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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Cover

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EQvnk H Via KSi ST IjgD 1 ■■ ■HI ■ I " MM ' ■ ■ Brail (1 I ■Faltl Si 888 I H MSB _BHHM. Hill i« yw mslat yHMriV rtt» EK ■fin i Hh M ' VsBExFt I iu ink .Hi ; Hi ■ ■ _■ ■■■ ± ■ 1 Ig — ■ ■■ ■ MB MMbMP M - Q Q ■ IMMMU «at AtfSfc j ra Kre lft M ■Bi ttim w BBB mz ill FOREWORD 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ] 1 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 [ ! 1 1 | 1 1 I 1 1 I I 1 1 I 1 I 1 ' I I 1 [ 1 1 I , 1 , I I 1 1 V We, the editors of FLASTACOWO, pre- sume to call ourselves architects. Our edificial contribution is this volume, built with a desire to enrich your coming years tangibly with memories of your college ca- reer. If college joys take on a sublimity, if the sorrows become only faint shadows of the past, if memory is made more mel- low because of this book, we have built happily and are truly rewarded. We build, and we build not on sand, we pray, for the sake of passing fancy, but on a firm foundation of loyal hearts for an enduring pleasure. T r 1 I l i i I 1 1 r E, n r , 1 1 n , 1 j i r r n 1 L " 77 L ] 1 I] , , 5 , n , ZJ J L 1 j FflHSTHCO DO Vol. XI Junior QAuss ionAa State GoUty for tfom ii!it ==zS™I ' wrtsb - - im|Jl liiiiiilli™ I! iglMiliiliMI I 1 1 1 — In this hcLpf y hilly country there " . college all should lowc, Tis our Alma Hater standing in a f ra- gr«xnt bine u. rove; O ' er her tow ' rs blue skies are bend- ing olid hd.J |ii| children rove Where the cheerful sunlight falls. Flay thy loving da-ughters honor mid revere thy noble name; As the sunlight on the waters bti the 5|)lf.ndor of thy fame; As the tje irs go rolling p«x:»t us, mauj our love be still the -.dmc. And thy haJIs be ewer de«iLr. BOOH I C E CpBXZBGB BOOH II BOOK III BOOH IV sccseecios BOOH V BEJ3CC«BJB0 BOOS Anft tbrrr, All uitl In fntmih an Htttormtg iFnr maxims, nn thr spm sh? flri; anit Ulnrr ro? knntu nnt-nnln this: thru b?p nn ntnt. Tennyson: The ' Princess. ADMISINTRATION BUILDING EDUCATION 1U1UMNC SCIEXCE HALL ADMINISTRATION RITLDING THROUGH PINES BRYAN ' HALL REYNOLDS HALL BROWARD HALL JENNIE Ml ' RPHREE HALL FOUNTAIN 1 GYMNASIUM INFIRMARY SI ' NT DIAL as ==s FLASTACOWO 5SiS r a D0CT0RE5 23 FLASTACOWO Board of Control P. K. YoNGE, LL.D., Chairman Pensacola E. L. Wartmann Citra W. L. Weaver Perry John C. Cooper, Jr Jacksonville A. H. Blanding Bartow J. T. Diamond, Secretary Tallahassee State Board of Education Cary A. Hardee, President Governor H. Clay Crawford Secretary of State J. C. LuNING State Treasurer Rivers H. Buford Attorney General W. S. Cawthon, Secretary State Superintendent of Public Instruction Summer School Board W. S. Cawthon, A.M State Superintendent of Public Instruction A. A. MuRPHREE, LL.D President, University of Florida E. Conradi, Ph.D President, Florida State College for Women 24 FLASTACOWO Faculty and Officers Edward Conradi, A.M., Ph.D., (Clark) President Arthur Williams, A.M. (Cambridge) Vice-President, Professor of History William George Dodd, A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard) Dean, College of Arts and Sciences ; Professor of English Nathaniel Moss Salley, A.B. Dean, Scliool of Education and Normal School ; Professor of Education Margaret Rector Sandels, A.M. Dean, School of Home Economics ; Professor of Nutrition Elmer Riggs Smith, A.M. Secretary; Professor of Mathematics and Physics Josiah Beth e a Game, Ph.D. (Yale) Litt.D. Professor of Classics and General Literature Alban Stewart, A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard) Professor of Botany and Bacteriology Lanas Spurgeox Barber, M.A. Professor of Zoology and Horticulture Edmund Vernon Gage, A.M. Professor of Modern Languages Raymond Bellamy, A.M., Ph.D. (Clark) Professor of Sociology and Political Economy James Owen Knauss, A.M., Ph.D. (Cornell) Professor of European History and Political Science Anne Young, M.D., Dr. P.H. (Pennsylvania) Professor of Hygiene Hattie Mae Carmichael, A.M. Professor of Household Chemistry Paul Frederick Finner, A.M. Professor of Psychology and Director of Psychological Laboratory Inga Olla Helseth, A.M. Professor of Elementary Education Olga Larson, M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Leland Judson Lewis, A.M., Ph.D. (Columbia) Professor of Chemistry On leave of absence, 1923-24. 25 FLASTACOWO WALTER Scott McNutt, M.A., Ph.D. (Cincinnati), B.D. (Lane Theological Seminary) Professor of Philosophy William Hudson Rogers, M.A., Ph.D. (Virginia) Associate Professor of English Jennie Tilt, M.S., Ph.D. (Chicago) Research Professor of Nutrition Paul Campbell Young, A.M., Ph.D. ( Harvard ) Associate Professor of Education and Educational Measurements Rowena Longmire, A.M. Assistant Professor of English Herman Kurz, M.S., Ph.D. (Chicago) Assistant Professor of Botany Guv Paul Thompson, A.R. Acting Assistant Professor of Zoology Laura Towne, M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish and French James Alan Eakes, A.M. Assistant Professor of Classics Maude Schwalmeyer Director of Primary Division, Demonstration Sihool Elma Williams Ealy, B.S. Director of Kindergarten Di-vi.sion, Demonstration School Emily Pitman Wilburn, B.L. Supervisor of Industrial Arts Katherine Montgomery, A. P. Director of Physical Education Luella Mary Richey, P. A. Instructor in Commerce Hazel Allison Stevenson, M.A. Instructor in English Clella Mae Brickley, P. A. Instructor m Domestn Ail Anna Marie Schreiber, A.M. Instructor in Home Economics Edith Macmillan, M.A. Instructor in Chemistry Catherine Zimmerman Winters. M.A. Instructor in History Margaret C. White, M.A. Instructor in English 26 FLASTACOWO Leila Venable., Ph.B. Instructor in Domestic Science Elizabeth Susan Doaxe, A.B. Instructor in Frencli and Spanish Myra Berxice Kearxey, M.A. Instructor in Mathematics Lucile Grider Instructor in Commerce Helex Margaret Ferree Instructor in Physical Education Mary Elizabeth Laytox, A.B. Research Assistant Kathryx Browx Roller Instructor in Industrial Arts and Art Myra Retz, M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages Louise Richardson, A.B. Librarian Clara Rider Hayden, B. S. in Education Assistant in Library Lucy Carolyx Cushman Supervisor of V ocational Home Economics Emma Othilde Helseth, B.S. Principal of High School Lilliax Walker Page, B.S. in Education Critic Teacher, Training School Allie Lou Feltox, B.S. in Education Critic Teacher, Training School Vexila Lovixa Shores. A.M. Critic Teacher, Trainincj School Alma Jewell Grant, L.I. Assistant Critic Teacher, Trainincj School Audrey Lilliax Packham, L.I. Assistant Critic Teacher, Training School Jaxie Gregory, A.B. Assistant Critic Teacher, Training School Nina Elisabeth McAdam Student Assistant in Latin 27 FLASTACOWO Evelyn Brooks Bird Student Assistant in Physical Education Lucile Sumner Student Assistant in Physical Education May E. Winfield Student Assistant in Library Sarah Amelia Walker Student Assistant in Library School 01 Fine Arts Ella Scoble Opperman, A.B., M.M. Dean, School of Music; Professor of Piano and Organ Gertrude Isidor Assistant Professor of I iolin and Theory of Music Mildred Ester Harter, B.M. Instructor in Voice and Director of Glee Club Vivian Dolores Breaks Instructor in Voice Gladys Comforter, B.M. Instructor in Piano Frances Josephine Moore Instructor in Violoncello, Musical History, Theory and Appreciation Zadie L. Phipps Instructor in Public School Music Zorah Miller Instructor in Piano and Piano Normal Methods Helen Louise Ladd Instructor in Solfec c io, String and Brass Instruments and Conductor of Ensemble Classes Gladys Mosley, B.M. Assistant Instructor in Piano Adelaide Koch Assistant Instructor in Piano Alice Carroll, B.M. Assistant Instructor in Piano Alma Nightor, B.M. Assistant Instructor in Voice and Piano Leola Vrooman Student Assistant, Supervisor of Practice, School of Music 28 FLASTACOWO Mary Hollingsworth, A.B. Director, School of Expression Dorothy Beryl Meek Instructor in Expression Lillian Elizabeth Conradi, A.B. Instructor in Expression Ruth Marie Rogers, Ph.B. Instructor in Expression Beatrice Beyer Williams Director, School of Art Home Demonstration Work Flavia Gleason State Agent Virginia P. Moore Assistant State Agent Lucy Belle Settle District Agent Ruby McDavid District Agent Louise Carter Specialist in Nutrition and Dairy ISABELLE THURSBY Food and Marketing Specialist Mrs. Ruby G. Richard son Secretary, Extension Department Mrs. Laura A. Richardson Stenographer, Extension Department Mrs. Robert Mickler Mailing and Filing Clerk, Extension Department Home Department Mrs. Sallie Landrum Cawthon, L.L Dean of the College Home Mrs. R. E. Sloan, A.B. Assistant Dean of the College Home 29 FLASTACOWO Miss Mamie Andrews Miss E. H. Denham Mrs. Kate D. Shut Mrs. J. D. Turnbull Mrs. Margaret Saynor Mrs. Hal. H. Curry Assistants in the College Home Ruth Scandrett. A.M. Y. If. C. A. Secretary AnxeYol ' nc, M.D., Dr. P.H. Resident Physician Louise Fain, R.N. Head Nurse in the Infirmary Jeanette McLemore Assistant Nurse in the Infirmary Other Officers of Administration John G. Kellum Treasurer and Business Manager of the College Anna May Tracy Dietitian Jessie McNeill Secretary to President, and Registrar C. G. Parramore Bookkeeper Alice Henderson Secretary to the Business Manager Carrie Williams Cashier Vessie Sanders Stenographer in Registrar ' s Office Ruth T. McIlvaine Manager of Bookstore Ava Taylor Assistant in Bookstore Inez Turner Student Assistant in Bookstore 30 ®tjnt wr bipt in all GUjat treats of mljatHn- mrr ts. Tennyson: The ' Princess. Bonk Sum FLASTACOWO m % 1324: 33 FLASTACOWO Clara Craig Johnson Senior Class Colors: White and Gold Flo Shasta Daisy Clara Craig Johnson, A.B. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA AAA; Classical Club (2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (2, 4 ; Mask and Domino Club (2, 3, 4); Vice-President (3); Neart (3, 4); Spinster Club (2, 3, 4) ; Flambeau Staff (3) ; Large Cabinet oi Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Class President (3, 4) ; Presidents ' Council (3, 4). Senior Class Officers Clara C. Johnson President Florence Pierpont Vice-President Belle Calvert Secretary Clarine Belcher • Treasurer Elsie Jones Athletic Manager 34 Fannie Byro Blackburn TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA A.B. K A; Freshman Commission; Classi- cal Club (i); History and Social Sci- ence Club (2, 3, 4) ; Education Society (3, 4) ; Large Cabinet of V. W. C. A. (3, 4) ; Class Parliamentarian (3, 4) ; Small Cabinet of V. W. C. A. (4); Chairman Student Industrial Commit- tee, Southern Region, Y. W. C. A. (4). Maud Townsend Boyd GENEVA, ALABAMA A.B. Classical Club (3, 4) ; Education So- ciety (4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; President Alabama Club (3). Dorothy Rosalind Briggs ZEPHYRHILLS, FLORIDA A.H. Classical Club (i, 2); History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Educational Societv (3, 4) ; Mask and Domino Club (3)- ' Lillian Brunner MIAMI, FLORIDA A.B. 2 K; Chapel Choir (1, 2, 3, 4) ; His- tory and Social Science Club; Classical Club. Evelyn Hope Cassady TAVARES, FLORIDA A.B. Classical Club (i, 2); History and Social Science Club (2, 3); Education Society ( 3 ) . Anna May Castox MIAMI, FLORIDA A.B. Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (2) ; Tennis Club (3) ; Mask and Domino Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Education Society (4). Helen Hortense Cooper MUSCOGEE, FLORIDA A.B. Fire Chief (4) ; Representative-at- large on Athletic Board (4) ; President of " F " Club (4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; " F " Club, (2, 3, 4); Varsity Baseball Team (2, 3); Class Baseball Team (2, 3); Even Baseball Team (2, 3 ). Catherine Cleveland JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA A.B. II 15 ' I Large Cabinet of V. W. C. A. (4) ; Classical Club (2, 3, 4) ; Edu- cation Society (3) ; History and Social Science Club (2, 4). Cary Ellis PEXSACOLA, FLORIDA A.B. Classical Club (i, 2, 3, 4); History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4) ; Edu- cation Society (3, 4). Dorothy Judsox Decker ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO A.B. X fi; A X A; Classical Club (1, 2, 3) ; History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4) ; Large Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Flambeau Staff (3); Assistant Editor of Flastacown (3) ; Tennis Club (3); House President (4.); Education Sociey (4). Myrtle Lee Givens DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, FLORIDA A.H. History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Classical Club (3, 4). Mildred Game TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA A.H. A A n; 2 A II; Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Education Society (3); History and Social Science Club (2) ; Small Cabinet Y. W. C. A. (3, 4) ; Secretary of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Presidents ' Coun- cil (4). ANTOINETTE ALDIS HELMS ORLANDO, FLORIDA A.B. il A IT; Secretary of Alumnae Asso- ciation (2) ; Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Ethel Henry SAN ' FORD, FLORIDA A.B. K A; Varsity Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) ; President of Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Class President (2) ; Presidents ' Council (2, 4) ; Varsity Baseball (2, 3) ; Cotillion Club (2, 3, 4) ; Classical Club (1, 2) ; Vice-President of Student Government (3) ; Vice-President of the Junior Class; Undergraduate Represen- tative of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; " F " Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Even Basketball Team (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Even Baseball Team (2, 3). Charlotte J elks POMPANO, FLORIDA A.B. AAA; Senior Representative on Stu- dent Government (4) ; Large Cabinet of V. W. C. A. (4) ; Classical Club (3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4.) Thelma Elizabeth Jones TAMPA, FLORIDA A.B. Large Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3, 4); History and Social Science Club (2, 4); Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Education Society (3) ; Glee Club (1, 2). Mary Lee LEMON CITY, FLORIDA A.B. Dramatic Club (2) ; History and So- cial Science Club (3, 4) ; Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Education Society (3). Cathryx B. Loomis TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA A.B. A 9; Classical Club (1, 3, 4) ; Flam- beau Staff (3). Beryl Lovvorn OKEECHOBEE, FLORIDA A.B. A 9; A X A; Classical Club (1,2); History and Social Science Club (2, 3) ; Flambeau Staff (3, 4); Large Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Small Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Blue Ridge Club (4). May Cornelia Matthews HAWTHORNE, FLORIDA A.B. AX A ; Treasurer of Class ( 3 ) ; Busi- ness Manager of Flambeau (3, 4); Classical Club (1, 2, 3); President of History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Board of Managers of Flambeau (4) ; Presidents ' Council (3, 4); Assistant Even Cheer Leader. Daisy Covington Munroe QUINCY, FLORIDA A.B. A A H Minnie Meriwether PENSACOLA, FLORIDA A.B. Classical Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4) ; Edu- cation Club (3, 4). Mary Teresa Murphy JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA A.B. A X A ; Freshman Commission ; Mask and Domino Club Treasurer (2), Presi- dent (4); Class Vice-President (1); Class Secretary (2) ; Classical Club (1, 2); Vice-President of History and Social Science Club (3); Life Saving Corps (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Vice-President (2) ; " F " Club (3, 4) ; Class Basketball Team (2, 3, 4) ; Flambeau Staff (2, 3) ; Flastacowo Staff (3) ; Even Cheer Leader (3, 4); College Cheer Leader (3, 4) ; Neart Club (3, 4) ; Even Bas- ketball Team (4) ; Varsity Basketball Team (4). Nina Elisabeth- McAdam MIAMI, FLORIDA A.B. A fc); i: A II; A X A; Freshman Commission ; Secretary Classical Club (2) ; Glee Club (1, 2) ; Large Cabinet of V. W. C. A. (2) ; Editor-in-Chief of Flastacowo (3); Editor-in-Chief of Flambeau (4) ; Education Society (3) ; History and Social Science Club (4). Mald Bryant McCall WILDWOOD, FLORIDA A.B. Glee Club (i, 2) ; Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club Secretary (4) ; Education Societv (3, 4) ; Large Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. ( 3, 4) ; Class Cabinet (3, 4). Lois MacQueen PALATKA, FLORIDA A.B. 2 K; 2 A H; Freshman Commission; Glee Club (1, 2); History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Education Soci- ety (3); Classical Club (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. Treasurer (2), Vice-President (3), President (4); Presidents ' Coun- cil (4) ; Student Government (4) ; Del- egate to Blue Ridge; Delegate to Y. W. C. A. Industrial Conference. Sallie Nicholson QUINCY, FLORIDA A.B. Classical Club (i, 2); History and Social Science Club (3, 4). Florence Pierpont PENSACOI.A, FLORIDA A.B. K A; Classical Club (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2) ; Large Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (2) ; Secretary of Class (3). Gussie Mae Poer MAYO, FLORIDA Classical Club (i, 2, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Glee Club 1, 2). Gexeva Rickard FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA A.B. Classical Club (1,2); History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Small Cab- inet of V. W. C. A. (4). Ella May Robinson DEERFIF.LD, FLORIDA A.B. History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Education Society (3) ; Classical Club ( 1, 2, 3, 4) . Katherine Smith madison, florida A.H. K A; Chapel Choir (3, 4); History and Social Science Club (3) ; Classical Club (3). Mary Cuthill Tervix DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, FLORIDA A.B. X ; Classical Club (3, 4); Educa- tion Club (3) ; History and Social Sci- ence Club (3, 4). Lou Edgertox Whitfield TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA A.B. X«; 2 A II; Chapel Choir (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club ( 1, 2 ) . Marjorie Williams BRADENTOWN, FLORIDA A.B. i; K; Classical Club, Vice-President (3), President (4); Glee Club (2); Flastacowo Staff (3) ; Presidents ' Council (4) ; History and Social Sci- ence Club (4). Myrtle Bevis BASCOM, 1 ' LORIDA B.S. History anil Social Science Club (4) ; Classical Club (i, 2) . Miriam Connor INVERNESS, FLORIDA B.S. IT B i ; Fire Captain i 3. 4 ; Class Basketball Team 1 3, 4.: Class Base- ball Team 3 ) ; Even Baseball Team ( 3 ) ; Tennis Class Champion 13): win- ner of Double ' s Cup (3: ; Girl Scouts j, 4) ; Large Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. 3, 4) ; Life Saving Corps • 3, 4) : Sec- retary and Treasurer of Pan-Hellenic Association. Winifred Lively tallahassee, florida B.S. A A II ; Freshman Commission; His torv and Social Science Club ; . Emily Louise Lucas TAMPA, FLORIDA B.S. X ; " F " Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Spinster Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3, 4) ; Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Mask and Domino Club (4) ; President Tampa Club (3); Class Baseball Team (3); Flambeau Staff (4). Florence Matthews STARKE, FLORIDA B.S. A A II; Chapel Choir (2); Glee Club (1, 2, 3) ; History and Social Sci- ence Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (4). Kathleen Mohr LAKELAND, FLORIDA B.S. A X A; Large Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (2, 3) ; Small Cabinet (3) ; Flasta- eowo Staff (3); History and Social Science Club (2, 4) ; Education Society (3) ; Mask and Domino Club (4) ; Blue Ridge Club (3, 4.) Joe Anna Morris GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA B.S. A X A ; Freshman Commission ; Even Baseball Team (1) ; Large Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (2) ; Flastacowo Staff (2, 3) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Flambeau Staff (2). Mabel Eugenia Murphey MIAMI, FLORIDA B.S. 2 K; History and Social Science Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Dramatic Club (1 ) ; Classical Club (3); Vice-President of Class (2) ; Secretary of V. W. C. A. (3) ; Small Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3, 4) ; Delegate to Student Government Convention (3) ; Delegate to Blue Ridge (3) ; President of Student Gov- ernment (4) ; Presidents ' Council. Edna Jefferson McCubbins JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA B.S. President of Art Club (4) ; History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4) ; Edu- cation Club (2, 3, 4). ■■■■■■■■■I J.U DIE PAULK TIFTON " , GEORGIA B.S. History and Social Science Education Society (3, 4); AAA Club (4) Mask and Domino Club Emily Xvce Rahnf.r ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA B.S. X fi; Flastacowo Staff (3); History and Social Science Club (4) ; Athletic Manager, Junior Normal Class fi); Education Club (4). Barbara M. Rebo DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA B.S. ASA; History and Social Science Club (3); Education Society (4). Theodora Marie Thompson AVON PARK, FLORIDA B.S. A ft; 2 A II; History and Social Sci- ence Club (2, 4) ; Education Society (3, 4) ; Classical Club (4) ; Class Baseball Team (1, 2, 3); Student Government (4). Mary B. Trevor KEY WEST, FLORIDA B.S. A 9; Classical Club (i); History and Social Science Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Education Society (3). Ella Margaret Williams JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA B.S. X 12; Historv and Social Science Club (1, 2, 3, 4) " ; Cotillion Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; President of Class (1) ; Vice- President of Class (2) ; Basketball Var- sity (1, 2, 3) ; Even Basketball Team (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Class Basketball Team (1, 2, 3. 4)- May E. Wixfield O ' BRIEN, FLORIDA B.S. History and Social Science Club 4 I ; Education Society (3, 4). Alice Alburv TAMPA, FLORIDA B.S. IN Ed. II 15 ! ' ; Dramatic Club (1, 2) ; His- torv and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4) ; Large Cabinet of V. W. C. A. (3); Small Cabinet (4) ; Education Societv (3, 4) ; Blue Ridge Club (4). Evelyn Brooks Bird MONTICELLO, FLORIDA B.S. iv Ed. A A II; Freshman Commission; Life Saving Corps ( i, 2, 3, 4) ; Class Base- hall Team (1, 2, 3); Even Baseball Team (1, 2) ; Education Society (3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4 1 ; Student Government (2, 4). Vivian Grace Allen t LAKE CITY, FLORIDA B.S. in Ed. Education Club (4). Mary Antoinette Budd LEESBURG, FLORIDA B.S. in Ed. Glee Club (i) ; Education Society (3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4) ; Dramatic Club (4). May Carroll MON ' TICELLO, FLORIDA B.S. IN Ed! X S2 ; History and Social Science (3, 4) ; Education Club (3, 4) ; Class Treasurer ( 1 ) ; Large Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (2) ; Classical Club (4). May Reynolds Fellows COTTON-DALE, FLORIDA B.S. in- Ed. 2 2 2; Education Society (3, 4); History and Social Science Cluh (3, 4) ; Freshman Commission. In a Feltox MAYO, FLORIDA B.S. in Ed. — K; Education Society (3, 4) ; Presi- dent Education Society (4) ; Classical Club (1); Historv and Social Science Club. Ruth Haley MARION, ALABAMA B.S. IN ED. AAA; History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Education Society (3, 4) ; Life Saving Corps (3, 4). Elsie G. Jones PENSACOLA, FLORIDA B.S. in Ed. Education Club (3,4) ; Classical Club (1, 2, 3) ; Class Basketball Team (2, 3, 4) ; Even Basketball Team (2, 4) ; Mask and Domino Club (2); Varsity Basketball Team (2); Life Saving Corps (2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Sci- ence Club (2, 3, 4) ; " F " Club (2, 3, 4) ; Class Athletic Manager (3, 4). Helen Hill Jones LAKELAND, FLORIDA B.S. IN ED. IT B $; President of Junior Normal Class (i) ; Secretary of Senior Normal Class (2) ; History and Social Science Club ( + ) ; Education Society (4) ; Large Cabinet of Y. W C. A. (1, 2). Lily Morgan B.S. in- Ed. Martha E. Nelson TAMPA, FLORIDA B.S. in- Ed. X 12; History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Education Society (3, 4) ; Mask and Domino Club (3) ; Spinsters Club (1. 2, 3, 4). Annie Rooney OCALA, FLORIDA B.S. IN Ed. 2 2 2; Education Society (2, 4) ; Vice-President of Junior Normal Class (1); Student Government (2); Flam- beau Board of Managers (2) ; Vice- President Educational Service Club (2) ; History and Social Science Club (4) ; Mask and Domino Club (i, 2). Ina Simmons DEFUMAK SPRINGS, FLORIDA B.S. in Ed. 2 2 2; Athletic Manager of Class (i, 2) ; Student Government (2, 3) ; Class Basketball Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Even Basketball Team (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Basketball Team (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Even Baseball Team (1, 2, 3) ; Educa- tion Society (3, 4) ; Classical Club (4) ; History and Socia l Science Club (3, 4) ; " F " Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Com- mission; Presidents ' Council (4); Ath- letic Association, Vice-President (3), President (4). Celia Anne Herron St. John MIAMI, FLORIDA B.S. in- Ed. X V.; Flastacowo Staff (3); Large Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Classical Club (2, 3) ; History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4) ; Education Club (4) ; Flambeau Staff (4). Matty Elba Stanford KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA B.S. IN Ed. History and Social Science Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Dra- matic Club (3, 4). Clarine Belcher LARGO, FLORIDA B.S. in H.E. O N ; Secretary of the Education So- ciety (3) ; Class Treasurer (4) ; Large Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Student Government Executive Committee (4). Lela Belle Calvert PLANT CITY, FLORIDA B.S. in H.E. History and Social Science Club (i, 4) ; Home Economics Club (3, 4) ; Large Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Class Secretary (4) ; Student Govern- ment (4). Lillian E. Carlsont TAMPA, FLORIDA B.S. in H.E. History and Social Scence Club (4) ; Education Society (4) ; Home Eco- nomics Club (3, 4). Gladys Mae: Gregory WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA B.S. in H.E. Large Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Home Economics Club (3, 4) ; Educa- tion Club (4) ; History and Social Sci- ence Club (4). Mary Frances Irwin FAIRBANKS, FLORIDA B.S. in H.E. Education Society (4) ; History and Social Science Club (4) ; Home Eco- nomics Club (3, 4) ; Flambeau Staff, (4)- Georgia King Jackson CLEARWATER, FLORIDA B.S. IN H.E. Class Baseball Team (i, 2, 3) ; Class Cabinet (3) ; Home Economics Club (2), President (4) ; Flambeau Staff (4) ; History and Social Science Club (4); Education Society (4). Mary Florence Merrin PLANT CITY, FLORIDA B.S. in H.E. Home Economics Club (3, 4) ; Edu- cation Society (4). Mary Owen Murfee PRATTVILLE, ALABAMA B.S. IN " H.E. K A; Education Society (3) ; Home Economics Club (3, 4) ; Large Cabinet of V. W. C. A. (3, 4) ; Small Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4). Annie Belle Odom MUNSON, FLORIDA B.S. in H.E. Education Societv (2) ; Girl Scouts (i, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1) ; Baseball Varsitv (2, 3); Secretary and Treas- urer of " F " Club (4) ; " F " Club (2, 3, 4) ; Home Economics Club (3, 4). Alma Dell Priest ANTHONY, FLORIDA B.S. IN H.E. Tennis Club (2) ; Education Society (2); Home Economics Club (3, 4); History and Social Science Club (3) ; Mask and Domino Club (3). Charlotte Sanger MINNEOLA, FLORIDA B.S. in H.E. Home Economics Club (3, 4) ; Edu- cation Society (4) ; History and Social Science Club (4). ■ ■■J- -■■■■■ - »■ « «_ i A W MB !- » %§ : }9 ' - HI § FLASTACOWO 74 FLASTACOWO 75 FLASTACOWO Junior Class Lucile Sumner, President TAMPA, FLORIDA Ada Louise Simpson. Vice-President KISSIMMF.E, FLORIDA Gladys Adams TAMPA, FLORIDA Elizabeth Aiken PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Mona Alderman STARKE, FLORIDA 76 FLASTACOWO Junior Class Anna Jane Anderson TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Aline Anson PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Lucy Anson PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Annelle Ball TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Eloise Bartoo POMO.VA, FLORIDA w 77 FLASTACOWO Junior Cla ss Elizabeth Bass st. augustine , florida Lorraine Boylen ORLANDO, FLORIDA Vera Brendla MIAMI, FLORIDA Kathleen Brown MIAMI, FLORIDA Henrietta Bryan MONTICELLO, FLORIDA 78 FLASTACOWO m Junior Class Lois Brvsont CLERMONT, FLORIDA Pauline Burright BARTOW, FLORIDA Margi erite Capo ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA Ruth Ch aires OLD TO VN T , FLORIDA Irene Chambers JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA 79 FLASTACOWO Junior Class Lois Curry HRADRKTOWN, 1 1.0RIDA Joanna Curtis JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Norma Davis MIAMf, FLOKIDA Jo Anna Dew ALACHUA, FLORIDA Mary Louise Dickenson TAMPA, FLORIDA 80 FLASTACOWO Junior Class Meredith DuPuis ORLANDO, FLORIDA Rhoda Fraleigh MADISON 1 , FLORIDA Elizabeth Gerald TAMPA, FLORIDA Adelma Giles ORLANDO, FLORIDA Polly Gillette JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA r uilfWll t 81 FLASTACOWO |tt Junior Class L g M% sZ Augusta Glen CHIPLEY, FLORIDA Clare Goertz SANFORD, FLORIDA Eunice Grady TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Nell Gregory QUINCY, FLORIDA Isabelle Gwynn TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA 82 FLASTACOWO Junior Class Beth Hammargren GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA Aixslie Harris LEESBURG, FLORIDA Helen Hill PALMETTO, FLORIDA Esther Hodsdon MIAMI, FLORIDA Phyllis Holden FORT MEADE, FLORIDA Elizabeth Horne OCALA, FLORIDA 83 FLASTACOWO Junior Class .V Virginia Howze PALMETTO, FLORIDA Lalla Hoy YUKON, FLORIDA Cora Mae Hunter JASPER, FLORIDA Helen Hyers WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA Helen Ives ORLANDO, FLORIDA Helen Jackson jacksonville, florida 84 FLASTACOWO Junior Class Henrietta Johnson TAMPA, FLORIDA Myrtle Johnson COCOA, FLORIDA Gladys Jordon TAMPA, FLORIDA Winifred Kennard TAMPA, FLORIDA Nellie Lewis TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Mabel Lytle STANTON, FLORIDA 85 FLASTACOWO Junior Class x ' f , Frances Mahoney PLANT CITV, FLORIDA Mary Lee Mathews PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Edith McMakin ORLANDO, FLORIDA Roberta Mickler tampa, florida Marie Miller defuniak springs, florida ROZALE MlLLINOR MADISON, FLORIDA " " ' tS SSSsT liSi 86 FLASTACOWO m Junior Class HORTEXSE MlNTZ TAMPA, FLORIDA Lois IMoser HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA Evelyn Mudge FELLSMERE, FLORIDA Molly O ' Donald JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Lois Overstreet KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA Helen Parkhill TAMPA, FLORIDA -» . s 37 FLASTACOWO Junior Class Helen Pinaire LAKE HAMILTON, FLORIDA Thelma Phillips PROVINCETOWN, MASSACHUSETTS Dorothy Price PORT ORANGE, FLORIDA Lucile Reece TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Jamie Reese PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Bessie Richardson TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA FLASTACOWO Junior Class Verlie Robinson MILTON, FLORIDA Harriett Rouse VALDOSTA, GEORGIA Omie Scarborough LAKE BUTLER, FLORIDA Minnie Skipper LAKELAND, FLORIDA Thelma Smith JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Mary Stallings TAMPA, FLORIDA $? 3 9 FLASTACOWO Junior CI ass Berla Sutton DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, FLORIDA Eleanor Thomas FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA Christine Tomkies GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA Inez Turner PERRY, FLORIDA Gladys Vaughn PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Margaret Vaughn defuniak springs, florida 90 FLASTACOWO Junior Class Louisa Verri TAMPA, FLORIDA Carolyn Walker KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA Mary Walker ORLANDO, FLORIDA Lyda Walton PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Wilma Watson gainesville, florida Evelyn Weller OCELLAj GEORGIA • M fm s 91 FLASTACOWO Junior CI ass Clara Wendell ORLANDO, FLORIDA Dorothy West TAMPA, FLORIDA Carol Whitney ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA Annie Flagg Wilder TAMPA, FLORIDA Sara Willcoxon ARCADIA, FLORIDA 92 FLASTACOWO Junior Class Edith Yelverton PALATKA, FLORIDA Nelle Buchanan TAMPA, FLORIDA Caroline Dancy JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Mary Lane ORLANDO, FLORIDA Clara McCaskill PEXSACOLA, FLORIDA • uii 93 FLASTACOWO JUNIOR-FRESHMAN WEDDING 94 FLASTACOWO gOPfiOtoORfl 95 FLASTACOWO Sophomore Class Officers Martha Page President Edith Pullen Vice-President Florine Lewis Secretary Honor Glover Treasurer Myra Burr .... Athletic Manager 96 FLASTACOWO 97 FLASTACOWO 9 s sg 5$ J FLASTACOWO r 99 FLASTACOWO 3 IOO IP 3£ FLASTACOWO IOI FLASTACOWO 102 FLASTACOWO 103 FLASTACOWO u 104 FLASTACOWO ios FLASTACOWO % % 106 g s , = FLASTACOWO FRESHMEN 107 FLASTACOWO m % Freshman Class Officers Mary Lou Perkins President Anna McKay Vice-President Sue Alderman Secretary Mildred Bruce Treasurer Jo Coarsey Parliamentarian Pearl Hentz Ithletic Manager 10S FLASTACOWO 109 FLASTACOWO S % no SIjp matfona rant?. QJljnj talkr , tliry aang, — Tennyson: The ' Princess. Monk (Eljm FLASTACOWO ii FLASTACOWO Presidents Council Mabel Murphey President of Student Government Lois MacQueen President of Y. W ' . C. A. Ethel Henry .... Undergraduate Representative of Y. If. C. A. Nina McAdam Editor-in-Chief of Flambeau Norma Davis Editor-in-Chief of Flastacoivo Ina Simmons President of Athletic Association May Matthews .... President of History and Social Science Club Ina Felton President of Education Society Marjorie Williams President of Classical Club Mildred Game President of Sigma Delta Pi CLARA Johnson President of Senior Class LuciLE Sumner President of Junior Class Martha Pace President of Sohhomore Class Mary Lou Perkins President of Freshman Class IIortense Cooper Fire Chief " + FLASTACOWO " 5 FLASTACOWO Executive Committee of Student Government Mabel MuRPHEY President Gladys Jordan Vice-President Crystal Holmes . Secretary Ava LEATHERMAN Treasurer Lois MacQueen President of Y. ' . C. A. House Presidents Dorothy Decker Evelyn Bird Bryan Hall Reynolds Hall Clarine Belcher Theodore Thompson Broward Hall Elizabeth Hall Belle Calvert Jennie Murphrrr Hall Class Representatives Charlotte J elks Mona Alderman Senior Class Junior Class Ida Holmes Sophomore Class 116 g FLASTACOWO 117 FLASTACOWO Y. W. C. A. " Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts. " Miss Ruth Scandrett, General Secretary Officers Lois MacQueen President Ethel Henry Undergraduate Representative Elizabeth Aiken Vice-President Mildred Game Secretary Beryl Lovvorn Treasurer Honorary Members Mabel Murphey President of Student Government Jeanne King Chairman of Y. W. Commission Ida Holmes Chairman of Freshman Commission Departments Membership Elizabeth Aiken Aline Anson Adelma Giles Annelle Ball Finance Fannie Blackburn Helen Hyers Dorothy Lee World Membership Alice Albury Bertha Harrington Gladys Jordan Clara Crone Social Ada Louise Simpson Elizabeth Bass Thelma Jones Clarine Belcher Maude McCall Religious Education Helen Jackson Catherine Cleveland Harriet Rouse Charlotte Jelks Publicity Geneva Richard Lois Curry Gussie Glenn Social Service Mary Owen Murfee Mable Lytle Miriam Connor Belle Calvert 118 FLASTACOWO 119 FLASTACOWO F. C. of Student Government Officers Ida Holmes ' . . Chairman Elizabeth Cockrell Treasurer Sarah Sligh Secretary Members Doris Lemp Elizabeth Byrd Edith Pullen Jeanne King Honor Glover Emily Sanderson 1 Luckie Shore Crystal Holmes Eleanor Shepherd Mildred Brantly Ava Leatherman Lucv Lang Marian Waikins Virginia Yowell Gracie Flournov Virginia Branscomb Alma Evans m FLASTACOWO 121 FLASTACOWO Y. W. C. A. Commission Jeanne King Florine Lewis . . . Ida Holmes . Officers Chairman Secretary . Freshman Commission Chairman Members Myra Burr Gladys Bennet Julia Dilzer Edith Edwards Agnes Futch Ruth Jelks Martha Page Mary Cornelia Saunders Lillian Brawner 122 FLASTACOWO 123 FLASTACOWO Flambeau Staff Nina McAdam Editor-in-Chief Carol Whitney Assistant Editor May Matthews Business Manager Elizabeth Bass Assistant Business Manager Cama Owens Exchange Editor Celia St. John Athletic Editor Emily Lucas Athletic Reporter Beryl Loworn Y. W. C. A. Editor Cathryn Loomis Front Page Editor Kathleen Mohr Society Editor Christine Mills Flickers Editor Lula Collins Front Page Reporter Nancy Hoyt Society Reporter Helen Ives Campus Circulation Thelma Smith Assistant Campus Circulation Erancis Irvin City Circulation Georgia Jackson Assistant City Circulation Board of Managers May Matthews Senior Helen Hyers Junior Virginia Yowell So film more i 4 FLASTACOWO 12 = FLASTACOWO Flastacowo Staff Norma Davis Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Boylen Business Manager Ada Louise Simpson Assistant Editor Lois Curry Literary Editor Mable Lytle Athletic Editor Louisa Verri Advertising Editor Helen Ives Assistant Advertising Editor Dorothy West Art Editor Marguerite Capo Assistant Art Editor Carol Whitney Picture Editor 126 FLASTACOWO 127 FLASTACOWO % mr -A 7 v ■te @ » 1 1 ■? " 10.3H rH JJ ( S a FLASTACOWO m 2£S 129 FLASTACOWO Classical Club Members Adams, Mary Louise Aiken, Elizabeth Ames, Helen Alderman, Sue Anderson, Catherine Anson, Aline Arthur, Annette Avant, Olivia Baker, Helen Ball, Annelle Bass, Elizabeth Barnes, Olivia Bartoo, Eloise Barber, Adeline Barber, Lucy Bellah, Maybelle Bellew, Gladys Bettes, Catherine Bennet, Gladys Benedict, Sarah Bird, Isabelle Bishop, Louise bouchelle, zelia Boyd, Catherine Boyd, Maude Bragunier, Teresa Brown, Kathleen Brown, Ivelyn Bruce, Mildred Bryant, Eleanor Buck, Louise Bunch, Louise Buchanan, Nell Bunting, Dorothy Burdett, Susan Brantly, Mildred Calhoun, Eva Capo, Marguerite Caston, Anna May Carn, Lois Cartmel, Elizabeth Carlton, Ara Candee, Beatrice Canaday, Audrey Chambers, Irene Chaires, Ruth Cleveland, Catherine Coarsey, Jo Coffey, Margaret Crosby, Winnie Curry, Agnes Curry, Lois Coley, Alice Davis, Norma Davis, Eloise Dell, Thelma Dehon, Jess Dempsey, Alice Denning, Dorothy Depass, Anna Dilzer, Julia Dozier, Cornelia Du Ppee, Florida Dunn, Marion Dutton, Helen Daniels, Lucile Edwards, Edith Ellis, Hazel Evans, Alma Fair, Mary Ruth Farr, Zena Ferris, Aurie Ferlita, Lillie Feagin, Bessie Feagin, Nettie Ford, Gary Fraser, Lillie Futch, Opal Flynn, Sybal Game, Mildred Garner, Hazel Giles, Adelma Givens, Myrtle Gray, Maybelle Gwynn, Isabelle Gwynn, Mary Herber Haile, Marie Harvey, Florence Harris, Mildred Harris, Alethia Helms, Aldis Herbert, Helen Henderson, Louise Henson, Margaret Hoi.den, Phyllis Holden, Lillian Horne, Elizabeth Howard, Edith Hoyt, Nancy Huffstetler, Juanita Jackson, Florence Jackson, Helen Jelks, Charlotte Jelks, Ruth Jernigan, Pauline Johnson, Clara Johnson, Ethel Jones, Hazel Jones, Thelma Jordan, Elizabeth Kellerman, Wilhelm Keck, Evelyn King, Jeanne Knowles, Mary Lamb, Natalie Lasley, Margaret Lawrence, Sarah Lee, Mary Lee, Winifred Lughton, Margaret Lett, Bessie Lewis, Virginia Lively, Charlotte Long, Lillian Loomis, Cathryn Luck, Evelyn Lynch, Helen Lutz, Margaret Madson, Elva Mahoney, Elizabeth Mathis, Julia McCall, Maud McAdam, Nina McMiller, Lucy McGeachy, Vera McKinnon, Ann Meriwether, Minnie Mickler, Roberta Mii.linor, Rozalie Millinor, Eunice Mills, Bessie t Miller, Helen Munroe, Daisy Munroe, Margaret Murrel, Naomi Neel, Martha O ' Brien, Oraleze O ' Donald, Molly O ' Neal, Bell Orma, Lillian Parkhill, Helen Parkham, Janice Parks, Annette Pike, Vernon Pender, Edith Peterson, Kathe Pickren, Pansy Poer, Gussie Mae Pratt, Allene Price, Doroihy Prime, Katherine Pringle, Mary purdom, marcella Price, Mildred Randolph, E. Clark Ray, Catherine ina Reece, Jamie Richard, Katherine Roy, Sallie Robinson, Ella Mae Robinson, Grace Rollins, Maurine Russ, Pearl Sanford, Elizabeth Sanderson, Emily Saunders, Mary Saunders, Esther Shepherd, Anna Shriner, Florence Simmons, Ina Scarborough, Omie Scott, Elizabeth Simms, Audrey Stewart, Luna Steed, India Storrs, Iris Sparks, Mary Stenstrom, Anna Lee Stetz, Catherine Strong, Winifred Sussion, Aline Summers, Vera Swinson, Ruth Sundy, Catherine Sutton, Mary Sutton, Helen Sutton, Beknice Tervin, Lucile Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson, Theodora Townsend, Alberta Tower, Mary Traxler, Eva Tuttle, Eugenia tureman, myrtis Turner, Martha Typon, Willie Kate Warner, Miriam Walker, Sara Walker, Francis Watson, Wilma Whitfield, Mary Whitfield, Lou Weedon, Mary Wefing, Dorothy Wilson, Selina Wethington, Louisa Williams, Margery Williams, Marion Wilhelm, Rena Whitney, Carol Wynn, Harriet Yowell, Virginia 130 B FLASTACOWO i?i m FLASTACOWO History and Social Science Club A clams, Gladys Ai ken, Elizabeth Albury, Ala e Alderman, Mona Allen. Vivian ndrick, .Tuanita Anglin, Virginia Anson. Aline A nderson, Ca1 herine A nderson. An iia Avant, ilivia i i.i nasio, Carmela Ames, Helen Arthur, Annette Bueksbaum, Teresa Bowdoin, Lima Baker, Helen Baily, Bernice Barber, Lucy I ;:i i ber, Adeline Barnes, Olivia Bull, Annelle Barcus, Marguerite Belcher, ' In fine Bellew, Gladys B A-is, Myrtle Berry, Annie Bellah, Ma.ybelle Benedict, Sarah Bennel, Glad; Bettes, Catherine Bird, rsabelle Bird. Evelyn Byre], Elizabeth Biddle, L ma Bishop, Louise Blackburn. Fannie Boyd, Catherine Boyd, Maude Bouchelle, Zelia Boylen. Lorraine Brantly, Mildred I Srendla. Vi ra Brown, Kathleen Brown, Ivelyn Bruce, Mildred Bryant, Eleanor Brownlee, Liza I sriptRS, 1 lorot h Bra ' gunier, Teresa Bra.nscomb, Virginia Budges. Kathleen Buchannan. Frances i:nck. Louise Burdette, Susan Burr, My m Bunting, Dorothy Buchanan. Nell Bunch, Kathleen Buford. Martha Buright. Pauline Budd, Mary Oannad: V-udn Carter. Sallie Caston, Anna May Carlton, Ara Carlson, Lillian Calkins. Leone Calvert, B lie Carter, Roberta Cartmell, Elizabeth I ' assinly, Evel] n Calkins. Nellie Chaires, Ruth Chambers, Irene Chambliss, Nadine i Ihiles, Bessie c :ha i • 1 1 1 : i ii, i hen Close. YiOla Clayton. Mary Cleckley, Kathleen Cockrell, Elizabeth Cl.Vatt. Helen Collins, Lillian Connor, Miriam ' obi t te. Olivia i ' el ' y, A lice i opi r, Hortense Curtis. Joanna Critt enden, Lucy Crone, Clara ( ' ha uncy, Lunnie ( ' levela ml. i ' at herine ' oa rsey, .1 o Crosby, Winnie Curry, Agnes ' olson, i lornelia I la vis, Hloise 1 la Vis, Sa r:i 1 ' a my, i Caroline 1 la niels. Lucile 1 lempsi y, A lice Decker, Dorothy 1 lenning, Dorot hy Hell, Tlielma Hew. Joanna I le I ' ass, Anna I (e Hon, Jess I ii l o, ' , Julia I lodd, Mary Doty. Fleta I nit Ion, .1 u ' ii Du Bnse. Anna Dunn, Marion Du Pais. Meredith Douthijt, ' I ' ln-1 ma East i m, i ' arrie Kills, ( lary FHis. Hazel Edwards, Edith Ft vans A ma Fair, Mary Ruth Fari, Lira Fender. Essie Eeagin. Nettie Feagin, Bessie F ' ynn, Sybil Fletcher. Bettj Ford, Gary Free, Vivian Frazier, Kn 1 herine Frazier, T i 1 y Futoh. - 10 s Fraleigh. Girlie Fntch, Edith Futch, Opal Ferlito, Lillie G al p i n, Rose Gamp. Miiili ' ed ia riior. I I a- , " l Gates, Evelyn Gainer, Ethel Gerald, Elizabeth Onion, Myrtle Gil Me. Polly Gill, Frances 1 1 1 ' a. Virginia Gregory, Gladys Graham. Florence 1 Iray, Maybelle Graipson, Louise Glenn, Gussie Good bri ad, Lassie Gosset. .In Gynn, [sabelle Goi n ' ' Clare Gwynn, Mary Home, Elizabeth Hopper. Minln Hamilton. Marie Haley, Ruth Harvey, Miriam Harris. Ainslie Harris, Mildred Members Hall, Elsie Hale, Marie H e n s o n , M a r ga r 1 1 Henry, Sue Henry, Florence Head. Grace 1 1 eat z. Pea 1 1 I 1 enderson, Louise Holden, Phyllis Holilen, Winni I ' red ii Virginia Hoy, Lalla Hoyt, Nancy Howard, Edith I I nine, Willie Mae Huit, Mary Leah I In ffstul ' er, Jnanil a 1 i ers, Helen Hol.len, Lillian Hill, Catherine Irwin, Frances Jackson, Florence Jackson, Helen Jackson, Georgia Jelks, Ruth .ion, ' :. ' , Elsie Johnson, Henrietta Johnson, Ethel Johnson. Myrtle Johnson, C ' a rn .Tones, Thelma .tones, Hazel .1 as. Helen Hill Jordan, Gladys Jordan, Elizabeth Jelks, Charlotte Kelly, Hazel Kerr, Margaret Keck. Evelyn Kellornia.il. Billie Kelly, Pauline na ril. " Winn if roil King. Jeanne Kiser, Ella Lamb, Natalie Layton, Margaret Lawrence Sarah l.as ' . ' i ' , Margarel Lang, Lucy 1 .a cy, I lornl hy Livingston, Esther Lewis, Virginia Pel 1 , Bessie Lee, Catherine Lee, Mary Li e ' y, Caroline I a nils ley. Minnie Logan. Nila Loomis. Catherine Lovvorn, Beryl Long. Lillian Pack. l ' ] ' el. n Lucas, Emily Lutz, Ma i •■■- " i a 1 Lytle, Mabel Pee, Winnifred Pee. Winnie Lipscomb. Louise Pi wis, Flori ie Lewryi [sabelle MacQueen, Lois Mai his, Julia Ma 1 hews, Mary Lee Mathews, Ma; Mathews, Florence Mahoney, Elizabeth Mastalio. Domonico McCall, Maude McCaskill, Clara ,Mei ' riiley, M inn io McGeachy, Vera Mil loiiahl, Leona HcKiiiin ' in. Annie MeCollnni. Edith Mei ' n ' bins, Edna Merri wet her, Minnie Meldrin, Vera Mickler. Roberta Mintz, Hortense Miller, Iris Milliner, Eunice Millinor, Rozalie Mills. Penolop AC " lull Margaret Moser. Lois de Montmollin, H. Morse, Aloe Moore Allene Mori is, .loo A una Monroe, Daisy McMillen, Lucy Minim- Evelyn Mussel whil e. .1 ulia Muriel), Wanona Murrell, Naomi Murphey, Mable Mohr, Kathleen McAuley, Minnie Miller, Bessie Miller, Dorothy McAdam, Nina Nicholson, Sal lie Nnles, Mary ( Hive, Ollie May O ' Donald, Molly Orhms, Lillian O ' Neal, Belle Overstreet, Lois 1 ' Prion, Oraleze I ' imler. Elizabeth Paul, Daisy Payne, Alva Parkham. Janice Pa rranini ' e, Louise Peterson, Kathe I ' m, dor, Edith Pert. Catherine Pike. Vernon Pickrin, Pansy 1 ' i na i re, I lelen Philips, Thelma Prime, [Catherine Pratt. Allene Priest, Alma Preisler, Frankie Preister. ilga 1 ' an e .Al ildred Purdon, Marcelle Poer, Gussie Mae Pringle, Mary palmer, Emily Raines. Audry Ray, [Catherine Randolph, Elizabeth Randolph, K, Clark I : a msey, Mi rg em Richa ad. Catherine Richari Ison, Bessie Rebo, B irbara Rei ise, .lam ie Rickard, Genei a Robinson, lalla May I tobinson, 1 Ira ce Rooney, Annie R03 s, Sallie Rogers, Espage Rollins. Maurine Puss. Pearl Runyan, Clarine Pussel, Viola 1, ' eeee, I UC ' ile Rigs II. Lois Sa u n 6 ers mi . Em i I y Saunders, Ma rj ' . Sanderson, Jane Sa nders, Esther Sanford, Elizabeth Sanger, Charlotte Si an lie 01s, Ma ll ' le Sale. Pl ' sha liel le Seott. Elizabeth Sea [ ' borough, Omie Schornherst, Ruth Slirincr, Ruth Sheppard, Eleanor Shore, Luekie Smith. Edna Smith, Esther Smith, Elsie Sparks, Mary Sperring, Iris si rickland, Irene Stanford, Mattie Stenst ram, Annaiec Stewart, Luna Storrs, 1 ris Strong, Winni fred Stallings, Mary st range, Ma rgaret Bteffee, Anna Belle Steed, India Sutton, Thelma Sutton. Mary Helen Sumner. Lucile Summers, Vera st. John, Celia Sundy, 1 ' a therine Simmons, Ina Swin son. Ruth Singletary, Ethel Terwin, Mary ( ' . Thompson, Theodora Thompson, Elizabeth Townsend, Alberta Tower, Mary Trevor, Mary Ti " 1 . ler, Eva Tyler, Karlie Turner, Martha T. son, WiilieKate Underhill, Lela Vaughn, Gladys Va ugh n. M arga ret illow, Ruth Vim Ness, Jane en j, Louisa Watkins, Marian Walker, Mary Walker, Sara Walker, Caroline a I urn, Lyda Walker, Frances W ells. Helen Wethington, Louise Wefing, Dorothy Wendel, ( ' lara Wei ' don. Mary Winter, Alice Williams. Marjorie Wilcoxen, Sara Wilhelm, Rena Williams, Ella Mae Wing. Margaret Wilson, Selina Whit ei ' uile. Marjorie Wharton, Frankie Wheelis, Sarah Williams, Ella M. Whit field, .Mary C. Wood, Marion Wynn, Harriet Williams. Maron Watts. Violet 1 ' ' h ml on, Edit h Vow ' ell. Virginia Zetrower, Eula FLASTACOWO 133 FLASTACOWO Education Society Officers Ina Felton President Helen Claire Renner rice-President Gladys Vaughn Secretary Eula Zetrouer Treasurer Mvr.v Burr Reporter Its Purpose The Education Society is composed of those members of the student body who are preparing themselves for teaching. These students include those majoring in education and taking teacher-training courses, and those taking enough education courses to entitle them to a teacher ' s certificate. The purpose of this club is to instill in the girls the high purposes teachers should have in their profession and to bring before them the modern conception of just what good teaching consists. Meetings of the large body of future teachers accomplishes the former and noted lec- turers and educators make possible the latter. i34 FLASTACOWO % s % 135 FLASTACOWO m % Mask and Do mmo Club Aline Anson Lucy Anson Alice Albury Kaiherine Anderson Elizabeth Bass Mildred Brantley Adeline Barber Lucy Barker Mildred Bruce Lois Bryson Henrietta Bryan Members Eleanor Bryant Myra Burr Susan Burdett Dorothy Bunting Vera Brendla Agnes Curry Anna May Caston Winnie Crosby Miriam Connor Marjorie Coon- Winifred Kennard Mary Knowles Nellie Lewis Myrtle Bevis Irene Chambers Sara Laurence Vesta Lee Annette Liddon Teresa Murphy May Matthews Vera Meldrin Roberta Mickler Kathleen Mohr Maud McCall AiNSLrE Harris Oralvze O ' Brien Gladys Peacock Mary Lou Perkins Julia Dilzer Sara Davis Gary Ford Olivia Futch Adelma Giles Elizabeth Gerald Ethel Gainer Yvonne Goolsby Beth Hammergren Catherine Hill Helen Hill Grace Head Nancy Hovt Clara Johnson Georgia Jackson Dorothy Jones Elizabeth Randolph I ucile Reece Mary Cornelia Saunders Elizabeth Scott Vera Summers Catherine Sundy Anne Sessoms Mattie Stanford Rushabel Sale Elizabeth Thompson Martha Turner Clara Wendel Marjorie Whiteside 136 FLASTACOWO z z X o C 5 X u w X H 137 FLASTACOWO m I! V. V. Club Colors: Black and White Flower: Black Narcissus Motto: " Dig, Sisters, Dig: " Lucile Reece Presiding V. ' . Beth Hammergren " Gold Digger " Rushabelle Sale " Keeper of Date Book " " V. V. ' s " Isabelle Lowry Louise Parramore Peggy Brunson Sister Smith Christine Mills Gladys Gardner Marie McKean Opal Eubanks Jess Dehon Caroline Walker Lucy Barber Annalfe Avery 138 FLASTACOWO % 139 FLASTACOWO Cotillion Club Officers Ethel Henry President Jamie Reese Vice-President Elizabeth Aiken Secretary Elizabeth Gerald Treasurer Members Ethel Henry Elizabeth Gerald Louisa Verri Kathleen Cleckly Margaret Wing Irene Chambers Ella Williams Florine Lewis Jamie Reese Elizabeth Aiken 140 FLASTACOWO mu$v§ iQ)(f C@fffSf@l€Cl o is= ' o O — • o — o Itow Intel Ta?iC|°IF(9i? iAo_ ,9, (iila jU n I 4 ' FLASTACOWO Spinsters Colors: Red and Yellow Catch a Fellow Floioer: Bachelor Button Officers Emily Lucas . Chief Old Maid Nancy Hoyt Scribe Emily Lucas Nancy Hoyt Members Clara Johnson Kathryn Frazier Margaret McClung Carlotta Cuesta Sarah Honaker Margaret Fraleigh Martha Nelson Louise Buck Katherine Lroadus 142 FLASTACOWO 143 FLASTACOWO Nearts Officers Clara Johnson President Elizabeth Hammargren Vice-President Charlotte Jelks Secretary and Treasurer Joe Anna Morris Business Manager Members Eli ai: Kin Hammargxen Gary Ford Lucile Reece Nellie Cawkins Peggy Brunson Catherine Smith Irene Chambers Emily Sanderson Edna McCubbins Marguerite Capo Elizabeth Bass Frankie Wharton Lily Brunner Margaret Strange Katherine Richard Charlotte Jelks Joe Anna Morris Mary Lou Perkins Edith Yelverton Elizabeth Cooper Elizabeth Gerald Clara Johnson i44 FLASTACOWO %mB 145 FLASTACOWO Chapel Choir Miss Mildred Barter Director Elizabeth Cooper Accompanist Elizabeth Hargreaves Gladys Bennet Nellie Calkins Members Cora Mae Hunter Elizabeth Jackson Margaret Brunson Gracie Flournoy Eunice DeVane Frances Henley Anna McKay Margaret Ferran Frankie Wharton Evelyn Gates Katherine Smith Frances Mahoney Miriam McCall Marie Flournoy Pearce Florence Sorrick Elizabeth Randolph Mildred Brantley Molly O ' Donald Lillian Long Hope Foster Lucy Lang Lillian Brawner Lou Edgerton Whitfield Lois Overstreet 146 FLASTACOWO 1 | . «4«l 1 1 ttMP i i ■ ' ■ 1 ' - " J 1 -IP 1 I «4 1 mi 1 W 1 P •mm 1 f 4H «4 j ' 1 a s fl| • ;iA M ' - J 4 ■ • ; 147 FLASTACOWO Art Club ( )fficers Edna McCubbins President Bertha Harrington ' Vice-President Dorothy West Secretary and Treasurer Members Jane Sandison Esther Smith Emily Sanderson Ruth Wedding Stanley Weisel Isabella Lowry Bertha Harrington Theodora Pace Theresa Bucksbaum Elizabeth Bass Lalla Hoy 148 ss FLASTACOWO 149 FLASTACOWO S 9 150 FLASTACOWO 151 FLASTACOWO ffl c j(Z c 3cg7 )aiz c ][z: c 3C?C3a(z ffl Appreciation For every courtesy that has been extended to the Flastacowo start, for every contribution of effort and money, no matter how small, we are truly thankful AND because appreciation is most often shown in unexpected places, we print ours here. FA (Z c jcgoaizz rcgcitz cga Datz ffl 152 FLASTACOWO 153 FLASTACOWO Pan-Hell enic iounci a Officers Lois MacQueen, Sigma Kappa President Miriam Connor, Pi Beta Phi Secretary and Treasurer Representatives Fannie Blackburn Kappa Delta Ethel Henry Kappa Delta Lucile Sumner Kappa Delta Ella Williams Chi Omega Ada Louise Simpson Chi Omega Elizabeth Fletcher Chi Omega Mildred Game Alpha Delta Pi Evelyn Bird Alpha Delta Pi Nancy Hoyt Alpha Delta Pi Clara Johnson Delta Delta Delta Elizabeth Aiken Delta Delta Delta Jamie Reese Delta Delta Delta Ina Simmons Sigma Sigma Sigma Gladys Jordon Sigma Sigma Sigma Crystal Holmes Sigma Sigma Sigma Lois MacQueen Sigma Kappa Mabel Murphey Sigma Kappa Frankie Wharton Sigma Kappa Alice. Albury Pi Beta Phi Miriam Connor Pi Beta Phi Bertha Harrington Pi Beta Phi Lucile Reece Phi Epsilon Mary Stallings Phi Epsilon Elizabeth Cooper Phi Epsilon Nina McAdam Alpha Theta Norma Davis Alpha Theta Alice Winter 4lpha Theta ' 54 FLASTACOWO 155 FLASTACOWO Kappa Delta Colors: Green and Whit Founded 1897 Publication: Angelas Motto: " Let us strive tor that which is honorable, beautiful and highest. " Kappa Alpha Chapter Installed 1904 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Flower: White Rose Fannie Blackburn Ethel Henry Annelle Ball Dorothy Lee Catherine Anderson Marguerite Barcus Margaret Ramsey Catherine Hill Lucky ' Shore Gary Ford Lucy Barber Eleanor Hope Miller isabelle byrd Isabelle Todd Lillian Coyne Dorothy Rogers Elvira Boli.es Class of 1924 Katherine Smith Class of 1925 Rhoda Fraleigh Mary Lee Mathews Isabelle Gwynn Class of 1926 Bessie Blackburn Elizabeth Byrd Louise FIenderson Florine Davis Genevieve Morrow Class of 1927 Eva Greer Elizabeth Cornwell Mary ' Louise Hoffman Elizabeth Smith Helen Vernay Margaret Moor Marion Meffert Mary Owen Murfee Florence Pierpont Lucile Sumner Henrietta Johnson Susan Smith Emma Cornwell Martha Page Mary Pringle Anna DuBose Bessie Feagin Dorothy McDonald Agnes McCormick Lillian Foulks Anita Johnson Florence Henry Josephine Coarsey Miriam McKinstry 156 FLASTACOWO 157 FLASTACOWO Chi Omega Founded at the University of Arkansas, 1895. Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Publication: Eleusis Open Motto: " Hellenic Culture, Christian Ideals. " Gamma Chapter Installed in 1908 SORORES IN FACULTATE ROWENA I.ONGMIRE May Carroll Eunice DeVane Dorothy Decker Mary Louise Dickenson Nell Buchanan Olivia Barnes Katherine Bettes Katherine Broaddus Sally Carter Sue Alderman Carlotta Cuesta Mabel Decker Hope Foster Mildred Boykin SORORES IN T COLLEGIO Class of 1924. Emily Lucas Martha Nelson Emily Rahner Celia St. John Class of 1925 Mary Dodd Roberta Carter Class of 1926 Elizabeth Cockrell Elizabeth Copp Betty Fletcher Lucile Tervin Class of 1927 May Holley Lillian Long Marie McKean Margaret McClung Fannie May Snyder Edith Rahner Alice Carroll Mary Cuthill Tervin Lou Edgerton Whitfield Ella Williams Hilda Griffin Ada Louise Simpson Margaret Fraleigh Margaret Layton Florine Lewis Mary Weedon Selina Wilson Kathryn Frazier Mary Kincaid Rosalyn Williamson Oraleze O ' Brien 158 FLASTACOWO m i 159 FLASTACOWO Alpha Delta Pi Publication: Adelphian Founded at Wesleyan College, 1 8 5 1 Open Motto: " We live for each other. Gladys Comforter SORORES IN FACULTATE Gladys Moseley Lillian - Page Evelyn Bird Mildred Game Irene Chambers Caroline Dancy Virginia Dale Agnes Futch Edmonia Hair Nancy Hoyt Isabella Lowry Anna Lee Avery Annette Arthur Helen Baker Cornelia Dozier Florence Dial Jess Dehon SORORES IX CoLLEGIO Class of 1924 Daisy Munroe Class of 1925 Beth Hammargren Class of 1926 Louise Lipscomb Christine Mills Daisy Paul Louise Parramore Class of 1 92 j Pauline Eaton Ann D eaton Aurie Ferris Gladys Gardner Wilma Jenkins Ann etta Liddon Winifred Lively Florence Mathews Lyda Walton Edith Yelverton Edith Pullen Marion Owens Muriel Sutton Mosely Smith rushabelle s i.e Virginia Lewis Bill Milton Christelle Moore Penelope Mills Caroline Lively May White 160 FLASTACOWO m % 161 FLASTACOWO % Elizabeth Conradi Delta Delta Delta Founded in Boston, 1888 Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue Publication: The Trident Open Motto: " Let us steadfastly love one another. " Alpha Eta Chapter Installed in 1915 sorores in facultate Margaret White SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1924 Maudif. Paulk Class of 1925 Elizabeth Horne Helen Ives Class of 1926 Zelia Buchelle Marie Haile Class of 1927 LlLLIE FRASER Sarah Honaker Katherine Lee Anna Lemon Vera Gilbert Flower: Pansy Ruth Haley Charlotte Jelks Elizabeth Aikcn Adelma Giles Jamie Reese Louise Buck Cornelia Colson Cama Owens Mildred Bruce Grace Crum Marion Dunn Fay Fletcher Katherine Montgomery Clara Johnson Vesta Lee Helen Parkhill Mary Walker Mabel Lytle Margaret Way Virginia Yowell Ruth Jelks Annie McKay Harriett Robinson Laura Frank White Esther Smith 162 FLASTACOWO 163 FLASTACOWO Sigma Sigma Sigma Founclfd at Farmville, Va., 1898 dolors: Purple and White Publication : Triangle Motto: " Faithful unto death. Floiaer; Violet Ina Simmons Margaret Kerr Mildred Smith Louisa Verri Harriet Rouse Kathleen Cleckly Marvis Alle t Rho Chapter Installed in 1920 SoRORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1924. Annie Rooney Eleanor Sheppard Rachel Coward Crystal Holmes Class of 1925 Gladys Jordan Gladys Norris Rubye Norris Elizabeth Pindar Esther Jordon Mae R. Fellows Cleo White Pearl Dean Pauline Burricat Edith Johnson Macie Horne Ethel Gainer Class of 1926 Iris Miller Nila Logan Ida Holmes Olive Sciiell ( j lass of 192 Elizabeth Fogarty Caroline Rodgers 164 FLASTACOWO 165 FLASTACOWO Sigma Kappa Founded at Colby College, 1874 Colors: Maroon and Lavender Publication: Sigma Kappa Triangle Motto: " One heart, one way. " Flower: Violet Omega Chapter Installed in 1920 sorores in t facultate Allie Lou Felton Lela Venable SORORES IN COLLEGIO Lilv Brunner Ina Felton Evelyn Gates Sara Davis Elizabeth Bass Elizabeth Gerald Class of IQ24 Lois McQueen Mabel Murphev Class of IQ25 Augusta Glen Winifred Kennard Margaret Vaughn Margaret Strange Makjorie Williams Frankie Fay Wharton Roberta Mickler Catherine Richard Gladys Vaughn Lillian Brawner Jeanne King Nellye Calkins Lucile Daniel Helen de Montmallin Class of 1Q26 Edna Martin Mary Knowles Virginia Branscomb Class of IQ2J Martha Turner Ada Miller Annie McKinnon Ik is Storrs Frances Henley Marion Mickler Yvonne Goolsby 166 FLASTACOWO 167 FLASTACOWO m % Pi Beta Phi Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 Colors: Wine Red and Silver Blue Publication: The Arrow Florida Beta Chapter Installed in 1921 SoRORES IN COLLEGIO Class fjf IQ24 Miriam Conner Catherine Cleveland Class of 1925 Mary Lane Thelma Phillips HORTENSE MlNTZ Lois Overstreet Class of 1926 Inez Grumbles Bertha Harrington Frances Gill Alice McKinney Class of IQ2J Margaret Terra n Ruth Gill Pauline Buhner Lina Hyde Flower: Wine Carnation Alice Albury Vera Brendla Elizabeth Coleman Polly Gillette Myrtle Johnson Myra Burr Nannie Burr Mary Burke Julia Dutton juanita andrick Margaret Brunson Mary Clayton Mary R. Creeks Helen Dutton Helen Hill Jones Eleanor Thomas Priscilla Toomer Myrtis Tureman Caroline Walker Sarah Sligh Emily Sanderson Florence Sorrick Ruth Williams Sara Gunn Mary Leah Hunt Elizabeth Harcreaves Kenny Prewitt Mary Lou Perkins 168 FLASTACOWO 169 FLASTACOWO Phi Epsilon ; Local) Colors: Purple and Steel Gray Founded in 1922 Flower: Purple Violet Helen Hylrs SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1924 Miriam McCall Class of 1925 Lucile Reece Mary Stallixcs Thelma Smith Class of 1926 Elizabeth Cooper Lillian Ohrxs estelle jones frances walker Class of 1927 Opal Eubanks Evelyn Hill Eleanor Lott Edith Robersox Mary M. Swift- Audrey Sims Margaret Wood Maxine Wyatt Edith McCollum 170 FLASTACOWO 171 FLASTACOWO Alpha Theta (Local) Founded in 1922 Colors: Brown and (iold Flower: Yellow Cosmos Open Motto: " The goal of our cutest is Truth. " Cathryn I.oomis SoRORES IN CoLLEGIO Class of 1924. Beryl Lovvorn Nina McAdam Mary Trevor Theodora Thompson Class of 1Q25 Lois Curry Helen Pinaire Norma Davis Marion Williams Inez Turner Moxa Alderman Susan Burdett wllhelmina keli.erman Class of IQ26 Alice Winter Opal Futch Elizabeth Sanford Marion Watkins Elizabeth Whalton Class of i()2i Claudia Demerritt Nancy Miller Flo Springer Ruth Rigby Elsie Mayer 172 FLASTACOWO 173 FLASTACOWO L The Fraternity Girl s Symphony TO live constantly above snobbery of work or deed ; to place scholarship before social obligations, and character before appearances; to be, in the best se nse, democratic rather than " exclusive, " and lovable rather than " popular " ; to work earnestly, to speak kindly, to act sincerely, to choose thoughtfully that course which occasion and conscience demand ; to be womanly al- ways; to be discouraged never; in a word, to be loyal under any and all circumstances to my fraternity and her highest teachings, and to have her welfare ever at heart, that she may be a symphony of high purpose and helpfulness in which there is no discordant note. Ethel Switzer Howard, Xi of Chi Omega. FLASTACOWO fflj ff ) V= =g nonomaw 175 FLASTACOWO Colors: Orange and White Alpha Chi Alpha Founded in 191 9 Publication: A X A Messenger Gamma Chapter Installed in 1921 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Dorothy Decker Norma Davis May Matthews Nina McAdam Jo Anna Morris Teresa Murphy Celia St. John Kathleen Mohr Lois Curry Nancy Hoyt Helen Ives Beryl Lovvorn Chrystine Mills Gladys Vaughn Carol Whitney Flower: Chrysanthemum Honorary Members Miss Roue a Longmirk Dr. W. G. Dodd Honorary Journalistic 176 FLASTACOWO m n 177 FLASTACOWO Sigma Delta Pi Colors: White and Golc Founded in 1921 Flower: Daisy Aldis Helms SORORES IN FACL ' LTATE Emma Helseth Inga Olla Helseth Allie Lou Felton sorores in collegio Mildred Game Lois MacQueen Nina McAdam Theodora Thompson Lou E. Whitfield Honorary Scholastic 178 FLASTACOWO Colors: Pink and Lavender Omicron Nu Founded in 191 2. Publication : Omicron Nu PI CHAPTER Installed in May, 1922. SORORES IN COLLEGIO Clarixe Belcher Belle Calvert Eunice Grady Alma Priest Floioer: Lilac SORORES IN FaCULTATE Miss Margaret Saxdels Miss Marie Schrieber Honorary Member Miss Lucy Cushman Honorary Home Economics 179 FLASTACOWO Honorary Societies LPHA CHI ALPHA, Sigma Delta Pi, and Omicron Nu arc the three honorary fraternities at the Florida State Col- lege for Women. The aim of these societies is to develop to the highest degree on the campus the ideals for which they stand. Gamma Chapter of Alpha Chi Alpha, honorary journalistic, was installed in 192 r for the purpose of granting recognition to the literary ambitious and talented on the campus, and to help these students to develop their abilities by association with other college journalists. Sigma Delta Pi was founded in 1 J2 1 at Florida State. Entrance into this fraternity is granted those who have done exceptional work scholastically, and have also entered into student activities. Pi Chapter of Omicron Nu, honorary home economics, was installed in May, 1922. Only students in the School of Horns Economics are eligible. 1 he scholastic requirement is also basic in this fraternity. 180 i nm? Mb anb Btmgt 3n tiir nrannr tliirkrta; otlirra tnat a ball Aboup tiip fountain jrta, anb bark again It langljtr-r. — Tennyson: The Princess. Innk iFnnr Ath tira FLASTACOWO Athletic Board Officers Ina Simmons President Mabel Lvtle Vice-President Dorothy Armstrong Secretary Lucy Lang Treasurer Hortense Cooper Representative-at-large 183 FLASTACOWO " F " Club Officers Hortense Cooper President Mabel Lytle Vice-President Annie Belle Odom Secretary and Treasurer Members Teresa Murphy Gary Ford Dorothy Bunting Dorothy Armstrong Ethel Henry Pearl Hentz Annalee Stenstrum Evelyn Weller Ella Williams Gladys Vaughan Ina Simmons Elsie Jones Katherine Prime Lucile Reece Emily Lucas Members in Faculty Helen M. Ferree Katherine Montgomery 184 FLASTACOWO 185 FLASTACOWO % % FREStiflAN BASKETBALL CHAMPION S SOPHOMORE BASKETBAU TFAH 186 FLASTACOWO SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAH i8 7 FLASTACOWO ODD BASKETBALL TEAH EVEN BASKETBALL TEAP1 x3S FLASTACOWO -M i EG H i— - - £- tu W io l £ - - . . H - x c ; x - e£ C ' " a_- 189 FLASTACOWO m % 190 SIflastacowo Varsity Baseball, 1922-23 Mabel Lytle . Lillian Douglas . Pauline Terviv Annie Belle Odom Evelyn Weller . Elmo Bullock . Ethel Henry . Hortense Cooper Anna DuBois . Marie Yon ■ • Pitcher ■ ■ Catcher ■ First Base Second Base Third Base ■ Shortstop ■ . . Field ■ ■ . Field ■ ■ • Field ■ • ■ Field 191 FLASTACOWO WHO ' S WH0 WHA7S WHA So } h,. ) i) Save us 192 FLASTACOWO 193 FLASTACOWO 19+ A strangle titter, nut nf mljtrb thnT toak Humrasurrfc mirth. — Tennyson: The Princess. look itfte 3m xxv% L_ FLASTACOWO W vVl 7-W, Vvy ! PCftOTURtiS 197 FLASTACOWO m % emma Perfecta Since first our college cam; to be, Our aim and motto, our ideal, Is placed for all the world to see, Engraved upon the college seal. Perfection ' s self is none too high — Femina Perfecta is the whole, And, that no phase may pass us by, Three words set forth the goal : Fine character, true culture, strength. Our " mores, artes, vires " name, Toward them we strive, until, at length, - Some more, some less, attain. Now, in this book you ' ll find we chose A girl supreme, each in her way; Pest-natured girl, who has no foes, Dame fashion ' s pet, one skilled in play, The girl who thinks, one best in dancing. One musical, one full of life, Most popular, and one entrancing, The girl who makes a perfect wife; A lovely maid whom poets sing, Girls who ' re witty, clever, cute ; One all-round in everything. Who can our choice refute? Now, if you please, just blend them all Into one girl, and there the sage May find the girl whom all will call The Femina Perfecta of her age. 198 FLASTACOWO Clara Johnson, Prettiest 199 Courtesy of Beauty Magazine. FLASTACOWO ® Southern © Collegiate Soorts FEBRUARY 1924 15 CENT Courtesy of Southern Collegiate Sports. Pearl Hentz, Most Athletic 200 FLASTACOWO Courtesy of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Ethel Henry, Most Ail-Round 20 1 FLASTACOWO W Forecast of the New Season Gary Ford, Best Dancer 202 Courtesy of Theater Magazine. FLASTACOWO May Matthews, Best Natural 203 Courtesy of Sunshine Magazine. FLASTACOWO % 2 j-m London j oe ZJ )QP° MARCH 1924 6 r in fbn i m Kenny Pruitt, Cutest 204 Courtesy of Harper ' s Bazar. FLASTACOWO MAMS December 1923 Fifteen Cents Christmas Number »A vyxAAy »yVA VA Art »AirO! Courtesy of " Woman ' s Home Companion. Joe Curtis, Best Man 205 FLASTACOWO % Lucy Lang, Peppiest 206 Courtesy of Life. m FLASTACOWO THE SATUHp lY EVENING POST An Illustrated Weekly Founded A? DJ 1728 by Benj. Franklin Herbert Hoover— Garet Garrett- Dornford Yates — Elsie Singmaster Btn Ames Williams-Horatio Winslow-H. H. Kohlsaat — Will Payne Reproduced from the Saturday Evening Post of Philadelphia. Copyright, 192 1. by the Curtis Publishing Company. Mabel Murphy, Most Popular 207 FLASTACOWO Costume e 35 cents 50 a year October 19 I olucn 5hotvn ii) West 44th New Yor Virginia Howze, Most Stylish 208 Coui ' tesy of I.o Costume Royal. m FLASTACOWO Courtesy of Etude. Elizabeth Cooper, Most Musical 209 FLASTACOWO ffcfflWgBggfrttiK MVMItWiKlliFIVli mperor s F rnrrcffl Courtesy of Everybody ' s Magazine. Lucile Reece, Most Attractive 210 p FLASTACOWO Nina McAdam, Most Intelligent 211 Courtesy of the Mentor. FLASTACOWO GOOD HOUSEKEEPING J U LY, 192 3 35 rFNTS IN ' N A D A 25 CENTS Gene Stratton-Porter - Coningsby Dawson h Dorothy S. Phillips Mary Roberts Rinehart - James Oliver Curwood Jay Gelzer Fanny Heaslip Lea Konrad Bercovici William Dudley Pelley Courtesy of Good Housekeeping Magazine. Belle Calvert, Most Domestic 212 FLASTACOWO Teresa Murphy, Wittiest 213 Courtesy of Jiulye. FLASTACOWO Kathleen Mohr, Most Original 214 Courtesy of Swamp Angel. FLASTACOWO 2 6 FLASTACOWO 4 ADS - AND JOKES 217 FLASTACOWO FINE STATIONERY AT " HLETIC GOODS Kodaks Wedding and J fr A J rffsj - , . o4 4-V- 4 VV» Kodak Finishing J " " « B gE S32c i!M. M .P.h)JL§i,l.-}Jtm Established 1848 22 TO 30 AND 45 TO 49 WEST BAY STREET 46 WEST FORSYTH STREET Bocks in All Subjects Picture Framing, Gift Novelties Dr. V.: " Miss M , you have irritated gums. " Miss M.: " Yes, just like I don ' t know who irritated them! " Beans: " When I first saw your hair I laughed at it. " Lois Mac: " Why? " Beans: " Because brevity ' s the soul of wit. " Pi: " Why did kings tap men on their heads when they knighted them? " Myra B.: " The stars made the knights more realistic. " Maudie P.: " Have you seen Marie without any cosmetics on? " Vesta: " Of course not. She ' s not that kind of a girl. " BUY JAX BISCUITS Cookies, Cakes and Crackers That Are Delightfully Light and Crisp and Fresh Butter Wafers One of the 122 Kinds Recognized by its brown edge and golden center JACKSONVILLE CRACKER WORKS FLASTACOWO U s COMPLIMENTS OF National City Bank TAMPA, FLORIDA " What is it that keeps the moon in place and prevents its falling? " " I suppose it is the beams. " — Boys ' Life. Now, that all the girls dress as they do, the vamp has to do some real acting to put over the idea of wickedness. — Clipped. " What an awful gash you have on your forehead. " " Oh, next to nothing — next to nothing! " FAIN DRUG CO. Tallahassee ' s Best Drug Store Telephone 56 THE REXALL STORE Gladys Vaughan: " We can ' t accept this poem. It isn ' t verse at all — merely an escape of gas. " Aspiring Poetess: " Oh, I see, something wrong with the meter! " Oraleze: " Florine, where did you learn to ride a horse? " Florine: " On the back, of course! " For Staples and Fancy GROCERIES TRY DUVAL ' S TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA 37 — Phone — 37 Mae W. : " Penny sure was a dumb child. " Polly L. : " How ' s that? " Mae: " They had to burn down the school- house to get her out of the first grade. " Speaking of famous athletes: " I ' m always on the team, " said the horseflv. — Froth. Baffin Theatre C. E. DAFFIN, Manager Fascinating Plays for Fastidious Folks Telephone 334 FLASTACOWO " Success is not an accident, but the culmination of a plan persistently followed, like- wise a substantial bank ac- count. " Citizens Bank Trust Co. TAMPA, FLORIDA Where Service Is Supreme Waterman Ideal Fountain Pens Conklin Fountain Pens Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pens Eastman Kodak and Supplies Crane ' s Stationery AGENTS FOR ALL MAGAZINES Hill ' s Book Store M. W. CARTER, Prop. Our Motto Is Quality and Service MAAS BROTHERS is Florida Headquarters for Women ' s Apparel and Accessories and is ready at all times to give you the best in quality and service at the least cost. You are always welcome to inspect our merchandise, whether or not you are ready to buy. If at any time you are unable to visit this store, and there is something you would like to have or know about, just write Jane Lee and she will gladly give your letter her personal attention. There is no charge for this service. FLASTACOWO % % THE STORE ACCOMMODATING, JACKSONVILLE, FLA. FURCHGOTT ' S Mail order service brings us as near to you as your nearest mail box. All mail orders filled and forwarded on day re- ceived. Margaret V: " I picked up a bargain yes- terday in Wilson ' s. " Blanche C: " Didn ' t they say anything to you? " For every woman who makes a fool out of a man there is another woman who makes a man out of a fool — Lincoln Star, Mother: " We must get a nurse for the baby. " New " Pap " : " A nurse? What we need is a night watchman. " — Boston Transcript. % - - A woman ' s face used to be her fortune — now it ' s the druggist ' s. — Ne w York American. Dr. w. H. Shine DENTIST Pyorrhea a Specialty Lewis Stc Rooms 17-18 ite Bank Bldjr., Tallahassee, Fla. Telephone 11 L. Be STEELE SANFORD, FLORIDA Yates Grocery Co, TALLAHASSEE, FLA. W. E. Van Brunt DENTIST TELEPHONE BUILDING TELEPHONE 257 Francis B. Winthrop ATTORNEY AT LAW 0. G. Kendrick, M.D. SPECIALTY: EAR, EYE, NOSE AND THROAT Res. Phone 335 Office Phone 452 FLASTACOWO For Your Lunches and Parties And anything you want to eat, go to T. B. Byrd Son " FINE GROCERIES " AND " EVERYTHING GOOD TO EAT " PHONE 1 State and Federal Supervision THE EXCHANGE BANK Is a member of the Federal Re- serve System, and as such con- forms to the rules and regulations laid down by the Federal Reserve Board. Moreover, it is chartered under the laws of Florida and is subject to strict State supervision. Every safeguard is provided to protect the interest of depositors. THE EXCHANGE BANK OF TALLAHASSEE, FLA. WE TAKE THIS MEANS OF EXPRESSING OUR WHOLE-HEARTED APPRE- CIATION OF YOUR PATRONAGE THE VOGUE TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Quality Apparel for the Girls of F. S. C. FLASTACOWO FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION Everything in Season Wire, Phone or. Write Us for Quotations and Suggestions Mills the Florist Incorporated JACKSONVILLE, FLA. 46 W. Duval St. Phone 714 Sporting Goods For Women Knight Wall Company Tampa, Florida Send for Catalogs OWEN-COTTER Y R E W Y N A P M J 609 franklin street Tampa, Florida and central and third streets St. Petersburg, Florida Well-Selected Furniture Is the First Necessity for HOMEY HOMES And the true test of women of today as homemakers. " We Cater to Those Who Care " Grant Furniture Company TALLAHASSEE, FLA. FLASTACOWO J. E. McNAIR DRUGGIST DruEs, stationery, toilet articles, Martha Washington and Hollintrsworth candies. College business especially solicited. McNAIR ' S Opposite Court House Telephone 23 Tallahassee, Fla. PALACE SHOE SHOP G. CAPELOTO, Proprietor Just across from the Leon Hotel. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Phone 144-R P. O. Box 252 LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR AND NOVELTY FOOTWEAR THE HUB STORE " Where You Get Your Money ' s Worth or Your Money Back " THE LEWIS STATE BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLA. The Oldest Bank in Florida; Began Business in 1 856 Resources Over $1,750,000.00 Invites Your Business FLASTACOWO GUERRY ' S SUCCESSOR TO LEVY BROTHERS READY-TO-WEAR Phone 481 TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA A Cordial Welcome ALWAYS To the Faculty and Students of the Florida State College Safety First, Then Service THE CAPITAL CITY BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLA. READ THE FLORIDA TIMES-UNION FLASTACOWO ? LEON HOTEL CHEROKEE HOTEL HARBISON SYSTEM TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA The Citizens Bank TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Capital, $50,000.00 We pay 4% Interest on Savings Quarterly A live, progressive, strong Bank on College Avenue. Your busi- ness will be appreciated here. J. F. Dorman, President W. C. Hodges, Vice President Carl Mitchell, Cashier DIRECTORS J. F. Dorman Wm. C. Hodges Wm. Child Jos. A. Demetree Fred H. Davis Carl Mitchell Mrs. Annie Mae Ferrell HOTEL SEMINOLE STEEL FIREPROOF JACKSONVILLE, FLA. EUROPEAN RATES $2.00 UP Chas. B. Griner, Mgr. ASSOCIATE HOTELS Hotel Desoto, Savannah Hotel Savannah, Savannah Hotel Patton, Chattanooga Hotel Annex, Chattanooga J. B. POUND, President GIFTS THAT LAST These You Can Purchase at the Store of Quality Williams Harrell JEWELERS 80 Monroe St. Tallahassee, Fla. FLASTACOWO Madison, Florida Good people, good churches, good schools, good climate. " Our latch-string hangs on th e outside. " Madison County Chamber of Commerce 0. G. Kendrick, M.D. SPECIALTY EAR, EYE, NOSE, AND THROAT Res. Phone 335 Office Phone 452 The Road to Tomorrow Don ' t live for today only ; don ' t trust to luck. There is a road that leads straight to a better future. It ' s the " Road of Savings. " It ' s an easy road to travel, once you get started. Let us show you the way. Madison State Bank BEAUTY SHOP PERKINS BUILDING Marinello Preparations Used Exclusively Phone 381 for Appointments MRS. CECIL C. GATLEN Johnny: " I thought your dress was ripping at the dance. " Annalee: " Well, if you had been a gentle- man vou would have told me. " " Did you see that movie called ' Oliver Twist? ' " " Yes, and say, wouldn ' t that make a peach of a book? " YOU CAN ALWAYS ENJOY A BOTTLE ORANGE CRUSH LIME CRUSH DELAWARE PUNCH Or any of our delicious sodas AS SANITARY AS SUNSHINE Inspect our Plant MIDDLE FLORIDA ICE CO. TALLAHASSEE, FLA TELEPHONE 9 FLASTACOWO Patronize Home Industries by buying " Ponce de Leon Spring Brand " CREAMERY PRODUCTS BRICK ICE CREAM Any Color Desired MADE BY THE LEON COUNTY MILK COMPANY SEABOARD AIR LINE RAILWAY The Seaboard Air Line Railway is proud of the great State College for Women at Tallahassee. The managemenf of the Seaboard is ready at all times to help in promoting the progress and prosperity of this splendid asset to this wonderful State of Florida. W. R. CANOVA Gen. Agt. S.A.L. Rwy. Tallahassee, Fla. G. Z. PHILLIPS A.P.T.M., S.A.L. Rwy. Jacksonville, Fla. BRVAN F EYNoloS EbBO dUi Mc ywy 1 Smm 1 the evenin rn«y QUALITY-VALUES-SERVICE Are the Cardinal Principles of Our Business These Are Building Up the Reputation of This Store and Make It the Favorite Shopping Place of Tallahassee Your Patronage Always Appreciated AT THE SURPRISE STORE TALLAHASSEE ' S BUSIEST DRY GOODS STORE FLASTACOWO CLASS RINGS PINS AND MEDALS LOVING CUPS TROPHIES AND PRIZES Clubs or committees in search of articles appropriate as prizes for athletic events or presentation purposes will find it easy to make selections from the stock of GREENLEAF AND CROSBY CO. JEWELERS Noted for Quality JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Selection packages sent upon request COMPLIMENTS OF F. W. W00LW0RTH COMPANY 176 South Monroe Street TALLAHASSEE, FLA. P. W. WILSON COMPANY West Florida ' s Best Store This store, at all times, shows complete stocks of dependable and seasonable merchandise at most reasonable prices. 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