass to be proud of . . . the girl whose willowy movements hove graced the stage in all dance programs and Even Demonstrations . . . Swift and light-footed, she is as engaging on the volleyball court . . . Conscientious in her work on Playnight Com- mittee, Widie has introduced much new talent to her Tally audience . . . Intelligence marks her work, study being one of her varied interests . . . Gifted as a violinist and a pianist . . . She expresses music from head to toe . . . Blondness is her specialty . . . long, fine hair . . . shiney in the sun ... a small fig- ure with a big heart ... a stabilizing influence ... to be a June bride . . . Let ' s label her Our Alice! Page 139 BABE EVANS " When I use a word, " Humpty Dumpty said, " it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less. " Practical jokes and their amusing results provoke the sudden twinkling so individual to Babe ' s eyes . . . natural gaity softened by sincere thoughtfulness assures others of her innate friendliness and interest . . . animated action distinguishes Babe on the basket- ball court . . . her skill and love of the sport win the admiration of the freshmen whom she coaches ... A leader in all she does, Babe will be remembered for her dependable nature and willingness to work . . . she knows what she wants and will get it from her own special way of living . . . perseverance proves this . . . Friends of the F-Club circle cannot forget her peculiar way of singing and the teasing which it has always brought her . . , Let us call Babe sterling . . . She will always ring true. Page 140 SARAH BENNETT " must (JO and get readij to plaij croquet! " Sarah represents the highest meaning and tradition of our three torches ... an encyclopedia of valuable experiences to relate to underclassmen . . . each volume of which reveals one of the many sides of " the tall girl with blond curly hair " . . . Pull her volume of service from the shelf and you will find lists of innumerable little tasks . . . managing the mike . . . fixing foot lights . . . erecting scenery . . . arranging pep rallies . . . coaching volleyball . . . building camp fires . . . Scores of playful pranks . . . strains of harmonica music . . . peals of genuine laughter . . . heaps of souvenirs and beloved hats . . . snapshots of camp life and team play . . . memories of the role of Prince Charming ... of trips to the barn ... of climbing the rafters, of cutting cy- press " knees ' . . . these fill the volume of the fun-lover ... A massive volume of serious thoughts records Bennett ' s qualities of loyalty to her responsibility . . . her devotion to her friends . . . her spontaneous eagerness to " keep doing something " . . . her deep conviction of right and wrong . . . The encyclopedia to be enjoyed by all . . . the wearer of the emblem . . . Sarah Bennett, a girl in coveralls. Page 141 JANET ROGERS " The tiiiic has codic to talk of manij things: of shoes and ships — and seeding wax — of cah- hiif cs and kings. " ■ .;■ _.,; The sound of feverish activity every Thursday night no longer startles us, for we know that an ink-besmeared Janet is simply in the process of " putting the Flambeau to bed " . . . these sheets of eagerly-read print occupy such a prominent position in her life . . . that to Janet, there can b e only one possible meaning to the letter " F " . . . FLAMBEAU! Ker in- terest in the varied happenings on campus reflects not merely on interest in journalism, but a genuine concern for progressive education and for people themselves ... In a quiet but efficient manner, Janet has assumed countless responsibilities . . . and still found time for frequent games of bridge . . . for endless hours of bull-sessions ... or for scan- ning the latest best-selling novel . . . We ' d like to know Janet better, because she ' s such an interested and interesting person. . ,-. Page 142 MARGARET BAUGH " Pat her on the head and see how pleased she ' ll he. " Editor of our annual ... a hard worker whose sweetness inspires her co-work- ers to strive for the correctness she suggests . . . Meggie, unassuming and in- telligent . . . one who appreciates intelligent people . . . people with ideas . . . quiet, but aware of all that goes on ... A lover of sophisticated society, Mar- garet likes " to dress up and go places " . . . poise . . . beautiful clothes . . . love- ly manners . . . displaying versatility in conversation and interests . . . she is at ease in any social situation for charm is hers . . . Her little-girl-manner and ready smile invite all to know her . . . Meggie spends her time doing little things for her school ... is teased for the pins she wears which recognize her ability . . . Personnel work is her aim . . . psychology her major . . . Margaret is a good listener . . . and a better conversationalist . . . She finds pleasure in watching people " carry on " . . . neatness speaks for Maggie . . . she walks across the pages of Mademoiselle. " l Page 143 I ' Ssdk s- ' ,jjr AUDREY PERRY Page 144 " Toil nuilr one quite dizzy! " A naive face . . . which can ' t quite hide the roguish personality of the fun-lov- ing girl beneath . . . Sarcastic quips and bubbling gaiety which make the rain- iest weekend at camp one of delight ... a breathless enthusiasm often evi- denced in her mile-a-minute conversation . . . There is a determination and a sincerity in Audrey which are a panacea for the problems of more than nine hundred " green little freshmen " . . . and she displays agility and quickness, both on the hockey field and in her language classes . . . her snapping eyes and glistening black hair will be remembered, as will the confident " it ' s so easy to be good " of her campaign speech for Freshmen Adviser. SHIRLEY DUGGAN " The time has come, " the Walrus said, ' ' To talk of many things -. Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax — Of cahhages — and kings— " Shirley . . . the shining example of what can be done by reversing the traditional procedure. An essentially vital person, Duggan is excited about living — in a world of progress and ad- vancement. . . . With an intellectual approach, she crusades for liberty and justice . . . and her inspired Senate speeches, accompanied by quick gestures with excited hands, will be long remembered by admiring classmates. ... A political science major, Shirley shines in Soda Shop discussions on government politics, the PAC, semantics ... or any likely topic at bay. . . . Subtle, ironically humorous, she never fails to look at herself objectively and at her classmates realistically. . . . Always busy, always interested, Shirley heralds the ap- proach of the woman of tomorrow, the citizen of the world. Page 145 BETTY ALDAY ' ' Oh, — ' iis love, ' tis love, that makes the wwkl go ' round. ' " Betty . . . opening her eyes in eager anticipation of each day . . . and living in tune with the best within her heart. . . . With rare childlike enthusiasm, she dances through life . . . scampering across campus, calling to her friends . . . her black hair flying, her sparkling eyes bright. . . . That ' s Betty, looking like a French doll in her quaint Mother Hubbard nightie . . . doing her church work quietly and sincerely at the Student House . . . collect- ing and weeping over volumes of sentimental poetry . . . amusing her sorority sisters with her midnight pranks and capers. . . . Sincere Chairman of Off-Campus Committee, and member of Judiciary . . , Betty, by knowing her own heart, worked conscientiously and long to understand the actions of others. . . . Often teased for appearing gullible, Betty, instead, refuses to believe the worst of anyone . . . for she herself lives in accordance with the best. . . . Page 146 «««■ - ft lK ieft PEGGY LU THOMAS " I ' m never sure wheYe I ' m f oivg to he from, one mimite to another. " Peggy Lu . . . the girl we ' ll remember when we think of the finer things of life — the books, the music, the friends. . . . With patience and quiet dignity, she has found meaning in life . . . through her religious convictions, her sincere desire to learn, her intelligent appreciation of her fellowman. . . . The hardworking Chairman of Resi- dence Halls, Peggy Lu spent hours in conference . . . chuckling over the secret date of the next midnight firedrill ... or patiently ironing out the troubles of bewildered house presidents. . . . For her psychology Honors Work, Peggy Lu chose to study Per- sonality . . . and her firm belief in the individuality of each person made smoother discussions in Judiciary meetings. . . . Subtle humor, calm wisdom, love of people . . . and more . . . these are the things Peggy Lu is made of . . . and the things that fit her for her chosen field, that of Religious Education. . . . Page 147 JO GUTHRIE " The garden of live flowers. " Jo-Jo, the one whose genuine goodness strikes you . . . whose love for music and rhythm reveals itself in her thoughts and work. . . . There is happiness in her voice . . . happiness which she finds in people and in books . . . but most of all in herself. . . . Her sincerity and straight forwardness endear her to all who know her. ... Jo lives gracefully . . . just as she dances. ... A cunning sense of humor contributes soarkie to her words and her pleasant smile is as spontaneous as her will to work. . . . We like to be with Jo ... on the swimming team ... at WRA meetings ... at modern dance practices. . . . She leaves her time and abilities to those who need her. . . . There is a freshness about Jo ... a sweetness and light. Page 148 I I ' ' ;4Cfr Their summer houseparty at Daytona . . . Sunday night suppers at the house with pledges taking over . . . open-house for guests and alumnae at Thanksgiving . . . Christmas party and light-flash birthday parties . . . banquets and the pledge breakfast ... A January dance and the pledges entertaining as night club hostesses at their party . . . getting to know Dorothy Thompson during her visit on campus ... a weekend of fun at camp . . . friendship in just living together . . . bound by the strings of the Lyre . . . Il 11 ' Jf ' -a ; . 1 __f : Austin Bennett . V. li ' j ■ ' Aberle Arnold Atwoter Blank Carter, Joyce Croghon Der Garry Dews Goertner Graham ? Hart il 1 ' ' 1 ■ " Hedgecoth Page 150 Halliday Johnson Jones Laws Brown Hancock McCoila Carter, Jean Harrison McDonald ( Ac Omcf Colors: Scarlet and olive green Open motto: " Together let us seek the heights ' Founded: 1885 Members not pictured: Carlo Dietz Jonnie Mires ' .Ma0mBia iM- Mustain Peacock Saunders Shepherd Thornton Ware .Mmwrn.-. Potter .•Wtty. Sims Wells ! Rampey Reed Skinner Wickham Rhodes m. % 1 P i- ™ -«. 1- ' l Smith Williams 1 Rouse Slater Wills Sartoris Sweet Wright Page 151 ;4ifiAa " Living for each other " . . . fun for all in the backyard parties on Sunday nights . . . wel- coming alumnae to their colonial ' home away from home ' at Thanksgiving time , . . riot- ous skits through pledges ' efforts . . . song fests . . . having a spring dance instead of the annual Christmas formal now that there ' s a quarter system ... a tea dance and a hay- ride to round out the big weekend and make happy days for A D Pi ' s. • , ▼•Pw -, , Black Boyd Boynton Brown Bryson Campbell Bartlett Bazemore Cole Conner Corry, D. Corry, G. Corry, S. Cox Everitt Fielding Gallagher Givens " age 152 Hall Harris Hedgepath Jackson Johnson, B. Johnson, M. Vdta pi Colors: Blue and white Open nnotto: " We live for each other Founded: 1851 Members not pictured: Patty Harrison Sylvia Hinds Klutz Parker Stallings Lance, G. Proctor Stephens m-m i hIIl 1 VB -c!«» IH I M " HLni iMb ' iflPUft i Lance, M. Lyies Rice Routon, R. Stinson Thomas Traxler Mann Routon, S. Treisback Massie Sikes Trezevant McKinnon Simon, D. Wesson Page 153 ;4lfr AGD ' s . . . punctuating every month with a holiday party . . . October ' s traditional entrance under the orange and black stepladder . . . Thanks- giving . . . Christmas cheer ... a new outside grill to liven up Sunday night suppers on the bock terrace . . . pledges transforming into Co- lonial belles at their party in accordance with their house . . . but ac- tivities abound there, too . . . Even Dem Chairman, Treasurer of CGA, Editor of the Flambeau ... a wonderful year ... a wonderful ending . . . house party at Daytona Beach to begin the summer for the Alpha Gams ... V . ' ' ■ I ' , «s«SJL.i?. ' .. W ' _a- Ki J««-., . Abrams Arrington Barrineau Barnngton Bird Bishop Budd Clifton Cooney Cooper Ergle Fox Futch Gaines Galbrait Hornet Page 154 Hunt King ■ Knipe Land Lewis Butler Graingeij Lyies ' Colors: Red, buff and green Open motto: Alpha Gamma Delta Founded: 1904 Members not pictured: Martle Brokaw Clara Jane Carroll Jeanne Dudley Frances McCall Mary Nell McFadden Dorothy Miller Elise Reese McCurdy Mcintosh Robb Reindel Spron, J. Sprott, R. McKinney Miller, A. Ricks Rodgers Rogers, C. Stockbridge Swonson Turvaville Miller, H. Mooreheod Quinby Rogers, J. Soyers Sharer Walker Walters Warner Page 155 ■A ;4tfr : A blue and gold year for Alpha Xi . . . visits from the notional vice-presi- dent and the province president ... a whirl-wind of social gaiety from cof- fees, and formal receptions to comic strip parties and weiner roasts tea at Dr. Finner ' s . . . pledges and their " Shipwreck " . . . takers of some campus honors . . . Junior class secretary, advertising manager of the FLA»MBEAU blue-jacketed sophomores . . . life in the " Alpha Xi Castle, or Castle Painted Blue and Gold. " !;! ll ' i Agner Barker Hamilton Hapson Page 156 , Chaires Joyce Courtney Kacin ski Dawkins, E. Lee Dawkins, J. Lockhard ' Xi VdU Colors: Gold and double blue Founded: 1893 Members not pictured: Jayne Close Grace Hays Polly Porter Charlotte Younckman AEA Lovett Nord Manucy Page Rogers Martin Mims, Mary Sherrod Strickland Mims, Maude Toys Nevers Thomas ] t: Page 157 e Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals . . . exemplified in Chi O ' s celebration of its Golden Anniversary . . . more happiness to celebrate as the twentieth year for " Aunt Willie " rolled around as Gamma ' s housemother . . . tux and tails made a comeback at the annual Chi Omega-Pi Phi formal . . . over half the chapter membership consisted of little sisters and daughters . . . many good times " roughing it " at Game ' s Woods enjoying the friendliness only a weiner roast can bring ... to Chi Omega. Alexander Avant Clark Cook Glass Godfrey Page 158 Bartleson Botes Bishop Covington, B. Covington, B. A. Davis, G. Golden Gwynn Henley, C. Cargill Davis, M. Honley, M. Carter Flynn Hill Cashen Gallemore Holland Ome xn tmmmtmm Colors: Cardinal and straw Open motto: " Hellenic culture and Christian ideals " Founded: 1895 Members not pictured: Martha Ball Brown Harriet Hazard Ann Wiggins Betty Jo Wilson Jones Knight Nelson Norman Stevens Sutton Lake ' ' Lewis Marl in Patterson Phillips Piatt Whidden Whitehurst Wil:on Wooten McCall McCarty Sheftal Sparrow Worth . Wrench Page 159 Vdta Tri Delta true . . . dancing in their " heaven and hell " for- mal . . . informal light flash parties with coffee and sand- wiches . . . entertaining the district president and traveling secretary . . . buzzing on campus with the president of CGA, two judiciary mehnbers and Phi Betes . . . singing in the kitchen . . . Delta Week for the new initiates . . . gay Wakulla joints . . . we ' ll dream of you ond love you . . . -w LW 1 Adams Allen Allison Bacon Bailey Bassett Benton Carter 1 Carver Collins, Va. Collins, Vi. Crawford i Evans Furman Gillis Gunn Harper ( ; Hasbrouck Page 160 Helie Hotard Hutchinson LcBree L ' Engle Longino VdU ' Ddta Colors: Silver, gold and blue Open motto: " Let us steadfastly love one another ' Founded: 1888 Member not pictured Patricia Allen Martin Meisch Meriwether Merrin Mitchell Morrison Norris O ' Neill Peacock Pepper Pilcher Ramsdeil Ratliff Robson Roof Semmes Shell Shirley Shiver Shouse Smith Thompson Touchton Walling Whigham White Wright Page 161 T deei if:,- Strong in arm and spirit . . D Phi E ' s " re-dood " their house upstairs to start the new school year with a bang . . . then they celebrated their twentieth anniversary combined with a Big-Little Sister party . . . peak of play time when October rolled around and brought with it their informal weekend . . . guests included Pi Lambda Phi ' s from Florida . . . TEP ' s from Emory . . . Moms Murr ' s homestyle dinner for the chapter before the Christmas holidays . . . cows, farmer ' s daughters, moonshine . . . scenery sets for the pledges ' party . . . visit from the national president . . . sorors and pledges find something invaluable in D Phi E. f gress Argintar Davis Gendezier Page 162 Atlas Gross Barash Leiberman Barish Marks Sfr i A ■Ae Colors: Purple and gold Open motto: " Esse Quom Videri " Founded: 1917 Muscovitch Siegal Murilson Silberstein Portnoy Singer Paul Spiwak Rosenthal Vitsky j J I Page 163 Vdtei, Wearers of the Lamp . . . enjoying the " rural " type of entertainment . . . dressed in Sunday-best blue jeans and shirts at their Barnyard party . . . lots of dates for the " Garden of Roses " formal in November . . . scarcely time to scrape up spilled paint after coating the house before the glad ar- rival of their province director . . . green and rosy memories for Delta Zeta girls. if. ti , " ' •« I . • 4 . Avery Blackwelder Boring Bash Briles Cox Craig Datson Dewolf Grace Griffin Hilton Hofma Page 164 Muggins Johnson Johnston Kilpatrick King eta Colors: Rose and green Founded: 1802 Members not pictured: Celia Llamas Merrill Long Faye McCracken Priscilla Mullins Lou Taylor Ruth Wilkie Kirkland Phillips Turner Long Read VanNess Montgomery Rodriquez Vincent Nolan Schoedler Walton Oetjen Singleton Watson A «» ' ss ■ ' W Padgett Smith Williams Parker Teagarden Wilson Page 165 TC i Gaiety and achievement for Theta . . . representatives flying up for the installation of a new chapter at the University of Kentucky . . . pledges entertaining other Greek little ones at their Harlem night club . . , big month in January for the Theta ' s . . . formal dance . . . founders ' day . . . pride in their campus activities . . . Off-Campus chairman, president of the freshman class, Tarpon Club prexy ... all these fly the Theta kite. } Alday Avery Bailey Banks Black Bosanquet, B. Bosanquet, F. Brophy, B Brophy, S. Brown, B. Brown, L. Cargill Chillingworth Daly DeMoville DuBois Ewing Page Granger 266 Gray Hargis Harrison Hooker Jones King ;4ifr eta Colors: Block and gold Founded: 1870 Member not pictured: Margaret Ann Marshall Lainharr McVey Smith Leach Moore Malphers Oldfather Morcoux O ' Steen McCann Rees Snow Stroberg Thompson McCarthy Rodes Tuttle McEwen Savage Wells McLeod Singleton Zurwelle Page 167 Ao A reconversion program launched by KD in the spirit of peacetime . . . less conspicuous were the silver wings on khaki . . . tweed suits and saddle shoes being worn again this year . . . impromptu dances ... a hayride ... or a mi- gration to G ' ville to bring welcome relief from classes . . . pledges playing spooks and witches . . . their Halloween party . . . " a little bit of heaven on South Copeland Street " . . . the annual Valentine Formal . . . KD ' s entering the realm of vic- torious athletes by winning the volleyball intramurals . . . That ' s Kappa Delta . . . • ,,2? II Ashton Babcock Benedict Chapman Covant Craig Cramer Fleming Folsom Glenn Grimsley Hamlin Hartweil Healey Herring, B. Herrin, M. Helter Page Johnson 168 Kent Lindsey Moddox Martin McKeIvy McMichaei Vdtn, Colors: Olive green and pearl gray Open motto: " Let us strive for that which is hon- orable, beautiful and highest " Founded: 1879 Members not pictured: Jane Neilly Sarah Jane Talkington Mikell Miller Morgan Pate Plant Price ylor, D. Thomas Thrower Nickinson ' Nolan Olsen, M. Reid Satterfield Schaeffner Sparkmon White Wilson, B. Wilson, J. Wilson, L. Olsen, R. Parsons Streeter Taylor, C Woodberry Wright Page 169 p From Wesleyan College to Florida State . . . there ' s pleasure all the way for members of Phi Mu . . . showing their goods in campus activities . . . Thanksgiving queen . . . Spirogyra Chief Skull and Crossbone . . . Who ' s Who ' ers . . . bringing in the social side of life . . . drinking coffee at Thanksgiving while being entertained by pledge attempts at original musi- cal scores . . . traditional Christmas party . . . and the high- light of the year ... a Valentine formal . . . that ' s life in the house on Sweet Shop Street. fl ! ' I •1 .. ' • Adams Bayer Bentley Berry Boatwright Bridges Broward Daniels Donahoe Ewart Gentry Gerber Giberson, B. Giberson, J Hazard, N. Hunt Page 170 Irvin, B. Irvin, F. Johnston Keller King Clarkson Hackle Kingsbury i Cox Hazard, F Lonford Mu Colors: Rose and white Open motto: " Les soeurs fideles " Founded: 1852 Members not pictured: Claire Bice Pat Conlin Pat Conner Frances Harris Marrianne Kemp Lanier Lassiter, M. Lassister, M. J. Leslie, J. Leslie, M. Rhodes Saunders Seaward Sharpe Simpcon Stanley Taylor Thomson Tillman Walden Linderman Myers Newkirk Sinclair Smilh, S. Waldo Widerquist Nightingale Smith, V. Woodward Page 171 pi Seta Shining arrow of Pi Phi . . . pointing toward pleasant memories of this school year . . . informal picnics in the backyard, singing Pi Phi tunes ... a big Fall formal with qv intermission dance of lively nature . . . homecoming at Thanksgiving . . . fun, frolic and fellowship . . . the intellectual forum with professors and students giving and taking free exchange of ideas on better education . . . thrills of being serenaded co-ed style by the Pikes . . . bright days ... Pi Phi days. Allen Anderson Brown Burrell, L Curtis Daniels Page 172 Anthony, V. Burrell, M. Davis S-SL. - .. .Aasaai- ii Anthony, W. Carlson Dillard I Botren Carter Dupree, J. Bough Caruthers Dupree, Y. Blocker Chazel Fleming Bradley Crosby Fosdick Pk Colors: Wine and silver blue Founded: 1867 Members not pictured: Shirley Hoigler Mary Alice Pitts Peggy Simpkins Mary Ann Walts Harris Heard Hill Minardi Mizer Moody Pitts Rasmussen Rice Y Hunt Munroe Robbins Jones Pottishaii Sewell Kennedy Pease Thompson Kerr Pepper Tucker Lefholz Perkins Ward Martin Pflough Zewadski Page 173 2i H " One heart, one way " . . . to pleasure and fun, campus activities, serious college work . . . the guiding orinciole of the Sigma Kappas . . . college life enriched and friend- ships broadened at 503 West Park in Tally . . . fireside chats and faculty teas . . . twenty-fifth anniversary dance . . . picnics in the park . . . redecorating the house . . . partying birthday girls . . . wearing the Sigma triangle. I ' . -. .. f f ' h f) -w ■h, - c ; Bach Baker Berney Bower Bridges Chazel Clark Cofer Cogswell Comstock Cordray Douglas Dunawoy Flanagan Flanders Fouts Gnann Page Grant, A. 174 Grant, H. Guill Hahn Hall Hagis Harrell ' T afr Colors; Lovendar and maroon Open motto: " One heart, one way " Founded: 1847 Members not pictured: Joyce Ayers Kitty Lou Burton Mary Frances Hamilton Helen McDonald Jernigan Middleton Shaffer Johnson Moore Sloan Jones Myers Stever, D. Stever, S. Joyner Lyons Magruder McCollum Ramsey Roberts Robinson Sapp b. Stewart Thorpe Tinsley Trowick McLean Segal Winter Page 175 et New Zeta pledges really becoming a part of the chapter . . . banquet room of the Floridan Hotel festive and friendly . . . Up at 7:30 on a frosty Oc- tober morn with Founders Day service followed by breakfast . . . Christmas spirits running high ' round the tree at the annual gift exchange . . . starry eyes . . . dancing feet to the rhythmic beat of Harry Sheperd ' s band . . . Zeta ' s January Stardust formal . . . week-end visit from the province presi- dent . . . life ' s nice at the Zeta house. •vT Abbott Arnold Bash Belcher Council Davis DeBevise Edwards Guest Hatcher Page 176 Hebble Mines Boswell Ervin Brown Johnson Evans Krouse Clann Fuhrer Mann Coghlan Granaghon McMillan Si ;4ifr Colors: Steel gray and turquoise blue Open motto: " Seek the noblest " Founded: 1898 Members not pictured: Betty Bolles Betty Burch Mary Ann Cannon r r Mae Moss Musselman Pickens Royall Simpson Waybright Weedon Wheeler Nelson Newman Nichols Smith, M. Smith, V. White Williams Nollman Peacock Sumner Welters Willson Woodward Page 177 ■I President Martha Abbott and Secretary Virginia Budd M eUeaic Panhellenic, headed by Martha Abbott, has steered the fourteen sororities on this campus through rush week, the Panhellenic fac- ulty reception, and the Panhellenic dance, making smooth going for everyone. Among the functions of Panhellenic were the ar- ranging of initiation dates, planning for rush parties, and the Honor Court to function in case of any violation of rush week rules. Honor Court Chairman — Virginia Collins Martha Abbott Maurine Ashton Virginia Budd Mary Stallings Executive Council Martha Abbott Maurine Ashton Patty Lou Hill Mary Stallings PANHELLENIC REPRESENTATIVES : ' , Alpha Chi Omega Jane Gaertner Louise Sims Alpha Delta Pi Mary Stallings Harriett Kirk Alpha Gamma Delta Bety Jo McAteer Phyliss Reindel Alpha Xi Delta Mary Cooper Mims Josephine Dawkins Chi Omega Patty Lou Hill Claire Cashen Delta Delta Delta Betty Touchton Betty Anne Shiver Delta Phi Epsilon Ester Argintar Sherlee Barish Delta Zeta Kathleen Johnson Dorothy Vincent Kappa Alpha Theta Ann Chillingworth Gloria McVey Kappa Delta Maurine Ashton Marjorie Woodberry Phi Mu _ ' -_ 1J_ Sheila Smith Ann Bridges Pi Beta Phi Louise Brown Ann Rice Sigma Kappa Donna Bridges Betty Lou Jernigan Zeta Tau Alpha Pauline Council Mary Ann Cannon Page 178 hhncyaycies ' 7fl nt€Lfi aan.cC »4 ' V " And to you whom we have chosen, in the years both far and near comes the privilege of service to our Alma Mater dear. " The Torchbearer Chapter of Mortar Board for 1946 is composed of nine girls dedi- cated to the task of holding high the three torches of Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. The spirit of service is the keynote of Mortar Board activity. Peanuts at the dems, cold drinks at the games, teas to welcome freshmen and transfers, faculty-student discussion groups, scholarship awards to outstand- ing students ... all these go to make up Mortar Board ' s contribution to her Alma Mater. No task is too great or too small for Mortar Board to undertake if there is an opportunity for genuine service. Faculty Advisors: Dr. C. P. Heinlein, Mrs. Lou Miller, Miss Elizabeth Thomson. Members: Beatrice Weaver, president; Shirley Duggan, vice-president; Maurine Ashton, secretary; Martha Jane Brown, treasurer; Margaret Baugh, editor; Peggy Lou Thomas, historian; Ann Carolyn Allison, Cath- erine Barrs, Judy Pepper. Page 180 S)att i JrouHdiM 16$f m JfSCk it tuax. KiiA{Ju uH?no jo f t c i uUi. J%( itkv PoLge 181 ;4ifi m d ' Ddta Officers Martha Peacock President Juanita Krentzman Vice-President Mary Louise Van Netta Secretary Iris Parsons Treasurer Connie Savage Historian Faculty Advisors Dr. Dorothy Hoffman Dr. Venila L. Shores For many eager, knowledge-thirsty freshmen scholars, Alpha Lambda Delta, the freshman " Phi Beta Kappa, " provides on incentive toward greater scholarship. Newcomers who maintain a 2.5 for the first two quarters of their college career may be invited to become members. Members: Lucy Feiden, Bobs McCarthy, Catherine Sullivan, Ann Fielding, Audrey Evans, Irma Lee Shep- herd, Fay Bass, Ruth Mary Bliss, Connie Baker, Mamie Ruth Brodly, Rita Genzier, Pat Pattishall, Gloria Hughes, Joanne Newman, Josephine Storey, Mary Trowbridge, Leiia Van Netta, Adeline Ynes, Joyce Petty, Anne Lindsey, Betty Sue Gray, Anne Singleton, Yolanda Arias, Eleanor Chisholm, Annie Dias. Page 182 iw 1946 Mitt. ' Ho si yy C avm4 rt kt lMhcttie (ib tta Juti use jTahtt t CVa? Iff 1947 5 i :e;_L iv_i:i: V k , ■ Pas " ' iS3 i!l I ' " Remember picnics and parties together . . . the sight of a bright Even feather . . . the green and the white stands for all that is right . . . that ' s Esteren. " No higher recognition can come to an Even than to be tapped for Esteren, the Even honorary, whose silver cauldron symbolizes Even spirit, Even friendship, college loyalty, service, and leadership. Members: Sarah Bennett, president; Bee Weaver, vice-president; Gladys Lester, treasurer; Betty Alday, Ann Carolyn Allison, Maurine Ashton, Catherine Barrs, Margaret Bough, Martha Jane Brown, Ruth Dismore, Shirley Duggan, Lura Beth Evans, Jo Guthrie, Corinne Johnston, Modelyn King, Jean Koesy, Kit Land, Jane Lyies, Betty Jo McAteer, Audrey Perry, Ella May Quinby, Ida Lee Rentz, Janet Rogers, Jimmie Rogers, Louise Sikes, Mary Stallings, Peggy Lou Thomas. Faculty: Miss Fox, Miss Krentzman, Miss Lynn, Miss Montgomery, Dr. Moore, Dr. Richards, Mrs. Richards, Miss Richardson, Miss Schornhorst, Miss Stevenson, Miss Thompson, Miss Tryon, Miss Warren. Page 184 " Spirogira, friends and pals together, always you come first with me . . . you are the skeleton of everything that college ought to be . . . " The girls who wear the gold skull on their black shirts are the very height of Odd-dom, and they love it. In ye moste an- ciente fashion, they challenged Esteren to a mock basketball game, caroused on their annual hayride, and grimly marched through the dining hall to tap goats. For all of their effervescence, theirs is the serious job of providing leadership in the Odd Classes and of inspiring loyalty to their college and to Odd traditions. Members: Frances Myers, president; Rosetta Carver, Nell Clark, Jean Cole, Ann Colvin, Robin Hill, Barbara Irving, Sarah Lewis, Vir- ginia Palmer, Betty Schwartz, Bo Peep Shell, B. J. Singleton, Peggy Lu Thompson, Clarice Trueblood, Kay Van Deurs, Nancy Ward, Mary Louise White. Faculty: Dr. Bellamy, Miss Deviny, Miss Dorman, Miss Greenberg, Miss Papatsos, Miss Thompson, Miss Tracy, Miss West. Page 185 I ' ■ ' 7 zfrfia dta i I For many centuries the title " teacher " has merited respect and gratitude for the incalculable service performed by the members of this profession in devoting their lives to the enlightenment of those, young and old, who seek truth and wis- dom. It is fitting, then, that to students in the field of education the little scroll key of Kappa Delta Pi should be the most cherished scholastic honor attainable. Members: Miss Edna Parker, president; Miss Ruth Smith, vice-president; Miss Fannie Show, treasurer; Aileen James, corresponding secretary; Frances Rutland, secretary; Nell McNeil, publicity secretary; Dr. M. R. Hinson, counselor; Helen Atwater, Maurine Ashton, Catherine Barrs, Alice Crume, Hilda Dodson, Doris Hill, Peggy Hines, Barbara Irvin, Jean Mark, Mary Marshall, Harriett McCarter, Madge Overstreet, Erin Poythress, Joan Shanor, Ann Tate, Evelyn Tsangaris, Mildred Turner, Ann Widerquist, Ruth Young, Ida Lula Davis, Margaret Harley, Aurora Faedo, Miss Chapman, Mr. Cason, Dr. Eyman, Miss Tryon. I ■! Page 186 OMICRON NU Members: Carolyn Flewellen, president; Margaret Anne Duggar, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Ruth Ferguson, Miss Ethyl Holloway, Miss Helen Richey, Dean Margaret Sandels, Miss Ellen Wright, Miss Anna MacSikes, Carolyn Glenn, Clarice Langston, Eloise Levy, Mrs. Lottie Parler, Grace Sims, Jocelyn Zieg- ler, Esther Louise Dale. Graduate members. Margaret Fisher, Mary Rhome. For those in the field of home economics who hove maintained high scholarship and have given promise of leadership and future achievement in this field, Omicron Nu offers recognition. Every year it awards a scholar- ship cup to the sophomore majoring in home economics who has made the highest average during her fresh- man year. PHI ALPHA THETA " History is not a pageant but a way of life, " and for those who have combined high scholarship with note- worthy success in historical research. Phi Alpha Theta offers recognition. Members: Jean Maroni, president; Emma Jean Hackle, secretary-treasurer; Dr. Venila Shores, Dr. Annie Popper, Miss Florence Tryon, Miss Daisy Parker, Miss Mary Thomos, Mary Elizabeth Stallings, Anne Tate, Ann Carolyn Allison, Martha Jane Brown, Mabel Pope, Maria Garcia, Gloria Sue Reid, Joanne Newman. Page 187 GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON Members: Theo Brown, grand alchemist; Mary Jane Kirst, visor; Betty Trigg Thomp- son, recorder; Mary Langston, sergeant-at- arms; Joyce Funke, Carmen Gomez, Ruth L ' Engle, Jean Ann White, Juanita Nord, Ann McDonald, Mercedes Hernandez, Mar- tha Powers, Josephine Dawkins. Honorary members: Miss Mary Claybrook, Miss Olive Engel, Dr. L. J. Lewis, Miss Isabell McKin- nell, Dr. Jennie Tilt. Gamma Sigma Epsilon, the chemistry honorary, stands for scholarship and outstanding achievement in chem- istry. There is a spirit of fellowship among its members which comes from a common interest in scientific re- search and a common struggle with formulae, Bunsen burners, and test tubes. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Alpha Epsilon Delta is the newest honorary on campus, the local chap- ter having been founded at FSCW this year. It recognizes meritorious fulfillment of its scholastic stand- ards by those who ore preparing themselves for further study in the field of medicine. [■ ' ■■ Members: Joyce Funke, president; Joanne Whitaker, vice-president; Ella Mae Baer, secretary; Peggy Limroth, treasurer; Carmen Gomez, Marian Ferraro, Sarah Stewart, Jackie Partin, Marilyn Sumner, " Teeny " Langston, Dr. Viola Graham. Page 188 PI DELTA PHI Membership in Pi Delta Phi, the French honorary, is extended only to those who excel in scholarship and in French and have shown an interest in French culture. Members: Eleanor Law, president; Ruby Plant, vice-president; Virginia Nelson, secretary; Joyce Funke, treasurer; Ellen Whitman, Juonita Nord, Frances Lyons, Pat Keller, Bettye Parker, Miss Mary Rogolino, Miss Lucy Lester, Miss Anne Holbrook, Miss Roberta Ackerman, Miss Mildred Finnegan, Dr. Dorothy Hoffman, Miss Marjorie Judy. SIGMA DELTA PI The purpose of Sigma Delta Pi is to create a better understanding of and a feeling of kinship for all the Spanish speaking nations. Its meetings are conducted entirely in Spanish, much attention being given to the cultural contributions of each Spanish country. All members hove demonstrated high scholarship and fluency in Spanish. Members: Helen Tarapani, president; Rubie Plant, vice-president; Joan Shanor, secre- tary; Emma Jeane Hackle, treasurer; Mary Tinsley, historian; Maurine Ashton, Eleanor Law, Ruth Hixon, Ruth Dismore, Lorraine Smith, Margaret Hadley, Marie Bain, Eleanor Chisholm, Dorothy Bush, Pat Thomas, Vivian Mercer, Ordina Lombarduo, Dr. Margie Burks, Miss Ruth Campbell, Miss Myrtle Dolbee, Dr. Dorothy Hoffman, Miss Mar- jorie Judy, Mrs. Nellie Kannwischer, Miss Mildred Finnegan, Dr. A. R. Seymour, Dr. Myra Yancey, Miss Anne Holbrook, Miss Mary Rogolino. PI KAPPA LAMBDA Members: Miss Mary Winslow, president; Miss Gladys Koch, vice-president; Miss Ruby Dunstan, secretary; Miss Mary Reeder, treasurer; Dr. Doak S. Campbell, Dean Emeritus Ella Scoble Opperman, Dean Karl O. Kuersteiner, Miss Etta Robertson, Miss Zadie Phipps, Mrs. Mary Meginnis, Mr. Wai- ter Ruel Cowles, Miss Lucille Wagner, Miss Mar- jorie Clayton, Miss Rebecca Rodenberg, Mr. Owen F. Sellers, Mrs. Ramona C. Beard, Miss Ogia Eitner, Miss Margaret Sutton, Fawn Trowick Eleanor Bragg, Rachael Crotwell. " Music hath charm . . . " and Pi Kappa Lambda honors those who have shown their aptitude in music. Their talents, however, are not kept hidden but are bountifully offered to the entire campus to hear and enjoy. ZETA PHI ETA " The play ' s the thing, " and for those who have demonstrated their dramatic ability, Zeta Phi Eta, the speech honorary, offers recognition. Its members can be quickly spotted with their fingers in many en- tertainment pies on campus — playnight, the demonstrations, their own campus productions, and individ- ual recitals. H: !!|!i Members; Barbara Holt, president; Beatrice Weaver, vice-president; Katherine Steed, secretary; Maurine Petty, treasurer; Anne Hunter, Sarah Lewis, Bonnie Hunt, Pat Pat- tishall, Bettye Usher, Bobby Usher, Marianne Cannon, Elaine Parramour, Joy Fleming, Mary Marshall, Mary Jane inabnit, Nancy McClaren, Burma Cox, Kay Moore, Louise lllingsworth, Sarah Norman, Miss Elizabeth Thompson, Miss Wiley. Page 190 ' ■■ ■■ ' v aww- ' t fixntzafeom 13 fmr ' .- Ill Page 192 ill I I Under the chairmanship of Harriet McCarter, and with Peggy Kay, Mar- garet Winton, Betty Kennedy, and Sara Ellen Glenn as members, the Organi- zations Committee functioned as the directors of extra-curricular activities. A complete reworking of the Activity Point Load and the reorganization of the duties of the committee itself was the main task of the group this year. The duties of each officer and the program of every organization was re- evaluated in order to limit and grade the extra-curricular work of the organi- zation-minded students. By this efficient method the over-ambitious BWOC is prevented from carrying too many activities, and the work of the campus organizations is directed toward a more progressive, well-coordinated cam- pus life. Page 193 MARGARET BAUGH Editor-in-Chief " Goody! " the staff of the 1946 FLASTACOWO was heard to cry early in September, " Now that the war ' s over, we can have the kind of annual we want! " Plans were accordingly laid for the proverbial " bigger ' n better " FLASTACOWO (it was later in the year that we altered our aim some . . . upon discovery that the war WASN ' T over for the printing, paper, and engraving industries). Hours of consultation ensued among the members of the editorial board — with Margaret Bough, as editor in chief, leading the planning; Kit Land, assistant editor; Franklin Smith, copy editor; Betty Ann Shiver, features editor; and Jane Lyies, activities editor, all adding their original ideas. After weeks of sly whispering in the Soda Shop, the theme finally evolved from the edi- tor ' s childhood favorite, Lewis Carroll ' s THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. Talented Jackie Magee miraculously captured the spirit of the enterprise in her colored division pages. Lillian Brown supplied the 7 fia t uM . . . additional informal sketches throughout the book; Freshman Marcia Daniels attractively decorated the sorority pages; and Art Skevakis, another freshman, was responsible for meticulous lettering. Marshall Lee Vernon and Jean Ann Ramsdell headed up the Admiinistration section, while Jean Sharer and Jo Craig devoted hours to cutting up and pasting down the largest enrollment to date for the Class Section. Idea fill- ed Pat Pattishall and Jean Ann Graham determined to enlarge and elaborate on the sororities ' representation. Tackling the Honoraries single handed was red-headed Shirley Duggan. And Louise Sims and Sara Ellen Glenn planned and worked out the Organizations part. With a " Let ' s show action " aim for the Sports Section, Katherine Gallagher, Juanita Bowles, and Frankie Hall early learned to be on their toes at the 50-yard line of every sports contest. Petite Jane Lyies mastered the use of the camera and trekked over campus herself to catch material for the activities section. Tossed from section to section were chief cameramen, Lucille Barry, Hoscia Levine, and Rose Marie Ferro. Helping out on every hand were Freshman Assistants Nancy Lefholz, Mary Catherine Moody, Ann Anderson, and Beverly Bacon. Dot Butts was Franklin ' s right-hand assistant for all the copy, and La Feme Quinn helped on the Activities staff. Trying nobly to remind the editor of the ever-binding budget was Mari- anne Jones, business manager. Her staff of efficient od-hunters in- cluded Kitty Chaires, Paulette Blank, Jackie Nevers, Margaret Johnson ... It was a year of hard work, of over-due deadlines, misplaced copy, flashbulb and film shortages, habitually broken cameras, and of " fla- s ' tacobia " manias from overlong hours spent in the Flastacowo office. But at long last the 1946 Flastacowo went to press. And if we have put in photographs and print, the collegiate events that are worthwhile and memorable, and if the students appreciate and enjoy our work, its been worth all the worry, work, time, and effort that the staff has put the 1946 Flastacowo together with. MARIANNE JONES Business Manager Page 195 Davis Chats Z 106 The Floric Publisksd by the ddai @ VOL. XXXm, No. 12 Tall aha Don Cossacks To Youth Rally t; -:i If ever a group of people could tell you the meaning of a circle, be it vicious or otherwise, it is the Flambeau staff, or the girls whose job it is to see that once a week FSC ' s news- paper appears in Westcott, despite high winds, an extraordi- narily busy week, or a scarcity of funds in Business Manager Helen Tarapani ' s books. Directing the policy this year and acting as general flunky as all editors wind up doing was Editor-in-Chief Janet Rogers who was always striving to print words of wisdom and keep an increasing student body well informed. Absolutely essen- tial to her " trials and tribulations " conferences were Peggy Kay and Anne Gaither, associate editors, and Assistant Edi- tor Lois Byrd who made the fourth member of the editorial quartet. A circular week with the journalists would reveal assignment sheets posted bright and early Friday, bearing the mandatory signatures of Peggy Lu Thomson and A .ay Alexander, news editors, and Betty Jo McLeod who tipped reporters off in the direction of feature stories. Betty Dowd and Beryl Kitchen were the editors of sports and society respectively. Special writers Anne Hutton, Gloria Reed, Catherine Nollman, Jerry Crume and Barbara Wickham all had a hand in giving the Flambeau variety while Art Editor Lucy Fieden had her own particular problem each week in the form of the Spirit of the Week. JANET ROGERS, Editor i Flambeau rida State Collecje Women Cossacks Ch irt , Florida JANUARY 25,1946 eniors FresK reshman Campaign Lac Jar Chief make-up artist was Managing Editor Shirley Rodgers whose job was marking and writing headlines and situating stories gathered by reporters who often declared they had done the impossible. Checking for style and constantly on the lookout for grammatical musn ' ts were Lola Rose, copy editor, and her blue pencil staff. Helen Tarapani and her business staff handled the funds and the advertising end. Comes Thursday, the red-letter day, when the Flambeau office virtually became animated with never an unused typewriter or desk to be found. The final surge of energy which must be used to track down lost minute stories, find misplaced copy, plot front page make-up, and even occa- sionally beat out tardy editorials to the dismay of the linotypists, is spent Thursday night at the Democrat office downtown. Just before making the mad dash to campus before light flash the paper is finally laid to rest on its ears. On Friday the Flambeaus are posted — but, so are the assignments for another issue. Leisure time is legend to the girls who know everything that is happening on campus, but they wouldn ' t have it any other way. HELEN TARAPANI Business Manager Editor Winifred Meldrim Associate Editors Peggy Lu Thomson and Ellen Whitman Copy Editor Betty Jean Thommasson Business Manager Beryl Taylor Staff Winifred Lane, Frances Traxler, Bobbie Bell, Lucy Feiden, Kay Van Deurs, Barbara Beckman, Shirley Glover, Marcia Daniel, May Alexander Photography Anne Gaither and Hascia Levine lU iM ' " Under the inspired editorship of Winifred Meldrim, the copy-conscious staff turned the Distaff, primarily a critical-literary quarterly, into a student ' s magazine, read and en- joyed from cover to cover. Fighting a rapidly diminishing budget, the staff neverthe- less attempted to stay close to the real needs and reading tastes of the students and to be concerned with their problems as the stimulus from which the writing grew, rather than with the stereotyped patterns of the conventional formalism. v ' i ' SeHC(n aiC. . . Chairman Louise Sykes Secretary-Treasurer Edna Yearty Senior Hall has grown! This year for the first time in its history Senior Hall has been extended to include all seniors. With Miss Lynn as ad- visor, Senior Hall has assisted in many campus drives and projects. Members of Senior Hall are as follows: Joyce Airth, Mollie Albritton, Judy Alexander, Mattie Alford, Anne Carolyn Allison, Elizabeth Ardd, Caroline Avery, Ella Mae Baer, Bescie Basford, Catherine Barrs, Betty Bell, Bobbie Bell, Sarah Bennett, Dot Binger, Martha Nell Booth, Carolyn Bourland, Eloise Boyles, Barbara Brantley, Ann Bridges, Martha Jane Brown, Theo Brown, Judy Burnett, Lois Byrd, Angle Cammarata, Elizabeth Campbell, Sadie Campbell, Dorothea Carpenter, Margery Carter, Margaret Clayton, Ruth Stanfill Clark, Margaret Cockrell, Kathleen Craig, Letitia Croom, Lilla Crosby, Norma Cuervo, Ruth Cuevas, Maxine Currier, Mar- garet Dannahower, Eileen Davis, Betty DeVone, Ruth Dismore, Katharine Donohoe, Lois Dossey, Shirley Duggan, Margaret Dugger. Doris Dunn, Peggy Elliot, Sue Harrison Englander, Babe Evans, Evelyn Eldridge, Norma Falcon, Eurasia Fernandez, Ann Fifield, Helen Filledes, Beulah Fletcher, Carolyn Flewellen, Etta Froser, Lonnie Friday, Sara Friscia, Joyce Funke, Betty Jo Fussell, Margie Lou Fussell, Anno Gaither, Catherine Gallagher, Dora Golden, Eugenia Gregory, Shirley Grube, Jo Gutherie, Emma Jean Hackle, Frankie Hall, Edna Hammer, Geraldine Hansen, Bette Hemphill, Gloria Hendry, Betty Lou Henneke, Doria Hill, Peggy Hines, Ruth Hixon, Barbara Holt, Elizabeth Hudson, Ava James, Corinne Johnston, Lucille Jordan, Peggy Kay, Marianne Kemp, Lillian Ken- nedy, Madelyn King, Jeanne Koesy, Teeny Longston, Jean Leslie, Skooks Lester, Peggy Limroth, Grace Lindberg, Jean Longdon, Mary Lopresti, Ruby Mann, .Jean Moroni, Danny Martin, Irene Mendoza, Lila Merriam, Mary Earl Myers, Margaret McCain, Happy McCarter, Doris Mcintosh, Catherine McKinnon, Doris McLeod, Lola Miller, Alice Neef, Jane Northen, Madge Overstreet, Eliza- beth Parker, Betty Pooser, Peggy Pearson, Audrey Perry, Maurine Petty, Phyllis Porr, Lois Preston. " Ruth Rabb, Janie Redfern, Mary Rehord, Dorothy Roberts, Jean Ryan, Carolyn Songster, Shirley Schwark, Dorothy Scott, Joan Shanor, Katherine Welch Shores, Gladys Silverblatt, Grace Sims, Jean Sistrunk, Melba Smitzes, Louise Sykes, Lola Sporkmon, Maxine Sporkmon, Rhoda Spechler, Christine Stone, Ruth Mary Sturrock, Marilyn Sumner, Helen Toroponi, Anne Tote, Peggy Lou Thomas, Trigg Thompson, Virginia Smith, Bobbie Sweat, Mary Torres, Commerone Trent, Mildred Turner, Betty Usher, Bobbye Usher, Jane Waldo, Mary Lena Watford, Bea Weaver, Fat Weedon, Ino Weinberger, Betty Jean Wells, Nancy Lee Wheel- er, Ann Widerquist, Marjorie Willis, Margaret Winton, Mart Wilson, Edna Yeorty, Ruth Young, Jocelyn Zeigler, Catherine Ficcio, Aide Hogler Johnson, Betty Jo Barry, Anne Hutton, Helen Harper, Sara E. Polhill, Dole Hathaway, Margaret McConn, Martha Helen Corson, Dorothy Deble, Ailine Schulte, Agnes Bedsole, Elizabeth Bregger, Nancy McLourin, Joyce Odom, Constance Smith, Annice Saunders, Phy Thomson, June Armisteod, Eugenia Avont, Wilhemino Anderson, Angle Costellono, Foye Ledbetter, Joy Little, Sara Roseborough, Geraldine Sullivan, Mary Stollings, Evelyn Stuckey, Ann Spooner, Dot Tucker, Alice Walton. Page 199 " ). n. e OFFICERS President Jessie McCalla Vice-President Doris Hii! Secretary -Treasurer Mildred Bridges The International Relations Clubs was formed to promote Q.n intelligent interest in world affairs. This year the club has chosen the United Nations Organization as a basis for discussion. The Carnegie Endowment for world peace sponsors International Relations Clubs on campuses in this country and abroad. The membership of the organization is open to all students who are interested in international affairs. Page 200 i I axf Studeat 0% am atiait OrFICERS President Daphne Rowe Vice-President Geraldine Brumby Secretary-Treasurer Nancy Koelliker Social Chairman Frances Howard Wheeler A very special organization is this group of students who are called " Day-light Seekers of Knowledge. " These are the students who work and play with us by day and who leave us by night. They pile up activities and are " in " on everything on campus . . . Our contact with the " outside " world. The Day Students have their own room in the Longmire Building. This lounge is one of the most " lived-in " places on our campus with its notes, notices, announcements, lock- ers, soft chairs, glass brick and tile. These girls of the White and Gold are vital to our campus life. Their faculty sponsor is Mrs. Frank Miller. " f amc SccMamic ( iu - President Grace Sims Vice - P res i de nt ' ' S i ster " Da I e Secretary Margaret Donnahower Treasurer Bobbie Glenn Social Chairman Barbara Mc Kinney Senior Representative Carolyn Flewellen Junior Representative Barbara Irving Sophomore Representative losephine Parker Freshman Representative Ruth Largent College catalogues since 1916 list the Home Economics Club as or active organization on this campus, main- taining continuous affiliation with its National Professional Group. The Club has for its purpose the develop- ment and promotion of interest in various aspects of home economics and the fostering of good student-facul- ty relationships. Eligibility for membership in the club is based on interest in the field of Home Economics. Pacjf. 202 LilJ President Margaret Clayton Vice-President Wilna Humphrey Secretary Joyce Petty Treasurer Ann Ran son Worship Chairman Betty Ruth Goode Community Service Chairman Ann Singleton Social Activities Chairman Betty Dowd Creative Activity Chairman Betty Lee Publicity Mori us Core Social Chairman Dorothea McRee Office Manager Margaret Cockrel! Through meaningful devotionals, an intelligent application of Christian principles to social problems, effec- tive service to both local and college community, and individual creation of beautiful things — the YWCA tries to fulfill their purpose of seeking to understand Jesus and follow Him. With c:xr ever widening desire for Christian service, the Young Women ' s Christian Association assists in orien- tation by sponsoring an inspirational candlelight service for the incoming freshman and by conducting the de- votionals preceding each convocation. Outstanding in this year ' s activities was the organization plan for a fund to secure a professional Y worker on campus to further strengthen the work of the association. Page 203 Tteoum x ( ici Moderator ' . Father J. M. Borg President ( First quarter) Eileen Perry ( Second quarter) ' . Irene Mendoza Vice-President Gloria Basila Corresponding Secretary Ann Parker Recording Secretary Catherine Suiiivan Treasurer __.- Alice Neef Freshman Adviser Rose Mane Ferro Parliamentarian Amelia Pavese Senior Representative Naomi Vaught Junior Representative Mary Mims Sophomore Representative Martha Corter The Catholic girls on campus constitute the membership of the Newman Club. With a variety of activities — from religious or intellectual discussion groups to fun-packed social activities — the Newman Club serves as a medium of closer friendship for its members. Cor Ad Cor Loquitur, Heart Speaketh to Heart, is the expressive motto of the group. ' Page 204 President - Harriette McCarter Vice-President Josephine Dawkins Secretary Joan Sinanor Treasurer Letitia Croom Workshop Eleanor Boothby Altar Shirley Dorr Library Frances Taylor Food I rma Hammond Publicity Dorothy Sperry Music Sarah Lewis Social Carolyn Smith Study Class Robin Hill Worship Luella Rouse Freshmen Membership Doris Corry Upperclassmen Membership Barbara Randolph Off Campus Membership Sarah McKelvey The Canterbury Club is an organization made up of all Episcopal Students on the campus. The Vestry is the governing body that plans and directs the activities of this group. 7iJe4tmut te% eUacu fr President Etta Eraser Vice-President Jocelyn Zeigler Secretary Betty McRose Treasurer Irene Coleman Spiritual Life Ava Jones Worship Marjorie Potter Westminster Chimes Ruthmary Bliss Publicity Lillian Fagan Social Lillian Kennedy Program Jocelyn Zeigler Music Dalia Santos Fellowship _ __ _ Peggy Lou Thomas Freshman Stella Barrineau he Westminster Fellowship is the organization on campus to which all Presbyterian tudents automatically belong upon entering college. The Student Counselor, Miss y iriom Wilson, and a council composed of upperclassmen students seek to enlist all resbyterian girls in the activities of the church. They have learned that church ork is Fun! Page 205 M Studcfit T Ikum B. 5. U.r ' Why it ' s fun, good clean fun . . . it ' s a retreat by a lake . . . sheer joy drawn from the Master- sources . . . trust in the Father, boundless hope in the future . . . the consciousness of seeking to do the will of God. JUNIOR COUNCIL — Enlistment Chairman, Peggy Stanaland; social chairman, Ida Lee Rentz; devotional chairman, Carol Johnson; secretary, Jimmie Rogers; treasurer, Dorothy Crotts; publicity chairman, Mar- garet Turnage; house hostess, Charlotte McGeachy; music chairman, Mary Helen Lew; promotional di- rector, Amarene Thompson. SENIOR COUNCIL — President, Barbara Holt; enlistment chairman, Betty Redd; social chairman, Betty Speer; devotional chairman, Margaret Winton; secretary, Peggy Hines; treasurer, Margaret Parker; Sun- day School Supt., Emily Daniel; training union director, Clarise Thomas; Y. W. A. Pres., Louise llling- worth; life service band Rep., Myrtle Robinson; publicity chairman, Jean Satterwhite; music chairman, Pat Millican; promotion director, Doris Hill; house hostess, Mary Ora Pitt. Q President Dorothy Binger Vice-President Catherine Shores Secretary Wilna Humphrey Treasurer Carolyn Flewellen President Sunday School Grace Sinns Community Service Betty Bell Fourth Torch Jeanne Newman World Friendship Betty Ruth Goode Publicity Tinkie Gregory Personnel Joyce Petty Music loyce Carlton Recreation Chairman Ruth Young Motive Margaret Clayton Deputation Director Martha Jane Brown " To Make Christ a Living Reality on Campus " is the underlying aim of all the work of the Wesley Foundation of Methodist students. Together they experience fellowship and religious worship as they work to help any worthy cause that comes their way. OFFICERS President Sonya Heymon Vice-President Claire Brown Secretory Ina Gotler Treasurer Ina Weinberger The B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation, the organization for Jewish girls on campus, continued to have a splendid year of activity. Events of the year included a Jewish Book and Antique Exhibit at the college library; the coordination of the elaborate Brotherhood Week observance on campus; a joint celebration of the Feast of Lights with the Hillel Foundation from the University of Florida; and a formal week-end which included religious services at Temple Israel; a formal dance and picnic. Page 207 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION Janice Richey President Martha Jo Duncgon Vice-President J une Chyna Secretary Carol Claus Treasurer The Christian Science Organization was formed in January, 1945, to include students of Christian Science among the students, faculty and staff of the college. Its object is mu- tual aid and encouragement in the study and practice of Christian Science. It is chartered under the By-Laws of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. CLASSICAL CLUB The purpose of the Classical Club is to show the influence of the ancient civilizations on our own. This year the club meetings have centered about Roman Festivals which correspond to the modern festivals and holidays. Anyone interested in the classics is eligible for membership. OFFICERS President Anne Mac I nnes Vice-President Betty Hunter Publicity Chairman Mary Ellen Scarborougri Social Chairman Kay Moore Bulletin Board Chairman Mary Ruth Miller 0%cAe % President Joy Little Vice-President Joyce Airth Secretary Geraldine Fornsworth Treasurer Rachel C rot we 1 1 This year the orchestra has done a fine job of chesring us up with concerts just when the students needed them most. Directed by Mr. Cowles, the girls have made us feel the lift of stringed instru- ments and the depth of kettle-drums. MEMBERS Mary Aiken Virginia Ailstock Betty J. Allen Frances Clopton Sydney Conner Rachel Crotwell Marilyn Dewey Frances Duckworth Geraldine Fornsworth Joyce Funke Gladys Ford Mercedes Futch Joy Little Marian Najarian Shirley Pelaez Rosalind Riegle Annabelle Redwine Mama Smith Gladys Smith Annette Vitsky Gladys Vv ' hite Page 209 McC President Ann Richardson Vice-President Peggy Elliot Drum Major Ann R ichardson Secretary Frances Duckworth Treasurer Evelyn Have Librarians Emily Harper Elizabeth Harper Publicity Manager Beryl Taylor Property Manager Evelyn Breedlove CORNETS Betty Jeon Allen Mary Jean Bates Evelyn Breedlove Mercedes Futch Emma Guthery Elizabeth Riegier Gloria Ann Smith TROMBONES Frances Clopton Bayne Culburth Joyce Harris Mama Smith Beryl Taylor DRUMS Cordyn Allison Jacqueline Floyd-Jones Joan Wongdon Marjorie Martgomery Chris Morrison CYMBALS Pearl Sapero CLARINETS Virginia Carr Mary Cells Diamond Frances Duckworth Peggy Elliots Betty Ruth Goode Evelyn Hove Elizabeth Harper Emily Harper Eloise Harrison Willy Hatton Jean Avnots Helmes Elizabeth Hudson Cuida Martin Ann MacDonald Anne Owen Margaret Parker Betty Redd Ann Richardson Auvelia Smith Betty Steele Videt Stephens Margaret Swanson Barbara White SAXOPHONES Sidney Conner Nell Duncan Gladys Marie Ford Marjorie King Betty Loy Moriarme Morris Anetti Nardon Norma Parromore Betty Jean Poe Warrene Porter FRENCH HORNS Margie Booth Annetti J. Vitsky Kathreen Wagner BARITONES Mary Frances Allen Alice Ann Taylor FLUTES Marjorie C. Davis Marilyn Dewey Robertta Perkins Annobelle Redwine Frances Venters PICCOLOS Frances Downing BASS Warrilla Sayer Nell Whitte Roberta Whitfield Page 210 ( icd President Claryne Hedgecoth Vice-President Joyce Funke Secretary-Treasurer Priscilla Clark Business Manager__, Ruth Ervin The Glee Club of F.5.C.W, will always hold a special place in our hearts. Their untiring efforts to bring us the best possible concerts and their enviable performances throughout the year ore sincerely appreciated. During Music Week they worked with Percy Grainger to introduce to the music world " The Chamber Blue " . . . Miss Etta Robertson has directed the work of the Glse Club and membership is based upon her selections from those who try out. Members of the Glee Club arc: Jackie Belcher, Sarah Brameister, Jeannette Brown, Delores Claus- en, Mary Lois Conn, Joyce Funke, Margie Fussell, Shirley Glover, Betty Houlihan, Dixie Kennedy, Bettye Kent, Mary Jane Kirst, Anne Lindsey, Doris O ' Neill, Sylvia Snell, Christine Stasinos, Pauls Teagarden, Patricia Thomas, Alice Wheeler, Nancy Lee Wheeler. Second Sopranos are: Billie Arm- istead, Eleanor Bragg, Emily Bridges, Sarah Brown, June Chyna, Priscilla Clark, Hazel Clarkson, Ann Daniel, Mary Davis, Shirah Dawn, Virginia DerGarry, Grace Elder, Artie Flanders. Jane Gaertner, Virginia Gallemore, Katherine Gremli, Mary C. Hart, Marjorie Headley, Lois Hyde, Celia King, Ruth King, Doris Lamb, Mildred Mann, Sylvia Meish, Loise Meriwether, Cynthia Merrin, Jonnie Mires, Margaret Moor, Mary Louise Morris, Anne Muataine, Helen McCann, Annette Mc- Clelland, Martha McCormack, Mavis McMillin, Betty Owen, Alice Phillips, Daphne Rowe, Anne Vv ig- gins, Joyce Williams, Emmalee Worn, Ruth Wilkie. First altos are: Joyce Airth, Billie Bagley, Helen Bright, Betty Barber, Phillis DeKalb, Hilda Dodson, Nan Durrance, Barbara Fennell. Jacqueline Fosdick, Claryne Hedgecoth, Evelyn Johnson, Doris Musselman, Peggy Pearson, Myra Rus- sell, Edith Smith, Marna Smith, Annie Stringfellow, Ann Townsend, Fawn Trawick, Mary Pat War- ner, Marion Welch, Sarah Lee Williams. Second altos are: Constance Bradley, Grace Bryan, Joyce Carlton, Ruth Ervin, Calista Hatcher, Mary Nichols, Madge Pilcher, Mildred Robson, Laura Simpson, Melba Smitzes, Martha Westberry. ( atdlCoK u6- Girls tapped for Cotillion are tops in dancing. They ' re the girls you ' ll see shining in the demonstrations ... or guiding a timid beginner in the intricate ways of the Tally Lindy. They ' re the wearers of the green jerkins and top hats, the most sought after at dances, the hostesses of the Alum Game Room. Cris Morrison served as president of the group this year. Page 212 cUci CUPtfr The VV ' s — the campus heartbreakers, the vivacious glamour gals, the college cuties who use up a date card a month. Their winning ways ore put to best use in their work as official hostesses for all college dances. Chief Heartbreaker Ysobel DuPree Chief Twotimer Nell McNeil Keeper of Dates Joan Cramer Chief Golddigger Sarah Jane Gallagher Keyhole Peeper Norma Schaeffner Motto - " Dig, Sisters, Dig " Page 213 4i-, ' 7Hu44c President Fawn Trawick Secretary Dolly Sutton Vice-President Eleanor Bragg Treasurer Alice Wheeler Founded in March, 1941, the Music Club has endeavored to expand musical activity and high standards of musical appreciation on our campus. The membership of this organization is comprised of junior and senior music majors who are outstanding for their high scholarship, leadership, and musicianship. Miss Gladys Koch is the faculty sponsor for this organization. Members include: Eleanor Bragg, Emily Bridges, Rachel Crotwell, Frances Duckworth, Nan Durrance, Geraldine Farnsworth, Jane Gaertner, Kotherine Gremli, Marian Najarian, Doris O ' Neill, Annabelle Redwine, Dolly Sutton, Fawn Trawick, Alice Wheeler. Page 214 - 1 w E R E C R E A T I N A S S O C I A T I O N Page 216 JO GUTHERIE President of WRA WRA EXECUTIVE BOARD . . . WRA BOARD MEMBERS WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION 1946 has brought about a rechristening of one of the most esteemed organizations on campus, the W. A. A. The name has been changed to W. R. A. through the cooperation of students and a faculty group. The pur- pose of this organization is to stimulate interest in a program of wholesome physical and recreational activi- ties, to promote athletic accomplishment and to contribute to the development of the ideals of health and sportsmanship. The executive officers are: President, Jo Guthrie; vice-president, Clarice Trueblood; secretary, Nancy Ward; treasurer, Roses Marcoux; and Senior Intramurals Manager, Theresa Munroe. Representatives to the board are: Senior Athletic Manager, Frankie Hall; ' Junior Athletic Manager, Betty Donally; Sophomore Athletic A tanager, Amarene Thompson; Freshman Athletic Manager, Mary Galley; President of F Glub, Babe Evans; President of Tarpon Glub, B. J. Singleton; President of Life Saving Gorps, Skooks Lester; Ghairman of Play- night, Shirley Duggan; President of P. E. A., Evelyn Stuckey; and Representative to Flambeau, Evelyn Shea. The membership of this organization includes every student on this campus. W. R. A., with the largest budget handled by students, had as one of its main projects this year, the resurfac- ing of two of the tennis courts. Provisions have been made to continue having all the courts resurfaced at the rate of two per year. Page 217 , 1 sp i I % r " I w ? TLi -I — 1 Y ■ « M K ' C- " " V " CLUB President Babe Evans Secretary Juanita Nord Vice-President Barbara Irving Assistant Secretary__Catherine Sullivan Sponsor Miss Grace Fox " Most honorable, distinguished, and esteemed F Club Members " proudly wearing the symbol of their alma mater — sponsoring color rush on brisk Thanksgiving morning- — paving a brighter way to Games Woods — making a goat " wipe it off " — and finally — swaying to " Far Beneath the Florida Pine Trees " in the front of the new dining hall on Friday night. These are the girls in white — this is " F " Club. Page 218 7 UAean. t em Cem . . . Emma Spencer ' 28 Simpy Yarborough ' 28 Bernice Conklin ' 28 Margaret Richards ' 29 Betty Suhrer ' 29 Betty Wood ' 30 Edna Mattox ' 30 Betty Bell ' 31 Nancy Lutz ' 31 Marian C. Phillips ' 30 Dorothy Archer ' 32 Helen Geffcken ' 32 Dorothy Hicks ' 32 Buddy Autrey ' 33 Sarah Bennett Rhea Gallagher ' 33 Grace Kirley ' 33 Betty Bailey ' 35 Felicia West ' 38 Yvonne Marchesseau ' 40 Cornelia Watson ' 41 Jean Wood ' 42 Paulette Noland ' 42 Stella Volenti ' 43 Margie Lambert ' 44 Dottie McGahagin ' 44 Aliese Trieste ' 45 Catherine Barrs ' 46 Sarah Bennett ' 46 Page 219 i| m- O i f iMyM Wt I ,1 i dcca£ S ca (m ddocca ca President Evelyn Stuckey Secretary Joyce Garman Vice-president Alice Toff Publicity Chairman Rose Marie Ferro Program Chairman Vera Cone Fostering professional interest, and assisting WRA with intramural sports are two main functions of the PEA. This group consists of majors and minors in Physical Education and majors in Recreation. Senior members: Carol Avery, Catherine Barrs, Sarah Bennett, Eloise Boyles, Bebe Daniels, Dura Evans, Anna Giese, Jo Guthrie, Frankie Hall, Gladys Lester, Grace Lindberg, Theresa Munroe, Evelyn Stuckey, Dot Tucker, Ann Wilderquist. Page 220 PLAYNIGHT COMMITTEE Chairmen: Shirley Duggan and Ann Wilderquist Playnight, the sensational variety evening present- ed every Saturday night helps to take away that " Saturday night is the loneliest night in the week " feeling. It features F.S.C. ' s aspiring talent with no place to show, which may be anything from the mad poetry presented in Falstaff ' s corner to the warblings of a dramatic soprano — in such attrac- tions as skit night, Freshman-Sophomore Stomp, dances and entertainment. Here one, as a guest of the Playnight Committee, may be sure of an evening of fun, frolic and fantasy. OUTING CLUB They can ' t bring the outdoors to you — so they take you to the outdoors. It ' s off to the ravine for a breakfast hike ... or away to camp for a lazy weekend . . . and starting this year the outing club is sponsoring weekly trips to the bowling alley. From these trips have grown intra- mural bowling. These and many other forms of organized recreation have been promoted by this club for everyone in- terested in getting back to nature. Page 221 ) ' TARPON CLUB President Betty Jane Singleton Vice-president Carol Clous Secretary -treasurer Anno Lou Rivers Sponsor Miss Ernestine Troemel Members: Camille Batten, Carol Clous, Virginia Collins, Doris DuBois, Babe Evans, Jo Guthrie, Jeonni Harris, Margery Holm, Anna Home, Skooks Lester, Barbara Jane Lindsey, Moiro Long, Myra Long, Nancy MocEdwords, Sylvia Meisch, Pat Millican, Sis Myers, Amelia Pavese, Ann Richardson, Anna Lou Rivers, Norma Shoffner, B. J. Singleton, Phyllis Strickland, Trigg Thomp- son, Hank Tresvant, Dot Wynn, and Joanne Zewadski. Colors streamlined in white, as graceful and skillful as the Tarpon from which it gets its name, this swimming group is known all over the country. Demonstrations may include anything from the frantic antics of clowns to the dramatic scenes of an un- derwater ballet — complete with lights and music. These girls have had their talent exhibited in most of the theatres of the United States, and have won distinction for the suppleness and ease with which they glide through water. Page 222 ' ■jSf. ,f : ' r- i: ' tr ' j . ■ ' _;-?:.■ " » ' c fe Saotc at d President- Gladys Lester Instructor Margery Holm Captain_ . Anna Home Secretary Joyce Cayce Sponsor Margaret Stan ion All ' Students who hold the American Red Cross Life Saving Certficiate are members of the Life Saving Corps. These girls volunteer to assist the faculty of the Physical Education Department in teaching swimming and guarding the pool. Sis Beckman Julia Beckman Betty Bergman Betty Blahemore Barbara Bond Dot Borbldge Charlotte Boulond Grace Bradley Evelyn Breedlove Elaine Brown Mary Galley Mary Cargill Laura Cason Barbara Chaffee Emily Chancey Rosemary Cieman Carol Glaus Margaret Gockreli Virginia Collins Marvis Gore Ann Cornelius Rosa Lee Davis Josephine Dowkins Betty Dixon Betty Donally Jean Douglas Caroline Drummond Mono Ferguson Jean Fleiss Betty Giberson Anno Giese Shirley Glover Mary Nell Goldman Virginia Goodell Coline Gunn Betty Harris Thelma Haymond Margery Holm Anno Home Margaret Hunter Katherine Johnson Ruth Kennedy Ellen Koenitzer Robin Lowson Gladys Lester Hoscia Levine Jane Levy Sheets Leyda Grace Lindburg Barbara Lindsey Moiro Long Myra Long Nancy MacEdwards Roses Marcoux Babs McCarthy Bobby Meffert Esther Miller Pat Millican Em Nickenson Zothio Owen Pandolphin Dottle Patrick Amelia Paveisse Barbara Randolph Anna Rhodes Anno Lou Rivers Peggy Humph Gene Ryan Joanne Schwartz Margaret Shackleford Ann Singleton L. M. Steadman Mary Suber Bettye Thomes Clarice Trueblood Sally Watson Nancy Word Martha Wright Mart Wilson Don Wynn Evelyn Youngblood Charlotte Younkman Joanne Zewadski Page 223 Odd Cheerleaders: Henrietta Tresvant, Bookie McMichcel, Alice Toff. Wylene Bender, Mary Alice Pitts, Gloria Lance. Even Cheerleaders: Betty Jo McAteer, Ann Wilderquist, Katherine Don hoe, Jean Ann Ramsdell, " Dip " Brown, Norma Schaeffner. e%Ceade%4. " Even Spirits never die " . . . " So well it ' s up with the Red and White. " Hearty yells ring out over the bleachers as loyal odds and evens coax their favorite teams to victory. ' i 1 r i I For the first time in the history of F. S. C. hockey, soccer, modern dance and archery were played at Thanksgiving in place of the traditional basketball, volleyball and golf. Bleachers were placed on the hockey-soccer fields and over two thousand spectators cheered for their favorite green and gold or red, white and ourole. lS;ss9d»M»l. ' -I Page 224 doft CU On dark, cold Thanksgiving morning hundreds of students and the band met at the gymnasium to start color rush with a bang. Ida Lee Rentz placed the green and gold on the gymnasium door. The same colors were hung on the library by Carol Johnson; Bryan Hall by Barbara Tait, and the History Building by Gracie Whidden. From the Longmire Building waved the red, white and purple, placed there by Willa Jean Towell. The dining hall and Westcott were also claimed by the odd colors. SciKW mi . . . With grace, speed, and determination, blearie eyed, water logged odd-even swimmers competed in one of the most exciting meets of the season. The Evens glided to a per- fect finish by winning the meet with a score of 40 to 35. Page 225 f s%-; ' ' i .-tet -iv-,?sr: »sS-: ' f od Odd Team: Virginia Anthony, Winefred Anthony, Juanita Bowles, Catherine Gallagher, Nancy Gleaton, Mary Nell Goldman, Virginia Goodell, Lucy Handing, Mary Jackson, Nancy MacEdwards, Sis Miller, Lucille Ossenkop, Dottie Patrick, Marii Richardson, Clarice Trueblood, Nancy Ward, Nita Nord. In order to give more students, faculty and " alums " a place to sit at homecoming games, bleachers to seat 2000 people were placed on the hockey-soccer field. Incoherent cheers came forth — immediately the game was on — the odd team took control of the game and led at the half with a score of 3-0. In the second half the Evens once again bowed to the odds for another score. As the final whistle blew the Odd team led by a score of 4-0. W- ' t Even Team: Catherine Beazell, Jean Bennett, Sarah Bennett, Charlotte Bouland, Rosa Lee Davis, Shirley Duggan, Marian Floyd, Anna Giese, Frankie Hall, Kit Land, Jane Lyies, Ann Maclnnis, Audrey Perry, Irmo Lee Shepherd, Evelyn Stuckey, Dot Tucker, Amarene Thompson. r 5. OCCCK •J r Clad in baggy sweat shirts and droopy sweat pants, the Odd and Even teams made spectacular entrances onto the field in a fire engine and an army truck. Excited voices cheered the heads bedecked in odd hats and even feathers arose from the bleachers. Both teams fell on their knees in the traditional huddle, and came up determined to win. The score was tied at the end of the half. The last half was ruled by the evens. The green and gold charged the Odd colored goalposts for two more scores and won the game by an even score of 6-2. ■ ■ . ' fns Even Soccer: Catherine Gallagher, leader; Catherine Barrs, Jeannie Booth, Eloise Boyles, Babe Evans, Rose Marie Ferre, Elaine Gavigan, Anna Home, Candy Jones, Betty Kennedy, Jean Koesy, Betty LaBree, Joy Little, Alva Ray, Evelyn Shea. Odd Soccer: Virginia Palmer, leader; Lucille Barry, Elaine Brown, Mary Calley, Rachel Chambers, Bayne Culbreth, Betty Gardiner, Helen Looby, Marian Looby, Shirley Palmer, Enid Sandler, M. J. Satterfield, Betty Schwartz, Jeanne Schwartz, Pauline Tuttle, Cora Lea Wells, Sarah Lou Wells. ' cu ietiaii Clarice Trueblood, Odd leader, and Mart Wilson, Even leader The Evens whooped in led by their chief in Regal Head- dress of bright green feathers, while the Odds rolled in on a cart bedecked in red, white and purple, to start the battle of the baskets. The traditional contest ended in ; the traditional way: Evens 22, Odds 16. Odd Basketball Team: Clarice Trueblood, leader; Nancy Ward, Mary White, Betty Schwartz, Rachel Chambers, Betty Gardner, Elaine Brown, Lucille Harding, Esther Miller, Shirley Hargraves, Ethyl Clann, Jane Nightingale. Even Basketball Team: Mart Wilson, leader; Anno Giese, Grace Hoys, Juonita Krentzman, Catherine Sul- livan, Amarene Thompson, Catherine Barrs, Jean Fliess, Betty Kennedy, Alva Ray, Evelyn Shea, Jo Ann Whitaker. fe ' Odd Volleyball Team: Mae Manning, Peggy Becknell, Virginia Palmer, Virginia Goodell, Sara Lou Wells, Inez Augus- tine, Joan Peters, Mary Nell Goldman, Ann Seaward, Joyce Benton, Augie Marino, Lois Meriwether, Marii Richardson, leader. Even Volleyball Team: Sarah Bennett, leader; Jeanne Bennett, Jeanne Koesy, Mary Van Netta, Elaine Gavigan, Jose- phine Story, Joyce Gorman, Dink Ashton, Dot Mims, Peggy Stonaland, Marian Floyd, Candy Jones. aiictfiizii Oddsr ' Evens? Who would win? That was the question when the two power- ful teams clashed February 29. The gymnasium was packed — and the cheers rang out for both teams. The game was close — the Evens managed to stay out in front and when the final whistle blew the score was 22-21 in favor of the Green and Gold — What a game — probably the best game of the year. Page 231 Ktn AnuftaC i Intramural Winners (] 945-46) Winner of Cup Alpha Chi Omega Badminton Alpha Chi Omega Basketball Reynolds Bowling Alpha Chi Omega Bridge ' . Magnolia Golf Alpha Delta Pi Ping Pong Broward Shuffleboard Kappa Delta Softball Pi Beta Phi Swimming Alpha Chi Omega Pi Beta Phi Tennis (singles) Alpha Delta Pi ( doubles ) Chi Omega Volleyball Kappa Delta Girls who do not wish to participate in Odd-Even sports anxiously enter into intramural activities. Dorms and sororities compete against each other for fun and team play. The name of each winner of the activity is engraved on a plaque or cup and they may keep the award until someone else has won it. Page 233 h-ai Eager fans got back in the " swing of things " with the golf season. Bad weather and mishaps could not dis- courage these girls who are interested in " putting around. " Again the Evens were victorious over the " dds. Katherine Jackson, Even, and Rachel Crotwell, Odd, were golf sports leaders. t 7 Sa daii ! Softball climaxed the Odd-Even sports seasons with a-hit — and the Odds were hitting ahead — to win the game with a breathtaking score of 2-0. Mickey Chambers, Odd, and Frankie Hall, Even, were soft- ball leaders. Page 234 MODERN DANCE " They float through the air with the greatest of ease . . . extension, contrac- tion, stretch and release . . . " At Thanks- giving time joined the parade of enter- tainment for the homecoming events. The Evens, following a Thanksgiving theme, leaped to victory over the Odds with a score of 130-93. Alice Taff, Odd, and Ann Widerquist, Even, were dance leaders this year. BADMINTON " Watch the birdie " — nervous heads twitched back and forth watching the final game which would de- termine the winner of the tournament. The Evens soared to the top to down the Odd team. The final score in games was 3-2. Sports leaders were Jean Carter, Odd; Jean Kosey, Even. Page 225 Odd Tennis Leader Enid Sandler Even Tennis Leader Joy Little TENNIS Tennis — a fast, skilled game depending on an accu- rate eye, a strong arm and nimble feet. Tennis — the game for everyone. One of the most exciting of the Odd-Even games — filled with turning heads and sus- pense. The Evens smashed to victory by a score of 3-2. S(4H44imca Page 236 l ARCHERY Zing . . . swish . . . thud went the arrows and another Odd-Even archery tournament was on. To the loyal fans who went out to cheer their teams on, the words " Bull ' s eye " or " aw shucks " were familiar sounds as the teams shot their rounds. Pris Clark finally led her team to on Odd victory over the Green and Gold by a score of 198-176. Odd Archery Team: Faith Adams, Carolyn Bragg, Coral Charles, Pris Clark, Margaret Harley, Pat Hourihan, Kitty Johnson, Art Skevakis, and Ann Seaward. Even Archery Team: Lu Ann Batman, Charlotte Bourland, Betty Burch, Emily Chancey, Doris Hill, Babs McCarthy, Amelia Pavese and Peggy Stonaland. Odd Leader: Pris Clark. Even Leader: Carolyn Bourland. A tense moment came at the end of the swimming meet, while the judges added up the score for no one had any idea who had won the close contest. The Evens, though, plunged to a victory of 40 to 35 over the Odds. There was fast, hard swimming, and perfection of strokes and diving by the members of both teams. Odd Swimming Team: Camille Batten, Margary Holm, Barbara Irving, Jane Levy, Barbara Lindsey, Nancy MacEdwards, " Sis " Myers, Dusty Rhodes, Ann Richardson, Pauline Tuttle, Joan Zewadski. Even Swimming Team: Joan Boucher, Betty Burch, Carol Clous, Marilyn Dewey, Doris DuBois, Anna Home, " Danny " Martin, Amelia Pavese, Anna Rivers, Ann Shull. UHfr fia t M , , . Campfire days . . . we ' ll long remember carefree afternoons . . . basking in the sun . . . canoeing through the moss hung cypress Cathedral . . . cold winter nights beside the glowing campfire . . . Laughing, sing- ing voices in the starry night . . . camp friendships . . . yes, we ' ll long remember ... Page 238 cfivii(e5 !r. I Late September and Freshman week . . . The bewildered newcomer takes her place in the pinching, pulling, pushing mob of oldtimers who scurry from all nooks and crannies of the campus . . . and 2500 girls complete registration under the new quarter system . . . 7:40 in the morning — but the still eager freshman finds that ' tis the early bird who gets the bacon. Look at the line of those who were sleepy heads! . . . The crowd at the P. O. is as thick and slow moving as maple syrup — but worth fighting thru for that first letter from home . . . .Rush week — hectic com- bination of black dresses, high heels, tired ' n frozen smiles, hurried goodbyes, and hopeful wishes of members and rushees . . . Can you understand why the gal is tired? Oh well. Fresh man Week comes but once a year — thank goodness! ■ Page 240 S- ■ ' ' ' i I ' pcdi Bow-down, thou lowlys! For the nervous seniors, accompanied by nervous sophomore sisters, hove just breathed looong sighs of relief after investiture, when Dr. Campbell placed the long awaited mortar board upon each bowed head . . . November 16, and it ' s the Seniors who share Dr. Campbell ' s birthday cake. After each class has presented him with gifts and sere- naded him in front of the dining hall, the capped ' n gowned ones follow him home — for the " surprise party " that ' s fun for all . . . The Artist Series brought versatile Donald Dickson to sing for an appreciative college audience . . . Then came " F " Club goating and the final hec- tic day of initiation. Members, remembering the trials and tribulations of their own goating period, subject the goats to hilarious torture, even making a pair of false teeth smile . . . and gloat contentedly from the truck as footsore goats are confronted with that long, long road to camp ... to return the next day, weary but still smiling, and having earned the right at last to wear our " F. " Paye 242 ,-4 i«a : Page 243 .1 1 8 I Thanksgiving, again the gilded peak of Odd-Even rivalry . . . The " Garden of Even, " scene of the sale of those ever popular feothers, would have made even Adam and Even take notice. The usually placid gates of Westcott take on the festive air of the occasion, ready to greet the hoards of alumnae returning to champion their teams. Even faces grow long at color rush as victorious Looby places the red, white, and purple on Westcott ' s door . . . But still ring out with " Even Spirits Never Die. " .n,e - ' - ' ' Westcott ' s stately spires catch port of the spirit of the season as the Odd band marches down the aisles at convo . . . An endless stream of Odd caps flows from the horn of plenty . . . and fish in the fountain are only slightly amazed by the red, white, and purple cap perched over them. Said fish obligingly move over a few hours later to accommodate bet-losing Odds. o(a horn or otentij • " ' 1?- " -r»4j S,V j, , i Dem chairmen draw for " first night " . . . Nell getting the tra- ditionally lucky number for her Odds — with Ella Mae still insisting that the Evens had wanted the other night all along ... Page 246 k Odds find their places as Evens triumphantly march in to see Bea Weaver as the dashing Anthony in " Rome was Never Like This. " And Evens step back the next night as a whimsical Pinochiodd comes to life in the guise of Kay Van Deurs. Green feathers and Odd caps ... a moving mass of color at the games. Spirited spectators cheer wildly as Odd and Even teams descend upon the hockey field atop a fire truck and reconnaissance car . . . Gals of the green and gold, having shown their prowess in the sale of Vic- tory Bonds, elect an ecstatic Corinne as Queen of Thanksgiving . . . Between games, martial music fills the air as the band parades — and Mortar Board " cleans up " on the sale of peanuts and pop . . . The gay, grand, and glorious festivities come to a climax at the Thanks- giving dance. Even those girls who didn ' t have dates borrowed those of their more lucky friends — but for temporary use only. Cotillion and V.V. extend invitations for the year . . . and another Thanksgiving celebration is over. (MtCl The letdown after the Thanksgiving gaiety is filled with make-up studies and that Official Business that should have been voted on last week . . . and a con- fused Senate works long hours for a lib- eral FSC . . . This freshman will make someone a good wife — she ' s off to a fine start with the freshman home ec. trophy in her possession . . . ' Twos bottoms up for Tarpon Club that Thanksgiving Week . . , Has someone lost a leg? ' . . . Each major organization on campus found the big fish and little minnows flashing their respective colors in repre- sentative swimming formations. We dash down to the local flickie to see our buddies on the screen and compare notes with their in-the-flesh performances . . . li I Page 250 Typical convo-capers revolve about the Westcott mike . . . with " This comes from Judiciary . . . " or " The Dean ' s office requests . . . " announcements filling its small mouthpiece . . . The brand new quarter system schedules exams before the holidays — and the usual dead week battle rages as to whether a collapsed or perpendicular position is most conducive to study. But neither side wins, ' cause the roar- ing fire and Christmas decorations bring dreamy looks and unstudious thoughts . . . We take time off from packing to see the Speech Depart- ment ' s usual finished product — Time ond the Conways — but are still unso- phisticated enough to scream with joy when we get out a whole day early for the holidays . . . Page 251 ■ ' ■■% 4 ■ :- m I l % %t, ' MM:::v ' - .■ • fv« " V " ' Od W m it e «i i ' Christmas confusion ceases and campus confusion continues as freshman elec- tions choke the calendar . . . The above-the-usual par-ness of the candidates ' signs sends the voter into a frenzy as she tries to choose the best candidate from the multitude running . . . Those memorable " closed " Tuesday nights! But the housemeeting hubbub echoes through halls before the house president calls the group to order for those ever " vital " announcements . . . Male mail holds preced- ence in daily events, with receivers participating eagerly . . . January and the Artist Series brought dynamic Dorothy Thompson as guest speaker. The infor- mal tete a tete for the interesting journalist drew a fascinated crowd to the Long- mire reception room after the lecture. Ball up, under, in, or over — hys- terically elastic rules make all shots legal in the Esteren-Spiro- gira basketball game presented at playnite. " Sweet ' n lovely " Es- terens found twirling parasols and long skirts a bit cumbersome for trick shots — but still managed to score high! . . . Smiling peasant dancers steal the show in the an- nual modern dance recital . . . Shakespearean actors, Romeo-of- the - dimples and Juliet - of - the curls, rest between rehearsals in dusky Westcott auditorium. Page 253 - Sophomores scampered for oil their worth to present their crowning glory . . . Sophomore Hop. A super theme, with historic dancers of all times watching the proceedings from framed portraits . . . Uncute upperciassmen grab balcony seats for a view of darting dancers and dangling decorations . . . and a listen to the all-male orchestra that ornaments the background. Henry " Gavy " the Eighth and one-wife-Martha cavort for the amused audience . . . Blond and brunette, the King and Queen of Valentines pose prettily . . . And the climax of the ball, the inimical Dr. Richards and his wife Hazel, unveiling to " We ' ll never tell ... " Page 254 »«iK February 27, and Spring is on its way with a brilliant display of student talent in the comic play, Blithe Spirit . . . Rubinoff favors us with an afternoon preview, but is overly generous in lending his violin to none other than our printer, Mr. Block — he seems to find his ears sensitive to another ' s melodious attempts . . . The Valen- tine rush swamps Mr. May, postmaster general . . . It ' s sports season again, and the Odd volley- ball team rolls in while the Evens truck over campus, cheering their ball players to victory. I Bookie ' s date, Lou, audits class with her — and Sir Galahads it by carrying her books . . . Knew that fish pond was good for something besides over- grown goldfish. Those romantical reflections of the present! . . . Where do we go from here? ' Wakulla! And straight from goldfish to more fish, of the pole vaulting variety , . . Knee deep is enough for early Spring — but her bathing suit never got wet! . . . Congenial friends, smooth music, and dancing in the Alum . . . Privacy! ' . . . Nope . . . remember the strategically placed street lights ... So it ' s laughing on the outside and crying on the inside . . . and a " I ' ll see you next weekend ... " Page 256 i i « Spniaa " Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, the boids — and Charles Weid- man ' s dancers — are on the wing . . . " In one of the most well-received Artist Series of the season, the troupe present- ed " David and Goliath. " Pleased we were to spot an FSCW alum in the upper left of this group . . . We continue the losing battle for coeducation — and are only slightly dis- mayed when Dale Mabry airfied closes down. Why should we worry when we figger there ' s al- ways Sully, who seems capable of handling four frustrated fems . . . It ' s definitely the time for long weekends at camp, canoeing through the Chain O ' Lakes, bull-sessions around the camp fire — and we find a quiet Quinby, relaxing in a camp canoe . . . Spring quarter dead week finds the Thetas engrossed in the proverbial exam pastime — " just a few hands of bridge, girls? " . . . or is it Old Maid? Page 258 oM W Spring always brings its quota of tappings . . . Mor- tar Board, Mortified, Esteren ' n Spirogira — and Sopho- more Council. The oldies don ' t seem a bit eager to " trap " this young ' un in an off-moment as one of the 60 outstanding freshmen . . . Warm winds, crisp cottons, and the Soda Shop does big business in ice cream ... Future Rembrandts, da Vincis, and Mi- chaelangelos hide out in our art classes — here, looks like Varga by FSCW ... Dr. Campbell signs the charter giving Tally the first college Red Cross chapter . . . just call us the Angels of Mercy . . . Those colossal sunburns of early spring come from skipping lunch to bask on Jennie Arcade . . . April 6, and the Jun- iors and Seniors sport the latest in beaus and gowns at the prom. The court, Dink Ashton, Ann Carolyn Allison, Catherine Barrs, seniors, and Frannie Myers, Ros- etta Carver, Sarah Lewis, juniors, are crowned with a Chinese air ... At inter- mission, the crowd heads for the nearest smoking area . . . An all-time high in entertainment is hit with Norwood ' s originality sparkling in Junior Minstrels. ' t ■ f ,♦ Page 261 !|i .-1 - ! w i- , Jtr, " " LaBree takes time off from studies to in- spect the prizes in the Inco display. Mr. Snow points out the high spots of the relics . . , Plans for a bigger FSC progress with the new dorm started in ba ck of Jennie — ' tis rumored that telephones and air-conditioning are to be installed . . . Balloons, bows, and Buster Browns be- deck baby beauties at the Junior-Senior Kid Party . . . Seniors, worn out with graduation preliminaries, long for June 10 and home. We try waxing philo- sophical with Jackson, who exclaims, " It was a tough fight. Mom, but I won . . . " 9m0 - ' Last look at the vine-clad walls as we leave for summer vacation . . . some grasping hard earned diplomas and some with a head full of plans for 1946-47 . . . For those with traveling ideas, attractive suggestions at your finger- tips . . . I ' ll take Utopia ... Page 263 Dear F. S. C. we love you, Your hills and vineclad hoNs, The knowledge you have brought us, Within your red brick walls. May your standards never waver, Your torches ever shine, And in our hearts we ' ll always bear Your spirit true and fine. Page 264 ■■ • ! CAMPUS STUDIO ! j D.C.ADAMS MRS. ADAMS 1, PHOTOGRAPHERS 1 1 FOR THE 1 1930 1 1931 1932 1 1933 1934 1 1935 1 1 1936 1 1 1938 j 1 939 !■ 1940 ] 1941 I 1942 1 1 1943 1944 } I 1945 i 1946 FLASTACOWO TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Page 259 THE SWEET SHOP where people meet for good things to eat and drink Our Twenty-third Annual Expression of Appreciation to the Student Body and Faculty, for Their Faithfulness and Confidence in This Shop fwi n jSJh fjiffvA Page 260 Central Florida ' s Largest Department Store MAASJMHERS ' %. g? -; .; V ? A ¥- i: S.S. ■ TAMPA Soon in St. Petersburg, too. The DUTCH KITCHEN TALLAHASSEE for Excellent Food Distinctive Portraiture FOR ALL OCCASIONS We Suggest an Appointment PIKE STUDIO 107 W. College For Refreshments and Tasty Sandwiches Try THE SODA SHOP Student Alumnae Building Make Our Fountain Your Meeting Place Page 261 I J FLORIDA ' S OLDEST BANK -o rr o- Welcomes the account of all persons Connected with the FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN (XZ 0 THE LEWIS STATE BANK Compliments of MILLERS Ucxli III East College Avenue Tallahassee ' ' Fine Shoes Since 1924 " - ■ ■ ■. Page 262 CAPITAL CITY NATIONAL BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Capital and Undivided Profits S oOjOoo- COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS DEPOSIT MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Compliments of The 1946 Flastacowo COMPLIMENTS OP TED A. MAY MANAGER THE WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH CO. TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Page 263 r, Once long, long ago in 1886, a baby was born in North Redwood, Minnesota. The proud father, Richard W. Sears, a young station agent, called the new baby " The R. W. Sears Watch Company. " This was a very unusual baby. He grew not from spinach and milk, but from watches alone. He grew so big in North Redwood that his father decided to take the baby to Chicago. And so the baby moved to Illinois. In Chicago, the father needed a good watchmaker for his baby who was growing big- ger and bigger and his diet was steadily increasing. An ad in a Chicago paper brought a good watchmaker to the rescue. The watchmaker ' s name was A. C. Roebuck who became a second father to the baby. Now the baby had two fathers so his name had to be changed. And it was changed to Sears, Roebuck and Co. By this time so many people had heard of the baby and of the won- ders he was performing, that he became popular and talked-about in all the country. So many people wrote letters to the baby asking for his help that finally Sears (the baby ' s first name) knew that a miracle would have to happen so he could extend his help to all parts of the land. So many people needed him and depended upon him that no longer was he able to take care of everybody. Then a miracle did happen! The baby grew so big that little, tiny infants began to form and branch off from the big baby. The little infants then began moving to different towns and different states and they were called Sears, Roebuck Retail Stores. This great miracle occurred February 2, 1925. The very first little infant who branched off was the Tower Store in Chicago. And then one day in August back in 1936, one of the little infants came to Tallahassee, Florida to make his home at 311 South Monroe Street. He found so many friends in Talla- hassee and at the Florida State College, that he began to grow and grow. As he grew larger and larger he was able to render more and more service to the people of his community. The baby wants to thank all his friends at the college who have helped him become what he is today. He wants to always be of service to his friends in whatever way he may. And to the underclassmen he wishes to say, " Be seeing you next year, friend. " To the grad- uates of ' 46, the baby says, " May your future be just as bright and happy as your wildest dreams. Best of luck to you. " .• ■ Signed by the Baby. Page 264 M N CAFE SIZZLING WESTERN STEAKS— SEA FOODS SHORT ORDERS AT ALL HOURS PHONE 1054 119 E. JEFFERSON ST. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. JENKIN ' S MUSIC COMPANY 123 SOUTH MONROE STREET TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA JEWELRY KWMPAIir WATCHES— DIAMONDS— JEWELRY NATIONALLY ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE 104 E. COLLEGE AVENUE REPAIRING PHONE 1742 Meet Your Friends at Tallahassee ' s Only AIR-CONDITIONED FOUNTAIN CAFE BEAUTY SHOP DRUG STORE MARTIN AND DALTON ' S 210-212 SOUTH ADAMS WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE =o zr o= SOUTHEASTERN GREYHOUND LINES CALL GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT PHONE 701 Corner Tennessee and Adams Page 265 FEDERAL BAKE SHOP Nlakers and Bakers of Good Things to Eat Let Us Bake Your Birthday Cake Phone 12-9 For this Important Purchase see MOON ' S Tallahassee The College Shop WELCOME YOU! Our skilled, courteous sales staff will happily assist you in selecting appropriately, properly fitted femin- ine wearables. You will like our personalized ser- vice, especially designed to cater to the exacting requirements of femin- ine Collegians. at first opportunity visit THE COLLEGE SHOP TALLAHASSEE Compliments of CHEROKEE HOTEL J. A. STILES Manager Air Conditioned Rooms and Coffee Shop ' ' Meet your friends at the Cherokee Coffee Shop " Page 266 For every occasion BOHLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Tallahassee Coca-Cola Bottling Company ince ninteen hundred and thirty-three thirteen FLASTACO WOS have been -produced in our -plant. We are appreciative of this continued patronage and proud indeed of the confidence placed in our organisation over the years. R OSE PRINTING COMPANY creators of fine printing at Tallahassee Page 267 BENNETT ' S 2 DRUG STORES 2 COLLEGE INN PHARMACY MONROE ST. PHARMACY Free Mof ' orcycle Delivery from Both Stores TWO COMPLETE FOUNTAIN CAFES Holllngswortli and Whitman CANDIES WE CARRY THE LEADING COSMETIC LINES Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubinstein, Dorothy Gray, Tussy, Hudnuts, DuBarry, Elmo and H. H. Ayers Your fashions at DRESSES COATS SUITS 118 S. Monroe St. Phone 20 DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVER GIFTS W. W. PUTNAM Registered Jeweler — American Gem Society 308 South Monroe Street COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHEASTERN TELEPHONE COMPANY TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Page 268 Expert- Shoe Repairing CAPITAL SHOE FIXRY ELTON HENLEY, Prop. We Carry a Full Line of Shoe Findings Fix While You Wait TELEPHONE 765 118 E. JEFFERSON ST., TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Compliments of VICTORY CABS Phone 491 - - lOIO MEN ' S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS, DOBBS HATS, ARROW SHIRTS FREEMAN AND EDWIN CLAPP SHOES, LUGGAGE P. W. WILSON COMPANY Tallahassee ' s Best Sl!-ore Since 1837 Telephone 88 Tallahassee, Florida LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR, LINGERIE, ACCESSORIES, HOME FURNISHINGS, PIECE GOODS, MILLIN ERY, NOTIONS HOTEL FLORIDAN TALLAHASSEE 1 50 Rooms Eu ropea n Plan Excellent Dining Roo m J T. Smith, Jr., Mgr. H Page 269 . ' J II The FLORIDA THEATRE ' TALLAHASSEE The STATE THEATRE TALLAHASSEE Th e RITZ THEATRE TALLAHASSEE iV iV ' ' Talking Pictures at Their Besf Page 270 C0 GR TUL TI07 iS Heartiest Congratulations to the Florida State College for Women and to the fine group of young women vho compose its student body • • t HAV-A-TAMPA CIGAR CO. TAMPA • FLORIDA Page 271 enidiijnKGS n RESPESS EERMIIG MUM I I ' Ni ARTISTS MD PHOTO IGRMERS JilCKSOnVILLE J ScHcax 4ctcuitce Betty Alday Gainesville B.S. in Commerce Kappa Alpha Theta Esteren Mortified Parliamentarian (1, 2) Vice-President of Kappa Alpha Theta (4) Junior Representative to Judiciary (4) Honor Committee (4) Freshman Flunkies (1) Even Hockey (2, 3) Even Demonstration (1, 2) Off- Campus Committee Chairman (4) Judith Alexander Tampa B.S. in Home Economics Freshman Flunkies (1 ) Y.W.C.A. Bap- tist Student Union, Home Econom- ics Club. Mattie Lou Alford Grand Ridge B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) 4-H Club (12) Methodist Student Council (3,4) Social Committee (3) Ann Carolyn Allison Lake City A.B. in Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Beta Kappa Mortar Board Esteren Sophomore Council (2) President of Sophomore Class (2) Methodist Student Council, Junior-Senior Prom Court, First Vice-President of C.G.A. (3) President of C.G.A. (4) WHO ' S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COL- LEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (4; Chaplain of Delta Delta Delta. J une Armistead Mi Iton B.S. in Arts and Sciences Glee Club, House Vice President, YWCA Baptist Student Union, As- sistant Stage Manager for " BIythe Spirit " (4) Maurine Ashton New Smyrna A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Esteren Kappa Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi Mortar Board President of Freshman Class ( 1 ) Co- tillion Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Even Vol- leyball Team (1, 3, 4) Color Rush (1,2) Sophomore Council (2) Secretary of C.G.A. (2) Junior Rep- resentative to Judiciary (3) Senior Representative to Sen ate (4) Senior Prom Court (4) WHO ' S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (4) Vice- President of Kappa Delta (3) Presi- dent (4) May Queen (4) Helen Atwater Chattahoochee A.B. in Education Alpha Chi Omega Kappa Delta Pi YWCA (1,4) Cabinet (2) Secretary (3) Spanish Club (1) House Presi- dent (3) Junior Counselor (3) I.R.C. (4) Wesley Foundation (1) House Council Chairman (3) Lower Court (3) Off-Campus Committee (4) Mary Julia Bailey Tampa A.B. in Education Delta Delta Delta Junior Counselor (3) Band (1) Off- Campus Representative (4) Catherine Barrs Tempo B.S. in Education Esteren Mortar Board Kappa Delta Pi Vice-President of Sophomore Class (2) Junior Representative to Judiciary (3) Chairman (4) F Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Emblem Wearer (4) Sophomore Council (2) Honor Committee (4) WHO ' S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (4) Basketball Team (1, 2, 3, 4) Badminton (1, 2, 3) Soccer (1,2, 3, 4) Softball (1, 2, 3) Co-Chair- man of Even Demonstration Proper- ties and Stage Committee (3) Vice- President of Reynolds Hall (1 ) Co- Chairman of Freshman Elections (3) Senior Hall (4) Physical Edu- cation Association Sophomore Hop Decorations Committee (2) Junior- Senior Prom Committee (3) Color Rush (2, 3) Leader (2) Honor Student (4) Florence Bartleson Jacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Even Demonstration (1, 3, 4) Fresh- man Flunkies ( 1 ) Radio Workshop Vice-President of Chi Omega. Treasurer of Chi Omega. Margaret Elizabeth Bough Orlando A.B. in Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Esteren Mortar Board Freshman Class Secretary ( 1 ) YWCA ( 1 ) Assistant on Flostacowo ( 1 ) Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) Sophomore Council (2) War Activities Commit- tee (2, 3) Junior Senate Represen- tative (3) Legislative Committee (3) Even Demonstration (1, 2, 4) Flostacowo Staff (2) Honor ' s Day (3, 4) Editor of FLASTACOWO (4) May Court (4) Jacqueline Marie Belcher Dunedin A. B. in Arts and Sciences Zeta Tou Alpha Even Demonstration (1, 2) Musical Co-Chairman of Demonstration (3) Junior Minstrels (2, 3) Glee Club (2, 3, 4) YWCA (1, 2) Vice- President of Zeta Tau Alpha. Barbara B. Bell Eustis A. B. in Arts and Sciences FLAMBEAU Staff (3) Assistant Man- aging Editor (4) Assistant Copy Editor of DISTAFF (4) Junior Counselor (3) YWCA C.G.A. Dance Committee (3) Senior Hall (4) Sara Bennett Miami B. S. in Education Esteren Mortified Sophomore Council (2) F Club (1,2, 3, 4) Emblem Wearer (4) WHO ' S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COL- LEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (4) Treasurer of W.A.A. (2) Vice- President (3) Sophomore Athletic Manager (2) Volleybal l Team (1, 2, 3, 4) Leader (3, 4) Badminton Team (1, 2, 3) Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4) Softball (1, 2, 3) Even Demon- stration Script (2, 3, 4) Even Dem- onstration properties and Stage Com- mittee (2, 3, 4) Co-Chairman (3) Chairman (4) Physical Education Association (1, 2, 3, 4) Senior Hall (4) Freshman Carnival (1) Sopho- more Hop Decoration (2) Junior- Senior Prom (3 ) Betty Ann Bishop Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Even Demonstration ( 1 ) Junior Min- strels (1,2) Flambeau Staff (1,2, 3) Freshman Flunkies (1) Off- Campus Publicity Chairman of War Activities Committee. Martha Nell Booth Plant City B.S. in Home Economics Even Demonstration (2, 3, 4) Junio- Minstrels (2, 3, 4) Outing Commit- tee (3) Play Night Committee (4) Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Y.W.C.A. Carolyn Bourland Winter Garden B.S. in Home Economics Freshn-.an Flunkies ( 1 ) Home Econom- ics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Band (1,2, 3) Social Committee (1) Freshman Carnival Committee ( 1 ) Even Dem- onstration (2, 3) Sophomore Hop Committee (2) Junior Counselor (3) House Chairman of Compus- ide, House Council (3) F Club (3, 4) Sports Leader (3, 4) Alter- nate Member to Lower Court (3) Junior-Senior Prom Committee (3) Eloise M. Boyles Live Oak B.S. in Education Freshman Carnival ( 1 ) Floor Chair- man, F Club (2, 3, 4) Vice-Presi- dent (4) 4-H Club (2, 3, 4) Soc- cer Team (1, 2, 3, 4) Basketball Team (2) Senior Representative to Judiciary (4) Junior Minstrel, Wes- ley Foundation. Barbara Brabtley Lake WaliS B.S. in Arts and Sciences Band (1, 2, 4) Classical Club (2) Junior Counselor (3) YWCA (4) Martha Jane Brown Lake City A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Mortar Board Esteren Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Beta Kappa Chairman of Sophomore Council (2) Second Vice-President of C.G.A. (3) Junior-Senior Prom Court (3, 4) Senate (2, 3, 4) President ot Senior Class (4) Vice-President of Alpha Delta Pi (4) Chaplain (2) Vice-President of Wesley Founda- tion (3) President of Florida Meth- odist Youth Fellowship, WHO ' S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COL- LEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (4) May Court (4) Theo Brown St. Augustine B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Lambda Delta Gamma Sigma Epsilon Phi Beta Kappa Classical Club (1,2) Junior Counselor ( 3 ) Floor Chairman Betty Ann Campbell Tallahassee B.S. in Commerce Alpha Delta Pi Member of Off-Campus Committee (4) Elizabeth Campbell Milton B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club, 4-H Club Dorothea Carpenter Pohokee B.S. in Commerce Band (1, 2, 3) Claire Cashen Jacksonville Beach B.S. in Commerce Chi Omega Even Demonstration (1, 3, 4) Junior Minstrels (3) Cotillion Club, Fresh- man Flunkies ( 1 ) Canterbury Club Ann Chillmgworth . West Palm Beach B, S. in Commerce Kappa Alpha Theta Even Demonstration (1, 2, 3, 4) May Day (1, 2) Playnight Committee (2) President of Kappa Alpha Theta (4) Freshman Carnival (1) YWCA Virginia Collins Umatilla B.S. in Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Phi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Representative to Senate (1 ) Tarpon Club (1, 2, 3, 4) F Club (2, 3) Sophomore Council (2) Chairman of C.G.A. Dance Com- mittee I.R.C., Delegate to Institute of World Affairs (3) Vice-President of Delta Delta Delta Kathleen Elizabeth Craig Coral Gables A.B. in Arts and Sciences Delta Zeta Junior Counselor (2) Vice-President of Delta Zeta, Secretary, Treasurer, Senior Hall. Lilla Crosby San Mateo B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Betty Jean DeVane Plant City B.S. in Commerce Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) S.A.B. Social Committee (1, 2) Presbyterian Council (2, 3, 4) Secretary of Westminster Fellowship (3) Treas- urer of Religious Workers Council (3) Junior Minstrels Committee (3) Senior Hall Margaret Ann Dugger Winter Haven B.S. in Home Economics Omicron Nu ■ Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Senior Hall (4) YWCA (1,2) Margaret Alice Elliot Haines City B.S. in Arts and Sciences Band ( 1 , 2, 3, 4) Treasurer (2) Vice- President (4) Stardusters (3) YWCA Lura Elizabeth Evans Orlando B.S. in Education Even Basketball (1, 2, 3) Even Bas- (4) Even Demon- 3, 4) Even Tennis Tennis Leader (4) ) Physical Educa- (1, 2, 3, 4) Vice- Even Soccer (2, 3, 1, 2, ketball Leader stration ( 1 , 2, (2, 3, 4) Even Tarpon Club ( tion Association President (2 4) Soccer Leader (4) F Club 3, 4) President (4) Esteren (4) Mortified (4) Methodist Recreation Committee (4) Honor Committee (4) WHO ' S WHO AMONG AM- ERICAN COLLEGES AND UNI- VERSITIES (4) Senior Hall (4) Etta Eraser Brunswick, Ga. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Junior Representative to Senate (3) Fre-hman Counselor, Floor Chair- man, House Council, Treasurer of Westminster Fellowship, President, Member of U ' her Committee, Mem- ber of Organizations Committee, YWCA, Secretary of Senior Class (4) Even Tennis Joyce Funke West Palm Beach B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Lambda Delta Gamma Sigma Epsilon Pi Delta Phi Alpha Epsilon Delta Phi Kappa Phi Phi Beta Kappa Freshman Honor Council (2) ( 1 ) Even YWCA (1,2) Roll ( 1 ) Sophomore ntromural Volleyball Demonstration (2) Westminster Fellow- ship, Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Vice- President (4) Orchestra ( 1 , 2, 3, 4) Treasurer (2) Freshman Coun- selor (3) Bryan House Council (3) Vice-President of Pre-Medical Club (3) President (4) Senior Hall (4) Jane Gaertner Atlanta, Ga. B.M. in Public School Music Alpha Chi Omega Flambeau Business Staff ( 1 ) Junior Minstrels (1 ) Glee Club (2, 3, 4) F Club (3,4) Junior Counselor (3) Panhellenic Representative (3) President of Alpha Chi Omega, S.G.O. Secretary (3) Treasurer (4) Music Club (3, 4) Catherine M. Gallagher Hollywood B.S. in Arts and Sciences Even Golf (1, 3, 4) Even Soccer Leader, Even Demonstration (1,2, 3) F Club (3, 4) Senior Hall (4) Junior Counselor (3) House Coun- cil (2, 3) Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Flastocowo Staff Jo Ann Gentry Jacksonville B.S. in Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Playnight Committee ( 1 ) Freshman Carnival, Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) I.R.C. ( 1, 2, 3, 4) Treasurer of Phi Mu (2, 3) President (3) Rush Chairman (4) Executive Council PanHellenic (3, 4) Handbook (4) Martha Permenter Gerber Jacksonville B.S. in Commerce Phi Mu Transfer Carolyn Glenn Havana B.S. in Home Economics Omicron Nu Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Gilchrist Memorial Scholarship Katherine Godfrey- - Jacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Transfer Clare Gray lacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Freshman Carnival ( 1 ) Even Demon- stration (2, 3) Social Standards Councils (4) Board of Management of Rowena Longmire (3, 4) As- sistant Treasurer of Kappa Alpha Theta (3) Treasurer (4) Katherine E. Gremli _ Sarasota B.M. in Public School Music Orchestra (1, 2) President (3) Glee Club (3, 4) Glee Club Ensemble (4) President of Music Students (4) Peggy Grimsley Ft. Gaines, Ga. B.S. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Off-Campus Committee, YWCA Bas- ketball Intramurals, Softball and Volleyball, Social Committee Shirley Lucille Grube St. Augustine B.S. in Home Economics House Council (2, 3) Vice-President of Landis (3) Presbyterian Student Council (3) Senior Hall (4) Jo Guthrie Punta Gorda B.S. in Education Esteren Mortified Band ( 1 ) Gilchrist Athletic Manager (2) House Council (2) Even Dem- onstration (2, 3) Junior Minstrels (3) Physical Education Association (1, 2, 3, 4) Playnight Committee (2) Life Saving Corps ( ( 1 , 2, 3, 4) F Club (2, 3, 4) Odd-Even Swimming (2) Odd-Even Modern Dance (2, 3, 4) Secretary of W.A.A. (3) Mondern Dance Con- cert (3) Tarpon Club (4) Presi- dent of W.A.A. (41 WHO ' S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (4) Emma Jean Hackle Winter Haven B.A. in Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Alpha Lambda Delta Sigma Delta Phi Phi Alpha Theta Sophomore Council (2) Junior Coun- cil (3) PanHellenic Representative (2) Edna Hammer Ft. Lauderdale A.B. in Education YWCA (1, 2, 3, 4) Wesley Founda- tion (1, 2, 3, 4) Junior Counselor (3) Senior Hall (4) Clary ne Hedgecoth Jacksonville B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Social Chairman of B.S.U. Council (2) Secretary of YWCA (2) Sophomore Council, Junior Council, House Council (3) House President of Landis (3) State Social Chairman of B.S.U. (2) Budget Committee, President of Glee Club (4) Vice-Presi- dent of Alpha Chi Omega (4) Patricia Louise Hill Jacksonville ' B.S. in Commerce Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) Even Demon- stration ( 1 ) Vice-President of Freshman Class ( 1 ) Flambeau Re- porter, Representative to Off-Cam- pus Committee (4) Chairman (4) Executive Council of PanHellenic (3) Student Senate (4) Judiciary (4) Executive Council of C.G.A. (4) College Council (4) May Day Court (4) President of Chi Omega (4) Baibara Holt Pensacolo B.A. in Arts and Sciences Zeta Phi Eta B.S.U. Council (2, 3, 4) President (4) Alice Katherine Jackson Lake Wales B.A. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) Even Demon- stration, Junior Minstrels (1, 2, 3, 4) Golf Team (1,3) Leader (4) Elizabeth Johnston Lakeland B.S. in Arts and Sciences Delta Zeta Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Beta Kappa Junior Counselor (3) Even Archery Team (4) Corresponding Secretary of Delta Zeta Leia Corinne Johnston Ft. Myers A.B. in Arts and Sciences Esteren Mortified Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) Chairman of Sophomore Council (2) Chairman of Playnight (2) Chairman of Even Demonstration (3) Junior Counselor (3) Senior Representative to Senate (4) Senior Hall (4) WHO ' S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Peggy Kay Tampa B.S. in Arts and Sciences Reporter on Flambeau ( 1 ) News Edi- tor (3) Treasurer of Junior Class (3) I.R.C. (3) Associate Editor of Flambeau (4) Senior Representa- tive to Senate (4) Chairman of Legislative Committee (4) Carolyn King Jacksonville B.S. in Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) Freshman Car- nival (1 ) Spanish Club ( 1 ) Play- night Committee (2) Off-Campus Representative (3) Softball Intra- murals (1,2) Secretary of Phi Mu (3) Chaplain (2) Historian (2) Madelyn King Tallahassee A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta Esteren Mortified Treasure of C.G.A., Junior Counselor, Junior Representative to Senate (3) WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAL COL- LEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. Mary Elizabeth Knight Alachua B.A. in Arts and Sciences Bond (1, 2, 3) Treasurer (2) Pub- licity Manager (3) Even Demon- stration (2) Junior Minstrel (4) Flastocowo Staff (3) Artist Series Technical Advisor (3, 4) Scene De- signer for Time and the Conways and Blithe Spirit (4) Jeanne Koesy Miami A.B. in Arts and Sciences Esteren Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) Sophomore Council (2) Baptist Junior Council (2) Sophomore Representative to Senate (2) Volleyball Team (2, 3, 4) Badminton Team (2, 4) Soccer Team (3, 4) F Club (2, 3, 4) Vice-President of Jennie Murphree (3) Secretary of Junior Class (3) Junior-Senior Prom Committee (3) Senior Representative to Judiciary (4) WHO ' S WHO AMONG AM- ERICAN COLLEGES AND UNI- VERSITIES (4) Even Demonstration Committee (1, 2, 3, 4) Junior Counselor (3) Clarice Langston . ' . Tallahassee B.S. in Home Economics Alpha Lambda Delta Omicron Nu Home Economics Club, 4-H Club Mary C. Langston Lakeland B.S. in Arts and Sciences Gamma Sigma Epsilon (3, 4) Alpha Epsilon Delta (4) Treasurer of Freshman Class, Treas- urer of Sophomore Class, Sophomore Council (2) F Club ( 1, 2, 3, 4) Flastocowo Business Staff (2) Even Badminton Leader (3) Eleanor Law lacksonville B.A. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Lambda Delta Sigma Delta Pi Pi Delta Phi Sophomore Council (2) Episcopal Stu- dent Vestry (2, 3) Treasurer of Alpha Chi Omega (3) YWCA Council (2) Junior Counselor (3) Gilchrist Social Committee (2) Ruth L ' Engle Jacksonville B.S. in Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Gamma Sigma Epsilon Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) Treasurer of Delta Delta Delta. Jacksonville Gladys R. Lester B.S. in Education Esteren F Club (2, 3, 4) Outing Club (1, 2) Sophomore Council (2) Even Swim- ming Team (1, 2, 3) Leader (3) Even Soccer (2, 3) Vice-President of Gilchrist (2) House President of Reynolds (3) Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4) Secretary (3) President (4) Physical Education Association ( 1 , 2, 3, 4) WHO ' S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNI- VERSITIES (4) President of Senior Class, Tarpon Club (3, 4) Joy Little Miami Beach A.B. in Arts and Sciences Classical Club (1,2) Orchestra (1,2, 3, 4) Junior Counselor (3) F Club (4) Even Tennis Leader (4) Senior Interviewer (4) Jane LyIes Tampa B.S. in Home Economics Alpha Gamma Delta Sophomore Council (2) War Activities Council, FLASTACOWO Staff (4) Hockey Team, Even Demonstration, Junior Minstrels (3) Esteren. Jean Moroni Sarasota A.B. in Arts and Sciences YWCA IRC Junior Counselor (3) Sen- ior Hall (4) Phi Alpha Theta, President; Phi Beta Kappa Mary E. Marshall Eustis B.S. in Education Kappa Delta Pi Zeta Phi Eta Orchestra ( 1, 2, 3, 4) Band (2) Donella Martin Crescent City B.S. in Arts and Sciences Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) Even Demon- stration (1, 3) Junior Minstrels (2) Sophomore Senior Breakfast (2) Modern Donee Recital (1, 2) Even Archery Team (1, 2, 3) Even Swimming Team (4) Playnight Committee (2) Usher Committee (2) F Club (2, 3, 4) College Dance Committee (2) Irene Mendozo Hallandole B.S. in Arts and Sciences Junior Counselor (3) President of Newman Club, House President of Landis . . . Winifred Meldrim Elkton Chi Delta Phi President of Chi Delta Phi, WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES, Honors Day, 3, 4, DISTAFF, 1 , 2, 3, Editor, 4. Sylvia Moscovitch Jacksonville B.S. in Commerce Delta Phi Epsilon Hillel Foundation, Hillel Choir, Instruc- tor, French Club, Spanish Club, Modern Dance, Vice-President of Delta Phi Epsilon Theresa Munroe Tallahassee B.S. in Education Pi Beta Phi Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) Spanish Club ( 1 ) Even Demonstration (2, 3, 4) Junior Minstrels (3, 4) Physical Education Association (2, 3, 4) W.A.A. Board (3, 4) Senior Intra- murals Manager (4) Vice-President of Pi Beta Phi. Betty Jo McAteer Tampa B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta Esteren Even Cheerleader (2, 3, 4) Even Ar- chery Team (2) Even Modern Dance Team (3, 4) F Club, Chair- man of Junior-Senior Prom (4) Junior Transfer Counselor, Commit- tee for Sophomore Hop, Life Saving Corps (2) President of Alpha Gamma Delta (4) Jessie McColla Orlando B.A. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Tran sfer; I.R.C, Y.W.C.A., Junior Minstrels (4) President of I.R.C, Chairman of World Student Service Fund, Gilchrist Social Committee Horiette McCorter Tallahassee A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Pi Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) Episcopal Stu- dent Vestry (1,2,3) Piesident (4) Junior Counselor (3) Committee Chairman for Youth Conference, Social Committe for Landis, Chair- man of Organizations Committee (4) Sarah Jane McKeIvy lacksonville B.S. in Commerce Kappa Delta Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) Bryan Social Committee ( 1 ) Usher Committee (2) Chairman (3) Junior Counselor (3) Reynolds Social Committee (3) Treasurer of Senior Class (4) Social Standards Council (4) Episcopal Student Vestry (4) Business Man- ager of Even Demonstration (4) Alice Elizabeth Neef B.A. in Arts and Sciences Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Freshman Advisor (3) Treasurer (4) Spanish Club (1, 2) Astronomy Club (1) I.R.C. (2, 3) Usher Committee (3) Junior-Senior Prom Committee, So- cial Committee for Landis (4; Sen- ior Hall Nan Otto Coral Gables B.A. in Arts and Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha Flambeau (1,2) Florida Academy of Sciences (3, 4) Student Assistant (2, 3, 4) Peggy Pearson Jacksonville B.S. in Arts and Science Glee Club (2, 3, 4) Senior Hall (4) Junior Counselor (3) Playnight Committee (3) Outing Committee (2) Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3) Classical Club (1, 2) 4-H Club (1,2) Home Economics Club ( 1 ) Bette Parker Maitland B.A. in Arts and Science Pi Delta Phi Delta Zeta Transfer, I.R.C. (4) President of Delta Zeta (3) J udy Pepper Miami Pi Beta Phi Mortar Board Editor of FLAMBEAU (3) Assistant Treasurer of Pi Beta Phi (2, 3) Rush Chairman (3) Executive Council (3, 4) Cotillion Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Press Club (1,2) Even Demonstration (1, 2, 3) Junior Minstrels (2, 3) Flambeau Staff (1) Reporter (2) Feature Editor (2, 3) ■• Audrey W. Perry Tampa A.B. in Arts and Science Esteren Mortified F Club; Freshman Advisor; Junior Counselor (3) WHO ' S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (4) Ruble Plant Tallahassee B.S. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Sigma Delta Pi Pi Delta Phi FreshVian Flunkies ( 1 ) Freshman Council of Wesley Foundation (1) Bryan Social Committee ( 1 ) Y.W.C.A.; Even Demonstration Committee (1, 2, 3, 4) Sophomore Council (2) Junior Counselor (3) Usher Committee (4) Ella May Quinby Tampa B.S. in Commerce Alpha Gamma Delta Esteren Chairman of Even Demonstration (4) Delia Mae Rhodes Jacksonville A.B. in Education Phi Mu Freshman Flunkies (1) Freshman Car- nival ( 1 ) Usher Committee; Sopho- more Hop Committee, Junior Coun- selor (3) Social Chairman of Phi Mu (2) Rush Chairman (3) Pledge Trainer (4) Shirley Ann Schwark St. Petersburg B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 4) Social Committee for Gilchrist (3) Senior Hall Joan V. Shanor Eustis A.B. in Education Sigma Delta Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Spanish Club ( 1 ) Freshman Flunk- ies (1) Ruge Hall Vestry (2, 3, 4) Junior Counselor (3) House Coun- cil (3) Senior Hall (4) Elizabeth Anne Shiver Orlando B.S. in Commerce Delta Delta Delta Phi Kappa Phi Representative to Senate (1,2) Soph- omore Council (2) Transfer Coun- selor; Senior Representative to Ju- diciary (4) Odd Modern Dance Team (2) Flatascowo Staff (2, 3, 4) Organizations Committee (1) Representative to Panhellenic (3) May Court; Honor ' s Day (2, 3) Louise Sikes Tarpon Springs B.S. in Commerce Alpha Delta Pi Esteren Sophomore Council (2) Junior Coun- selor (3) Representative to Senate (3, 4) Freshm an Flunkies (1) Chairman of Senior Hall (4) Grace Sims Hobe Sound B.S. in Home Economics Omicron Nu Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3) President (4) Secretary of Executive Council of Wesley Foundation (2, 3) President of Sunday School Wes- ley Foundation (4) Life Saving Corps (3) Playnight Committee (3) Junior Counselor (3) Budget Com- mittee (3) Chairman (4) Senate (4) Sheila Smith lacksonville B.S. in Arts and Science Phi Nu Volleyball and Basketball intramurals; Newman Club; Vice-President of Phi Mu; President of Phi Mu. Lola Anne Sparkeman __Tampa B.A. in Arts and Science Playnight Committee; Usher Commit- tee; Assistant Social Chairman of Landis. Mary Stallings Tampa A.B. in Arts and Science Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Lambda Delta Esteren Phi Alpha Theta Sophomore Council Budget Committee, Senior Hall (4) Honor Committee Pan Hellenic Executive Council President of Alpha Delta Pi (4) Katherin Ball Steed Orlando A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Zeta Phi Eta Freshman Flunkies Chairman ( 1 ) Even Demonstration (1,2) Ann Tate Murphy, N. C. A.B. in Education Phi Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Pi I.R.C. (3) Y.W.C.A. (3) - Peggy Lou Thomas Clearwater B.A. in Arts and Sciences Mortar Board Esteren House Council (2) Classical Club Pub- licity Chairman (2) Chairman of Worship Committee of Westmin- ster Fellowship (2) Chairman of Fellowship (4) President of Classi- ' cal Club (3) House President of Gilchrist (3) Chairman of Resi- dence Halls Committee (4) Co- Chairman of Youth Conference (4) WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES, State President of Presbyterian Young Peoples Or- ganization (3) Betty Trigg Thompson St. Cloud B.A. in Arts and Sciences Gamma Sigma Epsilon Delta Delta Delta Usher Committee (3) Off-Campus Committee (2) Tarpon Club (2, 3, 4) Senior Representative to Senate (4) Senior Hall (4) Peggy Lu Thomson Gainesville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Spirogira Chi Delta Phi Alpha Lambda Delta FLAMBEAU Reporter (2) News-editor (3) Distaff Editorial Assistant (1, 2) Associate Editor (3) Senate Representative (2) Sophomore Council (2) C.G.A. Forum Commit- tee (3) WHO ' S WHO IN AMERI- CAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSI- TIES. Jeanne Tillman Lake Wales A.B. in Arts and Sciences Phi Mu Flambeau Reporter (3) Copy Reader (3) Wesley Foundation (2) Betty Touchton_.I Avon Park B.S. in Commerce Delta Delta Delta Playnight Committee, Junior Counselor Off-Campus Committee Fawn Grey Trawick Tallahassee B.M. in Public School Music Sigma Kappa Phi Kappa Lambda Day Students Organization (1, 2, 3) Sophomore Council (2) Glee Club 3, 4) Music Club (3, 4) President (4) Treasurer (3) American Guild of Organists (3, 4) Vice-Regent (4) Treasurer (3) Freshman Coun- selors Day Student (3) Music Hon- orary (4) Frances Traxler Gainesville B.A. in Arts and Science Alpha Delta Pi FLAMBEAU Staff, DISTAFF Staff, Set Designer for Odd Demonstration (3) " Little Black Sambo " Co-Designer of " Time and the Conways " (4) Margaret Lois Treisback lacksonville B.S. in Arts and Science Alpha Delta Pi Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) Even Demon- stration (1, 2, 3) Junior Minstrels (1,2) Dorothy Tucker Canal Point B.S. in Education F Club (2, 3, 4) Cotillion (1, 2, 3) Physical Education Association (1, 2, 3, 4) Even Demonstration (1,2, 3, 4) Dance Chairman of Junior Minstrels (1,2) Chairman of Junior Minstrels (3) Even Volleyball Team (2,3) Even Golf Team (2, 3) Even Golf Leader (3) Even Hockey Team (4) Even Softball Team (4) Fresh- man Flunkies ( 1 ) Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4) Intramurals Manager of Reynolds ( 1 ) Intramural Man- ager of Magnolia (4) Senior Hall (4) American Association of Health Physical Education and Recreation Convention (4) Outing Club (1, 2) Y.W.C.A. (1, 2) Mildred Turner Lake Wales A.B. in Education Delta Zeta Kappa Delta Pi Social Standards Council, Junior Coun- selor (3) Senior Hall (4) Landis Social Committee House Council, Chairman of Social Committee Alice Walton Quitman, Ga. B.S. in Arts and Sciences Delta Zeta Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) Outing Com- mittee (2) War Activities Planning Committee (2) Freshman Counselor (3) Dormitory Social Chairman (3) Social Standards Council (3) House Council (3) Playnight Committee (3) Chairman of Social Standards Committee (4) Student Senate (4) Jane Garratt Waldo Hot Springs, Ark. B.S. in Home Economics Phi Mu Spanish Club (1, 2, 3) I.R.C. (3) Home Economics Club (4) Canter- bury Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Even Golf (3, 4) May Court (4) Freshman Flunkies (1) Beatrice Weaver Kissimmee A.B. in Arts and Sciences Mortar Board Esteren Alpha Lambda Delta Zeta Phi Eta Sophomore Council (2) President Jun- ior Class (3) WHO ' S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNI- VERSITIES (4) Junior Counselor (3) Mary Pat Weedon Tampa B.S. in Arts and Science Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Debate Club 1, 2) Junior Minstrels (3) Spanish Club ( 1 ) I no Weinberger Tampa B.S. in Arts and Sciences Transfer, Treasurer of Hillel (4) Jun- ior Minstrels, Home Economics Club, I.R.C, Senior Hall (4) Betty Jean Wells MacClenny B.S. in Commerce Kappa Alpha Theta Senior Hall (4) Frances H. Wheeler Tallahassee B.S. in Commerce Day Students Organizations (4) Treasurer ( 1 ) Senate Representa- tive (2) Social Standards Council 13) Jean Ann White Cadiz, Ky. B.S. in Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Gamma Sigma Epsilon Orchestra, Band. Martha Wight Sanford B.S. in Commerce Delta Delta Delta Cotillion, Newman Club, Even Softball Team (2) Life Saving Corps, Junior Minstrels (2) Odd-Even Demon- stration ( 1 ) Marjorie Willis Bainbridge, Ga. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (3) Senior Hall (4) Jean Wilson Tampa B.S. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Freshman Flunkies ( 1 ) Y.W.C.A. 2, 3) Flambeau Reporter (1 Volleyball Intramurals (1, 2, 3, Softball (1, 3, 4) Basketball 3, 4) (2) (1. 2) 4) 2, Dormitory Social Committee Nancy Lee Wheeler Jacksonville A.B. in Political Science Glee Club, Freshman Counselor, Floor Chairman, American Guild of Or- ganists, I.R.C, Y.W.C.A., Episco- pal Vestry, Even Dem, Senior THoII. Anne Widerquist Fort Myers B.S. in Education Phi Mu Kappa Delta Pi Esteren Freshman Flunkies, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3; Even volleyball team, 2, 3; Even Dem., 1, 2, 3, 4; PEA 1 , 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Council; Even Modern Dance 2, 3, 4; Leader 3, 4; F Club 2, 3, 4; Class Athletic Manager 3; Even Cheerleader; Chairman of Playnite Comm., 4; Senior Hall, WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COL- LEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. Ouida Winchester Tallahassee Junior Counselor, Day Students Or- ganization, Treasurer 4. Edna Yearty Jacksonville B.S. in Commerce Vice-House President of Broward, 2; Junior Counselor, Secretary-Treas- urer of Senior Hall. o ' i I I i I ! ' 3 , , rs ' ' i FOR REFERENCE Do Not Take From This Room ' V ' ' T V X N . N - ' x X ' -- .X ' x yv. V -x . ■ ' ' V y ix-v x:; X ' X ' X ' ' XV v " x; ' - ' x ' ' ' ' - - X . , X . . , ' -X X X " X V- vXx X ' ; ' ' -;y N ' ' ' V- ' - : vx x-vx.v -x-v v vv . iiiiiii-lillitll Xv X u- , ' X x x V 1 x- X - " x - VA ; xA ' X X V X X X XX " X X. x N r .3 ' N. ' " X ' -X-X-X N.N X • A X . . - J-- X V X ' X " X X -X X X X • ' ' h A r ' x ' ?; X .,. ■ - " --x N N A . A - ' ; CAX X v x.v X-X x N X x,x.. xAx. xA 1) A v : v-X- v ' X , A . ;aX s AN .X x.-x ' A x ' X A x ' x -, x-N = AA X X X . ' x ' x ■ ' ' y ' . ' x A x ' x ' A X . Ax - ' ' X ' -- . A-X: :5 v X ' X X -■ X - " X x --x-i XX Ax. - x X XV ' ' X A - x A ' xVA ' V V x y - - ' X x X X X X xv ' x A . X X X ' A " X ' : AAXXx A VAW V ' i xX$X$i$$A. :- Ai$x ' tyS f A.v - Cv-. k;a: (- . ' a xa: I , A A AA- x y , ' y -I J:XA xX: ' x. X x A A ' X X .-N A x ' xV X- ■ Xv ' x - X.xy X% A T .xA x N A ,. .x A ' ' ■ v ' " Ax ± «W

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