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TWE t PLA UA QANNtRtD LRE-yT " ■ WBt, m Mr ■ RtNLW ULY-ft NNANT Hi H I n PRDUQ tNkLL N ■ car KM AND LRDX - TAPlPtD r " - ' - ' V.. % Si-iJ. ' PLDRIDA BDRNt DLD N yPAIN , TANDARQ " DUTUkRN yquADt copyright Nineteen Hundred Thirty-four Flastacowo by BESSIE HOOPER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF AND SARAH HULSEY BUSINESS MANAGER NINETEEN HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR FLASTACOWO PUBLISHED BY THE Senior Class OF The Florida State College for Women TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA VOLUME XXI. Dedication Builders were they, Those nations who unfurled their flags on Florida ' s shores. Dreamers were they, Seeing cities gleam where then those tanners stood. Each nation left here something of itself, Which now the history of a mighty state reflects. Thus do great institutions, In their ideals and their standards, Mirror the lives of those who dreamed and ouilded them. Each leader, like each nation, Contributes of his culture And his knowledge to its growth. To such a one of these We dedicate this book in lasting tribute, A recognition of his worth to us — One whose finest service is the life he lives, Whose greatest contribution is himself — Dreamer, builder, friend. 1 ' J WILLIAM GEORGE DODD CONTENTS Book One State Flag ADMINISTRATION Book Two Spanish Flag CLASSES Book Three . . French Flag LADIES OF THE COURT Book Four British Flag ORGANIZATIONS Book Five Colonial Flag CAMPUS ACTIVITIES Book Six Confederate Flag SORORITIES Book Seven American Flag SPORTS Explanation of Theme Florida has been under five flags since the day- Ponce de Leon imbedded the Spanish standard in her soil; in order of conquest and control she has raised the French, British, Colonial, and Confederate colors; now the Stars and Stripes wave proudly over the Florida peninsula. Throughout the follow- ing pages the flags which have made the history of our state have been used. This volume is introduced with the flag which represents the state, around which the book is cen- tered. The banners of other nations follow this. For convenience the American standard has been used twice, once as the Colonial flag and cnce as it is now. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING INTERIOR OF LIBRARY HISTORY BUILDING LIBRARY INTERIOR OF GYMNASIUM SOUTH GATE GYMNASIUM Book I Administration WM HIS EXCELLENCY GOVERNOR DAVID SHOLTZ PRESIDENT EDWARD CONRADI Revered, Honored, and Respected ARTHUR WILLIAMS Vice President JOHN G. KELLUM Business Manager SIMEON R. DOYLE Registrar CHARLOTTE M. BECKHAM Dean of Students mimmMmmmmmmm smmmmmms fr|__ t " f Q[] A [ w Mm msmmmmmmmmmimmMmm William George Dodd A.B., Bethany College; A.M., Harvard; Ph.D., Mar rani Dean of the College Of Arts and Sciences Head of the Department of English The College of Arts and Sciences offers courses to give that traditionally cultured background that is designed to promote the further seeking of the higher things of life. It furnishes an opportunity to secure the wider general training that is essential to the more abundant social and pro- fessional leadership which should be held by college trained women. The English Department has for its aims, to develop in students clear thinking and effective expression through speaking and writing; to familiarize them with the cultural and spiritual ideals of English speaking peoples through the study of our literature; and to foster in them the appreciation of beauty through the study and practice of arts of poetry and the drama. The instructors in the Department are: Professor Wil- liam Hudson Rogers, M.A., Ph.D. ; Professor Gay Linton Diffenbaugh. M.A., Ph. D. ; Associate Professor Rowena Longmire. M.A. ; Associate Professor Hazel Allison Stevenson. M.A., Ph. D. ; Assistant Professor Mildred Fay Henry. M.A. : Miss Esther Smith. M.A. ; Miss Mary Helen McKean. M.A. ; Miss Sarah Herndon, M.A. : Mrs. Lou E. W. Miller, A.R.. R.S. Nathaniel Moss Salley A. B. Wofford; Graduate Work at V. of Chicago. U. of Wisconsin, and Columbia Dean of the School of Education Head rjf the Department of Education The School of Education is the division devoted to education of teach- ers. In the four-year curriculum a studont concentrates in professional work, education, and psychology and has a distributive concentration in the several subjects which she wishes to teach. The Department of Education is responsible for givi ng such courses of study as will best prepare kindergarten, primary, elementary school, junior high school, senior high school teachers, and supervisors for the various duties that will confront them. The department purposes to give such professional training as will enable students to use to greatest advantage in the profession of education all their training and experience. The in- structors in the department are: Professor Mark H. DeGraff. M.A., Ph.D.: Professor Ralph Lee Eyman, Ed.D. ; Associate Professor Marion Jewell Hay, M.A., Ph.D. ; Associate Professor David H. Rriggs, M.A., Ph.D. ; As- sistant Professor Rachel Elizabeth Gregg, M.A. ; Assistant Professor Maud Schwalmeyer ; Assistant Professor Elma Williams Ealy, B.S. : Miss Nita Katherine Pyburn, M.A. ; Mrs. Ruth Taylor, M.A. -V- ' V.V NHS mrnzimmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m msmmsmmmMmmmmm- m Page twenty-six mimmm?m?mmmzmmmmmmsM FLAt ' TACDWD m mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Margaret Rector Sandels B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Columbia Dean of th School of Home Economics Head of the Department of Home Economics Home Economics contributes to the development of ;i fine art of living as it provides opportunity for the intelligent study of such phases of home and family life as child rearing, human relationships, housing, nutrition, clothing, money management and other such aspects of daily existence in the home. The School of Home Economics offers courses concerned with topics such as these, as its contribution to the general education of women. It provides specialized training in the professions growing out of former home activi- ties, and it encourages investigation and research in such subjects as fall under the general topics of the family and its relationships, family eco- nomics, the house, food and nutrition and textiles and clothing. The instructors in the department are : Professor Jennie Tilt. M.S.. Ph.D. ; Associate Professor Anna May Tracy, Ph.D. ; Associate Professor Henrietta Ruth Sivyer, M.A. ; Associate Professor Ruth Connor, M.A., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Leila Venable, M.A. ; Miss Genevieve Craw- ford, M.S. ; Miss Sue C. Blundell, Ella Scoble Opperman B.M., M.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; Pupil of Jedlictska in Berlin; Pupil of Moszkowski ami Guilmant in Paris Dean of the School of Music Head of the Department of Piano and Organ The School of Music offers courses in piano, voice, organ, violin, cello, public school music, and composition. It is successfully preparing its graduates for vocational service in these same fields. It is reaching a still larger group in its impress upon the students of other schools by as- sisting them to self-expression through individual instruction and by group work in glee club, orchestra and ensemble. Through appreciation of music courses and concerts it is teaching the power to understand and enjoy universal language, a part of man ' s being in all walks of life. The in- structors in the department are : Associate Professor Etta Lucile Robert- son : Associate Professor Walter Ruel Cowles, A.B. Mus.B. ; Associate Professor Margaret Whitney Dow, A.B., B.M.. F.A.G.O. ; Associate Pro- fessor Anna Mae Sharp, B.M. ; Assistant Professor Zadie Lillian Phipps, B.M. ; Assistant Professor Owen Frank Sellers ; Miss Mona Alderman. A.M., B.M. ; Miss Madeline Keizer. A.B. ; Miss Gladys Olive Koch, A.B. ; Miss Mary Emily Reeder. B.M. mmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four ®®®£3s Page twenty-seven mmmsimmmmmmm m mmmmmmm mms r |_ K y m [ £ V D i£$ i; ££ Elizabeth Gordon Andrews Director of Personnel Adjustment of the student to the college situation, assistance in her development by personal contact, and an interest in her as an individual are the principal functions of the personnel department. Vocational guidance is provided in the form of information regarding the various fields open to women, and consultation regarding selection of courses of study which will provide the requisite preparation for the vocation of the student ' s choice. The Placement Bureau, which also is located in the office of the director of personnel, has been extended and now includes the registration of graduates seeking positions in the fields of teaching, commerce, journalism, social service, art, and music. Mrs. Laura Strujstk Leslie Executive Secretary of Alumnae The function of the executive secretary of the Alumnae is to be an active contact between the Alumnae and the College, to distribute the Alumnae News, and to direct Alumnae activities. immmmz mmmmmm®mmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four %»g%ss Page twenty-eight msmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fr|_ 1 f A QQ A [] s mmmmm mmmmmm Mm mmm :. Associate Professor Beatrice Beyer Williams Head of the Department of Art The general foundation offered art students includes courses in drawing, perspective, mechanical drawing, design, lettering, and the history of art. Advanced work may be grouped under these general heads: design, in- terior decoration, stage craft, painting, composition, figure sketching, commercial drawing, and a course for training teachers. The instructors in the Department are: Miss Helen Thrush, M.A., and Miss Emma Keis, M.A. Professor Alban Stewart, M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Bacteriology Bacteriology was introduced at Florida State College for Women about fifteen years ago as an appendage to Botany. When it was started it was not expected that it would ever be more than an appendage to supply the needs of the majors in Home Economics and a few other girls who elected the course. As time went on more and more interest was shown in the subject, so that nine years ago the present course in General Bacteriology was established to meet the needs of the average student more nearly than did the more specialized course which thsy had been taking. At present two people are employed full time in the teaching of Bacteriology. The other instructor is Miss Elizabeth Griffing, M.S. Professor Herman Kuez, M.S., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Botany The various courses in Botany deal with plant reactions, anatomy, iden- tification, life histories and so on. As in other biological sciences oppor- tunity is given to discover or verify facts of life as shown by plants. Botanical work therefore offers training in the scientific method of ap- proach as applied to animate things. Since plants take such an important place in our surroundings the cultural and practical value of " Botany " must be and is made apparent. It will be seen that work in Botany is something more than a mere exultation about flowers. The other instructor in the Department is Miss Ruth Schornherst, M.S. Professor Leland Judson Lewis, M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Chemistry The Department of Chemistry offers courses in general, analytical, or- ganic, physiological, and physical chemistry. These are designed to give the students the essentials of a fundamental science. The work of the most outstanding contributors to chemical science is stressed. Graduate courses leading toward a Master ' s degree are offered. The staff has been fortunate in keeping in touch with the local and national sections of the American Chemical Society and is thereby familiar with the recent ad- vances in this field. The instructors in the Department are: Miss Isabel McKinnell, M.S.; Miss Gertrude Vermillion, M.A. m mmmmmmm immmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four asaagafa Page twenty-nine mm;mmmmmmmzmmmzmmmmmmm$ FLA TACDWC m mmmmmmmmmm mmws M Professor Josiah Bethea Game, Ph.D., Litt.D. Head of the Department of ( ' lassie ami General I, Herat arc The Department Of Classics and General Literature includes all the courses offered by the college in the Latin language and literature, in general or comparative literature, and in archaeology. The instructors in the Department are: Associate Professor Olivia Nelson Dorman, M.A., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Edith Woodfin West, M.A. Professor Beulah B. Briley, M.S., M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Economics and Commerce The Department of Economics and Commerce endeavors to train students to enter the fields of active business and business research. Since the individual in either of these fields will find herself working with others of varied training, and in organizations that are related to all other ac- tivities of life, emphasis is placed upon cultural as well as technical training. The instructors in the Department are: Assistant Professor Mary Louella Richey, B.A., C.P.A. : Assistant Sadie Gertrude Young; M.A. ; Mrs. Lucile Grider Bass. Associate Professor Henry Floyd Becker, M.A. Head of the Department of Geography The function of Geography is to examine and interpret the adjustments which groups of people have made to the combinations of natural en- vironmental conditions which exist in the regions in which they live : to explain why men use the land and its resources as they do : to study the opportunities and handicaps for utilization by man of unit regions through- out the world. The instructors in the Department are: Miss Gladys Fawley, M.S.: Miss Marguerite Adrienne Taylor, Ph.D. Professor Kathryn Trimmer Abbey, M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of History Two objectives are sought by the Department of History. In the first place, a general survey of European civilization is provided which may serve as a tool for other fields of knowledge. In the second place, under a staff rich in study and experience, opportunity is jjiven for a more com- plete tracing of the rise of human society through its efforts and achieve- ments. The instructors iu the Department are : Professor Arthur Williams. M.A. : Professor Robert Spencer Cotterill, M.A., Ph.D.; Associate Professor Venila Lovina Shores, M.A. Ph.D.: Assistant Professor Annie Marie Therese Popper, M.A.. Ph.D. mr ?m$mmm mmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mimm!mmmm 3yy mfm i Page thirty Mj a ig msmmmmmmmmmcm |I " L , T Q A [ m Mmmm mi mmmm M m Mmm Miss Edith Paula Mols, M.D. Head of the Department of Hygiene The Department of Hygiene instructs students in matters of personal and public health that will aid them to live a more hygienic life in college and community. A comprehensive course in First Aid is also included. Assistant Professor Emily Pitman Wilburn, B.L. Head of the Department of Industrial Arts The Industrial Arts Department offers to students preparing to teach courses which will enable them to enrich their professional educational world through the knowledge and skill gained. Pottery, modelling, small sculpture, weaving, metalcraft, leatherwork. and other minor arts are taught. The instructors in the Department are: Miss Hazel Deetz. B.S. : Miss Sadie Williams, B.S. ; Mr. Oval Stanley Harrison, B.S. Assistant Professor Earl Lynn Vance, M.A. Head of the Department of Journalism Courses in Journalism are designed to provide a background for a writ- ing career, to give an intelligent understanding of the contemporary scene, or, for the student whose chief interest lies in other fields, to give a com- mand of the language which will be found generally useful. Miss Louise Richardson, M.A. Librarian and Head of the Department of Library Science From one course, given for the first time in 1925, has evolved the De- partment of Library Science, organized and maintained solely for the purpose of training librarians for small high schools. The department offers seven courses in the regular session and twelve in the Summer School. Enrollment is limited to twenty-five. Faculty, equipment, and laboratory space conform to standards of the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States. The other instructor in the Department is Miss Ftta Lane Matthews. A.B. VSC+ X?;y ;,:i ' ' ' £$ $::$. i-. ® ®m nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmm msmmmimm mi mim m Page thirty-one mMis m mmmmm mmmmmmmmmimim [ _ i r% T H OV d W Bmmm M Mmi Professor Elmer Riggs Smith, M.A. Head of the Department of Mathematics The department of Mathematics h;is two purposes. Its intention is primarily to give students an adequate understanding of the fundamental mathematical truths and secondarily to develop logical application to prob- lems in I ks and in life as well as speed ;in l accuracy. The other instructor in Hie Department is Assistant Professor Olga Larson, M.A. Professor Arthur Eomeyn Seymour, M.L., Ph.D., Litt.D. Head of the Department of Modern Languages The Department of Modern Languages aims to develop in students some facility in speaking and writing foreign languages. Courses in literature dealing with outstanding authors and literary movements afford an ac- quaintance with the intellectual lite of France, Germany. Italy, and Spain. Tlie life and customs of these countries are presented. The instructors are: Associate Professor Lucy Lester. M.A. : Associate Professor Myrtle Elizabeth Dolbee, M.A. : Associate Professor Margie Burkes, Ph.D.: Mis. Dorothy Reeves Breen, M.A. : Miss Mildred Finne gan, M.A. : Mile. Madeleine Postaire. A. P. : Miss Jane Bailey, A.B. : Mr. Manuel Lopez. M.A. Professor Anna Forbes Liddell, M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Philosophy Philosophy has arisen through man ' s efforts to solve the eternal ques- tions, " What can I know, " ' How should I live. " " What can I hope. " Its history shows the progress of human thought developing in its own freedom. The purpose of courses in philosophy is to stimulate clear, crit- ical thinking, to develop sound, discriminating judgment and appreciation of ultimate values — in Platonic phrase, " to liberate the soul " for the com- plete enjoyment of life. Miss Katherine Williams Montgomery, M.A. Head of the Department of Physical Education The purpose of the department of physical education is. through its class and extra-curricular program, to give to all students an opportunity to increase health and physical efficiency, to find joy and satisfaction in activity and at the same time to so enrich their repertoire of recreational activities that their leisure time both in college and in later life will become a constructive factor in its contribution to more complete living. The instructors in the Department are: Miss Marjorie Mayer. M.A. ; Miss Dorothy White. B.S. : Miss Mildred Stewart. B.S. : Miss Mary Settle. B.S. : Miss Grace Fox. A.B. ; Miss Elizabeth Autrey. B.S. «V 2 3 zmmzmmmmmmmm mmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mm m mmmmmmm mm Page thirty-two mmmrnmmmmmmsmmmmmmmms (TL X TACDWD Z $? ±£S - ' : ' %%$S ZM$ M%®$ $ Professor Harold Frederic Richards, M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Physics The Department of Physios offers a full program of undergraduate work. Subjects emphasized in the more advanced courses include elec- tricity, light, heat, mechanics, radio. X-rays, radioactivity, photoelectricity, and the mathematical theory of physics. The Department is well equipped for lecture demonstrations and for individual work in the laboratories. The equipment includes a splendid 5%-inch refracting telescope mounted to serve as an " observatory on wheels " which can lie rolled to open places on the campus tor astronomical observations. The other instructor is Miss Elizabeth Lvnn, M.A. Associate Professor Viola Graham, M.A., M.S., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Physiology The courses in Physiology deal with the basic facts as applied to physical activity, human anatomy, and a survey of current journals for recent re- search. At present the department of physiology and anatomy is established in the Demonstration School. There are offered two general courses in human physiology and human anatomy, and two advanced courses. Associate Professor Marian Irish, M.A. Head of the Department of Political Science It is the purpose of the Department of Political Science to instruct students in the organization and functions of the state, to train them in the scientific approach to governmental affairs, and to assist them in their efforts to participate with understanding and with sacrifice in the duties of citizenship and public service in a democratic world. Professor Paul Frederick Finner, M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Psychology The Department of Psychology exists to the end that the knowledge of human life won in the laboratories during a century may live and bear fruit among our people. It labors in the service of the State in the firm belief that as the issues of life are made intelligible, life is ennobled, freed, and made effective for greater purpose. The instructors in the Department are: Associate Professor Christian Paul Heinlein. Ph.D.: Associate Professor Hugh Lee Waskom, M.A.. Ph.D.: Assistant Professor Edith Mildred Burlingame, M.A.. Ph.D. ; Elizabeth Gordon Andrews, Ph.D. : Miss Dorothy Rose Disher, M.A.. Ph.D. mmmmtm mmm nineteen HUNDRED AND thirty-four gg SSBSEl Page thirty-three mmmimm mmm mm?mmmmmmm FLAt TACDWD m mmmmmmmmmim Professor Arthur Williams, M.A. Head of the Department of Religious Education The aim of the Department of Religious Education is to offer to students the opportunity to know the great religions of the world, to understand the Bible, to study the life and teachings of the Christ, to give the Chris- tian religion a deeper meaning, and to give students a broader conception of God. Professor Raymond Bellamy, M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Sociology The Department of Sociology is organized to serve a dual purpose. A program of courses is offered which is intended to give a cultural influence and furn ish the fundamental understanding of group life which results in better citizenship. A second program of courses introduces the students to the principles of social welfare work. The instructors in the Department are : Associate Professor Coyle Ellis Moore. M.S.. Ph.D.: Assistant Professor Elinor Nims, Ph.D. Associate Professor Mary Hollingsworth Buford, A.B. Head of the Department of Speech The aim of the Speech Department is to give training to those planning for work on the public platform as readers or lecturers, to students work- ing to prepare for the teaching of speech, to those preparing for a business life, and for purely cultural ends. The Instructors in the Department are: Miss Lula Margaret Wyly, B.S. : Miss Kemper Moore, A.B. ; Miss Sara Elizabeth Thompson, A.B. Professor Lanas Spurgeon Barber, M.A. Head of the Department of Zoology The aim of the Zoology Department is to inv ite interest in the various phases of animal life, to give training in obtaining first hand information to students preparing for medicine, teaching, or as part of a general edu- cation. Chief emphasis is placed on freshman courses and the advanced courses in ornithology, comparative vertebrate zoology, parasitology, and embryology. The other instructor in the Department is: Assistant Pro- fessor Ezda May Deviney, M.S. mm mmmmmm®mmmm® nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmmmmmm Page thirty-four -m? " ' i Ya BS FLA TACDWD S£ w ;i » Faculty Directory Edward Conradi, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D. Katherine Trimmer Abbey, A.M., Ph.D. Mona Alderman, A.B., B.M. Elizabeth Gordon Andrews, Ph.D. Elizabeth Autrey, B.S. Lanas Spurgeon Barber, M.A. Lucile Grider Bass Henry Floyd Becker. M.S. Charlotte Mahone Beckham, M.A. Raymond Bellamy, A.M., Ph.D. Florence Bethea, A.B. Sue C. Blundell, M.A. Dorothy Lois Breen. A.M. David H. Briggs, A.M., Ph.D. Beulah Belle Briley, M.S., M.A., Ph.D. Mary Rollings worth Buford, A.B. Margie Burks, M.A., Ph.D. Edith Mildred Burlingame, A.M., Ph.D. Ruth Conner, A.M., Ph.D. Robert Spencer Cotterill. M.A., Ph.D. Walter Ruel Cowles, A.B., Mns.B. Genevieve Crawford, M.S. Hazel Berenice Deetz, B.S. Mark H. Degraff, M.A., Ph.D. Ezda May Deviney, M.S. Guy Linton Diffenbaugh, M.A., Ph.D. Dorothy Disher, M.A., Ph.D. William George Dodd, A.M.. Ph.D. Myrtle Elizabeth Dolbee, M.A. Olivia Nelson Dorman. A.M.. Ph.D. Margaret Whitney Dow, B.A., B.M., F.A.G.O. Elma Williams Ealy, B.S. Ralph Lee Eyman. Ed.D. Gladys Fawley, S.M. Mildred Finnegan, M.A. Paul Frederick Finner, A.M., Ph.D. Ward Thomas Fletcher, B.S. Grace Fox, A.B. Josiah Bethea Game, Ph.D., Litt.D. Annie Flavia Gleason Viola Graham, M.A., M.S., Ph.D. Rachel Elizabeth Gregg, A.M. Elizabe th Adeline Griffing, M.S. Oval Stanley Harrison, B.S. Marion Jewell Hay, M.A., Ph.D. Clara Rider Hayden, B.S. Frances Field Haynes, A.B. Christian Paul Heinlein, Ph.D. Mildred Fay Henry, M.A. Saba Herndon, M.A. Marion Irish, M.A. Emma Keis, M.A. Henrietta Keizer, A.B. Gladys Olive Koch, A.B. Herman Kurz, M.S., Ph.D. Olga Larson, M.A. Lucy Lester, A.M. Leland Judson Lewis, A.M., Ph.D. Anna Forbes Liddell, M.A., Ph.D. Rowena Longmire, A.M. Manuel Lopez, M.A. Edith Elizabeth Lynn, A.M. Etta Lane Matthews, B.A. Marjorie Mae Mayer, A.M. Margaret A. McCurdie, B.S. Mary Helen McKean, M.A. Isabel McKinnell, M.S. Lou Eoerton Whitfield Miller, A.B., B.S. Edith Paula Mols, M.D. Katherine Williams Montgomery, M.A. Frederic Clifton Moor, A.B., M.D., F.A.C.P. Coyle Ellis Moore, M.S.. Ph.D. Kemper Martin Moore, A.B. Elinor Nims, Ph.D. Velma Ooton, A.B. Ella Scoble Opperman, A.B., M.M. Zadie Lillian Phipps, B.M. Annie Marie Therese Popper, M.A., Ph.D. Madeleine Postaire, B.A. Nita Katherine Pyburn, M.A. Mary Emily Reeder, B.M. Harold Frederic Richards, A.M.. Ph.D. Louise Richardson, A.M. Mary Luella Richey, M.A., C.P.A. Etta Lucile Robertson William Hudson Rogers, M.A., Th.D. Elizabeth Russell, M.A. Nathaniel Moss Salley. A.B.. Litt.D. Margaret Rector Sandels, A.M., Ph.D. Ruth Olive Schornherst, M.S. Maud Schwalmeyer Owen Frink Sellers Mary Brandau Settle. B.S. Arthur Romeyn Seymour, M.L., Ph.D., D.Litt. Anna Mae Sharp, B.M. Venila Lovina Shores, M.A., Ph.D. Anna Mae Sikes, B.S. Henrietta Ruth Sivyer, A.M. Dora Sikes Skipper, B.S. Virginia Turnbull Sloan, A.B. Annah Margaret Smith, A.B., B.S. in L.S. Elmer Riggs Smith, A.M. Esther Smith, M.A. Leonora Smith, M.A. Hazel Allison Stevenson, M.A., Ph.D. Alban Stewart, A.M., Ph.D. Mildred Pruden Stewart, B.S. Marguerite Adrienne Taylor, Ph.B. Ruth Paris Noland Taylor, M.A. Sarah Elizabeth Thompson, A.B. Helen Alverda Thrush, M.A. Jennie Tilt, M.S., Ph.D. Anna May Tracy, Ph.B. Florence Reno Tryon, B.S. Earle Lynn Vance. A.M. Leila Venable, A.M. Gertrude Vermillion, M.A. Katherine Florence Walker, A.B., A. B. in L.S. Hugh Lee Waskom, A.M., Ph.D. Edith Woodfin West, A.M. Dorothy White, B.S. Emily Pitman Wilburn, B.L. Arthur Williams, A.B. Beatrice Beyer Williams Kenneth Rast Williams, M.A. Sallie Williams, B.S. Mary Elizabeth Winters. M.A. Lula Margaret Wyly, B.S. Annie Lee Yates, A.B. Marion Elizabeth Young, B.A. Sadie Gertrude Young, M.A. ' mmmm mmmmmmmmmi nineteen hundred and thirty-four mimmzmmmmmxtmi? Page thirty-five Book II Classes SENIOR. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmim rLAv ' TACDWD m M Bmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Julia Louise Smith president Green Cove Springs B. S. in Education AXS2 Esteren F. Club: Athletic Board (2, 3); Var- sity Basketball (3, 4) ; Even Basketball 1.3, -t; , i.ne Saving Corps t Examiner,! , Treasurer of Junior class; Senate; Vice President Athletic Association { ' • ' •): Presi- dent Senior class. Ruth Tucker treasurer West Palm Beach B. S. in Education ! M Esteren Treasurer Senior Class; Chairman Campus Social Committee (4) ; Copy Editor Flasta- eowo (4( ; Junior Sponsor of Freshman (3) : President Sophomore Class ; F. Club ; Or- chesis; Senate (2, 3. 4); Torch Night (1, 2, 3, 4) : Even Demonstration (2, 3) ; Usher Committee; Varsity Swimming (1, 2); Class Volley Ball (3). Virginia Bird vice president Okeechobee A. B. in Education KA Esteren Secretary Freshman Class ; Secretary C. G. A. (2) ; ' 1st Vice-President C. G. A. (3) ; Y. W. C. A. Council (4) ; Vice-President Se- nior Class; Fealty (3); Even Demonstra- tion (4). Rosalie Baya parliamentarian TAMPA B. S. in Art and Science XP. Freshman Cabinet; May Day (3) ; Torch Night (2. 3) ; Chairman dances in Fealty (3) ; Chairman of songs in Junior Minstrel (3); Newman Club; Senior Representative to Senate; Social Committee (4) ; Parlia- mentarian of Senior Class; Even Demonstra- I ion (.• ' .) : Orchesis. Mary Jane Sheldon secretary St. Petersburg A. B. in Arts and Science Aon AXA Freshman Commission; Class Parliamenta- rian (2) ; Class Vice President (3) ; Class Secretary (4) ; Flambeau Reporter (2) ; Flambeau News Editor (3) : President Al- pha Chi Alpha (4) ; Fealty (2). Terry Gil ATHLETIC MANAGER TAMPA B. S. in Education Basketball Class Team (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Even Basketball (2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Basketball (2, 4) ; Hockey (1, 2) : Soccer (4) : Baseball (1, 2, 4) ; Sports Editor Flambeau (3) ; Sports Editor Flastacowo (3) ; Junior Min- strel (1, 2) ; Even Demonstration (1, 2) ; F Club; Senior .Athletic Manager; Classical Club (4): Flambeau reporter (2). 1 - — - mmmmmtmmx m nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmzmmmivmmmmm I ' ugv fori n-tn t mrnmimmmmmmmsmmmmmmmmmmm P " L At TACDWD Bernice Adams Jacksonville B. 8. in Education HILDA ALLESHOUSE MIAMI A. B. in Education Transfer from Southern College (3); Classical Club. Ella Gertrude Adkins Daytona Beach B. S. in Chemistry Mrs. George K. Armes Tallahassee A. B. in Arts and Sciences JOSEPHINE ALLEN TAMPA B. S. in Home Economic AZ Eloise J. Austin Plant City A. B. in Education ATA KAIT Mortar Board Freshman Commission; Glee Club (1, 2, 3) : Classical Club (1-4) ; Chairman Fealty (3); Secretary Sonhomore Class; Social Committee (4) ; Y. W. C. A. Executive Cab- inet (3) ; Torch Night (2) ; Even Demon- stration (2). ' mmzmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmm mmm mmmmmm Page forty-two ;Vrf -v , •?.- ■-. ?a g PL Ai TACDWD gvg j Louise d. Bailey Shady Grove B. 8. in Physics Astronomy Club (4); Physics Laboratory Assistant (4). Margaret Barnum Winter Park Anna Margaret Baker Savannah. Ga. D. 8. in Bacteriology AXfi Freshman Commission; Torch Night (1, 2); Even Demonstration (2); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee. Edna D. Beatty Fremont. Ohio B. S. in Physical Education Class baseball (1, 2) : Even baseball (I. 2) : Varsity baseball (1) ; Class track (1) ; Even track (1); Class tennis singles (1, 2) ; Even tennis singles (1, 2.; F. S. C. W. singles champion (1) : Even tennis mixed doubles (2) ; F. S. C. W. tennis mixed doubles champion (2) ; F. Club; Vice Presi- dent F. Club CD ; President of F. Club (4) ; Life Savins (1.2. 3, 4) : Examiner (2. : ' ,. - ' ) ; Swimming assistant (2, ■. " . ) : C .ass basket ball (1, :;, 4): Even basket ball (3, 4). Virginia Barber Kissimmee B. S ' . in Mathematics Classical Club (1, 2) ; Orchestra (1. 2. ?,, 4) : Chairman Astronomy Club (4) ; Y. V. C. A. Interest Group Committee (4) ; Torch Night (4. 2) ; May Day (i, 2, :;». EMILIE b. beatty Plant City A. B. in English AXA Editorial Board Open Gate (1): Glee club (2) ; Even Demonstration (2, 3, 4) ; Class hockey (2) ; Flambeau staff (2. 3, 4) : Writers Club (2, 4) ; Fealty (3) ; Junior Minstrel (2. 3) ; Poetry club (4). mtMmmxm mm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmmmmmxvmi mmte v Page forty-three -s - : - ' - mmmmmm mmmmmms® P " L At TACDWD Florence beever St. Petersburg B. 8. in Education Flambeau staff (2, 3). KATHERINE BENSEL West Palm Beach A. B. ZTA Mary Belcher Tarpon Springs A. B. in Arts and Sciences KA DOROTHY L. BENZ MIAMI A. B. in English KA0 Orchesis; Torch Night (1, 2) ; Odd Demon- stration (2) ; May Day (1). PAULINE BELL Albany. Ga. A. B. in Education AAn Glee Club (1, 2) ; Classical Club (1, 2. 3, 41; President Classical Club (4); Junior Minstrel (3) ; Fealty (2). Doris bevis Bascom B. 8. in Borne Economics mvmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m ms mmmmm tmmm}m mm mf Page forty-four mmMmmmmmmmmMmmmmm® fTL Xi TAQDV C %£ Eleanor Bowdoin Tallahassee B. 8. in Home Economics IDENA M. BRIDGES COCOA B. 8. in Education Transfer from .Tudson College ; B. S. U. Council; Vice-President Student Volunteers. Sarah Evelyn Bowen Tallahassee A. B. in Commerce Nell Brinkley St. Augustine A. B. in Art Freshman Commission: Glee club (2) Junior Minstrel (1, 2, 3) ; The Arton (4) Poetry Club (4). Amy Brenner Davenport A. B. in Commerce ASA Senate (4); Chairman of Fire Committee: Finance Committee of Y. W. C. A. GERTRUDE BROWARD Jacksonville A. B. in Commerce f M Pan-Hellenie Representative (3, 4). mm m mmmmmmsmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mm mxmmm mmmmm mm Page forty-five i $$g£; X £iW££i?k? ' ff V - mmmmmmmmmmtm FLAt TACDV D Anna Lenore Brown Sanford .4. B. in Education Physical Education Maior Association (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4). Frances M. Bryson Jacksonville B. 8. in Educati on Sarah Browning Gainesville B. S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; College 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Student Librarian (1) ; Campus Health Committee (2). DOROTHY V. BURNETT TAMPA -1. B. in Education AZ Freshman Class President ; Even Demonstra- tion (1, 2, 3, 4). Margaret Bruce Orlando A. B. in Education AZ Elizabeth Bush GONEDS B. S. in Education Life Saving Corps (1, 2. 3) ; Junior Min- strel (3) ; Even Soccer (4). ! i mmmmvmmm mmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmmmmmm mmmmmm sim Page forty-nix WMmmm mmmmmmmmmmm8m x T KniHWO g Ruth E. Butler MIAMI A. B. in Art B A Freshman Commission ; Life Savins Corps (2. 3, 4) ; Torch Night (2) ; Social Com- mittee (3) ; Panhellenic Council (3) ; Pro- gram Chairman Even Demonstration (3) ; Telescope Team of Astronomy Club (4) ; Stage Chairman Even Demonstration (4) ; Y. W. C. A. Interest Group Committee (4) ; The Arton (4). Lilly Isabelle Carter Gainesville A. B. in Education Eva Byrd Hastings B. 8. in Education President Athletic Association (4) ; Senate (4); F. Club; Vice-President F. Club (3); Class Athletic Manager (3) : National Basket ball Official (2, 3. 4) ; Secretary Tallahassee Board of Women ' s Basket ball officials (3, 4) ; Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Secretary of Life Saving Corps (3) ; Campus Health Committee (3) ; Basket ball : Class (1. 2 3, 4) ; Even (2, 3) ; Varsity (2, 3) : Soccer: Class (2) ; Even (2) : Varsity (2); Baseball: Class (2, 3); Even (2, ::» : Varsity (2, 3). Kathryn Cast Redland A. B. in Art Methodist Student Council (4). Maxine Campbell MIAMI A. B. in Education DOROTHY CATES San Mateo A. B. in Education Classical Club ; Life Saving Corps. mmzmmmmMmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmmm mmm mmmmmm Page forty-seven mmimmmmmm mmmisMmmmm mms FTL 1 N " f QC] A [I| i££ V; Greeta Chabot TAMPA A. B. in Education KAII Open Gate (1) ; Junior Minstrel (2) ; Even Demonstration (3, 4) ; Commencement play (3) ; Stage Manager Junior Minstrel (. " .). Mattie Sue Collins Tallahassee B. 8. in Education Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (1); Od Team ; Volley Ball Class Team. i Helen Childes TAMPA B. M. in Public School Music AXS2 Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club Accom- panist (2, 3, 4) : President Public School Music Chorus: Torch Nig ' it (1, 2); Even Demonstration (1, 2). Frances Conn St. Cloud A. B. in Education Class Soccer (2) ; Glee Club (2, 3) cal Club (2, 3, 4) ; Life Savins Clas Corps House Chairman (4) ; Class Basket ball (4). Hazel Clark Ft. Myers A. B. in Commcrcee Life Saving Corps (3) ; Flambeau (4) ; Student Library Assistant (2, 3, 4) ; Class Swimming Team (Hi : Astronomy Club (4). Margaret Cook Apalachicola .4. B. in Arts and Sciences • ' S ' : ' . i smv mm+mmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mm m mmmm mmmmmmmfm I ' aye forty-eight .1 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm PL At TACDWD ' y ; ' S S5f ' ? % M- m Z m0i ' Mary Alice Cosper MIAMI Betty Daniels Eustis A. B. in Education XA f B2 Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Class Volley Ball (3) ; Assistant Editor Distaff (3) ; Script for Fealty (3) ; Script for Junior Minstrel (3) ; Torch Night (4) ; Student Activities Committee (4). Jassamine Crist Warrington B. S. in Education Class Basketball (1): Class. Odd. Varsity Hockey (2) ; Class Volley Ball (2. 3) ; Class and Odd Baseball (2) ; Class and Varsity baseball (3) ; Freshman Commission ; House Chairman; Senate; Intramural Man- ager (3. 4) ; Torch Night 13) ; Lower Court (3, 4); F. Club. Mary Lee Davis Lakeland B. S. in Education Aon Mortar Board Freshman Cabinet : Treasurer Y. W. C. A. (3) ; W orld Friendship Representative, Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Exchange Editor Flastaeowo (4) ; Life Saving Corps (1. 2. 3) ; Torch Night (2) ; Library Committee (3). Lois A. Daane Belle Glade A. B. in Commerce Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4) ; Auditing Com- mittee (4). Ruth Marjorie Davis Tallahassee B. 8. in Chemistry Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2, 3) Life Saving Corps (3). immmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mj mmmmmmmmmmm ::: Page forty-nine mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm® PL Ai TACDV D - y i j Tap Helen Dawson TAMPA A. B. in Education KA Torch Night (2) ; Junior Minstrel (3) Linnetta Dean Orlando B. 8. in Chemistry Helen Day MIAMI A. B. in Commerce AXA Torch Night (1); Freshman Commission; Class Soccer (1, 2) ; Even Soccer (2) ; Class Vollev ball (3, 4) ; Even Volley Ball (3) ; Class Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Even Base- ball (?, 3) ; Varsity Baseball (3) ; F. Club; May Day (3) ; Circulation Manager Flam- beau (3) ; Business Manager Flambeau (4) : Life Saving Corps (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Instructor of Corps (4) : Campus Auditing Committee (4). Helen Deane Port Tampa A. B. in Education KAII Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Volley Ball, Class Team (4). ALTA deahl Tallahassee B. M. in Public School Music AXfi Orchestra (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club (1) ; Torch Night (1, 3) ; Treasurer Public School Music Association (3) ; Even Demonstra- tion (4) ; Presbyterian Student Council (2, 3). Mildred Denton Jacksonville B. S. in Education Writers Club (2, 3) ; National Poetrv Society (3, 4) ; Class Volley Ball (3, 4) ; Life Saving Corps (2) ; Junior Minstrel (3) ; Even Demonstration (4) ; Manager of Class Swimming Team (3) ; Dormitory Student Assistant, Freshman Student Ad- visor (4). ' m mzmmjmmm mmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmm m mmimM I ' uye fifty m mm mmmmzzmmmmwmms PLAt TACDWL mmm mm mmmmmmm mm m Mary Dolive Orlando A. B. in Arts and Scinces ASA Classical Club; Life Saving Corps; Even Demonstration (2, 3, 4) ; Torch Night (2, . " .) ; Junior Minstrel (2) ; May Day (2). Modesta Dukes Jacksonville A. B. in Education Transfer from Georgia State Woman ' s Col- lege, Valdosta, Georgia (4) ; Senior Volley ball team (4). Kathryn Duffy DeLand A. B. in Commerce I B2 President of Phi Beta Sigma (4) ; Even Demonstration (2, 3, 4); Junior Minstrel (2) ; Delegate to Cervantes Day Celebra- tion (3). Anna Marie Dungan Haines City A. B. in English IIB b Panhellenic Representative; Transfer from Butler University (2). Daisy Duke Mary Dunkle Tallahassee A. B, in Education ZTA Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4). . mmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m fiimsmmmmm mim}mm : m Page fifty-one HK«;i?i mmmims mmm m immmmimmmmmmmsim fL Xt T XQDVs D ££ : Alice Allan Ehrlich MIAMI B. 8. in Education Helen l. Feagin St. Petersburg A. B. in Art Vice-President Phi Beta Sigma (3) ; Class Hockey (1, 2) ; Even Hockey (2) ; Art Editor Flastacowo (3, 4) ; Astronomy Club (4) ; Art Guild (4) ; General Chairman of Art Guild (4). Eunice Engelhardt Fort Myers B. 8. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Junior Minstrel Costume Committee (3). RUTH FOHL Naples B. 8. in Education MONA ESTABROOK St. Petersburg B. S. in Education Astronomy Club (4) ; Chemistry Club (4). Mary Spears Fowler Macon, Ga. A. B. in English I M Transfer from Randolph Macon (3) ; Senior Representative to Senate (4). m ;mm v mm m£mMm nineteen HUNDRED AND thirty-four m m m mmsm mi Page fifty-two mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm FLAt TACDWD mmmmmmm mmmimm Nettie Mae Fowler Lake Butler B. S. in Home Economics Sylvia Gallion TlTUSVILLE A. B. in Commerce Mary Loli Fox St. Augustine A. B. in Education Chairman Even Demonstration (4) Kathryn Gardner MIAMi A. B. in English nB r Village Vamps; Usher Committee (3) ; Even Demonstration (2). Teresa freidlin Jacksonville A. B. in Arts and Sciences A E BIIG Classical Club. Gertrude Gates MIAMI A. B. in Arts and Sciences B A Classical Club (4). — •» as s ;-:.; nineteen HUNDRED AND thirty-four mmmmm mmm m mmm m mmm Page fifty-three m m m mrnmrnm mmmmmmmmmm fTLAi TACDV D t mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ida M. Gautier MIAMI A. H. in Commerce IIB t Even Demonstration (2). ELIZABETH GILLIES Maitland B, 8. in Education Axn Mortar Board Spirogira K. Club: Freshman Cabinet; Junior Repre sentative to Judiciary : Sponsor of Fresh man Commission ; Senate (8) : Varsit.v Hockey (3) : Odd Swimming team (1, 2, 3) Life Saving ' Corps. Mary George MORRISTON B. 8. in Home Economics Astronomy Club (4) ; Home Economies Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Vice-President 4-H Club (4). EVA GOODENOUGH Pensacola B. 8. in Education Astronomy Club (4) ; Classical Club (4). FLORENCE E. GlLLHAM St Petersburg A. B. AAA BUB German Club ( ' . ' ,) ; Classical Club (4) ; (ih Club (3). Marguerite Goodman MIAMI A. B. in Education Torch Night (2). HMHHHBH i fimm mrn mtmmmmmimmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmm m mmm ms mmm m I ' nge fifty-Jour - mmm mmmmsmmmmmmms PLA TACDWD mmmmmm mmmm mmm m mmmm , Mary Newton Green Port Orange B. S. in Home Economics ZTA Glee Club (1, 2, 3) ; Freshman Commission; Life Saving Corps; Class Volley Hall (1. 2, . ' i. 4) ; Class Soccer (1, 2 ) : Even Soccer (1. 2) : Varsity Soccer (2) ; F. Chili: Class I aseball C, :!) : Hume Economics Club: Torch Night (2, 41; Junior Representative in Judiciary (• ' !) : Senate (8, 4) ; Treasurer of C. G. A. (4) ; Judiciary (4). Mildred Gunson HlNSON A. B. in Education Vera Green Port Orange B. S. in Home Economics B I A I ' ' . Club: Home Economics Club (1. 2. :!. 4) ; Orchestra (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Finance Com- mittee of Y. W. C. A. (2); Class Soccer (1. 2); Odd Soccer (1. 2): Class Volley Hall (1, 3, 4) : Odd Volley Hall CD : Class Baseball (i, 2, : ,) ; odd Baseball (1, 2); Class Tennis (1, 2) : Odd Tennis (1. 2) ; Varsity Tennis (1, 2) ; Color Rush Chair man (2, 4). Angela Guth DeLand A. B. in English Leila Ann Greene MIAMI A. B. in Modern Languages Transfer from La Grange College and Uni- versity of Alabama. Orline Hall TAMPA A. B. in English AFA Glee Club (4i. mmmmmimmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four » » Page fifty-five mmm immmmmm m mimmm mmmmmmm [_ K y k J [ [2 J[J m mmmmm msim Margaret Hanford Sarah Heard St. Petersburg A. B. in Arts an Sciences Cola Hardee Trenton madele helms Orlando A. B. in Arts an Sciences Classical Club ; Astronomy Club. Vera Mae Hawsey JAY B. S. in Education JOSEPHINE HENDLEY Jacksonville A. B. in Education AXO mmmmmxmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmm mmmmm tmmmimm m Cage fiftu-xiu mmtmmmmzmmmmmmm® PL At TAQDWD £££ Hilda Hendricks Fort Myers B. S. in Education Treasurer of F. M. S. A. (3) ; President 4-H Club (• " ); Student Assistant Librarian (•- ' , 3, 4). Mae himes West Palm Beach .4. B. in Arts and Sciences - «wtfA| EMMA HIGGENBOTHAM Callahan B. 8. in Education Georgraphy Club (I!, 4). Sara Hinson QUINCY A. B. in Education AATT Etta Mae Hill Lake City A. B. in EnfflisJi Orchesis (3, 4) ; President Orchesis (4) ; Torch Night (1, 3, 4) : Junior Minstrel (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Even Demonstration (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Fealty (3) ; Basketball (1) ; Life Saving Corps; Classical Club (1, 2, . ' !. 4) ; Flambeau (2). Marion Hobson Sarasota A. B. in Journalism AXA Mortar Board Treasurer Alnha Chi Alpha (4) : Library Student Assistant (2, 3) ; Flambeau staff (2, 3. 4); Editor-in-chief Flambeau (4). ' :sy y ?■- ■?:-■■■ mmmmzxmmMmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m m mmmmmM m mm f i Page fifty-seven mm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mm pLAu TACDWD m mmmmmmmm$m m KMM Edna Hoffman St. Petersburg A. B. in History ! AO AXA Flambeau (3, 4); Exchange Editoi beau (4). Jane Louise Hopkins Jacksonville B. 8. in Education f M Torch Night (1, ?,) ; Fealty (1. 2, 3) ; Dem- onstration (1. 2, 3): Chairman Serenades (2) : Classical Club (3). Sunshine Askew Holley Tallahassee A. B. in English KA9 Pan-Hellenic Delegate (3) ; Torch Night (1). Laura Hopkins Tallahassee A. B. AFA Class Volley Ball (1). X Bessie Hooper Birmingham. Ala A. B. in Art I M Esteren Editor of Flastacowo (4) ; Flastacowo staff (2, 3, 4) ; Cheer Leader (1, 2, 3, 4) ; F Club; Even and Varsity Baseball (2, 3); Even Basketball (1, 2, 4) ; Varsity Basket- ball (4) : Second place track meet ( i! ) : Chairman Usher Committee (3) : Even Demonstration (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Torch Night (2, 3, 4); Fealty; Senate (3, 4). La Verne Horton Winter Haven A. B. in French ASA •ansfer from Duke University ; Classi- cal Club (4). m mmsmr mm mmmm mmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four %»gffj£ Page fifty-eight mmmzmmmmmmmss PLAt TACDWD ga ff ; - Mabel Houser Lake City A. B. in Education Classical Club (4) ; Astronomy Club (4) : V. V. • ' . A. Interest Group Committee (4). Sarah Hulsey TAMPA . S. in Home Economics KA Esteren Business Manager Open Gate (1) : Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3, 4) ; Home Eco- nomics Club (1. 2, 3, 4); President Home Economics Club (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (. ' !, 4) ; Executive Council of Pan-Hellenic (4) ; Chairman Junior Minstrel (3) ; Chair- man May Day Costumes (2) ; Chairman Even Demonstration (4) ; Business Manager Flastacowo (4) ; Fealty (3). Mildred Howell Lake Worth A. B. in Commerce Janette Huntley Orlando A. B. in Education Treasurer Athletic Association (2): F. Club: Orchesis (2. 3. 4): Glee Club (2, 3) ; Class Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 0(1(1 Team (1, 2, 3) ; Class Soccer (1, 2, 3) : Odd Soccer (2) ; Soccer Varsity (1, 2) ; Class Tennis Champion (1) ; Tennis Doubles Varsity (1, 2) ; Life Saving Corps: Torch Night (2, 3) ; May Day (2, 3) ; Odd Demonstration (3) ; Even Demonstration (4). Ruth Hughes Lake Hamilton A. B. in Education BUG I B2 KAII Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4) : Ensemble (1) ; Even Demonstration (3) ; Torch Night (1, 2) ; May Day (2) : Secretary Beta Pi Theta (41 : Judiciary (4) ; Chairman Lower Court (4) ; Senate (4). Nancy Irons Winter Haven B. M. Glee Club (1, 2, 3) : Orchestra (2, 3, 4) Presbyterian Student League Council (4). i mmm mmzmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four aaaaaas Page fiftu-nmi mmmsimmmmmmm rmmmmmmmm m PL At TAQDWD ® :;;a Eleanor Irsch TAMPA A. B. in Arts and Sciences AZ Freshman Commission ; Chairman May Day ; Torch Night (2, 3) ; Junior Minstrel : " Usher Committee (4) ; May Day (2, 3) ; Classical Club (1). Mary Mildred Jones Newberry B. 8. in Home Economics Paptist Student Union Council (2, 3, 4) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Martha Jefferies Jacksonville B. 8. in Home Economics Merle Keel Umatilla B. S ' . in Education 4 A9 KAn Campus Health Committee (2) ; Methodist Student Council (3, 4) ; Life Savins Corps (4) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3) ; 4-H Club (2, 3). FAY COLEMAN JENNINGS TAMPA A. B. in Art German Club (1, 2, Club (2) 3, 4) ; Treasurer German May Day (2). Beth Kehler St. Petersburg A. B. in French Aon BUG Transfer from University of California at Los Angeles (2) ; Exchange Editor Flasta- cowo (3) ; Picture Editor Flastacowo (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Delegate (3, 4) ; Chairman Student Activities Committee (4) ; Senate (4). ' mm mmmmmm mmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mm mmsim tmmmmmi l ' a ie sixty mmmmmzmmmzmmmmmmm P ' L. X TACDXa L J£%s»£ % Sarah kelley Haberson City A. B. in English KA6 Pressman Cabinet; Classical Club (1, 2); I ' s ' -er Committee (3) ; Advertising Manager Flastacowo (. ' !) : Senior Class Editor Flastacowo. Rebecca king Grand Ridge B. S. in Education M. Elise Kendall Tallahassee A. B. in Arts and Sciences Class and Odd Soccer Team (1) ; Writer ' s Club (3, 4) ; Flambeau (4) ; Script Junior Minstrel (3) : Script Odd Demonstration (4) ; Script Junior Minstrel (4) ; Life Sav- ing Corps; Entertainment Committee C. G. A. Convention (3) : History Assistant (• " ) : Torch Night (1 ). Sarah King Fort Myers A. B. in Education Rosalind Kennedy Tallahassee A. B. in French Aon Freshman Cabinet ; Glee Club ; President Glee Club ; Junior Minstrel ; Odd Demon- stration ; Classical Club Leader (41. ROSETTA KlNSEY Pin etta B. 8. in Education T " - -« ' v - . " -fl NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FOUR smmsmmm mix m mm mmm Page sixty-one vmmm immmmm m mm mmmmmmmmim p " |_ l N " J " Q[] A [] m M Iris Knox St. Petersburg A. B. in Arts and Sciences AAA XA ! Mortar Board Chairman Even Demonstration (3) ; Edito Distaff (4); Senate (4); Writers Club (3 4) : Distaff Short Story 1st nri ' .e (2 I Distaff ulav contest 1st prize (3). NlTA ROSE KREHER TAMPA Eunice Kramer Leesburg B. S. in Home Economics Freshman ( ' nission ; F Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; V. V. C. A. Finance Committee (3) ; Home Economies Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Ruth Lacey BOYNTON B. 21. in Public School Music Certificate in Piano. Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) : Torch Nijrht (4). Marguerite Kreher TAMPA A. B. in Englishj Certificate in Speech, Deutches Verein; Orohesis; Junior Min- strel (1, 2, 3); Even Demonstration (1, 2); Torch Night (1, 4). Freida Louise Lassere Fernandina A. B. in Commerce ■ ? —T--r -v ' :r.» « », , ™»y } | mi N £tee N hundred AND thirty-four m mmm mmm mm mm I ' aui ' xLnty-tucu ® mmmmmmm%zmmmmmmm$ F " L A TACDWQ !%s «B Emma Law Waynesboro, Ga. U. 8. in Home Economics A All Transfer from Wesleyan Conservatory ; Y. W. ' . A. Finance Committee (-): Chair- man May Day Costumes (3) ; Pan Hellenic Council (• " .. 4) ; Home Economics ( ' luh (1. 2, ::, 4). TOB1AH LOV1TZ Tarpon Springs A. B. in Education A I E KAII PA6 Secretary-treasurer Pan-Hellenic Council (3) ; President Pan-Hellenic (4) ; Senate (4). DORIS Lee- Clearwater A. B. in Art Torch Night (1) ; Even Demonstration (4) Junior Minstrel (. " ., 4). Lady Jane Lueders Apopka B. 8. in Education AXfi Mortar Board Esteren Class Basketball (1. 2, 3) : Even Basket- ball (1, 2, 4) ; Class Hockey (1. 2) ; Even Hockey (1) : Freshman Commission: F Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Torch Night (4) ; Physical Club; Torch Night (4): Junior Repre- sentative to Judiciary : Senate (3. 4) ; Chairman of Judiciary (4) ; S. I. A. S. G. Convention Delegate. Grace Lindstedt Hallandale .4. H. in Education Joy Makinson KlSSIMMEE A. B. in Education 17R " I Mortar Board Esteren Chairman of Religious Emphasis Week (4) : Delegate to Blue Ridge (2. 3) ; Freshman Cabinet ; Sophomore Representative to Judiciary ; Sophomore Cheer Leader ; Jun- ior Representative to Senate : Fealty : Torch Night (1, 2, 3) : Even Demonstration ; Presi- dent of Y. W. C. A. ; Vice-President of Y. V. C. A. (3). %zmmm®mmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four ss aags I ' age sixty-three m0m»;mmmmmm mmmiimmmmmmmB !S PL A TACQV D mmmm mmmmmm mm,. VIOLA MARTIN Atlanta, Ga. A. B. in Education B4 A Astronomy Club (4): Pan-Hellenic C (4). MARTHA MCCLELLAN Jacksonville A. B. in Education ZTA Classical Club (1, 2, ? , 4) ; House Chair- man (4). Eleanor Mason Orlando A. B. in Education Astronomy Club (4). MADA MCCOLSKEY Lake City JEAN A. MATHESON West Palm Beach A. B. in Education MARTHA MCELMURRAY Jacksonville B, S ' . in Nutrition Class Soccer (1) ; Home Economics Club. l immm?w mmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmm mmmm:mmmmm i fuge sixty-Jour vmmmmmmm® PLAi ' TACDWD m mmmm® mmmmmmmmmm;m Elsie McGuire Apalachicola 2K ORFIE Melin OCALA A. B. in Education Torch Night (1) ; Freshman Cabinet. Mary McMillan Pensacola A. B. OT H2S4 Methodist Student Council (3, 4 ; Classical Cub (1. 2, I!, 4) ; Classical Club Leader (3, 4) ; 1 . V. C. A. Finance Committee (2, :j) ; Panhellenic Council (4). Helen Menendez TAMPA A. B. in Education i B2 Freshman Commission; F Club: Senate (4) ; Vice-President Phi beta Sigma ; Fealty ; Healtii Committee (2) ; Exchange Editor of Distaff (4) ; Chairman of Health Com- mittee (4); Odd Demonstration; Classical Club (1, 2, 4) ; Volley Ball; Class (1, 2) ; Soccer: Class, Odd, Varsity (1); Baseball, Class ( 1 ) . Caroline Melber St. Petersburg B. S. in Heme Economics Orchestra (2, 3, 4) ; Home Economics Club (2. 3, 4) ; Life Saving Corps. Martha Menendez TAMPA A. B. in Commerce Esteren Mortar Board Freshman Cabinet; German Club Presi- dent (4), Secretary (3); Senior Repre- sentative to Judiciary; Freshman Ad- visor; Class Volley Ball (4). :-v « S:v ? --] :;e; l- " rtMM] nineteen hundred and thirty-four m®my mmmm®?mmm ®i I ' fige sixty-five m m m mmm jm mmmmmmmmmmi p|__ A ' TACDWD m®?mmmmmwm®®mm®mmmmm Catherine Miller Leesburg A. B. in. Arts and Sciences Catherine L. Moore MIAMI B. S. in Arts and Science.; K. JOY MILLER Daytona Beach A. B. in Art Chairman of Freshman Cabinet; Ex-Officio Freshman Commission ; Senate (-) ; Execu- tive Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4) ; Chairman of Interest Groups (3) ; Second Vice-President of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Torch Night (2) ; Assistant Art Editor of Flas- tacowo (2) ; Fealty (3). Trixie Moore TAMPA B. S. in. Home Economics Torch Night ;i); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Alice Mitchell Daytona Beach A. B. in Commerce AXS2 AXA XA Assistant Editor of Flambeau (4). Kathleen Morie . m mzmvw mmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m m s mmm m Page sixty-six mmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmms |T ' L t y A [I.C] A D Virginia Gladys Morris Tallahassee A. B. in Arts and Sciences Rebecca nants Live Oak A. B. in Education AAA Classical Club (4) ; Social Committee (4). Mary Virginia Murphy Mulberry A. B. in Education Torch Xi-hl (2) : Classical Club. Laura Newell West Palm Beach A. B. f ,in English i ' Bi; Alice Musser St. Petersburg .1. B. in Arts and Sciences Astronomy Club (4). Audrey Newman Madison A. B. in Arts and Sciences KA . mm mmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmm®mm m% m;mmxm 1 ' iiye sixty-seven mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm® P " L_ v N J Q[] A [j m Mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm Mary e. Nicholson Tallahassee June Orndorff Lakeland A. B. in English Mary Catherine Nuzum St. Augustine B. 8. in Home Economics Chairman of Costumes for Junior Minstrel (3) ; Home Economics Club (I, 2, ' 3, 4). ISABELLE ORR MIAMI A. B. in Commerce KA9 Pan-Hellenic Representative (4) Night (2). Torch DOROTHY L. NYE Fort Myers B. S. in Commerce Lois Frances Ostlund MIAMI B. 3. in Chemistry Chemistry Assistant (2, 3) : Life Saving Corps. wammmm r i mmmmmm?z mm%mmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmmmmmmm mmmmm m Page stotg-i ight w®mmmm?mmmz mmmmmmmf® f L Xt T CLOVv D %£ mmm Edna Oxford Madison A. B. in English KA Alma Patterson Jacksonville B. 8. in Education ZTA t Alma Oyama Daytona Beach A. B. B t A Glee Club (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Classical Club (1, i) ; Y. VV. C. A. Finance Committee (2, 3) ; Life Saving Corps. Dayme H. Patterson MIAMI A. B. in Education Nina Parramore Jacksonville B. S. in Commerce 2K Christina Pearson Lake Worth A. B. in Latin; Certificate in Organ HZ 1 American Guild of Organists Classical Club (1, 2, 3. 4) : Treasurer Classical Club (!) ; Presbyterian Student League Council (-!). $ zmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmimmmmmmmmmmi mm m m l ' age niwty-nine ii a PLAv TAQDWD ®% »m Olga Rena Pena TAMPA B. 8. in Commerc Health Committee. Elizabeth Pierce West Palm Beach B. S. in Sociology Esteren Freshman Commission ; Vice-President Soph- omore Class: Editor Flastacowo (3) ; Chair- man Point System Committee (4) ; Chair- man Coronation (4) : Usher Committee (4). Sara Pepper Tallahassee A. B. in Arts mid Sciences ATA Classical Club; Even Demonstration. Bessie Pinkoson Gainesville Carolyn Perkins Orlando Betty Ploeger m mmmm? zmmmmmmtmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmsmmmmmmmm Page seventy wmmrnmmmmmmzmmmmmmmm I ' _ % y f% J WZr2 J 3 g£%£ Rebecca Price TAMPA A. B. in Eucation KA Chairman of Senior Entertainment Com- mittee. Lena Rametta TAMPA B. 8. in Education Marian Prior Clearwater A. B. in Education KAII Classical Club. Transfer from Tennessee Wesleyan College, Athens. Tennessee. Ruth Richardson EVINSTON B. 8. in Home Economics Home Economies Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Sarah Railey MIAMI A. B. in Education Christine Ridgell Jacksonville B. 8. in Home Economics AOn Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Torch Night (1). " y££v NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FOUR ga ai Page seventy-one mm;mmmmmmw?mmmzmmmmm® FLAt ' TACDWD m sm mmmmmmmmmm mm Alice Roberts Mary M. Rodriguez TAMPA A. B. in Education Freshman ablnet (1) ; Astronomy Club (4 . Jane Robison TAMPA Jessie Rou Lowell KAII Classical Club (1, 2. ?.. 4): Vice-President Classical Club (4). Iva Mae Robson Lakeland AXS2 Alice Rozier Milton A. B. in Education Glee Club (3) mittee (3) Y. W. C. A. Finance Corn- Astronomy Club (4). mmmmm rmmm mmmm mmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmm mmmm m P a ( e s c v e.nty-tw mmmmmmmmmzmmmmmmM® [TL At TAQDVyD %g£ Irene M. Schmeer Lake Hamilton A. B. in Education Life Savin?; Corps. Helen D. Scott Fort Myers A. B. in Arts and Sciences Alicia Saxton TAMPA A. B. B f A Class Hockey Team (1) : Vice House Chair- man (3). MARTHA Lee Segu St. Augustine A. B. in Commerce Freshman Commission. Susie M. Scarborough Chattahoochee A. B. in Education AFA Cora Sembler Sebastian B. S. in Education Fre hman Commission: Life Savins Corns: Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3) ; Campus Health Committee (3) : Class Vol- ley Ball (3) ; House Chairman (4) ; Lower Court (4); Senate (4) ; Astronomy Club (4). m yjy m m mmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmmmmmvm m±z ± I ' ugc nevcnty-three kmmm mmmmmmmmm mmimmmmmmm PL At TACDWD mmmmsm Ruth Shephard Apalachicola B. M. in Public School Music Glee Club (2, 3, 4} ; Torch Night (3). Elizabeth r. Smith Bartow A. B. in Arts and Sciences V. V. Club: Torch Night (1); Junior Min- strel (2) ; Classical Club (4). A. Maxine Smith Tallahassee A. B. in Education Bne ON German Club: Home Economics Club: B. S. U. Representative. Phyllis Smith Sanford A. B. in Education Vice-House Chairman (4) : Fire Captain (4) : Astronomy Club (4). i,„: Clas 1 Volh (1, • i ming ,i Writ ... 1 Club Seen (•• ' .) : Club Dorothy Smith Greenwood A. ' . in Arts and Sciences Marjorie Stoner St Petersburg A. . in Arts and Sciences XA t 3 Volley Ball (1, 2, 3) ; Captain Class ■y Ball Team (1) ; Soccer Class Team 2) ; Hockey Class Team (2) ; Swim- : Class Team (1): Life Saving Corps: ers Club (2. 3. 4) : President Writers (• ) : National Poetry Society (3, 4) ■ ' (ary-Treasurer National Poetry Society Assistant Editor Distaff (4) ; Glee (3. 4) ; German Club (1, 2) ; Astron- omy Club (4). m®2 mvm mmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four ®mmmmmmmxmmmm®m Page seventy-four mmimmmmmmmmz mmmmmmcm | I " j " [ " [] Vy f gv M gii£ Frances Strickland Live Oak .1. B. in Education AMI BUG President Beta Pi Theta (4). Thelma Tew Sanford A. B. in Education House Chairman (4) ; Senate (4) ; Secre- tary Lower Court (4) ; B. S. U. President (4i : Religious Emphasis Week Committee (3, 4). Fay G. Sumner Washington, D. C. A. B. XP. Mortar Board Esteren Judiciary (4) : Senate (1. 2. 3, 4) : Presi- dent Junior Class: Y. W. C. A. Executive Council (3) : Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabi- net: Exchange Editor Distaff (2); Fealty (1, 3); Chairman Torch Night (2); Dem- onstration (1. 3) : Junior Minstrel (2). Eileen Thompson Plant City B. S. in Biology Doris Terrell Tallahassee A, B. in Arts and Sciences MRS. ALMA TlMMONS Gainesville B. 8. in Home Economics ON President Omicron Xu : Home Economics Club (2, 3. 4). mmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m m m mmim mmmmm m m Page seventy-five @ % PL At TACDWD sp£g £ FOY TOWNSEND Jacksonville If. il . ' » Piano Freshman Commission (1) ; Even Demon- stration (:-!). Lorraine Turner HOSFORD B. M. in Public School Music Lillian Trawick Tallahassee A. B. in Education Classical Club : Even Demonstration ; Torch Night ; Fealty. CARLEEN VlNAL St. Petersburg A. B. in Education XA KATT BIIO Mortar Board Esteren Editor Open Gate (1) ; Chairman Freshman Commission (2) ; Freshman Cabinet (2) ; Torch Night (1, 2) ; Junior Minstrel (2) : Flambeau staff (2, 3) ; Fealty (3) ; Second Vice-President C. G. A. (3) ; Even Demon- stration (3) ; President College Govern- ment Association (4) ; Y. W. C. A. Execu- tive Council (4) ; Classical Club (1, 2, 3) ; Senate (1, 2, 3, 4) : Class Vollev Ball (2, 3) ; Even Volley Ball (2, 3) : Captain Even Volley Ball (3) ; Class Soccer (2) : Class Baseball (2, 3) ; F. Club ; Life Saving Corps ; Delegate to Blue Ridge : Delegate to S. I. A. S. G. : Delegate to V. I. A. S. G. Scott Turnbull MONTICELLO A. B. in Aits and Sciences KA Florence Walde Lake Wales A. B. in Education BS KAII -mvw mmmvmmm mm?® nineteen hundred and thirty-four sm mim mm mim mmmmm Puge seventy-six mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsM PLAi ' TAf " D a D £ m Virginia Ware Leesburg A. D. in Commerce AAA Madeleine Weeks Trenton D. M. in Piano Ruth Alberta Warner Orlando B. 8. in Education Sudie E. Wellington Capitola B. 8. in Arts and Scinces Sara Watson Tarpon Springs A. B. in Education Rubye Wells Winter Haven B. 8. in Home Economies ■m w?. : wmimm;m mm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmmmmmm m-mmm m smim Page seventy-seven imm imm mmmmm mimm mmmmmmmiM fTL_ t N " f [2D A [ w mmmmmrn mmmmmimmsm Carolyn West St. Petersburg A. B. in Arts mid Sciences Xil Esteren Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College (3) : Fealty (3) ; Flambeau Reporter (. " .) : Copy Editor Flambeau (4) ; Advertising Manager Flastacowo (4). RUTH WHITE Tallahassee A. B. in Commerce Grace E. White AUBURNDALE A. H. in Latin ASA H2 t i BZS Torch Night (1) ; Life Saving Corps; Classi eal Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Counc (3. 4); Executive Council of Pan-Hellenic (4) : Secretary of Classical Club (3) ; Pub Iicity Manager of Classical Club (4). Margaret wienbarg Jacksonville A. B. in Education Torch Night (1) ; May Day (2). Mary Catherine White Pensacola B. S. in Home Economies B4 A Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Annie Marie Williams Daytona Beach A. B. in English Orchestra (1). MM m mxmmz mmm mmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmsmmmm ymmmmm mim i Page seventy-eight mmrnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms f[_ A ' TACDWD mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Elizabeth Williams St. Petersburg A. B. in English LIB Transfer from Converse College and St. Petersburg Junior College; Even Demon- stration (4) ; Village Vamps { ' ■ ' , 4) ; Flam- beau (3). Nellie Williams Sanford A. B. in Education Classical Club. Eloise Williams Lake Wales B. B. in Arts and Sciences ATA Even Demonstration (1) ; Torch Night (3). Sara Curtis Williams Cocoa .1. B. in Education AT I BZ KAn Transfer from University of Indiana: Alpha " Lambda Delta, freshman honorary, at University of Indiana. MILDRED WILLIAMS Tallahassee A. B. AOTI XA I Torch Night (1, 4); Fealty (3): G ' ee Club (3, 4) : Classical Club (2) ; Even Demonstration (4). Zella Louise Williams vm mmmmgmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmzmmmmmzmmm-i Page seventy-nine ' m m i m mmmm mmm mmmmmmms F L At TAQDWD t ®® Margaret Ellen Willis Jacksonville ' . S. in Erf motion KAI1 RUB Margaret w. York Pahokee A. B. in Arts and Sciences Torch Night; Le Cercle Francais (-1 ; Dele- gate to State U. D. C. Convention (3) ; Astronomy Club (4) ; College Chapter IT. D. C. ; Secretary College Chapter of U. D. C. (4). ♦ Ada Woodward TAMPA A. B. ZTA Josephine Cureton Chester. S. C. B. M. in Violin Transfer from Peabody Conservatory ; Or- chestra (3, 4) ; Torch Night (3) : May Day (3) ; Astronomy Club (4). Viola Yates Plant City B. 8. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Vice- President. Freshman Sponsor of 4-H Club. i : ' NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FOUR m m-mmm pm: {mM Page eighty rnmmmm®mmm mmmmmmm® P " L At TACDWD g DOROTHY BURNETT FAY SUMNER RUTH TUCKER JULIA SMITH CLASS PRESIDENTS PAST AND PRESENT ws ym mm ttmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mm mmmm mm: } S83 s»xsaa Page eighty-one m mj m Bi m mm mm ei |T " |_ Ai TACDWD m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgm Convocation — Just After — London Bridge — Congratulations, a Bit Previous — Seniors Will Play — But Do Study — Investiture — Carleen and Lady. ■m mm mmmmmmsmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmm mmmmm mimmm:i Page eighty-two JUNIOR m mmmmt mmmzmmmmmmms frLAt TACDWD s . ■•■■■■ MARTHA WHITAKER PRESIDENT SARAH LOGAN VICE PRESIDENT GEORGIA RUTH WORK SECRETARY JENNIE RAE NALL TREASURER ABBIE LYLE ATHLETIC MGR. MARION BRANTLEY PARLIAMENTARIAN ELIZABETH ALLEN MABEL ANDERSON MARGARET ARNOLD zmmzmmmmmmmmszmm?® nineteen hundred and thirty-four ®® £ Page eighty-five ,. immmimm mmmmm mmmmmmmmmi rLAv TAQDWD m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmim ■: •• mmmm CATHERINE ASH CAROLYN ATTANASIO OPAL ATWATER C r ,-i I EDITH AYERS BETTY BAILEY HALL1E BAILEY JULIA BAKER MARGARET BARNUM VIRGINIA BAXLEY mm m t mm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmmsmmmzzmmmmzm Pane eight u-six mmmmsm mm mmmmmsmsim T[_ m % J 2. 3 r D sp ii ■MM BARBARA BELL MILDRED BOSS DORIS BOURGEOIS INNMi CORA BOYETT BETTY BRADFORD MARION BRANTLEY --■ ■,: ■■ ' ; WILMA BRISTOL ELOISE BRIZARD EDNA BROWN m? z m3m m$ mmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmm£mmmm mix mmM m m : Page eighty-seven s mmmimB mmm m mm im mmmm [T _ K sm [ W m 2 s [2 m mmmmm mimmim m mm. SARAH BROWNING MARCIA BUCHANAN AMORETTE BULLARD ■ ANNE LOUISE BURGESS CHARLOTTE CAMERON SARA CAMP Mcdonald campbell MARTHA CARLTON MARY CATHERINE CARTER hmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmmmemmimsm Pa tic eight; u- ight mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm® PLAi TACDWD mmimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm MARY MARJORIE CARTER { LINNA CHENEY REBECCA CLEMONS ' LAURA COGBURN VIRGINIA COLBERT EVELYN COMICK MARY ELIZABETH COOLEY CHARLOTTE CRACOWANER LILLIAN CRAIG wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmj m mmmm mmmmmmmsmm Page eiphty-ninf mm immmmmm mmm mmmm mm FLAt ' TACDWD mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm ESTHER DAFFIN RUTH DANIEL BEATRICE D ' AZZO .: m m CAROLINA DE MONTIGNE MARJORIE DICKENS mmmmmmBmmmammmmmm ELIZABETH DICKENSON MARGARET DODD ANNE LEE DUNN RUTH DURRENBERGER mmmmmr mmmmmmtmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four ®immzimm ®mm®mm. Page ninety ?K Sl£yV- ' Vr J ' ?• ' ■; mm!mmmmmmzmmmmmmm PLAt TACDWD m M m m mmimmm Mm mm ADELAIDE DUVAL MARGARET EARLY MARGARET EDWARDS OLIVIA EMBREY HELEN EVANS y ■■-.■- ■ ■ . ■■ — ■■:«« FRANCES FABRICK -;.... • ' " .•; BESSIE RUTH FALK BILLIE FAXON LUCILLE FERGUSON v mimmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmm x0mmm m m}m m s Page ninety-one g m simm mmm m mmmsmmmmmm fL Xi TAQDV D i£ ALICE FERNANDEZ MARY LOUISE FILER A MYRLE FILLINGIM , _ GENEVA FISHER MARGARET FLOOK GLADYS FOLSOM MARY HELEN FORTH ■■y.y LILLY FRISCIA MR HELENMARY FRITSCH m zmtmz mtmMmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmmmmm mmmmmi;mm | Page ninety-two m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm P ' L. l ,k " f Q[] A Q m mmmmmi mm : ,2:1 LUCY FULGHU ' M BARBARA GARFUNKEL ALLIENE GARNER MARTHA GIBSON DOROTHY GODMAN WAVA GODWIN HAZEL GOZA HELEN GRAY MIRIAM GRAY " m mmmmmm mmMmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four a 5 Page ninety three mMMismmmmmm mmm Mmmmmmmm f L Ai TACDXa E] % :i OPAL GRAY ELIZABETH GREGORY SARA MARGARET GROSS JANE HAFER FRANCES HALL JEAN HAMNER VT ' i • " ' " ELIZABETH HAMPTON ELSIE HAMRICK JOHNY HARDEE mm xmvmzmm-:m%mmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four msmmzmmm mmMtm Page ninety-four ' i ; « " iU-V ' " ' V ;.i , ' ivo ' y! " , - ! . ' mmmmMmmmz}mmmmmms PL Ai TAQDWD s$ T sU DOROTHY HARRIS EVELYN HAYNIE ..,_,. f , . , ; LOIS HAZEL - -1 w . « • ANNE HENDRY BELLE HENSHAW VRGINIA HOLT •» »», • • pr THELMA HOOD SYLVIA HORNER FRANCES HURLIN m z- mmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four aps « « J ' age ninety-five m mmmmmmmmmm mmmmm m [TL At TACDWD mmmm mmmmmm mmm mmammmm - %•- 1 fc - f W r „. • I HH| ' V CATHERINE INGLIS FLORENCE JENNINGS GERTRUDE JOHNSON LOIS JOHNSON MARGARET JOHNSON SARA JOHNSON 0 J BILLIE KEFFER MARION KEYS BETTY KIMBALL v mmmm m mmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmm m immmmmmmm Page ninctu-Kis wtimmmffi mmmmmmmmmmsm jZTL y X QDV7D PM r m m s i am LOUISE KING EVELYN L ' ABBE " " " • ' JENNIE VIE LANDRUM EVELYN LEWIS MARY ELLA LIMERICK MARCIA LINDSEY MARIE LINGO ALMA LOUDERMILK FRANCES LURVEY mz mmmmmMmimmmm nunETEEN HUNDRED AND THiHTY-FOUR m mmimmm im tm mmmz m . Page ninety-seven . im mm m mmmm m mmsmmmmmmmim FTL X T XQQVy [ Bmmmm mmmmmm mm ■mmms r MARIA LYON LOUISE MACKEY JEAN MATHESON BETH MATHIS SARA MAXWELL ' NELL WARD MAYES ONEIDA McFATTER ERIN McGLYNN RACHEL McKINNON m mxmmzmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmsmmmm miimmmm Page ninety-eight mMmmmmmmmzmmmmmmm® PLAt TACDV D s mm m mmmmmmm m MmmM ::: ;:: ' sg . , PAULINE McLELLAN ETHEL MESTAYER ANITA MITCHELL jnt» LEORA MIX ELLEN MOORE MARY CLAIRE MOORE DOROTHY MOORHEAD MARY MOOTY MILDRED MUMM m mm mmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmzmmmmmms mmmmm mmr-m . I ' ugc ninety-nine s mmmimmmmmmm mm mmmmm mmms PLAi TACDWD m Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ■ JULIA MONROE MURIEL NELSON MARGARET NICKLE ..tfi ' l lm);V S ' L .v l JUANITA PACE SUSAN PALMER HELEN PARKER ■ , ; . ; . FRANCES PARKS ELINOR PAYNE JOANNA PERKINS fm mm m sm m mmmmmmsmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four sag Page one hundred mmmmmmmmmzimmmmmmm® P " L_ i TACD a D ETHEL FAIR PILLANS LA LUCE PLANCK ROSALIE POWELL - - NELL PRICE MARY RAILEY RUTH RAINBOLT ,1 Zm « -•«- wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm EVAL1NE RANKIN MARY RANKIN CLAIRE REDFIELD mmmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four iemmm msmmtm w}mm m ; , Page one hundred one i mmimmmmm mmmmimmmmmmim PLAi TACDWD wmimmmmmmmmsmmmmmmmmsm CAROL REEVES ROBERTA REID JENILEE RHYNE _ - LOUISE ROBERTSON MARGARET ROE HAZEL ROYALL ' CATHERINE SANDS ADDIE LEE SCOTT HELEN SCHWEIGART mm mmm m mmm mmm smam M nineteen hundred and thirty-four sm s s fmmm immmmmi Page one hundred two immmmmmm mm immmmmms {Z " L i k X Q[I) A D mmmmm mmmmmmmmMmm - ELIZABETH SEAY LOUISE SIGMAN JOSEPHINE SKEELS MARIE SLACK ALICE SLONE BETTY ELLEN SMITH EDITH L SMITH MARY FRANCES SMITH THELMA SMITH mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mm mmmm mmmmm mmi ; J ' ufjc one hundred three B fmmm mMmmmmmmi mMmmmmm mim fT|_ Ai TACDWD MILDRED SMOAK ELIZABETH SPONENBARGER CHARLOTTE STEVENS , ' i...:...r::..:; MILDRED STEVENS LUCILLE STEWART ELIZABETH STOUT CATHERINE TAKACH VIRGINIA THORNTON EDITH TOFFALETTI ' m$mmm mzzmmmmm M®mmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmm mmmmmt Page one hundred Jour mm i i itoim mimmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmsiM JI " L 1 k T QIZI A D g OLIVE TOWLES LILLIAN TRAWICK VIRGINIA TUCKER LORRAINE TURNER MARION TURNER MARY VARN MELVYNE WAHNISH HOLLIS WARNOCK ELEANOR WARREN mmzrmm mmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mm m smmmm mimmm m mfm : , ■ ' " " Hi Page one hundred five mmmimmmmmm mmmmmmm m s jT(_ At ' TACDWD £ £ m MARY VIRGINIA WARREN BETTY WHEELER SHEILA WHITE JESSIE LEE WILDER SARA WILKERSON FRANCES WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMS ETHEL WILLIAMS HELEN WILLIAMS mmmme mmmmmtmmmmtm nineteen hundred and thirty-four f M mmmMmmmmm m m i Page one hundred six UPHOMORE-y mmm zmmmmmmmmmmm® (TL X TACDV D ®S£g ftia Margaret Graham PRESIDENT Harriet Lawrence ATHLETIC MGR. Elizabeth Adams Christine Armbruster Betty Meyer VICE PRESIDENT Minna Dunn PARLIAMENTARIAN Betty Akin Vivian Armington Catherine Blood SECRETARY Josephine Acosta Jean Anderson Caroline Athon Audrey Farmer TREASURER Gwendolyn Adair Margaret K. Anderson Sylvia Atren %mm?m®mmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four sag%gs Page une hundred nine m M im mmmm mmmmmmmM mms T[_ Kj rs J [ [2 s [2 __ Dora Helen Baggott Katherine Barrs Katherine Beyer Janice Braman Lillian Baker Mildred Bass Frances Boggs Elise Brantley Eileen Bales Mary Eloise Bennett Annis Bowen Catherine Brewer Evelyn Ballard Helen Benson Virginia Bowers Betty Brooks ■m immmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmmmm I ' uijc one hundred ten m-x m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmxis Z ' [_ %y TACDW D mm ' T sjf " tZ2f Genevieve Brown Ruth Chase Florrie Collins Jean Crago Juanita Buchanan Annetta Christie Irene Collins Virginia Cromartie ■■■■■■■■■■emhhrhnhhmm Audrey Cayson Roberta Clifford Marguerite Cordes Barbara Crosland Elizabeth Chandler Alberta Cole Martha Cowart Genevieve Crowley tmzmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty- four mm mmim tmmmBm m m mf;m ft I ' age one hundred eleven • : m mimmmmmm m mmmmm mm |T " L t y Q|I] A [] mm m m mmmm 1 L Carlotta Cubillas Coma Davis Ruth Dickson Edna Mae Driggers Anne Outright Selma Davis Alice Dixon Ora Durrance Douglas Dabney Aline Day Josephine Douglas Anna Belle Duval Carol Davis Irene Dichtenmueller Mary C. Drennan Tessie Dvoskin m mmmmm smmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmmmmm mmmmmm Page one hundred twelve «««» TLA TACDWD wmmmm m B :, i iti Lucile Edenfield Mary Elizabeth Edwins Betty Fellows Harriett Foster Dorothy Edwards Margaret Ely Elizabeth Filer Alline Freeman Ethyle Mae Edwards Maxine Farris Dorothy Fineren Ida Gates Irene Edwards Helen Feinberg Pearl Fleet isabelle gleason mrnmmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four immmmmmmmm m mmm I ' agc one hundred thirteen ;i? m$$m mmmmmmm£mmmmmmmm PLAi TACDWD m m m mmw m m fill win wllhelmina goehring Barbara Green Sylvia Hackel Sarah Harrell Emma Lee Goodwin Janet Griffitts Katherine Hair Christine Harris Sara Graham Anna Groover Winifred Hansen Marjorie Harris Nadia Grainger Miriam Gustafson Polly Harrell Marjorie Helvenston wmmmm mz mmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmsmmmmm mmmmmm m Page our hundred fourteen mmmmmwimmmmmmmmmmmz® FL At TACDWD ®%m » • v. l 9r ? m h Gwendolyn Herndon Christie Nan Hoober Frances Hurst Bernice Hutchison Miriam Jacobs Harriet Jeffries Annita Jones Lucile Jones Laura Hoyle Melba Hutchison Mary Jernagan Rebecca Keith Winifred Hurley Doris Isted Emily Johnson Jewel Kelly f m j m nineteen hundred and thirty-four immmimmmmmxtm mmf Page one hundred fifteen , K:- . mm im Mmm mmmim$mmmmmmmms FLAi TACDWC m mmmmmmm m ( i . MMmmmmmmi Evelyn Kennard Mary Clare Kimbell Bernice Klepper Julia Lamar Dorothy Kenniston Josephine King Elaine Klepper Mary Lanehart Mary M. Key Charlotte Kinzie Sara Krentzman Willie Larkins Helen Kibler Elizabeth Kirby-Smith Gertrude Kuhn Rosalie Lastra ?m m?mmmmmmmmmmm® nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmm m mm mmmmmmmi Page one hundred sixteen mmmmmzmmmzmmmmmmms fTL J QQVy Q m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm® I C — Dorothy Leach Lucy Gee Linn Marie Lyons Vivian Marshall Narcissa Leland Adelaide Lounds Anne Magruder Claudia Martin Floy Lenart Ruth Loveless Betty Manning Ruth Martin Annabelle Linger Mary Leila Lumley Peggy Marchmont Sarah Martin mmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m m mmmmMtmmmmm: Page one hundred seventeen m mz:?;m m suw sm smi ms P " L t , T Q[] A Q Mmmmmmm M mm " i ft , Marion Mason Katherine McClure Rosalie McDonald Sara Mikell Sylvia McAdam Mary McCormick Mildred McHargue Helen Miller Ruth McAnulty LlESBETH McCULLY Mary McNeel Margaret Milton juanita mcclellan Helen McDonald Clydie Mae McQuagge Ethel Mentzer ' mmzmmmrnm mmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-fouk m®mm xmmmmmmmm% Page one hundred eighteen mmrnmmimmmmmmmmmm® p|_ Ai TACDWD u . ' " :■ Ruth Mock Margaret Murray Martha Neeld Kathleen Owens Bobbie Morrison Ruth Murray Marjorie Newton Rosaline Parker OT __ — _ _ _ ,- Jane Moyer Eleanor Murill Caroline Oliver Laurita Pearson Marjorie Mueller Edna Myrick Clairnelle O ' Steen Mary F. Pemberton „ i ; . ' WjkV wmmmmmmwmm nineteen hundred and thihty-four im m mm m m}m - Page one hundred nineteen ' SSSSsiVM mmm:w mm mm m?mmmmmmm PL X J XQQXa D Ruth Persons Margaret Phillips Mary Frances Price Murae Reddick Moselle Peters Perry Pollock Yvonne Radford Joyce Reed Mary Ward Peterson Alice Porter Genevieve Ramsaur Agnes Reedy Faye Peterson Alma Powell Louise Reaves Winifred Register %mm m?mz?mmm%mmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four ummmzmmmmmmmmmmmm Page one hundred tioentij m ®mmm!mmm mmmmmmmM P " [_ i s " f Q[] A Q g££ i % P% Annie Richardson Emily Rolston Mercia L. Scott Annie Muriel Smith . Emma Louise Riedinger Mary Ellen Routh Orene Scott Audrey Smith Harriett Roberts Dorothy Ryan Dorothy Shaw Mildred Smith Annie Leigh Rollins Evelyn Scott Marye Simpson Althea Smith w imMv m ' mm M mmm ninEtecn hundred and thirty-four smmmm mmmm mmmmm m Page one hundred twenty-one mm m mmm m m mmmmmmmm PL JACDWD gpi » J m § . ■ II iViary Fowler Spencer Evelyn Stump Wylma Terbush Margaret Thompson Leona Stimmel Mary Stoops Antoinette Sullivan Anne Tegder Henrietta Thames Mary E. Thistlethwaite Mary Laura Tilley Adeline Tillman Geneva Stout Jean Tegder Mildred Thomas Ruth Toland i mm wmmzmmimmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred ano thirty-four mmmmmmmwmm Page one hundred twenty-two mmmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmm PLAt TAQDWD m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm i Jane Tombaugh Mary Veach Lula Walker Yulee Way Christine Tribble Bertha Veith Wanda Walter Elizabeth Weatherly Lillian Turlington Ola Deare Vickers Ima Lee Ward Edith Webb Peggy Underwood Marion Wakefield Mamie Jo Warren Louise Webster m m mmmmm mmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four j m Page one hundred twenty-three mmimmmm M m mmmmmmmiM |TL At TACDWD ®£ N Grace M. Webster Monica Wiley Edna Williams Fenton Woodward Ida Weintraub Margaret Wilkinson Barbara Wing Helen Woodward Virginia Weldon Nancy Wilkinson Enid Wolfe Agnes Wright Mary Frances Whisnant Claire Williams Martha Woliston Katherine Yongue mm mmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmmm mmmmmmm Page one hundred twenty-four PRk HMEN mmmmmm mm mmmmmmmmsim JTL TACDWD JANE THARIN PRESIDENT MURIEL MC DONALD ATHLETIC MGR. LORRAINE ALLRED FANNIE LEAH ANDREWS ELA MARIA AROZARENA KATHLEEN REESE VICE PRESIDENT GLADYS ABENSON VIRGINIA AMANN JEANNETTE ANNIN HELEN L. AYALA ANNA L. GLEN SECRETARY PEARL ABRAHAM ALICE AMBERG SARAH ANTHONY SARAH E. AYALA MARGARET WARE TREASURER GLADYS AHERN BETSEY ANDERSON ADELIA APPLEYARD DOROTHY BAGLEY VIRGINIA MERRY PARLIAMENTARIAN BERNICE ALLEN GLADYS ANDERSON HELEN ARNOLD NELLIE BAHRT mm mmmmmmtsmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four ®s®mmim£mmm z mm m?m Page one hundred twenty-seven m mm m mmm m mmsmmmmm m PLAi TACDWD m mmmmmmmmmmmmmm m J I It „gim J ! MARION BAILEY BARBARA BANNERMAN DOROTHY BENFORD JOSEPHINE BINION KATHRYN BLANCHAINE MARTHA BAKER VERA BAREFOOT MARY ALICE BENNETT LOUISA BINNICKER MARJORIE BONISKE MURIEL BAKER GRACE BARRACK ANITA BERNSTEIN CORINE BIZE FRANCES BOOTS HELEN BALLENGER MARY DORIS BAXTER BELLE BEUCHLER ANNIE E. BLACK ESTHER BOOZER BARBARA BANDY JUNE BEBINGER ELEANOR BIGGERS MARTHA BLACKWELL DOROTHY BORDEN ■mmmmmmmmmmimmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four ®$mmmmmmmm®m®®mm®mm Page one hundred twenty-eight mmmmm mmmtmmmmmms® FL At TACDV D SP%»i 5 S - r l s { X JANICE BORTON JANE BREOR MARY BROWNLEE CHRISTIAN BURGOYNE JANE CAMERON HAZEL L BOWMAN DORIS C. BRIGMAN ELIZABETH BRYAN DOROTHY E. BURNS ELISE CARVER MARY BOYD JANICE BRILL SARAH E. BRYAN ALMA BUTLER MERLE CASON MARY BRANDON YVETTE BREAUX MARY E BRONSON EDRIE BROOKS MARY FRANCES BURFORD MARY D. BURGOON JEWEL E BUTLER MARY B CABOT HELEN CATE ALBERTA CATON txmmsmm wmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmm smmmmm m mmm m mmm ■i Puqc out hundred t trcnty-nine mm®;mmmmmmmmmmzmmmmmms p " [_ l K s TA Q 0V7 g 1 JANET CHARLES VIRGINIA CLAYTON ELIZABETH COLEMAN JIM C COR3ETT CLARICE CURRY JEAN CLARK MILDRED CLEIN LOIS COLLINS MARY E. COTTINGHAM VICTORIA CURTIS MARY VIRGINIA CLARK MARTHA CODY SHANDS COMMANDER LYDIA CRAIG BETH DAANE VIRGINIA CLARK ARETICE COLE RUTH CONNOR DOROTHY CREWS POLLY DABNEY MARY JO CLAYTON CHAUNCEY COLEMAN DIXIE COOK JANE CROOK ROSALYN DAUM m m mmmmmmmm mmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmm m mmmi i Page one hundred thirty MiZ t m?;- wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm® fTL_ TACDWD m Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm, ! ANNA DAVIS EILEEN DAYSON LEILA DICKEY JEWELL DRAWDY EDITH H. EFFINGER EMILY DAVIS MARGUERITE DAVIS RUTH B DAVIS MARY L. DE GUENTHER MARY HELEN DE VRIES R03ERTA DIAMOND ELLEN DIRR MARY ELIZA3ETH DOLFIN ETHYL C. DONAL DSON VIRGINIA DUKE PATIENCE DU PREE ANNE DURR FRANCES A. ELLIS FRANCES L. ELLIS ADELAIDE EMANUEL SARA MAE DAVIS MARY E. DICKENSON JULIA A DONNELL LOUISE EARLY MARY ENNEIS m mmmmtmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four smmi mmmim m }mmi Paye one hundred thirty-one ' • " •■ ' ■ ' t " . ' w ' Ui ' . " •;•- .X; -. i- " -V ' ' - " - " -v ' i v ; : . ; i ; 3 F " L A TAt " DWD - 3g ; ROBBYE ESTES MARTHA FLAKE PATRICIA FOSTER MILDRED FULLER MARY CATHERINE GIBSON SARAH M. EVERETT ELLEN FLEMING ANNE FREEMAN MARTHA V- GATES PEGGY GILF1LLAN LILLIAN FAGAN ELEANOR FLINT LOUISE FRISCO ANNA MARCUS GAY MARIE GINN CAROL FARBEE ELIZABETH FLIPSE MIRIAM FRYE ELLA MARIE GAY PATRICIA GIVEN MARY FERNANDEZ VIRGINIA FORSYTH CATHERINE FULLER MARY I GIBBONS FRANCES GLADDEN : :m mm?mm mmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four umm mm?m m m(mmmmm Page our hundred thirty-two mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmzm® JTL_ TACD a D g • f } : it i mmm ANNA GLENN ADELINE GOLDSTEIN MARY ELIZABETH GRAY EULA HADDEN MARTHA V. HAMILTON DORIS GODARD KATHER1NE GORDON MARY GREEN JANE E. HALL NINA B. HAMILTON MARTHA GODARD MARY C. GRACE AMELIA GRILEY MARTHA HALL ROSEMARY HAMLY HELEN V- GODWIN BETTY ANNE GRAHAM MARGUERITE GROOVER EVA HAM ELIZABETH HAMMOND ADALINE GOLDMAN ANNABEL GRAVES HELEN GUTHERY BETTY HAMILTON LAURIE HAMPTON mm mm mmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thir ty-four m mmjmmmmmmmmmmwi I ' aac one hundred thirty-three mmm m mmmm mmm smmmmmrnmss PL At TAQDWD 3%% ii i ELEANOR HARRIS SYLVIA HART MARION HEPER EMMA JEAN HOLLAND TERESA HOWARD MARGUERITE HARRIS ANN HARTRIDGE SARA J. HATHCOCK MARY LEE HOPKINS BARBARA HUBBARD EUNICE HARRISON SARAH HENDRY LOUISE HILL MARTHA HOSEA JANE HUBBARD INEZ HARRISON FLOSSIE HENRY MARY ANN HILLS STELLA HOUSE RACHEL HUBBARD MATTAFOY HART MYRTLE JO HENRY MARY L. HOENSHEL CLAUDIA HOUSTOUN FORTUNE HUDSON mzmmmimtmtmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen HUNDRED and thirty-four m msmssmmmmmmmmmmmmm Page one hundred thirty-four mrnmmmmmmmmzmmmmm®!® jT|_ A, TACD a D s%3££ jii £ ■Hi V MARGARET HULLMAN WINONA IRELAND MARY JETTON MASUKA KAMIYA FRANCES KING HENRIETTA HUNT MARGARET IVEY KATHLEEN JOHNSON MAXINE KANTER MARION KNIGHT FRANCES HURST STELLA JACKSON MAUDIE JOHNSON MARGARETHA KAUFMAN NANCY KNIGHT MARY INGRAM BETTY JAMES ALETA JONES MIN ELLEN KELLEY CLARA KRAMER ADALAIDE IRELAND MARGARET JAMES KATHERINE JONES MARZELLE KENT AILEENE LAMB xmm mmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmmmm fmmmmmmm: Page one hundred thirty-five ■: ' S fe si as fTL J QQX Q SPgg l , " - l " LUCILE LAMB ALMA LESTER ARLINE LOCKHART CAROLINE LUFBURROW BETTY MACK VIRGINIA LAMB DALLIE LEWIS LORENA LORENZ WILMA LUFFMAN MAMIE MADDOX OPAL LANGLEY LOIS LEWIS LOIS LOUIS VERNA LUNDY ELIZABETH MALONE JESSIE RAE LANIER FRANCES L1NGLE MARY ELLEN LOVELACE ALICE DEAN MABRY EDITH MANFORD CLARA LANKFORD SARAH LO CICERO FRANCES LOWRY BETTY MACE BESSIE MANSON m?mz? mmmmmmmzwmm® nineteen HUNDRED and thirty-four zmmmmim mmttmmmwmi Page one hundred thirty-six immmmmmzmmmmmmmmmmm® PL At TACDWD ®£ MARJORIE MARSTON MARY ELIZABETH MARTIN RUTH MARTIN FREIDA MAXWELL LAWSON MAY FRANCES LEE MAYERS ROSEMARY MC GLINCHY SARA MC GREGOR SARAH I. MC GREGOR GRACE MC KEE BETTY MC KINNON DOROTHY MC LEAN MARY MEGINNIS ANN MERRILL EDITH MERRILL EILEEN MASTERS MAGGIE M. MC CALL MARY MC GUNAGLE PEGGY MC MICHAEL FLORENCE MIDDLETON MARY MATHIS KATHERINE MC GARRY MARY JEANNE MC KAY JESSIE MEAD MARY MILLER wmzmmmmmmmmmmmmmi nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmsmsmrnmsm mmmmmm rmm I ' age one hundred thirty-seven ' mm immimmmmm mmmmmmmm mmms p " L A TAQDXa D J I: i i i ji : LOULETTE MILLOT FRANCES MOCK MARJORIE MOORE CORNELIA MORFORD HELEN MURRAY ANNA MARIE MITCHELL DOROTHY MOELLER MARY LOUISE MOORE FRANCES MORROW MARY LEONA MYRICK KATHRYN MITCHELL DOROTHY MONK SARA NELL MOORE MARY LEE MULLIS RUTH MYRICK LUTA MITCHELL BEATRICE MONROE LULA MAE MOOTY CATHERINE MURPHY RUTH NASHOLM MARGARET MIZELL FRANCES MOORE EDNA MOREDOCK ELIZABETH MURRAY MABLE NEFF mMmmrnt mmmmmrn mmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m m m msmmmmi mmmm mmi Page one hundred thirty-eight mmmmmmmmmm»mmmmm®®m® p " [_ Ai TACDWD u HELEN NELSON ANNEWILDA NORRIS CLOTILDE OROURKE PEGGY PARADISE BETTY PECK CATHERINE NEWMAN WILORA NORTON JEAN OSBORN BETTY PARKER EDITH PERKINS JOSEPHINE E. NEWSOM MARJORIE NOGGLE FLORENCE NUNEZ GWENDOLYN O ' BERRY NELLE OVERSTREET ETHEL PACHECO MARY ELIZABETH PARKER EVALYN PATTERSON EDYTHE PERRYMAN VIRGINIA PEYTON MARiE NOONEY ANNE O ' NEAL ROSE PANOWSKI MARTHA PATTERSON MARGARET PHILLIPOFF wmtmm mmmmmmmwmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four s mm mmmmmm Pane one hundred thirty-nine mmmmm mmmmm mmmsmmmmmmmm p ' L X TAQDVs D L GERTRUDE PHILLIPS JULIA RADFORD BETTY RICHESON BETTY ROGERS ELIZABETH RUNKLE MARGARET PINKOSON ANN REEVES BETTY RIDER MARY BELLE ROGERS MAYME RUSSELL MARY POLLARD DORIS POUNDS ANNIE LAURIE RENTZ MARY OLA REYNOLDS ANNELU RIGGAN RUTH ROBIE RUTH ROSEN BLANCHE ROTHSTEIN LOIS RUTHERFORD PUTH SADLER ZOE POWELL VIRGINIA RICHARDS ALICE ROGERS GRACE RUMMELL ANNE SAMS mm mmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmmm mttmmmmmmm Page one hundred forty m mmmmm mmmmmmmmm PL A TA CD WD a%% " v • ■ —r ' CLARICE SANCHEZ HAZEL SHELTON ALICE SIERRA RHODA SIMPSON EVELYN SMITH LILLIAN SCHULTE FRANCES SHEPARD LILLIAN SIMMONS AGNES SIMS KATHRYN SMITH AVA SCOTT EULEE SHEPHERD KATHLEEN SIMPSON BETTY ANN SKELLY MARTHA VIRGINIA SMITH MILDRED SEEK1NS MARY SHRYOCK MARGARET SIMPSON BETTY SWEET SMITH MARY B. SMITH MARGARET SHARP RUTH SHUMAN MARY E. SI MPSON BONNIE SMITH SARA HELEN SMITH mm mmmmmtt®mmmm® nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmimmmmim m mmmm Page one hundred forty-one mm im mmmm mmmmmmmmmmms F L Ai TACDXa D VERNA LOU SMOYER MONA STANFILL JULIA SULLIVAN MARIE TAYLOR FRANCES THOMAS JEANETTE SNYDER SHIRLEY STEVENS ARLENE SUMMERLIN VIOLA TAYLOR LA VINA TIDWELL RITA SNYDER MARGARET STEWART MARY FRANCES SWANN BETTY TEGDER MARY TILLER PAULINE SPENCER SYRENA STOCKSRIDGE LA VADA SWEAT MARIAN TERRELL MARY TILGHMAN MARIE SPURLOCK LETTY STONEBRAKER BEULAH TAYLOR ETHEL THOMAS MARJORIE TILLIS i mm m m mmmmmmm smmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four ® mmmmm!m®mm mmmm Page one hundred forty-two mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m J7[_ A TACDWD mmmmm m mmmmm mmmmMm m ALLINE TOLBERT AMBER VIVIAN TURNER ANNA M. VON DOHLEN JANE WALKER JONNIE WEEKS GERTRUDE TOMK1ES BONNEVIERE TOMLINSON WYNN TUTEN JULIA VANDERIPE HELEN WAHLBERG EDWINA WAKEFIELD MAXINE WARD CAROLYN WATERMAN MARION WEEKS DOROTHY WEIL MARY TOOKE CHARLOTTE VEITH HOLLY WAKER LUCILE WATSON VIRGINIA WESTBROOK HELEN TURNBULL HAZEL VIERTEL IDA WALDRON BLANCHE WEEKS ELIZABETH WHIDDEN t m ?mmmmm m mimmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmmsmmmmm m rm m Page one hundred forty-three mm immmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmim P " l_ i N " T Q[] A H gg£ ££ if GRACE WHITAKER MARTHA LEE WILKERSON HELEN WILSON BRIDGET WRIGHT - -- ' Mmmmmwm .... . : SUE WHITAKER WESTA WILKINS MARY WING NEITA WRIGHT ANNA ELIZABETH WHITE DOROTHY WH1TTINGTON MARTHA FRANK WILDMAN ELEANOR WILLIAMS MARJORIE G. WILLIAMS JEAN WILLIS RUTH WOLLY BANKS CARTER WOOD FRANCES WOOD MINNA YOCKEY LYNNORA YOUNG -£ ± ' mmmmmmmmmmmmmm® nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmmm mmztmmmmmm Vane, urn- hundred forty-four mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm r " |_ A , TACLDWQ »»£ Typical Tallahassee Weather — One Way of Getting up in the World — Students ? — Dumb — More Dumbness — Just Freshman — Drama, Tragedy and Comedy ' Clock Denotes Passing of Time ' $ mmmmmmmmmmm m nineteen hundred and thirty-four ®mmimm!mmmttmmmm$i Page one hundred forty-five , Book III Features Introduction F, ROM the mirrored walls of the courts of France were reflected the pageant of grace and beauty of the women who from this distance take on the aspect of beautiful old tapestry. Although pomp and cere- mony of the past are no more in this demo- cratic age, our mirrors reflect the superla- tive qualities of womanhood on our campus. She seems as one with music — haunting exquisiteness of tone, a living melody. Page one hundred fifty L ' Image de la Beaute FAY GIVENS SUMNER Her words gleam and weave gay skeins through the tapestry of her conversation. Page one hundred fifty-two L 7 mage de V Esprit VIRGINIA DENHAM BIRD Intellect goes masked, with laughing eyes and curved mouth of a jester. Pa;;e one hundred fifty-four L ' Image de V Intelligence IRIS NODINE KNOX Vivid is she, with the awareness of an autumn leaf on a black pool. Page one hundred fifty-six L ' Image de VEclatante ELIZABETH MERRILL HOOPER Silver-tongued and magic-fingered, she dwells in the temple of distant melody and spoken beauty. Page one hundred fifty-eight L ' Image de la Yersitilite MARGUERITE FORGER KREHER All things she does well, and follows always the higher road. Page one hundred sixty L ' Image de la Sportive JULIA LOUISE SMITH A feminine Puck — she wreaks joy with her audacious smile. Page one hundred sixty-tvoo L ' Image de la Gaite RUTH MINERVA TUCKER A quiet radiance dims the whimsical in her smile. Page one hundred sixty-four L ' Image de la Superiorite en Tout CARLEEN MAE VINAL ooklV Organizations CARLEEN VINAL President College Government Association ffimmm mMmmmmmrnsmm mmmmmmmm PLAt TACDWD i£$ VINAL GRIFFITTS LUEDERS GREEN FRITSCH DeMONTIGNE Executive Council of College Government Association Carleen Vinal President Lady Jane Luedees Chairman of Judiciary Hklenmaey Pritsch First Vice President Carolina DeMontigne Second Vice President Janet Griffitts Secretary Mary Newton Green Treasurer The Executive Council of the College Government Association, composed of the six executive officers, is the body which formulates the policies of the Asso- ciation and carries out Hie practical application of such policies. ' iy yi-,. ' W, t S-:i- ' AMl i?! I NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FOUR m mii f mmm m Page oik- hundred neocnty w LUEDERS HURLIN DeMONTIGNE jy SUMNER HAIR GRIFFITTS MENENDEZ VINAL GREEN ,,,.. % HALL FRITSCH HUGHES The Judiciary of the College Government Association The purpose of the Judiciary is to ascertain offences againsl the rules of College Government and to try the offender to help discover methods of assisting the student offender to adapt herself earnestly to the higher standards and to contribute her best to the advancement of her college community. MEMBERS EUZABETII LUEDERS Chairman Martha Menendez 1 _, Senior Representative Fay Sumner j Frances Hall 1 _ Junior Representative Frances Hurlin Catherine Hair Sophomore Representative Carleen Vixai. President of C. G. A. Carolina DeMontigne First Vice-President of C. G. A. Helenmary Fritsch Second Vice-President of G. G. A. Janet Criffetts Secretary of C. G. A. Mary Newton Green Treasurer of C. G. A. Ruth Hughes Chairman of Residence Halts f mmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmimm mmmm mmmm Paf c one hundred seventy-one m m mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm pL J Q[]y[] wm?mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimm HUGHES TEW CONN SEMBLER McCLELLAN LUEDERS CRIST The Lower Court of the College government association Lower Court, which is made up of the House Chairmen, is a part of the Judicial Department of College Government Association. It is the purpose of the Court to deal with infractions of dormitory regula- tions in the residence halls, and in so doing to promote greater appreciation of these rules. RUTH HUGHES Chairman MEMBERS Jackie Crist Frances Conn Ruby Connor Martha McClellan Cora Sembler Thelma Tew EX-OFFICIO MEMBER Elizabeth Leuders Chairman of Judiciary mmm mm mmmmmm s mmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four s mm mmmim m mmm I ' uge one hundred nevent y-l ico m mmsmmmmmmmmmmmmms PL A TACDVn D m m mms c m mm®r ,r l [?k r ' l €P I Vinal, Makinson, Lueders, Pierce, Warren. Wilkerson, liaya, Fulghum, Drennon Hall, DeMontignc, M. Menendez, Nail, Work, McKinnon, Wilson, Fritsch, Lyle Hurlin, Tucker, Hooper, Green, H. Menendez, Warren, Day, L ' Abbe, Hobson liyrd. Laurence, Smith, Kehler, Unit, Wheeler, Brenner, Meyer, Anderson Hammer, Griffitts, Whitakei , Bailey, Garfnnkel, Sumner, Knox, Hulsey The Senate of the College Government Association The purpose of the Senate is to Legislate and to Establish Regulations for the Government of the Student Bodv. Margaret K. Anderson Betty Bailey Rosalie Baya Amy Brenner Marion Brantley Eva Byrd Frances Conn Ruby Connor Mary Alice Cosper Jackie Crist Mary Lee Davis Helen Day Carolina DeMontigne Mary Catherine Drennan Mary Fowler Helenmary Fritsch Lucy Fulghum Barbara Garfunkel Margaret Graham MEMBERS Mary Newton Green Janet Griffitts Catherine Hair Frances Hall Jean Hamner Marion Hobson Virginia Holt Bessie Hooper Ruth Hughes Sarah Hulsey Frances Hurlin Beth Kehler Iris Knox Evelyn L ' Abbe Harriet Lawrence Lady Jane Leuders Tobiah Lovitz Abbie Lyle Joy Makinson Georgia Ruth Work Martha McClellan Rachel McKinnon Helen Menendez Martha Menendez Betty Meyer Jennie Rae Nall Elizabeth Pierce Cora Sembler Julia Smith Fay Sumner Thelma Tew Ruth Tucker Carleen Vinal Eleanor Warren Mary Virginia Warren Betty Wheeler Martha Whitaker Sara Wilkerson Helen Wilson -■ ' i - ' Jr. - ' , " : -- ' ' :-. " :■ mmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmmmmmim mmmmmi Page one hundred seventy-three £} t a FLA TAQDWD ■? ' , " y$Z£3 88Pr1fy Meyer, Greene, Farmer, liuclxartan, Akin, Atlion, Blood, Cordes Crosland, Cuuillas, Viler, Grtffitis, Groover, Hacltcl, Harris, Keith Lamar. Lawrence, Martin, Porter, Rolston, Smith. Sullivan, Thist leth trail t Thompson, Way, Wcol), Wiley, Woodward, Fritscli Freshman Commission Freshman Commission is composed of a group of girls selected from the Freshman class each spring by the Executive Board of College Government Association. Freshman Commission is the connecting organ between Student Government and the Freshman class. It takes care of the superfluous duties of the Student Government. Bach com- mission girl feels it her duty to establish higher ideals among the students. OFFICERS BETTY MEYER BARBARA GREENE AUDREY FARMER Betty Akin Caroline Athon Katherine Blood juanita Buchanan Charlotta Cubillas Marguerite Cordes Barbara Crosland Elizabeth Filer Margaret Graham Janet Griffitts Marguerite Groover Sylvia Hackel Christine Harris Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary MEMBERS Rebecca Keith Julia Lamar Harriet Lawrence Ruth Martin Alice Porter Emily Rolston Audrey Smith Antoinette Sullivan Mary Etta Thistlethwaite Margaret Thompson Yulee Way Edith Webb Monica Wiley Helen Woodward sponsor HELENMARY FR1TSCH »»i-fc . ?mmm?mmm%Mmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four ® mmmmmmmmzmmmmm:m% ® Page one hundred seventy -four mmmmmmmmimmmmmmmmm!® PL Ai TACDWD A ft % -it MAKINSON NALL MILLER GARFUNKEL HAMNER DAVIS BIRD COOLEY EMBREY GRAHAM GOODWIN LOGAN WILSON WORK VINAL THE EXECUTIVE CABINET YOUNG WOMAN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION This organization, in direct relationship with the students and with the students ' National Young Woman ' s Christian Association, has as its purpose an interpre- tation to the students of a " Full and Creative Life Through a Growing Knowl- edge of God. In this Task we .Seek to Understand Jesus and to Follow Him. " OFFICERS Joy Makinson President Jennie Rae Nall First Vice-President Joy Miller Second Vice-President Mary Lee Davis World Friendship Representative Barbara Garfunkel Secretary Jean Hamner Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Virginia Bird Mary Elizabeth Cooley Olivia Embrey Emma Lee Goodwin Margaret Graham Sarah Butler Logan Helen Wilson Georgia Ruth Work EX-OFFICIO Carleen Vinal w?mm?mmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four aagag%sg3 Page one hundred seventy-Jive mm immmm m mmmmmmmmm mm PL At TA CD WD - Q r?| f Graham, Linn, Bennett, Crago, Dunn, Edwards, Graham Granger, Hair, Heir nston, Tsted, Jones, Kennard, Kirby -Smith Krenti ))i(i)i, Leacli. Lyons, McCully, Roberts, Scott, Smith Weathertyj Wilkinson Freshman Cabinet The members of Freshman Cabinet strive to the best of their ability to foster and encourage a spirit of service, courage, loyalty, friendship, and reverence. They form a connecting link between the Freshman class and the Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS Margaret Graham Chairman Lucy Gee Linn Secretary MEMBERS Mary Bennett Jean Crago Minna Dunn Ethyl Mae Edwards Sarah Graham Nadia Granger Katherine Hair Majorie Helvenston Doris Isted Evelyn Kennard Dorothy Leach Emma Marie Lyons LlESBETH MCCULLY Betty Meyer Harriet Roberts Mercia Scott Althea Smith Elizabeth Weatherly Nancy Wilkinson Annita Jones Elizabeth Kirby. Smith Sarah Kre.mtzman mmimmmvmmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four umm mmmm mmmmmmm J ' age one hundred seventy-six mmimm mmm mmmmm fT|_ ,y TAG D WD ® EDNA BEATTY President HAZEL ROYALL . . Vice President CAROLINE ATHON . Secy -Treas FACULTY MEMBERS Autrey Settle FOX Stewart Montgomery White Mayer MEMBERS Athon Kramer Bailey L ' Abee Beatty Leuders Byrd Lyle Crist H. Menendez Day Meyer Evans Parks Ferguson Payne Gil Redfield Gillies ROYALL M. N. Green Slone V. Green Smith Griffitts Steffee Hall Stevens Hooper Tucker Huntley Vinal Hurlin Woodward GOATS Akin M. Menendez Beyer Nall Daane Panowski Davis Sembler Jefferies VlERTEL Makemson Weeks Martin Work Maxwell ' mmx®mmmmmmmmmm m nineteen hundred and thirty-four a gsas I ' agc one hundred seventy-seven mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm® PLAi ' TACDWD sp Byrd Gil Bailey Lawrence Lyle Hurlin L ' Abbe Beatty Crist WOMAN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Eva Byrd President . . Betty Bailey Vice-President Abbie Lyle Secretary Evelyn L ' Abbe Treasurer Frances Hurlin Publicity Manager Jackie Crist Chairman of Intramurals CLASS MANAGERS TERRY GIL Senior ABBIE LYLE Junior HARRIET LAWRENCE Sophomore MURIEL MacDONALD Freshman The Woman ' s Athletic Association of the Florida State College for Women purposes to promote the spirit of democracy, good sportsmanship, cooperation, and a high physical efficiency through wholesome recreational activities. ' mrnz mmmmmmmmmm® nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmm m-mmmMm mi mm I ' age one hundred seventy-eight mzmmmmmmmmMmmmmmm8 fT(_ At TAQDVyC g s j L ' Abbe Day Royal Edwards Lyle Flook Beatty Work Life Saving Corps officers Evelyn L ' Abbe President Hazel Royal Secretary Abbie Lyle Instructor Edna Beatty Captain EXAMINERS Autrey, Elizabeth Bailey, Betty Beatty, Edna Day, Helen Flook. Margaret Fox, Grace Gillies, Elizabeth Hurlin, Frances L ' Abbe, Evelyn Lyle, Abbie Mayer, Marjorie Miller, Helen Redfield, Claire Royall, Hazel Settle, Mary Smith, Julia Stewart, Mildred Taylor, Marie Wcrk, Georgia Ruth m ' m mmzsmmmzm-mm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m m£mm mmmzvm ? m . I ' tiar nnv. Iiiutdrcd seventy-nine mtM$;mmmmmmm zmmz;m®mmmmm fTL t 7 Q[] A Q m mmmmmmm m mm FLASTACOWO YEAR BOOK OF THE FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN EDITORIAL STAFF Bessie Hooper Editor-in-Chief Hazel Goza and Mary Virginia Warren . Associate Editors Emma Lyons and Barbara Crosland . . . Assistant Editors Helen Feagin Art Editor Grace Whitaker and Mary Mooty . . Assistant Art Editors Abbie Lyle Athletic Editor Evelyn Lewis and Betty Meyer . Assistant Athletic Editors Mary Lee Davis and Margaret Thompson . Exchange Editors Beth Keiiler Picture Editor Mary Filer and Christine Tribble Assistant Picture Editors Ruth Tucker Copy Editor Sarah Kelley Senior Editor Virginia Holt Assistant Senior Editor l I Goza Warren Lyons Crosland Feagin Mooty G. Whitaker Lyle Lewis Meyer Tucker Davis Thompson Kehler Tribble Filer Kelley Holt mmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m m sm mmmmim m mmm Page one hundred eighty mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms FLAi TACDVD g g g PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS BUSINESS STAFF Sarah Hulsey Business Manager Frances Parks and Martha Whitaker Assistant Business Managers Carolyn West Advertising Manager Marjorie Helvenston and Dorothy Leach Assistant Advertising Managers PARKS helvenston WHITAKER LEACH WEST ■mv zm wvmitimtmm ' ti nineteen hundred and thirty-four im mmmRmmimi mi : : }£ ' y ?i wm Paije one hundred eighty-one wm mmm mmmm mm msmmmmmmm P " |_ % J Q[] A [] m z ® HOBSON BEATTY COOLEY GARFUNKEL DAY GOZA HOFFMAN MITCHELL ROBERTSON WEST McCULLY MEYER REDFIELD SEAY STOUT The Florida Flambeau A newspaper published weekly by the students of the Florida State College for Women. NEWS STAFF Marian ITobson Editor Alice Mitchell Associate Editor Mary Elizabeth Cooley Managing Editor Louise Robertson News Editor Hazel Goza Copy Editor BUSINESS STAFF Helen Day Business Manager Elizabeth Stout Advertising Manager Liesbeth McCully Assistant Advertising Manager Claire Redfield Circulation Manager Betty Meyer Assistant Circulation Manager Elizabeth Seay Assistant Circulation Manager COPY READERS Emilie Beatty Marian Hobson Mary Elizabeth Cooley Edna Hoffman Barbara Garfunkel Alice Mitchell Hazel Goza Louise Robertson DEPARTMENTS Emilie Beatty Society Barbara Garfunkel Features Carolyn West Spurts Edna Hoffman Exchange ■mmzimmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmm m t, Page one hundred eighty-two wMmmmmmmmmzmmmmmm m ETL K k ' [ P Q a D g j KNOX PAYNE STONER MENENDEZ FULGHUM HARRIS The Distaff The Distaff, Spinner of Yarns, is the college quarterly magazine. Its pur- pose is to provide an outlet for the literary expression of the student body through short stories, plays, essays, and poetry. This year these threads were woven together to form a tapestry portraying life in various parts of the United S ' .ates and that of Florida as the central theme. STAFF Iris Knox Editor-in-Chief Lucy Fulghum " 1 f Assistant Editors Marjorie Stone J Elinor Payne Business Manager Marjorie Harris Circulation Manager Helen Menendez Exchange Editor -mvmzmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmi Page one hundred eighty-three 3i mmmrnmmmz$mm®mmm®£® p[_ A TACDVD s% : HULSEY HANFORD LINGO GODMAN SCOTT HAMLEY DURRENBERGER MILLER The Home Economics Club The purpose of the Home Economies Club is to encourage young women to have a greater interest in home and community life and to promote friendship and social intercourse between students interested in home economics work. OFFICERS Sarah Hulsey President Marie Lingo Vice-President Mercia Scott Secretary Ruth Durrenbeeger Treasurer Margaret Henfoed Senior Representative Doeothy (xodman Junior Representative Martha Williams Sophomore Representative Rosemary Hamley Freshman Representative Helen Miller Poster-Chairman MissBlondell Sponsor ■m- z mmmmmmmmm® nineteen hundred and thirty-four m m m m im mmmmmm m Page one hundred eighty-Jour mmmmmm!mmmzmmmm®mm PLAv TACDWD £v££ £pg e% ■: r r BELL ROU MESTYER PEARSON WHITE AUSTIN BUCHANAN CATES DEAN HELMS KENNEDY MCMILLAN ROBINSON ROE SMITH The Classical Club The Classical Club serves as the Latin laboratory in which a thorough study is made of the civilizations of the ancient Greeks and Romans. This study is worked out along group lines with the majors in Latin serving as leaders. In this way the laboratory serves also as a training school Cor future teachers of Latin. OFFICERS Pauline Bell President Jessie Rou Vice-President Ethel Mestayei; Secretary Christina Pearson Treasurer Grace Elizabeth White Chairman of Publicity Ethel Mestayei; Chairman of Bulletin Board GROUP LEADERS Eloise Austin Jane Robinson Marcia Buchanan Leila Rushing Dorothy Cates Martha McClellan Helen Dean Mary McMillan Madele Helms Margaret Roe Rosalyn Kennedy Mary Frances Smith mmmssmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four s mmmm-mmm m mmm Page one hundred eighty-fine fmm m mmmm mmmimmmmmmm PLAv TACDWD m mmmmm mmmmmmmmm I Q 3 ( . ANDERSON G. ANDERSON ARM 1 NGTON BAHRT BINION DANIELLS DEAHL DUNKLE FERNANDEZ HALL KENNEDY MAYS MOORHEAD NICKLE O ' STEEN OYAMA ROGERS SHEPHARD STONER STUMP TOFFALETTI TURNER VICKERS WILDER WILLIAMS Florida State College for Women Glee Club ETTA L. ROBERTSON. Director m mzmmmmBm%mmm®mmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmm mmmmfmmmmm Page one hundred eighty-six %} %? jS£S!$ii mmmmmmmmmmm FTL X TAQCIXa D gg% BARBER BOSS BREAUX BROWN CHILES COLLINS CRAGO DEAHL EDWARDS FARMER FERNANDEZ HOOBER HUGHES IRONS KREHER LELAND MCNULTY MELBER RHYNE ROE TILL1S TURNER VEITH WILLIAMS Florida State College for Women Orchestra WALTER RUEL COWLES. Director wzmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four a»%££a Page one hundred eighty-seven mmmimmrnmrnm mmmm mmmmmmms F L At TAGDV D .„.« ; Z. SMITH LEWIS EAKER ROE BOWMAN SMITH HUGHES WILKERSON T. N. T. ORCHESTRA Julia Baker Hazel Bowman Mildred Emilhainz Ruth Hughes Jimmie Lewis Margaret Roe Mildred Smith Thelma Smith Martha Lee Wilkerson Director, THELMA SMITH wmmm m zmmmmmmm mmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m m m mmmmm m mm i Page one hundred eighty-eight mmmmmmmjmmmmmmmmmmm P " L A TAQDXa D m i mm : :■:■ ■:■ £ ;.: ■: :. ' ■::■-:: zym -± ::z nm4k 3j$ft HfWIBtB HILL KREHER TUCKER OLIVER BAYA PILLANS Orchesis Founded at the University of Wisconsin. Installed in 1926. Etta Mae Hill President Ruth Tucker Vice-President Mary Carson Secretary MEMBERS Rosalie Baya Caroline Oliver Janette Huntley Ethel Fair Pilland Margurite Kreher Orchesis, from the Greek word meaning to dance, is composed of a group of girls interested in the dance solely for its beauty and power of expression. Trvonts are held twice a year to determine whether girls are eligible for membership. ?m!m mwmmmmmm®mmmm® nineteen hundred and thirty-four sm mmmmmfmmmmmm m m Page one hundred eighty-nine mmimmmmmm m mmmmm mm PL Av TACDWD m V. V. Club FLOWER : Black Narcissus MOTTO : ' Dig, Sister, Dig ' OFFICERS Saba Hinson Presiding V. V. Elizabeth Williams Chief Gold Digger Mary Boyd Elizabeth Coleman Kathryn Gardner Annabell Graves Katherine Hair MEMBERS Sara Hinson Frances King Peggy McMichael Marjorie Moore Caroline Oliver Kathleen Simpson Elizabeth Smith Edwina Wakefield Elizabeth Williams mmz?mmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmm m m tmmm mm m Page one hundred ninety mmMmmm;mmmmmmmmmmmm ( L Xi T XQDV D Cotillion Club Founded 1910 FLOWER : Bachelor Button colors : Green and White OFFICERS Charlotte Stevens President Eva Fowler Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Edith Ayers Jane Breor Charlotte Cameron Ethyle Mae Edwards Eva Fowler Elizabeth Gregory Martha Hosea Katherine Jones Louise Mackey Helen Miller Virginia Peyton Margaret Phillipoff Charlotte Stevens Betty Tegder Jean Tegder Jane Tharin Eleanor Warren Mary Virginia Warren Martha Whitaker xmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmmmm® m : mmmi Pane one hundred ninety-one vmtmmmmmmm mmzmmmmmmmm® PL Ai TACDWD ; ' ? . " ty-is v i Astronomy Club GENERAL CHAIRMAN VIRGINIA BARBER FACULTY SPONSOR HAROLD F. RICHARDS PROGRAM COMMITTEE BETTY BRADFORD LOUISE ROBERTSON MARJORIE STONER BETTY BARKER RUTH BUTLER LILA DeVORE TELESCOPE TEAM FRANCES FABRICK MABEL HOUSER MARTHA MAKEMSON LOIS OSTLUNDICK PHYLLIS SMITH MILDRED STEVENS Eva Alonso Mona Alderman Dorothy Bacon Louise Bailey Mildred Boss Marion Brantley Eloise Brizard Frances Bryson Ella Burrow Jane Cameron Elizabeth Chandler Hazel Clark Nellie Clark Marion Cross Garlotta Cubillas Josephine Cureton Linn etta Dean Alyce De Coursey Margaret Dodd Mona Estabrook Ida Engel Marjorie Fain Bessie Ruth Falk Helen Feagin Ruth Fohl MEMBERS Adele Frain Donna Gardiner Mary George Mary Gibbons Doris Godard Wava Godwin Eva Goodenough Katherine Gordon Ruth C Hagstrom Betty Hampton Irma Hanscom Marjorie Harris Madele Helms Marian Hobson Sylvia Horner Barbara Hubbard Jane Hubbard Glenn Hunt Florence Jennings Dorothy Kenniston Charlotte Kinzie Adalaide Lounds Mauvis Lussier Nell Ward Mayes Eleanor Mason Rachel McKinnon BZTTY MlDDLETON Gertrude Miller Anita Mitchell Mary Mooty Alice Musser Laura Newell Sallie Nicholson Ca-olyn Oxford Laurita Pearson Faye Peterson Mary Reeder Mary Ola Reynolds Magdalene Rodriguez Emily Rolston Alice Rozier Cora Sembler Jeannette Snyder Mary Steffee Julia Sullivan Gerrie Waldron Eleanor Welles Peggy Wilkinson Ethel Willoure Helen Wilson Margaret York mrn mimmmmrnmmmmm nineteen hundred And thirty-four mmmmsmmmimB Page one hundred ninety-two £ ' -- f -. ' .r- ' r v : V- wtm 1 : mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm® PL At TACDV D The Annual picnic at the Adam ' s Plantation — A trailer ride thru the Planta- tion — Blisters? — Four little pigs — The four horses — What a feast -- The gathering of the clan — From the flying trapese. vmmmmmmmmmmmzimtmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmm mmmmm mmmm m - Page one hundred ninety-three Book V Campus Activities mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmBs ' [_ m x t ' [ [LD J 3 i££ Torchnight, an old Grecian ceremony symbolizing the passing of the three torches of the college . . Vires, Artes, Mores . . from the sophomores to the incoming Freshmen, initiates the new student into the realm of the traditions of F. S. C. W. Alma Mater with the four Graces and Lybation, Pallas Athene and her Maids, Apollo and his followers. The Graces — The fined union of the Freshmen and Sophomores. wm mmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmm m mmm mmmmm m$ r m SI — — — — — — — — — | Page one hundred ninety-seven Fealty — A ceremony which symbolizes the union of the Junior Freshman classes. The Freshman Squire (jives the Junior Knight the oath of allegiance and the Freshman ladies are welcomed into the court. : i.I- . mmztmmmmmmmmmwmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four w m mmmm Page one hundred ninety-eight m mmmi: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm® P " |__ i y T QD A D %£ Intermingled on this page are snap shots of two very much enjoyed amature productions — The Rivals and the Folk Festival. •mmm m mJMmmmm mmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m m mmmmm mimm m I ' ligr one h mill red ninety-nine mMimmmm mm m mm mmmmmmm m fTl_ TV [20 A D Freshman Commission a subsidiary group to College Government — and Freshman Cabinet — A subsidiary to Y. W. C. A. — are tapped each spring from the incoming Sophomore class to assist the organizations in carrying out their programs in their respective fields. imm mmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m m mmmmm mmmm Page two hundred zmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Z ' _ % y J [2Q JU lis Mrs. Sloan, director of Residence Halls -- Mrs. Curry and Miss Denham of Jennie Murphree — Miss Belinger of Bryan — Mrs. Scanclrett and Mrs. Turner of Gilchrist — Miss Andrews and Miss Rowan of Reynolds — Mrs. Wimberly and Mrs. Saynor of Bryan. zmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmmmm m m m I ' age two hundred one dmmm;mmimmmm mmm;mmmmmm [ " " " |_ iy T Q 0 a i 5 C ii Omega — Delta Zeta — Sigma Sigma Sigma -- Theta Upsilon — Pi Beta Phi — Alpha Xi Delta — Alpha Delta Pi — Zeta Tan Alpha — Phi Mu, mmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmmimmmmmmmsmmmmmi Page two hundred tiro mmmmmmmmmzmmmmmmz® F " L A TACD a D g Delta Delta Delta — Kappa Delta — Kappa Alpha Theta — Beta Phi Alpha - Alpha Chi Omega -- Sigma Kappa — Delia Phi Epdlon -- Alpha Gamma Delta — Alpha Qmicron Pi mmrnmmmijmmmmmm ® nineteen hundred and thirty-four msmmzmmmmmzmsmmm Page two hundred three ' mmm m mmmmm mm mmmmmmmmsm pTL y A Sv yA C,C] A Q B § l Si Mary Louellie — To think he didn ' t know he put us to heel at ten thirty — Just sittin ' - - Thai hook doesn ' t fool us, Lib — Could this he fan mail — The order of the Keys -- What ' s 1 so funny Lizzie — Peep-eye Dr. Hay. -immmm m mmmmmmmmm m nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmm 0mmm:tmmmmm Page two hundred four mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm® pL J QQV Q ®£ The great stone face — Well now you see it ' s this way — Spirit of the Weak — The inseparable two (the library and Bioh) — K. T. and A. F. all dressed up — Laurie and Maudie in a leisurely pose — Couple of " Bozos " , period. mmrnmmmmmmmmmmm® nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmzmmm mmmsmmmi Page two hundred five - mmsimmimmmmsmmmzmmmmm M PLAt TACDWD w mrnmmmmmmmmmmmimmmim Bird in the cold — Mr. President ' s callers — Coming up in the world — Jennie Murphrcc ' s door tenders — What, another breakdown? — Pleasant memories — Yes, snow and the capital. - mmmm-mv - : mmmmmmmwm m nineteen hundred and thirty-four smmmm m m Puyc two hundred six mmmmmm®mmmz mmmmmm® FrL Xi TACDVs D g 1 5 Is this what arcades are for. ' -- Henry Sweet — Lucky hoy - The Prizewinner, and a good feast, no doubt — Nuts — Think it ' ll rain? It ' s time — Cold water helps. w mmmmgmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred ano thirty-four m m mmmmmm m mm m mr-m Page tiro hundred seven j -immmimm mmm m mmmmmmmmm mmim pTL y QEJV CI % " Bottoms up " — Tarzans — Pick your own winner -- Bamboo maidens — Hey! that ' s no banjo — This is the frantview or have you guessed? — Another fight — Convicting evidence. - mmm mm mimmmm tmimm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmmsmmmmmmmmm m Page two hundred eight fmsmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm F ' LAt TACDV D t mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Come on up, the water ' s fine — Why, Dr. Conradi? Barrels of what? — Eight little Indian maids ? — It ' s a long way to Tipperary, if you ' re going to Tippe- rary — Could they be seeking revenge f — Oh, for a man! — Some of the jolly " F " Club — Walking my horse back home. fm ss mmmmr msmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four a»$gs% g Paye two hundred nine immmmmmmm mmmmm mmmm mm M FLAt TACDWD wmimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Lady Jane in one of her few carefree moments — Joy, believe it or not — Etta Mae, not dancing! -- The standing Byrel -- Lizzie, our social worker — Helen Day, posing for a picture instead of taking one — Business-like Hobson. jy gs ffg nineteen Hundred And Thirty-Four mmmmmmmmmt % m M} ' $%ti Vtujt- two hundred ten mmmmmmmmmzmmmmmmmM PL Ai TAQDWD l FARMER BIZE HOOPER ROYALL Introducing the Even-Odd Section mmzmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four i m msmMfmmmm m J ' agt tui) hundred eleven mfrnMimmimrnmrnm mmmmmmmmmmmsim [I " L_ l y QQ A [] mmmm mmmm m mmm SP1ROG1RA Founded October 12, 1924 flower colors Black Carnation Black and White ipirogira is an honorary for the odds, members are chosen from the odd Classes for their outstanding leadership, loyalty, and service. FACULTY MEMBERS Pearl Hentz Beverly Ezda Mae Deviney Olivia Dorman Mary Settle Anna Mae Tracy Edith West MEMBERS Carolina DeMontigne Elizabeth Gillies Frances Hurlin Louise Mackey Jennie Rae Nall Frances Parks Claire Redfield Hazel Royall Eleanor Warren Mary Va. Warren Helenmary Fritsch Hazel Goza GOATS Jean Hamner Abbie Lyle Martha Makemson Mary Jeanne McKay ■ ■ -■■■■■■- ■ ' Xitf WSK NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FOUR »£ Page two hundred twelve mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMt® PL Ai TACDWD % a£ ESTEREN FOUNDED DECEMBER 14, 1930 esteren is an even organization its purpose is the perpetuation of even Traditions, class loyalty and friendship. FACULTY MEMBERS Elizabeth Lynn Louise Richardson Hazel Stevenson Katherine Montgomery Virginia Bird Eva Byrd Janet Giffitts Marjorie Helveston Bessie Hooper Sara Hulsey MEMBERS Lady Jane Leuders Joy Makinson Martha Menendez Betty Meyer Caroline Oliver Elizabeth Pierce Julia Smith Fay Sumner Margaret Thompson Ruth Tucker Carleen Vinal Carolyn West vfcsis? m mmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mzmmmm-mmm vmimmmzi Paae two hundred thirteen sm immimmmm m mm mmmm mi fTLAt TACDVyD m m mmmm m ODD DEMONSTRATION Odd and Victory the hero and heroine were united in marriage after a separation that lasted over two generation; the " evil spirits " were the cause of the unhappy past life of Odd and Victory. It looked like a bright future for the team which was presented at the end of the Demonstration. zm mmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmm mmmm Page two hundred fourteen m z (? x? : te xz i mmmm m mm mmmmmmm PLA« TACDWD m mmm: EVEN DEMONSTRATION The Evens presented the well worn plot of a parti searching for pirates gold; the Odds, of course, ice re the bandits thwarting the Even pursuits. But the treasure — a " gold " team — was finally brought back for tin ' Evens to gloat over. The dances were very good. wmz zmmmmmmmMmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m rnimmmMmmmmmi Page turn hundred fifteen iimmm m mmmmmm m mm?mmmm m pT|__ i 7 Q[] A Q mms mmmmmmm Four Weary Horses There passed four weary horses A-d ragging a hearse along, And when we looked inside it There lay the Even team so strong. They were bruised in mind and spirit, They needed the hands of a friend. But not one touch consoled them, ' Cause their bones won ' t rise again. And now in darker regions, Even Spirits lowly lie. O Gateman, please remind them That their spirits never die The Odd Fountain The Pride and Joy of the Odd classes which was presented to the col- lege in the good old days. It is a custom of graduating class to honor the college by leaving a gift; at home-coming the Odd colors fly in all their glory over the Odd gifts. tfmmmmzm mmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmi mm mim mmmmm m Page two hundred sixteen m®mmmmmmmmmm®mmm!m P " L 1 n TA[1D a D m mmmm mm Even Spirits Even Spirits never die — - Them bones ' gwine rise again. Hit ' em in the head an ' knock ' em in the eye- Them bones ' gwine rise again. I know it, indeed I know it, sisters. I know it — Whew — Them bones ' gwine rise again. The E VEN ' ATES The Even Gates which are always bedecked with the green and the gold to welcome the Even Alumnae. It is at the gates that the Odd and Even runners start for the Thanksgiving color rush for the Adminis- tration Building which is shown in the background. ' mm mmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m m mmmm m mmm ;?. ' ¥?■•: Page two hundred seventeen Book VI Sororities % M ff f »§ v:ft - sEyiSgtei i .H0«« ill! 1 IB fill lli l|:| YA If I ail LM I in i|K 19 , . " Si , 9 8 I $ %■ .-J-t ' £ mmmmmimmmmmmmmmm si® P " L Ai TACDWD ®a Panhellenic ALPHA DELTA PI Iota Chapter 1851 PHI MU Alpha Epsilon Chapter 1852 PI BETA PHI Florida Beta Chapter 1867 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Beta Nu Chapter 1 870 SIGMA KAPPA Omega Chapter 1874 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Beta Eta Chapter 1885 DELTA DELTA DELTA Alpha Eta Chapter 1888 ALPHA XI DELTA Alpha Omega Chapter 1893 KAPPA DELTA Kappa Alpha Chapter 1894 CHI OMEGA Gamma Chapter 1895 ALPHA OMiCRON PI Alpha Pi Chapter 1897 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Rho Chapter 1898 ZETA TAU ALPHA Beta Gamma Chapter 1898 DELTA ZETA Alpha Sigma Chapter 1 902 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Gamma Beta Chapter 1 904 BETA PHI ALPHA Psi Chapter 1909 THETA UPSILON Lambda Chapter 1914 DELTA PHI EPSILON Iota CHAPTER 1917 mvm mmw mmmmmmwm nineteen hundred and thirty-four ummm mmmm mi mm mm m Page two hundred twenty-one j mmm-m mmmm mm mimmmm m PL At TACDWD Panhellenic Association TOBIAH LOVITZ . SARA WILKERSON President Secretary EMMA LAW Alpha Delta Pi PAULINE BELL GERTRUDE BROWARD Phi Mu SARA WILKERSON ANNIE M. DUNGAN Pi Beta Phi ETHEL FAIRE PILLANS ISABELLE ORR Kappa Alpha Theta VIRGINIA BAXLEY MARGARET K. ANDERSON Sigma Kappa MARY LEE PARKER JOSEPHINE HENDLEY Alpha Chi Omega BETTY WHEELER SARA HULSEY Kappa Delta LUCY FULGHUM FAY SUMNER Chi Omega ROSALIE BAYA EVALINE RANKIN Alpha Omicron Pi EDITH AYRES EUNICE KRAMER Sigma Sigma Sigma KATHERINE INGLIS SARA HEARD Zeta Tau Alpha BILLIE FAXON MARY VARN Delta Zeta MARY E. NICHOLSON ELOISE AUSTIN Alpha Gamma Delta MARION TURNER VIOLA MARTIN Beta Phi Alpha MARION KEYES MARY MCMILLAN Theta Upsilon JOHNY HARDEE TOBIAH LOVITZ Delta Phi Epsilon RUTH FEINBERG | mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four m mmmmim mmttmmgmmzi Page two hundred twenty-two mmmmzmmmmmmmmmmM® |I " L Ai TACDXa D f Law Bell Broward Wilkerson Dungan Pillans Orr Baxley Anderson Parker Henley Wheeler Ware Johnson White Garfunkel Hulsey Fulghum Baya Sumner Ayers Rankin Kramer INGLIS Heard Faxon Nicholson Varn Austin Turner Martin Keys McMillan Hardee Lovitz Feinberg Page two hundred twenty-three mmmim mmmmmmimmmmmmmm mms (TL TACDWD ALPHA DELTA PI founded at wesleyan college in 1851 Iota Chapter Installed in 1909 COLORS: Blue and White FLOWER: Violet OPEN MOTTO: ' We Live for Each Other ' PUBLICATION: ADELPHEAN Margaret Burks Lucy Lester IN FACULTATE Mrs. Virginia Sloan Lenora Smith Pauline Bell Sara Hinson Emily Hutt Louise Lassere Elizabeth Allan Julia Monroe IN COLLEGIO SENIORS JUNIORS Emma Law Sara Ball Palmer Frances Strickland Susan Palmer Olive Towles Anna Groover Catherine Hair SOPHOMORES Margaret Milton Audrey Smith PLEDGES Mary Boyd Shands Commander Ellen Fleming Martha Virginia Gates Peggy Gilfillan Annabelle Graves Flossie Henry Stella Jackson Caroline Lufburrow Bessie Manson Sarah McGregor Virginia Merry Luda Mitchell Margaret Mizelle Mary Lou Moore Mozelle Peters Helen Preston Bette Rogers Betty Sweet Smith Elizabeth Whiddon Isabel Yon Page two hundred twenty-four mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm |T ' L Y A QQ A [] IP j- H , , Bell Hinson Lassere Law Strickland Allan Palmer Towles Hair Groover Milton Smith Boyd Commander Fleming Gates Gilfillan Graves Henry Jackson ufburrow Manson McGregor Merry Mizell Moore Peters Rogers Smith Whidden Page two hundred twenty-jive I mmmmM mmmm m mm mmmmmms PLAv TACDWt Msm mmimmmm m PHI MU founded at wesleyan college in 1852 Alpha Epsilon Chapter Installed in 1929 COLORS: Rose and White FLOWER: Enchantress Carnation OPEN MOTTO: ' Les Soeurs Fideles ' PUBLICATION; AGLAIA IN COLLEGIO Gertrude Broward Mary Fowler Bessie Hooper ;eniors Jayne Hopkins Sarah Railey Ruth Tucker Margaret Barnum Hazel Goza Frances Parks JUNIORS Carol Reeves Sara Wilkerson Vivian Armington Marion Mason SOPHOMORES Mary Laura TiLLEr PLEDGES Gladys Ahern Lorraine Allred Virginia Amann Belle Beuchler Janet Griffitts Lucy Houser Frances Hurlin Dorothy Kenniston Abbie Lyle Elizabeth Malone Blanche Morrison Perry Pollock Virginia Richards Lillian Simmons Mary Simpson Christine Tribble Kelly Waterman Mary Frances Whisnant Page two hundred twenty-six ■ m Mm M mH mm mmmmm mim P " [__ v N " J A v QQ A [ Wi M M mm m mm • | i i Broward Fowler Hooper Hopkins Railey Tucker Barnum Goza Parks Reeves WlLKERSON Armington Mason TlLLEY Ahern Allred Amann Beuchler Griffitts HURLIN Lyle Malone Morrison Pollock Simmons Simpson Tribble Waterman Whisnant Page two hundred twenty-seven ■ - : ' T " ■- ' St " wiiii- ' i IV ai ggi gs F L Ai TAQDXa D m ps PI BETA PHI FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE. MONMOUTH, ILL., 1867 FLORIDA BETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1921 COLORS: Wine and Silver Blue FLOWER: Wine Carnation PUBLICATION: ARROW IN FACULTATE Elizabeth Griffing N COLLEGIO SENIORS Anna Marie Dungan Kathryn Gardner Ida Miller Gautier Joy Makinson Ethel Fair Pillans Elizabeth Williams Evelyn Haynie Frances Lurvey Mary Irene McKay JUNIORS Mary Railey Charlotte Stevens Mary Virginia Warren Helen Wilson SOPHOMORES Lillian Baker Frances Louise Boggs Evelyn Fowler Emma Lee Goodwin Marguerite Groover Marjorie Helvenston Helen Kibler Carroll Patterson Agnes Wright PLEDGES Louisa Binnicker Alberta Caton Martha Cody Ruth Connor Jean Clark Anne Durr Mildred Fuller Alliene Garner Marion Heper Arline Gray Lockhart Frances Morrow Martha Neeld Betty Parker Annelu Riggan Kathleen Simpson Letty Stonebraker Ann Tegder Betty Tegder Jean Tegder Edwina Wakefield Dorothy Weil Page two hundred twenty-eight mwmmmmmm mmmsmmmm mmsim P " |_ l % J Q[] A [] jjp g % DUNGAN Haynie Baker Boggs DURR Neeld B. Tegder Gardner LURVEY Goodwin Bin nicker Fuller Parker J. Tegder Gautier Railey Groover Caton Garner Riggan Wakefield Makinson Stevens Helvenston Cody Heper Simpson Wiel PlLLANS Warren Kibler Connor Lockhart Stonebraker Williams Wilson Wright Clarke Morrow A. Tegder Page two hundred twenty-nine Vf- ' iV? t ' r ' - ;V. : •5 » ?5 mmzmmmmmmms PL At TACDWD ® £ KAPPA ALPHA THETA founded at de pauw university in 1870 Beta Nu Chapter Installed in 1924 COLORS: Black and Gold FLOWER: Black and Gold Pansy PUBLICATION KAPPA ALPHA THETA MAGAZINE IN FACULTATE Mona Alderman Mildred Finnegan Jennie Tilt Edith West Dorothy Benz N COLLEGIO SENIORS Isabella Orr Virginia Holt Betty Kimball JUNIORS Josephine Skeels SOPHOMORES Christine Armbruster Evelyn Ballard Irene Edwards Clairnelle O ' Steen Rosalind Parker Harriet Roberts Antoinette Sullivan Wylma Ter Bush Claire Williams Enid Wolfe PLEDGES Barbara Bandy Mary Enneis Virginia Hamilton Betty Hamilton Mary Ann Hills Mary Lee Hopkins Catherine Mitchell Beatrice Monroe Elizabeth Newsome Peggy Paradise Ruth Robie Clarice Sanchez Banks Wood Page two hundred thirty : mM mmmms m mmmmmmmmms F " L Ac TACDV D t ® ® Benz Orr Baxley Holt Kimball Skeels Armbruster Ballard Edwards O ' Steen Parker Roberts Sullivan Ter Bush Wolfe Williams Bandy Enneis B Hamilton V. Hamilton Hills Hopkins Mitchell Monroe Newsome Paradise Robie Sanchez Wood Page two hundred thirty-one i mmm immmmm m mmm mmmmmmmmm fr|_ 1 J Q£] A [] mmmmmmm mmmmmm m SIGMA KAPPA Founded at Colby College, waterville, Maine, in 1874 Omega Chapter Installed in 1920 COLORS: Maroon and Lavender OPEN MOTTO: ' One Heart, One Way ' PUBLICATION: TRIANGLE IN FACULTATE Leila Venable FLOWER: Violet IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Margaret Cook Mattie Sue Collins Mary Lou Fox Angela Guth TElsie McGuire Nina Parramore Betty Ploeger Helen Gray JUNIORS Elizabeth Sponnenbarger SOPHOMORES Margaret K Anderson Barbara Curry Janet Cook Emily Johnson Evelyn Kennard Mary Elizabeth Parker Margaret Smith Mary Fowler Spencer Leona Stimmel Ola Deare Vickers Martha Williams PLEDGES Isabelle Baxter June Bebinger Mary Brownlee Katherine Dash Sara Mae Davis Edith Hayes Effinger Anna Glen Margaret Glen Lucille Ham Laurie Hampton Sylvia Hart Martha Hosea Henrietta Hunt Kathleen Owens Mary Swindal Fenton Woodward I ' djjc tiro hundred thirty-two m mmmmm mmm mmmm mim [ " {_ A T XCDV D i » Collins Cook Fox Guth McGuire Parramore Ploeger Gray Sponnenbarger Anderson Johnson Kennard Parker Spencer Stimmel Vickers Baxter Bebinger Bownlee Davis Effinger A. Glen M. Glen Ham Hampton Hart Hosea Hunt Owens Woodward Page two hundred thirty-three . ;mmm m mm m mmm mmmmmm PLAt TAQDWD m mm!®Bmmmmmmmmmm m ALPHA CHI OMEGA founded at de pauw university in 1885 Beta Eta Chapter Installed in 1929 COLORS: Scarlet and Olive Green FLOWER: Carnation OPEN MOTTO: Together Let Us Seek the Heights ' PUBLICATION THE LYRE IN FACULTATE Berenice Deetz IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Anna-Margaret Baker Helen Chiles Mary Alice Cosper Alta Deahl Elizabeth Gillies Josephine Hendley Lady Jane Leuders Alice Mitchell Iva Mae Robson Julia Smith Doris Terrell JUNIORS Linna Cheney Carolina de Montigne Elizabeth Wheeler Mary Limerick SOPHOMORES Betty Brooks Irene Collins Mary Catherine Drennan Christie Nan Hoober Dorothy Leach Narcissa Leland Margaret Murray Marjorie Newton Marguerite Cordes Margaret Phillips Annabelle Linger Sara Mikell PLEDGES Janice Borton Edrei Brooks Juanita Buchanan Eleanor Flint Patricia Foster Mary Key Catherine Kyle Harriett Lawrence Edith Toffaletti Mary Wing Frances Mock Martha Woliston Page tiro hundred thirty-four mmmmmm®mmmmmmmmm£ P " L o TACD a D g :z: :. ■ y ' : Baker Chiles Cosper Leuders Mitchell ROBSON Collins De Montigne Limerick Cordes Drennan Hoober MlKEL Newton Phillips Flint Foster Key Wing Woliston Deahl Gillies Hendley Smith Terrell Cheney Murray Wheeler A Brooks Leach Leland Linger Borton E Brooks Buchanan awrence Mock TOFFALETTI ' ((( c tim hundred thirty-fi ve mmmim mmmm mmm mmmmmmmmm PL A TAQDWD mzmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm DELTA DELTA DELTA founded in boston, mass., in 1888 Alpha Eta Chapter Installed in 1916 COLORS: Silver, Gold, Blue FLOWER: Pansy OPEN MOTTO: Let Us Steadfastly Love One Another ' PUBLICATION: TRIDENT IN FACULTATE Katherine Montgomery IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Florence Gillham Margaret Hanford Iris Knox Placide Lewis Catherine Miller Rebecca Nants Virginia Ware Adalaide Duval Gertrude Johnson Ellen Moore JUNIORS Elinor Payne Mildred Smoak Elinor Warren Katherine Barrs Ann Curtricht Frances Phillips SOPHOMORES Yulee Way Nancy Wilkinson PLEDGES Adelia Ap d leyard Helen Boyd Janet Charles Martha Hall Christine Harris Katherine Jones Frances Lowry Mary Mathis Betty McKinnon Mary Miller Catherine Murphy Marie Nooney Joyce Reed Ruth Sadler Betty Skelly Virginia Turner Margaret Ware Page two hundred thirty-sir mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm P " L_ l % T QO A [] » »% GlLLHAM Hanford Knox C. Miller Nants V. Ware Duval Johnson Moore Payne Smoak E Warren Curtright Way Wilkerson Appleyard Charles Hall Jones Lowry McKlNNON Mathis M. Miller Murphy Nooney Reed Sadler Skelly M. Ware pane two hundred thirty -seven kmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m fTL At TACDWD » ALPHA XI DELTA FOUNDED AT LOMBARD COLLEGE. GALESBURG, ILLINOIS, IN 1893 Alpha Omega Chapter Installed in 1929 COLORS: Double Blue and Gold FLOWER: KlLLARNEY ROSE PUBLICATION: THE ALPHA XI DELTA Anna Mae Sharp IN FACULTATE Mrs. Edwin White IN COLLEGIO Amy Brenner Mary Dolive LaVerne Horton SENIORS Helen Scott Grace Elizabeth White JUNIORS Betty Bailey Geneva Fisher Helenmary Fritsch Barbara Garfunkel Juanita Pace Ruth Rainbolt Roberta Reid Elizabeth Stout SOPHOMORES Virginia Colbert Jean Crago Elizabeth Filer Althea Smith Monica Wiley PLEDGES Martha Baker Sara Elizabeth Bryan Helen Godwin Winona Ireland Charlotte Kinsey Mary Ellen Lovelace Mildred Lovell Muriel MacDonald Mary McGunagle Jessie Mead Clotilde O ' Rourke Mary Pollard Ella Wynn Tuten Page two hundred thirty-eight ■mmrnm mrn m mmmmmmmmm PL At TAQDWD mz mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm® : Brenner Dolive Horton Scott White Bailey Colbert Garfunkel Fisher Fritsch Pace Rainbolt Reid Stout Crago Filer Smith Wiley Baker Bryan Godwin Ireland Kinzie Lovelace MacDonald McGunagle Mead O ' Rourke Pollard Tuten Paor mo hundred thirty -nine S! m m mmm f mmm mmmmmmmm JTL At TACDW D mmzmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm KAPPA DELTA founded at virginia state normal in 1894 Kappa Alpha Chapter Installed in 1904 COLORS: Green and White FLOWER: White Rose OPEN MOTTO ' Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest " PUBLICATION: ANGELOS Mary Belcher Virginia Bird Helen Dawson Sarah Hulsey Mada McColskey IN FACULTATE Helen McKean IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Audrey Newman Edna Oxford Rebecca Price Scott Turnbull JUNIORS Martha Carlton Mary Catherine Carter Anne Lee Dunn Margaret Edwards Lucy Fulghum Marcia Lindsey Maria Lyon Louise Mackey Betty Runkle Martha Whitaker Jean Anderson Janice Braman Douglas Dabney Julia Lamar SOPHOMORES Caroline Oliver Margaret Thompson Adeline Tillman PLEDGES Helen Arnold Elizabeth Ayala Helen Ayala Helen Ballinger Dorothy Benford Josephine Binion Katherine Blanchaine Dorothy Burns Mary Jo Clayton Jane Crook Polly Dabney Mary Elizabeth Edwins Virginia Forsyth Catherine Fuller Mary Catherine Gibson Mary Meginnis Edith Merrill Helen Miller Dorothy McLean Peggy McMichael Willora Norton Edith Perkins Margaret Phillipoff Zoe Powell Anne Reeves Anne Sams Margaret Simpson Verna Lou Smoyer Mary Frances Swann Elizabeth Gregory Myrtle Henry Margretha Kaufman Frances King Josephine King Betty Mack Peggy Marchmont Jane Tharin Frances Thomas Mary Tooke Helen Turnbull Grace Whitaker Sue Whitaker Barbara Wing Frances Wood Page tuo hundred forty mM mmmmmmmmsmmmmmmm® ' _ K y s T I.ni J[2 $g ££ ££ BELCHER PRICE L1NDSEY DABNEY -I. AYALA CROOK HENRY MERRILL POWELL THOMAS BIRD 5. TURNBULL LYON LAMAR BALLENGER P. DABNEY KAUFMAN MILLER REEVES TOOKE DAWSON CARLTON MACKEY OLIVER BENFORD EDWINS F. KING MC LEAN SAMS . TURNBULL HULSEY CARTER RUNKLE THOMPSON Bl NION FORSYTH J. KING MC MICHAEL SIMPSON G. WHITAKER MC COLSKEY DUNN A. WHITAKER TILLMAN BLANCHAINE FULLER MACK NORTON SMOYER 3. WHITAKER NEWMAN EDWARDS ANDERSON ARNOLD BURNS GIBSON MARCHMONT PERKINS SWANN WING OXFORD FULGHUM BRAMEN E. AYALA CLAYTON GREGORY MEGINNIS PHILLIPOFF THARIN WOOD Page two hundred forty-one ' V:; ' : . W msmmtmmmmmmimms rLAi TACDWD mrnm mi mmmm CHI OMEGA founded at fayetteville. arkansas, in 1895 Gamma Chapter Installed in 1908 COLORS: Cardinal and Straw FLOWER: White Carnation OPEN MOTTO: ' Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals " PUBLICATION: ELEUSIS Mrs J. F. Miller IN FACULTATE ROWENA LONGMIRE IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Rosalie Baya Marguerite Kreher Mary Virginia Murphy Elizabeth R. Smith Fay Sumner Carolyn West Esther Daffin JUNIORS BlLLIE KEFFER Mary Rankin SOPHOMORES Margaret Ely Jean Gilmer Elizabeth Kirby. Smith Marie Lyons Anne Magruder Betty Manning Francis Moore Genevieve Ramsaur Henrietta Thames PLEDGES Alice Amberg Leah Andrews Sarah Anthony Marian Armington Mary Baird Lucille Barco Corinne Bize Merle Cason Elizabeth Coleman Patricia Given Martha Godard Betty Hamilton Anne Hartridge Claudia Houston Betty James Marion Knight Nancy Knight Beth Mathis Eileen Masters Mary Jeanne McKay Ann Merrill Florence Middleton Marjorie Moore Elizabeth Murray Helen Murray Gwendolyn O ' Berry Mary Ed Partridge Virginia Peyton Laura F Radford Dot Ryan Ava Scott Pauline Spencer Eleanor Suttles Viola Taylor Jessie Rae Lanier Lois Lewis Mamie Maddox Alline Tolbert Jane Walker Minna Yockey I ' uge two hundred forty-two swm mmmmmmmmimmmmmmmcsm P " |__ V % J A V QQ A [] wm?mmmmmmmm®mmmmmmm®mm Baya Kreher Murphy Smith Sumner West Daffin Keffer Rankin Ely Kirby-Smith Lyons Magruder manning Moore Ramsaur Thames Amberg Andrews Anthony Bize Cason Coleman Given GODARD Hamilton Hartridge Houston James m. Knight N. Knight Lanier Lewis Maddox Mathis McKay Merrill Moore E. Murray H. Murray O ' Berry Peyton Ryan Scott Spencer Taylor Tolbert Walker Yockey Page two hundred forty-three Mmm;m mmm$mmmm3mm®mmm PL Ao TAGD a D m ALPHA OMICRON PI Founded at Barnard College, New York City, in 1897 Alpha Pi Chapter Installed in 1928 COLORS: Cardinal FLOWER: Jacqueminot Rose PUBLICATION: TO DRAGMA Helen Davis N FACULTATE Julia Gehan IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Mary Lee Davis Beth Kehler Rosalind Kennedy Christine Ridgell Mary Jane Sheldon JUNIORS Opal Atwater Edith Ayers Marjorie Carter Mary Filer Evaline Rankin Mildred Williams SOPHOMORES Mary Carson Sara Graham Sylvia McAdam Laureta Pearson Virginia Weldon PLEDGES Charlotte Cameron Agnes Goss Angelo Griley Mary De Gunther Doris Goddard Dallie Lewis Alice Porter Alice Sloane Sarah Helen Smith Geraldine Waldron Page two hundred forty-four : mm mmmmm®mmmmmmmm!®m fT|_ 1 % " f Q[]] A [] ms m mm mmmmmm Mmm m n i Davis Kehler Kennedy RlDGELL Sheldon Williams Atwater Ayers Carter Filer Rankin McAdam Graham Pearson Weldon Cameron De Guenther Godard Lewis Porter Slone Smith Waldron Page two hundred forty-fire jusgf y mssa PLAt TACDWD i ia iijieps§iii i§» SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA founded at farmville, virginia, in 1s93 Rho Chapter installed in 1920 COLORS Purple and White FLOWER; Violet OPEN MOTTO ' Faithful Unto Death ' PUBLICATION: TRIANGLE IN COLLEGIO Bernice Adams Eunice Kramer SENIORS Frances McQuarrie Frances Rudd Wilma Bristol JUNIORS Katherine Inglis SOPHOMORES Virginia Bowers Mildred Johnson Marjorie Bennett Lydia Craig Louise Early Evelyn Ferguso n PLEDGES Kathleen Johnson Juanita McClellan Ruth Schumann Evelyn Scott v. «». Page two hundred forty-six mmm®mmmmmm®mm®mmmmf® PLAv TACDWD m tmmmmmmmmmxMmmmm®mm k svh! Adams Kramer Bristol Ferguson Inglis M. Johnson Bowers Bennett Craig K. Johnson McClelland Scott Shuman Page two hundred forty-seven ®mmm®mmmm mmmmmmms® FTL TV QCIV Q m ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded Virginia State Normal in 1898 Beta Gamma Chapter Installed in 1924 COLORS: Gray and Blue FLOWER: White Violet OPEN MOTTO: ' Seek the Noblest ' PUBLICATION: THEMIS IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Katherine Bensel Mary Dunkle Sarah Heard Ada Woodward Billie Faxon Beth Finlay JUNIORS Virginia Thornton SOPHOMORES Mary Ada Heard Joanna Perkins PLEDGES Dorothy Borden Patience DuPree Betty Fellows Inez Harrison Oneida McFatter Kathleen Morie Alma Patterson Mary Frank Price Clarice Stanfill Evelyn Stump Louise Webster Page two hundred forty-eight m m®mrnmmmmsmmmmmmmm p " |_ i J Q[] A [] m mmmmmmmmmm mmm Bensel DUNKLE Greene Heard MORIE Patterson Woodward Faxon McFatter Perkins Thornton Webster Fellows Stump Borden Du Pree Harrison Stanfill Page two hundred forty-nine mxmzims zmmmmmmmzmmmmmm fT|__ TA[ZD a D ££ £ DELTA ZETA founded at miami university, oxford, ohio, in 1902 Alpha Sigma Chapter Installed in 1924 COLORS: Rose and Green FLOWER: KlLLARNEY ROSE PUBLICATION: THE LAMP Josephine Allen Dorothy Burnett Margaret Bruce Eleanor Irsch N COLLEGIO SENIORS Mary Eleanor Nicholson Bessie Pinkoson Mary Varn Jean Boyd Marion Brantley Rebecca Clemons June Dixon Dorothy Edwards JUNIORS Miriam Gray La Luce Planck Rosalie Powell Mary Frances Smith SOPHOMORES Gwendolyn Adair Mary Veach PLEDGES Muriel Baker Mary Frances Burford Elise Carver Mary Isobel Gibbons Jane Hall Teresa Howard Adalaide Ireland Ruth Marvin Dorothy Monk Margaret Pinkoson Betty Richardson Margaret Sharpe Katherine Smith Mary Smith Anne Elizabeth White Page two hundred fifty mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm® FLAi TACDXa D i,v:0tWml0Mm:MW!WXS3- -m :,:;.- im? ' :-! ? i ' %::¥ ' :- m9m (fk :Kgi- ' ■BiiS ' " :: . vsmtvi ' av. : s mmm I Allen Bruce BURNFETT IRSCH Nicholson PlNKOSON Brantley Clemons Edwards Gray Planck Powell M. F. Smith Varn Adair Veach Baker Burford Carver Gibbons Hall Howard Ireland Marvin Monk PlNKOSON RlCHESON Sharp K. Smith M. B. Smith White Paac tiro hundred fifty-one ■ M-?.lvk, , vjyj " T ' - ' y v ' mmmmm P " [_ Ai TACDV D ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Gamma Beta Chapter Installed in 1925 founded at syracuse university in 1904 COLORS: Red, Buff. Green FLOWER: Red Rose publication: Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly Eloise Austin Orline Hall IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Laura Hopkins Sue Scarborough Eloise Williams JUNIORS Hallie Bailey Adielyn Fox Betty Hintermister Sarah Butler Logan Anna Markham Sarah L. Maxwell Marian Turner Victoria Curtis Nadia Grainger Katherine Maury SOPHOMORES Mary Ward Peterson Mercia Scott Mildred Thomas Frances Wilson PLEDGES Betsey Anderson Marian Bailey Amorette Bullard Martha Cowart Barbara Crosland Ellen Dirr Virginia Duncan Louise Hill Doris Isted Eleanor Jenkins Sara Pepper Annita Jones Betty Mace Rosalie McDonald Catherine McGarry Sara Nell Moore Martha Patterson Kathleen Reese Frances Shepard Peggy Underwood Westa Wilkins Helena Wilson Page two hundred fifty-tiro mmmrnmmmmmmzmmmmmmMs® FLAu TACDWD mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm Austin H. Bailey Grainger M. Railey Hill McGarry Underwood Hall Logan Peterson Bullard Isted Moore Wilkins Hopkins Maxwell Scott Cowart Jones Patterson Wilson Scarborough Turner Thomas Crosland Mace Reese Williams Curtis Anderson Dirr McDonald Shepard Page two hundred fifty-three mmmi mmimmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm P " |__ Ai TAQDVv D i£ BETA PH! ALPHA FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA IN 1909 Psi Chapter Installed in 1931 CO ' .ORS: Green and Gold FLOWER: Tea Rose OPEN MOTTO: Scientia, Virtus. Amicitia ' IN FACULTATE Marjorie Mayer Mildred Stewart IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Ruth Butler Gertrude Gates Vera Green Viola Martin Alma Oyama Alicia Saxton Mary Catherine White Marion Keyes JUNIORS Margaret Nickle SOPHOMORES Genevieve Crowley Ruth Martin Carl Brigman Mary Jetton Grace McKee Lula Mae Mooty Grace Rummell PLEDGES Hazel Shelton Mary Tiller Maxine Ward Jean Willis Page two hundred fifty-four Gates Green V. Martin Oyama Saxton White Keys NlCKLE Crowley R. Martin Brigman Filler Jetton McKee MOOTY RUMMELL Shflton Ward Willis Page two hundred fifty-fire $ imm im mmm m mmmmmmmmmms fTL_ v y QQ A Q wmimmmsmmmmmmmmm mm THETA UPSILON founded at university of california in 1914 Lambda Chapter Installed in 1925 COLORS: Rainbow FLOWER: Iris OPEN MOTTO: ' Let There Be Light ' PUBLICATION THE DIAL Mary Settle IN FACULTATE Etta L. Robertson Cola Hardee IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Mary McMillan Marcia Buchanan Helen Evans JUNIORS Johny Hardee Virginia Tucker Anne Donnell Margaret Neff PLEDGES Grace Rogan Neita Wright Page tuo hundred fifty-six mmmmmrnmmmzmmmmmmmt® P " L t % Tv Q£] A | ] m Mm mmmmmmmm m mmm C. HARDEE EVANS DONNELL MCMILLAN J. HARDEE NEFF BUCHANAN TUCKER WRIGHT Page two hundred fifty-seven m msmmmmmm mm m mmmmmmm PL At TACOWD ®s DELTA PHI EPSILON founded at new york university in 1917 Iota Chapter Installed in 1925 COLORS: Purple and Gold FLOWER: Pansy PUBLICATION: The Delta Phi Epsilon IN COLLEGIO SENIORS Hannah Ashkenazy Teresa Freidlin Tobiah Lovitz Pearl Fleet juniors Melvyne Wahnish Ruth Feinberg Elaine Klepper SOPHOMORES Ethel Mintzer PLEDGES Gladys Abenson Anita Bernstein Janice Brill Dorothy Dvoskin Tessie Dvoskin Adeline Goldman Adeline Goldstein Sylvia Hackel Miriam Jacobs Clara Kramer Evelyn Meitin Ruth Ester Rosen Ruth Wolly Pauline Rosenberg Page two hundred fifty-eight mmmmmmmmsmmmmmmM® FL Ai TACDV D mzmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmm . ■ Freidlin Bernstein Jacobs Abenson Rosen LOVITZ Brill Hackel Goldman Wolly Fleet Dvoskin Klepper Goldstein Wahnish Feinberg Mintzer Kramer rage two hundred fifty-nine Honorary Fraternities mmmmmmimmmmmmmmmmmms PL Xt ' TACDWD ® Sumner Menendez Leuders Makinson Austin Davis Gillies Hobson Knox Vinal MORTAR BOARD FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, SYRACUSE, N. Y., 1918 TORCH BEARER CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1931 FACULTY MEMBER! Kathryn T. Abbey Olivia Dorman Edith Elizabeth Lynn Mary Settle Anna Mae Sharp TOWN MEMBER Mrs. Harold F, Richards STUDENT MEMBERS Eloise Austin Mary Lee Davis Elizabeth Gillies Marian Hobson Iris Knox Lady Jane Lueders Joy Makinson Martha Menendez Fay Sumner Carleen Vinal Mortar Board is the only national honorary for senior women. It has for its purpose the promotion of loyalty among ' college students, creation of a spirit of fellowship and .service, maintenance of high standards of scholarship, en- couragement of leadership, and development of a finer type of college woman. Qualifications for membership are found in the motto: " Service, Scholar- ship, and Leadership. " m tmmjmsmmmmmi nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmsm m mmm mmmmm m Paue two hundred sixty-one ; mmm;mmmmmmmmmmmmm®mmm P " L_ 1 n TA[ZD a D m ALPHA CHI ALPHA FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE IN 1919 GAMMA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1921 FACULTY MEMBERS William G. Dodd ROWENA LONGMIRE Earl L. Vance Edith West STUDENT MEMBERS Emilie Beatty Mary Elizabeth Cooley Helen Day Lucy Fulghum Barbara Garfunkel Hazel Goza Marian Hobson Edna Hoffman Alice Mitchell Louise Robertson Mary Jane Sheldon Elizabeth Stout The purpose of this organization is to honor those students who have shown an ability and taken an active part in collegiate publications and to advance the study of various phases of journalism. One and one-half years of creditable service on one college publication is a requisite for membership. This was the first national honorary established on campus. OMICRON NU FOUNDED MICHIGAN STATE AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE 1912 PI CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1922 FACULTY MEMBERS Mei en Davis Margaret R. Sandels Jennie Tilt TOWN MEMBERS Ethyl Holloway Mrs. R. L. Eyman Mrs. H. L. Waskom STUDENT MEMBERS Margaret Dodd Ruth Durrenberger Edna Mae McIntosh Helen Richey Maxine Smith Mrs. Alma Timmons Omicron Nu is the national Home Economics Honor society. Its purpose is to recognize and promote scholarship, leadership, and research in the field of Home Economics. Only students in the last of their Junior year, and Seniors are eligible for membership. mm m m mmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmsmmRmmmm Page two hundred sixty-two Y; 1 £ ,VP " -V. . Tr -o- ' -. ; s ai § i i s PLAt TACDWD gv tp KAPPA DELTA PI FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IN 1 909 ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 FACULTY MEMBERS Charlotte M. Beckham Ruth Connor Ralph L. Eyman Paul F. Finner Margaret McCurdie Nathaniel M. Salley Dora Skipper Leonora Smith Ruth Taylor Florence R. Tryon Kenneth Williams TOWN MEMBERS Lillian Cross Bertha W. Finner Robert Moon Helen Smith STUDENT MEMBERS Eloise Austin Greeta Chabot Mary Lee Davis Helen Deane Elizabth Gillies Ruth Hughes Merle Keel Tobiah Lovitz Martha McClellan Marion Prior Jessie Rou Carleen Vinal Florence Walde Elizabeth White Sara Williams Margaret Willis Kappa Delta Pi is an international honor society in education. Its purpose shall be to encourage in its members a higher degree of devotion to social service by fostering high intellectual and personal standards during the period of preparation for teaching, and recognizing outstanding service in the field of education. PHI ALPHA THETA FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS IN 1921 DELTA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1926 FACULTY MEMBERS Kathryn T. Abbey Robert S. Cotterill Annie M. Popper Venila L. Shores Arthur Williams STUDENT MEMBERS Edna Browing Ida Engel Edna Hoffman Merle Keel Tobiah Lovitz Frances Parks Carolyn Perkins The purpose of Phi Alpha Theta is to foster interest in the field of history and to offer recognition to those students who have excelled in their history work. ■.r:f; - ' wmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmmmz mm®mm:i Page two hundred sixty-tit rce 3WL ; : wm;mmmrnm?mmmm mm®mMmmis$ PTL X TACDXa D g PHI KAPPA PHI FOUNDED IN 1897 FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 FACULTY MEMBERS Katheryn Abbey Mona Alderman Jane Bailey Raymond Bellamy Edward Conradi Paul F. Finner Josiah B. Game Herman Kurz Olga Larson Leland J. Lewis rowena longmire Marjorie Mayer Lou E. Miller Katherine Montgomery Ella Scoble Opperman Nathaniel M. Salley Margaret Sandels Arthur R. Seymour Dora Skipper Elmer R. Smith Alban Stewart Jennie Tilt Florence Tryon Arthur Williams TOWN MEMBERS Mrs. M. B. Alfriend Jeanne Compton Gwendolyn Lloyd Mrs Eleanor G McBride Ida Rea Cecelia Wahnish STUDENT MEMBERS Eloise Austin Virginia Barber Mary Belcher Greeta Chabot Mary Alice Cosper Mary Lee Davis Helen F. Deane Helen Feagin Elizabeth Gillies Eva Goodenough Mildred Gunson Ruth Hughes Merle Keel Rosalind Kennedy Tobiah Lovitz Mary McMillan Laura Newell isabelle orr Marion Prior Frances Strickland Fay Sumner Mrs. Alma Timmons Florence Walde Pauline Webb Grace E. White Sarah Curtis Williams Margaret Willis Margaret York CHI DELTA PHI FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE IN 1919 PI CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1925 FACULTY MEMBERS HAZEL A. STEVENSON STUDENT MEMBERS Betty Bradford Betty Daniels Ida Engel Lucy Fulghum Iris Knox Alice Mitchell Marjorie Stoner Carleen Vinal Mildred Williams The purpose of Chi Delta Phi is to raise the standards of productive literary work among the woman students of Colleges and Universities. It purposes to furnish the highest reward for conscientious effort in furthering the most worthwhile interests of literature in the broader sense of the term. Election to membership is based upon such meritorious work. mmvm m mmmmmmmmwmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mtmsmmmmmmmzmmm Page two hundred sixty-four frW$ " -y£ j£l ' ? m8mmmm$®®mmmm!mmmmm ' [_ % y J [2ni s 2 BETA PI THETA FOUNDED IN BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA IN 1924 THETA KAPPA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1926 FACULTY MEMBERS Jane Bailey Mildred Finnegan Marian J. Hay Lucy Lester Madeleine Postaire Arthur Seymour STUDENT MEMBERS Virginia Baxley June Bullard Mary Alice Cosper Olivia Embrey Teresa Freidlin Florence Gillham Opal Gray Belle Henshaw Ruth Hughes Beth Kehler Mary Mooty Elinor Payne Maxine Smith Frances Strickland Virginia Tucker Carleen Vinal Margaret Willis Margaret York The purpose of Beta Pi Theta Fraternity is to organize representative men and women in the universities and colleges of the United States who by travel, study, conversation, interest, influence, and ability will advance the progress of literary French and things cultural in America. ETA SIGMA PHI FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO IN 1924 ETA CHAPTER INSTALLED IN 1926 FACULTY MEMBERS Olivia Dorman Josiah B. Game Ruth McDaniel Edith West STUDENT MEMBERS Eloise Austin Pauline Bell Marcia Buchanan Virginia Earle Theresa Freidlin Helenmary Fritsch Madele Helms Rosalind Kennedy Mary Lela Lumley Ethel Mestayer Martha McClellan Mary McMillan Christina Pearson Jessie Rou Mary Frances Smith Lillian Turlington Betty White Martha Whitaker Eta Sigma Phi is the national classical honorary fraternity which purposes to encourage classical scholarship, to enhance the appreciation of Greek and Reman culture, and to promote good will and fellowship among classical students. Membership is open to undergraduates, men and women, in classical depart- ments, who are chosen for their high standard of scholarship and their proven interest in the study and appreciation of the classics. Faculty of the classical departments of colleges where there are chapters are honorary members of the fraternity. ' £mvmz?zzm wmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four smm mm m m mmm m m ; Page two hundred sixty-f.ve mm m mmm mmmmmmmm T _ x y TACDWD m mmrnmmmmmmmmmmmmmm PHI BETA SIGMA ORGANIZED AT FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN IN 1927 FACULTY MEMBERS Charlotte M. Beckham Dorothy Breen Margie Burks Myrtle Dolbee Marion J Hay Manuel Lopez Arthur R. Seymour STUDENT MEMBERS Betty Bailey Jane Bailey Maxine Campbell Marjorie Carter Frances Conn Mary Elizabeth Cooley Betty Daniells Ruth Dickson Rosa Ann Doub Kathryn Duffy Minna Dunn Helen Feagin Ruth Feinberg Mary Helen Forth Lilly Friscia Ruth Hughes Sara Krentzman Laura Mathis Abbie Lyle Helen Menendez Martha McClellan Laura Newell Julia Norfleet Olga Pena Verna M. Reddick Magdalene Rodriguez Mildred Stevens Florence Walde Grace White Sara Curtis Williams Phi Beta Sigma, local Spanish honorary sorority, has as its purpose the stimulation of a desire for further knowledge and study of the Spanish language and the creation of a greater appreciation of the customs and literature of Spain. Membership is open to those students who are chosen for their high scholastic record in advanced Spanish courses and who have manifested an active interest in Spanish language and literature. THE ART GUILD ORGANIZED AT FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN IN 1933 OFFICERS HELEN FEAGIN General Chairman MARGARET COOK Treasurer MILDRED BOSS Publicity Chairman MRS. B B WILLIAMS Faculty Sponsor STUDENT MEMBERS Nell Brinkley Mildred Boss Ruth Butler Margaret Cook Olivia Embrey Helen L. Feagin Sylvia Horner Joy Miller Ellen Moore Mary Mooty The Art Guild, local art organization, has for its purpose the promoting of art interest on the campus by sponsoring art exhibitions and exhibiting the work of its members. Membership is open to junior and senior art majors meeting the scholastic requirements of the organization. mm-mm mmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four mmmmmtmmmttmizmmimmms Paae tun hundred sixty-six mmmmmrnmmmmmmimmmmm® fTL_ Ai TAGDWD g FAMOUS VISITORS Richard Halliburton " The Glorious Adventure " Dr. William Quillian Religious Emphasis Week Jitney Players " The Anns and the Man " Ted Shaw and Co " The Modern Dance " Don Cossack Russian Male Chorus Vladmir Horovitz — Pianist New York String Quartet Yosha Davidofe — Baritone Ruth Page — Dancer FORUM SPEAKERS Harold Lord Varney " Eleven Years with Mussolini " Colonel Ralph Isham " The Boswell Papers " Dr. Carrie Weaver Smith . . " Em ily Dickenson, " " Problem Girls ' ' Ben A. Arneson " American Revolution of 1933 " Kinnosuke Adachi " .Japan vs. China " Harrison Howe " Children of the Depression " mxmmmmmmmmmmmm nineteen hundred and thirty-four ®®®% ® Page tiro hundred si.rt u-xrrcii Book VII Athletics Wearers of the Emblem Emma Spencer 1928 ' ' Simpy " Yarbrough 1928 Bernice Conklin 1928 Margaret Richards 1929 Betty Suhrer 1929 Betty Wood 1930 Edna Mattox 1930 Betty Bell 1981 Nancy Lutz 1931 Marion C. Phillips 1932 Dorothy Archer 1932 Helen Gefpcken 1932 Dorothy Hicks 1932 Buddy Autrey 1933 Rhea Gallagher 1933 Grace Kerby 1933 Eva Byrd 1934 Page two hundred seventy-one SPORTSNEWS APRIL-MAY, 1933 Odd Victory Juniors Trounce Sophomores Seniors Bent Freshmen After a season of hard grilling the winners and losers of class games in baseball met in the final game before the Odd Even skirmish. Friday afternon the Juniors succeeded in licking the Sophomores. The next morning the Seniors and Freshmen fought a steady battle with the Senior victory the outcome. AVith such results a good Odd-Even game was inevitable. At last time for the Odd-Even game arrived. The teams tossed the bat for last inning out in field. This fell to the Odds, Evens taking first position in field. Byrd pitched for Evens with Evans pitching the whole game for Odds ; Mey- ers for Evens and Parks for Odds caught the entire game. Each team held the other in check and at the end of the first half the score was tied. Once the Odds gained the upper hand, marked up several runs, which the Evens were unable to make up. The final score was Odds 6 and Evens 4. Varsity ch sen from both teams was as follows : Athon, Byrd, Day, Meyer, Hooper, Crist, Bailey, Royall, Evans, Parks and Autrey. Lancaster Again Wins Net Title For the second consecutive year, Beth Lan- caster proved her prowess on the tennis court by winning the school championship. In the finals, Beth played her sister, Margaret. The contest for the doubles title was Avon also by the Odds. Emmelhainz and Dot Lancaster (Evens) put up a good game but could not keep up the fight against the fast balls of Hurlin and Margaret Lancaster (Odds). Odds Walk Away With Swim Meet May 13 — The Evens were over-shadowed by a jinx evidently. They were completely over- whelmed by the Odds, anyway. From the start of the first race to the last dive the Odds had the meet cinched. Iledfield was the outstanding figure in the pool and on the diving board. Her diving tech- nique was very nearly perfect. The following swimmers were selected for varsity: Bedfield, Bailey, Mathewson, 11. Shepherd, Autrey, Wing and M. Stevens. I ' nyr tu-o hundred seventy-two SPORTSVIEWS ' m ' " " o VARSITY PLAYERS TENNIS, SWIMMING, BASEBALL Hooper D. Lancaster Hurlin Parks Byrd Athon Day Evans Redfield Bailey Stevens Autrey Page two hundred seventy-three SPORTSNEWS NOVEMBER, 1933 Teams Vie In Class Games Nov. 4. — Yesterday afternoon the two upper classes met to do or die. The volley ball games came first while anxious crowds shouted en- couragement. The two teams fought a lively battle. The final whistle left the score in the hands of the Juniors with 51 points against the Senior ' s 8. Closely following this came the Junior- Senior basket ball game. As the teams appeared and began to " warm up " the crowd shifted from the volley ball court to line the basket ball area. From the moment the referee signalled the .start until the game ended, the ball traveled quickly from goal to goal. Good pass work and well- timed moves gained complete victory for the Senior Class with a score of 35 to 15. Class feeling was still raging high when the Sophomores and Freshmen met Saturday morn- ing in a fast moving volley ball game. First the Sophomores held sway and then the Fro.sh. At last the Sophomores came 1o the front and ended the game scoring 24 points against 22 for the Freshmen. A close call for the Sophomores but they made it. Determined to avenge the recent volley ball defeat the Freshmen dashed into the basket ball game with such impetus that the Sophomores were nearly swept off their feet. Both teams soon settled down to a steady give and take and the game ended with a score of 18 to 16 in favor F ma Workouts Winners Losers Nov. 10. — Winners and losers games held the interest of the sports world this week-end. At three-thirty Seniors and Freshmen faced each other on the volley ball court to decide the winner of the losers. Sure hitting and pass work of the Freshmen won the game for them by a score of 38 to 26. Basketball losers game scheduled between Juniors and Sophomores was given to the Juniors by default of the Sophomore team. Score by default, 2 to 0. Interest in Winners games ran high to-night when the strong Senior team had to fight hard to keep the equally strong Freshman team from walking off wit h the honors. The Seniors stood steady, and, with Byrd shooting an average of two baskets for one by the Freshmen forwards, took the latter over 38 to 12. This was a fair example of what to look for in the big game, now less than two weeks off. The Juniors volley ball team gave the Sopho- more team a 27 to 13 licking to hold their pres- tige of three years standing as " pretty good ball players ' ' . Keep up with your team and back it in the Big Games ! of the Freshmen. One game for each class — not a bad idea in the light of good sportsman- ship ! Page two hundred seventy-four SPORTSVIEWS t v. SNAPSHOTS TAKEN AT RANDOM ON THE BASKET BALL COURTS Page two hundred seventy-five SPORTSNEWS THANKSGIVING, 1933 Evens Win Basketball,- Odds Win Volleyball Nov. 30. — An excited crowd cheered the final Odd-Even show-down in basket ball and volley ball. In the first quarter cf basket ball game, the Odds grimly held the ball, but lo.st ground to the Evens in the second quarter. In the third quarter the Evens ran wild and took the score with them. Once again the Odds tightened down and kept the score in check. In the final score of 27-20 the Evens were vic- torious. Starting line-up for Evens was : Evens, Wil- kinson, Hill, Panowski, Lueders, Huntley. Pinal line-up was Captain Gil, Byrd, Smith, Hooper, Lueders, and Beatty. Odd line-up for the whole game was : Captain Bailey, Viertel, Redfield, DeMontigne, Crook, and Simpson. Basket Ball: Evens Odds First Quarter 4 8 Second Quarter 13 10 Third Quarter 25 15 Fourth Quarter 27 20 VOLLEY BALL A volley ball game that left the audience gasping while the ball stayed in the air lengthy intervals, started the athletic festivities. The Evens steadily piled up the score in the first half of the game, but had a hard time holding the Odds in check in the final half. The Odd score crept up and up. It passed the Evens and ended in Odd victory, 29-20. Even line-up was : Captain Woodward, Meyer, Sembler, Thistlethwaite, Day, Akin, Cracowaner, Blood. Substitutions : Jefferies for Blood, Church for Akin. C olor Rush Draws Crowds Nov. 29. — Odd colors — the red, the white, and the purple — wave over the Ad building for the. first time in four years. With the starting gun, Corinne Bize, Odd, stepped out in front of Carol Parabee, Even, to carry her colors to major prominence. Other buildings that figured in the " before breakfast ' ' races were : Even, gymnasium, din- ing hall, and flag pole ; Odd, library, history, science, and education. Spectacular Entrances Of Teams More fantastic and colorful than ever were the unique entrances of the teams this year. The Even volley-bailers came in " In the Money " , carrying out their Demonstration idea. Hurlin led her " kindergarten " onto the volley ball court in a procession of Austins. The Even basket ball team chose to be very sophisticated — they were driven in limousines to the scene of action, by chauffeurs. The bicycle girls of the gay nineties with rib- bons and all the flutter proved to be none other than the Odd basket ball players. Odd line-up was: Captain Hurlin, Hall, Makemson, Daane, Work, Nail, Royall. Volley Ball : Evens Odds First Quarter 10 6 Second Quarter 15 13 Third Quarter 19 23 Fourth Quarter 20 29 Pane two hundred seventy-six SPORTSVIEWS £S f 4 7 ODD BASKET BALL SQUAD top Cleft to right) : VicrUl, Bailey Redfield, Williamt Lyle, Crook, Slone. Bottom : Simpson, L ' Abbr, DeMontigne, Snyder, EVEN BASKET BALL SQUAD Top (left to right) . Griffitts, Conn, Huntley, Panowski, Winy. Center: Martin. ne.at.tv. Hoover, Hill. Persons, Wilkinson. Bottom: Smith, Byrd, Gil, Athon, Lueders. » y ' ! ' -Y- " ;l V fa f ■ ( 1 ' ; 1 t p f ' r VI 4 J [41 v : ' |i EVEN VOLLEY BALL SQUAD Top (left ti right) : Church, Jeffries-. Beyer, Thistlethwaite, Day, Cracowaner, Menende: . Akin. Bottom: Blood, Denton, Woodward, ho Cicero, Meyer, Se.nibler. ODD VOLLEY BALL SQUAD Tin) (left to right) : Crist, Kail, Ward, Work. Maxwell, Makcm-son. Bottom: Dunne, Hall, llniiin. Royall, Bristol, Cafes. r .1 CENTER PICTURE SHOWS TIP-OFF OF THE GAME BETWEEN ODDS AND EVENS WHICH RESULTED IN EVENS VICTORY, 19 TO 20 Page two hundred seventy-seven SPORTSNEWS DECEMBER, 1933 Basketball Varsity The selections for the varsity basket ball were as follows : Beatty (Even)— guard. Bailey (Odd)— guard. Smith (Even)— j. c. Redfield (Odd)— j. c. Hooper (Even)— r. c. DeMontigne (Odd)— r. e, Gil (Even) — forward. Byrd ( Even ) — forward . These players were chosen by votes of the members of the Odd j and Even teams: Beatty, Smith, Gil, Hooper, and Byrd, all Seniors playing their final game for the green and gold, played the best games of their careers, undoubtedly. Bailey, DeMontigne, and Red- field, Juniors, will be well worth watching for next years games. Volley Ball Varsity Top row. (left) Frances Hurlin, Odd Volley ball; (right) Betty Bailey, Odd Baseball. Bottom : (left) Helen Woodward, Even Volley ball; (right) Terry (HI. Keen Basket ball. Interest this year in intramurals has been much greater than in previous years. Under the direction of Miss Autrey (Buddy), faculty sponsor, and Jackie Crist, Sr., manager, a series of swim- ming meets has been run-off with the various sororities and other campus or- ganizations competing. Basketball, ping-pong, prelo, and other tournaments are being planned. Right after the Odd-Even game the various players began to pick varsity. At Thanksgiv- ing dinner each member voted her choice of the eight best play- ers. Steady pass-work, alert- ness and outstanding good plays were the standards by which the selection was made. The varsity volley ball team selected was : Prances Hurlin, Betty Meyer, Helen Woodward, Hazel Royall, Frances Hall, Charlotte Cracowaner, Martha Makemson, Betty Akin, and Margaret Maxwell. All these players attracted notice in the Odd-Even meet. Cracowaner ' s serve equalled Hurlin ' s in its hard swiftness while several of Woodward ' s spectacular plays marks up scores for the Evens. Maxwell and Makemson — both fresh- men — played good steady games. Watch for exciting games next fall for the whole varsity will be back. rage two hundred seeenly-cight SPORTSVIEWS - • ' " % 3 1 • •. • .. - ' ' ! E. Byrd Redfield Cracowaner Hooper DeMontigne Akin Beatty ROYALL Maxwell J. Smith Makemson Meyer VARSITY SELECTIONS Page two hundred seventy-nine SPORTSNEWS FEBRUARY, 1934 Midwinter Festival Games Odds- Evens Play Preliminary Games The first preliminary Odd-Even soccer game was played off on Friday, a week before the Festival games. The Evens emerged victorious with a score of 1-0. Saturday morning, how- ever, in the second Odd-Even game, neither team was able to score. The result was a fast game and a 0-0 score. Hockey did not, fare as well as soccer. Because of the lack of Even players to compose a whole squad, two teams composed of both Odds and Evens, called Garnets and Golds, played. The Friday game produced a score of 3-3, while the score for the Saturday game was Garnets 6, Golds 0. The soccer and hockey games are arousing more and more interest. Here ' s to luck for hig- her Mid-Winter Festivals and more athletic demonstrations ! s occer Varsity Selections for Soccer Varsity were as follows : Hazel Royall, Eva Byrd, Abbie Lyle, Eliza- beth Bush, Vera Green, Janette Huntley, Alice Slone, Betty Bailey, Beth Daane, Celia Levy, Sara B. Davis. Hockey and Soccer Feature Winter Season February 14. — The Garnets and Golds took their places on the hockey field, and from the first " bully " to the final whistle, the two teams went in high speed to keep up with the other. More intensive practice during the last week by the Garnets was probably responsible for the victory of 3 to 0. The soccer game was " the " game. The good old Odd and Even Spirits were dragged out and rivalry ran high. The Evens had the first kick-off, but were broken up by the Odds. The only score of the game came in the second quarter when the ball passed the Even " goalie " , making the score 1-0 for the Odds. By tightening down, the Odds were able to hold the score there. Hockey Varsity Hockey varsity members were : Frances Parks, Jimmy Lewis, Frances Hurlin, Katherine Takach, Martha Makemson, Evelyn L ' Abbe, Marion Weeks, Janice Borton, Georgia Ruth Work, Margaret Maxwell, Winona Ireland. Page two hundred eighty SPORTSVIEWS Pictures above slww tense moments in Odd-Even hockey and soccer gana ' j rW r 1P GARNET HOCKEY TEAM Left to right: Mitchell, lcin, McGarry. Maxwell, Hurlin, Crist, hnhe, Lewis Barton, Simmons, L ' Abhc, Tahacli. GOLD HOCKEY TEAM Top (left to right): Viertel, Saxon, Makemson, Work, Inland, Harris. Bottom: Lancaster, Weeks. Annin, Snyder, Parks. 4 i 1 1 i I A Ji EVEN SOCCER TEAM Top (left to right): Panoicski, Martin, Sembler, Byrd, Beyer, Beatty, -Jeffries. (HI, Akin, L. Dunne. Faxon. Bottom: Lo ciaro. Bush, Huntley, Athon, Menendes, Levy. ODD SOCCER TEAM Top (left to right) : Bailey, Darix, Stevens, Wright, Nail, DeViae, Lille. Bottom : MacDonald, Royalt, Slone, Daane, Green. SHOTS TAKEN DURING GAMES rage two hundred eighty-one STUDENTS WITHOUT PICTURES Hazel Adkins Lois Alexander Mildred Alexander Eva M Alonso Ellen J. Anderson Margaret P. Anderson Fannie Mae Andrews Margaret Ansley Elizabeth Autrey Dorothy T Bacon Jane Bailey Mary Ellen Bailey Zefra Baker Julia Frances Ballard Mary Barco Elizabeth Barker Dottie Mae Barksdale Mary Doris Baxter Adah C. Bell Elvera Bellon Genevieve G. Blake Marjorie C. Boniske Christine Boone Frances A. Brewer Ruth Brinson Kathleen Brock Elizabeth S. Brown Mary Ethel Brown Sara Elizabeth Bryan Susan Bryant Myrick H. Buchan Myra I. Bulkley June E. Bullard Ellen A. Burrow Nancy Bush Minnie M. Callaway Antoinette Carlisi Marion J. Carson Laura L. Cash Mildred Cawthon Marie R. Certain Virginia Chandler Frances Chason Evelyn Chauncey Sarah E Cheek Bernadette Chesley Dorothy A. Church Evelyn Lucile Clark Helen Clark Mary Stewart Clark Nellie Clark Hazel Clayton Lucille Clendenon Evelyn Collins Mabel Lee Collins Mrs. Mary Nicks Collins Mrs. Elizabeth B. Connor Susie E. Cooksey Mary M. Corbett Ruth Crane Deborah Creighton Martha Crocker Virginia Crump Lucile M. Dale Elise Davis Esther Helen Davis Sarah E. Davis Elizabeth Dawkins Alyce De Coursey H Berenice Deetz Florence E. Devine Mrs. Isabel Devine Lila A. DeVore Dorothy Diffenbaugh Geraldine Dillard Rosa Ann Doub Marie D Douglas aurilla j driggers Mary Frances Dunn Mary Elizabeth Eagle Virginia Earle Virginia Early Frances Ellenberg Ida Mary Ann Engel Carolyn Ervin Marjorie C. Fain Hazel Lucile Farnbach Lucile E Ferguson Alice Fletcher Jo Beth Foreman Alvirda Forester Frances Forth Eva Fowler Evelyn G. Fowler Adielyn French Fox Catherine Louise Fox Grace I Fox Adele Frain Elsie Gaddy Adaline Galphin Estelle Strong Gamble Donna Gardiner Marguerite W. Gehan Almeda Geiger Margaret Gerrell Jean Gilmer Marie Ginn Agnes G. Goss Lucile Gould Eleanor Green Elizabeth Sims Green Mary Green Nye W. Griffiths Jane C. Grubb Sylvia I. Guito Ruth C. Hagstrom Irene Haimovitz Carolyn Hamilton Helen Hammond Lucille Hampton Erma Mae Hanscom Shirley Harkness Veta Harper Lena Mae Harrell Eleanor Louise Harris Zelma Lee Harrison Lucyle Hedge Margaret Henderson Evelyn W Henry Marie Louise Herold Laura D. Hill Mace Banta Hills Edith Marie Hobson Becky Richards Hopkins Lottie Ruth Howard Nina Gladys Howard Lorraine W. Hudson Lollie Belle Hughes Avis Humphrys Edith Ellen Hurst Kate Hutchings Muriel Hutchings Eleanor Louise Jenkins Ellen Alger Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Leona Louise Johnson Margaret C. Johnson Sarah O. Johnson Yvonne S. Johnson Mrs. Eunice E. Johnston Alice Nell Jones Margaret Elizabeth Kader Kathryn Karrick Donna I, Kelly Hazel M. Kimbrell Luella M. King Harriett V. Knapp Clarissa M. Knight Celia E. Kollinger Kathrine G. Kyle Margaret C Lafferty Oca G. Lamb Avaline N. Lancaster Dorothy Lancaster Nellie Land Annabelle Larsen Leah Lasarow Alma Lora Lee Marion Lessey Claradine Le Sueur Martha E. Le Sueur Celia Levy Goldie L. Lewinsky Ermine Lewis Placide Lewis Wan eta Lewis Laura Ley Clara Belle Lipsey Elizabeth Livingston Emilie May Lockwood Anne Elizabeth Long Virginia Long Mary Elizabeth Love Mildred Lovell Ethel L. Ludlam Mauvis Lussier Sunshine Maines Martha Makemson Bessie Malounek anna Markham Mary Eleanor Marshall Mary Elizabeth Marshall Laura Mathis Katherine Maury Margaret Maxwell Mildred McCathern Florita E. McCombs Jane Roberta McCown Mary Elaine McDonald Edna Mae McIntosh Lillian Louise McKay Mary Irene McKay Doris McKenzie Isabel McKinnell Mrs Iris McMullen Rena McMullen Frances McQuarrie Evelyn Meitin Susie Rae Meredith Betty Alice Middleton Virginia Middlebrooks Gertrude Miller Lou Eagerton Miller Mildred Mills Rosa Lee Mills Edna Moon Marian Morissey Verna L. Myers Lottie Neuner Papn two hundred eighty-two STUDENTS WITHOUT PICTURES (Continued) Dorothy E. Norfleet Julia Norfleet Bernice Oliver Gladys Oliver Velma Ooton Pearle M. Overhultz Sarah Ball Palmer Daisy Parker Elsie E. Parker Omera Parker Florence E. Patterson Mary Bruce Patterson Ida Lois Pert Edith Phelps Helen Mar Phillips Florence May Pittman Rosalie B. Powell Cornelia D. Puleston Dorothy E Quarterman Helen Randle Alice Reedy Hazel G Revell Mary Ethel Richardson JlMMIE LOU RlCHBOURG Helen Richey Ernestine Ritter Agnes Rivers Beth Rivers Willeva W Roberts Kathleen Robinson Virginia Rogers Fannye Rosenberg Bethany Routh Justine Rutledge Edith V Sanders Hazel A. Sangster Alice L Sawyer Beedie Scarborough Doris Sals Lillian Shapiro Anna Mae Sharp Helen Shepard Charlotte Shepherd Edna L. Shuler Alicia Sierra Jeannette Simmons Ouita Simon Lurlene Smith Mirabel Smith Dot Standley Marjorie Storter Jacqueline Streng Dorothy Stults Twilah Taylor Vivian Testa Rhodina Thompson LlLLAN TOOKE Doris Trawick Helen Treis Matilda Trott Ada Tully Sarah Turner Sarah Tweed Mildred Tyler Sarah Vann Alice Wahl Anita Walder Sally Walder Eva C Walker Opal Walker Catherine Walters Beulah E. Weekes Eleanor Wells Marie Louise Wesley Alma Lois White Wilma L White Grace E. Wicks Mamie Ruth Wilder Lois Virginia Williams Rosa L. Williams Dorothy Parks Wood Dorothy E. Wright Lucile F. Yates Mary Florence Young Page two hundred eighty-three Appreciation We, the staff of this nineteen hundred and thirty-four Flastacowo, want to take this opportunity to thank the people who have made this volume possible. To Miss Edith West, as chairman of the Faculty Committee on the Flastacowo, and her two cohorts, Miss Richardson and Mrs. Williams, we extend our sincere thanks for their helpful sugges- tions and guidance. To Mr. Bill Wrigley, for taking over our engraving contract when Mr. Dillon walked out on us, Ave extend our appreciation. Mr. Rosenberg, of the Rose Printing Company, lias made every effort to make the printing the best ever, and also to make up for the time lost due to the delayed engraving. We are indeed grateful to Charles Rosenberg for his every assistance. We cannot sing high enough praises to Mr. and Mrs. Adams of Adams Studio, for their excellent photography, and also their willingness to meet in any way our every need. Mr. Pearson, of Wilson Department store, was very generous to lend us the Antique mirrors used in the feature section. Carleen Vinal, Mary Fowler, and Carol Reeves, though not on the annual staff, have been friends in the time of need when the copy had to be written. The Advertisers of this volume have " Done their Part " in the production of this book, and by so doing have showed their support of the college. And lastly the staff wishes the nineteen hundred and thirty-five staff every success. Here ' s to you, Dodo. THE STAFF. Page two hundred eighty-four Advertisements Achievement Rewarded We are proud of our identity as PRINTERS and BINDERS of the 1933 FLASTACOWO which gained national honors. We are confident that the trust placed with us again in this 1934 EDITION will be merited. ROSE PRINTING COMPANY tallah floridc Pagv two hundred eighty-six In Chicago, It ' s the " College Inn " In Tallahassee, It ' s BENNETT ' S " College Inn " PHARMACY ' Drugs, Sundries and Beauty Preparations Elsie Densmore, Or Big Girl On Campus The names of Napoleon, Washington, Caesar, Hannibal, and Nelson will always echo down the corridors of History and the Hall of Fame. The laurel wreath of Victory will always be perched over their brows and generations to come will sing their praises. So it is with our little Elsie, the Big Girl on Campus. Consider her — the acme of feminine ability, the Spirit of Youth ready to meet any problem with grim determination, a noble example of young womanhood prevaded by the proverbial Do or Die spirit, one who is able to view life with all its difficulties with a vision unclouded by astigmatism or cataracts. Elsie came to school for a noble purpose, not to garner fraternity pins or Houseparty bids, but with the purpose to GIVE UNTIL IT HURTS. To serve her Alma Mater always regardless of any obstacles that might arise and mar her efforts. She by sheer dint of hard labor has achieved her avowed PURPOSE and as a result has made herself the personification of all that is worthy and good in womanhood. The world longs to know the secret of little Elsie ' s success and she has con- sented to give out the procedure of her success program for publication. This is very unusual as B. G. 0. C. ' s are usually very reticent about discussing their activities, but since everyone longs to be a B. G. 0. C. and because so few ever ADAM ' S STUDIO Photographs That Please Thotographers for the 1930, ' 31, ' 32, ' 33, ' 34 tylastacowo Thone 2gy Tallahassee, Florida Page tiro hundred eighty-seven c Jjl)e take this opportunity of expressing our appreciation of your patronage T. Is). Isdilson Qompany Established in 1837 claim this distinction it is with a great deal of pleasure and with the knowledge that a great good is being done mankind that Elsie ' s program is hereby printed. Here it comes — Elsie Densmore ' s Success Program: 1. Always be sweet and kind to every college student on campus and to all the professors. 2. Study hard — enough to maintain a C average. 3. Run around with the right group on campus. By Right I mean the quiet, industrious girls. SERVING several thousand meals a day to the same group of people presents many difficult problems. Assured efficiency, quality and variety of cooked food, speed of preparation and service are only a few of the basic prob- lems. The installation of an almost completely electrified kitchen at the college has played an important part in adding to the efficiency, economy and ideal cooking re- sults obtained in this kitchen. General Offices: ST. PETERSBURG, FI A. Corporation Florida State College for Women has one of the most completely electrified kitchens in the south. Local Office: TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Page two hundred eighty-eight WHILE IN JACKSONVILLE ENJOY THE MANY ADDED SERVICES FOR CONVENIENT SHOPPING AT " THE BIG STORE " t3ige s 3» Compliments of A. C. Warren Tampa Coca-Cola Bottling Company 4. Apply yourself diligently to any task assigned you, and always be sure that the results are known by the right people. 5. Be Campus Minded — for after all the Campus is your field of endeavor. With these rules firmly embedded in her mind little Elsie set out and by the proper application of them has established herself along with the Senior play as one of the Institutions on Campus. But she is not the only one Avho has elevated herself to such a pedestal. Others have done the same thing and so, giving everyone his due — NEW WAY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS Quality and S ice Tallah assee Florid; Page two hundred eighty-nine The Ansley Hotel ATLANTA Direction Dinkier Hotels Co., Inc., Carling Dinkier, Pres. c ensore We Nominate for the Hall of Fame Carleen Vinal — because Roosevelt wouldn ' t hold a candle to her Torch. Lady Jane Leuders — for being " Jane " anyway. Ruth Tucker — for no good reason. Sarah Hulsey — for being able to superbly combine domesticity and business. Julia Smith — for gallantly leading the Seniors (Carleen and Lady) down the aisle in Chapel. May we ever follow in the footsteps of ' 34. Fay " Gad About " Sumner — for making Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, and for being an All Around ! Iris " New Policy " Knox — for rescuing from the Lost, Strayed, or Stolen Distaff office one bottle of paste and page 63 of the Spring issue. College Judiciary — for being such competent Flat Feet and acting as our Light Flash Patrol. Scottie " l -2 Quality Point " Rankin — for her diligent scholastic effort. Frances " Tail Feather " Parks — for her ability to act a.s Tarzan and to make people wonder about it. Emily Beatty — for being a big girl on campus. Ellen " 13 Bid " Flemming — for being the pride of Panhellenic. LOCAL GIRL MAKES GOOD Atlanta paper headline. Charlott e Stevens and Caroline Oliver — for being Pavlova ' s Understudies. Doots Williams — for being God ' s gift to education and to the college boys. Dodo Goza — for her ice-cream cone politics. Maggie Kreher and Mary Lou Fox — for their ability to exhibit their dramatic art in evervdav life. Ask for Montag ' s Fashionable Writing Papers Manufactured by Montag Brothers INCORPORATED Atlanta, Georgia New York City c ke College QirVs favorite Shopping Tlace Steyerman s Shop Style l ' nye two hundred ninety Best Wishes to the Class of 1934! Again a Moiloy-Made cover is used on the FLASTACOWO 1934. Year after year Molloy-Made covers embody that extra measure of quality that guarantees staffs all over the country the ultimate in appearance and durability. 1935 staffs can make a fine start by specifying " Molloy. " The David J. Molloy Plant 2857 North Western Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Kaye Gardner — for vacationing at Tallahassee this year. Eva Byrd — for being an Advocate of the Great Out-of-Doors. Campfire girl, so to speak. Joy Makenson and Jennie Rae Nail — for leading the big secret organization on campus — the Y. W. C. A. Martha Menendez — for her performance in " Little Women. " Ruth Butler — for being so well versed in all subjects. Tobiah Lovitz — for leading the Greeks. Becky Price — for being able to house the 76 Kappa Delta ' s without having to endow a new dormitory. Hotel Floridan 150 IZgoms Suroi ean Plaru Excellent ' Dining r RQom x=x Hotel Floridan Co., Inc., Lessees J. B. IfOaddill, ' President ]. c . Smith, Jr., Manager Page two hundred ninety-one MAE ' S SHOP " Style (Renter of the South ' ' Lewis Bank Building Phone 78 Beauty Shop in Connection PHONE 21G SUPERIOR DRY CLEANEES AND DYERS SUPERIOR SERVICE SELLS CLEANING 308 V_- S. MONROE ST. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Prannie Hurl n — for her dignified anc cl la rming ap] •earanee s moothered in baby talk. BetCj - Bailev md Claire Redfield— -foi being able to stay fort y miles away from the r ght stale institution. The Birthday Party Crowd — for th a ir attempted demoralizing effect on the Dining Hall. Helenmary P r itsch — for her sweet (lisp " sition. Ho pe it can last through next year. Jimn iv Lewis and Betty Bradford — f or their ability to conduct Abnormal Psv- chol gy Class. The Lewis State Tallahassee, Florida Bar ) ,k Florida ' s Oldest Bank Began Business in 1856 Invites Your Account Resources Over $3,000,00C rage two hundred ninety-two Our Eleventh Annual Expression of Appreciation to the Student Body and Faculty for Their Faith- fulness and Confidence in this Shop " • VOGUE . Ilariassee, Florida feminine wearables bit " e feow " his Space Reserved for the W Tallahassee tyirms ' Who T)id Mgt cAdvertise In he tylastacowo " oMeow " % rage two hundred ninety -tUrcG Dr. Fred O. Conrad DENTIST 18-20 CENTENNIAL BLDG. PHONE 631 TALLAHASSEE. FLA. B. K. ROBERTS Attorney and Counsellor at Law Suite 304. Exchange Bank Building Tallahassee, Florida Phone 668 w. E. Van Brunt, D. D. s. telephone building TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Dr. A. J. Ott 302 EXCHANGE BANK BUILDING TALLAHASSEE. FLA. Wm. J. Oven ATTORNEY AT LAW TALLAHASSEE. FLA. JAMES MESSER, JR. WM. J. OVEN. JR EXCHANGE BANK BLDG COMPLIMENTS WASH TUBS W. R. MCCOL LUM, D. D. S. 402 EXCHANGE BANK BUILDING TALLAHASSEE, FLA. COMPLIMENTS OF Wm. c. Hodges Page two hundred nhirttj-joiir The STATE and RITZ THEATRES TALKING PICTURES AT THEIR BEST TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Knight Brothers Paper Company Jacksonville, Florida Tampa Miami Orlando Atlanta Florida Florida Florida Georgia ii cA (r Paper for Svery ' Turpose " Page two hundred ninety-five DrinJi cm In Sterilized pottles 0 =r 0 Fallahassee Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Jacksonville Paper Company IMPORTERS— WHOLESALERS— MANUFACTURERS Printing PAPER trapping 808 WEST BAY STREET PHONE 5-0350 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA BRANCHES TAMPA MIAMI ORLANDO MOBILE PENSACOLA ST. PETERSBURG WEST PALM BEACH Page two hundred ninety-six. ■ QHHi Mi TNL, t PDUP DP PA X QPItP-PUPLLD TD TPD . BLtNDErD TD DLE-P AND LLtAP,QAPPPD . ■ TUtyt PLAdv Nt PDULR an TAftDL-D QLUL- Lftin DN-VUITt PLDGIDA DDP Nt

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