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£ T° ) j 3 ?) fc l VOLUME 29 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY 2 ea aak off FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA MARION WEBSTER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ROBERTA VAN BRUNT BUSINESS MANAGER J i d J ' Wmm ■ " " ?::, The majestic towers of Westcott, the A 1 ministration Building of Florida State Col- lege for Women, thrusting their strength into blue skies as the symbol of that intangible something that is firm in the heart of every student. £ . tf e tf)V V AS » v- V . ' sv f - ' 1 c e» c o ' » V r t a » " to 0 " V a ' atv v v ,, o- Dormitories by night, Gilchrist and Landis Halls, halls rinsing with youthful laugh- ter, carefree activity and the silence of midnight feasts. And in contrast, 1!)42, halls that hear the shrill whistle for lights (iff and a blackout is staged for air-raid drill. Lights on again, lights burning late for tomorrow ' s exam, lights glowing over the dark campus until cur- few tolls bed time. Dormitories by night. Gothic silhouettes against star-studded skies. [ 4 ] The portals of knowledge, the college Library, wherein the students " ' burn the midnight oil " amid rows of books, the classics, the sciences. And just books for the joy of reading. Long rows of musty books, shiny books, new hooks and old. fingered pages, soiled margins and forgotten bookmarks through the years. U -. II « , ; II .. II it 1 1 f 3 v ..Mm. . I»- ii m n 111 M ' , Laughing voices, odd and Even yells, screams of victory ! The Gymnasium home of all athletics, class games, morning instructions, and friendly afternoon challenges. Home of good sportsmanship. And at night, the strains of soft ninsic. and the thump to a " solid four " , laughing eyes and busy feet making way for another college Frolic, The lap of water fanned by the dip of the camper ' s paddle as her canoe cuts through the calm of Lake Bradford. Age worn cypress, their fat knees pushing up along the bank and shading ( ' amp Flasta- cowo, haven of students for recreation, poetry and undy- ing friendships. t « ] - - . , H tm mm ■. ' -■■ D eeti t6iti OU [ 8 J To Dr. Doak Sheridan Campbell, who has sur- vived his first year of handshaking and who has carved his first Tallahassee turkey, who has celeb ratal his first birthday here and who lias accepted his new responsibilities; to the new president who, with his open mind and ( radons concern for everyone, has already become a part of our campus life; to him, we dedicate this 1942 yearbook. He is the man who is the third president of this college, the first to be inaugurated in thirty three years. Students and faculty, educators and Floridiaus hare watched and mailed for his selection, his arrival, and finally, his inauguration. Dr. Campbell received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Quachita College in Arkansas, his Master ' s degree and his Doctor of Philosophy from George Peabody College in Tennessee. He has been teacher, author — administrator and director. c o e6e W •A 1 , - s ta ttW e«- W l vW e w- etc- va r .A - iv v :. ;fl W : a k v a •tt» ei VV t •A N ee - e st V ;:: - W NS ' VoA v " e v a e - axle ' s -r: -r r V e Mi rj x V o s l tV ' a v att e a- vt 1 ..v.V 1 a N ' v . v1 oi X e s 0C e " ' a £L w - u u ' x- o ?$ ,.teA v " . g£0 - , u .u qO v 00 ,. tc ' , lA w fttftW v ov v ' ; etvt ' r ' v v U ' SV )OV • e !! w v Tli ,»W N ,ove . oC 6 W i » - 1 a atV ! V v : e vV N t e v ' riVft- toA u, e v :;: Rt t Vtv0 d a tW e v « " ott tfv« tfeft s ! oi o- ::: o. ca tfv ° , V eft 1 rjfcvS e e-.W WP " - r t vtf 8 ,W a ° aW OS 0 A-tte ii .si ' ' 1 ' 1. .W £ e ' g e A s« ,YiiO ' fS 0 o a vst •otfr ' 0« ott V eS c eeV ) v e s e - a pdlV 6 Ue XJVJS ' gvo-oS j-aU 8 ■ ? % ' pa£ e v aS e 9 ag e .ace • e V v aS e 9n Memosiiam Vitefiaia Jf. flatted Aufudt 21, 192i-May 31, 1941 I 12 The Administration calls us to CHdretA snu r lie Qaoektiosi and tk Newly in office, Governor Spessard Lindsey Holland started Florida ' s inaugural ball rolling. He took oath in last year ' s January ; gave Dr. Campbell the official seal at the college inauguration in February this year. SPKSSAiai HOLLAND Five members make up the Board of Control. Their task is to appease doting parents and revolutionary daughters alike; their problem to portion funds for dormitories and to give advice to executives. They are appointed by the governor to serve for four years ; their meetings are held once a month. Board members : H. P. Adair, Chair- man, Jacksonville ; T. T. Scott. Live Oak : W. M. Palmer, Ocala ; R. H. Gore, Ft. Lauderdale ; N. B. Jordan. Quincy. ADAIR i " " ■ ■ " ■» The outgoing and the incoming — both on the doorsteps of another phase of college administration. President Emeritus Edward Conradi almost two score years ago tool; the inaugural oath that President Campbell repeated this Spring. [ 15 ] V ml j Ht V E9MBMH C toLariru€ (AM ci 16 1 The BIG TEX. those who make our school what it is today, those who keep our eyes bright and see that we are tucked in at night properly and in order, those who keep our standards high and our social regulations in tip top shape. Yes. these are indeed the Bid TEN who direct us through our college years. Those who compose the council arc, left to right, Ella Scoble Opperman, Dean of the School of .Music: Ralph L. Eyinan. Dean of the School of Education ; G. L. Diffenbaugh. Assistant Dean. College of Arts and Sciences; Simeon R. Doyle, Registrar of the College: Doak Sheridan Campbell, President of the College; Olivia N. Dorman. Dean of Students; Elizabeth 0. Andrews. Director of Personnel and Placement; Elmer Riggs Smith, Secretary of the Faculty ; John G. Kellum, Business Man- ager of the College ; not pictured is Margaret R. Sandels, Dean of the School of Home Economics, and William G. Dodd, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. [ 17 ] neicuJru Ceu fc in l 18 1 These are our brains, our professors and their assistants with a string of degrees a mile long. They form our Faculty Senate, a group whose work is to control the curriculum of Florida State and to keep it on top ranking competitions with the best univer- sities everywhere. They sponsor the work that makes our school high in standards of scholarsh ip, fellowship and conduct. It is by the work and planning of this body that we as students are assured the courses of study we need, and the variety of courses we want. :g| 4 I V ■% ' t , - " j Ifll i i Wiaaai e-siiiw uiiSl jgjiww i fAMii ■ « w. r- « mm mm m : mWm m I - ■ ■ ■ • ... Mil a ■ « ».. .............. iic - . Our faculty, our instructors, our friends. Through their interest in US, their constant guidance to help us obtain a well-rounded and balanced dose of education, and particularly their patience in getting that close down our throats in the least painful manner, they are indeed the back- bone of our college life. Each of them has played an important part in our life and in the future those few who have found a helpful word for us as individuals, have shown us what we are best suited for and have helped us to reach that goal will live in our hearts and minds forever. Our faculty, yes, and our friends I [ 21 ] Our College Council composed of both Faculty and Students makes a combination for harmony and understanding that can ' t be beat. And they get things done in these gatherings when the Faculty Committee on Student Affairs meets with the Executive Council of C. G. A. Pictured to the right is a little pow wow at ( " amp Flastacowo with Mart Pierson. Dr. Conradi, Alice Price, Miss Katherine Warren and Dr. Shores. Pictured above is the Faculty Committee on Student Affairs, Elizabeth E. Lynn, Royale Mattice. Lucy Lester. Ezda May Deviney, Hugh bee Waskom, Olivia A. Dor man, Elmer Riggs Smith, Katherine Warren. Guy L. Diffenbaugh, Ruth Schornherst, Venila L. Shores. [ 2 And on the students horizon, the Executive Council of C. G. A., pictured above, Martha Stroberg, Chairman of Off Campus Committee: Ella Maude Jones, Freshman Advisor: Jan Wells. Chairman of Judiciary; Mary Lois Thomas, Chairman of Residence Halls Committee; Mart Pierson, President of C. G. A.; Jere Turner, Secretary of C. G. A.; Alice Price, First Vice President of C. G. A.; Kitty Jo Hickman, Third Vice President of C. G. A.; Jane Watts, Second Vice President of C. G. A.; Jean Wood, Treasurer of C. G. A. [ 28 ] ., 7£ 8 . • p r es lid 1 faecv foe [ 24 ] Mart Pierson presiding in convocation as President of College Government Association. It is the work of this Executive council on our campus to work together with the faculty, making our life here one in which we as students can express our individuality, our responsibility and attain well-rounded maturity with as few rules as is possible to have. They work for us. They work with us. Pictures on these pages show convocation as we stand to sing Garnet and Gold, as con- vocation is dismissed. Below, the balcony gives three cheers and at right is pictured Jere Turner, tacking up an announcement poster, one of her many duties as Secretary of C. G. A. r 25 i ktt ee R r aU - U- 3. p »« Seflte " 1 v.- fta o . C- v. V. ' NVeUs ' Vood ' NV ood f 26 ] Student .Senate is the organization from which most student legislation originates. Its representatives are a cross section of the student body. The issues brought before the Student Senate are put into the form of a bill which is then presented for the approval of the Faculty Senate on Studcni Affairs. Standing committees are pictured on this page. Upper left are pictured members of the Usher Committee, A. L. Cannon, Chairman; A. Cleveland. D. Bryant. M. E. Cason. B. M. Morrison, M. A. McBride. A. Hodger, L. Rogin, J. Chancy, U. Cogdill. M. Rhame, B. Shriner. E. J. Brown, V. L. Jones, H. Beals, M. MeDermon. Upper right shows the Auditing Committee, A. Wood. Chairman; A. Gamble, .1. D. Durnell. Middle right are E. A. Doyle, M. J. Dolby and C. Stowell, Chairman of the Handbook Committee. The Social Committee is pictured lower right. Tarn Thomas, Chairman : E. Beisler, J. Bierer, H. Vogt, N. White, P. Venning. R. .James, J. Godbey, L. Carothers, M. Perry. E. Cooper, M. E. Padgett. N. White, P. Shannon, B. McMichael, B. Brown. M. C, Foster, M. Davis, M. G. lluggins. J. Chazel, M. Cox, M. Morrison, L. Davitt, M. E. Mead. D. Lyons. The Budget Committee is pictured below, Helen Benton. Chairman; M. S. Daniel, Frances Roberts, E. Cooper, R. Roehsner, E. Crown. X. S. Smith, A. Wood. ftC« eo ' ««f rf ° •° v % NV a? 5 Laura Carothers, Elizabeth Jeffress, Mary Parker, Helen Edwards ' , Peggy Lee Walker, Ruth Wisdom. Carmen McBeth, Rosa Maxide McDowall. Juliana Erck. Jean Winter, Betty Thornton. I. ula Joughin, Ruth Weaver, Peggy Barfield, Cherry Mitchell. (V 4 These are the Sophomore Council girls, those bright- eyed lassies yen see bobbing about on the campus your very first day. They are chosen at the end of their Freshman year to take over the minor duties of campus work and are selected by the merit of their first year s progress and attitude. In the pictures on these pages they are seen working at their various duties. Sophomore Council Advisor is Jane Watts, Second Vice-President of G. G. A. Not pictured arc Ruth Boyd. Victoria Lewis, and Ann Peck. Lloyd Pierce. Marianne Smith, Vianne Bloodworth Harriet Aufford, Jere Turner, Margaret Todd. Above: Betty Lou Jackson. Chairman ; .lean Flynn. Mildred Boley, Anna Sands. Jean Kneeiand, Leila Norris, Mildred AVoodberry. Yvonne Cody. Louise Walton, Lucile Miller. Elsie Rives, Louise Perkins, Jean Lloyd, Mary Stuart Yancey, Frances Blake. Betty Carolyn Jackson. . V °- .V y v i©- " v e ■t 1 [ 30 J o tom Student Forum, that grand-old-get-together where we gather utter sundown t blow off steam, say what we want to say. and hash up the things that have been bothering us. We limit our topics to nothing, discussing anything in style or is the current ear to ear hob-knobbing. This year discussions have centered around defense programs, finding out what other schools are doing in defense, our school constitution and just student problems. Third Vice-President Kitty Jo Hickman tossed the gavel this year and working with her were Jane Mcndenhall. Aleene Pridgen. and Mary Anne Jones. [ 31 ] ' «C fV ' Jan Wells, Chairman of Judiciary, and twelve elected members make up the more serious side of our college government. Working in conjunction with her are the two divisions of lower court shown below. Residence Halls Committee: Mary Lois Thomas. Chairman ; Evelyn Ann Doyle Secretary; Wilma Smith. Seryeant-at-Arms ; Gwendolyn Bradley, Mary Dana Brown Helen Dahlgren, Margaret Fonihy, Betty Jacobi, Elsie Merritt. Off Campus Committee: Martha Stroberg, Chairman; Mary Evelyn Wooten, Secretary; Barbara Brown, Treasurer; Edna Eaile Wilson. Sergca nt-nf-Arms ; Elizabeth Draughn, Gloria John Dulaney. .Iran Durrance, Frances Howze, Mary Ellen Igou. Mary Fay McC ' lanahan, Lillian Rogin, Dorothy S pinks, Myra Swindell, Margaret Thomas and Eleanor Yothers, Jennie Murphree House Council : Helen Dahlgren. Peggy Kuppers, Miriam Smith, Jean Tally, Gwen Bradley, Ruth Roehsner. Polly Venning, Cleo Lochas, Aurora Cammarata. and directors, Miss Rogers and Miss Forman. tfou e « Our six dormitories each have a House Council, composed of the house presi- dent, vice president and floor chair- men, and of course the directors of the hall ex-officio. Smaller offenses are taken care of by these councils. We all make mistakes now and then. Reynolds House Council: Evelyn Ann Doyle, Betty Cobb, Elizabeth Cooper. Diana Vergowe, Marian Telford, Doris Lemle. and directors. Miss Gordy and Miss Rowan. Bryan House Council : .Margaret I " by, Lucille Whilly. Mary Padgett, .Veil Sims. Nellie Dolby. Norma IVniiovor aiid director Miss Pope. Broward House Council: Elsie Merritt, Leonora Driggers, Marilyn Perry, Frances Fosdick, Margaret Ball, Jean Cary and director Mrs. Saynor. Gilchrist House Council: Wilma Smith, Angelina Bryant, Helen Herriott, Lollie Carothers, Helen Edwards, Mary Shiver, Frances McClure, Ernestine North and Betty McDermon and directors are Miss Abee, and Mrs. Turner. Landis House Council: Betty Jacobi, Dot West. Jane Godbey, Alice Ludlam, Stella Valenti, Loretta Elias, Mary Ellen McC ' all, Rosa May Anders, Kathryn King, Rebekah James, Anne Alfriend, Betty Sue Long, Margaret LaCelle, Marcy MacKintosh with directors Miss Byrd and Mrs. Warner. Qa ie [ 36 I Those arc the girls who orientate our Freshman and Transfer stu- dents all about how things function at F. S. C. W. Ella Maude Jones is Bin Chief Freshman Advisor and she and her committee teach the incoming girls their obligations, duties and responsibilities assumed in becoming citizens of the campus. Pictured on this page are advisors from Jennie Murphree, Reynolds and Bryan, Freshman Dormitories, and in the lower left, the Off campus, tranfer and day student counselors. Price, Rogin, McBride. Branam, Rhame, Cash, Sollar, Anders, Bonniwell, Farrior, Kirchner. Ludlam, Marshall. Counselman Lochas Hawkins Venning Kelly Dillingham Bradley Cammorata Marsh Roehsner Dahlgren Knowles King Langston Smith Talley Garrett Oldham Barton rj |-Ctl S v r % « axe e4 " , «VP S veS e 5 to ••■ ,.,., i°V " . e - [ 38 ] e !! ocat ? ft e s eSV Taking the leap as full fledged o eisi o is " Goodbye, classmates dear The time that we must part is here. Time has flown swiftly it seems. But what has been is j)ast -forgetting. " 193S: All of us were as " Green As My Valley " When eight hundred strong we came to Tally ; Awkward and shy and some of us blue, Tint the Blue Jacket girls showed us what to do. With their cheerful aid we steadied our pace, And soon felt as if we owned the place. The traditions added to our elation Torch Night, Odd-Even Games, and Demonstration. Stroberg ' s " Ain ' t Misbehaving " became our song. But the Second Floor " Morgue " went slightly wrong Freshmen elections were thrilling and fun. It was then that Grace Bail ' s regime was begun. Then Spring with the beauty of dogwood and pine— And exciting Sophomore Council Tapping time. Our year ended, though it seemed just begun Leaving bright memories of our Freshman fun. 1939 : As Sophomores we had no time to " slump " For exciting new events kept us on the jump. The opening of Landis and the Student Alum — Plus Mrs. Roosevelt ' s visit, and more things to come. As upper-classmen with sophistication Our Sophomore Hop was quite a sensation. Sophomore-Senior Breakfast with everyone in white Will always be cherished as another highlight. = 1940: Our Junior Year, and again Grace was President As head of our class she was becoming a resident. Our Junior-Senior Prom, the long-awaited dance By Russ Morgan ' s Band was further enhanced. Then up and coining leaders with actions agressive Were Mortar Board ' s choice in a service impressive. Next Kid Day with us all acting gay — And far too soon, again it was May. 1941-42 : Our last year and " Hail to the Caps and Gowns " Some of us caught ourselves turning around ; That we were the Seniors so noble and dignified Was impressed at Investiture with all that it signified. Again as Seniors, our President was Grace This time we decided to omit the race. Unanimously, Mart Pierson headed C.G.A. Judiciary Chairman was Jan Wells — capable in every way, In quick succession campus events flew With each one our pangs of departure grew ! The Christmas party with a Bond as our gift — The transient soldier problem which created a rift — Then Junior-Senior Prom — the Kid Party and fun — That last Quarter rush to get our work done. Came May Day with Mart Pierson as the Queen — Then just around the exams Commencement was seen. Class Day with Caps and Gowns passed on — Baccalaureate — Commencement — and then we were gone. " Though the gears mag go awry in our hearts will ever lie Memories that never die — Goodbye! " [ 40 ] Senior GlaAA, OfficeM GRACE BAIL, President. ANN ALFRIEND, Vice President. DOROTHY HUGHS. Secretary. VIVIAN ADAMO. Treasurer. MARY EVELYN WOOTEN, Parliamentarian. SARAH DUKE BRYANT, Representative to Semite. JEAN FELKEL. Representative to Senate. PAULETTE NOLAN, Athletic Manager. [ 41 ] [ 42 ] ». M. F. Co Mary Catherine Barbara mZ MARY FRANCES ADAMO, Tampa. B. S. in Commerce; VIVIAN ADAMO, Tampa, Bachelor of Science; MARY CATHERINE ADAMS, Tampa, Bachelor of Arts; BARBARA ALBRIGHT. West Palm Beach, B. S. in Home Economics; ANNE ALFRIEND, Tallahassee, Bachelor of Arts; KATHERINE ALISSANDRATOS. Tarpon Springs, Bachelor of Arts; EDITH ALY, Moore Haven, B. S. in Commerce; HELEN BALLOTJ, Tallahassee. B. S. in Commerce; VIRGINIA BARFIELD. Wimauma. Bachelor of Science; EMILY BARROW, DeSoto City, B. A. in Education; LOUISE BARTON, Sarasota, B. A. in Education. I nne Kill lie rinc Edith He len Barfly fl ' ijNj Alma ALMA ANDERSON, Winter Haven, Bachelor of Music; LUC ' ILE ARNOLD, Groveland, B. S. in Home Economics; RUTH ASBURY, Coconut Grove, Bachelor of Arts; AUDREY ATHERTON, Pen- sacola, B. A. in Education; DOROTHY AUSTIN, Plant City, B. S. in Home Economics; GRACE BAIL, Jacksonville, B. A. in Education. Dot Grace Emily Barton [ 44 ] i i Clara Ileta Sara Catherine CLARA BASSETT, Clearwater. R. S. in Education; ILETA BEALL. Altha, B. S. in Home Economies; SARA BEDSOLE, Graeeville, B. S. in Home Economics; CATHERINE BELLAS. Winter Park. Bachelor of Arts; HARRIET BENSON, Lakeland. Bachelor of Arts; HELEN BENTON. Jacksonville, B. S. in Commerce; MARYLILA BIBB, Jacksonville. B. S. in Home Economics; MARGARET BOOTH, Clearwater, Bachelor of Arts; BETTY BOYER, Tarpon Springs, Bachelor of Science; ELIZABETH BRAGG. Miami. B. S. in Heme Economics; MARTHA BRANDON, Palmetto, B. A. in Education. Harriet Helen Marylila Margaret Betty ' i , ■• ' .1% Caroline Teeny Sue CAROLINE BIRD. Tallahassee, B. S. in Commerce; THEO BLA- LOCK, Oeala, B. S. in Home Economics ; SUETTA BLANDING. Gainesville. B. S. in Commerce; BETTY BOLL1NG, Jacksonville. Bachelor of Arts; AUDREY BOLTON, Miami. Bachelor of Arts; MARY LOUISE BONNIWELL. Key West. B. S. in Commerce. I ml nil lionniwell Betsy Mm- 1 Jin [ 46 ] Naomi Bittle Mary Dnna Ruth NAOMI BRAUER, West Palm Beach, B. S. in Home Economics; BETTY BROWN, Fort Lauderdale. B. S. in Education; MARY DANA BROWN, Homestead, Bachelor of Arts; RUTH BROWNING, Trenton, B. S. in Nursing; GENEVIEVE BRYAN, Port Orange, Bachelor of Music; NELL BRYAN, Palatka, B. S. in Commerce; SARAH DUKE BRYANT, Coral Gables, Bachelor of Arts ; BETTY CAPPLEMAN, Miami. B. S. in Home Economics; DORIS CARTER, Palatka, Bachelor of Arts; KATHLEEN CHENEY, Pensacola; B. S. in Home Economics; BLANCHE CLARK, Tampa, B. A. in Education. Gliiny Nell Duchess Betty Doric .. - I ift Evelyn EVELYN BUETTNER. St. Petersburg. Bachelor of Science; LOUISE BURGER, Miami, Bachelor of Arts; NINA BUSH, Home- stead, B. A. in Education: WANDA BYRD, Tampa, Bachelor of Arts: GENEVIEVE CALHOUN. Palatka. B. S. in Commerce; JUDY CAMPBELL, Tallahassee, Bachelor of Science. Genevieve Judy Blanche [ 48 Litcile Virginia Weezij Lcnora LUCILE CLARK. Havana, Bachelor of Science; VIRGINIA CLARK, Quincy, B. S. in Commerce; LOUISE CLEMENTS. Ft. Myers, Bachelor of Arts; LENORE COHEN, St. Petersburg. Bachelor of Arts; LUCY COLE, Florence. S. C, Bachelor of Arts; PATRICIA COLEMAN. Jacksonville. B. A. in Education; EILEEN COLLINS. Plant City. B. S. in Commerce; LIZZIE MAE COWAN, River Junction. B. S. in Home Economics; BONNIE CRAIG, St. Petersburg, B. A. in Education: CARRIE FOREHAND CROCKER, Mulberry, B. S. in Home Economics; LOUISE CROSBY, San Mateo, Bachelor of Arts. i. a i ' a Patricia Eileen Lizzie Mae Bonnie W k - - i3 r W AmCSS ( ' l)ll llif CARMEN C0NSTANT1NE, Sarasota, Bachelor of Arts; PEGGY COOK, Lake Wales, Bachelor of Science; LOIS COOPER. Green- ville, Bachelor of Arts; LULA COOPER, Quitman, Ga.. Bachelor of Music; JEAN COPELAND, Jacksonville. Bachelor of Arts; MARY LOUISE COWART, Tallahassee, Bachelor of Music. Cope Mary ' Louise Carrie Trixic n v [ 50 ] Mail Katliiyn Crownie A " ii thi- line Curry MARY KATHRYN CROSS. Perry. B. A. in Education: ETHEL CROWN, Clear- water. B. S. in Commerce; KATHERINE CUELLER. Miami, B. S. in Commerce; MARGARET CURRY. St. Cloud. B. S. in Commerce; EMMETT CURTIS, Tampa. Bachelor cf Arts; MARLINE DALE. Live Oak, Bachelor of Arts: PAULINE DALE, Ft. Pierce. Bachelor of Science; JULIANA DAVIS. Jacksonville, B. S. in Education; MARTHA DAVIS. West Palm Beach. B. S. in Commerce: BERYL DAWSON, West Palm Bearh. B. A. in Education; MARY BRICE DEAVER, Tampa. B. S. in Home Economics. I ' .m mi I 1 in iiin I ' liiilinr Julie Martha Mary Sue MARY SUE DANIEL, Lakeland, Bachelor of Arts; JEAN DAN- IELLS, Eustis, Bachelor of Music; RUTH DANIELS, St. Cloud, B. S. in Nursing ; MARGARET DAVIDSON, Lawtey. Bachelor of Arts; BROWNIE DAVIS, Pike Road, Ala., Bachelor of Arts; HELEN DAVIS, Orlando, Bachelor of Arts. Bron nie Helen Beryl Brick; [ 52 ] Lenoir A mil ■( -,n Olive Ma vac r LENOIR DEKLE, Oklawaha. B. A. in Education: AUDREY DE LA RUE, Pensacola. B. S. in Commerce; OLIVE DELL. Gainesville. B. S. in Commerce; MARGUERITE DIAZ, Tampa, Bachelor of Science; CAROL DIXON, Fellsmere. B. A. in Education; BETTY DUMONT. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. B. A. in Education: MARY BOLLING DUNCAN. Jacksonville, Bachelor of Arts; ANTOINETTE FARRIOR. Frostproof, Bachelor of Science ; JEANNE FELKEL, St. Augustine, Bachelor of Arts: RUTH FERGUSON, Tarpon Springs, Bachelor of Science; MARY FRANCES FETNER. Jacksonville. Bachelor of Arts. Carol Betty Dunkie To iii Freckles i ' T V V SARA DUNCAN, Jacksonville, Bachelor of Science; VIRGINEA DUNN, Mires, Bachelor of Music; JEAN DURRANCE, Gainesville. B. S. in Home Economics; ANN EBERHARDT, Plant City. B. A. in Education; HELEN EMMANUEL, Tarpon Springs, B. A. in Education; ELIZABETH EZZARD, Winter Garden, B. S. in Home Economics. Helen Ezzard Fergy Fet [ 54 ] T- Marti Ma i ! Chi ire Honeybee Frembo A MARTHA FOKES, Ocala, B. S. in Commerce; MARY CLAIRE FOSTER. Or- lando. B. S. in Commerce; MARION FREELING. Sarasota, B. S. in Education; IRENE FREMD, Canal Point, B. S. in Education; KATHRYN GALT. Cocoa, B. A. in Education; ELEANOR GANDY, St. Petersburg, Bachelor of Science; HILDA GARCIA, Tampa, B. S. in Commerce; SARAH GODARD, Quincy. B. A. in Education; JANE GODBEY, Miami, Bachelor of Arts; KATHRYN GOODROE, Tampa, Bachelor of Arts : VIRGINIA GREGORY. Quincy, B. A. in Education. — ma — Lmu i — — .j. :■.■..... Kitty jjTjL tw i » Chubby llihhi Sarah Oodbey Irene IRENE GARRETT. Cocoa, Bachelor of Arts; MARY LOU GAR- RETT, Orlando, Bachelor of Arts; ANNE GAYLORD, Talla- hassee, Bachelor of Arts; SARA GEIGER. Melbourne, Bachelor of Arts; ELIZABETH GIERSCH, Coral Gables. Bachelor of Arts; ROSALIE GLICKMAN, Perry, B A. in Education. Peepsie Rosalie Kathryn Virginia r A [ 56 ] C ' OLETA GRIFFIN, Anthony, B. S. in Commerce; RACHEL. GRIFFIN. New- Smyrna Beach, B. A. in Education; BETTY GRIGGS, Bradenton. B. S. in Home Economics; HELEN GRIMES. Palmetto, B. A. in Education; VIRGINIA GRIMES. Palmetto, B. A. in Education; CAROLYN GRINER, Cross City, B. A. in Edu- cation; KATHLEE GUEST, Jacksonville, B. S. in Commerce; MARGUERITE HAMILTON. Jacksonville. B. S. in Commerce; AUDREY HARDEE. Gainesville. B. S. in Home Economics ; CELESTE HARDEE, Fernandina, Bachelor of Arts : CECELIA HARPER, Homestead, Bachelor of Science. A udrey LOIS GUNN, Tallahassee. Bachelor of Arts; DOROTHY GUTHERIE, Punta Gorda, B. S. in Commerce ; MIRIAM GUY, Hampton. B. S. in Home Economics ; ESTHER HACK, Orlando, B S in Commerce : DEDE HALE, Lutz, Bachelor of Arts; CAROLYN HALL. Apalachicola, Bachelor of Science. Deeclee Carolyn Sister Cecelia ,1 lb «L W ■ " [ 58 ] Annie Marii Enid Mary Margaret a , Si ANNIE MARY HARTSFIELD, Tallahassee. B. A. in Education; ENID HART- SHONE, Quincy. B. A. in Education; MARY HAYNIE. Orlando. B. S. in Home Economics; MARGARET HEARIN. Tampa. Bachelor of Arts; HELEN HENLEY, DeFuniak Springs, B. S. in Home Economics; DOROTHY HICKMAN, Live Oak, B. S. in Commerce; TINY HOPE HINES. Greensboro-, B. S. in Home Economics; MABLE HUGHES, Brooksville. B. S. in Home Economics; DOROTHY HUGHS, Avon Park, B. S. in Commerce; ELAINE HUNDERTMARK, East Palatka, Bachelor of Science; RUTH PRISCILLA HUNT, Tampa, Bachelor of Arts. Helen Dot Tiny Mable Dot w ■ •» _ nfl sQh r A 7 i rt| Ruth RUTH HINKLEY, New Smyrna Beach, B. A. in Education; MELISSA HOLMAN, Quincy, B. A. in Education; PATRICIA HOPKINS. Eau Gallie. B. A. in Education; SARAH HOPKINS, Jacksonville. B. A. in Education; CLYDE HOWARD, Carbur. B. S. in Commerce; FRANCES HOWZE, Palmetto, Bachelor of Arts. Clyde Frances Elaine Prix r 60 J Darene llrth Lil Pegyy : DAVENE HUNTER. Ocala. B. S. in Education ; ELIZABETH HUNTER. Crescent City, B. S. in Commerce; LIL HUSS, Wauchula, B. S. in Commerce; PEGGY HUTCHINSON, Barnardsville, N. J.. B. A. in Education; BETTYE HYATT, Miami. Bachelor of Arts; JUNE INMAN. Miami, B. A. in Education; ELIZABETH JACOB1, Molino, Bachelor of Music; JACQUELINE KEMP. Palmetto, B. S. in Commerce; SARAH KING. Jacksonville. B. A. in Education: MARY SMALL KLUEPPELBERG. Mayo, Bachelor of Arts; MARGARET LACELLE, Seffner, B. A. in Education. Bcttye June BeUii Jackie Sarah Gwendolyn GWENDOLYN JAMES, Key West. B. S. in Commerce; SELMA JENKINS. Tarpon Springs, B. S. in Commerce; CAROLYNN JOHNSON, Ft. Meade, B. S. in Home Economics; JANIE RUTH JOHNSON, Miami. B. A. in Education; JENNIE MAE JOHNSON. Key West, B. A. in Education; ELLA MAUDE JONES, Mulberry. B. S. in Home Economics. Jennie Mac Ella Mumlc Small Fill Margaret [ 62 ] Lola Carrie Edna Jay LOLA LASTRO, Tampa. Bachelor of Arts; CARRIE LOUSIB LEE. Pensacola. B. S. in Education; BUNA LEE, Miami. B. S. in Home Economics; MARTHA JAY LEE, Marianna, B. S. in Home Economics; SADIE LEE LENTZ. Limona. B. S. in Commerce; ANN LEWIS, Alachua, B. S. in Education; OLIDRITH LEWIS, Winter Haven. B. A. in Education; CAROL MARSHALL, Ft. Pierce, Bachelor of Arts; MARGARET MATTHEWS, Tampa, Bachelor of Music; GRACE RUSHING MAXWELL, Lakeland, Bachelor of Arts; ISABELLE MAYLAND , Ft. Pierce, B. A. in Education. Sail ic Ann Olidrith Carol Margaret Hazel HAZEL LOEBEL. St. Petersburg. B. A. in Education; MYRTIS LOUQUE, Perry. B. S. in Education; MARGUERITE LOWE. Mel- bourne. B. A. in Education; FLORENCE LUTZ, Tampa. B. A. in Education; EDNA MALAKOWSKY. Alva, B. A. in Education; MARIE MANLEY. Quincy, B. S. in Commerce. -0 :: ' " " " ■ ,:• I ' iIiiii Mm (c. Grace Tsabelle F 04 M inn Ruth ■J nut Until MIMI MACGOWAN, Quincy. Bachelor of Arts: RUTH McCAIN, Clermont. B. S. in Home Economics; JANE McCAY, Miami. Bachelor of Science; RUTH McCLAIN. West Palm Beach. B. A. in Education; MARY FAY McCLANAHAN, Gainesville, B. S. in Commerce: JANE McCLOSKEY. Irvine, Bachelor of Arts; DOROTHY McCOWN, Bushnell. B. S. in Education; MARGERY MELODY. St. Petersburg, B. S. in Commerce; JANE MENDENHA1.L, Jacksonville. Bachelor of Arts; MARGARET MILLER, Miami. Bachelor of Arts ; RUTH MILLER, Clermont. B. S. in Home Economics. T- ' ui Jane Dottie Margery Jane » J k A. M Norma NORMA McCREE. Orlando, B. A. in Education; SARA McINTOSH. Dade City, B. S. in Commerce; ANNA FRANCES McKAY, Ochopee, B. S. in Education; ANDREY MEANS, Lake City, B. A. in Edu- cation; CLAIRE MEANS, Gainesville, B. S. in Home Economics; MARY JAYNE MEDLIN, Miami, B. S. in Education. Claire Mary Jaync Miller Ruth VII [ 66 ] C ' LEO MIXON. Manatee. B. S. in Home Economics; ELVERA MOONEY, Tampa, Bachelor of Science; MINNIE LU MOORE, Dahlonega, Ga„ B. S. in Education; WILLIE LEE MOORE. Baker. B. A. in Education ; ELIZABETH MOUNTAIN, Pierson. B. S. in Commerce; CHRISTINE NEEDHAM. Ft. Myers, Bachelor of Arts; PAULETTE NOLAN. Miami, B. S. in Education; GENE PARKHILL, Tampa, B. A. in Education; RUTH PEARCE. DeSoto City, B. S. in Education; INA GRACE PERRY. Tampa, B. A. in Education: ROSALEE PERRY, Tampa, B. S. in Commerce. Nellie Peggy Ohaneey Betty Jane NELLIE NOWERY. Tallahassee, B. A. in Education; PEGGY OLD- HAM. Jacksonville. Bachelor of Arts; MARY FRANCES OVEN, Tallahassee, Bachelor of Arts ; BETTY JANE OXER, Lake Placid, B. S. in Home Economics; NORMA OXLEY, Brooksville. B. S. in Home Economics; CAROLINE PAINTER. Orlando, B. S. in Commerce. No I ' m a Little Painter Ina Grace Rosie [ 68 ] Edith Willie Mae Mart Tootsie EDITH PFARU, Wabasso, Bachelor of Music: WILLIE MAE PHELPS, Crestview, B. S. in Commerce; MART PIERSON, Tallahassee, Bachelor of Arts; MURIEL POOLE, New Port Richey, B. S. in Commerce; JEAN POVEY, Ft. Lauderdale, Bachelor of Arts; RUTH PRANGE, Vero Beach. B. S. in Commerce; LEORA PRUITT, Tallahassee, B. S. in Commerce; FRANCES ROBERTA ROGERS, Jacksonville. B. A. in Education; LILLIAN RUDD, Tallahassee. B. A. in Edu- cation; ANNE SAFAY, Jacksonville, Bachelor of Arts; ANN SANDERS, Titus- ville, B. S. in Commerce. Lillian Vivienne VIVIENNE RAINEY. Monticello. Bachelor of Music; DOROTHY RANDALL, St. Petersburg, B. A. in Education; FRANCES ROB- ERTS. Wauchula, B. S. in Commerce : PERN ROBERTSON, Homestead. B. A. in Education; VERA ROBINSON, Williston. B. S. in Home Economics; FRANCES LEE ROGERS, Lynne, Bachelor of Music. Vera Frances Anne Ann [ 70 ] Mary Lou Blanche Sclieppe Amelia ■ ta? MARY LOU SAPP1NGTON, Havana. B. S. in Commerce; BLANCHE SAUL, Jacksonville, B. S. in Commerce : DOROTHY SCHEPPE. Miami, Bachelor of Science; AMELIA SCHNEIDER, Port St. Joe. B. A. in Education; MARLENE SCHWAB, Jacksonville. Bachelor of Science; MARY SEARS, Tampa, B. S. in Home Economics; EDITH SEIVER. Plant City, Bachelor of Arts; ANNE PERRY SOLLAR, Sebring, B. A. in Education; MITZIE JOY SOLOMON, Miami Beach, Bachelor of Arts; IRIS SPERBER. Miami Beach. B. A. in Education: GERTRUDE SPETTEL, Miami, Bache lor of Arts. Muriate Mary Edith Anne Mitzic Joy Sadie SADIE SHAW. Tallahassee. B. S. in Commerce; RUTH SHINE, Tampa. Bachelor of Science; MARY SHUMAN. Monticello. B. A. in Education; DOROTHY SIMS. Lake Placid, Bachelor of Science; FRANCES SMART, St. Petersburg, B. S. in Home Economics; NELL SMITH, Jacksonville. B. S. in Education. Frances Nell Iris Tnidu ' % S Jk A [ 72 ] Mary Rae Aubrey Jean Given MARY ELIZABETH STAPLETON. Zephyrhills. Bachelor of Music; RACHEL STEIN LEVIS, Ocala, Bachelor of Science; AUBREY JEAN STEPHENS, Ponce de Leon. B. S. in Home Economics ; GWENDOLYN STEPHENSON, Dothan, Ala., B. S. in Education; MARTHA STROBERG. Miami. B. S. in Commerce; ANNE SUTHERLAND, Palatka, B. S. in Home Economics ; PEGGY SUTOR. St. Petersburg, Bachelor of Arts; SARA TEPPER, Cordele. Ga., B. S. in Commerce; CLARA MAE TERRILL. Perry, B S in Education; JEANNETTE THARPE, Tallahassee, Bachelor of Arts; BETTY THOMAS. Gainesville, Bachelor of Arts. Stroberg Anne Sara Clara Mae Sara SARA SWANSON. Perry. B. A. in Education; MYRA SWINDELL. Miami, Bachelor of Music; VIRGINIA TACKER, Lakeland, B. A. in Education; CAROLYN T ALLEY. Miami, B. S. in Home Economics; BETTY ANN TAYLOR, Tallahassee, Bachelor of Arts; JANE TELFORD, Miami, Bachelor of Science. Betty Ann Jane Jeannettc Betty r T4 MARY LOIS THOMAS, Miami, Bachelor of Science; TAM THOMAS, Lakeland. Bachelor of Science; VIRGINIA THOMAS. Gainesville. Bachelor of Arts; JONNIE THOMASSON, Wewahitchka, Bachelor of Arts; KATHERINE THOMP- SON, Crystal River, B. A. in Education; ISABELLE THOMSON, Lloyd, B. A. in Education; PEGGY THORNTON, Orlando, B. S. in Commerce; SUE VENNING, Miami, Bachelor of Arts; HELEN VOGT, Lake Wales, B. S. in Commerce; LISA VOSS. Lake City. Bachelor of Arts; JUANITA WARD. Live Oak, B. A. in Education. Helen Til till man MARGARET TILGHMAN, Palatka, B. S. in Commerce; MARJORIE TOOLE, Jacksonville. B. A. in Education; MARY TOWNSEND, Jacksonville. B. S. in Commerce; MILDRED TRUE, Balboa Heights. Canal Zone, Bachelor of Music; AVIS TUCKER, Talla- hassee. B. S. in Commerce; PEARL TYLER. Tampa. Bachelor of Music. Avis Pearl Lisa Juanita [ 76 ] Mr Izzie Elizabeth Marjorie Elis abeth 1 lfefe ISABELLE WATERHOUSE, Ponte Vedre Beach, Bachelor of Science; ELIZA- BETH WATERMAN, Tallahassee, B. A. in Education; MARJORIE WATKINS. Tampa, Bachelor of Arts; ELIZABETH WEATHERS. Evergreen, Ala., B. S. in Home Economics; ELIZABETH WEAVER, Tallahassee. B. S. in Home Economics; MARION WEBSTER, Winter Park, Bachelor of Science; JAN WELLS, Palatka, B. S. in Education; ANNE WILKINSON. DeFuniak Springs, B. S. in Commerce; ANITA WILLIAMS, Tallahassee, B. A. in Education; KATHRYN WILLIAMS, St. Petersburg, B. A. in Education; JEAN WILLIAMS, Lake Wales, B. A. in Education. 5® ' S Elizabeth Wilt Jan Anne Anita tNffeA DOROTHY WEST. Jacksonville, Bachelor of Music; MARY MARIE WHERRY, Auburndale, B. S. in Home Economics: BEULAH WHITE. Parrish, B. S. in Home Economics; CLARA WHITE. Pensacola. B. A. in Education ; MONTEREY WHITTLESEY, Jack- sonville, B. S. in Commerce; SUSAN WIGHT. Sanford, Bachelor of Science. Montie Susie Kathryn Jean [ TS ] Elsie Rex Sadie Addie ELSIE WILLETS, South Bay, Bachelor of Arts: REX WITHERS, Tallahassee, B. S. in Home Economics: SADIE WITHERSPOON, Carrabelle, B. S. in Com- merce; ADELINE Wood. Jacksonville, B. S. in Commerce; JEAN WOOD, St. Petersburg. B. S. in Education; MOZELLE Wood, Chiefland, B. S. in Home Economics; JIAItV EVELYN WOOTEN, Lakeland, Bachelor of Science; JOHNNY- MAE WRIGHT, St. Petersburg, B. S. in Homo Economics; ELIZABETH YANCEY, Umatilla, B. S. in Home Ec mics; NELL VOX, Blountstown, B. S. in Home Economics: BELLE YONGE. Pensacola, Bachelor of Arts. Cits Moselle Mary Evelyn J oil ii ii ii nun Elisabeth i AMANDA ZEWADSKI. Tampa. Kachelor of Science. Pictured above — The senior Christmas Party with its lighted candles inul its luiii row of seniors capped and gowned ready to celebrate their lust Christmas at Tally is uu minimi event. After their banquet in the dining-room with Us traditional Christmas cuke they go carroling to the people in town. Later, much Inter, in fact after last lite flush, the Social Directors entertained them with a program in Landis parlor. yell Belle And so we say farewell to our most dignified and celebrated Seniors . Careful Tarn, don t work too hard. I SO ] Qotn bfts . . . down hut not out Oun io hs IRMA ACHENBECK, Orlando; KATHERYNE ALLISON. Live Oak; DOROTHY ALTMAN. Fort MARY ANGAS, Charleston. S. C; ANNE ARNOLD. Tallahassee; LOUISE ATKINSON. Jacksonville; BABERS, Gainesville ; CHARLOTTE BALKCOM. Jacksonville. PEGGY BARKER. Limona; LOUISE BATEMAN, Apopka ; NORMA BAXTER, Pensacola; BECK. Jacksonville; ELAINE BEISLER. Gainesville; CATHERINE BELL, Coral Gables; MARY BENNETT, Tallahassee; ANITA BERKOWITZ. Key West. BARBARA BINNICKER, Tallahassee; OCTAVIA BLADES, Lake Mary; MARIANA BOARDMAX. Miami; LILLIE MARLIN BOTTOMS, Graceville; LORA BOTTS. Jay; JANE BOYD, Lake Worth; BRADLEY, Miami; BETTY BRANAM, Miami. [ 82 ] Meade; MILDRED ANDERSON, Tampa; JEAN AUSTIN, Apalachicola ; DOROTHY HELEN BEALS, St. Augustine; FRANCES ELEANOR BELLAMY, Tallahassee; WADE Jacksonville; MARTHA BOSTWICK. BORIS BOYLE. Tampa; GWENDOLYN Hi : ' ?! ■ ' :..:...■■■■ ,,:;,.; g, t l: ' J imA Gun iote ADINE BREWSTER, Callahan; FRANCES BRODES, Dunnellon; BARBARA BROWN, Tampa; DONNA Odessa; HELEN BROWN, Clermont; MARGARETTE ANNE BROWN. St. Petersburg; KATHRYN monte Springs; JEAN BUESCHER, St. Petersburg. CATHERINE BUIE, Bonifay : KATHERINE BUTLER, Leesburg; LOUISE BUTTRAM, Palmetto; Daytona Beach; AURORA CAMMAROTA. Tampa; ELEANOR CAMPBELL. St. Petersburg: ANNIE PENTER, DeFuniak Springs; ELSIE CATER Tallahassee. MARGARET CARTER. Tampa; ANGELINE CASEY, West Palm Beach: CLARICE CASH. SUE CHAIRES, Old Town; MILDRED CHAPMAN. West Palm Beach; JEAN CHAZAL, Ocala; JEAN Gainesville; JAYNE COLLEY, Tallahassee. 84 I - » BROWN, Lakeland; EMOGENE BROWN, BRYAN. Palatka : LAT ' KA BRYAN, Alta- EVELYN BUTTS, Bartow; MARIE BYRD. LEE CANNON. Gainesville; ZELDA CAR- Tallahassee; MARY ELLEN CASON, Tampa; CHEANEY, Ft. Lauderdale; URSA COGDILL, v%: - a " V. ,, «dR ik ot. t i jwmM A J Qunio hs FRANCES COMPHER, Dade City; FRANCES COMPTON, Orlando; PEGGY CONKLIN, Eustis; ELIZABETH COOPER. Tampa; MARY COTTON. St. Petersburg; PENNY COUNSELMAN. Tice ; Winter Haven; CLYDE DAILEY. Micanopy. ELIZABETH DAVIS, Tallahassee; DOROTHY DAY. Pensaccla; ELSIE MAE DAY, Umatilla; VIRGINIA DIAL, Madison; NANCY LEE DOGGETT. Jacksonville: NELLIE DOLBY. St. Marks; BETH DRAITGHN, Moore Haven; DOROTHY DUBBIN, West Palm Beach. GLORIA JOHN DULANY, Pahokee; DOROTHY MAE DUNGAN. Key West; DENORA ECKER, ville; LAMAR ELLIS. Perry; SHIRLEY ERICKSEN, Daytona Beach; SUE ERWIN, Winter Haven; Demopolis. Ala.; DOROTHY FISHER. St. Petersburg. r 86 ] CHARLOTTE COOPER, Bradenton; ORLENE COX, Orlando; HELEN DAHLGREN LOUISE DE JARNETTE. Coral Gables; EVELYN ANN DOYLE, Tallahassee; ELIZA- Ft. Lauderdale: LORETTA ELLIAS, Jackson- JUNE EVANS. Tallahassee; MARY FIELDS. m. y S 3LjHi -car Gun io hs FRANCES FOSDICK. Arcadia; BARBARA FRANKLIN. Tallahassee: GERALDINE GALLOWAY, GARRETT, Daytona Beach; RUTH GARRISON, Moultrie, Ga.; ANNIE JO GATLIN, DeFuniak LORRAINE GEHAN, Tallahassee; KATHERINE GETZEN. Newberry. EMILY GILBERT, Winter Haven; ALICE GILLEY, Williston : JESSIE GOODE, Alachua; GREENE, Perry; HELEN GREGORY, Dania; VIOLET GREMLI. Sarasota; LOUISE GRIFFIN, P. R.; RITA GROSS, Deland. RACHEL GUNN, Foley; MARY GUTHERY, Reddick; MARGUERITE GUY. Tampa; MARTHA HALL, Blountstown ; STARLING HALL. Tallahassee; MADALYN HALPERN. West Palm Beach; SARA HAMILTON, Marion, Ind. ; JEAN HAMPSON. Gainesville. [ 88 ] AFVV " 3? . I 4 Kathleen; ANNE GAMBLE, Eustis; JANE Springs; FLORENCE GATLIN, Tallahassee; CATHERINE GREEN, Greensboro; VIRGINIA Anthony; MARTHA GRIFFITTS, San Juan, ELLEN HACKL, Bartow; MARGARETTE GEORGIANA HAMBURGER, Ft. Lauderdale; 5 " ,p Ji- i J Gun io hs MARY ANNA HAMPTON. Tampa; VIVIAN HAMPTON. Lakeland; PAT HANSEN, Ft. Lauderdale; HARRIS, La Crosse; MAXINE HARRISON, Palmetto; FRANCES HATFIELD, Ft. Lauderdale; SALLY HAYWARD, Lake Worth; RUTH HENDRICKS, Miami Beach. KATHRYN HENDRY, Aucilla; RUBY HEROLD. Miccosukee; KITTY JO HICKMAN. Jacksonville; HIELD, Vero Beach; BESSIE HIERS, High Springs; ELIZABETH HIGHSMITH. Miami; JEAN HODGES. Apalachicola; BERTHA LEE HOFFMAN. Boca Grande. LANTY HOGAN, Perry; MARY GRAY HOLDERMAN. Lakeland: NAOMI HOWARD, Plant City; HUGGINS, Chipley; PAULINE HULL, La Belle: MURIEL HUMPHREY. Daytona Beach; MARY INMAN. Jacksonville; DORIS JACKSON. Sanford. I MAIDA HARRINGTON. Canal Point; MIRIAM HELEN HAWKINS. West Palm Beach; FLORENCE HIELD, Vero Beach; JANICE HITCHCOLK, Bradentcn; ALICE CLAIR ELEANOR HUFF, Valpariso; GUSTA ELLEN IGOU. Winter Haven; ELIZABETH A, v 4 v„ v 4r k Guniofis MABEL JACKSON. Winter Haven; SALLY JO JACKSON, Lake Wales; DOROTHY JEWELL, South Boca Grande; MILDRED JOHNSON, Lake Worth; GLORIA JOHNSTON, Tampa : VIRGINIA JUHLIN, Lake Worth; ELLEN JUKES, Tarpon Springs; SUE KELLY. Gainesville. MARY LOU KING, Bradenton; MARY ALICE KIRCHNER, Adrian, Mich.; MARTHA KNOBLOCK. KRAMER, Leesburg; HINDER KREMER, Maitland ; NANCY KULP, Miami Beach; FENTONETTE Lakeland; ELTA LAROE, Eustis. DORIS LEMLE. Miami: REXETTA LEONARD, Daytona Beach; KATHRYN LEUTY, Leesburg; LOCHAS. Pensacola; MARY SHAW LOVE, Quincy; ALICE LUDLAM, Largo; MARCY MACINTOSH, ROBERTA MARKS, Clearwater. RSJTbr 5fa [ 92 ] Tallahassee; MARY ELLEN JOHNSON. FONES, West Palm Beach; DOROTHY Dcala; DORIS KNOWLES, Perry; HELEN LANG, Tallahassee; BETTY LANGSTON. OVELIA LINTON, Tallahassee; CLEO lacksonville; LOIS MARCHANT, Lake Park; WBSm ? X l.«k Ounio hs CHARLOTTE MARSH. Lynn Haven; ETHEL MARTIN, Trenton; KATHERYX MATTOX. Lynne; LaCrosse; MARY ANNA McBRIDE. Tallahassee; MARY ELLEN McCALL, Jacksonville; FRANCES MON, Jacksonville; GERALDINE McDONNELL, Foley. NONA McEUEN. Jacksonville : LUCILLE McLEOD. Aucilla; BETSY McMICHAEL. Tampa; MEAD. East Orange, N. J.; ALMA LU MEERDINK, West Palm Beach; ELEANOR MERRILL. ELSIE MERRITT. Pensacola; GWEN MERRITT, Gainesville. JOSEPHINE MILES, DeFuniak Springs; BETH MITCHELL, Miami; JEAN MITCHELL. ELEANOR MORGAN, Miami; MARION MORRIS. Gainesville; BARBARA MORRISON. Clewiston; LINS, Miami; CHARLOTTE NELMS. Houston, Texas. t »4 ] JANE MAY, Winter Haven: RUTH MAY. McCLURE, Ft. Lauderdale; BETTY McDER- PATR1CIA McNAMARA. Miami; MARY Gainesville; HELEN MERR1N. Plant City: Jacksonville; MARY MONAHAN. Jacksonville; BETTY iMOTT, Tampa ; HARRIETTE MUL- n : m Cunio hs DOROTHY NODINE. Clearwater; ERNESTINE NORTH. Longwood : LEONA OGLE, Miami; OVERCASH. Dunedin; FARRELL OWENS, Dahlonega, Ga.; MARY ESTELLE PADGETT, Macclermy; KER, Tallahassee; NINA PATTERSON, Jacksonville. ANN PATTON Jacksonville: MATTIE LOU PEACOCK, Jacksonville; GLADYS PETRIE. Staten Beach; BETTY JANE POST, Umatilla; BETTY JANE POTTER. Jacksonville; ALETA PRICE, PRIDGEN, Miami; PATTY RANDALL, Connor. BETTY RAWLE South Bay: VERA RAY, Burbank; JEANNE REESE, Miami; MARY RHAME, MARJORIE RICHARDSON. Lake Worth : L ' LOUISE RIVERS, Bronson; SALLY RIVERS, Tallahassee; ROSBUROUGH, Gainesville. I ' " • vr k 7a V ' si 3LIVE OLLIPHANT. Bartow; MADGE PATTY PALMER, Largo; FRANCES PAR- [sland, N. Y.; CELIA PIERCE, West Palm ilford; ALICE PRICE, Orlando: ALEENE rallahassee; BETTY RICHARDS, Deland; ILLIAN ROGIN. Miami; MARY ELIZA » V .. , M I : - ' MJ m } (Si " ..■ n , t!. ' , ■• vn [ 98 ] Gun iohs LUCY ROUMILLAT. Sanford: BETTE RUHL, Tice; EDNA SAFLEY. Foley: ELIZABETH SALE J Springs: SELMA SCHLOSS, West I ' alm Beach; MARJORIE SCOTT. Clermont; DOROTHY SELLERS) BETTY SHRINER. Tampa. MILDRED SHYVER. Bonifay : MARJORIE SILKS, Lakeland; FRANCES SMITH, Winter Haven I SMITH, Marianna; RUTH SMITH. Jacksonville: WILMA SMITH, Orlando; HELEN SMITZESj Jacksonville; EDNA SPRINGER, Hollywood. DOROTHY STALLINGS. Jacksonville; MARIAN STARKEY. Largo; MARY STEPHENSON ' CATHERINE STIMSON, Lake Worth; CHARLOTTE ST. JOHN, Tallahassee; DORCUS STONEi Britain. Conn.; MAGGIE MAE STUMP, West Palm Beach; DOROTHY SURFACE, Gainesville. _ Jfl Lakeland: CAROLYN SCARBOROUGH. Zolfo Miami; PATSY SHANNON, Pensacola; MIRIAM SMITH, Winter Haven; NELL Tarpon Springs; PORTIA SPAULDING, Jacksonville: SARAH STEWART, Ft. Myers; Grand Ridge; CAROLYN STOWELL, New x% « v , 0 ■ J I ' i Gun iohs MARION SWANSON, Palm Beach; GRACE THEIGE, St. Cloud; AVIS THOMAS, Gainesville; THOMAS. Gainesville; RUTH THOMAS, Miami; MARY ISABEL THOMPSON. Miami; JEANNE fay; VIRGINIA TOUCHTON, East Palatka. WINNIFRED TRIPLETT, Jacksonville; HILDRETH TUCKER. Eau Gallie; MARGARET TUNISON. ROBERTA VAX BRUNT, Miami; POLLY VENNING. Miami; DIANA VERGOWE, Orlando; FRANCES WRIGHT. Jacksonville; PATRICIA WALKER, Winter Haven. PATRICIA W ATKINS, West Palm Beach: JANE WATTS, Miami; VIOLA WEBB, St. Petersburg; JANE WELSCH. Chipley; NANCY ANN WHITE. Pensacola; BARBARA WILLIAMS, Tallahassee; ELAINE WILLIAMS, Tampa; LAURA ANN WILLIAMS. Pensacola. MARGARET THOMAS. Quincy : MURIEL TII.LOTSON, Lakeland; RUTH TISON, Boni- St. Petersburg; STELLA VALENTI, Tampa; WAID. Gainesville; VIRGINIA WAIN- GRACE WEICHMAN, Bradenton; MARY CARRIE LOU WILLIAMS, Gainesville; ' " " j, •fc :. . ■■?■ " ■ 5gf mm -■ ■;. ®® ..... ®:W ' ■ ® ' s?:;:??:: ' W® I ' LUCILE WILLIAMS. Panama City; RUBY WILLIAMS, Parrish; BETHEA WILLIS. Green- wood: JOY WILLIS, Miami. WILLETTA WILLIS, Tallahassee; EDNA EARLE WILSON, Bartow; EMILY WILSON, St. Petersburg; EMILY WITTEN, Jacksonville. WAYLES WOOD, Ft. Myers; MILDRED WOODWARD, Winter Park; HOPE YON. Tallahas- see; ELEANOR YOTHERS, Orlando; MILDRED ZINDLER, Miami. v o m ohes enthusiastic with first ' promotion S MARGARET ALLEN Baker JANE ORR ALL1N Lakeland GERTRUDE AMON Punta Gorda HELEN ANDERSON Nakomis JUANTTA ANDERSON Bradenton ROSITA ANDIA Palatka SophotkoAes 4r I l.l ' I ' A ARONOVITZ Miami Beach M. BARFIELU Wimauma MARY E. BENNETT Ft. Pierce SIIIORYL ASHMORE HARRIET AUFFORD AMELIA BAGWELL MARGARET E. BALL C. BALLENGEit Crawfordville Miami Alachua YVILNA M. BASKIN Tallahassee MARIA BIRD Drlfton MARTHA BECK Atlanta, Ga. LOIS L. BISIIO! ' Aucilla FRANCES BEDELL Jacksonville FRANCES BLAKE Orlando Chipley SARA F. BELL Chattahoochee V. BLOODWORTH Miami Lakeland MARJORIE RENNET ' West Palm Beach CARNTER BLOFNT Pensacola [ 104 ] MILDRED HOLEY. President KATHERIXE BOCK Tampa MILDRED BOLEY Bake A Urol SARAH BORDEN West Balm Bead) LITA BOWLES Deland MARION BOWNESS Ocoee RUTH BOYD Tallahassee MARY A. BRANNON New Smyrna NANCY BRANNON New Symna Beacb KATIE BRIESEZ Pen sa cola GWIN BROOKINS Marianna MARY ANN BKOPHY Pensaeola BETTY J. BROSSIER Orlando CAROLYN BROWN St. Augustine BETTYE BURCH Tallahassee MARY BROWN Lakeland D. M. BURTSCHER Arcadia ANGELENA BRYANT DOROTHY BRYANT Delray Beach Tampa MARY E. BUSTIN Fellsmere ELEANOR CALLEY Miami i T LA L. CAMERON DOROTHY CAMPBELL LAURA CAROTHERS CATHRYN CARR Lake City Laurel Hill Ft. Lauderdale West Palm Beach [ 105 ] JEAN E. CARY Warrington MAKY E. CASSADY Graceville MAI1V E. CATES Tallahassee MARY E. CHEELY Brooksville E. J. CHICOINE Winter Park N. CHILLINGWORTH Palm Beach SophotkoAes OLIVI CHRISTIE Lake City BETTT2 COLLIER Wesl Palm Beacb HELEN COOPEB Mayport ANNE CLEVELAND Miami C. M. COLLINS Orlando M. COPELAND Tampa YVONNE CODY Gainesville ESTHEB COHEN Bayonne, N. J. GERAIiDINE COHEN ELIZABETH COLGAN Bayonne, N. .1. Miami MARGARET COLLINS MARY I). COLLINS Aucilla Ft. Myers MARGARET E. COX Jacksonville M. CROOKSHANK St. Augustine MARIAN CONNOR Wesl Palm Beacb BLANCHE CROSS Perry GERALDINE COOK Winter Park NANETTE DALE St. Cloud [ IOC ] LAURA DOZIER Miami Beach JOANNE EDSON Jacksonville IRGINIA EVANS Pensacola FRANCES DUNN Lakeland HELEN EDWARDS Gulf Hammock RUBY EVERETT Chipley ROVANA DuPARC Miami JULIANA ERCK Weirsdale JEANNE EYMAN Tallahassee BESSIE LOIS EADDY Bushnell ELEANOR ERNST Jacksonville NANCY FAIRCLOTH Milton [ 107 ] KITH FAULDS Clearwater ETHEL, FIELDS Demopolis, Ala. E. FINLAYSoN Tampa BETTE FISHER Wauchula NELLIE FLEMING Crestview ALICE L. FLOOD Frostproof SophofooAes JEAN FLYXN Tallahassee REID FUSSELL Largo VIRGINIA GEE Tallahassee MARGARET FOLSOM .Minis FRANCES GAITHER Tallahassee SARA GEORGE Jacksonville PEGGY FOLSOM Chipley ROBERTA E. GANT Brooksville LUCY GOEDERT Jacksonville MILDRED PORD Lakeland ANA GARBUZ Habana, Cuba MAKY R. GOODWIN Ft, Fierce AGNES FRANKLIN Miami KATHERINE FRY Waldo MINNIE R. GARRIS NANCY E. GAYLERI Gainesville Lake Worth LILLIAN GORDON CATHERINE GRIFF! st. Petersburg Ft. Myers [ 108 ] Mi ni MAE HAYVES EVELYN R. HAYNES MAE DELL HAZEN Tallahassee Dunedin West Palm Beach r ELYN HELLER St. Petersburg KNEE HERMAN l ' " t. Lauderdale SARA HELMS Jacksonville HELEN E. HERRIOTT Et. Lauderdale HELEN HENDRICKS Lake City AUDREY HI YETT Lakeland JUNE HELIE Pensacola E. G. IIENSHAW New Smyrna Beach LEY HEYWARD Miami [ 109 ] HARRIET HILL I laytona Beach SALLY HUT Daytona Beach A. HOFFMAN Tallahassee MARY B. HOLMES ilonticello VIRGINIA HOLMES Mahopac, N. Y. JOYCE HOOKER Jacksonville ophofooAes PEGGY HOOLEHAN DOROTHY A. HORD MAXINE HOUSER PHYLLIS HOWELL Daytona Beach Wauchula Lake City Oc • BETTY C. JACKSON BETTY I.. JACKSON BETTY .1. JANES ;. JENNINGS Gainesville Tampa Jacksonville Jacksonville MARY ANN JONES i Clearwater NORMA JONES CHARLOTTE JORDAN AUDRE KING ' Plant City Tampa Cantonmenl ELISE HUTCHISON Sanford E. A. JOHNSON Jensen KATHRYN ANN KING Clearwater JEANNE INGHAM Pensacola I. M. JOIINSTO Kissinimee VIRGINIA KING ' Lakeland [ no ] — r JEAN WINTER, Treasurer JOSIE M. KINSEY Miami PHYLLIS KITE Jacksonville JEAN KNEELAND Lakeland WINIFRED KNIGHT Pensacola LOIS KNOWLES Valrico BONNI E K KEN TZ MAN Milton MARJORIE LAMBERT Tampa EMMA L. LAMBETH Tallahassee LYLA LANDIS Deland LAURA LEE LANE Tain pa EDNA EARL LAWS Arran ANNETTE LEVY Sarasota RANCES A. LEWIS MARY E. LEWIS MARY LIPPITT JANE LLOYD Gainesville Sorrento Frostproof Tallahassee JEAN LLOYD WILMA LOCKHART BETTY LOGAN MARY L. LOPEZ Ft. Lauderdale Haines City Lakeland Jacksonville ESTELLE LOWE LUCILE LUCKIE LEE MALAKOFF CELIA MANGELS Clermont Tampa Miami Miami Leach [ 111 ] si 1 , ;. d FAY MARTIN Toccoa, Ga. CAROLINE MASSEY Lakeland M. MATTHEWS Largo PAT MAYER Coral Cables CARMEN McBETH Key West rosa m. Mcdowell Bunnell SophofooAes NELL McELYA OCTAVIA McCEACIIY SHIRLEY McGIBONEY I ' AT McIIENRY NORMA McRAE Miami Milton Coral Gables Dunedin Tampa MARY E. MELTON BETTY M. MILLER THELMA ( ' . MILLER VIRGINIA MILLINOR BARBARA A. MILLS Brooksvllle Clearwater Wauchulu Perry Connor [RENE MENI EDAHL CHERRY MITCHELL MARY ;. MORAIN Plant city Lakeland t ' ensacola M. MORRISON DeEuniak Springs KATHLEEN MORROW Tallahassee H. McWHORTER Ft. Myers MARTHA MIMS Miami ETHYL MORROW Bradenton )2 RGINIA PALMER Ocala ANN PECK Ponte Yodre RLENE PHILPOT Sarasota LOUISE PERKINS Sanford LLOYD PIERCE Orlando MARILYN PERRY Gainsville PETTY P. FILSBUIU Parrish ROSALIE PINCLS Habana, Cuba MAE PINDER Miami NAN POPE St. Andrew JOANNE POTTS Jacksonville HARRIETTE POINDS Winter Garden M. C. POWELL Jacksonville MARIE PREVATTE Jacksonville SoplnofaoAes MARY A. PUGLICI Tampa LAURA RAEHN Orlando JAYNE RAINEY Coconut Grove JEAN RAINEY Coconut Grove MARY REDDICK Jacksonville DOROTHY REES Pensacola EDITH REVELL MINNIE J. REYNOLDS PEGGY R. REYNOLDS P. REYNOLDS FRANCES ROGERS MARY T. ROGOLfl Crawfordville Crescent ' ity Gainesville Osceola Brooksville St. Augustine CAROLINE ROMAN MARY RUTH RONEY Miami Tallahassee PAY ROOKS CHARLOTTE It. ROSE WISTERIA L. ROWE MILDRED SAULO Tallahassee Jacksonville Tallahassee Clearwater [ 114 ] [OLA L. SHARON « ' est Palm Beach MARY SHIVER Winter Park RTJTH SLOAN St. Augustine I. S. SILYERSTEIN Miami BETTY SMITH Haines City CARRIE SMITH Tallahassee MARGARET SMITH Orlando [ 115 ] MARIANNE SMITH Jacksonville VIRGINIA SMITH Pensacola M. SMITHGALL Ponce de Leon AGNES SMITZES Tarpon Springs M. SPEARMAN Lakeland DOROTHY A. SPINES Miami SophovioAes POLL ' S STANFILL • ireenwood EVELYN STOKES Baker jam: tashiro Miami HELEN ' L. STEELE SELMA STENSTROM Gainesville Wa nebula BETSY STEWART Deland F. STRICKLAND St. Petersburg FLORENCE TAYLOR Lake City W1LMA STRICKLAND L. STRINGFELLOW Eusiis Gainesville NORMA TAYLOR Mia mi M. TESTERMAN Umatilla OLIVE STILLWELL Mia mi FRANCES STUBBS Monticello M. J. THOMPSON Boynton Reach ERNESTINE STOKE) Harold BARBARA SWEET Miami I5ETTY TIIORNTO Orlando [ 116 J. WALLACE Clearwater XIXA WATSON Havana MABEL WELLS Callahan GLORIDA WATERS Lake Placid MARY R. WEAVER Kissimmee RUBY WESLEY Pt. Washington ALICE J. WATHEN Carrabelle JULIA WEED Jacksonville IRENE WHEELER Kissimmee ELEANOR WATSON Quincy C. WELLHONER Connor MARY WIGHT Sanford t 117 ] »1«K £ ' . ' . j : ' .Vv. VIANNE BLOODWOETH Representative to Senate KITH B. WILD Avon Park . I. KV I ' . WILSON Jacksonville HAZEL WOODHAM Campbellton JEWELL WILKINSON Chiefland G, WIMBERLT Jacksonville CLARICE WRIGHT Pensacola EDITH WILLIAMS Tallahassee J KAN WINTER Miami JANE WRIGHT Gainesville JANE BEA WILLIAMS ANNE WILLIAMSON MARTHA E. WILLIS Ft. Pierce RUTH WISDOM Tampa MARY S. YANCY Tallahassee Inverness MARION WOOD Tampa PATRICIA YORK Tampa Tallahassee M. WOODBERRY Tampa JANET YOUNG Ocala [ H8 ] I ' 45 ' s officers — today ' s VJtwftt ees ntf g r™ P r v fllC " PATRICIA AIKEN. Jacksonville; ALMON, Atlanta. Ga.; HELEN S. C; KATHLEEN ARMSTRONG, BAILEY. Jacksonville; MARGARET NELL BALDWIN. Tampa ; Ga. ; CATHERINE BARNES. BATEY. Jacksonville; BETTY A N N BENN ' ET T. Ellinton : ROSEMARY BESS, Miami; BISHOP. West Palm Beach; BURN. West Palm Beach: ANN DOROTHY BOARDMAN. Orlando; KATHERINE BONEY, High LOU BOYNTON, Havana: PEGGY EMMA ANN BRINKMAN. Orlando; BROWN. Homestead; ELIZABETH [ 120 ] DORIS ELAINE ACUFF. Jacksonville; MARY ANNE ALLEN, Mount Dora; ELIZABETH ANDERSON, Jacksonville; SANDRA ANDERSON, Tanpa; JEAN ANGAS, Charleston, .eesburg; MARGUERITE ARTHUR Miami; BETTY AUGHENBAUGH. Dade City; PAULINE 3AKER, Panama City; RUBY BAKER, Jacksonville. USTNELLA BARBER, Cross City; CORDELIA BARCLAY, Tampa; CAROL BARGE, Atlanta, )ade City; ANN BARTLETT. Belle Glade; FLORAMAYE BASS. Kissimmee; MARJORIE BATTLE, Miami Beach; BETTY BEAI L. Bradenton; VIRGINIA BEECHER. Tallahassee; iENORE BENSON, Boynton Beach. GARCIA BEYER. Sarasota; JEAN BIGGAR, Tanpa; MARTHA BISHOP. Gainesville; RUTH MARJORIE BITTER, Miami; EDITH BLACK. Brighton, Mass.; FRANCES JEAN BLACK- JLAKE, Tampa; ELLEN BLEDSOE, Miami; ELEANOR BLOUNT. Waynesboro, Ga. ; rAG BOHNERT. Miami. Springs; SUSANNE BONNER. Coral Gables; DOROTHY BORING, Plant City; BETTIE 3RAGG, Miami; ELIZABETH BRANDON, Palmetto; ANNIE-KATE BRENGLE. Tampa: .OIS LILLIAN BRINKMANN. Miami: BEVERLY JEANNE BRITTON, Miami. BETTY POPE. ffiOWN, Tampa ; JEAN CLAIRE BROWN, Jacksonville. [ 121 ] ySfi LILLIAN EUNICE BROWN, Mac BRYANT, Lakeland; CORA LOUISE Beach; JO HELEN BURT, Ft. LINE CALLAHAN. Bonifay; SARAH BETTY CARR, West Palm Beach: Lakeland; ELIZABETH CASSELS. LAURENCE CHALKER, West Palm CHAZAL. Ocala; BETTY CHESTER. ANNE CLARKSON. Jacksonville; DONNA COCHRAN, Holly Hill: PEGGY CONNER, Marianna; BAR Palatka; THELMA CORPENING. JEAN CORRY. Quincy ; BETTY EVELYN DALE, Ft. Pierce; ALTA JEWELL DAVID, Campbellton; DEKLE, Ocala; MARY DEMETREE, [ 122 ] -liny: RENEE BROWN, West Palm Beach; VIRGINIA BRYAN. Archer; NELL CJRGESS. Ft. Pierce; BETTY BURNETT, Gainesville; DOROTHY BURNETTE, New Smyrna mderdale; CATHERINE BUTTRAM, Palmetto: JULIA NELL BYROM. Milton. ETHEL EAR- ALLISON, Winter Haven; MARY ANNE CANNON, Tallahassee. ARY SHELLEY CARR, Monticello; JEAN CARRAWAY. Tallahassee; LOUISE CASON. ant City; DORO THY CASWELL. Alachua; DORIS CHAFFIN, Orlando; MARGARET jach; SYLVIA CHAMBLISS, Winter Haven; MARY CHANDLER, Pittsbugh, Penn.; BETTY igh Springs; FRANCES CHOATE. Tallahassee. LORIA CLAVEL, Wauchula ; MARIAN CLAY. Marshalh ille. Ga. ; BETTY COAKLEY. Tampa; )YCE COCHRAN, Jacksonville; EDITH COLLINS. Tallahassee; DOROTHY CONNER, Bartow; A.RA CONSTANS, Gainesville; WINNIFRED COOK, Winter Park; CLYDE COOPER, illahassee. REARY, Florosa; MARY CROCKER. Jacksonville; BETTY CROSSLAND. Bradenton ; ANIEL. Brooksville; MARGARET DANIEL, Ozona; ANGELINA D ' ANNA, Tallahassee; NNE HAYS DAVIS. Mt. Pleasant; SHIRLEY DE GINTHER, Tallahassee; DOROTHY NELLE illahassee. [ 123 ] 9(h HAZEL DOLBY. St. Marks; ERMA . DRAUGHON. Ft. Myers; ADELE DURDEX. Sanford; DOROTHY Plant City; MARY MARTHA MARY ELOISE EUBANKS. Chatta Tallahassee; ELIZABETH FARNS BAUM. Jacksonville; F ' RANCINE BETTY FOLSOM. Daytona Beach; HELEN FORSTER. New Smyrna: GERALDINE FREED, Miami; Reddick ; PEGGY FRIEDMAN. GATRELL, Fairfield; HARRIETTE JO ANN GETZEN, GainesTille; MARY GIFFIX. Miami: PRISCILLA GILI FLORENCE GLASS, Gainesville; Orlando: BETTY GREEN, Starke. [ 124 esh m ou iOUDNEY, Sanford; MARJORIE DOWLTXG. Tampa; VIVIAN DOWLIXG, Live Oak; LINN1E •UBOIS. Brandon; GLORIA DUBUS. Pensacola; JEWEL DITNAWAY, Moline; JESSIE ' YRENFORTH, Jacksonville; GRACE EARNEST, Pensacola; ELIZABETH EBERHARDT. MERICK, Sanford. oochee; KATHLEEN EVERITT. Panama City; GRACE FAIN, Tallahassee; MARTHA FAIN. 70RTH. Clearwater; ANN FARRIOR, Chipley ; BLANCHE FAVER, Miami: DORIS FEIGEN- ' ISHER. Brooker; HELEN FLETCHER, Greensboro; ELVA MARY FLORRID, Ft. Lauderdale; LORENCE FORDHAM, Tallahassee. IDITH FOSHEE. Jacksonville; ALINE FOUNTAIN. Jacksonville; DAY FOUNTAIN, Lakeland; OANNE FRENCH. Mt. Dora; PEGGY FRETWELL. Jacksonville: MARGARET FRIDY, laytona Beach; KATHERINE FUTCH, Dade City; MARY LILLA GANEY, Bradenton; KITTY AUSE, Tarpon Springs. ' RANGES GIBBS. Gainesville; JOY GIBSON. Miami: JUANITA GIBSON. Miami; BARBARA ,ETTE, West Palm Beach; ADELAIDE GILSON, Miami; MARGUERITE GIVENS, Gainesville; IARJORIE GOFF Pinemcunt; ELOISE GOULDING, Ft. Lauderdale; JANE GRAHAM; 125 ] $ -. + rf v V ANNA GERALDINE GRIFFITH, PENELOPE GUERRY, Gainesville; GERALDINE HALPERN, West Palm LEY, Tampa; ANNIE LEE HARDEE, MARGARET HARX. GainesvillJ HASTOX. Tampa; DALE HATH HAYMAN, Tampa; DORIS HEAD KATHRYN HILL, LaCrosse; JEANETTE HINSON. New Smyrna FORD, Miami; PATRICIA HOWARD. HULL, Plant City; EDITH HULSEY, INGRAM. Cocoa; ANNE JACKSON, ALICE JANSSEN, Ft. Lauderdale: Live Oak: IRENE JOHNSON. Miami; City; AUDREY JORDAN, Jackson, Augustine ; EVALYN KEMP, [ 126 ] esb m ov rilliston; SARA JACQUELINE GRIFFITH. Jacksonville; MARGARET GRISSETT. Jacksonville; BANNE GULLETTE, Pensacola ; JUNE HADSELL. Maitland; JENELLE HAIRE. Gretna: each: ELEANOR HAMM. Leesburg; HESTER HAMMOND, Ft. Lauderdale; MARTHA HAN- icksonville; GENE HARLOW, Jacksonville. ETTIE JANE HARRIMAN, Tampa: CONSTANCE HARTSIIORNE. Qnincy ; CAROLYN WAY. Tampa; NELL HATHAWAY, Tampa: ELOUISE HAYES, Lake Butler; JULIA EY. Punta Gorda; VIRGINIA HENDRY, Aucilla; DORR1S HERMAN. Ft. Lauderdale; RANCES HINES. Alachua. each; RUTH ROBERTA HOOD. Pensacola: JANE HOPKINS. Lakeland; ELIONNE HOS- ampa; BETTY ANNE HOWZE, Palmetto; JANE HUDNALL, Jacksonville; CATHERINE icksonville; ROSA HUNTLEY, Doctor ' s Inlet; MILDRED INGALLS. Vero Beach ; LORRAINE ade City. ANCY JENKINS. Gainesville; CHRISTINE JOHNSON. Pensacola; HELEN ROSE JOHNSON. :ARY VIRGINIA JOHNSON. Pompano; PEARL JONES. Plant City; REBA JONES. Dade ille; ALICE KAMERER. Miami; SHIRLEY KAUFMAN. Tampa; BETTY KELLER. St. almetto. [ 127 ] c ° w Ml ' vw " JEANNE KENDALL. Chrisman. 111.; ville; RUTH KITCHEN, Clearwater; KNAPP. Tallahassee ; D E E D E El LAIRD. Gainesville; MARIAN LAM MARGARET LAMOTTE. Tampa; Pensacola ; BETTY LEWIS. L1MBAUGH. Williston ; ALICE CUM. Ft. Lauderdale: MARTHA RUTH ADELE LONGCR1ER. LOVITZ. Jacksonville; MARJORIE LAURA MAPLES, Bowling Green; MAYS, Tallahassee: MARY .JESS McCALL, Jacksonville; SARAH LEE MCCARTHY, Okeechobee; Plant City; MARY McCORMACK- FRANCES McGARRY, Coral Gables; [ 128 ] esh m ou ECKY KENNARD, Jacksonville; CAROLINE KIME, Gainesville; LILLIAN KIRK, Jackson- VANELL KLINTWORTH, Tampa; MARGARET KLOEPPELL, Jacksonville; JEANNE NIGHT, Tampa; FRANCES DALE KNOX, Lakeland; MURIEL KNOX, Sanford; ANNE STH, Tallahassee. EDA LANE, Jacksonville ; MARY KATHERINE LAWTON. Ft. Lauderdale ; CAROLYN LEE, illahassee; JEAN LEWIS, Lakeland; ROSALIND LIGHTER, St. Augustine; ETHEL FAY :NCOLN, Limona; KATHERYN LINDSEY, Alachua; JANE LINN, Miami; BETTY LINTHI- ELEN LONG, Bartow. .cksonville; MARGERY LOOMIS, Coconut Grove; MADELYN LOTT, Bartow; CLARA )WRY. Clearwater; ELEANOR MAHONEY, Jacksonville; DORIS MAIGE, Tallahassee; 4.BRIELLE MATTOX, Camp Blanding; DOROTHY MAYHEW, Tallahassee; JULIA FRANCES cBRIDE, Orlando; GERALDINE McCAIN, Gainesville. cCALL, Moultrie, Ga.; BETTY McCALLUM, Chipley; MARY McCANN, Jacksonville; MINNA ARY ELEANOR McCARTY, Tampa; RUTH McCLOSKEY, Irvine; CECELIA McCOLPIN, cksonville; SALLY McCRACKEN, West Palm Beach; FRANCES McDERMON, Jacksonville; ELRAE McMILLAN, Tallahassee. [ 129 ] 5 ' " y ° MARJORIE McMULLEN, Clearwater; Harbor; JUNE McPHERSON, Miami; Jacksonville; GRACE MEGRAN, ROSE MESSINA. Tampa: PATRICIA MARGARET ROSE MILLER. FRANCES MILLS. Orlando; MARY FRANCES MOORE. Tampa ; DELYNE MORGAN. Miami ; MARCELLA SARA LEE MORGAN, Pensacola;i Lauderdale : DOROTHY MUSICK, see; DORIS NICHOLSON, Havana; Palm Harbor; SYLVIA OGDEN. IDA OVEN, Tallahassee; JEAN BETTY JEANNE OXLEY. Brooks; ELEANOR MARY PARKER. Pensa PARSONS, Tampa; JACQUELINE f % HA [ 130 ] ARY KATHERYN McMULLEN, Safety Harbor; W1LMA LOUISE McMULLEN, Safety ARY McRORY, Tallahassee: PATRICIA MacVICAR. Miami; ALYCE McWILLIAMS, u-ksmiville: MARY LUCY MENDENHALL, Tallahassee: LORETTA MENGE, Jacksonville; NN MICHEL, Hollywood; JEANETTE MILLER, Miami. rlando; MARGARET ROYEXA MILLER, I aytona Beach ; MARY RIA MILLER. Jacksonville; ARTHA MILLS. St. Petersburg; AUDREY MINER, Graceville; GOLDA MINTZ, Tampa; OORE, Tallahassee; RITA MOORE, Sarasota; ROSALIE MOORE, Gomez; ELIZABETH ORGAN, Brandon. ARJORIE MORRIS, Ft. Lauderdale; JEAN MURRAY. Lakeland; GLORIA MUSEBECK, Ft. uincy; MARIE MYERS. Tampa; PEGGY NEAL, Dade City; BETTY JEAN NEEL. Tallahas- RANCES NORMAN. Tampa; GRACE ELLEN NOVAK, Plant City; GERTRUDE NOXTINE. ialeah. VERSTREET, Miami; FRANCES OWENS, Madison; MARGIE SUE OXFORD, Lakeland; He; VIRGINIA PAGE, Greenville; BETTY PAGE, Ft. Myers; JANET PANCOAST, Miami; )la: NANCY PARKER. Tallahassee; LUCILLE PARRISH. High Springs; MARGARET ARTIN, Boynton Beach. [ 131 ] ■ . V o e ANNETTE PATTERSON, Lake Jacksonville ; MARIE PAVESE, Ft. DeSoto City; MARJORIE PEASE Tampa; DOROTHY PERKINS LOIS PETERSON, Miami; LIPS. Ft. Lauderdale; MARJORIEi MARY NELL PINHOLSTER POLLARD. Tampa; ELIZABETH! BETTY POPWELL, Jacksonville;! B E T T Y LOU I ' R I E S T L Y Miami; MARTHA RABB. Tampa; Greenville; JEANNE REID, Tampa | PATRICIA RELIHAN, Tallahassee Ellenton; BETTY RIDDLE. Orlando; MARGUERITE RISH. Wewahitchkas Beach; MARGARET ROBINSON! [ 132 ] esh m ou ales; JULIA PATTERSON, Monticello; ANN PATTISHALL, Orlando; MYRA PATTISHALL, vers; ANABEL PEACOCK. Williston ; EVELYN PEACOCK, Altha; EVELYN PEARCE, cksonville; PEGGY PEMBLE, Leesburg; MARY PENTON, Marianna; DELIA PEREZ, cksonville. DRIENNE PETRIE, Staten Island, N. Y.; JEAN PHILLIPS, Tallahassee; MARION PHIL- IILYAW, Perry; SUSANNE PIERCE, Lakeland; MARY PINCKARD, DeFuniak Springs; ■mond: SARAH JANE PITTS, Tampa; MARGIE Pl.ATT, West Palm Beach; JOAN )PE. Miami; GERTRUDE POPE. West Palm Beach. ORIA POSTELL, Gainesville; ANN PRICE, St. Petersburg; ELLEN PRICE, Norfolk, Va.; illahassee; MARCIA PROCTOR. Sanford ; BETTY PURVIS, Tampa; IRENE PUTZER, ARY ANNA RADEL. Miami; MARJORIE RAY. Kissimmee; MARY ELIZABETH REAMS. mOLYNE REYNOLDS, Ocala ; PATRICIA RHODES, Tallahassee; FRANKIE RICHARDS, 3ARLOTTE RIDER, Lakeland: MARY RIGGINS, Lakeland; MARY RIHERD, Tampa; S T NE HITTERS. Tampa; NAOMI RIVERS, Lake Butler ; DOROTHY ROBERTS, West Palm ampa. f 133 1 ° » ,-.c V All 3 BYRNA ROSS, St. Augustine; Pahokee; BETTY SANFORD, Tampa; MARY SCOTT, Jacksonville ; Jacksonville ; GAYLE SEWELL, LILA RUTH SHEALLY, Tampa; SHERMAN, Babson Park; GLORIA PATRICIA SIMMONS, Tampa; Beach ; DOLLY ANN S I S K, MARGARET SMITH, Tampa ; Zeyhpyhills; LOIS STEINHOFF, Ft. STEWART, Ft. Myers; DORIS OUIDA STRICKLAND, Tallahassee; MARY SULLENBERGER. Tallahas Paramus, N. J. ; MARY LOU TAYLOR. | MARY LOU THOMAS, High Springs; THORP, Auburndale; ROSEMARY [ 134 ] esb m ov 5HIRLEY RUBIN, Jacksonville: FRANCES RYAN, Doctor ' s Inlet: IRIS SALVATORE. LEO SAPP, Jacksonville; MARILYN SCHULTZ, Orlando; BERNIC ' E SCOTT, Tallahassee; MARGUERITE SCRUGGS, Monticello ; MARGUERITE SEAL. Lakeland: BESSIE SETZER, Starke. HENRIETTA SHELL, Orlando; Mary LOUISE SHERERTZ. Lakeland; CAROLINE 3HUMAN, Dnnnellon; JACQUETTA SIMMONS, Tampa; NANCY SIMMONS, Daytona Beach; 1.0UISE SIMPSON. Jacksonville; JANE SIMS. Canal Point; EVELYN 9IRKIN, Daytona Jacksonville ; PATSY SKELTON, Gainesville. FRANCES SPARKMAN, Dade City; SHEILA SPILKEY. Mount Dora; VIRGINIA STAPLETON, Lauderdale; EMMA STEVENSON, Miami; JOSEPHINE STEWART, Gainesville; SARAH 3TIMSON. Miami; CARLEEN STONE, Grand Ridge; MARGARET STOUT. St. Petersburg; CLAIRE SUDDATH, Panama City. see JANET SUTHERLAND. Jacksonville Beach; BILLIE SWEAT. Tampa; IRENE TALARSKI. Blountstcwn: SANNA JANE TAYLOR, Tallahassee; MARTHA TEETER, Winter Haven; MARY LOUISE THOMAS. Gainesville; TOMMIE THOMAS, Ft. Lauderdale; MARY LOUISE IT1RASIIER. Ocala; BETTY ANN TIERNEY, Pensacola. [ 135 ] Freshmen receiving their traditional torches. MARY DOUGLAS TINSLEY. Palatka : ALIEZE TRIESTE. Tampa; ELIZA JACQUELINE TURNER. Jackson UPDIKE. Sebring ; MAR JORI E FRANCES VANDIVER. Coral Gables; THERESA WAINWRIGHT, Jackson hassee; GLENNIS WALTON. Jack ANNE W ATKINS, Ft. Myers; ANNA DORIS WELLS, Belle Glade; BARBARA WHEELOCK. Miami; WHITENER, Bowling Green; ANN MATTIE VIRGINIA WILLIAMS. MARY LEE WITHERS. Okeechobee: Tampa ; MARY WOODWARD, BETH WYNN. Gainesville; ROSE YOUNG, Tampa; DOROTHY EMMA [ 136 ] esh m u 3Z TOLL.ES, Melrose; VERNE TOMS, Hialeah; MARY JANE TOWNE, Jacksonville; TH TROOP, Hawcwth, N. J.; GLORIA TUCKER. Tampa; LEGARE TUCKER, Tampa; e; NELL TURNER. Tallahassee; MARGARET UNDERWOOD, Brooksville ; VIRGINIA TLER, Apopka. RMEN VAZQUEZ. Tampa; FRANSETTA VINSON. Miami; MARY VOGT, Lake Wales; e; FRANCES WALKER. Lloyd; MARY WALKER, Perry; MARY ANN WALLER, Talla iville; MARY LOU WARE, St. Petersburg; CHRISTINE WARNOCK, Jacksonville; MARY JtY WEIGLE, Fellsmere. ANCES WELLS, Graceville; GLORIA WELLS, Chipley ; LOUISE WETZEL, Jacksonville; IZABETH WHIGHAM. Sanford ; MARY KATHRYN WHITE. Pensacola ; COTTYE OPHELIA ilTESELL, Sarasota; CAROLYN WIGGINS, Gainesville ; NATALIE WILLE, Clearwater; incy; HELEN WILLIS. Ft. Pierce. iRMA WITTENSTEIN. Orlando; MARIE WOMBLE, Apopka; HELEN WOODWARD, ighton, Mass.: SIBYL WOOL, Miami Beach; MARJORIE WYATT. Lillington, N. C; ELIZA- D YANCEY, Ocala; THELMA YONGE, Plymouth; JEAN YOTHERS. Orlando; DOROTHY UNG, Clearwater. I 137 ] MARY FRANCES ZETROUER Brighton, Mass. At their Freshmen Camp at the beginning of school these eager Freshmen get their first glimpse of Lake Bradford at Camp Flastacowo. I 138 ] For distinguished servi ce eccAa Cotillion GImL M )nh rs : Mildred Anderson Audrey Atherton Martha I :i vis Nancy Lee I iiii " t t Judy Erek •lean Flynn Nancy Kulp Marcy Macintosh Margie Mercer Margery Morrison Lelia Xorris Louise Perkins Allene Pridgen Marjoree Silks Olive St il well Jere Turner Grace Bail Barbara Binnicker Betty Brown Louise Burger Luis Cooper .Jean Felkel Margaret Hearin .lean Iliteholk Betty Hiaii Dot McCowan Betty McDerniot Members : Betsy McMichel Ruth Pierce Martha Stroberg Nancy AVhite Harriet Aufford Margery Bennet Frances Blake Vianne Bloodworth Snsanne Bond Martha Bostwick Margaret Chalker Mary Claire Foster Joy Gibson Hester Hammond Edith Hulsey Ann Laird Frances McDerniond Altair Majewski Marion Morris Donna Ann Sisk Frances Tucker Tacky Vandiver Betty Watheu Edna Earle Wilson Unth Smith Girls tapped for Cotillion are tops in dancing, the best leaders, the most ingenious step-composers. They ' re the game room hostesses in the Student Alum — they ' re the girls who guide beginners through the first stages of learning, 1 lie if i i- 1 s who shine in demonstrations. OFFICERS President — Betty Brown Vice President — Bettye Hyatt Secretary — Audrey Atherton Treasurer — Leila Norris [ 140 ] VdL Sponsors: Miss Mildred Finnegan Dr. Coyle Moore aae u am pi Officers: Chief Heartoreaker — Olive Dell Chief GoMdiyger Beth Mitchell chief Tvootimer — I ot Stallings Keyhole Peeper — Betty Thornton Keeper of Dates — Mary Boiling Duncan Elaine Beisler Dot Stallings Olive Dell Ida B. Sanders Deedee Knight Ida Oven Betty Burnett Gloria Johnston Beth Mitchell Betty Thornton Anna Sands Einniitt Curtis Virginia Palmer Mart Pierson Members: Frankie McGarry Carolyn Reynolds Anne Pattishall Jo Helen Burt .lean Parkhill Anne Gamble Eleanor Ernst .Mary Lucille Palmer .lean Corry Van Pope Peggy Fret well Laura Lee Lane Mary Anne Waller Mary Boiling Duncan Alice Hodges Mary Hulsey Anne Jackson Jo Pate Barbara Brown Ruth Wisdom Mary E. Roseborough The V V ' s — the most petite and most coy on campus — the one group that makes vamping legal. They ' re easy to spot — they ' re the girls who look big-eyed at dances and who use up an engagement card a month. [ 141 ] 4? euL Members Margarel Barker Jere Turner Elizabeth Jefferies Axis Tucker Ruth Smith Bertha Hoffman Betty P. row n Stella Valenti Harriet Aul ' t ' ord Diana Vergowe Margaret Todd Dottie Bryant Ethel Crown Mary 1,1111 King Jean Lloyd Bernie Walton Lucille Miller Carmen Crespo Nancy Lee Doggt ■it Mary Alice Kirchner Margarel Carter Marion Webster Elizabeth Cooper Doris Knowles Elizabeth Ezzard Margie Lambert Paulette Nolan Jan Wells Jean Kneeland Hetty Langston Denora Ecker Vee Linton Madge Overcasb Jean " Wood Celia Mangels Miriam Smith Phil Eckland Myrtis Louque Betty Oxer Mary Dana Brown Bonnie Craig Dot Scheppe Marion Freeling Alice Ludlam Pat Patterson Ethel Eields Betty J. Brossier Marcy MacKintosh Jimmie Fain Peaches McKay Elsie Rives Eleanor Gandy Jane Telford Ellen Jukes Starling Ball Mary .1. Medlin Ann Sanders Peggy Lee Walker Catherine Bell Cecelia Harper Jo Miles Marion Swanson Virginia Green Mary Fields Mary G. Holderman Dot McCown Ruth Thomas Peggy Barfield Ruth Roeshner The center of attention Thanksgiving night is the Tarpon Club performance in the gymnasium pool. The clever maimer in which the Tarpons swim into graceful formations, the girls wired with lights in underwater patterns has caused a great deal of interest to lie focused on the Tarpons and Minnows of the campus. They have been asked to participate in meets through- out the state, their routine was filmed at Wakulla not long ago. Sprmsor — Miss Marjorie Mayer President — Irene Fremd Tier President — Dennra Ecker Secretary — Eleanor Merrill Honorary member: Eleanor Merrill Minnoii ' S : Martha Bogue Sue Bonner Margaret Carter Elsie Cater Joan Edson •Tean Flynn Frances Fosdiek Starling Hall Muriel Humphrey Rebekah Tames Carol Lorimer Nona McEwen Peg Peterson Ida B. Sanders Anna Sands Ruth Sloan Angel Fain Ailene Fountain Mary Ann Cannon Fraiikie McGarry Vivian Adamo Mildred Anderson Peggy Barker Nancy Lee Doggett Denora Ecker Frances Eckland Irene Fremd Jean Hitchcolk Betsy McMichacl Marion Swanson Harriet Pounds Anne Cleveland Nancy White Bettv Scott Members : Edna Earle Wilson Emily Gilbert Marcy MacKintosh Celia Mangels Nona Murphy Anne Peck Ruth Smith Jean Wood Jeanne Knapp Betty Lewis Martha Teeter Helen Merrin Eleanor Campbell Margarette Brown Lloyd Pierce Bettv Borer Evalyn Butts Bonnie Craig Anna Frances McKay Eloise Moulding Catherine Stimson Carrie Lou Williams £fu ia fiia The height of Odd-dom and the epitome of effervescence is Spirogira. They had a terrible time camouflaging Goat Greene this year — and they still have onlookers puzzled with their strange contradiction of skulls and cross-bones and " Bigger and Better Eats. " There ' s the traditional hayride every year — and the most oddacious parties at the most extroddinary times. I late or founding : 1924 Colors: Black and White Flower : Black Carnal Ion Officers: President — Martha Elli 1 1; lick 1 i ice President — Peggy Barker Srf.rrtnri) — Kitty Jo Hickman Trevsurer — Sue Cbaires I ' arliamcn turian — Alice Price [ 144 ] Members ' . Virginia Greene, Charlotte Cooper, Frances Eckl nd, Alice Ludlum, Nancy Kulp, Martha Ellen Hackl, Peggy Barker, Kitty Jo Hickman, Sue Chaires, Alice Price, Jean Hitchcolk, June Watts, Helen Hawkins, Mary Lou Kins, Betsy McMichuel. Faculty Members : Miss Dorman, Miss Deviney, Mrs. Cason, Dr. Hay, Dr. Bellamy, Miss Stephens, Miss Thompson, Miss Tracy, Mrs. Weaver, Miss West, Miss Duncan. ts ZeSb en The most avid wearers of Even feathers are tapped for Esteren — the highest recognition an Even can be granted. Esteren ' s activities are completely unpredictable — as this year ' s moonlight ride on a boat that conveniently broke down and prompted the new theme song. " It Was Sad When That Great Ship Went Down " — with Owen ' s special rendition. This year ' s goats were the musical goats — Peggy Lee ' s monotone version of " Jingle Bells " and Marian and Biddle ' s singing about one pitch higher than every one else. Officers ; Grace Bail Louise Crosby Marion Freeling Ella Maud Jones Peaches McKay Paulette Nolan Chancey Oven Mart Pier son Gwen Stevenson Martha Stroberg Jan Wells Members : Jean Wood Jere Turner Cherry Mitchell Peggy Lee Walker Marion Webster Sarah Duke Bryant Betty Brown Elizabeth Ezzard Betty Lou Jackson Mildred Boley Margie Lambert Preside ii t — Ma rion Freeling Secretary — Cha ncey Oven Faculty : Miss Katie Montgomery Miss Xellie-Bond Dickinson Miss Louise Richardson Miss Hazel Stevenson Miss Elizabeth Lynn Miss Katherine Byrd Mrs. Katherine Hoffman Miss Dempsey Creary Miss Florence Tryon Miss Grace Fox Miss Katherine Warren r 145 ] Mosdab Baatd WELLS JONES KTROBERG WOOD DIAZ DA II. McKAV NOLAN WEISSTER TAYLOR PIERSON FREELING Approximately fifteen juniors become Mortar Boards. The tapping ceremony is the highlight of the year, when all juniors go to convocation dressed in white and all Mortar Boarders carry torches and wear their caps and gowns. There ' s always the most hreathless of hreathless hushes as the first Mortar Board steps down from the stage and taps the new group ' s president. It ' s one convocation that just isn ' t, missed — one convocation that ' s watched for all year. Lou Atkinson, tapped first this year, carried another torch and was married this summer. Grace Bail was selected to fill her place as the new president. Sponsors : Dr. Hazel Stevenson Miss Mary Hood Miss Florence Tryon Officer : President — Grace Bail Vice President — Jean Wood Secretary — Marguerite Dia ' ■ Treasurer — Paulette Nolan Historian — Elaine II under t mark Members : Grace Bail Marguerite Ida . Marion Freeling Elaine Hundertmark Ella Maude Jones Anna Frances McKay Paulette Nolan Marl l ' ierson Martha Strobcrg Betty Ann Taylor Marion " Webster .Ian WelL Jean Wood [ 14 ! ] ' ■ " - ■ " s s - ■ w w -w ?N chapter officer (£}6a dDeviney , p ent £dto)ard ©onrabt iteprttibent Wola G5ra )arn t »«p ta Utat rme l of fm an, treasury fttariarj 3Jrtel) , jjiatonan ) ( Myrtle @ olfcee 0Ubta $,Borman $?tar aret liofo) 41. K«3Benedtct £atoar$ (TimraM ansa Demney (gfyabef I] barman members in course (flftabeth 3L?Vkxarttrer Margaret Dressier tflaina ddnmfcerirnarh (pmabeth JHavo 4tt. £li)abem ifrcFjinsoij ©aisy Warmer Tfyffi llhrhan charter members ;Marion 3. ap William % ftoSer orottyp Hoffman Rrttyuv jkepmour Marion 30W3ty Venfla H.M)ove% p arolt ic )arfcs ftlroer M. J mttib 8nna ; T.lEVacp foundation members illmm (S. obb Claubc pepper f¥lr£, %.% t gpmax Vlr .) Seymour aasoci te members £ u an L ©ray Aucreiia £. i bey atyerme j offnjaTj Sara d renl maq dteaij iJ c itonalfc [ 147 ] ofvfVvo Members: Gertrude Amon. Ruth Browning. Minnie Reta Garris. Charlotte Harriman, Betty Carolyn Jackson, Emma Leigh Lambeth, Minetta Matthews. Jo Anne Potts, Mary Rogolino, Mary Ruth Roney, Ruth Sloan, Mary Julia Thompson, Betty Thornton, Mary Stewart Yancey, Nellie Dolby. Honorary Members: Dean Olivia N. Dorman, Dr. Venila Shores, Dr. Dorothy Hoffman AlfJm Jlambda belta The youngest, most studied-for honorary for the youngest, most scholarly students is the freshman ' s " Phi Beta Kappa. " Alpha Lambda Delta. Founded on this campus this Fall, its project for the year is defense forums to enlighten stay-at-home map fol- lowers. Standing project for the honorary is to serve as an inspiration for higher scholastic standards for freshmen. New- comers who have a minimum average of 2.5 the first semester may be invited to become members. President — Jane Orr Allin Vice President — Helen Rernice Edwards Secretary — Jean Kneeland Treasurer — Sarah Katherine Helms Historian — Marianne Smith Senior Advisor — Rachel Stein Lexis £fta Stoma Plvi Sigma 1 ' hi. the classical honorary was founded at the University of Chicago in 1814. the Eta chapter being installed here on this campus in 1!i " _ ' (i. Willi gold and royal purple as their colors and with " lovers of wisdom and beauty are we " for their motto, this honorary is the classic of the classics. Their officers are president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Members : Lenore Cohen Helen Davis Mary Katherine Alisandrotas Lucy Cole Faculty : Miss Olivia N. Dorman Miss Edith W. West Miss Elizabeth Ash Pi betta PUi To those who excell in French, to those who display an active interest, goes membership in Pi Delta 1 ' hi. the French honorary. l ' a e ult ii Members : Dr. Dorothy Breen Miss Mildred Finnegan Miss Mario Davis Miss Lucy Lester Dr. Marian Hay Miss Dorothy Purse Dr. Arthur Seymour Student Members: Lenore Cohen Elsie Merritt Evelyn Urban Belle Yonge Until Urban Qamma Sterna o pA,uo i If a girl survives the explosion of chemicals and I he trials of a difficult experiment with a _ ' . in all 1km- subjects, she may become a member of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, chemistry honorary. .lane Telford. Isaholle Waterhouse. and Marion Webster were delegates to the national convention in Atlanta this Fall. Sponsor — Dr. Leland J. Lewis ira ml A Ichemist — Isabelle Waterhouse Recorder — Sara Duncan 1 ' isor — Jane Telford Sergeant-at-Arms — Marion Webster Members Isaholle Waterhouse Sara Duncan Jane Telford Marion Webster Ella Wakefield Susan Wighl Ovelia Linton Mary Sears Honorary Members : Miss Isabel McKinnell -Mrs. Katherine Blood Hoffman Dr. Gertrude Vermillion Mr. Jerry B. Kelley Dr. Jennie Tilt Kaixp,a jbeita Pi Sponsor — Mrs. Paul W. Finner President — Miss Marian Prior Vice President — Mrs. E. R. Ellis Secretary — Miss Mildred Wilfong Treasurer — Miss Elta Burleson Historian — Miss Sarah Lines Faculty Miss Elta Burleson Dr. Doak S. Campbell Mr. Ernest Cason Miss Martha Chapman Mr. ' . II. Clark Dr. M. II. DeGraff Dr. R. L. Eynian Miss Isabel Fernandez Dr. P. F. Pinner Miss Elizabeth Pornian Dr. O. S. Harrison Dr. Marion J. Hay Members : I r. M. R. Hinson Miss Edith McCollum Miss Margaret McCurdie Miss Edna Mae Mcintosh Dr. Robert C. Moon Mrs. La Clair Miss Marian Prior Miss Joyce Pritchard Dr. Nita Peyburn Miss Fannie Shaw Mrs. Dora Skipper Miss Florence Trvon Student Members: Grace Bail Lenoir Dekle Irene Fremd Kathryn Gait Sara Hopkins Sarah King Edna Malakowsky Roth McClain Anna Frances McKay Iris Sperber Janet Wells Omic ian Afu Five per cent of the junior home economics majors who have the highest averages and eight per cent of the senior majors are asked to become members of the Omicron u Society. Sponsor — Miss Helen Richey President — Lucile Arnold Vice President — Elizabeth Yancey Secretary — Mary Brice Deaver Treasurer — Carrie Forehand Crocker Editor — Mary Greger Leonard student Members ' . Lucile Arnold Mary Brice Deaver Carrie Forehand Crocker Elizabeth Yancey Mary Geiger Barbara Albright Ella Maude Jones Ileta Beall Faculty Members: Mrs. Ruth Ferguson Edna Mae Mcintosh Helen Richey Anna Mae Sikes Margaret R. Sandels PUi Alpha llteta Three intelligencias ranked along with faculty and cum laude alumnae to become members of Phi Alpha Theta. Membership means that these three. Clara Bassett. Elizabeth Draughn, and Carol Marshall, have a 2. average in history and a B average in two-thirds of their remaining subjects. •Sponsor — Dr. Annie M. Popper President — Carol Marshall Vice President — Clara Bassett Secretary-Treasurer — Elizabeth Draughn Faculty: Dr. R. S. Cotterill Mrs. Lewis LaClair Dr. II. J. Sarkiss Dr. Y. Shores Miss Florence Trvon . 1 lumnae : Dr. Dorothy Dodd Miss Betty Nickinson Miss Daisy Parker Miss Rosalind Parker £kf,ma betta Pi Sigma Delta Pi strives to bring about a closer relationship be- tween the languages of the world, and through this to foster a closer relationship between the countries speaking these languages. It is a Spanish honorary for a junior or senior who has made above a 2.5 average in Spanish and who has had a 2.0 average in her other subjects. Meetings are held once a month; require- ments for membership include a history of Spanish course and a character above reproach. President — Carmen Constantino Vice President — Juliana Davis Secretary — Kathryn Gait T red surer — Ruth Uhrhan H istor ia n — Peggy Curry Members: Faculty Members: Claudia Boutha Dr. Margie Burks Nellie Dolbee Miss Margaret V. Campbell Sara Duncan Miss Myrtle Dolbee Kathryn Gait Miss Isabel Fernandez Martha Pokes Miss Mildred Finnigan Marian Starkey Dr. Marion J. Hay Martha Stroberg Dr. Dorothy B. Hoffman Miriam Telford Miss Mama Seris Winifred Triplet t Dr. Arthur R. Seymour Evelyn Uhrhan Ruth Uhrhan Jeia Plii £ta To those who excell in drama goes the Zeta Phi Eta invitation the speech honorary, one Important purpose of the organization is to encourage and help potential Sarah ISernhardt ' s on to a career. Sponsor — Miss Elizabeth Thompson President — Doris Carter Vice ' resident — .leanette Tbarpe Corresponding ■Secretary- Edith Seiver Recording Secretary — Elsie Willits Treasurer — Mary Sue Daniel 1 em hers : Muriel Humphrey Mary Eon McGowan Jayne Colley Carmen Constantine Louise Clements Anne Safay Anne Alfriend Juliana Erck Yvonne Cody Mary Ruth Weaver Advance and be eco Cjtai h e i Mart is our choice for the loveliest senior, our May Queen. A court of ten surrounds her — the ten we thought the prettiest, the finest looking. Little Mart, who does such big things, is our queen. In her court we find the best of » ..» £ tx 1 i in We GUoa e athletes, dancers, executives, singers, musicians, all-round girls. Together they make a lovely tradition more lovely and represent the finest womanhood of F. S. C. Reading from bottom to top: the first two, Dot Guthrie and Pearl Tyler were chosen Maids of Honor, the other maids of the court are Paulette Nolan, Martha Stroberg, Jan Wells, Gene Parkhill, Judy Campbell. Vivian Adamo, Grace Rail, and Mary Claire Foster. t! - ML f [ 153 ] Our class president all lour years . . . two years a prom courter . . . Grace is straight forward, she ' s original, and she wants to be of service. Soft voiced, wavy haired, tall and slender with a winsome personality . . . Grace combines reliable loyalty, refinement and enthusiasm for her school. She is always thinking of the other fellow ... is she getting along all right ... is she happy . . . what can I do to help . . . and she smooths over the rough spots and keeps us going. [ 154 1 sflH l F. S. C. W. ' s rebel . . . that laughing, lovable, wise cracking poetry loving gal thai everyone calls " Bittle. " Leadership, Service . . . Scholarship " slightly mortified ' " . . . Cotillion president, Esteren and l Club give you the versatility that is Betty Brown. We will always remember Bittle dancing in demonstrations, as talented arranger of dances as well as participant . . . quick and excellent on the basketball court . . . relaxing at (be Alum Building . . . singing, happy, true-blue collegiate, that is Bittle. [ 155 1 " Duchess ' the girl we can ' t forget. She ' s the deep-voiced, curly-haired chum with a definite flare for dramatics . . . she knows the stage . . . from footlight to curtain calls and she ' s one of our youngest Seniors. She ' s a girl who never misses a Q ... on the stage or off . . . she ' s chuck full of wit . likes you a lot. She loves life, she loves people, she loves the things people do. and she LueJLju c y j 1 56 Quiet, reserved and a cheery hello as she swings past you on campus. Bui what a bombshell! You have to know Diaz to really see what goes on in that head of hers. She ' s radical and reserved at (Ik same time . . . just give her a typewriter and her thoughts go down rapidly. True editorship in her bones, she thinks best behind the typewriter keys. And she works hard. The Distaff office lights have burned long and late this year . . . and Diaz has found her reward in each issue of her magazine. Marguerite the intellectual student, clever orator and gay friend to everyone. [ 157 ] ■■■ZKBnMHBl Action ... a dynamic force in college life, a friendly smile to fellow students, thrilling in whatever she does. " Frembo " loves to keep moving ... a great swimmer, she slips gracefully into the pool, moving about through the water with strong, effortless strokes . . . and in the air she glides her plane surely and safely through (lie clouds . . . Common sense and intellect . . . enthusiastic Senior Hall chairman ... a fun loving girl . . . Irene has quality. [ 158 ] JOaAicisrU L UjeM yO Eyes shining, teeth sparkling . . . that just hopped-out-of-the-shower look . gay. cheerful. " Honey B " . Talking seriously, drawling slowly and carefully, choosing her words and placing her thoughts. fresh, In green and gold, leading the cheers for victory- Brown legs on the tennis courts serving a hard hall from the taut strings . . . she debates, she is confident . . . she is Honey B. [ 159 ] £ J-£j J u (Outx Lo_ ,0-ryJU iJ Ella Maude, the capable executive . . . half the judge, half the fool ... a girl with a definite personality. She ' s as even running, even tempered and hard-working as you find them ... a compact person, the versatile supreme. She ' s a wiz at the piano and can knock off a jingle in three minutes. Intelligent, tolerant, thoughtful person you ' re glad you know. she ' s the perfect Freshmen Advisor, the superior student and the [ 160 6lcuu s 1% L M t T A flash, a firey red hair, a happy face and a quick pace. Gayly she paces from meeting to meeting, she ' s everywhere at once . . . She lives . . . she ' s the symbol of the happy southern girl. A sportsman, quick and intelligent in the Odd-Even games . . . Peaches McKay is a very feminine girl . . . sweet voice, sweet personality . . . wonder- ful to know. [ 161 ] % r -v; : " " ■ Calm, dignified and graceful. That is Paulette You feel strength of character in Paulette. friendly, .sincere and genuine. She is a superior athlete. She is a superior person. Whatever she does she does with a wholeheartedness, whether on the field of sports or on the field of comradeship. Paulette sees her job and does it, she laughs and everyone laughs with her. We remem- ber her in green and gold, we sec her camping, we remember her jokes and pranks . . . and her " purple " hair ! Merry and gay, serious and solemn. A wholehearted spirit thai is Paulette all the way. S _J r 162 j TT asJ Personality? The girl is made of it, inside and out! Mart . . . small and talkative Village Vamp. She knows what she wants and just how to get it. From President of College Government to Phi Beta Kappa, to the best hull sessions, and being present at all defense courses, Mart keeps busy with each prominent finger in the pies. Friendly, understanding and definitely charming, Mart surpasses in diplomacy, executive ability, scholar- ship, personality and down-right individuality. She ' s the girl who knows 2,000 names . . . She ' s chief gavel slinger. She ' ll not stop . . . she ' ll go on and on . . . up and up! •V At lx. [ 163 ] ftU W A deep, sophisticated voice singing ' " Ain ' t Misbehavin ' , " or filling in harmony with the trio . . . Stroberg lias music in her bones and rhythm in her feet. An executor as well, Stroberg lias led the off-campus committee . . . and as in everything she does her job has been well done. WtW KgW(L [ 164 ] C£ij C -w-7 J2 Ly Betty Ann direct, forceful and hitting the mark squarely. She has that keen intellect resulting in worthwhile editorials, sparkling wit as a conversationalist and a serious love lor newspapers and the people that work to put them out. Quietly she pursues a secret love . . . art . . . and does some wonderful things with her paint brush . . . making the show, no fuss, she works hard and steady . . . that is Betty Ann always. [ 165 ] Her eyes twinkle, her smile is large, ready for laughter, or to be definitely serious if the occasion demands it. She lives up to the trust the students hold in her . . . she has the respect of everyone. Inspiring as Y. W. C. A. head, gay as a Mortified, serious in her Lower Court duties . . . constantly striving to interpret the rules justly . . . just being herself. Mary Lois . . . capable and companionable. aJL Jj2yi She ' s the tall, blonde musician. We remember Pearle standing handsome and sure behind her xylophone, her nimble fingers guiding the tongs over the keys . . . singing with the Glee Club, organizing the Music Club, leading Freshman sings and sponsoring better music on the campus. Always vital, interested, pro- moting the best in everyone . . . that is Pearle. [ 167 ] Jau . . . confident, sober and conscientious. She has that intangible something that makes you know she ' s loyal, to stick a thing through (ill it ' s finished. On the basketball court . . . fast and sure, giving ' her all till the game is won. In her duties as Chairman of Judiciary . . . honesty and good .judgment. Hurrying from meeting to meeting, the dark girl with the jet black hair . . . and a " know it all " look- that is typically Jan. O J ££ » I 168 ] W] OlAju kJ dk tx% We ' ll always remember this slim figure bouncing about the campus, sailing at camp, spending long hours in the chemistry lab or stretched out on the lawn— laughing— with friends. And there ' s still another side to Marion . . . she ' s a sportsman of the highest degree and works with equal vigor in scholarship as well as sportsmanship. Webster . . . you might call her the girl of many moods. She ' s lots of personalities all rolled into one. The student, the scholar, and the joker and the clown. She ' s hardboiled and sentimental, cynical and naive, she ' s best-dressed and worst-dressed, she ' s good-and-bad and she ' s .just Web. [ 169 ] " ■ " ' ' ' . ' ■ ' vA -o r " UooA- Friendly, sincere and completely genuine. Jean is your friend, my friend. We ;ill Like Jean. We Like to enll " Hi Cuz " ns we pass her on campus and it dees our old heart good to watch lier complete enthusiasm as she propells those long, thin legs to win the color rush for Westcott year after year ... to make a quick basket in the big same. We shout her praises through college . . . we shall always shout the praises of Jean Wood. I 170 ] nan behind flic Hues. Om i a tfo I 172 ] (flO 1 free A job that can be great or small, depending entirely upon its chairman, is this committee of senate. It is the task of the members f the Organizations Committee to determine, with the approval of the Faculty Committee, whether or not a now organization on campus should be recognized as such. Last year ' s and this year ' s committee has made a survey of clubs and of the number of activities in which every student participates. Members are : Chairman— Ruth Asbury. Evanell Klintworth — Freshman; Vianne Bloodworth — Sophomore: Alice Hodges — Junior: Jeanne Felkel — Senior. [ 173 ] " We of the Flambeau, Like the rest, have accepted our trust — have taken up our job. We will comment on events as we see them ; we will express ideas which we will believe. " — Betty Ann Taylor. She is the editor ; she has pledged her efforts to make the Flambeau a reflection of campus opinion and thought. Up go the galleys with nine not yet dry : out come reporter ' s pads and pencils. Posting weekly assignments is News Editor Eleanor Yothers with Society Editor Jonnie Thomas- son, and Sports Editor Charlee Collins. Onlookers are staff members Peepsie Gierseh, Lula Joughin, and Selma Schloss. Assignments checked, reporters Mary Ann Jones, Gerry Wimberly, Charlotte St. John, .Mine Ilelie. and Mary Hanford, set out to interview — in desperation quizzing freshmen, for inspiration chatting with Tibbett. They rush from dean ' s office to dean ' s office, constantly aware of the Wednesday noon dead line that must be met. With all material assembled, writers struggle to stretch the 199th word to the 2(H)th or to handle the dynamite of a controversial editorial. It ' s a time for determining news values, correcting copy, hot-dogging it in the Soda Shop: it ' s a time of wearied fingers, overworked type- writers, and whirling minds. Below. Mary Miller. Audrey Ilewett, Vivian Mears, Jean Cary are all reporters. With them, columnists Virginia Dunn and Margie Richardson, Picture Editor Rexetta Leonard. [ 174 ] The Florida Flambeau Down ;ii the Democral office to write last minute columns, " to put the Flambeau to bed " ' — to scold tardy reporters for delaying the lead story, and to proof read until midnight. It all combines to make the hectic Thursday nights more hectic and the journalism majors even more fettered to | lie unforgettable smell of newsprint. Here are Louise Burger, Associate Editor. Assistant Editor Harriet Benson, Society Editor Mattie Lou Peacock, Norma Pennoyer, Copy Editor, Assistant Managing Editor Louise I.isk. and Managing Editor Belle Yonge. The fruits of their efforts and the apple of their eye is the Flambeau, now off the press and on its way to (he student ' s mail boxes. The fortunate few who work behind the scenes here are Sports Editor Alice Ludlam. Student Opinion Editor Kitty Jo Hickman. Feature Editor Clyde Dailey, and special writer Mitzie Joy Solomon. The down to earth department, ad collectors, efficiency experters who deserve a blue ribbon prize for till their red tape work " . This indispensable staff is comprised of June Durnell. Mary Hanford, Kexetta Leonard. Anne Gaylord, Sue Kelley, Barbara Morrison, Audrey Hewett. Carolyn Ilaston. Cordelia Barclay. Emily Wilson, Mary Moore. Vivian Meats. Virginia Smith. Elizabeth McFarland, and Jeanne Kendall. Manager of the Business Staff is Mary Anna Hampton who appeases advertisers and writes some of the Flambeau ' s most informative articles when she ' s not balancing the budget or putting in new typewriter ribbon. Ike 1943. Faculty Advisors are: Miss " West, Miss Moody, Miss Deetz. Members of the Staff are: Editor-in-Chief, Marion Web- ster ; Associate Editor, Jane Godbey ; Copy Editor, Jean Felkel : Assistant Copy Editor, Cherry Mitchell ; Art Editor. Charlotte St. John ; Administration Editor, Mary Frances Adamo ; Assistant Administration Editors, Glenn Shelley and Mary Jane Dews ; Class Editor, Jean Mitchell ; Assis- tant Class Editor. Julianna Davis; Feature Editor, Ruth Roeshner ; Org. and Hon. Editor. Jo Miles; Assistant Org. and Hon. Editor. Rosita Andia ; Sorority Editor, Elizabeth Draughn ; Assistant Sorority Editor, Gerry Wimberly ; Activities Editors. Charlotte Cooper and Vivian Adamo: Sports Editor, Jean Kneeland ; Assistant Sports Editor, Jane Orr Allin : Photography Editors, Mildred Zindler and Evelyn Butts; Flastacowo Freshmen, Carol Barge (sororities); Eleanor Hamm (layouts): Margery Loomis (copy); Cleo Sapp (organization and honoraries) ; Carol Wiggins (classes); Joann Getzen (copy). [ 176 ] tf-ladi acawo- I».-iys and days ;iik1 weeks and weeks and months and months of deadlines; flash bulbs thai don ' 1 flash every time they ' re supposed to; ;i dummy that ' s been misplaced: hours of work in the Flastacowo office with only Hazel for company; letters to Respess, I rips to Rose; a yearbook con- vention at Brenau ; hours of deliberation over the theme; they all combine to make the Flasta- cowo you see before you. Marion Webster, pleading and cajoling, reminding and explaining, but always managing to be patient somehow, has been the editor of a completely new kind of annual. She knows how to make her staff — from the most efficient to the most pro- crastinating — get work done. She has carried out some of her inspirations which are evident on many of these pages. [ 177 ] THE DISTAFF The Distaff is the literary quarterly; this year ' s editor. Marguerite Diaz. She appoints, assigns, supervises — she dees everything no one else can do. In a joint contest with the Music Club the Distaff featured a song contest this year. The hest words and music were written by Marianne Smith whose song will go down into campus history. The freshman writing contest was work of the Distaff — it starred Freshman Elizabeth McFarland. Working in close connection with the editor in promoting creative writing and collecting editorial wits is Jayne Men- denhall, the girl who fills the new-born office, associate editor. An assistant is Lula Joughin. Copy Editor, who sends out rejection slips instead of receiving them. Charlotte St. John — being Charlotte — sweeps her paint brush through the Distaff pages, comprises the entire, yet adequate, Art Department for the publication. These scrutinize, criticize, and idealize. They ' re the editorial staff. make contributions of their own and red pencil student contributions. Members arc I ' eepsie Giersch. Carolyn Stowell, Anne Gaylord, Vianne Bloodworth, and Laurel Pierce. Business manager is Margie Richardson. She buys rubber stamps and arranges for new pens, orders new stationery and finds a calendar that won ' t fall down : she finances the Distaff and appeases the budget committee. Her advertising manager here is Penny Councelman. [ 178 ] Day Students Organization So that town girls can become better acquainted with the girls who live on campus, the Day Students Organization w;is formed. They have their own lounge in the Student Alumnae Building : they invite all the campus girls to their dances. Tbe Freshman chosen as the most out- standing day student this year was Nancy Parker. Sponsor — Mrs. Dorothy Breen Hoffman. Dr. Raymond Bellamy President — Frances Parker Vice President — Caroline Byrd Secretary — Alice Norris Treasurer — Mary Stuart Yancey Members — All day students — about 175 enrolled at present [ 179 ] SENIOR HALL One of the highest honors and the greatest responsibilities placed upon a senior is to be asked to live on Senior Hall. There were about forty-eight selected this year as models of g 1 behavior and as leaders of campus activities. The two hundred floor of Landis is Senior Hall — the corridors that Freshmen tremble to walk down — the home of the bis shots and the goal of underclassmen. Sponsor — Miss Kathryn Byrd Ch a irman — Irene Fremd Secretary-Treasurer — Edna Lee Members of Senior Hall Adamo, Mary Frances Adamo, Vivian Asbury, Ruth Benton. Helen Blanding, Suetta Booth. Margaret Cole, Lucy Cook, Peggy Copeland, Jean Crosby, Louise Cross. Kathryn Davis, Helen Daniel. Mary Sue Dekle, Lenoir Dunn, Virginea Iv .ard, Elizabeth Felkel. Jeanne Freeling, Marion Fremd, Irene Gait, Kathryn Godbey, Jane Guthrie, Dot Ilaynie, Mary Harper, Cecilia Hundertmark, Elaine Hughes. Dot Lee, Edna Levis, Rae Stein Maxwell, Grace R. McCree, Norma Lee McKay, Anna Frances Nolan. Panlette Oxley, Norma Pfarr, Edith 1 ' ierson, Mart Taylor, Betty Ann Telford. Jane Thomas, Mary Lois Thomas, Tain Thornton, Peggy Tilghman, Margaret True, Mildred Tyler. Pea He Vogt, Helen Wells, J.in Wood, Jean Yancey. Elizabeth Zewadski, Amanda •:ii : i. ■:■:-: .■•- ' . • ' -, vLf-zai m m: Senior Hall relaxing outside n r. 1 1 [ 180 ] International Relations Club It is the aim of the International Relations Club to promote an intelligent interest in world affairs. II informs its own membership through fortnightly discussions on current events and places its special library on international literature freely ,-it the disposal of the studenl body. Its efforts are supported by the Carnegie Endowment Fund which sponsors similar organ- izations on almost every American campus and in many foreign universities. Sponsor — Dr. Marian I». Irish J ' re iid cut — Marie Mauley Vice President — Mary Brice Denver Secretary — Johnniemae Wright Treasurer — Bertha Lee Hoffman Publicity Chairman Margie Richardson Social Chairman Mattie Lou Peacock Scrapbook — Audrey Hewitt Poster Chairman — Mary Rhame Rosa May Anders Pat Aiken Kathleen Armstrong Hot Alt man Clara Bassett Martha Bishop Emily Bavrow Wade Beimel ! Virginia Bryan Katherlne Butler Jean ( ' lav ! Brown Ruth Bishop Annie Kate Brengle Sarah Borden Mary Ann Brannon Lucy Cole Mary Ellen Cason Bonnie Craig Elsie Cater Zelda Carpenter Margaret Chalker Clarice Cash Helen Cooper Marion Conner Marjorie Dowling Betty Dumont Dorothy Mae Dnngaa Mary Brice Deaver Clyde Dailey Eloise Eubanks Helen Emmanuel Harriett Ellsworth Mildred Ford .luanita Gibson Mary Frances Gibbs Jackie Griffith Virginia Crimes Helen Crimes Kathryn Coodroe Mary Geiger Marguerite Guy Carolyn Hastnn .limmie Hardee Betty Herndon Mary tlaynie Frances IIowzc .lane Hopkins Mary Anna Hampton Peggy Hutchinson Edita llamrick Audrey Hewitt Vivian Hampton Mildred Harniovit . Bertha Lee Hoffman Georgia Hall Beth Hunter Jeanne Ingram Betty -lack Jones Edna Jensen Lois Knowles Betty Keller Margaret La Celle MEM Bernice Lurheille Louise lark Cleo Lochar An in- Laird Rosalind Lichter Doris Lenle Edna Lee Ladie Lentz Marjorie McMullen Mary McCann Mary Marllri Mills Eleanor Merrill Mary Elizabeth Mead Mary Miller Mi rie Mauley .1 line M indlen Mary Lucy Mendcnhall June Mcpherson Pat MacVicar Lois, Morehant Frances McClure Azealia Nicholson Norma Oxley Muriel Poole Anabel Peacock Kathleen Patronis Mattie Lou Peacock Ellen Price Byrna Rosh Mary Rhame Sally Rivers BERS Naomi Rivers Margie Richardson Dorothy Reese Ritzie Joy Solomon Irma Silverstein Peggy Snlor Norma Sims Carolyn Stokes Carolyn Scarborough Marian Starkey Maggie Mae Stump Betsy Stewart Mrs. Stillman Bernice Tuherville Cecilia Trigo Mary Townsend Inez Tollen Avis Thomas Lillian Townsend Suzanne Vietze Elizabeth Weathers Viola Webb Natalie Wille Jean Winter Virginia Williams Bethea Willis Marjorie Watkins Mellie Von Kathryn Allison Margaret Allen Dorothy Alt man Edith Aly Catherine Barnes Muriel Beck Frances Bever Dora Hot is Gwendolyn Boyett Catherine I ' .uic Lois Brinkman Lizzie Mae Cowen Geraldine Crawford Elsie May Day Maxine Edwards Kathryn Getzen Polly Griffen Evelyn Haynes Ruth Hendricks Helen lleniy Jewel Herndon Elizabeth Highsmith Mary Lucy Hughes Carolyn Johnson Lydia Lewis Mary Lewis Ruby MeGahee Lillian McKeown 1 na Mathews Kathryn Mattox Grace Rushing Maxwell Barbara Mills Colda Mintz Cleo Mixon Elizabeth Mountain Ernestine North Gertrude Noxtine Sylvia Ogden Kathryn ( irl ' nnedes Nancy Orleman Jackie Partin Marianna Radel Mart Rhame Patricia Randall Betty Rawle Vera Kay Mary Elizabeth Reams Marguerite Rish Fern Robertson Fay Rooks Marguerite Seal Emma Stevenson Annie Shellhorse Wilma Smith Carleen Stone Dorcus Stone Kay Thompson Ruth Tison Marl ha Twit I y Carol Wellhoner Beulah White Lucille Whitty Ruby Williams Anne Williamson Betty Cheely Jewel Wilkinson [ 181 ] DEBATER ' S LEAGUE The Debater ' s League argues the do ' s and don ' t ' s and the yes ' s and no ' s of every issue in world affairs. They are active throughout the year 1 ; they meet with, contest with, and have heated rebuttals with visiting colleges. The University of Pennsylvania paid them a call in the Fall — a no decision debate. Chairman : Mary Brice Deaver Secretary : Emma Leigh Lambeth Business Manayer: Lucile Miller Sponsors : Miss Sadie Young. Miss Margaret Wyly. and Dr. Robert S. Cotterill. MEMBERS Lucile Arnold Annie Kate Brengle Marian Connor Marian Star key I ' at Aiken Betty Crossland Kdith Hulsev Marie Manley Anabel Peacock Tommie Thomas Ruby Lee Wesley Louise Wetzel Annie Lee Hardee Press Club The Press Club has dedicated itself to the bringing about of a closer relationship between faculty and students through informal discussions and forums. Relatively new on campus, it is struggling — as all new organizations — for understanding of and cooper- ation with the cause it is fighting for. Membership is extended journalism enthusiasts who have com- pleted one semester of college journalism. Dr. Guy L. Diffenbaugh, Sponsor. Miss Rachel I ' itchford. Prof. Earl L. Vance. Advisors. OFFICERS [ ' resident : Norma Pennoyer Vice ' resident : Marjorie Richardson Secretary: Mary Anne .lones Treasurer: Rexetta Leonard Publicity Chairman : Josephine Oemler MEMBERS: Mary Lou Taylor, Mattie Lou Peacock, Mary Miller, Kathleen Armstrong, Legare Tucker, Jo Ann Getzen, Virginia Holmes, Mary Ellen Knight, Margery Loomis, Betty Ann Taylor, Bette Fisher. Frances Lewis. Joan Carroll, Arline Fountain, Margie Piatt, Annie Kate Brengle, Harriet Benson, Catherine Bellas, Jayne Mendenhall, Eleanor Yothers, Marguerite Diaz. [ 182 ] Astronomy Club Starry-eyed moon gazers are eligible for membership in the Astronomy Club. They ' re out for every eclipse, every comet, every celestial phenomena of the year. Miss Elizabeth Lynn supervises their explorations and observations. President: Sue Erwin Vice President: Nellie Dolby Set retary : Lucy ( !ole Treasurer: Catherine Bell Chairman of Telescope Team : Mabel Jackson MEMBERS: Marjorie Baker Ethel Jones Mary Catherine Hellas I.eona Mathews Dorothy Buddie Lois Brinkmaiiii Sarah Callison Clarice Cash Lucy Cole Colleen Hallinan Elizabeth Jeffress Alice Johnson Mary Miller Betty Jean Xeel Dottie Sims Iris Sperber .Martha Teeter Gwen Wentworth Mary Stuart Yancey [ 183 ] THE CLASSICAL CLUB The Classical Club is on campus lest we let our minds wander too far in the maddening crowd ; its purpose is to keep us in touch with the classics. All students of classics and anyone who is interested in becoming a member is eligible. President: Lenore Cohen Vice President: Helen Davis •Secretary: Catherine Stinison Treasurer: Mary Estelle Padgett Bulletin Board Chairman : Mary Julia Thompson MEMBERS : Winnifred Harding Kathryn Goodroe Gertrude Noxtine Peggy Hutchinson Betty Dumont Margaret Daniel Margaret Owen Catherine Stimson Betty Cole Elva Mary Elorrid Margaret Collins Evelyn Cobb Alice Lincoln Lenore Benson Frances Wells Audrey Miner Mary Louise Sherertz Edith Bevel 1 Willie Lee Moore Bobelle Sconiers La Verne Toms Jean Carraway Betty Linthicum Wilnia Lockhart Mary Jane Garrison Wanda Byid Mable Wells t 184 ] THE FRENCH CLUB ..:- ,:„.::. i MJUHUBBWInMBnif V jfar The French Club has dedicated itself to the furthering of interest in the French language. They sponsor one or two French films a year, hold a Mardi Gras dance once a year. The queen of this occasion (his year was Cleo Lochas. Anyone who has studied French or who is now enrolled in a French course is eligible for membership. Sponsor — Miss Marie Davis President — Charlotte Harriman Vice President — Virginia Wainright Secretary — Marian Connor Treasurer — Carol Marshall Program Chairman — Betty Pilsbury Social Chairman — Viola Sharon Members Ei-ma Alderman Marguerite Arthur Pauljne Bailey Martha Beck Katherine Boney Betty Chester Neva Chillingworth Frances Christian Jane Cochran Marian Connor Margaret Cox Marjorie Bowling June Evans Virginia Evans Francine Fisher Nellie Hope Fleming Mildred Ford Mary Jane Garrison Charlotte Harriman Carolyn Hasten Eloise Hayes Mae Dell Hazen Audrey Hewett Alice Janssen Audrey Jordan Lola Lastra Eloise Linton Mary Lippett Cleo Lochas Carol Marshall Elizabeth McFarland Julia McLourin Harriet McWhorter Loretta Menge Betty Neel Azealia Nicholson Betty Page Lucille Parrish Nan Parsons Adrienne Petrie Marjorie Philyaw Laurel Pierce Betty Pilsbury Rosalie Pincus •lean 1 ' ovey Naomi Rivers Shirley Rubin Viola Sharon Mary Shearer Mary Louise Shultz Iris Sperber Lois Steinhoff Sarah Stewart Evelyn Stokes Margaret Stout Bernice Turbeville Suzanne Vietze Virginia Wainwright Julia Weed Irene Wheeler Ann Whitesell Emily Wilson [ 185 ] i weA " Y " activities have extended this year with cabinet members striving to create outlets for suppressed talent and to build up interest in self expression. They have carried on traditional Sunday evening ' vespers and freshman week activities. CABINET MEMBERS: President: Clara Bassett Vice-President: Marianne Smith Secretary: Jane Williams Treasurer: .lean Winter Second Vice-President : Mary Lois Thomas Social Service: Jean Wallace Convocation Devotions: Ruth Trott Faculty-Student Relation : Ruth Garrison Publicity: Mary Anne Jones Posters: Mary Ruth Weaver Music: Pearle Tyler Program: Ruth Wisdom Vespers: Lula Joughin Social: Jean Ilampson Y Room: Margaret LaCelle Membership: Marie Manley Book Exchange: Doris Jackson I 186 ] Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union is led by its senior council. Special projects for the year were waffle suppers for freshmen, a Christinas party for underprivileged children, and a session of dressing dolls. They sent representatives to the convention in October, sponsored a Vocational Emphasis Week in March. COUNCIL MEMBERS : President: Mildred True Enlistment Chairman: Mary Catherine Adams Town Chairman : Mary Ashmore Social Chairman ' . Jack Goode Devotional Chairman : Mar.jorie Toole Secretary: Norma Oxley Treasurer: Evelyn Ann Doyle Publicity Chairman : Frances Rogers Choir Director: Wilma Smith Orchestra Director: Mary Louise Cowart Magazine Representative: Audrey Bolton F. W. A. President: Edith Seiver S. S. President : Alice Price ' . T. V. Director: Sarah Hopkins . •. Council President : Elsie Rives Sponsor: Billie Ruth Currin Presbyterian Student Council Fall retreat at camp, Spring retreat at Gainesville. Sunday night suppers, and worship program combine to make up some of the Presbyterian Student Council activities : President : Dot. Nodine Vice-President : Gwen Bradley Secretary : Helen Merrin Treasurer: June Durnell Sponsor: Miriam Wilson MEMBERS: Jane Telford. Peggy Thornton. Elizabeth Draughn, Jo Miles, Peggy Cook, Jean Daniells, Margaret Matthews. Jane McCay, Elizabeth Yancey, Lois Lynch. Mary Rhame, Lisa Voss, Betty Langston. Miriam Telford, Carolyn Stowell. t 187 ] HILLEL Hillel, sponsored by the Jewish women on campus, has played ;i very active part in trying to stimulate interest in timely topics. This h;is been achieved through weekly forums held al the Temple: guest speakers are called in from out-of-state, interested faculty members and outstanding students. This year ' s most distinguished speaker was Maurice Samuel. MADALYN HALPEIN, President BESSIE SETZER, I ice President CECELIA SPRINGER, Secretaru SABAH TEPPER, Treasurer MITZ] .lov SOLOMON, Social Director Id:. DAVID M, EICHHORN, Sponsor Amy A del son Sylvia Agress Eugenie Argintar Est a Argintar Lita Aronovitz Ruby Baker Carol Berkman Anita Berkowitz Janet Booxbaum Naome Brauer Frances Brodes Dorothy Cohen Lenore Cohen Esther Cohen .Terry Cohen Helen Davis MEMBERS : Flora Dow Dorothy Dubbin Helen Edelson I oris Feigenbaum Huedel Fink Gertrude Freidlin Lillian Gordon Mildred blaimowitz Geraldine Halpern Madalyn Halpern Mary Hechl Evelyn Heller Dorris Herman Renee Herman Siliiia Jenkins Shirley Kaufman Belly Keller Hindu Kremer Edna Lee Rosalind Lichter Clara Lovitz Hazel Loebel Roberta Marks June Mindlin Rosalie Pineus Eunice Roberts Lillian Rogin Charlotte Rose Bryna Ross Myra Rubin Blanche Saul Sylvia Seller Bessie Setzer Ruth SIdne liana Silverstcin Evelyn Sirkin Amelia Sehnieder Rosalie Glickman Florence Lutz Mitzi .Icy Solomon Shelia Spilky Cecelia Springer Sara Topper Edith Wax Emily Wit ten Norma Wittenstein Mildred Zindler [ 188 ] V Yiii;ni 1 lull The Catholic girls on campus make up the Newman Club. Activities are varied — from re- ligious discussion groups and attending Mass and Communion or reciting the Rosary to a freshman picnic, a Christmas party and a dance in Gainesville. One of the highlights of the year was the Southeastern Province Convention of Newman Clubs in South Carolina. Special honor and distinction went to one of the representatives from this campus, Ruth Hendricks, who was elected treasurer of the coming year ' s convention. Club members are compiling a library of religious books and pamphlets to fill the bookshelves of a hoped for Student Mouse and Chapel which will come in the not too distant future. RUTH HENDRICKS, President THEO BLALOCK, Vice President .lev WILLIS. Treasurer LYNN DOYLE, Recording Secretary MILDRED HESTON, Corresponding Secretary WINONA MURPHY, Parliamentarian PATRICIA CARROLL, Program Chairman BETTY JANE BROSSIER, Athletic Manager EVELYN BUETTNER, Senior Representative HELEN EDWARDS, Sophomore Representative Patricia Aiken Thelma Alvarez Jean Austin Charlotte Ballenger Helen Beals Catherine Bellas Man-in Beyer Theo Blalock Carmelita Bowles Patricia Boyd Betty Jane Brossier Betty Brown Evelyn Buettner Mary Bust in Jo Ann Carroll Patricia Carroll Betty Chazal Jeanne Chazal .lean Clieaney Betty Crossland Carmen Crespo Katherine Cuellar Louise Davitt Audrey de la Rua Patricia De I ' ury Dorothy Day Mary Demetree Jean Dougherty Evelyn Agnes Doyle Louise Doyle Marie Dulin MEMBERS : Kovana Du Pare Helen Edwards Harriet Ellsworth Shirley Erieksoii Margaret Fernandez Jean Fly nil Mary Evelyn Fogarty Hilda Garcia Lillian Guimond Dede Hale Patricia Halloran Marguerite Hamilton Patricia Hansen Rosalie Hardie Ruth Hendricks Betty Hennessey Mildred Ileston Anne Holbrook Patricia Howard Eleanor Huff Gwendolyn James Alice Janssen Leda Lane Elaine Lawson Eloise Linton Mary Louise Lopez Carol Lorimer Myrtis Louque Mary McCann Minna Lee McCarthy Ceraldine McDonnell Frances McGarry Altair Majewski Josephine Maniaci Mary Ellen Manion Dorothy Mayhew Rose Messina Gene Minis Charlotte Mitchell Mary Monahan E. Moo i icy Rita Moore Willie Lee Moore Marguerite Mooney Mary Grace Morain Mary Mortellaro Grace Ella Novak Helen O ' Flannagan Hildegarde Pacetti Dorothy Park Marie Pavese Adrienne Petrie Gladys Petrie Susanne Pierce Mary Anna Radel Jeanne Reese Jeanne Beid Nancy Orleman Mary Rogolino Lucy Roumillet Marlene Schwab Patricia Shannon Goria Shunian Margaret Smith Virginia Smith Cherie Stevens Helen Steele Mary Jane Seagreaves Theresa Sullivan Marilynne Sharkey Josephine Stewart In ne Talarski Mary Thight Elizabeth Tierney !ecilia Trigo P.ettv Troop Stella Valenti Carmen Vasquez .Mary Ann Waller Mary Lou Ware Elizabeth Waterman Bettie Wathen Marie Elena Watt Virginia Webb Irene Wheeler Mary Wight Susan Wight Joy Willis Marjorie Wvatt Ruth Miller Nona Murphy WESLEY Fill IIITIIH Members of Wesley Foundation, these Methodist girls, are organized to promote Christian living on campus. They sent 25 representatives to the National Methodist Student Council in Georgia during the Christmas holidays; they had Fall and Spring retreats at camp. On the frivolous side. Wesley Foundation invited girls to lunches at the Student House. There were dessert parties after supper this year — to strengthen acquaintances among Methodist girls on campus. Gertrude Spettel — President Donna Will Brown — Vice President Nellie Dolby — Secretary Martha Knoblock — Treasurer Coleta Griffin — President of Administrative Council Chairman Heads Nell Son Eloise Nafziger Willeta Willis Ruth McCain Estelle Lowe Betty Ann Taylor Goria Jon Dulany Lois Gunn Norma Lee McCree Lucile Whitty Edith Pfaar Mary Stapleton Mary Julia Thompson Virginea Dunn Mary Ruth Goodwin Marianne Smith Ruth MeClain Jacqueline i ' artin LITTLE THEATRE ORCHESTRA These musicians organized for the one expressed purpose of playing for the dramatic productions of the speech department. Director — Owen F. Sellers President — IVarle Tyler Treasurer — Jean Daniel Is Secretari — Frances Sparkniaii Members : Myra Swindell Frances Sparkman Jean Ilampson Helen Dahlgren Carol Sherman Charlotte Cooper Mary Louise Cowart Bettie Jane Potter Florence Hield Eunice Worn Doris Kamm Mary Catherine Adams Jean Daniel Is Jean Ilitchcolk ' aroline Johnson Pearle Tyler t 190 ] Playnight Committee Keeping things moving is the work of these girls, dressed in white with the blue vests of Play Night. They ' re the Piny Night committee, and almost every Friday night they are out at the gym introducing the bashful dancers to someone ' s date or sponsoring a talent program. Diminutive chairman, .lita. dashes around, announces in a spotlight tries to look very business-like. There are earnest watchers in the balcony, a rush for seats as the program starts, an appreciative audience — all a part of Friday night Play Night. Chairman — Virginia Greene Secretary — Mary Frances Adanio Mary Frances Adanio Vivian Adanio Peggy Barfield Suetta Blanding Dot Bryant Nina Pearl Bush Annie Lee Cannon Margaret Carter Charlotte Cooper Mem tiers : Trixie Crosby Elizabeth Giersch Mary Lou King Jeanne Eyman Aleen Pridgeu Jean Kneeland Doris Knowles Fstelle Lowe Sara Mcintosh Mary Rhame Anna Sands Betty Shriller Tain Thomas Margaret Tilghman Virginia Wainwright Jean Wallace Jean Talley Outing Club Committee A committee of WAA, this group of girls makes preparations for the hike you wanted to go on and never got around to planning — or gets the truck so you can go to some remote picnicing grounds. It ' s one of the most active committees on campus and one whose activities are widely enjoyed. Officers arc: " Phil " (Frances) Eckland, Chairman; Starling Hall, Eleanor Candy, Margaret Todd. Committee Heads. Members : Betty Jane Brossier Dorothy Burtseher Ruby Ebert Harriet Ellsworth Kathleen Falconer Flsie Rives Bonnie Wimpee Jean Winter Lucy (ioedert Elizabeth Sawyer Irma Silverstein Cleo Sapp Shelia Spilky Mary Lou Taylor Penny Pennell Jan Sutherland Eloise Gonklin.g Gloria Musebeek Marie Myers Martha R bb Legare Tucker Marion Phillips Hester Hammon. Secretary [ 191 ] Physical Education Association The Physical Education Association is made up of girls who are physical education majors. This year their activities have been especially important with the members assisting WAA in the Physical Fitness Drive. They are organized to promote a unity between these girls who have their major in c Qon and to further their profes- sional abilities. President — Mary Lou King Vice ' resident — Margaret Carter Secret a w-Trca surer — Dot tie Bryant MEMBERS ' Seniors : Betty Brown Marion Freeling Irene Fremd Myrtice Louque Dorothy Mc ' ov.an Anna Frances McKay Mary Jayne Mullen Minnie Lee Moon Paulette Nolan Uutli 1 ' eai ' ce Nell Smith Gwendolyn St ephensoii .lane! Wells Jean Woi ' 1 Juniors : Margaret Garter Denora Ecker Frances Eckland Jimmie Fain Starling Hall M. Jane Jones Mary Lou King Mary Alice Kirchner Pat Patterson If ul 1) Smith Dorothy Surface Uutli Thomas Stella Valenti Bonnie Beth Winipio Wayles Wood Bernie Walton Sophomores: Margaret Barfield Dottie Bryant Elsie Cater Jeanne Eynian Ethel Fields Uenee Herman M. Elizabeth Hooks Vicki Lewis Mary Lippitl Jean Lloyd Frances Nelson Alone Nichols Ilarriette Pounds Mary Uoddiek Margaret Todd .Martha Twitty Freshmen : Evelyn Berry Betty Creary Jessie Dunlin Margaret Fridy Hester Hammond Mary Jo Hanner Amy J o Kirby Loretta Menge Dorothy Park Eleanor Mar, Parker Marilyn Schultz Bettie Anne Stone Marian Welch Frances Keistei ' [ 192 ] Jljle SguUhg, Gosipd, Betty Brown Catherine Bel Nina Patterson Denora Eeker Myrtis LouQue Irene Fremd Celia Mangels Mary Gray Holderman Mary Lou King Jean Hitchcock Jeff Jeffress Ethel Fields Mary Fields Marcy MacKintosh Pat McNamara Nancy Lee Doggett Helen Emanuel Ala lion Webster Jane Telford Marjorie Lambert Evelyn Buettner Sue Erwin Kathlee Guest Marion Swanson Jean Wood Ruth Ferguson Ruth Garrison Evelyn Berry Eleanor Campbell Loretta Menge Bethea Willis Ruth Roeshner Harriette Pounds Irma Achenbach Ruth Smith Lucy Cole Peggy Barke Marion Freeling Jeanne Wallace Mary J. Medlin Phil Eckland Nell Smith Paulette Nolan Margaret Carter Starling Hall Bonnie Craig Peaches McKay ( " harlotte Cooper J ere Turner Hinda Kremer lOIsie Cater June Pherrin Anna Sands Ruth Hawes Sara Hopkins Peg Peterson Chubby Gandy Ruby Ebert Renee Herman Eloise Linton Louise Cason Etla La Roe Martha Twitty Martha Teeter Francine Fisher Eloise Goulding Ethel Crown Preparing themselves to be a friend in need, these girls have passed the regular training course of the American Red Cross water safety program. Sponsor — Marjorie Mayer President — Ethel Crown Secretary — Mary Lou King Instructor — Frances Eckland Captain — Denora Ecker [ 193 ] Home Economics Club A sincere interest in the field of Home Economics entitles a student on campus to membership in this organization. Members this year gave an afternoon tea for freshmen and transfers; they went t i camp and hiked to the Ravine. An ice cream social and a Christmas party were bright spots in the club ' s activities. CAROLYN JOIIXNOX, President RUTH HENDRICKS, Vice President BARBARA ALBRIGHT, Secretary ELIZABETH YANCEY, Treasurer THEO BLALOCK, Senior Representative LENORA DRIGGERS. Junior Representative LOIS KNOWLES, Sophomore Representative CLAIRE MEANS, Social Chairman MARY RHAME, Project Chairman ROVANA DuPARC, Publicity Chairman EDNA LEE. Poster Chairman RUTH McOAIN. Parliamentarian LUCILLE ARNOLD. E.r Officio MISS HELEN CATE. Sponsor [ BH J The Collese 4-H Club These girls, all 4-II-ers before c ing to college, are organized so that they will not lose touch with their groups at home. They continue previous 4-1 1 club activities. Date of founding: ltr_ ii Colors: Green and White Flower: Four Leaf Clover Motto: " To Make the Best Better Sponsor — Miss Ruby McDavid President — Lizzie Mae Cowen Vice President — Vera Ray Secretary — Ruth Hendricks Treasurer — Fern Robertson Parliamentarian — Edith Ally Program Chairman — Dorcus Stone Freshman Advisor — Wilma Smith Publicity chairman — Evelyn Haynes Assistant Secretary — Fay Rooks [ 195 ] Orchestra Another i h;ise of our own cultural activities on our campus is provided by the college orchestra. While their concerts are necessarily far and few between, they are watched for and waited for all year. Conductor Walter Ituei Cowles Concert master — Helen I ahUren First Violins: Clarinet : Violincellos : Helen Dahlgren Mar.jorio Morrison Betty Potter Lula Cooper Pearl.. Tyler Owen F. Sellars .Mary Co wart Wilma Strickland ' 1 ' nun pet s : Bass: Myra Swindell Robert Kynian Margaret Smith .lane Tashiro Betty Ann Augenbaugh French Horns Violas : Robert Ilofma ( ' ha riot te ( ' nopcr Second Violins : Joseph ( ' lemons Alma l,n Meerdinck Diana Vergowe Trombones : Frances S]iarknian Jacqueline Bierer Betty Sanford Flutes : Frances Blackburn .lean Daniells Kay McAllister Doris Kamni Annabelle Hoffman Tympani : l i ry .1. Towne Edna Laws Jean Hitchcolk Oboe : Kathei ' ine Shearer Harp : Mary Stephenson Carol Sherman Mary Reeder [ 196 J Glee Club The campus ' own artist series are the Glee Club Concerts. The special feature for ' 41- ' 42 was the program at the Florida Theater, added attraction was being hostesses for the Emory and Florida glee clubs. The Christmas program brought one of the Glee Club ' s largest audiences and some of the audience ' s most crocodile tears. In April the Glee Club had an annual concert — when its fancy lightly tinned to thoughts of Spring. Special recognition in the Glee Club is to be asked to sing in the ensemble. VIRGINEA DUNN, President MARY PARKER, Vice President MILDRED TRITE, Secretary and Treasurer KATHRYN GALT, Business Manager .MISS ETTA ROBERTSON. Director FRANCES ROGERS, Accompanist MEM HE US First Sopranos Dorothy Shoupe Patricia Coleman Judie Rigell Jean Lloyd Rosalie Pincus June Helie Genevieve Bryan Phyllis Howell Norma Wittenstein Frances Deviney Rosemary Thrasher Elizabeth Brandon Dinah Shulman Mary Ellen Knight Gwendolyn Merritt Second Sopranos Joy AVillis Virginea Dunn Betty Jacobi Mary Stapleton Vivienne Rainey Mildred True Dorothy Hickman Dorothy Baiters Mary Parker Nan Pope Mary Louise Lopez Lula Joughin Gloria Dulaney Kathleen Patronis Nancy Parker Mary Deinetree Evelyn Dale ( ' lyde Cooper Katherine Getzen Jeanette Thompson Myia Swindell Ruth Bishop Julianna Davis Mary Riggins Patricia Padrick Harriet Dillingham First Altos Kathryn Gait Wilma Smith Mildred Boley Mary McCormack Dorothy Ann Hord Elizabeth Chicoine Betty Howze .Shirley Ericksen Second A Itos Dorothy Hughs Margaret Tin una s Marcy McKintosh Jonnie Thomasson Lanette Kirkland Cannon McBeth Elizabeth Lyons Eleanor Hamm Margaret Brown Betty Aughen bough Portia Spalding Jean Murray Louise VVetzell Frances Blackburn [ 197 ] MP y -■ . -..-, «.-■ ' m ' - ' j?s - 1. . - , " r ' . " ■ , . THE BAND The picture and sound of school spirit — our band, in their new garnet and gold uniforms they play at Thanksgiving, at the inauguration, at Color Rush. A little more than a year old— they ' re excellent already. Date id: t " n l n l iiiu -February. 11 41. Director— O. F. Sellers President — Charlotte Cooper Vice President — Elizabeth Jeffress Secretary, Drum Mujoi — Marion Swanson Libra ria n — Pea rle Tyler Publicity Manager — Alice Ludlum MEMBERS: Clarinets : Flora Dow Baritone : Marion Swanson Adele Du Bois Flora May Pass Elizabeth Jeffress Patty Palmer Doris Headley Marie AVoinble Betty I ' .eall Marjorie Morrison Helen Grimes Myra Swindell Flutess Ida .Johnston Mary .lane Towne Trombone : Betty Sanford Helen Dahlgren Virginia Grimes l! iss : .lean Lewis Saxophone : Alice Ludlum Trumpets : Marilyn Vara Drum : Betty Aughenbaugb Horn : Jean Hitehcolk Phil Eckland l ' earle Tyler Mary Puglisi Virginia Reedier Pat Howard Carol Sherman Eleanor Mary Parker Charlotte Cooper Margie Ustler | L98 eu riae off. ie r- 5 r3 All fack Air. aTi pear r vU f o » er 0 Pink 199 1 The Crop Saddle Club After plans and hopes and urging, a new riding club was formed to replace the one that dissolved about three years ago. Instructions in riding accompany membership so that amateurs in the art of staying in the saddle don ' 1 have to do all of their learning by painful experience. Sponsor — Miss Anna Mae Tracy • •( xi l i at -Marjorie Richardson Sect ctary-Trca mtrcr — Mary Beddick Vice I ' nsiiii ni — Mary I. on Garrett Program Chairman — Mary Martha Mills Members: Jean Phillips Dot Boddie Edna Earle Wilson " Mac " Cannon Betty Lou Koynton Delyne Moore Nan Parson Edith Collins Donna Cochran Peg Miller Irene Paulson Betty Chester Barbara Wheelock Helen Taylor Dot Voting June Iladsell Mary Lou Ware Jeanne Ingram Jacqueline Dew Beverly Dow Lorraine Ingram Mary Jane Towne Gloria DuBus Helen Iserman Dot Hayes Pal McMillan Elizabeth Sawyer " Micki " Lowry Sarah Callison Francine Fisher Bernice Turbeville Marguerite Arthur [ L ' OO ] Between a soldier and the deep blur sea M, euic [ 202 ] Panhellenic slid into high at the first week of school with rushing lectures to the fresh- man, parties, receptions, and bidding. Then they handled pledgings. When they were done, they settled down to such things as pledgings during the year, planning the dance, checking the scholarship averages. The dance, with its lighted sorority emblems, was one of the best. V for Victory was the theme for the Sing. This was a full year and they were mighty busy all year keeping things smooth for fourteen groups. Heaps of thanks go to Pridge and best of luck to Mattie Lou. The representatives for this year were: Alpha Chi Omega. Jean Austin, Jane Boyd; Alpha Delta Pi. Gene Parkhill, Ruth Boyd: Alpha Gamma Delta. Lucille Arnold. Beth Bustin ; Alpha Xi Delta, Betty Oxer, Bita Gross: Chi Omega, Mary Frances Oven. Margaret Her- rin ; Delta Delta Delta, Dede Hale, Audrey Atherton ; Delta Phi Epsilon, Florence Lutz, Madalyn Halpern : Delta Zeta, Lucille McLeod. Maida Harrington : Kappa Alpha Theta, Monterey Whittlesey, Jeannette Tharpe, Kappa Delta. Martha Bostwick, Mary Boiling Duncan: Phi Mu. June Inman, Harriet McWhorter ; Pi Beta Phi. Sara Duke Bryant, Fmmett Curtis: Sigma Kappa. Elizabeth Weathers, Carolyn Griner ; Zeta Tau Alpha. Betty Dumont, Sarah Borden ; President of Panhellenic, Aleene Pridgen, Delta Delta Delta; Secretary-Treasurer, Mattie Lou Peacock, Sigma Kappa. [ 203 ] Alpha (Jiving up their formal dance to buy defense stamps . . . night club hostesses at their Five o ' clock Club party . . . lighted candles forming Greek letters in their Dream wonder . . . soccer leaders . . . seeking the heights to- times together l eins Alpha ( ' his. Founded at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana. 1885 Beta Eta Chapter Installed in 1929 Colors: Scarlet and Olive Green. Flower: Red Carnation Open Motto : " Together Let Us Seek the Heights " Publication : " The Lyre " Helen Cate Marylila Bibb Elizabeth Bragg Louise Burger Jean Austin Jane Boyd Gloria John Dulaney Muriel Humphrey Dorothy Jewell Virginia Jones Martha Beck Jane Crocker Iiita Garris Lillian Guimond Mary Budd Holmes IN FACULTATE P.ernice Deetz SENIORS Doris Carter Ruth Miller JUNIORS Mary Alice Kirchner Mary Ellen McCall Pat McNamara Mary Estelle Padgett Gladys Petrie Winifred Price Triplett SOPHOMORES Marianne Smith Olive Stillwell Geraldine Wimberly Jane Crocker PLEDGES Kathleen Armstrong Virginia Bryan Mary Crocker Mary Jane Dews Helen Fletcher Lillian Garcia June Helie Jean Kendall Ruth Kitchen Mary ' at herine Lawton Frances Lewis Fay Martin Jess McCall Adrienne Petrie June Pope Jane Sims Gloria Waters Doris Wells Carolyn Stowell ir rf,i i r.iBB BRAGG BURGER CARTER MILLEB AUSTIN BOYD DULANEY HUMPHREY lEWKM. JONES KIRCHNER J04 Glil 6mecj,a Inning an Informal week-end instead . . . pledges turning goat courts causing pledges apprehension . . . loving the Cake ceremony . . . Y. W. C. A. vice-president and mental gether to the music of their golden lyre . . . wonderful G. PETRIE TRII ' LETT BE Tv DEWS GARRIS McCALL McNAMAHA L ' ADL ' ETT LEWIS MARTIN SMI ' II STTLLWELL WATERS GUIMOND HELIE HOLMES CROCKER i-i.K ' I ' ciii.i: iv ;•: 1 1 ALL KITCHEN LAW TON VIMREULY ARMSTRONG BRYAN McCALL A. PETRIE POl E SIMS WELLS [ 205 ] AlaUa A sparkling blue and white Christinas f . rmal dance and " Iota Is The Chapter, " at Sunday nighl suppers . . . two tradition of initiation breakfast . . . aces in ping pong and lighted diamond over their door welcoming friends into Founded at Wosleyan College, Macon, Georgia, 1851 Iota Chapter Installed in 1!)()! Colors: Blue and White. Flower: Violet Open Motto: " We Live For Each other " Publication: " Adelphean " IN FACULTATE Betty Blanding Lucy Lester Margie Burks SENIORS Judy Campbell Gene Parkhill Jeanne Felkel Mart Pierson Mary Celeste Hardee Frances Rogers JUNIORS Mary Angas Kitty Jo Hickman Ann Arnold Mary Ellen Igon Peggy Conklin Olive Olliphant Anne Gamble Mary Lncile Palmer SOPHOMORES Frances Bedell Leila Xorris Sara Frances Bell Xan Pope Mary Bennett Glenn Shelley Ruth Boyd Jere Turner Eleanor Ernsl Peggy Lee Walker Margery Lambert Julia W 1 Laura Lee Lane Jane Wright FLEDGES Jean Angas Sally Jo Jackson Elizabeth Brown Lillian Kirk Eleanor Blount Martha Long Frances Choate Mary Shaw Love Jean Corry Betty Love MeCallum Aleene Dan Sally McCracken Angelina D ' Anua Frances Owens Kathleen Everett Betty Page Peggy Fret well Pat Rhodes Margaret Fridy Molly Ann Sisk Marguerite Givens Mary Ann Waller CAMPBEL1 PIERSON CON KM N JACKSON [ 206 ] jbeua Pi a dainty Christmasy formal tea by the pledges . . . singing Phi Betn Kappa ' s front their ranks . . . following the badminton inn-annuals . . . President of C. ' • A. . . . The the hearts of the A. D. Pi ' s. . ■ ' : • ' ■ BELL SHELLEY CHOATE LONG BENNETT TURNER CORRY McCALLUM BOYD WALKER D ' ANNA Mccracken ERNST WEED EVERETT OWENS LAMBERT WRIGHT FRETWELL PAGE LANE J. ANGAS FRIDY RHODES NORRIS BROWN GIVEN S SISK POPE BLOUNT KIRK WALLER [ 207 ] Aloha Star Oust from the silver stars and blue lights at the party . . . riding horseback together . . . winners of the ovary . . . Sloppy Joe spaghetti party in the garden for years . . . nibbling .Mother Rose ' s surprise batches of of an Alpha Gamma Delta. Founded at Syracuse University in 1904 Caninia Beta Chapter Installed in 1925 Colors: Red. Buff, and Green. Flower: Red Rose Publication: " Alpha Gi na Helta Quarterly " SENIORS Barbara Albrighl Anne Alt ' riend I.ueile Arnold Grace Bail Emily Harrow Mary Brice Denver Mary Frances Fetner Sara Margaret Geiger Sue ( ' haires Elizabeth Cooper Annie Jo Gatlin Minnie Lu Moore Anne Perry Sollar Gweu Stephenson Mary Townsend Anne Wilkinson Elsie Mae Willits Mary Evelyn Wooten Rhea Walz Beth I ' .ustiii Mary Eon Hanford Betty Heall .lean Biggar Ruth Bishop Mar.jorio Dowling Eloise Eubanks Margaret Grissett Marguerite Guy Annie Fee Hardee Gene Harlow Carolyn Hast on Julia Ilavinan JUNIORS Mary Anna Hampton Mar.jorie Richardson Marian Starkey SOPHOMORES Mary Anne Jones Mary St nail Yancey PLEDGES Betty .lean Xeel .Mac Pindar .loan Pollard Naomi Rivers Gloria Shunian Lorraine Sproul Gloria Tucker Viola Webb Virginia Williams Ann Marie Griffin Francis MeHorinon ALBRIGHT ALFRIEND ARNOLD BAIL BARROW DEAVER FETNER GEIGER moo i : 10 si h.i.ai; STEPHENSON townsenJ WILKINSON WILLITS WOOTEN CHAIRES [ 208 ] amma jbelt a V 1 1 » 1 1 .- 1 Gam formal . . . pledges turn Hill-Billy at their scholarship cup . . . three in the Home Economies Hon- ;he seniors . . . Gracie — president of lier class for four leanul brittle . . . the red, red rose . . . the happy smile COOPER JONES EUBANKS GATLIN PINDER GRISSETT RICHARDSON STARKEY V K 1 : 1 : BUST IN GUY HAMPTON BE ALL BIGGAR BISHOP DO WRING 1ANFORD YANCEY HASTON HAYMAN NEEL POLLARD HARDEE HARLOW RIVERS SHUMAN TUCKER WILLIAMS llaUa Dancing ' neath the glow of candlelight and fragile white glamour of Army Wings . . . be aster of having the sponsor at the house . . . the prize winning " Tallahassee Choo at Wakulla for the pledges . . . gay, laughing, sisters . . . Founded at Lombard College. Galesburg. 111.. 18113 Alpha Omega Chapter Installed in 1929 Colors: I " oiililc Blue and Cold. Flower: Killarney Rose Publication: " Alpha Xi Delta " IX FACULTATE Isabel Fernandez Betty Jacobi .lane McCay Bettv Jane Oxer- Shirley Ericksen Rita Gross Frances Hatfield Lita Boyles Barbara Barton Barbara Mavis Florence Gross Dorothy Hayes Patricia MacMillan SENIORS Myra Swindell Elizabeth Waterman JUNIORS Madge Oven-ash Avis Thomas Muriel Thomas SOPHOMORES Sarah O ' Neal PLEDGES Dorothy Reese Betsy Stewart Virginia Dunn Margaret Danniels [ 210 ] Ai 2 eua flowers . . . the familiar hiss of the " Snake Club " . . . the of the U. S. S. Barton . . . hilarious spaghetti suppers Choo " ... a isii from the Omega Chapter and picnics the lighted quill of Alpha Xi Delta. SWINDELL A. THOMAS WATERMAN M. THOMAS ERICKSEN BOWLES GROSS O ' NEAL HATFIELD REESE OVERCASH STEWART Qltl Autumn eaves at the ( ' hi formal in the Student Alumnae; pious in the bowling intra-murals . . . three on Judiciary plays . . • the pearly " X and horseshoe " . . . the chapter week-end . . . the wise old owl . . . the white carnation [founded al Fayetteville, Arkansas, in 1S95 Gamma Chapter Installed in 190S Colors: Cardinal and Straw. Flower: White Carnation open Motto: ' •Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals " Publical ion : " Eleusis " IN FACULTATE Mrs. J. F. Miller Olive Dell Sarah Godard Margaret Hearin Ella Maude Jones Mary Lou McGowan Margaret Miller Mildred Anderson Elaine Beisler Annie Leo Cannon Laura Foote Barbara Franklin Marv Iluddleston SENIORS Mary Frances Oven Anne Sutherland Betty Thomas Mary Lois Thomas Virginia Thomas Janet Wells JUNIORS Gloria Johnston Mary Anna McBride Nona McEuen Dorothy StallingS Patricia Watkins Edna Earle Wilson SOPHOMORES Yvonne Cody Patricia De Pury Elizabeth Finlayson Jean Flynii Betty Carolyn .Jackson Betty Adams Maude Haley Betty Burnett Ma ry A nn I ' a imoii ! i rot liy I lyrenforth Sally Evans Martha Hanley Margarel Mam Jane Hudnell Editb Ilillsey Mary Josephine Parks Joanne Puffer Peggy Reynolds Ida B. Sanders PLEDGES Edith Knight Petty Lewis Julia Frances Mays Mary Me Carly Jonnnettc Miller Kathryn Nelson l la Oven Gloria Postell Helen Woodward Alice Olliphanl DELL McGOWAN B. THOMAS ANDERSON JONES SfTllKKLAN! WELLS FRANKLIN I 212 I meaa 9 wilding . . . Full Frolicing ;ii the pledge party . . . Chain- . . gathering around the piano t sing while Ella Maude novi ' s down to Gainesville for a K. A. Soul hern Plantation lint a Chi Omega loves. n . ... fOHNSTON TNLAY ' SON BURNETT McBRIDE FLYNN m. a. cannon lewis McEL ' EN JACKSON DYRENFORTH MAYS STALLINGS NELSON HANLEY Mccarty W ATKINS PARKS HARN MILLER WILSON REYNOLDS HUDNELL ( VK.V CODY ' SANDERS HULSEY POSTELL [irl ' I ' liV BATEY KNIGHT WOODWARD 2 eHa 2 eita Davy Jones " locker theme at the first formal of the season modeling at their fashion show . . . swimming cup for the the Junior (Mass. Spirogira . . . winners in Panhell sing harmonizing " Crazy ' Bout Krackles " . . . Saturday night on the terrace . . . the Stars and Crescent of Tri Delta Founded at Boston University in 1SSS Alpha Eta Chapter Installed in 101(5 Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue. Flower: Pansy Open Motto: " Let Us Steadfastly Love One Another " Publication : " The Trident " IN FACULTATE Katherine Montgomery Katherine Warren Virginia Alice Alexander Dempsey Creary Edna Gordon SENIORS Audrey Atherton Dede Hale Helen Beals Betty Branam Marie Byrd ( Mlelie Cox Nancy Lee Doggett Lamar Ellis Martha Ellen Hack] Helen Hawkins Jean Hitchcolk Frances Blake Vianne Bloodworth Myla Lu Cameron Carolyn Collins Laura Dozier Lev Hevward Betty Battle Barbara Berlin Betty Carr Jessie Durden Mary Martha Emerick Edith Foshee Joy Gibson Adelaide Gilsori Catherine Hull Sara Swanson Belle Yonge JUNIORS Eleanor Huff Mary Gusta Huggins Geraldine McDonnell Aleene Pridgen Lucy Roumillat Margaret Thomas Patricia Walker Barbara Williams SOPHOMORES Sally Hipp Jane Irving Lyla Landis Ann Peck Margaret Smith PLEDGES Evancll Klintworth Margery Loomis Gabriel Mattox Pal Michel Margaret Parsons Tuckie Shell Elizabeth Whigham Mary Katherine White Ann Whitesell THERTON DAVIS YONGE BEALS COX DOGGETT HAWKINS HITCHCOLK t 214 ] jbeua . . . noisy song-fests on the back stairs .. . the pledges third time, and the bridge cup. too . . . presidents of . . . sunburning and lesson-learning in the back yard . . . feasts in the kitchen . . . Panhell president . . . sunning Heaven. McDonnell PR1DGEN ROUMILLAT THOMAS WALKER WILLIAMS BLAKE BLOODWORTH CAMERON COLLINS DOZIER HEYWARD HIPP LANDIS PECK SMITH BATTLE CARR BURDEN EMERICK FOSHEE GILSON Ml I.I. KLINT WORTH LOOMIS MATTOX MICHEL PARSONS SHELL WHIGHAM wi i rrt: WHITESELL 2 eua P u Tunes of old favorites at tin 1 Musical Memories formal . . . Odd-Even Blitzkrieg for a Homecoming theme . . . prize for humorous song in Panhell sing . . . camping to- mond Jim Brady party . . . everyone in the chapter knitting triangle of Delta Phi Epsilon. Founded at New York University, X. Y.. in 1017 Iota Chapter Installed in 1025 Colors: Royal Purple and Gold. Flower: Pansy (•pen Motto: " Esse Quam Videri " Publication: " The Triangle " SENIORS Naomi Brauer Rosalie Glickman Selnia Jenkins Florence Lutz Anita Berkowitz Dorothy Dubbin Madalyn Halpern Lillian Gordan Rosalie Pincus Lita Aronovitz Ruby Baker Edith Black Esther Cohen Geraldine Cohen Doris Peigenbaum Ana Garbuz Geraldine Halpern Blanche Saul Amelia Schneider Sara Tepper JUNIORS Lillian Rogin Selma Sehloss SOPHOMORES Charlotte Rose Irma Silverstein PLEDGES Renee Herman Evelyn Heller Clara Lovitz Bessie Setzer Evelyn Sirken Sheila Spilky Norma Witteiistein BRAUER GLICKMAN JENKINS LUTZ SAUL SCHNEIDER TEPPER BERKOWITZ DUBBIN [ 216 ] opAilosi f the I Phi E ' s . . . a Hallowe ' en party by the pledges ledge group publication, The Iotagram . . . winning first »ether . . . singing ;it the spaghetti supper . . . their Din- it leasl one sweater . . . the sisters wearing the pearly SCHLOSS ARON ' OVITZ G. COHEN E. COHEN GARBUZ ULPERN ROGIN PINCUS ROSE SILVERSTEIN BAKER BLACK HELLER HERMAN J. HALPERN LOVITZ SETZER SIRKEN SPILKY GORDON FEIGENBAUM WITTENSTEIN ] 217 [ 2 ett a Formal dancing in a garden of roses contrasting the prize at Thanksgiving with decora t ions of V-For-Victory Alpha merge with Delta Zeta . . . carols read at Christmas frys and informal .uet-to-gcthers . . . Sunday morning guiding light. Founded at Miami University. Oxford. Ohio, in 194)2 Alpha Sigma Chapter Installed in 1924 Colors : ld Rose and Yieux Green. Flower: Killarney Rose Publication : " The Lamp " Henrietta Howe] Maida Harrington IN FACULTATE JUNIORS SnrilnMOUKS Bettye Burc-h Mary Ellen Ji hnson Ma rgarel Spea rman Winifred Cook ( ' lyde ' ooper Cecelia McColpin Irene Whitney Geraldine Cook Sara Frances Darsey Kiith Faulds t 218 ] fieta pledge party In a Mexican hacienda . . . winning first . . . Founder ' s Day banquet at the Cherokee . . . Beta Phi time around a cheerful fire . . . Saturday night hamburger breakfasts, in bed . . . The Diamond will forever be our COOK SPINKS DARSEY STUBBS HAMRICK WRIGHT JOHNSON McCOLPIN SPEARMAN COOPER jd i mk COOK [ 219 ] Ki AlflliA GA242XI -Mip Ul Their bonds ave ;is close as the harmony of their trio . . . burned . . . blending voices, the cardinal point of inter- members . . . boasting the Theta trio gone Russian in the compass on the twin stars shinins ever bright . . . they Founded at De I ' anw University in 1870 P.eta Nu Chapter Installed in 1! 24 Colors: Black and Gold. Flower: Black and Gold Pansy Publications: " Kappa Alpha Theta " IN FACULTATB .Mildred Finnegan Jennie T. Tilt Lois Cooper Elizabeth Ezzard Esther Hack Dorothy Hickman Bettye Hyatt Dorothy Babers I ' eggy Barker Jean Cheaney .Jayne Colley Frances Compton Elizabeth Draughn Itiith Garrison .Mary Ann Brophy .Neva Chillingworth Ernestine Dunlap Judy Brck Annie Kate Brengle Renee Brown Cora I. on Burgess Julia Nell I ' yroni Margarel Chalker Louise Davitl Hester Hammond Alice Jansscii Anne Laird Edith W. West SENIORS Mary Small Klueppelbei ' i Martha Stroberg Jeannette Tharpe Elizabeth Weaver Monterey Whittlesey JUNIORS Maxine Harrison Florence Hield Janice Hield Margaret Mercer Celia Pierce Wayles Wood SOPHOMORES Wilnia Lockhart Celia Mangels Carmen McBeth Barbara Sweet PLEDGES Sarah McCall Mary Met ' aim Lois Peterson Betty I ' ope Portia Spalding Doris Stinison Barbara Woods Sybil Wool t 220 ] HICKMAN STROBERG WHITTLESKA Ueti a next door to the house on THE corner the house that mission parties . . . Off Campus Chairman, Judiciary Even Dem . . . Bowery Ball by the pledges . . . setting their sail en high with their black and sold kite. COMPTON DRAIJGHN GARRISON HARRISON F. HIELD J. HIELD CHEANEY COLLEY WOOD BROPHt CHILLINGWORTH ERCK LOCKHART MANGELS PIERCE SPALDING BRENGLB BROWN BURGESS CHALKER HAMMOND JANSSEN McBETH SWEET LAIRD McCALL MeCANN PETERSON POPE STIMSON [ 221 ] Kt a apa A garden of Dreams forma] in the tradition of the chapter . . . singing ' " To Thee. Our K. D. " at the senior farewell fraternity pins, both . . . the entire chapter buying defense suppers . . . 3.0 freshman, the cheer leading trio . . . tiny, faces . . . the white rose of Kappa Delta. Founded at Virginia State Normal in 1897 Kappa Alpha Chapter Installed in 190-1 Colors: Green and White. Flower: White Rose Open Motto: " Let US strive for that which is honorable. beautiful, and highest " Publication : " Angelos " Katherine Byrd Kathleen Fletcher IX FACULTATE Rex Todd Withers SENIORS Martha Davis Mary Boiling Duncan Rosalie Perry Wade Bennett Barbara Brown Martha Bostwick Emily Gilbert Jimmy Fain Alice Hodges .lean Williams Rex Withers JUNIORS Jane May Betsy McMichael Mar.jorie Silks Roberta Van Brunl Nancy White SOPHOMORES Jane rr Allin ( ' harlotie Ballenger .Mary Brown Mary Harmon Betty Logan Sandra Anderson Ann Blake Nell P.ryanl Mary Shelley Carr Sylvia Ohambliss Martha Louise Fain Mary ' la ire Fi ster Mary Lilla Gainey Joanne Getzen Jeanne fullel I Jane Hopkins Martha Ann Jackson Jean Kennedy Josephine Pate Florence Taylor Ruth Wisdom Mildred Woodbery Mary Hulsey PLEDGES Margaret La Motto Marion Mollis Mary Lucy Mendenhall Pal McHenry Eloise Neate Marjorie Sue Oxford Eleanor Mary Parker Dorothy Perkins Stisanne Pierce Mary Eli .a Rosborougb Patsy Shannon Betty Ann Tierney DAVIS DUNCAN FOS r rt:K WILLIAMS WITHERS BENNET ' l BOSTWICK 1 [( )DGES MA V MORRIS ROSBI »R( )UG H SILKS PERRY BROWN McMICHAEIl VAN BRUNT [ 222 I jbelh a . . swish of grass skirts at the pledges ' Hawaiian Party upper and Panhell Sing . . . wearers of wings and tamps . . . laughing together .-it Saturday nighl buffet old daggers on their collars, bul friendly smiles on their BALLENGER isaskin M. BROWN HARMON LOGAN McHENRY WHITE ALLIN WISDOM WOODBEK Y ANDERSON BLAKE BRY4.NT Ri: PATE TAYLOR GAINEY GETZEN GULLETTE HOPKINS JACKSON LA MOTTF IAMBLISS FAIN MENDENHALL OXFORD PARKER PERKINS PIERCE TIERNEY [ 223 ] " 3 Plu I ' M Mu Silhouette as the theme of their formal dance . . every-other week . . . melody of " Night Serenade ' " at Pan- tile new furniture throughout the house . . . dressed in . . . seniors presenting hooks to the house at the senior Faithful Sisters. Founded ;it Wesleyau College in 1S52 Alpha Eysilon Chapter Installed in 1929 Colors: Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation Open Motto: " Les soenrs fideles " Publical inn : " Aglaia " IX FACULTATE ( ' lirist ine Scarborough Caroline Bird Joan Durrance Kathryn Goodroe Mariana Boardmai) Ursa Cogdill Martha Griffitts .lean Hainpson Doris Jackson Rachel Black SENIORS Juno lumau Christine N ' oedhani JUNIORS Gwen Merritt Mary Monahan Edna Springer Jov Willis SOPHOMORES Patricia Boyd Sara Holms Maxine H miser Octavia McGeachy Eleanor Campbell Elizabeth Cassels Martha ( !roolcshanli Loui.se Davis Linnie Draughon Alice Louise Hamlet Mollie Kelly Betty Popwell Harriel McWhorter Jessie Belle Peteruianu Martha Claire Powell Marie Prevatte PLEDGES Aleta Price Marjorie Ray Carol Sherman Sarah Stewart Christine Warnock Natalie Willi ' Emily Wilson Kathrvn Wilson BIRD NEEDHAM GRIFFITTS Dt ' RRANCE BOARDMAN I I A. Ml ' SON ' GOODROE CAMPBELL JACKSON INMAN COGDIT.T, MERRITT [ 224 ] Mi u treasure hunting ;ii the pledge party . . . informal parties lell sing . . . Alpha Lambda Delta members . . . proud of vhite with an Enchantress carnation n Founder ' s Day (arty . . . working together tor defense . . . Phi Mu ' s SPRINGER WILLIS WILSON CROOKSHANK DAVIS HAMLET MONAHAN PRICK McGEACHY McWHORTER POWELL PREVATTE CASSELS DRAUGHON HELMS HOUSER POPWELL RAY SHERMAN STEWART WARNOCK WILLE [ 225 ] Pi Beta A spring formal with flowers, a flourish of army wings party given by the pledges . . . I ' i Phi picnics following goes on is terrific . . . the Pledge Banquet at Wakulla on in the muddy clay . . . wine and silver blue, the Arrow Founded at Monmouth College in 1S67 Florida Beta Chapter Installed in 1921 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue. Flower: Wine Carnation Publication: " The Arrow " IN FACULTATE Mrs. Herman Kurz Miss Charlotte Stevens SENIORS Theo Blalock Sarah Duke Bryant Emniett Curtis Elizabeth Giersch Marguerite Hamilton Mary Eleanor Bellamy Louise DeJarnette Pat Hansen Eddie Hill Beth Mitchell Charlotte Nelms Jane McGuire • ' aniline Painter Ruth Pearce Sue Venning JUNIORS Carolyn Davis Patricia Halloran Jane Lloyd Caroline Massey Virginia Palmer Louise Perkins Elizabeth Almon Carol Barge Susan Bonner Ann Brinkman Jo Helen Burt Erma Doudney Thelma Corpening Miriam Guy Nancy Jenkins Caroline Kime Alice Price Polly Venning Mildred Woodward Hope Yon Eleanor Yothers Dot Sellars SOPHOMORES Lloyd Pierce Anna Sands Frances Strickland Elizabeth Thornton Madalyn Truluck Frances Tucker PLEDGES Eleanor Mahoney Frances McGarry Ann Pattishall Sarah Jane Pitts Elizabeth Purvis Betty Riddle Carolyn Reynolds Jean Yothers Dorothy Young Gayle Sewell BLALOCK BRYANT CURTIS GIERSCH GUY HAMILTON McGUIRE PAINTER PEARCE VENNING BELT-AMY DeJARNETTK HANSON MITCHELL NELMS [ ' RICE I 220 piu present arid punch on the terrace . . . the traditional circus bi Tally week-ends . . . and the knittin ' Cor britten ' that a rainy night with the outcome doubtful ;is the bus lodged of Pi Phi. SELLARS P. VENNING WOODWARD YON YOTHERS DAVIS HALLORAN LLOYD MASSEY PALMER PERKINS PIERCE SANDS STRICKLAND THORNTON TRULUCK ALMON BARGE BONNER BRINKMAN BURT DOUDNEY CORPENING JENKINS KIME MAHONEY McGARRY PATTISHALL PITTS PURVIS RIDDLE REYNOLDS J. YOTHERS YOUNG irvv fij [ 227 ] L 6 Uj ma A Hawaiian formal and the pledge party in the style of a the piano . . roasting inarshmallows before the living national president . . . bridge on Friday afternoons . . . an unident ified editor . . . midnight snacks . . . animal trip Founded at Colby College at Waterville, Me., in 1S47 Omega Chapter Installed in 1920 Colors: Maroon and Lavender. Flower: Violet Open Motto: " One heart one way " Publication: " The Triangle " IX FACULTATE Leila Venable Warhol Pitchfon Carolyn Griner Frances Howze Louise Atkinson Katherine Butler Zelda Carpenter Clyde Dailey Cleo Lochas Frances Gaither Georgie Hall Jeanne Compton Sue Pitehford SENIORS Virginia Tacker Eli zabeth Wea thers JUNIORS Lois Marchanr Eleanor Merrill Mattie Lou Peacock Sally Rivers SOPHOMOWES Annella Barber Virginia Beecher Martha Bishop Jean Claire Brown Jean Carroway Mary Frances Gibbs Jnanita Gibson Jackie Griffith Penny Giwrrv Kathrvn Hill Dorothea Kaupe Elizabeth Janes PLEDGES Hetty Ann Ilowze Georgianna Jennings Carolyn Lee Patricia MacVicar June MoPherson Mary Martha Mills Peggy Pemhle Bernice Scott Lila Path Shelley Rosemary 1 brasher GRINER ATKINSON LOCHAS HOWZE BUTLER MARCHANT TACKER CARPENTER MERRILL WEATHERS DAILEY PEACOCK 228 ] Kcuapxi soda shop . . . dancing on week-ends . . . singing around room fire . . . Secretary of Panhellenic . . . visit from the chapter gossip sheet. " The Serpent ' s Tail " , written by to camp in May . . . wearing the pin of Sigma Kappa. BEECHER RIVERS GAITHER HALL JANES JENNINGS LOPEZ BARBER HILL BISHOP BROWN CARROWAY GIBBS GIBSON GRIFFITH GUERRY A. HOWZE LEE MacVICAR McPHERSON MILLS PEMBLE SCOTT SHELLEY THRASHER 229 fieta au A blue and steel gray, instead of red and green. Christmas party . . . fun at goat court . . . playing together at camp to National Philanthropic center . . . C. G. A. treasurer cherishing their white violet . . . seeking the noblest . . . Founded at Virginia State Normal School in 1808 Beta Gamma Chapter Installed in 1924 Colors: Turquoise Blue, Steel Gray. Flower: White Violet open Motto: " Seek the Noblest " Publication : " Themis " SENIORS Mary Louise Bonniwell Betty Dumont Peggy Hutchinson Mary Fay McClanahan Jean Wood JUNIORS Clarice Cash Dorothy Mae Dungan Catherine Stimson Marion Swanson Sarah Borden Pauline Bailey Frances Blackburn Betty Callahan Dorothy Fisher Pricilla Gillette Sara Hamilton Pauline Hull Lucille McMullen SOPHOMORES Sara George PLEDGES Grace Megran Patricia Paddrick Margie Piatt Mary Shearer Jane Towne Betty Sue Long Mary Nell Pinholster JBONNI WELL DUMONT HUTCHINSON McCLANAHAN WOOD CASH t 230 ] AtflUa formal . . . pledges, time to tradition, give a Robin Hood . . . bridge crammed into spare moments . . . sending a box among them . . . tending to their defense knitting . . Zeta Tan Alpha. DUNGAN FISHER HAMILTON HULL BORDEN GEORGE SHEARER BAILED STIMSON SWAN SON McMDLLEN MEGRAN PLATT TOWNE BLACKBURN GILLETTE [ 231 ] Whether they wear an Alpha or an arrow, a lamp or a lyre, a quill or a erescent, they are all good friends under the fraternity system — Panhellenic. There " s a together- ness about the sorority girls on campus — they work and study, dance and sing, play bridge and tennis together. Each chapter is different, hut the fourteen groups are all good friends in Panhell. Within their own groups the girls run around campus together, gather before their fireplaces to knit, sew or just talk, or sit in their card rooms playing long rubbers of bridge. There ' s lots of fun connected with being a sorority girl and living in one of the fourteen houses that border the campus ! [ 232 J Tha, aeuv ts to spring com missions. [ 234 j ms .... with the startling ring of the alarm clock, and we climb sleepily out of bed. Having over- slept we dash madly to the dining room for breakfast. Here and there we spot a tell-tale pajama leg rolled up under a raincoat. With a few minutes to spare we stroll lazily to the library where Plato and Socrates await our arrival. After looking through all the periodicals, we hurriedly cram for five minutes before we turn into a second Avogadro in that chemistry lab. When our allowance conies and pennies burn our pockets, we rationalize and decide to eat at the Soda Shop. " Breathes there the man with soul so dead " that he never went to sleep in a 1:30. After class we dash to the P. O. but no letter is there, as usual. So we run out to the gym to make another practice pcint in sports. By dinner time we are hungry indeed. We try to keep our schoolgirl figures but just can ' t seem to pass up " seconds. " Afterwards there is usually a meeting of some kind which takes up the whole evening so we have to take a " light cut " to study. Soon we read one paragraph over and oooover until we are sound asleep! t 235 ] m, [ 23G ] A truck-load of baggage in a strange now place, words of consolation from a uirl in blue, a feeling of youngness behind a face of anticipation — all these arc a Freshman ' s as sin- meets her new home. She finds that she ' s a part of i( all as she joins upper classmen at the Big Sisler parly and the Freshman Sing. She discovers that she possesses the half of knowledge ' cause they tell her where to find it on the library tour. She finds the faculty mem- bers and administrators friendly at Dr. Conradi ' s reception. She learns the ropes of registration ami the art of standing in line. And then she ' s off for camp where the bread line forms under the mossy trees. With Junior Counsellors and Sophomore Council :;irls to guide her, each day brings new friends and a chapter of a new life. [ 237 ] Hell ' s bells, time to get up and start the weary tread to classes. After all, we are here to seek knowledge ! As the new directors are introduced at the reception in their honor, students, noses pressed against the windows, watch with curiosity. The new directors are Miss McCollum, Miss Forinan. Miss Abbee, Miss Warner, and Miss Gordy. To gel into the swim of things many tried out lor Tarpon Club. Hearts and feet were aflutter till names of Minnows were announced. With much pomp and circumstance the faculty i la cap and gown makes its first debut of the year in convocation in Academic Procession. t 236 ] [ 239 ] Caps and gowns are the vogue on the nighl of the twenty-first. Seniors feel their importance as the tall ones -.to i as Dr. Campbell invest them with their caps. It is the custom for each Sophomore Sister to carry her Senior Sister ' s cap in the procession of Investiture. Gilchrist Hall Ieads-oul in staging the first dormitory dance of the year. The drapes " is " grapes and ox-(Jilchristers look-on enviously. The " little Dictator " instincts the " Freshman Flunkies " in their many unsung duties. They are at the disposal of every organization on campus. Making posters, typing, and running errands keep them busy most of the time. They have done everything from bagging peanuts for Mortar Board to sell Thanksgiving, to carrying on the Red Cross Drive under the direction of the president of CGA. The " Freshman Flunkies " are indispensable to this campus. [ 240 j The audience climbs aboard the magic carpet of drama and is wafted to the land of " Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. " This was t lie first production this year presented by the speech department and was a big success. Freshman hold high I he lurch bestowed them by the upper- classmen in the traditional ceremony of Torch Night. Torch Nighl originated on this campus way hack ' in 1926 when upperclassmen decided to hand dawn traditions and ideals to fresh- men in a ceremony of the torches. Vires. Aries, and Mores. The idea was borrowed from the old Greek race in which it was the custom for runneis to carry torches and pass them on and on from one runnel ' to the next. Let ' s make rain while the sun shines so the Distaff can have a cover. What tortures these mortals can go through for the sake of publicity ! Janie anil Killie hold open house and we " coke " at the Xpie again. [ 241 ] " Yon .uonts wipe those smiles off your faces. " The goats do as they ' re told. They ' ve cleaned shoes, sewn F ' s. sung sunns, danced and they ' ve run errands, and now they have their last public goating in back of Bryan. " Now start walking out to camp. " Then the fearful goats in ridiculous cos- tumes trod their weary way to camp for a looooong aright of initiation mixed with hope of sweet revenge to follow. It ' s all in fun and they ' ve shown what good sports they are. Tile midnight oil begins to burn once more as quarterlies draw near. There ' s a thought of a trip home, the first since September — that keeps pop- ping up on the printed pages. It ' s hard to see the la ruin ' behind the thoughts of what ' s to come. A dash between hours to the sellers of coffee, dopes, or anything to prop open the drooping eye- lids. " Why, oh why didn ' t we do all this sooner. " The slap-happy lassies go highbrow to the first artist series of the year when they hear Joseph Bonnet, celebrated French organist. Usually on such occasions, one or two lucky girls have the privilege of meeting a famous person. It ' s a memory they don ' t soon forget. Dr. Campbell is a guest at dinner when he celebrates his first birthday on our campus. The student body gathers round and the student president presents him with a gift from all. Happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birth day Dr. Campbell, happy birthday to you. (ld caps aud Even feathers are donned once more as the skulls and spirits rise again. Each year oil our biggest week . . . Thanksgiving, excitement, competition, and friendly rivalry fill our academic halls. A gala time is had by all when alums and mums return to campus and join in activities with students and friends. There is little thoughl of study — more thought of demonstrations, names, turkey, dancing, cheering, and plain ole fun. Odds dram the luelcy night The week of excitement: lie-ins with the traditional drawing for the lucky night for presentation of the Odd and Even stage demonstrations. The Odds, those students entering F. S. C. in an odd year, draw the lucky night. Wednesday for the fourth successive year, and Tuesday night becomes the Even ' s lot. The Junior athletic manager for the Odds and the Senior athletic manager for the Evans each tried her best to win for her side. Thus begin the annual Thanksgiving Ceremonies. .... hut Even spirits never die! [ 243 ] As ( l ls find their places. Evens march triumphantly to their reserved seats to watch the curtains pari and reveal their sister geniuses in the Even demonstration, Dr. Jeven and Mr. Hodd. Even demonstration has as its theme the carrying out of an experiment by Dr. Jeven in which he transforms himself intn an odd and tries to discover the good points of the odds. The program is written as an experi- ment, Experiment Xo. X, and has as its object " To show that all is n t gold that glitters. " The apparatus consists of chief of staff, script, music, dance, make-up, program, publicity, costumes, light and stage setting, properties, and business manager. The procedure gives the list of acts and scenes and the data is a list of the names of the cast and the parts they play. The conclusion of the experiment is " Even Spirits Never Die. " After Even clem, the odds rattle their hones, grab their lanterns and raise their voices in praise of their side. oh the one niuhi of Hie year that they can be oui ' lil Iwelvi — " Odd night out. " odds see k revenge when they try to outdo the Evens with their demonstration, Jean Hitchcolk shows her true Odd spirit in directing the production of the play. The students are aston- ished when they hear for the first time a swing orchestra comprised of some of their own fellow classmates. New Freshman talent brings into the limelight some of the future Odd Demonstration chairmen. •253 Odds a Poppin or Draft and the World Drafts With Yon, is a fight between the Even Leavins and the Oddvances. They are fighting over Guess Who ' s Land. The Even Leavins want the land for the erection of a museum in which to put their relics, and the Oddvances feel that they need the property for an amusement park which everyone will enjoy. The arbitration board steps in and interrupts the battle. The board thinks it best that the battle be fought peacefully in the form of a football same. The Odds are triumphant at the end of the exciting game, showing that the best team always wins. [ 245 ] Turkey Day starts with crowds of students, alums, faculty, parents, and friends jamming and crowding into the gym for (he big sanies — volley ball and basketball. The crowd settles down as the games begin, but is soon jumping up and down, yelling and singing. The games are exciting and the scores close, but the Evens are the final victors in both games. t The class of ' 40 is at the game for its first reunion. Seem natural to see Liz Anne Webb, Jean Webster, Little Graham, and Lynette Thomson sitting in (be Even section cheering their team to victory. F. S. C. watches with pride as it sees and hears its band in its first public drill. After playing a salute to the Odds and to the Evens, the band unites the school with our Alma Mater, " Garnet and Gold. " m Mil Mil A tense moment for the Evens. And the band plays on. t 24(! ] The oddiance watches as Evens aim high. Why the grins, Odds, you ' re losing ! Presidents ' 40, ' 41, and ' 42. [ 247 ] Thanksgiving time is the time for turkey, and the time for turkey is Thanks- giving time. Dean Dornian laughs as Mr. Mattice slings the turkey to Mr. Kellum and other distinguished miests. After turkey, the next big erenl of the dinner is toasts to the victors and In the vanquished. Friday morning Mortar Board holds its reunion at the Soda Shop. Dr. Richard ' s wife. Hazel, is there. The Tarpon club takes the audience on a " triii " to I he South Seas at its Thanksgiving pageant. There was swimming forma lion characteristic of each port " visited. " Thanksgiving events terminated with the big dance, the main event of which is Village Vamp and Cotil- lion tapping. [ 249 J [ 250 ] Florida Chamber of Commerce may kill us, but it does get cold here at times — evidence, the fountain. Things warm up a bit when the Freshmen " get hop " over elections. The " after the library " crowd flock ' s to the Sweet Shop for a bit of sweetnin ' and doping up before light flash. Ruth Draper entertains us at the Artist Series with her monologues. Her portraits and personalities hold the interest of all. Audrey and the dummy. ( " Little A ' is the one on the left.) They said " You Can ' t Take It With You, " but we took it and here it is, one of our favorite plays given by the Speech department. Was a great success. P [ 251 ] Extra papers blare forth the news [hal the war has conie to us! December 7, 1JJ41, onr country is attacked ai Pearl Harbor. College students feel the graveness of the situation as radit.S are tuned every hour for t lie latest news. Portable radios are carried to the dining room to hear President Roosevelt speak to his people. Our school begins organization f a vast de- fense program. The Red Cross room is opened in Landis Hall, and courses in first aid, auto mechanics, defense gardening, communications, firearms, are begun. A quiet calm steals over the school. Many students don ' t know what to make of it all. All want to help their country in some way and don ' t know just how to start. It isn ' l Ion:; before each is given a part to play. [ 252 ] Planes fly overhead in formation. We have " blackouts " , air raid drills, and fire drills; we save old paper, stamps, and string for defense. When • " cokes " are short we drink chocolate milks and grow healthier. All in all we are falling in with life during wartime. Soldiers, soldiers everywhere. We are con- stantly aware of the times as our boys begin to come in uniform to visit us. A row of overseas caps, a khaki raincoat, and the uniform of a marine are no longer uncommon sights in campus. Boys and girls talk of war these days. Groups of them are seen in front of dormitories, sitting in " jeeps " , walking on campus, and sitting on lawns. Girls gather together and discuss the grave situation in arcades at lunch and in nearly every " bull session. " There ' s always time for the brighter side, though. You see. we love cur bovs. There ' s ;i song in the air and Christmas spirit everywhere as the holidays draw nigh. The familiar Christmas scenes are again hung on Bryan and Westcott. Dormitory girls help decorate trees and make wreaths in the parlors. Everything is " touched up " with a sprig of holly or a tiny bell. On Sunday, as twilight draws near, we hear the voices of the glee club with celestial airs. We ' ll never forget the Christmas playnight program with its skit, " Twas the Night Before Christinas, and all through the dorms not a creature was stirring except Miss Ballenger. Miss Rivers, and Senior Hall. " The Seniors go carolling each year to Ionises of faculty and friends. They go to the governor ' s mansion and are invited to sing in the parlor. They return to Landis at 10:30 for the party given in their honor by the dormitory directors. On Wednesday afternoon each dormitory gives its Christ- mas tea with programs and singing. Finally we see the familiar si lit of the long line of buses stretching down the street in front of the dining room. Girls scatter over Florida and are warmly welcomed by lov- ing families. .;, _ j%. • f " Dead " week is hero before we know il and all extra curricular activities are momentarily halted when we go in for curricular activities in a big way. The library steps are crowded as students wait for the doors to open and soon most every chair is filled in the reserve room, the periodical room, and the reference room, while the browsing room is not so popular. The night matrons are kept busy collecting " light cut " cards each night. Typewriters click rhythmically as hundreds of pages of term papers on every subjed under the sun are manufactured. And lo. exam week arrives and we still don ' t feel exactly ready for it. We awake each morning wearing dark circles and dresses of blue (we consider blue lucky), and we go to early breakfast so we can have the last few minutes to " cram. " At last the fatal moment comes. We t;o to the exam and write and write and write till at last we finish and dazedly get up ami leave. In between exams we drop by the post office, linger at the professor ' s desk to do a little last minute apple polishing, sit around at the Sweet Shop. Si da Shop or Spic getting " doped up " and telling Con- fucius jokes or making the most outrageous puns gig- gling hysterically. Then we " cram " some more and finally the end comes and we have a wonderful week- end with no more studying till after registration. Biggest event of the year for us in the way of Artist Series is being visited by the well-known baritone, Lawrence Tibbett. For months we have awaited the time of his arrival hoping that he will sing our favorites, " None But the Lonely Heart " , and others. At the concert the auditorium is packed and we wait eagerly for his appearance. His voice rings nut in numbers we love and are we thrilled ! The audience shrieks with delight each time he announces a number that we know and love. Afterwards Tibbct is bombarded by girls, girls, and more girls desiring autographs. Sophomores take the limelight when they step out with tin great occasion of Sophomore Hop. They don new gowns and fragrant corsages, meet their dates in parlors, and go triumph- antly to the gaily decorated gymnasium where they dance till—. At last the mysterious question marks worn by our glee club members are explained when the Emory club visits us. Our glee club sponsored them (and. incidentally, has quite a time playing hostess from what we understand). ' Tis always inter esting to go backstage before a performance begins. Some of the boys were singing in groups, some were playing the pianos, one beat on a little tom-tom. others were in bull sessions, and some leaned or lay on the piano backstage waiting till time to begin. When the curtain opened they looked wonderful and sang the same way. The audience enjoyed their negro spirituals. Tho ' we have a little rain we doll raincoats and hats without dampened spirits and parade down the hill to sing happy birthday to Dr. Conradi and to present him with gifts from each class. We watched with envy while the seniors in caps and gowns went inside to eat birthday cake with him. Senior class president Bail tossed aside her gavel to serve the cake and to jolly with Dr. Conradi. t 258 I 4 21 -; i " Spring lias sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the flowers is! ' " Spring is in the air, dogwoods are in bloom, our campus hills turn green again, " de boids and bees " begin singing, we get " soupy " poetry from boy friends, ami we wear flowers in our hair. Ain ' t dis de nuts ! Hikes and camp trips are made, we picnic in the woods with slacks rolled up to our knees so we can go wading in the stream, we begin studying outside beneath trees but usually fall asleep, and we take sunbaths on the sundecks. Love is in bloom with soldiers and sailors tossing lines, sometimes sincere and sometimes insincere (but. aren ' t we all!) though they sound pretty good to our ears anyway. Ain ' t love grand ! [ 201 ] History is made on this campus at the Inauguration of our President, Dr. Doalc S. Campbell. This is the first inauguration held here in thirty-two years and everything is lively with distinguished visitors and faculty and seniors in caps and gowns. The ceremony is very impressive with the inauguration address as the climax to the presentation of the college seal hy Governor Holland. Thus we have in officiality our President Campbell and President Emeritus Conradi. [ 262 ] A deep, gustorial laugh is heard as the villain of Freshman Carnival comes to collect the mortgage. The skit is a melodrama of the plains with a frantic producer trying to get the cast together on the villainous plot. A Western theme is carried out in decorations with fences around the gymn floor, stacks of hay. saddles, Indian blankets, and cowhands. Highlight of the year for the juniors and seniors is their Prom. Tuxes and uni- forms dot the campus and handsome couples step excitedly into the brightly decorated room which has a South Sea island atmosphere. An aisle is made by the crowd as the prom court is presented. The most popular seniors are Grace Bail. Martha Stroherg, and Mart Pierson. The juniors taking the limelight are Martha Ellen Hackl. Helen Hawkins, and Alice Price. One o ' clock black-out. Mrs. Rivers comes a round to collect light cuts again as quar- terlies begin to haunt us. Staying up iate interferes with our health as it keeps our resistance low and we pay visits to the infirmary, to rest up or to get rid of a cold or flu. Some of us who are always unlucky it seems, get the measles or the mumps. It ' s a great life if you don ' t weaken. Future Rembrandts, da Vincis, and Michaelangelos are probably budding in our art classes. It is great fun to try to figure oiit the meaning of these modernistic designs and surrealistic paintings. An nose drops today our college infirmary. Even rain doesn ' t seriously dtnnyen ijenius The picture of the girls in uniforms of some kind or other isn ' t a scoop on the first college girl parachute troop, though we can ' t explain what it is. Any explanations ! jBBn Hj HMi [ 2(i4 ] ' Tis most interesting to make ;i tour of the varied classes. Stand- ing outside a building hearing " so-fi-so-la " gives one the impression of a Chinese reading lesson in song form. But these sounds really come from the music annex where singing, playing, and theorizing go on from daylight to dark. Have yon ever dissected a frog? Wonder if the girls pictured can still eat fried frog legs! We ' ll stick to good ole fried chicken — when we can get it. Accounting must he a busy class on " account " of (hey sure look hard-at-work. Typing, recording, subtracting, and adding — does this add-up V To he more conventional some of ns get to is. to various con- ventions in more or less conventional ways though the picture of the .nirls with the " Don ' t feed the bear " sign isn ' t so conven- tional, but. nevertheless, they really are a( a convention. Every frog has its day! Vital Hazel said .... One, two, what we j i through! 265 " Keep fit for Victory. " This phrase is introduced to us in a clever convocation skit given by WAA board. We wonder who is in the audience as we see the large number of girls strut across the stage, some on skates, others with golf clubs, a few in bathing suits, some on bicycles. Soon car toons are put in the dormitories — little pictures of girls exercising or sleeping or walking to keep healthy. This is one defense project that falls right in with our way of thinking. We finally bave a good excuse for doing the things we want to do. Though the skating proposition hits some of us pretty hard, all ' s well thai ends well. Our campus has an eye for beauty. Trodden paths begin to disappear as a result of attrac- tive signs such as: " How would y u like your cornel ' s cut? " , " Stick to the straight and narrow. " " X should not mark this spot, " and " Don ' t be a trail blazer. " 266 Eight hundred strong, we enroll for First Aid classes and learn bandaging, artificial respiration, and whal to do and what not to do. Lovers of nature seek gardening and try their hand at growing carrots, strawberries, and other foods. They begin to wonder how all the food is grown for two thousand of us when their little garden with its few plants takes so much time and care. J £is_ Mortified takes time out to Look real mortified. Tho.se girls have leadership and service but lack in scholarship. Yippi Yi Ye! It ' s the Cactus Chorus led by Nancy Kulp, Chairman of Junior Minstrels. Coyotes wail, cowboys yell, and the audience roars. Politicing girls flash everywhere as voting conies into the limelight again. Candidates for campus offices turn in petitions and state their platform in a two-minute convocation speech. Voting machines are kept busy all day by students who cast votes for their favorite candidates. At last when six o ' clock conies, the anxious candidates adjourn to the Spic where they eat pretzels and cokes. Meanwhile, the outgoing officers are keeping adding machines busy. Candidates go lo their rooms where they awail the visit of outgoing officers who tell them whether they won or lost. After all candidates are notified, the elections returns are posted on bulletin boards all over campus and students crowd Suddenly we sec on campus :i surplus of candid camera fiends. We wonder what it is. Natural- ly it ' s the snapshot contest of the Flastacowo. The deadline is .March (3 and people are snap- ping everything they see to try for the nine big prizes. Most off-the-recorcl picture taken by Cecelia Springer " 1 ' is quite a job deciding which pictures are the prize winners. With snapshots all over the floor of the annual office, they are viewed, reviewed, cussed and discussed till finally the winners are chosen. The winners are given their awards in convocation. Awards are flashbulbs, films, snapshot albums and white ink. Most candid picture taken by Hefty Linthicum Most scholarly picture taken by Shirley " Rubin Ugliest picture taken by Mary Jane Costlier [ 269 ] For the Best All Around picture we have two pictures taken in scries by Mary Ellen Cason. t 270 | Here are sonic more of the wonderful prizewinners. The most bountiful picture is turned in by Elizabeth Yancey. It shows tlie college girl, Helen Davis, sitting on a bannister beneath very picturesque clouds. Naturally, the happiest picture is the one of the girls laughing, snickering, and giggling, as anybody can see. Dennie Guy entered this one in Ihe contest. Do you think a college student makes a good scarecrow? — that is, with an ole hat. straw, and clothes. This looks real Comical to us. Mary Jane Costlier turned this one in. And what could be more representative of campus life than students pouring out of convocation. The prize for this goes to Mary Ellen Cason who also won the prize for the Kest All Round picture. It displays good photography and a very up-to-date subject. Other snapshots handed in, though not in this snapshot section, are found in various places in the activity section. t 272 ] When studies heroine overbearing and we want to get away from it all, we go to camp for a week-end and drown our hitler sorrows in Lake Bradford. Here we have rhe happy times that we keep with ns in our memories through all the long years to come. The friends we make are long-lasting ' cause there ' s something about camp which fosters friendship — maybe it ' s a chat in front of the fireplace or a trip through the Chain O ' Lakes, or just pitching in to help fry the bacon. The more energetic of us hike out to camp; the rest take the camp truck at two. There ' s a mad dash for canoes and we run for the middle so our roommate can paddle us around. We wear ourselves out building things, canoeing, swimming, playing volley hall or running to Levy ' s for a " coke " and a piece of stale candy. At night, weary and worn, we gather ' round the council ring and sing the old familiar songs — " Someone ' s in the Kitchen with Dinah, " " Pals " , or " Dear F. S. C. " If Coop ' s there you don ' t sleep — otherwise you do. Early in the morning, we ' re awakened by the sound of the cruel truck horn. There ' s a mad dash for blankets and clothes and another week-end at camp is over. [ 273 ] • Juniors and Seniors dun rompers and overalls and lapse into (heir second childhood hi their Kid Day. To my heart it gives a thrill To see those buses on the hill I die iasi gurgle and giggle before stepping into the outer world, That ' s all folks! [ 274 Our lines of efeMce, t 276 ] ' Ro Everything from buying canoes to sponsoring Tarpon Club comes under the busy business of W.A.A. Board. Peaches McKay heads it capably, assisted by Phil Bckland, Mary Alice Kirehner, Peggy Barfield, and Mary Jayne Medlin. Managers of the classes are Paulette Nolan, Stella Valenti, Elsie Rives, and Margaret Fridy. Other officers of organizations which come under the sponsorship of the Board are Virginia Green, chairman of Play Night ; Mary Lou King, president of P.E.A. ; Elizabeth Ezzard, president of " F " Club ; Ethel Crown, president of Life Saving Corps; Irene Fremd, president of Tarpon Club; Margie Richardson, president of Riding Club. Handling the biggest money allotment in school, and with the all student members, the Board is busy keeping W.A.A. in condition. [ 277 ] 9 ntlamulall Hall spirit, sorority spirit, group spirit — you get Iheni all in intrainurals as the various campus organizations and groups compete in basketball, bowling, ping-pong, Softball, and lots of other spurts that rest athletic superiority. And each hall, each sorority, each group would like to win a couple of cups to show proudly. Something ' s always being played, and played well and fairly. Whether it ' s shuffleboard or racing swimming, shooting a round of archery or playing a bridge rubber thai stretched far into the night, there will be a lot of groups on campus that play it well, and with a championship touch thai will bring them within at least wishing distance of a cup. Everyone exercises a Little, it only by climbing to the top of the History building. Although playing hours for intramurals were curtailed for defense, interest in sports held ils own. Qadmtiitan Fast, quick and intelligent badminton players attling on the courts for Odd and Even honors. Rackets whizzing and shuttlecocks flying over the nets, bringing glory to the Evens as they win ■ ' ! doubles and two singles out of the 3 doubles and 4 singles played. Slamming the birds over the net for the Even victory were players Chubby Gandy Rosa Maude McDowell Paulette Nolan Jere Turner Dottie Bryant Margaret Todd Jean Kneeland Rene Herman Keeping competition keen for the sanies were Odd players Elizabeth Ezzard Harriet Aufford Ruth Thomas Ruth Smith Alieze Trieste Phil Eckland Mary Kacinski Lanny Daniels Mary Gray Babers Ruth Roeshner Margaret Carter Eleanor Mary Parker 11 Mf ill ill A high lob, a drive from the back line with a leap at the net for a smash. The games were over; with cheers from the Even rooters. The Evens had stolen the show winning 3 out of 3 doubles and 3 out of 4 singles. Aceing it for the Evens were Marian Freeling Ethel Fields Peaches McKay Jean Wood Anna Sands 1 ol Scheppe Ruth Fergusen Marjorie Lambert Cecilia Harper Minnie Lee Moore Odd Team Marcie MacKintosh Marcella Kaufman Margaret Brown Dot Young Bernice Turbeville Alice Janssen Ellen Jukes Mary Fields Nancy Lee Doggett Daye Fountain eajui [ 281 | liallzetLall There were tense moments galore, shrieks from excited spectators and wholesale nail-biting as the ball traveled from one end of the court to the other, first in Odd hands then intercepted by Evens. Hearts were stopped as the hall balanced a moment on the basket rung and then dropped through the net amid screams and tears. The scorekeepers leaned strained over their work, sliding in the scores with each new bas- ket, first an Even score, next an Odd score. The Odds in the lead, a fumble! Three quick baskets by the Even six and the tables are turned. The timekeepers appear on the sidelines and last minute tricks are played. There arc several baskets made, the crowds arc wild and the players calm but determined. The whistle ! And the referee calls out an Even victory. 23 to IN. Evens! Evens! Evens! Tired players making a circle on the court. Odds! Odds! Odds! Cheers for the winners! Cheers for the losers! Evens victorious! Ei ' ii l ' i ayers Forwards Guards Bernie Walton .Ian Wells Jean Wood Peaches McKay Betty Brown Dottie McCown Mary Lippitt Peggy Lee Walker Elsie Rives Yield Lewis Martha Twitty 4 Odd Pi ayers Forwards Guards Anne Bennett V. Linton Christine Rogers Miriam Smith Margaret Fridy Mary Gray Holde ■man Ruth Thomas Dot Surface Bertha Lee Hoffiu in Blanche Faver Marcella Morgan VoiUuwUl Running up the Even score were Paulette Nolan, Marion Webster, Elizabeth Ezzard, Mary Jayne Medlin, .lere Turner. Margie Lambert, Carmen Crespo, Dottie Bryant, Jane Telford, Jeanne Eyman. It was a memorable morning in November when the volleying belles on the Odd and Even teams batted the ball fiercely for many minutes to determine the vol- ley ball winner. Point by point, the score crept up as the ball flew faster and faster. When the last Odd had served and the last Even had " set ' em up, " the score stood i M .l-22 with the Evens seven points in the lead. The Odd woes were great, the Even shouts deafening and everyone rushed off to dress for Thanksgiving dinne Serving their best for the Odds were Stella Volenti, Diana Vergowe, ■To Miles, Pat Patterson. Marcella Kaufman. Lola Lastra, Mary Fields, Phil Eckland, Mary Lou King. Harriet Ganse. Carol Ensign. Evelyn Perry. Siul, wunmu 9 When the races were over and the scores were totaled, it turned out that the Evens had made the biggest splash and wen the Odd-Even meet l y ten points. The Evens scored 4!) points to top the Odd total of • ' !!». Odds won lirsts in several races, as did the Evens, hut the Evens also captured form swimming and diving to prove their acquatic superiority. In the swim for the Odds were Marion Swanson, Margaret Brown, Eleanor Camp- hell. Mary Martha .Mills. Lois Steinhoff, Denore Ecker, Nancy Lee Doggett, Eloise Goulding, Peggy Barker and Carol Ensign. Putting in a good stroke for the Evens were Irene Premd. Pat McHenry, .Martha Twitty, Celi a Mangels, Petty Jane Prossier. Mary Lippett, Elizabeth Jeffress. and Marguerite Lowe. QoU Green and gold was triunrphanl on the greens as the Evens won the Odd-Even golf: matches, and claimed yet another victory for the Even learn. Playing the ball for the winning team were Mary Jane Medlin, Louise Crcsby, Elizabeth Ezzard, Anna Sands. Vivian Adamo, l ' aulette Nolan. Ruth Ferguson. Dot Scheppe. Teeing off for the Odds were Wayles Wood, Ruth Thomas. Ruth Smith and Harriet Gause. [ S7 ] cMoeJzx u Once again the Evens won the hockey match against the Odds with a score of 2-1, although the Odds had been v ' ictors in the two class games. The Evens, determined to win the Odd-Even game, clutched their sticks a little more firmly and made off down the field for a goal or so. Both teams strained to win. but the Evens had the best success in reaching l heir goals. Sticking ' their sticks into the thick of things for the Evens were Jean Wood. Betty Jane Brossier. Paillette Nolan, Jean Winter, Chubby Gandy, Ethel Crown. Rene Herman. Dottie Bryant, Jean Lloyd, Peggy Barfield, Jeanne Eyinan. Odds who gave the Evens a race were Pat Patterson, Evelyn Berry, Dot Surface. Starling Hall, Peggy Barker, Priscilla Gillette, Miriam Smith, Alieze Trieste, Ann Blake. Mante Theophalatcs, Loretta Menge, Winifred Harding. Ruth Roesner, Lola Lastra. ] • Soccer Driving the ball down the field to victory for the ' ilds were : Stella Yalenli Mary A. Kirchner Eleanor M. Parker M. Fernandez Phi] Eckland Dot Young Margery Looniis Margaret La Motte Eloise Goulding Marion Phillips Virginia Green Nell Smith Dot Boring Sue ( ' ha ires Fighting their hardest for the Evens were : Mary Lippett Peggy L. Walker Martha Twitty Margie Lambert .lane Rainey Celia Mangels Margaret Todd Cherry Mitchell Pat McHenry With 15 seconds to go, the Odds made a fast goal from a penalty kick and scored the only point in a game that ended 1-0. Winning two out of three of the class and Odd-Even .names, they regained by this their long-standing championship on the soccer field. The ball had scarcely been put hack into play before the game was over— and the Odds were the winners by a slender advantage. SoMaaM When the Odds and the Evens pitch into a rapid game of softball and bat around the field for a run or so. it ' s apt to be one of those never-a-dnll moment afternoons. Both the Odds and the Evens can claim players who have come to bat for State teams, and with whizzes like these, the up-keeping of a score is terrific. Everyone is interested in seeing whether the outcome will be another feather in the caps of the Evens or greater glory for the Odds. Soft- ball keeps the teams on the hit-and-run all dur- ing the last quarter and brings the sports season to an active close. Cheering crowds enjoy the innings and outs of the games as much as the ones on the teams and everyone has a wonder- ful time at the old ball game. 2 a tee Enthusiastic modern dancers at !• ' . S. ' . do every kind of a dance from " Happy Little Moron " to " Sun Worship. " In their concerts and in the campus productions in Which they dance. Ilie prove thai they are graceful, capable dancers and have learned well their Contract ' s and Releases ' ! originating their own dances, they create definite moods like exprieuced dance i roups by their graceful movements. M [ 200 I AnxUu sui " %m$0®k ■HHHIM ' V, " ,1 There ' s not a great deal of running hither and yon in an odd-Even archery meet, but when the F. s. C. W. Dianas start making their mark on the targets, tension can he just as great. Both teams can boast some real archery aces who " shoot their arrows into the air " and make a hull ' s-eve every time. I il Cheerleaders EVENS: Ida B. Sanders, Ruth Wisdom. M ;i rioii Freeling, Audrey Atherton. ODDS: Mary Jo Hamier, Patty Palmer, Margaret La Motte. [ 292 J I IV I s f V ( U If Last call for 6 CO GRJLTULJLTIOl S Heartiest congratulations to the Florida State College for Women and to the fine group of young women who compose its student body • • • HAV-A-TAMPA CIGAR CO. TAMPA . FLORIDA [ 204 1 BENNETT ' S 2 DRUG STORES 2 COLLEGE INN PHARMACY Phone 800 MONROE ST. PHARMACY Phone 93 Free Motorcycle Delivery from Both Stores TWO COMPLETE FOUNTAIN CAFES Russel McPhail and Whitman CANDIES We Carry the Leading Cosmetic Lines Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubenstein, Dorothy Gray, Tussy, Hudnuts, DuBarry, Elmo and H. H. Ayers - This is our eighth flastacowo since nineteen hundred and thirty -three we are proud of this continued patronage and confidence in our organisation. rose printing company at Tallahassee . . . . creators of fine printing and design ELINOR DOYLE, FLORIST 102. S. ADAMS PHONE 767 FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED ANYWHERE [ 295 ] MAE ' S SHOP For Style and Quality You are Well Dressed when you buy at Mae ' s Mae ' s beauty Salon Phone 78 The DUTCH KITCHEN Tallahassee for Excellent Food Cold ••.Ice-cold., pure as sunlight ' • • Pause, at the familiar red cooler Bottled under authority of The Coca-Cola Company by TALLAHASSEE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 296 1 Compliments of MILLERS V in East College Avenue Tallahassee • • " Fine Shoes Since 1924 " CAPITAL CITY BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Capital and Surplus, $100,000= COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS DEPOSITS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION [ 297 ] OUR NINETEENTH ANNUAL EXPRESSION OF APPRECIATION TO THE STUDENT BODY AND FACULTY FOR THEIR FAITHFULNESS AND CONFIDENCE IN THIS SHOP ) C tt - " " Daffin Mercantile Company, Inc. S. A DAFFIN, President ft Wholesale Grocers ft TALLAHASSEE PANAMA CITY MARIANNA [ 298 J 118 S. Monroe Street Phone 20 For Refreshments and Tasty Sandwiches Tr-y THE SODA SHOP Student Alumnae Bldg. Thank You Make Our Fountain Your Meeting Place COMPLIMENTS of P. W. WILSON COMPANY MEN ' S AND LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR, DRY GOODS, ACCESSORIES, GIFTS, MILLINERY TALLAHASSEE ' S STORE OF QUALITY MERCHANDISE Since 1837 Typewriters CHRISTIE HALL BUSINESS MACHINES RENTALS and REPAIRS Phone 744-W 203 East Park Ave. TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA PIKE ' S PORTRAITS deserve the place of honor in your home PIKE STUDIO IO7 WEST COLLEGE TALLAHASSEE [ 299 ] Mm « J €ti t §aJc The Lewis State Bank Tallahassee HOTEL FLORIDAN TALLAHASSEE 1 50 Rooms European Plan Excellent Dining Room HOTEL FLORIDAN CO., Inc., LESSEES J. B. WADDILL, President J. T. SMITH, JR., Manager [ 300 I COFFEE POT Drive in for the Best in Sandwiches and Drinks 1208 N. Monroe St. TALLAHASSEE COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHEASTERN TELEPHONE COMPANY TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Forward with Florida Since i86y Qjgeas69» For this Important Purchase see MOON ' S Tallahassee LIBBY ' S 100 FAMOUS FOODS Canned Meats Salmon Pineapple FAMILY OF JUICES Apricot Juice Grape Juice Grapefruit Juice Lemon Juice Loganberry Juice Orange Juice Fruits Vegetables Pickles and Condiments Pear Juice Pineapple Juice Prune Juice Sauerkraut Juice Tomato Juice LIBBY McNEIL LIBBY Chicago, Illinois I 301 I 7 FLORIDA THEATRE TALLAHASSEE rt h rtftfi rt h rt h rt rtfth n t n 1 n n» 7 STATE THEATRE TALLAHASSEE rt f rtSh rt h rf flfis rt h )H P IT IP ?H 7. RITZ THEATRE TALLAHASSEE fM$h rtfth h rtfth rt ft fe 7i n n a n n» " Talking Pictures at Their Best " [ 302 ] ON YOUR WAY HOME from school stop at Burdine ' s and replenish your wardrobe with our exciting new resort clothes you ' ll wear happily throughout the summer. Creators of America ' s smartest resortwear 2 locations: Miami and West Palm Beach MAAS BROTHERS FASHION first FASHION RIGHT if HOME OF THE FAMOUS TROPICAL FASHIONS Tampa THE SWEET SHOP At the South College Gate answer to: Being happy with a ham just be sure it ' s tender - tasty ready - to - cook MORRELL PRIDE TENDER HAM JOHN MORRELL CO. [ 303 ] ENGRAVINGS BY sis anu pimnra JACKSONVILLE WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE (X=» FLORIDA MOTOR LINES SOUTHEASTERN GREYHOUND LINES E. D. DRAKE, Terminal -Mgr. PHONE 701 ADAMS STREET . . ' " • - ' ' ::■■■■ ' ■ -w % ' : ' ■ ' l WHERE the SMART YOUNG SET SHOPS . . . Furchgott ' s Adams Hogan Streets JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA [ 305 ] ADAMS STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS THAT PLEASE PHONE 2.97 P HOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE I 93 I - I 934 • • 1938 - I94O - 1 941 1942. FLASTACOWO 1930 x 933 iqi6 93 193 J 935 J 939 Tallahassee, Florida SWIFT ' S GEORGIA PEANUT HAMS -SOMETHING DELICIOUS -SOMETHING DIFFERENT Recipe By MARTHA LOGAN SOUTHERN 1 BAKED PEANUT HAM Try This Recipe 1 SOUTHERN BAKED PEANUT HAM WiDe ham with a damp cioth If a skinned ham is used, wrap it loosely in the inside wrapper of glassine paper, or in fresh white wrapping paper. Place ham on a rack in a pan. Do not add water and do not cover pan. Place in a slow oven (325° F.) If a meat thermometer is used, place the bulb in the center of the thickest portion of the ham without touching bene and roast to an internal temperature of 150° F. If the ham is very cold, leave it in the kitchen over night. When the ham is at room temperature of about 70° F., the baking time will be Approximately: 15 minutes per pound — 12 lbs. or more 18 minutes per pound— -less than 12 lbs. 22 minutes per pound — for half hams Remove paper and skin, score ham, cover with a glaze (1 cup brown sugar and 2 tablespoonfuls flour), dot with cloves. Brown in a 400° F. oven 15 to 20 minutes. MARTHA LOGAN SWIFT 6- COMPANY MOULTRIE, GA. THE 1942 FLASTACOWO IS BOUND IN A KINGSKRAFT COVER «lMh VMi rtfth Designed and produced by the KINGSPORT PRESS, Inc. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE f 306 COMPLIMENTS OF CHEROKEE HOTEL TALLAHASSEE ' S NEWEST AND SMARTEST DINING ROOM J. A STILES, Manager Visiting members of your family and friends are welcomed guests of the COLONIAL Tallahassee ' s New Hotel Expert Shoe Repairing CAPITAL SHOE FIXRY ELTON HENLEY, Prop. We Carry a Full Line of Shoe Findings We Call For and Deliver Telephone 765 8 E. JEFFERSON ST. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Fashion Clothes for fashionable women Jacksonville, Florida •VV ' -,;-V;-. -O Meals for All Tastes THE THREE TORCHES IO3 S. COPELAND PHONE 837 Banquet Keservations Dear Student s y The advertisers shown in this section helped to make our 1942 yearbook -possible. Please patronise them they have already patronised us. Thanks — Flastacowo Staff t 307 ] A prfLteciat4X). t Appreciation, appreciation . . . how can such a paltry word, such an insignifi- cant measly word, express what I feel towards my staff and those I have worked with. How can I possibly express the deep welling thoughts which urge for expression whenever T think of those who worked so hard for such little glory. How can I. . . . But seriously merely writing these few words will never express my appreciation to Miss West, Miss Mooty and Miss Richey, the faculty committee . . . Miss West whose understanding and ability to get money when it is most needed is unexcelled . . . Miss Mootj ' Avho ' proved or disproA r ed our layouts and our attempts at artistic ability . . . Miss Richey who so faithfully audits our books, and helped us with our cover design. . . . to Mr. Respess and Mr. CaldAvell of Respess Engraving Company . . . Mr. Respess Avho so kindly gave us much needed advice . . . Mr. CaldAvell Avhose early trip over here started us out on the right foot. . . . to Sam Adams of Adams Studio Avho so conscientiously took all class pictures and Avho helped us with Organizations, Features and Campus VieAvs . . . al- though sick a great deal of the time. . . . to Mr. Block and Mr. Rosenberg of Rose Printing Company . . . Mr. Block Avho spent countless hours smoothing out rough places in our layouts . . . Mr. Rosenberg who helped our Advertisements so. . . . to Mr. Tice of Kingscraft Cover Company, Avho sent us tAvo such beautiful covers that Ave had a terrific fight about them. . . . to the Editorial Staff book. . . . those girls who worked endlessly to give you this to the Business Staff and the Business Manager, Tillie Van Brunt, Avho col- lected our ads and kept our money in good running order. . . . and to those other people Avho although not on the staff gave invaluable student opinion .. . To Alice Ludlam, Jane Watts, Betty Lou Jackson, Mart Pierson, Jan Wells and others Avho permitted me to bore them with annual talk all year and who strengthened my weakening will by " go ahead and put it in — it ' s your annual, isn ' t it? I think you should have what you Avant " .... And last but not least, according to annual tradition I pass on to Charlotte Cooper the best of this year for next year ... So co-ed have fun next year and put out a much better annual . . . learn from my mistakes as I learned from those of Sonia ' s .... Marion Webster, ed itor-in-chief of the 1942 PLASTACOWO. [ 308 ] Senior HciiiUtle MARY FRANCES ADAMO Fealty (1) ; Playnight Comm. (2, 3, 4) ; Secretary of Playnight Cumin. (4) ; Business Staff of Flastncowo (3) ; Ed. Staff of Flastncowo (4): Even Dem. (4) : Senior Hall (4). V I V I AX ADAMO (lamina Sigma Epsilon (4): Fealty (1): Tarpon Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Even Swimming (1) : Chairman Kid Day (3); Bus. Staff Flastacowo (2, 3); Playnight Coinm. (2, 3, 4) ; Senior Hall (4) : Treasurer Senior Class (4) ; Ed. Staff Flastacowo (4) ; Even Golf (4) : May Court (4). MARY CATHERINE ADAMS B. S. U. Publicity Chairman (3); B. S. U. Vice-Pres. (4); Instrumental Ensemble (4). BARBARA ALBRIGHT Alpha Gamma Delta Social Chairman Alpha Gamma Delta (4) : Omicron Nu (4) ; Junior Minstrels (3) ; Even Dem . (3) : Secretary Homo Ec. Club (4). KATHERINE ALISSANDRATOS President of Eta Sigma Phi (4) ; Dele- gate to National Model Senate (31: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (2. 3); I. R. C. (2); Transfer Counselor (3). ALMA ANDERSON Music Club (2. 3, 4) ; American Guild of Organists (4). I. TITLE ARNOLD Alpha Gamma Delta Orchestra (1. 2, 3) : Life Saving Corps (1, 2. 3. 4) : Tarpon Club (1. 2. 3. 4 I : (llee Club (2) : Omicron Nu (3) : Pres. of Omicron Nu (4): Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Debate Council (3, 4) ; Home Ec. Club (1, 2. 3, 4) : Baptist Student Council (2. 3) : Rec. Sec. of Alpha Gamma Delta (2) : Vice-Pres. of Alpha Gamma Delta (3) : Pres. of Alpha Gamma Delta (4): Who ' s Who (4); Parliamentarian of Class (3) : Pan- hellenic Rep. (3) ; Panhellenic Execu- tive Council (4 ) . RUTH ASBURY House Pres. of Broward (3) : Senior Hall (4) ; Chairman of Organizations Comm. (4) ; Phi Beta Kappa (4). AUDREY ATHERTON Delta Delta Delta Torch Night (1) : Ed. Staff Flambeau ( 1 ) ; Even Dem. ( 1. 2. 3. 4 ) : Fresh- man Counselor (3); May Day (2. 3. 4) : Even Cheerleader (3, 4) : Cotillion Club (3) ; Sec. of Cotillion Club (4) : Jr. Minstrels (1, 2. 3, 4) : Panhellenic Rep. (4) ; Prom Comm. (3). GRACE BAIL Alpha Gamma Delta Pres. Class (1) : Cotillion Club (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Pres. Class (2) ; Sophomore Council (2) ; Esteren (2. 3. 4) ; Even Dem. (2); Pres. Class (3); Delegate to Fla. Student Gov. Convention (3) : Intramurals (3); Pres. Class (D; Pres. Mortar Board (4) ; Kaopa Delta Pi (4) ; Who ' s Who (4) ; Prom Court (3, 4). EMILY BARROW Alpha Gamma Delta Even Soccer (1) : Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4) ; P. E. A. (1) ; Astronomy Club (3) : I. R. C. (3, 4) : Geography Club (3. 4 ) . MARY CATHERINE BELLAS Ed. Staff Flambeau; Newman Club; Astronomy Club; I. R. C. ; Press Club; Phi Beta Kappa. HELEN BENTON Fealty (1): Torch Night (1); Metho- dist Student Freshman Council (1) : French Club (1. 2); Soph. Council (2) : Freshman Counselor (3) : Budget Comm. (3) ; Chairman Budget Comm. (4); Senate (4); Senior Hall (4): Who ' s Who (4). HARRIET BENSON Secretary Press Club (2. 3); Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Flambeau Key for Reporting (2) : Business Manager Flambeau (3, 4) ; Assistant Editor Flambeau (4). SUETTA BLANDING Tress Club (1) ; Flambeau Staff (1) : Play Night Comm. (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Fresh- man Counselor (3) ; Senior Hall (4). AUDREY BOLTON Glee Club (2. .3) : Freshman Counselor (31 ; B. S. U. Council (2. 3, 4) ; Floor Chairman (2, 3). BERTHA HEETH BOND Zeta Tan Alpha Kappa Delta Pi; Sports ' Editor. Assis- tant Managing Editor — Flambeau : Edi- tor, Summer Flambeau; Copy Editor and Assistant Editor, Distaff; French Club. Secretary; Press Club; Astron- omy Club ; Glee Club ; Student Party. MARGARET BOOTH I. R. C. (1): Treas. I. R. C. (21: French Club (1, 2): House Chairman (3) : Senior Hall (4) ; Pres. " 21 " Club (4). BETTY BOYER Transfer from Indiana University ; Tarpon Club (3, 4). ELIZABETH BRAGG Alpha Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3) ; Y Council (1. 2) : Torch Night (1, 2) ; Home Ec. Club (2, 3) ; House Chairman (3) : B. S. U. (1, 2) ; House Chairman Alpha Chi Omega (4) ; Defense Chairman Alpha Chi Omega (4). MARTHA BRANDON Freshman Counselor (3) : Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Geography Club (3, 4) ; Tally Troopers (3). NAOMI BRAUER Delta Phi Epsilon Treas. of Delta Phi Epsilon (2) ; Freshman Counselor (3) ; Hillel (1, 2, 3. 4) ; French Club (1) ; Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4). BETTY BROWN Newman Club (1, 2) ; Even Basketball (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Even Dem. (2. 3, 4) ; Jr. Minstrels (2, 3, 4); F. Club (3, 4); .Mortified (4) : Chairman Play Night Comm. (2) ; May Day (2, 3) ; Cotillion Club (2. 3) : Pres. Cotillion Club (4) : P. E. A. (1, 2, 3. 4) ; W. A. A. Board (2) : Life Savings Corps (2, 3) : Mod- ern Dance (1, 2). MARY DANA BROWN Y. W. C. A. (1); Freshman Counselor (3) ; Floor Chairman (3) ; I. R. C. (3); Episcopal Student Vestry (4): F. Club (4); Even Volleyball (3): Even Soccer (3) ; House Pres. West Landis (4). GENEVIEVE BRYAN Torch Night (1) ; Glee Club i 1 I : En- semble (2, 3, 4) ; American Guild of Organists (4) ; Music Club (3, 4). NELL BRYAN Freshman Counselor (3). SARAH DUKE BRYANT Pi Beta Phi Fealty (1) ; Zeta Phi Eta (2, 3) : Even Dem. (2, 3, 4) ; Pres. Pi Beta Phi (4) : Esteren (3. 4); Campus Commentator (3, 4) : Senate (4) : Panhellenic Coun- cil (3, 4) ; Who ' s Who (4) ; Chairman Jr. Minstrels (3) ; Pres. Mortified (4). EVELYN BUETTNER Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4) ; Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4). LOUISE BURGER Alpha Chi Omega Usher Comm. (2) ; Chairman Usher Comm. (3) : Ed. Staff Flambeau (1. 2, 3. 4): Cotillion Club (2. 3, 4); Bus. Staff Distaff (3). WANDA BYRD Classical Club (4). BETTY CAPPLEMAN Home Ec. Club (1, 2, Astronomy Club ( 1 ) . Treas. DORIS CARTER Alpha Chi Omega Glee Club (1) ; Flambeau (2. 3) ; Zeta Phi Eta (4) : Freshman Counselor (3) ; Sec. of Alpha Chi Omega (3) ; Vice- Pres. of Alpha Chi Omega (4). KAY CHENEY Glee Club (1) ; Home Ec. Club (1. 2, 3. 4) ; College Defense Organization (3). LUCY COLE Classical Club (1. 2. 3. 4) : Eta Sigma Phi (4) : Senior Hall (4) ; Life Saving- Corps (1, 2, 3, 4) : I. R. C. (4) ; As- tronomy Club (3) ; Sec. of Astronomy Cluli (4); Spanish Club (3); Y. W. C. A. (2) ; Torch Night (1). PEGGY COOK Torch Night (1) ; Soph. Council (2) : Presbyterian Council (2, 3, 4) ; Fresh- man Counselor (3); Senior Hall (4): Y. W. C. A. (1) ; Comm. of 100 (3, 4) ; Comm. for Religious Emphasis Week (4) ; Religious Workers ' Council (4), [ 309 J LULA COOPER Even Dem. (1) ; Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Orchestra ( 1. 2. 3, 4 i : String Quartet (2. 8. 4i : Y. W. C. A. (2) ; American Guild of Organists (3, 4i : Little The- ater Orchestra (2. 3): Music Club i 3. 4i. MARY LOUISE COW ART Orchestra (1, 2. 3. 4): Torch Night (1) : Music Club (3. 4): American Guild t ' Organists (4i : B. S. I " . Coun- cil (4) : Little Theater Orchestra (4). LIZZIE MAE COWEN I ' res. 4-H Club (4): Home Ec. Club i 1. 2, 8. 41 : B. S. U. BONNIE CRAIG Odd Swimming (3) : Odd Hockey (8) : Geography Club (3l: Jr. Minstrels (3): May Day (3): Tarpon (Tub (8. 4) : E. Club (4) : Y. W. C. A. (4) : I. R. ( ' . (4) : Transfer from St. Peters- burg Jr. College. CARRIE FORHAXD CROCKER Treas. of Omicron Nu (4). LOUISE CROSBY Vice-Pres. Class (1, 2): Senate (8): Judiciary (4): Presbyterian Student Council (2) : Soph. Council (2): Es- teren (3. 4): Senior Hall (4i: Morti- fied (4): Who ' s Who (4); Budget Comm. (2); Play Night Connn. (1, 2. 8. 4l : Y. W. C. A. (2). MARY KATHRYN CROSS Torch Night (1): Asst. Freshman Counselor (2) : Social Comm. (2) : Geo- graphy Club (4) : Senior Hall (4). ETHEL CROWN F Club (2. 8. 4) ; W. A. A. Board (8. 4); Life Saving Corps (1. 2. 3. 4): Budget Comm. (3, 4): Episcopal Student Vestry Treas (2. 8. 4) : Outing Comm. (2). MARGARET CURRY Mortar Board Plaque (1) : Glee Club (1. 2) ; Freshman Counselor (3) ; His- torian Sigma Delta Pi (4). EMMETT CURTIS Pi Beta Phi Village Vamps (1. 2. 8. 4) : Even Dem. (2i ; French Club (1 i : Panhellenic Council i 3. 4). MARLINE DALE Press Club (2) : May Day II, 21 : Even Dem. (1). PAULINE DALE Freshman Counselor (4); Adm. Coun- cil M. s. o. (3. 4); Floor Chairman (8) : Press Club (1. 2. 3) : Pub Chair- man Press Club CD; Tally Trooper (8t: Flambeau Key 12): French Club (1. 2); Astronomy Team il): Flam- beau ( 2. 8 I. MARY SUE DANIEL Fealty (1) ; May Day (3); Freshman Counselor (3); Social Comm. (3); eta Phi Fta (4i : Treas. Zeta Phi Eta (4i: Advisory Comm. Stud -Alum. Bldg. (8, 4i : Jr. Minstrels (4) : Senior Hall (4). JEAN DANIELLS Glee Club (1. 2, 3, 4) : Orchestra (1. 2. 3. 4) : Little Theater Orchestra (1, 2. 3. 4); Presbyterian Student Council (2. 3. 4 I ; Music Club (3, 4). HELEN DAVIS I. R. C. (1) ; Classical Club (1, 2): Sec. Classical Club (3 1 : Vice-Pres. Classical Club (4) : Astronomy Club (8): Eta Sigma Phi (3. 4): Sec- Treas. of Eta Sigma Phi (4): Senior Hall (41: Honor Plaque (1); Phi Beta Kappa ( 4 ) . JULIANA DAVIS Glee Club Ensemble (4): Vice-Pres. of Sigma Delta Pi (4) : Flastaeowo (4): Episcopal Student Vestry (4). MARY BRICE DEAVER Alpha Gamma Delta Fealty (1): Debate Council (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Bus. Mgr. of Debate Council (3) ; Chairman Debate Council (4) ; Delta Epsilon Alpha; Omicron Nu ; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Sec. Omicron Nu (4) : I. R. C. (3) ; Vice-Pres. I. R. C. (4) ; Who ' s Who (4). LENOIR DEKLE Soph. Council (2): Kappa Delta Pi (4) ; Senior Hall (4). MARGUERITE DIAZ Editor Distaff (4) ; Distaff (2, 3) ; Mortar Board (4) ; Phi Beta Kappa (4); Chi Delta Phi (2. 3. 4); Flam- beau (1, 2) ; Soph. Council 2) ; Who ' s Who (4). CAROL DIXON Spanish (Tub (4) ; Kappa Delta Pi (4). SARA DUNCAN Gamma Sigma Epsilon (3, 4) ; Sigma Delta Pi (4). VIRGINEA DUNN Glee Club Ensemble (2, 3. 4) ; Bus Mgr. Glee Club (3) : Pres. Glee Club (4); Music Club (3. 4): Methodist Jr. Council (3) ; Methodist Executive Council (4) ; Even Dem. (1. 2) ; Play Night Comm. (3) ; Flambeau (4) ' ; American Guild of Organists (2. 3. 4) ; May Day (2, 3, 4) ; Senior Hall (4) ; Who ' s Who (4). ANN EBERHARDT B. S. U. Council (2) ; Geography Club (3). HELEN EMMANUEL Press Club (2, 3. 4) : International Relations Club (2, 3. 4): Publicity Chairman I. R. C. (3); Delegate to S. E. Conference of I. It. C. (2, I) ; Life Saving Corps (2. 3. 4); French Club (1. 2. 3) ; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4). ELIZABETH EZZARD I ii i ii Alpha Theta Sophomore Council (2): F Club (1); Secretary of F Club (2. 3); Pres. of F Club (4); Off Campus Committee (8); Usher Comm. (3): Senior Hall (4 1 ; Even Volley Ball (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Even Hockey (1): Even Badminton (2. 8. 4t: Even Golf (4); Esteren (4» : Home Economics Club (I) : Play Night Comm. (2); W. A. A. Board (4 i ; Freshman Counselor (3). ANTIONETTE FARRIOR Glee Club (2. 3) ; Glee Club Ensemble (4) ; I. R. C. (3) : Transfer Counselor (4). MARY FRANCES FETNER Alpha Gamma Delta Odd-Even Class Team (1) ; Intra- murals (1, 2. 3. 4) : French Club (1) ; Sophomore Council (2) ; I. R. C. (1, 2) ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (1, 2) ; Sec. I. R. C, (2): Geography Club (4). MARTHA FOLSEN Spanish Club (3. 4i; Sigma Delta Pi (4). MARION FREELING Cheerleader (1, 2. 3. 4) : Athletic Mgr. Soph. Class (2) : Vice-Pres. P. E. A. (2): President P. E. A. (3); Esteren (2. 3, 4); Pres. Esteren (4); Mortar Board (4) ; Life Saving Corp (2. 3. 4) ; F Club (2. 3. 4) ; Even Tennis (2. 3. 4); Hockey Team (1, 2. 3); Senior Hall (4) ; Modern Dance Group (3, 4) ; W. A. A. Board (2. 3) : I. R. C. (1) : Play Night Comm. (1. 2) ; Even Dem. (1. 2, 3, 4). IRENE FREMD Kappa Delta Pi (4) : AY. A. A. Board (4); Pres. Tarpon Club (4): Chair- man Senior Hall (4) ; Who ' s Who (4) ; Life Saving Corps (41 : P. E. A. (1, 2. 3. 4). ELEANOR GANDY F Club (4): Life Saving Corps (4): Episcopal Student Vestry (4) : Outing Comm. (4). ELIZABETH GIERSCH ' ' Beta Phi Jr. Minstrels (1. 2. 3. 4): Even Dem. (1. 2); Fealty (1); Ed. Staff Flam- beau (3. 4): Bus. Staff Distaff (3): Play Night Comm. (3. 4); Asst. Ed. Distaff (4). KATHRYN GOODROE Phi Mil Transfer from Wesleyan College: Y. W. C. A. (3. 4) : Intramurals (3. 4) : I. R. C. (3. 4) ; Adm. Council of M. S. O. (4): Classical Club (4): Phi Mu Librarian and Historian (4). BETTY GRIGGS Orchestra (1, 2) ; V. W. C. A. (1. 2) ; Home Ec. Club (1. 2. 3, 4). HELEN GRIMES Tally Troopers (1) ; Astronomy Club (1. 2, 3, 4) ; I. R. C. (4) : Band ' (3. 4). VIRGINIA GRIMES Tally Troopers (1) : Astronomy Club (1, 2. 3. 4) ; I. R. C. (4) ; Band ' (3. 4). CAROLYN ELIZABETH GRINER Sigma h ai i a Vice Pres. Sigma Kappa (3): Social Chairman Sigma Kappa (2. 4): Pan- hellenic (2. 3, 4); I ' res. Geography Club (4). LOIS GUNN Y. W. C. A. (2. 8) ; May Day (8) ; M. S. O. Council (3, 4). 310 DOROTHY GUTHRIE jr. Minstrels (2. 3, 4); Even Dem. (2, 3); Chairman Even Dem. (4); Mortified (4): Senior Hull (4); May Court (4) ; House Pres. (3). DEDE HALE Delta Delta Delta Panhellenic (3); Pres. Delta Delta Delta (41. CECELIA HARPER F Club (2. 3, 4) ; Even Tennis (2, 3. 4) ; Even Soccer (2) ; Even Volleyball (2, 3, 4) ; German Club (1. 2) : Fresh- man Counselor (3 1 : Senior Hall (4). MARGARET LOUISE HEARIN Chi Omega Cotillion Club; Glee Club: Jr. Min- strels; Even Dem.: Panhellenic Repr. TINY HOPE HINES Torch Night (1) ; May Day (1) ; Home Ec. Club (1, 2. 3, 4). RUTH HINKLEY Astronomy Club (1) : Y. W. C. A. (1, 4). SARAH HOPKINS Kappa Delta Pi (4) : Life Saving Corps (4) : Y. W. C. A. (4 1 ; B. S. U. Council (2, 3. 41 : Geography Club (3. 4). MELISSA HOLMAN Y. W. C. A. (1). FRANCES HOUZE ■si( ni i Kappa I. R. C. (4) : Treas. Sigma Kappa (4) ; Spanish Club (4) ; Off-Campus Comm. (4). MABLE HUGHES Home Ec. Club (4) ; P.. S. U. (4). DOROTHY HUGHS Glee Club (2. 3, 4) : Y. W. C. A. (3) : Even Dem. (4) : Senior Hall (4) ; Sec- retary of Class (3, 4). ELAINE HUXDERTMARK Mortar Board Scholarship Plaque (1) : Soph. Council (2) : Class Basketball Team (3) : Orientation Comm. (3) : Chairman Handbook Comm. (3) : Phi Beta Kappa (3, 4) : Mortar Board (4) : Senior Hall (4) ; Who ' s Who (4) : Pi Delta Phi (4). ELIZABETH HUNTER B. S. U. (1): Y. W. C. A. (1): As- tronomy Club (1, 2| : I. R. C. (3. 4) : Auditing Comm. (3). JUNE INMAN Phi Mu Y. W. C. A. (1. 3. 4) ; Tally Trooper (1): Spanish Club (4): Scholarship Chairman of Phi Mu (3) : Panhellenic Rep. (3. 4) : President of Phi Mu (4): Even Demonstration (3. 4). BETTY JACOBI Alpha Xi Delta Glee Club Ensemble (2, 3. 4) ; Band (4) Music Club (3, 4); American Guild of Organists (4) : Vice-President of Alpha Xi Delta (4) ; President of Landis (4) ; House Council (3) ; Rid- ing Club (4): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2): M. S. O. (1, 2. 3. 4). GWENDOLYN JAMES French Club (1. 2); Newman Club (1, 2. 3, 4 . SELMA JENKINS Delta Phi Epsilon Hillel Organization (1, 2, 3. 4) : Intra- murals (1, 2, 3, 4) : Treasurer of Delta Phi Epsilon (3, 4) : Roster of Delta Phi Epsilon (3). CAROLYN S. JOHNSON Tally Troopers (1): Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3): President of Home Economics Club (4) ; Omicron Nu (4) : Band (3) ; Little Theater Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4). ELLA MAUDE JONES Chi Omega Chairman Sophomore Council (2); Freshman Honor Board (1): Second Vice-President of C. G. A. (3) ; Fresh- man Advisor (4) : Esteren (2, 3, 4) : Delegate to National N. S. F. A. Con- ference (3): Mortar Board (4); Omi- cron Nu (4): Who ' s Who (4). SARAH M. KING Vice-House Chairman (1 ) : Mortar Board Scholarship Plaque (1) : Secre- tary of Soph. Council (2): Handbook Comm. (1, 2); Even Demonstration (3): House Chairman of Jennie Mur- phree (3) ; Usher Comm. (3) : Kappa Delta Pi (4). MARY SMALL KLUEPPELBERG Kappa Alpha Theta Zeta Phi Eta (4) : Even Demonstration (1, 21 : Junior Minstrels (1, 2) ; Fealty (1): Intramurals (2, 3); May Day (1, 2) : Torch Night (1). MARGARET LACELLE Sec. of Y. W. C. A. ( 2 ) ; Social Service Comm. Y. W. C. A. (3) : I. R. C. (3. 4): Freshman Counselor (3): Chairman of Y. W. C. A. Room (4). LOLA LASTRO French Club (1. 3. 4): Spanish Club (3, 4): Odd Volley Ball (1, 2); Odd Soft Ball (3): Odd Hockey (4): " F " Club (4). EDNA LEE Corresponding Secretary I. R. C. (3) : Secretary-Treasurer Senior Hall (4): Home Economics Club Executive Coun- cil (4). SADIE LEE LENTZ I. R. C. (3, 4) : Y. W. C. A. (2. 3, 4) ; Freshman Counselor (3) : Vice-Presi- dent Methodist Adm. Council (4). MYRTIS LOUQUE " F " Club (1, 2, 3. 4) : Newman Club (1. 2. 3, 4) : Life Saving Corps (2, 3. 4): Even Softball (1. 2. 3. 4): Even Soccer (3) : Even Basketball (2. 3. 4) : P. E. A. (1. 2, 3. 4). MARGUERITE LOWE Glee Club (1. 2. 3. 4) : Episcopal Student Vestry (2, 3. 4): Freshman Counselor (3); Even Swimming (4). FLORENCE LUTZ Delta Phi Epsilon Pledge Pres. Delta Phi Epsilon (2): Intramurals (2. 3, 4): President of Delta Phi Epsilon (4) : Hillel Organ- ization (2. 3, 4). MARIE MANLEY Torch Night (1) : Ed. Staff Flambeau (I): Even Demonstration (1): Press Club (1, 2): Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4): I. R. C. (2. 3); Delta Epsilon Alpha (3) : Rep. to National Debating Tour- nament, Winthrop, Rockhill. S. C. : As- sistant Freshman Counselor (3) ; Pres- ident of I. R. C. (4) : Debater ' s League (4) ; President of Delta Epsilon Alpha (4). CAROL MARSHALL Mortar Board Plaque (1): Freshman Honor Board (1): Astronomy Club (1): Sophomore Council (2): Chi Delta Phi (2. 3. 4); French Club (3. 4): President of Phi Alpha Theta (4) ; Mortar Beard Cup (4) ; Phi Beta Kappa (4 1. MARGARET MATTHEWS American Guild of Organists Music Club (4). (4) JANE ANNETTE McCAY Alpha Xi Delta Social Chairman of Alpha Xi Delta (4): Presbyterian Council (2. 3. 4): 21 Club (4) : Treasurer of Alpha Xi Delta (31 : Life Saving Corps (1. 2). JANE McCLOSKEY Classical Club: I. R. C. ; Tennis Club (I). NORMA LEE McCREE Glee Club ( 1 ) : Methodist Student Executive Council (1. 2, 3. 4) : Fresh- man Counselor (3) : Senior Hall (4) : Even Badminton (1). ANNA FRANCES McKAY Even Basketball (1. 2. 3, 4) : Even Tennis (1. 4): Even Hockey (2, 3): Even Softball (1. 2) : Junior Council of Baptist Student Union (3) : Sopho- more Council (2): " F " Club (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Esteren (2. 3. 4) ; Senior Hall (4) : Mortar Board (4) ; Kappa Delta Pi (3. 4) ; Life Saving Corps (3, 4) : Sec. W. A. A. (2) : Vice-Pres. W. A. A. (3) : Pres. W. A. A. (4) ; Play Night Comm. (2) : Delegate to A. F. C. W. Convention (3) : Who ' s Who (4). CLAIRE MEANS Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4): Social Chairman of Home Economics Club (4) : Economics Club (4) ; Torch Night (1): Omicron Nu (4). MARY JANE MEDLIN Sr. Intramural Manager (4): Esteren (3, 4); " F " Club (2, 3, 4): Staff of Flastacowo (3): Membership Chair- man of Y. W. C. A. (2) : House Pres. (3): Vice House Pres. (2); Athletic Manager of Jr. Class (3) : Intramural Manager (3): Fealty (3): Even Vol- leyball, Tennis, Golf, Badminton. Hockey: Play Night Comm. (2). [ 311 .i AXE MENDENHALL Ed. Staff Flambeau (1, 2. 3); Flam- beau Kvii (2) ; Ed. Staff Distaff (1. 2. 3): Pres. of Chi Delta Phi: Phi Beta Kappa (4) : Press Club: Ed. Staff of Flastacowo (3); Senior Rep. to Student Forum (4): Asst. Editor of Distaff (4). MARGARET MILAN MILLER Chi Omega Usher Committee ; Sec. Chi Omega 1 3. 4 ) : Even Demonstration ; Fealty (1). MINNIE LU MOORE Alpha Gamma Delta Transfer from North Ga. College (3) ; Badminton Intramural Manager (4) : Even Soccer (4) ; " F " Club (4) : Even Tennis (4). WILLIE LEE MOORE Newman Club (4) : Classical Club (4). (LEO MIXON Transfer from Asbury College; 4-II club (3. 4l: Home Ec. Club (3. 4): Y. W. C. A. (3, 4) ; Methodist Adm. Council (3, 4). PAULETTE NOLAN Sophomore Council (2) ; Junior Rep. to Judiciary (3) ; Sr. Rep. to Judiciary (4i: Mortar Board (4): Athletic Manager of Sr. Class (4); TV. A. A. Board (4) ; Kappa Delta Pi (4) ; Who ' s Who (4); Fealty (1); " F " Club (3, 4) : Esteren (3. 4) : May Day (1, 3) ; May Court (4) ; Asst. Counselor (2) : Sec. and Treas. of P. E. A. (2) : Senior Hall (4); Even Demonstration (1); Wearer of the Emblem (4). MARY FRANCES OVEN Chi Omega Pres. of Chi Omega (4) ; Esteren (4) : Mortified (4) ; Off-Campus Committee (3): Jr. Rep. to Senate (3): Usher Committee (3) : Ed. Staff of Flambeau (2, 3) : Ed. Staff of Flastacowo (2) ; Even Demonstration (1. 2). BETTY JANE OXER Ml,lia Xi Delta Torch Night CI): Y. W. C. A. (2): French Club (2): Home Ec. Club (1. 2. 3. 4i : " F " Club (3, 4): Even Hockey (2. 3): Even Softball (2); Vice-Pres. of Alpha Xi Delta (3) : Pres. Alpha Xi Delia (4 I ; Panhellenie Rep. (4). NORMA OXLEY Classical Club (1) ; Torch Night (1) ; Home Ec. Club (1, 2. 4) ; I. R. C. (3. 4»: Sec. P.. S. U. Council (4l: Senior Hall (4). UCTII PEARCE Pi Beta Phi ; Cotillion club (1, 2, 3) ; Even Demonstration (1, 2. 3); May Day (1, 2); Modern Dance (2). IN A GRACE PERRY Kappa Delia Pi (4); Baptist Student Union Council (3); Geography club (4). EDITH PFARR Senior Hall (4) : Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Methodist Student Council (4): American Guild of Organist (2. 3. 4) : Music Club. Secretary (4). MART PIERSON Even Demonstration (1. 2, 3) : Sopho- more Council (2) : Esteren. Sec.-Treas. (2): Village Vamps; Mortar Board: Senior Hall; Phi Betta Kappa; Secre- tary of C. G. A. (2) : First Vice-Presi- dent of C. G. A. (3) ; President of C. G. A. (4) ; Who ' s Who (4). MURIEL POOLE Y. W. C. A. ; International Relations Club. JEAN POVEY French Club (4) ; Y. W. C. A. (4) : Spanish Club (2, 3) ; Vice-President of Spanish Club (4). VIVIENNE RAINEY Glee Club Ensemble (1, 2, 3, 4) ; American Guild Organist (1, 2. 3, 4) : Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Music Club (3, 4). DOROTHY RANDALL Floor Chairman (3) : Kappa Delta Pi (4) : transfer from St. Petersburg Jr. College. FERN ROBERTSON Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Classical Club (1. 2) ; Home Economics Club (1. 2) : 4-H (Tub (1. 2, 3. 4) ; House Council (4): Torch Night (2). FRANCES LEE ROGERS Member Glee Club (1. 2. 3) ; Glee Club Accompanist (4); R-II Club; Music Club; Baptist Council. ANNE SAFAY Zeta Phi Eta: French Club: I. R. C. : Italian Club. ANN SANDERS Freshmen Counselor (3) ; House Coun- cil (3) : F Club (3. 4) ; Athletic Manager I . R. G. (3) ; Prom Commit- tee (3) ; Breakfast Club (4). AMELIA SCHNEIDER Delta t ' tii Epsilon Vice-Pres. (2. 3); Intramural Manager I). I ' . E. (2. 3) : Secretary I). P. E. (4): Ilillel Organization (1, 2. 3. 4). MARY SEARS Home Economics Club (4): Phi (4); (lamina Sigma Epsilon (4); Omicron Nu (4). DOROTHY SIMS May Day (2): Floor Chairman (2): Presbyterian Student Choir (2. 3); 1. R. C. (3 1 : Astronomy Club |4). ANNE PERRY SOLLAR Alpha Gamma Delta Torch Night ill: Astronomy Club (1. 2) : Geography Club (3). .MIRIAM JOY SOLOMON Flambeau (• " ,. 4); 1 ' ress club (3, 4); Debate Club (3. 4): Social Chairman of Hillel i3, 4) ; I. R. C. (4). IRIS SPERBER Astronomy Club (3. 4): French Club (4): Spanish Club (4); Kappa Delta Pi (3. 4). MARY E. STAPLETON Glee Club (2. 3, 4) ; Methodist Council (3); American Guild of Organists (4) ; Music Club (3. 4). RACHEL STEIN Senior Hall (4) ; Der Deutche Verein (1) ; Alpha Lambda Delta (4) ; Phi Beta Kappa (4). AUBREY JEAN STEPHENS Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4) ; Clas- sical Club (3). GWELDOLYN STEPHENSON Alpha Gamma Delta International Relations Club (1, 2): Even Cheerleader (2) ; Even Demo. (1, 2) ; Vice Pres. P. E. A. (3) : Esteren (3. 4). MARTHA STROBERG Kappa Alpha Theta Sophomore Council (2) ; Cotillion Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Senate (2); Judiciary (3) ; Esteren (2. 3. 4) : Even Demon- stration (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Junior Minstrels (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Who ' o Who (4) : Mortal ' Board (4); Sigma Delta Phi (4); Chairman of Off-Campus Committee (4) ; Prom Court (3. 4) : May Court (4) ; Honor Committee (3, 4) ; Extra- curricular Defense Committee (4). ANNE SUTHERLAND Chi Omega Even Dem. (2) : House Manager Chi Omega (4) ; Social Committee (1) : Home Ec. Club (1. 2, 3. 4). PEGGY SUTOR International Relations Club (3, 4) ; Spanish Club (4). SARA SWANSON Delia Delta Delia Distaff (2) ; Vice-House Chairman Gilchrist (2); Asst. Freshman Coun- selor (2); Freshman Counselor (3). MYRA SWINDELL Alpha Xi Delta Orchestra (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Little Theater Orchestra (1, 2, 3. 4 1 : B. S. U. (1, 2. 3. 4) : American Guild of Organists (2, 4); String Quartet (2, 4); Tally Troopers (1) ; Band (4) ; Glee Club Ensemble (4) : Off-Campus Committee (4) ; Music Club (3, 4). BLANCHE SAUL Delia Phi Epsilon Hillel Organization (1. 2. 3, 4) ; French club (1) ; Intramurals (1. 2. 3, 4i : Sophomore Council (2); Off -Campus Com. (3); Off-Campus Counselor (3i; Vice-President of Delta Phi Epsilon (4). VIRGINIA TACKER Sigma Kappa Torch Night (1) ; French Club (1, 2) ; Fealty (1) ; May Day (3) : Freshman Counselor (3) ; Vice-President of Sig- ma Kappa (3, 4) ; Asst. Treas. of Sigma Kappa (4); Scrap Book Chairman of Sigma Kappa (4). 312 BETTY ANN TAYLOR Editor of Flambeau (4) : Mortar Board Editor (4); Senior Hall (4); Senate (4) ; Who ' s Who (4) ; Methodist Exe- cutive Council (2, 3, 4): Methodist Freshman Council (1): Flastacowo staff (2) : Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3) ; Youth Conference (3) : Flambeau (2) ; Delegate to Associated Collegiate Press Convention (4). JANE TELFORD Presbyterian Council (2, 3, 4) ; Sopho- more Council (2); Senior Hall (4); Treasurer of Gamma Sigma Epsilon (3, 4) : German Club (3, 4) : F Club (4) ; Chemistry Club (4) ; Life Saving Corps (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Outing Club (2, 3) ; Classical Club (1). SARA TEPPER Delta Phi EpsUon Astronomy Club (12): Intramurals (1, 2. 3, 4) : Treas. of Hillel (3. 4) : Sec. of Delta Phi Epsilon (4) ; House Chairman (3, 4). JEANNETTE THARPE Kappa Alpha Theta Panhellenic Rep. (4): Zeta Phi Eta: Even Dem. (1, 2, 4) ; Junior Minstrels (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club (1) : American Guild of Organists; Intramurals (1. 2. 3, 4) ; May Day (2). MARY LOIS THOMAS Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Cabinet (2) : President (3) ; Vice-Pres. (4) ; State Pres. (4) ; Comm. of One Hundred (3, 4) : Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3) ; College Defense Council (4) ; Red Cross Chairman (4) ; Chairman Resi- dence Halls (4) ; Mortified (4) ; Senior Hall (4) ; Who ' s Who (4). TAM THOMAS Play Night Committee (2, 3, 4) ; Fresh- man Counselor (3) : Chairman Social Standards Council (4) ; Mortified (4) ; Senior Hall (4) ; Prom Committee (4) : Flastacowo Bus. Staff (3) : Even Dem. (3, 4) : Junior Minstrels (3, 4) ; Sen- ate (4). JONNIE THOMASSON Glee Club (1); Glee Club Ensemble (2, 3. 4) ; Flambeau (2. 4). KATHERINE THOMPSON 4-H Club (3) ; Y. W. C. A. (3). MARGARET THORNTON Sophomore Council (2) ; Treas. of Y. W. C. A. (2) ; Freshman Counselor (3) ; Floor Chairman (3) ; Senior Hall (4). MARGARET TILGHMAN Social Committee (2) ; Play Night Committee (3, 4) ; Freshman Counselor (3) : Orientation Committee (4) ; Sen- ior Hall (4). MARJORIE TOOLE B. S. U. Sr. Council: Y. W. A. Pres. (3) ; Geography Club (4). MARY TOWNSEND Alpha Gamma Delta Torch Night (1) ; Usher Committee (3) ; I. R. C. (4) ; First Vice-President of Alpha Gamma Delta (4) ; Scribe of Alpha Gamma Delta (2). AVIS TUCKER Sophomore Council (2); Senate (1. 2. ' A. 4): Orientation Committee (. ' !): F Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Even Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4) : Even Volleyball (1, 2. 3) ; Even Diamondball (12). PEARLE TYLER President Music Club (3, 4) : Little Theater Orchestra (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Orches- tra (1, 2, 3, 4) ; American Guild of Organists (4) ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Member (4) ; B. S. U. (1, 2, 3, 4) : I ' .. S. U. Council (1, 2, 3) ; Even Dem. (1. 2) ; Junior Minstrels (1, 2) ; May Court (4); Senior Hall (4): Play Night Committee (3) ; Usher Comm. (3). SUE VENNING l ' i Beta Phi Even Dem. ; Junior Minstrels ; l ' i Beta Phi Social Exchange Chairman; l ' i Beta Phi Vice-Pres. HELEN VOGT Even Dem. (2) ; House Council (2) : Social Standards Committee (4) ; Sen- ior Hall (4). LISA VOSS German Club (1) ; Pi Delta Phi (4) ; Presbyterian Student Council (4). ELIZABETH WEATHERS Sigma Kappa Torch Night; I. R. C. : Home Ec. Club; Pres. of Sigma Kappa ; Social Chair- man of Sigma Kappa ; Panhellenic Rep. MARY ELIZABETH WEAVER Kappa Alpha Theta Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4) ; Vice House Chairman East Landis (2). MARION WEBSTER Vice Pres. Sophomore Council (2) ; " F " Club (2, 3, 4); Esteren (3, 4): Mortar Board (3, 4) ; Gamma Sigma Epsilon (3, 4) ; Editor of Flastacowo (4) ; Who ' s Who (4). JAN WELLS Chi Omega Athletic Mgr. (1); Episcopal Student Vestry (1. 2): Even Dem. (2, 3. 4); Pres. of Esteren (3) : Pres. F. S. G. A. (4) ; Rep., Sec, and Chairman of Judi- ciary (2, 3, 4) : Sophomore Council (2) ; Senior Hall (4) ; " F ' ' Club; Mor- tar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who. DOROTHY ALICE WEST Episcopal Student Vestry (1, 2, 3, 4 " ) ; Canterbury Club Pres. (4) ; American Guild of Organists (4) ; Vice Pres. of Music Club (3, 4) ; Vice House Pres. of East Landis (4). MARY MARIE WHERRY Transfer from Montreat Junior Col- lege; Home Economics Club (3. 4). BEULAH WHITE Classical Club (1, 2) ; 4-H Club (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Home Ec. Club (3, 4). MALLIE ELIZABETH WHITE Day Students ' Organization (1) ; Methodist Student Organization (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Administrative Council of M. S. O. (4). MONTEREY WHITTLESEY Kappa Alpha Theta Even Dem. (1, 2, 3) ; I. R. C. (1) ; Treas. of Class (2) ; Sophomore Couu- cil (2); Bus. Staff of Distaff (2); Floor Chairman (2) ; Pres. Kappa Alpha Theta (4) ; Intramurals (4). ELSIE WILLITS Alpha Gamma Delta Y. W. C. A. (1) ; I. R. C. (3) ; Sec. of Zeta Phi Eta (3, 4). SADIE WITHERSPOON Ed. Staff of Flambeau (1); Chorus (2). ADELINE WOOD Even Dem. (1) ; Sophomore Council (2) ; Asst. Freshman Counselor (2) ; Auditing Committee (3) ; Chairman Auditing Committee (4) ; Treas. of Budget Committee (4) ; Senate (4). JEAN WOOD Tieta Tail, Alpha Sophomore Council (2) ; Treas. of W. A. A. (2) ; Treas. of Class (3) ; Bus. Mgr. of Even Dem. (3) ; Vice Pres. of Mortar Board (4) ; Who ' s Who (4) : Treas. of C. G. A. (4) ; Senior Hall (4) ; P. E. A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Torch Night (4) ; Tarpon Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; " F " Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; May Day (3). MOZELLE WOOD Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). MARY EVELYN WOOTEN Alpha Gamma Delta Parliamentarian of Class (4) ; Off- Campus Committee (3, 4) ; Freshman Counselor (3) ; Treas. of French Club (1) ; Pres. of French Club (2) ; Fealty (1) ; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). ELIZABETH YANCEY Presbyterian Student Council (1, 2, 3, 4); Vice House Chairman Broward (2) ; Even Dem. (2) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2) ; Treas. of Home Economics Club (3, 4) ; Astronomy Club (3) ; Mortar Board Scholarship Cup (3) ; Senior Hall (4) ; Omicron Nu (3, 4). NELL YON Torch Night (1): Home Ec. Club (1. 2, 3, 4) ; I. R. C. (4); Methodist Student Council (1, 3, 4). BELLE YONGE Delta Delta Delta Pres. of Pi Delta Phi (4) ; Vice-Pres. of Delta Delta Delta (4) ; Usher Com- mittee (3) ; N. S. F. A. Representa- tive (3) ; Flambeau Key (2) ; Vice- Pres. Press Club (3) ; Treas. of Press Club (2). AMANDA ZEWADSKI Orchestra (1) ; Glee Club (1, 2) ; " F " Club (2, 3) ; Even Swimming (2) ; Even Soccer (2) ; Sophomore Council (2) ; Landis Floor Chairman (2) ; Presbyterian Jr. Council (2) ; Presby- terian Sr. Council (3) ; Freshman Counselor (3); Senior Hall (4). [ 313 fyaoultif, binecta uf Dunk Sheridan Campbell. M.A.. Ph.D. (Peabody), President. 1941 ♦Edward Conradi. A.M., Ph.D. (Clark), LL.D. (Rollins), LL.D. (Florida). President. 1909; President Emer- itus. 1941. Martha DuBose Adams. B.S.. Instruc- tor in Physical Education, 1941 ♦Karl Ahrendt. P.M.. M.M., Pupil of Willy Hess in Berlin and Andre Tenner and Jean Rivier in Paris. Associate Professor of Violin. 1937 Virginia Alice Alexander. A.B. and A. P. in L.S., Assistant in Library, 1938 Mary Bethel Alfriend. M.S.. Instructor in English, 1935 ' Elizabeth Gordon Andrews, Ph.D. i Iowa ), Director of Personnel, and Placement Bureau. 1929 Elizabeth Ash. A.B.. Instructor in Classics. 1941 Lanas Spurgeon Earlier. M.A.. Profes- sor of Zoology, 1909 tWilliam Morton Barrows. Jr., M.Sc, Ph.D. (Ohio). Associate Professor of Physics and Curator of Physics Laboratory, 1937 Lucile Grider Bass. A.B., Instructor in Shorthand and Typewriting, 1919 Henry Floyd Becker. M.S., Professor of Geography, 192s ♦Clarine Belcher, M.S., Extension Specialist in Clothing and Textiles. Home Demonstration Work. 1936 ♦Raymond Bellamy. A.M.. Ph.D. (Clarlc i. Professor of Sociology, 1918 ' Florence Bethea. A.B.. Assistant Li- brarian in Charge of Periodicals and Binding, 1928 . Marian Watkins Black. A.B., Critic Teacher and Instructor in Educa- tion. 1942 Margaret Carey White Blair, M.A.. In- structor in English, 1941 Sarah Elizabeth Blanding, M.A.. In- structor in English, 1938 -Mildred Irene Boliek. M.A.. Ph.D. (North Carolina). Assistant Pro- fess r of Zoology, 1936 ♦Gulnar Kheirallah Bosch. M.A.. As- sistant Professor of Art. 1941 ♦Beulah Belle Briley, M.S. M.A.. Ph.D.. (Iowa). Professor of Economics and Commerce, 1927 ♦Margaret C. Bristol. M.A.. Assistant Professor of Sociology, 1938 Mary Hollingsworth Buford, A.B.. Student of Dr. S. S. Curry and Mrs. Anna B. Curry, Associate Professor f Speech. 1921 tDelnias Alfred Bugelli, M.S.. Assis- tant Professor of Geography, 1938 ♦Margie Burks. M.A.. Ph.D. (Illinois). Professor of Spanish. 1932 ♦Edris Lauritzen Butler. M.S.. Asso- ciate Professor of Home Econom- ics. 1940 Margaret Virginia Campbell, M.A.. In- structor in Modern Languages, 193a ♦Ernest Wesley Cason, M.A.. Coordin- ator of Interne Teaching. 1939 ♦Helen Dorothy Cate, M.S.. Assistant Professor of Foods and Nutrition. 1939 ♦Martha Gertrude Chapman. M.A., As- sistant Professor of English, 1935 Charles Henry Clark. M.A.. Critic Teacher and Instructor in Edu- cation. 193!) Marjorie May Clayton. P.M.. Instructor in Theory and Piano, 1941 Jeanne Coleman Compton, B.M.. A.B.. Pi stgraduate Diploma in Piano. Florida State College for Women. Instructor in Piano. 1938 ♦Ruth Connor. A.M., Ph.D. (Columbia). Professor of Home Economics Edu- cation. 1931 ♦Robert Spencer Cotterill, M.A.. Ph.D. (Wisconsin), Professor of History. 1928 -Walter Rnel Cowles, A.B.. Mus.B. (Yale), Pupil of Widor and at Schola Cantorum, Paris. Profes- sor of Theory and Director of Orchestra. 1930 Frances Jane Coykendall, B.A.. B.S. in L.S., Assistant in Library, 1939 Dempsey Creary, B.S. in Home Eco- nomics. Director of Student Alum- nae Union, 1940 Mary Elizabeth Crenshaw, M.A., In- structor in Art. 1939 (Hive Hardwick Cross, M.A.. Instructor in English, 1939 Marie Davis, M.A., Instructor in French and Italian. 1936 ♦Hazel Bernice Deetz, B.S. in Fine and Applied Arts, Student, Acad- emy of Fine Arts. Chicago. Assis- tant Professor of Industrial Arts. 1928 ♦Mark H. DeGraff, M.A., Ph.D. (Iowa). Professor of Education, 1925 Ezda May Deviney, M.S.. Ph.D. (North Carolina). Professor of Zoology, 1924 Lazelle Williams Dickens. B.S.. In- structor in Physical Education. 1941 Nellie-Bond Dickinson. M.A.. Instruc- tor in Physical Education, 1935 ♦Guy Linton Diffenbaugh, M.A., Ph.D. (Illinois), Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Professor of English. 1928 ■Dorothy Rose Disher, M.A.. Ph.D. (Ohio i. Associated Professor of Psychology. 1933 -William George Dodd. A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard), Dean. College of Arts and Sciences, Professor of English, 1910 ♦Myrtle Elizabeth Dolbee, M.A.. Assis- tant Professor of Spanish and German, 1925 Ralph Floyd Donaldson. P.. A.. Critic Teacher and Instructor in Educa- tion, 1936 ♦ Olivia Nelson Dorinan, A.B., Ph.D. (Chicago), Professor of Classics and Dean of Students. 1924 ♦Margaret Whitney Dow. B.A., B.M.. F.A.G.Q., M.S.M.. Pupil of Dupre. Marchal and Dickinson. Professor of Organ and Theory. 1926 ♦Simeon Robert Dovle, M.A.. Registrar. 1930 ♦Ralph Lee Eyman. Ed.D. (California ), Dean, School of Education. Profes- sor of Education. 1928 tRuth Elizabeth Fairinan. A.M., Assis- tant Professor of Latin and Greek. 1936 ♦Gladys Fawley, S.M.. Assistant Pro- fessor of Geography, 1930 Leroy Craig Ferguson, M.A.. Instructor in History and Political Science. 1941 Ruth Durrenberger Ferguson, B.S. in Home Economics, Instructor in Home Economics. 1940 Isabel Mary Fernandez. A.B. in Edu- cation. M.A.. Instructor in Modern Languages, 1940 ♦Mildred Finnegan, M.A.. Assistant Professor of French, 192!). ♦Paul Frederick Finner, A.M., Ph.D. (Wisconsin), Professor of Psy- chology and Director of Psycholog- ical Laboratory, 1922 tKathleen Graham Fletcher, B.A., B.S. in L.S.. Librarian. Demonstration School, 1935 1 Ward Thomas Fletcher, M.Ed.. Critic Teacher and Instructor in Educa- tion, 1933 Grace Imogene Fox, M.A., Instructor in Physical Education, 1933 Inez Frink. M.S., Instructor in Com- merce, Demonstration School, 1938 ♦Ruth Eleanor Gasink. M.S.S.. Assis- tant Professor of Sociology, 1940 -Robert Lee Goulding, M.A.. Ph.D. (Peabody), Superintendent of Demonstration School and Profes- sor of Education, 1938. Sarah Graham, A.B., B.S. in L.S., As- sistant in Library. 1937 ♦Viola Graham, M.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. (Cornell). Associate Professor of Physiology, 1929 Horace Benton Gray, M.A.. Critic Teacher and Instructor in Educa- tion. 1941 Susan Walton Gray, A.M.. Ph.D. (Peabody), Assistant Professor of Psychology. 1941 Antoinette Louise Guentner. B.S. in Commerce, Instructor in Com- merce. 1939 Herbert Lewis Hackett. M.A.. Instruc- tor in Journalism and English, 1941 Hope Ilarrin. M.A.. Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education, 1937 ♦Oval Stanley Harrison. M.A.. Ed.D. (Missouri). Assistant Professor of Education and Principal Demon- stration School, 1930 ♦Marion Jewell Hay. M.A.. Ph.D. (Ohio). Officer d ' Academic, As- sociate Professor of Education. 1929. Senate Members. t On Iphvp ni ' absence, 1941-42. v ' Second semester, mil i- f 314 ] Clara Rider Hayden, B.S. in Education, Assistant Librarian, 1922 : Frances Field Haynes. A.K., Refer- ence Librarian, 1926 tChristian Paul Heinlein, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins). Professor of Experi- mental Psychology, 1020 Mildred Fay Henry, M.A., Assistant Professor of English, 1924 Sarah Herndon, M.A., M.R.E., Assis- tant Professor of English, 1928 Murphy Roy Hinson, M.A., Ph.D. (Peabody), Professor of Education, and Director of Graduate Division. 1936 Dorothy Lois Reeves Hoffman, A.M.. Ph.D. (Illinois), Associate Profes- sor of Spanish and French, 1927 Katherine Blood Hoffman, M.A., In- structor in Chemistry, 11)40 Ethyl Holloway, B.S. in Home Eco- nomics, District Agent, Home Dem- onstration Work, 1937 Margaret Elizabeth Ilolway. A.P . in Education, Supervisor of Kinder- garten, 1940 Mary Noka Hood, M.A.. Instructor in Zoology and Bacteriology, 1938 Henrietta Howell, B.S. in L.S., M.A., Cataloguer in Library. 1937 ♦Lucretia Little Ilsley, M.A.. Ph.D. (Il- linois), Associate Professor of Political Science, 1940 Marian Doris Irish, M.A., Ph.D. (Yale), Professor of Political Science, 1 933 Frances Mary Karr. M.S., Instructor in Clothing and Textiles. 1941 Jerry B. Kelley, M.S., Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education, l!)3(i John Gabriel Kellum. Business Man- ager, 1907 Sarah Law Kennerly. A.B.. A.B. in L.S.. Assistant in Library, 1941 Mary Ellen Keown, M.S.. State Agent, Home Demonstration Work. 1027 Gladys Olive Koch. A.B.. M.M.. Chi- cago Conservatory ; Fontainebleau School of Music, Assistant Profes- sor of Voice and Solfeggio. 1924 Sara Malcolm Krentzman. A.B., Li- brarian, Demonstration School. 1941 " Herman Kurz, M.S., Ph.D. (Chicago), Professor of Botany, 1922 Ruth Prather LaClair. M.S., Instruc- tor in Geography. 1940 01ga Larson, M.A., Associate Profes- sor of Mathematics. 1915 Ruth Evelyn Lehman. M.A.. Instructor in Physical Education, 1936 " ' Lucy Lester, A.M., Professor of French, 1927 Leland Judson Lewis, A.M.. Ph.D. (Columbia), Professor of Chemis- try. 1923 Anna Forbes Liddell. M.A., Ph.D. (North Carolina). Professor of Philosophy, 1920 Hugh Donald Loucks. M.S. in Educa- tion. Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education. 1936 Edith Elizabeth Lynn. M.A.. Instructor in Physics. 1030 Grace Caroline Madsen. M.A., Instruc- tor in Botany. 1040 Lucille Johnson Marsh. M.D.. Head Physician, Infirmary, 1941 -Etta Lane Matthews, M.A. in L.S., As- sociate Professor of Library Science, 1020 Royal Mattice. M.A.. Assistant Pro- fessor of Economics, 1937 Marjorie Mae Mayer, A.M., Instructor in Physical Education, 1020 Edith McCollum, M.A., Director of Residence. 1041 Margaret A. S. McCurdie, M.A., Critic Teacher and Instructor in Educa- tion. 1933 Ruby McDavid, District Agent, Home Demonstration Work, 1023 Jean M. MacDonald, A.M.. Ph.D. (Radcliffe). Assistant Professor of Psychology. 1941 Edna Mae Mcintosh, M.S., Assistant Professor of Foods and Nutrition, 1934 Isabel McKinnell, M.S., Assistant Pro- fessor of Chemistry. 1928 Mary Elizabeth McLaurin. M.S., In- structor in Economics, 1941 ♦Gertrude Pennington Meek. M.A.. As- sistant Professor of Economics, 1941 Mary Murphree Meginniss, A.B., B.M., Instructor in Voice, 1938 Lou Egerton Whitfield Miller, M.A., Instructor in English, 1931 Robert Daniel Miller, Ph.D. (Penn- sylvania), Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion, 1936 ♦Katherine Williams Montgomery, M.A.. Ed.D. (New York). Director of Physical Education, 1918 ♦Robert Cary Moon. M.A.. Ph.D. (Pea- body), Director of Curriculum Laboratory, Department of Edu- cation. 1939 ♦Coyle Ellis Moore, M.S., Ph.D. (Chi- cago), Professor of Sociology and Director of Social Work, 1928 Hilda Elizabeth Moore. A.B.. A.B. L.S.. Assistant Librarian, 1939 Kemper Martin Moore, M.A.. Dramatic Diploma, School of Expression: American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Assistant Professor of Speech. 1927 ♦Virginia Pearl Moore, Extension Spe- cialist in Home Improvement, Home Demonstration Work. 1923 Mary Elizabeth Mooty, M.A.. Instructor in Art, 1937 Barbara Morehead, M.A.. Instructor in English. 1939 Ella Scoble Opperman. A.B.. M.M., Pupil of Jedliczka in Berlin and Moszkowski and Guilmant in Paris, Dean, School of Music: Professor of Piano and Organ, 1911 Zadie Lillian Phipps, B.M., Bush Con- servatory and Boston University, Assistant Professor of Public School Music. 1922 Anne F. Pope. M.A.. Part-time Instruc- tor in Physical Education, and Director of Bryan Hall, 1939 ♦Annie Marie Therese Popper, M.A.. Ph.D. (Chicago), Associate Pro- fessor of History. 1930 tMadeleine Postaire. B.A.. Instructor in French, 1931 Marion Hamilton Prior. M.A., Critic Teacher and Instructor in Educa- tion. 1938 Joyce Elizabeth Pritchard, A.B., Critic Teacher and Instructor in Edu- cation, 1041 t Dorothy Purse. M.A.. Critic Teacher and Instructor in Ed ucation, 1937 Ma xine Shaneth Putnam, M.A., Critic Teacher and Instructor in Educa- tion. 103S ♦Nita Katharine Pyhurn. M.A., Ph.D. (North Carolina), Associate Pro- fessor of Education. 1027 Mary Emily Reeder. B.M., Oberlin Conservatory and Bush Conser- vatory, Instructor in Piano and Piano Methods. 1925 Harold Frederic Richards, A.M., Ph.D. (Cincinnati). Professor of Physics, 1925 ♦Louise Richardson, A.M., Librarian and Professor of Library Science, 1919 Helen Lenore Richey, M.S., Instructor in Textiles and ' Clothing, 1936 ♦Mary Luella Richey, M.A.. C.P.A., Associated Professor of Account- ing, 1916 ♦Etta Lucile Robertson, Pupil of Yeat- nian Griffith. Professor of Voice and Director of Glee Club, 1924 ♦Carmen Rogers, A.M.. Ph.D. (Cornell). Associated Professor of English, 1938 ♦William Hudson Rogers. M.A., Ph.D. (Virginia), Professor of English, 1922 Myrtle Belle Rush. A.B.. Instructor in Art. 1941 ♦Nathaniel Moss Salley, Lift. D. (Wof- ford), De an Emeritus. School of Education, Professor of Education, 1010 ♦Margaret Rector Sandels, A.M.. Ph.D. (Columbia), Dean, School of Home Economics: Professor of Nutrition. 1022 ♦Harry Jewell Sarkiss. M. Th.. A.M., Ph.D. (Northwestern). Associate Professor of History, 1914 Christine Bryan Scarborough, M.S., Instructor in Psychology, 1937 ♦Ruth Olive Schornherst, M.S., Ph.D. (Michigan). Assistant Professor of Botany, 1926 ♦Owen Frink Sellers. M.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Pupil of Kirksmith. Associate Professor of " Cello and Other Orchestral In- struments, 1931 Mama Seris, A.M.. Instructor in Mod- ern Languages. 1941 Lucy Belle Settle, M.A., District Agent, Home Demonstration Work, 1923 fMary Brandon Settle, M.A., Assistant Professor of Physical Education. 1032 ♦Arthur Romeyn Seymour, M.L.. Ph.D. (Wisconsin). I). Lift. (Tung Lee University. China). Offieier d ' Academie. Professor of Modern Languages. 1926 -Paul Walbert Shankweiler, M.A.. Ph.D. (North Carolina), Assistant Profe ssor of Sociology, 1937 " Fannie B. Shaw, M.S., Associate Pro- fessor of Physical Education and Hygiene, 1941 ♦Venila Lovina Shores. M.A.. Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins), Professor of His- tory, 1922 Senate Members. t On leave of absence, 1941-42. [ 315 ] Anna Mae Sikes, M.S.. Extension Nutritionist, 1931 ♦Dora Sikes Skipper, M.S.. Assistant Professor of Education. 1932 ♦Elmer Riggs Smith. A.M., Secretary to Faculty, Professor of Mathe- matics, 1905 Hazel Royall Stephens, M.A.. Instruc- tor in Physical Education, Demon- stration School, 1939 Hazel Allison Stevenson. M.A.. Ph.D. (North Carolina). Professor of English. 1920 M.A., Instructor in Music and Class Emma A. Stihvcll. Public School Voice. 1939 ( Vcile Strong, A.M.. Instructor in Pub- lic School Music and Critic Teach- er. 1934 Thelma Pearl Tew, M.Ed., Critic Teach- er and Instructor in Education, 1937 Sarah Elizabeth Thomson, A.B., Curry School of Expression, Instructor in Speech. 1929 ♦Isabelle Thursby, Extension Econ- omist in Eood Conservation, Home Demonstration Work, 1923 -Jennie Tilt, M.S.. Ph.D. (Chicago), Professor of Physiological Chem- istry and Nutrition. 1923 -Anna May Traeey. Ph.B., Dietitian, Professor of Institution Economics. 1922 Senate Members. On leave of absence, 1941-4:2. Florence Reno Tryon, M.A.. Instructor in History. 1930 ♦Earl Lynn Vance, A.M., Associate Professor of English and Journal- ism, 1928 Ina VanStan. M.A., Professor of Tex- tiles and Clothing. 1941 ♦Leila Venable. A.M.. Professor Home Economics, 1923 of Gertrude Vermillion, M.A., Ph.D. (Duke), Assistant Professor of Chemistry. 1930 Mary Katherine Warren, M.A.. Assis- tant Dean of Students, 1935 -Hugh Lee Waskom, A.M.. Ph.D., (In- diana), Professor of Psychology, 1930 Clara Elizabeth Wendel, A.P... A.B. in L.S.. Instructor in Library Science. 1941 ♦Edith Woodfin West, A.M., Associate Professor of Classics. 1925 ♦Sarah Parker White, M.A. (Colum- bia). M.D.. Ph.D. (Syracuse). Orthopedic Physician and Profes- sor of Hygiene. 1935 ♦Emily Pitman Wilbum, B.L., Diploma in Industrial Arts, Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University, Asso- ciate Professor of Industrial Arts, 1921 Mary Connally Wallis Wilkinson, A.B. in Education. Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education, 1941 ♦Beatrice Beyer Williams, B.S.. B.A.E., M.A. The Art Institute of Chicago, The University of Chicago. Pupil of Randall Davey. The Heatherly School of Art, London. Professor of Art. 1920 ♦Nina Mae Williams, M.S.. Assistant Professor of Home Economics and Supervisory Teacher. Demonstra- tion School, 1938 Sallie Williams. M.A., Maryland Insti- tute of Art, Instructor in Indus- trial Arts, 1927 -Mary Esther Winslow, M.M., Columbia School of Music, Chicago, Assis- tant Professor of Pianof 1934 tLouise R. Witmer, M.S., Ph.D. (Yale). Assistant Professor of Psvehologv. 193S Lula Margaret Wyly, B.O., B.S., Curry School of Expression. Instructor in Speech, 1925 Annie Lee Yates, A.B.. Assistant Li- brarian, 1930 ♦Sadie Gertrude Young, M.A., Associate Professor of Economics. 192S ♦Thomas Zandstra. Ph.D. (New York), Assistant Professor of Physics, 1940 Students fyJitUaut Pictured, Elizabeth Frances Adams Katherine Adams Mary Lynn Adams Sarah Grace Adams Amy Adelson Sylvia Agress Erma Alderman Virginia Alexander Florence Allen Jamie All red Thelma Alvarez Virginia Lee Ames Uosa May Anders Louise Anderson Louise A. Archer Esta Argintar Eugenie Argintar Tomi Ashmead Mary J. Ashmore Lucy Atkinson Marjorie Baker Catherine Frances Barnes Catherine S. Barnes Lois Barnes Barbara Barton Miriam Bass Sara Nell Bass Kathryn Eloise Baughu Emily Beane Muriel Agnes Beck Geneva Beckley Helen Esther Beoclier Peggy Bennett l. ci i all Margaret Benson Carol Gail Berkmau Barbara .lean Berlin Evelyn Marian Berry Helen Marie Berwanger Anna Louise Betts Carolina Bertha Betznor Mabel Frances Bever Jacqueline Bierer Doris Black Mabel Blackburn Ann Blount Frances Evelyn Blount Dorothy Mae Boddie Lois Hartman Boggs Martha Boguo Dorothy Rebecca Boliek Bertha Bond Rhea Bond Alice Earline Bone Juanita Boone Janet Booxbaum Cora Elizabeth Boring Maude Virginia Boring Claudia Boutha Barbara Ann Boyd Patricia Boyd Gwendolyn Boyett Juanita Bozeman charlotte Bradley Emily Bridges Gloria Brinson Genevieve Brown Kathleen Brown Marian Brown Dorothy Buchanan Ann Elizabeth Burns Geraldine Butler Betty Jane Callahan Audrey Edell Callaway Ruth May Cameron Ruth Evelyn Campbell Floriene Pittman Canady Jo Ann Carroll Patricia Carroll Agnes Cates Mary Chalker Coradel Cheatham Frances Elizabeth Christian Sara Clark Evelyn Clarson Evelyn Mae Cobb Mary Elizabeth Cochley Margaret Cogswell Dorothy Cohen Charlee Collins Vernelle Collins Mary Beth Colvin Melva Coo ke Mary Jane Cost nor Geraldine Crawford Sarah Creel Carmen Lucille Crespo Jane Crocker Doris Dallas Minnie Frances Dalton Lannie Marjorie Daniel Barbara Gene Davis Leila Davis Marie Davis Angellee Frances Deas Stella Dennis Frances Deviney Beverly Dew Jacqueline Dew Ann Florence Dewey Ethel Dimmig Catherine Jean Dougherty Josephine Douglas Flora Agnes Dow- Francis Louise Doyle Leonora Driggers Frances Duncan Ernestine Dunlap Roberta Dunlap Ruby Dunstan Allie Mae Durden June Durnell Mary Rouse Duval Mary Pauline Eaton Ruby Agnes Ebert Frances Louise Eckland Janice Eekler Helen Dorothy Edelson Maxine Edwards Nonnie Lee Elk ins Harriet Cornelia Ellsworth Mary Elizabeth Engel Carol Joy Ensign Sally Evans Mary Ethel Everetle James Love Fain Margaret Faircbild Nora Kathleen Falconer Grace Farnbach Jeannette Edith Fay Martha Elizabeth Feagin Tonimie Felton Margaret Louise Ferandez Isabel Mary Fernandez Iluedel Babette Fink Mary Frances Fletcher Myrtle Lee Floyd Mary Evelyn Fogarty Daisy Helen Folds Margaret Fomby Laura Foote Hilda Foster Grace Fountain Gertrude Freidlin Marjorie Florence Frost Susayne Galloway Lillian Garcia Betsy Garrison Mary Jane Garrison Elizabeth Gehan Mary Elizabeth Geiger f 316 Anne Gilbert Lois Anita Gilland Rena Lorraine Gilland Helen Glover Sara Frances Goggans Eva Green Dorothy Myrle Gresham Florence Mabel Gross Helen Louise Gudmundson Allie Mae Guest Margaret Anne Hackney Mildred Haimowitz Inez Hall ' olleen Louise Ilallinan Florine Hamm Mary Jo Manner Rosalie Hardie Winifred Irene Harding Olga Evans I lardy Gennelle Harmon Betty Harrison Sue Harrison Margaret Elaine liar! Alice Glenn Harvey Nellie Zoe Hawkins Dorothy Ann Hayes Mary Hecht Bobby Henderson ( ' harlotte Henderson Mary Frances Henderson Lillian Louise Hendricks Effie Hendry Virginia Hendry Elizabeth Margaret Hennessey Evelyn Whitfield Henry Mildred Virginia Henry Florence Elizabeth Herndon Jewel Herndon Johnnie Louise Herring Mildred Catherine Heston Eddie Hill Anne Frances Holbrook Betty Llooks Lola Dell Hopkins Clara Belle Hornesby Lucy Charlotte Hosford Edna Mae Lloward Henrietta Howell Onalee Emileo Hoxie Betty Ann Hoyt Sarah Elizabeth Hoyt .loan Joyce Hubbard Mary Huddleston ' arolyn Huffman ' harlotte Huffman Marjorie Hughes Mary Lucy Hughes Mary Hulsey Patricia Estelle Humphries Viola Humphries Jane Irving Natalie Judith Irving Rebekah James Jeff Jeffress Edna Eloise Jensen Dorothy Sue Jinks Emily Merritt Jinks Alice Johnson Bernice Nell Johnson Yirgie Johnson Frances Johnston Mildred Annette Joiner Bette Louise Jones Joyce Jones Mamie Ethel Jones Myrtle Jane Jones Lillian Carlton Joughin Lula Joughin Betty Jo Kacinski Ruby Inez Kan is Marcella Kaufman Mollie Belle Kelly Ruhye Kemp Nancy Jean Kennedy Virginia Ruth Kinner Amy Jo Kirby Robbie Lanette Kirkland Julia Margaret Kirtland Mary Ellen Knighl Genevieve Ruth Krenz Elizabeth Ann Kruse Margaret Anne Kuppers Leota Carlene Lamb Elaine Lawson Martha Leach Kathryn Lee Virginia Lee Helen Lemle Marjorie Mae Leuty Lydia Ella Lewis Vieki Lewis Marion Eloise Linton Louise Lisk Mary Louise Logan Betty Sue Long Carol Lorimer Mary Ellen Lough Mattie Lou Love Harriet Lynch Lois Lynch Elizabeth Lyons Joyce Carolyn Lyons Frances Lytic Jane Isabella Maguire Altair Majewski Josephine Maniaci Alary Ellen Manion Blanche Catherine Martin Betty Martin Yvonne Lorraine Mason Leona Mae Mathews Dorothy Maxwell Nita Ruth McCullough Grace Elizabeth McEutee Elizabeth McFarland Ruby Allene McGahee Jean McKelvin Lillian McKeown Julia McLaurin Ellen McLeod Carolyn Pamelia McMichael Patricia Anne McMillan Verna Lee McMillan Audrey Meares Vivian Meares Lillian Medlin Margaret Mercer Lilia Merriam Inez Merryday Persis Miles Elma Miller Lucile Miller Norma Lee Mills Mary Elizabeth Milton June Sylvia Mindlin Bessie Edith Mitchell Charlotte Mitchell Marguerite Anne Mooney Alma Ruth Moore Opal Moore Lillian Lorraine Moore Margaret Moore Sara Frances Moore Anne Morgenstern Hilda Morrison Mary Frances Morse Winonah Murphy Lillian Maebell Musgrove Eloise Nafziger Eloise Neate Elizabeth Nelson Katherine Nichols Azealia Rosalee Nicholson Donna Mable Nicholson Mary Mable Nihoul Elizabeth Nixon Margaret Nixon Kay Noegel Jean Obee Dorothy O ' Connell Josephine Oemler Helen Elizabeth O ' Flanagan Norma O ' Hara Alice Yvonne Olliphant Katherine Orf anodes .Mary Ott Jacqueline Jayne Overbaugh Betty Jane Owen Margaret Elizabeth Owen Fiances Mathihle Owens Hildegarde Pacetti Carolyn Packard Patricia Padrick Mary Lucile Palmer Dorothy Park Marjorie Parmer Agnes Jeannette Parramore Mary Frances Parramore Nanette Parsons Jean Paterson Elma Patronis Kathleen Marie Patronis Vada Dean Peacock Mary Peavy Emily Louise Peeler Charlotte Pendleton Marjorie Lucille Penland Lois Pennell Norma l ' ennoyer Alma Louise Pent Naomi Perkins Jessie Belle Petermann June Etta Pherrin Charlotte Phillips Lou l ' ichard Helen Pierce Laurel Pierce Janet Pittman Louise Pittman Connie Porter Lucille Powell Patricia Pressley Ellen Proctor Lucile Proctor Joanne Puffer Etta Ouednau Doris Irene Ramm Edith Anne Raphun Deborah Feme Reed Mary Louise Reichert Corinne Elizabeth Reiff Hazel Winifred Reynolds Rachel Reynolds Ann Rhodes Elizabeth Rice Ellen Rice Judith Rigell Evelyn Riley Elsie Rives Daisy Lee Roberts Edna Frances Roberts Eunice Roberts Frances Shirley Roberts Ruth Roeshner Christine Beatrice Rogers Edith Estelle Rogers Marion Elizabeth Rogers Lucille Rooks Helen Rosseau Barbara Lee Rotureau Myra Rubin Pauline Frances Russ Anna Margaret Ryan May Sands Edith Schenck Sylvia Seher Marietta Schultz Ina Bobelle Sconiers Dorothy Virginia Scully Bessie Mae Sears Merle Martha Sellers Martha Nell Sewell Anne Shellhorse Jane Marie Shore Dorothy Schoupe Mary Hope Shubert Myrtice Shuler Dinah Shuman Joanna Sistrunk Jewell Slaughter Hazel Smith Keitha Eileen Smith Ruby Lois Smith Virginia Smith Marion Snell Gwynne Spence Jennie Spivey Cecelie Springer Lillian Lorraine Sproul Marianthe Stafles Becky Lou Stanley Faith Florid Stearns Gladys Stephens Cherie Virginia Stevens Bettie Ann Stone Doris Stone Iris Storrs Grace Louise Stoutamire Billie Louise Stubbs Helen Patricia Stubbs Jean Stubbs Grace Gloria Sumner Bennie Syfrett Jean Tallev Helen Elizabeth Taylor Martha .Elizabeth Taylor Nancy Teeple Miriam Telford Margaret Ann Thomas Bette Thompson Evelyn Jeannette Thompson Madge Thompson Margaret Louise Thompson Mary Frances Thompson Vada Tipton Dorothy Jean Tobias Lucy Virginia Tories Sara Betty Tolson Elvira Traina Ruth Trott Frances Tucker Bernice Turbeville Jane Uhrhan Mary Vara Doris Wainwright Ella Wakefield Ordelle Waller Emma Lavena Walther Bernice Walton Rena Walton Louise Walton Rhea Walz Kitty Ward Elizabeth Anne Wathen Lillian Iris Watson Wilma Lee Watson Edith Wax Minnie Webb Virginia Claire Webb Marian Ethel Welch Norma Wentworth Mallie Elizabeth White Irene June Whitney Lucille Whitty Bettigene Wiley Margaret Joyce Williams Mary Frances Williams Mary Jean Williams Mildred Ann Williams Nina Mae Williams Epsie Lee Willingham Kathryn Wilson Katheryn Elizabeth Wilson Willouise Wilson Grace Wimberly Bonnie Beth Winipee Elizabeth Winderweedle Doris Bonita Wiseman Alice Elizabeth Witt Wilma Marieble Witt Eva Josephine Woodruff Barbara Woods Joyce Woods Eunice Worn Frances Joyce Yongue Mary Elizabeth Young Elsie Zellman Marjorie Zipperer [ 317 ] Etudlerti bikectosiAf Page Name: No. Irnia Aehenbach S2 Doris Aeuff 120 Mary Frances Adanio 42 Vivian Adamo 42 Mary Catherine Adams 42 Pat Aiken 120 Barbara Albright 42 Anne Alfriend 42 Katherine Alissandratos 42 Margaret Allen 104 Marv Anne Allen 120 .lane Orr Allin 104 Katheryne Allison 82 Elizabeth Ahnon 120 Dorothy Altman 82 Edith Aly 42 Gertrude Anion 104 Alma Anderson 42 Helen Anderson 120 Helen Anderson 104 Juanita Anderson 104 Mildred Anderson 82 Sandra Anderson 120 Rosita Andia 104 Jean Angas 120 Mary Mack Angas 83 Kathleen Armstrong 120 Lucile Arnold 43 Anne Arnold 83 Lita Aronovitz 104 Marguerite Arthur 121 Ruth Asbury 43 Sheryl Ashinore 104 Audrey Atherton 43 Louise Atkinson 83 Harriet Aufford 104 Hetty Aughenbaugh 121 Dorothy Austin 43 .lean Austin 83 Dorothy Babers 83 Amelia Bagwell 104 Grace Bail 43, 154 Pauline Bailey 121 Margaret Baker 121 Ruby Baker 121 Nell Baldwin 120 Charlotte Balkcom 83 Margaret Estella Ball 104 Charlotte Ballenger 104 Helen Ballon 43 Annella Barber 120 Cordelia Barclay 120 Margaret Barfield 104 Virginia Barfield 43 Carol Barge 120 Peggy Barker 82 Katherine Barnes 120 Emily Barrow 43 Ann Bartlett 120 Louise Barton 43 Wilna Marie Baskin 104 Floramaye Bass 120 Clara Bassett 44 Louise Bateman 82 Marjorite Batey 120 Betty Battle .... ' 121 Norma Baxter 82 Betty Bead 121 Ileta Bead 44 Helen Beals 82 Frances Beck 83 Martha Beck 104 Frances Bedell 1 )4 Sarah Bedsole 44 Virginia Beecher 121 Elaine Heisler S3 Catherine Bell 83 Sara Frances Bell 104 Mary Eleanor Bellamy 83 .Mary Catherine Bellas 44 Ann Bennett 121 Page Name: No. Marjorie Bennett 104 Mary Elizabeth Bennett 104 Wade Bennett 83 Harriet Benson 44 Lenore Benson 121 Helen Benton 44 Anita Berkowitz 83 Rosemary Bess 120 Marcia Beyer 120 Marylila Bibb 44 Jean Biggar 120 Barbara Binnicker 82 Caroline Bird 44 Maria Bird 104 Lois Lavonia Bishop 104 Martha Bishop 120 Ruth Bishop 120 Marjorie Lee Bitter 120 Edith Black 120 Frances Jean Blackburn 120 Octavia Blades 82 Ann Blake 121 Frances Blake 104 Theo Blalock 45 Suetta Blanding 45 Ellen Bledsoe 121 Vianne Bloodworth 104 Eleanor Blount 121 Gamier Blount 104 Dorothy Boardman 121 Mariana Boardman 82 Katherine Bock 105 Tag Bohnert 121 Mildred Boley 105 Betty Boiling 45 Audrey Bolton 45 Katherine Boney 120 Susanne Bonner 120 Mary Louise Bonniwell 45 Margaret Booth 45 Sarah Borden 105 Dorothy Boring 120 Martha Bostwick 82 Lillie Marlin Bottoms 83 Lora Botts 83 Lita Bowles 105 Marion Bowness 105 Jane Boyd 83 Ruth Boyd 105 Betty Boyer 45 Doris Boyle 83 Bettie Lou Boynton 120 Gwendolyn Bradley 83 Elizabeth Bragg 45 Peggy Bragg 120 Betty Branam 83 Nancy Branan 105 Elizabeth Brandon 120 Martha Brandon 45 Mary Ann Brannon 105 Naomi Brauer 46 Annie-Kate Brengle 120 Adine Brewster 84 Katie Briese 105 Emma Ann Brinkman 120 Lois Lillian Brinkmann 121 Beverly Jeanne Britton 121 Frances Br odes 84 Gwin Brookins 105 Mary Ann Brophy 105 Bettye .lane Brossier 105 Barbara Brown 84 Betty Brown 40 Betty Pope Brown 121 Caroline Brown 105 Donna Brown 84 Elizabeth Brown 121 Einogene Brown 85 Helen Brown 85 Jean Claire Brown 121 Lillian Eunice Brown 122 Page Name: No. Margarette Ann Brown S5 Mary Brown 105 Mary Dana Brown 46 Renee Brown 122 Ruth Browning 46 Genevieve Bryan 46 Kathryn Bryan 85 Laura Bryan 85 Nell Bryan 46 Virginia Bryan 122 Angelena Bryant 105 Dorothy Bryant 105 Nell Bryant 122 Sarah Duke Bryant 46, 156 Jean Buescher 85 Evelyn Buettner 46 Catherine Buie 84 Bettye Burch 105 Louise Burger 47 Cora Louise Burgess 122 Betty Burnett 122 Dorothv Burnette 122 Jo Helen Burt 122 Dorothy Mae Burtseher 105 Nina Bush 47 Mary Elizabeth Bustin 105 Katherine Butler S4 Catherine Buttram 123 Louise Buttram 84 Evelyn Butts 84 Marie Byrd 85 Wanda Byrd 47 .Julia Nell Byron 123 Genevieve Calhoun 47 Eleanor Calley 105 Ethel Earline Callahan 123 Sarah Callison 123 Myla Lu Cameron 105 Aurora Camniarata 85 Dorothy Drew Campbell 105 Eleanor Campbell 85 Judy Campbell 47 Annie Lee Cannon 85 Mary Ann Cannon 123 Betty Cappleman 47 Laura Carothers 105 Zelda Carpenter 85 Betty Carr 122 Cathryn Carr 105 Mary Shelley Carr 122 Jean Carraway 122 Doris Carter 47 Margaret Carter 84 Jean Elizabeth Gary 106 Angeline Casey 84 Clarice Cash 84 Louise Cason 122 Mary Ellen Cason 84 Mary Eleanor Cassady lot! Elizabeth Cassels 122 Dorothy Caswell 122 Elsie Cater 85 Marv Elizabeth Gates 106 Doris Chaffin 122 Sue Chaires 85 Margaret Chalker 122 Sylvia Chambliss 123 Mary Chandler 123 Mildred Chapman 85 Betty Chazal 123 Jeanne Chazal 85 Jean Cheaney 85 Mary Elizabeth Cheely 106 Kathleen Cheney 47 Betty Chester 123 Elizabeth Jean Chicoine 106 Neva Chillingworth 106 Frances Choate 123 Olivi Christie 106 Blanche Clark 47 Lucile Clark 48 [ 318 1 Page Name: No. Virginia (Murk 48 Anne Clarkson 122 Gloria Clavel 122 Marion Clay 122 Louise Clements 48 Anne Cleveland 106 Betty Coakley 122 Donna Cochran 122 Joyce Cochran 122 Yvonne Cody 10fi Ursa Cogdill 85 Esther Cohen 106 Geraldine Cohen 106 Lenore Cohen 48 Lucy Cole 4S. 184 Patricia Coleman 48 Elizabeth Colgan 106 Jayne Colley 85 Betty Collier 106 Carolyn Marie Collins 106 Edith ' Collins 122 Eileen Collins 48 Margaret Collins 106 Mary Delphine Collins 106 Frances Compiler 86 Frances Compton 86 Peggy Conklin 86 Dorothy Conner 122 Marian Connor 106 Peggy Connor 123 Barbara Constans 123 Carmen Constantino 48 Geraldine Cook 106 Peggy Cook 49 Winnifred Cook 123 Charlotte Cooper 86 Clyde Cooper 123 Elizabeth Cooper 87 Helen Cooper 106 Lois Cooper 49 Lula Powell Cooper 49 Jean Copeland 49 Marjorie Copeland 106 Thelma Corpening 123 Jean Corry 122 Mary Cotton 87 Penny Counselman 87 Mary Louise Cowart 49 Lizzie Mae Cowan 49 Margaret Elizabeth Cox 106 Orlene Cox 87 Bonnie Craig 49 Betty Creary 122 Carrie Forehand Crocker 49 Mary Crocker 122 Martha Crookshank 106 Louise Crosby 49 Blanche Cross 106 Mary Kathryn Cross 50 Betty Crossland 122 Ethel Crown 50 Katherine Cueller 50 Margaret Curry 50 Emmett Curtis 50 Helen Dahlgren 87 Clyde Dailey 87 Evelyn Dale 122 Marline Dale 50 Nanette Dale 100 Pauline Dale 50 Katherine Dancy 107 Alta Daniel 122 Margaret Daniel 122 Mary Sue Daniel 50 Jean Daniells 51 Ruth Daniels 51 Angelina D ' Anna 122 Sara Frances Darsey 107 Jewell Davis 123 Margaret Davidson 51 Anne Davis 123 Brownie Davis 51 Elizabeth Davis 86 Helen Davis 51 Juliana Davis 51 Louise Davis 107 ] ' i( r Name : No. Martha Davis 51 Sara Carolyn Davis 107 Louise Davitt 107 Beryl Dawson 51 Dorothy Day 86 Elsie Mae Day 86 Mary Brice Deaver 51 Lorraine De Cloreq 107 Shirley De Ginther 123 Louise de Jarnette 86 Dorothy Nolle Dekle 123 Lenoir Dekle 52 Audrey de la line 52 Olive Dell 52 Mary Demetree 123 Patricia De Pury 107 Viola De Wolf 107 Mary Jane Dews 107 Virginia Dial 87 Marguerite Diaz 52. 157 Carol Dixon 52 Nancy Lee Doggett 87 Hazel Dolby 124 Nellie Dolby 87 Margaret Jane Doolittle 107 Erma Doudney 124 June Dowd 107 Marjorie Dowling 124 Vivian Dowling 124 Evelyn Doyle 107 Evelyn Ann Doyle 87 Laura Dozier 107 Elizabeth Draughn 87 Linnie Draughon 124 Dorothy Dublin 87 Adele Du Bois 124 Gloria Dubus 124 Gloria John Dulaney 86 Betty Dumont 52 Jewel Dunaway 124 Mary Boiling Duncan 52 Sara Duncan 52 Dorothy Mae Dungan 86 Frances Dunn 107 Virginea Dunn 53 Rovana Du Pare 107 Josie Durden 125 Jean Durrance 53 Dorothy Dyrenforth 125 Bessie Lois Eaddy 107 Grace Earnest 125 Ann Eberhardt 53 Elizabeth Eberhardt 125 Denora Ecker 86 Joanne Edson 107 Helen Edwards 107 Loretta Ellias 86 Lamar Ellis 87 Mary Martha Emerick 125 Helen Emmanuel 53 Juliana Erck 107 Shirley Ericksen 87 Eleanor Ernst 107 Sue Erwin 87 Mary Eloise Eubanks 124 June Evans 87 Virginia Evans 107 Ruby Everett 107 Kathleen Everitt 124 Jeanne Eyman 107 Elizabeth ' Ezzard 53 Crace Fain 124 Martha Fain 124 Nancy Faircloth 107 Elizabeth Farnsworth 124 Ann Farrior 124 Antoinette Farrior 53 Ruth Faulds 108 Blanche Favor 124 Jeanne Felkel 53 Ruth Ferguson 53 Mary Frances Fetner 53 Ethel Fields 108 Mary Fields 87 Doris Feigenbaum 124 Elizabeth Finlayson 108 Page Name: No. Bette Fisher 108 Dorothy Fisher 87 Francine Fisher 125 Nellie Fleming 108 Helen Fletcher 125 Alice Flood 108 Elva Mary Florrid 125 Jean Flynn 108 Martha Pokes 54 Betty Folsom 125 Margaret Folsom 108 Peggy Folsom 10S Mildred Ford 108 Florence Fordham 125 Helen Forster 124 Frances Fosdick 88 Edith Foshee 124 Mary Claire Foster 54 Aline Fountain 124 Day Fountain 124 Agnes Franklin 108 Barbara Franklin 88 Geraldine Freed 124 Marion Freeling 54, 159 Irene Frenid 54, 158 Joanne French 124 Peggy Fret well 124 Margaret Fridy 124 Peggy Friedman 125 Katherine Fry 108 Reid Fussell 108 Katherine Futch 125 Frances Caither 10S Geraldine Galloway 88 Kathryn Gait . ' 54 Anne (iambic 88 Eleanor Candy 54 Mary Lilla Ganey 125 Roberta Cant 108 Ana Garbuz 108 Hilda Garcia 54 Irene Garrett 54 Jane Garrett 89 Mary Lou Garrett 55 Minnie Rita Garris 108 Ruth Garrison 89 Annie Jo Catlin 89 Florence Gatlin 89 Kitty Gatrell 125 Harriette Cause 125 Nancy Ellen Gayler 108 Anne Caylor 55 Virginia Gee 108 Lorraine Cohan 89 Sara Geiger 55 Sara George 108 Jo Ann Oetzen 124 Katherine Getzen 89 Mary Frances Gibbs 124 Joy Gibson 124 Juanita Gibson 124 Elizabeth Oiersch 55 Barbara Giffin 124 Emily Gilbert 88 Priscilla Gillette 124 Alice Gilley 88 Adelaide Gilson 124 Marguerite Givens 124 Florence Glass 125 Rosalie Glickman 55 Sarah Godard 55 Jane Godbey 55 Lucy Goedert 108 Marjorie Goff 125 Jessie Goode 88 Kathryn Ooodroe 55 Mary Ruth Goodwin 108 Lillian Cordon 108 Eloise Colliding 125 Jane Graham 125 Betty Green 125 Catherine Creen 88 Virginia Greene 89 Helen Gregory 89 Virginia Gregory 55 Violet Cremli 89 [ 319 Page Name: No. Coleta Griffin 56 Louise Griffin S9 Rachel Griffin 56 Catherine Griffis 10S Anna Geraldine Griffith 126 Sara Jacqueline Griffith 126 Martha Griffitts 89 Betty Griggs 56 Helen Grimes 56 Virginia Grimes 56 Carolyn Griner 56 Margaret Grissett 126 Rita Gross 89 Penelope Guerry 126 Kathlee Guest 56 Lillian Gnimond 109 Jeanne Gullette 126 Lois Gunn 56 Rachel Gunn SS Mary Guthery 8S Dorothy Guthrie 57 Mary Kathryn Guthrie 109 Marguerite Guy S8 Miriam Guy 57 Esther Hack 57 Martha Ellen Hackl 8S June Hadsell 126 Jenelle Haire 126 Dede Hale 57 Nellie Haley 109 Carolyn Hall 57 Georgie Fay Hall 109 Margarette Hall 89 Starling Hall S9 Patricia Halloran 109 Geraldine Halpern 120 Madalyn Halpern 89 Georgiana Hamburger 89 Marguerite Hamilton 57 Sara Hamilton 89 Alice Louise Hamlet 109 Eleanor Hamm 127 Hester Hammond 127 Jean Hampson 89 Jeanne Hamilton 109 Mary Anna Hampton !M) Vivian Hampton 90 Edith Hamrick 109 Mary Ilanford 109 Martha Hanley 127 Pat Hansen 90 Frances Hansen 109 Annie Lee Hardee 127 Audrey Hardee 57 Celeste Hardee 57 Gene Harlow 127 Mary Harman . 109 Margaret Ham 126 Cecelia Harper 57 Bettie Jane Harriman 126 Charlotte Lucile Harriman 109 Maida Harrington 90 Miriam Harris 91 Maxine Harrison 91 Annie Mary Hartsfield 58 Constance Hartshorne 126 Enid Hartshorne 58 Carolyn Ilaston . 126 Frances Hatfield 91 Hale Hathaway 126 Nell Hathaway 126 Ruth Mae Hawes 109 Helen Hawkins 91 Lionise Hayes .... 126 Julia Hayman . 126 Evelyn Ruth Haynes 109 Mary Haynie 5S Sally Ilayward .... 91 Mae Dell Hazen 109 Doris Headley . 127 Margaret Ilea tin .... 58 June Ilelie 109 Evelyn Heller 109 .Sara Helms 109 Helen Hendricks 109 Page Name: No. Ruth Hendricks 91 Kathryn Hendry 90 Virginia Hendry 127 Helen Henley 58 Eleanor Grace Henshaw 109 Dorris Herman 127 Renee Herman 109 Ruby Herold 90 Helen Elizabeth Herriott . ... 109 Audrey Hewett 109 Ley Heyward 109 Dorothy Hickman 58 Kitty Jo Hickman 90 Florence Hield 90 Janice Hield 91 Ressie Rumph Hiers 91 Elizabeth Highsmith 91 Harriet Hill 110 Kathryn Hill 127 Frances Hines 127 Tiny Hope Hines 5S Ruth Hinkley 5S Jeannette Hinson 126 Sally Hipp no Jean Hitchcolk 91 Alice Clair Hodges 91 Annabelle Hoffman 110 Bertha Lee Hoffman 91 Lanty Hogan 90 Mary Gray Holderman 90 Melissa Holman 59 Mary Budd Holmes 110 Virginia Holmes no Roberta Hood . 126 Joyce Hooker _ no Peggy Hoolehan 110 Jane Hopkins 126 Patricia Hopkins 59 Sarah Hopkins 59 Dorothy Ann Hord . . 110 Elionne Hosford 126 Maxine Houser no Clyde Howard 59 Naomi Howard 90 Patricia Howard 126 Phyllis Howell 110 Betty Anne Howze 126 Frances Howze 59 Jane Hudnall . 126 Eleanor Huff 90 Gusta Huggins 91 Mable Hughes 59 Dorothy Hughs 59 Catherine Hull 126 Pauline Hull 91 Edith Hulsey .. 127 Muriel Humphrey 91 Elaine Hundertmark 59 Priscilla Ruth Hunt 59 Davene Hunter 60 Elizabeth Hunter 60 Rosa Huntley 127 Lillian Huss 60 Margaret Ann Hutchinson ... 60 Elise Hutchison . 110 Bettye Hyatt 60 Mary Ellen Igou 91 Mildred Injialis . 127 Jeanne Ingram 110 Lorraine Ingrain 127 Elizabeth Inman 91 June Inman 60 Anne Jackson 127 Betty Carolyn Jackson 110 Betty Lou Jackson 110 Doi ' is Jackson 91 Mabel Jackson 92 Sally Jo Jackson .... 92 Elizabeth Jacobi 60 Gwendolyn James 60 Betty Jack James . 110 Alice Janssen 126 Nancy Jenkins 126 Selma Jenkins 61 Georgia una Jennings 110 Page Name: jVo. Dorothy Jewell 92 Carolynn Johnson 61 Christine Johnson . 126 Elizabeth Ann Johnson . . 110 Helen Rose Johnson 126 Irene Johnson 120 Janie Ruth Johnson 61 Jennie Mae Johnson 61 Mary Ellen Johnson 92 Mary Virginia Johnson . . 120 Mildred Johnson 93 Gloria Johnston 93 Ida Margaret Johnston 110 Ella Maude Jones 61, 160 Mary Anne Jones 110 Norma Jones 110 Pearl Jones 126 Reba Jones 126 Virginia Jones 93 Audrey Jordan 127 Charlotte Jordan 110 Dorothy Juhlin 93 Ellen Jukes 93 Alice Kamerer 127 Shirley Kaufman 127 Betty Keller 127 Sue Kelly 93 Evelyn Kembel 127 Evalyn Kemp 61 Jacqueline Kemp 60 Jeanne Kendall . 128 Becky Kennard 128 Caroline Kime 128 Andre King no Kathryn King ... 110 Mary Lou King 92 Sarah King 61 Virginia King no Josie Myrtis Kinsey Ill Mary Alice Kirchner 92 Lillian Kirk 128 Ruth Kitchen . 128 Phyllis Kite ... Ill Evanell Klintworth .... . 128 Margaret Kloeppel . 128 Mary Small Klueppelberg 61 Jeanne Knapp 128 Jean Kneeland 111 Deedee Knight . 129 Winifred Knight . . Ill Martha Knoblock 92 Doris Knowles 92 Lois Knowles Ill Frances Dale Knox . 129 Muriel Knox 129 Helen Kramer 93 Hinda Kremer 93 Bonnie Krentzman Ill Nancy Kulp 93 Margaret LaCelle 01 Anne Laird 129 Marjorie Lambert Ill Emma Leigh Lambeth . . Ill Marian Lambeth . 129 Margaret La Motte .. . 128 Lyla Landis Ill Laura Lee Lane . Ill Leda Lane . 128 Fentonette Lang 93 Betty Langston 93 Elta La Roe 93 Lola Lastra 62 Edna Earl Laws . m Mary Katherine Lawton 128 Carolyn Lee 128 Carrie Lee 62 Edna Lee 62 Jay Lee 02 Doris Lemle 92 Sadie Lee Lentz 62 Rexetta Leonard . 92 Annette Levy Ill Kathryn Leuty 92 Ann Lewis 62 Betty Lewis 128 [ 320 ] Page Name : No. Frances Alice Lewis Ill Jean Lewis 128 Mary Eunice Lewis Ill Oledieth Lewis 62 Rosalind Licbter - 128 Ethel Fay Limbaugh 129 Alice Lincoln 129 Kathryn Lindsey 129 Jane Linn 129 Betty Linthicum 129 Ovelia Linton 92 Mary Lippitt Ill Jane Lloyd Ill Jean Lloyd Ill Cleo Lochas 93 Wilma Lockhart Ill Hazel Loebel 62 Betty Logan Ill Martha Helen Long 129 Ruth Adele Longcrier 128 Margery Looinis 128 Mary Louise Lopez Ill Madelyn Lott 128 Myitis Louque 63 Mary Shaw Love 93 Clara Lovitz 12S Estelle Lowe Ill Marguerite Lowe 63 Marjorie Lowry 128 Lucille Luckie Ill Alice Ludlam 93 Florence Lutz 63 Eleanor Mahonev 128 Doris Maige 128 Lee Malakoff Ill Edna Malakowsky 63 Celia Mangels Ill Marie Manlev 63 Laura Maples 128 Lois Marchant 93 Roberta Marks 93 Charlotte Marsh 94 Carol Mashall 63 Ethel Martin 94 Fay Martin 112 Caroline May Massey 112 Margaret Matthews 63 Minetta Matthews 112 Gabrielle Mattox 129 Katheryn Mattox 94 Grace Rushing Maxwell 63 Jane Mav 94 Ruth May 9o Pat Mayer 112 Dorothy Hayhew 129 Isabelle Mayland 63 Julia Frances Mays 129 Carmen McBeth 112 Mary Anna McBride 95 Mary Elizabeth McBride 129 Geraldine McCain 129 Ruth McCain 64 Jess McCall 128 Mary Ellen McCall 95 Sarah McCall 12S Betty McCallum 128 Mary MeCann 128 Minna Lee McCarthy 128 Mary McCarty 12S Jane McCav 64 Ruth McClain 64 Mary Fay McClanahan 64 Jane McCloskey 64 Ruth McCloskey 12S Frances McClure 95 Cecelia McColpin 128 Mary McCormack 129 Dorothy McCown 64 Sally McCracken 129 Norma McCree 64 Betty McDermon 95 Frances McDermon 129 Geraldine McDonnell 95 Rosa McDowall 112 Nell McElya 112 Page Name : No. Nona McEuen 94 Frances McGarry 129 Octavia McGeachy 112 Shirley McGiboney 112 Mary Lou MacGowan 64 Pat McIIenry 112 Sara Mcintosh 65 Anna Frances McKay 65. 162 Ma rev MacKintosh 93 Lucile McLeod 94 Betsy McMichael 94 Melrae McMillan 129 Marjorie McMullen 130 Mary Katherine McMullen 130 Wilma McMullen 130 Pal McNamara 94 June McPherson 130 Norma McRae 112 Mary McRory 130 Patricia MacVicar 130 Harriet MoWhorter 112 Alyce Mc Williams 130 Mary Mead 95 Audrey Means 65 Claire Means 65 Mary Jayne Medlin 65 Alma Lu Meerdink 95 Grace Megran 130 Margery Melody 65 Mary Eugenia Melton 112 Jane Mendenhall 65 Mary Lucy Mendenhall 131 Loretta Menge 131 Eleanor Merrill 95 Helen Merrin 95 Elsie Merritt 95 Gwen Merritt 95 Rose Messina 131 Patricia Ann Michel 131 Jo Miles 94 Betty May Miller 112 Jeannette Miller 131 Margaret Miller 65 Margaret Rose Miller 130 Margaret Royena Miller 130 Mary Ria Miller 130 Ruth Miller 65 Thelma Miller 112 Virginia Millinor 112 Barbara Ann Mills 112 Frances Mills . 130 Mary Martha Mills 130 Martha Minis 112 Irene Mindedahl 112 Audrey Miner 130 Golda Mintz 130 Cherry Mitchell 112 Elizabeth Mitchell 94 Jean Mitchell 94 Cleo Mixon 66 Mary Monahan 94 Elvera Mooney 66 Delyne Moore 131 Frances Moore 130 Minnie Lee Moore 66 Rita Moore 131 Rosalie Moore 131 Willie Lee Moore 66 Mary Grace Morain 112 Eleanor Morgan 95 Elizabeth Morgan 131 Marcella Morgan 131 Sara Lee Morgan 130 Marion Morris 95 Marjorie Morris 130 Barbara Morrison 95 Marjorie Morrison 112 Ethel Marie Morrow . 112 Kathleen Morrow 112 Mary Mortellaro 113 Betty Mott 95 Elizabeth Mountain 46 Delia Mozley 113 Harriette Mullius 95 Jean Murray 130 Page Name : No. Gloria Musebeck 130 Dorothy Musick . 130 Marie Myers 130 Cynthia Neal 113 Peggy Neal 130 Christine Needham (16 Betty Jean Neel 130 Charlotte Nelms 95 Frances Nelson 113 Katheryn Nelson . 113 Marguerite Nelson 113 Allene Nichols 113 Doris Nicholson 131 Dorothy Nodinc DC. Paillette Nolan 66, 161 Frances Norman 131 Alice Patricia Norris 113 Leila Norris 11:: Ernestine North 90 Grace Novak 131 Nelly Nowery (id Gertrude Noxtine 131 Sylvia Ogden 131 Leona Ogle 96 Margaret Oldham 67 Olive Olliphant 96 Sarah O ' Neal 113 Nancy Orleman 113 Ida Oven 130 Mary Frances Oven 67 Madge Overcash 97 Jean Overstreet 130 Edith Owens 113 Farrell Owens 67 Frances Owens 130 Betty Jane Oxer 67 Margie Sue Oxford 130 Betty Jeane Oxley 130 Norma Oxley 67 Mary Estelle Padgett . 97 Caroline Painter 67 Betty Page 130 Virginia Page 130 Patty Palmer 97 Virginia Palmer 113 Janet Pancoast 130 Eleanor Mary Parker 131 Frances Parker 97 Mary Parker . 113 Nancy Parker 131 Gene Parkhill c,j Mary Josephine Parks 113 Lucile Parrish 131 Margaret Parsons 131 Jacqueline Partin . 131 Josephine Pate . 113 Anne Patterson 132 Julia Patterson 132 Pat Patterson 97 Ann Pattishall 132 Myra Pattishall 132 Ann Patton 06 Marie Pavese 132 Anabel Peacock 132 Evelyn Peacock . 132 Mattie Lou Peacock 96 Evelyn Pearee . 132 Ruth Pearee 67 Marjorie Pease . 133 Ann Peck 113 Peggy Pemble 133 Mary Penton 133 Delia Perez 133 Dorothy Perkins 133 Louise Perkins 113 Ina Grace Perry 67 Marilyn Perry 113 Rosalee Perry 67 Lois Peterson 132 Peg Peterson 113 Adrienne Petrie ..... 132 Gladys Petrie qq Edith Pfarr 68 Willie Mae Phelps 68 Jean Phillips 132 t 321 Page Name: No. Marion Phillips 133 Earlene Philpot 113 Marjorie Philyaw 132 Celia Pierce 96 Lloyd Pierce 113 Susanne Pierce 132 Mart Pierson : 68, 163 Betty Pauline Pillsbury 113 Mary Beatrice Pinckard 132 Rosalie Pincus 113 Mae Pinder 114 Mary Nell Pinholster 132 Sarah Jane Pitts 133 Margie Piatt 133 Jean Pollard 133 Muriel Poole 68 Elizabeth Pope 133 Gertrude Pope 133 Nan Tone 114 Betty Popwell 132 Betty Jane Post 97 Gloria Postell 132 Bettie Jane Potter 97 Jo Anne Potts 114 Harriette Pounds 114 (Jean Povey 68 Martha Claire Powell 114 Ruth Prange 68 Marie Prevatte 114 Aleta Price 97 Alice Price 97 Ann Price 132 Ellen Price 132 Aleene Pridgen 97 Betty Priestley 132 Marcia Proctor 132 Leora Pruitt 68 Mary Adele Puglisi 114 Betty Purvis 132 Irene Putzer 132 Martha Rabb 133 Mary Anna Radel 133 Laura Raehn 114 Jayne Rainey 114 Jean Rainey 114 Vivienne Rainey 68 Dorothy Randall 69 Patty Randall 97 Betty Rawle 97 Marjorie Ray 133 Vera Ray 97 Mary Elizabeth Reams 133 Mary Rcddick 114 Dorothy Reese 114 Jeanne Reese 97 Jeanne Roid 133 Patricia Relihan 132 Edith Revell 114 Carolyne Reynolds 132 Minnie Jane Reynolds 114 Reggy Ruth Reynolds 114 Priscilla Reynolds 114 Mary Rhanie 96 Patricia Rhodes 132 Betty Richards 97 Frankie Richards 132 Marjorie Richardson 97 Betty Riddle 132 Charlotte Rider 132 Mary Riggins 132 Mary Riherd 132 Marguerite Rish 133 Anne Ritters 133 L ' Louise Rivers ! 7 Naomi Rivers 133 Sally Rivers 97 Dorothy Roberts 133 Prances Roberts 69 Fern Robertson !l Vera Robinson 69 Margaret Robinson 133 Prances Lee Rogers !i Frances Roberts Rogers 69 Frances Rogers 114 Lillian Rogin 97 Page Name: No. Mary Rogolino 114 Caroline Roman 114 Mary Ruth Roney 114 Fay Rooks 114 Mary Eliza Rosborough 97 Charlotte Rose 114 Byrna Ross 134 Lucy Rouniillat 98 Wisteria Rowe 114 Shirley Rubin 134 Lillian Rudd 69 Bette Ruhl 98 Frances Ryan 134 Mildred Sadlon 114 Anne Safay 69 Edna Safley 98 Charlotte St. John 99 Elizabeth Sale 98 Iris Salvatore 134 Ann Sanders 69 Ida B. Sanders 115 Anna Sands 115 Anita Sandusky 115 Betty Sanford 134 Cleo Sapp 134 Mary Lou Sappington 70 Harriet Sarkiss 115 Blanche Saul 70 Elizabeth Sawyer 115 Carolyn Scarborough 99 Dorothy Scheppe 70 Selma Schloss 99 Laura Schmehl 115 Amelia Schneider 7(1 Aliene Schulte 115 .lane Schultz 115 Marilyn Schultz 34 Marlene Schwab 7() Bernice Scott 134 Betty Lou Scott 115 Marjorie Scott 99 Mary Scott 135 Marguerite Scruggs 135 Marguerite Seal 135 Mary Neill Searcy 115 Mary Sears 70 Leila Seay 115 Edith Seiver 70 Dorothy Sellers 99 Bessie Setzer 135 Marguerite Severns 115 Gayle Sewell 135 Patsy Shannon 99 Viola Sharon 115 Dorothy Shaw 115 Sadie Shaw 70 Lila Ruth Sheally 134 Mary Chase Shearer 115 Henrietta Shell 134 Glenn Shelley 115 Mary Louise Sherertz 134 Caroline Sherman 134 Ruth Shine 71 Mary Shiver 115 Betty Shriner 99 Gloria Shunian 134 Mary Shunian 71 Mildred Shyver 98 Marjorie Silks 98 Irma Sally Silverstein 115 Jacquetta Simmons 134 Nancy Simmons 134 Patricia Simmons 134 Louise Simpson 135 Dorothy Sims 71 Jane Sims 135 Nell Sims 115 Norma Sims 115 Evelyn Sirkin 135 Dolly Ann Sisk 135 Patsy Skelton 135 Ruth Sloan 115 Frances Smart 71 Petty Smith 115 Carrie Smith 115 Page Name: No. Frances Smith 98 Margaret Smith 134 Margaret Smith 115 Marianne Smith 116 Miriam Smith 9S Nell Smith 99 Nell Smith 71 Ruth Smith 99 Virginia Smith 116 Wilma Smith 99 Monetha Smithgall 116 Agnes Smitzes 116 Helen Smitzes 99 Anne Sollar 71 Miriam Joy Solomon 71 Portia Spaulding 99 Frances Sparkman 134 Margaret Spearman 116 Iris Sperber 71 Gertrude Spettel 71 Sheila Spilkey 134 Dorothy Ann Spinks 116 Edna Springer 99 Dorothy Stallings 9S Polly Stanfill 110 Mary Elizabeth Stapleton 72 Virginia Stapleton 134 Marian Starkey 98 Helen Louise Steele 116 Rachel Stein 72 Lois Steinhoff 134 Selma Stenstrom 116 Aubrey Jean Stephens 72 Gwendolyn Stephenson 72 Mary Stephenson 98 Eninia Stevenson 134 Betsy Stewart 110 Josephine Stewart 134 Sarah Stewart 98 Sarah Stewart 134 Olive Stillwell 116 Catherine Stimson 99 Deris Stimson 135 Ernestine Stokes 116 Evelyn Stokes 116 Carleen Stone 135 Dorcus Stone 99 Margaret Stout 135 Carolyn Stowell 99 Frances Strickland 110 Ouida Stirckland 135 Wilma Strickland 116 Lucile Stringfellow 116 Martha Stroberg 73, 104 Frances Stubbs 110 Maggie Mae Stump 99 Claire Sudduth 135 Mary Sullenberger 134 Dorothy Surface 99 Anne Sutherland 72 Janet Sutherland 134 Peggy Sutor 72 Marion Swanson 100 Sara Swanson 72 Billie Sweat 134 Barbara Sweet 116 Myra Swindell 73 Virginia Tacker 73 Irene Talarski 134 Carolyn Talley 73 .lane Tashiro 116 Betty Ann Taylor 73. 105 Florence Taylor 110 Mary Lou Taylor 134 Norma Taylor 110 Sauna .lane Taylor 134 Martha Teeter 134 Jane Telford 73 Sara Topper 73 Clara Mae Ten-ill 73 Marti Testerman 116 Jeannette Tharpe 73 Grace Tbeige 100 Avis Thomas 100 Betty Thomas 73 [ 322 ] P l( C Name : No. Margaret Thomas 100 Mary Lois Thomas 74. 166 Mary Lou Thomas 134 Mary Louise Thomas 135 Muriel Thomas 101 Ruth Thomas 101 Tarn Thomas 74 Tonimie Thomas 135 Virginia Thomas 74 Jonnio Thoiiiasson 74 Katherine Thompson 74 Mary Isabel Thompson 101 Mary Julia Thompson 11 ! Isabelle Thomson 74 Betty Thornton 11C Peggy Thornton 74 Mary Louise Thorp 135 Rosemary Thrasher 135 Betty Tierney 135 Margaret Tilghman 74 Barldine Tiller 117 Blouise Tiller 117 Jeanne Tillotson 101 Mary Douglas Tinsley 130 Ruth Tison 101 Margaret Todd 117 Inez Tolles 130 Verne Toms 136 Marjorie Toole 75 Virginia Touchton 101 Mary Jane Towne 136 Lillian Townsend 117 Mary Townsend 75 Alieze Trieste 136 Cecelia Trigo 117 Winnifred Triplett 100 Elizabeth Troop 136 Mildred True 75 Madalyn Truluck 117 Avis Tucker 75 Gloria Tucker 136 Hildreth Tucker 100 Lena re Tucker 136 Margaret Tunison 100 Jere Turner 117 Jacqueline Turner 137 Nell Turner 137 Martha Twitty 117 Pearle Tyler 75. 107 Margaret Underwood 137 Virginia Updike 137 Marjorie Ustler 137 Stella Valenti 100 Roberta Van Brunt 101 Frances Vandiver 136 Carmen Vazquez 130 Polly Venning 101 Sue Venning 7- " i Diana Vergowe 101 Susanne Vietze 117 Fransetta Vinson 136 Helen Vogt 75 Mary Vogt 130 Page Name : No. Lisa Voss 75 Frances Wai.l 101 Theresa Wainwright 136 Virginia Wainwright 101 Frances Walker 136 Mary Walker 136 Mary Ruth Walker 117 Patricia Walker 101 Peggy Lee Walker 1,17 Jeanne Marion Wallace 117 Jeannette Wallace 117 Mary Ann Waller 136 Glennis Walton 137 Juanita " Ward 75 Mary Lou Ware 137 Christine Warnock 137 Isabelle Waterhouse 70 Elizabeth Waterman 70 Gloria Waters 117 Alice Wathen 117 Marjorie Watkins 70 Mary Anne Watkins 137 Patricia Watkins . 100 Eleanor Watson 117 Nina Watson 117 Jane Watts 100 Elizabeth Weathers 70 Elizabeth Weaver 70 Mary Ruth Weaver 117 Viola Webb 100 Marion Webster 70. 109 Julia Weed 117 Grace Weichman 100 Anna Mary Weigle 137 Caroline Wellhoner 117 Doris Wells 130 Frances Wells 136 Gloria Wells 136 Jan Wells 70, 16S Mable Wells 117 Mary Jane Welsch 101 Ruby Wesley 117 Dorothy West 70 Louise Wetzel 130 Irene Wheeler 117 Barbara Wheelock 130 Mary Marie Wherry 77 Elizabeth Whigham 130 Beulah White 77 Clara White 77 Mary Kathryn White 130 Nancy Ann White 101 Cottye Ophelia Whitener 130 Mary Ann Whitesell 137 Monterey Whittlesey 77 Carolyn Wiggins 137 Mary Wight 117 Susan Wight 77 Ruth Elizabeth Wild 118 Anne Wilkinson 77 Jewell Wilkinson 118 Natalie Wide 137 Anita Williams 77 Page Name : No. Barbara Williams 101 Carrie Lou Williams 101 Edith Williams 118 Elaine Williams 101 Jane Williams 118 Jean Williams 77 Kathryn Williams 77 Laura Ann Williams 101 Lucile Williams 102 Mattie Virginia Williams 137 Ruby Williams 102 Anne Williamson 118 Bethea Willis 102 Helen Willis 137 Joy Willis 102 Martha Ella Willis 118 Willetta Willis 102 Elsie Willits 78 Edna Earle Wilson 102 Emily Wilson 102 Mary Frances Wilson lis Gei-aldine Wimberly lis Jean Winter 118 Ruth Wisdom 118 Mary Lee Withers 137 Rex Withers 78 Sadie Witherspoon 78 Emily Witten 102 Norma Wittenstein 130 Marie Womble 130 Adeline Wood 78 Jean Wood 78. 170 Marion Wood 118 Mozelle Wood 78 AVayles AVood 102 Mildred Woodborry 118 Hazel Woodham 118 Helen Woodward 130 Mary Woodward 136 Mildred Woodward 102 Sibyl Wool 130 Mary Evelyn Wooten 78 Clarice Wright 118 Jane Wright 118 Johnnymae Wright 79 Marjorie Wvatt 130 Elizabeth Wynn 130 Elizabeth Yancey 70 Mary Stuart Yancey 118 Rosebud Yancey 137 Hope Yon 102 Nell Yon 70 Belle Yiiiiye 70 Thelina Yonge 137 Patricia York 118 Eleanor Yothers 102 Jean Yothers 137 Dorothy Young 137 Dorothy Emma Young 137 Janet Young 118 Mary Frances Zetrouer 138 Amanda Zewadski 70 Mildred Zindler 102 [ 323 ] .AUTOGRJLTHS c R r 9 ) - M.

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