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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Cover

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1 jplp iM ' iitl " i ' riiiliiii ' ' r. • ' 1 1 ,- ■ Fit 1 I tL J ■ ■ ■ - " l , ■ ■ Mr III r • J V pi ' ' « ' : - jf . Ex-Libris m Z5%$ ftta MWf - : : . Part grave, ftart gay, fiart mad as the Mad Hatter, This little world of ours moves through these -frages; The faces come and go, the faces scatter, But they are captured here for later ages. Dead days are here that in a gold- en stream Shot like the sunlight through the fragrant fame, Bright shafts through tender shadows of a dream, Making of memory sweet ano- dyne. Who has a better word to say than ' Friend ? Let us remember now, who then had laughter, Our lovely dream, hhe Alice, at the end Of years and voices long feast going after. These leaves, hhe vines on Rey- nolds in a breeze, whisker the face, the scene of days now feast, who had the boohs, the games under the trees, And who the grief of parting at the last. D E D I C r I O M To Miss Rovtena Longmire Who has sympathetically guided our activities, and whose noble character has been an inspiration through " out our college days, u e dedicate our 1925 FLASTACOWO ailSiiill ill lilittilli MMHi LTxcr- ' m ' Jcr: rzc ax .Tgr. ' zg " : §§§|1j is ) 1 gill ORDER OF BOOKS + BOOK I THE UNIVERSITY BOOK II THE CLASSES BOOK III ORGANIZATIONS BOOK IV ATHLETICS BOOK V FEATURES ■nil S3 sa as JM !■( i i p MP l iijlllllllllllfa lgiigi§! rf XL.-7_JX. " 3X ' : I xx it xr " it n P HI ixr. T3irr:m l Tzr xc:;i ■III pri iiiiiiiiiij! --- — — L «0 UNIVERSITY " They ' re putting donm their names, " the Gryphon whispered in reply, " for fear they ' ll forget them before the end. " ALICE IN WONDERLAND. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING II THE FOUNTAIN AND SCIENCE BUILDING 12 BRYAX HALL ( WHERE DATES ARD MADE, HAD, AND SENT HOME) 13 A GLIMPSE OF THE AD. THROUGH THE PINES 14 REYNOLDS HALL 15 THE INFIRMARY 16 THE SUN DIAL 7 CAMI FLASTACOWO, ON LAKE BRADFORD 18 l gg?? 19 Board of Control P. K. YONGE, LL.D., Chairman Pensacola E. L. WARTMANN Citra William B. Davis Perry John C. Cooper, Jr ' Jacksonville A. H. Blanding Leesburg J. T. Diamond, Secretary Tallahassee State Board of Education Cary A. Hardee, President Governor H. Clay Crawford Secretary of State J. C. LuNlNG State Treasurer Rivers H. Buford Attorney-General W. S. Cawthon, Secretary State Superintendent of Public Instruction Summer School Board W. S. CAWTHON, A.M State Superintendent of Public Instruction A. A. Ml ' RPHREE, LL.D President of University of Florida E. CoNRADl, Ph.D President of Florida State College for Women 20 mmmmsm f LASTACOWO Faculty and Officers Edward Coxradi, A.M., Ph.D. (Clark) President Arthur Williams, A.M. (Cambridge) rice-President ; Professor of History William George Dodd, A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard) Dean College of Arts and Sciences; Professor of English Nathaniel Moss Salley, A.R. Dean, School of Education and Normal School; Professor of Education Margaret Rector Saxdels, A.M. Dean, School of Home Economics ; Professor of Nutrition Elmer Riggs Smith, A.M. Secretary ; Professor of Mathematics and Physics Josiah Bethea Game, Ph.D. (Yale), Litt.D. Professor of Classics and General Literature Albax Stewart, A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard) Professor of Botany and Bacteriology Lanas Spurgeox Barber, M.A. Professor of Zoology and Horticulture Edmund Verxox Gage, A.M. Professor of Modern Languages Ravmoxd Bellamy, A.M., Ph.D. (Clark) Professor of Sociology and Political Economy James Owex Kxauss, A.M., Ph.D. (Cornell) Professor of European History and Political Science Axxe Youxg, M.D., Dr. P.H. (Pennsylvania) Professor of Hygiene Hattie Mae Charmichael, A.M. Professor of Household Chemistry Paul Frederick Fixxer, Ph.D. (Wisconsin) Professor of Psychology Ixga Olla Helseth, A.M. Professor of Education Lelaxd Judsox Lewis, A.M., Ph.D. (Columbia) Professor of Chemistry Walter Scott McNutt, M.A., Ph.D. (Cincinnati), B.D. (Lane Theological Seminary) Professor of Philosophy Jennie Tilt, M.S., Ph.D. (Chicago) Research Professor of Nutrition William Hudsox Rogers, M.A., Ph.D. (Virginia) Associate Professor of English 21 Mary Hollingsworth, A.B. Associate Professor of Spoken English Viviene Robison McClatchv, M.A., Ph.D. (Chicago) Associate Professor of Psychology Chesley Martin Hutchings, M.A., Ph.D. (Harvard) Associate Professor of Modern Languages ROWENA LONGMIRE, M.A. Assistant Professor of English Olga Larson, M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Beatrice Beyer Williams Assistant Professor of Art Herman Klrz, M.S., Ph.D. (Chicago) Associate Professor of Botany Laura Towne, M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish and French Olivia Dorman, M.A. Assistant Professor of Classics Maude Schvvalmeyer Director of Primary Division, Demonstration School Elma Williams Ealy, B.S. Director of Kindergarten Division, Demonstration School Emily Pitman Wilburn, B.L. Supervisor of Industrial Arts Katherine Montgomery, A.B. Director of Physical Education Grace E. Steger, Ph.B. (Chicago) Instructor in Commerce Hazel Ellison Stevenson, M.A. Instructor in English Helen Carter, M.A. Instructor in Domestic Art Genevieve Crawford, M.S- Instructor in Domestic Science Edith Macmillan, M.A. Instructor in Chemistry Catherine Zimmerman Winters, M.A. Instructor in History Dorothy Beryl Meek Instructor in Spoken English Lillian Elizabeth Conradi, A.B. Instructor in Spoken English Margaret C. White, M.A. Instructor in English Leila Venable, Ph.B. Instructor in Domestic Science Elizabeth Susan Doane, A.B. Instructor in French and Spanish Lucile Grider Bass Instructor in Commerce Helen Margaret Ferree Instructor in Physical Education Emma Othilde Helseth, A.M. Instructor in Edu ation 22 a tgytsgi Vexila Lovina Shores, M.A. Instructor in History Ezda Deviney, M.S. Instructor in Biology Mildred Henry, M.A. Instructor in English Charlotte Phelps, M.A. Instructor in English Frances Hopkins Instructor in Spoken English Ruth M. Payne. A.B. Instructor in Industrial Arts and Art Lucy Larrouy, B.S. Instructor in Modern Languages May E. Win field, B.S. Research Assistant Louise Richardson, A.B. Librarian Clara Rider Haydex, B.S. in Education Assistant in Library Lucy Carolyn Cushmax State Supervisor Home Economics Allie Lou Feltox, B.S. in Education Principal of High School Lillian Walker Page. B.S. in Education Critic Teacher, Training School Helex Hill Joxes, B.S. in Education Critic Teacher, Training School Florexce R. Tryox, L.I. Assistant Critic Teacher, Training School Effie Lively, B.S. in Education Critic Teacher, Training School Mattie Lou Horxe, L.I. Assistant Critic Teacher, Training School Sylvia Rosemax, L.I. Assistant Critic Teacher, Training School Jaxie Gregory, A.B. Critic Teacher, Training School School 01 Music Ella Scoble Oppermax, A.B., M.M. Dean, School of Music; Professor of Piano and Organ Berxice Wixchester, B.M. Instructor in I ' iolin Etta L. Robertsox Instructor in Voice Augusta Hardix, Artist ' s Diploma (Cincinnati) Instructor in Voice and Director of Glee Club Gladys Comforter, B.M. Instructor in Piano Zadie L. Phipps Instructor in Public School Music 2J Zorah Miller Instructor in Piano and Piano Normal Methods Helen Louise Ladd Instructor in Solfeggio, String, and Brass Instruments, and Conductor of Ensemble Classes Gladys Mosley, B.M. Assistant Instructor in Piano Carol M. Bozovosky, B.M. Instructor in Theory of Music and Piano Miriam H. Little, B.M., B.F.A. Instructor in Cello, Musical History and Appreciation Lillian French Assistant Instructor in Voice and Piano Gladys Storrs, B.M. Assistant Instructor in Piano Home Flavia Gleason State Agent Virginia P. Moore, L.I. Assistant State Agent Lucy Belle Settle District Agent Ruby McDavid District Agent Eva Richardson, B.S. Specialist in Nutrition and Dairy Demonstration Work ISABELLE THURSBY, B.S. Food and Marketing Specialist Mrs. Ruby Richardson Secretary, Extension Department Mrs. Laura A. Richardson Stenographer, Extension Department Mrs. Robert Mickler Mailing and Filing Clerk, Extension Department Mrs Home Department Sallie Landrum Cawthon Dean of College Home Mrs. R. E. Sloan Assistant Dean of College Home Miss Mamie Andrews Miss Kate D. Shipp Mrs. Margaret Saynor Miss E. H. Denham Mrs- J. D. Turnbull Mrs. Hal Curry Mrs. Floy Steinmeyer Assistants in the College Home Jeanette McLemore Secretary in Bryan Halt Office Ruth Scrandrett Y. IV. C. A. Secretary Anne Young, M.D., Dr.P.H. Resident Physician Bessie Thompson, R.N. Head Nurse in Infirmary Mrs. J. L. Patterson Assistant Nurse in Infirmary Nellie Turton Night Nurse in Infirmary Other Officers of Administration John G. Kellum Treasurer and Business Manager of College Anna May Tracy Dietitian Jessie McNeill Secretary to President, and Registrar Mrs. Amelia K. Clark Bookkeeper Alice Henderson Secretary to Business Manager Carrie Williams Cashier Fern Russel Assistant Dietitian Anna Belle Wesson Stenographer in Registrar ' s Office Ruth T. McIlvaine Manager of College Book Store Ava Taylor Assistant in Book Store 2+ CLASSES " Who are you? " said the Caterpillar. " Senior, Junior, and Sophomore, Freshmen, Specials, and then some more — " MALICE IN BLUNDERLAND. 5 - -v. ■«■ ' ■-3o .,-r. . : : : • . sjf-i:3i ■ " - . • ' , " r-- y.»-w»Vsh . " - ' • ' - ' or ' -.4,1 £ »- ' . SENIOR CLASS Senior Class Lucile Douglas Sumner Tampa, Florida B.S. in Education K A Class President (i, 2, 3, 4) ; President Council (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Commission (1); History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Class Baseball (i, 2, 3, 4); Student Assistant in Gymnasium Department (3, 4); Spiro- gira (4). Officers Lucile Sumner President Ada Louise Simpson Vice-President Thelma Smith Secretary Elizabeth Ba s Treasurer Lois Curry Parliamentarian Thelma Phillips . . . Athletic Manager 28 Elizabeth Galt Aikex Pensacola, Fla. A. B. in En y I is I i AAA Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (1); Smaller Cabinet (2); Vice-Pres- ident Y. W. C. A. (3); President (4); Cotillion Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Classical Club (2, 3); Vice-President Pensacola Club (3): Del- egate to National Y. W. C. A. Convention (3) ; Delegate to Blue Ridge (3. 4); National Student Council of Y. W. C. A. (3): Presidents ' Council (4); Y. W. Representative on Student Gov- ernment. Mona Aldermax Starke, Fla. A.B. in English K A 9 Class Representative on Student Government (3, 4); Delegate to Southern Intercollegiate Association of Student Government Con- ference (3); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3); Classical Club (1. 2, 4); Education Club (3, 4). Anna Jane Axdersox Tallahassee, Fla. A.B. in English Z T A Classical Club (1, 2); History and Social Science Club (3); Edu- cation Society (3). Senior Class B.A. Aline Osgood Anson Pensacola, Fla. A.B. in Modern Language Mask and Domino Club (2, 3, 4); Classical Club (1, 3, 4); History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3). Lucy Williams Anson Pensacola, Fla. A.B. in English Classical Club (1, 2, 3); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Education Society (3, 4). Annelle Ball Tallahassee, Fla. A.B. in Latin K A, S A n Glee Club (1); Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 4); Joint Class Treasurer (2); Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3); Vice-President Classical Club (3); Education Society (3); Smaller Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (4); President Classical Club (4); Presidents ' Council (4). Senior Class B.A. Elizabeth Walton Bass A.B. in English 2 K St. Augustine, Fla- Mask and Domino Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Vice-President Mask and Domino Club (3); Flambeau Staff (3); Treasurer Class (3, 4); Classical Club (1); History and Social Science Club (1, 4); Neart Club (3, 4). Vera May Brendla Miami, Fla. A.B. in Sociology n b Delta Psi Kappa; Flambeau Staff (4); History and Social Science (1, 3. li; Educational Society (3); Nefty Netters (2); Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4); Mask and Domino Club (2, 3, 4). Kathleex Brown Mi lami, Fla. A.B. in English Y. W. Committee (3, 4); History and Social Science Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Classical Club (1, 2, 3); Educational Club (3); Mask and Domino Club (2). Senior Class B.A. Nell Roben Buchanan Tampa, Fla. B..1. in History X Q History and Social Science Club (:!, 4); Classical Club (3). Beatrice Harmon Candee Tallahassee, Fla. .I.R. in Latin 2 A II Classical Club (1, 2, 3); History and Social Science Club (1, 2); Programme Committee of World Fellowship Department Y. W. C. A. (2); Class Parliamentarian (3); Larger Cabinet (4); Student Assistant in Psychology (4); Presidents ' Council (4). Marguerite Capo St. Augustine, Fla. .I.R. in Latin History and Social Science Club (1, 2, I): Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Education Club (3); Flastacowo Staff (3); Neart (3, 4); Tennis Club (2). Senior Class B.A. Irene W. Chambers Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. in English A A n Class Treasurer (1, 2); Class Cheer Leader (1, 2, 3, 4); T. W. C. A. Library Committee (2, 3); Treasurer Jacksonville Club (3); Treasurer Class (3); Treasurer Dramatic Club (3); Secretary Dramatic Club (2); Neart (3, 4); Cotillion (1, 2, 3, 4); Classical Club (2, 3, 4); Chairman Freshmen (3); History and Social Science Club (2, 3); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Tennis Club (2); Odd Cheer Leader (1, 3, 4); Spirogira (4). Lois Esther Curry Bradentown, Fla. A.B. in Latin K A 6, A X A, S A n Parliamentarian (4); Fire Lieutenant (3); Y. W. Larger Cabinet (3); Smaller Cabinet (4); Flastacowo (3); Flambeau (4); History and Social Science Club (1, 4); Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Edu- cation Society (3); Mask and Domino Club (1). Norma A. Davis Miami, Fla. A.B. K A 9, A X A Freshman Commission (1); Flambeau (1, 2. 3); Flastacowo (2, 3); Y. W. Larger Cabinet (2); Y. W. Smaller Cabinet (2, 4); Classical Club (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1); Fire Captain (2); Presidents ' Council (3, 4). Senior Class B.A. Sara Davis Orlando, Fla. A.B. 2 K History and Social Science Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Mask and Domino Club (1, 2, 3); Classical Club (1, 2). Verna Day Pensacola, Fla. A.B. in Classics History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 4); Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Education Club (4); Girl Scouts (1). Joanna Dew Alachua, Fla. A.B. in English History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Classical Club (1, 2); Education Club (3). Senior Class B.A. ' ary Louise Dickenson Tampa, Fla. A.B. in English Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (2); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Classical Club (1); Education Society (3, 4). Julia Dilzer New Smyrna, Fla. B.A. History and Social Science (1, 2); Classical Club (1, 2, 3); Treasurer Classical Club (2); Y. W. Commission (1); Vice-Pres- ident Y. W. C. A. (3); Mask and Domino Club (1, 2, 3). Hazel Ellis Quincy, Fla. B.A. M Entered third year; Classical Club (3, 4); History anil Social Science Club (3, 4); Education Society (4). Senior Class B.A. Rhoda Parramore Fraleigh Madison, Fla- B.A. in History K A, I IIO President Madison and Marianna Club (2, 3); Fire Lieutenant (3); Education Society (3, 4); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Classical Club (1, 2). Opal Futch Alachua, Fla. .I.E. in English K A 9 History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 4); Classical Club (1, 2); Fire Captain (4). Adelina Giles Orlando, Fla. A.B. in English AAA Y. W. C. A. Larger Cabinet (3); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Classical Club (1. 2); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 4); Education Society (3). Senior Class B.A. Clare Marian Goertz Sanford, Fla. A.B. in Mathematics History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Classical Club (3. 4); Education Society (3). Carolyn- Isabel Gwynn Tallahassee, Fla. A.B. in English K A Classical Club (2, 3); History and Social Science Club (3). Ainslie Harris St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A. in English Mask and Domino Club (1, 2, 3. 4); History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Classical Club (2); Education Club (3). Senior Class B.A. Florence Young Harvey Tampa, Fla. A.B. in History r $ B Entered third year; History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Classical Club (3, 4). Esther Emerson Hodsdon Miami, Fla. A.B. in English Classical Club (1, 2, 4); History and Social Science Club (1, 2); Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4). Phyllis Holden Ft. Meade, Fla. A.B. History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Classical Club (3, 4). Senior Class B.A. fLASTACOWO Maude Elizabeth Horne Ocala, Fla. A.B. in English AAA History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Classical Club (1, 2, 3); Education Club (3); B. B. Varsity Judging Committee (3, 4); Fire Lieutenant (3). Myrtle Johnson Cocoa, Fla. A.B. in History n B History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Classical Club (1, 2); Education Club (3). Winifred Kennard Tampa, Fla. A.B. in English 2 K Classical Club (1, 2); Glee Club (1); History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Education Society (3, 4); Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (4); Mask and Domino Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Senior Class B.A. fLASTACOWO Majda Natalie Lamb Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. in History A Z, I II Hockey Class Team (2); Tennis Club (1); Classical Club (1, 2); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 4); Education Society (4); Mask and Domino Club (1); Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. Roberta Faye Mickler Tampa, Fla. A.B. 2 K Entered third year; Classical Club (3); History and Social Science Club (3, 4). Rozale Millinor Madison, Fla. A.B. in English Classical Club (1, 3); Education Society (2); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Fire Lieutenant (2); Nifty Netters (2); Mask and Domino Club (3, 4); Flambeau Staff (4); E. S. Club (2). Senior Class B.A. Linda Hortense Mintz Tampa, Fla. A.B. in Modern Language II B $ Classical Club (1); Education Club (3); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2); Larger Cabinet T. W. C. A. (2); Student Government (4). Cornelia McMurray Jacksonville, Fla. B.A. a a n Freshman Commission (1); Y. W. C. A. Library Committee (1); Classical Club (1, 2); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 4); Spinsters ' Club (2, 3, 4). Lois Janet Overstreet Kissimmee, Fla- B.A. n b $ Kissimmee Club (2, 3, 4); Secretary-Treasurer (3, 4); T. W. C. A. Smaller Cabinet (4); Education Society (3, 4); History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Classical Club (2). Senior Class B.A. Dorothy Ina Price Port Orange, Fla. B. l. in Modern Language History and Social Science Club (2, 4); Classical Club (2, 3, 4.) Sarasota, Fla. Katherine Emelia Prime B.A. in Mathematics S A n Classical Club (1, 2, 3); Class Baseball Team (1, 2); Class Ath- letic Manager (2); " F " Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Treasurer Athletic Board (2); History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Class Bas- ketball Team (2, 3, 4); Odd Team (2, 4); Mask and Domino Club (2); National Discus Championship (2, 3); Treasurer History and Social Science Club (3); Tennis Championship in Doubles (3); Representative-at-Large Athletic Association (4); President Sarasota County Club (4); Flambeau Staff (4); Education So- city (3). Jamie Reese Pensacola, Fla. B.A. in English AAA Freshman Vice-President; Sophomore Vice-President; Sophomore Representative on Student Government; History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Classical Club (1, 2); Cotillion Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Spirogira (4) Odd Treasurer (4); President Cotillion Club (4). Senior Class B.S. Omie Manette Scarborough Lake Butler, Fla. B.A. Classical Club (1, 2, 3); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3); Delegate to Baptist Student Conference in Murfreesboro, Tenn. (3). Christine Tomkies Gainesville, Fla. B.A. in English Classical Club (1, 2, 4); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3); Life Savings Corps (2, 3, 4); Class Volleyball Team (4); Philos- ophy Club (4); Tennis Tournament (4). Jacksonville, Fla. Myrtis Carolyn Tureman B.A. in English n B $, 2 A n History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 4); Education Society (3); Classical Club (2, 3); Board of Managers of Flambeau (1); Treas- urer Classical Club (2); Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3); Vice- President Class (2); President Pan-Hellenic (4). Senior Class B.A. Lvda Tippin Walton Pensacola, Fla. A.B. in History A A n Classical Club (1, 2); Education Society (3. 4); History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); President History and Social Science Club (4); Presidents ' Council (4). Mary Galey Walker Orlando, Fla. A.B. in History A A A, I II History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Vice-President His- tory and Social Science Club (4); President Orange County Club (3); Education Society (3); Classical Club (1, 2); Delegate to International Relationship Club Convention (3). Wilma Ruth Watson Gainesville, Fla. A.B. in English Classical Club (1, 2, 3. 4); History and Social Science Club (1, 2); Class Volleyball (4); Tennis Club (2); Tennis Tournaments (2, 3, 4). Senior Class B.A. Marjorie Ward DeFuniak Springs, Fla. A ,B. in Social Science 2 K Chairman Freshman Commission (1); Y. W. Cabinet (1); His- tory and Social Science Club (1, 2, 4); Classical Club (1, 2); Mask and Domino Club (1. 2, 4); Classical Club (1, 2); Mask and Domino Club (1, 2, 4); Treasurer Mask and Domino Club (2); Xeart Club (2, 4). Clara Elizabeth Wendel Gotha, Fla. B.A. in Modern Language History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (3); Mask and Domino Club (2, 3, 4). Sara Cordelia Willcoxox Arcadia, Fla. A.B. in English Classical Club (1, 2); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3); Mask and Domino (1, 2, 3); Education Society (1). Senior CI B.A. ass Ruth Erdene Gage Providence, R. I. B.S. S K At S. C. in Rhode Island; Y. W. C. A. Treasurer (3); Chairman Finance Committee (2); Beacon Board (1, 2, 3); Phi Delta (1, 2, 3); Basketball (1, 2, 3); Varsity (3); Transferred in Senior Year to P. S. W. C; Philosophy Club (4). Beth Hammargren Gainesville, Fla. B.S. a a n History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Education Society (1, 2. 3, 4); V. V. (1, 2, 3, 4); Neart (2, 3, 4); Vice-President (3); President (4); Secretary and Treasurer Pan-Hellenic (4). Helen Hyers West Palm Beach, Fla. B.S. Z T A Larger Cabinet (3); Treasurer Y. W. C. A. (4); Flambeau Board of Managers (3, 4); History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Education Society (2, 3). Senior Class B.S. Henrietta Johnson Tampa, Fla. B.S. K A Y. W. Committees (2, 3); Home Economics Club (1); History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Education Society (3); Tampa Club (2); Glee Club (1). Nellie E- Lewis Tallahassee, Fla. B.S. in Social Science History and Social Science Club (4); Education Society (4). Thelma Hobron Phillips Provincetown, Mass. B.S. n b $ Deita Psi Kappa; Stetson Varsity, ' 20- ' 21; Tennis Club; Class Tennis Doubles (1); Even Team Basketball (1); Senior Basketball Team (3); History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Education Society, 1 year; Athletic Manager (3). Senior Class B.S. Mary Stallings Tampa, Fla. B.S. Z T A Glee Club (1); Blue Ridge Club (4); History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Education Society (3, 4); Member Directors Board of Education Society (4). Lucille Tervin DeFuniak Springs, Fla. B.S. in Education x n Education Society (3, 4); History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Classical Club (3); Scholarship Club (3). Elizabeth Coleman Mt. Sterling, Ky. B.S. in Education n B $ Education Society (1, 2, 3); History and Social Science Club (2); Philosophy Club (4). CI; enior jiass B.S. Priscilla Mullen Armstrong Clearwater, Fla. Z?.S. 2« Education II B $ History and Social Science Club (4); Education Club (3, 4). Henrietta Elizabeth Bryan Monticello, Fla. B.S. in Education History and Social Science Club (1, 4); Hustlers ' Club (2); Edu- cation Society (3, 4); Mask and Domino Club (3, 4). Lorraine Boylen Orlando, Fla. B.S. in Education K A n, I n Education Club (2, 3, 4); Business Manager Flastacowo (3); House President of Jennie Murphree Hall (4); History and Social Science Club (1, 2. i, 4). Senior Class B.S. in Ed. -; ' C ' " " ? ' Sa Ruth Hall Burns Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. in Education Freshman Commission; History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Secretary (2); Mask and Domino Club (4); Glee Club (1); Flam- beau Staff (3, 4); Education Society (2, 3, 4); Educational Direc- torate (4); President (4); Student Government (4); Presidents ' Council (4). Ruth Chaires Old Town, Fla. B.S. in Education History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Classical Club (1, 2, 3); Education Club (3, 4); Visiting Delegate to N. E. A. Con- vention in Washington, D. C, June 29-July 5, 1924. Roberta Milton Carter Marianna, Fla. B.S. in Education X fi Education Society (2, 3, 4); History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Vice-President Marlanna-Madison Club (2, 3). Senior Class B.S. in Ed. Fern Joanna Curtis Sioux City, Iowa. B.S. in Education History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Mask and Domino Club (2, 3, 4); Education Society (3, 4); Tennis (2, 3). Caroline Hallowes Dancy Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. in Education a a n History and Social Science (2, 3, 4); Education Society (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. Committee (2). Bertha Lucile Dicksox Marianna, Fla. B.S. in Education History and Social Science Club (1, 2); Education Society (2, 3, 4). Senior Class B.S. in Ed. Evelyn Claire Gates Miami, Fla. B.S. in Education 2 K Chapel Choir (1, 2, 3, 4); Education Society (1, 2, 3, 4); His- tory and Social Science Club (3, 4); Sharps and Flats (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); L. I. Public School Music (3). Polly Gillette Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. in Education II B Freshman Commission; History and Social Science Club (2, 3); Education Club (2, 3, 4); Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (2). Augusta Glen Chipley, Fla. B.S. in Education 2 k, i n o Glee Club (1); Mask and Domino Club (1, 2); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Education Society (2, 3, 4); Philosophy Club (4); Fire Captain Bryan (2); Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3); Pan-Hellenic (4); Delegate to Methodist Student Conference in Louisville (3). Senior Class B.S. in Ed. Alma Grant Tallahassee, Fla. B.S. in Education KA II President Junior Normal Class. ' 19; Secretary Athletic Associa- tion, ' 20; Secretary Alumni Association (3); Education Society (4); Girl Scout Officer (2); History and Social Science Club (4). Xelle Prescott Gregory Quincy, Fla- B.S. in Education Glee Club (1); Education Society (3, 4); History and Social Science Club (4); Mask and Domino Club (3, 4). Ruth Adeline Hand Sanford, Fla. B.S. in Education Home Economics Club (1); Education Society (3, 4); History and Social Science Club (4); Fire Lieutenant (4). Senior Class B.S. in Ed. Helen Louise Hill Palmetto, Fla. B.S. in Education History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Education Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1); Mask and Domino Club (2, 3). Virginia Howze Palmetto, Fla. B.S. in Education II B History and Social Science Club (1. 3, 4); Education Club (2, 3, 4). Lalla C. Hoy Yukon, Fla. B.S. in Education History and Social Science (1, 2. 3); Education Society (3, 4); Freshman Commission (1); Tennis Club (2, 3); Art Club (3). Senior Class B.S. in Ed. aac fLASTACOWO Gladys Jordan Tampa, Fla. B.S. in Education Freshman Commission (1); Secretary Student Government ( 2 i : Vice-President Student Government (3); President Student Gov- ernment (4); Ex-officio Smaller Cabinet (4); Larger Cabinet (3); Presidents ' Council (4); Life Saving (3, 4); Glee Club ill; Spirogira (4). Sara Edith Laxgford Bartow, Fla. B.S. in Education Baseball (1); Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4); Vice-President Polk County Club (2); President Polk County Club (3); Nifty Netters (2); Education Society (2, 3, 4); History and " Social Science Club (4). Mabel E. Lytle Stanton, Fla. B.S. in Education AAA Freshman Commission; Class Basketball Team (1, 2. 3, 4); Class Baseball Team (1. 2, 3, 4); Varsity Basketball (2); Varsity Base- ball (2, 3); Odd Basketball Team (2, 4); Odd Baseball Team (2, 3, 4); Varsity Basketball Judging Committee (2); " F " Club (2, 3, 4); Fire Captain (2, 3); Delegate to Blue Ridge (3); Flas- tacowo Staff (3); Education Club (2, 3, 4); History and Social Science Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Vice-President Athletic Association (3): President Athletic Association (4); Presidents ' Council (4); Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3); Class Athletic Manager (1, 2, 3). Senior Class B.S. in Ed. FLASTACOWO Mary Lee Mathews Pensacola, Fla. B.S. in Education K A History and Social Science Club (1, 3, 4); Education Club (2, 3. 4); Home Economics Club (1); Educational Service Club (2); President Pensacola Club (2). Lois Jarrett Moser Homestead, Fla. B.S. in Education K A n History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Education Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Fire Lieutenant. Evelyn Lelia Mudge Fellsmere, Fla. B.S. in Education and Art in Physical Education Home Economics Club (2); Student Assistant in Physical Educa- tion (4); Education Society (3, 4); Directorate (4); Tennis Club (2); Girl Scouts (2); Class Volleyball (4); History and Social Science Club (3); State Scholarship Club (3, 4); Philosophy Council (4); St. Lucie County Club (4). Senior Class B.S. in Ed. pLASTACOWO Clara Elizabeth McCaskill Pensacola, Fla. B.S. in Education History and Social Science Club (2, 4); Classical Club (4); Ed- ucation Club (2, 3, 4). Audrey Lilliax Packham Lake City, Fla, B.S. in Education 2 A n, K A II Treasurer Educational Service Club (2); Board of Directors Alumni Association (4); Senior-Normal Baseball Team (2); Officer Girl Scouts (2); Education Society (4); History and Social Science Club (4). Helex Pixaire Lake Hamilton, Fla. B.S. in Education K A e History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Education Society (2, 3, 4); Mask and Domino Club (2, 3). Senior Class B.S. in Ed. Lucile Reece Tallahassee, Fla. B.S. in Education Z T A Odd Basketball Team (1, 2); Class Basketball Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Odd Baseball Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Baseball Team (1, 2, 3, 4); " F " Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Neart Club (3, 4); V. V. Club (1, 2, 3, 4); President (3, 4); Glee Club (1); Mask and Domino Club (3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); History and Social Science Club (2, 3); Flambeau Staff (1, 2); Winner All-Round Athlete Sweater (2, 4); Odd Team (4). Milton, Fla. Verlif Thelma Robinson B.S. in Education K A n Education Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Educational Service Club (2); Officer Girl Scouts; Baseball Class Team, ' 20, ' 21, ' 24; Treasurer Junior-Normal, ' 21; Captain Baseball Senior-Normal, ' 21; History and Social Science Club (1); Odd Team Baseball, ' 21. Minnie Rosenbloum Pensacola, F la. B.S. in Education Vice-President Senior-Normal Class (3); Education Society (1, 2, 4); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 4). Senior Class B.S. in Ed. Inez Turner Perry, Fla- B.S. in Education K A O, 2 A n Girl Scouts (1); Tennis Club (2); History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Education Society (3, 4); Chairman State Scholarship Girls (3); Taylor County Club, President (3); Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (4); Student Assistant in Post Office (2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A.; Student in Industry, Summer (3). Louisa M. Verri Tampa, Fla. B.S. in Education S 2 S, K A n Glee Club (1); History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Educa- tion Society (3, 4); Class Basketball Team (3, 4); Advertising Manager Flastacowo (3); Cotillion Club (1, 2. 3, 4); House Pres- ident Reynolds Hall (4); Life Saving Corps (2, 3); President (4); " F " Club; Lieutenant Girl Scouts (3). Gladys Vaughn Pensacola, Fla. B.S. in Education 2 K, A X A Class Basketball Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Baseball Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Varsity Basketball (1, 2); Varsity Baseball (1, 2, 3); Odd Ba ' sketball Team (1, 2, 4); Odd Baseball Team (1, 2, 3, 4); President " F " Club (3, 4); President Pensacola Club (3. 4); Vice-President History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Secretary Education Society (3); Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4); Presidents ' Council (3, 4); Athletic Manager (2); Fire Lieutenant (3); Education Society (3, 4); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Editor-in-Chief Flambeau (4); Neart (4); Spirogira (4). Senior Class B.S. in Ed. M Sallie Williams Greensboro, Fla. B.S. in Education Education Society (2, 4); Educational Service Club (2); Philosoph- ical Association (4). Lois Bryson Clermont, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); History and Social Science Club (1, 4): Mask and Domino Club (2, 3); Baseball Class Team (3); Education Society (3); Flambeau Staff (4); President Lake County Club (4). Aleen Chapman Wauchula, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Education Club (3). Senior Class B.S. in H.E. Meredith Du Puis Lakeland, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Education Club (3); President Home Economics Club (4). Eunice Francis Grady Tallahassee, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics O X, A Z Education Society (3); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); History and Social Science Club (4). Helen Clemens Ives Orlando, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics A A A, A X A Freshman Commission (1); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); His- tory and Social Science Club (1, 4); Education Club (3); Flam- Beau (3, 4); Flastaeowo (3); Fire Captain Jennie Murphree (2, 3); Vice-President Orange County Club. Senior Class B.S. in H.E. p LASTACOWO Mary Lane Orlando, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics II B Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3. 4); History and Social Science Club (4); Mask and Domino Club (1); Education Society (3). Dorothy Lee Clearwater, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics K A Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (3); Freshman Commission (1); History and Social Science Club (4); Glee Club (1); Larger Cabinet Y. V. C. A. (3). Myra Mann Bartow, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics 2 X v Home Economics Club (3, 4); History and Social Science Club (2); Polk County Club (2, 3, 4); Classical Club (2); Education So- ciety (3). Senior Class B.S. in H.E. Edith Emlyn McMakin Orlando, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Treasurer Student Government (2); Fire Captain Jennie Mur- phree (4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); History and Social Science Club (4). Bessie Richardson Tallahassee, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); History and Social Science Club (1, 3, 4); Education Club (3). Harriet Haywood Rouse Valdosta, Ga. B.S. in Home Economics 2 2 S Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (3); History and Social Science Club (4); Larger Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3); Smaller Cabinet T. W. C. A. (4); Basketball Varsity Judging Committee (3, 4) ; Life Saving Corps (4). Senior Class B.S. in H.E. Ada Louise Simpson Kissimmee, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics X iQ Vice-President Class (2, 3, 4); Larger Cabinet and Smaller Cab- inet Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); Flastacowo Staff (Assistant Editor) (3); President Kissimmee Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); History and Social Science Club (1, 4); Education Club (3). Minnie Skipper Lakeland, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Education Club (3). Thelma Lyda Smith Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. in Home Economics Z T A Secretary Class (2, 3, 4); Flambeau Staff (2, 3. 4); Home Eco- nomics Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (3); History and Social Club (4). Senior Class B.S. in H.E. Evelyn Godexey Weller B.S, in Home Economics Lakeland, Fla- Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Education Society (3); Mask and Domino Club (1. 2); History and Social Science Club (4); " P " Club (2, 3, 4); Class Baseball (2); Fire Lieutenant (3, 4). Annie Flagg Wilder Tampa, Fla. B.S, in Home Economics A Z Assistant Campus Circulation for Flambeau (4); Home Econom- ics Club (2, 3, 4); Vice-President Home Economics Club (3); Fire Lieutenant Jennie Murphree (3); Fire Captain Jennie Mur- phree Wing (4); History and Social Science Club (1, 2, 4); Education Club (3). Senior Class B.S. in H.E. Sue Giddings Sarasota, Fla. B.M. L. I. Publ ic School Music. Leola Helen Vrooman Daytona, Fla. B.M. Glee Club (1); Teacher ' s Certificate in Piano (3); Practice Super- intendent (3, 4); Secretary Palm Beach County Club (3). Senior Class B.M. IE rSmiWPm . -3 . y ' . » s » ' s fig f,-- •? ' f i ' - m ?-p - ' • a fW ? ri ' 1 1 " ' iX sab-. ■ % 3 is- JUNIOR CLASS ttifiEuamggB ITT ' J — " fLASTACOWO MARTHA PAGE JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Junior Class Officers Martha Page President Nancy Hovt Vice-President Florine Lewis Secretary Adeline Barber Treasurer Dorothy Armstrong . . Athletic Manager 68 Junior Class HELEN AMES KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA MARY LOUISE BOULWARE LAKELAND, FLORIDA ADELINE BARBER WINDERMERE, FLORIDA KATHLEEN BUNCH DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA MARGUERITE BARCUS LEESBURG, FLORIDA ELIZABETH BYRD TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA MAVBELLE BELLAH GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA MYRA BURR TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA SARA BENEDICT APALACHICOLA, FLORIDA EVA CALHOUN PERRY, FLORIDA 6 9 Junior Class MARY LOVE CAMPBELL DEFUN1AK, FLORIDA MARY COLEMAN BONIFAY, FLORIDA THETA CHAUNCY PERRY, FLORIDA CORNELIA COLSON GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA SALLY CARTER SARASOTA, FLORIDA CLEONE COOPER GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA BESSIE CHILES TAMPA, FLORIDA ELIZABETH COOPER PUNTA GORDA, FLORIDA HELEN CLYATT TRENTON, FLORIDA ESTHER CREAMER WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA 70 Junior Class AGNES CURRY PELHAM, GEORGIA VIVIAN FREE HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA EFFIE DORAN GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA HAZEL GARNER ARCADIA, FLORIDA JULIA DUTTON DELAND, FLORIDA DORIS HEMMING WELBORN, FLORIDA EDITH EDWARDS OCALA, FLORIDA LOUISE HENDERSON MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA BESSIE FEAGIN BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA MAY HERLONG MICANOPY, FLORIDA 71 Junior Class CLARA HIGH MADISON, KI.OXIDA ESTELLE JONES ORLANDO, FLORIDA WINIFRED HOLDEN FT. MEADE, FLORIDA ELIZABETH JORDAN CRESCENT CITY, FLORIDA NANCY HOYT J CKSONVILLE, FLORIDA MARGARET LASLEY KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA RUTH J ELKS POMPANO, FLORIDA LUCY LANG TRENTON, FLORIDA PAULINE JERNIGAN MONTICELLO, FLORIDA AVA LEATHERMAN SEBRING, FLORIDA wtmmm. 72 g g » T H m ' faessw Junior Class DORIS LEMP PENSACOLA, FLORIDA ELIZABETH LOYD BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA LOUISE LIPSCOMB E TAMPA, FLORIDA JULIA MATHIS BONTFAY, FLORIDA ESTHER LIVINGSTON HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA MARGARET MELTON HOPKINS, FLORIDA NIL A LOGAN LAKELAND, FLORIDA PAULINE MOHLER LAKE ALFRED, FLORIDA GENAVIEVE MORROW MADISON, FLORIDA SUSIE LORD TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA 73 Junior Class AGNES McCORMICK GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA LILLIAN NOLAN OCALA, FLORIDA MAE McDONAI.D PLANT CITY, FLORIDA GLADYS NYE ORLANDO, FLORIDA EMMA BELLE McKlNNON DEFUNIAK, FLORIDA LILLIAN OHRNS ST. PETERSF URG, FLORIDA LUCY McMULLEN LARGO, FLORIDA BELLE O ' NEAL ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA ROSE NASHRALLAII JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA THE ODORE PACE CALLAHAN, FLORIDA 74 a g SSS fLASTACOWO Junior Class RUTH PEARCE NEWBURY, FLORIDA WILMA SIMMONS DEFUNIAK, FLORIDA MARY PRINGLE TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA MOSELEY SMITH MADISON, FLORIDA MARY CORNELIA SAUNDERS SEBRING, FLORIDA BEULAH SOPER GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA WILFRED SIMMONS DEFUNIAK, FLORIDA WINIFRED STRONG PALATKA, FLORIDA RUTH SCHORNHERST PENSACOLA, FLORIDA ALBERT TOWNSEND HARTFORD, ALABAMA 75 Junior Class LEILA UNDERHILL FT. MEADE, FLORIDA DOROTHY WEFFING APAI.ACI1ICOI.A, FLORIDA FRANCES WALKER VERO, FLORIDA MARGARET WELLS CLEARWATER, FLORIDA MARIAN WATKINS ORLANDO, FLORIDA ELIZABETH WHALTON KEY WEST, FLORIDA MARGARET WAY ORLANDO, FLORIDA ALICE WINTER JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA MARY WEEDON TAMPA, FLORIDA VIRGINIA YOWELL ORLANDO, FLORIDA 7 6 mmir g Junior Class DOROTHY ARMSTRONG MIAMI, FLORIDA ELOISE MARKS APALACHICOLA, FLORIDA LOUISE BUCK PENSACOLA, FLOXIDA CORNELIA MOFFET PENSACOLA, FLORIDA MARY BURKE DEFUNIAK, FLORIDA OLIVE SCHELL BAR IOW, FLORIDA WINIFRED LEE TAMPA, FLORIDA 77 f LASTACOWO o X C i w as u. as O 78 ' " £ ' J f 3 » SOPHOMORE CLASS CORNELIA DOZIER OCALA, FLA. Sophomore Class Officers Cornelia Pozier President Annie MacKay ... Vice-President Mildred Bruce Secretary Mildred II. ; kis Treasurer Jo COARSEY Parliamentarian Pearl Hentz It iletie Manager 80 First Row: Mary L. Adams, Anna Addison, Helen Addison, Virginia Anglin, Edna Annis. Second Row: Mildred Armstrong, Annette Arthur, Margaret Atwater, Olivia Avant. Third Row: Isabel Avila, Bernice Bailey, Almeda Ballard, Lucy Barber, Annie Berry. Fourth Row: Isabelle Bird, Elvira Bolles, Frances Braswell, Margaret Brennan. 81 f LASTACOWO First Row: Teresa Bragunier, Mary Brooks, Ivelyn Brown, Mildred Bruce, Margaret Brunson. Second Row: Eleanor Bryant, Theresa Bucksbaum, Frances Buchanan, Mildred Bullock. Third Row: Leone Calkins, Nellye Calkins, Iva Calton, Audrey Canady, Ara Carlton. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Cartmel, Mary Champlin, Willie M. Champneys, Anne Christie. 82 First Row: Elda Claggett, Kathleen Clecklev, Margaret Coffee, Alice Coley, Gladys Collins. Second Row: Lillian Collins, Elizabeth Cornvvell, Lillian: Coyne, Mary Robinson Crooks. Third Row: Lucile Daniel, Willie Daniell, Leah Davis, Jess Dehon, Thelma Dell. Fourth Row: Claudia Demeritt, Bertha Dunn, Florida Dupree, Martha Ellis. 83 W W MSM yM} M f LASTACOWO First Row: Pearl Ellis, Olney Eurit, Mary Ruth Fain, Dorothy Fletcher, Sybil Flynn. Second Row: Amanda Folsov, Grace Folson, Lillian Foulks, Dorothy Fov. Third Row: Lily Fraser, Dorothy Frink, Helen Fuller, Olivia Futch, Lillian Gillis. Fourth Row: Nell Gilstrap, Ruth Goldberg, Lassie Goodbread, Florence Graham. 84 F LASTACOWO Firs! Row: May Bell Gray, Eva Greer, Annie M. Gunn, Sarah Gunn, Lynda Gunnels. Second Roix-: Mary Herbert Gvvynne, Elizabeth Hargreaves, Elsie Hall, Myrtle Harrel. Third Row: Mildred Harris, Bertha Henderson, Sue Henry, Ella M. Hewett, Carolyn Hinckelmann. Fourth Row: Marian Hines, Lona Hinson, Thelma Hinson, Dorcas Hodge. 85 First Row: Mary L. Hoffman ' , Florence Holtslaw, Sarah Honaker, Mary Howard, Lois Inman. Second Row: Fleta Jennings, Anita Johnson, Annette Johnson, Edith Johnson. Third Row: Ethel Johnson, Jennie Mae Johnson, Hazel Johnson, Marie Johnson, Clara Kephart. Fourth Row: Eva Kvzer, Inez Lancaster, Sara Lawrence, Winnie L. Lee. 86 j First Row: Anna Leman, Nellie Lewis, Vega Lewis, Annette Liddox, Polly Lively. Second Row: Jane Long, Elinor Lott, Helen Lynch, Edith Magill, Myrtis Mann. Third Row: Reba Mann, Vivian Markham, Elsie Mayer, Marian Meffert, Gladys Meredith. Fourth Row: Winifred Metcalf, Madge Middleton, Ada Miller, Arline Miller, Eleanor H. Miller. 87 E S First Row: Mable C. Miller, Nancy Miller, Eunice Millinor, Penelope Mills, Ali.eyne Monroe. Second Row: Margaret Moore, Rubv Morris, Alice Morse, Margaret Munro, Idelle Murphy, Third Row: Manona Murrel, Julia Musslewhite, Annie MacKay, Myrtle McAteer, Addie McCormick. Fourth Row: Edith McCollum, Ellen McConnel, Kate McDaniel, Dorothy McDonald, Lucile McGee. 88 First Row: Alyce McGraw, Virginia McIlwain, Mattie M. McMillan, Martha Neel, Alice Nicholson. Second Row: Mildred Nix, Marion Norfleet, Ollie M. Olive, Henrietta Padgett, Elizabeth Parker. Third Row: Jasmine Pattison, Mary L. Perkins, Vernon Pike, Elizabeth Pinder, Allene Pratt. Fourth Row: Addine Pratt, Lucy Price, Marcella Purdom, Phoebe Quarterman, Elizabeth Randolph. 89 First Row: Rosa F. Reynolds, Iris Rhodes, Nellie Richards, Isabel Richardson, Allene Roach. Second Row: Harriet Robinson, Espage Rogers, Maurike Rollins, Clarine Runyan, Viola Russell. Third Row: Maude Sammons, Jane Sandison, Thelma Sands, Ranna Savage, Hannah Sciiell. Fourth Row: Sadie Schilling, Elizabeth Scott, Doris Sealey, Dorothy Seay. Kathryn Setz. 90 i m? First Row: Sara Shaw, Robyna Shepard, Ethel Singletary, Elizabeth Smith, Helen- Spiller. Second Row: Fannie Stanley, India Steed, Anna B. Steffee, Clarabeth Stevens, Irene Strickland. Third Row: Helen Sutton, Mary M. Swift, Audrey Swindell, Willye Taylor, Ruth Teal. Fourth Row: Alberta Thalgott, Elizabetfi Thomson, Dorothy Ticknor, Artelia Tichenor, Isabelle Todd. 9i First Row: Mary Tower, Eva Traxler, Ivie Turnbull, Martha Turner, Willie Kate Tyson. Second Row: Kathryn Vanarsdf.ll, Anna Van Nest, Lois Varn, George Wade, Hazel Wallace. Third Row: Helen Wells, Annie Whidden, Laura F. White, Ollie R. Whittle, Iva Williams. Fourth Row: Rosaland Williamson, Margaret Wood, Maxine Wyatt, Lila Yantis, Margaret Yaryan. FRESHMAN CLASS ALICE MARSH Freshman Class Officers . " lice Marsh President Maude Lake Vice-President Elizabeth Crenshaw Secretary Ethel Tucker Treasurer Ellen Pepper Parliamentarian Dempsev CREARY lllilrlic Manager 94 7W8MFIZ88P mEm f LASTACOWO sank 95 9 6 97 mm %im m 9 8 99 pLASTACOWO ioo pLASTACOWO ' IOI wmM m m i-%, r A . • « % si 1 02 103 Fresh resnman ci ass Adams, Zf.lla Allen, Ruth Baggs, Mary Jane Barnett, Evelyn Barnett, Mamie Beville, Lura Nell Bowdoin, Ruby Boyd, Gertrude boykins, carlyne Bradbury, Viola Branscombe, Martha Bridges, Marilu Brink, Doris Brisker, Mildred Brown, Nell Brunson, Bonita Byrd, Nina Louise Cadman, Mary Clark, Martha Collins, Almeade Combs, Elizabeth Conradi, Louisa Mae Cookman, Eugenia Crouch, Helen F. Cullen, Alice Cul pepper, Arminta Dancy, Josephine DePass, Ruth Edwards, Genevieve Evans, Hughetta Feagin, Cleo Feinberg, Mary C. Fletcher, Harriet A. Flower, Hazel Forster, Kate Agnes Gautier, May Belle Gilmartin, Elizabeth Gonzalez, America Goodburn, Beryl W. Blume, Catherine Bradford, Lois Bryant, Ila Mae Burnett, Marjorie Carlin, Kathryn L. Conklin, Florence Creary, Dempsey Dunn, Marion Graham, Marjorie Hale, Dorothy Harris, Mary L. Hatch, Margaret M. Hawkins, Lois Henderson, Sarah E. Hitchcock, Joanna Holtzclaw, Hazel E. Letch worth, Audrey T.ock, Dorothy Logan, Mary Carolyn Maki, Sofia Malcomb, Elizabeth DfBerry, Dorothy Adair, Enid Lee Adamson, Ruth Marsh, Alice Miller, Elinor B. Morgan, Grace Edna Moseley, Elizabeth Moseley, Marion Murphy, Claire McCall, Mary McClearen, Maxine McCord, Russell McDonald, Elizabeth McDonald, Florence McDonald, Mary McPhail, Emily Neylans, Jewell O ' Doniel, Evelyn overstreet, mlldred Parkhill, Emala Parrish, Pauline Partridge, May D. Peacock, Audrey C. Phillips, Portia L. Posey, Louise Price, Martha McG. Pyles, Lucille C. quarterman, louise Redding, Tommif Lee Dahlquist, Dorothy Dorman, Margaret Falk, Mary Gaunt, Carrie Geneau, Justine Grumbles, Dorothy Jordan, Dorothy M. Newman, Inez Rogers, Elizabeth Rudland, Iris May Sanderson, Mary Saunders, Esther Shaw, Mary Shockney, Ivan- Smith, Ruth M. Smith, Vida K. Stakely, Frances Stanley, Mary Starling. Gracie Taylor, Virginia Tucker, Gertrude Turner. Gladys L. Vann, Allie Wager, Dorothy Mae Waling, Margaret Walling, Vircinia Warfield. Priscilla E. Weaver. Kathleen Welch, Elsie Gaynelle Whitaker, Elizabeth Whitfield. Julia Wilcox, Helen Wilcox, Lois Wilder, Birdie Lee Kincaid, Louise Lake, Maude Ledbetter, Delia Wilson, Verta Wooten, Mary V. Hopkins, Irene B. Hough, Grace Earle Huffaker, Mary FIutchinson, Sarah Johnston, Audrey E. Kehoe, Minnie Knight, Thelma Lamar, Mary Lee Langslow, Helen F. Lansden, Elizabeth Latimer, Mary Jane Kaul, Edna C. Kennedy, Helen Mallard, Alice L. Palmer, Katherine L. Schonfeld, Ethel Stallings, Thelma Wright, Mabel E. Barwick, Mary Bessie Beach, Rachel Berry, Effie J. Bowen, Leta Brown, Louise Bryson, Julia Bunker, Lola Butler, Wilhelmina Campbell, Marjorie Cannon, Perle Cocowitch, Mamie Conrad, Erin O. Cox, Dorothy G. Davis, Frances Davis, Rebah Drew, Kathryn Ellis, Beulah Fariss, Julia Fernandez, Isabel Barnes, Graces Borwell, Margaret Bowen, Oroff Cohen, Claire Crews, Lora Dean, Doris Ernest, Mary L. Gramling, Lilian Hall, Nettie Fox, Grace Frame, Hazel T. Hammond, Ella Harris, Elizabeth Jackman, Sarah Jette, Muriel Johnson, Loice Kline, Mary Lancaster, Odessa Lee, Helen Long, Alice Inez Stout, Olive C. Thomas, Lola Mae Tucker, Ethel Lybass, Frances M. Mayes, Elizabeth Meggs, Hortense Millinor, Sara Ruth Mizelle, Joanna Moulton, Roxie Munden, Doris McFadden, Vernon McGeachy, Agnes V. Fuller, Dorothy L. Gelm, Josephine Godley, Lillian Godley, Marian Hill, Ardah Hill, Nelle M. Johnston, Nellie McSpadden, Bernice Northrup, Marie Parish, Everett Peiffer, Dorotha L. Pitman, Elizabeth Priest, Mabel Pritchard, Joyce Rhodes, Mildred E. Rutherford, Sue Mae Sampley, Bennie L. Scarborough, Lula Scruggs, Anne Shockley, F. Clymene Smith, Fannie F. Smith, Lois Space, Evelyn Steinmeyer, Nelle I.. Stephenson, Dorothy Stiles, Aline Sykes, Ruby Turvaville, Viola V. Waas, Kate Ware, Frances Miller, Ruth Gray Moore, Ethel Peurifoy, Mildred Pierci:, Maudie Randolph, Eliz bfth Sanford, Fidelia Thompson, Annie M. Windham, Helen Allicood, Ethel Aitcheson, Marjorie Biddle, Ruth E. Brooks, Gladys Brown, Mildred Clark, Henrie Inez Consigny, Margaret L. Cooper, Jewell G. Cooper, Mary- E. Corbett, Ethel Laura Corbett, Mildred C. Crannell, Doris E. Dale, Virginia Johnson, Miriam Knight, Gladys Knowles, Mary Ainsworth, May Aldermax, Martha Allen, Ida M. Ashmore, Hazel Bacot, Flora M. Baker, Roxie Bartlett, Doris M. Bashford, Cassandra Beggs, Emilv Bradshaw, Martha Branntng, Louise Brashear, Zella K. Brunson, Alberia Ballard, Dorothy Burton, Alline CallowaYj Martha Cannon, Anna May Chambers, Doyne Chazal, Charlotte Chelf, Mary Chelf, Mildred Cochran, Lou Collins, Alice Crenshaw, Elizabeth Crow, Bobbie Crowder, Ruth Crutcher, Hazel Daniel, Eva Lou Deen, Donnella Dean, May Driver, Dorothy Everett, Marian- Fleming, Madeline Flowers, Geneva Easterling, Louise Frasuer, Sue Gage, Dorothy Goodrich, Zora Gorenflo, Mildred Gray, Ruby Gregory-, Agnes Halsey, Dorothy Jackson, Marguerite Jacoway, M. Agnes Kellerman, Elizabeth Martin, Genevieve M. Miles, DeWitte Mills, Sarah Etta McCampbell, Christine Foktner, Mary Alicia Futch, Mary Ganas, Allen Goode, Kathryn I. Gray, Leslie Gray, Ruth Hall, Catherine Grange, Martha G. Hardy, Margaret Heering, Gertrude Hendry, Lady Sarah Hicks, Mary Lee Hinsov, Helen Hirsch, Nellie Hyde, Lillian Irvin, Colina Jennings, Myrtle Deady , Mildred Kells, Frances Lesley, Lois Earle Lesley, Virginia Lingle, Emilie loessner, alvina Love, Elizabeth Marshall, Margaret Miller, Carolin Miller, Clara Pearl Morant, Dolores Murray, Elizabeth M. Murray, Mary Ruth McCord, Sarah McDamel, Willie V. McKenney, Annette McCaskill, Hattie McDonald, Myrtle Nolan, Lucy Orosz, Magda Parker, Thelma Phay, Theta Procter, Marie Russell, Margaret Russell, Martha Sharp, Maxine Steger, Gertrude Suddath, Christine Tappan, Mina Taylor, Lucille Taylor, Nellie Thomas, Mildred Tidwell, Mary Tomkies, Julia Waalewyn, Marie Wahnish, Cecelia White, Elizabeth McKenney, Christine McKinnon, Mary A. McLaughlin, Agnes McMullen, Margaret Nestor, Josephine M. Ott, Elisa Page, Ann Park, Carolyn Paxton, Nan Payne, Betty Perry, Elaine Phillips, Grace R. Plait, Kathleen Potter, Helen B. Pullen, Harriet Quillin, Julia Raines, Merle Raulerson, Beulah A. Reynolds, Helen Lee Rush, Gladys P. Salley, Dorothy S. Sexton, Clifton Shealy, May Shingler, Elizabeth Simmons, Hilda Smith, Coral Smith, Genia Smith, Myriam Spencer, Emma Jeter, Elizabeth Johnson, Sarah Stevens, Georgia Storey - , Charlotte A. Way, Elizabeth Wetherbee, Elizabeth Yarborough, Mary S. Brown, Mary Louise Byrd, Mary Lou Clarke, Dorothy- Crooks, Laura Crowe, Ardis Dickens, Nelle Dowdell, Philip Driggers, Mabel Fox, Ena Alice Gibson, Adel Goodson, Irene Bingham, Beatrice M. Bradshaw, Ru ' ih Brannon, Mary Alleman, Anna Ashmore, Annie Laura Barnett, Geraldine Boote, Inez L. Brown, Mary Parker Cabrera, Mary Calkin, Margie Clements, Mary Cottrell, Josephine A. Couch, Emily K. Crum, Naomi Davis, Marion Arnold, Alberta Bostwick, Elizabeth boulware, verna mae Clancy, Thelma Curry, Marian- Curry, Virginia Darby, Melissa Delany, Eleanor Des Roche rs, Una Ebersole, Dorothy Fenn, Lucy Nell Fields, Martha Logan Galphin, Evelyn- Gill, Mary Givens, Angelyn Goodson, Alma Griffin, Esther Harper, Ava Hodsdon, Mary Hopper, Ethel Johnson, Herschel Marshall, Catherine Maxwell, Elaine Mitchell, Frances Moore, Adeline Moore, Hazel L. Mc Fatter, Flora Causier, Elsie Chiles, Louise Henline, China Idner, Elizabeth Eaves, Mary Evelyn- Edwards, Margaret Epperson, Iris Fleetwood, Lettie Franke, Vera L. Griffith, May Hoover, Alma Hutchins, Maria Lou Leland, Rebecca Linebaugh, Leila Gleason, Louise Godwin, Brooks Griffin, Gertrude Griffin, Gladys Holloway, Elizabeth Houstoun, Annie Ingalls, Nellie Jackson, Elma W. Johnson, Margaret Kennedy, Mabel Knight, Mary J. Lockhart, Edna Mintz, Theresa Monroe, Harriet Jane McClamrock, Dorothy McDonald, Luna McRae, Trevor Neff, Veora Parker, Jeannette Prosser, Alice Neil Rollo, Doroihy Russ, Inez Shad, Thelma Smith, Elizabeth S. Stoops, Leora Swoope, Frances FlCHENOR, ARTELIA Williams, Katherine Miller, Elizabeth moseley, evelyn McKim, Martena Tindall, Mabel C. McCutcheon, Ruth E. McDonald, Mae Parker, Eunice Parrish, Ludie Plunkett, Bell Pooser, Eleanor Rivers, Lillian Madge Smith, Sara Stallings, Leiitia Tracy, Harriet E. Vanderipe, Genevieve Warren, Isabel Wendel, Edna Wilson, Virginia Wooten, Julia Neeld, Winifred Nelson, Mary Cobb Pepper, Ellen S. Pipkin, Velma Rex, Ruth Richards, Mattie Lou Riciibourg, Mavis Romfh, Virginia Shaeffer, Frances Skipper, Lola Slemons, Margaret Smith, Margaret E. Sparkman Flossie Ticknor, Mildred Van Landingham, Grace Weakley, Elma Wells, Catharine V pLASTACOWO Candidates for Graduation in School of Music Bachelor of Music Leola VrOOMAN (Piano) Sue Giddings (Voice) Teachers ' Certificate Mona Alderman (Piano) Marjorie Demfsey (Piano) Evelyn Hill (Piano) Rose Nasrallah (Piano) Gladys Bennet (Voice) Gracie Flournoy (Voice) L.I. in Public School Music Gladys Adams Annie Morgan Blalock Lillian Brawn er Kathryn Broaddus Florina Davis Marjorie Dempsey Mary Dodd Gracie Flournoy Elizabeth Gerald Mary Hauck Doris Lemp Eloise Marks Mary Morgan Genevieve Morrow- Emerald Swain Beulah Soper Sue Giddings 106 io7 Certificate Expression Students Elizabeth Bass The Importance of Being Earnest (Oscar Wilde) Irene Chambers Enter Madame (Gilda Veresa) Julia Dilzer Make Believe Adelma Giles A Kiss for Cinderella (Sir James Barrie) Ainslee Harris Sweet Lavendar (Arthur Pinaro) Winifred Kennard Nice People (Rachel Crothers) Marjorie Ward The Pool (Pollack) Clara Wendel The Romantic Age (A. A. Milne) Sarah Willcoxon Dear Me! (Luther Reed and Hale Hamilton) 1 08 io9 Soph omore Song Winning Class Contest Tune: " Boston Tech " There is a College we all love, It ' s called the F. S. C, And to our Alma Mater We all pledge our loyalty. So gather ' round and sing her praise, To all the world unfold Our honor, our love, For the Garnet and the Gold. CHORUS Garnet and Gold! May we ever loyal be, As in the days of old Your daughters bore the Torches three. Femina Perfecta at the top will always stand, And Florida be the verv best in all the land. no ORGANIZATIONS " only looI( the regular course, " the Moclf Turtle replied, " the different branches of Arithmetic — Ambition, Distraction, Ugli- ficalion and Derision. " ALICE IN WONDERLAND. ORGANIZATIONS Presidents Council Gladys Jordan President of Student Government Elizabeth Aiken President of Y. IF. C. .1. Norma Davis Undergraduate Represeulaii ' i ' ' of Y. IF. C. I. Gladys Vaughn Editor-in-Chief of Vlaml, rati Virginia Yowell Editor-in-Chief of Flastacoivo Mar el Lytle President of Athletic Association Lyda Walton President of History and Social Science Club Ruth Burns President of Education Society Annelle Ball President of Classical Club Beatrice Candee President of Sigma Delta Pi Lucille Sumner President of Senior Class Martha Page President of Junior Class Cornelia Dozier President of Sophomore ( ' lass Alice Marsh President of Freshman Class 114 " 5 MWc mm Executive Committee of Student Government Gladys Jordan President Ava LEATHERMAN Vice-President Blanche Curry Secretary Helen Verney Treasurer Elizabeth Aiken .... President of Y. W . C. A. House Presidents Hortense Mintz Bryan Hall Louise Verri Reynolds Hall Mary Pringle Broward Hall Dorothy Armstrong Elizabeth Hall Lorraine Boylen Jennie Murphree Hall Ruth Burns Jennie Murphree Wing Class Representatives Mona Alderman Senior Class Winifred Holden Junior Class Mildred Bruce Sophomore Class Cornelia Colson, Fire Chief 116 ii 7 Freshmen Commission of Student Government Officers Annie MacKay ... Chairman Jennie M. Johnson V ice-Chairman Lois Varm Secretary-Treasurer Members Mildred Bruce Mary Clayton Blanche Curry Helen Dutton lassie goodbrkad Jennie Mae Johnson Annette Liddon Ada Miller Alice Nicholson Harriet Robinson Carmela Attanasio Cathleen Cleckley Claudia Demerrit Edith Futch Ruth Goldberg Clara Kephart Lillian Long Edith McCollum Annie MacKay Harriet Robinson Helen Verney Lois V t arn Helen Lynch Ellen McConnell Merle Smith Rachael Smith F LASTACOWO -yzmSmsMmL ii 9 Fire Department Cornelia Colson Fire Chief Edith McMakin J ennic Murphree 1 1 (ill Annie Flagg Wilder Jennie Murphree Wing Josephine Gosset Reynolds Hall Helen Ames Bryan Hall Opal Futch Broward Hall Evelyn Keck Elizabeth Hall 1 20 121 Y. W. C. A. ' Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts. " Miss Ruth Scandrett, General Secretary Officers Elizabeth Aiken President Norma Davis Undergraduate Representative Julia Dilzer Vice-President Jeanne King Secretary Helen Hvers Treasurer Honorary Members of the Cabinet Gladys Jordan President of Student Government Harriet Robinson ( ' airman of Y. ft ' . Commission Annie MacKay Chairman of Freshman Commission Membership Finance Julia Dilzer Chairman Annabelle Ball Chairman Winifred Kennard Membership Inez Turner Pledge Ruth Schornherst . . . Church Affiliation Mary Cornelia Saunders . . . Exchange Worship Social Ada Louise Simpson Chairman Harriet Rouse Chairman Margaret Brunson Music Elizabeth Cockrel Hospitality Florine Lewis Service Elizabeth Sandford Library Mary Pringle Service Lois Overstreet Chairman Publicity Natalie Lamb Vocational Nancy Hoyt Chairman Margaret Ramsey Infirmary Cornelia Dozier Bulletin Hoard Discussion Ruth Jelks Chairman Beatrice Candee Research Gladys Bennett . . . . . Organization 122 123 f LASTACOWO Y. W. CommiSvSion Harriet Robinson, Chairman Elizabeth Smith India Steed Martha Turner Mary Herbert Gwynn Naomi Griffin Mildred Harris Jess Dehon Annie MacKay Harriet Robinson Mary Howard Olivia Futch Julia Lively Elizabeth Jackson Marian Meffert Pearl Hentz ] -4 125 I E k Education Society Officers Ruth Burns . President Vera Meldrim Vice-President Kathleen - Platt Treasurer Josephine Gossett Secretary Alice Winters Press Reporter Ruth Chaires Evelyn Mudge Mary Stallings Ruth Burns Vera Meldrim Lois Rigell Directorate Hazel Moore Dorothy Salley Alice Winters Margaret Moore Elizabeth Smith Josephine Gosseit Evelyn Keck Viola Close Kathleen Platt BlENNIE SAMPLEY " Louise Childs Bernice McSpaw)en The purpose of the Education Society is professional improvement. During the past year the Society brought to the college several noted speakers. It has added from time to time books to the departmental library which enables that department to keep its library stocked with the latest work done in that field. Every year it has offered a scholar- ship to a deserving High School girl. The Society sent a representa- tive, Ruth Chaires, to the National Educational Association conven- tion in Washington during the summer of 1924. 126 H w u 5?: I2 7 Classical Club Officers Annelle Ball President Marie Haile Vice-President Mildred Bruce Secretary Olivia Futch Treasurer Norma Davis Reporter Program Committee Elinor Miller Irene Chambers Dorothy Armstrong Hazel Ellis Mary Herbert Gwynn Gladys Bennett Selina Wilson Maybelle Bellauh Evelyn Keck The membership of the Classical Club is composed of the students of Greek, Latin, and General Literature. Its purpose is to present programs of interest to students of the classics, and to bring to Tallahassee speakers who are in close touch with the latest discoveries and work done along these lines. 128 Hrr- " " 1 fLASTACOWO History and Social Science Club Officers Lyda Walton President Mary Walker Vice-President Edith McCollum Secretary Edith Edwards Treasurer The membership is composed of students of History and the Social Sciences. Its aim is to bring worth-while lecturers to Tallahassee who keep before us the problems of the day and serve as a connecting link with the " outside world. " 129 Flambeau Staff Gladys Vaughn Editor-in-Chief Alma Evans Assistant Editor Helen Ives Business Manager. Marie Haile . . . Asst. Business Mgr. Vera Meldrim Exchange Editor Vera Brendla Athletic Editor Katherine Prime Athletic Reporter Lois Curry Y. W . C. A. Editor KOZALE MlLLINOR front Page Editor Nancy Hoyt Society Editor Mabel Decker Flickers Editor Joe Coarsey Front Page Reporter Mary Weedon Society Reporter Thelma Smith Campus Circulation Annie Flagg Wilder Assistant Campus Circulation Ruth Burns City Circulation Winifred Holden .... Assistant (Jity Circulation Lois Bryson . Off-Campus Circulation Leila LInderhill Assistant Off-Campus Circulation Board of Managers Helen Hyers Senior Virginia Yowell Junior Elizabeth Clarke Randolph Sophomore 130 i?i Flastacowo Staff Virginia Yowell Editor-in-Chief Marian Watkins Business Alanager Elizabeth San ford Assistant Editor Winifred Holden Literary Editor Margaret Way Athletic Editor Mary Weedon Advertising Editor Myra Burr Assistant Advertising Editor Emily Sanderson Art Editor Cornelia Moffet Assistant Art Editor Elizabeth Walton Pitt ire Editor Bertha Dunn Stenographer 132 133 Chapel Choir Anna Allman Helen Addison Anna Morgan Blalock Lillian Brawn er Margaret Brunson Louise Branning Gladys Bennett Emily Couch Nellye Calkins Marian Davis Gracie Flournoy Lucy Grasty Evelyn Gates Elizabeth ' Gerald Ella Mae Hewitt Evelyn Hill Dorcas Hodge Alma Hoover Sarah Henderson- Elizabeth Jackson- Lucy Lang Lillian Long Lucille McGee Annie MacKay Mae McDonald Edna Martin Ruth Miller Lois Overstre et Eunice Parker Dorothy Peiffer Martha Russell Margaret Russell Virginia Romph Julia Frances Wooten Elizabeth Wendell i?4 %mmm • 135 Social Calendar September Y. W. C. A. Reception for New Girls. Fraternity Pledge Day. October Sophomore Day- Halloween Banquet. Junior Halloween Dance. Bitty Webb. November Junior- Freshman Wedding. Armistice Day. Centennial Week. Arden-Gunster Recital. Faculty Recital. Historical Pageant. Centennial Ball. Thanksgiving. Odd and Even Basketball Game. Thanksgiving Ball. December May Peterson Recital. Senior Christmas Party. Senior Carolling. Christmas. Certificate Expression Recital. January Senior Carnival. Junior Minstrel. Mid-Term Exams. Luis Graveure Recital. Emory Glee Club. Social Calendar February Flastacowo Tag Day. Pablo Casals Recital. Tap Day. Expression Certificate Recital. March Masqueraders. Expression Certificate Recital. Easter. Sophomore Carolling. Ruth St. Denis-Ted Shawn Recital. April Junior-Senior Banquet. Election of Officers for Following Year, Music Certificate Recitals. May May Day. Sophomore-Senior Breakfast. May Queen. Music Certificate Recitals. June Final Exams. Commencement — Baccalaureate Sermon. Class Day. Recital, School of Music. Art Exhibition. Annual Alumnae Meeting. Commencement Day. 138 . " jr. " Ji2L CLUBS fLASTACOWO Nearts Officers Bkth Hammargren Pr Elizabeth Gerald Vice-President Marguerite Capo Secretary-Treasurer Irene Chambers Business Manager est Jt lent Members Peggy- Brunsox Elizabeth Bass Irene Chambers Elizabeth Cooper Nellie Caulkixs Marguerite Capo Cornelia Dozier Edna Martin Lucii.e Reece Jane Sandison Lois Varn Adelma Giles Inez Grumbles Elizabeth Gerald Beth Hammargren Evelyn Hill Nancy Hoyt Lucy Lang Mary Lou Perkins Emily Sanderson Eleanor Lott Gladys Vaughn- Marjory Ward 140 h «mou 8 B. rit I 4 I Colors: Black and White V. V. Club Motto: " Dig, Sisters, Dig " Flower: Black Narcissus Officers Lucille Reece .... Beth Hammargren . . Presiding V. V . " Gold Digger " " V.V. ' s " Louise Parramore Sister Smith Kenny Prewitt Peggy Brunson Elizabeth Love Virginia Leslie Emily Lingle Carolyn Walker Lucy Barber Jess Dehon Lynda Gundels Sara Shaw Ruth Rex 142 mmssm m U3 Cotillion Club Officers Jamie Reese President Florine Lewis . . Secretary and Treasurer Elizabeth Gerald Social Manager Members Elizabeth Aiken Louisa Verri Irene Chambers Kathleen Clecklev Nina Louise Byrd Jamie Reese Elizabeth Gerald Florine Lewis Alice Marsh Lucille Pyles Charlotte Story 144 M BANC @F T I! -ji C» £ZSo V V A ' S M 3ATUR»AV EVEMH 6 1 lUMMIB Ijh ■V5 -, — i .. , ■ . , 7. c£u 1WMTY ¥IU£ T .sf; fiu md) 145 f LASTACOWO Spirogira Members Lois Varn Mildred Kruce Naomi Griffin Cornelia Dozier Annalee Stenstrom Helen de Montmolin Annie MacKay Jo Coarsev Mabel Decker Kathleen Clecklev Pearl II em , Mary Clayton Blanche Curry May White Elizabeth Cartmel Jamie Reese Gladys Vaughn Gladys Jordan Elizabeth Gerald Irene Chambers Lucile Sumner Honorary Member Miss Anna May Tracy 146 fLASTACOWO i ?WW t$« r Sirr FRATERNITIES Pan-Hellenic Council Officers Myrtis Turkman, Pi Beta Phi President Beth Hammarcren, Alpha Delta Pi . . Secretary and Treasurer Representatives Dorothy Lee Kappa Delta Louise Henderson Kappa Delta Elizabeth Bvrd Kappa Delta Roberta Carter Chi Omega Mary Weedon Chi Omega Mary Dodd Chi Omega Beth Hammarqren 4lpha Delta Pi Cornelia McMurray Alpha Delta Pi Nancy Hoyt 4lpha Delta Pi Adelma Giles Delta Delta Delta Helen Ives Delta Delta Delta Virginia Yowell Delta Delta Delta Gladys Jordan Sigma Sigma Sigma Louisa Verri Sigma Sigma Sigma Kathleen Cleckley Sigma Sigma Sigma Augusta Glen Sigma Kappa Elizabeth Gerald Sigma Kappa Annie McKinnon Sigma Kappa Myrtis Tureman Pi Beta Phi Virginia Howze Pi Beta Phi Peggy Brunson Pi Beta Phi Annie Flagg Wilder Delta Zeta Edith Edwards Delta Zeta Blanche Curry Delta Zeta Helen Pinaire Kappa Alpha Theta Marian Watkins Kappa Alpha Theta Claudia Demeritt Kappa Alpha Theta Helen Hyers Zeta Tan Alpha Edith McCollum Zeta Tau Alpha Mary Margaret Swift Zeta Tau Alpha 148 H9 K appa Delt; Colors: Green and White Founded in 1897 Publication: Angelos Motto: " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest " Flown ' : White Rose Kappa Alpha Chapter Installed in 1904 Mary Lee Mathews Lucille Sumner Elizabeth Bvrd Martha Page Mary Pringle Marguerite Barcus Mariox Meffert Jo Coarsey Isabelle Bird Elvira Bolles Lucy Barber Virginia Alman Emily Beggs Marv Clements Pearl Ellis Mary Louise Hoffman Carolyn Jackson Lucy Lang SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of IQ25 Dorothy Lee Henrietta Johnson Girlie Fraleigh Class of 1 26 Margaret Ramsey Catherine Anderson Florina Davis Class of iQ2y Lillian Foul ks Anita Johnson Helen Vernay Isabelle Todd Pledges Julia Murfee Mary Nelson Beulah Raulerson Geraldine Barnette Aline Burton Lillian Coyne Dorothy Foy Annelle Ball Isabelle Gwynn Genavieve Morrow Louise Henderson Bessie Feagin Agnes McCormick Elizabeth Smith Eleanor Hope Miller Eva Greer Elizabeth Cornwell Dorothy McDonald Linda Gunnels Fmilie Lingel Margaret Moor Marion Moseley Ann Page Gladys Rush Harriet Tracy 150 ' 51. teJz mszdiSr Chi Omega Founded at the University of Arkansas, 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Publication: Eleusis Open Motto: " Hellenic Culture, Christian Ideal " ramma Chapt er Installed in 1908 SORORES IN FA CULT ATE ROWENA LONGMIRE HELEN FeRREE Neil Buchanan Roberta Carter Olivia Barnes Elizabeth Cockrell SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1925 Mary Louise Dickercon Mary Dodd Class of 1926 Katherine Broaddus Elizabeth Copp Ada Louise Simpson Lucile Tervin Sallie Carte;; Florine Lewis Margaret I.ayton Mary Wee don Mildred Boykin Katherine Frazier Elizabeth Jackson Ruth Adamson Virginia Lesley Nina Louise Byrd Lois Lesley Flora Bacot Doyne Chambers Martha Alderman (J lass of 1 92 J Mabel Decker Ellen Hobbs Lillian Long Selina Wilson Pledges Elizabeth Lostwick Harriet Fletcher Lady Sarah Hendry Maude Lake Dorothy McClamrock Carolyn Miller Dorothy Driver Mae Holly Rosalind Williamson- Ellen Pepper Louise Kincaid Leila Linebaugh Margaret McMullen Elinor Miller Ethel Tucker Mary Virginia Wooten 152 153 Sffifi Alpha Delta Pi Founded at Wesleyan College in 1851 Publication: Adelphian Open Motto: " We live for each other " Gladys Comforter S ' ORORES IN FACULTATE Lillian Page Gladys Moseley Irene Chambers Caroline Dancy Virginia Dale Agnes Futch Nancy Hoyt Annette Arthur Cornelia Dozier Anna Christie Ann Deaton Lesley Gray Elizabeth Love Elizabeth Crenshaw SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1Q25 Cornelia McMurray Class of IQ26 Louise Lipscombe Elizabeth Lloyd Helen Sparks Class of iQ2j Penelope Mills Jess Dehon Pledges Mary Futch Grace Earle Hough Claire Murphy Harriet Pullen Sarah Shaw Helen Wilcox Lyda Walton Beth Hammargren Dorothy Lamburn Louise Parramore Mosely Smith Annette Liddon May White Elizabeth Whittaker Mildred Nix Charlotte Story Julia Frances Wooten Emily McPhail i54 155 Delta Delta Delta Founded in Boston in 1888 Colors: Silver, Gold, and Blue Publication: The Trident Open Motto: " Let us steadfastly love one another " Alpha Eta Chapter Installed in 1 9 1 5 Flower: Pansy Elizabeth Conradi Elizabeth Aiken Adflma Giles Louise Buck Cornell-. Colson Zei.ia Bouchei.i.e Mildred Bruce Sarah Honaker Anna Leman Gladys Nye Maxine McClearen Margaret Slemons Emala Parkhill Mary Lee Lamar SORORES IN FACULTATE Margaret White SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1925 Jamie Reese Mabel Lytle Elizabeth Horne Class of 1926 Marie Haile Ruth Jelks Class of 1927 Harriet Robinson Lily Frasek Pledges Alice Cullen Laura Frank White Elizabeth MacDonald Gertrude Tucker Vircinia Taylor Alice Marsh Katherine Montgomery Helen Ives Mary Walker Margaret Way Virginia Yowell Martica Saunders Katherine Lee Annie MacKay Christine Close Gladys Turner Elizabeth Murray Clifton Sexton Elizabeth Rogers Mary Latimer 156 157 r°r ■J§p r i L tf ' l l A M .L l .V i . 2 (Colors: Purple and White Sigma Sigma Sigma Founded at Farmville, Va., in 1895 Publication: Triangle Motto: " Faithful unto death " Rno Chapter Installed in 1920 Flower: Violet SORORES IN FACULTATE Florence Tryon ■ Mattie Lou Horxe Mary Hauck Gladys Jordan Nila Logan Iris Miller SORORES IN COLLEGIO Glass of 1Q25 Harriet Rouse Louisa Verri Myra Mann Class of IQ26 Olive Schell Lelia Underhill Class of iQ2j Marvis Allen Edith Johnson Kathleen Cleckley Ethel Gaynor Ruby Morris Elizabeth Pinder Willie May Horne Esther Jordan Annie Laurie Boyd Lou Cockran Mary Lecia Fortner Pledges Aline Stiles Mary S. Yarborough Martha Grange Elizabeth Way Nell Steinmeyer 158 159 Sigma Kappa Founded at Colby College in 1874 Colors: Maroon and Lavender Publication; Sigma Kappa Triangle Flower: Violet Motto: " One Heart, One Way " Omega Chapter SORORES IN T FACULTATE Allie Lou Felton Gladys Storrs Leila Venable Sue Pitchfork- Elizabeth Bass Sara Davis Evalyn Gates Virginia Branscombe Lillian- Brawner Nellye Calkins Lucile Daniel Evelyn Barnett Martha Branscombe Louise Conradi Marion (Yrrv Mary Chelf Mildred Chelf SoRORES IN COLLEGIO Class of KJ25 Eredene Gage Augusta Glen Elizabeth Gerald Winifred Kennakd Class of 1Q26 Jeanne King I rio Storrs Class of 1Q27 Helen de Montmollin Ada Milled Winifred Metcalf Pledges Kathryn Goode Marv Herbert Gynn Marv Lee Hicks Elizabeth Jeter Marv Ruth Murray Mary A. McKinnon Carolyn Parks Roberta Micki.ek Gladys Vaughn MARGAKET VaUCHAN Edna Martin- Annie McKinnon Martha Turner Margaret Yargan Eunice Parker Mabel Poe Lucile Pyles Virginia Romph Sara Smith Mvra Sadler 160 p% f- 161 Pi Beta Phi Founded at Monmouth College in 1867 Colors: Wine Red and Silver Blue Floivcr: Wine Carnation Publication: The Arrow Priscilla Armstrong Vera Brendla Elizabeth Coleman Polly Gillette Marv Burke Mvra Burr Margaret Brunson Pauline Buhner Helen Dutton Anna Allerman Louise Branning Alberta Brunson Mary Clayton Mary R. Crooks Mildred Deady Mary Evelyn Eaves Mary Gill Dorothy Grumbles Florida Beta Chapter Installed in 1921 SOROR IN FaCULTATE Helen Hill Jones SoRORES IN COLLEGIO Class of ig2$ Virginia Howze Myrtle Johnson Thelma Phillips Class of IQ26 Julia Dutton Frances Gill Inez Grumbles Class of IQ2J Ruth Gill Sarah Gunn Pledges Adah Hebb Maria Lu Hutchins Lillian Hyde Audrey Johnston Helen Kennedy Rebecca Leland Frances Mims Theresa Mintz Angeline McCaskell Myrtis Tureman Caroline Walker Hortense Mintz Lois Overstreet Alice McKinney Emily Sanderson- Elizabeth Hargreaves Mary Lou Perkins Kenny Prewitt Russell McCord Sara McCord Christine McKinney Netsy McKinney Elsia Ott Mildred Overstreet Ruth Rex Mary Sanderson Isabel Warren 162 i«3 Delta Zeta Founded October j , 19:2, at Miami University Colors: Rose and Creen Flower: Killarney Rose Publication: The Lamp Alpha Sigma Chapter Founded May, 1924 SOROR IN FACULTATE Catherine Z. Winters SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1925 Annie Flagg Wilder Natalie Lamb Edith Edwards Alberta Townsend Katherine Ray Elizabeth Cartmel Helen Sutton Mildred Bullock Anna May Cannon Elizabeth Shingler Esther Maud Saunders Madge Rivers Julia Quillen Class of 1926 Mary Cornelia Saunders Pauline Jernigan Agnes Curry Class of 1927 Lila Yantis Mildred Harris Pledges Elizabeth Wetherbee Doris Bartlett Charlotte Chazal Madeline Fleming Ava Leatherman Helen Ames Olive Whaley Blanche Curry Espage Rogers Isabel Richardson Enid Adair Miriam Johnson Alvina Loessner Mary Carolyn Logan Irene Hopkins 164 i6 S - c FLASTACOWO Kappa Alpha Tketa Founded January 27, 1870 Colors: Black and Gold Flowers: Black and Gold Pansy Publication: Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine Beta Nu Chapter Installed in 1924 Mona Alderman Lois Curry Susan Burdett Marion Watkins Alice Boyd Ruth Rigby Blanche Alderman Kathryn Carlin Marcaret Dorman Dorothy Fuller SOROR IN FACULTATE Jennie Tilt SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1925 Norma Davis Opal Futch Class of 1926 Elizabeth Sandford Class of 1927 Claudia Demeritt Flo Springer Pledges Gertrude Boyd Florence Conklin Marion Davis Marjorie Graham Kathleen Weaver Helen Pinaire Inez Turner Elizabeth Whatton Alice Winter Elsie Mayer Grace Hansen Mary Brown Betty Kellerman Dorothy Dahlquist Nancy Miller 166 167 Zeta Tau Alpha Founded at Farmville, Va., 1898 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Grey Publication: Themis Flower: White Violet Beta Gamma Ckapter Founded in 1924 Anna Jane Anderson Lucile Reece Elizabeth Cooper Olivi Corbett Mary Ruth Fain Evelyn Hill Elinor Lott Zella Brashear Mary Ernest Vera Franke SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1925 Helen Hyers Class of UJ26 Estelle Jones Winifred Lee Class of IQ27 Edith McCollum Elizabeth Parker Elizabeth Randolph Audrey Swindell Class of IQ28 Joanna Mizelle Pauline Parrish Mary Stallings Thelma Smith Lillian Ohrns Frances Walker Mary Margaret Swift Margaret Wood Maxine Wyatt Belle Plunkette Margaret Smith Evelyn Space 168 169 p LASTACOWO Alpha Chi Alpha (Honorary Journalistic) Founded in 191 9 Colors: Orange and White Flower: Chrysanthemum Publication: Alpha Chi Alpha Messenger GAMMA CHAPTER Installed in 1921 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Norma Davis Nancy Hovt Lois Curry Helen Ives Gladys Vaughn Honorary Members Miss Rowena Longmire Dr. W. G. Dodo 170 Sigma Delta Pi (Honorary Scholastic) Colors: White and Gold Founded in 1921 Flower: Daisy I. vga Olla Helseth Allie Lou Felton SORORES IN FACULTATE Helen - Hill Jones Emma Helseth Mae Winfield Janie Gregory Katherine Montgomery SORORES IX COLLEGIO Beatrice Candee Lois Curry Henrietta Johnson Annelle Ball Audrey Packham Myrtis Tureman Inez Turner Katherine Prime Mary Stallings Lou Egerton Whitfield 171 Kappa Delta Pi (Honorary Educational Fraternity) Founded at Illinois in 191 1 Alpha Delta Chapter Installed January, 1925 Emma Helseth Members in Facultate Nathaniel Moss Salley Allie Lou Felton Inga Olla Helseth Helen Hill Jones SoRORES IN COLLEGIO Lorraine Bovlen Alma Grant Audrey Packham Gladys Jordan Lois Moser Verlie Robinson Louisa Verri Honorary Member Edward Conradi 172 fLASTACOWO 173 Iota Pi Omicron (Honorary Historical) Colors: Purple and Silver Founded, 1924 ALPHA CHAPTER Flower: Red Rose Honorary Members Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Williams Dr. James A. Robertson Miss Venila L. Shores Dr. and Mrs. J. O. Knauss Mies Catherine Winters Mary Walker Augusta Glen SoRORES IN CoLLEGIO Katherine Ray Natalie Lamb Lorraine Bovlen Edith Edwards Rhoda Fraleigh 174 Omicron Nu Honorary Home Economics) Members Eunice Grady Edith McMakin Lois Bryson Meredith Du Puis i75 Pan-Hellenic Creed E, the undergraduate members, stand for good scholarships, for the guardians of good health, for whole-hearted co- operation with our college ideals for student life, for the maintenance of fine social standards, and for the serving, to the best of our ability, of our college community. Good college cit- izenship, as a preparation for good citizenship in the larger world of alumnae days, is the ideal that shall guide our chapter activities. We, the fraternity alumnae members, stand for an active, sympa- thetic interest in the life of our undergraduate sisters, for loyal support of the ideals of our Alma Mater, for the encouragement of high schol- arship, for the maintenance of healthful physical conditions in the chapter house and dormitory, and for using our influence to further the best standards for the education of the young women of America. Loyal service to chapter, college, and community is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities. We, the fraternity officers, stand for loyal and earnest work for the realization of these fraternity standards. Cooperation for the mainte- nance of fraternity life in harmony with its best possibilities is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities. We, the fraternity women of America, stand for preparation for service through the character building inspired in the close contact and deep friendship of fraternity life. To us, fraternity life is not the en- joyment of special privileges, but an opportunity to prepare for wide and wise human service. 176 i ra • • ' ■- " - " - ■ • pLASTACOWO CENTENNIAL SECTION In our book we place this section, Celebrating Florida ' s progress — Founding of a State ' s fair capitol On the hills of Tallahassee. 177 WMMimy " -- FLASTACOWO Prolog ue Am awake, or does the vision last? Aivake, did I say? Ah, no! ' Tis better thus. To aivake is to remember — yet who but memory (Jan recall those early days that those ivho 1 lave forgotten may again look into the past, May again see and realize the struggle for white supremacy. Here, amidst the massive walls of our state college, If hich has grown so wonderfully under its efficient Management , ive are apt to forget the hardships, struggles, and discouragement of those early days. It is left to me, the Spirit of Memory, to cherish the legends of cur land. The sv:cet Spirit of J ' ision will fade, but I, Memory, will come back again to recall to those Who take too lightly the luxuries and comforts of today The struggles of those who, sustained by the strength and Power of omnipotent Love and Intelligence, have heivn the way before us. Making possible our fair city of Tallahassee. Let our Centennial be our feast day, and celebrate with song And dance, as did the brave Seminoles their Buskits. i 7 8 TALLAHASSEE GIRL, MARY PRINGLE 179 Legend of the Cherokee Rose Mico, mighty sun-priest, raised on high his hands in praises, Praises to the morning sunlight falling on the pleasant hilltop, Called to worship every maiden, called to every noble warrior, Praises to the green corn growing on this dawn of Buskits. Came a youth and bashful maiden — in her hand she bore a rosebush, And the youth spoke to old Mico: " The maid is to me as the deivdrop falling on the thirsty grass; Let this day, Gracious Mico, be a feast day of our marriage. " But the priest recoiled in horror, and refused to mate the two. " She is of the upper country — the maid is of the Cherokee ; Send her back unto her people — mate not zvith a Cherokee. " But the youth icould never listen, and he said unto old Mico: " Gave a task unto my doing — will win my flower maiden. " " Plant the rosebush of the maiden — plant it in the virgin soil; If it grows you shall be wedded, and your sins will be forgiven. Go, and gentle peace be with you. " So the youth and flower maiden went into the virgin woodland, Planted roses near their teepee — lived a year of peace and plenty — Lived to see a million roses climbing o ' er the virgin meadows. Still we see their fragile beauty, White and gold, as snow and sunlight. Climbing o ' er the wayside fences, Whispering of the youth and maiden. Telling of their deathless leve. 1 80 fLASTACOWO Histo ry Lived among the happy hilltop Indians brave and strong in battle, Lived to meet a band of settlers looking for a seat for mandates. Bought they up the pleasant hilltops, settled with their wives and children, Made a city for their people. But the old chief,, Ne-ha-math-la, Feared the coming of the white man,, and he roused the Indian warriors To send them words of learning, warnings of dire battle. But the good chief, Tallahassee,, trusted in the friendly white man, And he called unto the chieftain, called unto the w ' hite chief, Duval, To speak unto his people, to tell them of his promise. So Duval came unto the warriors, came before old Ne-ha-math-la, Gave them promise of strong friendship, told them of goodwill. And the warriors list unto his sayings, their hearts tamed their wild fearing, And they moved unto the westiuard,, moved on ever to the sunset. Remains but a few stragglers of a race of mighty warriors, And Tallahassee stands today where their iccathered teepees stood. 182 i«3 The Legend of the Grey Moss Years ago frtm out the North and A wind came blowing to our land, Saw the beauty of our Southland, Saw our lovely shrubs and flowers. Felt the warmth of our bright sunshine, Saw his snowflakes melt to showers, Jealous grew ' this fierce old Northwind. " I will come again some day, I will drive away the Southwind — With my snow and ice I ' ll play. Snow and icicles I ' ll carry, Hang some on to every tree. This will kill the trees and flowers, This will chill the gentle bowers — All this shall the Southwind see. " Now ' the Southwind heard the Northwind, And he feared this jealous king. So he called unto the heavens. Asked for help from everything. When the soft, grey clouds up high Heard the cry from all the land Dozen they came from in the sky, Clustered over all the trees, Filling all the swaying branches. Hung in long festoons of grey clouds. Met the Southwind , calm and smiling, Laughing at his snowy shrouds. Saw there was no place left vacant In the great old live oak trees. Where his ice and snore could kill them. So the lakes he tried to freeze. But th ■ little clouds were happy In their ?icw home in the trees, S- th S ' " hvrnd -■• ' iild not bhu th m Back to Heaven, if you please. 184 iiS Epilog ue When had spread civilization Over all the red clay hilltops, Over hills ripe with their cornfields, Over hills teeming with grain, Then departed from the hilltops Frontier Spirit and Adventure, And there grew a mighty city, Full of richest law and learning. And upon one of its hilltops Grew a college fine in culture, Steeped in precious old tradition. 186 I8 7 I " •it » V O ►J w w X i-j ►J ATHLETICS r ■ V Said Malice, " The rules of the game Are as simple as A, B, and C: Inquire the young lady ' s name, And give her a cup of hot tea. " " Then tal(e up your Ball, Bat, or Racquet, Apply it rvith energy gory. If her head is defenseless, why Tehacfy it, And say that she told you a story. " MALICE IN BLUNDERLAND. fl thief ic b OAfO. K. Prime, Representative-at-Large ; M. Burr, Vice-President M. Lvti.e, President Mae White, Secretary; Pearl Hentz, Treasurer 191 F " Club Members Mabel I.vtle Catherine Prime Dorothy Armstrong Pearl Hentz Lucile Reese Lillian Lose, Ai.i. ik Lou Feltov Evelyn Weller Francis Walker Gladys Vaughn Hazel Flower Alice Collins Mabel Decker Ellen Pepper Ethel " Fucker Alice Marsh Annalee Stenstrum Louisa Verri Helen Feree Katherine Montgomery Annie McKay Gladys Rush Evelyn Keck Sara Benedict 192 193 19+ pLASTACOWO ODD BASKETBALL TEAM EVEN BASKETBALL TEAM 195 f LASTACOWO Mac a Rush Pepper L tL£ I UtECE VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM 196 f LASTACOWO CHAMPIONSHIP FRESHMAX VOLLEY BALL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM 197 Field Day Statistics The following are the college records in field events: . 4 ft., 3-16 in Running High Jump . 12 seconds 100-Yard Dash D. Platts M. Boyle A. MlLLIKIN V P. Hentz J L. Reese 30 ft., 9 ' s ins. . . . Running Hop, Step, and Jump A. HARWICK 77 ft., 3 1 .. ins Javelin Throw E. Peschmann 63-5 seconds 50-Yard Dash A. Millikin 152-5 seconds Hurdles D. RlCHEY 7 ft., 7 ins Standing Broad Jump M. Love 74 ft., 4 1 ins Basketball Throw P. Hentz 189 ft., 10 ins Baseball Throw A. Harwich: 30 ft., i ' 4 ns Shot Put N. Carroll j H. Harris E. King 16 ft Running Broad Jump N. Carroli 112 ft Hurl Ball (National Record) K. Prime 102 ft., 3 4 ins Discus (National Record) . 3 ft., 4 ins. Standing High Jump All-Round Athletes 19 1 5 — Emma Lee King 1916 — Emma Lee King 1916 — Virginia Holland 19 1 7 — Virginia Holland 1918 — Katherine Montgomery 1919 — Eleanor Brewer 1920 — Nell Carroll 1921 — Helen Harris 1922 — Lucille Reece 1923 — Ethel Henry 1924 — Pearl Hentz Classes Holding the Banner 191 3 — Even ' 16 1 9 14 — Odd ' 15 1 91 5 — Even ' 16 1916 — Odd ' 19 1917 — Even ' 20 1 91 8 — Even ' 20 1 91 9 — Even 1920 — Odd 1921 — Even 1922 — Even 1923 — Odd 1924 — Odd 22 23 22 25 25 198 t ZFxr FEATURES ' Trvas the voice of slveel Malice, As ever, verbose, " " I am lacking a date, I must powder my nose. " " I ' ll go sit in my window, And sit there and ' thinly. And wonder who put all The glue in my inl(. " " The moon is all purple, The sun is green, but Vve flunked every class, for My roomie ' s a nut! " MALICE IN BLUNDERLAND. ■ . $ -:. Pi ■■■!$ " ■■ ■ ■ ' -•■-. ' j •--• jii ' -. f Bjfl " • f ' W; 1 5 - ' ■ e.5. 7l o Popular Gladys Jordan Cleverest Lois Varn Best Ail-Round Gladys Vaughn Most Athletic Myra Burr Most Fashionable Virginia Leslie Prettiest Mary Hauck Most Musical Nellye Calkins Cutest Mabel Lytle Peppiest Lucy Lang Best Looking Man Jamie Reese Most Domestic Ada Louise Simpson Most Intellectual Norma Davis F LASTACOWO The Dream World Do you know that there are fairies in the garden by the wall ? The waxen lilies house them and the purple iris tall, The crickets strum their music as they dance upon the leaves; Listen: you can hear them singing, as they gambol in the breeze. It isn ' t only children that can hear sweet Tinker Bell, That can visit with Titania and Oberon as well, For the older folk have only to swing the wicket gate That stands between the dreamland where their own dear childhoods wait And the busy world of commerce and the tiresome household task, Come, close your eyes and vanish to the " Land of As You Ask. " There is Mother Goose a-smiling in her broad, housewifey way, And the folk we knew as children come to us this later day. We stay to tea with Polly and we eat Jack Horner ' s pie, While the Little Mistress Muffet frights us with her cry. Rut the King of Hearts is bold as death — he kills the dreaded foe — And when he dies we ope our eyes — it ' s simple, don ' t you know? 202 fLASTACOWO Gladys Jordan, Most Popular " There is a girl in our town Site often wears a flowered gown; Tommy loves her night and day, And Richard when he may, And Johnny when he can, I think Sam will be the man. " 203 Lois Varn, Cleverest " Simple Simon went a-fishing For to catch a ivhale ; All the ivater he had got Was in his mother ' s pail. " a Hap— a T " _£ pLASTACOWO Gladys Vaughn, Z? Ail-Round ' And the child that ' s born on the Sabbath day, Is fair and wise, good and gay. " pLASTACOWO Myra Burr, Most Athletic " Jack, be nimble, Jack, be quick, Jack, jump over the candlestick. " Virginia Leslie, Most Stylish " There icas a girl of our toicne, Silk an ' satin was her goizne, Silk an ' Satin, gold an ' velvet. " fLASTACOWO Mary Hauck, Prettiest " The Queen, she sits upon the sand, Fair as a lily, ivhite as a wand. " Nellye Calkins, Most Musical " The piper ii.il h his pipe did play with such skill That those who heard him could never keep still. " Mabel Lytle, Cutest " Little Jack Horner sat in the corner, Eating a Christmas pie; He put in his thumb, and pulled out a plum, And said, ' What a cute boy am I! ' " A Lucy Lang, Peppiest ' I sing, I sing, From morn till night, From cares Vm free, and my heart is light. " pLASTACOWO Jamie Reese, Best Looking Man ' The King of Hearts called for the tarts. " Ada Louise Simpson, Most Domestic " Polly, put the kettle on, And let ' s drink tea. " Norma Davis, Most Intellectual " Tho ' ne ' er instructed by a eat, She knew a mouse was not a rat. " Patrons Page Adams Jewelry Company, Tampa, Florida. Blakeslee-Klintworth Company, Tampa, Florida. T. B. Byrd Son, Tallahassee, Florida. Burns-Gramling Company, Tallahassee, Florida. Capitol City Bank, Tallahassee, Florida. Capitol City Studio, Tallahassee, Florida. Citizens Bank, Tallahassee, Florida. Clark ' s Gift Shop, Tallahassee, Florida. Dafin ' s Theater, Tallahassee, Florida. D. A. Dixon, Tallahassee, Florida. Drew Company, Jacksonville, Florida. Dutch Kitchen, Tallahassee, Florida. Exchange Bank, Tallahassee, Florida. Fain Drug Company, Tallahassee, Florida. Furchgott ' s, Jacksonville, Florida. Jos. B. Game, Tallahassee, Flo rida. Grant Furniture Company, Tallahassee, Florida. Guerry ' s Ready-to-Wear, Tallahassee, Florida. The G-M Store, Tallahassee, Florida. Greenleaf-Crosby Company, Jacksonville, Florida. Hick ' s Drug Store, Tallahassee, Florida. Hill ' s Book Store, Tallahassee, Florida. V. E. Jacobs Company, Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville Cracker Works, Jacksonville, Florida. Alonzo A. Jobson Company, Tampa, Florida. Kingan Company, Jacksonville, Florida. Knight Wall Company, Tampa, Florida. Leon County Milk Company, Tallahassee Florida. Leon Electric Supply Company, Tallahassee, Florida. Lewis State Bank, Tallahassee, Florida. Mass Brothers, Tampa, Florida. May ' s Shop, Tallahassee, Florida. P. T. Mickler, Tampa, Florida. Middle Florida Ice Company, Tallahassee, Florida. McGriff- Newman Company, Jacksonville, Florida. J. E. McNair ' s Drug Company, Tallahassee, Florida. Palace Shoe Shop, Tallahassee, Florida. M. L. Price Music Company, Tampa, Florida. Sanitary Beauty Parlors, Jacksonville, Florida. Seaboard Air Line Railway, General Office, Jacksonville, Florida The Surprise Store, Tallahassee, Florida. Tallahassee Furniture Company, Tallahassee, Florida. Tampa Daily Times, Tampa, Florida. Tarr Furniture Company, Tampa, Florida. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. W. E. VanBrunt, Tallahassee, Florida. The Vogue, Tallahassee, Florida. Walk-Over Shoe Store, Jacksonville, Florida. P. W. Wilson Company, Tallahassee, Florida. Wolson Smart Shop, Tampa, Florida. Yowell-Drew Company, Orlando, Florida. FLASTACOWO THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GAINESVILLE Consists of five separate and distinct colleges and five other branches of varied activities, located on a domain of 6 1 3 acres. College of Arts and Sciences College of Agriculture College of Engineering College of Law Teachers ' College Graduate School Summer School Agricultural Experiment Station Agricultural Extension Division General Extension Division Sixteen units, or four years of successful high school work, are required for admission to the freshman class. For catalog or further information, address REGISTRAR, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, GAINESVILLE 1. The 2. The 3. The 4. The 5. The 6. The 7. The 8. The 9. The 0. The THE LEWIS STATE BANK TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA The Oldest Bank in Florida; Began Business in 1856 Resources Over $1,950,000 Invites Your Business ggM WE TAKE THIS MEANS OF EXPRESSING OUR WHOLE-HEARTED APPRECIATION OF YOUR PATRONAGE THE VOGUE TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Quality Apparel For the Girls of F. S. C. Ready-to-Wear Shoes TARR FURNITURE COMPANY Interior Decorators and Furnishers FURNISHINGS FOR CLUBS, LODGES AND FRA- TERNITY HOMES OUR SPECIALTY Send us your floor plans, measurements and designs of windows, and our Interior Decorator will assist in the selec- tion of proper Furniture and Draperies. All Mail Orders Given Our Careful Attention Address: INTERIOR DECORATOR P. O. Box 2949 TAMPA, FLORIDA - ♦ THE CAPITOL CITY STUDIO Fine Portraiture In All Branches ARTISTIC COLOR WORK ENLARGING and KODAK FINISHING E. BIEN Photographer for 1925 Flastacowo TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA J£- FOR THE FLORIDA BRIDE Orange Blossom Engagement and Wedding Rings Adams Jewelry Company ' The House of Perfect Diamonds ' TAMPA. FLA. Wedding Rings, $ 1 to $400 Engagement Rings, $50 to $2,000 THE ADAMS STORE IN TAMPA Is Headquarters for Orange Blossom Wedding Rings in Florida. TRY US FOR SERVICE Unusual Ideas in Stationery Newest Books Artists ' Materials Kodaks Spalding ' s Athletic Goods fSTATIONCBY, BOOK ANO ART STORE. Largest Store of Its Kind in the South 45-49 W. Bay St. Jacksonville Buy Jax Biscuits Cookies, Cakes and Crackers Deliciously Light, Crisp and Fresh JACKSONVILLE CRACKER WORKS JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Knight 8 Wall Company TAMPA. FLORIDA Sporting Goods For Women Send for Catalogs LEON ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. Electragists Service and Quality in EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL Telephone 45 TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA wm MAAS BROTHERS Is Florida Headquarters for Women ' s Apparel and Accessories, and is ready at all times to give you the best in quality and service at the least cost. You are always welcome to inspect our mer- chandise, whether or not you are ready to buy. If at any time you are unable to visit this store, and there is some- thing you would like to have or know about, just write Jane Lee and she will gladly give your letter her personal attention. There is no charge for this service. Greenleaf Crosby Co. Jewelers, Silversmiths Importers Standard Perfected Products Moderate Prices 41 West Bay Street DISTINCTIVE STYLES For THE COLLEGE GIRL Walk-Over Shoe Store 15 W. Forsyth Street Jacksonville, Florida Say It With Jewelry Alonza A, Jobson Company Jewelers 501 Tampa Street TAMPA. FLA. Conn Band Instruments Leedy Drums M. L. PRICE MUSIC COMPANY Distributors TAMPA mm SaSS S fLASTACOWO FEATURING SMART WEARABLES For Ladies, Misses and Juniors WOLSONS SMART SHOP 213 Twiggs Street Tampa, Florida Electric Scalp 1 real merit. Manicuring. Hair Dressing. Facial Massage. Children ' s Hair Cut- ting. Permanent Waving. Marcel Waving. SANITARY BEAUTY PARLORS Phone 42 10. 11? W. Adams St.. Jacksonville THE TAMPA DAILY TIMES " Florida ' s Great Home Daily " OUR DAILY SERVICE All markets are searched, whether around the corner or around the world, to find those things we know folks want, things worthy of carrying our store ' s name and guarantee, keeping the price in moderation according to the quality of the merchandise. Creating pleasing surroundings and courteous sales people to serve you, this is our service. We cordially invite you to take full advantage of it. YOWELL-DREW COMPANY ORLANDO. FLORIDA f LASTACOWO THE G-M STORE THE STORE OF BETTER VALUES As a Token of Your Kind Patronage READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY SHOES THE G-M STORE LEO J. GELBERG. Manager GUERRYS Successor to Levy Brothers READY-TO-WEAR Phone 481 TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Well-Selected Furniture is the First Necessity for HOMEY HOMES And the true test of women of today as homemakers " We Cater to Those Who Care " Grant Furniture Company TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA -JT UTp fy fLASTACOWO IHENE CASTLE COR.TICELLI FASHIONS The SUSAN Model Irene Castle House of Youth Peggy Paige Claire Gowns Marion Dresses YOU ARE INVITED TO LOOK Dresses Suits Coats Waists Underwear Sweaters Skirts Style and Quality at Popular Prices MAE ' S SHOP Phone 78 TALLAHASSEE, FLA. FLASTACOWO ENDING FOOT TROUBLES bhanseiYs f|eturej rch JOHANSEN Feature Arch Shoes have scientifically and even stylishly ended all foot troubles. The Newest Feature Arch Styles — Always BURNS-GRAMLING COMPANY TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Daffin Theatre C. E. DAFFIN. Manager Fascinating Plays for Fastidious Folks Telephone 334 V. E. JACOBS NAT. WYLE 0. C.naco j ' ipi J 33 W rORSYTH Jewelers For 30 Years ' JACKSONVILLE, FLA. " Known for Service " FURCHGOTT ' S The Store Accommodating In the Heart of Jacksonville, Florida The State ' s Largest Department Store And Most Efficient Mail Order Service D. A. DIXON CO. Office Supplies TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA " Something New Every Day " McGRIFF NEWMAN CO. SPECIAL WOMEN ' S WEAR Phone 4018 1 7 W. Forsvth St. JACKSONVILLE, FLA CLARK ' S, the GIFT STORE Gifts for All Occasions Jewelry Books Stationery State and Federal Supervision THE EXCHANGE BANK Is a member of the Federal Reserve System, and as such conforms to the rules and regulations laid down by the Federal Reserve Board. Moreover, it is chartered under the laws of Florida and is subject to strict State super- vision. Every safeguard is provided to protect the interests of depositors. THE EXCHANGE BANK OF TALLAHASSEE. FLA. SAY IT WITH A GIFT Sporting an d Athletic Goc »ds Fountains Pens Books Eversharp Pencils Magazines Jewelry Ivory Kodaks Films Stationery Greeting Cards Dennison ' s Supplies Memory Books See the Little Store With a Variety Hill ' s Book Store The Store Accommodating TALLAHASSEE. FLA. PHONE 147 For Your Lunches and Parties And Anything You Want to Eat, Go to T. B, Byrd 8 Son FINE GROCERIES AND " EVERYTHING GOOD TO EAT " Telephone 1 A Cordial Welcome ALWAYS To the Faculty and Students of the Florida State College Safety First, Then Service THE CAPITAL CITY BANK TALLAHASSEE. FLA. fLASTACOWO SEABOARD AIR LINE RAILWAY The Most Direct Route to All Points New Cross State Line in Operation Between St. Petersburg, Tampa, Okeechobee and West Palm Beach YOUR PATRONAGE ALWAYS APPRECIATED G. Z. PHILLIPS W. R. CANOVA A. P. T. M. General Agent JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA C. G. WARD City Ticket Agent THE SURPRISE STORE Tallahassee ' s Busiest Dry Goods Store QUALITY— VALUE SERVICE Are the Cardinal Principles of Our Business Your Patronage Always Appreciated J. E. McNAIR DRUGGIST Drugs, Stationery, Toilet Articles, Martha Washington and Holhngsworth Candies. College business especially solicited. McNAIRS Opposite Court House Telephone 2 3 Tallahassee. Fla. FAIN DRUG CO. Tallahassee ' s Best Drug Store Telephone 56 THE REXALL STORE m : P. W. WILSON fi? COMPANY West Florida s Best Store This Store, at All Times, Shows Complete Stocks of Dependable and Season- able Merchandise at Most Reasonable Prices Dry Goods, Hosiery, Notions Ready-to-Wear for Ladies and Children Art Needle Work, Shoes P. W. WILSON COMPANY TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA You Can Always Enjoy a Bottle OF vca ORANGE CRUSH LIME CRUSH DELAWARE PUNCH OR ANY OF OUR DELICIOUS SODAS As Sanitary As Sunshine Inspect Our Plant MIDDLE FLORIDA ICE CO. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. TELEPHONE 9 The Citizens Bank TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Capital $50,000.00 We Pay 4% Interest on Savings Quarterly A live, progressive, strong Bank on College Avenue. Your business will be appreciated here. J. F. DoRMAN, President W. C. Hodges, Vice-President Carl Mitchell, Cashier DIRECTORS J. F. Dorman Wm. Child Fred H. Davis Mrs. A Wm. C. Hodges Jos. A. Demetree Carl Mitchell nnie Mae Ferrell Blakeslee-Klintworth PHOTOGRAPHERS Tampa, Florida Dr. W. E. Van Brunt DENTIST Telephone Building Telephone 257 P. T. MICKLER The Store of Quality and Service Phone 83 FANCY GROCERIES Palace Shoe Shop G. Capeloto, Proprietor Just Across From the Leon Hotel We mend the rips And patch the holes, Build up the heels And save your soles. Phone 144-R P. O. l$nx 252 Tallahassee, Fla. HICKS PHARMACY JOS. B. GAME. JR. DENTIST Centennial Building Phone 631 Tallahassee, Fla. DUTCH KITCHEN COMPLIMENTARY KINGAN AND COMPANY Pork and Beef Packers JACKSONVILLE, FLA. The Home of " Reliable " Meats Proof: The Students Eat Them May Life Bestow the Cream of All Good Things Upon the Class of 1925 LEON COUNTY MILK CO. Ice Cream for All Occasions Tall anassee Furniture Comp any A Friendly Bunch to Deal With WE FRAME Bui PICTURES We Wont Frame You THE STAFF WISHES TO THANK ALL THOSE WHO HAVE MADE POSSIBLE OUR 1925 FLASTACOWO THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE w COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS ' ENSOlJ ' (PRINTING COJ NASHVILIE., » » ■ ' »v .-■ ,■ ' ■ XtVteiv J « „ ■Mr " ,V - ; ' » ' : v , t r • r - m a »■ . 1 .■a ' ft . -w ■ . - ' ■ ta ■ FMS Autographs Autographs igdk i mf Autographs

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