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The Flastacowo 1930 The Old Administration Building Copyright 1930 Sarah Qaldwell Editor-in-Chief Blanche Qornell Business Manager Toriraits by D. C. Adams Studio Engravings by Southwestern Engraving Co. Trinting by FoOTE AND DAVIES Co. Florida State College for Women Founded As Such In 1905 c he 1930 Published by the Junior Qlass of " Volume TIM (Do the Daughters of the Qollege; the Alumnae, whose loyal support has made our school possible; and the class of 1930, who proudly pass the torches on to the underclassmen— c o the Students ast and Present we dedicate this Dolume of 5he lastacowo WMWfrMMMMMWMWMMWMMMM «Wii= ; Dr. Edward Conradi Becomes President of Florida State College for Women — IQOQ (5o portray the history of our colleger-its ideals and traditions; £ .nd to serve as an expression of the life and aspirations of the students, c Kas been the purpose of the tylastacowo 0 1930 The First Flastacozvo Published — igio Qollege Qlasses Qampus Activities Organizations Athletics fraternities features oTldemories u Ad " -ed Interest . Student Government Instituted at Florida State College for Women — IQI2 Qollege Administration building ■• Library _:.. ' -■ mmmmKKKmmmt BKmmKlmKmm ■ ryan c Ml m S m S ffiM i , ' l " i, ' „V: ' .-- ' ' - Entrance to Qymnasium Entrance to Qilchrist c 3ta Administration o the daughter s of the Qollege J. HERE is no greater privilege in this world than to give to young men and young women the means of intellec- tual and spiritual growth. President Elliott, of Harvard, has said that to have this privilege " is a luxury which the an- gels of heaven might envy mortals. " To exercise this privi- lege is the function of a college, including regents and fac- ulty and students, and those who furnish the material resources. It is, therefore, the function of the Florida State College for Women to build into the minds and hearts of the young women who come here the sacred conviction that truth and beauty and goodness ; that honor and integrity and loyalty ; that love and zeal and faith; and the will to do are the out- standing values of life. I could wish nothing better nor greater for the College nor for the Alumna? than that the graduates of the first twenty-five years, and all the graduates in the years to come, may, as the crowning result of their college experience, have this conviction engraved in their hearts, and that they may always express it in their daily activities in terms of life. Dr. Edward Conradi President o the ' Daughters of the Qollege X HE very name with which I salute you implies the faith and trust with which we send you forth to join the ranks of other splendid women who bear this name with you. It is now too late to admonish you or to tell you how to live. This has been the aim of our teaching and has been held high before you by the splendid men and women who have touched your lives during the years that have preceded your graduation. In truth, all of these influences have had their part in developing the personality which you now possess. So I shall merely emphasize again the fact that our belief is firm and strong that you will " move in the light of the spirit and the law. " Hence, we have cause to rejoice to send you forth bearing our name. Daughters of the College, splendid, loyal, true, I bid you Godspeed ! Charlotte M. Beckham Dean of Women J. G. Kellum Business Manager Arthur Williams Vice-President William George Dodu Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences A.B., Bethany College; A.M., Harvard University, 1908; Ph.D., Harvard University, 191 1. Nathaniel Moss Salley Dean of the School of Education A.B., Wofford College; Graduate Work at University of Chicago, University of Wisconsin, Columbia University. Margaret Rector Sandels Dean of the School of Home Economics B.S., A.M., Ph.D., Columbia University; Instructor at University of Texas, 191 7-18; Carnegie Institute of Tech- nology, Pittsburgh, 1918-20; Department of Nutrition, Teachers ' College of Columbia, 1 920-22. Ella Scoble Opperman Dean of the School of Music P.M., M.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; Pupil of Jedliczka in Berlin; Pupil of Moszkowski and Guilmant in Paris. First Flambeau Published — 1915 (glasses SORA EMBRY President s eniors SORA EMBRY President Martha E. Maxwell Parliamentarian MIAMI, FLA. A.B. in English a An Cotillion Club (2, 3, 4); Chairman Dances (3); Fire Captain (4). Genevieve V. Haile . Athletic Manager OCALA, FLA. A.B. in English Certificate in Physical Education K A Transfer from Virginia State College (1, 2); Even Demonstration (3); Class Basket-ball (3, 4); Class Soc- cer (3); Class Baseball (3); Point Committee (4); Class Hockey (4), Even (4); " F " Club (4). Florence Edwina Abee TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in English 2 K Torchnight (1); Decoration Committee for May Day (2); Fealty (3); Finance Committee Y. W. C. A. (3). Bess Airth LIVE OAK, FLA. A.B. in Commerce Z T A (JUINCY, FLA. A.B. in Education Z T A , K A n Class Parliamentarian (1); Freshman Commission (1) Chairman Freshman Cabinet (1); Smaller Cabinet Y. W C. A. (1, 2, 4); Education Directorate (2, 3); Represent ative Judiciary (2); Senate (2, 4); Vice-president Y. W (3); Health Committee (3); ( " dee Club (4); Represent ative W. I. A. S. G. Convention (4); M. S. O. (2, 4) Marjorie Louise Anderson Vice-President TAMPA, FLA. B.S. in Chemistry A A II Scientific Society (3, 4); Orchestra (2); Chairman Cos- tumes Even Demonstration (3) ; Chairman Costumes Jun- ior Minstrel (3); Chairman Costumes May Day (3); Chairman of Even Demonstration (4). Bessie Margaret Monroe . . Secretary QTJINCY, FLA. A.B. T , 1 1 2 Freshman Commission (1); Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4); Classical Club President (4); Delegate to H 2 t Convention 13 j. Elizabeth Janet Wood . . Treasurer PANAMA CITY, FLA. A.B. in History 2 K , AX A Torchbearers President (4); Class Athletic Manager (1); Class Secretary (3); Senate (2, 4); Vice-President Athletic Association (3); " F " Representative Athletic Association (4); Flastacowo Business Manager (3); Senior Play (4); " F " Club (1, 2, 3, 4 President): Sen- ior Representative Judiciary (4); Freshman Commission (1); Basket-ball: Class (1, 3, 4), Even (1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity (1); Hockey: Class (1); Soccer: Class (2, 3, 4), Even (2, 3, 4), Varsity (2); Baseball: Class (2, 3), Even (3); Track (2, 3, 4); Swimmin Adamary Anderson JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Education K ATI Susie Anderson JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Commerce Virginia Anderson TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in History M Freshman Commission (1); Flambeau Staff (2); Clas- sical Club (1, 2); Class Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4), Even Soc- :er (1, 2); Campus Social Committee (3); Y. W. C. A. Executive Cabinet (3, 4); Class Representative to Senate (4); Chairman of Point System Committee (4); Senior Play (4); Fire Captain of J. M. (4); Torchbearer (4). Melba Helen Andrews MIMS, FLA. A.B. Freshman Cabinet ( 1 ) ; Vice-Chairman Jennie Mur- )hree (3); Secretary Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3). Virginia Carrington Bailey FRANKLIN, IND. A.B. AAA Minstrel (2, 3, 4); Co-Author Minstrel (3); Even Demonstration (3, 4): Hockey (3); Torchniglit (3). Hazel Roberts Bass JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B.S. in Education Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Harriet Bize st. petersburg, fla. xo Ruth Bize TAMPA, FLA. Xfi Louise Campbell FT. LAUDERDALE, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Class Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4), Even Soccer (2); Class Volley-ball (2, 3, 4); " F " Club (2, 3, 4); Even Volley-ball (3, 4), Varsity Volley-ball (3); Class Baseball (2, 3); Even Treasurer (3. 4). Lyndelle Mary Canaday LEESBURG, FLA. A.B. in English OT, X A $ , A X A Picture Editor of E " lastacowo (3); Campus Comment Distaff (3), Editor Distaff (4). Sylvia Genevieve Carlson TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Commerce Golda Carlton WAUCHULA, FLA. A.B. in English ASA Esther Elizabeth Boardman JACKSONVILLE, FLA. . l.B. in English 2 K , A X A Freshman Cabinet (1); Torchnight (1); Flambeau Staff (1, 2); Distaff Staff (1, 2); Editor Flastacowo (3); President Florida State Collegiate Press Association (3); Minstrel (3); Chairman Sopbomore Committee Carnival (2); Demonstration (4). Dorothy Rosamond Boyce BARRE, VT. B.S. in Home Economics a on 4). Pan-Hellenic (3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, Merle Rose Britt PENSACOLA, FLA. B.S. in Education Helen Bryson HOWEY, FLA. A.B. in History Local History Club (4): History Forum (3, 4). Torchnight (2). Mattie Mae Carlton WAUCHULA, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics AHA House Chairman (4), Senate (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4): Class Basket-ball (3). Lida E. Cadugan ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A.B. in Education Class Volley-ball (2, 3, 4), Even Volley-ball (2, 3, 4), Varsity Volley-ball (2, 3, 4); Class Soccer (3. 4), Even Soccer (3), Varsity Soccer (3): Class Baseball (1, 2, 3), Even Baseball (3), Varsity Baseball (3); " F " Club (2, 3, 4)- Annie Lee Cason JASPER, FLA. B.S. in Education Margaret Chace OCALA, FLA. n b$ Mary Elizabeth Child TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B.S. in History SK Louise Clement OCALA, FLA. A.B. in Education $ M Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Library Committee (4). Ruby Clenney SNEADS, FLA. A.B. in Education Fanita Cobb OCALA, FLA. A.B. in Economics SK Dorothy Cory Cross TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Sociology A II Orchestra (i, 2, 3); Fealty (3); Torchnight (2); Sen- ior Carnival (2). Marina L. Cuevas TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Education; L.I. in Education K A n , B 2 Freshman Commission (1); " F " Club (3, 4); Class Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4). Even Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4), Varsity Soccer (3); Class Volley-ball (2, 4); Class Baseball (3); President of Phi Beta Sigma (3); Student Assistant Florida High School (3); Local History Club (4). Margaret Isabella Dazell OCALA, FLA. A.B. in Education Mary Catherine Davis GREENSBORO, FLA. A.B. A A , $ K $ Carolyn Elizabeth Cooper PENSACOLA, FLA. A.B. in Art Rebeccah Coyne JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Sociology 0T Life Saver (2). Jo Beatrice Cox TAMPA, FLA. B.S. in Commerce BT Carolyn Crosby PENSACOLA, FLA. A.B. in Art Velda Davis SO. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B.M. in P.S.M. ATA Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4), President Glee Club (4); Jun- ior Minstrel (2, 3); Class Volley-ball (2, 3, 4), Even Volley-ball (2, 3), Varsity (2); Campus Social Commit- tee (4). Marion Deacon LAKE WORTH, FLA. A.B. in Commerce ASA, K I Auditing Committee (2. 4). Alice Lemar De Pass TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Edncatio OT Shirley Decker ORLANDO, FLA. A.B. in Education XQ Freshman Commission; Torchnight (2); Chairman Sophomore Senior Breakfast (2); Flambeau (2); Chair- man of Minstrel (3); Chairman of Usher Committee (3); Chairman of Campus Social Committee (4) ; Senate (3, 4). Ida Arcola Diden MILTON, FLA. B.S. in Education; LJ. Junior High House Chairman (4); Student Assistant Librarian (4): Vice-House Chairman (3); P. S. L P. S. L. (4). 3, 4), President Lillian Margaret Dickinson JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in English K A Freshman Cabinet; Vice-House Chairman (3), House Chairman (4); Library Committee (4). Marie Dixon TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Psychology AX A Freshman Cabinet (1); Class Hockey (1, 2, 4), Even Hockey (1); Swimming (1, 2, 3. 4), Champion (1); " F " Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Athletic Manager (3); Athletic Board (3) ; Front Page Reporter Flambeau (2); Assist. Editor, Flambeau (3). Editor Flambeau (4); Senate (4); Orchesus (1, 2, 3); Life Saver (1. 2, 3, 4); Delegate to Florida College Press Association Convention at Rollins (3) ; Secretary-Treasurer Florida College Press Associa- tion (4) ; Student Assistant Physical Educational Depart- ment (4). Mamie Ruth Douglas LONGWOOD, FLA. Class Basket-ball (2, 3); Representative at Large Ath- letic Association (4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Presi- dent B. S. U. (4); Class Hockey (3). Dorothy Blair Finlayson LAKE CITY, FLA. A.B. in English Classical Club. Mildred Jane Fletcher WILLISTON, FLA. B.S. in Education I.. I. in Primary Grace Gardiner GREENSBORO, FLA. A.B. in French Spoken English Certificate z t a , b n e Classical Club (1, 2, 4); Usher Committee. Myra Doyle TAMPA, FLA. . l.B. in English ATA House Chairman (4); Torchnight (2); Senate (3, 4). Vera LaVeta Dull CLERMONT, FLA. B.S. in Education Physical Education K A n , K Orchestra (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (4); Orchesus (2, 3, 4); Classical Club (1, 2); Scholarship (2, 3); President Physical Education Association (4); Fire Lieutenant (4); Chairman Senior Dance Committee (4); " F " Club (2, 3, 4); Class Basket-ball (3. 4), Even Basket-ball (3, 4); Class Soccer (2, 3, 4), Even Soccer (2, 3, 4), Varsity Soccer (2, 3, 4); Class Baseball (1, 3); Track (2, 4); Student Assistant Physical Education (4). Mabel Caroline Dunscombe LYNN HAVEN, FLA. A.B. French x r Glee Club (3, 4); Le Cercle Francais (1, 2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council (4); Fire Captain (4); Fire Lieu- tenant (2, 3); Class Basket-ball (3); Class Volley-ball (4); Class Hockey (3. 4); Track (3, 4); Class Baseball (1, 2, 3), Even Baseball (2, 3); Class Tennis (2, 3, 4), Even Tennis (2, 3), Katherine Eastwood GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. B.S. in Education Freshman Commission (1); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Health Committee (3); Life Saving Corps (3), Captain (4); Fire Chief (4); Senate (4). Maude Louise Gary OCALA, FLA. A.B. in French ATA Orcliesus (2, 3, 4); Life Saver (2); Class Hockey (2, 3), Even Hockey (2, 3), Varsity Hockey (2, 3); " F " Club (2, 3, 4); Track (2, 3); Pan-Hellenic (4). Leona Estelle Henderson ORLANDO, FLA. A.B. II 2 $ Orchestra (3, 4); Class Hockey (1). Mary Lois Gill DE LAND, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics 1 2 K Transfer from Knox College. Alice Gillespie TAMPA, FLA. B.S. in Education Classical Club (4). Thelma Lucille Goodbread LAKE CITY, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics axq Associate Member Scientific Society (3, 4); Home Eco- nomics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); College 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Helen Goodyear GAINESVILLE, FLA. B.M. in Organ k a e Chairman Freshman Commission (1); Freshman Cabi- net (1); Distaff (2); Torchnight (2); President of Class (2); Junior Knight in Fealty (3); Chairman of Judiciary (4); Torchbearer (4); Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); American Guild of Organists (2, 3, 4); Senate (2, 3, 4); M. S. O. Vice-President (3). and Financial Secretary (4). Gladys Gregory QUINCY, FLA. B.S. in Education A A Ai.van Gregory TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A.B. in English Certificate in Spoken English A A Pan-Hellenic (2, 4); Classical Club (4). Margaret Baskervill Green MEMPHIS, TENN. A.B. in English a o n Mildred Greene JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. AX11 Freshman Cabinet (i); Health Committee (3); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3); Library Committee (3). Belle Groff BRADENTON, FLA. ATA Orchestra (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic (2. 3); Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3). Rosalind Hadley JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. k a e Qrchesus (2, 3, 4); Minstrel (3). Ola Marie Harris EAU GALLIE, FLA. A.B. in Education Keller Harris ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A.B. in Sociology n B , XA$ " Assistant Editor Distaff (3); Spirogira (3, 4). Margaret Y. Harwick JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Sociology $ M , X A p Freshman Cabinet (1); Y. W. C. A. Finance Commit- tee (1); Fire Captain (2); Flastacowo (2); Flambeau (2); Vice-President Y. W. C. A. (3); Usher Committee (3); Health Committee (2, 3); Class Treasurer (3); Class Hockey (3), Even Hockey (3); Senate (4); Ju- diciary (4); Representative to Blue Ridge (3); President of Y. W. C. A. (4); Torchbearer (4); Pan-Hellenic (4); Senior Class Play (4). Alice Hayden TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A.B. in Education x r Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4); Class Baseball (2, 3, 4); Class Hockey (2, 4); Class Volley-ball (2, 3); Class Bas- ket-ball (1); Physical Education Association (4). rwxK Mildred Lucille Henderson ORLANDO, FLA. A.B. in Spanish Certificate in Physical Education B 2 Freshman Commission (i); Class Soccer (i, 2, 3, 4), Even Soccer (3, 4); Class Volley-ball (2, 3, 4), Even Volley-ball (4); House Chairman (4); " F " Club (4). Hazel Hebb BARTOW, FLA. B.S. in Education Certificate in Physical Education n b$ Freshman Cabinet (1); Orchesus (3, 4); " F " Club (3, 4); Cheer Leader (3): Health Committee (2, 3); Social Committee (2); Home Economics Club (1,2); Life Saving Corps; Class Volley-ball (2, 3, 4), Even Vol- ley-ball (3); Class Hockey (1, 3, 4), Even Hockey (1, 3, 4); Physical Education Association (4). Alma Heusted FORT MYERS, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club Treasurer (3) ; Life Saving Corps (4). Edith Holman DOTHAN, ALA. K A Transfer from Woman ' s College of Alabama (1, 2); Pan-Hellenic Council (4). .. f ft .. 1 ■• 41 % . ■ »k — I IkQlr W m |P% r i Hb- :■ «-- Jt fef l V «2Jgi ALLIANCE, FLA. A.B. in History Class Baseball (1, 2). Mary Virginia Hume ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. B.S. in Education Z T A Entered in 1927, transfer from Goucher College; Even Tennis Champion (2); Pan-Hellenic Secretary (2), Pres- ident (4); Fealty (2); Demonstration (2). Mary Warren Hudson MIAMI, FLA. A.B. k a , b n e , $ k Class Secretary ( 1 ) ; Chairman of Freshman Commis- sion (1); Freshman Cabinet (1); Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Treasurer (2); Pan-Hellenic (3); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Delegate to Blue Ridge (2); Delegate to N. S. F. A. (3); Chairman Library Committee (4); Organizations Committee (4); Senate (4). Martha Irwin ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A.B. k a e Transfer from University of Colorado. Thelma G. Jones WINTER GARDEN, FLA. B.S. in Chemistry Student Assistant in Chemistry (4); " F " Club (3, 4); Class Soccer (3, 4); Class Baseball (3, 4), Even Baseball (3); Class Tennis (3). Charlotte Ann Keisling JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. Class Hockey (4). Lotta Rebecca Keith TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A.B. in Sociology A A Betty Kellerman VERO BEACH, FLA. A3. K A e , A X A Class Basket-ball (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4), Even Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4), Varsity Hockey (2); Class Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4), Even Baseball (i, 2, 3); Track (1); Varsity Baseball (2); Flambeau (3, 4); " F " Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic (3, 4); Social Committee (4); Class l ' lay (4); Torchbearer (4). Mary Ives ORLANDO, FLA. AAA Margaret Ansley Jewett LAKELAND, FLA. A.B. K A Life Saving Corps (1); Classical Club (2); Advertis- ing Manager of Flastacowo (3); Library Committee (4). Carolyn Johnston PENSACOLA, FLA. B.S. in Commerce Edith Winnifred Johnston MONTICELLO, FLA. A.B. in History Elizabeth N. Kelly MIAMI, FLA. A.B. in Education Transfer from Shorter College; Class Hockey (3, 4); Life Saving Corps (3, 4). June Elizabeth King EUST1S, FLA. A.B. X T , II 2 Glee Club, Classical Club. Helen Lastr a TAMPA, FLA. B.A. in Modern Languages $B2, line Secretary Phi Beta Sigma (2), President (3). Mary Lamb BRADENTON, FLA. A.B. in Psychology A Z Pan-Hellenic (3, 4); Even Demonstration (2); Senior Play (4). Carolyn Lewis JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Librarian (4); Life Saver (3, 4); Senior Class Play (4); M. S. O. Council (2, 3, 4); Class Baseball (1); Class Hockey (1, 3, 4), Even Hockey (3, 4), Varsity Hockey (4); Class Basket-ball (4); " F " Club (4). Juanita Howard Lawrence GOTH A, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics ex Glee Club (3, 4); Fire Captain (4); Home Econom- ics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Campus So- cial Committee (4). Mary Elizabeth Lee PENSACOLA, FLA. A.B. in Education A A Velma Elpha Lee LAKE CITY, FLA. A.B. in Art Class Hockey (3, 4); Flastacowo (4); Chairman of Coronation (4); Student Assistant in Library (3, 4); Demonstration (4); Class Play (4). Ila McDonald WAUCHULA, FLA. A.B. in English Mary McGraw TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Education Certificate in Piano K A II I B 2 $ K Loyola McLaughlin TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Education K A n , $ K $ Scientific Society (3, 4); Social Committee (4); Fresh- man Cabinet (1); Y. W. C. A. (3); Flambeau (3); Edu- cation Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Chairman of Entertainment (4); Class Soccer (4). Daisy Belle Mahon ARCADIA, FLA. B.S. in Education 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Laura Zeta Lewis TUSKEGEE, ALA. A.B. in History K A State Graduate Certificate; Randolph-Macon, ig.26- ' 27. Martha Love TAMPA, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics a on Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Mary Elizabeth Lowe JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Modern La igiiagcs 2 K , BIIG, $ B 2 Torchnight (2, 3); Even Demonstration (2, 3); Fealty (2); Usher Committee (2); Senate (4); House Manage- ment Senior Play (4). Margaret Agnes Stewart McCurdie TAMPA, FLA. B.S. in Education k An Alice Ruth Malakowsky ALVA, FLA. A.B. in Sociology K A II Life Saving Corps (3, 4). Bernice Agnes Mansfield JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B.M. x r , b s Student Assistant Public School Music (4); Orchestra (4), Secretary-Treasurer Orchestra (4). Dorothy Elyse Gissendanner TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A.B. in Education 112 Publicity Chairman of Classical Club. Edna Elizabeth Mattox QUINCY, FLA. A.B. in Chemistry Z T A Freshman Commission (1); Even Cheerleader (4); Class Volley-ball (2, 3, 4), Even Volley-ball (4); Flam- beau (4); Class Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4), Varsity Soccer (1, 2); Class Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4), Varsity Baseball (2), Even Baseball (i, 2 3); Track (1, 2, 3); Class Athletic Manager (2); Secretary Athletic Association (2); Chair- man of Freshman (3); Orchesus (2, 3, 4); Judiciary (3, 4); Senate (3, 4): Treasurer C. G. A. (4); Delegate to Blue. Ridge (3); Delegate N. S. F. A. (4). TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in English y v V Ruth Meitin ORLANDO, FLA. B.S. in Chemistry i K$ Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4); Class Baseball (2); Class Hockey (4). Bernice Barbara Meyers JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B.S. in Education Transfer from Harris Teachers College, St. Louis, Mo. Geneva Caroline Miller KISS1MMEE, FLA. Class Hockey (2); Scientific Society (2, 3, 4); Student Assistant in Physics (3, 4). Rernice More HAINES CITY, FLA. A.B. in History A Xfi, B n e Life Saving " Corps (i, 2); History Forum (3); Senate (4); Judiciary (4); Chairman of House Chairmen (4); Senior Flay (4). Daisybel Pharr Moore TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Sociology AT A Anne Elizabeth Newsome JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B.S. Flambeau Staff (4). Laura Fair Morrow ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. A.B. in Psychology A A II Education Society (1): Even Demonstration (2, 3, 4): Minstrel (3); Fealty (3); Social Committee (3); Usher (3). Theresa Boylan Mintz TAMPA, FLA. 1 1 B 1 Secretary Home Economics Club 1 ), Vice-President (2); Fan-Hellenic Council (4); Chairman of Usher Com- mittee (3), Usher Committee (4). Helen Marie Moffett MIAMI, FLA. B.S. in Arts and Science Martha Katherine Monroe ORLANDO, FLA. B.S. in Physical Educatu n a r a Freshman Cabinet (1); Class Basket-ball (1, 2, 3, 4), Even Basket-ball (2, 3, 4), Varsity Basket-ball (3, 4); Class Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4), Even Hockey (2, 3, 4), Var- sity Hockey (2, 4); Class Baseball (3), Even Baseball (3); Track (1, 3); Swimming (3); " 1- " ' Club (2, 3, 4); Treasurer of Y. W. C. A. (3); Class Vice-President (3); Flambeau Staff (4); President Athletic Association (4); Delegate Blue Ridge (3); Delegate Sports Conference N. C. C. W. (3). Gladys Hanna Montgomery CORAL GABLES, FLA. B.S. in Education Laura Mae Newsome JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in History Bertha Nix ALBANY, GA. A.B. in Art A A II Dorothy Ossinsky JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Education A E Velma Ooten WINTER HAVEN, FLA. A.B. in Education k a n , b ii e , $ a e Transfer from Southern College, History Forum (2); Student Assistant Librarian (2, 3, 4); Library Commit- tee (3). fefcj k l Mary Lucille Patronis QUINCY, FLA. L.I. and B.M. in Organ Treasurer of Tallahassee Branch of American Guild of Organists; Glee Club. Frances Fay Paxon JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. A X o $ A 9 K i Marie Louise Payne JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. AX o Martha Pillsbury JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Education JOHANNE REIF WAUCHULA, FLA. A.B. in English ASA Torehnight (2). Arcie Mildred Register JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Education AXf! Vilma J. Rhodes OAKLAND, FLA. A.B. in Education Kathryn Riddle TAMPA, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics K A Graduate State Certificate; Home Economics Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Life Saving Corps (1). Catherine Pittman TAMPA, FLA. A A II Julia Riggs Powell TUSKEGEE, ALA. A.B. in English K A Y. W. Finance Committee (3, 4). Helen W. Pratt MEMPHIS, TENN. B.S. in English a n Katherine Garet Reagin MIAMI, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics XT, ON, $B2, i K i Class Baseball (i, 2, 3), Even Baseball (2); Omicron Nu Scho ' irship Cup (2); Vice-President Home Econom- ics Club (4); Campus Social Committee (3); Health Committee (3); President Home Economics Club (4). Iris K. Roane TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A.B. n b Member Smaller Cabinet of Y. VV. C. A. (2); Glee Club (2, 3). Mary Louise Robson PENSACOLA, FLA. A.B. in Education Jane Rockwell PUNTA GORDA, FLA. A.B. A Transfer from Washburn, University of Arizona; Flambeau Staff (3, 4); N. F. S. A. Local ' Committee (4). Betty Ryder ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. B.S. in Education or Class Volley-ball (1, 2); Athletic Editor Annual (3). RlEMKA SCHUILING JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Commerce Alice Smith MIAMI, FLA. L.I. and A K An Helen Smith TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A.B. in Education American Guild of Organists. Edna Frankie Hudson TRENTON, FLA. A.B. in Education Juanita Jewell Stokes CALLAHAN, FLA. B.S. in Education a a n Transferred from University of Tennessee, 1928; Pan- Hellenic Member (4). Mary Marjorie Strode DOCTORS INLET, FLA. A.B. in Education, LJ. $ B 2 , K A n , $ K $ Glee Club (4); Class Volley-ball (4). Hester Ann Strong WINTER PARK, FLA. A.B. in Commerce AHA Auditing Committee (2); Vocational Director (2); Chairman of Auditing Committee (4); Senate (4); Class Volley-ball (4). Martha Taylor GAINESVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Education k a rr Helen M. Smoyer ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. .. . and A.B. Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (4); House President (4). Emilie Louise Stephens LAKE WORTH, FLA. A.B. in Languages B II 9 , II 2 $ , $Bi, $ K p Freshman Commission (2); Flambeau Staff (3); Chair- man of Religious Education Y. W. C. A. (3); New Or- ganizations Committee (3); Secretary of Classical Club (3). Ida Fielding Stewart BRADENTON, FLA. A.B. in Education K A II Marion Stewart ARCADIA, FLA. A.B. in English Alice Teachy WAUCHULA, FLA. A.B. in History ASA Torchnight (2); Life Saving (2); Class Basket-ball (3, 4); History Student Assistant (4). Christine Tedder WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics Joyce Emma Terry LAWTEY, FLA. L.I. and A.B. in Education Margaret Omeria Thomas GAINESVILLE, FLA. B.S. k a e Ida Townsend JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. I B 2 , K p Freshman Commission (1); Fire Captain (4). Pearl Tyner LAUREL HILL, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); College 4TI (1, 2, 3, 4). May me Tyner LAUREL HILL, FLA. A.B. in Education Class Baseball (1); Classical Club (1, 2); Scientific Society (3, 4); College 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Mildred Gregg Wallace TAMPA, FLA. B.M. in P.S.M. Glee Club (4 1. 4) Natalie Weinstein ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. A.B. in Philosophy A$E Transferred from Boston University; Orchestra (3, 4). Doris V. Welsh MIAMI. FLA. A.B. in Commerce Class Basket-ball (1, 2). Annice Wheeler ROANOKE, ALA. A.B. in English Z T A Transfer from Judson College, Marion, Ala. Carol Wheeler JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Soccer (3, Myrtie Warren WAUCHULA, FLA. A.B. in History Ruth Waters NEW SMYRNA, FLA. A.B. in English Life Saving. Edith Katherine Watson TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Art Stage Committee (2); Chairman of Programs Junior- Senior Banquet (3); Chairman Scenery Even Demonstra- tion (4); Student Assistant Industrial Arts (4). Nell Alva Weed LAKELAND, FLA. A.B. in Education ■ Bernita Margaret Whilden VERO BEACH, FLA. A.B. in Education Sarah Holt White LIVE OAK, FLA. A.B. in Education a a n , b ii e Freshman Cabinet of V. W. C. A. (i); Smaller Cabi- net of V. YV. C. A. (i, 4); President of Class (2); Chairman of lorchnight (2); Judiciary (3, 4); Delegate to S. I. A. S. G. (3); Delegate to N. F. S. A. (4); Senate (2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic (3); Torchbearers (4); President of C. G. A. (4); Senior Play (4). Ethel Mae Willis JACKSONVILLE, FLA. L.I. and A.B. in Education K A II Elizabeth Andrews Wilson TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Education a a n Freshman Commission (1); Torchnight (2); Classical Club (4); Social Committee (4); Education Society (1, 2, 3, 4)- KJJL Carol Marie Winemiller WAUCHULA, FLA. A.B. in Arts and Sciences b n e Le Cercle Francais (4). Kathryn Jane Wright WINTER GARDEN, FLA. A.B. I K £ Nellie F. Wylie CLEARWATER, FLA. A.B. ill Euglisli b n e Freshman Cabinet (1); Class Soccer (1. 2, 3. 4). Even Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4), Varsity Soccer (3); Class Basket-ball (3, 4); " F " Club (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. Finance Commit- tee, Vice-House Chairman (3), House Chairman (4); Senate (4). Flora Yon GAINESVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Sociology M. S. O. (2, 3, 4). Virginia Harrison Bashford TAMPA, FLA. B.S. in Bacteriology Life Saving Corps (2). Clare Bruce ORLANDO, FLA. A.B. Leonora Louise Hentz BRISTOL, FLA. A.B. iii Education Marion Amelia Youngs ORLANDO, FLA. A.B. in Education K A II , $ K Orchestra (1, 3). Olga Nelson Ray MADISON, FLA. ATA Transfer from Howard College and Stetson University. Sarah Roberta Head jacksonville, fla. A.B. in History 2 K Janet Wills President ' juniors Junior Qlass Officers Florence Adelson Tampa, Florida Virginia Andrews Greenville, Florida Margaret Ausley Tallahassee, Florida Louise Auli.s Orlando, Florida Gertrude Balasok Arcadia ' , Florida Charlotte Baldwin Pensacola, Florida Janet Wills President Daytona Beach, Florida Sarah Caldwell Vice-President Union Springs, Alabama Dolly Connor Secretary Pensacola, Florida Rowena Diamond Treasurer Tallahassee, Florida Ellen Knight Parliamentarian Miami, Florida Nancy Lutz Athletic Manager Jacksonville, Florida Harriett Baker Jacksonville , Florida Sarah Barcus Leesburg, Florida Bessie Bedsole Graceville, Florida Betty Bell Punta Gorda, Florida Helen Bisz Miami, Florida Betty B landing Bartow, Florida Frances Bloodgood Tangerine, Florida Hannah Boney If audi ula, Florida Eugenia Boone New nan, Georgia Josephine Boydston Lake Worth, Florida Martha Broomerkel Jacksonville, Florida Bernice Brock Fensacola, Florida Frances Christian Mcintosh, Florida May Stockton Clark Aiken, South Carolina Rosa Lee Clausen Lutz, Florida Louise Cleare Key West, Florida Marjorie Conroy Miami, Florida Evelyn Cooper New Smyrna, Florida Gwendolyn Brigman Pensacola, Florida Dorothy Lee Brown Jacksonville, Florida Nettie Mae Campbell Hastings, Florida Blanche Carter IV abasso, Florida Marie Carter Chief land, Florida Ethel Carter Chief land, Florida Amy Cornell Jacksonville, Florida Blanche Cornell Bartoiv, Florida Helen Monterey Collins Jacksonville, Florida Imogene Curry West Palm Beach, Florida Ethelyn Dorm an Winter Park, Florida Edna Mae Duval Tallahassee, Florida Evelyn Farrior Tampa, Florida Dorothy Feinberg Quincy, Florida Ruth Friend Pahokee, Florida Essie Geiger Homestead ' , Florida Catherine Gibson Thomasville, Georgia Elyse Gissendanner Tallahassee, Florida Mary Morgan Holsberry Pensacola, Florida Theresa Huffaker Bartow, Florida Tommy Ware Irvin Miami, Florida Nancy Jacoway Tallahassee, Florida Grace Jeffries Jacksonville, Florida Katherine Johnson Monticello, Florida Hazel Mae Grace St. Augustine, Florida Charlotte Grimm Palatka, Florida Theckla Gudenrath Huntsville, Alabama Evelyn Haines Jacksonville, Florida Marion Hendry Perry, Florida Marjorie Hoagland Jacksonville, Florida Myoma Kahl Homestead, Florida Avis Kent Cocoanut Grove, Florida Esther Linstedt Hallandale, Florida Evelyn Lyle Miami, Florida Eleanor McClearen Thomasville, Georgia Sarah Jane McCormack Leesburg, Florida Madelyn McDuffy Bradenton, Florida Merle McDermid Okeechobee, Florida Agnes McWilliams Tampa, Florida Ruth McWilliams Tampa, Florida Eleanor McMillan Stockton, Alabama Emily Marshall Clearwater, Florida Anne Gordon Parker Maysville, Kentucky Sarah Parrish PompanOj Florida Anna Patronis Quincy, Florida Janet Poulson St. Petersburg, Florida Allie Richards Quincy, Florida Catherine Riggins Hudson, Florida Eleanor Mizell Tallahassee, Florida Margaret Evelyn Mulliken Tallahassee, Florida Martha Nance Tampa, Florida HlLDRED NeWLON West Palm Beach, Florida Beatrice Owens West Palm Beach, Florida Margaret Pace Miami, Florida Rebecca Rodenberc Vero Beach, Florida Harriet Ryder St. Petersburg, Fla. Louise Scott Kenansville, Florida Margaret Scott Leesburg, Florida Winifred Sessoms Savannah , Georgia Mary Settle St. Petersburg, Florida Constance Seybold Miami, Florida Sarah Sherrill Cornelius, North Carolina Frances Simpson Monticello, Florida Jane Smith Madison, Florida Evelyn Steele Lak e Worth, Florida Davida Stenstrom Wauchula, Florida Sarah Taylor Quincy, Florida Mabel Teague Apalachicola, Florida Rowena Tedder Live Oak, Florida Josephine Tharpe Tallahassee, Florida Kathleen Thomsen West Palm Beach, Florida Margaret Tichenor O r Ian do , Flo rid a Rebecca Stephens Sanford, Florida Thelma Stephens Laurel Hill, Florida Julia Stradley Bradenton, Florida Dana Summitt Shamrock , Florida Thelma Sumner Tampa, Florida Mayme Tatum Miami, Florida Mildred Tomkies Gainesville, Florida Mary Tomkins Oteen, North Carolina Mary Waldrop If inter Haven, Florida Katherine Walker Pcnsacola, Florida Elizabeth Washington Tallahassee, Florida Annie Zillah Watson Alarianna, Florida Faith Watson Gainesville, Florida Virginia Williams Tampa, Florida Marie Williams Quincy, Florida Elizabeth Whitner Sanford, Florida Katherine Wilson Jacksonville, Florida Odis Wilson Tampa, Florida Dorothy Yerxa Clearwater, Florida traditions TRADITIONS— lovely, sacred things. Gold links in a beautiful chain That somewhere, sometime, someone started, Then, wishing it never to end. Flung out across the tide of time To fasten the old with the new. Bundles of dreams and hopes and plans Tied with laughter and tears, Dropped with whispers and love and prayers Through years and years and years. Traditions — fragile, magic gifts; Old ladders of cobwebs and dust That reach from some past Yesterday Across the short span of Today, On somewhere out in the Tomorrow — Perchance, beyond that — who knoivsf Margaret W. York. Harriet McCormack President Soph omores Sophomore Qlass Officers Harriet McCormack President Elizabeth Daniell Vice-President Margaret Gaillard Secretary Marion Gardiner Treasurer Virginia Miller ParV.a m e n taria n Rebecca Waldrop Athletic Manager CLASS OF 1935 Harriet McCormack, Elizabeth Daniell, Margaret Gaillard, Marion Gardiner, Virginia Miller, Rebecca Waldrop Elizabeth Adams, Leah Adamson, Barbara Ainsworth, Jane Allison, Nan Amerine, Alice Anderson £ jx $x$xSx» ix x«x$ Roberta Anson, Dorothy Archer, Katherine Aymard, Ellen Bailey, Marie Baggett, Katie Barrineau Caroline Battle, Jane Bazler, Alice Best, Cynthia Brosnaham, Betty Brownlow, Virginia Burford C £ $ P 1 © f p X- Vy Marion Burmeister, Lyra Burwell, Mary Brewer, Helen Caldwell, Laura Mae Campbell, Dorothy Cawthon Helen Chamberlin, Charlotte Chase, Julia Cheshire, Dorothy Clarke, Frances Clark, Adaline Clough Daisybell Clement, Virginia Coburn, Marjorie Cochran, Carolyn Cockrell, Edith Colson, Mary Connell Sallye Cooksey, Ruth Cox, Marion Crandall, Elizabeth Croom, Helen Crosby, Margaret Cruise Julia Dickinson, Marie Doughtie, Elsie Duncan, Evelyn Edenfield, juanita ecgart, mlldred fellows Mary Finney, Lillian Fitch, Helen Flewelling, Effie Floyd, Ashley Fraleigh, Frances Gary Ruth Glasser, Eloise Goza, Jane Graham, Margaret Green, Juliet Greenfield, Nanny Griffin March Griffith, Mary Hale, Evelyn Hammer, Jean Hancock Harriet Hancy, Dorothy Hathaway Annie Helms, Annie Mae Henderson, Marguerite Williamson, Lou Henderson, Dorothy Hicks, Josefine Hoffman Dorothy Hogan, Frances Houchard, Mildred Hunt, Elizabeth Judevine, Mary Etta Johnson, Eugenia Wickey £ S j $xe j j -$ 3 S £ Arabelle Joyner, Alice Kays, Daisy Kelly, Muriel Kelly, Marie Kellerman, Hazel Kirkhoff Malvina Klepper, Mary Elizabeth Krome, Rita Leddy, Sara Katherine Lewis, Anne Linning, Ruth Lunberg 8 f 1 © Frances Luznar, Leta MacNutt, Maud Lewis McCall, Erline McClellan, Myrtle McClelland, Elizabeth Markey Miriam Willis, Sue Maxwell, Ruby Mayo, Rosenia Merriwether, Dorothy Merritt, Winifred Metcalf Alpha Railey Milan, Alice Miller, Mozell Miller, Virginia E. Miller, Virginia F. Miller, Dorothy Mills Roberta Moore, Mona Moon, Helen Moyer, Peggy Murphy, Rheta Nelson, Clementine Newman Ik. Dorothy Newman, Lucille Page, Mary Katherine Parker, Wilma Pierce, Marion Phillips, Margaret Pritchard Elizabeth Ramsey, Kathleen Reams, Marie Register, Vera Reynolds, Dorothy Robinson, Madeline Royce § $ $ $ $ e $xe e 3x« s j 3 $ $ Ruth Scarborough, Evelyne Schavie, Mary Scruggs, Martha Lee Segui, Irene Shoun, Helen Sloat Anna Lou Smith, Rosalie Smith, Marion Spencer, Lucille Stanfield, Mable Stone, Ruth Tatom (jjb Betty Taylor, Louise Taylor, Caroline Thomas, Mary Trogden, Sadie Wade, Claire Wadsworth Hilda J. Walters, Dorothy Webb, Ruth Weeks, Laurie Weston, Martha Whiddon, Sue White « « $ $ $ $xs $x? j e S 3 jx£ Winifred White, Mary Frances Whiteside, Caroline Wild, Edith Yearwood Marion Grady President freshmen freshman Qlass Officers Marion Grady President Rosebud Greer Treasurer Joy Ferguson J ' ice-President Mary E. Stuart Par Ha m enta ria n -Jetty McGraw Secretary Genie Matthewson Athletic Manager CLASS OF 1933 Marion Grady, Joy Ferguson, Betty McGraw, Rosebud Greer, Mary E. Stuart, Genie Matthewson, Mary Adams Josephine Allen, Milly Amstutz, Marjorie Anderson, Mary Lolt Anderson, Georgia Archer, Jane Archer, Buddy Autrey Rebecca Autrey, Bee Baker, Helen Baker, Sally Boney, Geneva Bailey, Jessie Baldwin, Gertrude Balasok Tillie Balasok, Claire Beauchamp, Evelyn Bell, Gussie Mae Bennett, Ruth Best, Louise Blanding, Elizabeth Blitch Dorothy Boynton, Lucile Braddock, Mildred Braddock, Agnes Brandon, Marion Brothers, Mary E. Britt, Vivian Broward Peggy Brown, Ruth Brown, Ida Weinstein, Louise Bryant, Evelyn Buckmaster, Hazel Burnett, Alice Buford xex$x$ exe jx$ xe $ 3 e $x$ Kitty Calhoun, Mary A. Cahoon, Lois Campbell, Florence Cantey, Maurese Carabello, Emily Carleton, Rodney Carmack Mary Carnes, Catherine Carter, Frances Causey, Mildred Cawthon, Elizabeth Cermack, Harriet Chancellor, Alphonsine Cleare Dot Combs, Sara Cone, Paola Copeland, Alice Craig, Elizabeth Craig, Vonceil Crawford, Margaret Crowson Verona Creekmore, Dorothea Cunningham, Parke Davis, Ruth Davis, Julia Dougherty, Leola Driggers, Louise Driskell $ ex « » «x$ e » 3xsxex$ Loranne DuBose, Olive Duggan, Betty Dunn, Elizabeth Eastman, Louise Edmundson, Eleanor Estes, Mary Estes Irma Feinberg, Ida S. Fennell, Angelina Ferrara, Marjorie Fowler, Lois Foxworthy, Esther Franco, Grace Franklin Mary Freeman, Sue Fulghum, Louise Gantt, T oodles Gill, Lucille Gettier, Elizabeth Gillies, Janet Giradeau Renee Gordon, Marie Gramigna, Helen Gray, Mary Gray, Nancy Gray, Maude Griswold, Dorothy Grout S S 3 $ ;jx« j S e } e S j }x$ Helen Hammond, Hattie Harrell, Myrick Harris, Edith Harrison, Evelyn Harrison, Ruth Heaton, Alyce Hemmtngs Helen Hendricks, Annie Lois Hicks, Lucile Hodson, Mabel Hopson, Louise Hoxie, Betty Hoyt, Loltise Hughes Rose Hurt, Jean Ingram, Harriet Isley, Edwina Jackson, Dorothy Jenkins, Emma Gertrude Johnson. Mary Margaret Johnson Ethel Jones, Kathleen Jordan, Elizabeth Kelly, Alva Craig Kendrick. Lily Maude Kimball, Grace Kirby, Mary Kittredge $x x x$ $ $x$ x$x$ Mabel Wight, India Kuder, Grace Lassiter, Lillian Leigh, Maggie M. LeVar, Dot Lewis, Marjorie Lloyd Nadine Lowe, Marguerite Linn, Marguerite Litschgi, Dot Livingston, Helen Lundberg, Marjorie Mackey, Calla Marshall Ruth Mason, Ruth Mass ' man, Helen Maull, Frances Mayfield, Mildred McCoy, Louise Wilkinson, Virginia McDaniel Sarah McElmurray, Margaret McGraw, Eugenia McKee, Nadine McIntosh, Martha McKnight, Wilma Milton, Virginia Middlebrooks $ $y$ s m m $ $ $x$x$m Elizabeth Miller, Pauline Mizell, Betty Moak, Harriet Moore, Nell Morcan, Allie Mullis, Mildred Myrick Sara Nall, Frances Neel, Mary Norman, Gladys Nowling, Lenora O ' Connell, Dorothy Oliver, Mary Bain Oliver Josephine O ' Neil, Jeanette Ossinskv, Dona Padgett, Pauline Page, Olga White, Viola Parker, Ethel Partridge Eloise Patterson, Virla Pattillo, Frances Pert, Marie Peters, Mary Pettit, Rebecca Pitts, Louise Pittman $ 3 3 e $ $xsx» j » s e 3 $ exe Catherine Pride, Lucy Pope, Rebecca Price, Ruth Price, Marjorie Prime, Margaret Ann Rodemacher, Petty Ransom Mary Sue Rosser, Georgia Roth, Margaret Royce, Barbara Sabiston, Elaine Sanders, Mary Ruth Sanderson, Marjorie Satterfield Virginia Saussy, Josephine Scarlett, Rosabel Scher, Eleanor Scofield, Mildred Seals, Florida Sellers, Catherine Sewell » $xj : Mary L. Shaw, Eleanor Shelley, Beatrice Sheppard, Helen Shepard, Beatrice Simpson, Harriet Ruth Smith, Josephine Smith Marjorie Snook, Scotto Snyder, Virginia Southard, Helen Spencer, Frances Spiller, Ermoye Stoll, Ruth Stark ™ " " ' ■ ■■ " ■I 9 t»JP £$ I Christine Stenstrom, Margaret Stevens, Dolores Stormes, Susan Stovall, Kay Stowe, Louise Strickland, Esther Streng Anna Stewart, Nellie Sullivan, Frieda Swearingen, Elsie Taylor, Phoebe Jane Taylor, Margaret Teague, Sue Tenney $ $ § $ ®$ Q $ $ ®®$ Q Georgia Thiel, Annie W. Thorpe, Kate Tolbert, Elizabeth Tribble, Margaret Turner, Mar.torie Tylander, Virginia Tyler Doris Van Slyke, Tsabelle Van Voorhis, Halye Vaughn, Clara Walker, Mable Walters, Marion Ward, Mildred Watts Martha Lee Segui, Clara Williams, Elsie Williams, Dot Wing, Rachel Winn, Lillian Wood Margaret Woodward, Nelle Yeager, Nell Yearwood $ $ $ $x$ § $ $x$ $ $ § $ § $ Gates Presented By Classes of ' 16 and ' 18 it, Qampus cActivities THANKSGIVING day! Homecoming! The climax of basket-ball and volley-ball season! Can you ever forget the sight of those turkeys as they arc rolled into the dining room for the big feast? Did you go to the annual Thanksgiving ball which was held in the new gym? ■ ' AMPUS happenings outstanding throughout college years arc ever present through living snapshots. Here and there events " crop out " which hold exciting memories, only to be returned through different views or poses. tAtft Fountain Given By the Classes of ' 15 and ' if Organizations T orchbearers ORCHBEARERS is an honorary senior organization petitioning the national organization which is Mortar Board. Girls are selected for their superlative qualities of scholarship, leadership, and service to the college. Only one-twentieth of the class is eligible for membership. Members for Torchbearers are chosen in the spring of the year by the active members. MEMBERS Sara Holt White Virginia Anderson Margaret Harwick Betty Wood Helen Goodyear Betty Kellerman Qollege Qovernment Association EXECUTIVE BOARD Sara Holt White .... President Helen Goodyear ... Chairman of Judiciary Mary Settle I ' ice-President Peggy Jones .... Secretary Edna Mattox Treasurer JUDICIARY Helen Goodyear Chairman Betty Wood, Gertrude Price . . . . Senior Representatives Marion Hendry, Theresa Huffaker Junior Representatives Margaret Gaillard Sophomore Representative Sara Holt White President of Association Mary Settle . 1 ' ice -President of Association Peggy Jones Secretary of Association Edna Mattox Treasurer of Association Bernice More Chairman of Residence Hall Chairmen Margaret Harwick President of ) ' . W. C. A. (cx-oMcio) Sara Holt White Helen Goodyear , ' . Iv OI f £ f $. 9 .ff $ . 8J Dorothy Archer Katie Barrineau Cynthia Brosnaham Adeline Clough Marie Doughtie Betty Brownlow Lillian Fitch Doris Figenbaum Effie Floyd AJk. I HP 5 " ; % freshman Qommissioru Nannie Griffin Margaret Gaillard Pete Keep Daisy Kelly Josephine Hoffman Mary Elizabeth Krome Winifred Metcalf Erline McClellan Freshman Commission is a group of girls chosen each spring by the Executive Board of College Government Association. The function of this Commission is primarily to co-operate with College Government Association in creating among the students an appreciation of College Government and a vol- untary desire to support the system. Elizabeth Daniell Chairman Rheta Nelson Mary K. Parker Marion Phillips Helen Sloat Mary Triquet Mary Trogden Rebecca Waldrop Elizabeth Daniell Peggy Murphy kYjA young ' Women ' s (Christian dissociation SMALLER CABINET Margaret Harwick President Dolly Conncr Vice-President Helen de Montmollin Secretary Mary Elizabeth Krome Treasurer The Y. W. C. A. is an association open to all students who feel the desire to gain " a full and creative life through a grow- ing knowledge of God. " It is the duty of the members of the executive cabinet to interpret the desires of the member- ship as a whole and incorporate them in the work of the asso- ciation — " to make this life possible for all people. " Margaret Harwick freshman QabineP— Leah Adamson Dorothy Hicks Waula Whaley Mary Bryan Peggy Jones Roberta Moore Rose Chairamonte Edith Loughren Clementine Newman Marion Gardiner Virginia E. Miller Irma Ruff Eloise Goza Adele Mendez Lucille Stickle Jean Hancock Mona Moon Hilda J. Walters Freshman Cabinet is a group of girls chosen because of their loyalty, depth of personality, trust for the finer things of life, and their unswerving determination to grow. They act as a connecting link between their class and the Y. W. C. A. Leah Adamson Chairman Florida State College Orchestra Ethel M. Tripp Director FIRST VIOLINS Annetta Hamilton, Concertmeister Clarice Parker Loralie Tait Evelyn Pilkinton Rebecca Waldrop Carolyn Oxford Margaret McGraw Inez Lee Bottari Alice Craig Nellie Mae Meek Natalie Weinstein BASSES Alta Deahl, Principal Bernice Mansfield Juanita Van d ' Elden CLARINETS Marion Phillips Frances Marshall Elizabeth Craig Dorothy Jones BASSOONS Edith Cotton Burnell Smith TROMBONES Evelyn Mudge Nellie Prichard Vera Green PERSONNEL OF ORCHESTRA SECOND VIOLINS Hallie Graham, Principal Virginia McDaniel Margaret Williams Vera Dull Florence Adelson Elizabeth Croom Gussie Mae Bennett Helen Pemberton Mays Sanford Olga White FLUTES Nancy Reeder Annie Merle Simmons PICCOLO Joy Shackleton SAXOPHONE Leona Henderson TYMPANI Dorothy Tait HARPS Mary Reeder Eugenia Davis VIOLAS Anna Mae Sharpe, Principal Gladys Koch Zella Williams Helen Stone VIOLONCELLOS Doris Figenbaum, Principal Marjorie Batchelder Margaret Smith Winifred Hudson Rebecca Rodenberg Elizabeth Autrey OBOES Carolyde Phillips Louise Ballowe TRUMPETS Opal Scholtz Jean Bingham HORNS Helen Goodyear, Solo Marion Phillips Marion Stover PERCUSSION Merle McDermid ORGAN Mary Cooper Wakefield College Qlee Qlub OFFICERS Velda Davis President Juanita Lawrence rice-President Rosalind Kennedy Secretary-Treasurer Edith Loughren Librarian Caroline Lewis Librarian Carolyn Battle Erma Campbell Velda Davis Sora Embry Ruth Weeks Helen Baker Mary Kathryn Parker Florence Cameron Marion Phillips Carrie Baker Elizabeth King Vivian Shepard Vera Dull Jeanne Simmons Harriet Moore Annetta Hamilton Nita Van d ' Elden Caroline Lewis Betty Kiern Margery Conroy Juanita Lawrence Mary Waldrop MEMBERS Naomi Springer Lucille Patronis Georgia Thiel Clifford Shinholser Virginia Middlebrooks Margaret Turner Hattie Ruth Crews Mildred Wallace Mary Kittredge Anna Patronis Edith Loughren Merle McDermid Harriet Ruth Smith Amy Cornell Marjorie Strode Mary Linda Collot Josephine Herring Kathryn Wright Ermoye Stoll Mabel Dunscombe Barbara Stimmel Mary Lorine LaFuse Beryl Steinmeyer Frances Hubert Mary Agnes Johnson Edith Harrison Ida Weinstein Leon a Connor Marion Grady Rosalind Kennedy March Griffith Doris Figenbaum Eva Isler Kathleen Thomsen Verona Creekmore Catherine Hodges Mary Register Mabel Teague Clarice Parker Sallie Yon Erline McClellan Ruth Lacey Davida Stenstrom Katherine Campbell Spirogira Founded October 12, 1924 COLORS: Black and White Flower: Black Carnation Spirogira is an honorary for Odds. Members are chosen from the Odd Classes for their outstanding leadership, loyalty, and service. FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Anna Mae Tracy Miss Edith West STUDENT MEMBERS Helen de Montmollin Betty Bell Dolly Donnor Sarah Caldwell Mimi Le Due Mildred Tompkirs Janet Wills Mary Settle Rowena Diamond Rowena Tedder V. U Club Colors: Black and White Flower: Black Narcissus Motto: " Dig, Sisters, Dig " OFFICERS Shirley Bishop Presiding V. V. Dorothy Newman Chief Gold Digger Catherine Lawson Keeper of Dates MEMBERS Dot Hathaway Ruth Brown Kay Perkins Sarah McElmurray Margaret Stevens Harriet Isley Catherine Carter Susan Stovall Clarice Herring Cotillion Qlub Founded in igi i Colors: Green and White Flower: Bachelor Button OFFICERS Martha Maxwell President Virginia Miller Treasurer MEMBERS Mimi Le Due Virginia E. Miller Jean Rowe Jeanette Brady Ellen Knight Martha Maxwell Louise Blanding Mayme Tatum Betty Williford Rosebud Greer Virginia Bailey Elizabeth Crawford Sponsors Fanette Wharton Jane Graham Sallie Lawton Qrchesus ' 7 is to create , and in creating live A being more intense, that we endow ivith form Our fancy, gaining as we give The life we image. " OFFICERS Marion Hendry President Fanette Wharton Secretar y-Treasurer Bernice Wood Faculty Advisor Marion Phillips Rosebud Greer Virginia Williams Evelyn Lyle Hazel Hebr MEMBERS Emily Marshall Dorothy Hogan Capitola Prevatt Rosalind Hadley Dorothy Benz Tommie Osborne Louise Aulls Ellen Knight Shirley Bishop Vera Dull Mary Bain Oliver Qlassical Qlub OFFICERS Bessie Munroe President Leona Henderson rice-President Faith Watson Secretary Martha Brodmerkel Treasurer Elyse Gissendanner . Publicity Chairman c 3{ome Economics Qlub OFFICERS Katherine Reagin President Theresa Ericson Vice-President KATIE BARINEAU Secretary Vera Williams Treasurer Miss Glenna Henderson . . . Faculty Advisor REPRESENTATIVES Alma Heusted Senior Sarah Parrish Junior Mary Linda Collot Sophomore Vhysical Education cAssociation OFFICERS Vera Dull President Nancy Lutz Vice-President Harriet Baker Secretary-Treasurer Miss Katherine Montgomery . Director of Physical Education HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY Miss Katherine Montgomery Miss Helen Haggerty Miss Josephine Morrison Dr. Anne Sharpe Miss Bernice Wood Miss Ruth Moffatt Miss Marjorie Mayer Miss Dorothy White STUDENT MEMBERS Seniors Vera Dull Alice Hayden Edna Mattox Mabel Dunscombe Hazel Hebb Martha Monroe Mildred Henderson Juniors Harriet Baker Ruth Dale Marjorie Northrup Betty Bell Essie Geiger Mary Settle Helen Bisz Mimi Le Due Mary Shupp Margaret Campbell Florine Logue Phebe Sudlow Nancy Lutz Sophomores Dorothy Archer Lillian Fitch Madelon Royce Adeline Clough Dorothy Hicks Annie Lou Smith Mildred Coker Jacqueline Hucks Becky Waldrop Dorothy Didinger Josephine O ' Neil Sue White Marion Phillips Freshmen Billy Adair Rosebud Greer Alice Park Elizabeth Autrey Kathryn Gregory Jane Reed Louise Bryant Gladys Haskell Olive Sivia Catherine Chase Jeanette Huntley Elinor Smoak Mattie Sue Collins Isabelle Jack Virginia Southard Rhea Gallacher Dorothy Jenkins Christine Stenstrom Bernice Gallentine Mary Lou Key Dorothy Stokes Louise Gantt Mary Kinard Yvonne Stone Elizabeth Gillies Genie Mathewson Marjorie Tylander Virginia McDaniels Life Saving Qorps OFFICERS Frances Bloodgood President Thelma Sumner Secretary and Treasurer Marion Spencer Instructor Katherine Eastwood Captain Harriet Baker First Mate Ruth Meiten Second Mate MEMBERS Billy Adair Marion Spencer Ruth Cox Alice Best Alice Malakowsky Dorothy Didinger Harriet Baker Corrine Hemphill Margaret Gaillard Margaret Bradley Thelma Sumner Alice Hayden Catherine Chase Frances Bloodgood Carolyn Lewis Ruth Dale Rosamond Carson Marion Phillips Kathryn Eastwood Elizabeth Cermak Eleanor Scofield Maude Gary Mildred Coker Virginia Southard Ruth Meiten Blanche Cornell Elizabeth Steffee c he flambeau Staff Marie Dixon Editor-in-Chief Thelma Sumner Managing Editor Dorothy Hicks News Editor Margaret Jordan Feature Editor Jane Rockwell Society Editor Gertrude Price Assistant Society Editor Margaret Jordan, Lucile Morgan . Copy Editors Betty Kellerman Business Manager Anne Newsom Advertising Manager Thelma Hannon Assistant Advertising Manager Dorothy Archer City Circulation Manager Virginia F. Miller Off Campus Circulation Manager Edith Loughren Campus Circulation Manager Marie Dixon Betty Kellerman Ke lastacowo Staff Sarah Caldwell Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Daniell, Dot Hicks Associate Editors Blanche Cornell Business Manager Marion Gardiner Assistant Business Manager Margaret Gaillard Advertising Manager Annie Lou Smith . . . Assistant Advertising Manager Helen Moyer Picture Editor Virginia Burford Art Editor Virginia Williams . Assistant Art Editor Velma Lee .... Athletic Editor Sarah Caldwell Blanche Cornell c he " Distaff Staff Lyndelle Canaday Editor-in-Chief Dana Summitt Assistant Editor Frances Beck Associate Editor Idella Wells Business Manager Rowena Diamond .... Circulation Manager Lyndelle Canaday Idella Wells c he Open Qate STAFF— NOVEMBER- JANUARY Josephine Scarlett Editor-in-Chief Katherine Gregory Business Manager Editorial Board Barbara Sabiston Frances Knapp Beatrice Simpson Elizabeth Steffee STAFF— FEBRUARY-MAY Elizabeth Steffee Editor-in-Chief Josephine Scarlett Business Manager Editorial Board Mabel Daniel Virla Patillo Mary Lou Key Marion Phillips The students are glad to welcome a new publication on the campus this year in the form of a Freshman literary maga- zine. " It is the purpose of the staff to publish each month a small magazine containing the best literary material of the mcnth from the Freshmen sponsoring the periodical. " Josephine Scarlett Athletic Field Started — IQ20 cAthletics cAthletic oard OFFICERS Martha Monroe President Betty Bell Vice-President Marion Phillips Secretary Harriet McCormack Treasurer Elizabeth Ferguson . . Representative-at-Large Lillian Fitch .... Inter-mural Sports CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Jim Haile Senior Nancy Lutz Junior Becky Waldrop Sophomore Genie Mathewson Freshman Martha Monroe Martha Monroe (Captain) , Katie Barrineau, Lou Henderson, Dot Didenger 6ven asket- all earri Eetty Wood, Vera Dull, Dot Hicks, Olive Sivia, Dot Archer Myoma Kahi. (Captain), Tillie Geiger, Ruth Dale Odd asket- all c eanru Bernice Gallentine, Jewell Sloan, Jeanette Huntley, Margaret Roberts Even ' Basket- ' Ball T: HANKSGIVING morning began clear and cold. Excitement ran high, for the Evens had been trying to win something for a long time, as the Odds reminded them in demonstration. Color rush had been won by the Evens and the lucky night for demonstration was in their possession, but the odds were against them. In the class tournament the Sophomores tied the Freshmen in their first game of the season, later in the play-off the Freshmen won with a score of 36-30. The Sopho- mores easily took third place by defeating the Seniors 65-31. Didenger (captain), Hicks, Barrineau, McClellan, Archer, Jones, Phillips, Campbell, Sivia, Henderson saw service for the Sophomores. Wood (captain), Monroe, Lewis, Harwick, Haile and Wylie played for the Seniors. Since the players for the Evens had played together the years before, enthusiasm ran high on the speculation of the winners. In losing one of the hardest fought and most thrilling games of the season, the Evens came out with a score of one point less than that of the Odds, 33-32. Monroe (captain), Barrineau, Didenger, Hicks, Henderson, and Sivia were the Even line-up. Archer, Wood, Dull also played. At the time varsity was announced Monroe, Barrineau, Didenger, Hicks, Hender- son of the Even line-up made the college team snd received letters or stars. Monroe received a gold basket-ball for two years varsity. Odd asket all 1 OR the Odds " Turkey " day rose clear and cold, the same as for the Evens, but the Odds thawed out enough to score one mere point for victory over the Evens in the 33-32 score. Apparently the " spirits " were against the Odds in color rush, demonstration, and night out, but the " Odds " were too strong in the end for their enemies. The Juniors brought the season to a victorious end by winning first place from the Freshmen w T ith a 30-27 game. Geiger, Register, Kahl, Jefreries, Sloane, Dale and Le Due were teammates. The defeated Freshmen falling second place were: Roberts (captain), Hutt, Pruitt, Gallentine, Crist, Stenstrom, Huntley, Steffee, and Calhoun. When the Odd team hopped out of the pie in demonstration, Geiger, Gallentine, Kahl, Roberts, Dale and Huntley made juicy filling. When varsity was announced Gallentine and Dale were Odd members chosen. Dale received a gold basket-ball for two years service on college team. ml Helen Geffcken (Captain), Edna Mattox, Mildred Henderson Even Uolley- all eam Louise Campbell, Arabelle Joyner, Alice Lewis, Lida Cadugan Nancy Lutz (Captain), Virginia Williams, Betty Bell Odd ' Volleyball earn Jack Grady, Rosamond Carson, Buddy Autrey, Virginia Whitfield Even UoUey- Ball R ETURN after return, serve after serve, and briskly played balls over the net, stayed more often towards the Odd victory, making a score of 33-22. Throughout the season the Sophomores showed a tendency to be stronger than the Seniors. The Sophomore team took third place and Seniors fourth in class standing. Geftcken, Joyner, Edenheld, Lewis, Bond, White, Smith played for the Sophomores. Senior line-up included Mattox, Cadugan, Campbell, Strode, Strong, Henderson, Hebb, and Davis. From these two teams Geffcken, Mattox, Davis, Bond, Joyner, Lewis, Cadugan, Henderson, Campbell, played in the big game of the season. Serve technique, team play, and quick work at the return and net brought Lewis and Cadugan varsity places and gold volley-balls. mi S i H Odd Volleyball jt . GOOD serve deserved a good return. In this way the Odds battled forth to victory with a score of 33-32. The wind and cold helped or retarded the progress of the ball for each team. A ragged battle, stiff and fast, won the championship for the Freshman class. Grady, Carson, Whitfield, Treadwell, Autrey Litschgi, and Bryant made class num- erals. The Junior line-up was Bell, Williams, Lutz, Bisz, Smith, Von Werdt, and Kent. Odd capes enfolded Carson, Whitfield, Williams, Grady, Lutz, Autrey, and Bell on Thanksgiving day. When varsity team was chosen six new F ' s beamed forth from Odd team: Car- son, Whifield, Williams, Gradv, Lutz, and Autrev. Soccer 1 ' arsity ■ ' Bell, Cadugan, Wylie, Geiger, Hicks, Campbell, Dull, Cuevas, Fitch, Pitchford Varsity Soccer and hockey Yearns Hockey I ' arsity: (Front) Davis, Kinchley, Martin, Wallace (Back) Moore, Blackburn, Gary, Jones, Tower, Phillips Even Team: (Front) Kellerman, Wood, Monroe, Henderson, Dunscombe (Back) McCormack, Reagin, Cadugan, Mattox, Jones Odd and Sven baseball Yearns Odd Team: (Front) Wright, Settle, Richards, Suhrer, Conklin, Bell (Back) Kamiya, Getsen, Register, Pitchford, Moore, Cochran Soccer and c Mockey A T the end of a long drawn out soccer season the Sophomore class emerged with the championship. The Seniors came second ; the Juniors, third, and the Freshmen, fourth, of course. Material for varsity brought Dull, Hicks, Cuevas, R. Campbell, Register, Bell, Wylie, Cadugan, Geiger, Fitch and Pitchford honor letters. Class standings in hockey were: Seniors, first; Juniors and Sophomores, tie for second and third ; Freshmen, fourth. The line-up for varsity included: Davis, Kinchley, A. K. Martin, Wallace, Moon, Blackburn, Gary, Jones, Tower, and Phillips. Sven and Odd baseball O INCE a large number of Freshmen turned out for baseball, competition promised to be keen. McCormack, Kellerman, Henderson, Waldrop, Mattox, Jones, Duns- combe, Wood, Monroe, Cadugan and Reagin wore the green and gold. Odd players were: Wright, Settle, Richards, Suhrer, Conklin, Bell, Kamaya, Getzen, Register, Pitchford, Moore, and Cochran. Class standings put the Seniors first; Juniors, second; Freshmen, third; and Sophomores, fourth. When varsity was announced, F ' s were awarded to McCormack, Henderson, Conklin, Richards, Cadugan, Register, Suhrer, Waldrop, Settle. Left to right : Conklin, Phillips, Richards, Bond, Wood rack 1. RACK and field day came to a glorious close for the Freshman class which won first place through Marion Phillips taking five first places and breaking five college records. Bernice Conklin, Senior, and Esther Bond, Freshman, tied for second place with 200 points each. Margaret Richards came third with 190 points. Betty Woods, Senior, tied Marion Phillips for first place in the high jump. Phillips now holds records in 100-yard dash, 60-yard hurdles, high jump, basket-ball throw, and standing broad jump. She also helped the Freshman team win first place in the relav. cAthletic Statistics, 1928-1929 CLASS STANDINGS FOR CUP REWARD Place Class Points I Sophomore . . . . . 23 2 Freshman 19 3 Seniors 14 4 Juniors 7 Basket-ball Sophomore Freshman Senior Junior Jolley-ball Sophomore Freshman Senior Junior Soccer Sophomore Senior Junior Freshman Hockey Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Track Freshman Senior Sophomore Junior Swimming Freshman Junior Sophomore Tennis Sophomore Freshman Senior Junior TRACK RECORDS 100- Yard Dash 12.2 sec. (New Record) 50- Yard Dash 7.1V1 sec Basket-ball Throw .... 68 ' i 1 - " ( New Record) . . Baseball Throw 183 ' 11V2 " Discus Throw 78 ' 2V2 " Javelin 80 ' 9 " Running High Jump . . . . 4 ' 5 " (New Record) . Running Broad Jump ... 16 ' Standing Broad Jump . . . 7 ' 11 " (New Record) Hurdles 8.8 sec Relay Phillips, Richards, Bond. Richards, Bond, Burford. Phillips, Conklin, Burford. Conklin, Archer, Settle. Richards, Stephens, Bond. Conklin, Mattox, Burford. Phillips and Wood, Conklin and Goza. Richards, McClellan, Burford. Phillips, Bond, Conklin. Phillips, Bond, Burford. Freshman, Senior, Junior. SWIMMING 1 00- Yard Dash 50- Yard Dash . 25-Yard Backstroke . 25-Yard Breast Stroke Plunge Under Water . Form Plain Diving Fancy Diving . Relay Canoe Doubles COLLEGE EMBLEM . Keep, Gaillard, Dixon. Keep, Dale, Eastwood. Dixon, Keep, Gaillard. Weston, Dixon, Eastwood. Fitch, B. Cornell, Keep. Archer, Dale, Wood. Keep, Eastwood, Dixon. Dale, Eastwood, Archer. Phillips, Archer, F. Gary. Freshman, Junior, Sophomore. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior. Bernice Conklin. tennis and Swimming E LIZABETH NYE and BETTY SUHRER swung vicious racquets at rapidly moving balls, with the result of championship being given to Elizabeth Nye. Water sports day saw Pete Keep, Freshman, star of the swimming meet. With 220 points to her credit Pete gave the Freshman class first place. Marie Dixon, Junior, came second with 150 points. Katherine Eastwood added 140 points for the Juniors. Ruth Dale, Sophomore, came fourth with 120 points. The choppy lake and high wind kept records down. Tennis: Suhrer and Nye tennis and Swimming Stars Swimming • ' Dale, Dixon, and Eastwood Even Cheer Leaders ' - Mattox and Wilson Odd and Even Qheer Leaders Odd Cheer Leaders: Autrey and Bell $S3W. Qlub OFFICERS Betty Wood TlLLIE GEIGER Dot Archer President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer ■ Bi MEMBERS Archer Geiger Mattox Bell Hebb Monroe Bond Henderson, L. Phillips Cadugan Hicks Settle Campbell Jones, Peggy Sudlow CUEVAS Jones, T. Waldrop Dixon Kahi. Wylie Dull ■ Keller man Wood Dunscombe Kinchley Dale Fitch Lewis, A. Gary Geffcken McCormack GOATS Bradley AUTREY Gallentine Sloane Barrineau Haile Teague Byron Jeffries Von Werdt Carson Kinard Whitfield Crist Lewis, C. Williams COKER Lutz Grady Didinger McClellan Henderson, Edenfield Roberts Sivia Huntley M. Flastacowo Camp Started on Lake Bradford — IQ20 fraternities fraternities PAN-HELLENIC Kappa Delta . Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi . Delta Delta Delta Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Kappa Pi Beta Phi . . Delta Zeta Kappa Alpha Theta Zeta Tau Alpha . Alpha Gamma Delta Theta Upsilon Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Mu . . . Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Xi Delta . Chi Gamma . Lambda Delta Kappa Alpha Chapter Gamma Chapter Iota Chapter Alpha Eta Chapter Rlio Chapter Omega Chapter Beta Chapter Alpha Sigma Chapter Beta Nu Chapter Beta Gamma Chapter Gamma Beta Chapter Lambda Chapter Iota Chapter Alpha Pi Chapter Alpha Epsilon Chapter Beta Eta Chapter Alpha Omega Chapter HONORARIES Phi Beta Sigma .... Beta Pi Theta .... Eta Sigma Phi .... Alpha Chi Alpha . . . Phi Alpha Theta . . . Phi Kappa Phi ... . Chi Delta Phi ... . Omicron Nu . . Kappa Delta Pi ... . American Guild of Organists Spanish French Classical Journalistic History Scholastic Literary Heme Economics Education Organ an- ellenic Qouncil, 1929-1930 OFFICERS Mary Hume President Dana SuMMITT Secretary MEMBERS Kappa Delta Evelyn Farrior Edith Holman Kappa Alpha Theta Blanche Cornell Betty Kellerman Chi Omega Katherine Swearingen Ruth Bize Zeta Tau Alpha Mary Hume Grace Gardiner Sigma Sigma Sigma Rebecca Stevens Audrey Meeks Alpha Gamma Delta Maude Gary Dana Summitt Alpha Delta Pi Nita Stokes Jane Smith Pi Beta Phi Jean Rowe Tuer Ferguson Theta Upsilon Bessie Monroe Rebecca Coyne Alpha O micron Pi Rosebud Demilly Dorothy Boyce Delta Delta Delta Janet Wills Louise Scott Sigma Kappa Fanita Cobb Elizabeth Daniell Delta Phi Epsilon Dorothy Feinberg Ruth Glasser Delta Zeta Mary Lamb Peggy Murphy Alpha Chi Omega Marie Payne Marion Hendry Phi Mu Margaret Harwick Emily Marshall Alpha Xi Delta Mattie Mae Carlton Louise Cleare Chi Gamma Mabel Dunscombe Frances Bloodgood Lambda Delta Ai.van Gregory Dorothy Hogan Grace Gardiner, Mary Hume, Dana Summitt, Maud Gary, Rebeccah Coyne, Bessie Monroe Audrey Meeks. Rebecca Stevens, Frances Bloodgood, Mabel Dunscombe, Janet Wills, Louise Scott Emily Marshall, Margaret Harwick, Edith Holman, Evelyn Farrior, Marion Hendry, Marie Payne Betty Kellerman, Blanche Cornell, Jane Smith, Nita Stokes, Peggy Murphy, Mary Lamb Dot Hogan, Alvin Gregory, Mattie Mae Cxrlton, Louise Cleare, Elizabeth Daniell, Fanita Cobb Ruth Glasser, Ruth Feinberg, Dot Boyce, Tuer Ferguson, Ruth Btze Kappa " Delta x 4= Founded at Virginia State Normal in 1897 Colors: Green and White Flower: White Rose Motto: " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest " KAPPA ALPHA CHAPTER Installed in 1904 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Mary Warren Hudson Margaret Dickinson Gertrude Price Frances Simpson Evelyn Farrior Cynthia Brosnaham Julia Dickinson Ashley Fraleigh Elizabeth Kelley Betty Ranson Josephine Scarlett India Kuder Ruth McColsky Rosebud Greer Louise Edmundson Alva C. Kendrick Ruby Welch Class of 1930 Kathryn Riddle Margaret Jewett Julia Powell Laura Zeta Lewis Class of 193 1 Sarah Caldwell Sara Barcus Class of 1932 Alice Miller Virginia Miller Nan Amerine Pledges Lois Foxworthy Marjorie Moody Marjorie Mackey Sue Marjorie Leach Katherine Calhoun Clifford Wilkinson Dorothy Andres s Rebecca Price Rose Hunt Sarah McElmurray Edith Holman Mary F. Barneti Genevieve Haile Mary M. Holsberry Eleanor McClearen Margaret Huie Dorothy Newman Elizabeth Andress Harriet Chancellor Julia Fruze Frieda Swearingen Frances Pringle Janis Dorothy Robinson Lillian Leigh Margaret Stevens Wessie Mae Rentz Rodney Cormack Mary Warren Hudson, Mary F. Barnett, Margaret Jewett, Eleanor McClearex, Katherine Riddle, Evelyn Farrior, Edith Holman Frances Simpson, Julia Powell, Zeta Lewis, Jim Haile, Cynthia Brosnaham, Sarah Caldwell, Mary Morgan Holsberry Clementine Newman, Elizabeth Andress, Virginia Miller, Alice Miller, Sara Barcus, Dot Newman, Julia Dickinson Dot Robinson, Nan Amerine, Ashley Fraleigh, Elizabeth Kelly, Louise Edmondson, Becky Price, Rosebud Greer Josephine Scarlett, Sarah McElmurray, Marjorie Mackey, Margaret Stevens, Wessie Mae Rentz, Lois Foxworthy, Harriet Chancellor, Alva Craig Kendrick Lillian Leigh, Kitty Calhoun, Rose Hurt, Rodney Carmack, Sue Fulghum, India Kuder, Betty Ransom, Freida Swearingen Qhi Omega ■$ = Founded at Fayetteville, Arkansas, April 5, 1895 COLORS: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Open Motto: " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals " Ruth Bize Leah Adamson Shirley Bishop Hazel Lee Baird Carroll Grantham Isabel Berry Betty Brownlow Lyra Burwell Elizabeth Campbell Marie Doughtie Martha McCullough Mary Telfair Katherine Carter Evelyn Horton Margaret Campbell Clara Walker Julie Mahoney Dorothy Lewis Nancy Gray Class of 1930 Harriet Bize Shirley Decker Class of 1931 Catherine Lawson Katherine McMullen Martha Nance Class of 1932 Mary Hale Jane Graham Margaret Gaillard Christine Hauserman Pledges Elizabeth Follin Arlene Ortmeyer Carol Lyons Jessica L. Rankin Betty Moak Jane Reed Sarah Cone Jane Archer Helen Wood Rodney Layton Virginia Spencer Katherine Swearingen Frances Winston Elizabeth Withers Cornelia Mitchell Elizabeth Ramsey Carolyn Thomas Betty Taylor Edith Winston Carolyn King Ethel Partridge Dorothy Livingston Ruth Mason Margaret Roach Ruth Brown Sarah Dean Jones Martha Waddill Dolly Byrd Harriet Bize, Ruth Bize, Rodney Layton, Shirley Decker, Martha Nance, Lyra Burwell Jane Graham, Carolyn Cockrell, Betty Taylor, Marie Doughtie, Sara Cone, Dot Lewis Mary F. Whiteside, Carolyn Thomas, Clara Walker, Ethel Partridge, Elizabeth Ramsey, Dot Livingston Leah Adamson, Mary Hale, Betty Brownlow, Margaret Gaillard, Arlene Ortmeyer, Nancy Gray Betty Moak, Ruth Mason, Katherine Carter, Jane Archer, Ruth Brown, Margaret Roach Alpha T elta Ti X c Founded at Wesleyan College in 185 1 Colors : Blue and White Motto: " We live for each other " IOTA CHAPTER Installed in 1909 SORORES IN FACULTATE Flower: Violet Miss Lucy Lester Marjorie Anderson Bertha Nix Laura Fair Morrow Mi mi Le Due Eleanor Mizell Eleanor Owens Barbara Ainsworth Martha Whiddon Mary Adams Elizabeth Blitch Louise Blanding Carolyn Bruns Florence Cantey Mareese Carabello May Stockton Clark Paola Copeland Mary Call Darby Julia Daugherty Mrs. Virginia Sloan Miss Helen Haggerty SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1930 Martha Maxwell Sara Holt White Class of 193 i Margaret Ausley Elizabeth Blanding Class of 1932 Harriet McCormack Rachel Hackney Pledges LORANNE DuBoSE Ida Stripling Fennel Joy Ferguson Marjorie Fowler Cathryn Graves Mary Alice Lawrence Mary Norman Hilda Crow woodine hendrix Catherine Pitman Elizabeth Wilson Juanita Stokes Elizabeth McCormack Jane Smith Elizabeth Washington Jean Hancock Dorothy Mills Clarice Herring Betty Hoyt Harriet Isley Kathleen Jordan Kitty Kincaid Frankie Mayfield Marjorie Satterfield Anna Stewart Mildred Watts Miriam Willis Marjorie Anderson, Sara Holt White, Bertha Nix, Laura Fair Morrow, Martha Maxwell, Elizabeth Wilson Eleanor Mizell, Jean Hancock, Catherine Pittman, Nita Stokes, Jane Smith, Betty Blanding Harriet McCormack, Elizabeth Washington, Margaret Ausley, Barbara Ainsworth, Dot Mills, Martha Whiddon, Elizabeth Blitch Betty Hoyt, Joy Ferguson, Frank Mayfield, Mildred Watts, Mary Norman, Mary Adams, Marjorie Fowler Miriam Willis, Harriet Isley, Florence Cantey, Maureese Carabello, Anna Stewart, Louise Blanding, Loranne DuBose Paola Copeland, Ida Stripling Fennell, May Stockton Clark, Kathleen Jordan, Marjorie Satterfield, Catherine Graves, Julia Dougherty " Delta T elta Delta = c Founded in Boston in 1888 Colors: Silver, Gold, Blue Publication: The Trident Open Motto: " Let us steadfastly love one another " ALPHA ETA CHAPTER Installed in 191 5 SORORES IN FACULTATE Charlotte Jelks SORORES IN COLLEGIO Flower : Pansy Katherine Montgomery Louise Ballowe Dorothy Lee Brown Jeanette Brady Frances Christian Ollie Autrey Evelyn Ingram Betty Lybass Virginia Bailey Dorothy Ballowe Elizabeth Batey Evelyn Buckmaster Class of 1930 Betty Cooper Mary Ives Class of 193 i Lucille Horne Katherine McKinnon Class of 1932 Jacqueline Prewitt Theresa Robinson Pledges Catherine Drake Carolyn Lattimer Calla Marshall Nellie Ray Betty Dunn Claire Zachry Louise Scott Rowena Tedder Janet Wills Winifred Metcalf Frances Clark Rebecca Waldrop Kate Tolbert Marion Ward Annee Zillah Watson Jean Yonge tktM Virginia Bailey, Janet Wills, Rowena Tedder, Mary Ives, Louise Scott Becky Waldrop, Dorothy Lee Brown, Winifred Metcalf, Kate Talbot, Betty Jane Cooper Annee Zillah Watson, Calla Marshall, Frances Christian, Jean Yonge, Marion Ward Frances Clark, Betty Dunn, Evelyn Buckmaster, Nellie Ray Sigma S ma Sigma x=4 Founded in Farmville, Va., in 1895 Colors: Purple and White Publication: The Triangle Open Motto: " Faithful Unto Death ' RHO CHAPTER Installed in 1920 SOROR IN FACULTATE Mary Hyatt Audrey Meeks Rebecca Stevens Ethel Carter Catherine Aymard Elizabeth Adams Mildred Fellows Parke Davis Virginia Saussy Ethel Jones SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1930 Class of 1931 Marie Carter Theckla Gudenrath Class of 1932 Ruby Mayo Rosenia Meriwether Ann Linning Pledges Elizabeth Whitner Lucille Braddock Mildred Braddock Nadine McIn tosh = Flower : Violet Anne Martin Alice Evans Marjorie Hoagland Rheta Nelson Ruth Weeks Alys Frazee juanita eggart Dorothy Merritt Nell Yearwood Mildred Fellows, Theckla Gudenrath, Audrey Meeks, Anne Martin, Marjorie Hoagland Rheta Nelson, Rebecca Stevens, Marie Carter, Ethel Carter, Elizabeth Adams Rosenia Meriwether, Ethel Jones, Lucile Braddock, Ruth Weeks, Elizabeth Whitner Catherine Aymard, Dorothy Merritt, Parke Davis, Rl;by Mayo, Nadine McIntosh Juanita Eggart, Nell Yearwood, Mildred Braddock, Anne Linning, Lillian Wood, Virginia Saussy Sigma Kappa K= |s Founded in Colby College in 1872 Colors: Maroon and Lavender Publication: Sigma Kappa Triangle Motto: " One Heart, One Way " OMEGA CHAPTER Installed in 1920 SORORES IN FACULTATE Leila Venable Sue Pitchford SORORES IN COLLEGIO Flower: Violet Edwin a Abee Esther Boardman Elizabeth Child Charlotte Baldwin Maxine Buford ■ Helen Caldwell Dorothy Cawthon Jessie Baldwin Marion Brothers Louise Bryant Mildred Cawthon Class of 1930 Juanita Cobb Mary Lou Gill Class of 193 i Cordelia Clarkson Ella Posey Gordon Charlotte Grimm Class of 1932 Helen Clarkson Elizabeth Daniell Mildred Hunt Pledges Virginia Coburn Elizabeth Crawford Zelma Girtman Clarice Parker Marjorie Prime Roberta Head Mary Elizabeth Lowe Elizabeth Wood Mabel Teague Odis Wilson Anna Lou Smith Laurie Weston Margaret Ann Rodemacher Mary Elizabeth Stuart Margaret Teague Dorothy Wing ' ■$} J a f?tm " ' « . ■ Roberta Head, Elizabeth Child, Betty Wood, Edwin a Abee, Fanita Cobb, Esther Boardman Mary Lois Gill, Mary E. Lowe, Charlotte Baldwin, Charlotte Grimm, Mabel Teague, Odis Wilson Helen Caldwell, Dorothy Cawthon, Elizabeth Daniell, Mildred Hunt, Annie Lou Smith, Laurie Weston Marjorie Prime, Jessie Baldwin, Virginia Coburn, Marion Brothers, Louise Bryant, Margaret A. Rodemacher Mary E. Stuart, Dot Wing, Margaret Teague, Mildred Cawthon Ti %eta Thi = c ■$ = Founded at Monmouth College in 1867 Colors: Wine, Red, and Silver Blue Flower: IV hit e Carnation BETA CHAPTER Installed in 1921 SOROR IN FACULTATE Elizabeth Griffing SORORES IN COLLEGIO Margaret Chase Elizabeth Ferguson Louise Aulls Dorothy Blackwell Carolyn Gibson Jane Allison Marian Burmeister Mary Edna Bell Mary Carnes Marjorie Cochran Eleanor Estes Lucile Gettier Madeline Gill Mary Graves Class of 1930 Keller Harris Class of 193 i Ellen Knight Evelyn Lyle Janet Poulson Class of 1932 Adeline Clough Annie Mae Henderson Pledges Helen Gray Grace Franklin Mabel Hopson Helen Maule Rosalie McKinley Marjorie Lloyd Lucy Pope Hazel Hebb Theresa Mintz Gervais Prentiss Jean Rowe Winifred Sessoms Catherine Hodges Leta MacNutt Susan Stovall Elizabeth Sims Elizabeth Sharp Katherine Perkins Mayme Tatum Marie Peters Anne Gordon Parker Kellar Harris, Evelyn Lyle, Ellen Knight, Louise Aulls, Winifred Sessoms, Marjorie Cochran Janet Poulson, Theresa Mintz, Leta MacNutt, Adaline Clough, Catherine Hodges, Marian Burmeister Annie Mae Henderson, Jane Allison, Helen Gray, Eleanor Estes, Mary Carnes, Mabel Hopson Susan Stovall, Anne Gordon Parker, Helen Maule, Lucy Pope, Marjorie Lloyd, Mary Graves Toodles Gill, Marie Peters, Mayme Tatum, Grace Franklin " Delta eta y; Founded at Miami University in 1902 COLORS: Rose and Green Flower: Killarney Rose Publication: The Lamp ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER Installed in 1924 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1930 Class of 193 i Mary Lamb Katherine Johnson Roberta Anson Mary Willis Johnson Margaret Roberts Ellen Bailey Florence Loessner Alice Buford Nancy Askins Josephine Allen Mary Lou Anderson Idella Wells Margaret Evelyn Mulliken Class of 1932 Margaret Murphy Elizabeth Judevine Pledges Janet Girardeau Evelyn Harrison Edna Mae Duval Marion Grady Pauline Mizell Eleanor Shelly Nell Yeager Allie Mullis Virginia Miller Virginia Tyler Catherine Sewell Mary Petit Ruth Massman Elsie Taylor Louise Hughes Dorothy Rae Jenkins Roberta Murrell Mary Lamb, Idella Wells, Katherine Johnson, Mary Evelyn Mulliken, Roberta Anson, Margaret Murphy Elizabeth Judevine, Virginia Miller, Ellen Bailey, Ruth Massman, Evelyn Harrison, Nell Yeager Janet Girardeau, Tillie Duval, Josephine Allen, Louise Hughes, Elsie Taylor, Virginia Tyler Pauline Mizell, Mary Lou Anderson, Eleanor Shelly, Dorothy R. Jenkins, Marion Grady, Mary Petit Alice Mullis, Catherine Sewell, Alice Buford, Margaret Roberts Kappa cAlpha ' ioheta $ = Founded at DePauw University in 1870 Colors: Black and Gold Flower: Black and Gold Pansy BETA NU CHAPTER Installed in 1924 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Helen Goodyear Margaret Thomas Josephine Boydston Blanche Corne ll Avis Kent Theresa Huffaker Jane Anderson Josephine Hoffman Susan Whalton Marie Kellerman Georgia Archer Peggy Brown Dorothy Combs Class of 1930 Betty Kellerman Class of 193 i Sara Parrish Constance Seybold Sara Taylor Class of 1932 Peggy Jones Pledges Helen Hammond Alyce Hemmings Annie Lois Hicks Lucille Hodson Louise Hoxie Edwina Jackson Rosalind Hadley Martha Irwin Mary Chattie Stackhouse Virginia Williams Ruth Williford Adele Frain Mary Elizabeth Krome Margaret Parrot Emma Gertrude Johnson Mary Margaret Johnson Rebecca Pitts Marjorie Snook Bettie Williford ■ " - { ■Ml it Rosalind Hadley, Margaret Thomas, Elizabeth Kellerman, Helen Goodyear, Theresa Huffaker, Virginia Williams, Constance Seybold Blanche Cornell, Avis Kent, Josephine Boydston, Josephine Hoffman, Mary Chat Stackhouse, Eleanor Jones, Sarah Parrish Alyce Hemmings, Marie Kellerman, Louise Hoxie, Annie Lois Hicks, Sarah Taylor, Martha Irwin, Mary E. Krome Marjorie Snook, Edwina Jackson, Lucille Hopson, Rebecca Pitts, Dot Combs, Helen Hammond, Peggy Brown Sara Sherrill, Ruth Heaton, Mary Margaret Johnson, Emma Gertrude Johnson, Georgia Archer ta au cAlpha - c $= Founded at Farmville, Va., in 1898 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Grey Flower: White Violet Open Motto: " Seek the Noblest " BETA GAMMA CHAPTER Installed in 1924 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Mary Hume sora embry Imogene Currie Mary Connel Helen Crosby Margaret Woodward Helen Shephard Eugenia McKee Harrie Rondel Hazel Burnette Class of 1930 Edna Mattox Class of 193 i Class of 1932 Addie Fisher Pledges Lucille Staxfill Elizabeth Cermack Grace Lassiter Annie Wheeler Verona Creekmore Grace Gardiner Bess Airth Kathrine Gibson Nannie Griffin Maude Lewis McCall MlLLICENT AMSTUTZ Marguerite Evans Dorothy Stovall Dorothy Cappleman Clara Williams Mary Hume, Edna Mattox, Grace Gardiner, Sora E.mbry, Imogene Currie, Nannie Griffin, Katherine Gibson, Annice Wheeler, Harrie Rondel, Clara Williams Eugenia McKee, Elizabeth Cermack, Helen Crosby, Verona Creekmore, Bess Airth, Hazel Burnette, Maude Lewis McCall, Grace Lassiter, Helen Shepard, Margaret Woodward Mary Cornell, Milly Amstutz, Lucille Stanfill cfAlpha Qamma " Delta =x ■■IB Founded at Syracuse University in 1904 Colors: Red, Buff and Green Flower: Red and Buff Rose Publication: Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly SORORES IN COLLEGIO Myra Doyle Maude Gary Celeste Edwards Alice Best Virginia Burford Elizabeth Croom Margaret Turner Helen Turner Montine Sparkman Helen Overton Virginia Chitty Beryl Wing Pat Ray Class of 1930 Belle Groff Class of 1931 Betty Blue Nancy Lutz Class of 1932 Francis Gary Dorothy Hefner Alice Koys Pledges Virginia Kreger Dorothy Boynton Dorothy Oliver Opal Sholtz Pat Crews Annie Lee Roof Betty McGraw Daisybel Moore Martha Monroe Dana Sum mitt Roberta Moore Helen Mover Claire Wadsworth Margaret McGraw Eleanor McNeill Margaret Pollock Betsy Prewitt Harriet Moore Inez Lee Bottari Virginia Middlebrooks Daisybel Moore, Martha Monroe, Maude Gary, Belle Groff, Virginia Burford, Dana Sum mitt Margaret McCall, Margaret Turner, Roberta Moore, Helen Moyer, Nancy Lutz, Claire Wadsworth Alice Best, Olga N. Ray, Alice Kays, Elizabeth Croom, Betty Blue, Frances Gary Harriet Moore, Eleanor McNeill, Virginia Middlebrooks, Dorothy Oliver, Elizabeth McGraw, Dot Boynton heta Upsilon 4 $ = Founded at the University of California in 19 14 Colors: Rainbow Flower: White Iris Publication: " Dial " Open Motto: " Let there be light " LAMBDA CHAPTER Installed in 1925 SOROR IN FACULTATE Etta L. Robertson SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1930 LVNDELLE CANADAY Jo Cox Rebecca Coyne Alice De Pass Juanita Lawrence Bessie Monroe Betty Ryder Harriet Ryder Class of 1931 Class of 1932 Mary Settle Margaret Cruise Mary Sue Cureton Leon a Ellen wood Lillian Fitch Helen Flewelling Louise Wehr Mary Kathryn Parker Pledges Mary Britt Gertrude Balasok Tillie Balasok Kathleen Crocker Kathleen Johnston Mary Lou Sanderson Annie Thorpe !T-» r-Trr, ■■■ ii- . pfi Margaret Cruise, Lyndelle Canaday, Mary Settle, Mary Katherine Parker Juanita Lawrence, Helen Flewelling, Harriet Ryder, Rebecca Coyne Betty Ryder, Mary Britt, Bessie Monroe, Lillian Fitch Annie W. Thorpe, Mary Lou Sanderson, Jo Cox, Tillie Balasok, Gertrude Balasok " TDelta Thi Spsilon $= founded at New York University in 1917 COLORS: Purple and Gold Flowers: Jonquil and Aster Dorothy Ossinsky Dorothy Feinberg Ruth Glasser Irma Feinberg Rosebelle Scher IOTA C HAPTER Installed in 1925 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1930 Class of 193 i Florence Adelson Class of 1932 Juliette Greenfield Pledges Rose Zanderer Esther Streng Ida Weinstein Natalie Weinstein Helen Sloat Malvina Klepper Jeanette Ossinsky Rene Gordon Dorothy Ossinsky, Malvina Klepfer, Ruth Glasser, Florence Adelsc Helen Sloat, Ruth Feinberg, Natalie Weinstein, Esther Streng, Rene Gordon Jeanette Ossinsky, Irma Feinberg, Juliette Greenfield, Ida Weinstein, Rosebelle Scher cAlpha Omicron Ti = COLOR : Cardinal Dorothy Boyce Martha Crane Rosebud DeMilly Alice Anderson Rita Leddy Helen Bisz Ruth Conradi Frances Knapp Ruby Larsen Founded at Barnard College in 1897 Flower: Jacqueminot Rose ALPHA PI CHAPTER SORO ' R IN FACULTATE Helen Davis SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1930 Dorothy Cross Margaret Green Class of 1931 Rosalind Kennedy Class of 1932 Jeanette Littig Elizabeth Markey Pledges Martha McKnight Evelyn Pilkington Helen Pratt Catherine Price Martha Love Merle McDermid HlLDRED NEWLON Irene Shoun Mary Belle Martin Dorothy Reese Madeline Royce Margaret Royce Nellie Wynn Sullivan ll ' 1 Mm £ i.,£J Dot Cross, Dot Boyce, Martha Crane, Margaret Green Rita Leddv, Helen Bisz, Irene Shoun, Dorothy Reese Hildred Newlon, Martha Love, Merle McDermid, Alice Anderson Martha McKnight, Madeline Royce, Peggy Royce, Elizabeth Markey, Nellie Wynn Sullivan ThieMu X= $= Founded at Wesleyan College in 1852 Colors: Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation Publication: The Aglaia Open Motto: " Les Soeurs Fideles " ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Installed in 1929 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Virginia Anderson Dorothy Yerxa Evelyn Cooper March Griffith Vera Reynolds Mary Kittredge Kay Stowe . Mary Alice Cahoon Isabel Van Voorhis Edna Hancock Class of 1930 Louise Clement Class of 1931 Emily Marshall Class of 1932 Mary Trogdon Daisybel Clement Alpha Railey Milan Pledges Phoebe Jane Taylor V. Broward Barbara Sabiston Willie Dean Grace Jean Ingram Margaret Harwich Thelma Sumner Jean Griffith Janie Bayler Capitola Prevatte Helen Baker Lois Campbell Elizabeth Tribble Teenie Ware Irvin Myrtle Whidley v % r .., (H Dot Yerxa, Emily Marshall, Margaret Harwick, Louise Clement, Virginia Anderson Carolyn Battle, Jane Dazler, Vera Reynolds, Mary Trodgen, Thelma Sumner Evelyn Cooper, March Griffith, Mary Alice Cahoon, Daisybel Clement, Lois Campbell Vivian Broward, Jean Ingram, Isabellf. Van Voorhis, Alpha Bailey Milam, Mary Kittredge Teenie Irvin, Barbara Sabiston, Kay Stowe, Elizabeth Tribble, Helen Baker, Phoebe Jane Taylor cfAlpha Qhi Omega ■ -. m . £M?k SKfF Founded at DePauw University in 1885 Colors: Scarlet and Olive Flower: Red Carnation and Smilax Open Motto: " Together let us seek the heights " Bernice Deitz Mildred Register Marie Payne SORORES IN FACULTATE Josephine Morrison SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1930 Frances Paxon Bernice More Mildred Greene Thelma Goodbread Marion Hendry Katherine Wilson Mary Finney Martha Robertson Helen Fannin Mary Gray Class of 193 i Betty Owens Class of 1932 Marie Register Dorothy Webb Pledges Gladys Haskill Virginia Ware Louise Wilkinson Mildred Seals Sara Jane McCormack Mary Bryan Winifred White Rowena Diamond Mercedes Noallas Margaret Scott » f f fii am J LJ I Ei mm tIM X Mildred Register, Marie Payne, Thelma Goodbread, Frances Paxon, Bernice More Mildred Greene, Marion Hendry, Katherine Wilson, Beatrice Owens, Sara Jane McCormack Dorothy Webb, Rowena Diamond, Mary Finney, Marie Register, Margaret Scott Mary Gray, Mildred Seale, Louise Wilkinson, Winifred White x= Alpha Xi " Delta X j = Founded at Lombard College in 1893 Colors: Double Blue and Gold Flower: Pink Killarney Rose Publication: Alpha Xi Delta Anna Mae Sharpe Alethea Smith Golda Carlton Mattie Mae Carlton Virginia Andrews Betty Bell LaRetta Burns Julia Cheshire Alphonsine Cleare Edith Harrison Myoma Kahl Mary Lou Key ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER Installed in 1929 SORORES IN FACULTATE Norma Bower Ina Barbee Marie Benedict SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1930 Marion Deacon Johanna Reif Class of 193 i Louise Cleare Essie Geiger Class of 1932 Dorothy Hicks Pledges Genie Mathewson Virginia McDaniel Margaret Roberts Harriet Ruth Smith Norma Staff Hester Strong Alice Teachy Betsy Leake Mary E. Tompkins Jim Turner Yvonne Stone Marjorie Thomas Margaret Tichenor Dorothy Treadwell Rachel Winn Mattie Mae Carlton, Hester Strong, Golda Carlton, Marian Deacon, Johanna Reif Louise Cleare, Virginia Andrews, Essie Geiger, Mary Tomkins, Alphonsine Cleare Betty Bell, Dot Hicks, Julia Cheshire, Myoma Kahl, Margaret Tichenor Rachel Winn, Harriet R. Smith, Edith Harrison, Virginia McDaniel, Genie Mathewson, Alice Teachy Qhi Qamma X |c j = Founded at Florida State College for Women in 1929 Colors: Rose and Silver Flower: Pink Rose SORORES IN COLLEGIO Mabel Dunscombe Frances Bloodgood Class of 1930 Elizabeth King Katherine Reagin Class of 193 1 Gwendolyn Brigman Faith Watson Class of 1932 Bernice Mansfield Harriet Baker Gwendolyn Tulley Dorothy Clarke Edith Loughran Doris Figenbaum Lucile Stickle Margaret Jordan Pledges Alice Hayden Harriet Hancey Beryl Steinmeyer Frances Walker Frances Houchard Myra McLean Josephine Headley Frances Bloodgood, Faith Watson, Harriet Baker Elizabeth King, Bernice Mansfield, Dot Clarke Gwendolyn Brigman, Alice Hayden, Mabel Dunscombe, Katherine Reagin (Lambda IDeha X= f= Founded at Florida State College for Women in 1930 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1930 Alvan Gregory Catherine Lewis Marjorie Brown Eloise Goza Geneva Bailey Bernice Brock Ruth Davis Elizabeth Eastman Louise Gantt Helen Hendrix Paula Marie Lingg Gladys Gregory Lotta Keith Class of 1931 Class of 1932 Dorothy Hogan Mary Elizabeth Josey Pledges Marjorie Linn Marguerite Litschgi Kathleen Thomson Eleanor McMillan Nell Morgan Frances Pert Elizabeth Smith Davida Stenstrom Alice Lewis Margaret York Louise Pittman Marjorie Richardson Eleanor Scofield Mary Louise Shaw Frances Spiller Florida Sellers Gladys Nowling Yi ftirtinl Alvan Gregory, Gladys Gregory, Elizabeth Lee, Lotta Keith, Davida Stenstrom Marjorie Brown, Eloise Goza, Dot Hogan, Eleanor McMillan, Nell Morgan Kathleen Thomson, Louise Gantt, Helen Hendrix, Louise Pittman, Gladys Nowling Elizabeth Eastman, Eleanor Scofield, Ruth Davis, Bernice Brock, Florida Sellers Marguerite Litschgi, Frances Pert, Frances Spiller, Mary Lucille Shaw, Marguerite Linn x= Thi T eta Sigma $= Honorary Spanish Fraternity FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. E. V. Gage Dr. Marion Hay Dr. J. R. Shulters Dr. Helen Phipps Dr. A. R. Seymour Dean Charlotte Beckham Helen Lastra Marina Cuevas Susie Anderson Frances Beck Helen Calder Shirley Caldwell STUDENT MEMBERS Rose Chairmonte Clementine Newman Marjorie Fay Katherine Reagin Hazel Mary Grace Emilie Stevens Hollis Henderson Marjorie Strode Mildred Henderson Polly Whaley Mary Elizabeth Lowe Vera Williams Bernice Mansfield X= jjc ' Beta Ti l3heta j = Honorary French Fraternity FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Gage Miss Lester Miss Kelly Dr. Seymour STUDENT MEMBERS Miss Finnegan Emilie Stevens Mrs. Mayo Marguerite Evans Mary Warren H UDSON Bernice More Mary Lorene LaFuse Grace Gardiner Velma Ooton Helen Lastra Mary Elizabeth Lowe Josephine Thorpe Mary McMillan Carol Winemiller Faith Watson Davida Stenstrom Nellie Wyllie Sara Holt White Ida Stewart Mrs. Alfriend Gwendolyn Brigman Mary C. Wakefield Sarah Caldwell Mary Bryan Katherine Walker Amy Cornell Rebecca Chatham Jean Griffith Evelyn Lyle Connie Seybold Miss Edith West Martha Brodmerkel Rosalie Clausen Dorothy Feinberg Leona Henderson 8ta Sig m d T hi $= Honorary Classical Fraternity FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. J. B. Game STUDENT MEMBERS Elyse Gissendanner Emilie Stevens Bessie Monroe Faith Watson Margaret Scott PLEDGES Louise Houck Beatrice Owens Elizabeth King Josephine Tharpe ZAlpha Qhi fAlpha sjc= Honorary Journalistic Fraternity Dr. W. G. Dodd FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Rowena Longmire Esther Boardman Idella Wells Frances Beck Thelma Sumner Marianna Kinchley STUDENT MEMBERS Ellen Knight Betty Wood Sarah Caldwell Betty Kellerman Gertrude Price Dot Hicks Marie Dixon Margaret Jordan Blanche Cornell Lyndelle Canaday T ii ZAlpha c heta Prof. Arthur Williams Dr. Kathryn Abbey Miss Alice Christensen Elizabeth Ferguson Theresa Huffaker History Honorary Fraternity FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Louise Conradi Miss Gertrude Herring STUDENT MEMBERS Velma Ooton Frances Paxon Edith Johnston Thi Kappa Thi Miss Willerry Jackson Dr. Bessie Randolph Dr. Venila Shores Morita Mason- Catherine Chatham Honorary Scholastic Fraternity Open Motto: " The love of learning rules the ivorld " Edward Conradi Arthur Williams Nathaniel M. Salley Ella Scoble Opperman Margaret R. Sandels Elmer R. Smith Josiah B. Game Ina Barbel FACULTY MEMBERS Alban Stewart Lanas S. Barber Edmund V. Gage Raymond Bellamy Paul F. Finner Leland J. Lewis Jennie Tilt ALUMNAE MEMBERS Herman Kurz Rowena Longmire Julia Dilzer Olga Larson Arthur R. Seymour Catherine T. Abbey Bessie Randolph Nell Wallis Mary McGraw Mary Warren Hudson Mrs. Alfriend Frances Paxon Marjorie Strode Marian Deacon SENIOR MEMBERS Idella Wells Loyola McLaughlin Katherine Reagin Bessie Wright Emilie Stevens Catherine Davis Ida Townsend Mary Hyatt Marian Youngs Ruth Meiten Vera Dull Qhi T elta Thi Honorary English Fraternity Founded in 1919 at the University of Tennessee Colors: Blue and Gold Publication: The Litterateur PI CHAPTER Margaret Harwick Dana Summitt Helen de Montmollin Lyndelle Canaday Kellar Harris Frances Beck Omicron V u National Home Economics Honorary Society Founded at Michigan State Agricultural College in 191 2 Colors: Pink and Lavender Publication: " Omicron Nu PI CHAPTER FACULTY MEMBERS Dean Margaret R. Sandels Ina Barbee ACTIVE ALUMNAE Helen Davis STUDENT MEMBER Katherine Reagin Dr. Jennie Tilt Eunice Grady Kappa ' Delta Ti Miss Mudge Dean Salley Mary McGraw Lillian Cross Marie Cuevas Alice Smith Adamary Anderson Ethel Mae Willis FACULTY MEMBERS Mrs. Bertha Finner Dr. Eyman Miss Heering STUDENT MEMBERS Margaret McCurdie Martha Taylor Ida Stewart Loyola McLaughlin Alice Malakowsky Marjorie Strode Velma Ooten Sora Embry Luna Bowdoin Jean Davis Mrs. Alfriend American Quild of Organists Founded in i! Dean Ella S. Opperman Miss Margaret W. Dow Mrs. Mary M. Meginnis Miss Mary T. Whitfield FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Ada Knight Miss Mary Hyatt MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. Josiah Walker Mrs. Nals Berryman Miss Ethel M. Tripp Dr. William G. Dodd Miss Jean Compton Mr. Elbert S helper Helen Goodyear Lucille Pa ' tronis Mary Cooper Wakefield STUDENT MEMBERS Sarah Caldwell Nancy Reeder Merle McDermid Virginia Andrews Helen Smith Colleges and Onf Ve ' r eS approved by The. Assoc al on o£ A , ctri Un vers f- es I ' 1 f IQp ' - Vander6 University Florida Stale College for VCfomen, Unt vers y o-P Afoun Ho yoke, Un vers fy o-f l a sar y :: gar? Ljo Sgog A orth Carol ha College, College Placed on the Approved List of Colleges and Universities by the Association of American Universities features • V kr- - - " ' ■„ ' „__ yi mL. ■ ' ' «=- fc ■ m . 11 . " «Et V. ...... " v. ■ - " " ' 4k ' « r s ' ' ' Uirginia cAnderson Old fashioned Qirl % Jrfe ,- ' m M % mi I •■ ■; ,. ,. 1c - .oTYCarion IjOard. cMost beautiful aMost Stylish i)wfeiiyfci ; 8dna £M.attoj( . oMost Popular o Sora Embryo dMost ' Representative )1 : k 1 « J ■- ft xv f elTfrtost Intellectual C ' . iNAV v t .( Marion Phillips. cMost Athletic y ' MA Ml Jt ' Sk ' Virginia bailey eMost eModern Qirl (Memories cfAlumnae Association 1929-1930 Mrs. Clara Johnson Wallis President-Executive Secretary Miss Louisa Conradi Vice-President Miss Ruth ScHORNHERST Recording Secretary Miss Laura Strunk Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Frances Tippetts Johnston T reasurer Mrs. Dorothy Johnson Nilson, Chairman of State Jubilee Committee Miss Rowena Longmire Chairman Executive Board Mrs. Beth Walton Moor Executive Board Mrs. Mary Murphree Meginnis Executive Board Miss Emma Spencer Executive Board Mrs. Gladys Morris Williams Executive Board Fire Department — 1925 ate o . w? • Life Savers — 1926 Sub-Collegiate Class II — 1914 " Pearl Hents, Most Athletic — 19 4 history of Florida State Qollege jorljOomen By Dr. A. A. Murphree, First President (Flastacowo — 1910) THE STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN was established by the State of Florida in May, 1905, and its management vested in a Board of Control consisting of five members. In July, 1905, this board and the State Board of Education, in joint session, located the College in Talla- hassee. The four years of the College history have shown a steady growth in number of students, in the scope and efficiency of the college work, and in all else that makes for the upbuilding of a reputable educational institu- tion. With such ideals in mind, the Board of Control began selecting officers of administration and instruction, and by laying out the widest possible curriculum to meet the utmost needs of the young women of the State. So it was provided that the College should offer a wide variety of courses, both theoretical and practical, in Domestic Science, Domestic Art, Ele- mentary Agriculture, Horticulture and Pedagogy, Music, Art, and Ex- pression, in addition to the more standard courses of General Literature, Liberal Arts and Sciences. The scope and purpose of the College having been determined and the Faculty selected, efforts were directed towards a campaign of advertising the new institution. Notwithstanding the shortness of time in which to bring this new enterprise to the knowledge of those who had daughters to educate, and the advance requirements which barred a number of young ladies who applied for admission, the first session began with 114 students and closed with 204. The second year the College began with 141 and closed with 220. The third opened with 146 the first day and closed with 240. The fourth year began with 164 and and ended with 257. At the opening of the present session 200 students registered on the first day. These figures indicate a healthy and encouraging growth of the Institution. Anti-Fat Club — 1910 Gymnasium — 191$ Class In Front of Old Ad Building Tennis — 191 Styles and Styles and Styles lastacowo 191 1 A: .S I sit under the stately old pine, I see all the latest modes of dress, and I wonder how on earth people can create all of those queer looking clothes. You know we haven ' t had anything exciting since the " Merry Widow " hats quieted down. Did you ever get stuck in a Pull- man with yours? I did, and I had a most peculiar sensation when I crawled from under it, stood off, and gazed at it sticking between those two walls. But you know, I, — why what is that coming up the walk? Did you ever see such a scandalous thing in all your life? Dear me, that girl has tied her dress on as tight as she can do to take a step. Between you and me, I believe that is the new " Hobble Skirt. " You know that is just like Helene — she is always trying to get ahead of other people. Now won ' t you — what on earth has happened to Elizabeth ? She must have been hurt in a basket-ball game, or run into by an auto, for she surely has her forehead tied up. Holy Smoke! Don ' t let her hear me saying that, for, as I live, I believe it ' s a piece of red ribbon. Guess that is the latest Jacksonville hair dress. It certainly is getting dark. Guess it ' s almost time for some Hash. Wonder who that girl is in the distance? Bless me, if she hasn ' t a dunce cap on her head. No, it isn ' t either, it ' s a mule hat, — the kind you see mules wearing in the summer. And look, there is a long black feather tacked on the back. Surely a mule hat isn ' t decorated that way — all I ever saw were just plain. Why how supid of me! It isn ' t a mule hat at all, it ' s the new " Ting-a-ling. " Beryl Harrison, ' 15. ntab Odd Basket-ball and Volley Teaius — 1926 ball It Mary Pnitgle, Beauty ' Flastacowo — 1926 Y. W. C, Cabinet — 1910 Chemistry Laboratory — 1902 Loafers ' Club — 1910 Junior Normal Class — 1915 E he traditions for the Florida State Qollege for c Ts)omen spindle, and but a every college quarter of a Laboratory — jooj 1 VERY land has its own customs, every wheel its its own traditions. Although the Florida State College for Women century old, the customs are fast becoming traditions. During the first week of school, the Freshmen are introduced into this new life. As soon as the Freshmen become familiar with their surroundings, the Young Women ' s Chris- tian Association, the College Government Association, and the " Athletic Association are hostesses to a Big Sister-Little Sister party. Later on one of the most beautiful events of the year takes place in the Open Air Theater. This is the ceremony of Torch Night, which is a Greek pageant recognizing the Freshman class as a part of the Alma Mater. As the college becomes more settled, the Young Women ' s Christian Association holds the Recogni- tion Service, which is a beautiful and imp ressive ceremony, the purpose of which is to initiate those who desire to become members. Next is presented the union of the Fresh- man and Junior classes in the Ceremony of Fealty. A tradition dear to the hearts of the Seniors is the Investiture Service in which their caps are placed on their heads by the college president. The week before Thanksgiving is filled with excitement as this is Home- coming Week for the college. For the two nights preceding Thanksgiving, the Odd and Even demonstrations are given; the same nights being Even and Odd nights out. During nights out the Evens celebrate with a big bonfire while the Odds have a long lantern parade. Color rush takes place the day before Thanksgiving with Odds and Evens com- peting for certain objects on the campus to decorate with their respective colors. On Thanks- giving Day the volley-ball and basket-ball games are played between the Odds and Evens. After the games everyone celebrates by a large Thanksgiving dinner. The Thanksgiving Ball climaxes the great day. Just before the Christmas holidays, the Seniors serenade Tallahassee with carols and are guests at a Christmas party in Bryan Flail. Previous to Easter, a carnival is given by the Senior Class, assisted by the other classes. The spring is opened with the Senior Tree Planting in which the Sophomores take part. The greatest day of all days is May Day. This is celebrated by a Senior-Sophomore Breakfast, May-pole dancing, and the coronation of a May queen, whose identity is concealed until the event. Following May Day every Sunday night until commencement, the Seniors are serenaded by the Sophomores. Then conies Commencement, a week filled with excitement. Although more traditions may be woven into the college life, these are the main ones which bind the Florida State College Women together in love and loyalty. " Stand fast and hold the traditions ye have been taught, whether by word or our epistle. " Emily Atkins, 1933. Sub-Freshman Class — iqio ,. . : . afifc Cotillion Club — 1926 Freshman Class- — ioit " l-Atc-APie " Club — 1912 o history of the Odds and Evens ' Spinsters ' DD AND EVEN rivalry has been keen on the campus of the Florida State College for Women since the year 1909 when the college was divided into sides called Stars and Crescents. The only available records of this are found on an old plaque which is propped against the right vestibule of the auditorium. In the center of this plaque is the first college seal. On the right side of the seal, tacked to the plaque, are two strips. On each strip is scratched a small crescent, the date " 1910 ' ' on one and " 1912 " on the other, and the names of six girls composing the winning teams in these years. A single strip is on the other side of the seal and it is likewise filled with names. In the corner there is a star, in the other corner " 191 1, " for in this year the Star team was victorious. For three years the names of the winners were scratched on the small brass plated on either side of the seal. In igi3 the students in the School of Arts and Sciences divided themselves into Odd and Even groups according to the year of their graduation. Because the school of Arts and Sciences refused to recognize the Normal School students as fellow students, the latter organized a team of its own. From then until 191 5 there was little friendship between the two schools. In this year the Normal school challenged the winners of the school of Arts and Sciences to a game to be played Thanksgiving Day. In this game the Normal School was victorious, and so became recognized members of the Odd and Even groups. This united the students of the Florida State College under two big heads as they are at the present time. The Odds and Evens have changed colors several times during the intervening " years, but today the green and gold of the Evens and the red, white, and purple of the Odds are established colors. " Gold " represents the " gold of the sun " while " green " is for " green of life. " " Red " ' stands for " wisdom, " " white " ' for " purity " and " purple " for " loyalty. " The Even and Odd teams were victorious alternately from 1913 to 1916. From 1917 to 1919 the Evens carried away the honors; but in 1920 success returned to the Odds. The Evens won the games r rom 1921 until 1925, in which year the Odds captured the score. In 1926 the Evens won again. In 1927 the Odds were the victors and remained so until the present time. Louise Bryant, 1933. Section of Library — 11)04 Campus Fronting South On Jefferson — 1902 Administ ' n Buiidwe-w West Hall — 1905 New Ad Building — 1910 Entrance to College — 1925 Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Jubilee Celebrated— 1930 ' f (( cAd " -ed Interest Our Sincere Appreciation of your patronage that has made possible this attractive shop BLim ' i S % eC ogm Tallahassee . Florida. Jemim ' ne wearables One Lives to Learn ee, 1 love football " J ¥TER the Georgia Tech- Florida game. Gee, I love football! I could hardly take my eyes off that big blonde sitting next to Bill on the right. I didn ' t get what frat pin he was wearing, but gee, he sure made the game a thing to be remembered ! After the Merchant of Venice. Oh Mable! The performance was simply WONDERFUL!! You shouldn ' t have missed it. Why Jane W had the best looking man Fve ever seen with her. They sat right in front of me and a little to the right, just where I could see his profile. Heavenly is no name for him. What was the play like? Oh grand, I guess. Everybody said it was anyway. After Mr. Southern ' s performance. Honey, Fve had a marvelous evening. Why I never knew mere acting and stories could be so interesting! I couldn ' t hear much of the speaking, but the cutest " Pike " sat right across the aisle, and I simply couldn ' t tear my eyes away from him for an instant. He had the blackest hair — and he was with Mae, so I felt perfectly justified in dropping my compact right under his feet. Of course he picked it up with the nicest smile. I was so thrilled I went to take the compact and dropped it all over again! Then we both laughed and Mae had to introduce us! Heavens, where ' s the program, Fll have to write Mother about this performance. During Prom Week-End. Mable, you ' ll never believe it! Fm truly going to take up piano or something. Why the way the boys flocked around the musical girls is a sin! Gee, my neck is so stiff. I was sitting on the house steps and I heard Bernice and that adorable A. T. O. come out and sit in the swing. I wasn ' t going to go in and leave a perfectly good man alone with her, even if she is a Junior, so I just pretended I didn ' t hear them and squirmed round so he could see my profile real well. Yes, that ' s why my neck ' s so stiff, but I know he was impressed, cause he asked Bernice later who the rapt little party was on the steps. Oh, I just loved helping out at the house. Letter to Mother. Dearest Mother: Fm truly getting down to work up here, and improving my mind no end. Why, Fve attended every artist series performance that has been given. Fm thinking seriously of taking up art, but I haven ' t quite decided what kind yet. It is nice enough up here, but there are never any men, and I have gotten so I hardl ' y think of the boys any more at all, with all this mind-improving Fve been so busy with, and all " wasn ' t going to leave a perfectly good man alone with her. " TO BE WELL DRESSED GO TO MAE $ HOP Cfohe Latest in Style and Quality « Gage and Knox Hats Peggy Paige Dresses House of Youth Coats ■« AE ' S MAIITT SHOP IM CONNECTION The Dutch Kitchen A GOOD PLACE TO EAT Opposite Post Office PRIVATE DINING ROOM FOR PARTIES COMPLIMENTS OF Tampa Drug Florida ' s largest independent wholesale druggist. Proprie- tors and manufacturers oi the celebrated line of " Poinset- tia " household remedies and flavoring extracts, : : : : Ask Your Druggist » Katlierine Eastwood (to Recruit at j Life Saving Class) : " And how | would you save a girl if she got out • in deep water and couldn ' t swim? " t Recruit: " I ' d throw her a cake of | j soap to wash her back. " Dr. Willard (at the library): " Is there a ' Fairie Queen ' at the desk? " Velma Lee: " Oh, Dr. Willard, you flatterer, you ! " WOMEN ' S WEARING APPAREL 16 West Forsyth Street JACKSONVILLE :: FLORIDA Cigars ■ ' . " - ' - " S ' .ri;- V Sandwiches Toilet Articles iaxwell s Pharmacy Tallahassee, Fla. c his Evenings c YCusical Program L ADIES and gentlemen of our wave-length audience, tonight our musical program will be conducted by the United Advertisers Company of the world. This is by the courtesy of the Ad Infinitum Station Room at Station F. S. C. W. Chattahoochee (or is it Kalamazoo?). 6:30 P. M. " When the Lights Are Low " — College Power House Orchestra. " You ' re the Cream in My Coffee " — Carnation Milk Baritone. " Three O ' Cloek in the Morning " — Yale Key Company Quartet. " My Sweeter Than Siveet " — Solo By Representative of Jack Frost Sugar Co. " Mammy ' s Little Coal Black Rose " —?. G. Co. Glee Club. " You Never Told, I Didn ' t Know " — Listerine Lullabyers. " Hush-a-Bye Baby " — The Murmuring " Mum " Tenor. " Drifting " — The Ivory Floaters. 7:30 P. M. " A Bolt from the Blue " (Recitation) — Graham-Gingham Representative. " I ' ve Got Your Number " — One Act Play By United Telephone Exchange " Callers. " " Swing Low, Sweet Chariot " — Quartet from the Stuz Stutterers. " Bed Time Stories " — (The Bug in the Rug) — Linoleum Lil. And now radio listeners, for a special treat! Tonight the Florida State College for Women is broadcasting a special program — all their notables, stand by! (well out of the way) . " Moanin Loiv " — Chorus of Sorority " goats, " Led By V. Bailey and Her Famous Cow. " Deep River " — Bryant Hall Showers Quartet. " Way Down Yonder in the Corn Field " — Soccer Songsters. " I Ain ' t Got Nobody! " — Request Number, Lou Henderson. " Blue Eyes, Why Are You Black? " — Solo By Becky Waldrop, Chorus By Her Hockey Heifers. " Italian Art " — (A Short Dissertation On Mona Lisa) — Mayoma Kahl. " The Dream Girl of Pi. K. A. " — Solo by Mareese Carabello. " The Traveler " — (Recitation) — By Edna Mattox. " Varsity Drag, " or " The Secret of My Success " — Marion Phillips. MAY LIFE BESTOW THE CREAM OF ALL GOOD THINGS UPON THE CLASS OF 1930 Leon County Milk Company MOORE ' S DELICIOUS ICE CREAM GRANT FURNITURE COMPANY Victrolas and Latest Records Sheet Music COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS PHONE 100 X CAI E Flour I KRESTS xxxx ECSTBKDu£ noon onus iLLsax The FLOUR for FLORIDA ' S FAIREST FLOWERS UZ£S3 221 Laura Street JACKSONVILLE :: FLORIDA One of the South ' s GREAT STORES Nowhere in the entire South can you tint! a better store than Cohen Brothers. Nowhere can you enjoy a more varied, up-to-the-minute selection of wanted merchandise. For more than 62 years the en- tire State of Florida has depended upon " The Big Store " for style, and today smart women and well dressed men make their selection from our big stocks. CttpiJMra» JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA oHusf a Great Jjaron. tuoisr KINGAN COMPANY Pork and Beef Packers Jacksonville, Florida » Mrs. Williams: " Something must be done, dear; the moths are eating up all of your clothes. " Mr. Pi.: " I ' ll speak to them in the morning. " Did you hear about the excitement at the track meet? Marion Phillips ran a mile and onlv moved two feet ! FURCHGOTT ' S In the Heart of Jacksonville at Main, Bay and Forsyth Sts. rfelp Wooded - fide. ji Do You Know About Betty Lee? She is your personal shopper at ' ' The Store Accommodating. " She is ready to select your needs with the same care that she makes her own pur- chases. Phone her at 5-7000, or send her your order by mail. Get ac- quainted with Betty Lee. IN FLORIDA IT IS Surdities Creators of ' ' Sunshine Fashions 1 ' 1 ' Miami Beach : Miami (2 stores) : Palm Beach T L,et ' s Qet the CjoXv-IDoWn Sh-h-h-h-h! c hey tell me . . . IjOe wonder . ctfere ' tis! Sigma Kappa HESE irls built a lovely new house this year but no one can quite figure out how they will pay for it since they failed to get all the pledges they wanted. A tough break for the Sig K ' s. Their house has certainly helped them overcome their previous inferiority complex. Their dance at the Prom was a WOW! Mike Houser was right there — how ' s your knee, Mike? Morrison and Wharton seem to be keeping that Well of Loneliness from running dry. Ray has sorta ' deserted the K. D ' s. . . . more power to you Deetsie. That ' s a knockout ring that Dot Wing wears on her left hand. It must be great. H BO-DO-DEE-O-DE! " Goldiggers of College Ave. " OPE Gervais Prentiss improved her technique at Prom — she certainly tried. Heard Ham Miller was afraid to kiss a Pi Phi because he has a gold tooth in his mouth. Oh, he ' s tight like that! Lyle surely had a popular date at the Prom — all the girls are hogs about Monkey. Someone asked what had happened to Mamie Tatum ' s car, don ' t guess they knew that it has joined a sorority. The S. A. E. Rogue ' s Gallery that Ellen, Lyle and Jean fixed up bore a striking resemblance to the boys, Charlie Kittel especially. Darwin must have been right. We wonder how the " Schoolgirl " from St. Petersburg finds the atmosphere at Florida State? Yes, the Vogue does have pretty dresses, reasonable, too. Well, poop-poop-a-doop ! J. HEIR page in history has just begun. We ' ll know more about you later. Y Crash! ES? THEY DID! What ' s happened to your old power? Put your old timers to work — get some more Lucie Davises and Baby Latimers. Should girls suffer, though, for your mistakes? Look before you leap next time. Try co-operation. Janet Wills seems to have kept up the morale of the chapter this year. Since when did Cotillion go T. N. E.? THINGS GOOD TO EAT 2 PHONES 83 P. T. Mickler ' s Service Store J. 0. Williams Tallahassee ' s Oldest Jeweler Gifts of Quality for Every Occasion Special Attention Given to Our Repair Department We Strive to Please J 1181 , S. Monroe Street Phone 65 The Goody Shop Incorporated Masonic Building :: Tallahassee, Florida ' THE PLACE TO GET GOOD THINGS TO EAT ' Alplha Oniicroin Pi A ACKARDS do help quite a bit and your dance at Prom really raised your stock. Can ' t you do something about Rosebud, figuratively speaking? You ' re just like one big, happy family! B Me-ow! REAK that ice — we all have bad qualities to cover, too — after all ice is trans- parent. Take off those whiskers, we see those bowlegs! Now Arlene, where did you get those mumps? You might have left them in Gainesville where you found them. Jane, when one ' s grade depends on one ' s neighbor, friendliness is essential. " Oh, she ' s SO different! " Phil, who is she? Polish up on your dirt, girls, it ' s most time for rushing. Lanibda Delta and Chi Gamnia " We Offer You Congratulations! " AY, does that old K. D. house talk ? We are glad that Dot Yerxa had a nice time at the Prom. Barbara, who ' s your friend in Tampa? Thelma, do something about that hair — is that a Phi Mu complex? You have a good start on the campus. Keep it up ! B OBBIE KROME, after your restrictions how does it feel to be " naughty and yet be nice? " It ' s a pleasure to know someone as attractive and as oblivious to the fact as Mary Chattie Stackhouse. " He ' s A Honey! " N ICE new house, nice new pledges, nice new spirit. It ' s a shame that Dot New- man had to break with Pay Day but he just couldn ' t write letters that she was proud to read to all of the girls! I hear that Evelyn has broken her Sigma Nu pledge and is seriously considering another. Well, everyone certainly kept their eyes on the two young gentlemen in white linens at the K. D. tea dance. Dot Robinson has gone slicker on us, she even works up Georgia way. Give us a break, Dot! We wonder what has happened to Tommy ' s car? " Did Daddy go away, baby? " We also under- stand that Eleanor McClearen ' s middle name is spelled Macon and pronounced MAKE-EM ! Well, Chester, make up your mind ! YOU CAN ALWAYS ENJOY A BOTTLE OF cca As Sanitary as Sunshine Inspect Our Plant Tallahassee Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 1010 South St. Michaels Street, Tallahassee, Fla. Telephone 9 THE LEWIS STATE BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Florida ' s Oldest Bank — Began Business in 1856 INVITES YOUR ACCOUNT RESOURCES OVER $3,000,000 T Rah!— College! HESE girls really stick together in every political and social event on the cam- pus. There should be more like them. Mary Lou Key and Dot Treadwell shared honors with the lead in Junior Minstrel. We hear that Betty Bell made a talk in art appreciation class the other day — however, she seemed to have a little trouble in distinguishing between " The Laughing Cavalier " and " Mona Lisa. " M Theta Upsilom ARY SETTLE has brought quite a bit of fame to you this year. Alice, how are your men? Mary Katherine Parker ' s voice was at its best in Junior Minstrel, she felt her importance in the lead and carried it off w r ell. The Original Hot-Box! X. T ' S early rushing, C. P., so you ' d better practice up on fainting. Now, seriously, how can they let such rushing go on? You could at least be polite when other sororities call for dates. But there, we won ' t fuss about it, for after all it ' s a point in our favor. It ' s a shame that other Freshmen couldn ' t enjoy the Prom too. Some- one told us that the A. D. Pi ' s are wholesome girls. Yeah, any of them hold some six quarts. Ask Buddy Fraleigh, he knows. I Zeta Tail Alpha T ' S a shame that your mainstays and claims to fame are graduating this year. We are speaking of Sora, Mary, and Mattox. Sorry, but we don ' t have more of that personal touch for you. X HEY ' RE all sweet girls BUT . . . What are you going to do without Mary Lamb and Idella Wells? Katharine, just how many cuts have you gotten this year for being late to classes? Could it possibly be another case of — consider the source? T ugrna bigmna bigmia HE only girls on the campus with late date privileges. This has been a big year for Alice Evans. We are proud of the reputation that you ' ve built up in Gaines- ville. Yes? Th Delta Phi Epsilon E reserve of the campus, let us know that you ' re here sometime. " 7 DAFFIN THEATRE " The Talk of the Town " C. E. DAFFIN, Manager-Director Tallahassee, Florida " If it is the best picture you ' ll ! see it at Daffin ' s first. " { Bill: " That girl you go with is a smart little gold digger. " Dan: " Then all I have to say is, she ' s a mighty poor geologist. " .1 I Sanitary Barber The Super Service Shop THE PLACE FOR YOUR WIND-BLOWN BOB A J. W. McDaniel, Proprietor 119 E. College Ave. Phone 330 Where Better Things Cost Less FOR YOUR LUNCHES AND PARTIES and anything you want to eat - — Go to — T. B. Byrd Son FINE GROCERIES and EVERYTHING TO EAT TELEPHONE 1 GRENADA $1A.50 BEAUTIFUL SHOES ♦ SOLD ONLY BY I. MILLER AGENCIES 10 ANOTHER of the many Grenada Beauti- ful Shoes that prove in charming styles, long wear and fine fit — how mueh value we give you for this low ten-fifty price. All the season ' s fashionable materials — The Vogue Shoe Parlor iMILLER ' Tallahassee, Fla. Ikj autfutfhoa zT-y 2 3- • ? JONES BROS. Duval and Laura Streets JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Six Floors of Modern FURNITURE 1! " FLORIDA ' S FURNITURE MART ♦ L. Tully ' s Cash Grocery MARKET CAFE FILLING STATION Tires Tubes Accessories | Clean : Quick : Prompt Service PHONE 706 Open Day and Night Tallahassee Florida 1 J Candidates for A.B., B.S. or a cer- ♦ tificate should include this course t in their curriculum, leading to ! A ilfM£i ee of iii 2I4 I ii ' it I A degree of practical value in Home Heating ifQf Cleanliness Economy ♦ Convenience { Efficiency { Smokeless Sootless J SEMET-SOLVAY COKE i ADAMS-ROWE NORMAN J SOUTHERN SALES AGENTS i j Brown-Marx Building Birmingham, Alabama { | THE EXCHANGE BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $50,000.00 Member Federal Reserve System ! THIS SPACE DONATED BY J A FRIEND AND WELL-WISHER { OF THE J FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN ADAMS STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS THAT PLEASE PHONE 297 TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA J [ 0$ IvxWesV to (jiSc aryyerx COMPLIMENTS OF Remington-Rand Business Service, Inc. 6-B Atlantic Bank Annex Building Jacksonville, Florida Nina Creel : ' ' Yes, when I came on the stage in the Junior minstrel the audience sat there open-mouthed. " Betty Bell: " Oh, nonsense! They never yawn all at once. " Dr. Bellamy: " What kind of tree produces an eggplant? " Dr. Kurz : " Ah, I have it — a Poultree. " Ask for Montagus Fashionable Writing Papers Manufactured by MONTAG BROTHERS Incorporated Atlanta, Ga. New York City L£ 4 Knowledge plus character and ideals are the powerful factors in shaping the destiny of the student, community, state and nation. This quotation embodies the ideals upon which America has progressed and prospered. " Let us develop the resources of our land Cull forth its powers Build its institutions and achieve. Promote all its great interests And see whether we also in our day and ! General ion may not perform some- | thing worthy j To he re me inhered. " I — Daniel Webster. The challenge lies with the young men and women, the coming genera- tion, who are passing out through the portals of the institutions of learning into the world to master We bid you one and all success. » { another Qoose 1930 Teacher may I go for a swim? Yes, my darling daughter. Take 1 ,000,000,000 showers before you go in But don ' t go near the water! When Sophomore dues are promptly paid, And the road to the gym is paved ; When the profs, all take your alibi — Why — I ' ll be in my grave. Georgia Porgie, Theta Chi — Kissed the girls, or made a try. " I heard his dad had lots of kale . . . " What ' s that? You ' re writing him next mail? " Little Miss Moffet Sat on a tuffet, Discreetly lighting? — Oh well! (I always did say That for " Art ' s " sake, the way They censor things, surely is — Good night! (Censored Again!) Little Jack Horner Sat in a corner Eating some dining-room pie. He stuck in his thumb And pulled out a plum ( ?) And said, " Ye gawds! they had this last time! " There was a grim Sophomore, one day, Observing some Freshmen at play. Her hand at her brow, She wailed " My cow, " " Tell me not was ever that way! " There once was a Senior from Tampa, Who slept on a ship while at anchor. She woke in dismay, when she heard the mate say : " H ' ist up the top sheets, boys, and spanker! " r r SINCE the far-gone days when F. S. W. C. was the West Florida Seminary, boasting a mere handful of students, Wilson ' s has striven to fill the needs, general and specific, of the college girl. Each year has brought new patronage from the ranks of the college. We take this opportunity of express- ing our appreciation of your patronage. P. W. WIPSON COMPANY Established in 1837 75 years young . . . ' I HE year 1930 marks the 75th Anniversary of the founding - - by Columbus Drew of a small job printing plant which through the superior quality of its workmanship and the depend- ability of its service has grown to be the most complete establish- ment of its kind in Florida and one of the largest in the South. Those of you whom we have had the pleasure of serving while in college, have contributed in no small measure to this success, and we take this opportunity to thank you for your patronage and to express the hope that we will continue to have the privilege of serving you whenever you need anything produced by Drew ' s! l EXPERT FRAMING OF SHEEPSKIN DIPLO MAS TheH. W. B. DREW COMPANY Florida ' s Leading Stationers JACKSONVILLE ADAMS STUDIO Tallahassee, Fla. ADAMS, ROWE AND NORMAN Birmingham, Ala. BURDINE ' S Miami, Fla. { T. B. BYRD AND SON Tallahassee, Fla. [ j COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Tallahassee, Fla. j COHEN BROTHERS Jacksonville, Fla. j DAFFIN THEATER Tallahassee, Fla. j H. AND W. B. DREW CO Jacksonville, Fla. I EXCHANGE BANK Tallahassee, Fla. j FLORIDA POWER AND LIGHT CO. Miami, Fla. J j FOOTE AND DAVIES CO Atlanta, Ga. j i FURCHGOTT ' S Jacksonville, Fla. j j GRANT FURNITURE CO Tallahassee, Fla. j j JONES BROS. Jacksonville, Fla. j ! KATZ LADIES ' SHOP Tallahassee, Fla. j j KINGAN AND COMPANY Jacksonville, Fla. j LEON COUNTY MILK CO. Tallahassee, Fla. j LEWIS STATE BANK Tallahassee, Fla. ! MAE ' S SHOP Tallahassee, Fla. j MANGEL ' S Jacksonville, Fla. J MAXWELL ' S PHARMACY Tallahassee, Fla. I P. T. MICKLER ' S Tallahassee, Fla. j j MONTAG BROTHERS, Inc Atlanta, Ga. j | PILLSBURY FLOUR MILLS CO. Jacksonville, Fla. ! QUALITY SHOP . Jacksonville, Fla. j ♦ REMINGTON-RAND BUSINESS SERVICE, Inc., Jacksonville, Fla. J SANITARY BARBER SHOP Tallahassee, Fla. j j SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING CO. Atlanta, Ga. TAMPA DRUG CO Tampa, Fla. J ! THE DUTCH KITCHEN Tallahassee, Fla. THE GOODY SHOP Tallahassee, Fla. THE VOGUE Tallahassee, Fla. J TULLY ' S CASH GROCERY Tallahassee, Fla. j VOGUE SHOE PARLOR Tallahassee, Fla. WILLIAMS JEWELRY STORE Tallahassee, Fla. P. W. WILSON AND CO. Tallahassee, Fla. AN APPRECIATION Of the co-operation of the staff; the efforts and interest of the Faculty Com- mittee, Dr. Conradi and Mr. Kellum; the ii excellent service given by Adams Studio, Southwestern Engraving Company and Foote and Davies Company; of the assist- ance of the advertisers; and of the stu- dents whose encouragement hns been an incentive to better work. SARAH CALDWELL, BLANCHE CORNELL. j i f ■■l jll ■» 1 ' - ' ' vi k _ " V II - ■pi ■

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