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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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i : ii: vjr f ■■::■- K: ' 0 In 4 • ' 3 W V .ri c, ' ,,,; ' r y- t ' :;,- ' t ft : .! ' •■• " ' it. ' , K% ' ,- v; l»V • 4. ■ ., J " - ' . t vj. vJ.. .f : .? i ilX » i 4 ' i-., ' r ' [HLIBRIS YEAR BOOK M!f. FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Tallahassee, Florida Copyright 1938 FLASTACOWO EILEEN ROBINSON Editor-in-Chief SALLIE BURT NUZUM Business Manager ■ I., ; .: FOREWORD — And before we knew it the year was gone; in its place we leave its memories bound between the covers of the 1938 Flastacowo. •,T..iJ " ?l,J ' ' Time ' ' is something indefinable and yet it molds our lives by its inexorable sequence of moods and incidents of weeks and months and seasons. If years From now upon re-opening the book you catch the feel of the life at Florida State College for Women, its rhythm and pace the Flastacowo will have achieved its purpose. CONTENTS Book I Administration Classes Book II Organizations Features Book I Sororities Honoraries Snapshots Book IV Sports Advertisements D EDICATION To one whom wc as students are deeply appreci- ative and indebted, not only because of his administrative position as resistrar of Florida State College for Women, but because of his sincere interest in students as individuals, in the school as a whole, in our government and its functioning, in the publications and their issuance. We turn to seek his thoughtful advice on our problems and their solutions and we go to him as a friend. a L. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING The " towers " of the Administration Building ' rear majestically above all else on campus. Symbolic, memorable, of Flor ' da State College for Women. • .jMC -f Time for class and students cross the street from Bryan approachinj; the Ad- ministration l)uiKling. Across the way in the backoTonnd is the Library. GOING TO CLASS Tl-.f | M XM " ' %. f if.v " il . k fcf iaa w ' }t . Tr»-v- r v; -t- LIBRARY Inside its door of knowledge, the liidflen wisdom of the Library draws students nig-ht and dav within. Classes are out and a steadj stream pours from the History Building across the walk to home in tlie dormitories. LEAVING CLASSES 7V P W?E mi ' S (MM • ,5T1! fiIi %M 41 iii ilf ■ ' 0i HISTORY BUILDING The History BiTilding, home of the Augusta Conradi Theatre, a mass of ch ss rooms by day, and study rooms by night. Convocation is out — from all doorways of the Administi ' ation Buildin.ti ' students leave their weekly meeting ' . The flag flys high in front of Bryan. IN FRONT OF BRYAN J t. 11 il " i i« BRYAN Bryan, the oldest of our dormitories; Bryan ' s tnrreted towers and roof in the twilight, framed by the pines of the campus. The Dining Room arcade, the place of meeting for business and pleasure. Three times each day its passage is jammed by thronging hungry students. DINING ROOM .M GILCHRIST Gilchrist, newest of the dormitories and home of upper classmen. Surrounded on one side by the smoking area and tlie other by Broward and facing the Sweet Sho]), hang out of the students. Florida State College for Women from afar. A little city within our campus gates. COLLEGE FROM A DISTANCE I I 1 II _ 1 II L I ' « - i ? . ) " •, ' ■ •I f i: " v:v ©, @ - DM INISTRAT HIS EXCELLENCY GOVERNOB FEED P. CONE BOARD OF CONTROL R. P. Terry, riiairuuui ; Miami W. M. Palmer Ocala H. P. Adair Jacksonville Thomas W. Bryant Lakeland Charles P. Helfenstein Live Oak Page 20 1 -I ' ■ 0 mm " « ' f TO THE STUDENTS : Ma} ' your days in collejie have helped you to a keener eousciousness tliat a sacred lanij) is peremiially hurnin ' on tlie altar of Trutli and IJeantx ' ;ind Goodness! May you ever seek it for in doing ' so you will be alking in ihe presence of God ! Page 21 JOHN G. KELLUM BUSINESS MANAGER OF THE COLLEGE SIMEON R. DOYLE REGISTRAR OF THE COLLEGE ELIZABETH G. ANDREWS DIRECTOR OF PERSONNEL AND PLACEMENT OLIVIA N. DORMAN DEAN OF STUDENTS Page 22 ELMER RIGGS SMITH SECRETARY OF THE FACULTY WILLIAM G. DODD DEAN OF THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES RALPH L. EYMAN DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION MARGARET R. SANDELS DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS ELLA SCOBLE OPPERMAN DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF MUSIC Pago 23 DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY KATHRYN T. ABBEY nstructors in the Department Kathryn Trimmer Abbey Eobert S. Cotterill Annie Marie Therese Popper Venila L. Slinres DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH WILLIAM G. DODD » .rf € nstructors in the Department William George Dodd Mary Betliell Alfriend Martha Gertrude Chapman Guy Linton Diffenbaugh Mildred Fav Henry Rowena Longmire Mary H. MeKean Lou E. W. Miller William Hudson Rogers Esther Smith Hazel A. Stevenson DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND COMMERCE BEULAH B. BRILEY Instructors in the Department Beulah B. Bnloy Lucille Grider Bass William Harrv Joubert Koyal Mattice Mary Loiiella Richey Sadie Young DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGy RAYMOND BELLAMY Instructoi ' s in the Department Ra.ymond Bellamy Emeth Tuttle Cochran Coyle Ellis Moore Paul Walbert tShankweiler DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE MARIAN D. IRISH Instructors in the Department Marian D. Irish Victoria ►Scliuek DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY HENRY F. BECKER Instructors in the Department Henr} ' F. Becker Gladys Fawley Mary Alice Eaton DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY LELAND J. LEWIS Instructors in the Department Leland J nelson Lewis Isabel McKinnell Jennie Tilt Gertrude Vermillion DEPARTMENT HOME ECONOMICS MARGARET R. SANDELS Instructors in the Department Margaret R. Sandels Clarine Belcher Ruth Conner Eleanor Green Leila Venable Edna Mae Mcintosh Sara D. Meador Jennie Tilt Anna May Ti-acy -W H -, DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC ELLA SCOBLE OPPERMAN Instructors in the Department Ella Scoble Opperman Karl Ahrendt Walter Ruel Cowles Marg-aret AVliitney Dow Clarra M. Guerry Gladys Olive Koch Mary Murphree Meginnis Zadie Lillian Pliipi s Marj Em ' ly Reeder Etta L. Robertson Owen Frink Sellers Cecile Strong- Mary Esther Winslow DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH MARY HOLLINGSWORTH BUFORD Instructors in the Department Mary Hollingsworth Buford Kemper Martin Moore Sarah Elizabeth Thomson Lula Margaret Wyly DEPARTMENT OF ART BEATRICE BEYER AVILLIAMS Instructors in the Department Beatrice Beyer Williams Lillian Canfield Mar3 Mooty Helen Alverda Tlirusli DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL ARTS EMILY PITMAN WILBURN Instructors in the Department mily Pitman Wilburn )val S. Harrison Berniee Deetz Sallie Williams DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RALPH L. EYMAN Instructors in the Department Kaipli L. Eyiiiaii Mark H. DeGraff Dora .S. fSkipper Tjois Stoiio Marion Jewell Hay Murphy Eoy Hinson Christine B. Scarborough DEPARTMENT OF PSyCHOLOGY PAUL F. FINNER nstructors in the Department Paul F. Finnei- Elizabeth Gordon Andrews E. Mildred Burlino ' ame Doroth} ' Rose Dislier Christian Paul Heinle! ii Christine B. Searhoi-oimli Hugh Lee Waskoni DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS Instructors in the Department Elmer Rig ' i ' s Smith Olua LMrsoii DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS TIAROTiD F. RICHARDS ELMER RRiGS SMITH Instructors in the Department Harold F. Rieliards William M. Barrows, Jr Elizabetli Lvim DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY HERMAN KURZ Instructors in the Department Heriuan Kurz Ruth Schoriiherst DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY EZDA MAY DEVINEY nstructors in the Department Ezcla May Deviney Mildred Irene Boliek DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION KATIIERJNE W. MONTGOMERY nstructors in the Department Katlierine W. Moiit.u ' oiiipry Rebecca Avei ' ill Elizal)etli Brittou Nellie-Bond Dickinson Grace Fox Ruth Lehman Mary B. Settle Betty Washburn DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES ARTHUR R. SEYMOTTR Instructors in the Department Artliur R. Seymour Dorothy L. Breen Margie Burks Margaret V. Campbell Madeline Postaire Marie Davis Myrtle Dolbee Mildred Fiiinegaii Luc ' Tjester « , ' ' : DEPARTMENT OF HYGIENE SARAH PARKER WHITE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY VIOLA GRAHAM Page 38 DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY ALBAN STEWART DEPARTMENT OF JOURNALISM EARL LYNN VANCE Page 39 DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY SCIENCE LOUISE RICHARDSON Instructors in the Department Louise RicliJifdson Etta Lane Matthews DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY ANNA FORBES LTT:)T)ELL Instructors in the Department Anna Forbes Liddell Robert D. Miller DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICAL LANGUAGES AND LITERATURE Olivia Xelsoii Dorinan Instructors in the Department ()li ia Xclsoii Doriiiaii Puith E Fainnaii Edilli W. West Tliere are many otliers on eairipns " wlio quietly do llicir work; work 1liat is essential to the directing ' of campi ' iS affaii ' s of Floi-ida State C )lle i( ' for Women : Among ' these are : Katherine Warren, Charlotte Stevens, Margaret Dasher, -Jessie MeNeill, Helen Parker, Rachel Pitchford, Herbert Mendenhall, employees of the Bank, Business Office, Personnel Office, Registrars Office, Book Store, Post Office, Secretaries to the Deans, Dietitians, Infirmary Staff and Mr. Gereld and his staff. Page 41 % •4 1 ' ■■r i . ' . y . l RESIDENCE HALL DIRECTORS " The greatest and most enduring values and meanings in life come to us through our intimate felloAvship with others. This is jiarticularly true of sehool life. On our al)ility to live easily with our sclujohnates liinges large- Iv the success of our schohistic career. " Miss Maude Flowers Directoi ' liesidciice Directors of Residence Halh Mrs. Margaret Saynor Bryan Hall Mrs. Lollie Wiml)erly Broward Hall Miss Katherine Byrd Gilchrist Hall Mrs. Melan ' e Turner Gilchrist Hall Miss Rose Denham Jennie Mui ' i hree Hall Miss Hazel Clark Jennie Murpliree Hall Miss Ida Rowan Reynolds Hall Miss Evelyn Keiniai-d Reynolds Hall Special Directors Miss Mamie Aiidi ' ( ' A -s Director on Special Status Mrs. Esther B. Ferguson Assistant to Director of Residence Mrs. J. Levy Assistant to Directoi ' of Residence in Jennie Murphree and Reynolds Miss Eva Bellinger Night Director Mrs. L. R. Rivers N ight Director Page 42 FACULTY DIRECTORY Edward ( " oiiradi A.M.. I ' h.l). LL.T). Katluyn Tiininu ' r Abbey A.M., Pb.T). Karl Ahreiidt B.M.. M.M. Mary Betbell Alfriend IM.S. Elizabetb (Jordoii Andrews IMi.D. Rebecca (Jordoii Averill M.A. Lanas Siniryeon Barber M.A. William Morton Barrows. Jr M.Sc, Pb.T). Lut ' ile Gridcr Bass Henry Floyd Becker M.S. Clarine Belcher M.S. Raymond Bellamy A.M., Ph.D. Florence Bethea A.li. Georgia Elizabeth Blue A.B. Mildred Irene Boliek M.A., Pb.T . Dorothy Lois Reeves Breen A.M., I ' b.D. Benlah Belle Briley M.S., M.A.. Ph.D. Elizabeth Britton M.A. Mary Hollingsworth Buford A.B. Margie Burks M.A., Pli.D. Edith Mildred Burlingame A.M., Ph.D. Margaret Virginia Campbell M.A. Lillian Caroline Cantield M.A. Martha Gertrude Chapman..... M.A. tGrace Dodge Conrad B.A.E.. Ph.B., B.F.A. Emeth Tuttle Cochran M.A. Ruth Connor A.M., Ph.I . Robert Spencer Cotterill M.A.. Ph.D. Walter Rnel Cowles..... A.B., Mus.B. Marie Davis M.A. Nancy Jane Day B.S., B.A. Hazel Bernice Deetz B.S. in Fine and Applied Arts Mark H. DeGraff M.A., Ph.D. Ezda May Deviney ...M.S., Ph.D. Nellie-Bond Dickinson M.A. Guy Linton Diffenbaugh M.A., Ph.D. Dorothy Rose Disher M.A., Ph.D. William George Dodd A.M., Ph.D. Myrtle Elizabeth Dolbee M.A. Ralph Floyd Donaldson B.A. Olivia Nelson Dorman A.M.. Ph.D. Margaret AVhitney Dow B.A., B.M., F.A.G.O. Simeon Robert Doyle M.A. Mary Alice Elaton M.A. Ruth DeGraaf Ellis A.B. Rali h Lee Eyman Ed. D. Ruth Elizabeth Fairman A.M. Gladys Fawley S.M. Mildred Finnegan M.A. Paul Frederick Finner A.M., Ph.D. Kathleen Graham Fletcher B.A., B.S. in L.S. Ward Thomas Fletcher M.Ed. Maude Alice Flowers A.B. in Commerce Grace Imogene Fox A.B. in Education SarA Graham A.lt. Viola Graham M.A., M.S., Ph.D. Eleanor V. Green M.A. Clara Martin Gueriy A.B., B.M. Hope Harrin M.A. Oval Stanley Harrison M.A. Marion Jewell Hay M.A., Pli.D. Clara Rider Ilayden B.S. in Education Frances Field Haynes A.B. Christian Paul Heinlein Ph.D. Mildred Fay Henry M.A. Sarah Herndon M.A. Murphy Roy Hinson M.A., Ph.D. Ethyl Holloway B.S. in Home Economics Henrietta Howell B.S. in L.S., M.A. Marian Doris Irish M.A. William Harry Joubert J.A. Jerry B. Kelley A.B. John Gabriel Kellum Mary Ellen Keown M.S. Glad.vs Olive Koch A.B. .B.M. Herman Kurz M.S., Ph.D. Olga Larson M.A. Ruth Evelyn Lehman B.S. Lucy Lester A. M. Leland Judson Lewis... A.M., Ph.D. Anna Forbes Liddell M.A., Ph.D. Secoii(l Semester 19:57-38. tSecond quarter 1037-38. Rowona Longmire A.M. Hugh Donald Loucks A.B. Edith Elizabeth Lynn M.A. Etta Lane Matthews B.A. Margaret A. S. McCurdie B.S. in P ducation Kul.y McDavid Edna Mae Melntosh : M.S. Mary Helen McKean M.A. Isaliel McKinnell M.S. Royal Matt ice M.A. Sara I). Meador M.S. Mary Murphree Meginniss A.B., B.M. Martha Clara Menendez A.B. in Commerce Lou Egert(Jii Whit Held Miller A.B., B.S. in Education Kobeit Daniel Miller A.B. Kathcrine Villianls IMontgomcry M.A. Frederick Clilton Moor ' A.B., M.D., F.A.C.P. Coyle Ellis Moore ...M.S., Ph.D. Kemper Martin Moore M.A. ' irginia Pearl Moore Mary Elizabeth Mooty A.B. Velnia Ooton A.B. in Education Ella Scoble Opperman A.B., M.M. Rhey Boyd Parsons M.A., Ph.D. Zadie liillian Phipps B.M. Annie Marie Therese Popper M.A., Ph.D. Madeleine Postaire B.A. Clarence Patrick Priest B.A.E. Dorothy Purse M.A. Nita Katherine I ' yburn M.A. Mary Emily Reeder B.M. Harold Frederic Richards A.M.. Ph.D. Louise Richardson A.M. Mary Luella Richey M.A.. C.P.A. Etta Lucile Robertson William Hudson Rogers M.A., Ph.D. Nathaniel Moss Salley Litt.D. Margaret Rector Sandels A.M., Ph.D. Chri.stine Bryan Scarborough M.S. Ruth Olive Schornherst .T. M.S. Victoria Schuck M.A., Ph.D. Owen Frink Sellers Lucy Belle Settle B.S. Mary Brandon Settle M.A. Arthur Romeyu Seymour M.L.. I ' h.D. Paul Walbert Shankweiler M.A., Ph.D. Venila Lovina Shores .....M.A., Ph.D. Anna Mae Sikes B.S. Mabel Sinnnons A.B. in Education Dora Sikes Skipper B.S. in Education Elmer Riggs Smith A.M. Esther Smith ..M.A. Hazel Allison Stevenson M.A., Ph.D. Alban Stewart A.M., Ph.D. Lois Lancaster Stone M.A. Cecile Strong B.M. Thelma I ' earl Tew M.Ed. Christine Thompson B.Ph., A.B. in L.S. Sarah Elizabeth Thomson A.B. Helen Alverda Thrush M.A. Isabella Thursby Jennie Tilt M.S., I ' h.D. Anna May Tracy Ph.B. Florence Reno Tryon M.A. Myrtis C. Tureman ..B.A. Earl Lynn Vance A.M. Leila Venable A.M. Gertriule Vermillion M.A. Florence Edna W.-igner A.M. Betty Washburn M.A. Hugh Lee Waskom A.M.. Ph.D. Edith Woodfin West A.M. Sarah Parker White M.A.. M.D.. Ph.D. Emily Pitman Wilbiun B.L. Beatrice Beyer Williams Sallie Williams M.A. Mary Esther Winslow M.M. Lula Margaret Wyly B.S. Annie Lee Yates A.B. Sadie Gertrude Young M.A. Page 43 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President — Katliryn Pratt Vice-president — Sarali Nance ►Secretary — IMary Nell Pincknrd Treasurer — Elizabeth Pierce Parliamentarian — Helen Daniels Kepresentatives to senate — Kathleen Gruppe, Margaret Sjostrom Athletic Manager — Felicia West Seni or Diii ' nified caps and gowns in solemn procession at invest iture .... Dr. Conrad i ' s smile as he places a mortar board on each liead .... dignit} illuminated by soft candleliglit and warm good humor at the Christiiuis dinner .... birthday Avishes as seniors honor Dr. Conradi .... Carefully careless talk of application ]nctures and a job next year .... the gay festivity of junior senior ]n-om .... spring, dogv ' ood and May Day .... breakfast with sophomore sisters .... the longed for climax to it all .... baccalaureate, class day, and graduation indescribable feelings as Time turns the last page of a hectic hap] y chapter and opens a new one .... Page 46 LOIS AKINS STARKE, FLA. A. B. in Education II B ' ! EDITH ALWYNE ADKISON CLEVELAND. FLA. B. S. i. " . Home Economics A Z MINNA AGRESS DAYTONA BEACH. FLA, B. S. in Sociology MARGARET ALFORD ELTON, FLA. B. .S. in Home Economics HAZEL F. ANDERSON WAUCHULA, FLA. B. S. in Commerce K A HAZEL G. ANDERSON TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Commerce MARIE ANDERSON BRADENTON. FLA. A. B in Education ELEANOR JANE ANDREWS ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A. B in Education ELOiSE ANDREWS GREEN COVE SPRINGS, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences PHIL ASHER ORLANDO. FLA. B. S. in Commerce 11 B fl ' DOROTHY ATKINSON TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Education :s K FRANCES BALDWIN ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences DOROTHY BARCLAY IVIIAIVII, FLA. B. S. in Commerce HATTIE BARCO TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Commerce RUTH BARKER NEWBERRY, FLA. B. i.n Arts and Sciences ADELE BARNARD ST, PETERSBURG, FLA. B. .S, in Education Page 48 ELISE BARRETT LAKELAND. FLA. J, S. in Home Economics LOUISE BARSHELL TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences BETTY I. BARY ST. PETERSBURG, FLA, A. B. in Arts and Sciences A O II MARTHA JEAN BAUGHMAN TAMPA, FLA. B. S. in Arts snd Sciences K .A IDELLA BAUMSTEIN LAKE CITY, FLA. B, S, in Commerce A •! ' E LOIS BEHRENS PRINCETON, FLA, B, S, in Education MARJORIE BEISEL TALLAHASSEE. FLA. B. S. in Chemistry ' 1 ' I I JUDITH BELL PENSACOLA, FLA. B. S. in Commerce MARY LOU BELL TAMPA, FLA. B. S. in Education AAA DOROTHY BELLAMY TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences II B MARY EARLE BERRY TAIVIPA, FLA. A. B. in Social Sciences M FRANCES BISHOP WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. B. S. in Commerce ATA EMILY BLACKWELL LIVE OAK, FLA. A. B. in Education A A n ADDIE BLEDSOE IVIIAMI, FLA. 3 C. in Arts and Sciences ELIZABETH BOW MIAIVll, FLA. B, S. in Home Economics LOIS BOWEN JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B. M. in Public School IVIusic Page 50 MAXINE BRAVERMAN ORLANDO, FLA . B. in Arts and Sciences VIRGINIA BRIDGES TAMPA, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences VIVIAN BRIZARD SHAMROCK, FLA. B. S. in Education ELLA VIRGINIA BROOKS CHRISTIANSBURG, VA. A. B. In Arts and Sciences ARGARET RUTH BROOKS PENSACOLA, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences A X n VIOLA M. BROOKS MIAMI. FLA. B. S. in Education BEVERLEY BROWi MIAMI, FLA. A. B. in Speech A X n 1 tA AIVImIMDA BKOWiM WINTER GARDEN, FLA. B. S. In Commerce Page 51 MARGUERITE LUCILLE BROWNE LEESBURG, FLA. B. S. in Commerce ASA LILLIAN BURFORD PALM BEACH, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences K A e MARIE BETTY BUSSELLE PUNTA GORDA. FLA. B. S. in Commerce MARJORIE BUTLER HAVANA, FLA. B. S. in Home Economics CHARLOTTE CARLTON ZOLFO SPRINGS, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences SARAH FRANCES CARTER TAMPA. FLA, A. E. in Arts and Sciences X Si ELIZABETH CASON AUBURNDALE, FLA. A. B. in Education X 2 MARIE CASON LAKELAND, FLA. B. S. in Education Page 52 GLORIA CHERRY ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences VIYRTLE ALICE CLIFFORD MARIANNA, FLA. B. S. in Commerce K A NAN S. CLARK SARASOTA, FLA. A. B. in Physical Education MARY RUTH CLAYTON IV1IAIVII, FLA. B. S. in Education MARY A. CLEVELAND FT. PIERCE. FLA. A. B. in Education JESSIE COACHMAN CLEARWATER, FLA. A. B. in Sociology ATA MARY GLENN COARSEY TAIMPA, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A Z MARGERY AGNES COLEE NEW SIVIYRNA BEACH. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Page 53 MADGE COLLIER TAMPA, FLA. B. S. in Commerce A r A MARIAN CONN ST, CLOUD, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences JANET WELCH COOK WINTER HAVEN, FLA. B. S. in Physical Education AUDREY A. COOPER ORLANDO, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences MARSHLEA COTTINGHAM iVIADISON, FLA. A. B. in Education MARJORIE COX NEW SMYRNA, FLA. B. S. in Commerce JANE CRALLE TAMPA. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences MARY CRESFO TAMPA, FLA. B. S. in Education CLAUDIA CRISLER LLOYD, FLA. B. S. in Education JERE CROOK BARTOW, FLA. A. B. in Education K A CLARICE CURRY ORLANDO, FLA. A. B. in EdLication HELEN DANIEL IVIIAIVll, FLA. B. S. in Commerce AHA JULIA DAKIEL LAKELAND, FLA. A. B. In Education A o n CORNELIA DAVIS TAiVlPA, FLA. B. S. in Education VIRGINIA DAVIS IRENE DAY MIAMI, FLA. ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. A. B. i.n Arts and Sciences B. S. in Home Economics DOROTHY DETRICK EDITH DICKSON HELEN DONN JANE DOWDELL TALLAHASSEE. FLA. JACKSONVILLE. FLA. MIAMI, FLA. WIMAUMA. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Commerce A. B. in Arts and Sciences K A e B. S. in Science HARRIET DUKE GAINESVILLE. FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences MARGARET JEAN DUNCAN EVERGLADES, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences AAA ALICE DYAL QUINCY, FLA. B. S. in Commerce II B ' I ' ANN RALEIGH EASTHAM LAKE CITY. FLA. B. S. in Home Economics K A Page 56 KATHERINE ELY COCONUT GROVE. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences FRANCES MARGARET ENDSLEY BROOKSVILLE, FLA. B. S. in Commerce ERMA ENGEL JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences K A CHARLOTTE ENGSTROM JACKSONVILLE. FLA. B. S. in Commerce ARY MARGUERITE ENSIGN ORLANDO. FLA. A. B. In Arts and Sciences MARTHA ANN FAILES TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Commerce ATA EDNA FEINBERG QUINCY, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A ' 1 ' E SHIRLEY FIELD JACKSONVILLE. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences BETTY RUTHERFORD FINCH TAMPA. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences X n ELIZABETH FINCH TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences EVELYN FISHER PALIVl BEACH, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ELIZABETH FLAKE QUINCY. FLA. B. S. in Commerce ELIZABETH FLIPSE MIAMI, FLA. B. S. in Commerce ANNABEL LEE FORD CRESCENT CITY, FLA. A. B. in Education LOUISE FOSGATE ORLANDO, FLA. B. in Arts and Sciences II B ' ELOISE FRINK JACKSONVILLE. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences II B f Page 58 INEZ FRINK BROOKSVILLE, FLA. B. S. in Commerce T JANE GAGE TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences i; K JANE GALE TAMPA, FLA. A. B. in Education RUTH GARCIA DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences B •! ' A MERCEDES GARRIGA PENSACOLA, FLA. B. S. in Commerce MARGARET GASTON DeFUNIAK SPRINGS. FLA. B. S. in Commerce LOUISE BRADFORD GEHAN TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences GERALDINE GILLIS DeFUNIAK SPRINGS, FLA. B. S. in Education Page 59 DIXIE GIST EVELYN CAROLINE GLAZIER MADGE GLENN LURLINE GOODMAN BARTOW, FLA. PALIVl BEACH, FLA. TAIVIPA, FLA, JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B. S. in Home Economics A. B, in Arts and Sciences B, S. in Commerce K A B. S. in Education A X 9. ESTHER GOODWIN MARY CLYDE GRACE MARGARET GREENE ELSPETH GRIFFIN DAYTONA BEACH. FLA. GRACEVILLE. FLA. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. TAIVIPA, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences A, B. in Educ ation A. B. in Arts and Sciences B. S, in Commerce ! ' M Page 60 FLORENCE GROSS FOLEY. FLA. B. S. in Commerce 1 ill ,ll 1 KATHLEEN GRUPPE TAMPA, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences LORINE GUIN LAKE WALES. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ESTHER MARIE HAESCKER ST. PETERSBURG. FLA. A. B. in Education ELEN MILDRED HALL GAINESVILLE. FLA. . B. in Arts and Sciences K A « PATRICIA HAMILTON LAKELAND, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences K A 6 AMY MARIE HARRIS MIAIVli, FLA. B. S. in Commerce AUDREY HASTINGS TAIVIPA. FLA. A. B. in Sociology Page 61 MARION I. HENDERSON TAMPA, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences BARBARA HENDRY FT. IVIYERS. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences 4 M SARA HELEN HENDRY SHADY GROVE, FLA. A. B. in Education DOROTHY ANNE HILL TAIVIPA, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences K A EDNA EARLE HOBBS BAGDAD, FLA. A. B. in Education ESSIE LEE HOGAN HAWTHORNE, FLA. B. S. in Home Economics MARGARET HOLWAY NEW PORT RICHEY. FLA. A. B. in Education MARJORIE HORTON FORT PIERCE, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences K A Page 62 ELEANOR HUTCHISON LAKELAND, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A A II MARTHA ICE ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ELIZABETH JINKS TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. In Arts and Sciences i; K MARIE JOFFRE MIAMI, FLA. A. B. in Education PATSY JOHNSTON KISSIMMEE, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences n B PEGGY JOHNSTONE ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences HE ETHEL JONES TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Commerce P M JAMIE JONES GAINESVILLE, FLA. B. S. in Commerce Page 63 MARGERY JONES JACKSONVILLE. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A Z MARTHA JEAN JONES IV1IAMI. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences GLADYS KEEN MONTICELLO. FLA. B. S. in Commerce LUCY KELLY TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A. B. in Education LYNELLE KENNINGTON PENSACOLA, FLA. A. B. in Education FLORENCE KERR JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B. 8. in Commerce 11 B ' 1 ' MARTHA CURRY KING SEBRING, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A A II ELIZABETH KNAPP PENSACOLA, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences if RUTH KNIGHT CLEWISTON, FLA. B. S. in Commerce PEGGY KNOWLES WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. B. S. in Home Economics ELIZABETH KORST ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. B. S. in Chemistry LOREE LAMB TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Commerce ANN LANGE TAMPA, FLA. B. S. in Education NELLIE LAMAR WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. A. B. in Education ATA MARINA LASTRA TAMPA, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences ERMINE LAWRENCE TAMPA, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences n B ' Page 65 JOSEPHINE LAZZARA ANITA LEONARD MARTHA LESTER ROSE LEVIN TAMPA, FLA. IV1IAMI, FLA. TAIVIPA, FLA. MIAIVIL FLA. A. B. in Education B. S, in Home Economics A. B. in Elementary Education A. B. in Education A X V. K A A -l- E FRANCE ETHRIDGE LEWIS TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A. 3. :n Arts and Sciences X V. GRACE LEWIS HAVANA, FLA. A. B. in Education RUTH E. LEWIS HIGH SPRINGS, FLA. B. S. in Home Economics LOUISE LINGO PANAMA CITY, FLA. A. B. in Art RLINE GRAY LOCKHART BROOKSVILLE, FLA. k. B. in English and Journalism n B MARY VIRGINIA LOPEZ DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences MATTIE LOU LOVE TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S, in Arts and Sciences DOROTHY ELLEN LUTHER ST. PETERSBURG, FLA, A. B. in Arts and Sciences A r -I- JEAN LYKES TAMPA. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences X il CAROLINE McCALL MIAMI, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences RUTH AGNES McCLAIN QUINCY, FLA. B. S. in Education CAROL McCLURE ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Page 67 DORIS McCULLOUGH OAK HILL, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences LILLIE A. C. McGUIRE ST. AUGUSTINE. FLA. B. S. in Commerce ELLEN McLEOD TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Home Economics B A LEAH ALWILDA MACK CEDAR KEY, FLA. A. B, in Education JESSICA JANE MACKEY PENSACOLA, FLA. B. M. in Pipe Organ B ' I ' A EDITH MACLEOD TAMPA ,FLA. A. B. in Education OLIVE A. MANZ CHICAGO, ILL. B. in Arts and Sciences A A n DOROTHEA MARSH LYNN HAVEN, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences n B 1 Page 68 SARAH MARTIN CRESCENT CITY, FLA. B. S. in Education MARY LYNN MASSIE MIAIVII BEACH, FLA. B. S. in Commerce HONOR MAYNARD IVIICANOPY, FLA. A. B. in Education KATHERINE B. MAYS IVIONTICELLO, FLA. A. B. in Education ALICIA MEACHAM ST. CLOUD. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences HELEN MENNEKEN IVHAMI BEACH, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences MARY LOUISE MERIWETHER SANFORD, FLA. A. B. in Education AAA ONA JEAN MERRILL PALATKA, FLA. A. B. in Education Page 6 PHEBE MESSER TALLAHASSEE. FLA. A. B. in Education A A 11 GERALDINE MEYERS MIAMI. FLA. B. S. in Home Economics MARY JUNE MICHEL HOLLYWOOD. FLA. B. S. in Commerce AAA KATHLEEN MILES DeFUNIAK SPRINGS. FLA. A. B. in EdLication FAIR MILTEER FT. MYERS, FLA. A. B. in Education M ANNE MIZELL CLEARWATER, FLA. B. S. in Commerce K A SARA MOOR TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A. B. In Arts and Sciences A A n LULA MAE MOOTY MIAMI, FLA. A. B. In Education B A KASIMIR HAMILTON MUMBY JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences 11 B ! ' HAZEL MYRICK GONZALEZ. FLA. B. S. in Home Economics SARA NANCE TAIVIPA, FLA. B. G. in Home Economics X V. GENEVA NELSON WEST PALM BEACH. FLA. A. B. in Education -r- ,rf: -Bjrsss. MARY VIRGINIA NEWBOLD CRESCENT CITY, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences AX n MARY LOUISE NICKEL SANFORD, FLA. B. S. in Education PAULINE ELIZABETH NIHOUL CRESCENT CITY. FLA. A. B. in Education VIRGINIA NORTHCUTT TAIVIPA. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences K A SALLIE BERT NUZUM ST. AUGUSTINE. FLA A. B. in Arts and Sciences AAA DOROTHY ANNETTE NYE ORLANDO. FLA. A. B. in History AAA MARJORIE GATES LAKE HELEN, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences DOROTHY OLMSTEAD JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A. B. in Education AAA BETTY OSTLUND IVIIAMI, FLA. B. 8. in Physical Education DOROTHY LENORA OZBURN COLUIVIBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA B. S. in Arts and Sciences n B BETTY PARKER ARCADIA. FLA. 8. S. In Music n B •I ' EVALYN PATTERSON DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. B. S. in Music AX il WENDOLYN PATTERSON CHAIRES, FLA. A. B. in Education JEAN PAULLIN PELHAM, GA. B. S. in Commerce A A n IVIARY PEACOCK CORAL GABLES, FLA. B. S. in Home Economics e T SHIRLEY PEMBERTON MIAMI, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences n B ! =?S. FRANCES PENDLETON TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Commerce GENNELLE WREN PERRY TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A. B. in Education ASTRID ELIZABETH PETERSON SEBRING, FLA. A. B. in Art s and Sciences MARY MARGARET PFEIFFER PENSACOLA. FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences Page 73 VIRGINIA PHILLIPS LAKE CITY. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences K A ELIZABETH A. PIERCE BARTOW, FLA. B. S. in Commerce t ' M JANET PIERCE SEBRING, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences MARY NELL PINCKARD CHiPLEY, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences A r A MILDRED PORTER WALDO, FLA. A. B. in Education RUTH STEPHENS PORTER ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences BEULAH ELIZABETH POTTER VERNON, FLA. A. B. in Education LUCILLE STEWART POW TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Commerce RUTH PRATHER EST PALM BEACH, FLA. A. B. in Education ■1 A O KATHRYN MAREA PRATT IVIIAIVll, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences JANE QUINN ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ASA MARY ELIZABETH RAMSEY IVIIAIVll, FLA. B. S. in Commerce II B ! ' ALLIE ATTIE RATLIFF MARJORIE RAULERSON ELISE RENFROE JANE RICE LAKELAND, FLA. MIAMI. FLA. TALLAHASSEE. FLA. PENSACOLA, FLA A. B. in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Education A. B. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Education K A Page 75 GLADYS RICHARDSON JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ADELAIDE RICHTER SANFORD, FLA. B. S. in Education EILEEN ROBINSON JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences MARGARET ALICE R0GER5 BROOKSVILLE, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A A n MARIAN ALICE ROGERS NANCY ROU ELEANOR TURNER RUFF ZULIEME E. RUSSELL TAVARES, FLA. REDDICK, FLA. IVIIAIVII, FLA. APALACHICOLA. FLA. A, B. in Alts and Sciences A. B. in Education B. S. in Home Economics A. 5. in Education n B A A II Page 76 ISABELLE SANDS WINTER HAVEN, FLA. B. M. in Piano MOLLY PRESTON SCALES PERRY, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences AAA MARGARET SCHMIDLI ORLANDO, FLA. B. S. in Commerce K A e VIRGINIA SCHREIBER JATIBONICO, CUBA A. B. in Arts and Sciences A A II lARY KATHERINE SCOTT WINTER HAVEN, FLA. B. S. in Home Economics INEZ SEABROOK TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Home Economics K A SARAH SEALEY TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A K n RACHEL SEAY WALDO, FLA. A. B. in Speech Page 77 MARY SHACKLEFORD TAMPA, FLA. B. S. in Commerce X 9. INEZ SHELLHORSE NORTH MIAMI, FLA. A. B. in Education PEARLE GAY SHEPARD ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A. B. in Journalism LORENA SIMMS JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B. S. in Nursing MIAMI, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences MARCIA SMITH QUINCY, FLA. A. B. in Education HILDA SPRADLIN TAMPA ,FLA. 8. S. in Commerce X il NANCY L. STEWART LA BELLE, FLA. B. S. in Education MARGARET A. STOUT MARJORIE ELEANOR STUMP MABRY SUMNER JANE SUTTON JACKSONVILLE, FLA. STARKE, FLA. TAIVIPA, FLA. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B. S. in Home Economics B. S. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Home Economics A. B. in Arts and Sciences Z T A ! ' M A li DOROTHY SWANBOM LAWTEY, FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences GRACE A. TAYLOR FORT PIERCE. FLA. B. S. in Education MARY ELLEN THARPE TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Commerce FRANCES THILL MIAIVll. FLA. B. S. in Education LEONE THORNTON TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Commerce A A II VIRGINIA C. TOFFALETTI PORT TAMPA CITY, FLA. B. S. in Commerce A X n ELIZABETH TOMYN WINTER GARDEN, FLA. A. B. in Education JOSEPHINE TRANTHAM LAKELAND, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A A II JEAN TREADWELL ARCADIA. FLA. A, B. in Arts and Sciences n B i ' FLORENCE TRUSHIN TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A. B. in Education A ' I ' E ELIZABETH H. TURNER WEST PALM BEACH. FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences JEWEL TURNER HOMESTEAD, FLA. A. B. in Journalism AAA Page 80 KATHLEEN VAN ALST ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. !. S. in Arts and Sciences MARY KATHERINE VAN WYK FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences MARY EVANS VOSS TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B. S. in Commerce K A MARIE WAGNER FORT LAUDERDALE. FLA. B. S. in Arts and Sciences HELEN WALDE LAKE WALES, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences GLADYS WARE FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ANNIE MARIE WATERHOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. A. B. in Education Z T A FRANCES WATERHOUSE ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. A. B. in Education Z T A Page 81 WINONA LEE WEBB WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. A. B in Education MARJORIE WEEMS APALACHICOLA, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences :s K SARAH BERNHARDT WELLS TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A. B. in Education FELICIA WEST FORT MYERS, FLA. B. S. in Education MARGARET WEST LIVE OAK, FLA. B. S. in Home Economics BETTY WHEELESS SANFORD, FLA. B. S. in Commerce AAA ROSETTA WHILDEN VERO BEACH, FLA. A. B. in Fine Arts ALICE CHARLENE WHITM s ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences ARGARET COKER WIGGINS HARTSFIELD, S. C. B. S. in Home Economics DOROTHY WILLIAMS MELBOURNE, FLA. B. S. in Home Economics A 1 A EDNA LEE WILLIAMS DUNELLON, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences A X 9. MARTHA GRAY WILSON MIAMI. FLA. B. S. in Chemistry BARBARA WOMACK HAVANA, FLA. A. B. in Education NELLYE WOODHAM CAMPBELLTON, FLA. B. S. in Commerce K ELBERTA L. WRIGHT ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A. B. in Education EDNA YACOBIAN ORLANDO, FLA. B. S. in Commerce ELEANOR M. ZIMMERMAN ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A. B. in Arts and Sciences 11 B 1 ' Page 84 Senior Class istoru, 1938 ' N THE thirtieth of May our college careers will close to the tune of " Pomp and Circumstance " and the kindly voice of Dr. Conradi bidding us farewell. At this point we pause a moment to review our four-year search for knowledge. As freshmen, four years loomed ahead as an interminable span of time. We were initiated early into the gentle art of standing in line to register, to have our posture exams, to pay fees, to change schedules, to get the so-called crip professors, and to see the dean. In October we watched investiture as Dr. Conradi placed mortar boards on the heads of the seniors, after Torch Night we felt that we had really been accepted into F. S. C. W., in the official capacity of freshmen and when Fealty joined us with our Junior sisters as loyal Evens we felt that we had become a definite part of the College. One of the lovliest ceremonies we remember as freshmen was that of Y.W.C.A., recognition service. Our first Odd-Even games and demonstrations were true sources of delight. Many of us took part in the games, as Evens, of course, and in the demonstrations, too. The true spirit of college glowed with more force at Thanksgiving than at any other time. In those days grades were given at the end of each quarter and there are no words to describe the joys and heart-aches that accompanied those first little slips of paper! After quarters Anne Mizell was chosen to head our class. Our first taste of real student government came during second semester when freshman commission and cabinet were tapped. As the year drew to a close we witnessed one of the most impressive services of the year. Mortar Board procession and tapping. UR SOPHOMORE year opened gayly as we welcomed old acquaintances and installed ourselves in the rooms we had so carefully selected the year before. This time we played the older role in Torch Night and passed Vires, Artes, and Mores down to the new freshman class. Marion Conn was our president this year. Later, with the installation of C.G.A. officials, many of our class were baginning to show their abilities as leaders. The Sopho- more Hop proved to be the high-light of the year with a Winterland setting. We took great pride in playing hostess for the first time. In May the Sophomore-Senior Breakfast was very delightful with a Dixieland back- ground and a real southern menu. This was only one of the many traditions on campus in which we accompanied our senior sisters. Many of us stayed for graduation, this time to take a minor part in the event. UR JUNIOR year we started industriously, taking an active part in C.G.A., campus publications, and athletic activities. Hilda Spradlin was our president. Many of our class took active part in the Emergency Peace Campaign established on this campus, and in the annual Religious Emphasis Week sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. In the early spring, Betty Ostlund and Louise Gehan were unanimously elected to the positions of President of C.G.A., and Chairman of Judiciary, respectively. Installation of these officers and others of our class took place on April 3, and with this event we felt ourselves to be qualified seniors at last. After almost three years of waiting, we were initiated into the delightful mysteries of Junior-Senior Prom, with the dining-room taking on an oriental atmosphere and the Auburn Knights furnishing the swing. During this spring, too, several of us were tapped for national and local honorary fraternities and in May we helped the seniors forget their dignity with the annual Junior-Senior kid party. ITH KATHERYN PRATT as president of our class, we started the last lap of the race. As seniors we assumed a new dignity when Dr. Conradi placed on our heads the mortar boards. The Odd-Even demonstrations and games this year took on an intensified gayety as we realized these were the last in which we would actively participate with our feathers and yells. The Senior Christmas party proved to be one of the most successful ever held, and it was followed by the annual carolling. After our last Christmas vacation from college, we were smothered by semester exams, soon after which the class of ' 3 8 instigated two political parties on this campus. These parties added unprecedented interest to the elections in March. In rapid succession there followed in- stallation of officers, Mortar Board tapping, our last Junior-Senior Prom on April 30, with the Auburn Knights performing and the crowning of Betty Ostlund as queen. Our last month in college bega n with our annual May Day ceremony in which Betty Ostlund was crowned Queen, surrounded by her court of distinguished seniors. This year we were the guests of our sophomore sisters at the Sophomore-Senior breakfast and we frolicked with our junior sisters at the Junior-Senior kid party. And so at the end of a month crowded with activities in our honor we took our last set of exams and passed our caps and gowns on to our junior sisters in the class day ceremony. Bac- calaureate was most impressive and our four years of college were climaxed on May 3 0, as we formed the solemn procession to receive our diplomas from Dr. Conradi, while proud parents looked on. Page 85 r " -: " A m i 3n iWcmoriam Carolyn Blount 1916-1937 Sara Starke Tillman 1916-1937 _ Page 86 H H JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President — Frances Douglas Vice-President — Mary Emily Parkoi- Secretai-y — Mary Noble Treasurer — Floreine Morris Parliamentarian — Peggy Boteler Representatives to Senate — Margaret Waleott, Irene Peek Athletic Manager — Nancy Williamson JUNIOR Thanksgiving Odd demonstration Junior Minstrels elections . . . the Prom . . . Mortar Board tapping and the Junior-Senior party . . . all add up to a wonderful busy year; but each is just a step to- ward Class Day when the Juniors face the responsibility of carrying on . . . to them remains the privilege of bearing the Three Torches of Florida State College for Women ... Page 88 SARAH ADAMS WILLIE BELLE ADAMS NANCY ADAMSON VIRGINIA C. ALLEN BETTY AMBLER ELYN ANDERSON MAIE ANDERSON SADIE ANDERSON ROSE APPEL BECKY ASHTON RUTH ATKINSON AVALEE AUSTIN KATHARINE AUTREY FLORA AVRIETT KATHERINE BACO LEILA BADGER DANNER BAKER CAROL BARKER MARY ALICE BARKER DOROTHY BARR y barringer evelyn bayless JULIA BECKMAN KITTY BENSON MARJORIE BENSON BETTY BLALOCK MARY BOATWRIGHT MARGARET BOTELER DORIS BOWMAN CAROLYN BOYD EMMA BRADFORD LILLIAN ' BRADLEY NELWYN BROOKS OPAL BROOKS DOROTHY BROWARC EDITH BROWN LOUISE BROWN ELEANOR DORIS BROWNE FRANCES BRUNSON NANCY BRYAN HELMA BUFFKIN JULIA BURNETTE EMILY BUSH PETREA CABANISS PAT CAMPBELL BETTY CASHEN BEVERLY CLARK FRANCES CLEMENTS SUSIE COGBURN DOROTHY COLBURN HONOR COLEMAN NELL COLVIN ELIZABETH COMPTON WINNIE OLIVE CONWAY JANET V. COOK LETITIA CORBETT UySsf bfO Jh - FAY COREY ANTINETTE COURTNEY VIRGINIA CRAIG EDITH DANIEL ELEANOR DANIELLS FRANCES DEESE GIBSON DEY HAZEL DONEGAN FRANCES DOUGLAS MARY L. DUNCAN ELLIS DUNSFORD MARTHA EDWARDS SEALE EFFINGER EMMA R. ELEBASH VEOLA EVANS WINIFRED EWART RUTH EYMAN JESSIE FERRELL DORIS FILLINGIM RUTH FISH ER MARGARET FISHLER LOUIE L. FITZPATRICK ELEANOR FREER FREDDIE FRINK ANGIE FRISCIA VELESKA FULMER ROBERTA GAMMON LERLINE GATES VIRGINIA GAUTIER PEARL GAY DORIS GEIGER GENE GIBSON EUGENIA GLASS HETTILU GLENN MARY GOBER DORIS GOEDERT HELEN GOODALE ELIZABETH GRILEY JEWELL GROOVER MARTHA HAGUE RUTH HANSEN MARY I. HARDEN BETTY HARRISON BETTY HATCH MARGARET HESS ELEANOR HICKSON JOYCE HINCKLEY HILDA HINES RUTH HOBBY JEAN HODGES 01% Pr% 1 - ' » n_ - J JULIA HODGSON HELEN HOLLOW AY ESTHER HOWARTH LEONA HOWE FRANCES HOWELL LOIS HUGHES PEGGY HUGHES VALERIE HUNT BETTY L, INGERMANN MARY L. IRSCH JANE JACKSON JOSEPHINE JAMES ANNIE JENNINGS LOUISE JERNIGAN IVY MAY JOHNSON FLORENCE JONES MYRLE JONES CHARLOTTE KAMPER ARYSTINE KENNEDY MARGARET KENNEDY GENE C. KERNS CHRISTINE KILLIAN GAIL KINNEY JERRY KNAPP GWENDOLYN KNAPP EDNA KUNDE ILMA LA BAR ANNE LADD FRANCES LANE ViRGIA MAE LEE MARIE LEWIS SARA LEWIS JANET LOCKWOOD ELIZABETH LOUNDS KATHRYN LOWE BUNNY LOWERY LILLIAN LUKENS MARTHA LUMPKIN LUELLA LYNCH SARAH LYTLE HELEN McBRIDE MURIEL McCRACKEN AILSA McKELVEY BETTY McMULLEN JEAN McMULLEN IDA MANN MARY MANNING DOT MARWICK SARAH MAXWELL ELIZABETH MEIGS ELVA MELVIN MARGARET MELZER MARGARET MEREDITH MARJORIE MERRILL MICKEY MICKLER PEGGY MILLER BEULAH MITCHELL DOROTHY MOLNAR MARTHA MOORE MIDELLE MOORE FLOREINE MORRIS IRENE MORROW JULIA MULLIS EVELYN MURPHY HELEN MURPHY MARGARET NEVITT MARY NOBLE HAZEL NOE JEANETTE NORDMAN ESTHER OBYRNE MARY L. O ' HAVER BETTY ORLEMAN BERSHE OVEN MARY E. PARKER MELBA PARKS EDNA PARMER OWREATHA PARRISH MELBA PARTIN LYNETTE PATTEN LUTRELLE PATTERSON i ' •ATfe J0 i ' ' iMm, MARGARET PEACOCK IRENE PECK BARBARA PHELAN SUE PINNER CATHERINE PITTMAN ANNIE L. POLK ELLA FAYE PRICE CAROL RAMAGE MARCIA RANNEY DORIS REED MARGARET REES DOROTHY RICKARDS NANCY RIGBY GERTRUDE RODGERS NANCY ROGERO MABEL ROGERS JOAN ROSS MARIE ROUNTREE LETHA M. ROYCE JULIA RUDD :: BETTY RUSSELL ANNIE L. SANCHEZ DOROTHY SCOTT LUCILLE SEED JANE SHARON HELEN SHATKOWSKY EDNA SIMS JOHANNA SKAGSETH ADELAIDE SLAUGHTER JEAN SPARKMAN kRGARET SPARKMAN MARY E. STEVENSON CLARA STEWART MARJORIE STEWART AGNES STIGGINS MARY SULLIVAN BARBARA SWANSTROM MARIE SWILLEY HELEN TAYLOR JACKIE TEXADA JANE THOMAS FLAVIL TOWNSEND ELOISE TROTT SUE TRUSLER MARGARET TYLER MARIAN USHER PEGGY VAN DYKE ALTA VANN MARGARET WALCOTT ANNA WALKER DORIS WALKER CLAIR WELLS LOUISE WHEELER BETTY WHITE BLANCHE WHITE MAYE WHITE POLLY ANN WHITE AGNES WHITTEMORE GRACE WILDER JUDITH WILENSKY FRANCES WILLIAMS GERALDINE WILLIAMS NANCY WILLIAMSON DOTTIE MAE WILSON MARGARET WILSON RUTH WILSON BETTY WYNN SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President — Ina Margaret Robinson Vice-President — Eileen Gill Secretary — Mar jorie Yonn ge Treasurer — Marion Grinnell Parliamentarian — Elizabeth Anne Webb Representatives to Senate — Frances Moss, Marjorie Jessup Athletic Manager — Mary Collins Sophomore Sophomore Councilers in blue jackets orientating the freshmen . . . white-clad sophomore sisters at Investiture . . . ;it Torch Night paying tribute to Alma Mater .... Thanksgiving, a bonhre and the rise of Even spirits .... dancing amid fish nets, seaweed, and gayly colored fish at their gala liop .... sponsoring May Day and entertaining tlieir senior sisters at break- fast .... serenading the seniors in May .... I Page 116 iRALDINE ALBRITTON OLIVE ALDERMAN LILLIAN ALLDARDICE TILLY ANDERSON MURRAY L. ANDREWS ARGARET ARMSTON BEATRICE ARNOLD CONNIE ASH AMELIA AVANT LILLIAN BAER RUTH ARANT ROSELYN BAER AMIE R. BAGGOTT VIARTHA BAXTER MARTHA BAILES MARIELLA BEACH VIRGINIA BAIRD IRIS BELL SUSY BAKER MARTHA BALLENGER JOSEPHINE BARONE ANNIS BENNET MABEL BENNETT BETTE BERNREUTER LENA M. BISCHOFF VIRGIE BOLES JANE BISHOP BETTY BOOZER ELLAGENE BIVANS ESSIE NELL BLACK SARA F. BLACKWELL EDNA BLANTONI JOSEPHINE BREWER JUANITA BROOK JAMIE BROWN MARTHA BROYLE MARIE BRYAN ALLEYNE CALVIN MARY S. BULLOCK CELESTIA CARLTON LORRAINE BURROUGHS JANE CHANCEY THELMA BUTLER MARY A. CHAPMAN MYRTLE BUTTS MARY COCHRAN DORIS CAHOON HELEN COCKE ANNE F. COLBERT EMILY CONE ELVIRA COLE ORENE CONNELL LOIS COLEMAN MARTHA J. COOK REUBEN COLEMAN SALLIE COOKE CAROLYN COLLINS JANE COOPER MARY COLLINS JEAN COOPER DAILIA CURRAN LOUISE DE VORE MADELINE CURRAN ANN DICKENSON BETTY CURTIS CAROL DIXON CATHERINE DAVIS AUDREY DOLAN ELIZABETH DAVIS SHIRLEY DAVIS LILLIAN DORMAN LILLIAN DOUGLAS POLLY DOUGLAS KATHERINE ECKLES VIRGINIA DOWLING IDALANE DRESSER CAROLINE EDWARDS LOTTA ELLIOT SOPHIE DRAUGHON RUBY ELLIS MAE DUNAWAY VIOLA ELLIS GENE DUNN JUNNE EVANS FRANCES FARMER DOROTHEA FARR ELAINE FLEISCHER LUCILE FLOW WILDA FINLAYSON JANE FLOYD MARY FINNEY ALLENE FORD JANE FISCHER KITTY FORD LILLIAN FLEET MAY B. FORD ■RANGES FRYER THERINE GRAHAM WILLYNE GAINES BETTY GRAVES EILEEN GILL MARY G. GRIMES CAMILLA GILLETTE MARION GRINNELL ALMA GODWIN HAZEL HAIR AMELIE GORDY MARIE HAMPTON ILLIAN D. HANEY REBA K. HENRY SARA HARPER RITA M. HENRY KRESTINE HARRIS ERIN HERRINGTON MICKEY HEARON " RUTH HINKLEY EVELYN HELSETH MARY HENRY ELEANOR HOCKER FRANCES HODGES LORENE HOLABIRD 20NIRA HUNTER MARY HOLLADAY EVELYN HUSSEY MELISSA M. HOLMAN MARIAN HUSSEY VIRGINIA HOLMES ELISE INGRAM MAXINE HOPKINS RUTH IRVINE NANCY HORNEY BETTY J. JACO ANITA JAECKEL FRANCES JONES MARJORIE JESSUP KATHRYN KASS ENA F. JETT CLEO KEMP JANET JEWETT AILEEN JOHNSTON ANNE KENNEDY HARRIET KENT DORIS JONES EVELYN KING REBA KIRBY lARY A. LESTER ROSE KIRBY BETTY LEWIS CATHERINE KIRBY-SMITH DOROTHEA KLOEPPEL JANET KUNNEG EUNICE LASCHE EVELYN LIGHTSEY SARAH LINES MARGARET LINGO JEANETTE LITSCHGI ALBERTA LLOYD ADA LY BARKER ALTHEA LLOYD AVIS LYMAN MARY E. LONG CARMEN LYTAL LOUISE STE. GEO. LOURCEY CLARA LUKE LINNEA LUNBERG MARY McCAHILL LAURA McCAUGHAN VONCILE McCOLSKEY JEAN McCORD BEATRICE McDANIEL ROSALEE MALPHURS NELL MARTIN MARY L. Mcdonald rosemary mcdonald OUIDA MARTIN LAURIE MATHEWS LOUISE McKENNON EVETA MEANS ILLA MAKI MARJORIE MEANSi DORENE MEDLIN PAULINE MESSER ELENOR MEGGS LUCY MIKELL CLARA MEISCH JOAN MILLER RUTH MEISCH FRANCES MILTON LOIS MELTON RUTH MERBLER VIRGINIA MILTON MARJORIE MORRISO ULINE MORROW KAY NEWSOME FRANCES MOSS MARY NICHOLS ELEANOR MULLINS EUGENIA MUNNERLYN LUCIA MUNNERLYN BETTY NICHOLSON MARY JO NOE KATHERINE NOEL MARJORIE Ne SMITH ELEANOR O ' HAVER SIBYL J. OLSEJM CAROLYN O ' NEAL ARRETT PARKER PHYLLIS PARRAMORE EDITH OTT MARIE PATTANI MARY OVERMAN KAROLYN PATTERSON ALICE PARK DOROTHY PARKER GLADYS PEACOCK CYNTHIA PEARLMAN ?y3 SANDRA PECKHAM ROANNA POSEY ANITA PEEK HARRIET POST BLISS PETREE NEWRIE POWELL MAMIE PILAND LOUISE PRINE FRANCES POOSER GERTRUDE PROWS MARY N. POPE JUNE QUINA MARJORIE RADER MABLE REVELL ISABELLE RAMSEY DAPHNE REYNOLDS MILLIE RANDAZZO MARY E. RHYNE CHARLOTTE RAWLS LOUISE RICE BARBARA REED MARGUERITE REUTIMANNI: VIRGINIA RICKER MARGARET RINCK |l| VNNETTE RISH MARTHA ROBBINS 3ARET RODGERS NORMA RODRIGUEZ EDNA ROBERTS RUTH ROGERS MARGARET ROBERTS MURYL ROLAND INA M. ROBINSON VIRGINIA ROOD CHLOE E. ROBY LOUISE ROOKS JANET ROSS lOT SANFORD JULIA ROSSER VIRGINIA SAXON MERRYDAY ROSSER ESTHER SCHOWE MURIEL ROWLEY JANE SCHREIBER JEWELL RUDD VIRGINIA RUFF MURRELL SCHUESSLER ANN SCHWOB ELEANOR SCOTT MYRIAM SELLERS VIRGINIA SIGMAN ROSALYN SILVERBERG FRANCES SLADE ELIZABETH SMITH MARY N. SMITH LUCILLE SMOAK JAN SIMMONS ALICE SISTRUNK CAMILLE SOWELL GRACE SPARKMA SARA J. STAMBAUGH GLADYS STIVENDER DOROTHY STEELE EVELYN STEELE RUTH STONECIPHER MILDRED STOVALL JEAN STEFFEE DORIS SUMMERLIN KATHERYN STEVENS BELVA SUTTON I PAT STEWART MARY SWEARINGI ALDINE SWEAT ENA THAMES BENNIE SYFRETT LOUISE THOMAS LILLIAN L. TAYLOR LYNETTE THOMPSON LILLIAN TAYLOR LOUISE THRASHER LOUISE TAYLOR JOAN TOLAR MARY TAYLOR MARY F. TOMBERLIN JOTHY TOWNSEND ANN TOWSON RUTH TREASURE rn UNDERHILL CLIFTON VAN BRUNT MARTHA VAN BRUNT JUDY TRIPLETT MARIAN VALZ BUNNY TURNBULL BETTY VANN BARBARA TYLER BETTY VENNING MARY VERGOWE LOLLIE WATROUS ANNIE L. VEST BOBBIE WATSON MARGARET VOGT ELIZABETH A. WEBB LAVINE VOSS FRANCES WEBER WILLIE M. WALKER RUTH WEBER EDNA WARREN JEANNE WEBSTER CATHERINE WELCH VIRGINIA WELLS SHANNON WEST JANICE WHEATLEY JUANITA WHEELER MARGARET WHEELE ELEANOR WHITE SUE WICKER HAZEL WILKERSON CLAIRE WILLETS MABLE WILLIAMS MARILYN WILLIAM UTH WILLIAMS ACE WIMBERLY FLORENCE WILLIS WILLIE WOODHAM BETTY WILSON LOIS WOODWARD DAPHNE WILSON EDNA WRIGHT EDNA WILSON FRANCES WRIGH " HORTENSE WILSON MARJORIE YONGE BETTIE YOUNG WILMA YOUNG Page 131 ■THE GATES AND THE FOUNTAIN " AD BUILDING TOWERS THE FOUNTAIN IN WINTER Xh F.S.C.W. FROM JENNIE MURPHREE TO GILCHRIST THE SMOKE STACK GILCHRIST IN WINTER Page 132 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President— Martha Murphy Vice-President — Mary Greenleaf Secretary — Margaret Scott Treasurer — Lucille Walker Parliamentarian — Anne Lane Representatives to Senate — Ann Jewett, Jane Veal Athletic Manager — Cornelia AVatson Fresh resnman The guarded approach of timid freshmen .... the gossamer figures silhouetted against a flare of torclies .... Thanksgiving, and softly glowing lanterns in a snaky mass .... victorious hoopsters resting beneath their goal .... a handful of fruit after Sunday supper .... flash.y colors and gay competitors during Mid-W nter Carnival .... confidence .... courage . . . . taps and initiates .... Page 134 I JUNE ADAMS NELLA ADAMS VIVIAN ADAMS ARY ALFORD DOROTHY ALLEN MARY ALLRED FRANCES ADKINS GRACE AHERN VIVIAN AHLSWEH HILDA ALAGOOD MIRIAM ALMONY BARBARA ANDERSON DOROTHY ANDERSON HELEN ANDERSON !THA ANDERSON MARTHA R. ANDERSON MARY ANDERSON THERINE BAKER MARY BAKER MARY E. BAKER SAIDEE ARNOLD VIRGINIA BALKCOM MARY ASHMORE IRENE BANNERMAN GEORGIA ASKEW ROSEMARY BASH GEORGIA BAISDEN ANNE BASS FRANCES BATTEY FRANCES BATTLE ELOISE BAUGM ELEANOR BECKSTROM BETTY BESUDEN DORIS BEUTTENM U ELLER ELIZABETH BLAIFl MARGARET BLANTON BERTHA BLOODWORTH JEAN BLOSSIE MARJORIE BOLAND LOU BOTTS LILLIAN BOWNESS EVELYN BOYETT RUTH BOYLES PATRICIA BRANDT YVONNE BRIM CAROLYN BRINSON MILDRED BRINSON CARESE BROWN CATHERINE BRO i CHRISTINE BRYAN GENE BRYAN ELIZABETH BRYANT MARGARET BRYANT ALINE BURNETT MARY BURNS HATTIE BURRY IRIAM BUSHNELL MARY CARTER CORINNE BUTLER MARGARET CAMERON KATHRYN CAMP SARA CAMP BETTY CARNES EU LA MAYE CAR MARY CASALl MARY CHAIRES AGNES CHALKER HELEN CHAMBERS BYRA CHANDLEE MARY CHAZAL ABRY CHRISTIAN MARGARET CHRISTIE WELDA CHRISTIE RANCES COFER ISABEL COLEMAN ROBBIE COLEMAN JEANNE CLARKSON MARJORIE CLAYTON MARGARET CLEMENTS BARBARA CONINE MARY CONNELL JEANNE COOPER SARAH CODY FLORENCE COPE MARGARET COUNTS HARRIET CURTIS JENNIE COX MARCELYNN CREECH FRANCES CUSHING JESSIE CYZYCKI JEANNE CREWS HELEN DABNEY SUE CROSS LENORA DALE MARIE CROUCH CONSTANCE CURETOI DOROTHY DANIEL ELOISE DAVIS MARY H. DAVIS MARY K. DAVIS ATLANT DAY ISABEL DAY MARY DAY MARGARET DEESE DOROTHY DONNELI DORIS DORNER MARGUERITE DRESSLER ANA DUBROCQ KAHTERINE DUBROCQ RUTH DUNSFORD ALLA MAE DURRANCE VIRGINIA DYKEs ' kBETH EAVENSON HAZEL EDYVEAN EUNICE ELLIS DOT ELY EVELYN ERNSBERGER CAROLYN ERVIN MARY ERWIN ft.CHEL ERWIN BETTE ESTES ELIZABETH EVANS IDELLE EVANS ALLEFAIR EVERETT JEANNE FELKEL VIRGINIA FENDER RBARA FERRAN DOLORES FLEISCHER MARTHA FOLSOM DOROTHY FRANCIS VERNONA FRERICHS ALMA L. FUDGER KATIE FUGATE JGINIA FUGATE ROZELLA FUGUITT SARAH FULLER SARA GALLEMORE BETTY GAMBLE DOROTHY GAMMILL ELEANOR GARDNER FLORENCE GASKIN VIRGINIA GNANN BETTY GAUTIER LINNIE GAUTIER FRANCES GIBSON JENN GILBERT RILLA GODWIN EVELYN GORDON MAXINE GRASSFIELD LOUISE GRAVELY HELEN GILMER ELIZABETH GRAY DOROTHEA GLUHFil NELDA GRAY FRANCES GREEN MYRA GREENAWALT MARY GREENLEAF HELEN GRIFFITH JANE GUY CATHRYN HAGUE BLANCHE HALTIWANCf VIRGINIA HAMILTON MAE HAMPTON MILLICENT HAMPTON CHRISTINE HARBIN OUIDA HARDY GEORGIA HARMAN MARJORIE HARRM 3Y NELL HARRIS RUTH HARRIS ALLISON HARRISON MARY HARRISON DORIS HATCH CATHARINE HARKINS DAISY HENDERSON JOAN HENDRIX SUE HARRISON ELIZABETH HASHAGEN VIRGINIA HASTINGS EDNA HENDRY DOT HETSCH SUZANNE HINSHAW RENCE HOBSON MYRTLE HOFFMAN ELIZABETH HOLLEY JEAN HOLLOWAY PATRICIA HOPKINS BETTY HORTON MARY HORTON 3GENE HOWARD EDNA HUDSON MARGARET HUDSON CHARLOTTE HUFFMAN ETHELYN HUNT LILLIAN HUNTLEY MARTHA HUSTON i LEONORA HYDE LORA JOHNS JUNE INMAN SARAH JOHNS NONA IRWIN WILMA JOHNS MARTHA IVEY GLADYS JOHNSON HAZEL JACKSON LORRAINE JOHNSON VIRGINIA JAMES NANCY JOLLEY ANNE JEWETT ANNE JONES EMILY JONES LUCILE KETTERER EILEEN JOYCE JOCELYN JUNIPER RHEATA KAHN MERLE KAYTON ELIZABETH KIMBELL ELEANOR KING FRANCES KIRKLAND LEOTA KIRKPATRICK JOAN KENNEDY MARY KENNEDY FRANCES KNIGHT KATHARINE KNIG lANCY KNOTTS ANN LANE ELINOR KNOWLES CAROLYN KRENTZMAN ANA KURTZ TOMMY LANEY BETTY LANGSTON VIVIAN LANIER SALLIE LAMB MARY W. LAMBETH MARJORIE LANCASTER MARDELLE LARSEN MARY LEE MIRIAM LEE JANET LERCH MARY LONG RUDINE LIGHT THERESA LOPER PEGGY UNDER BARBARA LOUIS BARBARA LINDNER NELLIE LOYLESS ELIZABETH LINN FRANCES LYTLE MADIE LIPPITT HOPE MCCAIN MARTHA LIPSHITZ MARY McCALL MARY McCALLA AGNES McKENDREE JANE McCARLEY KATHLEEN MCCARTHY NADINE MCCRACKEN MATTIE MCKINNON AMY RUTH MCKNIGHT PAULINE McLAIN EDNA McDILDA ANNE MCMORRIS JEANNE McDOWALL MARGARET McGAR LOIS McNALLY MARY MCNEILL VELORA MANNING DOROTHY MAPLES EVELYN MARSH MARGARET MASHALL MARJORIE MAY BETTY MAYER LOUISE MAYS SYLVIA MEARES RUTH MESKER VIRGINIA MESTREZAT ELIZABETH MILLER LOUISE MILLER CAROLYN MAY; CAROLYN M1M5, ?YL MITCHELL DOROTHY MITCHELL SONIA MITCHELL BRENELLE MOBLEY ELIZABETH MOORE RY MORROW RUTH MORROW MARTHA MURPHY DEA NEAL CORA NEWBOLD JEAN MORRIS FRANCES MORRISON MARJORIE NEWMAN DORIS NEWSOM RY NICHOLS JCEIL NUNEZ DOROTHY NICKERSON MARGARET OLDHAM BETTY NICKINSON BEVERLY OLSON JEAN NICHOLSON DORIS OQUINN SARA NOONEY RUTH ORWIG NELLE NORFEET MARY O ' STEEN BARBARA NORTHEN i ALICE OWEN ' IRENE PACETTI VELMA PATE ROBERTA PADGETT MARGARET PAINTER FRANCES PALMER OTTIS PARNELL JIMMIE PARRAMORE HELEN PARTRIDC LOUISE PATTERSON BETTY PEARLMAN CLEMINTINE PEARSON KATHERYN PERKINS JULIA PETERS MIRIAM PETERSO SUE PETERSON EMILY PHILLIPS FRANCES PINCKaRD SARAH PINO JEAN PHILLIPS EDNA PITTMAN LOUISE PHILLIPS EDNA POLHILL BEVERLY PHINNEY LILLA POST LOU RICHARD ALMA POWERS ANNE PIERCI JANE PRICE iETSY PRIOR HELEN RICE MARIE PURCHASE BETH RICKARDS MINNIE RATLIFF MARY RINEHART VIRGINIA RAVENHALL MEREDITH RENTZ ROBERTA RHYNE MARY RIVERO VIRGINIA ROBERTS PRISCILLA ROBINSON ELLEN RICE PATTY ROSS LICENT ROTH ZABETH RYAN OLIVE ROU SIBYLE SANDERS LAURA ROUTH VIRGINIA ROWE MARIBEL SAVAGE OPAL SCARBOROUGH JEAN RUNYON CHRISTINE RUSS PEGGY SCHALLER ELIZABETH SCHELL DAISY RYAN PAULINE SCHULTE MARGARET SCOTT GERALDINE SHIVE PEGGY SEWELL MARGARET SHARKEY ALVAH SHAW ELEANOR SHUMAN VIRGINIA SILVER JUNE SIMMONS JOCELYN SHEAROUSE SARAH SHELDON HELEN SHEPERL MARGARET L. SI M MONS M ARGAR ET W. SIMMONS PAULINE SIMON ' ESTHER SMITH M A R JOR I E SM ITH aTSPARKMAN NINA STERCHI FRANCES STEVENS RUTH STOKES BETTY STARCK JOYCE STONE ELOISE STEELE ADDIE STEPHENS GRACE STEPHENS MIRIAM STUCKEY ELNITA SUMMERS KATHRYN SUMME: ».TITT. " w wrv LEN SUTTON LOUISE SYFRETT HELEN SYMAN ELIZABETH TAYLOR MERLE TAYLOR MARY THAMES KATHRYN THIGPEN BARA THOMAS CAROLINE THOMAS JANE THOMAS ELIZABETH THOMPSON MIRIANNA THOMPSON NELL THOMPSON EDELLE TILLER --? .LA TILLMAN JANE VEAL ESTHER TORRES HELEN VERDYCK RUTH TORRES INEZ VRIEZE FRANCES TRANTHAM RUTH VAN ZYLE MADALYN VARNUM MAGDA WAERING DOROTHY WAGNER IRIS WALKER VIRGINIA VAUGHAN L.OUISE WALKER I LUCILE WALKER PATSY WALL MARJORIE WALLING MARY J. WALSH GERRY WARD KATHRYN WARD DOROTHY WARE MARY C. WARREN CORNELIA WATSON MARY WATTS JOAN WEAVER JEAN WEBBER MARGIE WELLS MAY WELTNER MARY E. West MARY WHIDDEN nancy white nancy W. white MARTHA WHITEHURST ANN WHITESIDE ELIZABETH WHITTINGT SELMA WIGHT ANN WILLIAMS EDITH WILLIAMS CATHERINE WILLIAMS MARY A. WILLIAMS RUTH WILLIAMS SARA C. WILLIAM " W irrms ORENCE WILLIS SUZANNE WILSON SARAH WOODRUFF MAXINE WYCKOFF ELIZABETH WING JULIA WINN EMMA WIRT HILDA WYRICK FREIDA YANCEY DOROTHY YOUNG THE LIBRARY )n I) 1 OR A N Z AT I [• NS ill EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF C G. A. The Executive Council of the College Government Association is composed of the seven officers elected by the Student Body. This group formulates the policies and determines the general trend of the activities of the Association. Memb emoers Betty Ostlund, President of C. G. A. Winifred Ewart, 1st Vice President of C. G. A. Betty Hatch, 2nd Vice-President of C. G. A. Frances Lewis, Treasurer Ivatherine Graham, Secretary Louise Gehan, Chairman of Judiciary Marjorie Raulerson, Freshman Adviser Page 154 SENATE Winifred Ewart — Chairman Katherine Graham Louise Gehan Betty Ostlund Marjorie Raulerson Bettj Hateli Frances Lewis Louise Lingo Kathryn Pratt Frances Douglas Viola Brooks Martha Lester Kathleen Gruppe Margaret Walcott L ' ene Peck Evelyn Fisher Eileen Robinson Ina Margaret Robinson Frances Moss Marjorie Jessup Marjorie Rader Mattie Lou Love Dot Bellamy Ruth Garcia Phil Asher Janet Lockwood Dot Marsh Janet Cook Melba Parks Nell Colvin Virginia Phillips Charlotte Engstrom Marguerite Sjostrom Arline Lockhart Ann Jewett Jane Veal Martha Murphy Senate is the legislative brancli of the College Government Association. It voices the opinions of the student body in matters concerning the admin- istration of College Government. The First Vice President of the College Government Association is the acting head of the Senate. Page 155 JUDICIARY OF ,COLLEGE GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Chairman — Louise Gehaii Senior Representatives — Marian Conn, Hilda Spradlin Junior Representatives — Rebecea Asliton, Marian Uslier, Katherine Autrey Sophomore Representatives — Elaine Fleisher, Frances Slade Chairnum of Residence Halls Committee — Louise Lingo Chairman of Otf-Campus Committee — Virginia Phillips Freshman Advisor — Marjorie Raulerson President of College Government Association, ex-ofticio — Betty Ostlund The purpose of the Judiciary is to educate the student body to a realiza- tion of the responsibilities and privileges of self-government through a clear interpretation of the regulations and through personal assistance in helping each person who appears before the court to adapt herself to tlie high standards and to contribute her best to the advancement of the college commuuitv. Page 156 : 1 LOWER COURT Louise Lingo — Chairman Audrey Cooper Patsy Johnson Mary Ensign Isabelle Sands Margaret Stout Mary Ellen Tharpe Lower Court, which is made up of the House Chairmen of the Residence Halls, is a part of the Judicial Department of the College Government Association. It is the purpose of the Court to deal with minor infractions in the Resi- dence Halls and in so doing to promote higher standards of living and greater understanding of these rules. Page 157 THE FRESHMAN ADVISORY COUNCIL Freshman Adviser Marjorie Kaulersoii Freshman Orientation Leaders Tex Brown Julia Burnett Mary Frances Campbell Virginia Craig Frances Douglas Martha EdAvards Ruth Eyman Virginia Gautier Martha Hague Betty Hatch Frances Howell Sara Lewis Elizabeth Lounds Elva Melvin Mary Louise Merriweather Beuila Mitchell Dorothy Molnar Florine Morris Julia Mullis Esther ' Byrne Mary Emily Parker Melba Parks Lutrelle Patterson Carol Ramage Ruth Rogers Mary Eliazheth Russell Dorothy Scott Mary Eliz. Stevenson Margaret Walcott Dorothy White Polly Anne White Sara Lytle Mary Boatwright Mary Louise Duncan Gibson Dey Betty White Lalla Iverson Petrea Cabaniss Betty Hai ' rison Charlotte Kamper Mary Noble Ad O visory ounci Nell Colvin Becky Ashton Louise Fosgate Connie Wallace Julia Beckman Peggy Boteler The Freshman Advisory Council is made up of orientation leaders and members of the council. This group carries on a program of orientation for the new students in order that they become well acquainted with campus activities and campus life in as short a time as possible. Page 158 :. m OFF-CAMPUS COMMITTEE Virginia Phillips — Chairman i a Hi Frances Bishop Beverly Brown Eloise Frink Barbara Hendry Marjorie Horton Jean Lykes The Oi3: Campus Committee performs the duties of the Lower Court for the girls who live off campus in sorority houses or private homes. Committee is made up of representatives from these houses who deal infractions of rules governing oft ' campus students. The Committee encourages conditions favorable to study, and citizenship on the parts of the students living off campus. The with good Page 159 HANDBOOK COMMITTEE Melba Parks — Chairman Bettv Niekinson Elizabeth Anne Webb BUDGET COMMITFEE Dot Marsh — Chairman DEBATE COMMITTEE Ruth Eyman — Chairman Mar.y Emily Parker Banner Baker Dolores Fleischer Charlotte Engstrom Esther ' Byrne Eleanor Hutchinson Evelyn Anderson AUDITING COMMITTEE Charlotte Engstrom — Chairman Elizabeth Pierce Virginia Craig EXTRA-CURRICULA COMMITTEE Janet W. Cook — Chairman Betty McMnllen Janet V. Cook Virginia Gantier SOCIAL COMMITTEE Phil Asher — Chairman. Lutrelle Patterson Patsy Johnston Helen Hall Janet W. Cook Micky Conn Jean Bennett Anita Jaeckel Mary Allen Lois Adkins Marjorie Jessup Hazel Hinsey Connie Wallis Dot Barr Doris Reed N. S. F. A. Nell Colvin — Chairman Anne Lange Ayala — Senior Representative Betty Wynn — Junior Representative Rosemary MaeDonald — Sophomore Representative USHER COMMITTEE Janet Loekwood — Chairman Danner Baker Helen Murphy Frederica Roberts Katherine Bacon Becky Ashton Dot Barr Emma Randoli h Elebash Petrea Cabaniss Mary Manning Betty Harrison Louise Brown Florine Morris Frances Williams SOPHOMORE COUNCIL Offi cers Marjoi ' ie Rader, Chairman Bettie Young, Vice-Chairman Ruth Rodgers, Secretary Elizabeth Anne Webb, Treasurer Lucia Munnerlyn, Chaplain Lj iette Thompson, Athletic Manager Members Connie Ash Mamie Ruth Baggott Betty Bartholf Bette Bernreuter Elaine Fleischer Anita Jaeckel Marjorie Jessup Harriet Kent Dorothea Kloeppel Jeannette Litschgi Ernestine Makeiiison Virginia Makenisou Frances Moss Tsabelle Ramse.y Ilia Margaret Robinson Julia Rosser Merryday Rosser Frances Slade Dorothy Smith Sara Jane Stambaugh Katherine Stevens Bunny Turnliell (lift on Van Brunt Edna AVarren Jeanne Webster Marjorie Morrison Sophomore Council is composed of a gi-oup of girls selected from the Freshman class each year by the Executive Council of College CTOvernment Association and the Executive Cabinet of Y.W.C ' .A. It is the connecting link between Student Government and the Freshman class and it takes care of the superfluous duties of the Student Government. Eacli Sophomore Council girl feels it her duty to establish higher ideals among the students. Page 162 Mi«»iWtAWM y. w. c. A. Executive Cabinet Officers President- —Martha Lester Vice Pres ident — Charlotte Kamper Seeretary- —Carol Ramage Treasurer —Esther ' Byrne Dr. Conradi Miss Eaton Dr. Dorm an Dr. Finner Dr. Andrews Mi ' s. Ferji ' nson Dr. Liddell Mr. Miller Miss Byrd Miss Thompson Cabinet Committee Ch airmen t! Vespers — Katherine Bacon, Kathleen Grnppe, Co-chairman Convocation Devotional — Mamie Rnth Baggott Co-operative Dress Shop — Marjorie Butler Freshmen Discussion Groups — Betty Lou Ingermann Memhership — Sara Lewis, Mary Nell Pinkard, Co-chairman Playground — Bunnj ' LoAvery Social — Sallie Burt Nuzum Monthly Church Service — Majorie Gates Y.W.C.A. Room Activities — Ina Margaret Robinson, Melba Parks, Co-chairman Wednesday Morning Worship — Jean Jernigan Facult.y Discussions — Frances Williams Finance — Paul ' ne Flake Music — Janet V. Cook The Y.AV.C.A. purposes througli its activities of discussions and worship to encourage Christian li ' ing and thougiit on the campus. The dress shop which was innovated last year others clothes at very low prices by remodeling the discarded clothes and affords a means to needy students of obtaining clothes in exchange for work. Page 163 DAY STUDENTS Day students are those students living ' in town, and surrounding ' towus, wliile atteudiug college. This year there are al)out one liundred sixty-five. Faculty Advisors Mrs. Breen Dr. E. Bellamy Miss Schoruherst Officers President — Mattie Lou Love Vice President — Mary Emily Parker Secretary and Ti-easurer — Dorothy Deitrick Parliamentarian — Sarah AVells Senate Representative — Doi ' othy Bellamy Chairmen of Standing Committees Publicity — Margaret (ireenc Social — Emma Bi-adfoi ' d Program — Elizabeth -Jinks Activity — Meta Holmes iJeligious — Mavis McMill ian Page 164 k Kxl r i . GLEE CLUB Officers Director Etta Robertson Accompanist Edna Warren President Lois Bowen Secretary Betty Bartholf Treasurer Dorothy Sanford Members Mary Eagle Sarali Martin Jean Charlotte Kerns Doris O ' Quinn Evleyn Bayless Ruth Porter Margaret Rinck Ruth Knight Bette Bernreuter Hazel Lacey Margaret Melzer Eleanor Daniels Mary Taylor Ella Jane Bivans Madeline Duncan Marjorie Benson Janet Cook May Belle Ford Marjorie Smith Helen Shepherd Louise Thrasher Anita Leonard Doris Browne Florence Wagner Betty Reed Marjorie Harris Annis Bennett Joan Hand Geraldine Shive Frances Moss Barbara Phelen Phoebe James Margaret Holway Mary Greenleaf Amelia Avant Ruth Shepherd Rheata Kahn Viola Evans Irene Bannei ' man Esther O ' Bryne Julia Rosser Mary Louise Pack Wimiie Olive Conway Allene Ford Elizabeth Ranson Lucille Ketterer Letitia Corbett Dorothy Townsend Annabel Ford Clara Trushin Marshlea Cottingham Delia IMontero Sarah Sheldon Marie Lewis Margaret Hunter Marg aret Peacock Idalene Dresser Pauline Simon Christine Harbin Georgia Harman Sarah Adams Martha Van Brunt Frances Baldwin Pauline Morrow Frances Pinekard Catherine Pinner Marjorie Clayton Alice Armstrong Eleanor ] Iullins Mary Watts ' d Page 165 Pati ' ieia Barriuoer Dorothy t ' oll)ui ' ii Janet Cook Fay Corey Mary Collins Marv Ruth Clavton Louise BroMai Marthajeau ( ' oolv Harriet Duke Allene Ford Valerie Hunt Margaret Holway LIFE SAVING CORPS Officers President — Kuth Agnes McClain Secretary-Treasurer — Patricia Barringer Captain — Dorotliy Colburn Instructor — Valerie Hunt Mates — Yvonne IMarehesseau, Louise Whiting Mary Frances Campbell Annie Jennings Marjorie Benson Myrtle Lowery Members Olive Manz Dorothy Marwick Yvonne Marchessean Martha Moore Mary Nickle Elizabeth Orlenian Mary Peacock Sandra Peckman Gladys Peacock Marcia Ranney Nancy Rogero Esther Scliowe Dorothy Scott Agnes Vincent Dorotliy White Betty White Ruth Wilson Nancy Williamson Margaret Walcott Louise Whiting- Florence Ward Hazel Wilkerson Fi-ances Webber TARPON CLUB The ]iui ' y)ose ol ' llie Tarpon Club is lo promote interest and active pnv ticipation in swimming and to m dce stu(b ' iits realize 1lie social and physical values derived from swimming. President — Dorothy Colburn Vice-President — Yvonne Marclieasscan Secretary — Frances Weber Student Lislructoi- — A alerie Hunt Members Ellegene Bivens Mary Fraiic( s ( ' ampl)c Dorothy ( ' oibnni Marthajeau Cook Lois Hughes X ' ah ' i ' ie Hunt Katlierine Kniglit Ernestine Makcmson A irginia Makemson Yvonne March esseau Sarah Moore (Jladys Peacock Mary Peacock Dorothy Rickards Virginia Rood Sara Jane Staml)augh Florence Ward Frances AVeber Dorothy AVhite Louise AA ' hitting Lillian Allderdiee Frances Battle Olive Manz Minnows Louise Miller Louise Patterson Nancy Rogero r CLUB Faculty Rebecca Averill ] Iiss Ruth Lehman Miss Elizabetli Brittain Miss Katherine Moiitii ' omery Miss Nellie Bond Dickenson . Miss Mary Settle Miss Grace Fox Miss Betty Washburn Officers President Dorothy Molnar Vice-President Mary Palmer Secretary Lynette Thompson Members Elise Barrett Frances Lewis Fay Corey Ruth AVilson Viola Brooks Dorothea Marsh Florence Gross Frances Fryer Nan Clark Ruth Agnes McClain Valerie Hunt Ernestine Makemson Janet Cook Sallie Burt Nuzum - Bunny Lowery Yvonne Marchesseau Audrey Cooper Elizabeth Ostlund Sarah Lytle Sidney Moore Helen Daniel Kathryn Pratt Dorothy Molnar Louise Prine Evelyn Fisher Eileen Robinson Mary Palmer Louise Rice Louise Gehan Hilda Spradlin JMarg-aret Waleott IMerryday Rosser Evelyn Glazier Frances Waterhouse Betty Wliite Sarah Jane Stamban, :l) JMarjorie Horton Felicia West Louise Whitting Lynette Thom])S(jn Marie Joffre Dot Colburn Nancy Williamson Barbara Thomas Cornelia Watson Page 167 l ' »WW«»«« «i c i»w»-««w«) ,.., THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Tlie Pliy.sical Education Association is an organization composed of students majoring ' or minoring in Physical Education and faculty members of tlie Pliysical Education Dej artment. The Association endeavors not only to promote interest in pliysical activities, hut to shoAV their social, nu)ral, and intellectual values. Officers ■ ' Louise Whitting President Ruth Wilson Vice-President Yvonne Marchesseau Secretary Martha Kobbins Treasurer Members Patricia JJarringer Viola Brooks Frances Battle Bette Jane Camphill Margaret Clements Nan Clark Mary Ruth Clayton Doi ' othy Colburn Mary Collins Janet Cook Fay Corey Elizabeth Eavenson Evelyn Ernsberger Pi ' ances Fryer Leoline Gates Geoi-gia Harmon Mildren Ilearon Betty Lou Hoi-ton Mary 8ue Ilorton Valerie Hunt Janet Jewett Emily Jones Sallie Lamb Myrtle Lowery Mary Barbara Binder Sarah Lytle Melba Parks Yvonne Marchesseaii Huth Agnes McClain Louise Miller ■ Martha Moore Mary Nickel Elizabeth O.stlund Minnie Ratlif¥ Martha Robbins Priscilla Robinson Wells Virginia Rood Jean Runyan Sarah Jane Stambaug ' h Mary Frances Stevens Barbara Thomas Felicia West Betty White Nancy Williamson Ruth " Wilson Louise Whitting Cornelia Watson Margie Wells ' Page 168 WOMAN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION PURPOSE: The ])Ui ' po.se of this organization shall be to stimulate interest in a program of wholesome physical activities, to promote athletic accom])lisli- ment, and to contribute to the development of the ideals of health and sportsmanship. Officers of W. A. A. President Viola Brooks Vice-President - Bunny Lowery Secretary Valerie Hunt Treasurer Sarah Jane Stambaugh Senior Intramural Manager Marie Jotfre Other Members of the Board Senior Class ] Ianager Felicia AVest Junior Class Manager Nancy Williamson Sophomore Class Manager Mary Collins Freshman Class Manager - Cornelia Watson Playnight Chairman Ruth Wilson Publicity Chairman Hazel Adams (I Page 169 :w;«t ' , S: W . r.s. ' -■ " ■ ■ ' . ' ,„i, ij(_ fcfX. . THE COLLEGE 4-H CLUB Tlie CoUeoe 4-11 Club is eom])()sed of foniu ' v 4-H C4ub girls who ]iresent .satisfactory records of acliieNcinciil in active 4-1 1 Club worlc and of scliolar- sliij) in college. The main objective of the cinb are to encourage other 4-H Club girls to enter college ; to develo]i an appreciative interest in college life ; to promote the program of 4-H Clnb v ' ork in Florida. Advisor : Miss Mary Keown Officers President Dot McCullough Vice-President Lois Behrens Secretary Margaret Alford Treasure! ' Jeanette Risk Freshman Adviser Elise Barrett Assistant Secretary Fern Robertson Old Members Willie Belle Adams jMargaret Alford Gei ' aldine Albritton Beatrice Arnold Avalce Austin Elise Bai ' i-ctt Lois Behrens Addie Bledsoe Lorraine Burroughs Lillian Bradley Marjorie Butler Marie Bryan Louise Be Vore Ruth Elkins Weleska Fulmer Ilettilu Glenn ])onna Ilaney Essie Hogan Lucille Hudson Doris Jones Luella Kistler Sara Lytle Ouida Martin Laura ] IcCaughan Mary Lillian McDonald Dot McCullough Geraldine Myers Edith Patterson GAvendolyn Patterson Jeanette Rish Fern Robertson Betty Reed Ruth Sandei ' son Edna Sims Inez Shellhorse Mary Frances Tomberlin Agnes Vincent Tiollie Watrous Margaret Walcott Louise Wheeler ] Iargaret Wlieeler Marilyn Williams Wilma Ycnmg New Members Inez Barefoot Jean Crawford JMargaret Deese Lora Boots Hazel Lacey Isla Li])pincott Velora Manning Kathleen McCarthy Lynelle Kenningtou Frances Palmer Mary Rainey Paulene Schulte June Sinnnons Ruth Stokes Merle Taylor Jane Turck Annie Laurie Vest Mary Watts Page 170 i ?atriee Arnold valee Austin ayde Barnaixl lise Barret ?tty Bow illian Bradley lanita Brook orothy Broward iriam Buslmell ary Chazal erner Chitty overly Clark )yce Clifton ranees Deese ary Lou Duncan Lith Elkins Litli Evnian )l om v ' HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Founded at Florida State College for Women in 1925 Officers President Sara Nance Vice-President Irene Day Secretary Geraldine Albritton Treasurer Louise Wheeler Senior Representative Eleanor Rutf Junior Representative Bei ' she Oven Sophomore Representative Lollie Watrous Publicity Chairman Dorothy Broward Social Chairman Betty ITai-rison Faculty Dr. Ruth Connor Miss Edna Mae Mcintosh Miss Sara Meador Dean Margaret R. Sandels Other Members Doris Fillingim Elizabeth Lound.s Mamie Piland Katherine Sumners Louie Fitzpatriek Frances Lytle Katherine Pittman Lena Thames Lucille Flow Luella Lynch Annie Laurie Polk Doroth.y Townsend Elaine Fleisher lUa Maki Jeanette Ri.sh Ruth Tyre Roberta Gammon Ellen McLeod Letta Reck Jane Veal Martha Hague Marjorie Means Marguerite Reutimann Mary Vergowe IMildred Hill Helen Menneken Gertrude Rodger.s Margaret Walcott Joyce Hinckley Geraldine Meyers Ruth Sanderson Margaret Wheeler Florence Hobson IMarjorie IMorrison Mary K. Scott Margaret Wiggins Essie Hogan Hazel Myrick Margaret Shatswell Mrs. Katlileen Wilkinson Peggy Jackson Mary Nickols Edna Sims Dorothy Williams Jessie Keeler ] Iary Lou O ' Haver Margaret Sparkman Florence Willis Anne Kennedy Sibyl Jean Olsen Jeanette Spector Dorothy Maye Wilson Peggy KnoAvles Mary Beth Osteen Mary Elizabeth Stevenson Emma Wirt Edna Kunde Edith Ott Margaret Stout Tybil Wittenstein Ruth Lewis Marie Pattani Miriam Stueky Barbara Louis Jean Phillips Mabry Sumner Page 171 i »: SPIROGIRA FOUNDE]) AT FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN IN 1924 Colors: Black and White Flower: Black Carnation Faculty Pearl Ilentz Weaver Ezda Mae Deviney Olivia Dorman Becky Ash ton Katherine Autrey Dorothy Barr Nell Colvin Frances Douolas Maude FloM ' ers Anna Mae Tracy Mary Settle Edith AVe.st Sarah Elizabeth Thompson Charlotte Stevens M emoers Winif ' i ' cd Ewart Betty Hatch Janet Lockwood Bnnny Lowery Sarah Lytic Mary Emdy Parker Lutrelle Patterson Eloise Trott Marearet Walcott Spiros ' ira is an honorary for the Odds. Members are chosen from the Odd classes for their outstanding leadership, loyalty, and service. Page 172 ESTEREN FOUNDED AT FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN IN 1926 Colors : Green and Silver Flower : White Carnation Faculty Nellie-Bond Dickenson Elizabeth Lynn Phil Asher Viola Brooks Marian Conn Louise Gehan ]Madge Glenn Ermine LaAvrence Frances Lewis Jean Lykes Lonise Richardson Hazel Stevenson Katherine Montgomery Members Dorothea Marsh Anne Mizell Betty Ostlnnd Sarah Sealy Marjorie Raiilerson Eileen Robinson Hilda Dale Spradlin Katherine Graham Katherine Warren Elizabeth Washburn Elizabeth Anne Webb Felicia West Frances Slade Louise Lingo Janet Cook Kathryn Pratt Evelyn Fisher Esteren is an Even organization. Its purpose is the recognition of out- standing Evens for their contributions towards the perpetuation of Even traditions, class loyalty, and friendship. Page 173 VILLAGE VAMPS POUNDED AT FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Colors: Llack and White Flower: Black Narcissus Open Motto: " Dig ' Sister Dig " Officers Chief Gold Digger Dot Hill Chief Helper Bett} Cashen Keeper of Dates Helen Murphy Keeper of Gold Nelwyn Brooks Tv ' TT 1 t: I Leon a Howe Key Hole Peepers y . m • [Ann Towson Two Timers Danner Baker Peggy Van Dyke Mardell Larson Betty Curtis Ann ' Towson ' Sally Cook Virginia Wiggins Mickey Mickler Betty Granes Leona Howe Sara Moor Pep Lee Virginia Dowling Emily Blackwell Helen Chambers Dot Hill Helen Murphy lillicent Ham])ton Betty Cashen Margaret Ann McGarry Katlierine Hague Nelwyn Brooks Mary Jane Lambeth Beth Richards Sarah Carter Pat Brandt Betty Langston Page 174 COTILLION CLUB ■I ' FOUNDED AT FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN IN 1910 Colors : Green and White Flower : Bachelor Button Emily Akerman Martha Anderson Phil Asher Ruth Atkin.son Dorothy Barr Myrtle " Butts Jere Crook Audrey Dolan Theme Song : Stardust Faculty Sponsor Miss Nellie-Bond Dickinson Officers President Dorothy Barr Vice-President Dorothy Olmstead Secretary Jane Sharon Treasurer Irene Peck Members Erma Engel Marian Heper Julia Mullis Virginia Schreiber Ruth Erwin Frances Kirkland Dorothy Olmstead Jane Sharon Louise Fosgate Janet Lockwood Imogene Parramore Janice Simmons Betty Gautier Dorene IMedlin Irene Peck Frances Slade Amelia Gordy Mary June Michel Virginia Peyton Dorothy Smith Elizabeth Griley Joan Miller June Quina Katherine Stevens Jane Guy Dorothy Mitchell JMeredith Rentz Lucille Walker Mae Hampton Anne Mizell Margaret Roberts Frances Wright Frances Page 175 FLORIDA FLAMBEAU Editorial Staff Evelyn P isher ] Pearl .Shci)ha] ' d | Dorothy Barclay Managing ' Ed itor Frances Brnnson ] Alma Warren Co-Editors News Editors Departments Art Evelyn Glazier Business Staff Jane Quinn Business Manager Elizabeth Korst Assistant Business Manager Irene Pacetti j Advertisers A ma Sterchi ) Tillie Anderson Circulation Manager Betty Hatch Elizabeth Anne Webb [ Assistants to Circulation Manager ] Elizabeth Turneri; i Ella Virginia Br ] Alicia IMeacham ijj i Nancy Rogero ' ] Petrea Cabaniss ) Betty 8i)icer Outside News Frances Waterh( ] Ann Ladd 1 Mary Noble Sports ] l th Atkinson Hazel Adams Special Re])Oi ' ter Leona Howe Columnist Mary Sullivan Copy Editor IMartha Lumpkii Exchanges Features Literary Outside Society. Reporters Anne Laniie Avala h-is Bell Mabel Beiuicll Lillian Berger Mary Glenn Coarsey Polly Douglas Ro.se Lee Feigenbaum Florence Gregory Mary Glenn Grimes Rita May Henry Rosenuii-y McDonald Aisla McKelvey Jeannette Mullis Tlma La Bar Clara Luke Tna Margaret Robinson : Liryl Roland Louise Rice Esthei- Schowe Helen Shatkowsky Jean Steffee Ann ToAvson Page 176 DISTAFF Staff Editor Arline Gray Lockhart Business Editor Mary Emily Parker Art Editor Doris McCullono ' li Manag ' ing- Editor Eloise Trott Copy Editor Francis Williams Circulation Manager Katherine Stevens Editorial Staff Sarah Sealey Ermine Lawrence La 11 a Iverson Petrea Cabaniss Florence Gregory Art Staff Eleanor Freer Ruth Fischer Jean Hodges Business Staff Leona Howe Gladys Eichardson Holly Kinney The Distaff is a critical literary quarterly published by the students of Flor- ida State College for Women. } Page 177 FLASTACOWO EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Eileen Robinson . • , T7, T+ ( Anne Mizell Associate Editors ( Betty Wynn Art Editors { ? tty McMullen ( Jjonise x rme r Eloise Trott Book I J Louise Brown I Lucille Walker -D 1 jj ( Elizabeth Anne Webb ( Anne Jones Book III Joan Miller Book IV Hilda Spradlin ( Sara Jane Stambaugh Photoo-ranhers S vette Means Mary Margaret Pheiffer Page 178 FLASTACOWO BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager Sallie Bert Nuzum Assistant Business Manager Sarah Lewis Advertising Manager Frances Moss Marjorie Jessu]i Advertising Solicitors Jeannette Litschgi Katherine Stevens Marion Valz Page 179 THE CLASSICAL CLUB Miss West, sponsor Marie Anderson Norma Anderson Marshlea Cotting-ham Dorothy Detrick Edna Clyde Grace Edna Earle Hobbs Martha Ice Doris McCalhjugh Geneva Nelson Elsie Renfroe Margaret Rodgers Marcia Smith Gladys Ware Elberta AVright Dorothy Barr Carol Ramage Faculty Miss Dorman Members Frederica Roberts Polly Ann White Murray Lou Andrews Annis Bennett Jessie Keeler Cynthia Pearlman Fern Robertson Lynette Thompson Hilda Alagood Margaret Blanton Lora Botts Edith Chasan Frances Cofer Barbara Conine Jeannie Cox Mary Virginia Day Miss Fairman Vernona Fredricks Virginia Hamilton Catherine Harkins Allison Harrison Ethel Hawes Wilma Johns Roxilu Kelton Anna Kurtz Jeanne McDowell Virginia McRory Mary Elizabeth Nickenson Iris Pelt Mary Pickney Suzanne Robinson Christine Russ Mary Wells Purp ose The Classical Club serves as the Latin laboratory in which a thorough study is made of the civilizations of the ancient Greeks and Romans. This stud} is worked out along group lines with the majors in Latin serving as leaders. In this Avay the laboratory serves also as a training school for future teachers of Tjatin. Page 180 ASTRONOMY CLUB Officers President Gladys Ware Vice-President Florence Evers Secretary Sarah Adams Chairman of Telescope Team Marie Betty Bnsselle Sponsor Harold F. Richards Telescope Team Rose Appel Mary Lou ' Haver Catherine Kirby-Smith Edith Ott Virginia Makemson Louise Trasher Louise Rice Members Eloise Andrews Esther Howarth Sara Nooney Betty Blalock Zonira Hunter Marie Pattani Virginia Bridges Betty Jane Jaco Janet Pierce Dorothy Broward Aileene Johnston Peggy Reese Mary Cochran Patsy Johnston ] rargaret Rinck Ann Cumbee Catherine Keene I Iuryl Roland Hazel Donegan Janet Lerch Zulieme Russell Ruby Ellis Nelle Loyless Harriette Tobin Viola Ellis St. George Lourcey Susanna Trusler Frances Fryer Avis Lyman Kathleen Van Alst Camilla Gillette Katherine Mays Rita Wagner Sarah Helen Hendry Rosemary McDonald Sarah B. Wells Mary Holladay Geneva Nelson Judith Wilensky Natalee Houchard Elizabeth Ann Williams Page 181 f -DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN- Purpose — The German Club seeks to promote acquaintance with the German language, literature, and songs and encoursages the use of the spoken langiiage. Officers President Elizabeth Knapp Vice-President Henrietta Jacoby Treasurer Dorothea Kloeppel Secretary Ruth Weber Sponsor Miss Dolbee INTERNATIONAL RELATION CLUB FOUNDED IN 1923 LOCAL CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1932 Judith Bell Marguerite Browne Audrey Cooper Mary Crespo .Shirley Field Mercedes Garriga Elizabeth Flake Patsy Johnston Ermine Lawrence Elizabeth Pierce Members Ruth Prather Frances Waterhouse Alice " Wliitman Virginia Allen Rose Appel Irene Braverman Nell Colvin Elizabeth Finch Annie Jennings Sarali Lewis Elizabeth Lounds Julia Mullis Mary Emily Parker Agnes Stiggins Mamie Ruth Baggott Rothe McElkannon Ruth Rogers Ruth Stonecipher Bettie Young- Martha Thomas Page 182 THE NEWMAN CLUB FOUNDED AT ALL NON-SECTARIAN COLLEGES IN 190G F.S.C.W. CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1930 Colors : Crimson and Gold Open Motto: " cor ad cor loquitur " ( " Heart Speaketh to Heart " ) Publioation : " The Newman News " Officers President Marie Jotfre Vice-President Dorothy Hoffman Recording Secretary Martha Robbins Corresponding Honor Coleman Treasurer Elizabeth Lounds Paliamentarian Mercedes Garriga Members Vivian Brizard Luella Lynch Eleanor Redlinger Kathryn Hague Marie Castellano Dorothy Molnar Adelaide Riehter Catherine Harkins Marjorie Cox Jeannette Nordman Eleanor White Rita Mae Henry Mary Crespo Betty Orleman Carmen Alvarez Jean Holloway Shirley Field Mary Sullivan- Betty Lou Besuden Alice Hobson Mary Lopez Martha Ballenger Doris Beutenmuller Josephine James Jane Quinn Josephine Barone Catherine Brown Rachel Erwin Virginia Toffaletti Angle Friscia Mary Beth Casali Lorraine Johnson Marie Wagner Jeannette Litschgi Mary Margaret Clann Eileen Joyce Helen AValde Carmen Lytal Mary Chazal Anna Kurtz Eleanor White Yvonne Marchesseau Jessie Cj ' zycke Barbara Lindner Martha Gray Wilson Alice Park Josephine Demetree Kathleen McCarthy Betty Blalock Marie Pattani Dorothy Donally Irene Pacetti Dulcie Cavagnero June Quina Ana Marie Dubrocq Barbara Phelan Elizabeth Griley Millie Randozzo Katherine Dubrocq Nancy Ryan Ann Lange Ayala Helen Shepherd Elizabeth Estes Margaret Mary Scott Marina Lastra Betty Stark Betty Gamble Margaret Sharkey Josephine Lazzara Eloise Steele Florence Gaskin Suzanne Wilson Mi ' Page 183 STUDENT PEACE SERVICE Chainnan — Virginia Allen ri ' oi-ram C ' Jiairinan — Sara Lewis The F S.C.AV. Student Peace Service is a part of the National Student Peace Service, formerly called the Emerg ' enc.y Peace Campaign, and is a Cliarter member of the Florida Inter-Collegiate Peace Council. This Organizat ' on is open to all Students Avho are actively interested in participating in discussions and follow-up action on national and international affairs and leg ' slative measures having to do witli the nuiintenance of peace. Roundtal)le discussions ai ' e held weekly. Some of the measures discussed during tlie past year are the Sino-Japanese conflict, tlie economic boycott of Japan, collec- tive security vs. isohUion, the Ludlow AVar Referendum, the Hill-Shephard Industrial Mol)ilization bill, etc. During the year foreign movies are presented. Some of Avliicli this year Avere " Carnival in Flanders, " in French, and " Chapayev, " a Russian film. The Council of the S.P.S. formed this year has representatives from the Flambeau, N.S.F.A , Ka])pa Delta Pi, Signui Delta Pi, and the Day Student Organization. S.P.S. in co operation Avith C.G.A. and other interested organizations, participate in the campus ' observance of Natioiuil Student Peace Day on April 27th. By means of a Tag Day funds Avere I ' aised to send tAvo Students, Virginia C. Allen and Sara LcAvis, to an Institute of International Relations for Training and to communities foi- field work during the summer months under the sponsorship of the Emergency Peace Campaign. All students of Florida State ( ' ollege for Women are members or one organization or another; Avherever a person ' s interest lies there is an opening — student government, publications, specialized clubs — atlilet " c, literary, educational, religious, scholastic, musical, scientific, and cultural. Rivalry is kept high among the organizations through competition in Organiza- tions ' Skit Night, FlastacoAvo Skit Night, and the Mortar Board Sing, as Avell as athletic competition, but it is fr ' endly rivalry, and enjoyed by all. Page 184 F E U R E S y I ■ ■ - MARJORIE RAULERSON lauji ' liing ' dark eyes . . . perpetual smile Margie . The girl Dark wiiid-bloAvii IimIi- . who knows 1750 luunes . . . the girl whom 1750 students know . . . walking over the campus speaking to everyone . . . forming the nucleus for little groups of laughing students . . . leading the freshman meetings as llicir advisor . . .giggling up and down the freshman dorms . . . playing volleyball with the Evens . . . raising ten o ' clock frolic in the sweet shoji . . . romping up the steps with Mickey and " Brooklet " . . . " TTeeeey! " . . . " Margie, we ' re ahvays Availing for you Margie " . . . half-solemn, half-giddy in ca]) and gown walking in cap and goAvn — a true representative of the Garnet and Gold. . . And behind the dark eyes and smile — genuine love of her fellow students of friendliness, winning personality, happy heart . . . the joy of living , democratic spirit . Margie. i age 186 PC... Mi MICKEY CONN FloAver gardens were made for her — so were romantic organdy dresses that sAvirl as she walks . . . Seventy years ago she would have been in white organdy under magnolia trees in the moon- light ... a belle of the Old South ... A whiff of old fashioned flowers reminiscent of the Past — that is " Mickey " . . . Graceful figure with shining blonde hair at the piano in every campus entertainment Soft feminine voice talking, laughing, •Tapestry of Love " Sweet face and lovable disposition gay loiterer in the Sweet Shop with Hilda and Margie Understanding friend — this is Mickey } } Page 187 LOUISE GEHAN Do you think ou sec Louise Geliaii siliinu ' by llie edg ' e of a pool looking ' (juietly and reflectivelj inio llie watei- willi t ' ar-seeing eyes . . . ' I ' licre is nu)i ' e than that. . . There is honesty and sincerity and love of fellow men here ... A roomful of serious, thought- ful students with this figure at their head and these eyes looking into other eyes trying to judge them fairly — looking at both sides . . . Justice. . . There is a sense of huiiioi- here . . . giddy as her throaty spoutanteous giggle breaking into a solemn meeting . . . provoking as a [lie-bed. . . There is comi-adsliii) here . . . Out at camp in a canoe at twilight singing " Pals " . . . Playing volleyball wholeheartedly . . . galumphing over the campus with easy stride and a friendly greeting for everyone. . . Thought there is here . . . far-seeing eyes looking ])eyond man ' s hectic thrusts at Truth . . . reaching for relationships . . . struggling for fundamental Good. . . Do you think you see Louise Gehan looking meditatively into a pool . . . There is more. . . Page 188 LOUISE LINGO Individual as the quick lines and subtle colors of her newest " creation " . . . bending over her drawings, conducting loAver court, decorating for dances, talking and laughing — her personality is spontaneous, unique. . . Individuality — in her voice . . . half twang — half drawl ... in her laughable laringitus fea- tured by whispers and mimicked by many ... in her sly-subtle jokes told while club meetings pro- gress and classes march on . . . " Lingo a little longer " ... in her clothes ... in her love for the fine sweep of line and the delicate shading — likeable, laughing " Lingo " . . . Page 189 VIOLA BROOKS Tiny girl in red and white satin cartwheeling onto the center of the stage . . . ej-es following some- , . life on the the tap-whirl-tap of lier feet and her tig-ure . . . dancing brown eyes with the dancing feet . thing that wins the heart in her excited face, her quick-dazzle smile, her enthusiasm. . . Eager voice and sliort giggle-gurgles floating down the hall, infecting her companions i.s too short and too much fun to Avalk . . . her feet dance to classes . . . down to the gym . . athletic field. . . And in the shows of the campus you will see her . . . sparkling in tap dances, rhythmic a la Graham and Joost . . . smiling lier eager smile . . . loving every step she dances . . . Even Demon- stration, Junior Minstrels, 8kit Night, Torch night. . . As cute as her little-girl hair-do . . . trying to act dignified as president of the W.A.A. . . . reaching on tiptoe for the microphone to make announcements in convocation . . . rushing up to com- rades-of-the-campus to tell of her latest adventure . . . ' ' Brooklet " . . . The rush of busses and cai-s, the suitcases and hatboxes . . . Life is going somewhere . , . Life is fun . . . Life is to danced through and " Vi " is dancing. . . Page 190 PHIL ASHER When the i-iew race of Avoraen come laughiiifi ' into life they Avill be like her . . . the new Ameri- can girl . . . the new freedom . . . the well-rounded personalit} ' . . . Brains and Beauty and Poise . . . these she has . . . gracious figure presiding at teas, pouring at coffees, hostess at dinner and dances . . . vivacious personality in a white evening dress surrounded by a group of black tuxedos at a Gainesville dance . . . Phil is the queen. . . Quick mind exchanging hard facts in a debate . . . intelligent face and voice in X.S.F.A. meet- ing . . . the almost straight " A " average . . . the lawyer ambition . . . And in riding clothes fol- lowing leafy by-paths . . . healthy sunburned face . . . animated talk over the campfire cooking break- fast . . . the sensitive vivid poetry . . . product of her mind . . . strange mixture of realism and dreams. . . Out of the new race of women . . . the new American girl . . . Phil Asher. . . ! Page 191 FELICIA WEST Blue eyes looking out over mist-hung water as a strong arm guides a canoe through cypress haunted places . . . face half seen in the glimmer of camp fires . . . going home on the truck sing- ing uproariously with cold wind whistling though her hair — this is how we will remember her. . . " Most Athletic " of the campus ... on her sweater blazes the Emblem — the highest . . . the 7 " F " player . . . the strong sweep of perfectly coordinated muscles . . . the white clad figure starring in basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, and swimming . . . Outstanding in the dance, modern and other- wise . . . and for pleasure rhythm leader in " Rec " . . . The " good sport " personified . . . winning and losing — playing the game for the game ' s sake . . . rare combination of skill, fairness, and modesty . . . And in the blue eyes — quietness, genuine friendliness, a twinkling sense of hiimor . . . sincerity . . . Felicia. . . Page 192 BETTY OSTLUND Here in the mirror Betty Ostlund is ' reflected . . . the strong-snre face, the .soft blonde hair page- boy arranged, the lithe well built sweep of her " figure. . . Betty Ostlund reflected in the mirror of campus events — commanding voice in chapel programs — voice that expresses the students sitting row on row in the auditorium . . . the voice of their presi- dent . . . Sparkle of humor in campus entertainments ... as Romeo in Skit night ... in Even demonstration year after year . . . The strong line of her colorful figure in a Martha Graham-like dance group . . . Her poAverful volleyball serves landing in tlie Odd ' s court in the Thanksgiving games . . . The originality of her self-designed uni(|ue hair-do ' s . . . And as May queen croAvned by her student body . . . walking down the aisle of the open air theatre . . . graceful in Avhite satin against green foliage. . . Here in the mirror is reflected the versatility, the cleverness, the outstanding leadership in all phases of student life — here is Betty Ostlund. . . Page 193 SARAH SEALEY Intriguing combination of Phi Beta Kappa intellect and Winnie-tlie-Pooli wit . . . honorary meet- ings hail her intelligence . . . conversations at midnight hang on her slow-subtle jokes told without smiling . . . banquets claim her as toastmistress . . . her friends love her wisecracks, her slow drawl, her idiot imitations, her laze-lingering walk, her twinkle. . . Mortar Board names her ... so have the Distaff and Flambeau . . . versatility is linked with her name . . . now she is singing Negro spirituals in the junior minstrels . . . now she is writing short stories, working on scripts . . . Sarah Sealey you know her . . . talent and brains the campus says of her. . . And behind the grey-green eyes, the sensitive mouth, the artistic hands, the keen mind is a quiet philosophy . . . quick-sharp insight into the foibles of the feeble race of men dwarfed under, the stars . . . her serious eyes search the whirling earth-mass for the higher truth, the good life . . . her eyes looking out at the world, laughing a little Avondering dreaming. Page 194 EVELYN FISHER A dash of color in the Flambeau office ... a handful of copy . . . always Avriting . . . words woven together in a Fisheresque style to portray " the children, " tourists, dime store girls, students, pro- fessors, her friends . . . individual poetry and prose in the Flambeau, the Distaff, the Flastacowo. . . Slim gypsy-tan figure in white shorts on the tennis court driving a clean-cut backhand over the net . . . brown legs covering the court swiftly . . . white bathing suit and gay bandana on the beach . . . sunlover. . . In her colorful room . . . books everywhere . . . bright vases . . . fragant flowers . . . pepper- ment candy . . . black and white drawings . . . mixed-up magazines . . . her typewriter swamped with copy . . . Fisher ' s moods. . . Going somewhere . . . conical hat with a wispy veil . . . piled up luggage ... in the classroom . . . scarlet socks and a ribbon to match ishy comb in her black hair. All pictures of Fisher lutely as her serve . . . but tightly grasped pen or lier modernitv . . . versatilitv . . on the dance floor Avhite and gold figure with a Span- . . . the Fisher who peers a little deeper into tilings . . . acting as reso- ahvays tinging her actions with that human understanding that guides her green ink-smeared fingers over the typewriter as she sketches life . . . . This is E. Fisher. Page 195 HILDA SPRADLIN Typical Florida tStator . . . the s]iii-it collegiate. . . You see her swinging across the canii)us in sweater and skirt, cult ' socks and saddle oxfords . . . sliort-cropped hair and contageons grin . . . spontaneous laugh ... shouted greetings for many. . . . You see her on the basketball court guarding swiftly and accurately for the Green and Gold . . . wielding a mean hockey stick ' . . . shouting hoarsely for the Evens as cheei- leader . . . And in im- maculate green and white leading the Esterens . . . the gold " P " shine.s on her sweater. . . You see her all over the cam])us in gay duets and ti ' ios and ci ' owds of students . . . You hear her at the Sweet Shop vi1li a boisterous croAvd of collegians singing " The Old Apple Tree, " with gusto . . . noisy . . . " you know it " . . . This is her creed — college is an adventure . . . college is fun . . . college is laughing across the campus with friends you won ' t forget . . . Friend of many, loved by all .. . " Hilda Dale " . . . P.-ge 196 1 I 1 I ! EILEEN ROBINSON Sunlight on yellow flowers in a blue bow-1 . . . early morning freshness . . . the slant of white sails on blue Avater . . . graceful garden gateAvays — these are like her . . . Blonde-brown hair curling around her face in the sunlight . . . tlie soutlieni accent supreme heard from afar . . . tantalizing . . . calling everyone " honey " . . . hul)bles of laughter floating over the heads of her classmates . . . beaming face in tlie post office over a letter from " Pat " . . . And on the campus . . . busy figure liurrying around tlie Ad Building Avitli the large black " dummy " . . . hunting j)laces for ]uctures ... meeting the ]ih()togra])li( ' r . . . making appointments . . . putting her life, her gay-light spirit into the pages . . . struggling to catch the spirit collegiate in pictures . . . striving to leave the lasting, the old-sweet friendships, the carefree days, the fun and the work in the black and Avhite pages . . . this is her book. . . Sincere friendship . . . blend of romanticism and realism . . . the light and shadow of moods quick-changing . . . the lovable personality — these are like her. . . h Page 197 S O R S j 3 : PAN HELLENIC K.-ijina Delta ( ' hi ( iii( ' ,iia Alpha I»elta Pi Delta Delta Delta Simiia Kappa ri ileta Phi Delia ela Kajipa Alpha The! a ela Tan Alpha Alpha (Jamiua Delta Theta Ppsildu Delta Phi Epsih.ii Alpha hnieiiin Pi Phi Mil Alpha Chi ()iiie; a Alpha Xi Delia Reta Phi Alpha Kajijia Aliil.a Chapter (Jaiiiiiia ( ' hapter Idta ( ' ha|iter Aliiha Kta Chapter ( Miu ' iia ( ' hapter l- ' liirida I ' .eta ( ' ha]iler Alpha Si iiia ( ' hapler lU ' ia Nil ( ' haiiler Beta Gaiuiua Chaiiter (iaiiinia P eta Chapter Lambda Chapter Iota Chapter Alpha Pi Chajiter Alpha Epsiloii ( ' hapler Itefa Eta Chapter Alpha Onieya Cliapler Psi Chapter 1!)()4 19()S 1 .)09 101 G 1920 Pllil 192-1: P,)24 1924 1925 1925 1925 192S P.)29 191 " .) 1929 i!»:u Pige 200 PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL President Riitli Garcia Seeretarv-Ti easurer Eiinna 1 hii(1(i1|)1i Elchasli Alpha Chi Oiueo ' a Alpha Delta Pi Lurliiic (i()()(h iii [ Diilcie Cava nei ' o r Leoiia Howe I Emily BlaokAvell Alpha Gamma Delta : S S ' ' TS ' i i I Marj ' - Nell Pmekard Alpha Omicron Pi Jane Sntton Frances Frver Alpha Xi Delta. Beta Phi Alpha.. J ( Fa ' e Corey f Jessica Jane Mackey ( Kuth Crarcia Chi Ome i:a S Anita Jaeckel [ Jean T ykes Delta Delta Delta... ! ' " ' ,. , , I Mary June Miciiel Delta Phi Epsilou Jeanne Mankes Rose Levin D. ' lta Zeta S " • ' ' " ' [ Edith Atkison Kappa Alpha Theta ' ' ' ' . " ' " ' " [ Marjorie Horton Kappa Del t a Phi Mu Pi Beta Phi 1 Jane Jackson I Martha Ballenger f Mildred Stovall { Fair Milteer D(»i ' ()th ' Ozbnrn I Kasimir Mumby 8ig-ma Kappa Jane Gage Theta Upsilon Lois Hunt Zeta Tan Alpha S Frances Waterlio.ise [ BnaFayeJett Page 201 ALPHA CHI OMEGA FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY IN 1885 BETA ETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1929 Colors: Scarlet and Olive Green Flower: Red Carnation Open Motto: " Together Let Us Seek the Heights " Publication: " The Lyre " . : Beverly Brown Ruth Brooks Lurline Goodman IN FACULTATE Miss Bernice Deetz IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Anita Leonard Mary Newbold Evelyn Patterson Sarah Sealey W( Virginia Toffaletti Ruth Unland Edna Williams JUNIORS Dulcie Cavagnero Betty Hatch Miriam Almony Carol Barker Beth Blair Mary Boatwright Marie Bryan Helma Buffkin Margaret Cameron Lillian Douglas Ellis Dunsford Elizabeth Eavenson Evelyn Ernsberger PLEDGES Melba Parks Frances Williams Caroline Ervin Leonora Hyde Fillette McRae Peggy Miller t. . Cora Newbold 7 Marcia Ranney Marguerite Reutimann Pauline Schulte Eloise Steele ■•--- ' " " ' Louise Taylor Sara Claire Williams %r% Sarah Woodruff " ■h .■ ' ■•: r. ' . i-rr- ' -- - " ■ m ' - ' m. ■-■■ ' ' ■ " ■ ' ■;; ' ■3 ._ ,. • ?7- ' - - ' vvvV-. ' . ' rvy,: r- ' ;vi: ■i ' BROOKS BROWN GOODMAN LEONARD M. NEWBOLD PATTERSON SEALEY TOFFALETTr WILLIAMS BARKER BOATWRIGHT BUFFKFN CAVAGNERO DUNSFORD HATCH MILLER PARKS RANNEY F. WILLIAMS ALBRITTON ALBERTA LLOYD ALTHEA LLOYD REUTIMANN TAYLOR WEBER ALPHA DELTA PI FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE. MACON. GA., IN 1851 IOTA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1909 Colors : Blue and White Open Motto: " We Live for Each Other " Publication: " Adelphean " Flower: Violet IN FACULTATE Margie Burks IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Lucy Lester Emily Blackwell Olive Manz ' ' ■; : v; Nancy Rou Barbara Holmes Phebe Messer ' ■ ■■ ;;| Virginia Schreiber Eleanor Hutchison Sara Moor Leone Thornton Martha King Jean Paullin Josephine Trantham Margaret Rogers j;;: 4: ' i%i . ' ' ' ' ' ' ■? ■ ' ;;;:• V .- ' ' ' ■ ' ' ■■ " . .:: ' ;■ ' ' " ' ' " JUNIORS ' i, ■ .S- ' . ' ;■■ ■■■- ■ ' ' ■ Gibson Dey Gwendolyn Knapp Mary Isabel Harden Mary Emily Parker Leona Howe Mabel Rogers Geraldine Knapp i: ' ' ' l Betty Scott SOPHOMORES ■ ' ., ' i ' i: :i ' ? ' - .■•■••■ ' Virginia Dowling Frances Milton • Eileen Gill Betty Nicholson Betty Graves Jane Schreiber Reba Hemphill Eleanor White Maxine Hopkins ■-:.: i: yr,y Frances Wright ' " ' " ' ■ ' ■■ ' ■,- PLEDGES .„,-- ' :-: ' . " v •■ Vivian Adams ■;,:Vry; , ■:,• Mardelle Larsen Evelyn Anderson ■■ " ' . ' ■ ' ■. ' ■ ' ■ Mary E. Long Jean Bennett ' ' ■ ' ' ' -■ ' ■■. ' -V ' Marjorie May Sallie Cook Mary Nichols Ruth Eyman Dorothy Parker Jeanne Felkel Louise Patterson Florence Gaskin Clementine Pearson Sarah Frances Griffin Julia Peters Marion Grinnell Mary Nell Pope Edna Sue Hendry Alma Powers Jean Holloway Miriam Sellers Betty Lou Ho.rton Martha Sherman Mary Sue Horton Pauline Simon Leota Kirkpatrick Frances Trantham Ann Lane Jane Veal Winona Williamson BLACKWELL HUTCHISON KING M ANZ MESSER MOOR PAULLIN M. ROGERS ROU V. SCHREIBER THORNTON J. THRANTHAM ANDERSON DEY EYMAN HARDEN HOWE GERALDINE KNAPP GWENDOLINE KNAPP M. E. PARKER M. ROGERS T , ALPHA GAMMA DELTA FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1904 GAMMA BETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 Colors: Red, Buff and Green i Flower: Red Rose Publication: " Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly " IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Frances Bishop Jessie Coachman Peggy Boteler Beverly Clark Julia Hodgson Mary Lou Irsch Jane Cooper Elaine Fleischer Jane Floyd Corrine Butler Mabry Christian Katherine Crossland Alia Mae Durrance Sara Gallemore Alma Godwin Elizabeth Gray Martha Ice Emily Jones Barbara Lindner Dorothy Luther Madge Collier Martha Failes Dorothy Williams JUNIORS Nancy Williamson SOPHOMORES Edith Underbill PLEDGES Nellie Lamar Mary Nell Pinckard Elizabeth Meigs Midelle Moore Clara Stewart Barbara Swanstrom Willyne Gaines Eleanor Mullins Virginia Ruff :; " :., " t " .- Elizabeth Moore Nina Noel Fi-ances Pinckard Virginia Rood Louise Rooks Jean Runyan ' Peggy Schaller Kathryn Ward Mary Carolyn Warren Agnes Whittemore . wKr. Dorothy Mae Wilson ■ " " %l . % ALPHA OMICRON PI FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE IN 1897 • ' W- ...■- ALPHA PI CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1928 ' .: . Colors: Cardinal Flower : Jacqueminot Rose ■ ' it- . ..-;.:■ " ,,;:: Publication: " To Dragma " IN FACULTATE Julia Gehan ii -; . j Sara Graham IN COLLEGIO ' " ■?: ..■ , ■? . - SENIORS x - ' ■■■■ - ' , mi Betty Bary Julia Daniel V: r Jane Sutton JUNIORS -vr Betty Ann McMullen H SOPHOMORES : Hazel Caroline Noe g: ' Tanet Cook y-. " ' x Mary Finney J;: Mary Joe Noe • ' . - ' - ' ' ::,m:::.... PLEDGES ' ' --- -■( r Maybeth Goss Margaret Tyler 4 ?; " ■ - Katherine Welch ■ ' . _ -: ' ■ - M£:i: 0s -■[ . ■ ' ' . ' :■ ,■-,-,. Y ., ' ,....■-;■-■..■•■- ■ I, != Mm BARY SUTTON NOE ALPHA XI DELTA FOUNDED AT LOMBARD COLLEGE, GALESBURG, ILL., IN APRIL, 1893 ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN MAY, 1929 Colors : Double Blue and Gold Flower : Killarney Rose Sai •- ' ah Helen Hendry V ' Fay L. Corey Murray Lou Andrews Frances Fryer Publication: " The Alpha Xi Delta ' IN FACULTATE Caroline Garvin •r;..: . IN COLLEGIO Jr. " - SENIORS Marguerite Browne Helen Daniels Audrey Hastings Eleanor Hocker Imogene Howard : mm ' J J. Jane Quinn JUNIORS SOPHOMORES PLEDGES ' ■W ' --; - ' " ' ,;j Ruth Wilson ' ' ' Roanna Posey Judy Triplett Barbara Johnson Elizabeth Mayer Irene Pacetti Nina Sterchi Mary Sullivan i .As : K:::.-i-i:. : ' y,.,.,. BROWNE DANIELS HASTINGS HENDRY QUINN COREY SULLIVAN WILSON |; ANDREWS FRYER MOCKER POSEY TRIPLETT HOWARD MAYER PACETTI STERCHI ■- ••■ i v-;:---v% ' --v ' . ik;f5:-;jjii:iipv ; : :;; - .; BETA PHI ALPHA m? ■•-.- - r gfe ,fr-i.; mt- . ' ■ " V , ? - fei.r. ■ - ' v- ■ ■5i " :-- .- " iV.;- ■ •Xk ' ' - ' ■ ■-J " . - i Ruth Garcia ;;, FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA IN 1909 f p ' - PSI CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1931 Colors: Green and Gold Open Motto: " Scientia Virtus, Amicita " S Publication: " Aldebaran Flower: Tea Rose - i7 Jix-m .;-£ - ' : • Si:. IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Jessica Jane Mackey Lula Mae Mooty JUNIORS Letha Madge Roj ' ce SOPHOMORES Iris Bell PLEDGES ■:v;» , .... .- JiJ- -irr ?■ ' - ii4i ri p: i Ellen McLeod .At-: m;- jiasv W ■si:- 1 ■.v- ' ' - ' C ' - " ' ■ ' t V Margaret Chalker Krestine Harris Patricia Hopkins Florence Willis Nadine McCracken Margaret Sharkey Elizabeth Thompson v f ;!S 5? In.-:- S ; . .■ gJ SS ' - ■- .; . ' i;•i " ■■ ' ■■ 1 v:.- ' --n ' ?:j :i ' --i;vrv? ' i ' 11 il GARCIA MCLEOD MOOTY ROYCE HOPKINS HARRIS BELL MCCRACKEN SHARKEY THOMPSON WILLIS CHI OMEGA FOUNDED AT FAYETTEVILLE, ARK., IN 1895 GAMMA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1908 Colors : Cardinal and Straw Flower : White Carnation Open Motto: " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals " Publication: " Eleusis " IN FACULTATE Miss Rowena Longmire Mrs. J. F. Miller Miss Victoria Schuck Sarah Carter Elizabeth Cason Jane Cralle IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Betty Finch Frances Lewis Jean Lykes Helen Murray Hilda Spradlin Sara Nance Virginia Peyton Mary Shackleford JUNIORS Nancy Adamson Nelwyn Brooks Louise Brown Betty Cashen Roberta Gammon Betty Harrison Joan Johnston Mary Lewis Manning Martha Baxter Sue Bryant Wilda Finlayson Amelia Gordy Nancy Horney Evelyn Hussey Marian Hussey Anita Jaeckel Jean McCord ' , 1,, I SOPHOMORES Daphne Wilson PLEDGES Dottie Mae Anderson Jane Bishop Sara Camp Alice Cannon Agnes Chalker Helen Chambers Jeanne Clarkson Robbie Coleman Jeanne Cooper Sue Cross Dorothy Ely Alma Lucy Fudger Helen Gilmer Jane Guy Millicent Hampton Daisy Wall Henderson Margaret Mickler Sarah Moore Evelyn Murphy Bershe Oven Jean Sparkman Jacqueline Texada Peggy Van Dyke Marjorie Welsh Marjorie Rader j Isabelle Ramsey Margaret Rodgers Frances Slade Pat Stewart " " ■= - Belva Sutton Mary Swearingen Ann Towson Barbara Watson Martha Huston Anne Jones Frances Knight Katee Knight Marjorie Lancaster Miriam Lee Madie Lippitt Dorothy Maples Helen McBride Imogene Parramore Jane Price Roberta Rhyne Elizabeth Schell Jane Sharon Patsy Wall Martha Whitehurst Julia Winn I- CARTER CASON CRALLE FINCH LEWIS LYKES NANCE SHACKLEFORD SPRADLIN ADAMSON BROOKS BROWN CASHEN GAMMON HARRISON McBRlDE MANNING MICKLER MURPHY OVEN SHARON SPARKMAN TEXADA VAN DYKE BAXTER BISHOP FINLAYSON GORDY HORNEY E. HUSSEY M. HUSSEY JAECKEL McCORD RADER RAMSEY RODGERS SLADE STEWART SUTTON SWEARINGEN TOWSON WATSON WILSON ANDERSON CAMP CHALKER CHAMBERS CLARKSON COLEMAN COOPER CROSS ELY FUDGER GILMER GUY HAMPTON HENDERSON HUSTON JONES F. KNIGHT K. KNIGHT LANCASTER LEE LIPPITT MAPLES PARRAMORE PRICE RHYNE SCHELL WALL WHIDDON WHITEHURST WINN DELTA DELTA DELTA FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY IN 1888 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1916 Colors: Silver, Gold, Blue Flower: Pansy v% Open Motto: " Let us steadfastly love one another " J . ■ ' ■ Publication: " Trident " . - " --c;. Dean Marg-aret R. Sandels IN FACULTATE Miss Katherine Montgomery ■■• ' •, Mary Lou Bell -- - - - Jean Duncan -.v: —. . Mary Louise Meriweather IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Mary June Michel . Sallie Bert Nuzum i Dortothy Nye Betty Wheeless ■ J- -; r-. f JUNIORS Eug ' enia Glass " ' - Elizabeth Griley Eleanor Hickson %j5 Gene Charlotte Kerns Sara Lewis Clyde Lee Whiddon -jv: , SOPHOMORES Charlotte Bartless Jamesine Brown Carolyn Collins Mary Collins i V Mary Hanly Carter Mary Daniels % Mary Virginia Day Dorothy Dunn Betty Gautier Dorothy Hetsch Eileen Joyce Marion Valz PLEDGES A--;- ■■ ■ ■: ' S Marjorie Yong-e % ' i V. 1 Dorothy Olmstead Molly Scales Jewel Turner Mary Noble ' Irene Peck Doris Reed B; Joan Ross Dorothy Rickards ,-C ' ' : Marjorie Jessep Frances Johnston Mary MaCahill Dorothy Smith ,, _ ' ,. ' ' . - .. Jean Morris " J ' Patricia Ross Margaret Scott ,:-: Carolyn Thomas Inez Vrieze Marjorie Walling Dorothy Ware i 4 -•--S " ' BELL DUNCAN MERIWEATHER MICHEL NUZUM NYE OLMSTEAD SCALES TURNER WHEELESS DELTA PHI EPSILON FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY IN 1917 Hf IOTA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 % M ' :- ' Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Pansy Open Motto: " Esse Quam Videri " i; : Publication: " The Delta Phi Epsilon Quarterly f if Idella Baumstein IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Edna Feinberg- Florence Trushin Rose Levin Margaret Fishier JUNIORS Judith Wilensky H Harriette Tobin Rosalie Feinberg Lillian Fleet Natalie Hackel Rose Appel Lillian Baer Miriam Bushell Rose Lee Feigenbaum Beatrice Grus Selma Hyman SOPHOMORES PLEDGES Tybell Wittenstein Kathryn R. Kass Jeanne Mankes Roselyn Silverberg- Myra Monash Cynthia Pearlman Millicent Roth Jeannette Spector Helen Syman Martelle Tepper . ?! ' ;. BAUMSTEIN FEINBERG LEVIN TRUSHIN APPEL FISHLER WILENSKY BAER FLEET PEARLMAN KASS SILVERBERG BUSHELL ROTH SYMAN J-.l ■ l l DELTA ZETA I%1 FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, OXFORD, OHIO. IN 1902., ,.. 4 ., ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1924 I V, ■ - ' % Colors : Rose and Green - £■ i ■■■ %. - •--- ' . v... Publication : ' ' The Lamp ' ' Flower: Rose % ■®,- ■is. ' " •Si- " 1 i-.i.-v •- iri ■ " i v l %, Edith Adkison ■ ' i i:r ig C cg • »5vc.. ' ■. ■ ' ■s.., ■■ ' ■ ■■ ■ iV, fi IN FACULTATE Miss Henrietta Howell IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Margery Jones JUNIORS ' ■■■ ' ' ■■Tf ' i- ' ' h4 . . ■ x. ,45 " .-4 ..? ■ y . - st- 4 Mary Glenn Coarsey ' Julia Beckman Emily Bush « . o " ' ■ ' ' ' S : " V " J ' . . SOPHOMORES ■5? Martha Moore Jeanette Nordman ..:£:« ' r ' - ,? ' - vs t5: ' - .;..t.. ' --:- Catherine Davis viii -s:i -- - ' -i. 4S ..-• ' ' ' Margaret Alford Elizabeth Compton - 9 ' ' •iry , f Marcelynn Creech Jewell Overby ' " ' ' h ' !- , ;,:,, , Karolyn Patterson PLEDGES t ' ■ ■ ' ' ' vr, .._u.: " " -jf...-,v -= ' ' " I June Simmons .M " .ft Charlotte Rawls i»— , . s. ' -.; .y J-, Blanche White ' ' y:fi ' 0- ' ' ' X ' ' W Sue Wicker " Edna Wilson m sm S:- ' ' ■ ■ ■ .i ' l ' fii i „Jcn ii ' i!Ji j s-i-isw-: : ' Im| ' ' Sp tP ADKISON COARSEY JONES BECKMAN BUSH COMPTON MOORE NORDMAN WHITE DAVIS PATTERSON RAWLS CREECH III Jl KAPPA ALPHA THETA FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY IN 1870 BETA NU CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1924 Colors : Black and Gold Flower: Pansy Publication: " Kappa Alpha Theta " .jv, IN FACULTATE ■ ' Dr. Jennie Tilt Miss Edna Mae Mcintosh Miss Mildred Finneg-an Miss Edith West Lillian Burford Helen Donn IN COLLEGIO SENIORS ; Helen Hall Patricia Hamilton JUNIORS Dorothy Barr Patty Barringer Mary Frances Campbell Ruth Fisher Martha Hagne Marjorie Horton Marg-aret Schmidli lima La Bar v--v v : ' - ' ' ' Annie Laurie Polk -i Jf Ella Faye Price ,;| ' Anna Laurie Sanchez Betty Spicer SOPHOMORES Amelia Avant Sara Frances Blackwell Josephine Brewer Martha Broyles Myrtle Butts Lorene Holabird Dorene Medlin Lucy Mikell Marjorie Morrison Marg-aret Roberts Eleanor Scott Dorothy Steele Ruth Terrell Ruth Williams PLEDGES Mary Elizabeth Baker Virg-inia Balkum Rosemary Bash Millie Beckstrom Christine Bryan Mary Connell Marie Crouch Betty Estes Dolores Fleischer Betty Gamble Allison Harrison Virginia Hastings Frances Kirkland Nancy Knotts Eleanor Knowles Nelle Loyless Mary Ann McCalla Ruth Mesker Elizabeth Miller Dea Neal Mary Beth O ' Steen Jaret Parker Meredith Rentz Mary Elizabeth Rivero Christine Russ Maribel Savage Peggy Sewall Kathryn Summers Geraldine Williams Maxine Wyckoff ■i ' ■ffi ' - ' mA BURFORD DONN HAl.L HAMILTON NORTON SCHMIDLI BARR BARRINGER CAMPBELL FISHER HAGUE LaBAR POLK PRICE SANCHEZ G. WILLIAMS AVANT BLACKWELL BREWER BROYLES BUTTS HOLABIRD MEDLIN MIKELL MORRISON PARKER ROBERTS SCOTT STEELE R. WILLIAMS BAKER BALKUM BASH BECKSTROM BRYAN CONNELL CROUCH ESTES GAMBLE HARRISON HASTINGS KIRKLAND KNOTTS KNOWLES LOYLESS McCALLA MESKER MILLER NEAL OSTEEN RENTZ RIVERO SAVAGE SEWELL SUMMERS WYCOFF KAPPA DELTA FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, FARMVILLE, VA, IN 1897 KAPPA ALPHA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1904 Colors : Green and. White Flower: White Rose Open Motto: " Let Us Strive For That Which Is Honorable, Beautiful, Highest " Kathleen Fletcher Hazel Anderson Jean Bausfhman Myrtle Alice Clifford Jere Crook Ann Raleig-h Eastham Erma Ensrel .r •rf Publication: " Angelos " i) IN FACULTATE IN COLLEGIO : 1 SENIORS I i Madge Glenn t % Dorothy Hill u Martha Lester - ' V; Anne Mizell Virginia Northcutt 15 m Helen McKean ui,v;-,. " Virginia Phillips Jane Rice Inez Seabrook Sara Tillman Mary Voss Maie Anderson Rebecca Ashton Petrea Cabaniss Martha Edwards Emma Randolph Elebash Nelle Fain JUNIORS M Jane Thomas Helen Holloway | Jane Jackson Janet Lockwood Helen Murphy Lutrelle Patterson Lucille Seed Martha Ballenger Caroline Edwards Elise Ingram Harriet Kent Jeannette Litschgi Anita Peek if - y f ' - i- SirM . ■ ' ■■% ■ SOPHOMORES i Gif- ■kf ' .. Jeanne Webster June Quina Ina Margaret Robinson Pearl Turnbull Clifton Van Brunt Martha Van Brunt Lavine Voss , Mary Myers Alford Barbara Anderson Martha Anderson Frances Battle , Carolyn Brinson ' ' Margaret Marie Bryant Alleyne Calvin Frances Coffer Letitia Corbett Helen Dabney Mary Kate Erwin Betty Evans Sara Fuller Jenn Gilbert Katherine Hague Mae Hampton Martha Hicks Helen Holloway Betty Langston ■% .r PLEDGES m? .;C.5i. ' - ;S ' SvC:--- " Vivian Lanier Evelyn Lightsey Mary Ellen Long Frances Morrison Hope McCain Voncile McColskey Anne McMorris Betty Nickenson Katherine Perkins Louise Phillips Ellen Rice Beth Rickards Virginia Rowe Lucille Walker May Weltner Selma Wight Elizabeth Wing Nancy White Hilma Yonge pii v t H. ANDERSON BAUGHM AN CLIFFORD CROOK EASTHAM ENGEL GLENN HILL LESTER MIZELL NORTHCUTT V. PHILLIPS J. RICE SEABROOK M. VOSS MAE ANDERSOT-J ASHTON CABANISS CORBETT M. EDWARDS ELEBASH HOLLOWAY JACKSON LOCKWOOD MURPHY PATTERSON SEED THOMAS BALLENGER CALVIN C. EDWARDS ENGRAM KENT LIGHTSEY LITSCHGI McCLOSKEY PEEK QUINA ROBINSON TURNBULL C. VAN BRUNT M. VAN BRUNT L. VOSS WEBSTER ALFORD B. ANDERSON M. ANDERSON BATTLE BRINSON BRYANT COFFER DABNEY ERWIN EVANS FULLER GILBERT HAGUE HAMPTON LANGSTON LANIER LONG morrison McCain McMORRIS NICKENSON PERKINS L. PHILLIPS E. RICE RICKARDS ROWE WALKER WELTNER WIGHT WING WHITE PHIMU FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, MACON, GA, IN 1852 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1929 Colors : Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation Mary Earle Berry Marjorie Beisel Elspeth Griffin ' |!li Edith Brown Lillian Lukens Betty Boozer Doris Cahoon June Adams Grace Ahern Lillian Allderdice Georgia Askew Betty Lou Besuden Nancy Bryan Sophie Draughon Ruth Dunsford Pearl Gay Helen Goodale Mary Greenleaf Ruby Nell Harris Open Motto: Les Soeurs Fideles Publication: " Aglaia " IN FACULTATE Mrs. Christine Scarborough IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Barbara Hendry Ethel Jones Fair Milteer JUNIORS Margaret Wilson SOPHOMORES Virginia Wells PLEDGES Elizabeth Pierce | Mabry Sumner ■ Elizabeth Malone ' ' Gertrude Rodgers Adelaide Slaughter Mary Ann Chapman Mildred Stovall June Inman .• Lucile Ketterer Eleanor King Sarah Lyons •• Doris Newsome Jean Nicholson Margaret Oldham Jean Phillips Jooelyn Shearouse Helen Sutton Ruth Treasure Clair Wells •, ; ;■( S ' v ,.i ' Lois Woodward i M;i BERRY BEISEL GRrFFIN HENDRY JONES MILTEER PIERCE SUMNER BROWN BRYAN GAY GOODALE LUKENS ROGERS SLAUGHTER C. WELLS WILSON ALLDERDICE BOOZER CAHOON CHAPMAN DRAUGHON STOVALL V. WELLS WOODWARD ADAMS AHERN ASKEW BESUDEN DUNSFORD GREENLEAF HARRIS INMAN KETTERER KING NEWSON NICHOLSON OLDHAM PHILLIPS SHEAROUSE SUTTON PI BETA PHI •i- ' ' ,;£S ' FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, MONMOUTH, ILL., IN 1867 ,: . FLORIDA BETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1921 .i-,. Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation .« ' ■■;■ Publication: " Arrow " 4:- ' ■ ■ ' " ' -: « Charlotte Stevens Lois Adkins Phil Asher Dorothy Bellamy Alice Dyal Louise Fosgate Eloise Frink Marian Heper :i- ) IN FACULTATE IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Patsy Johnston Peg ' gy Johnstone Florence Kerr Ermine Lawrence Arline Lockhart Dorothea Marsh Kasimir Mumby JUNIORS Danner Baker Betty Blalock Julia Burnette Winifred Ewart Freddie Frink Olive Alderman - - - Mary Allen Jane Anderson ■ ' Marjorie Anderson Mabel Bennett Reuben Coleman Betty Curtis Betty Davis v Mary Holladay Janet Jewett Mary Alice Lester Janet Mattern Joan Miller Ruth Atkinson ' ' ' ; Emily Akerman . Ann Bass S Pat Brandt ., Mary Chazal Isabel Coleman ; Dorothy Daniel ; Mae Dunaway Betty Ferran Dorothy Francis Suzanne Hinshaw Charlotte Huffman Hazel Jackson Anne Jewett Mary Jane Lambeth Betty Wynn SOPHOMORES 53? .. PLEDGES ' k - .w -:- Betty Wilson Myrtice Tureman sm Zf ■M 9- S:-- ' ? if ? ¥•■ Si? •-■ Dorothy Ozburn Betty Parker Shirley Pemberton Mary Elizabeth Ramsey Marion Alice Rogers -■ Jean Treadwell - g: Eleanor Zimmerman - " j I? Peggy Jackson Anne Ladd Florine Morris Marjorie Stewart Polly Ann White ., 7 v - - ' . ' if Frances Moss Harriet Post Mary Susan Rowley Martha Robbins Lucille Smoak Katheryn Stevens Lillian Taylor Mary Taylor Barbara Tyler Betty Vann Betty Venning Virginia Wiggins Frances Woodward Janet Lerch Peggy Linder Margaret Anne McGarry Louise Miller Dorothy Mitchell Ruth Morrow Barbara Northern Margaret Painter Anne Pierce Edna Pittman Margaret Reece Betty Starck Kathryn Thigpen Rita Wager Louise Walker ADKINS ASHER BELLAMY DYAL FOSGATE E. FRINK JOHNSTON JOHNSTONE KERR LAWRENCE LOCKHART MARSH MUMBY OZBURN PARKER PEMBERTON RAMSEY ROGERS TREADWELL ZIMMERMAN ATKINSON BAKER BLALOCK BURNETTE EWART F. FRINK LADD MORRIS REES STEWART WHITE WYNN ALDERMAN BENNETT R. COLEMAN CURTIS DAVIS DUNAWAY HOLLADAY J. JEWETT LESTER J. MILLER MOSS POST ROBBINS SMOAK STEVENS L. TAYLOR M. TAYLOR TYLER VANN VENNING BASS CHAZAL I. COLEMAN DANIEL FERRAN FRANCIS HINSHAW HUFFMAN JACKSON A. JEWETT LAMBETH LERCH LINDER McGARRY L. MILLER MITCHELL MORROW NORTHEN PAINTER PIERCE PITTMAN STARCK THIGPEN WALKER WILSON w SIGMA KAPPA FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, WATERVILLE, MAINE, IN 1874 OMEGA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1920 Colors: Maroon and Lavender Flower: Violet Open Motto: " One Heart, One Way " Publication: " Triangle " IN FACULTATE Mattie Sue Collins Sue Pitchford Edith Hays Effinger Jane Gage Kitty Benson Antoinette Courtney Hazel Donegan Edith Ott Betty Allen Dorothy Atkinson Scale Effinger Dorothy Forbes Virginia Grann Jo Ann Hand Sue Harrison Gladys Johnson Ada Ly Barker IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Elizabeth Jinks Patty Sams .,—=-■-- JUNIORS J Susanna Trusler SOPHOMORES PLEDGES ?;;.«. Rachel Pitchford Leila Venable ,J:- . " !.: ' . ' ' - Marjorie Weems NeU Woodham Dawn Latham ,.• Carol Ramage Jeannette Robertson Phyllis Parramore Louise McKinnon Jean McMullen Lois McNally Mary Alice McNeil Nelle Norfleet Helen Partridge Nancy Rigby Patricia Sparkman Lillian Taylor i ■ ' S ' ' ' ■ -. ■•%; ,■■ s Esther Torres i-. ' - ' I 11 ATKINSON GAGE JINKS WEEMS WOODHAM BENSON COURTNEY DONEGAN effinger Mcmullen RAMAGE TRUSLER BARKER McKINNON OTT PARRAMORE TAYLOR GRANN HARRISON JOHNSON MCNALLY MCNEIL NORFLEET PARTRIDGE SPARKMAN TORRES THETA UPSILON FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA IN 1914 LAMBDA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 Colors: Rainbow Flower: Iris Open Motto: " Let There Be Light " Publication: " The Dial " Etta Robertson IN FACULTATE Mable Simmons Mary Settle IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Inez Frink Eleanor Freer Jean Hodges Elvira Cole Anna Dubrocq Katherine Dubrocq JUNIORS Nancy Rog-ero PLEDGES Louise Whitting Lois Hughes Valerie Hunt Dorothea Gluhr Erin Herrington Mary Peacock M - lim . eii-a: MM ■ ■-,3 -A ■ 5.V ,,,;: .:: ' j0 ' ' yJ ' ' ?Simm ' x . % I FRINK PEACOCK FREER HODGES HUGHES HUNT ROGERO COLE HERRINGTON A. DUBROCQ K. DUBROCQ GLUHR ZETA TAU ALPHA Ruth Prather FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL COLLEGE IN 1898 BETA GAMMA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1924 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray Flower: White Violet Open Motto: " Seek the Noblest " Publication: " Themis " IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Marjorie Eleanor Stump Martha Jean Jones Annie Marie Waterhouse Frances Waterhouse Natalie Herlong- Ena Faye Jett Marion McKinney Katie Robinson Fugate Virginia Maude Fugate JUNIORS Jessie Emily Ferrell SOPHOMORES Esther Schowe PLEDGES Frances Helen Shepherd Carolyn Virginia O ' Neal Barbara Louise Reed Margaret Louise Rice Margaret Vallea Hudson Ethelyn Lucile Hunt PRATHER STUMP A. WATERHOUSI F. WATERHOUSI FERRELL JETT ONEAL REED RICE SCHOWE K. FUGATE V. FUGATE HUDSON HUNT SHEPHERD StMi : - !-«« ' ,«evi»«»,.»jf ELXAPmumsiDnm SB Housemother PHI MU HOUSE- RUTH GARCIA House mot he I " ' ?;s?s.i. ' .s 3 --.L.Ni Y Slew A KAPPA HOUSB ousemother " H€tA ' up iidf ' i-i ' ouse ' ' KAPPA DELTA HOUSB m -i ' 5 n ' 2 Alpha GAMMA oetTA House Hoysefn.otker HBLLYB V ■t - . i - »44 S I MARJORIE HORTON JAr;- kjCS- ROSG LEVIN CHI OW BGf S CHI oa iegas HI THene CHmmSath.COMOUSB ' KATS TROUBLES SITTING DOWN ON TTHE JOB B6Tr€R tATBTHAN IVeVER ALPHA XI DELTAS S K GOATS A. C. O. PARTV THr DELT TH eTA UPSILONS ♦- r " iu ?: 1 hi):-® r- s H O N O R A IE S PHI BETA KAPPA FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF WILLIAM AND MARY IN DECEMBER 1776 ALPHA OF FLORIDA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN MARCH 1935 Colors: Pink and Sky Blue Open Motto: " Love of Wisdom tlie Helmsman of Life " Publications: " The Key Re]ioi ' ter, " " The American Scholar " Officers President Dean W. G. Dodd Vice-President Miss Margaret Dow Secretary Dr. Venila Loviua Shores Treasurer Dr. Mildred Burlingame Historian Dr. Harold Richards Members, Resident Dr. Kathryn T. Abbey Miss Myrtle Dolbee Dr. AVilliam H. Barrows, Jr. Dean Olivia Dorman Rev. G. E. Benedict Dr. Dorothy Breen President Edward Conradi Dr. Ezda May Deviney Dr. Doi ' olhv Disher Elizabeth Knapp Frances Parks Daisy Parker Sarah Sea ley Miss Marian Irish Senator Claude Pepper Dr. W. H. Rogers Dr. Victoria ScluicJi Dr. A. R. Seymour Mrs. A. R. Seymour Professoi- E. R. Smith Miss Mary Alice Eaton Mrs. R. i.. Eyman Miss Ruth Fairmau Di ' . Viola Graham Dr. Marion Hay Miss Anna Mae Tracy Mem bers-in -Course Charlotte Carlton Elizabeth Jinks Frances Douglas Mary Virginia Lopez Mary Marguerite Ensign Frederica Roberts Katlile(Mi Gruppe Marguerite Sjostrom PHI KAPPA PHI ForXDED IX 1S!)7 F.S.C.AV. CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 Officers President Dr. A. R. Seymour Vice-President Dr. Jennie Tilt Secretary Miss Margaret Da slier Treasurer Miss Olga Larson Journal Correspondent Miss Martha Chapman. Dr. Kathrvn Abbey Prof. L. S. Barber Dr. Raymond Bellani} Dr. Doi-othy Breen Dr. Beulah Briley Miss Margaret Campbell Miss Martha Chapman Dr. Edward Conradi Miss Margaret Dasher Dr. R. L. Evman In FdCultdte Dr. Paul Finner Mr. William Joubert Miss Clarissa Knight Dr. Herman Kurz Miss Olga Larson Dr. Leland Lewis Miss RoAvena Longmire Miss Katherine Montgomer Dean Ella S. Opperman Miss Dorothv Purse Miss Louise Richardson Dr. Margaret Sandels Dr. A. R. Seymour Mrs. Dora Skipper Prof. E. R. Smith Dr. Alban Stewart Mrs. Cecil Strong yDr. Jennie Tilt Miss Florence Tryon Miss Mvrtis Tureman Dorothy Barclay Charlotte Carlton Mary Ensign El ' zabeth Pinch Evelyn Glazier Kathleen Gruppe In Collegio Elizabeth Jinks Jamie Jones Elizabeth Knapp Mary Virginia Lopez Honor Maynard Kathleen Miles Elizabeth A. Pierce Ruth Prather Virginia Schreiber Sarah Sealey Fi ' ances Waterhouse Page 240 MORTAR BOARD FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE, N. Y., BY FOUR UNIVERSITIES IN 1918 TORCHBEARERS CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1931 Colors : Gold and Silver Open Motto: Scholarship, Leadership, Service Publication: " Mortar Board Quarterly " Ruth Schornherst Kathryn T. Abbey Olivia N. Dorman In FdCultdte Elizabeth Lv nn lAIary Settle Katherine Warren Martha Menendez Phil Asher Evelyn Fischer Louise Gchan Martha Lester In Collesio Frances Lewis Dorotheli Mai ' sli Betty Osllund Eileen Robinson Sarah Sealy Pearle Shepard Page 241 KAPPA DELTA PI m FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IN 1911 ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 Publication : ' ' Educational Forum ' ' Dr. Edward Conradi Dr. Ruth- Conner Dr. Mark DeGraff Dr. Dorothy Disher Dr. Ralph Ejauan Miss Martha Chapman Mrs. Eugene Ellis In Fdcultate Dr. Paul Finncr Mr. Oval Harrison Dr. Marion Hay Dr. Murphy Ilin.son Miss Velma Ooton Pat Priest Miss Margaret McCurdie Mrs. Dora Skipper Miss Florence Tryon Miss Dorothy Purse Miss Mabel Simmons Mrs. Lou Miller Nellie Lamar Genelle Perry Ruth Prather Mareia Smith Sara B. Wells In Collegio Hazel Ruth Clark Jane Gale Mary CUyde Grace ] Iartha Lester Kathleen Miles Prances Waterhouse ]Mary E. Orleman Elizabeth Ranson PHI ALPHA THETA POUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS IN 1921 DELTA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1926 Colors: Madonna Blue and Madonna Red Flower: Red Rose Open Motto : Vox Populi Publication: " Star and Serpent " Kathryn T. Abbey Robert S. CotteriJl Mary Glenn Coarsey Mary M. Ensign In Fdcultate Annie M. Popper Venila L. Shores In Collegio Esther Goodwin Ruth Prather Florence R. Tryon Alice Whitman Mary Emily Parker Associate Members Daisy Parker Frances Parks It is the aim of Phi Alpha Theta to advance the study of history by recogni- tion of meritorious work in this field. For this purpose a tea is given annually for students making ' B " or above in freshman history. It has also been the policy of the chapter to make some contribution to the campus each year. Page 242 SIGMA DELTA PI FOUNDED AT UNIVEKISITY OF CALIFORNIA IN 1919 ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1935 Colors: Red; Yellow and Purple - ' Flower: Red Carnation Dr. Dorothy Breen Dr. Margie Burks Miss Margaret Campbell Miss Myrtle Dolbee In FdCultdte Miss Mildred Finnegan Dr. ] Iarian Hay Miss Dorothy Purse Dr. Arthur Seymour Charlotte Carlton Mary Ensign Elizabeth Finch Jane Gale Mercedes Garriga Nellie Lamar Rose Appel Hazel Donegan Frances HoAvell n Coiiegio Seniors Jun lors Mary Lopez Mary Louise Meriwether Kathleen Miles Elizabeth Pierce Virginia Schreiber Esther Howarth Nancy Rigby THETA KAPPA FOUNDED AT TALLAHASSEE (LOCAL SORORITY) IN 1936 Colors : Lavendar and Puri:)le Flower : Chrysanthemum In Fdcultate Ada Belle Allan Dorothy Breen Margaret V. Campbell Marie Davis Eloise Andrews Lillian Burford Baker Evelyn Fisher Evelyn Glazier Dorothea Marsh DarAveen Morrell Margaret Boteler Dulcie Cavagnero Ruth Eyman Elizabeth Finch Dawn Latham In Collegio Seniors Juni ors Mildred Finnegan Lucy Lester Madeleine Postaire Arthur Seymour Geneva Nelson Gennelle Perry Mary Margaret Pfeiffer Elizabeth Ranson Virginia Schreiber Marthe Thomas IMary LcAvis Manning Beuiah Mitchell Carol R a mage Clara Stewart Mabel Rogers Page 243 CHi DELTA PHI FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OP TENNESSEE IN 1919 PI CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 19:31 Colors : Blue and Gold Flower : Pansy Open Motto: " Tlie motto of tlie Sorority is to be found in its name ' ' Publication: " The Litterareur " n FdCultdte Dr. Ilazel Stevenson In Collegio Officers President Mavis McMillan Secretary Marie Joffre Members Phil Asher Elizabeth Becknell Evelyn F ' sher Marie Joffre Nellie Lamar Ermine Lawrence Mavis McMillian Pearle She]jard OMICRON NU FOUNDED AT MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE IN 1912 PI CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1922 Colors: Lavendar and Pink Publication: " Omicron Nu " In Fdcultate Miss Edna Mae Mcintosh Dr. Maro-atret Rector Sandels Dr. Jennie Tilt Miss Clarine Belcher Miss Ethyl Hollo way In Collegio Mrs. Katherine M. Harrison Irene Day Geraldine Meyers Ruth Eyman Betty Harrison Mildred Hill Page 244 ZETA PHI ETA FOUNDED AT NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY IN 1893 UPSILON CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1937 Colors: Rose and White - ' Flower: La France Rose Open Motto: " FOE EOF— Friend of Each, Each Onr Friend " Publication: " The Cameo " In FdCultdte Miss Kemper IMai ' tin Moore Miss Elizabeth Thomson M ' ss Margaret Wyly In Collegio Seniors Beverly Brown Dorotliy Hill ] iartha Ice Margery Jones Frances Lewis Sallie Bnrt Nuzum Shirley Pemberton Elsie Renfroe Racliel Seay Becky Ashton Dorothy Barr Mary Boatwright Julia Burnett Juni ors Elizabeth Meigs Elva Melvin Betty Scott ETA SIGMA PHI FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO IN 1914 ETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1926 Colors : Yellow and Purple Publication : ' ' Nuntius ' ' In Fdcultate Miss Olivia N. Dorman Miss Edith W. West Miss Ruth Fairman Flower : None Marie Anderson Dorothy Detrick Mary Clyde Grace In Collegio Seniors Geneva Nelson Marcia Smith Juni ors Frederica Roberts Polly Ann White Page 245 ALPHA CHI ALPHA FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OP TENNESSEE IN 1919 GAMMA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1921 Colors : Yellow and White Publication: " Al Cri " Miss Rowena Longmire Miss Margaret Campbell Miss Katliryn Byrd In Facultdte Miss Rachel Pitchford Mrs. Laura Leslie Dr. Harold Richards Dorothy Barclay Virginia Brooks Evelyn Fisher Arline Lockhart Lillie McGuire In Coiiegio Seniors Jane Quinn Sarah Sealey Pearle Shepard Elizabetli Turner s ponsors Mr. E. L. Vance Dr. W. IT. Rogers Frances Brunson Petrea Cabaniss Leona Howe Ann Ladd Juni ors Mary Noble Mary Sullivan Alma Warren Frances Waterliouse Page 246 FFrr rrrr rrrr o T s piVE MORE MIHUTES -: AY . tSimm7 ! f " Wear? SPvEAKFAST COMPANY COlVliNGI TO CLASS ?5nV postal carp, PLEftSt PRACTICE Tfi B A TSR LUNCH PARALLEL? R6ST BEFORe lUNCH AFTERNOON CLASSES ■_ CUT CLASS? WANTA RlOe JUST LOOKING H nrnMnm ' ■— ssS MY FAIR LADY yORklNG HARD ' c iSza aoJgy pRIHGandCAlN P fST FROIMl7 " cATION 6NNUI RETRIEVER OH, SHAM f iia ifi.«f COLLAPSE- Military BALLPreparations STUDYING -Oh Yeah Utters X DOG WOOD OMEMiVlUNGlVIAiVy ' CARP.VING THE TORCHES PALM BEARERS RELieiOUS EMPHASIS WEEK UrsXQimmpmeafithfMottgrBmdtW THE FAIR. rmmmmmpmmb %(jjrti THE JOHNNY IN BELGIUM m aUARTERS ' " . ' ' ff- V ARMIST!C HIKERS c RECOGNIZED. CLASS ■i IB 1 " ■ ■■ 1 n i JSMBj Bh 1 L ' L HhUI . . ' " ' B i £_ C AMF 3 GOING fo CAMP mmefmiticmip ? CM FEALTY A NICE, QUIET EVENING FRIDAY " |tf5- " F GOATS ■J ■ ' ' ■ ■ t fH ARMISnCE HIKERS iiJiS ' - «r REAK VIEW BETTY AND { TIME OUT " ' " t - y THE QUEEN ' jgj THE COUPxT THE PUNCH BOWL BEHIND SCENES MAY D V- 9J7 KIDS MAy 937 COLLEGE, SEPT. BRYAN I SEE MY TRUNK WHERESLEEPTONIGHT? REG STP ATlOl AH OTHEP- LlNe REGlSTPvATION BLUES B WEEKS LET ' S REST DPv.COHRADl TALLAHASSEE HILLS A BIG OCCASION INVESTED SENIORS ■ntiii0a m m:Mi,«isthMmilii0ififi ' NINO MARTINI 1 y mi n ■1 CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS GOOD SPIRITS WHAT TAKE HOM B ? KAPPA DELTA ' Son P IRADe Mli i liMn iiiiiiii- .1 . 1 iiii r iiii H illi ' ifliirilliiii m ' i liii |i, | |. . .w. . , COST UM6« WHICH NIGHT? ' £RCISE " T EVEN SKATERS MODERN DAHCB BIG APPLE- 1 , B SN CREW FAREWELL MOTHERS |s|eWS PLASH " He TuRKevs W.6XMJ.aPLeDCfS BETTY WYNN SOLOS GAUNT FRAMES DOYOUSEeHIM,PAT? PBii iM iMPii i TERM PAPEP- SNAPSHOTCOHTBi cfc » J__ MIOHIGHT SMACK SATURDAY BLUES BEDTffVie r omG HOME fSHTHECUTE? ■ PICWRES orPEmmetm A AVOWTESPORT WHl 7j(££PTHEfVI IN COJVie ON OVEP. TO THE HOUSE MOVIN ' WGHtA odrooj FIELD TRIP CAMPERS vvmoov lo P s JJ PL BOARI? TEHms BCHS RELAXATION SAY.HOPESOMtOFIT ' S Ml NE- AT LEAST A PAPCR SUPPGR. 7-15 RATHER RE L.I BPxAR.V SWe T SHOP % " ♦- MY TURN NEXT 3rd offense TEST TOMORROW TH E OLD ROUT i H B GOOBN J6H RG)Mfi 1A and ' FgMINJNE BLUeeeARDS UPSIDE DOWN GmLTAKeSBOVWRRlDE fm ' m ' m? ? LAST fsAlNUTeCRAtVtlVllM ITWOWtBELONGNOWf TOO C LCAN TO BE REAL SERVe SMADOWS SUDaKeaXSUDE- SHORTER DRESSES THANKS FOp THe IMEMOPvY MARmGE PAMiLY ' - ' BCOK Ml THe COFFEE 1$ PBkCOIATINQ UST BULUNe WHAT IS THAT WORD ? ReSERVED TERM PAPER? cast theitshadou s before A WAGON LOAD ' ' ■, " BULL ' TESblOH SPRING DANCES POSTED BEAUTIES dndBlDiSOMS SP!C AND SPAN SWEETSHOP J ' S. Wa i! ' ! -_S iI " l _ --Jt ' m ' ■ QUARTERLIES STUDIES of MATRIMONY EPISCOPAL CAMP FISHIE, FISHIE ITGETS PROFESSORS too - ' ' ' y- ' Av0J f ' ' ' tSi " FOR DktANlS INTRA MURALS STPvIKE n BOO READY FOR CAMP ON OUR WAY VjRGINte wd ' s ' ««.u..JWIg| fii PLASH- ANGLE- SUN NING MEZBLL AT WORK AFteRNOON " JOLLY ' GOOOIVIOP 5NG, AZEL GOING DOWN ' •la XWO W S Ler HAVe CLASS OUTSIDE- P eCTlONS MARGie STUDIES tOAf=lNG PIGGY-BACK THgSPJAN iNTHeSPPJNG F GOATS GOAT KAPPA DELTAS dumoiEmimumiP MONDAY SINGING S L. t SS jONSie HEADS a 1 TAIL SHAKESPEARe PAGE -BOY? CORDING SPRING DAfs)ce MlifiPMHIIiMiV " ' Mw " 3w | •■ ' • -. ' •• % .-i :. ; " , : A ; -fe - OVeR.THeHJLL. KNee-LENGTHHOSE- FE T FIRST i .:--i4 c ' 2 STRONG G1R-L RATIO I to 3 TO THE P, O, HUNGRY? UFe OUr DE THE GATES COMEONOV6R. DOPvlYllTOP V ROW P o TS 1 1 " ' m Student Equestrians J KSS i . ! .. ■ .■ r I i " TTi-.i. ' %Slbffniinfff II I ni.utifnijL. «. RIDING Hurdling Parading The new stables have provick d riding facilities for eiijoYa])]e rides for man,y of our equestrians. Beginning classes are held foi- tliose new at the game and trips around the country side are taken by the more ex])erienced riders. One of our most ardent supporters of this sport is Audrey Coo])er. In F, rom a Rid( RIDING Instruction ' y A Ju mp In the Ring Cooper Rides VOLLEY EVEN MARJORIE HORT T ' ? ' Eight red and white clad girls facing eight others in green and yellow . . . a vollej ball net stretched between . . . the referee ' s whistle . . . the ball put in play by a serve from the Evens . . . first score of the game . . . diag- onal passes . . . long range recoveries and mid-court pick-ups by Williamson . . . net sinks b.y Horton . . . ft M rMU tiftl(tvl(itAfl llli THQNVPS OM GE " 4Aisl HO RT CTH M: M ' ' -fix: ' OSTLUN D 4 ' ■% JX S JtinHi .,stl(( 0. .,,MIH i(t(H(ii. .i ' ltm. », . ' .fHlu, utlll|l ' .-iHLW ,ilHM..-.iit{l i....vUt ' ' FC R «. ];■ (, T t- ASH LE A I S SUBSTITUTES PRATT COOPER RAlllERSONROBBmSSJOSTROMUOVE HEtft BALL LERIE HUNT ODD . iS ' ' V 1. t- Diagonal passes Avitli ]ierf ' ect teani- Avoi ' k . . . beautiful placement serves by Lewis . . . and hard drives by Val Hunt . . . Balcony packed with people . . . Thanksgiving day spirit mixed with ODD-EVEN enthusiasm . . . soaring yells and songs . . . I ' liytlim urging the players on . . . Final score 44-23 Avith the Even colors on top. UULEN FLEISCHER WELLS WHITTlHG HARRIS SOCCER O DD A soccer ball in mid-field . . , tAvo center forwards ready J ' or the kick . . . twenty otlier teamsters in forma- tion waitin ii ' to follow up . . . the referee ' s whistle . . . the two teams merge together . . . charges up and down the field . . . blocking by Corey . . . punting by West . . . endless ac- tion . . . endless motion . . . endless speed . . . RUTH WILS( .. ' -. .. S: .,...J 50CCER VE N - CES FRYER Colburii dribbles the ball on down . . Fryer recovers . . . continual heading, dodging, trapping, tackling . . . the teams play on and on . . . penalty kicks, corner kicks, defense kicks ... Cheerers on the sidelines . . . ODD- EVEN colors waving . . . excitement . . . shouts and yells . . . and the game ends 2-2 .. . honors evenly split. X. i HOCKEY The crack of hockey sticks against the hard sui ' Face of a ball . . . echos carrying long on the crisp Februar,y air ... a greeii field divided by white lines . . . the opening bully Avith the ball put swiftly into play . . . short drives by Thompson . . . quick inter- ceptions by LA ' tle . . . threats at the SARA LYTLIi V goal teams racing u)) and down WATSON ROOD HOWARD CLEMENTS B.I.HORTOH LYTLE B.WHITE I V - KIUIAN w :M 5. MAYER WliUAMSON ODD » :m m»4 ET JEWETT HOCKEY the field . . . swift drives and skillful passing ' by AYliite and Clark . . . free hits . . . hard playing. . . Climax of Mid-Winter festival Aveek- . . end . . . hockey fans filling the bleach- ers and following the play up and doAvn the side-lines . . . enthusiasm running high . . . Game draws to a close . . . EVENS win b} narrow margin . . . score 2-1. HANCV i -1: N ■%• MlCtAlN ' mnB ' SMnH ' VER60 JEWEtT I. COLLIMS inof PSGU CLAR ROSSER RICE EVEN HOLAWAY i 4. BASE ii , i . Baseball Spring in the air . . . .Sound of balls smacking into gloves . . . Ball meet- ing bat . . . Safe! . . . Out! Batter up! The 1938 Odd-Even baseball sea- son under way . . . Al)ly led b - Sios- trom and Palmer both teams put up ' i good fight . . . The Odd tind of the .-4 Sim Odd Players : Mary Palmer Dorothy Oolburn Brunelle Mobley Cornelia Watson Fay Corey Valeria Hunt Dorothy Molnar Elizabetli Lounds Ruth AVilson Nancy AVhite Leader aud Left Field Catcher Pitcher 1st Base l nd Base 3rd Base Shortstop Right Field Center Field Short Field Subs : Marie Swdley Miriam Stuckey Bettv AVhite v, ' ,. -• ■•■•»:.. . • ' ' w- " ir.- ' ;•: ' ..., c.:r ' ! a„: ' ' ,. ' _«t ' -T.i ' ■.. " s „- wy.r; » ' - ' t? BALL year Avas PiteluT Mobley Avith " Little " AYliite iT.niiiiip ' close second . . . For tile Evens " Vounie " and Fi-yei- and Prine did tlieir Lit for tlie Green and Gold . . . And on that Saturday morn- ing when the g ' anie was over the Odds had Avon the dav bv the score of I) 4. ■ -N •f% :J I m Even Players : Mai ' .uiiei ' ite Sjostroni GUuL ' Peacock Yvonne March esse an Essie Nell Black FraiH ' cs Fi-yei ' Lynette ' riioiiijjson Lon ise Prine Felicia West Rnth Rogers Frances Waterhonse Sn.bs : Katiierine Kirby-Sniith Rose Malphnrs •j to- ajJite jI B i l ftbJ K Leader ami Calclier Pitcher 1st Base 2nd Base :5rd Base Shortslop Slioi ' t Field Left F eld Right Field Center Field Lonise Rice MODERN Contraction ' l K ei£-. m f . -fe Elevation Movement Round Movement through air R elease DANCE t Floor Pdtte rn R elease Dance of Greeting Su spension Forced Release SWIMMING AND DIVING I 4 .. , ,: rv SWIMMING " " V AND DIVING BASKET EVEN A toss ill from tlie referee . . . the ball ill play . . . fast action . . . quick passing ... a try for goal by Carmine Lytal. . . a recovery by Sally Lamb . . . passes back to center . . . long aerial passes . . . low bounce passes by Marchesseau and Colburn . . . per- s ' stent shooting . . . long placement shots by Cornelia Watson . . . Yells from the stands . . . cheer- HILDA SPRADLIN ' »% WEST MARCHESSEAU SPRADLIt LYTAL PRIME STAMBAU6H substitutes " o ' 1 ARRKNT CLARK FRYER NICHOLS MUNNERLYN THILli BALL FAY COREY GROSS ODD leaders cavorting and cheering . . . green and gold flying . . . red, white, and purple waving . . . good old ODD- EVEN spirit . . . louder ujid louder yelling . . . loudei ' and louder cheer- ing . . . harder and harder plajdng . . . mounting excitement . . . until the game finall ' eiuls . . . ODDS win 28-18 . . . red, wiute, and purple waves victorious over the basketball court. WATSON LAMB SU B STITUTES w RLE LEWIS HUDSON LOWERY WHITE SHELDON Ping- Pong i MINOR SPORTS i- ..- ,- " hM- S ' Shuffle-board p. l -fi «- Golf 1 Shuffle-board X. ,«- li ; ' ■ - A - r Golf t -i- ' -a B;: i. fed ... Shuffle-board MINOR SPORTS v.- , fi- ' .»- - I I I ARCHERY i ; ! ' I -f ( K - %m.i 5- ' .SJi; ' ?,«--. aa; t5g%»5 ! :, ■ J " v-. " , ' ' , ?- , ' ' t " t ■■« - •XV :■ " i " .Ki ' -T ' F encing I TENNIS T ennis Bads: of tlie gym arc twelve tennis courts, four of theiu lighted for uiglit use, ' wliicli ])i-ovi(le ample space and e(jui])iiient for those clioosing to get tlieir exercise through the ever enjoy- able game of tennis. Outstanding tennis fans and those who have always done tlicir paii in this sport for ()(h]- Even contests are Val Hunt and Fay Corey, ()(hls, and " Lynn " Fisher and Margie Horton. Evens. WEARERS OF THE EMBLEM Emma Spencer 1928 Simpy Yarborough 1928 Bernice Coiikliu 1928 Margaret Rieliards 1929 Betty Sulirer 1929 Betty Wood 1930 Edna Mattox : ; ' . 1930 Betty Bell 1931 Nancy Lntz 1931 Marion C. Pliill ' ps 1932 Dorothy Archer 1932 Helen Geffeken 1932 Dorothy Hicks 1932 Buddy Autrey 1933 Rhea Gallager 1933 Grace Kirby 1933 Eva Byrd : 1934 Betty Bailey 1935 Prances Hnrlin 1935 Felicia West 1938 yZCGOGeXrHB PADDLES STROKe » % p esTiNO AIN ' T IT FUN1 FAV0RlT6PASrilV E BASHFULMARGS i . HOW ' S THE WATER? CAN06ING U)OK WHO RID NG ■m CAMERA SHY OWE WAY TO GET THERE- rOO LATE- -.»• M AWAY FORTH 6 NIGHT O US K. FOOO CALLS aovof iiiPiiiijiiiiiij» HUMANITARIAN H U RRY BACK ' ' rm mR, Sff National Society DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION Chefixico Chapter The Clu ' fixico Chapter, fourtli eolle i ' e chapter of the Dani-hters of the American Revolution in tlie United States, Avas organized April 14, 1!)87, under Miss Lydia Craig, ' 37, organizing regent. The chapter was confirmed April 24, 1937, by the National Society. Dr. Venila Tj. Sliores is sponsor of the chapter. It was at the Forty-fifth Continental Congress that Lydia, mUo liad gone to the Congress as a page from Florida, Avas made organizing regent by Mrs. William H. Pouch, Organizing Secretary-General, in order to foi-m an inde- pendent cha]iter on the college campus. Tlie organizing membei-s of the chapter were : Marjorie Beisel E]izal)eth Jane P ow Ella Virginia Brooks Nancy Bryan Lydia Ch-aig Madeline Duncan Mary Loi-d (iolx ' i- Martha Jean Jones Arline Oi ' ay i ockluu-t Barbai-a Moore Eliza Ix ' lli Matiieny Ann Sams Lillian Sin)moiis Syrena Stoc]vbi-idg( Janice Marian Wlieatley Mar ' AVoo(lb( ' iT ' The charter was left open by mutual consent for one year folloAviug 1ho date of organization. Ncav membei-s since tlicn include: Emily Cone Eugenia Gibson Betty Jane Jaco Bulh Wilson The first officers of the chapter Avere : Ella Virginia Brooks, Regent Mary Lord Gober, Vice-Regent Elizabeth Jane Boav, Registrar Marjorie Beisel, Treasni ' cr Janice Marion Whejitlcy. Sccrelary Martha Jean Jones, Historian Madeline Duncan, Chaplain NAMES OF STUDENTS WITHOUT PICTURES SENIORS Arbuthnot. Edith M. Ayers. Edith A. Bradley. Lillian P. Castellano. Marie Cobb. Lorine W. Daniells. Eleanor Dodd. Patricia Eagle. Mary E. Effinger. Edith H. Endsley. Margaret Evans. Veola Eveleth, Sarah P. Evers, Florence V. Fulton. Leslie E. D. Gum. Ida L. Hague. Martha Heper. Marian L. Hicks. Cecil M. Hill. Mildred E. Holmes. Barbara J. Hughes. Kathleen Lee, Virgia M. Lopez. F ' ortuna MacEvan. Ethel V. McKee. Arlene M. McMillian, Mavis M. Maines. Marjorie S. Malone. Elizabeth V. Meigs, Frances E. Morrell, Darween Murray, Helen Orleman. Mary E. Peyton. Virginia Pledger, Marian B. Roberts. Ela A. Scott. Elizabeth L. Simians. Louielle B. Stout. Geneva Sutton, Nancy K. Thomas. Martha M. TTnland, Ruth Van Idcrstime. Bessie Wagner. Florence E. Wells, Eleanor .T. JUNIORS Braverman. Irene Brownlee. Aimee O. Cannon. Alice C. Chesley. Bernadette Clifton. .Joyce L. Gotten. Dovie L. Gotten. Eleanor L. Couch, Willie Mae M. Davis. Mrs. Lulu G. Burden. Ruth Edmonson. Mary E. Endsley, Frances M. Fain, Nelle de Milly Fergerson, Meriba H. Fletcher, Mabel Gill. Grace B. Gillespie. Lillian Goss. Maybeth Gregory, Florence P. Guito, Eloise S. Harris, Daisy Heekin. Ruth M. Highsmith. Beatrice E. Hinsey, Hazel R. Hornbeak. Marjorie Howard, Bobbie .1. Hughes, Helen H. Jackson, Peggy N. .Jacoby, J. Henrietta Hughes, Margaret E. ,Johnston, Joan Jones, Nellie Latham, Dawn C. Linton. Hilda G. Little. Martha M. McBride, Jattie A. P. McElhannon, Rothe MacRae, Joan F. Martin, Agnes Miller, Reba M. Moore, Sarah Ranson, Elizabeth E. Reck, Letta Olga Redlinger, Elinor Reed. Mary H. Ricker. Virginia Roberts. Frederica G. Robertson, Jeannette N. Root, Jean Rudolph, Voncile Ruff, Dorothea O. Sams. Hazel M. Sanchez, Anna L. Solomons, Dora E. Spicer, Elizabeth A. Spivey, Katherine R. Toole, Erlene Vivian, Nell Wager, Mary R. Wallis, Mary C. Ward, Florence M. Warren, Jessie A. Welsh, Marjori? F. White, Dorothy C. Whitting, Lillian L. Williamson, Ella W. Wilson. Anne Claire SOPHOMORES Allen. Jane E. Allen, Mary E. Anderson. Mrs. Alma M. Anderson. Jane A. Anderson. Margie Backman. Tessie Barnard. Ethel M. Bartholf, Betty Bartless, Charlotte T. Becton, Mary E. Bell, Letitia A. Bennett, Mary J. Beville, Alma Brewer, Grace D. Brown, Carrie E. Bryant. Sue Bush. Mary J. Campbell. Hope C. Carlton. Rose Mary Cater. Carolyn Chalker. Margaret R. Chamberlin. Virginia Cuml)ee. Annie Mae Curran. Dailia Curran. Madelaine I. Curtis. Betty P. Detrick. Anne Dunstan, Ruby Elkins. Ruth M. Entzminger. Lucy L. F ' ain, Martha L. Feigenbaum, Rose L. F ' einberg. Rosalie Fender, Stella I. Ferrell, Jessie E. Flake, Pauline Fuller, Lucy Gaddum, Florence M. Gamage, M. Theresa Green, Martha V. Greer. Evelyn L. Grus. Beatrice Hackel. Natalie Hampton, Jean M. Harris, Louise S. Hecht. Gertrude Hemphill. Riva L. Herlong. Nathalie Hicks. Martha Hoffman, Dorothy P. Hooten. Ida M. Hopkins. Lola Dell Houchard. Natalee F. Hudson, Lucille Hutchinson. Mary E. Iverson, Lalla Jackson, Mary A. Jernigan, Jean Johnston, Frances E. Kanorek, Florence Keeler, Jessie Keen, M. Catherine Kennedy, Mrs. Mildred P. Kilgore, Dorothy B. Kistler, Luella Lacey. Hazel M. Lastinger, Grace M. Lent. Ethel L. Lippincott, Isla La Faun Logan, Ruth G. McCann. Isla Jean McGloun. Inez G. McRae. F ' illette Mack. Patricia Jo Anne Makenison. Ernestine O. Makemson, Virginia L. Marchesseau, Yvonne I. Mattern, Janet E. Mears, Alicia L. Meredith, Jane B. Moore. Iris V. Moore. Sidney A. Morgan. Kathleen Morley, Flora T. Mullis, Jeannette R. Norton, Martha D. Ott. Edith E. Poitevint. Iva P. Powers. Carolyn Joyce Puckett, Ida B. Rast, Ardis M. Rawls, Sammye D. Robertson. Fern K. Rowley, Mary S. Rubin, Estelle Sanderson, Ruth Savage, Ellen S. Sharpe, Jeanie A. Shepard, Ruth C. Shuler, Robbie R. Smith, Dorothy Smith, Esther L. Smith, Myrtice M. Spector, Jeannette Tatom, Martha B. Teagle. Mary E. Tepper, Martell Terrell, Mary R. Tharp, Margaret E. Tiller. Edelle Tobin, Harriette Trushin, Clara Tucker. Dorothy Usher, Lillian L. Usher, Minda L. Val z, Marion E. Vincent, Agnes Clarice von Dohlen, Katherine Waiters, Kathleen E. Weimer. Elizabeth L. Wiggins, Virginia M. Windmueller, Grace Woodward, Frances M. Yonge, Hilma FRESHMEN Acker, Laura J. Akerman, Emily Caroline Aldridge. Miriam C. Alvarez. Carmen Anderson. Carrie Armistead. Helen Edith Armston. Margaret L. Armstrong, Alice M. Ashburn, Ethel C. Ashmore, Eloise Ayala, Imogene H. Barefoot, Fannie I. Barry, Betty Beatty, Hazel (Mrs. A. V, Bedsole, Gladys L. Bennett. Frances M. Berger, Lillie Black, Amelia L. Blanton. Jewell R. Bowman, Margaret E. Bradley, Margaret E. Brewer, Florrie E. Brown. A. Floread Brown. Gertrude G. Brownsteen. Marie Brumby. Agnes Bruner, Hazie Etta Bulkley, Alma K. Burgess, Katherine M. Burns, Mary L. Bush, Doris Bush, Marion Cain, Rosa Lea Campbell, Bette J. Campbell, Myrtle Carroll, Elizabeth D. Case, Mary E. Chalker, Alma Chason, Mary E. Clann, Mary M. Clark, Louise N. Coghlan, Louessie Cole, Betty M. Coleman, Lois O ' Merea Cone, Annette Cone, Irene Cox, Jessamine S. Crawford, Jean Crews, Essie M. Cromartie, Isabel D. Crossland, Catherine M. Daniels, Mary E. Davis, Eunice Demaree, Sara Frances Demetree, Josephine A. DeMilly, Annie E. Dunn, Dorothy E. Durham, Susie M. Ferris. Pauline D. Fetherston, Virginia M. F ' orbes, Dorothy E. Frey. Helen E. Fugate. Eulalie Gold, Louise Gordon, Mary L. Gregory, Kathryn Griffen, Sarah F. Gross, Kathryn L. Hale, Marie E. Hall, Laura H. Halligan, Dorothy Hampton, Ethel M. Hampton, Ruth M. Hand, Joann Harkins, Catherine E. Harris. Homer Krestine Harrison, Mary M. C. Hawes, Ethel E. Hawkins. Doris J. Hearon, Mildred R. Helms. Meta E. Henderson, Pauline Henderson. Virginia N. Henry, Madge Aldine Hill, Anne Estelle Hinote, Mrs. Pebble Hobson, Alice L. Hoffman, Helen R. Holbert. Patricia K. Hollett. Madia A. E. Hopkins. Leonora M. Home, Sally L. Huber, Mary E. Hunter, Margaret L. Hyman, Selma Jacoby, Sylvia R. James, Phoebe M. Joerg. Mary Johnson, Barbara Means Johnson, Betty Johnson, Helen C. Johnston, Nannie R. ) Jones, Mildred M. Kallbach. Catherine B. Kelton, Roxilu Kinney, Jess H. Kreher, Aurelia Lambert, Kathleen F. Lambert, Minnie Lancaster, Ilean Laney, Doris N. Laney. Joanna Leonard. Mary C. Lewis, Eleanor Lister, Virginia Long, Mary E. Lynch. Pattie S. McKinney, Marion P. McMillian. Evelyn V. McRory, Virginia B. Marshall, Naomi R. Martin, June E. Mathers, Beatrice A. Mathews, Dorothy D. Mathis, Marion T. Medlin, Mary D. Miller. Lois L. Monash. Myra Montero. Delia Myerson, Virginia Ohlman, Mamie K. Overby, Jewell Pack, Mary L. Partain. Jacqueline Partain, Margaret La Verne Patterson. Edith E. Patterson. Karolyn Peacock. Mary L. Pelt. Iris C. Pert, Doris M. Pfluge, Winnifred Pinckney, Mary O. Poppell, Vaulda Proctor, Alice A. Purse, Marjorie Quaile. Sara M. Rader, Evalena L. - Rainey, Mary Randazzo, Carmela M. Rawls, Charlotte R. Relman. Lillian Reynolds. Daphne Rhodes, Estamae Ricks, Eloise Ridgell, Harriet Robinson, Susan Ann Robinson, Vera Rodnesky, Evelyn D. Ross. Dorothy P. Royster, Alice M. Rubin, Estelle Ruff, Mary V. Scharfschwardt, Ida M. Schneck. Marie T. Scott. Muriel R. Shelley. Ruth Sherman. Martha Shiver. Inez Shuler. Elma Adrienne Simmons. Ida Minerva Simmons. Margaret R. Singletary, Virginia Smith. Mable M. Springer. Helen M. Stephens. Alma L. Stewart, Virginia Stoy, Jean V. Strong. Irma J. Stringfield. Ruth S. Taylor, Edna Townsend, Thelma I. Tucker, Bertie M. Turck. Elma J, Tyre. Ruth Uhrhan, Evelyn E. Uhrhan. Ruth Veal. Esther Walker. Julia P. Walton, Evelyn Ward, Juanita Wathen, Elizabeth Webster, Mary N. Welch, Catherine A. Wells. Mary E. Weseman. Helen L. Wesley, Betty L. Wexler, Rose Lee Wheeler, Ebie J. Whiddon. Peggy Whiddon. Clyde L. Williams, Mary A. Wittenstein, Tybell Wood, Margaret Wooten, Mary E. W nn, Florence VERTISE MENTS 5S ii PRINTING and binding at its best in the Nineteen Hundred and Thirty Eight FLASTACOWO Just another way of saying this edition of the Florida State College For Women yearbook was produced in the plant of the ROSE PRINTING CO. TALLAHASSEE • FLORIDA C0mPLim€nTSTOTH€ STAFF OFTH€ 9 3 6 FLflSTflCOUUO J-fl CKS on VI LL£, FLORIDA ■flPvTISTS-D€SIGnCRS-€nG R-fl V€RS y s. Compliments of COLLINS FURNITURE CO. PHONE 575 PHONE 179 c5 rtcra r Printers 21 1 East College Ave. Tallahassee, Florida BURDINE ' S DRUG STORE NORRIS CANDIES MEDICINES— TOILET ARTICLES Phone 510 Tallahassee, Fla. QUICK DELIVERY THE GIFT SHOP Corner of College and Adams Always a Welcome for You COMPLIMENTS OF LESTER MOORE Compliments of FOSTER STATIONERY COMPANY MIAMI, FLA. COMPLIMENTS OF Capital Paper Company 730 West Gaines St. Tallahassee, Florida Importers — Wholesalers and Manufacturers of Printing and Wrapping Papers THE SWEET SHOP 701 W. Jefferson Opposite Gilchrist Phone 1091 F n)toiif for Food Compliments of M. and N. Cafe 119 E. Jefferson Phone 1054 COMPLIMENTS OF JEWELRY FAN TAN SHOP Missess ' and Womens ' Apparel 39 East Flagler St. Miami, Florida Compliments of PIKE STUDIO— PHOTOGRAPHER College Avenue Compliments of MAE ' S SHOP Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Monroe Street Compliments of TallaJiassee ' s Newest Feaelji-fo-Wrar Store BETTER VALUE SHOP 107 E. College Ave. y J " OUR FIFTEENTH ANNUAL EXPRESSION OF APPRECIATION TO THE STUDENT BODY AND FACULTY FOR THEIR FAITHFULNESS AND CONFIDENCE IN THIS SHOP the r ) ( | I J r " taliahassee, florida feminine wearables y J- % ONE OF THE SOUTH ' S GREATEST STORES " Jacksonville, Florida y s For you and other discerning young women who appreciate the newest, smartest fashions, Maas Brothers leaves no stone unturned to maintain its more than half a century of supremacy in presenting That Is Why The Maas Brothers Label is your assurance of supreme quality, fashion rightness, and lasting satisfaction. y J s. % 7 e STATE THEATRE TALLAHASSEE at ' heir ®esp " le RITZ THEATRE TALLAHASSEE . J ' HOTEL FLORIDAN 150 ' Thorns TALLAHASSEE Suropean ' Tlan , EXCELLENT DINING ROOM C HOTEL FLORIDAN CO., Inc., LESSEES J. e. WADDILL, President J. T. SMITH, JR, Manager „ J V THE LEWIS STATE BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA FLORIDA ' S OLDEST BANK BEGAN BUSINESS IN 1856 hiDites your cAccounp-- h ' esounc.s Over Three Mill ion Dollars MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION . . ' J ' 101 S. COPELAND College Beautj) alon EXPETUENCED OPERATORS In Spic and Span Building PHONE 829 The Three Torches " MEALS FOR ALL TASTE " BANQUETS RESERVATIONS 103 S. Copeland St. Phone 837 Compliments of P. W. Wilson Company TALLAHASSEE ' S BEST STORE Since 1837 MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT Benneit ' s College Inn Pharmacy COMPLETE LUNCHEONETTE SERVICE MOTORCYCLE DELIVERY 109 E. COLLEGE AVE. PHONE 800 In Appreciation The Ru3 and Drapery Shop TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA 119 E. COLLEGE AVE. SPICK AND SPAN " A Complete Soda Fo untain " SANDWICHES— CANDY— CIGARETTES " AT THE COLLEGE FRONT GATE " PHONE 635 PROMPT DELIVERY Steyerman ' s Style Shop CAROLYN AND DORSA DRESSES 111 COLLEGE AVENUE PHONE 20 Congratulations and est liOishes To the Class of ' 38 Duval Jewelery Company V, . mJ y The covers for the 1938 Flcstocowo were mode in the David J. Molloy Plant The S K. Smith Company 2857 W. WESTERN AVENUE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS l hotographs hat Tlease PHONE 297, TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA l hotographers FOR THE 1930 31 32 33 34 35 36 38 FLASTACOWO y Burdine tend f eatticA oiiqtatulati r LOUS Clas s of ' 38 FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN A DAY AT COLLEGE I i Miiriii (lidii ' l o off . . . risin.i; ' Ix ' ll . . . cliiiiics .... shower . . . (hisii to lircnkfast . . . " i ' ood- iiioniiiiL; ' cveryliody . . . I;i1c 1o ;ni S :;!() . . . assi!_iiin( ' ii1 iiiiprcjiai ' cd ... 1 . ( ). at I) rod . . . whistles h]sici-cii. Kappa I)(dla. Ti Thi . . . Iiow ai ' c -oii? a hid foi- mad . . . cut !»:;!() to study Foi- 1();:!() test . . . waixhu ' cd iuto the library hut read iiia. azincs iirstcad of craiiiinin ' . . . 10 :• ' !() exam . . a LULU . . . went to the hookstoi ' c to rcxdxc . . . con vocation already paid one (puii ' tei- . . . fair ] " )ro,u ' rain . . . aii- iioiincciiiciil s iialorc . . . lunch . . . collcctc(| 4 nicctinj s . . fouot to meet u ' ii ' l under the (do(d . . . i ' ood ii ' ossip at the tahle ... to (iilchrist siiiokini; ' area ... so nice in the sun ... 1 :o() (dass . . . nearly yeai ' iied myself out ol ' the I ' oom . . . sleepy . . . aftei ' noon (dasses al va ' s dull . . . iiU)rnin,L; ' too . . . linallv ' 4 :■ " (() 1 . O.. auaiii a lettei ' . . . also the Daily Denrtcrat . . . didn ' t pracdice I ' oi ' the i ood old l ] ' eirs hut went 1o town . . . waUsed . . . i-idinu ' restiicdions hanir ovei- . . . visited all the dime st(»res . . . .boULiht some lirownies . . . looked wistfidly at the show (iahle . . . (dimhed the hills home . . . dinner . . . iiood . . . chocolate ice cream . . . to the smoking; ' room . . . " ree " . . . to the lihi ' ai ' v . . , |)aid a fee . . . wandere l into t!ie wrouL ' : seidion ol ' the stacks and for ' ot my purpose of attendance . . . res ' .M ' ve book iinne at I • :()• " ) ... a me(dini: ' to s(dtle the pi ' oblems of the eam]ius . . . Swe( t Sho]i at 11:4. " ) on borrowed money . . . no coifee. i (ioody Specdal . . . Liu ' lit flash lirst . . . wash idothes . . . wash face . . . brush te ' tli . . . ( iood-inu ' lit everybody . . . hello room-mate . . . diat do you know? study? iu hd " s write a le11 ' r to the family or sonu ' one else . . . set tlu ' alai ' in and wedl ' et up early and study . . . (deai-ei ' mind . . . .n ' ood-ni ht . . . wdiat in the worhlY . . . tire drill . . . and so it " ' oes. . . Fire Drill THE YEAR The times jiassrs, ' )u1 the memories liiijrer mi . . . remember . . .. relwi ' ii . . . old ri iciids . . . greetings in the diiiiim ' I ' oom . . . bHi ' e I ' ooms tided -witli lua.u ' a.u ' e . . . reu ' istral ion . . . joiiu ' lines . . . aeluii.u ' feet . . . classes mix(Ml up . . . favoi ' itt ' teaeher . . . I ' lisii week . . . fro en siidliiiu- faces . . . aehiii z ' eliatter boxes . . . longiny for peace and (|uie1 liei ' e you can rrowii awhile . . . first classes . . . wrouL! ' room and wrong teacher . . . mix up . . . freshmen clutleriuu ' tlu ' lialls . . . asking ' questions . . . camp in the fall . . . boats . . . swimming . . . eam])tires . . . toasted marshmellows . . . Avieners . . . tired dirty happy singing return . . . Armistice liolida - . . . I)e- ivv een class days ... no good . . . quarterlies . . . worried faces . . . late burning lights . . . reams of ])aper . . . ((uestions on things you never heard of . . . headaches . . . Thanksgiving . . . holiday . . . jiarents lost about the cam]ius . . . free meals . . . Odd and Even denn)iistratio7is . . . both good . . . games . . . one Odd one Even . . . turkeys . . . good food in the (hining I ' ooiii . . . back to work . . . cold winds . . . fur coats a]ii)earing . . . bull sessions by the fii ' c . . . blankets . . . Christmas . . . buses . . . yelling goodbye . . . joyous faces returning honu ' . . . magical word " home " . . . back too soon . . . tired weary eyes . . . dead for slee]) . . . just a dream, too good to be true . . . semester exams . . . agony . . . coffee in the Sweet Shoji and Si)ic . . . up all night . . . sleep through the exam . . . flnidv sli]« . . . joy, there ' s nothing 1 can do about it iioAV . . . grades . . . smiles and tears . . . new semester . . . Wasliington " s birthdax ' . . . half holiday . . . foi- sleep . . . dogwood begins to bloom . . . libraiw chimes in the lengtheiung twilight . . . steady moving on of classes . . . Military Ball . . . hectic borro ving . . . sleepless Aveek-end . . . fund . . . working again . . . term papei ' s Iregun . . . Easter vacation . . . visit home . . . forget to see tlie family . . . gloi-ious time . . . term papers due but undone . . . hours in the library . . . hot . . . Mortar Board tapping . . . lovely . . . weejiy . . . Mortified . . . silly but aboA ' c boai ' d . . . exams ap]n-oaching . . . mad . . . cramming . . . papers in late . . . ;dl but Blii IJeta Kapi:)a ' s . . . they ' re over . . . it ' s too late now . . . Class da ' . . . lo (d ' . . . palms . . . black and white . . . Baccalaureate . . . good seiinon . . . graduation . . . long awaited moment . . . tears and smiles . . . last minutes packing . . . and goodbye . . . to F.S.C. ... to fi ' iends ... to carefree days ... to joy ... to college. . . CAPITAL CITY BANK Tallahassee, Florida CAPITAL AND SURPLUS $150,000.00 Commercial and Savings Deposits Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Appreciation The staff of the twenty-fii ' tli volume of the Flastacowo wishes to thank the following for their constructive criticism and skilled gniclance : The Faculty committee for the Fastacowo ; Miss AVest, Miss Thrush, and Miss Richey, for their suggestions and interest. Mi.ss Eichai ' dson for her helpful assistance in awarding contracts. The Budget Committee, of which Miss Shores is chairman, who so generously assisted us in purchasing our office furnishings. Miss Pitchford for assisting in taking pictures of Organi- zations. The Respess Engraving Company — Mr. Repress and Mr. Thigpen for their houi ' s of discussion and Avork. Tlie Adams Studio for their untiring efforts to get the very best picture and Sam Adams for being on the job night and day. The Rose Printing Company — Mr. Rosenberg, Mr. Block, all the employees, and last of all Charles Rosenberg for his real interest and invaluable " push. " Mr. Bluestein for lending us many of the dresses worn in the Flastacowo Feature Section, and for his scenic properties from the " Vogue, " and for his excellent suggestions in photography. All summer P]si)ie, N ' irginia, and little Van Espinosa for tlieir assistance, and the staff of the Jacksonville Public Library. Evelyn Fisher for her oAvn inimital)le " Fisher esque Write- ups. ' ' There are, too, many students, Avho although they are not on my staff, have helped in little ways, Virginia Phillips, Louise Lingo, Louise Gehan, Margie Raulerson, Mickey Conn, and Ruth Atkinson. Also the Esteren lunch tables, Avho listened to the annual all year long. Also we express thanks to all firms who through their ad- vertisenuuits have hel[)ed make tlie book jiossible. The staff ' most of all, and also the business staff, Avho co- operated in all ways in pTd)lishing the Flastacowo. Aiul lastly Betty — I leave it A ith you. May I please see your Flastacowo of 1939? EILEEN ROBINSON, Editor FlastacoAvo, 1938. AUTOGRAPHS I I am jgHKf ' I KCTH yp V HH r SH l!J9 fl I H TO K 7 U i ' : ' ■-• ■ .r A. ■ si ' i., .ii;vi.i.i,,,v;i.

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