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' v: • ■ ' • ' Sift pjpir-.r-jr.ir-ir-ir-ir-ir.ir.i -j ■1 ' -: ' y ' -6- -■■: ' ■ ' ' 8 I 1 ■ 1 H ■ i ■ ■ PHI ».... « ■ , . ■ ■ ■ Ml ■ m ■ •{ wIshHb " ' o " , •• i COPYRIGHT 1932 BY Helen Gray, Editor AND Vivian Broward, Business Manager «vy»B uiwittiwiiaiwiuiiai(uiu» wu»Miuiui.u.iui w sfflM taaa; LASTACOWO m THE 1932 FLASTACOWO PUBLISHED BY THE JUNIOR CLASS OF THE FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Tallahassee, Florida Volume XIX ( £ ? rarararararaJra m 13 % m Greek gods revered in ages past by mortal men demand herein our reverence. They point the way to memories. Zeus hurling thunder- bolts, Athene springing from his brow, Pari frolicking on the sivard, Artemis running swift and sure, all lead us to the days that arc no more. □ rarararasifflra □ CONTENTS College Faculty Classes Superlatives Organizations Features Greeks Sports Advert isements m u Un Lf ILa JJJL5J15J Because we wish to show our appreciation for her loyalty, co-operation, and her rare good fellowship, we dedicate this book to €W ) (Uoobftn flUcst HMiS S M 51 S s M _ 5 " iCFj 5 " 5 a - - " ■ 111 J Edward Conradi President of the Florida State College for Woim n SB Charlotte M. Beckham Dean of Students Arthur Williams Vice-President of the Florida State College for Women John G. Kellum Business Manage)- Elmer Riggs Smith Secretary of the Faculty IB ■ . IS ' §s 2S gift Elizabeth Gordon Andrews Director of Personnel Simeon Robert Doyle Registrar " SB IS SB SB i£ i William George Dodd A.B., Bethany Collegre; A.M., Harvard; Ph.D., Harvard Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Head of the Department of English The College of Arts and Sciences offers courses to give that traditionally cultured background that is designed to promote the further seeking of the higher things of life. It furnishes an oppor- tunity to secure the wider general training that is essential to the more abundant social and professional leadership which should be held by college trained women. The English Department has for its aims, to develop in students clear thinking and effective expression thru speaking and writing; to familiarize them with the cultural and spiritual ideals of English speaking peoples thru the study of our literature; and to foster in them the appreciation of beauty thru the study and practice of the arts of poetry and the drama. The instructors in the Department are: Professor Eleanor Bryce Scott, M.A., Ph.D.; Professor Wil- liam Hudson Rogers, M.A., Ph.D.; Professor Guy Linton Diffen- baugh, M.A., Ph.D.; Associate Professor Rowena Longmire, M.A.; Associate Professor Hazel Allison Stevenson, M.A., Ph.D.; Assis- tant Professor Mildred Fay Henry, M.A.; Miss Esther Smith, M.A.; Miss Mary Helen McKean, M.A.; Miss Sarah Herndon, M.A.; Miss Ruth Nolan Taylor, M.A.; Miss Lou E. W. Miller, A.B., B.S. NATHANIEL MOSS SALLEY A.B. Wofford; Graduate Work at U. of Chicago, U. of Wisconsin, and Columbia. Dean of the School of Education Head of the Department of Education The School of Education is the division devoted to education of teachers. In the four-year curriculum a student concentrates in professional work, education, and psychology and has a distributive concentration in tho several subjects which she wishes to teach. The Department of Education is responsible for giving such courses of study as will best prepare kindergarten, primary, ele- mentary school, junior high school, senior high school teachers, and supervisors for the various duties that will confront them. The department purposes to give such professional training as will enable students to use to greatest advantage in the profession of education all their tiaining and experience. The instructors in the department are: Professor Mark H. DeGraff, M.A., Ph.D.; Pro- fessor Ralph Lee Eyman, Ed.D. ; Professor James Garfield Stevens, Ph.D.; Associate Professor Marion Jewell Hay, M.A., Ph.D.; Asso- ciate Professor David H. Briggs, M.A., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Rachel Elizabeth Gregg, M.A.; Assistant Professor Ellen Grace Greenwood, M.A.; Assistant Professor Maud Schwalmeyer; Assistant Professor Elma Williams B.S.; Miss Nita Katherine Pyburn, M.A.; Miss Bernice Moore Champ, M.A.; Associate Professor Rudisill, M.A., Ph.D. Ealy, Mabel mg£ Margaret Rector Sandels B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Columbia Dean of the School of Home Economics Head of the Department of Home Economics The training of teachers of home economics is one of the func- tions of this school, but the profession of home-making is the most important occupation for which the school prepares its graduates. The Courses dealing with the economic and social problems of the home, the care and welfare of children, and the feeding and clothing of the family are all of direct interest and value to the prospective home-maker. The instructors in the department are: Professor Jennie Tilt, Ph.D.; Associate Professor Anna May Tracy, Ph.D.; Associate Professor Laura Veach Clark, M.A.; Associate Professor Henrietta Ruth Sivyer, M.A.; Assistant Professor Leila Venable, M.A.; As- sistant Professor Cecelia Schuck, M.S.; Miss Genevieve Crawford, M.S.; Miss Grace Elliot Baker, M.S.; Associate Professor Ruth Connor, M.A., Ph.D. r... i. Ella Scoble Opperman M.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; Pupil of Jedlicka in Berlin; Pupil of Moszkowski and Guilmant in Paris. -« B.M.; Miss Dean of the School of Music Head of the Department of Music The School of Music offers courses in piano, voice, organ, violin, cello, public school music, and composition. It is successfully pre- paring its graduates for vocational service in these same fields. It is reaching a still larger group in its impress upon the students of the other schools by assisting them to self-expres sion thru individual instruction and by group work in glee club, orchestra and assembly. Through appreciation of music courses and con- certs it is teaching the power to understand and enjoy the universal language, a part of man ' s being in all walks of life. The instruc- tors in the department are: Associate Professor Etta Lucile Rob- ertson; Associate Professor Walter Ruel Cowles, A.B., Mus.B.; Assistant Professor Margaret Whitney Daw, A.B., B.M., A.A.G.O.: Assistant Professor George Wade Ferguson; Assistant Professor Anna Mae Sharp, B.M.; Assistant Professor Zadie Lillian Phipps, B.M.; Miss Mona Alderman, A.M., B.M.; Miss Nevora Bergman, B.M.; Miss Edith Mary Cotton, A.E.; Miss Ada Melissa Knight, B.M.; Miss Gladys Olive Koch, A.B.; Miss Mary Emily Reeder, Miss Lorene Riley; Mrs. Gladys Storrs Proctor, B.M.; Assistant Professor Owen Frink Sellers; Adelaide Margaret Lee, B.M., F.A.G.O. m ®m r e; Associate Professor Beatrice Beyer Williams Head of the Department of Art The general foundation offered art students includes courses in drawing, perspective, mechanical drawing, design, lettering, and the history of art. Advanced work may be grouped under these general heads: design, interior decoration, stage craft, painting, composition, figure sketching, and com- mercial di awing, and a course for training teachers. The instructors in the Department are: Assistant Professor Marjorie H. Balchelder Makielski, B.A.E.; Miss Helen A. Thrush, M.A.; Miss Eleanor Sheldon. Professor Alban Stewart, M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Bacteriology Bacteriology was introduced at Floiida State College for Women about fifteen years ago as an appendage to Botany. When it was started it was not expected that it would ever be more than an appendage to supply the needs of the majors in Home Economics and a few other girls who elected the course. As time went en more and more interest was shown in the subject, so that nine years ago the present course in General Bacteriology was established to meet the needs of the average student more nearly than did the more specialized course which they had been taking. At present two people are employed full time in the teaching of Bacteriology. The other instructor is Miss Elizabeth Griffmg, M.S. Professor Herman Kurz, M.S., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Botany The various courses in Botany deal with plant reactions, anatomy, identi- fication, life histories and so on. As in other biological sciences oppor- tunity is given to discover or verify facts of life as shown by plants. Botanical work therefore offers training in the scientific method of approach as applied to animate things. Since plants take such an important place in our surroundings the cultural and practical value of " Botany " must be and is made apparent. It will be seen that work in Botany is something more than a mere exultation about flowers. The other instructor in the Department is Miss Ruth Schornherst, M.S. Professor Leland Judson Lewis, M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Chemistry The Department of Chemistry offers courses in general, analytical, or- ganic, and physical Chemistry. A study is made of the most outstanding contributors to the chemical science, both those of recent and past time. There are offered A o g: aduate courses leading to the master ' s degree. The instructors in the Department are: Professor Beulah Dorothea Wes- terman, M.S., Ph.D.; Miss Isabel McKinnell, M.S.; Miss Gertrude Vermil- lion, M.A. Professor Josiah Bethea Game, Ph.D., Litt.D. Head of the Department of Classics and General Literature The Department of Classics and General Literature includes all the courses offered by the College in the Latin language and literature, the Greek language and literature, in general or comparative literature, and in archaeology. The instructors in the Department are: Associate Pro- fessor Olivia Nelson Dorman, M.A., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Edith Wood- fin West, M. A.; Assistant Professor Frances Adeline Thelemann, M.A., Ph.D. • Professor Beulah B. Briley, M.S., M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Economics and Commerce The Department of Economics and Commerce endeavors to train stu- dents to enter the fields of active business and business research. Since the individual in either of these fields will find herself working with others of varied training, and in organizations that are related to all other activi- ties of life, emphasis is placed upon cultural as well as technical training. The instructors in the Department are: Assistant Professor Lucille Mary Richey, B.C., C.P.A.; Assistant Professor Sadie Gertrude Young, M.A.; Mrs. Lucile Girder Bass. Associate Professor Henry Floyd Becker, M.A. Head of the Department of Geography The function of Geography is to examine and interpret the adjustments which groups of people have made to the combinations of natural environ- mental conditions which exist in the regions in which they live; to explain why men use the land and its resources as they do; to study the oppor- tunities and handicaps for utilization by man of unit regions throughout the world. The instructors in the Department are: Miss Gladys Fawley, M.S.; Miss Marguerite Adrienne Taylor, Ph.D. Professor Kathryn Trimmer Abbey, M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of History Two objects are sought by the Department of History. In the first place, a general survey of European civilization is provided which may serve as a tool for other fields of knowledge. In the second place, under a staff rich in study and experience, opportunity is given for a more complete tracing of the rise of human society through its efforts and achievements. The instructors in the Department are: Professor Arthur Williams, M.A.; Professor Robert Spencer Cotterill, M.A., Ph.D.; Associate Professor Venila Lovina Shores, M.A., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Annie Marie Therese Popper, M.A., Ph.D.; Miss Alice Margaret Christensen, M.A. j l@ l m Miss Edith Paula Mols, M.D. Head of the Department of Hygiene The Department of Hygiene instructs students in matters of personal and public health that will aid them to live a more hygienic life in college and community. A comprehensive course in First Aid is also included. Assistant Professor Emily Pitman Wilburn, B.L. Head of the Department of Industrial Arts The Industrial Arts Department offers to students preparing to teach courses which will enable them to enrich their professional educational work thru the knowledge and skill gained. Pottery, modelling, small sculpture, weaving, metalcraft, leatherwork, and other minor arts are taught. The instructors in the Department are: Miss Hazel Deetz, B.S.; Miss Lutie Westcott, A.B.; Miss Sallie Williams, B.S.; Miss Oceana Hop- kins Hashagen. Assistant Professor Earl Lynn Vance, M.A. Head of the Department of Journalism Courses in Journalism are designed to provide a background for a writing career, to give an intelligent understanding of the contemporary scene, or, for the student whose chief interest lies in other fields, to give a command of the language which will be found generally useful. Miss Louise Richardson, M.A. Head of the Department of Library Science From one course, given for the first time in 1925, has evolved the Depart- ment of Library Science, organized and maintained solely for the purpose of training librarians for small high schools. The department offers seven courses in the regular session and twelve in the Summer School. Enroll- ment is limited to twenty-five. Faculty, equipment and laboratory space conform to standards of the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States. Ihe other instiuctor in the Department is Miss Etta Lane Matthews, A.B. )M£} Professor Elmer Riggs Smith, M.A. Head of the Department of Mathematics The Department of Mathematics has two purposes. Its intention is primarily to give to students an adequate understanding of the funda- mental mathematical truths and secondarily to develop logical application to problems in books and in life as well as speed and accuracy. The instructors in the Department are : Assistant Professor Olga Larson, M.A.; Miss Edith Elizabeth Lynn, M.A. Professor Arthur Romeyn Seymour, M.L., Ph.D., Litt.D. Head of the Department of Modern Languages The Department of Modern Languages aims to develop in students some facility in speaking and writing foreign languages. Courses in literature dealing with outstanding authors and literary movements afford an ac- quaintance with the intellectual life of France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. The life and customs of these countries are presented. The instructors ai ' e : Professor Edmund Gage, M.A.; Associate Professor John R. Shulters, M.A., Ph.D.; Associate Professor Helen Phipps, M.A., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Myrtle Elizabeth Dolbee, M.A., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Lucy Lester, M.A.; Mrs. Ada Patrick Allen, M.A.; Miss Mildred Finnegan, M.A.; Mrs. Wilma Waggoner Mayo; Mile. Madeline Postaire. A.B.; Mrs. Dorothy Reeves Breen, M.A. Professor Anna Forbes Liddell, Ph.D. Head of the Department of Philosophy The purpose of the courses in Philosophy is to enable students to under- stand the best answers that mankind has given to the problems of reality, truth, goodness, and beauty. Above all, the study of Philosophy should develop a tolerance of mind and the ability to apply knowledge to the problem of living intelligently. Professor Mabel Wilson Smart, M.A., Ph.D., is temporary head of the Department during Dr. Liddell ' s absence. - » ' . Miss Katherine Williams Montgomery, M.A. Head of the Department of Physical Education The purpose of the Physical Education Department is " education through the physical " rather than " education of the physical. " The program offered to students maintains health and physical fitness. Through the major coui ' se leaders are skilled in the organization and administration of physical edu- cation in elementary and secondary schools and in other fields of recreation. The instructors in the Department are: Miss Marjorie Mayer, M.A. ; Miss Helen Haggerty, M.A.; Miss Josephine Morrison, B.S.; Miss Dorothy White, B.S.; Miss Mildred Stewart, B.S.; Miss Helen Louise Van Pelt, B.S.; Miss Kathleen Callahan, A.B. Professor Harold Frederick Richards, M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy The Department of Physics offers a full program of undergraduate work. Subjects emphasized in the more advanced courses include elec- tricity, light, heat, mechanics, radio, X-rays, radioactivity, photoelectricity, and the mathematical theory of physics. The department is well equipped for lecture demonstrations and for individual work in the laboratories. The equipment includes a splendid 5% -inch refracting telescope mounted to serve as an " observatory on wheels " which can be rolled to open places on the campus for astronomical observations. Miss Edith Elizabeth Lynn, M.A., is instructor in the Department. Associate Professor Viola Graham, M.A., M.S., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Physiology The courses in Physiology deal with the basic facts as applied to physical activity, human anatomy, and a survey of current journals for recent re- search. The course in human physiology, although required by the Physical Education and Home Economic Departments, is a comprehensive scientific study of general interest for students of any group. Professor Bessie Carter Randolph, M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Political Science It is the purpose of the Department of Political Science to instruct students in the organization and functions of the state, to train them in the scientific approach to governmental affairs, and to assist them in their efforts to participate with understanding and with sacrifice in the duties of citizenship and public service in a democratic world. Professor Paul Frederick Finner, M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Psychology The Department of Psychology exists to the end that the knowledge of human life won in the laboratories during a century may live and bear fruit among our people. It labors in the service of the State in the firm belief that as the issues of life are made intelligible, life is enobled, freed, and made effective for greater purposes. The Instructors in the Department are: Associate Professor Christian Paul Heinlein, Ph.D.; Associate Professor Hugh Lee Waskom, M.A.. Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Edith Mildred Burlingame, M.A., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Julia Heil Heinlein, M.A., Ph.D.; Dr. Elizabeth Andrews, Ph.D. Professor Arthur Williams, M.A. Head of the Department of Religions Education The aim of the Department of Religious Education is to offer to students the opportunity to know the great religions of the world, to understand the Bible, to study the life and teaching of the Christ, to give the Christian religion a deeper meaning, and to give students a broader conception of God. Professor Joseph Bethea Game, Ph.D., Litt.D., is also an instructor in the Department. Professor Raymond Bellamy, M.A., Ph.D. Head of the Department of Sociology The Department of Sociology is organized to serve a dual purpose. A program of courses is offered which is intended to give a cultural influence and furnish the fundamental understanding of group life which results in better citizenship. A second program of courses introduces the students to the principles of social welfare work. The instructors in the Department are: Associate Professor Coyle Ellis Moore, M.S., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor Elinor Nims, Ph.D. -« Associate Professor Mary Hollingsworth Buford, A.B. Head of the Speech Department The aim of the Speech Department is to give training to those planning for work on the public platform as readers or lecturers, to students working to prepare for the teaching of speech, to those preparing for business life, and for purely cultural ends. The Instructors in the Department are: Miss Alethea Smith, A.B.; Miss Lula Margaret Wyly; Miss Kemper Moore, A.B.; Miss Sara Elizabeth Thomson, A.B. Professor Lanas Spurgeon Barber, M.A. Head of the Department of Zoology The aim of the Zoology Department is to invite interest in the various phases of animal life, to give training in obtaining first hand information to students preparing for medicine, teaching, or as part of a general edu- cation. Chief emphasis is placed on freshman courses and the advanced courses in ornithology, comparative vertebrate zoology, parasitology, and embryology. The other instructors in the Department are: Assistant Pro- fessor Ezda May Deviney, M.S.; Miss Bernice Harper, M.S. DOROTHY ELIZABETH HICKS President Tampa, Florida B. S. in Education A I A, A X A Class President (4), Treasurer (3), Vice-President (1) ; Freshman Cabinet ; Florida Inter-Collegiate Press Associa- tion President (4), Vice-President (3) ; News Editor Flam- beau i2 i ; Assistant Editor Flastacowo (2) ; Representative to Senate (21 ; President AXA (4) ; Soccer: Class (1, 2, 3), Even (1, 2, 3), Varsity (1, 2, 3) ; Basketball: Class (1, 2, 3, 41, Even (2, 3, 4), Varsity (2, 4): Baseball: Class (1, 2, 3), Even (2, 3), Varsity (3) ; President " F " Club (4) ; Col- lege Emblem in Athletics ; Esteren. MARGARET CRAWFORD MURPHY Vice President Charleston, South Carolina A. B. in Modern Languages A Z. A O Freshman Commission ; Class Representative to Senate |2) : Pan Hellenic Council (2, 3 I ; Chairman Usher Com- mittee (3) ; Chairman Junior-Senior Banquet (3) : Chair- man Social Committee (4); Vice-President Class (4); Esteren. ADALINE CLOUGH Secretary Baltimore. Maryland B. S. in Education HBO Freshman Commission: Hockey: Class (1, 2, 3, 4), Even (3), Varsity (31 ; Class Basketball (3) ; " F " Club; Physical Education Association ; Life Saving Corps ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee 13, 4); Flastacowo Staff (3); Class Secretary (4) ; Senior Representative to Judiciary ; Senate (4) ; German Club (2, 3), President (3) ; Fealty (1, 2, 8) : Even Demonstration (4) ; Classical Club (ll : Esteren. MARY ELIZABETH KROME Treasurer Homestead, Florida A. B. K A 0. AXA Mortar Board : Freshman Commission : Y. W. C. A. : Treasurer (2), World Friendship Chairman (3), Program Chairman (4), Delegate to Blue Ridge Conference (2), Member Southern Inter-Racial Committee (3, 4); Flam- beau: Assistant Advertising Manager (2), Advertising Manager (3) : Hockey: Class (1, 2, 3, 4), Even ll, 2, 3), Varsity (3 I : Class Volley Ball (4) ; Class Baseball (1, 2) ; " F " Club: German Club; Even Demonstration (4) ; Class Treasurer (4) ; Esteren. MARY REBECCA LOVE Parliamentarian Delray Beach, Florida A. B. in Education t M. K A n Transferred from Southern College, Lakeland, Florida (3) : Treasurer Kappa Delta Pi (4) ; Class Parliamen- tarian (4). HELEN CLARA GEFFCKEN Athletic Manager Jacksonville, Florida B. S. in Education Volley Ball: Class (1, 2, 3, 4), Even (1. 2, 3, 4i, Varsity (4), Captain Even Team (2, 3, 4) ; Soccer: Class and Even 11. 2, 31, Varsity (3) ; Track (2, 3, 4) ; Tennis (2, 3, 4) ; Singles Class Champion (3) ; Baseball: Class (2, 3), Even 1 2, 3), Varsity 12); Class Swimming (3): Class Athletic Manager |4) ; " F " Club; Life Saving Corps; Torch Night (2) : Athletic Board (41. BARBARA AINSWORTH Tallahassee, Florida A. B. in Education A A n NAN MARTIN ALLAN Ft. Lauderdale, Florida A. B. T5L qm QUI a Su iuj HI ei s EL ru ru E inD S D! S s n imJ C raj JH7J ' ' i ELIZABETH RAE ANDERSON Bradenton, Florida A. B. in Classics HZ . B n e Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Leader (3, 4 I ; Vice-President HI (4). JANE SULLIVAN ANDERSON Gainesville, Florida A. B. K A ROBERTA LESTER ANSON Pensacola, Florida A. B. A Z. B n J Usher Committee (3) ; Senate (4) ; Pan Hellenic (4). OLLIE ARANT Milton. Florida B. S. in Education 4-H Club (1, 2, 3). Secretary (3) : Local Geography Club (3) ; Student Assistant Librarian (2). DOROTHY PRISCILLA ARCHER Key West, Florida B. S. in Education Basketball: Class and Even (1, 2, 3, 4), Varsity (3, 4) ; Hockey: Class and Even (1, 2, 3, 4), Varsity (2, 3) : Swim- ming: Class and Even (1, 2, 3), Varsity (2); Baseball: Class and Even (1, 2, 3), Varsity (2) ; " F " Club; Freshman Commission; Sports Editor Flastacowo (3l; Health Com- mittee (3) ; Orchesis : Senate (3, 4) ; House Chairman (4 1 ; College Emblem in Athletics. EMILY LUCY ATKINS Jacksonville, Florida A. B. in Education III Classical Club. BETTY K. BAILEY Port Riehey, Florida A. B. in Education DOTTIE MAE BARKSDALE Tavares, Florida B. S. in Home Economics " 3 MARY EDNA BELL Quincv, Florida A. B. n b o Transferred from Converse College, Spartanburg, South Carolina; Torch Night (3) : Fealty (3). ALICE LOUISE BEST Bradenton. Florida A. B. in Education ATA Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4) : Fealty ill ; Even Demon- stration i2i : Junior Minstrel (3). CLARA NELL BETTS Winter Garden, Florida A. B. X n MARGARET VELMA BIGGS Barberville, Florida B. S. in Home Economics DOROTHY BINGER Tallahassee. Florida A. B. in English : Certificate in Speech Odd Demonstration (3); Script for Odd Demonstration i 3 i ; Script for May Day (2) . ANNA BLATTNER Jacksonville. Florida B. S. in Home Economics ESTHER MAY BOND Sarasota. Florida B. S. in Chemistry " F " Club: Class and Even Volley Ball 1 1. 2) ; Hockey Class (2. 31. Even and Varsity i3». VIVIANE BOONE Bowling Green, Florida A. B. in Education |S m py [M S nu TiLl nu fnu : -_ -- [y 3 1 c D M HL p [jy SD P 2 nJ :z ELIZABETH CHARLOTTE BRIESE Pensaeola, Florida A. B. in Education HZ Treasurer HZ0 (4) ; Classical Club Leader (3, 4). CYNTHIA ANNE BROSNAHAN Pensaeola, Florida A. B. in Latin K A Freshman Commission ; Social Committee (2) ; Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Torch Night (1. 2) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2). VIRGINIA BURFORD Tampa, Florida A. B. in Art ATA Chairman May Day (2) ; Art Editor Flastacowo 12, 31 ; Chairman Fealty (3) ; Junior Minstrel (3) ; Usher Com- mittee (3) ; Class Hockey (1, 2, 3) ; Class Basketball (4) ; Torch Night (2, 3, 4) ; Chairman New Organizations Com- mittee (4) ; Senate (4). INEZ BURROUGHS Arcadia, Florida A. B. in Commerce LILLIAN MAXINE BUSSEY Fort Myers, Florida A. B. KATHRYN BYERS St. Petersburg, Florida A. B. a o n Transferred from North Carolina College for Women. DORA LOUISE BYRONS Pomona, Florida B. S. in Education A X A Feature Editor Flambeau (4), Reporter (3) ; " F " Club; Hockey: Class and Even (3), Varsity (3) ; Putnam County Scholarship. MADGE CADWELL Bartow, Florida B. S. in Nursing i QUI m HELEN CALDWELL Bradenton, Florida A. B. in French Z K Torch Night (2} ; Script for Even Demonstration (2, 3) ; Chairman for Even Demonstration (3) ; Advertising Manager Flastacowo (3). SHIRLEY RUTH CALDWELL Riverview, Florida B. S. in Home Economics OBI Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Campus Health Com- mittee (3). ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Bradenton, Florida A. B. in History X n DOROTHY MAY CAPPLEMAN Jacksonville, Florida B. S. in Home Economics ZT A IMOGENE CARMICHAEL West Palm Beach, Florida A. B. x n. o b DOROTHY CAWTHON DeFuniak Springs, Florida B. S. in Education I K ELLEN JANET CHAPLINE Tallahassee, Florida A. B. GLADYS THERESA CHAPMAN Tampa, Florida B. S. in Home Economics Transferred from State Teachers ' College, Buffalo, New York. Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). 1 a n D E± n ijul p 3 j irS Zl pui m. p p a HL rjy s D a [1U D CHARLOTTE BONITA CHASE Miami, Florida A. B. in English Y. A X A Business Manager Distaff (41; Finance Committee Y. W. C. A. (2, 3) : Torch Night (1) : Flambeau Staff (2. 3. 4 I ; Classical Club (4). MARY RUTH CLARK Quincy, Florida A. B. AHA DOROTHY ALICE CLARKE Clearwater. Florida A. B. in Commerce B t A DASIBEL MEGGETT CLEMENT Ocala, Florida A. B. in Education t M Glee Club (2) ; Library Committee (2) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3) : Point Committee (3). CAROLINE COCKRELL Gainesville, Florida A. B. x n MILDRED JUANITA COKER Lakeland, Florida B. S. in Education Treasurer Y. W. C. A. (3); " F " Club; Soccer Varsity (1. 2) ; Class Volley Ball (3) ; Odd Swimming Team (1. 2 ' ; Mimesis ; Senate (2, 3), Lower Court (3), House Chairman (3) ; Life Saving Corps; Health Committee (2) : Odd Dem- onstration (1, 2, 31; Torch Night (2, 3); Delegate to International Student Service Convention, Mt. Holyoke (3). MARY LINDA COLLOT Miami, Florida B. S. in Home Economics Glee Club (2, 3, 4) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). SARA ROWLETT CONE White Springs, Florida A. B. in Education X ii Classical Club 111 ; Freshman Commission; Torch Night I 2. 3 l ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3 I ; May Day (2). ;L " nu a s MARY ELLEN CONNELL Inverness, Florida B. S. in Home Economics Z T A SYBIL CORBETT Jasper, Florida B. S. Z T A 1 a ELIZABETH CRAIG Jacksonville. Florida B. S. in Education 0 M Orchestra ill. S MARY BELL CRENSHAW Coleman, Florida B. S. Transferred from Bessie Tift College (3). MARGARET KATHERINE CRUISE Miami, Florida B. S. in Education Y SARA LOUISE DEESE Graceville. Florida B. S. AHA Member American Guild of Organists. iE S BTL FRANCES RUTH DENHAM Sarasota, Florida A. B. in Education JULIA CHRISTIAN DICKINSON Lakeland. Florida A. B. in History K A Torch Night ( 1. 2 1 : Pan Hellenic Council (3, 4). pj m e C 1L | 1 py M g el QUI [fllJ s rJ LLU r=Tl I I r BJ 0 DOROTHY WYVERN DIDINGER Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B. S. in Physical Education Z Z Z Basketball: Class (1, 2, 3, 4), Even (1, 2, 3, 41, Varsity (2. 4) ; Soccer: Class and Even (1, 2, 3, 4) : Class Baseball (2, 3, 41 : Class Swimming (2, 3, 4), Even and Varsity (2, 3) ; Life Saving: Corps: Torch Night (3, 4) ; May Day (3) ; Track |2, 3, 4) ; " F " Club. MARIE GUYTON DOLIGHT1E Marianna, Florida A. B. in Education x n ELEANOR LEWIS DOUTHAT DeLand, Florida A. B. AAA Pan Hellenic Council (4). MARJORIE ELIZABETH DRIVER Tampa, Florida B. S. in Education EVELYN MERCER EDENFIELD Lakeland, Florida B. S. in Education Orchesis ; Representative at Large Athletic Association (4) ; Life Saving Corps; Campus Health Committee (3) ; Class: Volley Ball (2, 3, 4), Swimming (2), Track (2), Baseball (2), Hockey (2, 3, 4) ; Even Hockey (2, 3) ; Fealty (3); May Day (3); Even Demonstration (3, 4); Torch Night (3) ; Glee Club (3) ; Class Athletic Manager (3) ; " F " Club. BEULAH E. FELTS Bradenton, Florida B. S. in Home Economics President 4-H Club (4) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3. 4 I ; Delegate to International 4-H Leaders Training School (3). ADELAIDE FERNANDEZ Tampa, Florida A. B. in Commerce » B Z MARGARET F. FIELDS Panama City, Florida B. S. in Home Economics EFFIE A. FLOYD Elkton, Florida A. B. in Education Freshman Commission ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3) ; Fealty (3) ; 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; House Chairman (4); Chairman Lower Court (4); Judiciary (4); Senate (4) ; Campus Social Committee (4). LEONA VIVIAN FOWLER Lake Butler, Florida A. B. in Education :u RHEA L. FRENTRESS Highland City, Florida A. B. in Education n 3 n MILDRED FRIERSON Plant City, Florida A. B. in Education K A n MARGARET GAILLIARD Jacksonville, Florida A. B. X JJ, H 1 President C. G. A. (4) : Mortar Board ; Delegate to N. S. F. A. (4); President Class (3); Treasurer Athletic As- sociation (3) ; Junior Minstrel (3) ; Sophomore Representa- tive to Judiciary (2): Class Secretary (2); Advertising Manager Flastacowo (2) ; Hockey: Class (1, 2), Even (1) : Freshman Commission ; Esteren ; Delegate to S. I. A. S. G. (3, 4) ; Delegate to N. S. F. A. (4). GRACE GANNON Tampa, Florida A. B. X n s MARION ELIZABETH GARDINER Jacksonville, Florida A. B. B Z, A X A Class Treasurer (1, 2) ; Freshman Cabinet; Flastacowo: Assistant Business Manager (2), Business Manager (3): Torch Night (2) : May Day (2) ; Junior Representative to Judiciary (3) ; Chairman of Judiciary (4) ; Even Demon- stration (4) ; Senior Play (4) ; Mortar Board: Delegate to N. S. F. A (3) ; Delegate to S. I. A. S. G. (3) : Delegate to W. I. A. S. G. (4L FRANCES ROSANNA GARY Ocala, Florida A. B. in Art ATA Torch Night (1) : Fealty (3) : Swimming Meet (1, 2). riD r " f ■m s Sd p M s a e JULIA ALICE GEHAN Tallahassee, Florida B. S. in Home Economics A O n SARA CLAUDIA GETZEN Newberry, Florida B. S. in Nursing Glee Club (2) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2, 3( RUTH GLASSER West Palm Beach, Florida A. B. in Languages A t E. B 1. B n German Club (3, 4) ; LeCercle Francais (1) : Pan Hel- lenic Council (2). ETTA LEE GORE Tampa, Florida A. B. in Education ELOISE CARROLL GOZA Clearwater, Florida A. B. in Commerce A A Freshman Cabinet; Fealty (3). EVA MAE GREEN Plant City, Florida B. S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) NANNIE MARSHALL GRIFFIN Tampa, Florida A. B. in Economics Z T A Treasurer C. G. A. (4) ; Judiciary (4) ; Senate (1, 2, 3, 4); Class and Even Soccer (3); Class Parliamentarian (2. 3) : Torch Night (1, 2, 3) ; Even Demonstration (2) ; Freshman Commission ; Esteren. MARY ISABELL HAINES Daytona Beach, Florida A. B. Torch Night (4) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (4). pLO p MARY HALE Gainesville, Florida A. B. in Education X n MARY THELMA HALL Bradenton, Florida A. B. in Education ANNETTA LOUISE HAMILTON Jacksonville, Florida B. M. in Public School Music Y Freshman Commission; Torch Night (2); Fealty ll. 3 I : May Day (1, 2 : Glee Club (1, 2) ; Student Assistant in Music (1, 2, 3) ; Concert Master of Orchestra ll, 2, 3); Certificate in Violin (3) ; String Ensemble (2). EVELYN HAMMER Dunedin, Florida A. B. in Art Fealty (3) ; Student Assistant Librarian (2, 3) SARAH LOU HAMMOND Tallahassee, Florida A. B. in Education t A Orchestra (3, 4) ; Education Society (3, 4). MILDRED ELEANOR HARNSBERGER St. Petersburg, Florida A. B. in Education K A n JEAN ELIZABETH HASELTON Eustis, Florida A. B. in English B n Senate (4). ANNIE ELIZABETH HELMS Chipley, Florida A. B. in Education Y, t A Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (1). a 1 a a 1 1 a a a a a a a 1ZI jqU =11 pj a fl |TU H [W s iru ipO nu HOLLIS HENDERSON West Palm Beach, Florida A. B. in Education LAURA DOTTERER HILL Jacksonville, Florida B. S. in Chemistry Classical Club (1) : Zoology Assistant (4). SARA HILL Tampa, Florida A. B. JOSEFINE CAROLINE HOFFMAN Coral Gables. Florida A. B. in Modern Languages K A Freshman Commission ; Chairman Senior-Sophomore Breakfast (2) ; Chairman Junior Minstrel (3) ; Class Secre- tary (3) ; Even Demonstration (3, 4) ; German Club (3, 4) ; Fealty (3) ; Torch Night (2) ; Usher Committee (3) ; Pan Hellenic Council (3, 4) ; Esteren. JEWEL MARGARET HOGG Atlanta, Georgia A. B. in Modern Languages b n o History Club (2) ; Finance Committee Y. W. C. A. (2 1 Life Saving Corps; LeCercle Francais (1). ELIZABETH D. HOOVER St. Augustine, Florida A. B. in Education h z t , b n e Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 41; Delegate National Conven- tion HZ t : Student Assistant in Personnel Office (3). FRANCES HOUCHARD Largo, Florida B. S. in Home Economics LOUISE MARCENE HOUCK Sebring, Florida A. B. in Education K A n. HI Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4). m El pj JACQUELYN HUCKS Fort Pierce, Florida B. S. in Physical Education A X n Physical Education Association (2, 3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3). MARGARET LEE HUGHES Jacksonville, Florida A. B. K A Transferred from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Ten- nessee (4). MILDRED HUNT Miami, Florida B. S. in Education Z K Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2); Pan Hellenic Council (2). CUBA MURRAY HUNTER Jacksonville, Florida A. B. in Education MADGE HUTCHERSON Lake City. Florida B. S. in Education MARY ETTA JOHNSON Crescent City, Florida B. fi. in Education Z Z Z Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3 1 ; Industrial Art Student Assistant (4). CAROLYN JOHNSTON Largo, Florida B. S. GERTRUDE JONES Tallahassee, Florida B. S. 73 o " _ a InU [ n 7 J nJ s ILU M : n L ELEANOR ELIZABETH JONES New Hartford, Connecticut A. B. K A G Class Council (1) ; Secretary C. G. A. (2) ; Vice-Presi- dent C. G. A. (3); " F " Club; Mortar Board: Freshman Cabinet; Delegate to W. I. A. S. G. (3) ; Class Basketball (2 4) • Torch Night (1, 2, 3) ; Fealty (3) ; Hockey: Class (1 2. 3), Even (2, 3), Varsity (1, 2, 3); Even Doubles Tennis (3) ; German Club (3, 4) ; Esteren ; Senior Repre- sentative to C. G. A. (4). MARGARET JORDAN Tampa, Florida B. S. in Home Economics BOA, ON, A X A Mortar Board; Flambeau: Staff (1, 2), Managing Editor (3), Editor (4) ; Soccer: Class (1, 2, 3), Even (2, 3) : Senate (41; Pan Hellenic Council (3, 4); F. I. P. A. Delegate (2, 3) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). MARY ELIZABETH JOSEY Wauchula. Florida B. M. in Public School Music A A President P. S. M. Chorus (4). ARABELLE BAKER JOYNER Panama City, Florida A. B. in Education 4A9, B n President OAO (4): " F " Club; Volleyball: Class (2, 3, 4 1, Even (2, 3, 4) ; Soccer: Class (2, 3), Even (3), Varsity (31. MISHI MARY KAMIYA Boca Raton, Florida B. S. in Commerce 4-H Club; Campus Health Committee (41 ; Soccer: Class (1. 2 I, Even (2) ; Basketball: Class (4), Even (4 1. MILDRED KATHRYN KANISS St. Petersburg, Florida A. B. in Education Z T A, A X A Business Manager Flambeau (4): Torch Night (3) Fealty (3); Junior Minstrel (3); Classical Club (3, 4) Home Economics Club (4) ; Mimesis. ANNA BIRDIE KATZ Tampa, Florida B. S. in Commerce A E FLORENCE KEIRN DeLand, Florida B. S. in Education EH DAISY KELLEY Tampa, Florida B. S. in Education ATA. K A n Freshman Commission; House Chairman (4); Senate (4) ; Sports Editor Flambeau (3, 4i ; Class Cheer Leader (4i ; Life Saving Corps; " F " Club; Class Basketball (4) • Hockey: Class and Even (3) : Baseball: Class (2, 3), Even and Varsity (2, 3). LAURA MAY KELLEY Gainesville, Florida A. B. in Commerce A A Senate (4); Auditing Committee (3), Chairman (4) • Pan Hellenic Council (4). MURIEL KELLY Perry, Florida A. B. in Commerce ALICE LINDSAY KEYS West Palm Beach, Florida A. B. ATI ELVA KING DeFuniak Springs. Florida B. S. in Home Economics MALVINA KLEPPER Jacksonville. Florida B t M- in Piano A E LeCercle Francais (1). LILLIAN MARGARET KOCHER DeLand. Florida A. B. in Education HI , B n 0. OBI Classical Club (1, 2. 3), President (4 1 ; German Club 1 3, 4 I. SARAH LURA KOEHLER Tampa, Florida B. S. in Sociology Representative to Southern Junior Month, 1931 (3i Junior Month Committee (4). =i P s s s a Sj s J £, s s Qy M is ro= r; j r j : i i PEARL LAIRD West Bay, Florida I?. S. in Home Economies RUBY LAIRD West Bay, Florida A. B. in Education NANCY LANG St. Petersburg, Florida A. B. in English n B ! Transferred from Ward-Belmont (3). AMY ELIZABETH LAWSON Orlando, Florida B. S. in Education LORAL GRACE LAWSON Bradenton, Florida A. B. Transferred from Bessie Tift College (3). ALICE WYATT LEWIS Tallahassee, Florida B. S. in Home Economics SARAH KATHERINE LEWIS Plant City, Florida B. S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). ELIZABETH LIGHTSEY Tampa, Florida A. B. in Education B I, B n CELIA GRACE LINKEY Zephyrhills, Florida A. B. in Education DOROTHY GWENDOLYN LLOYD Tallahassee, Florida A. B. in Education KAn, A0, Bno Life Saving Corps. E ESTELLE FLORENCE LONG Jacksonville, Florida A. B. in Art Vice-President Class (3) ; Chairman Torch Night (2) ; Chairman Coronation (4); Chairman Costumes: May Day (2), Even Demonstration (3, 4) ; Fealty (3) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2) ; Senate (3, 4) ; House Chairman (4) : Secretary Lower Court (4). ELIZABETH ROSALIE LORD Gainesville, Florida A. B. in Education C s LETA BLANCHE MacNUTT St. Petersburg, Florida A. B. n b Pan Hellenic Council (4) ; Torch Night (2). ELIZABETH MARKEY Tampa, Florida A. B. A O n Torch Night (2, 4) ; Secretary Pan Hellenic Council (3) ; President Pan Hellenic Council (4 I ; Delegate to Na- tional Pan Hellenic Congress (4). V SUE MAXWELL Pahokee, Florida B. S. in Education A X A ERLINE McCLELLAN Blountstown, Florida A. B. in French Z T A Freshman Commission; Track Team (1. 2, 31; Class Basketball (1, 2): Even and Varsity Hockey (2); Glee Club (2, 3 l ; Senate (4) ; " F " Club. Hi i 2 I I in a s s P a j m s D J myrtle McClelland Lakeland. Florida B. S. in Home Economies Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4). MARY ERASER McCOLLUM Bushnell, Florida A. B. in Education AHA Glee Club; Torch Night (1, 3, 4); May Day (1, 3) Junior Minstrel (1); Odd Demonstration (1, 2, 4). HARRIET McCORMACK Live Oak, Florida A. B. a a n Class Athletic Manager (1): Freshman Cabinet; " F " Club: President Class (2) : Freshman Sponsor (3) : Soccer: Class (2, 3), Even (3) ; Class and Varsity Baseball (2, 3) ; Esteren. MARY STEWART McCURDIE Tampa, Florida K. S. in Commerce EVALYN M. McENTIRE Orlando, Florida A. B. in Education Chairman Point System Committee (4) ; Senate (4). EDNA MAE McINTOSH Tallahassee, Florida B. S. in Home Economics K A Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) : Torch Night (1). ADELA MARGUERITE MENDEZ Tampa, Florida B. S. in Education K A n. t B 2 Freshman Cabinet; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2). WINIFRED MARY METCALFE Gainesville, Florida A. B. in English AAA, B n Freshman Commission; Usher Committee (3); Even Demonstration (2) ; Torch Night (2) ; Classical Club (1, 2). C£ -J ALPHA RAILEY MILAM Miami, Florida A. B. 6 M Glee Club (3) ; German Club (3) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3). MONA MOON Gainesville, Florida A. B. Freshman Cabinet; Point System Committee I 3 I ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3) ; Junior Minstrel (3) ; Chair- man Resident Hall (4t; Senate (4); Torch Night (4); Library Committee (4). ROBERTA MOORE Tampa, Florida A. B. ATA Freshman Cabinet; Torch Night (1, 2, 41 ; Fealty (3i : Junior Minstrel (3) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee Chairman (3); Delegate to Blue Ridge Conference (3): Even Demonstration (4) ; Senate (4) ; President Y. W. C. A. (41. ALICE FAWN MORRIS Miami, Florida A. B. in Art LUCILE MORRIS Miami, Florida B. S. in Home Economics MARY MURRAY Arcadia, Florida A. B. in Latin Classical Club (1, 2, 3) : Life Saving Corps; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee ; Student Assistant Librarian. MILDRED ELIZABETH MYRICK Sanford. Florida B. S. in Education Freshman Cabinet: Junior Minstrel I 2 I ; Y. W. C. A. Treasurer (4) ; Torch Night (3) ; Student Assistant Libra- rian i 2, 3 I. RHETA NELSON Jacksonville, Florida A. B. in English Freshman Commission; Torch Night (1, 2i; Even Demonstration (2) ; Pan Hellenic Council (3, 4). 1 1 1 13 5 pfl iO r s c U. D! E CLEMENTINE NEWMAN Madison, Florida A. B. in English K A. O B I. A X A, X A » Mortar Board; Distaff Staff (2, 3), Editor (4): Flam- beau Staff (2, 3); Freshman Cabinet; Smaller Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3) : Usher Committee (3) : Delegate to F. I. P. A. (31 ; Class Hockey (1, 2) ; Esteren. DOROTHY NEWMAN Fort Myers, Florida A. B. in English K A Village Vamp ; Classical Club (4) ; Torch Night (2, 3, 4) : Fealty (1, 3) ; Even Demonstration (3) ; May Day (2, 3). WILDA O ' HANLON Tampa, Florida B. S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, II. MILDRED OLMSTEAD Orlando, Florida B. S. in Education JEANETTE OSSINSKY Jacksonville, Florida A. B. in Commerce A t E CAROLYN OXFORD Tallahassee, Florida A. B. JOSEPHINE PAULINE PAGE Fort Myers. F ' orida B. S. in Education Freshman Commission; Usher Committee (4) House Chairman (4) ; Fealty; Torch Night. Vice Classical ETHEL CORINNE PARTRIDGE Jacksonville, Florida A. B. in Education x n, k a n Club (1); Torch Night (1, 2); Freshman Cabinet; Pan Hellenic Council (41. nj ISABEL LANDRETH PERKINS Pine Castle, Florida A. B. in Education X A » Transferred from Milligan College (3) ; Assistant Editor Distaff 14) ; Poetry Contest (3) ; German Club (4). MARION CLARK PHILLIPS Orlando, Florida K A Freshman Commission ; " F " Club ; Orchestra : Cass and Even Basketball (1, 2); Class and Even Hockey (1. 2, 3, 4), Varsity (1, 2, 3) : Winner Track Cup (1, 2) ; Class and Even Baseball (1, 2): Swimming (1. 2); Tennis 111 Volley Ball: Class and Even (3, 4), Varsity (3) : Orchesis ; W A A. : Secretary (2), Vice-President (3), President (4) ; Delegate A. C. A. C. W. (3 I : Delegate to Blue Ridge (3); Torch Night; Life Saving Corps; Glee Club (2); College Song Leader (3) ; Senate (3, 4) ; Fealty (3) : Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3). 1 I l ' E EDITH C. PLANK Zephyrhills. Florida B. S. in Education s RUTH ELIZABETH POWELL Tampa, Florida A. B. in Sociology ffl n NADENE PURSLEY West Palm Beach, Florida A. B. in Education MIRIAM LOUISE RAMSAY Laurel, Mississippi A. B. in Education A X n Transferred from Mississippi State College for Women (3) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (4). m a a ELIZABETH RAMSEY Tampa, Florida A. B. in Education X Q Junior Minstrel (1) ; May Day (1) : Fealty (2). MRS. JOHN RAYMOND Jacksonville, Florida B. S. in Education « A ni J=L !n J P J 1 qui Qy a P P o i PAULINE MARIE REGISTER Jacksonville, Florida A. B. Axn. t AO, Bne Pan Hellenic Council (4) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Com- mittee (3) ; Campus Health Committee (2) ; Torch Night (1). RUTH EVELYN REVELL Wauchula, Florida B. S. in Home Economics DOROTHY EMILY ROBINSON Jacksonville, Florida B. S. in Science K A Torch Night (1, 3, 4) ; Fealty (3) : Even Demonstration (1, 3) ; Junior Minstrel (1, 2) ; May Day (1). MADELON ROYCE Burlington, Vermont B. S. in Education President Orchesis IRMA ELIZABETH RUFF Jacksonville, Florida A. B. in Classics D A Freshman Cabinet: Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A.: Executive Cabinet (2, 3, 4) ; World Friendship Chair- man 1 4) ; Mortar Board. SARAH SALTZ Jacksonville, Florida A. B. in Education Bne MAYS POPE SANDFORD Tampa, Florida A. B. in English House Chairman (4) ; Senate (4) ; Orchestra (1, 2, 3 1 Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3) ; Even Treasurer (4) Campus Social Committee (3). MARY JO SCRUGGS Aucilla, Florida B. S. in Education |0 WINIFRED SESSOMS Jacksonville, Florida A. B. in Commerce n B Torch Night (1, 2) ; Fealty (1) ; Usher Committee (3). ANNA LOU SMITH Tallahassee, Florida B. S. in Home Economics Z K Torch Night (1, 2, 3); Junior Minstrel l2. 3); Class Volley Ball (1, 2, 4); Assistant Advertising Manager Flastacowo (2) : Mimesis; Even Demonstration (2, 3 I. a ROSALIE ELIZABETH SMITH Wauchula, Florida B. S. in Home Economics MARGARET ALICE SPAULDING Clearwater, Florida A. B. in Education m S E MARION ELIZABETH SPENCER Sarasota, Florida B. S. in Home Economics BOA " F " Club; Swimming: Even and Varsity (2 I : Life Sav- ing Corps; Campus Health Committee (3 1 : Home Eco- nomics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). LUCILLE STANFILL Blountstown, Florida A. B. in French Z T A ff m MARY LOU ST. CLAIR Elfers, Florida A. B. in Education LOIS STRANGE Dunnellon, Florida B. M. in Public School Music A X n Glee Club py iD 1 e EL P ] p p a a 1 73 hi 7J MARGARET 1S0BEL SULLIVAN Ft. Lauderdale. Florida A. B. in History K A Transferred from Greensboro College, Greensboro, N. C. VIRGINIA SULLIVAN Tampa, Florida A. B. in Social Science A A n Classical Club (1); Orchesis ; Fealty (2, 3. 41; Odd Demonstration (1, 2) ; May Day (2, 3» ; Torch Night (2, 3) ; Social Committee (3) ; Junior Minstrel (1, 2). EULA LOUISE TAYLOR Jacksonville, Florida B. S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club. CAROLYN THOMAS Bradenton, Florida A. B. in French X fi Torch Night (2); Even Demonstration (3); Classical Club (2). LAURA LENORA THROWER Tampa, Florida A. B. a a n Transferred from Hollins College, Hollins, Virginia EUNICE ELIZABETH TRAWICK Tallahassee, Florida A. B. in History VIOLA UNDERHILL Barber i 1 It-. Florida B. S. in Education BETTY IRENE UNKRICH Daytona Beach, Florida A. B. B fl m MARTHA ANNETTE WALKER Soperton, Georgia B. M. in Piano Transferred from Brewton-Parker Institute MABLE WALTERS Midway, Florida A. B. in Education Class Soccer (1, 2); Class and Odd Baseball (1, 2) Class Volley Ball (3). MRS. J. A. WASDEN West Palm Beach, Florida B. S. in Education DOROTHY WEBB Jacksonville, Florida A. B. Axn, b n o, « b j Glee Club (3, 4) ; Classical Club (4) Council (4) ; Torch Night (1). Pan Hellenic WILDON FRANCES WEBSTER Florala, Alabama B. S. in Chemistry LAURIE WESTON Pensacola, Florida B. S. Z K SUE WHITE Pensacola, Florida B. S. in Physical Education " F " Club ; Torch Night (3, 4) ; Life Saving Corps ; Even Demonstration (3) ; Physical Education Association: Vice- President (3), President (4) ; Class, Even and Varsity Soccer (3) ; Volley Ball: Class (2, 3), Even (3). MARY FRANCES WHITESIDE Apalachicola, Florida A. B. in French x n, b n J I a g a a E pj r ■ HI n p] p g HL s s el s j [ d LOUISE WILKES New Port Richey, Florida A. B. in Education MABLE WILLIAMS Alva, Florida B. S. in Education 4-H Club (1, 2, 3). VERA MAY WILLIAMS West Palm Beach, Florida B. S. in Home Economics O N. t B I Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) : Campus Health Com- mittee (3), Chairman (4) ; Class and Even Soccer (3). MARGUERITE ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON Eulonia, Georgia B. S. Y Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (4). MARY FRANCES WILLIS Jacksonville, Florida A. B. in Education H I 4 , B n Classical Club. EDITH WINSTON Gainesville, Florida A. B. x n FRANCES E. WOOD St. Petersburg, Florida A. B. in History Y German Club (4) ; Pan Hellenic Council (4) DOROTHY FRANCES WOODWARD Miami, Florida A. B. in Education ia M DOROTHY ELLIOTT WRIGHT Pensacola, Florida A. B. in Spanish A A Classical Club (4 I. LOUISE YERXA Clearwater, Florida A. B. in English M. X A « President Cotillion Club (4i : Chairman Even Demonstra- tion I 4 I. ALICE HERMA ZACHARY DeLand, Florida B. S. A X a Home Economics Club (4). SENIORS NOT PHOTOGRAPHED HELEN ALEXANDER MARGARITA CAWTHON FREDERICA CHRISTEL BERYL WING COLLINS SALLYE COOKSEY THELMA HANNON ANNIE MAE HENDERSON MARTHA LOUISE HESS BELLE HUDSON MARY AGNES JOHNSON- FRANCES KELLEY MARY LOU LEE MRS. MYRTLE R. LLOYD FRANCES MAYFIELD MARGUERITE NORTON FRANCES PEDIGO ESSIE PITTMAN MARY ANNE REGISTER MARGARET ROBERTS MRS. DORIS TYSON SMITH LUCILE STICKLE MIRIAM TERRELL WAULA WHALEY SUSAN WHALTON CAROLINE WILD REBECCA WILLIS 1 a HL ■_ z : : C a i 13 S ' =: M MARY LOU KEY, President Miami, Florida LUCY POPE, Vice-President Jacksonville, Florida MARGARET McGRAW, Secretary Jacksonville, Florida ELIZABETH TUNIS, Treasurer Miami, Florida ELIZABETH GILLIES, Parliamentarian Maitland, Florida BILLY ADAIR, Athletic Manager Lakeland, Florida MARY ADAMS Montezuma, Georgia MARY ALLAN Ft. Lauderdale. Florida HAZEL ALLEX Thonotosassa. Florida LEXORE ALTMAX Carrabelle. Florida H 1 py a 1 m %_ s a l is a _ ELIZABETH AMBROSE Waldo, Florida MILLICENT AMSTUTZ Brooksville, Florida ru ra 3 pi QUI S S D 3 3 s MARJORIE ANDERSON Jacksonville, Florida BUDDY AUTREY Kissimmee, Florida B( »NITA BAILEY Ocala, Florida JESSIE BALDWIN Pensacola, Florida DOROTHY BALLOWE Eufaula, Alabama ALICE BAXTER Clearwater, Florida IIICHAUX BEAM Jacksonville, Florida FLORENCE UEEYER St. Petersburg-, Florid; =2. 1± ALICE BELL Jasper, Florida JEAN BIGHAM Tampa, Florida C ' AVERLY BOND Tallahassee, Florida SARAH BONE Gainesville, Florida JESSIE BOOTON Marshallville, Georgia INES LEE BOTTARI Tampa, Florida NAN BOYD Eagle Lake, Florida ISABEL BRAINARD Pensacola, Florida NINA BRASWELL Cocoanut Grove, Florida AGNES BRANDON Lake Worth, Florida § F==n QUJ H 3 n i 3 ru pi " H 3 H P rM I 5 [1 r S L J P S a s sn j j ANNE BRITTAIN Tampa, Florida VIVIAN BROWARD Jacksonville, Florida VIRGINIA BURNER Cass, West Virginia FLORENCE CAMERON Winter Haven, Florida MARY FRANCES CAMPBELL Quincy, Florida ANNIE CARLISI Tampa, Florida LOUISE CARPENTER Laurel Hill, Florida RUTH CARPENTER Orlando, Florida KATHERINE CARTER Tampa, Florida FRANCES CAUSEY Wauchula, Florida friUI rmJ CORNELIA CAVERLT Tallahassee, Florida ELVERA CEPEDA Holopaw, Florida CATHERINE CHASE Lakeland, Florida LIVONIA CONGDON Alva, Florida PAOLA COPELAND Everglades, Florida GENAVIEVE COTTINGHAM Madison, Florida JOE COTTON Tampa, Florida EVELYN COVINGTON Lakeland, Florida VIVIA CRAIG Dade City, Florida VIRGINIA CRENSHAAV Coleman, Florida [! n i a a a a a a a a a a a a a a t a a a °sl a a a 1 1 a a a a a HATTIE RUTH CREWS Tampa, Florida VIVIAN DALLETT Miami Beach, Florida ANN MARGARET DANIEL Lakeland, Florida FLORENCE DANIEL Mullins, South Carolina MARY CALL DARBY Tallahassee, Florid? LOCA DAVIS Frostproof, Florida PARKE DAVIS Jacksonville, Florida RUTH V. DAVIS Miami, Florida EVELYN DONECAN Miami, Florida OLIVE I.) CO CAN Miami, Florid: a lL A k- ' H BETTY DUNN Daytona Beach, Florida SARA DUNN Daytona Beach, Florida ELIZABETH EARLE Sanford, Florida MARY ADAIR EDWARDS Orlando, Florida MARIAN ELROD Lake Wales. Florida HELEN EVERETT St. Augustine, Florida IRMA FEINBERG Quincy. Florida IDA FENNELL Tallahassee, Florida ANGELINA FERRARA Tampa. Florida MARY ' DELE FRAMPTON Jacksonville, Florida P a 3 m E VU n m m a p 3 p n p JE I la a p JH nl a p a a a ESTHER FRANCO Tampa, Florida RHEA GALLAGHER Port Tampa City, Florida RERNICE GALLENTINE Ft. Pierce, Florida VELNA GEORGE Millville, Florida ROSALIE GERACI Tampa, Florida CORNELIA GERBER Pomona, Florida ALMA GILLIS Wauchula, Florida JACKIE GRADY Tallahassee, Florida HALLIE GRAHAM Waldo, Florida MARGARET GRAMLING Marianna, Florida py P HELEN GRAY Jacksonville, Florida MART GRAY Jacksonville, Florida NANCY GRAY Jacksonville, Florida VERA GREEN Port Orange, Florida ROSE BUD GREER Lake City, Florida ALICE GREGG Upper Montclair, N. J. ANTOINETTE GUENTNER Lake Worth, Florida MILDRED HALL West Palm Beach. Florida FLORENCE HARPER Washington, D. C. BILLIE HEATH La Belle, Florida I P JH 1 1 EL m g p p ni I p p P S3 iSI KATHERINE HEDICK Palatka, Florida ALICE HEMJIIMiS Ft. Pierce, Florida HELEN HENDRIX Quincy, Florida CLAIRE HENTZ Bristol, Florida ANNIE LOIS HICKS Key West, Florida BESSIE HINSON Miami, Florida LUCILLE HODSDON Miami, Florida ANNA HOGG Jacksonville, Florida EMMA MAE HOLT Newberry, Florida EULA HOPF Pensacola, Florida w p w FRANCES HUBERT La Belle. Florida MARIE HUFFMAN Winchester, Tennessee GERALDINE HUNT Jacksonville, Florida EDWINA JACKSON Miami. Florida EMILY JACKSON Apopka, Florida DOROTHY RAE JENKINS Keystone Heights, Fla. KATHLEEN JOHNSTON Jacksonville, Florida ETHEL JONES Century, Florida MARGUERITE JONES Jacksonville, Florida VIVIAN JONES Americus, Georgia m s m mJ I im a a s 1 FRANCES KAIGLER Georgetown, Georgia ELIZABETH KELLEY Gainesville, Florida s a a pj D J S CLARICE KINSLAND Asheville, North Carolina GRACE KIRBY Miami, Florida HAZEL KIRKHUFF Bradenton, Florida FRANCES KNAPP Safety Harbor, Florida KATE LAMAR West Palm Beach, Florida MARTHA LAUENBERG West Palm Beach, Florida EMMA LAW Waynesboro, Georgia FAY LAWRENCE Pahokee, Florida M LILLIAN LEIGH Mobile, Alabama MAGGIE LeVARR Havana, Florida HELEN LINNEMEIER Coral Gables, Florida KATHLEEN LONG Sanford, Florida LOIS LYMAN Melbourne, Florida MARJORIE MACKEY Pensacola, Florida PHYLLIS MARCELLUS Daytona Beach, Florida EVELYN MARKS St. Petersburg, Florida FRANCES MARSHALL Jacksonville, Florida DORIS MARTIN Daytona Beach, Florida a TBI a a 13 S a ie a a m 1 P [H g 2 : -j sn : nJ D s GENIE MATHEWSON Miami, Florida PEARL MATTESON Eustis, Florida FLORENCE MAURER Tampa, Florida MARY McCLAMROCK Ocala, Florida RUTH McCOLSKEY Lake City, Florida ELIZABETH McCORMICK Eau Gallie, Florida MILDRED McCOY Reddick, Florida MARY McGRIFF High Springs, Florida DOROTHY McKETHAN Brooksville, Florida MYRA McLEAN Pensacola, Florida my E NETTIE MAY MEEKS Ft. Meade, Florida VIRGINIA MIDDLEBROOKS Tallahiiss.-f. Florida NIHLA MILLER Florala, Alabama WILMA MILTON Trenton, Florida •JEWELL MITCHELL Tallahassee, Florida ROBERTA MURRELL Orlando, Florida SARA NALL Miami. Florida FRANCES NEEL Westville, Florida MARY NEWMAN Tallahassee, Florida EUNICE NICHOLSON Tallahassee, Florida a S Qy s r P TU S s nd pu (TU) nu n 1 a D S IL s J EVELYN NOBLES Pensacola, Florida ELLEN NYBERG Dania, Florida MARGARET ORR Miami, Florida VIOLA PARKER Caryville, Florida RATHER] NE PARTRIDGE Crescent City, Florida ELOISE PATTERSON Miami, Florida HELEN PEMBERTON Tampa, Florida MARION A. PHILLIPS Tallahassee, Florida EVELYN PILKINGTON St. Petersburg, Florida DORIS POST St. Petersburg, Florida pj RUTH PRICE Alva, Florida SELMA REYNOLDS Ocala, Florida FLORENCE RHODES Jasper, Florida GLENDA RICE Pensacola, Florida DOROTHY RIGELL St. Andrews, Florida MARGARET ROACH Tampa, Florida MARGARET ROBERTS Homestead, Florida MARION ROBERTSON Florida City, Florida .MARTHA ROBERTSON Jacksonville, Florida ELIZABETH ROLLINS Dunnellon. Florida 1 . 1 1 P P " S P nu m ra cl -= L p I I pD r D M A.NG ELA ROMANO Tampa, Florida MARGARET ROYCE Tallahassee, Florida M s e ID J M BARBARA SABISTON Jacksonville, Florida MARY LOU SANDERSON Jacksonville, Florida VIRGINIA SAUSSY Jacksonville, Florida KOSEBELLE SCHER Palm Beach, Florida VIRGINIA SCHIMMEL Pensacola, Florida iSD OPAL SCHOLZ Lake Wales, Florida HILDA SCRUGGS Tampa, Florida MILDRED SEALS Jacksonville, Florida D : a n DOROTHY SEXSON Alexandria, Florida JESSIE SHAW Quincy, Florida OLIVE SHAW Quincy, Florida MARY SHELLEY Palatka, Florida YIRGIE SHELTON Cocoa, Florida HELEN SHEPHERD Miami, Florida ANTOINETTE SHINHOLSER Sanford, Florida MILDRED SIMOYITZ Tampa, Florida ALMOX SMITH Madison, Florida JOSEPHINE SMITH High Springs. Florida M Qy py 3 r a p=n ri a ny ii ipy ffl QU s T - e a i i nu m FRANCES SPILLER Jacksonville, Florida VIRGINIA SOUTHARD Jacksonville, Florida CHRISTINE STRENSTROM Miami, Florida BARBARA STIMMEL St. Augustine, Florida YVONNE STONE Ft. Myers, Florida SUSAN STOVALL Tampa, Florida KAY STOW Miami, Florida LOUISE STRICKLAND Plant City, Florida DOROTHY TAIT Jacksonville, Florida LORELIE TAIT Jacksonville, Florida -MARGARET TEAGUE Apalachicola, Florida LOUISE THOMSON Lloyd, Florida ISABEL TOOTLE Okeechobee, Florida ELIZABETH TRIBBLE Ft. Lauderdale, Florida ALLEAX TURNER Bristol, Florida HELEN TURNER Bradenton. Florida .MARGARET TURNER Bradenton, Florida AIAR.TORIE TYLANDER Ft. Pierce, Florida VIRGINIA TYLER Pensacola. Florida DORIS VAN SLYKE Tampa, Florida I a g ni M ou m. EL a .=. : i — i ni pUl a n a a m. w a 1 a 1 a a a a 73 ISABELLE VAN VOORHIS Jacksonville, Florida MAE VICKERY Panama City, Florida ELEANOR WALD Tampa. Florida RUTH WALKER St. Petersburg, Florida HELEN WALTERS Midway, Florida KATHERINE WARREN Jacksonville, Florida IDA WETNSTETN St. Augustine, Florida BETTY WEST Pt ' iisacola, Florid;! MARGARET WHARTON Rutherford, New Jersey DOROTHY WHEELER Jacksonville, Florida P MARCIA WHITE Palatka, Florida OLGA WHITE Pensacola, Florida VIRGINIA WHITFIELD Tallahassee, Florida MILDRED WILFONG Tampa, Florida CLAIRE WILLIAMS Winchester, Tennessee ZELLA LOUISE WILLIAMS Williston, Florida HAZEL WILLS Miami. Florida LORA WINNET Eustis. Florida LOIS WOLCOTT Lake Wales. Florida LILLIAN WOOD Jacksonville, P lorida a a =: S ipO m -± g. n L I- = r TI. P fP rrni i — n D D M H c ra so |LJJ s ZD pLkU | DOROTHY YOUNG Orlando, Florida EUNICE ZIMMERMAN Mulberry, Florida i) s=-54|p| r3° JUNIORS NOT PHOTOGRAPHED JOSEPHINE ALLEN CLYDIE AMAN MARY LOU ANDERSON ANNIE BELLE ANTHONY JANE ARCHER JANE BAILEY SUSIE BELL BEVIS VIVIANE BOONE MILDRED BRADDOCK SARAH BROWNING VIRGINIA BRYANT EVELYN BUCKLEY EMILY CARLETON LUCILLE CARROLL MILDRED CAWTHORN ELIZABETH CERMACK IDA MAE COCOWITCH MARION LOUISE COFFIN MATTIE SUE COLLINS FLORA COMBES RUTH CONRADI DOROTHY CULPEPPER MARY DANIELLS RUTH DeGRAAF NANNIE DeVORE DOROTHY DIFFENBAUGH LUCILLE ELLENBERG ALVIRDA FORESTER FRANCES FOWLER FRANCES FRIDY MARY ANN GATCH OLIVE HANEY GERTRUDE HECK DOROTHY HENDERSON ELEANOR HERBERTSON ALICE HORNE JEANNETTE HUNTLEY INDIA KUDER ELSA LAWSON META AGNES MARTIN RUTH MASON CHARLOTTE MAXWELL FLORITA McCOMBS MARGARET McDONALD DOROTHY MIDDY HAZEL MIDDLETON MARY LOUISE MITCHELL CLARA MIXON MARIAN MOORE VALONA MOORE INEZ OOTEN MRS. RACHEL OWEN CLARICE PARKER MARTHA PARRTSH GERTIE LOU PEAK FRANCES PERT CHARLINE PHILBROOKS HAZEL PHILLIPS ELIZABETH PIERCE JANE REED LOUISE REGISTER LUCILLE REGISTER MIRIAM ROBERTSON ELIZABETH ROOT SUSIE SCRUGCS MARTHA SEEGERS MARGARET SHERRILLY ANNIE SIMMONS EDDIE SLAUGHTER ALICE SOMERVILLE BERYL STEINMEYER ELIZABETH STEFFE DOROTHY STOKES DELILAH SWANNER MARIANNA TAYLOR MARGARET WADDELL MABLE WALTERS MABLE WIGHT MABEL WILLIAMS ELATNE WRIGHT friUl pj RUTH TUCKER President ELIZABETH PIERCE Vice-President ELOISE AUSTIN Secretary MILDRED ROOT Treasurer MARY JAXE SHELDON Parliamentarian FRANCES WHITTHORNE Athletic Manager BERNICE ADAMS ANITA ANDERSON MARY BLAIR ANDERSON LUCY ANTHONY WILLIS ANTHONY FLORENCE ARGINTAR L UISE ARNOLD P FRANCES ASHE SUNSHINE ASKEW a ' -_ B_ riU rJ pJ fU 1 3 nJJ hniioTtn i i.i.s MARJO RIE AYERS JOSEPHINE BAGGS RM ANNA 1IAKCAHKT BAKER THELMA BAKER SD r a KATHERJNE BALLARD ELEANOR BARKER ipy SJ ALICE BASS ROSALIE BAY A JEANNETTE BAZLER EDNA BEATTY P s D G j E EMILY BEATTY JOAN BEAZLEY DOROTHY BEBINGER PAULINE BELL i I s ELIZABETH BERNARD VIRGINIA BIRD JUDITH BIRXKRAXT MARJORIE BLAKE MILDRED BOERCKEL XELL BOWIS BETTY JANE BREXXER CLARA BRIDGES 1 IN 1 H i m _ REBA BRIDGES P: XELL BRIXKLET BILLIE BROOKS GERTRUDE BROWARD AXXA LEXORA BROWX MILDRED BROWN ' AXX BRUCE i II Tl ! n j -: m M nl nJ : a i MARGARET BRUCE FRANCES BRYSON DOROTHY BURNETT MILDRED BURNETT MARY BURROUGHS EVELYN BURT ELIZABETH BUSH RUTH BUTLER EVA BYRD ETHEL CAMPBELL JESSIE CAMPBELL MARY VIRGINIA CAMPBELL MAXTNE CAMPBELL IDELL CARPENTER IZELLA CASEY fc I 1 ' MARY KATHERINE CASON KATHRYN CAST DOROTHY CAREL MARY ELIZABETH CHEATHAM GENIE CHESTER HELEN CHILES BLANCHE CHILSON MARIAN CLARK MILDRED CLARKE MARY CLEVELAND PERFECTA COLMENARES MARGARET COOK EVELYN COOPER ELMA COPELAND SALLY CORNELL 1 a SD S M. rmJI M ■ n] pUI r- rd I m pm p j j nl li-JJ : j ALICE CORNETT MARY ALICE COSPER LOUISE CRIST i i i.i ' i:i:i im:i ' Si. ni CATHERINE CROTTY NORMA CURTIS LOIS DAANE CATHERINE DANIELS MARY LEE DAVIS HELEN DAWSON THELMA DAWSON HELEN DAY REATRICE DAZZO ALTA DEAHL LINNETTA DEAN -J HELEN DEANE MARY DeBERRY MILDRED DENTON 3 I ii- MARJORIE DICKENS MARY DOLIVE BERNICE DONNELL RUTH DORMANY MARY IDA DOZIER RUTH DRAPER STELLA DRAWDY MARION DRIVER ANNA BELLE DUVAL JENNIE DYER ALICE EHRLICH DOROTHY EICHENLAUB L= s a - -_ f0 TU CAROLINE ENDSLEY L ' D oy EUNICE ENOELHARPT I m R( rni i i ' , ;. m SJ FRANCES FARMER H ki.kn i- ' iOAi ;i. CAROLINE FINE [ J inD E. Tti id P r; i ' :: ith v kit LOUISE FLETCHER KITH I ' dllL MARY EMILY FOSTER MARY LOU FOX HELEN FRAZER FRANCES FREEMAN MARY " ELIZABETH FUQUA .1 KAN CALLIHER ll 1 J I SYLVIA GALLION LOUISE GAME KATE GARDNER CAROLY N GARVIN GERTRUDE GATES ANNE GETCHELL TERRY GIL LOUISE GOODBREAD MARGUERITE GOODMAN- DOROTHY " GORE JANE GRANT MARY NEWTON GREEN- SARA GROSS MILDRED GUNSON ELIZABETH GUTHRIE a 3 : ipu nE -_ : E s ru ;r n EL Pi ij nil J pj f[LJ WJ ORLINE HALL CAROLYN HAMILTON RUTH HAMILTON BERNICE HANCOCK COLA HARDEE FRANCES HARRISON VERA MAE HARSEY MADELE HELMS HILDA HEDRICKS EMMA HIGGINBOTHAM ELOISE HTLL ETTA MAE HILL INEZ HILL MIMA MINI is IIICRTKCDIO HIN ;S( »N mmmnmafflb SARAH HINSON ADDIE HOLMES ELIZABETH HOOPER JANE HOPKINS LAURA HOPKINS BEVERLY HORN MABEL HOUSER MILDRED HOWELL EMILY HUGHES . IK SI ' K Hl ' ilH EY SARAH HULSEY VIRGINIA HUNT n ERNESTINE INGRAM ELEANOR IRSCH ROSALIND JACOBS g H a iD s ra nD mJ nu J JJ pj I p EM A M. D S S s el rd S 73 MARTHA JEFFERIES ELEANOR JENKINS FAY JENNINCS CAMERON JOHNSON CRYSTAL JONES MARY MARTHA JONES RUTH JORDAN MERLE KEEL EVELYNE KEENE BETH KEHLER RUTH KELLEY SARAH KELLEY SARA KING MARY KINNARD ROSETT A K I N S E Y ELEANOR KNIGHT EUNICE KRAMER MARGUERITA KREHER NITA ROSE KREHER LOUISE LASSERRE DORIS LEE MIRIAM LEIBOVITZ BLANCHE LEROY GRACE LEWIS PLACIDE LEWIS GRACE LINSTEDT MARGUERITE LITSCHGI LEE LITTLE LOUISE LITTLE MARY ELIZABETH LOVE n 1 so E i- 1 D S raJ : S s m I 31 C J RUTH LOVE TOBIAH LOVITZ QUI AMALIA LUCTGNANI s e 2 s ju S rd D J CJ Eg LADY JANE LUEDERS JOY MAKINSON EDNA MARTIN JEAN MATHESON ANNE MATTHEWS BETTY MAURY SYLVIA McADAMS MARTHA McCLELLAN MAD A McCOLSKEY HAZEL McCOY BERNICE McCREDIE mary McMillan p I — 1 E FRANCES McQUARRIE CAROLINE MELBER ORFIE MELIN LAURA MELTON MARTHA MENENDEZ ETTA FRANCES METCALFE MARION MILEY CATHERINE MILLER JOY MILLER ALICE MITCHELL LEORA MIX TRIXIE MOORE BLANCHE MORGAN FRANCES MORGAN MARY VIRGINIA MURPHY c a 1 a 1 1 s p ID c pj - p REBECCA NANTS MEREDITH NEEL MURIEL NELSON AUDREY NEWMAN MARY ELEANOR NICHOLSON IRENE NORTHRUT ELIZA RETH NORTON MARY CATHERINE NUZUM PATRICIA O ' NEAL MOZELLA ORR LOIS OSTLUND EDNA OXFORD ALMA OYAMA XIN.N ' . RRAMi RE DAYME PATTERSON MARGARET PEARCE P. : WOODROW PEPPER MARTHA PETERS J B RUBY PETERS HELEN LOUISE PITTMAN BETTY PLOEGER SARA POWELL i " r itii v pun ■!■: CLYDE QUINA - SARAH RAILEY LENA RA1IETTA p± FREDONIA RAWLINS ROBERTA REID MARY RICE RUTH RICHARDSON _ZZ J I 1 1 S3 HI JIMMIE RICHBOURG CHRISTINE RIDGELL BETTY LEE RIGGS S3 S3 SO ALICE ROBERTS NELLIE MAE ROBERTS BETH ROBINSON SO o JANE ROBINSON SO S3 nJ IVA MAE ROBSON DYMPLE ROBUCK pj ija cl MAGDALENE RODRIQUEZ CHARLOTTE ROSENBERG DOROTHY ROTH ALICE ROUSSEAU _ u ALICE ROZIER FAYE SAFER JH SO M 1 i; Aw ROSE SCAGLIONE SUSIE MAY SCARBOROUGH HELEN SCOTT MARTHA LEE SEGUI LOIS SELVIDGE CORA SEMBLER MARY LOUCILLE SHAW PEARLE SHEPHARD RUBY SIMPSON DESPENA SMIRLIS BETTY JANE SMITH DOROTHY SMITH pu. £ 3 qui rv s y IN H ELIZABETH SMITH JULIA SMITH PHYLLIS SMITH : iriL : [tM E P R IUI ' .Y S.M I ' l ' ll FLORENCE SOSKIS JENELLE SPENCE FLORENCE STEINBERG MARGARET STEVENS EVELYN STILL DAPHNE STOUTE FRANCES STRICKLAND ELIZABETH STUART FAY SUMNER LA MERLE SUTTON ELIZABETH TARRER DOROTHY TAYLOR JOANNA TAYLOR DOROTHY TEETER DORIS TERRELL THELMA TEW VALENTINE THAGARD .MARGUERITE THARP EILEEN THOMPSON MARIE THOMPSON DOROTHY THURSTON ERA TILLER MARY LAURA TILLEY KATHERINE TOMKIES FOY TOWNSEND VIOLA TOWNSEND HENRIETTA TRINGAS LILLIAN TROTTER MARGARET TRYON £ ™ fJ fM lU -_ pj a c p p- L o S p D ™ m inD M S " g r3 :z] SCOTT TURNBULL MARGARET VAN STEINBERGER MARY VARN HELEN VAUGHN CARLEEN VINAL FLORENCE WALDE MARY WALKER HELEN WALSH VIRGINIA WARE ALBERTA WARNER MERCEDES WARREN MADALAINE WEEKS MARGARET WEINBORG RUBYE WELLS ERNESTINE WESTPHAL _J ! I P GRACE ELIZABETH WHITE MARY CATHERINE WHITE SHELIA WHITE HILMER WHITLOCK ELOISE WILLIAMS KATHRYN WILLIAMS MARIE WILLIAMS MILDRED WILLIAMS NELLIE WILLIAMS EDNA WILSON VIOLA YATES BETTY YONGE jg f3 a s p3 c I pk E nu f L inD C J inO S pj G SOPHOMORES NOT PHOTOGRAPHED GERTRUDE ADKINS RIA ALLEN RUTH ROBERTA ALLEN LOUISE BAILEY VIRGINIA BARBER ELEANOR BARD CLAIRE BEAUCHAMP MARY BELCHER KATHERINE BENSEL MARY LILLA BEVAN CHRISTINE BEVIS DORIS BEVIS BERNICE BLACKLOCK ELEANOR BOWDOIN ADA CLEO BRIDGES CARMEL BROOK FLORENCE BROOKS ALICE BUFORD VIRGINIA BURNER HAZELITA CANN LOIS CAMPBELL LAURA LOUISE CASH DOROTHY CATES GRETA CHABOT THELMA CHESHIRE HAZEL CLARK TREVA COLLINS FRANCES CONN SUSIE COOKSEY VIRGINIA CROCHER BETTY DANIELLS RUTH MARJORIE DAVIS GERTRUDE DEAR KATHRYN DUFFY ALENE JUNE DUGGER MARY DUNKLE OLIVE ENGEL MARY LOUISE FENN EDITH FLINN NETTIE MAE FOWLER TERESA FREIDLIN EVELYN GALLACHER MARY GEORGE MILDRED GIBSON MARTHA GRANT OLA HALL CONSTANCE HANNUM MARGARET HANFORD MARY HAWKINS JEAN HAY SARAH IRENE HEARD JOSEPHINE HENDLEY MARY HILL MAE HIMES MARIAN HOBSON ALPHA HOWELL RUTH HUGHES NANCY IRONS HARRIET ISLEY EUNICE JANNEY NAN JEWETT MARGARET JOHNSON MARY MILDRETH JONES SOPHOMORES NOT PHOTOGRAPHED LOUISE KIBLER REBECCA KING STELLA LANE CLYDE LEYNES KATHRYN LITTLE SARAH STORTHER LOGAN OLIVE LUKE NAOMI MALLORT MARGARET MANFORD ELEANOR MASON MRS. JOE E. MASON MARTHA McMURRAY RUTH McEWEN ELSIE McGUIRE margaret mclaughlin ann McMillan carrie milbrath nellie mitchell catherine moore kathleen morie virginia morris susan mullis alice musser bertha nolan GERTRUDE NORRIS DOROTHY NYE HAZEL OLIVER JUNE ORNDORFF ALMA PATTERSON CHRISTINA PEARSON SARA PEPPER CAROLYN PERKINS MARGARET PLACE ROSALIE POWELL JANICE PRINCE DOROTHY QUINA ELIZABETH RANSOM VELVE MINTA RICHBOURG JESSIE ROU ELSIE GRAY SANCHEZ ALICE LOUISE SAWYER MILDRED SAWYER ALICIA SAXTON JEAN SCHLAPPICH RUTH SHEPARD WILLIE CLARE SIMS KITTY SITTON MIRABEL SMITH IDA SPEED MARY SUAREZ LILLIAN TERRELL MRS. ALMA TIMMONS LILLIAN TRAWICK SARAH VANN BESSIE VEST ELEANOR WALD MARGARET WALKER NAOMI WATSON SARA WATSON RUTH WHITE ELIABETH WILLIAMS FRANCES WILLIAMS ZELLA LOUISE WILLIAMS BERNICE WILSON ADA WOODWARD LILLIAN YATES w. nu nL CAROLINE DeMONTIGNE, President MARTHA OWENS, Vice-President HELEN MARY FRITSCH, Secretary MARION BRANTLEY, Treasurer ESSIE NELL KNIGHT, Parliamentarian HAZEL ROYALL, Athletic Manager EDNA ADAMS GWENDOLYN ADAMS HAZEL ADKINS FLORENCE ALBURY LOIS ALEXANDER ELIZABETH ALLAN ANGELA ANDERSON RAE ANDREWS CAROLINE ATTANASIO OPAL ATWATER EDITH AYERS PETTY C. BAILEY HALLIE BAILEY JULIA BAKER M a r in CATHERINE ASH m L 2 P pj J [H r s : IN BETTY BALL JANE BALL VIOLA BARBER STELLA BASS Villi; IMA RAXLKY DORIS BAXTER .MARGARET BAZEMORE MARGARET BEAZLET BARBARA BELL INEZ BERMAN HELEN BIXLER EDITH BLACKBURN MILDRED BOSS EUGENIA BOTHWELL DORIS BOURGEOIS EMILIE LOUISE BOWEN HELEN BOYD JEAN BOYD BETTY BRADFORD LILLIAN BRANAN ANNE-WOOD BRANNING J a iLl ELISE BRANTLEY JULIA BREWER MARGARET BREWSTER MARY BRICE ELIZABETH BRIGGS WILMA BRISTOL THELMA BROCIOUS HAZEL BROOKS NATALIE BROUDY SYLVIA BROUDY DOROTHY BROWN MARY BROWN MARCIA BUCHANAN SARA BUCKNER JOSEPHINE BURRIS ELSIE BUTLER SARAH BYERS PAULINE CALKINS CHARLOTTE CAMERON SARA CAMP MARTHA CARLTON Ej 3 r a 1 1 a 1 a 1 a a a a n3 a a a 70 TnDl 1 s s a A s nd Qj c M LUCILLE CARO SUE CARROLL HELEN CARTER MARJORIE CARTER MARY CATHERINE CARTER MARIE CERTAIN ALICE CHAMPLIN ELIZABETH CHANDLER EDYTHE CLARKSON REBECCA CLEMONS ADA SARAH COE CYDELL COHEN NATALIE COLE IRENE COLLINS RUBY CONNOR ELIZABETH CONSTANTINE ANNIE CONTE MARY ELIZABETH COOLEY HELEN COOMBS EDNA CORBETT ELVIRA CORRALES VIRGINIA COWART CHRISTINE COX LILLIAN CRAIG MERLIE CREMOR ROSE CROSBY ALTA CRUICKSHANK m p3 ESTHER D AFFIX RUTH DANIEL BEATRICE DAVIDSON S ELIZABETH DAVIS MERVIN DAWKINS DONNA DEKLE ELIZABETH DICKENSON DONNA MAE DISHONG MAY DORSEY i j s a P SUE DUDLEY CAROLYN DUNCAN MADELINE DUNCAN VIRGINIA DUNCAN ANNE LEE DUNN S pj REBA DUNWODY a 2 pu a 1 M P E= QU WYNELLE DUPUIS MADGE DURDEN RUTH DURRENBERGER ADELAIDE DUVAL MARGARET EARLY MYRTLE EDDY MARIE EDEWAARD DOROTHY EDWARDS MARGARET EDWARDS l. IISE ELLIS CAROLYN ERWIN RUTH ESSEX LINNIE MAE ESTES HELEN EVANS M UH ' .AIi KT KYSTEII FRANCES FABRICK BESSIE FALK JO FRANCES FANNING BILLIE FAXON EVELYN FERGUSON LUCILE FERGUSON n= m p BETH FINLAY NAN FINNEY GENEVA FISHER PEARL FLEET GLADYS FOLSOM MARY LOUISE FOXWORTHY I P IRENE FRAMBACH I ' »R ' Til -i ' FRHKMAN VELMA FULKS w MARGUERITE GARDNER BARBARA GARFUNKEL BETTY GIBSON MARTHA GIBSON MILDRED GILLIAM MARY JO GILLOGLY DOROTHY GODMAN is 1 WAV A GODWIN HELEN GOODWIN MYRA GOODWIN ROSE GOODWIN JANET GOTSHALL a 1 EL a m s m a o s p d HAZEL GOZA DOROTHY GRACE MARY BURRTLL CRAVES J HELEN MARGARET GRAY nl ' . I, GRAY ELIZABETH GREGORY FLORENCE GRIFFING K SAUNI cum ' MS JANE HAFER WINIFRED HAGAN ELEANOR HAIOHT ZOLA HAINES i ' AIK iLV.N II A 1.1. FRANCES HALL .i ' s i: i -M ini-: ii a aim i:i: JEAN HAMNER ELIZABETH HAMPTON LUCILLE HAMPTON JOHNY HARDEE LUCY GLENN HARRISON MARCARKT H. HARRISON nil MARGARET M. HARRISON SUSIE HARRISON HELEN HARTNESS ELOISE HAWKINS EMILY HAWKINS VERA MAE HAWSE Y EVELYN HAYNIE LOUISE HEARIN DOROTHY ' HENDERSON- BELLE HENSHAW JUANITA HESS MACE HILLS VIRGINIA HOLT THELMA HOOD DOROTHY HORNE KATIE HORNE MARJORIE HORNE SYLVIA HORNER SARA HOSEA FORTUNE HUDSON LORRAINE HUDSON P P rd e s [TUI rrTI a U HELEN HUGHES FRANCES HURLIN EMILY HUTT BETTY JACK S S IS [H eL S a S imJ y j FLORENCE JENNINGS CLARICE JOHNSON GERTKUDE JOHNSON LOIS JOHNSON L CISK J( iHXSO.N MILDKKD JOHXSi N SARA JOHNSON ELIZABETH JONES NELL JONES GERTRUDE JORDAN CHARLOTTE KAUFMAN H A Z E L KEATHLEY BILLIE KEFFER GATHER! N E K E L L E R VIRGINIA KEMP ELISE KENDALL HAZEL KERSEY mm M TU i MARION KEYES REX A KICLITER MARGARET KIMBALL LUCILLE KINDRED BETTY KING HKSTKK In IKK I. A XI ' ELIZABETH LAMIER ELIZABETH LANCASTER MARGARET LANCASTER EUNICE LANE LOUISE LANE JESSIE LENFESTRY RUBY LESTER EVELYN LEWIS ROSALIE LEWIS MART LIMERICK MARCTA LINDSEY MARIE LINGO MARGUERITE LOCKWOOD SARA BUTLER LOGAN NANCY LYKES P JE 1 a a a a a a a a a JE I 3 " ZH a P n LI [TU a s s Ui el D RUTH LVKES ABBIE LYLE GLADYS LYMAN MARIA LYON .1 AN i: M BRY VIRGINIA MABYN LOUISE MACKEY DOROTHY MAIGE EDNA MALAKOWSKY MARY ' VIRGINIA M ALONE BESSIE MALOUNEK ZULA MARCH ETTA ANNA MARKHAM KITTY MARTIN MARION MASON SADIE MATHEWS BETH MATHIS SARA MAXWELL FLORENCE MAYFIELD KATHERINE MAYS GLADYS McBRIPE fnUi m 51 DOROTHY McCLURE MARY MeCOLLUM ELEANOR McCREA rd JACQUELINE HcDONALD BERNICE McEWEN OVIEDA McFATTER S LILLIAN McGAHEY ERIN McGLYNN S RACHEL McKINNON i:i-i .. i:i: ' rii Mci,, i ' chlin PAULINE McLELLAN MARGARET McLEOD s RUTH HOWARD McMILLAN MARTHA ALICE McMINN QU EUGENIA MEARES 10] ALICE MEEKS FLORENCE MENDELSON CHRYSTELLE MERCER ETHEL MESTAYER ELIZABETH MEYER s J rO NITA MIDGLEY P= ] =iLi fflU I |U| _ n n=n 1 1 a a a 1 a a a a a a a a a CHARLOTTE MILKINS GERTRUDE M ILLKR EVELYN jU fLLS STELLA DEKLE MILTON [IIIKOTIIV MDI-5LEY JANE MOORE DOROTHY MOORHEAD MARION MORGAN FRANCIOS MOSLIOY MARY LOU MUHLEMAN LOUISE MULLINNIX MILDKKD M IWI.VI JULIA MUNROE MARGARET MURRAY JACQUELINE NAH.M MARTHA NEELD EDITH NEWMAN KATHRYX NEWTON MARGARET NICKLE ROMAINE NIGEL NYRA NiiONEY a a ifnJ M LUCY O ' DELL GOLDIE ODOM CHRISTINE ORR a a a CRAIG OWEN JUANITA PACE SUSAN PALMER ELSIE PARKER HELEN PARKER MARY ELIZABETH PARKER a a a a i FRANCES PARKS ELINOR PAYNE MARY PEGUES i ILGA PENA VIVIAN PENDER DOROTHY PERKIXi a 1 JOANNA PERKINS HELEN PERRY MYRTLE PICKRON ral la ALYS PILKINGTON ETHEL FAIR PILLANS BESSIE PINKOSON a a a a a a s. M. s eh D M S 5 d 1 HELEN DICKINSON PITTMAN LALUCE PLANCK MARGARET PORTER FANNIE KATE POUND JOYCE POWELL KATHLEEN POWELL ROSALIE POWELL NELL PRICE VIRGINIA PROUDLOVE MARY RAILEY RUTH RAINBOLT BETTY RAMER ELIZABETH RAMSAUR GRACE RANKIN MARY RANKIN SUE RANKIN SUSAN RANKIN PAULINE REESE FRANCES REGISTER JANIE LEE RHYNE MARIE RICHARDS Lv i pUl m VIRGINIA RIDGLEY ERNESTINE RITTER MARGERY ROBERSON MARTINE ROBEY MARGARET ROE LUCILLE ROSENBERG MATTIE MAE ROSS IONE RUBUSH EVELYN RUDD HELEN RUFER JUSTINE RUTLEDGE ANNIE MARY SANFORD CORDELLE SAWYER BETTY SCHNELL MABEL SCHOLZ HELEN SCHWEIGART ELIZABETH SCHWINN ADDIE LEE SCOTT EULA SEALEY DORIS SEALS ELIZABETH SEAY a a a a a 73 a a a a a 3 a i i a a 1 a a 1 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a BETTY SECOND HELEN SELIG MARGARET SELZNER MARION SEMBLER MARGUERITE SESSIONS RUBY HAYES SHACKELFORD ELIZABETH SHANDS LILLIAN SHAPIRO HELEN VERNE SHAW META SHAW SHIRLEY SHEPHERD LOUISE SIGMAN CATHERINE SIMMONS FAY SIMMONS JEANETTE SIMMONS HELEN SIPPLE JOSEPHINE SKEELS MARIE SLACK BETTY ELLEN SMITH DOROTHY SMITH LURLINE SMITH a a MARGARET H. SMITH MARY FRANCES SMITH THELJIA SMITH MILDRED SMOAK FLORENCE SMOCK MARIE SORENSON KILLIE SPEAKE DOUGLAS Sl ' i m NER ELLENE STANDLEY CHARLOTTE STEVENS MILDRED STEVENS LUCILLE STEWART ELIZABETH STOUT KATHLEEN STRANGE ELIZABETH STRINGFIELD DOROTHY STULTS LORENE SL ' MMERALL AGNES SUMMERS LOUISE SVINDAL CATHERINE TAKACH INA TAYLOR a I a I I I a a a a a riLi 1 nyi M a 1 a a a a 1 a 1 a a a g 1 •MARTHA MAYO TAYI.nl; ANN TEGDER JEAN TEDCER FRANCES GRAY THOMAS V IRG INI A T H O R N T O N FLORA ALICE TIMMONS EDITH TOFFALETTI FREDDA TOTTON OLIVE TOWLES ' I " KSS TRIESTE EDNA TROY MARGARET TRUELSc N VIRGINIA TUCKER FRANCES TULLY MARION TURNER VERA VAN ESS BESSIE VAN IDERSTINE MELVYNE WAHNISH VIRGINIA WALKER MARY BELLE WALSTON ELEANOR WARREN rd I I S MAMIE JOE WARREN MARY VIRGINIA WARREN- VIRGINIA WATKINS DOROTHY WATSON EDITH WATSON LOUISE WATSON FLORYLL WAY BETTY LOU WEEKS WILMA WEEKS ALEENE WEIDELE SARAH WESTBERRY ELIZABETH WHEELER MARTHA WHITAKER CARRIE WHITE EVA WHITE EILEEN WHITING JESSIE LEE WILDER SARA WILKINSON [MUMS Y I 1.1 .1 A. MS MARY WILLIAMS MARGARET WILLIS a a a M 1 1 1 a m a a a I [py qu : QUJ m ETHEL WILLOURE II !•] LION WII.Si IN MARY KATHERINE WILSON LOUISE WINBURN CONSTANCE WINDHAM MARGARET WOODS GEORGIA RUTH WORK MILDRED WRIGHT MILDRED YEARTY WILLIE MAE YEARTY KATHERINE YONGE pi FRESHMEN NOT PHOTOGRAPHED THURNA ALCHIN EVELYN ALFORD DORIS ANDERSON MABLE ANDERSON MARGARET ARNOLD HANNAH ASHKENAZA ' CLARA OLLIE AUSEN HELEN BAER EVELYN BAGGETT MARY ELLEN BAILEY DONNA BIGGS ESTHER BLATTNER MARA ' BOYD CORA BOYETTE MARA ' BRADLEY EDNA BROWN ELIZABETH BROWN MILDRED BROWNE EDNA BROWNING MA ' RA BUCKLEY ' BONNIE BURNS LILA ' CARTER JESSIE CHATHAM AIILDRED CLARK HELEN CLARK CATHERINE CODINGTON AIABEL COLLINS EMILY CROSLAND LAURA CROSLAND DOROTHY ' DAVIS LILA DEVORE MARGARET DODD JEAN DOLFS ROSA DOUB MABLE DOUGLAS JANE DRUMB BETTY ' DUNCAN ANNA BELLE DUVAL VIRGINIA EARLE FRANCES ELLENBURG CLI T IA EMBRY IDA ENGEL HELEN ENLOE DETTY EVANS IRMA FARR ALICE FERNANDEZ DARLENE GALLENTINE GERTRUDE GATES HELEN GILLES ZILPHIA GLOVER EVA GOODENOUGH RCSLA ' N GOODWIN ELEANOR GREEN- IRENE HAAS ELSTE HAMRICK ELIZABETH HARVEY LOIS HAZEL THELMA HENDERSON ANN HENDRY SOPHIE HERRING ELIZABETH HICKMAN EMMA HIGGINBOTHAM BETTY HINTERMISTER KATHERINE INGLIS MARA ' BLAIR JUNKIN MARGARET KADER NINA MAE KENDALL MYRTLE KERFOOT PAULINE KLIAIMT DERNICE KNOBLOCK THELMA KNOBLOCK JENNIE LANDRUM ALARY ' LANE ELIZABETH LANIER LORA LEE nadine love mary louise loa ' ell esther maige nell aiay ' es hattie Mccormick HAZEL McCOY MYRTLE McMILLAN LAURA MELTON SUSIE MEREDITH ELIZABETH MILLER MINNIE AIILLER ELLEN MOORE MARY ALICE MOORE MARY ' MOOTY VERNA MYERS JENNIE NALL ETHEL NELSON VIRGINIA NICHOLSON LOIS O ' HANLON IONE OLSEN MARGARET PARKER NELL PARKER EDITH PATTERSON MILDRED PATTERSON FELIZIA PETERS HELEN PHILLIPS DORIS PIERCE A ' IRGINIA POIDEVANT GWENDOLYN POWELL LOUISE RAULERSON FREDONIA RAWLINS ROBERTA REID SARAH ROBERTS MABEL ROUSSEAU GEORGIA SANDERSON LILLIAN SCHER CLARLES SITTON ALICE SLONE BURNELLE SMITH EDITH SMITH ELINOR SMITH LEONE SMITH MAVINE SMITH DOROTHEA STANDLEY DOROTHY STEIGELMAN MARA ' THOAIPSON ELSIE TIAIAIONS VIOLA TOWNSEND AIARY ' LOUISE TURNER LOU UNDERWOOD RUBY ' VANN DOROTHY ' WADE AIARY ' LOUISE WALTZ MARGARET WALTERS BEULAH WEEKS J U ANITA WEEKS MADELINE WEEKS RUTH WESTER M =: py " = =_ -u a 1 ,Td fnl_ MARGARET GAILLIARD Representative Student MARION GARDINER Popularity CLEMENTINE NEWMAN Intellectuality v9 £; — • 1 Jj Gailliard, Gardiner, Grady, Bird Griffin The EXECUTIVE BOARD of the COLLEGE GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION « i The purpose of the Executive Board is to formulate policies for submission to the Senate and the Association and to endeavor through conference with the Faculty Committee on Student Affairs to promote the best interests of the Student Body through the adoption of appropriate Legislation. MEMBERS MARGARET GAILLIARD President MARION GARDINER Chairman of Judiciary MARION GRADY Vice-President VIRGINIA BIRD Secretary NANNIE GRIFFIN Treasurer Gardiner, Clough, Jones, Gillies, Mathewson Makinson, Gailliard, Grady, Floyd, Griffin, Bird The JUDICIARY of the COLLEGE GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The purpose of the Judiciary is to ascertain offences against the rules of College Government and to try the offender, to help discover methods of assisting the student offender to adapt her- self earnestly to the highest college standards and to contribute her best to the advancement of her college community. MEMBERS MARION GARDINER Chairman AD ALINE CLOUGH, PEGGY JONES Senior Representatives ELIZABETH GILLIES, EUGENIA MATHEWSON Junior Representatives JOY MAKINSON Sophomore Representative MARGARET GAILLIARD President C. G. A. MARION GRADY Vice-President C. G. A. VIRGINIA BIRD Secretary C. G. A. NANNIE GRIFFIN Treasurer C. G. A. EFFIE FLOYD Chairman of the Residence Halls Chairmen ROBERTA MOORE President of Y. W. C. A. (ex-officio) " s Archer, Coker, Floyd, Gardiner Long:, Moon, Sanford -« - 01 The LOWER COURT of the COLLEGE GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION -» Lower court is one branch of the judicial department of Student Government. Its members are the chairmen of the various resi- dence halls. Its purpose is to insure the best possible student relationship within the dormitories. OFFICERS EFFIE FLOYD Chairman ESTELLE LONG Secretary MEMBERS DOROTHY ARCHER Broward Hall MILDRED COKER Lower Gilchrist Hall EFFIE FLOYD Reynolds Hall DAISY KELLY Lower Jennie Murphree Hall ESTELLE LONG Bryan Hall MONA MOON Upper Gilchrist Hall MAYS SANFORD Upper Jennie Murphree Hall EX-OFFICIO MEMBER MARION GARDINER Chairman of Judiciary Gailliard, Cardiner, Grady, Bird, Griffin, Archer, Long, Floyd, Sanford, Moon, Coker Hicks, Key, Tucker, Demontigne, Moore, Phillips, Jordan, Gray, Newman, Markey, Vinal Miller, Clough, Jones, Gillies, Mathewson, Makinson, Anson, McClellan, McGraw, McCredie, Sumner The SENATE of the COLLEGE GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The purpose of the Senate is to legislate and to establish regula- tions for the government of the Student Body. MEMBERS MARGARET GAILLIARD MARION GARDINER MARION GRADY VIRGINIA BIRD NANNIE GRIFFIN DOROTHY ARCHER ESTELLE LONG EFFIE FLOYD MAYS SANFORD DAISY KELLY MONA MOON MILDRED COKER DOROTHY HICKS MARY LOU KEY RUTH TUCKER CAROLINE DEMONTIGNE FAYE SUMNER ROBERTA MOORE MARION C. PHILLIPS MARGARET JORDAN HELEN GRAY CLEMENTINE NEWMAN ELIZABETH MARKEY JOY MILLER CARLEEN VINAL ADALINE CLOUCH PEGGY JONES ELIZABETH GILLIES GENIE MATHEVVSON JOY MAKINSON ROBERTA ANSON ERLINE McCLELLAN MARGARET McCRAW BERNICE McCREDIE viy Austin, Baker. Brinkley, Butler, Cornell, Day, Fagan, Green Irsh, Leibovitz, Leuders, Kramer, McCredie, Miller, Pierce, Ploeger, Price Robinson, Sembler, Sheldon, Tomkies, Townsend, Vinal, Whitthorne, Williams, Gillies FRESHMAN COMMISSION Freshman Commission is a group of girls chosen each spring from the Freshman Class by the Executive Board of College Gov- ernment Association. The function of this Commission is pri- marily to co-operate with and to help the College Government Association in every way possible and to create among the stu- dents a better feeling and an appreciation of College Government and a voluntary desire to support the organization. OFFICERS CARLEEN VINAL Chairman FRANCES WHITTHORNE Vice-Chairman KATHERINE TOMKIES Secretary MEMBERS ELOISE AUSTIN BERNICE McCREDIE ANNA MARGARET BAKER JOY MILLER NELL BRINKLEY ELIZABETH PIERCE RUTH BUTLER BETTY PLOEGER SALLY CORNELL DOROTHY PRICE HELEN DAY BETH ROBINSON DOROTHY FAGAN CORA SEMBLER MARY NEWTON GREEN MARY JANE SHELDON ELEANOR IRSH WILLIE CLAIRE SIMS MIRIAM LEIBOVITZ FOY TOWNSEND LADY JANE LEUDERS KATHRYN WILLIAMS ' EUNICE KRAMER SPONSOR ELIZABETH GILLIES Moore, Pope, Ruff, D. Tait, Myrick Krome, L. Tait, Miller, Dallett, Sanderson, Tunis, Nail, Marshall The EXECUTIVE CABINET of the YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION £» l The Y. W. C. A. is a campus organization which strives to inter- pret the needs of the students that all may realize a full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. In order to attain this goal, its members " seek to understand Jesus and to follow Him. " MEMBERS Officers ROBERTA MOORE President LUCY POPE Vice-President IRMA RUFF World Friendship Representative DOROTHY TAIT Secretary MILDRED MYRICK Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN MARY ELIZ. KROME MARY LOU SANDERSON LORELIE TAIT ELIZABETH TUNIS JOY MILLER SARA NALL VIVIAN DALLETT FRANCES MARSHALL EX-OFFICIO MARION GARDINER MARGARET GAILLIARD V 2 Anthony, Baya, Chiles, Chilson, Cosper, Crist Davis, Kelly, Makinson, Melin, Menendez, Miller, O ' Neil Rodriguez, Stout, Sumner, Tilley, Trotter, Vinal, Pope FRESHMAN CABINET Freshman Cabinet is a group of girls chosen in the spring of each year from the Freshman Class. They are nominated by the whole Student Body with the Executive Cabinet of the Y. W. C. A. doing the final selecting. The main function of this group is to act as a connecting link between the Young Women ' s Christian Association and the Fresh- man Class. MEMBERS Officers JOY MILLER MARY LEE DAVIS WILLIS ANTHONY ORPHIE MELIN ROSALIE BAYA MARTHA MENENDEZ HELEN CHILES JOY MILLER BLANCHE CHILSON PATRICIA O ' NEIL MARY ALICE COSPER MARY MAGDALENE RODRIQUEZ LOUISE CRIST DAPHNE STOUT MARY LEE DAVIS FAYE SUMNER ANTIONETTE GUENTNER MARY LAURA TILLEY SARA KELLY LILLIAN TROTTER JOY MAKINSON CARLEEN VINAL SPONSOR LUCY POPE %8I Jordan, Sabiston, Dallett, Marshall, Pope, Byrons Chase, Maxwell, L ' nkrich, Kaniss, Patterson, Bigham, Tootle The FLORIDA FLAMBEAU A newspaper published weekly by the students of the Florida State College for Women NEWS STAFF MARGARET JORDAN Editor BARBARA SABISTON Managing Editor VIVIAN DALLETT News Editor FRANCES MARSHALL Copy Editor BUSINESS STAFF MILDRED KANISS Business Manager ELOISE PATTERSON Advertising Manager JEAN BIGHAM, ISABELLE TOOTLE Circulation Managers COPY READERS BETTY UNKRICH CHARLOTTE CHASE SUE MAXWELL DEPARTMENTS LUCY POPE Society DORA BYRONS Features REPORTERS MARY GRAY IRENE SCHMEER DOROTHY MIDDY PATRICIA O ' NEIL THELMA BAKER EDNA WILSON EMILIE BEATTY TERRY GIL FLORENCE BEEVER CARLEEN VINAL JUDITH BIRNKRANT HILDA SCRUGGS ELIZABETH CHEATHAM BONITA BAILEY LOUISE KIHLER ETTA MAE HILL TOBIAH LOVITZ MARGARET ROYCE MARY McCLAMROCK KATHERINE TOMKIES EVELYN MARKS MARION HOBSON NELLIE MITCHELL MARY JANE SHELDON LILLIAN TROTTER MIRIAM LEIBOVITZ MARIE WILLIAMS ALVIDA FORESTER ELAINE WRIGHT V3 4 Gray, Broward, Hooper, Leibovitz, Price Miller, Mackey, Robinson, Dunn, Kerby, Terrill THE FLASTACOWO Yearbook of the Florida State College for Women published by the Junior Class j EDITORIAL STAFF HELEN GRAY Editor BESSIE HOOPER and MIRIAM LEIBOVITZ Assistant Editors RUTH PRICE Art Editor JOY MILLER Assistant Art Editor BETTY DUNN Picture Editor GRACE KERBY SDorts Editor BUSINESS STAFF VIVIAN BROWARD Business Manager DORIS TERRILL Assistant Business Manager MARJORIE MACKEY Advertising Manager BETH ROBINSON Assistant Advertising Manager = Newman, Bailey, Chase, Burnett Tomkies, Sumner THE DISTAFF The Distaff, literary publication, is issued quarterly. Its object is to encourage students to seek self-expression in that phase of literature which is most interesting to them. The Distaff, spinner of yarns, weaves into its fabric a flaming orange thread for drama, a scarlet thread for fiction, a royal purple one for informal essay ; mingled with these hues is the silver thread of poetry. The issues of 1931-1932 have blended these yarns into a pattern which marks a year ' s literary achievement on our campus. STAFF CLEMENTINE NEWMAN Editor-in-Chief BONITA BAILEY 1 J Assistant Editors ISABEL LANDRETH PERKINS CHARLOTTE CHASE Business Manager MILDRED BURNETT Circulation Manager KATHERINE TOMKIES Campus Comment FAYE SUMNER Exchange Editor Seals, Troy, Goza Lewis. Demontigne THE OPEN GATE The third year of the Freshman publication, the Open Gate, has proved it even more popular. Its material is composed of the best and most interesting work of the Freshman English classes, as well as additional contribution from the group as a whole. THE EDITORIAL BOARD DORIS SEALS Editor-in-Chief EDNA TROY Business Manager HAZEL GOZA Copy Editor CAROLINA DEMONTAGNE Make-up Editor EVELYN LEWIS Proof Editor j i@ • = Lf - I: ' PI Kerby, Chase, Partridge, Adair, Best, Didinger, Gillies Mathewson, Olmstead, Phillips, Sanderson, Smith, Spencer, White LIFE SAVING CORPS OFFICERS GRACE KERBY President CATHERINE CHASE Captain KATHERINE PARTRIDGE Secretary BILLY ADAIR Instructor MARJORIE MAYER Sponsor EXAMINERS BILLY ADAIR ELIZABETH GILLIES MILDRED OLMSTEAD JULIA SMITH ALICE BEST GRACE KERBY KATHERINE PARTRIDGE MARION SPENCER CATHERINE CHASE GENIE MATHEWSON MARION PHILLIPS SUE WHITE DOROTHY DIDINGER MARJORIE MAYER MARY LOU SANDERSON MEMBERS NAN MARTIN ALLEN BERNICE GALLENTINE PEARL MATTESON ALICE SAWYER RUTH ALLEN HAZEL GOZA FLORENCE MAYFIELD ALICIA SAXTON WILLIS ANTHONY JANE GRANT CHARLOTTE MAXWELL JEAN SCHLAPPICH DOROTHY ARCHER MARTHA GRANT RACHEL McKINNON IRENE SCHMEER ELIZ. AUTREY NANNIE GRIFFIN DOROTHY MIDDY LOIS SELVIDGE BETTY BAILEY ANTOINETTE GUENTNER MINNIE MILLER CORA SEMBLER BONITA BAILEY OLIVE HANEY WILMA MILTON HELEN SHEPHERD THELMA BAKER LOIS HAZEL ROBERTA MOORE RUTH SHEPHERD BETTY BALL HELEN HENDRIX RLANCHE MORGAN MARIE SLACK JANE BALL DOROTHY HICKS MARY MURRAY ANNA LOU SMITH KATHERINE BALLARD ETTA MAE HILL ROBERTA MURRELL FLORENCE SMOCK EDNA BEATTY BILLIE HODGES MURIEL NELSON VIRGINIA SOUTHARD JEAN BOYD JEWELL HOGG ELIZABETH NORTON BILLIE SPARKE NAN BOYD EMMA MAE HOLT IRENE NORTHUP ELIZABETH STEFFEE NINA BRASWELL BEVERLY HORN PATRICIA O ' NEIL CHRISTINE STENSTROM MARGARET BREWSTER FRANCES HOUCHARD INEZ OOTON EVELYN STILL ANNA LENORE BROWN MARJORIE HOWARD LOIS OSTLUND DOROTHY STOKES RUTH BUTLER JEANETTE HUMTLEY ALMA OYAMA MARJORIE STONER FLORENCE CAMERON FRANCES HURLIN SUSAN PALMER JULIA STRADLEY JESSIE CAMPBELL DOROTHY JENKINS FRANCES PARKS FAYE SUMNER ELIZ. CHEATHAM NAN JEWETT MARTHA PARRISH MARIE THOMPSON MILDRED COKER CAROLYN JOHNSTON HELEN PITTMAN MARY LAURA TILLEY RUTH DAVIS MARGUERITE JONES BETTY PLOEGER EDNA TROY HELEN DAY BEATRICE KELLEY DOROTHY PRICE RUTH TUCKER MARY DEBERRY SARA KING SHELIA WHITE ELIZABETH TUNIS MARY DOLIVE ELIZARETH LANCASTER CLYDE QUINA MARJORIE TYLANDER EFFIE DOUGLASS MARGARET LANCASTER MARY RAMER DOROTHY WATSON CATHERINE DUFFY EUNICE LANE MARIE RICHARDS LAURIE WESTON MYRTLE EDDY NANCY LANG VIRGINIA RIDGELY FRANCES WILLIS EVELYN EDENFIELD MARTHA LAUENBORG BETTY RIGGS SUSAN WHALTON MARGARET EDWARDS ELSA LAWSON NETTIE MAE ROBERTS GRACE WHITE MARION ELROD LILLIAN LEIGH MARTHA ROBERTSON SHELIA WHITE MARGARET FLOOK ELIZABETH JANE LEUDERS MARGARET ROE FRANKIE WHITTHORNE NETTIE MAE FLOWLER NANCY LYKES CHARLOTTE ROSENBURG GEORGIA RUTH WORK RHEA GALLACHER ABBIE LYLE HAZEL ROYALL LOUISE YERXA AIK, H VE. .sb ' aZHEi — J White, Gillies, Lueders, Clough, Coker, Didinger, Hicks, Hucks, Phillips, Royce Autrey, Chase, Gallacher, Gallentine, Greer, Gregg, Jenkins, Key, Mathewson, Southard Stone, Tootle, Beatty, Brown, Bush, Hardee, Milet, Norton, Reid, Smith Whitthorne, Bailey, Bowen, Brewster, Bristol, Burris, Clemons, Evans, Ferguson, Grooms Haight, Hall, Hamner. Hurlin, Johnson, Royall, Sigman, Tokach, Troy, Van Ess, Willoure PHYSICAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OFFICERS SUE WHITE President ELIZABETH GILLIES Vice-President LADY JANE LUEDERS Secretary-Treasurer HELEN HAGGERTY Sponsor HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY MISS KATHERINE MONTGOMERY MISS JOSEPHINE MORRISON MISS DOROTHY WHITE MISS MILDRED STEWART MISS MARJORIE MAYER MISS CATHLEEN CALLAHAN MISS HELEN HAGGERTY MISS HELEN VAN PELT STUDENT MEMBERS Seniors ADALINE CLOUGH JACQUELINE HUCKS MILDRED COKER MARION PHILLIPS DOROTHY DIDINGER MADELYN ROYCE DOROTHY HICKS SUE WHITE Juniors ELIZABETH AUTREY ELIZABETH GILLIES MARY LOU KEY CATHERINE CHASE ROSEBUD GREER GENIE MATHEWSON MATTIE SUE COLLINS ALICE GREGG VIRGINIA SOUTHARD RHEA GALLACHER DOROTHY RAE JENKINS YVONNE STONE BERNICE GALLENTINE ISABEL TOOTLE Sophomores RUTH ALLEN COLA HARDEE ROBERTA REID EDNA BEATTY LADY JANE LUEDERS JULIA SMITH ANNA L. BROWN MARION MILEY MARY WHITFIELD ELIZABETH BUSH ELIZABETH NORTON FRANCES WHITTHORNE VIRGINIA DYER Freshmen BETTY BAILEY LUCILLE FERGUSON MAMIE MILLER EMILIE BOWEN ROSALIND GROOMS HAZEL ROYAL MARGARET BREWSTER ELEANOR HAIGHT GEORGE SANDERSON WILMA BRISTOL FRANCES HALL MILDRED SIGMAN ELIZABETH BROWN JOSEPHINE HAMMER CATHERINE TOKACH JOSEPHINE BURRIS FRANCES HURLIN EDNA TROY REBECCA CLEMONS MILDRED JOHNSON VERA VAN ESS HELEN EVANS MILDRED LOVELL ETHEL WILLOURE i J MZ. Km h r, Schimmel, Brosnaham, Brainard, Doughtie, Briese, J. Anderson Willis, E. Anderson, Williams, Houck, Stimmel, Hoover, Weinstein, Ruff THE CLASSICAL CLUB The Classical Club serves as the Latin laboratory in which stu- dents reconstruct Roman private life. The study is worked out along group lines, there being four groups : Roman Antiquities, Roman Costume, Arts and Crafts, and Music. The groups are under the leadership of majors in Latin, and the laboratory serves as a training school for future teachers of Latin. OFFICERS LILLIAN KOCHER President VIRGINIA SCHIMMEL Vice-President CYNTHIA BROSNAHAM Secretary ISABEL BRAINARD Treasurer MARIE DOUGHTIE Publicity Chairman GROUP LEADERS Antiquities CYNTHIA BROSNAHAM, Chairman JANE ANDERSON ELIZABETH BRIESE FRANCES WILLIS Arts and Crafts LILLIAN KOCHER, Chairman ISABEL BRAINARD MARY MURRAY VIRGINIA SCHIMMEL Costume ELIZABETH ANDERSON, Chairman MARY ANN GATCH CLARA WILLIAMS LOUISE HOUCK Music ELIZABETH HOOVER, Chairman IRMA RUFF IDA WEINSTEIN BARBARA STIMMEL " i Cappleman, Bottari, Nicholson, Young, Williamson Duggan, Hulsey, Robson, Baker THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to encourage young women to have a greater interest in home and community life and to promote friendship and social intercourse between students interested in home economics work. - 1 OFFICERS DOROTHY CAPPLEMAN President INES LEE BOTTARI Vice-President MARY ELEANOR NICHOLSON Secretary DOROTHY YOUNG Treasurer IVA MAE ROBSON News Editor MARGARITE WILLIAMSON Senior Representative OLIVE DUGGAN Junior Representative SARA HULSEY Sophomore Representative MISS GRACE BAKER Sponsor - t ' Florida State College for Women ' s ORCHESTRA Director, Walter Ruel Cowles First Violins Horns ANNETTA HAMILTON, Concertmaster MARION C. PHILLIPS LEONARD R. COWLES RUTH HUGHES CAROLINE OXFORD ANNE BRANNING NELLIE MEEKS INEZ BOTTARI JUANITA HESS ZELLA WILLIAMS ALICE FERNANDEZ Second Violins HALLIE GRAHAM BEVERLY HORN SARA HAMMOND EDNA BROWN REBA DUNWODY JULIA BAKER CAROLINE MELBER Violas LILLIAN BRANAN CLARICE PARKER MILDRED BOSS LORELIE TAIT HELEN PEMBERTON MISS KOCH MISS SHARP Violoncellos Double Bass ALTA DEAHL MR. SELLERS NANCY IRONS BLANCHE CHILSON Oboe CAROLINE PHILLIPS MISS HERNDON MRS. SCHMIDT Flutes ANNA MERLE SIMMONS WILMA BRISTOL Saxophone MARGARET ROE JEANETTE SIMMONS Clarinets Trombones MARION A. PHILLIPS NELLIE PICHARD MATTY COLLINS VERA GREEN COLA HARDEE Bassoon MISS COTTON Trumpets MRS. SELLERS Tympani DOROTHY TAIT Harp MISS REEDER VIRGINIA RIDGLEY Piano MILDRED HURST HELEN CHILES Florida State College for Women ' s GLEE CLUB MR. G. WADE FERGUSON Director HELEN CHILES Accompanist RUTH CONRADI President BERYL STEINMEYER Secretary MARY DUNKLE. VIRGINIA MIDDLEBROOKS Librarians MARY DUNKLE RUTH CONRADI First Sojtranos MARY ANNE REGISTER DAPHNE STOUT Secon EMILY BEATTY EMILIE BOWEN VIRGINIA CROCKER HELEN HARTNESS FRANCES HUBERT JEANETTE HUNTLEY EDITH PATTERSON First LOIS ALEXANDER OPAL ATWATER ELOISE AUSTIN EDNA BROWNING FRANCES CONN EMILY CROSLAND MADELINE DUNCAN VERA MAE HAWSEY NANCY IRONS d Sopranos MARY SHELLEY BERYL STEINMEYER BARBARA STIMMEL LOIS STRANGE DOROTHY WEBB MADALAINE WEEKS Contraltos ELEANOR JENKINS BETTY KIERN VIRGINIA MIDDLEBROOKS MARION A. PHILLIPS RUTH SHEPHERD SHIRLEY SHEPHERD KITTY SITTON MARGARET SPAULDING JESSIE LEE WILDER Second Contraltos PAULINE BELL BETTY DANIELS MARY NEWTON GREEN JEAN HAMNER ROSALIND JACOBS ROSALIND KENNEDY PHYLLIS MARCELUS MARY McCOLLUM MARGARET NICKLE ALMA OYAMA MILDRED SEALS LILLIAN SHAPIRO BETTY ELLEN SMITH IDA WEINSTEIN LORA WINNEY ' -, " SPIROGIRA Founded October 12, 1924 Flower — Black Carnation Colors — Black and White Spirogira is an honorary for Odds. Members are chosen from the Odd classes for their outstanding leadership, loyalty and service. FACULTY MEMBERS MISS ANNA MAE TRACY MRS. GLADYS STORRS PROCTOR MISS EDITH WEST MRS. PEARL HENTZ BEVERLY MISS OLIVIA DORMAN MISS EZDA MAY DEVINEY MARY LOU KEY GENIE MATHEWSON JACK GRADY BUDDY AUTREY MARGARET TEAGUE VIVIAN BROWARD HELEN GRAY ELEANOR HAIGHT MEMBERS ROSE BUD GREER MARJORIE MACKEY ELIZABETH GILLIES LUCY POPE WILMA MILTON PLEDGES HATTIE NALL BARBARA SABISTON VgM ESTEREN Founded December 14, 1930 Esteren is a club to which Evens are eligible. Its purpose is to strengthen Even friendships and to help carry on the traditions of the Even classes. MISS ELIZABETH LYNN MISS LOUISE RICHARDSON FACULTY MEMBERS MISS HAZEL STEVENSON MEMBERS VIRGINIA BIRD ADALINE CLOUGH MARGARET GAILLIARD MARION GARDINER NANNIE GRIFEIN DOROTHY HICKS JOSEFINE HOFFMAN PEGGY JONES MARY ELIZABETH KROME MIRIAM LEIBOVITZ BESSIE HOOPER ELIZABETH JANE LEUDERS HARRIET McCORMICK PEGGY MURPHY CLEMENTINE NEWMAN MARION PHILLIPS ELIZABETH PIERCE LILIAN TROTTER RUTH TUCKER CARLEEN VINAL PLEDGES KATHRYN WILLIAMS sSM6) t V. V. CLUB Flower — Black Narcissus Motto — Dig, Sister, Dig OFFICERS SUSAN STOVALL Presiding V.V. K ATHERINE CARTER Gold Digger MARGARET STEVENS Keeper of Dates MEMBERS SUSAN STOVALL ELIZABETH SMITH KATHERINE CARTER KAYE GARDNER MARGARET STEVENS NYRA NOONEY DOROTHY NEWMAN ELIZABETH SHANDS JANICE PRINCE ELIZABETH DAVIS LUCY ANTHONY CLARIBELL HARDWICK MARY HILL BETTY BALL HARRIET ISLEY CLARICE KINSLAND SARA HINSON vgjggy Ayers, Haight, Roebuck, Whittaker, Gregory. Lykes. Stevens, Boyd, Warren, Yerxa COTILLION CLUB Founded 1910 Flower — Bachelor Button Colors — Green and White OFFICERS LOUISE YERXA President NANCY LANG Secretary-Treasurer = i MEMBERS DIMPLE ROEBUCK DOROTHY QUINA ROSE BUD GREER LOUISE YERXA NANCY LANG KAY WARREN ELEANOR HAIGHT CHARLOTTE STEVENS EDITH AYERS HELEN BOYD MARTHA WHITTAKER ELIZABETH GREGORY MARY VIRGINIA WARREN ELEANOR WARREN LOUISE LYKES WINIFRED HAGEN t Johnston, Nilson, Mesrinniss. Conradi, Flowers Tryon, Strunk, Longmire, Coulter, Parkhill Bruce, Beeson. Goodbread, Bennett, Hensel The ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION of the FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN GENERAL OFFICERS, 1931-32 President MRS. J. KENT JOHNSON 306 N. Adams Street, Tallahassee First Vice-President MRS. EDGAR CECIL NILSON 136 Park Lake Avenue, Or ' ando Second Vice-President MRS. B. A. MEGINNISS 528 East Park Avenue, Tallahassee Third Vice-President MISS LOUISE CONRADI 458 West College Avenue, Tallahassee Treasurer MISS MAUDE FLOWERS F. S. C. W., Tallahassee Recording Secretary MISS FLORENCE TRYON 510 West Park Avenue, Tallahassee Corresponding and Executive Secretary MISS LAURA STRUNK F. S. C. W., Tallahassee EXECUTIVE BOARD MISS ROWENA LONGMIRE, Ex-officio Tallahassee MRS. C. HUXLEY COULTER Quincy MISS KATHRYN MONROE 8 East Strong Street, Pensacola MRS. ROSS PARKHILL 809 Florida Theatre Building, Jacksonville MISS ANNIE BRUCE Postoffice Box 650, Orlando MRS. E. L. BEESON 222 Seventh St., N. W., Winter Haven MISS THELMA GOODBREAD Care Fla. Light and Power Co., Ft. Myers MRS. C. R. BENNETT 3101 Biscayne Boulevard. Miami MRS. VICTOR HENSEL 107 Gunlock, Tampa THE F. S. C. W. ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION vs 4 2 The Alumnae Association of Florida State College for Women, which was organized in 1909, now includes three thousand two hundred and fifty-eight members. Only those students who have received degrees from the College are eligible to unrestricted membership in the Association. However, associate membership is granted former students not holding degrees who have been in attendance at the College for two years or more in good standing. Application for associate membership must be made at the alumnae office. The Alumnae Association is now ending its third year with an executive secretary. Alumnae headquarters — a room beautifully furnished by the class of 1930 — are on the main floor of the Administration building. The greatest project of the Alumnae Association is the loan fund, which has grown from a sum of $100.00, set aside for a scholarship upon the organization of the Association, to the pres- ent value of approximately $5,000. Included in this sum are contributions from various classes, individual alumnae, and the College Pan-Hellenic Association. Every spring, alumnae " get-togethers " in the form of lunch- eons, dinners, or teas are held in all parts of the State with faculty representatives present from the College. Through these gatherings alumnae are kept in closer touch with their Alma Mate)-, and the great interest now being displayed in the organ- izing of alumnae clubs has come as a direct outgrowth of the annual spring program of alumnae activities. The first alumnae club was formed in New York in the fall of 1930, and the second in Jacksonville in January, 1931. Other clubs have been organized in Polk, Brevard, Broward, Escambia, and Hillsboro counties. The sponsoring each year of a play, presented by members of the college faculty, is another project on the alumnae calendar. The first " faculty play " was presented in the spring of 1929. The official publication of the F. S. C. W. Alumnae Association is the Alumnae News, which is issued by the secretary each month. The News attempts to give alumnae the " latest " about the alumnae, the faculty, the college, and the students. At the present time, alumnae of Florida State College for Women are found in forty-four states in the union, the District of Columbia, and in nine foreign countries. The Alumnae As- sociation is a member of the American Association of University Women and the American Alumni Council. ■ 1 GLIMPSES OF F. S. C. W. TORCH NIGHT FEALTY ODD DEMONSTRATION EVEN DEMONSTRATION MAY DAY TWO BY TWO FAMILIAR FIGURES HOT SHOTS PAN-HELLENIC iy ' Kappa Delta Kappa Alpha Chapter 1904 Chi Omega Gamma Chapter 1908 Alpha Delta Pi Iota Chapter 1909 Delta Delta Delta Alpha Eta Chapter 1916 Sigma Sigma Sigma Rho Chapter 1920 Sigma Kappa Omega Chapter 1920 Pi Beta Phi Florida Beta Chapter 1921 Delta Zeta Alpha Sigma Chapter 1924 Kappa Alpha Theta Beta Nu Chapter 1924 Zeta Tau Alpha Beta Gamma Chapter 1924 Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Beta Chapter 1925 Theta Upsilon Lambda Chapter 1925 Delta Phi Epsilon Iota Chapter 1925 Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Pi Chapter 1928 Phi Mu Alpha Epsilon Chapter 1929 Alpha Chi Omega Beta Eta Chapter 1929 Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Omega Chapter 1929 Beta Phi Alpha Psi Chapter 1931 Lambda Delta 1930 - i ft I «• — Jl 4 iM- fe Mac-key, Dickenson, Partridge, Sumner, McCormack, Ainsworth Douthat, Warren, Nelson, Saussy, Weston, MacNutt Booton, Adair, Anson, Hoffman, Hodsdon, Amstutz PAN-HELLENIC ASSOCIATION Elizabeth Markey President Mary Lou Sanderson Secretary MEMBERS M ARJORIE M ACKEY Kappa Delta JULIA DICKENSON ETHEL PARTRIDGE Chi Omega FAYE SUMNER HARRIET McCORM ACK Alpha Delta Pi BARBARA AINSWORTH ELEANOR DOUTHAT Delta Delta Delta KATHERINE WARREN RHETA NELSON Sigma Sigma Sigma VIRGINIA SAUSSY LAURIE WESTON Sigma Kappa MARGARET McLAUGHLIN LETA MacNUTT Pi Beta Phi JESSIE BOOTON BILLIE ADAIR Delta Zeta ROBERTA ANSON JOSEFINE HOFFMAN Kappa Alpha Theta LUCILE HODSDON Griffin, Crews, Wood, Sanderson. Btrnkrantz. Weinstein Altman. Markey, Love. Sabiston, Register. Webb Hicks, Key, Jordan, Nobles, Lewis, Scruggs PAN-HELLENIC ASSOCIATION The Pan-Hellenic Association of F. S. C. W. is composed of all fraternity women on the campus who unite to promote inter- fraternal good-will and fellowship. i - ; MILLICENT AMSTUTZ . PAT CREWS FRANCES WOOD JUDITH BERNKRANTZ MEMBERS . . Zeta Tau Alpha NANNIE GRIFFIN Alpha Gamma Delta ALICE KEYS . . . Theta Upsilon MARY LOU SANDERSON . Delta Phi Epsilon IDA WEINSTEIN LENORE ALTMAN Alpha Omicron Pi ELIZABETH MARKEY MARY LOVE Phi Mu BARBARA SABISTON MARIE REGISTER Alpha Chi Omega DOROTHY WEBB DOROTHY HICKS Alpha Xi Delta MARY LOU KEY MARGARET JORDAN Beta Phi Alpha EVELYN NOBLES ALICE LEWIS Lambda Delta HILDA SCRUGGS l 1 : Brosnaham, Dickenson, C. Newman, D. Newman, Robinson, Chase, Greer, Leigh M. Maekey, R. Mc Colsky, Anthony, Arnold, Bird, Bowis, Copeland, Frazer Hulsey, Maury, M. McColsky, A. Newman, Orr, Oxford, Quina, Teeter, Turnbull KAPPA DELTA Founded at Virginia State Normal in 1897 Colors — Green and White Flower — White Rose Publication — Angelos SOROR IN FACULTATE HELEN McKEAN SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 CYNTHIA BROSNAHAM MARGARITA CAWTHON JULIA DICKENSON CLEMENTINE NEWMAN DOROTHY NEWMAN DOROTHY ROBINSON Class of 1933 CATHERINE CHASE ROSEBUD GREER LILLIAN LEIGH MARJORIE MACKEY RUTH McCOLSKY MARGARET SHERRILL MARGARET STEVENS LUCY ANTHONY LOUISE ARNOLD MARY BELCHER MARY LILLA BEVAN VIRGINIA BIRD NELL BOWIS Class of 193 U ELMA COPELAND HELEN FRAZER SARA HULSEY BETTY MAURY MADA McCOLSKY AUDREY NEWMAN MOSELLA ORR EDNA OXFORD CLYDE QUINA DOROTHY TEETER MARGARET SCOTT TURNBULL Bazemore, H. Carter, M. C. Carter, Carlton, Davis, Dawson, Dunn, Edwards, Gregory Hammer, Johnson, Kirkland, Lindsey, Lyon, Mabry, L. Mackey, Owens, Perkins G. Rankin, S. Rankin, Robey, Rubush, Schnell, Shackleford, Sipple, Speake, Whitaker KAPPA DELTA Kappa Alpha Chapter Installed in 1904 Open Motto — " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest " PLEDGES MARGARET BAZEMORE HELEN CARTER MARY CATHERINE CARTER MARTHA CARLTON ELIZABETH DAVIS HELEN DAWSON ANNE LEE DUNN MARGARET EDWARDS ELIZABETH GREGORY JOSEPHINE HAMMER SARA B. JOHNSON NAN JEWETT HESTER KIRKLAND MARCIA LINDSEY MARIE LYON JANE MABRY LOUISE MACKEY MARTHA OWENS DOROTHY PERKINS DOROTHY QUINA GRACE RANKIN SUSAN RANKIN MARTINE ROBEY IONE RUBUSH BETTY SCHNELL RUBY HAYES SHACKLEFORD HELEN SIPPLE BILLIE SPEAKE LILLIAN TRAWICK DOROTHY WADE MARTHA WHITAKER L 1 ? " Campbell, Carmichael, Cockrell, Cone, Doushtie, Gailliard, Cannon Hale, Partridge. Ramsey, Thomas. Whiteside, Winston, Carter Cray, McClamrock. Roach, Baya, Kreher, Muhleman, Robuck CHI OMEGA Founded at Fayetteville, Arkansas, in 1895 Colors — Cardinal and Straw Flower — White Carnation Publication — Eleusis KATHLEEN CALLAHAN MRS. MILLER SORORES IN FACULTATE ROWENA LONGMIRE SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 ELIZABETH CAMPBELL IMOGENE CARMICHAEL CAROLINE COCKRELL SARAH CONE MARIE DOUGHTIE MARGARET GAILLIARD GRACE GANNON MARY HALE ETHEL PARTRIDGE ELIZABETH RAMSEY CAROLYN THOMAS MARY FRANCES WHITESIDE EDITH WINSTON Class of 1933 JANE ARCHER KATHERINE CARTER NANCY GRAY RUTH MASON Class of 193U ROSALIE BAYA MARGUERITE KREHER MARY LOU MUHLEMAN DYMPLE ROBUCK MARY McCLAMROCK JANE REED MARGARET ROACH MILDRED ROOT ELIZABETH SMITH FAYE SUMNER Root, Smith, Sumner, Buckner, Dudley, Dunwody, Daffin Edwards, Elrod, Graves, Guthrie, Keffer, N. Lykes, R. Lykes Mathis, Milton, Murphry, Pesues, Rankin, Shands, Simmonds CHI OMEGA Gamma Chapter Installed in 1908 xa Open Motto — " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals " PLEDGES ANNIE BELL ANTHONY NELL BETTS SARAH BUCKNER SUE DUDLEY REBA DUNWODY ESTHER DAFFIN MARY ADAIR EDWARDS MARION ELROD MAE GRAVES ELIZABETH GUTHRIE BILLIE KEFFER NANCY LYKES RUTH LYKES BETH MATHIS STELLA MILTON MARY VIRGINIA MURPHRY MARY PEGUES MARY RANKIN ELIZABETH SHANDS CATHERINE SIMMONDS CLARIBELL HARDWICK - i ' « = si Ainsworth. McCormack, Sullivan, Adams, Baxter, Copeland, Darby Fennell, Hedick, Law, McKethan, Bell, Bernard, Hinson ALPHA DELTA PI Founded at Wesleyan College in 1851 Colors — Blue and White Flower — Violet Publication — Adelphean SORORES IN FACULTATE HELEN HAGERTY LEONORA SMITH LUCY LESTER SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 BARBARA AINSWORTH FRANKIE MAYFIELD Class of 1933 MARY ADAMS ALICE BAXTER POALA COPELAND MARY CALL DARBY IDA STRIPLING FENNELL HARRIET McCORMACK VIRGINIA SULLIVAN MARJORIE FOWLER KATHERINE HEDICK HARRIETTE ISLEY EMMA LAW DOROTHY McKETHAN U HfSEB WC ' Ws m i§p2§iilll y Strictland, Allen, Ball, Bothwell, Duncan, Hutt, Kinsland Mayfield, Mills, Munroe, Palmer, J. Shaw, O. Shaw, Towles ALPHA DELTA PI Iota Chapter Installed in 1909 Open Motto — " We live for each other " Class of 193 b PAULINE BELL SARA HINSON ELIZABETH BERNARD FRANCES STRICTLAND PLEDGES ELIZABETH ALLEN MARION McCORMICK BETTY BALL EVELYN MILLS EUGENIA BOTHWELL JULIA MUNROE CAROLYN DUNCAN SUSAN PALMER EMILY HUTT JESSE SHAW CLARICE KINSLAND OLIVE SHAW FLORENCE MAYFIELD OLIVE TOWLES PL MMEL -=s is 5? tag Douthat. Metcalfe, Ballowe. Dunn, Phillips, K. Warren Brenner, Cooper, Game, C. Johnson, Lewis, Miller Nance, O ' Neil, Price, Walsh, Ware, Ball, Bixler L DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded in Boston, Mass., in 1888 Colors — Silver, Gold, Blue Flower — Pansy Publication — Trident SORORES IN FACULTATE CHARLOTTE JELKS KATHERINE MONTGOMERY SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 ELEANOR DOUTHAT DOROTHY BALLOWE BETTY DUNN MARION PHILLIPS BETTY JANE BRENNER EVELYN COOPER LOUISE GAME MARGARET HANFORD CAMERON JOHNSON PLACIDE LEWIS WINIFRED METCALFE Class of 1933 KATHERINE WARREN JEAN YONGE Class of 193 U CATHERINE MILLER REBECCA NANCE PATRICIA O ' NEIL DOROTHY PRICE HELEN WALSH VIRGINIA WARE Boyd, Burris, Dorsey, Duval, G. Johnson, McCollom Mercer, Nahm. Payne, Roberson, Rollins, Sealey, Smoak A. Tegder, E. Warren, J. Tegder, Watson, Williams, B. Yonge, K. Yonge DELTA DELTA DELTA Alpha Eta Chapter Installed in 1916 Open Motto — " Let us steadfastly love one another " A ML JANE BALL HELEN BIXLER HELEN BOYD JOSEPHINE BURRIS MAE DORSEY ADELAIDE DUVAL GERTRUDE JOHNSON MARY McCOLLUM CHRYSTELLE MERCER JACQUELINE NAHM ELINOR PAYNE PLEDGES MARJORIE ROBERSON ELIZABETH ROLLINS EULA SEALEY MILDRED SMOAK ANNE TEGDER JEAN TEGDER ELEANOR WARREN DOROTHY WATSON DORIS WILLIAMS BETTY YONGE KATHERINE YONGE -=S . 5£ fe- " Si g Atkins, Didinger, Johnson, Nelson, Anderson Davis, Jones, Saussy, Baggrs, Dormany, Driver SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Founded at Farmville, Virginia, in 1898 Colors — Purple and White Flower — Violet Publication — Triangle SOROR IN FACULTATE FLORENCE TRYON SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 EMILY ATKINS MARY ETTA JOHNSON DOROTHY DIDINGER RHETA NELSON Class of 1933 MARJORIE ANDERSON ETHEL JONES I ' ARKE DAVIS VIRGINIA SAUSSY V5? S Adams. Certain, Jefferies, Keller, Kramer McQuarrie, Metcalf, Stringfield, Timmons, Van Ess, Weeks SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Rho Chapter Installed in 1920 Open Motto— " Faithful unto Death " Class of 1934 MARION DRIVER JOSEPHINE BAGGS RUTH DORMANY EDNA ADAMS MARIE CERTAIN MARTHA JEFFERIES CATHERINE KELLER EUNICE KRAMER FRANCES McQUARRIE PLEDGES ELTA FRANCES METCALF ELIZABETH STRINGFIELD FLORA ALICE TIMMONS VERA VAN ESS WILMA WEEKS 52 r 32 S2 " 3S Sf •= 25 = . ui r - aSS j82 4 V9 (? l Caldwell. D. Cawthon, M. Hunt. A. L. Smith, Weston Baldwin, Teague, White, Behinger, Chilson, Cook Donnell, Fox, V. Hunt. Morgan, Parramore, Ploeger SIGMA KAPPA Founded at Colby College, Waterville, Maine, in 1874 Colors — Maroon and Lavender Flower — Violet Publication — Triangle SORORES IN FACULTATE GLADYS STORRS PROCTOR LEILA VENABLE SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 MARIAN YOUNG HELEN CALDWELL DOROTHY CAWTHON MILDRED HUNT JESSIE BALDWIN MILDRED CAWTHON CLARICE PARKER ANNA LOU SMITH LAURIE WESTON Class of 1933 MARGARET TEAGUE MARCIA WHITE Stuart, Coombs, Fanning, Foxworthy, Gray II, if 11, Hosea, Knight, McClure, McKinnon, Newton Parker, Ramer, M. Smith, Swindal, Taylor, Walker SIGMA KAPPA Omega Chapter Installed in 1920 Open Motto— " One Heart, One Way " DOROTHY BEBINGER BLANCHE CHILSON MARGARET COOK BERNICE DONNELL MARY LOU FOX VIRGINIA HUNT HELEN COOMBS FLORENCE DANIELLS JO FRANCES FANNING MARY LOUISE FOXWORTHY HELEN MARGARET GRAY WINIFRED HAGEN SARAH HOSEA ESSIE NELL KNIGHT DOROTHY McCLURE Class of 193 U MARGARET McLAUGHLIN BLANCHE MORGAN NINA PARRAMORE BETTY PLOEGER MARY ELIZABETH STUART PLEDGES RACHEL McKINNON KATHERINE NEWTON MARY ELIZABETH PARKER BETTY RAMER MARGARET SMITH LOUISE SWINDAL INA TAYLOR VIRGINIA WALKER % tm- l - Bell, Clough, Lang. MacNutt, Sessoms. Booton Gray, Henderson, Kelley. Pope, Stovall, Anderson, Aulls Robinson, Smith, Andrews, Ballard, J. Beazley, P. Beazley, Chamylin PI BETA PHI Founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, in 1867 Colors — Wine and Silver Blue Flower — Wine Carnation Publication — Arrow SOROR IN FACULTATE ELIZABETH GRIFFING SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 MARY EDNA BELL ADALINE CLOUGH ANNIE MAE HENDERSON JESSE BOOTON HELEN GRAY ELIZABETH KELLEY ANITA ANDERSON DOROTHY AULLS IDA GAUTIER MARY HILL NANCY LANG LETA MACNUTT WINIFRED SESSOMS Class of 1933 LUCY POPE SUSAN STOVALL Class of 1934 SARA LOGAN BETH ROBINSON BETTY SMITH ■■ K asJJ ttxTM T Cole, Freeman. Gardner, Gilliam, Goodwin, Haynie, Knight Makinson, McCrea, McMinn, Neeld, Nooney, Owen, Pilkington Pillans, Railey, Stevens, Taylor, Warren, Wilson, Wright, J. Moore PI BETA PHI Florida Beta Chapter Installed in 1921 RAE ANDREWS KATHERINE BALLARD JOAN BEAZLEY MARGARET BEAZLEY ALICE CHAMPLIN NATALIE COLE DOROTHY FREEMAN KATHRYN GARDNER MILDRED GILLIAM ROSE GOODWIN EVELYN HAYNIE ELEANOR KNIGHT CLAUDIA LOGAN FRANCES LURVEY JOY MAKINSON PLEDGES ELEANOR McCREA MARTHA ALICE McMINN JANE MOORE MARY ALICE MOORE MARTHA NEELD NYRA NOONEY CRAIG OWEN ALYS PILKINGTON ETHEL FAIR PILLANS MARY RAILEY CHARLOTTE STEVENS MARTHA TAYLOR MARY VIRGINIA WARREN HELEN WILSON MILDRED WRIGHT 1 Anson, Murphy, Adair, Allan, Grady, Murrell E. Nicholson, Tyler, Bridges, Bruce, Burnett Irsch, Mathews, M. E. Nicholson, Stout, Boyd DELTA ZETA Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1902 Colors — Rose and Green Flower — Killarney Rose Publication — The Lamp SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 ROBERTA ANSON MARGARET ROBERTS MARGARET MURPHY Class of 1933 BILLY ADAIR MARION GRADY MARY ALLAN ROBERTA MURRELL JOSEPHINE ALLEN EUNICE NICHOLSON MARY LOU ANDERSON VIRGINIA TYLER ALICE BUFORD Class of 193 U CLARA BRIDGES ANNE MATHEWS MARGARET BRUCE MARY ELEANOR NICHOLSON DOROTHY BURNETT DAPHNE STOUT ELEANOR IRSCH Brantley, Brooks, Campbell, Constantine, Clemens, Edwards Hinds, D. Home, K. Home, Jones, Midgley R. Powell, Pittman, Shaw, Truelson, Tryon DELTA ZETA Alpha Sigma Chapter Installed in 1924 JEAN BOYD MARION BRANTLEY HAZEL BROOKS VIRGINIA CAMPBELL ELIZABETH CONSTANTINE REBECCA CLEMENS DOROTHY EDWARDS IRMA HINDS DOROTHY HORNE PLEDGES KATIE HORNE MARY MARTHA JONES NITA MIDGLEY GWENDOLYN POWELL ROSALIE POWELL HELEN PITTMAN HELEN VERNE SHAW MARGARET TRUELSON MARGARET TRYON 2S 3g 2S ik J. Anderson, Hoffman, M. L. Hughes, Jones, Krome, Mcintosh Sullivan, Hemmings, Hicks, Hodsdon, Askew Cason, Cornell, E. Hushes, Peters, A. Anderson KAPPA ALPHA THETA Founded at DePau University in 1870 Colors — Black and Gold Flower — Black and Gold Pansy Publication — KA6 Magazine 1 SORORES IN FACULTATE MONA ALDERMAN MILDRED FINNEGAN HOPE BASKETTE JENNIE TILT EDITH COTTON EDITH WEST SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 JANE ANDERSON MARY ELIZABETH KROME JOSEFINE HOFFMAN EDNA MAE McINTOSH MARGARET LEE HUGHES MARION PHILLIPS PEGGY JONES MARGARET SULLIVAN Class of 1933 ALYCE HEMMINGS LUCILLE HODSDON ANNIE LOiS HICKS LILLIAN WOOD V94 S Baxley, Carol. Fulks, Gillogly, Gregg, Holt Hughes. Jackson. Kimball. Miley. Milkins Orr. Phillips, Taylor, Watkins, Wood KAPPA ALPHA THETA Beta Xu Chapter Installed in 1924 Class oi 193!+ SUNSHINE ASKEW EMILY HUGHES MARY KATHERINE CASON MARTHA PETER; SALLY CORNELL ANGELA ANDERSON VIRGINIA BAXLEY DOROTHY CAREL VELMA FULKS MARY JO GILLOGLY ALICE GREGG VIRGINIA HOLT HELEN HUGHES PLEDGES EDWINA JACKSON BETTY KIMBALL MARION MILEY CHARLOTTE MILKINS CHRISTINA ORR DOROTHY TAYLOR VIRGINIA WATKINS % e; Cappleman, Connell, S. Corbett, Griffin, Kaniss McClellan. Stanfill. Amstutz, Rice, Shepherd, Williams Anderson, Burnett, Green, Hancock, Adkins, Caro y y a ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded 1898 Colors — Gray and Blue Flower — White Violet Publication — Themis SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 DOROTHY CAPPLEMAN MARY CONNELL SYBIL CORBETT NANNIE GRIFFIN THELMA HANNON MILDRED KANISS ERLINE McCLELLAN LUCILE STANFILL MILLICENT AMSTUTZ ELIZABETH CERMACK HAZEL MIDDLETON GLENDA RICE Class of 1933 ELIZABETH ROOT HELEN SHEPHERD CLARA WILLIAMS MARGARET WOODWARD WLm Clarkson, E. Corbett, Crosby, Faxon, Finlay, Gardner Harrison, Henderson, Huffman, Jones, Kaigler, Lewis Parker, Perkins, Reese, Thornton, Whitfield, Whitlock ZETA TAU ALPHA Beta Gamma Chapter Installed in 1924 Open Motto — " Seek the noblest " MARY BLAIR ANDERSON KATHERINE BENSEL MILDRED BURNETT MARY NEWTON GREEN HAZEL ADKINS LUCILE CARO EDITH CLARKSON EDNA CORBETT ROSE CROSBY BILLIE FAXON ELIZABETH FINLAY MARGUERITE GARDNER SUE HARRISON DOROTHY HENDERSON Class of 193A BERENICE HANCOCK SARAH HEARD ADA WOODWARD PLEDGES MARIE HUFFMAN ELIZABETH JONES FRANCES KAIGLER ROSALIE LEWIS HELEN PARKER JOANNA PERKINS PAULINE REECE VIRGINIA THORNTON VIRGINIA WHITFIELD KILMER WHITLOCK " » Best. Burford, Gary, Keys, Moore Pittman, Bailey, Bottari, Crews, Heath, Lamar Long, McGraw, Middlebrooks, Reynolds, H. Turner, M. Turner . « - ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Founded at Syracuse University in 1904 Colors — Red, Buff, Green Publication — ATA Quarterly SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 ALICE BEST VIRGINIA BURFORD BERYL WING COLLINS FRANCES GARY Flower — Red Rose DOROTHY HEFNER ALICE KEYS ROBERTA MOORE MIRIAM PITTMAN Class of 1933 BONITA BAILEY INES LEE BOTTARI HATTIE RUTH CREWS BILLIE HEATH ELEANOR HERBERTSON KATE LAMAR KATHLEEN LONG MARGARET McGRAW ELEANOR McNEIL VIRGINIA MIDDLEBROOKS OPAL SHOLZ SELMA REYNOLDS HELEN TURNER MARGARET TURNER Austin, Hall, Hopkins. Martin, Scarborough Williams, Adams, Cowart, Cox, Duncan, Hartness Jones, Logan, Markham, Maxwell, Townsend, Turner ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Gamma Beta Chapter Installed in 1925 ELOISE AUSTIN VIRGINIA CROCKER ORLINE HALL LAURA HOPKINS GWEN ADAMS VIRGINIA COWART CHRISTINE FOX VIRGINIA DUNCAN HELEN HARTNESS BILLIE HODGES Class of 193U EDNA MARTIN SUE SCARBOROUGH ELOISE WILLIAMS PLEDGES NELLE JONES SARAH BUTLER LOGAN ANNA MARKHAM SARAH MAXWELL VIOLA TOWNSEND MARION TURNER m - KI Chase, Cruise, Hamilton, Wood Johnston, Rigell, Sanderson, Warren, Grant THETA UPSILON Founded at University of California in 1914 Colors — Rainbow Flower — Iris Publication — The Dial CHARLOTTE CHASE MARGARET CRUISE ANNETTA HAMILTON SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 ANNE HELMS MARGUERITE WILLIAMSON FRANCES WOOD KATHLEEN JOHNSTON DORIS POST Class of 1933 DOROTHY RIGELL MARY LOU SANDERSON ' £ : MHMB H Hj Hall, Helms, Lanier, McBride, Perry Post, Roe, Sorenson, Tompkies. Williamson THETA UPSILON Lambda Chapter Installed in 1925 Open Motto — " Let there be light " JANE GRANT KATHERINE TOMPKIES FRANCES HALL ELIZABETH LANIER GLADYS McBRIDE Class of 193 U MAY VICKERY MERCEDES WARREN PLEDGES HELEN PERRY MARGARET ROE MARIE SORENSON - tP SB 5gfe 5 H£s t€ » Glasser, Katz, Klepper, Ossinsky, Feinberg, Scher Simovitz, Weinstein, Argintar. Birnkrant, Jacobs, Leibovitz Lovitz, Rosenberg Urn- DELTA PHI EPSILON Founded at New York University in 1917 Colors — Purple and Gold Flower — Pansy Publication — The A DE SORORES IN COLLEGIO RUTH GLASSER BIRDIE KATZ IRMA FEINBERG ROSEBELLE SCHER FLORENCE ARGINTAR JUDITH BIRNKRANT ROSALIND JACOBS MIRIAM LEIBOVITZ TOBIAH LOVITZ Class of 1932 MALVINA KLEPFER JEANNETTE OSSINSKY Class of 1933 MILDRED SIMOVITZ IDA WEINSTEIN Class of 193 A CHARLOTTE ROSENBERG DOROTHY ROTH FAYE SAFER FLORENCE SOSKIS FLORENCE STEINBERG Roth, Safer, Soskis, Steinberg. Berman, N. Broudy S. Broudy, Cohen, Davidson, Fleet, Kaufman, Mendelson L. Rosenberg, Shapiro, Wahnish DELTA PHI EPSILON Iota Chapter Installed in 1925 Open Motto — " Esse Quam Videri " HANNAH ASHKENAZY INK . HERMAN NATALIE BROUDY SYLVIA BROUDY CYDEL COHEN BEATRICE DAVIDSON PLEDGES PEARL FLEET CHARLOTTE KAUFMAN FLORENCE MENDELSON LUCILLE ROSENBERG LILLIAN SHAPIRO MELVYNE WAHNISH t - gg?s= m Byers, Gehan, Markey, Altman Knapp, Pilkington, Barker, Davis, Fitz %»-■■ ALPHA OMICRON PI Founded at Barnard College, New York City, in 1897 Colors — Cardinal Flower — Jacqueminot Rose Publication — To Dragma SOROR IN FACULTATE HELEN DAVIS KATHRYN BYERS JULIA GEHAN LENORE ALTMAN RUTH CONRADI SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 ELIZABETH MARKEY Class of 1933 FRANCES KNAPP EVELYN PILKINGTON VS 5. Sheldon, Shepard, Spence, Ayrcs Carter, Hudson, Ridgell. Walker, Williams ALPHA OMICRON PI Alpha Pi Chapter Installed in 1928 ELEANOR BARKER MARY LEE DAVIS DOROTHY FITZ EDITH AYRES MARGARET CARTER BETH KEHLER LORAINE HUDSON Class of 193 U MARY JANE SHELDON PEARL SHEPARD JENELLE SPENCE PLEDGES CHRISTINE RIDGELL RUTH WALKER MILDRED WILLIAMS m . -si ; • . 2£ Clement, Craig, Love, Milam, Yerxa V. Broward, Sabiston, Stowe, Tribhle, Van Voorhis, Bazler G. Broward, Cheatam, Hooper, Hopkins. Little. Railey PHI MU Founded at Wesleyan College in 1852 Colors — Rose and White Flower — Enchantress Carnation Publication — Aglaia SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 DASIBELL CLEMENT ALPHA RAILEY MILAM ELIZABETH CRAIG LOUISE YERXA MARY LOVE VIVIAN BROWARD BARBARA SABISTON KAY STOWE Class of 1933 ELIZABETH TRIBBLE ISABELLE VAN VOORHIS Tilley, Tucker, Whitthorne, Brown, Carroll, Durden Griffing, Haight, Hill, King, Mason, Parks Pierce, Ramsaur, Riggs, Shaw, Simpson, Wilkerson PHI MU Alpha Epsilon Chapter Installed in 1929 Open Motto — " Les Soeurs Fideles " Class of 193!, JEANETTE BAZLER LEE LITTLE GERTRUDE BROWARD SARAH RAILEY ELIZABETH CHEATAM MARY LAURA TILLEY BESSIE HOOPER RUTH TUCKER JANE HOPKINS FRANCES WHITTHORNE PLEDGES MILDRED BROWN FRANCES PARKS SUE CARROLL MARGARET PIERCE MADGE DURDEN ELIZABETH RAMSAUR FLORENCE GRIFFING BETTY RIGGS ELEANOR HAIGHT META SHAW ELOISE HILL RUBY SIMPSON BETTY KING SARAH WILKERSON MARION MASON ■« G G) f m Conroy, Hucks, Register. Webb, Zachary, Ambrose, Covington Gillies, Graham, Gray, Hogg, Price, Robertson. Seals, Southard Tunis, Tylander, Baker. Chiles, Cosper, Deahl, Mitchell, Robson ALPHA CHI OMEGA Founded at DePauw University in 1885 Colors — Scarlet and Olive Green Flower — Carnaticn Publication — The Lyre SORORES IN FACULTATE BERENICE DEETZ ELLA HILL LEE JOSEPHINE MORRISON SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 MARGERY CONROY JACQUELYN HUCKS MARIE REGISTER ELIZABETH AMBROSE EVELYN COVINGTON ELIZABETH GILLIES HALLIE GRAHAM MARY GRAY ANNA HOGG DOROTHY WEBB ALICE ZACHARY Class of 1933 RUTH PRICE MARTHA ROBERTSON MILDRED SEALS VIRGINIA SOUTHARD ELIZABETH TUNIS MARJORIE TYLANDER VSf- Smith, Still, Terrell, Brown, C ollins, DeMontigne, Ellis Eyster, O. Gray, Hamner, Jordan, E. Lane, L. Lane, Limberick, Mabyn, Murray Pickron, Ramsey, F. Register, Rufer, Standley, Strange, Walker, Wheeler, White ALPHA CHI OMEGA Beta Eta Chapter Installed in 1929 Open Motto — " Together let us seek the heights " ANNA MARGARET BAKER HELEN CHILES MARY ALICE COSPER ALTA DEAHL ALICE MITCHELL ELEANOR BARD DOROTHY BROWN IRENE COLLINS CAROLINA DeMONTIGNE LOUISE ELLIS MARGARET EYSTER OPAL GRAY JEAN HAMNER JOSEPHINE HENDLEY GERTRUDE JORDAN EUNICE LANE LOUISE LANE MARY LIMERICK Class of 1934 IVA MAE ROBSON JULIA SMITH EVELYN STILL DORIS TERRELL PLEDGES VIRGINIA MABYN MARGARET MURRAY MYRTLE PICKRON MIRIAM RAMSEY FRANCES REGISTER HELEN RUFER BETTY SIMPSON ELLENE STANDLEY LOIS STRANGE MARY WALKER BETTY WHEELER EVA WHITE tc e; t » Clark, Deese, Hicks, McCoIlum, Lauenborj; Linnemeier, Key, Mathewson, Patterson, Roberts Stone, Wharton, Wheeler, Dolive, Fine, Harrison ALPHA XI DELTA Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, in 1893 Colors — Double Blue and Gold Flower — Kilarney Rose Publication — The AEA SORORES IN FACULTATE NORMA BAUER ALETHEA SMITH ANNA MAE SHARP SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 MARY RUTH CLARK SARA DEESE DOROTHY HICKS MARTHA LAUENBORG HELEN LINNEMEIER MARY LOU KEY GENIE MATHEWSON ELOISE PATTERSON MARY McCOLLUM FRANCES PEDIGO Class of 1933 MARGARET ROBERTS YVONNE STONE MARGARET WHARTON DOROTHY WHEELER McCredie, Powell, Reid, White, Bailey Dawkins, Fisher, Fritsch, Garfunkel, Getchell, Jones Kemp, Newman, Pace, Rainbolt, Smith, Stout ALPHA XI DELTA Alpha Omega Chapter Installed in 1929 m i MARY DOLIVE CAROLINE FINE FRANCES HARRISON BERNICE McCREDDIE BETTY BAILEY MERVIN DAWKINS BETTY EVANS GENEVA FISHER HELENMARY FRITSCH BARBARA GARFUNKEL ANNE GETCHELL CRYSTAL JONES Class of 19 ' 3 U SARA POWELL ROBERTA REID BETTY WHITE PLEDGES VIRGINIA KEMP EDITH NEWMAN JUANITA PACE NADENE PURSLEY RUTH RAE RAINBOLT THELMA SMITH ELIZABETH STOUT MARY THOMPSON i vr =- 5 2s Clarke. Jordan, Spencer, Hall, Hopf McLean, McCormick, Nobles, Shelton, Young: BETA PHI ALPHA Founded at University of California in 1909 Colors — Green and Gold Flower — Tea Rose Publication — Aldebaran SOROR IN FACULTATE MARJORIA MAYER SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 DOROTHY CLARKE MARGARET JORDAN MILDRED HALL EULA HOPF MYRA McLEAN ELIZABET H McCORMICK MARIAN SPENCER Class of 1933 EVELYN NOBLES VIRGIE SHELLTON DOROTHY YOUNG Baker, Butler, Burt, Green, Keys Houchard, Lenfestey, McLeod, Meares, Seals, Weidele BETA PHI ALPHA Psi Chapter Installed in 1931 Open Motto — " Scientia, Virtus, Amicitia " Class of 193 If THELMA BAKER RUTH BUTLER PLEDGES EVELYN BURT MARGARET MeLEOD FRANCES FRIDAY EUGENIA MEARES VERA GREEN DORIS SEALS FRANCES HOUCHARD ALEENE WEIDELE MARIAN KEYS ELSIE WILLIAMS JESSIE LENFESTEY «=3ft Is ss SB 2S 3S gg L. M. Kelly, Lewis, Cameron, Scruggs R. Kelly, Lee, Weinberg, Bristol LAMBDA DELTA Organized at Florida State College for Women in 1930 Colors — Green and Gold Flower — Forget-me-Not A SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1932 LAURA MAE KELLY ALICE LEWIS A Class of 1933 FLORENCE CAMERON HILDA SCRUGGS RUTH KELLY DORIS LEE WILMA BRISTOL Class of 193 % MARGARET WEINBERG PLEDGES DOROTHY WRIGHT MRS. B. K. MARSHALL 0M MRS. O. S. LANIER xn MRS. CHARLES HOPF B0A MRS. J. N. SIKES AAn MRS. G. D. GILLILAND ATA MRS. JONNIE SANDLIN riBe MISS ROSE SHULHAFER AGE MRS. MARY BLAND AEA MISS ANNIE FULLER 111 MRS. VIRGINIA TURNBULL SLOAN MISS ROSE DENHAM Director of Residence Halls Jennie Murphree MRS. MARGARET S. SAYNOR MISS MAMIE ANDREWS Gilchrist Reynolds MRS. GEORGE SCANDR ETT MRS. FLOSSIE CURRY Bryan MRS. LOLLIE WIMBERLY Gilchrist Jennie Murphree MISS IDA R. ROWAN Reynolds MRS. JOSEPHINE LEVEY a e n ■ K MRS. T. R. CROVATTE ZA MRS. A. D. DRYSDALE IK MRS. AGNES PERKINS KA MRS. MELANIE TURNER Bryan MRS. GRACE L. GIBSON ZTA MIS ' S CHARLOTTE JELKS D. rector of Off Campus Houses MRS. ELLA HILL LEE AXQ MRS. SEYMOUR GRADY 0Y MRS. A. L. WEBB KA0 CHAPERONES Gailliard, Gardiner, Jones, Jordan. Krome Newman, Ruff MORTARBOARD Founded at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, in 1918. Torch Bearer Chapter installed in 1931 FACULTY MEMBERS KATHRYN T. ABBEY RUTH SCHORNHERST ANNA MAE SHARP DOROTHY SHOGREN STUDENT MEMBERS MARGARET GAILLIARD MARY ELIZABETH KROME MARION GARDINER CLEMENTINE NEWMAN PEGGY JONES IRMA RUFF MARGARET JORDAN Mortar Board is the one national honorary fraternity for Senior women. It was founded in 1918 with four chapters and now has forty-nine chapters throughout the United States. The qualifications for Mortar Board membership are based on the motto: " Service, Scholarship, Leadership. " Its purpose is primarily to promote loyalty among college students, to create a spirit of fellowship and service, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to encourage leadership, and all in all, to develop a finer type of college woman. Each year the members of Mortar Board in the different chapters adopt some kind of a service program whereby they endeavor to render some actual and needed service for the betterment of their college. ALPHA CHI ALPHA Founded at University of Tennessee in 1919 Gamma Chapter installed in 1921 t fe FACULTY WILLIAM G. DODD ROWENA LONGMIRE STUDENT MEMBERS VIVIAN BROWARD DORA BYRONS CHARLOTTE CHASE VIVIAN DALLETT MARION GARDINER MARY HELEN GRAY DOROTHY HICKS MARGARET JORDAN MEMBERS EARLE L. VANCE MILDRED KANISS MARY ELIZABETH KROME FRANCES MARSHALL SUE MAXWELL CLEMENTINE NEWMAN ELOISE PATTERSON LUCY POPE BARBARA SABISTON BETTY UNKRICH Alpha Chi Alpha was founded for the purpose of honoring the women who had shown ability and had taken an active part in collegiate publications, and to advance the study of the various phases of journalism. Alpha Chi Alpha was the first national honorary fraternity to be established on this campus. OMICRON NU l$ Founded at Michigan State Agricultural College in 1912 Pi Chapter installed in 1922 FACULTY MEMBERS HELEN DAVIS ESTHER KERN EYMAN MARGARET R. SANDELS JENNIE TILT STUDENT MEMBERS MARGARET JORDAN SHIRLEY CALDWELL IRMA WEINBERG MARGARET McDONALD VERA MAE WILLIAMS EDNA MAE McINTOSH MARGUERITE NORTON ALICE ZACHARY The object of Omicron Nu, national home economics honor society, shall be to recog- nize and promote scholarship, leadership and research in the field of home economics. KAPPA DELTA PI Founded at the University of Illinois in 1909 Alpha Delta Chapter installed in 1925 FACULTY MEMBERS CHARLOTTE M. BECKHAM VELMA OOTEN RUTH CONNOR NATHANIEL M. SALLEY LILLIAN CROSS LEONORA SMITH ESTHER EYMAN MARTHA TAYLOR RALPH EYMAN RUTH TAYLOR BERTHA FINNER FLORENCE TRYON PAUL FINNER KENNETH WILLIAMS STUDENT MEMBERS MILDRED FRIERSON ADELA MENDEZ MILDRED HARNESBERGER SARAH NALL LOUISE HOUCK ETHEL PARTRIDGE BEATRICE KELLY MARGARET PFLUGE GWENDOLYN LLOYD DORIS TYSON SMITH MARY LOVE The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi " shall be to encourage in its members a higher de- gree of consecration to social service by fostering high professional and scholarship standards during a period of preparation for teaching and by recognizing outstanding service in the field of education. " - PHI ALPHA THETA Founded at the University of Arkansas in 1921 Delta Chapter installed in 1926 FACULTY MEMBERS KATHRYN T. ABBEY BESSIE C. RANDOLPH ALICE CHRISTENSEN VENILA L. SHORES ROBERT S. COTTERILL ARTHUR WILLIAMS ANNIE M. POPPER STUDENT MEMBERS LENORE ALTMAN BONITA BAILEY EVELYN COVINGTON SARAH HAMMOND ANNIE HELMS ARABELLA JOYNER GWENDOLYN LLOYD MARGARET MURPHY EVELYN NOBLES LUCY POPE RICA RAYMOND MARIE REGISTER IRMA RUFF EUNICE ZIMMERMAN Phi Alpha Theta is the national history honorary which has for its purpose the fos- tering of interest in the field of history and offers recognition to those students who have excelled in their history work. ■a : CHI DELTA PHI Founded at the University of Tennessee in 1919 Pi Chapter installed in 1925 ELEANOR B. SCOTT HAZEL STEVENSON FACULTY MEMBERS HILDA JANE WALTERS CLEMENTINE NEWMAN ISABEL PERKINS STUDENT MEMBERS LOUISE YERXA The purpose of Chi Delta Phi is to raise the standards of productive literary work among the women students of colleges and universities, to furnish the highest reward for conscientious efforts in furthering the best interests of literature in the broader sense of the term, by election to membership, based upon such meritorious work. PHI KAPPA PHI Founded in 1897 F. S. C. W. Chapter installed in 1925 FACULTY MEMBERS KATHRYN ABBEY MONA ALDERMAN LANAS S. BARBER RAYMOND BELLAMY EDWARD CONRADI PAUL FINNER EDMUND GAGE JOSIAH GAME HERMAN KURZ OLGA LARSON LELAND LEWIS ROWENA LONGMIRE MARJORIE MAYER KATHERINE MONTGOMERY ELLA SCOBLE OPPERMAN BESSIE RANDOLPH NATHANIEL M. SALLEY MARGARET SANDELS ARTHUR R. SEYMOUR ELMER SMITH ALBAN STEWART JENNIE TILT FLORENCE TRYON ARTHUR WILLIAMS l STUDENT MEMBERS DAS1BEL CLEMENT SARA DEESE DOROTHY DIDINGER ANNETTA HAMILTON SARAH LOU HAMMOND ELIZABETH HOOVER LOUISE HOUCK MARY AGNES JOHNSON MARGARET JORDAN ARABELLA JOYNER DAISY KELLY LILLIAN KOCHER GWENDOLYN LLOYD MARY McCURDIE CLEMENTINE NEWMAN RUTH POWELL MARIE REGISTER SARAH SALTZ DORIS TYSON SMITH ANNETTA WALKER MARY FRANCES WHITESIDE VERA WILLIAMS FRANCES WILLIS ALICE ZACHARY Phi Kappa Phi requires an average which is higher than that required by any of the other honorary fraternities. Only the members of the Senior Class who stand in the upper fifth of the class and who attain the standards of the society are eligible. BETA PI THETA Founded in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1924 Theta Kappa Chapter installed in 1926 FACULTY MEMBERS MILDRED FINNEGAN ADA BELLE PATRICK EDMUND V. GAGE MADELEINE POSTAIRE MARION J. HAY ARTHUR R. SEYMOUR LUCY LESTER JOHN R. SHULTERS WILMA MAYO STUDENT MEMBERS ELIZABETH ANDERSON ROBERTA ANSON JANE BAILEY RUTH GLASSER MARY HELEN GRAY NANCY GRAY JEAN HASELTON MARTHA HESS JEWEL HOGG ELIZABETH HOOVER ARABELLE JOYNER LILLIAN KOCHER GWENDOLYN LLOYD WINIFRED METCALFE DORIS MARTI N NIHLA MILLER MARIE REGISTER SARAH SALZ DOROTHY WEBB MARY FRANCES WHITESIDE MILDRED WILFONG FRANCES WILLIS -« The purpose of Beta Pi Theta Fraternity is to organize representative men and women in the universities and colleges who by travel, study, conversation, interest, influence and ability will advance the progress of literary French and things cultural in America. ETA SIGMA PHI Founded at the University of Chicago in 1924 Eta Chapter installed in 1926 FACULTY MEMBERS OLIVIA DORMAN JOSIAH B. GAME EDITH WEST « i STUDENT MEMBERS ELIZABETH ANDERSON ELIZABETH BRIESE ISABEL BRAINARD MARIE DOUGHTIE MARGARET GAILLIARD ELIZABETH HOOVER LOUISE HOUCK LILLIAN KOCHER MARY MURRAY IRMA RUFF VIRGINIA SCHIMMEL IDA WEINSTEIN KATHRYN WILLIAMS FRANCES WILLIS Eta Sigma Phi is the national classical honorary fraternity which purposes to en- courage classical scholarship, to enhance the appreciation of Greek and Roman culture, and to promote good will and friendship among classical students. Membership is open to undergraduates, men and women, in classical departments, who are chosen for their high standard of scholarship and their proven interest in the study and appreciation of the classics. Faculty of the classical departments of colleges where there are chapters, are honorary members of the fraternity. V£ i ' SB PHI BETA SIGMA Organized at Florida State College for Women in 1927 FACULTY MEMBERS CHARLOTTE M. BECKHAM EDMUND V. GAGE MARION J. HAY HELEN PHIPPS ARTHUR R. SEYMOUR JOHN R. SHULTERS STUDENT MEMBERS JANE BAILEY SHIKLKY CALDWELL MAXINE CAMPBELL PERFECTA COLMENARES KATHERINE DUFFY HELEN FAGIN ADELAIDE FERNANDEZ ESTHER FRANCO MARION GARDINER RUTH GLASSER HOLLIS HENDERSON MARTHA HESS LILLIAN KOCHER KATE LAMAR ELIZABETH LIGHTSEY KATHLEEN LONG ADELA MENDEZ NIHLA MILLER CLEMENTINE NEWMAN ROSE SCAGLIONI VERGIE SHELTON ELIZABETH TUNIS ISABELLE VAN VOORHIS DOROTHY WEBB VERA MAE WILLIAMS ROSE ZAUDERER Phi Beta Sigma is the local Spanish honorary sorority on campus. The organization has as its purpose the furthering of knowledge and study of the Spanish language, and the promotion of a greater interest in the customs and literature of Spain. Only those students are eligible for membership who have maintained a high scholastic record in advanced courses in Spanish, and who have manifested an active interest in Spanish language and literature. AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS Founded in 1896— Installed in 1928 FACULTY MEMBERS ELLA S. OPPERMAN MARGARET W. DOW ADA KNIGHT ADELAIDE LEE WILLIAM G. DODD JOHN R. SHULTERS WALTER R. COWLES STUDENT MEMBERS ELEANOR BARD JEANNE COMPTON SARA DEESE DOROTHY GORE GERTRUDE JONES MRS. BEN MEGINNIS FLORITA McCOMBS LUCILLE PATRONIS CHRISTINE PEARSON BERYL STEINMEYER BARBARA STIMMEL MARY WHITFIELD -« ORCHESIS Founded at the University of Wisconsin Installed in 1926 MEMBERS DOROTHY ARCHER ROSALIE BAYA EVELYN EDENFIELD BERNICE GALLENTINE ROSEBUD GREER ELEANOR HAIGHT JEANETTE HUNTLEY DOROTHY RAE JENKINS HELEN LINNEMEIER FLORENCE MAYFIELD MARION PHILLIPS DYMPLE ROEBUCK MADELON ROYCE VIRGINIA SULLIVAN ISABELLE TOOTLE RUTH TUCKER MARJORIE TYLANDER Orchesis, from the Greek word meaning to dance, is composed of a group of girls who are interested in the dance solely for its beauty and power of expression. Eligiblity for membership is determined by tryouts held twice a year. I Phillips. Autrey, Teagrue, Edenfield Smith, Geffcken, Gallentine, Whitthorne, Southard WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS MARION C. PHILLIPS President BUDDY AUTREY Vice-President MARGARET TEAGUE Secretary JANETTE HUNTLEY Treasurer EVELYN EDENFIELD Representative-at-Large JULIA SMITH Chairman of Intra-Murals VIRGINIA SOUTHARD Chairman of Outing Club CLASS MANAGERS HELEN GEFFCKEN Senior BERNICE GALLENTINE Junior FRANKIE WHITTHORNE Sophomore HAZEL ROY ALL Freshman The Women ' s Athletic Association of the Florida State Col- lege for Women purposes to promote a spirit of democracy, good sportsmanship, co-operation and a high physical efficiency through wholesome recreational activities. HUNTLEY GALLENTINE BASKETBALL Oh, that first practice of a new year. An annual event at F. S. C. W. for the last twenty-one sessions. In convocation, that first call sent out for recruits — " Have you ever played basketball? Would you like to? Well, come out, whether you ' ve played before or not. We want you. We ' re interested in you. This afternoon at 4:30 on the new athletic field. Don ' t be late. " A call varying, with the years, in phrase but never in content. A call with a personal meaning for almost every student, arousing, if not memories of team-play, memories of some of those wild intra- mural games, games where everybody played hard without too much skill, and had a royal good time. Then, for many, this momentary interest gives way to anticipation — anticipation of those very intra- murals and of the class games to come. And most of all, of the top-peg feather of th e season, Thanksgiv- ing games! To others a still different outlook pre- sents itself. Many an afternoon is destined to find them hot, dirty, and happy, out on the courts, with clay on their noses and banana-peels under their feet (to all effects), learning or brushing up on the intri- cacies of team play. Squads are to be chosen out of every class and friendly competition runs high. Thus it goes for a month. Then, as every year, teams emerge from the fray, ready for action. This year things were humming by the end of October. Juniors met Seniors, and Fresh- men met Sophomores, in the first games of the season. Noontime of the day of play saw Juniors and Sophs on top. The following week these two played off for the class championship. Juniors took the crown after a stiff fight, both teams playing excellent ball. In the Freshman-Senior tilt, Seniors piled up the higher score, thus tying with the Sophs for second place (each having defeated the Freshmen). The two classes split points, allowing the tie to stand; and Freshmen fell into the fourth position. And now came the final stretch leading to the Big Games. In the back of each player ' s mind — Thanks- giving — Odds versus Evens — How much can I do ? With this spirit, practices went on as usual each after- ARCHER BYRD WHITTHORNE GIL DIDINGER ; ' . . V ..: ' I ■- N -- ' — TK .— - ' - --rr j, j 3 y4 i . HICKS PAYNE noon. A tenser atmosphere, a bit more seriousness, but always the same good, clean (ethically) play. And always the steady improvement that comes with familiarity with the sport. The beginning of the final week brought selection of Odd-Even teams and final work-outs. These teams shaped up well, with many candidates out, anxious to make the most of the last few days of the season. Odds and Evens engaged in jocular predictions concerning the outcome of the com- ing contests. Good-luck pennies flared forth. Ex- citement climbed a notch. And then — the Day! Green and yellow! Red, pur- ple, and white! Bleachers — standing up staunchly under their load. Remember it all? And then came those teams — trim, taut, eager to get started. A few minutes of warming up — positions — and the whistle! Whirling dust, glaring sun, thudding feet carrying owners quickly and accurately into formations. And —in it goes! Not just once but numbers of times. Neck and neck they played ' til the first rest period. In the second quarter, the Evens swept ahead. What ' s more, ahead they stayed from then on, despite fine defensive play on the part of the Odds. Those teams were surely playing ball, and " may the best team win. " Clean and hard — determined to give their best, win or lose. Came the end, though, as all ends must, and with it the final foghorn (which is what, we can ' t help noticing, the time-keeper ' s signal really sounds like) . Score 38 to 15, favor of the Evens. Good losers for five years in basketball, they now became the best of winners, with a well-deserved victory chalked up to their credit and respect in their hearts for the ex- cellent team they had defeated. Here we have the line-ups: Odds: Gallentine (captain) and DeMontigne, for- wards; Roberts, side center; Payne, jumping center; and Bailey and Huntley, guards. Substitutes : May- field, Kinard and Stenstrom. Evens: Hughes and Byrd, forwards; Hicks (cap- tain), side center; Didinger, jumping center; Archer and Kamiya, guards. Substitutes: Vaughn, Hooper, Reid, Gil, and Whitthorne. Girls chosen from the squads as varsity material were: Terry Gil and Eva Byrd, forwards; Dot Hicks, side center; Dot Didinger, jumping center; Dot Archer, Helen Vaughn, and Betty Bailey, guards. DEMONTIGNE %, YK MAYFIELD HUGHES KINARD KAMIYA • ..2J 9 ▼ ' AUTREY JOINER VOLLEYBALL Here again we find a campus sport that is growing steadily in popularity. And who could, or would, stop it? It ' s one of those games for everyone to learn, one in which an infinite amount of skill can be developed with practice and one which we can all absorb, be we long-winded or short. No wonder, then, that the " would-be " and the " already-are " volleyball " flies " flock thickly to the conventional (court) honey. Every year, along about October, comes that strange urge. And so, every year, the courts start filling up of an afternoon. The old-hands teach the new-comers, the new-comers imitate bravely, and all become steadily better. Soon there are no new-comers; each has be- come a seasoned volleyball player. Is there any more breath-taking thing to watch or to participate in than a long-sustained volleying? Back, forth, back, forth and on and on — it is no wonder that, at each successive game, two spectators appear where one stood before. And it is no wonder that part of the day seems flat to the participant who is forced to miss practice on an afternoon. A hard, low serve, and — crack! Someone has taken the sting off the ball and has passed it over to a team-mate for return across the net. But it doesn ' t stay there. Back it comes, aimed straight for that vacant place in the court. The place at once becomes occupied. With a dexterity born of long practice, the new tenant swats it up. Someone else gives it that little flip to topple it over the net — into the waiting hands of the center front. Over and over and over and over and — out of the net —back! — a hard one forward — and it ' s on the ground! A point! How about it? And the intramurals in volleyball! Was there e er more fun ? As to the class games, no danger of for- getting those either. Coming along in October, they traditionally precede each of the basketball games. A good way to start any day, say we. This year, as usual, the first contests listed Juniors against Se- niors, and Freshmen against Sophomores. Juniors and Sophs downed their opponents, thus earning the right to meet each other in the winner ' s game, to de- cide the class championship. And in this it fell to the Juniors to retain their class supremacy in the sport. - 7 -Z- ' A . EARLE SCHLAPPICH LEWIS TROY GALLAGHER CAMPBELL y WO WtP vNs _ GREEN V1NAL es %• 1 They did it with a hard fight, however, for the Sophs gripped hard to their hopes until after the final whistle had sounded and they had really lost. In the loser ' s game, the Seniors defeated the Freshmen. Thus Sophs and Seniors tied for second and third portions, and Freshmen took fourth place. Thanksgiving! Odd-Even game! Right from break- fast they came, students, alumnae and guests. At about 9:15 they began looking expectantly toward the gym and toward the road. Into view whirled a gay red, white and purple " motor chariot. " It swung alongside the court and from it leaped the Odd team. Clad in white, with belts of red and purple socks, the players slipped into position and started warming up. Suddenly exclamations broke from the watching crowd. Out from the gym was winding a long file of dismal black caskets, each carried by four black- gowned figures. Arriving on the court, the figures deposited their mournful burdens and drew back. Then off came their gowns. An Even pep squad ! Si- multaneously, the coffins burst open and out hopped Even team, in uniforms of green and bright gold socks. A lively warm-up, and the game started. Close? We ' ve never seen one much more so. The Odds took the first few points; then the Evens took some; and then the Odds; and then the Evens, and so on throughout. Back and forth went the little gray ball — back and forth and back and forth — until the spectators screamed with sheer excitement. Now one team ahead, and now the other ! In the last few min- utes of play, the score went to a tie. Only steady, level-headed playing could break that in so short a time. But that was precisely the brand of play that long practice had produced. The closing moments saw the serve shift into Odd territory. Quick plays, quick thinking. A whistle — a roar — and it was all over for another year. Score 25 to 22, favor of the Odds. Line-ups: Odds: Autrey (captain), Earle. Hall, Green, Hurlin, Gallacher, Grady and Royall. Substituted. Troy. Evens: Geffeken (captain). Phillips, Campbell, Nor- ton, Schlappich, Joyner, Lewis and Vinal. Varsity Selection: Buddy Autrey, Alice Lewis, Frances Hall. Jack Grady, Frances Hurlin, Helen Geff- eken, Betty Earle and Rhea Gallacher. - i r " - ■ — fe F A NORTON GEFFCKEN HALL GEFFCKEN PHILLIPS ROYALL ■ ■■■ I RURFORD KEY HOCKEY A new season and a new sport. What could be bet- ter? Out they come, excited and reminiscent, with the complete and shameless fickleness that only rap- idly changing athletic periods can bring. It is a game in which the devotee can always learn some- thing more, (as is, for that matter, the case in all games), and they know it. Coach ' s paradise! Onto the field they spread, pausing en route to adjust shin- guard straps, with sticks balanced precariously un- der arms. Sock! and the orange sphere starts its swishing through the wet grass. To and fro it whirls, often hopping gaily over and beyond waiting sticks, but more often coming ' against them to a shock-ab- sorbing thud-stop. What if the first few swings at the ball do pass completely o.er it? The best of marksmen must get the range, you know. So with good-natured jibes and a free give-take of bumps, the practice goes on, until one day the first line-up forms. A wave of carefully-concealed excitement through the ranks. The " premier performance " for many ; the year-awaited return to performance for many others. Whistle. Ground-sticks, ground-sticks, ground-sticks — crack! Bully over and down the field sweeps a forward line. They dodge their ball through the sticks of opposing half ' s. A tackle ! The orange streak skids hard back through the offense and out to the keen-eyed forwards receiving. And up the field goes the whole machine. So one way; so the other. Into a striking circle the little ball flashes. Close up, line! Now, hard! Rush it! Adroitly jabbing sticks — swiftly shifting legs — a clear space, and— sock-o ! The wire of the cage hums behind a crestfal- len goally. But it ' s all in the game, and perhaps next time it will be the fate of her fellow-opponent. Early February finds some fifty or sixty enthus- iastic players ready to get started on " the real thing. " Class teams form. Opening games see a Junior and a Senior taking the bully in the upper- classmen ' s game, and a Freshman and a Sophomore doing like honors for the underclassmen. This year, Seniors triumphed in their contest; as did Freshmen in theirs. All participants played well, and the best teams won. In the subsequent game between Win- ■ -...Il " " " f: JONES I ' i.ai.i;. STENSTROM KROME KERBY ? !■■-:■ ' ; ; r (,-f . ' v " " «■■ CRIST GILLIES ners — coming immediately after Odd-Even tilt — Se- niors defeated Freshmen, thus taking the class cham- pionship. In the Losers ' contest, the Sophomores came out on the long end of the score. Wherefore Freshmen and Sophomores placed second and third respectively, and Juniors filled fourth place. Odd-Even game comes quickly on the heels of, if not with, class games in hockey season, and the time for preparation is short. New formations come to light; old ones repeat themselves many times. The whole practice becomes moi e positive. Comes the de- ciding day. Spectators gather. Players descend early to the field, eager to select favorite sticks, don shin-guards and get to playing. The coin flips into light for choice of goal. Contestants move quickly into position. The game starts. It was fast this year — fast as only a game between two skilled teams can be. From the first bully to the end, players gave their last wind to carry the ball into opponents ' territory. Up and down the field they sped, hanging onto an attack with the tenacity of a mos- quito, lunging, jabbing, swinging, drib bling. Never for a moment was there a slow-up. There was a break, yes, during that first period; for a goal-rush was suc- cessfully executed. Into Odd territory went the Evens, in the face of soundly organized resistance. Through it they tore to burn a drive into the goal. Came the second half. Two refreshed teams ready to go at it again, stick and feet, full force. Attack after attack struck the backfields. White- " special " -ball lightning zig-zagged everywhere. Now one, now the other streaked it down the course. To the last split-second, Odds fought desperately, stubbornly, skilfully, to re- cover that ground lost in the first half. And Evens held like the proverbial finger-in-the-dyke to prevent a score. The match ended at 1 to 0. A well-played game between two fine teams. Line-ups consisted of: Odds: Parks, rw; Takach lain), li; Milton, lw: Hurlin ri; Key. cf; Broward (cap- rh; Stenstrom, ch; Hall, lh; Payne, rf; Kerby, If; Gillies, g. Substitutions — Parks for Key, Key for Takach, Takach for Parks, Troy for Stenstrom. Evens: Phillips, rw; Burford, ri; Jones, cf; Crist, li; Hughes, lw; Archer (captain), rh; Krome, ch; Kelly, lh; Clough, rf; Byron, If; Feagin, g. Substitutions — Jones for Crist, Crist for Jones, Gil for Burford, Burford for Hughes. Contestants appointed to varsity ranking were: Mar- ion Phillips and Wilma Milton, wings; Virginia Bur- ford and Vivian Broward, inners; Louise Crist, center forward; Dorothy Archer. Frances Hall, Bobby Krome and Margaret Teague, halfbacks; Adeline Clough and Grace Kerby, fullbacks; Elizabeth Gillies, goalkeeper. PHILLIPS j t ARCHER % MILTON BROWARD PARKS CLOUGH - :-u- £3l WIIITTHORNK SOCCER What a fitting counterpart to the first sport of this fast-moving, two-game, second season ! Hockey and soccer. After all, they ' re lots alike. If we like one, we ' re sure to like the other. And if we don ' t like one — then we ' re just missing one of the best times of our life. To dig our toes into the ground — to poise, bal- anced, knees bent, tensely listening to catch the first thrill of the whistle — there it goes! A quick, side- fiicked kick and down the field, the wind in our faces, the ball passing back and forth in evasion of the de- v fense. A crashing interference and — oof! Those are the kinds that knock out the wind. And those are the hard, swift kinds that make us like it. Plenty of room here for the newcomer, and plenty of fun in store for her. While the hockeyite is hitting her ball down on the lower field, the soccer player is kick- ing hers away upon the hill. Team play, pass-work, long kicks, shirt kicks, dribbling, tacKling, forma- tions, interference — every point of technique gets its full shai ' e of careful attention. Result — smooth- functoning teams, that inimitable feeling of perfect co-working, hard, fast games that furnish enjoyment to contenstant and beholder alike. Inter-class competition in soccer has its " they ' re off " along in the first few days of March. Class teams make the most of their day-in-advance notifi- cation, using it to best advantage in the perfecting of last-minute points on team-work. " Scrubs " do their bit, furnishing excellent opposition and taking and giving plenty of hard knocks. In the actual matches this year, Juniors and Seniors opened the season with a 1-0 clash, favor of the Seniors. Sophomores and Freshmen followed to bring their score, on the other hand, to 1-0. A Soph victory. Then Sophs met the winning Senior team for the class championship. Fate did not intend to allow so simple a decision as conquest for the one and defeat for the other. Rather, the battle ended in a 1 to 1 tie, the two classes thus stretching the crown, hah and half, for first and second places. Unlike their fellow-players, Juniors and Freshmen settled their Losers ' altercations in one swift, no-tie, game, Juniors coming out on the long end of a 3 to 1 score to capture third place and Freshmen falling into the number four position. GREEN HICKS GEFFCKEN KIMI5ALL BAILEY GALLACHEK fZ ' - t X ' Y K ..___ — 4- • 4 KARLE WILLIAMS _ And then came preparations for the big match of every season — Odd-Even game. Less than a week to get ready ! Practices of a whole season counted for a lot. That week did all that the players wanted of it. It gave them last-hour organization. The skill was already there, it just needed pulling together. The big day found everyone on a keen edge, ready to do battle. Battle it was, too. From the first to the last, not a spectator nor a player could have predicted the end. It was a flipped coin standing on edge. Back and forth along the field swept the opposing contest- ants. They dodged, dribbled, kicked, headed — used all the tricks that they knew, all to no avail. Their offenses measured up to each other like the conven- tional peas in a pod. One could not have pointed out a single superior quality in the one as distinguished from those of the other. Different in technique, in formations, in mode of play, but essentially they were just two good teams, composed of the best players from four good teams. What more could any group want? Hot — panting — breathless; now up — now down — now with the ball — now without it. When to tackle? Is this the moment to pass? Who is in the best place? Who can receive clear? Incoherent thoughts, ideas in a jumble. But action correct and decisive, automatic — drilled in — as impossible to " forget " as the act of walking itself. They gave their best that day, every one of them. But the best of the one was the best also of the other, and the final whistle closed on a tie, each team having fought through to one goal. Line-ups for the day were as follows : Odds: Gallacher (captain), rw; Nail, ri; Autrey, cf; Earle, li; Menendez, lw; Bailey, rh; Kinard, ch; Tootle, lh; Kimball, rf ; Essex, If; Lyle, g. Substitu- tions — Slone for Tootle. Evens: Hicks, rw; Whitthorne, ri; Didinger, cf; Campbell, li ; Williams, lw; Green, rh; Geffcken (cap- tain), ch; Kramer, lh; Byrd, rf ; Joyner, If; Reid, g. Substitutions — Draper for Kramer. Players selected for varsity were : Rhea Gallacher and Helen Menendez, wings; Betty Earle and Ethel Campbell, insides; Alice Slone, Helen Geffcken, Mary Kinard and Mary Newton Green, halfbacks; Eva Byrd and Arabelle Joyner, fullbacks; Abbie Lyle, goal keeper. CAMPBELL LYLE TOOTLE AUTREY ESSEX ■ 1 V GREEN % SKITTLE BASEBALL Spring! And with it a brand new athletic season. Baseball starts. Each fresh, lazy afternoon finds an , ardent bunch of fans scattered on a sunny diamond. Back and forth sting the warm-up balls — high ones, low ones, flies, grounders. Then comes the daily practice game. Batter up! Hu-m-m — and — smack! The first ball ' s in the catcher ' s mit. Another one. Strike two! Watch out at bat. A third ball goes wide. Up straightens the batter; then down again for the next pitch. A lusty swing and — oh, oh, you ' re out! Batter up. A hurl, a swing, and — ciack! There it goes! And the batter, too. Fielders rushing in. Eyes on the soaring ball. Oops ! Down it comes and —into the hands of — no, she ' s fumbled it. A scoop- up on the run, though, and she ' s whirled it to second. A desperate slide — clouds of dust — and — " Safe " says the referee. The game goes on. But those first " official " games of the season! Come, what had we there? Could it be true that the vigorously howling youths on the diamond were in " real " life professors? ' S truth, shiver our timbers, ' s truth. There they were, dressed in magnificent col- or screams, and having a joyful time. But ah-me and ah-you — nooch playing as we saw that day. Every gray hair on our head stood bolt upright in virtu- ous indignation. Bases being stolen shamelessly from under our very eyes; third base coaches turn- ing base runner to score at home-plate; base running proceeding from third to second to first. Come! That couldn ' t be so; we knew it just as well. And yet — we saw it happening through our very own optical instruments. Three contests this faculty " Pole-Cat " team engaged in: one versus a Senior team and two versus a picked student team. And all three they won. " When better 1 all is played, Faculty will play it! " Soon after these first innings, regular class com- petitions took their bow. In the initial game, Seniors met Juniors, with victory chalking up for Seniors. In the corresponding under-classmen ' s game, it was the Sophs who came out on top. Sophs and Seniors decided class championship by a Winner ' s game in which Sophs won, thus forcing Seniors into second place. In the Loser ' s contest, Juniors met Freshmen. Juniors triumphed, gaining for themselves the third place and consigning to the Freshmen the fourth. And then — Odd-Even. They ' re still talking about that match. The spectators settled on the bank to r WALDROF GEFFCKEN § V V NORTON ; nv ' A • H f X V . - SETTLE MILTON watch, sure of only one thing, namely, that their favorite team would either win, lose or draw. So nearly equal as that had the players shown up in class games. A whirling start and the game was on. Batters up ; batters down. Quiet spring warmth broken by the thud of ball and glove, the crack of bat against ball, the thud of flying feet. Quick surg- ing cheers in response to well-made plays. Seething silence again. One inning down; six to go. Evens in the lead. On, on. Second, third, fourth innings. The last of the fifth inning. Evens still unquestionably at the long end of things. Then came a sensational Odd rally — sensational in that it was completely un- sensational. Just a steady, back-to-the-wall organi- zation of resources. And it brought results ; for by the last half of the last inning they had " pulled up by their boot straps " and came to bat only two runs behind the Evens. Crack! And a player slid to first. In an instant another arrived in the base circuit. Eager moments. Outs would mean defeat. Hits could mean — anything. Hence, not one, but two came, sacrificing batters to bring the two runners home. A tie! Bases empty and the rest of an in- ning to play. But two good teams, and steady eyes and strong hands to present further scoring. Fer- vent hopes on part of all to win or lose doing level best. Nerves taut; waim air humming. Pitch after pitch. Ball. Strike. Ball. Ball. Strike. Hit! She ' s going to make it — going to make it — she ' s there! Another hit and she travels to third. A third hit ! And she slides home for the winning run. The game ends, 21 to 20, favor of the Odds. Line-ups listed : Odds: Bell, c; Settle, p; Gallacher, 1st; Kamiya, 2nd; Walters, 3rd; Collins, ss; Clark, rf; Yon, If; Sloan, cf. Substituted — Green for Clark, Donnegan for Bell, Milton for Sloan and Von Werdt for Kam- iya. Evens: Sivia. c: Beatty, p; Geffcken. 1st; Kra- mer, 2nd; Kelly, 3rd; Hicks, ss; Schlappich, rf ; Wal- drop, If; Norton, cf. Substituted — Archer for Schlap- pich. Varsity called out: Olive Sivia, catcher; Edna Beatty, pitcher; Dorothy Hicks, shortstop; Rhea Gal- lacher, 1st base; Eunice Kramer, 2nd base; Daisy Kelly, 3rd base; Mary Settle, rightfield; Becky Wal- drop, leftfield; Elizabeth Norton, center field. GALLACHER HICKS " t ! BEATTY SCHLAPPICH KRAMER SI V] A 1 HUNTLEY t. P KROME (iKKKN TENNIS April — May — tennis — all one. Everlasting ap- peal of hard, smooth clay, squared white lines. What ' s a blister or two on the hand? Either the blis- ter or the hand will wear off soon enough, anyway, so why worry? It ' s all in the game, and the com- pensation is high. A swift twist and — crash ! down on the ball for a biting serve. Quick volleying, tight to the net. The thrill of skimming fast ones over. That first numbness of forearm muscles, taut, pull- ing on every stroke. Oh, but it ' s a sport for you. This last year, class competitions were buzzing along at full height by late April. And by early May they were all over and done. " Lady Skill " had suc- cessfully smiled on the following to make them cham- pions: Freshmen — Beatty, singles; Smith and Leu- ders, doubles. Sophomores — Green, singles; Gi ' een and Huntley, doubles. Juniors — Geffcken, singles; Krome and Jones, doubles. Seniors — Lutz, singles; Settle and Fisher, doubles. The next step up in contests determined Odd and Even champions; P reshmen meeting Juniors, and Sophomores meeting Seniors. Winners were: Odds: Lutz, singles; Green and Huntley, doubles. Evens: Beatty, singles; Krome and Jones, dou- bles. And then came the big matches for school cham- pionship and the subsequent honor accruing to Odds or Evens. Remember that Beatty-Lutz tilt? Up on the hill that aiternoon. Splendid weather. Splendid players. And far more of a contest than the final score might indicate. Swift, careful actions — pretty placement shots — that fatal (for the opponent) fish- tail twist that Beatty gets on her backhand. The first round quickly, Beatty taking it at 6 to 1. In the second, however, Lutz rallied stoutly. Three games she captured. But superior forces won the day; and Beatty took this set much as she did the first. The end score rested at 6-1, 6-3. A nice match from start to finish. A good winner and a good loser. And an Even triumph. »• In the Green-Huntley, Jones-Krome doubles play, another high caliber perform- ance showed up. Burning serves — skillfully deflected net balls — deft, surely aimed drives. All four contestants headed into things at top speed. Balls pinged back and over; little pulfs of dust sizzled up from the court. Set one skidded past at 6-2, favor of Green and Huntley. And another like it gave the Odd couple victory. Final match records stood at 6-2, 6-0. And thus it was that Edna Beatty, Even, became singles champion of F. S. C., and Vera Green and Jeanette Huntley, Odds, be- came doubles champions. When, please, may we see some more matches ? h GEFFCKEN V JONES • i t ' i ■- HICKS BEATTY Vi DIDINGER TRACK Happy days! What will you have, Freshmen? And you, upper-classmen? Speed, high jump, broad jump, discus — whatever appeals to you is there waiting. Drop down to the held and go at it. You ' ll find discs, balls, tapes, javelins — anything that you need in the equipment house at your left. Get busy. Tracks and jumping pits are hungering for use. It doesn ' t take long for good " info " to travel. Down they straggle, and within a week the site is one shift- ing, darting panorama of play. What-ho, for the an- cient Greeks! borne of tue oest charlie-horses that ever attached sell to person first saw light on this gay field. Workouts quickly culminate in the initial and only event — inter-ciass track meet. This year it came off in the latter part of April. A hot, brilliant morning — sizzling spectators — " ' F " goats hustling back and forth — small boys underfoot — a jammed starting pis- toi — more sun. Why, we hadn ' t had so much fun since the time the college kitchen caught fire ! Results : a Senior class in victory with 61 V2 points. Juniors closed in next with 52 Vi points. Then came Sophs with 11 points. And Freshmen with 9 points. Individual scoring showed Jewel Slone to be high pointed. She carried off a score of 30 V2. Marion r ' hilhps took second with 18 V2. Then came Helen Geffcken with 16%. And Tillie Geiger and Mary Settle captured fourth and fifth by scores of 11 and ID, respectively. There were no record breaks, every one of last year proving good enough for another period. Winners, together with their times or distances, shaped up as follows : THE RUNS 50-YARD dash: Slone, first, 6.7 seconds; Geffcken, second, 6.85 seconds ; Gallacher, third, 7 seconds. 75-YARD dash : Geffcken, first, 9.65 seconds; Slone, second, 9.75 seconds; Phillips, third, 9.9 seconds. 60-yard hurdle: Geffcken and Phillips tied, first, 8.93 seconds; Gallacher, third, 9.55 seconds. Relay: Juniors, first, 28.1 seconds; Seniors, sec- ond, 29.3 seconds; Freshmen and Sophomores, tied, third, 31.4 seconds. THE JUMPS High Jump: Phillips, first, 4 feet 6 inches; Smith, .econd, 4 feet 4 inches; Beatty, third, 4 feet 2 inches. Standing Broad: Slone, first, 8 feet 3 inches; Bell, second, 8 feet 1 inch; Phillips, third, 7 feet 10 V 2 inches. Running Broad: Slone, first, 16 feet 8 inches; McClellan, second, 13 feet 11 inches; Geffcken, third, 13 feet 10% inches. THE THROWS Basketball: Geiger, first, 75 feet 8 inches; Dean, second, 70 feet 2 inches; Geffcken, third, 67 feet 9V 2 inches. Baseball: Settle, first, 171 feet 11 inches; Grady, second, 169 feet 4 inches; Beatty, third, 162 feet 4 inches. Javelin: Phillips, first, 60 feet 2 inches; Settle, second, 59 feet 8% inches; Hicks, third, 49 feet 6 inches. Discus: Geiger, first, 73 feet 10 inches; Didinger, second, 69 feet 3 inches; Beatty, third, 65 feet 4 inches. fa ;- . ' ■ PHILLIPS • m . GALLACHER GEFFCKEN • .... SWIMMING CHASE I OO ' I I .!■ What is it that starts with a splash and ends with ;i meet and has pools of fun in between? It is swimming season at P. S. C. W. Every year as baseball and ten- nis practices begin coming ' to a natural and happy close, swimming ' practice puts in its first gay appear- ance. From that time on applicants for teams do a hop-dive-swim at least twice a week. Jerky, ragged strokes calm down into their rightful smoothness; dives become steady and sure; frolics speed up to top- wind. The stage is set. Bring on the players. And this is just what happens about the first of every May in inter-class swimming " meet. Last year, as al- ways, thing ' s were in full tilt by 10 a. m. The crowded balcony overlooked a turbulent pool, where rapid suc- cession of events kept little wavelets rocking ' con- stantly. Results: an overyhelming victory for 1 1 1 « • Sophs who carried off a score of 103% points. Seniors came second with 29} ; Juniors, third, 2 ' .t; and Fresh- men, fourth, 18%. Girls attaining Odd and Even rank- ing ' (those placing in the highest 25% as to individual scores) were: Odds: Baker, Dale, Von Werdt, Adair, Chase, Gillies, Kerby, Mathewson, Lauenborg, Partridge, Reed, Tootle. Evens: Archer, Cockerell, Didinger, Tucker. A record of events shows the following: THE RACES: 50-yard Crawl — Dale. Sr., (captain), first, 32.9 seconds; Adair, Soph., second, 33.2 seconds; Tucker, Fr., (captain), third, 33.5 seconds. 50-yard Side — Chase, Soph., (captain), first, 43.95 seconds; Archer, Jr., (captain), second, 44.1 seconds; Didinger, Jr., third, 46.5 seconds. 25-yard Breast — Chase, Soph., first, 22.1 seconds: Kerby, Soph., second, 22.8 seconds; Gillies, Soph., third. 23.7 seconds. 25-yard Racing Back —Tucker, Fr., first, 18 seconds; Cartridge, Soph., sec- ond, 19.6 seconds; Mathewson, Soph., third, 19.7 sec- onds. Relay — Sophs., first, 1 minute 3.9 seconds; Jrs second, 1 minute 9.15 seconds; Fr., third, 1 minute seconds. THE DISTANCE AND FORM EVENTS: Plunge— Mathewson, Soph., first: Gillies, Soph., second; New- hall, Soph., third. Side Form — Didinger, Jr., first; Lau- enborg, Soph., second; Tootle, Soph., and Ostlund, Fr., tied, third. Crawl Form — Didinger, Jr., first; Dale, Sr., Mathewson, Soph., and Tucker, Fr., tied for second and third. Resting Back Form — Baker, Sr., first; Geffcken, Jr., second; Archer, Jr., third. Breast Form — Baker, Sr., first; Adair, Soph., second; Mathewson Racing Back Form — Tootle, Soph., first second; Tucker, Fr., third. THE DIVES: Straight Front — Adair, Soph., first; Tootle, Soph., second; Reed, Soph., third. Front Jack — Reed, Soph., first; Adair, Soph., second; Chase, Soph., third. Back — Reed, Soph., first; Von Werdt, Sr., sec- ond; Tucker, Fr., third. Swan — Cockerell, Jr., first; Reed, Soph, second; Von Werdt, Sr., third. Optional — Reed, Soph, first; Von Werdt, Sr., second; Dale, Sr., third. Of these, the times of the following winners cracked former P. S. C. records: Chase, first, in 50-yard side; Chase first, Kerby second, Gillies third in 25-yard breast. Tucker first in 25-yard racing back. Sopho- mores first in relay. And from all the swimmers the chosen as Varsity material: Harriet Didinger, Billy Adair, Catherine Chase, sun, Jane Reed, tsabelle Tootle, Ruth 10.2 Soph., third. Baker, Sr., following were Baker, Dorothy i lenie Ma t hew - Tucker. DIDINGER MATHEWSON J K i;i- I: LAUENBORG KERBY TUCKER y -vA bJ C Jk, KELLY AND MAKINSON Even Cheer Leaders EVEN SPIRITS Even Spirits never die — Them bones ' gwine rise again. Hit ' e:n in the head an ' knock ' em in the eye- Them bones ' gwine rise again. I know it, indeed I know it, sisters. I know it — Whew — Them bones ' gwine rise again. AUTREY AND BOYD Odd Cheer Leaders FOUR WEARY HORSES There passed four weary horses A-dragging a hearse along, And when we looked inside it There lay the Even team so strong. They were bruised in mind and spirit, They needed the hands of a friend. But not one touch consoled them, ' Cause their bones won ' t rise again. And now in darker regions Even Spirits lowly lie, O Gateman, please remind them That their spirits never die. ALUMNAE ACTION SPECTATORS THANKSGIVING GAMES J DOT ARCHER Vice-President LADY JANE LUEDERS Secretary-Treasurer CALLAHAN HAGGERTY ■. -» - • 4 , n f • Mm. mm WHITE V- ML " fl| BEATTY BOND BROWARD GALLENTINE KRAMER ROBERTS I ' .KYON GEFFCKEN KROME SCHLAPPICH CHASE fH 8 ' " V CLOUGH COKER i ; i CRIST HUNTLEY McCLELLAN TOOTLE DIDINGER JONES McCORMACK TUCKER DONNEGAN JOYNER NORTON WESTON EARLE KELLY PHILLIPS WHITE GOATS ' | BAILEY $D HALL HURLIN 4 V I H y ' - ZT ' -- WEARERS OF THE EMBLEM Emma Spencer 1928 " Simpy " Yarbrough 1928 Bernice Conklin 1929 Margaret Richards 1929 Betty Suhrer 1929 Betty Wood 1930 Edna Mattox 1930 Betty Bell 1931 Nancy Lutz 1931 Marion C. Phillips 1932 Dot Archer 1932 Helen Geffcken 1932 Dot Hicks 1932 AN APPRECIATION Of the co-operation of the staff ; the efforts and interest of the Faculty Com- mittee, Dr. Conradi and Mr. helium; the excellent service given by Adams Studio, the Southern Art Engraving Company and the Record Company; of the assistance of the advertisers; and of the students whose encouragement has been an incentive to better work. Helen Gray Vivian Broward Our Ninth Annual Expression of Appreciation to the Student Body and Faculty for Their Faith- fulness and Confidence in this Shop % yfgue Tallahassee . Florida. Jemini ' ne iDearahles Since the far- gone days when F. S C. W. was the West Florida Seminary, boasting a mere handful of students, Wilsons has striven to fill the needs, gen- eral and specific ?, of the college girl. Each year has brought new patronage from the ranks of the coll ege. We take this opportunity of expressing our appreciation of your patronage. P. W. WILSON COMPANY Establii- ihedin 1837 THE FACULTY COMMITTEE ON STUDENT PUBLICATIONS OR HUMOR EQUALS GOOD CLEAN FUN Scene: Miss Richardson ' s Library after light flash. The committee and others seated around a table, reading. Miss Richardson : We can begin now. They ' re all in bed. Dr. Richards: Are you sure? None must hear! Mr. Vance: Some maybe still saying their prayers but I think it is safe. Dr. Richards : Unaccustomed as I am to . . . Speaking briefly, the staff of the Flastacowo has submitted some copy for the humor section. For the life of me I can not see how they thought it up. Miss Richardson, maybe you had better read it first. (Hands her a sheet of paper.) Miss Richardson : (Reads and then exclaims) . Can this be from those dear girls, that I love as though they were my own. I am hurt, deeply hurt. We have tried to set them an example and this is our reward . . . Here, Mr. Vance, you read it. (Continued on second page following) bennets college inn pharmacy " For Those Who Appreciate Quality, Cleanliness and Efficiency " DuBarry, Dorothy Gray, Helena Rubinstein and Dorothy Perkins Beauty Preparations Visit Our BEAUTY SHOP Tallahassee, Florida MAES SHOP Style Center of the South ? 8- Hollywood Dresses Knox Hats $ Tallahassee, Florida COLLINS FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishings Tallahassee. Florida Ask for . . . Montasfs Fashionable Writing Papers Manufactured by MONTAG BROTHERS, Inc. Atlanta, Ga. New York City Mr. Vance: (Reads and exclaims.) Who can have done this thing? All of them go to chapel, that is, those that have to, and at every opportunity their little hearts have been written on in letters of gold teaching the finer things of life. Do they not yet realize that they should strive as mankind has striven since the first dim dawn of history toward the higher finer things of life? Miss West, hear this. No, read the fowl words. My lips can not frame them. Miss West : (Reads and exclaims.) Is this in keeping with the fine spirit we have tried to instill in the staff? How could they sink so low? (Continued on second page following) For Your Lunches and Parties and Anything You Want to Eat GO TO T. B. BYRD AND SON Fine Groceries and Everything to Eat MANGEL ' S Misses ' and Women ' s Apparel 16 West Forsyth Street JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA THE COFFEE POT Sandwiches Sodas Curb Service TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA SUNSHINE ERVICL SOMPN OU have been preparing yourselves during the past few years for the work to which you intend to de- vote your life. You have been pre- pared. Upon your ability to use that preparedness depends, to a great extent, the measure of your success. Supplying dependable electric power calls for prepared- ness. We strive to keep our personnel and equipment in a constant state of preparedness, ready to meet emergencies as they arise. May Life Bestow The Cream of All Good Things Upon the Class of 1932 LEON COUNTY MILK COMPANY Moore ' s Delicious Ice Cream Dr. Richards: (Takes paper from her limp hand.) I can not believe this is as bad as it appears. Let me read it aloud. Perhaps it will sound better than it reads. First Student: Have you heard the one about the man who met a girl in a revolving door? Second Student: No. What about him? First Student: He has been going around with her ever since. (Complete silence of some few seconds.) Miss West: (Trying as always to get the student point of view.) Well, any- way, it is not so bad as those double meaning columns in the Flambeau. (Continued on second page following) ADAMS STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS THAT PLEASE Phone 297 Tallahassee. Florida THE DUTCH KITCHEN The Place to Meet for a Good Dinner Home Cooked Foods La Carte Service THIS ISSUE OF THE FLASTACOWO PRINTED ON CHAMPION WHITE SATIN ENAMEL SUPPLIED BY JACKSONVILLE PAPER COMPANY JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA KATZ SHOE SHOP Where Styles of Tomorrow Are Shown Today Tallahassee, Florida NEW WAY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Quality and Service Tallahassee, Florida Mr. Vance : I can never understand those either. Miss Richardson: I see possibilities in it. Why not change it just a little. Make it read " Have you heard about the young man who was properly intro- duced to a young lady in his mother ' s parlor? " " No. What about him? " " He has been making calls at her home ever since. " Miss West : Yes, Miss Richardson, that is much better. It is educational as well as humorous. (Editor ' s Note: ! ! ! !) Dr. Richards: There are others. Shall we work them over too? Here is one about a bird that flew backwards. Now that is contrary to the laws of na- ture. Let us correct that immediately. Shall we say . . . (And so far, far into the night . . . ) You Can Always Enjoy a Bottle of As Sanitary as Sunshine INSPECT OUR PLANT Tallahassee Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 1010 South Street Michaels Street TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA THE LEWIS STATE BANK TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA ' S OLDEST BANK Began Business in 1856 INVITES YOUR ACCOUNT Resources Over $3,000,000 A-B-Cs BffiEEKaS B€fflJTY for School Annual Staffs A foundation for a Masters Degree in Literature is laid in the A-B-Cs of kindergarten days. The foundation for a handsome and enduring year book will be found in an A. B. C. Cover . . . for American Beauty Covers have demonstrated, through the years, their ability to enhance the beauty and prolong the life of fine year books. The American Beauty Cover Company ivill be glad to assist School Annual Staffs to sat- isfactorily solve the problem of choosing the right cover. Write for information. AMERICAN BEAUTY COVER COMPANY CU V€K COM P ANY 1900-2 ORANGE ST. DALLAS, TEXAS THE COVER OF THIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN OUR PLANT " Where Better Things Cost Less " Tallahassee Compliments of A Friend and Well-Wisher of Florida State Women ' s College A great lover is one who can tell whether a girl is pensive or just sleepy. HOW TO WIN YOUR GIRL " Dear Sally, of all the girls I ' ve asked to come to this dance, I most hope you can come. " And four out of every five women- haters are women. THE STATE AND RITZ THEATRES TALKING PICTURES AT THEIR BEST TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA The University of Florida consists of the following units of instruction: 1. The College of Agriculture — including a. The Agricultural Experiment Station b. The Agricultural Extension Service 2. The College of Arts and Sciences 3. The College of Commerce and Journalism 4. The College of Education 5. The College of Engineering 6. The College of Law 7. The College of Pharmacy 8. The General Extension Division 9. The Graduate School 10. The School of Architecture and Allied Arts 11. The Summer Session Bulletins Sent on Request Address: THE REGISTRAR. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida HOTEL FLORIDAN 150 Rooms European Plan Excellent Dining Room HOTEL FLORIDAN CO., INC., Lessees J. T. SMITH, JR., Manager FURCHGOTT ' S In the Heart of Jacksonville at Main, Bay and Forsyth Streets Do You Know About Betty Lee She is your personal shopper at " The Store Accommodating. " She is ready to select your needs with the same care that she makes her own purchases. Phone her at 5-7000 or send her your order hy mail. Get acquainted with Betty Lee. Love at first sight is a great time saver. Many a man is proof enough that a woman can take a joke. Father is the necessity of conven- tion. As some burper has croaked, " A censor is a fellow who can find three meanings in a joke which has only two. " CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Staff of the 1932 Flastacowo This space donated by a Friend PALDING PORTING UPPLIES SOLD EXCLUSIVELY in JACKSONVILLE at Your Preference for Our Footwear IS A DISTINCT COMPLIMENT TO YOU VOGUE SHOE PARLOR TALLAHASSEE The Home of I. Miller Beautiful Shoes STYERMAN ' S STYLE SHOP WELCOMES YOU Hersche] Johnson Alma Armstrong Jim Parramore KINGAN COMPANY BEEF AND PORK PACKERS Jacksonville, Florida Prof. : " I ' m letting you out early to- day. Please go out quietly so as not to wake the other classes. " " Oh goodness, my strap has broken. May I use that cute pin that you have on your vest to hold it together? " AT Redf ern ' s Phan nacy The Most Sanitary Fountain Luncheonette in the City and The Best Lines of Perfumes, Toilet Preparations, Drugs, and Candies " Now, " said the professor, " pass all your papers to the end of the row; have a carbon sheet under each one, and I can correct all the mistakes at once. " " Of course I slapped him. How was I to know what Platonic meant? " GOODY SHOP Famous for Foods Tallahassee, Florida Masonic Building GRANT ' S FURNITURE COMPANY RADIOS SHEET MUSIC LATEST RECORDS Complete Home Furnishers TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA BOTH YOUB.5 AND OURJ ' ' SOUTHERN ART ENGRAVING CO. TAMPA, FLORIDA ' Jhe business of the Southern Jlrt Cngraving organization is the execution of distinguished and superior gear books Uhis is the day of the business man who cares! ' There ' s no extravagance in quality printing — quality never cost less than it does NOW! 4 f M 2 . The Record Company St. Augustine, Florida THE FLASTACOWO IS PRINTED BY THE RECORD COMPANY, ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA I B ' ibbbbi BBJ IBBBJ ■ ■ - ; ■ .- ■ -ii k bbbbbbbi ■1 BBI 1 1 . • ' In H : B| Mxi i ■■1 ■ m ifJii BBBI J I ' I • • • HI ±A ' ' . ■■ _B1 7 ' j bbI MR ■■1 ■ bbbbj Wf B ■ ■ ■ " ki BB| VI I I M H iBBBl ■ I ■ Wl ■V XOX I {

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