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' Mast Uf %■ CLEO ANNE SAPP , EDITOR-IN-CHIEF BETTY JANE HARRIMAN BUSINESS MANAGER ADMINISTRATION BUILDING— WESCOTT [3] EDUCATION BUILDING Walks lead to the Demonstration School and Reynolds Hall, end indirectly to the " S, A. B. " [4] .: HISTORY BUILDING, VVESCOTT AND SCIENCE BUILDING as viewed from Jefferson Street t5] " New Hall " shakes hands with the Physical Education Building. Shaped in the form of an F, it houses 135 girls. Not yet of- ficially named " New Hall " has also been called " Magnolia Hall. " [6] iU The design of the Florida State College for Women flag was adopted by the student body in convocation on November 28, 1944, following a contest in which several designs were submitted. The design officially adopted by the student body was a modification of the design submitted by Eunyce Bloodworth Maura. The first completed FSCW flag was publicly presented in the parade celebrating the inaugura- tion of Governor Millard F. Caldwell on January 2, 1945. It was carried by Geraldine Farnsworth in the color guard of the FSCW band, beside the Stars and Stripes and the flag of Florida. The flag, with its three golden torches on a background of garnet, is a symbol of the spirit and ideals of the college, to be carried and displayed on all occasions of dignity and ceremony. It was dedicated by the student body, the alumnae, and the president of the college in a formal ceremony in April of 1945. [7] MEMORIAL TO DR. CONRADI A few (lays ago, tliere jiassed I ' rom anion j " - us a great man. Dr. Conradi was a scholar. If he had not turned aside to administrative work, he could and, I believe would, have been known as a scholar of distinction. He was a teacher with marked gifts. In addition to ripe scholarship, he brought to his teaching the essential attributes of good sense, enthusiasm, pro- found integrity, and a sincere personal interest in his students. He loved to teach and in his early years here found time for it. His students of those days have told me he was a great teacher. In the annals of our State, he will always be known as the wise leader, under whose guidance our College rose from its modest beginnings to a position of national renown. On the campus he will be remembered as Presi- dent for his insistence upon having a strong, well- trained faculty; for the confidence he placed in the faculty in leaving them free to do their work with- out meddlesome interference; for his readiness to give friendly consideration to the problems not only of the faculty but also of students; for the seasoned wisdom he brought to the solution of those prob- lems; for the support he lent to every worthy project of faculty or student groups; for his un- ceasing emphasis upon the primacy of spiritual values in the education of youth; for the vision that was his in planning and building a great institution of higher learning. His attainments of themselves, I think, would entitle him to the name " great " . But his greatness did not essentially consist of them. Rather, it is to be found in the personal qualtities which made his external accomplishments possible: the qualities of mind and heart that composed the character of the man. He was modest. No one who knew him well would have wondered at this. But there was reason for wonder. The self-aggrandizement; the seeking for outward signs and symbols of power and place; the insolence of office; — all these things which appear in so many who hold positions of prominence, seemed to be entirely foreign to his nature. I can think of nothing in his life which had the least savor of self-importance or self-display. He was understanding and kind. Many of us on the faculty, I am sure, would testify gratefully to his kindness to us. But, in a special way, it will be the thousands of students who have passed through these halls that will think of him as a wise and kind friend; as one who understood the heart of youth, and who sympathized with their hopes and ambitions. He was patient and courageous. I speak of these to- gether because in him, patience and courage seemed to be complementary to each other. By patience, I do not mean his readiness to listen to complaints which so often were only petty. It was something much larger, something I can think of only as a willingness to wait for truth to emerge from behind the clouds of error and wrong. For in the long years of his service as President, there were, perhaps inevitably, peri ods of trouble and anxiety, when truth and sometimes even personal honor were at stake. At times like these, his patience was sublimated into faith in the right and the assurance that truth would triumph in the end. And his faith gave him the courage to stand by the right at any personal cost. [81 Modesty, kindness, patience, courage — these, I am persuaded, are elements of a noble spirit, and marks of true greatness. And Dr. Conradi was a noble spirit, and a great man. He lived for all that is true and good, and he loved everything that is beautiful. As he grew older, he became more mellow, more gentle, and more sweet in spirit and our admiration for him grew into a deeply felt reverence. In these latter years, his presence about the College was a benediction. The active part of his life was rich and abundant. It was a good life. I know he would not have had it any dif- ferent from what it was. And as was fitting, his life in retirement was peace- ful and happy. The days of his years were a good deal more than three score years and ten. Yet he was spared the labor and sorrow which, we are told, are the portion of those who remain beyond the allotted time. Except for the closing days, he was free from physical pain. He lived quietly with his devoted daughter and the little grand- son he adored. He was near the College he loved, and to the students and friends to whom he had devoted his life. And when the end came, it came quickly. He passed away without prolonged suffer- ing, and with none of the lingering which almost certainly would have brought anguish to him, and distress to those who loved him. And so, his life ended as he had lived it, beautifully. Nothing is here for tears ... no weakness, no contempt, Dispraise, or blame, nothing but well and fair And what may quiet us in a life so noble. — Dr. Dodd a: ' M ■3 ' J. W " tt- [9] : I N MEMORI AM WALLACE MORSE TRUE April 14, 1907 November 17, 1944 A. B. Bowdoin, Ph.D. Harvard A gracious gentleman, above reproach in charac- ter, sound, serious and thorough in scholarship, a conscientious, industrious, earnest and sympathetic teacher, who was taken from us before he had made the number of friends which was his due, and before his true worth could be appreciated. [10] [11] D E D I CAT I O N TO DR. GUY L. DIFFENBAUGH: . . . Because his sympathetic understanding and patience gave him a place in the hearts of all his stu- dents, because of his devoted service as Professor of English during the past 16 years, because of his newly assumed responsibility as Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, because of his continual devotion to the advancement of the liberal arts ... we dedicate this 1945 Flastacowo. [12] DR. GUY L. DIFFENBAUGH [13] CONTENTS Page Administration and Instruction . . . 15 Classes: Seniors 39 Juniors . 55 Sophomores 65 Freshmen 81 Features 99 Panhellenic 107 Organizations . . . 125 Honoraries . . . .149 W.A. A 161 Activities 179 " Best Buys " 193 [14] I ■ ' .A N MESSAGE FOR FLASTACOWO The Class of 1945 graduates in one of the most significant years of the world ' s history. Almost immediately after you entered the College our nation was plunged into the World War by the treacherous attack on Pearl Harbor. Throughout your college career you have been confronted with problems and adjustments incident to the war. You have faced your problems and made your adjustments in a manner most praiseworthy. We who remain confidently expect you to assume your full part in remaking a world that is ready for your contribution. Doak S. Campbell [17] BOARD OF CONTROL Our new governor is Millard Caldwell. A resident of Tallahassee, he is familiar with F. S. C. W., and has her interests in mind. Governor Caldwell has the power to appoint members of the Board of Control, who act as a body under him. Members of the Board of Control receive four year appointments. The Board is charged with formulating college policy, . e., deciding in what measure college girls shall be accorded such new freedoms as are in line with parental wishes; with apportioning state funds for the dormitories and colleges; and with advising the executives. Members of the Board include H. D. Adair, Chairman, Jacksonville T. W. Bryant, Lakeland N. B. Jordan, Quincy ' ' " -- M. L. Mershon, Miami T. T. Scott, Live Oak [18] Faculty Senate and Faculty Committee Student Affairs Work of the Faculty Senate of Florida State College for Women is to control the curriculum of the college. The change to a quarter system has been approved by Faculty Senate as a further means of assuring F. S. C. W. a high position among state universities, and an equally high position in standards of scholarship and conduct. Appointed by the President of the College to act on all legislation passed by either College Council or by the Student Senate of College Gov- ernment Association is the Faculty Committee on Student Affairs. The Committee also serves as a reviewing body of the decisions of the student Judiciary which recommends full restrictions, judiciary probation, C. G. A. probation, or withdrawal. Olivia N. Dorman, Dean of Students, serves as chairman. Committee members include : Florence Bethea, Guy L. Diffenbaugh, R. L. Eyman, Lucy Lester, Elizabeth Lynn, Coyle E. Moore, Ruth 0. Schornherst, Katherine Warren, H. L. Waskom, and Pres. Campbell, ex-officio. [19] EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The ' 44- ' 45 Executive Council consisted of: Isabel Rogers, Tedy Parker, Alieze Trieste, Ann Carolyn Allison, Martha Jane Brown, Dot Jean Glass, Frances Myers, Nancy Parker, Elizabeth Brown and Mary Lucy Mendenhall. The student body elects Executive Council, the nucleus of our College Government Association. The members, in accepting positions as student of- ficers, become the agents through which we students express our opinions and interests, and seek new levels of maturity under which we may assume further responsibility for our conduct. ISABEL ROGERS [20] JUDICIARY Representat ives : Tedy Parker, Chairman, Pat Aiken, Margery Loomis, Betty Alday (2nd semester), Dink Ashton, Catherine Barrs, Shirley Duggan (1st semester) Sarah Lewis, Betty Schwartz, Elizabeth Brown, Mary Lucy Mendenhall, Alieze Treiste, and Isabel Rogers, ex-officio. Along with dealing with infractions of major college regulations, and with such cases as are referred to it from lower courts. Judiciary, our highest court of justice, serves the student body in an equally important manner in the emphasis it places on the up- holding of our honor code. It keeps before us the fact that each individual is responsible not only for her own actions, but that she is " obligated to influence others to live by the letter and spirit of the code " . " TEDY " PARKER [21] SENATE AND FORUM Presiding over Student Senate was Ann Carolyn Allison, 1st Vice President of C. G. A. Senate men.- bers represent the four classes, and various organi- zations on campus. Discussions are open, and alert citizens attended Senate regularly and made worth- while contributions. The main issue of the year concerned the law governing the time at which students must return from over-night absences. Student Forum, organized for the purpose of offering a recognized outlet for student opinion, was under the chairmanship of Dot Jean Glass, 3rd. Vice President of C. G. A. Students met to discuss such topics as the over-night rule, and co-education. ANN CAROLYN ALLISON DOT JEAN GLASS [221 SOPHOMORE COUNCIL Sophomore Council members, selected at the end of their freshman year, take the lead in developing and carrying out a constructive program of campus activities. They perform daily tasks through out the year, but the part they play in Freshman Week deserves special mention. Sophomore Council, in addition, sponsors Torch Night, a ceremony which means much to the whole college. Their advisor for ' 44- ' 45 was Martha Jane Brown, 2nd. Vice President of C. G- A. Their chairman was Jean Cole. MARTHA JANE BROWN 1 I M ' W ' [23] AUDITING COMMITTEE Responsible for auditing the books of all or- ganizations which receive funds from the stu- dent activity fee is the Auditing Committee. This year ' s chairman was Betty Chazal. Work- ing with her were Margaret McCain and Jeanne Spivey Updike. BUDGETING COMMITTEE The Budget Committee is responsible to Col- lege Council. To it falls the task of allocating the student activity fee to such organizations as are named in the C. G. A. constitution. Stu- dent chairman, Frances Sparkman, was assisted by Grace Sims, Betty Chazal, Sanna Jane Taylor, Mary Stallings, Miss Schornherst, Miss Richey, and Miss Herndon, WAR ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE As part of her duties as 3rd. Vice President of C. G. A., Dot Jean Glass headed the War Activities Committee- Under her direction campus organizations sold war saving stamps at the Stamp Shack in Wescott, salvage paper drives were carried on, and defense movies were shown. She was assisted by a committee of six. SOCIAL STANDARDS COUNCIL The Campus Social Standards Council coi;- sists of a chairman, Dot Boardman, and 26 members. The group administers the social activities of the campus. Dean Dorman is their general advisor. P4J FINANCE COMMITTEE The Finance Committee, appointed by the Treasurer of C. G. A., assists her in the per- formance of her duties. C. G. A. Treasurer was Nancy Parker; her committee members, Virginia Palmer, and Clarice Trueblood. USHER COMMITTEE The Usher Committee consisted of 15 mem- bers under the chairmanship of Sarah Jane McKelvey. The group serves as ushers at college functions. HANDBOOK COMMITTEE The Handbook Committee helps to edit the college handbook for the coming year. Chair- man of the " Gold Book " of ' 45- ' 46 is Anne Powell Arrington. [25] OFF-CAMPUS COMMITTEE Off-campus Committee deals with minor infractions of rules, and aids in the solving of student problems in off- campus houses. The group is composed of a represen- tative from each off-campus house. Chairman was Mary Lucy Mendenhall. RESIDENCE HALL COMMITTEE With the presidents of college dormi- tories as members, the Residence Hall Committee deals with minor infractions of rules which occur in the residence halls. Students think of it as the Lower Court. Elizabeth Brown was chairman. [26] HOUSE COUNCILS House Councils try cases of petty infractions of college reg- ulations. The House presidents, vice presidents and floor chair- men, and Residence Counselors, ex-officio, compose the various councils. JENNIE MURPHREE President: Ruth Dismore REYNOLDS President: Gladys Lester BRYAN President: Royce Go forth LANG, VAN BRUNT, COCKERELL President: Joyce Clegg 121] HOUSE COUNCILS laaoiEaiaGaE i ra raiiiDa CAMPUSIDE. HILLSIDE. PARKSIDE President: Catherine Welch BROWARD President: Mary Jane Inabit GILCHRIST President: Peggy Lou Thomas LANDIS President: Ann Dewey " NEW HALL " President: Barbara Irving [28] ALIE ZE TRIESTE ORIENTATION This year it was Alieze Trieste, Freshman Advisor, and the large, efficient group of Freshmen Counselors, with the help of Kath- erine Warren, Assistant Dean of Students, who have acquainted the largest group of freshmen in the college ' s history with its ideals and traditions, and their individual responsibilities as citi- zens of Florida State College for Women. Freshmen Counselors live in the freshmen ' s residence halls. They give freely of their time that each freshman in their charge may become better oriented. f n{ n o [29] students at work in classes best represent the academic life of F. S. C. W. Through the work of the Faculty Senate, the college has been assured a practical and versatile course of study. Probably the most typical scene at Tally on any week-day is the post-office crowd. Go- ing to and from classes, a trip by the p. o. is a must. On this page, students are pictured at their work in the bacteriology laboratory, and in a pottery class- One of the most famous person- ages on campus is " Oscar " of the Anatomy Department. He is pic- tured here surrounded by a group of his admirers. Work of art students is exhibited each year. Two art majors are seen here at their study. Radio is found an interesting course offered by the Department of Physics. Stressing the importance of li- brarians in normal and war times, library science teachers prepare girls for librarianship in Florida schools. A library science student is shown looking at an exhibit mem- bers of the children ' s literature course prepared during the Annual Book Week. Political science classes were j?iven an opportunity this year to visit Dale Mabry Air Field. A group is pictured in the War Room- Armi . ir l ' iin-c I ' liotn To be a Florida teacher you must either practice teach or interne. A pros- pective teacher is shown here with her first grade class at the " Dem. School " . Representative of the School of Home Economics is a cloth- ing class. The girls are seen here with their " Susie ' s " . Musicians all ! And we all see evidence every day of the excellence of our School of Music. [32J DEANS Dean Diffenbaugh of the College of Arts and Sciences, and head of the De- partment of English, Dean Eyman of the School of Education, Dean Sandels of the School of Home Economics, and Dean Kuersteiner of the School of Music are F. S. C. W. academic deans. Students are free to confer with them at any time about their choice of courses, and any other curricular difficulties they may experience. DEAN DIFFENBAUGH DEAN EYMAN DEAN SANDELS DEAN KUERSTEINER [33J DR. ANDREWS DEANS Administrative deans of the College in- clude Elizabeth G. Andrews, Director of Personnel and Placement, Olivia N. Dor- man, Dean of Students, and head of the Classics Department, John G. Kellum, Business Manager, and Milton Carouthers, Registrar. Along M ith the acadamic deans. Murphy Roy Hinson, Director of Graduate Division and the President of the College, they make up Executive Council, a group which supervises all college activities. DEAN DORMAN MR. KELLUM DR. CAROUTHERS [34] DEPARTMENT HEADS BEATRK E WILLIAMS Deinirtmcnt of Art HERMAN KURZ DciKtrtincuf of Bacteriology and Botany LELAND J. LEWIS Department of Chemistry BEULAH BELLE BRILEY Department of Convmerce and, Economy R. L. GOULDING Principal, Demonstration School SARAH P. WHITE Department of Health Education VENILA SHORES Department of History, Geography, and Political Science EMILY P. WILBURN Department of Industrial Arts [35] LOUISE RICHARDSON Department of Library Science DEPARTMENT HEADS THOMAS L. WADE Drixirtiiiriif of Maflioinities ARTHUR SEYMDT ' R Depnritticiit of Modern Lanfjuagcs ANNA FORBES IJDDELT. Drijdrtinciit of I ' hilosophjf (ind RvVigion KATIIERTNE MONTGOMERY Depurtntint of Physical Education HAROI.I) F. RICHARDS Dei)(irt)ii ril of Physics VIOLA (iRAHAM Department of J ' hysiology PAUL F. FINNER Department of Psycholoyy RAYMOND BELLAMY Department of Sociology and Social Work MARY H. BUFORD Department of Speech EZDA MAE DEVINEY Department of Zo6logy [36] Faculty members as well as stiv dents make p. o. visits. Pictured to- gether are Dr. Heinlein, psychology professor, Dr. Miller, associate pro- fessor of philosophy and religion, and Mr. Sykora, associate professor of music. With an amazed expression on her face, Dr. Irish, professor of political science, was snapped in class. Dr. Moore and Dr. Bellamy, pro- fessors of sociology and social work, are seen in a close-up. [37] Pictured here are the Residence Halls Staff, with whom ever y student is daily associated, Dr. Cotterill as he leaves his office, teachers of the Physical Education Department " after hours " , and Miss Lynn, physics teacher, and Senior Hall Advisor. To the right are two shots taken in the faculty dining hall. Breakfast is served cafeteria style, and teachers are shown here going through the line. The second picture was taken at lunch. [38] am SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Betty Lewis Vice President Priscilla Gillette Secretary Jane Sims Treasurer Jean Obee Parliamentarian Gayle Sewell Athletic Manager Margaret Fernandez Anne Ritter Janet Pancoast Jean Lewis Marjorie Morriss Marjorie Phil yaw First Semester Peggie Pemble Second Semester Chairman of Odd Demonstration .... Edith Hawkins Chairman of May Day.. Frankie McGarry Senate Representatives. [41] Mrs. SlK ' lly Adams -■i. B. ill E ' lliicdtiiiii I ' atrieia Aiken {. .S ' . (■ ( .4;7.s uiiil SrU ' iiccii Julia Alfriend li. ,S ' . " Arts anil Sciences Tlielnia Alvarez A. B. in Education Betty Ames ,1. B. in Arts and Sciences Faye Anderson B. S. in Ednentinn Marguerite Arthur Ketty Auglienl)au,t;li Evelyn Ayrault Mary A. Baeheler Raohael Bail Carolyn Bailey B. »S ' . ' ;) Arts and Sciences B. M. in Public B. S. in Arts and A. B. in Arts and A. B. in Arts and H. S. in Coniinerce School Music Sciences Sciences Sciences Pauline Bailey Cordelia Barclay Catherine Barnes A. B. in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Arts and Sciences A . B. in Arts and Sciences Ann Bartlett A. B. in Education Marjorie Batey A. B. in Arts and Sciences Betty Beall B. S. in Arts and Sciences Muriel Beck B. S. in Home Economics Anne Bennett B. S. in Commerce Lenore Benson B. S. in Commerce Florence Bentley B. S. in Arts and Sciences Evelyn Berry B. S. in Education Barbara Bess A. B. in Arts and Sciences [42] Martha Bishop ]i. 8. in Commerce Frances Blackburn B. M. in Public School Music Mabel Blackburn Dorothy Boardnian A. H. ill Ediiiiitioii .1. {. Aitx mill I (ii ' othy Boliek Mary Helen Booth li. »s ' . in Home Economics B. S. in Arts and Sciences Eleanor Boyles B. S. in Home Economics Bettie Lou Boynton Lou Rita Bradberry B. S. in Arts and B. S. in Commerce Sciences Ann Brailtiekl B. S. in Home Economics Elizabeth Brown A. B. in Arts anil Sciences Lniine Brown B. S. in Commerce Charlotte Brubaker B. S. in Home Economics Jane Bruns B. S. in Home Economics Nell Bryant A. B. in Arts and Sciences Beverly Burhans A. B. in Arts and Sciences Betty Burnett Catherine Buttram .1. B. in Education Julia Nell Byroni B. S. in Arts and Sarah Callison A. B. in Arts and Sciences Ruth Cameron A. B. in Education Mary Ann Cannon B. S. in Commerce Mary Caro B. 8 .in Arts and Sciences Mary Carr B. ;§. in Arts and Sciences Jo Ami Carroll B. S. hi Arts and Sciences Elizabeth Cassels B. S. in Home Economics Dorothy Caswell A. B. hi Arts and Sciences Betty Chazal B. S. in Commerce Betty Chester B. S. in Commerce Fr.uicis Choate Betty Lou Christian Frances Christian Mary F. Clopton A. B. in Arts and B. 8. in Arts and B. 8. in Arts and Sciences Sciences Sciences Day F. Coleman B. 8. in Arts and Sciences Edith Collins B. 8. in Home Economics Mary E. Colton A. R. in Arts and Sciences Lou Cone Juanita Cooper B. 8. in Arts and Sciences Jean Corry B. 8. in Arts and Sciences Mary Jane Costner B. 8. Commerce Lois Cottrell B. S. in Arts and Sciences Mildred Crawford B. M. in Public School Music Thelnia Cutrer B. S. in Education Alta Daniel A. B. in Arts and Sciences Ann Hays Davis Ann Dewey Thelnia Corpening Eriiia Doudney B. 8. in Arts and B. 8. in Commerce Dittenbaujih b. S. in Commerce Sciences ' . ' ' ' . in Commerce [44] Liiinie Draughen Gloria Dubns Jessie Durden Grace Earnest Eliz. Eberhardt Ruby Ebert B. S. in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Arts and Sciences B. 8. in Edncatiin A. B. in Education B. S. in Home Economics B. 8. in Education Maxine Edwards Elizabeth Ellis (iraee Fain Martha Tain Kathleen Falconer Frances Farrior B. S. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Commerce .1. B. in Education B. 8. ill Arts and Sciences Blanche Faver B. S. in Commerce Marg ' t Fernandez B. 8. in Commerce Louise Fernandez Francine Fisher Margaret Fisher B. 8. in Arts and Sciences B. 8. in Home Economics Helen Fletcher B. S. in Arts and Sciences Elva M. Florrid Florence Fordhani ( " arolyn Forehand Aline Fountain A. B. in Arts and B. 8. in Education B. 8. in Education Sciences Bettv Jane Fox Mary Florence Fox B. 8. in Arts and Scicn ces A. B. i A yts and Sciences [45] Margaret Fridy M argaret Friedman Margaret Fuller Katherine Fntch Anne Gaines Olive Galloway B. S. in Education A. B. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Home Economics B. S. in Home Economics A. B. in Arts and Sciences Mary Lilla Ganey Mary Geiger Juanita Gibson Priscilla Gillettee Helen Glover Marjorie Goff B. S. ill Home Economics B. 8. in Home Economics B. S. in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Home Economics B. S. in Arts and Sciences Dorothy Gresham Jeanne GuUette June Hadsell Geraldine Halpern Hester Hammond Helen Harper B. S. in Commerce 1. B. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Home Economics B. 8. in Commerce B. 8. in Education Bettie J. Harrinian Carolyn Haston Edith Hawkins Nell Hawkins Doris Headley Mary Hecht B. S. in Home Economics B. S. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in. Home Economics B. 8. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Education [ 61 Lillian Hendricks .4. B. in Education Virginia Hendry Frances Hines Sarah A. Hirleman Anne Holbrook Betty L. Holland B. 8. in Education A. B. in Arts and A. B. in Artn mid A. B. in Eduation Sciences Sciences Virginia Holmes A. B. in Arts and Sciences Mary P. Howard B. S. in Home Economics Onalee Hoxie A. B. in Education Rosemary Hnbbell .1. B. in Arts and Sciences Anne Jackson J. B. in Arts and Sciences Roberta Jamison A. B. in Education Mary Jelks B. 8. in Home Economics Edna Jensen A. B. in Arts and Sciences Dorotby Jinks B. 8. in Home Economics Christine Johnson B. 8. in Home Economics Irene Johnson A. B. in Education Eugenia Joiner B. 8. in Arts and Sciences Reba Jone« B. 8. in Home Economics Betty Jo Kacinski A. B. in Arts and Sciences Riil)y Karne ' . .S ' . in Arts and Sciences Evelyn Kemp B. 8. in Commerce Mari;inne Kemj) B. 8. in Home Economics Ililab Kendall B. 8. in Commerce [47] Bonne Kindig Edith Knight Marion Lambath Dorothy Lancaster Wilma Lauter Martha Lawson B. S. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Commerce B. S. in Commerce A. B. in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Arts and Sciences Marjorie Lay Jeanne Leech Roberta Leonard Betty Lewis Jean Lewis Lydia Lewis A. B. in Arts and Sciences -1. B. in Arts and Sciences B. M. in Puhlic School Music A. B. in ArtH and Scivncci B. S. in Home Economics B. S. in Commerce Etliel Limbaugh Alice Lincoln A. B. in Education B. S. in Commerce Kathryn Lindsey B. 8. in Home Economies Celia Llamas A. B. in Arts anc Sciences Merrill Long B. • ' . in Home Economics Ruth Longerier B. S. in Arts and Sciences Margery Looniis Betty Jane Lottich Clara Lovitz B. S. in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Arts anr Sciences A. B. in Arts and Sciences Katherine Lyman Eleanor Mahoney B. S. in Nursing B. S. in Commerce Lee Malakoff A. B. in Education [48] J((spi)hiii( Maninci B. S. in Home Economics Sarah Mann A. B. in Education Alden Maples B. 8. in Education Eleanor Mathorly B. S. in, Commerce Jnlia Frances May; B. 8. in Arts and Sciences ;ra -e Me ran {. S. in Commerce Mary Mendenhall A. B. in Arts and Sciences Rose Messina B. S. in Home Economics Persis Miles B. S. in Arts and Sciences Margaret Miller B. M. in Puhlic School Music Frances Mills B. S. in. Commerce Bessie Mitchell A. B. in Educatirm Opal Moore .4. B. in Arts and Sciences Rosalie Moore A. B. in Arts and Sciences Elizabeth Morgan A. B. in Education Margaret Morgan B. S. in Home Economics Marjorie Morris A. B. in Education Mary F. Morse B. S. in, Nursing Lillian M]usgrove ,4. B. ill Arts and Sciences Marie Myers Mary McCann Minna L. McCarthy S. jS ' . in Home Economics B. S. in Home Economics Ceclia McColpin B. S. in Commerce Mjary McCormack B. M. in Public School Music [49] Mary MeCorqviedale Jean McCuUough Eliz. McFarland Frances McGarry Jnlia McLaurin Marjorie McMullen B, S. in Commerce B. 8. in Commerce A. B. in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Arts and Sciences B. 8. in Home Economics A li. in Arts and Sciences Mary McRory Betty Jean Neel Louise Newman Doris Nicholson Gertrude Noxtine Jean Obee A. It. in Arts and Hcienves B. 8. in Arts and Sciences B. 8. in Arts and Sciences B. 8. in Commerce .4. B. in Arts and Sciences A J{. in Arts and Sciences Sylvia U ' don Helen Oliver Nancy Orleman Margaret Owen Margie 8ue Oxford Betty Page }}. 8. in Arts and Sciences B. 8. in Commerce B. S. in Home Economics B. 8. in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Education A. B. in Arts and Sciences Janet Pancoast Eleanor Parker Nancy Parker Lucille Parrish Jacqueline Partin Annette Patterson A. B. in Arts and Sciences B. 8. in Education A. B. in Education A. B. in Education B. 8. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Commerce [50] Myra Pattishall A. B. in Education Marive Pavesse B. 8. in Home Economics xVnabel Peacock B. S. in Commerce Marjorie Pease B. S. in Home Economics Peggy Pemble B. S. in Arts and Sciences Mary Penton B. 8. in Commerce Dalia Perez A . B. in Arts and Sciences Betty I ' erry B. 8. in Home Economics Ruth Hood Perry Adrieime Petrie B. 8. in Home Economics Jean Phillips Marjorie Philyaw B. 8. in Commerce B. 8. in Arts and Mary N. Piiiholster Sarah Jane Pitts A. B. in Arts and Sciences B. 8. in Home Economics :Margie Piatt B. 8 .in Education Rnth Plahs June Pope B. 8. in Arts and Sciences Irene Putzer B. M. in Piano Mjiry YAi ' j. Reams A. B. in Education Mary ly. Reichert B. 8. in Home Economics Hazel Reynolds .1. B. in Education Mary Riggins B. 8. in Commerce Marguerite Rish B. 8. in Home Economics Anne Ritter B. 8. in Arts and Sciences [51] Dcn ' othy Roberts li. S. In Commerce Maryaret Robert s A. B. in Education Margaret Robinson B. S. in Commerce Isabel Rogers A. B. in Arts and Sciences Bernice Ross A. B. in Arts and Sciences Helen Ross B. S. in Commerce Shirley Rubin -i. B. in Arts and Sciences Mabel Rust .1. B. in Arts and Sciences Anita Sandusky B. 8. in Commerce Betty Sanford B. S. in Home Economics Cleo Sapp B. S. in Arts and Sciences Joyce Satterwhite A . B. in Arts and Sciences Bernice Scott B. S. in Commerce Sue Searcy B. S. in Arl. ' tnid Sciences Bessie Setzer B. S. in Commerce Gayle Sewell B. S. in Home Economics Joy Sliepherd Caroline Sherman B. S. in Arts and Scioices Deborah Shunuiker A. B. in Education (iloria Sliunian B. S. in Commerce Louise Simpson A. B. in Arts and Sciences Jane Sims B. 8. in Arts and Sciences Joanna Sistrnuk B. M. in Public Schiiol Music Mamie Skinner [521 Margaret L. Smith Frances Sparkman Emma Stevenson, B. M. in Piihlir Schodl Mimic li. M. in Public School Music B. S. in Home Economics Sarah Stewart n. iSf. in Arts ond Sciences Olive Stillwell H. 8. in Commerce Margaret Stout B. S. in Home Economics Sarah Belle Stull Mary Snllenberger Sanna Jane Taylor Jacqnelin Ten Eyck Johnnie K. Thomas Anita Thompson B. S. in Education B, S. in Commerce A. B. in Arts and A. B. in Education B. S. in Educutiun B. S. in Commerce Sciences Mary Louise Thorp Rosemary Thrasher B. S. in Arts and Sciences B. M. in Public School Mnsi( Anne Tisilale B. S. in A rts and Science Dorothy J. Tobias La Verne Toms A. B. in Education B. S. in Education Mary Jane Towns A. B. in Arts and Sciences Alieze Trieste Betty Trooj) Virginia T ixlike Medora Van Fleet Jean Vanghan Carmen Vazquez A. B. in Arts and A. B. in Arts and B. S. in Arts and B. S. in Home Sciences Sciences Sciences Economic [53] Janice Vickery Fransetta Vinson Mary Vogt Mary Wlalker Mary Ann Waller Diana Washbon B. 8. in Home Economica B. S. in Arts and Sciences B. S. (■ ) Commerce B. S. in Home Economic .4. B. in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Arts and Sciences Anna Watkins Marian Welch Doris Wells Mabel Wells A. Westmoreland Barbara Wheelock B. M. in Comfjosition B. S. !n Education B. 8. in Arts and Sciences B. 8. in Home Economics B. 8. in Home Economics Eliz. Whigham Mildred Williams Helen Willis Margaret Wilson Rita Wilson Mary Lee Withers Alice Witt A. B. in Education A. B. in Education B. S. in Home Economics A. B. in Arts and B. 8. in Commerce B. 8. in Commerce Sciences N. Wittenstein Mary Woodward Sibyl Wool Joyce Yongne Jean Yothers Dorothy Yonng Mildred Zindler B. S. in Education A. B. in Arts and B. 8. in Home B. S. in Commerce A. B. in Arts and A. B. in Arts and A. B. in Arts and Sciences Economics Sciences Sciences Sciences [54] )-c- ' ' . s { JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Beatrice Weavek Vice President Ruth Dismore Secretary Jean Kosey Treasurer Peggy Kay Parliamentarian Sue Searcy Athletic Manager Ann Widerquist f Margaret Baugh Madelyn King Etta Eraser Kit Land Louise Sikes Chairman of Even Demonstration ...Corrinne Johnston Chairman of Junior Senior Prom ...Betty Jo McAteer Chairman of of Junior Minstrels Dorothy Tucker Seriate Representatives. [57] Carolyn Abi-ains, Lenora Acree, Joyce Aiitli. Mollie Mae Albritton, Betty Alday, Judith Alexander, Mattie Lou Alford, Ann Carolyn Allison Pat Andreason, Elizabeth Ardd, Anne Arrington, Dink Ashton, Helen Atwater, Caroline Avery, Ella Mae Baer, Julia Bailey Stella Barrineau, Catherine Barrs, Florence Bartleson, JNIargaret Baugh, Jacqueline Belcher, Betty Bell, Bobble Bell, Sarah Bennett Dorothy Binger, Betty Ann Bishop, Ruth Bishop, Martha Nell Booth, Carolyn Bourland, Anne Bower, lOloise Boyles, Carol Bradford Barbara Brantley, Ann Bridges, Donna Bridges, Louise Brown, Martha Jane Brown, Theo Brown, Frances Broxon, Judy Burnett Pat Butler, Luis Byrd, Angle Cauimarata, Betty Anne Campbell, Elizabeth Campbell, Sadie Campbell, Martha Jane Cannon, Martha Cargill [58] Dorothea Carpontar, Helen Carson. Margery Carter, Claire Cashen, Angle Castellano, Ann Chillingwortli, INIargaret Clayton, Joyce Clegg Margaret Cockrell, Julia Collins, Virginia Collins, Marjorie Cooli, Muriel Copinus, Polly Council, Kathleen Craig, Letitia Croom Lilla Crosby, Norma Cuervo, Cliarlotte Curry, Bebe Daniel, Margaret Dannahower, Eileen Davis, Mildred E)avis, Patricia Davis Rita Davis, Geneva Deans, Dorothy Dekle, Betty DeVane, Ruth Dismore, Katherine Donohoe, Lois Dossey, Veda Mae DuBois Margaret Dugger. Doris Dunaway, Doris Dunn, Ann Durrance. Annette Eddy, Peggy Elliot, Dillian Ergle, Lura Beth Evans Erasia Fernandez, Catherine Ficcio, Anne Fitteld, Helen Filledes, Carolyn Flewellen, Betty Jane Folsom, Etta Eraser, Lonnie Friday [59] Susan Fry, Sara Friscia, Mary Frames Fiilforf], Joyce Gunke, Betty Jo Fussell, Margie Lou Fussell, Jane Gaertner. Helen Gaines Catiierine (iallagher, Mardie Garrie, Joan Gentry, Anna Giese, Jean Gifford, Dot Jean Glass, Katlierine (iodfrey, Royce Goforth Dora Golden, Doris (irainger, Clare Gray, Eugenia Gregory, Katlierine Gremll, Peggy Grinisley, Shirley Grube, Jo Guthrie Emma Jean Hatkle, Dot Haire, Fay Hall, Frances Hall, Edna Hammer, Martlia Uanley, Eddie Sue Harrison, AVilda Hayes Claryne Hedgecoth, Mamie Hedgepath, Bette Hemphill, Doris Hill, Frances Hill, Laurie Hill. Patty I ni Hill, Peggy llines Clara Hixon, Barbara Holt, Jane Huduall, Elizabeth Hudson, Bonnie Hunt, Anne Huttou, Barbara Irvin, Katlierine Jackson [60] Ava J.ines. Betty Sue Jennings, Bei ' nice Jolinson, Betty Johnston, Corrinne Johnston. Lucille .lonlon. Ijillian Kennedy, Esther Kerr Carolyn King, Madelyn King, Mary Elizabeth Kniglit, Jeanne Koesy, Kit Land. Clarice Langston. Teeny I angston, Eleanor Law Mary Katlierine Lawton. Ituth 1 Engle, Jean Leslie, Gladys Lester, I ' oggy IJniroth, .loy Little. Jean Longdon. ; Iary Lopresti Merle Lyda. Jane Lyles, Jean Marani. Betty Marshall. Mary Elizal)eth Marshall. Paula Marshall, Danny Martin. Betty May Winifred Meldrim, Irene Mendoza, Lila Merriam, Mary Meyer, Helen Miller, Lola Miller. Audrey IMiner. Joyce Mitchell Anna May Monsson, Peggy Morris, Sylvia Moscovitch, Theresa Munroe, Betty Jo McAteer, Margaret McCain, Jessie McCalla [61] Margaret McCauii, Hariiette McCarter, June McCiudy, Elizabeth McDavid, Doris Mcintosh. Sarah Jane McKelvy, Catherine McICinnon, Doris McLeod Alice Neef. Sara Norman. Jane Northen, Joyce Odom, Nan Otto, Madge Overstreet, Uette Parker. Carol Peacock Peggy Pearson, Alba Pelaez, Martha Pent, Judy Pepper, Audrey Perry, Eileen Perry, Mary Louise Perry, Maurine Petty Alice Phillips. Ruble Plant, Laura Piatt, Sara Polhill, Phyllis Poor, Lois Pregton, Edna Price, Ella Mae Quinby Ruth Rabb, Janie Redfearn. Delia Rhodes, Virginia Ricks, Janet Rogers, Gene Ryan, Janice Sanborn, Carolyn Sangster Shirley Schwark, Dorothy Scott, Elizabeth Sewell, Joan Shanor, lioso Ellen Sherrod, Leatricc Sliuman, Louise Sikes, Gladys Silverbatt [62] Grace Simins, Betty Gray Sims, Eugenia Sistrunk, Fay Smith, Gloria Smitii, Jackie Smith, Sheila Smith, Melpomene Smitzes Maxiiie Sparkman. Lola Sparkman, lUioda Spechler, Kuth Spiwak, liiith Sprott, Mary Stallinjts. Katheriue Steed, Dorothy Sterling Dot Stewart, Jiiauita Stewart, Christine Stone, Josephine Stock, Frances Strickland, Evelyn Stuckey, Ruth M. Sturrock, Marilyn Sumner Helen Tarapani, Ann Tate, Peggy Lou Thomas, Trigg Thompson, Jean Tillman, Mary Tinsley, Mary Torres, Betty Touchton Fawn Trawick, Alma Treiman, Margaret Treisback, Dorothy Tucker, Mildred Turner. Bettje Usher, Bolibye Usher, Naomi Vaught Alice Walton, Jane Waldo, Beatrice Weaver, Betty Weaver, Patricia Weedou, Ina Weinberger, Catherine Welch, Betty Wells [63] Frances Wheeler, Nancy I e Wheeler, Jean Ann White, Anne Widerquist, Sarah Helen Wiggins, Martha Wight, Jo Nell Willunson, Naomi Williams Margie Willis, Jean Wilson, Mart Wilson, Margaret Winton, Frances Wyles, Edna Yearty, Ruth Young, Jocelyn Ziegler SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Brinson, Frances Owens Chalker, Alma Chamberlain, Doris Chambers, Alice Synder Clavel, Gloria Fields, Ethel Henderson, Ruth Boyd Hosford, Elionne Hoyt, Betty Ann Jardim, Clara Kennedy, Nancy Jean Kinner, Virginia Ruth Knapp, Jeanne Levy, Eloise, Goulding McAnally, Mary F. McCallum, Betty Love Shingler, Adele Sisk, Dolly Ann Steel, Helen Teri ' y, Johnnie Louise Herring Thomas, Mary Lou Ward, Lucy Lee Young, Janet JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Bridges, Julia Cuevas, Ruth Currier, Lydia Dancy, Mary Eliz Dann, Edith Hamrick Dugan, Shirley Dykes, Lottie May Eldridge, Evelyn Falcon, Norma Farrier, Ann Farrior, Hazelita Gaither, Anne Geiger, Mary Burney Glenn, Carolyn Glover, Shirley Gomez, Carmen Gotler, Ina Grant, Doris Hancock, Lou Hathaway, Margaret Hendry, Gloria Osaacs, Jeanne Kay, Peggy Kirchof, Mary Jane Knepper, Esther Krause, Eugenia Argintar Leiter, Betty Jane Mayhew, Dorothy McRae, Joshephine Nelson, Helen Pong, Mary Rice, Ruth Sherman, Pat Smith, Marianne Snyder, Marianne Spivey, Maria Jean Watford, Mary Lou Wentworth, Nelli e White, Mary Wilkins, Dorothea Wilson, Lois [641 Wm jmimmmm SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Vice President 7 ' ' « Secretary Virginia Palmer Treas,. er___ZllZl « « Morrison Parlimentaridn t,, Martha At water Athletic Manager -.r Maxine Wagner r Mary White I Betty Ann Shiver r j . I ROSETTA CARVER C .n„„n of So,ko„,ore Hop ELL Clark Cko.,rn,a„ of Sop„o„,ore Senior Brea.fost Har„,.t Kirk [67] Evelyn Abelle, Martha Abbott, Mary Abernatny, Jean Adams, Mayna Adams, Patsy Adams, Doris Agner Virginia Ailstock, Roberta Albright, Mae Alexander, Carolyn Allison, Rosalind Almony, June Anderson, Muriana Angell Ester Argintar, Jane Arnold, Elizabeth Arnold, Marjorie Atwater, Martha Atwater, Marjorie Austin, Eugenia Avant Betty Baechle. Marie Bain, Mayo Baker, Julia Banks, Virginia Bailey, Nancy Barber, Willie Ruth Barfield Sherlee Barish, Lucile Barry, Gloria Basila, Charlie Baxter, Eleanor Bayer, Agues Beds-ole. Katbryn Bmton Helen Benz, Geneva Bettie, Glennia Betzner, Jayma Betz, Marie Beverly, Nellie Beville, Betty Lou BeviU Ellen Bie, Dorothy Bishop, Virginia Black, Ruth Blair, Mary Blasingame, Margaret Boliek, Nadinc Bolin [68] Mary Booker. Mary Boone, Barbara Booth, Miriam Bootl], Oleta Booth, Sarah Bosvvell, Jiianita Bowles Betty Bradley, Eleanor Bragg, Barbara Brittain, Joyce Britton, Betty Brophy, Barbara Broiigh, Heleu Broward Eleanor Brown. Claire Brown, Jane Brown, Lucy Brown, Betty Brown, Virginia Brown, ] Iarjorie Browne Ester Brumbaugh, Nelnia Burch, Martha Burko. Marilyn Burch, Katherine Burton. Dorothy Bush, Theresa Cain Ouida Cambell, Betty Cannon, Audrey Carr, Tootsie Carte, Barbara Carter, Rosetta Carver, Laura Cason Mornia Chalkner. Dorothy Chamberlain, Rachel Chambers. Anna Chance, Delyne Chapman, Dorothy Chappell. Dor. Cherry Angelina Claravella, Hilda Clantoa, Marian Clark, Nell Clark, PrisciUa Clark, Marilyn Cleveland, Jean Cole [C9] Mildred CliMiiiiii. Ami Colviii, Helen Conkling, Theo Conner, Lucille Cooper, Betty Copps, Ann Conlell Dui-is Coiry, IMarthii C ' ) van, .loan Cramer, Olivia Crane, Nell Crawley, Racliel Crotwell, .Terry Cnune Shirley Ciuiimings, Mary Cuslcr, Esther Dale, Anne Daniel, Rosetta Darling, Catherine Davis, Hazel Davis Ida Davis, Mary Davis, Marian Davis, Sarah Davis, .To Dawkins, Evelyn Deas, Mary Deeknian Norma Delegal, Grace DeWolf, May Diamandis, Mary Diamond, Helen Dickinson. Hilda Dodson, Betty I onally Shirley Dorr. Sujette Corminey, Betty Dowd, Frances Duckworth, Marjo Dukes, Edith Dunn, Carol Dunn Betty Dupree, Ruth Durrance, Gloria Durrance, Sara Dwoskin, Lois Dyson, Ethel Eassa, Hazel Eddy [70] Virginia Edwards, Jean Ellis, Sara Ellison, Ila Enzer, Ruth Ervin Elaine Esplin, Mary Ellen Evans Mary Evans, Aurera Eaedo, Lillian Fagen, Geraldine Farnsworth, Louise Felton, : rarion Kerrarci, (Jeorgia Fields .loy Fleming, Hetty Fletcher, .lean Fliug, Carolyn Floyd, Mary Floyd, Madelyn FbUette, Friscilla Forster Phyllis Freeman, Roberta Friedkin, Elinor Fugote, Ann Fuller, Eva (iainey, Tony Gammon. Adelc (iant Leonor Garcia, Marie Garcia, Mary Garcia, Betty Gardener, Delores Gardner, Gloria Gautier. Alice (iclian Lydia George, Betty Giberson, .Tuliette Gilliam, Margaret Gillis, Florence Ginii. Lita Glasscock, Mary (ilavinno Nancy Gleaton, Betsy Golden, Mildred Gollvesky, Betty Goo.le, Jean Graham, Betty Graves, Jean Gray [71] Mary Greathouse, Virginia Giecn, Marian Gresliam, Sarali Griffin, Irene Gross, Coline Gunn, Emma Gnthery Mary Gwynn, Patricia Hael ett, Rntli Haddox, Damaris llagne, Betsy Ilalin, Dorotliy Ilalin, Faye Hall Sarah Hamlin, Carolyn Hanley, I.ina Harding, Margaret Harley, .lean Harper, I.eatrice Hariis, Zelda Hastings Calista Hatcher, Marnita Hatchett, Frances Hazard. Harriet Hazard, Charlotte Healey, Beverly Heard, Jean Helms Virginia Hendry, Betty Hentz, Emma Herlong, Mercedes Hernandez, Sonya Heyman, .Teanne Hill. Robin Hill Shearer Hines, Pat Hitz, .lean Hoffman, Mary Holland, Margery Holm, Bobby Holz, Winifred Hood Dozier Hornbeak. Patricia Hourihau, Evelyn Howell, Gene Howell, Helen Hugbson. Wllma Humphrey, Jeau Hunt [721 I ' erilie Hunt, Anne Hunter, Aiieliu Ichill, Louice Illingworth, Mary Inabit, Fay Irwin, Barbara Irving Frances Isaac, Ernestine Jackson, Mary Jaclfson, Aileen .Tames, Betty .Tanieson, Pauline Janes, Betty Jernigan Catherine Johnson, Cathleen Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Shirley Johnson, Iris Johnson, Loyce Johnston, Marianna Jon« Ruth Jones, Marjorie Jones, Clarice Journigan, Carolyn Keen, Elaine Keller, Mary Kendall, Esther Kili atricli Sara Kinibro, Joan Kingsbury, Nina Kinsey, Harriett Kirk, Mary Jane Kirst, Beryl Kitchen, Joy Knipc Toniike Kobayashe, Nancyanna Koellik. ' r, Doris Koon, Frankie Kuebler, Doris Lamb, Jeanette La ne, Margaret Lassiter Mary LeUbetter, Betty Lee, Mary Lee, Leila Lee, Dalia Lera, Sarah Lewis, Grace Liudgerg [73] Hiirliai-ii I.indsc.v, : Iar(liii Useiiby. Joyccline Lloyil, Maria Lufhas, Darley Lochner, Bess Lockliart, Oiidino Lonbardero Robt ' ita Lovp, Ddi ' othy Luke, Frances Lyon, Martha Magazis, Bettie Maier, Estill Malphurs, Ann Mankin Barbara Mann, Ruby iMann, Angle Marino, Pauline Marks, Margaret Marsh, Dorothy Marshall, Betsy Martin Eugenia Martin, Martha Martin, Mary Martin, Mary Jeane Martin, Ouida Martin, Margaret Maxwell, Katliryn Mazolowaka: Mary Meeks, Doris Mercer, Lois Meriwether, Marilyn Michel, Dorothy Miller, Marjorle Miller, Pat Millican Anita Millikan, Mary Minis, Frances Miner, Eleanor Mizer, Jane Mobley, May Monaco, Betty Money Dorothy Moon, Virginia Moor, Katherlne Moore, Marian Moorhend, Emily Morgan, Frances Morgan, Mary Morris i [74] Mary Theo Morris, Cbris Morrison, Helen Mosely, Betty Moses, Victoria Mott, Eileen Murinson, Frances : lyers Teresa Myers, Carol McDaniel, Ann McDonald, Nancy MacEdwards, Mary McFadden, Rusalyn :Mc8ee, Kose McLain Nancy McLaurin, Betty McLendon, Louise JNicMichael, Nell McNiel, Betty McRae, (Jloria McVey, :Marian Na.larian Julia Nesius, Ann Nicliolson, Catherine Nollman, Juanita Nurd, Betty Nomina, Doris Oatley, Edith Olsson Doris O ' Neill, Corrine Ossinsky, Barbara Owen, Sandy Owen, ,Tune I ' adgett, Margaret I ' alnier, Virginia Palmer Delores Papy, Adreinne Parker, Gladys Parker, ] Iargaret Parker, Thelma Parker, Elaine Parramore, Helen Parramore Penny Patrinely, Margaret Patillo, Dorothy Peacock, Louise Peebles, Elsie Pender, Doris Pepper, Frances Perkins t75] tt.» Carol I ' crrin, Virginia Pettigrew, Dorothy I ' liillips, Betty Phillips, Mae Pickens, Mary Pitt, Betty Jean Poe Elizabeth Pooser, Mabel Ruth Pope, Anna Porter, Viva Porter, Marjory Potter, Martha Powers, Erin Poythress Elaine Pralher, Dorothy Pratt, Frances Proctor, Carolyn Pruitt, Mary Puglisi, Annie Pullara, Virginia Quigg Mary Raines, Copelyn Ramsey, Betty Randall, Ada Rankin, Rita Raspone, Alva Ray, Mary Frances Ray Betty Redd, Gloria Reed, Nell Rees, Barbara Rees, .Josephine Reina, Lylian Richards. Ann Richardson Marli Uicbardson, Mary Louise Richey, Elizabeth Ricketts, Rosalind Riegle, Martha Bailey. Mary Rivero. Flo Ann Roberts Myrtle Robinson, Dusty Rodes. Catherine Rogers, Shirley Rogers, Lola Rose, Joyce Rosenthal, Marguerite Ross [76] J Daphne Rowe, Betty Rowe, Catherine Royall. Mary Ruthind. MacRyan. Enid Sandler. Virginia Sapp Nicl y Satoris, Jean Satterfleld, Jean Satterwhite, Aileen Sayers, Marjorie Scanlon. Eleanor Schwieger, Myra Sclninian Jacqueline Sells, Billie Eva Shell, Louise C. Sessions, Ann Sessons, Catherine Settles, Margaret Shackelford, Betty Shaw Pauline Shelley, Doris Sherman. Betty Ann Shiver, Sarah Shriver, Betty Shouse, Naoniie Shulman, Betty Sims Jean Simon, Margaret Simpson, Louise Sims. Phyllis Singer, Betty Jane Singleton, Do ris Sloan, Elizahetli Smith Evelyn Smith, Gloria Smith. Lorranie Smith. Frances Sneed. Ruth Solomon, Betty Speer. Alice Spiers Jean Sponable, Mazine Stacy, Ann Stanbaugh. Barbara Stephens, Shirley Stever, Alive Stiehl, Helen Stone [77] IMiiry Sfoiit, Betty Strickland, .Tune Sulliviin, Virginiii Suniner, Robbie Sweat, Louise Sweeny, Sara Ann Swords Alice I ' Mlf. Carolyn Taylor. Frances Taylor. Oi ' ali Teagle, Mar.i irie Tei-rill, Clarice Thomas, I ' alty Ann Thomas Betty .7. Thoniasson, .Jane Thomson, Peggy Lii Thomson, Elizabeth Thomson, L. Thornton, .Tune Thornton, Char. Thorpe Martha Tison, Frances Tra ,lei-, .Tane Trent, Henrietta Trezevant, Clarice Truehlood, Evelyn Tsangaris, Ella Nell Tuten lOvelyn Utley, Maxine Wagner, Evelyn Walker, Emma Sue Walters, Nancy Wark, Dorothy Watson, Mary Louise Weekley Cora r ea Wells, Dottie clls, Anne Westmoreland, Alice Wheeler, Bobbie Whidden, .lean Whigham, Mary Ijouise White Ellen Whitman, Barbara Wickham, Dorothy Wiebeek, Clyde Wilder, Margaret Williams, .Jean ' illiamson, Cath. Winstced I I [78] Betsy Wilson, Rosoiiiary Wilson, Ouida Aiu _hester, Winifrt-d ■inter. Marie Wood, Mar.jorie Aoodberry, Ina Jo Wrench Elizabetb Ziirwello [79] SOPHOMORES WITHOUT PICTURES Muriel Aptol Clairp Armsti ' diig Lula Martin Bene Mary Elizabeth Blake Lucy Anne Breyles Betty Brysoa Lottie Parker Carolyn Patterson Clara June Powell Carolyn Rankin Cladys Reams Mary Riherd Frances Roberts Lola Rose Peggy Searcy Emily Sheftall Constance Smith Virginia Smith Anne Spooner Naiicy Strauss Dorothy Toney Mar.iorie Eloise Wailley Caroline Herman Betty Holabird Elizabeth Hunter Grace Hunter Matalie Irving Constance Johnson Betty Keene Ruth France Keller Iva Marcile 1-eiter Mae Annice Manning Bettie Moody Jane Morrison Betty McLeod Helen McNab Julianna Neel Mary Lou Norwood Harriet i ' almer Ruth Chicoine Barbara Dale Doris Dallas Shirley De Ginther Betty Ann Dry Isobel DuPree Ann Fletcher Betty French Charlotte Freedman Sarah Ellen Glenn Jeanette Graham Mildred Harper Frances Webb Eleanor Wilson Marguerite Winchester Ann Wright Jane Yaeger Thelma Yonge FRESHMEN WITHOUT PICTURES Elolse Amnions Yolande Arias Mary Olive Armistrong Frances Ayers Virginia Bailey Betty Ann Balthrop Bettv Jean Barber Laura Nell Barfield Gloria Barnum Virginia Bartee Dorothy Bennett Marie Bie Verla Nadine Bolin Kathryn Bolton Montrose Booth Oveda Boroniei Joyce Bowman Betty Britton Bobby Broxon Laura Lee Butler Ann Casey Lena Fay Chauncey Faith Chicoine Edwlna Christie Dorothy Clayton Gussie Cone Dorothy Crotte Ora Lee Da hi Laura Davis Pollyana Davis Elizabeth DeWitt Evelyn Diamond Martha Dunagan June Dunnavant Joy DuParc Florence DuRant Loisell Edwards Mary Edwards Lucille Feiden Martha Ferguson Sara Lou Flowers Marcelyne Frank Barbara Gaillard Lola Gasque Christie Gatlin Helen Gilliam Eula Mae Gilmore Elizabeth Harper Emile Harper Carolyn Hart Dorothy Hasbrouck Barbara Hendry Jean Hinsey Jeanette Hollister Marguerite Houston Dorothy James Elizabeth Joyner Martha Keiter Delia Kennedy Gloria Knull Nancy Lee Kulin Marquita I ance Mar.iorie Lant Louise Lee Melissa Anne Ijcwis Doris Lightscy Doris Lorber Mildred Luce Carlotta Malley Ethel Mathews Orena Lucille Millinor Yvonne Moorhead Margaret Morrison Grace Myers Janice McFarland Gladys McNair Virginia MacPhorson Ann Nafe Jean Nellenbogen Paula Nesbit Naomi Olson Leila Ortrcayer Edith Partin Marilyn Pitts Claire Poe Aileen Pond Josephine Reina Lois Richards Marli Richardson Patricia Ricknian Patricia Rider Sarah Rigell Anne Sconiers Geraldine Sconiers Helen Sexton Jean Shuman Mary Skipper Barbara Smith Catherine Snnth Edith Smith Helen Smith Marna Smith Frances Starry Margaret Stiles Viola Stokes Margaret Stone Dorothy Stormant Ruth Joyce Stoutannre Lessie Mae Swindle Barbara Tait Paula Teagarden Jeweldeen ' I ' immons Marilyn Tobi Betty Turner Emily LInderwood Alice Ussery Alpine Walker Mary Evelyn Waller Mary Whit hurst Frances Whitty Louise Wilson Emmalee Worn Dorothy Wynn Nola Wynne [801 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS President Ida Lee Rentz Vice President Betty Kennedy Secretary JiMMiE Rogers Treasurer Babs McCarthy Parlimentarian Jean Sharer Athletic Manager Amarene Thompson Jo Ann Long Senate Representatives. Jean Ann Ramsdell Martha Peacock Beth Fuhrer Irma Lee Shepherd [83] iL H ikj -illH Aim ■■■■■■ i BHHH Hfl HIKj KoKye Aulicsdii, Yolniida Aires, ])()lly All)rit Icm, Felicia Alessi, Sue Alford, Ann? Allen, I ' atriiia Allen Sara Amos, Ella Mae Anderson, Alveia Ashe, Cleona Asher, Newlin Ashniore, INIable Ashton. Mary Ann Atkinson .lannita AiiK, Ann Avery. Joycelin Ayers, Evelyn Badcock, Twyla Bair, Rose Baisden, Constance Baker Edna Baker, l.illina Baker, Dorothy Jean Banks, Esther Eve Barash, Mary Elizabeth Earlier. Theresa B.irfleld, Avonell Barker Norma Barniore, Margaret Barnett, Llla Lee Barrington, Martha Bash, Fay Roberts Bass. Myra Jean Bates, Barbara Baxter Mary Ellen Beaty, Barbara Ann Beekman, Lillian Lucille Belyeu, Jean Bennett, Sylvia Joy Berkman, Fay J. Bess, Betsy Bird Betty R. Bishop, Norma Blackburn, Lillian Blackwelder, Rosalind Blalock, Paulette Blank, Ruthmary Bliss, Adrienne Bluraberg 184] Yvonne Boatwright, Oraleaze Boglicli, Betty Bolles, Harriet Boltin, Janice Ann Booher, Jeanie Bootli, Ftances Bootli Lillian Borego, Blanche Bosanquet, Mary Evelyn Boswell, Winifred J. Boucher, Charlotte Bourland, Dorothy Bower, Janet Boyd Aileen Boyett, Imogene Boyette, Lois Alda Brack, Mamie Ruth Bradley, Antoinette Brady, Evelyne Breedlove. Emily Bregger Velma Brewer, Margaret Bridges, Ruth Browkaw, Mary Elizabeth Brooks, Sue Brophy, Betty Jack Brotchie, Lillian Brown Catherine Brown, Katherine Browning, Sarah Myrle Broxson, Geraldine Brumby, Anna Bryce, Jane Bryson, Madge Buckels Virginia Budd, Betty Burch, Afargaret Lee Bureh, Betty Butler, Caroline Butler, Gloria Butler, Dorothy Butts Ann Campbell, Helen Campbell, Pat Cannon, Frances Cannon, Helen Ruth Cappleman, June Elma Carden, Nell Caru [85] Louise Can-, Tatricia f ' arr, Virginia Carr, Martha Carter, Ste lla Ruth Carter, Patricia Castano, Faye Martin Catleilge .Joyce Cayce, Mareia Cayson, Betty Jean Cellon, Doris Chaite. Emily Chancey, Virginia Chancey. Mildred Chapman Jeannette Chapmnii, Carolyn ( ' licrry. : Iad e ' . Chevvnins-, Elinor Chisholm, Marjorie Christiansen, Ethel Chyna. Mary CiccoreUo Marjorie Clarlv, Xancy Clarlc, Carol Clans, Jacque Clemons, Jayne Close, Phyllis Cole, Shirley Colley Elizabeth Collins, Gladys Collins, Vivian Collins, Nancy Colhim, Alice Comstock, Katherine Condurelis, Vera Cone Mary Lois Conn, Miriam Pat Conner, Margaret Cook, Mary Cook, Lessie Cooper, Minnie Cooper, Mary Copeland Carolyn Cordray, Martha Cordray, Marvis Core, Gertrude Corry, Barbara Covington, Dorothy Cox, Ann Cox [867 Ruth Marie Cox, Betty Jo Craig, Joyce Craig, Shirley Crawford, Delores Creekuiore, Hazel Irene Crol ' t, Virginia Crogliaii Alice Lucille Cromartie, Marion Cross, Dorothy Crowson, Shirley Cummings, Virginia Curtis, Ituby G. Daniel, Tessie Daniel Sarah Daugherty, Dorothy Davis, Georgene Davis, Jane Davis, Violet Davis, Marie Davis, Marjorie Davis Rosa Lee Davis, Jean Debevoise, Florence DeClercq, Neva Delgado, Rosalie Dell. Mildred De Medici, Aspacia Demetrelis Carol Deters, Linda DeVane, Marilyn Dewey, llarriette Ruth Dews, Annie Dias, Margaret L illey. May Dolsky Lora E. Dooley, Jacqueline Dougherty, Jean Douglas, Jackie Douglas, Eryline Douglas, Gloria Douglass, Frances Downing Marie Dozier, Doris Dubois, Suzanne Duncan, Barbara Dunsou, Charlane Dykes, Bettie Lee Dyson, Alice Eaddy t87] HSluJiM Maude Eddy, Helen Eduiisloii, Kloieiiee KUner, Frances Eubank, Audrey Evans, Joyce Evans, I ' atty Evans Marie Everitt, Barbara Fairar, Barbara Fennell, Lilia Fernandez, Nilda Fernandez, Agnes Ferrell, Rose Ferro Anne Fielding, Dores Fincher, Dorothy Fincher, Artie Flanders, Bruce Flanders, Olive Fleming, Marinel Fletcher Jean Fliess, Marian Floyd, Jacqueline Floyd Jones, Jacqueline Fbsdick, Jeanette Fountain, Dorothy Fouts, Mary Fowler Martha Fox, Beverly Frank, Catherine Fridy, Beth Fuhrer, Carolyn Funchese, Peggy Futch, Polly Gage Sarah Gallaher, Marion Game, Rubye Ganey, Joyce Gardner, Joyce Farman, Violet Gaskin, Martha Gast Elaine Gavigan, Audrey Gelb, Rita Gonzier, Sarah Gilbert, Gloria Gilmore, Florence Givens, Isabel Glass t88] Margaret Glisson, June Glosser, Drucilla Giiaiin, Dorothy Gonzales, Alane Goodman, Edith Goodwin, Bevi rly (Jordan Margie Grace, Hilda Grant, Betty Gray, Roslyn Green, Vivian Green, Edith Grider, Gloria Griffitli Duffie Grooyer, Vivian Gnagliardo, Annie Guess, Mary Guest, Jane Gunn, Barbara Guptill, Barbara Ilatkney Annette Haire, Eleanor Haire, Erlene Haire, Celleen Hall, Florence Hall, Mary Hallen, Katbleep. Hamilton Irma Hammond, Betty Hancock, Jean Hanney, Joani Harris, Myra Harris, Wanda Harris, Pat Harrison Patricia Harrison, Martha Hart, Mary Hart, Blanche Harvey, Hellen Hasley, Lily Hatton, Virginia Hattnn Louise Hayes, Marion Hays, Nancy Hazard, Phyllis Hazen, Virginia Helif, Peggy Heller, Elizabeth Henderson [89] Beverly Hendon, Emily llerolil, Mary Herring, Maude Hill, Betty Hill, Claire Hill, Helen Hill Marion Hill, Martha Hill, Mary Hill, Patricia Hill, Mary Hinson, Elizabeth Hoffman, Ann Holloway Catherine Holloway, Jeanne Hollowell, Anne Holton, Hilda Hodd, Barbara Home, Rosemary Hornesby, Patr icia Hornot Betty Hostetter, Norma Hotard, Jeann Howard, Geraldine Hubert, Gloria Hughes, Christine Hunter, Margaret Hunter Montine Ingram, Jane Ivey, Ruth Ivey, Georgie Jaeckel, Carol Johnson, Evelyn Johnson, Vivian Johnson Carolyn Jones. Lena Jones, Frances Jordan, Jo Jordan, Estelle Josepher, Rillie Kacinski. Alois Katz Carolyn Kelley, Rebecca Kenneday, Betty Kennedy, Margaret Kennedy, Gloria King, Corinne Klcepfer, Doris Knight [90] Jiiiinita Krentzman, Jennie Krol, Enid Krouse, Betty LaBree, Nancy La Grange, Louise Lal e, Kitty Landress Winifred Lane, Barbara Lanford, Zeane Lanier, Bettie Lasliley, Mary Jane Lassiter, Evelyn Lee, Rosemary I co Sylvia Leibovitz, Loie Leitch, Ruth Leonard, Winnie LePard, Frances Leslie, Margaret Leslie, Norma Lewis Jean Lieberman, Barbara Lincoln, Betty Liiidernian, Anne Lindsey, Anne Livingstone, Mary Lockard, Betty Lon£ Jo Ann Long, Moira Long, Myra Long, Beverly Lott, Kathleen Maddox, Jacljie Magee, Irene Maillis Mildred Mann, Annette Maples, Rosemary Marcroux, Jean Mark, Nona Marshall, Ann Martin, Joan Massie Lucile Mathews, Jean May, Leah Mayhall, Rose Mayhew, Vera Mayo, Jo Meldrim, Maude Meloy [91] 1 ' lielma MeiTell, Carol Meter, Gloria Miehelson, Ann Mikell, Mary Miller, Josephine Mingoia, Jonuie Mires Barbara Moore, Faye Moore, Frances Moore, June Moore, Lylia Moore, Alma Moreno, Beverly Morgan Rena Morgan, Ernestine Morris, Marianne :Morris, Mary Morris, Mabel Morrison, Peggy Moses, Betty Mowat Dolores Mowery, Lorraine Muller, Pricilla Mullins, Marjorie Munnell, Hellyne Murphy, Betty Murphy, Louise Murwin Doris Musselman, Ann Mustaine, Mary McAlpin, Jolinuie McBride, Connie McCall, Ruth McCallister, Barbara McCarthy Helen McCullough, Anne MacDonald, Ardis McDonald, Helen McDonald, Marian McEwen, Nancy McFarland, Char. IMcGeachy Anne Maclnnes, Betty Mcintosh, Barbara McKinney, Frances MacLoughlin, Eliz. McLean, Etoile McMichael, Billie McMillaa [92] Nancy McMiillen, Lola Macriiorson, Lorothea McRee, Mary Nahoom, Margarette Napier, Lois Narovec. INiarsarct Nasrallah Audrey Neilson, Jaiiie NeSmitli, Jachie Nevers, Christine Nevitt, Lois Newark, Lillian Newell, Alice Newell Joanne Newman, Mary Nichols, Catherine Nolan, Ruth Norwood, Catherine Oberholtzer, Gerry odenweller, .Jeanne Oldfather Margaret Olsen, Jean Olson, Jean O ' Steen, Betty Pafford, Lois Palmer, Josephine Parlver, Margaret Parnell Sara Parrish, Ellen Parsone, Iris Parsons, Gladys Pate, Ruby Pate, Inez Patterson, Pat Pattishall Shirley Patton, Amelia Pavese, Martha Peacock, Juanita Pearce, Frances Pease, Melba IVdrick, Shirley Pelaez Joyce Pepper, Martha Perkins, Roberta Perkins, Joyce Petty, Emily Phillips, Mary Don Pierce, Georgene Pihos [93] Madge Pileher, Lucille Pittman, Josie Poppell, Nan Poppell, Esther Parter, Bobble Powers, Mary Pratt Ellen Price, Murl Price, Josephine Puglisi, LaFerne Quinn, Louise Rabb, Louise Rampey, .Jean Ramsdell , Barbara Randolph, Sarah Raney, Virginia Ransley, Ada Raw ls, Winifred Rawls, Mary Ray, Edith Reddick Muriel Redicker, Agnes Resser, Veronica Refcofski, Peggy Reid, Phyllis Reindel, Ida Lee Rentz, Mary Reynolds Judy Rhodes. Frances Rhodes, Anne Rice, Fannie Richards, Ruby Richbourg, Janice Richey, Betty Riddle Frances Riegler, Dorothy Ring, Joy Risley, Anna Rivers, Kathleen Robb, Martha Roberson, Mary Roberts Janet Robertson, Merry Robertson, Edith Robinson, Frances Robinson, Helen Robinson, Eloise Roddenberry, Betty Kodcu [94] Anne Kodgei ' s, Maxine Rodgers, Carolyn Rogeis, Jlmmie Rogers, Lallie Rogers, Laurel Rosenbauni, Jackie Rountree Luella Rouse, Judy Saal, Doris Samford, Gay Sanders, Sarah Sanders, Elizabeth Sanderson, Dalia Santos Connie Savage. Margaret Savary, Lorilla Sayre, Nora Scagliene, Mary Scarborough, Norma Schaeffner, Elizabeth Schaker Miriam Scheinberg, Lorraine Scott, Elaine Segal, Patricia Sellers, Virginia Selman, Leah Setzer, Virginia Sewell Jean Sharer, Hazel Sharpe, Evelyn Shea, Irma Lee Shepherd, Mary Jane Sherman, Ellen Shiff, Betty Shirley Anne Shull, Arlyne Siegel, Ester Silverman, Annete Simpson, Betty Sinclair, Anne Singleton, Bernice Sloan Jacqueline Smith, Doris Smith, Eileen Smith, Franklin Smith, Joy Smith, Juanlta Smith, Marydel Smith [95] jiSmi Nancy Smith, Nancy Pettit Smith, Fcgiiy Smith, Virginia Smith, Sylvia Sncll. Kathlopii Snider, Doris Snow Lois Snydir, Lillie Sorrells, Joan Sparliman, Margaret Sparrow, Edwinia Spcirs. Dorothy Sperry, Betty Stakemlller Katliryn Stallings, Peggy Stanaland, Gloria Stapleton, Lynne Starbird, Luna Steadman, Elizabeth Steele, Frances Stephens Sally Stephens, Claire St. John, Eloise St. John, Connie St, John, Dorothy Stokes, Eddie Faye Stokes, Josephine Story Lorna Story, Charlotte Strickland, Phyllis Strickland, Margaret Stringfellow, Lois Stults, Catherine Sullivan, Kuth Talbot Mary Tarr, Lou Taylor, Dayle Taylor, Kathleen Taylor, Louella Taylor, Patricia Tays, Mary Tew Tamea Thomas, Mervin Thomas, Amarene Thompson, Anita Tilton, Nancy Tippins, Ann Townsend, Mary Trowbridge [96] Loviiia Tnilwy, Ann Tiukor, Margaret Turnage, ISIartha T ' psli nv, Susiinnali Uric, Betty Vandogrift. Leila Van Netta Mary Van Netta, Marshall Lee Verniin, Martha Viekers. Dorotliy Vincent, Patricia Wainwright, Tillie Wauden, Jdhanna Walker Marjorie Walker, Mary Walker, Marjorie Wallace, Annette Walling, Betty Walsli, Janelle Walter, Marjorie Walton Mary Walts, Marilyn Ward, Edith Ware, Mary Ware, Harriet Warnock, Virginia Watford, Beverly Watkins Marilyn Watson, Helen Webb, Betty Weintranl), Alice Welch, Peggy Welsh, Gloria Wells, Sonya Wcntz Grace Widden, Mary Jo Widden, Jo Ann Whltaker, Wanda Whitaker, Eloise White, Sally Whitehead, Jane Whitfield Roberta Whitfield. Marjorie Whitney, Ann Wiggins, Anita Wilkinson, Barbara Williams, Betsy Williams, Frances Williams [97] Joyce Williams, Mildred Williams, Sarah Lee Williams, Tookie Williams, Betty Jo Wilson, Isahelle Wilson, Mary Wilson Melissa Wilson, Barbara Winipleberg, Kathryn Witherspoon, Frances Wood, Ellen Wooten, Jane Wooten, Marinel W orth Bettina Wright, Adeline Ynes, Charlotte Young, Florence Young, Sue Yound, Charlotte Younkman, Jeannette Zetrower Christine Ziegler [98] I WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES ' ' . .■» " fV ' ' V. -v X f Twenty F. S. C. W. seniors ai ' e chosen each year to appear in the annual edition of Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. Those chosen show promise of future usefulness to business and society. They have proved them- selves the campus ' leaders. Representatives: Pat Aiken Betty R. Aughenbaugh Cordelia Barclay Dot Boardman Betty Lou Boynton Elizabeth Brown Dot Caswell Jean Corry Margaret Fridy Priscilla Gillette Betty Lewis Jean Lewis Margie Loomis Elizabeth McFarland Mary L. Mendenhall Nancy Parker Tedy Parker Isabel Rogers Cleo Sapp Alieze Trieste [101] Cordelia Barclay As editor of the Flambeau and in many other ways " Corky " has proved herself one of the outstanding mem- bers of her class. She can see the need for reform and has devoted untiring energy to secure it. She is always ready with a gay smile and a witty remark to enliven a party. Did you ever see " Corky " make a face like a chipmunk? ' " " ' " " ' V ' » ..r, M, , Elizabeth Brown Elizabeth has a tranquility of beauty coupled with tranquility of disposi- tion. She is popular with everyone, has a date every weekend. As Chair- man of Lower Court she impresses people with her quiet dignity, strength of conviction, and depth of under- standing. [102] Margaret Fridy There is a fairness in Margaret Fridy that shows in everything she does. Whether it be as Odd basket- ball leader, President of W. A. A., or a member of student senate, she is always ready to see the other side of an issue. Fridy ' s dry wit will always be remembered during gay weekends at camp and on Spirogira hayrides. Through her personal conduct she has made this school a better place. Betty Lewis During four years Betty has stooa at the head of her class. She has served her school as First Vice Presi- dent of C.G.A., Chairman of the Student Legislative Committee, Presi- dent of the Senior Class, and is to be Permanent President of her Class. She has received recognition in " F " Club, Alpha Lamba Delta, Spirogira, Zeta Phi Eta, Mortar Board, and Phi Kappa Phi. Betty has the ability and determination to reach any goal for which she strives. 103] Margery Loom is Margie loves people — all kinds at all times. She is never happier than when she is doing something for them — knitting a pair of socks, helping with a difficult assignment, telling freshmen about F.S.C.W. She is in- dividualistic too; she loves music and poetry, both that which she reads and that which she writes. She has been a firm and gentle trainer for the " F " Club goats. Her high conception of the honor system and her own genuine goodness will be remembered by us all. Nancy Parker By performing her tasks in a quiet, unassuming manner, Nancy has be- come an integrated part of this col- lege. She has shown great efficiency as Treasurer of C.G.A., and her scholastic achievement is evidenced by membership in Kappa Delta Pi. A day student her first three years, she represented the group in Student Senate and served as their President. She has been chosen Permanent Sec- retary of the Class of ' 45. The stu- dents elected her their May Queen because of beauty of character as well as beauty of person. Tedy Parker Strength is the word that best describes Tedy — strength of body as well as strength of character. Whether it is during a golf game or during a judiciary meeting, Tedy always has the firm, strong leadership, coupled with an understanding heart and a sense of humor that has endeared her to us all. Isabel Rogers Initiative interwoven with brillance, unlimited willingness to serve her school, a quiet dignity that commands the respect of all — from freshman to senior, her " feebly " wit — this is Isabel Rogers. She has made herself a part of F.S.C.W. and has made F.S.C.W. a part of her. We ' ll always remember the remarkable Isabel — President of C.G.A., Mortar Board, and Phi Beta Kappa. Cleo Sapp Cleo reminds us of a dynamo, for there is a great deal of power con- centrated in this little person. There was enough determination and energy to publish an annual and keep up a Phi Alpha Theta average. Her par- ticipation in activities has been rewarded by membership in Spirogira and Mortar Board. But the Cleo we all know and love is the girl who al- ways has ready a humorous remark tinged with sarcasm, the girl who makes us work and keeps our friend- ship and respect, the girl whose responsibility and leadership we all admire. Alieze Trieste We will always think of Alieze and her Freshmen together, because she has been an ideal Freshman Advisor. She has the ideals and eagerness of a freshman as well as the mature capability of a senior. Very active in " F " Club, Mortar Board, and Spirogii ' a, and as wearer of the " F " Club Emblem, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Alieze is the popular, sincere, all around girl who wins the admiration of everyone. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL With i-ush week coming in October this year Pan- hellenic was busy until late fall with pledging, initia- tion, and parties. Preferential bidding became a reality on this campus for the first time. It has worked so well that all seem in favor of continuing it. The girls are still all out for doing their part in the war effort. CECELIA McCOLPIN, President Sorority Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Zi Delta Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Zeta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Phi Mu Pi Beta Phi Sigma Kappa Zeta Tau Alpha President Jane Sims Jean Corry Carolyn Hastings Betty Jo Kacinska Deedee Knight Jessis Durden Bessie Setzer Cecil McColpin Hester Hammond Mary Shelley Carr Joan Gentry Frankie McGarrie Gloria Dubois Grace McGrain Representative Jane Gaertner Louise Sikes Jane Lyles Mary Florence Fox Jane Hudnall Edith Hawkins Janie Krause June Padgett Betty Ames Dink Ashton Emma Gene Hackel Judy Pepper Darley Lochner Mary Ann Cannon [T09] PANHELLENIC Sorority KAPPA DELTA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI DELTA DELTA DELTA SIGMA KAPPA PI BETA PHI DELTA ZETA KAPPA ALPHA THETA ZETA TAU ALPHA ALPHA GAMMA DELTA DELTA PHI EPSILON ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA XI DELTA PHI MU Installation of F.S.C.W. Chapter 1904 1908 1909 1916 1920 1921 1924 1924 1924 1925 1925 1929 1929 1929 V ' [110] KAPPA D E LTA Founded at Virginia State Normal in 1879 Kappa Alpha Chapter installed in 1904 Colors: Green and White, Floiver: White Rose Open Motto: " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest. " Publication: " Angelos " ACTIVES Maurine Ashton Nell Bryant Mary Shelley Carr Mary Alice Cai ' te Joan Cramer Helen Dickenson Angel Fain Mary Lilla Ganey Sarah Ellen Glenn Jeanne Gullette Jeanne Gwynne Anne Jackson Louise Johnson Jean Lewis Louise McMichael Paula Marshall Sarah McKelvey Mary Lucy Mendenhall Marjorie Miller Virginia Moor Emily Morgan Margaret Morgan Margie Sue Oxford Eleanor Mary Parker Ruble Plant Edna Price Mary Riggins Frances Sneed Betsy Wilson Lois Wilson Marjorie Woodbery Martha Jean Satterfield PLEDGES Evelyn Marie Badcock Jeannette Chapman Nancy Clark Betty Jo Craig Jeanne Bwynne Teddy Hamlin Anne Holton Mary Hopkins Barbara Lindsey Ann Mikell Catherine Nolan Murl Price Edith Olsen Margaret Olsen Norma Schaeffner Peggy Reid Clara Lou Taylor Nancy Wright Joan Sparkman Edith Collins Montaine Ingram Betty Logan Hall Peggy Grimsley Ashton. Maurine Babcock. Evelyn Marie Carr, Mary SheUoy Carte, Mary Alice Chapman, .Tpannete Clark, Nancy Colliius. Kdith Craij;, Betty Cramer, .loan Dickenson, Helen Fain, Angel Cant ' y, Mary Lilla • iiillctte, .Teanne Grimsley, Peggy Gwynnp. .Teanne Holland, Bptty Holton, Anne Ingram, Montaine Jackson. Ann Lewis. .Tean r,i 11(1 soy. Barbara Marshall. Paula Mendenhall. Mary Lucy Mikell. Ann Miller. Marjorie Moore. Virginia Morgan, Kmily Mor:ran, Margaret IcKelvpy, Sarah Jane McMieliael. Louise Price. Edna Olsen. Margaret Oxford. Margie Sue Parker, Eleanor Mary Plant, Rnby Schaeffner, Norma Nolan. Katherine Keid, Peggy Riggins, Mary Saftertield. Martha Jean Price. Murl Sneed. Frances SoM. ' knian, Jean Taylor, Clara Lou Wilson, Betsy Woodberry, Marjorie [111] Adams, Pntsy Avnnt. Eugenia Bartloson. Florence Rntey, Marjorie Bishop. Betty Ann Bradford, Carol Burnett, Betty Cannon, Mary Ann Carswell, Martha Carter, Barbara Cashen. Claire Chrlstain, Betty Kon Clark. Nell Collins. Julia Cook. Marjorie Covington. Barbara Davis. Georgene Davis, Mary Glass, Dot Jean Glass, Isabel Godfi.Tv. Katherine Golden. Betsy Hanley. Caroline Ilanley, Martha Hazard. Harriet Hill. Patty Lou Holland. Mary Groover Hudnall, Jane Keen. Carolyn Knight, Deedee Lake, Louise Lee Rosemary Lewis, Betty r ewis, Sarah McC;ill. Connie A[cNelI, Nell Matherly, Eleanor Mays, Julia Frances Norman, Sarah Parramore, Helen Phillips, Emily Piatt, Laura Rogers, Lallie Sparrow. Margaret Steed, Katherine Steed, Catherine Stock, Josephine Thorton, June Whidden, Barbara Wilson, Betty Jo Wilson, Isabelle Wilson, Melissa Wiggins, Sarah Helen Wooten, Jane Worth, Marinel Wench, Ina Jo CHI OMEGA Founded at Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1895 Gamma Chapter installed in 1908 Colors : Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Open Motto: Helenic Culture and Christian Ideals Publication: " Eleusis " ACTIVES Patsy Adams Eugenia Avant Florence Bartleson Marjorie Batey Betty Ann Bishop Carol Bradford Betty Burnett Mary Ann Cannon Martha Carswell Barbara Carter Claire Cashen Betty Lou Christian Nell Clark Julia Collins Mary Davis Dot Jean Glass Katherine Godfrey Betsy Golden Carolyn Hanley Martha Hanley Harriet Hazard Patty Lou Hill Mary Groover Holland Jane Hudnall Carolyn Keen Deedee Knight Betty Lewis Sarah Lewis Eleanor Matherly Julia Mays Nell McNeil Sarah Norman Laura Piatt Katherine Steed June Thornton Barbara Whidden Sarah Helen Wiggins Ina Jo Wench PLEDGES Barbara Covington Georgene Davis Isabel Glass Louise Lake Rosemary Lee Connie McCall Helen Parramore Emily Phillips Lallie Rogers Margaret Sparrow Josephine Stock Betty Jo Wilson Isabelle Wilson Melissa Wilson Jane Wooten Marinel Worth [112] ALPHA DE LTA P I Founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Ga., 1851 Iota Chapter installed in 1909 Colors: Blue and White, Flower: Violet Open Motto : " We Live for Each Other " Publication: " Adelphean " ACTIVES Anne Bradfield Frances Brinson Barbara Brough Elizabeth Brown Martha Jane Brown Jane Bruns Betty Ann Campbell Doris Corry Jean Corry Margaret Fridy Florence Gene Givens Betsy Hahn Faye Hall Mamie Hedgepath Sarah Hirleman Gene Howell Katherine Jackson Harriett Kirk Jeanne Leech Barbara Mann Betty May Peggy Morris Betty Love McCallum Betty Page Dorothy Phillips Frances Proctor Flo Ann Roberts Louise Sikes Jean Simon Dolly Ann Sisk Mary Stallings Pat Thomas Frances Traxler Margaret Treisback Henrietta Trezevant Mary Ann Waller PLEDGES Virginia Black Janet Boyd Jane Bryson Phyllis Cole Sidney Conner Lucile Cooper Gertrude Corry Ann Cox Marie Everett Ann Fielding Catherine Fridy Sara Jane Gallaher Patty Harrison Marquita Lance Joan Massie Catherine McKinnon Black, Virginia lioyd, Janet r.radliclfj, Anne IIrou;, ' li, Barbara iliown, Klizabt ' tli Rrowrij Maitlia Jane Bruns ,Jane Bry.--,ou, Jane Canipb. ' ll, Betty Ann Cole, Phyllis Conner, Sidne.v Cooper, Lucile Coi-ry, Doris Corry, Gertrude Corry, Jean Cox. Anne Fielding ' , Ann Friday, Catherine Friday, Margaret Gallalior, Sara Jane Oiyens. Florence Gene Ilahn, Betsy Hall, Faye Harrison, Patty Hedgepath, Mamie Hirleiuaji. Sarah Howell, (Jene .lackson, Katherine Kirk, Harriot I.eecli, Jranne Massey, Joan May, Betty Jlorris, Peggy McKinnon, Catherine Page, Betty Phillips, Dorothy Proctor, Frances Roberts. Flo Ann Sikes, Louise Simon, Jean St-il lings, Mary Thomas, Pat 1 ' raxler. Frances ' I ' riesbach, Margaret Trezevant, Henrietta Waller, Mary Ann [1131 Adams. .Iciii AUon, I ' iil Allison. . nn Canil.vii Bailoy, ;Mar.v .Iiilia Boutoii, Jo.Vfe ( ' a Ivor. IJiisotta Collins. Vir.irinia Collins. A ' ivian Cr.-iwtord. Shirk ' .v linrdcu, .li ' ssio Evans. Marv Ellen Floyd, : Iary .loan Gil lis. Mar.aarot (iunn. Colino Hawkins, Edith Helie, Virginia Henderson. Elizabeth Hotard. Norma Lee. Leila Belle L ' Engle, lUith Loo mis. Margery Meriwether. Lois Michel, Marilyn Morrison, Chris Peacock, Carol Pepper, Joyce Phillips, Betty Pbilyaw, Marjorie Pileher, Madge Prather, Elaine Ramsdell, Jean Ann Shell, Billie Eva Shirley, Betty Shiver, Betty Ann Shouse, Betty Davis Smith. Franklin TaJkington, Virginia Q. Thompson, Anita Thompson, Trigg Touchton, Betty Walling. Arnette Whigham. Elizalicdi Whigham. .lean White, Jean Ann Wight. Martha Young, Charlotte DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded at Boston University, 1888 Alpha Eta installed in 1916 Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue, Floiver: Pansy Open Motto: " Let Us Steadfastly Love One Another " Publicatiofi: " The Trident " Jean Adams Anne Allison Mary J. Bailey Joyce Benton Rosetta Carver Virginia Collins Jessie Durden Mary Ellen Evans Margaret Gillis Coline Gunn Edith Hawkins Ruth L ' Engle Margery Loomis Lois Meriwether Marilyn Michel ACTIVES Carol Peacock Marjorie Philyaw Elaine Prather Billie Eva Shell Betty Ann Shiver Betty Davis Shouse Virginia Q. Talkington Anita Thompson Trigg Thompson Betty Touchton Elizabeth Whigham Jean Whigham Mary Kathryn White Martha Wight PLEDGES Patricia Allen Vivian Collins Shirley Crawford Mary Jean Floyd Dottie Hasbrouck Virginia Helie Elizabeth Henderson Norma Hotard Betty Marshall Chris Morrison Doris O ' Neill Joyce Pepper Betty Phillips Madge Pileher Jean Ann Ramsdell Betty Shirley Franklin Smith Arnette Walling June Walton Jean Ann White Charlotte Young tlH] SIGMA KAPPA Founded at Colby College in 1847 Omega Chapter installed in 1920 Colors : Lavender and Maroon, Flower : Violet Open Motto : " One heart one way " Puhlication: " Triangle " ACTIVES Miriam Angell Martha Bishop Donna Bridges Kitty Lou Burton Hazel Davis Gloria Dubus Doris Dunaway Betty Lea Dupree Sara Ellison Grace Fain Juanita Gibson Dotty Hahn Faye Hall Sarah Isabel Hamlin Wilda Hayes Pat Howai ' d Ernestine Jackson Alice Lincoln Maria Lochas Darley Lochner Frances Lyon Dorothy Marshall Teresa Myers Virginia Sapp Ann Sessoms Bernice Scott Charlotte Thorpe Rosemary Thrasher Winifred Winter PLEDGES Sarah Amos Joyce Ayers Edna Earl Baker Virginia Bailey Priscilla Clark Alice Marie Comstock Dorothy Fouts Drucille Gnann Betty Lou Jernigan Marjorie Jones Peggy Maxwell June Moore Ann McDonald Elizabeth McLean Dot King Edith Rivers Elaine Segal Mary Douglas Tinsley Fawn Trawick Dorothy Wiebeck A II I (IS, Siirah A. ci-s, Joyce I ' .nkiT , Edna Earl I ' .isliop, Martha I ' .iidges, Donna ISiirton. Kittv Lou • ' lark, Priscilla Comstock, Alice ! avis. Hazel Dubus, Gloria Dunawa.v, Doris Dupree. Betty Lea Ellison, Sarah Fain, Grace Fouts, Ikirothy Gihson. Juanita Guann. Drucilla Halm. Iiottv ll.iil. Faye ■ Hamlin, Sarah Isabel Hayes, Wilda Ho yard, Pat Jackson, Ernestine •Ici-nisan. Betty Lou Jones, Marjorie l-iucoln, Alice Lochas, Maria Lohner, Darley Lyon. Frances Angell, Merian Marshall. Dorothy Maxwell, Peggy Moore. June . " Myers. Teresa McDonald, Ann : rcLean, Elizabeth liiuK, Dot Sapp, " N ' irginia Scott, Bernice Segal, Elaine Sessoms. Ann Tinsley. Mary Douglas Thorpe, Charlotte Thrasher, Rosemary Wiebeck, Dorothy Winter, Winifred [115] Allen. Anil Ashor. Clt ' ona liauKli. Mai-giirct Hoohoi-, .laiiico Bower, Aiiue Brown. Louise Br.vci " , Anna Curtis. A ' ii-slinia Daniol. Anne Davis, I ' atrifia Davis. Sarah Anne Dift ' eubaugli. Thelma Doudne.v, Ernia Fleming, Olive Fosdifk, Jaequeliue Gaines, Ann Hanney, Joan Harris, Jeanie Heard, Beverly Hill, Robin Kennedy, Betty Kerr, Esther Livingston, Anne Mahoney. Eleanor Tilartin, Martha Mizer, Eleanor Muuroe, Theresa MeGarry, Frances Oliver, Helen Palmer, Margaret Parker, Adrienne Pattishall, Patricia Pepper, Judy Perkins, Marty Pitts, Sara Jane liice, Anne Rogers, Isabel St. Johns. Connie Sewell, Gayle Sewell, Virginia Tisdale, Aune Tucker, Ann Walts, Mary Ann Wards, Marilyn Wiggins, Ann £ Founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, 111., 1867 Fla. Beta Chapter installed in 1921 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Floiver: Wine Carnation Publications " The Arrow " Yothers, Jean Young, Dot Barbara Ames Margaret Baugh Anne Bower Louise Brown Patricia Davis Sarah Anne Davis Thelma Diffenbaugh Ei ' ma Doudney Ysobel Dupree Anne Gaines Beverly Heard Robin Hill Betty Keene Eleanor Mahoney Martha Martin Eleanor Mizer Theresa Munroe Frances McGarry Helen Oliver Margaret Palmer Adrienne Parker Judy Pepper Sarah Jane Pitts Isabel Rogers Gayle Sewell Anne Tisdale Jean Yothers Dorothy Young PLEDGES Ann Allen Cleona Asher Janice Booher Anna Bryce Virginia Curtis Ann Daniel Jaqueline Fosdick Olive Fleming Joan Hanney Jeanie Harris Betty Kennedy Esther Kerr Anne Livfngston Patricia Pattishall Marty Perkins Anne Rice Virginia Sewell Connie St. Johns Ann Tucker Mary Ann Walts Marilyn Ward Ann Wiggins ]116[ D E LTA Z E T A Founded at Miami University in 1902 Alpha Sigma Chapter installed in 1924 Colors: Old Rose and Vieux Green Floiver: Killarney Rose Publication: " The Lamp " ACTIVES Claire Armstrong Kathleen Craig Sarah Griffin Kathleen Johnson Esther Kilpatrick Celia Llamas Bobbie Love Cecila McColpin Mary Jeanne Martin June Padgett Bette Parker PLEDGES Dolly Albritton Bette Acheson Lillian Blackwelder Bette Copps Dorothy Costin Grace DeWolfe Mildred Davis Gloria King Merrill Long Bettie Maier Barbara Moore Priscilla Mullins Anne Singleton Eileen Smith Lu Ella Taylor Dot Vincent Alice Walton Marilyn Watson iiiiiii Acheson, Bette Albritton, DoHy Blackwelder, T.illtaii I ' opps, Betty Craig, Kathleen Davis, Mildred DeWolfe, Grace Griffin, Sarah Johnson, Kathleen King, Gloria Kilpatrick, Esther I lainos, Celia Long, Merrill Love, Roberta McColpin, Cecelia Maier, Bettie Martin, Mary .Tennne Moore, Barbara MuUin, Priscilla Padgett, .Tune Parker, Betty Singleton, Anne Smith, Eileen Taylor, Lu Ella Vincent, Dot Walton, Alice Watson, Marilyn rnvi Alday. Betty Ames, Hetty Avery. Ann Banks, .luliii Ann Barber, Nancy Hosenciuet, Rlaiiclii ' Huotli, .Mary lleliMi Bropliy. Betty .lam Brown, I noy Brophy, Sue Brown, Renee Bryon, Julia Nell Carr, Louise Chillinsworth, Ann Dunn, Carol Gifford, .Jean Graf. Claire Hammond, Hester Hoffman, Jean Davis, Kita Malpluirs, Estell Moore, Dydia Morris, Margie Mott, Victoria McCaun, Mary McCarthy, Barbara McEwen, Marion McLeod, Doris McVey, Gloria Oldfather, Jean O ' Steen, Jean Papy, Dolores Porter, Ann Ray, Mary Alice Reams, Mary Rli .ab. th Rees, Barbara Rhodes, Maude Savage, Connie Singleton, Betty Jane Smith, Lorraine Snow, Doris Thompson, Phy Urie, Susannah Wagner, Maxine Wells, Betty Jean KAPPA ALPHA THETA Founded at DePauw University in 1870 Beta Nu Chapter installed in 1924 Colors: Black and Gold Flower: Pansy Publication: " Kappa Alpha Theta " Wool, Sybil Betty Alday Betty Ames Julia Ann Banks Nancy Barber Mary Helen Booth Lucy Brown Renee Brown Julia Nell Bryon Ann Chillingworth Carol Dunn Jean Gifford Claire Gray Hester Hammond Jean Hoffman Estell Malphurs Mary McCann Doris McLeod Gloria McVey Margie Morris Victoria Mott Dolores Papy Ann Porter Mary Elizabeth Reams Barbara Rees Maude Rhodes Betty Jane Singleton Lorraine Smith Phy Thompson Maxine Wagner Betty Jean Wells Jane Worrill Sybil Wool Ann Wright PLEDGES Ann Avery Blanche Bosanquet Betty June Brophy Sue Brophy Louise Carr Rita Davis Barbara McCarthy Marion McEwen Lydia Moore Jean Oldfather Jean O ' Steen Mary Alice Ray Connie Savage Doris Snow Susannah Urie [118] ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded at Virginia State Normal in 1893 Beta Gamma Chapter installed in 1924 Colors : Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray Flower: White Violet Open Motto: " Seek the Noblest " Publication : " Themis " ACTIVITIES Martha Abbot Mayo Baker Cordelia Barclay Jacqueline Belcher Frances J. Blackburn Sarah Boswell Mary Ann Cannon Pauline Council Virginia Edwards Ruth Ervin Priscilla Forster Peggy Friedman Priscilla Gillette S. Hines Ruby Mann Grace Megran Myra Pattishall Mary Nell Pinholster Margie Piatt Catherine Royall Virginia Summer Jane Towne Sue Walters Nancy Lee Wheeler PLEDGES Bobbie Albright Nellie Beville Betty Bolles Betty Burch Mary Evelyn Boswell Martha Cowan Mary Dechman Duffie Groover Mary Frances Guest Calista Hatcher Shearer Hines Ardis McDonald Doris Musselman Joanne Newman Mary Nichols Dorothy Peacock Marydel Smith Blanche Weedon f% I J m - - L • Wy ■ T H liflMi mm Abbott. Martha Albiight, Bobbie liakor. Mayo Hiirflay, Ccjrdclia rtclclicr, Jacqiicliiie Rlafkbiirn. FVanops Btilies, Betty Boswell, Mary E. Boswell. Sarah Burch, Betty Council, Pauline Cowan, Martha Edwards. Virginia Ervin. Ruth Forester, Priscilla Friedman, Peggy Gillette. Priscilla Oroover, Duffie Guest, Mary F. Ilateher, Calista Ilincs, S. Mann, Kul:)y Jlegran, Grace Musselman, Doris McDonald, Ardis Newman, Joanne Nichols, Mary Pattishall, Myra Peacocli, Dorothy Pinholster, Mary N. I ' ljilt, Margie i;( . all. Catherine Smith, Marydel Summer, Virginia Tdwne. .Tane Walters, Sue Wheeler, Nancy Lee [119] Abriuns. I ' ariil.vii Alfriend, Julia ArriimtDii, Aunt ' Baolu ' lor. Mary Alu Barrineau. Stella Barriiifrton. I.ila I.eo Beall, Betty Betz, Jaynia Bishop. Kulli Booth. Oleta Boynton. Betty I-oii Budd. Virginia Erge. Lillian Evans. Patty Fox, Betty .lane Fox, Martha Gaines. Helen Granger, Doris Haston. Carolyn Ilornot, Pat Hnnt. Bonnie Joiner, Eugenia King. JMadelyii Knipe. Joy Land, Kit Lewis, Norma Lyles, Jane Miller. Helen Millican, Patsy McAteer. Betty Jo McCurdy, June McDavid. Eliza lieth McKenney, Bart)ara Neel, Betty Jean Quinby, Ella May Quinn, La Fern Reindell. Phyllis Ricks, Virginia Rodgers, Shirley Rogers, Catherine Rogers, Janet Ryan, Marjorie Sayers, Aileen Sharer, Jean Shuman, Gloria Shuman. Beatrice Sprott, Ruth Watklns. Beverly Zlegler, Jocelyn ' ' ' iM ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Founded at Syracuse University, 1904 Gamma Beta installed in 1925 Colors: Red, Buff and Green Open Motto: " Alpha Gamma Delta " PublicatUm: " Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly " ACTIVES Carolyn Abrams Julia Alfriend Anne Arrington Mary Alice Bachelor Stella Barrineau Betty Beall Ruth Bishop Oleta Booth Betty Lou Boynton Lillian Ergle Betty Jane Fox Helen Gaines Doris Granger Carolyn Haston Bonnie Hunt Eugenia Joiner Madelyn King Joy Knipe Kit Land Jane Lyles Helen Miller Betty Jo McAteer Elizabeth McDavid June McCurdy Betty Jean Neel Ella May Quinby Virginia Ricks Shirley Rodgers Janet Rogers Marjorie Ryan Aileen Sayers Gloria Shuman Leatrice Shuman Ruth Sprott Jocelyn Ziegler PLEDGES Lila Lee Barrington Jayma Betz Virginia Budd Patty Evans Martha Fox Pat Hornot Norma Lewis Patsy Millican Barbara McKinney La Fern Quinn Phyllis Reindell Catherine Rogers Jean Sharer Beverly Watkins [1201 DELTA PHI EPS I LON Founded at New York University in 1917 lota Chapter installed in 1925 Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Pansy Open Motto: " Esse Quam Videri " Publication: The D elta Phi Epsilon Triangle ACTIVES Ester Argintar Phyllis Freeman Gerry Halpern Eugenia Krause Clara Lovitz Martha Magazis Sylvia Moscovitch Eileen Murinson Joyce Rosenthal Bessie Setzer Naomi Shulman Phyllis Singer Ruth Spiwak PLEDGES Esther Barash Sherlee Barash Carolyn Cherry Dorothy Davis Marie Marie Davis Sarah Dwoskin Florence Ellner Mildred Gaivesky Rita Genzier Alois Katz Jeanne Leeberman Sylvia Leibovitch Pauline Marks Betty Faye Moses Corrine Ossinsky Muriel Rediker Leah Setzer Arlene Siegal Ester Lee Silverman Argintar, Ester Barash, Esther Harnsh, Sherlee Cherry, Carolyn Davis, Dorothy Davis. Marie Dwoskin, Sarah Kllni-i-, Florence Freeman. Phyllis Oaivesky, Mildred Oendzier. Rita Katz, Alois Halpern, Gerry Lelbernian, .Tean Leibovitch, Sylvia Lovitz, Clara Magazis, Martha Marks, Pauline Moscovitch, Sylvia Murinson. Eileen Ossinsky, Corrine Rediker, Muriel Rosenthal, .Toyce Setzer, Bessie Setzer, Leah Shulman, Naomi Siegal, Arlene Silverman, Esther Lee Singer, Phyllis Spiwak. Ruth 11211 AriioUi. Jane Atwiitor. Helen At water. Miirtliii Austin, Miiijorie Bair, Twylu Rartlett. Ann Williams. Marffnr t Bradlierr.v. I,«ni liita Brown. Lillian Carflen. June Custer, Marv Lou Dew.s, Harriet Ruth Dozler. Marie Fletcher. Helen Fuller, Margaret Gnertner. .Tane Garris, Mardie Graham. Jean Ami HetlKeeoth. ( " laryene Hubbell, Rosemary Jones, Marianne Kendell, Jeanne Law. Eleanor Lawton, Mary K. Mun.sson. Anna Al.Ty Mustaine, Ann McCalla, Jessie McDonald, Anne Peacock. Martha Petrie, Adrlenne Pope, June Potter, Marjorie Rampey, Louise Reid, Gloria Ross, Helen Sanborn, Janice Sartoris, Nicky Smith, Gloria Sims, Jane Sims Louise Stillwell. Olive Thornton. Laura Wells, Doris Wells. Gloria Wiekham, Barbara ALPHA CHI OMEGA Founded at DePauw University in 1885 Beta Eta Chapter installed in 1929 Colors : Scarlet and Olive Green Flower: Red Carnation PuhUcation : " The Lyre " Open Motto: " Together Let Us Seek the Heights " ACTIVES Jane Arnold Helen Atwater Martha Atwater Marjorie Austin Anne Bartlett Lou Rita Bradbury Doris Chamberlain Mary Lou Custer Helen Fletcher Margaret Fuller Jane Gaertner Mardie Garris Jean Anne Graham Claryene Hedgecoth Rosemary Hubbell Marianne Jones Jeanne Kendall Eleanor Law Mary Katherine Law Anne McDonald Anna May Monsson Adrienne Petrie June Pope Gloria Sue Reed Helen Ross Janice Sanborn Nicky Sartoris Jane Sims Louise Sims Gloria Smith Marianne M. Smith Olive Stillwell Launa Thornton Doris Wells Barbara Wiekham Margaret Williams PLEDGES Twyla Bair Paulette Blank Lillian Brown June Garden Harriett Ruth Dews Marie Dozier Jessie McCalla Ann Mustaine Martha Peacock Marjorie Potter Louise Rampey Gloria Wells [122] ALPHA XI DELTA Founded at Lombard College in 1893 Alpha Omega Chapter established in 1929 Colors: Double Blue and Gold Flower: Pink Killarney Rose Publication: The Alpha Xi Delta ACTIVES Esther Brumbaugh Josephine Dawkins Mary Florence Fox Betty Jo Kacinski Mary Cooper Mims Juanita Nord PLEDGES Joyce Bowman Nell Hawkins Billy Marie Kacinski Mary Jane Kirchoff Jacqueline Nevers Penny Patrinely Rose Ellen Sherrod Frances Strictland Patricia Tays Mervin Thomas Nancy Tippings I ' .ruiiiltauKh, Esther Jtiitler, Carolyn Dawkins, Josephine Fox, jNIarj- Florence Hawkins, Nell Kacinski, Betty Jo Kacinski, Billy l.ockard, Mary Ann ;uiins, Mary ( ' ooyer Xevers, Jaciiueline Xord, Juanita I ' atrinely, Penny Shcrrocl, Rose Ellen Tays, Patricia Tiiipings, Nancy Thomas, Mervin [123J Atkinson, Mary Ann Bayer, Eleanor Boatwriglit, Yvonne Bridges, Ana Broward, Helen Brown, .Tane Cassels, Elizabeth Conner, Patricia Daniels, Tess Donohoe, Katlierine Draughon, Lennic lUirranoe, Ann Follelte, Madelyn Gammon, .lanice Garcia, Mary Gilliam, .lnli«tte Gentr.v, Joanne Giberson, Betty .lear Goodniiiii, Alene Hackle, Emma .lean llazai-d. Frances Hitz, Pat Holmes, Virfiinia Hunt, Jean Irvin, Barbara .Telks, Mary Joliusou, Corinne Kemp, Marianne Kins, Carolyn Kingsbury, .loan Landlord, Bar ' .nira Lanier, Zeane Lasseter, Margaret Lasseter, Mary .Tane Leslie, .Teau Leslie, Morgarft Linderman, Betty J. McGee, Kosalyii Myers, Frances Rhodes, Delia Mae .Swords, Sar? Ann Sherman, Carol Sinclair, Betty Ann Smith, Shelia Smith, Virginia Stewart, Jaunita Stewart, Sariili Stont, Marginet Sweeney, l ouise Taylor, Frances Thompson, I ' eggy L Tillman, .Jean Waldo, Jane Garretl Warnock, Harriet Williams, Betsy M, PHI M U Founded at Wesleyan College in 1852 Alpha Epsilon Chapter installed in 1929 Colors : Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation Open Motto : " Les soeurs fideles " Publication : " Aglaia " ACTIVES Eleanor Bayer Ann Bridges Helen Broward Jane Brown Elizabeth Cassels Burma Cox Katherine Donohoe Ann Durrance Linnie Draughon Madelyn Follette Jannis Gammon Mary Garcia Joann Gentry Betty Jean Giberson Juliette Gilliam Frances Hazard Emma Jean Hackle Patricia Hitz Virginia Holmes Jean Hunt Barbara Irvin Mary Jelks Corinne Johnson Marianne Kemp Carolyn King Joan Kingsbury Margaret Lasseter Jean Leslie Rosalyn McGee Francis Myers Delia Mae Rhodes Carol Sherman Sheila Smith Juanita Stewart Sarah Stewart Margaret Stout Louise Sweeny Sara Ann Swords Francis Taylor Peggy Lu Thompson Jean Tillman Jane Garrett Waldo PLEDGES Mary Ann Atkinson Yvonne Boatwright Pat Conner Tess Daniels Barbara Gaillard Alene Goodman Zeine Lanier Barbara Lanford Margaret Leslie Betty Jane Lassiter Betty J. Linderman Betty Ann Sinclair Virginia Smith Dorothy Jane Walden Harriet Warnock Betsy Mary Williams I £1 ■ ' ■■■■:ivS»:i .,■ 1 -- i J . ' ' :i r 3m ■■ ' " --- m ' ' StSmNi ' " a ' m 1 m ipi [1241 wmmm Mmim 1 ' V ir r y J b ry C A ( ' ™ mwaa 4l I ORGANIZATIONS MEMBERS Mary McRory, Chairman Margie Morris Etta Fraiser Mary White Irma Lee Shepherd The Organizations Committee investigates the problems of the extra-curricular organizations on campus. Work on the point system continues a major undertaking of the committee. [127] THE 1945 CLEO SAPP Armed with paste and pens, flash bulbs and smiles, the staff of the Fla- stacowo settled down to work early in September, From that time on, they have given of their time, thought, and inspirations freely and diligently to make a success of this year ' s annual. Each section was completed with the idea of presenting the students with the best there is to offer. [128] FLASTACOWO Editor Cleo Sapp Assistant Editor Virginia Holmes Photoyntphers Euoenia Avant ( " OLEEN HaLLANAN Mauiua Teetek Lawson Adele Shingler Fransetta Vinson Adiuinistratioii and Instruction Jackie Partin Jane AVorrill Class Editors „ Janet Rogers Ket Land Orffanizdtions June Padgett Betty Anne Shiver Honoraries Margaret Baugh I ' anlicllenic Mary Florence Fox Louise Sims Features Betty Beall Actiinties Jeanne Kendall Cot U Mary Florence Fox Darley Lochner Freshmen Assista)its Lillian Brown Nan C. Poppell Jackie Magee Jean Sharer Jackie Nevers Franklin Smith Pat Pattisiiall Marilyn Ward Business Staff B. J. Haeriman, Business Manager Ruth Dismore Jean Ann Graham Marianne Jones Mary Lee IVithers BETTY JANE HARRIMAN [129] " Never a dull moment " has for years been the motto of the girls of the Florida Flambeau, FSC ' s weekly newspaper. This year has been no exception, the staff will wholeheartedly testify, for leisure time is a legend to girls whose duty it is to know first everything that happens on campus. Heading the Flambeau during a stormy year was editor-in-chief Cordelia Barclay, whose combination of energy and idealism kept Flambeau editorial columns worthy of watching. Only slightly second- in-command were Rachael Bail and Janet Pancoast, associate editors, who completed the editorial trium- virate with written — and they hope, read — words of wisdom. Flambeau week begins when news editors Peggy Kay and Ann Gaither post assignments for the re- porters, who invariably groan in dismay and protest no woman could accomplish so much in a single week. Stories are due on Tuesday, when copy editor Janet Rogers and her associate Marthe Abbott check punc- tuation and style, and managing editor Shirley Rubin, assistant editors Barbara Bess, Dorothy Lancaster, and Jo Ann Carroll mark and write headlines. THE FLORIDA [130] FLAMBEAU Thursday is the climax. The Flambeau office is jammed with frantic people writing or tracking down stories, rushing copy to the Democrat office. Feature editor, Judy Pepper, sports editor Charlotte Curry and society editors Doris Pepper and Lillian Ergle call down curses on delinquent reporters. Columnists Muriel Copinus, Betty Weaver, and Lois Byrd rush in and out. Business manager Marianne Smith and assistant Shirley Rodgers check the advertising their staff has rounded up earlier in the week. Art editors Frances Hines and Betty Morgan check their weekly cartoon. The last scene is set in the Daily Democrat office, where the Flambeauites descend in mass to begin whirlwind activity. Late stories pour in, front page makeup is plotted, and editors perspire over tardy editorials. At 10:45 only four editors remain to take advantage of midnight permission, to read late proof, check all details, and make the last-minute dash to Bryan. The Flambeau is posted on Friday — and then the work starts all over again. MARIANNE SMITH [131] DISTAFF MILDRED ZINDLER ELIZABETH MacFARLAND With the aid of an iinderstandins " Budget Committee, a literate facnhy, and a rallying group of editors, the Distaff was able to put out three issues this year in spite of the war. War-time printing costs made a uniform type and an absence of expensive illustra- tions advisable, but literary standards re- mained unchanged. The staff did its best to follow the Distaff ' s tradition of printing only the best college writing. Editor Elizabeth MacFarlanu Co-Editor MILDRED ZiNDLER Associate Editors Winifred Meldrim Marianne Snyder Assistant Editors Shirley Glover Jeanne Isaacs Peggy Lu Thomson Copy Editors Sarah Callison, Ellen Whitman Freshman Assistants ,.Ann Fielding Edith Grider Claire St. John A rt Editor Gertrude Noxtine Photographij Martha Teeter Lawson Business Manager May Alexander Advertising Manager B. J. McLeod Assistant BETTY Ann Bradley [132] DAY STUDENTS " Daylight Seeker of Knowledge, " you leave us by nite! We know where you stay by day, for we see your evidence in the most obvious places — that special room in the alum, made comfortable by your relaxing ways, littered with your belongings, made cheerful by your exhilarating con- versations; at campus meetings and gatherings, participating fully in college government; on bulletin boards and notices, showing your hard work and participation. Yes, day student, you are a great part of us; you are our link to the " outside " world. OFFICERS President Mary B. Geiger Vice President NiNA Kinsey Secretary Rose Almony Treasurer Mary Douglas Tinsley Representative to Seriate Frances H. Wheeler [133] AVitli an increased enrollnient and added responsibility on its shoulders, Senior Hall began another year with bigger and Itrighter prospects in view. Betty IjOu Boynton headed the group as its chairman and Marguerite Rish, Secretary-Treasurer, worked with her. Senior Hall represents girls who have proved themselves true citizens of our college by their willing participation in school government and by their efforts done for campus betterment. This year they toured the dormi- tories collecting contributions for the annual Red Cross Drive. By sacri- ficing some of their much needed space and crowding just a little, the seniors of Senior Hall invited as their guests students who were waiting for the completion of New Hall. Miss Elizabeth Lynn was the capalile advisor of the girls and devoted herself to establishing a friendly and home-like atmosjihere on the hall- SENIOR HALL « ■« [134] Pat Aiken Marguerite Arthur Betty Aughenbaugh Carolyn Bailey Pauline Bailey Gathering Barnes Muriel Beck Evelyn Berry Frances Blackburn Eleanor Boyles Betty Lou Boynton Elizabeth Brown Renee Brown Catherine Burttram Mabel Blackburn Dorothy Boardman Shelly Clayton Thelma Cutrer Sarah Callison Ruth Cameron Jo Ann Carroll Dorothy Caswell Betty Chazal Gloria Clavel Day F. Coleman Mary E. Colton Alta Daniel Anne H. Davis Anne Dewey Grace Earnest Carolyn Forehand Margaret Fridy Elva M. Florrid Priscilla Gillette Helen Glover Betty J. Harriman Lillian Hendricks Anne Holbrook Virginia Holmes Doris Headley Edna Jensen Dorothy Jinks Irene Johnson Reba Jones Bonnie Kindig Ruby Karns Jean Kendall Marian Lambeth Roberta Leonard Jean Lewis Ethyl Limbaugh Kathryn Lindsey Margery Loomis Elizabeth Lotich Mary McCann Minna Lee McCarthy Mary McCormick Elizabeth MacFarland Margery McMullen Mary McRory Persis Miles Margaret R. Miller Marjorie Morris Lillian Musgrove Sylvia Ogden Margaret Owen Nancy Parker Tedy Parker Marjorie Pease Jean Phillips Jackie Partin Jean Patterson Marie Pavesek Marjorie Philyaw Margie Piatt Irene Putzer Peggy Pemble Nancy Orleman Hazel Reynolds Marguerite Rish Margaret Robinson Isabel Rogers Betty San ford Cleo Sapp Carolyn Sherman Frances Sparkman Emma Stevenson Sarah Stewart Margaret Stout Sanna J. Taylor Deborah Shumaker Joanna Sistrunk Margaret Smith Dot Tobias LaVerne Toms Jane Towne Alieze Trieste Elizabeth Troop Virginia Uplike Fransetta Vinson Diana Washbon Anna Watkins Barbara Wheelock Mary Lee Withers Mary Woodward Mable Wells Mildred Williams Joyce Yongue [135] COTILLION CLUB MEMBERS Betty Alday Betty Ames Dink Ashton Carol Bradford Betty Anne Bradley Betty Lou Christian Harriet Hazard Martha Martin Marilyn Michel Chris Morrison Mary Louise Perry Betty Jane Singleton Dolly Anne Sisk Olive Stillwell Anita Thompson TAPS Cleona Asher Janice Booker Lillian Brown Carolyn Butler Claire Cashen Carol Claus Nancy Gleation Evelyn Howell Betty Keene Anne Mikel Marion McEwen Margaret Morgan Jean Oldfather Mary Alice Rey Doris Snow Franklyn Smith Marilyn Ward Sally Whitehead Mot Wight Betty Wisenbaker Jane Wooten Ina Jo Wrench Twirling skirts, twinkling feet, twisted steps, and tinkling laughter — here is pictured a member of Cotillion. The Cotillion Club, boasting the best dancers at FSC, is hostess at the rec in the alum and at soldier parties. It sponsors dancing classes during the year in which its members polish up the unsure beginners in their dancing. OFFICERS President Betty Lou Christian Vive President Betty Ames Secretary Judy Pepper Treasurer Anita Thompson Dance Chairman Mary Louise Perry [136] VILLAGE VAMPS CUipid ' s j rotejies, the Village Van ' ips, ai-e the most vivacious heart- breakers oil the FSC campus. Victorious vamping is their ideal as is expressed by the motto. " Dig ' , sister, dig ! " They are the gals who are the first to get their men and the last to keep them! OFFICERS President Anne Jackson Secretary Beverly Heard Vice President Betsy Golden Treasurer.. Henrietta Trezevant Reporter Nell McNeil Joan Cramer Sara Ann Davis Isabelle Dupree Betsy Golden Beverly Heard Ann Jackson MEMBERS Harriett Kerk Deedee Knight Jeanne Luck Frankie McGarry Nell McNeil Julia Mays Frances Sneed June Thornton Henrietta Trezevant Mary Ann Waller Edwina Wiggins Barbara Brough Nancy Clark Sara Jane Gallagher Joan Hanney Jean Harris TAPS Ann Holton Montine Ingram Carolyn Keene Marquita Lance Joan Massey Norma Schaeffner Margaret Sparrow Betty Jo Wilson [137] GLEE CLUB The Glee Club of F.S.C.W. has sung its way in to the hearts of its many audiences. Entertaining the boys of Camp Gordon Johnston has been a project of the girls who make up this group. They have held their annual Christmas and Spring concerts, sung at the Legis- lature Banquet, entertained during the Oratorical Contest, and given outstanding performances during Music Week. Miss Etta Robertson is the director and she selects the members of the Club from those who attend tryouts. OFFICERS President MARGARET SMITH Vice President Beatrice Weaver Secretary-Treasurer Rosemary Thrasher Business Manager Betty Aughenbaugh MEMBERS First Sopranos Rosemary Thrasher Anna Watkins Alice Wheeler Shirley Glover Mary Jane Kirst Mary Theo Morris Twyla Bair Anne Lindsey Mary Lois Conn Jacquie Belcher Dalia Sontos Doris O ' Neill Second Sopranos Nancy Parker Margaret Smith Joyce Funke Roberta Leonard Betty Aughenbaugh Frances Blackburn Anne Daniel Lois Meriwether Jane Gaertner Alice Phillips Mary Hart Mariann Angell Artie Flanders Anne Bower Virginia Sewell Doris Lamb Priscilla Clark Wilda Hayes Mary Louise Morris Sarah Shriver Jonnie Mires Ann Mustaine Catherine Lewis First Altos Mary McCormack Louise Wetzel Newman Caryne Hedgecoth Jackie Ten Eyck Lois Cottrell Mildred Crawford Elva Florrid Daphne Rowe Marjorie Jones Peggy Pearson Dozier Hornbeck Marna Smith Doris Mussleman Lois Watkins Sarah Lee Williams Laura Cason Barbara Fennel Jacqueline Fosdick Evelyn Johnson Fawn Trawick Elizabeth Martin Hilda Dodson Second Altos Annabel Bradfield Edna Price Ruth Ervin Helen Banz Madge Pilcher Murl Price Yvonne Moorhead Calista Hatcher Martha Cowan Barbara Bi ' ough Mary Nichols Jeannette Chapman Joyce Carlton Melba Smitzes [138] ORCHESTRA MEMBERS First Violms Rachel Crotwell, Concert Master Lillian Baker Frances Blackburn Joyce Funke Joy Little Annabelle Redwine Marna Smith Anne Widerquist Second Violins Virginia Ailstock Montrose Booth Katherine Gremli Eleanor Hair Erline Hair Marian Najarian Shirley Paleaz Gladys White Frances Williams Ellen Wooten Viola Frances Sparkman Violoncellos Patricia Hill Annette Hair Dotible Bass Margaret L. Smith Flutes Joyce Airth Marilyn Dewey Clarinets Frances Duckworth Anne McDonald Bassoons Mary Marshall Geraldine Farnsworth Saxophone Sidney Conner Trumpets Betty Aughenbaugh Carolyn Bailey Myra Bates French Horn Katherine Lewis Timpani Christine Morrison Harp Mary Reeder Cym bals Doris O ' Neil The house lights dim, the curtain parts slowly, and a hush falls over the audience — the impressive back of Director Walter C. Cowles comes into sight, and the F.S.C.W. Symphony Orchestra begins its performance. " Music hath charms to sooth a savage breast, " is the universal theme of all lovers of fine music. The cherished notes of Schubert, Handel and Grieg are woven into pleasing patterns of harmony by the members of the orchestra. The students of F.S.C.W. ai ' e proud of their college orchestra and recognize its efforts as some of the most admirable on campus. In the combination orches- tra and glee club performance this Spring, the F.S.C.W. Symphony Orchestra proved itself worthy of all acclaim. [139] INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Desiring to further the cause of peace by stimulating interest in international affairs, the I. R. C, which is sponsored by the Car- negie Endowment Fund, meets to discuss world problems and situations. This year the Inter- national Relations Club held a forum for the discussion of the Dum- barton Oaks proposals, and invited as guest of our campus the eminent historian on Latin America, Dr. Wilgus. OFFICERS President, Virginia Holmes Vice President, Lillian Hendricks Secretary-Treasurer, Edna Jensen Librarian, Peggy Kay Poster Chairman, Jean McCullough MUSIC CLUB Ever since its founding in March, 1941, the Musi- Club has worked actively to expand musical activity and high standards of mu- sical appreciation on our campus. Selected because of their qualities of high scholarship, musicianship, and leadership, the out- standing music majors of the junior and senior class- es are asked to become members of the Music Club. OFFICERS I ' residciit, Roberta liKoNAun ] iee Frexidoit Joanna Sistrunk Secretary, Irene Putzer Treasurer, Fawn Tkawick I ' lihlicitj) ChuirmuH, Mildred Crawford [140] BAND New uniforms this year added to the splendor of the Florida State College Band. At Thanksgiving you saw them joyfully playing for Color Rush, and then displaying a more solemn side as they paid tribute to the late Dr. Conradi. Palm Sunday found the band entertaining at Dale Mabry where it was as enthusiastically received as at Camp Gordon Johnston. They have welcomed honored guests of the campus as the Don Cossacks and Percy Grainger. In addition to these performances and the annual fall concert, the band sacrificed two days Christmas vacation to play in the inauguration parade of the governor. Mr. Frank Sykora is the director and keeps his students ready and willing by his cheerful good humor. OFFICERS President Betty Ruth Aughenbaugh Vice President Betty Sanford Drimi Major Ann Richardson Secretary Anne McDonald Treasurer Rachel Crotwell Chief Librarian Geraldine Farnsworth Assistant Librarian Frances Duckworth Publicity Manager Mary Elizabeth Knight Property Managers Elizabeth Huckson Thelma Younge Tronihoncs Betty Sanford BettyLioter Mania Smith Baritone Catherine Friday Bas Rachel Crotwell Carol Shernuui Drums Christine Morrison Carolyn Alli.son Dorthea Carpenter Lola (iasque Doris O ' Neill Fillies Wanda Whitaker Marilyn Dewey Mary J. Tcwne Jeau Bennett Roberta Perkins .Jean Ann White Frances Downins; Cornets Carolyn Baily Betty Ruth Aughenliau li Mary Elizabeth Knight Jean Bates Ennna Guthrie Thelma Younge MEMBERS (iloria Ann Smith Lorilla Sayer Lorraine Scott Evelyn Breedlove Marjorie Munnell (n(irin.cts Francos Duckworth Carolyn Bourland Evelyn lIowcU Sara Polhill Ann Uicliardson Ouida Martin Esloi- Dale Tiiclma Cutrer Margret Parker Elizalieth Harper p]lizabeth Hudson Marcia Cayson Betty Ruth Doode Betty Redd Peggy Elliott Mary Ceiia Diamond Dorothy Ann Stokes Fay Smith Mable Jean Morrison Mary Lois Conn Jea n Helms June Powell Lilly Hatton Martha Hart Bassoon Geraldine Farnsworth Sfi.ioi lioiies Betty Jeau Poe Siflney Conner Rol)erta Whitfield Warrene Porter Moranne Morris French Horns Audrey Nelson Marjorie Walker Janife Sanborne Myra Pattishall [141J CLASSICAL CLUB OFFICERS President _. Peggy Lou Thomas Vice President Joy Little Secretary Dorothy Luke Treasurer Betty Speev The place to find true enjoyment and appreciation of the classics is the Classical Club, whoso members are made elegible by their active interest. Roman and Greek culture has been the subject of talks, displays, movies, and lectures that have comprised the classic programs of this year. Actual doing is the best way to learn the members of the Classical Club believe and they have carried this out by participation in Greek and Roman games, by enjoying a typical Roman banquet, and by building a model Roman city. 4-H CLUB OFFICERS President Emma Stevenson Vice President Marguerite Rish Secretary Muriel Beck Assistant Secretary __ Charlotte Brubaker Treasurer Doris Agner Freshman Advisor Maxine Edwards Social Chairman June Powell Program Chairman ....EUzaheth Hudson Head, Heart, Hands, and Health serve " to make the hest better. " 4-H girls continue their pre-college 4-H work in a group that operates successfully in serving our college, state, and nation. 4-H symbol of good luck, the fou r leaf clover, is typical of the cheer- fulness displayed in their work. [142J HOME ECONOMICS CLUB We learn to cook what you like to eat; we leai ' n to sew what you like to wear; we learn the way to any man ' s heart with a thorough knowledge of home economics. All those interested in home economics attend the monthly meetings of the club where programs of professional interest are presented. Stu- dents of similar interests find fellowship in the Home Economics Club, where they discuss ways and means of healthful living. OFFICERS President Vice President..., Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Publicity Margaret Stout Helen Glover Emma Stevenson June Hadsell Minna Lee McCarthy ... Bobbie Glen Senior Representative Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Poster Chairman Freshman Representative.. Floiver Chairman Marguerite Rish Charlotte Brubaker Barbara Irving Jocelyn Ziegler .. Barbara McKinny Lois Dorsy [1431 Y.W.C.A. OFFICERS President Dot Caswell Vice President Letitia Croom Secretary Helen Atwater Treasurer Darley Lochner Worship Chairman Margaret Clayton Social Relations Chairman Ruth Cameron Creative Activity Co-Chairman Bobbie Leonard, Evelyn Berry Publicity May Alexander The Young Women ' s Christian Association is an ever guiding light upon our campus. Its members bring us a few moments of thought and prayer at the beginning of each Convoca- tion; they sponsor the clothing drive for war torn areas and the annual World Student Seiwice Fund drive through which our student body aids other students all over the globe; they do the little deeds of friendliness and kindness that enrich everyday living. By holding its annual Big-Little Sister Party at the beginning of each year, the " Y " extends the hand of friendship to all groping freshmen who need reassurance. Most impressive is the initiation service of the college YWCA which is held in Westcott each year at convocation ; following this procedure the candlelight ceremony around the fountain is characteristic of the solemnity and religious atmosphere demonstrated by " Y " fellowship and devotion. In times when leadership and spirit- ual guidance are inexpendable the " Y " holds high its challenging light to foster understanding of the principal of Christian living among the girls of F.S.C.W. [144] HILLEL The B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation, the or- ganization for Jewish girls on campus, continued its good work at FSC this year. Events of the year included, a Book and Antique Exhibit at the college library, the sponsorship of the first annual oratorical contest at FSC, a formal week- end which included services at Temple Israel, a dance at Landis Rec, and a barbeque at the home of Mrs. Sam Rosenberg. The girls contributed their talents to the Hillel Choral Society and the Dramatic group. The choir participated in serv- ices at the Temple and the Dramatic Group pre- sented two plays during the year. High among the achievements was the publishing of the Hillel Way of which two issues were released. Hillel was also responsible for the presentation of 15 books of Jewish interest to the library. OFFICERS President Geraldine Halpern Vice President Bessie Setzer Secretary Rhoda Spechler Treasurer Alois Katz Editor-in-Chief of The Hillel TVai Shirley Rubin Director Rabbi Alex J. Goldman NEWMAN CLUB Having its social and intellectual sides as well as its religious one, the Newman Club is an organization of Catholic girls on campus. Miss Clara Jardin is the new faculty sponsor of the club. The Newman Club held lectures by the leading town physicians. Dr. E. Annis, and Dr. P. J. Coughlin. OFFICERS President Betty Troop Vice President Catherine Ficcio Secretary Merrill Long Treasury Gloria Basila Corresponding Secretary Marie Pavese Parliamentarian Ann Parker Senior Representative Jo Ann Carroll Junior Representative Audrey Perry Sophomore Representative . Mary Cooper Mims Freshman Advisor Alice Neef [145] BAPTIST STUDENT UNION OFFICERS President Reba Jones E)iUst))ie)it Vice President Frances Sparkman Devotional Vice President Kathryn Lindsay Secretary Sue Searey Treasurer Dorothy Jean Tobias Sunday School Superintendent Barbara Holt Training Union Director Doris Headley Y. W. A. President Martha Pent Publicity Chairman Lucille Parrish Music Chairman Mary McCormack Magazine Representative Thelma Cutrer House Hostess Katherine Futch Junior Council President Mary Jane Inabnit A warm clasp of friendship and a friendly greeting are always present at the Baptist Student House whose regular visitors urge new friends to participate in their meetings of woi ' ship and recreation. EPISCOPAL STUDENT VESTRY OFFICERS President Betty Lewis Vice Pres Tish Croom Secretary Eleanor Law Treasurer Mary McRory Asst. Treas Betty Phillips Founded in 1931, the Epis- copal Student Vestry is chos- en from students who are willing to take a lead in di- recting and organizing the various social activities of the Episcopal Student House and the religious life of Episco- palian girls. [146] WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Presbyterian girls who are studen ts on the campus know where to find social and re- ligious enlightenment — the Westminster Fel- lowship. Through work, play, study, and worship the three hundred Presbyterian stu- dents of F.S.C. are able to find true Christain understanding. OFFICERS President Dorothy Boardman Vice President Jocelyn Zeigler Secretary Stella Barrineau Treasurer Etta Eraser COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Catharine Barnes Peggy Lou Thomas Mary Elizabeth Colton Jean Lewis Marguerite Rish Frances Myers Jean Phillips June Hadsell Betty DeVane Irene Johnson WESLEY FOUNDATION " To make Christ a living reality on campus " is the underlying aim of all the work of the Wesley Foundation of Methodist students. Together they experience fellowship and re- ligious worship as they work to help any worthy cause that comes their way. OFFICERS President Betty Aughenbaugh Vice President Martha .Jane Bro An Secret (I ru Grace Suns Treasurer Catherine Welch Dramatics Grace DeWolf Alumnae Dot Sue Jinks President of S. S Ann Caroline Allison T ' kt [ ' resident of S- »S Gayle Sewell Seeretdri of S. S. Eugenia Gregory Treasurer of .V. .S ' Betty Bell Choral Reading Julia Ann Banks Music Margaret Smith Sororitji Darley Lochner Editor of Fourth Torch Jean Cole Worsltip Ciiairnicn : ycck Da II Janie Redfern FcUoirshi)) Dorothy Binger Coininuniti Serricc and Social Action Dorothy Caswell Worhl Friend shit) M argaret Clayton Recreation Margie Piatt Personnel Carolyn Flewellen Puhlicitij Margaret McCain Campus Church Joyce Mitchell House Doris Mcintosh 1147] CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The Christian Science Organization was formed in January 1945, to include students of Christian Science among the students, faculty and staff of the college. Its object is mutual aid and encouragement in the study and practice of Christian Science. It is chartered under the By-Laws of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. OFFICERS Janice Rickey President Veverly Heard Vice President June Chyna Secretary Carol Claus Treasurer [148] i V ' l- ' . % ' ■. . -1 . 4 • ' ' ' " %U ir«! " »air» ir ■ ■» » ft ' .--• ' • ' »■ ■ ■ • ORTAR BOARD " To advance to the spirit of service . . . , to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership . . . " is the purpose of Mortar Board, and each wearer of the Mortar Board pin is pledged through her membership to increase the merit of Mortar Board. Thirteen girls make up the ' 45 Torchbearer Chapter. Their program of service has cen- tered around a series of entertainments given for the men at Camp Gordon Johnston Hospital. At Christmas they collected a large number of " stocking-size " gifts from the student body to give to the men. MEMBERS Pat Aiken Betty R. Aughenbaugh Cordelia Barclay Dot Caswell Jean Corry Betty Lewis Elizabeth MacFarland Mary Lucy Mendenhall Nancy Parker Isabel Rogers Cleo Sapp Alieze Trieste [151] SPIROGIRA Odd loijalti) is supreuie in each Spiro- gira ' s heart as she proudly wears the Skull and Crossbones to signify the ideals of the Odd honorary. Never forgetting Garnet and Gold, and true to Red, White, and Purple, the Spiro- GIRA ' s ivear Black and White symboliz- ing the best that college life offers in fields of service and leadership. MEMBERS Marjorie Philyaw, president, 1st semester Nancy Parker, president, 2nd semester Pat Aiken Cordelia Barclay Dot Boardman Elizabeth Bi ' own Nell Clark Jean Cole Jean Corry Margaret Fridy Priscilla Gillette Gerry Halpern Hester Hammond Eloise Levy Betty Lewis Sarah Lewis Margery Loomis Mary L. Mendenhall Marjorie Morris Frannie Myers Virginia Palmer Tedy Parker Isabel Rogers Cleo Sapp Betty Schwartz Billie Eva Shell Sarah Stewart Alieze Trieste Mary White Dot Young FACULTY Miss Barker Dr. Bellamy Miss Deviney Miss Dorman Mrs. Cason Mrs. Dickens Miss Duncan Dr. Hay Miss Hatch Miss Parker Mrs. Scrogin Miss Stevens Mr. Sykora Miss Thompson Mrs. Weaver Miss West [152] J ESTEREN " Even Spirits, staunch and true, loyal to the end " — So are the girls who wea ' the silver cauldron pin and the green and the white colors of Esteren, the Even honorary , which sytiihoUzes the high ideals of Even leadership, tradi- tion, friendship, service, and loyalty to our college. As long as Esteren ' s ' Cauldron is bubbling, " never will " Even Spirit Die. " MEMBERS Sarah Bennett, president Maurine Ashton, vice president Catherine Barrs, secretary-treasurer Ann Carolyn Allison Betty Alday Martha Jane Brown Ruth Dismore Shirley Duggan Dot Jean Glass Corrine Johnston Kit Land Betty Jo McAteer Gladys Lester Janet Rogers Mary Stallings Bea Weaver Sarah Helen Wiggins Miss Fox Miss Krentzman Miss Lynn Miss Medlin Miss Marsh Miss Montgomery Dr. Richards Mrs. Richards Miss Richardson Miss Schornherst Miss Stevenson Miss Thompson Miss Tryon Miss Warren [153] Mtnthcr-s in ( ' (jitini-: ISotty Beall l)()rothy Boardinaii Surah Callisoii Mary I ' loreiicc I ' " ox I ' riscilla (iillctte Frances lliiics Kdiia Jcnscii Mary McKory Mary Lucy -Mt ' iulenhall .la lift Pancoast Mary Nell Pinholster Isabel Rogers Louise Simpson Alicze Trieste Tlieii r.r(» ii Helen Fletcher Active memhe) s: Mrs. Mary B. Alfriend :Mrs. Ramona Beard liss Dorothy Brown Dr. Doak S. Campbell 1 tr. F da Deviney Dr. (iuy L. Diffenbaugh Dr. Dorothy Disher, President Dr. Dorothy Dodd Dr. W. G. Dodd Miss Myrtle Dolbee Dr. Olivia N. Dorman Miss Marguerite Dressier, .s ' ( ( I I ' tiiry Jtr. Viola Graham Dr. Dorothy Hortiiiaii Dr. Lueretia Ilsh ' y, II istoi itin Dr. Marion Irish, TrennHier Mrs. Nellie Kannwischer Miss Olga Ijtu ' son Miss Ellen Murray Miss Daisy Pariier Dr. Harold Richards Dr. W. H. Rogers Dr. A. R. Seymour Mrs. A. R. Seymour Dr. Venila Shores Mr. E. R. Smith Miss Lynette Thompson Miss Anna Mae Tracy Miss Miriam Wilson Miss Evelyn Ann Doyle Mrs. R. L. Eyman Mr. Fred Wallier ' 44 JfcK PHI BETA KAPPA PHI KAPPA PHI Mr; Pre.sident : Ruth I). Fersuson Vioe-President : Di-. M. R. Hinson Secretary : Mi.s.s Marguerite Dre.ssler Treasurer: Joiinuil Correspondent: Mlis.s Ol.i a Larson iNIiss Dai.sy Parker St ml in t in em herf : Betty Beall Dorothy Boardman Sarah Callison Betty Chazal Mary Elizabeth Colton Thelnia ( " utrer • irace Earnest Helen I ' letcher Mary Florence Fox Anne Gaines Priscilla Gillette Frances Hines Edna .leusen Dorothy Lancaster Betty Lewis Minna I e Mc ' arthy Mary McRory Mary Lucy Mendenhall Janet Pancoast Mary Pinholster Anne Ritter Isabel Rogers Louise Simpson Dorothy Tobias Alieze Trieste Elizabeth Troop Jean Vaughaa ' ((( , niemherK: Mrs. I ' ernice Oliver Bevis Mrs. Marian P.l.u-k Dr. Beulah B. Brilev Dr. Doak S. Campbell Miss Maigaret Canipliell Miss Martlia !. Cliapniaii Dr. ;uy L. Dil ' tenl)augh Miss Marguerite Dressier Miss Olive (J. lOngel Dr. R. L. lOyman Mrs. Ruth D. I rguson Dr. M. R. Hinson Dr. Dorothy L. Holfinan Mr. Karl o. Kuersteiner I;r. Herman Kurz Miss Olga Larson Dr. L. J. Lewis Dr. Katherine W. Montgomerv Dr. R. C. Moon Miss Daisy I ' arker Miss Louise Richardson Dr. Margaret Sandels Mrs. Lucile A. Schultz Dr. A. R. Seymour Mrs. Dora Skipper Mrs. Cecile Strong Miss Lynette Thompson Dr. Jennie Tilt Miss Florence Tryon Miss Lucile Turner Miss Virginia Turrentine [1541 A Goal towards which every ambitious freshman aspires is Alhha Lambda Delta. This is the scholastic honorary for freshmen obtaining an average of 2.5 during the first semester of their fresh- man year. Members: Robin Hill, president; Har- riet Kirk, vice-president; Ann Colvin, secretary; Flo Ann Roberts, treasurer; Martha Abbott, Rosalind Almony, Elea- nor Bragg, Marjorie Browne, Martha Frances Burke, Esther Louise Dale, Hazel Davis, Jo Dawkins, Hilda Dodson, Mary Jeanette Graham, Mercedez Her- nandez, Ann Hunter, Harriet Kirk, Mary Jane Kirst, Betty Lee, Sarah Lewis, Dar- ley Lochner, Eugenia Keathley Martin, Anne McDonald, Helen Mosely, Frances Myers, Catherine Nollman, Juanita Nord, Adrienne Parker, Betty Shouse, Peggy Lu Thomson, Evelyn Tsangaris, Ellen Whitman. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA KAPPA DELTA PI The height of achievement in the prac- tical field of education has been reached by the members of Kappa Delta Phi, national honorary fraternity for those ivho have a high average in the School of Education. Members: Mrs. Marian Black, presi- dent; Dr. R. C. Moon, vice-president; Dorothy Jean Tobias, recording secre- tary; Grace Earnest, corresponding sec- retary ; Miss Fannie B. Shaw, treasurer ; Nancy Parker, reporter and historian ; Thelma Cutrer, Mary Elizabeth Dancy, Madge Marie Overstreet, Gladys Ruth Young, Dr. R. L. Eyman, Miss Martha Chapman, Dr. M. H. De Graff, Dr. P. F. Finner, Dr. M. R. Hinson, Miss Flor- ence Tryon. [155] The national honorary most recently es- tablished on the F. S. C. W. Campus is Pi Kappa Lambda, vtusic honorary. Members of Phi chapter are Ellen Scoble Opperman, Dean Emeritus, president, Etta Robertson. Zadie Phipps, Walter Reed Cowles, Mary E. Winslow, Gladys Koch, Dean Karl 0. Kuersteiner, Mrs. Mary Me- ginniss, Miss Mary Reeder, Miss Ruby Dun- stan, Mr. Frank Sykora, Miss Marjorie Clayton, Mrs. Cecil Strong, Miss Rebecca Rodenberg, Mrs. Gladys S. Proctor, and Mrs. Jean C. Stone. PI KAPPA LAMBDA ZETA PHI ETA Zeta Phi Eta has on its roll those ivho have attained great success in all fields of dramatic enterprise. Its menfihers are known for their participation in campus produc- tions and individual recitals. Members : Betty Lou Christian, presi- dent; Nell Bryant, vice president; Betty Lewis, secretary; Sanna Jane Taylor, treas- urer; Bea Weaver, Bonnie Hunt, Medora Van Fleet, Jean Obee, Barbara Holt, Kath- erine Steed, Maurine Petty, Miss Elizabeth Thompson, Miss Wily. [156] Those who have undertaken meritorious re- search and scholarship in the field of home economics are invited to become members of the Omicron Nu honorary fraternity. They award a cup to the sophom ore who attained the highest average in home economics her freshman year. Members: Jean Lewis, president; Minna Lee McCarthy, secretary; Mrs. Ruth Fer- guson, Dean Margaret Sandels, Miss Ethyl Holloway, Miss Edna Mae Mcintosh, Miss Helen Richey, Mrs. Lucille Shultz, Dr. Jen- nie Tilt, Mrs. Margaret Hogsett, Mrs. Elo- ise Levy, Miss Ellen Wright, Eleanor Boyles, Margaret Fisher, Dorothy Sue Jinks, Josephine Maniaci, Mrs. Ruth Perry, IMargaret Dugger, Carolyn Flewellen. OMICRON NU GAMMA SIGMA EPSILO Noteworthy laboratory achievement in chemistry labels the girls ivho comprise the membership of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, chemistry honorary fraternity. Members: Betty Beall, grand alchemist; Thee Brown, visor; Helen Fletcher, re- corder; Betty Jane Fox, Joyce Funke, Car- men Gomez, Eugenia Joiner, Mart Jane Kirst, " Teeny " Langston, Ruth L ' Engle, Carol Sherman, Betty Trigg Thompson, Ann Tisdale, Alieze Trieste, Fransetta Vin- son, Jean Ann White. Honorary members: Miss Mary Claybrooke, Miss Olive Engel, Mrs. Katherine Blood Hoffman, Dr. J. L. Lewis, Miss Isabel McKinnell, Dr. Jennie Tilt. [1571 The object of Chi Delta Phi is to create interest in representative liter- ature, and to foster a high standard of production. Members: Cordelia Barclay, Wini- fred Meldrim, Elizabeth MacFarland. CHI DELTA PHI SIGMA DELTA PI In order to create a basis of better under- standing and unity among the Spanish speaking nations, the members of the Span- ish honorary, SiGMA Delta Pi, conduct their meetings entirely in Spanish and give attention to the outstanding cultural con- tributions of each country. Members: Anne Holbrook, president; Dorothy Jean Tobias, vice-president; Ruth Dismore, secretary; Mary Woodward, treas- urer; Grace Earnest, historian; Miss Ro- ney, Miss Margaret Campbell, Miss Myrtle Dolbee, Miss Ruth Campbell, Dr. Burkes, Dr. Hoffman, Miss Yancey, Dr. Seymour, Mrs. Kannwischer, Miss Mildred Finnegan, Miss Judy, Mary Woodward, Priscilla Gil- lette, Frances Hines, Sarah Hirleman, Mary Lucy Mendenhall, Louise Simpson. [158] The aim of Phi Alpha Theta is to en- courage historical research, and its mem- ers are recognized for their outstanding success in this field. MEMBERS: Edna Jensen, president; Frances Mines, secretary-treasurer; Dr. Venila Shores, Dr. R. S. Cotterill, Dr. Annie Popper, Miss Florence Tryon, Miss Daisy Parker, Miss Eulah Mae Snider, Mary Nell Pinholster, Mary Florence Fox, Cleo Sapp. PHI ALPHA THETA PI DELTA PHI A LOVE of France — this is displayed by every member of the French honorary, Pi Delta Phl Only to those who shoiv an ac- tive interest in French culture and back- ground and who show excellent progress in the French language ore presented the hon- orary colors of blue, ivhite, and red. MEMBERS: Priscilla Gillette, Eleanor Law, Mary Lucy Mendenhall, Virginia Nelson, Louise Simpson. Faculty: Miss Roberta Acker- man, Mrs. Lois Boggs, Miss Mildred Finne- gan. Dr. Dorothy Hoffman, Miss Marjorie Judy, Miss Lucy Lester, Dr. Arthur Sey- mour. [159] The right to wear the pin of an honorary fraternity comes as a re- sult of diligent study, and achieve- ynent in a special field. This year, a day was set aside as " Honors Day " in order to recognize the sophomores, juniors, and seniors on the campus who have maintained at least a B average. [160] W.A.A. BOARD Every student is a member of the Women ' s Athletic Association, and the af- fairs of the association are handled by the efficient W.A.A. Board. Under its jurisdic- tion are " F " Club, Tarpon Club, Outing Committee, Playnite Committee, Physical Education Association, and Life Saving Corps. The board is charged with buying equipment for the gymnasium, field house, and camp. The various duties were per- formed this year by Margaret Fridy, presi- dent; Sarah Bennett, Jo Guthrie, Marian Looby, Louise Fernandez, Priscilla Gillette, Margie Piatt, Betty Lou Boynton, Eya Berry, Mickey Fountain, Maxine Wagner, Margaret Fernandez, Anne Widerquist, " Babe " Evans, and Amarene Thompson. MARGARET FRIDY [1631 ItT II F " CLU Far beneath the Florida pine trees Neath the skies so blue There ' s a band of jolly good sports Loyal " F ' s " and true. .Jf!f " As we hear the voices of " F " Club members sweetly blended every Friday evening, we realize that deep in the heart of each one lies a sincere love and respect for our alma mater. " F " Club is more than an organization based on athletic achievement; it represents the true spirit of loyalty and good sportsmanship. The " F " stands for fun, friendship, femina perfecta. The girls who wear this golden " F " have in many ways proved themselves worthy of membership in the athletic honorary. Seniors are: Evelyn Berry, Frances Jean Blackburn, Betty Lou Boynton, Duggie Bruns, Louise Fernandez, Margaret Fernandez, Ethel Fields, Carolyn Forehand, Mickey Fountain, Mary Florence Fox, Margaret Fridy, Peggy Friedman, Priscilla Gillette, June Hadsell, Hester Hammond, Betty Jane Harriman, Nell Hawkins, Betty Jo Kacinski, Martha Teeter Lawson, Betty Lewis, Margery Loomis, Marjorie Morris, Gertrude Noxtine, Eleanor Mary Parker, Margie Piatt, Sarah Stewart, Alieze Trieste, Marion Welch, Sybil Wool, and Dorothy Young. Juniors are: Catherine Barrs, Sarah Bennett, Eloise Boyles, Carolyn Bourland, Virginia Collins, Bebe Daniel, Shirley Duggan, Lura Evans, Jane Gaertner, Jo Guthrie, Frances Hall, Jeanne Koesy, Kit Land, Teeny Langston, Gladys Lester, Betty Jo McAteer, Danella Martin, Au- drey Perry, Evelyn Stuckey, Dot Tucker, Anne Wider- quist. Mart Wilson. Sophomores are: Lucy Brown, Priscilla Clark, Barbara Irving, Sarah Lewis, Grace Lindberg, Marian Looby, Gloria McVey, Nita Nord, Virginia Palmer, Enid Sandler, Betty Schwartz, B. J. Singlton, Clarice Trueblood, and Nancy Ward. PRIS GILLETTE President OM W [164J Not a splash — only a smooth ripple — and another Tar- pon member dives gracefully into the pool. The girls most skilled in swimming, the ones who execute breath- taking routines in the water, the girls who spend much time in teaching and correcting swimming at FSC are the members of Tarpon Club. OFFICERS President Aline Fountain Vice President Margery Holm Secretary B. J. Singleton Faculty Adviser Margaret Clements MEMBERS Henrietta Tresvant Maxine Wagner Nell Armstrong g . y Helen Wiggins Mary Ann Cannon Virginia Collins MINNOWS Lura Evans Angel Fain Carol Claus Aline Fountain Jinks Farrioi- Betsy Hahn Jo Guthrie Beverly Heard J ie Harris Jean Hitchcock nna Home Margery Holm g ' t ' " -. T ,1 Barbara Lmdsay Mary Jelks u r • t . . Moira Long Martha Lawso n Victoria Mott Mary Louise Perry N ncy McEdwards Pat Millican Frances Pease Theresa Myers Anna Lou Rivers B. J. Singleton Mary Anne Walts Trig Thompson Ann Richardson TARPON CLUB [165] Outing Committee There ' s fun in food and fun in fellowship! You ' ll find both of these well distributed by the Outing Committee. Picnics and out-door parties are their specialties and they direct their efforts to afford leisurely good times for all who enjoy out-door entertainment and good sportsmanship. Miss Dickens is the sponsor. OFFICERS are: President, Maxine Wagner. Amarine Thompson, Anna Home, Irma Lee Shep- herd, Rose Marie Ferro, Betty Jo Wilson, Char- lotte Bouland, Evelyn Breedlove. Saturday nights on campus are never dull during holiday seasons because the Playnite Com- mittee is always on hand to bring entertainment. Even on short notice they plan such shows as the Christmas Party with dancing dolls, the Val- entine Dance, the Truth and Consequences Show, and the Hill Billy Square Dance and Sing. Hon- oring Washington ' s Birthday, the committee, un- der the leadership of its chairman, Betty Lou Boynton, scheduled a Birthday Ball in the gym. The promoter of laughing good times, Playnite Committee is appreciated and thanked by our student body. Flaynight Committee [166] PHYSICAL EDUCATION COMMITTEE Centering- their activities at the gymnasium, but spreading their cheerful influence everywhere, the physical education majors and minors who make up the Physical Education Association foster a spirit of unity throughout the student body. Although they apply themselves seriously to promote a professional atti- tude and to develop worthy skills, the girls of the Physical Education Association excell at having- a good time, and show their willingness by officiating at intra- mural events. OFFICERS: President Evelyn Stuckey; Vice President Nancy Ward; Secretary Margie Piatt SENIORS Evelyn Berry Bebe Daniel Jessie Durden .Jinx Farrior Carolyn Forehand Mickey Fountain Margaret Fridy Hester Hammond Eleanor Mary Parker Margie Piatt Sarah Belle Stull Louise Terry Marion Welch JUNIORS Catherine Barrs Sarah Bennett Eloise Boyles liUra Evans Anna Geise Gladys Lester Jo Guthrie Frances Hall Corky Herman Theresa Munroe Mary Louise Perry Evelyn Stuckey Dot Tucker Anne Widerquist Alpine Walker SOPHOMORES Carolyn Avery Juanita Bowles Nell Crawley Betty Donnally Betty Gardiner Nancy Gleaton Margery Holm Katherine Hohnson Grace Lindberg Mae Manning Nancy McEdwards Gloria McVey Sandy Owens Virginia Palmer June Powell Martha Jane Sattlefield Frances Strickland Alice Taft Clarice Trueblood Nancy Ward FRESHMEN Sara Amos Betty Rose Bishop Jean Booth Dorothy Bower Charlotte Bouland Evelyn Breedlove Ruth Brokaw Sara Braxwell Betty Burch Patsy Callahan Frances Cannon Joyce Cayce Emily Chancey Vera Cone Gertrude Corry Ann Cox Rosa Lee Davis Flossis De Clerq Rose Marie Ferro Joyce Garman Christine Gatlin Elaine Gavigan Anna Home Candy Jones Barbara Lincoln Moira Long Myra Lee Long Rosema ry Marcoux Lucille Mathews Bobbie Mayo Audrey Neilson Amelia Pavese Minnie Partin Georgine Pihos Anna Lou Rivers Anne Shull Sally Stevens Margaret Stone Ruth Stoutamire Barbara Tait Mervin Thomas Amarene Thompson Tillie Walden June Walton George Waltz Mary Ann Watts Grace Whidden Mary F. Wilson Dorothy Woolcott Dorothy Wynn [167] LIFE SAVING CORPS The Life Saving Corps, which consists of girls who are Red Cross Life Savers, contributes its time and skill to protecting and producing better swimmers at FSC. President Eya Berry Instructor Jo Gutherie Captain Babe Evans Secretary-Treasurer Skooks Lester [1681 CHEERLEADERS To add color and spirit to all athletic contests was the aim of our cheerleaders. These girls spurred their tired teams on to that final moment of victory or made defeat seem like fun. P " ' or the Green and Gold were Freshmen Dot and Doris Fincher and Juniors Betty Jo McAteer and Sarah Wiggins. The odds boasted Sopho- mores Alice Taff and Henrietta Trezevant and Seniors Jean Obee and Marjorie Morris. Thanksgiving Games Class spirit and Odd-Even rivalry reached their height during Thanksgiving Week. At dawn Thanks- giving Day, Odds raced the Evens to place their colors on important buildings. The Evens were victorious in most cases, but they lost Wescott to the Odds. Reflecting the same spirit of good-natured rivalry, Odd and Even demonstra- tions poked fun at each other. Tarpon Club, however, represented both groups equally when it presented a program entitled " Winter Wonderland " to climax the holiday events. [169] LEADERS: Odd Margaret Pridy Eveji Babe Evans EVEX LINEUP Babe Evans Elaine Royles Amarene Thompson Catherine Barrs Anna Giese Tina Wright SIBSTITTTIONS Mart Wilson Rosa Lee Davis Catherine Sullivan Betty Kennedy Evelyn Shea Maxine Kodgers ODD LIXET ' P Margaret Fridy Ann Bennett Blanche Favor Betty Schwartz Clarice Trueblood Louise Fernandez SCBSTITT ' TIONS Nancy Ward .Tuanita Bowles Maiioii Welsh Rachel Chambers Alice Witt Mary White BASKETBALL Thanksgiving Day again shared the limelight with the annual Odd-Even basketball contest. The balcony of the Gym was filled early with highspirited rooters. It was a fast-moving game all the way through, even though the Evens score was double that of the Odds most of the game. The first quarter the score was 11-6 ;at the half, 16-8; the third quarter, 25-12; and 33-15 as the game ended with the Evens loudly singing " Even Spirits Never Die — " [170] VOLLEYBALL LEADERS: Oid Margaret Fernandez Even Sarah Bennett KVEX IJNET ' P Kthpl FioUls : [ni ' inn Fh.yd Joyce Garninn Ann ' i(]( r(|uist Elaine Gavigaii Dul Tucker Sarali Bennett I ink Aslitin ST ' iiS ' nrrTidXs ( " andy Jones Kntli I ' .rokaw Jeanne Koesy Louise Terry ODD LIXET ' P Rnliy Ebcrt ' ii-Kinia Palmer Marli Richardson Tidy Parker Mae Manning Joyce Benton Mai ' garet Fernainlez sri ' .sTriTTioxs Marion Looby Alieze Trieste Betty Lewis Sarah Lewis The Evens hung another vic- tory on the Odds Thanksgiving Day by winning the annual Odd- Even volleyball tilt. Cheered by :he huge crowd, the teams battled spiritedly. Lady Luck smiled on the Evens, who were leading at the half with a score of 21-10. The Odds rallied somewhat in the second half, and more than doubled their score. However, the score stood at 34-21 in favor of the Green and Gold when the final whistle blew. [171] SWIMMING The Odd-Even swimmers blew up their water wings and broke two records in the annual Odd-Even swimming meet. The Green and Gold heaved in their anchor and finished first by a few swift strokes. The girls churned up the sparkling water as they dashed to the finish line. The divers tripped out to the end of the diving board, stood poised for a moment, sprang lightly into the air, and cut the water with little more than a ripple. Even the fish of the deep were challenged that day by these spirited mermaids. Even leader Gladys Lester Odd leader Mickey Fountain MODERN DANCE This year for the first time modern dance was on a competitive basis. The girls ignored tired ligaments and sore muscles and gave their all for either the feather or the cap. The Even performance was entitled " Lost Souls " . The original dance of the Odds was " A Child ' s Fan- tasy. " Faculty members from the physical educa- ■ tion department judged the dances on the basis of a point system which considered different ele- ments of dances. The odd group stacked up 96 points to top the 85 for the evens. Odd leader Margie Piatt Even leader Anne Widerquist [172] GOLF As usual rain and cold weather marked the Odd-Even golf tournament this year. The only disasterous incident occurred when Tedy Parker, a most honorable member of the Odd team, hit her pre-war golf ball into the rain house; and her honest companions made her hit it out. Bopie Whitaker, for the Green and Gold, was low man with a score of 44. The Evens took the honors with a one " miss is as good as a mile " stroke minority. Even leader ...Dot Tucker Odd leader Pidge Wool SOFTBALL Spring again, and softball became the main interest. Odds and Evens alike, forgot Spring fever and dashed off to the diamond to wai ' m up the ole ' glove. Weeks and weeks of practice followed, but soon the players regained their long - neglected skill. Soon the first baseman scooped up that grounder, and a hard one never passed the shortstop. Soon the catcher and the pitcher acted as a unit to " strike her out! " Soon the warm Spring day came when the devoted softball followers trooped out to cheer their team to hoped-for victory. One, two, three, and she ' s out at the ole ' ball game. Even Leader Odd Leader Frankie Hall Alieze Trieste HOCKEY Odd luck and skill triumphed in the Odd- Even hockey game to the tune of 2-1. The first half was nip and tuck with a 0-0 score. However, the Odd team started the second half by streaking down the field for a quick score. Within two minutes the Green and Gold had " Evened " the score. In the last few minutes of the game the Odds rushed in to score their second goal and win the game. Even Leader Evelyn Stuckey Odd Leader Alieze Trieste SOCCER The Odds and Evens battled to a scoreless tie on a clover - covered soccer field to finish the third sports season of the year. Excitement ran riot as first one team and then the other would take pos- session of the ball and sweep down the field with it. For four strenuous quar- ters the two teams dribbled, kicked, and passed in the game ended with no goal for either team. fierce effort to score a goal, but Even leader Babe Evans Odd leader Margaret Fernandez [174] TENNIS Ag-ain this Spi ' inj? the tennis courts were invaded by eager racquetteers. The Evens and the Odds improved that wicked serve or powerful backhand for the great day when the two teams would clash. Only the cream played on these teams, for they climbed the ladder by games for an Odd- Even berth. Even leader Ethel Fields Odd leader Louise Fernandez ARCHERY Beware of that apple on your head. That girl with the bow and arrow might be a feminine William Tell. Chances are, though, that she ' s out for Odd-Even archery. Whether the feathers on her arrows are Green and Gold or Red, White and Purple, she ' ll be hitting that ole bull ' s-eye. Even leader Carolyn Bourland Odd leader Carolyn Forehand BADMINTON Badminton can be a Summer afternoon pastime, or it can be the fast and thrilling sport of the Odd-Even tournament. This year the final game was the decid- ing game of the match. The crowd watched in breathless silence as this " ' game fell into the victorious hands of the Red, White, and Purple. Even leader Teeny Langston I Odd leader Betty Jo Kasinski Manager Louise Fernandez Odd, Evens, dormitories, and sororities seem to blend into the well organized in- tramurals. For the more timid among us there are games ranging from bridge to shuffle-board and for the athletic type, basketball to swimming. Spirit and sportsmanship run hand in hand in the race for honors. For those who like their after-dinner exercise there are games galore on Landis gi ' een every evening. It ' s no wonder that the Tally lassie has become a sports fiend. INTRAMURALS [176] At the first nip of frost college girls thoughts turned to the sparkling cheer of a wood fire. The Outing Club was ready and willing to satisfy these desires with their numerous jaunts to Gaines Woods, and later in the season day trips to Wakulla. There were those never-to-be-forgotten weekends at camp — canoeing on Lake Bradford, and singing in the moonlight. The fun and laugh- ing were unlimited and the memories undying. INTRAMURALS [1771 WEARERS OF THE EMBLEM Emma Spencer 1928 Simpy Yarborough 1928 Bernice Conklin 1928 Margaret Richards 1929 Betty Suhrer 1929 Betty Wood 1930 Edna Mattox 1930 Betty Bell 1931 Nancy Lutz 1931 Marion C. Philips _ 1932 Dorothy Archer 1932 Helen Geffcken 1932 Dorothy Hicks 1932 Buddy Autrev 1933 Rhea Gallanger 1933 Grace Kirley 1933 Betty Bailey 1935 Frances Hurlin 1935 Felicia West 1938 Y. Marchesseau 1940 Cornelia Watson __. 1941 Jean Wood 1942 Paulette Nolan 1942 Stella Valenti 1943 Margie Lambert 1944 Dottie McGahagin 1944 Alieze Trieste 1945 [178] ' (5 ■flo ssmsi Big things are going on outside of these gates — battles, conferences, agreements, strikes — but when you pass through the gates you go into another world which is separate from the out- side but, paradoxically, is an integral part of that tumultuous outer world. [1811 Upper classmen and freshmen found registration this year different. Veter- ans of two, four, six, and even seven sem- esters searched for departmental tables on the second floor of Wescott and longed for the familiar procedures of registra- tion in the gymnasium. Florida State slid into the comfortable groove of the fall term. Teachers as- signed lessons; clubs called meetings and invited new members ; teams began prac- ticing for Thanksgiving; everyone had settled down to another year of school except the sorority girls and freshmen who hoped to be sorority girls. In spite of having " the largest enrollment in history " — a phrase which has been true for several years now — a jam-packed, crowded college began its fourth war-time year in many of the traditional ways, but also with many innovations. Blue jacketed, foot sore, hand blistered Sophomore Coun- cil greeted travel-tired college-thrilled freshmen and later piloted them through the mazes of that confusing but won- derful first week. Greeks became tense under the double strain of the new preferential bidding system and a delayed rush week. However, when the weekend in October finally came, rushees and rushers alike were able to wear new winter clothes without privately wishing for that cool cotton they had just taken off. The campus was dotted with hatted, gloved, high-heeled freshmen coming and going from dates. After the anguish, excitement, joy, and sometimes tragedy of rush week, the campus again settled down to the comparative peace of lessons, new friends, old friends, a cup of coffee at the Spic or the Sweet, noisy convocations in Wescott, midnight-against-the-rules parties centered around a box from home, and all of- those innumerable little things which are called " col- lege life. " [1821 Only the juniors were left out of the fall ceremonies which cluster about life at F.S.C. Sophomores shone in the re- flected glory of their senior sisters at investiture. Seniors began to realize that they were the graduating class as Dr. Campbell of- ficially capped each one of them. ii W ' f p -.m ffm i . ' i ni i Freshman gained a little hint of the spirit of our school when they were told at torch night that it was their duty and privilege to uphold and strengthen those standards which have made the college beloved of other classes. The one opportunity of the year to see the faculty en masse came at academic procession. Freshman punched each other to point out their favorite teacher. Upperclassmen scrutinized the parade for amusing in- cidents upon which to comment. Even the most blase senior, however, felt the essential dignity of the procession. Girls who called Landis rec, Gilchrist smoker, and Jennie Murphree laundry home hopefully awaited the completion of the big grey F beside the " gym " . When the new dormitory was completed each grateful occu- pant appreciated the unaccustomed luxury of only one roommate and a closet all her own. t:- ' [183] We went Oriental when Li Ling Ai, lecturer for free China, gave us glimpses of Chinese life from Confucius to Chiang Kai Shek. Little Black Sambo, produced by the speech department, amused college girls and grade school children alike. Special performances were given for boys and girls in nearby schools. F Club goats performed for anyone who would watch. Ffie, our glamous girl lightpost, was given a new dress every day. The lonely Oak in front of the dining hall bloomed in spite of the fact that it was October. One goat was forced to sacrifice a whole box of precious Kleenex and a ball of string for this effect. Other goats performed tricks and wore clothing which would have driven Social Standards Council into padded cells if it had not been all in fun and F Club. ri84i In contrast to its previous " Samboish " fan- tasy, speech students turned to grim reality in their production of " Cry Havoc " . It was diffi- cult to realize that the actresses were college girls. The band, under the direction of Professor Sykora, was an important part of many college pi ' ograms. They were especially proud of their new garnet and gold uniforms. Many dormitories held open house for campus visitors, but what was later to be Lang House, presented the open-house idea more thoroughly than any other dormitory has ever done before or after. No matter what the outside temperature, girls who had to have sixteen plunges by quarters, and others who swam for pleasure, bumped into each other in the chlorinated water of the pool. Many a feminine heart was stirred, in spite of the Don Cossack ' s public boast of participation in World War I. The handsome one, who smiled at the audience in the most approved Sinatra manner, provoked the usual Frankie sighs and groans a la Russian. [1851 Thanksgiving is the time when F.S.C. is most typ- ically F.S.C. Early in the morning Odds and Evens raced to place their colors on campus buildings. Dr. Cai ' others spoke at the worship service held in Wescott. Everyone awaited the big dinner. When it came, we discovered we had turkey — even if it was creamed. Most of the diners had hopes for one of the big pine- apples forming a part of the fruit centerpiece. During the weekend Tarpon Club took its audience through a " winter wonderland " of ice and snow. Odd and Even players battled each other in fiercely fought contests for basketball and volleyball supremacy. Evens ridiculed Odds in a parody called " Oddsnic and Old Lice " . Odds went back into early American history to record " Pilgrodd ' s Pi ' ogress " . The unexpected death of Dr. Edward Conradi, President Emeritus of Florida State College for Women, turned thoughts to the true meaning of Thanksgiving. What F.S.C. is today is largely the result of Dr. Conradi ' s work. Traditional Thanksgiv- ing ceremonies, which began while Dr. Conradi was president, were continued as Dr. Conradi would have wished them to be. [186] After Thanksgiving thoughts turned to Christmas. There were a few non- Christmas affairs, such as the interna- tional tea, when faculty and students who had lived in other countries came in costume and chatted about customs and life in those countries. The Christmas spirit, however, would not be downed. Greenery appeared in sorority house and dormitory windows. Clubs had parties at which a cheery, little gentleman in a I ' ed suit almost invariably appeared. The Glee Club gave its im- pressive Christmas vespers. Seniors cele- brated with the annual caroling party. Florida State cel ebrated its pseudo Christmas a full two weeks before the twenty-fifth. The real Christmas came, as it should, at home. Almost three weeks of dates, mother and dad, sleeping in the morning, and no heavy thinking. Of course there were the usual rumors about whether we would or would not have special busses, but the day we left the whole calvacade was lined up in front of the new dining hall. [187] We came back to a new governor, but other than that nothing seemed to have changed during the three weeks we had been home. Opera lovers reserved front seats for the Artist Series concert of Helen Trauble, Metropolitan star. Village Vamps and Cotillion chose new members at the New Year ' s Dance which had been postponed from Thanksgiving. The library was suddenly popular. Fr antic girls realized that their term paper was due in a week. Others fer- vently wished that they had studied the books they brought home during Christmas. Semesters was upon us. With tests completed satisfactorily for the majority of us, we looked up from our books to realize that Spring had conquered every corner of the campus. Warm weather brought v ith it new activities. Sophomore Council chose the freshmen it considei ed worthy to carry on its tradition of service and loyalty. [1881 Lord Halifax, British ambassador to the United States, snatched a few minutes from a busy schedule to let us hear a genuine British accent. We were not disappointed. Prospective BWOCs discussed cam- pus politics and turned in petitions for C.G.A. elections. Campaigning was subtle, but was still there. Roommates and friends of candidates were busy propagandizi ng the undecided. Outside the gates, one of the favor- ite gathering places of Army and col- lege personnel was a certain drug store. Of course, neither group paid any attention to the other. You see, they had not been properly introduced. Day students sold war bonds and stamps in exchange for the privilege of voting in the pin-up man contest. Crowds collected in lower Wescott. where the pictures were displayed — each girl pointing out her man or the man she wished she had. [1891 Spring sports found the Odd team winning hockey and holding the Evens to a scoreless tie in soccer. Seniors and juniors momentarily for- got such rivalries and upper class dignity at the junior-senior kid party. Jump ropes, hair- ribbons, short skirts, skinned knees, candy suck- ers, and pig tails were all mixed in one indescrib- able uproar at the gathering of the junior and senior children. But some of the children matured very quickly and went sophisticated that night. We do date occasionally, although it might be soldier, sailor, civilian, marine, or high school boy. " If it ' s kissing you ' re missing, here ' s the Blarney Stone. " " Begory, it ' s St. Patricks Day. " In an ancient Irish castle, alias the dining hall, modern warriors and their ladies danced beneath gaily painted replicas of shields carried by knights of old. The junior-senior prom was one of our most elegant parties. Even the freshmen, who balanced precariously at the high windows and at the doors, declared that it was worth strained necks and bumped elbows to watch the escapades of their elders. [190] The year rushed toward its end. Mortar Board and Mortified chose new members. Legislature convened, and the campus became co-education conscious. The patches of clover where we spent many early Spring hours hunt- ing for the four-leafed variety were mowed. Sentimental- ists mourned as ivy was pulled down from the walls of our campus buildings. A sense of personal loss pulled at the heart of almost every girl when we received news of President Roosevelt ' s untimely death. Esteren and Spiro- gira marched through the dining hall choosing new mem- bers. In May, class beauties reigned for one brief day. V-E Day was observed. Another year at F.S.C. was almost gone. [191] The gates are closed on another year at F.S.C.W. We who go out for the last time and we who plan to return are equally charged with upholding the standards our college has set for us. We who are grad- uating pledge to carry into the outer world plans to make it a better place. The four years we have been in college have been war years. Members of our class have joined the women ' s branches of the armed services. Friends and relatives have died in battle overseas. President Roosevelt was elected for a fourth term and his death came as a shock to the world only two weeks before the San Francisco conference; a month before V-E Day. On campus, we have bought war bonds and stamps, attended de- fense movies, and held forums in an attempt to make us ever conscious of world events and the part each of us will play in future developments. We will not foi ' get. In most ways, however, our four years have been filled with activities typically F. S. C. W. — Y.W.C.A. recognition service — 10 o ' clock post office mob — Torch Night — - ice on the fountain investiture — weekends at camp — Thanksgiving demonstrations and Odd-Even competitions — soldier parties — • C. G. A. installation — F. Club circle — azaleas in the spring — Mortar Board tapping— prune whip for dessert — freshman hygiene — the Sweet Shop and the Spic — quarantine — Youth Conference — term papers — dancing in the Alum — rain. We leave our college, but we leave with a storehouse of memories. [192] Ci. ' g Compliments of Tallahassee, Florida BAFFIN MERCANTILE COMPANY, Inc S. A. DAFFIN, President Wholesale Grocers • Panama City Marianna Tallahassee Meals for All Tastes THE THREE TORCHES 103 S. COPELAND PHONE 837 Banquet Reservations ELINOR DOYLE, FLORIST loi S.ADAMS .-. 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Black Mrs. Margaret W. Blair Miss S. Elizabeth Blanding Miss Caroline Blue Dr. M. Irene Boliek Miss Evelyn R. Bowman Dr. Beulah B. Briley Mrs. Margaret C. Bristol Miss Dorothy Brown Mrs. Mary H. Buford Dr. Margie Burks Mrs. Edris L. Butler Dr. Doak S. Campbell Miss Marg ' t. V. Campbell Miss Ruth F. Campbell Dr. Milton W. Carothers Mrs, Bonnie J. B. Carter Mrs. Margaret E. Casson Miss Helen D. Gate Position Inst, in Mod. Languages Inst, in English Counselor Director of Personnel and Placement Bureau Assistant Registrar Counselor District Agent, Home Devi. Work Inst, in Slio)-thaud Type- writing Assoc. Prof, of Organ, Piano and Theory Prof, of Geography Prof, of Sociology Asst. Librarian in Charge of Periodicals Binding Counselor Specialist in Clothing Textiles, Home Dem. Wo7-k Critic Teacher Inst, in Education Inst, in English Inst, in English Asst. Prof, of Sociology Asst. Prof of Zoology Asst. Prof, of Speech Prof, of Economics Com- merce Asst. Prof, of Sociology Counselor; Part-time Inst, in English Assoc. Prof, of Speech Professor of Spanish Assoc. Prof, of Home Eco- nomics President Inst, in Mod. Languages Inst, in Mod. Languages Registrar Asst. State Supervisor, Emergency Farm Labor Program, Home Dem. Work Supervisor of Kindergarten Asst. Prof, of Foods Nutrition Name Miss Martha G. Cha pman Dr. Dorothy J. Chayes Miss Mary H. Claybrooke Miss Marjorie M. Clayton Miss Marg ' t. L. Clements Miss Vela H. Cleveland Miss Lou Cochran Dr. Ruth Connor Dr. R. S. Cotterill Prof. W. R. Cowles Mrs. Louise C. Crawford Miss Louise Creamer Miss Frances G. Crean Mrs. Olive H. Cross Miss Constance Crowe Miss Jo Ann Davis Mrs. Mildred H. Davis Dr. Mark H. DeGraff Dr. Ezda M. Deviney Mrs. Lazelle W. Dickens Dr. Guy L. Diffenbaugh Dr. Dorothy R. Disher Dr. W. G. Dodd Miss Myrtle E. Dolbee Mr. Ralph F. Donaldson Dr. Olivia N. Dorman Dr. L. L. Dozier Miss M. R. Dressier Miss Margaret Dunn Miss Ruby Dunstan Miss Olga Eitner Miss Olive G. Engel Dr. R. L. Eyman Miss Gladys Fawley Mrs. Esther Ferguson Position Asst. Prof, of English Physician — Infirmary Inst, in Chemistry Inst, in Theory Piano Inst, in Physical Education Inst, in Physiology Critic Teacher Inst, in Educatioyi Prof, of Home Economics Child Development Prof, of History Prof, of Theory Director of Orchestra Counselor; Part-time Inst. in Sociology Counselor Inst, in Physical Education Inst, in English Inst, in English Inst, in Commerce Inst, in Voice Piano Prof, of Education Prof, of Zoology hist, in Physical Education Dean, College of Arts Sc, Prof, of English Assoc. Prof, of Psychology Dean Emeritus, College of Arts Sciences Asst. Prof, of Spanish German Asst. Prof, of Industrial Arts Prof, of Classics Dean of Students Consultant Physician Assistant to Director of Personnel Inst, in Music Inst, in Piano Assoc. Prof, of Violin Theory Inst, in Chemistry Dean, School of Education Prof, of Education Asst. Prof, of Geography Assistant Counselor [211] Nome Mi s. Ruth D. Ferguson Miss Mildred Finnegan Dr. Paul F. Finner Miss Grace I. Fox Miss Clare M. Goertz Dr. Minerva Gordon Dr. R. L. Goulding Dr. Viola Graham Dr. Susan W. Gray Miss Henrietta Greenburg Miss A. L. Guentner Miss Helen K. Haughton Miss Frances F. Haynes Dr. C. P. Heinlein Miss Mildred F. Henry Miss Sarah Herndon Mrs. Helen S. Herring Dr. M. R. Hinson Miss Elizabeth D. Hodges Dr. Dorothy L. Hoffman Miss Ethyl Holloway Miss Virginia Holmes Miss Mabel E. Houser Dr. Lucretia L. Hsley Dr. Marian D. Irish Mrs. Ralph Bush Mrs. Myrtle R. Johnson Miss Marjorie S. Judy Mrs. N. D. Kannwischer Mr. J. G. Kellum Miss Mary E. Keown Miss Ann Kirn Miss Gladys 0. Koch Mr. Karl 0. Kuersteiner Dr. Herman Kurz Miss Olga Larson Mrs. Marg ' t L. Lawrence Dr. Dorothy M. Leahy Miss Lucy Lester Mrs. William F. Lester Dr. L. J. Lewis Dr. Anna Forbes Liddell Position Inst, ill Home Eeovomics Asst. Prof, of Freneh Prof, of P. i ehology Dir. Psy. Lahoratorij Inst, in Phijsieal Edueation Critie Teaeher Inst, in Ed neat ion Asst. Phijsieian, Infirmary Snpt. of Dem. School Prof, of Education Prof, of Physiology Asst. Prof, of Psychology Part-time Inst, in Physical Education Inst, in Commerce Prof, of Art Reference Librarian Prof, of Experimental Psy- chology Asst. Prof, of English Asst. Prof, of English Inst, in Hist. Social Studies Prof, of Education JDir. of Graduate Division Acting Assoc. Prof, of Li- brary Science Assoc. Prof, of Spanish French Dist. Agent — Home Dem. Work Inst. In Piano Critic Teacher Inst, in Education Assoc. Prof, of Political Science Prof, of Political Science Asst. Inst, in Portiigese Inst, in Art Inst, in Mod. Languages Asst. Inst, in Spanish Business Manager State Agent, Home Dem. Work Inst, in Art Asst. Prof, of Voice Solfeggio Actifig Dean, School of Music Professor of Botany Assoc. Prof, of Mathe- matics Inst, in Eyiglish Prof, of Home Ec. Ed. Hd. Teacher Tr. in H. Ec. Professor of French Chaperon, Alpha Xi Delta Prof, of Chemistry Prof, of Philosophy Name Miss E. Elizabeth Lynn Miss Grace C. Madsen Miss Louise H. Manley Miss Dorothea E. Marsh Miss Edita Mas-Lopez Mrs. Margaret T. Mattice Miss Edith McCollum Miss Ruby McDavid Miss Edna Mae Mcintosh Miss Isabel McKinnell Miss Mary Jane Medlin Miss Gertrude P. Meek Mrs. Mary M. Meginniss Mrs. Lorraine Mensing Mrs. Lou E. W. Miller Dr. Robert D. Miller Dr. K. W. Montgomery Dr. R. C. Moon Dr. Coyle E. Moore Miss Virginia P. Moore Miss Ellen Fenton Murray Mrs. Ann C. Nicholson Miss Ella S. Opperman Miss Caroline J. Pace Miss Caliope Papatsos Miss Daisy Parker Miss Edna Parker Miss Zadie L. Phipps Miss Anne F. Pope Dr. Annie M. T. Popper Dr. Nita K. Pyburn Mrs. Doris G. Quarrier Miss Mary E. Reeder Miss Cynthia M. Reeves Dr. Harold F. Richards Miss Louise Richardson Miss Helen L. Richey Miss Mary Luella Richey Miss Etta L. Robei ' tson Miss Rebecca Rodenburg Dr, Carmen Rogers Migs Helen Rogers Position Asst. Prof, of Physics Counselor to Senior Hall Inst, in Botany Inst, in Commerce hist, in Physics Inst, in Spanish Inst, in Economics Director of Residence District Agent, Home Dem. Work Asst. Prof, of Foods Nutrition Asst. Prof, of Chemistry Inst, in Physical Education, Dem. School Asst. Prof, of Economics Inst, in Voice Science Critic Teacher hist, in Eyiglish Assoc. Prof, of Philisophy Religion Director of Physical Edu- cation Director of Curriculum Lab., Dept. of Education Prof, of Sociology Direc- tor of Social Work Ext. Specialist in Home Imp., Home Dem. Work Inst, in History Critic Teacher Inst, in Education Dean Emeritus Inst, in English Inst, in Physical Education Inst, in Political Science Critic Teacher, Dem. School Asst. Prof, of Public School Music Part-time Inst. Physical Ed., Counselor, Head Counselor of Freshmen Assoc. Prof, of History Assoc. Prof, of Education Critic Teacher, Dem. School Inst, in Piano Piano Methods Critic Teacher, Dem. School Prof, of Physics Librarian Prof, of Li- brary Science Int. in Textiles Clothing Assoc. Prof, of Accounting Prof, of Voice Director of Glee Club Inst, in Piano Assoc. Prof, of English Inst, in Public School Mu- sic I [212] Name Miss Margaret S. Rogers Dr. W. H. Rogers Dr. Margaret R. Sandels Mrs. C. B. Scarborough Dr. Ruth O. Schornherst Mrs. Lucile A. Schultz Miss Celia Segerman Dr. A. R. Seymour Dr. P. W. Shankweiler Miss Fannie B. Shaw Mr. R. K. Shaw Miss Pearle G. Shepard Dr. Venila L. Shores Miss Anna M. Sikes Mrs. Dora S. Skipper Prof. E. R. Smith Miss Margaret H. Smith Miss Margaret M. Smith Miss Ruth F. Smith Miss Eulah Mae Snider Miss Margaret Stanion Mrs. Beverly B. Stevens Dr. Hazel A. Stevenson Mrs. Cecils Strong Mr. Frank Sykora Miss Mabel J. Thacher Miss Lyrette Thompson Miss S. Elizabeth Thomson Position Head Comiselor of Upper ' - classmen, Counselor Prof, of English Dean, School of Home Eco- nomics, Prof, of Niitr. Inst, in Psychology Asst. Prof, of Botany Inst, in Home Ec; Resident Supv. Home Mgmt. H. Counselor Prof, of Mod. Languages Assoc. Prof, of Sociology Assoc. Prof, of Health Edu- cation Hygiene Business Manager Inst, in English Journal- ism Prof, of History Extension Nutritionist Asst. Prof, of Education Professor Emeritus Asst. Prof, of Geography Critic Teacher, Dem. School Critic Teacher, Dem. School Acting Assoc. Prof, of Li- brary Science Inst, in Physical Education Counselor Prof, of English Inst, in Public School Music Critic Teacher Assoc. Prof, of Cello other Orchestral Instru. Inst, in Bacteriology Inst. in. Classics Inst. in. Speech Name Miss Isabel le Thursby Dr. Jennie Tilt Miss Anna M. Tracy Miss Florence R. Tryon Miss Lucile Turner Mrs. Melanie S. Turner Mr. Earl L. Vance Miss Ina Van Stan Miss Marian Vories Dr. T. L. Wade, Jr. Miss Lucile Wagner Mrs. Adelaide S. Ware Mrs. Ray M. Warner Miss M. Katherine Warren Dr. H. L. Waskom Miss Edith W. West Dr. Sarah Parker White Miss Emily P. Wilburn Miss Eleanor Wilkinson Mrs. Beatrice B. Williams Mrs. Nina Mae Williams Miss Sallie Williams Mrs. Martha L. Willson Miss Mary E. Winslow Miss Ellen Wright Miss Rosalie Wright Miss L. Margaret Wyly Dr. Myra L. Yancey Miss Annie L. Yates Miss Sadie G. Young Position Ext. Economist in Food Consv., Home Dem. W ork P r f . of Physiological Chemistry Nutrition Head Dietitian, Prof, of Inst. Economics Inst, in History Cataloguer in Library Assistant Counselor ' Assoc. Prof of English Journalism Prof, of Textiles Clothing Critic Teacher, Dem. School Prof, of Mathematics Asst. Prof, of Piano Counselor Counselor Asst. Dean of Students Prof, of Psychology Assoc. Prof, of Classics Orthopedic Physician Prof, of Hygiene Assoc. Prof, of Industrial Arts Critic Teacher, Dem. School Professor of Art Asst. Prof, of Home Eco- nomics Inst, in Industrial Arts Critic TeacJier, Dem. School Asst. Prof, of Piano Inst, in Clothing Textiles Critic Teacher, Dem. School Inst, in Speech Assoc. Prof, of Education Assistant Librarian Assoc. Prof, of Economics [2131 HOME TOWNS OF SENIORS Adams, Shelley Clayton (Mrs.) Aiken, Patricia Mildred Alfriend, Julia Bethel Alvarez, Thelma Ames, Betty Claire Anderson, Elta Faye Arthur, Marguerite Estelle Aughenbaugh, Betty Ruth Ayrault, Evelyn West Bacheler, Mary Alice Bail, Rachael Elizabeth Bailey, Carolyn Juanita Bailey, Pauline Simone Barclay, Cordelia Elizabeth Barnes, Catherine S. Bartlett, Ann Kathleen Beall, Betty Ruth Beck, Muriel Agnes Bennett, Charlotte Anne Benson, Lenore Clara Berry, Evelyn Marian Bess, Barbara Ann Bishop Martha Jean Blackburn, Frances Jean Boardman, Grace Dorothy (Dot) Boliek, Dorothy Rebecca Booth, Mary Helen Boyles, Eleanor Kristine Boynton, Bettie Lou Bradberry, Lou Rita (Mrs.) Bradfield, Annabel Sloat Brinson, Frances Owens Brown, Bertha Elizabeth Brown, Lorine Keller (Renee) Brubaker, Charlotte Marie Bruns, Jane Douglas Bryant, Nell Idalene Burnett, Betty Alma Buttram, Catherine Huber Byrom, Julia Nell Callison, Sarah Randle Cameron, Ruth May Cannon, Mary Anna Caro, Lela Mary Carr, Mary Shelley Carroll, Jo Ann Cassels, Elizabeth Coleman Caswell, Dorothy Helen Chalker, Alma Chamberlain, Doris Madge Chambers, Alice Snyder (Mrs.) Chazal, Betty Brooks Quincy Jacksonville Tallahassee Sarasota Leesburg Williston Miami Dade City Carlsbad, Calif. Columbus, Ga. Arcadia Clermont Jacksonville Tampa Dade City West Palm Beach Bradenton Winter Garden Ellenton Boynton Beach Jacksonville Miami Gainesville West Palm Beach Orlando Tallahassee Chicago, ni. Live Oak Havana, Cuba Gainesville McCrae, Ga. Cocoa Tampa West Palm Beach St. Augustine Tallahassee Lakeland Gainesville Ft. Lauderdale Milton Winter Haven Bradenton Tallahassee Pensacola Monticello Tampa Plant City Alachua Darlington Tangerine Tallahassee Ocala Chester, Betty Rimes Christian, Elizabeth Louise Clavel, Gloria Carlton Clopton, Mary Frances Coleman, Bessie Day Fountain (Mrs.) Collins, Edith R. Colton, Mary Elizabeth Cone, Lou E. Corry, Jean Constance Costner, Mary Jane Crawford, Mildred Cutrer, Thelma Isabel! Daniel, Alta Louise Davis, Anne Hays Dewey, Ann Florence Diffenbaugh, Thelma Corpening (Mrs.) Doudney, Erma Lucille Draughen, Linnie Lee Dubus, Gloria Ouida Durden, Jessie Millen Earnest, Grace Elvira Eberhardt, Clara Elizabeth Edwards, Maxine Ellis, Elizabeth Moore Fain, Grace Fain, Martha Louise (Angel) Falconer, Nora Kathleen Farrier, Frances Catherine Faver, Blanche Fernandez, Margaret Louise Fernandez, Mary Louise Fields, Ethel Josephine Fisher, Francine Eleanore Fletcher, Helen Mazie Florrid, Elva Mary Fordham, Florence Lola Forehand, Carolyn Mae Fountain, Aline (Mickey) Fox, Betty Jane Fridy, Ida Margaret Friedman, Margaret Louise Fuller, Margaret Olga Futch, Katherine Elizabeth Gaines, Anne Pendleton Galloway Olive Voleria Ganey, Mary Lilla Gibson, Juanita M. Gillette, Priscilla Hardesty Glover, Helen Stewart Goff, Marjorie Vonceal High Springs Mcintosh Wauchula Pensacola Lakeland Tallahassee City Point Jacksonville Quincy Auburndale Ft. Pierce Foley Brooksville Mt. Pleasant Miami Starke Sanford Ft. Myers Pensacola Sanford Pensacola Plant City Dunedin Chaires Tallahassee Tallahassee Jacksonville Beach Wallace, N. C. Miami Tampa Tampa Demoplis, Ala. Worthington Springs Greensboro Ft. Lauderdale Tallahassee Ft. Myers Jacksonville Tampa Reddick Daytona Beach Tifton, Ga. Dade City Stuart Lakeland Bradenton Miami West Palm Beach Orlando Pinemount [214] Gresham, Dorothy Myrle Gullette, Jeanne Hadsell, June Constance Halpern, Geraldine Claire Harriman, Bettie Jane Haston, Nancy Carolyn Hawkins, Edith Bell Headley, Lillian Doris Hecht, Mary Henderson, Ruth D. Boyd (Mrs.) Hendricks, Lillian Louise Hines, Frances Louise Hirleman Sarah Anne Holbrock, Anne Frances Holland, Elizabeth Jeannette Logan (Mrs.) Holmes, Virginia Adele Hosford, Elienne Valentine Howard, Mary Patricia Hoxie, Onalee E. Hoyt, Betty Ann Hubbell, Rosemary Jackson, Martha Anne Jamison, Reberta Jean Jardim, Clara Maria Jelks, Mary Peacock Jensen, Edna Eloise Jinks, Dorothy Sue Johnson, Ethel Christine Johnson, Irene Joiner, Eugenia Theresa Jones, Reba L Kacinski, Betty Jo Karns, Ruby Inez Kemp, Marianne Peschell Kemp, Rubye Evelyn Kendall, Hilah Jeanne Kinner, Virginia Ruth Kindig, Bonnie Lue Knapp, Jeanne Claire Knight, Edith (DeDee) Lambeth, Marion Ann Lancaster, Dorothy Lauter, Wilma Baskin Lawson, Martha Teeter (Mrs.) Leech, Jeanne Leonard, Roberta M. Levy, Eloise Goulding (Mrs.) Lewis, Betty Douglas Lewis, Jean Joan Limbaugh, Ethel Fay Lincoln, Alice Garcelon Lindsey, Kathryn Geneva Long, Merrill Cross Longcrier, Ruth Adele Loomis, Margery Ann Lottich, Elizabeth Jane Lovitz, Clara St. Marks Pensacola Lamount Palm Beach Tampa Tampa West Palm Beach Punta Gorda Jacksonville Tallahassee Jacksonville Alachua Waynesboro, Ga. Panama City Tallahassee Mahopic, N. Y. Miami Tampa Cocoa Tallahassee Cora Gables Dade City Tarpon Springs Irwin, Penn. Delray Beach Ft. Pierce Panama City Pensacola Miami Reynolds, Ga. Sylacauga, Ala. Corpus Christi, Tex. Auburndale Wilkes-Barre, Penn. Palmetto Chrisman, Illinois Miami Fernandina Tallahassee Tampa Lakeland Daytona Beach Tallahassee Winter Haven Live Oak St. Petersburg Tallahassee Tallahassee Lakeland Williston Limona Alachua Miami Beach Jacksonville Miami Altoona Jacksonville Lyman, Katherine Elizabeth Mahoney, Eleanor Elder Malakoff, Lenore Florence (Lee) Maniaci, Josephine Mann, Sarah Elizabeth Maples, Laura Alden Matherly, Eleanor Putnam Mays, Julia Frances Megran, Grace Campbell Mendenhall, Mary Lucy Messina, Rose C. Miles, Persis Miller, Margaret Rose Mills, Frances " Rosa Mitchell, Bessie Edith Moore, Audrey Opal Moore, Rosalie Esther Morgan, Elizabeth Lois Morgan, Mai ' garet Morris, Marjorie Marcella Morse, Mary Frances Musgrove, Lillian Maedell Myers, Marie McAnally, Mary F. McCallum, Betty Love McCann, Mary Elizabeth McCarthy, Minna Lee McColpin, Audrey Cecelia McCormack, Mary Elizabeth McCorquodale, Mary Emma McCullough, Jean R. McFarland, Elizabeth Meldrim McGarry, Frances Marian McLaurin, Julia Gardner McMullen, Marjorie Lucille McRory, Mary Oakley Neel, Betty Jean Newman, Louise Wetzel Nicholson, Doris Elizabeth Noxtine, Gertrude Alice Obee, Jean Ogden, Sylvia Agnes Oliver, Helen Elaine Orleman, Nancy Owen, Margaret Elizabeth Oxford, Margie Sue Page, Elizabeth Carlisle (Betty) Pancoast, Janet Claire Parker, Eleanor Mary Parker, Nancy Parrish, Lucille Partin, Velna Jacqueline Patterson, Jeanne Annette Pattishall, Myra Marie Pavese, Marie Theresa Peacock, Anabel Pease, Marjorie Mae Melbourne Jacksonville Miami Tampa Palatka Bowling Green Gainesville Tallahassee Jacksonville Tallahassee Tiampa DeFuniak Springs Orlando Orlando Jasper Tallahassee Hobe Sound Miami Daytona Beach Miami Plant City Altha Eustis Crawfordville Chipley Tallahassee Okeechobee Plant City Jacksonville Sunnyside Indiana, Pa. S. Jacksonville Coral Gables Gainesville Clearwater Tallahassee Tallahassee Jacksonville Havana Palm Harbor West Palm Beach Hialeah Baldwin Miami Tampa Lakeland Ft. Myers Miami Pensacola Tallahassee Branford Boynton Beach Lake Wales Jacksonville Ft. Myers Williston Jacksonville [215] I Pemble, Marguerite Joyce Penton, Mary E. Perez, Delia M. Perry, Betty Carter Petrie, Adrienne Phillips, Jean Pierce Philyaw, Marjorie Pinholster, Mary Nell Pitts, Sarah Jane Piatt, Margie Opal Platts, Ruth B. (Mrs.) Pope, Gertrude Choate Putzer, Irene Reams, Mary Elizabeth Reichert, Mary Louise Reynolds, Hazel Winifred Riggins, Mary Conrad Rish, Fannie Marguerite Ritter, Anne Elizabeth Roberts, Margaret Eaton Robinson, Margaret Eileen Rogers, Isabel Wood Ross, Bryna Ann (Bernice) Rubin, Shirley Ruth Sandusky, Anita Sanford, Betty Louise Sapp, Cleo Anne Satterwhite, Joyce Lee Scott, Bernice Vivian Setzer, Bessie Sewell, Gayle Shepherd, Joy Calvert Sherman, Caroline M. C. A. Shingler, Adele Antoinette Shumaker, Deborah Stansbury (Mrs.) Shuman, Gloria Marie Simpson, Louise Sproull Sims, Mary Jane Sisk, Dorothy Ann (Dolly) Sistrunk, Joanna Ruby Skinner, Mamie Clyde Piland (Mrs.) Smith, Margaret Louise Sparkman, Marjorie Frances Stevenson, Emma Louise Stewart, Sarah Emily Leesburg Marianna Tampa Gainesville Staten Island, N. Y. Tallahassee Port St. Joe Ormond Tampa West Palm Beach Pompano West Palm Beach Miami Greenville Monticello Tallahassee Lakeland Wewahitchka Tampa West Palm Beach West Palm Beach Tallahassee St. Augustine Jacksonville Marianna Tampa Jacksonville Sebring Tallahassee Jacksonville Starke Palm Beach Babson Park Lake City St. Petersburg Dunnellon Jacksonville Jacksonville Morriston Tallahassee Tampa Dade City Miami Ft. Myers Stillwell, Olive Ellen Stout, Margaret Burrage Stull, Sarah Belle Sullenberger, Mary Douglas Taylor, Sanna Jane Ten Eyck, Jacquelin Terry, Johnnie Louise H. (Mrs.) Thomas, Johnnie Rosetta Thompson, Anita Harriet Thorp, Mary Louise Thrasher, Rosemary Tisdale, Elizabeth Anne Tobias, Dorothy Jean Toms, Mina LaVerne Towne, Mary Jane Trawick, Fawn Grey Trieste, Ida Alieze Troop, Elizabeth Catherine Updike, Virginia Conner Van Fleet, Sue Medora Vaughan, Jean Marie Vazquez, Carmen Vickery, Elizabeth Janice Vinson Fransetta Adele Walker, Mary Elizabeth Waller, Mary Ann Ward, Lucy Lee Washbon, Diana Lee Watkins, Mary Anna Wells, Doris Lyons Westmoreland, Adeline (Mrs.) Wheelock, Barbara Elaine Whigham, Frances Elizabeth Williams, Mildred Ann Willis, Helen Marie Wilson, Margaret Mitchell Wilson, Rita L. Gilleylen (Mrs.) Withers, Mary Loe Witt, Alice Elizabeth Wittenstein, Norma Helen Woodward, Mary Emily Wool, Sibyl Averett Worrill, Elizabeth Jane Yongue, Frances Joyce Yothers, Jean Curtis Young, Lula Janet Miami St. Petersburg Bradford Tallahassee Tallahassee Jacksonville Malone Roanoke, La. Daytona Beach Auburndale Ocala Gainesville Chipley Hialeah Jacksonville Tallahassee Tampa Haworth Lake Wales Auburndale Orlando Tampa Jasper Miami Perry Tallahassee Sarasota Jacksonville Fort Myers West Palm Beach Callahan Miami Sanford Pompano Ft. Pierce Pensacola Tallahassee Miami Lake City Orlando Tallahassee Miami Leesburg Reddick Orlando Ocala [216] APPRECIATION The 1945 Flastacowo is the fourth F. S. C. W. yearbook to be published during World War II. And to those who have made The ' 45 Flastacowo possible I would like to express my appreciation. My staff has worked hard and under difficulties you all know about, foremost among them being a camera which continually needed repair, and a definite shortage of film and flash bulbs. To our faculty advisors we owe many thanks. Miss West has again proved how invaluable she is to an annual staff. Miss Williams, our art advisor, was for several years a member of the faculty committee, and we were indeed fortunate to have her services available to us again this year. Miss Finnegan, a new member of the advisory committee, has proved a worthy stand-by. The S. K. Smith Cover Company, despite a full schedule, have m.ade our covers for us. We appreciate their good work. Mr. Respess and all his employees exerted themselves to get our copy finished as soon as possible. All the staff at Rose Printing Company have helped us out. Particularly to Mr. Rosenberg, Mr. Block, and Mrs. Coker are we indebted. Mr. and Mrs. Adams at their new " Campus Studio " worked long hours to get the 2,000 class pictures taken. Their son, Sam Adams, who has been a mainstay of annual staffs for years past, is now serving in the U. S. Navy. We missed him. Miss Lynn of the Physics Department was always willing to work with our staff photographers. Miss Bertha Bloodworth of the Publicity Office let us use her camera, borrow her flood lights, and when we were definitely worried about a " no-film situation " let us borrow several film-packs from her small supply until our order was filled. Not to be overlooked in my expression of appreciation are the " draftees " , friends of staff members who worked with us when all the help we could get was gratefully accepted. And to all of you who cooperated with us in gathering time and and again for group pictures to be taken, our thanks. Finally, I would like to say a personal thank you to each of you who gave me the opportunity to record for you a year ' s fun and work at our college, Florida State College for Women. To my successor, Margaret Baugh, I wish good luck. CLEO SAPP Editor-in-chief 1945 Flastacowo [217] AUTOGRAPHS [218] AUTOGRAPHS [219] AUTOGRAPHS [220] AUTOGRAPHS [221] AUTOGRAPHS [222] AUTOGRAPHS [223] AUTOGRAPHS [224] m w

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