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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Cover

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THE FLASTACOWO OP NINETEEN TWENTY EIGHT ■ 1928 COPYRIGHT Harriet Holt, Editor Emilie Blackburn, Business Manager THE FLASTACOWO OF NINETEEN TWENTY EIGHT FLORIDA S T A TE COLLEGE WOMEN TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA jjtlllfft B llli i : : 2 S : I ° |) 2f : : jnnn: Wi i5§B Wmv CONTENTS The College The Classes Organizations Fraternities Athletics The Features FOREWORD AS lore frames the characters -of mythology, painting them into beautiful pictures, so may the contents of this book frame your memories and color them with the radiant hues of friend- ship. It is with this hope that we present this volume to the students of the Flordia State College. D E D I CATION III grateful recognition of him who has, since his association with our Alma Mater, served her unreservedly and main- tained steadfastly her high ideals, we dedicate to Edward Conradi THIS, THE FIFTEENTH VOLUME OF THE FLASTACOWO D E D I CATION THE COLLEGE BOOK v ' V v..-. " ?» i ,r • ' »» I f% s 9f mr " I -A ■ ' 1 ... m ,mm pa 1 " ••.• ■ - - •- • ■ , ' ►■• it 4k. ' i • i i ; ■ . » " " : " ; V„ . " ' „ ■i- ■■ -M • A ' • - 9 " 1 " " ' ,. I ' " ■ " " • Board of Control P. K. Yonce, LL.D., Chairman . Pensacola E. L. Wartmann Cltra Edward W. Lane Jacksonville A. H. Blanding Bartow W. B. Davis Perry J. T. Diamond Tallahassee State Board of Education John W. Martin, President Governor H. Clay Crawford Secretary of Stale J. C. Luning State Treasurer Fred H. Davis Attorney General W. S. Cawthon, Secretary . State Supt. Public Instruction Omcers of Administration Edward Conradi, Ph.D President Arthur Williams, A.M Vice President William George Dodd, Ph.D. . . Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Nathaniel Moss Salley, A.B. . . . Dean, School of Education Jennie Tilt, Ph.D. . . . Acting Dean, School of Home Economics Ella Scoble Opperman, M.M. . . . Dean, School of Music Charlotte Mahone Beckham, M.A Dean of Stud-n: John Gabriel Kellum Business M«r. and Auditor Faculty and Omcers Edward Conradi, A.M., Ph.D. (Clark) President Arthur Williams, A.M. (Cambridge) Vice President, Professor of History William George Dodd, A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard) Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Professor of English Nathaniel Moss Salley, A.B. Dean, School of Education and Normal School Professor of Education Marcaret Rector Sandels, A.M. Dean, School of Home Economics Professor of Nutrition Ella Scoble Opperman, A.B., M.M. Pupil of Jedliezka in Berlin, and of Moszkowski and Guilmant in Paris Dean, School of Music, Professor of Piano and Organ Elmer Riggs Smith, A.M. Secretary, Professor of Mathematics Josiah Bethea Game, Ph.D., Litt.D. (Yale) Professor of Classics and General Literature Alban Stewart, A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard) Professor of Botany and Bacteriology Lanas Spurgeon Barber, M.A. Professor of Zoology and Horticulture Edmund Vernon Gage, A.M. Professor of Spanish Raymond Bellamy, A.M., Ph.D. (Clark) Professor of Sociology Hattie Mae Carmichael, A.M. Professor of Household Chemistry Paul Frederick Finner, Ph.D. (Wisconsin) Professor of Psychology and Director of Psychological Laboratory Inga Olla Helseth, Ph.D. (Columbia) Professor of Education Leland Judson Lewis, A.M., Ph.D. (Columbia) Professor of Chemistry Jennie Tilt, M.S., Ph.D. (Chicago) Research Professor of Nutrition and Acting Dean, School of Home Economics Harold Frederic Richards, Ph.D. (Cincinnati) Professor of Physics Mark H. De Graff, Ph.D. (Iowa) Professor of Education Bessie C. Randolph, Ph.D. (Radcliffe) Professor of Political Science and History Florence Armstrong, A.M., Ph.D ( Iowa) Professor of Economics Eleanor B. Scott, A.M., Ph.D. (Wisconsin ) Professor of English Arthur Preston Whitaker, Ph.D. (Harvard) Professor of European History •On leave of absence, 1927-28. 19 Rebecca Barnett Hubbell, Ph.D. (Yale I Professor of Foods and Nutrition William Hudson Rogers, M.A., Ph.D. (Virginia) Professor of English Herman Kurz, M.S., Ph.D. (Chicago) Professor of Botany Kathryn T. Abbey, A.M., Ph.D. (Northwestern) Professor of History Roy Asa Crouch, Ph.D. ( Missouri) Professor of Education Arthur Romayn Seymour, Ph.D. (Wisconsin) Professor of French Anne McFarland Sharpe, M.D. (Northwestern) Professor of Hygiene Walter S. Eisenmenger, M.S. Acting Professor of Physiological Chemistry Edwin Orlo Bangs, A.B. Pupil of Percy Rector Stephens and Yeatman Griffith Professor of Voice and Director of Glee Club Thomas Pollock Oakley, Ph.D. (Columbia) Acting Professor of European History Mary Hollingsworth Buford, A.B. Associate Professor of Spoken English Vivienne Robison McClatchy, Ph.D. (Chicago) Associate Professor of Psychology Anna Forbes Liddell, Ph.D. (North Carolina) Associate Professor of Philosophy Ernst Frederick Thelin, Ph.D. (Chicago) Associate Professor of Psychology Laura Veach Clark, A.M. Associate Professor of Home Economics Rowena Longmire, A.M. Assistant Professor of English Olga Larson, M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Beatrice Beyer Williams Assistant Professor of Art Olivia Nelson Dorman, A.M. Assistant Professor of Classics Emily Pitman Wilburn, B.L. Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts Margaret Potter von Falkenberg, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins) Assistant Professor of Psychology Martha Stolfus, M.A. Assistant Professor of Geography Hazel Allison Stevenson, M.A. Assistant Professor of English Etta Lucile Robertson Pupil of Yeatman Griffith Assistant Professor of Voice Myrtle Elizabeth Dolbee, A.M. Assistant Professor of Spanish and German Leila Venable, A.M. Assistant Professor Home Economics Education Emma Maud Schwalmeyer Director of Primary Division, Demonstration School Elma Williams Ealy, B.S. Director of Kindergarten Division, Demon- stration School Katherine Montgomery, A.B. Director of Physical Education Clara Farrincton Edmondson Pupil of Edouard Dethier and Cesar Thomson Assistant Professor of Violin Callie May Bliss, M.S. Assistant Professor of Textiles and Clothing Margaret Whitney Dow, B.A., B.M., A.A.G.O. Pupil of Widor and Libert Assistant Professor of Theory and Organ Luella Mary Richey, C.P.A. Assistant Professor of Accounting Zadie Lillian Phipps Co: tificate Public School Mus.c, Boston Univer- sity Assistant Professor of Public School Music Ethel Maud Tripp, B.M. P ' ipil of Zukovsky and John Finley Williamson Assistant Professor of Orchestra and Wind Instruments Albert Drummond Jones, B.A. Assistant Professor of Education Edith Macmillan, M.A. Instructor in Chemistry Gladys Olive Koch, A.B. Diploma Rockford College, Pupil of Charles W. Clark Instructor in Voice Margaret C. White, M.A. Instructor in English Elizabeth Susan Doane, A.B. Instructor in French and Spanish Lucile Grider Bass Instructor in Shorthand and Typewriting Helen Margaret Ferree Instructor in Physical Education Genevieve Crawford, M.S. Instructor in Foods and Nutrition Emma Othilde Helseth, A.M. Instructor in Education Venila Lovina Shores, A.M. Instructor in History •On leave of absence, 1927-28. Mildred Fay Henry, M.A. Instructor in English Ezda May Deviney, M.S. Instructor in Biology Edith Woodfin West, A.B. Instructor in Latin Gladys Siorrs, B.M. Postgraduate Diploma, Florida State College for Women; Pupil of Marcian Thalberg Instructor in Piano Helene Welker, A.B. Diploma Institute of Musical Arts; Pupil of Ernest Hutchison and Harold Bauer Instructor in Piano Louise Glover Davidson Diploma, Peabody Conservatory Instructor in Cello and Theory Lula Margaret Wyley Instructor in Spoken English Marjorie Hope Batchelder Instructor in Art Mary Emily Reeder Diploma Oberlin Cons rv.itory; Pupil of Louise Instructor in Piano and Piano Methods Mona Alderman, A.B., B.M. Instructor in Piano Gladys Irene Reigle Instructor in Spoken English Nell Augusta Fain, M.A. Instructor in English Cynthia Ruby Dagley, A.M. Instructor in Spanish and French Nellie Merrimon Irvin, B.S. Instructor in Physical Education Annie Kuhn Roberts, B.S. Instructor in Industrial Arts Olivia Smenner, A.M. Instructor in Clothing Clara Craig Johnson, A.B. Instructor in Spoken English Myra Burr, B.S. in Education Instructor in Physical Education Ruth Olive Schornherst, B.S, Assistant Instructor in Botany Kemper Martin Moore Instructor in Spoken English Lucy Lester, A.M. Instructor in French Mary Catherine Welborn, M.A. Instructor in History Dorothy Lois Reeves, A.M. Instructor in Spanish Ruby Ann Lorence, A.B. Graduate, Institute of Musical Art; Pupil of Yeatman Griffith Instructor in Voice WlLHELMENE BlXLER, B.S., B.M. Graduate, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Instructor in Piano Nita Katharine Pyburn, M.A. Instructor in Education Mabel F. Nichols, M.A. Instructor in Education Cora Mae Hunter, B.M. Instructor in Public School Music and Orchestra Dorothy M. Jones, A.M. Instructor in History Esther Smith, M.A. Instructor in English Anna Belle Holt, M.A. Instructor in French and Spanish Beulah B. Briley, Ph.D. ( L ' wai Instructor in Economics Ada M. Knight, B.M. Instructor in Piano Sallie A. Williams, B.S in Education Instructor in Industrial Arts Lois Pearl Inman, B.S. in Home Economics Assistant in Research Laboratory THE LIBRARY Louise Richardson, A.B. Librarian Clara Rider Hayden, B.S. in Education Assistant Librarian Frances Field Haynes, A.B. Assistant Librarian Berta C. McMurray, B.A. Assistant Librarian Doris Lemp, A.B. Assistant in Library THE TRAINING SCHOOL Ai.lie Lou Felton, M.A. Superintendent of Training School Leonora Smith, M.A. Critic Teacher Peri ha Frances Clark, Ed.B., Critic Teacher Evelyn Mudge, B.S. in Education Critic Teacher Bertha Winn Finner, B.S. in Education Critic Teacher Rosa Longmire Williams Critic Teacher Sylvia Roseman, A.B. in Education Critic Teacher Mattie Louise Horne, A.B. in Education Critic Teacher Helen Claire Renner, A.B. in Education Critic Teacher Lou Egerton Whitfield, A.B., B.S. in Education Critic Teacher ♦On leave of absence, 1927-28. Home Demonstration Work Flavia Gleason State Agent Virginia Pearl Moore, L.I. Assistant State Agent Lucy Belle Settle, B.S. District Agent Ruby McDavid District Agent Mary Adams Stennis, M.A. Specialist in Nutrition and Dairy Mary Ellen Keown, M.S. District Agent Ruby Geddie Richardson Secretary, Extension Department Laura Alice Richardson Stenographer, Extension Department Mrs. H. E. Neel Stenographer, Extension Department Leo Applegate, B.S. in C.E. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Isabelle Thursby, B.S. Food and Marketing Specialist Jessie McNeill Secretary to the President, and Registrar Amelia Keipp Clark Chief Clerk Alice Henderson Secretary to the Business Manager Sue Pitchford, B.S. Bookkeeper Helen Beatrice Parker Secretary to the Deans and Placement Bureau Bessie Mae Miller, A.B. Secretary to the Dean of Students Carrie Garnett Smith Clerk in Registrar ' s Office Other Officers Secretaries, Bookkeepers and Stenographers Maude Dole Stenographer, Registrar ' s Office Pearl Hentz Cashier Carmen Dull Stenographer, Business Office Luna Bowdoin, B.S. in Education Secretary to the Dean of the School of Edu- cation Sallie Emmett Nicholson, A.B. Manager of Bookstore Eva Richardson Clerk in Bookston Danie Baker Assistant Bookkeeper Residence Halls Agnes Edwards, B.A. Director Off-Campus Housing and Vocational Information Virginia Turnbull Sloan. A.B. Director Residence Halls Mamie Rena Andrews Social Director of Reynolds Hall Eliza Hood Denham Social Director of Jennie Murphree Hall Kathryn Darlington Shipp Social Director of Broward Hall Marcaret Shaw Saynor Social Director of Gilchrist Hall Floy Lamroux Steinmeyer Social Director of Jennie Murphree Hall Lollie Luella Wimberly Social Director of Bryan Hall Flossie MacDonald Curry Night Assistant to Social Directors Eva Moseley Bellinger Office Secretary for the Residence Halls Mrs. Howard V. Crutcher Night Assistant Ella Brewer Williams, A.B. in Education Secretary of the Y. W. C. A. The Infirmary May Clare Robertson, M.D. ( Tulane) College Physician Helen Morton Hunt, R.N. Head Nurse Mary Courtney Nicholson, R.N. Assistant Nurse The Dining Hall Anna May Tracy Dietitian and Associate Professor of Institu- tional Economics Norma V. Bauer, B.S. Assistant Dietitian Ina Barbee Assistant Dietitian THE CLASSES Mary Maxine McClearen THOMASVILLE, GA. A.B. in Latin A A A, H S , A X A, X A $, $ K 3 Freshman Cabinet (i) ; Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (2) ; Asso- ciate Editor Flastacowo (2); Editor-in-Chief Flastacowo (3); Vice-President Class (3) ; Delegate to C. I. E. Conference (3) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Health Committee (2); Press Board (3); Senate (3, 4); Torchbearers (4); Class President (4); Class Soccer Team (4). lenior CI ass Officers Maxine McClearen President Anne Page , Vice President Mary Huffaker Secretary Julia Tompkies Treasurer Mary Simpson Yarbrough Parlia mentarian Mary McCall Athletic Manager 26 Senior Class Zella Adams WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. A.B. in English n K 2 Class Soccer Team (3) ; Swimming Team (3). Lena Blanche Alderman STARKE, FLA. A.B. in Commerce K A e History and Social Science Club (1); Home Economics Club (1); Orchestra (3, 4) ; Auditing Committee (3, 4). Alberta Arnold GROVELAND, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics Evelyn Claire Barnett PALATKA, FLA. A.B. in Commerce 2 K, B i 0, A X A, $ K $ Assistant Editor " Flambeau " (3) ; Edi- tor-in-Chief " Flambeau " (4) ; Usher Committee (3); Torchbearers ; Social Committee (4). i enior CI ass Geraldine Barnett WHITE SPRINGS, FLA. B.M. in Public School Music K A Musical Twelve. Mamie Barnett AVON PARK, FLA. A.B. in Latin 9 2$, «i K $ Secretary Classical Club (3) ; Chairman (4) ; Senate (4) House Carmen Catherine Bartlett TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Education Directorate of Education Society (1, 2) ; Secretary of Education Society (2) ; Vice-President El Club Espanol (2). Doris Maye Bartlett WINTER HAVEN, FLA. B.S. in Sociology A Z Secretary Pan-Hellenic (3) ; (4) ; President Pan-Hellenic Senate (4)- Senior Class Cassandra Bashford TAMPA, FLA. B.S. in Education Isabel Becker FLORIDA CITY, FLA. A.B. in English Treva Lou Blanton PERRY, FLA. B.S. in Cliemistry Spanish Club (2). Gertrude Anna Boyd FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. A.B. in Psychology K A 9 1 CL enior .lass Carline Boykin CHATTAHOOCHEE, FLA. AM. e Dorothy Boysen CORAL GABLES, FLA. AM. Lois Bradford WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. B.S. in Psychology ATA Orchesus (3,4) ; President Orchesus (3, 4) ; Neart (2, 3, 4) ; Chairman Even Demonstration (3) ; " Flastacowo " Staff (3) ; Campus Health Committee (3, 4) ; Campus Social Committee (4). Verta Bradley TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B.S. in Education ►enior CI ass Ruth M. Bradshaw LAKE JOVETS, FLA. B.S. in Education G Louise Branning ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. B.S. in Education n B $ Glee Club (i). Mary Elizabeth Brannon LAKE CITY, FLA. B.S. in Education A Z Martha Branscombe UNION SPRINGS, ALA. A.B, in Modern Languages .2 K Class Volley Ball (2, 3, 4) ; Even Vol- ley Ball (2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Volley Ball (2) ; Class Hockey (3) ; Even Cheer Leader (2, 3, 4) ; Even Baseball (2, 3) ; Treasurer Y. W. C. A. (3); Class Parliamentarian (3); Class Council; " F " Club; Torchbearers; French Club. Senior CI ass Zella Katherine Brashear ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. B.S. in Education Frances D. Brown ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. B.S. A E Mary Louise Brown QUITMAN, GA. A.B. in English Mildred D. Brown MIAMI BEACH, FLA. A.B. in Commerce (enior CI ass Ruth Burgin MIAMI, FLA. A.B. in History Glee Club (4). Nina Louise Byrd JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in English X ft Freshman Cabinet (1) ; Cot ' llion Club (1, 2, 3, 4.) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (4). Mary Cabrera KEY WEST, FLA. B.M. in Public School Music B T President Spanish Club (2) ; Orchestra (2, 3, 4) ; Band (3, 4) ; Musical Twelve (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil (4). Kathryn L. Carlin MIAMI, FLA. B.S. in Chemistry K A e Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cab ' net (2) ; History Social Science Club (2) ; Student Assistant Chemistry Depart- ment (3). »enior CI ass Carrie Ethelyn Chapman DELAND, FLA. B.S. in Bacteriology A K Class Hockey Team (2, 3) ; Even Hockey Team (2, 3) ; Varsity Hockey Team (3) ; Class Baseball (2, 3) ; Even Baseball (2, 3) ; Varsity Baseball (2) ; " F " Club; Fire Captain (4). Charlotte Blanchard Chazal OCALA, FLA. A.B. in Education A Z Glee Club (2). Anne Choate ORLANDO, FLA. A.B. a a n Glee Club (2) ; Cotillion Club. Elizabeth Alice Cole ALBANY, N. Y. B.S. in Home Economics Senior Class Alice Collins TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A.B. Almeade Collins PERRY, FLA. A.B. in Commerce Orchestra (i, 2, 3, 4). Elizabeth Regina Combs MIAMI, FLA. A.B. in English ATA Glee Club (2, 3, 4) ; College Point Committee (3). Jeane Compton TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B.M. in Piano 2 k, b n e Certificate in Piano (2), •enior CI ass Florence Adella Conklin MIAMI BEACH, FLA. B.S. in Chemistry K A 9 Spanish Club (2) ; Class Treasurer (3) ; Business Manager " Distaff " (3) ; Usher Committee (3) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Senior Representative Judiciary (4) ; Senate (4) ; Social Committee (4). Louisa May Conradi TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A.B. in History 2 K Usher Committee (3) ; Secretary His- tory Forum (3); President History Forum (4). Eugenia Cookman ORLANDO, FLA. A.B. in Mathematics A$, X A i , $ K i Freshman Commission (1) ; Class Bas- ketball (2, 3, 4) ; Even Basketball (3) ; Class Soccer (3) ; Even Soccer (3) ; Swimming (3); " F " Club; Secretary Classical Club (2); Torchbearers ; Ex- ecutive Committee C. G. A. ; Repre- sentative Southern Intercollegiate Asso- c ' ation of Student Government (3) ; Secretary Class (3) ; Usher Commit- tee (3). Jewell Genevieve Cooper MIAMI, FLA. B.S. in Commerce " F " Club; Class Baseball (1, 3); Even Baseball (1, 3) ; Varsity Base- ball (1) ; Class Volley Ball (1) ; Class Soccer (3) ; Fire Lieutenant (2) ; Auditing Committee (3, 4). Senior CI ass Dempsey Creary BAGDAD, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics AAA, ON Freshman Cabinet Y. W. C. A. ( i ) Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (i) Smaller Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3) Vice-President Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Class Athletic Manager (1, 2); Class Bas- ketball (1, 2); Even Basketball (1); Class Hockey Team (1, 2); Even Hockey Team (1, 2) ; Varsity Hockey (1); Class Baseball (1); Even Base- ball (1); Varsity Baseball (1); Track Team (1); " F " Club; Home Eco- nomics Club; " Flastacowo " Staff (2); Broward House Chairman (4) ; Judi- ciary (4) ; Senate (4) ; Delegate to National Student Conference at Mil- waukee (3); Athlet ' c Board (4); Torchbearers (4). Helen Frazier Cubberly GAINESVILLE, FLA. A.B. in English ATA Freshman Commission (1); Press Board (1, 2, 3, 4); Senate (4); Orchesus (3, 4). Alice Cullen OCALA, FLA. A.B. in English AAA Freshman Cabinet (1); Senate (4). Melissa C. Darby DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics K A 0, $ K ■$, O N Freshman Commission (1); Orchestra (1, 2, 3); Secretary C. G. A. (2); Chairman Usher Committee (3); Ju- diciary (4) ; Senate (4) ; President C. G. A. (4) ; Torchbearers (4) ; Smaller Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Delegate to W. I. A. S. G. Conference (4). 1 i Senior CI ass Marion Waterman Davis MIAMI, FLA. A.B. k a e Glee Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Secretary and Treasurer Glee Club (4) ; Auditing Committee (3). Doris E. Dean ORLANDO, FLA. B.S. in Education Virginia Dean ORLANDO, FLA. A.B. in Latin k t , h 2 , Bne Eleanor Delaney ORMOND BEACH, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics $K$, ON Health Committee (3) ; Chairman Health Committee (4). CL tenior lass Emily Alice Dorsey GAINESVILLE, FLA. B.S. in Chemistry A E Glee Club (3, 4) ; Senior Basketbal Team (4); Swimming Team (3). Edithe Irene Draa MIMS, FLA. A.B. in Modern Languages Erma Marie Drayer JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Education Dorothy Driver TAMPA, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics X S2 tenior CI ass Hugh etta Evans LAKELAND, FLA. B.S. in Bacteriology V V V Freshman Cabinet (i); Pan-Hellenic Council (4) ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3) ; Usher Committee (3) ; " Flam- beau " Staff (2, 3) ; Campus Social Committee (3) ; Class Secretary (2). Mary Knight Falk KEY WEST, FLA. B.S. in Mathematics B T Vice-President Spanish Club (3). Cleo Fengin ORLANDO, FLA. A.B. in Matliematics ATA, $ K $ Scientific Society (2, 4). Mary Celia Feinberg LEESBURG, FLA. A.B. in Modern Languages Class Soccer Team (2, 3) ; Fire Cap- tain (4) ; Health Committee (4). Senior Class Harriet A. Fletcher TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in English x o, b n e Beneva Flowers JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B.S. in Education Hazel Flower ORLANDO, FLA. A.B. in Mathematics ATA Class Basketball (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Even Basketball (1, 3) ; Varsity Basketball (1, 3) ; Class Soccer Team (3) ; Even Soccer Team (3) ; Track Team (1, 2) Swimming Team (1, 2, 3) ; " F " Club Athletic Board (3) ; Fire Captain (3) House Chairman (4) ; Senate (4) Health Committee (3); Orchesus (3, 4) ; Usher Committee (3) ; History Forum. Alice Augusta Forsburg DADE CITY, FLA. A.B. in Latin H S , $ K enior CI ass Kate Agnes Forster ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. A.B. in Classics II 2 Spanish Club (2). Grace I. Fox LAKELAND, FLA. A.B. in Education Class Volley Ball Team (2, 3) ; Class Soccer Team (2, 3) ; Even Soccer Team (2) ; Class Baseball Team (2, 3); " F " Club; Freshman Commission (1); Finance Committee Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Education Directorate (3, 4) ; President Education Society (3) ; Chairman Point Committee (4) ; Senate (4) ; Student Assistant in Physical Edu- cation (4). Evelyn Galphin FERNANDINA, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics Leslie Gray JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in English A A II, A X A Freshman Commission (1) ; Treasurer C. G. A. (2) ; " Flastacowo " Staff (2) ; " Flambeau " Staff (3); Senate (3); Social Committee (4). Senior Class Ruby Lee Gray PENSACOLA, FLA. A.B. in Commerce Ruth Gray MILLVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Education History and Social Science Club (i); History Forum (4). Joanna Hagg LAKE WORTH, FLA. A.B. k $, b n e Le Cercle Francais. Dorothy Hale TAMPA, FLA. B.S. in Education A E Health Committee (4), Orchesus (3, 4) Senior Class Ella Elizabeth Hammond HAWTHORNE, FLA. B.S. in Education Margaret Mabel Hatch DUNEDIN, FLA. A.B. in Psychology A i History and Social Science Glub (i); Freshman Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (2, 3, 4) ; History Forum (3) ; Glee Club (3) ; Advisory Board Y. W. C. A. (3). Lois Hawkins QUINCY, FLA. A.B. in Latin H 2 i , $ K i Freshman Commission; " F " Club; Class Baseball (1, 2, 3) ; Even Base- ball (1, 2, 3); Varsity Baseball (1, 2, 3) ; Class Soccer Team (2, 3) ; Even Soccer Team (2, 3) ; Varsity Soccer (2, 3) ; Class Athletic Manager (2, 3) ; Fire Captain (3) ; Senate (4) ; Class Council (3); Fire Chief (4); Vice- President Classical Club (3) ; Class Volley Ball Team (4). Sara Elizabeth Henderson PLANT CITY, FLA. A.B. in Education A f Glee Club (1, 2). Senior CI ass Gertrude Anna Heering ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. B.S. in Education K A n, $ A 9, $ K I Directorate of Education Society (3, 4); Treasurer History Forum (3); Secretary History Forum (4) ; Smaller Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; F. K. T. Club. Helen Elizabeth Hinson FT. LAUDERDALE, FLA. B.S. in Mathematics B T Senior Representative of Education Directorate (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil (4). Hazel Eugenia Holtzclaw ROSELAND, FLA. A.B. in English Grace Earle Hough TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A.B. in Latin A A 11 enior CI ass Mary Bryan Huffaker BARTOW, FLA. A.B. in English K A 6, X A $ Freshman Commission (i); Class Hockey Team (i, 2, 3) ; Even Hockey Team (1); " Flambeau " Staff (2); " Distaff " Staff (4) ; Class Secretary (4) Myrtle Alberta Jennings JENNINGS, FLA. A.B. in Education Dorothy M. Jordan SARASOTA, FLA. A.B. in History Minnie E. Kehoe CORAL GABLES, FLA. A.B. in Spanish 2 K CL tenior Vjlass Mary Knight BRANDON, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics Helen Frances Langslow TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A.B. in Commerce Daisy Dean Littlejohn LAKE WALES, FLA. A.B. in Education Mary Carolyn Logan OCALA, FLA. A.B. in History A Z, S A 9, $ K $ Freshman Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (i); Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (2); Finance Committee Y. W. C. A. (2, 3) ; Vice-President Current History Forum (3) ; Treasurer Current History Forum (4) ; House Chairman (4) ; Senate (4). Senior Class Gladys Lisabeth Long SLATER, MO. A.B. in Education II B $ Mary Elizabeth Love LAKELAND, FLA. A.B. in History a a n V. V. Club. Ruth Elizabeth Lowe KEY WEST, FLA. B.S. in Education Alice Law Mallard LANSDOWN, PA. B.S. in Bacteriology ATA Orchesus (3, 4) ; Campus Social Com- mittee (3). Senior Class Elizabeth Malcomb MIAMI, FLA. A.B. in Latin B T, II 2 $ Senate (4) ; House Chairman (4) Margaret Marshall LAKELAND, FLA. A.B. in English Z T A Usher Committee (3). Mary Elizabeth McCall MONTICELLO, FLA. A.B. in English A I Class Hockey Team (2, 3) ; Even Hockey Team (2, 3); Class Baseball Team (2, 3); Varsity Baseball Team (3); Even Volley Ball Team (3); Varsity Volley Ball Team (3); " F " Club (3, 4) ; Usher Committee (3) ; Class Representative Senate (4) ; Ath- letic Manager (4). Erezelle McCallum DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, FLA. A.B. in Education Spanish Club (2). Senior CI ass Christine Morton McKenney ORLANDO, FLA. A.B. in English II B $ Martha McKim ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. B.S. in Education Emily McPhail ATLANTA, GA. A.B. in History A A n Chairman Even Demonstration (2, 4) ; Chairman of Junior Minstrel (3) ; Sen- ate (4) ; Chairman Social Committee (4) ; Social Committee (3, 4) ; Nearts. Elinor Blake Miller KEY WEST, FLA. A.B. in English X O Senior CI ass Joanna Mizell LAKELAND, FLA. A.B. in Education Z T A, $ K Scientific Society, Usher Committee (3); Pan-Hellenic (3, 4). Harriet Jane Monroe ORLANDO, FLA. A.B. in English ATA Freshman Commission (1); Usher Committee (3); Class Volley Ball Team (4). Adeline Moore TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Commerce Freshman Commission (1); Class Representative C. G. A. (2) ; Senate (3); Soccer Team (3); Fire Cap- tain (4). Dolores Morant JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Education I New Organizations Comm ' ttee (4) Directorate of Education Society (4) Senior CI ass Grace Edna Morgan MIAMI, FLA. A.B. in English Usher Committee (3); " Flambeau ' Staff ( 3l 4). Esther Roxana Moulton TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Education Soccer Class Team (2) ; F. K. T. Club. Claire Anna Murphy JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in English A A n, X A $, A X A Board of Directors of " Flambeau " (2) ; Editor " Distaff " (4); Senate (4). Mary Ruth Murphy MIAMI, FLA. A.B. in English 2 K, A X A Torchbearer, Orchesus (3, 4) ; Pres- ident of Junior Class (3) ; Freshman Cabinet (1) ; Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (2) ; " F " Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Business Manager of " Flastacowo " (2) ; Ath- letic Editor " Flambeau " (2, 4) ; Stu- dent Teacher Physical Education De- partment (4) ; Class Hockey Team (1, 2, 3) ; Even Hockey Team (1, 2, 3) ; Class Baseball Team (2) ; Social Com- mittee (4) ; Secretary of Athletic Asso- ciation (2) ; Senate (3) ; Chairman of Ceremony of Fealty (3). Senior Class Evelyn O ' Doniel LAKELAND, FLA. A.B. Anne Greene Page JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in English K A Freshman Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (i); Smaller Cabinet Y. W. C. A. ( i, 2) ; Vice-President Class (2, 4) ; Chairman May Day (2) ; Social Committee (2) ; Vice-President C. G A. (3) ; Judiciary (3); Senate (3); " Flambeau " Staff (3) ; President Torch Bearers (4) ; Delegate to W. J. A. S. G. Trinity- College (3). Eunice Parker TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B.M. in Piano 2 K Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Certificate in Piano (3); Certificate in Voice (4). May Denham Partridge MONTICELLO, FLA. A.B. in Latin ATA, B n 9, H 2 I , I K $ Class Basketball (3, 4). •enior CI ass Portia Loraine Phillips PENSACOLA, FLA. A.B. in Latin H 2 p, J K p Spanish Club (i). Kathleen Isabel Platt JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Matliematics X A 4 Treasurer Education Society (i); Sec- retary Education Society (2) ; Secretary Press Board (3) ; Y. W. C. A. Finance Committee (3) ; Smaller Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Senate (4) ; House Chairman (4). Helen Potter MIAMI, FLA. A.B. in Education Anne Kenney Prewitt MT. STERLING, KY. A.B. in English n B $ V. V. Club (3) ; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil (4). Senior Class Mabel Daisy Priest OCALA, FLA. A.B. in Commerce R T L.I. in Primary (2) ; Auditing Com- mittee (4). Louise Graham Quarterman QUINCY, FLA. A.B. in English b n e Freshman Commission (1); Le Cercle Francais (2) ; Glee Club (2) ; Fire Lieutenant (3) ; House Chairman (4) ; Senate (4). Elizabeth Scott Reynolds MONROE, GA. A.B. in Mathematics A Z Mildred Euline Rhodes JASPER, FLA. A.B. in Education Spanish Club (3, 4). Senior CI Class Team Forum ass Louise Robles TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Education Soccer Team (2) ; Baseball (2) ; Vice-President History (4) ; Student Assistant in Physical Education (4). Elizabeth Rocers LIVF. OAK, FLA. A.B. i:i Latin A A A, II 2 p Class Parliamentarian (2). Virginia Jordan Romph MIAMI, FLA. A.B. in English 2 K Associate Editor of " Distaff " (4) ; Campus Social Committee (3) ; Glee Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2); Iris Rudland JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B.S. in Matliemaiics X A , B n 9, $ K Class Hockey Team (1, 2, 3); Even Hockey Team (2, 3) ; Class Volley Ball Team (3); " F " Club (3, 4); Classical Club (1, 2); Even Treas- urer (3) ; Usher Committee (3) ; Vice- House Chairman of Bryan Hall (3) ; Circulation Manager of " Distaff " (3) ; Secretary-Treasurer Beta Pi Theta (4) ; Torch Bearers (4) ; Executive Board College Government Associa- tion (4) ; Treasurer of College Gov- ernment Association (4) ; Senate (4) ; Judiciary (4) ; Phi Kappa Phi (4) ; Delegate to National Student Federa- tion of America (4). Senior Cl ass Gladys Pruit Rush MCINTOSH, FLA. A.B. in English; Physical Education Certificate K A Freshman Commission (i); Class Bas- ketball Team (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Even Bas- ketball (1, 2, 3); Varsity Basketball (1, 2, 3); Class Hockey Team (1, 2, 3) ; Even Hockey Team (i, 2, 3) ; Varsity Hockey (2, 3) ; Class Baseball (1, 2, 3); Even Baseball (1, 2, 3); Health Committee (3); Vice-President Athletic Association (3); Athletic Board (3) ; " F " Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Chairman of Field Day (3). Dorothy Stokes Salley TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B.S. in Education X ft Chairman of Freshman Commission ( 1 ) ; Smaller Cabinet Y. W. C. A. ( 1 ) ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (1); Advisory Council of Education So- ciety (1); Freshman Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (1). Frances Shaeffer BAINBRIDGE, GA. B.S. in Home Economics A Z Thelma Leslie Shad JACKSONVILLE, FLA. B.S. in Mathematics A I», $ K 4 Freshman Commission (1); Vice-House Chairman (2) ; Class Representative to Judiciary (3); Judiciary (4); Senate " (3, 4) ; President of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Southern Regional Representative to Y. M. C. A Conference (4) ; State Repre- sentative to Regional Council (4) ; Class Secretary (2); Class Treasurer (3); Bus ' ness Manager " Flastacowo ' ' (3); Chairman Junior-Senior Banquet (3); Chairman Coronation (4); Class Hockey Team (1 2, 3) ; Even Hockey Team (1, 2, 3) ; Class Basketball (3) ; " F " Club (3, 4) ; Orchesus (3, 4) ; As- sociate Member Scientific Society (2, 3, 4) ; Torchbearer (4) ; Representa- tive to Student Volunteer Confer- ence (4). lenior CI ass Kathryn Elizabeth Shipp TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B.S. in Education Z T A Hilda Elizabeth Simmons DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, FLA. A.B. in Education Life Saving Corps (i, 2, 3, 4). Lola Bell Skipper AVON PARK, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Helyn Sneed LAKELAND, FLA. A.B. in History enior CI ass Flossie Sparkman PLANT CITY, FLA. B.S. in Home Economics 9 T Emma Virginia Spencer SANFORD, FLA. A.B. in History; Physical Education Certificate 2 K Freshman Commission (i) ; Class Pres- ident (2) ; Treasurer Athletic Associa- tion (2); " F " Club; President " F " Club (3); Class Basketball (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Basketball (2) ; Even Bas- ketball (2, 3); Class Baseball (i, 2, 3, 4); Delegate to Blue Ridge (3); President Athletic Association (4) ; Senate (4); Even Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Baseball (1, 2, 3) ; Class Hockey (1, 3, 4) ; Even Hockey (1, 3) ; Hockey Varsity (3) ; Chairman Fresh- man (3); Health Committee (3); Delegate to A. C. A. C. at Cornell (3). Mary Elizabeth Stanley ORLANDO, FLA. A.B. in Latin and Modern Languages Elizabeth Steenberg TALLAHASSEE, FLA. B.S. College Orchestra (3, 4) ; Band (2, 3, 4)- enior CI ass Gertrude Clara Steger ORANGE PARK, FLA. A.B. in Commerce A p Pan-Hellene Council (4) ; Chairman Auditing Committee (4); Senate (4). Nelle Lameraiex Steinmeyer WINTER HAVEN, FLA. B.S. in Education V V V Edith Everett Taylor ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. A.B. in English X Q, X A , A X A Associate Editor of the " Distaff " (3) Annie Thompson TAMPA, FLA. A.B. Senior Class Julia Frances Tomkies GAINESVILLE, FLA. A.B. in Commerce Auditing Committee (3) ; Class Soccer Team (3) ; Even Soccer Team (3) ; Class Treasurer (4). Viola Victoria Turvavillb ALTHA, FLA. A.B. in Education Margaret Howe Van Cleve LYNN HAVEN, FLA. B.M. in Public School Music A 3 A, $ B Chairman of New Organizations Com- mittee (4) ; Vice-House Chairman (4) ; Senate (4) ; Musical Twelve (4) ; Col- lege Orchestra (3, 4). Wahnish Ci iCelia Blanch TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A.B. in Commerce A $ E, i K $ p an-Hellenic Council (3, 4); Club Espanol (3 4)- CL tenior Lulass Elizabeth Walker Henry PARIS, KY. A.B. in English II B $ Margaret Walling CLEARWATER, FLA. A.B. in Modern Languages H 2 $ Class Soccer Team (3) ; Class Tennis Champion (3); Even Tennis Cham- pion (3) ; Fire Lieutenant (3, 4) ; Fire Captain (4). Virginia Walling CLEARWATER, FLA. A.B. in Modern Languages H S Vice-House Chairman (2, 4) ; Educa- tion Directorate (3) ; Class Soccer Team (3) ; Smaller Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4). Fanny Kumbel Wasley PERRY, FLA. A.B. in Education K A n Senior CI ass Kathleen Weaver PERRY, FLA. A.B. in English K A 9 Glee Club (2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Cab- inet (2) ; Smaller Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3); College Song Leader (3); Campus Social Committee (4). Edna Edith Wendel GOTHA, FLA. B.M. K A e Glee Club (1, 2); Musical Twelve (3.4). Dorothy Larwood West TAMPA, FLA. A.B. in Psychology Art Editor " Flastacowo " (3). Lois Wilcox WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. A.B. in Latin A r A Orchesus (4). CL enior v iass Verta P. Wilson SEFFNER, FLA. A.B. in Classics H 2 i F. K. T. Club. Marjorie Virginia Wylam WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. B.S. in Malliematics n Mary Simpson Yarbrough MICCOSUKEE, FLA. A.B. in Psychology ; Pliysical Educa- tion Certificate 2 2 2 Class Volley Ball Team (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Class Hockey Team (2, 3) ; Even Vol- ley Ball Team (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Even Hockey Team (3) ; Varsity Volley Ball Team (2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Hockey Team (3) ; Class Baseball Team (2, 3) ; Even Baseball Team (3) ; " F " Club (2, 3, 4) ; Secretary Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3) ; Advertising Manager " Flastacowo " (3) ; Campus Health Committee (3) ; Campus Social Com- mittee (4) ; Advertising Manager " Flambeau " (4) ; Representative-at- Large Athletic Board (4) ; Class Par- liamentarian (4) ; College Orchestra (3, 4). nnn Ci) WH¥) Junior Class Officers Florentine Holmes President Sue McDonald Vice President Mary Percival Secretary Bernice Conklin Parliamentarian Margaret Baker Athletic Manager 66 Junior Class Frances Allen MOULTRIE, GA. Margaret Baker PENSACOLA, FLA. Carolyn Banner COLUMBUS, GA. Charlotte Bassage SEBRING, FLA. Lettie Baxter PENSACOLA, FLA. Virginia Bisant JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Emilie Blackburn ORLANDO, FLA. Frances Bond CORAL GABLES, FLA. Henrietta Braswell MONTICELLO, FLA. Tyra Si e Brinoon LAWRINBURG, N. C. 67 Junior Class Dorothy Brown JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Ruth Bryan LAKELAND, FLA. Jeanette Butts POM PA NO, FLA. Esther C adman MOUNT DORA, FLA. VlOLETTE CAHOON JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Annie Lee Cason JASPER, FLA. Lettie Lou Calton EUFAULA, ALA. Clara Chaires OLDTOWN, FLA. Elisabeth Christian MCINTOSH, FLA. Osa Christensen PRINCETON, FLA. 68 M Junior Class Lou Cochran TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Jane Ann Conibear MORTON, ILL. Nancy Cotter TAMPA, FLA. Laura Cox well JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Jean Davis WINTER HAVEN, FLA. Pearl Daw PENSACOLA, FLA. Margaret Dunkle OCALA, FLA. Sarah Ellis MIAMI, FLA. Isabel Fernandez STARKE, FLA. Evelyn Fineren JACKSONVILLE, FLA. 6 9 Junior Class Maude Flowers FT. LAUDERDALE, FLA. Carolyn Folsom WAUCHULA, FLA. Emma Leigh Gaines LAKE WORTH, FLA. Eloise Gardner GREENSBORO, FLA. Mary Getzen NEWBERRY, FLA. Fletcher Girardeau MONTICELLO, FLA. Christine Gilbert dade city, fla. Gertrude Gilliam LIVE OAK, FLA. Katy Gold TAMPA, FLA. Theresa Graves GAINESVILLE, FLA. 70 Junior Class Louise Hall SAN MATEO, FLA. Fay Hamon FT. LAUDERDALE, FLA. Mabel Harrelson SUMMERFIELD, FLA. Mary Harrison plant city, fla. Frances Hilsman PLANT CITY, FLA. Mary Hawkins WILLISTON, FLA. Elizabeth Hoagland JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Harriet Holt TAMPA, FLA. Dorothy Henlong Mary Hyatt GAINESVILLE, FLA. 71 Junior Class Frances Ireland MIAMI, FLA. Marie Jelks POMPANO, FLA. Willie Mae Johnson LAKE BUTLER, FLA. Martha B. Jones MIAMI, FLA. Emma Keis TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Jean Kennedy MANDARIN, FLA. Betty Larzelere JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Emily Lively TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Edna Loughridge BOYD, FLA. Wilma Maines GAINESVILLE, FLA. 72 Junior Class Bernice McColujm JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Gladys McDonald WAUCHULA, FLA. Sue McDonald GAINESVILLE, FLA. - -.: Alcine McMichael QUITMAN, GA. Martha Merritt PENSACOLA, FLA. Theresa Mintz TAMPA, FLA. Georgia Mobley SANFORD, FLA. Doris Moldenhauer haines city, fla. Annie Mary Moore MIAMI, FLA. Mae Brooks Morris PENSACOLA, FLA. 7J Junior Class Elizabeth O ' Kelley JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Connie Padgett PALMETTO, FLA. Julia Pelot MANATEE, FLA. Mary Percival JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Jessie Phinney PALATKA, FLA. Theresa Pinder TARPON SPRINGS, FLA. Emily Porter APPALACHICOLA, FLA. Marion Potter ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. Myra Powell UNION SPRINGS, ALA. Beth Price MIAMI, FLA. 74 Junior Class DONELLA RAWLS ARCADIA, FLA. Moba Raper ATLANTA, GA. Frances Ray ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. Frances Richards PENSACOLA, FLA. Eunice Rivers KISSIMMEE, FLA. Alma Roberts TAMPA, FLA. Eleanor Rosen KISSIMMEE, FLA. Corinne Scruggs MADISON, FLA. Marjorie Senn WINTER HAVEN, FLA. Mary Shad JACKSONVILLE, FLA. 75 t _ Junior Class Dorothy Shafer HAINES CITY, FLA. Wilma Shepherd OCALA, FLA. Thelma Sherrill FT. MYERS, FLA. Edith Smith LAKELAND, FLA. Emily Smith EAU GALLIE, FLA. Patty Smith MADISON, FLA. Theo Smith MADISON, FLA. Sadie Spencer TAMPA, FLA. Martha Speigleman MIAMI, FLA. Christine Standiford CLEARWATER, FLA. 7 6 Junior Class Irene Stewart BRADENTON, FLA. Mary Sodhr Helen Stringer LAKELAND, FLA. Laura Strunk GAINESVILLE, FLA. Betty Suhrfr PENSACOLA, FLA. Frances Sutherland GREEN COVE SPRINGS, FLA. Gilbert Taylor GAINESVILLE, FLA. Willie May Taylor ALTHA, FLA. Rose Tower HOMESTEAD, FLA. Martha Trice ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. 77 Junior Class Amy Doris Van Pelt PENSACOLA, FLA. Nell Wallis OCALA, FLA. Catherine Walters DELAND, FLA. Jeanette Washburn JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Harriet Weaver evansville, ind. Ruth Wethington THOMASVILLE, GA. Olive Whitten PUNTA GORDA, FLA. Ruby Wiggins MANATEE, FLA. Carrie Wight MIAMI, FLA. Edith Wilkinson EUFAULA, ALA. 78 Junior Class Catherine Williams TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Louise Worrell ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. Martha Williams QUITMAN, GA. Bessie G. Wright MELBOURNE, FLA. Lois Wood AVON PARK, FLA. Ethel Yeagle HALLANDALE, FLA. 79 JflwLJI So Sophomore Class Officers Sara Holt White President Virgie Hyman Vice President Joanna Balfe Secretary Christine McKinnon Treasurer Agnes Crawford Assistant Treasurer Gertrude Price Parliamentarian Edna Mattox Athletic Manager 82 Sophomore Class Ada Mary Anderson, Marjorie Anderson, Miranda Anderson, Linnea Anderson Virginia Anderson, Fay Amstutz, Mary Louise Atkinson, Mamie Lee Ayers Mrs. J. A. Ball, Jr., Bessie Ballad, Virginia Bashford, Jean Bitting Harriet Bize, Ruth Bize, Edith Blackburn, Barbara Blake X; Sophomore Class Jeanette Blakeslee, Emaline Blalock, Mildred Bond, Eunice Boulware Dorothy Boyce, Anne Brooks, Mary Sula Brown, Dora Brownlowe Hazel Bryan, Rachel Burghard, Katherine Burright, Lida Cadugan Sylvia Carlson, Golda Carlton, Mattie Mae Carlton, Thelma Carlton 84 Sophomore Class Elizabeth Carnes, Elsie Causier, Margaret Chace, Aliene Chisholm Louise Clements, Virginia Collie, Sydney Cooper, Rebeccah Coyne Lucille Craver, Betty Creamer, Grace Cripe, Carolyn Crosby Dot Cross, Marina Cuevas, Jean Curtis, Margaret Dalzell 85 . •4 1 4 Soph pnomore CI ass Isabelle Darby, Eleanor Dart, Eugenia Davis, Lorine Davis Marion Deacon, Jane Dean, Shirley Decker, Anita Dekle Flora Dinkines, Marie Dixon, Myra Doyle, Mabel Dunscombe Kathryne Eastwood, Margaret Eckland, Sora Embry, Alice Evans 86 Sophomore Class Martha Evans, Francis Everett, Elizabeth Ferguson, Alice Ferrell Mildred Fletcher, Betty Fraze, Mary E. Frazee, Grace Gardner Maude Gary, Lucille Gates, Frances George, Ella Mae Gilbert Jesna Godwin, Dorothy Goble, Thelma Goodbread, Helen Goodyear 87 Soph pnomore CI ass Alvan Gregory, Gladys Gregory, Johnnie Lee Gresham, Charlotte Grimm Rosalind Hadley, Mary Hanley, Clyde Harrison, Margaret Harwich: Mildred Henderson, Margaret Hendricks, Alma Heusted, Evelyn Hill Marjorie Hoagland, Martha Holloway, Gladys Hudson, Mary Hume Sophomore Class Virgie Hyman, L. E. Jones, Charlotte Keisling, Lotta Keith Elisabeth Kellerman, Olive Kincaid, Louise Knight, Pearl Labell Olevine Labelle, Mary Lamb, Carolyn Lewis, Laura Zeta Lewis Jennie Luznor, Agnes Mack, Freida Magill, Daisy Belle Mahon 89 Soph omore CI ass Bernice Mansfield, Eliza Marshall, Annie Mae Martin, Emily Martin Ila McDonald, Martha McKim, Loyola McLaughlin, Dorothy McMurray Helen McMurray, Marguerite McRae, Audrey Meeks, Martha Monroe Daisy Belle Moore, Bernice More, Laura Fair Morrow, Grethel Mosely 90 • Sophomore Class Bessie Munroe, Minnie Lee Myers, Bernice Nickerson, Mary Willis Nobles Thelma Patch, Frances Paxon, Margaret Peters, Ernestine Phillips Louise Pickle, Catherine Pittman, Gertrude Price, Emily Pringle Julia Powell, Charlotte Rakowsky, Katherine Reagin, Mildred Register 9i Sophomore Class Johanne Reif, Sara Robson, Rebecca Rodenberg, Charlotte Ross Betty Ryder, Janet Sage, Nola Mann Sanders, Clara Belle Shaw Mary Ali ce Shepherd, Tommy Slater, Hattie Slott, Elizabeth Bell Smith Lois Smith, Ruth Stallworth, Susan Stapleton, Emilie Stephens 92 Sophomore Class Lucille Storer, Dorothy Stovall, Hilya Swinehart, Mary Tompkins Anne Louise Thalgott, Alice Teachey, Helen Vrieze, Janet Wheeler Bernita Whilden, Kathleen Whittle, Elizabeth Withers, Theresa Winchester Elizabeth Wilson, Elizabeth Wood, Kathryn Wright, Vida Wright 93 Sophomore Class Mary Burr Wagen, Frances Wagner, Mildred Wallace Myrtie Warren, Marguerite Wells, Sara Yelvington Viola Yenawine, Mary Lucile Young 94 reshma n CI ass Officers Dorothy Lee Brown President Constance Seybold Vice President Mary Broadfield Secretary Mimi LeDuc Treasurer Ellen Knighi Parliamentarian Ruth Dale Athletic Manager 96 resnman CI ass Florence Adelson, Elise Allen, Emily Anderson, Hope Aline Anderson Palmer Argo, Frances Bailey, Sue Baker, Hilda Barber Lucille Barco, Sara Barcus, Donna Barton, Lorraine Barwick Georgie Bassett, Alice Bates, Betty Bell, Mary Bentley 97 reshma n CI ass Joyce Bevis, Mary Jane Binger, Gertrude Blanton, Frances Bloodgood Paula Boehning, Hannah Boney, Catherine Bostwick, Mary Bottari Josephine Boydston, Daisy Brantley, Margaree Brantley, Christine Brewton Carol Bridges, Gwendolyn Brigman, Mary Broadfield, Martha Broadmerkel 98 Freshman Class Wilma Brooks, Frances Brown, Lillian Brown, Lucille Brown Mary Brown, Julia Bryan, Dot Bullock, Pauline Bumby Sara Caldwell, Lucille Cameron, Ruby Campbell, Blanche Carter Ethel Carter, Marie Carter, Sarah Cate, Dollie Chason 99 V ► reshma n CI ass Frances Christian, Julia Clark, Leona Connor, Amy Cornell Blanche Cornell, Elizabeth Carter, Margarita Cawthon, Evelyn Cooper Sara Couch, Martha Crane, Annie Cromatie, Martha Culbreath Louise Aulls, Irene Cunningham, Imogene Currie, Ruth Dale ..A reshman CI ass Almyra Davis, Catherine Davis, Dorothy Deadwyler, Esther Dean Martha DeBorde, Rosebud DeMilly, Alice DePass, Thelma Donahoo Shirley Donnelle, Frances Drake, Evelyn Drummond, Myra Dyess Sallie Embry, Amy Everett, Josephine Eyster, Elinor Farr ioi reshma n CI ass Evelyn Farrior, Mina Fenwick, Ruth Finman, Alys Frazer Ann Frazer, Aetna French, Frizelle Gable, Elizabeth Gallespie Dorothy George, Sada Goraick, Carol Grantham, Elise Green Sara Gregory, Jean Griffith, Ella Mae Gunter, Letha Gwin reshma n CI ass Florence Hall, George Hall, Nan Page Hall, Elizabeth Hamilton Willie Hamilton, Virginia Hammond, Lillian Hampton, Dot Hankins Alma Hardwick, Myrtle Harris, Ruth Hasselrus, Edith Hathaway Roberta Head, Elizabeth Henderson, Mary Henderson, Marion Hendry hman CI resnma ass Josephine Herring, Mable Hilsman, Louise Hoffman, Essie Houston Margaret Howard, Theresa Huffaker, Betty Humphries, Margaret Humpheys Lois Hutson, Harriet Jackson, Mary Jackson, Grace Jefferies Mary Jeffers, Susan Jeffers, Bertha Johnson, Jewell Johnson 104 r t - 1 V 1 i » Freshman Class Katherine Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Mary Alice Johnson, Dot Jones Dixie Jones, Ella Jones, Masa Kamiya, Jean Kanner Rosalind Kennedy, Margaret Kennedy, Ida Ethel Kilburn, Alice Kirkland Ellen Knight, Gladys Knighton, Mildred Kyle, Mimi LeDuc 105 ' l w Freshman Class Nora Laird, Elizabeth Lee, Lorine LaFuze, Dot Yerxa Dot Lewis, Virginia Lowe, Nancy Lutz, Evelyn Lyle Orma Magill, Addie Mae Mahaffee, Alice Malakowsky, Wilda Marsh Emily Marshall, Faye Mathews, Louise McCallum, Mary McCollum 106 Freshman CI ass Elisabeth McCormack, Mary McCreary, Madelyn McDuffie, Nell McGarra Doris McGoogan, Gay McKenzie, Katherine McMullen, Isabel McNeill Agnes McWilliams, Ruth McWilliams, Ruth Merton, Dorothy Mickler Marjorie Miller, Mildred Millinor, Agnes Mills, Jane Zuber 107 reshma n CI ass Alice Morgan, Florence Mott, Katherine Norman, Dorothy Ossinsky Frances Overton, Beatrice Owens, Mary Lou Owen, Wynelle Owens Margaret Pace, Sara Parrish, Mary Patten, Anne Patronis Mary Pelot, Angelina Pendino, Margaret Pfluge, Rachael Pierce 108 ■ ' I 1 reshma n CI ass Eleanor Pilkington, Jessie Points, Margaret Pomerov, Virginia Poston Janet Poulson, Mary Powell, Reba Preston, Camilla Puleston Elinor Register, Christine Reeves, Kate Reddick, Jean Ross Jean Rowe, Harriet Ryder, Mildred Sanchez, Pearl Sashaw 109 resnma n CI ass Alice Shipley, Eula H. Shaw, Elizabeth Shannon, Martha Scruggs Alice Sims, Lenore Sleeth, Jewell Stone, Hattie Smith Jacqueline Smith, Jane Smith, Miriam Smith, Sarah Smith Helen Smoyer, Marion Spencer, Anna Spencer, Virginia Spencer reshma n CI ass Mary C. Stackhouse, Gagnelle Standley, Davida Stenstrom, Muriel Stephen 1 Rebecca Stevens, Ida Stewart, Helen Stokes, Jessie Stone Marion Stringer, Julia Stradley, Floy Streater, Dana Summitt Thelma Sumner, Gene Taylor, Elizabeth Thompson, Martha Tison Freshman CI ass Mildred Tompkies, Carleen Turner, Doris Tyson, Thelma Van Buskirk Virginia Vaughan, Mary Vazquez, Verona Wadley, Mary C. Wakefield Mary Waldrup, Annette Walker, Katherine Walker, Martha Wall Iona Walton, Grace Warmbrod, Adelaide Warren, Virginia Weeks Freshman CI ass Mary Von Werdt, Mildred Wetherincton, Fannette Wharton, Dorothy White Margaret Whitner, Elizabeth Wight, Annette Williams, Jo Williams Margaret Williams, Marie Williams, Ethel M. Willis, Odis Wilson Ruth Winfrey, Anna Morris Wright, Mary R. Yarnall, Gladys Yenawine 113 v i j. 4 . .m V ' ■ " ' " •MM ■■ ' " JTy .. ■ 114 ORGANIZATIONS Education Society Grace Fox President Wilma Shepard Vice-President Gladys McDonald Secretary Louise Simmons . . . Gertrude Heering . Nathaniel M. Salley Treasurer ■ ■ . Reporter Faculty Advisor Directorate Seniors Helen Hinson Dolores Morant Joanna Mizell Ruth Grey Jean Davis SORA EMBRY Juniors Eloise Gardner Martha Jones Sophomores Martha Halloway Freshman Dorothy George 117 Classical Club Mamie Barnett President Katy Gold Vice-President Rose Tower Secretary Lettie Baxter Treasurer 118 Home Economics Club Lola Skipper President Jeanette Butts Vice-President Violette Cahoon Secretary Thelma Goodbread Treasurer Representatives Mary Knight Senior Annie Mary Moore Junior Hilya Swinehart Sophomore 119 Spirogira Anna Mae Tracy Olivia Dorman Edith West Harriet Holt Margaret Richards Bernice Conklin Betty Suhrer Theo Smith Emilie Blackburn Sadie Spencer Mae Brooks Morris Leona Price Bernice McCollum Catherine Walters Rose Tower Orch esus Lois Bradford VlOLETTE CAHOON Sara Cox Marie Dixon Hazel Flower Mary Getzen Ernestine Gore Dorothy Hale Florentine Holmes Blanch Humble Betty Larzelere Alice Mallard Georgia Mobley Mary Ruth Murray Claire Murphy Emily McPhail Bett Pannill Beth Price Margaret Richards Christine Robertson Thel ma Shad Emma Spencer Martha Steed Lois Wilcox Edith Wilkinson Faculty Member, Miss Nell Irwin V. V. Club Colors: Black and White Flower: Black Narcissus Motto: Dig Sisters Dig Kenny Prewitt Presiding V. V. Elaine Perry Chief Gold Digger Dot Taylor Date Keeper Members Elizabeth Love Georgia Mobley Texas Roughton Florentine Holmes Shirley Bishop Sara Couch Doris Latimer Jac Smith Mary Bentley Emily Lingle Clotile Forcum Dot Hankins Frances Brown Cotillion Club Jeanette Butts President Betty Sukrer Lorine Davis Anne Choate Nina Louise Byrd Dot Schulte Martha Maxwell Treasurer Mary Hanley Jean Rowe Ruth Winfrey Carmeta Barber Dot Bullock 123 Glee Club Zenith Armstrong Lucile Barco Virginia Bisant Mildred Brown Dora Daniels Esther Dean Emily Dorsey Alice Evans Lorena Eaddy Carolyn Folsom Bess Hawkins Marguerite Hendricks Eunice Parker Mae Rowe Kathleen Weaver Ruth Burgin Betty Combs Marion Davis Velda Davis Eva Isler Carolyn Lewis Evelyn Lyle Mary Lou McGregor 124 Press Board Helen Cubberly Chairman Dorothy Dodd Director Jean Kennedy Business Manager Nell Fain Faculty Advisor Christine Wolfe Kate Bouknight Alma Roberts Lucile Storer Ina Phay Dora Brownlowe Hope Anderson Frances Bloodgood Mary E. Tompkins Members Dorothy Ossinsky Ruth Furman Gene Lochonitz Florence Adelson Pearl Saslow Myra Powell Nellie Wyllie Carol Winemiller Katherine Brinkerhoff Jean Griffith Theresa Huffaker Mildred Register Gladys McDonald Mary Frances Borrow Hazel Holtzclaw Delma Brazier Martha Holloway 125 Freshman Cabinet sora embry Sara Holt White Ina Phay Gertrude Price Marie Dixon Martha Holloway Margaret Dickinson Margaret Harwick Margaret Eckland Annie Mae Martin ' Melba Andrews Eleanor Dart Joana Balfe Lorena Davis Miriam Terrell Nellie Wylie Hazel Hebb Irene Brunson Mildred Green Esther Boardman Nellie Silvernail Helen Goodyear Betty Shaeffer Martha Monroe Loyola McLaughlin Orrie Taylor 126 I2 7 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Thelma Shad President Leona Price Vice-President Jean Davis Secretary Betty Larzei.ere Treasurer Virginia Bisant .... Undergraduate Representative Sora Embry Chairman Freshman Cabinet Melissa Darby President C. G. A. (Ex-Officio) Kathleen Platt Campus Life Katy Gold Flambeau Reporter Gertrude Herring World Friendship Virginia Walling Finance Caroline Folsom Music 128 120 Fresh resnman Commission Mary Ives Shirley Decker Helen Goodyear Mary Hanley Charlotte Rakowsky Emily Martin Edna Mattox Virginia Anderson Sora Embry Louise Knight Ida Townsend Mildred Henderson Elizabeth Wood Catherine Eastwood Elizabeth Wilson Marin ' a Cuevas Emily Stephens Bessie Monroe Helen Vrieze Elizabeth Poole Frances George Thelma Patch Janet Wheeler Virginia Collie Jane Davies 130 1 1 i3i - Flambeau Staff Evelyn Barnett Editor-in-Chief Martha Steed Assistant Editor Frances Ireland, Sue McDonald Business Managers Mary Simpson Yarbrough Advertising Manager Mary Ruth Murray Front Page Editor Marie Dixon Front Page Reporter Katy Gold Y. IV. C. A. Editor Joanna Balfe Assistant Y. W. C. A. Editor Martha Jones, Georgia Mobley Society Reporters Rachel Pitchford Athletic Editor Virginia Anderson Athletic Reporter Jean Kennedy City Circulation Manager Janet Cadman Off-Campus Circulation Manager Rose Tower Campus Circulation Manager Grace Morgan Exchange Editor Esther Boardman Flickers Editor 132 133 Flastacowo Staff Harriet Holt Editor-in-Chief Della Stone Assistant Editor Margaret Richards Art Editor Mae Brooks Morris Picture Editor Mary Getzen Athletic Editor Margaret Harwick Advertising Manager Mildred de Montmollin Assistant Advertising Manager Emilie Blackburn Business Manager Eetty Larzelere Assistant Business Manager 134 135 College College Government Association Executive Board Melissa Darby President Eugenia Cookman President of Judiciary Sadie Spencer Vice-President Virgie Hyman Secretary Iris Rudland Treasurer Judiciary Eugenia Cookman President Martha Price, Florence Conklin Senior Representatives Betty Suhrer, Mary Percival Junior Representatives Sora Embry Sophomore Representative Melissa Darby President of Association Sadie Spencer Vice-President of Association Betty Suhrer Secretary of Association Ikis Rudland Treasurer of Association Dempsey Creary Chairman of Residence Hall Chairmen Thelma Shad President of Y. IV. C. A. (Ex-Officio) 136 ' 37 Torcnb earers Torchbearers is an honorary senior organization petition- ing the national organization which is Mortar Board. Girls are selected for their superlative qualities of scholar- ship, leadership and service to the college. Only one- twentieth of the class is eligible for membership. Mem- bers for Torchbearers are chosen in the spring of the year by the active members. Members Ann Page Maxine McClearen Mary Ruth Murray Evelyn Barnett Thelma Shad Martha Branscombe Dempsey Creary Melissa Darby Iris Rudland Eugenia Cookman 138 139 I4» FRATERNITIES BS5k PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL 143 K Delt; appa i eita Founded in 1897 Colors: Green and White Floivcr: White Rose Publication: " Angelos " Motto: " Let us strive for that wh!ch is honorable, beautiful and highest. " Kappa Chapter Installed in 1904 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 192S Geraldine Barnett Elaine Perry Anne Page Gladys Rush Mildred Gwin Corinne Spenser Class of IQ2Q Edith Wilkinson Louise Pelham Lettie Lou Calton Mary Clements Luella Bruce Joanna Balfe Julia Powell Edith Blackburn Adelaide Warren Evelyn Farrior Helen Riddle Aetna French Daisy Brantley Texas Roughton Mary Broadfield Alma Hardwick Elizabeth Hayes Mary Warren Hudson Luckie Shore Elise Clarke Class of 1930 Gertrude Price Sara Yelvington Katherine Riddle Pledges Gay McKenzie Sara Couch Sara George Hall Sara Barcus Mary Powell Laura Zeta Lewis Ann Frazier Irene Mayes Myra Powell Georgia Mobley Emilie Blackburn Lavinia Sparkman Margaret Jewett Lola Hammond Margaret Dickinson Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Sara Caldwell Sallif Mae Steagall Frances Simpson Mary Alice Johnson Marjorie Miller Margaruita Cawthon Wynelle Owens 144 Chi Omega Founded at the University of Arkansas, 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Publication: " The Eleusis " Open Motto: " Hellenic Culture, Christian Ideals " Gamma Chapter SORORES IN FACULTATE Miss Rovvena Longmire Miss Helen Ferree Dorothy Driver Harriet Fletcher Sadie Spencer Nancy Cotter Theresa Graves Rodney Layton Olive Kincaid Elizabeth Withers Rachel Burghart Georgia Basset Kathryn Swearingen Harriet Weaver Pearl Coggins Dorothy Strangward Hazel Lee Baird Shirley Bishop SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of IQ2S Edith Taylor Nina Louise Byrd Class of IQ2Q Margaret Richards Rosalind Williamson Class of iqjo Ruth Bize Harriet Bize Dorothy Taylor Pledges sonia eddins Frances Winston Edith Winston Elizabeth Carter Virginia Spenchr Carol Grantham Mary Bentley Kathryn McMullen 146 Elinor Miller Dorothy Salley Ruth Williamson Edith Woodard Sue Johns Louise Hall Eleanor Dart Shirley Decker Sara Cate Mary Frances Palmer Evelyn Edmundson Margaret Kennedy Jean Curtis Shirley Donnell Thelma Van Buskirk Ruth Winfrey 147 Publication: " Adelphian " Alplia Delta Pi Founded at Wesleyan College in 1851 Open Motto: " We live for each other ' Claire Murphy Leslie Gray Pattye Smith Theo Smith Margaret Hyer Laura Fair Morrow SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of IQ28 Anne Choate Emily McPhail Class of IQ2Q Bertha Nix- Emily Lively Class of IQ30 Catherine Pittman Sara Holt White Grace Earle Hough Elizabeth Love Alcine McMicha el Mary F. Chittenden Elizabeth Wilson Blanche Humble Pledges Mimi LeDuc Dorothy Schulte Betty Bethune Betty Blanding Betsy Carnes Virginia Hough Virginia Sullivan Mary Lou McGregor Eleanor Mizell Jac Smith Martha Wall Edna Mae Jones Ella Frances Jones Jane Smith Vircinia Hammond Louise Holmes Carol Bridges Marjorie Anderson Frances Brown Elizabeth McCormick Margaret Ausley 148 Delta Delta Delta Founded in Boston in 1888 Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue Publication: " The Trident " Open Motto: " Let us steadfastly love one another " Flower: Pansy Alpha Eta Chapter Installed in 1915 SORORES IN FACULTATE Clara Johnson Katherine Montgomery SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of IQ28 Dempsey Creary Elizabeth Rogers Mary Latimer Alice Cullen Maxine McClearen Class of IQ2Q Elizabeth Smith Rosalie Smith Catherine Walters Christine Gilbert Harriet Holt Christine McKinnon Claire Zachry Annie Autrey Margaret Peters Camilla Puleston Elizabeth Christian Jeanette Brady Frances Christian Class of IQJO Mary Ives Lorine Davis Neva Rogers Pledges Floy Streater Louise Scott Mary Lou Owens Janet Wills Elizabeth Gillespie Frances Drake Eleanor Buck Sara Dunagen Dolly Potter Margaret Rush Alyne McCall Rowena Tedder Dorothy Lee Brown Louise Bfllowe 150 i5i Colors: Purple and White Sigma Sigma Sigma Founded at Farmville, Va., 1895 Publication: " Triangle " Motto: " Faithful unto Death ' ' Rho Chapter Installed in 1920 soror in facultate Mattie Lou Horne SORORRS IN COLLEGIO Class of IQ28 Huchetta Evans Nelle Steinmeyer Flo wcr: Violet ClaSS of 1Q2Q Jean Davis Mary Hyatt Lou Cochran Gilbert Taylor Marjorie Senn Frances Sutherland Theresa Pinder Eloise Gardner Mary Elonia Frazee Audrey Meeks Class cf 1Q30 Frances Everette Helen Vrieze Dorothy McMurray Katherine Burright Pledges Hume Hinsley Julia Norton Mary Sheppard Alice Evans Helen McMurray Alice Shipley Elizabeth Hoagland Elsie Green Majorie Hoagland Sallie Cox Alys Frazee Edith Smith Janet Sage Johnnie Lee Gresham Mary S. Yarbrough 152 Sigma Kappa Founded at Colby College, 1872 Colors: Maroon and Lavender Floiver: Violet Louisa Conradi Evelyn Barnett Martha Branscombe Terry Bannerman Publication: " Sigma Kappa Triangle " Motto: " One heart, one way. " Omega Chapter SORORES IN FACULTATE Gladys Storrs Allie Lou Felton Leila Venable SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1Q28 Mary Ruth Murray Jeanne Compton Virginia Romph ClaSS of 1Q2Q Tyra Sue Brinson Eunice Parker Emma Spencer Minnie Kehoe Marion Potter Martha Steed Rachel Pitchford Edwina Abee Mary Elizabeth Lowe Elizabeth Wood Elizabeth Child Sarah Camp Norfleet Odis Wilson Harriet Jackson Jane Zuber Class of igjo Virgie Hyman Fanita Cobb Mildred de Montmollin Evelyn Hill Pledges Ella Mae Gunter Fannette Wharton Roberta Head Jessie Points Palmer Argo Esther Boardman Charlotte Grimm Mary Lucille Young Miriam Terrell Mary Willis Nobles Cordelia Clarkson Margaret Williams Winna Goode i54 155 Pi Beta Phi Founded at Monmouth College in 1867 Colors: Wine Red and Silver Blue Flower: White Carnation Louise Branning Elizabeth Henry Helen Kennedy Helen Cawthon Alice Harrison Mary Hanley Emily Anderson Louise Aulls Marcaret Chase Margaret DeMilly Betty Dunbar Elizabeth Fenn Clotile Forcum Carolyn Gibson Beta Chapter Installed in 1921 SOROR IN FACULTATE Mvra Burr SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1Q28 Margaret Johnson Rebecca Leland Gladys Long Christine McKenney Class of IQ2Q Florentine Holmes Betty Larzelere Theresa Mintz Class of 1930 Mary Jane Montford Pledges Lenabelle Hagan ■ Cary Griffith Dorothy Hankins Elizabeth Hamilton Mary Janice Henderson Ellen Knight Doris Latimer Evelyn Lyle Mildred Overstreet Kenny Prewitt Helyn Sneed Elizabeth Vann Catherine Williams Charlotte Rakowsky Betty McNutt Eleanor Pilkington Janet Poulson Mildred Roberts Jean Rowe Ruth Sandlin Winifred Sessoms Hazel Hebb 156 Colors: Rose and Green Delta Zeta Founded at Miami University, 1902 Publication: " The Lamp " Alpha Sigma Chapter SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of JQ28 Charlotte Chazal Elizabeth Reynolds Doris Bartlett Mary Carolyn Logan Mary Brannon Flower: Killarney Rose Eleanor Rosen Fletcher Giradeau Class of IQ2Q Jeanette Washburn Eunice Rivers Nell Wallis Williemae Johnson Class of iqjo Louise Knight Acnes Crawford AREY KAUFiMANN Pledges Lucille Robinson Alma Mills Catherine Johnson Maud Schwalmeyer Frances Cartmel Doris Hatten Frances Bailey Virginia Lowe Elise Allen Imogene Gooch Mary Groover Frances Shaeffer Margaret Townsend Mildred Sheppard 158 159 K 1 V It . ' . i ' " i . Kappa Alpha Theta Founded January 27, 1870 Colors: Black and Gold Flower: Black and Gold Pansy Publication: Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine Beta Nu Chapter Installed in 1924 Dr. Jennie Tilt Blanche Alderman Gertrude Boyd Kathryn Carlin Mary Anderson Vernice Davis Millie Ellis Isabelle Darby Helen Goodyear Edna Loughridge Anna Mae Smith Blanche Cornell Adele Frain SORORES IN FACULTATE Miss Edith West SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of IQ28 Florence Conklin Mary Huffaker Kathleen Weaver Class of 1Q2Q Ernestine Gore Maude Hinshaw Martha Jones Class of igjo Elizabeth Kellerman Letitia Lindsey Marie L. Sterritt Pledges Theresa Huffaker Avis Kent Margaret Thomas Nell McGarrah Miss Mona Alderman Marion Davis Melissa Darby Edna Wendel Annie M. Moore Ruth Miller Beth Price Emily Martin Doris Perkins Jessie Orr Isabelle Orr Constance Seybold Lenore Sleeth Mary C. Stackhouse Iona Walton 160 i6i Zeta Tau Alpha Founded at Farmville, Va., 1898 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray Publication: " Themis " Beta Gamma Chapter Installed in 1924 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1Q2 Martha Price Margaret Marshall Joanna Mizell Katherine Shipp Flower: White Violet Class of Mary Hawkins Annie Woodhorne 1929 Bernice McCollum Joan Thompson Class of igjo Sora Embry Grace Gardner Fay Amstutz Elizabeth Smith Edna Mattox Harriet Provost Orrie Taylor Kathleen Whittle Susan Jeffers Mary Jeffers Imogene Currie Pledges Muriel Stephens Margaret Dunkle Marguerite Wells Florence Hall Virginia Moore Mary Hume Ellen Wakefield Sallie Embry 162 163 Alpha Gamma Delta Founded at Syracuse University, 1904 Colors: Red, Buff and Green Flower: Red and Buff Rose Publication: " The Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly " Gamma Beta Chapter Installed in 1925 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1928 Cleo Feacin Hazel Flowers May D. Partridge Helen Cubberly Class of 1929 Della Stone donella rawls Class of 1 9 jo Louise Lassiter Frances Wagner Mary Ruth Church Lois Wilcox Alice Mallard Betty Combs Frances Hilsman Ruth Wethington Harriet Monroe Lois Bradford Mildred Groff Martha Scarborough Sue McDonald Myra Doyle Martha Monroe Mary Burr Wagen Velda Davis Nellie Silvernail Belle Groff Pledges Mabel Hilsman Daisybel Moore Helen Cook Dana Summitt Gene Taylor Frances Melton Addie Mae Mahaffey Mary Frances Bottari Janet Cadman Maude Gary Dorothy Mickler Mildred Millinor Gladys Miller Margaret Johnson Christine Wolfe Nancy Lutz 164 1 6 5 Colors: Rainbow Theta Upsilon Founded at the University of California, 1914 Publication: " Dial " Motto: " Let there be light " Lambda Chapter Installed in 1925 SOROR IN FACULTATE Etta L. Robertson SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of IQ28 Carlyn Boykin Ruth Bradshaw Flossie Sparkman Elizabeth Guy Mary Harrison Lottie Barco Lyndelle Canaday Jo Cox Class of IQ2Q Dorothy Russ Mabel Simmons Class of IQJO Rebecca Coyne Juanita Lawrence Betty Ryder Flower: White Iris Helen Stringer Betty Wilson Agnes Mack Bessie Monroe Alice Parker Norma Bobbitt Wilmoth Carnes Alice DePass Pledges Dorothy Lewis Florence Mott Cleo Norwood Harriet Ryder Mary Settle Marian Stringer 166 167 Pi K Sig a jjigma Founded at Ypsilanti, M ' ch., 1894 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Gold Flowers: Forget-me-not and Jonquil Upsilon Chapter Installed in 1925 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of IQ28 Zella Adams Mary Jean Smith Class of IQ2Q Carolyn Folsom Julia Pelot Elsie Causier Martha Merritt Class of 1930 Alvan Gregory Hilya Swinehart Pauline Edwards Ernestine Phillips Lotta Keith Ruth Lewis Pledges Sara Gregory Catherine Lewis Mary Pelot Mary Patten Jessie Stone Elizabeth Lee Ida Moore Willie Lee Hall Edith Hathaway Elizabeth Robinson Willie May Hamilton Wilda Marsh Mary Agnes McCreary Alice Morgan 169 Delta Phi Epsilon Founded at New York University, 1917 Colors: Purple and Gold Flowers: Jonquils and Asters SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1928 Cecilia Wahnish Class of 1929 Martha Spiegelman Judith Blumenthal Class of 1930 Adeline Maleven Hattie Slott Pledges Florence Adelson Ruth Davis Ruth Finman Gena Locharitz Jean Kanner Dorothy Ossinsky Teatrice Rosenberg Pearl Saslaw 170 171 Omicron Pi SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of IQ2S Marjorie Wylam Class of IQ2Q Louise Worrel Wanita Walter Lorena Eaddy Ruth Bryan Class cf IQ30 Dorothy Boyce Dorothy Cross Frances George Frances Ball Pledges Jessie Phinney Martha Crane Do:;othy Godle 172 173 Delta Phi SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1928 Jean Cookman Margaret Hatch Sarah Henderson Mary McCall Thelma Shad Gertrude Steger Class of IQ2Q Jane Ann Conibear Sarah Ellis Class of IQJO Thelma Goodbread Marie Payne Frances Paxon Zella Wallace Pledges Almyra Davis Mildred Greene Elizabeth Henderson Marion Hendry Lois Hutson Margaret Pomeroy Elizabeth Poole Mildred Register Margaret Trent Mary Vazquiz Katherine Wilson Gladys Yenawine 174 ■75 ' Phi Kappa Phi Open Motto: " The love of learning rules the world " Edward Conradi Arthur Williams William George Dodd Nathanial Moss Salley Ella Scoble Oppermann Elmer Riggs Smith Josiah Bethea Game Bessie Miller Faculty Members Claire Renner Alvin Stewart Lanas Spurgeon Barber Edmund Vernon Gage Raymond Bellamy Paul Frederick Finner Inga Olga Helseth Allie Lou Felton Leland Judcon Lewis Jennie Tilt Katherine Montgomery Mona Alderman Rowena Longmire Herman Kurz Olga Larson Lou Edgerton Whitfield Sylvia Roseman Alumnae Members in City Ida Raa Dorothy Dodd Student Members Evelyn Barnett Cecilia Wahnish Iris Rudland Gertrude Heering Mamie Barnett Lois Hawkins Joanna Hagg Alice Forsburg Mary Carolyn Logan Cleo Feagin Eugenia Cookman May Denham Partridge Maxine McClearen Portia Philips Virginia Dean Melissa Darby Eleanor Delaney Thelma Shad Joanna Mizell 176 Colors: Orange and White Alpha Chi Alpha Honorary Journalistic Founded in 1919 Gamma Chapter Installed in 1921 Flower: Chrysanthemum Faculty Member ROWENA LONGMIRE Members Evelyn Barnett Maxine McClearen Esther Boardman Sue McDonald Leslie Gray Mary Ruth Murray Harriet Holt Claire Murphy Jean Kennedy Rachel Pitchford Edith Taylor 177 • Omicron Nu Honorary Home Economics Installed in 1922 Colors: Pink and Lavender SORORES IN FACULTATE Miss Jennie Tilt Miss Clarine Belcher SORORES IN COLLEGIO Melissa Darby Eleanor Delaney Dempsey Creary 178 Phi Alpha Theta Faculty Members T. P. Oakley Mary C. Welborn Katheryn T. Abbey Luna Bowdoin Bessie Miller Bessie Randolph Dorothy Jones Student Members Gertrude Heering Birdie Lee Wilder Dorothy Dodd Mary Carolyn Logan 179 Kappa Delta Pi Founded at Illinois in 1911 Publication: Kappa Delta Pi Record Purpose: To encourage in its members a higher degree of consecration to social service. To this end it shall maintain the highest educational ideals and shall foster fel- lowship, scholarship and achievement in educational work. Alpha Delta Chapter Installed January, 1925 Members in Faculty Dean Salley Miss Inga Olla Helsetii Miss Allie Lou Felton Dr. Finner Mrs. P. F. Finner Miss Lou E. Whitfield Members in College Miss Evelyn Mudge Miss Silvia Roseman Miss Luna Bowdoin Carmen Bartlett Wilma Shepard Willie Mae Taylor Louise Robles Fannie Wasley Jean Davis Hazel Gilmore Gertrude Heering Helen Claire Renner 180 Chi Delta Phi Founded in 1919 at University of Tennessee Publication: " The Litterateur " Pi Chapter Installed in 1925 Faculty Member Miss Hazel Stevenson Members Maxine McClearen Mary Huffaker Eugenia Cookman Edith Taylor Claire Murphry " F " Club Bernice Conklin President Margaret Baker Vice-President Katy Montgomery Faculty Members Myra Burr Helen Ferree Allie Lou Felton Hazel Flower Gladys Rush Dempsey Creary Lois Hawkins Jewell Cooper Mary Ruth Murray Martha Branscombe Margaret Richards Mary Getzen Betty Suhrer Emilie Blackburn Mem i Shorty Chapman Grace Fox Annie Mae Martin Lou Cochran Mary McCall Margaret Baker Betty Wood Mildred Bright Emma Spencer Iris Rudland Jean Cookman ERS Carol Bridges Irene Brunson Virginia Walker Mary S. Yarbrough Bernice Conklin Marie Dixon Edna Mattox Beth Price Annie Mary Moore Nola Mann Sanders Joanna Thompson Nell Wallis Fay Paulk Lida Cadugan Ruth Dale Betty Register Betty Kellerman Rachael Pitchford Thelma Shad Liza Marshall Pris McMurray . ■» ■ Cheer Leaders Martha Branscombe Senior Class, Even Bett Pannill Junior Class, Odd Hazel Hebb Sophomore Class Dorothy Bullock Freshman 1 84 ATHLETI CS BOj»K Athletic Board Emma Spencer President Bernice Conklin rice-President Edna Mattox Secretary Mildred Bright Treasurer Mary Simpson Yarbroug:i . . . Representati ve-at-Large Dempsey Creary .... Chairman of Point Committee Class Representatives Mary McCall Senior Margaret Baker Junior Edna Mattox Sophomore Ruth Dale Freshman 187 ■F " Club Bernice Conklin President Margaret Baker Vice-President Katy Montgomery Faculty Members Myra Burr Helen Ferree Allie Lou Felton Hazel Flower Gladys Rush Dempsey Creary Lois Hawkins Jewell Cooper Mary Ruth Murray Martha Branscombe Margaret Richards Mary Getzen Betty Suhrer Emilie Blackburn Mem Shorty Chapman- Grace Fox Annie Mae Martin Lou Cochran Mary McCall Margaret Baker Betty Wood Mildred Bright Emma Spencer Iris Rudland Jean Cookman BERS Carol Bridges Irene Brunson Virginia Walker Mary S. Yarbrough Bernice Conklin Marie Dixon Edna Mattox Beth Price Annie Mary Moore Nola Mann Sanders Joanna Thompson Nell Wallis Fay Paulk Lida Cadugan Ruth Dale Betty Register Betty Kellerman Rachael Pitchford Thelma Shad Liza Marshall Pris McMurray Cheer Leaders Martha Branscombe Senior Class, Even Beit Panmll Junior Class, Odd Hazel Hebb Sophomore Class Dorothy Bullock Freshman 189 Varsity Basketball Bright, Forward Richards, Forward Conklin, Guard Sanders, Running Center Dale, Guard Martin t , Jumping Center Varsity Volley Ball Bridces, Walker, Paulk, Davis, Yarbrough, Brunson, Cadugan 190 Mi r A " X .. CONKLIN McCall RUNYAN Varsity Hockey Chapman- Spencer Sanders Wallis Blackburn Lynch Yarbrough ■ : • . " . ' Varsity Baseball Recister Hawkins Branscombe Spencer McCall Conklin Wright Runyan Robinson 191 Odd Basketball Getzen, Running Center Richards, Forward Conklin, Guard Suhrer, Forward Stone, Jumping Center Dale, Guard Odd Volley Ball Kent, Raper, Moore, Baker, Bridges, Paulk, Thompson 192 Even Basketball Spencer, Forward Martin, Jumping Center Sanders, Running Center Monroe, Guard Bright, Forward Wood, Forward Arnold, Guard Even Volley Ball Yarbrough, Branscombe, Cadugan, Brunson, Fox, McCall, Davis i93 Senior Basketball Spencer, Forward Dorsey, Guard Cookman, Guard Logan, Guard Partridge, Jumping Center Rush, Running Center Chapman, Guard Flower, Guard Senior Volley Ball Yarbrough, Lowe, Fox, Monroe, McCall, Branscombe, Hawkins 194 Junior Champion Basketball Tower, Guard Pannill, Forward Getzen, Running Center Register, Forward Wallis, Guard Stone, Jumping Center Suhrer, Forward Conklin, Guard Christian, Guard Richards, Foiiuard Junior Volley Ball Moore, Thompson, Warner, Walker, Baker, Strunk i95 Odd Basketball Getzen, Running Center Richards, Forward Conklin, Guard Suhrer, Forward Stone, Jumping Center Dale, Guard Odd Volley Ball Kent, Raper, Moore, Baker, Bridges, Paulk, Thompson 192 Even Basketball Spencer, Forward Martin , Jumping Center Sanders, Running Center Monroe, Guard Bright, Forward Wood, Forward Arnold, Guard Even Volley Ball Yarbrough, Branscombe, Cadugan, Brunson, Fox, McCall, Davis 193 Athletic Statistics 1927 Hockey Evens 1 Odds o 1st. . . Juniors 2nd . . Seniors 3rd . . . Sophomores 4th. . . Freshmen Soccer Odds 2 Evens o Sophomores Seniors Freshmen Juniors Baseball Evens 17 Odds 10 Juniors Sophomores Seniors Freshmen Volley Ball Evens 63 Odds Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Seniors 30 Basket Ball Odds 20 Evens 16 Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Seniors Track 100- Yard Dash Margaret Richards 12.85 seconds 50-Yard Dash Margaret Richards 6.6 seconds Basket Ball Throw Harriet Robinson 76 feet Baseball Throw Bernice Conklin 186 feet, 614 inches Discus Margaret Richards 84 feet, A inches Javelin Mary Simpson Yarbrough 83 feet, 1 1 inches Running High Jump Bernice Conklin 4 feet, 3 inches Running Broad Jump Margaret Richards 16 feet, 9! inches Standing Broad Jump Clifton Gwynn 76 feet Hurdles Margaret Richards 15 ' , seconds Shuttle Relay Sophomores 28 1 . seconds Margaret Richards winner of sweater. Mary Simpson Yarbrough winner of Javelin Trophy. Swimming 100-Yard Dash Marie Dixon 1 minute, 15 seconds 50-Yard Dar.h Marie Dixon 38.4 seconds 25-Yard Back Stroke Della Stone 26.3 seconds 25-Yard Breast Stroke Stone and Conklin 23 seconds Plunge Lou Cochran Under Water Lou Cochran Form Marie Dixon Diving, plain Marie Dixon Diving, fancy Marie Dixon Relay Sophomores Canoe Doubles Seniors 41 feet 70 feet 1 minute, 24 seconds 14 seconds Champion Track Margaret Richards Tennis, doubles, Betty Suhrer, Mary Moore Tennis, singles Marion Couch Swimming Marie Dixon Golf Lou Cochran College Emblems Conklin, Yarbrough, Rush 198 FEATU RES c She Superlatives of . S ( TfiA (?♦ for 1928 Sadie Spencer (fJXlost Topnlar exas " Houghton Cutest dMaxine cfDdcQlearen (fMost Intellectual Florentine Kolmes eMost beautiful dM argaret Ejfhards eMost Uersatile ernice QonJ lin eMost Athletic Emily eMcThail e!Most Original Costumes by Courtesy of The Vogue Sadie Spencer, oJtlost Topular exas l pughton, Cutest eJXlaxine Q M.cQlearen, oMost Intellectual Florentine c 3{olmes eMost Beautiful Margaret IZj.chards, eMost ' Versatile ernice Qonklin, eMost cAthletic Smily eMcThail, eMost Original OUR PATRONS WORTH, INC. Tampa. Flor THE VOGUE Tallahassee. Flor GREENLEAF « CROSBY Co. Jacksonville, FJor MAE ' S SHOP Tallahassee, Flor WILSON W Co. Tallahassee, Flor V. E. JACOBS Jacksonville, FJor ARTCRAFT PRINTERS Tallahassee, Flor LEWIS STATE BANK Tallahassee. Flor H. « W. B. DREW Co. Jacksonville, Flo THE GOODY SHOP Tallahassee. Flo COHEN BROS. Jacksonville, Flor T. B. BYRD 8 SON Tallahassee, Flor RHODES HARDWARE Co. Tallahassee, Flor George Washington Hotel .Tallahassee, Flor SALLY SHOPPING SERVICE Jacksonville, FJor DIXON » CO. Tallahassee, Flor MlCKLER ' S GROCERY Tallahassee. Flor FURCHGOTT ' S Jacksonville, Flor THE QUALITY SHOP Jacksonville, FJor Clark ' s Jewelry Store .Tallahassee, Flor DAFFIN ' S Tallahassee, Flor Tallahassee Style Shop .Tallahassee. Flo White Way Cleaners Tallahassee. Flo HILL ' S BOOK STORE .Tallahassee. Flor Carter ' s Sporting Goods Tallahassee. Flor MARABLE ' S STUDIO Gainesville, Flor CHEEK-NEAL COFFEE CO. Jacksonville, Flor MAAS BROS. Tampa. Flor GUERRY ' S Tallahassee, Flor; DUTCH KITCHEN Tallahassee, Flor FAIN DRUG Co. Tallahassee, Flor D. C. ADAMS CO. Tallahassee, Flor QUARTERMAN ELECTRIC Co. Tallahassee, Flor TALLAHASSEE SHOE FlXERY .Tallahassee, Flor LEON MILK CO. Tallahassee. Flor TURNER ' S .1 Tallahassee. Flori COTRELL ft LEONARD . Albany, New York McNAIR ' S DRUG CO. Tallahassee. Flori TALLAHASSEE MOTOR Co. Tallahassee, Flori Princess Boot Shop Tampa, Flo ADAMS JEWELRY CO. Tallahassee. Flori APPLEYARD ' S Tallahassee, Flori da da da da d. da da da da da da da da da da da da da da di da da da da da da da da da da da da da da di da WORTH for the women who love beautiful clothes o=nac= The Latest Creations for the Smartly Dressed Woman 511 Tampa St. TAMPA, FLA . Our Annual Expression of Apprecia- tion to the Student Body of F. S. W. C. for their patronage through the year 1927-28 oaue Jeminine d)e arables Tallahassee Florida 1 GREENLEAF CROSBY CO. 1 Ustablisnea in Jacksonville 58 1 c UiamortcU Water. Oolia Oil Jewelry Lrfenox VJnina Rick Cut Gl« (jlocke fashion Jewelry VJiit Department Irene Castle Styles Peggy Paige Styles Catering to Misses and Women We Supply Your Entire Wardrobe With Exclusive Styles DELLA Beauty Shop in Connection Phone 78 Gagt Hats MAE ' S SHOP Tallahassee, Fla. House of Youth Coats Since the far-gone days when F. S. W. C. was the West Florida Seminary, boasting a mere handful of students, Wilson ' s has striven to fill the needs, general and spe- cific, of the college girl. Each year has brought new patronage from the ranks of the college. We take this opportunity of expressing our appreciation of your pa- tronage. P. W. WILSON CO. Established in 183 7 A JEWELRY STORE NOTED FOR SERVICE JEWELERS TO THE COLLEGE GIRL ' UffW£L£f2S FOR S3 Kj 25 . ARTCRAFT PRINTERS Tallahassee ' s New Printing Plant EAST COLLEGE AVENUE TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA THE LEWIS STATE BANK TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA Florida ' s Oldest Bank; Began Business in 1856 Invites Your Account Resources Over $2,900,000 QUALITY— But That ' s Not All! Quality has always been one of the characteristics of Drew mer- chandise—but, in addition, the buyer has a guarantee of satisfac- tion backed by a record of 72 years of fair dealing. Efficient Mail Order Service THE K » W. B, DREW COMPANY STATIONERS. BOOKSELLERS. ENGRAVERS JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA THE GOODY SHOP Incorporated Masonic Building TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA " The Place to Get Good Things to Eat " Tallahassee ' s Best Fountain Service We Cater to Parties HOME COOKING JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA " One of the South ' s Great Stores ' " FOR YOUR LUNCHES AND PARTIES AND ANYTHING YOU WANT TO EAT GO TO T. B. BYRD 8 SON Fine Groceries and Everything Good to Eat Telephcne 1 203 S. Monroe Street TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA Where the College Girls Buy Paints and Lacquers, Floor Wax Scissors, Wire and Trunk Ropes the WINCH£ST£R storb THE GEORGE WASHINGTON JACKSONVILLE ' S NEWEST AND FINEST HOTEL IS PROPERLY CHOSEN AS HEADQUARTERS FOR THE STAFF AND STUDENT BODY OF THE STATE WOMAN ' S COLLEGE Where Courtesy, Comfort and Happiness Go Hand in Hand ROOMS Single, $3 to $5, Double, $5 to $8 RADIO IN EVERY ROOM Delightful Breakfasts, Luncheons and Dinners With Music at Reasonable Prices Let Sally Shop for You Orders Immediately Filled SALLY SHOPPING SERVICE Lynch Building JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Desks, Chairs, Files, Book Cases D. A. DIXON CO. Office Supplies " Everything for the Office " Tallahassee, Florida Complimentary P. T. MICKLERS THE STORE FOR PURE FOODS AND GOOD SERVICE 2 — Phones — 83 . FURCHGOTT ' S " The Store Accommodating " One of the State ' s Largest Department Stores Everything for the College Woman and a most efficient mail order department. Goods forwarded same day the order is received. 221 Laura Street JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA Daffin Theater C. E. DAFFIN, Manager TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA ' If it is the Best Picture You ' ll See it at DafRn ' s First " JEWELRY Clark Gift Store BOOKS PHONE 468 DISTINCTIVE CLOTHES FOR THE COLLEGE GIRL DAINTY ACCESSORIES FINE HOSIERY J he Jaltahassee — — (Jncorpcrgivd oppe (Jncorpcraivd U LET THE WHITE WAY BE YOUR WAY If it can be cleaned, THE WHITE Way CLEANERS can clean it and it will be returned to you absolutely ODORLESS To Serve You Most Efficiently is Our Only Aim THE WHITE WAY CLEANERS Phone 666 203 East Park Ave. HILL ' S BOOK-JEWELRY STORE " GIFTS THAT LAST " WATCHMAKERS ENGRAVERS " The Store Accommodating " Phone 147 Westley Carter, Owner " SPORTING GOODS ' Golf. Tennis, Basketballs Volley Balls, Etc. CARTERS SPORT GOODS STORE " Where Service Follows Sale " Daffin Theater Building Phone 3 2 HIGH GRADE ANNUALS Over thirty-four years experience, together with adequate equipment and a working force trained in the pro- duction of high grade work, make our service desirable to Colleges and High Schools Official Photographers for this Publication THE MARABLES STUDIO Gainesville, Florida FOR THE BEST TABLES MAXWELL HOUSE Coffee and Tea Good to the Last Dron SOLD BY ALL GROCERS A TRULY METROPOLITAN STORE For over forty years a store of friendly, courteous, personal contacts. A store of active, progressive conservatism, operating on the prin- ciples of integrity and sincerity, selling merchandise of quality ex- clusively at the lowest prices possible. Let Jane Lee Shop for You If for any reason you cannot come to Maas Brothers in person, allow our Personal Shopper to serve you JL laafa _Gfi£ATE TAMPA ' S GREATEST STOR£ L THE NEWEST MODES AS DEPICTED IN DRESSES AND MILLINERY Our efforts are devoted to the securing of the fashions of the latest minute and offering them at popular prices. " It ' s to Wear— We Have It " G UJ READY-TO-WEAR South Monroe Street Tallahassee, Fla. THE DUTCH KITCHEN A GOOD PLACE TO EAT Opposite Post Office PRIVATE DINING ROOM FOR PARTIES COMPLIMENTARY FAIN DRUG CO. Tallahassee ' s Best Drug Store THE REXALL STORE QUARTERMAN ELECTRIC CO., Inc. ELECTRAGISTS Lewis Bank Building Phone 88! Everything Electrical TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA D. C. ADAMS MAKERS OF PHOTOGRAPHS THAT PLEASE Lively Corner TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA STEWARTS Expert Repairing Fine Shoes COMBINING TALLAHASSEE SHU FIXERY The Home of Expert Shoe Repairing May Life Bestow the Cream of All Good Things Upon the Class of 1928 LEON COUNTY MILK CO. Moore ' s Delicious Ice Cream TURNERS STORE ALWAYS Caters to the College Girls TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA THE HOME OF Princess Beauti-Rite Shoes. $6.00 to $15.00 PRINCESS BOOT SHOP 8 12 FRANKLIN STREET TAMPA. FLORIDA J. E. McNAIR Druggist Elizabeth Arden Toilet Articles Hollingsworth Candies Phone 2 3 TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA TALLAHASSEE MOTOR CO. Lincoln— Ford— Fordson MICHELIN TIRES GOWNS— HOODS— CAPS for All Degrees Superior Workmanship and Selection Materials at Reasonable Prices Full Information Sent on Requct Cotrell 8 Leonard Albany, New York JEWELRY FOR ALL OCCASIONS Adams Jewelry Co. Tampa, Fla. JHEectTpn £4 THE ART OF p R VTlAJC s hS »P 1 PPLEYARD " Wh an experience of a Quarter-centurq intheartof printing and carrying an ex- cellent line °f office supplies is aptly called The- Mouse euable- k ' ppleyard " the name is immediately associated with modern printing Our entire plant is completely eouipped tuith modern machinery-thus making for excellence in x,._ " Graphic " Art. T.J.APPLEYARD, Ii C. TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA THIS ANNUAL ENGRAVED BY JAHN a OL.LIER Autographs

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