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Florida State University - Renegade / Tally Ho Yearbook (Tallahassee, FL) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Cover

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II Bw J rwft [MMwMataai OaKllBitt J « ffi %m H I I Tt W I M ■JHH ' ' ' ' K " , I ' X 1 - i % ¥ 4 hew %b UW •■■■■ Hf ■;.■■ " ■•— ' ■ ' . ' . ' ; ! ,1 ' I tflr!K am f IIIMIIIIIIIIIIMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIMIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!: If, in the years to come, these pages serve to recall to any friend of the College the memory of happy days spent within its walls, the editors will be amply re- paid for the labor expended in compiling this volume. im ii inn ii hi in iiiiiii ii inn ii in inn in ii mil mi ii in ii ii i i ii 1 1 m urn ii ii m n in n ii 1 1 ir r n Spfctratrb to % mnnurg of Emma IE. loy patrottrsfi of % (Glass of 1924 ano tjiohlu, anb affpflttottatflu ?s- termrb by tljp Pttttr? stubrnt boby College Song With spirits bright, we ' re singing tonight; We have come with a right good cheer, Our hearts aglow with love to show To our Alma Mater dear. Long may she live, her blessings to give, And long may she famous be; And far and wide may we show our pride In the F. S. W. C. Chorus Then pledge her, one and all, together, In a cup to the garnet and gold ; In fair or in stormy weather Our love shall never grow cold; We ' ll sing her praise to every nation, And wherever we may be We ' ll spread the fame and drink to the name Of the F. S. W. C. Long may she bind, our mother so kind, The hearts of her children true, By love ' s own tie, that ne ' er shall die, But shall live the long years through; May we, one and all, with love recall, In the years that are to be, The memory of the golden days At the F. S. W. C. College Wetics eWture BB HIS SBBBBBHEBBBBESEEBSEBE® E ISI B b E a B B El El Ei H a H El si BOOK 1 B El B El B El a El B THE E3 B E3 B B B " A1 1 KtfSIS B El El B ri B B B l?i B El El B El B El B El B El B El B El B El B El BBI iissnaisjsisiiaiaiiiiaiaHEiaaiiii ]BE3 ■J I » ' •K- . ADMINISTRATION BUILDING EDUCATION BUILDING SCIENCE HALL BRYAN HALL _ REYNOLDS HALL m w n n r w r f r JENNIE MURPHREE HALL DINING HALL COLLEGE INFIRMARY octorc Page nineteen JL Board of Control P. K. Yonge, Chairman Pensacola E. L. Wartmann Citra John B. Sutton Tampa W. L. Weaver Perry John C. Cooper, Jr Jacksonville J. T. Diamond, Secretary Tallahassee State Board of Education Cary A. Hardee, President Governor H. Clay Crawford Secretary of State J. C. Luning State Treasurer Rivers H. Buford Attorney General W. S. Cawthox, Secretary State Superintendent of Public Instruction Summer School Board W. S. Cawthox, A.M State Superintendent of Public Instruction A. A. Ml rphree, LL.D President University of Florida E. Conradi, Ph.D President Florida State College for Women Page twenty Faculty and Officers Edward Conradi, A.M., Ph.D. (Clark) President Arthur Williams, A.M. (Cambridge) Vice-President Elmer Riggs Smith, M.A. Secretary COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES William George Dodd, A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard) William Hudson Rogers, Ph.D. (Virginia) Associate Professor of English Rowena Longmire, A.M. Assistant Professor of English Olga Larson, M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Herman Kurz, Ph.D. (Chicago) Assistant Professor of Botany Lois Ruth Inglis, A.M. Assistant Professor of Spanish and French Hazel Allison Stevenson, M.A. Instructor in English Rosalie Szymanski, B.S. Instructor in Classics Georgie Brock Baker, A.B. Instructor in French and Spanish Edith E. Macmillan, M.A. Instructor in Chemistry Catherine Zimmerman Winters, M.A. Instructor in History Mary Felicia Williams, M.A. Instructor in English Dean, Professor of English Arthur Williams, A.M. (Cambridge) Professor of History Elmer Riggs Smith, A.M. Professor of Mathematics and Physics Edward Conradi, A.M., Ph.D. (Clark) Professor of Philosophy Josiah Bethea Game, M.A., Ph.D. (Yale) Professor of Classics Basil Blaine Bassett, M.A., PhD. (Iowa) Professor of Philosophy and Psychology Alban Stewart, Ph.D. (Harvard) Professor of Botany and Bacteriology Lanas Spurgeon Barber, M.A. Professor of Zoology and Horticulture Edmund Vernon Gage, A.M. Professor of Modem Languages Raymond Bellamy, Ph.D. (Clark) Professor of Sociology and Political Economy Horatio Hughes, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins) Professor of Chemistry James Owen Knauss, Ph.D. (Cornell) Professor of History and Social Science Page twenty-one SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND NORMAL SCHOOL Nathaniel Moss Salley, A.B. Dean, Professor of Education Paul Frederick Finner, A.M. Professor of Psychology Maude Schwalmeyer Director of Primary Division, Demonstration School Emma Othilde Helseth, B.S. Principal of High School Elma Williams Ealy, B.S. Director of Kindergarten Division, Demonstration School Emily Pitman Wilburn, B.L. Supervisor of Industrial Arts Lillian Walker Page, B.S. Assistant in Training School Allie Lou Felton, B.S. Assistant in Training School Venila Lovina Shores, A.M. Assistant in Training School Alma Jewell Grant, L.I. Assistant in Training School Audrey Lillian Packham, L.I. Assistant in Training School SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS Margaret Rector Sandels Dean, Professor of Nutrition Anne Young, M.D., Dr.P.H. Professor of Hygiene Hattie Mae Carmichael, A.M. Professor of Household Chemistry Lucy Kimball, B.S. Instructor in Domestic Science Clella Mae Brickley, B.A. Distructor in Domestic Art Anna Marie Schreiber, A.M. Instructor in Home Economics and Chemistry Lucy Carolyn Cushman Supervisor of Vocational Home Economics SCHOOL OF MUSIC Gertrude Isidor Instructor of Violin and Theory of Music Cleona Blanche Quiett Instructor in Voice, Director of the Glee Club Elizabeth Henderson Jamieson Instructor in Voice Gladys Comforter, B.M. Instructor in Piano Helen Gene Cantrall Instructor in Piano and Piano Normal Methods Svea Mariana Anderson, B.M. Instructor in Musical History, Theory and Appreciation Ella Scoble Opperman, A.B., B.M. Dean Lois Sevringhaus, B.A. Instructor in Musical History, Theory and A ppreciation Zadie Lillian Phipps Instructor in Public School Music Gladys Mosley, B.M. Assistant Instructor in Piano Alma May Nigro, B.M. Assistant Instructor in Piano and Voice Adalaide Koch Assistant Instructor in Piano Alice Hentz Carroll, B.M. Assistant Instructor in Piano Resigned December 20, 1922. Page iiventy-livo OTHER SCHOOLS Beatrice Alice Beyer Director of the School of Art Mary Hollingsworth, A.M. Director of the School of Expression and Physical Education Dorothy Beryl Meek Helen Hemphill Harris, B.S. Instructor in Expression Instructor in Physical Education Dorothy Mahon, A.B. Luella Mary Richey, B.A. Instructor in Expression Instructor, Department of Business Helen Picton Warlow, B.A. Lucile Grider Instructor in Physical Education Instructor, Department of Business Louise Richardson, A.B. Librarian Clara Rider Hayden, B.S. Assistant in Library HOME DEMONSTRATION WORK Sarah Waring Partridge State Agent Harrietts Benedict Layton Assistant State Agent Juanita Elizabeth Darrah Perel, D.Sc. (Johns Hopkins) Research Jf r orkcr Lethe Eleanora Morrison, Ph.D. (Illinois) Research Worker Minnie Mary Floyd, B.S. State Organizer, Poultry Clubs May M. Morse Specialist in Home Dairying Agn es Isabelle Webster, B.S. District Agent Ellen Le Noir District Agent Margaret Sumner Assistant Research Worker Gladys Hollingsworth Smith, M.A. Specialist in Nutrition ' ' Resigned November 15, 1922. Page twenty-three Nina Elisabeth McAdam Student Assistant in Library Myrtle Collins Student Assistant, Supervisor of Practice, Scliool of Music Mrs. Sallie Landrum Cawthonj Dean of tlic College Home Mrs. R. E. Sloan Assistant Dean of the College Home Miss Mamie Andrews Miss E. H. Denham Mrs. Kate D. Shipp Mrs. J. D. Turnbull Mrs. Margaret Saynor Mrs. Hal H. Curry Assistants in the College Home Sarah Elizabeth Glass, M.A. Y. W. C. A. Secretary Anne Young, M.D., Dr.P.H. Resident Physician Louise Fain Head Nurse in the Infirmary Jeanette McLemore Assistant Nurse in the Infirmary John G. Kellum Treasurer and Business Manager of the College Anna May Tracy Dietitian Jessie McNeill Secretary to the President, and Registrar Mrs. Amelia Keipp Clark Bookkeeper and Cashier Nelle Dooley Secretary to Business Manager Mrs. Ruth Kellum Assistant Bookkeeper Myra Lee Peters Stenographer in Registrar ' s Office Hazel Padrick Assistant in Bookstore and Business Office Ruth T. McIlvaine Manager of Bookstore Mrs. Ruby G. Richardson Secretary, Extension Department Mrs. Laura A. Richardson Stenographer, Extension Department Mrs. W. A. Papy Stenographer, Extension Department Eloise McGriff Mailing and Filing Clerk, Extension Department Page twenty-four 1313 esse s s s B E S S s B S S s s s s a s s B B B B B B B B B BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB Page twenty-seven Dorothy Lee Rumph Senior Class Colors: Red and White Flower: Red Rose Dorothy Lee Rumph, B.S Sanford, Florida K Treasurer of Student Government (2) ; Class President (3, 4) ; F Club (2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Life-Saving Corps (2, ' 3, 4) ; Class Repre- sentative to Student Government (3) ; Presidents ' Council (3, 4) ; Odd Basketball Team (1, 2, 4) ; Varsity Basketball (2). Senior Class Officers Dorothy Rumph President Mary Holt Vice-President Mariawa Raborn Secretary Mary Singletary Treasurer Anna Du Boise Athletic Manager Page twenty-eight Senior Class Maude Adams, A.B. LAKELAND, FLA. Classical Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (4). Ida Belle Appleby, B.S. ARCADIA, FLA. V -v " V President Junior Normal Class (1); Presidents ' Council (1); Class Baseball (1, 3); Home Economics Club (1). Carlotta Bartoo, A.B. POMONA, FLA. 2 K Classical Club (3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club ( 3) 4). Page tiventy-nine mwiuM ►enior CI ass Helen Virginia Bass KISSIMMEE, FLA. Secretary of Class (i) ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Representative on Board of Managers of Flambeau (3); Smaller Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Mask and Domino Club (2, 3, 4) ; Classical Club (2, 4) ; Neart Club (4). Frances Helen Beach, B.S. GRAND ISLAND, FLA. 2 A n Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (1); Student Assistant in Physics (3, 4). Mary Beggs, B.S. PEN ' SACOLA, FLA. K A Classical Club (1); History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Mask and Domino Club (4) ; Edu- cation Society (4). Page thirty Senior Class Vera Blume, B.S. LIVE OAK, FLA. History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Edu- cation Society (4). Isabelle Hamilton Boyd, A.B. CLERMONT, FLA. Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4). Annie Bruce, B.S. ORLANDO, FLA. A A A, 2 A II, O N Varsity Basketball (1, 2) ; Odd Basketball Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Vice-President of Student Govern- ment (3) ; President of Student Government (4) ; Smaller Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Presidents ' Council (2, 4) ; Life-Saving Corps (3, 4) ; Dele- gate to Student Government Convention (2, 3); Delegate to Blue Ridge (3) ; F Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Class President (2). Page thirty-one Senior CI ass Eula Lee Bryant, A.B. GAINESVILLE, FLA. History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Class Baseball Team (2, 3) ; Class Basketball Team (3, 4); Classical Club (1, 3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4); Representative at Large Athletic Asso- ciation (4) ; President of Education Society (4). Elmo Bullock, B.S. ST. ANDREWS, FLA. A A. A Glee Club (1, 2) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3) ; Odd Cheer Leader (1, 2, 4) ; Flambeau Staff (2) ; Athletic Board (3); Student Government (4); Education Society (4) ; Nifty Netters Club (4) ; Quartet (3, 4) ; Class Baseball Team (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Odd Baseball Team (1, 2). Dorothy Burrow, A.B. PENSACOLA, FLA. Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Education Society (4). Page thirty-two tenior CI ass Evelyn Carmichael, A.B. CHIPLEV, FLA. Classical Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Mask and Domino Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club (4) ; Education Society (4). Ruth Carrell, A.B. TAMPA, FLA. 2 a n Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Sharps and Flats (1, 2). Reita Chambers, B.S. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. n b F Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Vice-President of F Club (4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Mask and Domino Club (1, 2) ; Class Baseball (3); Tennis Championship (1, 2, 3); President of Jacksonville Club (4) ; Education Society (4) ; President of Nifty Netters (4). Page thirty-three •enior CI ass Cecil Comforter, B.S. CHARLESTON, S. C. A A II Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (2) ; History and Social Science Club (3) ; Education Society (4). Elsie Corbett, B.S. ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. 2 K Vice-President of Junior Normal Class (1); Treasurer of Senior Normal Class (2) ; L. I. Degree (2) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Secretary of Pan-Hellenic (4); Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Education Society (4). Edythe Dann, B.M. MIAMI, FLA. 2 K Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Chapel Choir (2, 3, 4) ; Sharps and Flats (1, 2, 3); Mask and Domino Club (4). Page thirty-four Senior CI ass Dorothy Dodd, B.S. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. K A, 2 A II, A X A Secretary and Treasurer of Class (i); Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (i, 2) ; Executive Com- mittee of Student Government (2) ; F Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Flambeau Staff (3). Constance V. Doty, B.S. DAYTONA, FLA. Education Society (4) ; Volusia County Club (4). Anna S. DuBois, B.S. JUPITER, FLA. F Club (2, 3, 4) ; Athletic Manager (3, 4) ; Fire Chief (4); Classical Club (Sub.); Life-Saving Corps (2, 3, 4) ; Class Basketball Team (3, 4) ; Class Baseball Team (2, 3, 4) ; Education Societv (4). Page thirty-five Senior Class Marguerite Edwards, A.B. OCALA, FLA. AAA Classical Club (i, 2) ; History and Social Club (3) ; Glee Club (1) ; Education Society (4). Cornelia Darke Engle, A.B. LAKE CITY, FLA. A a n Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (1) ; Glee Club (1); Classical Club (1, 2, 3); Smaller Cabinet- Undergraduate Representative (2) ; Delegate to Blue Ridge (2, 3) ; Delegate National Y. W. C. A. Convention (4) ; President of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Presidents ' Council (4) ; Student Govern- ment (4) ; President of Blue Ridge Club (4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4). Celeste Carolyn Fripp, A.B. KISSIMMEE, FLA. Glee Club (1) ; Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; His- tory and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Education Society (4). Page thirty-six Senior Class Jewel Elizabeth Godwin, A.B. BONIFAY, FLA. Glee Club (i, 2, 3) ; Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) Dramatic Club (1). Edna Greer, B.M. NEW SMYRNA, FLA. K A Nearts Club (4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Chapel Choir (2, 3) ; Sharps and Flats (4) ; Quartette (4) ; Secretary of Volusia County Club (4). Jane Gregory, A.B. QUINCY, FLA. 2 a n Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1); Presidents ' Council (4) ; President of Classical Club (4). Page thirty-seven Senior CI ass Mae Teressa Gregory, B.S. QUINCY, FLA. Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (2) ; Home Eco- nomics Club (1) ; Mask and Domino Club (4) ; History and Social Science Club (4). Norma Griffin, B.S. KISSIMMEE, FLA. X Smaller Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Glee Club (2) ; Classical Club (2) ; History and Social Science Club (3) ; Education Society (4). Loulie Bryan Haile, B.S. LIVE OAK, FLA. Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (1, 2) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Education So- ciety (4). Page thirty-eight Senior CI ass Frances Courtney Harris, B.M. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. AAA F Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); President of Class (1) ; Annual Staff (3) ; Stu- dent Government (4) , Sharps and Flats (1, 2) ; Life-Saving Corps (2, 3, 4) ; Presidents ' Council (1) ; Athletic Board (3). Annie Mae Hendry, A.B. PERRV, FLA. Classical Club (1, 2, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Education Society (4). Lucile HlMES, B.S. WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. O N Home Economics Club (1); Education Society (4) ; History and Social Science Club (4) ; Nifty Netters (4). Page thirty-nine lenior CI ass Mary Rivera Holt, B.S. PENSACOLA, FLA. Home Economics Club (i) ; Annual Flunkie (3) ; Vice-President of Class (4) ; History and Social Science Club (4) ; Education Society (4). Edith Estelle Jackson, A.B. TAMPA, FLA. Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Lucy May Jefferies, B.S. LAKE ALFRED, FLA. Home Economics Club (1); Mask and Domino Club (3) ; History and Social Science Club (4) ; Nifty Netters Club (4). Page forty Senior Class Mertice Jones, A.B. JACOB, FLA. Classical Club (i, 2, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Mask and Domino Club (3, 4); Education Society (4); Glee Club (4). Clara Esther Johnson, A.B. BONIFAY, FLA. Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4). Vivian Johnson, A.B. SYLACAUCA, ALA. K A Classical Club (3, 4); Glee Club (3); History and Social Science Club (3, 4). Page fotty-one Senior CI ass Anna Pennock Laird, A.B. JUPITER, FLA. F Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Delegate to W. S. C. F. Convention (1); Vice-President of Class (2); President of F Club (4) ; Smaller Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (Sub., 1, 2); Annual Staff (3); Classical Club (Sub., 1) ; Captain of Life-Saving Corps (3, 4). Effie Aubrey Lively, B.S. TAMPA, FLA. Historv and Social Science Club (3) ; Mask and Domino Club (4) ; Odd Basketball Team (2) ; Class Basketball Team (3, 4). Ida Meriwether, B.S. PEXSACOLA, FLA. Class Athletic Manager (2) ; History and So- cial Science Club (3, 4) ; Odd Basketball Team (3) ; Class Basketball Team (3, 4). Page forty-tv:o Senior Class Elizabeth M. Michael, B.S. ORLANDO, FLA. Minerva Club (i); French Club (i); President of Minerva Club (2) ; Vice-President French Club (2) ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (2) ; Home Economics Club (2) ; Education Society (4). Margaret Mitchell, A.B. WASHINGTON, D. C. K A, 2 A n Editor of Flambeau (3) ; Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3). Margaret Elizabeth Moyer, B.S. TAMPA, FLA. Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Glee Club (3) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Classical Club (3). Page jorty-tliree Senior Class Martha Jane Murphree, A.B. GAINESVILLE, FLA. x n Classical Club (i, 2); Glee Club (2, 3, 4) Chapel Choir (2, 3, 4) ; Presidents ' Council (4) Editof of Flambeau (4). Flora Douglass McLean, B.S. DE FUNIAK SPRINGS, FLA. History and Social Science Club (4) ; Class Basketball Team (2); Glee Club (2). Pearl Reid McWhorter, B.S. UMATILLA, FLA. n b $ Classical Club (3) ; History and Social Science Club (4) ; Mask and Domino Club (4). Page forty-four Senior CI ass Eleanor Nicholson, A.B. HAVANA, FLA. Classical Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (4). Anita Noble, A.B. BUSHNELL, FLA. Classical Club (4) ; Girl Scouts (3, 4) ; History and Social Science Club (4) ; Education Society (4). Ruth Nolder, B.S. GAINESVILLE, FLA. Flambeau Staff (4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4). Page forty-five Senior Class Lois Oliver, A.B. FAIRBANKS, FLA. Classical Club (i, 2) ; History and Social Science Club ( 3( 4). Anne Harkness Perry, A.B. LAKE CITY, FLA. Glee Club (1); Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Smaller Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Secretary of Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Vice-President of History and Social Science Club (3) ; Delegate to Na- tional Y. W. C. A. Convention (3); Delegate to Blue Ridge Conference (2, 3) ; Undergradu- ate Representative of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Presi- dents ' Council (4) ; Vice-President of Blue Ridge Club (4). Margery Pierpont, A.B. PENSACOLA, FLA. Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (1, 2) ; Smaller Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3, 4) ; Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Life-Saving Corps (2, 3, 4). Page forty-six Senior CI ass Sue Pitch ford, B.S. FORT PIERCE, FLA. 2 K Class Secretary (2) ; Class Treasurer (3) ; Busi- ness Manager of Flambeau (3) ; History and So- cial Science Club (4). Voncile Powell, A.B. LAKE CITY, FLA. K A Classical Club (1, 2) ; History and Social Science Club (1, 4). Muriel Prentis, B.S. KISSIMMEE, FLA. Home Economics Club (1); Glee Club (1); Mask and Domino Club (3). Page forty-seven J , ; , j L- Senior CI ass Marianna Raborx, B.S. PLANT CITY, FLA. Secretarv Senior Class (4) ; Smaller Cabinet of Y. V. C. A. (4) ; Glee Club (3) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Education Society (4) ; Flambeau Staff (4). Irene Ferx Reed, B.S. ORLANDO, FLA. History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Class Baseball Team (2); Education Society (4). Emma Irexe Riley, B.S. PUNTA GORDA, FLA. Education Society (4). Page forty-eight Senior Class Fern Russell, B.S. DE LAND, FLA. Home Economics Club (i); Education Society (4). Lillian Schwartz, B.S. SANFORD, FLA. Dramatic Club (i) ; Home Economics Club (i) Glee Club (3); Education Society (4). Anna Mae Sikes, B.S. PUNTA CORDA, FLA. Business Manager Flambeau (1, 2); Education Society (4) ; Business Manager Annual (3) ; Home Economics Club (1); Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (1, 2) ; Student Government (4) ; History and Social Science Club (4). Page forty-nine CL enior lass Edith Simmons, B.S. DE FUNIAKi SPRINGS, FLA. Mary Leora Singletary, B.S. KISSIMMEE, FLA. Home Economics Club (i); Class Treasurer 4) ; Education Society (4) ; History and Social Science Club (4) ; Nifty Netters (4). Adelia Smith, B.S. DAYTONA, FLA. Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4); Classical Club (3) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Girl Scouts (3, 4). Page fifty Senior Class Ruth Estelle Snider, B.S. HAVANA, FLA. Classical Club (i, 2) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Education Society (4). Shelton Solter. B.S. OCALA, FLA. Education Society (4). Ada Mae Stallings, A.B. DE LAND, FLA. 2 K Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Glee Club (1) ; Classical Club (1, 2) ; Flambeau Staff (1, 2) ; Class Baseball Team (2) ; Class Secre- tary (2) ; Business Manager of Summer Students ( ' 21); President of Volusia County Club (3); History and Social Science Club (3) ; Alternate for Class Delegate to World Student Conference (0. Page fifiy-one Senior Class Nina Mae Stephens, B.S. PUNTA GORDA, FLA. House President (4). Mary Louise Stewart, A.B. MILTON, FLA. Classical Club (1, 3) ; History and Social Science Club (3) ; Flambeau Staff (4) ; House President (4). Gladys Storrs, B.M. DE FUNIAK SPRINGS, FLA. 2 K College Quartette (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Sharps and Flats (1, 2, 3) ; Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4) ; Class Baseball Team (2). Page fifty-tzvo Senior Class Marguerita Vivian Straw, B.S. LAKELAND, FLA. II 15 I Alice Elizabeth Taylor, A.B. TAMPA, FLA. AAA Classical Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Larger Cabinet of Y.W. C. A. (3). Pauline Tervin, B.S. DE FUNIAK SPRINGS, FLA. x n Junior Class Basketball Team (3) ; Flambeau (4); F Club (3, 4); Life-Saving Corps (?); Baseball Team (3) ; Education Society (4). Page fifty-three Senior Class Mary Tiller, B.S. KISSIMMEE, FLA. Home Economics Cub (i); History and Social Science Club (3); Classical Club " (4) ; Mask and Domino Club (4). Thelma Tisdale, B.A. BLUFF SPRINGS, FLA. Home Economics Club (r) ; Dramatic Club (2) ; History and Social Science Club (4) ; Nifty Net- ters Club (4). Wilhelmina Dorothea Vallowe, 1?.A. WEST PALM BFACH, FLA. Home Economics Club (1) ; Glee Club (1, 2, 3) ; History and Social Science Club (4). Page fifty-four - Senior Class Pearl Agatha Walsh, B.S. HAVANA, FLA. 2 a n Mask and Domino Club (4). Anna Belle Wesson, B S. OCALA, FLA. Vice-President of Class (3); Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Glee Club (1) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4). Carol White, B.S. GERING, NEBR. N Home Economics Club (1, 4) ; Mask and Domino Club (4) ; Education Society (4) ; History and Social Science Club (4) ; Nifty Netters (4). Page fifty-five Senior CI ass Helen Marie Whitten, A.B. MIAMI, FLA. 2 K Flambeau Staff (2) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4) ; Classical Club (1, 2, 4) ; Editor of Flambeau (3). Ruth Frances Willis, A.B. FORT PIERCE, FLA. Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (3, 4) ; Flambeau Staff (3). Carra Manola Williams, B.S. SANBORN, FLA. Home Economics Club (1); Education Society (4) ; History and Social Science Club (4). Page-fifty-six Senior Class Marie Yon, B.S. BLUNTSTOWN, FLA. Classical Club (i) ; F Club (2, 3, 4) ; Mask and Domino Club (4) ; Varsity Baseball (2, 3) ; Sec- retary of Class (3); History and Social Science Club (3) ; House President (4) ; Class Baseball Team (2, 3, 4). Mary Josephine Schornherst, B.S. PENSACOLA, FLA. F Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Vice-President (1); Larger Cabinet of Y. W. C. A. (2) ; Flambeau Staff (3) ; President of Athletic Association (4) ; Presidents ' Council (4) ; History and Social Science Club (3, 4); Education Society (4). Page fifty-seven A Fantasy of the Red and Wkite p| YOUNG woman, the spirit of Seniority, sat gazing at the hurning logs in the big fireplace. In her hand she held a red rose, so red that it might have been dipped in blood. Frequently she tapped the flower impatiently against the carved arm of the chair — the scarlet petals dropped on her lap. There was an indefinable sadness about her face; her eyes one moment were misty as though she saw in the red flames the first happy days of her college life with its dreams, honors, friendships, regards. How she hailed them with delight ! Her plans without numbers, yet not one complete, dancing, leaping as the fire, were bathed in the crimson glow of the future. Suddenly her lips set in a firm line and a light of determination came into her eyes; she was motionless, tense, staring at the white flames which darted above the red. White flames, the light of truth! The light that heralds a new day with its efforts, services, success, was reflected in the face of the woman. The fire burned low. In its dull red embers the spirit of Seniority saw the memories, the conclusion, the good-bye. With a sigh she arose, and opening wide the casement, watched the dawn. It came clothed in a white light bringing with it visions, continuations, welcome! Then unhesitatingly she flung the crimson rose on the white snow as if to say: " The flower fared forth, Though its fragrance still stayed. " Page fifty -eight Page fifty-nine Clara Craig Johnson Jacksonville, Fla. Junior Class Colors: White and Gold Floiver: Shasta Daisy Junior Council Clara Johnson President Ethel Henry Vice-President Florence Pierpont Secretary May Matthews Treasurer Elsie Jones Athletic Manager Page sixty Page sixty -one Page sixty-tivo Page sixty-three Page sixty-four r- ' age sixty- five Page sixty-six Page sixty-sit)iil Page sixty-eight Page sixty-nine Page seventy Page seventy-one Page seventy-two c mJ)M_ A Page seventy-three Page seventy-four mi hi JV. ?rt finer Page seventy-five MR. AND MRS. B. A. WISE, JR. Page seVetity-sl)c Page seventy-seven Page seventy-eight Page seventy-nine Rut 3 ». ca rt- ' i HitAftGrSf " ' Bll nRsWt » C«» i» ' 5c«.-E«,vou$H Page eighty Page eighty-one Page eighty-two Page eiglily-tl.rei llLi Sophomore Joint Class MOVEMENT to unite the Normal classes of the School of Education and the first two classes of the College of Arts and Sciences was made at the beginning of school year when the Senior Normals and Sophomores voted to join each other in social activities, athletics, and on " Sophomore Day. " Both classes, since they were already organized, retained their own officers. When questions pertaining to entertainments or athletics are brought up, the classes meet under the name of the Joint-Sophomore Class. The Sopho- more President presides. After the year 1922-23, the Sophomore Class will consist of all second-year students. This will, it is expected, ulti- mately banish any scholastic or social distinction that might arise between the Normal and Academic students. Page eighty-four Page eighty -five vtMiML MARGARET NILES Freskman Class Colors: Green and White Flower: Cherokee Rose Freshman Council Margaret Niles President Jamie Reece Vice-President Violet Mott Secretary Edith Pullen Treasurer Margaret Way Athletic Manager Page eighty-six Page eighty-seven Page eighty-eight Page eighly-hirte School of Music Ella Scoble Opperman, Dean Music Graduates Bachelor of Music (Piano) Gladys Storrs Frances Harris Bachelor of Music (Violin) Edna Greer Bachelor of Music (Voice) Edythe Dann Teacher ' s Certificate (Piano) Miriam McCall Ruth Carrell Teacher ' s Certificate (Violin) Edna Hillyer Teacher ' s Certificate (Voice) Marie Flournoy L. I. In Public School Music Myrtle Collins Marie Flournoy Florence Lipscomb Evelyn Gates Margaret Strange Dorothy Wilson Page ninety Vo.ge ninety one Page ninety-two Page ninety-three Page ninety-four Page ninety-five Business Graduates Irma Biddle Irma Crum Merle Love Emma Martin Marion Otis Lenore Shaeffer Page ninety-six Athletic Board Officers Mary Schornherst President Ina Simmons Vice-President Werrna Clare Allen Secretary Katherine Prime Treasurer Representative at Large Eula Lee Bryant Pays ninety-nine T " CLUB Pdge one hundred ' F " CLUB Page one hundred on6 Varsity Basketball Team — M. Lytle, E. Williams, I. Simmons, A. Bruce, D. Rumph, E. Henry Page Qtie hundred 1-tvo ODD TEAM Page one hundred three THANKSGIVING GAME, 1 922 Page one hundred four SOPHOMORE TEAM Basketball Record, 1913-22 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 Evens 191 8 Odds Odds 1919 Odds Odds 1920 Evens Evens 1921 Evens Odds 1922 Evens Record for Class Games, 1922 Sophomores 11; Freshmen 7 Juniors 33; Seniors 7 Sophomores 22; Juniors 21 Page one hundred five Life-Saving Corps Officers Ethel Henry President Dorothy Rumph Vice-President Elsie Jones Secretary and Treasurer Anna Laird Captain Memrers Evelyn Bird Florence Correll Anna DuBois Gladys Gregory Frances Harris Helen Harris Ethel Henry Anna Laird Winifred Lively Emily Lucas Teresa Murphy Rhea Maxson Dorothy Rumph Ina Simmons Peggy Niles Gary Ford Dorothy Bunting Page one hundred six Baseball Varsity, 1921-22 Pearl Caii Pitcher Leota Caruthers Catcher Elizabeth Robinson First Base Gladys Vaughn Second Base Ethel Henry Third Base Helen Harris Shortstop Marie Yon Field Anne Harwick Field Hortense Cooper Field Page one hundred seven Nifty-Netters !_ Officers Rf.ta Chambers President Miriam Connor Vice-President Elsie Jones Secretary-Treasurer AlburYj Alice Allersmeyer, Mary L. Ashew, Irene Alderman, Mona Adams, Maud Bird, Evelyn Bohman, Mary Bartoo, Carlotta Bartoo, Eloise Bradshaw, Sara Burdett, Susie Bradford, Mary Barwick, Lilian Bunting, Dorothy Bryant, Eula Lee Baker, Martha Bass, Elizabeth Brantly, Mildred Bradford, Linda Belle Boyd, Alise Bennett, Gladys Burr, Myra Brendla, Vera Caston, Anna May Connor, Miriam Chambers, Reta Chambers, Irene Creamer, Esther Collins, Myrtle Capo, Marguerite Coon, Marjorie Cox, Dora Cleveland, Catherine Curtis, Joanna Clyatt, Helen Carroll, May Correll, Florence Doran, Effie Doyle, Carolyn Decker, Dorothy Delany, Katherine Dew, Joe Anna Doris, Marjorie Doan, Anna DuBois, Anna Erdman, Henrietta Endicott, Harriette Endicott, Mary Everett, Florence Flanigan, Ruth Futch, Opal Ford, Gary Fender, Essie Grumbles, Inez Graham, Pauline Glover, Honor Galloway, Tussie Glover, Mary Gregory, Gladys Harrington, Bertha Holmes, Ida Hodsdon, Esther Hoy, Lolla C. Hendry, Annie May Himes, Lucile Holden, Lillian Hall, Ethel Heacock, Ellen Heidelberg, Claire Hobbs, Ellen Hook, Stella Hager, Ruby Hiers, Ada Jeffries, Lucy Jones, Elsie Kennard, Winifred Kennedy, Dorothy Members Leisher, Katherine Lockwood, Theo Langford, Edith Lamb, Loca Belle Lane, Mary Lee, Mary Lee, Vesta Leatherman, Ava Lucas, Emily musselwhite, agnes Mott, Violet Mays, Leila Millinor, Rosalie Martin, Emma Mathis, Louise Mudge, Evelyn Martin, Edna Meldrin, Vera McKay, Angela McLin, Vivian McCall, Mildred McWhorter, Pearl McCall, Maud McLean, Flora D. Niles, Margaret O ' Neal, Billie Oliver, Lois Osterhoudt, Josephine O ' Donald, Molly Ohrns, Lillian Price, Frances Platt, Lorene Priest, Alma Price, Libby Kellerman, Wilhelmina Phillips, Thelma Lett, Bessie Lamb, Natalie Love, Faye Lee, Winifred Lind, Betty Ladd, Irene Lynch, Margaret Priester, Frankie Pullen, Edith Park, Josephine Paul, Maudie Rawls, Sadie Riley, Irene Russel, Fern Ritner, Katherine Robinson, Ella May Sanders, Audrey Shriner, Florence Sanderson, Elva Strong, Winifred Sulton, Muriel Sales, Rushabelle St. John, Celia Strange, Margaret Soper, Beulah Saunders, Mary C. Sundy, Katherine Smith, Kate McS. Scarborough, Omie Sorrick, Florence Straw, Marguerite Simmons, Ina Smith, Thelma Simpson, Ada Louise Shepard, Catherine Telley, Lucilk Turner, Inez Tower, Dorothy Tompkies, Christine Tryon, Lucia Wesson, Anna Belle Whalton, Elizabeth Winters, Alice Warriner, Idyl Whiteside, Marjorie Willard, Florence Wedding, Ruth Woelf, Jeanne Warren, Consuelo Walker, Frances M. Whittier, Ruth Way, Margaret Warner, Miriam Weedon, Mary Watson, Wilma Yon, Marie Zachary, Julia Page one hundred eight Page one hundred nine Field Day Statistics The following are the College records in athletics: Running high jump Dorothy Dodd 4 ft. 3 in Margaret Boyle Antoinette Mullikin 12 seconds lOOyard dash Virginia Holland 30 ft. 3 in Running-hop-step-jump Anne Harwick 77 ft. 3 1-2 in Javelin throw Antoinette Mullikin 15 2-5 sec Hurdles Elizabeth Peschmann 6 3-5 seconds 50-yard dash Dorothy Richey 7 ft- 7 in Standing broad jump Helen Harris 73 ft. 1 1 1-2 in Basketball throw Pauline Tervin 181 ft. 2 3-4 in Baseball throw Anne Harwick 30 ft. 1 3-4 in Shot put Helen Harris 3 ft. 4 in Standing high jump Emma Lee King 16 ft Running broad jump Xell Carroll 98 ft. 2 in Discus ( National record) Xell Carroll 1 12 ft Hurl ball (National record) All-Round Athletes 19 1 5 — Emma Lee King 1 916 — Emma Lee King and Virginia Holland 191 7 — Virginia Holland 19 1 8 — Katherine Montgomery 1 9 19 — Eleanor Brewer 192(3 — Xell Carroll 1 92 1 — Helen Harris 1922 — Lucille Reece Classes Holdixg the Baxxer 191 3 — Normals of 1916 19 1 4 — College of J 91 5 19 1 5 — Normals of 1916 191 6 — College of 191 9 191 7 — College of 1920 1918 — College of 1920 19 1 9 — College of 1922 1920 — College of 1923 1 92 1 — College of 1922 1922 — College of 1922 Page one hundred ten FIELD DAY, 1922 Page one hundred eleven Anne Harwick, B.S., ' 22 From the Eastern Try-out and athletic meet held in May, 1922, at Oaksmere School, Mamaroneck, New York, Anne Harwick, ' 22, emerged American woman champion javelin thrower, her official record being 127 feet 8 inches. This distinction won her a place on the American Woman ' s Team, which competed with other women athletes of the world at the International Track and Field Meet for Women in Persh- ing Stadium, Paris, August 20, 1922. Owing to illness on the day the javelin event was called, Miss Harwick was unable to compete. She did, however, bring honors to the American team and to F. S. W. C. by taking second place in the basketball throw and third place in the 330-metre race. She is now assistant instructor of athletics at Oakesmere School, and has been ap- pointed coach for the American team for the Olympic games in 1924. Page one hundred tivelve PRESIDENTS COUNCIL Page one Iiundred fifteen s nl ;. Executive Committee of Student Government Axxie Bruce President Ethel Hexry J ' ice-President Gladys Jordax Secretary Edith McMaKIN Treasurer House Presidents Elmo Bullock Broward Hall Mary Louise Stewart Bryan Hall Frances Harris Reynolds Hall Xixa Mae Stephexs Elizabeth Hall Marie Yox Jennie Murphree Hall Class Representatives Axxie Mae Sikes Ina Simmons Senior Junior Edith Power Sophomore Axxie Rooxey Senior Normal Page one hundred sixteen Page one hundred seventeen A Fresh resnman lommission I Ruth Burns 2 Mollie Willie Crux 3 Norma Davis 4 Lillian Douglas 5 Mae Reynolds Fellows 6 Polly Gillette 7 Lolla Hoy 8 Helen Ives 9 Gladys Jordan 10 Sarita Lake ii Dorothy Lee 12 Mabel Lytle 13 Cornelia McMurray H Lucile Sumner 15 Majorie Ward Page one hundred eighteen Page one hundred nineteen - miiM Y. W. C. A. " Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saitli t ie Lord of Hosts. " Miss Sallie Glass, General Secretary Officers for 1922-1923 Cornelia Engle President Lois MacQueen Vice-President Mabel Murphey Secretary Helen Bass Treasurer Anne Perry Undergraduate Representative Honorary Members Annie Bruce Marjory Ward Departments Membership Lois MacQueen Mary O. Murfee Fannie Blackburn Elsie Corbett Finance Kathleen Moiir World Fellowship Margery Pierpont Margaret Moyer Ruth Willis Social Norma Griffin Celia St. John Frankie Wharton Religious Education Elizabeth Aiken Publicity Mildred Game Beryl Lovvorn Norma Davis Social Service Marianna Rayborn Mary Louise Dickinson Adelia Smith Page one hundred twenty Page one hundred twenty-one Flambeau Staff mmwd) Martha Murphree Editor-in-Chief Teresa Murphy Assistant Editor Dorothy Decker Exchange Editor May Mathews Business Manager Pauline Tervin Local Editor Eva Greer Athletic Editor Beryl Lovvorn Local Editor No rma Davis Local Editor Clara C. Johnson Local Editor Mary Louise Stewart Campus Circulation Marianna Raborn Assistant Circulation Lucile Reece City Circulation Ruth Nolder Assistant Circulation Board of Managers Helen Bass Senior College Teresa Murphy Junior College Myrtis Tureman Sophomore College Annie Roone " Senior Norma Page one hundred tiventy-tivo Page one hundred twenty-three Flastacowo Staff Nina McAdam Editor-in-Chief Joe Axxa Morris Business Manager Dorothy Judsox Decker Associate Editor Kathleex Mohr Literary Editor Cei.ia St. John Athletic Editor Rhea Maxson Art Editor Emily Rahxer Assistant Art Editor Teresa Murphy Advertising Editor Fraxkie Wharton Assistant Advertising Editor Marjorie Williams Picture Editor Page one hundred twenty-four Page one hundred t u:enty-fi ve Classical Club J Officers Janie Gregory President Marjorie Williams Vice-President Edith Power Secretary Myrtis Tureman Treasurer Members Adams, Maude Alderman, Mona Allsmeyer, Mary L. Ames, Helen Anderson, Catherine Anson, Lucy Aiken, Elizabeth Barnes, Olivia Barber, Adeline Ball, Annelle Bartoo, Eloise Bartoo, Carlotta Barwick, Lillian Bass, Helen Bass, Elizabeth Benedict, Sarah Bettes, Catherine Bennett, Gladys Bishop, Louise Buck, Louise Burrow, Dorothy Bochelle, Zelia Boyd, Maude Boyd, Isabel Burdette, Susan Bunch, Kathleen Bunting, Dorothy Bogle, Mary Bryant, Eula Lee Bradford, Linda Belle Brown, Kathleen Bryson, Lois Cassidy, Evelyn Capo, Marguerite Caston, Anna May Calhoun, Eva CandeEj Beatrice Carmichael, Evelyn Carrell, Ruth Chaires, Ruth Chauncy, Linnie Mae Chiles, Bessie Chambers, Irene Cleveland, Kathryn Cooper, Hortense Cu rry, Agnes Davis, Sara Davis, Norma Davis, Flossie Day, Verna Dew, Joe Anna Dempsey, Alice Decker, Dorothy Dilzer, Julia Doran, Effie Driver, Martha DuBose, Anna Edwards, Edith Ellis, Cary Evans, Alma Fagan, Fay Ford, Gary Foster, Annie May Fraleigh, Margaret Fripp, Caroline Futch, Opal Garner, Hazel Game, Mildred Giles, Adelma Grumbles, Inez Greer, Eva Gregory, Janie Goldsby, Bessie Godwin, Jewel Gwyn, Isabel Hall, Dorothy Hall, Ethel Harris, Ainslee H axel, Marion Haile, Marie Henry, Florence Helms, Aldis Hendry, Annie Mae Hill, Catherine hollingsworth, mary Hoyt, Nancy Horne, Elizabeth Hodsdon, Esther Hodnett, Ruth Holder, Margaret Hull, Madge Huey, Frances Huey, Olive Jackson, Mattie Jackson, Helen Jackson, Edith Jelks, Ruth Jelks, Charlotte Jernigan, Pauline Johnson, Myrtle Johnson, Clara E. Johnson, Clara C. Jordan, Elizabeth Jones, Hazel Jones, Mertice Jones, Thelma Jones, Elsie Kellerman, Wilhelmina Kennard, Winifred King, Jeanne Lamb, Natalie Layton, Margaret Lasley, Margaret Lee, Mary Lee, Winifred Lett, Bessie Loomis, Cathryn Luck, Evelyn Mann, Myra Mahoney, Elizabeth Matthews, May Mathews, Lyndal Mathis, Julia Maxson, Rhea Meldrin, Vera Meriweather, Minnie Mitchell, Margaret Murphey, Mabel Murral, Daisy McAdam, Nina McBeagle, Miriam McGeachy, Vera McKay, Angela McKenxon, Annie McMullen, Lucy McMurray, Cornelia McCall, Maude MacQueen, Lois Nicholson, Eleanor Noble, Anita overstreet, lois O ' Donald, Mary O ' Neal, Belle Parham, Janice Parkhill, Helen Pender, Edith Perry, Anne Pickering, Pansy Pierpoxt, Marjorie Pixaire, Helen Poer, Gussie May Power, Edith Price, Dorothy Price, Frances B. Price, Lucy Prime, Katherine Pringle, Mary Ray, Kathryn Reese, Jamie Rixghausen, Lucy Robison, Grace Robinsox, Ella Mae routledge, esther Russ, Pearl Taylor, Betty Tervin, Mary C. Tiller, Mary Tomkies, Christine Townsend, Alberta toomer, priscilla Tryon, Lucia Tureman, Myrtis Sanford, Elizabeth Saunders, Mary C. Saxderson, Emily Scarborough, Omie Shepherd, Anna Shepherd, Kathryn Shriner, Florence Smith, Martha Sowell, Annie Stallings, Emma Stewart, Luna Stein, Lena St. John, Celia Storrs, Iris Strong, Fay Sundy, Kathryn Swinson, Ruth Warriner, Idyl Walker, Mary Ward, Marjorie Warxer, Miriam Waltox, Lyda Walker, Fraxces Watson, Wilma Watkixs, Marion Walker, Sara Weedon, Mary Wefing, Dorothy Wethington, Louise Wharton, Frankie Whitten, Helen Whitney, Carol Wilson, Christine WilTj Ruth Willis, Ruth Williams, Jessie Williams, Elsie Williams, Marjorie Wii.lcoxen, Sara Willard, Florence Wynn, Harriet Yowell, Virginia Page one hundred twenty-six Page one hundred tnuenty-se vetl History and Social Science Club Officers May Matthews President Teresa Murphy Vice-President Ruth Burns Secretary Effie Doran Treasurer Beryl Lovvorn Chairman Program Committee Abbott, Isabelle Adams. Maude Aden, Elna Aiken, Elizabeth Albury, Alice Alderman, Mona Allersmeyer. Mary L. Ames, Helen Anderson, Catherine Anson, Lucy Appleby, Ida Belle Everett, Mary Baker, Martha Ball, Annelle Barber, Adeline Barcus, Marguerite Bartoo, CarloUa Barwiek, Lilian Bass, Elizabeth Beach, Helen Beggs, Mary Belyeu. Jenny Lou Benedict, Sarah Benett, Gladys Bettes. Catherine Bird, Evelyn Bishop, Louise Blackburn. Bessie Blackburn, Fannie Blume, Vera Bogle, Mary Barnes. Olivia Bouchelle, Zelia Boyd, Isabelle Boyd, Maude Brendla, Vera Boylen, Lorraine Boynton, Virginia Briggs, Dorothy Britt, Maude Brown, Kathleen Bruce, Annie Brunner, Lillle Buck. Louise Bullock, Elmo Bunch, Kathleen Bunting, Dorothy Burdett. Susan Burke ' , Mary Burns, Ruth Burr, Nannie Burrow, Dorothy Calhoun, Eva Candee, Beatrice Capo, Marguerite Carmichael, Evelyn Carter, Roberta Carter, Sallie Chairs, Ruth Chambers, Irene Chauncy, Linnie Chiles, Bessie Cline, Mary Comforter, Cecil Compton, Mary Pearl Conner, Miriam Co oper, Hortense Corbett, Elsie Corbett, Olive Cornwell, Emma Cox, Dora Crone, Clara Curry, Agnes Curry, Lois Curtis, Joanna Dancy, Caroline Davis, Flossie Davis, Majorie Davis, Sara Day, Verna Decker, Dorothy J. Dempsey, Alice Dew, Joe Anna Dickie, Elizabeth Dickson, Bertha Dilzer, Julia Doan, Anna Doran, Effie Douthit. Thelma Doyle, Caroline Drew, Nina Driver. Martha DuBoise, Anna DuBose, Anna Edwards, Edith Ellis, Cary Endicott. Mary Engle, Cornelia Evans, Alma Fagan, Fay Fellows, May R. Floyd, Bernice Ford. Gary Fowler, Isabel Fraleigh, Margaret Fraleigh, Rhoda Free, Vivian Fripp, Carolyn Futeh. Opal Gass, Lillian Gay, Vivian Garner, Hazel Giles, Adelina Gillespie, Elsie Gillette. Polly Gillis, Orene Glenn, Gussie Goertz, Clare Graham, Pauline Greer, Eva Gregory, Janie Gregory, Mae Griffin, Norma Groves, Mary Grumbles, Inez Haile, Loulie Haile, Marie Haley, Ruth Hall, Dorothy Hall, Ethel Hammargren, Beth Hare, Edmonia Harris. Ainslee Hedrick, Arda Helvenston, Gladys Hendry, Anna Mae High, Clara Hill, Catherine Himes, Lucille Hobbs, Ellen Hodnett, Ruth Members Hodsdon, Esther Holden. Lillian Holder, Margaret Hollingsworth, Mary Hook, Stella Holmes, Crystal Holt, Mary Home. Elizabeth Hoy, Lalla Hoyt, Nancy Huey, Frances Huey, Olive Hull, Madge Jackson, Edith Jackson, Helen Jefferies. Lucy Jernigan. Pauline Johnson, Clara E. Johnson, Henrietta Johnson, Myrtle Jones. Elsie Jones, Hazel Jones, Mertice Jordan, Elizabeth Keck, Evelyn Kellerman, W. Kennard, Winifred Kerr, Marguerite King, Jeanne Knowles, Ruth Lamb, Natalie Langford, Lucille Lake, Sarita LasKy, Marguerite Layton, Margaret Lee, Vesta Lee. Winifred Lewis. Florine Lelt, Bessie Lipscombe, Louise Lively, Winifred Livingston, Esther Livingston, Martha Logan, Nila Lovvorn, Beryl Lowery, Isabella Lucas, Emily Luck. Evelyn Lytel, Mabel Mahoney, Elizabeth Mann, Elizabeth Mann, Myra Mathis, Julia Mathews, Lyndal Matthews, May Mays, Leila Meriwether, Minnie Meriwether, Ida Michael, Elizabeth Miller. Iris Milliner, Rozale Milliken, Elizabeth Milton, Sarah Mitchell, Catherine Moser, Lois Moyer, Margaret Munroe, Daisy Murphy, Teresa McBrayer. Miriam McCall, Maude McCall. Mildred McCaskill. Clara McLean, Flora D. McGeachy, Vera McKay. Angela McKinzie. Olivia McKinnon, Annie McKinnon, Nan McLin, Vivian McMullen, Lucy McMurray, Cornelia Nelson, Martha Nicholson, Eleanor Nicholson, Sallie Niles, Margaret Noble, Anita Ohrms. Lillian Osterhoudt, J. Owens, Cama Owens, Marion O ' Donald, Mary Parham, Janice Parker, Elizabeth Parker, Vela Parkhill, Helen Parramore, Louise Paul. Daisy Pender, Edithe Perry, Anne Pickering. Pansy Pinaire, Helen Pitchford, Sue Platts. Dorothy Poer, Gussie Mae Powell, Voncile Price, Elizabeth Price, Dorothy Priester, Frankie Prime. Katherine Pringle, Mary Raborn, Mary Anna Rae, Katherine Ramsey, Margaret Rebo, Barbara Reed, Irene Reese, Jamie Reese, Lucille Rickard. Geneva Ritner, Katherine Robertson, Ella Mae Robinson, Grace Rosenbloom, Minnie Rumph, Dorothy Russ, Pearl Russell, Fern Sanderson, Emily Sanford, Elizabeth Sale, Rushabelle Saunders, Mary Scarborough, Omie Schell, Olive . Schwartz, Lillian Shepherd. Anna Shepharcl, Eleanor Shore, Lucky Shriner, Florence Sikes, Anna Mae Simmons, Ina Simmons, Edith Singletary, Mary Sligh, Sara Smith, Adelia Smith, Eloise Smith, Martha Smith, Moseley Smith, Susan Snider, Ruth Sowell, Annie Sorrick, Florence Stallings. Ada Mae Stallings, Emma Stanford, Mattie Stein, Lena Stevens, Nina Mae Stewart, Luna Stewart, Mary L. St. John. Celia Storrs. Iris Strong, Winifred Sumner, Lucile Sundy, Katherine Sutton, Thelma Tervin, Mary C. Tomkles, Christine Tower, Dorothy Townsend. Alberta Trevor, Mary Tryon. Lucia Tureman, Myrtis Turner, Inez Tyler. Karlie Underhill, Leila Walker, Frances Walker, Caroline Walker, Mary " Walker, Sarah Walsh, Pearl Walton, Lyda Ward, Marjorie Warner, Miriam Warrlner, Idyl Watkins, Marian Watson, Wilma Weedon, Mary Weflng, Dorothy Weldon, Clara Wendell, Clara Wesson, Anna Belle Worthington, Louise Whaley, Olive Wharton, Frankie Whitney, Carol White, Carol Whitten, Helen Whittier, Ruth Willard, Florence Willcoxsen, Sarah Williams, Ella Williams, Elise Williams, Jessie Williams, Ruth Wilson, Christie Wilt, Ruth Wynn, Harriet Winter, Alice Wood, Marian Woodruth, Mary R. Vallowe, W. Yon, Marie Yowell, Virginia Page one hundred twenty-eight Page one hundred twenty-nine Education Society Officers Eula Lee Bryant President Mrs. Kate McSween Smith Vice-President Clarine Belcher Secretary Luna Bowdoin Treasurer Dr. B. B. Bassett Miss Helen Gene Can tr ell Miss Gladys Comforter Dr. Edward Conradi Mrs. Elma Williams Ealey Miss Allie Lou Felton Dr. P. F. Finner Dr. J. B. Game Dr. E. V. Gage Miss Alma Grant Honorary Members Miss Helen Harris Mrs. Clara Rider Hayden Miss Emma Helseth Miss Mary Hollingsworth Dr. Horatio Hughes Miss Olga Larson Miss Rowena Longmire Miss Audrey Packham Miss Lillian Walker Page Miss Zadie L. Phipps Miss Louise Richardson Dean N. M. Salley Dean Margaret R. Sandels Miss Maude Schwalmyer Miss Helen Warlow Miss Emily Pittman Wilburn Mr. Arthur Williams Miss Felicia Williams Miss Catherine Winters Adams, Nell Aden. Elna Albury, Alice Allen. Werdna Clare Appleby, Ida Belle Askew, Irene Avirette, Mary E. Aycock, Helen Bain, Emily May Barcus, Marguerite Baynard, Adelaide Beach, Helen Beggs, Mary Belcher, Clarine Belyeu, Jennie Lou Bird, Evelyn Blackburn, Fannie Blackburn, Bessie Blume, Vera Bohman, Mary Bowdoin, Luna Bowen, Ruby Boyle, Margaret Boylen, Lorraine Boynton, Virginia Bradford, Mary Bradford, Lina Belle Briggs, Dorothy Britt, Maude Ellen Bruce, Annie B runner, Li:y Bryant, Eula Lee Budd, Mary Bullock. Elmo Burke, Mary Burns, Ruth Burr, Nannie Byrd. Elizabeth Carmack, Ida Carmichael, Evelyn Carroll, May Carter. Roberta Cassady, Evelyn Chambers, Rita Clark, Mabel Cleveland, Catherine Coleman. Elizabeth Collins, Myrtle Comforter, Cecil Compton, Mary P. Coon, Marjorie Cornwell, Stanley Cooper. Hortense Corbett, Elsie Corbett, Olive Coward, Rachael Cox, Mary Helen Cox, Dora Craig, Naomi Crews, Thelma Crux, Mollie Willie Dale, Willie Sue Dancy, Caroline Davis, Mary Louise Davis, Marjorie Dean, Pearl DeVane, Eunice Dickson, Bertha Dickey, Elizabeth Doty, Connie Douglas, Gussie Drew, Nina Mae Du Bois, Anna Du Bose, Annie M. Earnest, Leonora Edwards, Marguerite Edwards, Doris Eldridge, Callie Mae Ellis, Cary Endicott, Mary Eidmans. Henrietta Everett, Florence Felton, Ina Fellows, May R. Fender, Essie Ferguson, Louise Flournoy, Marie Folsom, Sallie Folsom, Amanda Fowler, Isabel Fripp, Carolyn Free, Vivian Galloway. Tussie Game, Mildred Gardner, Susie Gates, Evelyn Genhoe, Camil ' .e Gill, Frances Gillespie, E ' sie Gillette, Polly Gillis, Orene Glen, Gussie Glover, Honor Goldwire, Louisa Gray, Hester Graham, Pauline Gregory, Margaret Green, Amy Greene, Bertha May Griffin, Hilda Members Griffin, Norma Hager, Ruby Haile, Loulie Hair, Edmonia Haley, Rutn Hammagren, E. Hart, Mrs. Gordon Hartsfleld, Mrs. R. M. Harrington, Bertha Head, Grace Hedrick, Arda Hendry, Annie Mae Herrick. Rebah Henry, Ethel Hiers, Ada High, Clara Hill, Helen Himes, Lucille Holmes, Crystal Holt, Mary Hook, Stella Howze, Virginia Hoy, Lai la Huelsenkamp, Alice Huggins, Juanita Huggins. Edna Mae Ingram, Lucy Johnson, Clara E. Jeffries ' , Lucy Jones, Johnnie Lee Jones, Mertice Jordan. Gladys Kerr, Margaret Keyes. Frances Ladd, Irene Langford, Edith Lee, Mary Lee, Annie Leisher, Kathryn Lewis, Madeline Lind, Elizabeth Lipscomb. Louise Lively, Effie Livingston, Esther Logan, Nila Lowry, Isabella Lynch, Margaret Lytle, Mabel Macrae, Florence Mac Queen, Lois Mahoney. Frances Matthews, May Mathews, Mary Lee McAdam, Nina McCall, Miriam McCall. Maude McCaskill, Clara McGeachy, Lina McKinley, Thelma McKinnon, Nan McLin, Vivian McWhorter. Pearl Melton, Margaret Meriwether, Minnie Michael, Elizabeth Miller, Lois Millinor. Rozalie Mills, Christine Mitchell, Catherine Mohr, Kathleen Morgan, Lily Moser, Lois Murfee, Mary Owen Nelson, Martha Nettles, Mrs. Nadine Nolder, Ruth Cliver, Lois Owens, Marion Park, Josephine Parker, Vela Parker, Louise Parramore, Louise Paul, Grace Paul, Daisy Paulk, Maud Pert, Catherine Poer, Gussie Mae Porter, Dorothy Powell, Mildred Priester, Frankie Price, Elizabeth Pullen, Edith Raborn, Marianna Reed, Irene Register, Eloise Register, Grace Renner, Helen Claire Riley, Irene Ringhausen, Lucy Robertson, Marie R obinson, Ella May Rooney, Annie Rosenbloom, Minnie Rumph, Dorothy Russell, Fern Sale, Rushabelle Schell, Olive Schornherst, Mary Schwartz, Lillian Sellers, Thelma Sheppard, Eleanor Shockley, Catherine Shore, Luckie Sikes, Annie Mae Simmons, Ina Singletary, Mary Sligh, Sarah Smith, Moseley Smith, Susan Smith, K. McSween Smith, Eloise Smith, Mildred Smith, Zerline Snider, Ruth Sorrick, Florence Souter, Shelton Sparkman, Mabel Stallings, Imogene Stanford, Mattie Stephens, Nina Mae Stephens, Rita Stewart, Mary L. Stewart, Pauline Strange, Elizabeth Straw. Marguerite Sturkie, Fay Sutton, Murriel Sutton, Thelma Tisdale, Thelma Trevor. Mary Turnbull, Betty Turnbull, Ivie Vallowe, Wilhelmina Verri, Louisa Walker, Caroline Walsh, Pearl Watts, Violet Watson, Saundal Wells, Dorothy Whaley, Olive White, Carol White, Cleo White, Dorothy Wilensky, Gertrude Williams, Carrie Williams, Marjorie Williams, Sallie Wilson, Mary K. Winter, Alice Wolff, Jeanne Wood, Marion Wooddell, M. Woodruff, Mary R. Wynkoop, Lois Yelverton, Edith Page one hundred thirty Page one hundred thirty-one ' omino miiM Officers Helen Bass President Clara C. Johnson . Vice-President Irene Chambers Secretary Margaret Boyle Corresponding Secretary Marjorie Ward Treasurer Anderson, Catherine Anson, Aline Allesmeyer, Mary L. Baker, Martha Bass, Elizabeth Bass, Helen Baynard, Adelaide Beggs, Mary Bishop, Louise Bohman, Mary Bowen, Ruby Boyd, Alice Eoyle, Margaret Branscombe, Virginia Brantley, Mildred Brendla, Vera Briggs, Dorothy Brown, Kathleen Bruce, Annie Buck, Louise Bullock, Elmo Bunting, Dorothy Burr, Myra Burright, Pauline Carmichael, Evelyn Caston, Anna May Chambers, Irene Cornwell, Stanley Coward, Rachael Cox, Dora Curtis, F. Joanna Dann, Edythe Davis, Flossh: Davis, Marjorie Davis, Sara Dilzer, Julia Earnest, Lenora Floyd, Bernice Members Ford, Gary Gerald, Elizabeth Giles, Adelma Gillespie, Elsie Gass, Lilian Glen, Gussie Grant, Alma Gregory, Mae Harbaugh, Gladys Hager, Ruby Harrell, Gretchen Harris, Ainslee Harris, Helen Hand, Marion D. Head, Grace Hiers, Ada Hill, Catherine Hill, Helen Holden, Winifred Hollingsworth, Mary Hook, Stella Hoiine, Elizabeth Johnson, Clara Jones, Mertice ' Kennard, Winifred Knowles, Ruth Lamb, Natalie Lee, Vesta Leisher, Kathryn Lewis, Florine Lively, Effie Lucas, Emily Lytle, Mabel Miller, Dorothy Milton, Sarah Morgan, Lily Moser, Lois Murphy, Teresa McGeachy, Lina McKay, Angela McLean, Flora McLin, Vivian McWhorter, Pearl Nelson, Martha Parker, Elizabeth Parkhill, Helen Parkhill, Nan Paul, Daisy Paul, Grace Paulk, Maudie Penaire, Helen Platts, Dorothy Price, Frances Register, Grace Ringhausen, Lucy Rooney, Annie sundy, katherine Tiller, Mary ' i illey, lucile Underhill, Leila Walker, Sara Walsh, Pearl Ward, Marjorie Watts, Violet Weller, Evelyn Wells, Dorothy Wells, Ruth Wendel, Clara Whaley, Olive Whitfield, Marv Whiteside, Marjory Willcoxon, Sara Wilson, Dorothy Woodruff, Mary Ruth Yon, Marie Page one hundred t iirty-tivo Page one hundred thirty-three mwiiMJ - Motto: Be Prepared Girl Scouts Slogan: Do a Good Turn Daily Officers Miss Alma Grant Captain Miss Emma Helseth Lieutenant Patrol Leaders Audrey Packham Claire Heidelberg Esther Creamer Brantley, Mildred Bunch, Kathleen Enrollment Bunting, Dorothy Conner, Miriam Creamer, Esther Fagan, Fay Ford, Gary Galloway, Gussie Goertz, Claire Glover, Honor Helms, Aldis Heidelberg, Claire Holder, Margaret Keyes, Francis Leisher, Kathryn Maxson, Rhea Morgan, Lily Mudge, Evelyn Niles, Peggie Noble, Antta Price, Elizabeth Platts, Dorothy ROSENBLOOM, MlNNIE Sheppard, Catherine Winfield, May Smith, Adelia Wood, Marion Watts, Violet Wynn, Harriet Worthington, Louise Page one hundred thirty-) our Page one liunircii thirty-five — Fire Department Anna DuBois, Fire Chief Fire Captains jennie murphree Flora Douglass McLean Catherine Shockley May Matthews Elizabeth Mann Irene Chambers Mary Singletary Elizabeth Taylor REYNOLDS Claire Heidelberg Gladys Helvenston Lyda Walton Marie Flournoy Miriam Conner Priscilla Toomer ELIZABETH Jo Osterhoudt Rosalie Millinor Claire Goertz BRYAN Sadie Rawler Gussie Douglas Gussie Glenn Ida Cormack Francis Irwin Mona Alderman BROWARD . Pauline Burright Lois Moser Edith Jackson Irene Riley Anna Belle Wesson Lillian Barwick Effie Lively Page one hundred thirty-six Page one hundred thirty-seven Officers Mary Beggs President Elizabeth Aiken Vice-President Ruth Schornherst Secretary Mary Lee Mathews Treasurer Lucy Anson Reporter Aiken, Elizabeth Anderson " , Catherine Anson, Aline Members Anson, Lucy Beggs, Mary Buck, Louise Burrow, Dorothy Davis. Louise Day, Verna Driver, Martha Ellis, Cary Hill, Edna Holt, Mary Hyer, Emma Turner Jones, Elsie Kahn, Miriam Lemp, Dorris Mathews, Mary Lee Meriwether, Ida Meriwether, Minnie Moffet, Cornelia McCaskill, Clara Pierpont, Flokcnce Ray, Katherine Tryon, Lucia Reese, Jamie Turberville, Genevieve Rosenbloom, Minnie Walton, Lvda Schornherst, Mary Wolff, Jeanne Schornherst, Ruth Page one hundred thirty-eight Page one liundred tliirly-ninc Madison and Mananna Club Officers Rhoda Fraleigh President Roberta Carter Vice-President Annie McKlNNON Secretary and Treasurer Members Averette, Mary Livingston - , Martha Bishop, Louise Martin, Edna Carter, Roberta McKinnox, Annie Carter, Sallie Milton - , Sara Davis, Florina Millixor, Rozale Dale, Willie Sue Morrow, Genevieve Dicksox, Bertha Pekt, Catherine Fraleigh, Margaret Smith, Eloise Fraleigh, Rhoda Smith, Katherine Joxes, Johnnie Smith, Moslley Lewis, Florixe Smith, Susan Stephens. Louise Page one hundred forty Deruniak Club Officers Smith, Kate McSween President Simmons, Ina Vice-President Gillis, Orene Secretary and Treasurer Members Bucke, Mary Simmons, Edith Flournov, Gracie Storrs, Iris Flournoy, Marie Storrs, Gladys Milllr, Marie Tervin, Cuthil Miller, Iris Tervin, Pauline McLean, Flora Douglass Ward, Marjorie Honorary Members Cawthorn, Mrs. S. L. Fellows, Mae Reynolds Rayborn, Marianna Williams, Carrie Page one hundred forty-one Jacksonville Club Officers Reta Chambers President Ella Williams Vice-President Edith Pullen Secretary Irene Chambers Treasurer Members Baker, Martha Bennett, Gladys Chambers, Reta Cleveland, Catherine Dempsey, Marjory Bettes, Catherine Bunting, Dorothy Burns, Ruth Ford, Gary Burr, Nannie Fowler, Isabelle Brownlee, Elizabeth Homey, Miriam burdett, susik harris, frances Chambers, Irene Holmes, Ida Hoyt, Nancy Pearce, Ruth Johnson, Clara C. Pullen, Edith Lamb, Natalie Sligh, Sarah Mott, Violet Toomer, Priscilia McMurry, Cornelia Tureman, Myrtis Owens, Cama Tyler, Karlie Page, Martha Warriner, Idyl Parramore, Louise Wilensky, Gertrude Williams, Jessi " . Williams, Ella Winter, Alice Pacje one hundred forty-two Page one hundred forty-three m iM Alachua County Club Officers Martha Murphree President Eui.a Lee Bryant Vice-President May Matthews Secretary and Treasurer Members Bradshaw, Sara Bryant, Eula Lee Collins, Myrtle Colson, Cornelia Clyatt, Helen Cockrell, Elizabeth Dew, Joe Anna DuBose, Anna Doran, Effik Futch, Opal Dupree, Meredith Gillespie, Elsie Hires, Ada Herlong, May Irwin, Frances Layton, Margaret Lane, Foy Lang, Lucy Lang, Willie Mae Love, Merle Martin, Emma Matthews, May Murphree, Martha Morris, Joe Anna Nolder, Ruth Oliver, Lois Pierce, Ruth Parham, Janice Price, Elizabeth Prevatt, Zora Soper, Beulah Saunders, Audrey Tompkies, Christine Watson, Wilma Page one hundred forty-four Page one hundred forty-five Polk County Club Floiver: Orange Blossom Officers Ruth Flannigan President Edith Langford Vice-President Marguerite Straw Secretary and Treasurer Pauline Burright Athletic Manager Vesta Lee Press Reporter Adams, Maude Boynton, Virginia Burright, Pauline Cline, Mary Members Cox, Dora Dean, Pearl Everett, Florence Floyd, Bernice Galloway, Gussie Glover, Mary Glover, Honor Harbaugh, Gladys Harrington, Bertha Holden, Lillian Holden, Winifred Jackson, Mattie Keyes, Frances Keen, Evelyn Langford, Lucile Lockwood, Theo Smith, Marjorie Logan, Nila . Thornhill, Lera Mann, Myra Marshall, May Paul, Grace Pinaire, Helen Cnderhill, Leila Renner, Helen Claire White, Cleo Schell, Olive Willard, Florence Skipper, Minnie Wilson, Chrystine Smith, Mildred Page one hundred forty-six Page one liundred forty-seven amp a Ex-T erriers Officers Emily Lucas President Gladys Jordan Vice-President Alice Albury Secretary Christine Mills Treasurer Members Adams, Gladys Albury, Alice Allen, Werdna Clare Archer, Ioma Eoyle, Margaret Broaddas, Katherine Carlson " , Lillian Carrell, Ruth Chiles, Bessie Copp, Elizabeth Carrell, Florence Crone, Clara Dickenson, Mary L. Evans, Alma Ferguson, An nice Gerald, Elizabeth Gill, Frances Graham, Pauline Hall, Dorothy Hobbs, Ellen Hollingsworth, Mary Hyers, Helen Jackson, Edith Johnson, Henrietta Jones, Thelma Jordan, Gladys Kennard, Winifred Kennedy, Dorothy Lambright, Mary W Lee, Winifred Lipscomb, Florence Lipscomb, Louise Lively, Effie Lowry, Isabella Lucas, Emily Magid, Bertha Maxson, Rhea Mays, Leila Merrin, Florence Miliken, Elizabeth Mills, Christine Moyer, Margaret McCall, Sara Marie McGeachy Vera McKay, Angela McLin, Vivian Nelson, Martha Parkhill, Helen Paul, Daisy Ritner, Katherine Robinson, Grace Sale, Rushabell e Sanfokd, Elizabeth Sheppard, Eleanor Stallings, Mary Stallings, Imogene Stein, Lena Sumner, Lucile Taylor, Elizabeth Thames, Agnes Verri, Louisa Walker, Sara Weedon, Mary West, Dorothy Wilder, Annie Flagg Page one hundred forty-eight Page one hundred forty-nine Miami Boosters Officers Celia St. John President Esther Routledge Vice-President Norma Davis Secretary and Treasurer Members Archer, Ioma Armstrong, Dorothv Brendla, Vera Brown, Kathleen Brunner, Lily Candee, Beatrice Caston, Anna May Collins, Lula Craig, Naomi Dann, Edythe Davis, Norma Doan, Anna Douglass, Gussit Gates, Evelyn Griffing, Mertlow Hedrick, Arda Hodsdon, Esther huelsenkamp, alice e. Lee, Maky McAdam, Nina Price, Elizabeth Routledge, Esther Shepherd, Anna Smith, Zeri.yne Si. John, Celia turnbull, bettie Wells, Dorothy Wharton, Frankie Whitten, Helen Wood, Marion Honorary Member Miss Lucy Cushman Page one hundred fifty Page one hundred fifty-one Alabama Club Officers Maud Boyd President Annie L. Lee Vice-President Olive Huey Secretary and Treasurer Members Adams, Nell Johnson, Vivian Boyd, Maud Jones, Hazel Branscomb, Virginia Lee, Annie Lou Brunner, Lillian Murfee, Mary Owen glssendaner, sallie mae owens, marion Glass, Miss Porter, Dorothy Gregory, Margaret Ramsey, Margaret Haley, Ruth Sanford, Lulu B. Hill, Kathryn Sheppard, Catherine Huey, Francis Townsend, Alberta Huey, Olive Turnhill, Ivy Page one hundred fifty-tivo Kissimmee Klub Officers Norma Griffin President Helen Bass Vice-President Emily Sanderson Secretary and Treasurer Ada Louise Simpson Sergeant-at-Arms Helen Ames Press Reporter Members Fripp, Carolyn Lasky, Margaret Miller, Dorothy Overstreet, Lois Parker, Elizabeth Prentiss, Muriel Reed, Irene SlNGLETARY, MARY Stanford, Mattie Sutton, Thelma Tiller, Mary Walker, Carolyn Page one hundred fifty-three n The Hustlers Club Officers Marion Otis President Ruth Flannigan Vice-President Consuelo Warren Secretary and Treasurer Members Armstrong, Dorothy Biddle, Irma Bowdoin, Luna Bower, Helen Frances Bradshaw, Sara Brovvnlee, Elizabeth Bryan, Henrietta Cooper, Elizabeth Crum, Irma Delany, Katherine Dressner, Evelyn Finney, Rury May Flannigan, Ruth Garner, Ruby Gilmer, Martha Goldsby, Bessie Grady, Evelyn Heacock, Ellen Heidelberg, Claire Hill, Edna Hinterliter, Naomi Hyer, Em Turner Jackson, Mattie Kahn, Miriam Lamb, Loca Belle Licata, Emma Love, Foye Love, Merle Martin, Emma Musselwhite, Agnes McCall, Sara Marie McKinnon, Belle O ' Neal, Belle Otis, Marion Prevatt, Zcra Price, Elizabeth Prime, Annie Sanderson, Elva Shaeffer, Lenore Thames, Agnes Thornhill, Lera Warren, Consuelo Willis, Marian Creamer, Esther Stephens, Louise Page one hundred fifty-four Page one hundred fifty-five V. V s Stanley Cornwell Beth Hammergren isabelle lowry Christine Mills Louise Parramore Lucile Reese Rushabelle Sale Sister Smith B. Turberville Dot Wilson Page one hundred fifty-six Cotillion Club Members Frances Harris Ella Williams Teresa Murphy Ethel Henry Elizabeth Gerald Elizabeth Aiken Edna Greer Jamie Reece Violet Mott Florine Lewis Irene Chambers Faculty Members Helen Warlow Helen Harris Page one hundred fifty seven Spinster Club Colors: Red and Yellow (Catch a Fellow) Flower: Bachelor Button Officers Emily Lucas President Mildred Powell Vice-President Clara Johnson Secretary Sarita Lake Treasurer Members bonaker, alleyne Broaddus, Katherine Buck, Louise Burr, Nannie Fraleigh, Margaret Gay, Vivian Hoyt, Nancy Johnson, Clara C. Lake, Sarita Livingston, Martha Lucas, Emily McMurray, Cornelia Nelson, Martha Powell, Mildred Page one hundred fifty-eight Page one hundred fifty-nine Nearts Bass, Helen Boyle, Margaret Bullock, Elmo Cornwell, Stanley Greer, Edna Harris, Frances Hammergren, Beth Johnson, Clara Murphy, Teresa Storrs, Gladys Ward, Marjory Page one hundred sixty ■■ ■ : . ■ - ■ . -•- . ■■■ -,■, •■•■ -v ■ v ■ . ' . •. Pan-Hellenic Association FTER the installation of the Gamma Chapter of the Chi Omega sorority at the Florida State College for Women in 1908, the Pan-Hellenic Council was organized. At that time it comprised two Greek-letter organizations: Kappa Delta and Chi Omega. In the thirteen years since its organization, it has grown to include six National Pan-Hellenic Congress sororities and the Normal School sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma. The council is composed of three representatives from each sorority who meet in closed council once a month to discuss inter-sorority prob- lems. When matters arise which are of general interest and which require a general discussion, there is held an open meeting which all Greek letter women attend. It is one of the purposes of the Pan-Hellenic Association to uphold high standards of scholarship. An added incentive for this is the hand- some silver loving cup awarded by the Jacksonville Pan-Hellenic Asso- ciation to the sorority making the highest scholastic average for the year. It is also the purpose of the council to co-operate with the faculty and the Dean of Women and to foster a broad inter-sorority spirit. Last year the council established two one-hundred-dollar scholarships which will become available for the year 1923-24. Page one hundred sixty-three Pan-Hellenic Council Officers Elmo Bullock, Delta Delta Delta President Elsie Corbett, Sigma Kappa Secretary and Treasurer Representatives Fannie Blackburn Kappa Delta Ethel Henry Kappa Delta Lucile Sumner Kappa Delta Norma Griffin " Chi Omega Martha Murphree . . Chi Omega Ella Williams Chi Omega Dorothy Wilson -Ilpha Delta Pi Cornelia McMurray 4 Ipha Delta Pi Mildred Game Alpha Delta Pi Elmo Bullock Delta Delta Delta Francis Harris Delta Delta Delta Elizabeth Aiken Delta Delta Delta Ida Belle Appleby Sigma Sigma Sigma Annie Rooney Sigma Sigma Stoma Gladys Jordan Sigma Sigma Sigma Elsie Corbett Sigma Kappa Lois MacQueen ' Sigma Kappa Sue Pitchford Sigma Kappa Reta Chambers Pi Beta Phi Marguerite Straw Pi Beta Phi Alice Albury Pi Beta Phi Page one hundred sixty-four Page one hundred sixty-five Founded 1897 Floiver: White Rose Publication: Angelos Colors: Green and White Motto: " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest " Kappa Alpha Chapter Installed 190+ SOROR IN FACULTATE Lucy Kimball Mary Beggs Margaret Mitchell Dorothy Rumph Mary Owen Murphee Ethel Henry Bertha Dickson Lucile Sumner Rhoda Fraleigh Elizabeth Byrd Bessie Blackburn Catherine Anderson 7 Catherine Hill Margaret Ramsey SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1923 Dorothy Dodd Margery Pierpont Voncille Powell Class of 1924 Katherine Smith Vivian Johnston Anne Perry Edna Greer Florence Pierpont Fannie Blackburn Class of 1925 Dorothy Lee Henrietta Johnson Mary Lee Mathews Mary Katherine WilsO J Class of 1926 Anna DuBose Genevieve Turberville Mildred Hays Emma Cornwell Eva Greer Annelle Ball Isabelle Gwynn Stanley Cornwell Mary Pringle Susan Smith Genevieve Morrow Florina Davis Martha Page Page one hundred sixty-six Page one hundred sixty-seven imiJJJ Chi Omega Founded at the University of Arkansas, 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Publication: Elensis Floivcr: White Carnation Motto: " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals " Gamma Chapter Installed in 1908 ROWENA LONGMIRE SORORES IN FACULTATE Gladys Smith F.llen LeNoir Alice Carroll sorores in collegio Class of 1923 Martha Murphree Norma Griffin Pauline Tervin Class of 1924 Eunice Devane Mary Cuthill Tervin Emily Lucas Lou Egerton Whitfield Ella Williams Ouida Trammell Mae Carroll ' Mary Louise Dickenson Roberta Carter Mary Dodd Elizabeth Cockrell Betty Fletcher Olivia Barnes Margaret Fraleigh Class of 1925 Sarita Lake Ada Louise Simpson Mary W. Lambricht Eloise Smith Class of 1926 Sally Carter Elizabeth Copp Mary Weedon Florine Lewis Margaret Layton Celia St. John Emily Rahner Dorothy Judson Decker Hilda Griffin Ellen Hobbs Lyndal Mathews Martha Livingston Kathryn Bettes Kathryn Broaddus Marion Sanderson Page one hundred sixty-eight Page one hundred sixty-nine Alpha Delta Pi Founded at Wesleyan College, 1851 Publication: Adelphian Open Motto: " We live for each other ' SORORES IN FACLLTATE Gladys Comforter Georgia Baker Gladys Moseley Lilian Page Felicia Williams SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1923 Cornelia Engle Cecil Comforter Mildred Game Winifred Lively Class of 1924 Dorothy Wilson Daisy Munroe Florence Lipscombe Mildred Powell Callie Mae Eldridge Lyda Walton Cornelia McMurray Class of 1925 Edith Yelverton Elizabeth Hammargren Annie Sowell Irene Chambers Nancy Hoyt Edmonia Hair Virginia Dale Marion Owens Rushabelle Sale Class of 1926 — Ple dges Louise Lipscombe Edith Pullen Merle Sutton Isabelle Fowler Moseley Smith Louise Parramore Isabella Lowrey Vivian Gay Daisy Paul Page one hundred seventy Page one hundred seventy-one Delta Delta Delta Founded at Boston, 1888 Colors: Silver, Gold, and Blue Publication: The Trident Open Motto: " Let us steadfastly love one another ' Floiver: Pansy Annie Bruce Elmo Bullock Alpha Eta Chapter Installed in 191 5 SORORES IN FACULTATE Helen Harris Helen Warlow SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1923 Marguerite Edwards Ruth Haley Frances Harris Elizabeth Taylor Class ok 1924 Clara Johnson Nan Parkhill Elizabeth Aiken Adelma Giles Elizabeth Horne Louise Buck Cornelia Colson Cama Owens Class of 1925 Helen Ives Vesta Lee Class of 1926 Zelia Bouchelle Marie Haile Helen Parkhill Marion Rogers Mary Walker Jamie Reese Margaret Way Virginia Yowell Page one hundred seventy-two Page one hundred seventy-three Colors: Purple and White Founded at Farmville, Va., ii Publication: Triangle Motto: " Faithful unto Death ' Rno Chapter Flower: Violet Installed in 1920 Ida Belle Appleby Annie Rooney Virginia Boynton SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1923 Louise Ferguson Gladys Jordan- Louisa Verri . Imogene Stallings Werdna Clare Allen Mae Reynolds Fellows Class of 1924 Ioma Archer Pearl Deane Crystal Holmes Cleo White Gussie Douclass Ina Simmons Emily Mae Bain Margaret Kerr Eleanor Shepherd Naomi Craig Rachael Coward Nil a Logan Page one hundred seventy-jour Page one hundred seventy-five Sigma Kappa Founded at Colby College, 1874 Publication: Sigma Kappa Triangle Colors: Maroon and Lavender Motto: " One heart, one way " Omega Chapter Installed in 1920 Floiver: Violet SORORES IN FACULTATE Allie Lou Felton Carlotta Bartoo Elsie Corbett Myrtle Collins Ina Felton Evelyn Gates Lois MacQueen Gussie Glen Elizabeth Gerald Elna Aden Gladys Helvenston SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1923 Helen Whitten Edythe Dann Class of 1924 Mabel Murphy Margaret Strange Class of 1925 Lenora Earnest Emma Stallings Class of 1926 Jeanne King Jacqueline Norfleet Sue Pitchford Ada Mae Stallings Gladys Storrs Dorothy Porter Frankie Fay Wharton Marjorie Williams Agnes Thomas Marjorie Ward Iris Storrs Mary Ruth Woodruff Pledges Lera Davis Chrystine Wilson Page one hundred seventy-six Jlk Page one hundred seventy-seven Pi Beta Phi Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 Publication: The Arrow Colors: Wine red and silver blue Floiver: Wine Carnation Florida Beta Chapter Installed in 1921 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1923 Marguerite Straw Reita Chambers Pearl McWhorter Class of 1924 Alice Albury Julia Zachery Agnes Musselwhite Anna Mae Foster Eleanor Thomas Mary Lane Myra Burr Nannie Burr Elizabeth Coleman Julia Dutton Harriett Endicott Mary Endicott Class of 1925 Myrtis Tureman Edith Power Class of 1926 Inez Grumbles Bertha Harrington Violet Mott Willie Mae Lang Alice McKinney Mildred McCall Catherine Cleveland Ada Hiers Lois Overstreet Florence Sorrick Sarah Sligh ivie turnbull Carolyn Walker Ruth Williams Page one hundred seventy-eight Page one hundred seventy-nine JiL.. Honorary Sororities HERE are on the campus of the Florida State College for y$J Women three honorary sororities, the desire for membership in which spurs students on to more efficient work in different fields of endeavor. The Gamma Chapter of Alpha Chi Alpha, honor-journalistic sorority, is made up of students of recognized literary ability, as evidenced by their work on either one or both of the College publications. Those students are eligible for membership in Sigma Delta Pi who have maintained through three semesters a general average of 92 per cent, or who have maintained through five semesters a general average of 90 per cent. In addition, they must have successfully taken part in some branch of campus activity. Only those students of high rank in the Department of Home Eco- nomics are eligible for membership in Omicron Nu, the Pi Chapter of which was installed on the campus in 1922. Page one hundred eighty Colors: Orange and White Alplia Chi Alpha Founded in 1919 Publication: AXA Messenger Flower: Chrysanthemum Dorothy Dodd Joe Anna Morris GAMMA CHAPTER Installed in 1921 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Margaret Mitchell Teresa Murphy Anna Mae Sikes Honorary Members Miss Rowena Longmire Dr. W. G. Dodd Honorary Journalistic Martha Murphree Nina McAdam Page one hundred eiglity-one Si ma Delta Pi Colors: White and Gold Founded in 1921 Flower: Daisy SORORES IN FACULTATE Emma Helseth Helen Harris Olga Larson Allie Lou Felton SORORES IN COLLEGIO Annie Bruce Ruth Carrell Janie Gregory Nina McAdam Margery Pif.rpont Theodora Thompson Helen Beach Dorothy Dodo Lois MacQueen Margaret Mitchell Lillian Schwartz Pearl Walsh Lou Egerton Whitfield Honorary Scholastic Page one hundred eighty-two Page one hundred eighty-three Omicron Nu Colors: Pink and Lavender Founded in 1912 Publication: Omicron Nu Flower: Lilac PI CHAPTER Installed May, 1922 SORORES IN COLLEGIO Annie Bruce Elmo Bullock Lillian Schwartz LuCILE HlMES Carol White Honorary Member Miss Lucy Cushman Honorary Home Economics Page one hundred eighty-four HH HE H [51 H B H H IS El B El B E B B El B B B 13 H B 13 B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B BOOK VI FEATURES B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BB BB FEATURING Clara Craig Johnson Prettiest Martha Murphree Cleverest Gary Ford Best Dancer Annie Bruce Most Popular Cornelia McMurray Most Stylish Edna Greer Most Musical Dorothy Rimph Best Natured Lucille Reece Most Athletic Teresa Murphy Peppiest Dorothy Dodd Most Intellectual Annie Bruce Most Ail-Round Daisy Paul Cutest A A SKIN YOU LOVE TO TOUCH ' delicious and refreshing Ta ii : y f ' i ■ - 1 ' if- 1 i i fa tif ' i 1 ' I j ' r i ■f % j ft • Zd . ' Jf IT i - THERE S A REASON m POL f H ml ' J 1 1 W§ v «M ■ . A WimMWd ft. 1 ;i y| 1 I • , HI i ; " y 1 ™ il Bjp • Tk frv - fe JeI i r B MAI : ,a AS THE PETALS YOU JUST KNOW SHE WEARS EM HIS MASTER S VOICE SUNKIST INTO A BRADLEY AND OUT OF DOORS VIM, VIGOR, AND VITALITY THE SUN IS HER ONLY RIVAL 57 VARIETIES IT FLOATS Page two hundred three APPRECIATION $ to all those who have in any way con- tributed to the suc- cessful publication of the 1923 flasta- cowo to our ad- vertisers and our " flunkies " in partic- ular — the editors wish to express their keenest apprecia- tion. Vage two hundred four pjzfo Go Op Go (5jx a: Page two hundred five 868 1923 FOR FIFTY-FIVE YEARS FURCHGOTT ' S " THE STORE ACCOMMODATING " JACKSONVILLE, FLA. VISIT THE CAPITAL CITY STUDIO FOR FINE PORTRAITURE IN ALL BRANCHES Artistic Color Work, Enlarging and Kodak Finishing E. 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" Modes of the Moment " CHAPEAUX READY-TO-WEAR PIECE GOODS We Carry Everything a Good Store Should. Mail Service. We prepay all postage charges. EVANS-REX DRUG COMPANY ORLANDO AND WINTER PARK FLORIDA We try to make our store service so courteous and accommodating that you are pleased at all times. A cordial invitation is extended you to visit us when in Orlando or Winter Park. P. T. MICKLER FANCY GROCERIES AND FRUITS The Store of Quality and Service Phones 17 and 83 Tallahassee, Florida VICTROLAS KODAKS REYNOLD ' S " Let us make you make good with a Kodak. " We do kodak fin- ishing and do it well. Corona Typewriter, Musical Merchandise PENSACOLA, FLA. iiw Li YOU CAN ALWAYS ENJOY A BOTTLE OF ORANGE CRUSH LIME CRUSH DELAWARE PUNCH Or any of our delicious sodas As Sanitary as Sunshine Inspect Our Plant MIDDLE FLORIDA ICE CO. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. TELEPHONE 9 SPRING READY-TO-WEAR Styles Exclusive and Distinctive Phone 495 QUALITY IS PARAMOUNT JOHNSTON ' S FAIN DRUG CO. TALLAHASSEE ' S BEST DRUG STORE Telephone 56 THE REXALL STORE Use Florida Product when practical. We mean in par- ticular: " Apalachee " brand canned shrimp and oysters — also fresh Apalachicola oysters. Rice Bros. Packing Co. Wholesale Shippers Apalachicola, Florida Hotel Burbridge MODERN FIREPROOF MULLER RUERBOCH Incorporated JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Every Room with a Private Bath THE CHEROKEE TEA ROOM Northeast Corner of College Campus Hotel Seminole STEEL FIREPROOF JACKSONVILLE, FLA. European. Rates $2.00 up Chas. B. Griner, Mgr. ASSOCIATE HOTELS Hotel Desoto, Savannah Hotel Savannah, Savannah Hotel Patton, Chattanooga Hotel Annex, Chattanooga J. B. POIND, President Permanence and Success PIGGLY WIGGLY was planned and founded for per- manency. Permanence and suc- cess are dependent upon the con- fidence of the general public, and that confidence cannot be won through misrepresentation. PIGGLY WIGGLY has stood the test of time and the test of the most rigid and thor- ough investigations. PIGGLY WIGGLY has succeeded because it is an eco- nomical advance and because it meets the demands and satisfies the desires of the American house- wife. TALLAHASSEE ' S BUSIEST STORE Newly Equipped and Remodeled We now have the most modern istore in this part of the State and our merchandise is of the very best, such as Dorothy Dodd Shoes, Buster Brown Hosiery, in addition to the most up-to-date styles in Millinery, Ready-to-Wear and Dress Goods. You will find ours the ideal store to do your shopping, because here you get styles and quality at the most reasonable prices. May we have the pleasure of serving you? THE SURPRISE STORE P. W. WILSON COMPANY TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA WEST FLORIDA ' S BEST STORE mk For Your Lunches and Parties and anything you want to eat, go to T. B. Byrd Son " FINE GROCERIES " AND " EVERYTHING GOOD TO EAT " PHONE 1 HALL-MARTIN DRUG CO. Tallahassee ' s Up-to-Date Drug Store THE LEWIS STATE BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLA. The Oldest Bank in Florida, Began Business in 1 856 Resources Over $1,500,000.00 Invites Your Business OUR SLOGAN To make our service so efficient and to keep faith with the customer, so that when you think of a reliable business house you will think DICKSON-IVES COMPANY Orlando ' s Favorite Shopping Place. Growing with Grow- ing Orlando. Write to Us J. E. McNAIR DRUGGIST Drugs, Stationery, Toilet Articles. Martha Washington and Hollingsworth Candies. College business especially so- licited. McNAIR ' S Opposite Court House Telephone 23 Tallahassee, Fla. OUR MAIL ORDER Organization is the Largest in the South. Write for Any- thing. Cohen Brothers JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Jno. Z. Fletcher Carl F. Crawford Fletcher Crawford Company, Inc. BUILDING MATERIAL ORLANDO, FLA. W. Concord and Railroad Telephone 462 CLASS RINGS Pins and Medals, Love Cups Trophies and Prizes Clubs or committees in search of arti- cles appropriate as prizes for athletic events or presentation purposes will find it easy to make selections from the stock of GREENLEAF AND CROSBY CO. JEWELERS Noted for Quality JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Selection Packages Sent Upon Request State and Federal Supervision THE EXCHANGE BANK Is a member of the Federal Re- serve System, and as such con- forms to the rules and regulations laid down by the Federal Reserve Board. Moreover, it is chartered under the laws of Florida and is subject to strict State supervision. Every safeguard is provided to pro- tect the interest of depositors. THE EXCHANGE BANK OF TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Gifts That Last These you can purchase at the Store of Quality J. O. WILLIAMS CO. JEWELERS 80 Monroe St. Tallahassee, Fla. Well-selected Furniture is the first necessity for Homey Homes and the true test of women of today as home-makers. " We cater to those who care " GRANT FURNITURE CO. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. A cordial welcome al- ways to the faculty and students of the Florida State College. Safety First, Then Service THE CAPITAL CITY BANK TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Daf fin Theatre C. E. DAFFIN, Mgr. FASCINATING PLAYS FOR FASTIDIOUS FOLKS Phone 334 Yaeger-Rhodes Hardware Co. Wholesale and Retail Headquarters for Agricultural Implements, Building Mate- rial, Sporting Goods. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. TELEPHONE 31 W. E. Van Brunt D.D.S. Telephone Building Telephone 257 0. G. Kendrick M.D. SPECIALTY: EAR, EYE, NOSE AND THROAT Res. Phone 335 Office Phone 452 Francis B. Winthrop ATTORNEY AT LAW J. K. Johnston 51. S. MONROE ST. Office hours: il-12, 3-5 X-RAY COMPLIMENTS OF Bank of Dade City BOOST " FLASTACOWO " READ THE FLORIDA TIMES-UNION Patronize Home Industries by buying " Tonce de Leon Spring Brand » CREAMERY PRODUCTS Brick Ice Cream, any color desired, made by the LEON COUNTY MILK COMPANY GUERRY ' S READY-TO-WEAR Waterman Ideal Fountain Pens Conklin Fountain Pen Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pen Eastman Kodaks and Supplies Crane ' s Stationery Agents for All Magazines HILL ' S BOOK STORE M. W. CARTER, Prop. Our Motto Is Quality and Service Wisteria Tea Room " If It ' s Good to Eat, We Have It " Southwest Corner College Campus BELL Photographs That Are Different 14 1£ South Palafox Street PENSACOLA, FLA. Phone 1934 H. Lee Bell Famous Apalachicola OYSTERS AND SHRIMP Shipped By BAY CITY PACKING COMPANY APALACHICOLA, FLA. THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GAINESVILLE Consists of Five Separate and Distinct Colleges and Five Other Branches of Varied Activities Located on a Domain of 613 Acres. 1. The College of Arts and Sciences 2. The College of Agriculture 3. The College of Engineering 4. The College of Law 5. The Teachers ' College 6. The Graduate School 7. The Summer School 8. The Agricultural Experiment Station 9. The Agricultural Extension Division 10. The General Extension Division Sixteen units or four years of successful high school work are required for admission to the Freshman Class. For catalog or further information, addresrs REGISTRAR, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, GAINESVILLE The Citizens Bank TALLAHASSEE, FLA. Capital $50,000.00 We Pay 495 Interest on Sav- ings Quarterly A live, progressive, strong Bank on College Avenue. Your business will be appreciated here. J. F. Dorman, President W. C. Hodges, Vice President Carl Mitchell, Cashier DIRECTORS J. F. Dorman Wra. C. Hodges Wm. Child Jos. A. Demetree Fred H. Davis Carl Mitchell Mrs. Annie Mae Ferrell ' Bends with your foot " Trade Mark The " Red Cross " Line Carries All the Newest Styles in Women ' s Foot- wear. " HOLEPROOF HOSIERY " Burns-Gramling Co. Monroe St. and Park Ave. ASK YOUR GROCER FOR " Over-Sea " Pure Food Products THE BEST QUALITY OBTAINABLE CONSOLIDATED GROCERY COMPANY PENSACOLA, FLA. " If we sell it, it ' s good " PATRONIZE FLASTACOWO ADVERTISERS Most Exclusive Styles OF TODAY Peggy Paige, Maid Marion and House-of-Youth Dresses Suits and Coats, Waists, Underwear and Sweaters You are invited to come and look MAE ' S SHOP PHONE 78 CALL FOR COCA-COLA AND SODA WATER IN BOTTLES Hygeia Bottling Works 126 E. Chase St. Phone 587 PENSACOLA, FLA. This is an ad, It is advertising Tho it doesn ' t look Blank verse Like it. By Mr. tje % ifc Use your Imagi- Phillip Space. nation. We thank you, Mr. Space. THE LEON HOTEL TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA Under Same Management As Quincy Hotel Moore Haven Hotel Callahan Hotel J. R. RANDLE LESSEE A. S. Mohr Lumber Company Lakeland, Fla. IVAN MUNROE PLANTS, POULTRY PECANS Tallahassee, Florida Marjorie Ward dreamed about shredded wheat the other night and when she woke up half the mattress was gone. Rushable : " Ask your fiance to postpone your marriage so I can be there. " Dot: " Sorrv, but I don ' t know him well enough. " To Any Room Mate The love I bear you sleeping ' s such As waking you adore ; Yet I would love you just as much If you should cease to snore. Gladys: " Papa said you had more money than brains. " Jimmie: " Ha! That ' s one on your father, I ' m broke. " Gladys: " Yes, father added that you were. " Honest Preacher: " The janitor and I will hold prayermeeting Wednesday night. " " I am going to rack and ruin, " said the martyr of the inquisition. How the Staff Keeps Fit Hygiene Instructor: " Name a disease peculiar to the rich. " Wise Student: " Nervous prostration. The poor have to keep right on working. " Passer-by: " Well, wot ' s the matter? " Bird-lover: " S-s-r-r! Chick-a-dee-dee-dee! " Passer-by: " Oh, peek-a-boo-boo-boo. Why in heck don ' t you talk English? " Famous Sayings Eve: " I ' ll bite. " Cleopatra: " Stung again. " Solomon: " A word to the wise is superfluous. " St. Vitus: " On with the dance. " Jacob: " I ' ll build a stairway to Paradise. " Methusaleh : " It ' s the first thousand years that count. " This Is a Dry Joke Prater: " Howja like Cuba? " Alumnus: " It ' s a rum country. " Girl: " That man over there is trying to flirt with me. I wish you would speak to him. " Escort: " What do you want me to say; give him your telephone number? " Equal Rights to Men X.: " Why do men leave home? " Q ' s. : " They don ' t like to stay there alone. " M. P.: " Before I graduate this year, I want to express my gratitude and say that all I know I owe to you. " Dr. Dodd : " Oh, it ' s a mere trifle, I assure you. " At the Busy Bee M. M.: " Is there any egg on the bill of fare? " Waiter: " No, I just wiped it off. " Dr. Dodd on his first visit to the golf course wielded a mighty club, and drove thj ball to about one inch from the first hole. When he saw where the ball was, he ex- claimed, " Well, by gorry, I missed it. " P. S. — This is not a true story. Cjj More than ninety universities, colleges and schools of the South favored us with their Annual printing contracts for the year 1 923. J This phenomenal record is the natural result of the high quality of workmanship displayed in all our publications, coupled with the very complete service rendered the Staff. fj From the beginning t o the end we are your counselor and adviser in the financing, collecting, and editing of your book. Surely if " Experience is the best teacher, " as an old maxim says, then our service must be supreme. Decide right now to know more about our work and service. Simply write for our proposition. " College Annual Headquarters " Jokes In History IV Mr. Pi.: " What do you find the hardest part of the Bible? " Student: " The book about work. " Mr. Pi (perplexed) : " What is the name of it? " Student: " It ' s called ' Job ' . " % A large majority of girls aren ' t as dumb as they look. They couldn ' t be. Blub: " I hear you are working in the shirt factory. " Glub: " Yes. " Blub: " Why aren ' t you working today? " Glub: " Oh, we are making night shirts this week. " " I ' m all out of patients, " said the doctor, as the hearse left the hospital grounds. Wild flowers get that way from trying to learn their botanical names. " Shay, is that big round thing up there the moon? " " Shearch me. I don ' t (hie) live around here. " American: " What did you have for lunch? " Englishman: ' One of those perspiring animals. " American: " Oh, you mean a hot dog! " " This means a good deal to me, " sighed the poker player as he stacked the cards. Our Accounts Are Always Open to Inspection income Received from sale of annuals $3,000.00 Received from advertisers 3,000.00 Received from girls in feature section 1 77.77 Received from rent of extra space in annual room 500.00 Received from New York Times for pictures of staff for Sunday supplement.. 88.00 Hush money from frats on campus 445.19 Total $7,210.96 OUTGO Paid Miss Longmire to let annual pass $ 275.00 Paid Spinsters, U. U. ' s, and Cotillion Club for privilege of putting their pictures in annual 75-00 Paid for printing and engraving 21.00 Express and stamps .37 House parties at Lake 600.00 Refreshments for staff meetings 84.00 Salaries for staff 6,000.00 Taxis to and from staff meetings 154.00 Refunded to purchasers of annuals .59 Total $7,210.96 ' Long may she bind, our Mother so kind, The hearts of her children true, By Love ' s own tie, that ne ' er shall die, But shall live the long years through. " 1) QSlVU ' T A ' l9 a£j -ft - L isu AJ u s rr w j- - I s y " Long may she bind, our mother so kind The hearts of her children true, By love ' s oivn lie, that ne ' er shall die, But shall live the long years through. " (paiaM . y - - £U 1 T _. OjC c£ £c JJ ulZzC, ls ) J2 - i 7 l -p ( U ' AJ n- ITUaxj WA-SjnHj ggnMffvC H9HHHH Hi Hh9V BHBIBnHHIHH , Hffil BMHHH ■ ' • i ■•■■■,,- ' -V ' ' - " ' ■■■ v F •KOMI

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