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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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uru.ni i iiHT i Bmum i h i i FIASTA VOLUME 28 Published by the Student Body Yearbook of Florida State College for Women Tallahassee, Florida Copyright 1941 Flastacowo by Sonia Mitchell Editor-in-Chief and Mary Myers Alford Business Manager owo ' «L f ' I 5 1 «- lli «L-H r- " - gff L ) .$33 W St 1 fc 7- ! : ; 4hi FOREWORD If college spirit has a tangible manifestation we feel that laughter most nearly approaches it, for we believe laughter to be the natural and enviable expression of youth growing and learning — of youth believing in itself and its future. For that reason we have tried here to catch the very height of your college laughter in the hope that upon reopening your 1941 Flastacowo, it may always ring back to you. Table of Contents Book Our Administration and Faculty Our College Government Us Book II The Honored The Selected Panhell Groups Book Our Organizations Our Activities Best Buys DICATION To Professor Elmer Riggs Smith, Secretary to the Faculty, whose gentle manner and quiet wisdom has reached out and touched the lives and hearts of nine complete generations of Florida State College students, we do most gratefully dedicate this volume, the 1941 Flastacowo. RSMI Pet pines framing pet dorms hopes . . Freshmen minds . racing. " Jennie " and Reynolds . . home of campus energy first-searching . . . laughter that is quick and strong . . campus like winds W Lm ii: .W " K ' - y ■ • Westcott . . . tower of college strength and college memory . . . first to welcome . . . last to say goodbye . . . students loitering in the book-store waiting for " The Mail Is Up " . . passing shouts to friends on the way to class . . . little hollows worn in the steps by hundreds of feet . . . passing up and down . . . day by day . . . year by year. . . . Bronze doors and bronze thought . . . ever to be remembered ture and YWCA Recognition ... Dr. Bellamy and his gun . . marching to " Pomp and Circumstance " . . . and graduation. . . . the fountain and gates . . . Investi- then Seniors capped and gowned . . SiStelS Wise old Bryan . . . towered and stark against quiet clouds . . . streams of students jamming its doors after artist series . . . dates stopping on its steps a moment before leaving . . . installation service . . . and candle light flicking its wall . . . Bryan . . . bulwark of college permanency. . . . " Dem School " and the other side of the fence . . . hearing " Yes, Ma ' am " instead of saying it . . . critic teachers and conference hours . . . and the friendly warmth of a little fellow . . . hailing you across campus. . . . -„■ ■• The Student-Alumnae . . a gold-colored couch . . Play Room. . . . axis of campus gaiety and activity and fun . . laughter in convocation about Miss Creary ' s daily greeting . . . and ten o ' clock mobs in the Soda Shop and Home -management house and efficiency under Miss Venable . . . balanced rooms and meals and budgets . . . manager today . . . cook tomorrow . . . faculty guests and students . . . gay and charming at dinner. . . . HuEjeSS IWrmb t K+AJkxiL. -WO-..-,.. ■ Pine shadows and blazing sun over cool grass . . dormitories and open arcades and ivy . . inevitable and shadow-checked against the walls . . . typical campus spot ... all a part of beauty . . . and a part of us. . BOOK The Governor and Board of Contro SPESSARD HOLLAND The inauguration of Governor Spessard L. Holland in January focused the eyes of the state on Tallahassee. No less than the rest of the population, the faculty, stoff and students of Florida State College for Women offered their sincere wishes to the incoming governor for the best of luck in carrying out the duties of his office during the next four years. The wish remains in effect. Our Board of Control is composed of Chairman H. P. Adair, Jacksonville; T. T. Scott, Live Oak; W. M. Palmer, Ocala; R. H. Gore, Fort Lauderdale; and N. B. Jordan, Quincy. ADAIR SCOTT PALMER GORE JORDAN « I m n May your studies and all your experiences here in college have helped you to see with an ever clearer understanding and a deeper conviction that your country, the United States of America, is the greatest lighthouse of freedom and equality of opportunity that has ever been on the face of the earth! This has been made possible by great leaders in the days gone by; may you with a similar consecration give your best to the various problems of life always in terms of the finer life of the spirit! This is of serious import- ance just now since barbarism is darkening so many parts of the world. EDWARD CONRADI. ey s ra on ELIZABETH G. ANDREWS Director of Personnel and Placement SIMEON. R. DOYLE Registrar of the College JOHN G. KELLUM Business Manager of the College ELMER RIGGS SMITH Secretary of the Faculty narrow us. WILLIAM G. DODD Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences .. 1 krf 1 OLIVIA N. DORMAN Dean of Students RALPH L. EYMAN Dean of the School of Education ELLA SCOBLE OPPERMAN Dean of the School of Music MARGARET R. SANDELS Dean of the School of Home Economics ABC bkj ,. ., _ : ■ = . ' ■ - - I K. T. ABBEY, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of History K. AHRENDT, B.M., M.M. Associate Professor of Violin V. A. ALEXANDER, A.B. and A.B. in L. S. Assistant in Library M. B. ALFRIEND, M.S. Instructor in English R. BLACK, M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages S. E. BLANDING, MA. Instructor in English M. I. BOLIEK, MA, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Zoology B. B. BRILEY, M.S., M. A., Phi Professor of Economics and Commerce F A C u L T y R. G AVERILL, MA Instructor in Physical Education L G. BASS Instructor in Shorthand and Typewriting H F. BECKER, MS Professor of Geography R. BELLAMY, A M , PhD. Professor of Sociology F BETHEA, A.B. Assistant Librarian in Charge of Periodicals and Binding D R E C T O R y M. C. BRISTOL, MA. Assistant Professor of Sociology M. H. BUFORD, A.B. Associate Professor of Speech M BURKS, MA, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Spanish E. L. BUTLER, M S. Assistant Professor of Home Economics L. C. CANFIELD, MA Assistant Professor of Art W M. CARLTON.. M.S. Instructor in Botany M. M. CARTER, A.B. in Education Instructor in Modern language E. W. CASON, M.A. Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education H. S. CATE, M.S. Instructor in Foods and Nutrition W. R. COWLES, A.B., Mus. B. Professor of Theory and Director of Orchestra F. J. COYKENDALL, B.A. B.S. in L.S. Assistant in Library M. E. CRENSHAW, M.A. Instructor in Art 0. H. CROSS, MA Instructor in English F A C U L T y M. G. CHAPMAN, MA. Instructor in English C, H. CLARK, MA Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education J. C. COMPTON, BM, AB. Instructor in Piano R. CONNOR, A.M., PhD. Professor of Home Economics Education R S. COTTERILL, MA, Ph.D. Professor of History D I R E C T O R y R. L. DAUM, B.S. Instructor in Clothing and Textiles M. DAVIS, MA. Instructor in French and Italian H. B DEETZ, BS. in Fine and Applied Arts Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts M H. DE GRAFF, MA, Ph.D. Professor of Educat ; on E M DEVINEY MS.. PhD. Professor of Zoology DEFG N. B. DICKINSON, M.A. G. L DIFFENBAUGH, MA, Ph.D. Instructor in Physical Education Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Professor of English D. R. DISHER, MA, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology ■ : : M. E. DOLBEE, M.S. Assistant Professor of Spanish and German R. D. FERGUSON, B.S. in Home Economics Instructor in Home Economics u BtLSk N v- M. FINNEGAN, M.A Assistant Professor of French P. F. FINNER, A.M. Ph.D. I. M. FERNANDEZ,. A.B. in Education p ro fessor of Psychology and Direct Instructor in Modern Languages of Psychological Laboratory F A C U L T y R. F. DONALDSON, B.A Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education M. W. DOW, BA, BM„ FA GO. Associate Professor of Organ and Theory R. D ELLIS, M.A. Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education R. E. FAIRMAN, A.M. Assistant Professor of Latin and Greek G. FAWLEY, A.M. Instructor in Geography D I R E C T O R y K. G. FLETCHER, B.A., B. S. m L.S Librarian, Demonstration School W. T FLETCHER, M Ed. Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education G. I. FOX, MA. Instructor in Physical Education I FRINK, MS. Instructor in Commerce Demonstration School R. E. GASINK, M.S.S. Assistant Professor of Sociology GH E. C. GORDON, A.B. B.S. in L.S. Assistant in Library ■ R. L. GOULDING, Ph.D. Superintendent of Demonstration School and Associate Professor of Education S. GRAHAM, A.B., BS. in L.S. Assistant in Library V. GRAHAM, M.A Ph.D. Associate Professor of , M.S., Physiology C. R. HAYDEN, B.S. in Education Assistant Librarian F. F. HAYNES, A.B. Reference Librarian C. P. HEINLEIN, Ph.D. Professor of Experimental Psychology M. F. HENRY, MA, Assistant Professor of English F A C U L T y D I R E C T O R y N W. GREEN, B.S. in Commerce Instructor in Commerce A L. GUENTNER, B S. in Commerce Instructor in Commerce H. HARRIN, MA Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education 0. S HARRISON, MA, EdD. Assistant Professor of Education and Principal of Demonstration School M J HAY, M A , Ph D. Associate Professor of Education S. HERNDON, MA, MRE. Instructor in English M R HINSON, D. L R HOFFMAN K. B. HOFFMAN, MA E HOLT, M.S. MA, PhD. Professor of Education and Director of AM , Ph D Associate Professor of Spanish and French Instructor in Chemistry Assistant Professor of Institution Economics Graduate Division HIJKL M. E. HOLWAY, A.B. in Education Supervisor of Kindergarten M. N. HOOD, M.A. Instructor in Zoology and Bacteriology H. HOWELL, B.S. in L.S., M.A. Cataloguer in Library F. M. HUGHES Instructor in Music G. 0. KOCH, A.B., MM Assistant Professor of Voice and Solfeggio H. KURZ, M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Botany M. T. KURZ, M.A Instructor in English 0. LARSON, M.A Assistant Professor of Mathematic F A C U L T y D i R E C T O R y L. L. ILSEY, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Political Science M. D. IRISH, MA, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Political Science J E. JACOBI, MA, Ph.D Assistant Professor of Sociology W. H. JOUBERT, MA Instructor in Economics J. B. KELLEY, A.B. Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education R E. LEHMAN, B.S Instructor in Physical Education L. LESTER, A.M. Associate Professor of French L. J. LEWIS, AM, PhD Professor of Chemistry A F LIDDELL, MA, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy H D. LOUCKS, A B Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education LMN OP E. E. LYNN, MA Instructor in Physics G. C. MADSEN, MA. Instructor in Botany E. L. MATTHEWS, MA. Assistant Professor of Library Science w § R. MATTICE, MA. Instructor in Economics L. E. MILLER, MA. Instructor in English R. D. MILLER, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion K. W. MONTGOMERY, MA. Director of Physical Education C. E. MOORE, M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology Director of Social Work ■ " ; F A C U L T y M M. MAYER, A M Instructor in Physical Education llii i M. A. McCURDIE, B.S. in Education Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education I. McKINNELL, M.S. Instructor in Chemistry V. W. McLENDON, B.S., PhD. Instructor in Chemistry M. M MEGINNIS, AB, BM Instructor in Voice D I R E C T O R y H E MOORE, A.B., A.B.L.S. Assistant Librarian K. M MOORE, MA Assistant Professor of Speech M. E MOOTY, MA. Instructor in Art B MOREHEAD, MA. Instructor in English Z. L. PHIPPS, B. M Assistant Professor of Public School Music PQRS A. M. T. POPPER, MA, Ph D. Assistant Professor of History R. PRATHER, M.S. Instructor in Geography M. H. PRIOR, A.B. in Education Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education D. PURSE, MA Critic Teacher and Instructor Education E. L. ROBERTSON H. L. RICHEY, M.S. M L. RICHEY, MA, C.P.A. Associate Professor of Voice and Instructor in Textiles and Clothing Assistant Professor of Accounting Director of Glee Club C. ROGERS, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Englis F A C U L T y M S. PUTNAM, MA Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education N. K. PYBURN, MA, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Education M. E, REEDER, B.M. Instructor in Piano and Piano Methods H. F. RICHARDS AM., PhD Professor of Physics L. RICHARDSON, A.M. Librarian and Professor of Library Science D I R E C T O R y W. H ROGERS MA, PhD Professor of English - HMI» C. B SCARBOROUGH, MS Instructor in Psychology F. SELLERS, MM Assistant Professor of ' Cello and other Instruments M. B. SETTLE, M.A Instructor in Physical Education A R SEYMOUR, ML, PhD. Professor of Modern Languages STU V W D. S. SKIPPER, M.S. Instructor in Education V. L. SHORES, MA ., Ph.D. Associate Professor of History J. K. SMITH, AM Associate Professor of Clothing and Textiles I H R STEPHENS, B.S. Instructor in Physical Educatioi Demonstration School J TILT, M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Physiologica Chemistry and Nutrition A M. TRACY, Ph.D. Dietitian, Professor of Institution Economics F, R. TRYON, MA nstructor in History E. L. VANCE, A.M. Associate Professor of Englis and Journalism F A C U L T y H. A STEVENSON, MA, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English E. A. STILWELL, MA Instructor in Public School Music and Class Voice C. STRONG, B.M Instructor in Public School Music and Critic Teacher T. P. TEW, M Ed. Critic Teacher and Instructor in Education S. E. TOMSON, A B Instructor in Speech D I R E C T O R y L. VENABLE, A.M. Associate Professor of Home Economics G. VERMILLION, M.A. Associate Professor of Chemistry H. L. WASKOM A.M., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology E. W. WEST, A.M. Associate Professor of Classics S. P. WHITE, M. A, M D. Ph.D. Orthopedic Physician and Professor of Hygiene wxy z E. P. WILBURN, Associate Professor of Industrial Arts WILLIAMS I.S., B.A.E., MA Professor of Art .if 4 N M. WILLIAMS, M.S. Instructor in Home Economics and Supervisory Teacher Demonstration School S. WILLIAMS, MA Instructor in Industrial Arts M E. WINSLOW, MM. Instructor in Piano L. R. WITMER, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology L. M. WYLY, B.S Instructor in Speech A. L. YATES, A.B Assistant Librarian S. G. YOUNG, MA. Assistant Professor of Economics T. ZANDSTRA, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physics . Averill calls the reel Holland, Conradi, and Dorman, receiving After-dinner coffee— Conradi, Liddell Twosome — Cason Flowers FACULTY FEATURES STAFF OF DEAN OF STUDENTS DR. OLIViAN. DORMAN Dean of Students MISS KATHERINE WARREN Assistant Dean of Students MISS MAUDE FLOWERS Director of Residence DIRECTORS Miss Clara Giese Miss Anne Pope Miss Ida Rowan Miss Kathleen Gruppe Miss Georgia McCorkle Miss Mary Boatwright Mrs. Melanie Turner Mrs. Margaret Saynor Miss Katherine Byrd Miss Margaret Rogers Mrs. Mary Grace Tyler, assistant Director to the Director of Residence HOUSEKEEPERS Mrs. Josephine Levy Mrs. J. L. Akins hi Q yCemoriainru Miss Rose Denham July 23, 1868 -- July 19, 1940 Dr. Frederick Clifton Moor October 9, 1 879 - - February 1 8, 1 941 Dr. Alban Stewart January 14, 1875 - lay 31, 1940 I OURCG.A. Because the students of Florida State College for Women desired to assume individually and collectively part of the responsibility for their own behavior in non-academic mat- ters, a College Government association was established to bring about growth in character and power and to promote loyalty to the best interests of the College. Under an agreement between faculty and students, the college •-,. authorities stand pledged to support the association to the full extent of their power, and the association prom- ises to cooperate with the president and faculty in main- taining a high standard of scholarship and life. To the following girls were intrusted this responsibility during the 1940-41 school year: President, Cornelia Watson; First Vice President, Mart Pierson; Second Vice mmt MmtT Pt p. A GAVEL GALS President, Ella Maude Jones; Third Vice President, Mary Pinckard Bryan; Chairman of Residence Halls, Wilma Johns; Chairman of Judiciary, Carolyn Minis; Secretary, Sue Chaires; Treasurer, Beryl Mitchell; Freshman Advisor, Elizabeth Linn; Chairman of Off-Campus Committee Nell Thompson. The judiciary, under Chairman Carolyn Mims, consisted of two senior representatives, Lucille Walker and Betty Nick- inson; three junior representatives, Paulette Nolan, Martha Stroberg, and Jan Wells; two sophomore representatives, Peggy Barker and Martha Ellen Hack!; senior officers Nell Thompson, Elizabeth Linn, and Wilma Johns; and one ex officio member, Cornelia Watson. i ■ m . V. W l I If t f " Tl L an M yti i ! u V RESIDENCE HALLS COMMITTEE Wilma Johns, Chairman Dorothy Guthrie Martha Folsom Evelyn Gordon Margaret Booth Virginia Stewart Sarah King Betsy Bragg Ruth Asbury OFF-CAMPUS COMMITTEE Nell Thompson, Chairman Lucille Arnold, Secretary Jenn Gilbert Mildred Jones Jean Phillips Elizabeth Miller Blanche Saul Chancey Oven Pauline Simon Anne Pierce Jean Wood .Qur Ii.Sk- WBMI tte " " t ' ' JS I f h A la ¥ -T ' - | | ••■..;■• •■ . ' " 1 m- -•T " T ' i Mart Pierson, president of Senate Sue Chaires, secretary Vivian Ahlsweh Grace Bail Lillian Bowness Pat Brandt Gene Bryan Mary Pinckard Bryan Louise Burger Kathryn Gamp Sue Chaires Louise Crosby Mary Henry Kitty Jo Hickman Jean Holloway Betsy Ross Howe Elaine Hundertmark Wilma Johns Anne Jones Ella Maude Jones Elizabeth Linn Mary Alice McNeill Carolyn Mims Beryl Mitchell Soma Mitchell Dot Nickerson Mary Frances Oven Mart Pierson Alice Price Minnie Rati iff Elizabeth Rogers Margaret Scott Mary Lois Thomas Nell Thompson Avis Tucker Cornelia Watson The legislative work of the College Government Association is centralized in a Student Senate. This Senate is representative of the Students. STUDENT SENATE N S F A Name— NATIONAL STUDENT FEDERATION OF AMERICA Founded October 1,. 1935 Sponsor: Dr. Shores Mary Pinckard Bryan .. - Chairman Margaret Painter . Senior Representative Belle Yonge . Junior Representative Nancy Kulp .. Sophomore Representative Membership is composed of the entire student body. ORIENTATION COMMITTEE Elizabeth Linn Freshman Adviser, Chairman of Orientation Committee Helen Beals Chairman of Social Affairs Gene Bryan Chairman of Attendance Mary Carlton Chairman of Transfer Counselors Kitty Jo Hickman ..Chairman of Freshman Elections Elaine Hundertmark Chairman of Freshman Bulletin Kathleen McCarthy .. Chairman of Freshman Tables Betty N ' ickinson _ Chairman of Sophomore Assistants Blanche Saul ..Chairman of Off-Campus Counselors Avis Tucker Chairman of Day Student Counselors Edith Williams . - .Chairman of Group Constancy Leora Pruitt Secretary ORIENTATION COUNSELORS Elizabeth Linn, Freshman Adviser, Director of Counselors Barbara Albright Anne Alfriend Mary Kathenne Allissandratos Audrey Atherton Betty Baggs Clara Bassett Helen Benton Mary Liia Bibb Theo B la lock Suette Blanding Audrey Bolton Martha Brandon Naomi Brauer Nell Bryan Mary Carlton Doris Carter Lenore Cohen Peggy Cook Evelyn Cox Peggy Currie Mary Sue Daniel Elizabeth Essard Katheryn Gait Mary Geiger Jane God by Lois Gunn Cecelia Harper Margaret LeCelle Virginia Lee Ada Jane Lewis Peggy Lowe Norma Lee McCree Sara Mcintosh Elizabeth Mountain Peggy Oldham Ann Post Katherine Quinby Claude Anne Rhodes Ann Sanders Blanche Saul Gertrude Spettel Dorothy Swanson Sara Swanson Virginia Tacker Tarn Thomas Peggy Thornton Margaret Tilgham Barbara Trafford Avis Tucker Mary Evelyn Wooten Amanda Zewadski The purpose of orientation i s to acquaint new students with our college so that they may receive from it the most that it has to offer, and may in turn give it the best that they have. Officers: Chairman: Alice Price Vice Chairman: Betty Lang Secretary: Helen Hawkins Treasurer: Alice Ludlam Sponsor: Ella Maude Jones 8$ ? a$ 4t m-iL r »- o — - ' i _J - The Sophomore Council shall act as a linl whole. Its members shall take the lead rounded, constructive program of campus Mary Angas Anne Arnold Peggy Barker Helen Beals Barbara Binnicker Martha Bostwick Evelyn Butts Annie Lee Cannon Sue Chaires Charlotte Cooper Evelyn Anne Doyle Frances Eckland Jimmie Fain Martha Ellen Hack I Jean Hampson Helen Hawkins Mary Gray Holderman Betsy Ross Howe Nan Ingram Helen Iserman Virginia Hamilton Jones c between its class and the campus as a in developing and carrying out a well- activities. Mary Alice Kirchner Betty Lang Alice Ludlam Carol Marshall Annette McFarlin Joan Miller Virginia Monroe Dorothy Nodine Madge Overcash Alice Price Aleene Pridgen Elizabeth Rogers Selma Schloss Carolyn Stowell Ruth Trott Polly Venning Diana Vergowe Jane Watts Nancy White Edna Earle Wilson Wayles Wood SOPHOMORE COUNCIL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pat Brandt, President Anne Lane, Vice-President Elizabeth Miller, Secretary Anne Pierce, Treasurer Martha Murphy, Parliamentarian Nellie Loyless, Athletic Manager Anne Jones, Representative to Senate Dot Nickerson, Representative to Senate SENIOR CLASS HISTORY 1937: Whoever first remarked about the " pond ' Had never seen a college-freshman panic. We came; we saw; we turned to run back home. This place was positively oceanic 1 Then kind " blue jackets " came and saved the day, They showed us where to go and what to do. Within a month we thought we owned the place And gloried in traditions we found new. We watched Investiture with wondrous eyes. Odd-Even games and Torch Night followed then - And lo 1 before we knew it came exams Our first encounter with that awful sin. We struggled through and managed to stay sane And when unsatisfactones came out We thought we ' d best elect a President, And that was Martha Murphy ' s time to shout. In March the most outstanding in our class Were tapped by Sophomore Council, on the run. Then quickly, oh how quickly, was it over - And yet it seemed the year had just begun 1938: Our Sophomore year was perfect from the start. - The first day back — the upper-classmen air. Martha Anderson became our President When Lucille Walker had to leave the chair. And then in Torch Night, recognizing freshmen - And Sophomore Hop, that long-awaited dance, And Sophomore-Senior breakfast, rising early - All these our joy in college life enhanced. 1939: Our Junior year 1 Our up and coming leaders ' Anne Jones became our President this time. And after three long years of expectation Impressive Mortar Boarders claimed our " prime. " This year was our first Junior-Senior Prom (How nice to have the envy turned around 1 ) And then the Junior-Senior Kid party Ridiculously gay in babies ' gowns. 1940-41: At last ' The dignified, the noble Seniors. Diminutive Pat Brandt was President. Investiture - - the Senior Christmas party - The first pangs of departure evident. Cornelia Watson headed C.G.A. Our Chairman of Judiciary? — Caroline Mims In quick succession then events flew by And graduation wasn ' t quite so dim. Then Junior-Senior Prom and Honors Day — The annual Kid party on the grass, And May Day and Cornelia Watson Queened-- Commencement just around exams at last. At Class Day We passed on our Caps and Gowns, At Baccalaureate dignity was rife - Then one diploma — and a tassel tossed, And " Pomp and Circumstance " and on to life! Laura June Acker Vivian Adams Vivian-Marie Ahlsweh Hilda Alagood Helen Anderson Mary Louise Anderson Alice Armstrong June Vivian Vivian Hilda Tootles Carmen Barbar Mary Myers Alford Carmen Alvarez Barbara Anderson Dorothy May Anderson Martha Lou Austin Elizabeth A. Baggs Catherine L. Baker tie Mae Helen Mary Louise Dolly Martha Lou Betty Kitty Edna R. Baker Mary E. Baker Virginia Balkcom Frances E. Battle Beth Blair Letitia S. Bond Connie Booth Edna Mary Virginia Battle Kitty Amelia Mae Kathryn E. Baughn Amelia Lee Black Mae Black Margaret Blaine Lillian J. Bowness Myriel M. Boyles Patricia J. Brandt Rusty Beth Letitia Connie Bonus Myriel Pat Carolyn Brinson Floread Brown Carese A. Brown Catherine G. B rown Mariorie Billiard Aline Burnett Mary Louise Burns N, Carolyn Brownie Caruso Cannonba Mary Morrow Brown Eugenia Bryan Margaret-Marie Bryant Elizabeth J. Buckner Nell H Burt Miriam J. Bushel Corinne M. Butler i«iq Elizabeth Marjone Aline Mary Lou Nel E i Miriam Corkie Kathryn N. Camp Elizabeth M. Cam es Mary E. Case Josephine Castellano Welda F. Christie Mariorie M. Clayton Margaret L. Clements Damon Betty Mary Nica Alma Edith Mary Alma Chalker Edith Chason Mary H. Chazal Mabry Christian Sarah I. ' Cody Frances Cofer Annette Cone Mabry Scooter Marjorie Margaret Sarah Frances Annette Irene Cone Mary H. Connel Evelyn L, Cox Marie Crouch Dorthy Daniel Mary Elizabeth Danieis Leta Elizabeth Davis rene Mary Evelyn Marie Ouida Frances Jessie Ouida Hardy Cruce Frances A. Cushing Jessie S. Cyzycki Lenora B. Dale Neva May Davis Isabel G. Day Mary Virginia Day Lenora Dot Mary Elizabeth Elizabeth Neva Mce ML sabel Day-day Margaret Deese Dorothy Donnelly Doris Dorner Marguerite R. Dressier Mary Kate Erwin Rachel M. Erwin Elizabeth L. Evans Margaret Dorothy Doris Sis Martha Ruth Irene Martha B Duncan Ruth H. Dunsford Irene Edwards Frances E. Ellison Allefair Everett Marion E. Fernald Berry Ferran Frances Mary Kate Lrt. - ' L K; :| ift S jm 1 W Si; 1 Betty Allie Marion Betty Ann Martha E. Folsom Rozella Fuguitt Virginia Gnann Mary Louise Gordon Martha Rosie Sarah Sally Genia Myra Greenawalt Mary Lou Angel , Gloria Gammage Linne Lou Gautier Mildred L. Gibson Jenn Gilbert Mary J. Greenleaf Eleanor H. Grenelle Vicenta V. Guagliardo Eleanor Vivian Elodie Hale Virginia I. Hamilton Mae Hampton Geraldine Harbeson Margaret Christie Harrison Meta E. Helms Edna Sue Hendry s Elodie Virginia Mayo Gerry Chris Eleanor Margie Christine Harbin Eleanor B. Harre! Moriorie H. Harris Allison E. Harrison Madge A. Henry Mary A. Henry Alice L. Hobson Allison Margaret Meta I I Edna Sue Madge Little Henry Hobbie Patricia K. Holbert -iicy Beth Holding Jean I. Holloway Louise Home Nona L. Irwin Anne Jewett Lucy Beth Jean Louise Imogene Peggy Imogene L. Howard Margaret L. Hunter Lillian Huntley Selma Hyman ■ Wilma R. Johns Eugenia Johnson Gladys E. Johnson Selma Nona Phoebe Anne Wilma Ge-Ge Gladys Anne Jones Frances F. Jones Mildred M. Jones Frances Jordan : Leota Kirkpatrick Penelope L. Knox Anna W. Kurtz Jonesey Speedy Frances Roxilu Lucille Eleanor Roxilu Kelton Lucille M. Ketterer Eleanor King Holloway Kinney Mary Jane Lambeth Ann R. Lane Betty Langston A fit i PeneloDe Mary Jane Betty Lucy Lester Ada Jane Lewis Eleanor Lewis Rudine M. Light Virginia L. L.oughnot Cona R. Loyless Nelle Loyless Lucy Jane Marcia Katie Ma Elizabeth Linn Martha M. Lipshitz Katie Mary Logan Theresa N. Loper Frances R. Lytle Rosalee Malphurs Velora V. Manning i Resa Nell Virginia Co.na Nellie Frances Rosalee Velora Evelyn Marsh Marjorie May Mary Ann McCalla Kathleen McCarthy Mattie Lou McKinnon Anne V. McMorris Mary Alice McNeill Evelyn Marjorie Mary Ann Kathleen Jeanne Mudge Mary Jeanne McDowell Margaret Ann McGarry Mary F. McGehee Sarah H. McGi dia A. Mead Sylvia A. Meares Dorothy G. Miller Mattie Lou Speedy Mary Alice J Dot Elizabeth M. Miller Carolyn C. Mims Beryl B. Mitchell Dorothv Mitchell Marguerite A. Mooney Elizabeth B. Moore Ruth Love Morrow Lib Mimsy Beryl Topsy Sonia Bruny Dorothy . :. Sonia Mitchell Brenelle Mobley Dorothy M. Moe Delia Montero Dea W. Neal Josephine H. Nee Mary Elizabeth Neely 5SE3MR. Wmm Delia Mar guerite Lib Ruth Love Dea Josephine Mary Elizabeth Mcirjorie E. NeSmith Jean K. Nicholson Dorothy M. Nickerson Betty Nickinson Roberta Padgett Margaret Painter Frances E. Palmer Marjorie Jean Nicky Mabel Betty Nick Sara Marv Beth Mabel Nihoul Sara N. Nooney Mary Beth O ' Steen Mary Louise Pack Louise L. Patterson Betty Pearlman Virginia Perry ary Lou Bertie Painte Virginia Julia M. Peters Emily S. Philips Jean Phillips Anne H. Pierce Alice A. Proctor Catherine B. Quinby Minnie Ratliff Mary 0. Pinckney Edna M. Pittman Virginia C. Pouncey Jane Price Dorothy A. Reynolds Roberta C. Rhvne Beth Rickards Jane Alice Catherine ML Minnie Mary Rinehart Mary Elizabeth Rivero Virginia Roberts Patricia Ross Sibvle Sanders Harriett J. Sarvis Marguerite Schaller Mary Bebe Virginia Patty Rousie Estelle Chris Virginia A. Rouse Estelle Rubin Christine Russ Lillian Sample a Mary Scharfs ' chwerdt Pauline Schulte Betty Rose Scott Lil Sibyle Harriett Peggy Ida Pauline Betty Rose Margaret M. Scott Alvah E. Shaw Sara M. Sheldon Geraldine R. Shive Mary Catherine Smith Elizabeth Snider Betty M. Stcrck Midn ' - ' Alvah Eleanor Eleanor C. Shuman Pauline Simon Bettv Slemons Marjorie Smith Eloise Steele Addie Louise Stephens Alma Louise Stephens Margie Mary Catherine Elizabeth Betty Eloise Addie Stevie Grace Stephenson Virginia I. Stewart Ruth Stokes Amelia D. Stone Dorothy M. Swanson Geraldine F. Thomas Jewell Thomas Virginia ?m : a -M - Amelia Miriam Fud Mary Miriam E. Stuckey Freddie Lu Suhr Mary H. Suhr Barbara G. Sutton Nell L. Thompson Ola Belle Tillman Ruth Torres Barba ra Dot Jere Jewell Nel Ollie Egypt Barbara M. Trafford Frances Trantham Julia R. Triplett Evelyn E. Uhrhan Ruth J. Uhrhan Virginia Vaughan Esther E. Veal Dorothy Wagner Cornelia A. Watson Joan B. Weaver May P. Weltner Dorothy Ella Locie Mary Carolyn Cornelia Joan May Helen L. Weseman Nancy White Nancy W. White Martha L. Whitehurst Elizabeth A. Williams Ruth E. Williams Florence E. Willis Whitey Joanne Louise Elizabeth Joanne Whitney Louise H. Whittier Elizabeth Whitrington Edith M. Williams Suzanne Wilson Tybell Wittenstein Mary Evelyn Wooten Edith Anne Ruth Tops Susie Tybe Mary Evelyn Sarah L. Worth Hannah 0. York Dorothy M. Young Sarah JUNIORS Marv Frances Adamo Vivian Adamo h it — , " " S Barbara L. Albright Anne Alfriend Katherine Alissandratos Betty All red Jamie A Allred Alma Louise Anderson Emily Barrow Lucile Arnold Sarah Bedsole Ruth Asbury Clara Bassett Peggy Schemer Edith V. Seiver Anne P. Sollar Sadie Shaw Gertrude E. Spettel Mary Shuman Mary Stafford Rosalie Siegel Rae M. Stein Dorothy E. Sims Gwen Stephenson JUNIORS Toi C. Strickland Martha Stroberg Anne Sutherland Theresa Sullivan Sara Swanson Myra Swindell Virainia C. Tacker Sara Tepper Peggy Thornton Clara Mae Terrill Margaret Tilghman Jeannette Tharp Mary N. Townse GRACE BAIL President Edith Rose Aly Georgia Askew Audrey Atherton Mary Louise Atkinson Grace Bail Helen Ballou Catherine Bellas Helen Benton Marylila Bibb Caroline Bird Theo Blalock JUNIORS ;•■ ' « $ i. - Suetta Blanding ilk Audrey Bolton Eunice Marie Booth Margaret Booth Martha Brandon Naomi Brauer ' A Mamie Nell Bryan Betty Louise Capplemen Mary Pinckard Bryan Mary Ellen Carlton Sarah Duke Bryant Doris Carter 1 Kv 1 ii B iuK ' ' w% . fll B »-■■-■ I Ilk. V ' ' ! | ANNE ALFRIEND, Vice President Mary Dana Brown Evelyn Buettner Caroline Choate Louise Burger Blanche Clark Nina Pearl Bush Virginia Clark Wanda Byrd Ellen Louise Clements Judy Campbell Virginia L: Clower JUNIORS Carmen Constantine Peggy Cook Lois Cooper fil I Jean Copeland Lizzie Mae Cowen Bonnie Craig Louise Crosby Ethel Crown Esther Davis Margaret Curry Helen Anita Davis Emmett Curtis Juliana Davis Mary Kathryn Cross DOROTHY HUGHS, Secretary Marline Dale Pauline Dale Mary Sue Daniel Jean Daniells Margaret Davidson Martha Davis Mary Ellen Dean Mary Brice Deaver Lenoir Dekle Audrey de la Rua JUNIORS Olive Dell Marguerite Diaz Betty Dumont Mary Duncan Sara Duncan Virginia Dunn Ann Eberhardt Jm Elizabeth Ezzard Eleanor Gandy Jeanette Faulds Mary Gause a| 1 J f ■ ' ' Y " % -. Jeanne Felkel Hilda Garcia Hi JEAN WOOD, Treasurer Helen Emmanuel Ruth Ferguson Irene Garrett Martha Fokes Mary Geiger Mary Clair Foster Sara Margaret Geiger Irene Fremd Adele Gleason Kathryn Gait Rosalie Glickman JUNIORS Sarah Godard Jane Godbey Kathryn Goodroe Coleta Griffing Elizabeth Griggs Carolyn Griner Kathlee Guest Dorothy Guthrie Margaret Hearin Miriam Guy Helen Henley Esther Hack Dorothy Hickman LUCILE ARNOLD, Parliamentarian Lois Gunn Sydney Ann Haley Florence Hield Marguerite Hamilton Tiny Hope Hines Mary Celeste Hardee Mamie Hogan Cecelia Harper Melissa Holman Enid Hartshorne Sarah Hopkins JUNIORS Frances Hovvze Dorothy Hughs Mable Hughes Elaine Hundertmark Elizabeth Hunter Davene Hunter Lillian Huss Bettye Jane Hyatt Ella Maude Jones June Francis Inman Jacqueline Kemp Elizabeth Jacobi Sarah Margaret Kir] MARY JANE MEDLIN, Athletic Manager Margaret Hutchinson , ' . ' • Gwendolyn James Margaret E. La Cede Selma Jenkins Carrie Louise Lee Carolynn S. Johnson Margaret Lee Janie Ruth Johnson Martha Jay Lee Thelma Johnson Sadie Lee Lentz JUNIORS Oledieth Lewis Louise C. Lisk • ■•« ■ Myrtis A. Louque Florence Lutz Edna E Malakowsky Ruth McCain Jane A. McCay Jane P. McCloskey Jayne Mendenhall Norma Lee McCree Elizabeth Miller Mary Lou MacGowan Margaret M. Miller TRIXIE CROSBY, Representative to Senate Ruth McClain Mary Fay McClanahan Sara Catherine Mcintosh Muth Miller Minnie Lu Moore Audrey C. Means L. Elizabeth Mountain Claire C. Means S. Winonah Murphy Mary Jane Medlin Christine Needham JUNIORS Betty Nelles Mary Frances Oven Betty Jane Oxer Ruth M. Pearce Ann R. Post Ina Grace Perry Jean M. Povey Rosalee Perry Mary Prowinsky CHANCEY OVEN, Representative to Senate Edith Patterson Edith G. Pfarr Leora Pruitt Naomi Philbeck Vivienne E. Rainey Louise Phillips Claud Anne Rhodes Mart Pierson Mayzel E. Rice Muriel Poole Susan A. Robinson NIORS Frances L Rogers Grace Rushing Anne Safay Betty Sue Sagvold Ann E. Sanders Mary Lou Sappington Blanche Saul iff " C j || if Dorothy Scheppe Mary Ellen Small Amelia S. Schneider Frances E. Smart Marjorie Scott Nell Smith Betty Ann Taylor Betty Thomas Avis Tucker Tam Thomas Martelle Turner Mary Lois Thomas Pearle Tyler Virginia Thomas Caroline Varn Jonnie Thomasson Sue W. Venning JUNIORS Janet Wells Rex Todd Withers Dorothy A. West Sadie Witherspoon ' A ill Mary Marie Wherry Jean Wood Marion E. Webster Clara White Mary Evelyn Wooten ■a Monterey Whittlesey Johnnymae Wright Ann Wilkinson Elizabeth Yancey Jean Williams Nell Yon Elsie Wilhts Belle P. Yonge NAMES OF STUDENTS WITHOUT PICTURES Emma K. Adams Mary Catherine Adams Mollie E. Albritton Ida F. Allen Carrie L. Anderson Helen E. Anderson Louise Archer Eugenie J. Argintar Helen Armisfead Barbara Ash Mary Josephine Ashmore Dorothy M. Austin Amelia E Bagwell Marjone M. Baker Mary E. Baker Elien Louise Baldwin Charlotte Balkom Dons E. Ballard ' Sara V. Barden Mary E. Barksdale Catherine Frances Barnes Louise M, Barton Miriam E. Bass Lucille Bassett Ida L. Bateman I lota Beall Carrie E. Beane Sarah Bedsole Catherine N. Bell Mary Catherine Bellas Elvira Bellon Harriet Benson Kate Benton Kathryn C. Benis Lois L. Bishop Mae F. Black Ann Blount Dorothy Ann Boddie Betty Boiling Bertha H. Bond Letitia J. Bond Mary Louise Bonniewell Vivian C. Booth Edna Irma Borschel Claudia N. Boutha Lita Bowles Patricia K. Boyd Gwendolyn Boyett Doris J. Boyle Marjorie L. Boynton Charlotte Bradley Betty Bragg Shirley F. Braverman Anna K. Briese Winifred Briggs Frances B. Brodes Ethel E. Brown Ruth Browning Kathryn A. Bryan Mae Bryan Mary Louise Bryan Dorothy H. Buchanan Elizabeth J. Buckner Catherine H. Buie Beverly B. Burhams Mittie Aline Burnette Mary June Burnside Nina Pearl Bush Martha Eleanor Byrnes Helen J. Caldwell Genevive P. Calhoun Aurora Cammarota Ronda G. Campbell Ruth E. Campbell Florine P. Canady Patricia E. Carroll Hilda W. Carter Margaret L. Carter Jean E. Cary Dawn Castle Mary E. Cater Agnes I. Cates hlarriet Chance Clara E Chason Janette M Cheney Naomi K. Cheney Caroline N Choote Blanche Clark Lucille E. Clark Sara S. Clark Virginia A. Clark Anne Cleveland Mary E. Cochley Shirley J. Coen Audrey F. Coggins Dorothy R. Cohen Lenore B. Cohen Lucy E. Cole Ruth W. Coleman Charlotte E. Collins Eileen Collins Margaret Collins Vernelle Collins Mary B. Colvin Annette Cone Irene Cone Nellie Mae Cone Mary Conniff Binnie E. Cooper Helen M. Cooper Lois M. Cooper Lorraine S. Cottrell Mary Louise Cowart Bonnie F. Craig Geraldine Crawford Mary Elizabeth Crawford Carmen L. Crespo Essie M Crews Margarett Crispe Marion A. Crocker Kathenne D. Cuellar Sarah B. Cunningham Ruth Daniels Frances K, Daughtrey Elizabeth Davis Emilty Davis Jean P. Davis Juliana S. Davis Louise A. Davis Beryl Mae Dawson Elsie May Day Mary Ellen Dean Lorame M. DeClercq Audrey de la Rua Olive Dell Frances Denney Beverly Dew J acqueline Dew Margaret L. Dexter Jane E Dille lone Donaldson Margaret J. Doolittle Vera K. Douglas Evelyn A. Doyle Eleanor H. Duke Marie Evelyn Dulin Betty Dumont Frances W. Duncan Roberta P, Dunlap Rovana Clara DuParc Allie Mae Durden June M Durnell Doris L. Dyal Nyna V Dye Janice K. Eckler Helen J Edson Dessa Jane Ellis L.amar Ellis Nonnie Lee Elkins Helen B. Emmanuel Ola Dee Endsley Lucy Lee Entzminger Pearl Marion Ericsson Elizabeth J. Esslinger Carolyn E Evans Antoinette Farrior Marion Fernald Mary Fields Mary Flecker Daisy Folds Margaret Folsom Laura Foote Elizabeth Ford Helen Ford Carrie Forehand Francis Formley Marion Freeling Vernona Frencks Hazel Fuller Sara Fuller Phoebe Furr Francis Gaither Geraldine Galloway Katie Garret Betsy Garrison Florence Gatlin Mary Gause Nancy Gayler Ann Gaylord Elizabeth Gehan Lorraine Gehan Katherine Getzen Elizabeth Gibney Mildred Gibson Elizabet h Giersch Adele Gleason Rosalie Glickman Dorothea Gluehr Carmen Gnann Rilla Godwin Evelyn Gordon Blanche Grantham Nelda Gray Virginia Gregory Violet Gremli Sara Griffin Catherine Griffis Harriet Griffith Martha Griffitts Helen Grimes Virginia Grimes Helen Gudmundson Katherine Guest Rachel Gunn Miriam Guy Beatrice Guzewich Margaret Gwaltney Carolyn Haag Nellie L Haag Nellie Haley Sydney Haley Addie Hall Harriet Hallowes Florine Hamm Genevieve Hammac Jeanne Hampton Gene Harbeson Geraldine Harbeson Audry Hardee Catherine Harkins Charlotte Harnman Annie Hartsfield Catherine Hart Enid Hartshorne Ethel Hawes Mary Haynie Alice A. Heiss Millicent Hellier Barbara Henderson Alice Henn Natalie Herlong Florence Herndon Lucile Herold Ruby Herold Jannie Herring Helen Hemott Florence Hield Shirley Hilton Frances R. Hirshberg Alice Hodges Helen Hoffman Lanty Hogan Mary Hooleham Patricia Hopkins Clyde Howard Lucille Howard Betsey Howell Onalee Hoxie Betty Hoyt Mary Huddleston Carolyn Huffman Frances Hughes Elsie Hull Pauline Hutchings Margaret Hutchinson Monette Jackson Sally Jo Jackson Violette Jessee Alice Johnson Gladys Johnson SOPHOMORES Atlas Alderman Avena Alderman Florence L Allen Frances Allen Jan;e K. Allison Dorothy Altman Rosg May Anders Mildred Anderson Mary Mack Angas Eugenia S. Argintar Mary Hartsfield Armes Anne B. Arnold Louise M. Atkinson Lucy Ruth Atkinson Jean E. Austin Dorothy Ann Babers Margaret A. Barker Barbara D. Barton KITTY JO HICKMAN, President da Louise Bateman Norma E. Baxter Helen A. Beals Frances Beck Elaine Beisler Catherine M. Bell Mary E. Bellamy Wade Bennett Anna Louise Betts Barbara Bmnicker Cora Frances Bivans Anne Blount Mariana Boardman Frances Booker Martha Bostwick Frances Brooks Lillie M. Bottoms Barbara Brown Mary Jane Boyd Donna Will Brown Doris J. Boyle Emogene Brown Gwendolyn Bradley Laura Grace Bryan Betty Branam Kathryn A. Bryan Adine M. Brewster Katherine R. Butler SOPHOMORES Evelyn Butts Mary Mane 3yrd Helen Jo Caldwell Betty Jane Callahan Gwendolyn Campbell Margaret Campbell Ruth E. Campbell Annie Lee Cannon Zelda Carpenter Margaret L. Carter Erma Cash Mary Ellen Cason Sara Jim Casper Elsie Cater Sue Chaires Jeanne Chazal Jean C. Cheaney Dorothy L. Clotworthy VIRGINIA GREEN, Vice President Ursa Minor Cogdill Frances H. Compton Freda Coggins Peggy Ann Conklin Ruth W. Coleman Melva H. Cooke Jayne B Col ley Charlotte E. Cooper Jeanne G. Colley Mary Olive Cotton Harriet H Collins Ethel P. Counselman Frances P. Compher Mary Lillian Courtne Orlene Fay Cox Louise de Jarnette Lonn ; e G. Creel Juha V. Dial Margaret L Daffin Jane E. Dibble Helen Dahlgren Nancy Lee Doggett Clyde E. Dailey Nellie C. Dolby Betty Jean Davenport Kathryn Donnelly Dorothy E. Day Evelyn Ann Doyle J SOPHOMORES Lora Elizabeth Draughn Leonora M Driggers Dorothy Dubbin Gloria S. Dulany Mane E. Dulin Frances E. Duncan Frances W. Duncan Dorothy Mae Dungan Jeanne Du Puy Jean V. Durrance Denora E. Ecker Frances L. Eckland Ruth M Eggers Loretta C. Ellias Lamar Ellis Shirley M. Ericksen Carolyn E. Evans Suzanne Ervin ANNE ARNOLD, Secretary June Shirley Evans James L. Fain ances Clare Fosdick Carolyn B Francisco Ruth Mae Farr Hilda L. Frankenhoff Sara M, Farrior Barbara J. Franklin June B. Fearnside Margery Ann Franklin Mary Eleanor Floyd Anne N. Gamble Margaret P. Fomby Lillian F. Garcia ary Jane Garrett Jessie D. Goode Dorothy I. Garrison Lenora A. Gorman Ruth B. Garrison Lonnell B. Green Margaret P. Gaston Virginia Green Annie Jo Gatlin Mary Virginia Greene Betty Ann Gibney Violet B. Gremli Emily G. Gilbert Rachel J. Gunn SOPHOMORES i M m,i i m it Mary Isabel! Guthery Martha Ellen Hack I Irene Hagerty Starling Hall Virginia Tek Hall Madalyn M. Halpern Georgiana Hamburger Flonne Hamm Genevieve M Hammac Jean M Hampson Mary Anne Hampton Vivian Hampton Lou Helen Hancock Olivene Hancock Patricia Hansen Geraldine Hansen Maxine P. Harrison Sue E. Harrison MARY ALICE KIRCHNER, T reasurer ranees S. Hatfield rh Jean Hendricks Helen M. Hawkins Ella Kathryn Hendry Frances Ann Heard Kitty Jo Hickman Kate Hedrick Janice Y. Hield Cordelia Helvenston Mary E. Highsmith Charlotte B. Henderson Drucilla A. Henderson Shirley Hilton Jean C. Hitchcolk Alice C. Hodges Bertha Lee Hoffman Jeanne B. Hoffman Lanty Hogan Irene B. Hoke Mary Gray Holderman Naomi C. Howard Betsy Ross Howe Mary Gusta Huggins Pauline Hull Muriel Humphrey Mary E. Igou Carolyn Nan Ingram Mariory Ingram SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Inman Helen I. Iserman Doris M Jackson Mabel E. Jackson Sally Jo Jackson Rebekah V. James Dorothy E. Jewell Adele G. Johns Zoe Johns Mary Ellen Johnson Virginia L Jones Ellen S. Jukes Sue R Kelly Betty Kay K:ng Mary Lou King Mary Alice Kirchner Jewel A. Klosterman Martha Ann Knoblock i ANNETTE McFARLIN, Parliamentariarl Doris Mae Knowles Annie E. Langston Helen M. Kramer Elta Catherine La Roe Hinda J. Kremer Lola Lastra Nancy Jane Kulp Elaine Lawson Sarah J. Kyle Dempsey Jo Lee Fentonette Lang Lorraine Leedy Betty Lang Rexetta L. Leonard Kathryn L. Leuty Cleo C. Lochas Betty Sue Long Eileen M. Lord Alice V. Ludlam Dorothy L. Luten Elizabeth Virginia Lynn atherine E. Lyman Altair Majewski Elizabeth Ann Marron Charlotte Marsh Yvonne E. Martin Jane May Mary Anna McBride SOPHOMORES Mary Ellen McCall Patricia McCarthy Frances E. McClure Elizabeth McCrary Madge McCreary Alice E. McDermon Geraldine McDonnell Nona McEwen Annette M. McFarlin Marcy G. MacKintosh Lucille McLeod Betsy McMichael Patricia A McNamara Rebekah McRae Mary E. Mead Lillian R. Medlin Doris Mae Melton Helen Mercer STARLING HALL, Athletic Manager) Helen K. Merrin Jean H. Mitchell Eleanor L. Merril Lucille Moore Elsie E. Merritt Gwendolyn Merritt Mary Elizabeth Monahan Virginia D. Monroe Josephine Miles Edith Morgan Joan Miller Eleanor K. Morgan Eizabeth R. Mitchell Barbara H. Morrison Helen Rae Morrison Sally Inez Olive Mary Elizabeth Mott Olive C. Olliphant Harriette E. Mullins Margaret A. Ostberg Margaret Nixon Ruth Osteen Ruth M. Odum Madge Overcash Leona Jane Ogle Mary Estelle Padgett Norma C. O ' Hara Mary Lucile Palmer ' SOPHOMORES jjj ■ ■ rr%, B| Patty Palmer , Nina H. Patterson Jj «r- PWp Ann L. Pattern Mattie Lou Peacock Norma Pennoyer Gladys Petrie Gwendolyn Philbeck Gertrude Phillips Ceha Louise Pierce J Line R Poorbough Betty Jane Potter Aleta Price Mary Alice Price Winnifred E. Price Aleene C. Pridgin Josephine Pullara Vera K. Ray Edna Earl Reams BETSY ROSS HOWE, Representative to Sena Mary C. Regar Sally H. Rivers Marcia C. Relihan Ethel Ruth Robbins Mary B. Rhame Julia F. Roberts Betty E. Richards Ruth J. Roehsner Marjorie E. Richardson Elizabeth M. Rogers L ' Louise Rivers Lillian Rogin Mary Lucile Rivers Fern Rose |j ; M. Roumillat Selman H. Schloss Myrtice M. Rowe Carolyn C. Schook Bessie M. Rumph Mary J. Seg raves Anna M. Ryan Dorothy Ann Sellers Edna P. Safley Patsy E. Shanno n Carolyn Scarborough Rose C. Shapiro Edith Schenck Anne E. Shellhorse t SOPHOMORES Alyce C. Sherouse Betty N. Shriner Mildred Shyver Marjone Silks Miriam Smith Hazel M Smith Mabel D. Smith Mary C. Smith Nell Stapleton Smith Ruth M Smith Virginia Gail Smith Wilma Edna Smith Helen Smitzes Edna E. Springer Dorothy Stailings Elizabeth W. Staples Marian A. Starkey Mary Stephenson tJWL I 1W ELIZABETH ROGERS, Representative to Sen( 3ry Louise Stewart vdee E. Tabeling Sarah M. Stewart Jean M. Talley Catherine F. Stimson Grace Theige Charlotte St. John Avis L. Thomas Carolyn H. Stowell Margaret C. Thomas Sara Ellen Stubbs Maureen Thomas Frances M Swanson Muriel Thomas Ruth Thomas inne L. Tillotson Emily L. Thompson Ruth Tison Madge L. Thompson Mary Frances Thompson Mary Isabel Thompson Sara E Tolson Virginia M. Touchton Audrey Townsend Sara Jean Thompson Hildreth V. Tucker Jeannette Thrower Florence Turner SOPHOMORES Jane A Uhrhan Stella R Volenti Roberta Van Brunt Mary S. Varn Polly W. Venning Frances I. Waid Virginia Wainright Patricia Walker Virginia G. Walker Claire E. Ward Hilda L. Ward Margaret P. Watkins Jane Watts Mary Jane Welsch Nancy Ann White Lucile Whitty Selma A. Wike Lillian M. Wilee Lauris Wilkins lly Ann Williams Barbara B. Williams Ruby M. Williams Carrie Lou Will iams Ida Berhea Willis Anita Williams Ida Bethes Willis Jeanette Williams Willetta Willis Lillian E. Williams Edna Earle Wilson ances C. Wilson iunice L. Worn Willie E. Winderweedle Virginia A. Winsemann Mary Nell Yawn Hope Yon Emily R. Witten Eleanor Yothers Wayles G. Wood Mildred C. Woodward Kathryn F. Young Mildred Zindler NAMES OF STUDENTS WITHOUT PICTURES (Continued) Mary Johnson Thelma Johnson Edna Johnston Agatha Jones Betty Jones Mamie Jones Myrtle Jones Norma Jones Jocelyn Juniper Francis Keister Edna Kennedy Joan Kennedy Sylvia Kimmel Inez King Holloway Kinny Mary Kirkpatrick Lois Knowles Ellen Knox Peggy Kuppers Louise Lambe Patricia Lang Betty Langston Iris Lanier Mary Lawson Barbara Laxson Carrie Lee Mary Lee Olive Lee Edna Leibovit Doris Lemle Ann Lewis Norma Lewis Victoria Lewis Nancy Lippincott Lille Linton Hazel Loebel Eileen Lord Joyce Lord Regene Lorimer Sara Lorimer Eddie Love Marguerite Lowe Lucille Lowery Florence Ludovici Elizabeth Lyons Frances Lytle Jane Maguire Mary Majewski Mary Manion Jeannette Manley Roberta Marks Carol Marshall Kathryn Marshall Ethel Markin Mary Martin Yvonne Martin Margaret Mathews Mary Mattox Dorothy Maxwell Alice May Ruth May Ruth McClain Mary McClanahan Marjorie McClure Nell McCollum Dorothy McCown Nita McCullbough Sara McFadden Ruby McGahee Shirley McGibney Sara McGill Mildred Mcintosh Anna McKay Lillian McKeown Marion McKinney Patricia McNamara Norma McRae Sarah McRae Audrey Means Audrey Meares Sylvia Meares Vivian Meares Lillian Medlin Margery Melody Rosalind Mendelson Eleanor Merrill Gwendolyn Merritt Inez Merryday Florence Mickler Annabell Miles Lorraine Miller Ruth Miller Virginia Mill inor Virginia Millsap Irene Mindedahl Lois Milton Cleo Mixon Marjorie Mixson Annie Moon Margaret Moore Edith Morgan Marian Morrow Delia Mozley Jane Murphy Ruth Nafziger Mildred Nelles Dorothy Nettles Mary Nichols Frances Nipper Elizabeth Nixon Dorothy Nodine Paulette Nolan Blanche North Nellie Nowery Josephine Oember Norma O ' Hara Margaret Oldham Selma Olsen Margaret Ostberg Ruth Osteen Mary Pack Caroline Packard Virginia Padgett Patricia Palmer Frances Parker Eugenia Parkhill Marjorie Parmer Julia Parramore Frances Parramore Edith Patterson Harriet te Patterson Charlotte Pendleton Alma Pent Kathryn Perkins Patricia Pheeney Willie Phelps Doris Phillips Gracie Philpot Charlotte Pichard Helen Pierce Lucy Pigott Mae Pinder Frances Pittman Louise Pittman Muriel Poole June Poarbaugh Vaulda Poppell Betty Post Bettie Potter Jo Anne Potts Ruth Prange Ann Presnell Juanita Prevatte Ellen Proctor Josephine Pullara Doris Ramm Dorothy Randall Rema Ratcliff Catherine Rawle Edna Reames Deborah Reed Wilmary Reichard Margaret Reiser Marguerite Rivers Mary Rivers Elsie Rivers Edna Roberts Eloise Roberts Virginia Roberts Amanda Robinson Lena Roddenberry Evelyn Rodnesky Frances Rogers Mary Rogolino Caroline Roman Lucille Rooks Frances Ross Barbara Rotureau Pauline Russ Frances Russell Mary Russell Mildred Sadlon Annie Sale Virginia Sanders Carolyn Scarborough Sylvia Scher Laura Schmehl Ail ine Schulte Marline Schwab Frances Scoates Bernice Searing Bessie Sears Lelia Seay Mary Seg raves Patricia Shannon Dorothy Shaw Catherine Shell Elizabeth Sherman Ruth Shine Dorothy Shoupe Myrtice Shuler Mildred Shyver Mary Slemons Ruth Sloan Jeanne E. Smith Keitha Smith Mary E. Smith Miriam Solomon Frances Sonneborn Anna Spencer Roberta Spicer Edna Springer Pearle Stanfill Bette Stapleford Elizabeth Staples Mary Stapleton Betty Starck Eloise Steele Aubrey Stephens Grace Stephenson Betsy Steuart Madge Stewart Billie Strickland Martha Strickland Ruth Strickland Dorothy Surface Peggy Sutor Nima Sweet Nancy Teeple Ruth Telford Caroline Thomas Maureen Thomas Katherine Thompson Mary Thompson Wilma Thompson Ellen Thomson Jeannette Thrower Odell Thwdatt Mildred True Frances Tyler Natalie Vance Myrtle Van Valkenburg Susanne Vietze Alice Viser Dons Wainright Dorothy Wallace Jean Wallace Hilda Ward Peggy Waters Marjorie Watkins Eleanor Watson Edith Wax Mary Webster Ruby Wesley Beulah White Lillian Wilee Lauris Wilkins Barbara Williams Carrie Williams Lillian Williams Nettie Williams Polly Williams Mary Wilson Opal Wilson Bonnie Wimpee Virginia Winseman Emily Witten Gladys Wolfe Adeline Wood Margaret Wood Sara Wood Barbara Woods Eunice Worn Christine Carborough Mary Yawn Murray Young Christine Yarborough Elsie Zellman Amanda Zewadski Martha Zewadski Mildred Zindler Marjorie Zipperer FRESHMEN Margarete Allen Elizabeth F. Adams Carrie E. Adams Alice Ruth Adams JERE TURNER, President Lois E, Barnes Marie E. Battle Betty Beauchamp-Nobbs Jean B. Blankfield Vianne S Bloodworth Clara G. Blount Martha M. Beck Jewell R. Bock Frances Bedell Katherine V. Bock Sara Frances Bell Marine A. Bennet Martha L. Boque Winifred M. Bolestc ; I ' . Jane Orr Allin Gertrude E. Amon Suanita Anderson Rosita Andia Canova Anderson 7i . Esta Argintar Josephine Armstrong Sheryl Ashmore • i J • ' I Harriet M. Aufford 3etty Baldwin Margaret E. Ba ry Elizabeth Bennett Mildred Boley Betty Bentschner Edith G. Booth Jeanette E. Bevan Sarah A. Borden Jacqueline Bierer Maria L. Bird Betty Boring Marion F. Bowness Doris C. Black Kat hryn J. Bowyer til I ■ 1«I Frances A. Blake Barbara Ann Boyd FRESHMEN Nancy Branan Winifred Boyd Ruth D. Boyd Barbara L. Branham Mary Ann Brannon Dorothy M. Brantley Gloria L. Brinson Mary Ann Brophy Patty Kavanaugh Vice-President x v vim i jr i ii Myla Lu Cameron Norma J. Camp Dorothy D. Campbe Olive G. Christie Elizabeth J. Clarkson Francys M. Cliff Laura E. Carothers Cathryn M. Carr Mary E. Cassady Mary E. Cates Yvonne Cody Elizabeth Colgan Betty Collier Carolyn M. Collins : ty Jane Brcssier Helen M. Brown Mary Brown Nancy F. Broyles Willie R. Brunson Doris E. Bryan lH - Angelena Bryant X - J Dorothy Bryant jlr - i. Bettye L. Burch • » J - Ann E. Burns [ « - rf aB Margaret F. Burns ine Cavenaugh fary D. Collins Mary C. Chalker Doris M. Chamberlain Norma L. Chandler Mary E. Cheely Elizabeth Chicoine Laura Grace Cone Marion E. Connor Geraldine A. Cook Marjone R. Copeland Lillian M. Copps Neva Chillingworth Margaret E. Cox FRESHMEN h Mildred K. Croley Ann B. Cross Nannette S Dale Minnie F. Dalton Kathenne A. Dancy Sarah Kate Creel Robbie M. Creel Marjorie Lambert Secretary l e en B. Edwards Johnsie E. Elliott Nellie H. Fleming Alice L. Flood Elizabelh M. Ellis Jean E. Flynn Juliana Erck Dorothy L. Fokes Eleanor Ernst Peggy G. Folsom Virginia Evans Li I la Mildred Ford Sarah R. Everett Janet Fox Frances Darcy Frances H. Davis Sara Carolyn Davis Patricia M. DePury Viola 0. DeWolf Mary Jane Dews Catherine Dougherty June C. Dowd Laura C. Dozier Virginia M. Drawdy Ernestine Dunlap Margueritte Dunn Mary Rouse Duval Bessie L. Eaddy 3nne Eyman Nancy E. Faircloth Grace Farnbach Ruth Faulds Ethel Fields Elizabeth Finlayson Bettie Fisher nes Franklin Gertrude Freidlin Lillian K. Fry Reid Fussell Roberta E. Gant Rita R. Garris Virginia 0. Gee FRESHMEN : 1 III Alice Mae Gilley oddard Lucy M. Goedert Sara Frances Goggans Marv Ruth Good Anne H. Gilbert Sara E. George Rosa Lee Geiger Juliana Erck Treasurer Margaret E. Hart Ruth M. Hawes Martha L. Hawkins Audrey Hewitt Irma L. Heyward Jacqueline Higley Ona M. Hawkins Harriet E Hill Evelyn R. Haynes Mae Dell Hazen June Heli ' Sally E. Hipp Annabelle E. Hoffman Mary Budd Hn n«j] Li II ina Gordon Magdalen Graham Betty E Green Beverly A Grimm Sara Joyce Griner Sunny Gross Lillian B. Guimond Mary K. Guthrie Georgie F. Hall Coleen L. Hallinan Patricia Halloran Edith C Hamrick Mary Louise Hanford Gennelle P Harmon ira K. Helms y Joyce Hooker Mary E. Helzer Dorothy A. Hord Johnnie C. Henderson Helen F. Hendricks Lucy C. Hosford Maxine Hcuser Elizabeth Hennessey Eleanor G. Henshaw Mildred C Heston Norma L. Howell Katherine E Hulette Mary Hulsey FRESHMEN Dorothy J Irving Elsie W. Hutchison Mayme G Hursten Betty C. Jackson Betty Lou Jackson Betty Jac Janes Elizabeth Jeffress Emily M Jinks Ruth Boyd — Parliamentarian Jean L Kneeland Rowena K. Lee V.da Knight Virginia Leslie Winifred A Knight Annette F. Levy Esther Kohn Fannie B. Levy Bonnie L. Krentzman Sara T Kuder Marjorie E Lambe, Frances A, Lewis Mary E Lewis Mary D. Lippitt ibeth A Johnson Ido M, Johnston Mary Anne Jones Charlofte P. Jordan Lillian C Joughin na L Lambeth Jane Lloyd Lula M Joughin Dorothea M. Kaupe Patty Kavanaugh Pollyanna Kennedy Audre L. King Kathryn A King Virginia King Robbie L Kirkland Phyllis D. Kite J V VYI : i " Laura Lee Lane Jean Lloyd Elizabeth Langford Bernadme L.angham Wilma C. Lockhart Jeannette Logan Virginia Larrick Emmin V. Long Edna Earl Laws Mary Louise Lopez Martha 0. Leach Estelle Lowe FRESHMEN Celia C. Mangels Leda Belle Maddox Harriet T Lynch Lucille M Luckie Jeanne Eyman — Athletic Manager Fay F. Martin Yvonne L Masc Lucile Miller Thelrna C. Miller Barbara Ann Mills Cynth : a Neal Elizabeth Nelson Eva Nelson Martha E M ms Charlotte F. Mitchell Frances A Nelson Mildred E. Nelson Cherry Mitchell Emily J. Nepper Alma Ruth Moc Alice P. Norri tta Matthews Patricia G. Mayer Carmen McBeth Barbara D McCann Rosa Maude McDowall Nell McElya Octavia L. McGeachy Mary Sue McGill Diana E. McLaughlin Teresa L. McNeill Harriet H. McWhorter Mary E Melton Mary Anna Mestrezat Betty May Miller ithy L Moore la S. Norns Mary Grace Mora : n Peggy Nunez Jean M Moraine Sarah E. O ' Neal Nell D. Morford Nancy Orleman Anne Morgenstern Marjorie F. Morrison Frances I. Owens Lou Ellen Owens Mary Mortellaro Mary M. Paddock FRESHMEN fc l r»i ' M i Blanche A Parks Mary E, Parker Virginia E. Palmer Mary J. Parks Phillis C Parramcre Josephine D, Pate Marcia R. Pawley Margaret Ann Pec % --.: ftfiff Betty Lou Jackson — Rep to Senate ' i Martha Claire Powell Patricia E. Pressley Joanne Puffer Mary A. Puglici Ed.th J, Revell Minnie J. Reynolds Olga L. Reynolds Peggy Ruth Reynolds Sarah L, Purcell Priscilla Reynolds •m 1 Ravenell M Pruvis Louise P. Quedn Rachel Reynolds Ann Lane Rhode Ann A Peck Phyllis J. Pelton Lois Pennell Marv Emma Penuel Margaret L. Perkins Jancy E Quigley udith D. Rigell Peggy D. Quinby Doris E. Roberts Laura C. Raehn Frances S. Roberts Jayne Rainey Eleanor J. Robinson Jean Rainey Minnie F. Rogers Mary E. Reddick Mary Ruth Roney Winnie F Rooks FRESHMEN Wisteria L. Rowe Virginia E. Rose Charlotte B Rose Enid Tiller Russ Ida B. Sanders Duane Sanders Sadie M. Sandlin Anna R. Sands ■1 Cherry Mitchell — Rep. to Senate Norma A. Sims Jewell C. Slaughter Betty B Smith Cecelia Springer Becky Lou Stanley Meroe E. Stanton Carrie D Smith Helen L. Steele Margaret E Smith Selma E. Stenstrom Margaret J Smith Olive E. Stillwell Marianne D, Smit Dorthy E. Stcke a G. Sandstrom Anita Sandusky Elizabeth W. Sawyer Helen J. Schultz Betty Louise Scott g ' n ' a C Smith zvelyn Stokes Virginia M. Smith Virginia Nell Smith Monetha Smithgall Agnes J Smitzes Margaret F. Spearman Gwynne B. Spence Maude H. Stokes Frances M Strickland Wilmc R Strickland Lucile B. Stringfellow Frances E. Stubbs Gloria Summer FRESHMEN Barbara A Sweet Gladys M. Sweat Donna J. Sunderlin Jane M. Tashiro Florence G Taylor Norma V. Tavlor Mary M Testerman Mary Julia Thomp Birdeth Ulrich Billie M. Webb Clara E. Upchurch Julia F. Weed Mary R. Upchurch Helen C. Wellhorner Lillian J. Vann Irene Wheeler Mary Mary Lee Venters L. Wiggins Sillie N von Hofen Mary Wight Peggy Lee Wall Ruth Wild el ty Thornton Emme ' ine M Thurston Earldine Tiller Elouise Tiller Olivia Todd Inez V. Tclles .illian J. Townsend lam J w Cecelia J. Trigo i Effie E. Truluck % 3 - 4 ™ s ' fct Madalyn Truluck Jjff K ( — - » JHH Frances M Tucker VF I HriP Mattie Mae Tullos J ere Turner Martha U. Twitty H ' .yW hel R Walton Louise M Walton Aletha A Wang Gloria I. Waters Alice J. Wathen N:na I. Watson Mary Ruth Weaver ell A Wilkinson Virginia N. Will Frances E. Williams Jane B. Williams Inez Williams Mary Jean Williams Anne Williamson BOOK Geraldine Wimberly Jean S. Winter Ruth Wisdom Marion M Wood Mildred Woodberr Frances C Wilson Martha Ella Willis Clara V. Williamson Florence H. Woodham Clarice Wright Peggy Yelvington Jessie E. Yon Jane Wright Patricia E Ycrl Mary S Yancey Janet Young Chrisfne Yarborc ■ Ethel Zevin Xj MORTAR BOARD Founded at Syracuse, N. Y., by four universities in 1918 Colors: Gold and silver Motto: Leadership, Scholarship, Service Faculty Advisors: Miss Rebecca Averill, Dr. Hazel Stevenson, Dr. Dorothy Breen Hoffman Officers: President — Betty Nickinson Vice-President— Virginia Balkcom Secretary — Wilma Johns Treasurer — Pat Brandt Historian- Minnie Ratliff Members: Vivian Ahlsweh Virginia Balkcom Pat Brandt Gene Bryan Wilma Johns Elizabeth Linn Faculty Members: Olivia N. Dorman Katherine Warren Elizabeth Lynn Kathryn T. Abbey Carolyn Mims Martha Murphy Betty Nickinson Minnie Ratliff Margaret Scott Cornelia Watson Mary Settle Clara Giese Olive H. Cross Katherine Hoffman Dempsey Creary Purpose: ' To provide for cooperation between Senior Honorary Societies, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among university women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, and to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. " y y v " s. chapter officers Stnna flfl. ®racp ? present Wot a •ral) aw, wr ta utf? fairman , treasurer ) ( members in courze Jf ranees (£ofer t is4i ittilnra 3BoThns» i ? t £ i?a etf 1B,;0tapo, ' 59 J aitfp barker, 19 7 3ftatl)rptt ' 9T. Wbey tfDlfbia j oSorman ;0¥tar aret Boto charter members fola (Sratyam illmm % ftoSeri barton 3. %uy Rrifyuv jkepmour orottyp Hoffman Venila X. bore Marion ]0W$ty felmer Jft. Smttfy p aroib icityar S 8nna ♦ ' ftracp founbation rrtrr.bera ♦ £,$£enefct ' ct itltam ® 4 ot»b Claube pepper associate memberg, ftacfyei )8iaek ftuil) JPairman Hucretfa JMep C)ba .Sebfnep 2tatfyleen ruppe erba fftcHenoon +- J1WW.SO » t " n ' lyto, VI . 1 a 1 S ? I 1 I :--i.;--.-,n: W ■ J 1 5 KAPPA DELTA PI Date of founding: Alpha Delta Chapter, 1925 Colors: Jade green and violet Flower: Violet Sponsor: Mrs. P. F. Finner Officers: President — Miss Marian Prior Vice-President Mr. Ward Fletcher Secretary — Miss Mildred Wilfong Treasurer — Miss Elta Burleson H Faculty: Mrs. Mary Alfnend Miss Elta Burleson Mr. Ernest Cason Miss Marjorie Carter Miss Martha Chapman Mr. C. H. Clark Dr. Ruth Connor Dr. Edward Conradi Dr. Mark DeGraff Dr. Dorothy Disher Mrs. E. R. Ellis Dr. R. L. Eyman Miss Isabel Fernandez Dr. P. J. Finner Mr. Ward Fletcher Dr. Oval Harrison Dr. Marian Hay Dr. M. R. Hinson Miss Margaret McCurdie Mrs. Lou Miller Dr. R C. Moon Miss Ruth Prather Miss Marian Prior Miss Dorothy Purse Miss Nita Pigburn Mrs. Dora Skipper Miss Florence Tryon Miss Katherine Warren Students: Gene Bryan Allefair Everett Ada J. Lewis Muriel Boyles Irene Edwards Mildred Jones Mary Jane Lambeth Dorothy Moe Virginia Perry Minnie Ratliff Nell Thompson Cornelia Watson GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON BETA GAMMA CHAPTER (Chemistry Honorary) Date of founding: Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina, 1919 Colors: Blue and white Flower: Blue Hyacinth Sponsor: Dr. Leland Lewis Officers: Grand Alchemist — Louise Home Recorder — Edith Williams Visor — Linnie Lou Gautier Sergeant-at-Arms — Margaret Hunter Members: Louise Home Edith Williams Linnie Lou Gautier Margaret Hunter Mary Case Mrs. Vera Williams Walker Lucy Lester Eleanor Shuman Dr. Leland J. Lewis Honorary members: Miss Isabel McKinnell Miss Gertrude Vermillion Dr. Jennie Tilt ETA SIGMA PHI (Classical Honorary) Date of founding: Founded at the University of Chicago in Eta chapter installed in 1926 Colors: Gold and royal purple ■ Motto: " Lovers of wisdom and beauty are we " Sponsor: Miss Ruth Fairman Officers: President — Roxilu Kelton Vice President — Jeanne McDowall Secretary — Louise Whittier Treasurer — Frances Cofer Members: 514. Frances Cofer Lenore Cohen Roxilu Kelton Jeanne McDowall Dorothy Reynolds Louise Whittier Faculty: Miss Olivia N. Dorman Miss Edi th W. West Miss Ruth E. Fairman JK- -wh- ,, y a i ' frss-:MyW 3 X i ev r r Wi w Ik i i m Tit rw vwjy tti A M +m r£G te i m ' - ' o rmxM W sS ZETA PHI ETA National Professional Speech Arts Fraternity for Women Date of founding: 1893 Colors: Rose ond white Flower: La France rose Motto: Friend of Each, Each Our Friend Sponsor: Miss Elizabeth Thomson Officers: President — Joan Weaver Vice-President — Marie Crouch Recording Secretary — Frances Ellison Corresponding Secretary — Beth Blair Treasurer- -Martha Whitehurst Members: Faculty. Miss Elizabeth Thomson Miss Margaret Wyly Miss Kemper Moore Miss Mary Mooty Miss Mary Boatwright Students: Joan Weaver Beth Blair Mane Crouch Martha Whitehurst Frances Ellison Betty Rose Scott Sarah Duke Bryant Carmen Constantine Mary Lou MacGowan Mary Small S - _ f!- ' .-, $ ' ' ■■■ ■ • t v %i : fMf, r N V m 0 % ■ V • I fc m OMICRON NU Date of founding- Michigan State College, 1912; Pi Chapter Installed in 1922 Sponsor: Miss F-lelen Richey Officers: President — Jean Phillips Sec.-Treas. — Eleanor Shuman ■= « « ?$!%$ SWiWiiifex; t i. Affiliated Members Clarine Belcher Lucy Cushman Collins Esther Kern Eyman Ethyl Hallaway Gladys Dimmick Waskom Faculty Members Helen Richey Vera Walker Margaret R. Sandels Jennie Tilt Ruth D. Ferguson Active Members Jean Phillips Eleanor Shuman Hannah York Anna Mae Sikes PI DELTA PHI Date of founding: 1906 at University of California, Berkeley, Cal Colors: Blue, white, and red Sponsor: Dr. Arthur Seymour Officers: President — Allefair Everett Vice-pres. — Patty Holbert Sec. — Mildred Janes Treas. — Frances Cofer Members: Faculty Dr. Dorothy Breen Miss Mildred Finnegan Miss Marie Davis Miss Lucy Lester Dr. Marian Hay Miss Dorothy Purse Dr. Arthur Seymour Students Lou Atkinson Frances Cofer Allefair Everett Marion Fernaid Helen Hoffman Patty Holbert Mildred Jones Evelyn Uhrhan Belle Yonge ■.-. .7 -■ .■ ' ■ ' ■AIJIJ 1 % ® % f; {W ' f I A ■ ' h%J M S,si L? H, 7 " ShSS35 VA; r ? SIGMA DELTA PI Date of founding: 1921 Colors: Red and yellow Flower: Red carnation Motto: Prosigamos bajo la inspiracion de Espana Sponsor: Dr. Dorothy Hoffman Officers: Pres. — Carmen Alvarez Vice-Pres. — Roxilu Kelton Secretary — Mar|one McClure Treasurer — Ruth Uhrhan Historian — Virginia Hamilton Faculty Members: Dr. A. R. Seymour Dr. Margie Burks Dr. Dorothy Hoffman Dr. Marion Hay Miss Mildred Finnegan Miss Myrtle Dolbee Miss Rachel Black Miss Isabelle Fernandez Members: Carmen Alvarez Muriel Boyles Kathryn Gait Jenn Gilbert Virginia Hamilton Margaret Harrison Virginia Stewart Martha Stroberg Roxilu Kelton Evelyn Uhrhan Ruth Uhrhan Anne McMorris Jeanne McDowell Elizabeth Linn PHI ALPHA THETA Date of founding: 1921 at Univ. of Ark,. Delta installed in 1926 Colors: Madonna Red and Madonna Blue Flower: American Beauty Rose Motto: Vox Populi Sponsor: Dr. Annie M. Popper Officers: Pres— Patty Holbert Sec.-Treas.— -Selma Hyman Members: Faculty Students Dr. R. S. Cotterill Dr V Shores Dr. A. Popper Mrs. H. Durz Miss Florence Tryon Miss Ruth Prather Daisy Parder Dr K. T. Abbey Patty Holbert Dorothy Nickerson Betty Nickinson Margaret Mane Bryant Muriel Boyles Selma Hvman w V or .J- n AX M 1 is sk ' :. " :: ;;.! " — • . 2. • ' V 5 !. ■fit ' r i 2 l « " J £. r-m. » V. L w , « " S ' J ' ' yS A •2-2 . . S ,-■ ' f %. . ' ' n ' v • " ■K %. ,4 ,.- -A .V . i ■■ " ■■ ' •■?•■■■ y ' A-V PHI KAPPA PH i : IBS s V Founded in 1 897 Motto: " The love of learning rules the world " Officers: President — Jennie Tiit Vice-President — Beulah Briley Secretary-- Martha Chapman Treasurer — Olga Larson Journal Correspondent — Marie Swilley .. sag ■ , fc % ::-.. :■. if , |A, ■ ... »X3 : Faculty Members: Kathryn T. Abbey Mary B Alfnend Rachel Black Elizabeth Blanding Beulah Briley Marjone Carter Martha Chapman Jeanne Compton Edward Conradi Frances Coykendall Margaret Dasher Ralph Eyman Ruth Ferguson Isabel Fernandez Student Members: Helen Anderson Muriel Bovles Margaret-Marie Bryant Frances Cofer Frances Cushing Marguerite Dressier Allefair Everett Margaret Harrison Mary Henry Patricia Holbert Paul F. Finner Robert Gouldmg Kathleen Gruppe Roy Hinson Dorothy Hoffman William Joubert Herman Kurz Myrtis Kurz Olga Larson Leland Lewis Mariorie Mayer Lou W. Miller Katherine Montgomery Robert Moon Wilma Johns Mildred Jones Roxilu Kelton Lucy Lester Marjone McClure Carolyn Mims Dorothy Nickerson M, Elizabeth Nickinson Anne Pierce Betty R. Scott Ella Opperman Ruth Prather Marion Prior Dorothy Purse Louise Richardson Nathaniel Salley Margaret Sandels Arthur Seymour Dora Skipper Elmer Smith Cecile Strong Jennie Tilt Florence Tryon Vera Walker Virginia Stewart Louise Thrasher Evelyn Uhrhan Ruth Uhrhan Cornelia Watson Louise Whittier Edith Williams Hannah York W A " W ,R fi ' 1 MW .,_.., r X. X ' j W$l v.. w A CHI DELTA PH 31 919 Date of founding: Oct. Colors: Blue and Gold Flower: Pansy Sponsor: Dr. Hazel Stevenson Officers: President — Jayne Mendenhall Sec.-Treas. — Marguerite Diaz Editor — Mary Lou MacGowan Members: Vivian Ahlsweh Mary Celeste Hardee Carol Marshall Carolyn Stowell Lucille Walker Norma Pennoyer Mary Angas Dorothy Miller Anne Gaylord May Weltner ESTEREN Date of founding: 1926 Colors: Green and Silver Flower: White carnation Officers: President — Jan Wells Secretary-Treasurer — Mart Pierson Members: Mary Lou Atkinson Grace Bail Louise Crosby Marion Freeling Ella Maude Jones Anna Frances McKay Mary Jane Medlin Paulette Nolan Chancey Oven Gwen Stephenson Martha Stroberg Jean Wood Faculty Members: Miss Byrd Miss Dickinson Miss Gruppe Miss Lynn Miss Montgomery Miss Richardson Miss Stevenson Miss Warren Members Brenelle Mobley Nancy White Soma Mitchell Ann Jones Betty Nickinson Gene Bryan Pat Brandt Cornelia Watson Minnie Ratliff Lucille Walker Louise Patterson Carolyn Mims Date of founding: 1924 Colors: Black and White Beryl Mitchell Peggy Barker Flower: Black and white carnations Jean Hitchcolk Elizabeth Linn Officers: President — Brenelle Mobley Alice Price Floread Brown Vice-President — Nancy White Margaret Scott Martha Ellen Hackl Secretary — Soma Mitchell Dorothy Mitchell Frances Battle Treasurer — Ann Jones Kitty Jo Hickman Sue Chaires Parliamentarian — Betty Nickinson Faculty Members: Miss Dorman Miss Stephens Miss West Miss Deviney Miss Thompson Miss Duncan Miss Flowers Miss Tracy Miss Settle Dr. Hay Mrs. Weaver , COTILLION CLUB Date of founding: 1910 Colors: Green and white Sponsor: Miss Mary B, Settle Flower: Batchelor Button Officers: President — Lucille Walker Vice-President — Elizabeth Moore Secretary — Martha Stroberg Assisting Secretary — Betty Brown Treasurer — Nancy White Members: Vivian Adams Dottie May Anderson Mildred Anderson Audrey Atherton Mary Lou Atkinson Grace Bail Barbara Binnicker Jane Bishop Judy Bock Louise Burger Jean Chazel Anne Cleveland Mary Connel Jean Colley Lois Cooper Martha Davis Nancy Lee Doggett Jeanne DuPuy Judy Erck Jean Flynn Jeanne Felkel Lenora Gorman Mae Hampton Margaret Hearin Kate Hedrick Jean Hitchcolk Bettye Hyatt Nancy Kulp Dottie McCown Betsy McMichael Marcie Mcintosh Marjorie Mercer Topsy Mitchell Virginia Monroe Marjone Morrison Leila Norris Phyllis Parrymore Louise Perkins Lloyd Pierce Ruth Pierce Aileen Pridgeon Peggy Quinby Doris Roberts Marjorie Silks Olive Stillwell Frances Strickland Jere Turner Virginia Walker Nancy Anne White Colors: Black and white Motto: " Dig, Sister, Dig " Sponsor: Miss Mildred Finnegan, Dr. Coyle E, Moore Flower: Black narcissus Officers: Chief Heartbreaker — Mary Jane Lambeth Chief Two-timer — Roberta Rhyne Keeper of Dates — Dot Stall ings Chief Golddigger — Beth Mitchell Keyhole Peeper— -Elaine Beisler Members: Pat Brandt Barbara Brown Emmett Curtis Dorothy Daniel Ohve Dell Mary Boling Duncan Eleanor Ernst Barbara Frank ' in Anne Gamble Susanne Goddard Cordelia Helvenston Alice Hodges Mary Hulsey Betty King Betty Langston Margaret Ann McGarry Susan Mitchel Mary Lucile Palmer Virginia Palmer Mart Pierson Nan Pope Mary Regar Beth Richards Ida B. Sanders Anna Sands Mary Smith Betty Thornton Ruth Wisdom Members: Peggy Barker Frances Battle K. Eloise Baughn Floread Brown Gene Bryan Margaret Clements Annette Cone Frances Eckland Elizabeth Ezzard Marian Freeling Starling Hall Cecelia Harper Meta Helms Betsy Ross Howe Myrtis Louque Nelle Loyless Alice Ludlam Anna Frances McKay Mary Jane Medlin Josephine Mile Beryl Mitchell Brenelle Mobley Elizabeth Moore Paulette Nolan Madge Overcash Avis Tucker Stella Volenti Diana Vergowe Lucille Walker Bernie Walton Cornelia Watson Marian Webster Janet Wells Nancy White Jean Wood Amanda Zewadski Ethel Crown Jane Dibble Denora Ecker Mary Gray Holderman Mary Alice Kirchner Wvelia Linton Betty Lang Betty Oxer Nina Harriet Patterson Minnie Rati iff Ann Sanders Marian Swanson Suzanne Wilson J ? FRANCES BATTLE We like Battle. She ' s our kind . . . friendly, sincere, and unassumingly genuine. Superior athlete, four-year basketball mainstay, top-notch Tarpon Clubber . . she is as adamant in her beliefs as she is articulate in defense of them, as wholehearted in her daily living as she is optimistic in her outlook Battle . . . squaring off at life and laughing her way straight through. PAT BRANDT She stands on tip-toe to speak over the mike; she ' s the diminutive Senior Class President, the capable and efficient interne to our Secretary of State. Intelligent, quick-witted, sincere and consistently friendly, she ' s our Junior-Senior Prom Courter . . . our May Court beauty. Pat . . . gracious and charming . . , the perfectSouthern college girl ing in a group of young men. heart-free and laugh r 11% FLOREAD BROWN Brownie sparkles. There ' s just no getting around it, the girl And we iove it. just — plain — sparkles ! Typically collegiate — as Mistress of Ceremonies at Play Night, delighting us all with her time- ly guips and humorous presentations — as a member of Spirogira and F Club, infusing that sparkle into every meeting. Unfailing friend, generous, intelligent, and beautifully human, she ' s Brownie, the May Courter, with that provocative smile, that conscious flair-for-the-dramatic air, that flashing attractive- ness that puts her across every time. ' GENE BRYAN r She resigned gs President of Mortar Board that she might be a martyr to the cause of Organ- izations; she ' s saved every Flambeau since she ' s been in school and she ' s as conscientious and efficient as they come. Quiet, retiring and gentle in manner, she is staunch in the defense of her own credo, yet toler- ant and wise in listening to and guiding those of others. She ' s Genie, the lovable friend, the intellectual student, the gay and laughing member of F Club and Spirogira. PATTY HOLBERT She has a string of scholastic honoraries a mile long; she ' s a veteran member of our debating team, and she ' s one of the youngest in the Senior Class. Quiet, genteel and somewhat inclined to be reserved she is a combination of the Phi Beta in- tellect and the swimmer superior. Patty . . . the crack, pace-setting President of our famous Tarpon Club. ANNE JONES She charges across campus with her toes turned out, her mind turned on, and her voice turned loose. Everybody knows her — everybody likes her — and everybody laughs with Jonesy. Capable executive; versatile leader, wit and funster. She shoots st raight from the shoulder- she ' s the Senator from Mulberry — the two-year prom courter. A grand combination of the spirit indomitable, the friend indeed, the heart sincere. : ! i ELIZABETH LINN She speaks Spanish in her sleep— -pursues the arts on the sly. She ' s Florida State ' s little rebel, the tiniest Mortar Boarder, the meekest on Senior Hall. Break through the calm, almost languid expression of her eyes and you find a quick sensative- ness to all the things about her. Hers is a gentle mind — a discerning mind — searching- grasping — Guiding the Freshmen as their advisor. " Spirogira, dear. Spirogira, dear, " --that laugh-provoking, vaguely coloraturish approach to a goat song. Ibbie — winsome, efficient — quaint and loveable. Line forms to the right for personal renditions. CAROL MIMS She ' s the student of music, the successful careerist already Washington bound, the ideal col- lege big shot. Unassuming, friendly, kind — she is modest before honors, appreciative of them, strives to deserve them — and does. Her incomparable whistle is known all over the campus; her quick shuffle of a walk invariably brings to mind that Scarecrow she portrayed so amusingly in Odd Demonstration. We like Mimsy — like her very much. Intelligent, tolerant, thoughtful, judiciously perceptive — she has made an excellent Chairman of Judiciary. Mimsy — bringing down the house with her farewell address — a perfect commentary from her fellow students. BERYL MITCHELL She is as stubborn as they come, as resolute as we ' d all like to be, and as ingenious as her own inimitable scripts and favors and invitations. Infectuous laughter — rip-roaring Odd spirit — painful frankness — these are all a part of her. Beryl, the master politician, lover of music, artist, idealist, and dreamer extraordinary — Ever aware of the beautiful, she is uncompromising in her search for and belief in its presence- Beryl- -the individualist. SONIA MITCHELL She laughs ecstatically; she listens to music with a singular intentness — a heaped-up heart; and she goes in mourning because Cherry ' s an Even. Disarmingly frank, charmingly distant — ingenious, refreshingly different, and invitingly quippy —our revolutionary Flastacowo Editor is the supreme idealist, the intellectual dreamer. She ' s like a story you like to read over and over — there ' s something fine and fresh and good there — something rare — and utterly Sonia ' s. BETTY NICKINSON There isn ' t anything she wouldn ' t do for you if you asked her. She ' s like that — always has been. Hopelessly dignified, self-consciously rebellious — thoughtful, gracious, and unassuming — Phi Beta Kappa intellect combined with a world-on-my-shoulders conscientiousness. Courageous in her beliefs, unflinchingly loyal — she is great in her own kind way- -in her own " Betty Nick " manner. MINNIE RATLIFF We ' ll remember her streaking onto the court as Odd cheerleader — remember her in May Court and as Prsident of the W. A. A. Minnie — burning the candle at both ends and looking as fresh and as light-hearted as her own laughter. Keenly intelligent, gay, headstrong and fiery, she ' s the personification of the red-headed per- sonality — the ideal physical education major. MARGARET SCOTT Broad-shouldered and broad-minded — Midge is the journalist, ink-smeared and laughing, ob- jectively searching- - -and writing. Dogged in her determination, consistently cheerful; diligent, and tactfully firm, our Flambeau Editor combines her down-to-earth realism with a hearty touch of the idealistic. Hers is a genuine approach to her fellow students — She is honest to them to her paper — and to herself. LUCILLE WALKER She strides along. She laughs and you laugh too. She likes what you ' ve done and she tells you sc. Earnest in discussion . . . irrepressibly giddy in the Soda Shop. " Don ' t take life so seriously — ; you can ' t get out alive anyway. " An artist, poet, thinker, friend ... it doesn ' t faze her. Intellectual superiority and a weakness for cutting classes and skipping meetings. The most engaging friendliness and the most sub- lime forgetfulness. i CORNELIA WATSON There are so many epitomes wrapped up in Cornelia that we ' ll just settle for " genius. " From President of College Government to Phi Kappa Phi to " Wearer of the Emblem " to May Queen to that unforgettable Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Odds — these are our highest in executive ability, scholarship, athletics, beauty and comedy. Coolly and uncompromisingly analytical — deliberately and amusingly cultivating — friendly, pru- dent, understanding and wisely tolerant — She ' sComelia, the mistress of ceremonies, the versa- tile gamut-runner. I ll ' l PANHELLENIC Arnold Bibb Blair Bryant Cannon Day Dumont Edwards Faulds Griner Hale Harbeson Holloway Howard Hyatt Inman Jones Kirkpatrick Luten McMorns Mitchell Nicholson O ' Steen Schaller 51 mons Swanson Trir )lett We tner Wittenstein PANHELLENIC President Jean Holloway Secretary-Treasurer Betty Slimmons Alphc Chi Omega Beth Blaire Marylila Bibb Alpha Delta Pi Leota Kirkpatrick Gerry Harbeson Alpha Gamma Delta Peggy Schaller Lucille Arnold Alpha Xi Delta Imogene Howard Judy Triplett Chi Omega Ann Jones Anna Lee Cannon Delta Delta Delta Mary Virginia Day Dede Hale Delta Phi Epsilon Tybell Wittenstein Marion Shell Delta Zeta Jeanette Faulds Dorothy Luten Kappa Alpha Theto Mary Beth O ' Steen Betty Hyatt Kappa Delta Ann McMorns Mae Weltner Phi Mu Jean Nicholson June Inman Pi Beta Phi Dorothy Mitchell Sara Duke Bryant Sigma Kappa Irene Edwards Carolyn Griner Zeta Tau Alpha Dorothy Swanson Betty Dumont BETA ETA CHAPTER ALPHA CHI OMEGA Candlelight spilled romance for the Alpha Chi formal— A little lawful cocktailing at the pledge party — pledge songs and hilarious goat courts — Glitter of engagement rings and the tinkle of wedding bells— Slumber parties and bull sessions on the upstairs couch — Girls of the Golden Lyre — Alpha Chi Omega ALPHA CHI OMEGA Blair Steele Thompson Bibb Burger Rhodes Carter Austin Boyd Armstrong Beck Carothers Dulaney Holmes Smith Stillwell Upchurch Williams Humphrey Jewell Jones Kirchner Klosterman McCall Petrie Price Tabeling Crocker Evans Leslie Greene Garcia Waters PhiX Founded at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, 1885 Beta Eta Chapter Installed in 1929 Colors: Scarlet and Olive Green Flower: Red Carnation Open Motto: " Together Let Us Seek the Heights " Publication: " The Lyre " Mary Boatright IN FACULTATE Helen Cate Bernice Deetz Beth Blair Elizabeth Fard Claude-Anne Rhodes Marjorie Greene SENIORS Marylila Bibb Louise Burger Doris Carter Jean Austin Jane Boyd Muriel Humphrey Dorothy Jewell Betsy Bragg Josephine Armstrong Laura Carothers Jane Crocker Gloria John Dulaney JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Eloise Steele Barbara Sutton Nell Thompson Hannah York Ruth Miller Geraldine Thomas Virginia Jones Mary Alice Kirchner Annice Klosterman Mary Ellen McCall PLEDGES Lillian Guimond Faye Martin Carolyn Evans Lillian Garcia Mary Budd Holmes Frances Williams Geraldine Wimberly Pat McNamara Gladys Ann Petrie Winifred Price Maidee Tabeling Virginia Leslie Mary Estelle Padgett Marianne Smith Olive Stillwell Clara Upchurch IOTA CHAPTER ALPHA DELTA PI An old fashioned garden in the Colonial manner — Southern belles a plenty at the annual formal dance — Bobbing for apples and a chamber of horrors on Halloween — Ping pong champs are they — A Christmasy spirit prevailing at the pledge reception — Prominence in student govern- ment — Dogwood trees and pear blossoms in the formal garden- -The diamond hand of sister- hood and love — Alpha Delta Pi. ALPHA DELTA PI Adams Anderson Hendry Holloway Kirkpatrick Lane Lester May Patterson Peters Simon Trantham Campbell Clements Felkel Gleason Hardee Pierson Parkhill Rogers Angus Arnold Binnicker Gamble Hickman Igou McFarlin Olliphant Williams Helvenston Bedell Bennett Boyd Carr Conklin Goddard Ernst ' Lambert Parks Parramore Pope Shelley Turner Bell Butts Norris V alker Weed Wright Founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, 1851 lota Chapter Installed in 1909 Colors: Blue and White Flower: Violet Open Motto: " We Live for Each Other " Publication: " Adelphean " Betty Blanding Vivian Adams Helen Anderson Jerry Harbeson Edna Sue Hendry Judy Campbell Louise Clements Mary Angus Anne Arnold Peggy Conklin Frances Bedell Mary Bennett Ruth Boyd Eleanor Ernst Suzanne Goddard Margie Lambert Laura Lee Lane IN FACULTATE Margie Burks SENIORS Jean Holloway Leota Kirkpatrick Anne Lane Lucy Lester Margie May Lucy Lester Louise Patterson Julia Peters Pauline Simon Frances Trantham JUNIORS Jeanne Felkel Mart Pierson Mary Celeste Hardee Frances Rogers Gene Parkhill SOPHOMORES Anne Gamble Cordelia Helvenston Kitty Jo Hickman Mary Ellen Igou PLEDGES Liela Norris Glenn Shelley Jerre Turner Peggy Lee Walker Jane Wright Julia Week Phyllis Parramore Nan Pope Annette McFarlin Olive Olliphant Mary Lucille Palmer Blanche Parks Kitty Carr Sally Jo Jackson Evelyn Butts Sara Frances Bell Barbara Binnicker Polly Ann Williams Palmer Harbeson Lane GAMMA BETA ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Gay, happy, carefree — those girls cf Alpha Gam — laughing and loving, smiling and sing- ing—indulging in a fast game of badminton or reading quietly on the cool, green terrace — Connoisseurs of Dutch oven specialties — Enjoying late breakfasts on Sunday, thanks to the pledges, and peanut brittle surprises at light flash from Mother Rose— Dancing ' neath blue, misty lights and twinkling silver stars at their formal -always happy, always gay — those girls of Alpha Gamma Delta. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Bullard Butler Christian Donnely Gallemore Moore Schaller Albright Alfriend Arnold Bail Barrow Deaver Geiger Moore Sollar Stephenson Townsend Willits Chaires Hampton Monroe Richardson Bennet Walker Bock Bustin Cox Donnel[y Fearnside Hanford Mims Jones Gatlin Reams Roberts Starkey Wilkins Wocten Yancy Walz ' - A .;...? .,.. ,..-;.. , 3l Founded at Syracuse University in 1904 Gamma Beta Chapter Installed in 1925 Colors: Red, Buff, and Green Flower: Red Rose Publication: " Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly " SENIORS Marjorie Bullard Conne Butler Mabry Christian Barbara Albright Ann Alfriend Lucile Arnold Grance Bail Sue Chaires Elizabeth Cooper Kathryn Donnelly June Fearnside Annis Jo Gatlin Judy Bock Beth Bustin Evelyn Cox Dorothy Donnely JUNIORS Emily Barrow Mary Brice Deaver Sara M. Geiger Minnie Lou Moore Gwendolyn Stephenson SOPHOMORES Mary Anna Hampton Virginia Monroe Jeanne Reese Marjorie Richardson PLEDGES Mary Lou Hanford Mary Anne Jones Martha Jean Mims Sara Gallemore Elizabeth Moore Peggy Schaller Mary Townsend Elsie May Willits Mary Evelyn Woo ten Ann Perry Sollar Barbara Sexton Marion Starkey Virginia Walker Alice Rhea Walz Lauris Wilkins Edna Earl Reams Mary Stuart Yancy ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER ALPHA X I DELTA A candlelight formal — a shipwreck pledge party with a desert isle in the back yard — Climb- ing from a second story window to put up the good old Odd Colors — Cutting classes for an all day session of bridge — A tennis champion in their midst — The loveliness of a pink Killarney Rose— Alpha Xi Delta. ALPHA XI DELTA Howard Jones McGehee Triplett Hogan McCay Oxer Swindell Waterman Overcash Ericksen Anderson ; I «%-,- Hatfield Lord Mayer Moore O ' Neal Sullivan Jacobi Barton Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, III., 1893 Alpha Omega Chapter Installed in 1929 Colors: Double Blue and Gold Flower: Killarney Rose Publication: " Alpha Xi Delta " IN FACULTATE Isabel Fernandez Imogene Howard Mary Louise Anderson SENIORS Mary McGehee Judy Triplett Mildred Jones JUNIORS Mamie Hogan Jane McCay Betty Oxer Theresa Sullivan Myra Swindell Elizabeth Waterman Virginia Dunn Sarah O ' Neal Dorothy Reese Betty Jacobi SOPHOMORES Shirley Ericksen Madge Overcash Frances Hatfield PLEDGES Dawn Castle Eileen Lord Barbara Barton Carmeleta Bowles Patricia Mayer Dorothy Moore GAMMA CHAPTER CHI OMEGA A flowery formal — a Halloween pledge party — A grand reception for the first lady of our state — ewing trio claims honorable mention in the Pan-hel sing — The pleasant shock of having a straight " A " freshman — Sixteen put on riding restrictions in one fell swoop- -A place in the intramural spotlight — the 0 ' dahlin ' Club, a new organization within an organization — and the wise old owl dons a carnation for his lapel — The Chi O ' s put the finishing touches on a grand year. CHI OMEGA McGowan Jones, E. Miller Oven Sutherland Thomas Wells Anderson Beisler Stai lings Wilson Adams Boring Du Pury Cody Finlayson Flynn Jackson Anderson Cone Jones, A. Meade Price Rhyne Whitehurst Dell Hearin Cannon Franklin, B. Franklin, M Hedrick Henderson Ingram McBride McEwen Regar Lee Parks Puffer Quinby Reynolds Sanders Thomas, B Thomas, V. Watkins Founded at Fayetteville, Arkansas, in 1895 Gamma Chapter Installed in 1908 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Open Motto: " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals " Publication: " Eleusis " Doroth Mae Anderson Annette Cone Anne H. Jones Lydia Ann Meade Olive Dell Margaret Hearin Ella Maude Jones Mary Lou McGowan Margaret Miller IN FACULTATE Mrs. J. F. Miller SENIORS JUNIORS Jane Price Roberta Rhyne Martha Whitehurst Mary Frances Oven Ann Sutherland Mary Lois Thomas Janet 1 Wells Mildred Anderson Elaine Beisler Annie Lee Cannon Laura Foote Betty Adams Betty Boring Yvonne Cody Patricia De Pury SOPHOMORES Barbara Franklin Mary Huddleston Nona McEwen Nan Ingram Mary Regar Dempsey Jo Lee Dorothy Stallings Mary Anna McBride Edna Earle Wilson Marjorie Franklin Kate Hedrick Drucilla Henderson PLEDGES Elizabeth Finlayson Mary Josephine Parks Jeanne Flynn Joanne Puffer Betty Carolyn Jackson Peggy Quinby Virginia Lang Peggy Reynolds Ida B. Sanders Betty Thomas Virginia Thomas Patricia Watkins ALPHA ETA CHAPTER DELTA DELTA DELTA Between the devil end the deep blue sea — On the one hand the den of iniquity, on the other Tri Delt heaven — something new in formals — A pledge fashion showing of the latest things milady wears — Friday morning breakfasts — Top 0 ' them all in swimming and basketball — Silver Jubilee of Delta Delta Delta -Sunbeams bring bliss and blisters- -Another honorable mention for Panhellenic vocal talents — The crescent and stars -Tri Delta True DELTA DELTA DELTA Daniels Day Hale Ross Scott Slemons Atherton Bryan Davis Varn Yonge Beals Booker Branam Byrd Colley Cox Doggett Garrison Hitchcolk Muggins Hackl McCreary McDonnell Miller Pndgen Roumillat Thomas Thomas Walker Walling Williams Baldwin Bentschner Blake Bloodwcrth Cameron Collins Dozier Fokes Heard Henderson Hey ward Irving Peck Kennedy Smith Smith Smith Founded at Boston University in 1888 Alpha Eta Chapter installed in 1916 Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue Flower: Pansy Open Motto: " Let Us Steadfastly Love One Another " Publication: " The Trident " Katherine Montgomery Katherine Warren Mary Daniels Mary Virginia Day IN FACULTAT E Virginia Alice Alexander Dempsey Creary Edna Gordon SENIORS Patricia Ross Margaret Scott Audrey Atherton Brownie Davis Mary Pinkaird Bryan Elodie Hale JUNIORS Betty Slemons Sarah Swanson Helen Beals Frances Booker Betty Branam Marie Byrd Jeanne Colley Orlene Cox Betty Baldwin Betty Bentschner Frances Blake Vianne Bloodworth SOPHOMORES Nancy Lee Doggett Virginia Jones Dorothy Garrison Martha Ellen Hackl Frances Heard Jean Hitchcolk Mary Gusta Huggins Betty McCreary Geraldine McConnel Joan Miller Aleene Pridgen Lucy Roumillat PLEDGES Myla Lou Cameran Ley Heyward Carolyn Collins Sally Hipp Laura Dozier Jane Irving Dorothy Fokes Polly Kennedy Christine Henderson Caroline Thomas Caroline Varn Belle Yonge Margaret Thomas Maureen Thomas Patricia Walker Marjorie Walling Barbara Williams Ann Peck Carrie Smith Corrine Smith Margaret Smith IOTA CHAPTER DELTA PHI EPSILON Picnicking at Wakulla — Saturday nite get-togethers — " Come as you ' re caught " costume party- Fun at goat court — A valentine banquet at the Cherokee — A first place for these songstresses at the " sing " - -The shufflebo.ard placque, an intramural cup — The National Progress award- Entertainment for the Sophomore-Senior breakfast- -a fuse blows out and dates are met in the soft glow of candles — To be rather than to seem to be — The pearly triangle, symbol of Delta Phi Epsilon. DELTA PHI EPSILON Founded at New York University, N. Y., in 1917 lota Chapter Installed in 1925 Colors: Royal Purple and Gold Flower: Pansy Open Motto: " Esse Quarn Videri " Publication: " The Triangle " SENIORS Miriam Bushel Selma Hvman Martha Lipshitz Tybell Wittenstein JUNIORS Naomi Brauer Rosalie Glickman Selma Jenkins Florence Lutz Madalyn Halpern Selma Schloss SOPHOMORES Blanche Saul Peggy Schemer Amelia Schneider Sara Tepper Dorothy Dublin Claire Shapiro PLEDGES Sylvia Agress Esta Argintar Eugenie Argintar Shirley Braverman Gertrude Friedlin Lillian Gordon Hinda Kremer Hazel Loebel Roberta Marks Anne Morganstern Eva Nelson Rosalie Pincus Lillian Rogin Chalotte Rose Estelle Rubin Ruth Shine Emilv Witten Bushell Hyman Lipshitz Wittenstein Brauer Saul Glickman Jenkins Lutz Schemer Schneider Tepper Dublin Halpern Schloss Shapiro Argintar Rubin Agress Friedlin Morganstern Nelson Pincus Argintar Rogin Gordon Rose Witten ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER DELTA ZETA A patriotic formal — Barn dancing favored by the pledges — a reception of the National Vice President — Phi Beta Kappa takes a hand- -Buffet suppers in town— -A Christmas party with take-offs on the seven dwarfs — Founder ' s Day Banquet at the beautiful Wakulla kodge — A spaghetti supper for the newly initiated — Tuesday sings — Follow, follow the gleam of the lamp of Delta Zeta. DELTA ZETA Alagood Dressier Fuguitt Faulds, J. McLeod Luten Burch Cone Cook Darcy Faulds, R Green Hampton Hamrick Johns Johnson Mason Scott Sharkey Spearman Stubbs, F. Stubbs, S. Wang Wright Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1902 Alpha Sigma Chapter Installed in 1924 Colors: Old rose end vieux green Flower: Kilarney rose Publication: " The Lamp " IN FACULTATE Henrietta Howell Hilda Alagood Marguerite Dressier SENIORS Rozella Fuguitt Carolyn Patterson JUNIORS Jeanette Faulds Dorothy Luten Bettye Burch Laura Grace Cone Geraldine Cook Sara Frances Darcy Ruth Faulds Betty Green SOPHOMORES PLEDGES Vivian Hampton Fdith Hamrick Zoe Johns Mary Ellen Johnson Yvonne Mason Marjorie Scott Lucille McLeod Marilyn Sharkey Margaret Spearman Frances Stubbs Sara Ellen Stubbs Aletha Wang Clarice Wright BETA NU CHAPTER KAPPA ALPHA THETA The house on THE corner — dreams of a new house soon to materialize — Swimming honors — the monopoly of chapter speech majors lends drama to the year-— The black and gold loveliness of the Theta formal in the New Student-Alumnae building — The dancing, singing Thetas — the quiet beauty of " Theta Reverie " drifting to a lofty first place in the Panhellenic sing — Even demonstration and Junior Minstrels paged by the well-known Theta trio — close harmony of black and gold that soars on with the Theta kite. KAPPA ALPHA THETA Balkcom Connell Crouch Gordon Harrison McCalla Miller O ' Steen Rivero Russ Scott Willis Cooper Hack Hickman Hyatt Small Stroberg Tharpe Weaver Whittlesey Babers Barker Cheaney Colley Compton Draughn Ezzard Francisco Garrison Harrison Hoffman Mercer Pierce Hield, J. Chalker Chillingworth Dunlap Erck Hield, F. Higley Lockhart McBeth Mahan Mangles Sweet Wood Founded at De Pauw University in 1870 Beta Nu Chapter Installed in 1924 Colors: Black and Gold Flower: Black and Gold Pansy Publication: " Kappa Alpha Theta " Mildred Finnegan Virginia Balkcom Mary Connell Marie Crouch Mary Lou Gordon Lois Cooper Elizabeth Ezzard Esther Hack Dorothy Hickman Betty Hyatt Barbara Ash Dorothy Babers Margaret Barker Jean Cheaney Jayne Colley Frances Compton Elizabeth Draughn Carolyn Francisco Mary Chalker Neva Chillingworth Ernestine Dunlap Juliana Erck Florence Hield Jacqueline Higley IN FACULTATE Jennie T. Tilt SENIORS Allison Harrison Mary Ann McCalla Elizabeth Miller Mary Beth O ' Steen JUNIORS SOPHOMORES PLEDGES Edith W. West Mary Elizabeth Rivero Christine Russ Betty Rose Scott Florence Willis Mary Small Martha Stroberg Jeannette Tharpe Elizabeth Weaver Monterey Whittlesey Ruth Garrison Lenora Gorman Maxine Harrison Janice Hield Jeanne Hoffman Marg aret Mercer Celia Pierce Wayles Wood Wilma Lockhart Carmen McBeth Nagel Mahan Celia Mangles Barbara Sweet Barbara Wood KAPPA ALPHA CHAPTER KAPPA DELTA A June in January formal and the pledges in a Hawaiian mood at their party — Relay Queen at G ' vil le — Phi Beta Kappa recognizes three — May Dcy beauties— Pensacola hits the spot — every day ' s an army day — National President hails from Kappa Alpha Chapter- -Presidents of Mortar Board and Cotillion — Let us strive toward that which is honorable, beautiful and highest — white rose — Kappa Delta. KAPPA DELTA Founded at Virginia State Normal in 1897 Kappa Alpha Chapter Installed in 1904 Colors: Green and White Flower: White Rose Open Motto: " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest. " Publication: " Angelos " Katherine Byrd Mary Myers Alford Barbara Anderson Frances Battle Caroline Brinson Margaret-Marie Bryant Frances Cofer Mary Carlton Martha Davis IN FACULTATE Rex Todd Withers SENIORS Mary Kate Erwin Betty Evans Sarah Fuller Jenn Gilbert Mae Hampton Anne McMorris JUNIORS Mary Boiling Duncan Rosalie Perry Kathleen Fletcher Betty Nickinson Louise Phillips Beth Rickards Lillian Sample Lucille Walker May Weltner Nancy White Jean Williams Rex Withers Wade Bennett Martha Bostwick Barbara Brown Jeanne DuPuy James Fain SOPHOMORES Sarah Farrior Betty King Lucille Lowry Jane May Betsy McMichael Marjorie Silks Mable Daphne Smith Roberta Van Brunt Nancy White Charlotte Ballenger Betty Battle Mary Brown Alice Hodges PLEDGES Mary Hulsey Betty Logan FlorenceTaylor Josephine Pate Billie Webb Ruth Wisdom Mildred Woodberry Hampton McMorris Nickinson Rickards Sample Walker Weltner White Carlton Davis Farnor King Mav McMichae Silks Smith Van Brunt White Ballenger Battle Alford Anderson Battle Brinson Bryant Cofer Erwin Evans Fuller Gilbert Duncan Perry Phillips Williams Withers Bennett Bostwick Brown Du Puy Fain Brown Hodges Hulsey Logan Pate Taylor Webb Woodberry Wisdom ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER PHI MU Another formal dance in the light of glittering candles — The pledges return to their childish ways at their kid party — A brand new jook stimulates the jitterbugs to the state of bringing down the plaster — remember the twenty-five gallon hat and the Halloween party? — An honor- ary student absent mindedly studies till a late hour in the History building — One chapter with- out any " U ' s " --The chapter heirloom " Sophie ' collapses and immodestly spills her stuffing — A party jammed into that fifteen minute intermission at the Junior-Senior prom — Faithful Sisters —Phi Mu. PHI MU Bond Dunsford Greenleaf Ketterer King Nicholson Phillips Inman Askew Needham Rainey Boardman Clotworthy Cogdill Durance Jackson Monchan Springer Cates Good roe Helms Houser McGeachy Moore Kyle Peterman Powell Shaw Founded at Wesleyan College in 1852 Alpha Epsilon Chapter Installed in 1929 Colors: Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation Open Motto- " Les soeurs fideles " Publication: " Aglaia " IN FACULTATE Christine Scarborough Rachel Black SENIORS Letitia Bond Ruth Dunsford Mary Greenleaf Lucille Ketterer Georgia Askew Caroline Bird Dorothy Clotworthy Mariana Boardman Ursa Cogdill Jean Durrance Martha Griffitts Mary Elizabeth Cates Catherine Goodroe Harriet Griffith Sara Helms Maxine Houser Sarah Jane Kyle Eleanor King Jean Nicholson Jean Phillips JUNIORS SOPHOMORES PLEDGES Kathryn Shaw June Inman Christine Needham Vivienne Rainey Doris Jackson Marv Monohan Betty Nelles Fdna Springer Octavia McGeachy Gwen Merritt Alma Ruth Moore Jessie Bell Peterman Martha Claire Powell Marie Prevatt W ' FLORIDA BETA CHAPTER PI BETA PHI A traditional circus pitched in the big tent on College Avenue by the pledges — Informal Sun- day night suppers with vocalizing thrown in -An autumn formal with bright leaves and flow- ers—One more time and the Scholarship cup is theirs- -Activity amplified ■ The Honorable Order of those who are pinned to Pikes, another new organization- -Wine and silver blue Pi Beta Phi PI BETA PH Brandt Chaza! Daniels Davis Ferran Gammage Jewett Knox Lambeth Lougnot McGarrv Mitchell, D. Morrow Painter Pierce Atkinson Blalock Bryant Curtis Hamilton Painter Pearce Venning, S. Bellamy de Jarnette Hansen Mitchell, B. Price Rogers Sellars Smith Venning, P. Woodward Yon Yothers Davis Halloran Palmer Perkins Pierce Reynolds Sands Strickland Thornton Truluck Tucker Wiggins Founded at Monmouth College in 1867 Florida Beta Chapter installed in 1921 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower Publication: " The Arrow " Wine Carnati on Mrs. Herman Kurz Pat Brandt Mary Chazal Dorothy Daniel Betty Davis Betty Ferran Mary Lou Atkinson Theo Blalock Sarah Duke Bryant Mary Eleanor Bellamy Louise de Jarnette Pat Hansen Beth Mitchell Carolyn Davis Pat Halloran Virginia Palmer Louise Perkins IN FACULTATE SENIORS Gloria Gammage Anne Jewett Penelope Knox Mary Jane Lambeth Virginia Lougnot JUNIORS Emmett Curtis Marguerite Hamilton Jane Maguire SOPHOMORES Alice Price Elizabeth Rogers Dorothy Sellars Mary Smith PLEDGES Lloyd Pierce Rachel Reynolds Anna Sands Frances Strickland Miss Charlotte Stevens Maragaret Ann McGarry Dorothy Mitchell Ruth Love Morrow Margaret Painter Anne Pierce Caroline Pointer Ruth Pearce Sue Venning Polly Venning Mildred Woodward Hope Yon Eleanor Yothers Betty Thornton Madalyn Truluck Frances Tucker Mary Wiggins OMEGA CHAPTER SIGMA KAPPA Records of Chapter talent and songs — an all season group from a winter wonderland formal to an informal weekend at camp in the spring — On the eery side is the annual treasure hunt in the " skull orchard " — Hostesses for the district convention — Bowery balls and honorary students show the versatility of Sigma Kappa— -one heart — one way — SIGMA KAPPA Edwards Gnann Home Johnson Dale Griner Howze Weathers Frankenhoff Peacock Rivers Dailey Hall Duncan Carpenter Butler Caupe Lopez Merrill Pressley Thompson Tolles Founded at Colby College at Waterville, Me., in 1847 Omega Chapter installed in 1920 Colors: Maroon and lavender Flower: Violet Open Motto: " One heart one way " Publication: " The Triangle " Leila Venable Rachel Pitchford Lenora Dale Irene Edwards Carolyn Griner Louise Atkinson Zelda Carpenter Virginia Hamilton Georgia Hall IN FACULTATE Jeanne Compton SENIORS Virginia Gnann Louise Home JUNIORS Frances Howze SOPHOMORES Clyde Dailey Hilda Frankenhoff PLEDGES Mary Louise Lopez Patricia Pressley POST GRADUATE Louise Thrasher Mary Lois Gill Sue Pitchford Gladys Johnson Elizabeth Weathers Mattie Lou Peacock Sally Rivers Emily Thompson Inez Tolles BETA GAMMA CHAPTER ZETA TAU ALPHA A renewed Robin Hood adventure at the pledge party — Zetas dancing under streamers of blue and steel gray at their dance — ( " Madam Garneta " decoration theme wins third place on Thanksgiing day. 1 - Two national officers, former F. S. C. W. students return to their Alma Mater for a visit with Alpha Gamma Chapter — Zeta Tau Alphas seek the noblest— ZETA TAU ALPHA Swanson Cappleman Dumont Waterhouse Wood Iserman Young Bonniwell Borden Cash Dungan Hancock Long Rehihan Schook Stimson Swanson t iffc Founded at Virginia State Norma! School in 1898 This chapter installed in 1924 Colors: Turquoise blue, steel gray Flower: White violet Open Motto: " Always Seek the Noblest " Publication ' " Themis " SENIORS Dorothy Swanson Bertha Bond Mary Louise Bonniwel Betty Cappleman Betty Dumont JUNIORS Margaret Hutchinson Isabelle Waterhouse Jean Wood Mary Fay McClannahan Winifred Briggs Clarice Cash Shirley Coen Dorothy Mae Dungan SOPHOMORES Olivene Hancock Helen Iserman Betty Sue Long Pauline Hull Marcia Rehihan Carolyne Schook Catherine Stimson Marion Swanson Katheryn Young Sara George FRESHMEN Sa r ah Borden BOOK DAY STUDENTS ORGANIZATION Date of founding: January, 1934 Sponsors: Mrs. Dorothy Breen Hoffman Dr. Raymond Bellamy Officers: President— Mary Alice McNeill Vice-President — M,ary Clark Caldwell Secretary — Mary 0. Pincknev Treasurer— -Mary Rhame Members: All Day Students Purpose: To bring the Day Students into closer contact with campus activities THE DISTAFF Editor-in-Chief: Vivian Ahlsweh Managing Editor: Mary Celeste Hardee Editorial Staff: Marguerite Diaz Mary Lou McGowan Delia Montero Norma Pennoyer Marjorie Richardson Carolyn Stowell May Weltner Sarah Worth Copy Editor: Bertha Bond Art Editor: Frances Cushing Photographer: Allison Harrison Circulation Manager: Betty Carnes Business Manager: Dorothy Mitchell Business Staff: Nellie Loyless Monterey Whittlesey Vivian Ahlsweh Editor-in-Chief Sonia Mitchell Editor-in-Chief THE 1941 Editorial Staff: Editor-in-Chief: Soma Mitchell Assistant Editor: Rachel Erwin Activities Editor: Mary Jane Medlin Art Editor: Jane Godbey Class Editor: Marguerite Dressier Copy Editor: Lucille Walker Faculty Editor: Marion Webster Features Editor: Alice Hobson Lettering: Mary Skevakis Organizations Editor: Frances Cofer Sorority Editor: Jeanne Felkel Snapshot Editor: Martha Lou Austin Assistant Editors: Martha Bostwick Kitty Jo Hickman Mary Grey Holderman Jayne Mendenhall Jean Mitchell Eleanor Yothers .;...,, M FLASTACOWO Business Staff: Mary Myers Alford: Business Manager Staff: Vivian Adamo Mary Frances Adamo Annie Lee Cannon Betty King Mary Rhame Tarn Thomas Roberta Van Brunt Mary Myers Alford Business Manager THE FLORIDA FLAMBEAU Margaret Scott Editor BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager: Harriet Benson Asst. Business Manager: Mary Townsend Circulation Manager: Kitty Jo Hickman Advertising Manager: Ann Gavlord Circulation Staff- Geraldine Wimberly Kay Bcwer Jean Cary Virginia Smith Marge Stevens Margaret Doolittle Lloyd Pierce Mary Wiggins Patty Kavanaugh Jane Irving Juta Weed Ass stants: Betty Lang Mariana Boardman Blanche Parks Mary Anna Hampton Becky Lou Stanley Reporters: EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief: Margaret Scott Associate Editor: Sarah Worth Managing Editor: Sara Nooney Assistant Editor: Margaret Painter Assistant Managing Editor: Hcllv Kinney News Editors: Marguerite Diaz, Belle Yonge Copy Editor: Jayne Mendenhall Feature Editor: Pauline Dale Society Editors: Chancey Oven. Louise Burger Sports Editors: Betty Ann Tavlor, Bertha Bond Exchanges: Doris Carter Outside News: Mary Celeste Hardee Columnists: Isabel Day, Theresa Sullivan Student Opinions: Grace Rushing Picture Editor: Isabelle VVaterhouse Literary Editor: MaHene Dale Art Editor: Marjorie Ingram Catherine Bellas Sue Chaires Ruth Coleman Charlee Collins Lorraine Cottrell Clyde Dailey Betty Jean Davenport 1 Nyna Dye Mary Anna Hampton Kitty Jo Hickman Susie Kelly Nancy Kulp Rexefta Leonard Louise Lisk Alice Ludlam Yvonne Martin Virginia Millsap Beth Mitchell Mary Monahan Leona Ogle Margaret Ann Ostberg Mattie Lou Peacock Norma Pennover Marjorie Richardson Selma Schloss Mary C Smith Miriam Soloman Roberta Spicer Mary Stafford Teresa Sullivan Grace Theige Dorothy Surface Mary Vocelle Eleanor Yothers USHER COMMITTEE Louise Burger — Chairman Marylila Bibb Mary Boiling Duncan Elizabeth Ezzard Jane Godbey Betty Hyatt Sarah King Jane Maguire Margaret Miller Betty Nelles Chancey Oven Maidee Tabeling Mary Townson Pearl Tyler Roberta Van Brunt Belle Yonge HANDBOOK COMMITTEE Elaine Hundertmark — Chairman June Durnell Helen Dahlgren SOCIAL COMMITTEE Kathryn Camp — Chairman Audrey Atherton Mary Lou Atkinson Clara Bassett Elaine Beisler Martha Bostwick Carese Brown Mary Dana Brown Jean Chazel Louise Crosby Frances Cushing Bette Evans Jenn Gilbert Helen Hawkins Mary Gusta Huggins Mary Lou King Frances Lytle Jane Price Patricia Shannon Tarn Thomas Ola Bell Tillman Nancy Anne White AUDITING COMMITTEE Lillian Bowness — Chairman Miss Mary Luella Richey Beth Hunter Adeline Wood ORGANIZATIONS COMMITTEE Gene Bryan — Chairman Dorothy Nickerson Mary Frances Oven Elizabeth Rogers Cherry Mitchell BUDGET COMMITTEE Mary Henry — Chairman Helen Benton — Secretary Lillian Bowness — Treasurer Miss Venila Shores Miss Mary Luella Richey Mary Greenleaf Louise Crosby WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Name: Women ' s Athletic Association Officers: President — Minnie Rati iff Vice-President — Peaches McKay Secretary — Wayles Wood Treasurer — Frances Eckland Intramural Manager — Frances Battle Publicity Chairman — Brenelle Mobley Senior Class Manager — Nellie Loyless Junior Class Manager — Mary Jane Medlin Sophomore Class Manager — Starling Hall Freshman Class Manager — Jeanne Eyman Play Night Ch airman— Floread Brown President of Physical Education Association — Marion Freeling President of " F " Club— Nancy White President of Life Saving Corps--Kitty Lou Baughn President of Tarpon Club — Patricia Holbert The Women ' s Athletic Association is an organization whose purpose is to stimulate interest in a program of wholesome physical activities,, to promote athletic accom- plishments, and to contribute to the development of the ideals of health and sportsmanship. PHYSICAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Name: Physical Education Assocciation Sponsor: Physical Education Faculty Officers: President — Marion Freeling Vice-President — Gwen Stephenson Secretary-Treasurer — Margaret Carter Members: Frances Battle Margaret Clements Meta Helms Nelle Loyless Brunei le Mobley Minnie Ratliff Cornelia Watson Betty Brown Marion Freeling Irene Fremd Myrtis Louque Dot McCowan Anna Frances McKay Mary Jane Medlin Minnie Lou Moore Paulette Nolan Ruth Pearce Nell Smith Gwen Stephenson Jan Wells Jean Wood Margaret Carter Mary Elsie Carter Denora Ecker Frances Eckland Suzanne Erwin Starling Hall Mary Gray Holderman Irene Hoke Betty Hooks Mary Lou King Mary Alice Kirchner Carol Lorimer Alice Ludlam Yvonne Martin Pat Patterson Ann Presnell Ruth Smith Ruth Thomas Stella Volenti Wayles Wood Peggy Barfield Martha Bogue Dot Bryant Norma Chandler Jeanne Eyman Ethel Fields trances Jean Hanseen Virginia Lewis Mary Lippitt Jean Lloyd Pat Mayer Frances Nelson Harriette Pounds Frances Scoates Maude Hill Stokes Margaret Todd Martha Twitty Murray Young PURPOSE: The purpose of this organization is to promote a professional attitude; to promote the development of worthy skills; to foster a spirit of unity both within the group and without in the state and the national field of physical education TARPON CLUB Date of Founding: May 15, 1935 Colors: Blue and White Motto: Grace, skill, and beauty Sponsor: Miss Marjone Mayer Officers: President — Patricia Ho ' bert Vice-President — Frances Battle Secretary-Treasurer — Jean Wood Scrap Book Chairman — Vivian Adams Tarpons: Vivian Adams Mildred Anderson Mary Armes Peggy Barker Nancy Lee Doggett Denora Ecker Frances Eckland Irene Fremd Jean Hitchcolk Betty Lang Betsy McMichael Marion Swanson Honorary Member: Minnows: Dorothy Anderson Lucille Arnold Ruth Boyd Margaret Clements Laura Foote Edna Earle Wilson Betty Bentschner Emily Gilbert Irene Hoke Mary McKintosh Celia Mangels Nona Murphy Anne Peck Betty Scott Ruth Smith Martha Zewadski ; Eleanor Merr LIFE SAVING CORPS Members: Myrtis Loque Bonnie Craig Peaches McKay Mary Gray Holderman Catherine Beli Charlotte Cooper Virginia Viser Elizabeth Jeffress Betty Sue Sagvold Jere Turner Jinda Kremer Grace Theige Elsie Carter Mary Lippitt Winona Murphy Marjorie Lambert Mary Ruth Weaver Lucy Cole Helen Emmanuel Coiors: Red and white Motto: Row ; Throw, Tow, Go Sponsor: Miss Marjorie Mayer Officers: President — Eloise Baughn Secretary — Welda Christie Instructor — Irene Fremd Captain — Denora Ecker Jamie All red Irene Hoke Jacqueline Bierer Florence Ludovici Meta Helms Hilda Alagood Lucille Arnold Peggy Barker Frances Battle Eloise Baughn Evelyn Buettner Margaret Clements Sarah Cody Virginia Green Annette Cone Ethel Crown Martha Belle Duncan Denora Ecker Frances Eckland Sue Erwin Ruth Ferguson Kathlee Guest Jean Hitchcolk Helen Hoffman Patricia Holbert Helen Iserman Mary Lou King Louise Lorenz Jean Lornmer Nellie Loyless Evelyn Marsh Virginia Millsap Dorothy Moe Marcia McKintosh Sarah Nooney Louise Patterson Minnie Ratliff Midge Scott Ruth Smith Marion Swanson Jane Telford Cornelia Watson Marion Webster Nancy W. White Jean Wood Brenelle Mobley Mabel Nihoul Barbara Sutton Mary Jane Medlin Suzie WNson Josephine Castellano Nell Smith Paulette Nolan Margaret Carter Starling Hall Betty Brown 1 PLAY NIGHT COMMITTEE Members: Minnie Ratliff Carese Brown Mary Lou King Margaret Carter Officers: Chairman — Floread Brown Secretary — Suetta Blanding Pearle Tyler Louise Crosby Suetta Blanding Sarah Macintosh Jean Wood Paulette Nolan Tarn Thomas Nina Pearl Bush Virginia Dunn Ruth Torres Virginia Greene Doris Knowles Charlotte Cooper Mary Frances Adamo Vivian Adamo Betty Shriner Peepsie Girsch Margaret Tilgham Peggy Smith Nancy Lee Doggett Aileen Pridgeon Marian Freeling Bea Ulrich OUTING CLUB COMMITTEE Sponsor: Miss Rebecca Averill Chairman: Anna Frances McKay Members: Ethel Crown Charlotte Cooper Eleanor Gandy Ginger Greene Madge Henry Mary Gray Holderman Elizabeth Jefferies Virginia Larrack Nona Murphy Margaret Todd Betty Sue Sagvold Jane Telford Marion Webster t V V -V V V V V V " j 1 V V V r .i V p . -V V V V V V AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAvmIUvSm Riir-ir.ir.ir. AAnAAAAAAAAAAAi ' AVjAAAA r.i r.i r.i r.i mm r.i r.ir.iM wkio r.ir.ir ir-ir-ir-ST-i l " j v " j a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a r.ir.ir-ir-ir-ir-ir_ir.irjror-ir-irjir.ir-ir.irl KKKKKKKK 2KK 2 3 MBK SKKSKKK 3KKKSK03KHK KKKKKKKHKfr3KK 3t-3 3H 3 r i r.i r.i r.i r.i r.i r.i r.i r.i r.i r.i r.i r.i r.i r.i r.i r.i A A A A A A A k " j i! " j l ' j A A A A A A A V ' r.ir.ir.ir.Tr.ir,ir.i?.ir.ir.ir.ir-ir.ir.ir.ir_i Ak ji. ji. , ji. , jAi. ji. " jL , jL , jL , Ji. " ji.TiAi. , ji,ai- ■1 r «i r.i r.i r.i r.i r.ir.i r.i r YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Colors: Blue and white Sponsor: Dr. Anna Forbes Liddell Officers: President — Mary Lois Thomas First Vice-President— Elizabeth McBride Mil Second Vice-President— Virginia Balkcom Secretary — Jean Hampson Treasurer — Ruth Trott Faculty Advisor— Dr. Anna Forbes Liddell ier Members: Cabinet: Katherine Alissandratos Martha Bostwick Polly Venning Roberta Van Brunt Betty Branam Betty Ann Taylor Mary Anna Hampton Clara Bassett Doris Jackson Sara Godard Frances McClure Edith Pfarr Marie Manley Joan Weaver Margaret LaCelle Date of founding: 1925 Colors: Purple and white Motto: Maximum Christianity Sponsor: Billie Ruth Currin Officers: Pres. — Mildred True Enlistment Ch. — Martha Folsom Town Ch. — Edith Chason Social Ch. — Rudine Light Devotional Ch. — Lucile Arnold Secretary — Mary Ashmore Treasurer — Eleanor Shuman Publicity Ch. — Grace Perry Choir Director — Frances Rogers Orchestra Director — Pearl Tyler Mag. Rep. — Ouida Hardy Cruce House Hostess — Audrey Bolton Y.W.A. Pres. — Marjorie Toole S.S. Pres. — Ernestine Harbin B.T.U. Director — Sarah Hopkins Jr. Council Pres. — Alice Price BAPTIST STUDENT UNION ■ H Date of founding: April, 1931— Student Center September, 1927 — Student Organization Officers: Pres. — Frances Lytle V. Pres. — Mary Louise Gordon Sec. — Doris Jackson Treas. — Mary Gray Holderman Social Service — Beth Colvin Foods — Mary Elizabeth Rivero Library — Virginia Hamilton U.T.O.— Lenora Dale Social — Susan Venning Music — Dorothy West Transportation — Jimmie Fain Membership — Marguerite Lowe Polly Venning Ethel Crown Altar — Adine Brewster Posters — Mary Anna McBride Publicity — Loretta Ellias Gardener — Ida Mary Schwa rfswerdt EPISCOPAL STUDENT VESTRY THE WESLEY FOUNDATION Motto: To make Christ a living reality on the campus Director: Miss Frances Baker Officers: President — Emily Philips First Vice-President — Elizabeth Whittington Second Vice-President — Gertrude Spettel Secretary — Betty Ann Taylor Treasurer — Mary Louise Anderson Personnel — Frances Fosdick Worship Chairman — Donna Will Brown Publicity Chairman — Frances Brooks Music Chairman — Madge Clayton Dramatics Chairman- -Ola Belle Tillman House Chairman — Nell Yon Social Service Chairman — Norma Lee McCree Recreation Chairman — Linnie Lou Gautier Sorority Chairman— Mildred Jones Off Campus Chairman — Kathryn Bryan Fellowship Chairman — Martha Whitehurst Alumnae Chairman — Allefair Everritt Campus-Church Relation— -Ruth McCain President Sunday School Class — Virginia Perry Vice-President Sunday School Class — Gwendolyn Philbeck Secretary Sunday School Class — Mary Stapleton Treasurer Sunday School Class — Martha Knoblock JEWISH WOMEN ' S ORGANIZATION Date of founding: 1935 Colors: Blue and white Sponsor: Dr. D. M. Eichhorn Officers ' Pres. — Miriam Bushel! V.-Pres. — Lillian Rogin Sec. — . ' Selma Schloss Treas. — Sara Tepper Soc. Dir. — Blanche Saul THE NEWMAN CLUB Date of founding: 1893 at the University of Pennsylvania Colors: Crimson and Gold Motto: Cor ad cor loquitor Chaplin: Rev. W. J. Carroll Officers: President — Kathleen McCarthy Vice-President — Catherine Brown Treasurer — Theo Blalock Recording Secretary — Jeanne Reese Corresponding Secretary — Ruth Hendricks Parliamentarian: Alice Hobson Athletic Manager — Rachel Erwin Senior Representative — Suzanne Wilson Junior Representative — Betty Slemons Sophomore Representative — Betty Ann Marron Members: Jean Austin Carmen Alvarez Canova Anderson Rosita Andia Catherine Brown Helen Beals Betty Brown Evelyn Buittner Catherine Bellas Beth Bustin Theo Blalock Martha Byrnes Letitia Bond Lita Bowles Charlotte Bollinger Betty Jane Brassier Mary Connell Jessica Cxzycki Josephine Castellano Patricia Carroll Jeanne Chazal Lorraine Cottrell Kathenne Cuellas Jean Cheaney Mary Chazal Carmen Crespo Audrey de la Rua Dorothy Day Marie Dulin Dorothy Donnelly Kathenne Donnelly Jean Dougherty Marguerite Dunn Rovana Du Pare Patricia Du Pury Lynn Doyle Rachel Erwin Shirley Enckson Helen Edwards Jean Flynn Hilda Garcia Vivian Guagliardo Eleanor Grenelle Betty Gibney Magdalen Graham Lillian Guimond Beatrice Guzewick Catherine Harkins Marguerite Hamilton Patricia Hansen Betty Helzer Ruth Hendricks Alice Hobson Pat Halloran Elodie Hale Mildred Heston Betty Hennessey Margaret Huelsbeck Gwendoly James Anna Kurtz Patricia Kavanaugh Mary Louise Lopez Elaine Lawson Myrtis Louque Patricia Lang Florence Ludovici Charlotte Mitchell Geroldine McDounell Mcrgaret McGarry Altair Majewski Patt Mack Nona Murphy Mary Monahan Elizabeth Miller Lorraine Miller Ruth Miller Kathleen McCarthy Martha Mims Betty Ann Marron Margaret Mooney Mary Ellen Marion Mary Grace Morain Barbara McCann Nancy Orleman Josephine Pullara Gladys Petrie Mary 0. Pinckney Mary Evelyn Prowinsky Peggy Quinby Lucy Roumillat Jeanne Reese Mary Rogolino Therese Sullivan Patricia Shannon Margaret Scott Marlene Schwob Rosalind Siegel Eloise Steele Manlynne Sharkey Mary Jane Segraves Bette Storck Virginia Smith Cecilia Trigo Stella Volenti Mary Vocelle Elizabeth Waterman Mary Wight Joy Willis Suzanne Wilson I Officers: President — Margaret Hunter Vice-President — Lorraine Leedy Secretary-Treasurer — Kathryn Gait Business Manager — Virginia Dunn Members: First Sopranos: Louise Thrasher Marjorie Clayton Marguerite Lowe Mary Louise Pack Adele Johns Gwendolyn Merritt Margaret Campbell Doris Phillips Dorothy Shoupe Patricia Coleman Judie Rigell Jean Lloyd Rosalie Pincus June Helie Second Sopranos: Carolyn Stowell Jean Hampson Joy Willis Annette MacFarlin Virginia Dunn Jeanne Colley Violet Gremli Harriet Collins Betty Ann Jacobi Mary Stapleton Shirley Erickson Genevieve Bryan Vivienne Rainey Mildred True Betty Rose Scott Dorothy Hickman Alice Armstrong Cormne Butler Lula Cooper Dorothy Babers Betty Ann Hoty Barbara Sexton Mary Parker Nancy Teeple Nan Pope Gloria Gammage Claud Anne Rhodes Betsy Garrison Mary Caldwell Margaret Olsen Mary Louise Lopez Gloria John Dulany Margaret Hearin First Altos: Janey Lewis Frances Rogers Marjorie Ingram Virginia Rouse Jean Daniells Christine Harbin Mary Lou MacGowan Kathryn Gait Marcia Rellihan Lula Marguerite Jochin Selma Stenstrom Lucille Miller Wilma Smith Deborah Reed Mildred Boley Rosa Lee Geiger Betty C. Jackson Second Altos: Dorothy Hughs Margaret Thomas Margaret Curry Marcy MacKintosh Audrey Bolton Lucy Beth Holding Elizabeth Whittington Lorraine Leedy Elizabeth Miller Jonnie Thomasson Lanette Kirkland Carmen McBeth Antoinette Farrior Mary Elizabeth Rivero Elizabeth Lyons Geraldine Wimberly Nagel Mahan Juliana Erck Margaret Hunter G L E E C L U B o R C H E S T R A Florida State College Orchestra Conductor: Walter Ruel Cowles Concertmaster: Virginia Rouse Members: First Violins: Virginia Rouse Mary Cowart Susanne Goddard Jean Hampson Doris Jackson Myra Swindell Freddie Lu Suhr Wilma Strickland Jane Tashiro Violas ' Charlotte Cooper Elizabeth M. Miller Sara Sheldon Flutes: Doris Ramm Mary Jones Ida Johnston Betsy Staples Oboe: Mary Stephenson Clarinets: Geraldine Wimberly Sara George Elizabeth Jeffress Marjorie Morrison Trumpets: Jean Daniells Evelyn Stokes Lucile Arnold Second Violins: Helen Dahlgren Jacqueline Bierer Mary Case Annabelle Hoffman Florence Hield Betty James Virginia King Edna Laws Alice Proctor Lena Sandstrom Diana Vergowe Violincellos: Betty Potter Mary Suhr Frances Hughes Basses: Dorothy Miiler Saxophones: Jeanne Smith Trombone: Mary Reddick Tympani : Jean Hitchcolk SENIOR HA Date of founding: September, 1938 Advisor: Miss Katherine Byrd Officers: Chairman — Virginia Balkcom Secretary-Treasurer — Jocelyn Juniper Members. Hilda Alagood Virginia Balkcom Lillian Bowness Carese Brown Floread Brown Gene Bryan Kathryn Camp Margaret Clements Linnie Lou Gautier Marjorie Harris Mary Henry Patricia Holbert Peggy Hunter Wiima Johns Jocelyn Juniper Elizabeth Linn Kathleen McCarthy Carolyn Mims Beryl Mitchell Sonia Mitchell Dorothy Nickerson Sara Nooney Frances Palmer Louise Patterson Minnie Ratliff Ola Belle Tillman Lucille Walker Cornelia Watson Joan Weaver Nancy W. White Martha Whitehurst Edith Williams Purpose: Membership in Senior Hall is an honor, a reward, and a privilege. The personnel of Senior Hall is drawn from those students who have demon- strated their ability to live according to regulated conditions and have proved they are capable of assuming the responsibilities that accompany the increased freedom of Senior Hall. Membership in the group should prove an opportunity for further service to individual students who, though exempted from prescribed rules of residence hall life, are not exempted from responsibility for group and general college welfare. f if j[ -ft ' ■TS- INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Colors: Red and white Flower: Carnation Officers: Sponsor- Dr. Marian D. Irish President- -Johnnymae Wright Vice-President — Mabel Nihoul Recording Secretary- -Se I ma Humna Corresponding Secretary- Edna Leibovit Co-Treasurers — Betty Pearlman Frances Smart Librarian — Mary Catherine Bellas Program Chairman- -Marie Manley Social Chairman — Nona Irwin Members: Emily Barrows Catherine Bell Mary Catherine Bellas Dorothy Boddie Claudia Boutha Muria! Boyles Mary D. Brown Grace Bruner Jane Cavenaugh Sarah Cody Marian Connor Nanette Dale Mary Brice Deaver Dorothy Donnelly Helen Emmanuel Sue Erwin Antoinette Farrior Mary Geiger Kathryn Goodroe Eleanor Grenelle Lois Gunn June Helie Jerry Henderson Bertha Lee Hoffman Patty Holbert Beth Hunter Selma Hyman Margaret Christie Harrison Nona Irwin Mable Jackson Lillian Joughin Lula Joughin Betty Lou Jackson Margaret La Celle Doris Lemle Edna Leibovitz Sadie Lentz Louise Lisk Peggy Low Marie Manley Frances McClure Nona Murphy Dea Neal Mabel Nihoul Norma Oxley Betty Pearlman Mattie Lou Peacock Norma Pennoyer Blanche Parks Marjorie Richards Lillian Rogin Dot Reynolds Dorothy Sims Frances Smart Nell Smith Carolyn Stowell Marian Starkey Frances Strickland Gwynne Spencer Peggy Sutor Nima Sweet Isabelle Thomson Lillian Townsend Elsie Willits Bethea Willis Ruth Williams Johnnymae Wright Louise Whitter Ella Wakefield Jean Winter :;■ i HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Date of founding: 1914 Colors: none Flower: none Sponsor: Miss Helen Cafe Officers: Council members President — Miriam Stuckey Vice-President — Carolyn Johnson Secretary — Ruth McCain Treasurer — Elizabeth Yancy Senior Representative — Mary Chazal Junior Representative — Theo Blalock Sophomore Representative --Ruth Hendricks Freshman Representative- -Lois Barnes Social Chairman — Virginia Lougnot Project Chairman — Jean Phillips Publicity Chairman—Ruth Miller Historian — Lucile Arnold Members: (There are 124 members on the roll) Faculty members: Miss Margaret Sandels Miss Ruth Connor Miss Janet Smith Miss Helen Richey Miss Edith Holt Mrs. Ruth Ferguson Eligibility: Any person who is a student or a faculty member of Florida State College for Women and shows an interest in the field of home economics MEMBERS. Margaret Allen Kathryn Allison Dorothy Altman Edith Aly Catherine Barnes Mildred Boley Gwendolyn Boyett Charlotte Bradley Katie Bnese Ruth Brunson Betty Cheely Lizzie Mae Cowen Jerry Crawford Elsie Mae Day Neva Mae Davis Allie Mae Durden Betty Ellis Geraldine Galloway FOUR Evelyn Haynes Ruth Hendricks Helen Henley Lanty Hogan Carolyn Johnson Edna Johnston Roxilu Kelton Sylvia Kimmel Margaret Lee Mary Lewis Edna Malokowsky Velora Manning Kathryn Mattox Sylvia Mears Rugy McGahee Lillian McKeown Barbara Mills Cleo Mixon Date of founding: 1926 Colors: Green and White Motto: " To Make the Best Better ' Sponsor: Miss Ethel Holloway Flower: Four Leaf Clover CLUB Elizabeth Mount in Frances Smart Mildred Nelson Wilma Smith Maiorie NeSrmth Frances Sonneborn Enestine North Evelyn Stokes Nancy Orleman Ruth Stokes Frances Palmer Dorcus Stone Edith Patterson Toi Strickland Betty Pilsbury Sara Ellen Stubbs Alice Proctor Kay Thompson Patty Randall Ruth Tison Betty Rawle Carol Wellhomer Vera Ray Buelah White L ' Louise Rivers Lucile Whitty Fern Robertson Ann Williams Frances Rodgers Frances Wilson Fay Rooks Jewell Wilkinson Grace Rushing Eunice Worn Annie Shellhorse Johnnie Mae Wright Officers: President — Frances Palmer Vice-President — Roxilu Kelton Secretary — Dorcus Stone Treasurer — Vera Ray Parliamentarian — Helen Henley Program Chairman — Wilma Smith Freshman Adviser — Ruth Hendricks Social Chairman — Velora Manning Publicity Chairman — Grace Rushing ASTRONOMY CLUB Sponsor: Miss Edith Elizabeth Lynn Officers: President — Sue Erwin Vice-President- -Mabel Jackson Secretary — Ruth Uhrhan Treasurer — Kathenne Quinby Chairman of Telescope Team — Evelyn Uhrhan Publicity Chairman -Mary Catherine Bellas D :■ m E B A T E R S L E A G U E Officers: Chairman — Joan Weaver Business Manager— Mary Brice Deaver Secretary — Patricia Holbert Sponsors: Miss Sadie Young Miss Margaret Wyly Mr. Robert Cotterill CLASSICAL CLUB Date of Founding: Oct. 28, 1910 Colors: Purple and Gold Sponsor: Miss Edith W. West Officers: President — Frances Cofer Vice-President — Roxilu Kelton Secretary — Helen Davis Treasurer — Jeanne McDowall Publicity Chairman— -Lenore Cohen Bulletin Board Chairman — Maxine Harrison Kathry Alissandratos Winifred Balesta Dorothy Bryant Wanda Byrd Laura Carothers Frances Cofer Lenore Cohen Lucy Cole Margaret Collins Helen Davis Nyna Dye Grace Farnbach Agnes Franklin Nancy Gayler Elizabeth Gehan Sara George Maxine Harrison Ethel Haynes Betty Hennessey Members: Norma Howell Pauline Hull Jane Irving Roxilu Kelton Lois Knowles Barbara Laxson Mary Lewis Wilman Lockhart Velora Manning Patricia McCarthy Jane McClaskey Madge McCreary Jeanne McDowall Annabell Miles Alice Norris Josephine Oemler Mary Padgett Mart F. Parramore Charlotte Pendleton Louise Pittman Betty Ann Presnell Edith Revell Dorothy Reynolds Minnie Rogers Mary Ruth Rovey Aubrey Jean Stephens Catherine Stimson Mary Julia Thompson Wilma Thompson Marjorie Watkins Eleanor Watson Minnie Dale Webb Louise Whittier Ruth Wild Carrie Lou Williams Edith Williams Jane Bea Williams Mary Stuart Yancey FRENCH CLUB Colors: Blue, White and Red Sponsor: Miss Marie Davis Officers: President — Virginia Wainwnght Vice-President — Violet Jessee Irene Wheeler Secretary — Cleo Lochas Treasurer — Helen Dahlgren Membership Chairman —Julia Weed Program Chairman- Lola Lastra GERMAN CLUB Der Deutsche Verein Officers: President — June Darnell Vice-President — Mary Huddleston Secretary — Ruth Uhrhcn Treasurer — Lisa Voss Sponsor: Miss Myrtle E. Dolbee Purpose ' The German Club seeks to promote acquaintance with the German language, literature, and songs and encourage the use of the spoken language. L MARZOCCO Date of Founding: 1937 Symbol : The Lion of Venice Sponsor: Miss Marie Davis Officers: President — Aurora Cammarata Vice-President — Louise Thrasher Secretary — Amelia D. Stone Program Chairman — Jeanne Reese Members: Mary Kathenne Guthrie Florence Ludovici Virginia Viser Josephine Pullara Shirley Ericksen Rebekah James Nancy Lippincott G ' oria Waters Mary Puglisi Marv Lo uise Pack PRESS CLUB Date of Founding: 1939 Sponsor: Miss Rachel Pitchford Officers: President — Sara Nooney Vice-President — Belle Young Secretary — Norma Pennoyer Treasurer — Eleanor Yothers ARE WE ORGANIZED? Even slap-happy lassies are organized according to the statistics of the Organizations Committee. The very existence of such a committee shows to what extent our campus is organized, for this committee was found necessary in 1939 to help solve the many problems of our organizations and to be the stronghold of information concerning our numerous clubs, committees, and groups. Their statistics show that we have one hundred organizations on campus, including C. G. A., honoranes, religious groups, departmental clubs, and any other union of " we the girls. " The membership of these one hundred groups totals up into the hundreds showing how many of our number find some gathering which particularly interests or needs us. Our variety is infinite — take your choice —anything from the Defeated Candidates ' Club to Phi Bet Kappa— clubs for swimming, dancing, budgeting, governing, writing, star-gazing, parlez-vousing, debati ng, singing, worshipping, spreading sunshine, playing (in ell phases of the word), and even for thinking. These organizations lend welcome respites to book-worn students, offer valuable experiences to many, and serve to remedy the situation of idle hands; yet, woe is she that over indulges 1 ' Various places, with emphasis on the Alum building, serve as settings for the meetings of these organi- zations. As for the hour, you ' re likely to find some type of organization having a session most any time from 4:30 til light flash. Schedules have been worked out to avoid conflicts, and regulations are being formulated whereby we can organize our organizations Yes, WE ARE ORGANIZED! B?i £ MAY DAY Cornelia Watson Pageantry in soft pastels and flowers greeted the coming of spring, and parents came from far and near to join the festivities of Parents ' Days. Music, Beauty and Laughter stood in the receiving line to greet them. r " ? " Pat Brandt Lib Moore Floread Brown Dot Nickerson Mary Kate Erwin Jane Price Betty Langston Minnie Ratliff Brenelle Mobley Sara Worth Alumnae Tense Moment HOMECOMING Returning alumnae found the campus bright with color and lively with entertainment. Pageants, coffees, games and musicals were climaxed by the appearance of the big brown Thanksgiving turkeys, greeted with triumphant applause — a fitting end for the noble birds Tarpon Club Pageant Odd- Even Game till . l Dr. Rogers Carves After-dinner Coffee k ■ilB rMl o IP SPIRITS It, .$M B Ye Odde Krewe and treasures Lib Miller Odd Lanterns Nothing sarong about her Between the Acts EV E N RIVALRY Lou Atkinson Close Harmonv — Not Too Close VRA X U f%fijft I R • Even Romance has its Moments Sheets, Feathers and Cheers Wood BASKETBALL Bright cold sunlight on the gymnasium contrasted directly to the warmth and color in the balcony as the Odd-Even basket- ball game was about to begin Red, White, and Purple and Green and Gold booed one another by way of greeting. From the moment of the referee ' s whistle the heads of the crowd began to wag from side to side, goal to goal, and the teams ' progress was measured in gasps, sighs, groans, and shrieks. Scorekeepers searched frantically for the next high- est number. Then came that impossible moment when the bail rolled merrily around the rim of the basket. Will it or won ' t it? A roar announced that it would. Then the referee ' s whistle was drowned by the lung-power of the winning side, as the audience, more exhausted than the team, went home to rest up before dinner. 5rown Louque McC wn McKay Walton Wells Lippett Rives Twitty Walker Battle Walker Watson White Carter Hoffman Holderman Howe Smith Thomas VOLLEYBALL Thanksgiving morning saw the crowds gay and full of boasting pushing through the front door of the gym- nasium. ' We ' ll mow ' em down 1 ' ' You think so ? ' Odd caps taunted even feathers. Inside the photographers ' bulbs flashed for the sake of posterity, and Miss Katy hovered about the court while a fat black janitor put up the long white net. Odd cheerleaders in clever cos- tumes of red, white and purple vied with Evens in green and gold satin. Fists whacked on the white rubber ball, and nerves were sprung higher than tight-rope wires. With the closing whistle, there was Paulette paying a loser ' s bet, singing ' Rah Rah for the Odd Team ' with grim determination. Or Minnie stalking around for a whole week in the Even Green and Gold. Good sports all. Mobley Baughn Brown Moore Daniels Eckland King Miles Pullara Volenti Vergowe Helms Jrown Ezzord Harper Medlin Nolan Webster Tucker jryant Crespo Lambert i urner Over the Net McMichael A mighty whack and the feathered cock flies over the net to drop abruptly just out of reach of an opponent ' s racket. A player lunges wildly and finds herself slashing at empty air while the elusive cock plunks down on the ground a few inches beyond the tip of her racket. Badminton used to be a dainty parlor game, FSC added it to the list of competitive sports and made it muscular fun Ids In Evens Up dIIow Through T E N N Net Results IS A smooth sport and a game of skill, tennis brought its share of fans to the rows of tennis courts back of the gymnasium, both in fun and in earnest competition. Neither frost nor sun kept the future Helen Wills and Alice Marbles from their ' ads in ' and ' ads out ' and ' deuces, ' and the courts were seldom empty from the 8:30 bell till light flash. On Her Toes Sneaking Up On It Bridge and sunbathing weren ' t the only minor sports that made their bids for the college girl ' s leisure time. Ping-pong shuffle- board, golf and archery came in for their share too---and you might include the beloved bull sessions. Eating would probably take top spot as favorite indoor sport, and who could forget the bulging muscle occasioned by that most exhausting of all exercises —climbing the Tallahassee hills? MINOR SPORTS Panhell Dance Waltz Rhythms M D o A D N E C R E N ' Gnomish Capers ' Ladies of Spain Early American As new as tomorrow ' s headlines, the techniques of modern dance fur- nished a source of fresh and fascinating entertainment for pageants, demonstrations and recitals, culminating in the Spring concert. Its interpretive patterns of line and space and color spoke of a world of changing stress and rhythm, the World of Tomorrow. Viennese waltzes, savage congas, exhausting jive — all of them found favor when Tallahassee lassies and their partners met for an evening of fun in Landis rec, at Playnight, in the dormitory parlors, in the old dining hall. Dancing was as much a part of college life as pre-light flash coffee at the Sweet Shop. BALLROOM DANCING H ■ ii ' Hoccer ' ' Sockey ' ' Yea Odds ' Swing It HOCKEY and SOCCER Shins get barked, knees .get skinned, faces get stepped in but the rough and tumble play of hockey and soccer fills manv an afternoon on the wide athletic field with shrieks of excited enthusiasm She floats through the air Charmed Circle A swift cut through the air from the diving board and a clean white streak into the green depths of the pool — the long smooth strokes of the Tarpon club aquarythms at their white-capped best. SWIMMING Speed Demon in reverse SOFT BALL Home Run Queen The Crowd Roar Batter ' s Eye View Sl-i-i-de 1 ■ • • . . ' ! n - w . A iV Happy Landing CAMP Now You ' re Cookin ' ! vei ii ng Shadows A truck-ride full of songs and you were suddenly through the gate and into a week- end of fun at Camp Flastacowo. A dip in Lake Bradford to wash the dust off, a steaming supper, and a long canoe ride under the stars — and then to bed for a good night ' s sleep — if you could get it 1 Morning brought sunbaths on the end of the dock, exploring in nearby woods, and canoe trails, games on the wide lawn, and more good food cooked over the open fireplace with the totem pole looming austerely overhead. Camp with its sun and water and clean woodsy air was the college girl ' s Bag and Baggage link with the Great Outdoors. Back to Nature Cathedral Aisle : TtfiNC- Paddling Their Own DR. CONRADI ' S BIRTHDAY On Frebruary 20, a gay line of students startled the townspeople of College Avenue with songs rendered vehemently if not harmoniously. Led by senior s in academic robes, the queue wound from Bryan to the home of the college presi- dent, Dr. Conradi, who greeted them charac- teristically and, in keeping with tradition, in- vited the seniors inside to share his birthday cake with him. Front Row Chorus ' More frosting, please ' JR.-SR. PROM and SOPHOMORE HOP ' Social Climbing ' Promenade Duets in Rythm I ' ll be right down Two big week-ends — Junior-Senior Prom and Sophomore Hop — wrapped the campus in a party atmosphere and tied it with a cellophane bow of tea dances, breakfasts, Russ Morgan ' s band, gay evening gowns and penguin tuxes, music, laughter, ice in a silver punch bowl — what does Princeton have that we don ' t have ... for a week- end? Prom Court Queens a e Arrives Girl, boy, and smile Marine Music SPOTLIGHTS Hitzi Koyke, ' Madame Butterfly ' Senator Pepper Arrives Side Glances — Suzaki ' Name my book . . . T. S. Stabling -. ,; Meet Robert Frost FOOTLIGHTS The pre-curtain buzz of the Augusta Conradi theater dwindles into silence as the house lights die and the footlights come up to a green glow against the curtain. The Little Theater orchestra completes its string overture and the curtains part on the modern background of ' Dear Octupus ' — or the Elizabethan one of ' The Merry Wives of Windsor. ' But behind the smooth performance on the stage lie weeks of practice, exasperated directors, frantic electricians, and anguished stage managers. Only the cast and its technicians know the turmoil backstage--which is as it should be with a good performance. Christinas Pageant Elizabethan Love Medieval Moment ' Dear Octupus ' Rehearsal FRESHMAN FIESTA Leila Norris Bull Session — Eyman and Ferdinand JUNIOR Senors y Senoritas MINSTRELS ■male Duchess Bryant Jam and Jive Brown and Cooper TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY We considered carefully and Dicked — P Esteren Grins — the winner! Spirogira Brooms Sophomore Council F-Club goats Installation of officers We ' re Mortified 1 All-Girl Band BUT BETTER LATE THAN N E V E R Candies for Tradition SENIOR ACTIVITIES LAURA JUNE ACKER Live Oak, Florida Bachelor of Arts Odd Demonstration (2) ; Modern Dance Group (3, 4) ; May Dav (Modern Dance) (4). VIVIAN ADAMS Tampa, Florida B. S. in Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi Odd Demonstration (2, 4), Junior Min- strels (1) : Ping Pong Intranmrals ( 1, 2 ) ; Y.W.C.A. (1). Home Ec. Club (4), Fresh- man Adviser (3). Cotillion Club ( L 3, 4). Social committee (2), House Chairman (2). VIVIAN AHLSWEH St. Petersburg, Florida Bachelor of Arts Distaff editor; Distaff editorial staff; Press club, Flambeau reporter, Flambeau Gold Key, Flambeau News editor, Mortar Board editor. Alpha Chi Omega editor, Chi Delta Phi Sec.-Treas., Vice President of Fla. Intercollegiate Press Association, Senate. HILDA ALAGOOD Metcalfe, Georgia .4. . in Arts and Sciences Delta Zeta Torch Night, ' 37 : Life Saving Corps. ' 38 ; ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, Treasurer of Delta Zeta. Push Captain of Delta Zeta. President of Delta Zeta. Off-Campus Committee, ' 40, Pan Hel- lenic Executive Council ' 40, President of Florida Model Senate ' 40, Delegate to Na- tional Model Senate, ' 39, ' 40, 41. Secretary- Treasurer of " National Model Senate. " ' 4 1, Senior Hall. MARY MYERS AlFORD Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Odd Demonstration (2): Junior Minstrels I 2 1. Modern Dance Group 1 3), Business Manager of Flastacovvo (4). CARMEN ALVAREZ Sarasota, Florida Bachelor of Arts May Day (2); Odd Demonstration (2, 3); Social Committee (2), Modern Dance Group (3), Newman Club 1 2, 3, 4). Sigma Delta Pi (3. 4). Pies, of Sigma Delta Pi (4). BARBARA ANDERSON Tampa, Florida A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Kappa Delta Secret- ' rv : odd Demonstra- tion, Torch Night. ' 37. DOROTHY MAE ANDERSON Tampa, Florida Bachelor of Arts Chi Omega Torch Night: Sophomore Council; Chair- man of Sophomore Hop, Usher Committee Tarpon club. Cotillion Club, Social Chair- ma n of I ' hi Omega. HELEN ANDERSON Bartow, Florida Bachelor of Music Alpha Delta Pi Odd Demonstration (2. 3) ; Secretary of American Guild of Organists (4), Phi Kappa Pin. MARY LOUISE ANDERSON Jacksonville, Florida A.B. in Education Alpha Xi Delta V.W.C.A. (2, 3| ; Junior Council. M.S.O. ' 3). Senior Council. M.S.O. (4), Treasurer M.S.o. (4). HELEN ARMISTEAD Florala, Alabama B.S. in Education ALICE ARMSTRONG Fcrt Lauderdale, Florida Bachelor of Science Glee Club (1, 2. 3. 4) : Modern Dance Group (4). Sociology Club (1. 2. 3). Inter- national Relations Club (4). Odd Demon- stration I 4 l. French Club (1), Torch Night I 1 . 2 ) . MARTHA LOU AUSTIN Sarasota, Florida A.B. in Education Transfer from Freed-Hardeman Junior Col- lege (3) ; Snapshot Editor of Flastaeowo (4). BETTY BAGGS Tallahassee, Florida Bachelor of Science CATHERINE BAKER Pierson, Florida B.S. in Commerce EDNA BAKER West Palm Beach, Florida Bachelor of Arts MARY BAKER Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Education VIRGINIA BALKC0M Jacksonville, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Sec. of Presbyterian Freshman Sunday School Class. Chairman Student House and President Jr. Council of Presbyterian Stu- dent League, Sec. of Sophomore Class, Sec. of Y.W.C.A., Pres. of Y.W.C.A., Chaplain of Soph. Council. Marshal and Social Chair- miii of Kappa Alpha Theta : Vice-pres. of Mortar Board. Cliairm-in of Refugee Student Com.. Co-chairman of Youth Conference. Chairman Senior Hall. Home Economics Club. FRANCES BATTLE Meade, Florida B.S. in Education Kappa Delta odd Basketball (1, 2. 3, 4): odd Swim- mine (1. 2). Tarpon Club fl, ' ' . 3. 41. Life Saving Corns (1, 2. 3. 4l. Jr. Minstrels It). Senior Intra mum 1 M na " " r. Senior H II, M-v Dav 12). WA.A. Bmrd (2. 3. 4). Spirogira (4). F club (3, 4). EL0ISE BAUGHN Pensacola, Florida Bachelor of Science Orchestra (1): F Club (3, 4); Life Sav- ing Corns (1. 2. 3, 4). Sociology Club (3). W.A.A. Board (3, 4), odd Volley Ball and Soccer (3, 4). JANE BISHOP Gainesville, Florida Bachelor of Arts AMELIA LEE BLACK Ocala, Florida Bachelor of Science Intern (4): V.W.C.A. (1, 3); Sociology club S -c.- ' rp.:is. C!), Astronomy Club (3). Classic 1 Club 131. Huge Hill B skofball (1, 2), Ruge Hall Chairman (1, 2. 3, 4). MARGARET BLAINE Orlando, Florida Bachelor of Arts BETH BLAIR Jacksonville, Florida Bachelor of Arts Alpha Chi Omega Activities Manager of Alpha Chi Omega (2), Odd Demonstration ( 1, 2), Junior Min- strels (1), Sophomore Council (2). Mav Day (2, 3, 4). Panhellenic Delegate 1 3. 4) " , President of Alpha Chi Omega (3,4), Chair- man of Make-up Odd Dem. (3). Panhellenic Handbook Com. (3), Sec. of Zeta Phi Eta (4), Freshman Counselor (3). Fealty (3). LETITIA BOND Tallhassee, Florida B.S. in Nursing Phi Mn CONNIE BOOTH Tallhassee, Florida B.S. in Commerce LILLIAN B0WNESS Ocoee, Florida B.S. in Commerce Freshman Counselor (3) ; Assistant Busi- ness Manager of the Flambeau (31. Member of the Auditing Com. (3), Floor Chairman (3), Bryan House Council (3), Chairman of Auditing Co. (4) ; Budget Com. (4) : Senate (4) ; Senior Hall. MURIEL MAE B0YLES Baldwin, Florida A.B. in Education Transfer from Stetson Univ. ' 38 ; Phi Alpha Theta. Sigma Delta Pi. Kappa Delta Pi, In- ternational Relations Club. PATRICIA BRANDT Coral Gables, Florida Bachelor of Arts Pi Beta Phi Sophomore Council ; Spirogira ; Village Vamps; Treasurer Mortar Board: chair- man Usher Committee; President of Senior Class: Senate (3, 4): Assistant Editor of Flastaeowo (3) : Interne in Deartment of State (4) ; Pledge Supervisor of Pi Beta Phi (4): Mav Court (4): Jr.-Sr. From Court (4) : Who ' s W ' to 1941. CAROLYN BRINSON Monticello, Florida A.B. in Education Kappa Delta V.W.C.A. (1), Torch Night (1). Junior Minstrels (2): Presbyterian Student Coun- cil (3, 4). CARESE BROWN Miami, Florida Bachelor of Arts CATHERINE BROWN Mandarin, Florida B.S. in Commerce Newman Club (1. 2. 3, 4), May Day (2). FLOREAD BROWN Tampa, Florida Bachelor »f Science Glee Club, Freshman Counselor Freshman Orientation Com.: F. Club: Ch- ' inuan Play Night Com.. Spirogira, Senior Hall. Morti- fied. W.A.A. Board. MARY MORROW BROWN Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Education GENE BRYAN Kissimmee, Florida A.B. in Education Pres. Baptist Jr. Council (2), Sophomore Council (2), Secretary N.S.F.A. (2), Spiro- gira (2, 3. 4), odd Dein. (2, 3), Chrmn. Jr.- Sr. Kid Party (3), Chrmn. Religious Em- phasis Week (3) : Freshman Counselor (3) ; Freshman Advisory Council (2. 3, 4), F Club (• ' !. 4). Odd Hockey and Badminton (3). Kappa Delta Phi, Who ' s Who (4), Senior Hall (4), Mortar Board 4), Chrmn. Organizations Com. (4), Senate (4). MARGARET-MARIE BRYANT Lakeland, Florida Bachelor of Arts Kappa Delta Treas. of Kappa Delta. Phi Alpha Theta, Junior Minstrels, ' 39, Classical Club, ' 37, ' 40, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi. ELIZABETH BUCKNER Tampa, Florida Bachelor of Science LAURENE BULKLEY Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Education MARJORIE BULLARD De Fumak Springs, Florida Bachelor of Science Alpha Gamma Delta Transfer Huntingdon College ' 39, Sociology Club (3), Astronomy Club (3), Y.W.C.A. (3), Life Saving Corps (3), Tally Troopers (3). KATHERINE BURGESS Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Education MARY LOUISE BURNS Artesia, Florida B.S. in Home Economics NELL BURT Daytcna Beach, Florida A.B. in Education MIRIAM BUSHELL Miami Beach, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Delta Phi Epsilon Home Economics Club, Omicron Nu, Jewish Women ' s Organization (1, 2, 3, 4), Panhel- lenic Rep. CORINNE BUTLER Lake Wales, Florida Bachelor of Music Alpha Gamma Delta American Guild of Organists (2, 3, 4), Presbyterian Student Council (2,3). Y.W.C. A. cabinet (3) : Glee Club (2) ; Ensemble (3,4), Music Club (4). MARY CLARKE CALDWELL Tallahassee, Florida Bachelor of Arts KATHRYN CAMP Chipiey, Florida B.S. in Commerce Social Com. member (1, 2, 3), Freshman Counselor (. " ), Chairman of Social Stan- lards Council (4) ; Senior Hill (4) ; Who ' s Who Among Students in Am. Colleges and Fniversities l 4). BETTY CARNES Miami, Florida A.B. in Education Circulation Mgr. and Exchange Editor of Distaff (4). MARY CASE Lake City, Florida Bachelor of Science JOSEPHINE CASTELLANO Tampa, Florida B.S. in Science Italian Club (2), Newman Club (2, 3, 4), Life Saving Corps (4). ALMA CHALKER De Funiak Springs, Florida Bachelor of Music EDITH CHASON Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Education MARY CHAZAL Ocala, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Pi Beta Phi Treas. of Pi Beta Phi (2, 3, 4), Sophomore Council (2), Flastacowo Staff (2), Fresh- man Counselor (3), Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4) : Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Member Executive Council Pi Beta Phi (2, 3, 4), Junior Minstrels (1). WELDA CHRISTIE Sarasota, Florida B.S. in Commerce Odd Demonstration i2). Sec. to Life Saving Corps (3, 4). Decoration Com. of Jr.-Sr. Prom (3). MABRY CHRISTIAN Tampa, Florida A.B. in Education MARJORIE CLAYTON Quincy, Florida Bachelor of Music Glee Club Ensemble (1, Student Council 1 4). 3, 4), Methodist MARGARET CLEMENTS Ft. Meade, Florida B.S. in Education Odd Swimming ' 37. ' 38, Odd Hockey, ' 37, ' 38, Freshman Swimming Honors ' 37, F. Club, Tarpon Club (2), Modern Dance Group (2, 3), Odd Basketball (2, 3), Play- night Com. (2), Pres. of P.E.A. (3), W.A.A. Board l 3), Chairman of Dance for Odd Dein. (4), Script Chairman for Tarpon Club Pag. (4) ; Dance Com. for Jr. Minstrels (4). SARAH CODY Babson Park, Florida Bachelor of Arts FRANCES COFER Lakeland. Florida Bachelor of Arts Kappa Delta Torch Night ' 37, Fealty ' 37, Odd Dem. ' 38, Junior .Minstrels ' 39, Social Com. ' 39, ' 40, Classical Club (3, 4) ; Eta Sigma Phi, Phi Beta K-ippi, Pi Delta Phi, Chairman of Torch Night. Flastacowo Staff (4). Phi Kappa Phi (4). ANNETTE CONE White Springs, Florida A.B. in Education Chi Omega Freshman Swimming Team (1). Odd Swim- ming Team (3), F Club 1 3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (4) ; Nat. and Southern Telegraphic Swim- ming Team ( 4 ) . IRENE CONE Greenville, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club. MARY CONNELL Coral Gables, Florida B.S. in Commerce Kappa Alpha Theta French Club (1), Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Cotillion Club (2, 3. 4), Usher Com. (3), Pledge Chairman of Kappa Alpha Theta (3) ; Vice Pres. of Kappa Aplba Theta (4). EVELYN COX Clearwater, Florida B.S. in Education Alpha Gamma Delta Transfer from St. Petersburg Jr. College ; Tally Troopers (3) ; Astronomy Club (3) , West Landis House Council (4) ; Transfer Counselor (4). MARIE CROUCH Foley, Florida Bachelor of Arts Kappa Alpha Theta Librarian for Kappa Alpha Theta (3), Pledge Trainer for Kappa Alpha Theta (4), 4) : Makeup Com. for odd Dem. (3, 4) : Junior Minstrels (3) : Make up for May Day (3), Y.W.C.A. (ilee Club (1); Zeta Phi Eta ; Odd Dem. (3, 4). OUIDA HARDY CRUCE Panama City, Florida B.S. in Commerce FRANCES CUSHING Gainesville, Florida Bachelor of Arts Episcopal Vestry (1), Odd Demonstration (4), Dance Committee (4), Landis Social Committee (4), Art Editor Distaff (4), Phi Kappa Phi. JESSIE CYZYCKI Bunnell, Florida B.S. in Commerce LENORA B DALE West Palm Beach, Florida A.B. in Education Si nia Kappa Freshman Talent Program, Torehnight, In- tra-Murals, ' 37, ' 39, ' 41, Episcopal Student Vestry, I. It. C. ' 40, 41, Astronomy Club ' 37, ' 38, Photography Club, ' 37, French Club ' 37, ' 38, ' 39. DOROTHY DANIEL Miami, Florida A.B. in Education Phi Beta Phi Usher Com. (3); Village Vamps (2, 3. 4). MARY ELIZABETH DANIELS Leesburg, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Delta Delta Delta BETTY DAVIS Gainesville, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Classical Club (1 ) ; Plaque : Odd Dem. (4). Freshman Honor NEVA MAY DAVIS Blountstown, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club ; 4 H Club. ATLANT DAY Miami, Florida Bachelor of Science ISABEL DAY Lake Worth, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Flambeau Reporter (2, 3): Flambeiu Col umnist (3. 4): Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Odd Dem. (2) : Odd Dem. Script (3) ; Publicity Chairman of Huge Hall (3). MARY VIRGINIA DAY Live Oak, Florida A. 11. in Education Delta Delta Delta Torch Night (1, 2) ; Social Chairman of Tri Dclt: Freshman Counselor (3) : Vice l ' res. of Tri Delt (3) : Pres. of Tri Deit (4). MARGARET DEESE Old Town, Florida B.S. in Home Economies Y.W.C.A. (1) ; Home Economics Club DOROTHY DONNELLY Palm Beach, Florida Bachelor of Science Alpha Gamma Delta I.R.C. (3, 41 : Newman Club (1, 2. 3, 4). DORIS DORNER Sanford, Florida A.B. in E l iii-iiI ion Presbyterian Student Council (3, 4): 4 H Club (2) ; Y.W.C.A. (4). MARGUERITE DRES5LER Oldsmar, Florida Bachelor of Arts Delta Zeta Y.W.C.A. (1), German Club (1, ' _ ' , 3, 4); Vice-Pres. of German Club (3) ; Press Club (2. 3, 4) : Flambeau reporter (2) ; Flasta- rowo Class Editor (4); Y.W.A. Music Chairman (4) : Baptist Student Choir (3) ; Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi. MARTHA BELLE DUNCAN Frostproof, Florida A.B. in Education RUTH DUNSFORD Jacksonville, Florida U.S. iii Home Economics Phi Mil Home Economics Club. IRENE EDWARDS Gainesville, Florida A.B. in Education Sigma Kappa Y.W.c.A. (2, 3, 4i : Kapp i Delta Pi (4) : Sec. of Sigma Kappj (3) : l ' res. of Sigma Kappa (4 i. FRANCES ELLISON St. Petersburg, Florida Bachelor of Iris MARY KATE ERWIN Tampa, Florida A.B. in Education Kappa I elt ,-i Junior Minstrels, ' 40; Odd Dem. ' 40. RACHEL ERWIN Winter Haven, Florida Bachelor of Arts .May Day (2, 3) : Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4) : Life Savings Corps (1, 2, :: i : Sr. Ath- letic Mgr. ; Assi. Editor of Flastacowo (4). ELIZABETH EVANS Dade City, Florida B.S. in Commerce Kappa Delta Odd Dem. fl, 2) ; Torch Night (1, 2) ; Junior Minstrels (2); Social Com. (4); House ' lia irma a i I i . ALLEFAIR EVERETT Miami, Florida A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Pi (3, 4): Pi Delta Phi (3, 4) : Freshman Counselor 13) : M.S.O. Coun- cil (2, 3, 4) : Play Night Com. (2, 3) : House Council CA ) ; Modern Dance Croup (3); Tally Troopers (2) : .Junior Minstrels (3). BETTY FERRAN Eustis, Florida A.B. in Education Pi Beta Phi International Relations Club: Y.W.C.A.; Presbyterian Student Council. MARGARET ARMSTON FOLSOM Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Education MARTHA FOLSOM Mananna, Florida Hai liclor of Science Y.W.C.A. (1): Torch Night (1): French Club (1, 2); Baptist Student Union (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Baptist Student Council (-1) : Fresh- man ' fable Hostess (2, 3) ; Freshman Coun- selor (3); Floor Chairman (3) : House Chairman (4). ELIZABETH FORD Lakeland, Florida I inch dor of Arts ROZELLA FUGUITT Clearwater, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Delta Zeta Y. W. C. A.: German Club: Home Econom- ics Club; Vice-Pres. of Helta Zeta. SARAH FULLER Mulberry, Florida A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Odd Hem. ' 38, " 40: Junior Minstrels. ' 40. SARA GALLEMORE West Palm Beach, Florida B.S. in Commerce Al| ilia Gamma Delta Odd Dem. (1. 2): Junior Minstrels (1) ; I ' alcni Night (11. GLORIA GAMMAGE Chattahoochee, Florida Bachelor of Music LINNIE LOU GAUTIER Miami, Florida Bachelor of Science Sophomore Council (2) : House Chairman (3) : Color rush (1, 2, 3) : Methodist Stud- ent Council i4i : Gamma Sigma Epsllon (3, 4): Senior Hall (4); odd Hern. (2). JOSEPHINE NEEL GEHLING Oakland, Florida B.S. in Commerce JENN GILBERT Springfield, Mass Bachelor of A lis Kappa Delta Sophomore Council 1 2 1 : House Chairman II, 2): Episcopal Student Vestry (2, 3); Freshman orientation Com. (3): Member of Off Campus Com. (3, 4) ; Member of Social Com. (3, 4) ; Sigma Delta Pi (4). VIRGINIA GNANN West Palm Beach, Florida LB. in Education Sigma Kappa EVELYN GORDON Panama City, Florida B.S. in Commerce House Chairman (. ' !, 4). MARY LOUISE GORDON St Petersburg, Florida A.B. in Education Kappa Alpha Theta German Club (1. 2); Episcopal Student Vestry (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.W.c.A. Cabinet, Ves- per Chairman (3) : Odd-Even Archery Team (2) ; Freshman Counselor (3). NELDA GRAY Panama City, Florida Bachelor of Science Vice-House Chairman Jennie Murphree : Floor Chairman Gilchrist. MYRA GREENAWALT Tampa, Florida B.S. in Education MARY J GREENLEAF Jacksonville, Florida Bachelor of Science Phi Mil Vice Pres. of Freshman Class; Sophomore Council (2) ; Glee Club (2) : (. ' lee Club En- semble (1, 2) ; Off Campus Com. (3) : Jun- ior Minstrels (1, 2, 3) ; Budget Com. (4) ; Music Com. Chairman of Odd Dem.; Y.W. C.A. Music Chairman (2) ; General Chair- man of Odd Dem. (2) ; Fealty (1, 2) : Torch Night (2, 3). ELEANOR GRENELLE Clearwater, Florida A.B. in Education Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior Col- lege : Newman Club : May Day, ' 40 : Inter- national Relations Club. VIVIAN GUAGLIARDO Tampa, Florida B.S. in Home Economies Home Economics Club (3, 4) ; N™mar Club (3, 4). ELODIE HALE Tampa, Florida Bachelor of Arts Delta Delta Delta VIRGINIA IRENE HAMILTON Lake Worth, Florida Bachelor of Arts Sigma Kappa Sigma Delta Pi ; Classical Club ' 38, ' 39 : Kuge Hall Vestry, Librarian. MAE HAMPTON Gainesville, Florida B.S. in Commerce Kappa Delta Junior Minstrels, ' 40: Cotillion: Usher Com. ; Odd Hem.. ' 38, ' 40. GERALDINE HARBESON Tallahassee, Florida Bachelor of Arts CHRISTINE HARBIN River Junction, Florida A.B. in Education (, ' lee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) : Freshman Counselor (3) ; S.S. Pres. of B.S.U. (4). ELEANOR HARRELL St, Petersburg, Florida A.B. in Education MARJORIE HARRIS Belle Glade, Florida B.S. in Home Economies Glee Club (1, 2): Junior Minstrels (1|. Home Economics Club (3, 4); Freshman Counselor (. ' it ; Senior Hall (4). ALLISON HARRISON Palmetto, Florida Bachelor of Science Kappa Alpha Theta Her Deutche Yereiu II, 2): French Club (1) : Classical Club (1) : Orchestra (1, 2) ; Distaff Photographer (4). MARGARET CHRISTIE HARRISON Miami, Florida Bachelor of Arts Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi : Sigma Delta Pi: I. R. C. ; Freshman Counselor (3) ; Chairman of Handbook Com. (3) ; Debate Team (3, 4) ; Lecture Series Com. (4) ; Pres. of 21 Club (4) ; Who ' s Who (4). META HELMS Tallahassee, Florida B.S. in Education EDNA SUE HENDRY Tampa, Florida A.B. in Education Alpha Delta Pi Odd Dem. (1, 4); Junior Minstrels (1): French Club (1) ; T.W.C.A. (1) ; Torch Night (1). MADGE HENRY Wabasso, Florida A.B. in Education MARY HENRY Orlando, Florida B.S. in Commerce Even Dem. (1) : Auditing Com. (3) : Chair- man Budget Com. (4) ; Student Senate (4 1 ; Business Staff of Flastacowo (3) ; Senior Hall (4). ALICE HOBSON Sarasota, Florida Bachelor of Science French Club (ll : Odd Demonstration (3, 4) ; May Day (2, 3) ; Junior Minstrels (3) ; Feature Editor of Flastacowo (4) ; New- man Club (1, 2, 3, 4). HELEN HOFFMAN Sarasota, Florida A.B. in Education PATRICIA HOLBERT Miami Beach, Florida Bachelor of Arts Debate Council (3, 4) ; I.R.C. (2. 3. 4) ; Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4) ; Phi Alpha Theta (2. 3, 4) ; Pi Delta Phi (3. 41 : Delta Epsilon Alpha (3. 4) : Tarpon Club (2. 3, 4) ; YV.A.A. Board (4) : Bundles for Brit- ain (4) ; Torch Night (1) ; Freshman Counselor (3) ; Floor Chairman (3) ; Who ' s Who (4). LUCY BETH HOLDING Dania, Florida Bachelor of Science Transfer of Meredith College. Raleigh, N C. ; Glee Club (3, 4): Odd Baseball (2) Odd Soccer (3) ; Class Volley Ball (3, 4) Glass Soccer (3) ; Class baseball (2). JEAN HOLLOW AY Jacksonville, Florida A.B. in Education Alpha Delta Pi Torch Night (1) ; Junior Minstrel (2) ; Pan- hellenic (3) ; Newman Club. LOUISE HORNE Tallahassee, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Sigma Kappa IMOGENE HOWARD Miami, Florida A.B. in Education Alpha Xi Delta Odd Demonstration (1. 2) : Junior Minstrels (1, 2, 3) : May Day (1. 2) ; Tally Troopers (2): Panhellenic Rep. 1 3, 4); President Alpha Xi Delta (4). FRANCES MOORE HUGHES Tallahassee, Florida Bachelor of Music MARGARET HUNTER Tampa, Florida Bachelor of Science Gamma Sigma Epsilon Glee Club ll, 2. 3); N.S.F.A. Com. (1); German Club (2) ; Sophomore Council (2) ; l ' .W.C.A. Cabinet (2, 3) ; Freshman Coun- selor (3); Floor Chairman (• " ): Presbyter- ian Council (3) ; -May Day Music (3) : Who ' s Who. LILLIAN HUNTLEY Doctor ' s Inlet, Florida Bachelor of A rts SELMA HYMAN Tampa, Florida Bachelor of Science Delta Phi Epsilon Phi Alpha Theta; I.R.C. (4); Odd Dem. (2) ; J.W.O. NONA IRWIN Pensacola, Florida B.S. in Commerce PHOEBE JAMES Jacksonville, Florida Bachelor of Arts ANNE JEWETT Ocala, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Pi Beta Phi Senate (1) : Home Economics Club (3. 4) : Odd Dem. (1) ; Fealty (1). WILMA JOHNS St Cloud, Florida Bachelor of A rts Vice-House Chairman (2) : House Chairman (3) ; Chairman of Residence Halls Com. (4) ; Freshman Plaque (1 I : Sophomore Cup for Scholarship: Classical Club (2) ; Senior Hall: Mortar Board (4): Phi Beta Kappa (3, 4) ; Who ' s Who i4) ; Phi Kappa Phi. EUGENIA JOHNSON Marianna, Florida A.B. in Education GLADYS JOHNSON Apalachicola, Florida 7 .»S ' . in Education Sigma Kappa Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3) ; Astronomy Club (1). ANNE JONES Mulberry, Florida Bachelor of Science Chairman Sophomore Council; Flastacowo Staff (1. 2); President Junior Class: Sec- retary and Treasurer of Spirogira ; Jr -Sr. Prom Court (3. 4) : Student Senate (3, 4) ; President of Chi Omega (4) ; Who ' s Who 1941. FRANCES JONES TamDa, Florida A.B. in Education MILDRED JONES Jacksonville, Florida A.B. in Education Alpha Xi Delta Freshman Honor Board ll) ; French Club (2): Sorority Chairman: Methodist Student Senior Council 1 3, 4); Pres. of Alpha Xi Delta 13) : Sec. of Pi Delta Phi (4) : Kappa Delta Pi 4i: Off Campus Com. (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4). FRANCES JORDAN Canal Point, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Transfer from Limestone College. Gaffney, S. C. (3) : Life Saving Corps (3) : Home Ec. Club (3, 4); Baptist Student Union (3, 4). JOCELYN JUNIPER Ormond, Florida Bachelor of Arts Freshman Counselor; Sec. of Senior Hall; Com. on Siuiii ' iit Money Making Activities. ROXILU KELTON Miami, Florida Bachelor of Arts Classical Club; 4-H Club (4); Eta Sigma Phi Hi: Sigma Delta Pi (4). JOAN KENNEDY Ft. Myers, Florida Bachelor of Science LUCILE KETTERER Jacksonville, Florida Bachelor of Science Phi Mu D.A.R. Regent (3) : Glee Club ' 37, ' 38, ' 39; House Chairman, ' 38, ' 40; Intramurals ' 38. ELEANOR KING Jacksonville, Florida Bachelor of Arts Phi Mu French Club: classical Club: Intramurals. HOLLY KINNEY Tallahassee, Florida Bachelor of Arts Flambeau (2. . ' !, 4) ; Advertising Staff Dis faff (2); Day Studenl See. (1) ; Senate Rep. (2) : Social Com. (2) ; odd Hem. (1) ; Junior Minstrels (2) ; Press Club (3, 4); Sophomore Council (2). LEOTA KIRKPATRICK West Palm Beach, Florida A.B. in Education Alpha Delia Pi PENELOPE KNOX Deland, Florida A.B. in Education Pi Beta I ' hi Transfer from Stetson University, 1039. NANNA KURTZ Tampa, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Classical Club: Floor Chairman 4i : Chair- man of May Day Costumes (Ml : Odd Dem. Costumes (3) ; Newman Club; Hume Ec. Club. MARY JANE LAMBETH Coral Gables, Florida A.B. in Education Pi Beta Phi Village Vamps (4) : Kappa Delta Pi (4) ; Pi Delta Phi (4) ; French Club (1) ANN LANE Haines City, Florida A.B. in Education Alpha Delta Pi Parliamentarian of Freshman class: Par- limentarian of Soph. Class; See. of Jr. Class : Vice-Pres. of Senior ( ' lass : Senior Class Gift Com.; odd Dem. (1, 2). BETTY LANGSTON Tampa, Florida Bachelor of Arts Kappa Delta LUCY LESTER Tallahassee, Florida Bachelor of Science Alpha Delta Pi Transfer from Wesleyan College, ' 38; French Club (1. 2); Gamma Sigma Epsi- lon (4) ; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. ADA JANE LEWIS St. Petersburg, Florida A.B. in Education Transfer from St. Petersburg .Jr. College : Glee Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Transfer Coun- selor (3). ELEANOR LEWIS Orange, Florida A.B. in Education ELIZABETH LINN Ft Myers Florida Bachelor of Arts Torch Night (1) ; Debating (1) ; I.R.C. (1. 2. 3) ; Freshman Honor Hoard (li : .Sopho- more Council (2); Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (2); Odd Dem. (2, 3); Chairman Program May Day (21 : Freshman Counselor (3) : Fresh- man Adviser (4) ; Spirogira (4t : Who ' s Who; Sigma Delta Pi; Senior Hall. RUDINE LIGHT Ft Lauderdale, Florida A.H. in Education Junior Minstrels (2) Council (4). Baptist Student MARC I A LIPSHITZ Jacksonville, Florida B.S. in Commerce Delta Phi Epsilon German Club (2, 3, ain ; J.W.O. 11. 2. 3, 4). Bundles for Brit- KATIE MARY LOGAN Sneads, Florida Bach dor of Arts THERESA LOPER Mad. son, Florida B.S. in Home Economies VIRGINIA LOUGHNOT St Petersburg, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Pi Beta Phi BARBARA LOUIS Miami, Florida U.S. in Home Economies CONA REYNOLDS LOYLESS Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Education NELLE LOYLESS Tallahassee, Florida li.s. in Education odd Volleyball (3) : Odd Soccer (2i : Odd Softball (3) ; F Club (2. 3, 4) ; Make-up for modern dance group (3) ; odd Dem. (3, 4) ; May Day (3 ) : Debaters League 1 2. 3) : Life S ving Corps (1. 2. : ' . ) : Business Staff Distaff (3, 4) ; Senior Athletic .Manager; I ' I ■ Chairra n CO: Flambeau Reporter (2. 3) : Managing Editor of Flambeau (3). FRANCES LYTLE Eastlake Weir, Florida li.s. in Home Economics Home !•: • Cluli ; Episcopal Student Vestry; Freshman Counselor; Transfer Counselor (4); Chairman Gilchrisl Hall Social Com. (4); Committee of 100; Religious Workers Council; Torch Night (1) ; Fealty (1): floor Chairman (2); Youth Conference Com. i4i : Usher Com. (2i ; Social Council (4). ROSALEE MALPHURS West Palm Beach, Florida A.H. in Education French Club (3, ti ; Even volley team: diamond hall team: Y.W.C.A. hall EVELYN MARSH Lynn Haven, Florida B.8. in Commerce MARY ELIZABETH MARTIN Bell, Florida B.s. in Home Eeonotnics MARJORIE MAY Quincy, Florida Bachelor of Science Alpha Delta Pi Y.W.C.A. : Bird Studv Club ; Astronomy Club. MARY ANN McCALLA Jacksonville, Florida A. B. in Education Kappa Alpha Theta Y.W.C.A. ; Odd Dem. Minstrels (3). i 1. 2, 3) ; Junior VELORA MANNING Ponce de Leon, Florida U.S. in Home Economics Home Ec Club; 4 II Club; Classical Club. KATHLEEN McCARTHY Okeechobee, Florida B.8. in Home Economics Newman Club: Home Ec. Club; 4 H Club: Freshman Counselor; House Council (3); Freshman Advisory Council (4) ; Assistant Class Day Chairman (3) ; Senior Hall (4). MARJORIE McCLURE St Petersburg, Florida A.B. in Education jeanne Mcdowell Bartow, Florida Bachelor of Arts MARGARET ANN McGARRY Coral Gables, Florida A.H. in Education Pi Beta Phi MARY McGEHEE Jacksonville, Florida Bachelor of Arts Alpha Xi Delta SARA McGILL Palatka, Florida H.s. in Home Economics Y.W.C.A, : Home Ec. Club. MATTIE LOU McKINNON Pensacola, Florida A.B, in Education ANNE McMORRIS Wetumpka, Alabama A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Sigma Delta I ' i ; Usher Com. (2); Soph. Council; Fealty; Torch Night (1, 2) : House Chairman (3) : Residence Hall Com. (3) ; Religious Workers; Com. of loo (4). MARY ALICE McNEILL Tallahassee, Florida Bachelor of Arts Parliamentarian of Day Students Org. (2) : Junior Minstrels (2) : Vice President of Day Students Org. (3) ; Pres. of Dav Stu- dents Org. (4) ; Senate (4) ; Off Campus Social ( om. (4). LYDIA ANNE MEAD Gainesville, Florida Bachelor of Arts Chi Omega SYLVIA A MEARES Largo, Florida U.S. in Commerce classical Club (2) ; 4 H Club (3) : Astron- omy Club (1) ; Tally Troopers (1). DOROTHY MILLER Orlando, Florida Bachelor of Arts ELIZABETH McDOWELL MILLER West Palm Beach, Florida Bachelor of Music Kappa Alpha Theta Pan-Hellenic Delegate (3. 4) : College Glee Club (1. 2, 3. 41 : Ensemble (2, 3, 4) ; Or- chestra (1, 2, 3, 4): Torch Night (1): Fealty (1): Cotillion Club (3. 4); Morti- fied (3, 4) ; Fsher Com. (3) : Chairman Jr. Minstrels (3): Chairman Odd Demonstra- tion (4) ; Sec. of Senior Class (4) ; Off Campus Com. (4). VIRGINIA MILLSAP St Petersburg, Florida Bachelor of Arts CAROLYN MIMS Daytona Beach, Florida U.S. in Commerce Vice-House Chairman (1. 2) : Sophomore Council (2) : 2nd Y ' iee Pres. C.G.A. (3) ; Chairman of Judiciary (4) ; Spirogira (2, 3. 4) : Odd Dem. (2. 3) : Mortar Hoard (4) ; Who ' s Who : Senior Hall, Phi Kappa Phi. BERYL MITCHELL Lakeland, Florida Bachelor of Arts Sophomore Council (2): Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (2) ; Odd Dem. (2, 3) : Spirogira (3, 4) ; F. Club (3. 4) ; Freshman Counselor (3) ; Junior Rep. to Senate (3) ; Senior Hall (4) : Who ' s Who (4) ; Treas. of C.G.A. (4). DOROTHY MITCHELL Sanford, Florida A.B. in Education Pi Beta Phi Sophomore Rep. to Senate (2): Sophomore Council (2) : Cotillion Club (1. 2. 3. 4) : Spirogira (3, 4) ; Chairman of May Dav (2) : Chairman of Fealty (3) : Pres. of Sorority (4) ; Business Manager of Distaff (3, 4) ; Flastacowo Staff (2, 3). SONIA MITCHELL Lakeland, Florida Bachelor of Science Sophomore Council (2) ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (2, 3) : Spirogira 1 3, 4) ; Freshman Coun- selor (3): Senior Hall (4); Who ' s Who (4) ; Editor of Flastacowo (4). BRENELLE MOBLEY Tampa, Florida B.S. in Education F Club (], 2. 3, 4) : May Day (2, 3. 4) ; May Court (4): Spirogira (3. 4): .Morti- fied (3, -! i ; Play Night Committee (4) ; odd Softball Team II, 2. 3. 4): Odd Volleyball Team (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Life Savings Corps. DOROTHY MOE St. Petersburg, Florida A.B. in Education Astronomy Club (4); Vice House Chairman Cilchrit-t ' ( - ' ) : Lite Saving Corps (3. 4); Minnows (4) : Kappa Delta I ' i. DELIA MONTERO Tampa, Florida Bachelor of Science MARGUERITE MOONEY Tampa, Florida Bachelor of Arts ELIZABETH MOORE West Palm Beach, Florida Bachelor of Arts Alpha Gamma Delta Odd Tennis (1. 2. 3) : Odd Volley Ball (2, 3, 4) : Odd Dem. (1) : Sophomore Council (2) : I ' (lub (2. 3. 41 : Cotillion Club (2, 3, 4) ; Off Campus Com. (3) ; May Court (4) ; Life Saving Corps. RUTH LOVE MORROW Jacksonville, Florida Bachelor of Arts Pi Beta Phi DEA NEAL Arcadia, Florida A.B. in Education MARY ELIZABETH NEELY Lake Worth, Florida Bachelor of Arts Transfer from Tennessee Wesleyan College ; Methodist Student Organization. MARJORIE NESMITH Chattahoochee, Florida B.S. in Edudcation MARY NICHOLS Tampa, Florida B.S. in Home Economics JEAN D. NICHOLSON Palm Harbor, Florida Bachelor of Science Phi Mu Member of the Trom Com. (3) ; Tres. of Phi Mu (3) and (4) ; Member Pan Hellenic Exec. Council (4) ; Member of Com. of 100 on Religion (4). DOT NICKERSON Daytona Beach, Florida Bachelor of Arts Accompanist for Odd Dem. (1, 2, 3) ; Fresh- man Counselor (3) ; Chairman of N.S.F.A. (3) ; Kep. to Senate (4) ; Senior Hall (4) ; Constitutional Revision Com. (4) ; Phi Al- pha Theta (3, 4) ; Who ' s Who; Model Sen- ate (2, 3) ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi. BETTY NICKINSON Pensacola, Florida Bachelor of Arts Kappa Delta. Mortar Board Pres. (4) ; Spirogira (2, 3, 4) ; Rep. to Judiciary (3. 4) : Orientation Com. (2, 3, 41 : Who ' s Who (4) ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3) ; Honor Com. (3) ; Freshman Counselor (31 ; Sopohomore Council (2) ; Business Manager Debating (2) ; Vice-House Chairman (2): Handbook Com. (1»; Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Thi. MABEL NIHOUL Crescent City, Florida Bachelor of Arts Alpha (4) ; Vice-Pres. of Debate team (3) ; (3) ; Life Saving Pres. of Delta Epsilon of I.R.C. (4) ; Member Vice-House Chairman Corps (3). SARA NOONEY Jacksonville, Florida Bachelor of Arts Astronomy Club (1, 2, 3) : Flambeau Re- prrter Key (2) ; Flambeau Sports Editor (3) : Flambeau Managing Editor (4) ; Alpha Chi Alpha; Senior Hall: Freshman Coun- selor (3) ; Press Club (3, 4) ; Editor of Jaycee News (4) ; Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4). MARY BETH OSTEEN Jacksonville, Florida Bachelor of Arts Kappa Alpha Theta Modern Dance Group (2) : Transfer Orien- tation Counselor (3) : Treas. of Kappa Al- pha Theta (2, 3) ; Pres. of Kappa Alpha Theta (4). ROBERTA PADGETT Palmetto, Florida Bachelor of Science Press Club (2,3) : Tally Troopers (2) ; Flambeau (2) ; Advanced Dance Group (3, 4); Junior Minstrels (3, 4); Odd Dem. (3, 4). MARGARET PAINTER Orlando, Florida Bachelor of Arts Pi Beta Phi Flambeau Staff; Member of Alpha Chi Al- pha (3, 4) ; Member Press Club (3) ; Sen- ior Rep. to N.S.F.A. (4). FRANCES PALMER Port St. Joe, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Torch Night (1) ; Debate Club (1) ; Y.W.C. A. Cabinet (2) ; Sec. 4 H Club (2) ; Odd Dem. (2) ; May Day (2) ; Freshman Coun- selor (3) ; Home Ec. Club (3) ; Floor Chair- man (3, 4) ; Freshman Advisor 4 H club (3) ; Pres. of 4 H Club (4) ; Co-chairman of Rural Youth Conference (4) ; Speaker at Home Ec. and Agri. of Student Teachers ' Conference (4) ; Senior Hall (4). LOUISE LYTLE PATTERSON Brooksville, Florida B.S. in Home Economies Alpha Delta Pi Torch Night (1) ; Tarpon Club (1) ; Odd Swimming Team (1) ; Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4) ; May Day (2) ; Fealty (3) : Freshman Counselor (3) ; House Council (3) : Social Charmain of Y.W.C.A. (3) ; Social Chairman of Presbyterian Student League (3) : Spirogira (3. 4) ; Home Ec " . Club (4) ; Odd Dem. (4) ; Religious Em- phasis Chairman (4) ; Pres. of Presbyter- ian Student League (4). BETTY PEARLMAN Pensacola, Florida Bachelor of Science VIRGINIA PERRY Live Oak Florida A.B. in Education Worship Chairman of Methodist Student Org. (2) ; Pres. of Methodist Sunday School Class (3) ; Member of Kappa Delta Pi (3). JULIA PETERS Miami, Florida A.B. in Education Alpha Delta Pi Y.W.C.A. (1) ; Usher Com. (3) ; Odd-Even Soccer (3). EMILY S. PHILIPS Orlando, Florida Bachelor of Arts Methodist Student Council (2, 3) ; French Club (2, 3) ; Italian Club (3) ; Freshman Counselor (3) ; Religious Worker ' s Council (4); Religious Emphasis Week (3). JEAN PHILLIPS St Petersburg, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Phi Mu Omicron Nu : Pres. of Omicron Nu ; Odd Dem. (1, 2, 3) : Off Campus Com. (4) ; Home Ec. Club (1, 2, 3. 4) : Omicron Nu Scholarship (2) : Junior Minstrels (3) ; Honors Day Com. (4). ANNE PIERCE Orlando, Florida B.S. in Commerce Pi Beta Phi Sophomore Council ; Transfer Counselor ; Off Campus Com.; Treas. of Senior Class; Phi Kappa Phi. MARY PINCKNEY Tallahassee, Florida B.S. in Edudcation Day Students (1. 2, 3. 4); Classical Club (1. 2) ; Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; As- tronomy Club (4). EDNA PITTMAN Clearwater, Florida B.S. in Commerce VAULDA POPPELL Tallahassee, Florida B.S. in Commerce VIRGINIA POUNCEY St. Petersburg, Florida B.S. in Edudcation St. Petersburg Junior College Transfer; l ' reneh Club; Floor Chairman: House Chairman, JANE PRICE Tampa, Florida Bachelor of Arts Chi Omega Com h ( 2 " $ h 1 ! Vt S °R h ' C0Umil ; Soci " ' Com (2, 3 4) ; Usher Com. (3) ; Chairman Omega " " !) • 3 ' = Vk " e of Chi ALICE PROCTOR Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Education Orchestra (1 2. 3. 4) ; Day Student Org. II. 2, 3) ; Student Choir of Ruge Hall (4 . CATHERINE QUINBY Tampa, Florida A.B. in Education Treas. of Astronomy Club (4) ; Freshman Counselor (4) ; Kappa Delta Pi. MINNIE RATLIFF Lakeland, Florida B.S. in Edudcation Fealty (1) ; Odd Dem. (1, 4) ; Junior Min- strels (1) ; French Club (1, 2) ; Vice Chair- man Soph. Council (2); Odd Hockey (2 » • Play iNignt Com. (2, 3, 4); Sec. of ' p.E.A (-) ; May pay (2, 3, 4) ; Modern Dance Group (2, 6, 4) ; odd Cheerleader (3 4) ■ Ouu -.Jaoimuron (3, -t) ; spirogira (3, 4, ; lce-Pres. Pres. of YV.A.A. (3, 4) ; E Club ( j : AK,rt„r Jjoarcl ; Kappa Delta l ' i. DOROTHY A. REYNOLDS St Petersburg, Florida Bachelor of Science slnaent ' o ' i ' -i. . " iSU,a l ' M ' Methodist ROBERTA RHYNE Coahoma, Mississippi Bachelor of Arts Lin Uniega Tom. Nighl ; Soph. Council ; illage Vamp ; ran Hwienic uep. BETH RICHARDS Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Education Kappa Delta. Village Vamps. MARY ELIZABETH RINEHART M.ami, Florida A.B. in Education MARY ELIZABETH RIVERO Tampa, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta EVELYN RODNESKY Ft. Meade, Florida A.B. in Education PATRICIA ROSS Palatka, Florida Bachelor of Science Delta Delta Delta VIRGINIA ROUSE Glade Spring, Virginia Bachelor of Music Glee Club (3, 4) ; Orchestra (3, 4) ; En- semble (3, 4) ; American Guild of Organ- ists (1) ; Transfer from Virginia Interment •39. ESTELLE RUBIN Miami, Florida B.S. in Commerce Delta Phi Epsilon CHRISTINE RUSS Leesburg, Florida Bachelor of Arts Kappa Alpha Theta Classical Club (1, 2, 3) Jr. Basketball (3) Team (3) Odd Dem. (1) ; ; Archery Team LILLIAN SAMPLE Ft. Pierce, Florida .4.7?. in Education SIBYLE SANDERS Pahokee, Florida Bachelor of Arts HARRIETT SARVIS Lake Worth, Florida Bachelor of Arts PEGGY SCHALLER Aliquippa, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science Alpha Gamma Delta Fres. of Alpha Gamma Delta (4) ; Chairman of Panhellenic Sing (4). IDA MARY SCHARFSCHWERDT Ft Pierce, Florida Bachelor of Science PAULINE SCHULTE Plant City, Florida B.S. in Home Economics BETTY ROSE SCOTT Gainesville, Florida Bachelor of Arts Kappa Alpha Theta Glee flub (3): Orchestra; French Club: Y.W.C.A. ; Tally Troopers ; Junior Minstrels. Zeta Phi Eta. MARGARET SCOTT Daytona Beach, Florida Bachelor of Arts Delta Delta Delta Sec. of Freshman Glass (1) ; Editor of Flambeau (4) ; Off Campus Com. (3) ; Mor- tar Board (4) : Spirogira (3) ; Alpha Chi Alpha ; Who ' s Who (4) : Delegate to Asso- ciated Collegiate Press (4). ALVAH SHAW Citra, Florida B.S. in Commerce SARAH SHELDON Coronada Beach, Florida Bachelor of Music GERALDINE SHIVE Pahokee, Florida B.S. in Commerce ELEANOR SHUMAN Monticello, Florida B.8. in Home Economics Home Ec. Club 2. 3, 4) ; Baptist Student Union Council (2, 3. 4) ; Omicron Nu (3, 4) ; Gamma Sigma Epsilon (4). PAULINE SIMON West Palm Beach, Florida Bachelor of Arts Alpha Delta Pi Torch Night : Glee Club : Flambeau : Junior Minstrels; Tress Club; Classical Club; Off Campus Com. BETTY SLEMONS Orlando, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Delta Delta Delta Sec. and Treas. of Pan Hellenic ; Newman Club ; Home Ec Club. MARJORIE SMITH Haines City, Florida A.B. in Education Alpha Chi Omega Glee Club (2) ; Jr. Minstrels (1, 2). MARY CATHERINE SMITH Tallahassee, Florida Bachelor of Arts Cotillion Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Fealty (1) ; Junior Minstrels (2). ELIZABETH SNIDER Havana, Florida Bachelor of Scictice ANNA SPENCER Gainesville, Florida Bachelor of Science BETTY STARCK Miami, Florida B.S. in Commerce Ti Beta Phi ELOISE STEELE Jacksonville, Florida A.B. in Education Alpha Chi Omega ADDIE LOUISE STEPHENS Waldo, Florida A.B. in Education ALMA LOUISE STEPHENS Bartow, Florida B.S. in Commerce Beta Phi Alpha GRACE STEPHENSON Bartow, Florida A.B. in Education Office Sec. Presbyterian Student League (3, 4). VIRGINIA STEWART Miami, Florida Bachelor of Arts Y.W.A. ; Freshman Plaque ; Sigma Delta Pi; House Chairman; Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi : Devotional Chairman of Bap- tist Sunday School. RUTH STOKES Tallahassee, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Home Ec. Club ; French Club : 4 H Club ; Methodist Jr. Council ; Tally Troopers ; Jr. Volleyball Team ; Day Students Org. ; Y.W. C.A. AMELIA D STONE Gainesville, Florida Bachelor of Arts BARBARA SUTTON Bradenton, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega Transfer Florida Southern College ; Home Economics ( lub ; Life Saving Corps Omicron Nu ; Y.W.C.A. Kappa Omicron Phi. MARY SUHR Lake Worth, Florida Bach dor of Arts FREDDIE LU SUHR Lake Worth, Florida Bachelor of Music MIRIAM STUCKEY Crestview, Florida B.S. in- Home Economics French Club (1, 2) : Four H Club Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3. 4) man Counselor (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (4) ; Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4). ( 1 , 2 ) ; Fresh- Wesley I.R.C. ; Flambeau Italian Club. 3) ; German Club ; DOROTHY SWANSON West Palm Beach, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Zeta Tan Alpha Home Ec. Club ; Freshman Carnival : As- tronomy Club : Religious Emphasis Week Com. ; Playnight Com. ; Freshman Counsel- or ; Panhellenic Council ; I ' res. of Zeta Tau Alpha. GERALDINE THOMAS Pahokee, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega Transfer from Wesleyan College. Macon. Ga.. and Southern College, Lakeland, Fla. ; Home Ec. Club. JEWELL THOMAS High Springs, Florida B. S. i)i Commerce NELL THOMPSON Jacksonville, Florida B.S. in Education, Alpha Chi Omega Torch Night ; Fealty : Soph. Council ; Sec. Debate Council : French Club ; Handbook Com. ; Odd. Dem. ; Off Campus Com. ; Kappa Delta Pi. OLA BELLE TILLMAN Lake Wales, Florida A.B. in Education Y.W.C.A. ; Freshman Counselor : Floor Chairman ; Alee Pres. of Jr. Class : House Council ; Met hodist Exec. Council ; Odd Dem. ; Senior Hall ; Jr. Minstrels. RUTH TORRES Tampa, Florida A.B. in Education May Day ; Cheerleader : Torch Night ; Odd Dem. ; Mortified ; Social Com. ; Playnite Com, ; Junior Minstrels. BARBARA TRAFFORD Lake Worth, Florida A.B. in Education FRANCES TRANTHAM Lakeland, Florida Bachelor of Arts Alpha Delta Pi Odd Dem. ; Off Campus Com. ; Y.W.C.A. ; Flambeau. JULIA TRIPLETT Jacksonville, Florida Bachelor of Arts EVELYN URHAN Tallahassee, Florida Bachelor of Arts Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi Delta Pi. Sigma RUTH URHAN Tallahassee, Florida Bachelor of Arts Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Sigma Delta Pi. VIRGINIA VAUGHAN Florala, Alabama A.B. in Education ESTHER VEAL Tallahassee, Florida B.S. in Commerce DOROTHY WAGNER Tallahassee, Florida B.S. in Commerce ELLA WAKEFIELD St Petersburg, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Home Ec. Club : Gamma Sigma Epsilon : Methodist Student Org. ; I.R.C. LUCILLE WALKER Madison, Florida Bachelor of Arts Kappa Delta Treas. Freshman Class (1) ; Rep. to Judi- ciary (2. 3, 4) ; Soph. Council (2) ; Cotillion Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Spirogira (1, 2. 3, 4) F Club (2, 3, 4) ; Odd Basketball (1, 2, 4) Odd Softball (2) ; Torch Night (1, 2, 4) Odd Dem. (4) ; Junior Minstrels (3. 4) Senior Hall; Mortified (4); Who ' s Who Nomination Com. (4) ; Flastacowo Staff (1, 3, 4). MARY CAROLYN WARREN De Funiak Springs, Florida B.S. in Commerce CORNELIA WATSON Tampa, Florida B.S. in Edudcation Pres. of C.G.A. ; Rep. to Judiciary (2); Pres. Southern Intercollegiate Assn. of Stu- dent Gov. ; Delegate to National N.S.F.A. Congress : Sophomore Council ; Spirogira ; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who; F Club; Junior Senior Prom. Court ; Odd Dem. (2) ; Torch Night (2) ; Athletic Mgr. of Fresh- man Class (1). JOAN WEAVER Kissimmee, Florida Bachelor of Arts Vice-House Chairman of Reynolds ; Fresh- man Counselor ; Business Manager of De- bate ; Delta Epsilon Alpha ; Zeta Phi Eta ; Y.W.C.A. : Chairman of Debating; Who ' s Who ; Senior Hall. MAY WELTNER Atlanta, Georgia Bachelor of Arts Kappa Delta Odd Dem. (2) ; Junior Minstrels Flambeau Staff (2) ; Distaff Staff Chi Delta Phi (4). (2) ; (2) ; HELEN WESEMAN Florahome, Florida A.B. in Education NANCY WHITE Tampa, Florida Bachelor of Science Kappa Delta Cotillion Club; Torch Night (1, 2); Odd Dem. (1, 4). NANCY W. WHITE Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B.S. in Commerce Sophomore Council ; I.R.C. ; Episcopal Stu- dent Vestry (1. 2) : Life Saving Corps; Chairman of Play Night (3) : Vice-Pres. of F Club: Spirogira; Odd Basketball (2, 3, 4) : Odd Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4) : Odd Diamond Ball (1, 2, 3) ; Who ' s Who; Pres. of F Club (4). MARTHA WHITEHURST Lake Wales, Florida Bachelor of Arts Chi Omega Y.W.C.A. ; Zeta Phi Eta ; Treas. of Zeta Phi Eta: Odd Dem. (1, 2, 3) : Junior Min- strels (2, 3) ; Methodist Student Council (1, 2, 3) ; Freshman Counselor (3) ; Sen- ior Hall ; Speech Production. JOANNE WHITNEY Bradenton Beach, Florida B.S. in Commerce Transfer from Univ. of Ala. ; Even Dem. (3) ; Junior Minstrels (4). LOUISE WHITTIER St. Petersburg, Florida Bachelor of Arts I.R.C. ; French Club ; Classical Club ; Y.W. C.A. ; Eta Sigma Phi ; Methodist Student Org. ELIZABETH WHITTINGTON Sanford, Florida A.B. in Education Methodist Student Org. ; Glee Club : Youth Conference Com. EDITH MAYO WILLIAMS Fort Myers, Florida Bachelor of Science Freshman Honor Plaque; French Club (i. 2) : Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (2) ; German Club ri. . " .. 4) ; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Freshman Counselor; Distaff; Orientation Commit- tee (4) ; Senior Hall ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi. ELIZABETH ANN WILLIAMS Hollywood, Florida B.S. in Home Economics RUTH WILLIAMS Pensacola, Florida B.S. in Commerce FLORENCE WILLIS Pensacola, Florida B.S. in Commerce Kappa Alpha Theta Treas. of Kappa Al- Junior Minstrels (2) pha Theta. SUZANNE WILSON Miami Beach, Florida Bachelor of Science Soph. Council ; Newman Club ; Freshman Counselor : F Club ; Odd Hockey Leader ; Life Saving Corps. TYBELL WITTENSTEIN Orlando, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Delta Phi Epsilon Jewish Women ' s Organization (1, 2, 3, 4 ; Council of 100 (3, 4) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Tres. Delta Phi Epsilon (3, 4). MARY EVELYN WOOTEN Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Education SARAH WORTH Tampa, Florida Bachelor of Arts HANNAH ORR YORK Pahokee, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega Transfer from Southern College; Home Ec. Club: Omicron Nu ; Floor Chairman ; Landis Social Com. DOROTHY YOUNG Terra Ceia, Florida A.B. in Education Torch Night (1) ; Freshman Counselor (3i ; Floor Chairman (3); House Council (3i; Social Com. of Dormitory (3) AUTOGRAPHS ' • ■r •• ' ENCRAVINCS BY JACKSONVILLE This is our seventh flastacowo since nineteen hundred and thirty-three ... we are proud of this continued -patronage and confidence in our organisation . . . rose printing company at Tallahassee . . • creators of fine printing and design . . . College Calls for a Photograph to keep the memory for you — for them PIKE STUDIO IO7 WEST COLLEGE JEWELRY KCOMPANY WATCHES— DIAMONDS— JEWELRY More for Your Money and Credit, too 104 E. College Ave. REPAIRING PHONE 1742 JL FLORIDA THEATRE TALLAHASSEE rt h §t h AM fll flv JP tH JP JP 7 STATE THEATRE TALLAHASSEE Wh rtfi 8 rt h A r AXp n ' P n i n i 7 R1TZ THEATRE TALLAHASSEE Yh rtSh » Vft fos r« IH n II ™ " fll y Talking Pictures at Their Best ADAMS STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS THAT PLEASE PHONE Z97 P HOTOGRAPHERS 1930 x 933 1936 FOR THE " I 93 I " - !934 " - 1938 - 1940 1941 FLASTACOWO 1931 x 935 x 939 Tallahassee, Florida HOTEL FLORIDAN TALLAHASSEE 1 50 Rooms :uropea n Plan Excellent Dining R00 m HOTEL FLORIDAN CO, Inc., LESSEES J. B. WADDILL, President J. T. SMITH, JR., Manager Compliments of MILLERS in East College Avenue Tallahassee • • + + " Fine Shoes Since 1924 ' CAPITAL CITY BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Capital and Surplus, $100,000 COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS DEPOSITS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION SWIFT ' S GEORGIA PEANUT HAMS SOMETHING DELICIOUS SOMETHING DIFFERENT Recipe by Martha Logan SOUTHERN BAKED PEANUT HAM Place a whole Peanut Ham unwrapped on the oven rack with a dripping pan underneath. Bake the ham about 22 minutes to the pound in a moderate oven (325 F.). When the meat is done, remove the skin, score fat, dot with cloves, sprin- kle with brown sugar, and return to a hot oven (400 F.) until brown — about 15-20 minutes. Plan your dinner around a Swift ' s Georgia Peanut Ham. Peanut Hams are deliciously flavored and require no parboiling. Sold at All Leading Markets and Groceries SWIFT COMPANY MOULTRIE, GEORGIA WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE =«»= FLORIDA MOTOR LINES UNION BUS COMPANY W. H. MARTIN, City Passenger Agent PHONE 701 ADAMS STREET OUR EIGHTEENTH ANNUAL EXPRESSION OF APPRECIATION TO THE STUDENT BODY AND FACULTY FOR THEIR FAITHFULNESS AND CONFIDENCE IN THIS SHOP the VOGUE feminine wearables Tallahassee, florida Make your next car a CHEVROLET Alford Chevrolet Co. Phone 992 Tallahassee, Fla. 118 S. Monroe Street Phone 20 COMPLIMENTS OF CHEROKEE HOTEL TALLAHASSEE ' S NEWEST AND SMARTEST DINING ROOM J. A. STILES, Manager Expert Shoe Repairing CAPITAL SHOE FIXRY ELTON HENLEY, Prop. We Carry a Full Line of Shoe Findings We Call For and Deliver Telephone 765 8 E. JEFFERSON ST. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Fashion Clothes for fashionable women flhctlh Jacksonville, Florida For this Important Purchase see MOON ' S Tallahassee COMPLIMENTS OF THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES G. Lowrence Salley, Dist. Mgr. W. E. Van Brunt, Jr. Harman Wheeler MIDYETTE-MOOR BLDG. TALLAHASSEE, FLA THE 1941 FLASTACOWO IS BOUND IN A KINGSKRAFT COVER • )• Designed and produced by the KINGSPORT PRESS, Inc. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS of P. W. WILSON COMPANY MEN ' S AND LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR, DRY GOODS, ACCESSORIES, GIFTS, MILLINERY TALLAHASSEE ' S STORE OF QUALITY MERCHANDISE Since 1837 COMPLIMENTS OF Tallahassee Motors, Inc FRANK SHAW E. W. RICHARDSON " For Health and Beauty Eat at least one Plate of Southern Dairies Sealtest Ice Cream each day. " Forward with Florida Since i86y km§Mh®m BENNETT ' S 2 DRUG STORES 2 COLLEGE INN PHARMACY Phone 800 MONROE ST. PHARMACY Phone 93 Free Motorcycle Delivery from Both Stores TWO COMPLETE FOUNTAIN CAFES Russell McPhail and Whitman CANDIES We Carry the Leading Cosmetic Lines Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubenstein, Dorothy Gray, Tussy, Hudnuts, DuBarry, Elmo and H. H. Ayers Jl clUSG • • • at the familiar red cooler Bottled under authority of The Coca-Cola Company by TALLAHASSEE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY The 1941 Flastacowo is printed on S. D. Warren Book Paper furnished by VIRGINIA PAPER COMPANY, Jack- sonville, Florida, dealers in high grade Book Papers for college publications Mvida i GdeU ' Mad m Ihe Lewis State Bank Talla hassee The DUTCH KITCHEN Tallahassee for Excellent Food COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHEASTERN TELEPHONE COMPANY TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA CU RTAI NS DRAPES SLIP COVERS RUGS CARPETS Rug Drapery Shop 106 S. Adams Phone 862 Typewriters CHRISTIE HALL BUSINESS MACHINES RENTALS and REPAIRS Phone 744- W 203 East Park Ave. TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA MAAS BROTHERS FASHION first FASHION RIGHT HOME OF THE FAMOUS TROPICAL FASHIONS Tampa Serve Ham at its best! MORRELLS E-Z-CUT HAM When you really want to serve ham at its best ask for tender, tasty ready-to-serve MORRELL E-Z-CUT HAM For cold ham slice and serve; for hot baked ham heat through. JOHN MORRELL CO. General Offices Ottumwa, Iowa THE SWEET SHOP At the South College Gate Congratulations Class of ' 41 OUR BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL GRADUATION Millions of American Women for Nearly Three Quarters of a Century Have- Known and Depended On Pillsbury ' s Best Flour Now " Enriched " with Important B-Vitamins and iron to Help Make a Healthier Nation From A Friend Moore Music Company C J. MADDOX, Prop. HIGH GRADE PIANOS MUSICAL MERCHANDISE Victor, Bluebird, Decca, Columbia and Okeh Records 111 W. College Ave. Telephone 1269 Tallahassee, Fla. ELINOR DOYLE ' S FLOWER SHOP WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE Flowers for All Occasions 202 SOUTH ADAMS STREET PHONE 767 TALLAHASSEE Member Telegraph Delivery Service We Telegraph Flowers WHERE SMART YOUNG SET SHOPS.... FURCHGOTT ' S JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Daffin Mercantile Company, Inc. S. A DAFFIN, President Wholesale Grocers TALLAHASSEE PANAMA CITY MARIANNA CALDWELL-MEGINNISS AND PARKER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Tallahassee, Florida JULIAN ALFORD ATTORNEY AT LAW Tallahassee, Florida DR. G. H. GARMANY PHYSICIAN Tallahassee, Florida DR. F. T. HOLLAND PHYSICIAN Tallahassee, Florida WELDON G. STARRY ATTORNEY AT LAW Tallahassee, Florida JOE A. EDMONDSON ATTORNEY AT LAW Tallahassee, Florida DOCTORS ANNIS AND ANDREWS PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS Tallahassee, Florida DR. W. A. DAVIS CHIROPODIST Tallahassee, Florida DR. D. I. RAINEY CHIROPRACTOR Tallahassee, Florida B. K. ROBERTS ATTORNEY AT LAW Tallahassee, Florida DR. TOM MOORE OPTOMETRIST Tallahassee, Florida WALTER T. MOORE ATTORNEY AT LAW Tallahassee, Florida APPRECIATION Be practical. Look at the thousands of little bits of thought and effort and work put into this book. See all of the personalities written into it. How can I possibly thank all of those who have helped to make it up? Listen closely and the annual will speak for itself. You may see in it: unlimited patience, trust and kind words Miss West, faculty advisor. artistic guidance and much-needed scoldings from . . . Miss Mooty, art advisor. excellent engravings, excellent advice, and an excellent personnel represented by Mr. Respess and Mr. Caldwell . . . Respess Engraving Co., Inc. fair weather, stormy weather, medium-sized weather — in fact, any old weather- friends . . . the Adams from Adams Studio. printing — good printing — which implies more than a machine. It implies Charles Rosenberg, Al Block, and Sam Rosenberg . . . Rose Printing Co. covers . . . standard Kingscraft quality. and have you forgotten the poor, worn, browbeaten editorial staff? How they have suffered and suffered again for you! amazing efficiency — look at all the ads portant, Mary Myers Alford. the business staff and most im- freshmen who have slaved unseen as assistants to assistants . . . thank you, Peggy Barfield, Jean Kneeland, Mary Louise Lopez, Jere Turner, and Geraldine Wimberly. unseen faces and unnamed hands too numerous to mention but too vital to omit. Thank you, unsung workers. And lastly, by custom, I shou ' d pass on to my successor, Marion Webster, kind words. May I break tradition and say instead happy staff-hunting, joyous contract-letting, and blithe deadlines. I know yours will be good. Sonia Mitchell, editor of 1941 FALASTACOWO Meals for All Tastes THE THREE TORCHES IO3 S. COPELAND PHONE 837 Banquet Reservations m i,l. . ? r? Tvl If,.. I i 4 JrV ' r J iS . fTlUli _-_ Wi «4 ■ ] i v » tNh ' frTfc . ll -» » • ' «• 1 . ic mtj JT«_« _»7» • ' • 4 • ! itMh " " »Wfj . 1? " it ' A »T ■ V.r.l i4 ai.

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