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MB II HfffflMl H SKI £ $ kfek COPYRIGHT 1937 BY FRANCES FORTH EDITOR - IN - CHIEF AND JULIA VANDERIPE BUSINESS AAANAOER. YEAR BOOK FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA. Volume XX IV JUNIOR AND SENIOR CLASSES We mean this book to be personification of a spirit which by the very silence of its watchfulness may too often suffer forgetfulness. Responsible at all times for health of mind and body, giver of knowledge and beauty and understanding, the spirit of F. S. C. W. fashions our lives with justice and kindness. Lest we fail to read its symbol in classroom, campus, and good fellowship alike, Ave set forth this Plastacowo of nineteen hundred and thirty-seven in the light of its tradi- tional torches — Vires, Artes, and Mores. Li o T yv x B ?7K tf N£ VlRSS 1. 2. 3 Gampus HJiews c fdminisirra t ton, Glasses Bwk T w i 2 3 BWKTHR ART S S eairures Organizations Gampus -J ctiuities Mtf R S l 2 3 Si oronties zJJihletics c fduertisemenirs o Elizabeth Qordon cAndrews DIRECTOR OF PERSONNEL AND PLACEMENT. F.S.C.W. Mere words could be but the shadow of a sound against the flame her life has been ... a flame which has arisen from the strength of a tolerant spirit . . . the unfailing wisdom of unprejudiced thinking . . . belief in what lies closest to our hearts — strength, arts, and customs . . . for integrity in these and all things, we dedicate this book to one who has held the torch higrh agrainst surrounding ' darkness. : : : ; . i m r -- » . | - . :: m ■.. ■ ' f I- - - 14 ■ s.rs; - $ ■ J«i s:s $ : ' :; ■■■ " . ' ■ •• - " -« ........ i r a» ■ » • - - i : • - • • - - i , :• -g ' — ' I f , :♦ ... K 4i- .., „, -,.,j " J ' ' . ' , i % ■ «, £ .-». »C.M2 ' ' % «- rt j? St 4 . ■tw. H jf li! ' Si: . . • ►4ii JE L 4 4 ■ A i ' I t a I ' M . , 1 r i ■ ♦ f T | 3- _ i - V: ' ■ M- .; »- rai i « C r Tradition in the ivy-covered walls of Bryan Hall . . . the solemnity of candlelight installation services before the old buildings . . . the beauty of Gothic towers silhouetted against the sunset . . . Cathedral-like windows of the library framed in green pines young heads bent over old wise books . . . " the half of knowledge is to know where to find knowledge " . Friendly talks on the dining room walk near Reynolds just before dinner . . . the tranquillity that settles over the campus as the sun sets behind gray buildings . . . groups of girls walking in the mistiness of twilight as veiiow w street lamps blink on Laughing voices coming around the corner of the Westcott Memorial Building " . . . gay greetings shouted across sun- ny walks . . . girls reading their morning mail . . . eyes that laugh, feet that run . . . happy . . . Long - black pine-shadows on green grass . . . sun at the windows of the ivy-covered chapel . . . organ music pour- ing out into the sunlight . . . across the way the History Building lifts proudly its inscription, " History is a pag- eant, not a Philosophy " . Carefree between-class conversation in front of the Educa- tion Building . . . jokes called down from class room windows . . . bantering laughter against the moving back- ground of Bryan ... a background against which the flag of Peace flies high . Administrative WILLIAM G. DODD, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences HIS EXCELLENCY GOVERNOR FRED P. CONE ELLA SCOP.LE OPPERMAN, Dean, School of Music EDWARD CONRADI, President of the College JOHN G. KELLUM, Business Manager of the College ELMER RIGGS SMITH, Secretary of the Faculty SIMEON R. DOYLE, Registrar of the College Officers ELIZABETH G. ANDREWS, Director of Personnel and Placement. MARGARET R. SANDELS, Dean, School of Home Economics ARTHUR WILLIAMS, Vice President of the College OLIVIA N. DORMAX. Dean of Students BOARD OF CONTROL NATHANIEL M. SALLEY, Dean, School of Education PAGE 24 DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY KATIIKYX T. ABBEY, M.A.. Ph.D. Instructors in the Department: Kathryn Trimmer Abbey, M.A., Pb.T). Robert Cotterill, M.A.. Ph.D. Ciiil:i L. Shores. M. A., Ph.D. Annie Marie Therese Popper, M. A., I ' ll. I). ..; " " ry of Florida. " to be published by (he University of North Carolina Press in 193S. She served mi the membership committee of the South- ern Historical Association convention and attended the American Historical Associa- tion in Providence. She served as vice-president of the Florida Historical Society and was a speaker for F.S.C.W. week. Dr. Popper is working on an article dealing with Anglo- German Negotiations during the last decade before the World War. She attended the American Historical Association with Miss Abbey and has served this year as president of the local A.A.T.W . Dr. Shores has written an article on the History of Florida State College for Women. Dr. Cotterill presided over one of the meetings at the Southern Historical Convention and was a delegate to the Mississippi Valley Historical Association in St. Louis. They were both speakers for F.S.C.W. week - . ' wo new courses in history have been offered this year, " History of America " and " Principles of American Institutions. " PAGE 25 DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE MARIAN D. IUISII, MA. Instructor in the Department: Marian I). Irish Miss Irish, who attended the Carnegie Conference on In- ternational Law at Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan, and spent her summer in Europe viewing such organizations as the League of Nations and International Labor Organiza- tions at Geneva, Switzerland, served as sponsor of the Inter- national Relations Club. This organization made a real con- tribution to the campus this year by bringing Sir Herbert Ames of the Carnegie Foundation to the college for a number of enlightening discussions and talks on current issues. The Club also attended the South East regional convention of I.R.C. at Auburn. Alabama, in February. Miss Irish contributed an article based on a study of con- federate constitutions in international organizations which formed a chapter in a hook of peace plans by (he Carnegie Endowment for international peace. DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY HENRY F. BECKER. M.A. Instructors hi the Department: Henry F. Becker Gladys Fawley. M.S. Mary Alice Eaton, M.S. Mr. Becker and Miss Fawley attended sever- al conventions this year and contributed a number of articles and maps to periodicals. They each lead a discussion at the F.E.A. meeting. Mr. Becker and Miss Eaton were among the faculty members who made a trip to Americans, Ga.. in the spring to investigate the soil conservation project there. Miss Mary Alice Eaton of Evanston. Illinois joined the department this year to fill the place of Miss Adrienne Taylor who is on leave of absence to complete work on her master ' s de- gree at the University of Chicago. PAGE 26 DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICAL LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES OLIVIA NELSON DORMAN, M.A., Ph.D. Instructors in the Department: Olivia Nelson Dornian Ruth Fairman, A.M. Mary Etta Thistle. hwaite. A.B. In February Miss Dorman attended the meet- ing of the National Association of Denis of Women in New Orleans, serving as Chairman of the membership committee for the South Atlantic district. During the course of the year she spoke frequently on educational topics to student governments, woman ' s clubs, and such other organizations as Parent Teacher ' s Associations. She served as Vice President of the Florida division of the Classical Associa- tion of the South and Middle West, and was active as a member of the Stale Classical Asso- ciation, and the American Philological Society. Miss Dornian was a speaker for F.S.C.W. week. Miss Fairman came to the department this year to fill the position of Miss Edith West who had a year ' s leave of ab- sence for study at New York University. In February she all ended the annual convention of the Florida State Classical Association at Rollins College. Miss Mary Etta Thistle- thwaite. a graduate of Florida State College for Women, who studied for her master ' s degree last summer at the Univer- sity of Chicago, served as part-time instructor in the depart- ment this year. , DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH MAUY HOLL1NGSWORTH BUFORD, A.B. Instructors in the Department: Mary Hollingsworth Buford, A.B. Kemper Moore, A.B. Lula Margaret Wyly, B.S. Sara Elizabeth Thomson, A.B. The speech department Ibis year moved into new offices on the ground floor of the History Building. This move gave them a great deal of added space for a conference room and for classes. During the year the department has produced many plays, as a group and in indi- vidual recital. PAGE 27 DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH WILLIAM G. DODD, M.A., Ph.D. Instructors in the Department: William George Dodd, M.A., Ph.D. Guy Linton Diffenbaugh, M.A., Ph.D William Hudson Rogers, M.A., Ph.D Early Lynn Vance, M. A. Rowena Longmire, M.A. Hazel A. Stevenson, M.A., Ph.D. Mildred Fay Hendry. M. A. Esther Smith. M.A. Mary Helen McKean. M.A. Lou E. W. Miller. A. I).. B.S. Martha Gertrude Chapman, M.A. Mary Bethel! Alfriend, M. S. There were several changes in the depart- ment of English this year. Miss Sarah Herndon was granted leave of absence to study on her doctor ' s degree at New York University. Mrs. Mary Bethel Alfriend, took the place of Miss Herndon. Miss Mattie Chapman, critic teacher and instructor in education, was added to the staff. Mr. Vance served as president of local branch of the American Association of University Professors. Dr. Rogers, Mr. Vance and Dr. Dodd were speakers for F.S.C.W. Week. PAGE 28 DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY ANNA FORBES LIDDELL, M.A., Ph.D. Instructors in the Department: Anna Forbes Liddell, M.A.. Ph.D. Robert D. Miller, A.B. Dr. Liddell was one of the members of the faculty who was chosen to travel throughout the slate during F.S.C.W. Week to speak be- fore various organizations. The Philosophy Department added a new member to its staff with the coming of Roberl [). Miller of Camden, New Jersey, new assist- ant professor philosophy and religion. For the past three years he was assistant instructor in philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC ELLA SCOBLE OPPERMAN, B.M. M.M. Instructors in the Department: Ella Scoble Opperman Waller Unci Cowles , A.B., B.M. Margaret Whitney Dow, B.A., B.M., F.A.G.O. Augusta Murphy Owen Frink Sellers Zadie Lillian Phipps, B.M. Gladys Olive Keek, A.B., B.M. Mary Emily Reeder, B. M. Mary Esther Winslow, M.M. Among these listed in the 1936-37 edition of ' " Who ' s Who in America " was Miss Ella Sco- ble Opperman, dean of the School of Music. The Music Department bad a most successful year with numerous faculty recitals given by Miss Dow. Miss Murphy. Miss Koch, Miss Winslow, and by the faculty trio, composed of Miss Murphy, Miss Winslow, and Mr. Sellers. A new feature of the department this year was the Pop Concert sponsored by the American Guild of Organists. The program consisting of semi-classical music and a floor show proved to be very popular with the student body. Miss Dow acted as president of the guild and Mr. Cowles as vice-president this year. The college orchestra and glee club presented their annual concerts with the orchestra launching on a new type of pro- gram assisted by niei bors of the modern dance classes of the Physical Education Department. Miss Opperman attended the third annual convention of the State Music Teacher ' s Association in Tampa in March at which time she served as assistant secretary of the Na- tional Music Teacher ' s Association by giving a talk on " Highlights of the National Music Teacher ' s Convention. " PAGE 29 DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL ARTS EMILY PITMAN WILBURN, ILL. Instructors in the Department: Emily Pitman Wilburn, ILL. Bernice Deetz, B.S. Sallie Williams, M.A. Oval Stanley Harrison, B.S. DEPARTMENT OF ART BEATRICE BEYER WILLIAMS Instructors in the Department: Beatrice Beyer Williams Amy Ferris Brio ' s. A.B. Helen Alverda Thursh, M.A. The art department had a most s uccessful year with its customary service to the campus in presenting a number of interesting art ex- hibits. An outstanding exhibit (if the year was the display of art work in the Galleries of the Society of the Four Arts, April 22 to May n in Palm Beach. PAGE 30 - DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY LELAND J. LEWIS. M.A.. Ph.D. Instructors in the Department: Leland Judson Lewis. Jennie Tilt. M.A., Ph.D. Gertrude Vermillion, M.A. [sabel McKinnell, M.S. Gladys Garland, M.A. All instructors of the department attend- ed the American Chemical Society, at Chapel Hill, Duke University this year. Miss Gertrude Vermillion, instructor in chemistry, who worked on her doctor ' s de- gree at Duke University last year, returned to the campus. PAGE 31 DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY HERMAN KI ' RZ, M.S.. Ph.D. Instructors in flic Department: Herman Kurz Ruth Sehornherst, M.S. Dr. Kurz. has written a book this year, and finished his term as the first President of the Florida Academy of Science which was organ- ized last year. Among other activities in this organization was an address made at the as- sociation meeting this year. Dr. Kurz was a speaker for F.S.C.W. Week. DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY ALRAX STEWART, M.A., Ph.D. Instructors in the Department: Alban Stewart Minna F. Koch, Ph.D. Dr. Minna F. Koch came to the campus this year to fill the place of Miss Elizabeth (Jriffinu. who resigned. The de- partment was fortunate in being able to return to its former position in the Westcott Building, after a year ' s visit in the History Building. PAGE 32 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY VIOLA GRAHAM. M.A., M.S.. Ph.D. Instructors in the Department: Viola Graham The most outstanding event in the curreiil year for the department of physiology is its occupation of a new labora- tory in the Education Building. Dr. Graham reports that the laboratory is increasing its practical aspects by doing more analysis work, the favorite fields for this work being that of Mood and urine analysis. The department is assis ing in many other fields of work by lecturing to the students of advanced psychology, foods and nutrition, and to the speech students mi the various phases of the work in which they would be interested. DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY EZDA MAY DEVINEY, M.S.. Ph.D. LANAS SPURGEON BARBER, M. A. The Department of Zoology has been suc- cessful in arousing student interest to the poinl of active participation in held trips, cul- ture studies, and animal life. PAGE 33 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION KATHERINE W. MONTGOMERY M.A. Instructors in the Department : Katherine Williams Montgomery Betty Washburn. M.A. Nellie-Bond Dickinson, M.A. Ray Fraser, B.S. Eunice Hurd, B.S. Grace Fox, B.S. Ruth Lehman, B.S. Miss Montgomery served as vice president of the Southern Association of Directors of Physical Education for College Women; as state chairman of the Florida Congress of Parents and Teachers ' committee on Phy- sical Education. Miss Montgomery gave a demonstration lecture on Volley-ball in women ' s athletic sectio Houston, Texas. She took part in a panel discussion of orie national meeting of the directors of Physical Education- for c Miss Fox served as State Chairman of the Women ' s At Physical Education Association ; Miss Dickinson served as Sta and Miss Fraser served as Southeast Section Chairman of th American Physical Education Association. Miss Dickinson gave a demonstration lecture on the pre- dancers at the dance section of the Southern Physical Educa The dance classes were particularly active, producing or vention, and in cooperating with the College Orchestra for it ment in presenting programs this year. Miss Mary Settle attended New York University this y Elizabeth Autrev attended Wisconsin University for the same n at the Southern Physical Education Association meeting in ntation courses in Physical Education for freshmen at the ollege women in New York City. hletic Section for Florida, under the direction of the American Rating Committee for Officials : Woman ' s Section in Athletics of te Chairman of the National e Content Committee of the i classic approach in Modern tion Association meeting. iginal compositions that were s spring concert and again with Dance with a group of colleg e we 1 received at the Texas con- the Spoken English Depart- ear. on leave of absence to secure her master ' s degree. purpose. Miss PAGE 34 1 DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS MARGRET R. SANDELS, M.A., Ph.D. Instructor in the Department: Margret Rector Sandels, M.A., Ph.D. Jennie Tilt. M.S., Ph.D. Ruth Connor, A.M.. Ph.D. Anna Mae Tracy, Ph.B. Leila Venable. A.M. Sara D. Meador, M.S. Helen Richey, M.S. ;iini nutrition in the dietetic rida in Gainesville at which was chosen stale councillor Dean Sandels together with Miss Tracy and Dr. Tilt attended the nineteenth annual meeting of the American Dietetic Associa- tion held in Boston in the fall. At this time approximately a thousand delegates gathered to discuss prohlems of research field. She also attend with Miss Venable the an nual meeting of the extension workers of Flo- inie she spoke on " Professional Responsibilities of the Home Economist in Florida. " Dean Sandels lor the Home Economics association at the annual convention of that body. She was also one of the speakers for F.S.C.W. Week I his spring. Miss Helen Richey, a graduate of Florida State College for Women, tilled the position of Miss Henrietta Sivyer, instructor in clothing and textiles, who had a year ' s leave of absence. Dr. Conner spoke in Pensacola. Milton, and DeFuniak Springs on " Family Relationships " before the Woman ' s Clubs, Home Demonstration clubs, and various P.T.A. organizations. Miss Venable was among the delegates from this college who attended the annual meeting of the Southern Economic Association held in Atlanta in the fall. She also spoke on " Managing the Home " at the extension workers ' meeting in Gainesville. Dr. Tilt was elected vice president of the Florida Academy of Sciences at its annual meeting in DeDand this year as well as president of the Florida State Dietetic Association at its convention. PAGE 35 DEPARTMENT OF MATHMATICS ELMER RIGGS SMITH, M.A. Instructors in the Department: Elmer Riggs Smith Olga Larson. M.A. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS HAROLD F. RICHARDS, M.A.. Ph.D. Instructors in the Department: Harold P. Richards Elizabeth Lynn, M.A. The outstanding product of the Physics department was the publication of a book on physical science by Dr. Richards. It is a unified treatment of physics, chemistry, astronomy and geology, ' written for courses of the general college type. It contains about 700 pages and 90 photographs and drawings, must of which are full page. Dr. Kirtley F. Mather, Chair- man of the Department of Geology at Harvard University wrote the signed preface. The book has been acclaimed by the famous scientists all over the world and will be used as a text by many colleges in the coming years. Miss Lynn spoke on tour during F.S.C.W. Week. Mrs. Larson has written a complete course of study for use in the mathmatics department this year. It covers all phases of mathmatics taught in this college and will lie used in the future as a basis for the courses taught here. It is not in published form but may lie pub- lished in the future for distribution to other schools. PAGE 36 DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY SCIENCE LOUISE RICHARDSON, M.A. Instructors in the Department: Louise Richardson Etta Matthews, A.B. In November Miss Richardson attended the National Book Fair which was held in America for the lirst time at Rocke- feller Center, New York City. Not only were there exhibits of various printed works, but there were also famous authors and illustrators who spoke at the fair. Later in the year Miss Richardson and Miss Matthews attended the convention of the Southeastern Library Association in Ashville, N. C. At this time Miss Richardson gave a review of Southern Regions, by Harold W. Odum of the University of North Carolina. il, ■V ' Mr DEPARTMENT OF HYGIENE SARAH PARKER WHITE, Ph.D., M.D. Instructors in the Department: Sarah Parker White Dr. White has written a book, The Moral History of Women, which will be published sometime next year. She has spent five years writing it and expects it to be about three hundred pages long. In November she attended the annual meet- ing of the Florida Academy of Sciences, which is the local organization of the American As- sociation for the Advancement of Science. In April she attended the meeting of the Florida State Medical Society which is the local branch of the American Medical Association. During the course of the year Dr. White attended the meeting of the Directors of Medicine in the State of Florida at which time she gave an address. At the Alumnae College on our campus in April she gave a stimulating speech on Ad- justing to the Strain of Modern Living. PAGE 37 DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY PAUL FREDERICK F1NNER. Ph.D Instructors in the Department: Paul Frederick Finner, M.A., Ph.D. Christian Paul Heinlein, Ph.D. Hugh Lee Waskom, Ph.D. Elizabeth Gordon Andrews. Ph.D. Dorothy Rose Disher. M.A., Ph.D. Mildred Burlingame. A.M., Ph.D. Dr. Dinners book. " Introduction to Ex- perimental Psychology " , made a successful debut this year in the classroom. Dr. Was- kom was the author of " An Experimental Analysis of Incentive and Forced Applica- tion and Their Effect Upon Learning, " an article which appealed in the American Journal of Psychology. Both Dr. Finner and Dr. Waskom were speakers in F.S.C.W. Week. Dr. Heinlein was made a charter member of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issue at the Dartmouth meeting of the American Psychological Association. He expects to present a paper to the society as a result of his research on the investigation of the psychological causes of war and means of preserving international peace. Dr. Heinlein was also distinguished this year for the completion of a visiometer to which he gave the name, " tune-illuminator " . His paper submit- ted to the Florida Academy of Science was among those chosen to be considered by the Committee on Awards. PAGE 38 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION NATHANIEL MOSS SALLEY, A.B. Instructors in the department are: Nathaniel Moss Salley, A.B. Mark H. DeGraff, M.A., Ph.D. David II. Briggs, A.M., Ph.D. Marion Hewell Hay. M.A., Ph. D. Murphy Roy Hinson, M.A.. Ph.D. Marian Conway. M.A. Dr. Nathaniel Moss Salley was listed in the 11)36-37 edition of " Who ' s Who in America " . He acted as a member of the National Association of College Teachers of Education steering committee for revision of curricula in Florida public schools and a member of the board of directors of the Florida Education Association Association, Dean Salley was one of the speakers for F.S.C.W. week. i Dr. Day has been most active this year. She has acted as a president of the Florida division of the American Associa- tion of Teachers of Spanish. She lias written two articles published in The Journal of the Florida Education Association, first " Revolution in Spain " and second. " How ' s and Why ' s in the Teaching of Modern Foreign Languages. " The first is a factual account and the second a discussion on teaching policy. Dr. Hay addressed the French club, Alliance Francaise. in Jacksonville, speaking in French on " The effect of the Spanish Revolution in France. " She also addressed the Georgia Edu- cational Association at Savannah on " The Little World War and its Probable Repercussions. " She attended the meeting of the Department of Superintendents, a branch of the N. E. A., and the Florida College Association. Dr. Hinson and Dr. Eynian lead panel discussion at the Florida Education Association meeting and attended the meet- ing of the Florida College Association. Dr. Hinson also served on the committee on program of studies of F. E. A. at the meeting of the Mid-Florida District Education Association, and was a speaker on F.S.C.W. week. PAGE 39 DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY RAYMOND BELLAMY, M.A., I ' ll. P. Instructors in the Department: Professor Raymond Bellamy Associate Professor Coyle Ellis Moore, M.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Fern 0. Roan. A.M. The outstanding event of the year in this department was perhaps the gaining of a new office in the History Building. The department now boasts three spacious rooms. The sociolo- gists who, among other activities, attended the second annual meeting of the Southern Sociological Society in Birmingham. Alabama, April second and third. Dr. Moore and Miss Boan attended the State Conference of Social Welfare in Ocala. Dr. Moore was President during the past year of the State Conference for Social Work and is a member of the State Board of Social Welfare. Pr. Moore and Dr. Bellamy were speakers in the State Ob- servance of Human Security Week. DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND COMMERCE BETJLAH B. BRILEY, M.S., M.A., Ph. P. Instructors in the Department: Beulah B. Briley Sadie Gertrude Young, M.A. Mary Louella Richey, M.A.. C.P.A. William Harry Joubert, M.A. Lucile Grider Bass Miss Young attended the Southern Economic Association in Atlanta, Georgia, in October. Miss Richey attended the convention of the Southern Business Education Association at Knoxville, Tennessee, and the annual meeting of the F. E. A. in Orlando. Mr. Joubert attend- ed the convention of the Southern Economic Convention in Atlanta in November and the Southern Sociological Association in Atlanta in April. In March Br. Briley attended the annual meeting of the Florida Education Association in Orlando. PAGE 40 DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES VRTHUR R. SEYMOUR, M.L., Ph.D. Litt. D. Instructors in the Department: Arthur R. Seymour Lucy Lester, M.A. Margie Burks, Fh.D. Dorothy L. Breen, M.A. Ph. D. Myrtle Dolbee, M.A. Mildred Finnegan, M.A. Ada Bell Patrick Allan, M.A. Margaret V. Campbell. M.A. Marie Davis, M.A. Dr. Seymour attended the American As- sociation of Teachers of Spanish convention at DeLand in November, the State Florida Education Association meeting in Orlando in March, and wrote a Book Review of Las Cuevas de Arta, by F. L. Baker, which was published in the Modern Language Journal for May. Dr. Seymour also attended the meeting of the Florida chapter of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish at Stetson with Mrs. Breen. In June l!). ' ' )(i Mrs. Breen was granted her doctor ' s degree. Her thesis, " Lope de Vega Carpiv La Dragontea " , which was a critical edition with an introductory essay, is to be published in the University of Illinois ' Studies. In December she attended the convention of the Association of University Professors at Richmond, Virginia, the Modern Language Association convention at Richmond, Virginia, the American Association of Teachers of Spanish at Duke University and at the Univer- sity of North Carolina. Miss Breen was elected to University of Illinois Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, general honorary scho- lastic fraternity. She was the single representative from her class of 2,200 former students. Dr. Burks also wrote a review for the Modern Language Journal this year. She reviewed L. A. Wilkins ' Edition of Quinto, FA Descubridor Del Mundo for the March edition. She is to give a new course next year, entitled, Contemporary Spanish Thought. Miss Dolbee will give a new course next year in Goethe, His Life and Works. Miss Campbell attended the M. L. A. meeting in Richmond, Virginia and the A. A. T. S. meeting at Duke University and at the University of North Carolina. A French club was organized this year " to speak French, sing French, and play French games " by Miss Davis who served as the faculty advisor. FACULTY DIRECTORY EDWARD CONRADI, A.M., Ph.D., L.L.D. KATHRYX TRIMMER ABBEY, A.M., Ph.D. MARY BETHELL ALFRIEND, M.S. ADA BELLE PATRICK ALLAN, M.A. ELIZABETH GORDON ANDREWS, Ph.D. ELIZABETH PARKER AUTREY, B.S. in Education. AMY FERRIS BRIGGS BALDWIN, A.B. LANAS SPURGEON BARBER, M.A. LUCTLE GRIDER BASS HENRY FLOYD BECKER, M.S. CLARINE BELCHER, M.S. RAYMOND BELLAMY, A.M., Ph. IK FLORENCE BETHEA, A.B. GEORGIA ELIZABETH BLUE, A.B. FERN O. BOAN, A.M. MILDRED IRENE BOLIEK, M.A., Ph.D. DOROTHY LOIS REEYES BREEN, A.M., Ph.D. BEULAH BELLE BRILEY. M.S., M.A., Ph.D. MARY HOLLINGSWORTH BUFORD, A. B. MARTHA EVELYN BULKLEY, B. A. in Commerce. MARGIE BURKS, M.A., Ph.D. EDITH MILDRED BURLIXGAME, A.M., Ph.D. MARGARET VIRGINIA CAMPBELL. M.A. MARTHA GERTRUDE CHAPMAN, M.A. RUTH CONNOR, A.M., Ph.D. MARION LOUISE CONWAY, M.A. ROBERT SPENCER COTTERILL, M.A., Ph.D. WALTER RUEL COWLES, A.B., Mus.B. HELEN MORRIS DAVIS, B.S. in Home Economics. MARIE DAYIS, M.A. NANCY JANE DAY, B.S., B.A. HAZEL BERNICE DEETZ, B.S. in Fine and Applied Arts. MARK H. DeGRAFF, M.A., Ph.D. EZDA MAY DEYINEY, M.A., Ph.D. NELLIE-BOND DICKINSON, M.A. GUY LINTON DIFFENBAUGH M.A., Ph.D. DOROTHY ROSE DISHER, M.A., Ph.D. WILLIAM GEORGE DODD, A.M., Ph.D. MYRTLE ELIZABETH DOLBEE. M.A. RALPH FLOYD DONALDSON, B. Ed. OLIVIA NELSON DORMAN, A.M., Ph.D. MARGARET WHITNEY DOW, B.A., B.M., F.A.G.O. SIMEON ROBERT DOYLE. M.A. ELMA WILLIAMS EALY, B.S. MARY ALICE EATON, M.A. RUTH DeGRAF ELLIS, A.B. RALPH LEE EYMAN, Ed. D. RUTH ELIZABETH FAIRMAN, A.M. GLADYS FAWLEY, S.M. MILDRED FINNEGAN, M.A. RAY ADELANE FRASER, B.S. PAUL FREDERICK FINNER, A.M., Ph.D. KATHLEEN GRAHAM FLETCHER, B.A., B.S. WARD THOMAS FLETCHER, B.S. in Education. MAUDE ALICE FLOWERS, A.B. in Commerce. GRACE IMOGENE FOX, A.B. in Educa- tion. VIOLA GRAHAM, M.A., M.S., Ph.D. CLARA MARTIN GUERRY, A.B., B.M. OVAL STANLEY HARRISON, M.A. MARION JEWELL HAY, M.A., Ph.D. CLARA RIDER HAYDEN, B.S. in Edu- cation. FRANCES FIELD HAYXES, A.B. CHRISTIAN PAUL HEIXLEIN, Ph.D. MILDRED FAY HEXRY, M.A. SARAH HERXDON, M.A. MURPHY ROY IIIXSOX, M.A., Ph.D. EUNICE MARDIX HURD, B.S. ELIZABETH LEE IIUTT, M.A. MARIAX DORIS IRISH, M.A. WILLIAM HARRY JOUBERT, M.A. JERRY B. KELLEY, A.B. JOHX GABRIEL KELLUM MARY ELLEX KEOWX, M.S. GLADYS OLIVE KOCH, A.B., B.M. MINNA FROTSCHER KOCH, M.S., Ph.D. HERMAN KURZ, M.S., Ph.D. OLGA LARSON, M.A. RUTH EVELYX LEHMAN, B. 8. LUCY LESTER, A.M. LELAXD JUDSOX LEWIS, A.M., Ph.D. AXXA FORBES LIDDELL, M.A., Ph.D. ROWEXA LOXGMIRE, A.M. HUGH DOXALD LOUCKS, A.B. EDITH ELIZABETH LYXN, M.A. ETTA LANE MATTHEWS, B.A. MARGARET A. S. McCURDIE, B.S. in Education. RUBY McDAVID EDNA MAE McINTOSH, M.S. MARY HELEN McKEAN, M.A. ISABEL McKINNELL, M.S. SARA D. MEADOR, M.S. LOU EGERTON WHITFIELD MILLER, A.B., B.S. in Education. ROBERT DANIEL MILLER, A.B. KATHERINE WILLIAMS MONTGOMERY, M.A. FREDERICK CLIFTON MOOR, A.B., M.D., F.A.C.P. OOYLE ELLIS MOORE. M.S., Ph.D. KEMPER MARTIN MOORE, A.B. VIRGINIA PEARL MOORE AUGUSTA MURPHY VELMA OOTOX, A.B. in Education ELLA SCOBLE OPPERMAX, A.B., M.M. RHEY BOYD PARSOXS, M.A., Ph.D. ZADIE LILLIAN PHIPPS. B.M. ANNIE MARIE THERESE TOPPER, M.A., Ph.D. CLARENCE PATRICK PRIEST, B.A.E. NITA KATHERINE PYBURN, M.A. MARY EMILY REEDER, B.M. HAROLD FREDERIC RICHARDS, A.M., Ph.D. LOUISE RICHARDSON, A.M. HELEN LEXORE RICHEY, M.S. MARY LUELLA RICHEY, M.A., C.P.A. ETTA LUCILE ROBERTSON WILLIAM HUDSON ROGERS, M.A., Ph.D. NATHANIEY MOSS SALLEY, Litt.D. MARGARET RECTOR SANDELS. A.M., I ' h.D. RUTH OLIVE SCHORNHERST, M.S. MAUD SCHWALMEYER OWEN FRINK SELERS LUCY BELLE SETTLE, B.S. MARY BRANDON SETTLE, B.S. in Education. ARTHUR ROMEYN SEYMOUR, M.L.. Ph.D. ANNA MAE SHARP, B.M. VEXILA LOVIXA SHORES, M.A., Ph.D. AXXA MAE SIKES, B.S. HEXRIETTA RUTH SIVYER. A.M. DORA SIKES SKIPPER, B.S. AXXAH MARGARET SMITH, A.B., B.S. in L.S. ELMER RIGGS SMITH, A.M. ESTHER SMITH. M.A. HAZEL ALLISON STEVENSON, M.A. I ' h.D. ALBAN STEWART. A.M., Ph.D. CECILE STRONG, B.M. MARY ETTA THISTLETHWAITE, A.B. SARAH ELIZABETH THOMSON, A.B. HELEN ALVERDA THRUSH, M.A. ISABELLE THURSBY JENNIE TILT, M.S., Ph.D. ANNA MAE TRACY, Ph.li. FLORENCE RENO TRYOX. M.A. MYRTIS C. TUREMAX, B.A. EARL LYXX VAXCE. A.M. LEILA VEXABLE, A.M. GERTRUDE VERMILLION, M.A. KATHERINE FLORENCE WALKER. A.B., A.B. in L.S. BETTY AVASHBURN, M.A. HUGH LEE WASKOM. A.M., Ph.D. EDITH WOODFIN WEST, A.M. SARAH PARKER WHITE. M.A. EMILY PITMAN WILBURN, B.L. ARTHUR WILLIAMS. A.M. BEATRICE BEYER WILLIAMS KENNETH RAST WILLIAMS, ILL SALLIE WILLIAMS, M.A. MARY ESTHER WINSLOW, M.M. MARY ELIZABETH WINTERS, M.A. LULU MARGARET WYLY. B.S. ANNIE LEE YATES. A.B. SADIE GERTRUDE YOUNG. M.A. On leave of absence. 1936- ' 37. President MARY MILLER IHP ' - 2 Vice President PEGGY McMICHAEL Parliamentarian ANN NORMS Senate Representative .MARTHA BAKER Senate Representative SUE WHITAKER The black and -white of investiture . . . Caps and gowns in the candlelight at Christmas dinner . . . The beauty and pageantry of May Day . . . Cap and gowned figures winding over the campus in class day with the traditional daisy chain . . . The supreme tradition of graduation as the sun streams in the auditorium , caps and gowns for the last time . campus and college friends. . Seniors wearing last good-byes to Secretary ALMA LESTER Treasurer BETTY MACK PAGE 44 EDITH ADAMS BETSEY ANDERSON LEAH ANDREWS JEANNETTE ANNIN PAGE 46 HELEN BIXLER DOROTHY BORDEN JANICE BORTON HAZEL BOWMAN FLASTACO FLASTAGO PAGE 50 PAGE 51 PAGE 52 LASTACOWO PAGE 53 FLASTAGOWO PAGE 55 PAGE 56 FLASTACOWO PAGE 57 PAGE 58 WINONA IRELAND PAULINE JACOBSEN MARGARET JAMES MARY JETTON FLASTACOWO PAGE 59 ELSIE K MRS. JEANNETTE KIMSEY FLA STAC PAGE 61 FLASTAC PAGE 63 PAGE 64 A owo PAGE 65 FLASTACOW PAGE 67 EMILY P FLASTACOWO PAGE 70 F LA STACO VO PAGE 75 PAGE 76 ELEANOR WILLIAMS MADGE WILLIAMS LYNNORA YOUNG PAGE 77 EDITH ADAMS Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Phi Mu Home Economics Club (4). BETSEY BURTON ANDERSON Tampa, Fla. B.s. in Home Economics Alpha Gamma Delta Orchestra (1, 2. 3, 4) : Little Theatre Orchestra (1, 2, 3. 4); Glee Club (1. 2); Home Economics Club (3, 4); Budget Committee (4) ; Panhellenic Representa- tive (4). LEAH ESTELLE ANDREWS Pensacola, Fla. .4.7 . in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega. JEANNETTE ANNIN Miami, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Senate (4). SARAH SEWARD ANTHONY Jacksonville, Fla. B. S. in Home Economics Chi Omega Junior Minstrels (2); Odd Demonstra- tion (4); Home Economics Club (4). ELA AROZARENA Homestead, Fla. B.S. in Education Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4). ELIZABETH AYALA Key West, Fla. U.S. in Commerce Kappa Delta Odd Demonstration (1. ?. 3): Junior Minstrels (1, 2, 3). CORA HELEN BAGGOTT Okeechobee, F ' la. A.B. in Arts and Science May Day (2) : Even Dem- onstration (2, 3); Vice-Presi- dent Astronomy Club, (3, 4) : Fealty (4) : Freshman Ad- visory Council (4); Execu- tive ' Cabinet Y.W.C.A. (4) ; International Relations Clubs (41. NELLIE BAHRT Miami, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Glee Club (1, 2, 3) ; Flas- tacowo Staff (4). MARTHA J. BAKER Fort Myers, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Chi Alpha Flambeau Staff (2, 3, 4); Odd Baseball (2): Odd Tennis (2, 3); Odd Soccer (4); F Club (2, 3, 4); Senate (4); Flastacowo Staff (4). HELEN BALLENGER Lakeland. Fla. B.S. in Commerce Kappa Delta Newman Club (1, 2, 3. 4); stration (3, 4). Odd Demon- 4). BARBARA BELL BANDY Miami, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta MARJORIE BEACH Miami, Fla. B.S. in Home Economies Home Economics Club (3, ELEANOR L. BIGGERS Auburndale, F ' la. A.B. in Education Freshman Commission (2). JOSEPHINE BINION West Palm Beach, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Phi Beta Kappa Beta Pi Theta Theta Kappa Mortar Board Spirogira Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) : Dance Chairman odd Dem- onstration (1, 3, 4) : Orchesis (1) : Freshman Commission (2) ; Flastacowo Staff (2 F. S. G. A. Convention Secretary of Judiciary Freshman Counselor " Who ' s Who " (3, 4) : ciary of C.G.A. (3, 4) ecutive Council of C.G.A Lower Court of C.G.A. Senate (4) : Social Commit tee (3. 4) ; Freshman Ad visor (4). DOROTHY BORDEN West Palm Beach. Fla. !. ' . in Education Zeta Tau Alpha Freshman Commission (2) Astronomy Club (3, 4). (3) (3) (3) Tudi- Ex- (4) : (4) : JANICE BORTON Miami, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Alpha Chi Omega Spirogira Freshman Commission (2); 3, 4); Executive Council of C F Club G.A. (3, Cabinet (2, 4); of (4). Senate (3, 4) ; Executive Y.W.C.A. (4); President of Y.W.C.A. HAZEL L. BOWMAN Brewster, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Alpha Mortar Board Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); T.N.T. Orchestra (1, 2, 3) ; Odd Demonstration (1. 2, 3, 4); German Club (1, 2, 3, 4); International Relations Club (2, 3, 4); Flambeau Staff (2, 3, 4); Junior Minstrels (3); Glee Club (2); Little Theatre Orchestra (2, 3, 4); N.S.F.A. (3. 4); Freshman Counselor (3); Senate (4) ; Hearon ' s Orchestra (4); Mortar Board Correspondent (4); Editor of Flambeau (4). ANNETTE BREWER Marianna, Fla. A.B. in Education Glee Club Chorus (2) (4). Geography Club DORIS CARL BRIGMAN Pensacola, Fla. B.S. in Science Beta Phi Alpha Astronomy Club (2). JEAN GRAY BROWN Lakeland. Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta PAGE 78 ' ' : .... - - MARY DRAPER BURGOON Hollywood, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Astronomy Club (3, 4). ALMA BUTLER Chipley, Fla. B.X. in. Commerce Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3); Freshman Counselor (2); Usher Committee (3); Distaff Staff (4) ; International Relations Club (4) ; Secretary of Senior Class. FLORENCE CAMERON St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. in Education Phi Alpha Phi MARION CARSON Daytona Beach, Fla. B.M. in Public School Music Certificate in Voice Alpha Chi Omega Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Freshman Cab- inet (2); Flambeau Staff (2); Freshman Counselor (2, 3, 4); Odd Demonstration (4); Social Committee (4). ELIZABETH CARTER St. Petersburg, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega HELEN DOROTHY CATE Miami Beach, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega May Day (1); Odd Volleyball (1); Vice President Sophomore Class; Freshman Cabinet (2); Freshman Counselor (3); Treasurer Y.W.C.A. (3); Executive Cab- inet Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Home Economics Club (4). £ ' " ■ JANET WATSON CHARLES Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Delta Delta Delta Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Panhellenic Repre- sentative (2) : Junior Min- strels (3) ; Social Commit- tee (4). JEAN CLARK Tampa, Fla. A.H. in Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Odd Demonstration (2) ; Usher Committee (3) : Chair- man Odd Demonstration Usher Committee (4) ; Low- er Court of C.G.A. (4) ; As- tronomy Club (4). LOTTIE M. CLARK Jacksonville, Fla. B S. in Arts and Sciences ALEYNE CLAYTON Tampa, Fla. A.B. in Education Alpha Chi Omega Classical Club (3, 4) VIRGINIA CLAYTON Quincy, Fla. A.B. in Education Classical Club (1) ; lations Club (4). Orchestra (3, 4). International Re- LOIS COLLINS Plant City, Fla. A.B. in Education LYDIA CRAIG Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. in Science Sigma Sigma Sigma Odd Demonstration (2); Panhellenic Council (2, 3) ; Organizing Regent Col- lege D.A.R. (4). KITTY CRANEY Orlando, Fla. .4. ?. in Education Kappa Alpha Theta Fealty (2); Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Life Saving Corps (4); International Re- lations Club (4). DOROTHY CREWS Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Kappa Delta Pi Theta Kappa Classical Club (4) ; Extra-Curricula Committee (4) ; International Relations Club (4). JANE HILL CROOK Bartow, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Kappa Delta Odd Basketball (1,2): Life Saving Corps (3) ; Cotillion Club (4). ALPHA B. CURETON Tallahassee, Fla. U.S. in Education Transfer from Missouri University. BARBARA CURRY Bradenton, Fla. A.B. in Arts anil Sciences Sigma Kappa Classical Club (4). VICTORIA CURTIS Lake Wales, Fla. A.B. in Education Alpha Gamma Delta BETH DAANE Belle Glade, Fla. B.S. in Education Spirogira Freshman Commission (1); F Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Odd Volleyball (1, 2. 3) ; Odd Soccer (1, 2); Odd Baseball (1, 2); Odd Tennis (1, 2, 3); Odd Swimming (2); Secretary W.A.A. (2) ; Vice President W.A.A. (3) ; President Physical Education Association (3); Odd Demonstration (3); Extra Cur- ricular Committee (3); President W.A.A. (4); Committee of Presidents (4); Sen- ate (4). OLIVE KEY DAME Fort Pierce, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences ROSALYN DAUM Miami, Fla. AB.. in Education Phi Alpha Theta Classical Club (1); Freshman Counsel- or (2); Glee Club Chorus (2); Junior Minstrels (2) ; President of Newman Club (4). EMILY DAVIS Tallahassee, Florida. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Classical Club (4). SARA MAE DAVIS Pensacola, Fla. A.B. in Education Sigma Kappa Cotillion Club. EILEEN DAYSON Gainesville, Fla. B.S. in Commerce PAGE 79 MARGARET DELANEY Homestead, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Omicron Nu Home Economies Club Council (4) ; President of 4-H Club (4). MARY HELEN DEVRIES Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. in Arts and Sciences Astronomy Club (4). ROBERTA DIAMOND Tallahassee, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega Odd Demonstration (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Minstrel (1. 2, 3) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Chairman of Odd Lanterns (2); Chairman of Odd Colors (2, 3). MARY DOLFIN Lynn Haven, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences ANNE DONNELL Sarasota, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Theta Upsilon Classical Club (1); Freshman Commis- sion (2); Panhellenic Representative (3). VIRGINIA DUKE Gainesville, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Beta Phi Alpha Odd -Hockey (1); Freshman Counselor (4) ; Home Economics Club (4). VIRGINIA EARLY Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. in Education Alpha Omicron Pi Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Chi Alpha Sigma Delta Pi Flambeau Staff (2, 3, 4) ; Odd Demonstration (4). EDITH HAYS EFFINGER Shamrock, Fla. A. B. in Education Sigma Kappa Fealty (1) ; Freshman Com- mission (2). HAZEL V. ELLIOTT Haines City, Fla. B.S. in Education. FRANCES A. ELLIS West Palm Beach, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Theta Upsilon Home Economics Club (4) MARY ALMA ENNEIS Alachua, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Classical Club (1) ; Odd Demonstration (2, 4); Junior Minstrels (3); Panhellenic Representative (4). BETTY ETTLINGER Miami, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences MYRVIN EVERETT Miami. Fla. A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Pi Odd Soccer (1); Freshman Commission (2); President Numeral Club (3); Social Committee (4) ; Chairman Extra Cur- ricular Committee (4) ; Senate (4). MAXINE FARRIS Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences MARGARET FEE Fort Pierce, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Alpha Gamma Delta MARION FERRELL Lacoochee, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Astronomy Club (3, 4). ELLEN MARIAN FLEMING Atlanta, Ga. A.B. in Education Alpha Delta Pi Chairman of Budget Committee (4) ; Freshman Counselor (3) ; Lower Court of C.G.A. (4); Senate (4). ELEANOR LINCOLN FLINT Winter Park, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Life Saving Corps Sec- retary (4) ; Chairman Fealty Cast (2) ; Junior Minstrel (2, 3) ; Odd Demonstration (2, 3, 4). FRANCES FORTH Punta Gorda, Fla. B.8. in Commerce Mortar Board Spirogira , Flastacowo (1, 2. 3. 4): Odd Demonstration (1, 2, 3) : Newman Club (1, 2. 3. 4) : Junior Minstrels (2, 3) ; Dis- taff (2, 3) ; Senate (4) : Freshman Counselor (4); Treasurer of Mortar Board (4) ; Who ' s Who among stu- dents in Colleges and Uni- versities. IRENE FOSTER Tallahassee, Fla. .!. ' . in Education MONTINE FOSTER Tallahassee, Fla. A.B. in Education, PATRICIA FOSTER Coconut Grove, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Freshman Commission (2); Freshman Counselor (2, 3); Glee Club Chorus (2, 3); Senate (3); President of Panhellenic (3); Panhellenic Representative (2, 3, 4). MARY KATHRYN GIBSON Tampa, Fla. A.I!, in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Eta Sigma Phi Mortar Board Spirogira Classical Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Social Com- mittee (2, 3, 4) ; International Relations Club (3, 4) ; Freshman Advisory Council (3) ; Business Manager of Distaff (3) ; Odd Demonstration (3, 4); Vice Presi- dent of Mortar Board (4); Senate (4); Committee of Presidents (4). ANNA GLEN Chipley, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Sigma Kappa Beta Phi Theta Chairman Freshman Commission (2) ; Senate (1, 2); Judiciary (1, 2); Budget Committee (3); German Club (3, 4). PAGE 80 DORIS FRANCES GODARD Palatka, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Omicron Pi Odd Demonstration (4). MARTHA GODARD Quincy, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Chi Omega Home Economics Club ( 1. 2, 3. 4); Odd Demonstration (2, 3); Usher Com- mittee (3). HELEN GODWIN Fort Meade, Fla. B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta International Relations Club. MARY GREEN DeFuniak Springs, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences ANGELA GRILEY Miami. Fla. A.B. in Education Alpha Omicron Pi Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4). LUCILLE HAM Apalachicola, Fla. A.B. in Commerce Sigma Kappa ELIZABETH FLEMING HAMILTON Jacksonville, Fla. B.-S. in Science Chi Omega Odd Hockey (1, 2); German Club (2, 3, 4). ELIZABETH HAMILTON Lakeland, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences VIRGINIA HAMILTON Lakeland, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Classical Club (1, 2. 3, 4) ; German Club (1, 2, 3). ROSEMARY H. HAMLY Coral Gables, Fla. B.S. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Phi Beta Kappa BETTY HAMMOND Miami. Fla. A.B. in Education ELIZABETH HARDEE F ' ernandina, Fla. B.S. in Education Alpha Delta Pi KATHLEEN HARRIS Tampa, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Delta Zeta Panhellenic Hop Decoration Chairman (3, 4); German Club (4); Panhellenic Representative (4). MARIAN HEPER Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Odd Demonstration (4); Cotillion Club (4); Panhellenic Representative (4): Newman Club (4). VENNETTE HERRON Lakeland, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi SARA J. HETHCOX Eustis. Fla. B.S. in Education Vice House Chairman ( 1 ) ; Odd Base- ball (2); Junior Minstrels (2, 3); Odd Demonstration (3); Odd Swimming Cap- tain (3, 4); Freshman Advisory Council (3, 4); Life Saving Corps (3, 4); Odd Basketball (4) ; Lower Court of C.G.A. (4); F Club (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (4); Freshman Counselor (4). LOUISE FRANCES HILL Tampa. Fla. A.B. in Education Alpha Gamma Delta Astronomy Club (3); Glee Club (3); International Relations Club (4). MARY ANN HILLS Jacksonville. Fla. B.S. in Commerce Kappa Alpha Theta Freshman Commission (2) ; Stage Manager of Fealty (3); Chairman of Student Committee on Dining Room Affairs (4) : Freshman Counselor (4). MARY LOUISE HOENSHEL Port Mayaca, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Theta Upsilon Astronomy Club (1, 2) ; Home ::. 4 ) Home Economics Club (3, 4). j£i fas Economics Club (1, 2, | : Vice President of RUTH HOLMAN St. Petersburg, Fla. BjS. in Education MARY LEE HOPKINS Miami, Fla. BjS. in. Education Kappa Alpha Theta BEVERLY HORN Daytona Beach. Fla. B.S. in Nursing Life Saving Corps (1); Orchestra (1, 2, 4); Astronomy Club (4). RUTH HOWARD Dade City, Fla. A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Pi Classical Club (4). BARBARA HUBBARD St. Cloud. Fla. .1. . in Arts and Sciences Life Savings Corps (1, 2, 4) ; Astronomy Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Freshman Cabinet (2); Odd Demonstration (2, 3, 4); May Day (2); Odd Soccer (2); Junior Minstrels (2, 3) ; Religious Emphasis Week (3, 4); Executive Cabinet of Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4); Freshman Counselor (3. 4) ; Organ Guild (4). JANE HUBBARD St. Cloud, Fla. .!. » ' . in Arts and Sciences Life Saving Corps ( 1. 2. 4 I : Astronomy Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Freshman Cabinet (2); May Day (2); Junior Minstrels (2, 3); Odd Demonstration (2, 3. 4) ; Organ Guild (3, 4); Executive Cabinet of Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4); Fresh- man Counselor (3, 4). M. DOROTHY KAMIYA Boca Raton, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences 4-H Club (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Odd Basketball (2, 3) : Classical Club (3) ; Astronomy Club (3, 4) : International Rela- tions Club (4). ELSIE KERSEY LaGrange, Ga. B.S. in Arts and Transfer. Sciences ADALAIDE IRELAND Tallahassee, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Delta Zeta WINONA IRELAND Miami, F ' la. U.S. in Science Freshman Commission (2); Women ' s Athletic Association (4) ; Astronomy Club (4); Freshman Counselor (4); Panhel- lenic Representative (4) ; Off Campus Committee (4). PAULINE RUTH JACOBSEN Gainesville, Fla. B.8. in Commerce MARY JETTON Tampa, Fla. B.S. in Arts and Sciences LOUISE D. JOHNSON Fort Meade, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Omicron Nu Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3) ; Little Theatre Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Orchestra (2 ,3); T.KLT. Orchestra (2, 3); Execu- tive Council of Home Economics Club (3); Freshman Counselor (4). YVONNE JOHNSON Sarasota, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Astronomy Club (3). ALICE NELL JONES Blountstown, Fla. B:S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (4). JEANETTE KIMSEY Tallahassee, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Orchestra (1, 2) ; Day Stu- dent ' s Organization (3, 4). KATHERINE G. KYLE Tampa, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Glee Club (4); International Relations Club (4). MARGARET CLAIRE LAFFERTY Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. in Education Alpha Chi Alpha Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); President of Newman Club (4) ; International Re- lations Club (3. 4); Student Counselor (4); Flambeau Staff (2, 3. 4). ANNABELLE LARSEN Miami, Fla. B.M. in School of Music Glee Club; Orchestra. MARION LESSEY Fort Myers, Fla. B.S. in Science Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4); Newman Club (1, 2); Odd Soccer (2); Odd Base- ball (2, 3). CATHERINE LEVEY Pensacola, Fla. B.S. in Nursing Chi Delta Phi College Nurse ' s Association (3, 4) ; Newman Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club (4). PEARL D. LEWIS St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. in Education Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College. RUTH LIND Bradenton, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Sigma Kappa Parliamentarian Class (1); Freshman Cabinet (2); Junior Minstrels (2); Pan- hellenic Representative (2); Orchestra (3) ; Executive Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Off Campus Committee (4) ; Odd Cheer Leader (4); Lower Court of C.G.A. (4). FRANCES LINGLE Brooksville. Florida Zeta Tau Alpha Freshman Cabinet Commencement Play Student Counse r (?. 3, Odd Demonstration (4) Campus Committee (4) ; PAGE 81 Cotillion Club (3, (3); Odd Demon- EMILIE LOCKWOOD Palm Beach, Fla. B.S. in Education Kappa Delta Classical Club (1); 4); Junior Minstrels stration (4). MARY ELLEN LOVELACE Miami, Fla. B.S. in Science Alpha Xi Delta Astronomy Club (1, 2. 3); 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Home Economics Club (1). LORENA LORENZ Mohawk, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Astronomy Club (4); 4-H Club (4). MADELINE McCALL Jennings, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi Home Economics Club (3, 4) ; Panhel- lenic Representative (3, 4) : Social Com- mittee (4). CATHERINE LOUISE McGARRY West Palm Beach, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Gamma Delta Odd Hockey (1) ; Commencement (2) ; Life Saving Corps (2) ; Newman (1. 2, 3, 4); Astronomy Club (3); hellenic Representative (3) onstration (3, 4); Chairman Committee (4) ; Judiciary of Lower Court of C.G.A. (4) ; International Relations Club ROSEMARY McGLINCHY Winter Haven, Fla. .4. ft. in Arts and Sciences Play Club Pan- ; Odd Dem- Off Campus C.G.A. (4); Senate (4) ; (4). : -v% v ' resentative (4). to Panhellenic CLARA BELLE LIPSEY Branford, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Astronomy Club (4) : In- ternational Relations Club (4). PAGE 82 ALICE A. McGLONE Sanford, Fla. U.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (4; Club (4). Astronomy MARY McGUNAGLE Miami, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Xi Delta Odd Demonstration (3); Secretary Pan- bellenic (3); Senate (4); President Pan- hellenic (4); President ' s Council (4). MARY JEANNE McKAY Tampa, Fla. A.li. in Arts and sciences Chi Omega Mortar Board Spirogira Freshman Cabinet (2) ; Senate (2, 3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. Executive Council (3); Chair- man Religious Emphasis Week (3) ; Chairman N.S.F.A. Committee (3); Dele- gate to N.S.F.A. Convention (3); Chair- man Odd Demonstration (4) ; Executive Council of C.G.A. (4); Judiciary of C.G.A. (4); Social Committee (4); Presi- dent C.G.A. (4). GRACE ELEANOR McKEE Valpariso. Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Classical Club (1, 2); Astronomy Club (4). DOROTHY McLEAN Tampa, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta PEGGY McMICHAEL Tampa, Fla. Kappa Delta BjS. in Ed neat ion Spirogira Cheerleader (2, 3): Odd Demonstration (2, 3); Senate (3); Chairman Usher Com- mittee (3); V.V. Club (3, 4); Secretary Junior Class; Vice President Senior Class; So- " cial Committee (4); Distafi Staff (4) ; Executive Cabinel of Y.W.C.A. (4). BETTYE MACE DeLand, Fla. B.8. in Commerce Alpha Gamma Delta BETTY MACK Lakeland, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Kappa Delta Spirogira Class Treasurer (3, 4) : Auditing Com- mittee (3. 4); Odd Demonstration (4). ANNE MAGGIO Tampa. Fla. U.S. in Arts and Sciences MARJORIE SUNSHINE MAINES Gainesville, Fla. U.S. in Home Economies Home Economics Club (2, 4). MARTHA MAKEMSON Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Mortar Board Spirogira Freshman Commission (1); Odd Vol- ley Ball (1. 2, 3, 4| ; Odd Hockey (1, 2, 3) ; Odd Baseball (1. 2); Odd Swimming (1, 2, 3. 4); Astronomy Club (1, 2. 3); Sec- retary of C.G.A. (2) : Social Committee (2. 4) : First Vice President C.G.A. (3) ; Flas- tacowo Staff (3) ; Student Volunteer Move- ment Convention (3); S.I.A.S.G. Conven- tion (3); F.S.G.A. Convention (3); " Who ' s Who " (3, 4) ; Executive Council of C.G.A. (4) ; Senate (4); F Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Life Saving Corps (4); Chairman of Judiciary (4). EDITH K. MANFORD St. Augustine. Fla. U.S. in Home Economics May Day (2); Freshman Commission (2) ; Life Saving Corps (3); Odd Demon- stration (3, 4); Freshman Floor Chair- man (3); Treasurer Home Economics Club (3); President Home Economics Club (4); Chairman Senior Invitations (4); House Chairman (4); Lower Court C.G.A. (4); Freshman Counsellor (4). ELIZABETH Y. MATHENY Sarasota, Fla. A.B. in Education International Relations Club (4); Astronomy Club (4). FREIDA MAXWELL Tallahassee, Fla. U.S. in Education FLORENCE MAYFIELD Marianna, Fla. A.B. in Education Alpha Delta Pi Freshman Commission (2); Odd Demonstration (1). MARY H. MEGINNISS Tallahassee, F ' la. U.S. in Home Economics Kappa Delta Home Economics Club (4) Day Students Organization. MAMIE MESSINA Tampa, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences IDA PEARLE MILLER Miami. Fla. A.B. in Education MARY MARGARET MILLER Orlando. Fla. B.s. in Home Economics Delta Delta Delta Spirogira Freshman Commission (2); Home F Club (2, Eco- 4); nomics Club (2, 3, 4) Odd Basketball (2, 3, 4) ; Odd Basketball leader (3, 4); Flastacowo Staff (2, 3); Class Secretary (2); Class President (3, 4): President ' s Council (3, 4); Senate (3, 4). ANNA MARIE MITCHELL Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Phi Beta Kappa Phi Alpha Theta Astronomy Club (1, 2. 4); Odd Hockey (1, 2); F Club (1); Odd Demonstration (1); Executive Cabinet of Y.W.C.A. (2); I.R.C. Delegate to Convention (2); In- t°rnational Relations C 1 ' 1 ' ) ' °, 3. 4): Classical Club (4); Vice President I.R.C MARGARET MIZELL Live Oak, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi Home Economics Club (4). PAGE 83 EUNICE MURIEL MOE St. Petersburg, Fla. A. II. in Arts and Sciences Theta Upsilon Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College (3); Classical Club (3, 4); Glee Club (4); Astronomy Club (4). ELOISE MODELLER St. Augustine, Fla. A. H. in Arts in l Sciences EDNA ADELE MOON Tallahassee, Fla. Glee Club (1. 2, 3). FRANCES MORROW Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. in Arts a nil Sciences Pi Beta Phi Odd Demonstration (1, 2); Junior Minstrels (1, 2); Fealty (1); Student Counselor (?, 4); Freshman Cabinet (2); Usher Committee (3); Panhellenic Rep- resentative (4). HELEN MURRAY Ocala, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega MARGARET MURRAY New Smyrna, Fla. A.B. in Arts iiikI Sciences Alpha Chi Omega MARGARET NEFF Miami Beach, Fla. B.S. in Arts and Sciences Theta Upsilon CATHERINE NEUMANN Tampa, Fla. U.S. in Commerce Astronomy Club (4); New- man Club (4). MARJORIE NOGGLE Winter Haven, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Kappa Delta May Day ( 1 ) ; Freshman Commission (2); Executive Cabinet of Y.W.C.A. (2, 4). ANNAWILDA NORRIS Bradenton, F ' la. A.B. in Education Chairman of Freshma n Cabinet (2); Freshman Com- mission (2) ; Vice President Y.W.C.A. (3); Executive Cab- inet Y.W.C.A. (4); Freshman Counselor (4). BERNICE OLIVER Marianna, Fla. B.S. in Arts and Sciences Sigma Delta Pi Lower Court of C.G.A. Chairman (4). (4) ; House EMILY OLSEN West Palm Beach, Fla, B.S. in Home Economics CLOTILDE O ' ROURKE Miami, Fla. A.B. in Arts unit Sciences Alpha Xi Delta Chi Delta Phi Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Cabinet (2); Flambeau Staff International Relations Club (3, dent (3, 4), Freshman (2, 3, 4); 4) ; Presi- Newman Club (4); Distaff Staff PEARLE OVERHULTZ Quincy, Fla. A.B. in Education Epsilon Sigma Phi Phi Kappa Classical Club (1, 2. 3, Club (2, 3, 4). 4) ; Astronomy DAISY PARKER Tallahassee, Fla. A.B. in Education Phi Beta Kappa Phi Alpha Theta Chi Delta Phi Sigma Delta Pi Mortar Board Pi Sigma Alpha Spirogira Day Students Organization (1, 2, 3, 4) Mortar Scholarship Plaque for Freshmen International Relations Club (2, 3. 4) Mortar Scholarship Plaque for Sopho- mores; Flambeau Staff (2) Senate (3, 4) : Executive Cabinet of Y.W.C.A. (3) : Chairman of Handbook Com- mittee (3); Assistant Editor of Distaff (3); Editor of Dis- taff (4); " Who ' s Who " (4). ELIZABETH PECK So. Jacksonville, F ' la. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Spirogira Freshman Cabinet (2); Chairman Sophomore-Senior ,. . " Breakfast (2); Chairman Junior Minstrel (3) ; Judiciary of C.G.A. (3, 4). ANISE PENDLETON St. Petersburg, Fla. B.S. in Education Phi Alpha Phi Transfer. VIRGINIA PEYTON Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Chi Omega Junior Minstrels (1, 2, 3); Cotillion Club (2, 3, 4); President Cotillion Club (2); Odd Demonstration (2, 4); Usher Committee (3); Panhellenic Representa- tive (4). EMILY VIRGINIA PINNEY Melbourne, Fla, B.S. in Home Economies Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) : Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); German Club (3). MARY M. POLLARD Miami, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Alpha Xi Delta Odd Demonstration (2); Home Eco- nomics Club (4). MARGUERITE PREVATT Starke, Fla. A.B. in Education 4-H Club (1, 2, 3). HELEN RANDLE Miami, Fla. B.S. in Nursing Nurse ' s Organization (4) ; Home Eco- nomics Club (4). MARGARET REEDY Coral Gables, Fla. .4.7?. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta . . PAGE 84 . mm- aw 1. LEONA REHBINDER Fort Meade, Pla. B.S. in Home Economics Transfer (3); Home Economics Club (3, 4); Astronomy Club (3, 4); Nurse ' s Association (3, 4). MARY OLA REYNOLDS Crescent City, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Astronomy Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Life Sav- ing Corps (1, 2, 3); Religious Emphasis Week (2. 3, 4) ; Freshman Counselor (3, 4); International Relations Club (3, 4) : Freshman Advisory Council (4). KATHLEEN ROBINSON St. Augustine, Fla. A.B. in Education Eta Sigma Phi Social Committee visory Council (3) C.G.A. (4) ; House sical Club (4). (3); Freshman Ad- Lower Court of Chairman (4); Clas- ROBERTA ROGERS Lynne, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics RUTH ESTHER ROSEN Orlando, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences SARA RUTLEDGE St. Cloud, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Lower Court of C.G.A. (4) Counselor (I). Freshman RUTH SADLER Winter Garden, Fla. A.B. in Aits and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Freshman Cabinet (2); Chairman Coronation (3) : Panhellenic Representative. ANNE SAMS New Smyrna, Fla. U.S. iii Education Kappa Delta Odd Demonstration (1); Fresh m a n Cabinet (2) ; Chairman Infirmary Commit- tee (2); Freshman Counsel- or (3); Freshman Advisory Council (3, 4). CLARICE SANCHEZ Miami, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Home Economics Club (1) ; Junior Minstrels (1, 3); Cotillion (4). HAZEL AUSTINE SANGSTER Orlando, Fla. A. H. in Education Kappa Delta Phi Freshman Counselor (9, 3. 4); Clas- sical Club (1, 2, 4); International Rela- tions Club (3. 4). LILLIAN SCHULTE Plant City, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Alpha Chi Omega Home Economics Club (4). MAE LOUISE C. SCHWADERER Altoona, Penn. B.S. in Education Day Students Organization (4). MILDRED SEEKINS Miami, Fla. B.S. in Education Alpha Chi Omega F Club (1); Odd Volley Ball (.1); Odd Soccer (1) ; Physical Education Associa- tion (1, 2, 3, 4); May Day (2); Odd Dem- onstration (2); Glee Club (2); Freshman Counselor (4) : Lower Court of C.G.A. (4). CLARA MAE SHEPHERD St. Petersburg. Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College (3); Newman Club (3, 4). LILLIAN SIMMONS Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. in Education Phi Mu Freshman Commission (2); Classical Club (4). BETTY SWEET SMITH Cocoa, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi BONNIE SMITH Plant City, Fla. B.S. in Commerce KATHRYN SMITH Belle Glade, Fla. A.B. in Arts arid Sciences A Delta Zeta M Panhellenic Representative. -4h MARY BOWMAN SMITH Old Lyme, Conn. B. S. in Education Delta Zeta Astronomy Club (3, 4 German Club (2, 3). ' - sy PEARL SMITH Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. in Nursing President Nurse ' s Association (3. 4); Home Economics Club (3, 4) ; Astronomy Club (3. 4); Freshman Counselor (4); International Relations Club (4). RITA SNYDER St. Augustine, Fla. B.S. in Arts and Sciences F. Club (1, 2) ; Life Saving Corps (1, 2) ; Odd Basketball (1) ; Odd Hockey (1) ; Odd Baseball (2); Sophomore Athletic Manager (2); Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation (2). OLIVIA SORENSON St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. in Education Theta Upsilon Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College; Astronomy Club (4); Panhellen ' c Representative (4). MARIE SPURLOCK Callahan, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Chi Omega Glee Club (1, 2 (1) ; Vice House Advisory Committee of Freshman Counselor (2, 3); Freshman Cabinet Cabinet of Y.W.C.A. (3 C.G.A. (4). 3. 4) ; Classical Club Chairman (1); State N.Y.A. (3, 4); 3); S°nate (2. (2) : Executive ; Judiciary of -SI WHSkk. , PAGE 85 SHIRLEY STEVENS Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Omicron Nu Spirogira Mortar Board Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3, 4) ; F Club (2, 3, 4); Social Committee (3); Judiciary of C.G.A. (4); Lower Court of C.G.A. (4) ; Senate (4). SYRENA MAY STOCKBRIDGE Dade City, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). MARIE TAYLOR Miami Beach, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Kappa Alpha Theta Spirogira Odd Demonstration (1. 3); 2, 3, 4) ; Life Saving Corps Freshman Commission (2) Telegraphic Swimming Meet (3, 4); EVeshman Counselor (3»; F.S.G.A. Convention (3); Executive Council of C.G.A. (4). MARY OLIVIA TAYLOR Decatur, Ga. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Transfer from Emory University TWILAH TAYLOR Lake Wales, Fla. A.B. in Education Classical Club (1. 2. 3, 4); 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Astronomy Club (3. 4). ; F Club (1. (1, 2, 3, 4); : Chairman (2) ; Senate VIRGINIA TAYLOR Leesburg, Fla. A.B. in Education JANE E. THARIN Dunedin, Fla. B.S. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta President of Class (1); Life Saving Corps (1, 2. 3, 4); Junior Minstrel (1) ; May Day (2); President Cotillion Club (4); Odd Demonstration (4): Executive Cabinet Y.W.C.A. (4); Social Committee (4). FRANCES THOMAS Tampa, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta LTsher Committee (3); Pan- hellenic Representative (3). MARGARET THOMPSON Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Kappa Delta Esteren MARY TILLER Pensacola, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Beta Phi Alpha Astronomy Club (2, Club (3) ; Freshman Flastacowo Staff (4). 3, 4); Classical Counselor (4) ; MARJORIE JOAN TILLIS Sanford, Fla. A.B. in Education Pi Beta Phi Mortar Board Orchestra (1, 2, 3); Little Theatre Orchestra (1, 2, 3); Glee Club (1, 2); Odd Demonstration (1, 2, 3); Junior Minstrel (1, 2, ); May Day (2); Chair- man of Fealty (3); Astronomy Club (3); Freshman Counselor (3) : International Relations Club (3, 4) : Flastacowo Staff (3, 4); President Mortar Board (4); Chairman Odd Demonstration (4); " Who ' s Who " (4); President ' s Council (4); Social Committee (4). GERTRUDE TOMKIES Gainesville, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Orchestra (1, 2, 3). BONNEVIERE TOMLINSON Miami Beach, Fla. A. B. in Arts and Sciences Odd Demonstration (1). M. ELIZABETH TOUCHTON Palatka, Fla. A.B. in Education HELEN MARY TREIS Vero Beach, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Odd Demonstration (2). HELEN TURNBULL Newport, R. I. B.S. in Commerce Kappa Delta AMBER VIVIAN TURNER Clearwater, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Alpha Gamma Delta SARAH SUZANNE TWEED Pensacola, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Beta Phi Alpha Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). V KATHLEEN H. VAN ALST St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Glee Club Chorus (1, 2, 3) ; French Club (1, 3); German Club (1, 4); Inter- national Relations Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Astronomy Club (4). JULIA VANDERIPE Manatee, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Eta Sigma Phi Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Freshman Cabinet (2); Circulation Manager of Dis- taff (2); International Relations Club (3, 4); Business Manager of Flastacowo (4). MARY VEACH Miami, Fla. B.S. in Home Economies Kappa Alpha Theta Home Economics Club (4). ELOISE Fla. VEITH CHARLOTTE Jacksonville, B.M. Alpha Chi Omega Phi Beta Glee Club (1, 2, 4); Orchestra 4); Little Theatre Orchestra 1, Odd Demonstration (1, 4); Cabinet (2); String Quartet HAZEL VIERTEL Winter Haven, Fla. A.B. in Education Classical Club (1, ball (1, 2, 3, 4); Odd Baseball (1, 2, retary (2) ; Vice President (3 (4); Athletic Board (3, 4); letic Manager (3). (1. 2, 2. 4) ; Freshman (4). 2, 3, 4); Odd Basket- Odd Hockey (1, 2); 3); F Club (1) ; Sec- ; President Class Ath- :K.: : MAXINE WARD Eustis, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Beta Phi Alpha Glee Club (1, 2, Volleyball (1) ; Commissi! i (2) ; Counselor ( °, 3 Minstrel (3) ; of C.G.A. (4) Sciences 3, 4) : Odd Freshman Freshman 4); Junior Lower Court International Relations Club (4) : Odd Demonstration (4); House Chairman (4). MARGARET E. WARE Leesburg, Fla. B.S. in Commerce Delta Delta Delta BEULAH WATKINS Huntington, W. Va. A.B. in Arts and Sciences ANNA VON DOHLEN Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi MARIAN LUCILE WAKEFIELD Tallahassee, Fla. A.B. in Education HOLLY M. WAKER Vero Beach, Fla. A. :, in Education Eta Sigma Phi Classical Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Astronomy Club (3, 4); International Relations Club (4). ANITA M. WALDER Miami, F ' la. A.B. in Hit ma I inn Glee Club Chorus ( 1 ) ; Odd Demonstra- tion (2) ; Junior Minstrel (2). SALLY WALDER Miami, Fla. A.B. in Ed ilea I ion MARIAN G. WEEKS DeLand, Fla. B.S. in Education Alpha Xi Delta Odd Hockey (1, 2, 4); Odd Swimming (1, 2, 3); Physical Education Associa- tion (1, 2, 3. 4); Vice-President (4); Odd Tennis (1); Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4); F Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Odd Baseball (2); Intramural Chairman (.2, 4); Chair- man Odd Color Rush (2); Odd Demon- stration (2, 4); Odd Basketball (2, 4); Astronomy Club (3) ; Panhellenic Rep- resentative (3); Hockey Sports Leader (4). ELIZABETH WHIDDEN Bartow, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Alpha Delta Pi GRACE MOODY WHITAKER Tampa, Fla. B.s. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Delta Flastacowo Staff (1, 2, 3, 4); Distaff Staff (1, 2, 3, 4); Mid-Winter Festival (1); Fealty (2). SUE WHITAKER Tampa, Fla. A.B. in Arts anil Sciences Kappa Delta Phi Beta Kappa Freshman Cabinet (2); Senate (4). MILDRED IDA WHITE St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. in Education Transfer. MAE WHITTEN Sarasota, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (. ' !, 4): Astronomy Club (4). JEANETTE WICKHAM Eau Gallie, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Glee Club (4). FRANK M. WILDMAN Ojus, Fla. A.B. in Education Alpha Xi Delta Kappa Delta Pi German Club (4), ELEANOR WILLIAMS Daytona Beach, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Pi Beta Phi Mortar Board Flambeau Staff (2, 3, 4); Freshman Counselor (3); Odd Demonstration (4); International Relations Club (4). MADGE WILLIAMS Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta Stetson Representative to C.G.A. (2); Stetson Chairman of Freshman Advisor Committee (2) ; Stetson Maid of Honor to May Queen (3). JEAN WILLIS Pensacola, Fla. BiS. in Home Economics Beta Phi Alpha Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Panhellenic Representative (3); Astron- omy Club (4). BANKS CARTER WOOD Miami, F ' la. A.B. in Arts and Sciences Kappa Alpha Theta LYNNORA YOUNG Tallahassee, Fla. B.S 1 . in Home Economics Home Economics Club dents Organizations (4). (4); Day Stu- iiu. IfOt PAGE 87 History of the Class of ' 37 The thirty-first of May brings to a glorious close the tour years of work and play which opened in September with Freshman Week, standing in endless lines until we felt perfectly conditioned for the heavy task ahead. Shall we ever forget the posture exam? And hearing " that section is already closed " to every request for the professor that our big sister told us we just had to get because he was the easiest one on the faculty! Then came Rush Week and that was glamour with a capital (i plus aching muscles with a capital M. We haven ' t smiled so much in all the rest of the four years as we smiled that week ! Our first sight of an investiture left us awed and just a little weak in the knees. But we strengthened up on having to carry the torch in torch night, bare-footed in cheese-cloth. Y.W.C.A. recognition service was a beautiful experience for many of us. And to keep us busy we immedi- ately started practicing for fealty. Our beautiful sisters vied for the hand of the handsome junior prince and when he chose his queen from among them we were officially accepted Odds. Odd-Even demonstrations and the games were especially thrilling since many of us were taking part — only as Odds, of course! Many freshmen started athletic careers in those games that continued throughout the four years to bring victory and glory to the Odds. Election of the class officers gave us our first taste of government. Jane Tharin became the president. Our first Christinas vacation was perhaps the most exciting event in the year! But most excruciating was our first taste of semester exams ! Second semester we started off quietly but we broke the silence with a bang when freshman council and cab- inet were tapped. Our jobs for the next year were before us and we were then a working part of student govern- ment. Our sophomore activities opened with the torch night ceremony in which we passed the vires, artes, mores clown to the incoming class. In February the sophomore hop, its stars and gay colored lights, gave us our first official chance to show off our masculine admirers. With the installation of C.G.A. officials some of our finest leaders began what turned out to be spectacular careers. We were mighty proud! Mary Miller was elected president of our class this year and, as the future disclosed, she remained president for the rest of our sojourn. In May we entertained our senior sisters in the half-happy, half-sad sophomore-senior breakfast. We bore the daisy chain at class day and sorrowfully watched graduation. As juniors we began the bustling life of a true upper classman, taking a very active part in C.G.A., the pub- lications and Y.W. Mary Jeanne McKay was chairman of Religious Emphasis Week and made a name for herself at that time. Junior Minstrels were a huge success as was Odd demonstration. With the installation of campus officers Mary Jeanne became president of the student body and Martha Makemson chairman of judiciary. Junior-senior prom, our first formal here was a beautiful affair and we had a marvelous time. Mortar Board tapping, breathless experience, gave recognition to many who had served long and faithfully to the government and to the text-book. Final exams brought summer and dignity. We were seniors ! Being seniors the first exciting moment was investiture at which Dr. Conradi placed our mortor boards on our heads in hopeful anticipation of the greater ceremony in May. Our actors and athletes took their bows in the Thanksgiving games and demonstrations. Wasal-wasal! The senior Christmas party! It was a queer brew but it sure was fun. We ate again at Dr. Conradi ' s birthday in February. Being a senior is very satisfying! Our second and last prom — beautifully decorated — lovely gowns and a perfectly thrilling time. Peace Day. Mary Jeanne ' s brain child, was a huge success with participation in classes, in parade and speeches down town, and in plays over the radio and at the school. Many other colleges were in sympathy with us on that day. The Mortar Board Leadership Conference was another introduction by our class. It was a preparatory course in college government duties and was successfully supervised by Marjorie Tillis. president of the local chapter. The installation of campus officers brought a much needed respite to seniors who had many term papers loom- ing up ! May Day, though delayed a week because of weather conditions, was a beautiful ceremony with Mary Jeanne as queen and twelve outstanding seniors serving her as maids. The sophomore-senior breakfast nearly brought forth tears, but it was great fun. As was the alumnae break- fast for the seniors in which they accepted us into the alumnae fold. But exams still stood in the way of the alumnae association. Safely through them we ushered our junior sisters in and ourselves out of senior ranks with a new class day ceremony. Baccalaureate was very impressive with the caps and gowns and happy parents taking part. Finally graduation — a little sheepskin, how precious ! Weeping mothers and joyous teachers ! Farewell ! HILDA SPRADLIN Preside Hi ■ . ..■■■■ PAULINE EVELETH Vice President Parliamentarian HELEN DANIELS Senate Representative KATHLEEN GRUPPE Senate Representative FRANCES LEWIS Colorful swirling evening dresses contrasting with black tuxedoes at the Junior-Senior Prom . . . the excitement of elections . . . the solemnity of College Government in- stallation . . . The three torches burning in the dark of the auditorium in Mortar Board tapping . . . black caps and gowns being placed on new shoulders in Class Day . . . Secretary Treasurer MARY NELL PINCKARD SALLIE BURT NUZUM PAGE 90 LOIS ADKINS MARGARET ADKINS EDITH ADKINSON MARIE ANDERSON ELEANOR ANDREWS ELOISE ANDREWS RUTH BARKER I ADELE BARNARD ELIZABETH BARY PAGE 91 JEAN BAUGHMAN ADELLA BAUMSTEIN LOIS BEHRENS MARJORIE BEISEL MARY L. BELL DOROTHY BELLAMY ELIZABETH BOW LOIS BOWEN VIRGINIA BRIDGES I PAGE 92 VIVIAN BRIZARD ELLA V. BROOKS VIOLA BROOKS BEVERLY BROWN MARGUERITE BROWNE ftllSfl LILLIAN BURFORD MARJORIE A. BUTLER SARAH F. CARTER ELIZABETH CASON I 1 MARIE CASON LYNN O. CHAPMAN HELEN CHRISTOPHER NAN CLARK MARY R. CLAYTON PAGE 93 JESSIE COACHMAN MARY G. COARSEY MARGERY COLEE —_ j AUDREY COOPER MARSHLEA COTTINGHAM MARJORIE COX MR ' . ' " " " " : " 1 PAGE 94 JANE CRALLE JERE CROOK CLARICE CURRY HELEN DANIEL JULIA DANIEL ELAINE DAVIS VIRGINIA DAVIS EDITH DIXON HELEN DONN JANE DOWDELL KATHERINE ELY PAGE 95 ERMA ENGEL CHARLOTTE ENGSTROM PAULINE EVELETH BETTY FINCH EVELYN FISHER LOUISE FOSGATE ELOISE FRINK MAXINE FUGATE ELIZABETH FLAKE m __, JANE GAGE JANE GALLEMORE RUTH GARCIA PAGE 96 LOUISE GEHAN RITA GILLEYLEN CLARICE GILLIS - ' EVELYN GLAZIER MADGE GLENN FARRONCITA GOODELL ESTHER GRIFFING KATHLEEN GRUPPE LORINE GUIN PATRICIA HAMILTON EVELYN HAMMOND GEORGENA HART BARBARA HENDRY MILDRED HILL EDNA E. HOBBS ELIZABETH JINKS MARIE JOFFRE PATSY JOHNSTON MARGARET JOHNSTONE ETHEL JONES FLORENCE JONES JAMIE JONES MARGERY JONES GLADYS KEEN ELIZABETH KORST NELLIE LaMAR ERMINE LAWRENCE MARTHA LESTER FRANCES LEWIS I PAGE 100 LOUISE LINGO ARLINE G. LOCKHART MARY LOPEZ MATTIE L. LOVE LILLIE McGUIRE lliiir BSk ,: : ■■■.. " " W JEAN LYKES CAROLINE McCALL JESSICA J. MACKEY JIMMIE MALONE I HELEN MENNEKEN ONA MERRILL GERALDINE MEYERS ANNE MIZELL SARA MOOR LULA M. MOOTY GENEVA NELSON MARY NICKEL SALLIE B. NUZUM DOROTHY NYE MARJORIE OATES MARJORIE OLIVER DOROTHY OLMSTEAD ELEANOR OLSEN NA N O ' SHAUGNESSY I PAGE 103 GWENDOLYN PATTERSON JEAN PAULLIN SHIRLEY PEMBERTON I PAGE 104 . L MARJORIE RAULERSON JANE RICE GLADYS RICHARDSON MARY RICHARDSON EILEEN ROBINSON MARIAN A. ROGERS VIRGINIA ROGERS i ELEANOR RUFF ETHEL RUNYAN VIRGINIA SCHREIBER INEZ SEABROOK SARAH SEALEY PEARLE SHEPARD VIRGINIA SHULTZ MARGUERITE SJOSTROM PAGE 106 MARGARET STOUT MARJORIE STUMP MABRY SUMNER VIRGINIA TOFFALETTI ELIZABETH TURNER JEWEL TURNER ALENE VERCOE MARIE WAGNER HELEN WALDE GLADYS WARE ANNIE WATERHOUSE FRANCES WATERHOUSE MARJORIE WEEMS PAGE 108 . •- -. if " FELICIA WEST MARGARET WIGGINS DOROTHY WILLIAMS AjpiK i , ® i % l ' % ■•!■! «•■ EDNA WILLIAMS LUCILLE WILLIAMS MARTHA G. WILSON EDNA YACOBIAN ISABEL YON ELEANOR ZIMMERMAN Junior and Senior classmen at Florida Stale College for Women are en- trusted with full responsibility in organization and operation of their student government. Major offices in the College Government Association are open only to representatives from these two classes, elected by the student body at large. With a growing concept of democratic participation and economic principles, this year ' s College Government Association has endeavored to make each student feel the part she plays in the Association. Open Senate meetings, student debate in N. S. F. A. forums, and questionnaires on col- lege government regulations were attempts of the administration to mirror student thought and opinion. Orientation courses and lectures were given Freshmen in an attempt to acquaint new students with every phase of their college government. Under- classmen were encouraged to contribute to the college publications. Staff positions on these publications previously closed to underclassmen were opened to that group this year in accordance with a movement toward leader- ship training. This movement was climaxed by the Mortar Board Leadership Training Conference for neAvlj ' -elected officers of 1937-38. To these officers, the Class of 1937 represents a heritage and a challenge. We have given you a valuable foundation upon which to build. The energy of high ideals and devotion to principle is the driving force which keeps our governmental machinery going. Its smooth-running efficiency, however, is due to the attitude of co-operation which must exist between the students and the faculty and between the students and the ' r elected officials. AVe charge you with full responsibility in answering this chal- lenge — a challenge which, if fulfilled, will enable you to meet honestly and intelligently the problems of life and prepare those who follow for more com- plete living. Lift high the torch which we have passed on to you! Bright flame, steady hand, s.out heart — strength and h ' gh endeavor are yours! President 1 ' EGGY BOTELBR Vice President SARA LYTLE Parliamentarian ELOISE TROTT Senate Representative FRANCES DOUGLAS Senate Representativ BETTY SKINNER Sophomore sister in white walking arm in arm with seniors in black caps and gowns . . . dancing and young laughter at the Sophomore Hop . . . enthusiastic cheerers at Odd-Even games . . . The blue and white uniforms of Sophomore Council girls in eon vocation . . . carefree groups shouting to each other on campus . . . the half-sad gaiety of the Sophomore-Senior breakfast . . . Secretary BETTY HATCH Treasurer JEAN GILLIES 112 PAGE EDITH ABSTE1N HAZEL L. ADAMS PRISCILLA ADAMS SARAH ADAMS WILLIE B. ADAMS NANCY ADAMSON MARGARET ALFORD BETTY AMBLER ERCEL ANDERSON EVELYN ANDERSON MAIE ANDERSON SADIE ANDERSON ROSE APPEL ADELIA APPLEYARD EILEEN ARNOLD PAULINE ARNOLD REBECCA ASHTON RUTH ATKINS! AVALEE AUSTIN FLORA AVRIETT KATHERINE BACON LEILA BADGER MARY J. BAILLIES DANNER BAKER IRENE BARFIELD DOROTHY BARR PAGE 113 blanton Barrett patricia barringer louise barshell evelyn bayless JULIA BECKMAN MARION BEERMAN MARGARET BELL ALMA BEVILLE BETTY BICHAN HELEN BIRMINGHAM LOUISE BOONE KRGARET BOTELER FLORES BOTTARI JOSEPHINE BOWEN CAROLYN BOYD ELIZABETH BOYD EMMA W. BRADFORD ' %:■■:■■:. " •-, ' " Viii SiM PAGE 114 ' m LILLIAN BRADLEY OLIVIA BRADLEY MARGUERITE. BRANAS ELAINE BRITT ELLEN BROWN JANE BROWN LOUISE BROWN TEXADA BROWN ELEANOR D. BROWNE MILDRED BROXSON FRANCES BRUNSON NANCY BRYAN RUTH BUECHLY DEE CARROLL MARIE CASTELLANO ELIZABETH CAUSEY DULCIE CAVAGNERO MARY P. CHALKER SYBIL CHESHIRE PAGE 115 VERNER CHITTY THERESSA CHRISTEL FRANCES CLEMENTS RUTH CLEVELAND MYRTLE A. CLIFFORD JOYCE CLIFTON HONOR COLEMAN NELL COLVIN ELIZABETH COMPTON FAY COREY VIRGINIA CRAIG DOROTHY DAME MARY E. DANCY EDITH DANIEL ELEANOR DANIELLS EUGENIA DEATH VIRGINIA DELL GIBSON DEY SALLIE DICKEY V. PAGE 116 HELEN DILLARD LUCILLE DIXON MERLE DIXON HAZEL DONEGAN MARY E. DAUGHTERY FRANCES DOUGLAS MARY FEARNSIDE MARY FERGUSON MERIBA FERGUSON DORIS FILLIGIM ELIZABETH FINCH RUTH FISHER : ; PAGE 117 MARGARET F1SHLER VALERA FITCH FRANCES FLOYD PAULINE FORD ELEANOR FREER FREDDIE FRINK WELESKA FULMER ROBERTA GAMMON AIDA GARCIA LEOLINE GATES SARAH F. GATPELL PEARL GAY MARY GERALD GRACE GILL JEAN GILLIES EUGENIA GLASS MARY GOBER MAYBETH GOSS MARGARET GOURLIE ELIZABETH GRILEY CAROLYN GRISSETT JEWELL GROOVER FLORENCE GROSS LORRAINE GYLES PAGE 118 MARTHA HAGUE ELIZABETH HAMILTON RUTH HANSON KATHERINE HARPER BETTY HARRISON JULIA HARRISON MARY ANN HART MARJORIE HARTSFIELD AUDREY HASTINGS BETTY HATCH LUC1LE HAZELTON MARION HERBERT MARGARET HESS HELEN HICKERSON ELEANOR HICKSON m§ MARY HIGGINS WINIFRED HILL JOYCE P. HINCKLE ' HILDA HINES HAZEL HINSEY FRANCES HOBBS RUTH HOBBY JEAN HODGES JULIA HODGSON JEANNE HORNING EILEEN HORSCHEL LOIS HUGHES ELIZABETH JOHNS CONNIE HOWARD LEONA HOWE FRANCES HOWELL MAGGIE HUNTER MARY E. HUSSON PEGGY JACKSON JEAN JOHNSTON JOAN JOHNSTON WILLIE JOINER MYRTLE JONES PAGE 119 HELEN HUGHES ANNIE JENNINGS LOUISE JERNIGAN NELLIE JONES LUCY KELLY ARYSTINE E. KENNEDY MARGARET E. KENNEDY MARTHA KENNEDY CHRISTINE K1LLIAN GAIL KINNEY PAGE 120 MARION KIRKLAND GERALDINE KNAPP GWENDOLYN KNAPP ANN KNIGHT ANN S. LADD FRANCES E. LaMOTT FRANCES LANE HELEN LANE MARINA LASTRA BETTY LEACH MARTHA LILA LEE VIRGIE M. LEE ZU-- RACHEL LEONARDY ROSE LEE LEVIN DOROTHY LEWIS SARA LEWIS MURIEL LIEBMANN JANET LOCKWOOD ' ELIZABETH LOUNDS FRANCES LOWE MYRTLE LOWERY LILLIAN W. LUKENS MARTHA LUMPKIN ANN LYDDANE JEi¥M£ ' ::M : ' SARAH LYTLE CHRISTINE McCLELLAN JESSIE McCOLLUM muriel Mccracken PAGE 121 MARY N. McCRAY EMMA L. McCULLOUGH AILSA MCKELVEY ellen Mcleod LILYAN MARKS MRS. ALMA R. MARTIN betty a. Mcmullen V ■ ALWILDA MACK IDA MANN MARY MANNING ;:i £ii ■_ „ FRANCES C. MAYS ELIZABETH MEIGS ELVA MELVIN MARGARET MEREDITH MARY L. MERIWETHER BEULAH MITCHELL DOROTHY MOLNAR BARBARA MOORE MARTHA MOORE MIDELLE MOORE PAGE 122 ¥ SARAH MOORE FLOREINE MORRIS JULIA MULLIS EVELYN MURPHY HELEN MURPHY JEAN NASH MARY NEEL CORINNE NOBLE MARY NOBLE HAZEL NOE JEANETTE NORDMAN THELMA NORLIN ESTHER O ' BYRNE CATHERINE OMARA FRANCES E. OSTEEN ELIZABETH ORLEMAN BERSHE OVEN JACK OWENS MARY L. PALMER MARY E. PARKER LILLA PARRAMORE OWREATHA PARRISH RUTH PARSON SARAH PARSONS PAGE 123 ALBERTA PATRICK LYNETTE PATTEN KATHERINE PATTERSON LUTRELLE PATTERSON MARGARET PEACOCK MARY PEACOCK IRENE PECK MARY E. PEMBERTON ELIZABETH PHAY MARTHA PHILLIPS ANNIE L. POLK RUTH PORTER ELLA F. PRICE DORIS PURCHASE MARION L. PURVIANCE MARY W. QUESENBURY VERNA C. RAKER CAROL L. RAMAGE MARY E. RAMSEY MARCIA RANNEY ARDIS RAST ' V ifik-Mi PAGE 124 ELSIE RENFROE ADELAIDE RICHTER DOROTHY RICKARDS JOAN ROSS r RUTH RIDDLE NANCY RIGBY MARJORIE ROBERTS NORMA ROBINSON GERTRUDE RODGERS NANCY ROGERO Ew i a -- NANCY ROU MARIE ROUNTREE LETHA M. ROYCE DOROTHEA RUFF ELIZABETH RUSSELL VIVIAN SANBORN ANNA L. SANCHEZ ISABELLE SATTERFIELD CHRISTINE SAPPINGTON DOROTHY SCOTT ELIZABETH SCOTT i Ml HIRLEY SCREVEN LUCILLE SEED JANE SHARON ANNIE E. SKINNER PAGE 125 EVELYN SMITH ELIZABETH SNYDER RGARET SPARKMAN LAVINA SPAULDING ELIZABETH SPENCER ELIZABETH SPICER Lm A EDYTHE STANLEY MARY E. STEVENSON LARA STEWART MARJORIE STEWART AGNES STIGGINS NELLE ST. JOHN GRACE STROSBERG MAYME L. STRANGE MARY SULLIVAN JANE SUTTON MARIE SWILLEY HELEN TAYLOR MARCIA THOMAS LEONE THORNTON . -N PAGE 126 BEAUFORD THROWER ANNA TILDEN LILLIAN TOFFALETTI LEONEL TRAPNELL ELOISE TROTT SUZANNA TRUSSLE MARGARET TYLER JANE UPTON MARIAN USHER LINTON VITTE MARY VOSS BETTY WADSWOR1 MARGARET WALCOTT ANNA WALKER MARGARET WALKER MARY WALLIS CARLENA WALSH FLORENCE WARD I HELEN WEBB LOUISE WHEELER - " " ft? BETTY WHITE DOROTHY C. WHITE POLLY ANN WHITE LOUISE WHITTING if S|fftftft. : ftft;ft|ftftft X PAGE 127 FRANCES WILLIAMS GERALDINE WILLIAMS NANCY WILLIAMSON ELIZABETH A. WILSON MARGARET WILSON MYRTLE WILSON RUTH WILSON NELL WOODHAM BETTY WYNN JEAN ZACHARIAS ft ll 11 President KATHRYN GRAHAM Vice President ELAINE FLEISCHER Parliamentarian OLIVE ALDERMAN Senate Representative HELEN BROWN Senate Representative GAIL GATHRIGHT The busy whirl of Freshman Week ... a circle of candles around the fountain . . . Grecian runners lifting- lighted torches high in the ceremony of Torch Night . . . impromptu cheering squads rousing along the halls of the freshman dorms Thanksgiving morning . . . eampus-cut- ups on roller skates . . . frolicing fun at the Freshman carnival . . . ice-cream and lolly-pops . . . paddles and " -oats " . . . Secretary Treasurer INA MARGARET ROBINSON MARION GRINNELL FAYE ADAMS MARJORIE ANDERSON MARJORIE GERALDINE OLIVE MARY E. GRACE E. JANE ADAMS ALBRITTON ALDERMAN ALLEN ANDERSON ANDERSON MAMIE RUTH BAGGOTT MARTHA BAILES VIRGINIA BAIRD SUSIE BAKER MARTHA BALLENGER RUTH BARRINGTON CHARLOTTE BARTLESS MARY BECTON MARION BEDELL IRIS BELL LETITIA BELL MARGARET BENJAMIN ANNIE BENNETT ELIZABETH BENNETT MARGARET BOWMAN JOSEPHINE BREWER DOROTHY BREWSTER RUBY BRONSTEIN NELWYN BROOKS MILDRED BROUNING HELEN BROWN JAMIE BROWN MARTHA BROYLES MARIE BRYAN FAYE BRYANT JULIA BURNETTE LORRAINE BURROUGHS ELEANOR BUSHNELL MYRTLE BUTTS VIRGINIA CHAMBERLIN JANE BVRD DORIS CAHOON ALLEYNE CALVIN HOPE CAMPBELL CELESTIA CARLTON DOROTHY CARUTHERS DOROTHY COLBURN ELVIRA LOIS REUBEN CAROLYN COLE COLEMAN COLEMAN COLLINS MARY COLLINS CHARLOTTE CONNELL i 3l iiiiiii ii sir JANET V. COOK JANE COOPER JUAN1TA CRAWFORD DAILIA CURRAN MADELAINE CURRAN BETTY CURTIS MARY ELLEN DAETWYLEF fcsw - ' ■. CAROLYN DANIEL MILDRED DURST LOTTIE ELLIOT CATHERINE DAVIS ELIZABETH DAVIS SHIRLEY DAVIS MERLE DEKLE ANN DICKSON CAROL DIXON DOROTHY LILLIAN LILLIAN PAULINE VIRGINIA MAE WINIFRED G DORMAN DORMAN DOUGLAS DOUGLAS DOWLING DUNAWAY DUNN VIRGINIA EAGER KATHRYN ECKLES CAROLINE EDWARDS DORIS EDWARDS SEALE EFFINGER RUTH McKEOWN ELKINS RUBY ELLIS VIOLA ELLIS DOROTHY EMERSON LORRAINE ENGLISH LUCY ENTZM1NGER SHIRLEY ESSRIG V i ANGIE FRISCIA FRANCES FRYER WILLYNE GAINES MARGARET GALLATIN GAYLE GATHRIGHT EILEEN GILL LILLIAN GILLISPIE AUGUSTA GLENDENNINf LUCY GRANT BETTY GRAVES WILLIAMETTA GREEN ELLEN GREER EVELYN GREER ELIZABETH GRIFFITH MARY GLENN GRIMES MARION GRINNELL ■I META HELMS LOUISE HITCH ELEANOR HOCKER BETTY HODGSON ROSEMARY HOFFMAN LORENE HOLABIRD MARY HOLLADAY RUTH IDA HINKLEY HELEN HOLLOWAY MELISSA VIRGINIA VIRGINIA LEONORE LOLA DELL LULA BELL MAXINE HOLMAN HOLMER HOLMES HOPKINS HOPKINS HOPKINS HOPKINS " W ■ NANCY NATALEE Lucille PEGGY FRANCES VALERIE ZONIRA HORNEY HOUCHARD HUDSON HUGHES HUMPHRIES HUNT HUNTER BETTY JANE JACO HENRIETTA JACOBY ANITA JAECKEL JEAN JERNIGAN MARJORIE JESSUP ENA FAYE JETT LALLA IVERSON JANET JEWETT IVY MAY JOHNSON JENNIE MAE JOHNSON SUE JOHNSON VIRGINIA JOHNSON AILEEN JOHNSTON FRANCES JOHNSTON FRANCES JONES KATHRYN KASS CATHERINE KEEN MARY ELLEN KELLEY CLEO KEMP MARGARET KENNARD HARRIET KENT GENE KERNS MARGARET LINGO ALISE LIPPMAN HATTIE MAE LISENBY JEANNETTE LITSCHGI BETTY LITTLE ALBERTA LLOYD ALTHEA LLOYD MARTHA McANDREW MARY McCAHILL LAURA MCCAUGHAN MARGARET McCLEERY VONCIUE MCCOLSKY JEAN McCORD i I CARMEN LYTAL CELESTE McCRANIE CATHRINE McCREADY ERNESTINE MAKEMSON BEATRICE MCDANIEL VIRGINIA MAKEMSON ROSEMARY MCDONALD ILLA MAKI GERTRUDE McGLOUN IRENE MANGOS JOSEPHINE McGOWAN JEAN MCMULLEN JEANNE MANKES DOROTHY MANNING JEANNE MAGNUS ANNIE LOU MARABLE 4 6S 1 aS , = ?% j lrV ' NELL MARTIN MARJORIE MARWICK LAURIE MATHEWS JANET MATTERN MARJORIE MEANS EVELYN M ECH TOLDT IBM ' " . ' ■.- ■,-■ DORENE MEDLIN LEANOR CLARA RUTH JANE EDITH MARJORIE ROSALIE MEGGS MEISCH MEISCH MEREDITH MERRELL MERRILL MERRITT HELEN GLENN MERRYDAY MARGARET MICKLER LUCY MIKELL ALICE MILES BETTY MILLER ELEANOR MILLER JOAN MILLER CAROLINE FRANCES VIRGINIA ANN SIDNEY VIRGINIA OLEEN MILLS MILTON MILTON MOON MOORE MOORE MORGAN WW 4 A MARJOR1E FRANCES ELEANOR JEANETTE CAM1LLE EUGENIA LUCIA MORRISON MOSS MULLINS MULLIS MULLON MUNNERLYN MUNNERLYN BETH NALL MARJORIE NESMITH ALICE VIRGINIA NEWBERN MARY NICHOLS BETTY NICHOLSON MARY JO NOE MARY ANNE NOLAND ELEANOR MARY LOU LOUISE MITSUYE FRANCES SIBYL JEAN CAROLYN EDITH O ' HAVER O ' HAVER OHI OLIVER OLSEN O ' NEAL OTT MARY OLIVE OVERMAN ALICE PARK -■■ «K W, KAROLYN PATTERSON PAULINE POITEV1NT EMILY PAYNE FRANCES POOSER GLADYS PEACOCK NELLE POPE BILLIE PEARSON HARRIETT POST MARJORIE PERKINS PR1SCILLA JANE 11IS MURRAY ANN PILCHER ■ ■:■ ' : MAIrJORIE CLAIRE PRICE JUAN1TA PURCHASE JUNE QUINA EVALENA RADER MARJORIE RADER ISABEL RAMSEY MILLIE RANDAZZO SALLIE RATLIFF BILLIE RAWLS CHARLOTTE RAWLS KATHERINE RAWLS JANE REAGIN BARBARA REED MARGUERITE REUTIMANN HELEN REVELL MABEL REVELL MARTHA ROBBINS EDNA I S A BELL ROBERTS TARGARET ROBERTS FERN ROBERTSON INA MARGARET ROBINSON MARGARET R1NCK PRISCILLA ROBINSON J JEANETTE RISH MARGARET RODGERS NORMA RODRIGNEZ RUTH ROGERS MURYL ROLAND HAZEL ROMER LOUISE ROOKS MARTHA ROSENBUSH DOROTHY ROSS JANET ROSS JULIA ROSSER MERRYDAY ROSSER SARI ROU SUSAN ROWLEY ALICE ROYSTER ESTELLE RUBIN VIRGINIA RUFF VIRGINIA MARY EDNA VIRGINIA DOROTHY AGNES ESTHER JANE SAXON SCAFF SCHNECK SCHOOLEY SCHOPKE SCHOWE SCHREIBER MURRELL SCHUESLER MARTHA SHERMAN ANN SCHWOB ff JENNIE SIERKESE ELEANOR SCOTT VIRGINIA SIGM AN ADELAIDE SELLE ROSELYN SILVERBERG LUCIE SHAHAN BETTY SIMMONS HELEN SHATKOWSKY JANICE SIMMONS ANNIE SHELLEY JUNE SIMMONS SARA JANE STAMBAUGH MARGARET 5TOUTAMIRE DOROTHY STEELE MILDRED STOVALL EVELYN STEELE KATHERINE STEPHENS PATRICIA STEWART GLADYS STIVENDER RUTH STONEC1PHER J m. GER4LDINE SWEAT MARTHA TATOM FRANCES TAYLOR LILLIAN TAYLOR LOUISE TAYLOR MARY TAYLOR ■■„■.- ry NANCY TAYLOR ARY ELLA TEAGLE MARTELL TEPFER RUTH TERRELL LENA THAMES MARGARET » THAR 13 ci-p..-—..- -■.:-■.,■ - ■ (— I ' l II r-v A THEDE JANE THOMAS " ( BARBARA EDITH LILLIAN LOUISE MARION CLIFTON MARTHA TYLER UNDERHILL USHER USHER VALZ VAN BRUNT VAN BRUNT PEGGY VAN DYKE JOYCE VARA ELIZABETH VENNING MARY VERGOUR AGNES VINCENT MARGARET VOGT LAVINE voss DORIS WALKER IRENE WEBB NELL ROBEY WEBB FRANCES WEBER RUTH WEBER JEANNE WEBSTER ELIZABETH WEIMER CATHERINE WELCH S CLAIR WELLS JUANITA WHEELER VIRGINIA WELLS SHANNON WEST MILDRED WEST BERNICE WESTER RUTH WHALEY JANICE WHEATLEY HAZEL WILKERSON ALICE WILSON CLAIRE WILLETS DAPHNE WILSON MABEL GRACE WILLIAMS HORTENSE WILSON MARILYN WILLIAMS RUTH WILLIAMS GRACE WILLIS ELMA WINDMUELLER WOODHAM MARY WILLIAMSON FRANCES WOODWARD FLORENCE E. WILLIS ELIZABETH WYLIE PAGE 149 EUNICE YEATON HILMA YONGE BETTIE YOUNG ETHEL YOUNG PAGE 150 MEMMAM kATHEWNE UAMEk 1917 - I33B PAGE 151 STUDENTS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN THIS BOOK: adams. clarice agress. minna alexander, lois allen. jane allen, virginia anchors, lorraine anders. coral belle anderson, hazel f. anderson, hazel greene anderson. norma marie anderson, tilly arant. ruth arbuthnot, edith armes. mrs. mabel s. armston, margaret autrey. katherine bachand, lorey mae backman. tessie baer, lillian baer. roselyn baker. mary louise ball. louielle ballard. doris elizabeth barber. virginia barco. hattie barker, mary barrett. elise bartholf. betty beach. mariella becknell. elizabeth bedsole, gladys begley. janice bell, judith lee benford, Dorothy bennett, mabel bennett. mary benson, kitty berger. lillie betz. elliemae bishop, maud black. judy black, muriel bledsoe, addie boord. margaret borders, dorothy bowery, louise branaman. mrs, b, m. braverman, irene braverman. max1ne brook. alma brook. opal broward. dorothy brown. mary catherine brown, roberta browning. edna browning. mildred bruner. justine bryant. sue bryce. ellie bulkley. laurene bullock. mary sue burhans, mrs. fdna bushnell. josephine butler. thelma campbell. margaret cannon. alice carlton. charlotte carlton. rose cason. merle cater. carolyn chalker. mary phillips chancey. jane elizabeth chapman. lois chesley, bernadette clarke. isabel clements. virginia clough. mrs. edna coe, annie gladys conley. reece annie CONN. MARfAN CONNELL, RUBYE CONWAY. WINNIE COODY, MARY CATHERINE COOK, MARTHA JEAN COOPER, JEAN CORBETT, LETITIA COTTEN, DOVIE LEE COTTEN, ELEANOR COURTNEY. ANTINETTE CRAFT. PAULINE CREEL. MARGIE CREW. MRS. ANNESE CR1SLER. CLAUDIA DABNEY. DOUGLAS DAVIS. CORNELIA DAVIS. SARAH ELIZABETH DAY. IRENE DEMPSEY, INEZ DETRICK. ANNE DETRICK, DOROTHY DEVORE, LOUISE DICKENSON, ANN ELIZABETH DICKENSON. BENNIE DICKENSON. KATHERINE DOUB, LAURA DOUGHTERY. MARY DOUGLAS, DOROTHY DRAUGHON. SOPHIE DRAWDY, ILA MAE DURDEN. RUTH EAGLE. MARY ELIZABETH ELLIOTT. FRANCES ENDER. BARBARA ENDSLEY, MARGARET EVERS, FLORENCE FAILES. MARTHA FAIN. MARTHA FAIN, NELLE FEIGA, SYLVIA FE1GENBAUM, ROSE FEINBERG, EDNA ROSE FERGUSON, MARIE FIELD, SHIRLEY FILER. ELIZABETH FITZPATRICK. LOUIE FLETCHER, MABEL FL1PSE. MABEL FLIPSE. ELIZABETH FLOYD, JANE FLOYD, MARTHA FOSTER. ALICE FOWLER. ESTHER FRINK. INEZ FULLER. LUCY GALE, JANE GARDINER. MARION GARRIGA. MERCEDES GARVIN, CAROLYN GASTON. MARGARET GAUTIER. CLAIRE GEIGER. DORIS G1DDENS. VIRGINIA GILLETTE, CAMILLA GOEDERT, DORIS GRAYSON. EDITH GREENAWALT. AMELIA GREENE, MARGARET GREGORY, FLORENCE GREGORY. KATHRYN GRUS. BEATRICE GUITO. ELOISE GUTH. ELMA HAIR. HAZEL HAMPTON. ETHEL HAMPTON, JEAN HAMPTON, MABEL HAMPTON. MARLE HARLOW, MRS, M. F. HARRELL. MADGE HARRIS, AMY HARRIS. DAISY HARRIS. LOUISE HENDRY. SARAH HICKS. MARTHA HIGDON. OU1DA HIGHSMITH, BEATRICE HILL. DOROTHY HIRSCHLER. VENETA HODGES. FRANCES HOFFMAN. DOROTHY HOGAN. ESSIE HOLLINGSWORTH. GLADYS. HOLLOWAY. ETHYL HOLMES. BARBARA HOROWITZ. EDITH HOWARD. BOBBIE HOWARD. NINA HOWELL. EDNA HUGHES. KATHLEEN HURST. EDITH HUSS. LILLIAN HUTCHINSON. MARY INGERMAN, BETTY LOU JACKSON. MARTHA JACKSON. MARY JACKSON. VIRGINIA JOHNSON. KATHERINE JOHNSTON. MARY JANE JONES. AUDREY JONES. DORIS JORDAN. EDWINOLA KAMPER. CHARLOTTE KANOREK, FLORENCE KEELER, JESSIE KENNEDY, ANNE KENNEDY, MARGARET KENT, MARZELLE KICKL1TER. HELEN KING, MARTHA KISTLER. LUELLA KNIGHT. RUTH LAMB. LOREE LAMBRECHT. VIRGINIA LANEHART, OLA LANGE. ANNE LANIER. MARJORIE LARSON. ANNABELLE LATHRAM. DAWN LAUFFER. RUTH LAWHORNE. WILLIE LEA. JANE leavins. gwendolyn lee, mrs. geanie lent, ethel lippincott. dixie lipsey, mary lisk, henrietta little. martha logan. ruth lord. dorothy lovett, cleo lowe, kathryn lyparker, ada lynch. luella mccahill, elva mcdonald, mary mcelhannon, rothe macewan, ethel mckinnon. alice McLean, geraldine mclean, mona mcmillian. mavis mack. leah macleod. edith main. dorothy malloy. annette manchester. joan mann, betty marchesseau, yvonne martin, agnes martin. ouida martin, sarah marwick, dorothy massey. helen maxwell. margaret meacham. alicia means. evetta mears alicia melber, caroline melzer. margaret merbler. ruth messer. evelyn messer, lillian messer, phebe mikell, elna miller, florence mills. ruth milton. lois miner. beatrice moore. anne moore, francis moore, iris moore. margaret morley. flora morrell. darween morrow. pauline mozley. frances newbold, mary niblack. hettilu niblack. mrs. fannie northcutt. virginia nerton. martha ohlman. mamye oliver, bette palmer, sarah parker, betty parker. dorothy parmer. edna patterson. edith patterson. margaret peak, annie laurie pearlman, cynthia peckham. alexandra peek, helen anita pelsang. charlotte pennington, mrs. lottie petree, pliss pluge. winnifred pierce. janet piland. mamie pinner. catherine pittman. catherine PLEDGER. MARIAN BELLE PORTER. MILDRED POUNDS. DORIS PRESNELL, MAXINE PRIEST. CLARENCE PRINE. MARY LOUISE PROCTOR, ALICE PROWS, GERTRUDE PURSE, DOROTHY RANSLEY, HELEN RANSON, ELIZABETH REED, MARY REID, ROSALIND REYNOLDS. DAPHNE RHODES. ESTAMAE ROBERTS, FREDRICA ROBERTSON, JEANETTE ROBY. CHLOE ROGERS. MABEL ROGERS. MARY ROSENBERG. MRS. CHARLES ROSENBERG. GERALDINE ROSSMAN. RUTH RUBIN, RUTH RUDD, JULIA RUDD, LOLLIE SAMS, HAZEL SAVAGE. MRS. ELLEN SCHWALL. HAZEL SCOTT. MARY KATHERINE SEELEY. LORRAINE SHARPE. JEANIE SHAW. RUBY SHULER, ROBBIE SIMMS. LORENA SIMS. MARY SINGLETARY. VIRGINIA SISTRUNK. ALICE SLAUGHTER. ELIZABETH SLOCUM. EDNA SMITH. ELIZABETH SMITH. ESTHER SPARKMAN. MAXINE SPIVEY. KATHERINE STEFFEE. JEAN STEPHENS, MARGARET STEWART. HELEN STOCKWELL. BARBARA STOKES. PHYLLIS STROMAN. DORIS SULLIVAN. VIRGINIA SUTTON. FLORA SUTTON, KATHRYN SWEAT, MARY SYFRETT, BENNIE TALLEY, LESLEY TAYLOR. MAYBELLE TAYLOR. NANCY TESTA, VIVIAN THARPE. MARY ELLEN THILL, FRANCES THOMAS, MARTHA THOMAS, MARY LOUISE THOMPSON, LYNETTE TILDEN, JEAN TOMBERLIN. DORIS TOMBERLIN. MARY FRANCES TOWNSEND. FLAVIL TRANTHAM. JOSEPHINE TYNDAL. MRS. CHAS. UNLAND. RUTH VANN, ALTA VAN WYK. MARY VON DOHLEN. KATHERINE WAGNER. FLORENCE WARREN, JESSIE WATSON, EMMA WAYMAN, CATHRYN WEAVER, NELLIE WEEKS, MADELAINE WELLS, SARAH WEST. MARGARET WHEELESS, BETTYE WH1LDEN. ROSETTA WHITE. BLANCHE WHITEHURST, MARILYNN WILKERSON. MARTHA WILLIAMS. AVA WILLIAMSON. ELLA WIMBERLY. GRACE WOMACK. BARBARA WOODWARD. FENTON WOODWARD. LOIS WRIGHT. EDNA WRIGHT. MARTHA YOUNG, WILMA STA7£ " " - mr t ' ,;: »- ■ ■■■ ' - . ■» .- t - 4 . .. k ■- jr. : . .. - • ' WT ? .- • ' - • IM ' S2g it i Mf.«a « ■ " - -■ - ■ • - iC4 J t- jfc» - 1 A , t » : „ . , . i ,. , e , , In , j ft ! «... I . ■; vi ' ' " fc l. ; 5,| .m4 v- • . . ' ,«.. .. ;. " ,»« i.A .. ' , ,£ .«), . .. ' .■» •» ■ . . r ' $ r I ■ ». ■ ' | SVJ ». r »« ' v - ■ ,- , . - ■ - , f . • : i. ... ' .;= " ' •■ ■ ■; ■ . ■ „. I » • • »• . ' - — A i ' ■ " .. v . .-.... ' . . ' . . - . ' . v. . - i ■ , C n V . ■ . ' . ; _.-.. " ■.; ' • ' - •. - . T v. ; , . • ' . ST-WI ■ ■k lH|r • • 6 , k - • 4 p ' u V EJfclMP J W ' Jg i « ' ,- ' ' • tfefc ll PpW -T i ■ « ■ : t £§[; ' KT flf ff ' -■ c- e | ■ f $ £ ' ' «; : ' 9b. istrlft . . i J«fe- ( - -. . %I • »•«. »« , JSfc ?. " • ' r«l $ S „ .v . ' . i .« ' -: ' 7 ,. »■ %. ■ i2| ' l ■ s " - fc , ■- ■■ -, Ste ■ - . . • • mat ,,3- »t « » •« . . . Jfcgljjkl i ; . ; " HE- ' ■ ; ' " • ' • ». M ' fe ' ■:• ' .. y .. » «■-« k v «- MM = y wi e » -t 7m »■ 2 ' . - • ' " ■ Jf M • «t i. 1 .. . . Lrriil : ' t «. ;« •■» p ' jv y : ; ■ „ •. « r.i» ' n Wt c JmS- a y • " ■ 1 ' . . ' . k flfcr- . » » • ■ ' - ... -x Mti tS ■ » e. I ■. S ..... . i « ■»« » ' - . . •» J jat rk J» -i ; .. • . . i. ' . ' nr.r: -- ' ■ .. ' •■. •-r. »«.«;• . . S ' mUf. t . ■ - ■ - « « . ' . ' • UR ' - ... «1 i ■f » v » . ' ■ ' mr. fcii . . ■ ' i v ,C r. ■• . . -. - . 5 • ' . 4 a V ■ ' - - -v • [VT BbKiH ■ » $ aft v v . .-, ; . . - . • . «»rw« , LK.S . H ■-• 1. „ !■ « „ ' «- , « i. « • J » ' ' «■ - ' ■ PAGE 154 ( %5he orch by ELIZABETH FURRY The God of the Great Endeavor gave me a torch to bear, I lifted it high above me in the dark and murky air — And straightway, with loud hosannas, the crowd acclaimed its light And followed me, as 1 carried my torch through the starless night ; Till mad with the people ' s praises, and drunken with vanity, I forgot ' twas the torch that drew them, and fancied they followed me. But slowly my arm grew weary upholding the shining load, And my tired feet went stumbling over the hilly road, And 1 fell, with the torch beneath me. In a moment the flame was out ! Then, lo! from the throng a stripling sprang forth with a mighty shout, Caught up the torch as it smoldered and lifted it high again, Till, fanned by the winds of heaven, it fired the souls ot men! And as 1 lay in the darkness the feet of the trampling crowd Passed over and far beyond me, its paeans proclaimed aloud — While I learned, in the deepening shadows, this glorious verity — " Tis the torch the people follow, whoever the bearer be. " I (Josephine pinion Versatility with a capital V ... a combination of a straight A average intellect and " Pennies From Heaven " . . . Odd demonstration . . . Junior minstrels ... a smiling figure in white satin poised in graceful acrobatics on a silver chair. . . contrasting tap dances in gay cos- 1 nines . . . Lovely airy soprano voice in (dee Club solos . . . with the trio ... a shadowy figure silhouetted against a blue background . . . Poise personified in irridescent satin at Freshman teas, formal receptions . . . quiet efficiency in judiciary, com- mittee meetings, clubs, honoraries . . . Curly brown Hep- burn hair . . . slow-strange eyes . . .. . " Jo " . enigmatic smile Janice Norton Tall lighted candles ... a strong face in the half- shadow . . . traditional songs and a figure in white lead- ing other figures in white around the fountain to make a circle of light in the twilight . . . Friendly songs and sincere friendships around a camp fire . . . two girls paddling a canoe into cyprus-haunted places . . . P Club breakfast hikes ... a lithe figure moving rhythmically on the tennis court, in the volleyball game, playing hockey, doing a swan dive. A strong earnest voice debating . . . leading discus- sions . . . Senate meetings . . . National conventions . . . The idealism of Youth expressed in a strong earnest voice, face, and figure. cjtazel Botvman Flame in her . . . flame in the .short, thin, wiry figure of her hurrying- mosquito-like across the campus . . . flame in the curly cross-cropped hair of her that stands oiil in meetings of the Flambeau staff, Mortar Board, Student Senate, N.S.F.A., lectures . . . Fitful flames in the thin-edged voice of hers, arguing, attacking, defend- ing . . . bright happy flames in the heart of her . . . playing the large shining trombone in the orchestra . . . leading the orchestra . . . listening to the symphony . . . flame in the intelligent eyes of her behind the shining glasses . . . the flames of new ideas leaping in her eyes . . . leaping from the black and white words that she writes . . . all-consuming flame in her. Frances tyorth Genuine friendliness in the sunny smile . . . sympathy and intelligence in the changeable eyes . . . thoughtful- ness in the half -dreamy half -vivid face. Slender blonde-haired girl hard at work in the annual room, playing the piano in every entertainment and down in " rec " . . . talking to people, sincerity in her voice and face at Convocation ... in Senate . . . Courage of conviction that demands respect . . . her smile is infec- tious . . .her originality is at work all over the campus . . . happy enthusiastic personality . . . " Honey! " o ftartha o iakemsoa Figure in a white bathing suit springing- high and graceful in a " swan " . . . sliding swift and clean into cool green water . . . And from the spot the ripples spread wide circle on Avide circle . . . Quiet intent face in tha middle of a group . . . reserv- ed manner . . . .sudden understanding smile . . . low serious voice weighing facts fairly, explaining . . . low serious voice forming a circle of words which spread in circles of influence out to the campus . . . wide circle on wide circle . . . Teggy oMcoMichael A bubble of laughter . . . blue eyes that dance . . . Odd Demonstration . . . infectious giggles in a pert French maid ' s costume . . . gay announcements enliven- ing chapel programs . . . vivacious patter in tbe class- room, in the dining room, at formal banquets . . . pe p personified in red, white and purple . . . " Whoop ' er up whoop ' er up, whoop ' er up some more " . . . blonde curls tossing . . . three-man-deep at a formal dance . . . sun- shiny disposition . . . just Peggy. e!Mary Jeanne o YCcKay A poised self-confident figure talking to a group of stu- dents . . . her voice is firm and clear . . . her ideas are scarlet thread against the grey of the group . . . her challenging voice goes on weaving a pattern out of the scarlet of her own ideas and the grey of the group . . . A gathering of the New Youth of America . . . stu- dents from all colleges . . . And among them a girl who is strong and .sure and vital . . . She is leading discus- sions, talking with all kinds of people . . the multi-colored, multi-sided Life of America looms behind her . . . Demo- cracy itself . . . And the girl strong and vital like youth itself faces it all with clear eyes. x etty Ostlund Strength in the long lithe sweep of a figure in a modern dance . . . strength flowing in smooth waves from the dancer . . . strength following the music . . . leaping fitfully with it like a flame . . . sinking into the under- tone of toil with it . . . one figure gathering up all the strength and putting it into movement. Strength in a clear vibrant voice hard above others . . . strength in the voice heard in chapel, in the dining room, in Senate, in N.S.P.A., in debates, in the Demonstrations . . . Strength in ideas . . . ideas that mold student thought . . . one voice gathering up all the strength of ideas from all the voices and putting it into movement. o flarjorie r Raulerson Friendly figure sauntering ' across the campus smiling and speaking to everyone . . . bubbling enthusiastic laughter and likeable maimer in the middle of a group . . . Friendly greetings shouted down the hall . . . all over the campus you see the figure . . . everyone knows her . . . she knows everyone . . . Dark eyes that laugh with other eyes . . . eyes that grow se rious as other eyes grow serious . . . eyes that look into other eyes with understanding and tolerance . . . eves that are sincere . . . Margie ' s eves. Leading Organizations The Alumnae Association is composed of five thousand two hundred and eighty-nine members. It maintains one scholarship founded in 1909. The students maintain an Athletic Association under the supervision of the Physical Education Department. This association promotes intramural games and extra-curricula activities. The College Government is a cooperative organization between faculty and students. Its purpose is to encourage the individual to conduct herself according to standards of honor and integrity and to feel a responsibility in self-development as part of community living. All students majoring in the Physical Education Curriculum are mem- bers of the Physical Education Association. This organization strives to de- velop professional attitudes and to promote a spirit of unity among its mem- bers. ;J The Young AVomen ' s Christian Association aims to develop a larger sense of human responsibility, to deepen religious understanding and to provide opportunity for the making of friendship. With the cooperation of the Ex- change Club and the City of Tallahassee Y. W. C. A. supervises the five city playgrounds during the year. There are eight clubs on the campus of the Florida State College for Women. Among them are clubs for nearly every phase of campus activity. There are twelve honorary fraternities which recognize scholarship, lead- ership and service among the students of the college. There are three publications of the Florida State College for Women. The weekly newspaper is called the Florida Flambeau. It has received na- tional recognition. The Distaff is a literary and critical publication issued four times each year. The Flastacowo is the students ' year book, summar- izing the year ' s activities. ™d e utive oun il The Executive Council Of the College Government Association The Executive Council of the College Government Association, composed of the six executive offi- cers and president of Y. W. C. A. as ex-officio member, is the body which formulates the policies of the Association and carries out the practical application of such poli- cies. President „ Mary Jeanne McKay First Vice-President Mickey Conn Second Vice-President Marjorie Raulerson Secretary Winifred Ewart Treasurer Marie Taylor Chairman of Judiciary Martha Makemson Freshman Adviser Jo Pinion PAGE 177 TWE 5ENATE Of Th lk ) jov mm ?rit A o iAiion The purpose of the Senate is to legislate and to establish regula- tions for the Government of the Student Body. Members: Jeannette Annin Martha Baker Dorothy Bellamy Jo Binion Janice Borton Hazel Bowman Helen Brown Marion Conn Beth Daane F ' rances Douglas Bolly Eveleth Myrvin Everett Winifred Ewart Ellen Fleming Frances Forth Gayle Gathright Mary Kathryn Gibson Kathleen Gruppe Reva Hemphill Frances Lewis Jean Lykes Sarah Lytle Catherine McGarry Mary McGunagie Mary Jeanne McKay Martha Makemson Margaret Maxwell Mary Miller Daisy Parker " Virginia Phillips Marjorie Raulerson Betty Skinner Hilda Spradlin Shirley Stevens Marie Taylor Anna Tilden Sue Whitaker Every campus organization is represented in the Senate. The Senate voices the opinions of the student body in matters concerning the administration of College Government. The First Vice President of the College Government is the acting head of the Senate. Chairman Mickey Conn PAGE 178 THE IUW IAK Of Th e olk ]e iovfcranwit A o ixti OM The purpose of the Judiciary is to ascertain offences against the rules of College Government and to try the offender to help discover methods of assisting the student offender to adapt herself earnestly to the higher standards and to contribute her best to the advance- ment of her college community. Members: Chairman Martha Makemson Senior Representatives Mary Kathryn Gibson. ...Betty Peck Junior Representatives Louise Gehan Dorothea Marsh Sophomore Representatives Rebecca Ashton Jean Gillies Chairman of Residence Halls Committee Shirley Stevens Chairman of Off-Campus Committee Catherine McGarry Freshman Adviser Jo Binion President of the College Government Association Ex-Officio Mary Jeanne McKay PAGE 179 THE LOWEfc «XJfcT ' - , ) Members: Sara Hethcox Edith Manford Bernice Oliver Kathleen Robinson Sara Rntledge Maxine Ward Lower Court, which is made up of the House Chairmen, is a part of the Judicial De- partment of The College Government Association. It is the purpose of the Court to deal with infractions of dormitory regulations in the residence halls, and in so doing to promote greater appreciation of these rules. The Court encourages the students to conduct themselves according to standards of honor and integrity and to feel a re- sponsibility in self-development as part of community living. The Court strives to maintain the best conditions for scholarly work, and to develop a knowledge and prac- tice of good citizenship. liftto Wi Shirley Stevens Chairman PAGE 180 OFF mm 0MMITTEE The Off Campus Committee performs the duties of the Lower Court for girls who live off campus in sorority houses or private homes. The Committee is made up of representatives from these houses who deal with infractions of rules governing off campus students. The Committee encourages conditions favorable to study, and good citizenship on the parts of the students living off campus. Chairman: Catherine McGarry M embers: Jean Clark Ruth Lincl Ellen Flemming Frances Lingle Winona Ireland Mildred Seekins PAGE 181 the mmu mm oun iL Josephine Binion Freshman Advisor m ' !■■ Members of the Council: Phil Asher Lois Boyd Viola Brooks Mary Ensign Polly Eveleth Louise Gehan Kathleen Gruppe Miriam Herrold Frances Lewis Louise Lingo Mary Lopez Dorothea Marsh Betty Ostlund Virginia Phillips Katheryn Pratt Eileen Robinson Betty Wynn The Freshman Advisory Council is made up of the Freshman Floor Chairman. During the first few weeks of school the Council carries on a program of orientation for the new freshmen who have entered col- lege for the first time. This plan has been developed in order that new students may become well acquainted with campus activities in as short a time as possible. PAGE 182 M:9mm€«MK l Chairman Katherine Autry Advisor: Marjorie Raulerson The Sophomore Council is selected from the Freshman Class each spring by the Executive Board of the College Government Association. ] . takes care of the sir er f ' uous duties of the Student Government. Each Sophomore Council girl feels it her duty to establish higher ideals among the students. Members Evelyn Anderson Becky Ashton Catherine Bacon Peggy Boteler Nell Colvin M?ry Frances Campbell Frances Douglas Harriet Duke Mary Ensign Winifred Ewart Jean Gillies Betty Harrison Eetty Hatch Charlotte Kamper Anne Ladd Sara Lewis Janet Lockwood Bunny Lowery Ste Lytle Mary Manning Dorothy Marwick Sara Moore Esther O ' Byrne Mary Emily Parker Lutrelle Patterson Sue Pinner Marian Purviance Carol Ramage Dorothy Rickards Betty Russell Betty Skinner Beauford Thrower Eloise Trott Marian Usher Margaret Walcott Connie Wallis Florence Ward Frances Williams Jean Zacharias PAGE 183 TWE EXE UTIVE AklNET Cff ' cers: President Janice Borton Vice-President Margaret Stout Secretary Sara Graham Treasurer Martha Lester Committee Chairmen Katherine Todd, Sara Nance, Co-Chairmen Membership Jane Hubbard Social Service Polly Eveleth Vespers Dora Helen Baggot Wednesday Morning Worship Marjorie Noggle Monthly Church Service Anne Norris Personnel Bunny Lowery Play Ground Sally Burt Nuzum Social Peggy McMichael Study Group Louise Lingo Convocation Devotional Faculty Committee: Mr. Becker Dr. Bellamy Miss Irish Dr. Liddell Miss Lynn Miss Thompson Dr. Waskom and Mr. Miller Other Committees: Barbara Hubbard Ermine Lawrence Frances Lewis Mary Nell Pinkard Jane Tharin Helen Cate PAGE 184 THE l AY STUDENTS Ok AM IZATIOM The Day Student Organization is composed of girls who live in Tallahassee and attend F.S.C.W. These girls take part in the regular campus activities, cooperating with the other groups on campus. Officers: President, Dorothy Bellamy — Vice President, Mattie Lou Love — Secretary-Treasurer, Elizabeth Jinks — Parliamentarian, Jane Gage — Representative to Senate, Margaret Maxwell- Publicity Chairman, Mary Emily Parker — Social Chairman, Winona Williams — Program Chairman, Sara Wells — Transportation Chairman, Mary Voss — Athletic Chairman, Dorothy Rickards— Mrs. Dorothy Breen Faculty Advisors: Dr. Raymond Bellamy Miss Ruth Schornherst PAGE 185 THE % F ' LU Officers President Hazel Viertel Vice-President Louise Gehan i Secretary and Treasurer . Fay Corey Martha Baker Elise Barrett Janice Borton Viola Brooks Janet Cook Audrey Cooper Fay Corey Beth Daane Sara Beth Davis Frances Fryer Louise Gehan Evelyn Glazier Sarah Hethcox Marjorie Horton Members: Valerie Hunt Marie Joffre Frances Lewis Bunny Lowery Martha Makemson Dorothea Marsh Margaret Maxwell Mary Miller Anna Marie Mitchell Dorothy Molnar Sallie Burt Nuzum Betty Ostlund Kathryn Pratt Louise Rice Eileen Robinson Mildred Seekins Rita Snyder Hilda Spradlin Shirley Stevens Marie Taylor Frances Thill Lynette Thompson Hazel Viertel Marian Weeks Felicia West Ruth Wilson PAGE 186 THE EN ATMLETK A 0 IATI6N £■ The purpose of The Women ' s Athletic Association of the Florida State College for Women is to stimulate interest in a program of wholesome physical activities, to promote athletic accomplishment, and to contribute to the development of the ideals of health and sportsmanship. Officers Beth Daane President Felicia West Vice-President Marjorie Horton Secretary Sarah Lytle Treasurer Marian Weeks Senior Intra- mural Manager Class Managers Winona Ireland Senior Viola Brooks Junior Dorothy Marwick Sophomore Sarah Jane Stambaugh ...Freshman Committee Chairmen Janet Cook Playnight Evelyn Fisher Publicity The Physical Education Association The Physical Education Association is an organization composed of students majoring or minoring in Physical Education. The Asso- ciation endeavors not only to promote interest in physical activities, but to show their social, moral and intellectual values. 187 PAGE Officers Frances Thill President Janet Cook Vice-President Pay Corey Secretary Valerie Hunt Treasurer Patricia Barringer Essie Nell Black Carolyn Boyd Viola Brooks Doris Butler Nan Clark Mary Ruth Clayton Dorothy Colburn Mary Collins Beth Daane Merle Dixon Frances Fryer Members: Jackie Gates Sarah Hethcox Janet Jewett Marion Lessey Myrtle Lowery Sarah Lytle Ruth Agnes McClain Patricia Mack Yvonne Marchesseau Marjorie Marwick Sidney Moore Mary Nickel Elizabeth Ostlund Sandra Peckham Marcia Ricker Martha Robbins Mildred Seekins Marian Weeks Felicia West Betty White Louise Whitting Nancy Williamson Ruth Wilson PAGE 188 THE LIFE SAVIM 0M Officers of the Life Saving Corps Faculty Adviser Betty Washburn President Sara Hethcox Secretary Eleanor Flint Captain Frances Thill Instructor Evelyn Edwards Mates Dorothy Colt) urn, Valerie Hunt, Ruth Wilson Senior Life Savers Ruth Barrington Patricia Barringer Dorothy Colburn Nan Clark Margaret Holaway Barbara Hubbard Jane Hubbard Bunny Lowery Ruth Agnes McClain Martha Makemson Marcia Ranney Margaret Walcott Florence Ward Marion Weeks Felicia West Betty White Dorothy White Louise Whitting Ruth Wilson Examiners Janet Cook Beth Daane Evelyn Edwards Eleanor Flint Sara Hethcox Valerie Hunt Frances Thill New Senior Life Savers Louise Brown Marguerite Browne Frances Brunson Nancy Bryan Mary Frances Campbell Carolyn Collins Mary Collins Jewell Groover Mildred Hill Lo.s Hughes Annie Jennings Margaret Maxwell Martha Moore Bette Ruth Oliver Mary Elizabeth Orleman Mary Palmer Mary Peacock Nancy Rogero Mildred Seekins Judith Wolensky IMTEkMATIOMAL ftELATOl LUk PAGE 189 President Mary Kathryn Gibson Vice-Pres Anna Marie Mitchell Sec.-Treas. Marguerite Brown Librarian Agnes Stiggins Sponsor Miss Marion Irish Mademoise Marte Sybil Thomas, from Paris, France, brought to the cam- pus by the local club. The International Relations Clubs located throughout the United States and other parts of the world are sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment Fund. The local club endeavors, through a program of world events, to in- form students on world affairs. It is the aim of the club to uphold the stand- ards of world fellowship and peace, to strive to develop in the members an intelligent interest in regard to world affairs . Members: Blanton Barrett Hazel Bowman Irene Braverman Marguerite Browne Dora Helen Baggott Lillian Burford Mary Crispo Dorothy Crews Mary Ensign Elizabeth Finch Frances Floyd Mary Kathryn Gibson Mercedes Garriga Marian Harrold Helen Kickliter Catherine Kyle Elizabeth Leach Elizabeth Lounds Clara Belle Lipsey Anna Marie Mitchell Marjorie Marston Barbara Moore Elizabeth Matheney Julia Mullis Jane McRae Mary Ola Reynolds Agnes Stiggins Julia Vanderipe Maxine Ward Myrtle Wilson PAGE 190 LASTA OWO The aim of the Flastacowo is to put into memorable and lasting form the most out- standing events of the college year. In so doing, it attempts to reflect the spirit of the entire College by depicting campus life in all its varying phases. Editorial Staff: Editor in Chief Frances Forth Associate Editors Eileen Robinson and Marjorie Tillis Editor of Book One Martha Baker Editor of Book Two Anne Mizell Editor of Book Three Betty Wynn Editor of Sports Elizabeth Turner Editor of Art Grace Whitaker Staff Fhotographers —Mary Margaret Pfeiffer and Mary Ellen Tiller Freshman Editor Helen Brown Business Staff: Business Manager Julia Vanderipe Assistant Business Manager Sally Burt Nuzmn Circulation Manager Marjorie Horton Advertising Man gsr Nellie Bahrt Advertising Solicitors Sara Nance and Margaret Stout PLAMkEAU The Florida Flambeau, weekly student newspaper, finished its twenty-second year of publication with the end of the 1936-1937 term. In twenty-two years the paper has become of enough importance to war- rant a National Scholastic Press association rating of All-American, an honor which places the Florida State student-written and student-edited publication on a par with the twenty-six outstanding college weeklies in America. PAGE 191 - Editor - - - — Hazel Bowman Associate Editor - Eleanor Williams Managing Editor ..... ' . Pearle Shepard News Editor - ----- Evelyn Fisher Business Manager Lillie McGuire Advertising Manager Mary Sullivan Circulation Manager Riva Hemphill Exchanges - Virginia Early Society Margaret Claire Lafferty F ' eatures Jane Quinn and Arline Lockhart Outside News Clotilde O ' Rourke Sports .... Ella Virginia Brooks and Elizabeth Turner Literary Sarah Beth Davis and Sarah Sealey Special Reporter Mary Massie PAGE 192 N TAFF The Distaff is a critical literary quarterly published by the students of Florida State College for Women Editor Daisy Parker Associate Editor Clotilde O ' Rourke Junior Editors -.. Sarah Sealey, Ermine Lawrence Art Editor Grace Whitaker Business Manager Alma Butler Circulation Manager Eloise Trott PAGE 193 THE LA55KAL LIB The Classical Club serves as the Latin laboratory in which a thorough study is made of the civilizations of the ancient Greeks and Romans. This study is worked out along group lines with the majors in Latin serving as leaders. In this way the laboratory serves also as a training school for future teachers of Latin. Officers President Kathleen Robinson Vice-President Holly Waker Secretary Marcia Smith Treasurer Hazel Viertel Publicity Chairman.. Twilah Taylor Faculty Sponsor Mary Etta Thistlethwaite Geraldine Albritton Marie Anderson Murray Lou Andrews Dorothy Barr Julia Beckham Mary Earle Berry Margaret L. Bourd Honor Coleman Elizabeth Davis Emily Davis Dorothy Detrick Maxine Fugate Mary Kathryn Gibson Mary Green Members Jewel Groover Virginia Hamilton Evelyn Hammond Edna Earle Hobbs Ruth Howard Jane Jackson Frances Jones Eunice Lasche Irene Mangos Alicia Mears Anna Marie Mitchell Geneva Nelson Pearle Overhultz Cynthia Pearlman Carol Ramage Elsie Renfroe Fredericka Roberts Fern Kathleen Robertson Kathleen Robinson Marcia Smith Twilah Taylor Lynette Thompson Julia Vanderipe Hazel Viertel Holly Waker Gladys Ware Polly Ann White the ms mmm The purpose of the College Nurses ' Association is for the promo- tion of good fellowship among the students who are enrolled for the B.S. degree in Nursing, for the mutual help and improvement in pro- fessional work, and for the promotion of the professional and educa- tional advancement of nursing. Faculty Sponsor Margaret R. Sandels Officers: President, Pearl Smith Vice President, Jean Root — Secretary, Beverly Horn — Treasurer, Leona Rebersider Graduate Nurses: Pearl Smith Helen Randee Lorena Simms Catherine Levy Beverly Horn Undergraduates: Ella Bevens Martha Jean Cook Ruby Ellis Dorothy Emerson Barbara Enders Eleanor O ' Haner Ruth Lauffer Leona Rebersider Marcia Richer Jean Root Jeanette Spector Ann Schwob Vivian Testa Jane Thomas Mary Elizabeth Wadsworth F ' lorence Ward Margaret Wheeler Betty White Francis Marie Woodward Julia Harrison Myrtle Wilson Jane Floyd Charlotte Connell Mary Bowman Smith Katheryn Todd fl£ AST OMOMY LU£ ., , Gladys Ware vS-Pre ident " ZIZZZZZZZZ Betty Ann Graham Vice-rresiuem Florence Evers i ;=EZZ» Members Members Sarah Adams Catherine Keen Lois Adkins Catherine Kirby-Smith Grace Anderson Elizabeth Knapp Eleanore Andrews Martha Lester Rose Appel Elizabeth Lounds Connie Ash St. George Lourcey Dora Helen Baggott Ernestine Makemson Dorothy Bordin Virginia Makemson Mary Burgoon Marjorie Marwick Emily Bush Elizabeth Matheny Marie Betty Busselle Rosemary McDonald Rev. E. N. Caldwell Alice McGlone Louise DeVore Anna Marie Mitchel Lillian Dorman Dorothy Molnar Florence Evers Martha Moore Elaine Fleisher Marjorie Oates Jane Floyd Mary Lou O ' Haver Maxine Fugate Edith Ott Norma Rodriguez Marie Pattani Betty Anne Graham Mary Porter Mary Green Louise Rice Evelyn Hammond Mrs. J. C. Scarborough Georgena Hart Jack Scarborough Ruth Hinkley Gladys Stivender Winona Ireland Twilah Taylor Ruth Irvine Louise Thrasher Betty Jane Jaco Elizabeth Tomyn Marie Joffre Marie Wagner Aileen Johnston Holly Waker Patsy Johnston Opal Walker Dorothy Kamuja Gladys Ware PAGE 196 THE OLLE i E 4LQE LU£ First Sopranos: Josephine Binion Sara Hethcox Marie Spurlock Marian Herbert Margaret Gourlie Betty Wilson Marion Carson Margaret Melzer Louise Thrasher Charlotte Kamper Inez Lanier Marjorie Benson Second Sopranos: Lois Bowen Annabelle Larson Virginia Penney Alma Beville Anita Leonard Jessie McCollum Marshlea Cottingham Margaret Peacock Mary Eagle Jean Zacharias Evelyn Fisher Marguerite Brannas Gertrude Rodger s Charlotte Veith Sarah Martin Janet Mattern Catherine Penner Ina Margaret Robinson Zulieme Russell Edna Warren Sarah Adams Riva Hemphill Janet Cook Julia Rosser Dorothy Scott Dorothy Sanford Eunice Moe Margaret Rinck Madeline Weeks Ruth Porter Elizabeth Jett Eleanor Daniells Kathryn Kyle Doris Cahoon First Altos: Betty Bartholf Ella Gene Bivans Betty Bernreuter Mary Belle Ford Alicia Meacham Mary Taylor Elizabeth Ransom Ruth Knight Jane Hubbard Barbara Hubbard Evelyn Bayless Maxine Ward Ruth Terrlee Eleanor Mullins Marjorie Stump Second Altos: Margaret Endsley Louise Bowery Florence Wagner Pearle Shepherd Esther O ' Byrn Evelyn Patterson Helen Benson Frances Moss Betty Reed Jeannette Wickam Helen Shepherd Sarah Sealey Madeleine Duncan Amelia Avant PAGE 197 THE OLLE E OKHKTM First Violins: Julia Rosser Betty Parker Virginia Barber Beverly Horn Alice Proctor Marion Ferrell Eleanor Mullins Clara Sue Wicker Second Violins: Helen Brown Veola Evans Gertrude Tomkies Betty Hatch Carolyn Patterson Eleanor Daniells Frances Pooser Agnes Martin Donna Haney Letha Royce Ruth Brooks Violas: Katherine Bacon Evalyn Patterson Annabelle Larson Betty Bartholf Violincellos: Owen Sellers Gordon Epperson Charlotte Veith Clara Simmons Double Bass: Martha W-ilkerson Flutes: Merryday Rosser Carl Hoffman Marjorie Cox Clarinets: Betsy Anderson Dorothy Sanford Alleyne Clayton Emily B. Dickinson Saxaphones: Betty White French Horn: Margaret Tyler Trombone: Hazel Bowman Trumpets: Mildred Hurs t Ivy Johnson Priscilla Robinson Sidney Moore Harps: Mary Reeder Mary Ann Waller Tympani : Louise Johnson Percussion: Louise Bowery Bass Drum : Jessica Mackey PAGE 198 LU£ Village Vamps Flower: Black Narcissus Motto: " Dig, Sister, Dig " Two Timer : Danner Baker Keeper of Dates Dorothy Hill Chief Gold Digger Leona Howe Keyhole! Peepers Mickey Mickler, Lois Heiter ' • ' . " •■ ' ?■■ I Chief Heart Breaker Peggy Van Dyke Members: Danner Baker Emily Blackwell Nelwyn Brooks Sarah Carter Betty Cashen Bebe Clifford Betty Curtis Sunny Dell Mary Elizabeth Dougherty Virginia Dowling Lois Heiter Dorothy Hill Louise Hitch Leona Howe Frances LaMotte Virginia LaMotte Eula Ley Peggy McMichael Mickey Mickler Sara Moor Helen Murphy Mary Ann Nolan Billie Pierson Ann Towson Peggy Van Dyke Virginia Wiggins PAGE 199 OTILLI0n LU£ Founded 1910 Officers President Jane Tharin Flower: Balchelor Buton Colors: Green and White Vice-President Mary June Michel Secretary Lilla Parraraore Theme Song: Stardust Treasurer Marion Heper Members Phil Asher Ruth Atkinson Dorothy Ban- Jane Brown Myrtle Butts Jane Crook Jere Crook Sara Mae Davis Erma Engle Louise Fosgate Marion Heper Martha Lee Emelia Mae Lockwood Janet Lockwood Dorene Medlin Mary June Michel Jo Ann Miller Anne Mizell Julia Mullis Katherine McCready Dorothy Olmstead Lilla Parramore Irene Peck Virginia Peyton June Quina Clarice Sanchez Virginia Schreiber Jane Sharon Frances Slade Dorothy Smith Mary Kathryn Smith Katherine Stevens Jane Tharin Bert Towne Sue Whitaker Martha Wright PAGE 200 E TEfcEN Members Phil Asher Viola Brooks Micky Conn Louise Gehan Madge Glenn Dorothy Leach Ermine Lawrence Prances Lewis Jean Lykes Dorothea Marsh Anne Mizell Betty Ostium! Marjorie Raulerson Eileen Robinson Hilda Dale Spradlin Margaret Thompson Pledges Janet Cook Evelyn Fisher Katherine Graham Louise Lingo Kathryn Pratt Sarah Sealey Frances Slade Elizabeth Ann Webb Felicia West Faculty Nellie Bond Dickenson Elizabeth Lynn Katherine Montgomery Louise Richardson Hazel Stevenson Katherine Warren Elizabeth Washburn Colors: Green and Silver Flower: White Carnation Esteren is an Even Organization. Its Purpose is the Perpetuation of Even Traditions, Class Loyalty, and Friendship. PAGE 201 WNXIftA Faculty Members Pearl Beverly Ezda Deviney Olivia Dorman Student Members Rebecca Ashton Katherine Autrey Josephine Binion Janice Borton Beth Daane Frances Douglas Winifred Ewart Frances Forth Betty Hatch Faculty Members: Maude Flowers Elizabeth Thompson Anna May Tracy Student Members: Sarah Lytle Betty Mack Martha Makemson Mary Jeanne McKay Mary Miller Peggy McMichael Mary Emily Parker Lutrelle Patterson Charlotte Stevens Margaret Walcott FOUNDED OCTOBER 12, 1924 F l ower _Black Carnation Colors—Black and White Spirogira is an honorary for the Odds. Members are chosen from the Odd Classes for their outstanding leadership, loyalty, and service. PAGE 202 AMP U5 1 The Budget Committee Miss Schornherst, Dr. Shores Betsy Anderson Betty Ostlund Ellen Fleming — (Chairman) Jeanette Annin The Handbook Committee Nell Colvin Virginia Phillips — (Chairman) Elizabeth Ann Webb " -%j -if ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ WBk0 . ' ■ ' ' i I: s M The Debate Committee Nell Colvin Phil Asher — (Chairman) Peggy McMicha?! ' -f •■ The N. S. F. A. Committee Polly Eveleth — (Chairman) Sarah Sealey Betty Wynn Janice Borton PAGE 203 OMMITTEE The Auditing Committee: Elizabeth Pierce Jeanette Annin Chairman Betty Mack The Extra Curricula Committee: Anna Marie Mitchell Betty Ann McMullen Dorothy Crews Betty Hammond Myrvin Everett — (Chairman) The Usher Committee: Mary Nell Pinkard Jane Craille Katherine Pratt Alicia Meacham Sara Carter Barbara Green Erma Engel Dorothy Ozburn Jean Lykes Chairman The Social Committee: Marie Anderson Phil Asher Marion Carson Janet Charles Jane Craille Mary Jane Gale Mary Kathryn Gibson... Helen Hall Patsy Johnson Madeline McCall Barbara Moore Lutrelle Patterson Jane Rice Fredrica Roberts Kathryn Todd .Chairman PAGE 204 THE 4-H LUfc The College 4-H Clul) is composed of former 4-H Club girls who present satisfactory records of achievement in active 4-H Club work and of scholar- ship in college. The main objectives are to encourage other 4-H girls to enter college ; to develop an appreciative in- terest in college life : to promote the program of 4-H Club work in Florida. Members: Geraldine Albritton Beatrice Arnold Avalee Austin Mamie Ruth Baggott Lois Behrens Roberta Brown Marie Bryan Lorrain Burroughs Shirley W. Davis Louise De Vore Dorothy Emerson Theluia A. Ham Donna Haney Krestine Harris Lucille Hudson Ruth Irving Doris Jones Luella Kistler Gwendolyn ] eavin Dixie Lippincott Ouida Martin Laura McCaughau Beatrice McDaniel Mary Lillian McDonald Jeanette Rish Fern Robertson Letha Madge Royce Ruth Sanderson Ruby Shaw Edna Simms Lynette Thompson Mary Frances Tomberlin Agnes Vincent Bernice Wester Wilma Young- Marilyn Williams New Members: Willie Belle Adams Margaret Alford Elise Barrett Louise Boone Marjorie Butler Lois Collins Margaret Delaney Weleska F ' ulmer Florence Gross Ouida. Higdon Lola Hopkins Lula Hopkins Maggie Hunter Louise Johnson Edwinola Jordan Dorothy Kamiya Virgie Mae Lee Lorena Lorenz Mary Ellen Lovelace Dot McCullough Grace McKee Geraldine Meyers Emily Olson Mary Palmer Gwendolyn Patterson Marguerite Prevatt Betty Reed Roberta Rogers Mildred Seekins Inez Shellhorse Lillian Shulte Thelma Spurlock Twilah Taylor Margaret Walcott Opal Walker Helen Stuart Lollie Watrous TAGE 205 THE H6ME C OM0MK LU The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to en- courage young women to have a greater interest in home and community life and to promote friendship and social intercourse between students interested in home economics work. OFFICERS President Edith Manford Vice-President Mary Louise Hoenshel Secretary Margaret Walcott Treasurer Irene Day Social Chairman Margaret Delaney Publicity Chairman Eleanor Ruff Senior Representative Virginia Duke Junior Representative Lucille Williams Sophomore Representative Betty Reed The national president of Omicron Nu, the Home Economics Hon- orary, was a visitor of the local chapter this year. She spoke very highly of the F.S.C.W. Home Economics Club, praising their work and progress during the past three years. The National Omicron Nu President. PAGE 206 jewi h wamens wani zatiwi Purpose: To promote ties of union within the Jewish group and to foster good will and fellowship toward the various groups on campus. Officers President . — Rosalyn Damn Vice-President - - Ruth Rubin Secretary — Judith Wilensky Treasurer Sylvia Feiga Committee Chairmen Weekly Services Jennie Sirkies Program . Margaret Fishier Social Rose Levin Outstanding Events October 30 Informal talk by Dr. Bellamy December 12 _ Round Table Discussion March 12 Informal Reception March 13 Annual Formal Dance THE CfcMAN LUk Purpose: Der Deutsche Verein is an organization among students of German who wish to improve their speaking knowledge of the language and who are interested in further study of the language and literature, the life and customs of the German people. Officers Faculty Adviser Miss Myrtle Dolbee President Charlotte Kamper Vice-President Elizabeth Knapp Secretary Annie Jennings Treasurer Mary Elizabeth Orleman PAGE 207 The Students of Florida State College for Women are given many opportunities for the development of a spiritual life. The College and students support a Young Wo- men ' s Christian Association which conducts a weekly Sunday vesper service and mid- week worship service. A profoundly spiritual influence on the campus is that of the student secretaries, provided by the Baptist, Episcopal, Methodist, and Presbyterian denominations. These secretaries are not only college graduates but have been thoroughly trained and espe- cially prepared for Christian work among college students. The majority of these de- nominations provide student centers near the campus where the secretaries hold con- ferences and have spiritual and social contacts with the students. The Religious Workers ' Council, composed of various faculty members, meets month- ly for the purpose of discussing problems pertaining to the spiritual welfare of the stu- dents. EPISCOPAL STUDENT VESTRY JULIA GEHAN THE REV. W. J. ALFRIEND The Episcopal Student Vestry The Vestry is the body which plans the Episcopal student activities. Members: Louise Lingo Mildred Seekins Betty Bow Midelle Moore Katherine Bacon Elizabeth Matheny Betty Ostlund Frances Ellis Sallie Ratliff Helen Cate Mary Hamilton Meginnis Louise Gehan Betty Harrison Betty White Sue Pinner Mary Louise Merri weather Victoria Crisp Eleanor Flint Frances Lewis Charlotte Kamper TAGE 208 the Mmsmmm league ,,:-»- STUDENT COUNSELOR RACHEL WYLIE Senior Council President Sara Hethcox Vice-President Lillie McGuire Corresponding Secretary Marjorie Horton Recording Secretary Geneva Nelson Treasurer Mariam Harrold Chairman Spiritual Lite Alice McGlone Chairman Missi ons Adele Barnard Chairman Social Service Ruth Myrick Chairman Music Maxine Ward Chairman Publicity Barbara Hubbard Social Chairman Katherine Todd Chairman Dramatics Sara Nance Student House Chairman Frank Wildman Dietician Syrena Stockbridge Librarian Alma Lester Jr.-Sr. S. S. Class Pres Grace McKee Sophomore President Louise Brown Freshman President Lalla Iverson Freshman Sponsors Kitty Kyle, Agnes Stiggins, Marcia Smith, Virginia Taylor Junior Council President Mary Ensign Vice-President Beth Ransom Secretary Mary Lou Duncan Treasurer Lorraine Gyles Chairman Spiritual Life Betty Russell Chairman Missions Elizabeth Finch Chairman Social Service Mary Neel Chairman Music Eleanor Daniell Chairman Publicity Petrea Cabiniss Chairman Dramatics Mary Frances Campbell Social Chairman Dot Marwick Dietician Harriet Duke THE mm tfM OMAN CATION The Methodist Student Organization is made up of Methodist girls. It is i ' or the purpose of furthering religious ideals among the College girls. Miss Winnie Lee Davis is the Methodist Student Secretary. PAGE 209 THE NEWMAN Llt The Newman Club is an organization for girls belonging to the Catholic Church. The Club is active in many campus affairs. Father Carroll of the Catholic Church leads the discussion groups and other informal gatherings of the Club, at various times during the year. During the past year the Newman Club has been very successful in athletics, having won many intramural meets, and other honors in the field of sports. Officers: President, Clotilde O ' Rourke — Vice President, Margaret Clare Lafferty — ■ Recording Secretary, Lib Lounds — Corresponding Secretary, Mercedes Garriga — Treasurer, Marie Joffre — Athletic Manager, Yvonne Marchesseau — Program Chairman, Jane Quinn — the mm mm mm The Baptist Student Union is composed of girls who belong to the Baptist Church. These girls, who are interested in religious topics, have regular informal conference groups. These discussions keep the members well informed, and create a feeling of fellowship within the group. This organization recognizes the essential value of a positive religious atmosphere and encourages every factor which contributes to this end. Miss Billie Ruth Currin is the Baptist Student Secretary. She directs the meetings of the group and plans for their various activities during the year. PAGE 210 ftELKIOlfc ACTIVITIES Methodist Student Conference group Methodist Student House Presbyterian Students in open air fcrum Baptist Student Discussion Y. W. C. A. Initiation Service PAGE 211 ALPHA CHI ALPHA Founded at University of Tennessee in 1919 Gamma Chapter Installed in 1921 William G. Dodd Rowena Longmire Faculty Members Earl L. Vance Edith West Student Members Martha Baker Hazel Bowman Sarah Beth Davis Virginia Early Evelyn Fisher Margaret Claire Lafferty Arline Lockhart Lillie McGuire Sarah Sealey Pearle Shepard Dorothy Barclay Jane Quinn Pledges Nan O ' Shaughnessy Frances Waterhouse The purpose of this organization is to honor those students who have shown an ability and taken an active part in collegiate publica- tions and to advance the study of various phases of journalism. One and one-half years of creditable service on one college publication is a requisite for membership. This was the first national honorary established on campus. CHI DELTA PH FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE IN 1919 PI CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 Faculty Member: Hazel A. Stevenson The purpose of Chi Delta Phi is to raise the standards of productive literary work among the women students of colleges and universities. It purposes to furnish the highest reward for conscientious effort in furthering the most worth while interest of literature in the broadest sense of the term. Election tQ membership is based upon such meri- torious work. Student Members: Phil Asher Elizabeth Becknell Hazel Bowman Edna Burhans Evelyn Fisher Marie Joffre Pearl Shepard Nellie Lamar Ermine Lawrence Catherine Levey Mavis McMillan Clotilde O ' Rourke Daisy Parker PAGE 212 ETA SIGMA PH Founded at the University of Chicago in 1924 Eta Chapter Installed in 1926 Olivia N. Dorman Faculty Members Mary Etta Thistlethwaite Ruth Fairma.n Mary Kathryn Gibson Mary Green Pearle Overhultz Student Members Hollv Waker Kathleen Robinson Marcia Smith Julia Vanderipe Eta Sigma Phi is the National classical honorary which purposes to encourage classical scholarship, to enhance the appreciation of Greek and Roman culture, and to promote good will and fellowship among classical students. Membership is open to undergraduates in classical departments, who are chosen for their high standard of scholarship and their proven interest in the study and appreciation of the classics. Faculty of the classical department of colleges where there are chapters are honorary members of the fraternity. KAPPA DELTA PI Founded at the University of Illinois in 1909 Alpha Delta Chapter Installed in 1925 Faculty Members Mattie Chapman Ruth Connor Edward Conradi Mark De Graff Dorothy Disher Mrs. E. R. Ellis Esther Eyman Ralph Eyman Bertha Finner Paul Finner Florence Tryon Marion Hay Oval H. Harrison Roy Hinson Elizabeth Hutt Margaret McCurdie Velma Ooton Pat Priest Mrs. J. J. Ruediger Nathaniel M. Salley Dora Skipper Town Members Hollie Carmine Colin English Cora Fay Elise Gissendanner Mrs. Joe Hall Mrs. Becky Hopkins Mary Clare Kimball Mrs. Mamie Mackerary Robert Moon Mrs. Robert Moon Margaret Pfluge Marion Tryon Jasper F. Rickards Maud Schwalmeyer Mrs. W. P. Shelly Mrs. E. R. Smith M. D. Stone Mildred Wilfong Student Members Dorothy Crews Virginia Early Sarah Myrvin Everett Ruth Howard Dorothy Purse Hazel Sangster Martha Frank YYildman Anna M. VonDohlen Pledges Catherine M. Craney Beth Daane Rosalyn Damn Betty Anne Graham Nellie Lamar Ida Pearl Miller Annawilda Norris Pearl Overhultz Genell Perry Ruth Prather Marcia Smith Marianna Swank Marjorie Tillis Sarah B. Wells PAGE 213 m6 ta mw Mrs. Hazel Moren Richards Editor of the Mortar Board Quarterly Mary Marjorie Tilles, President Torchbearers of Mortar Board, the only senior honorary national fraternity for women, was installed at the Florida State College for Women, March 7, 1931. Mortar Board was founded in 1918 by four universities at a meeting in Syracuse, N. Y. Scholarship, leadership, and service are the ideals and purposes of this national organization. Members must have a high scholarship average, must be recognized as leaders, and must have an attitude toward the College which aids the institution in all its undertakings; service for purely personal gain is not recognized by Mortar Board. Hazel Bowman Josephine Binion Frances Forth Mary Kathryn Gibson Dorothy Leach Martha Makemson Members: Mary Jeanne McKay Daisy Parker Shirley Stevens Marjorie Tillis Sue Whitaker Eleanor Williams PAGE 214 OMICRON Nil Founded at Michigan State Agricultural College in 1912 Pi Chapter Instiled in 1922 Faculty Members Helen Davis Edna Mae Mcintosh Margaret Sandels Jennie Tilt Ethy] Holla way Town Members Mrs. H. L. Waskom Student Dietician Shirley Emerson Student Members Marjorie Beach Irene Day Mrs. Irene Gunn Gladys Howard Louise Johnston Geraldine Meyers Shirley Stevens Lucille Williams Omicron Nu is the national Home Economics honor society. Its purpose is to recognize and promote scholarship, leadership, and re- search in the field of Home Economics. Only students in the last of their Juni or year, and Seniors a ' e eligible for membership. PHI ALPHA THETA Founded at the University of Arkansas in 1921 Delta Chapter Installed in 1926 Kathryn T. Abbey Robert S. Cotterill Annie M. Popper Faculty Members Venila L. Shores Florence R. Tryon Arthur Williams Florence Cameron Roselyn Damn Mary Ensign Student Members Alma Lester Anna Marie Mitchell Mary Emily Parker Daisy Parker It is the aim of Phi Alpha Theta to advance the study of history by recognition of meritorious work in this field. For this purpose a tea is given annually for students making ' B " or above in freshman his- tory. It has also been the policy of the chapter to make some con- tribution to the campus each year. This year this resulted in fur- nishing the library with a subscription to some current publication. PAGE 215 f HI £ETA KAW A Founded at College of William and Mary, in 1776 Florida Alpha Installed in 1935 Kathryn T. Abbey Rev. G. E. Benedict Mildred Burlingame Dorothy Breen Amy Briggs Edward C. Conradi Dorothy Disher William G. Dodd Myrtle E. Dolbee Olivia N. Dor-man Margaret W. Dow Josephine Long (1907) Josephine Binion Rosemary Hamly Elizabeth Knapp Resident Members Viola Graham Marion J. Hay Marion Irish Claude Pepper Harold F. Richards William H. Rogers Arthur R. Seymour Mrs. Arthur R. Seymour Venila I ovina Shores Elmer R. Smith Anna M. Tracy Members in Course Anna Marie Mitchell Daisy Parker Sarah Sealey Sue Whitaker PHI KAPPA PH FOUNDED IN 1897 FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 Faculty Members Kathryn T. Abbey L. S. Barber Raymond Bellamy Dorothy Breen Beulah Briley Margaret Campbell Martha Chapman Edward Conradi Margaret Dasher R. L. Eyman Paul Finner Willima Joubert Clarissa Knight Herman Kurz Olga Larson Arthur Williams Leland Lewis Rowena Longmire Katherine Montgomery Ella Scoble Opperman Louise Richardson N. M. Salley Margaret Sandels Arthur Seymour Dora Skipper E. R. Smith Alban Stewart Cecil Strong Mary Etta Thistlethwaite Jennie Tilt Florence Tryon Student Members Josephine Binion Marion J. Carson Rosalyn Daum Margaret Delaney Sarah Myrvin Everett Frances Forth Lottie R. Howard Frank Wildman Betty Mack Anna Marie Mitchell Bernice Oliver Daisy Parker Dorothy Purse Hazel Sangster Pearl E. Smith PAGE 216 SIGMA DELTA PI Founded in 1919 at the University of California Berkeley, California Ada Belle Allan Dorothy Breen Margie Burkes Margaret Campbell Faculty Members Arthur Seymour Myrtle Dolbee Mildred, Finnegan Marian Hay Elizabeth Hutt Student Members Charlotte Carlton Louise Doyle Myrvin Everett Virginia Early Nellie Lamar Mary Meriwether Kathleen Miles Bernice Oliver Daisy Parker Dorothy Purse Anna von Dohlen THETA KAPPA Theta Kappa is the local French honorary founded on the campus of Florida State College for Women in September. 1936. Through the recognition of outstanding work in French and the carrying out of a definite program of constructive activities Theta Kappa hopes to en- courage an interest and appreciation of the French language, French literature and French life among the students of the campus. Faculty Members: Ada Belle Allan Dorothy Breen Margaret Campbell Marie Davis Mildred Finnegan Lucy Lester Arthur Seymour Student Members: Eloise Andrews Josephine Binion Dorothy Crews Evelyn Fisher Evelyn Glazier Anna Glen Dorothea Marsh Darween Morrell Geneva Nelson Pearle Overhultz Gennelle Perry Martha Thomas Frank Wiktman PAGE 218 ((£$ - OLF Golf as a regular part of the physical education program at Florida State meets with the hearty ap- proval of the many golf fans on campus. SHUFFLE mki Here, too, among the popular minor sports is the fascinating game of shuffleboard. PAGE 219 Odd team members above are: Martha Makemson, Marian Lessey, Beth Daane, Nancy Williamson, Valerie Hunt, Dot Molnar, and Edythe Stanley. Below are pictured the Even girls: Louise Gehan, Kathryn Pratt, Betty Ostlund. Nan Clark, Audrey Cooper, Helen Daniels, Meta Helms, Marjorie Horton, Frances Lewis, Ernestine Makemson, Marjorie Raulerson, Martha Robbins. and Lynette Thompson. VOLLEY kALL The scenes on this page depict climactic points in one of the most important sports events of the year, the Odd-Even volleyball game on Thanksgiving day, which was won this year by the Evens, 28-22. During the first few minutes of play, the Even team succeeded in taking enough points to give them a slight margin which, by means of a hard struggle, they were able to keep throughout the game. For the remainder of the first half, after the early scoring streak of the Evens, the ball was put into play first by the Odds, then by the Evens, each team being unable to score more than a point or two at a time. At several points during the last half of the game, the powerful serving of members of the Odd team seemed to threaten Even supremacy, but Red, White, and Purple errors lost them their best chances to even the score. However, with the Evens in sub- stantial lead, the Odds staged a last-minute comeback which fur- nished some of the best plays of the game. Long rallies marked by superb pass work on both sides of the net, accurate placements, and hard overhand serves saw the Odds climb a little nearerl the green and gold players, but in the end the cool steady placements in which the Even players showed almost perfect co-operation gave them the serve again and the final points for their victory in spite of the fight- ing spirit of the Odds. Throughout the entire game, both teams showed machine-like co-operation, speed, and accuracy. PAGE 220 BASKET feALL Members of the Even team: Helen Benson, Janet Cook, Frances Fryer. Carmen Lytal, Ruth Agnes McClain, Yvonne Marchesseau, Louise Prine, Louise Rice, Hilda Spradlin, Sara Jane Stambaugh, Frances Thill, and Felicia West, captain. Probably the most thrilling game of the year was played in the Gymnasium Thanksgiving morning, and Odd-Even rivalry reached its highest peak of excitement at the annual basketball game, as the Even team managed to eke out a close 19-17 victory over the Odds. These snaps show highlights of the game, in which was an unusual display of tricky, fast-working, and successful plays. Long, beautifully placed field shots and very nearly perfect guard interference were the outstanding features of the grimly fought tilt. The game held not, one slow moment as the ball see-sawed from one end of the court to the other with very little time taken for shooting. A5KET £ALL PAGE 221 Odd team members: Fay Corey, Harriet Duke, Jackie Gates, Florence Gross. Sara Hethcox, Dorothy Kamiya, Dorothy Marwick, Mary Miller, Marian Weeks, and Hazel Viertel. At frequent intervals, interference by the guards was so timely that the forwards were forced to shoot from awkward and disadvantageous spots of the courts, and at nearly every attempt, the shots were perfectly timed, landing miraculously, in the center of the basket. Points were taken nip and tuck by Odds and Evens, and the biggest thrill of the game came when the Odds rallied sud- denly during the last few minutes of play to score several successive points, pulling their score up to one point below tie. The Evens managed to hold their own for the remainder of the game, which finally ended with the green and gold leading by the small margin of two points. The entire game moved with breath-taking speed, and teamwork and neatness of the plays was remarkable. PAGE 222 " • r i w 5WIMMIN4 With Ruth Wilson reigning as queen of the land of Carsoil, an elaborate display of water sports was presented Thanksgiving morning in the gymnasium pool. The script was woven around a mythical tournament of water pageantry which was presented annually for the approval of the queen. The queen, dressed in white satin and garnet and gold, entered with her attendants to take her place on the throne at the far end of the pool. The attendants, Martha Makemson, Florence Ward and Kathryn Rawls later took part in the variety program. Court jesters clad in mid-Victorian bathing suits provided amusement during the latter part of the program. Jesters were Beth Daane, Mar- ion Weeks, Olinette Zugschwert and Ruth Agnes Mc- Clain. Four teams. Red, Black, Blue and Green, representing mythical distant countries, came to pay homage to the queen and to vie for honors in the tournament. At the beginning of the program four members of each team exhibited a tandem elementary back stroke in group formation. ThiS( was followed by team com- petition. The blue team, in perfect pyramid formation swam the length of the pool in the single over-arm stroke after which they formed a four-spoke pinwheel in the center of the pool. From this they reverted back to the pyramid. Mem- bers of the Blue team were: Nell Colvin, Thelma Norlin, Ermine Lawrence, Frances Brunson, Dor- othy Scott, Eleanor Freer, Nancy Rogero, and Betty Lewis. Be- tween this exhibition and the next Katherine Rawls and Ann Donnell presented a comical sail fish and snail race in which Donnell was pulled the length of the pool by an invisible rope. With a backstroke, the Red team in a weaving formation swam the length of the pool, then formed a wheel with a turning hub which displayed perfect subterrane- an somersaults. Members of this group were Dot Richards, PAGE 223 WIMMIN i Pat Campbell, Lois Hughes, Martha Moore, Margaret Maxwell Janet Jewitt, Mary Peacock and Elizabeth Pierce. For diversion Katherine Rawls gave an exhibition of the butterfly breast stroke, plain breast stroke, back stroke and overarm stroke, swimming 100 yards altogether. Thq Green team ' s contribution was a front crawl forma- tion of a changing circle which became larger and smaller as the exhibition progressed. Members of this team in- cluded Marion Lessey. Carmen Lytal, Betty Bloodworth, Augusta Glendenning, Virginia Holmes, Sarah Jane Stambaugh, Gladys Peacock, and Ruth Whaley. The Black team presented a circling line of breast stroke swimmers progressing with perfectly timed surface dives and unusual crossing formation. This team was composed of Marjorie Marwick, Dot Colburn, Sarah Hethcox, Erma Engel, Virginia Makemson, Earnestine Makemson. Sarah Lytal, Clifton Van Brunt and Polly Flint. At this interval the clowns performed in take-offs on the feats thit had been present- ed by the four teams. Martha Makemson and Florence Ward, attendants to the queen, gave a beautiful exhibition of shoulder-to-shoulder overarm stroke, sur- face diving and somersaulting. A diving program was given by Lois Hughes. Dorothy Scott, Carmen Lytal, Dot Colburn. and Katheryn Rawls. The Olympic star was encored again and again for her diving performance. At the end of the program the queen announced that discrimi- nation as to ' the victorious team would be impossible and she commanded that the teams unite in a colorful grand finale. They formed a water snake dance, wauling in and out of a huge slowly moving circle. One of the novel- ties of this festival was the fact that all performances were presented and timed with music furnish- ed by Mickey Heron ' s or- c h e s t r a. PAGE 224 iff p Hi ' ■Wife U :« « ■■■:■ " ! . ..: ' T,.W:. ' ' :,j?: ' - Ml . . , The Odds scored a 1-0 victory over the Evens on the hockey field in February in a game which was marked by a fight for every inch of ground, and by the goal stands made by the Evens. The lone score of the game was not made until the second half, when the Odds got their start to- ward the goal when Daane took a free hit. The ball was taken by Jewett and when she attempted to pass, Lytal intercepted and carried the ball down to within the driving circle where she passed to Miller, who drove the ball over the Even goal line. After numerous exchanges in mid-field with neither team getting any great advantage, the Odds broke loose and invaded Even ter- ritory when Seekens got control of thei ball, passed it on to Miller, who carried it on down to the goal where it was stopped by the goalie, Katherine Kirby Smith. The Evens took the ball but were unable to get into mid-field before the Odds once more started toward the Even PAGE 225 goal line when Makemson got the ball, passed to Seekins and took the ball on down to the goal line where she was stopped by Daniels. The play was evened up again when Moore took a long drive, sending the ball into the Odd end of the field. The Evens were in line for a. goal but the play was broken up by Lytal. Thompson had regained the ball and passed to Rosser when the whistle brought the game to a close. Evens pictured at the left are: right wing — Moore, right inner — Thompson, center — McClain, left inner — Fioher, left wing — A. Lloyd, left halfback — Stambaugh, center halfback — Rosser, right halfback — Daniels, right fullback — Jewett, left fullback — Rice, goalie — K. Smith. Odds at right are: right wing ' — Miller, right inner — Daane, center — Duke, left inner — Killian, left wing — Miller, left halfback — Seek- ins, center halfback — Weeks, right halfback — Makemson, right full- back — Lytal, left fullback — Max- well, goalie — Ireland. PAGE 226 SOCCE Soccer. England and South America ' s most popular sport, is gaining a firm foot- hold in the physical education program of many colleges in the United States. These pictures show some of the soccer competi tion carried on at our school. »i , - -j . " « v. jJvV - ' a " " - ' ' With a final score of 8-4 in the decisive battle of the Odd-Even soccer series held in February, the Odds came out victorious over the Even team after three hotly contested tilts. This game cinched the vic- tory for the Odds. With Hunt scoring the first goal after five minutes of play, the team rushed back for another attempted field goal, inter- cepted by Brown, Even goalie, who kicked the ball well into Odd territory. The Evens rallied toward the end of the first half, Fryer kicked a goal during the last minute of play and the score stood 2-2 at the end of the half. Early in the second half the Evens carried the ball within three feet of the goal, only to have it sent back by strong Odd kick outs, and carried on down the field to a second Odd goal by Anderson. Three minutes later Corey made a field goal on a penalty. With six minutes left to play, the Even made a brisk rally to sink another goal, leaving the score 5-4 in the Odds ' favor. After a half-minute time out for the Odds, the team attempted to rush the goal but scored only one point on a penalty kick. They made their final goal two sec- onds before time was called, bring- ing the score to 8-4. PAGE 227 Mary Palmer, playing ' defense for the Odds. Fay Corey, playing offensive for the Odds, and Felicia West playing offensive for the Evens, showed un- usually fine technique and ability in all three games of the season. On the left hand page is the Even line-up. They are: Felicia West, Louise Gehan, Evelyn Glazier, Elaine Fleischer, Frances Waterhouse, Ruth Weber, Ruth Rogers, Mary Pfeiffer, Helen Brown, Ernes- tine Makemson and Frances Fryer. On this page are pictured members of the Odd team which is composed of: Fay Corey, Jackie Gates, Valerie Hunt, Florence Gross, Sadie Anderson, Mary Emily Parker. Jean Gillies, Dot Molnar, Ruth Wilson, Martha Baker and Mary Palmer. Each season there are interesting tilts between the four classes, each striving for supremacy in the soc- cer field. These games are met with much enthusiasm on the pirt of the athletic minded of the student body. Also, some of the most in- teresting games of the year are soccer contests which are arranged between va- rious groups of regular physical education classes d u ring the soccer season. These games, though in- formal and for the most part lacking publicity, furnish genuine enjoy- ment for the participants and the spec- tators. SOCCER The snaps below show some action shots taken during the Odd-Even soccer tilt which was held in February. Also on this page are pictured the members of the Odd team. ■■B HHHMBSH PAGE 223 ' ■j. During the last few years archery has be- come an increasingly important and popular sport on our campus, both in class and extra-curricular activity. These snaps show several interesting scenes taken during regu- lar class periods. " " ■)! " ' ' PAGE 229 For the first time, this year Archery was made a major sport by the athletic board. The action of the board was based on the increased interest displayed by the student body in the archery intra-murals and the telegraphic arch- ery shoots held last year. And in May of this year Florida State took part in a na- tional women ' s intercollegiate telegraphic archery tourna- ment. Miss Betty Washburn, of the physical education de- partment, was in charge of the meet on this campus. PAGE 230 Regular riding classes at our school are growing by leaps and bounds as more and more girls join the ranks of those interested in the equestrienne art. Students are taught the intricate technique of riding and at Die- same time en- joy long periodical rides into the wilds. PAGE 231 fc Anita Peek, pictured on this page, took first place in the cham- pionship rider class at the first annual horse show to be staged by Florida State College for Wo- men. The show was conducted un- der the direction of Marie Taylor, riding instructor. PAGE 232 Life at. Camp Flastacowo flourishes over week-ends and holidays as girls flock there in an attempt to get back to nature. The near- by lakes afford exploring ground for those whose tastes run to canoes. PAGE 233 Another popular feature of F ' lastacowo is the rifle range, which offers a rigorous test of skill, the docks, popular resting places of the weary swimmers, also furnish perfect hangouts for sunbathers. p " t " 1 " ' ; v PAGE 234 ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ■ " ■■ . ■■ ' ' ■ ■ " ■ ' ' . ... " --■ ■ -. ■ ■■■■■■ N E These pictures show members of the advanced class in modern danc- ing in action. The girls appearing in these snaps are those members of the class who were selected by the physical education department to present exhibition numbers at the Southern Section meeting, a branch of the National American Physical Education Association, which was held in Houston, Texas, the first of March. The delegates were Felicia West, Dulcie Cavagnero, Isabelle Sands, Ruth Prather, Janet Cook. Beth Daane, Viola Brooks, and Betty Ostlund. . PAGE 235 ■ S " V %». 1 P W ' i S F E N 3H%. N At right and above Marie Joffre, instructor of extra-curricular fenc- ing, shows an interested under- study the technicalities in the art Of wielding a foil. Fencing, one of the best known exercises, has not yet been placed on a competi- tive basis on our campus, but en- rollment in classes is steadily in- creasing. PAGE 236 M :• ' -.; »■• S , j o« . - — IslilsSlialtiiS SS The dull thud of a hard ball land- ing in a leather-clad outstretched hand and a resounding whack as ball connects with bat in the good old game of baseball tell us that spring is here again and that the Odds and Evens are practicing up for their final battle of the school year. PAGE 237 E N N Popularity of tennis at Florida State has almost doubled since this year ' s inauguration of night playing. Students who are not fortunate in being able to enroll in regular tennis classes have the opportunity, in the cool hours of the evening, to keep up with the game. Such tournaments as class, Odd-Even, and Faculty-student contests are enjoyed throughout the year. PAGE 238 P an e enic Kappa Delta Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Delta Delta Delta Sigma Kappa Pi Beta Phi Delta Zeta Kappa Alpha Theta Zeta Tan Alpha Alpha Gamma Delta Theta Upsilon Delta Phi Epailon Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Mu Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Xi Delta Beta Phi Alpha The Pan-Hellenic Association of all fraternity women on the campus fellowship. Kappa Alpha Chapter Gamma Chapter lota Chapter Alpha Eta Chapter Omega Chapter Florida Beta Chapter Alpha Sigma Chapter Beta Nu Chapter Beta Gamma Chapter Gamma Beta Chapter Lambda Chapter Iota Chapter Alpha Pi Chapter Alpha Epsilon Chapter Beta Eta Chapter Alpha Omega Chapter Psi Chapter 1904 1908 1909 1916 1920 1921 1924 1924 1924 1925 1925 1925 1928 1929 1929 1929 1931 Florida State College for Women is composed of who unite to promote inter-fraternal good will and STA7£ : «%4 «»4|feft4n 9K T " 7 = Vf „ - ?....- far- • - | -„-, ' ..-. , . Z . .-,, I | f» .... ■ ' ■..-.■■ ■ S i .e£i 3fc . ■ « i. » i • i 1 v: .:...- W ■ ISfSS-.l ... ,-• . . . — .-: - «• - • •• r. i rfl viresCrIM ... . f .» . . _.« » ... y , 4 4 Rfi ; } ' - 3Sf f • ' ■ ir 9 I |P|I £« « «{ f. L S " • : ¥ ■ " % " ' ' :k. iUi ' « X x " • " " " M . PAGE 240 AYALA BALLENGER BINION BROWN CLAYTON CROOK GIBSON LOCKWOOD. MACK MEGINNIS MCLEAN McMICHAEL NOGGLE RACE SAMS TAYLOR THARIN THOMAS THOMPSON TURNBULL WHITAKER. WHITAKER. BAUGHMAN GLENN HEITER LESTER MIZELL FAIN KENNEDY LAMOTTE LOCKWOOD MERRIDAY BAILESS CABANISS CARROLL EDWARDS ENGEL VOSS AYALA BALLENGER CLIFFORD EASTHAM EDWARDS ELEBASH INGRAM KENT LAMOTTE, V. LITSCHGI MILES MURPHY McCOLSKY MCGOWAN PARAMORE QUINA ROBINSON SIPE SMOYER THOMAS TURNBULL VAN BRUNT, C. VAN BRUNT, M. VOSS. L. WEBB WEBSTER YONGE PAGE 241 K appa Delta F ' OUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL IN 1894 KAPPA ALPHA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1904 Colors: Green and White Flower: White Rose Open Motto: " Let Us Strive For That Which Is Honorable, Beautiful and Highest - ' Publication: " Angelos " In Facultate Kathleen Fletcher Elizabeth Ayala Helen Ballenger Josephine Binion Jean Brown Mary Jo Clayton Jane Crook Douglas Dabney Mary Katherine Gibson Emilie Mae Lockwood Betty Mack Mary Meginnis Jean B a ugh man Erma Engel Madge Glenn Lois Heiter Martha Lester Maie Anderson Rebecca Ashton Mary Jane Bailess Petrea Ctibaniss Josephine Carroll Martha Edwards Nellie Fain Jane Jackson Peggy Ayala Martha Ballenger Dorothy Benford Myrtle Alice Clifford Anne Raleigh Eastham Caroline Edwards Emma Randolph Elebash Martha Hicks Dorothy Hill Helen Holloway Elise Ingram Harriet Kent Virginia LaMotte Evelyn Lightsey Jeannette Litschgi Helen McKean In Collegio Seniors Dorothy McLean Peggy McMichael Marjorie Noggle Virginia Rogers Race Ann Sams Olivia Jo Taylor Jane Tharin Frances Thomas Margaret Thompson Helen Turnbull Grace Whitaker Sue Whitaker Juniors Ann Mizell Virginia Northcutt Dorothy Phillips Virginia Phillips Jane Rice Inez Seabrook Sophomores Mary Voss Pledges Martha Kennedy Frances LaMotte Janet Lockwood Barbara Moore Lutrelle Patterson Lucille Seed Sara Tillman Beauford Thrower Alice Miles Helen Murphy Voncile McClosky Josephine McGowan Helen Anita Peek June Quina Ina Margaret Robinson Martha Sipe x Ann Smoyer Jane Thomas Bunny Turnbull Clifton Van Brunt Lavine Voss Jeanne Webster Hilma Yonge PAGE 242 ANTHONY DAVIS GODARD HAMILTON MCKAY MURRAY PEYTON SPENCER CARTER CASON CLEVELAND CRALLE FINCH LEWIS LYKES NANCE SHACKLEFORD SFRADLIN ADAMSON BROOKS BROWN CASHEN CHALKER DELL OVEN SPARKMAN VAN DYKE ADKINS JOHNSTON KNIGHT MOORE MANNING GORDY HITCH HORNEY HUSSEY. E. HUSSEY, M. JAECKEL LEE MCCORD M ICKLER MURPHY RADER RAMSEY RODGERS SALLEY SLADE STEWART SUTTON SWEARENGEN TAYLOR TEXADA TOWNE TOWSON WATSON WILSON PAGE 243 Chi Omega Mrs. J. F. Miller FOUNDED AT FAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS, IN 1895 GAMMA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1908 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Open Motto: " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals ' ' Publication: " Eleusis ' " In Facultate In Collegio Seniors Mary Jeanne McKay Francis Moore Helen Murray Virginia Peyton Pauline Spencer Juniors Louise Brown Sara Carter Ruth Cleveland Jane Cralle Betty Finch Rowena Longmire Sarah Anthony Emily Davis Martha Godard Elizabeth Hamilton Nancy Adamson Nelwyn Brooks Betty Cashen Mary Phillips Chalker Mary Virginia Dell Roberta Gammon Betty Harrison Winifred Hill Margaret Adkins Martha Baxter Jane Bishop Betty Bloodworth Sue Bryant Alice Cannon Elizabeth Causey Minter Clarke Wilda Finlayson Amelia Gordy Louise Hitch Nancy Homey Evelyn Hussey Marion Hussey Anita Jaeckel Martha Lee Francis Lewis Jean Lykes Sara Nance Mary Shackieford Hilda Spradlin Sophomores Jean Johnston Joan Johnston Anne Knight Sara Moore Mary Lewis Mannin Bersl ie Oven Jean Sparkman Peggy Van Dyke Pledges Jean McCord Margaret Mickler Evelyn Murphy Marjorie Rader Isabel Ramsey Margaret Rodgers Margaret Salley Frances Slade Patricia Stewart Belva Sutton Mary Swearengen Nancy Taylor Jacqueline Texada Roberta Towne Anne Towson Barbara Watson Daphne Wilson PAGE 244 FLEMING HARDEE HERRON MAYFIELD MIZELLE SMITH WHIDDON YON BLACKWELL HUTCHINSON MOOR PAULLIN SCHREIBER THORNTON ADAMS ANDERSON TRANTHAM DEY DAUGHTERY HARDIN HOWE KNAPP, G. KNAPP, G. LEWIS SHELLY ANDERSON BENNETT BOSTAIN DOWLING DURST GATHWRIGHT PAGE 245 Alpha Delta Pi FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE IN 1S51 IOTA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1909 Colors: Blue and White Flower: Violet Open Motto: " We Live for Each Other " Margie Burks Publication: " Adelphean " In Facilitate Lucy Lester In Collegio Seniors Ellen Fleming Vennette Herron Florence Mayfield Emily Blackwell Barbara Holmes Eleanor Hutchinson Martha King Phebe Messer Margaret Mizelle Betty Sweet Smith Elizabeth Whiddon Isabel Yon Juniors Sara Moor Jean Paullin Margaret. Rogers Leone Thornton Josephine Trantham Sophom ores Mary Elizabeth Daughtery Gibson Dey Leona Howe Gwendolyn Knapp Geraldine Knapp Dorothy Lewis Mary Emily Parker Mabel Rogers Betty Scott Marcia Thomas Priscilla Adams Evelyn Anderson Grace Elizabeth Anderson Jean Bennett Betty Bostain Virginia Dowling Gayle Gathwright Eileen Gill Betty Graves Marion Grinell Elizabeth Hardee Riva Hemphill Leonora Hopkins Maxine Hopkins Jane Lea Frances Milton Pledges Betty Nicholson Mary Ann Noland Dorothy Parker Billie Pearson Mary Nell Pope Billie Rawls Nancy Ron Carol Russell Frances Savarese Jane Schreiber Virginia Schreiber Martha Sherman Catherine Sullivan Eleanor White Winona Williamson Ethel Young Mary Belle Rogers PAGE 246 CHARLES MILLER PECK SADLER WARE BIXLER MICHEL NYE WILLIAMS AFPLEYARD BROWN. J. GILLIES GRILEY HICKSON LEWIS OLMSTEAD PECK RICKARDS ROSS SIMMONS COLLINS. C. COLLINS, M. CONNELL DEKLE GLASS GRAHN JESSUP JOHNSTON KERNS MCANDREW McCAHILL MERIWETHER NOBLE PAYNE PRICE REAGIN SCALES SMITH STOY VALZ PAGE 247 Delta Delta Delta FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, THANKSGIVING EVE, 1888 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1916 Colors: Silver, Gold, Blue Flower: Pansy Helen Bixler Janet Charles Mary Miller In Collegio Seniors Betty Peck Ruth Sadler Margaret Ware Juniors Mary June Michel Dorothy Nye Adelia Appleyard Jane Brown Jean Gillies Elizabeth Griley Eleanor Hickson Sarah Lewis Junie McCahill Lucille Williams Betty Wheeless Sophomores Dorothy Olmstead Irene Peck Dorothy Rickards Jean Ross June Simmons Betty Skinner Anna Tilden Jewel Turner Pledges Charlotte Bartless Letitia Bell Mary Lou Bell Jamesine Brown Dorothy Caruthers Carolyn Collins Mary Collins Charlotte Connell Merle Dekle Eugenia Glass Lorraine Grahn Marjorie Jessup Marion Valz Frances Johnston Gene Charlotte Kerns Martha McAndrew Mary McCahill Mary Louise Meriwether Mary Noble Emily Payne Marjorie Price Jane Reagin Molly Scales Dorothy Smith Jean Stoy PAGE 248 CURRY DAVIS HAM GLEN LIND HURST WOODWARD EFFINGER, D. HAMMOND HOWARD MacMULLEN WOODHAM EFFINGER. S. TRUSLER DONNEGAN HASTINGS OTT PARRAMORE PIFER SELLE SMITH PAGE 249 Sigma Kappa FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, WATERVILLE, MAINE, IN 1874 OMEGA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1920 Colors: Maroon and Lavender Flower: Violet Mattie Sue Collins Barbara Curry Sara Mae Davis Anna Glen Edith Hays Effinger Jane Gage Elizabeth Jinks Mona McLean Annette Courtney Seale Effinger Elma Guth Mary Hammond Constance Howard Katherine Benson Hazel Donnegan Patricia Hastings Edith Ott Open Motto: One Heart, One Way " Publication: ' •Triangle ' In Facilitate Sue Pitchford Leila Venable In Collegio Seniors Lucille Ham Ruth Lind Mildred Hurst Fenton Woodward Juniors Hazel Sams Marjorie Weems Nellye Woodham Martha Wright Sophomores Dawn Latham Jeanne MacMullen Carol Ramage Elizabeth Anne Spencer Louise Thomas Susanna Trusler Pledges Phyllis Parramore Priscilla Pifer Adelaide Selle Mary Catharine Smith Virginia Sullivan PAGE 250 CLARK HEPER LOCKHART MORROW WILLIAMS ADKINS ASHER BELLAMY FRINK KERR LAWRENCE MUMBY OZBURN PEMBERTON TODD TREADWELL BAKER BLALOCK BURNETT CANNON EWART FRINK GOURLIE JACKSON LADD MORRIS ROSENBUSH STEWART WHITE WYNN HOLLADAY HOLMER JEWETT JOHNSTON JOHNSTONE KENNARD LESTER LEY LOWE McCREADY MARSH MATTERN MILLER MILLS MOSS POST ROWLEY ROBBINS SAVARESE SMOAK STEVENS TAYLOR. M. TAYLOR, L. TILLIS TYLER VENNING WHEELER WIGGINS WOODWARD ZIMM ERM AN PAGE 251 Pi Beta Phi FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COI LEGE, MONMOUTH, ILL, B ETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1921 18G7 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation Publication: " Arrow " In Facultate Charlotte Stevens In Collegio Seniors Frances Morrow Eleanor Williams Martha Lee Wilkerson Juniors Ermine Lawrence Arline Gray Lockhart Kasimir Mumby Dorothy O Jiurn Shirley Pernberton Jean Treadwell -lean Clark Marian Hoper Lois Adkins Phil Asher Dorothy Bellamy Eloise Frink Florence Kerr Danner Baker Betty Blalock Julia Burnette Eugenia Cannon Winifred Ewart Freddie Frink Sophomores Margaret Gourlie Peggy Jackson Anne Ladd Florine Morris Marjorie Stewart Pollv Ann White Betty Wynn Pledges Olive Alderman Mary Allen Jane Anderson Marjorie Anderson Marion Bedell Mabel Bennett Eleanor Bushnell Reuben Coleman Betty Curtis Mary Ellen Daetwyler Betty Davis Mae Dunaway Louise Fosgate Martha Hayes Mary Holladay Virginia Holmer Janet Jewett Patsy Johnston Margaret Johnstone Virginia Johnson Margaret Kennard Mary Alice Lester Fula Ley Caroline Lowe Dorothea Marsh .la net Mattern Catherine McCready Joan Miller Caroline Mills Francis Moss Harriet Post Martha Rosenbush Mary Susan Rowley Martha Robbins Katherine Savarese Lucille Smoak Katherine Stevens Mary Taylor Lillian Taylor Marjorie Tillis Barbara Tyler Betty Venning Juanita Wheeler Virginia Wiggins Frances Woodward Eleanor Zimmerman PAGE 252 PAGE 253 Delta Zeta FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, OXFORD, OHIO, IN 1902 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1924 Colors: Rose and Green Flower: Killarney Rose Publication: " The Lamp " In Collegio Seniors Kathleen Harris Adelaide Ireland Kathryn Smith Mary B. Smith Juniors Edith Atkinson Mary Glenn Coarsey Julia Beckman Emily Bush Sophomores Theresa Christel Martha Moore Jeanette Nordman Elizabeth Compton Catherine Davis Pledges Jeanne LaGrande Karolyn Patterson Charlotte Rawls PAGE 254 BANDY ENNEIS HAMILTON HILLS HOPKINS REEDY SANCHEZ, VEACH WOOD BURFORD CRANEY DONN HALL HORTON SCHMIDLI BARR CAMPBELL FISHER POLK QUESENBERRY ADAMS AVANT BARRINGER HAMILTON. B. HAMILTON. P. HOFFMAN KRAMES LA BARR MEDLIN MIKELL MILLER NEWBERN OLIVER PILCHER PURCHASE RAWLS ROBERTS STANLEY STEELE TAYLOR TERRELL WILLIAMS. M. WILLIAMS. R. PAGE 255 Kappa Alpha Theta FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY IN 1870 BE TA NU CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1924 Colors: Black and Gold Flower: Black and Gold Pansy Publication: " Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine " Mildred Finnegan In Facultate Jennie Tilt In Collegio Edna Mae Mcintosh Seniors Barbara Bandy Mary Ennois Virginia Hamilton Mary Ann Hills Mary Lee Hopkins Margaret Reedy Clarice Sanchez Mary Veach Banks Wood Juniors Lillian Burford Kitty Craney Helen Donn Helen Hall Marjorie Horton Margaret Schmidli Sophomores Dorothy Ban- Mary Frances Campbell Ruth Fisher Annie Laurie Polk Ella Faye Price Marjorie Adams Amelia Avant Patricia Barringer Josephine Brewer Myrtle Butts Virginia Eager Doris Edwards Martha Hague Betty Hamilton Patty Hamilton Rosemary Hoffman Dorothy Krames lima La Barr Betty Mann Dorene Medlin Mary Quesenberry Helen Ramsley Annie Laurie Sanchez Lavina Spaulding Betty Spicer Ple dges Lucy Mikell Betty Miller Marjorie Morrison Virginia Newbern Frances Oliver Murray Ann Pilcher Doris Purchase Katherine Rawls Margaret Roberts Edythe Stanley Virginia Singleterry Dorothy Steele Marie Taylor Madge Williams Ruth Terrell Ruth Williams PAGE 256 BORDAN LINGLE SHULTZ STUMP WATERHOUSE. A. WATERHOUSE, F. LYNN O ' NEIL REED RICE SCHOWE THEDE PAGE 257 Zeta Tau Alpha FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL IN 1895 BETA GAMMA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1924 Colors: Steel Gray and Turquoise Blue Open Motto: ' Seek the Noblest ' ' Flower: White Violet Publications: " Themis, " " The Link, " " The Chain " In Facultate In Collegio Seniors Dorothy Borden Frances Lingle Juniors Virginia Shultz Marjorie Stump Anne Waterhouse Frances Waterhouse Elaine Britt Sophomores Betty Leach Betty Wadsworth Williamette Green Natalie Herlong Ena Faye Jett Nell Lynn Anna Marie Mitchell Pledges Carolyn O ' Neil Margaret Patterson. Barbara Reed Louise Rice Esther Schowe Guilda Marie Thede PAGE 258 FLEISCHER FLOYD GAINES GODWIN HODGSON HUTCHINSON LANE LITTLE MEIGS MULLENS PATTERSON ROOKS RUFF SATTERFIELD SWANK TRAWICK UNDERHILL VARA WILLIAMSON WILSON ANDERSON CURTIS FEE GODWIN HILL HERSEY McGARRY TURNER BISHOP COLLIER GALLEMORE LAMAR MACE OSHAUGHNESSY PINCKARD WILLIAMS HARRISON HART HODGSON MOORE PAGE 259 Alpha Gamma Delta FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IN 1904 GAMMA BETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 Colors: Red, Buff, Green Flower: Red Rose Publication: " Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly " In Collegio Betsy Anderson Victoria Curtis Margaret Fee Helen Godwin Frances Bishop Madge Collier Mary Jane Gallemore Nellie Lamar Mary Ann Hart Julia Harrison Julia Hodgson Peggy Boteler Flo Bottari Carolyn Boyd Jessie Coachman Jane Cooper Martb a Failes Elaine Fleischer Jane Floyd Willyne Gaines Alma Godwin Betty Hodgson Irene Hutchinson Helen Lane Seniors Louise Hill Elsie- Kersey Catherine McGarry Amber Turner Juniors Bettye Mace Nan O ' Shaughnessy Mary Nell Pinckard Dorothy Williams Sophomores Middle Moore Margaret Richards Shirley Screven Clara Stewart Pledges Betty Little Elizabeth Meigs Eleanor Mullens Kathryn Patterson Louise Rooks Mary Virginia Ruff Isabelle Satterfield Marianna Swank Laura Cola Trawick Edith Underbill Joyce Vara Nancy Williamson Myrtle Wilson PAGE 260 DONNELL ELLIS HOENSHEL LEACH NEFF SORENSON HODGES HUGHES HUNT ROGERO MOE SCHOPKE PAGE 261 Theta Upsilon FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA IN 1914 LAMBDA- CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 Colors: Rainbow Open Motto: •Let There Be Light " Publication: " The Dial ' In Facilitate Etta Robertson Mary Settle In Collegio Seniors Anne Donnell Frances Ellis Mary Louise Hoenshel Elizabeth Leach Margaret Neff Olivia Sorenson Gertrude Tomkies Lorraine Gyles Jean Hodges Sophomores Lois Hughes Valerie Hunt Nancy Rogero Inez Frink Ellen Greer Pledges Esther Lanehart Eunice Moe Agnes Schopke PAGE 262 LEVIN TRUSH1N BISCOW FISHLER TOBIN BAUMSTEIN BENJAMIN ESSRIG L1PPMAN MANKES SIERKESE SILVERBERG SPECTOR TEPPER TRUSHIN WILENSKY PAGE 263 Delta Phi Epsilon FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY IN 1917 IOTA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Pansy Publication: " The Delta Phi Epsilon " In Collegio m m x i t h oc si I Edna Feinberg Hannah Biscow Juniors Rose Levin Florence Trushin Sophomores Margaret Fishier Harriette Tobin aa mm c« f w I = --j- w m Pledges Idella Baumstein Margaret Benjamin Muriel Black Shirley Essrig Rose LeeFeigeubaum Rosaline Feinberg Lillian Fleet Frances Gold Beatrice Grus Pat Hackel Florence Kanarek Kathryu Kass Jeanette Kronenfeld Connie Lee Muriel Leibmann Alise Lippman Jeanne Mankes Jerry Rosenberg- Jennie Sierkese Roselyn Silverberg Jennie Spector Martell Tepper Clara Thrushin Judy Wilensky t AGE 264 MAGNUS Mcmullen MERRITT NOE, M. TYLER WELCH DALE EARLY GODARD McCALL BARY HOBBS FINNEY GOODELL PAGE 265 Alpha Omicron Pi FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE. NEW YORK CITY, IN 1897 ALPHA PI CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1928 Color: Cardinal Flower: Jacqueminot Rose Publication: " To Dragma " In Facultate Helen Davis In Collegio Seniors Lucile Dale Virginia Early Doris Godarcl Madeline McCall Petty Bary Juniors Frances Hobbs Jane Sutton Sophomores Sybil Cheshire Hazel Noe Pledges Janet Cook Jul ' a Daniels Mary Finney Cita Goodell Maybeth Goss Angela Grilev Jeanne Magnus Petty McMullen Rosalie Merritt Mary Jo Noe Margaret Tyler Catherine Welch PAGE 266 PAGE 267 Phi Mu FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE IN 1852 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1929 Colors: Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation Edith Adams Marjorie Biesel Elspeth Griffin Barbara Hendry Blanton Barrett Lillian Lukens Catherine O ' Mara Mary Earl Berry Betty Boozer Edith Brown Nancy Bryan Doris Cahoon Mary Chapman Sophie Draughon Pearl Gay Open Motto: " Les Soeurs Fideles " In Facilitate Mrs. Christine Scarborouh In Collegio Seniors Lillian Simmons Juniors Ethel Jones Fair Milteer Elizabeth Pierce Mabry Sumner Sophomores Marion Purviance Gertrude Rodgers Margaret Wilson Pledges Peggy Gerald Lucy Grant Mary Jane Johnston Betty Simmons Helen Stewart Mildred Stovall Clair Wells Virginia Wells Lois Woodward PAGE 268 PAGE 269 Alpha Chi Omega FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY IN 1885 BETA ETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1929 Colors: Scarlet and Olive Green Flower: Carnation Open Motto: " Together Let Us Seek the Heights " Publication: " The Lyre " In Facilitate Bernice Deetz Seniors Janice Borton Elizabeth Caxter Helen Cate Aleyne Clayton Dorothy Crews Roberta Diamond Eleanor Flint Patricia Foster Rosemary llamly Katherine Kyle Margaret Murray Marjorie Dates Lillian Schulte Mildred Seekins Marie Spurlock Charlotte Veith Juniors Beverly Brown Lurline Goodman Anita Leonard Eleanor Olsen Sarah Sealy Virginia Toffaletti Ruth Brooks Betty Hatch Sophomores Helen Hickerson Ruth Riddle Frances Williams Pledges Helma Buffkin Marion Carson Dulcie Cavegnero Dorothy Colburn Alberta Lloyd Althea Lloyd Christine McClellan Camille Mullon Melba Parks Evelyn Patterson Marcia Ranney Louise Taylor Lillian Toffaletti Ruth Unland Jane Upton Mary Connally Wallis Ruth Weber PAGE 270 BAKER CRISP IRELAND LOVELACE MCGUNAGLE MEAD BROWN FRYER MECHTOLDT PURCHASE TR1PLETT WILSON PAGE 271 Alpha Xi Delta FOUNDED AT LOMBARD COLLEGE, GALESBURG, ILL., in April, 1893 ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER INSTALLED MAY 17, 1929 Colors: Double Blue and Gold Flower: Killarney Rose Publication: ' -The Alpha, XI Delta " In Facilitate Caroline Garvin In Collegio Martha Baker Victoria Crisp Elizabeth Filer Winona Ireland Mary Ellen Lovelace Seniors Mary McGunagle Jessie Mead Clotilde O ' Rourke Mary M. Pollard Marion Weeks Frank Wildman Juniors Alene Vercoe Sophomores Mildred Broxson Fay Corey Gene Death Pledges Murray Lou Andrews Helen Brown Adelaide Carlton Frances Fryer Eleanor Hocker Dorothy Hoffman Evelyn Mechtoldt Jeanne Parman Juanita Purchase Jane Quinn Mary Sullivan Judy Triplett Ruth Wilson PAGE 272 BRIGMAN DUKE SIERRA HELMS THOMAS WHALEY PAGE 273 Beta Phi Alpha FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA IN 1909 PSI CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1931 Colors: Green and Gold Flower: Tea Rose ' Scientia Virtus. Amicitia " In Collegio Carl Briginan Virginia Duke Alicia Sierra Seniors Sarah Tweed Mary Ellen Tiller Maxine Ward Jean Willis Juniors Margie Creel Ruth Garcia Ellen McLeod Jessica Jane Mackey Lula Mae Mooty Kristine Harris Meta Helms Pledges Mabel Thomas Ruth Whalev PAGE 274 li tUBBsubB i;r «4r ' ' it ' mm , •Iwf PAGE 275 PAGE 276 i, ' ■■ ' ■■■ ■»■ .-■■ ' ■■■■■ f s PAGE 277 : ' " ' ■;. ' :fr -: • j PAGE 278 ' PAGE 279 ■■„ ?! PAGE 280 ■sS t3JfiM S. ' Tj- ' T ■!,. ■■■ ._ .. ' PAGE 281 PAGE 12812 PAGE 283 PAGE 284 • V §t .- - WOP ,:■-: ■.■■■■.■. gl R ' REST1N PAGE 285 PAGE 286 PAGE 287 PAGE 288 PAGE 289 PAGE 290 PAGE 291 JitfS m X r r m m m ( as r ■ Z m ADVERTISERS PAGE 294 5he Photographs cAppearing in this jBoo c by Studio of College and High School Annual Division For Information Write STUDIO OF ALAN ANDERSON 1868 W. University Ave. Gainesville, Flo. J-L LEWIS Sut, an L TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Florida ' s Oldest Bank Began Business in 1856 INVITES YOUR ACCOUNT jZe utce 0VER THREE MILLI0N 2 dUt, Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation PAGE 295 OUR SINCERE BEST WISHES to th Clou 1937 DUVAL JEWELRY CO. STEYERMAN ' S STYLE SHOP GLADYS PARKER DRESSES 111 COLLEGE AVE. Phone 20 F amous— t For 51 years as One of the South ' s Fine Stores 1 ; MAAS BROTHERS Istablished 1886 TAMPA WE WISH TO CONGRATULATE o{ 1931 WHO FOR FOUR YEARS HAVE BEEN OUR FRIENDS . . . MAY THEIRS BE A " HAPPY LANDING " ik P. W. WILSON COMPANY SINCE 1837 COMPLIMENTS OF Alex J. Coakley Tallahassee, Florida COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. W. R. McCollum Midyette-Moore Building TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA PAGE 296 The City of Tallahassee Appreciates and Recognizes the Florida State College for Women as being its most valuable asset Parents of Students are invited to investigate advantages of owning a home in Tallahassee City of Tallahassee Tallahassee, Florida ComH JACKSONVIL " - od 111 Miivei =.. BEACHES JACKSONVILLE ' S LARGEST and FINEST HOTEL 300 Roomj 300 Baths •!•:» 4KH JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA Mwk(U 4 ie k_M,na S e, • Conveniently located in the downtown business, shopping and theater district. Every room an outside room with private bath, (no court) circulating ice water, radio, (an and bed reading lamp. Suites of parlor, bedroom and bath. Superior cuisine and service in The Patio Grill, and in I he Roosevelt Rendezvous. All Outside Roortii — No Court Circulating Ice Water in every room -77 Rooms-- Single with Private Bath $2.00- 44 Rooms - $2.50 55 Rooms - $3.00 66 Rooms - $3.50 23 Rooms - $4.00 11 Suites: Parlor Bedroom Bath - $6.00 24 Sample Rooms with Private Bath $4.00 Slight Increase In Rates lor Double Occupancy -Very Attr.ctivt Weekly end Monthly Rates- A Robert jR. Meyet Hotel Robert Kloeppel Owner- Di recto r HOTEL GEORGE WASHINGTON HOTEL MAYFLOWER HOTEL FLAGLER JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA HOTEL GEORGE WASHINGTON WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA PAGE 297 HOTEL FLORIDAN 150 l goms Tallahassee European TIan EXCELLENT DINING ROOM HOTEL FLORIDAN CO., INC., LESSEES J. B WADDILL, President J. T. SMITH, JR., Manager JL STATE THEATRE TALLAHASSEE J alkina uJictuzez at J-lieit (p ezt 7l ritz THEATRE TALLAHASSEE PAGE 298 Burdine s Class of 37 Florida State College for Women Molloy-Made Covers - produced in a plant devoted exclusively to em- bossed and decorated products by an organization of cover specialists — represent the highest standard in yearbook work. Specify " Molloy " - -it ' s your as- surance of the best. K cuiylimciil of Ernest Maas, Incorporated FASHIONS IN GOOD TASTE ! j 514 Franklin St. Tampa ; Florida Entirely Air Conditioned For Your Comfort GOWNS LINGERIE SPORTSWEAR BLOUSES RFArH A FAR fHAT AKin ;i 1 IT THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois HOSIERY ACCESSORIES The Store That is More Than Just a Store Jacksonville, Florida PAGE 299 Our Fourteenth Annual Expression of Appreciation to the Student Body and Faculty for their Faithful- ness and Confidence in this Shop V V ' D U- tallahassee, florida feminine wearables pvcjxwaiMah The task of serving several thousand meals a day at the . . . Ill OllC T tllC IHO t College Dining Hall has been lightened by the adoption of coniylctelif electzijtieil kitclieii in ike ctitli electrically operated kitchen and bakery equipment. The above view shows a battery of heavy duty electric ranges, electric thermotainer units to keep the food warm until served and electric baking ovens . . . comprising only a part of the many electric operations used in this efficient kitchen. FLORIDA POWER S T General Office: PETERSBURG Corporati on Local Office: T A L L A H A S S E E PAGE 300 ENGRAVING CO. 16 SOUTH LAURA ST. ( JACKSONVILLE, FLA. PHONE 5-7903 pecializinc in HALFTOnCS and zinc crcHin s FOR pub li canons IflBCLS SCHOOL flfinUALS flDVCRTISinfr ' DesiGns ivi one or vnoire Colors ARTISTS and PHOTO-ENGRAVERS PAGE 301 can make any pause THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES. And it ' s so easy to serve. You can always buy a few bottles at a time or a case (24 bottles) from your dealer. DRINK In Sterilized Bottles Tallahassee Coca-Cola Bottling Co. IN JACKSONVILLE IT ' S FURCHGOTTS " The Store Accommodating " FOR CLOTHES ♦ ♦ ♦ NEW ♦ ♦ ♦ SMART ♦ ♦ ♦ ACCEPTED FASHIONS LUMARS, Inc. JACKSONVILLE :: FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF THE DIANA SHOP SMART STYLES IN WOMENS ' CLOTHES FROCKS, COATS, MILLINERY UNDERWEAR AND HOSIERY it CATERING TO THE COLLEGE MISS 100 EAST COLLEGE AVENUE M. fa MONTAG ' S = a n to liable WRITING PAPERS Manufactured by MONTAG BROTHERS, INC. Atlanta, Georgia New York City PAGE 302 aaui f _the ROSE PRINTING CO. is entrusted with the printing and binding of theFLASTACOWO .. . ROSE PRINTING COMPANY =r+ L awiplete iVtudinii ctvice TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA ♦Rose ' s fourth Flastacowo within the past five years PAGE 303 APPRECIATION We, the staff of this nineteen hundred and thirty-seven Flastacowo, present verbal orchids to : Miss Louise Richardson, chairman of the Faculty commit- tee, for her generous counsel, patience, and assistance in help- ing to make this volume possible. Evelyn Fisher, for her really " Ultra " word paintings. Mary Ann Hills, for lending a hand in midnight-copy-read- ing session and a shoulder to weep upon. Studio of Alan Anderson, for their excellent photography and splendid cooperation. Mr. BlueStein and the Vogue, for lending us the gowns used in the Feature section. Mrs. Harold Richards, for her kind permission to print " The Torch. " The student bod} ' , for their moral support and sympathy when we were " engrave difficulty. " The Advertisers of this volume, for their support of the col- lege. And last of all, Ave wish the nineteen hundred and thirty- eight staff every success! Have we not said, " Eileen upon Robinson to carry the torch 1 ? " The Staff. iitoatawk y 0taVi I $ 9 f i .. - ■; ! .;£ ; ! y« .. . : . ■. i • ■■ '

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