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i. ' ). « ' ° ' «j r, ' - ' 3!; :! ' Z ' iCjkir« ,n I ' - ,rt M ■-•9 ' ■3 1 1 I 4 ft a -i T " ' A ■s -- ' ■ ' TT ' ' i-.TirVi ii 3 i -d a5 1 M- YEAR BOOK of FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Copyright 1935 ASTACOWO HAZEL GOZ A Editor-in-Chief MARIE LINGO Bu siness Manager ¥ r 9.ju jtiijiJji jjiy. iLu ga czr -±±oaiation I uLLunu±±i£.£, EZZ222S E I SZfflSS This, the embodiment of a year ' s fleet com- ing and going, we, the class of 1935, dedi- cate to the Tallahassee Branch of Phi Beta Kappa, through whose efforts Florida Al- pha has been installed. May the spirit of its organization infuse in those yet to come that great inner desire to seek knowledge and to find it. May the gold of its outward symbol become the tangible mark of in- tellectual idealism on this campus. And may its flame, new-touched in the halls of our traditions, leap to sudden strength and mingle with the steady glow of the Three Torches. I i i i Kathryn T. Abbey G. E. Benedict Dorothy Reeves Breen Amy Briggs Mildred Burling am e Myrtle Dolbee Olivia Dorman Margaret W. Dow Dorothy Disher Mrs. Ralph Eyman Josiah B. Game Viola Graham Marion Hay Marian Irish Claude Pepper Harold F. Richards William Hudson Rogers Arthur R. Seymour Mrs. Arthur R. Seymour Venila L. Shores E. R. Smith Anna Mae Tracy My.rycbdA i.S ' iJ; a S PAGE 6 Contents Book One Administration Book Two Classes Book Three Features Book Four Organizations Book Five Campus Activities Book Six Sororities Book Seven Athletics Book Eight Advertisements PAGE 7 One might state the theme of this book as being ' worldly ' , in the most literal sense of the word. It urges a conception beyond that of our little community. We create here a miniature world and its busy whirring on its axis often deafens us to the deeper murmuring from without. We should heed that insistent hum before being thrust into the full distraction of its noise, to realize with the abruptness of change the comparative artificiality with which we have been existing. We should surge beyond sheltering gates into the human life stream and give of ourselves to its restless coursing; we should plunge mental teeth into the coarse reality of everyday problems and not limit ourselves to listless tasting of paper worlds; we should cast aside the numbing shackles of narrowness, and, while culling the best of our own harvest, glean also the richness of distant fields. Let us catch up the many-hued banner of modern civilization, and — 64 Be World-Minded " 9 Administration Building and Gates PAGE 10 i ' Dormitory Row from Jennie Murphree I ' AGK 11 •-S»Mj» «fc. v- ' - ' SSssi Library PAGE 12 Dining Room Arcade PAGE Reynolds and Jennie Murphree PAGE 14 Library in Spring PAGIC as Twilight at Camp Flastacowo 1 1 Book I Universita Uidiaim per Slraiiieri Administration PAGE 19 Governor of Florida PAGE 20 State Board of Education Dave Sholtz Governor R. A. Gray Secretary of Slate Gary D. Landis Attorney-General W. V. Knott State Treasurer W. S. Cawthon State Superintendent of Public Instruction GOVERNOR DAVE SHOLTZ The State Board of Education was created by the Constitution of the State of Florida in conjunction with the provision for the education of its citizens. Mem- bers of the body are the Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney-General, State Treasurer, and State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Included in its duties is the management and investment of the State School Fund, together with the supervision of diverse phases of educational law. R. A. GRAY GARY D. LANDIS W. V. KNOTT W. S. CAWTHON PACK 21 State Board of Control George H. Baldwin, Chairman Jacksonville Albert Blanding Bartow Alfred H. Wagg West Palm Beach Oliver J. Semmes Pensacola J. T. Diamond, Secretary Tallahassee Harry C. Duncan Tavares GEORGE H. BALDWIN, Chairman The State Board of Control, composed of outstanding citizens of Florida, is the body most closely associated with the supervision of the Florida State College for Women, together with that of other State institutions. The members contribute their time to the functions of supervising the expenditure of appropriations, appointing the faculties, and advising the legislature as to the needs of the different institutions. Regular meetings are held in different parts of the State. ALBERT BLANDING ALFRED H. WAGG OLIVER SEMMES HARRY C. DUNCAN 3n Jiflemormm J. B. Game Death, be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadful, for thou are not so; For those whom thou thinkest thou dost overthrow Die not, poor Death; nor yet canst thou kill me. From rest and sleep, which but thy picture be. Much pleasure ; then from thee much more must flow ; And soonest our best men with thee do go — Rest of their bones and souls delivery; Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings and desperate men, And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell And better than thy stroke. Why dwellest thou then? One short sleep past, we wake eternally, And death shall be no more ; Death thou shalt die. John Donne. 3n ilemoriam p. K. YONGE E. L. Wartmann In the death of Dr. P. K. Yonge and of Dr. E. L. Wartmann Florida lost two of its finest and noblest citizens. The number of their friends is legion and I know that those who knew them best hold this friendship as one of the choicest treasures of their memory. Dr. Yonge was a member of the Board of Control for nearly twenty-five years and was chairman of the Board for nearly twenty years. Doctor Wart- mann was chairman of the joint committee of the House and Senate in 1905 which had charge of the Buckman Bill which established tlie present in- stitutions of higher learning in Florida, and was a member of the Board of Control for a little more than twenty-one years. The service that these two men have given to Florida is a valuable part of the history of the State. Tlieir fine sense of honor, their lovable character, their fine spirit of good will, and their never-failing creative interest in the finer life of the spirit have been a fun- damental contributing influence toward placing the institutions of higher learn- ing of Florida in the front line with the best. Political and personal favorit- ism or prejudice was foreign to them; they were always looking for the best and nothing but the best. They held that the institutions of higher learning were created to be builders of life. They gave their time and their energy to this great work with a cheerfulness and a good will that was inspiring, and they found this work as easy and as light as the yoke and the burden that Jesus spoke of when he gave to his followers tlie Light of Life. BY EDWARD CONRADI JosiAH Bethea Game The college suffered a great loss in the death of Josiah Bethea Game on March 4, 1935. Dr. Game, who was professor of General Literature and Ar- chaeology, had been a member of the faculty of Florida State College for Women for twenty-one years. He had received the degrees of B. A., M. S., M. A., Ph. D., Litt. D., and was a member of the Classical Association of the Midwest and South, the Medieval Academy of America, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and Eta Sigma Phi. Because of the beauty and strength of his character his passing is mourned by faculty and students. PAGE 25 t President of College O . m t K PAGE 26 i Vice-President 2ijiZ i i..,. PAGE 27 Dean of Students y?. D M PAGE 28 Registrar PAGE 29 Business Manager PAGE . ' ' ,0 Secretary of the Faculty PAGE 31 WILLIAM GEORGE DODD A.B., Bethany College; A.M., Harvard; Ph.D., Harvard Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences offers courses to give that traditional cultured background that is designed to promote the further seeking of the higher things of life. It furnishes an opportunity to secure the wider general training that is essential to the more abundant social and professional leadership which should be held by college trained women. NATHANIEL MOSS SALLEY A.B., Wofford; Graduate Work at U. of Chicago, U. of Wisconsin, and Columbia Dean of the School of Education The School of Education offers a general four-year curriculum preparing high school teachers, principals, and super- visors; a four-year curriculum for the training of teachers of physical education; a four-year curriculum for the training of teachers in the elementary schools, in- cluding the kindergarten; a four-year curriculum for training teachers of in- dustrial arts; a four-year curriculum for training nursery school teachers. A student who can not come four years may take a two-year curriculum in which she can prepare herself to teach in junior high school, in the intermediate grades, in primary grades, in kindergarten, or in the nursery school. ELLA SCOBLE OPPERMAN B.M., M.M., CiixciNNATi Conservatory of Music Pupil of Jedliezka in Berlin Pupil of Moszkowski and Guilmant in Paris Dean of the School of Music The School of Music serves Florida State College in many capacities. Musical numbers are provided for convocation, dramas, entertainment for visiting groups and conventions. In addition to these, a series of professional recitals by members of the faculty and graduation and certificate recitals by students are presented. The students have the environment to absorb and enjoy good music and to feel this uplift the remainder of their lives. Students prepared to do so have the opportunity of artistic drill through play- ing in the College Orchestra or Little Theatre Or- chestra and through participation in the Glee Club. The School of Music is an institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music. MARGARET RECTOR SANDELS B. S., M. A., Ph. D., Columbia Dean of the School of Home Economics The School of Home Economics aims to develop in its students an understanding and appreciation of the importance of the home, of its activities and its man- agement, as factors in successful family life. Prob- lems having to do witli the wise use of income, the management of the household and provision for the pliysical, social and spiritual needs of family members, all require for their solution knowledge, skill and ap- preciation of the significance of the manifold details of (hiily living. Courses offered in the subject-matter divisions of family economics, the house, foods and nutrition, clothing and textiles, and family relation- ships, attempt to provide this necessary background. The School of Home Economics provides training for the professions growing out of former home activities and it encourages investigation and research in its various divisions. Degrees offered by the School are Bachelor of Science in Home Economics and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. PAGE 33 DEPARTMENT OF ART Beatrice Beyer Williams The Department of Art endeavors to de- velop the appreciation of art and to train students to enter the fields of teaching, painting, commercial illustration, interior decoration, design, fashion illustration, and stage design. Instructors in the department are: Assistant Professor Amy Ferris Briggs, A. B., Emma Keis, M.A., Associate Professor Beatrice Beyer Williams. t f.tk. ' Utii M Mm,- ' Stii i WILLIAMS BRIGGS, WILLIAMS, KEIS DEPARTMENT OF BIBLE AND RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Arthur Williams, M.A. The courses offered in this Department aim to foster in its students a consciousness of God as a reality in human experience, to lead them into an understanding and ap- preciation of the personality, life and teach- ings of Jesus Christ, to develop in them the ability and disposition to build a life phi- losophy on the basis of a Christian inter- pretation of life, and to fit and train them for leadership in religious organizations. DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY AND BOTANY Herman Kurz, M.S., Ph.D. Alban Stewart, M.A., Ph.D. Instructors in Botany attempt to point out how a knowledge of plants and flowers may be applied. Students are taught how to know a reasonable number of culti- vated trees, shrubs and " flowers. " Our best students soon learn that not all growth under our feet is grass nor all ugly plants, weeds. The first class in Bacteriology was started at the Florida State College for Women in 1916, in order to give this subject to eleven major students in Home Economics. For several years all students who wished to study Bac- teriology took this same course, along with the students in Home Econom- ics, until the present gen- eral course in Bacteriology was established in 1923. The instructors in the de- partment are: Professor Herman Kurz ; Ruth Schornherst, M.S.; Pro- fessor Alban Stewart, A.M., Ph.D.; Elizabeth Griffing, M.S. STEWART, SCHORNHERST, GRIFFING, KURZ PAGE 34 DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Leland Judson Lewis, M.A., Ph.D. The aim of the Department of Chemistry is to give to the students the essentials of courses in General, Analytical, Physical, Organic, and Physiological chemistry. Graduate work and honors work are en- couraged in the various fields of chemistry. Some interesting independent study is being done at present by several students. A rather large share of the F.E.R.A. girls have been pressed into beneficial service. The entire staff keeps in close touch with tlie recent advances of chemist ry through membership in the American Chemical Society. Instructors in the department are: Pro- fessor Leland Lewis, Professor Jennie Tilt, M.S., Ph.D.; Isabel McKinnel, M.S.; Ger- trude Vermillion, M.A. DORMAN, WEST DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICAL LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES Olivia Nelson; Dorman, M.A., Ph.D. The Department of Classical Languages and Literatures has two objectives: to aflPord technical mastery of the Greek and Latin languages as an aid in the use of the English language, for the purpose of personal enjoyment, for skill in teaching, and for graduate studies; and to provide a thorough knowledge of the rich and varied cultures of these nations in the field of art, philosophy, literature, government and society as a background for under- standing the world of today. The instructors in the department are: Professor Olivia Nelson Dorman, M. A., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Edith Woodfin West, M.A. TILT, VERMILLION, LEWIS, MCKINNEL DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND COMMERCE Professor Beulah B. Briley, M.S., M.A., Ph.D. The Department of Economics and Commerce prepares students for positions in accounting, secretarial science, the teaching of commercial subjects, and the general business field. During the past nine years 128 degrees have been given in this department. Of the 25 seniors grad- uating in 1923, seven are teaching commerce in Flor- ida high schools, fourteen are working, two are tak- ing special courses and two are married. Other instructors in tlie department are: Assistant Professor Mary Louella Richey, B. A., C. P.A.; Assistant Sadie Gertrude i oung,M.M. ; Lucile Grider Bass. YOUNG, RICHEY, BRILEY, BASS PAGE 5f; DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Nathaniel Moss S alley, A.B. The Department of Education is responsible for •jiving such courses of study as will best prepare kindergarten, primary, elementary school, jvinior high school, senior high school teachers, and supervisors for the various duties that will con- front them. The department purposes to give such professional training as will enable students to use to greatest advantage in the profession of education all their training and experience. The instructors in tlie department are: Professor Nathaniel Moss Salley; Professor Ralph Lee Eyman, Ed. D.; Professor Mark H. DeGraff, M. A., Ph. D. ; Associate Professor David H. Briggs, A. M., Ph. D.; Associate Professor Marion Jewell Hay, M. A., Ph.D.; Nita Katherine Pybvirn, M. A.; Ruth P. Taylor, M. A. SCHWALMEYER, GREGG, TAYLOR BRIGGS, EYMAN, SALLEY, DEGRAFF DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH William George Dodd, M.A., Ph.D. The English Department has for its aims, to develop in students clear thinking and effective expression through speaking and writing; to familiarize them with the cultural and spiritual ideals of English speaking peoples through the study of our literature; and to foster in them the appreciation and beauty through the study and practice of arts of poetry and the drama. The courses in Journalism aim to teach the students how to keep, accurately and depend- ably, the contemporary record kept by man of life on the earth, and how to interpret it dis- criminately and well. The instructors in the department are: Professor William George Dodd; Professor William Hudson Rogers, M. A., Ph. D. ; Professor Guy Linton Diffenbaugh, M. A., Ph. D.; Associate Professor Earl Lynn Vance, M. A.; Associate Professor Rowena Longmire, M. A.; Asso- ciate Professor Hazel Allison Stevenson, M. A., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Mildred Fay Henry, M. A. ; Esther Smith, M. A. ; Mary Helen Mc- ROGERS, mc kean, henry, smith, dodd, longmire, i ean, M. A. ; Sarah Herndon, M. A. ; Lou E. W. herndon, miller, diffenbaugh Miller, A. B., B. S. DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH Mary Hollingsworth Buford, A.B. The aim of the Speech Department is to give training to those planning to work on the public platform as readers or lecturers, to students working to prepare for the teaching of Speech, to those preparing for a business life, and for purely cultural ends. The instructors in the department are: Associate Professor Mary Hollingsworth Buford; Assistant Professor Miss Kemper Moore, A. B.; Lula Mar- garet Wyly, B. S.; and Sara Elizabeth Thomp- son, A. B. VENABLE, SIVYER, MEADOR, CONNOR, MCINTOSH, SANDELS, TRACY, TILT DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL LITERATURE AND ARCHAEOLOGY JosiAH Bethea Game, Ph.D., Litt.D. The Department of General Literature undertakes to give modern pvipils what is finest and best in the Old World literatures, without the labor of digging them out of the languages in which they were originally written. These literatures in good English translations become even more enjoyable than the usual run of English material, for the very reason that they are great literature. Archaeology, also part of this depart- ment, in courses given alternately, covers the various excavations already done and now being done all over the world. DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE Kathryn Trimmer Abbey, M.A., Ph.D. Henry Floyd Becker, M.A. Marian Irish, M.A. The offerings in History begin with a survey of western civilization; covirses are then given studying significant periods of human activity or regions not primarily in the main course of western civilization. The college makes a special point of its work in Southern and Florida history. At present, it is participating in a project for the pur- chase of early Americana sponsored by the American Historical Association. The work in Geography is planned to fulfill two chief functions : to provide a major or minor in the svibject in the College of Arts and Sciences and to give background courses for prospective teachers and students majoring the Economics. Political Science aims to fur- ther that training in citizenship which will enable students the more efficiently and intelligent- ly to assume their responsibility for securing the general will in the American democracy. The instructors in the depart- ment are: Professor Kathryn Trimmer Abbey; Professor Robert CotteriH, M.A., Ph.D.; Associate Professor Henry Floyd Becker; Associate Pro- fessor Marian Irish; Associate Professor Venila Lovina Shores, M.A., Ph.D. ; Assistant Professor, Annie Marie Therese Popper, M.A., Ph.D.; Marguerite Ad- rienne laylor, Ph.B.; Gladys COTTERILL, abbey, WILLIAMS, POPPER, IRISH Fawley, S.M. fawley, shores, taylor, becker DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS Margaret Rector Sandels, M.A. Ph.D. Home Economics contributes to the development of a fine art of living as it provides opportunity for the intelligent study of such phases of home and family life as child rearing, human relationships, housing, nutrition, clothing, money management and other such aspects of daily existence in the home. The instructors in the depart- ment are: Professor Margaret Rector Sandels; Professor Jennie Tilt, M.S., Ph.D.; Associate Professor Ruth Connor, A. M., Ph. D.; Associate Professor Henrietta Sivyer, A.M.; Asso- ciate Professor Anna May Tracy, Ph. B.; Assistant Professor Leila Venable, A. M.; Sara D. Meador, M S VEiNABLE, sivyer, MEADOR, CONNOR, MCINTOSH, • sandels, TRACY, TILT PACK 37 DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL ARTS Emily Pitman Wilburn, B.L. The Industrial Arts Department offers to students, preparing to teach, covirses which will enable them to enrich their pro- fessional educational world through the knowledge and skill gained. Indvistrial Arts education, pottery, modelling, and sculpture, woodwork, weaving, metal craft, jewelry and leather craft are taught. Instructors in the department are: Assist- ant Professor Emily P. Wilburn ; Berenice Deetz, B.S.; Sallie Williams, B.S.; and Oval Stanley Harrison, B.S. MATTHEWS, RICHARDSON DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS Elmer Riggs Smith, M.A. The Department of Mathematics has two purposes. Its intention is primarily to give students an adequate understanding of the fundamental mathematical truths and secondarily to develop logical ap- plication to problems in books and in life as well as speed and accuracy. The instructors in the department are: Professor Elmer Riggs Smith; Assistant Professor Olga Larson, M.A. WILLIAMS AND DEETZ DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY SCIENCE Miss Louise Richardson, M.A. Courses in Library Science are planned to prepare students for positions as librarians of small high schools. Faculty, equipment, laboratory space, and courses offered con- form to the standards set up by the As- sociation of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States. Instructors in the deparment are: Louise Richardson and Lane Matthews, A.B. LARSON, SMITH PAGE 38 DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES Arthur R. Seymour, M.L., Ph.D., Litt.D. A knowledge of the life and culture of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Spanish America is afforded by the courses given in the Modern Language Department. It leads to an apprecia- tion of the values of various civiliza- tions that have intimately affected our own development, and thus enables us to better understand ourselves. Instructors are: Professor Arthur Seymour, Associate Professor Lucy Lester, M.A.; Associate Professor Margie Burks, Ph.D.; Associate Pro- fessor Manuel L. Lopez, M.A. ; Myrtle E. Dolbee, M.A.; Dorothy R. Breen, M.A,; Mildred Finnegan, M.A.; Ada Belle Patrick Allan, M.A. FINNEGAN, LESTER, SEYMOUR, BURKS, DOLBEE ALLAN, BREEN, LOPEZ, CAMPBELL DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC Ella Scoble Opperman, B.M., M.M. The Department of Music offers courses in piano, voice, organ, violin, cello, puhlis school music, and composition. It is successfully preparing its graduates for vocational service in these same fields. It is reaching a still larger group in its impress upon the students of other schools by as- sisting them to self-expression through individual instruction and by group work in glee club, orchestra and ensemble. Throvigh appreciation of mvisic courses and concerts it is teaching the power to understand and enjoy universal language, a part of man ' s being in all walks of life. The instructors in the department are: I B H| n .. .-x Professor Ella Scoble Opperman; Pro- -« ff h Kvu,. fessor Walter Ruel Cowles, A.B.,B.M.; Associate Professor Margaret Whitney Dow, B.A., B.M., F.A.G.O.; Associate Professor Anna Mae Sharp, B.M.; As- sistant Professor Owen Frink Sellers; Assistant Professor Zadie Lillian Phipps, B.M.; Gladys Olive Koch, A.B., B.M.; Mary Emilv Reeder, B.M.; Mary Esther Winslow, M.M. I V- . ' -5_ WINSLOW, DOW, ROBERTSON, OPPERMAN.PHIIM ' S SHARP, SELLERS, KOCH, COWLES, REEDER DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY Anna Forbes Liddell, M.A., Ph.D. Pbilosophy — man ' s unceasing desire to discover mean- ing and value in life, to understand the world and find his own place in it, to make the most of himself sitlu)ut overestimating his individual importance. liddell DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HYGIENE Katherine Williams Montgomery, M.A. Eleanor Harriet Valentine, M.D. The purpose of the Department of Physical Education, through its class and extra-curricular program, is to give to all students an opportunity to increase health and physical efficiency, to find joy and satisfaction in activity and at the same time to enrich their reper- toire of recreational activities that their leisure time both in college PAGE 39 white, MAYER, STEWART, SETTLE AUTREY, MONTGOMERY, FOX and in later life will become a constructive factor in its contribution to more complete living. The Department of Hygiene instructs students in 1 matters of personal and public health that will aid them to live a more hygienic life in college and comnninity. The instructors in the department are: Katherine Williams Montgomery; Eleanor Harriet Valentine; Marjorie Mayer, M.A.; Dorothy White, B.S.; Mildred Stewart, B.S.; Mary Settle, B.S.; Grace Fox, A.B.; Elizabeth Avitrey, B.S. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS Harold Frederic Richards, M.A., Ph.D. The Department of Physics offers a full program of undergraduate work. Subjects emphasized in the more advanced courses include electricity, light, heat, mechanics, radio. X-rays, radioactivity, photoelectri- city, and the mathematical theory of physics. The Department is well equipped for lecture demonstra- tions and for individual work in the laboratories. The equipment includes a splendid 5%-inch refracting telescope mounted to serve as an " observatory on wheels " which can be rolled to open places on the campus for astronomical observations. Harold F. RICHARDS, LYNN Richards and Elizabeth Lynn, M.A., are instructors. DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Paul Frederick Finner, M.A., Ph.D. The object of study in psychology is the child and the developing person. The courses offered center about some aspect of the individ- ual: his enlarged behavior in a group and the life of the group itself; his maladjustments and their correction; his sphere of usefulness in adult life; his growth in meanings and in esthetic appre- ciation, and the final culmination of the personality into the signi- ficant man or woman. Since de- pendable knowledge is the product of scientific endeavor, this is studied and practiced in rela- tion to human life. FINNER, IJISHER, HEINLEIN, ANDREWS, WASKOM, BURLINGAMF Instructors in the department are: Professor Paul F. Finner; Associate Professor Christian Paul Heinlein, Ph.D.; Associate Professor Hugh Lee Waskom, M.A.; Elizabeth Gordon An- drews, Ph.D. ; Dorothy Rose Disher, M.A., Ph.D, BELLAMY, NIMS, MOORE The aim of Zoology is to invite in- terest in the various phases of animal life, to give training in obtaining first hand information to students pre- paring for medicine, teaching, or as part of a general education. Chief emphasis is placed on freshman courses and the advanced courses in ornithology, comparative vertebrate zoology, parasitology, and em- bryology. The instructors in the department are : Professor Lanas Spurgeon Barber; Associate Professor Viola Graham; Assistant Professor Ezdy May Deviney, M.S., Ph.D. DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY Raymond Bellamy, M.A., Ph.D. The Department of Sociology is organized to serve a dual purpose. The program of courses offered is intended to give a cultural influence and furnish the fundamental understanding of group life which re- sults in better citizenship. A second program of courses introduces the students to the principles of social welfare work. Instructors in the Department are: Professor Ray- mond Bellamy, Associate Professor Coyle Ellis Moore, M.S., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Elinor Nims, Ph.D. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY AND ZOOLOGY Viola Graham, M.A., M.S., Ph.D. Lanas Spurgeon Barber, M.A. Courses in Physiology deal with the basic facts as applied to physcial activity, human anatomy, and a survey of current journals for recent research. At present the Department of Physiology and An- atomy is established in the Demonstration school. Two general courses in human physics and human anatomy, and two advanced courses are offered. ELIZABETH GORDON ANDREWS GRAHAM, BARBER, DEVINCEY DIRECTOR OF PERSONNEL Elizabeth Gordon Andrews Preliminary for Ph.D. University of London (London), Ph.D. University of Iowa. The principal function of the personnel department is to assist the individual student in the under- standing and solution of her problems and in her adjustment to the college situation. Some of the fields covered are vocational and educational guid- ance, personal problems, self-help, loans, and scholar- ships. Complete records of the students are kept including all student activities, honors conferred, liealth, grades, C.G.A. records, pensonality ratings, intelligence and other test scores, loans, scholarships, and employment. The purpose of this department is to help the student to lielp herself with no question of discipline involved. PAGE 41 Faculty Directory Edward Conradi, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D. Kathryn Trimmer Abbey, A.M., Pli.D. Ada Belle Patrick Allan, M.A. Elizabeth Gordon Andrews, Ph.D. Elizabeth Autrey, B.S. Lanas Spurgeon Barber, M.A. Lucile Grider Bass Henry Floyd Becker, M.S. Raymond Bellamy, A.M., Ph.D. Florence Bethea, A.B. Dorothy Lois Breen, A.M. Amy Ferris Briggs, A.B. David H. Briggs, A.M., Ph.D. Beulah Belle Briley, M.S., M.A., Ph.D. Mary Hollingsworth Buford, A.B. Margie Burks, M.A., Ph.D. Edith Mildred Burlingame, A.M., Ph.D. Ruth Conner, A.M., Ph.D. Robert Spencer Cotterill, M.A., Ph.D. Walter Ruel Cowles, A.B., Miis.B. Eva Richardson Cully, B.S. HxVzel Berenice Deetz, B.S. Mark H. DeGraff, M.A., Ph.D. EzDA May Deviney, M.S., Ph.D. Guy Linton Diffenbaugh, M.A., Pli.D. Dorothy Dishek, M.A., Ph.D. William George Dodd, A.M., Ph.D. Myrtle Elizabeth Dolbee, M.A. Olivia Nelson Dorman, A.M., Ph.D. Margaret Whitney Dow, B.A., B.M., F.A.G.O. Elma Williams Ealy, B.S. Ralph Lee Eyman, Ed.D. Gladys Fawley, S.M. Mildred Finnegan, M.A Paul Frederick Finner, A.M., Ph.D. Ward Thomas Fletcher, B.S. Grace Fox, A.B. JosiAH Bethea Game, Ph.D., Litt.D. Annie Flavia Gleason Viola Graham, M.A., M.S., Pli.D. Rachel Elizabeth Gregg, A.M. Elizabeth Adeline Griffing, M.S. Oval Stanley Harrison, B.S. Marion Jewell Hay, M.A., Ph.D. Clara Rider Hayden, B.S. Frances Field Haynes, A.B. Christian Paul Heinlein, Ph.D. Mildred Fay Henry, M.A. Sara Herndon, M.A. Marion Irish, M.A. Emma Keis, M.A. Gladys Olive Koch, A.B. Herman Kurz, M.S., Ph.D. Olga Larson, M.A. Lucy Lester, A.M. Leland Judson Lewis, A.M., Ph.D. Anna Forbes Liddell, M.A., Ph.D. ROWENA Longmire, A.M. Manuel Lopez, M.A. Edith Elizabeth Lynn, A.M. Etta Lane Matthews, B.A. Marjorie Mae Mayer, A.M. Margaret A. McCurdie, B.S. Edna Mae McIntosh, M.S. Mary Helen McKean, M.A. Isabel McKinnell, M.S. Sara Meador, M.S. Irene Brunson Miller, A.B. Lou Egerton Whitfield Miller, A.B., B.S. Katherine Williams Montgomery, M.A. Frederic Clifton Moor, A.B., M.D., F.A.C.P. CoYLE Ellis Moore, M.S., Ph.D. Kemper Martin Moore, A.B. Elinor Nims, Ph.D. Velma Ooton, A.B. Ella Scoble Opperman, A.B., M.M. Zadie Lillian Phipps, B.M. Annie Marie Tiierese Popper, M.A., Ph.D. NiTA Katherine Pyburn, M.A. Mary Emily Reeder, B.M. Harold Frederick Richards, A.M., Ph.D. Louise Richardson, A.M. Mary Luella Richey, M.A.,C.P.A. Etta Lucile Robertson William Hudson Rogers, M.A., Ph.D. Elizabeth Russell, M.A. Nathaniel Moss Salley, A.B.,Litt.D. Margaret Rector Sandels, A.M., Ph.D. Ruth Olive Schornherst, M.S. Maud Schwalmeyer Owen Frank Sellers Mary Brandau Settle, B.S. Arthur Romeyn Seymour, M.L., Ph.D., D.Litt. Anna Mae Sharp, B.M. Venila Lovina Shores, M.A., Ph.D. Anna Mae Sikes, B.S. Henrietta Ruth Sivyer, A.M. Dora Sikes Skipper, B.S. Virginia Turnbull Sloan, A.B. Anna Margaret Smith, A.B., B.S., in L.S. Elmer Riggs Smith, A.M. Esther Smith, M.A. Leonora Smith, M.A. Hazel Allison Stevenson, M.A., Ph.D. Alban Stewart, B.S. Decile Strong, B.M. Marguerite Adrienne Taylor, Ph.B. Ruth Paris Noland Taylor, M.A. Sarah Elizabeth Thompson, A.B. Jennie Tilt, M.S., Ph.D. Anna Mae Tracy, Ph.B. Florence Reno Tryon, M.S. Eleanor Harriet Valentine, M.D. Earle Lynn Vance, A.M. Leila Venable, A.M. Gertrude Vermillion, M.A. Katherine Florence Walker, A.B., A.B. in L S. Hugh Lee Waskom, A.M., Ph.D. Edith Woodfin West, A.M. Dorothy White, B.S. Emily Pitman Wilburn, B.L. Arthur Williams, A.B. Beatrice Beyer Williams Kenneth Rast Williams, M.A. Sallie Williams, B.S. Mary Esther Winslow, M.M. Mary Elizabeth Winters, M.A. LuLA Margaret Wyly, B.S. Annie Lee Yates, A.B. Marion Elizabeth Young, B.A. Sadie Gertrude Young, M.A. Book II University of Leyden, The JSetherhmds -«« Helen F. Wilson President s. mo z± Senior Class Officers Helen Faith Wilson President Jean Bradley Hamner Vice-President Alma Loudermilk Secretary Rachel McKinnon Treasurer Marian Turner Parliamentarian Louise Mackey Representative to Senate Frances Parks Representative to Senate AGE 47 Jean Hamner Hollywood B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES KA Spirogira; Freshman Cabinet (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. Ex. Conn- eil (3, 4) ; Odd Demonstration (3); Junior Minstrel (3); Usher Committee (3) ; Social Commit- tee (4) ; Lower Conrt (4) ; Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4) ; Vice- President Senior Class. Alma Loudermilk Jacksonville B. S. IN EDUCATION Freshman Cabinet; Even Dem- onstration; Astronomy Club; President Presbyterian Student Council; Secretary Senior Class; Freshman Advisor. Rachel McKinnon Marianna A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Executive Cabinet of Y. W. C. A.; Freshman Commission; Freshman Advisor; Senate; As- tronomy Club. Marion Turner Jacksonville A. B. in arts and sciences APA Panhellenic Eepresentative (2, 3, 4); Flambeau Staff (2); Par- liamentarian Senior Class. Mary Louise Mackey Pensacola A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES KA Senate; Flastacowo Staff (4); Cotillion Club (1); Torch Night (1); Usher Committee (3); An- nual Skit Night (3); Mid- winter Carnival (4). Frances Taliaferro Parks Miami a. b. in arts and sciences M Ae $BK Mortar Board; Spirogira; Fresh- man Commission; Basketball (Class 1, 2); Hockey (Class 1), (Odd, 1), (Varsity 1, 3); Base- ball (Class, Odd, and Varsity 1, 2, 3); Secretary Sophomore Class; Circulation Manager of Distaff (2); Junior Eepresenta- tive to Judiciary; Senior Eep- resentative to Judiciary; Senate (3, 4); F Club; Assistant Busi- ness Manager of Flastacowo (3); Point System Committee (3). PAGE 48 .-a i ' f. . ■ n) ( , (52 Elizabeth Allan Fernandina B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES AAn Eva Alonso Chiefland B. S. IN arts and sciences Astronomy Club (3, 4) ; Member Methodist Student Council (3); Vice-President Methodist Stu- dent Council (4). Mable Anderson Homestead B. s. in home economics Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4); Home Economics Club; Class Volley Ball (3, 4) ; Odd Demon- stration (3) ; Junior Minstrels (3). 3M ' 2SX ' I r -i..j Margaret Ansley Summerfield B. S. IN ARTS and SCIENCES Margaret Arnold Orlando B. S. IN home ECONOMICS Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Volley Ball (2, 3, 4); Class Baseball (1); Odd Base- ball (2); Odd Demonstration (2); Junior Ministrel (3). Catherine Ash Tarpon Springs B. in ARTS AND SCIENCES Senate; Executive Cabinet of Y. W. C. A.; Classical Club (1, 3, 4); Torch Night (1); Freshman Advisory Board. Caroline Attanasio West Palm Beach B. IN EDUCATION Class Basketball (1, 2, 3); May Day (1) ; Fealty (2) ; Odd Demonstration (?). Opal Greene Atwater Ft. Lauderdale A. B. IN education Aon Torch Night (1); Glee Club (1). Betty C. Bailey Miami B. S. IN EDUCATION ASA Orchesis (3, 4) ; F Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Senate (4); Life Saving Corps; Odd Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Odd Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Odd Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4); Odd Tennis (3); Varsity Basketball (1, 2); Varsity Soccer (1, 2); Odd Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Var- sity Baseball (2, 3); Vice- President Athletic Association (3); President Athletic Assoc- iation (4) ; Odd Demonstration (1, 2, 4) ; Chairman Odd Demon- stration (3); Junior Minstrel (2); Delegate to American Fed- eration of College Women Con- vention. Hallie Bailet Ocala A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES APA Astronomy Club (4). Mary Ellen Bailey Sh ady Grove B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Astron- omy Club (3, 4); B S. U. (1, 2) ; Y. W. A. (2, 3) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2) ; Campus Social Committee (3). Julia Baker West Palm Beach B. S. in ARTS AND SCIENCES T. N. T. Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Orcliestra (1, 2). 19 I Tj r. n Mary Barco Tallahassee B. S. IN HOME ECONOMICS Elizabeth Barker Ocala B. S. IN education KAn Astronomy Club (3, 4); German Club (3, 4); Life Saving Corps. Mary Doris Baxter Pensacola B. S. IN home economics llrniie Ecunoniics Clulj. Barbara C. Bell Pensacola B. S, IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Lower Court of C. G. A. (4); Senate of C. G. A. (4). Beth Barnes Tallahassee A. B. IN EDUCATION 2K Joyce Bevis Tallahassee B. S. IN HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club. Mildred Ada Boss Jacksonville A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES ASA AXA Flambeau Eeporter (3); News Editor Flambeau (4); Flam- beau Key (3, -i); Winner of Alpha Chi Alpha Article Contest (3); Winner Fifth Prize Na- tional Yorktown Sesquieenten- nial Essay Contest (1); Odd Demonstration (1, 2, 3, 4); Or- chestra (], 2, 3, 4); Flastacowo Puppeteers (1); Fire Captain (3); Art Guild (3, 4); Fresh- man Advisor (3). Jean Beard Boyd Tallahassee a. b. in education AZ Cora Boyett Terra Ceia B. S. IN HOME economics Baptist student Council (3, 4); 4-H Club Council (3). f. PAGE 51 Wi-C ' - " i . Betty Bradford Tampa A. B. in arts and sciences XA Writers ' Club (1, 2); Astron- omy Club (3); May Day (2); Fealty (3); Odd Demonstration (3, 4); Distaff story contest (1); Distaff play contest (1, 2). Marion Brantley Lake Wales B. S. IN education AZ KAn Mortar Board ; Class Treasurer ( 1 ) ; Freshman Cabinet ; Senate (2,3,4) ; Freshman Advisor (3) ; Class Parliamentarian (3) ; Clas- sical Club (1, 2) ; German Club (2, 3) ; Finance Committee of Y. W. C. A. (1, 2) ; Life Saving- Corps (1, 2, 3) ; Class Represent- ative to Judiciary (4). Clara Bridges Jacksonville B. S. IN HOME ECONOMICS AZ PAGt 52 r s i ( ■ ' ■ WiLMA Bristol Gainesville B. S. IN EDUCATION 22S Torch Night; Orchestra; Volley Ball; Swimminfr; Odd Demon- stration; Orchesis; Life Saving Corpfi. Eloise Brizard Shamrock B. S. IN EDUCATION Life Saving Corps; Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Astronomy- Club (3, 4); Chemistry Club (3). Mary Ethel Brown Jacksonville B. S. IN HOME ECONOMICS Marcia Buchanan Jacksonville a. B. in arts and SCIENCES ex HS Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Pan- hellenic Delegate (4). Myra Irene Bulkley Tallahassee B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Amorette Bullard Lake Wales A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES A FA Transfer from Mason Junior College, Tarry town-on-Hudson, New York. I June Bullard Point Washington A. B. IN EDUCATION Bne Classical Club (1). A. Louise Burgess Tallahassee B. s. in education KAn Charlotte Cameron Winter Haven B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Aon F Club; Life Saving Corps; Cotillion Club; Odd Demon- stration (3, 4) ; Odd and Class Baseball (3, 4). PAGE 53 McDonald Campbell Laurel Hill A. B. IN education Transfer from Palmer Colleae. Martha Catherine Carlton Tampa A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES KA Mary Catherine Carter Marianna B. S. IN arts and SCIENCES KA Torch Night (2). I ' AGE 54 :■-- ' ;• ! Mary Marjorie Carter Palatka A. B. IN EDUCATION Aon B2 KAn Torch Niglit; Freshman Com- mission; Delegate to Cervantes Convention at Eollins College (3). Marie Rolfe Certain Jacksonville a. b. in education 222 Elizabeth Chandler Avon Park B. S. IN education Linna Cheney All ood, Alabama A. B. IN arts and sciences Axn Annual Skit Night (3); Torch Night (3). Irene Collins Leesbiirg B. S. IN arts and sciences Axn Fr( slnii;in Coiiimissioii (1). Evelyn Love Comick Palatka B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Mary Elizabeth Cooley Tampa B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES AXA $BS Freshman Cabinet; Life Saving Corps; Flambeau Staff (2); Managing Editor Flambeau (3, 4); B. S. U. Council; Publicity Chairman of Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Chairman Membership Committee of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Fealty (3). Lillian H. Craig Winter Haven A. B. in education Esther Baffin Marianna a. b. in arts and sciences XQ Torch Night (1); Odd Demon- stration (3); Senior Play (4). Ruth Daniel Lakeland A. b. in arts and sciences Aon Lower Court of C. G. A.; Senate; Life Saving Corps. Laura Edna Mae Crow West Palm Beach A. B. in education Astronomy Club (4). Carolina DeMontigne Jacksonville B. S. IN education Axn KAn Mortar Board ; Spirogira ; First Vice-president F. C. G. A. (4) Vice-president S. I. A. S. G. (4) Executive Council S. F. C. S. (4) Delegate W. L A. S. G. (3, 4) First Vice-president C. G. A (3) ' ; Delegate N. S. F. A., S. L A. S. G:, Blue Ridge (3); Odd Basketball (1, 2, 3) ; Varsity Basketball (2, 3); Sophomore representative to Judiciary (2); President Freshman Class; Pres- ident C. G. A. (4); Executive Council of C. G. A. (4); Ju- diciary of C. G. A. (4); Senate; Executive Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. Marjorie Dickens Lake Cit B. S. IN HOME ECONOMICS Elizabeth Dickenson Ocala B. S. IN home economics June Dixon Tallahassee B. S. IN home economics |V C . I Margaret Louisa Dodd Keystone Heights B. S. IN home economics on Life Saviii.i;- Corps (1, 2, 3, 4); Home Economics Club; 4-II Club n, 2, ;!, 4); Astioiiomy Club (3, 4) Rosa Doub La Belle B. S. IN education Marion Davis Dow St. Petersburg A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Trniisfer from St. Petersburg Junior Collcsje. PAGE 57 Ann Lee Dunn Tampa A. B. IN EDUCATION KA Freshinan Coniniission; Usher Committee (3); Social Com- mittee (4). Ruth Durrenberger Orlando B. S. IN home economics ON Home Economics Club; College 4-H Club. Adelaide Duval Ocala A. B. IN arts and sciences AAA Torch Niglit (2); Usher Com- mittee (3). -vWr-« ' Margarette Early Cocoa B. S. IN arts and sciences Margaret Edwards Lakeland A. B. IN arts and sciences KA Life Saving Corps; Torch Night (3); Chairman of Cornuntion (4). Frances Ellenberg DeFuniak Springs B. S. IN EDUCATION PAGE 5S Olivia Embrf.y Jacksonville A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Bne AXA Art Guild; Executive Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3, -1) : Freshman Cabinet; Flastaeowo Staff (2); Art Editor Distaff (?., 4) ; Torch Night (3). Ida Engel Key Largo a. b. in arts and sciences BK Ae XA$ Executive Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4); German Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Freshman Cabinet; Writers ' Club (2, 3); Astronomy Club (3, 4); International Club (4). Carolyn Ervin Tallahassee A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES er Frances Fabrick Gainesville B. S. IN arts AND SCIENCES Life Saving Corps; Astronomy Club (3, 4); Student Volunteers (2, 3, 4); Chemistry Club (3, 4) ; Poetry Club (3, 4) ; Presby- terian Student League Council (2, 3, 4). Bessie Ruth Falk Tampa A. B. IN EDUCATION Torch Night (1); Astronomy (!!iil) (3, 4); Finance Committee of V. W. C. A. (2). BiLLiE Faxon Miami B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES ZTA Torch Niglit (1); .Junior Min- strel (1, 2, 3); Odd Demonstra- tion (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. Fi- nance Coiiiniittee (3). LuciLE Ferguson Tarpon Springs B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Mary Louise Filer Miam i A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Aon Myrle Fillingim Telogia B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Senate. ' Esther Beth Finlay Blountstown A. B. IN arts and sciences ZTA Torcli Night (2, 3). Pearl Fleet Live Oak B. S. IN arts and sciences A E Glee Club (1). Edith Flinn Lake Worth B. S. IN home economics PAGE 60 Margaret Flook Jacksonville B. S. IN EDUCATION Gladys Janette Folsom Monticello B. S. IN education Mary Helen Forth Punta Gorda a. b. in education Newman Club. 5 Adielyn Fox Tallahassee b. s. in home economics AFA Home Economics Club. Alline Freeman Tampa B. S. IN home economics Aon Home Economics Club. Lilly ' Rosalia Friscia Tampa A. B. IN education Baseball Class Team (2); Volley Ball Class Team (4) ; Newman Club. Helenmary Fritsch Jacksonville A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES ASA 112 XA Mortar Board ; Spirogira ; Secre- tary of Class (1); Sophomore Hop Committee (1); Freshman Conrmission ; Representative to Senate (2) ; Torch Night Com- mittee (2) ; Second Vice-Presi- dent C. G. A. (3) ; Senate (3, 4) ; Judiciary (3) ; Chairman of Judiciary (4) ; Lower Court (4); Y. W. " C. A. Interest Group Committee (3); Odd Demon- stration (3, 4); Fealty Com- mittee (3); Classical Club (1, 2, 3); Social Committee (4). ' c ' Lucy Fulghum Tampa A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES AXA XA Senate of C. G. A. (3, 4); Asso- ciate Editor Distaff (3); Flam- beau Staff (2, 3, 4); Vespers Committee (3); Social Com- nrittee (4); Editor Distaff (4). EsTELLE Gamble Plant City A. B. IN EDUCATION ' ; - ' - H R.rl ■ ' Barbara Garfunkel Miami M Donna Gardiner Jacksonville B. S. IN HOME ECONOMICS Flastacowo Staff (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). A. B. IN ARTS and SCIENCES ASA $BK AXA Mortar Board; Freshman Cabi- net; Secretary of Y. W. C. A. (2) ; Circulation Manager of Flambeau (2) ; Feature Editor of Flambeau (3) ; Editor in Chief Flambeau (4) ; Senate of C. G. A. ; Delegate National College Press Convention at De Pauw University, Chicago, (4). Cornelia Johanna Garrick St. Petersburg B. IN EDUCATION Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College. y-AJl! X PAGi: t l Frances Gates Jackson, Mississippi A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES KA Dorothy May Godman Miami B. S. IN HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club (], 2, 3, 4); 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Odd Demonstration (3); Junior Min- strel (3). Wava I. Godwin Avon Park B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Auditing Committe e (3); Fresh- man Commission; State B. S. U. Secretary (2); State B. S. U. Vice-President (. " .); B. S. U. Council (2, 3, 4); Lower Court of C. G. A. (4); Senate of C. G. A, (4), .y r Anna Marie Good St. Petersburg A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College. Hazel Caroline Goza Clearwater A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES " I ' M AXA Spirogira; Mortar Board; Senate of C. G. A. ; Freshman Cabinet ; Open Gate Staff (1) ; Flambeau Staff (2) ; Torch Night (2) ; Copy Editor Flambeau (3) ; Assistant Editor Flastacowo (3); Flambeau Key (2, 3); Editor in Cliief Flastacowo (4). Jane Graham St. Petersburg B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Transfer from 8t. Pcteisburg liinior College. 4 «1 Helen Margaret Gray Gainesville A. B. IN education Toreli Night (1); Odd Demon stration (3). Jane Louise Hafer Jacksonville B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Flambeau Staff (2). Opal Nadine Gray Tallahassee B. s. in education Bne KMl Day Student ' s Organization Program Chairman (3); Vice- President Day Students ' Organ- ization (4); T. N. T. Orchestra 3). Eleanor Green Mims B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Torch Night (1); Home I : co- nomics Club (1, 2). Elizabeth Lindsay Hampton Bradenton a. b. in education Freshman Commission; Presby- terian Student Council (2, 3, 4); Astronomy Club (3, 4); Freshman Advisor; Classical Club (2). JoHNY Hardee Trenton A. b. in education GT I ' auliellenie Representative (3, 4). PAGE 63 y ' - I PAGE 64 • .■ -i4 -..- Helen Cameron Hartness Tampa B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES i Ae Fresliman Commission; Glee Club (1); Fealtv (1); Social Com- mittee (2); Torch Night (2); Senior Representative Point System Committee (i); Chair- man Investiture (4); Astronomy Chib (4); Y. W. C. A. Exe- cntiNe C ' abinct (4). Gertrude E. Hastings St. Petersburg a. b. in education Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College. Evelyn Haynie Gainesville B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Usher Committee (3); Pan- hellenic Representative (3, 4). H. Violet A. Hayward Lynn Haven B. S. IN home economics Lois Hazel Orlando A. B. IN EDUCATION Life Saving Corps; Fealty (3, 4); Torch JSight (3, 4); " Com- mencement Play (3); Odd Demonstration, Director, (3); Chairman Odd Demonstration (4); Junior Minstrel Director (3); Folk Festival (3); 4-H Cluli (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Advisor (4); English Assistant (4). Margaret Henderson DeFuniak Springs A. B. IN education Ann Apthorp Hendry Fort Myers B. S. IN HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. Finance Com- mittee (1); Torch Night (1); Episcopal Student Vestry (4). Belle Henshaw New Smyrna A. B. IN EDUCATION Bne Methodist Student Council (3, 4). Betty Hintermister San ford B. S. in arts AND SCIENCES ATA Virginia Holt Jacksonville B. S. IN HOME ECONOMICS Spirogira ; Senate of C. G. A. (-, 3, 4); Home Economics Cluh; President Sophomore Class ; Chair- man Freshman Commission; Freshman Cabinet; Torch Night (1, 2); Flastaeowo Staff (3); Usher Committe e. Marjorie Horne Tampa A. B. in arts and sciences Sylvia Horner St. Petersburg A. B. IN arts and sciences ■ i ' PAGE 65 4 -XiS-- LORRAINE WeSLIA HUDSON St. Petersburg A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Torch Night (1); Flambeau Reporter (2, 3); Flambeau Key (2); International Club (4) ' ; Classical Club (1). Francis Hurlin St. Petersburg B. S. IN EDUCATION Mortar Board; Spirogira ; Fresh- man Cabinet; Physical Ed- ucation Association; Delegate to W. T. A. S. G. (3); Varsity Volley Ball (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Hockey (2, 3); Class Swimming Team (1, 2, 3); Odd Swimming- Team (1, 2); Class Tennis Team (1, 2, 3); Odd Tennis Team (]., 2, 3) ; Class Baseball Team (], 2, 3); Odd Baseball Team (1, 2, 3); Torch Night (], 2, 3, 4); Odd Demonstration (2, 3, 4); Treasurer W. A. A. (2) ; Publicity Manager of W. A. A. (3, 4) ; Flastacowo As- sistant Business Manager (2). Elizabeth May Hurst St. Petersburg A. B. IN EDUCATION Transfer from St. Petersburg- Junior -College. ' ■€ Emily Hutt Palatka A. B. IN education AAIT Fealty (1).. Katharine Inglis Jacksonville A. B. IN ARTS and SCIENCES I ' anliellenie Council (3, 4); Fi- nance Committee of Y. W. C. A. (3); Classical Club (2). Florence Jennings Ocala A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES German Clul) (1, 2, 3, 4); Class- ical Club (2); Astronomy Club (4); Writers ' Club (1, 2); In- (crnatioiial Club (4). 9 Ellen Johnson Tallahassee B. M. LuciLE M. Jones Newberry B. S. IN HOME economics Home Economies Club. Margaret Kader Fort Myers A. B. IN education Life Saving Corps; Classical Chib; B. S. U. Council. I ' AGE G7 ' ■iS :k -Ml i Betty Kimball Miami A. B. IN education KAe Freshman Calnnet (1); Torch Night (2) ; Panhellenic Eepre- sentative (3, 4). Mary Claire Kimbell Tallahassee A. B. IN EDUCATION Classical Club (1); Senate of C. G. A. (2) ; Secretary-Treas- urer of D. S. O. (4). Louise King Ft. Lauderdale A. B. IN EDUCATION • ' 5 -! ! c Evelyn C. L ' Abbe DeFuniak Springs B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Newman Club; 4-H Club; Life Saving Corps; Woman ' s Athletic Association, Treasurer (3); Class Basketball, Swimming, Hockey, Baseball Teams (1, 2, 3); Odd Hockey Team (2, 3); Odd Baseball (2, 3); Varsity TTockey Team (3); Senate (4); F. Club; Woman ' s Athletic As- sociation Intramural Manager (4); Home Economics Club. Jimmy Evelyn Lewis Jacksonville A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Senate; Freshman Commission (1); Freshman Knight (1); Fire Caiitain (], 2, 3); Junior Knight (3) ; Odd Demonstration (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Hockey, (Class 2, 3) ; Odd (2, 3) ; Junior Minstrel (2, 3) ; Social Committee (2, 3); Health Committee (3); Eiding Instruc- tor (4); T. N. T. Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Flastacowo Stafif (3); Chairman Fealty (3); Fealty Script (3); Director Demonstra- tion (3, 4); Basketball: (Class 1, 2); Track (1); Der Deutschr Yerein (2, 3); Open Gate Staff (1); Chairman Health Com- mittee (4); Torch Night (I, 2, ' 3); Mav Dmv f1, 2, 3, 4 . AvALiNE Lancaster Kissimmee A. B. IN arts and sciences AZ Classical Club (3, 4); Pan- hellenic Eepresentative (4). Narcissa Leland St. Petersburg A. B. IN education Axn Orchestra (1, 2); Chairman of Torches, Tor ' -h Night (3). Mary Ella Limerick Jacksonville A. B. IN EDUCATION Axn Color Rush (1, 3); Officer K] is- (■( ]i;il Student Auxiliary (3, 4). Marcia Lindsey Lakeland a. b. in arts and sciences KA 4 it PAGE 69 Marie Lingo Marianna B. S. IN HOME ECONOMICS ON Senate (4); Freshman Com- mission (1); Social Committee (2); Fire Committee (2, 3); Home Economics Club (1, 2, S, 4); Y. W. C. A. Finance Com- mittee (1); Business Manager Flastacowo (4). Sarah Butler Logan Tampa A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES ATA Freshman Cabinet; Vice-Pres- ident Junior Class; Executive Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4); Senate (4); Chairman Point System (4); Classical Club. Mildred Lovell Apopka B. S. IN EDUCATION AHA Life Saving Corps; Physical Ed- ucation Association. Mary Leila Lumley Lakeland A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES HZ Classical Club (2, 3, 4); Torch Night (2). Frances Lurvey Tampa A. B. IN arts and sciences HB Freshman Commission; Chissiinl Club (2); Social Committee (2). Abbie Laura Lyle Bartow A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES $BS Mortar Board; Spirogira. ; Class Basketball (1, 2,3); Class Soccer (1, 3); Odd Soccer (1, 3); Class Swimming (1, 2, 3); Odd Swim- ming (1, 2); Class Baseball (1 2, 3); Odd Basebal l (1); Ath- letic manager of class (2, 3); Secretary of W. A. A. (2); Flastacowo Sports Editor (3); Fealty (3); Odd Demonstration (3); Executive Council of C. G. A. (4); Judiciary of C. O. A. (4); Senate; Freshiran Com- mission; F Club; Life Saving Corps; Treasurer C. G. A. (4). ¥ ' : -A ' PAGE 70 V Tx (4 •i ji Jean Matheson JVest Palm Beach A. B. IN EDUCATION ZTA Sadie Mathews Ocoee B. S. IN education Sarah Maxwell Jacksonville B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES ArA Senate of C. G. A.; Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Flambeau Staif (2); Freshman Advisor (4); Odd Demonstration (4); Torch Night (1, 2). Nell Ward Mayes Miami A. B. IN EDUCATION ■Senate of C. G. A.; Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2, 3, 4) ; Presbyterian Student League Council (3, 4); Fresh- man Advisor (3); Astronomy Club (3, 4) Oneida McFatter Vernon A. B. IN EDUCATION ZTA Mary Margaret McLaughlin Tampa B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES SK Pauline McLellan Tampa B. S. IN HOME ECONOMICS ATA Home Economics Club. Nedra McNamara Miami a. b. in arts and sciences KAe Transfer from University of Miami. Susie Rae Meredith Dunnellon B. S. IN EDUCATION Torch Mght (1). t ' AGK 71 I ' Gertrude Anne Miller Delray Beach A. B. IN education Astronomy Club (3, 4). Anita Mitchell Gainesville A. B. in arts and sciences Kdn fine Flambeau (3), Astronomy Club (3, 4); 4-H Club (2, 3, 4). Laura Ellen Moore Orlando B. S. IN arts and sciences AAA Art Guild (3, 4); Odd Denion- tration (2). PAGE 72 I 1 Mary Claire Moore Lakeland A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES KA Transfer from Southern Colleoe Dorothy Irene Moorhead Tavares A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES HS Senate. Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Pres- ident Methodist Student Or- ganization (4). Mary Mooty Winter Haven a. B. in arts and SCIENCES Bne Art Guild ; Flastacowo Staff ( 3 ) ; Astronomy Club (3) ; Odd Demon- stration (2, 3, 4) ; Junior Min- strel (3) ; Life Saving Corps. ' V - -a Louise Mullinnix St. Petersburg B. s. in education Mildred Mumm Vero Beach B. S. IN ARTS and SCIENCES Julia M. E. Munroe Jacksonville B. M. AAII Ameiiciui (liiilil of Or,i:anisls. - v Jennie Rae Nall Miami B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Mortar Board; Spirogira; Fresh- man Cabinet; A olley ball class team (1, 2, 3, -1) ; Odd volley ball (3); Captain class soccer team (1); Class soccer (;1, 3, 4); Secretary Y. W. C. A. (2); Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4); May Day Committee (2); Odd Demon- stration (3, 4); Junior Minstrel (3); Vice-President Y. W. C. A. (3); Eepresentative to Blue Ridge (3, 4); President Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Representative to Georgia " Y " conference (3); Executive Council of C. G-. A. (4); Senate (4); Executive Cabinet of Y. W. C. A.; E. Club, id Martha Neeld St. Petersburg B. S. IN EDUCATION Skit Night (1); Torch Niglit (1, 2). Muriel Marie Nelson Sebring A. B. IN education Class Swimming Team; Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4); Class- ical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Astronomy Cluh (4). Margaret Nickle Clearwater B. s. in arts and sciences B$A Glee Club; Panhellenic Repre- sentative (4); German Club (3, Ruth L. Osborn Zeliwood B. S. IN education Glee Club. J u ANITA Pace Jacksonville B. S. IN education :57lT-x ■ ' w V Susan Palmer Jacksonville A. B. IN EDUCATION AAn Torch Niglit (1, 2); Executive Council of Panhelleiiic (4). Elsie E. Parker Zephyrhills B. M. Glee Club; Orchestra; Student assistant in Public School Music (3, 4). Edith Patterson DeFuniak Springs A. B. in arts and sciences AXA Glee Club (1, 2); Classical Club (1); Astronomy Club (4); In- ternational Eelations Club (4) ; Odd Demonstration (3, 4); Life Saving Corps; Flambeau Staff. Elinor Shields Payne Panama City A. B. IN EDUCATION AAA Bne F Club; Freshman Commission Torch Night (1, 2); Odd basket ball and swimming team (1, 2) Business manager Distaff (3) Chairman Junior Minstrels (3) Advertising Manager Distaff (4). Helen Parker Blountstown A. B. IN EDUCATION Ethel Fair Pillans Ocala B. S. IN HOME ECONOMICS nB Home Economics Club; Torch Night (4) ; Orchesis (1, 2) ; Odd and Even Demonstration (1). La Luce Planck Lake Wales B. S. IN EDUCATION AZ KAn Classical Club (1, 2); German Club (1, 3). Rosalie Powell Jacksonville A. B. IN EDUCATION AZ Nell Elizabeth Price Jacksonville A. B. IN EDUCATION EvALiNE Rankin Miami Beach B. S. in arts AND SCIENCES Aon Transfer from Shorter College, Rome, Georgia. Panhellenic Rep- resentative (2, 3) ; Baptist Stu- dent Council (2, 3, 4). Claire Redfield Bartow B. S. IN EDUCATION Spirogira; Basketball (2, 3, 4); Swimming (2, 3, 4) ; Baseball (2, 3); F Club (3, 4); Odd Demonstration (3, 4); Junior Minstrel (2, 3, 4) ; Orchesis (3, 4) ; President Life Saving Corps (4); Woman ' s Athletic Assoc- iation Board (4) ; Torch Night (3, 4); Life Saving Corps. Carol Reeves Jacksonville A. B. IN EDUCATION i M XA I Transfer from Queen ' s College (3); Distaff Staff. 6 Janilee Rhyne Marianna IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Executive Cabinet of Y. W. C. A.; Orchestra (2, 3); Demon- stration (4); Junior Minstrel (3). n . Margaret Roe Arcadia a. b. in arts and sciences AFA IIS ' Clas.sical Clulj; Orchestra; T. N. T. Orchestra. Louise Robertson Tallahassee A. B. in arts and sciences AXA XA$ Mortar Board; Senate of C. G. A.; Open Gate Business Staff (1); Life Saving Corps (2); Day Students Organization, Publicity Chairman (3) ; Repre- sentative to Senate (4) ; Astron- omy Club, Program Committee (3); Flambeau: reporter (2), news editor (3), associate editor (4) ; Winner Distaff non-fic- tional prose contest (3); Winner Alplia Chi Alpha news writing- contest (2); Delegate N. S. F. A. Convention, Boston, (4). Hazel Royall Jacksonville B. S. IN EDUCATION Spirogira; Class athletic man- ager (1); Class cheerleader (1, 3, 4); Odd cheerleader (1, 3, 4) ; Vice-President Physical edu- cation association (3); Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Class volley ball (1, 3, 4) ; Odd volley ball (1,3,4); Varsity volley ball (3); Class Odd and Varsity soccer (1, 3); Class and Odd baseball (1, 3); Varsity baseball (2, 3); Torch Night (1, 4); Odd Demonstration (1, 3, 4) ; Junior Minstrel (3); Tumbling (3, 4); F Chih; President F. Club (4). I Rose Rodgers Quincy A. B. IN EDUCATION I Lela Rushing Lakeland A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES 4 11 Clu b (1, 2, 3, 4); Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Justine Rutledge Fort Myers IN HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club; 4-H Clnb (1, 2, 3, 4). Barbara Sandquist Coral Gables B. S. IN EDUCATION KAG XA$ Transfer from University of Miami. Katherine Sands Jacksonville B. S. IN HOME ECONOMICS AXii Helen Schweigart Avon Park B. S. IN EDUCATION Life Saving Corps. Doris Seals Pensacola a. b. in education Freshman Commission; Editor in cliief Open Gate (1); Dele- gate to Florida Intercollegiate Press Association (1); Torch Night (1, 2, 3); Delegate to United Daughters of Confeder- acy Convention (2); Secretary U. D. C. chapter (2); President U. D. C. chapter (3). Elizabeth Seat Waldo B. S. in ARTS AND SCIENCES Flambeau Staff (2, 3). h PAGE :■ ' 77 PAGE 78 Mary B. Sheppard Bradenton A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Josephine Skeels DeLand B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES KAe Marie Slack Life Saving Corps. Mount Dora A. B. IN EDUCATION KAn Life man (4). Saving Corps; Floor Chair- (4); Odd Demonstration fr O .J r ■ j Alice Lee Slone Mascotte B. S. IN education Aon P Club; (2, 4); Class basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Class and Odd Soccer (1, 3) ; Odd Soccer Cap- tain (3); Class Baseball (1, 2). Betty Ellen Smith Haines City A. B. IN education KAn AXA $BS Flambeau Exchange Editor (4); Vice - president Presbyterian Student League (4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Chairman Convo- cation C!ommittee (4). Edith L. Smith Dade City A. B. IN education Methodist Student ' s ization Council (4). Organ- Mary Frances Smith Belle Glade A. B. IN EDUCATION AZ Thelma Smith Miami A. B. IN EDUCATION T. JSr. T. Orchestra; Freshman Advisor (4) ; Odd Demonstration (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Junior Minstrel (1, 2, 3). Mildred Smoaic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B. S. IN arts and SCIENCES AAA Elizabeth Ann Sponenbarger Bradenton A. B. IN ARTS and SCIENCES 2K Transfer from Eandolph-Macon Woman ' s College, Lynchburg, Virginia. Darthea Standley Fort Myers B. s. in home economics Home Economies Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Chairman of Costumes for Odd Demonstration (3, 4); Chairman Costumes for Junior Minstrels (3). Charlotte Stevens Miami A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Cotillion Club, president (2, 3); Odd Demonstration (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Minstrels (2, 3). flHK ' GE If 79 IhE ' f x:.. ' ) X ■ 1 -f,) !.: y ' • 1 _ " •o h 0 PACK SO Mildred Stevens Fort Lauderdale IN EDUCATION KAn B2 Astronomy Club (3, 4); Varsity Swimming (1, 2, 3); Soccer: class (3), Odd (3); Class volley ball (4); T Clnb; Life Saving Corps. Elizabeth Stout Jacksonville A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES ASA AXA Flambeau: Assistant Advertis- ing Manager (2), Advertising Manager (3); Torch Night (1, 2) ; Social Committee (4) ; Life Saving Corps (2); Program Chairman Junior Minstrel (3). Bertha Stulpner Fort Myers a. b. in education Ir Katherine Takach San ford B. S. IN EDUCATION Physical Education Association (1, 2, 3, 4,); Life Saving Corps 3, 4); Hockey: class, (1, 3), ■Odd (1, 3), Varsity (3); Class baseball (1, 3) ; Track (1) ; Fealty (2, 3); Odd Demonstration (3); May Day (1, 3); Torch Night (2, 3, 4); Basketball, class (2); Junior Minstrel (3); F Club; Senior Athletic Manager (4); Chairman Outing Club (3); Freshman advisor (4); Athletic Board (4); Folk Festival (3); Dance Chairnian of Odd Demon- stration (4); Volley ball, class, (4). Virginia Thornton Tallahassee B. S. IN EDUCATION ZTA t Edith Toffaletti Tampa B. M. Axn Olive M. Towles Fort Myers S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES AAn Lillian Trotter Pensacola A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES GT Esteren ; Freshman Cabinet; Business Manao ' ei ' Flastacowo (3); Hockey, Class (1, 2, 3); Classical Club (1, 2). Virginia Tucker Erie, Pennsylvania A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES GT BHG Lower Court of G. G. A. (4); Senate (4); Life Saving Corps (4); College Song contest judge (3, 4) ; German Club (4) ; Social Committee (4) ; Outing Com- mittee (4). Melvyne Wahnish Tallahassee A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES A E XA AXA BHG Classical Club (1); Torch Night (2); Flambeau Staff (2, 3, 4); Day Students Organization Publicity Manager (1, 2) ; In- ternational Club (4); J. W. O. (1, 2, 3, 4,); Distaff review editor (4). Mary Virginia Warren Tampa A. B. in arts and sciences nB$ Spirogira ; Cotillion Club ; Fresh- man Commission; Torch Night (1, 2, 3); Junior Minstrels (1, 2); Senate; Song Chairman; Associate Editor of Flastacowo (2, 3); Odd Demonstration (1). Betty Wheeler Orlando A. B. IN education Axn ' PA(i i: S2 Martha Whitaker Tampa A. B. IN arts and sciences KA Senate; Fresliman Cabinet; Chairman May Day Breakfast (2); President Junior Class; Chairman Campus Social Com- mittee (4) ; Odd Demonstration (4); Annual Staff (3); Torch Night (1, 2, 3, 4); Classical Club; Cotillion Club. Jessie Lee Wilder Clearwater A. B. IN arts and sciences Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Torch Niglit (3) ; Odd Demonstration (3); Class volley ball (2). Sara Wilkerson Jacksonville A. B. IN education $M Senate; iTorch Night (1, 2); Secretary Panhellenic (3); Dele- gate to Panhellenic Conference (3), Usher Committee (3); President Panhellenic (4). W, - r Frances Williams Fort White A. B. IN education Mary K. Williams Homestead A. B. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Lola Wood Clearwater A. B. IN EDUCATION Glee Club (4); B. S. U. Council A(iE 8;5 Georgia Ruth Work Clearwater B. S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCES Mortar Board ; Freslimau Cabinet ; Executive Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3, 4) ; Volley ball, class, (3, 4) ; Hockey, class (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Swimming, class and Odd (2); F Club; Class Secretary (3); [Senate (3, 4); Freshman ad- visor (3); House chairman (4); Chairman of Lower Court (4) ; Judiciary (4); Life Saving- Corps. Mary F. Young Madison a. B. in EDUCATION Helen F. Wilson Jacksonville B. S. IN EDUCATION nB KAn Senate; Executive Cabinet of Y. W. C. A.; President of Senior class; Chairman Freshman Cabinet; Freshman Commission; Freshman Advisor (3) ; Treas- urer of Sophomore Glass; Chair- man of Junior Senior party (3). -A h PAGE Si jl DeMontigne, Holt, Whitaker, and Wilson, Presidents, past, present and who knows — perhaps future ! k? Some wise girls who believe in putting their best feet forward, or can they be revealing their black soles . . . Evidently Jeanie is going to report Parkie for not having signed up for a date . . . To cap the climax, the F. S. C. W. brain trust, a group of big women on the campus, but they ' d be big anywhere . . . Nuts ! or to be explicit, Cameron, Fowler, and Fergie in a characteristic pose . . . Makgaret K. Anderson President ' untozi Junior Class Officers Margaret K. Anderson President Harriett Lawrence Vice-President Roberta Clifford Secretary Audrey Farmer Treasurer Dorothy Leach Parliamentarian Mary Catherine Drennan Representative to Senate Br fW f-m Harriett Lawrence Windermere Roberta Clifford Orlando PAGE 87 l... Mary Catherine Drennan Palatka Audrey Farmer Jacksonville Dorothy Leach Tampa Josephine Acosta Tampa Elizabeth Akin Winter Park Caroline Athon Bradenton PAt; I SS 8 8 w Sylvia Atren Clearwater Edith Ayers Chattahoochee Dorothy Bagley Cottondale Kathryn Barrs Jacksonville Mildred Bass Quincy Elizabeth Beach Miami Katherine Beyer Cocoa Katherine Blood Winter Haven Frances Boggs Jacksonville JuANiTA Buchanan Jacksonville Annis Bowen Chipley YVETTE BREAUX Jacksonville Elizabeth Brooks Balboa, C. Z. X Agnes Campbell Chipley Audrey Cayson Blountstown Virginia Chandler Avon Park PAGE 90 P rftV Evelyn Chauncey Lake Butler Rebecca Clemons Tallahassee Jean Crago Gainesville Virginia Cromartie Reddick Barbara Crosland Lake Wales Genevieve Crowley Tampa Carlotta Cubillas Miami Barbara Curry Bradenton Anne Curtright Orlando Florence Devine Tallahassee Madeline Duncan Summerfield Ruth Dickson Jacksonville Josephine Douglas Lake Worth GE 01 Mary Dunn Daytona Beach Minna Dunn Daytona Beach Dorothy Edwards Thomasville, Ga. t. t i ., 1 ' ■I ) I Ethyle Mae Edwards Palm Beach Irene Edwards Miami Mary Elizabeth Edwins Pensacola Marjorie Fain Tallahassee -. -. yy H ' Ruth Feinberg Lake Wales Betty Fellows Panama City Nancy Felt DeLand Dorothy Fineran Gainesville Harriet Foster Quincy Jean Gilles Tallahassee Jean Gilmer Tampa Agnes Goss Tampa Margaret Graham Tampa Nadia Grainger Jacksonville Isabelle Gleason Eau Gallie Elizabeth Green Port Orange PAGE 93 r Janet Griffitts Jacksonville Shirley Harkness Princeton I r r Anna Groover hake City Irene Haimowitz Jacksonville Winifred Hansen Tallahassee Polly Harrell Chipley Eleanor Harris Miami Marjorie Harris Fort Myers Nina Hughes St. Petersburg Mary Delia Irvine St. Augustine Doris Isted Eustis Harriette Jeffries Jacksonville PACE n.-j ■M S Emily Johnson Bradenton , ' ' -f Annua Jones Jacksonville Kathryn Karrick Eau Gallie Rebecca Keith Lakeland OD i i - ' ' --XI i ' i5X i:: J)J I Jewel Kelly Perry Evelyn Kennard Tampa I Mary Key Green Cove Springs Helen Kibler Lakeland Josephine King Lakeland Charlotte Kinzie Fort Myers Elizabeth Kirby-Smith Jacksonville Elaine Klepper Orlando I I Mary Wylie Kluppelberg Fort Pierce Sara Krentzman Milton Gertrude Kuhn Bartow ■AGE 97 Julia Lamar Pensacola Opal Langley Taft Clara Belle Lankford Key West Floy Lenert Jacksonville Celia Levy Miami ' ? 7 ' " V " W Lj -u-.y - (r Anna Belle Linger Orlando Marie Lyons Tampa Lucy Gee Linn Lakeland Mary Litschgi Tampa Jessilee Lumpkin St. Petersburg Betty Manning Jacksonville ZuLA Marchetta Tampa Vivian Marshall Apalachicola Sarah Martin Miami Marion Mason Clearwater Ruth McAnulty Panama City Mary McCormick Cocoanut Grove ' f»m Doris McKenzie Dania Betty Meyer Orlando Sara Mikell DeLand Helen Miller Tampa XSEr Margaret Milton Jacksonville Margaret Mintzer Miami Beach Ruth Mock Tampa Flynn Moore Jacksonville Jane Moyer Fort White Marjorie Mueller Miami Elizabeth Murray Ocala Margaret Murray Altamonte Springs Ruth Murray Princeton Caroline Oliver West Palm Beach Gladys Oliver Marianna Clairnelle O ' Steen High Springs Kathleen Owens Chipley Rose Panowski Milton Dorothy Osincup Orlando Rosalind Parker Tallahassee ; AGE 101 ,. PAGE 102 - : ' X ' i (v I Frances Passmore Bradenton Mary Bruce Patterson Miami M ' A H . J MF " H flL ' " ' Q H H VV I— ' AH Hfl a H p! " v i M _ j .r™ T M B myl B HjkTj jH Laurita Pearson Miami Ruth Persons Fort White Mary Frances Pemberton Clermont . 4 xj } - Frances Phillips Jacksonville Maky Pekry Pollock Fort Myers Alice Porter St. Petersburg Mary Frank Price Alford Ruth Rainbolt Miami Martha Reddick Jacksonville Harriet Roberts Miami Beach Anne Leigh Rollins Everglades Mercia Scott A rcadia Joyce Reed Tarpon Springs Dorothy Shaw Polk City rxt x " ■ f ' " » } i ' J fiSr ! VI r ■--Cjt PAGK 103 -■] ' jy Edna Lee Shuler De Funiak Springs Althea Smith Fort Myers Audrey Smith Madison Leona Stimmel St. Augustine LuRLiNE Smith Tampa Geneva Stout St. Augustine Mildred Smith Jacksonville Sarah Stuart Tampa ' ' Evelyn Stump Starke Antoinette Sullivan Fort Lauderdale Nettie Taylor Chipley PAGE 105 Wylma TerBush Miami Henrietta Thames Jacksonville 1 ' .! Mary Etta Thistlethwaite Fort Lauderdale Mary Laura Tilley Clearwater Adeline Tillman Tampa PAGE 106 . V ' ' A r y Ruth Toland Jacksomnlle Jane Tombaugh Bradenton Bertha Veith Jacksonville LuLA Walker Miami Frances Hurst Wall Jacksonville Beach Yulee Way Orlando Edith Webb Mandarin Grace Mary Webster St. Petersburg Virginia Weldon Tampa Mary Frances Whisnant Fort Myers Grace Wicks Tallahassee Margaret Wilkinson Jupiter i-.ai.: l Nancy Wilkinson Palatka Claire Williams Jacksonville Martha Williams Arcadia Constance Windham West Palm Beach Ctfi fr iff i .V,-: •:• i W Martha Woliston Miami Edie and Minna reading child psychology, the better freshman manias to be . . . Recess to F. S. C. W. My ! My ! will these children never grow up ... A bvnich of chums reminiscent of " When Patty went to college. " ... If these were fresh- men we might accuse them of waiting for a street car . . . they really ought to curb such impulses. Janice Borton President c odfi omox i 1 Sophomore Class Officers Janice Borton President Martha Hall Vice-President Mary Miller Secretary Sue Whitaker Treasurer Anna Glenn Parliamentarian Mary Jeanne McKay Representative to Senate Marie Spurlock Representative to Senate Rita Snyder Athletic Manager MARTHA HALL MARIE SPURLOCK SUE WHITAKER GLADYS ABENSON ANNA GLENN GWENDOLYN ADAIR MARY JEANNE MCKAY GLADYS AHERN LORRAINE ALLRED JEANNETTE ANNIN IRGINIA AMANN SARAH ANTHONY BETSEY ANDERSON ELIZABETH AYALA ' i ELLEN ANDERSON I HELEN AYALA LEAH ANDREWS VIRGINIA BAGGS PAGE 112 l - N i NELLIE BAHRT LILLY BARNETT MARIAN BAILEY EIAERA BELLON MURIEL BAKER LELA BEM ' LEY i BARBARA BANDY PEARL BERMAN VERA BAREFOOT ELEANOR BIGGERS r - f 0 n JOSEPHINE BINION HAZEL BOWMAN ESTELLE BLACK MARY BRANDON FRANCES BOOTS ANNETTE BREWER DOROTHY BORDEN CARL BRIGMAN EVELYN BOWDEN JANICE BRILL MARY FRANCES BURFORD HELEN CATE MARY DRAPER BURGOON JANET CHARLES ALMA BUTLER JEAN CLARK MARION CARSON MAMIE JANE CLARK ' ELIZABETH CARTER MARY STEWART CLARK VIRGINIA CLARK LYDIA CRAIG MARY JO CLAYTON DOROTHY CREWS CHAUNCEY COLEMAN BETH DAANE RUTH CONNOR ROSALYN DAUM MARGUERITE CORDES EMILY DAVIS PACK 113 m mpA P--,IJL - ■. J r J MARGUERITE DAVIS ROBERTA DIAMOND SARAH MAE DAVIS MARY ELISE DICKENSON MARY DE GUENTHER BEULAH DIXON %. MARGARET DELANEY MARY ELIZABETH DOLFIN HELEN DEVRIES ANNE DONNELL VIRGINIA DUKE FRANCES ELLIS ANNE DURR MARY ENNEIS IRGINIA EARLY liOBBYE ESTES EDITH HAYES EFFINGER SARAH MYRVIN EVERETT HAZEL ELLIOTT MAR(;ARET FEE MARION JOE FERRELL ANNE FREEMAN BEATRICE GILLIS MARTHA GODARD ELLEN FLEMING MIRIAM FRYE ELEANOR FLINT MARY GANNON FRANCES FORTH MARY VIRGINIA GEIGER PATRICIA FOSTER MARY KATHRYN GIBSON I ' AGK J 15 oj ' -- MARIE GINN VDELINE GOLDSTEIN PATRICIA GIVEN MARY CLYDE GRACE MARGIE GLEN BETTY ANNE GRAHAM DORIS GODARD ANGELA GRILEY SYLVIA GUITO ELIZABETH HAMMOND EDWENIN ' A HAMILTOiV MARGARET HARRIS ELIZABETH HAMILTON MATTA FOY HAKT MARTHA VIRGINIA HAMILTON VELMA HENDRICKS ROSEMARY HAMLY FLOSSIE HENRY SARA HETHCOX LUCY JANE HOUSER MARY ANN HILLS LOTTIE RUTH HOWARD ESTHER HODEK BARBARA HUBBARD MARY LOUISE HOENSHEL JANE HUBBARD SARA HOSEA GLENN HUNT I ' AflK 117 ADALAIDE IRELAND ALETA JONES WINONA IRELAND KATHRYN KEE MARY JETTON CLARA KRAMER GOLDIE JOHNSTON KATHERINE KYLE YVONNE JOHNSON MARGARET LAFFERTY RUTH LAUFFER EMILIE LOCKWOOD VIRGINIA LAUGHNER MARY ELLEN LOVELACE ALMA LESTER FRANCES LOWRY FRANCES LINGLE ERNA LUNDY CLARA BELLE LIPSEY ALICE DEAN MABRY :, -, t CtT c -v;: BETTY MACE ELIZABETH MARRON BETTY MACK MARJORIE MARSTOIN MARTHA MAKEMSON RUTH MARVIN EDITH MANFORD DAISYANNA MASSEY BESSIE MALOUNEIC FJ IZABETII MATIIENY MARY MATHIS ROSEMARY MCGLINCHY MARGARET MAXWELL SARA MCGREGOR OINE MCADAMS MARY MCGUNAGLE MAGGIE MCCALL BETTY MCKINNON CATHERIIVE MCGARRY DOROTHY MCLEAN PEGGY MCMICHAEL ANNA MARIE MITCHELL JESSIE MEAD ' ; J FRANCES MOCK MARY MLOlNNlSS DOROTHY MOELLER VIRGINIA MERK MARJORIE MOOK RUBY MESSER MARY LOUISE MOORE SARA NELL MOORE FRANCES MORROW W LULA MAE MOOTY FAY MUCKEL f CARMEN MORAN I IMARY LEE MULLIS HAZEL MORELAND MARY MYRICK CORNELIA MORFORD KUTH MYRICK iL. PAG] 12U I tS ,1 MARGARET NEFF CLOTILDE o ' ROURKE MARJORIE NOGGLE ETHEL PACHECO ANNAWILDA NORRIS DAISY PARKER GWENDOLYN O BERRY BETTY PECK BERNICE OLIVER EDITH PERKINS VIRGINIA PEYTON DOROTHY RAWLS MARGARET PINKOSON ALICE REEDY EMILY PINNEY ANNIE LAURIE RENTZ MARY POLLARD MARY OLA REYNOLDS JULIA RADFORD KATHLEEN ROBINSON MARY BELLE ROGERS ANNE SAMS MAYME RUSSELL CLARICE SANCHEZ SARA RUTLEDGE LILLIAN SCHULTE DOROTHY RYAN LOUISE SCHWADERER I RUTH SADLER MILDRED SEEKINS ALICIA SIERRA KATHRYN SMITH LILLIAN SIMMONS MARIE SNYDER MARY SIMPSON MARGARET SPURLOCK (,M ' IM ' MON - " I M II. I. BETTY SWEET SMITH MIRIAM STEIN ( ■Xi . I ' AGE 121 H i " , rA--S " " ; EDRIKA STENSTROM YVONNE TAIT SHIRLEY STEVENS JO OLIVA TAYLOR MAY STOCKBRIDGE MARIE TAYLOR ANN SUMMERLIN TWILAH TAYLOR ELEANOR SUTTLES VIOLA TAYLOR JANE THARIN MARJORIE TILLIS ETHEL THOMAS GERTRUDE TOMKIES MARGARET THOMPSON BONNEVIERE TOMLINSON MARY TILGHMAN ELIZABETH TOUCHTON MARY TILLER HELEN TURNBULL " w -;9 . r AMBER VIVIAN TURNER CHARLOTTE VEITH HAZEL VIERTEL SARAH TWEED HELEN WAHLBERG SARA TYLER EDWINA WAKEFIELD JULIA VANDERIPE ANITA WALDER OPAL WALKER MARION WEEKS MAXINE WARD (.RACE WHITAKER MARGARET WARE MONICA WILEY I CAROLYN WATERMAN MARTHA LEE WILKERSON LUCILE WATSON ELEANOR WILLIAMS I ' mrnktM PAGE 124 0 " " ELNA WILLIAMS DOROTHY WRIGHT JEAN WILLIS NEITA MAY WRIGHT HELENA WILSON MINNA YOCKEY BANKS CARTER WOOD LYNNORA YOUNG A group of F Club goats with stowaway Hamilton, who, believe it or not, actually managed to have an F removed ! ! ! ... So Peyton really is up a tree, showing us some real limbs. As for her friend, well, birds of a feather, you know . . . There is Jean Clark, Frances Morrow, Ann Derr — uh, you know the rest, all just plugging away . . . , ' S 1 Anne Mizell President JZElk niEn Anne Mizell President Betty Wheeless Vice-President Josephine Trantham Secretary Mary Nell Pinckard Treasurer Ruth Lind Parliamentarian Viola Brooks Athletic Manager BETTY WHEELESS MARGARET ADKINS JOSEPHINE TRANTHAM EDITH ADKINSON MARY NELL PINCKARD MINNA AGRESS RUTH LIND CECELIA ALEXANDER VIOLA BROOKS MARGARET ALFORD Wk Bk A LOIS ADKINS IRMA ALLEN MARGARET AMES JOY BAILEY HAZEL ANDERSON ELSIE BAIRD HAZEL G. ANDERSON ANNABELLE BAKER MARIE ANDERSON FRANCES BALDWIN PHIL ASHER LOUIELLE BALL BAY BACON BARBARA BANNERMAN PAGE 127 N A f ( . jM RUTH BARKER MARTHA BATTEY W ' k MADGE BARNES MARTHA BAUGHMAN EDNA BARR ANNE BAYLY ELISE BARRETT MARY BEAVER BETTY BARY JUNE BEBINGER HELEN BASSETT JANICE BEGLEY JUDITH BELL FRANCES BISHOP DOROTHY BELLAMY MARTHA BISHOP HAZEL BENNETT GWENDOLYN BLAKE ROSALIE BERGA CAROLINE BLOUNT HELEN BIGGERS JEAN BLOUNT CLARA BIRDSALL MARGARET MARTHA BLOUNT ELIZABETH BOW SUSAN BLOW DOROTHY BOYD VIRGINIA BOGGS DOROTHY BRANCH OLIVIA BOLAND MAXINE BRAVERMAN LETITIA BOND ELLA BROOKS MILDRED BOOTH BEVERLY BROWN GEORGETTE BROWN MARJORIE BUTLER MARGUERITE BROWN MARGUERITE BYRD VIRGINIA BROWN BETTY L. CAMPBELL DOROTHY BRYAN MARTHA CAMPBELL MARY L. BRYAN CHARLOTTE CARLTON LILLIAN BURFORD FRIEDA CARLTON ,i PAGE 130 X •, r w p. ,r GERTRUDE CARN ELIZABETH CHITTEY VIRGINIA CARROLL MARION CLARKE SARAH CARTER ISABELL CLARKE CATHERINE CHEATHAM SARAH CLARKE i CORA CHENEY i MARY COARSEY ANNE CHICHESTER ARETICE COLE MADGE COLLIER HELENE CORDES LOIS COLLINS ANTOINETTE COURTNEY LORENA COMBS JANE CRALLE JANET COOK MARY E. CRANE AUDREY COOPER KITTY CRANEY MARIANNA COOMBS RUTH CREWS JERE CROOK JOSEPHINE DAVIS WILLA MAE CROSBY VIRGINIA DAVIS ALUCIA CROWELL LUCILE DELAHAYE HELEN DANIEL DOROTHY DIETRICK JULIA DANIEL JUNE DIETRICK ELOISE DAVIS LEILA DICKEY EDYTHE DICKSON LOUISE DOYLE ISABEL DILLARD JEAN DUNCAN DOROTHY DIXON ALICE DYAL HELEN DIXON ANITA EASTON HELEN DONN HELEN EISMAN JANE DOVVDELL FRANCES ELLIS PAGl ■; PI i ■( 1 ) fi. " - ' . . ■ ' ' s- V. — - ' " ' ■ ■ ESTELLE ELMORE TOMMIE FAIRCLOTH ERMA ENGEL THERESA FALK CHARLOTTE ENGSTROM JANICE FARWELL MARTHA EVANS EDNA FEINBERG ROSE EVANS ELIZABETH FENN PAULINE EVELETH MARIE FERGUSON BETTY JO FERRILL MARIE FOLEY SHIRLEY FIELD RUTH FOLLIN LUCILLE FINLEY LOIS FORESTER EVELYN FISHER MARY FORESTER 1 ' - WSm ELIZABETH FLAKE DONIA FOSTER BABETTE FLEMING MINTINE FOSTER FLORENCE FOWLER tARY JANE GALLEMORE ELOISE FRINK RUTH GARCIA DAGMAR FRIPP ELIZABETH GARDNER MAXINE FUGATE MERCEDES GARRIGA SPURGEON FULFORD CELIA GARY JANE GAGE ADELINE GEHRKENS PHYLIS GEWIN LURLINE GOODMAN 4 PEGGY GILFILLAN ESTHER GOODWIN RITA GILLEYLEN BERNICE GORDON DIXIE GIST NELLIE GRADDY MADGE GLEN SARA GRAHAM ; VIRGINIA GODWIN CAREY GRASSFIELD ' f ■i- ■ WILLA GREER MARY FRANCES HALES I CHRISTIiNE GRIFFIN HELEN HALL ESTHER GRIFFING MARY HALSTEAD ....od£ ,_ GRACE CROFF LUCILLE HAM F l LORINE GUIN ELIZABETH HAMILTON MINNIE JANE HACKNEY PATRICIA HAMILTON EVELYN HAMMOND ANNETTE HARR IS MARY HAMMOND JEAN HARRIS MABEL HAMPTON KATHLEEN HARRIS MARY HARDEN INEZ HARRISON CLAUDIA HARPER FRANCES HARTLEY AMY HARRIS MYRTICE HARVEY ESTHER HAY MARY HIGGINS RUTH HEEION DOROTHY HILL CARROLL HENDERSON DOROTHY HOFFMAN BARBARA HENDRY MARY HOFFMAN BETTY HERRING BARBARA HOLMES ifll ANN HICKMAN MARGARET HOLWAY LAURABEL HOPKINS MILDRED Hl ' DMON MARY LEE HOPKINS ■MILDRED HURST MARJORIE HORTON MARY HUTCHISON MARTHA HOSEA ELEANOR HUTCHISON B5LLIE HOTARD MARGARET HUXFORD EDITH HUDDLESTON MIRIAM IVEY I ' AGE 1 Tf, t ' k. , « Mi C f u ' • «• : . O PAGE 136 - f- " r ELOISE JACKSON BETTE JOHNSON JEAN JACKSON DOROTHY JOHNSON PAULINE JACOBSON RUBY JOHNSON ANNE JETER ESTELLE JOHNSTON ,| ; ELIZABETH JINKS PATSY JOHNSTON MAXINE JOFFRE ADELAIDE JONES CAROL JONES GLADYS KEEN IXA FLORENCE JONES GENEVIEVE KENLY MARGERY JONES FLORENCE KERR MARTHA JONES MARY ELLEN KIMBALL EDWINOLA JORDAN RHODORA KIMBALL KATHERI E KAIN MARTHA KING 4 ,J ' MARY KINSER RUTH KNIGHT JANE KIRKEBY SARAH KNIGHT NINA KIRKLAND ELOISE KNOX MARY KIRKPATRICK ELIZABETH KORST ELIZABETH KNAPP BLANCHE LAMAR PAGE 137 MARJORIE KNIGHT NELLIE LAMAR MARY LEE LANAHAN ROSA LEVIN ERMINE LAWRENCE ROSE LEVY JOSEPHINE LAZZERA FRANCES LEWIS EDNA LEE VIRGINIA LIDE MILDRED LEE MURIEL LIEBMAN MARTHA LESTER RUTH LIND 1 - " w ? .r : PAGE 138 LOUISE LINGO JEAN LYKES LOIS LONG EDITH LYNCH MILDRED LONG IRIS MACHEN FORTUNA LOPEZ lESSICA MACKEY MARY V. LOPEZ ELIZABETH MALONE CHARMIAN LUFBURROW JIMMY LEE MALONE HAZEL MANUEL FLOSSIE MATHEWS ANNETTE MARCO FREIDA MAXWELL DOROTHEA MARSH JEAN MAZE JEAN MASSEY ELS A MCCAHILL MARY MASSIE MARGARET MCCALL EILEEN MASTERS MARGIE MCCARY y7 ' ' -|A . RUTH MCCLAIN ALICIA MEACHAM MARY MC CLEAR Y ALTHEA MEBANE JUANITA MCELHANNO N MARGARET MELVIN LILLIE MCGUIRK HELEN MENNEKEN MARIAN MC KINNEY ONA MERRELt ELEANOR MC LEAD JUNE MESERVE PHOEBE MESSEK LOULETTE MILLOT ;ERALDINE MEYERS FAIR MILTEER MARY MICHEL MARY MIZELL MARY K. MICKLER SARA MOOR GERALDINE MILES MARY ANN MOORE REBA MILLER MARY JOYCE MOORHEAD V; c.- ihi ' - - ' t •- " X I 14(1 ! ' 1 ' i -- JANE MORFORO FLORA NELSON ICASIMIR MUMBY GENEVA NELSON BETTE MUMFORD MARY NEWBOLD GRACE MUNROE VIRGINIA NORTHCUTT HELEN MURRAY SALLIE NUZUM HAZEL MYRICR DOROTHY NYE -ri ' CATHERINE O BRYAN RUTH ANN ORLIN ETHEL OGDEN NAN O ' SHAUGHNESSY MARJORIE OLIVER ELIZABETH OSTLUND DOROTHY OLMSTEAD BETTY PARKER ELLA O NEILL ORTRUDE PARKS JULIA O QUINN LILLA PARKAMORE EVELYN PARRISH 4STRID PETERSON GWENDOLYN PATTERSON MARY PFEIFFER ROSEMARY PAYNE DOROTHY PHILLIPS HELEN PECK VIRGINIA PHILLIPS CHARLOTTE PELSANG MARY PICHARD SHIRLEY PEMBERTON ELIZABETH PIERCE JANET PIERCE ALICE PREVATT MARGARET PIERSON ANN QUARTERMAN RAYMONDINE PONCE ANNETTE QUINLEY HELENA POWELL JANE QUINN RLTH PRATHER EDITH M. RAMSAUR KATHRYN PRATT MARY E. RAMSEY ' v,: t. ' . 1. MARY RANKIN GLADYS RICHARDSON MARJORIE RAULERSON MARGUERITE RICON HAZEL REAMS JEANNETTE ROBERTSON LOTTA RECK EILEEN ROBINSON JANE RICE GRACE ROGAN VIRGINIA RICHARDS LOUISE RODGERS KATHERINE ROGERS ETHEL RUNYAN MARGARET ROGERS FRANCYS SADLER MARGARET W. ROGERS MARY E. SADLER MARIAN ROGERS ROSE SAFER RACHEL ROTHSTEIN HAZEL SAMS ELEANOR RUFF ISABELLE SANDS MMlitii MARGARET SCHMIDLI ETHEL MAE SHAFFER MARY K. SCOTT VESTA SHELLHORSE SHIRLEY SCREVEN RACHEL SHERMAN INEZ SEABROOK MARY SHIPLEY RACHEL SEAY VIRGINIA SHULTZ MARY SHACKLEFORD KATHLEEN SIMPSON FLORIS SINQUEFIELD JANE GRAY STEVENS MARGUERITE SJOSTROM NANCY STEWART DOROTHY SMITH NELLE ST. JOHN MARCIA SMITH BARBARA STOCKWELL HAZEL SPENCER LETTY STONEBRAKER HILDA SPRADLIN MARGARET STOUT ■ ' I •5 iw " --: i :j i ' : : ■f) CLARA STRINGFIELD MARY FRANCES SWANN MARJORIE STUMP ;s»-. MARY E. SWEAT LUCILE SUMMERS CATHERINE SWINDLE MABRY SUMNER NONA TATOM DOROTHY SWANBORN BARBARA TAYLOR MARIANNA SWANK EDYTHE TAYLOR ' v ' ■ t y GRACE TAYLOR SARA TILLMAN MARY THARPE KATHRYN TODD MARGUERITE THOMAS VIRGINIA TOFFALETTI LEONE THORNTON LUCY TOMBERLIN LILLIAN THORNTON JEAN TREADWELL JEAN TILDEN FLORENCE TRUSIIEN SARA TUMLIN MARY K. VAN WYK ELIZABETH TURNER AVA VICKERS ETTA VIRGINIA TURNER MARY VOSS JEWEL TURNER VALDEZ WADSWORTH VIRGINIA TURNER WINONA WAITE PEGGY VAN DYKE HELEN WALDE MARGARET WALDEN BLANCHE WEEKS BETTYE WARD LUCILLE WEEKS ELIZABETH WARTMANN MARJORIE WEEMS DOROTHY WATSON DAISY WELCH MURIEL WATSON BARBARA WELLES KATHERINE WEBSTER MARTHA WELLS L. A PAGE 145 h- ' " ' PAGE ■liWMiliy.i ' . 14H B f f ' FELICIA WEST LOUISE WHIDDON ELIZABETH WEST ROSETTA WHILDEN VIRGINIA WESTBROOK ANNE WHITE MARY WHEELER VIRGINIA WHITE BETTY WHEELESS GENIE WHITESIDE ELIZABETH WHIDDEN WINIFRED WIGGIN RUBY WIGGINS DOROTHY WILLIAMS KATHERINE WILHELM LOUISE WILLIAMS ;enevieve wilkins madge williams MARY WILLA CLAIRE WILSON ANNA WILLIAMS ALYCE WOLDEN CONSTANCE WILLIAMS BETHEL WOOD MARY WOODBERRY MARTHA WRIGHT EDNA YACOBIAN r I LORRAINE YARBROUGH ELIZABETH YOCKEY ISABEL YON A bunch of freshmen who are climbing to the top . . . Rowdy Dowdy, that ' s us, Engel and Spardlin . . . The eyes of the world, our little Nina, who is developing into quite a film star. Instead of answering the roll she now replies, " Look this way and smile. " . . . Don ' t mistake these gals for flowers in the sunken garden — they just let their appetites run wild and are trying to recuperate for their one thirties ... PAGE 147 « Book III Florida State College, for Women, Tallahassee, Florida -ti I K Features i FACIE 151 The College Girl ' s World Let this section symbolize the fleet leap of Time as he races his cycling course. Having touched nine month- marks, he has completed three-fourths of the dial — and a college girl ' s year. Let each shadow-picture symbolize that phase of school existence which the subject best represents, and relieve the swift gamut of activity — blood- tanging cheers of Demonstration — flickering beauty of Torch Night — warm excitement of Prom week-end — heart- tugging solemnity of Commencement — I Charm- 4 the medieval qiiaintness of Fealty — Grecian tradition of Torch Night — the sentiment of Class Day — - PAGE 153 WTf- Carolina Florence DeMontigne I Sportsmanship- crispness of Fall and the Thanksgiving games — shrill referee ' s whistle at the Class tournaments — that intangible something called ' sportsmanship ' — PAGE 155 . ' P Hazel Royall i Originality- startling presentations of Demonstrations — the fresh individuality of student publications — the tap-tap of Junior Minstrel feet — PAGE 157 Hazel Caroline Goza Intellect " gleaming silver of scholarship awards — Greek letters gilded by idealism — the Gothic light patterns of the library at night — I ' AOE 159 Louise Fleming Robertson Wit-- -gay banter of classmates — amazing garbs of club goats — that flash of humor in certain professors — PAGE 161 Frances Taliaferro Parks Beauty- hunting Prom melodies — an interweaving of dancing figures — the pastel grace of May Day frocks, and roses — PAGE 163 Minna Wallace Dunn Personality- eager bustle of dormitory days — hushed stateliness of the library — atmosphere of the campus as a whole — Charlotte Christine Stevens PAGE 165 Dignity- black and white of senior and sophomore at Investiture — the glowing torches of Mortar Board — and gowned solemnity of Commencement — PAGE 167 Martha Olivia Whitakek Book IV Bonn University, Bonn, Germany PAGE 171 r;j| . i B ' . ♦-•T ' " .-■ ' - ■■ ' ' mbb s £ii . »( - • MRS. E. L. BEESON STATE PRESIDENT MRS. ROBERT LESLIE SECRETARY Alumnae Clubs Florida State College for Women Florida City Clubs Clearwater Miss Maude B. McCall, ' 24 Ft. Pierce Mrs. Alto Adams (Carra Williams, ' 23) Jacksonville Miss Katherine Warren, ' 33 Key West Mrs. Neil Knowles (Dorothy Archer, ' 32) Miami Miss Charlotte Chase, ' 32 New Smyrna Miss Anne Pattillo, ' 04 Panama City Miss Arabelle Joyner, ' 32 Pensacola Miss Marjorie Mackey, ' 33 Sanford Mrs. R. O. Williams (Gladys Morris, ' 22) St. Petersburg Miss Ila Waller, ' 27 Tampa Miss Margaret Boyle, ' 22 County Clubs Alachua County Mrs. Burton Ames (Effie Doran, ' 26 Brevard County Mrs. Frank D. Whitney (Carolyn Folsom, ' 29) Broward County Miss Elizabeth Tribble, ' 33 Polk County Mrs. C. H. Summers, Jr., (Lois Overstreet, ' 25) Gadsden County Miss Dorothy Feinberg, ' 31 Palm Beach County Miss Antionette Guentner, ' 33 A ew; York New York City Mrs. J. C. Williamson (Florence Conibear, ' 17) PAGE 172 Executive Council OF THE College Government Association The Executive Council of the College Gov- ernment Association, composed of the six exective officers and president of Y.W.CA. as Ex-officio member, is the body which formulates the policies of the Association and carries out the practical application of such policies. CAROLIiVA DEMONTIGNE Carolina DeMontigne President Helenmary Fritsch Chairman of Judiciary Margaret Graham First f ' icr-Prrsident Katherine Blood Second ' ice-President Martha Makeimson Secretary Abbie Lyle Treasurer HURLm, DEMONTIGNE, FRITSCH, BLOOD NALL, MAKEMSON, GRAHAM, LYLE The Judiciary OF THE College Government Association The purpose of the Judiciary is to ascertain offences against the rules of College Gov- ernment and to try the offender to help discover methods of assist ing the student offender to adapt herself earnestly to tlie higher standards and to contribute iier best to the advancement of her college community. ' ' HELENMARY FRITSCH Helenmary Fritsch Chairman Marian Brantley „ Ti [ Senior Representatives 1 RANGES Parks ) Minna Dunn ) „ ,, [ Junior Representatives Betty Meyer ) Miriam Frye Sophomore Representative Carolina DeMontigne President of C. G. A. Margaret Graham First Vice-President of C. G. A. Katherine Blood Second Vice-President of C. G. A. Martha Makemson Secretary of C. G. A. Abbie Lyle Treasurer of C. G. A. Georgia Ruth Work Chairman of Residence Halls dunn, graham, meyer, hurlin, lyle PARKS, FRITSCH, GLEN, DEMONTIGNE blood, makemson, work, branti,ey, frye PACK 173 PAGE 174 The Lower Court OF THE College Government Association Lower Court, which is made up of the House Chairmen, is a part of the Judicial Department of College Government As- sociation. It is the purpose of the Court to deal with infractions of dormitory regulations in the residence halls, and in so doing to promote greater appreciation of these rules. GEORGIA RUTH WORK Georgia Ruth Work Chairman Members Barbara Bell Jean Hamner Ruth Daniel Virginia Tucker Wava Godwin Ex-Officio Members Helenmary Fritsch Chairman of Judiciary Frances Hurlin Freshman Advisor tucker, hamner DANIEL, BELL, GODWIN FRITSCH, HURLIN The Senate OF THE College Government Association The purpose of the Senate is to Leg- islate and to Establish Regulations for tlie Government of the Student Body. Margaret Anderson Betty Bailey Barbara Bell Katherine Blood Janice Borton Marian Brantley Ruth Daniel Carolina DeMontigne Minna Dunn Merle Fillingim Helenmary Fritsch Lucy Fulghum Miriam Frye Barbara Garfunkel Jean Gillis Members Anna Glen Hazel Goza Wava Godwin Margaret Graham Janet Griffitts Jean Hamner Virginia Holt Frances Hurlin Evelyn Kennard Dorothy Leach Evelyn Lewis Marie Lingo Sara Butler Logan Abbie Lyle Mary Jeanne McKay KENNARD, HOLT, NALL goza, ANDERSON, MACKEY, PARKS, HAMNER LYLE, DUNN, GRIFFITTS LINN, HURLIN, MEYER, FRYE CAROLINA DEMONTIGNE Louise Mackey Martha Makemson Betty Manning Betty Meyer Jennie Rae Nall Ann Norris Frances Parks Louise Robertson Marie Spurlock Ruth Toland Virginia Tucker Martha Whitaker Sara Wilkerson Helen Wilson Georgia Ruth Work graham, wilkerson, whitaker ash, lewis, spurlock, manning PAGE 175 Freshman Commission Freshman Commission is composed of a iroup of girls selected from the Fresh- man class each spring by the Executive Board of College Government Association. Freshman Commission is the connecting organ between Student Government and the Freshman class. It takes care of the superfluous duties of the Student Govern- ment. Each commission girl feels it her duty to establish higher ideals among the students. Officers Arv:NA Glen Chairman Janice Borton V ice-Chairman Beth Daane Secretary BLOOD AND GLEN Virginia Amann Eleanor Biggers Josephine Binion Dorothy Borden Ann Donnell Edith Hayes Effinger Mryvin Everett Pat Foster Miriam Frye Peggy Gilfillan Members Martha Hall Mary Ann Hills Winona Ireland Mary Jetton GoLDiE Johnston Lois Louis Martha Makemson Edith Manford Ruth Marvin Mary Miller Marjorie Moore Marjorie Noggle Ann Norris Evelyn Patterson Virginia Rogers Lillian Simmons Yvonne Tait Marie Taylor Viola Taylor Maxine Ward Sponsor Ivatherine Blood tait, binion, noggle, JOHNSTON, MOORE effinger, ROGERS, FRYE EVERETT, DAANE, MILLER, MANFORD DONNELL, SIMMONS, MARVIN JETTON, WARD, BORDEN, M. TAYLOP BIGGERS, FOSTER, IRELAND, LOUIS The Executive Cabinet Young Woman ' s Christian Association This organization, in direct relationship with the students and with the students ' National Young Woman ' s Christian Asso- ciation, has for its purpose an interpreta- tion to the stvxdents of a " Full and Creative Life, through a Growing Knowledge of God. In this Task we Seek to Understand Jesus and to Follow Him. " JENNIE RAE NALL Officers Jennie Rae Nall President Lucy Gee Linn Vice-President Mary Etta Thistlethwaite Secretary Sara Krentzman Treasurer Committee Chairmen Mary Elizabeth Cooley Helen Hartness Jean Hamner Elizabeth Weatherly Helen Wilson Ex-Officio Carolina DeMontigne demontigne, scott, hamner, LOGAN, WEATHERLY. work, norris, rhyne, ash, MITCHELL. hartness, cooley, krentzman, thistlethwaite, linn, WILSON. PACF. 177 PAGE 17S Freshman Cabinet The members of Freshman Cabinet strive to llie best of their ability to foster and encovirage a spirit of service, courage, loy- ahy, friendship, and reverence. They form a connecting link between the Freshman class and the Y. W. C. A. Officers Ann Norris Chairman Charlotte Veith Secretary LINN, NORRIS Betsey Anderson Ellen Anderson Muriel Baker Frances Boots Marion Carson Helen Cate Chauncey Coleman Anna Glenn Members Barbara Hubbard Jane Hubbard Alma Lester Frances Lingle Margaret Maxwell Mary Jeanne McKay Virginia Merry Frances Morrow Clotilde O ' Rourke Sponsor Lucy Gee Linn Betty Peck Ruth Sadler Anne Sams Mary Elizabeth Simpson Marie Spurlock Julia Vanderipe Marie Wesley Sue Whitaker SAMS, J. HUBBARD, CATE, VANDERIPE WHITAKER, CARSON, VEITH, SPURLOCK B. HUBBARD, SADLER COLEMAN, LESTER, BOOTS LINGLE, MORROW, WESLEY, SIMPSON PECK, o ' rOURKE, MAXWELL 1 ? . I JSI J HAZEL ROYALL FClub Hazel Royall . Carolyn Athon Hazel Viertel . Betty Aiken Betty Bailey Kitty Beyer Kathryn Blood Janice Borton Juanita Buchanan Charlotte Cameron Beth Daane Sara Beth Davis Florence DeVine Elise Barrett WiLMA Bristol Viola Brooks Audrey Cooper Mildred Emmelhainz Helen Evans LuciLE Ferguson Janet Griffitts Frances Hurlin Doris Isted Harriet Jefferies Evelyn L ' Abbe Beth Lancaster Cecil Levy Louise Gehan Betty Hamilton Frances Lewis Sallie Bert Nuzum Abbie Lyle Martha Makemson Margaret Maxwell Doris McKenzie Betty Meyer Anna Marie Mitchell Jennie Rae Nall Rose Panowski Frances Parks Elinor Payne Goats Dorothea Marsh Mary Miller Betty Ostlund Kathryn Pratt President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Claire Redfield Mildred Stevens Shirley Stevens Alice Slone Katherine Takach Marie Taylor Mary Etta Thistlethwaite Jane Toimbaugh Marian Weeks Georgia Ruth Work Mildred Seekins Mary Elizabeth Simpson Wynn Tuten Nancy Wilkinson Felicia West LEVY, slone, viertel, BAILEY, PANOWSKI, DEGTOFF, STEVENS, ISTED, CAMERON, FERGUSON, ATHON, MITCHELL, TAKACH thistlethwaite, akin, MCKENZIE, BORTON, STEVENS, MAXWELL, DEVINE, TOMBAUGH, DAANE, EMMELHAINZ BEYER, BUCHANAN, TAYLOR, WORK, PAYNE ,?s»r PAGE 17!) W M W PAGE ISO Woman ' s Athletic Association Tlie Woman ' s Athletic Association of the Florida State College for Women pur- poses to stimvilate interest in a program of wholesome physical activities, to pro- iTiote athletic accomplishment, and to con- tribute to the development of the ideals of health and sportsmanship. BETTY BAILEY Officers Betty Bailey President Rose Panowski Vice-President Beth Daane Secretary Winona Ireland Treasurer Evelyn L ' Abbe Chairman of Intramurals Class Managers Katherine Takach Senior Mildred Emmelhainz Junior Rita Snyder Sophomore Viola Brooks Freshman HURLIN, DAANE, ROYALL emmelhainz, l abbe, brooks redfield, takach, panowski Life Saving Corps Officers Claire Redfield President Marie Taylor Secretary-Treasurer CLAIRE REDFIELD Exainiiiers Elizabeth Autrey Betty Bailey Margaret Flook Grace Fox Frances Hurlin Evelyn L ' Abbe Abbie Lyle Marjorie Mayer Martha Makemson Helen Miller Claire Redfield Hazel Royall Mary Settle Mildred Stewart Marie Taylor Georgia Ruth Work akin, lyle, BRISTOL, LESSEY, SNYDER, BROOKS WEST, HETHCOX, FLOOK, DEVINE, L ABBE, HAZEL, MCGARRY PACE 181 HAMNER, NALL, MEITIN, TAYLOR, COOPER ' .-. y F - M-- . f ' i r;rX- , PAGE 182 Flastacowo Year Book of the Florida State College FOR Women HAZEL GOZA Editorial Staff Hazel Goza Editor-in-Chief Antoinette Sullivan and Edith Webb Associate Editors Frances Forth and Viola Taylor Assistant Editors Sylvia Horner, Ellen Moore, and Grace Whitaker Art Committee Janet Griffitts Athletic Editor Mary Miller Assistant Athletic Editor Virginia Merry Picture Editor Virginia Amann Copy Editor Louise Mackey Senior Editor HORNER, whitaker, MOORE, MILLER SULLIVAN, AMANN, TAYLOR GRIFFITTS, FORTH, WEBB, MACKEY Flastacowo Published By the Senior Class MARIE LINGO Business Staff Marie Lingo Business Manager Josephine Binion and Anna Belle Linger Assistant Business Managers Donna Gardiner Advertising Manager Janice Borton and Betty Meyer Assistant Advertising Managers Nina Kirkland Staff Photographer GARDINER, MEYER BORTON, KIRKLAND BINION, LINGER PAGE 183 PAGE 184 The Florida Flambeau A newspaper published weekly by the students of tlie Florida State College for Women. News Staff Barbara Garfunkel Editor Louise Robertson Associate Editor Mary Elizabeth Cooley, Managing Editor Mildred Boss News Editor Elaine Klepper Copy Editor BARBARA GARFUNKEL B iisiness Staff Ethyle Mae Edwards Business Manager Jo Douglas Advertising Manager Mary Patterson Assistant Advertising Manager Marion Carson Circulation Manager Sara Beth Davis Assistant Circulation Manager Dej)artm( ' tits Althea Smith Features Edith Patterson Sports Gertrude Kuhn Society Betty Ellen Smith Exchange Melvyne Wahnish Literary wahnish, boss, garfunkel, a. smith, robertson KUHN, B. SMITH, KLEPPER, E. PATTERSON, HOFFMAN M. PATTERSON, CARSON, EDWARDS, DOUGLAS ORNISH, EMBREY The Distaff The Distaff, Spiirncr of Yarns, is the col- lege quarterly magazine. Its purpose is to provide an outlet for the literary ex- pression of the student body through short stories, plays, essays, and poetry. «•-■ LUCY FULGHUM Staff Lucy Fulghum Editor-in-Chief Carol Reeves Associate Editor Sara Krentzman Assistant Editor Olivia Embrey Art Editor Marjorie Harris Business Manager Elinor Payne Advertising Manager Julia Vanderipe Circulation Manager PAYNE, HARRIS, VANDERIPE KRENTZMAN, REEVES PA(; R 185 PAGE 186 The Home Economics Club The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to encourage young women to have a greater interest in home and community life and to promote friendship and social intercourse between students interested in home economics work. MARIE LINGO Officers Marie Lingo President Virginia Holt Vice-President Martha Williams Secretary Perry Pollock Treasurer Ruth Durrenberger Senior Representative Illeanor Murrill Junior Representative Dimples Turner Sophomore Representative KIRKPATRICK, ALFORD, DELANEY, summer, SULLIVAN, STEVENS, ELLIS, ROGERS, MURRILL. SADLER, HOLT. DURRENBERGERJ CORDES, VVAHLBURG, HEEKIN HAMLEY, DIAMOND, HOENSCHEL, WINDHAM WILLIAMS, TURNER, POLLOCK The Classical Club The Classical Club serves as the Latin lab- oratory in which a thorough study is made of the civilizations of the ancient Greeks and Ro- mans. This study is work- ed out along group lines with the majors in Latin serving as leaders. In this way the laboratory serves also as a training school for future teachers of Latin. DORMAN, BUCHANAN, WEST Officers Marcia Buchanan President Catherine Ash Vice-President Mary Leila Lumley Secretary AvALiNE Lancaster Treasurer Mary Etta Thistlethwaite Publicity Chairman Group Leaders Catherine Ash Margaret Roe Dorothy Moorhead Mary Frances Smith Mary Etta Thistlethwaite HARRISON, ROE, LUMLEY, THISTLEWAITE, TURLINGTON BOURGEOIS, EARLY, RUSHING, LANCASTER, MOORHEAD WHITAKER, ASH, LOGAN, KEITH, WEATHERLY PAGE 187 PAGE 188 Glee Club Florida State College for Women Etta L. Robertson, Director First Sopranos Josephine Binion Mickey Conn Edna Moon Virginia Richards Sara Hethcox Margaret Melzer Mary Bell Rogers Marie Spurlock TOFFALETTI, ROBERTSON Ola Deare Vickers Nellie Bahrt Lois Bowen Louise Bryan Marion Carson Audrey Cayson Ruth Bradley Davis Alyce DeCoursey Margaret Endsley Virginia Long Second Sopranos Mary Virginia Geiger Annabelle Larsen Frances Gladden Nell Ward Mayes Annette Harris Clairnelle O ' Steen Betty Johnson Ruth Osborn Maxine Ward First Altos Ruth Knight Margaret Nickle Rosalie McDonald Louise Rogers Dorothy Moorhead Evelyn Stump Mildred Williams Second Altos Evalyn Patterson Helen Shepard Ethel Ogden Betty Ellen Smith Edna Yacobian Virginia Pinney Jane Rice Nona Tatum Charlotte Veith Edith Toffaletti Jessie Lee Wilder Lola Wood Edrika Stenstrom Marjorie Tillis SEALEY, pinney, wood, DAVIS, smith, LOCKHART, WILDER, NICKLE, MC DONALD O STEEN, gladden, OSBORN, LARSEN, ENDSLEY, CAYSON, BAHRT, SHEPARD, YACOBIAN BINION, TILLIS, RICHARDS, CONN, PATTERSON, ROGERS, MOOREHEAD, RICE Orchestra Florida State College for Women Walter Ruel Cowles, Director Martha Reddick, Concert-Master REDDICK AND COWLES First Violins Martha Reddick YVETTE BrEAUX Marjorie Tillis Annabelle Larsen Betty Miller Oboe Audrey Farmer E Flat Saxophones Margaret Roe Ellen Johnson Second Violins Betty Parker Gertrude Tomkies Sarah Tyler Marion Ferrell Bertha Veith Rosetta Whelden Margaret Jury Violoncellos Yvonne Tait Charlotte Veith Owen Sellers Violas EvALYN Patterson Clarice Parker Anna Mae Sharp Soprano Saxophone AsTRiD Peterson Trumpets Mildred Hurst Betty Brooks Helen Sellers Clarinets Betsey Anderson Mary Eagle AURILLA DrIGGERS Trombone Hazel Bowman Tympani Evelyn Lewis jB asses Martha Wilkerson Elsie Parker Flutes WiLMA Bristol Jean Crago Adeline Gehrkens Marjorie Cox French Horn Evelyn Hammond Harp Mary Reeder CRAGO, BOWMAN, BRAVERMAN, TOMKIES, FERRELL BRISTOL, PARKER, TILLIS, VEITH, PATTERSON, WILKERSON TAIT, DRIGGERS, TYLER, BROOKS, WHELDEN PAGE 189 PAGE 190 HAZEL BOWMAN Julia Baker Hazel Bowman Harriette Jefferies Jimmy Lewis Jean Maze T. N. T. Orchestra Director: Thelma Smith Business Manager: Hazel Bowman Pat Patterson Margaret Roe Mildred Smith Thelma Smith Martha Lee Wilkerson maze, sands roe, lewis, baker wilkerson, PATTERSON PAGE 191 Astronomy Club Faculty Sponsor Harold F. Richards Officers LiLA Devore President Marjorie Harris Secretary Betty Barker Chairman Telescope Team m mmmt m rc RICHARDS AND DEVORE Metnhers Eva Alonso Betsy Anderson Jeannette Annin Nellie Baiirt Hallie Bailey Mary Ellen Bailey Betty Barker Elise Barrett Barbara Bell Frances Bishop Virginia Boggs Miriam Blarsdell Doris Bourgeois Carl Brigman Eloise Brizard Ruth Crews Virginia Cromartie Laura Crow Beth Daane Esther Davis Sarah Beth Davis Marjorie Dickens Margaret Dodd LiLA DeVore EosA Ann Doub Virginia Earle Frances Ellenberg Ida Engel Frances Fabrick Bessie Ruth Falk Theresa Falk Nancy Felt Harriet Foster Spurgeon Fuleord Jane Gale Mary Jane Gallemoke Phyllis Gewen Isabel Gleason Wava Godwin Mary Green Grace Groff Ruth Hagstrom Betty Hammond Elizabeth Hampton Frances Hartley Helen Hartness Amy Harris Marjorie Harris Margaret Henderson Mary Louise Hoenshel Billie Hotard Bar bara Hubbard Jane Hubbard Glenn Hunt Winona Ireland Doris Isted Mary Jetton Rebecca Keith Charlotte Kinzie Beth Lancaster Dorotpiy Lancaster Ruth Lauffer Floy Lenert Virginia Toffalletti Alma Loudermilk Adelaide Lounds Mary Ellen Lovelace Edith Lynch Jessica Jane Mackey Martha Makemson Nell Ward Mayes Elizabeth Matheny Dorothea Marsh Catherine McGary Rachel McKinnon Nell McVoy Maky June Michel Gertrude Miller Anna Marie Mitchell Mary Mooty Jane Moyer Mary Newbold Catherine Newman ROMAINE NiGELS Julia O ' Quinn Peakl Overhultz Edith Patterson Ruth Persons Mary Margaret Pfeifeei: Mary Ola Reynolds Janilee Rhyne Virginia Rogers Annie Leigh Rollins Justine Rutledge Mercia Scott Louise Sigman Mildred Smith Mildred Stevens Shirley Stevens Bertha Stulpner Mary Tiller Amber Turner Mildred Tyler Bertha Veith Miriam Weeks Martha Jeanne Wells Mae Whitten Westa Wilkin s Margaret Wilkinson Katherine Yongue TELESCOPE TEAM I i PAGE Ul2 V. V. Club Caroline Oliver PiXCY McMlCHAEL Mar.jokie IVIOOKE Ann Bayly Mitch Barnett Clara Birdsall Sara Carter Rose Evans Betty Ferrill Flower: Black Narcissus Motio: " Dig, Sister, Dig " Officers Prcsidinii V. V. WiNNiE Wakefield Historian Chief Gold Digger Sara Ball Palmer Anisic Keeper of Dates KATHLEEN SlMPSON Reporter Members Elizabeth Gardner Sara Ball Palmer (]harmien LiJFBiJRRovv Edith Merrill Ramsalir Peggy McMichael Kathleen Simpson Sara Moor I e(;gy Van Dyke Marjorie Moork Winnie Wakefield Caroline Oliver Ellen Wiggins PAGE 193 ' 7 Cotillion Club Founded 1910 Flower: Bachelor Button Colors : Green and White Officers Virginia Peyton President Eva Fowler Secretary-Treasurer Members Margaret Ames Edith Ayers Phil Asher Charlotte Cameron Jane Crook Jere Crook Ethyle Mae Edwards Elizabeth Fenn Eva Fowler Dagmar Fripp Martha Grant Emma Lyons Louise Mackey Jean Massey Helen Miller Mary Frances Hale Ann Mizell Martha Hosea Virginia Peyton Nina Kirkland Charlotte Stevens Letty Stonebraker Jane Tharin Mary Virginia Warren Dot Watson Martha Whitaker Sue Whitaker Elizabeth Yockey PAGE 19-1 Day Students Organization Faculty Advisors Dr. Raymond Bellamy Miss Gertrude Vermillion Miss Mary Settle ROBERTSON, WAHNISH, GREY, KIMBALL, KNAPP GILLES, BELLAMY, VERMILLION Officers President Jean Gilles Vice-President Opal Grey Secretary-Treasurer Mary Clair Kimball Senate Representative Louise Robertson Publicity Chairman Melyvne Wanish Social Chairman Claudia Houston Athletic Chairman Margaret Maxwell Parliamentarian Harriette Knapp PAGE 195 Y(ou) W(onien) C(anie) A (cross) . . . The Ladies Aid Society . . . The League of Nations: Goza, Garfunkel, DeMontigne, Fritsch and Fulghuni . . . Those young up- starts . . . Margaret beating about the bush, as usual . . . Home town girls make good . . . Book V University of Tokio, Tokio, Japan PAGii; 199 PAGE 200 PAGE 201 D€M€NSTE 4TI€N PACE 202 Installation of Phi Beta Kappa Florida State College for Women Tallahassee, Florida. March 4 and 5, 1933 Charier Members: Kathryin T. Abbey Mildred Burlingame Dorothy Breen Amy Brig(;s Myrtle Dolbee Margaret Whitney Dow Dorothy Disher Olivia N. Dorman JosiAH B. Game Viola Graham Marion I. Hay Marian Irish Harold F. Richards William H. Rogers Arthur Seymour Venila L. Shores Elmer R. Smith Anna M. Tracy PAGE 203 Alpha of Florida Foundation Members: Edward C. Conradi William G. Dodd G. E. Benedict Mrs. Ralph Eyman Claude Pepper Mrs. Arthur Seymour Members in Course: Ida Engel Barbara Garfunkel Florence Jennings Rachel McKinnon Frances Parks Alumnae Members: Agnes Edwards, ' 16 Ruth Reynolds, ' 08 Inga O. Helseth, ' 14 Felicia Williams Traxler, ' 14 Effie Pettit, ' 09 Irita Bradford Van Doren, ' 08 Edra Williams, ' 20 PAGE 20-1 Mrs. Shepherd, Miss Brin- son, and Mrs. Sloan, of Bryan Offices . . . Miss Mamie and Miss Rowen of Reynolds . . . Mrs. Wini- berly and Mrs. Saynor of Bryan . . . Miss Rose and Mrs. Curry of Jennie Mur- phree . . . Mrs. Scandrett and Mrs. Turner of Gil- christ. PAGE 205 Swanky new club room of Gilchrist Hall . . . Arms of the law . . . Bridle path . . . Queen (in royal purple) Whitaker and King-for-a-Day Hurlin . . . Carrie as an orange blossom in the Rhododendron Festival . . . Dean and President talk it over . . . Cypress shadows don ' t look at the knees) . . . They ' ve finally caught Dr. Eyman! ' ct PAGE 206 Love in Bloom .... The eternal triangle .... A prevalent disease on the canipus . . . Junkin in his element but where are the knick- ers? My, but K.D.s are being polite . . . Winnie and her blond Viking .... Chvmkie Masters just can ' t seem to keep away from Clyde .... There, there little woman I ' ll be hack . . . Me know you, you Tarzan. Jeaiiie picks ' em big. PAGE 207 The KAT Klub and some of their Toms being kittenish . . . Tad Tech-ing it on the chin . . . So what? . . . Patterson actually taking some one for a ride. Need eighteen more for a full bus. Minis Smith is ready to check ovit. . . . You can ' t do any- thing to him, Caroline, he ' s Senator Parrish ' s son . . . Phi Mu, I wouldn ' t do that, but evi- dently they don ' t give a Hoot . . . Everything Moore or less Peters out . . . Margie with one of her many extra - curricula activities, that air - plain man . . . What a lot of Jack caught in the Meyer PAGE 20S FAGE 209 Mrs. Bland, AHA Mrs. Palmer, b$A Miss Scott, 222 Mrs. Gilliland, apA Mrs. Levy, aoII Mrs. Scott, AAA Miss McKay, AXfi Miss Love, iiB Mrs. Cozart, 2K PACE 210 Esteren Founded December 14, 1930 Esteren is an Even Organization. Its Purpose is the Perpetuation of Even Traditions, Class Loyalty and Friendship Fitciihy Members Elizabeth Lynn LoiIISK RiCHAKDSON Hazel Stevenson Katherine Montgomery Members Margaret K. Anderson Minna Dunn Janet Griffitts Marjorie Helvenston Dorothy Leach Betty Meyer Margaret Thompson Edith Webb PAGE I ' I Spirogira Founded October 12, 1924 FZower: Black Carnation CoZors: Black and White Spirogira is an honorary for the Odds. Members are chosen from the Odd classes for their outstanding leadership, loyalty, and service. Faculty Members Elizabeth Autrey Pearl Hentz Beverley Ezda Mae Deviney Olivia Dorman Student Members Mary Settle Anna Mae Tracy Edith West Josephine Binion Janice Borton Beth Daane Carolina DeMontigne Helenmary Fritsch Hazel Goza Jean Hamner Virginia Holt Frances Hurlin Abbie Lyle Louise Mackey Martha Makemson Mary Jeanne McKay Marjorie Moore Peggy McMichael Jennie Rae Nall Frances Parks Claire Redfield Hazel Royall Viola Taylor Mary Virginia Warren PAGE 212 PAGE 2i;j ;r NKSGIVING AND G4 l£|- WOMECOMING J ' AGE 214 i H ■|_._ ' " " 1 t ■Miiiw»w»2 5 Investiture service for the Seniors . . . An example of how gals do pine away. No wonder, those Even bones are doomed! . . . My Buddha with the ver- satile McKay and her satelites who ail worship the idol since he won the skit for the Chi Omegas . . . the K. D. cuties all slicked up for their skit . . . What mother wore in days of yore, catch as catch can, Takach . . . More F Club goats, ignore them . . . Dan, the Dean of Janitors, with his office force (snowball) at his heels . . . Look at those glutinous glances, the smart, swanky, super-perfect Spirogiras indulging in tlieir favorite pastime. 215 When day is done, or the five o ' clock rush from the Ad Building .... those F Club goats shining again .... Some prom trotters who really have the bus-iness .... the annual fealty pageant .... A bunch of outdoor girls enjoying camp .... Ryan, Gannon and Adkins, three good old skates .... All agog at icicles in this torrid clime .... A typical collection of inveterate week-enders I ' AG E 21G I ' AGE 217 Cheer Leaders McMlCHAEL ROYALL Turner Blow Spradlin Dixon Patterson PAGE 2155 ONGS MY ALMA MATER WITH SPIRITS SO BRIGHT With spirits so bright we ' re singing to-night. We have come with a right good cheer — Our hearts aglow, our love to show To our Alma Mater dear. Oh, long may she live, her blessings to give. And long may she famous be, And far and wide we ' ll show our pride In the F. S. W. C. Then pledge her one and all togethier In a cup to the garnet and the gold; In fair or stormy weather. Our love shall never grow cold. We ' ll sing her praise to every nation. And wherever we may be. We ' ll spread the fame and drink to the name Of the F. S. W. C. GARNET AND GOLD Garnet and gold. And may we ever loyal be; As in days of old Thy daughters bore the torches three. Femina Perfecta, And at the top we ' ll always stand. And Florida ' ll be The very best in all the land! SONG TO F. S. C. We ' ll sing her glories to the nations free, We ' ll sing her praises to the sky. We ' ll tell the whole world that she ' s one grand school, We ' ll fling her glowing colors high! Her high ideals, her every standard, too. We will uphold for all to see. We ' ll spread her fame. Bring honor to her name. Be proud of F. S. C. ! WITH LOVE IN OUR HEARTS With love in our hearts we sing to thee All honor and praise and fame; Your light has inspired us through the years, The glow of your torches ' flame. The ideals you teach, we strive to reach. To your colors we ' ll loyal be. And because you ' re the best o ' er all the rest, We honor you, F. S. C. ! . . . TAUGHT ME PAGE 219 Book VI Chapel at St. Peter s Training College, Grahamstown, South Africa SOROJIITIES | = Pan-Hellenic Kappa Delta Kappa Alpha Chapter 1904 Chi Omega Gamma Chapter 1908 Alpha Delta Pi Iota Chapter 1909 Delta Delta Delta Alpha Eta Chapter 1916 Sigma Sigma Sigma Rho Chapter 1920 Sigma Kappa Omega Chapter 1920 Pi Beta Phi Florida Beta Chapter 1921 Delta Zeta Alpha Sigma Chapter 1924 Kappa Alpha Theta Beta Nu Chapter 1924 Zeta Tau Alpha Beta Gamm,a Chapter 1924 Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Beta Chapter 1925 Theta Upsilon Lambda Chapter 1925 Delta Phi Epsilon Iota Chapter 1925 Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Pi Chapter 1928 PhiMu Alpha Epsilon Chapter 1929 Alpha Chi Omega Beta Eta Chapter 1929 Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Omega Chapter 1929 Beta Phi Alpha Psi Chapter 1931 PAGE 223 - » PAGE 224 Pan-Hellenic Association The Pan-Hellenic Association of Florida State College for Women is composed of all fraternity women on the campus who unite to promote inter - fraternal good - will and fellowship Sara Wilkerson, President Dorothy Leach, Secretary Martha Carlton Kappa Delta Esther Baffin Chi Omega . Audrey Smith Alpha Delta Pi Margaret Thompson Viola Taylor Susan Palmer Lydia Craig Sigma Sigma Sigma Katherine Barrs Delta Delta Delta Elinor Payne Katharine Inglis Margaret Anderson Sigma Kappa Evelyn Kennard Evelyn Haynie Pi Beta Phi Ethel Fair Pillans Av ALINE Lancaster Delta Zeta Rosalie Powell Virginia Holt Kappa Alpha Theta Betty Kimball Virginia Thornton Zeta Tau Alpha Mary Frank Price Marian Turner Alpha Gamma Delta Mercia Scott JoHNY Hardee Theta Upsilon Marcia Buchanan Gladys Abenson Delta Phi Epsilon Ruth Feinberg Edith Ayers Alpha Omicron Pi Virginia Weldon Sara Wilkerson Phi Mu Mary Frances Whisnant Dorothy Leach Alpha Chi Omega Anna Belle Linger Althea Smith Alpha Xi Delta Ruth Rainbolt Genevieve Crowley Beta Phi Alpha Margaret Nickle PAGE 225 WILKERSON LEACH CARLTON THOMPSON DAFFIN TAYLOR PALMER SMITH PAYNE BARRS INGLIS CRAIG ANDERSON KENNARD HAYNIE PILLANS POWELL LANCASTER HOLT KIMBALL THORNTON PRICE TURNER SCOTT BUCHANAN HARDEE FEINBERG ABENSON AYERS WELDON WHISNANT LINGER RAINBOLT SMITH NICKLE CROWLEY PAGE 226 SK Kappa Delta Founded at Virginia State Normal in 1894 Kappa Alpha Chapter Installed in 1904 Hazel Anderson Helen Ballinger Jean Baughman Ann Bayley Dorothy Benford Lela Ray Bentley Clara Birdsall Jane Crook Polly Dabney Erma Engle Carol Farrabee Betty Ferrill Eleanor Fulford Madge Glenn Christine Griffin Colors: Green and White Flower: White Rose Open Motto : ' Let Us Strive For That Which Is Honorable, Beautiful and Highest " Publication: " Angelos " IN FACULTATE Helen McKean Martha Carlton Mary Catherine Carter Anne Lee Dunn Helen Ayala Douglas Dabney Mary Elizabeth Edwins Catherine Fuller Myrtle Henry Elizabeth Ayala Josephine Binion Mary Jo Clayton Mary Catherine Gibson Emelia Mae Lockwood IN COLLEGIO Seniors Margaret Edwards Frances Gates Marcia Lindsey Martha Whitaker Juniors Cecil Hicks Josephine King Julia Cecele Lamar Alice Dean Mabry Elizabeth Ann Marron Sophomores Betty Mack Mary Meginniss Edith Merrill Dorothy McLean Peggy McMichael Sue Whitaker Pledges Annette Harris Dorothy Hill Mildred Hudmon Sarah Knight Blanche Lamar Martha Lester Mary Litschgi Geraldine Miles Ann Mizell Virginia Northcutt LiLLA PaRRAMORE Dorothy Phillips Virginia Phillips Jane Rice Evelyn Robson Louise Mackey Mary Claire Moore Helen Phillips Helen Miller Caroline Oliver Edith Perkins Margaret Thompson Adeline Tillman Marjorie Noggle Virginia Rogers Ann Sams Helen Denham Turnbull Grace Whitaker Inez Seabrook Della Smith Jane Gray Stevens Genevieve Summers Mary Frances Swann Nona Tatum Barbara Taylor Olivia Taylor Jane Tharin Frances Thomas Sarah Tillman Mary Voss Daisy Marie Welch Catherine Wilhelm L PAGE 227 CARLTON CARTER DUNN KDWARDS GATES LINDSEY MACKEY MOORE VVHITAKER AY ALA EDWINS LAMAR KING MABRY MARRON MILLER OLIVER VVHITAKER THOMPSON TILLMAN AYALA BINION CLAYTON GIBSON LOCKWOOD MACK MEGINNISS MCLEAN MCMICHAEL NOGGLE SAMS TURNBULL PERKINS WHITAKER ANDERSON BAUGHMAN BAYLEY BIRDSALL ENGLE FERRILL GRIFFIN HARRIS HILL HUDMAN KNIGHT LAMAR LESTER LITSCHGI MILES MIZELL NORTHCUTT PARRAMORE D. PHILLIPS V. PHILLIPS RICE SEABROOK STEVENS SUMMERS SWANN TATUM B. TAYLOR O. TAYLOR THARIN TILLMAN VOSS WELCH WILHELM PAGE 228 Chi Omega Gamma Chapter Installed in 1908 Founded at Fayette ville, Arkansas, in 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Open Motto: " ' Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals " Publication : ' ' ' " Eleusis " IN FACULTATE Mrs. J. F. Miller Rowena Longmire IN COLLEGIO Esther Baffin Jean Gilmer Patricia Given Elizabeth Murray Sarah Anthony Martha Goddard Betty Hamilton Seniors Juniors Mary Shepherd Elizabeth Kirby-Smith Marie Lyons Dorothy Ryan Sophomores Nancy Knight Mary Jeanne McKay Marjorie Moore Betty Manning Frances Moore Henrietta Thames Gwendolyn O ' Berry Virginia Peyton Eleanor Suttles Viola Taylor Minna Yockey Margaret Adkins Bay Bacon Virginia Baggs Mary Baird Jean Blount Margaret Blount Martha ( ampbell Sara Carter Merle ( ' ason Jane Cralle Emily Davis Ruth Follin Mary Lou Forester Pledges Mary Gannon Claudia Harper Edith Huddleston Jane Kirkeby Nina Kirkland Marion Knight Frances Lewis Jean Lykes Daisyanna Massey Eileen Masters Althea Mebane Ann Merrill Helen Murray Elizabeth Yockey Sara Nance Catherine O ' Brien Frances Passmore Annette Quinby Edith Merrill Ramsaur Ava Scott Mary Shackleford Pauline Spencer Hilda Spradlin Lillian Thornton Peggy Van Dyke Dorothy Watson Genie Whiteside DAFFIN " sX SHEPHERD V GILMER KIRBY-SMITH LYONS MANNING MOORE MURRAY RYAN THAMES ANTHONY GODDARD HAMILTON MCKAY MOORE o ' berry PEYTON SUTTLES TAYLOR YOCKEY ADKINS BACON J. BLOUNT M. BLOUNT CAMPBELL CARTER CRALLE DAVIS FOLLIN FORRESTER GANNON HARPER HUDDLESTON KIRKEBY KIRKLAND LEWIS LYKES MASTERS :i MASSEY MEBANE MURRAY o ' brien passmore QUINBY RAMSAUR SHACKLEFORD SPRADLIN THORNTON VAN DYKE WHITESIDE YOCKEY 229 PAGE 230 Alpha Delta Pi Founded at Wesleyan College in 1851 Iota Chapter Installed in 1909 Colors: Blue and White Flower: Violet Open Motto: " We Live for Each Other " Publication: " Adelphean " IN FACULTATE Margaret Burks Lucy Lester IN COLLEGIO Seniors Mrs. Virginia Sloan Lenora Smith Elizabeth Allan Emily Hutt Mary Brandon Anna Groover Olive Towles Juniors Audrey Smith Julia Munroe Susan Palmer Margaret Milton Sara Ball Palmer Sophomores Mamie Hineley Brinson Ellen Fleming Peggy Gilfillan Elsie Baird Lily Mitchell Barnett GwEN Blake Betty Lane Campbell Mary Crane Josephine Davis Isabel Dillard Tommie Grace Faircloth Minnie Jane Hackney Mary Isabel Hardin Flossie Henry Anne Hickman Barbara Holmes Eleanor Hutchinson Eloise Jackson Anne Jeter Charmian Lufburrow Pledges Virginia Merry Mary Lou Moore Betty Sweet Smith Margaret McCall Margaret Mizell Phoebe Messer Sara Moor Grace Munroe Helen Peck Helena Ruth Powell Doris Risk Rebecca Rogers Mary Belle Rogers Ann Summerlin Leone Thornton Josephine Trantham Elizabeth Ann Wartman Elizabeth Whidden Judy Whidden Mary Woodberry Isabel Yon IT ' --. w. . -« ALLAN HUTT MUNROE PALMER TOWLES BRANDON GROOVER MILTON SMITH FLEMING GILFILLAN MERRY MOORE SMITH BAIRD BLAKE CAMPBELL CRANE DAVIS DILLARD FAIRCLOTH HACKNEY HARDIN HENRY HICKMAN HOLMES HUTCHINSON JACKSON JETER LUFBURROW MCCALL MIZELL MESSER MOOR 1 MUNROE PECK POWELL THORNTON TRANTHAM WARTMAN E. WHIDDEN J. WHIDDEN WOODBERRY YON PAGR 2?.2 0=31 i | ' ' r II I I ii ii lEHi - - 1 r J- " i n r ' I 1 1 — } r Adelaide Duval Ellen Moore Katherine Barrs Ann Curtright Frances Felt Dorothy Osincup Janet Charles Virginia Kee I ' ' ' rances Lowry Mary Mathis Betty McKinnon Dorothy Branch Dorothy Dickens Frances Hartley Laurabelle Hopkins BiLLIE HOTARD Jessie Lee Lumpkins Jean Massey Alva McCahill Mary June Micheal Dorothy Nye Dorothy Olmstead Delta Delta Delta Founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1888 Alpha Eta Chapter Installed in 1916 Colors: Silver, Gold, Blue Flower: Pansy Open Motto : ' Let Us Steadfastly Love One Another " Publication: " Trident " IN FACULTATE Katherine Montgomery IN COLLEGIO Seniors Juniors Sophomores Pledgees Elinor Payne Mildred Smoak Frances Philips Joyce Reed YuLEE Way Nancy Wilkinson Mary Miller Betty Peck Ruth Sadler Virginia Turner Margaret Ware Ella O ' Niell Rosemary Payne Charlotte Pelsang Louise Rogers Mary Emily Sadler Nell St. John Nettie Taylor Jean Tilden Betty Ward Betty Wheeless Lucille Williams DUVAL MOORE PAYNE BARRS CURTRIGHT FELT OSINCUP PHILIPS REED WAY WILKINSON CHARLES KEE LOWRY MATHIS MCKINNON PECK MILLER SADLER [ ' URNER WARE BRANCH HARTLEY HOPKINS HOTARD MASSEY MCCAHILL MICHEAL NYE OLMSTEAD O NIELL PAYNE PELSANG ROGERS SADLER ST. JOHN TAYLOR WARD WHEELESS WILLIAMS J ' AOE PAGE 234 N- w i i i i y iJ ' -i.- fin»n on itc ' A ' -A, f- WiLMA Bristol Marie Certain Sigma Sigma Sigma Founded at Farmville, Virginia, in 1898 Rho Chapter Installed in 1920 Colors: Purple and White Flower: Violet Open Motto: " Faithful Unto Death " Publication: " Triangle " IN COLLEGIO Seniors Katharine Inglis Mildred Johnson Juniors Kathryn Beyer Rosenia Meriwether Sophomores Lydia Craig Sylvia Guito Pledges Mary Newbold Mary Pichard Clara Stringfield PAGE 235 BRISTOL CERTAIN INGLIS BEYER CRAIG NEWBOLD PICHARD STRINGFIELD PAGE 2:1(5 Sigma Kappa Founded at Colby College, Waterville, Maine, in 1874 Omega Chapter Installed in 19 20 Colors : Maroon and Lavender Flower: Violet Beth Barnes Helen Gray Open Motto: " One Heart, One Way " Publication: " Triangle " IN FACULTATE Mattie Sue Collins Sue Fitchford Leila Venable IN COLLEGIO Seniors Margaret McLaughlin Elizabeth Sponenbarger mniors Margaret Kay Anderson Janet Cook Barbara Curry Sarah Hosea Emily Johnson Evelyn Kennard Kathleen Owens Leona Stimmel Ola Deare Vickers Grace Wicks Martha Williams Fenton Woodward Sophomores Edith Hays Effinger Anna Glen Margie Glen Pledges June Bebinger Susan Blow Martha Lou Chilson Marianne Coombs Antoinette Courtney Sara Mae Davis Helen Dixon Janice Farwell Lois Forrester Jane Gage Lucille Ham Mary Hammond Mary Hoffman Martha Hosea Mildred Hurst Mary Delia Irvine Elizabeth Jinks Ruth Lind Patty Sams Marjorie Weems Martha Wright BARNES GRAY MCLAUGHLIN SPONENBARGER ANDERSON CURRY S. ROSEA JOHNSON KENNARD OWENS STIMMEL WICKS WILLIAMS WOODWARD EFFINGER A. GLEN M. GLEN BEBINGER BLOW COOMBS COURTNEY DAVIS DIXON FARWELL FORRESTER GAGE HAM HAMMOND HOFFMAN M. HOSEA HURST JINKS LIND WEEMS WRIGHT PAGE 238 Pi Beta Phi Evelyn Haynie Frances Lurvey Betty Beach Betty Boggs Jean Clark Lois Adkins Phil Asher Dorothy Bellamy Catherine Cheatham Betty Chitty Betty Clark LoRENA Combs Ruth Connor WiLLA Mae Crosby Alice Dial Anne Durr Rose Evans Eloise Frink Elizabeth Gardner Celia Gary Founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, 111., 1867 Florida Beta Chapter Instal led in 1921 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation Publication: " Arrow " IN FACULTATE Elizabeth Griffing IN COLLEGIO Seniors Martha Neeld Ethel Fair Pillans Helen Wilson Juniors Marguerite Groover Marjorie Helvenston Sarah Stuart Sophomores Frances Morrow Letty Stonebreaker Charlotte Stevens Mary Virginia Warren Helen Kibler Mary Irene McKay Pledges Sara Graham Marion Heper Patsy Johnston Florence Kerr Mary Kinser Virginia Laughner Ermine Lawrence Mildred Long Ruth Mock Juanita McElhannon Kasimer Mumby Betty Mumford Dorothy Osbourne Betty Parker Shirley Pemberton Mary Elizabeth Ramsey Katherine Rodgers Marion Alice Rogers Ethel Mae Shaffer Mary Lyle Shipley Kathleen Simpson Katherine Todd Jean Treadwell Marjorie Tumlin Edwina Wakefield Barbara Wells Virginia White Ellen Wiggins Martha Lee Wilkerson Genevieve Wilkins I ' ACi !■: ■24n Delta Zeta Fovinded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1902 Alpha Sigma Chapter Installed in 1924 Colors: Rose and Green Flower: Killarney Rose Publication: " The Lamp ' ' ' IN COLLEGIO Sen lors Jean Boyd Marion Brantley Clara Bridges Dorothy Edwards Avaline Lancaster LaLuce Planck Rosalie Powell Mary Frances Smith Junior Rebecca Clemmons Sophomores Muriel Baker Mary Frances Burford Adelaide Ireland Gwendolyn Adair Edith Adkison Mary Glenn Coarsey Esther Griffing Kathleen Harris Pledges Ruth Marvin Margaret Pinkoson Elizabeth White Betty Herring Jean Jackson Marjorie Jones Mary Katherine Mickler Kathryn Smith Mary Bowman Smith L PAfiE 241 BOYD BRANTLEY BRIDGES CLEMONS EDWARDS LANCASTER PLANCK POWELL SMITH BAKER BURFORD IRELAND MARVIN PINKOSON ADAIR ADKISON COARSEY CRIFFING HARRIS HERRING JACKSON JONES MICKLER SMITH PACK 242 71 n II II II II II II ir Kappa Alpha Theta Founded at De Pauw University in 1870 Beta Nu Chapter Installed in 1924 Colors: Black and Gold Flower: Black and Gold Pansy Publication: " Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine " IN FACULTATE Mildred Finnegan Edith West IN COLLEGIO Seniors Virginia Holt Betty Kimball Juniors Evelyn Ballard Irene Edwards Eleanor Harris Betty Middleton Mary Waller McCormick Barbara Sandquist Josephine Skeels Clairnelle O ' Steen Rosalind Parker Harriet Roberts Antoinette Sullivan Wylma TerBush Barbara Bandy Mary Enneis Virginia Hamilton Claire Williams Sophomoi ' es Mary Ann Hills Margaret Reedy Clarice Sanchez Banks Carter Wood Pledges Annabelle Baker Anne Chichester Mamie Jane Clark Sarah Clark Kitty Craney Helen Donn Dagmar Fripp Virginia Godwin Hetty Hamilton Patty Hamilton Jean Harris Mary Lee Hopkins Marjorie Horton Mary Kimball Virginia Lide Iris Machen Nedra McNamara Annie Laurie Rentz Margaret Schmidli Rachel Sherman Madge Williams Jennie Tilt HOLT KIMBALL SANDQUIST SKEELS EDWARDS HARRIS MCCORMICK O ' STEEN PARKER ROBERTS SULLIVAN TERBUSH WILLIAMS BANDY ENNEIS HAMILTON HILLS REEDY SANCHEZ WOOD BAKER CHICHESTER CLARK S. CLARK CRANEY DONN FRIPP B. HAMILTON GODWIN P. HAMILTON J. HARRIS HOPKINS HORTON KIMBALL LIDE MACHEN MCNAMARA RENTZ SCHMIDLI SHERMAN M. WILLIAMS PAOE s243 PAGE 244 - 27 ' h -? 7 f X T 2iir nu tii-fHA Billy Faxon Beth Finley Mary Frank Price DoRTHY Borden Dorothy Bagley Gertrude Carn Elaine Davis Martha Evans Betty Fellows Elizabeth Green Inez Harrison Zeta Tau Alpha Beta Gamma Chapter Installed in 1924 Founded in 1898 Colors: Gray and Blue Flower: White Violet Open Motto: " Seek the Noblest " Publication : " Themis ' IN COLLEGIO Seniors Juniors Evelyn Stump Sophomores Pledges Oneida McFatter Virginia Thornton Clarice Stanfill Frances Lingle Esther Hay Clara Langford Jeane Matheson Jean Maze Virginia Shultz Elizabeth Simpson Marjorie Stump Lucille Weeks PAGE 245 FAXON FINLEY MCFATTER THORNTON PRICE STANFILL E. STUMP BORDEN LINGLE BAGLEY CARN DAVIS EVANS FELLOWS GREEN HARRISON HAY MAZE SHULTZ SIMPSON M. STUMP LANGFORD MATHESON WEEKS PAGE 24() Alpha Gamma Delta Founded at Syracuse University in 1904 Gamma Beta Chapter Installed in 1925 Colors: Red, Buff, Green Flower: Red Rose Publication: " Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly " IN COLLEGIO Hallie Bailey Amorette Bullard Adielyn Fox Helen Hartness Betty Hintermister Seniors Sarah Butler Logan Sarah Maxwell Pauline McLellan Margaret Roe Marian Turner Nadia Granger Doris Isted Betsey Anderson Martha Crocker Betty Mace Catherine McGarry niniors Mercia Scott Sophomores Rosalie McDonald Mary Ward Peterson Sara Nell Moore Amber Turner Westa Wilkins Helena Wilson Pledges Marian Bailey Frances Bishop Virginia Boggs Dorothy Bryan Madge Collier Ruth Crews Barbara Crosland Margaret Fee Anne Freeman Spurgeon Fulford Jane Gale Mary Jane Gallemore Dorothy Will Phylis Gewin Grace Groff Mary Elizabeth Halsted Annita Jones Nellie Lamar Nan O ' Shanghnessy Mary Nelle Pinkard Elise Scarborough Shirley Screven Mariana Swank Catherine Webster Martha Welles lAMS T BAILEY BULLARD FOX HARTNESS HINTERMISTER LOGAN MAXWELL McLELLAN ROE TURNER GRAINGER ISTED SCOTT ANDERSON MACE MCGARRY MOORE TURNER WILSON BAILEY BISHOP BOGGS BRYAN COLLIER CREWS CROSLAND FEE FREEMAN FULFORD GALLEMORE GEWIN GROFF HALSTEAD JONES LAMAR PINKARD O ' SHAUGHNESSY SCREVEN SWANK WEBSTER WILLIAMS PAGE 247 PAGE 24S 2B v } tt- FT jn • t.or%f jW =V ' " Theta Upsilon Founded at University of California in 1914 Lambda Chapter Installed in 1925 Colors: Rainbow Flower: Iris Open Motto : " Let There Be Light " Publication: " The Dial " IN FACULTATE Mary Settle Etta L. Robertson IN COLLEGIO Seniors Marcia Buchanan Carolyn Ervin Helen Evans JoHNY Hardee Lillian Trotter Virginia Tucker Sophojnores Anne Donnell Margaret Neff Neita Wright Pledges Grace Rogan Elizabeth Leach Gertrude Tomkies 249 BUCHANAN ERVIN HARDEE TROTTER TUCKER DONNELL NEFF WRIGHT ROGAN TOMKIES PAGE 250 T ? i K I I - r-o Delta Phi Epsilon Founded at New York University in 1917 Iota Chapter Installed in 1925 Colors : Purple and Gold Flower: Pansy Publication: " The Delta Phi Epsilon " IN COLLEGIO Senioj ' s Pearl Fleet Lillian Shapiro Melvyn Wahnish Juniors Ruth Feinberg Elaine Klepper Gladys Abenson Janice Brill Maxine Braverman Edna Feinberg Adeline Goldstein Bernice Gordon Beatrice Grus Soj)h lomoros Pledges Evelyn Meitin Ethel Mintzer Clara Kramer Pauline Jacobson Muriel Leibman Rose Leven Ruth Esther Rosen Miriam Stein Florence Trushen PAGE 251 TTiiJornk FLEET WAHNISH FEINBERG KLEPPER MINTZER ABENSON KRAMER BRILL BRAVERMAN FEINBERG GOLDSTEIIN GORDON JACOBSON LEIBMAN LEVEN STEIN TRUSHEN PAGE 252 Alpha Omicron Pi Founded at Barnard College, New York City, in 1897 Alpha Pi Chapter Installed in 1928 Color: Cardinal Flower: Jacqueminot Rose Publication : " To Dragma ' IN FACULTATE Helen Davis Julia Gehan IN COLLEGIO Seniors Opal Atwater Edith Ayers Charlotte Cameron Marjorie Carter Mary Carson Dorothy Fineren Acnes Goss Sara Graham ' uniors Mary Louise Filer EvALiNE Rankin Alice Slone Mildred Williams Laurita Pearson Alice Porter Grace-Mary Webster Virginia Weldon Sophomores Mary Louise De Guenther Doris Godard Mattafoy Hart Pledges Elizabeth Bary Dorothy Boyd Ruth Daniel Lucille Finley Saidee Finney Alline Freeman Dixie Gist Angela Griley Mary Frances Hales Nina Hughes Janice Logan Clara Belle Matthews Madeline McCall Floris Sinquefield PAGE 253 ATWATEK AYERS CAMERON CARTER FILER RANKIN SLONE FINEREN GOSS PEARSON PORTER WEBSTER WELDON DE GUENTHER GODARD HART BARY BOYD DANIEL FINLEY GIST GRILEY HALES HUGHES MCCALL SINQUEFIELD PAGE •25i y PhiMu Founded at Wesley an College in 1852 Alpha Epsilon Chapter Installed in 1929 Colors: Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation Open Motto: " Les Soeurs Fideles " Publication: " Aglaia " Hazel Goza Frances Hurlin Abbie Lyle IN COLLEGIO Seniors Frances Parks Carol Reeves Mary Laura Tilley Sara Wilkerson Lorraine Allred Janet Griffitts Lucy Jane Houser Virginia Amann Juniors Sophomores Marion Mason Perry Pollock Mary Frances Whisnant Caroline Waterman Pledges Gladys Ahern Irma Allen Letitia Bond Georgette Brown Alucia Crowell Barbara Hendry Rhodora Kimball Edith Lynch Elizabeth Malone Jimmy Lee Malone Fair Milteer Elizabeth Pierce Virginia Richards Francys Sadler Rhoda Simpson Hazel Spencer Mabry Sumner GO A HURLIN I.YLE PARKS REEVES TILLEY WILKERSON ALLRED GRIFFITTS HOUSER MASON POLLOCK WHISNANT AMANN WATERMAN AHERN ALLEN BOND BROWN HENDRY KIMBALL LYNCH E. MALONE J. MALONE MILTEER RICHARDS SADLER SPENCER SUMNER 256 lX- A xa i Y I Alpha Chi Omega Founded at DePauw University in 1885 Beta Eta Chapter Installed in 1929 Colors: Scarlet and Olive Green Flower: Carnation Open Motto : " Together Let Us Seek the Heights " Publication: " The Lyre ' IN FACULTATE Berenice Deetz IN COLLEGIO Senii lors LiNNA Cheney Irene Collins Carolina DeMontigne Narcissa Leland YVETTE BreAUX Elizabeth Brooks JuANiTA Buchanan Marguerite Cordes Mary Catherine Drennan Margaret Graham r iiniors Mary Limerick Katherine Sands Edith Toffaletti Elizabeth Wheeler Mary M. Key Harriett Lawrence Dorothy Leach Ann Linger Sara Mikell Margaret Murray Martha Woliston Sophomores Eleanor Flint Patricia Foster Rosemary Hamly Katherine G. Kyle Lillian Schulte Pledges Beverly Brown Helen Cate Cora Cheney Helene Cordes LuRLiNE Goodman Edwenna Hamilton Adelaide Jones Frances Mock Mildred Seekins PAGE 257 CHENEY COLLINS DEMONTIGNE LELAND LIMERICK SANDS TOFFALETTI WHEELER BREAUX BROOKS BUCHANAN CORDES DRENNAN . GRAHAM 4 KEY A LAWRENCE LEACH LINGER MIKELL MURRAY WOLISTON FLINT FOSTER HAMLY KYLE SCHULTE BROWN CATE CHENEY CORDES GOODMAN HAMILTON JONES MOCK SEEKINS PAGE 258 V t V w i V T7 ' -r-iT- _ t l.ftlA l »P.T k . Alpha Xi Delta Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, in 1893 Alpha Omega Chapter Installed in 1929 Colors: Double Blue and Gold Flower: Killarney Rose Publications: " The Alpha Xi Delta " IN FACULTATE Anna Mae Sharp Mrs. Edwin White IN COLLEGIO Seniors Betty Bailey Barbara Garfunkel Mildred Boss Juanita Pace Helenmary Fritsch Ruth Rainbolt Elizabeth Stout Jean Crago Carlotta Cubillas Juniors Monica Wiley Elizabeth Filer Althea Smith Sophomores Mary McGunagle Clotilde O ' Rourke Jessie Mead Mary Pollard Dorothy Hoffman Charlotte Kinzie Pledges Marion Weeks Mildred Lovell Lulu Walker PAGE BAILEY FRITSCH GARFUNKEL PACE RAINBOLT STOUT CRAGO CIBILLAS SMITH WILEY MCGUNAGLE MEAD O ROURICE POLLARD HOFFMAN KINZIE LOVELL WALKER WEEKS PAGE 260 Beta Phi Alpha Founded at University of California in 1909 Psi Chapter Installed in 1931 Colors: Green and Gold Flower: Tea Rose Open Motto : " Scientia, Virtus, Amicitia " IN FACULTATE Marjorie Mayer Mildred Stewart IN COLLEGIO Senior Margaret Nickle Junior Genevieve Crowley Sophomores Carl Brigman Grace Rummell Virginia Duke Pledges Jean Willis Gladys Anderson Ruth Garcia Alice Biddulph Jessica Jane Mackey Carolyn Blount Ellen McLeod Margie Lee Creel Lula Mae Mooty Lucille De La Haye Julie Whaley Dorothy A. Smith PACK 2(51 rSlICKLE CROWLEY BRIGMAN DUKE WILLIS BLOUNT DE LA HAYE GARCLA MACKEY MCLEOD MOOTY SMITH PAGE 2(3-2 Honorary Fraternities Mortar Board MARION BRANTLEY Founded at Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y., 1918 Torch Bearer Chapter Installed in 1931 Faculty Members Kathryn T. Abbey Olivia N. Dorm an Elizabeth Lynn Mary Settle Anna Mae Sharp Town Member Mrs. Harold F. Richards Student Members Barbara Garfunkel Hazel Goza Frances Hurlin I ' AGE I 26. " . Marion Brantley Carolina DeMontigne Helenmary Fritsch Abbie Lyle Jennie Rae Nall Frances Parks Louise Robertson Georgia Ruth Work Mortar Board is the only national honorary for senior women. It has for its purpose the promotion of loyalty among college students, creation of a spirit of fellowship and service, maintenance of high standards of scholarship, en- couragement of leadership, and development of a finer type of college woman. Qualifications for membership are found in the motto: " Service, Scholarship, and Leadership. " .RKS, FRITSCH, HURLIN ROBERTSON, WORK, GOZA, GARFUNKEL LYLE, DEMONTIGNE, NALL !| NK Phi Beta Kappa Founded at University of Virginia in 1776 Florida Alpha Installed in 1935 Kathryn T. Abbey Mildred Burlingame Dorothy Breein Amy Briggs Myrtle Dolbee Margaret Whitney Dow Edward C. Conradi William G. Dodd Ida Engel Barbara Garfunkel Charter Members Dorothy Disher Olivia N. Dorman JosiAH B. Game Viola Graham Marion J. Hay Marian Irish Foundation Members G. E. Benedict Mrs. Ralph Eyman Members in Course Florence Jennings Rachel McKinnon Harold F. Richards William H. Rogers Arthur Seymour Venila Lovina Shores Elmer R. Smith Anna M. Tracy Claude Pepper Mrs. Arthur Seymour Frances Parks Alpha Chi Alpha Founded at University of Tennessee in 1919 Gamma Chapter Installed in 1921 William G. Dodd Mildred Boss Mary Elizabeth Cooley Ethyle Mae Edwards Lucy Fulghum Barbara Garfunkel Faculty Members rowena longmire Edith West Student Members Hazel Goza Marjorie Harris Edna Hoffman Elaine Klepper Gertrude Kuhn Edith Patterson Earl L. Vance Louise Robertson Betty Ellen Smith Althea Smith Elizabeth Stout xMelvyne Wahnish The purpose of this organization is to honor those students who have shown an ability and taken an active part in collegiate publications and to advance the study of various phases of journalism. One and one-half years of creditable service on one college publication is a requisite for mend ersliip. This was tlie first national lionorary established on conipus. N- micron i u Founded at Michigan State Agricultural College in 1912 Pi Chapter Installed in 1922 Helen Davis Mrs. R. L. Eyman Faculty Members Edna Mae McIntosh Jennie Tilt Town Members Ethyl Hollow ay Margaret R. Sandels Mrs. H. L. Waskom Student Members Margaret Dodd Ruth Durrenberger Marie Lingo Pauline McClellan Helen Richey Omicron Nu is the national Home Economics honor society. Its purpose is to recognize and promote scholarship, leadership, and research in the field of Home Economics. Only students in the last of their Junior year, and Seniors are eligible for membership. Kappa Delta Pi Founded at the University of Illinois in 1909 Alpha Delta Chapter Installed in 1925 Charlotte M. Beckham David Briggs Ruth Connor Lillian Cross Mark H. DeGraff Dorothy Disher Esther Eyman Ralph Eyman HoLLiE Carmine I. G. King Robert Moon Elizabeth Barker Doris Bourgeois Louise Burgess Marjorie Carter Virginia Cromartie Carolina DeMontigne Opal Gray Anna Groover Lois Hazel Faculty Members Bertha Finner Paul F. Finner Oval Harrison Marion Hay Irene Brunson Miller Margaret McCurdie Velma Ooten NiTA K. Pyburn Town Members Jessie Rou Moon Margaret Pfluge Marian Prior James F. Rickards Student Members Rebecca Keith Mary Claire Kimbell Anita Mitchell Julia Norfleet Ruth Persons LaLuce Planck Alice Porter MuRAE Reddick Carol Reeves N. M. Salley Maude Schwalmeyer Dora Sikes Skipper Leonora Smith Ruth Taylor Florence Tryon Kenneth Williams Helen Smith Alice Kent Smith M. D. Stone Helen Shelley Marie Slack Betty Ellen Smith Mildred Stevens Bertha Stulpner Elizabeth Wheeler Nancy Wilkinson Helen Wilson ' %, Phi Alpha Theta Founded at the University of Arkansas in 1921 Delta Chapter Installed in 1926 Kathryn T. Abbey Robert S. Cotterill Virginia Earle Ida Engel Lilly Friscia Helen Hartness Faculty Members Venila L. Shores Florence R. Tryon Student Members Edna Hoffman Rebecca Keith Goldie Lewinsky Lucy G. Linn Annie M. Popper Arthur Williams Anna M. Mitchell Rosalind Parker Frances Parks Bertha Stulpner It is the aim of Phi Alpha Theta to advance the study of history by recognition of meritorious work in this field. For this purpose a tea is given annually for students making " B " or above in freshman history. It has also been the policy of the chapter to make some contribution to the campus each year. Last year this contribution was a scholarship key which was given to the senior who had done the most creditable work in history; this year the chapter has set aside a sum for the purchase of historical material for the library. " i " 1 Phi Kappa Phi Founded in 1897 Florida State College for Women Chapter Installed in 1925 Kathryn T. Abbey Lanas S. Barber Raymond Bellamy Beulah B. Briley Margaret Campbell Edward Conradi Ralph L. Eyman Paul Finner Herman Kurz Elizabeth H. Barker Marion Brantley Anne Louise Burgess Mary Marjorie Carter Carolina F. DeMontigne Margaret L. Dodd Alma Ruth Durrenberger Faculty Mem bers Olga Larson Leland Lewis Rowena Longmire Marjorie Mayer Eleanor McBride Irene Miller Katherine Montgomery Ella S. Opperman Louise Richardson N. M. Salley Student Members Virginia Earle Ida a. Engel Opal N. Gray Florence Jennings J. Anita Mitchell Laura Ellen Moore Margaret I. Nickle Margaret Sandels Arthur R. Seymour Dora Skipper Elmer Smith Alban Stewart Cecil Strong Jennie Tilt Florence Tryon Arthur Williams Frances T. Parks Elinor S. Payne LaLuce Planck Carol Reeves Mildred E. Stevens Bertha May Stulpner Elizabeth Wheeler Chi Delta Phi Founded at the University of Tennessee in 1919 Pi Chapter Installed in 1925 Faculty Member Hazel A. Stevenson Betty Bradford Eda Engel Helenmary Fritsch Lucy Fulghum Barbara Garfunkel Student Members Lorraine Hudson Daisy Parker Isabel Perkins Carol Reeves Louise Robertson Barbara Sandquist Melvyne Wahnish Lois Virginia Williams Mildred Williams The purpose of Chi Delta Phi is to raise the standards of productive literary work among the women students of colleges and universities. It purposes to furnish the highest reward for conscientious effort in furthering the most worth while interest of literature in the broadest sense of the term. Election to membership is based upon such meritorious work. Beta Pi Theta Founded at Birmingham, Alabama, in 1924 Theta Kappa Chapter Installed in 1926 Mildred Finnegan Betty Boggs June Bullard Mary Carson Marjorie Carter Ruth Dickson Olivia Embrey Faculty Members Lucy Lester Arthur Seymour Student Members Ruth Feinberg Opal Gray Belle Henshaw Mauvis Lussier Anita Mitchell Ruth Mock Mary Mooty Marian J. Hay Elinor Payne Alice Porter Leona Stimmel Wylma TerBush Virginia Tucker Lillian Turlington The purpose of Beta Pi Theta Fraternity is to organize representative men and women in the universities and colleges of the United States who by travel, study, conversation, interest, influence, and ability will advance the progress of literary French and things cultural in America. JJLL ' o r yy Eta Sigma Phi Founded at the University of Chicago in 1924 Eta Chapter Installed in 1926 Olivia Dorman Faculty Members JosiAH B. Game Edith West Ruth McDaniel Catherine Ash Marcia Buchanan Virginia Earle Helenmary Fritsch Student Members Aveline Lancaster Mary Leila Lumley Dorothy Moorhead Margaret Roe Mary Frances Smith Mary Etta Thistlethwaite Lillian Turlington Martha Whitaker Eta Sigma Phi is the National classical honorary which purposes to en- courage classical scholarship, to enhance the appreciation of Greek and Roman culture, and to promote good will and fellowship among classical students. Membership is open to undergraduates in classical departments, who are chosen for their high standard of scholarship and their proven interest in the study and appreciation of the classics. Faculty of the classical departments of colleges where there are chapters are honorary members of the fraternity. Phi Beta Sigma Organized at Florida State College for Women in 1927 Charlotte M. Beckham Dorothy Breen Betty Bailey Marjorie Carter Mary Elizabeth Cooley Ruth Dickson Rosa Anne Doub Minna Dunn Faculty Members Margie Burks Myrtle Dolbee Marion J. Hay Student Members Ruth Feinberg Mary Helen Forth Lilly Friscia Sara Krentzman Abbie Lyle Laura Mathis Manuel Lopez Arthur R. Seymour Jennie Rae Nall Julia Norfleet MuRAE Reddick Betty Ellen Smith Mildred Stevens Martha Woliston Phi Beta Sigma, local Spanisli honorary sorority, has as its purpovse the stimulation of a desire for further knowledge and study of the Spanish lan- guage and the creation of a greater appreciation of the customs and literature of Spain. Membership is open to those students who are chosen for their high scholastic record in advanced Spanish courses and who have manifested an active interest in Spanish language and literature. PAGK 269 Sl Lo nxniA d jKl yCA hL- (3 e CuaIc ' uieA Si9-»A OAaJ --- jj . ' J Te Book VII University of San Carlos, Antigua, Guatamala c M 1 1 U, " ' ■ " - ' v M ?-„, ' „-Vv - L QVoxCd of fiozh PAGE 274 Betty Bailey Odd Captain Basket-Bail Basket-Bali proved to be most exciting this year by the great number of girls who came out faithfully each week participating in the strenuous practice and training which this sport requires. The first games to be exhibited were on November 16, when the Freshmen and Sophomores clashed resulting in an overwhelming victory for the Sopho- mores, with a score of 34-19. On the same day the Juniors met the Seniors, and after a hard fight the Juniors came out on top with a winning score of 31- 27. The following week, November 23, the class games came to a close when the Sophomores beat the Juniors. Catch it Claire Then Thanksgiving was looked forward to with a great deal of zeal and anxiety; for the Odds and Evens would once again battle for the victorious honors of that memorial day. " Would Thanksgiving ever arrive? " — was in the heart of each student. Odd Team: Standing: Left to Right: Bailey (c), Redfield, Viertel, Miller. Kneeling: Left to Right: Evans, Clark, Weeks. PAGE 275 Basket-Bail (Continned) It did arrive and brought with it the great spirit and loyaUy to the Odds and Evens, and to F.S.C.W. The Evens were the first to arrive on the court dressed in white robes, which they discarded forming the word " E-V-E-N " . The Odds soon made their entrance on horse-back with the second team on mules leading with a dummy displaying the Even colors. The game proved most exciting and thrilling due to the fact that both teams were so evenly matched. In the first quarter the Odds gained a lead of ten points, but by the end of the first half the Evens were trailing only by three points. During the second half of the game the Odds continued their gradual climb, and the game ended with a 40-25 score. This is the first Odd victory in basket-ball for the past three years. Shoot " Men Even Team: Standing: Left to Right: Wilkinson, Tombaugh, Panowski, Thill, Spradlin, Athon. Kneeling: Emmelhainz (c). Mildred Emmelhainz Even Captain PAGE 276 Guard her Miller Oh-h " a goal?? Basket-Ball (Continued) Lineup of Thanksgiving Basket-Ball Game Odds (40): Crook, Evans and Clark — forwards; Bailey (captain), Viertel, AND Miller — guards; substitutes — Redfield, forward. Evens (25): Emmelhainz (captain), Athon, and Wilkinson — forwards; West, ToMBAUGH, and Panowski — guards; substitutes — Spradlin, guard, AND TuTEN, forward. Only the beginning Yea Odds. Come on Evens ■577 Point Come on Odds Nice return Tessie, Yea Evens Volley Ball Lineup of Thanksgiving Volley Ball Game Odds (19): Daane (captain), Nall, Makemson. Bristol, Royall, Hurlin, Work, and Maxwell. Evens (21): Blood (captain), NuzuM, Griffitts, Ostlund, Dvoskin, Gehan, Meyer, and Akin. Good serve, Odds r- Katherine Blood Even Captain Volley Ball (Continited) Volley ball continued to prove its popularity this year by the number of girls that indulged in this sport and the zeal that these girls displayed. After weeks of concentrated — but quite en- joyable practice — the classes came to- gether on November 16, for the first class games of the year. As can be seen by the score of the Junior-Senior game — 27-27 — the game was quite ex- citing. The Seniors were victorious upon playing off the tie — the final score being 22-20. The Sophomores won from the Freshmen with a 36-21 score. On the following morning, the Juniors met and defeated their sister class — the Freshmen — with the over- whelming score of 33-17. The Seniors reaped the final laurels in volley ball by defeating the Sophomores. Class games being over, all our eyes were focused on Thanksgiving for just as in days gone by. That meant — the annual clash between the Evens and Odds for the Volley Ball Victory. Fine, Betty, ... Point . Even Team, Top Row: Griffitts, Beyer, Buchanan, Meyer Middle Row: Pratt, Akin, Peterson, Raulerson Bottom Row: Ostlund, Nuzum, Dvoskin, Blood PAGE 279 i ' ' • » " Stop " G.O. " , Evens Volley Ball (Continued) Thanksgiving Day did arrive, and the volley ball game, which began the morning ' s events, resulted in a victory for the Even team. The first victory that they have won in seven years. The Odds arrived upon the field in a " Odd Win Laundry " truck led by their captain, who rode on the back of a motorcycle with a member of the police department. The team was carried to the volley ball court in laundry hamp- ers. The Evens came dressed as char- acters in " Our Gang " comedies, riding in the college wagon drawn by the faithful old mule. It was an evenly matched contest with a slight lead going from one team to the other throughout the game. At the end of the game the score was 21-19 in favor of the Evens. In the first quarter the Odds secured a lead that shrank to one point by the end of the second quarter. From then on the scoring of both teams constantly remained about neck to neck, ending with an Even victory by 2 points over the Odds. Odd Team: Left to Right: Royall, Hamilton, Seekins, Makemson, Maxwell, HuRLiN, Bristol, Takach. Center: Daane. Beth Daane Odd Captain PAGE 2S0 - ' .■S r Even Team, Top Row: Johnson, Panowski, Cooper. Middle Row: Mackery, Pratt, Dickson. Bottom Row: Hollo way. Pierce, Barret, NUZUM. Odd Team, Standing: Taylor, Borton, Hamilton, Mitchell, Ireland, Ferguson, (C), Seekins, Simpson, Makemson, Takach. Kneeling: Bristol, Weeks, Maxwell, Lewis, L ' Abbe. Hockey The Line-Up for Hockey Game Evens (1): Panowski {captain), Mackery, Pratt, Emmelhainz, Barret, Russell, Thill, Cooper, Johnson and Holloway. Odds (3): Ferguson (captain), Borton, Takach, Mitchell, Simpson, HuRLiN, Lewis, Weeks, Maxwell, Seekins, Makemson, Ham- ilton, Ireland and Taylor. " Bully " . . 1 .: l , J 1 ■.-w JN ' « » «v- ■ -i uciLE Ferguson Odd Captain PACK 2S1 Break that up Hockey Class games were abandoned in the sport of Hockey this year, and in their place a series of quite thrilling games between the Odds and Evens were held. The first of the series was played on Saturday morning, February 9, resulting in a victory for the Odds with a score of 6-1. The final game of the series was played on Friday afternoon, February 22. The two teams played fast and furiously from the " bully " which started the game to the final blast of the whistle — with the resulting score 3-1 in the Odds ' favor. This game made the Odds the winner in two out of three Hockey games — Bravo Odds. Drive " Tacky " . 1, in gigi 1 i i ! •1 li Rose Panowski Even Captain i ' i ' : i i ilf A ' ii PAGE 282 Even Team, Standing: Tuten, Hales, West, Akin, Odd Team, Standing: Miller, Stevens, Bailey, Levy, Cook. Redfield. Kneeling: Brooks, Sands, Wilkin- son, Lewis, Marsh, Ost- LUND, Kneeling: Devine, Daane, Royall. Soccer Line-Up for Soccer Game Odds (0): Slone {captain), Royall, Hubbard, Devine, Lyle, Daane, Bailey, Miller, and Weeks. Evens (2): Akin, (captain). West, Gehan, Brooks, Hales, Cook, Athon, Marsh, Tuten, Levy, and Lewis. Dribble Pass it out Soccer (Continued) A series of Odd-Even Soccer games displayed the customary class games in this sport — giving both teams a chance to display much more skill in team tactics. The first Soccer game of the year took place on February 19, and proved to be a victorious morning for the Evens. The final score gives one an idea of the degree of excitement throughout the game —1-0. The last game of the series fell on George Washington ' s birthday, Feb- ruary 22. It was really a game — rivalry ran high. The ball would approach first one goal and then the other, only to be kicked out into the center of the field again for play. No score was made until almost the middle of the second half when the Evens successfully kicked the ball between the goal posts. The final outcome was 2-0 in favor of the Evens — making them the winner in two out of three games. Rah! Rah! Evens! Down the field ' mM t, -. ' • . ' PAGE 283 Alice Slone Odd Captain PAGE 2S4 Swimming Martha Makemson ' s 40-yard Crawl that placed her fourth in the National Intercollegiate Telegraphic Swimming Meet. Time - 22.8. Nice Dive, Martha Scon in the Pool ■Sf ' Swimming PACK 285 ■■ - wji ' m ' - " • ' ■ , ■ ' ;i •■■ t ' , Makemson again this time with the back crawl. Erma Engel Winner of the Freshman Swimmin g Meet. HURLIN THIS TIME Pretty Redfield What a jack PAGE 286 Extra-Curricula Activities . . . Oliver and Griffitts were on the top this time .... Tumbling was an activity enjoyed by many under Royall ' s able guidance .... " Fore! " — but more than four answered Hurlin ' s call and golf proved to be a popular sport. . . . More tumbling ! Yes, that ' s Royall with the arch .... Speaking of arch — here are a group of fair archers who take to the bow: Henry, Kennard, Parra- more, Jeter, Litschgi, and Hurlin. PAGE 287 Extra- Curricula Activities Horseback riding . . . more fun ! ! Ask Tharin, Hamilton, Cranie, Taylor Stevens ! ! . . . Look at Claire holding Hazel up on the soul ( ? ? ) of her feet . . . Beth Lancaster doesn ' t look so dan- gerous in the above pose, but — she is no less than the holder of the title — State Woman ' s Single Tennis Champion . . . Another lover of the tennis courts — it ' s great sport for all . . . Then there ' s fencing — get Betty Bradford to show you all about it . . . PAGE i ' SS Mildred Emmelhainz Even Leader Slide, Blount, Slide! Baseball Spring .... and with it the crowds that flock eagerly out to the diamond. Practice always brings a few home runs, " flys, " and plenty of " outs. " The Odds have as their leader Evelyn L ' Abbe, who is an old hand at the game. She ' ll turn out a fine team. As for the Evens — they ' re under Mildred Emmelhainz ' s guidance. Watch Athon Go .... that ought to be a home run Evelyn L ' Abbe Odd Leader Wearers of the Emblem Emma Spencer 1928 " Simpy " Yarbrough 1928 Bernice Conklin 1928 Margaret Richards 1929 Betty Suhrer 1929 Betty Wood 1930 Edna Mattox 1930 Betty Bell 1931 Nancy Lutz 1931 Marion C. Phillips 1932 Dorothy Archer 1932 Helen Geffcken 1932 Dorothy Hicks 1932 Buddy Autrey 1933 Rhea Gallagher 1933 Grace Kerry 1933 Eva Byrd ' 1934 Betty Bailey 1935 Frances Hurlin 1935 I ' AdK PAGE 290 Students Without Pictures Doris Bourgeois Elizabeth Brown Nancy Bush Sarah Edith Cheek Helen Clark Lucille Clendenon M ' liss Haydon Cook Carrie Dickenson Dorothy G. Diffenbaug h SENIOES Virginia Earle Helen Evans Elsie Mae Hamrick Erma Mae Hanscom Clarissa Knight Elizabeth Lancaster Mary Elizabeth Love Erine McGlynn Rosenia Meriwether Edith Lorraine Moore Julia Norfleet Helen Mar Phillips Lillian Mildred Shapiro Helen Mizell Shelley Louise Sigman Mirabel Eleanor Smith Lois Virginia Williams Mildred Williams Lillian Jeannette Baker Zefra Baker Adah Bell Mary Eloise Bennett Georgia Bevis Miriam Blaisdell Martha Marie Briese Sara Orlean Camp Mary Carson Virginia Cary Hazel Clayton Evelyn Collins Virginia Crump Douglas Dabney Esther Davis Aurilla Jewell Driggers Edna Mae Driggers Tessie Dvoskin Dorothy Lucile Edenfield Evelyn Ferguson Elizabeth Filer Elice Fletcher Eva Fowler Alice Gehan Marguerite Gehan Lucile Gould Sara Graham Martha Grant Bernice Allen Martha Baker Esther Boaver Boozer Jane Breor Mamie Brinson Mary Brownlee Virginia Clayton Mildred Clein Janet Cook Victoria Crisp Martha Crocker Jane Crook Clarice Curry Lucile Dale Elise Dancy Davis Ruth Bradley Davis Elizabeth Dawkins Alyce De Coitrsey Marjorie Anne De Witt Mildred Emmeliiainz Carol Farabee Anita Ruth Farley Mrs. Jessie Ferrell Martha Engle Flake Jo Beth Foraman Catherine Louise Fox JUNIORS Florence Barbara Greene Ruth Hagstrom Helen Hammond Zelma Harrison Marjorie Helvenston Marie Lolhse Herold Mrs. Elberta Hinson Edith Marie Hobson Beck Lou Rickards Hopkins Bernice Hutchison Maude Ireland Mildred Johnson Harriett Knapp Geneva Lamb Dorothy Lancaster Mary Evelyn Lanehart Rosalie Lastra GoLDiE Lewinsky Mary Adelaide Lounds Ruth Loveless Mauvis Cecil Lussier Margaret Eleanor Marchman Mary Elizabeth Marshall Laura Mathis Jane Roberts McCown Rosalie McDonald Mary Irene Mckay SOPHOMORES Louise Frisco Catherine Fuller Frances Roberta Gladdon Helen Virginia Godwin Katherine Gordon Annabel Graves Mary Green Marguerite Groover Helen Guthery EuLA Hadden Myrtle Jo Henry Cecil Marian Hicks Mrs. B. F. Higdon Louise Frances Hill Claudia Houston Nona Gladys Howard Mary Ingram Betty James Margaret Mary James Louise Dudley Johnson Alice Nelle Jones Masuka Dorothy Kamiya Donna Ivy Kelley Lynelle Eileen Kennington Nancy Catherine Knight Annabelle Larsen Nell McVoy Evelyn Meitin Betty Alice Middleton Eleanor Murrill Edna Myrick ROMAINE NiGELS Sarah Ball Palmer Ida Lois Pert Mary Ward Peterson Virginia Faye Peterson Murae Reddick Emma Louise Riedinger Bettie Routh Frances Shepard La Merle Sutton La Vada Virginia Sweat Vivian Testa Doris Trawick Lillian Turlington Mildred Tyler Alice Wahl Elizabeth Weatherly Ida Weintraub Dorothy Whittington Edna Irene Williams Lillian Yates Katherine Yongue Virginia Long lorena lorenz Lois Cecille Louis Grace Eleanor McKee Ann Merrill Edith Hartshorn Merrill Edna Adele Moon Francis Clarke Moore Catherine Neumann Bertha Dean Nolan Dorothy Norfleet Florence Nitnez PEARLE OVERLtTLTZ Anne Louise Pates Dorothy Patterson Edith PuEiiPS Gladys Pinder Mary Robbins Alice Roberta R(k;ei;s Virginia Rogers Ruth Esther Rosen Blanche Roth stein Grace Christine Rummell Lois Rutiiereord Hazel Sangster Alice Gordon Scott PAGE 291 Students Without Pictures Mary Bowman Smith Margaret Jean Stewart Beulah Taylor Frances Anderson Thomas Helen Mary Treis Matilda Trott SOFHOMOUES— (Continued) Ola Deare Vickers Anna Von Dohlen Holly Maude Waker Sally Walder Johnnie Ezetta Weeks Marie Louise Wesley Mae Harrell Whitten Martha Wildman Westa Winona Wilkin s Mary Lou W illiams Mary Wing Marie Yetter Grace Caroline Adams Hazel Adams Ernestine Lamar Alexander Doris Virginia Anderson Gladys Eleanor Anderson Kathryn Eloise Andrews Marianna Arcuri Ella Arozarena Elizabeth Francis Ash Dorothy Claire Atkinson Sara Elizabeth Bailes Mary Baird Helen Ballenger Dorothy Barclay Gaynelle Bass Lola Norwood Beatty Dorothy Benford Alice Biddulp Addie Bledsoe Lois Bowen Emma Bradford Beatrice Brezner Vivian Bfjzard Mary Elizabeth Bronson Constance Brown Evelyn Brunson Deenie Bruns Susan Bryant Laurene Harriett Bulkley Christine Burgoyne Marie Betty Busselle Merle Cason Eunice Theresa Chason Bernadette Chesley Martha Lou Chilson Dora Elizabeth Clark Mavis Emelyn Clark Margery Agnes Coles Lillian Jean Collier Marian Conn ExA Cox Marjorie Cox Martha Vivian Craig Margie Lee Creel Bernice Virginia Crowley Polly Dabney Irene Day Eileen Dayson Mary Frances Deese Helene Dekle Anne Detrick Dorothy Dismu kes Dorothy Hellen Dobbs Ethyl Carolyn Donaldson Jewell Drawdy Mary Elizabeth Eagle Mary Frances Elkin Katherine Ely Margaret Frances Endsley FRESHMEN Carol Betty Ettlinger Saidee Finney PjLizabeth Flipse Alice Louise Foster Winnette Claire Fountain Meda Fuiirer Eleanor Fulford Mary Jane Gale Myrtle Elizabeth Gassavvay Ella Marie Gay Louise Geiian Evelyn Caroline Glazier Grace Green Margaret Louise Greene Ellen Greer Jane Grubb Beatrice Grus Mary Ione Hendricks Sarah Hendry Marian Heper VoNciLE Herring OuiDA Higdon Essie Lee Hogen MOLLIE Holden Emma Jean Holland JuANiTA Holland Ruth Marion Hoskins Mary Alice Hudson Edith Hurst Martha Sue Inman Martha Frances Jackson Louise Johnson Margaret Lucile Jury Marion Knight Margaret Louise Knowles Marjorie Lancaster Ida Sylvia Larkin Ada Larkins Elizabeth Leach Marion Barbara Lessey Susan Lester Catharine Levey Janice Logan Mattie Lou Love Sara Martin Clara Belle Matthews Doris Esther McCullough Emma Lee McCullough Alice Anna McGlone Mavis McMillan Annie Jane McRae Margie Medlin Margaret Melzer LuLA Mae Mooty Darween Morrell Catherine Lee Murphy Sara Nance Ruth Bernice Nasholn Helen Olivia Nelson June Alyce Nolder Doris Irene Olson Jack Allen Owens Dorothy Ozburn Lillian Victoria Pace Mrs. D. C. Palmer Mary Edwina Parker Mary Matilda Peacock Vada Dean Peacock Gennelle Perry Carolyde Zola Phillips Mary Porter Doris Pounds Sallie Ratliff Jewell Reeder Faye Reeves Alice Irene Revels Carlie Mae Reynolds Mary Ethel Richardson Doris Risk Evelyn Robson Elise Scarborough AvA Scott Violet Shampine Lucile Shannon Bessie Mary Shelf er Virginia Eleanor Shine Mary Shryock Ruth Rachel Shuman RiioDA Simpson Adelaide Slaughter Bonnie Smith Della Smith Fannie Belle Smith Emily Pauline Spencer Dorothea Louise Stahman Edna Marvin Stanfill Dorothy Lee Strickland Doris Strauss Abdelia Suarez Mary Tatom La Nelle Thames Frances Thill Lenore Carolyn Thorn Anne Rae Thrasher Mary Ellen Tiller Elizabeth Tomyn Wynn Tuten Sadie Ida Tyler Marie Wagner Gladys Cole Ware Dorothy Weatherall Sarah Wells Julia Eva Whaley WiLMA Leah White Vivian Williams Barbara Womack Lillian Young PACE 292 Book VIII University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada PACE 295 W. R. McCOLLUM, D. D. S. 402 Exchange Bank Building TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA Compliments oF Proctor Proctor, Inc. BUICK PONTIAC AUTOMOBILES Phones 321 322 Monroe Call Sts. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. JACKSONVILLE PAPER COMPANY IMPORTERS - WHOLESALERS - MANUFACTURERS Printing Pi%.PEIl_ Wrapping 808 West Bay Street Phone 5-0350 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Branches: tampa . miami . orlando . mobile . savannah . pensacola . st. Petersburg . west palm beach " JL STATE THEATRE TALLAHASSEE ' .S ' fV. ' e o .fV ? y (y DL RITZ THEATRE TALLAHASSEE PAGE 296 Tlie lovely Misses Jucquclyn Beckwitli and Joan Stombler nuido their bow to Tallahassee Society at the sumptuous Junior-Senior Prom held this spring. The Prom, presumably given for the upper classes of the col- lege, l)ecame, most naturally, just one more fete for these two charming debutantes. Consternation was occasioned vviien Jacquelyn failed to appear in time to lead the Grand Marcii. Rumors spread and eyebrows were lifted; it was feared another social career was blighted at the offing. When she arrived (|nite saf( , as lovely as ever, and only a few hours late, her pulilic was again captivated. Her escort, Kmil Jolinsoii, looking a trifle em))arrassed and most responsil)le, led her jiroudly in and past the place where the Reception Committee had stood. Jacquelyn was gowned in a Scharapelli model of palest gold mous- seline de sole, whicli disphiyed too adequately her lovely back and shoulders. Her slippers were of gold brocade and green orchids weie diajjcd in exquisite simplicity over one devastating shoulder. The stag line, of course, went mad. One great clip in hammered gold with a poculiai ' emerald setting and a heavy matching bracelet were her only jewelry. Joan cieated quite a sensation in a Patou model, effective in its femininity. It was wliite chitfon and looked all mist and moonbeams. It was molded at the hip with pin tucks creating a subtle svelte effect. It had a certain je ne sais ])as (|U()i. imitable bachelor buttons. .loan carried a bouquet of garden flowers, wearing oidy a few of her in- PAGE 297 DM, A. J. OTT J02 Exchange Bank Building TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Compliments of B. K ROBERTS PHONE 179 211 East College Avenue ARTCMAFT FMIHTERS TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA W. E. VAN BRUNT, D. D. S. Telephone Building TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA " m c. aniE rzom yv{aa±. jD%om, n .£ d . o . is just another way of saying " highest quality, " " the last word " in " fashion- rightness " and the symbol of " good taste. " The fact that we have always maintained prices at an interestingly moderate level in spite of our rigid standard of quality has, for nearly half a century, made MAAS BROTHERS the Shopping Center of South Florida. BwtL Established l886 TAMPA PAGE 29S Miller, the aii-niiiulcd. i ' ' ur today, ilcar inipils, wo have the apple. I ' m getting ' just too pi)[iular. PAGE 299 c:: i e ot MON TAG ' S jai-liLonaLTLs. WRITING PAPERS Manufactured by MONTAG BROTHERS, INC. Atlanta, Georgia New York City Stationers and Engravers Manufacturing Jewelers INCORPORATED ouLS(jiLL£, .J £.ntucku School and College Stationery Commencement Invitations, Diplomas Class Rings and Pins TALLAHASSEE ' S OLDEST AND LARGEST Wear Clean Clothes TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA tm HIGH! » » » » » _je.c b-S-ohLs. eue i aat anutkina moxui mniLs cvithoui cona£.ntxatLna on it . . . ana vjotkina rox it. Athletic teams have their goals, businesses have their quotas, armies their objectives . . . and even should they fail to get there, they have made their best possible effort. Set your aim high . . . and stick to it. « « « « « « « wM . PAGE 300 Vlicii I ' .riiiii and Hiauii Mc( ' t(?) Thvy |ila veil on li( artsti ' iiigs iSfop, .Iloiacc, iloii ' t Ix ' sudi a caveman, as well as guitars! ! ! PAGE :]0i f5o the STUDENTS OF F. S. C. W. . . . Tour good will means more to us than anything else, o the 1935 FLASTACOWO STAFF . . . Congratulations. P. W. WILSON COMPANY Established in 1837 pr£harcdhtcm ... in onz or tliE. nio5.i: aomfiLstsLu ELsctxiris d kitcksn±. in ins oatn The task of serving several thousand meals a day at the College Dining Hall has been lightened by the adoption of electrically operated kitchen and bakery equipment. The above view shows a battery of heavy duty electric ranges, electric thermotainer units to keep the food warm until served and electric baking ovens . . . comprising only a part of the many electric operations used in this efficient kitchen. General Offices: ST. PETERSBURG FLOIUIK POWER Corporation Local Office: TALLAHASSEE JMc -OLLOY MADE COVER QUALITY IS STILL SERVING THE BEST BOOKS IN THE LAND JUST AS IT DID IN THE PIONEER DAYS OF THE MODERN YEARBOOK. THE COVER ON THIS VOLUME IS A PHYSICAL EXPRESSION OF THAT FINE QUALITY AND WORKMANSHIP WHICH THE MOLLOY TRADE-MARK HAS ALWAYS SYMBOLIZED. THE DAVID J. MALLOY PLANT 2857 Northwestern Avenue CHICAGO, ILLINOIS PAGE 302 DR. FRED O. CONRAD J Enti±t 6-8 CENTENNIAL BUILDING PHONE 631 TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA FOR THE FINEST QUALITY DEMAND CHEVROLET ALFORD- CHEVROLET CO. 119 N. MONROE In Chicago, It ' s the " College Inn " In Tallahassee, It ' s BENNETT ' S " College Inn " PHARMACY ' Drugs, Sundries and beauty ' Preparations HOTEL FLORIDAN 50 %ooms TALLAHASSEE £uropeanTlan EXCELLENT DINING ROOM HOTEL FLORIDAN CO., INC., LESSEES J. B. Waddill, President J. T. Smith, Jr., Manager PAGE 303 WHILE IN ? aafz±onu iLLi ENJOY THE MANY ADDED SERVICES FOR (LontTs.nis.nt c nob.l2Lna 1-- (LonijiLimznti. of ROBERT KLOEPPEL ' Utvns.x- J ix£.ctox Hotel George Washington Hotel Mayflower Hotel Flagler JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA " DL LEWIS StaU !Banll TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA torida OUz±t " Bunii JtsiEaan jDUiinsii in 1S56 INVITES YOUR ACCOUNT J Eiou%a i. OVER THREE MILLION ottax: PAGE 304 - . ' fg j Has Holenmary tumed Walter Winchell? As full of news as a village seamstress. All cleaned up and rarin to go. 305 Bur dines America ' s Smartest Resortwear ComjiLim£.nti. or DAFFIN MERCANTILE COMPANY LIFE PROTECTION 501 Hildebrandt Building JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA czTJ-dam iadio PHOTOGRAPHS OU PL £a±s PHONE 297 + TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE 1930, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35 J ' La±{:aaocvo PAGE 306 A lircsidc and you (Coca-C ' olii?) Bar i ' lics ! ! PAGE 307 STEYERMAN ' S The Store Smart Women Prefer ( omtiLim£.nt± of WM. C HODGES In Jacksonville THE SMART YOUNG THING SHOPS AT FURCHGOTTS ' The (§tore zylccommodating DRINK IN STERILIZED BOTTLES TALLAHASSEE COCA -COLA BOTTLING COMPANY PAGE SOS FOR OVER EIGHTY YEARS this symbol has stood for excellence of quality and craftsmanship in Printing... We specialise in the needs of schools and colleges . . . this annual is a PRODUCT OF THE HoUSE OF DrEW? LITHOGRAPHING • ENGRAVING PRINTING - BLANK BOOKS BANK and COUNTY FORMS RUBBER STAMPS. SEALS AND STENCILS r 6 H. W. B. D R RW COMPANY Gomplete Office Outfitters 22-30 West Bay Street Jacksonville, Florida Our Twelfth Annual Expression of Appreciation to the Student Body and Faculty (or their Faith- fulness and Confidence in this Shop th( VOGUE feminine wearables tallahassee, Rorrda PAGE 309 THE LLnL(jsz±Ltu of jLo%ida AT GAINESVILLE ly (JotCs-as-i. ' Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, J ' Education, and Law. • [_7n.ze£ cnooLi.: Architectureand Allied Arts, Graduate, and Pharmacy. Of the 2,848 Students enrolled in 1934-35 Regular Session, 65 were co-eds. Women may matriculate in the University of Florida provided (1) are 21 years of age, (2) have had two years of college work, (3) desire courses not offered at the Florida State College for Women. Plan to Attend the 1935 (Regular Term Restrictions on Women Students Do Not Apply) Two Big Terms First Term, Six Weeks OpE fING June 17th, Concluding July 26th Second Term, Five Weeks Opening July 29th, Concluding August 30th DR. JOHN J. TIGERT, President PAGE 310 " Dressmaking at its best MADAME PALMER 200 Exchange Bank Building TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Smart Misses Shop at TLRXER ' S Tallahassee, Florida J_ . . J J President and General Manager Central Grocery Company {Piggly Wiggly) TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA uy a PH..T-CO COLLINS FURNITURE COMPANY TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA SupRRioR Cleaners TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA The Home of SIZ2LIN ' HOT STEAKS Tallahassee Cafe GIFTS and CARDS FOR EVERY OCCASION The BAND BOX If Ifs SPORTING Goods SEE T. B. BYRD, Incorporated " Photographs You Will Be Proud to Have Represent You PiKE ' S Studio INSURANCE HUdebrandt DUilding and BONDS Phone 5-5474 OKORHR A X, r. 1 i 1 J hi K rOMPAN Y Jacksonville, Florida CT.Oi ' HES For Every Occasion MAE ' S SHOP Meet Your Friends at the M. AND N CAFK I ' AGE 311 iM(.i: J12 Appreciation The staff of the nineteen hundred and thirty-five Flastacowo takes this opportunity of thanking the following people who have given advice and assistance: The Faculty Committee on Flastacowo for their suggestions, criticisms, and guidance; The Adams Studio, Wrigley Engraving Company, and The H. W. B. Drew Company, for their interest and willingness to do everything in their power to make this volume a success; Mr. A. A. Lubersky and the Molloy Company for their patience in working with this hard-to-please staff on the covers; Mr. Bluestein and the Vogue shop, for the generous lending of some of the costumes worn in the feature section; Carol Reeves, for putting into words some of that difficult copy ! Charles Rosenberg, for professional advice and " services rendered " ; The Pan-American Union for permission to use the picture of the South American University; Miss Henrietta Sivyer, for her help in the selecting of costumes for the feature section; And now, Edie, with our very best wishes, we leave it with you. Best of luck to you ! THE STAFF S«nVW Ei closer Macco. TVic TraiU End CHAIN LAKES .- » : (-iJ: " ? t • '

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