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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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i - ' ; ■ wi ' ' .. ,» ' ' 15t " . ' JIBtj ,.- - ... . B R I S YEAR BOOK of FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Copyright 1936 by EDITH WEBB Editor-in-Chief and ANNA BELLE LINGER Business Manager FLASTACOWO Nineteen Hundred Thirty-Six Published by THE JUNIOR AND SENIOR CLASSES Volume XXIII D E D C A TO OLIVIA NELSON DORMAN T E D Who, cs Dean of Students for the post two years, has given faithfully of her services in assisting to build and improve our Alma Mater, and who, there- by, has gamed the greatest respect and admirat ' on of the students FOREWORD This book mckes no pretense of having a theme which is followed out chronologically or system- atically, rather, because it is the yearbook belong- ing to the students of the Florida State College for Women, it is an attempt to give, pictorially, their life as it has been lived on this campus for the past nine months. Naturally, to express the spirit of our Alma Mater, the colors garnet and gold have been used. I u M ' 4 CONTENTS BOOK ONE . BOOK TWO . BOOK THREE . BOOK FOUR . BOOK FIVE . BOOK SIX ■ . BOOK SEVEN . BOOK EIGHT . Administration Classes Features Organizations Campus Activities Sororities Athletics Advertisements FLASTACOWO Puge seven COLLEGE AVENUE i ' lKJI cifihl FLASTACOWO ADMINISTRATION BUILDING FLASTACOWO mm Pafje nine DINING HALL WALK FLASTACOWO i ' dfjiB lien mmtf, - CAMPUS DRIVE FLASTACOWO Page eicccn PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDING FLASTACOWO l ' (it ( 1 11(1 re GILCHRIST CIRCLE FLASTACOWO I ' ugc til irtcen BROWARD HALL FLASTACOWO I ' inic fourtrni DORMITORY ROW FLASTACOWO Page fifteen o n HIS EXCELLENCY GOVERNOR DAVID SHOLTZ FLASTACOWO Puyc ninclvcn I BOARD OF CONTROL Bryant, Baldwin and Duncan MEMBERS GEORGE H. BALDWIN, Choirman, Jacksonville 0, J, SEMMES, Pensacola H. C. DUNCAN, Travares THOMAS W. BRYANT, Lakeland FLASTACOWO I ' lii i- lirj iilii PRESIDENT EDWARD CONRADI FLASTACOWO I ' iujc I inii.l y-oiic ARTHUR WILLIAMS Vice President JOHN G, KELLUM Business Manager ELIZABETH GORDON ANDREWS Director of Personnel ELMER RIGGS SMITH Secretary of the Faculty SIMEON R DOYLE Registrar IFLASTACOWO I ' ll fir hri Hill lint WILLIAM G DODD Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences MARGARET R SANDELS Dean of the School of Home Economics OLIVIA NELSON DORMAN Dean of Students IL % NATHANIEL M SALLEY Dean of the School of Education ELLA S OPPERMAN Deon of the School of Music FLASTACOWO Poijc t iniitiz-thrcc 1 i DEPARTMENT OF BIBL.E AND RELIGIOUS EDUCATION ARTHUR WILLIAMS, MA. DEPARTMENT OF ART BEATRICE BEYER WILLIAMS Instructors in the department are: Assistant Professor Amy Ferris Briggs, A.B.; Helen Alverdo Thrush, M.A,; Associote Professor Beatrice Beyer Williams. DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY AND BOTANY HERMAN KURZ, MS., PhD ALBAN STEWART, MA, PhD. Instructors in the department are: Professor Hermar Kurz; Ruth Schornherst, M.S.; Professor Alban Stewart, AM, PhD; Elizabeth Gnffing, MS, IFLASTACOWO ' i(i ( I iri III II lniiT DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY LELAND JUDSON LEWIS, MA, PhD, Instructors in the department are: Professor Leiand Lewis, Professor Jennie Tilt, MS, Ph.D.; Isabel Mc- Kinnell, MS; Gertrude Vermillion, MA; Gladys Gar- land, MA DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICAL LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES OLIVIA NELSON DORMAN, MA, PhD Instructors in the department are: Professor Olivia Nelson Dorm.an, MA, PhD; Assistanr Professoi Edith Wocdfm West, M A , Gladys Hazel Freed, Ph D DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND COM.MERCE BEULAH B BRILEY, MS, MA, PhD Instructors in the department o ' e: Professor Beulah B. Briley, M.S., MA, PhD., Ass stant Professor Mary Louella Richey, MA, CPA, Assistant Professor Sadie Gertrude Young, MA; Lucile Grider Bass; William Harry Jcubert, M A FLASTACOWO J ' dijv tinnhj-firv DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION NATHANIEL MOSS SALLEY, A B. The instructors in the department are; Professor Nathaniel Moss Salley; Professor Mark H DeGraff, MA., Ph.D.; Associate Professor David H Br:ggs, AM., PhD; Associate Professor Marion Hewell Hov, MA, Ph.D.; Associate Professor Lynn Louis Ralya, Ph D.; Nita Katherine Pyburn, MA. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH WILLIAM GEORGE DODD, MA, Ph.D. Instructors in the department are: Professor George Dodd, MA, PhD; Professor Guy Linton Diffenbaugh, M.A., Ph D.; Professor William Hudson Rogers, .M.A , Ph.D; Associate Professor Earl Lynn Vance, MA ; As- sociate Professor Rowena Longmire, MA; Associate Professor Hazel Allison Stevenson, MA, PhD.; As- sistant Professor Mildred Fay Henry, MA; Esther Smith, MA; Mary Helen McKean, MA.; Sarah Hem- don, MA; Lou E W Mil ' er, AB, BS; Mary Bethell Alfriend, MS. DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH MARY HOLLINGSWORTH BUFORD, AB. The instructors m the department: Associate Pro- fessor Mary Holl.ngsworlh Buford, A B.; Assistant Pro- fessor Kemper Moore, A.B; Lulo Ma-garet Wyly, B S.; Sara Elizabeth Thompson, A B FLASTACOWO ' ( ( I III III l xi.r DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, AND POLITICAL SCIENCE KATHRYN TRIMMER ABBEY, MA, Ph D. HENRY FLOYD BECKER, MA. MARIAN IRISH, MA Professor Kathryn Trim- M.A., Ph.D; Associate Instructors in the department : mer Abbey; Robert Cottenll, Professor Henry Floyd Becker; Associate Professor Marion Ir.sh, Associate Professor Venila L, Shores, MA, PI ' i D.; Assistant Professor Annie arie Therese Popper, M.A., PhD; Marguerite Adrienne Taylor, Ph B ; Gladys Favvley, MS, DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS MARGARET RECTOR SANDELS, MA,, PhD Instructors in the department: Professor Margaret Rector Sandels; Professor Jennie Tilt, MS, PhD; As- sociate Professor Ruth Connor, AM, PhD; Associate Professor Henrietta Sivyer, A M ; Assoc ate Professor Anna Mae Tracy, Ph B ; Assistant Professor Leila Ven- able, AM, Sara D, Meador, MS DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL ARTS EMILY PITMAN WILBURN, B L Instructors in the department: Assistant Professor Emily Pitman Wilburn; Bernice Deetz, B S,; Sallie Williams, MA, Oval Stanley Harrison, B S, FLASTACOWO I ' agv ticrnhi-seveii DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY SCIENCE LOUISE RICHARDSON, MA Instructors in the department: Lou:se Richardson; Etta Matthews, A,B. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS ELMER RIGGS SMITH, M.A Instructors in the department: Professor Elmer Riggs Smith; Assistant Professor Olga Larson, MA. DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES ARTHUR R SEYMOUR, M L , Ph D., Litt D Instructors in the departp .ent : Professor Arthur Sey- mour; Associate Professor Lucy Lester, MA.; Associate Professor Margie Burks, PhD; Associate Professor Manuel L. Lopez, M.A.; Myrtle E. Dolbee, MA., Dorothy R Breen, MA, Mildred Finnegan, MA.; Ado Belle Patrick Allan, MA, Margaret Virginia Campbell, MA. FLASTACOWO ' ( ( » ' •( II I II I ii ii I DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC ELLA SCOBLE OPPERMAN, BM, MM Instructors in the department; Professor Ella Scobie Opperman; Professor Walter Rue! Cowles, A.B, B.M , Associate Professor Marg aret Whitney Dow, B A , B M , F.AG 0.; Associate Professor Augusta Murphy; Assistant Professor Owen Prink Sellers; Assistant Professor Zad e Lillian Phipps, B.M,; Glad s Olive Koch, AB, BM, Mary Emily Reeder, BM, Mary Eslhcr Winslow, MM DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY ANNA FORBES LIDDELL, MA, PhD DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HYGIENE KATHERINE WILLIAMS MONTGOMERY, MA SARAH PARKER WHITE, PhD, M,D. Instructors in the department: Kathenne Williams Montgomery; Sarah Parker White; Mary Settle, B.S.; Elizabeth Autrey, BS; Grace Fox, AB; Nellie-Bond Dickinson, MA; Betty Washburn, MA FLASTACOWO I ' liijc I in 111 ! -)ti)ic DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS HAROLD FREDERIC RICHARDS, MA., PhD. Instructors in the deportment: Harold F. Richards; Elizabeth Lynn, MA DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY PAUL FREDERICK FINNER, MA, Ph.D. Instructors in the department: Professor Paul F. Finner; Associate Professor Christian Paul Heinlein, Ph D ; As- sociate Professor Hugh Lee Waskom, Ph.D.; Elizabeth Gordon Andrews, Ph.D.; Dorothy Rose D:sher, M. A., Ph.D. FLASTACOWO I ' lifii III ill !i DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY RAYMOND BELLAMY, M A , Ph D Instructors in the department: Professor Raymond Bellamy, Associate Professor Coyle Ellis Moore, MS PhD; Assistant Professor Fern O Boon, AM DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY AND ZOOLOGY VIOLA GRAHAM, MA, MS, PhD, LANAS SPURGEON BARBER, MA Instructors in the deportment; Professor Lanas Spur- geon Barber; Associate Professor V ola Graham, As- sistant Professor Ezdo May Devinev, M S , Ph D FLASTACOWO J ' tnjv I li ill ij-oiic A newcomer this year, Dr. Sara Porker White . . . The Demon- stration School Faculty . . Our efficiency expert in the Business Office, Miss Alice Henderson . . . Guess who? She ' s in the philo- sophy department . . . Miss Deviney, who salts birds ' tails, on an outing at Waukulla Springs . . , Mrs. Breen all dressed up. It must be the Spanish in her . . . And what are these two wits up to? SIDE LIGHTS ON THE FACULTY We ' re so proud of our Alma Mater that we ' re going to brag on the instructors for awhile. Miss Anna Mae Tracy is the president of the Florida . Dietetics Association, and besides, she ' s a very good sport about laughing at lokes about her dming room ... A very high honor was conferred upon Dr. Arthur Seymour, head of the language department, when he was elected to membership in the French Academy this year, on honor which only two or three Ameri- cans received , . . The names and biographies of Dr. Coyle E. Moore, Dr. C. P. Heinlem, and Mr. Earl L. Vance appear in the 1936 issue of Who ' s Who Among Young Men in America ... Dr. Herman Kurz is the new president of the Florida Academy of Science . . . FLASTACOWO I ' lli r I li iri III irii FACULTY DIRECTORY Edward Conradi, AM, PhD, LL D, Kathryn Trimmer Abbey, A M , Ph D Mary Bethell Alfnend, MS Ada Belle Patrick Allan, MA Elizabeth Gordon Andrews, Ph.D. Elizabeth Parker Autrey, B S. Lanes Spurgeon Barber, MA Lucile Grider Bass Henry Floyd Becker, M S Clarine Belcher, M S Raymond Bellamy, AM, PhD, Florence Bethea, A B Fern Boon, AM, Dorothy Lois Reeves Breen, A M Amy Ferris Briggs, AB David H Bnggs, AM, Ph D Beuloh Belle Briiey, MS, MA, PhD, Mary Hollingsworth Buford, A B Margie Burks, M,A , PhD Edith Mildred Burlingame, AM, PhD, Margaret Virginia Campbell, MA Ruth Connor, AM, PhD Robert Spencer Cotterill, MA, PhD Walter Ruel Cowles, AB, Mus B Helen Morris Davis, B S Nancy Jane Day, B A, Hazel Bernice Deetz, B S Ruth DeGraaf, AB Mark H, DeGraff, M A , Ph D - ' Ezda May Deviney, MS , Ph D, Nellie-Bond Dickinson, MA, Guy Linton Diffenbaugh, MA , Ph D, Dorothy Rose Disher, MA, Ph D William George Dodd, AM, PhD Myrtle Elizabeth Dolbee, MA Olivia Nelson Dorman, AM, Ph D Margaret Whitney Dow, BA, BM, FAGO, Simeon Robert Doyle, M A Elma Williams Ealy, B S Gladys Fav ley, S M Mildred Fmnegon, MA Paul Frederick Finner, AM, PhD Kathleen Graham Fletcher, B,A,, B,S, Ward Thomas Fletcher, B S. Maude Alice Flowers, A B, Grace Imogene Fox, A B Gladys Hazel Freed, Ph D, Gladys Garland, MA Annie Flovia Gleason Viola Graham, MA, MS, Ph,D, Elizabeth Adeline Griffing, M.S. Oval Stanley Harrison, M S Marion Jewell Hay, MA, Ph.D. Clara Rider Hayden, B.S. Frances Field Haynes, AB. Christian Paul Heinle. n, PhD Mildren Fay Henrv, MA. Sarah Herndon, MA Elizabeth Lee Hutt, MA William Harry Joubert, MA, John Gabriel Kellum Mary Ellen Keown, MS Gladys Olive Koch, AB, BM Herman Kurz, MS, PhD, Olga Larson, MA, Lucy Lester, A M Le!and Judson Lewis, AM, PhD ,Anna Forbes Liddell, MA, PhD, Mildred Ann Long, MA Rowena Longmire, AM Manuel L, Lopez, MA, Edith Elizabeth Lynn, MA, Etta Lane Matthews, B A Margaret AS McCurde, B,S, Ruby McDavid Edna Mae Mcintosh, MS Mary Hele McKean, M A Isabel McKinnell, M S, Sara D. Meodor, M S Lou Egerton Whitfield Miller, AB, BS Frederick Clifton Moor, AB, MD, FA C P. Coyle El I IS Moore, MS, Ph D Kemper Martin Moore, A B. Virginia Pearl Moore Augusta Murphy Velmo Ooton, A B. Ella Scoble Oppermon, AB, MM Rhey Boyd Parsons, Ph D Zadie Lillian Phipps, B M Annie Mane Therese Popper, MA, PhD Nita Katherine Pyburn, MA. Lynn Louis Ralyo, Ph D Mary Emily Reeder, B M Harold Frederic Richards, AM, PhD Louise Richardson, AM Mary Luella Richey, MA, CPA Etta Lucile Robertson William Hudson Rogers, MA, PhD. Nathaniel Moss Salley, Lift D. Margaret Rector Sondels, AM , Ph D. Ruth Olive Schornherst, MS Maud Schwolmeyer Owen Frank Sellers Lucy Belle Settle, BS Mary Brandon Settle, B S Arthur Romeyn Seymour, MS., PhD Venila Lovina Shores, MA, PhD Anna Mae Sikes, B S Henrietro Ruth Sivyer, AM Dora Sikes Skipper, B S Anna Margaret Smith, AB, BS Elmer Riggs Smitii, A M Esther Smith, MA Leonora Smith, MA Hazel Allison Stevenson, MA, PhD Albon Stewaf-, AM., Ph D. Cecile Strong, B M Marguerite Adnenne Taylor, Ph D B. Sarah Elizabeth Thomson, A B Helen Alverda Thursh, MA Isabelle Thursby Jennie Tilt, MS, Ph D Anna Ma Tracy, Ph B Florence Reno Tryon, M A. Earl Lynn Vance, AM. Katherine Florence Walker, A B Betty Washburn, MA Hugh Lee Waskom, AM, PhD. Edith Woodfm West, AM. Dorothy White, B S Sarah Parker White, PhD, M D. Emily Pitman Wilbum, B L Arthur Williams, AM Beatrice Beyer Williams Kenneth Post Williams, MA Sallie Williams, M.A. Mary Esther Winslow, M M Mary Elizabeth W nters, MA. Lula Margaret Wyly, B S. Annie Lee Yates, A B Sadie Gertrude Young, MA FLASTACOWO Pafie thirtij-lhree 9 I WPfp ' ■ «1I c 4 e ' ' ' iseif ' v., . ' ' jS - -•5 ,i»2 . ' n !} »J« fjr ' iw « cv« fl w]«ayi ' ' « ' A " « - - ' SENIORS FLASTACOWO: Page thirtn-scvcn __ l...» JJff NITA JONES Vice President MARY CATHERINE DRENNEN Parliamentarian NANCY WILKINSON Secretary CAROLINE OLIVER President CAROL FARABEE Representative to Senate JANET GRIFFETTS Treasurer DCRIS McKENZiE Representative to Senate FLASTACOWO ' ' ( (■ I li Irl i i if li I JOSEPHINE ACOSTA TAMPA B. S. in Education BETTY AKIN WINTER GARDEN B. S in Chemistry BEPNICE ALLEN JACKSONVILLE B, S. in Nursing ' j •»» MARGARET K, ANDERSON CROSS CITY A B in Art CAROLINE ATHON BRADENTON B. S in Education SYLVIA ATREN CLEARWATER S. in Arts and Sciences HELEN AYALA TAMPA A B in Arts and Sciences EVELYN BALLARD MIAMI A. B in Arts and Sciences FLASTACOWO ' ( ( (■ I li irl ii-iiiiic y :l KATHRYN BARRS JACKSONVILLE B, S. in Arts and Sciences BETTY BEACH MI MI A, B in Arts and Sciences ELIZABETH BECKNELL TAMPA A B in Arts and Sciences . — ADAH BELL TALLAHASSEE S in Arts and Sciences MARY BENNETT JACKSONVILLE B. S. in Commsrce MIRIAM BLAISDELL SARASOTA B, S in Home Economics KATHERINE BLOOD WINTER HAVEN B S in Arts and Sciences BETTY BOGGS JACKSONVILLE A, B in Arts and Sciences :flastacowo I ' lii c fortii ANNIS BOWEN CHIPLEY B S in Home Economics MARY BRANDON THOMASVILLE, GA A B in Arts and Sciences YVETTE BREAUX JACKSONVILLE B S in Bacteriology MARTHA BRIESE PENSACOLA B S in Home Economics JANICE BRILL MIAMI BEACH A B. in Education MAMIE H BRINSON MADISON B S in Home Economics BETTY BROOKS ST PETERSBURG S in Arts and Sciences JUANITA BUCHANAN JACKSONVILLE B S in Education FLASTACOWO Esa I ' lujc fartji-one SARA CAMP LAKE WORTH B S in Home Economics .GNES CAMPBELL CHIPLEY A. B. in Arts and Sciences VIRGINIA GARY ORLANDO A. B in Arts and Sciences AUDREY CAYSON BLOUNTSTOWN B, S in Education EVELYN CHAUNCEY ALEYNE CLAYTON HAZEL CLAYTON ROBERTA CLIFFORD LAKE BUTLER TAMPA TALLAHASSEE ORLANDO B, M in Music A. B, in Education B. S, in Home Economics A. B, in Arts and Sciences FLASTACOWO l ' ii(i( fiii ' l III K ' n MARGARET COGSWELL EVELYN CCLLINS JANET COOK JEAN CRAG 3 TALLAHASSEE PLANT CITY APALACHICOLA GAINESVILLE B S in Arts and Sciences A B m Educat.on B, S. in Arts and Sciences B S in Home Economics VIRGINIA CROMAR " REDDICK B. S in Education BARBARA CROSLAND LAKE WALES A. B in Arts and Sciences GENEVIEVE CROWLEY TAMPA B. S. in Arts and Sciences VIRGINIA CRUMP TALLAHASSEE A B ,n Educat.on FLASTACOWO j ' dllv forfti-tltrci ' CARLCTA CUBILLAS MIAKAI B S in Home Econnmics ANNE CURTRIGHT ORLANDO A B in Arts and Sciences ELISE DAVIS JACKSONVILLE . S in Arts and Sciences ESTHER DAVIS ST PETERSBURG B S in Arts ond Sciences VIARY DEGUENTHER FLORENCE DEVINE RUTH DICKSON JOSEPHINE DOUGLAS TAMPA MIAMI JACKSONVILLE LAKE WORTH B S. in Physical Education B S, in Arts and Sciences A. B, in Arts and Sciences B S Bacteriology FLASTACOWO ' iit f f ' irlii-f ' iiir MARY C, DRENNAN PALATKA B S in Arts 006 Sciences AURILLA DRIGGERS WAUCHULA B 5 in Home Economics MADELINE DUNCAN SUMMERFIELD B, 5. Commerce k MARY DUNN DAYTONA BEACH A. B. in Arts and Sciences MINNA DUNN DAYTONA BEACH A. B in Education TESSIE DVOSKIN JACKSONVILLE A. B. in Arts and Sciences LUCILE EDINFIELD CENTER HILL A. B in Arts and Sciences FLASTACOWO ETHLYE MAE EDWARDS PALM BEACH B S m Arts and Sciences Page forty-fiie % . RENE EDWARDS MILDRED EMMELHAINZ BETTY V. EVANS MARJORIE FAIN MIAMI BRADENTON MIAMI TALLAHASSEE B. S. in Education B. S- in Education B. S in Education A. B in Arts and Sciences CARCL FARABEE ANITA FARLEY AUDREY FARMER RUTH FEINBERG LAKELAND VERO BEACH JACKSONVILLE LAKE WALES A. B. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Home Econornxs B. S- in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Education ' " . ' ' Jorl !i-si.r :flastacowo BETTY FELLOWS PANAMA CITY A, B- in Arts and Sciences NANCY FELT CELAND A. B. in Arts and Sciences ELIZABETH FILER MIAMI B. S in Home Economics DOROTHY FINEREN GAINESVILLE B. S in Home Economics ALICE FLETCHER WINTER GARDEN A. B. in Educat on JO BETH FOREMAN PANAMA CiTY A B m Educat, en HARRIET FOSTER QUINGY A. B in Arts and Sciences EVA FOWLER DADE GITY A, B in Arts and Sciences FLASTACOWO I ' df r J ' ortij-Hcvvn K CATHERINE FULLER CAROLYN GARVIN MULBERRY FORT LAUDERDALE A. B. in Education B S in Home Economics JEAN GILLES TALLAHASSEE S, in Arts and Sciences JEAN GILMER TAMPA A. B in Arts and Sciences PATRICA GIVEN MIAMI A. B, in Arts and Sciences ISABELLE GLEASON EAU GALL IE A B in Arts and Sciences LUCILLE GOULD TITUSVILLE B 5 in Arts and Sciences AGNES GOSS TAMPA A B in Arts and Sciences I ' iKjf fori !i-tii lit FLASTACOWO MARGARET GRAHAM M ARY GRAHAM NADIA GRANGER BARBARA GREENE TAMPA ST, PETERSBURG JACKSONVILLE WINTER HAVEN B S. in Arts and Sciences B A in Arts and Sciences A, B. in Education A, B, in Arts and Sciences ELIZABETH GREEN JANET GRIFFITTS ANNA GROOVER RUTH HAGSTROM PORT ORANGE JACKSONVILLE LAKE CITY PIERSON B. S. in Education B, S, in Phys. Education A, B in Education A B in Education FLASTACOWO Pdfic fort i -i)i lie HELEN HAMMOND WINIFRED HANSEN SHIRLEY HARKNESS IRENE HAIMOWITZ WEST PALM BEACH TALLAHASSEE PRINCETON JACKSONVILLE A. B. in Philosophy A. B. in Arts end Sciences A, B. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Education POLLY HARRELL CHIPLEY A, B. in Arts and Sciences MARJORIE HARRIS FORT MYERS B, S. in Arts and Sciences ZELMA HARRISON JAY B. S, in Arts and Sciences MARIE HEROLD MICCOSUKEE A B in Education ' " . ' ' ■ ' ' i FLASTACOWO EDITH H0B50N SARAH HOSEA SARASOTA MIAMI S. in Home Economics A. B. in Arts and Sciences LUCY HOUSER LAKE CITY B, S. in Education ■ •s " Sf 41 M NINA HUGHES ST. PETERSBURG A. B. in Arts and Sciences BERNICE HUTCHISON CHIPLEY B. S. in Home Economics MELBA HUTCHISON CHIPLEY B. S. in Chemistry FLASTACOWO DORIS ISTED EUSTIS B, S, in Commerce HARRIETTE JEFFERIES JACKSONVILLE B. S in Home Economics I ' djjc fiftij-one ELEANOR JENKINS EMILY JOHNSON ANNUA JONES RETTA MAE JONES COLUMBUS, GA . BRADENTON JACKSONVILLE ST. PETERSBURG B. S. in Education A B in Arts and Sciences A B in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Education KATHRYN KARRICK REBECCA KEITH JEWEL KELLY EVELYN KENNARD EAU GALLIE LAKELAND PERRY TAMPA B S in Arts and Sciences A B in Education B, S. in Arts and Sciences A B in Education ' " , ' ' fiflll-liio FLASTACOWO I ELSIE KERSEY MARY KEY JOSEPHINE KING CHARLOTTE KINZIE LA GRANGE, GA. GREEN COVE SPRINGS LAKELAND FORT MYERS S, in Mathematics B, S, in Education A B in Arts and Sciences B S in Arts and Sciences LIZABETH KIRBY-SMITH ELAINE KLEPPER MARY KLUPPELBERG JACKSONVILLE ORLANDO FORT PIERCE B. S. in Arts end Sciences A. B. in Journalism A, B in Education HARRIETTE KNAPP TALLAHASSEE B S in Arts and Sciences FLASTACOWO I ' age fiftij-ihrce CLARISSA KNIGHT LAKE BUTLER B S- in Commerce SARA KRENTZMAN MILTON A. B. in Arts and Sciences GERTRUDE KUHN BARTOW A. B, in Arts and Sciences JULIA LAMAR PENSACOLA A. B. in Arts and Sciences GENEVA LAMB TALLAHASSEE S, in Arts and Sciences DOROTHY LANCASTER GAINESVILLE B. S. in Arts and Sciences MARY LAN EH ART FOLEY A, B. in Education OPAL LANGLEY TAFT ;, S. in Arts and Sciences I ' d ll ' tifl ll-f ' IIU ' :flastacowo CLARA B. LANKFORD KEY WEST B. S- in Home Economics ROSALIE LASTRA TAMPA B. S. in Commerce HARRIETT LAWRENCE WINDERMERE B S. in Arts and Sciences DOROTHY LEACH TAMPA B M in Music ■ FLOY LENERT CELIA LEVY GOLDIE LEWINSKY ANNABELLE LINGER JACKSONVILLE MIAMI KEY WEST ORLANDO A. B, in Arts and Sciences B. S in Bacteriology B. S in Education A B. in Arts and Sciences FLASTACOWO I ' dijc fiftij-five LUCY GEE LINN MARY KEIM LITSCHGI VIRGINIA LONG ADELAIDE LOUNDS LAKELAND TAMPA BLACKSHEAR, GA, CRESCENT CITY A, B in Arts and Sciences A. B, in Education B, M. in Music B S in Arts and Sciences RUTH LOVELESS JESSIELEE LUMPKIN MAUVIS LUSSIER BERTIE MACKERY MOUNT DORA ST. PETERSBURG ORLANDO CARRABELLE B. S, in Education A B in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Arts and Sciences B, S. in Arts and Sciences I ' lii i fiflii-xl,r TLASTACOWO BETTY MANNING JACKSONVILLE B. S. in Home Economics ZULA MARCHETIA TAMPA A B in Arts and Sciences MARY E. MARSHALL TALLAHASSEE A B in Arts and Sciences VIVIAN MARSHALL APALACHICOLA A, B in Arts and Sciences SARAH MARTIN MARION E. MASON LAURA MATH IS RUTH McANUL MIAMI CLEARWATER JACKSONVILLE PANAMA CITY A. B. in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Arts and Sciences A. B in Arts and Sciences A, B, in Education FLASTACOWO I ' dfjc fiftlj-.sCL-CII MARY W. McCORMICK MARY IRENE McKAY DORIS McKENZIE BETTY MEYER MIAMI TAMPA DANIA ORLANDO A. B. in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Arts and Sciences B S in Chemistry A. B in Arts and Sciences BETTY- Ml DDLETON SARA MIKELL HELEN MILLER MARGARET MILTON MIAMI BEACH DELAND TAMPA JACKSONVILLE A. B. in Education A. B. in Education B. S. in Home Economics A, B, in Arts and Sciences I ' lujc fifli fij hl FLASTACOWO ETHEL MINTZER RUTH MOCK ELEANOR MOORE JANE MOVER MIAMI BEACH TAMPA TAMPA FORT WHITE B. S, in Education A. B. in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Arts and Sciences B, S. in Arts and Sciences ELIZABETH MURRAY MARJORiE MUELLER MARGARET MURRAY RUTH MURRA OCALA MIAMI ALTAMONTE SPRINGS PRINCETON A B. in Arts and Sciences B. S, in Commerce A, B in Arts and Sciences B, S in Education FLASTACOWO Page fiftii-ninC ELEANOR M. MURRILL PLANT CITY B. S, in Home Economics CAROLINE OLIVER WEST PALM BEACH B. S. in Education GLADYS OLIVER MARIANNA A B in Arts and Sciences DOROTHY OSINCUP ORLANDO A B in Arts end Sciences CLAIRNEL O ' STEEN KATHLEEN OWENS SARAH BALL PALMER ROSE PANOWSK HIGH SPRINGS CHIPLEY TALLAHASSEE MILTON B, M in Music B. S. in Home Economics A. B in Arts and Sciences B. S, in Education ' ( (■ .sijtiJ IFLASTACOWO ROSALIND PARKER TALLAHASSEE A B in Arts and Sciences FRANCES PASSMORE BRADENTON A B in Arts and Sciences ANNE LOUISE PATES WASHINGTON, PENN B S in Arts and Sciences MARY BRUCE PATTERSON MIAMI A B in Education LAURITA PEARSON MARY FRANCES PEMBERTON EDITH PERKINS RUTH PERSONS MIAMI CLERMONT JACKSONVILLE FORT WHITE B. S. in Education B. M in Music B. S in Education A. B. in Arts and Sciences FLASTACOWO Pa(je si.rin-oue H u MARY WARD PETERSON PALMETTO B. 5. in Education VIRGINIA PETERSON CRESCENT CITY B. S- in Education FRANCES PHILLIPS JACKSONVILLE A. B. in Arts and Sciences ■ ' « |f MARY PERRY POLLOCK FORT MYERS B. S in Home Economics ALICE PORTER ST. PETERSBURG A. B, in Education MARY FRANCES PRICE ALFORD B. S. in Education DOROTHY PURSE TALLAHASSEE A B. in Education MARTHA REDDICK JACKSONVILLE B. M. in Music FLASTACOWO I ' lifii si.il il-t iri) MURAE REDDICK JOYCE REED MARGARET ROBERTS ANNIE LEIGH ROLLINS CEDAR KEYS TARPON SPRINGS ST. PETERSBURG EVERGLADES A, B. in Education A B, in Arts and Sciences B, A. m Education A, B in Education BETTIE ROUTH LOIS RUTHERFORD MERCIA SCOTT DOROTHY SHAW VERO BEACH LAKELAND ARCADIA WINTER GARDEN B. M. in Music B. S. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Home Economics A. B. in Education FLASTACOWO I ' d (If xi.rl ii-lhree HELEN SHEPARD EDNA SHULER ALTHEA SMITH AUDREY SMITH BOYNTON DEFUNIAK SPRINGS FORT MYERS MADISON B. S. in Commerce B. S in Education A B in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Commerce LURLENE SMITH MILDRED J. SMITH MARGARET STEWART LEONA STIMMEL TAMPA JACKSONVILLE ZELLWOOD ST. AUGUSTINE A. B. in Education B. S- in Education B. S, in Home Economics A B in Arts and Sciences I ' lKji xi.itjijoiir FLASTACOWO GENEVA STOUT IDA MAE STRIPLING VALERIE STUBBS EVELYN STUMP ST. AUGUSTINE TALLAHASSEE TAMPA STARKE A. B. in Arts and Sciences A B, in Education A. B. in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Arts and Sciences TOINETTE SULLIVAN LA VEDA SWEAT NETTIE TAYLOR WYLMA TerBUSH FORT LAUDERDALE SANDERSON CHIPLEY MIAMI B. S. in Home Economics A. B. in Education A. B in Arts and Sciences A. B. in Arts and Sciences FLASTACOWO Page sixty-five VIVIAN TESTA HENRIETTA THAMES MARY ETTA THISTLETHWAITE ETHEL THOMAS PALM BEACH JACKSONVILLE FORT LAUDERDALE HIGH SPRINGS B. S in Home Economics Q. S. in Arts and Sciences A. B. in. Arts gnd Science? B M. in Music ADELINE TILLMAN RUTH TOLAND JANE TOMBAUGH LILLIAN TURLINGTON TAMPA JACKSONVILLE BRADENTON GAINESVILLE S. in Arts and Sciences B. S. in Arts and Sciences B. S, in Education A, B, in Arts and Sciences FLASTACOWO I ' iKji si.it !i-si.r SARA TYLER TAMPA A B in Arts and Sciences BERTHA VEITH JACKSONVILLE A B in Arts and Sciences ALICE WAHL ORLANDO A B in Education LULA WALKER MIAMI A. B- in Arts and Sciences YULEE WAY ORLANDO A B, in Arts and Sciences ELIZABETH WEATHERLEY QUINCY A. B. in Arts and Sciences EDITH WEBB MANDARIN A B. in Arts and Sciences GRACE WEBSTER LAKELAND A, B. in Education FLASTACOWO I ' iuje sixty-seven MADALAINE WEEKS TRENTON B. M. in Music IDA WEINTRAUB KEY WEST B. S. in Arts and Sciences VIRGINIA WELDON TAMPA A. B. in Education MARIE WESLEY POINT WASHINGTON B. S. in Nursing MARY FRANCES WHISNANT FORT MYERS B. M. in Music GRACE WICKS HAVANA, CUBA A. B. in Arts and Sciences MONICA WILEY JACKSONVILLE A B in Arts and Sciences MARGARET WILKINSON JUPITER B. S. in Education Piific xiaty-cifihi FLASTACOWO WK ' irj».v NANCY WILKINSON PALATKA A. B in Education 2L. Mb CLAIRE WILLIAMS JACKSONVILLE A, B. in Arts and Sciences MARTHA WILLIAMS ARCADIA B. S. in Education EDNA WILLIAMS HAVANA A. B. in Arts and Sciences ;ONSTANCE WINDHAM WEST PALM BEACH B, S in Home Economics MARY WING WINTER PARK A. B. in Arts and Sciences MARTHA WOLISTON MIAMI A. B in Arts and Sciences KATHERINE YONGUE REDDICK A B in Arts and Sciences FLASTACOWO Page sixty-nine The new Phi Beta Kappas, ladies and gentlemen, reading left to right — Mothis, Ter Bush, Stubbs, Turlington, Croslond, Krentzman, and Blood . Dora Helen Baggett and KiUy play a game of tog. Who ' s it? , . . Mary Etta ond Miss Winnie Lee Davis . . . Mortar Board in its formal costume . . . Bert Clifford shows FSCW how to have o model Demonstration School Class ... FLASTACOWO I ' iKjc ficvcnfy «nH. i-»t»Vl v ' ' « t. " « • ' »« .v,wC M rf Ai,illa; ♦. V ' ' r i,»Ai,! -» t ' i " - .nv ' ' -Ja -■ JUNIORS FLASTACOWO Pdfje sevcnfij-oiw ps A SUE WHITAKER Vice President Tampa MARIE SPURLOCK Representative to Senate Callahan MARY MILLER President Orlando BETTY MACK Treasurer Lakeland PEGGY McMICHAEL Secretary Tampa MARIE TAYLOR Representative to Senate Fort Pierce I ' dgt- fievenly-iwo FLASTACOWO GLADYS ABENSON Miami iDITH ADAMS Jacksonville BETSY ANDERSON Tampa LEAH ANDREWS Pensocola JEANETTE ANNIN Miami SARAH ANTHONY Jacksonville ELIZABETH AYALA Key West NELLIE BAHRT Miami MARTHA BAKER Ft Myers HELEN BALLINGER Lakeland FLASTACOWO Page seventy-three BARBARA BANDY Miami MARJORIE BEACH Miami RAY BENTLEY Lakeland ELEANOR BIGGERS Auburndale JOSEPHINE BINION West Palm Beach DOROTHY BORDEN West Palm Beach JANICE BORTON Miami EVELYN BOWDEN Leesburg HAZEL BOWMAN Brewster CARL BRIGMAN Pensacola I ' dt p nc ccnlj - " III ' IFLASTACOWO . IIZABETH BRONSON Windermere MARY BURGOON Hollywood ELIZABETH CARTER St Petersburg HELEN GATE Miami Beach JANET GHARLES Jacksonville JEAN GLARK Tampa MARY JO GLAYTON Lakeland LYDIA GRAIG Jacksonville DOROTHY GREWS Jacksonville VICTORIA GRISP Sarasota FLASTACOWO Page seventy-five VICTORIA CURTIS Lake Wales BETH DAANE Belle Glade EMILY DAVIS Tallahassee SARAH MAE DAVIS Ft, Myers MARGARET DELANEY Homestead MARY HELEN DE VRIES Jacksonville ROBERTA DIAMOND Tallahassee MARY DICKINSON Oca la MARY ELIZABETH DOLE IN Lynn Haven ANNE DONNELL Sarasota I ' lKjc seventy-six FLASTACOWO VIRGINIA DUKE Gainesville VIRGINIA EARLY Jacksonville FRANCES ELLIS West Palm Beach MARY ENNEIS Alachua MYRVIN EVERET T Miami MARIAN FERRELL Lacoochee ELLEN FLEMING Atlanta, Ga. ELEANOR FLINT Orlando FRANCES FORTH Punta Gorda PATRICIA FOSTER Coconut Grove FLASTACOWO Page seventy-seven MIRIAM FRYE Winter Haven MARY K. GIBSON Tampa MARIE GINN Pclotka ANNA GLEN Chipley DORIS GODARD Palatka MARTHA GODARD Quincy HELEN GODWIN Ft Meade EMMA LEE GOODWIN Gainesville SYLVIA GUITO Key West ELIZABETH HAMILTON Jacksonville FLASTACOWO I ' di c X( -r)it ii-tifili t VIRGINIA HAMILTON Lakeland ROSEMARY HAMLY Coral Gables ELIZABETH HAMMOND Miom VANETTE HERRON Lakeland 4. SARA HETHCOX Eustis LOUISE HILL Tampa MARY LOUISE HOENSHEL Port Maya co MARGUERITE HOLDER Tampa IMOGENE HOLLAND Pensacola FLASTACOWO MARY LEE HOPKINS Miami Page seventy-trine r BARBARA HUBBARD St Cloud JANE HUBBARD St. Cloud ADELAIDE IRELAND Tallahassee WINONA IRELAND Miami MARY JETTON Tampa LOUISE JOHNSON Ft. Meade DOROTHY KAMIYA Boca Raton KATHERINE KYLE Tampa MARGARET LAFFERTY Jacksonville ANNABELLE LARSON Daytona Beach Patje rif lily FLASTACOWO FRANCES LEE Tallahassee MARIOI-J LESSEY Ft. Myers ALMA LESTER Havana GRACE LEWIS Havana FRANCES LINGLE Brooksville CLARABELLE LIPSEY Branford MARY ELLEN LOVELACE Miami ALICE DEAN MABRY Tampa BETTYE MACE DeLand ANNIE MAGGIO Tampa FLASTACOWO Page eighty -one MARTHA MAKEMSON Ft. Lauderdale ELIZABETH MALONE Ft. Lauderdale EDITH MANFORD St Augustine DAISYANNA MASSEY Dade City ELIZABETH MATHENY Sarasota MARGARET MAXWELL Tallahassee JESSIE MEAD Gainesville MARY MEGINNISS Tallahassee MAMIE MESSINA Tampa ANNA MARIE MITCHELL Ft Lauderdale FLASTACOWO f ' llijr fii hli lirii f - • MARGARET MIZELL Live Oak EUNICE MOE St. Petersburg EDNA MOON Tallahassee FRANCES MOORE Jacksonville GENEVIEVE MORRIS St. Petersburg FRANCES MORROW Jacksonville MARY MYRICK Tallahassee RUTH MYRICK Tallahassee MADELINE McCALL Jennings CATHERINE McGARRY West Palm Beach FLASTACOWO Pape eighty-three ROSEMARY McGLINCHY Winter Haven SARA McGregor Winter Haven MARY McGUNAGLE Miami MARY JEANNE McKAY Tampa GRACE McKEE Valparisc DOROTHY McLEAN Tampa MARGARET NEFF Kev West MARJORIE NOGGLE Wintei- Haven ANNAWILDE NORRIS Bradenton BERNICE OLIVER Mar;anna I ' luii I ii-fht ii-foiir FLASTACOWO m EMILY OLSOK West Palm Beach CLOTILDE O ' ROURKE Miami PEARLE OVERHULTZ Quincy ETHEL PACHECO Tampa DAISY PARKER Tallahassee ORTRUDE PARKS Ft. Lauderdale BETTY PECK Jacksonville VIRGINIA PEYTON Jacksonville MARGARET PINKOSEN Gainesville MARY POLLARD Miami FLASTACOWO Page elghtii-five AGNES REEDY Pensacola MARGARET REEDY Coral Gables MARY OLA REYNOLDS Crescent City LEONA REHBINDER Ft, Meade DORIS RISK Cocoa ROBERTA ROGERS Lynne SARA RUTLEDGE t Cloud RUTH SADLER Winter Garden MILDRED SAMPSON Normal, III. ANNE SAMS New Smyrna I ' agv eighty-six ;flastacowo » -« CLARICE SANCHEZ LILLIAN SCHULTE MILDRED SEEKINS CLARA MAE SHEPHERD ALICIA SIERRA Coral Gables Plant City Miorn Pinellas Park Tampa LILLIAN SIMMONS MARY E SIMPSON BETTY SWEET SMITH KATHRYN SMITH RITA SNYDEP Jacksonville Groveland Cocoa Belle Glade St, Augustine FLASTACOWO Page eight ij-seveii OLIVIA SORENSON St. Petersburg MIRIAM STEIN Miami Beach SYRENA STOCKBRIDGE Dade Citv BEULAH V. TAYLOR Leesburg ' ii 4f« JANE THARIN Dunedin FRANCES THOMAS Tampa MARY TILLER Pensacoia MARJORIE TILLIS Sanford BONNEVIEVE TOMLINSON Miami Beach GERTRUDE TOMKIES Gainesville I ' litji I ii liti i ifjht FLASTACOWO ELIZABETH TOUCHTON Palatka HELEN TURNBULL Newport, R. I. AMBER TURNER Belleair MARY VEACH Miami HAZEN VIERTEL Winter Haven ANNA VON DOHLEN Jacksonville HELEN WAHLBERG Largo HOLLY WAKER Vero Beach OPAL WALKER Baker MAXINE WARD Eustis FLASTACOWO Pttoe eight y-ninc MARGARET WARE Leesburg BLANCHE WEEKS Newberry MARION WEEKS Beresford ELIZABETH WHIDDEN Bartow GRACE WHITAKER Tampa MAE WHITTEN Sarasota WESTA W ILK INS DeFuniak Springs ELEANOR WILLIAMS Doytona Beach JEAN WILLIS Pensacola BANKS CARTER WOOD Miami I ' rifir ninftj FLASTACOWO HELEN YOUNG St Petersburg LENORA YOUNG Tallahassee It seems to be a successful hike . , Beth gets the canoe where she wants it . . . Betty and Dot down to see " Bailie " off . . FLASTACOWO Page ninety-one va l , ' The Usher Committee prepares for action. Everyone in school please see Peggy about reserved seats . . . Another funny one . . . Madame President herself . . . Jean and Dot are there before t he fire truck . . . FLASTACOWO I ' mic )ii)ii I i -t irn ' »■ ' •■ ,1 : ■ " • « 1 -A ' g ' ' « i ' «WSii«)tt ' -5 ' ««« SOPHOMORES FLASTACOWO -•( f Hiin tii-three ELIZABETH OSTLUND Vice President MICKY CONN President FRANCES LEWIS Representative to Senate MADGE GLENN Treasurer .«c .3:_-fm«:T " ' «ir3 ANNE MIZELL Representative to Senale HELEN DANIEL Parliamentarian FLASTACOWO I ' in 1 1 II I II r III jiiiir AROLINE ADAMS AARIE ANDERSOM LOIS ADKINS ELOISE ANDREWS EDITH ADKISON EDITH ARBUTHNOT CLARA ANDERSON MARIANNA ARCURI HAZEL F ANDERSON BETTY ASH . r HAZEL ANDERSON PHIL ASHER RANGES BALDWIN ELISE BARRETT ELIZABETH BARY JEAN BAUGHMAN , IDELLA BAUMSTEIN ANN BAYLY JUDITH BELL DOROTHY BELLAMY FRANCES BISHOP EMILY BLACKWELL ADDIE BLEDSOE JEAN BLOUNT FLASTACOWO BB I ' dfjc niHCtji-firc MARGARET BLOUNT ELLA BROOKS OLIVIA BOLAND RUTH BROOKS LETITIA BOND VIOLA BROOKS MILDRED BOOTH BEVERLY BROWN ELIZABETH BOW MARGUERITE BROWN VIRGINIA BRIDGES VIRGINIA BROWN DOROTHY BRYAN EUNICE CHASON LOUISE BRYAN CORA CHENEY LILLIAN BURFORD BETTY CLARK MARJORIE BUTLER MAVIS CLARK SARAH CARTER SARA CLARK MARIE CASON ISABEL CLARKE FLASTACOWO I ' lli r )iittrtl - iix RUTH CLEVELAND ANNA COOMES MARY G COARSY AUDREY COOPER CHAUNCEY COLEMAN EXA COX LILLIAN COLLIER MARJORIE COX MADGE COLLIER JANE CRALLE JANET COOK KITTY CRANEY MARJIE CREEL RUTH CREWS ISABEL DILLARD ELEANOR DIXON ALUCIA CROWELL ELINE DAVIS DOROTHY DOBBS HELEN DONN IRENE DAY EDYTHE DICKSON JEAN DUNCAN ALICE DYAL FLASTACOWO Page ninctij-seven ERMA ENGEL ELIZABETH FENN CHARLOTTE ENGSTROM BETTY FINCH ROSE EVANS LUCILLE FINLEY POLLY EVELETH EVELYN FISHER ELIZABETH FLIPSE RUTH GARCIA RUTH FOLLIN PHILI5 GEWIN ELOISE FRINK LEILA GIBBS MAXINE FUGATE RITA GILLEYLEN JANE GAGE DIXIE GIST TOMMIE FA IRC LOTH BABETTE FLEMING MARY GALLEMORE EVELYN GLAZIER FLASTACOWO ' ( ' ' ■ tiiiiii jh ' if lif VIRGINIA GODWIN ESTHER GRIPPING LURLINE GOODMAN KATHLEEN GRUPPE SARAH GRAHAM LORINE GUIN ETHEL GRASSPIELD MARY P HALES GRACE GREEN HELEN HALL RACHEL GRIPFIN PATRICIA HAMILTON EVELYN HAMMOND AMY HARRIS ANNETTE HARRIS JEAN HARRIS KATHLEEN HARRIS PRANCES HARTLEY MYRTICE HARVEY AUDREY HASTINGS ESTHER HAY LOIS HEITER MARIAN HARROLD BARBARA HENDREY FLASTACOWO Page tnnvtij-nine DOROTHY HILL . BILLIE HOTARD EDNA HOBBS EDITH HUDDLESTON MOLLIE HOLDEN MILDRED HUDMON MARGARET HOLOWAY KATHLEEN HUGHES MARJORIE HORTON MILDRED HURST MARTHA HOSEA LOUISA HUTCHINSON ELEANOR HUTCHISON ESTELLE JOHNSTON JEAN JACKSON CAROL JONES ANNE JETER FLORENCE JONES ELIZABETH JINKS MARTHA JONES DOROTHY JOHNSON EDWiNOLA JORDAN LOUISE JOHNSON GLADYS KEEN FLASTACOWO ' ( ; » (( ( l( II ml red FLORENCE KERR HELEN KIERCE MARY KIMBALL MARTHA KING NINA KIRKLAND RUTH KNIGHT MARGARET KNOWLES EL0I5E KNOX ELIZABETH KORST NELLIE LAMAR ELIZABETH KNAPP MARTHA LESTER SUSAN LESTER MARY LOPEZ ROSE LEVIN MURIEL LIEBERMANN CHARMIAN LUFBURROW JEAN LYKE5 LOUISE LINGO IRIS MACHEN ARLINE LOCKHART JESSICA MAC KEY LOIS LONG JIMMY MALONE FLASTACOWO r f otic hiuidnd oUc ' HAZEL MANUEL LOUISE McCLEERY ANNETTE MARCO LILLIE McGUIRE DOROTHEA MARSH ANNIE JANE McRAE SARAH MARTIN MARJORIE McRAE PRE I DA MAXWELL ALTHEA MEBANE MARGARET McCALL HELEN MENNEKEN ONA MERRILL SARA MOOR PHOEBE MESSER MARY ANN MODRE MARY JUNE MICKEL MARY J MOORHEAD MARY K. MICKLER KASIMIR MUMBY REBA MILLER GERALDINE MILES FAIR MILTEER HAZEL MYRICK ! i . VS FLASTACOWO I ' lif i iiitr Inniilnil lint SARA NANCE DOT OLMSTEAD GENEVA NELSON NAN O ' SHAUGHNESSY MARY NEWBOLD JACK OWENS " J. ViRGINIA NORTHCUTT DOT OZBURN SALLIE B NUZUM LILLA PARRAMORE DOT NYE ROSEMARY PAYNE CHARLOTTE PELSANG ELIZABETH PIERCE SHIRLEY PEMBERTON MARY N PINCHARD GENELLE PERRY HELENA R, POWELL MARY M PFEIFFER RUTH PRATHER MARY F PHILLIPS KATHRYN PRATT VIRGINIA PHILLIPS MARGUERITE PREVATT FLASTACOWO P J(IC one Innnlrcd three d ij J!i, M JANE QUINN EDITH M RAMSAUR EMALINE RANKIN MARJORIE RAULERSON HAZEL REAMS JANE RICE GLADYS RICHARDSON MARTHA ROBERTS JEANETTE ROBERTSON EILEEN ROBINSON MARIAN ROGERS ELEANOR RUFF ETHEL RUNYAN MOLLY SCALES MARY E SADLER MARGARET SCHMIDT ROSE SAFER MARY K, SCOTT HAZEL SAMS INEZ SEABROOK ISABELLE SANDS SARAH SEALEY NELL ST JOHN RACHEL SEAY I ' lii i- one Iniidlrril foin ' IFLASTACOWO MARY SHACKLEFORD VIOLET SHAMPINE SARA SHAW ARGUERITE SJOSTROM ADELAIDE SLAUGHTER PEARL SMITH INEZ SHELLHORSE DOROTHEA STAHMAN VIRGINIA SHINE VIRGINIA SHULTZ JANE GRAY STEVENS BARBARA STOCKWELL MARGARET STOUT )OROTHY SWANBORN CLARA STRINGFIELD MARY SWEAT MARJORIE STUMP FULDA SWINDLE GENEVIEVE SUMMERS FLORENCE TAFF MABRY SUMNER EDYTHE TAYLOR MARIANNA SWANK GRACE TAYLOR FLASTACOWO I ' ayc one liinidred five LA NELLE THAMES SARA TILLMAN MARY E THARPE FRANCES THILL VIRGINIA TOFFALETTI JOSEPHINE TRANTHAM MARGUERITE THOMAS FLORENCE TRUSKIN LEONA THORNTON ELIZABETH TURNER JEAN TILDEN JEAN TREADWELL JEWEL TURNER MURIEL WATSON HELEN WALDE LUCILLE WEEKS CHRISTINE WALDEN MARJORIE WEEMS OPAL WAMBLE FELECIA WEST GLADYS WARE JULIE WHALEY I W.J ' . ■ . ' .III li-iUIII DOROTHY WATSON MARY LEA WHEELEF Vm. ; I ' lKji due liini(lr(il .si.r FLASTACOWO BETTY WHEELESS VIVIAN Vv |LLIAMS BLANCHE WHITE CLAIRE WILSON VIRGINIA WHITE MARTHA G WILSON GENIE WHITESIDE BARBARA WOMACK DCROTHY WILLIAMS LUCILLE WILLIAMS MARTHA WRIGhIT LORRAINE YARBOROUGH Dinner for one, please, James . . . Hope that fence doesn ' t give way. Some KD sophs decide to rest on the way to a steak fry in the country . , . Shcckleford and Dot Watson show ' em the Chi Omega front yard . . . 1 .-yrjMm- ' FLASTACOWO l ' a ( ' our Inijiilrvd ■•icrcii. 1 r -1 Tv ' h 1 Ride us up the hill to town, mister . . Sorch Graham goes scholarly on us . - We ' re going to camp Want to go . . . Genevieve and Gerry pose for the camera lady ... It must have been o good one . . . FLASTACOWO I ' ll 1 1 OIK li II ml nil i ' kjIiI «jn»» «».-A-.f,1 .-l ' +, FRESHMEN FLASTACOWO Page one hundred nine MARY ELIZABETH DOUGHTRY Vice President EVELYN ANDERSON Parliamentarian JEAN GILLIES President ANNE KNIGHT Treasurer BLANTON BARRETT Representative to Senate BETTY HATCH Secretary WINIFRED EWART Representative to Senate FLASTACOWO I ' diii (III ' li mill ri il ii II EDITH ABSTEIN SARAH ADAMS WILLIE B ADAMS NANCY ADAMSON BETTY AMBLER ERCEL ANDERSON HELEN ANDERSON MAIE ANDERSON MAUDE ANDERSON SADIE ANDERSON CHARLOTTE AN3IER ROSE APPEL ELOISE ARNOLD DOROTHY ASH NATALIE ASH BECKY ASHTON MARGUERITE ATHON KATHERINE AUTREY LEILA B BADGER lARY A BARKER MARY H BARNHART DOROTHY BARR PATRICIA BARRINGER GERTRUDE BASS MAR J BAILLIES EVELYN BAYLESS DANNER BAKER JULIA BECI MAN FLASTACOWO l ' u(jc one hundred eleven P «J -4 CiJLd MARY BECTON RUTH BERNSTEIN ALMA BEVILLE BETTY BICHAM VICTORIA BICkOVV BETTY BLALOCK MARY BOATWRiGHT DOROTHY BORDERS MARGARET BOTELER FLORES BOTTARI HELEN BIRMINGHAM JOSEPHINE BOWEN LILLIAN BISHOP CAROLYN BOYD ELIZABETH BOYD LILLIAN BRADLEY MARGUERITE BRANAS GRACE BREWER ELLEN BROWN JANE BROWN JANE M BROWN TEX BROWN VERNELLE BREWER NELWYN BROOKS DOROTHY BROWARI ELEANOR BROWNE ELEANOR E BROWNE MILDRED BROXSONI FLASTACOWO ' ( ' ( ' one Inindrcil lirclrc Lkjj NCES BRUNSON NANCY BRYAN TREA CABANISS MARY F. CAMPBELL ELLIE RUTH BRYCE HELMA BUFFKIN EUGENIA CANNON ADELAIDE CARLTON JULIA BURNETT DEE CARROLL EMILY BUSH BETTY CASHON DORIS BUTLER MARIE CASTELLANO ZABETH CAUSEY 3INIA CLEMENTS MARY P CHALKER VIRGINIA CHAMBERLIN LOIS CHAPMAN SYBIL CHESHIRE JOYCE CLIFTON HELEN CLINE DOROTHY COLBURN HONOR COLEMAN MARY CHITTY WILMA COLEMAN MARY CLAYTON NELL COLVIN FLASTACOWO I ' di c our hundred thirtcvn ELIZABETH COMPTON MAkr C COODY JO CUNNINGHAM DOROTHY DAME RUTH COOK MARY E DANCY CAROLYN DANIEL VIRGINIA CRAIG JULIA DANIEL CECELIA CROSLAND ELEANOR DANIELLS CORNELIA DAVIS SALLIE DICKEY LEILA DAVIS NAUMADEAN DAVIS ANN DICKSON HELEN DILLARD EULA R, DAWLEY MARGARET DEGUENTHER VIRGINIA DELL GIBSON DEY HAZEL DONEGAN MARY E DOUGHTRY FRANCES DOUGLAS S. DRAUGHON FLASTACOWO f ' lii i iiiK Inniilml f mrliiii 4ARRIET DUKE MARY L DUNCAN RAINE ENGLISH MARY M ENSIGN FLORENCE DUVAL EVELYN EDWARDS WINIFRED EWART MARTHA FAILES MARTHA EDVv ARDS NELLIE FAIN SEALE EFFINGER MARY FEARNSIDE MAJORIE EIFLER MERIBA FERGUSON ARA FERGUSON DORIS FILLINGIN ELIZABETH FINCH EARLENE FINNEY RUTH FISHER MARGARET FISHLER LOUIE FITZPATRICK MRTHA FLOYD OLLIE FORD PAULINE FORD ELEANOR FREER FREDDIE FRINK WELESKA FULMER ROBERTA GAMMON FLASTACOWO Bl ■a I Page one hundred fifteen BETTY GAUSE VIRGINIA GAUTIER PEARL bAY DORIS GEIGER MARY GERALD VIRGINIA GIDDEN5 EUGENIA GLASS KATHERINE GLENN MARYGOBER ELEANOR GOODWIN MARGARET GOURLIE WILLIE B, GRIFFIN ELIZABETH GRILEY CAROLYN GRISSETT JEWEL GROOVER RUTH HANSEN FLORENCE GROSS VERA GRUNWALD ELMA GUTH LORRAINE GYLES MATHA HAGUE MARY HAMMOND KATHERINE HARPER ELIZABETH HARRIS MARY E HARRIS BETTY HARRISON EDNA HARRISON JUILA HARRISON ' ( ( ( (till hiniilriil si.iti(ii FLASTACOWO RIE HARRISON HIGGINBOHAM MARY ANN HART WINIFRED HILL MARY HELMER MARIAN HENDERSON MARIAN HERBERT JOYCE HINCKLEY HILDA HINES HAZEL HINSLY MARGARET HESS JEAN HODGES ELEANOR HICKSON JULIA HODGSON .OLA HOPKINS ALERIE HUNT LULA HOPKINS MAGGIE HUNTER CONNIE HOWARD LEONA HOWE FRANCES HOWELL ANNE HUDGINGS LILLIAN HUSS MARY E. HUSSON MAY INGLE JANE JACKSON LOIS HUGHES MARY JACKSON FLASTACOWO ] ' (! (■ oik: liiniilrcil -scrciUccil PEGGY JACKSON ANNIE JENNINGS JOAN JOHNSTON MARY JOHNSTON VIRGINIA JEPSON PATSY JOHNSTON LOUISE JERNIGAN HELEN JONES ELIZABETH JOHNS JAMIE JONES SHELLIE JOHNSON MYRLE JONES JEAN JOHNSTON NELLIES JONES C, KAMPER FRANCES KEEN MARY E, KELLEY LUCY KELLY ARYSTINE KENNEDY MARTHA KENNEDY PATRICIA KENNED CHRISTINE KILLIAN MARY KINSER GERALDINE KNAPP GWENDOLYN KNAPP ANN KNIGHT BASCOM KNIGHT DORA KOONS :flastacowo ' r ( (; ( ' Inillilrid liillllilil " • ' 0mk, - » a1 IIm. ' j ; i ANNE LADD :ONSTANCE LEE FRANCES LA MOTTE ANITA LEONARD LYDIA LAND RACHEL LEONARDY ll l lii HELEN LANE DOROTHY LEWIS ANN LANGE SARA LEWIS MARINA LASTRA MARY A LIPSEY BETTY LEACH HENRIETTA LISK MARTHA LITTLE HAZEL LIVINGSTON JANET LOCKWOOD CAROLYN LOGAN ELIZABETH LOUNDS MYRTLE LOWERY PAULINE LOWERY LILLIAN LUKENS ANNELYDDANE SARA LVTLE ALWILDA MACK JEANr.iE MAGNUS EMILY J MacDUFF MARY E MacMINN ■ihJH H I ClJB FLASTACOWO 4 I ' m f niic liiiinlrcil iiiiiffrcii ANNETTE MALLOY JOAN MANCHESTER MARY MANNING LILYAN MARKS MARY C. MATHIS JUNE MAULE CHRISTINE MAYS ISLA McCANN JESSIE McCOLLUM MURIEL McCRACKEN MARGARET McDOWELL HELEN McKEOWN MONA McLEAN ELEANOR McLEOD BETTY McMULLEN JEAN McMULLEN HELEN MEAD MARY MELTON ELVA MELVIN REBA MENDELSON MARY MERIWETHER MARJORIE MERRILL HELEN MERRYDAY CHRISTINE MERSHON MARGARET MICKLER BEATRICE MINER BEULAH MITCHELL DOROTHY MOLNAR A.ilL I r % i :flastacowo I ' lii i niii liiiiiilrril lii ' i illil ANN MOORE 1ARY MUNNERLY BARBARA MOORE EVELYN MURPHY MARTHA MOORE LUCILE MUSSELMAN MIDELLE MOORE SARAH MOORE JEAN NASH KATHRYN NEWSOME FLOREINE MORRIS HETTILU NIBLACK JULIA MULLIS ALICE NICHOLS CORINNE NOBLE HAZEL NOE JEANETTE NORDMAN THELMA NORLIN ESTHER O ' BRYNE MARY L O ' HAVEN MARGARET OLIVER THERINE O ' MARA ELIZABETH ORLEMAN MARJORIE OSTEEN BERSHE OVEN MARY E, PARKER MELBA PARKS • RUTH PARSON FLASTACOWO I ' lKjc (iiic liiiiKlrcd iroil j -i iie SARAH PARSONS SARAH PERKINS w m , CATHERINE PATTERSON LUTRELLE PATTERSON JEAN PAULLIN MARGARET PEACOCK IRENE PECK MARY PEMBERTON " BLISS PETRIE JAYE PHILLIPS MARTHA PHILLIPS CATHERINE PINNER CATHERINE PITTMAN PAULINE POITEVINT ANNIE L POLK CAROL RAMAGE MARY C POOSER ROANNA POSEY MARY E RAMSEY MARC I A RANNEY ELLA F PRICE ARDIS RAST DORIS PURCHASE MARIAN PURVIANCE MARY QUESENBERRl MYRTlE RAULERSON BONNIE RAY DORIS REED FLASTACOWO I ' liiji i)ni liiiiiilnil liiiiiljiliii) y ELSIE RENFREE E, ROBINSON RACHEL RICHARDS ADELAIDE RICHTER DOROTHY RICKARDS NORMA ROBINSON GERTRUDE RODGERS NANCY ROGERS RUTH RIDDLE MABLE ROGERS RACHEL RIHERD MARGARET ROGERS MARJORIE ROBERTS JEWEL ROLLINS JUNE ROPER ABEL SATTERFIELD JOAN ROSS NANCY ROU SARI ROU DOROTHEA RUFF MARY E RUSSELL ANNA SANCHEZ BETTY SCOTT DOROTHY SCOTT SHIRLEY SCREVEN DOROTHY SHACKELFORD JANE SHARON ANNIE SHELLEY FLASTACOWO i ' i{(jr one hundred t irvntii-thrce MRICIA SIMPSON MARY SIMS JOHANNA SKAGSETH BETTY SKINNER BETTY SNYDER L SPAULDING ELIZABETH SPENCER BETTY SPICER THELMA SPURLOCK EDYTH STANLEY L V ilk...: . ' : J JEAN SPARKMAN M SPARKMAN MARY STEVENSON CLARA STEWART HELEN STEWART MARJORIE STEWART AGNES STIGGINS HELEN STOKES GRACE STOSBERG M STOUTAMIRE MAYME STRANGE DOROTHY STUART BARBARA SWANSTROM JO BELLE TAYLOR LILLIAN TAYLOR JANE THOMAS MARCIA THOMAS MARY K THOMAS V jf ' l FLASTACOWO I ' lii c din liiiHdnd I ifiiil ! fniir - 0ft ' f lARY L THOMAS K. TROBOUGH BEAUFORD THROWER SUSANNA TRUSLER ANNA TILDEN ADELE TIMBERLAKE LILLIAN TOFFALETTI MARY L TORODE LEONEL TRAPNELL MARY TURNER MARGARET TYLER JAhJE UPTON MARION USHER EULALIE VANCE EGGY VAN DYKE ALTA VANN ARGARET WALKER MARY WALLIS BETTY VANN FLORENCE WARD BETTY WADE BETTY WADSWORTH MARGARET WALCOTT ANNA WALKER ALICE WEBB HELEN WEBB NELL WEBB CLAIRE WELLS FLASTACOWO 111 ' Fai c one hundred ticcnfij-fioe SAl.LY WELLS N WILLIAMSON LOUISE WHEELER WINONA WILLIAMSON BETTY WHITE BETTY WILSON POLLY ANN WHITE JUDITH WILENSKY FRANCES WILLIAMS GERALDINE WILLIAMS MARGARET WILSON MYRTLE V IL50N RUTH WILSON FRANCES WIMBERLY NELL WOODHAM ETTY WYNN ETHEL YOUNG AUGUSTA YUST JEAN ZACHARIAS OLINETTE ZUGSCHWER flASTACOWO I ' lifif iiiK hiiiulnd iiuiil ihsi.i 3n iWemoiiam KATHRYN THOMAS BEYER JO BELLE TAYLOR FLASTACOWO It ' s that tough hill again, but she has a friend . . . Lazy, lazy girls resting after lunch, or just resting . . . Looking for the horse, or waiting for that date? ' . . . Hail, Hail the gang ' s ell here . . . Sophistication in the making ... Here are all the twins on the campus- Jane and Jere Crook, Barbara and Jcne Hubbard, Sally and Anita Walder, and Eileen and Pauline Arnold. We aren ' t sure that we ' ve named them all correctly , We can ' t read it trom here, Micky ... Jo Binion, Kitty and Mary Jeanne going to classes . . . Peyton looking not- so-scholarly . . . Doug Dcbney and Frannie Thomas find a cool spot on campus . . . FLASTACOWO I ' lii c one li mill red I iriut ij-ninc e INTRODUCTION [Here, in the section following we move from pictures of all the col- lege girls, to those girls who, in the eyes of the. students ore the sup- erlatives on our campus. The large pictures show the fine quolilies of these girls which make them stand above the crowd and the small pictures show each of the.r distinguishing charcctenstics. » FLASTACOWO i ' dfic one Inunlrvd fliirty-thrce BEAUTY Minna Dunn MINNA WALLACE DUNN fv " r m 3L II ' . 1 Hj|||||| « Hiifl Hftf jPf MfLBBE. Br l vK l B ■k bH B 1 1 fcr B jTh ' E vtI 1h Hy || H H 1 Wu CHARM Kotherine Blood KATHERINE BLOOD DIGNITY Mary Etta ThisllethwQite HI MARY ETTA THISTLETHWAITE INTELLECT Margaret Grahcm MARGARET GRAHAM ORIGINALITY Mary Jeanne McKay MARY JEANNE McKAY PERSONALITY Peggy McMichae! 4L - PEGGY McMICHAEL SPORTSMANSHIP Rose Panowski ROSE ETHEL PANOWSKI WIT Sara Krentzman .• ' %» SARA MALCOLM KRENTZMAN n s FLASTACOWO WM EXECUTIVE COUNCIL of the College Government Association The Executive Council of the College Government Association, composed of the six executive officers and president of Y. W, C. A, as ex-officio member is the body which formulates the policies of the Association and carries out the practical application of such policies. Gv %■ rAr ' . ' eJi 4itiI ' - L.x.i K a. ' --..- . v i :. ' 3 ,!L£-i3fe«i;iis». ' - ' ' ' ' Kotherine Blood KATHERINE BLOOD, President MARGARET GRAHAM, Chairman of Judiciary MINNA DUNN, Freshman Adviser MARTHA MAKEMSON, First Vice-President JANICE BORTON, Second Vice-President MARJORIE RAULERSON, Secretary MARGARET K. ANDERSON, Treasurer Makemson and Borton Anderson and Raulerson Graham and Dunn l ' ' U!l one haiulrvd fifl htlircc ;:-.v-. ' «:»5 " FLASTACOWO THE SENATE of the College Government Associdtion The purpose of the Senate is to Legislate and to Establish Regu- lations for the Government of the Student Body. Katherine Blood Betty Akin Margaret K. Anderson Janice Borton Roberta Clifford Marian Conn Minna Dunn Marjorie Fain Carol Farabee Patricia Foster Jean Gilles Margaret Graham MEMBERS Winifred Hansen Evelyn Kennard Sara Krentzman Frances Lewis Lucy Gee Linn Martha Makemison Mary Miller Anne Mizell Mary Jeanne McKay Dons McKenzie Peggy McMickael Caroline Oliver Rose Panowski Daisy Parker Ruth Persons Morjorie Roulerson Audrey Smith Hilda Spradlin Marie Spuriock Marie Taylor Mary Etta Thistlethwaite Edith Webb Nancy Wilkinson l ' (li i- mil liiiiiiliiil j ' lj I II jniii ' FLASTACOWO ■ua THE JUDICIARY of the College Government Association The purpose of the Judiciary is to ascertain offences against the rules of College Government and to try the offender to help dicover methods of assisting the student offender to adapt herself earnestly to the higher standards and to contribute her best to the advancement of her college community. Sourlock, Akin, Nuzum and Farabee Margaret Graham MARGARET GRAHAM, Chairman BETTY AKIN, Chairman of Residence Halls MINNA DUNN, Freshman Adviser NANCY WILKINSON, Cnairman of OH-Campus Committee CAROL FARABEE , . ■ n BETTY MEYFR ' Senior Representatives BETTY PECK MARIE SPURLOCK , DOROTHEA MARSH SALE IE BERT NUZUM KATHERINE BLOOD (ex-officio) President of C. G. A. JO BINION, Secretary of Judiciary Wilkinson, Binion, Blood and Peck Meyer, Graham, Dunn and Marsh {-Junior Representatives - Sophomore Representatives I ' Uijf one liitiidrcd I ' if t H jirc bert) Akin FLASTACOWO THE LOWER COURT or the College Government Association Lower Court, which is p ' ode up of the House Chairmen, is c part of the Judicial Department of College Government Association It IS the purpose of the Court to deal with infractions of dormi- tory regulations in the residence halls, and in so doing to promote greater appreciation of these rules. BETTY AKIN, Chairman MEMBERS Virginia Cromartie Audrey Farmer Melba Hutchison Gladys Oliver Nettie Taylor EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS MARGARET GRAHAM, Chairman of Judiciary MINNA DUNN, Freshman Advisor Hutchinson and Turlington Cromartie and Farmer Taylor and Oliver t ' lii f line liiniilrcil fiflii-xi.r FLASTACOWO OFF CAMPUS COMMITTEE NANCY WILKINSON, Chairman Nancy Wilkinson MEMBERS Carlotta Cubillas Sara Hosea Elizabeth Kirbv-Smith Harriet Lawrence Edith Perkins Mercia Scott Lawrence and Kirby-Smith Perkins and Hosea Cubillas and Scott I •age one Jniiulnd fiftif-scvvn FLASTACOWO FRESHMAN ADVISORY COUNCIL MINNA DUNN, Freshman Advi sor Minna Dunn FRESHMAN FLOOR CHAIRMEN Josephine Binion Betty Brooks Agnes Campbell Helen Cate Virginia Cromartie Barbara Crosland Audrey Farmer Patricia Foster Miriam Frye Mary Katherine Gibson Sara Hethcox Mary Ann Hills Mary Litchgi Edith Manford Eleanor Ruth McAnulty Kathleen Robinson Anne Sams Mildred Seekins Marie Spurlock Shirley Stevens Geneva Stout Williams Marie Taylor Nettie Taylor Marjorie Joan Tillis Sara Margaret Turner Maxine Word Sue Whitaker Monica Wiley Foster, Hill, Word, Manford, Frye. Litchgi, Spurlock, Gate, Robinson and Crosland Stout, Taylor, Tillis, Binion, Gibson, Whitaker and Williams Taylor, Campbell, Seekins, McAnulty, Cromartie, Stevens and Hethcox I ' lnn iiiK liinulnil fi fl ii- if lil FLASTACOWO FRESHMAN COMMISSION Freshman Commission is composed of a group of girls selecfed from the Freshman class each spring by the Executive Board of College Government Associc.tion Freshman Commission is the connecting organ between Student Government and the Freshman class. It takes care of the superfluous duties of he Student Gov- ernment. Each commission girl feels it her duty to establish higher ideals among the students. OFFICERS HILDA SPRADLIN, Chairman MICKEY CONN, Vice-Chairman BETTY OSTLUND, Secretary Spradlin and Borton MEMBERS Phil Asher Fra.nces Baldwin Dorothy Barclay Viola Brooks Cora Cheney Mary Glenn Coarsy Janet Cook Helen Daniel Jean Duncan Polly Eveleth Evelyn Fisher Louise Gehan Madge Glenn Barbara Hendry Mollie Holden Mariorie Horton Elizabeth Korst Ermine Lcwrenc Frances Lewis Jean Lykes Ins Machen Dorothy Marsh Ann Mizell Sallie Burt Nuz um Alicia Meachem Nan O ' Shaughnessy Elizabeth Pierce Mary Nell Pinckard Kathryn Pratt Eileen Robinson Rose Safer Mary Katherine Scott f . k- ' f- -f. I ' iKjc one liinidrcd fif i iiiiic Lucy Gee Linn FLASTACOWO THE EXECUTIVE CABINET of Young Woman s Christian Association This organization, in direct relationship with the students and with the students National Young Woman ' s Christian Association, has for its purpose an interpretation to the students of a " Full and Creative Life, through a Growing Knowledge of God. In this Task we seek to Understand Jesus and to Follow Him. " OFFICERS LUCY GFE LINN, President ANNE NORRIS, Vice-President SUE WHITAKER, Secretary HELEN GATE, Treasurer COMMITTEE MEMBERS Carol Farabee Barbara Hubbard Jane Hubbard Annita Jones Elizabeth Kirby-Smith Arleen Gray Lockhart Mary Irene McKay Mary Jeanne McKay Virginia Northcutt Marjone Noggle Gladys Oliver Daisy Parker Dorothy Purse Mercia Scott Edythe Taylor Virginia White I ' rif f tiiic liinidicil si.ilii FLASTACOWO FRESHMAN CABINET The members of Freshman Cabinet strive to the best of their obility to foster and encourage a spirit of service, courage, loyalty, friendship, end reverence. They form c connecting link between the Freshman class and the Y. W. C. A. jts ' v .ii.m. White and N orris OFFICERS VIRGINIA WHITE, Chairman Beverly Brown Dot Bryan Louise Bryan Beth Clark Louise Doyle Katheryn Ely Janie Gallamore MEMBERS Sarah Graham Elizabeth Jinks Marjorie Jones Martha. Lester Ruth Lind Louise Lingo Lois Long Sara Nance Jane Rice Isabelle Sands Margaret Stout Sarah Sea ley Mary Ellen Thorpe Kathryn Todd Virginia Turner ..•: .Mi .:jMs- ' i9av i ' »i,a ' wjuna ANN NORRIS, Sponsor i!« Page one hundred si.rty-one FLASTACOWO DAY STUDENTS ORGANIZATION Marjorie Fain MARJORIE FAIN, President GENEVA LAMB, Vice-President SARAH WELLS, Secretary-Treasurer WINIFRED HANSEN, Senate Representative DAISY PARKER, Publicity Chairman MATT IE LOU LOVE, Social Chairman PAULINE PORTAVINT, Athletic Chairman MARGARET MAXWELL, Parliamentarian DOROTHY BELLAMY, Program Chairman LOUISE GEHAN, Transportation Chairman DOROTHY PURSE, Y W. C A. Representative FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. Raymond Bellamy Miss Gertrude Vermillion Miss Mary Settle I ' lir c (1)11 hiindiiil si.il ii t K ' d FLASTACOWO FCLUB OFFICERS MILDRED EMMELHAINZ, President HAZEL VIERTEL, Vice-President BETTY OSTLUND, Secretary ,Si ' AzX :tJ - rf.i. -j.-%2i ' ' Tt. , Hi. ' t%j€i€£.:, Z .... Mildred Fmmelhainz MEMBERS Betty Akin Caroline Athon Martha Baker Elise Barrett Kctherine Blood Kamoce Borton Viola Brooks Juanita Buchanan Janet Cook Audrey Cooper Beth Daane Sarah Beth Davis Florence DeVine Tessie Dvoskin Carol Fcrabee Louise Gehan Janet Griffetts Sera Hethcox Dons Isted Harriette Jefferies Marie Joffre Harriet Lawrence Cecil Levy Frances Lewis Bertie Mockery Dorothea March Martha Makemson Margaret Maxwell Dons McKenzie Betty Meyer Mary Miller Anna Mane Mitchell Scllie Bert Nuzum Rose Panowski Mary Ward Peterson Kathryn Pratt Eileen Robinson Mildred Seekins Mary E. Simpson Rita Snyder Shriley Stevens Marie Taylor Mary Etta Thistlethwaite Jane Tombaugh Wynn Tuten Marion Weeks Felicia West Nancy Wilkinson I ' luif our hundred si-rti -tli rcc FLASTACOWO WOMAN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Woman ' s Athletic Association of the Florida State College for Women purposes to stimulate interest in a program of whole- some physical activities, to promote athletic accomplishment, and to contribute to the development of the ideals of health and sports- manship. Rose Panowski OFFICERS ROSE E. PANOWSKI, President BETH DAANE, Vice-President MARJORIE NORTON, Secretary FRANCES LEWIS, Treosurer CLASS MANAGERS BETTY AKIN, Senior HAZEL VIERTEL, Junior JANET COOK, Sophomore SARA LYTLE, Freshman Tombaugh, Emmelhainz, Daane and Lewis Viertel, Lvtie, Tuten, Farabee, Cook and Thil l Panowski, Lancaster, Norton, Akin, Borton, McKenzie and Everett mmmnmmmam Mmmmm ' ii( i (iiK Innidrcd si.rly-finir FLASTACOWO LIFE SAVING CORPS OFFICERS JANE TOMBAUGH, President FELICIA WEST, Secretary-Treasurer MARIE TAYLOR, Captain SARAH HETHCOX, Instructor JANE THARIN, Instructor JANET COOK, Mate ELIZABETH OSTLUND, Mate FRANCES THILL, Mate liMMWWfeS Jane Tombaugh MEMBERS Caroline Athon Dorothy Colburn Fay Corey Beth Daane Madeline Duncan Evelyn Edwards Polly Eveleth Eleanor Flint Marian Lessey Bertie Mockery Martha Mokemson Ruth McClo.in Rose Ponowski Mary Ola Reynolds Johanna Skagseth Morion Weeks Mockery, Ponowski, Duncan, Tombaugh, Reynolds and West Lessey, Brooks, Daane, Athon and Weeks Corey, Hethcox, Mokemson, Crisp, Lancaster and McCloin V-aye one hundred fsi-cfiz-fiue FLASTACOWO FLASTACOWO Anna Belle Linger BUSINESS STAFF ANNA BELLE LINGER Business Manager MARY MILLER, Assistant Business Manager FRANCES FORTH, Advertising Manager Miller, Forth and Linger ' ( (■ ' ) ( liiiiidnil .si.rl ! -si.i FLASTACOWO FLASTACOWO Yearbook of the Florida State College For Women Mizell and Robinson m Edith Webb EDITORIAL STAFF EDITH WEBB, Editornn-Chief JANET GRIFFITTS and MARJORIE TILLIS, Associate Editors EILEEN ROBINSON and AUDREY SMITH, Assistant Editors GRACE WHITAKER, Art Editor ANTOINETTE SULLIVAN, Senior Editor MARY LITSCHGI, Picture Editor MARGARET THOMPSON, Copy Editor MARTHA MAKEMSON, Sports Editor ANNE MIZELL, Assistant Sports Editor BETTY MEYER, Staff Photographer Criffitts, Whitcker, Litschgi and Thompson Tillis and Mever I ' lific (iHc jiiiiidrcd si.vtii-. ' rv(H FLASTACOWO Ruth Persons THE FLORIDA FLAMBEAU A newspaper published weekly by the Students of the Florida State College for Women EDITORIAL STAFF RUTH PERSONS, Editor ALTHEA SMITH, Associate Editor GERTRUDE KUHN, Monogmg Editor HAZEL BOWMAN, News Editor BUSINESS STAFF MARY PATTERSON, Business Manager LILLIE McGUIRE, Assistant Business Manager CECIL LEVY, Circulation Manager GRACE CAROLYN ADAMS, Assistant Circulation Monoger CLOTILDE O ' ROURKE GRACE MARY WEBSTER [ Advertising Staff HELEN YOUNG DEPARTMENTS MARTHA BAKER, Features ELAINE KLEPPER, Sports MARGARET LAFFERTY, Society VIRGINIA EARLY, Exchanges ELEANOR WILLIAMS, Literary Editor ARLINE LOCKHART, Copy Editor GRACE MARY WEBSTER, Outside News Editor CAROLINE ADAMS, Art Editor Lockhart, Williams, Baker, Early, Lafferty and Klepper Bowman, Webster, Smith and Kuhn McGuire, O ' Rourke, Adams, Levy Patterson, Cook and Webster UMi I ' (i( c (iHf hundred xLily-ciuhl FLASTACOWO THE DISTAFF The Distaff, Spinner of Yarns, is the college quarterly magazine. Its purpose is to provide an outlet for the literary expression of the student body through short stories, plays, essavs, and poetry. Sera Krentzmar STAFF SARA MALCOLM KRENTZMAN, Editor-in-Chief GOLDIE LEWINSKY, Associate Editor DAISY PARKER, Assistant Editor FRANCES FORTH, Book Review Editor GRACE WHITAKER, Art Editor MARY KATHRYN GIBSON, Business Manager MARY JEANNE McKAY, Advertising Manager SARAH SEALEY, Circulation Manager McKay and Gibson Lewinsky, Whitaker and Parker Sealey and Forth r l(iv (ii)r lilliidrrd x ' l.rl il-iiiiic FLASTACOWO THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to encourage young women to hove o greater interest in home and community life and to promote friendship end social intercourse between students in- terested in home economics work J Martha Williams OFFICERS Scott, Veoch, Williams, Mcintosh Owens and Pollock MARTHA WILLIAMS, President LOUISE HOENSCHEL, Vice-President SHIRLEY STEVENS, Secretary EDITH MANFORD, Treasurer ELINOR MURRILL, Senior Representative LOUISE JOHNSON, Junior Representative MOLLY HOLDEN, Sophomore Representative JEAN GILLIES, Freshman Reoresentative Hoenschel, Mizell, Stevens, Gillies and Miller Schulte, Wahlberg, Manford Homly, Thrower and Johnson ' ( ( om liiindrcil .sc.riiilil FLASTACOWO THE CLASSICAL CLUB The CIqssiccI Club serves as the Latin laboratory in which a thorough study is made of the civilizations of the ancient Greeks and Romans This study is worked out along group lines with the majors in Latin serving as leaders. In this way the laboratory serves also as a trcininq school for future teachers of Latin, ; ■ ' «. ■©Srtl SS ' l Liilian Turlington OFFICERS LILLIAIN TURLINGTON, President KATHLEEN ROBINSON, Secretary RUTH McANULTY, Vice-President ELIZABETH WEATHERLY, Treasurer JULIA VANDERIPE, Reporter MEMBERS Mane Anderson Dorothy Detrick Helenmary Fritsch Maxine Fugote Mary Kathryn Gibson Mary Green Evelyn Hammond Shirley Harkness Mane Herold Ruth Howard Dorothy Kamiya Rebecca Keith Ruth Loveless Jessielee Lumpkin Jula Marcheta Mary Marshall Mary Ann Moore Geneva Nelson Pearle Overhultz Margaret Roberts Eileen Robinscn Valerie Stubbs Fwilah Taylor Mary Ettc Thistlethwaite Mary Tiller Hazel Vieriel Holly Waker Gladys Ware ] ' agc one hundred serciity-onc COLLEGE GLEE CLUB FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN ETTA L ROBERTSON, Director FIRST SOPRANOS Josephine Binion Marian Carson Margaret Gourlie Mary Frances Hales Marian Herbert Sara Hethcox Bette Johnson Marion Kirkland Edna Moon Marie Spurlock Bette Wilson SECOND SOPRANOS Nellie Bahrt Alma Beville Lois Bowen Marguerite Branas Julia Beckman Chauncey Nell Coleman Marshlea Cottingham Eleanor Darnells Mary Eagle Evelyn Fisher Helen Burns Jones Annabelle Larson Anita Leanord Jessie McCollum Clairnelle O ' Steen Margaret Peacock Mary Frances Pemberton Virginia Pinney Ruth Porter Elsie Renfroe Gertrude Rodgers La Nelle Thames Jean Zacharias Evelyn Bayless Barbara Hubbard Jane Hubbard Ruth Knight FIRST ALTOS Margaret Melvin Evelyn Stump Maxine Ward SECOND ALTOS Louise Bowery Madeline Duncan Margaret Endsley Virginia Long Esther O ' Byrne Pearl Shepard Florence Wagner FLASTACOWO ORCHESTRA Florida State College for Women WALTER RUEL COWLES, Director MARTHA REDDICK, Concert-Master Reddick and Cowles FIRST VIOLINS Martha Reddick Marion Herbert Yvette Breaux Marion Ferrell Marjorie Tillis Betty Miller VIOLAS Annabelle Larson Katherine Bacon CLARINETS Eleanor Daniells Aleyne Clayton TRUMPETS Mildred Sampson Mildred Hurst SECOND VIOLINS Belly Parker Veola Evans Gertrude Tomkies Betty Hatch Retta Jones Ruth Lind Eleanor Crenshaw Ruth Brooks Bertha Veith Margaret Jury BASSES Martha Wilkerson Sarah Tyler TENOR SAXOPHONE Betty White TROMBONE Hazel Bowman VIOLONCELLOS Sarah Herndon Ruth Myers Owen Sellers FLUTES Marjorie Cox Jean Crago FRENCH HORN Margaret E. Tyler TYMPANI Louise D. Johnson J i bi Jkifjc one hundred, seventy-three FLASTACOWO THE COLLEGE NURSES ASSOCIATION The purpose of the College Nurses ' Association is for the promo- tion of good fellowship among the students who are enrolled for the B S. degree in Nursing, for the mutual help and improvement in professional work, and for the promotion of the professional end educational advancement of nursing. MARGARET R. SANDELS, Faculty Sponsor Pearl Smith Bernice Allen, R. N. Beverly Horn, R, N. Catherine Levey, R. N. Lorena Simms, R N. Pearl Smith R. N. Mane Weslev, R, N Mary Helen Barnhort Letitia Bond Mary Catherine Coody Cecelia Crosland Alucia Crowell Irene Foster Mary Alice Hudson MEMBERS Fay Muckel Leona Rehbinder Ruth Robie Jean Root Mory Elizabeth Simpson Lucille Snowe Jane Thomas Clara Belle Trimble Virginia Turner Eulalie J. Vance Mc.ry Elizabeth Wadsworth Betty White Myrtle Wilson I ' di i iiiir Inuiilritl xticiil ji ' fniir FLASTACOWO ASTRONOMY CLUB HAROLD F. RICHARDS, FacuMy Sponsor OFFICERS MARJORIE HARRIS, President SARAH BETH DAVIS, Secretory ANNIE LEIGH ROLLINS, Chairman Telescope Team Betsy Anderson Mane Anderson Dora Helen Baggett Dorothy Barclay Elsie Barrett Judith Bell Frances Bishop Carolyn Boyd Mary Burgoon Eunice Boyd C, N Caldwell Evelyn Chauncey Agnes Campbell Elizabeth Carter Lettie Clark Madge Collier Anna Coomes Victoria Curtis Helen Daniel Julia Daniel Mary Dickenson Edythe Dickson Ruth Dickson Josephine Douglas Madeline Duncan Jane Dowdell Charlotte Engstrom Florence Evers Martha Failes Betty Finch Ellen Fleming Harriet Foster Mercedes Garriga Janie Gallemore MEMBERS Jean Gillis Esther Goodman Isabel Gleason Grace Graff Nadia Grainger Helen Hall Lind Hammond Polly Horrell Marian Horrold Frances Hartley Billie Hotord Barbara Hubbard Jane Hubbard Bernice Hutchison Melbo Hutchison Julia Harrison Eleanor Hutchinson Winona Ireland Doris Isted Virginia Jepson Anne Jeter Elizabeth Jinks Mane Joffre Edwinola Jordan Dorothy Kamiya Elsie Kersey Gladys Keen Betty Knapp Nellie Lamar Opal Langley Floy Lenert Martha Lester Betty Leach Clara Belle L ' psey Adelaide Lounds Elizabeth Lounds Mary Ellen Lovelace Mauvis Lussier Martha Mokemson Mary Massie Peggy McMichael Catherine McGarry Rosemary McGlinchy Midelle Moore Jane Moyer Virginia Northcutt Emily Olson Pearle Overhullz Louise Pates Mary Parker Catherine Pinner Mary Pfeitfer Jane Quinn Carol Ramage Marione Raulerson Leona Rehbinder Ethel Remyan Sally Ratliff Mary Ola Reynolds Nancy Rigby Doris Risk Margaret Rogers Lois Rutherford Betty Scott Mercia Scott Lurline Smith Patty Simpson Valerie Stubbs Dorothy Swanbom Marianna Swank Fulda Swindle Nettie Taylor Twilah Taylor Virginia Taylor Mary Tiller Sara Tillman Marjone Tillis Amber Turner Jewel Turner Ruth Toland Virginia Toffaletti Monan Usher Richards and Harris Eulolie Vance Bertha Veith Anna Von Dohlen Gladys Ware Holly Waker Grace Mary Webster Nellie Weaver Ann Whitall Mae Whitton Margaret Wilkinson Martha Woliston Nancy Williamson Kathenne Ycngue J ' (i( r iiiir h mill red sci ' iiit ii-fli ' v FLASTACOWO V. V. CLUB Flower: Black Narcissus Motto: " Dig, Sister, Dig " OFFICERS PEGGY McMICHAEL, President CAROLINE OLIVER, Chief Gold Digger EDITH MERRILL RAMSAUR, Keeper of Dates Ann Bayly Emily Blackwell Nellwyn Brooks Sera Carter Mary Elizabeth Doughtery Sonny Dell Rose Evans Lois Heiter Dot Hill Leo no Howe Frances La Motte Charmaine Lufburrow Peggy McMichael Betty Ann McKensie Sara Moore Micky Mickler Caroline Oliver Sara Ball Palmer Edith Merrill Ramsaur Mary Turner Peggy Van Dyke J W» ' m€ A1 m VE " ■ 1- COTILLION CLUB Founded 1910 Flower: Bochelor Button Colors: Green and White OFFICERS EVA FOWLER President JANE THARIN, Secretary-Treasurer Phil Asher Dorothy Barr Jane Crook Jere Crook Sara Mae Davis Ethyle Mae Edwards Mel Emmelhainz Tommy Grace Faircloth Elizabeth Fenn Eva Fowler Mory Frances Hales Marion Heper Martha Hosea Nina Kirkland Emelia Mae Lockwood June Maule Helen Miller Anne Mizell Mary June Michel Dorothy Olmstead Lilla Parramore Virginia Peyton Elise Richards Jane Tha-rin Dorothy Watson Nell Robey Webb Sally Wells Sue Whi taker Augusta Yust FLASTACOWO r t[ e one hundred scvciiiij-scvcn ESTEREN Founded December 14, 1930 Esteren is an Even Organization. Its Purpose is the Perpetuation of Even Traditions, Class Loyalty and Friendship Nellie Bond Dickenson Margaret Gaillard Elizabeth Lynn Margaret K. Anderson Katherine Blood Minna Dunn Margaret Graham Janet Griffitts Betty Akin Phil Asher Viola Brooks Cora Cheney Micky Conn Mariorie Fain FACULTY MEMBERS Katherine Montgomery Louise Richardson Hczel Stevenson MEMBERS Dorothy Leach Frances Lewis Ermine Lawrence Betty Meyer Anne Mizell PLEDGES Louise Gehon Madge Glenn Mar|orie Harris Annita Jones Sara Krentzman Lucy Gee Linn Katherine Warren Elizabeth Washburn Caroline Oliver Mor|orie Roulerson Hilda Sprodlin Margaret Thompson Edith Webb Jean Lykes Dorothea. Marsh Betty Ostlund Rose Ponowski Eileen Robinson FLASTACOWO I ' lnn mil liiiiiihiil -ircii 1 1 fir li t SPIROGIRA Flower; Founded October 12, 1924 Black Carnation Colors: Black and White Spirogira is an honorary for the the Odd classes for their outstand Elizabeth Autrey Pearl Hentz Beverley Ezda Mae Deviney Olivia Dorman Maude Flowers Odds. Members are chosen from ing leadership, loyalty, and service, FACULTY MEMBERS Mary Settle Sarah Elizabeth Thomson Anna Mae Tracy Edith West Josephine Bin ion Janice Borton Beth Daane h4elenmary Fritsch Betty Mock STUDENT MEMBERS Martha Makemson Mary Jeanne McKay Mary Miller Peggy McMichael FLASTACOWOZ Page one hiimlrrd .levcufiz-nine J- p i « , y f c TORCH NIGHT Torch Night, a beautiful Grecian ceremony symbolizing the passing of the three torches, Vires, Artes, and Mores, from the sophomore class to the incoming freshmen, initiates the new students into the realm of the traditions of F S,C,W. . . Alma Meter: Mickey Conn . . . Pallas Athene: Edith Merrill Ramsaur, and her maids, Madge Glenn and Dorothy Hill , . . Aphrodite: Phil Asher Lybotions Lois Heiter, Dot Hill, and Viola Brooks . , Apollo Janet Cook . . . Scribes: Jean Lykes and Betty Ostlund FLASTACOWO I ' aiic one Innidrfd vKjhtii-tliree IFLASTACOWO YE OLD ODD SPIRITS PRESENT " AN ODD MURDER MYSTERY " Whoop ' er up, Whoop ' er up ' the Odds crash thiough with the oddest of oddities and produce a swellacious show guided by the see the Fifi chorus. Of coLirse that tops Fifi is none other than Peggy see the Fifi chorus. Of course that tops Fifi is non other than Peggy Mc . . . The devastating gipsy maid is na.turally Jo Binion, held up by our ace freshie Betty Wynn . . . The committee heads and feet are prominent in the upper right; (who ' s that under the bird ' s nest?) . . . Below, Lord Judson Valentine, nee Helen Meade is talking hands to Clair Smythe, Arline Gray Lockhart, our heroine. The swooning elderly lady is Mrs. DePeyster Smythe, alias Betty Peck, while hubby dear is Elmer DePeyster Smythe, freshman Harriet Duke . . . Back to the extreme left is o tender scene with our Fifis exhibiting their policemen; . . . Lower left: Let ' s McKay while the sun shines . . . The dashing hero Meade makes violet love to Arline, scuse me, Clair DePeyster Smythe . . . remember M ' lad, faint heart ... Ah me, G-Men to the rescue, the pose is a " Silly Step for Simple Stooges " , the men are Pelvin Murvis, (Beth Daane), Smilo Pants, (Hornet Duke — hey, is this a one-man show?) a-nd Wun Tu Menee, Johanna Skogseth . . . And lastly the inevitable " Murder in the Moonlight " routine . . . We ' ll hand it to you Odds, you really did deliver the goods ' ' !! - ■ ' ■■minfti EVEN DEMONSTRATION Bill Shakespeare comes in for his shore of the Homecoming phun with a rollicking comedy, " A Mid Autumn Night ' s Night ' s Scheme " served up by none other than our own Mar|orie Horns, Helen Young, bcby-doll No. 1, leads the show supported by an all-star nursery: Dinah Doll -Marguerite Brown , Jack-in-the-Box — Nell St, John; Andy Doll — Mary Carson; Ann Doll — Sara Knight; First Soldier Doll — Alicio Meachem, Second Soldier Doll — Dot Hoffman; Kewpie Doll, (Does Anybody Want a Little Kewpie)— -Shirley Pemberton; Odd Sailor Doll — Nan O ' Shaughnessy; Even Sailor Doll — Pat Patterson, The Evens score on " There Passed Four Weary Horses " with o lam- up dance routine, created by that famous Hollywood star, Caroline Oliver, Edie and Sarc Malcolm, of the Cosmopolitan Opera House of Milton, Florida, sing, by special request of Phi Beta Kappa, " If You ' ve Never Had a College Education, " followed by a hair-raising hoofer number as executed in the picture above. All told, the doll babies were a howling success. FLASTACOWO mm ' ■u c one hiniilrcd ii ihhi-jire FLASTACOWO CHEER LEADERS Even spirits will never die with Mizell, Farmer, O ' Shaunessy and Patterson on the |ob raisin ' them bones. Maule and McMichael whoopin ' It up for the Odds. WELCOME ALUMS! In the decorations contest tor Homecoming this yeor the Sigma Kappas won first place with smooth sailing in their FS.C.W. May- flower, The Tri-Delts harvested second place with their field scene of pumpkins, turkeys and other Thanksgiving goodies ... A tour of inspection down sorority row reveaJs snow on the lawn of the Alpha Gam House, streamers from the Chi Omega House, K.D ' s Welcome sign, Alphc. Xi Delta in box car letters, (it pays to ad- vertise), the Pi Phi ' s pet cannibal in the front yard, fal-de-rols on the towers of deah ole Bryan Hall . . . The winners . . . The Tri- Sigs with their shingles out, a. cruise at the Delta Zeta house, pilgrim murals at the Z.T.A., second prize with the Delta Delta Deltas, the globe revolving around the A. D. Pi mansion, eloborate details at the Theta U, a noble attempt at Campus-side, Neon lights at the KAT Klub, an unusual entrance to the Alpha Cfii 0, and barber-pole portals to the A, 0. Pi. FLASTACOWO mM Page (mc hniulrcd ciuhiii-f cren FLASTACOWO DR. RUTH BRYAN OWEN RECEIVES HONORARY DEGREE " Because you have always held the torch of human endeavor in the front line of progress, the Florida State College for Women considers It a great honor to conter upon you this, the first honorary degree given by the college, " said Dr Edward Conradi on October 31, 1935 as he presented the honorary degree of Doctor of Lews to Ruth Bryan Owen, United States Minister to Denmark and America ' s first woman diplomat Florida State College for Women was exceedingly proud to pay homage to one of our nation ' s most deserving and loving daughters . . . The faculty and distinguished guest prior to their entry to the college auditorium ... Dr. Ruth Bryan Owen . . . Seniors as they march into the special convocation . . . The Governor ' s Cabinet . . . Decn Dorman, Dean Dodd, Dr. Conradi, and Dr Owen . . . Scene at the close of the ceremony . . . Dean Dodd, Dr. Conradi, Dr. Owen, and Governor Sholtz . . . These five girls, Ethyle Mae Edwards, Marjorie Raulerson, Nancy Wilkinson, Betty Akin, and Carlota Cubillos were fortunate enough to have been chosen from their respective high schools as delegates on the Washington Tours that Ayirs Owen conducted when she served as Representative of Florida to Congrss. This is only one of the many valuable services which she has paid to the youth of America. FLASTACOWO I ' uijc viic Innidrtd ciijlit ij-iiiiio FLASTACOWO Commencement with its impressive ceremony of Class Day— the beautiful daisy chain— the reeding of the last will and testament in the luxuriant setting of the open-air theatre. Graduation marks the end of four year ' s toil for our beloved seniors ... To the class of ' 36 we offer sincere congratulations. MAY DAY 1935 Ring around the Maypole . . A few thousand gorgeously dressed spectators . . The Queen end her Court in the open-air theatre . - The maids are Esther Daffin, Jennie Rae Nail, Frances Hurlin, Martha Whitaker, Hazel Goza, and Jean Hami er . , , Her Majesty, Queen Caroline . . . The maids approaching the throne . . . FLASTACOWO J ' -uijc (ittc liiinili-((l iiiiid ii-oiir FLASTACOWO SORORITY HOUSE MOTHERS MRS. SIKES, AAII MISS McKAY, XV. MRS, GIBSON, YI ' A MRS, MARSHALL ' I ' M MRS PALMER, TM A MRS, SCOTT, AAA MRS. COZART, 2K MRS, JOHNSON, I) M MRS PERKINS, KA MRS DeMILLE, BT SORORITY HOUSE MOTHERS MRS GILLILAND, A MRS TURVAVILLE KAG MRS LANIER, Xn MRS WHITTINGTON, AOn MRS, CRAVAT, AZ MISS LOVE, TIIM ' MRS. SMITH, AHA FLASTACOWO Page one hundred nineiy-thrae :flastacowo SOCIAL DIRECTORS Miss Denham and Mrs. Curry of Jennie Murphree . . . Miss Maude Flowers, director of Residence Halls , . . Mrs Scandrett and Mrs. I urner of Gilchrist . . . Miss Andrews and Miss Rowan of Reynolds . . . Mrs. Saynor end Mrs. Wimberly of Bryan. ROUND ABOUT THE CAMPUS Micro-maniG., doing it up Brown , . . Mob scene at the nine-thirty P.O. rush . . Ah, the sweet repose is caught by the Meyer . . . The Telescope Team is only Moon-struck — |ust star gazers . . . Ankle express from ye ole camp . . . Spirit of the Weak ... A group of potential celebrities . . . It ' s Chesterfield, but no smoke, we like it . . . " Building Up to an Awful Let-down " in the beanery. FLASTACOWO Pdcjc (ivr Jill ml red iiinrfii-five FLASTACOWO PAN-HELLENIC WEEK-END The Greeks had a word for ever ything , . Asher likes it, Burwell . . . Rowdy Dowdy, pass around the , . Some phun, we Spec, at the Chi Function . . A tender little scene in the A D Pi front yard , , , The Phi Mu ' s, carrying on with G. Ville friends. Phi notj ' . . . K D. did her best . . . MICRO-MANIAiiii junior Minstrel goes radio crazy with Station FSCW broadcasting on an assigned frequency of 1650 kilocycles directed by Betty Peck ... At top left, " May I kiss your hand, Madame? " Introducing Lotto Glamour, Leslie Howard, Robert Taylor, Gary Cooper, and Clark Gable. (McKay, Borten, Taylor, Wynn, and Tillis . , , Mary Carson gives a " River Stay Way from My Door " -A Bolero number from the Armour Star Ham Hour (theme song; Three Little Piggies Went to Market) . , . Charm-Girl Binion taps an Eleanor Powell, rat-c.tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat,ii ' . . . My Sophisticated Lady — Edna Yocobian really sings a mean contralto, donT ye know . . , Lookie, Lookie, Lookie, here comes " Goodie, Goodie, " starring Cashen, Brink, Shackleford, and Diamond . . . Philomene shines as that well-known " Lady in Red " . , . Mike is that rip-snortin ' good an- nouncer; Jimmy Wallington ' s been stealing her stuff lately , . The " Beautiful Lady in Blue " is Betty Cause, Pat Campbell, Anna Laurie Sanchez, Dot Barr, or Janet Charles . . , Oh, My Sweet Hortense, She AinT Good Lookin ' , but She ' s Got Good Sense. " (Oh Yeah?) . . . Grand Finale with the brains behind the show, namely Diamond, Peck, Ward, Makemson, Taylor, and Sadler. FLASTACOWO Page one hundred ninetji-seven FLASTACOWO A FEW FIGS FROM THISTLES K.D. doing her stuff once more — these Alobama beuo brummels must know a few of the answers . . - The Phaeton of the Opera descends on a poor A.O.Pi freshie — well, the car ' s good looking any- how . . The Alphc Gams ore certainly on their smiles; it couldn ' t be the men? . . . Chi Omegas; s ' nuff said . . . Akin really hold Mary ' s hand, n ' est-ce-pas? . , . And next a demure Kappa Alpha Theta with her viking god . . . " Oh the music goes round and round and round " at the Phi Mu dance, looks pretty good from here . . . Nina ' s O.A.O is some six-footer . . . The A. D. Pi ' s dis- play their men of the hour, Shelley go with Anne or not? DOWN FRATERNITY ROW Lord Chesterfieid is offe ' ' ed to our Phi Mu Lady . . . Could the sun be causing her pained expression? ' . . , The V.V ' s stage a swell shindig at the AD Pi House . . . Alpha Gam Betsey Anderson is on her winsome wiles . . . What ' s this another trip to G ' villei ' . . . Why the smile, Curt-gaP ... It don ' t mean a thing if it ain ' t got that swing, in the Alpha Chi backyard . . Tri-Delts are put- ting on the dog again . . . The Pi Phis offer competition on their vernandah. My, My ' What clarse! . . . They ' re doing it again, Clayton and Saunders, FLASTACOWO Pnfie (iiic ]i mill rid iiiiiitii-uinc :flastacowo ESTEREN AND SPIROGIRA Esteren and Spirogira members spend a week-end at camp, far from the maddening crowd. Anyway they really had that fine time as we can all very plainly see , . . Bryan Hall dwellers get a real treat as Esteren turns out to have their beauty (no joke) struck. From left to right Mizell, Graham, Webb, Dunn, Blood, Lewis, Roul- erson, Lav rence, Griff its, Thompson, Meyer, and Spradlin . . . Spirogira comes to the fore with a ravishing beauty sextette. Evi- dently Personality Peggy McMichael and Auditing Betty Mack can ' t stand the gaff; it looks like suicide on Gloomy Sunday . . . Trust those senior lassies, Minna and Edie, to impose on two defenseless Sophies, Mizell and Spradlin, it just goes to show you . . . Gun- fire at camp---Shoot the works, palsey ' " SKIMMING ALONG FROM LEFT TO RIGHT Between thee, me, and the lamppost ' " . . . Dog-gone if it ain ' t a clique of Chi-O ' s . . . And here we hove a play in one act; TIME: Tu-ten, PLACE; o Wahl . . . Farmer ' s in the Dell, la-de-da ' . . . Looks like a heifer session, with Litscgi, the standing |oke . . . Mortar Board . . F Goats, tsk, tsk . . . A Rose between two Thorns. FLASTACOWO Bage tiro luntdrvd one FLASTACOWO BACK TO NATURE MOVEMENT Y.W. retreats to camp — Lester can ' t take this country life ... A filmy but willing four pictures . . . The briny deep, paddle your own canoe . . . V ho ' s that docking on the shorer ' r ' ' . . . Nature in the raw, raw, raw, is seldom wild . , . Gee-Men, for the protec- tion of our Y.W., and it ' s White cJI right . . . Imagine men at camp . . . KBmwigy ua ' ' . " dV atir, SEASONAL VIEWS AT FS.C Ice on the founta n in the cold bleak winter , . , beauty spot . . . sprays of sunshine on the Gilchrist Circle on a summer ' s day . . . floods of moonlight o ' er the waves of Lake Bradford in fall ... c year-round entrance to the campus . . . quiet, please ' in the library ... a setting sun at Camp Flostacowo in autumn. FLASTACOWO tam I ' ll ' !■ I irii li II ml rcil 111 ri SENIOR DIRECTORY FLASTACOWO BETTY AKIN Winter Garden B.S. in Chemistry Torch Night d); Baseball (Class, Even 1. 2); Soccer (Class, Even, and Varsity 2, 3); Volleyball (C ' ass 1, 2, 3, Even and Varsity 2, 3 J F. Club (2. 3, 4) Annual Skit Night (1, 2); Freshman Commis- sion (2); May Day (2); Baptist Student Council (2); Even Dem- onstration (2, 3); Freshman Ad- visor (3); Ath ' etic Board (4); Senior Athletic Manager (4); Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4); Senate (3, 4); Chairman of Lowe: Court (4); Judiciary (4); Classical Club (4). rl BERNICE MARIE ALLEN Incksonville B.S. in Nursing er Chairman Program Committer Col- lege Music Organization (4), MARGARET K. ANDERSON Cross City A.B. in Art Esteren; Art Guild Treasurer Freshman Cass; Torch Night (1, 2); Fea ' ty (2); Fresh- man Basketball ( 1 ) . Even Demon- stration (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Ministrels (2); Chairman Sopho- more-Senior Breakfast (2); As- tronomy Club (1, 2); Pan-hellenic Council (2, 3, 4); Execut.ve Coun- cil Pan hellenic (3); May Day (2, 3); Skit Night (1, 2); FSC W, Week Coronation (3); Social Com- mittee (2); YW.CA Executive Cabinet (3); President Junior Class; Freshman Counselor (4); Prom Committee ' 3); Senate ' 2, 3, 4); Judiciary (4); Treasurer College Gov ' t Association (4); College Council (4). HELEN AYALA Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences KA Annual Skit N te (2, 3); Usher Committee (3). EVELYN BALLARD Miami A.B. in Arts and Sciences KAe Writers Club (1); Torch Night 12). ELIZABETH HARRIETT BEACH Miami A B. in Arts and Sciences UB ' Transfer University of Vermont; Even Demonstration (3); Astrono- my Club (4); Vice-president Ger- man Club (4). MARY ELOISE BENNETT Jacksonville B.S. in Commerce Torch Night (1); Freshman Cab- inet (2); Secretary of Episcopal Students ' Auxiliary (2, 3); Inter- national Relations Club (4). MIRIAM LESLIE BLAISDELL Sarasota B.S. in Home Economic Transfer from Ringling Junior Col- lege 1933, Astronomy Club (4). KATHERINE BLOOD Winter Haven B.S. in Arts and Sciences fi ' BK, Mortar Board, Esteren Freshm.an Commission i2); Base- ball (1, 2, 3); Volleyball (2, 3); Secretary Sophomore Class; Circu- lation Manager F ' am ' =au (2i; Vice-President C G A, (3), Presi- dent C G.A (4); Ex3cutve Coun- cil of CGA. (4) Jud.c:a-y (4); Senate (4); F. Club. BETTY BOGGS Jacksonville A.B. in Speech nB • Biie Junior Minstrel (2); Odd Demon- stration (2). MARTHA MARIE BRIESE Pensacola B.S. in Home Economics 4H Club (1, 2, 3, 4); News Re- porter (2); Secretarv (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). JANICE BRILL Miami Beach A.B in Education A E Classical Club (2), Pan hellenic Representative (4) BETTY BROOKS St. Petersburg B.S. in Arts and Sciences Axn 2AII Sophomore Dance Committee; Freshman Advisor (4); Auditing Committee (4) AGNES CAMPBELL Chipley A.B. in Arts and Scences Freshman Advisor (4); Astronomy Club (4); Treasurer Presbyterian Student League (4). VIRGINIA GARY Orlando A B. in Arts and Sciences ASA Transfer from Adelphi College, Garden City, N Y. HAZEL CLAYTON Tallahassee B S in Home Economics 4H Club ROBERTA LEE CLIFFORD Orlando A B in Arts and Sciences Senate (4), Even Demonstration (3), Junior Mnstrels (3); Fresh- man Advisor (3). EVELYN GREY COLLINS Plant City AB in Education 4H Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Baptist Student Union (2, 3, 4); Freshman Councellor (4). JANE COOK Apalachicolo B S. in Arts and Sciences VIRGINIA CROMARTIE Reddick B.S in Educotion KAn 2An Lower Court (4) ' Presbyterian Student Council (3); Astronomy Club (4).- Freshman Advisory Council (4). ANNE CURTRIGHT Orlando A B. in Arts and Sciences AAA RUTH DICKSON Jacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences SAn Bne Y.W.C.A. Finance Committee (3); Astronomy Club (4). MARY DeGUENTHER Tampa B S. in Physical Education Aon Woman ' s Athletic Association (4); Life Saving Corps (4). JOSEPHINE DOUGLAS Lake Worth B.S. in Bacteriology Flambeau Advertising Manager (2); Flambeau Staff (3); Classical Club (2); Torch N ' qht (1, 2); Even Demonstration (2, 4); Fresh- man Advisory Council (3); As- tronomy Club (4); Glee Club MARY CATHERINE DRENNAN Palatka B.S. in Arts and Sciences Senate (2); Parliamentarian Sen- ior Class. fof r till) hiinilr(il four You ' ve heard about this sisterly love? Well, no foolin ' , here it really is, Lockwood and Lockwood A bunch of hikers, hitching a ride, " Little Rice, " Bayley, Engel, Hill, and Duval are much too dwee to be out alone, still there ' s not much chance of getting off the track ... A couple of shy nature lovers out for a bit of recrea- tion . . . Tillman, Engel, and Mizell serenading Ayolo who, believe It or not, seems to be really en|oying the melodies of this omazing trio . , . Could it be that we are being looked down upon? , . Typical scene at Florida Stote College for Women . . , This Engel gal really gets around " OH Hey, you little ole bear, it ' s not time to hibernate " FLASTACOWO Pagi tiro hundred flee IFLASTACOWO SENIOR DIRECTORY-cont.nued AURILLA J. DRIGGERS Waiichula B.S. in Home Economics Orchestra (1, 2, 3); Home Eco- nomics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). B. MADELINE DUNCAN Summerfield B S in Commerce Fealty (3); Life Savings Corps (4); Glee Club (4). MINNA DUNN Dcitcnc Beach A.B, in Education AAA Mortar Board; i;AlI; Este ' en Freshman Cabinet (2); Freshman Sponsor (3 ; Freshman Advisor 141; Judiciary (3, 4); Senate (3, 4); ExecLitive Council of C.GA. (4). TESSIE DVOSKIN Jacksonville A B. in Arts and Sciences F Club (4). DOROTHY LUCILE EDENFIELD Lenter Hill A.B. in Arts and Sciences ex ETHYLE MAE EDWARDS Palm Beach B.S. in Aris and Sconces AXA Vice-President Freshman Class; Fealty (1); Freshman Cabinet (2); Vice-House Chairman (2); Flam- beau Staff (2); Business Manager Flambeau G ' IRENE EDWARDS Miami B.S. in Education KAB Orchestra (1, 2). BETTY VIRGINIA EVANS Miami B S in Education ASA CAROL FARABEE Lakeland A.B. in Arts and Sciences KA Swimming (Class, Even 3, 4); Baseball (3:i; Flambeau (3); Judiciary (4); Senate (4); Execu- tive Cabinet of Y.W.C.A. (4); F CIm ' - BETTY FELLOWS Panama C ' t; A B in Arts and Sciences TA Transfer from Bob Jones College (2); Classical Club (2); Life Sav- ing Corps ' 2, 3, 4). NANCY FELT DeLand A.B. in Arts and Sciences AAA Astronomy Club ' 3, 4). ELIZABETH FILER Miam B.S. in Home Economics ASA Freshman Commission (2). DOROTHY FINEREN Gainesville B.S. in Home Economics Aon Torch Night (21; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). JO BETH FORE.MAN Panama City A B. in Education Transfer from Bob Jones College (21; Methodist Student Council (3, 4). EVA FOWLER Dade City A.B. in Arts and Sciences Basketball (I, 21; Even Demon - straction (21; Junior Mnstrels (I 2, 3); Cotillion Club (2, 3, 41; President (4); Life Saving Corps. CATHERINE CARDWELL FULLER Mulberry A B. in EdLication KA CAROLYN FRANCES GARVIN Fort Lauderdale B.S. in Home Economics ASA Finance Committee Y.W.C A. (2, 3); Torch Night (1); Even Dem- onstration (1); Life Saving Corps (4); Home Economics Club (4). JEAN GILMER Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences xn PATRICIA GIVEN Miami A.B. In Arts and Sciences XS2 Classical Club (2), Flambeau Staff (2). AGNES GOSS Tampa A B. in Arts and Sciences AOTI Newman Cluli MARGARET GRAHAM Tampa B S. in Arts and Sciences AXil Mortar Beard Esteren Editor of Open Gate (11; Chair- man Freshman Cabinet (21; Fresh- man Commission (2); Circulation Manager Distaff (2); President Sophomore Class; Torch Night (2); Judiciary (2, 3, 4); Senate (2, 3, 41; Executive Council CGA (3, 4); 1st Vice President of CGA. (3); Delegate to W.I.AS.G. (3); Freshman Floor Chairman (3); Chairm.an of Judiciary (4). MARY ALICE GRAHAM St Petersburg B A in Arts and Sciences Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College NADIA GRAINGER Jacksonville A.B. in Education AFA Freshman Cabinet (21; Classical Club (2); Executive Council Pan- hellenic (4); Astronomy Club (4). BARBARA GREENE Winter Haven A.B. in Arts and Sciences GT Freshman Commission (2), Fealty (3); Torch Night (1, 2); Even Demonstration (31; Class Volley- ball (2). JANET ELIZABETH GRIFFITTS Jacksonville B S. in Physical Education Esteren Baseball (1); Basketball (Class and Even, 1); Volleyball (Class and Even, 2, 3, 4); Physical Edu- cation Association (2, 3, 4); Fresh- man Commission (2); Even Demon- stration (1); Junior Minstrels (1, 3); Flostacowo Staff (2, 3, 4); Judiciary (2); Secretary of C.G.A (2); Executive Council (2); Sen- ate (2, 3); Treasurer of Senior Class. ANNA CONE GROOVER Lake City A.B. in Education AAll KAII : i;AIl Torchnight (2). HELEN HAMMOND West Palm Beach A.B. in Philosophy KAO WINIFRED HANSEN Tallahassee A.B. in Arts and Sciences 2;ai[ Junior Minstrel (3); Senate (4). SHIRLEY HARKNESS Princeton A B in Arts and Sciences I ' lH c t It ' ll liiiiiiliiil si.i; MEN ABOUT THE CAMPUS i hree of the Muses lead agcm with their winning ways. " Little Breeze " warms Asher end Manning. Spradlin up to her old tricks again. Mack gives a domestic touch while " Little Rice " goes for Melton ' s bee-utiful gold football. Well, Wells, there ' s that man again. A lot of Bell comes between roommates, Oliver and " Fluff " Navy Yard shifts to Kappa Delta back yard for the week-end. Tsk, tsk and |ust before the college gates too. Another " SPECulator, this time with Chi- Richards. FLASTACOWO Page tiro hundred seven SENIOR DIRECTORY - cont.nued FLASTACOWO MARJORIE HARRIS Fort Myers B.S. in Arts and Sciences Esteren Torch Night (I, 2, 3); Even Dem- onstration (2, 3, 4); Distaff (2 3); N.SF.A. (4); Astronomy Club 12, 3, 4); German Club (3, 4); Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4); In- ternational Relations Club (2 3 4). ZELMA HARRISON Jay B.S. in Arts and Sciences Home Econom cs Club; 4H Club. MARIE HEROLD Misccosukee A.B. in Education F. Club; Numeral Club; Classical Club; 4H Club (2, 3, 4); Even Basketball (2, 3); Even Baseball f2, 3). SARA HOSEA Miami A B. in Arts and Sciences Freshman Commission 2; Off Campus Committee (4). LUCY JANE HOUSER Lake City B S. in Education NINA HUGHES St. Petersburg A.B. in Arts and Sciences Aon BERNICE HUTCHISON Chipley B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club; Classical Club. MELBA HUTCHISON Chipley B.S. in Chemistry, Arts and Sciences Torch Night (2); House Chairman M); Senate (4) DORIS LUCILLE ISTED Eustis B.S. in Commerce AFA Freshman Cabinet of Y W C A f4); F Club (4); Life Saving Corps ' 4); Astronomy Club (3); Inter- national Relations Club (4); Pres- byterian Student League. HARRIETTS JANE JEFFERIES Jacksonville B S. in Home Economics BT F. Club (2, 3, 4j; Woman ' s Ath- letic Association (4); Life Saving Corps n, 2, 3, 4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); T. N, T. Orchestra (2, 3); Class Volleyball (2, 3, 4); Even Volleyball (2, 3); Class and Even Soccer (2); Junior Minstrel (2); Even Demonstration (2, 3); Torch Night (3); Orchestra ' M ) ' ELEANOR JENKINS Columbus, Ga B.S. in Education Torch Night (1); Junior Minstrel (2); Glee Club, (1, 2); Even Dem- onstration 1; Classical Club (1, 2); Volleyball (1 ); Flambeau. EMILY JOHNSON Brodenton A.B. in Speech 22 K Torch Night (2); Director of Even Demonstration (3); Director of Junior Minstrels (3); Skit Night (4). ANNITA WILSON JONES Jacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences Esteren Executive Cabinet of Y W C A.; Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4); Freshman Cabinet (2); Freshman Advisory Council (3); Senate (3); Vice President of Senior Class (4) ' RETTA MAY JONES St. Petersburg A.B. in Education Orchestra (4) REBECCA KEITH Lakeland A B in Education KAn : Ae : iiz-i ' Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); As- tronomy Club (3, 4); International Relations Club (3, 4); Presbyterian Student League; Freshman Com- mission (2). EVELYN KENNARD Tampa A.B. in Education Senate of C GA, (3, 4), Chairman of Budget Committee (4); Chair- man of Even Demonstration (3). ELSIE KERSEY LaGronge, Go B.S in Mathematics APA Astronomy Club. MARY M. KEY Green Cove Springs B.S in Education Axn JOSEPHINE KING Lakeland A.B. in Arts and Sciences KA Executive Louncil of Pan- Hellenic CHARLOTTE C. KENZIE Fort Myers B.S. in Arts and Sciences ASA Astronomy Club (2, 3); German Club (3, 4). ELAINE KLEPPER Orlando A.B. in Journalism A i E; AXA Flambeau Staff f3, 4). MARY WYLIE KLUEPPELBERG Fort Pierce A B. in Education Astronomy Club; Presbyterian Stu- dent League SARA MALCOLM KRENTZMAN Milton A.B. in Arts and Science BK: :£An: Mortar Board, Esteren Open Gate Staff (1); Torch Night (2); Freshman Cabinet (2); Ex- ecutive Cabinet Y.W.C A. ' (3)- Freshman Advisor (3); Social Com mittee (3); Chairman F.S.C.W Week (3); Chairman Junior Min- strels (3); Even Demonstration (2, 3, 4); Freshman Counselor (4) ' Distaff Staff (3); Editor (4); Sen- ate (3, 4); Chairman Senior Play (4); Delegate N S P A. Convention (3); F.I PA (4) JULIA CECELE LAMAR Pensacola A.B. in Arts and Sciences KA Freshman Commission (2)- Fealty (1); Torch Night (2). ' GENEVA LAMB Tallahassee B.S, in Commerce Vice-President of Day Students Organization. DOROTHY LANCASTER Gainesville B.S. Woman ' s Athletic Association (4); Life Saving Corps (4); Even Tennis Leader (3, 4); Intramural Man- ager (4); Astronomy Club (3 4) MARY LANEHART Foley A.B, in Education ' 9T CLARA B. LANKFORD Key West B.S. in Home Economics ZTA Home Economics Club i I ' ar c hid liKiiilrcil tiijht m I , : hour vamps await the welcome call to eat from Anna Mae ' s Tea Room . . . June is reaJly in the air, if our eyes don ' t deceive us . . . 7 heto ' s do their stuff in Sunday best . . . Dottie McLean touching Bally and Baughman for a bit of choice news for her column . . The sailor boys will have to take to sea without their well known caps. Now, now, you Kappa Delta- ' s . . . The long and short of it from Alabama to see our potential movie star, C. Oliver . . . Just a few of the girls knittin ' away their time. Bally, Clayton, Whitaker, and Brown positively in stitches . . . " Gee " whizz ' Lynn us your smile! v.ti;.-C.fk» - •:-. ; FLASTACOWO J ' fKjc tiru Imndrvd nine FLASTACOWO SENIOR DIRECTORY- -Continued DOROTHY BAKER LEACH Tampa B M. in Pipe Organ Axn Esteren American Guild of Organists; Freshman Cabinet (1); Glee Club (3); Senate (2, 3, 4); Flostacowo Staff; Parliamentarian Class (3 ; President of Pan-Hellenic; Chair- man Student Committee for Home Coming (3); General Chairman of Torch Night Ceremony (2); Mem- ber of President ' s CounciL FLOY LENERT Jacksonville A,B. in Arts and Sciences ZTA Even Demonstration (3, 4); Junior Minstrels (3); Astronomy Club (3, 4). CELIA LEVY Miami B.S. in Bacteriology Transfer from Trenton State Teachers College, Trenton, N, J. Even Demonstration (2); Even Soccer (2, 31; Even Baseball (2, 3); Even Basketball (3); Even Tennis (2, 3); Flambeau Staff (4); F Club ANNA BELLE LINGER Orlando A.B. in Arts and Sciences Axn Torch Night (1); Freshman Floor Chairman (3 1; Flostacowo Staff ' 3); Business Manager (4). LUCY GEE LINN Lakeland A B in Arts and Sciences AAA I A(I Mortar Board Freshman Cabinet (2); Torch Night (2); Even Demonstration (3); Executive Cabinet uf Y.W.C.A. ' 3, 4); Vice-president (3l; Presi- dent (4); Presidents ' Council (4); Social Committee (3); Delegate to Blue Ridge (3); Senate (4). MARY KEIM LITSCHGI Tampa A B in Education KA Transfer from Tampa University, Tempo, Fla i3); Even Demonstra- tion (3); Fealty (3); Usher Com- mittee (3); Social Committee (3); Freshman Advisory Council (4); Flostacowo Staff (4). VIRGINIA LONG blockshear. Go B M. in Piano Glee Club (2, 3). MAUVIS CECILE LUSSIER Orlando A.B. in Arts ond Sciences Classical Club (1, 2, 3); Newman Club (], 2, 3, 4); Torch Night (2); Astronomy Club (2, 4); In- ternational Relations Club (4). BETTY MANNING Jacksonville B,S in Home Economics xn Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Social Committee (3); Chair- man of Usher Committee (3); Sen- ate (3); Even Demonstration (3); Torch Night (2); Representative to Pon-Hellenic (4). ZULA MARCHETTA Tompo A B in Arts and Sciences 2;aii Newman Club; Flostocowo Skit Night (4); Home Economics Club (1 ); Classical Club (4). SARAH IRENE MARTIN Miami AS. in Arts and Sciences Classical Club U, 2); Glee Club (1) MARIAN E. MASON Cleorwater A B. in Arts and Sciences ' I ' M LAURA MATHIS Jacksonville A.B. in Arts ond Sciences 2A1I : 1 BK Transfer from, Georgia State Col- lege for Women (2). RUTH McANULTY Panama City A.B, in Education Freshman Advisory Council (4); Orchestra M, 2); Even Demonstra- tion ' 3, 4) MARY WALLER McCORMICK Miami A B in Art KAG Torch ' Night (1); Pan-Hellenic Representative (4); Art Guild, MARY IRENE McKAY Tompo A.B, in Arts and Sciences Torch Night (1); Flambeau Staff (2); Junior Minstrels (3); Execu- tive Cabinet of Y W C A. (4). DORIS McKENZIE Donio B,S. in Chemistry B,S,U. Council (4); Volleyball ' Class and Even 2, 4); Baseball (Class and Even 2); Freshman Counsellor (4). BETTY MEYER Orlando A,B in Arts and Sciences Mortar Board, Esteren Freshman Commission (21; Fresh- man Cabinet (2); Even Volleyball (1, 2, 3, 4); Freshman Advisor (31; Delegate to Notional Mortar Board Convention (3 ; Judiciary (2, 3, 41; Senate (2, 31; Flostacowo Staff (2, 3, 4); Flambeau staff (21. BETTY MIDDLETON Miami Beach A.B. in Education KAfi SARAH MIKELL DeLond A B. in Education Axn Life Savings Corps (41. MARGARET MILTON Jacksonville A.B. in Arts and Sciences A An ETHEL MINTZER Miami Beach B S. in Education A ' M ' : RUTH MOCK Tampa A B in Speech 1IK 1 Even Demonstration (21; Junior Minstrels (2, 31; Torch Night (21; Sophomore Skit (21, Social Com- mittee (31. JANE MOYER Fort White B S. in Arts and Sciences B f A MARJORIE MAE MUELLER Miami B S. in Commerce Classical Club (11; Torch Night (2); Even Demonstration (2, 31; Fealty (31. MARY AILEEN MURPHY St Petersburg A B in Education Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College. ELIZABETH MURRAY Ocala A B ;n Arts ond Sciences X12 MARGARET MURRAY Altamonte Springs A B in Arts and Sciences AXS2 ' •iii i I II I) liiiiiihiil 1 1 II FLA STACOWO SENIOR DIRECTORY co„„„ued RUTH ABIGAIL MURRAY Princeton B S. In Education Methodist Student Council ELEANOR M. MURRILL Plant City B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club Executive Council (3, 4); 4H Club d, 2, 3, 4); Baptist Student Union Execu- tive Council (3, 4); Freshman Ad- visor (3, 4). CAROLINE OLIVER West Palm Beach B S. in Education KA Esteren Torch Nite (1, 2, 3); Junior Min- strels (1, 2, 3); Even Demonstra- tion (1, 3, 4); May Day (1, 2, 3); Social Committee (4); President Senior Class, Fealty (3); Senate (4); Woman ' s Athletic Associa- tion (4); Life Saving Corps (4); VV Club (1, 2, 3, 4). GLADYS ALMA OLIVER Marianna A B in Arts and Sciences Baptist Student Union Council (3, 4); International Relations Club (4), Lower Court (4); Executive Cabinet of Y W C A, (4). DOROTHY OSINCUP Orlando A B. in Arts and Sciences AAA Transfer from Colorado College. CLAIRNELLE O ' STEEN High Springs B.S. in Music KAe Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Torch Night (2), May Day ' 2); Even Demonstration (3)- ROSE PANOWSKI Milton B S in Education Esteren President of South Eastern AT.S.W.; Member National Ad- visory Board AT.C.W.; Woman ' s Athletic Association, President (4) Vice President (3); President Phy- sical Education Association (3); Basketball (Class and Even 3, 4); Even Hockey (3, 4); Even Soccor 3); Svi ' imming (Class and Even (2, 3, 4); Baseball (2); Even Dem- onstration (3). ROSALIND PARKER Tallahassee A B, in Arts end Sciences KAB MARY BRUCE PATTERSON Miami A B in Education KAB Even Demonstration (3, 4 Fresh- man Advisor (3 EDITH PERKINS Jacksonville B.S, in Education KA Even Demonstration M, 2, 3); Junior Minstrels (1, 2, 3), Orchesis (1, 2), Off Campus Judiciary (4) RUTH PERSONS Fort White A B in Arts and Sciences AXA: KAII Flambeau Staff (3); Editor-in- Chief (4); Class Basketball (2, 3); Delegate to N C PA. and AC P. Convention (4). VIRGINIA FAYE PETERSON Crescent City B S in Education Transfer from Brenau College (2); Astronomy Club (2). FRANCES PHILLIPS Jacksonville A B in Arts and Sciences AAA PERRY POLLOCK Fort Myers B S in Home Economics Torch Night (1, 2); Fealty (1); Even Demonstration (3), Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Pan- hellenic Representative ' 4). ALICE PORTER St Petersburg A B in Education A( ri KArr. BiiB Torch Night (2), Even Demonstra- tion (2); Flastacowo Staff (2); Freshman Commission (2); Classi- cal Club (4). MARTHA REDDICK Jacksonville B M in Violin xn Orchestra (3, 4). MURAE REDDICK Cedar Keys A B in Education Mortar Board; KAII: ZAII Methodist Student Council (2, 3, 4); Freshman Advisor (4). JOYCE REED Tarpon Springs A B. in Arts and Sciences AAA MARGARET B. ROBERTS St Petersburg B A in Education Classical Club (4). ANNIE LEIGH ROLLINS Everglades A.B. in Education BT Classical Club (1, 2); Astronomy Club (3, 4). MERCIA SCOTT Arcadia B S in Home Economics APA Orchestra (1), Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Freshman Cab- inet (2); Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3), Off Campus Judiciary (4); Executive Cabinet of Y W.C A (3, 4) HELEN SHEPARD Boynton B S in Commerce ' Glee Club (1, 3, 4). EDNA SHULER DeFuniak Springs B.S. in Education 4H Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Astronomy Club (4) ALTHEA SMITH Fort Myers A B in Arts and Sciences ASA AXA Open Gate Staff (1); Freshman Cabinet (2); Flambeau Staff (2, 3, 4); Even Demonstration (4). AUDREY SMITH Madison B S in Commerce AAII Freshman Commission (2); Parlia- mentarian Freshman Class; Torch Night (2); Chairman Auditing Committee (4); Pan-Hellenic Rep- resentative (3, 4); Senate (4); Flastacowo Staff (4). LURLINE SMITH Tampa A.B. in Education Astronomy Club (3). MILDRED J. SMITH Jacksonville B.S. in Education BT Glee Club (1); TNT. Orchestra (1, 2, 3), Junior Minstrels (1, 2, 3); Even Demonstration (1, 2, 3); Life Saving Corps (3, 4); Physical Education Association (3, 4); Torch Night (1); Fealty (1); Skit Night (1, 2, 3), Astronomy Club (3); Volleyball (2, 3); Swimming (1, 2. 3). Tniic fii-fi Innidrrd rlrvrn FLASTACOWO SENIOR DIRECTORY-continued LEONA STIMMEL St, Augustine A,B, in Arts and Sciences GENEVA STOUT St Augustine A,B in Arts and Sciences Freshnian Advisor (3, 4). IDA MAE STRIPLING Tallahassee A,B. in Education Transfer from Humngden College, Montgomery, Alabama (4). EVELYN STUMP Starke A B in Arts and Sciences ZTA Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Torch Night (2). ANTOINETTE SULLIVAN Fort Lauderdale B S in Home Economics KAe Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Fresh- man Commission (2); Social Com- mittee (3); Home Economics Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Flastacowo Staff (3, 4) NETTIE TAYLOR Chipley A B in Arts and Sciences AAA Freshman Advisor (4), Tennis Team (3); Astronomy Club (4). V YLMA TERBUSH Miomi A.B in Arts and Sciences KAB Blie ; :L : ' M K Torch Night (1) VIVIAN TESTA Palm Beach B.S. in Home Economics Life Saving Corps (1); Volleyball (3); Home Economics Club (3); Newman Club (3, 4). MARY ETTA THISTLETHWAITE Fort Lauderdale A.B. in Arts and Sciences ni; l ; Mortar Board Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Fresh- man Commission (2); Y,W.C A, Finance Committee (1); Torch Night (2), Even Swimming and Volleyball (2); Methodist Student Council (1, 2, 3); Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3); Executive Cabinet of Y W.CA, (3); Social Sommittee (3, 4). RUTH TOLAND Jacksonville B.S. in Arts and Sciences Senate ' 3), Orchestra (2, 3, 4), Classical Club (4). LILLIAN TURLINGTON Gainesville A B in Arts and Sciences BK ; Mortar Board Hi; 4H Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Baptist Stu- dent Union Council (2, 3, 4); Freshman Advisory Council (3); Classical Club (2, 3, 4), House Chairman (4); Lower Court (4). SARA TYLER Tampa A.B. in Arts and Sciences Classical Club (4); Orchestra (4). LULA WALKER Miami A B. in Arts and Sciences ASA Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Astrono- my Club (4); Methodist Student Council (2, 3, 4); Classical Club (4) YULEE WAY Orlando A B in Arts and Sciences AAA Freshman Commission (2); Even Demonstration (2, 3); Junior Min- strels (3); Usher Committee ' 3). ELIZABETH WEATHERLY Quincy A.B. in Arts and Sciences Freshman Cabinet (2) Executive Cabinet of Y.W.C A (3), Classical Club (3, 4). EDITH WEBB Mandarin A.B. in Arts and Sciences Mortar Board; Esteren Freshman Commission (21, Torch Night (1); Freshman Floor Choir- man (3); Senate (3, 4); Flastacowo Staff (3); Editor (4) GRACE MARY WEBSTER Lakeland A B. in Education International Relations Club (4); Astronomy Club (4); Flambeau Staff (3, 4), Even Demonstration (3); Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); NSFA. (4). MADALAINE MERELL WEEKS Trenton B M in Piano Transfer from V esleyan Conserva- tory, Macon, Ga ; Glee Club (2); Baptist Student Council (3). IDA WEINTRAUB Key West B.S. in Arts and Sciences Jewish Women ' s Organization ' 2, 3, 4); Music Box (3). VIRGINIA LOIS WELDON Tampa A. B in Education Aon Classical Club (I), Even Demon- stration (2), Junior M:nstrels (3) MARIE LOUISE WESLEY Point Washington B.S. in Nurs:ng ex Freshman Cabinet (2), College Nurses ' Organization (3, 4). MARY FRANCES WHISNANT Fort Myers B.M. in Music M Torch Night (2); Pan-Hellenic (2, 3); Orchestra (P, Junior Minstrels (2). GRACE WICKS Habana, Cuba A.B. in Arts and Sciences SK MONICA WILEY Jacksonville A B. in Arts and Sciences ASA Freshman Commission (2). NANCY LUCILLE WILKINSON Polotka A B in Education AAA Freshman Cabinet (2), Basketball (Class and Even 1, 2, 3, 4), Soc- cer (Class and Even 3), Secretary Senior Class, F Club (3, 4); Chair- man Off Campus Judiciary (4). CLAIRE L WILLIAMS Jacksonville A B in Arts and Sciences KAe Flambeau Staff (3). MARTHA KING WILLIAMS Arcadia B S- in Education 2K Usher Committee (3); Even Dem- onstration (3); Home Economics Club (4). CONSTANCE WINDHAM West Palm Beach B S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). MARTHA SALENA WOLISTON Miami A.B. in Arts and Sciences Axa Astonomy Club (4). KATHERINE M. YONGUE Reddick A.B. in Arts and Sciences 4H Club (2, 3, 4); Astonomy Club (3, 4); Physics Telescope Team (4). I ' lKji- lira li II iiilnil linlic SCENES HERE ' N THERE How could a Flastccowo publication be complete without a snop of Sam Adams in a characteristically unusuol pose . , , Those Fresh |obs in the white are the prospective BS.O.C, (College Coun- cil to you, my dear); may we offer congratulations ' ' . , , Undoubt- edly the keenest competition of the year was the event of the hog- calling contest between our Ace-Snoofer Margaret Graham and dwee little Johnny Morris in the College D,R.; " Call For Phil-ip Morris ' " . . . The great army of the unemployed is set to work in blasting the remains of the Ad Building . , , " Home-Again Blues " IS typified by the Blue Bus Line as it starts " Truckin Along " in front of Bryan . . , Our Hollywood queen takes time out from her dance routines with Fred Astaire to get in some publicity with her sisteren Dotty McClean, C, Fuller, and Sug Lockwood . . . vVhat, Evolution? ' ■■W- FLASTACOWO l ' a ( ' i iro liinidrcd thirteen © o A «l iVIfl K ' ■ %r If f ' - l ■■ ' J r 9 : ' •4G » r sS o e vS PAN-HELLENIC Kappa Delta Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Delta Delta Delta Sigma Kappa Pi Beta Phi Delta Zeta Kappa Alpha Theta Zeta ToLi Alpha Alpha Gamma Delta Theta Upsilon Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Omicrcn Pi Phi Mu Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Xi Delta Beta Phi Alpha Kappa Alpha Chapter Gamma Chapter Iota Chapter Alpha Eta Chapter Omega Chapter Florida Beta Chapter Alpha Sigma Chapter Beta Nu Chapter Beta Gamma Chapter Gamma Beta Chapter Lambda Chapter Iota Chapter Alpha Pi Chapter Alpha Epsilon Chapter Beta Eta Chapter Alpha Omega Chapter Psi Chapter 1904 1908 1909 1916 1920 1921 1924 1924 1924 1925 1925 1925 1928 1929 1929 1929 1931 FLASTACOWO I ' ttfic I ICO Ji iiikIiciI seventeen PAN-HELLENIC ASSOCIATION The Pan-Hellenic Association of Florida State College for Women is composed of all fraternity women on the campus who unite to promote inter-fraternal good will and fellowship. DOROTHY LEACH, President MARY McGUNAGLE, Secretary Josephine King Sarah Carter Audrey Smith Janet Charles Emily Johnson Arline Gray Lockhart Kathleen Harris Mary Ennis Dorothy Borden Nadia Grainger Anne Donnell Janice Brill Madeline McCall Fair Milteer Pat Foster Mary McGunagle Genevieve Crowley Kappa Delta Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Delta Delta Delta Sigma Kappa Pi Beta Phi Delta Zeta Kappa Alpha Theta Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Gamma Delta Theta Upsilon Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Mu Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Xi Delta Beta Phi Alpha Sue Whitaker Betty Manning Betty Sweet Smith Anne Curtright Evelyn Kennard Kasmir Mumby Mary Kotherine Mickler Ortrude Parks Mary Elizabeth Simpson Catherine McGarry Barbara Greene Ruth Feinberg Virginia Weldon Mary Perry Pollock Dorothy Leacli Lu Walker Jean Willis FLASTACOWO V r lira Initliind ti; lil(in Leach McGunagle King Whitaker Manning Carter Smith Smith Curtright Charles lohnson ' ennard Lockhart Mumby Mickler Harris Enneis Parks Borden Simpson Grainger McGarry Greene Donnell Feinberg Brill We I don McCall Pollock Milteer Foster Walker Crowlev Willis FLASTACOWO i ' (i( c tiro liiniilriil nineteen KAPPA DELTA A FR Founded at Virginia State Normal in 1894 Kappa Alpha Chapter Installed in 1904 Colors:.. Green and White Flower: ..White Rose Open Motto: " Let Us Strive For That Which Is Honorable, Beautiful and Highest " Publication: .. " Angeios " IN FACULTATE HELEN McKEAN IN COLLEGIO Helen Ayala Carol Farabee Catherine Fuller Frances Gates SENIORS Cecil Hicks Jo King Julia Lamar Mary Litschgi Helen Miller Caroline Oliver Edith Perkins Adeline Tillman Elizabeth Ayala Helen Ballenger Jo Binion Mary Jo Clayton Douglas Dabney Mary Kathryn Gibson EmieliG Mae Lockwood Hazel Anderson Jean Baughman Ann Bayley Madge Glenn Annette Harris Mildred Hudmon Maie Anderson Becky Ashton Mary Jane Baillies Dot Benford Ray Bentley Jean Brown Josephine Dee Carroll Petrea Cabaniss Florence Duval Martha Edwards JUNIORS Alice Dean Mabry Betty Mack Mary Meginniss Dot McLean Peggy McMichael Marjorie Noggle Virginia Rogers SOPHOMORES Martha Lester Geraldine Miles Ann Mizell Virginia Northcutt Dot Phillips Virginia Phillips PLEDGES Erma Engle Nellie Fain Eleanor Fulford Christine Griffing Lois Heiter Dot Hill Jane Jackson Martha Kennedy Frances La Motte Janet Lockwood Anne Sams Jane Thann Frances Thomas Margaret Thompson Helen Trunbull Grace Whitaker Sue Whitaker Jane Rice Inez Seabrook Jane Gray Stevens Genevieve Summers Barbara Taylor Sara Tillman Barbara Moore Helen Glenn Marryday Lilla Parramore Lutrelle Patterson Norma Robinson Lucille Seed Jane Thomas Beauford Thrower Nell Robey Webb FLASTACOWO J ' lil c I HO li iniilrci) lirciili G. Ayala Farabee Fuller King Lamar Litschgi Miller Oliver Perkins Tillman Gates Ayala Ballinger Binion Clayton Gibson Mabry Mack Megginniss McLean McMichael Noggle Sams Thann Thomas Thompson Turnbull Whitaker Whitaker Anderson Baughman Bayley Glenn Harris Hudman Lester Mizell Northcutt Phillips Rice Seabrook Stevens Summers Tillman Anderson Ash ton Bailies Bentley Carroll Cabaniss Edwards Engel Fain Heiter Hill Jackson Kennedy La Motte Lockvi ood Moore Merryday Parramore Patterson Robinson Thomas Thrower Webb FLASTACOWO ■ 1 Pn ic tiro hiiH(Trcfl firoifii-one CHI OMEGA Founded ot Foyetteville, Arkansas, in 1895 Gamma Chapter Installed in 1908 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Open Motto: " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals ' ' Publication: " Eleusis " " ATE ROWENA LONGMIRE ™f ' HH ■ - t at ? ' ' ;- ' ' - MARGARE IN FACULl - - " - . ..__ ; - ' - . ., ,..:. . ■ -- - T GAILLARD MRS J F, M IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Jean Gilmer Patricia Given Elizabeth Kirby-Smith Elizabeth Douglas Manning Henrietta Thames JUNIORS Elizabeth Murray Frances Passmore Sarah Anthony Martha Goddar d Elizabeth Hamilton Daisy Anna Massey Frances Moore Helen Murray Mary Jeanne McKay Virginia Peyton Jean Blount Margaret Blount Sara Carter Ruth Cleveland Jane Cralle SOPHOMORES Emily Davis Ruth Follin Edith Huddleston Frances Lewis Jean Lykes Ahliea Mebone Catherine O ' Brien Edith Merrill Ramsaur Mary Shackleford Hilda Spradlin Dorothy Watson Genie Whiteside Nancy Adamson Margaret Adkins Nelwyn Brooks Louise Brown Betty Cashen Elizabeth Causey Mary Phillips Chalker Mary Louise Chitty Wilma Coleman Mary Virgin ' o Dell Betty Finch PLEDGES Roberta Gammon Mary Elizabeth Harris Betty Harrison Mary Helmer Jean Johnston Joan Johnston Frances Keen Nina Kirkland Ann Knight Carolyn Logan Emily Jane Macduff Mary Lewis Manning Helen Mead Margaret Mickler Sara Moore Evelyn Murphy Bershe Oven Elise Richards Jean Sparkman Margaret Vance Peggy Van Dyke Sally Wells FLASTACOWO J ' n( f I It ' ll liiiii(lr((l I ir( nt i ' t ii ' d Gilmer Given Kirby-Smitli Manning Murray Passmore Thames Moort Anthony Goddard Hamilton MGSse McKa Peyton Blouni Blount Carter Cleveland Cralle Davis Follin Huddleston Lewis Lykes Mebane Ramsaur Shackleford Wa tson Whiteside Adamson Brooks Brown Cashen Causey Chalker Chitty Coleman Dell Finch Gammon Harris |-larrison Helmer Johnston Johnston Keen Kirkland Knight Logan Macduff Manning Mead Mickler Moore Murphy Oven Richards Sparkman Van Dyke Wells FLASTACOWO I ' df c tiro hinidrcil t irciit ii-lhrec I ALPHA DELTA PI Founded at Wesleyan College in 1851 lota Chapter Installed in 1909 Colors: Blue and White Flower: Violet Open Motto: " We Live for Each Other " Publication: " Adelphean " IN FACULTATE MARGARET BURKS LUCY LESTER LENORA SMITH IN COLLEGIO Mary Brandon Mamie Hinely Brinson SENIORS Anna Cone Groover Margaret Milton Sara Ball Palmer Audrey Smith Ellen Fleming Vannette Herron JUNIORS Margaret Mizell Doris Risk Betty Sweet Smith Elizabeth Whidden Emily Blackwell Isabel Dillard Tommie Grace Faircloth Barbara Holmes Eleanor Hutchinson SOPHOMORES Anne Jeter Martha King Chormian Lufburrow Phebe Messer Sara Moor Margaret McColl Helena Ruth Powell Leone Thornton Josephine Trantham Isabel Yon Evelyn Anderson Maude Alice Anderson Jane Brown Dons Butler Lois Chapman Gibson Dey Mary Elizabeth Doughtery Vera Grunwald Jeanne Horned PLEDGES Leona Howe Geroldine Knopp Gwendolyn Knapp Dorothy Lewis Alice Nichols Mary Emily Parker Jean Paullen Sara Perkins Mabel Rogers Margaret Rogers Nancy Rou Betty Scott Annie Shelley Bette Smith Marcia Thomas Adele Timberloke Winona Williamson Ethel Young FLASTACOWO I ' liiji I III! Ii mill III! I iri III ii-fiiiir Brandon Brinson Groover Milton Palmer Smith Fleming Herron Mizell Risk Smith Whidden Blackwell Dillard Faircloth Hutchinson Jeter King Lufburrow Messer Moor McCall Powell Trontham Anderson Anderson Brown Butler Chapman Dey Doughtery Grunwald Howe Knapp Knapp Lewis Nichols Parker Poullen Perkins Rogers Rogers Rou Scott Shelley Thomas Timberlake Williamson Young FLASTACOWO Pn(jc firo JiHiidnil tircutij-five DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1888 Alpha Eta Chapter Installed in 1916 Colors: Silver, Gold, Blue " Flower: Pansy Open Motto: " Let Us Steadfastly Love One Another " Publication: " Trident " IN FACULTATE ISABEL PETERSON KATHERINE WARREN IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Kathryn Barrs Anne Curtright Mtnno Dunn Nancy Felt Lucy Gee Linn Jessilee Lumpkin Dorothy Osincup Frances Phillips Joyce Reed Nettie Taylor Yulee Way Nancy Wilkinson JUNIORS Helen Bixler Janet Charles Mary Miller Betty Peck Ruth Sadler Margaret Ware SOPHOMORES Frances Hartley Billie Hotard Mary June Michel Dorothy Nye Dorothy Olmstead Lucille Williams Rosemary Pavne Charlotte Pelsong Jean Tilden Jewel Turner Betty Wheelis PLEDGES Jane Brown Anne Dickson Betty Cause Jean Gillies Elizabeth Griley Eleanor Hickson Edna Hutchinson Mary Hutchinson Lydia Land Sara Lewis Mary Charles Mathis Dorothy Rickards Jean Ross Anna Tilden FLASTACOWO P(i(jc twii hinidnd lirrtitii-si.r Barrs Curtright DLinn Felt Linn Lumpkin Osincup Phillips Reed Taylor Way Wilkinson Charles Miller Peck Sadler Wore Hartley Hotard Michel Nye Olmstead Payne Pelsang Tilden Turner Wheeless Williams Brown Dickson Gause Gillies Griley Hickson Hutchinson Land Lewis Mathis Rickards Ross Tilden li FLASTACOWO .• Pu jc two hundred ticriifij-scccn SIGMA KAPPA Founded at Colby College, Wcterville, Maine, in 1874 Omega Chapter Installed in 1920 Colors: Maroon and Lavender Flower: Violet Open Motto: " One Heart, One Way " Publication: " Triangle " IN FACULTATE MATTIE SUE COLLINS SUE PITCHFORD LEILA VENABLE IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Margaret Anderson Janet Cook Sara Hosea Mary Delia Irvine Emily Johnson Evelyn Kennard Vivian Marshall Kathleen Owens Lecna Stimmel Grace Wicks Martha Williams Fenton Woodward JUNIORS Sara Mae Davis Edith Hays Effinger Anna Glen Ruth Lind Margie VIen Lucille Ham Martha Hosea Bobette Fleming Lois Forester Jane Gage Mildred Hurst SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Jinks Hazel Patty Sams Morjorie Weems Martha Wright PLEDGES Seale Effinger Morjorie Eifler Elmo Guth Mary Hammond Constance Howard Bascom Knight Dawn Latham Pauline Lowry Margaret McDowell Mono McLean Jeanne McMullen Mary Carol Pocser Carol Ramage Jeannette Robertson Elizabeth Anne Spencer Louise Thomas Susanna Trusler Nelle Woodham FLASTACOWO ' (( ' " ■ " Iniiidnil Kcill il-(i! lit Anderson Cook Hosea Johnson Kennard Marshall Owens Stimmel Wicks Williams Davis Glen Hosea Fleming Gage Hurst Jinks Sams Weems Wright Effinger Eifler Guth Hammond Howard Knight Lowry McDowell McLean McMullen Pooser Ram.oge Robertson Thomas Trusler Woodham 1 k . ' FLASTACOWO I ' lnif irii liiiiiilrcd I ircnl il-ii iih ' Ifl PI BETA PHI Founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, III., 1867 Florida Beta Chapter Installed in 1921 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation Publication: " Arrow " IN FACULTATE ELIZABETH GRIFFING CHARLOTTE STEVENS IN COLLEGIO Betty Boggs Marguerite Groover SENIORS Helen Kibler Mary Irene McKay Ruth Mock Genevieve Morris Jean Clark JUNIORS Arline Gray Lockhart Martha Lee Wilkerson Frances Morrow Phil Asher Lois Adkins Dorothy Bellamy Betty Clark Eloise Frink Sarah Graham SOPHOMORES Mary Kinser Ermine Lawrence Betty Anne MacKenzie Kasimer Mumby Dorothy Ozburn Mary Elizabeth Ramsey Marian Alice Rogers Katherine Rogers Katherine Todd Jean Treadwell Barbara Welles Virginia White Eloise Arnold Danner Baker Eugenia Cannon Ruth Murry Cook Julio Burnett Betty Blalock Rose Evans Winifred Ewart Margaret Gourlie PLEDGES Anne Hudgings Peggy Jackson Florence Kerr Anne Ladd Shirley Pemberton Mary Frances Phillips June Maule Florine Morris Aileen Murphy Bonnie Ray Rachel Richards Marjorie Stewart Mary Turner Betty Vann Polly Ann White Eleanor Williams Betty Wynn Augusta Yust i FLASTACOWO ' ( ( (■ lii-(i Inniilnil iliirly Boggs Groover McKa Mock Morris Clark Lockhorl Morrow Asher Adkin Bellam Clari Frink Graham Kinser Mumby Ozburn Ramsey Rogers Treodvvell White Arnold Baker Cannon Cook Burnett Blalock Evans Ewart Gourlie Hudgings Jackson Kerr Ladd Pemberton Phillips Maule Morris Ray Richards Stewart Turner Vann White Williams Wynn Yust FLASTACOWO Pa0e two hinidrrd thiiiij-om ' DELTA ZETA Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1902 Alpha Sigma Chapter Installed in 1924 Colors: Rose and Green Flower: Ki Harney Rose Publication: " The Lamp " IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Doodle Adair JUNIORS Adelaide Ireland Margaret Pinkoson Kathryn Smith SOPHOMORES Mary Glann Coarsey Kathleen Harris Jean Jackson Mary Kathryn Mickler PLEDGES Edith Adkinson Martha Moore Emily Bush Jeannette Nordman Esther Gnffing Dorothea Stahman Margaret Stoutomire i FLASTACOWO I ' llt r lira h II II ill ((I I liirl jl-l il ' ll Ireland Pinkoson Smith Coarsey Harris Jackson Mickler Adkinson f Griffing Bush Moore Nordman Stahman Stoutamire FLASTACOWO I ' lii c III!) Iiiniilrcil fhirt ii-llirre KAPPA ALPHA THETA Founded at DePauw University in 1870 Beta Nu Chapter Installed in 1924 Colors: Black and Gold Flower: Block and Gold Pansy Publication: " Kappa Alpha Theto Magazine " IN FACULTATE MILDRED FINNEGAN JENNIE TILT EDITH WEST IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Evelyn Ballard Irene Edwards Mary Waller McCormick Betty Middleton Clairnelle O ' Steen JUNIORS Barbara Bandy Mary Enneis Virginia Hamilton Mary Ann Hills Rosalind Parker Antoinette Sullivan Wylma TerBush Mary Veach Claire Williams Mary Lee Hopkins Ortrude Parks Margaret Reedy Clarice Sanchez 3anks Carter Wood SOPHOMORES Lillian Burford Sara Clark Kitty Craney Helen Donn Muriel Watson PLEDGES Betty Ash Dorothy Ash Annabelle Baker Dorothy Barr Patricia Barringer Mary Frances Campbell Virginia Clements Lorraine English Ruth Fisher Martha Hague Patricia Hamilton Mariorie Horton Iris Machen Margaret Schmidii Christine Mershon Mary Bruce Patterson Annie Laurie Polk Doris Purchase Mary Wortley Quesenbery Ruth Robey Anna Laurie Sanchez Betty Spicer Edythe Stanley Mary Katherine Thomas FLASTACOWO l ' ini( lira lnniilr l I liirt ii-jiiiir Ballard Edwards McCormick Middleton O ' Steen Parker Sullivan Bush Veach Williams Bandy Enneis Hamilton Hopkins Parks Reedy Sanchez Wood Burford Clark Craney Donn Hamilton Horton Machen Schmidii Watson Patterson Ash Ash Barr Barringer Campbell Clements English Fisher Hague Mershon Polk Purchase Quesenbery Sanchez Spicer Stanley Thomas ■ FLASTACOWO Page tiro hididrcd lltlrt ij-j ' ive V ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded in 1898 Beta Gamma Chapter Installed in 1924 Colors: Gray and Blue Flower: White Violet Open Motto: " Seek the Noblest " IN FACULTATE MARGARET ARNOLD IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Betty Fellows Floy Lenert Elizabeth Green Mary Frances Pemberton Clara Lankford Mary Frank Price Evelyn Stump JUNIORS Dorothy Borden Frances Lingle Mary Elizabeth Simpson SOPHOMORES Esther Hay Virginia Shultz Mariorie Stump Elaine Britt Eloise Cork Betty Leach PLEDGES Lois Long Ella Faye Price Mary Lucille Torode Betty Wadsworth FLASTACOWO l ' il( c lici) llilildiril I li iii Ihsi.r Fellows Green Lankford Lenert Pemberton Price Stump Borden Lingle Simpson Hay Shultz Stump Long Cork Leach Price Torode Wadsworth Bntt li ' l FLASTACOWO " % Pfif e firo Iniitdrcd fliirfiz-f- ' crc ii ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Founded at Syracuse University in 1904 Gamma Beta Chapter Installed in 1925 Colors: Red, Buff, Green Flower: Red Rose Publication: " Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly " IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Nadia Grainger Doris Isted Mercia Scott JUNIORS Betsey Anderson Catherine McGcrry Victoria Curtis Amber Turner Westa Wilkins SOPHOMORES Frances Bishop Dorothy Bryan Mary Jane Gallemore Phylis Gewin Helen Godwin Louise Hill Nellie Lamar Nan O ' Shaughnessy Mary Nell Pinckard PLEDGES Mary Helen Barnhart Margaret Boteler Flo Bottari Carolyn Boyd Martha Failes Margaret Fee Grace Groff Mary Ann Hart Julia Hodgson Mary Elizabeth Halstead Virginia Jepson Elsie Kersey Helen Lane Mary Melton Midelle Moore Margaret Oliver Kathryn Patterson Isabelle Satterfield Shirley Screven Clara Stewart Barbara Swonstrom Dot Williams Nancy Williamson FLASTACOWO I ' lii i I nil li mill rill III iri ii- ' if lil Grainger Isted Scott Anderson McGarry Turner Wilkins Curtis Bishop Bryan Gollemore Gewin Godwin Hill Lamar O ' Shauahnessv Pinchord Barnhart Boteler Bottari Boyd Failes Hart Hodgson Jepson Kersey Lane Melton Moore Oliver Patterson Satterfield Screven Stewart Swanstrom Williamson r I li ti fc FLASTACOWO Page tivo liiindrcd thirl ii-iiuic THETA UPSILON Founded at University of California in 1914 Lambda Chapter Installed in 1925 Colors: Rainbow Flower: Iris Open Motto: " Let There Be Light " Publication: " The Dial " IN FACULTATE MARY SETTLE ETTA L ROBERTSON IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Bernice Allen Lucile Edenfield Barbara Greene Harriette Jeffries Mary Lanehart Annie Leigh Rollins Mildred Smith Mane Wesley JUNIORS Anne Donnell Mary Louise Hoenshel Eunice Moe Margaret Neff Olivia Sorenson Gertrude Tomkies SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Leach Catherine Neumann PLEDGES Doris Geiger Jean Hodges Lorraine Gyles Nancy Rogers Dorothy Stuart FLASTACOWO I ' lifii I ICO ]iini(lrril f ' liiii Edenfield Green Jeffries Lanehar t Rollins Smith Donnell Hoenshel Moe Neft Sorensoii Tomkies Geiger Gyles Stuart FLASTACOWO Page firo hundred forlij-one if w iii i i K i mniji] DELTA PHI EPSILON Founded at New York University in 1917 Iota Chapter Installed in 1925 Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Pansy Publication: " The Delta Fh; Epsilon " Janice Brill Ruth Feinberg IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Elaine Klepper Ethel Mintzer Miriam Stein JUNIORS Gladys Abenson SOPHOMORES Edna Feinberg PLEDGES Idella Baumstem Ruthye Bernstein Hannah Biscow Margaret Fishier Constance Lee Muriel Liebmann Reba Mendelson Mildred Rose Geraldine Rosenberg Florence Trushin FLASTACOWO I ' lii c lira liii III! ri il furl 11 I II II ! Brill I Feinberg Klepper Mintzer Stein Abenson Baumstein Liebman: Trushii Bernste:i Fishier Lee Mendelson Vk FLASTACOWO 1) ii jj T ' tuii ' fini Iiinidrcil frirfi -fhrce i ALPHA OMICRON PI Founded at Barnard College, New York City, in 1897 Alpha Pi Chapter Installed in 1928 Color: Cardinal Flower: Jacqueminot Rose Publication: " To Dragmo " IN FACULTATE HELEN DAVIS IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Edith Ayers Mary Carson Mary DeGuenther Agnes Goss Sara Graham Nina Hughes Lourita Pearson Alice Porter Virginia Weldon Doris Godord JUNIORS Madeline McCall Betty Bory SOPHOMORES Pearle Shepard Sybil Cheshire Carolyn Daniel Moybeth Goss Angela Griley PLEDGES Helen Young Frances Hobbs Jeanne Magnus Hazel Noe Jane Sutton FLASTACOWO I ' lii i liii) hiiiidriil Ji) I ii-foiif DeGuenther Goss Hughes Pearson Porter We I don Godard McCall Bary Cheshire Daniel Magnus Noe Young mm ' ■sm 1 a jdR " ' n FLASTACOWO 1 Page iico hundnd fortti-fivC PHI MU Founded at Wesleyan College in 1832 Alpha Epsilon Chapter Installed in 1929 Colors: Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation Open Motto: " Les Sceurs Fideles " Publication: " Aglaia " IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Roberta Lee Clifford Janet Griffitts Lucy Jane Houser Marion Mason Mary Perry Pollock Mary Frances Whisnant SOPHOMORES Barbara Hendry Elizabeth Molone Jimmie Lee Molone Mabrv Sumner Fair Milteer Libba Pierce Lillian Simmons PLEDGES Caroline Barrett Letitia Bond Nancy Br an Josephine Cunningham Alucia Crowell Sophie Draughon Pearl Gay Peggy Gerald May Ingle Mary Jane Johnston Ethel Jones Mary Ellen McM:nn Cotherine O ' Maro Morion Purviance Helen Stewart Margaret Wilson FLASTACOWO ' » ( » lira liiniil iil l irt il-si.r Clifford Griffitts Houser Mason Pollock Whisnant Hendr Ma lone Simmons Malone Milteer Pierce Sumner Barreft Bond Bryan Crowell Draughon " Gay Gerald Ingle Johnston McMinn O ' Maro Purv ' on ' -p Stewart Wilson FLASTACOWO I ' ui c I II II li mill rill j ' url II xcnii ALPHIA CHI OMEGA Founded at DePauw University in 1885 Beta Eta Chapter Installed in 1929 Colors; Scarlet and Olive Green Flower; Carnation Open Motto; " Together Let Us Seek the He ghts " Publication; " The Lyre " IN FACULTATE BERNICE DEETZ IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Yvette Breaux Juanita Buchanan Betty Brooks Mary Catherine Drennan Margaret Graham Mary Key (Harriett Lawrence Dorothy Leach Ann Linger Sara Mikell Margaret Murray Valerie Stubbs Bertha Veith Martha Wolliston Elizabeth Carter Roberta Diamond Eleanor Flint Patricia Foster JUNIORS Rosemary Hcmly Lillian Schulte Mildred Seekins Mane Spurlock Beverly Brown Cora Cheney SOPHOMORES Sara Sealey Lurline Goodman Mollie Holden PLEDGES Helma Buffkin Dorothy Col burn Dorothy Crews Betty Hatch Anita Leonard Marcia Ranny Ruth Riddle Virginia Toffoletti Lillian Toffoletti Jane Upton Connie Wailis Frances Williams :flastacowo I ' age hrt, liiiii(lr( l joil ij ' kiIiI BreoLix Buchanan Brooks Drennen Graham Key Lawrence Leach Linger Mikell Murrey Stubbs Veith Wolliston Carter Diamond Flint Foster Hamly Schulte Seekins Spurlock Brown Cheney Goodman Holden Sealey Buffkin Colburn Crews Hatch Leonard Ranny Riddle Toffaletti Toffaletti Upton Wallis William; FLASTACOWO Pdfjc livo hini irc l fortii-niiK ' ALPHA XI DELTA Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, in 1893 Alpha Omega Chapter Installed in 1929 Colors: Bouble B!ue and Gold Flower: Killarney Rose Publication: " The Alpha Xi Delta " IN FACULTATE ANNA MAE SHARP MRS EDWIN WHITE IN COLLEGIO jean Crago CarlotQ Cubillas Elizabeth Filer Carolyn Garvin SENIORS Charlotte Kinzie Altheo Smith Lula Walker Men I CO V ilev JUNIORS Betty Evans VVinona Ireland .Mary Ellen Lovelace Mary McGunogle Jessie Mead Clotilde O ' Rourke Marion Weeks Frank Wildman SOPHOMORES Rachel Gnffin Mildred Booth Helma Buffkin Virgin:a Cory PLEDGES Fay Cory Victoria Crisp Gertrude Kuhn fl ' , " ' ! . - wm FLASTACOWO I ' mjc I HO liinidriil jijlil Crago Cubillas Filer Garvin Kinzie Smith Walker Vv iley Evans Ireland Lovelace McGunagle Mead O ' Rourke Weeks Gnff,n Booth Ca-y Kuhn FLASTACOWO ' ((; r tini liilll(lrcd fiffil-onc BETA PHI ALPHA Founded at University of California in 1909 Psi Chapter Installed in 1931 Colors: Green and Gold Flower: Tea Rose Open Motto: " Scientia, Virtus, Amicitia " IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Genevieve Crowley Jane Moyer JUNIORS Carl Brigman Virginia Duke Jean Willis SOPHOMORES Margie Creel Ruth Garcia Jessica Jane Mackey Ellen McLeod Helen McKeown Lula Mae Mooty PLEDGES Lenore Thorn Julie Whaley l ' (ni( tiro liiimlriil j ij I ii-t iro FLASTACOWO Crowley Moyer Brigman Duke Willis Creel Garcia Mac key McKeown McLeod Thorn Who ley ,. ' N,; FLASTACOWO ' ill I I ' ayc tiro liiniilrvil iftif-thrcc HONORARY FRATERNITIES PLASTACOWO I ' diji lirii hinnlriil fifhi Iditr MORTAR BOARD Founded at Syracuse University, Syracuse, N, Y., 191 Torch Bearer Chapter Installed in 1931 FACULTY MEMBERS Kathryn T. Abbey Olivia N Dorman Elizabeth Lynn Mary Settle TOWN MEMBER Mrs. Harold F. Richards STUDENT MEMBERS Katherine Blood Minna Dunn Margaret Graham Sara Krentzman Gertrude Kuhn Dorothy Leach Lucy Gee Linn Betty Meyer Ruth Persons Murae Reddick Mary Etta Thistlethwaite Lillian Turlington Edith Webb Mortar Board is the only national honorary for senior women. It has for its purpose the promotion of loyalty among college students, creation of a spirit of fellowship and service, ma.intenance of high standards of scholarship, encouragement of leadership, and develop- ment of a finer tvpe of college woman. Qualifications for member- ship are found in the motto: " Service, Scholarship, and Leadership, " FLASTACOWO BBSi l ' (i(jr lirii Jiinidrcd iiflij-pcc m PHI BETA KAPPA Founded ct College of William and Mary, in 1776 Florida Alpha Installed in 1935 RESIDENT MEMBERS Kathryn T, Abbey Rev. G. E. Benedict Mildred Burlingame Dorothy Breen Amy Briggs Edward C. Con rod i Dorothy Disher William G. Dodd Myrtle E. Dolbee Olivia N. Dorman Margoret W. Dow Viola Graham Marion J. Hay Marion Irish Claude Pepper Harold F. Richards William H. Rogers Arthur R. Seymour Mrs. Arthur R. Seymour Venila Lovina Shores Elmer R. Smith Anna. M. Tracy MEMBERS IN COURSE Kathenne Blood Barbara Crosland Sara Malcolm Krentzman Wylmo TerBush Laura Mathis Valerie Kathryn Stubbs Lillian May Turlington ALPHA CHI ALPHA Founded at University of Tennessee in 1919 Gamma Chapter Installed in 1921 William G, Dodd Rowena Longmire FACULTY MEMBERS Earl L. Vance Edith West STUDENT MEMBERS Martha Baker Hazel Bowman Ethyle Mae Edwards Marjorie Harris Elaine Klepper Gertrude Kuhn Mary B, Patterson Ruth Persons Althea Smith Grace Mary Webster The purpose of this organization is to honor those students who have shown on ability and taken an active part in collegiate publica- tions and to advance the study of various phases of journalism. One and one-half years of creditable service on one college pub- lication is a requisite for membership. This was the first national honorary established on campus. FLASTACOWO I ' diir I in, liiiii(lr(il fifhi-si.r OMICRON NU Founded at Michigan State Agricultural College in 1912 Pi Chapter Installed in 1922 Helen Davis Edna Mae Mcintosh Ethyl Holloway Gladys Howard FACULTY MEMBERS Margaret Sc.ndels Jennie Tilt TOWN MEMBERS Mrs H L Waskom STUDENT MEMBERS Shirley Stevens Omicron Nu is the national Home Economics honor societv. Its purpose IS to recognize and promote scholarship, leadership, and research in the field of Hom.e Economics. Only students in the lost of their Junior year, and Seniors are elegible for membership, KAPPA DELTA PI Founded at the University of Illinois in 1909 Alpha Delta Chapter Installed in 1925 David Briggs Martha Chapman Ruth Conner Edward Conradi Lillian Cross Mark DeGraff Ruth DeGraff Dorothy Disher RaJph Eyman Esther Eyman Bertha Finner Paul Finner FACULTY MEMBERS Elsie Gissendauner Oral Harrison Marion Hoy Margaret McCurdie Velma Ooten Nita Pyburn N. M. Salley Maude Schwalmeyer Dora Skipper Leonora Smith Florence Tryon Kenneth Willioms TOWN MEMBERS Hollie Carmine Roy Hinson Becky Lou Hopkins Mamie Mockery Jessie Moon Robert Moon Margaret Pfluge Pat Priest Marion Prior Jasper Rickards Helen Smith M D Stone STUDENT MEMBERS Roberta Clifford Dorothy Crews Virginia Cromartie Virginia Early Myrvin Everett Ruth Feinberg Anna Groover Sylvia Guito Ruth Howard Rebecca Keith Mary Lanehart Opal Langley Sara Mikell Ruth Persons Faye Peterson Alice Porter Dorothy Purse Murae Roddick Agnes Reedy Hazel Songster Anna Von Dohlen Grace Mary Webster Frank Wildman Nancy Wilkinson I FLASTACOWO Page two hundred fiftn-seven PHI ALPHA THETA Founded at the University of Arkansas in Delta Chapter Installed in 1926 1921 FACULTY MEMBERS Kathryn T, Abbey Robert S. Cotterill Annie M, Popper Goldie Lewinsky Lucy G. Linn Anna Mane Mitchell Venila L Shores Florence R. Tryon Arthur Williams STUDENT MEMBERS Daisy Parker Rosalind Parker It is the aim of Phi Alpha Theta to advance the study of history by recognition of meritorious work in this field, ..For this purpose a tea is given annually for students making " B " or above in fresh- man history. It has also been the policy of the chapter to make some contribution to the campus each year. Lost year this contri- bution was a scholarship key which was given to the senior who had done the most creditable work in history; this year the chapter has set aside a sum for the purchase of historical material for the library. PHI KAPPA PHI ' Founded in 1897 Florida State College for Women Chapter Installed in 1925 FACULTY MEMBERS Kathryn T. Abbey Lanas S, Barber Raymond Bellamy Beulah B. Briley Margaret Campbell Martha Chapman Edward Conradi Margaret Disher Paul Finner Herman Kurz Olga Larson Lei and Lewis Rowena Longmire Katherine Montgomery Eleonor McBride Ella S, Opperman Louise Richardson N. M. Salley Margaret Sandels Arthur R. Seymour Dora Skipper Elmer R, Smith Alban Stewart Cecil Strong Jennie Tilt Florence Tryon Arthur Williams STUDENT MEMBERS Mary Bennett Virginia Cary Virginia Cromartie Elise Davis Ruth Dickson Anna Groover Irene Haimowitz Rebecca Keith Charlotte Kinzie Clarissa Knight Alice Porter Dorothy Purse Murae Reddick Wylma TerBush Mary Thistlethwaite Lillian Turlington Katherine Yongue I ' dfii l i ) InniilrrtI fiftu iphl FLASTACOWO CHI DELTA PH Founded ot the University of Tennessee in 1919 Pi Chapter Installed in 1925 FACULTY MEMBER Hazel A. Stevenson The purpose of Chi Delta Phi is to raise the standards of productive literary work among the women students of colleges and universities It purposes to furnish the highest reward for conscientious effort in furthering the most worth while interest of literature in the broadest sense of the term Election to membership is based upon such meritorious work. Elizabeth Becknel Helenmary Fritch Nellie Lamar Ermine Lawrence STUDENT MEMBERS Catherine Levey Clotilde O ' Rourke Daisy Parker Agnes Irene Reedy BETA PI THETA Founded at Birmingham, Alabama., in 1924 Theta Kappa Chapter Installed in 1926 FACULTY MEMBERS Mildred Finnegcn, Spons or Margaret Campbell Marian J. Hov Dorothy Breen Lucy Lester Arthur Seymour STUDENT MEMBERS Jo Binion Betty Boggs Mary Carson Dorothy Crews Barbara Crosland Ruth Dickson Ruth Feinberg Anna Glen Anna Groover Winifred Hansen Mauvis Lussier Ruth Mock Pearle Overhultz Alice Porter Leono Stimmei Wylma TerBush Lillian Turlington ■ i ' The purpose of Beta Pi Theta Fraternity is to organize representa- tive men and women in the universities and colleges of the United States who by travel, study, conversation, interest, influence, and ability will advance the progress of literary French and things cultural in America. p. FLASTACOWO I ' a( e liro Innidred flfty-ninc ETA SIGMA PHI Founded at the University of Chicago in 1924 Eta Chapter Installed in 1926 Olivia N. Dormon Gladys M. Freed FACULTY MEMBERS Edith W, West STUDENT MEMBERS Mary Kathryn Gibson Rebecca Keith Jessilee Lumpkin Mary Marshall Pearl Overhultz Kathleen Robinson Valerie Stubbs Mary Etta Thistlethwoite Lillian Turlington Julia Vonderipe Holly Waker Eta Sigma Phi is the National clossical honorary which purposes to encourage classical scholarship, to enhance the appreciation of Greek and Roman culture, and to promote good will and fellowship among classical students. Membership is open to undergraduates in classical departments, who are chosen for their high standard of scholarship ond their proven interest in the study and apprecia- tion of the classics. Faculty of the classical departments of colleges where there are chapters are honorary members of the fraternity. SIGMA DELTA PI Founded in 1919 at the University of California, Berkeley, California FACULTY MEMBERS Ado Belle Allan Dorothy Breen Margie Burkes Margaret Campbell Myrtle Dolbee Betty Brooks Virginia Cromartie Ruth Dickson Anna von Dohlen Minna Dunn Ruth Feinberg Anna Groover Winifred Hansen Sara Krentzman Mildred Finnegan Marian Hay Manuel Lopez Arthur Seymour STUDENT MEMBERS Anna Belie Linger Zula Marchetta Bernice Oliver Daisy Parker Dorothy Purse Murae Roddick Wilma TerBush Martha Woliston I ' llfll lll-l) llllllllllll xi it II FLASTACOWO Eugene Ormandy OTHER VISITORS Charlotte Lockwood Ruth Bryon Owen Frederick Jagel The Vienna Choir Boys FAMOUS VISITORS Guiomar Novaes FLASTACOWO I ' cicic tiro Inniitrcd si:rf! -oiir STUDENTS WITHOUT PICTURES SENIORS Adair, Gwendolyn Ayers, Edith Agnes Boker, Zefra Carson, Mary Gehon, Mrs Alice W, Gehan, Marguerite Graham, Sara Irvine, Mary Isted, Doris Kibler, Helen Kirby-Smith, Elizabeth Meitin, Evelyn Murphy, Mary McCown, Jane McDonald, Rosalie Peak, Gertie Lou Smith, Mirabel Thackerson, Mildred JUNIORS Baggott, Dora Helen Ball, Mrs. Irene Butler, Alma Carmine, May Carroll, Nell Carson, Marion Clark, Mrs. Lottie Crook, Jane Dabney, Douglas Dale, Lucile Clayton, Mary Jo Davis, Sarah Beth Elliot, Hazel Flake, Martha Fox, Catherine Glen, Margie Green, Mary Griley, Angela Groover, Marguerite Gunn, Mrs, Irene Hamly, Rosemary Kenly, Mrs. Genevieve Hills, Mary Ann Howard, Ruth Howard, Gladys James, Margaret Johnson, Yvonne Jones, Alice Kimsey, Mrs Jeanette Lee, Sara Lessey, Marion Lind, Ruth Lockwood, Em I lie Moeller, Eloise Moren, Margaret Muckel, Fay Myrick, Edna Pinney, Emily Parker, Betty Rawls, Dorothy Robinson, Kathleen Rosen, Ruth Songster, Hazel Simon, Ouita Smith, Mary Bowman Stevens, Shirley Taylor, Twilah Treis, Helen Trott, Matilda Turner, Sarah Tuten, Wynn Tweed, Sarah Vanderipe, Julio Walder, Anita Walder, Sally Wildman, Martha Frank Woodward, Fenton SOPHOMORES Agress, Minna Atkinson, Dorothy Baggs, Virginia Bailey, Marion Ball, Louieile Barclay, Dorothy Begley, Janice Benford, Dorothy Bixler, Helen Bowen, Lois Braverman Maxine Brown, Constance Brown, Jean Browning, Edna Bruns, Deenie Bulkley, Laurene Bussells, Mane Betty Carlton, Charlotte Cason, Merle Colee, Margery Collins, Lois Crook, Jere Dayson, Eileen Detrick, Dorothy Donaldson, Ethyl Doyle, Louise Ellis, Frances Endsley, Margaret Ettlinger, Betty Fee, Margaret Feinberg, Edna Field, Shirley Flood, Jennie Forester, Lois Foster, Irene Foster, Montine Frink, Inez Fuhrer, Meda Fulford, Eleanor Gale, Mary Jane Garriga, Mercedes Gehan, Louise Goodwin, Esther Greene, Margaret Griffin, Christine Groff, Grace Holstead, Mary Elizabeth Ham, Lucille Hampton, Mabel Lee Hendry, Sarah Heper, Marion Herring, Voncile Hogan, Essie Lee Holmes, Barbara Jacobson, Pauline Joffre, Mane Johnson, Bette Johnson, Lois Johnson, Ruby Nell Jones, Margery Jones, Mary Lou Knight, Saroh Larkin, Ida Lawrence, Ermine Leach, Elizabeth Lee, Edna Leonard, Mrs Mora Levey, Catherine Lorenz, Lorena Love, Mattie Lou Maines, Marjone Massie, Mary Mayfield, Florence Miles, Geroldine Miller, Ida Morford, Evangeline Morrell, Darweem Murray, Helen McAdams, Ome McCall, Charlotte McCullough, Esther McGlone, Alice McMillan, Mavis McMillan, Myrtle Neumann, Catherine O ' Bryan, Catherine Olson, Doris Palmer, Rubyleo Parker, Edwina Patterson, Gwendolyn Peacock, Mary Peterson, Astrid Phelps, Edith Phillips, Dorothy Porter, Mary Pounds, Doris Ratliff, Sally Reeves, Fay Revels, Alice Robie, Ruth Rogers, Katherine Rogers, Virginia Rothstein, Rachel Schmidt, Margaret Schwaderer, Louise Shepard, Pearle Shelter, Bessie Mary Smith, Bernie Smith, Marcia Spradlin, Hilda Stanfill, Edna Stewart, Nancy Taylor, Barbara Thorton, Leone Todd, Katherine Tully, Ada Turbyfill, Julia Turner, Etto Van Wyk, Katherine Vickers, Ava Wagner, Marie Welles, Barbara Wells, Sara Westbrook, Louise Whildon, Rosetta Yacobin, Edna Yon, Isabel FRESHMEN Adkins, Margaret Anchors, Lorraine Anders, Cora Bell Anderson, Elizabeth Appleyord, Adelia Arnold, Eileen Arnold, Pauline Arozarena, Ela Ash, Elizabeth Austin, Avalee Bachand, Loray Bacon, Katherine PLASTACOWO I ' liijr tiro hinnlrrd si.rty-tiro STUDENTS WITHOUT PICTURES continued Baker, Annabelle Ballard, Doris Barco, Hattie Barfield, Irene Barker, Mary Alice Barker, Ruth Barnard, Adelle Barrington, Ruth Barshell, Louise Bebinger, June Beerman, Marion Besvinick, Sophie Biscow, Hannah Bitner, Mary Black, Muriel Blake, Alma Blanton, Edna Blount, Carolyn Boone, Emma Bowery, Louise Boyd, Eunice Bradford, Emma Bradley, Olivia Braverman, Irene Britt, Elaine Bronstein, Ruby Brown, Louise Burhans, Amo Burns, Elizabeth Burt, Nellie Bush, Mary Jane Cannon, Alice Chesley, Bernadette Chilson, Lou Christel, Theresso Christopher, Louise Clements, Frances Colcord, Nellie Con ley, Reese Corbin, Johnnie Corey, Fay Cotten, Doire Cotten Lucile Cottingham, Marshlec Cottingham, Mary Crenshaw, Evelyn Daniel, Edith Death, Eugenia Detrick, Anne Detnck, June Diefendorf, Margaret Dixon, Lucile Dodd, Mrs Patricia Doub, Laura Dowdell, Jane Duke, Ollie Eagle, Mary Elizabeth Eberhart, Margaret Emanuel, Ade ' aide Evans, Veola Evers, Florence Fernandez, May Ferrell, Jessie Fitch, Valera Flake, Elizabeth Floyd, Frances Foster, Alice Frink, Myrna Garcia, Aida Garris, Irene Gatrell, Sara Gcylor, Dorothy Gillespie, Lillian Glover, Alberta Gordon, Nancy Goss, Maebeth Greenawalt, Amelia Grear, Willa Gregory, Katherine Grus, Beatrice Haimovitz, Ethel Horned, Jean Harris, Louise Hartsfield, Margery Heck, Alice Heekin, Mary Higdon, Ouida Highsmith, Beatrice Hobbs, Frances Hobbs, Marion Hobby, Ruth Hoenshel, Virginia Hoffman, Dorothy Holloway, Helen Horning, Jeanne Horowitz, Edith Florschel, Eileen Hosford, La Una Howard, Hattie Hudson, Mary Hughes, Helen Hutchinson, Mary Hutchison, Edna Jackson, Frances Jensen, Honor Johnson, Eugenia Johnson, Lorena Joiner, Willa Mae Jones, Audrey Jones, Ethel Jones, Martina Jordan, Frances Jury, Margaret Kanarak, Florence Kennedy, Margaret Kinney, Gail Kinsey, Jesie Kirkland, Marian Kirkpatrick, Mary Lamb, Loree Lambrecht, Inez Lancaster, Ruth Latham, Dawn Lazzara, Josephine Lee, Eleanor Lee, Mildred Lee, Virgia Mae Lewis, Ermine Lippincott, Dixie Lowe, Frances Lowe, Kathryn Lynch, Luella Mam, Dorothy Mann, Ida Marwick, Dorothy Massie, Jean Mathews, Flossie Medlin, Marjorie Melvin, Margaret Moore, Virginia Mooty, Lula Mae Mozley, Frances Myers, Ruth McCall, Caroline McClain, Ruth McClellan, Christine McCrary, Mary McKenzie, Betty Ann McKinney, Marian McKissack, Edith McLean, Mono McMurren, Margaret Nee I, Mary Oliver, Mar|orie Palmer, Mary Parmer, Edna Parrish, Owreatha Phay, Amy Pichard, Mary Pierce, Janet Pierson, Margaret Porter, Ruth Raker, Verna Ransley, Helen Ranson, Elizabeth Rawls, Martha Reck, Letta Olga Reed, Betty Reeves, Lucille Revell, Helen Rigby, Nancy Robson, Juanita Rogers, Louise Root, Elizabeth Root, Jean Roberts, Frednca Rose, Mildred Rosenberg, Geraldine Rosenberg, Thelma Rounfree, Marie Rubin, Leona Rubin, Ruth Sadler, Francys Sanborn, Vivian Sappington, Christine Seed, Lucille Shaw, Ruby Simms, Lorena Smith, Bette Lou Smith, Evelyn Smith, Florence Smith, Jean Snowe, Lucille Sonnenberg, Louise Spivey, Katherine Strauss, Dons Sullivan, Mary Sutton, Jane Swilley, Audrey Taylor, Edna Earl Tiller, Mary Tomyn, Elizabetti Trimble, Clara Trimble, Eugenia Trott, Eloise Vance, Mary Varnum, Eleanor Vickers, Dorothy Wagner, Florence Walsh, Carlena Warren, Alma Watson, Mabel Watt, Marylou Weaver, Nellie Wever, Martha Whitall, Ann White, Dorothy White, Maye Whiting, Emily Whiting, Virginia Whitting, Louise Wiggens, Ellen Willa, Mary Yates, Clara Yockey, Elizabeth FLASTACOWO Ikifjc tirti JniDflrrd sirlif-thric CAMP FLASTACOWO Camping — A year-round sport enjoyed by everyone Camp Flastacowo, on Lake Bradford, provides us with the oppor- tunity to escape occasionally from the cares of the campus, t boasts three comfortable cabins, a new rifle range, and an excellently equipped waterfront. The " fleet " consists of two rowboats, two war canoes, eight small canoes, Q.nd the latest addition — a kayak. Miss Elizabeth Autrey, our very popular and thoroughly capable ccmp supervisor, is one of Camp Fastacowo ' s most " valuable assets. She is always on hand, ready to help us in any way. Campward ho ' FLASTACOWO I ' lliii- tirii )i mill nil si.rl ii-cifihl The hilarious ride to camp . The welcome sight of the gates Beth and the temperamental kayak Sunning on the dock A sample of the " fleet ' Drifting Target Practice The new cabin door . BASKET BALL »» f Ilii v J Mel Emmelhainz, Even leader and Senior Capta-in and Hilda Spradlin, Sophomore Captain. EVEN TEAM Athon, Spradlin, Thill, West, Mockery, Ponowski, Tombaugh, Wilkinson, Glazier; center, Emmelhainz Basket ball, the first Odd-Even sport of the season, was marked this year by thrills and up-sets. In the class games the Odds made a promising start when the Fresh- men defeated the Sophomores and the Juniors won from the Seniors. In the final play-off the Freshmen became the class champions by defeating the Junior team I ' llijf 1)111 li iiiiilrril sririily FLASTACOWO In the exciting Thanksgiving game, however, the Evens took the lead from the first whistle. They maintained It throughout the closely matched contest to win by o score of 28-21 . BASKET BALL w " T i i I Sarah Lytle, Freshman Captain, and Mary Miller, Odd leader and Junior Captain. ODD TEAM Front- -Corey, White and Marwick. Middle — Lytle, Miller and Skagseth. Back — Routh, Lowery, Viertei, Butler, and Gross. FLASTACOWO I ' -nfjC tiro hundred xcvcnty-one VOLLEY BALL f A - f BB Volley ball rivals basket ball in popularity during the fall season. The class games came first, with the Freshman team defeating the Sophomores and the Juniors trounc- ing the Seniors. The Juniors then beat the Freshmen to gam the class championship. Beth Daane, Odd leader and Junior Captain, and Valerie Hunt, Fresh- man Captain. ODD TFAM Maxwell, Makemson, Taylor, Stevens, Borton, Stanley, Hunt, Besvinisk, Molnar, and Daane I mfA} FLASTACOWO f ' dfir tirij liinidrrd srvoil ii t rti i r. " I ' V % " At the end of the first half of the Homecoming game the Evens were leading. Then the Odds warmed up and overtook the Evens, matching them point for point until the last minute of play. The game ended with a one point victory for the Evens — 20-19. f%- T VOLLEY BALL Doris McKenzie, Even leader and Senior Captain, and Louise Gehan, Sophomore Captain. EVEN TEAM Jeffries, Pratt, Norton, Ostlund, Gehan, Meyer, Lewis, Raulerson, Griffitts end McKenzie. FLASTACOWO Page tiro hundred seventy-three «,-.•» ' ' Jfid HOCKEY Down the field ......J ■c . y Rushing the goal In February the touring team of the United States Field Hockey Association visited our campus. Odd and Even hockey players joined forces to form a FSCW team to play exhibition matches with the visitors. The matches, two played with mixed teams and one between the FSCW team and the United States team, were the finest and fastest hockey games every picyed here, and did much to arouse g general interest in hockey. FSCW PLAYERS Front — Daane, Jennings, Besvinick, White, Duke, Weeks, Marwick; Back — Ranney, Thill, Athon, Lytle, Killian, Gillies, Borders, Emmelhainz, Weaver, Panowski, Mock- ery, Walcott, Mckemson, and Maxwell. FLASTACOWO I ' dfic tiro Innidrtd xii ciil ii-fijiir HOCKEY Closing in again The break-up he United States team is composed of: Miss Elizabeth Smith, Manager, Philadelphia Elizabeth Burger, Virginia Suzanne Cross, Philadelphia Sophia Disston, Philadelphia Lucy Jane Hedberg, Chicago Gertrude Hooper, Boston Hepsa Humphrey, Philadelphia Annie Mason, Chicago Phoeba Nelson, Chicago Anne Parry, Philadelphia Betty Taussig, Philadelphia Elinor Turney, Washington Josephine Van Ness, New Jersey Harriet Walton, Virginia -And we learned about hockey from them ' i . %. " ,s; . " ' T-i-, f I, ' ., . FLASTACOWO I ' -age two hundred seventy- five Swan dive One and one-half somersault Front layout Although swimming is very popular all year, the highest point of interest comes in the spring — with the National Intercollegiate Telegraphic Swimming Meet, the Freshma.n Swimming meet, and the Odd-Even Meet. SWIMMING Back layout Front lacknife Carol Farabee- -Even Leader Back dive JUNE MAULE College Diving Champion Swimmers ready- -go ' .Martha Makemson and Florence Ward, crawl and backstroke record-holders, off to a racing stort. SWIMMING c Sara Hethcox- -Odd Leader Crawl Fronr and 3ack Crawi Crawl Tandem Swimming Back crawl Double crawl MARTHA MAKEMSON and FLORENCE WARD TENNIS Every spring the call for tennis practice is eogerly ontici- poted. Both Odds and Evens are working up fine teams for the important class and Odd-Even matches. Dot Lancaster, Even Leader EVEN TEAM Standing— Tu ten, Lancaster, Douglas, Koarst, Crisp, Fernandez, Levy; Kneel- ing--West, Horton, Glazier, Joffre, Koarst, Fisher, and Brooks. r I ' : .Iff mu ' ! — - Juiiiee Borron, Odd Leader TENNIS The Faculty-Student doubles tennis tournament run off early in thie training season is great fun for everyone. This year it was won by the team composed of Wynn Tuten and Dr Finner. ODD TEAM Frink, Ash, McMullen, Lessey, Corey, O ' Byrne, and Scott. € .f t ' : .,vV Haze! Viertel, Odd Leader BASEBALL VVynn Tuten, Even Leader Baseball, another popular spring sport, always draws many Odd- Even League as- pirants to " he dio- mond. I ' auc lira liundnd eighty 5 4 A riding enthusiast RIDING Extra-curricula classes in riding meet all year under the direction of Mane Tavlor, The beautiful bridle paths near the college make riding a delightful recreohon. Mane Taylor with a class group K " " ia.2SlAft. » »idRsa«.5 «tt SJ!I fe. L4fc " A lUmt, — i, ' .-; • FLASTACOWO r-agc tiro Iniiidrcd eightii-one FLASTACOWO EXTRA-CURRICULA Extra-curricular sports are for the pleasure of all. They are organ- ized in classes which meet regularly, and are designed especially for girls who en)oy some form of athletics as a hobby. They promote companionship and good-will through the joy of playing together. The activities offered, under competent student leadership, are rid- ing, fencing, archery, tap dancing, interpretive dancing, badminton, ping-pong, shuffleboard, and golf In connection with the extra-curricular program are the very in- teresting Intramural games, a series of athletic events scheduled throughout the year in the form of tournaments Detween teams from the different dormitories, sororities, church groups, and other organizations. I ' iific tifii liiniiind ifili I ihl ii ' ii The ever-popular archery, with Jo Gordon in charge. FLASTACOWO KiimiuKta Page two hundred ci(jhtu-threc Badminton, introduced here for the first time this year, is gaining quite a following A fencing class meets, under the direction of Mar ' e Joffre. Many students are taking up golf, in preparation of the new course we hope to have soon. ' ' . ' ' ' " ' " liilinlifd ( ii li I II fdiir WEARERS OF THE EMBLEM Emma Spencer 1928 " Simpy " Yarborough 1928 Bernice Conklin . ■ . 1928 Margaret Richards 1929 Betty Suhrer .... 1929 Betty Wood .... 1930 Edna Mattox 1930 Betty Bell - 1931 Nancy Lutz .... 1931 Marion C. Phillips 1932 Dorothy Archer 1932 Helen Geffcken 1932 Dorothy Hicks 1932 Buddy Autrey .... 1933 Rhea Gallagher 1933 Grace Kerby .... 1933 Eva Byrd ....... 1934 Betty Bailey ... 1935 Frances Hurlin 1935 ;flastacowo r l! e tiro hundred rii Jifii-firr i 3 Q Wi)t Jf lasitacotoo Cimeg Vol. XXIII— No. 1 TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA, MAY, 15, ]!)86 May Day Celebration Elaborately Staged Held ix Open Aiu Theatke Tho ( Tdwiiing recognition of foiii years ' activity was bestt)wed uiioii sixteen fair Seniors at tlie traditional ex- travaganza wliith occurs an- niiaDy tlie tirst S.-iturday in May. Stately Kitty lilood. who was chosen as Qneen, personi- fying all of the qualities which are summed un in the phrase, Fenuna Perfecta. Beautiful Minna Dunn, who since her freshman year has held the honors fen ' feminine pulchritude. appearing as Maid-of-IIonor. Impressive Margaret Gra- ham, who has worked so faith- fully toward making Florida State College a more enjoy- able place in which to gain one " s education. Sociable Lucy Gee Linn who has done much toward the spiritual uplift of the student body with her enthusiastic management of Y. W. C. A. complications. Loveable Edith AVebb, who now in May walks serenel. realizing that the annual henceforth will be someone else ' s headache. Congenial Sara Krentzman whose very personality lends gayety and en.ioyment to the presentation. Dignified Mary Etta Thistle- thwaite, who has made her in- tellectual mark on the lite of the campus. Betty Manning and Helen Miller, who have made their mark not in intellect, nor in the higher campus activities but who have never the less made their mark. Betty Boggs who lends the poise of a natural artist to the drama. Mary Litschgi. enthusiastic supporter of all that needs supporting. Jean Gilmer and Pat Given, who people have heard of even Bowman Wins News Item The ping-pong tables will soon be dedicated to those robust girls who have shown such, interest in the athletics of the more strenuous nature. if they have not seen them. Ethyle Mae Edwards, with knitting bag left behind and hands surprisingl.v idle. Anita Jones, brunette state- liness whose recognition is so well deserved. Last, but bv no means least, Betty Myer, who has person- ified enthusia-m and coopera- tion in everything pertaining to F.S.C.W. Tr.vcy Annottces Change Miss Tracy, dietitian ex- traordinary, announced no later than yesterday the ap- pointment of Hazel Bowman and her trombone as a sub- stitute for the now outdated dinner bell. Miss Bowman will sound clarion call that will bring eighteen hundred of the Fairest Flowers of Florida scamjiering to a hearty meal three times a day. Miss Bowman ' s friends are congratulating her on a real chance for advancement with the trombone and for un- selfish service to the com- munity. Miss Bowman has long championed the trombone as a valuable means of expres- sion, and she has fought real opposition in those students who feel that the trombone is not essentially an instrument for individual performance. But Perseverance will win out, and Miss Bowman is .iustly rewarded. When in- terviewed today she smiled and puckering uii her lips, said, " I plan to blow my own horn, and let Miss Tracy man- age the meals. Oh, what a team we ' ll make! " June Maule Scores in National Swimming Meet Hollywood Bound Oliver Leaves fob Wesi Caroline Oliver, who for f(nir years has danced her way through college (not at all flippantly) has received at last the chance for which many girls would glady sacri- fice anything. A small, though liy no means inexpensive, telegram perhaps changed the whole course of our favorite ' s life. This innocent message informed J Iiss Oliver that she had been chosen one of the winners in the nation-wide search for screen talent. She left for Hollywood April 17 mid many good wishes and farewells from enthusiastic supporters. Four years ago Miss Oliver made her first public appear- ance on campus in a program at the Big Sister-Little Sister Iiarty, four days after she hit the campus. Since then the words " dancing " and " Caro- line " have become practically synonymoiis. What would a Demonstration or Junior iNIin- strel have been without her? So we wish her the best of luck and when we see her again we know we will have no need for her favorite ex- pression. " You re-ally have changed. " Wins Fifth Place SOS From Mortar Board The new members of Mortar Board have no stories to equal that which Sara (Nit) Krentzman tells of her deliut to that distinguished organiza- tion last year. It seems that T a Krentzman sent a wire by Postal Telegraph to that flourishing metropolis, Milton, which does not boast a Postal Telegraph office. Pensacola relayed the message to Krentzman ' s E m p o r i u m, where news of the local girl ' s success got off to a very good (Continued on Page 290) Upon seating herself smugly in the Pullman, after a more than hopeful farewell by hosts of friends, June began to ' onder if it was worth thirty whole cuts. After all, she had not been training for very long, and what if Fate should doublecross her at the crucial moment? Chug, chug, sound- ed the train and ' round and ' round ground the wheels of the train, bringing her and her traveling c o m p a i o n, Katherine Rawls, nearer and nearer to Indianapolis, where they were to train for several days. Lodging at the swanky Indianapolis Athletic Club, dancing at the elegant Sidiinx- Arms Supper Club made their stay at Indianapolis delight- ful. Except for one thing, states Juiiey " They don ' t change partners at the dances all night long! ! ! " After several days of stren- uous training there, the two girls hopped on the train l ound for Chicago. First, the preliminaries where about five hundred hopeful young mer- maids breathlessly awaited their turn on the diving board. In this contest June won third place out a possible five hun- dred competitors. Then en- sued a d. ' iy of special delivery writing back here to tell us the wonderful news. The great day had arrived. The girls chosen to compete in the Finals were notified that it was time for the con- test to begin. One by one the.v climbed up on the diving board, and one by one they were graded by the most critical judges in the United States. Everyone was breath- less with anticipation as to who the winner would be, for each girl had done her best. Silence was requested by the judge who was to announce the results. One could have heard a pin drop. The only (Continued on page 290) I ' age 290 TUK FLASTACOWO TIMES May 15, 193(i MAULE SCORES IN SWIMMING MEET (Continued from Page 289) words that June (•ould hear were " .Tune lauh ' . Fh)rida State College for " Women. Fifth I ' laee. " Squeals of sur- prise at the unexpected honor. After all. Hfth out of five hundred. ... I SOS FROM MORTAR BOARD (ContinuccI fnnii |i;ii;( ' 2S!)i start. I ' rmid papa phoned Irs. Ki ' entzman and the following conversation took p 1 a c e : " Sara Malcolm has been tap- ped to Mortar Board. " Came the startlcnl answer, " Vou say Sara has been trap- ped in a lotor P.oat 1 Let ' s go for her ! " " Go for her ' ■ I ' ve already- sent her tive dollars. " (Dull thud at other end of line. INIrs. Krentznmn re- cuperated after three or four days. ) Hiui — There ' s a certain rea- son why I love yon. Her — My goodness ! Him — Pon ' t be absurd, —Lyre. " Are you studying geo- graiihy in school? " ■■No. " " Why not ' " •■I ' m waiting for [Mussolini to get the world more settled. " MAE ' S SHOP The Style Center of the South Everything for th e College Girl Beauty Shop in Connection 211 S. Monroe St. Phone 78 I»icTioxARY For Drunks Fizz — Type of hat worn by Asiatics. Bar — Large liairy animal. Swizzle — Tyiie of chair. Absinthe — Cntting class. Gin — Physical education Drunk — Main part of a tree. Goblet — Small sailor. Stein — Mark left by a glass on a table. H e n u c s s e y — TJie state iiere Memjihis is located. Mix — Irishmen. Bottle — A coml at. Toka.v — Affirmative expres- sion, as " Tokay with me. " Kuni — Singular of what house is divided into. Pyc — Extremely sour taste. Shcrr.x ' — What ' ashington chopiied down. Kummel — Large a n i m al with hnmns. Set-ups — Miu ' ning exercises. Bacardi — Bear part of yard on which house is built. Jewelry and Gifts Distinsuished for smartness beauty and enduring worth , bcobs JewderS _J ' LAURA 4nAM« A JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Prompt and Careful Attention Given to Orders Received by Moil i. LEWIS U. ganL TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Florida ' s Oldest Bank Began Business in 1856 INVITES YOUR ACCOUNT 1 OVER THREE MILLION ALr. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. May 15, 1936 THE FLASTACOWO TIMES Page 291 With Apologies to 0. 0. Mclntyre ' ) lietiiiu ' s and hie luyselt ' awax to Miss Tracy ' s tearooiii lor lircakt ' ast where did see a loafiisoiiie creature sub- merge lier egg in vinegar. Tlien away to tliat iiorrihle class — the eight-thirty. Drop- ped ill at Miss Richardson ' s place for seeking luiowledge where was surprised to come upon Daisy I ' arki ' r in the Ileference IJoom. Diil spend a most lioriag day attending cbisses liaving used what few cuts I was allowed. Add sniilies : as meliculous as I ' hiniiiiiiii proof-readers. And. as changeable as the Distaff cover. Chanced ui)on N ' irginia Earley who was in an unusu- all.v jocular mood. Tpon in- (piiring into the cause of her hilarity discovered tha t she had at last stund led upon someone who had caught on to one of her columnar .iol es. And IMogenes in hunting a less rare specimen labored in vain. Farther down the street can:i ' upon Janice Borton who ga c me encouraging news of the increasing strength of the rollyanna movement which she is inaugural ing a ii d sponsoring. Most frivolous. Knight. Wittiest, Makenison. Chirrissa M a r t h a Bagatelles : M a r y !•; I t a Thistlethwaite playing liop- skotch in front of tlie libra r. " . . . The Ilubliard twins car- ousing .-it the Little Dipper . . . Marjorie Ravderson study- ing " How To Kemembi ' r Xann ' s, in Ten Easy Lessons " . . . Grace Whitaker making a nuisance of herself speaking to everyone . . . Sara Krentz- man jidvertising the Wel ster- Krentzniiin honorary . . . Ruth Persons singing " Star Spangled Banner " in front of Br, an . . . Peggy McMichael with a shoil circuit in the ]iersonalt,y switch . . . ] Iar- .lorie Harris at last getting just recognition and rewind. The ro:id to literary ac- complislimenl is often tr( aih- COMPLIMENTS TO THE STAFF OF THE FLASTACOWO ON THE 1936 ISSUE. W. W. PUTNAM Certified Watchmaker Jeweler Fine Watch and Jewelry Repairing Watches, Clocl s, Jewelry College and Sorority Plaques 209 South Monroe Street erous. I ' oe took to drink to compose " Anmdielle Lee ' ; De- (}uinc. ' to opium to achieve litei ' ary fame. And so we ni.-iy congi ' al ulate lOdie Wel)b ' nv producing the annujil with,oul sucli aids and with- out landing into our neigiibor- in.g institution. It is doubted if the camiius [iroperly ap[U ' eciates the pres- ence of Blanton Barrett, wiu) proliahly understands better than w c or Anthon.v Eden ever will the solrtion to the preserd b ' clligerent situation of the world. Dean — So. .xou ' re li;i U ' in school. I tliought thai 1 e.v- pelled you last week. I ' listart-Vou did, but don ' t do it again because ni.v dad was ]ileid. ' sore. — 1 r« ( .V " M.v rooniate sa. s there are things a girl should not ilo before twenty. " " Well. |)ei ' sonally. 1 don ' t enj((y a large audiein c cither. " — I ' lllllX t . ' t¥ %. arcfff INCORPORATE.D LOUISVILLE, KY. Commencement Invitations and Announcements Booklet and Sheet Diplomas — Visiting Caids School and College Class Jewelry Manufacturers of lewelry for FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN ADAMS ' STUDIO lAoatuylis iliut ylcii c PH, 297, TALLAHASSEE, FLA PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE 1930 193! 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 FLASTACOWO Page 292 THE FLASTACOWO TIMES In Chicago, It ' s the ' ' ' College Inn " In Tallahassee, It ' s Bennett ' s " College Inn " Pharmacy Drugs, Sundries and Beauty Preparations Complete Luncheonette 1886 uia ktajd May 15, 1936 This Book . . . Is bound in a avet Manufactured by THE KINGSPORT PRESS, Inc. Kingsport, Tennessee yy For ijou and other discerning young women ivho appreciate the newest, smartest fashions, Maas Brothers leaves no stone unturned to maintain its 50 years of supremacy in presenting tovLca L yam IQllA That is why the Maas Brothers label is your as- surance of superb quality, fashion-rightness and lasting satisfaction. -C? THIS IS GOLDEN JUBILEE YEAR— 1886-1936 TAMPA 1936 May 15, 1930 THE FLASTACOWO TIMES Page 293 Dear Reader : Due to a sudden interest in nioldiiiii; my personality as a result of reading Peggy (vim, vigor, and vitality) Mc- Michael ' s newest book, " How To Be Charming, " I have been greatly delayed in writing my column. Dear readers, I beg your forgiveness. How- ever, I ' m going to be my usual self. I promise not to reveal any of my newly-found attractiveness. By the way, Peggy, you are a cute girl even if you aren ' t I ' resident of the incoming Senior class. AVonder what kind of a frenzy .Tnnice (Meditation) Borton went into when she heard that an unlieknowing Freshman entertained h e r date in the room set aside for l)nrely mental and spiritual uplifting. Mar.iorie ( Star-Gazer ) Har- ris was in her glory last night. .Tupiter shone brightly, but did Marjorie ever see the light? Carol (Adolescence) Fara- bee, young sociological genius of this campus, has a most difficult case to solve. Now. Carol, the way I lia e this thing figured out you need not have intelligence as the first pre-requisite for your husband-to-be. Why not choose a handsome man — with your astoundingly high I. Q. and his physical beauty your chil- dren will be the wonders of the next generation. Minna (goddess of beauty) Dunn and Margaret (political boss) Graham were the first to sign as followers of " Fu- ture Mothei ' s of Future War Veterans. " Patriotism, hu- manitarianism, or optomism? Lucy Caw) Gee Lynn re- centl.v has been assigned two very difficult cases. Case No. 1, (probably the most hopeless) is that of Betty (always-a- word-to-say) Wynn who as- pires to a position as a Freshman Advisor for next year. Sorry, Bett, -, but (after much thought and considera- tion) believe that another year of training would be to your advantage — to sa. • noth- ing of the Freshman. Case No. 2 (rather interest- ing to follow) concerns H. S. —Hilda (Hig ' h- School) Spradlin. Lucy Gee is asking for volunteers to help her diagnose this case. Martha (left wing) Makem- son resolved yesterday that she was going to begin assert- ing her own lieliefs and rights — really swimming instead of just drifting along. .To (right wing) Pinion is fast learning to swim. Guess you ' ll have to drift awhile longer though, Jo. With Thomas and Peyton at the helms of the Kappa Delta and Chi Omega crews next year it looks like easy sailing for the Pi Phis. Wonder if the Tri Deltas and A.D. Pis will be able to weather the inevitable storm — . Spirogiros ! What are you doing? Keeping Sue (Honor System) Whitaker and Mar- gie {Forth Dimension) Tillis in suspense. After all they could do you more good in the organization. Heard yesterday that the A.O. Pi girls were going to cease being the Butterflies (not the ' Don ' t Look Now " species) of the campus, and settle down to some serious studying. That ' s right, girls — watch your scholarship ! Bdie (have you seen the annual dummy) Webb, Betty (Snapshot) Myer, and Mar- garet (anythn and everthn) Thompson have been very busy working on some publication sponsored every year by F.S.C.W. There have been rumors that it is the Flastacowo — But really, I can ' t believe that the students here would put such an im- portant undertaking into the hands of those girls. Anyway Frances (Honey pie) Forth will come into her own next year. There are papers in the Registrar ' s office which cinch the fact that Doug (cut-a- class) Dabney and Sai ' a (Phi Beta Kappa) Krentzmau are still studying to be Lilirarians — But I have their word that without them next j ' ear the F.S.C.W. Library will have a struggle to keep up its liigh standards. Congratulations to .lane (Shake-a-Leg) Tharin, new president of cotillion. I hear that their program for next year is stupenduous. Why don ' t the V.V ' s. find an ex- cuse for being? Daisy ( She ' s got brains) Parker .just all-the- brought Alar.v .Jeanne McKay ' s taken the na- Perhaps she me her copy of (State-at-heart) book which has tion by storm, has had a change of heart since the campus elections. We all learn through ex- perience. Well, I have other things to do. -Priscilla, " Delicious and Refreshing Why get all steamed up . . PAUSE and refresli yourself. . . Xune in on our radio program. I ' amous sports celebrities talk... An all-string 31-piece dance orchestra. . . . Every Wednesday night . . . Tallahassee Coca Cola Bottling Company OVER Nine Million A DAY ir HAD TO BE GOOD TO GET WHERE IT IS r.igo 294 THE FLASTACOWO TIMES May in. 1030 Book Reviews The Most Precious Thing In The World .Mary Jean MeKay : The Nil I ' ri ' ss ; lOiH ' whdn. Price, $0.02. Fervid t- u a v i c t i o u and alarming franliness niarlv tliis latest worl of the Tampa so- cialite. Tlio author has no ■ " dearth " of words at lier com- mand and she liurls tliem forccfnlly and dramatically. The alistraitness of the snh- .1eot in no way detracts from the i-cadaliility of the work. The Last Chance Margaret Graham; The John Marshall I ' ress : lus. Juris. I ' rice. ■% " ■). 00. This com|ielliii.u ' and grip- ping nH ' tai)hysicaI work is of tlie calibre of the work of the masters. The author reveals herself as a great lil eral and a devotee of the esthetic things of life, and the work will be enjoyed by all. al- though the author ' s thoroughly misympathctic view nf the scientific apiiroach will alien- ale some of her rcadi ' rs. How To Be Charming I ' eggy McMichael : I ' erson- ality I ' ress; I ' ostville. I ' rice, $0.49. This work will he welcomed 1). - all who aspire to political affiliations. The author re- veals the true secret of cliarm. That secret is naturalness, simplicity, absolute un-affecta- tion. and shy modesty. The book is written in the author ' s characteristicall.x ' s h y a n d siniply unaffected way. Confessions Lillian Turlington; Cosmo- politan I ' ress. I ' rice. $0.10. T ' rliaiiit.v, sojihistication, and nonchalance mark this latest work of the dean of the risipie writers. We ha c all been awaiting aii. ionsl. this work and the autlKir has not disappointed us. ( ' ijiif(ii ' i(iii is more daring, more shock- ing, more candid than 3Iiss Turlington ' s last look, Live Ml) Life. I Write What I Like Ruth I ' ersons ; Flambeau Press ; Tallahassee. Price, $3.95. This work is well in line for this year ' s Nobel Award in Literature. The book of this eminent campus muck- raker well convinces the read- ers thaf the author in her ncwspaiicr work has paid al- legiance to no person or group. The vigorousness and complete independence of the author conunands the admira- tion of all her reach ' rs. WAH-HOO Oh. give me a pencil, a nice sharp pencil And give me a grade book too; and let me Wa-hoo. wa-hoo Wah-Hoooo! !! ! ! Oh, give me a question, a nice trick question And give me a class or two ; and let me Wa-hoo. wa-hoo Wah-Hoooo! ! ! ! ! Give me those dumb looking classes Freshmen looking very sour. Getting madder every hour. Oh. give me a quiz, a Physics quiz And give me Home Ec. too: and let me Wa-hoo. wa-hoo Wah-Hoooo!!!!! STEYERMAN ' S STYLE SHOP GLADYS PARKER DRESSES 111 COLLEGE AVE. Phone 20 In Jack sonville- the Smart Set Always Shop at The ( " olouel touring Euro]ie did not believe in forgetting those he left 1 chind. To his son in college he wrote: ' ' I am now standing on the cliff from wliich the .Spartans used to throw tlieir defective chil- dren. Wish .vou w( re here. ' ' SifCII. GIFTS AND CARDS FOR EVERY OCCASION M .9 ' 1 CORNER COLLEGE AND ADAMS STREETS WHY GREYHOUND? COMFORTABLE BUSES, CONVENIENT SCHEDULES LOW FARES UNION BUS COMPANY SOUTHEASTERN GREYHOUND LINES Miiv 15, i!);u; ' rillO ! ' LAS1 ' A( ' (» (» I ' lMKS I ' .inc -J ' .(. " ) Our Thirteenth Annual Expression of Appreciation to the Student Body and Faculty for their Faithful- ness and Confidence in this Shop " • VOGUE taliahassee, florida feminine wearables Jus ' Chatter Tliouiilits while strolling " . . . the W. r. A. iiro.jt ' Ct of the new Al) 1 uildiiig ' looks like KiiiL;- Kong (loins a jeg- saw m ' . ' Av . . . lictty ( Blontl Menacej Middleton and Dot Barr dating tlu ' Navy three at a time . . . l!ett. Wheelis taking up her option on " Baliy Ban " Stewart — Ha I niiini|is ' n all . . . Johnny SteniMer is escorting Flynn IMoore be- tween hei-e and there liile up liere on a law trip, hnt sli.aniefuUx ' neglecting the lat- ter end of it . . . Franny Gates who thought she had a date with tlu ' mighty Beck- with hut for some strange reason tiu ' ned up witli Bud McLean . . . Superlatives are inadequate for tlie way Sunny (Frosh Queen) Dell, Danner ( Camel Ad ) Baker, and Frances Lauaotte looked in the coronation of Freshnian- S o p li o m o r e week-end in Gainesville ... by the way, we think Jr. Harper is plenty ])owerful for holding his own with Sunny against all the other conii)etition . . . -e also marvel at the ability of I tick (Sidney) Watson to overlook all the razzing his S.A.E. fra- ternity brothers hurl at him concerning Danner. referred to as his little Ethiopian . . . and how about the sensation caused by the entrance of Lil- lian Burford into the lilitary Ball concert 1 ' twas only the eerie feathei ' in her se(inin hat . . . what was so strange about Billy (Jillen having Freddie Frink sponsor for him Military Ball? — maybe it was the first sight kind of stuff . . . are Elizabeth Whid- den ' s intentions honorable to- ward Andy Anderson, local I ' oyV . . . wi ' are beginning to think that after all these .Years I ' hil (only an Ex- Freshman Queen) Asher en- .I ' o.vs horseback r i d i n g in Gainesville more than the late dates — at any rate she and Billy Chase seemed to have stuck with the aforemention- ed animals for quite a spell one week-end . . . Billy seems to be doing all right lately by increasing his intensity to Jo King, whom he has been courting for the past ten vears . . . we definitely admire Dot Watson. Aileeii lurpli.v. and Frann.v Thomas for re- maining true to Bruce Tyler, Jimmy Phillips, and Shelton Baxter respectively despite all other distractions . . . also do we 1 e(|ue;ith orchids to Anna (ilen who was p o w e r f u 1 enough to persuade Dart- mout to visit F.S.C.W. for a whole week . . . Billy (!oza (whose ' " Dream Woman " is Barbara Hendry) is continu- all.v composing epic poems, possible following the ex- anqile of his ingenit)ns sister. Dodo . . . we jiause to ponder o -ei- the little incident, which followed the ' ■marriage and llie family class " when, after Dr. Moore ' s vociferous burst of rath. Flelen Miller went back to suKtotli things over and appease his ire. She has detinitel, ' learned the score after her foui- years here . . . on i assin ' we overhear com- pliments of Mar.iorie Harris. Eleanor Jenkins, and Betty Boggs for their performances in the Senior Play ... is glory so much or was it an- other attraction which induc- ed Tommie Grace Faircloth to leave school A.W.O.L. just to sponsor the F. Club dance at Gainesville ' ? Anyway, she was a good enougli sport to come back and report herself, which is more than a lotta people woulda done . . . and what power our Peyton has! No less than twelve bids did she send out and upon the very eve of the great event she was without a date. But she was not alone in this sit- uation, as Helen (Fallen Angel ) Kibler fr ' instance . . . Bett.v (I think you ' re wonder- ful) Manning took great .io, ' in inf(n-nung e -ei-. dne .Ir.-Sr. Prom week-end that her date wjt s llubi ' rt Shuclit. We wonder if it was because he is the newl.v elected ])resident ((f the (iainesville Student Body or berause he is such a right .jani-u]i guy ' ? . . . our real boU(piet goes to Alattie (Built for comfort) Love. The.v sa.v another diet is challenging her, but her extra avoirdupois doesn ' t keep her from being the cutest Gaines- ville goer of them all. She really gets that well-known rush and her power is strict- ly gross humor, if you get our inference . . . well, so long. . . Page 290 THE FLASTACOWO TIMES May 15. 1936 Radio Programs Auy Day WLAT S :nn— News Reports 9:00 — Victor Recordings 10:00— The Prancing Disk 11 :00— World Broadcasti ng System 12 :0 t— Electrical Transcrip- tions 1 :00 — Plionograpb Records 2 :00 — Decca Recordings 3:00— Records 4 :00 — Victor Recordings 5 :00 — Electrical Transcrip- tions 6:00 — Dinner Music (Ed D ra ke Record ings ) 7 :00 — Dame Prog r a m (Recordings) S:00— Around the World Recordings i STATE THEATRE TALLAHASSEE We appreciate the annual work given us this year and assure you it has been a pleasure to us. THE PIKE STUDIO J uikincj iVi til I tCA at J licit i l RITZ THEATRE TALLAHASSEE FURCHGOTT ' S J-kc cz tate c:: ccotnmo xauiict JiaLLi II JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA May 15. 193C THE FLASTACOWO TIMES Page 297 Half Hosies ate coo let 79c $1.00 $1.15 Sheer chiffons you wouldn ' t live without. Each with knit-in garter. Easy to laundry, and one fine quality pin-money priced for Budgeteers ' STREET FLOOR Burdine ' s J-l .r MONTAG ' S WRITING PAPERS Manufactured by MONTAG BROTHERS, INC. Atlanta, Georgia New York City COMPLIMENTS FROM THE DIANA SHOP SMART STYLES IN WOMENS ' CLOTHES FROCKS, COATS, MILLINERY UNDERWEAR AND HOSIERY CATERING TO THE COLLEGE MISS 100 EAST COLLEGE AVENUE The Store That is More Than Just a Store ifejillOT Jacksonville, Florida WE WISH TO CONGRATULATE J lte K jtuXitaiina k Lia.s 1 :{ IQ36 WHO FOR FOUR YEARS HAVE BEEN OUR FRIENDS . , . MAY THEIRS BE A " HAPPY LANDING " 1 1 P.W.WLSON COMPANY | SINCE 1837 Tiiw 20S THE FLASTAtMnVO TIMES May 15, 193G THE ENGRAVINGS IN THE FLASTACOWO BY Che ' tiy ii ttigrabiitig Company. 3nt 36 SOUTH MAIN ST., JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA M ARTISTS • DESIGNERS • PHOTO-RETOUCHING -TRADE MARJKS HALFTONES » ZINC ETCHINGS - PRgCESS COLO JPLATES Aiii.v in, i!);;(i TlIK I ' l.AS ' rACOW (J ' J ' lMKS l ' ;i.i;c 21:)!) HOTEL FLORIDAN i5o T oriKs TALLAHASSEE Eurolycan Tl in EXCELLENT DINING ROOM HOTEL FLORIDAN CO., INC., LESSEES J B WADDILL, President J T SMITH, JR, Manager ' U cue CT lltC IILCAL yLcteiu electtiTced lutckciL LH titc L ut t coin The task of serving several thousand mea ' s a day a! ihe College Dining Hall has been lightened by the adoption of electrically operated kitchen and bakery equipment The above view shows a battery of heavy duty electric ranges, electric thermotainer units to keep the food warm until served and electric baking ovens . . comprising only a port of the many electric operations used in this efficient kitchen. FLORIDA POWER S T General Offices: P E T E R S P. r R G Corporation Local Office: T A r. L A II A S S E E l ' as;e 300 THE FLASTACO ' 0 TIMES M:i. ' 15, 193G c= (: t the third year, of the four that we have been established in Florida, we were designated as the printers of the FLASTACOWO . . . i$ HteLu such popularity must be deserved. ROSE PRINTING COMPANY TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA APPRECIATION The Staff of the Twenty-third Volume of the Flastacowo would like to take this opportunity to express its thanks and appreciation to those individuals end firms who have offered their criticism and guidance: The Faculty Committee for the Flastacowo for its interest and assistance, I he Adams ' Studio for answering our every whim in the picture line; The Respess Engrcving Company for their many services and sug- gestions; The Pike ' s Photographic Studio for their work on the view and feature sections; The Rose Printing Company for their excellent service which speaks for itself, and Mr, Ross A. Johnson for his guidance and invaluable assistance; Mr, Bluestein, Mr. Adier, and The Vogue for lending us the gowns used in the feature section; Phil Asher, Douglas Dabney, Sore. Krentzman and Daisy Parker for their help with that stubborn copy; And last, but by no means least, we wish to express our thanks to those firms, who, through their advertisements, have helped make this book possible. And now, Frances, it ' s your turn, and we hope it is all smooth THE STAFF sailing ' ntacitcwli HXaqtavk TT $ 4 K ie8ft " i3W ? -.? mm

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