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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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■J c; -tli ii ' ' ' f ' ' •. ' «-= ' S? s ' : -«. !. - ' $ ' -1 % ■ ;r:, ' ' .; V ' -.S p? 71 2L. ' t--j. J n j fiu iA y - ,, S: ' ■ ' ■■ . ...ZM: ' :J?.. . % f- " y U ' i-ft ' n .ft (Aif ' .( A ' ' ' ' copyright Nineteen Hundred and Forty FLASTACOWO BY Jeanne Webster, Editor in Chief and Jeannette Litschgi, business CMcina er I I At. rv iK ., Miss Anna May Tracy TfEDICJLTIO ' ] To Miss Anna May Tracy, vho, for the past seventeen years, has given her services w iUingly and faithfully to assist in building a better school, v e dedicate this 1940 Flastacowo. She and her dreams are personified in the nevs Dining Hall. ' ' The moving fuller writes : and, having writ, Moves 0)1 : nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a line. Nor all your tears wash out a word of it. " Truly the moving finger writes your college days. For some it has almost finished the page; for others it is just beginning. What has been written can never be changed, nor can it ever be recaptured in the same way. This we do not attempt to do. We only offer the 1940 Flastacowo, hoping that on re-opening the book you will be brought back to Florida State College for Women and remember r 4 VV f CONTENTS Book I s Campus Views Administration and Faculty CJ asses Book II Organizations Honoraries Features Sororities Book III Sports Snapshots Advertisements :) ■ In the hills of Tallahassee . . . a complete com- munity within itself ... a school representing the best in Florida, . . . Girls from all over the state living together for four years . . . Lasting friend- ships built on common interests, hopes and ideals. The fountain and gates . . . offering the first warm welcome to freshmen . . . saying the last goodbye as the seniors drive aivay . . . the center of attrac- tion ivith icicles in January . . . The sesame of college life open wide to all who wish to enter. ' «»fgaWW ' ' ' ' »W»iWWWM ' I W)B ' ' WW»nirMff | lWl i l i M . M ' The neiv Dining Hall . . . Dedicated ivith a formal opening for each room . . . The 7 A. M. challenge to the neiu cafeteria breakfast . . . relaxation and comradeship familiar to all of us hut ever thrUling in this new setting. Bryan . . . the axis of our college life Dormitory roiv that stands staunch and impressive as a hattle- ment . . . Permanency in an ever changing life . . . watching all that come and go. ■ I if ' 1 IK s nil 8 •Ell B vv, g ss It » §; u IS St» ' P it ' fl Landis . . . the new dorm and the " country club " among dormitories . . . noisy smoking rooms . . . charming cluh room . . . croivded sun deck . . . the personification of the fun and wonder of a college girVs dream. „• ■ J ' ! ' i ' i ' .1- r Sunshine and shadows . , . dogwood and pines . . . groups gatltering between classes . . . convocation out early with whistles, calls and laughter ... a fit- ting background for the hearty spirit of Garnet and Gold. The Student Alumnae building at last . . . the dedieation tcj Rowena Longmire . . . The final unity of students ivho were, are and ivUl he . . . a symbol of ageless devotion to Alma Mater. " Up ivith the Bed and White " . . . " Hail to the Green and Gold . . . Odds and Evens in keen com- petition and clean play . . . Where sportsmanship is the password and where high ideals mean more than a high score. The main house at eaiup Flastaeoivo . . . a week- end-heaven . . . A million miles from hooks and ciass rooms, yet reaehed hi a ten minute ride . . . sivimming in the lake . . . lazying in a eanoe . . . exploring . . . fun at its highest peak. Tivilight on tJie lake among the cypress . . . drip- ping paddles and gliding canoes . . . ecJioing voices . . . stillness and peace in nature . . . Calmness as can he found only in a Cathedral. " 4-: 0k jlr i Governor Fred P. Cone Board of Control H. P. Adair, Chairman R. H. Gore N. B. Jordan Charles P. Helfenstein W. M. Palmer Page Twenty President Edward Conradi There is no greater and finer inspiration in all one ' s experience than to see young people consecrating themselves with courage and resolution and with the jine spirit of good will toward a proper imderstanding and appreciation of truth and of beauty, both in the cosmos and in the life of the spirit. Such consecration is the cardinal quality of a beautiful life; it is the very essence of the finer life of the spirit. Your co-operation and good will in building the finer life on this campus during your college days here gives us the faith that in the days to come you, will as good citiT ns, express your loyalty to the noblest and best always in terms of life. Edward Conradi Page Twenty-one Dr. Elizabeth Gordan Andrews Director of Personnel Simeon R. Doyle Registrar of the College John G. Kellum Business Manager of the College Elmer R. Smith Secretary to the Faculty Page Twenty-two Dr. William G. Dodd Demi of the College of Ai ' ts and Sciences Miss Ella Scoble Opperman Dea7i of the School of Music Dr. Olivia N. Dorman Dean of Students Dr. Margaret Sandels Dean of the School of Home Economics Dr. Ralph L. Eyman Dean of the School of Education Page Twenty-three iiMBindr ' nniiTi liwiiii fiiiniwii Department of Art Mary Mooty Beatrice Beyer Williams Wilma Wolfs Mary Elizabeth Crenshaw Department of Bacteriology and Botany Ruth Schornherst Mary Noka Hood Herman Kurz Alban Stewart Page Twenty-foiir Department of Classical Languages and Literature Ruth Fairman Edith Woodfin West Olivia N. Dorman Isabel McKinnell Department of Chemistry Gertrude Vermillion Leland Judson Lewis Jennie Tilt Page Twenty-five Demonstration School FacultyI r. l. goulding Ketty Benson Ernest Cason Blake Clark Ralph Donaldson Ruth Ellis Bush Ewing Ruth Pairman Kathleen Fletcher Ward Fletcher Inez Frink Hope Harrin J. B. Kelley Elizabeth Lancaster Donald Loucks Margaret McCurdie Marion Prior Dorothy Purse Maxine Putnam Dora Skipper Hazel Stephens Cecile Strong Thelma Tew Nina Mae Williams Department of Economics and Commerce Louella Richey Beulah Bell Briley Sadie Young Antoinette Guentner Ruth Bell Lucile Bass Royal Mattice Page Twenty-six Department of Education Ralph L. Eyman Mark H. DeGraff R. L. Goulding Marion Jewell Hay Murphy Roy Hinson Nita Pyburn Dora S. Skipper Department of English and Journalism Mary Bethel Alfriend Martha Chapman William G. Dodd Earl Vance Lou Whitfield Miller Betty Blanding Guy L. Diffenbaugh Hazel Stevenson Barbara Moorhead Carmen Rogers Olive Cross Myrtis Tureman Kurz Mildred Pay Henry Page Twenty-seven Department of History, Geography and Political Science Victoria Schuck Marion Irish Florence Tryon Henry Becker Kathryn Trimmer Abbey Annie Marie Popper Gladys Fawley Robert Cotterill Venila Shores Delmas Bugelli Department of Home Economics Helen Richey Margaret Sandels Eleanor Green Janet K. Smith Jennie Tilt Leila Venable Ruth Conner Rex Todd Withers Helen Gate Nina Mae Williams Page Twenty-eight Department of Hygiene Sarah Parker White j?p?;; ' i;. ' »jv-,X- -, ,T„f,s ' V« a«»r --Tx,:s;s itill llliti , I -3 f : , - lliililll liiiini ' Department of Industrial Arts Emily Pitman Wilburn Oval S. Harrison Bernice Deetz Sallie Williams Page Twenty-nine I Department of Library Science Virginia Alexander Edna Gordan Louise Richardson Clara Hayden Etta Matthews Hilda Moore Annie Lee Yates Henritta Howell Sarah Graham Prances Coykendall Frances Haynes Florence Bethea Department of Mathematics Olga Larson Elmer R. Smith Page Thirty Department of Modern Languages Myrtle Dolbee Mildred Finnegan Arthur Seymour IiUcy Lester Margie Burks Madelaine Postaire Margaret Campbell Dorothy Breen Marie Davis Department of Music Mary Meginniss Karl Ahrendt Ella Scoble Opperman Jean Compton Mary Winslow Walter Cowles Gladys Koch Cecile Strong Etta Robertson Mary Reeder Zadie Phipps Page Thirty-one I Department of Philosophy Anna Forbes Liddell Robert Miller Department of Physical Education Rebecca Averill Ruth Lehman Katherine Montgomery Hazel Stephens Grace Fox Marjorie Mayer Mary Settle Nellie-Bond Dickinson Page Thirty-two Department of Physics William N. Barrows, Jr. Elizabeth Lynn Harold P. Richards Department of Physiology Viola Graham Page Thirty-three Department of Psychology Louise Witmer Paul F. Finner Hugh Waskom Dorothy Rose Dishner Christian Paul Heinlein Elizabeth Gordan Andrews Christine Scarborough Department of Sociology Raymond Bellamy Margaret C. Bristol Frederick Hanover Coyle Moore Paul Shankweiler Page Thirty-four Department of Speech Kemper Martin Moore Elizabeth Thomson Mary H. Buford Margaret Wyly Department ot Zoology EzDA Mae Deviney Mildred Irene Boliek Page Thirty-five llll ' 11111:1111 ' I Social Directors Director of Besidence Directors of Bryan Ball Directors of Gilchrist Hall . Directors of Jennie Mnrphree Hall Directors of Landis Hall Directors of Beynolds Hall Housekeepers Night Assistants .... Miss Maude A. Flowers Miss Anne F. Pope Mes. Margaret Saynor Miss Clara Geise Mrs. Melanie Turner Miss Kathleen Geuppe Miss Georgia McGorkle Miss Katherine Byrd Miss Rose Denham Miss Mary Boatwright Miss Ida Rowan Miss Josephine Levey Miss Lollie Wimberly Miss Eva Bellinger Mrs. Beulah Rivers Page Thirty -six Faculty Edward Conradi, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D. Kathryn Trimmer Abbey, A.M.. Ph.D. Karl Ahrendt, B.M., M.M. Virginia Alexander, A.B. and A.B. in L.S. Mary Bethell Alfriend, M.S. Elizabeth Gordon Andrews, Ph.D. Rebecca Averill, M.A. Lanas Spurgeon Barber, M.A. William Morton Barrow, Jr., M.Sc. Ph.D. LuciLE Grider Bass Henry Floyd Becker, M.S. Clarine Belcher, M.S., Ruth Estella Bell, M.A. Raymond Bellamy, A.M., Ph.D. Florence Bethea, A.B. Sarah Elizabeth Blanding, M.A. Mildred Irene Boliek, M.A., Ph.D. Dorothy Lois Reeves Breen, A.M., Ph.D. Beulah Belle Briley, M.S., M.A.. Ph.D. Margaret C. Bristol, M.A. Mary Hollingsworth Buford, A.B. Delmas Alfred Bugelli, M.S. Margie Burks, M.A., Ph.D. Margaret Virginia Campbell, M.A. Lillian Caroline Canfield, M.A. Ernest Wesley Cason, M.A. Helen Dorothy Cate, M.S. Martha Gertrude Chapman, M.A. Charles Henry Clark, M.A. Jeanne Coleman Compton, B.M., A.B. Ruth Connor, A.M., Ph.D. Robert Spencer Cotterill, M.A., Ph.D. Walter Ruel Cowles, A.B., Miis.B. Frances Jane Coykendall, B.A., B.S. in L.S. Mary Elizabeth Crenshaw, M.A. Olive Hardwick Cross, M.A. Marie Davis, M.A. Hazel Bernice Deetz, B.S. in Fine and Applied Arts Mark H. DeGraff, M.A., Ph.D. EzDA May Deviney, M.S., Ph.D. Nellie-Bond Dickinson, M.A. Guy Linton Diffenbaugh, M.A., Ph.D. Dorothy Rose Disher, M.A., Ph.D. William George Dodd, A.M.. Ph.D. Myrtle Elizabeth Dolbee, M.A. Ralph Floyd Donaldson, B.S. Olivia Nelson Dorman, A.M.. Ph.D. Maragaret Whitney Dow, B.A., B.M., F.A.G.O. Simeon Robert Doyle, M.A. Ruth DeGraaf Ellis, M.A. Bush Norris Ewing, B.S. Ralph Lee Eyman, Ed.D. Ruth Elizabeth Fairman, A.M. Gladys Fawley, S.M. Mildred Finnegan, M.A. Paul Frederick Finner, A.M., Ph.D. Kathleen Graham Fletcher, B.A., B.S. in L.S. Ward Thomas Fletcher, M.Ed. Maude Alice Flowers, A.B. in Commerce Grace Imogene Fox, M.A. Inez Frink, M.S. Edna Crittenden Gordon, A.B., B.S. in L.S. Robert Lee Goulding, Ph.D. Sara Graham, A.B. Viola Graham, M.A., M.S., Ph.D. Eleanor V. Green, M.A. Antoinette Louise Guentner, B.S. in Commerce Frederick J. Hanover, M.A. Hope Harrin, M.A. Oval Stanley Harrison, M.A. Marion Jewell Hay, M.A.. Ph.D. Clara Rider Hayden, B.S. in Education Frances Field Haynes, A.B. Christian Paul Heinlein, Ph.D. Mildred Fay Henry, M.A. Sarah Herndon, M.A.. M.R.E. Murphy Roy Hinson, M.A., Ph.D. Ethyl Holloway, B.S. in H-ome Economics Mary Noka Hood, M.A. Henrietta Howell, B.S. in L.S., M.A. Frances Moore Hughes Marian Doris Irish, M.A., Ph.D. William Harry Joubert, M.A. Jerry B. Kelley, A.B. John Gabriel Kellum Mary Ellen Keown, M.S. Gladys Olive Koch, A.B., M.M. Betty Barker Komarek, B.S. in Education Herman Kurz, M.S., Ph.D. Elizabeth Tyler Lancaster, M.A. Oiga Larson, M.A. Ruth Evelyn Lehman, B.S. Lucy Lester, A.M. Leland Judson Lewis, A.M., Ph.D. Anna Forbes Liddell, M.A., Ph.D. Hugh Donald Loucks, A.B. Edith Elizabeth Lynn, M.A. Etta Lane Matthews, B.A. Royal Mattice, M.A. Marjorie Mae Mayer, A.M. Margaret A. S. McCurdie, B.S. in Education Ruby McDavid Edna Mae McIntosh, M.S. Mary Helen McKean, M.A. Isabel McKinnell, M.S. Mary Murphree Meginniss, A.B., B.M. Lou Egerton Whitfield Miller, M.A. Robert Daniel Miller, Ph.D. Katherine Williams Montgomery, M.A. Robert Gary Moon, M.A. Frederick Clifton Moor, A.B., M.D., F.A.C.P. Claudia March Moore, B.S. CoYLE Ellis Moore, M.S., Ph.D. Hilda Elizabeth Moore, A.B., A. B.L.S. Kemper Martin Moore, M.A. Virginia Pearl Moore Mary Elizabeth Mooty, M.A. Barbara Morehead, M.A. Velma Ooton, A.B. in Education Ella Scoble Opperman, A.B., M.M. Zadie Lillian Phipps, B.M. Anne F. Pope, M.A. Annie Marie Therese Popper, M.A., Ph.D. Madeleine Postaire, B.A. Marion Hamilton Prior, A.B. in Education Dorothy Purse, M.A. Maxine Shaneth Putman, M.A. Nita Katherine Pyburn, M.A., Ph.D. Mary Emily Reeder, B.M. William Burns Renfrow, Jr., M.A., Ph.D. Harold Frederic Richards, M.A., Ph.D. Louise Richardson, A.M. Helen Lenore Richay, M.S. Mary Luella Richey, M.A., C.P.A. Etta Lucile Robertson Carmen Rogers, Ph.D. William Hudson Rogers, M.A.. Pli.D. Nathaniel Moss Salley, Litt.D. Margaret Rector Sandels, M.A., Ph.D. Christine Bryan Scarborogh, M.S. Ruth Olive Schornherst, M.S. Victoria Schuck, A.M., Ph.D. Owen Frink Sellers, B.M. Lucy Belle Settle, M.A. Mary Brandon Settle, M.A. Arthur Romeyn Seymour, M.L., Ph.D., D.Litt. Paul Walbert Shankweiler, M.A., Ph.D. Venila Lovina Shores, M.A.. Ph.D. Anna Mae Sikes, B.S. Dora Sikes Skipper, M.S. Elmer Riggs Smith, A.M. Janet Katherine Smith, A.M. Hazel Royall Stephens, B.S. Hazel Allison Stevenson, M.A, .Ph.D. Alban Stewart, A.M., Ph.D. Emma A. Stilwell, M.A. Cecile Strong, B.M. Thelma Pearl Tew, M.Ed. Sarah Elizabeth Thomson. A.B. Isabelle Thursby Jennie Tilt, M.S.. Ph.D. Anna May Tracy, Ph.D. Florence Reno Tryon, M.A. Earl Lynn Vance, A.M. Leila Venable, A.M. Gertrude Vermillion, M.A. Mary Katherine Warren, M.A. Hugh Lee Waskom, A.M., Ph.D. Edith Woodfin West, A.M. Sarah Parker White, M.A., M.D., Ph.D. Emily Pitman Wilburn, B.L. Beatrice Beyer Williams, B.S., B.A.E., M.A. Nina Mae Williams, B.S. Sallie Williams, M.A. Mary Esther Winslow, M.M. Rex Todd Withers, A.B. Louise R. Witmer, Ph.D. Wilma Diana Wolfs, A.M. LuLA Margaret Wyly, B.S. Annie Lee Yates, A.B. Sadia Gertrude Young, M.A. Page Thirty-seven 3n ;0lemoriam Miss Selma Ramona Jorgenson January iij igii May J, jpip Page Thirty-eight r n r t r " . r ' ,,mm ' J0- ' 0mm ' ' mk jPp iip Senior Class Officers Presirlent Elizabeth Anne Webb Vice-President Chaelotte Baetless Secretary Dailia Cueran Treasurer Joan Miller Parliamentarian Jeannette Litschgi Atheletic Manager Mary Collins Feances Slade Representatives to Senate Bettie Young Page Forty Lillian Alderdice - Amelia Avant 940 Page Forty-one 1940 Tessie Backman Martha Baxter . Page Forty-two Iris Bell A 7 ' M Bertha Bloodworth Jamie Brown 1940 Page Forty-three 1940 Martha Broyles . % Rose Mary Carlton Page Forty-four Mary Phillips Chalker 940 i Minna Dennis Page Forty-five 940 Louise DeVore I Caroline Edwards Viola Ellis Page Forty-six Junne Evans ' -fi Lillian Fleet 940 Page Forty-seven Lucile Flow 1940 Camilla Gillette Page Forty-eight Alma Godwin K Evelyn Greer Florence Gregory 940 Page Forty-nine I940 Mary Glenn Grimes Donna Haney % Eleanor Hocker Page Fifty Marjorie Hornbeak Nancy Horney d M Josephine James 1940 Page Fifty-one 1940 Marie Jeneau rM Cleo Kemp Page Fifty-two Anne Kennedy 1 Audrey Knowles 1940 Page Fifty-three Janet Kunneg W A " Hazel Lacey ' ' . m 940 Margaret Lingo Page Fifty -four Henrietta Lisk - Ernestine Makemson 1940 Page Fifty-five I940 Virginia Makemson Ilia Maki ■y Yvonne Marchesseau 5 A Jeanne Mankes Dorothy Manning y:M M Betty Markham . V» Louise Mathews Page Fifty -six Isla McCann - , Ida May McClain Peggy Meacham Marjorie Means 1940 Page Fifty-seven Clara Meisch 1940 Virginia Milton . % Eleanor Miller Marjorie Morrison Page Fifty-eight Pauline Morrow , Mary Olive Overman 1940 Page Fifty -nme 1940 Alice Park Page Sixty Gladys Peacock Cynthia Pearlman % Kathryn Powell 1940 Page Sixty-one I Newrie Powell . t!k 940 Louise Rice Page Sixty-two Evelyn Rickman Mary Margaret Rinck Margaret Rodgers 1940 Page Sixty-three Norma Rodriguez 1940 Ruth Rogers Julia Rosser 5 ' t . V Muryl Roland Voncile Rudolph Page Sixty-four Ruth Sanderson 1940 W ' Mary Skevakis Page Sixty-five Frances Slade 1940 Dorothy Steele Page Sixty-six Jean Steffee 1 Martha Tatom 1940 Page Sixty-seven I940 Lillian Taylor Louise Thrasher . Wk Page Sixty-eight Harriette Tobin Lillian Usher 1940 Page Sixty-nine Louise Usher 1940 Margaret Vogt Page Seventy Lavine Voss 3 Marie Wells 1940 Page Seventy-one Hazel Wilkerson 1940 Edna Wilson Page Seventy-two Daphne Wilson 1940 Wilma Young -x- Page Seventy-three 195 ' ' ' dM»« -ol " ' V » ' ol Y flie ' fi " ' , VO " Sv - of 3V» " l 0 : Vio ' it ior?« tVt " vn£ so ' - rt V. o ■ nVs j I a ' 7coI»« tVi» jo " - ?,!;. ( t 6«° ' xi»r li-v Vt 6 .f d 1= jV " » toT V? sv$£5 Cot»e ' ' ' 8 ,a»5 »»» Y et i ' ' Tee Vc»- ne. tVO A v l, . 6» tne , .tVie Ifc for Soro r-VtS -P6 . : ' rt ° „..uva vt tSVC s;o t.o ' S t,t e ►.et ° ' " . of tVC .V: e° o 5 , ' ll tX o Vti6- ■D i8 l.te_ jn cV- (,■£0 ' BoibP vne. 3 io von -g ' i- .tiner , elVo VO iS jVsti- .-r i " oil- tvcs ' ,Ver c ,i-e ' ' ' ° kli feel « i.o6 r.ane rVo i ' .3 " , ' ' 7: ' B-i Vnf 5 UlOP ' ' ' aila ' i- ' •e. BTi ae ■E ' ne ' ' - fflV ivt-J .Vce ne P= tVine JlT «no P ' :..EffiP cBtn Ut ful- ZO-J -xe T " e . viYi-J Vfi sr 1 Vful SeeT ' - " oUt ■£» i-W :5o-ss vvf i " . " tato V titi Bet ul .1 eVP ' S ne glB bB toUer T.VlJ pertV- it mus ' f ixn 3lff " ' upP ' .Cl8 ' sVr e of •i .eep Page Seventy-four List of Seniors and Activities Doris Ione Anderson Palm Beach, Florida B.S. in Social Stu(lic! Alpha Xi Delta Gloe Club 3, 4 ; Sociology Club 3 ; Luther Leasiic Oisanization at F.S.C.W. ; At North- ern State Tenthers College In So. Dak., 1, 2, 3 : Masquers I, 2 : German Club 1. 2 : .Tumor Class Social Chairman 3; Howling Echo ], 2, 3. Beatrice Arnold Opa-Locka, Florida A.B. in Education Home Economics Club 1, 2; 4-H Club 1. 2, 3. 4. Constance Ash Miami, Florida B.S. in Chemistry Kappa Alpha Theta Sophomore Council 2 ; Junior member anil Secretary of Judiciary 3 ; Senior representa- tive to Judiciary 4: F Club: Captain Even Volleyball Team 3 ; Even Volleyball Team 2, 3, 4 ; Even Tennis Team 3, 4 : Even Tennis Leader 2 : Wlios Who 4 ; Chairman Sopho- more-Senior Hreakfast 2 : Chairman Junior- Senior Kid Party 3 ; Senior Hall 4 ; Social Committee 4 ; Esteren 2, 3, 4. Amelia Avant Miami, Florida B.M. Kappa Alpha Theta Glee Club 2, 3, 4 : Usher Committee 3 : Glee Club Ensemble 2, 3, 4. Tessie Theres-v Backman Delray Beach, Florida B.S. in Cheuiistnj and Teacher ' s De- gree in General Science Program Chairman of 4-H Club : Senior Hall 4 ; Freshman Counselor 3 : Secretary of Summer School Council ; Y. W. C. A. Mamie Ruth Baggott Panama City, Florida B. ' S. in Commerce Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 2 ; Sophomore Council 2 : Baptist Student Council 1, 3. 4 ; House Chairman 3 : Lower Court 3 ; Chairman of Residence Halls Committee 4 ; Senate 4 ; Judiciary 4 ; Who ' s Who 4 ; International Re- lations Club 3 ; 4-H Club 2 ; Torch Night 2 ; Co-Chairman of Youth Conference 4. Sue Baker Tallahassee, Florida B.S. in Arts and Sciences Chairman of Program Committee 3 ; So- ciology Club 3, 4. Martha Ballenger Lakeland, Florida A.B. Kappa Delta Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Ethel Marion Barnard (Dayde) St. Petersburg, Florida B S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4 ; Y.M.C.A. 1. Josephine Barone Tampa. Florida A.B. in Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Italian Club 2, 3. Betty Bartholf Jacksonville, Fl.orida B.M. in Puhlie School Music Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Tarpon Club 4 ; President Glee Club 4 ; Freshman Counselor 3 ; Sophomore Council 3 ; Senior Hall 4. Mabel Sieber Bennett Miami, Fhjrida A.B. Pi Beta Phi German Club 1, 2 ; Torch Night 2 ; Flam- beau Staff 2, 3, 4 ; Associate Editor Flam- beau 4 ; Intramurals 2, 3, 4 ; Press Club 4 ; Alpha Chi Alpha 3, 4. Mrs. Geraldine Albritton Beock Tallahassee, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega (Inactive). Omicrou Nu (Home Economics Honor Society) 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2 ; 4-H Club 1, 2 ; Clas- sical Club 1 ; Y.W.C.A. 1. Lena Margaret Bischoff Jacksonville, Florida B.S. in Arts and Sciences (Transfer from Shorter College — 1937) Transfer Counselor 4 : Sec.-Treas. Senior Hall 4. Bertha Ernestine Bloodworth Gainesville, Florida A.B. in Journalism President Chi Delta Phi 4 ; Alpha Chi Alpha 4 : Distaff Staff 2, 3, 4 : Flambeau reporter 2, 3 ; Flambeau News Editor 3. Grace Brewer Maitland, Florida B. S. in Commerce Theta ITpsilon Flambeau reporter 4. Jamie Brown Bunnell, Florida B.S. in Commerce Delta Delta Delta Torch Night 1 ; Chairman of Orchestra Committee for Sopliomore Hop 2 ; Treasurer of Chapter 3, 4. Martha Broyles Umatilla, Florida B.S. Kappa Alpha Theta French Club 2 ; Even Demonstration 3 ; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Thelma Butler Bradenton. Florida A.B. in Education Senior Hall 4 ; Freshman Counselor 3 ; Geography Club 3. Hope Campbell Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.S. in Commerce Astronomy Club 1, 2. Rose Mary Carlton Zolfo Springs, Florida B.S. in Arts and Sciences Y.W.C.A. 1 ; Methodist Council 2, 3, 4 : Financial Committee for Religious Emphasis Week 4 ; Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish honorary 3 ; Vice-president of Sigma Delta Pi 4 : Senior Hall 4. Mary Cochran St. Petersburg, Florida A.B. in Education Alpha Gamma Delta Astronomy Club 1. 2, 3 ; President of Astronomy Club 3; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Fi-esh- man Counselor 3. Carolyn Collins Umatilla, Florida B.S. in Commerce Delta Delta Delta President of Delta Delta Delta 4 : Tarpon Club 2, 3, 4 : Swimming Team (Eyen) 2, 3, 4 : Life Saving Corps 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Even Dem- onstration 1, 2, 3 ; Chairman programs Demonstration 3 ; Chairman programs Ju- nior Minstrels 2 ; Junior Minstrels 2 ; M. S. O. Council 1, 2 ; Fealty 2 ; Parliamentarian Junior Class 3 ; Chairman Decorations Soph- omore Hop 2. Mary Collins Umatilla, Florida B.S. Delta Delta Delta Class Athletic Manager 2, 4 : Secretary of W.A.A. 3 : Torch Night 2, 3 ; Intramural Board 3 ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 2 ; Even Demon- stration 2, 3, 4 : F Club 2. 3, 4 ; Even Swimming Team 2 : Even Hockey Team 2 ; Tarpon Club 2, 3; President Tarpon Club 4 ; Even Badminton Leader 4 ; Life Savings Corps 1, 2, 3, 4. Jennie Laura Cox Gainesville, Florida A.B. Classical Club 1 : Odd Basketball 3, 4. DaILIA I. CURRAN Merrit, Florida B.S. in Commerce Secretary Senior Class 4 ; Social Commit- tee 4. Shirley Weston Davis Okeechobee, Florida B.S. in Education Senior Hall 4 ; Kappa Delta Pi 4 ; Episco- pal Student Vestry 4 ; Freshman Counselor 3. Minna S. Dennis Tampa, Florida B.S. in Dietetics Pi Beta Phi Off-Campus Committee 4 ; Home Ec. Club 3. 4. Louise Elizabeth Douglass Lake Worth, Florida B.S. in Commerce Transfer from Palm Beach Junior College 1, 2 ; Astronomy Club 3 ; 4-H Club 3, 4. Polly Douglas Welaka, Florida Senior Hall 4 ; Alpha Chi Alpha 4. Gene Dunn Gainesville, Florida B.S. in Commerce Y.W.C.A. 1, 2 ; Auditing Committee 3 ; Chairman Auditing Committee 4; Senate 4 ; Budget Committee 4. Page Seventy-five Kathryn Amelia Eckles Ocoee. Florida A.B. ill Education Mortar Board Plaque for 20 highest Freshmen : Phi Alpha Tlieta 3, 4 : Kappa Delta Pi 4 : Junior Minstrel ' s 4. Caroline Edwards Taiupa, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Torch Night 2 : Even Tienionstration 3 : Klastacowo Staff 3 : Chairman Committee on Campus Organizations 4 ; Senate 4. Martha Fain Havana. Florida A.M. in Ediicdtidii 4-H dull. Prances Parmer Tampa. Florida B.S. in Education Y.W.C.A. ]. 2. 3. 4; B.S.TJ. Council 4: Senior Hall 4 : Kappa Delta Pi 4. Rosalie Peinberg Lake Wales. Florida A.B. in Education Delta Phi Epsiloii Pi Delta Phi 4 ; Jewish Women ' s Organi- zation, secretary 2. WiLDA Marshburn Finlayson Tampa, Florida A.B. in Education Chi Omesa Mary Sahoy Finney I ' anama City, Florida B.8. in, Commerce Alpha Omicron Pi Torch Night 1 ; Treasurer of A. O. Pi 2, 3 : Vice-Presiilent A. O. Pi 3. Pauline Flake Quinc.v, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 2 ; Treasurer of Y.W.C. A. 3 ; Freshman Counselor 3 ; President of Wesley Foundation 4 : Pi Delta Phi 4. Lillian Fleet Live Oak. Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Delta Phi Epsilon Senior Hall 4 ; Freshman Counselor 4 : Vice President of Sociology Club 4 : Religi- ous Worker ' s Council 3, 4 ; President of Jewish Women ' s Organization 3, 4. Alice Lucile Flow DeFuniak vSpriiigs, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Social Committee 2 ; M.S.O. Council 3, 4 ; Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4 ; Freshman Counselor 4 ; Floor Chairman 2. Kitty Browne Ford Crescent City. Florida A.B. in Education Freshman-Even Demonstration 1 : Swim- ming Team 1 ; Sophomore-Even Volleyball Team 2 ; Junior Even Soccer Team 3 : Sen- ior Even Volleyball team 4 : Even Soccer team (leader) 4 ; Member of Baptist Council 4 ; Archery Intramural Leader 4. May Belle Ford St. Petersburg, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 4; Senior Hall 4. Pearl Elizabeth Gay Hawthorne, Florida A.B. in Education Phi Mil Torch Night 1 ; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Harriett Ellen Gill St. Petersburg, Florida B.S. in Commerce Alpha (ianinia Delta International Relations Club 3, 4 ; Tally Troopers 3 ; House Chairman 4 ; Life Sav- ing Corps 3, 4 : Intramurals 3, 4 ; transfer from St. Peterslmrg Junior College 1, 2. Camilla Gillette West Palm Beach. Floi ' ida A.B. Zeta Tau Alpha Freshman Counselor 3 ; Senior Hall 4. Amelia Gordy Gainesville. Florida B.S. in Commerce Chi Omega Even Demonstration 1 ; Cotillion Club 2. 3. 4 : Adertising staff of Flastacowo 3 : Edi- torial staff of Flastacowo 3 ; Chairman of Dance Committee 3; President of Coiillion 4 ; Chairman of Social Committee 4 ; Even Demonstration 4 ; Even Basketball Team 4. Katherine McCreery Graham Tampa. Florida B.S. in Commerce President of College Covernment Associa- tion 4 ; Mortar Board 4 : WIio ' s Who AuKing Students in American Fniversities and Col- leges 4 ; First Vice-President of C. G. A. 3 ; Junior-Senior Prom Court 3 ; Secretary of C.G.A. 2 ; Sophomore Council 2 ; President of Freshman class 1 ; Esteren 1, 2, 3, 4. Betty Graves (, niiicy. Florida B.M. in Piano Alpha Delta Pi Village Vamps 2. 3, 4 ; American Guild of Organists 3, 4 : Even Demonstration 1. Florence Gregory Tallahas.see. Florida A.B. in iSociolo(jy Editor of Distaff 4 ; Mortar Board 3. 4 Chi Delta Phi 3, 4 ; B.S.U. Council 3, 4 Chairman of Day Student Orientation 3 Freshman Counselor 3 : Flambeau Key 2 Flambeau Feature Editor 2. Mary Glenn Grimes Palmetto, Florida A.B. Alpha Gamma Delta Junior Minstrels 3 : Tally Troopers 3 : Advertising Blanager Flambeau 4 ; Life Sav- ing Corps 3, 4 ; Flambeau staff 2, 3, 4. Marion Grinnell Tampa. Florida B.A. Alpha Delta Pi Treasurer of class 1, 2 ; Vice-President Junior class ; Chairman of costumes Even Demonstration 3 ; Fealty 1 : Torch Night 1, 2 ; Home Economics Clubs 3. 4. Jean Margaret Hampton Bradenton, Florida A.B. i)i Education Marie Agnes Hampton La Belle. Florida B.S. in Education Donna Haney New Smyrna, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Orchestra 2, 3, 4 ; F Club 3, 4 ; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Freshman Coun- selor 3 ; Senior Hall 4 ; Presbyterian Stu- dent League Council, Y.W.C.A. 1 ; German Club. Mildred (Mickey) Hearon De Sota City, Florida B.S. in Education College Orchestra 1. 2 : Campus Swing Orchestra Leader 1. 4 ; Ping Pong Intra- murals Leader 3 : Volleyball class game 1. 2 ; Soccer Even Team and class team 2. 3 : May Day 3 : Trumpeter Junior Senior Prom 2 : Modern Dance group 4. Reba Henry Wabasso. Florida A.Ji. in Education Senior Hall 4. Eleanor Hocker Orlando. Florida A.B. Alpha Xi Delta Home Economics Club 1; French Club 1. 2 : Social Chairman 2, 3, 4 : Treasurer of Luther League 3 ; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3 ; Light Chairman Even Demonstration 4 ; Vice Pres- ident Alpha Xi Delta 4: member of Social Committee for Religious Emphasis Week, 4. Nancy Trotter Horney Gainesville, Florida A.B. Chi Omega Freshman counsellor 3. Natalee Houchard St. Petersburg Florida B.S. in Nutyition Alpha Gamma Delta Torch Night 1: Astronomy Club 1. 2: Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Senior Hall 4. ZoNiRA Ella Hunter Crescent City, Florida B.S. in Commerce Y. " W.C.A. 1, 2: Baptist Student Union 1. 2 3, 4 : Freshman Counselor 3 : Floor Chair- man 3 : Astronomy Club 2, 3. 4 ; Chairman Telescope Team. Astronomy Club 3 ; Presi- dent Astronomy Cluli 4 ; Senior Hall 4. Evelyn Hussey (Jainesville. Florida B.S. in. Commerce Chi Omega Torch Night 1 : Fealty 1 ; Y.W.C.A. 1 ; German Club 2. Betty Jane Ja o Loughman. Florida Torch Night 1. 2; Make-up chairman for Fealtv 3 : for Even Demonstration 3. 4 ; for .Tunior Minstrels 2 ; Lights committee of Junior Minstrels 2 : Astronomy Club 1. 2 ; Make-up committee May Day 3 ; D.A.R. 2, 3, 4 : Senior Hall 4 ; Usher committee 3 : Zeta Phi Eta 3, 4 ; Vice-president of Zeta Phi Eta 4. Anita Jaeckel West Palm Beach, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Even Demonstration 1 : Sophomore Coun- cil 2 : member of Social Committee 2, 3 ; Esteren 3, 4 : member of Off-Campus Com- mittee 3 ; Secretary-Treasurer of Panhel- lenie 3 : Chairman of Fealty 3 ; Delegate to Model Congress, Washington, D. C. 3 ; Torch Night 1, 2, 3 ; President of Panhellenic 4 ; Zeta Phi Eta 4 ; Who ' s Who 4. Anna Josephine James Key West, Florida B.S. in Arts and Sciences Transfer, Georgetown Visitation Junior College, Washington, D. C. 1, 2 ; Newman Club 3, 4. Page Seventy-six Marjorie Robertson Jessup Jacksonville, Florida A.B. in Arts ond Sciences Delta Delta Delta. Sophomore Council 2 : Representative to Senate 2 : Social Commit- tee 2 ; Torcli Night 2 ; Esteren 2, 3, 4 ; Flastacowo staff 2 ; Cheerleader 2, 3 ; I.IJ. C. ; Chairman N.S.F.A. 3 ; Delegate to N.S. F.A. Convention 3 ; Chairman of .Tudieiary 4 : Mortar Board 4 : Junior-Senior Prom Court 4 ; Who ' s Who Among College Stu- dents 4. Ena Faye Jett Tampa, Floi-idn Zeta Tan Alpha Torch Night 1 : Astronomy Club 1 ; Pan Hellenic Council 3, 4 : Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 : Religious Emphasis Week Committee 4 ; President of ZTA 4. Prances Edmundson Johnston Tallahassee. Florida A.J), in Education Delta Delta Delta Torch Night 1; Intramurals 2, 3. 4; Ex- tra-curricular basketball, volleyball, tennis 1. 2, 3. Jessie Springer Keeler Tampa, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Virginia Louise Kehr Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.S. in Commerce Alpha Gamma Delta Transfer from Antioch College 1, 2; Ger- man Club 3; Y.W.C.A. 3; Editcr ;ind Li- brarian of sorority 4. Cleo Delores Kemp Key AVest, Florida A.B. in Education Harriet Elizabeth Kent Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Torch Night 2 ; Fealty 1 ; Even Demon- stration 3 ; Sophomore Council 2 : Chair- man .Junior Minstrels 3 ; Budget committee 3, 4 ; Freshman Counselor 3 : Pi Delta Phi 4. Rose Amanda Kirby Winter Haven, Florida B.8. in Education Kappa Delta Pi 4 : Glee Club omy Club 4 : Senior Hall 4. Astron- Catherine Bethune Kirby-Smith Sewanee, Tennessee B.8. in Education Even Hockey team 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Even Base ban 2 ; Even volleyball team 4 : F Club : Astronomy Club 1. 2 ; Episcopal Student Vestry 2. 3 ; Off Campus Committee 3 : Senior Hall ; Life Saving Corps 2, 3, 4 : Even Hockey Leader 4 ; Vice-President Phys- ical Education Association 3. Dorothea Kloeppel Jacksonville. Florida B. ' S. in Commerce Freshman Honor Plaque : Sophomore Council ; German Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Class Representative to Senate 3 ; Freshman Counselor 3 ; Esteren 3, 4 : Mortar Board 4 ; Freshman Adviser 4 : Planning Commit- tee for Youth Conference 4 ; Who ' s Who Among Students 4 : Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 3 : Senior Hall 4 ; President of Luther League 4 ; Executive Council of the Florida Student Government Association 4. Janet E. Kunneg St. Augustine, Florida B.S ' . in Commerce Freshman Counselor 3 ; Usher Committee 3. Hazel Marjorie Lacey Boynton, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Glee Club 3 ; 4-H Club 3 ; M.S.O. Organ- ization 3 ; Senior Hall 4 ; Home Economics Club 2. Eunice Marie Lasche Umatilla, Florida B.S ' . in. Arts and Sciences Classical Club 1 ; German Club 2 ; I.R.C. 4 ; Senior Hall 4 ; Phi Beta Kappa 4 ; Gam- ma Sigma Epsilon 4 ; Sigma Delta Pi 4. Mary Alice Lester Jacl sonville, Florida .L . in Elementari) Education Pi Beta I ' hi President International Relations Cluli Kappa Delta Pi 4 ; Even Demonstration 1 : Torch Night 1. Betty Shepard Lindsey Quincy, Florida A.B. i)i Arts a)id Sciences Aliiha Delta Pi Sarah Lines (Jnincy, Florida .1. . in Education Phi Mu Even Demonstration ' ■ 3 : Speech Productions 2. 3, 4. .Junior Minstrels 4: Y.W.C.V. 1, Margaret Lingo Dayti na Beach, Florida B.S. in Mathematics Sigma Delta Pi 4 ; historian 4 ; Astron- omy Club 3, 4 ; Senior Hall 4. Henrietta S. Lisk Ft. McCay, Florida 4-H Club 3, 4 ; Classical Club 1 ; Astron- omy Club 4. Jeannette Litschgi Tampa, Flori la B.S. in Commerce Kappa Delta Even Demonstration 1 : Flastacowo 2, 3, 4 ; Advertising Manager 3 ; Business Man- ager 4 : Sophomore-Senior Breakfast 2 : Prom Committee 3 ; Esteren 3, 4 ; Vice President 4 : Vice Chairman Bryan 2 ; I ' sher Committee 3 ; Senior Hall ; Parlia- mentarian Senior Class ; Who ' s Who. Louise Sainte George Lourcey New Smyrna, Florida B.A. Beta Phi Alpha Astronomy Club 1, 2, 3 : Y.W.C.A. 1, 3, 4. Ella Dell Lovelace A.B. in History Transfer. Ada Irene LyBarker Daytona Iteadi. Florida BjS. in Home Ecouinnicx Sigma Kappa Home Economics Clul) Sigma Kappa 4. Vice-president Avis Lyman Lantana, Florida A.B. in Education Astronomy Club 1, 2 ; Freshman Coun- selor 3 ; M.S.O. Council 3, 4 ; Floor Chair- man 4. Carmen Lytal West Palm Beach, Florida A.B. in Education Torch Night 1 ; Fealty 2 : Even Basket- liall 1, 2, 3, 4 : ,Tuiiior Minstrels 3, 4 ; Dance Chairman .Junior Minstrels 4 ; Modern Dance Group 2, 3; Even Demonstration 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Athletic Miin ager 3 ; Vice-president 4. Patricia Jo Anne Mack Tallahassee, Florida B.S. in Education W.A.A. ; .Junior Minstrels 1, 2 ; Modern Dance Group 2, 3 ; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4 : Women ' s P.E. Association. Ernestine Makemson Fort Lauderdale. Fliii-id;i A.B. Sophomore Council 2 : F Club 2, 3, 4 ; Tarpon Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Co-Chairmau Hand- book Committee 3 ; Even Swimming Leader 2, 3, 4 ; Pi Delta Phi 4 ; Sigma Delta Pi 4. Virginia Makemson Fort Lauderchile. Florida -1.7?. Sophomore Council ; Even Swimming Leader 2, 3, 4 ; Co-Chairman Handbook Committee 3 ; Tarpon Club 3, 4 : Senior Hall 4 ; Sigma Delta Pi 3, 4 ; I ' resident 4 : Pi Delta Phi. Illa Helen Maki IMant City, Florida B.S. i)i Ho)nc Eeono)nics Orchestra 2 ; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Historian 4 ; .Junior Minstrels 3 : Even Demonstration 3 : Modern Dance Group 3 ; May Day 3 ; Intramural Basketball 3 : Senior Hall. Jeanne Mankes Peekskill, X. Y. B (tell dor of Art. ' Delta Phi Epsilon I.R.C. ; Life Saving Corps ; Music Appre- ciation Club ; Even Demonstration 4 ; May Day 3. Dorothy Manning ( ' r( ' st ie v. Florida ..s ' . in Home Economics Freshmen Carnival 1; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Home Economics 1, 2. 3, 4 ; French Club 2 ; Even Demonstration 2 ; Senior Hall 4. Betty Jane Markham St. Petersburg, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Transfer St. Petersburg .Junior College 1. 2 ; Transfer Counselor 4 ; Orientation Com- mittee 4 ; I.R.C. 3 : Senior Hall 4. Marion Martin A.B. in Education Yvonne MARCHESSEm Jacksonville, Florida B.S. Esteren 2, 3, 4 ; President 4 : F Club 2, 3, 4 : Tarpon Club ; Vice-President : Physi- cal Education Association : President 4 : Senior Representative to Judiciary 4 ; Win- ner Freshman Swimming Meet ; Even Swim- ming, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 : Captain Tennis : Leader Baseball ; Life .Saving Corps ; Torch Night 1 ; Dining Hall Committee ; Intramu- ral Board; W.A.A. Board; Playnight Com- mittee. Isla Jean McCann Fruitland I ' ark. Florida B.S. in Home Eeonotnies Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4, Page Seventy -seven Laura (Belle) McCaughan Miami, Florida A.B. in Arts avd Sciences Freshman Counselor 4 ; I.R.C. 4 ; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Sociology Club 3. 4 ; presi- dent 4 ; B.S.U. Council 2, 3. 4 ; Y.W.C.A. 1,2. Ida May McClain West Palm Beach, Florida A.B. in Education Methodist Council 4. Jean McCord Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omesa Gertrude McGlaun Cocoa, Florida A.B. in Education Pi Delta Phi 4 ; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4 : French Club 1, 2. Jean F. MacRae Homasassa, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club ; 4 H Club 2, 3, 4 : C.A.A. Aviation 4. Margaret Louise Meacham St. I ' ctcrslniru:. Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Intramurals 4 : Odd Even Demonstrations 3 : Junior Minstrels 3 : Dramatic produc- tions. Marjorie Arline Means T ake Cit.v, Florida B.S. ill Home Economics Home Economics Club ; Senior Hall. Clara Meisch Sanford, Florida BiS. in Commerce Y.W.C.A. 1. Eleanor Miller Augusta, Georgia A.B. in Arts and Sciences Phi Mu May Day Committee 3 ; .Junior represen- tative to NSFA 3 : Debate 4 : lodern Dance Group 4. Joan Miller )rlando, Florida B.S. in Commerce Pi Beta Pi Mortar Board Plaque 1 : Torch Night 1 ; Flastacowo staff 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Managing edi- tor 3 ; Associate Editor 4 : Freshman Coun- selor 3 ; Esteren 3. 4 : Treasurer Senior Class 4 : Chairman 21 Club 4 : Prom Com- mittee 3. Virginia Milton Jasper, Florida A.B. in Education Senior Hall 4 : Geography Club 2 ; Fresh- man Counselor, alternate 3. Marjorie Morrison Hawthorne. Florida B.S. in Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta Mortar Board 4 ; Who ' s Who 4 : Senate 4 ; Judiciary 4 : Chairman Off-Campus Com- mittee 4 ; M.S.O. Council 2, 3 : Sophomore Council 2 ; Home Economics Club 1. 2, 3, 4 ; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Even Demonstra- tion 1, 2 ; Freshman Counselor 3 : Fealty 2. Pauline Morrow Bradenton, B lorida Bachelor of Music in Public School Music Orchestra : Glee Club 3, 4 ; Senior Hall 4 ; Presbyterian Council 3, 4. Betty Bradford Nicholson Lakeland, Florida A.B. in Socioloffii Alpha Delta Pi Sibyl Jean Olsen Pensacola. Florida B.S. in Home Economics President Italian Club 3 ; Member Home Economics Club 1. 2, 3 : Treasurer 4 ; Sen- ior Hall 4 : Member of Y.W.C.A. 4. Mary Olive Overman Bagdad, Florida B.S. in Commerce Edith Ott Ocala, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Sigma Kappa Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 : Y.W.C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Off-Campus Committee 3 : Astronomy Club 3, 4 ; Episcopal Student Vestry 3, 4 : Executive Council Panhellenic 4 ; President Sigma Kappa 4. Alice Sweeting Park Ke,v West. Florida B.S. in Commerce Newman Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Sociology Club. Dorothy Parker Tallahassee, P lorida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi President Day Students 3. 4 : Spirogira 3, 4 : Mortified 4 : Social Committee 3. 4 : Senate 3, 4 ; Odd Demonstration Commit- tee 3 : Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3 : Intra- murals 3, 4 ; Vice-President of Day Stu- dents 2. Dorothy W. Parks St. Petersburg, Florida B.S. in Education Alpha Xi Delta Even Basketball 3, 4 ; Even hocke.v. swim- ming, Softball 3, 4 : Instructor for Life Saving Corps 4 : F. Club 3. 4 : Tarpon Club 2. S. 4. Phyllis Parramore Jacksonville, Florida B.iS. in Commerce Sigma Kappa Torch Night 2 : Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 : Glee Club 4. Marie Pattani ( Idsmar, Plorida B.S. in Home Economies Newman Club President 4 : Omicron Nu Vice-President 4 ; Senior Hall 4 ; Home Economics Club Council 4. Kitty Karolyn Patterson Tampa, Florida B.M. in Music Delta Zeta Orchestra 1, 2, 3 ; Astronomv Club 1 ; Torch Night 2. Cynthia Faye Pearlman Key West. Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Delta Phi Epsilon Classical Club 1, 2 : French Club 2, 3 : Astronomy Club 4 : Flambeau Staff 1 ; J. W.O. 1, 2, 3, 4 : Vice-President J.W.O. 4 ; Senior Hall 4. Sandra Peckham Miami, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Senior Hall 4 : Pi Delta Phi 3 ; Presi- dent 4 ; Sigma Delta Pi 3 ; Sec.-Treas. 4 ; Tarpon Club 3, 4 ; Life Saving Corps 2. 3, 4 : Odd Demonstration 2, 3 ; French Club 2, 3. IVA Pauline Poitevint Tallahassee, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3. 4 ; D;iy Students Organization 1, 2, 3, 4. Harriet May Post Miami. Florida A.B. in Education Pi Beta Phi Torch Night 1 ; Even Demonstration 2. Mrs. Kathryn Summers Powell High Springs. Florida B.S. in Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3: Cabinet 1, 2: Inter- national Relations Club 2, 3 : French Club 1 : Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3 ; Odd Demonstration 2, 3 : Junior ISIinstrels 1 : Methodist Student Organization Council ]. 2. 3. Newrie Powell Pensacola, Florida A.B. in Education M.S.O. Council 2. 4 ; Freshman Counselor 3: Italinn Club 2, 3, 4: Class Volleyball 4 : House Council 4. Louise Prine Bonifay. Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Dinmondball 1, 2, 3. 4 : F. Club 2, 3. 4 ; Flastacowo 2, 3, 4 ; Distaff 3 ; Flambeau 3 ; Even Demonstra- tion 4, Sarah Margaret Quincey West Palm Beach, Florida A.B. ill Education Delta Zeta Phi Alpha Theta 4 : Kappa Delta Pi 4 ; Corresponding Sec. of Delta Zeta 4. Isabelle Ramsey Tampa, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Sophomore Council 2 ; L ' sher Committee 2 : Vice House Chairman 3 : Flastacowo 4. Marcia Ranney St. Petersburg, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Life Saving Corps 2, 3. 4 ; Sociology Club 3, 4 ; Odd Demonstration 2, 3, 4 : Junior Minstrel 2. 3; Torch Night 1, 2. Jane Mae Reagin Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Flambeau Reporter 1 ; Ping Pong Intra- murals 3 : Basketball Intramurals 4. Marguerite Reutimann Zephyrhills, Florida Home Economics Club 4 : Even Demon- stration 3 ; Senior Hall 4 ; Baptist Student Council 4 : German Club 1, 2. Louise Rice Brooksville, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Zeta Tan Alpha Pres. W.A.A. 4 ; Asst. Managing Editor I ' liiinlieau 4; Esteren 3, 4; Senate 4; Vice- I ' res. W.A.A. 3; Freshman Counselor 3; I ' lambeau 2, 3 ; Hockev Sports Leader 3 : F Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Astronomy Club 1. 2 ; Life Saving Corps 2, 3, 4 ; Tarpon Club 2 ; 3, 4 ; Basketball team 1, 4 ; Baseball team 1, 2 ; Hockey team 1, 2, 3. Page Seventy-eight Evelyn E. Rickman A.B. in Education French Club 3, 4 ; International Rela- tions Club 3. 4 ; Astronomy Club 1, 2 ; Kappa Delta Pi 4. Mary Margaret Rinck Crescent City, Florida B.M. in Pipe Dry an Alpha Gamma Delta Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Ensemble 2, 3, 4 : Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3 ; Torch Night 1 : Life Saving Corps : American Guild of Organ- ists Treas. 3 ; Sec. 4 ; Sec. of Alpha Gamma Delta 3, 4 ; Astronomy Club 1, 2, 3. Martha Robbins Tampa, Florida B.i?. in. Education ri Beta Phi Esteren ; Chairman Ma.v Day 4 ; Senior Intramural Manager 4 ; Freshman Coun- selor 3 ; Even Demonstration 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Even Volleyball 1. 2. Edna Isabell Roberts Key We.st, Florida A.B. in Education French Club 4. Margaret Elizabet h Roberts Miami, Fhtrida .4. :?. in Ai ' ts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Cotillion Club 2, 3. 4. Ina Margaret Robinson Pensacola, Florida A.B. in Journalism Kappa Delta Mortar Board 3, 4 ; Who ' s Who 4 ; Es- teren 2, 3, 4 ; Pres. Soph. Class ; Sec. Fresh- man Class ; Sophomore Council 2 ; .Tr. Rep. to Judiciary 3 ; Even Cheerleader 4 ; Dis- taff 4 : Mng. Editor 3 ; Flambeau 2 : Torch Night 1, 2 ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 2 ; Even Dem- onstration 1 : Executive Council of Pan- Hellenic 4 : Cotillion Club 3, 4 : Ch. Re- ligious Emphasis Week 3. Margaret Rodgers Tampa, Floridii B.S. in Commerce Chi Omega Torch Night 1, 2 ; Even Demonstration 1 : Usher Committee 3 ; Off-Campus Social Committee 4 ; Y.W.C.A,. 1, 2, 3, 4. Ruth Rogers Dania, Florida B.S. in Commerce Freshman Honor Plaque 1 : Sophomore Council 2 ; Freshman Counselor 3 : House Chairman 3 : Esteren : Even Vollevball. Diamondball, and Soccer 1, 2, 3 ; F Club 3, 4 : I.R.C. 4 ; Sophomore Scholarship Cup 2 : Baptist Student Council 2, 3, 4 ; Chair- man of Budget Committee 4 : Senate ; Who ' s Who 4 : Senior Hall 4 ; President of Mortar Board 4. MuRYL Roland Bnshnell, Florida .1.7 . ( Jouriialisni Astronomy Club 1 ; Press Club 4 : Alpha Chi Alpha, President 4 : Chi Delta Phi 4 : Flambeau, Reporter 2 ; News Editor 3 : Managing Editor 4 ; Baptist Student Union, President 4. Janet Ross Miami, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Y.W.C.A. 1 : French Club 2, 3 ; Tally Troupers 3, 4 : Sociology Club 4. Julia Glenn Rosser Jacksonville, Florida B.M. ill P.S.2I. and Violin Concertmaster orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Glee Club 1, 2 : Little Theatre Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4 ; Even Demonstration 1 : Sophomore Coun- cil 2 : Freshman Counselor 3 ; Senior Hall 4 ; Presbyterian Student League 1, 2, 3, 4, Merryday Rosser Jacksonville, Florida B. ' S. in Chemistry Sophomore Council ; Freshman Honor Plaque 1 ; Presbyterian Student League 1. 2, 3, 4 ; Hockey and Swimming Teams 4 : F Club 3, 4 ; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 4 ; Lit- tle Theatre and College Symphony Orches- tras 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Even Demonstration 1 ; Senior Hall 4 ; George Davis Biven Award 4. Muriel Alice Rowley West Palm Beach, Florida A.B. in Education M.S.O. 3 ; Senior Hall 4. Alyce Ruth Sanderson Delray Beach, Florida B.S. in Home Economics B.S.U. 1. 2. 3. 4 : Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3 ; President 4 ; Y.W.C.A. 1 : Senior Hall 4. Dorothy Florence Sanford Tampa, Florida B.BI. in P.S.M. Senior Hall 4 : Fealty 1 : Torch Night 1 : Even I emonstration 3 ; Ma,y Day 2 ; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 : Orchestra 1, 2 ; Baptist Student Council 4. Eleanor Scott Westlield, N. J. B.S. in Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta Home Economics Club 1. 2. Ruth Carolyn Shepard BoyntC)n, Florida B.S. ill Home Economics Glee Club 3 : 4-H Club 3 : M.S.O. 3 ; Sen- ior Hall 4 ; Home Economics Club 2. Virginia Sigman St. Augustine, Florida A.B. in Elcmentarii Education Lusher Committee 3 : Freshman Counselor 3. Jan Simmons Jacksonville, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Cotillion Club 2, 3, 4 : Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 3 : Usher Committee 3 ; Dance Committee 4 ; Secretary of .Junior Class 3. Frances Slade Jacksonville, Florida B.S. in Commerce Chi Omega President of Chi Omega 4 : President of Esteren 3 : Vice-President of Mortar Board 4 : Representative to .Tndiciary 2. 3 : Repre- sentative to Senate 4 ; Who ' s Who 4 ; Co- tillion 1. 2, 3, 4 ; Fealty 1 ; Torch Night 1 : Junior Minstrels 2. Mary Nell Smith Panama City, Florida B.S. in Commerce Beta Phi Alpha Aslronomv Club 1, 2, 3 ; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Mary Lucille Smoak Tampa, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Torch Night 2 ; Even Demonstration 3 ; Junior Minstrels 3. Reba Kirby Southwell Winter Flaven, Florida B.S. in Education Astronomy Club 2, 3 ; Glee Club 3 ; Sen- ior Hall 4 ; Kappa Delta PI 4. Grace Evelyn Sparkman Dade City, Florida B.S. in Commerce Business Manager of Flambeau 4 ; Sen- ior Hall 4 ; Life Saving Corps 3, 4. Jean Sparkman Tampa, Florida A.B. in A7-ts and Sciences Chi Omega Dorothy Steele Glen St. Mary, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta French Club 2 ; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Jean Beauchamp Steffee Kissimmee. Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Gladys Stivender I.eeshurg, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Astronomv Club 1 : B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2 ; Kappa Delta Pi 4, Doris Virginia Summerlin Winter Haven, Florida A.B. in Education Torch Night 2 ; Even Demonstration 2, 3, 4 ; Flastacowo Staff 3, 4. Belva Sutton Tampa, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omesra Cotillion Club. 3, 4 : Torch Night 1 : Even Demonstration 1, 2 ; Fealty 3. Mary Swearingen Gainesville, Florida B S. in Commerce Chi Omega Torch Night 1 ; Junior Minstrels 2 ; Even Demonstration 1. Geraldine Sweat Sanderson, Florida B.S. in Commerce Intramnrals 2, 3, 4. Martha Belle Tatom Lake Harbor. Florida A.B. in Education Freshman Counselor 3 : Council of Meth- odist Student Organization 3, 4. Mary Taylor Eustis, Florida -4.7?. in Education Phi Beta Phi Glee Club 1, 2 : Torch Night 1 : Even Demonstration 2, 3 : Modern Dance Group 2 : Junior Minstrels 2. Ruth Terrell Tallahassee. Florida Kappa Alpha Theta Home Economics Club 4 ; Glee Club 1, 2 ; . thletic Manager of Junior Class 3. Barbara Thomas Jacksonville, Florida B.S. in Physical Education F Club 3, 4 : Spirogira (vice-president) 3, 4 : W.A.A. Treasurer 4 ; Sophomore Coun- cil 2 : Dance Committee 4 ; Odd Volleyball 4 ; Odd Soccer 4 ; Modern Dance Group 3, 4 : Odd Demonstration 4 ; Junior Minstrels 3 : Tally Troupers S. Louise Thomas Fort Ijauderdale. Florida B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Tally Troupers 3 ; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3. Page Seventy-nine Lynette Thompson Gretna, Florida .1. . ( Art. ' 0)1(1 Sciences Sophomore Council 2 ; F Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Eta Sigma Phi 3. 4 : Tresident Eta Sigma l hi 4 : Mortar Board 4 : Senior Mall 4 : Member of Budget Committee 3 ; Treasurer of CO. A. 4 ; Freshman Counselor 3 ; Classi- cal Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Esteren 2, 3. 4 ; Schol- arship Plaque 1 ; Mortar Board Scholarship Cup 3 : Even Volleyball Team 1, 2, 3, 4 : Even H()cl ev Team 1. 2; Even Softball Team 1, 2 : Who ' s Who 4. Louise Thrasher Lake City, Florida B.M. ill ] ' iihlic Schodl }[iisic Siiiuia Kapiia Y.W.C.A, 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Astronom.v Club 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Vice President Glee Chib 4 : Freshman Counselor 3. Dorothy Townsend I ' ustis. Florid. ' i JS.t . ill lloiiic Ecoiioiiiicfi Costume Chairman for May Day 2 : (ilee Club 2, 3 : Freshman Counselor 3 : Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Treasurer of Home Ec, Club 3 : President of Home Ec. Club 4 : Omicron Nu 4. Ann Towson Gainesville, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Onietia Village Vamps 1, 2, S : President 4 : Flambeau 1, 2 ; Distaff 3 : Freshman Coini- selor 3 : Social Standards Committee 4, Clara Trushin Tallahassee. Florida B.S. ill Educiition Delta Phi Epsih n IDSti 7 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 ; Day Student 1, 2, 3, 4 ,T,W.O. 1, 2, 3, 4. Dorothy Tucker Tallahassee, Florida B.S. in Commerce Bunny Turnbull Monticello, Florida U.S. ill Home Economics Kappa Delta Torch Night 1, 2 : Fealty 1. 2 ; Even Demonstration 1, 2, 3 ; Sophomore Council 2 : Home Ec. Club 4 ; Annual Staff 4 ; .Jun- ior Jlinstrels Committee Chairman 3. Barbara Beckwith Tyler Miami, I- ' lmida A li. I ' olificii] Science I ' i Beta Phi International Relations Club 4; N.S.F,A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Lillian Lowry Usher Miami, Florida A.Ii. ill Arts (iinl Sciences Torch Night 1 : Fealty 1 ; Even Demon- stration 3, 4 : .Junior Minstrels 3 ; Soci- ology Club 3, 4 ; Senior Hall 4, Minda Louise Usher Miami, Florida A.Ji. ill Arts and Sciences Fealty 1 ; Even Demonstration 3, 4 ; .Jun- ior Minstrels 3 ; Zeta Phi Eta 3, 4 ; Zeta Phi Eta President 4 ; Senior Hall 4. Marion Valz Jacksonville, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta French Club 1, 2 ; Flastacowo 2 ; Classi- cal Club 3, 4 ; Distaff 3, 4. Clifton Van Brunt Tallahassee, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Torch Night 1, 3 : Fealty 1 ; Even Dem- onstration 1, 2, 4 : Sophomore Council 2 : I ( ' liating Club 2; I ' sher Committee 3: Mav Day 2. Martha Van Brunt Miami, Floiida A.H. Kappa Delta Even Demonstration 1, 3, 4: Torch Night 2 : Glee Club 2, 3 : Zeta Phi Eta 2, 3 : Sports Editor Annual 4. Betty Venning Miami, Florida y . S. ( Scienre Pi Beta Phi Torch Night 1, 4: Even Demonstration 4. Mary Vergowe Orlando, Florida B.S. in Home Economics Omicron Nu, President 4: Home Econom ics Club, Secretary 3, 4 ; Flastacowo Staff 3. 4 ; Presbyterian I eague Council 2, 3. 4 ; Even Hockey 3 ; Senior Hall 4. Margaret Rae Vogt Lake Wales, Florida B.S. in Science Mortar Board Scholarship I ' laque 1 ; Mem- ber Debating Team 2 ; Torch Night 2 ; Gam- ma Sigma Bpsilon Chemical Fraternity 3, 4 : President 4 ; Phi Beta Ivappa 3, " 4 ; Chnirmnn of Senior Hall 4 ; Pi Delta Phi 4 : Who ' s Who 4. Lavine Voss Tallahassee, Florida B.S. Kappa Delta Edna Warren Vero Beach, Florida B.M. in Piihlie School Music Sophomore Council 2 ; Freshman Conn- splor 3 ; Glee Club 1. 2, 3 : CoHegc Sym- phony Orchestra 4 : I ittle Theatre Orchestra 2, 3, 4 ; Senior Hall 4 : I ' resident of Pres- l)yterian Student I eague 4. LOLLIE WATROUS Lake Worth. Florida li. ' S ill Home Economics House Chairman 4 : Freshman Counseloi- 3 : Metlioilist Student Council 2, 3, 4 ; Home Economics Club Council 2. 3 ; Omicron Nu 4 : Costume Chairman Even Demonstration 3 ; Fealty 1. Elizabeth Anne Webb Jacksonville, Flcrida B.S.G. Even Demonstration 1 ; Ilaudbook Com- mittee 2 ; Sophomore Council 2 ; Esteren 1, 2, 3, 4; Business : l,inager Even Demon- stration 2, 3 : Business Manager May Day 2 : Flastacowo Staff 2 : Flambeau Circula- tion Staff 2 ; Debate Club 2 ; Second Vice- President C.G.A. 3 ; Model Senate, Washing- ton, D. C. 3 ; Mortar Board 4; Senior H.ill 4 : Senior Representative to N.S.F.A. 4 : Senior Class President 4 : Who ' s Who 4 : President of Episcopal Student Vestry 4. Frances Weber Auliui-iidale, Florida ]i.S. in ( ' oinmcrcc Tarpon Club 3, 4: Life Saving Corps 3, 4. Jeanne Webster Jacksonville, Florida A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Editor Flastacowo 4 : Assistant Editor Flastacowo 3 ; Chairman Usher Committee 3 ; Sophomore Council 2 : Esteren 3, 4 : Freshman Advisory Council 3 ; Torch Night 1, 2, 3 : Even Demonstration 1, 2, 3 ; Jun- ior Minstrels 2, 3, Hazel Wilkerson Florence Villa, Florida B.S. in Commerce Even Swimming Teanj 2 ; T ife Saving 2, 3, 4 ; Secretary ' 3 : President 4 : Tarpon Club 3, 4 : Freshman Counselor 3 : Senior Hall 4 ; W. A. A. 4. Claire Willets Miami P each, Floi ' ida A.B. in Education Senior Hall 4: Kappa Delta Pi 4. Florence Elizabeth Willis Greenwood, Florida y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 : Methodist Student Organizati(m 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Home Economics Club 1, 2 ; French Club 2, 3 ; Astronomy Club 4 ; li ' reshman Counselor 4 ; Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemical Fraternity 4 ; Sen- ior Hall 4. Juanita Brook Williams B.S, ill Home Economics Home PJconomics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Y.W.C. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Mabel Williams Miami. Florida B.S. ill Commerce Marilyn Williams Malone, l " ' lorida A.B. Tally Troupers 3. Ruth Williams Alachua, Florida L.I. in Education and B.S. in Commerce Kappa Aljjha Theta French Club 1, 2. Daphne Laura Wilson Bartow. Florida A.B. Chi OmetiJi Uslier Committee 3 : Torch Night 2. Edna Wilson Plant Ci(.v. Florida B.S. in Commerce Delta Zeta Florida Southern College 1: Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 : Dramatic Club 3, 4 ; Model Senate, 3 ; Pan-hellenic Delegate 3. Grace E. Wimberly Fort J au(lerdale, Florida B.S. in Commerce Glee Club 3, 4 ; House Chairman Broward 4 ; Secretary and Sergeant at Arms of Resi- dence Halls Committee 3 ; Devotional Chair- man, B.S.U. Senior Council 2 ; Astronomy Clubi 3 : Dining Hall Committee 3. Sara Carolyn Woodruff Clermont, Florida liai-helor of Arts Alpha Chi Omega Pan hellenic representative 4 ; Odd Dem- onstrations 3, 4 ; Secretary of Zeta Phi Eta 3 ; Treasurer of Zeta Phi Eta 4 ; C.A. A. Student Pilot 4. Eleanore Bettie Young West Palm Beach. Florida A.B. in Education Sophomore Council 2 : Class Secretary 2 ; President Junior Class 3 ; Freshman Coun- selor 3 ; Budget Committee 2 ; Social Com- mittee 4 ; Organizations Committee 4 ; Es- teren 3, 4 ; Senior Representative to Sen- ate 4 ; Who ' s W ho 4 ; Ivappa Delta Pi 4 ; Senior Hall 4 ; jNIortar Board 4. Wilma Lillian Young Dnnnellon, Florida A.B. in Education Senior Hall 4. Page Eighty r k ' Junior Class Officers President Anne Jones Vice-President Ola Bell Tillman Secretary Ann Lane Treasurer Nancy Knotts Parliamentarian Saeah Worth Athletic Manager Rachel Erwin Beeyl Mitchell Representatives to Senate Kathleen McCarthy June Acker Vivian Adams Vivian Alsweh Hilda Alagood IP Mary Myers Alford Mary Louise Anderson 941 Page Eighty-three Alice Armstrong 941 Mary Ashmore Georgia Askew Martha Lou Austin Virginia Balkcom Page Eighty-four Irene Bannerman Margaret Blume Frances Battle Eloise Baughn Frances Beck Amelia Black Patricia Jean Brandt Lillian Bowness I94I Page Eighty-five Gene Bryan I94I . - Marjorie Bullard Margaret Marie Bryant Carolyn Brinson Catherine Brown Floread Brown Mary LouKse Burnb Kathryn Camp Page Eighty-six Betty Carnes Mary Margaret Clann Sarah Cody I94I Page Eighty-seven Frances Cofer I94I Evelyn Cox Betty Cole Ebbie Crews Annette Cone Mary Cornell Marie Crouch »i Frances Cashing Page Eighty-eight Jessie Cyzycki Dorothy Daniel Mary Daniel IP Marguerite Dressier I94I Page Eighty-nine Martha Bell Duncan I941 Ruth Dunsford Irene Edwards Mary Kate Erwin Rachel Erwin Rozella Pugultt Page Ninety Im Sarah Fuller Jenn Gilbert Virginia Gnann Elodie Hale I94I Page Ninety-one Mae Hampton 941 Marjorie Harris Allison Harrison Dorothy Hetsch Page Ninety-two Alice Hobson Louise Home Florence Hobson Myrtle Mae Hoffman Imogene Howard Jean Holloway Margaret Hudson Elizabeth Holley Lillian Huntley I94I Page Ninety-three I94I Selma Hyman Anne Jones Mildred Jones Virginia Jordan Page Ninety-four Eleanor King Catharine Kolbach Nanna Kurtz Betty Langston Ada Jane Lewis 941 Page Ninety-five Rudine Light 941 Elizabeth Linn Martha Lipshitz Katie Mary Logan Mar j oris May Page Ninety-six r. Hope McCain 941 Anne McMorris Page Ninety-seven I94I Mary A. McNeil Lydia Ann Mead lizabeth Miller Ge-aldine Miller Lois Miller Brenelle Mobley Page Ninety-eight Dorothy Moe IP Dea Neal Betty Nickinson I94I Page Ninety-nine 941 Nell Norfleet Louise Patterson Betty Pearlman Louise Phillips Page One hundred Anne Pierce I94I Mary E. Rinehart Page One hundred one Mary E. Rivero P Patty Ross Virginia Rouse Estelle Rubins I94I Christine Russ Ida M. Scharschwerdt Page Oiie hundred two Pauline Schulte I941 Betty Rose Scott Margaret Scott Alvah Shaw Sara Sheldon Virginia L. Silver Pauline Simon Catherine Smith Page One hundred three Mabel Smith I94I Betty Starck Eloise Steele Miriam Stuckey Page One hundred four Martha E. Taylor I94I Ola Bell Tillman Lucille Walker Page One hundred five I94I Evelyn Walton Caroline Warren Cornelia A. Watson Edith Williams Page One huiidred six Ruth Williams Tybelle Whittenstein is Dorothy Young I94I Page One hundred seven Students Witptout Pictures Sadie Abbott Elizabeth Abney Helen Adams Katheryne Allison Mary Elizabeth Anderson Louise Archer Ruth Archer Eugenie Argintar Mary Armes Margaret Armston Leora Arnold Marjorie Arnold Ethel Ashburn Lucy Atkinson Juliet Babbit Betty Baggs Ellen Baldwin Doris Ballard Margaret Barker Ruth Barker Margaret Barnes Marysue Barnes Betty Bartholf Louise Barton Harriet Beaver Gladys Bedsole Glyndol Bedsole Sarah Bedsole Harriet Benson Helen Benton Lillie Berger Sarah Bethea Jane Bishop Cora Bivans Suetta Blanding Adrienne Blume Margaret Boiling Eunice Booth Claudia Boutha Dorothy Boyd Muriel Boyles Marjorie Boynton Gwendolyn Bradley Josephine Branning Ethel Bredenberg Florrie Brewer Grace Brewer Carese Brown Donna Brown Betty Brown Annie Mae Brumby Ethel Brumby Margaret Bruner Blanche Bryan Elizabeth Buckner Katharine Burgess Mary Burgoon Aline Burnett Nellie Burt Martha Byrnes Mary Caldwell Genevieve Cahoun Marion Cahoun Judy Campbell Margaret Campbell Ronda Campbell Ruth Campbell Marion Canning Betty Cappleman Arley Carlos June Carlson Margaret Carter Mary Case Erma Cash Josephine Castellano Dawn Castle Agnes Cater Greeta Chabot Alma Chalker Alice Chambers Clara Chambers Harriet Chance Alice Chason Clara Chason Coradel Cheatam Virginia Clark Marjorie Clayton Mary demons Melvyne Coe Audrey Coggins Margaret Cogswell- Dorothy Cohen Lenore Cohen Frances Coker Lucy Cole Jessie Collette Eileen Collins Irene Cone Nellie Cone Barbara Conine Jean Cooper Lula Cooper Mary Courtney Mary Cowart Lizzie Mae Cowen Jocie Cox Mary Ruth Cox Orlene Cox Ann Crago Marguerite Crane Geraldine Crawford Sarah Cunningham Margaret Curry Clyde Dailey Pauline Dale Alice Damerow Alice Dametry Carolyn Daniel Roslyn Darsey Frances Daughtery Eleanor Davis Helen Davis Neva Davis Atlant Day Elsie Day Gray Decker Margaret Deese Anna Laura DeHaven Carolyn Dekle Audrey de La Rue Elizabeth DeMilly Callie Dickerson Jane Dille Kathleen Dismukes Jeannette Disselkoen Kathryn Donnelly Virginia Dowling Dorothy Dubbin Albertine Dube Ana Dubrocq Carmen Dubrocq Betty Dumont Aggie Dunaway Frances Duncan Aggie Dunlap Allie Durdon Doris Dyal Ruth Ebert Janice Eckler Kathryn Eckles Mary Edmonson Pauline Edwards Frances Ellison Ala Endsley Shirley Erickson Idelle Evans Allefair Everett James Fain Margaret Faircloth Jeannette Faulds Marion Fernald Alice Ferrell Jane Fischer Bette Fitts Jane Floyd Louise Floyd Mary Floyd Margaret Fomby Laura Foote Elizabeth Ford Carrie Forehand Frances Formby Eumorfia Fortunas Harriet Foster Geraldine Frances Elizabeth Freeland Marion Freeling Enid Freyermuth Anne Fuller Marian Gaddum Pat Gallespie Inez Galloway Mary Sue Galloway Freda Ganas Hazel Garrett Ruthie Garrett Lou Garrett Florence Gatlin Anne Gaylord Lorraine Gehan Mary Elizabeth Geiger Dorothy Gibbons Dorothy Gibbs Alice Gibson Hazel Gilmore Dorothea Gluhr Rilla Godwin Mary Gordan Blanche Grantham Jovel Grantham Miriam Grantham Helen Gratigny Nelda Gray Margaret Greene Marjorie Gregory Virginia Gregory Eleanor Grenelle Sara Griffin Helen Grimes Virginia Grimes Cenia Groom Joan Hady Sydney Haley Carolyn Hall Virginia Hall Marguerite Hamilton Mary Hamm Jean Hampson Ethel Hampton Ruth Hampton Christine Harbin Audrey Hardee Mary Harding Catherine Haskins Mary Harding Krestine Harris Annie Hartsfield Katherine Hartsfield Enid Hartshorne Elizabeth Hashagen Ethel Hawes Mary Haynie Meta Helms Frances Helvenston Bobbie Henderson Eunice Henderson Joan Hendricks Natalie Herlong Martha Hicks Grace Hill Curtis Hines Hazel Hinsey Bertha Hoffman Helen Hoffman Patty Holbert Lucy Holding Rebecca Holland Lola Hopkins Dorothy Horney Clyde Howard Edna Howard Betsy Howell Betty Hoyt Frances Howze Edna Hudson Mable Hughes Peggy Hunter Elizabeth Inman Elizabeth Jacobi Gwendolyn James Phoebe James Rebekah James Lora Johns Sarah Johns Alice Johnson Crinna Johnson Emilie Johnson Mamie Jones Myrtle Jones Page One hundred eight ■ 4 Is r f fk A f r ' ;4 ■ ' • " " ■r--. r ' " ...; .-y .; : •; ' - ' ' aV-.? . - , . Sophomore Class Officers President Grace Bail Vice-President Louise Crosby Secretary Claude Anne Rhodes Treasurer Monterey Whittlesey Parliamentarian Jane Maguire Athletic Manager Marian Freeling . Helen Milam Representatives to Senate Martha Stroberg Page One hundred ten 194 Esther Ackerman Barbara Albright Jamie Allred Maxine Armistead Mary Frances Adamo Ann Alfriend Edith Aly Lucille Arnold Vivian Adamo Mary K. Alissandratos Gale Angas Ruth Asbury Harriet Adams Virginia Alley Ann Angel Audrey Atherton Kitty Adams Betty Allred Alma Anderson Mary Lou Atkinson Page One hundred eleven Helen Ausley Virginia Barfield Anita Batts Caroline Bird Dorothy Bacon Emily Barrow Margaret Bennett Theo Blalock Grace Bail Clara Bassett Margaret Berger Catherine Bogart Margaret Baker Christine Bates Mary Lila Bibbs Audrey Bolton Helen Ballou Fairfax Bates Ruth Binnicker Bertha Bond i94i Page One hundred twelve 194 Mary Louise Bonniwell Connie Booth Margaret Booth Lorraine Bowen Elizabeth Bragg Martha Brandon Naomi Brauer Betty Brown Betty Olive Brown Mary Brown Marie Brownstein Mary Pinehard Bryan Nell Bryan Sarah Duke Bryant Louise Buckley Evelyn Buettner Louise Burger Nina Pearl Bush Mary Caldwell Judy Campbell Page One hundred thirteen Betty Cappleman Lucile Clark Laurette Colley Emma Cox Mary Carlton Louise Clements Carmen Constantine Carolyn Craft Doris Carter Betty Cline Peggy Cook Louise Crosby Caroline Choate Virginia Clower Lois Cooper Kathryn Cross Blanche Clark Beulah Cobb Jean Copeland Ethel Crown I94X Page One hundred fourteen 1942- Genevieve Cruger Jean Daniells Mary Deaver Mary Boiling Duncan Emmett Curtis Margaret Davidson Lenoir Dekle Sara Duncan June Dady Brownie Davis Olive Dell Virginia Dunn Marlene Dale Martha Davis Margaret Diaz Nyna Dye Mary Sue Daniel Mary Ellen Dean Adelaide Dickson Ann Eberhardt Page One hundred fifteen Mildred Ellis Mary Frances Fetner Irene Fremd Elizabeth Giersch Betty Esslinger Raela Fink Olive Galloway Ossie Pearl Ginther Cynthia Evans Maurine Floyd Katheryn Gait Adele Gleason Elizabeth Ezzard Mary Claire Foster Hilda Garcia Rosalie Glickman Ruth Ferguson Hazel Fowler Margaret Geiger Carmen Gnann 1942. Page One hundred sixteen 1942- Sarah Godard Carolyn Griner Esther Hack Margaret Harmoney Jane Godbey Kathleen Guest Jeannette Halliday Cecelia Harper Margaret Grier Lois Gunn Harriet Hallows Eleanor Haskins Coleta Griffin Dorothy Guthrie Blanche Haltiwanger Margaret Hearin Betty Griggs Miriam Guy Celeste Hardee Helen Henley Page One hundred seventeen Dorothy Hickman Pat Hopkins Davene Hunter Carolyn Johnson Emma Jean Higley Sarah Hopkins Betty Hyatt Jamie Johnson Tiny Hope Hines Dorothy Hughs Helen Immanuell Betty Kennedy Mamie Hogan Elaine Hundertmark Selma Jenkins Sarah King Lois Holder Beth Hunter Ella Maude Jones Carolyn Klarer 1942- Page One hundred eighteen 1942- Jean Kobey Virginia Lee Myrtis Lougue Jane Maguire Mary Kastanaakis Mary Eliz abeth Leech Marguerite Lowe Marie Manley Margaret LeCelle Elizabeth Leffler Florence Lutz Belle Markowitz Margaret Lee Ann Lewis Alberta Lyles Elizabeth Martin Martha Lee Jean Lorimer Barbara Mabry Mattie McCahill Page One hundred nineteen Ruth McCain Jane McCay Jane McCloskey Norma McCree Rebecca McGlaun Mary Lou McGowan Sara Mcintosh Noreen McKee Virginia McRory Audrey Means Claire Means Mary Jane Medlin Jayne Mendenhall Rosalie Mendelson Helen Milam Elizabeth Miller Margaret Miller Ruth Miller Judy Mohr Emily Morgan w=.,. i94i Page One hundred twenty - 194 T Gertrude Mosley Mary Myhlertz Christine Needham Betty Nelles Helen Noggle Paulette Nolan Mary Frances Oven Betty Oxer Caroline Painter Gene Parkhill Martha Pattishall Ann Peacock Ruth Pearce Grace Perry Rosalee Perry Edith Pfarr Elizabeth Phillips Lou Pichard Mart Pierson Muriel Poole Page One hundred twenty-one Norma Poi ' ter Vivienne Rainey Lucile Riherd Anne Safay Ann Post Nell Register Bobby Ringo Betty Sue Sagvold Ruth Prange Betty Jean Rhodes Frances Rogers Ann Sanders Leora Pruitt Claude Ann Rhodes Rosalie Rosner Blanche Saul Dier Puckett Maysel Rice Dorothy Rudasill Mary Ruth Scorgie i94i Page One hundred twenty-two 194 Carolyn Scott Betty Setzer Louise Shahan Frances Shaw Sadie Shaw Mary Shuman Ann Simpson Dorothy Simpson Wanda Slagle Betty Slemons Ruth Sloan Mary Small Anna Bess Smith Helen Smith Nell Smith Elizabeth Snider Merelyn Solomon Gertrude Spettle Mary Stapleton Gwen Stepheson Page One hundred twenty-three Toi Cumi Strickland Jane Tarr Mary Lois Thomas Margaret Tilghman Ann Sutherland Betty Ann Taylor Tarn Thomas Betty Tolson Dorothy Swanson Sarah Tepper Jennie Thomasson Joyce Tomacello Sarah Swanson Clara Terrell Margaret Thornton Mary Townsend Virginia Tacker Jewell Thomas Marjorie Tildeman Florence Trulove 94i Page One hundred twenty-four 194 Lillian Turner Laura Turner Pearl Tyler Mary Vaughn Helen Vogt Jeanne Walker Anne Lamb Walton Bernice Walton Isabella Waterhouse Kathryn Watkins Elizabeth Weathers Elizabeth Weaver Marion Webster Margaret Weiberg Jan Wells Dorothy West Mary Whiddon Clara White Mallie White Erma Williams Page One hundred twenty-five .■-xj Jean Williams Mary Wooten Sarah Yearty Lucille Williams Johnnymae Wright Belle Yonge Rex Withers Marybelle Wright Marjorie Young Jean Wood Alice Wyatt Donice Youngblood Mozelle Wood Elizabeth Yancey I94X Page One hundred twenty-six r i Y X r F . P- ■. ' ■4- ' i ' :: -- f r yz z J Freshman Class Officers President Jean Hitchcock Vice-President Virginia Jones Secretary Sue Chaikes Treasurer ' --- .. .... Mary Lou King Parliamentarian Evelyn Butts Athletic Manager Betsy Ross Howe Laura Foote Representatives to Senate Elizabeth Rogers Page One hundred twenty-eigh 1943 Edna Acker Avena Alderman Dorothy Altman Mary Arms Dorothy Babers Kathryn Adams Marion Alexander Rose Mae Anders Ann Arnold Inez Bailey Margaret Adams Sara Alexander Dorothy Anderson Barbara Ash Roberta Bailey Phylis Adams Florence Allen Mildred Anderson Louise Atkinson Margaret Baker Atlas Alderman Ida Frances Allen Mary Mack Angas Jean Austin Marjorie Baker Page One hundred twenty-nine Charlotte Balkcom Mildred Bartlett Elaine Beisler Anita Berkowitz Anna Blount Louise Ball Norma Baxter Mary Eleanor Bellamy Anna Louise Betts Marianna Boardman Sara Virginia Barden Helen Beals Mary Catherine Bellas Annette Betts Frances Booker Betty Barksdale Babbie Beckwith Wade Bennett Barbara Binnicker Evelyn Boote Louise Bateman Josephine Bedford Margaret Benson Virginia Bishop Clara Boozer 1943 Page One hundred thirty 1943 Martha Bostwick Betty Branam Frances Brooks Laura Bryan Marie Byrd Sarah Lou Bowyer Shirley Braverman Barbara Brown Catherine Buie Catherine Caine Jane Boyd Adine Brewster Emogene Brown Katherine Butler Peggy Caldwell Doris Boyle Winifred Briggs Virginia Brown Patricia Butler Betty Callahan Jeannette Bozeman Frances Erodes Kathryn Bryan Evelyn Butts Daisy Cameron Page One hundred thirty-one Aurora Cammarata Kathryn Campbell Hazel Cantrell Annie Lee Cannon Josephine Cappucc Sarah Carlile Zelda Carpenter Pat Carroll Margaret Carter Mary Ellen Cason Sara Casper Elsie Cater Sue Chaires Ruth Chandler Jeanne Chazal Jean Cheaney Alice Clair Clark Elizabeth Clegg Helen Cochran Shirley Joy Coen Ursa Cogdill Gloria Cole Ruth Coleman Betty Collar Jayne Colley 1943 Page One hundred thirty-two 1943 Jean Colley Charlee Collins Harriett Collins Beth Colvin Prances Compher Prances Compton Melva Cooke Charlotte Cooper Elizabeth Cooper Margaret Costello Mary Cotton Lorraine Cottrell Pennie Counselman Norma Covington Lonnie Creel Lucille Crosby Louise Baffin Helen Dahlgren Nellie Dalby Alice Dametry Beatrice Darden Betty Jean Davenport Elizabeth Davis Grace Davis Dorothy Day Page One hundred thirty-three Jane Dibble Rita DeVirgili Mildred Doyle Carmen Dubrocq Jeanne DuPuy Louise deJarnette Nancy Lee Doggett Elizabeth Draughn Eleanor Hope Duke June Durnell Frances Denny lone Donaldson Lenora Driggers Marie Dulin Jean Durrance Julia Dial Frances Dowling Albertine Duke Frances Duncan Frances Eatmon Alabama Dicks Evelyn Ann Doyle Dorothy Dublin Dorothy Dungan Denora Ecker 1943 Page One hundred thirty -four 1943 Frances Eckland Pauline Edwards Ruth Eggers Nonnie Elkins Lamar Ellis Loretta Elias Sue Erwin Carolyn Evans June Evans Ruth Farr Sarah Farrior June Pearnside Roslyn Fellows Frances Fosdick Hilda Prankenhoff Barbara Franklin Margery Franklin Carolyn Francisco Hazel Fuller Louise Fulmer Rora Galbraith Pauline Gallemore Anne Gamble Lillian Garcia Jane Garrett Page One hundred thirty-five Dorothy Garrison Emily Gilbert Barbara Gray Eldis Griffin Starling Hall Ruth Garrison Virginia Ginn Florence Greenberg Martha Griffetts Madelyn Halpern Margaret Gaston Elizabeth Glass Mary Virginia Greene Rachel Gunn Georgianna Hamburger Dorothy Gerson Lenora Gorman Susanne Gregoire Mary Guthery Virginia Hamilton Betty Gibney Mary Alice Granger Violet Gremli Martha Ellen Hackl Genevieve Hammac 1943 Page One hundred thirty-six 1943 Jean Hampson Mary Ann Hampton Vivian Hampton Helen Hancock Olivene Hancock Geraldine Hansen Pat Hansen Maxine Harrison Kate Hart Prances Hatfield Helen Hawkins Kate Hedrick Alice Heiss Charlotte Henderson Drucilla Henderson Ruth Hendricks Ella Kathryn Hendry Kitty Joe Hickman Janice Heild Elizabeth Highsmith Shirley Hilton Marjorie Hinck Louise Hinson Jean Hitchcolk Bertha Lee Hoffman Page One hundred thirty-seven Clara Hoffman Betty Hooks Mary Grace Howey Pauline Hutchings Doris Jackson Jean Hoffman Martha Hostetter Mary Huddleston Mary Igou Mabel Jackson Lanty Hogan Naomi Howard Mary Gusta Huggins Marjorie Ingram Myrtle Jackson Mary Holderman Betsy Ross Howe Pauline Hull Nan Ingram Sally Jo Jackson Betty Holtsinger Phillis Howell Muriel Humphrey Helen Iserman Miriam James 1943 Page One hundred thirty-eight 1943 Dorothy Jewell Virginia Johnson Judy Jones Sue Kelly Doris Knowles Adele Johns Edna Johnston Paula Jones Betty King Sarah Koestline Charlotte Johnson Gloria Johnston Virginia Jones Mary Lou King Helen Kramer Mary Johnston Betty Jones Virginia Jones Mary Alice Kirchner Nancy Kulp Ruth Johnson Elizabeth Jones Marilyn Keating Martha Knoblock Sara Jane Kyle Page One hundred thirty-nine Jean Lance Tentonette Lang Dempsey Jo Lee Katherine Leuty Lucille Lowry Mildred Lane Betty Langston Georgia Leedy Ray Gladys Liljegren Alice Ludlam Sayra Laney Elta LaRoe Doris Lemle Cleo Lochas Mary Dee Luff Alice Laing Lola Lastra Rexetta Leonard Betty Sue Long Dorothy Luten Betty Lang Elaine Lawson Nell Lester Winifred Loucks Lois Lynch 1943 Page One hundred forty 1943 Elizabeth Lynn May Mather Mary Anna McBride Frances McClure Geraldine McDonnell Altair Majewiski Katheryn Mattox Gladys McCain Nell McCollum Nona McEwen Roberta Marks Martha Ann Mattox Mary Ellen McCall Betty McCrary Sarah McFadden Charlotte Marsh Jane May Pauline McCarthy Madge McCreary Annette McFarlin Eugenia Masters Ruth May Evelyn McClung Betty McDermon Patsy McGraw Page One hundred forty-one Helen Mcllvaine Ruth McKeown Mary McKintosh Bertha McLaughlin Lucille McLeod Betsy McMichael Rebekah McRae Josephine Miles Joan Miller Beth Mitchell Mary Monahan Virginia Monroe Lucille Moore Edith Morgan Eleanor Morgan Gloria Morgan Barbara Morrison Betty Mott Mary Elizabeth Mead Lillian Medlin Doris Melton Margaret Mercer Eleanor Merrill Wanda Merrill Elsie Merritt 1943 Page One hundred forty-two 1943 Gwendolyn Merritts Mary Lou Meyers Pauls Jeanne Muller Harriette Mullins Mary Elizabeth Murphy Evelyn Murray Anne Neaves Margaret Nixon Mary Neal Nixon Dorothy Nodine Mickie O ' Flynn Leora Ogle Norma O ' Hara Inez Olive Olive Olliphant Ellen Osborn Margaret Ostberg Madge Overcash Willie Ownby Mary Estelle Padgett Mary Jane Palmer Mary Lucile Palmer Frances Palmer Mary Paschall Jane Patterson Page One hundred forty-three Margaret Patterson Norma Penoyer Gertrude Phillips Aleta Price Patty Randall Nina Patterson Juanita Perry June Poorbough Alice Price Emma Ruth Ransley Ann Patton Gladys Petries Jane Powers Winifred Price Vera Ray Mattie Lou Peacock Frances Phillips Celia Pierce Aleen Pridgeon Edna Earl Reams Jacinta Penn Georgia Phillips Anne Presnell Josephine Pullard Jeanne Reese 943 Page One hundred forty-four 1943 Mary Regar Marcia Relihan Mary Bryan Rhame Alice Rhea Brunice Rice Eleanor Richards Margie Richardson Louise Rivers Lucille Rivers Sally Rivers Frances Roberts Betty Robinson Helen Robnett Ruth Roeshner Elizabeth Rogers Marion Rogers Lillian Rogin Fern Rose Esther Ross Jane Roth Lucy Roumillat Myrtice Rowe Myra Rubin Bessie Rumph Marinell Russell « . Page One hundred forty-five Sara Sanders Mena Schlemmer Mary Jane Segraves Annie Shellhorse Mildred Shyner Catherine Saunders Edith Schenck Dorothy Sellars Betty Sherman Madge Silcox Ruth Scanlon Selma Schloss Martha Sewell Alyce Sherouse Marjorie Silks Jewel Scarboro Carolyn Schook Patricia Shannon Winifred Shine Helen Skipper Carolyn Scarborough Elvira Seely Claire Shapiro Betty Shriner Frances Smart 943 Page One hundred forty-six 1943 Hazel Smith Mabel Daphne Smith Mary Smith Miriam Smith Nell Smith Norma Smith Olive Smith Ruth Smith Sue Smith Virginia Smith Helen Smitzes Elaine Solomon Merle Souter Roberta Spicer Edna Springer Mary Jo Sprott Dorothy Stallings Mary Stephenson Mary Stewart Sarah Stewart Eda Stich Charlotte St. Johns Carolyn Stowell Sara Ellen Stubbs Marion Swanson Page One hundred forty-seven Hazel Sylvester Avis Thomas Sammy Thomas Mary Isabel Thompson Frances Tolson Maidee Tabling Margaret Thomas Barbara Thompson Jeannette Thrower Virginia Touchton Jean Talley Maureen Thomas Emily Thompson Martha Thulberg Audrey Townsend Pauline Terry Muriel Thomas Madge Thompson Jeanne Tillotson Eloise Townsend Grace Theige Ruth Thomas Mary Thompson Lillie Tindale Marion Tryon 1943 Page One hundred forty-eight 1943 Florence Turner Peaches Tyler Stella Valenti Roberta Van Brunt Myrtle Van Vail Lois Vann Mary Strain Varn Polly Venning Diana Vergowe Mary Vorcelle Bettie Waddill Virginia Wainwright Frances Walker Pat Walker Virginia Walker Frances Walton Claire Ward Frances Ward Betty Warren Jane Watts Minna Dale Webb Jane Welsch Nancy White Eulia Whitlock Celeste Whitsett Page One hundred forty-nine Emily Witten Lauris Wilkins Anita Williams Barbara Williams Betty Jo Williams Carrie Lou Williams Elaine Williams Jeannette Williams Mary Lou Williams Polly Ann Williams Ruby Williams Helen Joy Willis Bethea Willis Willetta Willis Anne Wilson Edna Earle Wilson Evelyn Wilson Hazel Wimberly Meta Witherspoon Marcine Witt Mildred Woodward Eunice Worn Alys Yagers Mary Nell Yawn Hope Yon Eleanor Yothers Marjorie Young Martha Zewadski 1943 Page One hundred fifty Students Without Pictures (Continued) Virginia Jones Sarah Jordan Virginia Jordan Jocelyn Juniper Mary Catherine Keen Frances Keister Donna Kelly Lucy Kelly Roxilu Kelton Mary Kemp Helen Kennard Joan Kennedy Mary Kerr Lola Kersey Lucile Ketterer Leota Kirkpatrick Jewel Klosterman Dorothy Lamb Phyllis Lamb Louise Lambe Evelyn Lambert Iris Lanier Carrie Lee Mary Lee Edna Leibovit Elizabeth LeMaster Sadie Lentz Moyde Lewis Eleanor Lewis Sara Lewis Lillie Linton Martha Livengood Idelle Logan Eileen Lord Joyce Lord Louise Lorenz Barbara Louis St. George Lourcey Sue Love Frances Lowe Elinor Lowery Katherine Lyman Frances McClure Dorothy McCown Anna Frances McKay Christian McKinnon Jean McMurry Betty MacPherson Lottie McQuagge Amelia Magee Edna Malakowsky Dorothy Manning Lois Marchant Elizabeth Marron Charlotte Marsh Beverly Marshall Carol Marshall Kathryn Marshall Betty Martin Ethel Martin Margaret Matthews Frances Maura Sylvia Meares Ann Merryday Dorothy Miller Betty Miller Lorraine Miller Virginia Millsap Lois Milton Lois Mingle Jean Mitchell Marjorie Mixson Delia Montero Margaret Moore Virginia Morgan Josephine Morris Helen Morrison Ruth Morrow Elizabeth Mountain Jeannette Mullis Ella Murphy Jane Murphy Wanda Murrill Josephine Neel Dorothy Nettles Inez Newman Mabel Nihoul Sara Nooney Daphne Norfleet Nelly Nowery Marjorie O ' Cain Ruth Osteen Norma Oxley Mary Louise Pack Caroline Packard Caroline Painter Virginia Parker Eunice Parker Frances Parker Jarrett Parker Marjorie Parmer Ottis Parnell Agnes Parramore Annie Parrish Lucile Peacock Elizabeth Pearce Genevieve Pelham Kathryn Perkins Bessie Mae Perrin Willie Phelps Gwendolyn Philbeck Naomi Philbeck Esther Philips Ruth Pichard Frances Pinder Sue Pinner Celia Pipkins Edna Pittman Frances Pittman Betty Ann Placie Vaulda Poppell Betty Post Jean Povey Alice Proctor Ellen Proctor Catherine Quinby Evalena Rader Ora Ragans Catherine Rawle Mary Reed Ruth Reed Juanita Register Frances Richards Helen Richardson Evelyn Riley Marguerite Rivers Mary Rivers Martha Roach Ruth Robbins Virginia Roberts Marjorie Roberts Vera Robinson Evelyn Rodnesky Almera Rogers Frances Rogers Hazel Rogers Marjorie Root Thelma Rosenberg Dorothy Ross Lillian Rudd Grace Rushing Edna Safley Mary Lou Sappington Dorothy Scheppe Amelia Schneider Marlene Schwob Florence Scofield Dorothy Scully Doris Searcy Edith Seivers Barbara Sexton Helen Sharp Beverly Sherard Martha Sherman Margaret Simmons Anna Marie Simpson Agnes Slappey Clara Smith Keitha Smith Wilma Smith Anne Sollar Iris Sperbler Jennie Spivey Elizabeth Staples Rebel Starling Rachel Stein Aubrey Stephens Grace Stephenson Madge Stewart Virginia Stewart Emme Stilwell Amelia Stone Dorcus Stone Elizabeth Stone Iris Storrs Ruth Strickland Martha Stroberg Freddie Suhr Theresa Sullivan Eleanor Sweet Myra Swindell Lesley Talley Jane Telford Ruth Tewes Jeannette Tharpe Marian Tharp Geraldine Thomas Katherine Thompson Sara Thompson Isabelle Thomson Mary Tison Marjorie Toole Dorothy Trimble Ruth Trott Mildred True Avis Tucker Hildreth Tucker Jane Turck Martelle Turner Rose Udell Evelyn Uhrhan Jane Uhrhan Ruth Uhrhan Alice Valentine Helen Van Fleet Sara Van Horn Margaret Van Ness Corise Varn Janet Varn Virginia Vaughan Esther Veal Sue Venning Agnes Vincent Katherine Von Dohlen Lieselotte Voss Dorothy Wagner Frances Ward Frances Walker Jane Walker Vadah Walker Hilda Ward Juanita Ward Elizabeth Waterman Juliet Watkins Marjorie Watkins Helene Webb Birdie Wells Catharine Wells Clara West Rose Wexler Juanita Wheeler Beulah White Louise Whittier Lucile Whitty Selma Wike Anne Wilkinson Ann Williams Eunice Williams Nellyn Williams Nina Williams Ruth Williams Sari Williams Rose Williamson Sara Williamson Barbara Willis Elsie Willits Dorothy Wilson Frances Wilson Margaret Wilson Suzanne Wilson Willie Winderweedle Virginia Winsemann Sadie Witherspoon Adeline Wood Margaret Wood Mary Wood Wayles Wood Patricia Wooten Hilda Wyrick Hannah York Kathryn Young Rita Young Amanda Zewadski Marianne Zimmerman Marjorie Zippei-er Virginia Zoll Page One hundred jifty-one cu ( ■ T ■ f ' X i :.4 - ■ ■ ' •-, f ■ • Executive Council of the College Government Association officers President Katherine Graham First Vice-President Martha Murphy Second Vice-President Carolyn Mims Secretary Mart Pierson Treasurer Lynette Thompson Freshman Adviser Dorothea Kloeppel Chairman of Judiciary Marjorie Jessup Executive Council is the executive branch of the College Government Association performing all duties delegated to it by the Senate and coordinating all the work of the association. Page 0?ie hundred fifty-four Judiciary of College Government Association officers Chairman Marjorie Jessup Secretary Cornelia Watson Sergeant-at-Arms Jeanne Walker Chairrnan of Judiciary Marjorie Jessup Senior Representatives ?ton?e M?rchesseau Betty Nickinson Junior Representatives Lucille Walker Cornelia Watson Sophomore Representatives Janet wYllT " " Chairman of Residence Halls Committee .... Mamie Ruth Baggott Chairman of Off-Campus Committee Marjorie Morrison President of College Government Association, ex officio Katherine Graham Freshman Adviser, ex officio Dorothea Kloeppel The purpose of Judiciary is to further our standards of Honesty, Loyalty, and Re- sponsibility by educating the student body to a realization of the responsibilities and privileges of student government, interpreting the regulations and procedures, and helping personally each girl who appears before the court to adjust her own standards to our own and to contribute her best to the advancement of the college community. W-3- sV X. ' Student Senate officers President Vice-President Treasurer ... Martha Murphy Carolyn Mims Lynette Thompson Mamie Ruth Baggott Grace Bail Virginia Balkcom Pat Brandt Jean Dunn Carolyn Edwards Florence Gregory Amelia Gordy Katherine Graham Margaret Christie Harrison Anita Jaeckel MEMBERS Marjorie Jessup Anne Jones Ella Maude Jones Dorothea Kloeppel Kathleen McCarthy Helen Milan Carolyn Mims Beryl Mitchell Marjorie Morrison Jeannette Mullis Dot Nickerson Dorothy Parker Mart Pierson Louise Rice Ruth Rogers Frances Slade Martha Stroberg Lynette Thompson Avis Tucker Elizabeth Anne Webb Jeanne Webster Betty Young Senate is the legislative branch of the College Government Association. It voices the opinion of the student body in matters concerning the administration of College Government. The First Vice President of College Government Association is the acting head of the Senate. Page One hundred fifty-six Sophomore Council Colors — Blue and White OFFICERS Chairman Vice-Chairm.a7i Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Second Vice-President, C.G.A. Ella Maude Jones Marion Webster Sarah King Mary Celeste Hardee Adeline Wood Caroline Mims Anne Alfriend Mary Lou Atkinson Maxine Armistead Grace Bail Helen Benton Mary Pinckard Bryan Mary Caldwell Mary Carlton Margaret Cook Louise Crosby Lenoir Dekle Marquerite Diaz Elizabeth Ezzard MEMBERS Mary Frances Petner Mary Celeste Hardee Elaine Hundertmark Ella Maude Jones Sarah King Alberta Lyles Mattie McCahill Mary Lou McGowan Anna Prances McKay Helen Milam Elizabeth Miller Paulette Nolan Anne Peacock Mart Pierson Claude Annie Rhodes Blanche Saul Martha Stroberg Jane Telford Peggy Thornton Avis Tucker Jeanne Walker Marion Webster Janet Wells Monterey Whittlesey Adeline Wood Jean Wood Amanda Zewadski , m m WKWii r i i miiMi a Committee on Orientation Freshman Adviser Dorothea Kloeppel Grace Bail Gene Bryan Mary Carlton Edith Chason MEMBERS Jenn Gilbert Ella Maude Jones Betty Markham Mattie McCahill Dorothy Mitchell Betty Nickinson Nancy W. White Bettie Young Freshman Counselors — 1 35-10)40 Page One hundred fifty-eight Residence Halls Committee Chairman Linnie Lou Gautier Harriet Gill Evelyn Gordon MEMBERS Mamie Ruth Baggott Louise Clark Wilma Johns Ann McMorris Lollie Watrous Grace Wimberly Off Campus Committee OFFICERS Chairman Marjorie Morrison Secretary Minna Dennis Marshall Midge Scott MEMBERS Hilda Alagood Margaret Scott Mary Greenleaf Frances Trantham Jenn Gilbert Nell Thompson Elizabeth Moore Page One hundred fifty-nine Editor in Chief Associate Editor Managing Editor Art Editors Copy Editor . Jeanne Webster Joan Miller Pat Brandt Margaret Baker Louise Prine Helen Milam Flastacowo OFFICERS Sports Editors Snapshot Editor Assistant Editors Martha Van Brunt Rex Withers Lucille Walker Mary Caldwell Dorothy Mitchell Mary Frances Oven Doris Summerlin Betty Ann Taylor Flastacowo Business Staff Business Manager Members of the Staff Jeannett Litschgi Mary Myers Alford Fairfax Bates Mary Henry Isabelle Ramsey Beth Rickards Bunny Turnbull Mary Vergowe The DisTAiF - Sponsor Dr. H. F. Richards EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Florence Gregory Managing Editor Mary Celeste Hardee Art Editor Phoebe James Sara Swanson Vivian Ahlsweh Maxine Armistead Bertha Bloodworth Copy Editors Marguerite Diaz Mary Lou MacGowan Ina Margaret Robinson May Weltner Jayne Mendehall BUSINESS STAFF France Milton Business Manager Anne Gamble Marion Valz Circulation Manager Dorothy Mitchell Page One hundred sixty-two The Florida Flambeau Editor-in-Chief Jeannette Mullis Business Manager Grace Sparkman Associate Editor Mabel Bennett Assistant Business Manager Lillian Bowness Mana.m. E.«or. SS r " ' News Editor Vivian Allsweh Circulation Manager Velma Pate Advertising Manager Mary Glenn Grimes Exchange Editor Polly Douglas Outside News Editor Margaret Painter Columist Isabel Day Society Editor Margaret Scott Sports Editor Sarah Nooney Copy Editor Sarah Worth Picture Editor Iris Bell Harriet Benson Bertha Bond Mary Catherine Bogart Louise Burger Mary Caldwell Doris Carter Marlene Dale Pauline Dale Marguerite Diaz REPORTERS Helen Emmanuel Anne Gaylord Celeste Hardee Kitty Jo Hickman Emma Jean Higley Betty Hyatt Patsy McGraw Mabel Nihoul Jane Mendenhall Eleanor Miller Mary Frances Oven Velma Pate Grace Rushing Sibyle Sanders Betty Ann Taylor Jonnie Thomasson Vadah Walker Isabelle Waterhouse Belle Yonge Page One hundred sixty-three Senior Hall Founded During Academic Year 1938-1939 Chairman Secretary -Treasurer OFFICERS Margaret Vogt Lena Bischoff Connie Ash Tessie Bachman Mamie Ruth Baggott Betty Bartholf Lena Bischoff Thelma Butler Rose Mary Carlton Shirley Davis Polly Douglas Prances Farmer Lillian Fleet Maybelle Ford Camila Gillette Katherine Graham Donna Haney Reba Henry Natalie Houchard Zonira Hunter Betty Jane Jaco Marjorie Jessup Anne Kennedy Reba Kirby MEMBERS Katherine Kirby-Smith Dorothea Kloeppel Hazel Lacey Eunice Lasche Jeannette Litschgi Margaret Lingo Yvonne Marchesseau Ernestine Makemson Virginia Makemson Dorothy Manning Betty Markham Marjorie Means Virginia Milton Pauline Morrow Jeanette Mullis Sibyl Jean Olsen Marie Pattini Sandra Peckham Marguerite Reutimann Ruth Rogers Muryl Roland Julia Rosser Merryday Rosser Muriel Alice Rovi le y Ruth Sanderson Dorothy Sanford Ruth Shepard Grace Sparkman Gladys Stivender Ruth Stonecipher Lynette Thompson Dorothy Townsend Bunny Turnbull Lillian Usher Louise Usher Mary Vergowe Margaret Vogt Edna Warren Elizabeth Anne Webb Hazel Wilkerson Claire Willetts Florence Willis Betty Young Wilma Young Page One hundred sixty-four Day Students officers President Dorothy Parker Vice-President Edith Chason Secretary Martha Hicks Treasurer Mary O. Pinckney Parliamentarian Mary Alice McNeil senate Representatives Sorot h ' y Parker Activity Chairman Jamie Allred Publicity Chairman Ethel Hawes Social Chairman Esther Veal Transportation Chairman Doris Searcy Page One hundred sixty-five Glee Club OFFICERS Director Miss Etta L. Robertson President Betty Bartholf Vice-President Louise Thrasher Secretary -Treasurer Delia Montero Business Manager Mildred True Ruth Archer Mary Campbell Marjorie Clayton Lorraine Gehan Dot M. Henderson MEMBERS First Sopranos: Phyllis Howell Adele Johns Marguerite Lowe Barbara Mabry Gwendolyn Merritt Mary Louise Pack Mary Ruth Scorgie Ruth Shepard Louise Thrasher Marybelle Wright Doris Anderson Alice Armstrong Dorothy Babers Betty Bartholf Floread Brown Genevieve Bryan Corinne Butler Alma Chalker Jeanne Colley Lucille Arnold Irene Bannerman Jean Daniells May Belle Ford Kathryn Gait Second Harriet Collins Lulu Cooper ! . . Virginia Dunn Shirley Erickson Mary Alice Granger Violet Gremli Jean Hamson Dot Hickman Betty Ann Hoyt Sopranos : Betty Jacobi Sarah Lea Johns Annette McFarlin Delia Montero Phyllis Parramore Vivian Rainey Jacinta L. Penn Margaret Rinck Dot Sanford First Altos: Christine Harbin Martha Hastetter Marjorie Ingram Elizabeth Jones Sayra Laney Janey Lewis Mary Lou McGowan Pauline Morrow Betty Rose Scott Sarah Sheldon Mary Stapleton Carolyn Stowell Eleanor Swett Mildred Treu Joy Willis Grace Wimberly Marjorie E. Young Eleanor Mullins Ellen Osborn Frances Rogero Virginia Rouse Clara Trushin Amelia Avant Audrey Bolton Harriet Benson Margaret Curry Lucy Beth Holding Dorothy Hughes Second Altos: Margaret Hunter Hazel Lacey Lorraine Leedy Marcy Mcintosh Elizabeth Miller Mary Faith Myhlertz Marcia Claudia Relihan Margaret Thomas Johnie Thomasson Margaret Thornton Elizabeth Whittington Page One hundred sixty-six Orchestra Conductor Concert Master Walter Ruel Cowles Julia Rosser First Violins: Julia Rosser Virginia Rouse Doris Jackson Myra Swindell Mary Reed Mary Cowart Second Violins: Helen Dahlgren Freddie Lu Suhr Diana Vergowe Jean Hampson Geraldine Hansen Mary Case Annabelle Hoffman Pauline Morrow Violas : Lula Cooper Charlotte Cooper Elizabeth Miller MEMBERS Cellos: Mary Sue Barnes Frances Hughes Betty Potter Bass: Eunice Worn Dot Miller Flutes : Merryday Rosser Hazel Wimberly Betsy Staples Byron Mizell Oboe: Mary Stephenson Clarinet: Marion Swanson Isaac Capeloto French Horn: Robert Hofma Saxophone : Betty Rose Scott Bassoo7i : Edna Warren Trumpets: Jean Daniells Robert Eyman Tympani: Jean Hitchcolk Harp: Mary Reeder Page One hundred sixty-seven Classical Club Founded October 28, 1910 OFFICERS Sponsor President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Bulletin Board Chairmari Publicity Chairman Miss West ' Frances Cofer WiLMA Johns Nanna Kurtz Barbara Conine RoxiLu Kelton Jeanne McDowell Catherine Allissandratos Mary Elizabeth Baker Amelia Black Lorraine Bowen Donna Will Brown Marg. — Marie Bryant Martha Byrnes Virginia Clark Frances Cofer Lenore Cohen Lucy Cole Helen Davis Albertine Dube Barbara Conine Snooky Edwards Martha Green MEMBERS Caroline Griner Maxine Harrison Lanty Hogan Wilma Johns Roxilu Kelton Eleanor King Martha Knoblock Nanna Kurtz Katherine Lyman Lois Marchant Pat McCarthy Jane McColsky Madge McCreary Jeanne McDowall Susan Mitchell Mary Elizabeth Monahon Betty Nickinson Mary Neal Nixon Mary Estelle Padgett Dorothy Reynolds Eleanor Richards Christine Russ Mildred Shyver Pauline Simon Sue Smith Gertrude Spettel Jane Telford Lynette Thompson Marion Valz Minnie Dale Webb Beulah White Luise Whittier Carrie Lou Williams Page One hundred sixty-eight 4 H Club Founded in 1926 Colors — Green and White Flower — Four-leaf Clover Motto — " To Make The Best Better " OFFICERS Spojisor Miss Ethyl Holloway President Ruth Sanderson Vice-President Jeannette Rish Secretary Velora Manning Treasurer Wilma Young Parlinientarian Roxilu Kelton Program Chairman Tessie Backman Social Chairman Martha Fain Freshman Advisor Frances Palmer Esther Acherman Kathryn Allison Dorothy Altman Edyth Aly Helen Armistead Beartice Arnold Tessie Backman Catherine Baker Margaret Bruner Catherine Buie Lizzie Mae Cowen Geraldine Crawford Elsie May Day Jane Dille Louise Douglas Martha Fain Louise Fulmer Ossie Ginther Miriam Grantham Ruth Hendricks Helen Henley MEMBERS Roxilu Kelton Margaret La Celle Hazel Lacey Betty Lang Sadie Lentz Henrietta Lisk Louise Lorenz Edna Malakowsky Velora Manning Ruth McCain Elizabeth Mountain Marjorie NeSmith Inez Olive Frances Palmer Patricia Randall Betty Rowle Vera Ray Jeanette Rish Vera Robinson Almena Rogers Frances Rogers Grace Rushing Ruth Sanderson Harriet Sarvis Annie Shellhorse Ruth Shepard Wilma Smith Ruth Stokes Dorcus Stone Toi Strickland Mary Suhr Ruth Tison Virginia Wainwright Buelah White Lucile Whitty Annie Ben Wielder Ann Williams Eunice Williams Elsie Mae Willets Johnnymae Wright Wilma Young Page One hundred sixty-nine -. li W International Relations Club Founded in 1923 Colors — Red and White Flower — Carnation OFFICERS Sponsor Dr. Marion Irish President Mary Alice Lester Vice-President Elizabeth Linn Secretary Selma Hyman Co-Treasurers Margaret Booth CO ireaburers Margaret Christie Harrison Conference Chairman .... Johnnymae Wright Hilda Alagood Katherine Alissandratos Connie Ash Margaret Booth Martha Byrnes Helen Emmanuel Sue Erwin Betty Ferran Dorothy Gibbs Eleanor Crenelle Margaret Harrison Patty Holbert Lillian Huntley MEMBERS Selma Hyman Nona Irwin Eunice Lasche Lorraine Leedy Edna Leibovit Mary Alice Lester Elizabeth Linn Barbara Louis Jeanne Mankes Marie Manley Laura McCaughan Jane McCloskey Helen Milam Elizabeth Miller Mabel Nihoul Betty Pearlman Kathryn Powell Evelyn Rickman Lillian Rogin Estelle Rubin Anne Safay Sibyle Sanders Isabelle Thomson Barbara Tyler Betty Venning Johnnymae Wright Page One hundred seventy Sociology Club Founded March 15, 1938 OFFICERS Mrs. Mary C. Bristol Dr. Raymond Bellamy Sponsors Dr. Coyle Moore Dr. Paul Shankweiler Mr. Fredrick Hanover President Laura McCaughan Vice-President Lillian Fleet Secretary -Treasurer Amelia Lee Black Publicity Chairman Velma Pate Program Chairman SurBAKE ' ' ' ' ' ' Alice Armstrong Sue Baker Eloise Baughn Amelia Lee Black Floread Brown Marjorie Bullard Doris Cahoon Atlant Day MEMBERS Caroline Edwards Lillian Fleet Helen Gratigny Betty Lindsey Laura McCaughn Charlotte Mols Delia Montero Jeannette Mullis Betty Nicholson Velma Pate Betty Pearlman Janet Ross Winifred Shive Evelyn Steele Judy Triplets Page One hundred seventy-one Home Economics Club President Vice-President Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . . . Senior Representative Junior Representative OFFICERS Dorothy Townsend Jean Phillips Mary Vergowe Sybil Jean Olsen Marie Pattani Miriam Stuckey Sophomore Representative Social Director Publicity Chairman Parliamentarian . Historian . Project CJiairman Flower Chairman Lucille Arnold Lucile Plow Ruth McCain Elizabeth Yancey Illa Maki Marjokie Means Carolyn Johnson Miss Helen Cate, Sponsor Miss Eleanor Breen Dr. Ruth Connor Miss Helen Richey FACULTY MEMBERS Dean Margaret Sandek Dr. Jennie Tilt Miss Janet K. Smith Miss Leila Venable Vivian Adams Florence Allen Ida Frances Allen Betty Aired Dorothy Babers Dayde Barnard Louise Bateman Sarah Bedsoe Theo Blalock Doris Bush Nina Pearl Bush Geraldine A. Brock Mary Burgoon Marie Byrd Betty Cappleman Mary Chalker Mary Chazel Dorothy Cohen Laurette Colley Eileen Coil Geraldine Crawford Neva Mae Davis Isabel Day Mary Brice Deaver Minna Dennis Virginia Dial Rita DeVigilio Lenora Driggers Ruth Dunsford Eleanor Duke Cynthia Evans Olive Galloway May Belle Ford Harriet Griffith Barbara Jean Gray Martha Green Marion Brinnel Vivian Guagliardo Donna Haney Mary Agnes Harding Betty Griggs Katherine Harkins Shirley Helton Ruth Hendricks Helen Henley Natalie Houchard Dot Hetsch Louise Home MEMBERS Naomi Howard Helen Iserman Carolyn Johnson Edna Johnson Nanna Kurz Jessie Keeler Anne Kennedy Audrey Knowles Hazel Lacey Louise Lorenz Virginia Lougnot Bobby Louis Elizabeth V. Lynn Ada LyBarker Betty McMichael Jean McRae Rebekah McRae Dorothy Manning Velora Manning Claire Means Ruth Miller Marjorie Morrison Mary Lou O ' Haver Inez Olive Edith Ott Betty Jane Oxer Frances Palmer Martha Pattishall Lucile Peacock Janet Pittman Katherine Powell Evalena Rader Marguerite Reutimann Mary Rhame Alice Rhea Jeanette Rish Virginia Roberts Vera Robinson Alemena Rogers Fern Rose Dorothy Ross Voncile Rudolph Ruth Sanderson Caroline Scott Louise Shehan Betty Shiver Eleanor Shuman Louise Shuman Frances Smart Mrs. Nina Mae Williams Mrs. Rex Withers Ruth Stokes Dorcus Stone Dot Swanson Ruth Terrell Caroline Thomas Gerry Thomas Louise Thomas Maureen Thomas Muriel Thomas Jeanne Tillotson Bunny Turnbull Ella Wakefield Lollie Watrous Elizabeth Weaver Selma Wike Anne Williams Juanita Williams Carolyn Willis Dorothy Mae Wilson Rex Withers Louise Woodward Johnnymae Wright Marybelle Wright Hannah York Page One hundred seventy-two Astronomy Club officers Sponsor Miss Lynn President Zonira Hunter Vice-President Ann Williams Secretary Mary Anna Hampton Treasurer Mary Faith Myhlertz Chairman of Telescope Team . . . Ann Perry Solar Chairman of Publicity Sara Nooney French Club Colors — Blue, White, and Red OFFICERS Sponsor Miss Marie Davis President Mary Evelyn Wooten Vice-President Caroline Varn Secretary Joan Miller Treasurer Virginia Wainwright Program Chairman Marie Jeneau Page One hundred seventy-three The Young Women ' s Christian Association Colors — Blue and White OFFICERS President Virginia Balkcom Vice-President Elizabeth Linn Secretary Alberta Lyles Treasurer Peggy Thornton Faculty Advisor Dr. Anna Forbes Liddell Sponsor Baptist Student Union Founded in 1925 Colors — Purple and White Motto — " Maximum Christian Living " OFFICERS Miss Billie Ruth Currin President Enlistment Chairman Social Chairman . Devotional Chairman Secretary .... Treasurer .... Sunday School President B.T.U. President . Muryl Roland Christine Harbin Kitty Ford Grace Wimberly Ouida Hardy Frances Farmer Mamie Ruth Baggott Dorothy Sanford Y.W.A. President . Publicity Chairman . Music Chairman . Baptist Student Magazine Junior Council President Student Secretary Faculty Representatives . Laura McCaughan Ruth Rogers Mildred True Eleanor Shuman LuciLE Arnold Billie Ruth Currin Miss Louise Richardson S. R. Doyle Page One hundred seventy-four feH9HHK Je vish Women ' s Organization Founded Nov-ember 1, 1940 Colors — Blue and White OFFICER S Sponsor . - Rabbi Max D. Eichhorn President Lillian Fleet Vice-President Cynthia Pearlman Secretary Miriam Bushell Treasurer Emily Witten Jane Argintar Anita Berkowitz Shirley Braverman Noami Brauer Marie Brownstein Frances Erodes Miriam Bushell Dorothy Cohen Helen Davis Dorothy Dubbin Raela Fink Lillian Fleet Rosalie Glickman MEMBERS Dorothy Gerson Florence Greenberg Madalyn Halpern Selma Hyman Selma Jenkins Martha Lipshitz Barbara Louis Florence Lutz Bell Markowitz Roberta Marks Molly Mendelson Rosalie Mendelson Cynthia Pearlman Ruth Robbins Lillian Rogin Rosalie Rosner Estelle Rubin Myra Rubin Blanche Saul Selma Schloss Peggy Schemer Claire Shapiro Amelia Sneider Sara Tepper Florence Trushin Emily Witten Tybell Wittenstein Page One hundred seventy-five ■itfir ■ iiiP Newman Club Colors — Garnet and Gold Mot to — " Cor ad Cor Loquitur " OFFICERS Chaplabi . . . . . . . . Rev. W. J. Carroll President Marie Pattani Vice-President Carmen Lytal Treasurer Kathleen McCarthy Recording Secretary Alice Hobson Corresponding Secretary . . . Marlene Schwab Parlimentarian Catherine Brown Intramural Manager Betty Brown MEMBERS Marion Alexander Carmen Alvarez Dorothy Anderson Jean Austin Roberta Bailey Martha Ballenger Josephine Barone Helen Beals Mary Catherine Bellas Theo Blalock Betty Brown Catherine Brown Harriet Beaver Virginia Brown Evelyn Buettner Martha Byrnes Patricia Carroll Lois Carlos Josephine Castellano Jeanne Chazal Mary Chazal Jean Cheaney Mary Margaret Clann Margaret Costello Lorraine Cottrell Emma Cox Genevieve Cruger Katherine Cuellar Jessie Cyzycki Alice Dametry Anna Laura De Haven Audrey De la Rue Adelaide Dickson Rita Di Virgilio Dorothy Donnelly Kathyrn Donnelly Albertine Dube Ana Bubrocq Carmen Dubrocq Marie Dulin Janice Eckler Shirley Ericksen Rachel Erwin Betty Gibney Vivian Guagliardo Eleanor Grinnell Elodie Hale Patricia Hansen Catherine Harkins Ruth Hendricks Alice Hobson Gwendolyn James Josephine James Nanna Kurtz Elaine Lawson Jeannette Litschgi Myrtis Louque Carmen Lytal Altaire Majewski Yvonne Marchesseau Ruth Miller Mary Monahan Mary Elizabeth Murphy Kathleen McCarthy Geraldine McDonnell Mickey O ' Flynn Alice Parks Marie Pattani Gladys Petrie Mary Olive Pinckney Josephine Pullara Jeanne Reese Martha Robbins Lucy Roumillot Louise Shahan Patricia Shannon Virginia Silver Betty Slemmons Jean Sparkman Eloise Steele Theresa Sullivan Stella Valenti Mary Vocelle Elizabeth Waterman Joy Willis Suzanne Wilson Alys Yager Marianne Zimmerman Marlene Schwab Page One hundred seventy-six Presbyterian Student Council SENIOR COUNCIL Sponsor Miss Miriam Wilson President .... Edna Warren Vice-President . . . Margaret Hunter Secretary Carolyn Brinson Treasurer Elizabeth Miller Chairman Spiritual Life . Jean Hampton Missions Mary Case Social Service . . . Donna Haney President of Sunday School Class Music Pauline Morrow CoRRiNE Butler Social Louise Patterson Publicity Peggy Cook Dramatic Betty Ferran Student House . . . Mary Clark Caldwell Dietitian Mary Vergowe Marjorie May . Merryday Rosser Wesleyan Foundation OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Personnel Director Worship Chairman Publicity Chairman Music Chairman . Pauline Flake Elizabeth Whittington LOLLIE Watrous Rosemary Carlton Allefair Everett Virginia Perry Betty Ann Taylor Gertrude Spettle Campus-Church Relation President Sunday School Class . Vice-President Sunday School Class Secretary Sunday School Class . Treasurer Sunday School Class . Dramatics Chairman House Chairman . Social Service Chairinan Recreation Chairman Sorority Chairman Off Campus Chairman League Chairman Alumnae Chairman Ida Mae McClain Emily Philips Ola Belle Tillman Martha Tatum Ruth McCain Martha Whitehurst Norma Lee McCree Newrie Powell Kathryn Powell Mildred Jones Eleanor Hocker Lucille Flow Avis Lyman Page One hundred seventy-seven Spirog IRA % ' ' , -f 4 i-.V " ' ' - ' ■ ...s -- " OFFICERS President Cornelia Anne Watson Vice-President Barbara Thomas MEMBERS Pat Brandt Beryl Mitchell Brenelle Mobley Gene Bryan Sonia Mitchell Betty Nickinson Secretary Anne Jones Treasurer Carolyn Mims Louise Patterson Minnie Ratliff Dorothy Parker Nancy White Miss Deviney Miss Dorman FACULTY Miss Flowers Miss Stevens Mrs. Hay Miss Thomson Miss Tracy Mrs. Weaver Miss West ESTEREN . e OFFICERS Presidejit Yvonne Bettie : Marchesseau Secreatry-Treasurer Young MEMBERS Connie Ash Charlotte Bartless Katherine Graham Anita Jaeckel Marjorie Jessup Janet Jewett Dorothea Kloeppel Jeannette Litschgi Joan Miller Mart Pierson Louise Rice Martha Robbins Ina Margaret Robinsc FACULTY )n Ruth Rogers Lynette Thompson Jeanne Walker Elizabeth Anne Webb Jeanne Webster Jan Wells Miss Byrd Miss Lynn Miss Montgomery Miss Schornherst Miss Richardson Page One hundred seventy-nine Cotillion Club OFFICERS Sponsor Miss Mary B. Settle President Amelia Gordy Vice-President Lucille Walker Secretary Mary Lou Atkinson Treasurer Barbara Mabry Vivian Adams Mary Lou Atkinson Grace Bail Fairfax Bates Jane Bishop Sue Bryant Mary Caldwell Amelia Gordy Mae Hampton Dot Rudasill Jean Kobey Barbara Mabry Joan Miller Dot Mitchell Elizabeth Moore Elizabeth Phillips Margaret Roberts MEMBERS Ina Margaret Robinson Jan Simmons Frances Slade Catherine Smith Martha Stroberg Belva Sutton Lucillee Walker Dottie McCown Betty Brown Frances Fryer Kate Hedrick Dottie Mae Anderson Jean Codley Dot Garrison Margaret Hearin Betsy McMichael Nancy White Jean Hitchcolk Jean Chazel Virginia McDurmon Virginia Munroe Gladys McCain Ruth Pierce Ann Angel Virginia Walker Louise Berger Barbara Binniker Lois Cooper Margaret Faircloth Betty Hyatt Lib Miller Polly Ann Williamson Virginia Morgan Page One hundred eighty RoVs ijv a«0 ■i cy TnoM A .CLU UJ ftaxSyQX-Q- feju u vO Z ZA L yiytAyo " - .vAji ' M f y ' ■f- .. iL « " - ' WiJ ' »■ Woman ' s Athletic Association officers of 1939-40 President Louise Rice Vice-President Minnie Ratliff Secretary " Peaches " McKay Treasurer Jean Wood Intramural Manager Martha Robbins Publicity Chairman Brenelle Mobley Senior Class Manager Mary Collins Junior Class Manager Rachael Erwin Sophomore Class Manager Marion Freeling Freshman Class Manager Betsy Ross Howe Physical Education Association OF Florida State College for Women officers Sponsor P. E. A. Faculty President Margaret Clements Vice-President Marion Freeling Secretary-Treasurer Paulette Nolan MEMBERS — Physical Education Majors Page One hundred eighty-two Life Saving Corps OFFICERS President Secretary Instructor Captain . Hazel Wilkerson . Welda Christie . Dot Parks . Frances Battle Faculty Advisor .... Mate Betty Bartholf Chairman of Publicity Rachael Erwin Chairman Water Safety and Canoeing . Mary Collins Scrapbookkeeper Louise Lorenze Miss Marjorie Mayer MEMBERS Mary F. Adamo Vivian Adamo Mary K. Adams Sara E. Alexander Jamie Allred Dorothy M. Anderson Mildred Anderson Martha Ann Angel Alice Arnold Georgia Askew Margaret A. Barker Fairfax Bates Frances Battle Eloise Baughn Catherine Bogart Frances Booker Evelyn Sue Boote Martha E. Bostwick Jane Boyd Doris J. Boyle Elizabeth E. Bragg Patricia Brandt Naomi J. Brauer Frances Brooks Sarah Bryant Evelyn Buettner Marjorie Bullard Annie E. Butts Catherine D. Caine Mary L. Caldwell Daisy G. Cameron Doris Campbell Annie L. Cannon Helen J. Cochran Frances L. Coker Lucy Cole Carolyn Collins Annette Cone Peggy Cook Charlotte E. Cooper Lois M. Cooper Genevieve Cruger Helen C. Dahlgren Martha Davis Isabel ' Day Eleanor H. Duke Martha B. Duncan Jean Durrance Denora Ecker Frances Eckland Mary K. Erwin Rachael Erwin Jimmie L. Fain Ruth M. Farr Mary F. Fetner Laura N. Foote Kitty Ford Harriett Foster Mary C. Foster Carolyn Francisco Margery A. Franklin Marion Freeling Lorraine Gehan Emily Gilbert Lenora A. Gorman Martha M. Griffitt Kathleen Guest Jean Hitchcolk Patricia Holbert Jean I. Holloway Alice M. Humphrey Gene Harbeson Helen M. Hawkins Bobbie J. Henderson Carolyn N. Ingram Marjorie Ingram Helen Iserman Sally Jo Jackson Janet Jewett Gloria L. Johnston Frances Jordan Frances Keister Mary L. King Mary A. Kirchner Betty Lang Frances Lewis Florence Lutz Marcy MacKintosh Jane Maguire Yvonne Marchesseau Mattie McCahill Jane McCay Jane McCloskey Jean McCord Dorothy McCown Nona McEven Edith McKee Lillian McKeown Christian McKinnon Bertha McLaughlin Ethel McLeod Betsy McMichael Mary J. Medlin Elizabeth Miller Susan Mitchell Dorothy Moe Virginia Monroe Elizabeth Moore Lois Nelson Mabel Nihoul Sara Nooney Mary F. Oven Mary J. Palmer Mary L. Palmer Imogene Parramore Mary M. Paschall Nina Patterson Gladys Peacock Georgia Phillips Norma Phillips Harriet Post Jean Povey Aleen Pridgin Marguerite Reutimann Alyce Rhea Roberta Rhyne Marjorie Richardson Margaret Rinck Mary E. Rivero Elizabeth Roberts Lillian Sample Blanche Saul Catherine A. Saunders Selma Schless Amelia Schneider Helen Smitzes Harriet Tobin Ann Towson Ruth Trott Alice Valentine Clifton Van Brunt Lois Vann Mary Vocelle Lavine Voss Barbara Unkrich Bei ' nice Walton Jane Watts Jan Wells Barbara Williams Marybelle Wright Eleanor Yothers Marion Swanson Mary Swearingen Hilda Alagood Betty Bartholf Welda Christie Margaret Clements Sarah Cody Mary Collins Frances Fryer Harriett Gill Martha Green Mary G. Grimes Mickey Hearon Helen Hoffman Anne Jewett Catherine Kirby-Smith Betty Lindsey Louise Lorenz Nellie Loyless Carmen Lytal Ernestine Makemson Virginia Makemson Jeanne Mankes Evelyn Marsh Dot Parks Louise Patterson Martha D. Perry Edna Pittman Marcia Ranney Minnie Ratliff Louise Rice Margaret Scott Sara Sheldon Eleanor Shuman Grace Sparkman Jane Telford Barbara Thomas Dilla Wakefield Frances Weber Marian Webster Nancy White Brunelle Mobley Irene Fremd Sandra Peckham Barbara Conine Hazel Wilkerson Jean Wood Jean Lorrimer Jean Cooper Cornelia Watson Ruth Ferguson Virginia Millsup Gladys Bedsole Margaret Berger Ruth Smith Sue Erwin Lucille Williams Ethel Crown Fay Corey Page One hundred eighty-three F Club Colors — Garnet and Gold OFFICERS President Louise Prine Vice-President Nancy White Secretary Elizabeth Ezzard Connie Ash Fay Corey Margaret Clements Frances Fryer Donna Haney Janet Jewett Katheryn Kirby-Smith Ernestine Makemson Yvonne Mai ' chesseau Brenelle Mobley Gladys Peacock Louise Prine Louise Rice MEMBERS Ruth Rogers Merryday Rosser Barbara Thomas Lynette Thompson Cornelia Watson Nancy White Elizabeth Ezzard Peaches McKay Jean Wood Mary Collins Dot Parks Lucille Walker Elizabeth Moore Buryl Mitchell Annette Cone Lillian Alderdice Merle Taylor Avis Tucker Nelle Loyless Jan Wells Amanda Zewadski Frances Battle Mary Jane Medlin Bernice Walton Florence Gross Page One hundred eighty-four Tarpon Club Colors — Blue and White Emblem — " Tarpon " OFFICERS Sponsor Miss Marjorie Mayer President Betty Bartholf Vice-President Mary Collins Secretary -Treasurer Frances Battle Lillian Alderdice Betty Bartholf Frances Battle Carolyn Collins Mary Collins TARPONS Patty Holbert Ernestine Makemson Virginia Makemson Yvonne Marchesseau Dorothy Parks Gladys Peacock Sandra Peckham Louise Rice Frances Weber Hazel Wilkerson Jean Wood Vivian Adamo Mildred Anderson Gale Angas Mary Armis Ann Arnold Peggy Barker Barbara Beckwith MINNOWS Margaret Clements Nancy Lee Doggett Denora Ecker Frances Eckland Irene Fremd Jean Hitchcock Paula Jones Nancy Kulp Betty Lang Betsey McMichael Marian Swanson Anne Wilson Edna Earle Wilson Martha Zewadski Page One hundred eighty-five C.G.A. Committees TV. S. F. A. Chairman Handbook Committee Chairman Social Committee Chairman Usher Committee Chairman Auditing Committee Chairman . Budget Committee Chairman Campus Organization Committee Chairman Dot Nickerson Margaret Harrison Amelia Gordy Pat Brandt Jene Dunn Ruth Rogers Caroline Edwards ALPHA CHI ALPHA (journalism honorary) Founded at University of Tennessee in 1919 Gamma Chapter Installed in 19x1 Colors — Yellow and White Flower — Yellow Rose Publication — " Al-Cri " OFFICERS Sponsor Rachal Pitchford President Muryl Roland Vice-President Jeanette Mullis Secretary-Treasurer Polly Douglas Chapter Editor Mabel Bennett Vivian Ahlsweh Bertha Bloodworth MEMBERS Sara Nooney Margaret Painter Margaret Scott Sarah Worth Page One hundred eighty-six CHI DELTA PHI (literary honorary) Founded at the University of Tennessee in 191 9 Colors — Blue mid Gold Flower — Pansy OFFICERS Sponsor Dr. Hazel Stevenson President Bertha Bloodworth Secretary-Treasurer Vivian Alsweh MEMBERS Maxine Armistead Florence Gregory Mary Lou McGowan Marguerite Diaz Celeste Hardee Jayne Mendenhall Marian Gaddum Laura Turner ETA SIGMA PHI (classical honorary) Founded in 1914 Colors — Gold and Royal Purple Motto — " Lovers of Wisdom and Beauty Are We ' OFFICERS Sponsor Miss Ruth Fairman President Lynette Thompson Vice-President Frances Cofer Secretary Jeanne McDowell Treasurer Roxilu Kelton MEMBERS Frances Cofer Jeanne McDowell Roxilu Kelton Lynette Thompson FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Olivia N. Dorman Miss Ruth Fairman Miss Edith Woodfin West Page One hundred eighty-seven GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON (chemistry honorary) Founded at Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina, in 191 9 Colors- — Blue and WJiite Flower- — Blue Hyacinth OFFICERS Sponsor Dr. Leland J. Lewis Grand Alchemist Margaret Vogt Recorder Marian Gaddum Visor Eunice Lasche Sergeant-at-Arvis Merryday Rosser MEMBERS Martha Broyles Marjorie Hornbeak Merryday Rosser Mary Elizabeth Case Louise Home Mary Vergowe Minna Dennis Margaret Hunter Margaret Vogt Marian Gaddum Eunice Lasche Edith Williams Linnie Lou Gautier Marie Pattani Florence Willis HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Isabel McKinnell Dr. Leland J. Lewis Miss Gertrude Vermillion Dr. Jennie Tilt KAPPA DELTA PI (education honorary) Founded June 8, 191 1 Colors — Jade Green and Violet Flower — Violet Motto — " Knowledge, Duty, Power " Mrs. Mary Alfriend Miss Elta Burleson Mr. Ernest Cason Miss Martha Chapman Mr. C. H. Clark Lillian Allderdice Gene Bryan Greta Chabot Shirley Davis Sponsor .... President Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Reporter and Historian Treasurer .... OFFICERS . Mrs. p. F. Finner Mrs. Dora Skipper Mrs. Mamie Lee A. Mackery Mrs. Ellen Savage Miss Marion Prior Miss Dorothy Purse Miss Elta Burleson Dr. Ruth Connor Dr. Edward Conradi Dr. Mark H. DeGraff Dr. Dorothy Disher Mrs. Eugene R. Ellis Kathryn Eckles AUefair Everett Frances Farmer Marie Jeneau Janet Jewett FACULTY Dr. R. L. Eyman Dr. P. F. Finner Mr. Ward Fletcher Dr. Marion Hay Dr. M. R. Hinson STUDENTS Edna Kimbell Rose Kirby Mary Alice Lester Ada Lewis Sarah Lines Miss Margaret McCurdie Mrs. Lou Egerton Miller Mr. R. C. Moon Miss Velma Ooton Miss Marion Prior Gertrude McGlaun Virginia Milton Martha Dent Perry Sarah Quincey Evelyn Rickman Miss Dorothy Purse Miss Nita K. Pyburn Mrs. Dora Skipper Miss Florence Tryon Miss Katherine Warren Mrs. Reba Southwell Gladys Stivender Claire Willets Bette Young Page One hundred eighty-eight MORTAR BOARD Founded at Syracuse, New York, by Four Universities in 191! Torchbearers Chapter Installed in 1937 Colors — Gold a?id Silver Motto — " Scholarship, Leadership, Service " OFFICERS Dr. Dorothy Breen Sponsors Dr. Hazel Stevenson Dr. W. G. Dodd President Ruth Rogers Vice-President Frances Slade Secretary Marjorie Morrison Treasurer Elizabeth Anne Webb Corresponding Secretary Florence Gregory Historian Bettie Young Katherine Graham Marjorie Jessup MEMBERS Dorothea EQoeppel Jeannette Mulhs Ina Margaret Robinson Lynette Thompson OMICRON NU (home economics honorary) Founded at Michigan State College in 1911 Pi Chapter Installed in 1912. OFFICERS Sponsor Miss Helen Richey President Mary Vergowe Vice-President Marie Pattani Secretary Lollie Watrous Treasurer Geraldine A. Brock AFFILIATED MEMBERS Clarine B elcher Esther Kern Eyman Ethyl Holloway Lucy Cushman Collins Gladys Dimmick Waskom FACULTY MEMBERS Helen Richey Margaret R. Sandels Jennie Tilt ACTIVE MEMBERS Geraldine Brock Marie Pattani Eleanor Shuman Minna Dennis Jean Phillips Dorothy Townsend Donna Haney Kathryn Powell Mary Vergowe Edith Ott Lollie Watrous Page One hundred eighty-nine PHI ALPHA THETA (history honorary) Founded at University of Arkansas in 192.1 Delta Chapter Installed in 1916 Colors — Madonna Blue and Madonna Red Flower — Red Rose Motto — " Vox Populi " OFFICERS Sponsor Dr. Annie Popper President Kathryn Eckles Secretary-Treasurer Patty Holbert MEMBERS Dr. Annie M. Popper Kathryn Eckles Miss Florence R. Tryon Betty Nickinson Dr. Kathryn T. Abbey Selma Hyman Daisy Parker Martha Dent Perry Dr. Robert S. Cotterill Patty Holbert Mrs. Florence Stewart Sarah Margaret Quincey Dr. Venil a L. Shores Mrs. Herman Kurz Margaret Marie Bryant Helen Sharp Dorothy Nickerson Muriel Boyles fPn ■ LSZaT I PHI BETA KAPPA Founded at College of William and Mary in 1776 | Alpha of Florida Installed in 1935 Colors — Pink and Sky Blue Motto — " Love of Wisdom the Helmsman of Life " OFFICERS President Miss Margaret Dow Vice-President Miss Venila Shores Secretary Miss Victoria Schuck Treasurer Miss Ezda Deviney Historian . Mr. Arthur Seymour RESIDENT MEMBERS Miss Kathryn Abbey Miss Olivia Dorman Mr. Harold Richards Mr. W. M. Barrows, Jr. Miss Margaret Dow Mr. William H. Rogers Rev. G. E. Benedict Mrs. Esther Eyman Miss Victoria Schuck Mrs. Dorothy Breen Miss Ruth Fairman Mr. Arthur Seymour Pres. Edward Conradi Miss Viola Graham Mrs. Maisie Seymour Miss Ezda Deviney Miss Kathleen Gruppe Miss Venila Shores Miss Dorothy Disher Mrs. Marion Hay Mr. E. R. Smith Mr. W. G. Dodd Miss Marian Irish Miss Anna Tracy Miss Myrtle Dolbee Mr. Claude Pepper Miss Wilma Wolfs Mr. W. B. Renfrow, Jr. MEMBERS-IN-COURSE Miss Eloise Andrews Miss Wilma R. Johns Miss Daisy Parker Miss Lena Margaret Bischoff Miss Margaret Ollie Lingo Miss Mary Emily Parker Mrs. Elizabeth Blalock Miss Eunice Lasche Miss Margaret Estelle Stuntz Miss Rosemary Carlton Miss Ernestine Orrell Makemson Miss Lynette Thompson Miss Frances Cofer Miss Virginia Lee Makemson Miss Evelyn Urhan Miss Marjorie Jessup Miss Margaret Rae Vogt AFFILIATE MEMBERS Mr. John Home Mrs. John Home Miss Miriam Wilson Page One hundred ni iety PHI KAPPA PHI Founded in 1897 Motto — " The Love of Learning Rules the World " OFFICERS President Dorothy Lois Reeves Breen Vice-President Leland Judson Lewis Secretary Myrtis Tureman Kurz Treasurer Olga Larson Corresponding Secretary . . . Kathleen Anne Gruppe FACULTY Edward Conradi Margaret Campbell Kathleen Gruppe Marjorie Mayer Dora Skipper Kathryn Abbey Martha Chapman M. Roy Hlnson Katherine Montgomery Elmer Riggs Smith Mary Alfriend Jean Compton William Joubert Ella S. Opperman Alban Stewart Lanas S. Barber Margaret Dasher Herman Kurz Dorothy Purse Cecile Strong Betty Blanding Ralph Eyman Myrtis T. Kurz Louise Richardson Marie Swilley Dorothy Breen Paul F. Finner Olga Larson Margaret Sandels Jennie Tilt Beulah B. Briley Robert Lee Goulding Leland J. Lewis Arthur Seymour Florence Ti-yon STUDENTS Lena Margaret Bischoff Betty Markham Sarah Quincy Lynette Thompson Rose Mary Carlton Gertrude McGlaun Ruth Rogers Mary Vergowe Gene Dunn Joan Miller Merryday Rosser Margaret Vogt Marjorie Jessup Marie Pattani Reba Kirby Southwell Lollie Watrous Margaret Lingo Martha Dent Perry Gladys Stivender Bettie Young PI DELTA PHI (FRENCH honorary) Founded at Stanford University, California Colors — Blue, White and Red Flower — Fleur-de-lis OFFICERS Sponsor Dr. Arthur Seymour President Sandra Peckham Vice-President Allefair Everett Secretary Gertrude McGlaun Treasurer Harriet Kent FACULTY Dr. Dorothy Breen Miss Marie Davis Miss Madelaine Postaire Miss Margaret Campbell Miss Lucy Lester Miss Dorothy Purse Miss Mildred Finnegan Dr. Marion Hay Dr. Arthur Seymour STUDENTS Lillian Allderdice Harriet Kent Gertrude McGlaun Allefair Everett Ernestine Makemson Sandra Peckham Rosalie Feinberg Virginia Makemson Evelyn Rickman Pauline Flake Margaret Vogt Page One hundred ninety-one SIGMA DELTA PI (SPANISH honorary) Founded in 1911 Colors — Red and Yellow Flower — Red Carnation Motto — " Prosigamos Bajo la Inspiracion de Espana " OFFICERS Sponsor Dr. Dorothy L. Breen President Virginia Makemson Vice-President Rose Mary Carlton Secretary -Treasurer Sandra Peckham Historian Margaret Lingo STUDENT MEMBERS Carmen Alvarez Margaret Lingo Roxilu Kelton Muriel Boyles Ernestine Makemson Evelyn Uhrhan Rose Mary Carlton Virginia Makemson Ruth Uhrhan Virginia Hamilton Sandra Peckham Ann McMorris Margaret Harrison Virginia Stewart Geraldine Miller Eunice Lasche Elizabeth Linn FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. A. R. Seymour Dr. Dorothy Breen Miss Mildred Finnegan Dr. Margie Burks Dr. Marion Hay Miss Myrtle Dolbee Miss Margaret Campbell Or Lf - ZETA PHI ETA (professional speech arts fraternity) Founded at Northwestern University in 1893 Upsilon Chapter Installed in 1937 Colors — Rose and White Flower — La France Rose Open Motto — " F O E E O F — Friend of Each, Each Our Friend " OFFICERS Sponsor Miss Elizabeth Thomson Alumna Sponsor Miss Mary Boatwright President Louise Usher Vice-President Betty Jane Jaco Secretary Sara Woodruff Treasurer Joan Weaver Irene Bannerman faculty members Miss Kemper Martin Moore Miss Margaret Wyly Miss Elizabeth Thompson Miss Mary Mooty MEMBERS Betty Jane Jaco Irene Bannerman Frances Ellison Louise Usher Anita Jaeckel Joan Weaver Sara Woodruff Marie Crouch Martha Whitehurst Page One hundred ninety-two .:v V H. . i ' TJ r, ' ' - ' - • Connie Ash You ' ll always remonher Connie Ash. A stately figure, a serene dignity, a friendly, amiable personality, and a judicious wisdom . . . The regal hearing belongs to the diplomat in Connie. The ready sinile belongs to the sympathetic friend. Individual in her newest li air-do . . . sparMing individuality in her conversation. You envy her ivalk . . . and you admire her dignity . . . all that makes Connie noticeable . But you know the good sport that is beneath her calm good humor. There ' s intensity to her loyalty, to her enthusiasm . . . yoii ' ve seen it burning in school traditions . . . basket- ball . . . even frolics . . . volleyball and finally as your May Queen. Fairness is measured, in Connie to a full degree . . . fairness in judicia- ry and open fairness in the little problems of daily life. It ' s hard to beat her sense of humor . . . the right perspective on life and all that in entails . . . Dignity and diplomacy . . . sports)uanship and loyalty . . . for these things you ' ll always remember Connie. Page One hundred ninety-four Connie Ash Page One hundred ninety-five Katherine Graham A deep gentle stream running evenly and quietly . . . reflecting life . . . a delicate floiver wJiose heart is deeply embedded in petals opening to emit the radiance from the heart ... a fresh cooling breeze . . . a spirit of life . . . You feel pride in the bright countenance . . . the dark wavy hair . . . the deep clear eyes . . . You feel pride in the quick step . . . the efficient figure as she crosses the campus . , . You are represented by her- — the spirit of Alama Mater . . . a unity of personality . , . feeling and. common sense . . . beauty and, truth . . . You are attentive to that voice . . . distinct, clear, pleasing . . . You respect the dignity . . . You echo her laugh . . . appreciate the humor . , . that brave sense of humor that helps her make your every concern hers and helps her bear all concerns cheerfidly and wisely . . . Representative Florida Stater . freshness of beauty and intellect symbol of Florida girls . . . Freshness is her keynote . . . a . This is " Little Graham, " . . . WS Page One hundred ninety-six Katherine Graha M Page One hundred ninety-seven Florence Gregory Individualist . . . startling and entertaining . . . promising you ' ' a date with her best-looking brother, " but giving you much more . . . announc ing Distaff contests, and giving charades . . . always laughing, always interested: . . . Can you ever anticipate her next move? Not Gregory ' s . . . Is she ever unhappy or discouraged? Not Gregory . . . There ' s too much in this one person to permit that . . . There ' s too much ahead for Florence to waste time lingering over momentary displeasures . . . Life to her is a gay lilting tune . . . she ' s a leader and has a genius for leading . . . She provokes gaity . . . there ' s ready wit here. She remembers you, your likes and dislikes . . . she understands your problems and she can help . . . she wants to help . . . Original, diplomatic, and friendly . . . celebrating on Mondays . . . laughing whether she tvins or loses . . . that ' s Gregory . , . Page One hundred ninety-eight Florence Gregory Page One hundred ninety-nine Marjorie Jessup A little red-headed girl with vitality and a love of life . . . A little red-headed girl ivith the strength of character, the clear headedness and the friendly disposition that makes you entrust her with responsibility. A real depth of understanding . . . understanding of human nature . . . to see the case and to see the cause . . . that ' s vision and it ' s found in Jessup . . . Remember her in her green and gold . . . leader of the Evens . . . bobbing up and, down and inspiring her team with her pep . . . that ' s enthusiasm and that, too is found in Jessup . . . Swinging across campus . . . laughing and talking . . . the nucleus of a gay and friendly bunch . . . excited or serious . . . loyal to old friends . . . eager and inviting to new . . . Bealism and romance . . . quick changing moods . . . merry and gay . . . serious and, solemn . . . hut always, ahvays loyal to her friends and to what she is doing . . . yes, that ' s loyalty and that ' s found in Jessup . . . Page Two hundred, Marjorie Jessup Page Two hundred one Dorothea Kloeppel There ' s real lore in this girl . . . love for her felloiv man ... a triuifij of lore . . . faifli in iheir goodness, hope for their well-being and a friendly love for all . . . Dorothea goes patiently and cpiietly on . . . seeing all sides of human nature and using her vision and foresight to emphasise and encourage the good and overcome the had. That ' s why Freshmen seek her help and that ' s udiy the npperclassmen trust the Freshmen to her. Sincere is the ivord for Dorothea . . . sincere in principal, thought, deed and action . . . Where Dorothea places her interest, there is Iter heart. Loyal is the word for Dorothea . . . whatever you do she ' ll stick hy you . . . s]ie knoivs ivhat ' s good and forgives the rest . . . tvhere Dorothea places her heart, there she is loyal . . . These are her ideals . . . this her character . . . hut there ' s a clear head here, too . . . the well organised knowledge of a business tvoman . . . She lias a u ill to stand champion to the rigid . . . These things make Dorothea a woman and a friend . . . " Ir .M ' % -k Page Two hundred two Dorothea Kloeppel Page Two hundred three Jeannette Mollis She goes quietlij along with life with all-seeing eye and a mind that coordinates all she sees with all she knoivs. She has a genius for putting things in their right setting . . . Life is going somewhere and Mtdlis is right with it. Serious and square . sticking to her guns . paper and stands hy it on the chin. accepting criticism tolerantly . . . hut she makes up the editorial policy of the . criticise as you will, Mullis can take it College to her is a glimpse of life . . . She ' s getting in on the secret of the past and present here and she takes it all in. You see the qwiet, contemplative countenance and you know there ' s something behind the deep serious eyes and the truthful open face . . . There ' s knowledge behind it, depth and sincerity. She typifies the mainstay of the social order . . . the active, thinking woman . . . quiet, unassuming capable . . . Jeannette. Page Two hundred four Jeannette Mullis Page Two hundred five Louise Rice Have you ever seen sueli iufeeilous gaityf Has anyone ever possessed such a perfect (lispositionf . . . Laugh-mid-tlie-world-Jaughs-iviih-you Rice . . . Making convocation announcements with poorly suppressed glee . . . A perpetual smile on her face . . . a perpetual glow in her heart . . . loving life . . . America ' s outdoor girl . . . " good sport " personified . , . excelling in games . . . tlw life of any gathering . . . the natural leader to any following . . . But there ' s more than a ivarm smile here . . . Rice is the girl ivho does inconspicuous, unseen work . . . She fills in the gaps and unifies an organization so that it runs smoothly . . . A rare conihination is here . . . beneath the careful coiffure and laughing eyes . . . tliere ' s a ivilling spirit that ruatches the patterns of her daily life and shears off ' the jagged ends . . . The star of a basket ball court, of the sivimniing pool . . . but more, the person ivho supplies the missing links to necessary functions of college life . . . Tliis is she . . . laughing Louise . . . sunshine in shadoivs ... Page Two hundred six Louise Rice Page Two hundred seven Ina Margaret Robinson " Brownie " . . . your ideal college girl . . . You see Iter as she chats and laughs with all . . . old and young . . . man and woman . . . and you hear them comment favorably on her as she leaves . . . you see the gleam of approval that they give her . . . First you notice her eyes . . . so brown . . . so big . . . so alive. They question the next moment and anticipate great things. You see the gaity of those eyes and you see the willing sympathy . . . Her whole face is liJiC that . . . alive, understanding and friendly . . . You ' ve watched her lead your cheers, but you ' ve also watched her weigh a judiciary case and show tolerance and open-mindedness . . . You ' ve seen her as leader of Religious Emphasis Week, but you ' ve also seen her " socialize " . . . You ' ve watched her cut a figure on the tennis court in shorts and keds . . . then again, you see her gracefidly and smoothly dancing in formal dress . . . You see ideals here that four years of college haven ' t destroyed . . . you see the feminist . . . capable, judicial . . . but you see the woman too . . . understanding and tolerant. She ' s here to fit your mood, and into it s]ie blends her personality . . . The well-rounded college girl . . . That is " Brownie " ... Page Two hundred eight Ina Margaret Robinson Page Two hundred nine Elizabeth Anne Webb The wo)}ia i in politics . . . senior class ijresident . . . model senator . . . capahle and efficient . . . The woman in politics . . . striding through the smoking area with au appropriate word for all . . . Intellectual contemporary problems are her chief interest . . . A mind jumping from cause to effect to remedy . . . She has sJiown her interest and her ahility, her loyalty and her sense of responsibility. College means something to Lis- Anne. College is her chance for a life lived to the fullest and she has given herself willingly to the college life with an umvavering devotion. Already her dividends are coming in . . . interned to public accountant . . . destined to importance, Liz-Anne has proved herself ivorthy . . . The modern woman in the world . whose interest is in her comuuiuity pletely . , . Liz-Anne. The intelligent young woman . To live usefully and. corn- Page Two hundred ten Elizabeth Ann Webb Page Two hundred eleven l:2f- Jeanne Webster You all knoiv her; you knoiv the dark curly hair, the pink cheeks, the sparkling, eager eyes . . . and the dash and spring of her step . . . hurrying through the halls, sauntering over the campus . . . pre- occupied, mayhe, or alight and alive with a greeting for you, for everyone . . . You see her . . . she ' s coming toivard you iv ith a knowing smile on her face . . . drawing you aside to tell you something . . . it ' s some- thing nice and secretive. Others watch her as she tells it and appreciate her . . . her good will . . . her anticipation of your pleasure. She ' s the unself conscious girl whom, all know . . . teacher and student alike, she ' s a friend to them all . . . Serious times she has and she comes out of them laughing . . . Everything is set at her tempo and everything — situation, lesson, activity — finds in her the eager enthus- iasm to take over . . . willing to make a stab at anything . . . en- thusiastic ah out it all . . . She ' s the real college girl . . . the youtli that you all admire . . . the model of youth combining the seriousness and responsibility of an editor tuith the flare for living, ivith an appreciation of life as it is and. life as it can be . . . this is Jeanne. Page Two hundred tivelve Jeanne Webster Page Two hundred thirteen May Court 1940 May Queen: Connie Ash Maids of Honor: Katherine Graham Lucille Smoak Julia Winn INA Margaret Robinson Bunny Turnbull Maids: Caroline Edwards Marilyn Williams Imogene Parramore Joan Miller Margaret Rodgers Page Two hundred fourteen r V ' 5 z3r M i»w Adams Allen Alagood Bell Blair Cappleman Collins Gaines Grinnell Hollowav Howard Jaeckel Jett Jones Mankes Miller. E. Mc. Miller. E. MitcheU Nicholson Ott Rhyne Rickards Robinson Schaller Simmons Slade Terrell Wilson Wittenstein Woodruff Page two hundred sixteen Panhellenic President Anita Jaeckel Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . . . Jean Holloway Alpha CM Omega Beth Blair Sara Woodruff Alpha Delta Pi Marion Grinnell VIVIAN Adams Alpha Gamma Delta .... f Schaller Willyne Gaines Alpha Xi Delta . Mildred Jones Imogene Howard Beta Phi Alpha Jf ® Bessie Mae Perrin Chi Omega Frances Slade Roberta Rhyne Delta Delta Delta Carolyn Collins Jan Simmons Delta Phi Epsilon .... Tybell Wittenstein Jeanne Mankes Delta Zeta . . ... JJ Alagood Edna Wilson Kappa Alpha Theta ,? ™ Terrell Elizabeth Miller Kappa Delta Margaret Robinson Beth Rickards Phi Mil Jean Nicholson Eleanor Miller Pi Beta Phi . .... . . . Mary Allen Dorothy Mitchell Sigma Kappa .... Lois Marchant Zeta Tau Alpha Ena Faye Jett Betty Cappleman Page Two hundred seventeen Poitevint Ranney Woodruff Blah- Smith Steele Thompson Burger Carter Grier Mohr Register Rhodes Bibbs Boyd Garcia Bullard Humphrey Johnson Kirchner Loucks McCall Masters Miller Petrie Price Tabeling Page Two hundred eighteen ALPHA CHI OMEGA Founded at Depauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, in 1885 Beta Eta Chapter Installed in 192.9 Colors — Scarlet and Olive Green Flower — Red Carnation Open Motto — " Together Let Us Seek the Heights " Publication — " The Lyre " Bernice Deetz IN FACULTATE Helen Gate Mary Boatwright Geraldine Allbritton Brock Pauline Poitevint IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Marcia Ranney Sara Woodruff Elizabeth Ford Beth Blair Marjorie Bullard JUNIORS Marjorie Smith Eloise Steele Geraldine Thomas Nell Thompson Hannah York Louise Burger Doris Carter SOPHOMORES Margaret Grier Judith Mohr Nell Register Claude Anne Rhodes Marylila Bibb Jane Boyd Lillian Garcia Muriel Humphrey PLEDGES Virginia Johnson Mary Alice Kirchner Winifred Loucks Eugenia Masters Mary Ellen McCall Ruth Miller Gladys Petri Winifred Price Maidee Tabeling Page Two hundred nineteen Grinnell Graves Lindsey Milton Nicholson Parker Adams Anderson Hendry Holloway Kirkpatrick Lane Lester May Patterson Peters Simon Trantham Angas, G. Armistead Ausley Baker Campbell Clements Hardee Harbeson Harmony Leech Milam Parkhill Peacock Pierson Rogers Scott Simpson Turner Walker Walton Angas, M. M. Arnold Binnicker Gamble Gleason Hickman Lance McFarlin Moore Olliphant Palmer Powers WiUiams €)r V4 Page Two hundred twenty ALPHA DELTA PI Founded at Wesleyan College in 1851 Iota Chapter Installed in 1909 Colors — Blue and White Open Motto — " We Live for Each Other ' Publication — " Adelphean " Flower — Violet Betty Blanding IN FACULTATE Margie Burks Lucy Lester Betty Graves Marion Grinnell IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Betty Lindsey Mary Long Frances Milton Betty Nicholson Dorothy Parker Vivian Adams Helen Anderson Edna Sue Hendry Jean Holloway JUNIORS Leota Kirkpatrick Anne Lane Lucy Lester Marjorie May Louise Patterson Pauline Simon Frances Trantham Gale Angas Maxine Armistead Helen Ausley Margaret Baker Judy Campbell Louise Clements Jerry Harbeson SOPHOMORES Mary Celeste Hardee Margaret Harmony Enid Hartshorne Mary Elizabeth Leech Helen Milam Gene Parkhill Anne Peacock Mart Pierson Prances Rogers Carolyn Scott Ann Simpson Laura Turner Jeanne Walker Anne Lamb Walton Mary Angas Anne Arnold Barbara Binnicker Evelyn Butts Anne Gamble PLEDGES Adele Gleason Kitty Jo Hickman Jean Lance Lucille Moore Annette McFarlin Olive Olliphant Mary Lucille Palmer Jane Powers Julia Peters Polly Anne Williams Page Two hundred twenty-one Cochran Gaines Gill Grimes Kehr Mullins Rinck Butler Christian Donnely Gallemore, S. Moore Sclialler Jones Adams Albright Alfriend Arnold Fetner Geiger MacPherson Scorgie Stephenson Townsend Willets Wright Barrows Chaires Cox Gallemore, P. Gray Hampton Houchard McDermon McLaughlin Monroe Richardson Sexton Walker Williamson Page Two hundred twenty-two ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Founded at Syracuse University in 1904 Gamma Beta Chapter Installed in 192.5 Colors ■ — Red, Buff, and Green Flower — Red Rose Publication — " Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly " Mary Cochran WiLLYNE Gaines IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Harriet Gill Mary Glenn Grimes Virginia Kehr Eleanor Mullins Margaret Rinck Corinne Butler Mabry Christian JUNIORS Dorothy Donnely Sara Gallemore Elizabeth Moore Peggy Schaller Barbara Albright Ann Alfriend Lucille Arnold SOPHOMORES Mary Frances Fetner Sara Margaret Geiger Betty MacPherson Mary Ruth Scorgie GwEN Stephenson Mary Townsend Marybelle Wright Harriet Adams Emily Barrow Marjorie Bullard Sue Chaires Lucille Coker Evelyn Cox Pauline Gallemore PLEDGES Barbara Jean Gray Mary Anna Hampton Natalie Houchard Betty McDermon Bertha McLaughlin Virginia Monroe Marjorie Richardson Barbara Sexton Mary Jo Sprott Betsy Staples Virginia Walker Mary Louise Williamson Elsie May Willits Page Two hundred twenty-three Anderson Fryer Hocker S ' A Parks Steele Howard Hogan McKay Hatfield Rhodes Swindell Overcash Page Two hundred twenty-four ALPHA XI DELTA Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, in 1893 Alpha Omega Chapter Installed in 1919 Colors — Double Blue and Gold Flower — Killarney Rose Publication — " The Alpha Xi Delta " Doris Ione Anderson Frances Fryer IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Eleanor Hocker Dorothy Parks Evelyn Steele JUNIORS Imogene Howard Mildred Jones SOPHOMORES Betty Jean Rhodes Frances Hatfield Mamie Hogan PLEDGES Jane McKay Madge Overcash Theresa Sullivan Myra Swindell Elizabeth Waterman Page Two hundred twenty-five Hopkins Presnell Page Two hundred twenty-six BETA PHI ALPHA Founded at University of California, at Berkeley, in 1909 Psi Chapter Installed in 193 1 Colors — Green and Gold Flower — Yellow Tea Rose Open Motto — • " Scientia, Virtus, Amicitia " Publication — " Aldebaran " IN FACULTATE Miss Marjorie Mayer Iris Bell IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Louise Lotjrcey Mary Nell Smith JUNIORS Alma Louise Stephens SOPHOMORES Bessie Mae Perrin Emogene Brown Margaret Chalker Bette Collar PLEDGES Eleanor Duke Roberta Dunlap Patricia Hopkins Lorraine Miller Anne Presnell Page Two hundred twenty-seven Baxter Bryant Chalker Finlayson Gordy Homey Hussey Jaeckel McCord Parramore Ramsey Rodgers Sparkman Slade Sutton Swearingen Towson Wilson Winn Anderson Cone Jones, A. Price Rhyne Whitehurst Adams Alley Bates Binnicker Crago Dell Jones, E. M. MacGowan Miller Oven £ §li Anderson Beisler Cannon Hedrick Henderson Huddleston Ingram Johnston McBride McEwen Regar Stallings Wilson, A. Wilson, E. E. mM,m Page Two hundred twenty-eight CHI OMEGA Founded at Fayetteville, Arkansas, in 1895 Gamma Chapter Installed in 1308 Colors — Cardinal and Straw Flower — • White Carnation Open Motto — " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals " Publication — " Eleusis " IN FACULTATE Mrs. J. P. Miller Miss Victoria Schuck Martha Baxter Sue Bryant Mary Phillips Chalker WiLDA FiNLAYSON Amelia Gordy Nancy Horney IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Evelyn Hussey Anita Jaeckel Jean McCord Imogene Parramore Isabelle Ramsey Margaret Rodgers Frances Slade Jean Sparkman Belva Sutton Mary Swearingen Ann Towson Daphne Wilson Julia Winn DoTTiE Mae Anderson Annette Cone JUNIORS Anne Jones Jane Price Roberta Rhyne Martha Whitehurst Katherine Adams Virginia Alley Fairfax Bates Ruth Binnicker Ann Crago Olive Dell SOPHOMORES Margaret Hearin Ella Maude Jones Mary Lou MacGowan Margaret Miller Mary Frances Oven Betty Setzer Beverly Sherard Anne Sutherland Jane Tarr Mary Lois Thomas Joyce Tomasello Janet Wells Mildred Anderson Elaine Beisler Annie Lee Cannon Kate Hedrick Drucilla Henderson PLEDGES Mary Huddleston Nan Ingram Gloria Johnston Mary Anna McBride Nona McEwen Mary Regar Dorothy Stallings Anne Wilson Edna Earle Wilson Page Two hundred twenty-nine Bartless Bell Brown Collins, C. Collins, M. Jessup Johnston Reagan Simmons Valz Daniels Day Hetsch Ross Scott Thomas Atherton Bogart Bryan Craft Davis Dickson Hale Kobey McCahill Morgan Rudasill Slemons Smith Varn Varn Yonge Young Booker Beal Beckwith Branam Byrd CoUey Doggett Garrison Hackl Hitchcolk Holtsinger Huggins Miller O ' Flynn Pridgeon Roumillat Walker Williams Page Two hundred thirty DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded at Boston University in 1888 Alpha Eta Chapter Installed in 1916 Colors — - Silver, Gold, and Blue Flower — Pansy Open Motto — " Let Us Steadfastly Love 07ie Another " Publication — " The Trident " IN FACULTATE Katherine Montgomery Katherine Warren Virginia Alice Alexander Edna Gordon Letitia Bell Jamesine Brown Carolyn Collins IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Mary Collins Marjorie Jessup Frances Johnston Jane Reagan Janice Simmons Marion Valz Mary Daniels Mary Virginia Day JUNIORS Dorothy Hetsch Patricia Ross Magaret Scott Caroline Thomas Audrey Atherton Mary Catherine Bogart Mary Pinkard Bryan Carolyn Craft Brownie Davis SOPHOMORES Elodie Hale Mattie McCahill Emily Morgan Dorothy Rudasill Betty Slemons Anna Bess Smith Corise Varn Sara Williamson Belle Yonge Marguerite Young Helen Beals Babby Beckwith Frances Booker Betty Branam Marie Byrd Jeanne Colley Adelaide Dickson Nancy Lee Doggett PLEDGES Dorothy Garrison Martha Ellen Hackl Jean Hitchcolk Betty Holtsinger Mary Gusta Huggins Jean Kobey Mary Evelyn McClung Joan Miller Mickey O ' Flynn Aleene Pridgen Lucy Roumillat Maureen Thomas Caroline Varn Patricia Walker Barbara Williams Page Two hundred thirty-one Fleet Feinberg Mankes Pearlman Tobin Bushell Hyman Lipshitz Rubin, E. Wittenstein Brauer Brownstein Fink Glickman Jenkins Lutz Markovitz Rosner Saul Schneider Argintar Berkowitz Braverman Brodes Dubbin Gerson Greenberg Halpern Marks Rogin Rubin, M. Schloss Shapiro Tapper Page Two hundred thirty-two DELTA PHI EPSILON Founded at New York University, New York, in 1917 Iota Chapter Installed in 19x5 Colors — Royal Purple — Gold Flower — Pansy Open Motto — " Esse Quavi Videri " Publication — " The Triangle " Rosalie Feinberg Lillian Fleet IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Jeanne Mankes Cynthia Faye Pearlman Harriet Tobin Miriam June Bushell JUNIORS Martha Lipshitz Tybell Wittenstein Naomi Braxjer Marie Browstein SOPHOMORES Raela Fink Belle Markovitz Rosalie Rosner Blanche Saul Amelia Schneider Eugenie Faye Agrintar Anita Berkowitz Shirley Braverman Frances Brodes Dorothy Dubbin Dorothy Gerson Rosalie Glickman PLEDGES Florence Greenberg Selma Hyman Madelyn Halpern Selma Jenkins Florence Lutz Roberta Marks EsTELLE Rubin Myra Rubin Lillian Rogin Selma Schloss Claire Shapiro Sara Tepper Rose Marie Udell Emily Witten Page Two hundred thirty-three Wilson Quincey Patterson Alagood Fuguitt Faulds Sloan Vaughan Watkins Johnson, C. Johnson, M. E. Scanlon Stubbs iJ MM m Page Two hundred thirty-four DELTA ZETA Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1901 Alpha Sigma Chapter Installed in 1914 Colors — Old Rose and Vieux Green Flower — Killarney Rose Publication — " The Lamp " IN FACULTATE Miss Henrietta Howell IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Karolyn Patterson Mary Lou O ' Haver Sara Margaret Quincey Edna Wilson JUNIORS Hilda Alagood Rozella Fuguitt SOPHOMORES Jeanette Faulds Mary Vaughan Clara Chambers Charlotte Johnson PLEDGES Mary Ellen Johnson Ruth Scanlon Ruth Sloan Sarah Ellen Stubbs Kathryn Watkins Page Two hundred thirty-five Ash, C. Avant Broyles Morrison Powell Roberts Scott Steele Terrell Balkcom Clann Connell Crouch Gordan Harrison Knotts McCalla Miller O ' Steen Rivero Russ Scott Willis Cooper Ezzard Hack Hickman Higley Hyatt Small Saunders Stroberg Tharpe Weaver Whittlesey Young Ash, B. Babers Barker Cheaney Colley Compton Francisco Garrison Gorman Harrison Hoffman Jackson Mercer Muller Paschall Pierce Smith Spicer Van Valkenberg Page Two hundred thirty-six KAPPA ALPHA THETA Founded at De Pauw University in 1870 Beta Nu Chapter Installed in 19214 Colors — Black and Gold Flower — Black and Gold Pansy Publication — " Kappa Alpha Theta " Jennie T. Tilt IN FACULTATE Mildred Finnigan Edith W. West Cfnnie Ash Amelia Avant Martha Broyles IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Marjorie Morrison Katherine Powell Margaret Roberts Eleanor Scott Dorothy Steele Ruth Terrell Ruth Williams Virginia Balkcom Mary Margaret Clann Mary Connell Marie Crouch Mary Lou Gordon JUNIORS Allison Harrison Nancy Knotts Mary Ann McCalla Elizabeth Miller Mary Beth O ' Steen Mary Elizabeth Rivero Christine Russ Betty Rose Scott Florence Willis Lois Cooper Elizabeth Ezzard Esther Hack SOPHOMORES Dorothy Hickman Emma Jean Higley Bettye Hyatt Mary Small Martha Stroberg Jeannette Tharpe Monterey Whittlesey Barbara Ash Dorothy Babers Margaret Barker Jean Cheaney Jayne Colley Frances Compton Elizabeth Draughn Carolyn Francisco PLEDGES Ruth Garrison Lenora Gorman Maxine Harrison Jean Hoffman Myrtle Jackson Margaret Mercer Paula Jean Muller Mary Mae Paschall Celia Pierce Catherine Saunders Helen Smith Roberta Spicer Myrtle Van Valkenburg Elizabeth Weaver Mary Elizabeth Younge Page Two hundred thirty-seven Ballenger Edwards Kent Litschgi Robinson Turnbull Van Brunt, C. Van Brunt, M. Voss Webster Alford Anderson Battle Brinson Bryant Cofer Erwin Evans Fuller Gilbert Hampton McCain, H. McColskey McMorris Nickinson Phillips, L. Rickards Sample Walker Weltner Carlton Duncan Floyd Mitchell Noggle Perry Phillips, E. Williams Withers Bedford Bennett Bostwick Brown DuPuy Farrior King Lowry McCain, G. McMichael May Phillips, F. Shannon Silks Smith Van Brunt, R. White Page Two hundred thirty-eight KAPPA DEL TA Founded at ' irgmia State Normal, Farmville, Virginia, in 1897 Kappa Alpha Chapter Installed in 1904 Colors — Olive Green and White Flower — White Rose Open Motto — " Lei Us Strive for that Which is Honorable, Beautiful and Highest ' Publication — " The Angelas " Kathleen Fletcher IN FACULTATE Rex Todd Withers Katherine Byrd Martha Ballenger Caroline Edwards Harriet Kent IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Jeannette Litschgi Ina Margaret Robinson Bunny Turnbull Clifton Van Brunt Martha Van Brunt Lavine Voss Jeanne Webster Mary Myers Alford Barbara Anderson Frances Battle Carolyn Brinson Margaret Marie Bryant Frances Cofer Mary Kate Erwin JUNIORS Bette Evans Sarah Puller Jenn Gilbert Mae Hampton Hope McCain voncile mccolskey Anne McMorris Betty Nickinson Louise Phillips Beth Richards Lillian Sample Lucille Walker May Weltner Mary Carlton Mary Bolling Duncan Maurine Floyd SOPHOMORES Susan Mitchell Helen Noggle Rosalee Perry Elizabeth Phillips Jean Williams Rex Withers PLEDGES Josephine Bedford Sarah Farrior Wade Bennett Betty King Martha Bostwick Lucille Lowry Barbara Brown Jane May Jeanne Du Puy Gladys McCain Jimmy Fain Betsy McMichael g S ' ' ( ' f ' I - 1 i - ' m J m y V C i ' j m% yg i j|P X ftif Hi S . ffl m " - ' x I mH m m f M- ' S ' m Frances Phillips Patsy Shannon Marjorie Silks Daphne Smith Roberta Van Brunt Nancy White Page Two hundred thirty-nine Cahoun Campbell Draughan Gay Lines Meacham Miller Askew Dunsford King Nicholson Greenleaf Ketterer Phillips Batts Bird Nelles Rainey Boardman Boozer Griffith Jackson Monohan Rogers Springer Page Two hundred forty ' ■ m m PHI MU Founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, in 1851 Alpha Epsilon Chapter Installed in 1919 Colors — Rose and White Flower — Enchantress Carnation Open Motto — " Les Securs Fideles " Publication — " Aglaia " IN FACULTATE Christine Scaraborough Doris Cahoon Eleanor Miller IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Doris Campbell Peabl Gay Sarah Lines Ruth Dunsford Mary Greenleaf JUNIORS Lucille Ketterer Eleanor King Jean Nicholson Jean Phillips Caroline Bird SOPHOMORES Vivienne Rainey Georgia Askew Anita Batts Marianna Boardman Clara Boozer PLEDGES Sophie Draughan Harriet Griffith Martha Griffitts Doris Jackson Peggy Meacham Mary Monohyn Betty Nelles Marion Rogers Edna Springer Page Two hundred forty-one Allen Anderson Bennett Dennis Jewett Lester Miller Post Robbins Smoak Taylor Tyler Venning, B. Brandt Chazal, M. Daniel Ferran Lambeth Loughnot McGarry Mitchell, D. Painter, M. Pierce Walton Angel Atkinson Blalock Bryant Caldwell, M. Curtis Giersch Hamilton Leffler McKee Maguire Painter, C. Pearce Puckett Valentine Venning, S. Williamson Bellamy Caldwell, P. Chazal, J. deJarnette Hansen Jones Mattox Mitchell, B. Price Roth Sellers Smith Venning, P. Woodward Yon Yothers Zewadski m ( j i 1 ' ( i 1 { " - . » Chi M Page Two hundred forty-two PI BETA PHI Founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, in 1S67 Florida Beta Chapter Installed in 1911 Colors — Wine and Silver Blue Flower Publication — " The Arrow " IN FACULTATE Miss Mary Keown Mrs. Herman Kurz Miss Charlotte Stevens Wine Car7iation Mary Allen Jane Anderson Mabel Bennett Minna Dennis IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Janet Jewett Mary Alice Lester Joan Miller Harriet Post Martha Robbins Lucille Smoak Mary Taylor Barbara Tyler Betty Venning Patricia Brandt Mary Chazal Dorothy Daniel Betty Ferran JUNIORS Mary Jane Lambeth Virginia Loughnot Margaret Ann McGarry Dorothy Mitchell Ruth Morrow Margaret Painter Anne Pierce Ann Angel Mary Lou Atkinson Theo Blalock Sarah Duke Bryant Mary Caldwell Emmett Curtis SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Giersch Elizabeth Leffler Jane Maguire Noreen McKee Caroline Painter Ruth Pearce DiER PUCKETT Alice Valentine Sue Venning Evelyn Walton Rose Williamson Mary Eleanor Bellamy Peggy Caldwell Jeanne Chazal Louise deJarnette Marguerite Hamilton Pat Hansen PLEDGES Paula Jones Martha Ann Mattox Beth Mitchell Alice Price Jane Roth Dorothy Sellars Mary Smith Polly Venning Mildred Woodward Hope Yon Eleanor Yothers Martha Zewadski Page Two hundred forty-three LyBarker Ott Parramore Taylor Thrasher Edwards ■ f Gnann Home Johnson Pourtless Griner Placie Cochran Frankenhoff Rivers Weathers , Page Two hundred forty-four SIGMA KAPPA Founded at Colby College, Waterville, Maine, in 1874 Omega Chapter Installed in i io Colors — Mai-oon and Lavender Flower — Violet Open Motto — " One Heart One Way " Publication — " The Triangle " IN FACULTATE Miss Leila Venable Miss Jeanne Compton Miss Mary Lois Gill Miss Sue Pitchford Miss Rachel Pitchford IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Ada LyBarker Edith Ott Phyllis Parramore Lillian Taylor Louise Thrasher JUNIORS Irene Edwards Gladys Johnson Virginia Gnann Marja Pourtless SOPHOMORES Carolyn Griner Rebecca Holland Frances Howze Lois Marchant Betty Ann Placie Zelda Carpenter Helen Cochran Clyde Daily Frances Duncan Helen Frankenhoff PLEDGES Grace Hill Louise Horne Jane Jones Virginia Kennard Sara Nooney Mattie Lou Peacock Sally Rivers Mary Skevokis Elizabeth Weathers Page Two hundred forty-five Gibbons Jett Rice Jeneau Hudson Long Bond Bonniwell Cappleman Pattishall Briggs Galbraith Iserman McKinney Swanson Waterhouse Young Page Two hundred forty-six ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded at Virginia State Normal School in 189! This Chapter Installed in 19x4 Colors — Turquois Blue, Steel Gray Flower — White Violet Open Motto — " Always Seek the Noblest " Publication — " Themis " Camille Gillette IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Ena Faye Jett Louise Rice JUNIORS Margaret Hudson Marie Jeneau Betty Cappleman SOPHOMORES Martha Pattishall Jean Wood PLEDGES Bertha Bond Betty Dumont Mary Louise Bonniwell Rora Galbraith Winifred Briggs Helen Iserman Dorothy Mae Dungan Betty Sue Long Marion McKinney Dorothy Swanson Isabelle Waterhouse Katheryn Young Page Two hundred forty-seven t r ' n r % Wearers of the Emblem Emma Spencer . . . 1928 Marion C. Phillips .... 1932 SiMPY Yarborough .... 1928 Dorothy Archer .... . . . 1932 Bernice Conklin .... 1928 Helen Geffcken . . . . . . . 1932 Margaret Richards .... 1929 Dorothy Hicks . . . 1932 Betty Suhrer . . . 1929 Buddy Autrey . . . 1933 Betty Wood . . . 1930 Rhea Gallager 1933 Edna Mattox . . . 1930 Grace Kirby . . . 1933 Betty Bell . . . 1931 Betty Bailey . . . 1935 Nancy Lutz . . . 1931 Frances Hurlin . . . 1935 Felicia West 1938 Page Two hundred fifty OUTDOOR WATER SPORTS m ' fT Page Two hundred fifty-one VOLLEY Odd Volley Ball Team MOBLEY Vergowe Campbell Valenti Fain Baughn Jenson Miles Moor Thomas BALL , , «w - - i Even Volley Ball Team Ash Harper Nolan Thompson Ford Ezzard ■i %f i f . BASKET Even Basketball Team Rice GORDY Wells Wood Marchesseau Lytal MCCOWAN McCay Louke Brown Walton Parks Fryer Mabry BALL Odd Basketball Team LUDLAM OVERCASH Howe £tich Battle Watson Clements Carter SWIM Page Two hundred fifty-six MING ■ 7 Page Two hundred fifty-seven MODERN Page Two hundred fifty-eight DANCING »M y» ' ' i ' iiiggSS i |i|p ' ' Page Two hundred fifty-nine ODD HOCKEY Page Two hundred sixty EVEN HOCKEY . , ' A.Y« £lS,..-jLa.™l ' .A.L t ' . ' . 2M.J ,- " " % » Page TziJo hundred sixty-one ■7 -m ' %- ' ' ' : s.. ' Mi m ' mmMX -i M Even Soccer Team Jenkins Harper Ford Allderdice Benson LOUGUE Lang SCHEPPE Tucker Kirby-Smith Sanders Page Two hundred sixty-two - w f :r ' r» i Odd Soccer Team Vergowe ECKLAND Smith White MOBLEY Brown KiRCHNER LUDLAM Baughn Martin Valenti -:a ' Vr « v -r — " kj I „_ijC Page Two hundred sixty-three MINOR SPORTS Shuffleboard, Tennis, Diving Page Two hundred sixty-four i I- y .. ■ ' r z j0-i r .=i - ' " 4 r f. M ; P r . ■ A h Mde mq litstreL , 9 Page Two hundred sixty-six Ska n ks(fii iH(f Su rte tfs Page Two hundred sixty-seven FAMOUS VISITORS iucjfene Cjoossens, Conducto? ' Hrs JraHtllu P. Root euett I ' Haru Q-ean-ne Mc ICau r A A k p i 7Mrs. Uutk. Brijan. 2okcie P on a id Dick son. Ei a jCe ( ctULen-ne Ponaici Bttd-ae Cornelia- Otis SkiMne Kiifk ' i€old ' k).{ JCeavi Co? ' re sport dent Page Two hundred sixty-eight Mw t kai e bees i -FiLktiiif ,, ,, ,i , ,, , double Dcite WkavMo bulls eue ife ! ietd " Jrip W J in. the a ir 0i4, Looker Page Two hundred sixty-nine YQUTHETANIA Ilk. . IB W mkaKKmKmm Wlm y u -A co ere fce cruise. Tor i-h -i: Luci-iie ei ie, azel T4.p. " Af£ se Thpica f £a,ie G a moQr — a m ?£! r Bye - 6ye ! V ' e ald£: ifitf is ' . Y " ... an.d £Ae s id Page Two hundred seventy DnWhffe y BJacJt e. TresAmen s am f 3u A rfi ia s e i£.: Pr 9C£ ' charm m f- yhanksa iM i axmf a C4mi). Ye 4.- Li sns. $ H : i rma Page Two hundred seventy-one Id ' e w£m£ window skoppina. Ssme, Mmrde, Plmie, Mae -i ou oV Jieertte Gilckrisi {rr i t . ' IK t r - r e i-i- ' • : • Ckeer lea- isr- ffff StzJe , cAea.p. - ♦ J -v-:i To ct£t our eal ' Uc otitic - . Tkree liM e i n ziies. Page Two hundred seventy-two Jusi ' •ielaxift - 01P " eed ze • ' ' And atd-r $ A i?l ts iJtis la r e " S saMj AiTM zpsi A sur Aeerl a d rs eriec-Tion 10 Ae w i ' t We usi Iii e -iAis ms. y ko ' s excfied T Gee, am ke ta, ve . Page Two hundred seventy -three 3rifiin ' n 2)rea ffiin OkJa i, i au riease, fm! Cajftper ' s r$fM. Cam PM liaAis inerid $uS Sf f tn MM ' d ' iS n. Clee M £lii€ duns farrami Tee Wee, £SSy a.nd JEi in " p£a,c £A -M SiraC Page Two hundred seventy-four Ci am. p a ai atn . W £ can intiL Ttn e f Me f MTiia n p " " 4 Whai - i ka fd- Mere? W . Kl Sprln f ( u.a.rieri£es M Miss dtcAiftson £ifLd her - g — ' i- Page Two hundred seventy-five F club Goals up top Sisier and Fea . Z JMis I Wipe Mai 5m Ie Kappa. ' Pelitzs puiii f ' Skef ziied o-ft. me L ?a.HersoM a d. t essot}es " " mfers h f r ia e. va ue Page Two hundred seventy-six hrida - -Me land o Sans zinef " C mf here JeoLH ' My OMi Caw 3eimsej Aera Im s. JfOrjM SMTt A et Our JiMeriid as as ef ? Page Two hundred seventy-seven " 9 deal " What ' s boronq with. ifOtC } • itii 9u5t waltlna for VLctL-m.s Page Two hundred seventy-eight ore 9cicies Ho, are if on ? L, as in Llfesai ers CfleeiLMp at Lne iVortas fear ' Hcive u-n, i ' ' florida Press ConventioK Student ' Bound ' ' Jable c4 Special 2oom to meet In. ke Choir 2e cordis 9 " Jirsi f.S.CW. Broadcast Page Two hundred seventy-nine m Llf nne first Lnternesklp On oiker $ide of ike Cam ya, 3a m. SckoLarskip 2,9999 • M Broiker can ijou spare a dime ' (frouKd SckooL Page Two hundred eighty Ckariered Debate IModeL Senate „ Syyiariesi reskmai QAJelcom.e Bctck. 9 hope 9 did Li ricfki Be a £fO ' .. i: i L lid If ear C t adiiaiion Odd Voile ij tail Captains XandL3 BecepiioH. Page Two hundred eighty-one Cc.,1.,. dfitf aciloit V ke Hew Dlnina Halt Page Two hundred eighty-two Omicron Mu Scholars kip Cup Senloy 9ityest ' Liura Powell, Prescoit Prine f P INE ' ' PPINE? Presidents , past and present Presidents, present and fuiure ExkibltloH. Xandts XiPte up 1 ■ r i - •, Moi les at ' y .S.C ' UJ. Page Two hundred eighty-three A bid fur ' fny ' Ske Trez, Oratini Mm. i lu« - f J Wlartka directs Stan ' s, of Spf lnq Wornt3 eife vteuj Call foy packac e " Hurrau . for our stele ' Oke people ' s ckoise Page Two hundred eighty-four r 7l STATE THEATRE TALLAHASSEE •3 •(? -3 -3 •« -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 »• »• »• »• »• »• »• »• »• »• »• »• »• ' ' Tal ing Pictures at Their Best ' ' •8 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 -3 ' 3 •« -3 -3 -3 »• »• »• 8- »• »• 8- »• »• »• »■ »■ 7 ' . RITZ THEATRE TALLAHASSEE Page Two hundred eighty-six THE LEWIS STATE BANK •: J Resources over Four Million Dollars J - Florida ' s oldest bank — began business in 1856 We Invite Your Account MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Tallahassee, Florida MAAS BROTHERS FASHION FIRST FASHION RIGHT HOME OF THE FAMOUS TROPICAL FASHIONS T A M P A DAMS STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS THAT PLEASE PHONE 2. y T 1930 1933 1936 HOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE I93I . 1934 . 193 1935 1939 1938 . 1940 FLASTACOWO Tallahassee Florida Page Two hundred eighty-seven OUR SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL EXPRESSION OF APPRECIATION TO THE STUDENT BODY AND FACULTY FOR THEIR FAITHFULNESS AND CONFIDENCE IN THIS SHOP " • VOGUE Tallahassee, florida Feminine wearables WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE -«»- FLORIDA MOTOR LINES UNION BUS COMPANY W. H. MARTIN, City Passenger Agent PHONE 701 ADAMS STREET Page Two hundred eighty -eight CAPITAL CITY BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Capital and Surplus, $2.00,000 COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS DEPOSITS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION SPICK A S D SPAS A Complete Soda Fountain Sandwiches, Cold Plates, Candy, and Cigarettes Thone 635 At the College Front Gate Page Two hundred eighty-nine HOTEL FLORIDAN TALLAHASSEE 1 50 Rooms luropea n Plan Excellent Dining Room HOTEL FLORIDAN CO., Inc, LESSEES J. B. WADDILL President J T. SMITH, JR, Manager " ■■■.■••■■■ ' ' =- ' " " !S r . One of the South ' s Great Stores Compliments of DICKSON-IVES COMPANY ORLANDO, FLORIDA Page Two hundred ninety THE sweer SHOT Jit the South ColUgiLj Gatt 118 S. Monroe Street Phone 20 MONARCH VmEK FOODS a M JffM 1 P r P - m X t ' m DRINK l . 7rj TALLAHASSEE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY BENNETT ' S 2 — Complete Drug Stores ond Fountain Cafes — 2 COLLEGE INN PHARMACY 109 E. College Ave. Phone 800 MONROE STREET PHARMACY Corner Monroe College Phone 93 PURCHASE FOR COMFORT AND STYLE IK • OVER SMART OXf-OrcL ' S TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Page Two hundred ninety-one We Point with PARDONABLE PRIDE TO THE FACT THAT We CfHGACuued the THE TRIBUNE PRESS INCORPORATED PRINTING AND ENGRAVING DIVISION OF THE TAMPA MORNING TRIBUNE Miller Machinery Supply Company Dairy, Laundry and Dry Cleaning Supplies and Equipment JACKSONVILLE MIAMI FLORIDA E. H. THOMPSON CO, Inc. HOTEL, RESTAURANT AND INSTITUTIONAL EQUIPMENT 226-228 W. Bay Street Jacksonville, Fla. 7i4e f9 0 Ldao04AM IS BOUND IN A fCitiXf ic ixijjt Q(weA. Page two hundred ninety-two PROUD are ve of the continued confidence reposed in our organization by the Flastacowo staff, Avho again entrusted us with their year- book . . . this is our sixth Flastacowo in seven years and a treasured tribute to our skill in graphic arts production ... Rose Printing Company at Tallahassee . . . creators of fine printing and design ... Page Two hundred ninety-three DUTCH KITCHEN COMPLIMENTS OF P. W. WILSON COMPANY MEN ' S AND LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR, DRY GOODS, ACCESSORIES, GIFTS, MILLINERY, LADIES ' SHOES TALLAHASSEE ' S OLDEST AND BEST STORE Since 1837 JEWELRY WATCHES— DIAMONDS— JEWELRY More for Your Money end Credit, too 104 E. College Ave. Chevrolet ' s FIrsi: Again ! PHONE 92 PHONE 992 ALFORD CHEVROLET CO TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA THE HAM THAT ' S BETTER BECAUSE IT ' S DIFFERENT SWIFT ' S GEORGIA PEANUT BRAND HAM GIVE YOUR FAMILY A TREAT SERVE A PEANUT BRAND HAM TODAY Delicately cured to retain its natural sweetness and tenderness. Gently spiced by the aroma of smoking hickory. SWIFT COMPANY MOULTRIE, GEORGIA Compliments Of THE EQUITABLE L IFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES Tallahassee, Frorida G. L. Salley, District Manager George V. Beck William E. Van Brunt Jr. Jacksonville, Florida S. A. Burgess, Agency Manager COMPLIMENTS OF CHEROKEE HOTEL EXCELLENT DINING ROOM J. A. STILES, Manager Page Two hundred ninety-four Compliments of MILLERS III East College Avenue Tallahassee ' ' ' ' Fine Shoes Since 1924 ' ' CAPITAL PAPER COMPANY IMPORTERS WHOLESALERS MANUFACTURERS Our ' ' College Fillers " fill the CollegLj -] o W. Gaines St. TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA PRINTING PAPER WRAPPING College calls for cu Photograph to eep tht memory for you rv for them. PIKE STUDIO 107 AVEST COLLEGE J. C. HALL, Owner TELEPHONE 744-W CHRISTIE HALL BUSINESS MACHINES SALES AND SERVICE EXCLUSIVE AUTHORIZED DEALERS L C. SMITH AND CORONA TYPEWRITERS REMINGTON TYPEWRITERS DICTAPHONE DICTATING MACHINES NEW AND USED ADDING MACHINES, TYPEWRITERS CASH REGISTERS, ETC. 203 East Park Avenue Tallohossee, Florida Page Two hundred ninety-five APPRECIATION The staff of the nineteen hundred and forty Flastacoivo woidd like to take this opportunity of thanking the following people without ivhose aid and assistance this book would never have been published. . . First of all to Miss Edith West and the Faculty Committee for all of their excellant suggestions, their wise counseling and their construc- tive criticisms. To Adam ' s Studio, Tampa Tribune Press Engraving and to the Rose Printing Company, especially Charles Rosenberg, for profes- sional advice, for hours of planning and explanations and for all " services rendered. " To Miss Rachel Pitchford for her splendid cooperation in furnish- ing the snapshots. To all of those firms, ivho, through their advertisements, have helped make the book possible. To Marjorie Jessup and Katherine Graham for counting the fea- ture Section votes and to May Weltner for saying the right things in the right way. Filially, I, as editor, ivoidd like to say to each member of the staff " Thank you . . . for your interest in the book; your eff ' orts to do the work promptly and carefully; for your valuable suggestions and. your moral support. . . " And now Sonia it ' s your turn . . . best of luck to you! Jeanne Webster. Meals for All Tastes THE THREE TORCHES 103 S. COPELAND PHONE 837 Banq uet Reservations Page Two hundred ninety-six - r: • ' % .. « ■X ' --;; -r i - r .H ' i . - UTOGR.ATHS 0, r ' f- •-» . _ . :- ' -v ' : ' ■ ' ' ( ' ■ ' ::iy " - " ,- ,-•,• ::t f ' - ' . r-iv M ,,., ' : ■ .:. ,!■ , ; 2:; ' .. ' .v ' .. ;. v ' " ..-- ' - ' . l " " t ;• i " ' t ■viS l ' ' v ' Sfe: ?v ' c;

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