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STACOWQ ii [:• ' ' -■ -. I I I I i -tLe lLASTACOWO of 1 1931 y i i COPYRIGHT 1931 By ELIZABETH DANIELL Editor-in-Chief And MARION GARDINER Business Manager F-the LASTACOWO of 1 03 1 Published by the Junior Class of the FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Tallahassee, Florida Volume 18 We of the Florida State College for Women dedicate this volume of the Flastacowo to that ardent Modern R. PHILLIP KEYES YONGE chairman of the State Board of Con- trol, who, except for one term, has served continuously as a member of that Board since it was established in 1905, eighteen of these years as its chairman. To his unflagging in- terest in Youth and to his outstanding administrative ability and sound judgment the College owes much of its phenomenal success and ever increasing influence. Sl|ft,r : ; FOREWORD In this age of radio, aeronautics, large scale industry, and international affairs, we are apt to gear our lives to the accelerated tempo of the times,- but we realize that science and invention and life as a whole are progressing more and more rapidly each day. It is with this view in mind that we present this volume of the Flastacowo, so that in a still future period it may re-create for you the memories of college days in our own Modern Age of 1931 THE COLLEGE CLASSES WE MODERNS ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS THE GREEKS FEATURES f : IN MEMORIAM DR. ANNE McFARLAND SHARPE December 17, 1930 F. S. C.W. 1925-1930 PERLE WILLIAMS October 17, 1930 Class of 1934 c o e 3 e LL ' 4 .--,.. v ' v j : ..... ! ( " " OLLEGE — its aspirations and ideals symbolized in the loft- iness of the Library. On enter- ing its door, the very spirit of the college is evident — beauty and quiet strength, and the ever search- ing quest for knowledge. Stei : S . I N the sparkling waters of the lily pond dre reflected the blue skys of happy days. On clear fall nights, the lights of hundreds of candles have been given back on its mirror-like surface — candles raised in pledge of love and loyalty. THE Library stairway leading up through fil- tered shafts of sunlight to realms of knowledge where " the whole world unlocks the treasures of the past to the builders of the future. " i CUNLIGHT and Shadows ■ thru the towering pines, deep notes of the organ — in the Auditorium where we listen to stirring lectures or daydream of the future. meassm THE ivy-covered gates standing sentinel to countless footsteps — witness to myriad arrivals and dzpartures — the first to welcome the timid student the last to bid " Godspeed. " ..•...•..•.....■..■.■..-....... JUST a shadowed arch some shrubs and vines, but what simple beauty is possessed by the entrance to the Education Building. Here, trodding up the steps to their daily class- es, go the educators and leaders of tomorrow. DELAXATION after concentration — laughter— a babble of talk — the dining room arcade thronged with girls. Long to be re- membered as the scene of holiday festivities — and the Prom! A QUIET nook with a rustic balcony. A fit setting for the Three Torches— vires, artes, mores — whose influence car- ries over from the memories of school days to a worthwhile life beyond. BOARD OF CONTROL P. K. Yonge, LL.D., Chairman Pensacola A. H. Blanding Bartow W.B.Davis Perry Frank J. Wideman West Palm Beach R. F. Maguire Orlando J. T. Diamond, Secretary Tallahassee STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Doyle E. Carlton, President Governor R. A. Gray . Secretary of State William V. Knott State Treasurer Cary B. Landis Attorney General W. S. Cawthon, Secretary State Superintendent of Public Instruction TO THE STUDENTS A college can have no better evidence of success than to see its students give genuine loyalty to the finer and higher values of life. The students here at the Florida State College for Women have always given this loyalty with a good will that is refreshing and inspiring. And when you students dedicate this number of the Flastacowo, the first that goes to all the students, to Dr. P. K. Yonge, Chairman of the Board of Control, you again manifest a fine appreciation of, and loyalty to, these higher values. It is difficult for the citizens of Florida to fully realize Doctor Yonge ' s service to the State. During the more than twenty years of membership on the Board of Control, most of which time he was Chairman, he served the institutions of higher learning with an alertness, an integrity, a broadmindedness and a loyalty, that is supreme. Ever since 1905 when the University and the College were established he has woven the lofty ideals of his life into the life of these institutions with such fundamental ability, such a fine sense of honor, such a sound and constructive idealism, and such a never failing good will, that it has been an asset and will continue to be an unshakable asset to these institutions and to the State in the years to come. I congratulate you students for dedicating this Flastacowo, as an expression of the highest appreciation, to this noble citizen of Florida, to this prince among men. Page 20 Charlotte M. Beckham Dean of Students Page 21 Arthur Williams Vice-Preshie if Page 22 John G. Kellum Business Manager Page 23 William George Dodd Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences A.B., Bethany College; A.M., Harvard; Ph.D., Harvard. THE history of the School of Arts and Sciences is parallel with that of the institution, for it was the L P school established first. The Buckman bill in 1904 k L provided for the establishment of a college of higher k ll , education for women. Florida State College for IV L m I Rf Women came into being in 1905, the first state insti- 5 Sik ' in -mr tution in the South to be conceived as a liberal arts school. Today the College of Arts and Sciences, with an enrollment of 675 is one of the largest schools in the whole College. It includes all the academic departments except education, music, and home economics. The College of Arts and Sciences offers courses to give that traditionally cultured background of southern women and one that is designed to promote the further seeking of the higher things of life. It furnishes an opportunity to secure the wider general training that is essential to the more abundant social and professional leadership which should be held by college trained women. History Building Page 24 Nathaniel Moss Salley Dean of the School of Education A.B., Wofford College; Graduate Work at U. of Chicago, U. of Wisconsin, and Columbia. THE School of Education is the division of the Florida State College for Women devoted to educa- tion of teachers. In the four-year curriculum lead- ing to the Bachelor ' s degree, a student concentrates in professional work, education, and psychology, and has a distributive concentration in several subjects which she wishes to teach in high school or elementary school. The four-year curriculum prepares teachers for supervisory positions in the public schools of Florida. There is also a special two-year course leading to graduation with a two-year diploma. The present enrollment of the School of Education is 808. The School of Education consists of the department of education, including the demonstration school which is the laboratory of the department of education, the de- partment of physical education, the department of industrial arts, and the department of public school music. Education Building Page 25 H Margaret Rector Sandels Dean of the School of Home Economics B.S., A.M., Ph.D., Columbia. |OME economics work was first introduced into the College in 1905 with the establishment of the Florida Female College. In 1918 the work was organized within a School of Home Economics, giv- ing the degree of Bachelor of Science in Home Eco- nomics. In 1922 a Bachelor of Science in Nursing was first offered in combination with certain accredited hospitals in the State. In 1919, a laboratory for research in nutrition was first established. Here va- rious types of nutrition investigations have been carried forward, stressing particularly the nutritional problems of Florida. The training of teachers of home economics is one function of this school, but the profession of home-making is the most important occupation for which the school pre- pares its graduates. The courses dealing with the economic and social problems of the home, the care and welfare of children, and the feeding and clothing of the family are all of direct interest and value to the prospective home-maker. Science Building . I Page 26 Ella Scoble Opperman Dean of the School of Music B.M., M.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; Pupil of Jedliczka in Berlin; Pupil of Moszkowski and Guilmant in Paris. THE history of the School of Music is also parallel with that of the whole College, since this depart- ment has been established since 1905. For the past twenty years, Dean Ella Scoble Opperman has served in the capacity as head of this school, assisted by a faculty which has gradually increased to 16 members. The School of Music offers a B.M. in piano, voice, organ, violin, cello, public school music, and the most recent addition, composition, and it is successfully preparing its graduates for vocational service in these same fields. It is reaching still larger groups in its impress upon the students enrolled in the other schools of the College by assisting them to self-expression through individual instruction and by group work in glee club, orchestra, and assembly. It is developing in these students concentration, imagination, perception, and team work. Through appreciation of music courses and concerts it is teaching the power to understand and enjoy the uni- versal language, a part of man ' s being in all walks of life. Auditorium j Page 2 7 FACULTY AND OFFICERS Edward Conradi, A.M., Ph.D. (Clark), President Arthur Williams, A.M. (Cambridge) Vice-President Professor of History William George Dodd, A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard) Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Professor of English Nathaniel Moss Salley, A.B. Dean, School of Education Professor of Education Margaret Rector Sandels, A.M., Ph.D. (Columbia) Dean, School of Home Economics Professor of Nutrition Ella Scoble Opperman, A.B., M.M. Dean, School of Music Professor of Piano and Organ Elmer Riggs Smith, A.M. Secretary Professor of Mathematics Josiah Bethea Game, Ph.D. (Yale), Litt.D. Professor of Classics and General Literature Alban Stewart, A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard) Professor of Botany and Bacteriology Lanas Spurgeon Barber, M.A. Professor of Zoology and Horticulture Edmund Vernon Gage, A.M. Professor of Spanish Raymond Bellamy, A.M., Ph.D. (Clark) Professor of Sociology Paul Frederick Finner, A.M., Ph.D. (Wisconsin) Professor of Psychology and Director of Psychological Laboratory Leland Judson Lewis, A.M., Ph.D. (Columbia) Professor of Chemistry Jennie Tilt, M.S., Ph.D. (Chicago) Research Professor of Nutrition Harold Frederick Richards, A.M., Ph.D. (Cincinnati) Professor of Physics Mark H. De Graff, M.A., Ph.D. (Iowa) Professor of Education Bessie Carter Randolph, A.M., Ph.D. (Radcliffe) Professor of Political Science and History Eleanor Bryce Scott, A.M., Ph.D. (Wisconsin) Professor of English William Hudson Rogers, M.A., Ph.D. (Virginia) Professor of English Herman Kurz, M.S., Ph.D. (Chicago) Professor of Botany and Director of Botanical Laboratory Kathryn Trimmer Abbey, A.M., Ph.D. (Northwestern) Professor of History Arthur Romeyn Seymour, M.L., Ph.D. (Wisconsin) Professor of French Guy Linton Diffenbaugh, M.A., Ph.D. (Illinois) Professor of English Robert Spencer Cotterill, M.A., Ph.D. (Wisconsin) Professor of History Ralph Lee Eyman, Ed.D. (California) Professor of Education Beulah Dorothea Westerman, M.S., Ph.D. (Illinois) Professor of Physiological and Organic Che vi is try James Garfield Stevens, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania) Professor of Education Elizabeth Gordon Andrews, B.A. Personnel Director Anna Forbes Liddell, M.A., Pfi.D. (North Carolina) Professor of Philosophy Beulah Belle Briley, M.S., Ph.D. (Iowa) Professor of Economics and Commerce Mary Hollingsworth Buford, A.B. Associate Professor of Spoken English David H. Briggs, Ph.D. (U. C.) Associate Professor of Education Hugh Lee Waskom, Ph.D. (Indiana) Associate Professor of Psychology Anna May Tracy, Ph.B. Associate Professor of Institution Economics Laura Veach Clark, A.M. Associate Professor of Home Economics Education Page 28 John Raymond Shulters, A.M., Ph.D. (Illinois) Associate Professor of French and Italian Coyle Ellis Moore, M.S., Ph.D. (Chicago) Associate Professor of Sociology Helen Phipps, M.A., Ph.D. (Columbia) Associate Professor of Spanish Henry Floyd Becker, M.S. Associate Professor of Geography Etta Lucile Robertson Associate Professor of Voice Christian Paul Heinlein, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins) Associate Professor of Psychology Henrietta Ruth Sivyer, M.A. Associate Professor of Textiles and Clothing Marion Jewell Hay, M.A., Ph.D. (Ohio) Associate Professor of Education Viola Graham, M.A., M.S., Ph.D. (Cornell) Associate Professor of Physiology Rowena Longmire, A.M. Associate Professor of English Beatrice Beyer Williams Associate Professor of Art Hazel Allison Stevenson, Ph.D. (U. of N. C.) Associate Professor of English Venila Lovina Shores, M.A., Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins) Associate Professor of History Walter R. Cowles, B.A. Associate Professor Music, Director of Orchestra Cecelia Schmenk, M.S. Assistant Professor Foods and Nutrition Olga Larson, M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Emily Pitman Wilburn, B.L. Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts Myrtle Elizabeth Dolbee, M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish and German Leila Venable, A.M. Assistant Professor of Home Economics Maud Schwalmeyer Director of Primary Division, Demonstration School Elma Williams Ealy, B.S. Director of Kindergarten Diiision, Demonstration School Katherine Williams Montgomery, M.A. Director of Physical Education Margaret Whitney Dow, B.A., B.M., A.A.G.O. Assistant Professor of Theory and Organ Luella Mary Richey, B.A., C.P.A. Assistant Professor of Accounting Zadie Lillian Phipps, B.M. Assistant Professor of Public School Music S. Marguerite House, B.A. Assistant Professor of Orchestra and Wind Instruments Lucy Lester, A.M. Assistant Professor of French Earl Lynn Vance, A.M. Assistant Professor of English and journalism :: " Anna Mae Sharp, B.M. Assistant Professor of Violin Sadie Gertrude Young, M.A. Assistant Professor of Economics Edith Woodfin West, A.M. Assistant Professor of Classics Ezda May Deviney, M.S. Assistant Professor of Zoology Clara Farrington Edmondson Assistant Professor of Violin Frances A. Theleman, Ph.D. (Chicago) Assistant Professor of Classics Elinor Muis, Ph.D. (Chicago) Assistant Professor Sociology George Wade Ferguson Assistant Professor of Voice and Director of Glee Club Mildred Burlingame, A.M. Assistant Professor of Psychology Julia H. Heinlein, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins) Assistant Professor of Psychology Ellen Grace Greenwood, A.M. Assistant Professor of Education Mildred Fay Henry, M.A. Assistant Professor of English Annie M. Popper, Ph.D. (Chicago) Assistant Professor of History Gladys Olive Koch, A.B. Instructor in Voice Lucile Grider Bass Instructor in Shorthand and Typewriting ' Leave of Absence. Page 29 Genevieve Crawford, M.S., Instructor in Foods and Nutrition Gladys Storrs, B.M. Instructor in Piano Lula Margaret Wyley Instructor in Spoken English Marjorie Hope Batchelder Makielski Instructor in Art Mary Emily Reeder, B.M. Instructor in Piano and Piano Methods Mona Alderman, A.B., B.M. Instructor in Piano Ruth Olive Schornherst, M.S. Instructor in Botany Kemper Martin Moore Instructor in Spoken English Dorothy Lois Reeves Breen, A.M. Instructor in Spanish and French Nita Katherine Pyburn, M.A. Instructor in Education Bernice Champ, M.A. Instructor in Education and Assistant Super- intendent English Dem. School Esther Smith, M.A. Instructor in English Ada Melissa Knight, B.M. Instructor in Piano Sallie Williams, B.S. in Education Instructor in Industrial Arts Isabel McKinnell, M.S. Instructor in Chemistry Eleanore Allbright, M.A. Instructor in Physical Education Sarah Herndon, M.A. Instructor in English Alethea Elizabeth Smith, B.A. Instructor in Spoken English Hazel Berenice Deetz, B.S. Instructor in Industrial Arts Lorene Riley Instructor in Voice Elizabeth Steele Bearden, M.A. Instructor in English Ada Belle Patrick, A.M. Instructor in French and Spanish Marie Park, M.A. Instructor in Spoken English Ruth Jennings Moffatt, B.S. Instructor in Sports and Folk Dancing Willery Jackson, M.A. Instructor in History and Geography Eleanor Sheldon Instructor in Art Mary Helen McKean, M.A. Instructor in English Elizabeth Adeline Griffing, M.S. Instructor in Botany and Bacteriology E. Elizabeth Lynn, M.A. Instructor in Physics Nevora Eulalia Bergman, B.M. Instructor in Piano Mildred Finnegan, M.A. Instructor in French Grace Elliott Baker, M.S. Instructor in Textiles and Clothing Sarah Elizabeth Thomson, A.B. Instructor in Spoken English Marguerite A. Taylor, Ph.B. Instructor in Geography Alice Margaret Christensen, A.M. Instructor in History Edith Mary Cotton, B.A. in Music Instructor in Public School Music and Critic Teacher Marjorie Mae Mayer, A.M. Instructor in Physical Education Josephine Irene Morrison, B.S. Instructor in Physical Education Helen Alvreda Shrunk, A.M. Instructor in Art Gertrude Vermillion, M.A. Instructor in Chemistry Gladys Fairley, S.M. Instructor in Geography Dorothy White, B.S. Instructor in Physical Education Helen Ruth Haggerty, M.A. Instructor in Physical Education Mildred Stewart, B.S. Pianist Physical Education Department Lutie Clyham Westcott, A.B. Instructor in Industrial Arts Page 30 c a s s e s Seni lors Sarah Catherine Caldwell President: UNION SPRINGS, ALA. B.M. hi Pipe Organ k a , b n G , A X A Torchbearers (4); President Torchbearers (4); Certificate in Organ (3); Vice-President Class (3); Assistant Editor Flastacowo (2); Editor-in-Chief Flastacowo (3); Senate (3, 4); Spirogira; Delegate to N. S. F. A. (4); Torch Night Committee (2); May Day Committee (2); Fealty Committee (3); American Guild of Organists. Blanche C. Cornell Vice-President BARTOW, FLA. A.B. in Sociology K A 9 , A X A , X A $ Freshman Commission (1); Vice-President Class (2, 4); Class Hockey (1, 2, 3); Business Manager Flastacowo (3); Chairman Odd Demon- stration (3); Pan-Hellenic Representative (3, 4); Script Chairman Junior Minstrel (3); Odd Demonstration (4); Minstrel (3, 4). Janet Thamer Wills Secretary DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. B.S. AAA Secretary of College Government (2); Chairman of May Day (2) President of Junior Class (3); Senate (2, 3); Social Committee (4) Torch Night (2, 3, 4); Odd Demonstration (2, 3); Fealty (3) Spirogira (2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council (3). Nancy E. Lutz Treasurer JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B.S. in Physical Education A PA Spirogira; Torch Night (2); Class Treasurer (2, 4); Campus Health Committee (2); Odd Treasurer (3); Class Athletic Manager (3); Demonstration (3, 4); Representative-at-Large Athletic Association (4); " F " Club (3, 4); Life Saving (4); Vice-President Physical Edu- cation Association (3); Volley-ball (1, 3, 4); Odd Volley-ball (3, 4); Hockey (1, 2, 3); Odd (3); Varsity (3); Tennis, Class Singles and Doubles (1, 2, 3); F. S. W. C. Singles Champion (3). Ellen V. Knight Parliamentarian MIAMI, FLA. A.B. in History II B $ , A X A , X4 l Orchesus (2, 3, 4); Cotillion Club (2, 3, 4); Class Parliamentarian (1, 2, 3, 4); Freshman Commission (1); Flambeau Society Editor (2, 3); Torch Night (2, 3); Odd Demonstration (1, 2); Fealty (1, 2, 3); Minstrel (1, 3); Dance Drama (2, 3); May Day (2). Essie Geiger Athletic Manager HOMESTEAD, FLA. B.S. in Education ASA Class Soccer (1, 2, 3); Odd Soccer (1, 2, 3); Varsity Soccer (1, 2, 3); Captain Class Soccer (1, 2, 3); Captain Odd Soccer (3); Captain Class Basket-ball (4); Class Basket-ball (2, 3, 4); Odd Basket-ball (3, 4); Captain Odd Basket-ball (4); Varsity Basket-ball (4); Class Baseball (2, 3); Class Athletic Manager (4); President of Physical Education Association (4). Leah Ellen Adamson jacksonville, fla. A.B. in French xo, Bne, $B2 Chairman of Freshman Cabinet (2); Torch Night (2); Torch- bearers (4). Florence Lillian Adelson tampa, fla. A.B. in Commerce A E College Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4). Erress Arant milton, fla. B.S. in Botany Student Assistant in Botany (3, 4). Louise Aulls orlando, fla. B.S. in Nutrition II IS , ON Orchesus (3, 4). Hazel Lee Baird gainesville, fla. A.B. X V. Classical Club (3); History Club (4). Carrie Valentina Baker portland, maine A.B. Xfi Transfer from Colby College (1, 2); Glee Club (3); Student Assist- ant Librarian (4); Student Assistant Personnel Officer (4); Finance Committee of Y. W. C. A. (4). Harriett Marie Baker jacksonville, fla. B.S. in Physical Education B A Athletic Board (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); L. S. C. (4, 3, 2, 1), Swimming (3, I). Gertrude Balosok arcadia, fla. B.S. in Education 9T, K A II Katie Barrineau gonzalez, fla. B.S. in Home Economics Freshman Commission (1); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (1); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3); Class Soccer (1, 2, 3); Even Soccer (1, 2, 3); Varsity Soccer (2); Class Basket-ball (2, 3); Even Basket- ball (2, 3); Varsity Basket-ball (2, 3). Alice Winifred Bates de land, fla. B.S. in Education Kin History Club (3, 4). Edith Frances Beck sarasota, fla. A.B. hi English XA$, A X A , B 2 Editor Distaff (4); Associate Editor Distaff (3); Flambeau Staff (2, 3, 4); Author Odd Demonstration (4); Author First Student- written Play Produced by Spoken English Department. Betty Bell punta gorda, fla. B.S. in Physical Education ASA Spirogira; Freshman Sponsor (3); " F " Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Senate (2, 3, 4); Physical Education Association (3, 4); Class Volley-ball (1, 2, 3); Odd Volley-ball (1, 2, 3); Class Basket-ball (4); Odd Basket-ball (4); Class Soccer (1, 2, 3); Odd Soccer (1, 2, 3); Varsity Soccer (1, 2, 3); Class Baseball (1, 2, 3); Odd Baseball (1, 2, 3); Track (2, 3); Class Cheer Leader (2); Odd Cheer Leader (3, 4); College Song Leader (3); Delegate A. C. A. C. W. (3); Delegate Blue Ridge (3); Vice-President Athletic Association (3); President Athletic Association (4). Mary Jane Binger tallahassee, fla. A.B. Shirley Bishop gainesville, fla. A.B. in Psychology XP. Orchesus (3); Village Vamps; Social Committee; Pan-Hellenic Rep- resentative. Helen Bisz miami, fla. B.S. in Physical Education AO n Class Volley-ball Team (3, 4); Mimesis (4); Physical Education Association (3, 4); Odd Demonstration (4); Junior Minstrel (3); Health Committee (4); Torch Night (4); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3). Sarah Elizabeth Blanding bartow, fla. A.B. in English A A n , X A $ Classical Club (1); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2); Vice- House Chairman (3); Exchange Editor of Distaff (3); Odd Demon- stration (3); Senate (3, 4); House Chairman (4); Chairman of House Chairmen (4); Judiciary (4); Secretary-Treasurer Chi Delta Phi (4). Betty Blue lake wales, fla. a r a Transfer from G. S. C. W ; Torch Night (3). Hannah Augusta Boney wauchula, fla. B.S. in Education Anna Eugenia Boone newnan, ga. B.S. in Home Economics Transfer from Agnes Scott College (1, 2); Home Economics Club (3, 4). Elizabeth Rose Boyd clermont, fla. A.B. Josephine Boydston lake worth, fla. B.S. iii Home Economics K A Margaret Bradley tallahassee, fla. B.S. in Home Economics " F " Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Orchestra (2); Odd Baseball (1); Class Baseball (1); Class Basket-ball (2). Jeanette Brady leesburg, fla. A.B. in Education AAA Freshman Cabinet (1); Cotillion Club; Odd Demonstration (2); Fealty (3). Virginia Brewster hilliard, fla. A.B. in Education Class Soccer ( 1 ) ; Nassau County Representative to Confederate Reunion (2); 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Soccer Judge (3); Volley-ball Judge (3); Classical Club (1, 2). Beulah Gwendolyn Brigman pf.nsacola, fla. B.S. ' ; Mathematics B$A M. S. O. Council (2, 3, 4); President M. S. O. (4); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (1, 3); Vice-President Beta Pi Theta (4); Classical Club (1); Le Cercle Francais (3). Ethel Bernice Brock pensacola, fla. A.B. A A Transfer from Ward-Belmont. Martha Mildred Brodmerkel jacksonville, fla. A.B. in Classics H 2 P , K A II Vice-House Chairman (3); Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); President Classical Club (4). Wilma Brooks ) tampa, fla. A.B. in Education Dorothy Lee Brown jacksonville, fla. A.B. in Commerce AAA President of Class (1); Senate (1); Associate Editor of Flastacowo (2); Chairman of Torch Night (2); Torch Night (3); Pan-Hellenic (2, 4); Minstrel (3); Demonstration (4); Campus Social Committee (4). Mary Evelyn Brown lakeland, fla. A.B. in Education Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Classical Club Leader (3, 4). Betty Brownlow jacksonville, fla. A.B. in English Xfi Freshman Commission (2); Fealty (1, 3); Junior Minstrel (1): Torch Night (2, 3); Even Demonstration (3); Mimesis (3). Irma Audrey Brunson sarasota, fla. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Senior Representative to Home Economics Club. Inez Pauline Byrd jacksonville, fla. B.S. in Education Helen Vernon Calder miami, fla. A.B. in Education Vice-President Phi Beta Sigma (4). Margaret S. Campbell JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B.S. in Physical Education Torch Night (1, 2); Physical Education Association; Orthopaedic Pageant- Author. Blanche W. Carter VERO BEACH, FLA. A.B. in Art Ethel Gertrude Carter chiefland, fla. A.B. in Education Torch Night (3). Marie Elleanore Carter chiefland, fla. A.B. in Education Torch Night (3). Mary Christine Cassels plant city, fla. A.B. Beatrice Byrtie Cawthon bonifay, fla. B.S. in Education Mary Esther Chase jacksonville, fla. B.S. in Education K A II Katherine Chatham bartow, fla. A.B. in Education K A II . A e Mary Rose Chiaramonte tampa, tla. A.B. in Education b 2 , une President Phi Beta Sigma (3); Freshman Cabinet (1). Margaret Frances Christian mc intosh, fla. B.S. in Home Economics AAA Freshman Commission (1); Torch Night (1, 2); Chairman Properties May Day (2); Chairman Costumes Junior Minstrel (3). Mae Stockton Clark AIKEN, S. C. A.B. in Education A A II Mary Cordelia Clarkson pensacola, fla. A.B. in Psychology 2 K Freshman Commission (1); Torch Night (1, 2); Orientation Group (2). Rosalie Clausen tampa, fla. A.B. in Education II 2 i Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); M. S. O. Worship Chairman (3, 4). Louise Cleare key west, fla. A.B. in English ASA Class Soccer (1); Odd Soccer (1); Class Baseball (2); Pan-Hellenic (2, 3, 4). Lois Sypert Cleveland JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Education Helen Monterey Collins jacksonville, fla. A.B. in Psychology Transfer from Virginia Intermont College. Dolly Leona Connor pensacola, fla. B.M. ill Public School Music, Certificate in Piano Torchbearer (4); Chairman of Judiciary (4); Spirogira (1, 2, 3, 4); Chairman Freshman Cabinet (1); Freshman Commission (1); Smaller Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (2, 3); Vice-President Y. W. C. A. (3); Class Secretary (3); Usher Committee (3); Class Soccer (3); Odd Soccer (3); Delegate to Blue Ridge (2) ; Delegate to W. I. A. S. G. Convention (3); Delegate to S. I. A. S. G. Convention (4). Margery Irving Conroy miami, fla. A.B. iii Sociology Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. Smaller Cabinet (3); P. S. Council (4); Campus Health Committee (4). Evelyn E. Cooper NEW SMYRNA, FLA. B.S. in Commerce $ M Amelia Hamilton Cornell jacksonville, fla. A.B. b lie Freshman Cabinet (1); Episcopal Executive Council (2, 3); Campus Health Committee (3); Glee Club (3, 4); Business Manager Glee Club (4); Vice-House Chairman (3); House Chairman (4); Senate (4); Vice-President Beta Pi Theta (3). Martha Elizabeth Crane fort myers, fla. A.B. in Education A II Torch Night (2). Nina Creel eau gallie, fla. B.S. in Education Kathleene Elizabeth Crocker miami, fla. A.B. in English er Classical Club. Elizabeth Alvin Croom madison, fla. ATA Torch Night (1, 2); History Club ( 1, 2, 3 ) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3); Orchestra (1, 2, 3). | Margaret Imogen Currie west palm beach, fla. A.B. in Art Z T A Distaff Staff (4). Ruth Adams Dale ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. B.S. in Education Athletic Class Manager (1); Freshman Commission (1); " F " Club (1, 2, 3, 4); President; Class Team Basket-ball (1, 2, 3, 4); Odd Basket-ball Team (1, 3, 4); Swimming (1, 2, 4); Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4); Examiner (2); Hockey Class Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Baseball (3, 4); Secretary of Athletic Association (1); Physical Educa- tion Association (3, 4); Flambeau Staff (1). Reva E. Daniels ZEPHYR HILLS, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics ON President Home Economics Club (4). Dorothy Gibson Dawson tampa, fla. B.S. in Home Economics Jane Gowans Dean delray beach, fla. B.S. in Nursing Rosebud Demilly lakeland, fla. A.B. in Education Aon Class Hockey Team (1); Class Volley-ball Team (1); Campus Health Committee (2); Torch Night (2); Pan-Hellenic Delegate (3, 4). Rowena Diamond tallahassee, fla. B.S. in Education AXO Distaff (3); Treasurer Class (3); Spirogira (3, 4); Senate (4); Judiciary (4); Treasurer College Government Association (4); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2, 3); Class Baseball Team (3). Carrie Lee Dominick webster, fla. B.S. in Education 4-H Club. Elsie Duncan clearwater, fla. A.B. in Education Life Saver (2). Mary Frances Dunstan leesburg, fla. A.B. in Commerce Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2); Campus Health Committee (3); Auditing Committee (4). Edna Mae Duval tallahassee, fla. A.B. in Sociology AZ Transfer from Meredith. Celeste Edwards ft. meade, fla. A.B. in Education ATA Transfer from Bessie Tift College; Torch Night (2). Anna Theresia Ericsson hallandale, fla. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Vice-President Home Economics Club (3); Campus Health Committee (4). Anna Marguerite Evans st. petersburg, fla. A.B. in English zta, b n e , a x a, $ a e Business Manager of Flambeau; Classical Club; Torch Night; Life Saver ( 1 ) . Evelyn Ross Farrior tampa, fla. A.B. K A Classical Club (1); Usher Committee (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4); Torch Night (1, 2). Marjorie Helen Fay panama city, fla. A.B. in Education $B2, K An Class Hockey (3); History Club (4). Dorothy Feinberg quincy, fla. A.B. in Latin A 1 E , II 2 l Transfer from Brenau College; Classical Club (2, 3, 4); German Club (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (3). Louise Elizabeth Fisher tallahassee, fla. A.B. in English Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2); Classical Club (3). Harrie Bernice Fliehmann miami, fla. A.B. in Education Glee Club; History Club. Cora Ashley Fraleigh madison, fla. B.S. ill Education KA Torch Night (2). Ruth Olive Friend pahokee, fla. B.S. Home Economics 4-H Club; Home Economics Club. Elizabeth Fry homestead, fla. A.B. in Latin Odd Demonstration (2); Classical Club (2, 3, 4); Publicity Chair- man (4). Audrey Kuhl Garrett bonifay, fla. A.B. Transfer from Lincoln Memorial University. Kathrine Gibson thomasville, ga. A.B. Z T A Mary C. Gill TAMPA, FLA. B.S. in Education Glee Club; Classical Club; N. E. A. Mary Lois Gill of. land, fla. B.S. in Home Economics 2 K Transfer from Knox College; Home Economics Club. Ella Posey Gordon mobile, ala. A.B. in French 2 K Henrietta F. Graham MIAMI, FLA. A.B. in Education Carroll Grantham tampa, fla. A. B. in Sociology Classical Club (2); Usher Committee (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (4). Sarah Levert Green bonifay, fla. A.B. in English Transfer from Palmer College. Eva Greenstein jacksonville, fla. B.S. in Education Evelyn Mary Gregory quincy, fla. A.B. Charlotte Olivia Grimm palatka, fla. A.B. iii Economics 2 K Torch Night (I, 2); Even Demonstration (2, 3). Wilma Hague plant city, fla. A.B. in English Classical Club. Florence Hall tampa, fla. A.B. in Art z t a , b n e Chairman Freshman Commission (1); Freshman Cabinet (1); Campus Social Committee (2); Usher Committee (3); Chairman Coronation (4). Dorothy Headley ft. lauderdale, fla. A.B. in Commerce Marion Hendrey perry, fla. A.B. Certificate in Spoken English AXfi Freshman Commission (1); Orchesus (2, 3, 4); President of Orchc- sus (3, 4); Representative to Judiciary (3); Chairman of Fealty (3); Point Committee (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (2, 3); Odd Demonstra- tion (2, 3, 4); Chairman Music for Junior Minstrel (3); Torch Night (2, 3, 4); May Day (2, 3, 4); Chairman Dances for Junior-Senior Banquet (3). Josephine Herring miccosukee, fla. B.M. in Public School Music Glee Club (3, 4); Librarian of Glee Club (4); Student Assistant (4); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (4); Torch Night (2); Odd Demonstration (4). Mary Morgan Holsberry pensacola, fla. A.B. K A Transfer from Randolph Macon Woman ' s College. LUCILE HORNE OCALA, FLA. A.B. AAA Theresa Huffaker bartow, fla. A.B. in History k a e , a e Senate (3, 4); Judiciary (3); Class Hockey (1, 2, 3); Chairman of Junior Minstrel (3); Assistant Chairman Odd Demonstration (3); Junior Banquet Committee (3); Torch Night (1, 2). Grace May Jefferies jacksonville, fla. A.B. in Commerce Class Basket-ball (3, 4); Odd Basket-ball (4); Varsity Basket-ball (4); Class Soccer (2, 3); Odd Soccer (3); Class Baseball (3); " F " Club (3, 4). Ida Louise Johnson key west, fla. A.B. Katherine Johnson monticello, fla. A.B. in Education AZ Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Odd Demonstration (4). Lucy Mae Johnson orlando, fla. A.B. in Education Dorothy Elizabeth Jones newberry, fla. B.S. in Education President 4-H Club; Orchestra (3, 4). Masa Lucy Kamiya boca raton, fla. B.S. in Home Economics ■ 4-H Club; Home Economics Club; Class Baseball (1); Odd Baseball (1); Class Soccer (2); Odd Soccer (2); Class Baseball (3); Odd Baseball (3); Class Volley-ball (3). Sara Avis Kent miami, fla. A.B. in English K AG Freshman Cabinet (1); Chairman Freshman Carnival (1); Class Volley-ball (1, 3); Odd Volley-ball (1); Class Soccer (1); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2, 3); Chairman Sophomore Senior Breakfast (2); Finance Chairman, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Senate (3, 4); Chairman Programs Junior Minstrel (3); Junior Dance Committee (3); Judiciary (4); Sponsor of Freshman Commission (4); Torch- bearers (4); Chairman Sophomore Committee for Carnival (2); Torch Night Committee (2). Evelyn Kent ft. myers, fla. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 4); 4-H Club (1, 2, 4). Marianna Kinchley tampa, fla. A.B. in English A X A Secretary Alpha Chi Alpha; Flambeau Staff (3, 4); Class Hockey Team (1, 2, 3); Varsity Hockey (1). Alice Downing Kirkland st. augustine, fla. A.B. in English Classical Club (1); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (1). Mary Lorine LaFuze clermont, fla. A.B. in Psychology A A , B n e Y. W. C. A. Smaller Cabinet (4); President B. S. U. (4); President 4-H Club (2); Delegate to International 4-H Training School (3); Glee Club (3); Student Assistant Librarian (2, 3); Fire Chief (4); Senate (4). Ruby Larsen lakeland, fla. A.B. in Education A O IT Transfer from Southern College (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic Delegate (4). Alue Elizabeth Leak tampa, fla. B.M. in Public School Music A Z A Mimi Leduc tampa, fla. B.S. ' ;; Physical Education a An Spirogira (2, 3, 4); Cotillion Club (2, 3, 4); Class Basket-ball (3); Class Soccer (3); Odd Treasurer (4); Class Treasurer (1); Senior Representative to Judiciary (4); Senate (4). Catherine Levis tallahassee, fla. A.B. Esther Corina Lindstedt hallandale, fla. B.S. in Education L. I. in Junior High School (2); Classical Club (!, 2, 3, 4); Vice- House Chairman (3); Student Assistant in Library (3, 4). Florine Logue jacksonville, fla. B.S. in Physical Education Student Assistant in Physical Education (1, 2, 3); Junior Minstrel (2); Odd Demonstration (2); Chairman of Dances (2); Chairman of Folk Festival (2, 3); Health Committee (3); Life Savers (3); Physical Education Association (2, 3). Mary Woodward Love quincy, fla. A.B. Nettie Fay Lowe new smyrna, fla. A.B. in Education X A Ruth Anna Lundberg winter haven, fla. A.B. in Commerce Evelyn Lyle coral gables, fla. A.B. n b , b ii e Advertising Manager Flastacowo (2); Chairman Junior Dances (3); Orchesus (2, 3, 4); Torch Night (1, 2, 3); Odd Demonstration (2, 3); Junior Minstrel (1); May Day (2); Glee Club (1, 2). Imogene Morita Mason orlando, fla. A.B. in Education a e Secretary-Treasur er Phi Alpha Theta (4). Alma Evangeline Mathews fairfield, fla. A.B. in Education Press Board (1); Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Dorothy Gene Maxey cottage hill, fla. A.B. in Education Eleanor Macon McClearen thomasville, ga. B.S. in Education K A Torch Night (2); Odd Demonstration (2, 5); May Day (2); Classical Club (2); Junior Minstrel (3); House President (3); Na- tional Education Association (4). Elizabeth Love McCormack live oak, fla. B.S. in Education a An Sarah Jane McCormack leesburg, fla. A.B. in English and Certificate in Spoken English AXf2 Torch Night (2, 4); Fealty (3); May Day (2); Spoken English Plays (3, 4); Properties Chairman Spoken English Plays (4); Con- tributor to Distaff. Merle McDermid okeechobee, fla. B.M. in Public School Music a on Glee Club (3, 4); Orchestra (3); American Guild of Organists (3); Junior Minstrel (3); May Day (3); " Foot-Notes. " Madelyn McDuffie bradenton, fla. B.S. Eleanor Darrington McMillan stockton, ala. A.B. A A Transfer from Mary Baldwin College; Classical Club (4); House Chairman (4). Kathryn McMullen tampa, fla. A.B. in History Xfi Agnes Mc Williams tampa, fla. A.B. ill Education Newman Club; Le Cercle Francais. Ruth McWilliams tampa, fla. A.B. in Education Virginia Elizabeth Miller jacksonville, fla. A.B. in French K A President of Class (1); Freshman Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (2); Torch Night (1, 2, 3); Senate (1, 3); Cotillion Club; Parliamentarian of Class (2); Sophomore Hockey Team (2); Junior Minstrel (2); Even Demonstration (2, 3); Vice-President of Y. W. C. A. (3); Junior Representative to Judiciary (3); Fealty (3); Delegate to Y. W. C. A. National Convention (2). Eleanor Mizell tallahassee, fla. A.B. a alt Lucile Mabel Moore west palm beach, fla. A.B. in Commerce Senate; Chairman of Auditing Committee. Martha Elizabeth Nance tampa, fla. A. B. in Sociology XQ Chairman of Social Committee (4) ; Chairman of Usher Committee (3); Senate (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3); Business Manager Distaff (4); Fealty (3); Torch Night (3). Marie Alene Nees miami, fla. A.B. in Education Comparative Religions Group Leader (2). Frances Virginia Overton plant city, fla. B.S. in Education Vice-House Chairman (3); House Chairman (4). iiL4 Beatrice Stanford Owens west palm beach, fla. A.B. in Latin A X Q , II Z $ Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Secretary of Eta Sigma Phi (4); Campus Health Committee (1, 2, 3); Pan-Hellenic Council (4) ; Torch Night (3, 4). Margaret Ruth Pace miami, fla. A.B. in English Campus Health Committee (2); Chairman Campus Health Commit- tee (4); Class Hockey Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Senate (4); Student Assist- ant in Botany (2); Student Assistant Hygiene (3); Classical Club (4); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3); Program Chairman Odd Demon- stration (3); Demonstration (4); Torch Night (2). Virginia Ruth Parker tallahassee, fla. A.B. in Education Sarah Parrish pompano, fla. 3.S. Home Economics K AG Anna Patronis quincy, fla. .M. in Piano and Voice Pearl Pearce sebring, fla. A.B. in Education Margaret Pfluge la belle, fla. B.S. in Botany K A II Student Assistant in Botany (3, 4). Janet Breed Poulson st. petersburg, fla. Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Junior Minstrel (3); Odd Demonstra- tion (3). Gervais Prentiss indianapolis, ind. A.B. in English II B Elinor Louise Register jasper, FLA. A.B. in Education Class Soccer Team ( 1 , 2 ) . Kate Reddick panama city, fla. B.S. in Education Classical Club (3, 4). Rebecca Rodenberg vero beach, fla. B.M. in Piano and Public School Music Certificate in Piano (4); Student Assistant in Piano Normal Depart- ment (4); Ensemble (4); Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Torch Night (2, 4); M. S. O. Council (2, 3, 4). Beatrice Rosenberg tampa, fla. A.B. A I E Freshman Commission (1). Jean Rowe coral gables, fla. A.B. n b Freshman Cabinet (1); Cotillion Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Repre- sentative to Senate (3); Senior Representative to Senate (4); Chai.man Sophomore Day Tea (2); Fealty (I, 3); Odd Demonstration (1); Torch Night (2, 4); Runner-Up Junior Tennis Tournament (?); Junior Minstrel (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Classical Club (3). Ruth Runyan pensacola, fla. B.S. in Education Catherine Harriet Ryder st. petersburg, fla. B.S. ;; Education GT Torch Night (2); Flambeau (2); Y. V. C. A. Finance Committee 0) Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Senate (4). Greta Emma Schmitt miami, fla. B.S. in Education $T Y. " . C. A. Finance Committee; German Club. Social Committee (3) 2); Minstrel (2, 3) Louise Scott live oak, fla. B.S. Education AAA Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Torch Night (1, Demonstration (2, 3). Margaret Jean Scott leesburg, fla. A.B. in Education II 2 $ , K A II House Chairman (4); Senate (4); Student Assistant in Library (3); Cla:sical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); M. S. O. (4). Mary Brandau Settle st. petersburg, fla. B.S. in Physical Education " ex Torchbearers (4); Class Soccer (2, 3); Class Volley-ball Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Baseball (2, 3); Odd Volley-ball (2, 3, 4); Odd Soccer (2, 3); Varsity Volley-ball (2); Varsity Baseball (2); Varsity Soccer (3); Member " F " Club; Freshman Commission (1); Sophomore Representative to Judiciary (2); Treasurer Athletic Association (2); Vice-President Student Body (3); Advisor Freshman Commission (3); Delegate to Southern Intercollegiate Association of Student Govern- ment (3); Delegate to Blue Ridge Conference (3); President of Student Body (4); President of S. I. A. S. G. Convention (4); Delegate to National Student Federation of America and S. I. A. S. G. (4) ; Y. W. C. A. Executive Cabinet, Ex-Officio (4); Senate (2, 3, 4); Life Saving Corps (3, 4); Spirogira. Elizabeth Shannon tampa, fla. B.S. in Education Campus Health Committee; Chairman of Point System Committee. Vivian Sheppard boynton, fla. A.B. in Education Glee C lub (1, }aver. 2, 3); Even Demonstration (1); 4-H Club; Life Mary Edna Shupp jacksonville, fla. B.S. in Education B$ A Publicity Chairman Folk Festival (3); Clog Committee (3); Junior Minstrel (3); Physical Association (3, 4); Mimesis (4); Odd Demon- stration (4); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (4); Torch Night (4); Water Festival (4); National Education Association (4). Frances McCord Simpson monticello, fla. B.S. K A Classical Club (2); History Club (4): Assistant (3, 4). Torch Night (2); Lab Alice Sims madison, fla. B.S. in Education K A II House Chairman (4); Senate (4). Helen Sloat jacksonville, fla. A I E , A X A Freshman Commission (1); Elambeau ,(2, 3). Jewell Edwina Slone mascoffe, fla. B.S. in Education " F " Club; Class Basket-ball (3, 4); Odd Basket-ball (3, 4); C ' .as Soccer (4); Odd Soccer (4); Class Baseball (3); Odd Baseball (3); Track (3); History Club (3, 4). Virginia Spencer fampa, fla. A.B. in Education XP. Torch Night (2). Doroffiy Jane Springer miami beach, fla. B.S. Transfer from Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Ida Mae Smifh palm1 sola, fla. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club; 4-H Club; Class Volley-ball (1, 3, 4.) Jane Smifh madison, fla. A.B. it! English A An Freshman Commission (1); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4). Lorah V. Smifh MONFGOMERY, ALA. A.B. in English, Certificate in Spoken English Margaret McMillan Smith gainesville, fla. A.B. in English Mary Chattie Stackhouse perry, fla. A.B. in English K A e Freshman Commission (1); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (1); Fealty (1); May Day (2); Torch Night (2); Usher Committee (3); Jun ' or Minstrel (3); Social Committee (4). Evelyn Esther Steele lake worth, fla. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Davida Stenstrom wauchula, fla. A.B. in French a a , b n e Glee Club (3, 4); Classical Club (2); Library Committee (4). Thelma Arlene Stephens laurel hill, fla. B.S. in Education A A L. I. in Junior High School. Rebecca B. Stevens SANFORD, FLA. A.B. in Commerce ■v " S 1 v Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3); Odd Demonstration (3); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4). Dorothy Elizabeth Stovall st. petersburg, fla. A.B. in Education Z T A Julia Pate Stradley bradenton, fla. A.B. ' ; Education Senate (2, 4); Classical Club (2); Torch Night (2); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (2); Chairman Library Committee (4); Assistant Chairman Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (4); Secretary P. S. L. (4). Phebe Alice Sudlow coral gables, fla. BS. in Physical Education Class Volley-ball (2, 3); Class Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4); Odd Soccer (2, 3); Class Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); " F " Club (2, 3, 4); Lite Saving (4); Swimming (2); Physical Education Association (3, 4); Tennis (2, 3). Dana Summitt shamrock, fla. A.B. in English A T A , X A Torch Night (1, 2); Classical Club (2); Circulation Manager Distaff (2); Assistant Editor Distaff (3); Odd Demonstration (3); Usher Committee (3); Secretary Pan-Hellenic (4); Chairman Odd Demonstration (4); Senate (4). Thelm Roberts Sumner tampa, fla. A.B. in English 4 M , A X A Point System Committee (1); Freshman Cabinet (2); Y. W. C. A. Flambeau Reporter (2); Class Hockey Team (1); Carnival Com- mittee (1); Class Secretary (2); Fire Lieutenant (2); Vice-Houte Chairman (2); Secretary-Treasurer Life Saving Corps (3); Vice-Presi- dent Alpha Chi Alpha (3); Managing Editor Flambeau (3); Y. W. C. A. Executive Cabinet (3, 4); Editor-in-Chief Flambeau (4); Pan- Hellenic Council (4); Senate (4); President Alpha Chi Alpha (4); Secretary-Treasurer Torchbearers (4); Flambeau Delegate to Intercol- legiate Press Association (3); Classical Club (1, 2); Class Hockey Team (3). Katherine Swearingen bradenton, fla. A.B. X 9. Pan-Hellenic Representative (3); History Club (3, 4). Elva Elizabeth Sweat live oak, fla. A.B. in Education Student Assistant in Bacteriology. Mayme Lillian Tatum miami, fla. A.B. in French II B , line Cotillion Club (3, 4); Junior Minstrel (3); Cheer Leader (4). Betty Vandiver Taylor jacksonville, fla. A.B. in Education X9. Torch Night (1, 2); Even Demonstration (3). Sarah Taylor quincy, fla. A.B. in English K A Transfer Wesleyan College; Classical Club (3); Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil (4 ). Mabel Elizabeth Teague apalachicola, fla. B.M. in Public School Music 2 K Health Committee; Glee Club. Rowena Watson Tedder live oak, fla. A.B. in Education Freshman Commission (2); Torch Night (2, 3, 4); Junior Minstrel (1, 2); Odd Demonstration (2, 3); Fealty (3); Spirogira (3, 4); Chairman of Entertainments (4). Josephine Tharpe tallahassee, fla. A.B. in Latin h 2 $ , isne , 3, 4). Classical Club (1, Hilda Ray Thaxton pensacola, fla. A.B. Freshman Cabinet (2); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3); Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Leader (3, 4); Class Soccer Team (3, 4); Point System Committee (4); Fire Captain (4). Margaret Ray Tichenor orlando, fla. B.S. in Education AHA. Maria Luisa Trelles new orleans, la. A.B. in Modern Languages A A.n GWYNDO LINE ETTIE TtTLLY TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A.B. in Education B$ A Classical Club (1, 3, 4); National Education Society (3). Juanita Van D ' Elden miami, fla. B.M. in Public School Music A Oil Class Hockey Team (3); Odd Hockey Team (4); Glee Club (3, 4); Orchestra (3, 4); Foot Notes; Odd Demonstration (2, 3, 4); Junior Minstrel (2, 3). Vera Vanderipe manatee, fla. A.B. in Education Mary Von Werdt pensacola, fla. A.B. in Education " F " Club; Class Volley-ball (3, 4); Class Baseball (1, 3); Class Soccer (4); Odd Soccer (4); Classical (2, 3); Life Savers (3, 4); Swimming (3). Clare Wadsworth madison, fla. B.S. ill Home Economics A T A Newman Club; Home Economic Club. Mary Cooper Wakefield holly hill, fla. A.B. in English b ii e Torchbearer (4); World Friendship Representative Y. W. C. A. (3); Torch Night (1, 2); American Guild of Organists (2, 3, 4), Secretary (4); P. S. L. Secretary (2); P. S. L. President (4); Program Chairman Y. W. C. A. (4); Orchestra (3); Freshman Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (1); Treasurer Beta Pi Theta (4). Mary Elizabeth Waldrop winter haven, fla. A.B. ill History Glee Club (3, 4); Librarian of Glee Club (4). Mary Katherine Walker pensacola, fla. B.S. ill Ma he unities Bne M. S. O. (3, 4); Classical Club (1). Hilda Jane Walters manatee, fla. B.S. in Chemistry XA$ Freshman Cabinet (1); President of Y. W. C. A. (3); Judiciary (3);. Senate (3); Class Volley-ball (2, 3); Delegate to National Student-Faculty Conference (3); Co-Author of Even Fealty (3); German Club (3). Elizabeth Washington tallahassee, fla. A.B. in Education A An Annee Zillah Watson marianna, fla. A.B. Certificate in Spoken English ASS Transfer from Agnes Scott College. Adria Watts woodvtlle, fla. A.B. in Education Marjorie Etta Webb lakeland, fla. A.B. in History Carolyn Margaret Welles pensacola, fla. A.B. in History 2 K Transfer from Vanderbilt University. Polly Whaley rockledge, fla. A.B. in English and Spanish € B2 Class Hockey (3); Odd Hockey (3); Class Swimming (3). Orchesus (3, 4). Fannette Wharton miami, fla. A.B. in English 2 K Elizabeth Whitner sanford, fla. A.B. in Education Transfer from Salem College. Elizabeth Wight palmetto, fla. B.S. Class Soccer Team (1, 4); Classical Club (2, 3); Class Baseball Team ( 1 ) . Lucille Marie Williams quincy, fla. A.B. in Education Virginia Williams tampa, fla. A.B. in Art KAB Life Saving Corps (1, 2); Orchesus (3, 4); " F " Club (3, 4); Decorations Chairman Sophomore Senior Breakfast (2); Torch Nig.it (2, 3, 4); Junior Minstrel (3); Stage Chairman Odd Demon t aLo i (3, 4); Stage Chairman Minstrel (3); May Day (2, 3); May Day- Dance Chairman (3); Stage Chairman Fealty (3); Stage Chairman Folk Festival (3); Associate Art Editor Flastacowo (3); Clas: Vo ' .ley- ball (2, 3, 4); Odd Volley-ball (3, 4); Varsity Volley-ball (3, 4); Class Hockey (2, 3); Odd Hockey (3); Class Baseball Team (3). Odis Wilson tampa, fla. A.B. in Latin 2 K Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Mary Katherine Wilson jacksonville, fla. A.B. in Commerce AX 9. Torch Night (2); Campus Health Committee (3); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee; Senate (4); House Chairman (4). Catharine Johnston Wynn ft. pierce, fla. B.S. ill Home Economics Life Saving Corps (3); Home Economics Club; Transfer from Southern College (1, 2). Mary Rose Yarnall washington, d. c. A.B. ill Education Freshman Cabinet (I); House Chairman (4); Senate (4). Dorothy Yerxa clearwater, fla. B.S. in Kindergarten Sally Yon gainesville, fi.a. B.S. iii Education Freshman Commission (1); Glee Club (3, 4); " F " Club (3); Class Baseball (2, 3); Odd Baseball (2, 3); Varsity Baseball (3); Class Volley-ball (3); Fire Captain (3, 4). ALMA MATER Like turrets old upon a hill Her tall towers proudly rise Above the green low-murmuring pines To pierce the clear blue skies; Around her, sunshine ' s shimmering spell Falls like a golden veil, And on the ruddy mellowed walls The ivy ' s tendrils trail. Then lift a thousand voices up Hail to our mother dear! Higher and clearer and stronger ' Til the whole wide world must hear; Sing with the love that grips us ' Til our eyes are filled with tears And our voices break with gladness For the mother of happy years. Sing ' til the old walls echo And the hills send back our songs Hail to our Alma Mater! Eternal our love and strong! Betty Blanding. Page 62 J uniors Gaillard, Margaret, President Jacksonville, Florida Long, Stella, Vice-President Jacksonville, Florida Hoffman, Josephine, Secretary Coral Gables, Florida Hicks, Dorothy, Treasurer Tampa, Florida Griffin, Nannie M., Parliamentarian Tampa, Florida Ainsworth, Barbara Tallahassee, Florida Allan, Nan Martin Fort Lauderdale, Florida Anderson, Elizabeth P. Myakka City, Florida Anderson, Jane S. Gainesville, Florida Anson, Roberta Pensacola, Florida Archer, Dorothy Key West, Florida Armes, Mabel Tallahassee, Florida Page 64 Bailey, Betty Kathryn Port Kichey, Florida Bailey, Mary Ellen Ouincy, Florida Baldwin, Charlotte Pensacola, Florida Barksdale, Dottie Mae Tavarcs, Florida Battle, Carolyn Sarasota, Florida Best, Alice Louise Sarasota, Florida Biggs, Margaret Barbenille, Florida Bond, Ester May Sarasota, Florida Brosnaham, Cynthia Pensacola, Florida Brown, Marjorie Lucille Orlando, Florida Burford, Virginia Tampa, Florida Burroughs, Inez Arcadia, Florida Uik. iMd Page 65 Byers, Kathryn St. Petersburg, Florida Caldwell, Helen Bradenton, Florida Caldwell, Shirley Limona, Florida Campbell, Elizabeth Bradenton, Florida Cappleman, Dorothy Ocala, Florida Cawthon, Dorothy DeFuniak, Florida Cawthon, Margarita Tallahassee, Florida Chapline, Ellen Janet Tallahassee, Florida Chapman, Gladys Tampa, Florida Chase, Charlotte Miami, Florida Clark, Mary Ruth Quincy, Florida Clarke, Dorothy Clearwater, Florida Page 66 Clement, Dasibel Oral a, Florida Clough, Adaline Jacksonville, Florid a Cockrell, Caroline Gainesville, Florida Coker, Mildred Bushnell, Florida Collot, Mary Linda Miami, Florida Camell, Mary Ellen Inverness, Florida Crosby, Helen Citra, Florida Daniell, Elizabeth Pensacola, Florida Daughtie, Marie Marianna, Florida Duse, Sara DcFuniak, Florida Denham, Frances Sarasota, Florida Dickinson, Julia Lakeland, Florida Didenger, Dorothy Fort Lauderdale, Florida Douthat, Eleanor Deland, Florida Edenfield, Evelyn Lakeland, Florida Fernandez, Adeline Tampa, Florida Floyd, Effie Elkton, Florida Fowler, Vivian Lake Butler, Florida Gardiner, Marion Jacksonville, Florida Gary, Frances Ocala, Florida Geffcken, Helen Clara Jacksonville, Florida Gehan, Julia Tallahassee, Florida Goza, Eloise Clearwater, Florida Gresham, Celeste Andalusia, Alabama Page 68 Haines, Mary Isabel Dayfotta Beach, Florida Hale, Mary Cedar Key, Florida Hammond, Sarah Law Tallahassee, Florida Hannon, Thelma Gainesville, Florida Hansen, Edna Josephine Sebring, Florida Hanshaw, Evelyn Bagdad, Florida Hefner, Dorothy Bradcnton, Florida Helms, Annie Elizabeth Chipley, Florida Henderson, Annie Mae Bagdad, Florida Henderson, Hollis West Palm Beach, Florida Hess, Martha West Palm Beach, Florida Hill, Laura D. Jacksom ille, Florida Page 69 Hill, Sarah S. Tampa, Florida Hogan, Dorothy Tallahassee, Florida Hogg, Jewell M. Atlanta, Georgia Hoover, Elizabeth St. Augustine, Florida Houchard, Frances Safety Harbor, Florida Hunt Mildred Miami, Florida Isler, Eva Pensacola, Florida Johnson, Mary Etta Crescent City, Florida Jones, Eleanor Coral Gables, Florida Jones, Gertrude Tallahassee, Florida Jordan, Margaret Tampa, Florida Josey, Mary Elizabeth Wauchitla, Florida Page 70 Joyner, Arabella Tampa, Florida Kamiya, Mishi Boca Raton, Florida Kaniss, Mildred St. Petersburg, Florida Kays, Alice West Palm Beach, Florida Kelley, Daisy Tampa, Florida Kelley, Frances Harbeson City, Florida Kelley, Laura Mae Gainesville, Florida King, Elva D. DeFuniak Springs, Florida Klepper, Malvina Jacksonville, Florida Kocher, Lillian Deland, Florida Krome, Mary Elizabeth Homestead, Florida Lang, Nancy St. Petersburg, Florida Page 71 Lawson, Grace Bradenton, Florida Lewis, Alice Tallahassee, Florida Lewis, Emily Camilla, Georgia Love, Mary B. Del ray Beach, Florida Markey, Elizabeth Tampa, Florida Maxwell, Sue Pahokce, Florida Meadow, Evelyn Bir 777 ing ha m , A I aha m a Metcalfe, Winifred Gainesville, Florida Mendez, Adela Tampa, Florida McCall, Maude Lewis High Springs, Florida McClellan, Earline Blonnston, Florida McCollum, Mary Bushnell, Florida Page 72 McCormick, Harriet Live Oak, Florida McDill, Marion Tallahassee, Florida McIntosh, Edna Mae Tallahassee, Florida McKnight, Martha Tampa, Florida McNutt, Leta B. St. Petersburg, Florida Milam, Alpha Railey Miami, Florida Miller, Virginia F. Jacksonville, Florida Moon, Mona Cottondale, Florida Moore, Mrs. Nettye Tallahassee, Florida Moore, Roberta Tampa, Florida Moyer, Helen West Palm Beach, Florida Milliken, Evelyn Tallahassee, Florida Page 73 L. uJk Murphy, Peggy Pensacola, Florida Nees, Mrs. Alene Miami, Florida Nelson, Rheta Jacksonville, Florida Newman, Clementine Madison, Florida Newman, Dorothy Jacksonville, Florida Niblack, Annie Virginia Ft. White, Florida Oxford, Carolyn Tallahassee, Florida Phay, Beulah Kissimmec, Florida Phillips, Marion C. Orlando, Florida Pringle, Frances Tallahassee, Florida Ramsey, Elizabeth Tampa, Florida Rankin, Nancy Umatilla, Florida Page 74 Raymond, Mrs. John Jacksonville, Florida Register, Marie Jacksonville, Florida Rickman, Evelyn Ashcvillc, North Carolina Roberts, Margaret Homestead, Florida Robinson, Dorothy E. Jacksonville, Florida ROSENBURG, ESTA Thomasville, Georgia Ruff, Irma Jacksonville, Florida Schavie, Evelyn Tallahassee, Florida Scherer, Virginia Daytona, Florida Scruggs, Mary Ah cilia, Florida Sessoms, Winifred Savannah, Georgia Sharp, Anne Elizabeth Tampa, Florida Page 75 k- i Simmons, Jeane Tampa, Florida Smith, Anna Lou Tallahassee, Florida Spencer, Marion E. Sarasota, Florida Stanfill, Lucille Blounston, Florida Stone, Jessie Wewahitchka, Florida Strickland, Elma Havana, Florida Sullivan, Peggy Fort Lauderdale, Florida Sullivan, Virginia Tampa, Florida Taylor, Louise South Jacksonville, Florida Thomas, Carolyn Bradenton, Florida Thrower, Laura Tampa, Florida Trawick, Eunice Tallahassee, Florida Page 76 Turner, Margaret Bra Jen ton, Florida Underhill, Viola Barber ville, Florida Unkrich, Betty Daytona Beach, Florida Waldrop, Rebecca Winter Haven, Florida Wardin, Mrs. John A. Graham, Florida Webb, Dorothy Jacksonville, Florida Weston, Laurie Miami, Florida Whalton, Susan Key West, Florida Whigham, Madge Chattahoochee, Florida White, Sue Pensacola, Florida Whiteside, Mary Frances Apalachicola, Florida Wild, Carolyn Avon Park, Florida Page 77 Wilkes, M. Louise Neiv Port Richey, Florida WlLKINS, O ' KEEMAH Lcesbitrg, Florida Wilkinson, Jaunita Leesbnrg, Florida Williams, Elizabeth Jupiter, Florida Williams, Marguerita Holopaw, Florida Williams, Vera Mae Jupiter, Florida Willis, Frances Jacksonville, Florida Wing, Beryl Br ad en ton, Florida Winston, Edith Gainesville, Florida Winston, Frances Gainesville, Florida Wood, Frances St. Petersburg, Florida Woodward, Dorothy Frances Miami, Florida Page 78 Yelverton, Frances Palatka, Florida Yerxa, Louise Clearivatcr, Florida Zachary, Alice Del a nd, Florida EVEN MARCHING SONG Then hail to the Green and the Gold — To the glory they always will hold, To the team that will add to the praise Of the standard on high that we raise; Then hail to the girls staunch and true, To the tie that binds Evens old and new, With hearts pure as gold we will uphold The glorious name and lofty fame of dear old Evens. Page 79 HIGHLIGHTS AND SHADOWS ' (Reprints with permission from the Distaff) DAYBREAK The soft gray earthen jar of night Is crushed — And from it pours The blood-red wine of morning. — Betty Blanding FUTURISTIC HARMONY A crimson pair of book ends And a blue and golden chair Stand side by side with a purple chest And a doll with emerald hair. An orange pillow flops upon A sofa of yellow and black, While a little blue dog with lavender ears Modernistically lies on his back. — Mildred Williams CHANCE MEETING And where you went, And why you went, I will not ever know. There was only a secret fleeting glance For each of us, to show That though we live without it Through hours yet to be, Somewhere there is a reason For Immortality. — Ellen Knight TWILIGHT Twilight Is a veil of silver grey; A lady ' s veil much used, With torn and tattered corners. Softly Lady Night spreads it Over the drowsy earth, Lavs it fold on fold, ' Til grey Deepens to black. The black brings out A jeweled pattern And Night Watches the sleeping earth Until Dawn relieves her. — Clementine Newman. Page 80 Soph omores T u,lf Greer, Rosebud, President Sabiston, Barbara, Vice-President Pope, Lucy, Secretary Teague, Margaret Treasurer Matthewson, Genie, Parliamentarian Adams, Claire Adair, Billy Allen, Hazel Allen, Louise Allen, Mary Altman, Lenore Ambrose, Elizabeth Amstutz, Millicent Anderson, Marjorie Anderson, Mary Lou Anderson, Van Andress, Dorothy Arant, Ollie Archer, Jane Askins, Nancy Autrey, Buddy Bailey, Bonita Bailey, Eunice Bailey, Frances Page 82 Baker, Bee Baldwin, Jessie Bass, Nettie Beauchamp, Claire Bell, Alice Bell, Evelyn Benz, Dorothy Best, Ruth Bevis, Susie Belle Binger, Dorothy Blair, Florence Boone, Vivian Booton, Jessie Bostwick, Mary Lenore Bottari, Inez Lee Bowen, Florence Brainard, Isabel Broward, Vivian Brown, Elizabeth Bryant, Louise Buford, Ali ce Cahoon, Mary Alice Cameron, Florence Cantey, Florence i W T w ' rage 83 Carabello, Mareese Carleton, Emily Carlisi, Annie Carmack, Rodney Carpenter, Louise Carter, Katherine Causey, Frances Cawthorn, Mildred Cependa, Elvira Chase, Catherine Clarke, Evelyn Lucille Clark, Prue Cleare, Alphonsine Cocowitch, Ida Mae Collins, Mattie Sue Collins, Treva Cone, Sara congdon, levonia Conradi, Ruth copeland, paola Cotton, Joe Covington, Evelyn Cox, Elizabeth Cox, Evelyn Page 84 Craig, Alice Craig, Elizabeth Craig, Vivian Creekmore, Verona Crenshaw, Virginia Crews, Hattie Ruth Crist, Jassamine Daniel, Anna Margaret Daniel, Mabel Daniells, Mary Daniels, Romie Darby, Mary Call Davis, Loca Davis, Parke Davis, Ruth DeVore, Mannie Dishong, Catherine Donegan, Evelyn Donegan, Marguerite Driscoll, Louise DuBose, Loranne Duggan, Olive Dugger, Madge Dunn, Betty Page 85 Dunn, Sara Eagerton, Marie Estes, Elinor Estes, Mary Fannin, Helen Feinberg, Irma Fennell, Ida Ferrari, Angelina Finlayson, Elizabeth Fletcher, Harriet Fowler, Marjorie Frampton, Mary Dele Franco, Ester Franklin, Grace Fridy, Frances Fulton, Mable Gallacher, Rhea Gallentine, Bernice Gantt, Louise Garner, Alliene Gatch, Mary Ann Geffcken, Dorothy Geraci, Rosalie Gill, Thelma Page 86 Gilles, Elizabeth Girardeau, Janet Gladden, Annie Gordon, Rena Grace, Willie Dean Grady, Marion Graham, Hallie Gramling, Margaret Gray, Helen Gray, Mary Gray, Nancy Green, Sarah Lewis Green, Vera Guentuer, Antoinette Hall, Mildred Hamilton, Annetta Hancock, Edna Haney, Olive Harrison, Edith Headley, Josephine Heath, Billie Heck, Gertrude Hedick, Margaret Hemmings, Alice Page 87 Hendrex, Helen Hentz, Clara Herbertson, Eleanor Hetrick, Catherine Hicks, Anna Lois Hinchman, Helen Hodsdon, Lucille Hogg, Anna Holmer, Dorothy Holt, Emma Mae Hopf, Eula Hopson, Mabel Horne, Alice Hoyt, Betty Hunt, Florence Hutchinson, Marjorie Jack, Isabel Jack, Mary Jackson, Emily Jenkins, Dorothy Johnson, Emma Gertrude Johnson, Mary Margaret Jones, Ethel Katz, Birdie Page Kelley, Lois Kevin, Florence Kerby, Grace Key, Mary Lou Kimball, Vernon Kimble, Lota Kirkuff, Hazel Kingey, Johnnie Kuder, India Lamar, Kate Law, Emma Lawrence, Fay Leigh, Lillian Lent, Olive Le Vaire, Maggie Lightsey, Elizabeth LlNNEMEIER, HELEN LlNKY, CELIA Long, Kathleen Lord, Elizabeth Lott, Tfieresa Lyman, Lois Lyons, Carol Mackey, Marjorie Page 89 Marcellus, Phyllis Martin, Meta Mason, Ruth Mayfield, Frances McAulay, Lucy McCarley, Lucy McClamrock, Mary McCormick, Elizabeth McColskey, Ruth McCown, Marjorie McCoy, Mildred McCullough, Martha McDaniel, Virginia McDonald, Babe McDonald, Margaret McElmurray, Sarah McGraw, Betty McGraw, Margaret McGriff, Mary Alice McKethan, Dorothy McLean, Myra McNeil, Eleanor Mears, Measter mlddlebrooks, virginia Page 90 Middy, Dorothy Milton, Wilma Murray, Mary Murrell, Roberta Myrick, Mildred Nall, Sara Neil, Frances Niblack, Cora Nicholson, Eunice Nobles, Evelyn Norman, Mary Nyburg, Ellen Oliver, Dorothy Oliver, Mary Bain O ' Neil, Josephine ossinsky, jeanette Padgett, Dona Page, Pauline Parker, Mary Viola Parrish, Martha Partridge, Ethel Partridge, Katherine Pate, Myrtle Patterson, Eloise Page 91 Pert, Frances Peters, Marie Philbrook, Charline Pilkington, Evelyn Pittman, Louise Porter, Martha Price, Rebecca Price, Ruth Ramage, Jean Ransom, Betty Rawls, Agnes Reed, Jane Reynolds, Selma Rhodes, Elizabeth Richardson, Maryalice Richardson, Pauline Roach, Margaret Roberts, Margaret Robertson, Marion Robertson, Martha Root, Beth Royer, Florence Rupert, Marjorie Sanders, Elaine Page 92 Sanders, Lucy Sanderson, Mary Lou Sappington, Fannie Rachel Saussy, Virginia Scarlett, Josephine ScHER, ROSEBELLE Scott, Helen Seals, Mildred Seegers, Martha Shelby, Eleanor Shelton, Virgie Shepherd, Helen Sheppard, Beatrice Sherill, Margaret Shinholster, Antoinette Sholz, Opal Simmons, Annie Merle Sims, Elizabeth Slaughter, Eddie Smith, Almon Smith, Josephine Smith, Marion Smoak, Ellnor Southard, Virginia Page 93 Sparkman, Montane Spenser, Helen Spiller, Frances St. Clair, Mary Lou Steinmeyer, Beryl Stenstrom, Christine Stoll, Erymoge Stone, Yvonne Stovall, Susan Stow, Katherine Stulpner, Bertha Tait, Dorothy Tait, Lorelie Thomson, Louise Tolbert, Kate Tribble, Elizabeth Tunis, Elizabeth Turner, Helen Tyler, Virginia Tylander, Marjorie Van Voorhis, Isabelle Wadell, Margaret Walker, Annette Walker, Frances Page 94 Walsh, Margaret Walters, Mable Ware, Virginia Warnock, Hollis Watson, Carolyn Webb, Pauline Weinstein, Ida West, Betty Wheeler, Dorothy White, Hazel White, Marcia Whitfield, Virginia Wight, Mabel Wilfong, Mildred Wilkinson, Olive Williams, Christine Williams, Clara Williams, Elsie Williams, Mabel Williams, Margaret Williams, Ruby Williams, Thelma Wood, Lillian Wood, Margaret Page 95 Woodward, Margaret Wright, Elaine Yearwood, Nell Yongue, Elizabeth Yongue, Mary Young, Dorothy Zander, Rose Zimmerman, Eunice ODD VICTORY SONG Here ' s to Red and White, girls, Here ' s to Red and White; Red, White and Purple Shall nave on high for might. Here ' s to all our players, Here ' s to all they ' ve done, And here ' s to the glory That the Odds hare won! Page 96 Freshmen Dorothy Burnett, V resident Mildred Hoff, Vice-President Virginia Bird, Secretary Beth Robinson, Treasurer Dot McCranie, Parliamentarian Frances Whitthorne, Athletic Manager Abrams, Cecil Adams, Bernice Adkins, Gertrude Alderman, Adrene Allen, Ruth Roberta Anderson, Anita Anderson, Mary Blair Anderson, Versa Angle, Betty Ansley, Margaret Anthony, Lucy Anthony, Willis Argintar, Florence Arnold, Carolyn Arnold, Louise Ashe, Frances Askew, Sunshine Aulls, Dorothy Austin, Eloise Baggs, Josephine Bailey, Grace Bailey, Ruth Page 98 Baker, Anna Margaret Baker, Sara Maxine Bales, Eileen Barker, Eleanor Barnes, Virginia Barwick, Gladys Baskerville, Margaret Bass, Alice Eugenia Bazler, Jeanette Bates, Catherine Baya, Rosalie Beatty, Edna Beaty, Emilie Bebinger, Dorothy Belcher, Mary Bell, Pauline Bender, Beverly Bensel, Katherine Bernard, Elizabeth Beven, Mary Lilla Bevis, Christine Bevis, Doris Bevis, Georgia Bevis, Wenonah Birnbach, Rae BlRNKRANT, JUDITH Bishop, Wilma Fa ye Blacklock, Bernice A. Page 99 Blank, Eula Bolton, Elizabeth Bonifield, Virginia Bowis, Nell Boyd, Dorothy Bozorth, Frances Brady, Joy Bremer, Amy Brinkley, Nell Bridges, Clara Broward, Gertrude Brown, Anna Lenora Brown, Mildred Bruce, Anna Florence Bruce, Margaret Brumby, Marianne Burnett, Mildred Burnette, Marguerite Burns, Audrie Burns, Elizabeth Burroughs, Mary Bush, Elizabeth Butler, Ruth Elizabeth Byrd, Eva Campbell, Ethel Campbell, Lois Campbell, Mary Frances Campbell, Mary Virginia Page 100 Campbell, Maxine Casey, Izella Cason, Mary Katherine Castor, Marion Davies Cates, Dorothy Cawthon, Sarah Chandler, Mrs. Ada Cheatham, Mary E. Cheshire, Thelma Gladys Chiles, Helen Chilson, Blanche Condon, Ruby conklin, jeanette Cook, Margaret Coombes, Mary Catherine Cooper, Evelyn copeland, elma Corn, Zella Cornell, Sally Cosper, Mary Alice Courtney, Doris Cox, Margaret Cress, Anna Crist, Louise Crocker, Virginia Crosland, Laura Mildred Daniells, Betty Daniels, Catherine Page 101 Davis, Elsie Davis, Mary Lee Day, Helen Deahl, Alta Dean, Linetta DeBerry, Mary Deen, Helen Denton, Mildred Dews, Sumner Dial, Mildred Anne Digby, Marjorie Jane Dolive, Mary Dormany, Ruth Doyle, Lallah Dozier, Mary Ida Draper, Ruth Drawdy, Stella Driver, Marion Dudley, Kathryn dugger, alene Duke, Daisy Dunkle, Mary Durrance, Ruby Duval, Anna Belle Dyer, Virginia Edwards, Sara Ehrlick, Alice Evans, Katherine Louise Page 102 Evans, Sara Jane Faber, Alma Fagan, Dorothy Jean Farmer, Frances Feagin, Helen Fine, Caroline Fisher, Lillian Evelyn Fiske, Irma Fitz, Margarette Fletcher, Elsie Fletcher, Louise Flinn, Edith Fowler, Nettie Mae Frazer, Helen Frazier, Eloise Freeman, Frances Game, Louise Garvin, Carolyn Gautier, Ida George, Mary Getchell, Ann Gibson, Mildred Glass, Mary Jo Gordon, Dorothy Gore, Dorothy Goss, Edna Grant, Jane Green, Mary Newton Page 103 Grout, Dorothy Grove, Heten Nadine Gunson, Mildred Hall, Orline Hamilton, Carolyn Hancock, Bernice Hanford, Margaret Hannum, Constance Hapeman, Peggy Hardee, Cola Harlee, Mary Eloise Harrison, Frances Hartsfield, Elizabeth Hayes, Helena Heard, Sarah Helms, Madele Hendley, Josephine Hessler, Emily Herndon, Dixie Hill, Eloise Hill, Etta Mae Hill, Inez Hill, Trixie Hicks, Helen Hingson, Gertrude Hinson, Sara Hinson, Nannie Mae Hoffman, Barbara Page 101 Holcomb, Vivian Holton, Louise Hooper, Bessie Hopkins, Jane Hopkins, Laura Horn, Beverly Houser, Mabel Howell, Mildred Hubbs, Marguerite Huey, Margie Hughes, Ruth Hulsey, Sarah Hunt, Virginia Hunter, Dora Ingram, Ernestine Inman, Myrtle Irons, Nancy Irsch, Eleanor Jacobs, Rosalind James, Edna Jefferies, Martha Jenkins, Eleanor Jennings, Fay Jewett, Nan Johnson, Cameron Jones, Mary Martha Jordan, Ruth Kay, Juanita Page 105 Keel, Merle Keller, Edna Kelly, Sarah Kibler, Louise Kierce, Mary Imogene Kimbrough, Virginia King, Flomina King, Rebecca King, Sara KlNSEY, ROSETTA Kirby, Claire Kirby, Georgia Knight, Lois Gwendolyn Knox, Iris Kramer, Eunice Kreher, Marguerite Kreher, Nita Rose Lanier, Amelia Lasserre, Louise Latta, Ruth Lee, Doris Lee, Eleanor Leibovitz, Miriam Levinson, Eleene Lewis, Grace Lewis, Placide Lewis, Ruth Esther Lindstedt, Nellie Grace Page 106 Little, Alla Kathryn Little, Lee Little, Louise loudermilk, alma Love, Mary Elizabeth Love, Ruth Lovitz, Tobiah Lucignani, Amelia Lueders, Elizabeth Jane Mahorner, Katherine Makison, Joy Malphus, Eldredge Martin, Edna Martin, Jane Martin, Margaret Massey, Virginia Matthews, Anne Maury, Betty McAdam, Sylvia McCaskill, Margaret McColsky, Mada McCoy, Betty McCoy, Dorothy McCredie, Bernice McCrimmon, Margaret McDonald, Katherine McElmurray, Martha McEwan, Ruth Page 107 McLaughlin, Margaret McMillan, Annie McMillan, Mary Meigs, Lillian Menendez, Martha Mildrath, Carrie Miley, Marion Miller, Catherine Mills, Frances Mitchell, Nellie Mix, Leora MlZELL, MARJORIE Monroe, Winifred Morgan, Blanche Morgan, Frances Morrison, Evelyn Morrison, Isabel Morrison, Violetta Murphy, Mary Virginia Musser, Enid Alice X wts, Rebecca Nelson, Muriel Marie Newman, Audrey Nicholson, Mary E. Nielson, Laura Jane Norris, Gertrude Norton, Elizabeth Nowlin, Elizabeth Page 108 Nowlin, Lenora Nuzum, Mary Catherine Ogden, Coleen Olive, Eleanor Oliver, Mary Hazel O ' Neal, Patricia Orndorff, June Orr, Mosella Ostlund, Lois OVERSTREET, AlTAH RuTH Oxford, Edna Oyema, Alma Pacetti, Mary Catherine Parramore, Nina Pearson, Christiana Pepper, Woodrow Perkinson, Carolyn Peters, Elizabeth Peterson, Athena Phipps, Thelma Irene Pierce, Elizabeth Pittman, Helen Louise Ploegar, Betty Pounds, Rhoda Jean Powell, Jeanne McLeod Powell, Rosalie Powell, Sarah Price, Dorothy Page 109 Prime, Rose Prince, Janice Quina, Clyde Quina, Dorothy Radell, Margaret Railey, Sarah Rametts, Lena Reed, Shirley Ann Regar, Margaret Richardson, Christine Richardson, Ruth Rigell, Christine Riggs, Betty Roberts, Alice Robinson, Jane Robson, Ina Mae Robuck, Katherine Rode, Madelyn Rodriquez, Magdalene Root, Mildred Rosenberg, Charlotte Roth, Dorothy Rousseau, Alice Belle Row, Jessie Safer, Faye Sawyer, Mildred Saxton, Alicia Scaglione, Rosa Page 110 Scarborough, Susie Mae Scherer, Mildred schirard, k.atherine Schmeer, Irene Scott, Helen Seigler, Frances Selvidge, Lois Sembler, Cora Shannahan, Lorraine Sheldon, Mary Jane Shepard, Pearle Shepard, Ruth Sheppard, Mary Shreve, Lucille Simmons, Edith Simpson, Anne Louise Simpson, Ruby Sims, Willie Clare slngletary, lucille Smirlis, Despena Smith, Betty Smith, Dorothy Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Julia Louise Smith, Mary Adella Smith, Melvar Smith, Phyllis Smith, Ruby Page 111 Smith, Susan Pauline Soskis, Florence southerland, evelyn Spanogle, Madeline Speed, Ida Spence, Janelle Stanton, Virginia Starke, Marietta Steinberg, Florence Stephenson, Vivian Still, Evelyn Stone, Mary Lamont Stoner, Marjorie Stout, Daphne Suarez, Mary Sumner, Fay Sulton, La Merle Tarrer, Elizabeth Taylor, Dorothy Taylor, Joanna M. Teeter, Dorotliy Terrell, Doris Tew, Thelma Tharp, Marguerite Theis, Marjorie Thompson, Marie Thurston, Dorothy Tiller, Eva Elizabeth Page 112 Tilley, Mary Laura Tillman, Martha ToMKIES, KATHERINE Torrence, Jane Townsand, Viola Trawick, Lillian Tringas, Henrietta Trotter, Lillian Truelson, Pauline Tucker, Ruth Turnbull, Margaret Scott Turner, Alice Varn, Mary Venn, Sarah Vest, Bessie Vinal, Carleen Wald, Eleanor Walde, Florence Walker, Mary Louise Walsh, Helen Walters, Helen Ware, Virginia Warner, Alberta Warren, Ennis Warren, Mercedes Watrous, Helen Watson, Maude Watson, Naomi Tage 11; Watson, Sara Wells, Cecil Wells, Ruby Westphal, Ernestine Whiddon, Frances Whitaker, Geraldine Whitlock, Hilmer White, Grace Elizabeth White, Mary Catherine White, Shelia Wienberg, Caroline M. Wiggins, Hazel Williams, Annie Marie Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Eloise Williams, Grace Williams, Marie Williams, Mildred Williams, Nellie Wilson, Edna Wing, Jessie May Womack, Edith Woodward, Ada Yancy, Martha Louise Yates, Nell Young, Billie Yonge, Betty Ziegler, Jennie Page 114 we moderns d Nancy Lang sophistication Elizabeth Danie personality Leah Adamson intellectuality ■■■■■■■■■■■r Marion Phillips sportsmanship Mary Settle representative student organizations Mary Settle President of College Government Association Page 121 Connor, Matthewson, Grady, Gardiner, Diamond LeDuc, Jones, Blanding, Kent, Settle COLLEGE GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The College Government Association is an organization whose purpose is to promote the highest standards of honor in all matters of personal conduct; to encourage co- operation between the faculty and students in matters of college government; to foster an intelligent interest in all phases of college citizenship; and to prepare its members for assuming the duties of active citizenship in their communities. EXECUTIVE BOARD Mary Settle President Dolly Connor Chairman of judiciary Peggy Jones Vice-President Marion Grady Secretary Rowena Diamond Treasurer JUDICIARY Dolly Connor Chairman Avis Kent, Mimi LeDuc Two Seniors Marion Gardiner, Virginia Miller Two Juniors Eugenia Matthewson One Sophomore Mary Settle President of the Association Peggy Jones Vice-President of the Association Rowena Diamond Treasurer of the Association Elizabeth Blanding Chairman of Residence Halls Chairmen Hilda Jane Walters President of Y. W. C. A. Page 128 Weinstein, Tunis, Teague, Wricht, Milton Shepherd, Ramage, Robertson, Pittman, Page, Nall Mackey, Harrison, Headley, Autrey, Buford Brainard, Cone, Crist, Gray, Grace, Hamilton FRESHMAN COMMISSION Freshman Commission is a group of girls chosen each spring from the Freshman Class by the Executive Board of College Government Association. It is the purpose of this Commission to co-operate and help the College Government Association in every way possible, and to promote a better feeling and appreciation among the students toward College Government and a voluntary desire to support the organization. OFFICERS Margaret Teague Chairman Elizabeth Tunis V ice-Chairman Marjorie Mackey Secretary MEMBERS Autrey, Buddie Hamilton, Annetta Pittman, Louise Brainard, Isabel Harrison, Edith Ramage, Jean Buford, Alice Headley, Josephine Robertson, Martha Cone, Sara McIntosh, Nadine Shepherd, Helen Conradi, Ruth McNeil, Eleanor Snook, Marjorie Crist, Jassamine Mackey, Marjorie Steffie, Elizabeth Gallentine, Bernice Milton, Wilma Ward, Marion Grace, Willie Dean Nall, Sara Weinstein, Ida Gray, Helen Page, Pauline Wright, Blaine Page 129 Sumner, Newman, Walters, Ruff, Moore Wakefield, Settle, Krome, Coker Miller, McGraw, La Fuze YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The Y. W. C. A. is the campus organization which strives to interpret the needs of the students that all may " realize a full and creative life through knowledge of God. " In order to attain this goal, its members " seek to understand Jesus and follow Him. " SMALLER CABINET Hilda Jane Walters ' President Virginia Miller Vice-President Mary Elizabeth Krome World Friendship Representative Margaret McGraw Secretary Mildred Coker Treasurer Roberta Moore Finance Chairman Julia Stradley .... Assistant Finance Chairman Mary Cooper Wakefield . . . Program Chairman Irma Ruff Music Chairman Clementine Newman Interest Group Chairman Lorine La Fuze Religious Education Chairman Sara Nall Freshman Cabinet Chairman Mary Settle C. G. A. President (ex-officio) Thelma Sumner Flambeau Reporter (ex-officio) Page 130 McGraw, Myrick, Nall, Linnemeir, Key Gillies, Greer, Dunn. Cantey, Partridge, Pope Price, Sabiston, Sanders, Tait, Teague FRESHMAN CABINET Freshman Cabinet is a group of girls chosen from the Freshman class for their fine spirit, a desire to seek higher levels of thinking, and an interest in the work of the Young Women ' s Christian Association. It forms a link between the Freshman class and the organization of the Y. W. C. A. MEMBERS Sara Nall Florence Cantey Mary Crumpton Betty Dunn Elizabeth Gillies Rosebud Greer Mary Lou Key Helen Linnemeir Charlotte Maxwell Frances Marshall Betty McGraw Chairman Jewel Mitchell Mildred Myrick Ethel Partridge Lucy Pope Ruth Price Elizabeth Rhodes Barbara Sabiston Elaine Sanders Dorothy Tait Margaret Teague Page 131 Sumner, Evans, Jordan, Krome Hicks, Sabiston, Unkrich, Tait THE FLORIDA FLAMBEAU The newspaper published weekly by the students of the Florida State College for Women THE NEWS STAFF Thelma Sumner Editor-in-Chief Margaret Jordan Managing Editor Marianna Kinchley News Editor Betty Unkrich Society Editor Copy Readers: Clementine Newman, Helen Sloat, Sue Maxwell, Martha McKnight. Reporters: Ethel Carter, Vivian Dallet, Dora L. Byrons, Mary Gray, Kath- erine Gibson, Frances Knapp, Dorothy Hicks, Margaret Woodward, Lucy Pope, Barbara Sabiston, Eleanor Herbertson, Vernon Kimball, Frances Marshall, Betty Ransom, Selma Reynolds, Bessie M. Snook, Dana Summitt, Mary B. Oliver. BUSINESS STAFF Marguerite Evans Business Manager Mary Elizabeth Krome Advertising Manager Virginia F. Miller Assistant Advertising Manager Circulation Department: Nannie Griffin, Mary B. Oliver, Eloise Patterson, Elizabeth Carmack, Mildred Kaniss, Dot Tait. Page 132 Daniell, Burford, Sabiston, Broward, Gardiner Gray, Clough, Mackey, Archer, Carmack THE FLASTACOWO Yearbook of the Florida State College for Women published by the Junior Class THE STAFF Elizabeth Daniell Editor-in-Chief Marion Gardiner Business Manager Barbara Sabiston and Helen Gray Assistant Editors Vivian Broward Assistant Business Manager Helen Caldwell Advertising Manager Marjorie Mackey Assistant Advertising Manager Virginia Burford Art Editor Rodney Carmack Assistant Art Editor Adaline Clough Picture Editor Dot Archer Athletic Editor FACULTY ADVISORS Miss West, Miss Richardson, Mrs. Williams Page 133 Beck, Nance, Newman Currie, Scarlett, McGraw THE DISTAFF The Distaff, literary publication, is issued quarterly. Its object is to encourage serious expression of the students in whatever phase of literature their interest leads them. The Distaff, spinner of yarns, spins not only the sturdy and durable essays, drama, and story, but also the cobwebby laciness of lyrics and very modern verse. The 1930-31 issues mark a milestone in the literary achievement of the college. THE STAFF E. Frances Beck Editor-in-Chief Clementine Newman and Josephine Scarlett .... Assistant Editors Martha Nance Business Manager Margaret McGraw Circulation Manager Imogene Currie Campus Comment Elizabeth Rhodes Exchange Editor Page 134 Vinal, Sumner, Hulsey Beattie, Reed THE OPEN GATE Last year marked the beginning of the Freshman publication, The Open Gate, an outlet for the literary talent of the youngest class. Originally sponsored by only four sections of the Freshman English classes, it has now been adopted by all of them, and welcomes to its pages, not merely the best written and most interesting class work, but also additional contributions of plays, poems, essays, or stories. THE STAFF Carleen Vinal Editor-in-Chief Sara Hulsey Business Manager Editorial Board: Thelma Baker, Greeta Chabot, Emilie Beattie, Shirley Reed, Fay Sumner. Page 135 FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE ORCHESTRA Mr. Walter R. Covcles . Director First Violins Annetta Hamilton Carolyn Oxford Marguerita Krebner Evelyn Pilkington Inez Bottari Nellie Meek Virginia Barber Margaret Sanford Second Violins Hallie Graham Edna Brom Anna Cress Ruby Peters Beverly Horn Marie Williams Margaret Williams Florence Adelson Elizabeth Croom Helen Pemberton Olga White Violas Lorelie Tait Virginia McDaniel Miss Kotch PERSONNEL OF ORCHESTRA Cello Miss Marguerite House Mrs. M. B. Makielski Rebecca Rodenberg Margaret Smith Blanche Chilson Trumpet Bass Alta Deahl Juanita Van D ' Elden Flute Annie Merle Simmons Clarinet Marion Phillips Frances Marshall Dorothy Jones Bassoon Edith Cotton Burnelle Smith Opal Scholtz Jean Bigham Tympani Dorothy Tait Percussion Doris Martin Piano Helen Chiles Horn Marion C. Phillips Trombone Nellie Richards Vera Green Page 136 COLLEGE GLEE CLUB Mr. Wade Ferguson Director OFFICERS Rosalind Kennedy President Carolyn Battle Vice-President Virginia Middlebrooks Secretary-Treasurer Josephine Herring Librarian Mary Waldrop Librarian MEMBERS First Sopranos Carolyn Battle Florence Cameron Jeanette Conklin Mary Gil Sara Heard Eva Isler Edna Martin Mary Register Daphne Stout Second Sopranos Katherine Campbell Ruth Conradi Marjorie Conroy Pat Crews Verona Creekmore Virginia Crocker Mary Daniells Mildred Hoff Ruth Lacey Erline McClellan Mary Shelley Jeanne Simmons Barbara Stimmel Mabel Teague Mary Waldrop Dorothy Webb Sally Yon First Contraltos Nancy Ange Eloise Austin Dasibel Clements Alice Cornett Mary Dunkle Harriet Fliehmann Mary Newton Greene Evelyn Gregory Annetta Hamilton Frances Hubert Nancy Irons Eleene Levinson Virginia Middlebrooks Lenora Nowlin Carolyn Perkins Margaret Turner Nita Van D ' Elden Second Contraltos Pauline Bell Mary Ruth Clarke Mary Collet Amy Cornell Elizabeth Cox Betty Daniells Evelyn Edenfield Marion Grady Antoinette Guentner Edith Harrison Josephine Herring Jeanette Huntley Mary Agnes Johnson Betty Keirn Rosalind Kennedy Phyllis Marcellus Alpha Railey Milam Nellie Mitchell Leora Mix Dora Moseley Merle McDermid Alma Oyama Thelma Phipps Vivian Shepard Betty Smith Beryl Steinmeyer Ermoye Stoll Dorothy Tait Lorelie Tait Marianna Taylor Ida Weinstein Page 137 STRING ENSEMBLE L. Marguerite House Conductor The String Ensemble, a group of girls chosen for their superior ability as musicians from the College Orchestra, was organized by Miss House this year. The purpose of the organization is to gain a wider knowledge of music written for strings and smaller orchestral works. The Ensemble has played for all the major productions of the Spoken English Department, and has contributed to the programs of the Woman ' s Club and other organizations in the city. It wishes to contribute to the musical life of the campus and to continue its growth, not in size, but in ability. Violins lorelie tait Hallie Graham Ruth Hughes Cellos Mrs. M. Bacthelder Makielsky Blanche Chilson Rebecca Rodenberg Violas Annetta Hamilton Virginia McDaniel Piano Anna Patronis Percussion Dorothy Tait Xylophone Helen Chiles Page 138 Brodmerkel, Brosnaham Gaillard, Kocher, Fry CLASSICAL CLUB The Classical Club serves as the Latin laboratory in which the students reconstruct Roman private life. The study is worked out along group lines, there being four groups: Roman Antiquities, Roman Costume, Arts and Crafts, and Music. The groups are under the leadership of majors in Latin, and thereby the laboratory serves as a training school for future teachers of Latin. OFFICERS Martha Brodmerkel President Cynthia Brosnaham Vice-President Margaret Gaillard Secretary Lillian Kocher Treasurer Elizabeth Fry Chairman of Publicity Page 139 COTILLION CLUB Flower: Bachelor Button Colors: Green and White Founded in 1910 OFFICERS Ellen Knight . Virginia Miller President Secretary and Treasurer Jean Rowe Ellen Knight Mimi LeDuc Actives Mayme Tatum Virginia Miller Rosebud Greer Jeanette Brady Louise Blanding Betty Williford Nellie Gunter Nancy Lang Cecil Abrams Margaret Radell Pledges Frances Yelverton Louise Holton Beverly Bender Louise Yerxa Jane Martin Dimple Roebuck Dorothy Quina Mozelle Orr Page 140 ORCHESUS OFFICERS Marion Hendry President Emily Marshall Secretary-Treasurer Ruth Moffat Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Louise Aulls Virginia Williams Fannette Wharton Shirley Bish op Dorothy Benz Marion Phillips Dorothy Hogan Rosebud Greer Virginia Sullivan Madelon Royce Mary Bain Oliver Jeanette Huntley Dorothy Archer Marjorie Tylander Evelyn Edenfield Lorraine DuBose Margaret Gaillard Page 141 COLLEGE 4-H CLUB OFFICERS Dorothy Jones , President Beulah Felts Vice-President Anna Niblack Secretary Thelma Jordon Treasurer Vivian Shepard Reporter MEMBERS Eress Arant Dottie Barksdale Margaret Biggs Ollie Arant Betty Bailey Ruth Friend Effie Floyd Belle Hudson Eugenia Boone Sarah Bone Josephine Boydston Masa Kamija Sarah Ethel Jones Sarah Browning Michi Kamija Virginia Brewster Prue Clark Ruth Lacey Evelyn Kent Mary La Fuze Betty Earle Frances Denham Myrtle McClelland Mary Murray Elizabeth Lord Margaret Pfluge Ida Smith Frances Pert Allean Turner Annie Tyner Dorothy Stokes Mable Williams Hazel Womble Hollis Warmock Hattie Fletcher FRESHMEN Irene Ayers Audrie Burns Ruby Durrance Mary Jones Romeo Lee Daniels Ruth Sparkman Mary Ida Dozier Carolyn Endsley Sarah Vann Alice Louise Sawyer Joanna Taylor Mary George Helen Everette Viola Yates Eleanor Olive Alma Brooks Faber Hilda Hendricks Mildred Gunson Imogene Kierce SPONSORS Flavia Gleason Grace Baker Virginia Moore Faculty Advisor Page 142 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to increase interest in Home Economics in Florida; to encourage young women to have a greater interest in home and com- munity life; to promote friendship and social intercourse between students interested in home economics work. OFFICERS Reva Daniels President Dorothy Cappleman Vice-President Ines Lee Battari Secretary Leona Cooper Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES Irma Brunsen Senior Shirley Caldwell Junior Wilma Milton Sophomore Viola Yates Freshman Page 143 LIFE SAVING CORPS OFFICERS Miss Mayer Sponsor Genie Matthewson President Elizabeth Gillies Secretary -Treasurer Harriet Baker Captain Marion Spencer Instructor MEMBERS Billie Adair Adaline Clough Dot Middy Virginia Southard Barbara Ainsworth Mildred Coker Wilma Milton Jane Springer Martha L. Allen Blanche Cornell Elinor Mlzell Elizabeth Steffe Nan Allen Catherine Crotty Margaret Newhall Christene Stenstrom Ruth Allen Ruth Dale Mildred Olmstead Dot Stokes Dorothy Archer Marie Doughtie Lois Ostlund Phoebe Sudlow Mary Arnold Helen Day Martha Parrish Thelma Sumner Elizabeth Autrey Dorothy Didinger Katherine Partridge Laura Thrower Grace Bailey Evelyn Edenfield Marion Phillips Mary Laura Tilley Thelma Baker Rhea Gallacher Betty Riggs Ruth Tucker Katherine Ballard Olive Haney Charlotte Rosenburg Elizabeth Tunis Hope Baskette Emma Mae Holt Catherine Ryder Marjorie Tylander Carolyn Battle Marjorie Howard Mary Lou Sanderson Rebecca Waldrop Betty Bell Theresa Huffaker Lois Selvidge Susan Walton Alice Best Jeanette Huntley Cora Seapier Leanora Weeks Margaret Bradley Dot Jenkins Evelyn Schavy Carolyn Wells Jane Bostwick Grace Kerby Helen Shepherd Mary Von Werdt Frances Bouchard Sara King Vivian Shepard Laurie Weston Cynthia Brosnham Ruth Lacey Jeane Simmons Polly Whaley Florence Cameron Lillian Leigh Olive Sivia Grace Elizabeth White Rosamond Carson Olive Lent Anna Lou Smith Sue White Mary C. Cassels Emily Lewis Ida Mae Smith Elianor Whittfield Elizabeth Cermack Emily Lively Julia Smith Virginia Williams Catherine Chase Florine Logue Melvar Smith Frances Yelverton May Stockton Clark Louise Yerxa Page 144 Geiger Gillies White Haggerty PHYSICAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Essie Geiger President Sue White Vice-President Elizabeth Gillies Secretary-Treasurer Miss Helen Haggerty Sponsor HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY Miss Katherine Montgomery Miss Marjorie Mayer Miss Josephine Morrison Miss Ruth Moffat Miss Helen Haggerty Miss Dorothy White Miss Bernice Wood STUDENT MEMBERS— Seniors Harriet Baker Margaret Campbell Mimi LeDuc Mary Settle Betty Bell Ruth Dale Florine Logue Mary Shupp Helen Bi z Essie Geiger Nancy Lutz Phebe Sudlow Juniors Dorothy Archer Evelyn Edenfield Marion Phillips Anna Lou Smith Adeline Clough Dorothy Hicks Madelon Royce Becky Waldrop Mildred Coker Jacqueline Hucks Evelyn Schevie Sue White Dorothy Didinger Frances Yelverton Sophomores Billy Adair Jack Crist Rosebud Greer Genie Matthewson Elizabeth Autrey Rhea Gallacher Isabelle Jack Virginia Southard Jean Bigham Bernice Gallentine Dorothy Jenkins Christine Stenstrom Louise Bryant Louise Gantt Mary Lou Key Dorothy Stokes Catherine Chase Elizabeth Gillies Josephine O ' Neil Yvonne Stone Mattie Sue Collins Isabel Tootle Freshmen Martha Adams Caroline Fine Juanita Kay Helen Pittman Martha Allen Mildred Gibson Virginia Kimborough Katherine Schirard Ruth Allen Martha Grant Elizabeth Lueders Julia Smith Edna Beatty Peggy Hopeman Mary Maund Melva Smith Georga Bevis Cola Hardee Marion Miley Ruth Sparkman Frances Bennett Gertrude Harris Dorothy McCoy Dorothy Taylor Anna L. Brown Eloise Hill Dora Moseley Mary Varn Elizabeth Bush Margie Huey Elizabeth Morton Grace Williams Mary Campbell Jeanette Huntley Elizabeth Norton Martha Yancey Elise Davis Page 145 nllson, conradi, schornherst, moor Strunk, Beall, Longmire, Monroe Johnson, Morgan, Sprinkle, Bennett ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION 1930-1931 Mrs. Frances Tippetts Johnston President Mrs. Edgar Cecil Nilson First Vice-President Mrs. Iva Townsend Sprinkle Second Vice-President Miss Louise Conradi Third Vice-President Miss Ruth Schornherst Recording Secretary Mrs. Beth Walton Moor Treasurer, 193 Miss Maude Flowers Treasurer, 1931 Miss Laura Strunk . Corresponding-Executive Secretary Miss Rowena Longmire . . . Executive Board, Ex-Officio Miss Kathlyn Monroe Executive Board Mrs. Frances Shelly Bennett Executive Board Mrs. Helen Hill Jones Beall Executive Board Mrs. Martha Page Parkhill Executive Board Mrs. Eleanor Brewer Morgan Executive Board Page 146 THE F. S. C. W. ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION THE Alumnae Association of the Florida State College for Women, which was established in 1909, now includes approximately three thousand members with prospects of an additional three hundred from the class of 1931. General membership in the Association is given only those students who have received degrees from the College, and associated membership those students who do not hold degrees, but who have been in attendance at the college for two years or more in good standing. Application must be made for associate membership in the Alumnae Association. With the gift of a beautifully furnished alumnae room from the class of 193 0, activities of the Alumnae Association are now being conducted on a finer scale than ever before. The alumnae loan fund, the greatest project of the Alumnae Association, has grown from a sum of $100.00, set aside for a scholarship immediately upon the organization of the Association, to the present value of $5,000.00. Included in this sum are contributions from various classes, individual alumnae, and the College Pan-Hellenic Association. The Alumnae News, official publication of the F. S. C. W. Alumnae Association, is issued by the secretary each month, and is a means of keeping the alumnae in touch with the College and the Association. The News attempts to give alumnae the " latest " about the alumnae, the faculty, the college, and the students. The year 1931 saw the third Faculty Play, an annual performance given by the faculty of the Spoken English Department and sponsored by the Alumnae Associa- tion. At these plays students have the opportunity of seeing their favorites on the stage — Dr. Dodd, Miss Moore, Miss Wyly, and others. F. S. C. W. Day, the day when alumnae of the Florida State College for Women over the State meet in their respective sections with faculty representatives from the College at a luncheon or dinner, originated in April, 193 0, and has now become an annual affair. Through these gatherings alumnae are kept in closer touch with their alma matey, and the great interest now being displayed in the organization of alumnae clubs has come as a direct outgrowth of F. S. C. W. Day. The first alumnae club was formed in New York in the fall of 193 0, and the second in Jacksonville in January, 1931. At the present time alumnae of the Florida State College for Women are found in thirty-eight states in the union and in seven foreign countries. The Alumnae Association is a member of the American Association of University Women and of the American Alumni Council. Page 147 Founded October 12, 1924 Colors: Black and White Flower: Black Carnation Spirogira is an honorary for Odds. Members are chosen from the Odd Classes for their outstanding leadership, loyalty, and service. Anna Mae Tracy Edith West Rowena Diamond Janet Wills Dolly Connor Margaret Teague Nancy Lutz Myoma Kahl Elizabeth Gillies FACULTY MEMBERS Gladys Storrs Ezda May DeViney Pearl Hentz Beverly STUDENT MEMBERS Buddie Autrey Mary Settle Sara Caldwell Mimi LeDuc Marjorie Mackey Genie Matthewson Rowena Ted i Jackie Grady Page 148 VILLAGE VAMPJ Colors: Black and White Flower: Black Narcissus Motto: " Dig, Sisters, Dig. " OFFICERS Shirley Bishop Presiding V. V. Sara McElmurray Keeper-of-Dates Susan Stovall Gold-Digger MEMBERS Lucy Anthony Dorothy Estes Willie Grace Baxter Mary Hill Catherine Bates Sara Hinson Catherine Carter Harriet Isley Marion Castor Dorothy Newman LORANNE DuBoSE K.AY PERKINS Elizabeth Smith Janice Prince Page 149 ESTERENS Founded December 14, 193 " Estcrens " is a new organization on the campus which functions as an honorary club for members of the Even classes. Its purpose is to strengthen Even friendship, and to support and carry on the customs of the Evens. MEMBERS Mary Elizabeth Krome Peggy Murphy Marion Gardiner Elizabeth Daniell Margaret Gaillard Peggy Jones Harriet McCormack Becky Waldrop Josephine Hoffman Virginia Miller Marion Phillips Dot Hicks Clementine Newman Adaline Clough Page 150 sports •M. tiaillara— JV-Cutj Tyaiun ?AenfielJi tj m La tsMaltUeurso WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Betty Bell President, Marion Phillips Vice-President Becky Waldrop Secretary Margaret Gaillard Treasurer Nancy Lutz Ke pre sent ative -at -Large Margaret Teague Intra-mural Sports CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Tillie Geiger Senior Evelyn Edenfield Junior Genie Matthewson Sophomore Frankie Whitthorne Freshman THE Woman ' s Athletic Association of Florida State College for Women is organized on the basis of healthful activity, the purpose of which is to stimulate an interest in athletics, foster a spirit of social equality and school loyalty, and to promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship. Each year two delegates are chosen from the association to represent the college at the Athletic Conference of American College Women, in order that there may be an exchange of ideas concerning all phases of physical education and campus problems in general. Page 153 Waldrop Hooper AUTREY ■HB Odd and Even Cheerleaders In carrying out the purpose of the Woman ' s Athletic Association intra-mural games of basket-ball and volley-ball were officially organized this year. Mass participation in sports is the desire of the asso- ciation. All sororities, dormitories, and organizations joined in whole heartedly, and many girls, who had not touched a ball since high school days, took part in the games. As an incentive for the participation in athletics the college letter is awarded to every girl who wins the necessary points. Those who win their " F " s become members of the " F " Club. The large membership in the present organization is an indication of the great interest that is taken in athletics on this campus. With the acquiring of seven " F " s, the the college emblem is awarded. This is the highest honor that can be received in athletics. In the following pages will be found a resume of sports, season by season, as offered at F. S. C. W. Why not aim high? Page 154 k v$ Aft 2l r I F CLUB OFFICERS Ruth Dale President Dot Hicks .... Vice-President Margaret Teague . . Sec ' y.-Treas. MEMBERS Archer Phillips Gallentine Bell Settle Jeffries Bond Sudlow Lutz Donnegan Waldrop McClellan Geffcken Bradley Roberts Geiger Autrey Sivia Huntley Barrineau Sloane Kahl Byron Van Werdt Kelly Carson Whitfield Kinchley Crist Williams KlRBY COKER Stenstrom Lewis DlDINGER Spencer Matthewson Edenfield Yon McCoRMACK GOATS Phillips Weston Milton Clough Joiner Van D ' Elden Broward Leuders Krome White L. Crist Chase M. Kamiya Earle Page 155 BASKET-BALL The athletic season at F. S. C. W. opens with basket-ball. All classes, from Freshman to Senior, participate in class games, which resulted this year with the Seniors taking first place, Sophs and Juniors second, and Frosh last. The class games serve two purposes — as a source of recreation and as a preparation for the main athletic event of the school year, Odd-Even game on Thanksgiving Day. How our veins tingle at the mere remembrance of that occasion! But with a week of fun and gayety pieceding, no wonder that there was an air of excited expectation at the start of the game. The " Four Weary Horses " of note slowly dragged the Even team on the field. When those bones rose, however, there was no thought of de- feat. Equally confident was the Odd team which rode gaily onto the field in an oddly decorated roadster. From the tip-off until the end, the game was a fight between two well-matched teams. At the half, Evens led by a score of 11-9. But the Odds, unwilling to let victory slip from them redoubled ven learn Jarrineau, Capt., F.; Didinger, J. C; Archer, G. Hicks, R. C; Levders, G.; Whitthorne, F. Page 156 BASKET-BALL their efforts and finally succeeded in taking the lead at the end of the game with score of 23-16. Speedy passing, excellent team work, and good sportsmanship characterized the playing of both teams, thereby making this game one of the most interesting contests ever staged at F. S. C. W. Players comprising the two teams were: Evens — Barrineau, captain and forward; Whit- thorne, forward; Archer, guard; Leuders, guard; Didinger, jumping center; and Hicks, running center. Odds — Geiger, captain and forward; Gallentine, forward; Milton, forward; Dale, guard; Huntley, Odd Team Jeffries, J. C; Gallentine, F.; Milton, F.; Geiger, Capt., F. Huntley, G.; Roberts, R. C; Dale, G.; Bell, G. guard; Bell, guard; Jeffries, jumping center; and Roberts, running center. From these teams the following girls were selected for varsity: Tillie Geiger Katie Barrineau Bernice Gallent ine Grace Jeferies Margaret Roberts Ruth Dale Dot Archfr Page 157 VOLLEY-BALL With basket-ball comes volley-ball, a game which calls for accuracy, dependability, and co- operation. This year all classes joined in the games with fine spirit. The Freshmen, although new at it, showed great signs of developing, with additional training, into a strong team. The class games, resulting in first place to the Seniors, second to the Sophs, third to the Juniors, and last to the Frosh, led up to a grand finale in the Odd-Even game, also staged on Thanksgiving. A low swift serve with a ready set-up started the game. Back and forth over the net shot the light gray ball. Tap, tap, tap, . . . and over! With the cry of " point " by the umpire. But of course, in any game there can be only one winner. From the first serve the Odds added point after point, until at the end of the second half they had amassed a total of 3 5 points as compared with the 1 5 of the Evens. ven learn Geffcki-n, Capt.; Slappich, Lewis, Phillips White, Joiner, Weston Page 15 J VOLLEY-BALL For all that, the game was most exciting and interesting, and displayed excellent playing on the part of both teams. Thus did another glorious " Homecoming " pass away, and with it, decisive victory to be securely held by the Odds for another year and another Thanksgiving day. The girls playing for the success of these teams were: Evens — Geffcken, captain; Slappich, Lewis, Phillips; White; Joiner; and Weston. Odds — Grady, captain; Lutz, Autrey, Earle, Williams, Whitfield, Teague, and Settle. Selection of varsity was a difficult task, but the of the following girls were finally an- names nounced: Marion Grady Virginia Whitfield Marion Phillips Virginia Williams Laurie Weston Buddy Autrey Nancy Lutz Odd Team Williams, Autrey, Earle Whitfield, Teague, Settle, Lutz Page 159 VOLLEY-BALL With basket-ball comes volley-ball, a game which calls for accuracy, dependability, and co- operation. This year all classes joined in the games with fine spirit. The Freshmen, although new at it, showed great signs of developing, with additional training, into a strong team. The class games, resulting in first place to the Seniors, second to the Sophs, third to the Juniors, and last to the Frosh, led up to a grand finale in the Odd-Even game, also staged on Thanksgiving. A low swift serve with a ready set-up started the game. Back and forth over the net shot the light gray ball. Tap, tap, tap, . . . and over! With the cry of " point " by the umpire. But of course, in any game there can be only one winner. From the first serve the Odds added point after point, until at the end of the second half they had amassed a total of 3 5 points as compared with the 1 5 of the Evens. ven learn Geffckin, Capt.; Slappich, Lewis, Phillips White, Joiner, Weston Page 158 VOLLEY-BALL For all that, the game was most exciting and interesting, and displayed excellent playing on the part of both teams. Thus did another glorious " Homecoming " pass away, and with it, decisive victory to be securely held by the Odds for another year and another Thanksgiving day. The girls playing for the success of these teams were: Evens — Geffcken, captain; Slappich, Lewis, Phillips; White; Joiner; and Weston. Odds — Grady, captain; Lutz, Autrey, Earle, Williams, Whitfield, Teague, and Settle. Odd Team Selection of varsity was a difficult task, but the names of the following girls were finally an- nounced: Marion Grady Virginia Whitfield Marion Phillips Virginia Williams Laurie Weston Buddy Autrey Nancy Lutz Williams, Autrey, Earle, Grady, Capt. Whitfield, Teague, Settle, Lutz Page 159 HOCKEY AND SOCCER Hockey? We certainly do play hockey. You must not have seen that Odd-Even game last year. The game started with a bang — literally and figuratively with neither forward line giving way for several minutes. Then the Odds finally suc- ceeded in gaining control of the ball and quickly carried it down the held, and stopped only after a goal was made. But do you think that the Evens would stand idly by and allow such a blow be repeated? Not the Evens! With the next bully they rushed down upon that Odd goalie with a ferocity that would have terrified a giant. This they continued until four goals were made. Things quieted. Time after time the ball landed in the striking circle, but no further points were made, and the game ended 4-1, with the Evens on top. Players for the teams, whose pictures appear on the opposite page are, from left to right: Even Hockey — Phillips, Krome, Kellerman, Jones, Monroe, Lewis, Dunscombe, Archer, Eden- field, Byrons, Haile, Waldrop, and McClellan. Odd Hockey — Whaley, Roberts, Kinchley, Lutz, Teague, Williams, Crist, Van D ' Elden, Key, Stenstrom, and Kerby. Varsity players selected from these two teams were: Marion Phillips Erline McClellan Nancy Lutz Dora Byrons Margaret Teague Jackie Crist Martha Monroe Becky Waldrop Peggy Jones Dot Archer SOCCER — What is soccer without a hill? It just isn ' t. Hills and any variety. For no player on the backfield can tell just when the opponent ' s forward line will pounce upon them. But, be that as it may, those Odd and Even teams surely played soccer last year. From the first down-hill rush of the forward line to the last, both teams struggled in a swift, clean contest that many times promised a score. First toward one goal and then toward the other rushed the two smoothly working offensives, with quick dribbling, broken up by quicker tackling, and neither team gaining an advantage. All too soon the game was called with a score for each. Players for Odd Soccer, from left to right ( third picture) : Back row — Jeffries, Sloan, Coker, Kinard, Huntley, Von Werdt, Connor, and Bell. Front roiv — Settle, Geiger and Harrison. Members of the Even Soccer Team (bottom picture) : Mattox, McCormack, Fitch, Jordan, Kamaiya, Dull, Hicks, Henderson, Wylie, Geffcken, Wood. The selections for Soccer varsity were: Dull Hicks Huntley Barrineau Bell Kinard Coker Geiger Fitch Settle Page 160 V s 7 cpcr cey " ? JZtcc T. Ocfa£ c ccer Odd t ? $m a J Hockey and Soccer Page 161 TENNIS What a match that Odd-Even singles play-off was. The stake was for 3 out of 5 sets, and the two contestants had to give their all for every point. Game after game found them burning up the court with drives that came back quickly and accurately. Mercedes Noalles, Even Champ, took the first set, 5-7. Nancy Lutz, Odd winner, came back in the second set, carrying it oft, 6-1. The next two sets found the opponents evenly matched, Noalles taking the third at 2-6, and Lutz the fourth by the same score. The fifth and decid- ing set went hard, with good volleying on both sides. Lutz took set point and match, however, with a fifth set score of 6-2, making the singles tennis contest an Odd victory. And then came the doubles play. Here too, was a hard, fast game. Jeannette Huntley and Vera Green were Odd couple with Lil Fitch and Mercedes Noalles doubling up for the Evens. These four kept the little ball doing all that could be desired of it. Back and forth it slashed, each team getting in some pretty net play. Huntley and Green came out on top, giving not only vic- tory to the Odds, but also first standing in ath- letics to the Junior class. Singles Champs Doubles Champs Page 162 BASEBALL Strike Three, and you ' re out! Another batter up. The game ends with hits, runs, and errors totaled up by an official scorer, but one who jots down such incidents as Dr. Lewis ' making a home run, rather than explaining electronic equations, or Dr. Richards ' stealing third, instead of gazing through a telescope at Mars. Such things do happen every year at the Senior- Faculty baseball game. Usually, the faculty come out in appropriate costumes, e. g., convict suits! But finding uniforms cumbersome, the last game was played in ordinary professorial attire, which won the contest. This game is a post-season event following after the Odd-Even conflict, which this year turned out to be one of those dramatic season closers. Up went the score until, in the fourth inning, it reached 14-14. There it stayed while both Evert Team teams prodded at it in the rain. During the last half of the 7th inning the Evens succeeded in giving it the 2 -point boost that brought them out on the big end of a 16-14 score. Pictures of members of the teams appear below. They are: Even team, left to right, back row — Phillips, Noalles, Geffcken, Archer, Ellenwood, Wood, Dunscombe. front row — Waldrop, Home, Kelly, Mattox, McCormack, Hicks, Sivia, and Fitch. Odd team, back row — Lutz, Sloan, Green, Autrey. Middle row — Settle, Gallagher, Yon, Kerby, Stenstrom. Front row — Donnegan, Bryant, Teague, Collins. The members of varsity team were: Autrey Jones Kelly Waldrop Donnegan Lutz Archer Yon McCormick Odd Team Page 16:! TRACK A flash of lightning! No, pardon me. It was ards, jumping pits, and all the other equipment Marion Phillips crossing the finish line after the that goes with a track meet. " F " goats chased 100-vard dash. Closely following her were Esther here and there with messages, stakes and pro- Bond and Erlene McClellan. grams. It was merely our annual track and field The athletic field was quite transformed. Ex- day. cept for the modern dress, a stranger might have Phillips, Bond and Sloan placed in order named visualized a Greek marathon of old. In one corner for best all-round contestants. Individual point were the javelins, in another, the discus, and placed placements were: Phillips, Sloan and Mattox. at various intervals were hurdles, jumping stand- Main Events Won by Record Second Third Discus Stevexs 8 0 ' 3 Geiger Crist Running Broad Jump Sloax 15 ' 6 McClellax Sloax Running High Jump Phillips 4 ' 7 , 4 " Crist Wood Stexstrom Dull Basket-ball Throw Phillips 78 ' 4 Fitch Geffckex Hurl Ball Crist 61 ' % " Edexfield Wood 5 0-yard Dash Sloax 6.5 Geffckex Dull McClellax Javelin Mattox 67 ' 6 " Dull Settle 100-yard Dash Phillips 12.8 Sloax Dull Baseball Throw Mattox 170 ' Grady Settle Standing Broad Jump Phillips 8 ' 3 Sloax Bell Hurdles Phillips 9.1 Geffckex Gallagher Relay Sophs 29.3 Juxiors Sexiors Hi h-Point Winners in Track Page 164 SWIMMING More interest was aroused in swimming last year than ever before. The meet was held in our new pool! In class ranking, the Sophs came out first with a total of 60 points. Freshmen were second with 3 0, Seniors third with 27, and the Juniors last with 17. Heretofore it has been necessary that a girl take Summary 50-yard dash — First, Eastwood, time 3 8.5; sec- ond, Northrup; third, Matthewson. Side stroke form — First, Didinger; second, Kerby; third, Baker. Standing front dive — First, Spencer; second, Eastwood; third, Von Werdt. 50-yard side stroke — First, Didinger, time 44; second, Archer; third, Edenfield. Crawl form — First, Spencer; second, Matthew- son; third, Northrup. Front jack dive — First, Spencer; second, Archer; third, Eastwood. 2 5 -yard breast stroke — First, Kerby, time 2 3.8; second, Gillies. Racing backstroke form — First, Eastwood, sec- ond, Baker; third, Didinger. Elementary backstroke form — First, Eastwood; second, Archer; third, Baker. first place in every event if she wished to make the required points entitling her to a College letter. As this system has now been changed, individual points were not awarded but a varsity of the six highest contestants was selected. Those girls selected as varsity material this past year are Kay Eastwood, Marion Spencer, Grace Kerby, Dot Didinger, Dot Archer, and Genie Matthewson. of Events Back dive — First, Spencer; second, Gary; third, Eastwood. 2 5 -yard racing backstroke — First, Matthewson, time, 18.4; second, Northrup; third, Eastwood. Breast stroke form — First, Matthewson; second, Eastwood; third, Baker. Running front dive — First, Spencer; second, Eastwood; third, Archer. Relay (2 5-yard laps) — First, Freshmen; second, Juniors; third, Seniors. Optional dives — First, Archer; second, Spencer; third, Gray. Swimming Team Page 165 WEARERS OF THE EMBLEM Emma Spencer 1928 " Simpy " Yarbrough 1928 Bernice Conklin 1929 Margaret Richards 1929 Betty Suhrer 1929 Betty Wood 193 Edna Mattox 193 Marion Phillips 1932 Dot Archer 1932 the greeks THE GREEKS PAN-HELLENIC Kappa Delta Kappa Alpha Chapter Chi Omega Gamma Chapter Alpha Delta Pi Iota Chapter Delta Delta Delta Alpha Eta Chapter Sigma Sigma Sigma Rho Chapter Sigma Kappa Omega Chapter Pi Beta Phi Beta Chapter Delta Zeta Alpha Sigma Chapter Kappa Alpha Theta Beta Nu Chapter Zeta Tau Alpha Beta Gamma Chapter Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Beta Chapter Theta Upsilon Lambda Chapter Delta Phi Epsilon Iota Chapter Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Pi Chapter Phi Mu Alpha Epsilon Chapter Alpha Chi Omega Beta Eta Chapter Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Omega Chapter Beta Phi Alpha Psi Chapter Lambda Delta Page 169 SUMMITT, MARKEY, FaRRIOR, DlCKINSON Bishop, Stevens, Nelson, Daniell Murphy, Cornell, Taylor, Hall PAN-HELLENIC ASSOCIATION, 1930-1931 OFFICERS Dana Summitt President Elizabeth Markey ' Secretary MEMBERS Kappa Delta Evelyn Farrior Julia Dickinson Chi Omega Shirley Bishop Carol Grantham Alpha Delta Pi Jane Smith Harriet McCormick Delta Delta Delta Dorothy Lee Brown Rebecca Waldrop Sigma Sigma Sigma Rebecca Stevens Rheta Nelson Sigma Kappa Elizabeth Daniell Odis Wilson Pi Beta Phi Janet Poulson Elizabeth Sharp Delta Zeta Katherine Johnson Peggy Murphy Kappa Alpha Theta Blanche Cornell Sarah Taylor Zeta Tau Alpha Florence Hall Millie Amstutz Page 170 V ) Amstutz, Kays, Ryder, Sanderson Adelson, Larsen, Yerxa, Sumner, Owens Cleare, Jordan, Pittman, Wilson PAN-HELLENIC ASSOCIATION, 1930-1931 Alpha Gamma Delta Dana Summitt Alice Kays MEMBERS Phi Mu Dorothy Yerxa Thelma Sumner Theta Upsilon Harriet Ryder Mary Lou Sanderson Alpha Chi Omega Betty Owens Marie Register Delta Phi Epsilon Florence Adelson Rosebelle Scher Alpha Xi Delta Margaret Titchenor Louise Cleare Alpha Omicron Pi Ruby Larsen Elizabeth Markey Beta Phi Alpha Harriet Baker Margaret Jordan Lambda Delta Alice Lewis Louise Pittman Page 171 McMillan, Turnbull, Miller, Leigh, Anthony, Wood, Sherrill Scherer, Trawick, Price, McElmurray, Mackey, McColskey, Greer Andress, Anderson, Carmack, Kuder, Chase, Scarlett, Ransom, Robinson M. Catthox, Gresham, Dickinson, C. Newman, D. Newman, Brosnaham, McClearen KAPPA DELTA Founded at Virginia State Normal, 1897 Colors: Green and White Flower: White Rose Frances Simpson Evelyn Farrior Cynthia Brosnaham Dorothy Newman Betty Ransom Josephine Scarlett India Kuder Rodney Carmack Sara Van Anderson SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Sarah Caldwell Mary M. Holsberry Ashley Fraleigh Class of 1932 Julia Dickinson Celeste Gresham Marguerite Cawthon Class of 1933 Ruth McColskey Rose Bud Greer Rebecca Price Lillian Leigh Sarah McElmurray Eleanor McClearen Virginia Miller Dorothy Robinson Clementine Newman Margery Mackey Dorothy Andress Rose Hurt Frieda Swearingen Catherine Chase Page 172 Fraleigh, Holsberry, Farrior, Simpson, Caldwell, Castor, Oxford S. Cawthon, Orr, A. Newman, Evans, McEwen, Torrence, Teeter Bowis, Brumby, Bird, Bevan, McDonald, M. McColskey, Maury, Jewett D. Quina, Hulsey, Arnold, Belcher, Frazer, C Quina, Copeland KAPPA DELTA Kappa Alpha Chapter Installed in 1904 " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest " Open Motto: Lucy Anthony Elizabeth Parsons Elma Copeland Clyde Quina Helen Frazer Beth Bass Mary Belcher Louise Arnold Sarah Hulsey Dorothy Quina Mildred Scherer Nan Jewett PLEDGES Margaret Sherrill Betty Maury Mary Lilla Bevan Mada McColskey Virginia Bird Dorothy Teeter Jane Bostwick Jean Boyd Katherine McDonald Jane Torrence Ruth McEwen Lillian Trawick Margaret Wood Louise Evans Margaret S. Turnbull Annie McMillian Audrey Newman Mozella Orr Nell Bowis Marion Castor Edna Oxford Marianne Brumby Sara Cawthon Page 173 o p £ ▼► f A E. Winston, Courtnfv, Swi aringen, Powell, Bevis BayAj Tillman, Sumner, Smith, Sheppard Root, Roebuck, Pacetti, Recar, McClamrock. Mahorner, Murphy, Kreher, K:rby, Frazier King, Doyle, Grantham, Nance, McMullen CHI OMEGA Founded at Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation SORORES IN COLLEGIO Leah Adamson Shirley Bishop Hazel Lee Baird Carrol Grantham Elizabeth Campbell Marie Doughtie Mary Hale Martha McCullough Katherine Carter Nancy Gray Class of 1931 Kathryn McMullen Martha Nance Virginia Spencer Kathryn Swearingen Class of 1932 Margaret Gaillard Elizabeth Ramsey Carolyn Thomas Edith Winston Class of 1933 Carol Lyons Jane Reed Sarah Cone Jane Archer Betty Taylor Betty Brownlow Carrie Baker Frances Winston Mary Frances Whiteside Caroline Cockrell Ethel Partridge Ruth Mason Margaret Roach Page 174 Taylor, Brownlow, Baird, Bishop, Adamson Ramsey, Cockrell, Whiteside, F. Winston, Thomas Gaillard, Hale, Campbell, Doughtif, Roach Partridge, Lyons, Reed, Mason, Cone Carter, Gray, Archer, McCullouch, Spenser CHI OMEGA Gamma Chapter Installed in 1908 Open Motto: ' ' Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals " PLEDGES Willie Grace Baxter Rosalie Baya Wenona Bevis Doris Courtney Lallah Doyle Eloise Frazier Flomina King Claire Kirby Marguerite Kreher Mary McClamrock Katherine Mahorner Mary Virginia Murphy Mary Catherine Pacetti Jean Powell Margaret Regar Kathryn Roebuck Mildred Root Mary Sheppard Elizabeth Smith Fay Sumner Martha Tillman Page 175 Whiddon, Thrower, Smith, Radell, Law, Neilson, Morrison Hinson, Hessler, Fowler, Bernard, Bell, Arnold Bates, Abrams, DuBose, Norman, Mayfield, Copeland, Carabello ALPHA DELTA PI Founded at Wesleyan College in 18 51 Colors: Blue and White Flower: Violet SORORES IN FACULTATE Miss Lucy Lester Miss Lenora Smith Mrs. Virginia Sloan Miss Helen Haggerty Margaret Ausley Elizabeth Blanding Mae Stockton Clark Barbara Ainsworth Margaret Hedick Mareese Carabello Paola Copeland Florence Cantey SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Mimi LeDuc Eleanor Mizell Elizabeth McCormick Jane Smith Louisa Trellis Elizabeth Washington Class of 1932 Harriet McCormick Virginia Sullivan Class of 1933 Mary Call Darby Kathleen Jordan Frankie Mayfield Mary Norman Ida S. Fennell LORANNE DUBOSE Page 176 Sullivan, Cantey, H. McCormick, Hedick, Ainsvcorth, Washington, Trellis Smith, E. McCormick, Blanding, Clark, LeDuc, Mizell, Ausley Hunter, Evans, Fennell, Darby, Hartsfield, McKeithan, Holmes ALPHA DELTA PI Iota Chapter Installed in 1909 Open Motto: " Wc live for each other " PLEDGES Cecil Abrams Mary Adams Carolyn Arnold Katherine Bates Pauline Bell Elizabeth Bernard Louise Blanding Mary Frances Bruns Sara Jane Evans Marjorie Fowler Elizabeth Hartsfield Emily Hessler Sara Hinson Dorothy Holmes Dora Hunter Harriet Isley Dorothy McKeithan Emma Law Evelyn Morrison Laura Jane Neilson Margaret Radell Melvar Smith Laura Thrower Frances Whiddon Page 177 Metcalfe, Brady, Horne, Hanford, Game, Fiske, Cooper Burnett, Bonifield, Bender, Angle, Anderson, W ' aldrop Davis, Huey, Johnson, Knox, Latta, Lewis, Millfr DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded in Boston in 1888 Colors: Silver, Gold, Blue Flower: Pansy SORORES IN FACULTATE Katherine Montgomery Charlotte Jelkes Bernice Champ Jeanette Brady Dorothy Lee Brown Frances Christian SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Lucille Horne Katherine McKinnon Louise Scott Winifred Metcalfe Dorothy Ballowe Betty Dunn Marion Ward Class of 1932 Rowena Tedder Annie Z. Watson Janet Wills Rebecca Waldrop Class of 1933 Vernon Kimball Carolyn Latimer Jean Yonge Marion Phillips Nellie Ray Page 178 Nants, O ' Neil, Price, Schirard, Tolblrt, Williams, Ware Watson, Kimball, Wai sh, Yonge, Brady, Brown, Christian Dunn, Scott, Horn, Tedder, Wills, Watson, Douthat DELTA DELTA DELTA Alpha Eta Chapter Installed in 1915 Open Motto: " Let us steadfastly love one another " PLEDGES Vera Anderson Betty Angle Beverly Bender Virginia Bonifield Joy Brady Marguerite Burnett Evelyn Cooper Elsie Davis Eleanor Douthat Irma Fiske Louise Game Margaret Hanford Beverly Horn Margie Huey Cameron Johnson Iris Knox Ruth Latta Placide Lewis Catherine Miller Rebecca Nants Patricia O ' Neil Dorothy Price Katherine Schiraid Kate Tolbert Helen Walsh Virginia Ware Carolyn Watson Grace Williams Betty Yonge Page 179 Driver, M. Carter, E. Carter Whitner, Stevens, Jones, Crenshaw Nelson, Yearwood, Davis SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Founded at Farmville, Virginia, in 1898 Colors: Purple ami White Flower: Violet SOROR IN FACULTATE Florence Tryon Ethel Carter Marie Carter Parke Davis Ethel Jones SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Elizabeth Whitner Rebecca Stevens Class of 1912 Rheta Nelson Class of 1933 Nadine McIntosh Nell Yearwood Virginia Saussy DlDINGER, SHCPHARD, DoRMANY Hoffman, Holcomb, Baggs, Kramer Mears, Fulton, Saussy SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Rho Chapter Installed in 1920 Open Motto: " Faithful Unto Death ' PLEDGES Dorothy Didinger Virginia Crenshaw Measter Mears Josephine Baggs Ruth Dormany Eunice Kramer Marian Driver Vivian Holcomb Barbara Hoffman Ruth Shephard Mable Fulton Page 181 Daniell, White, Speed, Ogden, A. L. Smith Chilson, Baker, Alderman, Bebinger, V. Hunt, Cook Holton, I. Morrison, Meigs, V. Morrison, Wilson McLaughlin, Ploeger, Parramore, Morgan, Stanton, Starke SIGMA KAPPA Founded at Colby College, Waterville, Maine, in 1874 Colors: Maroon and Lavender Flower: Violet Leila Venable Maxine Buford Cordelia Clarkson Mary Lois Gill Charlotte Baldwin Helen Caldwell Jessie Baldwin Louise Bryant SORORES IN FACULTATE Sue Pitchford Gladys Storrs SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Ella Posey Gordon Charlotte Grimm Mabel Teague Class of 1932 Dorothy Cawthon Elizabeth Daniell Mildred Hunt Class of 1933 Mildred Cawthon Marion Young Margaret Welles Fannette Wharton Odis Wilson Anna Lou Smith Laurie Weston Margaret Teague Marcia White Page 182 Best, Richardson, Yelverton, J. Baldwin, Trawick, Teague M. Cawthon, Bryant, M. Hunt, D. Cawthon, Clarkson, Caldwell Weston, Gill, Grimm, Gordon, Mabel Teague C. Baldwin, Welles, Sawyer, Wharton, M. Smith, Collins SIGMA KAPPA Omega Chapter Installed in 1920 Open Motto: " One Heart, One Way " PLEDGES Adrene Alderman Maxine Baker Thelma Beasley Dorothy Bebinger Ruth Best Lois Beville Blanche Chilson Mattie Sue Collins Margaret Cook Bernice Donnell Mary Lou Fox Louise Holton Virginia Hunt Margaret McLaughlin Mary Louise McLin Lillian Meigs Blanche Morgan Isabel Morrison Violetta Morrison Coleen Ogden Nina Parramore Betty Ploeger Mary Alice Richardson Agatha Riley Mildred Sawyer Mary Adella Smith Ida Speed Virginia Stanton Marietta Starke Eunice Trawick Frances Yelverton Page 183 Stovall, Estes, M. Peters, Young, Watross, Singletary Smith, Reed, Robinson, Prince, Peters, Parrish McCoy, McCrimmon, Mills, Mizelle, Burns James, Hannum, Hicks, Gautier, D. Aulls, Anderson PI BETA PHI Founded April 28, 1867 Colors: Wine and Silirr Blue Flower: Wine Carnation SOROR IN FACULTATE Miss Elizabeth Griffing Louise Aulls Mary Graves Ellen Knight Mary Edna Bell Adaline Clough Annie Mae Henderson Grace Franklin Helen Gray SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Evelyn Lyle Janet Poulson Class of 1932 Marion McDill Leta McNutt Class of 1933 Mabel Hopson Gervais Prentiss Jean Rowe Mayme Tatum Evelyn Meadow Winifred Sessoms Elizabeth Sharp Marie Peters Lucy Pope Page 184 Clough, Henderson, McNutt, Meadow, Sharp, Sessoms Franklin, Hopson, Pope, Tatum, Rowe, Poulson Prentiss, Knight, Lyle, L. Aulls, Sims McCrannie, Garner, Dews, Gray, Booton, Lang PI BETA PHI Beta Chapter Installed in 1921 Publication: " Arrow " PLEDGES Anita Anderson Dorothy Aulls Jesse Booton Elizabeth Burns Sumner Dews Elinor Estes Mary Louise Fenn Aileen Garner Ida Gautier Nellie Gunter Constance Hannum Mary Hill Edna James Eleanor Knight Nancy Lang Inez Mann Frances Mills Marjorie Mizelle Betty McCoy Dorothy McCrannie Margaret McCrimmon Martha Parrish Katherine Perkins Elizabeth Peters Janice Prince Shirley Reed Beth Robinson Elizabeth Sims Lucille Singletary Betty Smith Susan Stovall Helen Watross Rosalind Wilson Billie Young Page 185 Murrell, Miller, Tyler, Grady, Roberts, E. Bailey Anderson, Adair, F. Bailey, Buford, Burnett, Stout M. Dugger, Cress, Bridges, Giraudeau, Irsch, Askins DELTA ZETA Founded at Miami University in 1902 Colors: Rose and Green Flower: Killarney Rose Katherine Johnson Peggy Murphy Virginia F. Miller Janet Giraudeau Mary Lou Anderson Billy Adair SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Edna Mae Duvall Class of 1932 Margaret Roberts Class of 1933 Roberta Murrell Virginia Tyler Alice Buford Margaret E. Mullikin Roberta Anson Ellen Bailey Frances Bailey Marion Grady Nancy Askins Page 186 Bolton, Kibler, Gibson, Nicholson, Horne, R. Bailey Bruce, Dugger, Truelson, Duval, Burroughs, Matthews Johnson, Murphy, Milbreath, Anson, Nicholson, Mullikin DELTA ZETA Alpha Sigma Chapter Installed in 1924 Publication: " The Lamp " PLEDGES Mary Burroughs Clara Bridges Ann Matthews Dorothy Burnett Pauline Truelson Eleanor Irsch Elizabeth Bolton Margaret Bruce Daphne Stout Alice Horne Ruth Bailey Louise Kibler Carrie Milbreath Mildred Gibson Eunice Nicholson Mary Eleanor Nicholson Eilleen Dugger Madge Dugger Anna Cress Page 187 Colors: B. Cornell, Huffaker, Williams, Kent Boydston, Krome, Hoffman, Jones, Askew S. Cornell, Cason, Coombes, Benz KAPPA ALPHA THETA Founded at DePauw University 1870 Black and Gold Flower: Black and Gold Pansy SORORES IN FACULTATE Mona Alderman Edith Cotton Josephine Boydston Blanche Cornell Theresa Huffaker Jane Anderson Adele Frain Dorothy Benz Alice Hemming Annie Lois Hicks Mildred Finnegan SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Avis Kent Sara Parrish Class of 1932 Josephine Hoffman Class of 1933 Lucile Hodsdon Jennie Tilt Edith West Mary C. Stackhousee Sarah Taylor Virginia Williams Peggy Jones Mary E. Krome Mary Margaret Johnson Emma Gertrude Johnson Rebecca Pitts Marjorie Snook Page 188 Hicks, Hodsdon, Hemmings, E. Johnson, M. John son Anderson, Whalton, Sullivan, Kosy Digby, Grove, Martin, Glass, Stackhouse KAPPA ALPHA THETA Beta Nu Chapter Installed in 1924 Publication: Kappa Alpha The fa Magazine ± PLEDGES Sunshine Askew Helen Grove Mary K. Cason Juanita Kay Catherine Coombes Jane Martin Sally Cornell Martha Peters Margery Digby Peggy Sullivan Mary Jo Glass Susan Whalton Page 189 Anderson, Womack, Williams, S. Kelley, Burnett Bensel, Dudley, Dunkle, Heard, Woodward, Whitlock. Hancock, Currie, Evans, Hall, Stovall ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded October 15, 1898 Colors: Steel Gray and Turquoise Blue Flower: White Violet Imogene Currie Marguerite Evans Dorothy Cappleman Mary Cornell Sybil Corbett MlLLICENT AMSTUTZ Elizabeth Cermack SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Katherine Gibson Class of 1932 Helen Crosby Nannie Griffin Class of 1933 Helen Shepherd Florence Hall Dorothy Stovall Maude Lewis McCall Erline McClellan Lucile Stanfill Clara Williams Margaret Woodward Page 190 Connell, Crosby, Capplfman, Griffin, McCall, McClellan Stanfill, Kaniss, Amstutz, Shepherd, Williams M. Woodward, Root, Whitfield, Green, Creekmore, F. Kelley ZETA TAU ALPHA Beta Gamma Chapter Installed December 4, 1924 Open Motto: " Seek the noblest " PLEDGES Mary Blair Anderson Kathryn Bensel Mildred Burnett Verona Creekmore Kathryn Dudley Mary Dunkle Mary Newton Green Bernice Hancock Thelma Hannon Sarah Heard Mildred Kaniss Frances Kelley Sara Kelley Beth Root Virginia Whitfield Hilma Whitlock Marie Williams Edith Womack Ada Woodward Page 191 Burford, Hefner, Kays, Gary, M. Turner, Wing, Austin Crocker, Townsend, Hall, Heath, Long, Fletcher Martin, Wiggins, Williams, Edwards, Scarborough, H. Turner, Porter ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Founded at Syracuse University in 1904 Colors: Red, Buff and Green Flower: Red and Buff Rose Betty Blue Elizabeth Croom Alice Best Virginia Burford Frances Gary Ines Lee Bottari Hattie Ruth Crews Billie Heath Elizabeth McGraw SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Celeste Edwards Nancy Lutz Class of 1932 Dorothy Hefner Alice Kays Roberta Moore Class of 1933 Margaret McGraw Eleanor McNeil Virginia Middlebrooks Dana Summitt Claire Wadsworth Helen Moyer Margaret Turner Beryl Wing Dorothy Oliver Selma Reynolds Opal Scholtz Montine Sparkman Page 192 Crews, Bottari, Scholtz, Reynolds, Sparkman, Oliver, McGraw M. McGraw, McNeil, Middlebrooks, Lamar, Croom, Blue, Edwards Lutz, Summitt, Wadsworth, Best, Moyer, Moore, Herbertson ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Gamma Beta Chapter Installed in 192 5 Publication: " Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly " PLEDGES Eloise Austin Virginia Crocker Sara Edwards Elise Fletcher Orline Hall Laura Hopkins Kate Lamar Kathleen Long Edna Martin Martha Porter Sue Scarborough Viola Townsend Helen Turner Hazel Wiggins Eloise Williams Eleanor Herbertson Page 193 Wood. Ryder, Crocker, Settle Grant, Boyd, Balasok, Pounds, Warren THETA UPSILON Colors: Rainbow Flower: White h SOROR IN FACULTATE Etta L. Robertson SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Gertrude Balasok Kathleen Crocker Tillie Balasok Annetta Hamilton Cleo Norwood Harriet Ryder Mary Settle Class of 193 3 Elaine Sanders Mary Lou Sanderson Margaret Walsh Page 194 King, Hamilton, A. Hamilton, Sanderson Beauchamp, Walsh, Sanders, Cox, Chandler THETA UPSILON Lambda Chapter Installed in 192 5 Open Motto: " Let there be light " PLEDGES Claire Beauchamp Frances Burnett Dorothy Boyd Mary Britt Ada Chandler Elizabeth Cox Jane Grant Caroline Hamilton Gertrude Harris Kathleen Johnson Sarah King Margaret Korst Rhoda Pounds Dorothy Rigell Greta Schmitt Mercedes Warren Frances Wood Charlotte Chase Page 195 D. Feinberg, Sloat, Adelson, Klepper I. Feinberg, Gordon, Katz SCHER, ty EINSTEIN, ARGINTAR, BlRNBACH DELTA PHI EPSILON Founded at New York University in 1917 Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Pansy SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Florence Adelson Dorothy Feinberg Beatrice Rosenberg Helen Sloat Ruth Glasser Irma Feinberg Renee Gordon Class of 1932 Jeannette Ossinsky Class of 1933 Ida Weinstein Malvina Klepper Birdie Katz ROSEBELLE ScHER Page 196 Rosenberg, Lovitz, Steinberg, Soskis Safer, Roth, C. Rosenberg Leibovitz, Jacobs, Birnkrant, Ossinsky DELTA PHI EPSILON Iota Chapter Installed in 192 5 Open Motto: " Esse Ouam Vicieri " PLEDGES Florence Argintar Rae Birnbach Judith Birnkrant Rosalind Jacobs Miriam Leibovitz Tobiah Lovitz Charlotte Rosenberg Dorothy Roth Faye Safer Florence Soskis Florence Steinberg Page 197 DeMilly, Altman, McDermid, Crane McKnight, Barker, Davis, Ridgell Walker, Phipps, Bisz, Yates ALPHA OMICRON PI Founded at Barnard College in 1897 Color: Cardinal Flower: Jacqueminot Rose Helen Bisz Martha Crane SORO RES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Merle McDermid Class of 1932 Rosalind Kennedy Elizabeth Markey Rosebud DeMilly Ruby Larsen Martha McKnight Madelon Royce Lenore Altman Ruth Conradi Class of 1933 Evelyn Pilkington Sara L. Green Frances Knapp Page 19S Fitz, Baskf.rvill, Markey, Pilkincton Larsen, Green, Conradi, Spence Williams, Shepard, Sheldon, Van D ' Elden ALPHA OMICRON PI Alpha Pi Chapter Installed in 1927 Publication: " To Drag hi a " PLEDGES Eleanor Barker Margaret Baskervill Mary Lee Davis Dorothy Fitz Marguerite Fitz Nell Yates Thelma Phipps Christene Ridgell Mary Jane Sheldon Pearle Shepard Jenelle Spence Mary L. Walker Mildred Williams Juanita Van D ' Elden Page 199 Cooper, D. Yerxa, V. Broward, Sabiston, Bazler, Brown Hancock, Hill, Hooper, Lee, Love Railey, Simpson, Stow, Whitthorne, Tucker, Marshall PHIMU Founded at Wesleyan College in 18 52 Colors: Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Evelyn Cooper Emily Marshall Thelma Sumner Dorothy Yerxa Class of 1932 Dasibel Clement Alpha Railey Milam Class of 1933 Vivian Broward Willie Dean Grace Lois Campbell Barbara Sabiston Isabelle Van Voorhis Page 200 Sumner, Milam, Grace, VanVoorhis, Broward, Cahoon Condon, Hoff, Hopkins, Lewis, Martin Riggs, Simpson, L. Yerxa, Tribble, Tilley, Clement PHIMU Alpha Epsilon Chapter Installed in 1929 Open Motto: " Les Soeurs Fidelcs " PLEDGES Jeannette Bazler Gertrude Broward Mildred Brown Mary Alice Cahoon Ruby Condon Edna Hancock Eloise Hill Mildred Hofr Elizabeth Hooper Jane Hopkins Beatrice Howard Eleanor Lee Louise Yerxa Emily Lewis Mary Love Margaret Martin Sara E. Railey Betty Lee Riggs Louise Simpson Ruby Simpson Kay Stow Mary Laura Tilley Elizabeth Tribble Ruth Tucker Frances Whitthorne Page 201 Seals, Hendry, McCormack, Owens, Hogg Webb, Fannin, Gray, Graham, Ambrose Chiles, Shreaves, Ware, Robertson, Covington ALPHA CHI OMEGA Founded at Depauw University in 188 5 Colors: Scarlet and Olive Green Flower: Red Carnation SORORES IN FACULTATE Mrs. Ella Hill Lee Miss Jo Morrison Miss Bernice Deetz SORORES IN COLLEGIO Rowena Diamond Marion Hendry Class of 19} 1 Sarah Jane McCormack Betty Owens Katherine Wilson Jackie Hucks Class of 1932 Marie Register Dorothy Webb Class of 1933 Elizabeth Ambrose Mary Gray Evelyn Covington Martha Robertson Helen Fannin Mildred Seals Hallie Graham Virginia Ware Page 202 Tunis, Tylander, Terrel, Smith, Simmons Still, Robson, Herndon, Hendley, Gillies, Diehl Cosper, Baker, Blacklock., Register, Wilson ALPHA CHI OMEGA Beta Eta Chapter Installed in 1929 Open Motto: " Together Let Us Seek the Heights 1 PLEDGES Anna Margaret Baker Bernice Blacklock Helen Chiles Mary Alice Cosper Alta Diehl Elizabeth Gillies Dixie Herndon Josephine Hendley Anna Hogg Mercedes Noalles Iva Mae Robson Lucille Shreaves Evelyn Still Edith Simmons Julia Smith Doris Terrel Marjorie Tylander Elizabeth Tunis Page 203 Mathewson, Geiger, Hicks, L. Cleare, Bell Tichenor, Linnemeier, McDaniel, Leak Key, Scott, Powell, Wheeler, Rode ALPHA XI DELTA Founded at Lombard College in 1893 Colors: Double Blue and Gold Flower: Pink Killamey Rose Alethea Smith Betty Bell Louise Cleare Essie Geiger SORORES IN FACULTATE Norma Bauer SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Edith Harrison Mary Lou Key Genie Mathewson Class of 1932 Dorothy Hicks Class of 1933 Myoma Kahl Allie E. Leak Margaret Tichenor Virginia McDaniel Margaret Roberts Yvonne Stone Page 204 E. Harrison, Patterson, Barnes, Roberts, Fine Dolive, Hill, F. Harrison, White Deese, A. Clf.are, Stone, McCredie, Bush ALPHA XI DELTA Alpha Omega Chapter Installed in 1929 Publication: " The Alpha Xi Delta " PLEDGES Virginia Barnes Elizabeth Bush Alphonsine Cleare Sarah Deese Mary Dolive Caroline Fine Frances Harrison Ette Mae Hill Helen Linnemeier Martha Lounborg Bernice McCredie Eloise Patterson Sara Powell Madelin e Rode Helen Scott Christine Townsend Dorothy Wheeler Betty White Jewel Mitchel Page 205 Walker, Houchard, Nowlin McLean, Steinmeyer, Nobles, Tully BETA PHI ALPHA Founded at the University of California in 1909 Colors: Gold and Green Flower: Yclloiv Tea Rose SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Harriett Baker Gwendolyn Brigman Class of 19)2 Dorothy Clarke Marion Spencer Margaret Jordan Gwendolyn Tully Class of 193} eula hopf Josephine Headley Evelyn Nobles Beryl Steinmeyer Frances Walker Page 206 Baker, Jordan, Clarke, Spencer Hopf, Headley, Brigman, Shupp BETA PHI ALPHA Psi Chapter Installed in 1931 Open Motto: " Scientia, Virfus, Amicitia ' PLEDGES Frances Houchard Myra McLean Lenore Nowlin Ruth Porter Mary Shupp C. Lewis, McMillan, Stephens, Stenstrom Stone, A. Lewis, Hogan, Josey Goza, Brown, Gantt, Pert LAMBDA DELTA Organized at Florida State College for Women in 193 Bernice Brock Catherine Lewis SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1931 Eleanor McMillan Davida Stenstrom Thelma Stephens Marjorie Brown Eloise Goza Dot Hogan Class of 1932 Mary E. Josey Alice Lewis Jessie Stone Louise Allen Louise Gantt Marguerite Litschgi Class of 1933 Frances Pert Louise Pittman Mary Lucille Shaw Page 208 Lee, Pittman, Allen, Weinborc Spiller, White, Hendrix, La Fuze Davis, Daniels, Draper, Brock LAMBDA DELTA Colors: Blue -green and Gold Flowers: Jonquil and Forget-me-not A PLEDGES Catherine Daniels Ruth Davis Ruth Draper Mary Lorine La Fuze Hilda Scruggs Frances Spiller Helen Hendrix Doris Lee Sylvia McAdam Margaret Weinborg Sheila White Page 209 Inspiration and Fellowship Within Sorority Homes Honoraries HONORARIES Mortar Board Senior Honorary Alpha Chi Alpha Journalistic Omicron Nu Home Economics Phi Alpha Theta History Kappa Delta Pi Education Beta Pi Theta French Chi Delta Phi Literary Phi Kappa Phi Scholastic Eta Sigma Phi Classical Phi Beta Sigma Spanish American Guild of Organists Organ Page 212 Caldwell. Connor, Settle, Sumner Adamson, Wakefield, Kent MORTAR BOARD Founded 1918, Syracuse, New York Torchbearer Chapter Installed March 7, 1931 Colors: Gold and Silver Publication: Mortar Board Quarterly Mortar Board, a national Senior honorary society for women, was founded in 1918 at Syracuse, N. Y., by representatives from local Senior honorary groups at Swarthmore College, Ohio State University, and the University of Michigan. The purpose of the organization as drawn up in its constitution is to " provide for co-operation between these societies, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among University women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. " In short, the object is scholarship, leadership, and service. Torchbearers, local Senior honor society, was organized in 192 5 by thirteen seniors chosen from a group of thirty suggested to a faculty committee interested in creating an honor group whose ideals would be leadership, scholarship, and service. Dr. Kathryn Abbey, professor of history, was elected sponsor of that first group and continued in that capacity, re-elected each term by the new members, through the installation of the national chapter in March of this year. Alumnae number 48 now, and active members are as follows: Sarah Caldwell President Avis Kent Vice-President Thelma Sumner Secretary-Treasurer Mary Cooper Wakefield Historian Mary Settle Dolly Connor Leah Adamson Page 213 Publication: Al-Cri Dr. W. G. Dodd Margaret Evans Mary Elizabeth Krome Helen Sloat Sue Maxwell Betty Unkrich Margaret Jordan Dorothy Hicks ALPHA CHI ALPHA Honorary Journalistic Fraternity Gamma Installed 1921 Colors: Yellow and White FACULTY HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Rowena Longmire STUDENT MEMBERS Ellen Knight Thelma Sumner Marianna Kinchley Frances Beck Blanche Cornell Marion Gardiner Sarah Caldwell Laura Strunk Clementine Newman Martha McKnight Charlotte Chase Barbara Sabiston Elizabeth Daniell OMICRON NU National Home Economics Honorary Society Founded at Michigan State Agricultural College in 1912 Publication: " Omicron Nn " Colors: Pink and Lavender Pi Chapter Installed May, 1922 FACULTY MEMBERS Dean Margaret Sandels Dr. Jennnie Tilt ACTIVE ALUMNAE Helen Davis Esther Kern Eyman STUDENT MEMBERS Louise Aulls Margaret Jordan Reva Daniels Vera Mae Williams Page 214 Dr. Kathryn Abbey Dr. Bessie Randolph Dr. Annie Popper Theresa Huffaker Monita Mason Katherine Chatham PHI ALPHA THETA Honorary History Fraternity Installed 192 5 FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Robert Cotterill Dr. Venila Shores Prof. Arthur Williams Miss Alice Christensen STUDENT MEMBERS Marguerite Evans Marie Register Hallie Carmine Miss Gertrude Herring Miss Willery Jackson Miss Florence Tryon Arabella Joyner Velma Ooten Mrs. Eleanor McBride Dr. Eyman Mrs. Eyman Dr. Finner Mrs. Finner Mary McMillan Alice Bates Katherine Chatham Margaret Pfluge KAPPA DELTA PI Honorary Education Fraternity FACULTY MEMBERS Mr. Kenneth Williams Miss Leonora Smith Miss Florence Tryon Miss Gertrude Heering STUDENT MEMBERS Esther Chase Martha Brodmerkel Margaret Scott Miss Velma Ooten Dean Salley Dean Beckham Miss Lillian Cross Mildred Harnsberger Alice Sims Gertrude Balasok Marjorie Fay Page 215 Dr. A. R. Seymour Dr. E. V. Gage Dr. J. R. Shulters Jeanne Compton Josephine Tharpe Gwendolyn Brigman Katherine Walker Mary McMillan Marguerite Evans Evelyn Lyle BETA PI THETA Honorary French Fraternity Theta Kappa Chapter Installed in 192 5 FACULTY MEMBERS Mrs. Dorothy R. Breen Miss Ada Belle Patrick Miss Lucy Lester Miss Mildred Finnigan ALUMNAE MEMBERS STUDENT MEMBERS Lorine La Fuze Sarah Caldwell Amy Cornell Leah Adamson Roberta Anson Ruth Glasser Martha Hess Dr. Hay Mrs. Clarence Mayo Velma Ooten Lillian Kocher Mayme Tatum Dorothy Webb Florence Hall Davida Stenstrom Mary Cooper Wakefield CHI DELTA PHI Honorary Literary Fraternity Founded in 1919 at the University of Tennessee Colors: Blue and Gold Publication: Pi Chapter Installed in 192 5 FACULTY MEMBER Miss Hazel Stevenson The Literatcur Frances Beck Dana Summitt Elizabeth Blanding STUDENT MEMBERS Ellen Knight Hilda Jane Walters Clementine Newman Nettie Fay Lowe Blanche Cornell Page 21S Open PHI KAPPA PHI Honorary Scholastic Fraternity Motto: " The love of learning rides the world " FACULTY MEMBERS Edward Conradi Arthur Williams Nathaniel Salley Margaret Sandels Ella S. Opperman Elmer R. Smith Josiah Game Alban Stewart Lanas Barber Edmund Gage Raymond Bellamy Paul Finner Leland Lewis Jennie Tilt Katherine Montgomery Olga Larsen Florence Tryon Herman Kurz Rowena Longmire Julia Dilzer Gertrude Heering Marjorie Mayer Arthur Seymour Kathryn Abbey Bessie Randolph GRADUATE STUDENTS Mary B. Alfriend Jeanne Comi SENIOR MEMBERS Morita Mason Josephine Tharpe Mary McMillan Mary LaFuze Theresa Huffaker Katherine Walker Margaret Pfluge Polly Whaley Eleanor McBride Hilda Jane Walters Frances Beck Gwendolyn Brigman Marjorie Fay Martha Brodmerkel Mary C. Stackhouse Inez Byrd Dorothy Fienberg Mary C. Wakefield Sarah Caldwell Marguerite Evans Gertrude Balasok L_3 Founded Dr. Josiah Game Dr. Thieleman Elizabeth Briese Martha Brodmerkel Rosalie Clausen Dorothy Feinberg ETA SIGMA PHI Classical Honorary Fraternity at the University of Chicago in 1924 Eta Chapter Installed in 1926 FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Edith West Miss Olivia Dorman STUDENT MEMBERS Margaret Gaillard Lillian Kocher Elizabeth Hoover Beatrice Owens Lucy Mae Johnson Margaret Scott Josephine Tharpe Page 217 Dr. E. V. Gage Dr. Helen Phipps Rose Chiramonte Helen Calder Vera Mae Williams Shirley Caldwell Frances Beck Marjorie Fry PHI BETA SIGMA Honorary Spanish Fraternity Installed in 1927 FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Marion Hay Dr. A. R. Seymour STUDENT MEMBERS Hollis Henderson Clementine Newman Polly Whaley Elizabeth Williams Leah Adamson Adelaide Fernandez Esther Franco Dr. J. R. Shulters Dean Charlotte Beckham Marion Gardiner Ruth Glasser Mary Gil Martha Hess Betty Ransom Elizabeth Tunis AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS Dean Ella S. Opperman Dr. William Dodd Mrs. Mary Meginnie Barbara Stimmel Gertrude Jones Founded in 1896 Installed in 1928 FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. J. R. Shulters Miss Margaret W. Dow MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. Nals Berryman Miss Jeanne Compton STUDENT MEMBERS Florita McCombs Sarah Deese Miss Ada Knight Mr. " Walter Cowles Miss Mary Whitfield Sarah Caldwell Mary Cooper Wakefield Pag-e 218 e a t u r e s COLLEGE CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 15 th- 18 th. Freshman Week. 18th. Registration of old students. Pledge day for new sorority members. OCTOBER Torch Night. Installation of new Y . W. C. A. officers. Recognition of new Y. W. C. A. mem- bers. Avon Players, " Romeo and Juliette " . Opera Comique Company in the opera, " Tales of Hoffman " . Spoken English Departmental Play, " Romantic Young Lady " . NOVEMBER Fealty Ceremony. Odd and Even demonstrations. Thanksgiving — Homecoming. Artist Series, Catherine Meisle, con- tralto. Artist Series, Barrer Little Symphony. DECEMBER Election of Freshman class officers. Senior Christmas Party. Christmas recess. Artist Series, Carlo Zecchi, pianist. JANUARY Marionettes, Tony Sarg ' s. Semester examinations. FEBRUARY Tapping of Freshman Cabinet. Dr. Conradi ' s Birthday 20th. Artist Series, Albert Spalding, violinist. Artist Series, Sali Lobel, interpretive dancer. MARCH Installation of Mortar Board. Senior Carnival. Junior Minstrel. Junior-Senior Prom. Tapping of Freshman Commission. Field Day. Election of officers for coming year. APRIL Installation of Y. W. C. A. officers. Election of sorority officers. MAY May Day Celebration. Sophomore-Senior Breakfast. Water-Sports Day. Tapping of Mortar Board. Installation of Pan-Hellenic officers. Installation of College Government officers. Election of class officers. Junior-Senior banquet. Senior play. JUNE Commencement Exercises. Secret date. Senior Tree Planting. Senior Burning of Books. Page 221 WE NOMINATE FOR THE HALL OF FAME DOLLY CONNOR Because her fairness and her sympathetic nature have stood out foremost in the filling of her difficult position as chairman of the Judiciary of the C. G. A. Because she has been remarkably successful in meting out justice tempered by good judgment. Be- cause she has so ably team- worked with her distinguished cohort, the president of the stu- dent body, Mary Settle. And most of all because Dolly is due an immense amount of credit for being an excellent example, having worked her way through four years of college, yet still found time to participate in and receive recognition in a varied list of activities, and to have made and kept a huge list of friends. SARAH CALDWELL and ROWENA DIAMOND Because as president of the Senior class, Sarah is one of the most capable girls to serve in an executive position on the cam- pus. Because due largely to her progressive leadership, Torch- bearers, local Senior honor so- ciety, was recognized by Mortar Board and formally installed this Spring. Because as editor of the 193 Jubilee edition of the " Flastacowo, " she brought forth enough changes in the usual annual to win for it a 4-foot silver loving cup and a first-class Ail-American honor rating. And finally because her cheerfulness and wonderful dis- position have endeared her to the hearts of all who know her. Because as treasurer of the College Government Association, although seldom heard from, Rowena has, nevertheless, been one of the " silent cogs " in the machinery of student govern- ment and of the present Senior class. Because she is thoroughly frank and sincere, and has initia- tive and forcef ulness which con- tribute in no small way to the success attendant upon her un- dertakings. And finally because she can command humor and satire, and because she has those gorgeous blue eyes. THELMA SUMNER Because as editor of the Flambeau, Tad has put the weekly school newspaper on a professional basis and has been a strong factor in making it really representative and worthwhile. Because she has recognized stu- dent problems and has unbiasedly brought them to the notice of faculty and student body. Be- cause she never seems too busy to do her share and help some- body else, too. And because her gracious manner has won for her many admirers who will hate to see her graduate from school. WE NOMINATE FOR THE HALL OF FAME BETTY BELL Because of her good nature and fun-loving spirit, " B " Bell has been one of the high lights of the present Senior class. Because as Freshman sponsor during her Junior year she instilled loyalty and enthusiasm into the new class. Because she has a good comeback, and always does the appropriate thing at the ap- propriate time. Because as Odd cheerleader and as college song leader she radiates more pep and school spirit than anyone else that we know. Because we like her sunny smile and jolly laugh. We wish her luck and happiness with the new friends that she is bound to make. MISS RUTH MOFFATT Because as an instructor in the Physical Education Department she has achieved marked success by creating campus interest in her courses. Because of her originality and because she has so willingly devoted much of her time and efforts to the dance productions of student organiza- tions and activities. Because she has made clogging what it is to- day. Because her popularity is a logical outcome of her personal- ity as an individual. Because she expresses a true feeling of friend- ship for the students. And finally, because we ' d cheerfully walk a mile to the gym for her. - = i . FRANCES BECK Because as Editor of the Dis- faff, Frances introduced into the quarterly illustrations, attractive covers and contents, and other- wise created vast more interest in this publication. Because she is original and versatile with a pen which is fluent and con- structive. Because she is the author of the first and only stu- dent-written play to be pro- duced by the Spoken English Department. Because although handicapped by ill-health, she managed to carry out numerous responsibilities and maintain an excellent scholastic record. Be- cause we admire her grit and hope that she will be back next year. TORCH NIGHT The ceremony of Torch Night, which was celebrated this year on October 2 2, symbolizes the passing of the torches of Alma Mater on to the newest class, the Freshmen. The Sophomore class has charge of all arrangements for the cere- mony, and members of the group have the leads in the symbolic parts. A hun- dred representative freshmen from the incoming class are chosen to receive the torches from their sophomore sisters. Alma Mater, with her train of attend- ants, approaches the sylvan altar through a line of palm bearers who are chanting the triumphal entry song. Upon gaining the shrine, Alma Mater, the president of the Sophomore class, takes a position back of the altar vipon which the Three Torches — Artes, Vires, Mores — are brightly burning. As the freshman torch bearers approach the altar they are given torches lighted from the sacred fire by the sophomore palm bearers. Aphrodite with her glorious company of muses, Pallas Athene with her dancers, and Diana with her huntsmen are also present to do honor to Alma Mater and inspire the youthful torch bearers on their race. The scene of the ceremony is laid in the Open Air Theatre with an appropriate Greek setting and atmosphere. The robes of white with their rich borders, the Gre- cian head-dresses, and the colorful robes of the muses and dancers all blend in to make a very beautiful and poetic picture. As the freshmen receive their torches they exit through the rows of students and onlookers, and after the last flame has been given, Alma Mater and all of the attendants follow after the racers. Throughout the whole pageant soft music is played by a stringed orchestra hidden from sight by dense foliage, and further mystic charm and beauty is added by the dancers who come from behind the waving palms and bamboo to the cen- ter of the stage and disappear into their recesses again at the conclusion. Torch Night is one of the oldest tradi- tional celebrations of the college. The original script, music, and plan of setting and costuming is preserved for use from year to year, with the change coming only in the classes giving the presenta- tion. The general production this year was under the supervision of Josephine Scarlett of the Sophomore class. A Greek Festival Alma Mater; Diana and the huntsmen; Tradition ' s flame at Alma Mater ' s shrine; Palm Bearers; Aphrodite, Pallas Athene, and Diana. Page 224 Torch Night Page 225 FEALTY The ceremony of Fealty symbolizes the union of the Junior and Freshman classes through an impressive oath, in which the Junior and Freshman Knights pledge each other to loyalty, friendship, and honor. This oath is part of the ritual in which the Freshman Squire becomes a Knight. The ceremony this year was presented in a new theme, whereby the Freshman Maids come to King Friendship ' s Hall in order that one may be chosen Princess Goodwill and rule in Friendship ' s realm; but on the way to court, the maidens are bewitched, and are only freed from the spell by " Two fast friends and true, Close bound together, And knights in Friendship ' s court " who pledge themselves to the highest ideals. There is much of tradition bound up in the simple legend which the Evens have used as a basis for this ceremony, and it serves to intensify the friendship between the two classes. General chairman of Fealty was Vir- ginia Burford. Eight withered old hags, in their tattered rags Hobbled upon the scene. They whined and sent shrieks through their toothless beaks These witches so cunning and keen. Each toothless old fiend, it teas plain to be seen Desired to rule over the land, So with darksome scowls and piercing ho wis A horrible spell ivas planned. In the banquet hall where were gathered all Of the braces t in the land They were awaiting the king, to eat and sing For the feast was sumptuous and grand. With trumpets and drums, in the king comes And with him the cronies so old. By the gate they had stood, and Friend- ship so good Has sheltered them from the cold. The king gave a sigh, a tear fell from his eye " Alas, there ' ll be no queen here. They needs be set free, for enchanted they be hi a dungeon so dark and drear. ' " Tis a terrible task, this one that I ask Now who is the bravest of you? Not an army we need to perform this bold deed But simply two fast friends and true. " But Sir Junior Knight with his face so bright Said, " I ' ve a friend who ' ll go. He ' s Sir Freshman Knight, and he ' ll do the right. " And so they pledged oaths, bent low. In Friendship ' s Court Princess Goodwill; Freshman ladies; King Friendship and bis court; Junior lady and knights; Pledge of fealty by Sir Junior Knight and Sir Freshman Squire. Page 226 Fealty Page 227 ODD DEMONSTRATION The opening curtain of the Odd Demonstration disclosed the parlor of Miss Mehitable ' s Select School for Young Ladies, with several of the young ladies awaiting the arrival of their callers. These were young men from Mr. Prunnel ' s Preparatory Academy for Young Gentle- men. In the midst of their lively chatter, enter Miss Mehitable, ready with a lec- ture on the immodesty of female attire, and the correct procedure of that wom- anly attribute, swooning. Her lecture was punctuated by a review of the sports costumes of the period, and her " Re- member, girls, that a woman ' s only weapons are her virtues . . . and a hat- pin! " was followed by a hatpin drill by the chorus. Oddy, the hero, with Victoria, the heroine, Mr. Prunnel with Miss Mehitable, and the other couples waltzed to the strains of " After the Ball Is Over. " And after the waltz was over, the villain, even Stephen de Feat, tendered his heart and hand to Victoria in an impassioned pro- posal on bended knee. Victoria rejected him, and exit de Feat, twirling his mous- tache and vowing vengeance on the proud beauty. The first act closed with the Moustache chorus doing a revengeful number. The second act opened with a street scene, showing the Big Game Saloon on the corner, with the gymnasium op- posite. As the curtain opened Stephen de Feat and several thugs lounged out of the saloon. After the Thug chorus, they re-entered the saloon. From the other side of the street, in came Miss Mehitable and her young ladies doing a Floradora step. Miss Mehitable carried on an ani- mated conversation with Mr. Luck, the doughty constable, who vowed to protect the ladies. The hero, Oddy (Obadiah Strong, really) entered just as Victoria said fear- fully that Oddy would think that she was waiting for him in front of the gym; such an unmaidenly thing to do! But they were saved from embarrassment by the arrival of a tandem, followed by a Bicycle-Built-for-Two chorus, to the tune of " Daisy " . Oddy then bade his ladies adieu, with a special tender farewell for Victoria, and entered the gym, where his team was practicing. Miss Mehitable and the ladies then pre- pared to proceed on the way, when sud- denly, out of the Big Game Saloon rushed de Feat and his thugs. They screamed for help! . . . for Luck! . . . for Oddy! Craven Luck ran from the scene, but brave Oddy and his noble team dashed out of the gym, threw the villains to earth, and caught the languishing young ladies in their arms. As the curtain lowered, Victoria murmured " My Hero, " and hid her blushing face on Oddy ' s noble breast. General chairman for the Odd Demon- stration was Dana Summitt. The Gay and Naughty Nineties Some of the " select " young ladies; a crony of de Feat; Mr. Prunnel and Miss Mehitable; On a bicycle built for two; Victoria and Oddy. Page 228 Odd Demonstration Page 229 EVEN DEMONSTRATION The custom of presenting the Even volleyball and basket-ball teams in an annual musical comedy, or Demonstra- tion, has become established over a num- ber of years. These demonstrations have dealt with queens and courts, little Japanese girls and sailors, and " bones and spirits " . However, the demonstration this year was different. Still carrying out the idea of the supremacy of the Evens and the inferiority of the Odds, the 193 demonstration was thoroughly modern, dealing with college boys and girls of today. The scene was laid in a town in Cali- fornia, in which there were two colleges, opponents in everything, but especially in football. Symbolic of the rivalry ex- isting between the Odds and the Evens were the captains of the opposing foot- ball teams — Oscar Odd, the Seland cap- tain, and Ed Even, the Lanford captain. Betty, " one of th ' gang, " had a most charming visitor in the person of Miss Victory. We all know how boys fall for the new girl in town, and Oscar and Ed were no exceptions to the rule. And this rivalry in love as well as in football did not tend to establish the bonds of friendship between the two. Oscar lost his temper quite frequently, but Ed Even always acted as gentleman. Even would! Finally it came time for Victory to terminate her visit, and both boys, anx- ious to see her again, asked her to come back to their proms which were held on the same week-ends. Victory was un- able to decide which bid to accept, and finally decided to let her choice rest on the captain of the winning team in the " Big Game " to be played by Seland and Lanford the next day. Of course, Ed Even ' s team won the lucky break, giving Even the favor of Victory. The Even volleyball and basket-ball teams which were to participate in the real Odd-Even contests on Thanksgiving Day were escorted on to the stage and presented as Ed Even ' s triumphant foot- ball cohorts. Local color throughout the play was furnished by the Joe Colleges and Betty Coeds from both schools, and the comedy was introduced by the proverbial dumb freshman who was continually getting in the way of everybody. And of course, the Cow Boy Chorus, the Mechanics Chorus, the Spanish Town number, Janice Prince ' s songs, and other choruses and specialties livened up the entire Demon- stration, and gave to it a professional and true " modern college life " atmosphere. In conclusion, let us add that Even will get Victory yet, so look out next year, Odds! General chairman for the Even Demon- stration was Helen Caldwell. A Modern College Scene Victory and Betty Coed; Just part of the gang; Big bold men from the West; Oscar Odd, the villain; Ed Even, the hero; A treat for fair damsels ' eyes. Pag-e 230 Even Demonstration Page 231 TheP rom Page 232 May Day Page 233 Commencement, 1930 Page 234 The Silver Jubilee Page 235 to you f HO have made possible this book, we wish to express our sincere appreciation — the Faculty Committee, Dr. Conradi, and Mr. Kellum; Adam ' s Studio; Mr. Blue- stein of The Vogue; the Alabama Engraving Company; Foote and Davies Company; the student body, and our Advertisers. The Flastacowo Staff. Page 236 ? ? 9 »JI ' = « :? I Our Eighth Annual Expression of Appreciation to the Student Body and Faculty for Fheir Faithful- ness and Confidence in This Shop. Page 237 Tallahassee . Florida. Jemuiine wearables jr« 2 iS CGv - S « MAY LIFE BESTOW THE CREAM OF ALL GOOD THINGS UPON THE CLASS OF 1931 LEON COUNTY MILK COMPANY Moore ' s Delicious Ice Cream e)3? r.(s - For Your Lunches and Parties and Anything You Want to Eat —GO TO— T. B. BYRD SON Fine Groceries and Everything to Eat TELEPHONE 1 In Florida It Is ... . BURDINE ' S Creators of " Sunshine Fashions " MIAMI BEACH MIAMI 2 Stores PALM BEACH ®p™ .k , i !($ -- Since the far-gone days when F. S. C. W . was the West Florida Seminary, boasting a mere handful of students, Wilson ' s has striven to fill the needs, general and specific, of the college girls. Each year has brought new patronage from the ranks of the college. We take this opportunity of expressing our appreciation of your patronage. P. W. WILSON COMPANY ESTABLISHED IN 1837 HQw-. ■r 3X Page 238 ? s 5 »- ?| ) Joseph ' s for Beaufg TALLAHASSEE :-: :-: ;-; FLORIDA Page 239 -.v S , 6 " - I f -- " : ADA STU DI I , 2 a- 3=£ Tallahassee, -v v k) - Ok Distinctive Apparel and Accessories for All Everything for the Home, too. ©Sge sft Why get all steamed up . . . PAUSE and refresh yourself. . . Tune in on our radio program. Famous sports celebrities talk... An all-string 31-piece dance orchestra. • . . Every Wednesday night . . . z TAMPA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. ' BW-ioa over Nine Million a day IT HAD TO BE GOOD TO GET WHERE IT IS -.V ®, Page 240 ■fgv — - - — ■ - —- — — - ■ ; — r r . PENSACOLA The Western Gateway Through Which Ships Sail for the Seven Sefis. It is the key to the commerce of the rich, fertile territory of Western Florida, and the Seaboard of the Gulf of Mexico. A busy city, well served by railroads in addition to waterways. A splendid year-round climate, the purest water in the country, fine schools, churches, parks, play- grounds, parkways and bathing beaches add to its many other advantages. Progressive Pensacola is surrounded by beautiful scenery, drives of great beauty along lagoons and bayous, ending at the surf- beaten shores of the Gulf of Mexico, or through orchards, piney-woods and prosperous farming sections, miles of paved highways that make motoring a de- light. This Gulf city offers many advan- tages and wonderful opportunities to investors. THE CITY COMMISSION PENSACOLA :: FLORIDA J. H. BAYLISS, Mayor E. E. HARPER, ADRIAN E. LANGFORD, Commissioner Commissioner 0 -e sii Page 241 ? !6 " =K e : i jr . C C EXPERIENCE You who are graduating have acquired the fundamental knowledge necessary for success in some particular field of endeavor. The experience you will gain through con- structive thought and positive action in the work you are now about to attempt, will further prepare you for the opportunities that will present themselves to you through- out your entire life. Do not let a day pass without letting experience add something to your store of knowledge. The experienced minds of our organization will be glad to assist you with any problem you may encounter in regard to our services. Page 242 ? csv •- x YOURS FOR GOOD, CLEAN, FUN THE ANNUAL STAFF Kg - %:$ ?co " The Best Place to Shop After Air- West Florida ' s Leading Department Store PENSACOLA : FLORIDA DAFFIN THEATRE " The Talk of the Town " Where Better Pictures Are Shown TALLAHASSEE ZQm f ! - J 45-49 W. Bay 22-30 W. Bay DREW CO 46 W. Forsyth St. Phone 3-1700 Serving the People of Jacksonville and Florida for Over 75 Years I Page 243 BOOKS . . . 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Duval Street JACKSONVILLE : FLORIDA ■ : : -- Or ; = 4® Tallahassee New Way Laundry and Dry Cleaners QUALITY and SERVICE Phones 86-183 Tallahassee Florida =r«sS ; Page 247 t(py -- 9 It s our pleasure to have served the faculty and students of F. S. C. W. for the past seven years. Your preference for our footwear is a distinct compliment to you. (THE) VO Ul dTHOB) PARPOJ ) TALLAHASSEE The Home of I. Miller Beautiful Shoes = 3 2z»-a= :s = Qjf r. ? I iUWANBB STORES, INC. 3 1 1 South Adams Street 408 McCombs Street Owned and Operated by CAPITAL CITY GROCERY COMPANY KIM 6 AN ©» COMPAMT PORK AND BEEF PACKERS Jacksonville, Florida The Most Sanitary Fountain-Luncheonette in the City Sandwiches : Lunches : Soda : Sundaes : Candy : Magazines PAT 1 .ODA SHOP ■or- REDFERN ' S PH ARM ACT The Best Lines of Perfumes, Phone 93 Toilet Preparations, Drugs, Candy College Ave. and Munroe St. P - r sS)3 Page 24S bright pages -t -l j. that reflect those happy, carefree days has been our goa £. J. A A ;c9lle:ce:; annual; division; ALABAMA E.NCRAVINC COM PAISJV BIRMINGHAM IN THE HEART OF THE SOUTH f ' $ • •- -« I 8 -. cAdded cAttractions Animal Crackers .... THE LITTLE STORE Feet First MARY Lou Key The Street of Chance . . . COLLEGE AVENUE Common Clay GYM MAJORS The Single Standard F. S. C. W. The Royal Family MORTAR BOARD The Devil to Pay JUNIOR CLASS Holiday EXAM WEEK Journey ' s End THE GYM Outward Bound .... The SENIOR CLASS The Office Wife MAUDE FLOWERS Old English Dr. ROGERS The Dawn Patrol . . . DINING ROOM GlRLS The Truth About Youth . . DEAN BECKHAM Only Saps Work PHI KAPPA PHI Devil-May-Care BETTY BELL The Public Enemy C. G. A. Beau Brummel DR. DlFFENBAUGH Ten Nights In a Barroom . COLLEGE BOOK STORE Reducing BOBBIE KROME Sin Takes a Holiday .... HOUSE PARTIES The Man Who Came Back . . DOUGLAS BARBER Censored OUR SCANDAL SHEET Whoopee THE ANNUAL STAFF Page 250 A D Q U y In the production of fine books, or for that matter, fine printing of any sort there must be an adequacy Offices and Store O I Understanding and experience to plan and inter- pret «0£ workers who have mastered their crafts « Of materials of the best quality « And of modern equipment and exact skill in its direction « « « These sales and service offices and this manu- facturing plant are evidences of an inflexible rule that adequacy must be maintained at « « « FOOTE DAVIES COMPANY A T L A N A PRODUCERS OF FINE ANNUALS BOOKLETS CATALOGS GEORGIA Manufacturing Plant f «®x Tallahassee ' s Oldest Jewelers and Silversmiths Expert Watchmakers : Jewelers and Engravers Fountain Pens Repaired GIFTS THAT LAST Service : Reasonable Prices Phone 65 Tallahassee, Fla. ;r«sS , KYANIZE Varnishes and Enamels for Your Rooms f t ?! and incidentally Your Correct Weight Free The Rhodes Hardware Co. Ask for ... . Montag ' s Fashionable Writing Papers Manufactured by Montag Brothers, Inc. Atlanta, Ga. : New York City -K 9, - : THIS SPACE DONATED BY A FRIEND OF F. S. C. 1 4 . Cgva- BENNETT ' S COLLEGE INN PHARMACY " For Those Who Appreciate Quality. Cleanliness and Efficiency " DuBarry, Dorothy Gray, Hellena Rubinstein and Dorothy Perkins Beauty Preparations Httfg) ' Tallahassee Gainesville Ocala Brunswick, Ga. Jacksonville Waycross, Ga. K 2pti= i Page 252 » ADVERTISEMENTS « ADAMS STUDIO Tallahassee, Fla. BENNETT ' S COLLEGE INN Tallahassee, Fla. EURDINES Miami, Fla. T. B. BYRD AND SON Tallahassee, Fla. CITY OF PENSACOLA Pensacola, Fla. COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO Tallahassee, Fla. COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO Tampa, Fla. COHEN BROS Jacksonville. Fla. DAFFIN THEATRE Tallahassee, Fla. DREW COMPANY Jacksonville, Fla. DUVAL JEWELRY CO Jacksonville, Fla. FLORIDA POWER AND LIGHT CO Miami, Fla. FOOTE « DAVIES CO Atlanta, Ga. FURCHGOTT ' S Jacksonville. Fla. GRANT FURNITURE CO Tallahassee. Fla. JONES BROTHERS Jacksonville, Fla. RATZ LADIES ' SHOP Tallahassee, Fla. KINGAN S CO Jacksonville, Fla. LA MODE Pensacola, Fla. LEON COUNTY MILK CO Tallahassee, Fla. LEWIS STATE BANK Tallahassee, Fla. MAE ' S SHOP Tallahassee, Fla. MANGEL ' S Jacksonville, Fla. MONTAG BROS., INC Atlanta, Ga. NEW WAY LAUNDRY Tallahassee. Fla. REDFERNS PHARMACY . . . . Tallahassee, Fla. RHODES HARDWARE CO. . Tallahassee, Fla. RITZ THEATRE Tallahassee, Fla. STEYERMAN ' S STYLE SHOP Tallahassee, Fla. SUWANEE STORES, INC Tallahassee. Fla. THE DUTCH KITCHEN .- • • Tallahassee, Fla. THE GOODY SHOP Tallahassee, Fla. THE VOGUE Tallahassee. Fla. VOGUE SHOE PARLOR Tallahassee, Fla. WILLIAMS JEWELRY STORE Tallahassee, Fla. WILSON ' S CUSTOM HOUSE COFFEE CO. . . . Tampa, Fla. ' Qjy — v ii Page 253 Garnet and Gold mo — «» Garnet and Gold— And may we ever loyal be, As in days of old Thy daughters bore the torches three. Femina Perfecta, At the top we II always stand. And Florida will be The very best in all the land! ? ;■ :■•••■■■ ' • v i ■ • ,• i . -¥ 4 if TTT - rtrn :i:i ' i. " i iain Ttttr n nri)TT 113 IXJfcf ' g w IX u M— 1 DM ttt m i ■ • « ..• j hi 44TOT2 I ! XL hi

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