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■ «« €t w y ■{ 4 1. i ' i ' : . a i ' f H .»»? 1 x ' «?: » A. ' •■ » i vV i F ' i, ' VV ' ' S? ■ vtw fe i ' ' rr t ru ' Ai ANNIVERSARY ; EDmON COnXENTS Opening 2 Student Life 19 notables 43 Organizations 59 Greeks 87 Sports 119 Faculty Administration 157 People 185 Index 262 Closing 283 irtfERfcAeHEn THE YEARBOOK AT FLORIDA SOUTMERPi COLLEGE LAKELAMD, FLORIDA VOLUME 51 V {rait of excellence ii I fie ahifilij to withstand the teil of time. ZJlie abitittf to endure, overcoming the faiturei and treaiurin tile iitccesiei. Zrrom its be inninif one Itundrea years aqo, Florida J! outliern College lias passed the test of time in reaching the level of academic excellence that it knows toda . .JCtI vm-- :t ' O nonir.o T- lij Ai CjSflPk y ' ji HlK- 1 KiSS rf- .. . _ - ' •■ .--.V:-i . • p- r r 1 «ff WP " IHI — t ' orr ' ' rti t Opening 3 4 Opening t! 8 is 5 ' ! r ■ i - : p-y, ■I 9 w-j J " a« began ai Florida L-onference College in JLeeiourg out wai forced to cloie after nine geari due to an economic depreiiion cauied bu a biq freeze. Jieven geari later it wai relocated in .Sutherland ai Zrlorida .Sieminarg. lAJniie at .Siutneriand, its name wai changed to .Southern College. JUurinq the next few ifeari, the college endured difficult timei with financial problemi, a damaging tropical itorm and an influenza epidemic, fjut the devastating blow came in 1921 when a raging fire compietelg deitroged the dormitoru for women and the adminiitration building. ZJemporarg facititiei were erected on Clearwater Jjeach jfiiand until 1922 when JLakeland wai choien over Uampa, St. f- etenburg, acnion- vilie, and Ut. f- ierce ai the next home for the college. Opening 5 f- erhapi the turning point of the college wai the result of the ingenuity of two men, Jur. JLuda lll rl pive , the preiiaent of the college, and Irranh JLloua lAJrighl, rehnown American architect. JJr. Sipive travelea to lA right i ZJalei- iin home in lAJiiconiin to ask him to design the campus. aUr. .Spiveu went to him with no moneff or with no immediate plans to obtain anu. Wright wai impressed with Jur. J piveu s enthusiasm and within a gear plans were made for the entire west end of the campus. ZJhe original plan called for eighteen buildings but onlu ten were constructed, each with the assistance of students. (A right described his architecture as ei erif build- ing is out of the ground and into the light, a child of the sun. lAJright S work brought national and international fame to the campus and provided a new beginning for Florida J outhern College. lAJright S first building, the . nnie f- feiffer Chapel, Served as a cornerstone for the new campus and todau, it remains a sumbol of identification for the college. 6 Opening .M0( FRESHMAN-JUNIOR CANOE TEAM Ri ri 1 1». V.«n.iii. M.«.«i |..si H. ' KNi. 1 V. J. I. « ' JPtk KII 11 I nil •.; 1,1 ADI RS ' ' m,.. 8 Opening Jtnother change for the college came in the (ale thirtiei with the chan in of the ichool colon from blue and white to red ana white. JJr. piveu had traveled to riuiiia where aright red fia i flew acroii the land. Jjr. . pii eif Sensed that the red flags were a factor in the people s high morale and attitude. J4e Saw the dark blue and white colors as adding no real life to the college and upon his return, he changed the colors to red and white which remain the college colors todau. rO " - i . ' i ' S ' ' » l .f- i Opening 9 ' ' }m Vju 1960, the campus coniiited of ievent -elqM buiCdin i ana covered over 100 acrei with an enrollment of nearly three tnouiana ituaenti. Unrouqnout the next few ifeari the cam- pus expanded with the addition of an auditorium, a ifmna- sium, a lioraru and a humanities building. ZJnis expansion continues todau with the newlif completed ogers ifjuildin , a new home for the business and economics departments. 10 Opening cfLJid uou hnow . . . ZJne campui walk of honor wai eitabliihea In 1931 to recognize one outitand- ing ituaent of the graduating ciaid. t tne cioie of the war in 1946 the men outnumbered the women for the firit time on campui. .Jtt beach partiei girti couldn t iwim with oogi. aturdau nighti were the onlg night dated were allowed — alwagi well chaperoned. Ciaiiei were iex iegregated. fJogi iat in the bach of the room and girli in the front. 3n 1926 our own quarterback five feet, 110 pound wai the lighteit college ptag- er in the iport. Sn 1913 we were the onCg team in the itate that would plag Univeriitg of Diorida. We Lit 144-0. Sororitiei and fraternitiei did not exiit until 1925, initead there were literarg cluoi. il literature read og the itudenti had to be icreened og the f- reiident. (Lt erg morning the dorm roomi were checked for cieanlineii. J f gou received too mang olach marhi gou had to itag in for the weekend. Opening 11 12 Opening IM . K h IK Opening 13 A CORNl.R OI OUR I lURARV 14 Opening You will only need to try Southern College SUTHERLAND, FLORIDA V ' 4 ' 4 T lis Points of Excellence are : 1. Easily accessible, yet removed irom the evils of city life. ' 2. Healthiest locality in United States. a. Genial Climate— open windows and outdoor life every day in year. 4. Artesian Water. 6. Table abundant and appetizing 6. Beautiful location on the (julf Coast. 7, Salt Water Bathinjj and Boating. 5. New, well equipped Gymnasium and Fine Athletic Fields. 9. Ideal social and religious life. 10. Four splendid Literary Societies. 11. Curriculum that of class A colleges. 12. Both Classic?.! and Scientific courses requiring four years each. 18. A well graded Academy— the equal of the best high schools. 14. Six Special Schools— Normal, Music. Business. Ex- pression, Art and Domestic Science— with superior teachers. 15. A well equipped Laboratory. 16. Faculty of twenty-one members, college trained and experienced. Christian workers. 17. I ' nder control of Florida Annual Conference. 18. Expense reasonable. SL ' .MMER NORMAL OPENS JILV 2.=ith 1!M1 FALL TEK.M )IM:NS SEFH F.MBI:R 21st I ' .Ml t 4 ' 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 r t Hi r cataloK. or information Rev.J.P.Hilburn.D.O..Pres. Opening 15 y . ZJhe combination of efficient faciiitiei, reipecled admin- iilration ana facultu, a good curriculum, a proven atnlelic department and a wide ran e of students make Zrlorida Southern what it is today — one hundred uears later. Uhanks to people who are persistent and did not ive up in the beginning, Florida Siouthern has successfuiiu endured the test of time — the test of a centennial, rnd though toda we celebrate one hundred ifears of academic excellence, it is uel the oeginning. Zzor in order to continue to endure we must be in to face another test, another test of time — another hundred ifears. Uhe leadership of Iriorida .J outhern, both past and present, is exemplified bu the photographs on the opposite page, jfn color is f obert - V. JUavis, todaif s president. J n the insert is AoSua J4ollin sworth, the first president of the (college. . Jlie CjrctJi ' .if -yiriltilecl of LJitr UtnwS II,. I„ni ' -i .- ■„„.,•, I lr»..k U., .l Mrliihl .iri-hilM Inn ' in llir worltl ic Ifiuitil iitl iIm- r»nl( u- itl MoritlH Ndilhrm Oflli-Kr. In d -cIlinR ■ ! rilru . iiinil iiihI ■un ' hinr, tii rniilinn ' ri t- tmi nf iht ritrlh initi IIm- IiImp »I r trtt|Hrul -ki JintI llli- mu-lr ■( hi iirrhi- Irrlnrr i . a •tm|th»n Hhirh (til l ilrliifbl i iitirh In ••nr I iillrtir rti-n a ibttuund mr inbi ihr (ultin-. KlnritlH inllnrn I nlli- i- ■ |»r»ud, iniltiil. ihjil ■ In- nnmr nl tVnnk I k.til « rijclil i- in.l. lihlt .lBm| nl Inr rmlurir W i mm tin- |..i|fi- nl il hi-inrt. .nnl Mm ' Inli-rliH-lipn .A l ' l.».» |(r i rtil ' Ihi-w |iij-lnridl • IIMlir« nl Ibr sn-ulr-l arrliiln I u( ..Mr linit ' - -ii ||uil -In ' t finnll .nnl tri.n.j. n lia,, „ ir.u-nr tl nnni.tn.. nl ;. tr. l nnr.. .»,. i r»-a«n- W,rt m l»S6, 0 w„ n ik.w . Ml. .M.. nce« « » tfoctM St lavi it n. n»- riMdMl UM M J«n«( Tfc« Amu at AnHncM 16 Opening Opening 17 - ::; - ' ? .v« 2ii 4LS At P g .C ift okv " The comforts of recreation, beautiful weather, entertainment, and tradition — in conjunction with the ingenuity to occu- py oneself in a town as quiet as Lakeland comprised . . . STUDEMT LIFE ' 85 Division: Student Life 19 Sailirig MPW ike Hollings- worth Bfelaxing way to jpend the afternoon. Student life at Florida Southern Col- lege allows the student to pursue those things which he or she as an individual values as important, and also allows time to be with friends. 20 Student Life w • WJt ' ' -C - ■ , 1 . ■- ..• »■ ' -jf A ; jathered less the dedlcation-Q tl jogers Building which xi ' resents a growing Soutli- 22 Student Life tudent Life 23 student life encompasses the total col- lege experience. It is not confined to aca- demics alone. It allows us to assert our individuality, making a lasting impres- sion on others. 24 Student Life student Life 25 iendships made ve; ortant to each individual. Student life reveals and teaches that there are many realms in a college atmo- sphere. Students quickly learn what is needed to adjust to a new way of life. ping Mendslslnf U teryoyable part Of dorm " 28 Student Life The key to successful student life is en- tering into it with an attitude of learning. You are the student and the experience or challenge is the teacher. M w Wi f Wik P ■ ' ■ if .- 1 a: Ms H w F 1 i 1 . ■• . p A MBS BUidenls e VRrcr H many realisti aaiai H H Student Life 29 30 Student Life There ' s a classroom outside of Florida Soutliem, that offers the student an op- portunity to absorb knowledge through experiences in traveling. May Option en- ables the student to study and explore foreign countries in ways that will en- lighten their perspective of the world around them. _ l_.-i— ' ILUM-IJi- I T ff ■■ T Going to the beach is prob-- ably the most common pas- . ' 2 .Stiirlpnt TiM h College life is a melting pot of ideas brought together by communication. It is necessary to listen to each other in gain- ing knowledge as well as it is important in formulating your own ideas. Student Life 33 34 .Sti]rlfint T.ifp Student Life 35 36 StudentlLife Famous for its Frank Lloyd Wright ar- chitecture, the campus of Florida South- em reveals the ingenuity and creativity of Wright ' s individuality. His buildings rep- resent strength and independence of mankind. Everyday presents its own unique chal- lenge. From the first day of registration and dealing with classes, to learning one ' s way around a new city. ■ ft . itiirlPTit T.ifp student Life 39 Student Life 41 -. i r . . cr. - ' -- - - -Y - .«• ■ - %SiT? -7 J People who deserve special recognition for their achievements throughout the year both academically and in leader- ship qualities make up our . . . NOTABLES 1985 Notables 43 Dedication Dr. David G. Mobberley His door is always open to students, and he is always ready to listen to their problems and suc- cesses. Since 1977, he has shown dedication to the college by strengthening and creating pro- gams which opened the college to the communi- ty and to the world. His devotion is apparent in his constant striving for perfection in preparation and presentation. Many long hours of work with and for the students may sometimes go unnoticed. For this reason the 1985 IMTERLACHEn is grate- fully dedicated to Dr. David Q. Mobberley. With sincere appreciation Lauren Rodberg, Interlachen Editor 44 Notables 1 ' 1985 Honor Walk Student The Honor Walk award is the highest award given by Florida Southern College. Each year the Honor Walk recipient is chosen on the basis of academic record, campus leadership, and contribu- tion to the campus community. For attaining the highest achievement in these areas. Dance Fields has been chosen 1985 Honor Walk Student. Dance Fields is a well rounded, level-headed, one of a kind person. Her involvement on campus stems from her sincere interest in others. She has been involved in several organizations and has received well deserved awards. Her extra-curricular activities include the AWS, Kappa Delta Sorority, Omicron Delta Kappa — president. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, the Jazz Band and Concert Band. She has also worked as a math assistant and a junior advisor. Her honors include being elected into Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities for two consecutive years, being a President ' s scholar for three consecutive years, being nominated as a Miss Southern candidate and most recently receiving a Rotary International Scholarship to Ireland. Although Darice ' s achievements have been many, to those who know her well, her most valuable achievement is that of being a true friend. arice Fields Notables 45 Miss Southern 1985 The Miss Southern contest is a competition based on both beauty and campus involvement. Contestants are nominated by various organizations and then one is selected by a vote by the entire student body. Congratulations to Susan Young, 1985 Miss Southern. Susan Young 46 Notables iss Southern Candidates. Angie Cicanese Representing Bldg. 15 Jodi Drees Representing SGA Darice Fields Representing Kappa Delta ODK nne-Marie Fox Representing SUB Kelly McCarley Representing Phi Mu Anne Miotke Leicha Rittgerd Representing Zeta Tau Alpha Representing Joseph Reynolds Representing AWS Valerie Thomas isa Trongon Representing Alpha Delta Pi Representing Alpha Omicron Pi Janet Whaley Representing Bldg. 20 Notables 47 James C. Rogers, Jr. Award 1985 This award developed by Carlile Rogers, a past chairman of the board of trustees, is in memory of his son James C. Rogers, a 1969 alum of Florida Southern. James Rogers was a budding young attorney in Washington D.C, when he was killed in the summer of 1981. As Miss Southern, the James C. Rogers contest is based on academics, and cam- pus involvement. Congratulations to Joe Baker, recipient of the James C. Rogers Award. 48 Notables James C. Rogers Award Candidates Mark Devw Brooks Goodgame rRich Hopper Representing Emory East Representing Lambda Chi Alpha Representing Sigma Phi Epsilon Rich Knowles Representing Sigma Chi Scott Meeker Representing Emory Hall Jim Pehrson Representing Phi Sigma Kappa Steve Ridge Representing Kappa Alpha David, Steele Representing SGA Paul Westcd Representing AWS Notables 49 Miss Interlachen Since Florida Southern ' s founding, the Interlachen has recognized the campus ' most beautiful girls. In 1936, the Interlachen staff felt incompetent of making this selection. So for the first time they submitted photos to an outside celebrity. The various celebrity judges over the years include Perry Como, Lome Greene, Pat Boone, John Davidson, Red Skelton, Andy Griffith, Steve McQueen, Senator Lawton Chiles, Johnny Bench, Bob Griese, Tom Mallick, Eddie Albert, Anita Bryant, and Lee Meriwether among others. Miss Interlachen contestants are sponsored by campus organizations. Finalists are selected by their performance in a fashion show and then their photos are sent to the judge. 50 Notables Miss Interlachen Judge Dan Rowan Miss Interlachen 1985 Kelleigh Withers First Runner-Up Allison May Second Runner-Up Lauren Schild 52 Notables Miss Interlachen Finalists Cathy Lamb Martha Pinkston Tawn Prior Elizabeth Sellers Notables 53 Honorary Chancellor Dr. Terrel H. Bell, who served as Secretary of Education on President Ronald Reagan ' s Cabinet, has been named the 1985 Honorary Chancellor at Florida Southern College. Until December Dr. Bell served as Secretary of the Department of Educa- tion in Washington where he provided creative leadership to the nation ' s education enterprise. For four years he was the leading spokesman for American higher education in the halls of government in Washington. Un- der his leadership the national Commission on Excellence in Education was established which resulted in the publication of the document A nation At Risk. ' This has led to many reforms and innovations in American educa- tion which are expected to result in greater academic excellence. Dr. Bell has been awarded eleven honorary doctorates, three special citations from three different MEW Secretaries, the Distinguished Service award from the Council of Chief State School officers, and several other recognitions. We are honored that Dr. Bell, as Honorary Chancellor, will be a part of a tradition which began here at Florida Southem in 1934. 54 Notables Dr. Terrel H. Bell Greek Hall of Fame Greek Hall of Fame was introduced in 1956 to give recognition to those fraternity men and sorority women who have been outstanding in campus activities. All candidates are seniors, nominated by their fraternal organization. Bill Dickman Sigma Chi Darice Fields Kappa Delta Rich Hopper Sigma Phi Epsilon Scott Hutchinson Sigma Phi Epsilon Suzanne Jackson Alpha Omicron Pi Kirk McKinnon Kappa Alpha Donald Moose Pi Kappa Phi Dan Painter Pi Kappa Phi Gene Panzar Sigma Alpha Epsilon James Pehrson Phi Sigma Kappa Julie Rogers Zeta Tau Alpha Tami Shearer Zeta Tau Alpha Valerie Thomas Gary Westerman Susan Young Alpha Delta Pi Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Chi Omega Notables 55 Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities Each year several students are awarded membership in " Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. " These students are selected on the basis of academic excel- lence, campus involvement, and leadership qualities. Their names and honors are pub- lished in a book along with other students nationwide. It ' s an honor to be proud of. Darice Fields 56 Notables Paul Westcott Notables 57 I«r l ' , . . B()A ■ - — . ■ L ftD cniis b STUD ABRa !» • ' • JtiS ir l M « stl ••Ml, lMi: iJ!L k ) M . . r 1 , ' . u " = ' I ' . ' Ill ■ CERTfl CALLb88-7l3 .;• r i» • w . SS- In some cases, it meant honor, in others it meant service, in all it meant involve- ment. It was the comfortable feeling of belonging to a group and the ingenuity of completing a project. It was . . . ORQAniZATIOriS 1985 Division: Organizations 59 inXERLACHEn The Southern Student Qovemment Association Student Union Board Interlachen First Row: Tina Westberg, Beth Allen, Cathi Edinger, Susan Howard, Sharon Jackson. Second Row: Pam Roy, Terri Tremain, Lauren Rodberg, Joanne Dyer. Not Pictured; Nancy Straw. The Southern First Row: Lorie Plyler, Nancy Lindell, Kevin Killingsworth, Beth Allen, Dori Bugl. Second Row: Stephanie Nase, Laura Zimmerman, Kim Frasier, Shar- on Thomas, Sabrina Kershner. Third Row: Amy Poeter, Leslie Brown, Jim Desmarais, Larry Becker, Janann Mclnnis, Cheryl Hommerson, Carrie Kunde. 60 Organizations student publications Include the Interlachen and The South- em, all interested students are eligible to seek staff positions. Production of the ' 85 Interlachen began with the selection of the editor, Lauren Rodberg, last Feb- ruary. The staff of 10 students and faculty advisors. Dr. English and Professor Waters worked to report the year in the permanent form of a yearbook. Being the centennial year the staff spent many long hours developing a special edition. Our campus newspaper, founded in 1886, The Southern provides prospective journalism students with the basics and background that will be needed in the newspaper field. This year ' s editor, Kim Scott, worked with media writing and editing classes as well as Professor Wa- ters regarding the content and style of The Southern. The Student Government As- sociation and Student Union Board represents the student body in matters involving college administration, faculty, and the student body itself. SQA consists of student senate, AWS, AMS and all full time students who serve as voting members of the associ- ation. Some of their many activi- ties include a leadership confer- ence. Miss Southern elections and representing students in campus affairs. The SUB serves our students by providing extracurricular ac- tivities on campus. First Row: David Springer, Jeff Grove, Steve Breathitt, Paul Wescott. Second Row: Vicki Villabla, Melanie McMul- len. Sally Austin, Jan King, Jr. Third Row: Tammy Reichert, Mary Lynn Haas, Scott Sells, Cheryl Custer, Steph- anie Conner, Kathryn Krist, David Steele. Fourth Row: Jodi Drees, Janet Whaley, Donna Richardson, Brian Ros- kamp. Coney Burgess, Pat McCarley. First Row: David Springer, Tammy Rei- chert, Anne-Marie Fox, Richard Woo- dall. Second Row; Melinda Luce, Vicki Villalba, Mary Lynn Haas, Jeannine Long, Ann Jago, Thomas Eddy, Mark Jordan, Marshall MacClellan. I Organizations 61 Association of Male Students Association of Women Students Panhellenic Council Interfratemity Council Association of Men Students First Row: Scott White, Joe Baker, David Steele. Second Row: Dave Batman, D. J. Thiele, Sal Manis- calco, Joe Gisondi. Association of Women Students First Row: Tami Sherar, Corina Holt, Anne-Marie Fox, Sally Sech- crest, Jan King, Jr. Second Row; An- drea Pope, April Durrance. Third Row: Teresa Corrigan, Lindsay Hatch, Cherry Hamlin, Cheryl Dun- lao, Allison May, Wendi Barry, Cathy Neff, Karen Pipkin. Fourth Row: Jodi Drees, Kim Pickering, Lisa White, Lori Izzo, Stephanie Conner, Ce Yarborough, Cindy New- ell, Raegan Jonews. 62 Organizations The Association of Women Students was formed in 1969 and has been in continuous exis- tence since that time, with par- ticipation by boarding and day students alike. AWS helps to in- volve women on campus in school and community activi- ties. AWS sponsors a variety of events each semester including fashion shows, educational speakers, the House Mothers Tea and the Miss Molly advisor program. The newly organized Associ- ation of Men Students, formerly Mens Student Government, is the elected body of students formed to represent the FSC male population. AMS is primar- ily concerned with the improve- ment of mens lobbies, student parking and the intramural pro- gram. The Panhellenic Council and Interfratemity C ouncil are com- prised of two representatives from each of the fraternities and sororities. Although each Greek organization is different, togeth- er they share common aims, standards and interests. Through the councils, good scholarship, friendship and co- operation is promoted. Panhellenic Council First Row: Beth Harding, Julie Rog- ers, Dayna Swalley, Elise MacLel- lan. Second Row: Elizabeth Sellers, Katie Ward, Pam Campo, Linda Lohne. Third Row: Donna Beede, Susan Howard, Janet Collins, Tere- sa Bowman. Interfratemity Council First Row: Tim Mulford, Chris Keefer, Mark Peet, Tom Flynn. Sec- ond Row: Rich Rassmussen, Roger Ward, Rob Nicholson, Greg Reyn- olds, Pat McCarley, Joe Gong. Organizations 63 Resident Advisors Junior Advisors Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Eta Sigma Resident Advisors First Row: Pete Oglesby, Scott Crossman, Paul Wescott, Bill Yancy, Alan Garey, John Korbel, lames Be- langer. Second Row: Joe Baker, Steve Allmond. Third Row: Skip Shumway, Martin VonPaleske, Munro Sefcik, Bill Daniels. Junior Advisors First Row: Ruth Spencer, Kelly Fun- ston. Second Row: Leicha Rittgers, Lisa Dunson, Cyndy Newell, Kim Napier, Caren Read, Terry Derr, Ann Ferguson, Pam Campo, Beth White, Dawn Yates, Anne Miotke. Third Row: Susan Howard, Debbie Green, Paige Kasper, Caroll Sprauer, Lynn Goding. 64 Organizations Junior advisors were first cho- sen in 1962. A Junior Advisor has the responsibility of intro- ducing freshmen and transfer students to the ideals and pur- poses of Florida Southern Col- lege. To be selected as a J.A. one must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.6 and exem- plify characteristics of under- standing, compassion, leader- ship, stability, dependability and patience. Resident Advisors, first chosen in 1963, must exemplify quali- ties of leadership, responsibility, authority, and understanding. Acting as a liaison between stu- dents and Administration, RA ' s keep the male student body in- formed of all school events and important information. Omicron Delta Kappa is a na- tional leadership honorary orga- nization which includes students and faculty. A minimum of a 3.0 Junior or Senior standing, and eight leadership points are re- quired to be tapped into the cir- cle. Activities include faculty evaluations, hosting campus visitors and holding leadership conferences. The newest academic honor- ary at FSC, Phi Eta Sigma, is the national College Scholastic Hon- or Society for fi-eshmen. Its main goal is to encourage and reward high scholastic attainment among fi-eshmen in institutions of higher learning. Omicron Delta Kappa First Row: Terry Derr, Tammy Sherar, Cynthia Triclcel, Kathryn Holmes, Aileen Ware, Munroe Se- fik, Susie Hause, Shelli Crenshaw, Leicha Rittgers, Rita Collier, Iris Al- britton, lodi Drees. Second Row: Darice Fields, Joe Baker, Ann-Marie Fox, Pat McCarley, Rich Knowles. Third Row: Paul Wescott, |an King, Jr., Holly Hangen, Susan Young, Brooks Goodgame. Fourth Row: Angle Cicaneese, Bibiana Gomez, Adrea Morar, Vickie Johnson, Dan Dominick. Fifth Row: Mark DeVoss, Rob Tate, Steve Graves, Dr. Bur- nette. Phi Eta Sigma First Row: Bette Ann Pelley, John Korbel, Martin von Paleske, Ruth Spencer, Jan King, Jr., Terry Derr, Frances Sickler, Emily Folker. Da- vid Kalchbrenner. Second Row: Dede Scoggins, Lois Wittenberg, Jeanne Mason, Kathleen McBurney, Jodie Drees, Kim Napier, Miyuki Yo- shizawa, Cynthia Anson. Third Row: Stan Castor, Drew Miller, Douglas Dodd, Martin DiGregory, Archie Johnson, Hugh Moran. Organizations 65 Women ' s Intramurals Men ' s Intramurals Concert Band Dixieland Band Women ' s Intramurals First Row: Mrs. Benn, Felly Fun- ston, Wendy Sterling, Kim Morris, Ce Tarborough, April Norris. Sec- ond Row: Mrs. Strae, Lee Paul, Cheryl Mommerson, Randi Bur- nette, Janet Reynolds. Men ' s Intramurals First Row; Chris Scheur, Tom Mc- Donald, Kirk Geiger, Bryan Powell, Vinnie Propst, Peter Alrich, Dave Roberts. Second Row: Michael Gen- tile, Jerry Ankenbrandt, Steve AU- mond, Ira Anderson, Brian Ros- kamp, Jim Carroll. 66 Organizations I The concert band, under the direction of James Stutz, is a unique organization of young men and women from all walks of life with one common interest: music. Each year the concert Band performs a wide variety of music on campus and also takes an annual tour. The members of the band take pride in perform- ing at their highest degree of pro- ficiency. The Dixieland Band, also un- der the direction of James Stutz, is a satellite group of the concert band. The Dixieland Band has proven to be one of the most popular performing groups with- in the music department at Flor- ida Southern. The Band per- forms at schools, churches, and other philanthropic organiza- tions around the state during the school year as well as in con- junction with the concert band on their annual tour. The Women ' s and Men ' s Intra- mural Association has been a part of Florida Southern College life since 1936. The main pur- pose is to provide students who are not varsity athletes with a chance to compete in various sports. To keep everyone in- formed representatives are cho- sen from each participating orga- nization. Information of game, time and place is passed along through these Individuals. The many different sports include basketball, football, volleyball, Softball, soccer, cross country, and canoeing, to name a few. Concert Band Marie Bridges, Deb Driskell, Julia Cunningham, Trudy White, Diane Thomas, Jennifer Winter, Keith Clanton, Janet Whaley, Greg Sale, Leslie Hannon, Joy Wilkinson, Bar- bie Crone, Alison Doeren, Susan Wolfe, Nancy Doane, Maria Hower, Amy Newsome, Mickey Crowe, Keith Dyer, Steve Moranos, Can- dace Hayes, Darrell Joachim, David Deibler, Elanor Berry, Bunny Sut- ton, Kim Croft, Andy Cleaver, Susan Ernst, Daryl Johnson, Greg Wilks, Shelly Longnecker, Bill Willard, Martha Wolfe, Albert McCullough, Bill Johnson, Peter Woodland, Judy Dunn, Jennifer Simon, Gigi Lyons, Ti-oy Messner, Brian Shriner, Kathy Seals, Dede Scoggins, Elaina Ble- vins. Ken Cheshire, Doug Clark, Lisa Kay White, Ian McConkey, Steve Breathitt, Vonnie Joe Downey, Byron Pempeck, Claude Burnett, Linda Mann, John Bennett, Steve Scofield, Yoshiko Oshida, Eddie Cerrato, Brainard Harris, Sanford Lechner, David Tisdale, Karl Don Ketter. Dixieland Band First Row: Janet Whaley, Bunny Sutton, Martha Wolfe, Keith Clan- ton, Al McCullough, Bill Johnson, Ian McConkey, Steve Schofield, Lisa White, Claude Burnette. Organizations 67 Concert Chorale Handbell Choir Delta Omicron Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Concert Chorale First Row: Karen Feller, Mary Crowe, Diana Birdsall, Valerie Schleicher, Nancy Doane, Melinda Kempff, Rebecca Nash, Marie Bridges, Iris Albritton, Julia Cun- ningham. Second Row: Lisa Jack- son, Charla Drake, Melanie Ward, Leigh Humphrey, Robin Roberts, Jennifer Wright, Kelly Lewison, Cathy Sheridan, Ruth Hardin, Johnnie Abercrombie, Donna Hill, Kathy Pitre. Third Row: Keith Dyer, Brainard Harris, Luke Nash, Ann Jago, Kathy McBurney, Rob Walker, Steve Schofield, Claude Burnette. Fourth Row: Mr. Bouleware, Jay Michael, Chris Mangum, Keith Greenwood, Ken Cheshire, Greg Sale, Donald Weeks, Mark Man- gum, Dan Dominick. Not Pictured: TVacy Torrance. Hand Bell Choir First Row: Valerie Schleicher, Rob Walker, Laurie Cox, Diane Thomas, Alexis Talbott, Vickie Johnson, Mrs. Cox. Second Row: Lori Bennett, Robin Roberts, Paul IVembly, Shel- ly Crenshaw, Chris Mangum. Not Pictured: Lisa Jackson. 68 Organizations Concert Chorale, composed of many talented voices, is the larg- est group of singers on campus. Each year the Chorale performs at many concerts as well as an annual tour. Two of the most noteworthy performances are the Christmas Gala and the Spring Concert. In existence since the Spring of 1969, the Handbell Choir has traveled and shared their talents through their music. Under the direction of Linda Cox, the group tours to various Methodist Churches In Florida and per- forms here at Florida Southern College. The Handbell Choir, not limited to music majors, is for anyone interested in music. Delta Omicron is an Interna- tional music fraternity for wom- en. It was founded in 1909 and first came to FSC in February of 1971. This year marks the 75th national anniversary of Delta Omicron. One must be majoring or minoring in music with a 3.0 music average and a 2.0 aca- demic average to become a member. Their open motto is " Continually striving, we attain. " The Theta Sigma Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia began at FSC in 1959. Phi Mu Alpha is a professional music fraternity for men. Each member must per- form in one of the college music ensembles to be eligible for membership. In the spring. Phi Mu Alpha sponsors and per- forms " American Music Concert " which displays American com- posers. Delta Omicron First Row: Bunny Sutton, Iris Al- britton, Elaine Blevins, Tracy Tor- rance, Thidy White, Lisa Jackson, Nancy Doane, Terry Derr, Barbie Crone, Miss Fandrich. Second Row: Diane Thomas, Deb Driskell, Marie Bridges, Linda Mann, Charla Drake, Kathy McBurney, Melanie Ward, Jill Cunningham. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia First Row: Linda Mann. Second Row: Steve Breathitt, Sandy Lechner, Claude Burnette, Bill Wil- lard, Mr. Slutz. Third Row: Greg Sale, David Tisdale, Ken Cheshire, Vonnie Joe Downey, Ian McConkey, Byron Pempeck. Fourth Row: Don- aid Weeks, Karl Ketter, Brian Shriner, Doug Clark, Eddie Cerrato, Keith Clanton, Andrew Cleaver. Organizations 69 Alpha Psi Omega Vagabonds Fellowship of Christian Athletes All Campus Fellowship Alpha Psi Omega Paul Luby, Wendy Lamoreaux, Bill Willard, Robin Gerhard, Kathy Kanitsch, Amy Schneider, Dr. Grange. Vagabonds First Row: Christine Gannon, An- drea Dort, Deonne Barger, C. Alexis Talbott, Amy Schneider, Robin Ger- hard. Second Row: Melinda KempfF, Cort Douglas, Jana Huling, Kris Engelson, Wendy Lamoreaux, Kathy Kanitsch, Bill Willard. Third Row: Dr. William Grange, Paul Luby, Terry Derr, Sheryl Dunlap. Not Pictured: Katie Hester. 70 Organizations Alpha Psi Omega is the dra- matic honorary whose members have displayed theatrical ability and dedication. Members must have performed in various roles, worked in several backstage po- sitions, and taken a designated number of theater courses. This year, FSC ' s Delta Fiu Chapter be- came established in the depart- ment and in the production of shows. The members hope to have a strong, positive influence on the number of student, non- seasonal productions performed each year. The Vagabonds is the oldest organization on campus. The or- ganization was named in 1924 in Leesburg. The Vagabonds per- form four shows as part of The Fine Arts Series of Lakeland. Pro- ductions include set and cos- tume construction, light and sound execution, and at times, directing and designing. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes was first established on campus in 1980. The primary purpose lies in the challenge and adventure of living the Christian life. Although the organization is mostly made up of athletes, all are invited to join who have an interest in sports and Christian Fellowship. All Campus Fellowship is a non-denominational organiza- tion that offers fellowship and mutual learning to students through small group meetings. Fellowship of Christian Athletes First Row: Leslie Whitehead, Pam Shaffer, Mary Key Priest, Lisa Ro- driquez, Ben McDaniel. Second Row; Jodi Drees, Sherry Worth, Debbie Green, Natalie Williams, Katie Ward, Stacy Muck, Jim Pehr- son, Angie Cicanese, Gary James, John Hand, Frank Good, Katrina McCormick. Fourth Row; Mark De- Voss, Carl Wilbanks, Doug Dodd, John McNaughlty, Craig Brown, Matt Wynne, Jim Roberts. All Campus Fellowship First Row; Monica Malay, Leslie Nannon, Laurie Cox, Raegan Jones, Jannie Hunt, Tesi Hansen, Tammy Haire. Second Row; Brian Ros- kamp, Frank Spencer, Bubba Hard- man, Daryl Jones, Brian Shriner, Scott Fox, Amber Richards, Christie May, Holly Williams, Cyndy New- ell, Eleanor Berry, Brooks Good- game, Debbie Getter, Lori Izzo. Third Row; James D ' Loughy, Lisa Sunson, Joe Baker, A. Anna Morar, Donna Beede, Lynn Seesee, Ce John- son, Daryl Yarbrough, Shelly Long- necker, Susan Callahan, Cheryl Kem, Cheryl Mommerson. Organizations 7 ' Wesley Fellowship Baptist Campus Ministry riewman Club Sigma Rho Epsilon Wesley Fellowship First Row: Steve Crotts, Randy Lew- is, Thomas Eddy, Marshall Mac- Clellan, Tom Hicks, Bob Kenworthy, Jimmy Lewis. Second Row: Andrea Dort, Lori Izzo, Sixela Talbott, Betty Bickhart, Jennifer Winters, Loreli Eddy. Baptist Campus Ministry Maritza Carrion, Chuck Under- wood, Cheryl Hommerson, Don Na- tions, Doris Huss, Jimmy Lewis, Lorrie Zuidema, Scott Shellabarger, Kelly Lovell, Randy Lewis, Kathryn Holmes, Douglass Dodd, Lori Cox. 72 Organizations ■ Wesley Fellowship is a group of students whose purpose is to " support one another in Chris- tian love. " Each year, Wesley sponsors retreats, projects to fight world hunger, special speakers, and informative pro- grams. Through these and other activities, Wesley Fellowship grows as a caring group, both in- wardly and outwardly. Baptist Campus Ministry is a campus organization bringing to- gether young people to learn more about the word of God. Some activities include retreats at Lake Yale and canoe trips. Their main goal this year is to earn money for Baptist Mission- ary work. The newman Club is the Catholic Campus Ministery ser- vice here at Florida Southern. It is a national club with houses on many college and university campuses. The newman Club first began here at Florida South- em in 1967. Sigma Rho Epsilon began as a fraternity organized for those with a genuine interest in Reli- gious Education. In its begin- ning, the organization was com- posed of women interested in Re- ligious Education, majoring or minoring in it. Men became members with positive results and it no longer was an honorary fraternity. Sigma Rho Epsilon opened the doors to all who were interested in Christian Service on campus and in the community. Also, it cooperates with all other campus groups for the promo- tion of the common good. eWman Club First Row: Pam Zimmerman, Paul Rybinski, Kim Krasinski, Susan Clark, Chris Albino. Second Row: Janet Collins, David Steele, Chap- lain Barbara McLaughlin, Jerry An- kenbrandt, Mary Mckinski, Jody Dale. Not Pictured: Laurie Colacini, Jill Sheneman. Sigma Rho Epsilon First Row: Bob Kenworthy, Jean- nine Headley, Jimmy Lewis, Chuck Underwood. Second Row: Susan Callahan, Betty Bickhart, Andre Dort, Lori Izzo, Maureen Murphy, Cherie Shirah, Chaplain Robert Atchley Third Row: Martha Wolfe, Cheryl Hommerson, Tom Hicks, Randy Lewis. Organizations 73 Pre-Ministerial Theta Chi Beta Interfaith Council Sigma Tau Alplia Pre-Ministerial First Row: Fred Fisher, Jimmy Lew- is, Bob Kenworthy, Vickie Johnson, Alexis Talbott, Jeannine Headley, Tom Hicks. Second Row: Steven Crotts, Dan White, Marshall Mac- clellan. Matt Hankal, Reverend Atchley, Jay Michael, Dave Moen- ning. Theta Chi Beta Front: Mrs. Kelly. Back Row: Vickie Johnson, Dr. Weaver, Randy Lewis, Williston Brewer, Matt Hankal. 74 Organizations The purpose of the Pre-Minis- terial Fellowship is two-fold: to develop career decisions and to support one another in those de- cisions. The group, led by Vickie Johnson, sponsors Vesper Ser- vices and meets every other week to hear speakers and dis- cuss topics of interest. Theta Chi Beta is a religious honorary requiring members to have 12 hours of Religion and a 3.0 QPA. The Society promotes the academic study of religion and honors those who have ex- celled in the area. Members meetings with the faculty in- volves discussions on theology. Interfaith Council was estab- lished to encourage cooperation among the various religious groups. The Council studies the special problems of religion on the campus and designs ways of meeting them. It serves as a cor- relating agency to promote pro- jects within the sphere of the campus of Florida Southem. In- terfaith Council strongly encour- ages and fosters Christian princi- ples and ideals among the var- ious aspects of college life. Sigma Tau Alpha is a national sorority whose membership is made up of current and lifetime members of the International Or- der of Rainbow for Girls. Omega Chapter, founded in January of 1984, is one of seven chapters of Sigma Tau Alpha in the state. Ac- tivities center around the ideals of love and service. Organizations 75 Advertising Club Broadcasting Club Sigma Delta Chi Kappa Mu Epsilon Advertising Club First Row: Patricia Byrd, Jeanne Mason, lames Jarvie, Diana Bruch. Second Row: Mr. Obrecht, Pam Bur- back, Greg Parks, Tricia Johnson. Third Row: Louise Spencer, Roger Ward. Southern Spotlight (Broadcasting Club) First Row: Jennifer Kundee, Lisa Durham, Monica Kiley, Lori Bel- langer. Second Row: Rich Rassmus- sen, Allison Odom, Laurie Meyer, Brad Moore, Jana Huling, Rob Ev- ans. 76 Organizations The Advertising Club is a divi- sion of the American Advertising Federation. The Advertising Club encourages students to enter in the field of advertising and to en- hance the quality of education. To be eligible for membership into the Advertising Club the stu- dent must be interested in the fields of advertising and Public Relations and maintain a high degree of excellence in aca- demic studies. A recently organized club, the Broadcasting Club, produces the Southern Spotlight, a bi-weekly television news program of cam- pus life and events. The group members produce, direct, write, and deliver the show. Sigma Delta Chi, the society for Professional Joumalists, is the largest, oldest and most re- presented organization serving the field of journalism. It is de- signed to instill professionalism in its members and field as a whole. Sigma Delta Chi hosts guest speakers, have journalistic projects, and send delegates to conventions each year. Kappa Mu Epsilon is a math honorary fraternity that offers membership to all interested math students who hold a 3.0 and have completed courses in two math areas and in Calculus 1. Members must be in the upper 35% of their class and have com- pleted three semesters at Florida South em. Sigma Delta Chi First Row: Kim Scott, David Steele, Rosemarie Johnson, Louann Vaden. Second Row: Richard Knowles, Scott Shellabargerm, Brenda Wilkes, Leo Owens, Susan Howard. iappa Mu Epsilon First Row: Mrs. Hunt, Michelle Ma- jor, Bette Ann Pelley. Second Row: Gayle Kent, Ken Comer, Steve Ridge, Staci Franklin, Kathy Amick, Darice Fields. Third Row: Daniel Carreira, Jeff Penrod, Lane Goodson, Steve Graves, Henry Hartje, Mark DeVoss, Daniel Rob- ertson, Scott Meeker, Frances Boag, Allen Wuertz. Organizations 77 Beta Beta Beta American Chemical Society Psi Chi Kappa Delta Pi Tri Beta First Row: Ann Palo, Susie Hause, Leicha Rittgers, Mitu Bhattacharc- jee, Paula McKay, Bette Ann Pelly, Linda Stafford, Jeff Grove. Second Row: Lisanne Banta, Janet Collins, Janet Whaley, Brenda Rogers, Deb- bie Shaver, Maritza Carrion, Marci Borris, Mark Jordan. Third Row: Jamie Floyd, Dr. Gilbert, Janice Wir- eman, Stan Castor, Steve Castor, Daniel Walker, Tom Hicks. American Chemical Society First Row: Steve Ridge, Cheryl Cus- ter, Shanti Messmer, Carolyn Forde, Staci Franklin, Bette Ann Pelley, Tom Hicks. Second Row: Paul Trembly, Dr. Willard, Donnie Rob- ertson, Prof. Nealy, Dr. Dinsmore. 78 Organizations r Tri Beta is a biology honorary dedicated to the promotion of in- terest in the biological sciences and research. It was founded na- tionally in 1922 and here at Flor- ida Southern in 1955. This year 19 new members were inducted i into the society which is contin- ually growing. Requirements for membership in Tri Beta fall into i two categories. Active members ' must be Biology majors with a 3.0 QFA in Biology and 12 hours I of biology credits completed. As- sociate members can be a stu- dent of any major with a sincere interest in the sciences. The Florida Southern Student chapter of the American Chemi- cal Society was founded in 1960. The current faculty advisor is Dr. Thomas Willard. The chapter ' s activities include presentations from chemistry students, field trips to industrial plants, and guest speakers from govern- ment, industry, and the aca- demic world. At the end of the year, the chapter at Florida Southern hosts the annual Chem-a-thon which is spon- sored by the national American Chemical Society. Psi Chi is a national psycholo- gy fratemity, established on cam- pus in 1962, whose purposes are to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the indi- vidual members. To achieve these goals Psi Chi offers a wide range of programs at the local, regional and national levels. Psi Chi First Row: Joe Morrison, Marcia Lao, Glenda Gage. Second Row; Robin Stinson, Holly Hangen, Tery Corrigan, Sanfy Smith. Third Row: Jimmy Kewis, Doug Thompson, Haly Werks, Diana Turner, Heather Chryst. Fourth Row: Dr. Weaver, Dr. Ivey, Susie Burbregh. Kappa Delta Pi First Row: Penny Sherman, Lori Rainey, Beverly Alvis, Joy Milligan, Martha Wolfe. Second Row: Cheri Parker, Margie Johnson, Kathy Amick, Holly Goodrich, Lisa Estes. Third Row: Cindy Newell, Cynthia Anson, Anne Marie Fox, Aileen Ware, Angela Gann. Organizations 79 Citrus Club Florida riurserymen Growers Assoc. Delta Sigma Pi Phi Chi Theta Citrus Club First Row: Angeline Coline, Dane Scofield, Owen Marr, Walter Spaulding, Beth Woeraer, Frank Strazulla, Mark A. Altman, Pat Mc- Kenna, Mary Roegaer, Bret Selig- man. Second Row: Thomas B. Mack, Gilbert Dunlap, Usher Tho- mason, Josh Snively, Rusty Banack, Ben Scarborough, Martha Puryear, Wade Purvis, Clarke J. Jones. Third Row: Mike Roberts, Jeff Julich, Russ Walker, Mark E. White, Mark Myers, Kenneth Parker, Bruce In- gram, Miss Sue Herdman. Fourth Row: Dr. Rubert Prevatt, Keith Sul- livan, Joe Carpenter, Edward James, Jimmy Simpson, John Hoffman, Jim Snively, Mike Pursell, Matt Sulli- van, Harold Hendren. Florida nurserymen Growers Association First Row: Walter Spaulding, Sara Woerner, Mike Purcell. Second Row: Gilbert Dunlap, Angelina Co- lina, Clark Jones, Bret Seligman, Miss Sue Herdman, Prof. Malculm Manner, Prof. Thomas Mack. 80 Organizations The Citrus Club and FriQA, Florida nurserymen and Grow- ers Association, Inc., are clubs that provide students with a mu- tually cooperative medium for contributing to the Citrus Insti- tute and the college community as a whole. The Club serves as a means of introducing student to their contemporaries who share similar career goals and aspira- tions. Delta Sigma Pi is an honorary fraternity organized to foster the study of business in colleges and universities. Through a program consisting of guest speakers, field trips, plant tours, and social activities. Delta Sigma Pi pro- vides an educational experience and practical instruction for ap- plication in the working worid. Membership in this group re- quires a cummulative QPA of 2.5 and a 2.75 QPA in business courses. The professional Business and Economics Fraternity, Phi Chi Theta was reactivated at Florida Southern in 1981. Since then, membership has tripled. Phi Chi Theta is an academically orient- ed Fraternity that promotes high- er business education, training for all women, and the fostering of high ideals for women in busi- ness. Delta Sigma Pi First Row: Jeff Matthewson, Scott Kolar, John Lennon, Lisa Ham, Rlionda Pounder, Gary Franeck, Tammy Reichert. Second Row: El- len White, Jane Zewalk, Patty Kra- mig, Jeanne Mason, Anne Geiger, Peggy O ' Brien, Kelly Stanley. Third Row: Andrea Pope. Jodi Nutt, Leona Hammond, Paige Kaspar, David Springer, Mary Lynn Haas, Suzanne Greene, Catherine Neff. Fourth Row: Dave Kolchbrenner, Carole Waschuta, Sandy D ' Agati, Tom Pa- dro, Steve Dollenmeyer, Deanna Tingley. Phi Chi Theta First Row: Kathryn Holmes, Sheryl Dunlap, Jodie Drees, Lisa Trongone, Marcia Gillett, Elise Wood. Second Row: Joan Buccino, Lisa Dunson, Caren Read, Pam Campo, Beth White, Bunny Sutton. Third Row: Dee Dee Howard, Bibiana Gomez, Beth Lewis, Molly Hannon, Ann Ferguson, Lynne Shaw. Fourth Row: Denise Engel, Kathleen Braun, Irene O ' Sullivan. Organizations 81 Collegiate Rnancial Entrepanuers International Management American Society of Personnel Administration Toastmasters Collegiate Financial Entrepreneurs First Row: Paige Kasper, Martin von Paleske, Adrea Morar, Terry Derr, Caren Read, David Kalchbrenner, Rhonda Powner, Douglas Hutchin- son. Second Row: Danny Cannon, Drew Miller, Chuck Underwood, Suzanne Jackson, }ane Zewalk, Leona Hammond, Kathryn Holmes, )ohn Lennon, Tom Gram, William G. Cash. Third Row: Steve Dollen- mayr, Robert B. Nicholson, Henry Gibson, Steve Allmond, Craig Scates, C. J. Wiley, Rich Hopper, Lisa Ham. International Management First Row: Caren Read, Terry Derr, Lynne Bovay, Beth White. Second Row: Carolyn Pesos, Kent Abbett, Cathy Kirk, Fred Schreiber, John Korbel, Bill Dickman, Joanne Rees, Andrea Pope. 82 Organizations The Collegiate Financial Entre- preneurs is a group designed to promote entrepreneural activi- ties and to provide hands on ex- perience for its members in var- ious business activities. Its goals are to start its own non-profit business venture and become active in the stock market. They hope to provide experience that would not normally accompany the college education. Founded by the students and faculty of Florida Southern in the spring of 1984, International Management Club gives the stu- dents an opportunity to get a first hand look at the International Business World. Speeches and seminars help give the members a better understanding of the field. Membership is open to any- one interested in the field of In- ternational Management. The American Society for Per- sonnel Administration has an ac- tive chapter on campus. The fac- ulty advisor this year is Mr. Wiepking, who helps provide ex- periences for the members through speakers, field trips, and inspiring discussions. Toastmasters International, established here on campus in the spring of 1983, provides in- struction in communication skills. Through Collegiate Toast- masters, students and faculty alike learn how to speak effec- tively and confidently. Toastmas- ters is a professional organiza- tion which inspires members to be better communicators. American Society of Personnel Administration First Row: Heidi Rigby, Kelly Stan- ley, Mr. Wiepking. Second Row: An- drea Pope, Tammy Reichert, John Lennon, Linda Ham, Ricky Gates. Third Row: David Springer, Mary Lynn Haas, Ellen White, Paige Ka- spar. Fourth Row: Gary Franeck, Tom Padro, Steve DoUenmeyer. Toastmasters First Row: Carolyn Pases, Irene Jen- kins, Kim Scott, Kelly Stanley, Da- vid Kalchbrenner. Second Row: Mr. Gillan, Cindy Beswick, Kendra Mickelsen. Organizations 83 Society of Physics Students Sigma Delta Pi Frencii Club Spanish Club Society of Physics Students Laura Brower, Jimmy Andrews, Chris Williamson, George Demmy, Paula McKay, Dr. Mitchell, Wael Abu-adas, Jeanette Owens, Mark Buzza, Dr. Tyson. Sigma Delta Pi First Row: Kim Barrows, Caren Belli. Second Row: Dr. Jose Mar- tinez, Dr. Carlos Calogne. Not Pic- tured: Juan Carlos Zapata, Suzanne Bubregh 84 Organizations r The Society of Physics Stu- dents is an organization whose purpose is to develop an interest in physics among students, to promote fellowship among its members, and provide activities to stimulate students ' curiosi- ties. The society was founded at Florida Southern in 1968 and participates in lectures and semi- nars around the area. Sigma Delta Pi is a Spanish honorary fraternity that offers membership to those students who seek to attain excellence in the study of Spanish, the litera- ture, and the culture of the Span- ish-speaking people. The French Club was first orga- nized in 1973. It was established for those interested in a better understanding of the French lan- guage, culture, and history. The members are active with its for- eign language clubs during the year. The Spanish Club was estab- lished to promote the study of language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world and fos- tering an understanding of its peoples. The Spanish Club is composed of those students with a special interest in these areas. French Club First Row: Nichole Morgan, Jenni- lyn Chuck, Lisa Jackson, Laurie Clouser, Tahar Zenati. Second Row: Paula McKay, Jannie Hunt, Andrea Dort, Tracy White, Anna Bejar, Vir- ginia Landry. Third Row: Tammy Haire, Jean Brown, Wael Abu-Adas, Kim Stevens, Greg Barnes, Dr. Bran- don. Fourth Row: Gigi Lyon, James Belanger. Spanish Club First Row: Jennilyn Chuck, Andrea Pope, Anne-Marie Fox. Second Row: Kim Bergstrom, Polly Watson, Bennett Cole, Cathy Kirk, Janine Lott. Organizations 85 •• . ■at .4. I W ' . ' « . " ' ■ ■ « l3fm . 1. .iiiiiiiwiw wmmmmmm: it TERR HB - It was more than just having fun and liv- ing it up. It was a brotherhood and sister- hood of caring, sharing, and giving, it was campus service and helping philanthro- pies. It was . . . GREEKS 1985 Division: Greeks 87 ALPHA CHI OMEQA Alpha Chi Omega is celebrating its 100th year founded in Green- castle, Indiana at DePauw University on October 15, 1885. The Beta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was the first national sorority founded on Southern ' s campus on Movember 13, 1936. Alpha Chi ' s symbol is the lyre, the red camation is their flower, and their colors are scarlet red and olive green. The Alpha Chi ' s are represented in every major honorary on campus. They are class officers. Junior Advisors, and little sisters Sigma Chi, Sig Ep, Lambda Chi, Theta Chi, Pi Kapp, TKE and SAE. Every year they raise money for one of their three philanthro- pies, cerebral palsey, by working with the Theta Chi ' s to accom- plish a 30 hour dance-a-thon. They strive to do the best and to be their best as their motto is, " Together Let Us Seek The Heights. " Sweetheart — Howard Penney First Row: Tina Westberg, Jill Winkler, Karyn FoUand, Melanie McM ullen, Shaun Steggles, Susan Young, Yvette Talley, Celaine McCart, Sandy Sousa, Dhays Gruber, Jayna Mullinax, Marty Pottorff, Darcy Flynn, Mary Beth Thomas, Cindy Beswick. Second Row: Meridy Werder, Penny Langston, Tawn Prior, Dawn Garner, Ruth Spencer, Ale Evans, Sharon Thomas, Carol Pasos, Anne-Marie Bucy, Anne Geiger, Natalie Williams, Krista Cochran, Kelly Fitzpatrick. Third Row: Debbie Michael, Donna Richardson, Karen Hanlon, Ttacy Thayer, Susan Robertson, Mary Jo Sattler, Katie Ward, Kelleigh Withers, Holly Sellman, Pearl Levy, Mary LeMasters, Jeanne Johnston, Julie Mulford, Hope Brandis. Fourth Row: Melanie Harden, Lindsey Hatch, Debbie Hale, Krista Weeks, Cindy Durrance, Tere Corrigan, Leigh Odem, Demi Pfister, Tami Smith. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chi is . . . we ' ve got love , . . 100% class . . . Togetherness . . . girls just wanna have fun . . . Dance-a-thon . . . railsings . . . Miss Manners . . . lyre talks . . . Sigma Chi and Lambda Chi sweethearts . . . Sig Ep and Theta Chi pledge-class sweeties . . . Miss Winter Haven . . . ya know!? . . . totally awesome . . . Tacky Tourist . . . pardon! . . . funnest girls in America! . . . I ' m not weird — you ' re weird — I ' m normal! . . . use your elbows . . . CBC . . . of all the rudeness . . . come in Tokyo . . . we ' ve got the glow . . . the best sorority! _ _, !»••« EI CWw L fflfti B ' ft ' % w. Jm m»m| : ' y; . ■■--Er W - S 1 - K H Hl PM Greeks 89 ALPHA DELTA PI First Row: Patti Roy, Donna Auger, Holly Hangen, Nancy Straw, Terri Griggs, Melody Witt, Hollis Mussler, Dayna Swalley, Pam Roy. Second Row: Suzanne Bubregh, Laurie Paullin, Bibiana Gomez, Paige Kasper, Judy IVuitt, Tammy Dean, Joy Rossi, Valerie Thomas, Cindy Robison. Third Row: Ann Ferguson, M arcie Gogerty, Beth White, Kelly Lewison, Elisa Kennedy, Kathy Erwin, Kelly Thompson, Holly Field, Lee Cox, Julie Michael. Fourth Row: Jennifer Jones, Pam Campo, Jane Bistline, Denise Kent, Darla Holb, Jenny Stevens, Amy Porter, Karina Holt, Kim Roberts. Back Row: Tracey Moore, Kim Miller, Pam ShefTer, Leslie Brown, Adair Valdespino, Karen Teel, Debbie Green, Lori Boyd, Lee Anne Rymph, Cathy Kirk, Allison Greer, Ann Jago, Kim Workman. Alpha Delta Pi, the first secret society for college women was founded May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Gamma Gamma chapter was chartered at Florida Southern on April 27, 1946. ADPi ' s colors are azure blue and white. The violet is the flower and the Hon is the symbol. " We live for each other " is the open motto. Alpha Delta Pi ' s are members of many campus organizations and honoraries. They are fraternity little sisters and sweethearts. Also, many have reigned as Miss Southern, Miss Interlachen, and Honor Walk Student. The qualifications for membership have remained unchanged through the years — Scholarship, High Principles of Behavior, and True Friendship. 90 Greeks Sweetheart — Todd Denson ALPHA DELTA PI Alpha Delta Pi is . . . Lions and Violets . . . Sweetheart Todd ... Big Bros ... Eta Beta . . . 007 . . . Mary Jo . . . Monday nighters . . . Sherb ... Jo . . .T.D. . .P PRoy. . .KT. . .Bali. . .Crow. . .Suz . . . Mac ... no Way! . . . Get out ! . . . Best time ever! . . . Candlelights and railsings . . . Parties . . . L.G . . . the Pooh . . . KKK . . . Trivial Pursuit . . . Tri-Kappa Honorary . , . The Divorce Party . . . plate mates . . . baroo-baroo . . . the cafe . . . ADPigs . . . the hill . . . jammin . . . Karen Ann . . . working out . . . The first and finest " We love for each other " Greeks 91 ALPHA OMICROn PI Alpha Omicron Pi was founded on January 2, 1897 at Brenard College. The Kappa Gamma Chapter of AOPi was installed on Southern ' s campus on May 5, 1946. Kappa Gamma became the fifty-second chapter to uphold the high ideals and standards of Alpha Omicron Pi. Our motto is " Individuals united under a com- mon bond. " The sisters of Kappa Gamma have proven this by having many leaders of campus organizations. They are also little sisters and Junior Advisors. Sweetheart — Steve Barger First Row: Kathy Lloyd, Stephanie Nase, Betsy Bramley, Laurie Colacini, Kimber Norris. Second Row: Shannon Ford, Ann Padgett, Patty Meister, Shawn Brumbaugh, Shannon Bailey, Catherine Krist, Nancy Leonard. Third Row: Virginia Nunan, Monica Kiley, Amy Hodge, Kyle Krein, Allison Odom, Shell Rogers, Suzanne Jackson, Wendy Starling, Lisa Jackson, Lisa Trongone. Fourth Row: Kim Hilson, Elise MacLennan, Carrie Kunde, Ana Morejon, Kathy Tourville, Kere Lamparter, Teresa Bowman, Sue Oliva, Karen Pipki, Jackie Jennings. Fifth Row: Jane Knickerbocker, Margriet Knetsch,, Kris Watkins, Dawn Yates, Robin Sirota. Back Row: Lori Petrella, Samantha Parkman, Kristen Dye, Laura Zimmerman ALPHA OMICROn PI Arv Alpha Omicron Pi is . . . FUBAR . . . roses . . . sheafs of wheat . . . Seniors . . . Wanda Lou . . . Vag . . . Mono . . . Pete . . . Kyle . . . Suz . . . Amy Lou . . . Allison . . . Trongone . . . Sheli ... fun check . . , FMD . . . Garden Party . . . D-board . . . Odd ' s chart . . . Surf ' s up . . . Krop ... We love you sweethearts. Mom and ALMA . . . AOPi ' s are getting down tonight . . . woo-woo-woo-woo . . . You know we own it!!!! 1 Mill ' y ilMll ' ' ' Tifc ' ' y ' i Wy St tngjS -ipr«; in j| | Greeks 93 KAPPA DELTA First Row: Margie lohnson, Betsy Raymond, June Bradfass, Cynthia IVikel, Darice Fields, Marcia Gillette, Jamie Piper. Second Row: Leicha Rittgers, Janet Reynolds, Elizabeth Sellers, Lori Petrie, Lori Rainey, Kendra Mickelson, Lynette Gannaway, Robin Ciminello, Susie Hause, Beverly Alvis, Sherry Worth, Betsey Ennis, Lauren Rodberg. Third Row: Aileen Ware, Michelle Major, Paula McKay, Peg O ' Brien, Susan Ernst, Jannie Hunt, Lala Cade, Claire Dukes, Dori Bugl, Lizbeth Stidham, Amy Lively, Bunny Sutton, Donna Beede, Cherie Shirah. Fourth Row: Nancy Baggett, Nancy Doane, Kelly Sullivan, Beth Allen, Jill Desplinter, Donna Lynch, Lois Dinkins, Gigi Lyons. Fifth Row: Donna Hill, Cheri Parker, Dede Scoggins, Mary McGee, Alicia Stein, Mary Lynn Haas, Vicki Villalba, Lois Wittenberg, Lisa Jackson. Back Row: Jodi Radake, Holly Williams, Lisa Taylor, Lauren Meyer. Kappa Delta was founded on October 23, 1897 at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. Tlie Gamma Epsilon cliapter of Kappa Delta was founded at Florida Southern College on February 5, 1955. Members of Kappa Delta participate in and lead Omicron Delta Kappa, FCA, AWS, SQA, SUB, Delta Omicron, Delta Sigma Pi, The Interlachen, The Southem, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Chi Theta, Sigma Delta Chi, Toastmasters, and Beta Beta Beta. Many have also been Miss Southem or Miss Interlachen candidates. The colors of KD are olive green and pearl white. Our flower is the white rose, and our mascot is the katydid. They, as sisters, strive for the honorable, beautiful and highest. 94 Greeks Sweetheart — Joe Baker 1 KAPPA DELTA Kappa Delta is ... go KD says our hearts . . . boo boo . . . BTA . . . Tns . . . Joe Papa . . . babycakes . . . that ' s you . . . Ernie . . . yipee ... HPI . . . feeling groovy . . . waah! . . . get out of town . . . lovebugs . . . warter please . . . life ' s beautimous, have a beautimous day day . . . Doanerhead . . . Pooh bear . . . mama pajama . . . miller-head . . . aqua cycle ' 84 . . . LIPS . . . M M . . . Sam Lam 6f green eggs and ham . . . geez Louise . . . allll right . . . friends are forever if the Lord ' s the Lord of them . . . Jamie Bobamie ... aw that ' s nice . . . Congrats and good luck to the class of ' 85 . . . Honorable, beautiful, and highest A.O.T . . . Chicken neck . . . come ahead. Greeks 95 PHI MU Phi Mu fraternity is the second oldest and fifth largest secret organization for women. It was founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia in 1853. The Alpha Tau chapter was established on FSC ' s campus in 1954 and will be celebrating its 30th year. Phi Mu participates in many organizations on campus including mem- bers of honorary fraternities. Phi Sigma Kappa sweetheart, and fraternity little sisters. Phi Mu ' s colors are rose and white. Their jewel is the pearl, their flower is the rose carnation, and their mascot is the lion. Their motto is " The faithful sisters, " yet they strive to be faithful to others outside the family as well. Sweetheart — Todd von Weyhe Kathy Amick, Sally Austin, Eileen Berry, Carie Call, Susan Callahan, Ann Chudick, Julianne Cockrill, Marcella Cox, Kim Croft, Evelyn Duell, Nancy Fischer, Nora Gould, Beth Hammond, Lori Izzo, Collen Jeeves, Linda Lohne, Kelly McCarley, Ann Palo, Kim Russ, Penny Sherman, Pam Sibley, Michelle Tomkow, Tracy Torrance, Lisa White, Jennifer Winters, Jane Zewalk. 96 Greeks PHI MU Phi Mu is . . . flame throwers . . . the rainbow connection . . . wald-in-the-ldld . . . squids . . . party animals . . . 16.80 goodtimes . . . turtle knapping . . . bird haters with Disney damage, give me a gun . . . cowboys roughing it . . . pledge pranks with missing shoes . . . The Warrior . . . she ' s whipped . . . land shark . . . scopin, scoopin, and snaggin . . . Phi Sig sweetheart . . . rose-carnation . . . lion- hearted . . . smiles, roommates, friendship, love and sisters . . . sisters with a love that ' s true in the bond of Phi Mu . . . We ' ll miss you seniors! Greeks 97 ZETA TAU ALPHA Laurie Acton, Terrie Almond, Layla Alo, Diana Bruch, Susan Burton, Vera Carson, Heather Chryst, Gina Golina, Janet Collins, Dana DeLoach, Tammy Dolan, Cindy Dygert, Keli Fink, Emmy Folker, Holly Freeman, Robin Freeman, Vicki Garrone, Colleen Gillogly, Leona Hammond, Ruth Hardin, Katie Hester, Misako Hiramo, Susan Howard, Tricia Johnson, Susan Jones, Judy Killam, Gretchen McCurdy, Denise Michalowski, Anne Miotke, Jody Nutt, Lisa Osmer, Jeanette Owen, Brenda Rogers, Julie Rogers, Sandra Sessums, Tami Shearer, Jill Sheneman, Paige Smith, Kathy Syammberger, Susan Stuart, Terri Tremain, Julie Williams, Jennifer Wright, Miyuku Yoshizawa Zeta Tau Alpha was founded in Farmville, Virginia on October 15, 1898. The Delta Beta chapter was established at fSC in 1957. Zeta ' s colors are turquoise blue and steel gray. Their open motto is " Seek the noblest. " 98 Greeks Sweetheart — Fleet Tilden ZETA TAU ALPHA Zeta Tau Alpha is . . . awesome . . . believe In yourself . . . friends are friends forever . . . date a Zeta . . . marathon nights . . . lock-ins . . . no, 1 am not going out tonight . . . penalty ... I don ' t want to see that! . . . within your heart you ' ll know . . . Bid- day bonanza . . . squidlettes ... no way . . . Steak-n- bake . . . blatant . . . snow days . . . snap, snap all night long . . . Awesome sweetheart. Fleet . . . Baronie . . . Of course I ' m Z bound . . . Zeta will live forever . , . co-jo-em . . . love ya! Greeks 99 KAPPA ALPHA Kappa Alpha was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865. The Gamma Pi chapter was established at Florida Southern in 1958. Kappa Alpha takes pride in its values of chivalry taken from their spiritual founding father, Robert E. Lee. The Kappa Alpha ' s motto is " God and the women " as the knights and the order put God and women above all. Their national philanthropy is muscular dystrophy. Sweetheart — Elise Wood Kneeling: Bill Meakin, Pete Aldrich. First Row: Barry Read, Scott Crosby, Kirk McKinnon, Joe Morrison, Dave Mixner, Yugoro Iwamura, Alan Snapp, Kelson Lineberry. Second Row: Paul Westcott, Mike Chisum, Scott Grossman, Bob Flynn, Mike IVue, Paul Feraci. Third Row: Ken Stoff, Tom Flynn, Bill Yancy, Greg Owens, Scott VVynn, Joseph F. Gong II. Back Row: Rick Kear, Mark Owen, Roger Holler III. 100 Greeks KAPPA ALPHA Kappa Alpha is . . . car washes . . . cookouts . . . The " Z " . . . Dog . . . Keeb . . . Rock Fred . . . Jessie . . . Ziggy . . . Joe Pros and Lamar . . . Kirk . . . Doc . . . Weasle . . . Paradise by the Dashboard Light . . . little sisters . . . Sweetheart " Buck " . . . intramurals . . . SGA Pres . . . RA ' s . . . Rama and McMuggets . . . laundry at Lakeland Junction . . . awards in chapter . . . Tacky Tourist . . . Wallball. Greeks 10 LAMDA CHI ALPHA First Row: Dave Springer, Darren Stanek, Jim Amick, Jeff Grove, Joe Baker, Alan Garey, Brad Moore, Paul Krist, Rob lies. Brooks Goodgame. Second Row: Mike Ivey, Pete Oglesby, Roy Kramer, Ron Elrod, Eric Lyman, Doug Burnett, Rob Bateman, John Burnett, Bill Welch, Rich Rasmussen, Steve Brethit. Third Row: Reagan Harrison, Steve De tt, Louis Gotsch, Scott Chappell, Munro Sefcik, Keith Clanton, Jeif Jakes, Brian Rosskamp, Tom Padro, Steve Dollenmayer, Andy Wall, Dan Dominick. The Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity was founded in 1909 at Boston University by Warren A. Cole. In the last 75 years. Lambda Chi Alpha has grown from its original chapter to more than 220 chap- ters in the U.S. and Canada. Although the youngest of the top twenty fraternities in the nation. Lambda Chi is the third largest fraternal brotherhood with the second largest number of chap- ters. Florida Southern ' s Epsilon Xi Zeta is the oldest fraternity on campus, originally chartered in 1938. The Lambda Chi ' s have a strong national policy against hazing, one which is boldly upheld by Epsilon Xi. This centennial year at Florida Southern marks Lambda Chi Alpha ' s 75th anniversary — a Diamond Celebration of belief in ideals, progressiveness, and BROTHERHOOD!! 102 Greeks Sweetheart — Lynda Stauffer LAMDA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chi is . . . sweetheart Lynn . . . the Cross and the Crescent . . . The Albeenoz . . . Michael W. Smith ' s " Friends are Friends forever " . . . Steve ' s back . . . swingers . . . campus leadership . . . curly shuflfle . . . Believe in ideals . . . Mom Brotherton . . . a new lobby . . . The American Cancer Society . . . Standards of chapter excellence . . . juking . . . Mrs. Eileen Stevens . . . associate members . . . AWESOME little sisters . . . fleas . . . The Enforcer . . . PFTS . . . the greatest alums . . . The fraternity of honest friendship . . . BROTHERHOOD!!! Greeks 103 PHI SIQMA KAPPA Jabez William Clay, Frederick George Campbell, Joseph Frank- lin Barret, Xenos Young Clark, William Penn Brooks and Henry Hague founded PHI SIGMA KAPPA March 15, 1873 at the University of Massachusetts. The Omega Triton chapter at FSC was char- tered April 2, 1950. The Phi Sigs are proud of their reputation on campus and are continuing to strive to meet the ideals set down by their founding fathers. Sweetheart — Kelly McCariey standing: Mike Grossman, Mark Peet, Jim Pehrson, Joe Gisondi, Brian Lasch, John Sumple, Michael John Honshanik, Jim McGuire, Mark Tallo, Mike Stevens, Sal Maniscalo, William Dudman, Pat McCariey, Kirk Geiger, Nate Freeman. On pillars: Scott James, Jim Manoli, Prescott Palmer, Gary Westerman, Frank Peacock. 104 Greeks PHI SIGMA KAPPA Phi Sig is . . . tuna dude . . . Sam Loud . Elwood ' s . . . surfin . . . roaches . . . concerts . Bunny party . . . Qiz monster . . . little sisters . sweetheart Kelly. . . Brown Homet . . .The Boro . Chaplain and Mrs. Atchley . . . Uh, can 1 have some? . . . Cheeps ... Mr. Cool . . . Pede . . . Yo-nads! . . fishsteaks . . . Idol . . . irkness . . . slammin . . Seniors: Dil, J.O., Paco, Cheez, M.J., Moss, Camel Dog, . . . Tumblin T ' s . . . Brotherhood, Scholarship, Character Greeks 105 PI KAPPA PHI Listed Alphabetically: Kent Abbet, Todd Allen, Kurt Beronja, Bob Curran, Jeff Dumas, Chuck Dutil, Phil Fabiano, Sam Garcia, Doug Grayson, Kevin Holaday, Fred Jenkins, Don Klein, David Loiselle, Doug Maier, Franklin McKiney, Don Moose, Rob Nicholson, Bryan Powell, Vinnie Propst, John Steadman, Joe Strada, Todd vonWeyhe, Jeff Wallace, Scott White. Pi Kappa Phi was founded on December 10, 1904 at diarleston, S.C. Our tliree founding fathers, Andrew A. Kroeg, Jr., Simon Togarty, Jr., and Lawrence H. Mixon established the traditions upon which our fratemity is built. Pi Kapp was established here at Florida Southern in 1948. Our colors are gold, blue, and white, and the totem pole stands in front of our hose as a representation of the Beta Beta chapter. Our national philanthropy is Project Push which provides handicapped children with a learning environment. 106 Greeks Sweetheart — Denise Engel PI KAPPA PHI Pi Kappa Phi is . . . wliere ' s our T.V.? ... at the Rama . . . Help Wildlife . . . throw a party . . . Project Push . . . Schmee me up Scott . . . E.T. . . Beta Betas . . . reconstruction . . . elbow man . . . House Monster . . . Dark Side of the Moon . . . late night showers . . . photon torpedo . . . storytime . . . schmeg . . . stonehedge . . . Dallas . . . WallyWorld . . . working with worms . . . Yeah! . . . Dancin in the dark . . . Late night with Letterman . . . MTV . . . competitive spewing . . . hitting the slabs . . . the ghetto . . . " Have you hazed your pledges today? " Greeks 107 SIQMA ALPHA EPSILOFI Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded May 9, 1856 at the University of Alabama. SAE is currently the largest national fraternity with 182 chapters in 45 states and over 175,000 initiates. The Florida Gamma chapter at FSC was founded november 12, 1949. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is based on the virtues of the True Gentle- man and is represented by the lion. Sweetheart — Melanie Ward Gene Panzer, Todd Spurlin, Cliff Johnson, Lee Brackman, Dave Beck, Paul LaFacuci, Jerry Ankenbrandt, Martin VonPaleske, Rob Bailey, Rob Evans, John Cedarburg, Brian Gurcheik, Louis Guardin. 108 Greeks SIGMA ALPHA EPSILOM SAE Is Leo . . . The True Gentleman . . . Leadership . . . Scholarship . . . CHICAGO . . . The Bacchus ... Mr. and Mrs. Willie . . . Pompasity . . . Beta Phi and ADPi . . . Mel and Little Sisters . . . Minerva ... Did we win again? . . . n8149T . . . Chief Pilot Martin . . . PUriJAB . . . Poo . . . Beatle ... J.J . . . C.J . . . Goosey in Deutshland . . . happy hour . . . " Float it " . . . Wench of Wisdom ... Phi Alpha ■; ' Greeks 109 SIGMA CHI First Row; Allyn Simmons, Jeff Soukup, Vinnie Monteleone, Dennis Curry, Brandon Romine. Second Row: Cris Keefer, Joe Graham, Brian Lewandowski, Howard Penney, Tim Mulford, Jeff Henderson, John Houchin, Mark Benson, Rob Rittgers, Fleet Tilden, Rick Price, Carter Hopkins. Third Row: Dave Moenning, Cort Douglas, Rich Knowles, Bryan Pugh, Victor Villanueva, Bill Dickman, Greg McNutt, Jim Caroll, Tim Carson, Ti-ent Bolesky, Clark Hippler, Bruce James, John Korbel. Founded in 1885, the Sigma Chi fraternity is celebrating its 100th year nationally. Sigma Chi is well recognized in the Greek world today. Likewise, the Epsilon Sigma chapter chartered in 1959 maintains a similar stature here at FSC, following the ideas represented in the white cross, a symbol of our fratemity. Through it all, Sigma Chi remains a privilege, a foundation for the future, and an eternal friendship. Sigma Chi is what others strive to be — an organization that knows no age. 110 Greeks Sweetheart — Nelanie McMullen SIGMA CHI Sigma Chi is . . . the white cross . . . stories from the hole . . . Casino . . . Hoctumal Sigs . . . Sig afterhours ... a dip on the wall . . . Derby Week . . . roommate sweethearts . . . the ranch . . . Confetti ' s the Koner . . . Price ' s penthouse . . . the norman shield . . . high ideals . . . pride . . . Indigo Spleroids . . . true brotherhood . . . the Goose ... 34 and a half. . . Get off Sigs . . . Midnight Softball . . . Weekly awards . . . unity . . . J.C . . . Stub . . . Karick . . . Burly . . . Codly . . . the mooner . . . Captain forehead . . . Bobby D . . . MELAMIE Greeks 111 SIGMA PHI EPSILOn I Sigma Phi Epsilon was established on November 1, 1901 at Richmond College. Our own Florida Delta chapter was chartered at Florida Southern on May 28, 1949. Founded on the principles of virtue, diligence, and brotherly love; Sig Ep has grown from a group of twelve determined young men to the second largest na- tional fraternity. Likewise, the Florida Delta chapter, using these same principles, has doubled in membership in the past year. The Sig Ep ' s philanthropy is the American Heart Association, and they raise money by sponsoring a Swim for Heart. Sweetheart — Valerie Thomas First Row: Allen Hannigan, Alan VanWinkle, Scott Sells, Daniel Wulf, Lee Hegley, Steve Mathis. Second Row: Rob Fiore, Cris Schever, Rich Hopper, Scott Hutchinson, Brandon Fluman, sweetheart — Val, Doug Freebern, Rich Campana, Steve Schofield, Dan Brady, Ed Slechta. Third Row: Dave Batman, D.J. Theile, Stu Setcavage, Skip Shumway, Scott Reinmund, Rob Dynarski, Wally Les, John Couture. Fourth Row: Terry Gilmore, Gregg Reynolds, Craig PofTenbarger, Hank Gibson, Tom Evans, Pat Hegert, Kris Pahl, Craig Scates. Back Row: John Reeck, Bob Stigleman, Kirk Hobart. 112 Greeks SIQMA PHI EPSILOn Sig Ep is . . . number 1 . . . awesome parties . . , Polynesian . . . K of C . . . C-O-O-L ... As a rule . . . Forever, and that ' s a mighty long time . . . lobby movies . . . Great Qoldenhearts . . . wiflfleball . . . Volleyball Champs . . . roadtrips . . . skull and crossbones . . . Djarum . . . Dap . . . Slope . . . Berg . . . Cooch . . . Poff . . . Cheez . . . Raggy . . . Mel . . . Dart . . . Bats . . . Beav . . . Thursdays at the " Z " . . . Room 4 . . . Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love Greeks 113 TAU KAPPA EPSILOn Listed Alphabetically: David Barnum, Bobby Bass, Steve Behre, Russ Carawan, Scott Croak, David Deibler, Marrion Flowers, Bill Hopkins, Schiller Martin, Paul Mersch, Scott Milleman, Hideto Nishimoto, Ken Pharo, Joe Preston, Bill Stephens, John Taylor, Hasen Yali, Roger Ward. Tau Kappa Epsilon is the largest social fraternity in the world with over 300 active chapters. Beta Tau chapter was founded at Florida Southern in 1947. Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity is based on the belief that the three essential elements of meaningful fratemal relations are love, charity, and esteem. The colors of TKE are cherry red and grey and the mythological ideal is Apollo. Famous alumni include: Terry Bradshaw, The Everly Brothers, Merv Griffin, Elvis Presley, President Reagan, Danny Thomas, Charles Walgreen, and Lawrence Welk. The TKE brothers will always remember our sweetheart. Amy Morgan, and Mom Chisolm for their love and support. We will also remember all of our HI sisters who, through their care and involvement, can only be described as simply Awesome! 114 Greeks Sweetheart — Amy Morgan TAU KAPPA EPSILOri VOTE REAG N ■ • KEEP ATKEINTHE ReagvsBishS ' ' m RElESM b a TKE is . . . for life . . . Space . . . Dave Bud . . . Bear . . . Carpy . . . Hidesan . . . Merle-Rifleman . . . Ricketman . . . Rock . . . Schmoe . . . Wild Bull . . . Inky . . . Bam Bam . . . Bunker . . . Kegamon . . . Heflyman . . . Killer . . . Party Animals . . . Panama . . . Luau . . . Sebring ' 84 . . . Ocala . . . SMDSBTBND , . , 4th Floor Hardcore . . . Keg Roll . . . Hog Heaven . . . Amtrack Express . . . Hulkamania . . . Krystals . . . Bogue lota . . . Reorganization — The new Beta Tau . . . Ex-Zim Doggin . . . Pajamas . . . Halloween . . . President Reagan . . . TKE-Busters . . . Body Shocks ... Oh well . . . not . . . Mom Chisolm . . . Grand Illusion . . . Wildboys Greeks 115 THETA CHI I The Gamma Delta chapter of Theta Chi began its FSC brotherhood in 1946 and has been growing stronger ever since. Although times have changed, the quality of brotherhood has not. Unity and respect for each other is what our house strives on as Theta Chi continues its role as a leader on campus. The good times we share with each other during our short stay here will always be remembered. Sweetheart — Lauren Schild .1 First Row: Tim Yelsits, Paul Montoya, Paul Blackwood, Tom Elliott, Jim Murphy, Dave Raymond, Marco Dawson, Jim Wilhelm, Greg Riordan, Joli Santiago, IVip Bowlby, Chris Kops. Second Row: Jim Cadott, Steve Santiago, Steve Puertas, Eric Manning, Otto Bundy, Tom Gramm, Mark Fugett, F Hilmer, Mike Gentile. 116 Greeks THETA CHI , - IBfci B i 4I jK m M P W ' " " A . R H H W - ,; , jy. j w BB p ' " ■ ■■k ' vHIli n 1 Theta Chi is . . . Safety. . . Big bythotts . . . Spleefs . . . Squids and Yids . . . Drawbridge . . . Rip club . . . Alumnae . . . Stud club . . . Hamammy Heads . . . Qoombay . . . The Tavern . . . Caddies . . . Toe cheese . . . BACC . . . numero uno . . . Bohees . . . Put a helmet on . . . Get a program . , . BROTHERHOOD ISVM p BL ' jH ' H i ' Br ,vM " - ' •73 p f ' 4 ( HiS Greeks 117 It encompassed the continuing discipline of tiie athletes and the Southern comfort of team spirit. It was drive, determina- tion, courage, force, and legend. It was . . . SPORTS 1985 Division: Sports 119 BASEBALL Front Row: Drew Miller, Ken Kranick, Ralph Ferrara, Don Burke, Mike Workman, Rob Durham, David Dowd, Glen Fernandez. Second Row: Carl Ferraro, Carl Wilbanks, Johnnie Pleicones, Jim Barr, Jim Roberts, Hector Villanueva, Lew Marotti, Bobby Green. Back Row: Joe Carpenter, Jim Biddle, John Cedarburg, David McCorkle, Sal Maniscalco, Ralph Kweder, Tom Temrowski, Terry Gilmore, Dave Parkulo, Keith Sullivan, Tracy Toy, Brandon Romine Head Coach Chuck Anderson Bat Girls 120 Sports Mo other Division II program in the nation can match the success of the Moccasins in baseball. The Mocs are a mem- ber of the Sunshine State Conference and have won the conference championship six times. The team plays a full schedule in the fall in addition to ;heir regular season spring slate of more than 50 games against some of the nation ' s top teams. The Mocs are under the guidance of head coach Chuck ' Vnderson who has been at Florida Southern for over twen- :y-five years. Sports 121 BASEBALL 122 Sports Sports 123 BASKETBALL Front Row; Paul Bosshardt, Wade Luke, Wayne Washington, Mark Devoss, Bob Gyori, Ray Titus, Jerry Johnson, Bill Connors Back Row: Head Coach George Scholz, Asst. Coach Rich Marshall, Student Asst. TVavis Stanley, Eric Hartje, Ted Kennedy, Bill Sawyer, John McNulty, Glenn Hanson, Student Asst. Al Garmon, Asst. Coach Kirk Speraw Not Pictured: Ed Brand Head Coach, George Scholz An exciting, fast-paced brand of college basketball against some of the na- tion ' s top teams is what Florida Southern fans have come to expect in recent years. The Mocs annually play a highly competitive Division II schedule which regulariy includes a number of Division 1 opponents as well. The tough schedule pays off as Florida Southern has made six MCAA post- season appearances, winning three regional titles for three consecutive trips to the nCAA Final Four. The team is piloted by head coach, George Scholz, a 1974 graduate of Jack- sonville University. BASKETBALL 126 Sports Sports 127 WOMEM ' S BASKETBALL Front Row: Manager Carol Harman, Trecie Davis, Teri Komer, Laura Soule, Deidre Lane, Carla Brown, Pam Sheffer, Kelly Carson Back Row: Trainer Sam Miller, Asst. Coach Norm Benn, Lisa Howard, Kim Disbro, Maryann Lantinga, Cindy Galbicka, Kim Danielewicz, Janet Reynolds, Head Coach Dick Coding, Asst. Coach Lois Webb Head Coach, Dick Coding 128 Sports Since its start in 1977, the women ' s program has provided fans with many exciting, action paci ed games. Playing against some of the top Division II powers in the South, the Lady Moccasins have hosted many Division I teams as well. Florida Southern captured the first Sunshine State Conference championship in 1982 and has finished as conference runner-up the past two seasons. Com- peting in the AIAW, Florida Southern made six straight state tournament appearances. Beginning his third year as head coach is Dick Cod- ing, a 1970 graduate of Florida Southern. SOCCER First Row: David Green, Todd Starks. Tony Middleton, Jim Andrews, Chris Campana, Neal Mazzei Second Row: Fred Hammond, Jim Allegro, Head Trainer Doc Connors, Trainer Sam Miller, Trainer Terry Rhinehart, Frank Stork, Randy Johnson Third Row: Howard Penney, Hank Gibson, Asst. Coach Logan Fleck, Head Coach Sam Snow, John Jane, Toby Therrien Fourth Row: Paul Findling, Juan Carlos deRada, John Mines, Kris Pahl, Pat Hegert Head Coach, Sam Snow 130 Sports ■ ' One of the oldest sports at Florida Southern is the sport )f soccer. Competing for well over twenty-five years, the itrikin ' Mocs have won a state championship, been invited riCAA regional play and had a number of winning sea- ions since its beginnings in the late 1950 ' s. Soccer kicks off the Florida Southern sports year, usually n mid-September, with games continuing through late Oc- ober. Entering his fourth season as head coach is Sam inow, a 1976 graduate of Virginia Wesleyan College. % ir Sports 131 VOLLEYBALL Front Row: Lisa Tetsworth, Nancy Blakeslee, Jeanne Stump, Susan Young, Laura Soule, Shelley Coghill, Debbie Goodwin Back Row: Head Coach Lois Webb, Dana Cozine, Lisa Frisbie, Michelle Kurtgis, Cindy Galbicka, Dana DeLoach, Haili Wurtz, Michelle Bouclac, Trainer Chris Bellotto Head Coach, Lois Webb 132 Sports Since its beginning in 1977, the Lady Moccasin volleyball team has risen to a level of national recognition. Flaying a ifull schedule in the fall that takes the team throughout the state and on to tournaments outside Florida, the Lady Mocs have reached a goal that is obvious in their perfor- |mance. Under the guidance of Lois Webb, a 1971 graduate of Florida State University, the Lady Mocs play a California- style of hard-hitting, fast-paced, exciting volleyball. GOLF Front Row: |im Wilhelm, Scott Hawkins, Pat Chisholm, Jeff Schmucker, Gregg Gamester, Lee fanzen Back Row: Coach Charley Matlock, Butch Mimer, Kevin Hestor, Freddy Jenkins, Curtis Donovan, Wally Les Head Coach, Charley Matlock 134 Sports Competing year round, the Mocs are familiar par- ticipants in some of the nation ' s most prestigious tournaments, playing against the finest opposition in collegiate golf. The Mocs have handled the pressure of the nCAA Championships, winning back-to-back titles in 1981 and 1982 becoming only the fifth team in Division II history to accomplish that feat. The success of the program reflects on as much individual performance as team performance with the driving force of head coach Charley Matlock. » MEN ' S TEnnis Front Row: Coney Burgess, Scott Reinmund, Tom Evans, Rick Soul6. Back Row: Charles Counter, Bill Hurst, Paul Laporta, Doug Dodd, Jim Taggert, Jim Fehrson, Sam Garcia Head Coach Jim Bush The men ' s tennis team hasn ' t had a losing season in more than a decade and has been a part of the Mocca- sin athletic program since 1954. The Mocs play a tough in-state schedule and regu- larly host a number of Division 1 schools from across ' the nation. Coaching the men ' s team for his 27th year is Jim Bush who has been with the program since its inception. Sports 137 WOMEN ' S TEnnis Front Row: Mary Lloyd, Allison Avey, Mark Key Priest, Karen McCurdy, Darla Holb. Back Row: Betsy Broadwater, Kim Storkel, Kim Smith, Coach Ed Jefferies, Kim Rogers, Kathy Lloyd, Kelly Plumlee Head Coach Ed Jefferies Women ' s tennis has been part of FSC for sixteen rs, gaining many titles along the way. Among their er tournament accomplishments have been their lumerous MCAA appearances. The Lady Moccasins face tough competition in their spring schedule which begins in mid-January and runs through April. Dr. Ed Jeffries, a 1958 graduate of Bridgewater Col- lege, lends constant support to all the talented women athletes. Sports 139 SOFTBALL fn w % Head Coach, Chris Bellotto. Asst. Coach, Fete Oglesby. Manager, Jeanette Rutland. Captain, Susan Young. Terri Komer, Trina McCormick, Judy Killam, Fam Sheffer, Donna Fatterson, Don Stankewitz, Fam Sibley, Laurie Baker, Michelle Boculac, Teresa Taylor, Laura Soule, Rhonda Kaiser, Debbie Qoodwin, Kathy Fishbaugh, Lisa Frisbie Head Coach Chris Bellotto 140 Sports Women ' s softball, an intercollegiate sport at C since 1981, has many accomplishments to show for their efforts. Already under their belt are two Sunshine State Conference titles in 1982 and 1983. The many talented women athletes are led by head coach Chris Belloto who has been at FSC for six years. Sports 141 CROSS COUNTRY Front Row: Harold Hendren, Joe Tiseo, Mike Pilapel, Mike Davis, Rob Bailey Second Row: Amy Porter, Karen Belli, Janae Jennings, Marcella Cox, Angie Cicanese, Pam Zimmerman, Gina Colina Third Row: Coach Ed Plowman, Paul Westcott, Doug Clark, Mike Chisum, Paul Rybinski, Eric Lyman Head Coach, Ed Plowman 142 Sports Added in 1979 because of its popularity and practicality, cross ;ountry provides an opportunity for a young athlete to represent is college in one-on-one and team competition. Meets are cheduled during the early fall against four-year colleges, junior colleges, and track clubs throughout Florida. Coaching both the men ' s and women ' s team is Dr. Ed Plow- man, a 1967 graduate of north Carolina State University. Dr. Plowman is a regular participant in marathon races and has njn the Boston Marathon a number of times. Sports 143 SKI TEAM T Coach Rick Anderson, Alex Ashcroft, Casey Carlson, Bill Cordes, Shari Gresens, Brian Guyer, Ken Janata, Kathy Matthews, Mary Raynor, Sandy Roeder, Paige Smith, Jim Snively, Meridy Werder, Greg Weston h Head Coach, Rick Anderson The Florida Southern Water Ski Team has always upheld a great winning tradition. In the fall and the spring the Mocs travel the state of Florida showing southern dominance. ; The team has qualified to go to the national cha mpion- ships for the past five years. This year they made their way to a fourth overall finish at the Intercollegiate national : Championships in Sacremento, California. Leading the team to outstanding performance is coach. Rick Anderson, a senior here at FSC. : 144 Sports i Sports 145 CHEERLEADERS Front Row: Steve Moranos, Paul Russell, Emil Fankhauser, Bill Welch, Chip Griggs Back Row: Sandi Sousa, Kelleigh Withers, Karen Hanlon, Lisa Durham, Cathy Kirk, Mary Lemasters 146 Sports i Sports 147 inXRAMURALS To some degree Southern ' s sports affect us all, whether it be as a varsity player, a partici- pant in intramurals, a week-end racquetball player, or simply as a spectator. Florida South- em fields a number of intramural teams, with each dorm, fraternity, and sorority participat- ing. The intramural schedule includes such sports as flag football, soflball, soccer, basket- ball, volleyball, archery, canoeing, and tennis. 148 Intramurals iriTRAMUP LS I Intramurals 149 IMTRAMURALS 150 Intramurals IMTRAMUPIALS Intramurals 151 IMTRAMURALS i 152 IntTamurals INTRAMURALS Intramurals 153 RESERVE OFFICER TRAiniNQ CORPS RESERVE OFFICER TRAINiriQ CORPS The United States Government maintains a Senior Division of tlie Army Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps at Florida Southern College. The general objective of the Army ROTC cur- riculum is to produce junior officers possessing qualities and attributes essential to their pro- gressive and continued development in the Regular Army and in the United States Army Reserve. It will provide the student with an apprecia- tion of the responsibilities of each American as a citizen, to contribute time, talent, and ener- gies to be the protection of liberty and an appre- ciation of the need for trained leadership in the military defense organization of the United States of America. ROTC extracurricular activities include the Raider Program, Color Guard and Running Club. ROTC cadets participated in field training exercises to Camp Blanding, Helicopter orien- tation, Rappelling, the Lakeland Christmas Pa- rade, and the Gasparilla Classic. ROTC 155 ■ ■■ ■ .- f 0. ' AV I FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATIOri Division: Administration 157 • ;: HiTlKVi ithern College dur- ing this Centennial r is a unique privi- ;e. During its 100 ear journe ; Florida Southern College has become one of the na- tion ' s superior liberal arts colleges. With our superb faculty and out- standing student body, we welcome the second century of our College with great hope and op- timism. " Dr. Robert A. Davis President i President Robert A. Davis 158 Dr. David G. Mobberley, Vice President and Dean of the College Mr. Brunner R. Hunt, Vice President and Busi- ness Manager Mr. Mead F. Rogers, Jr., Vice President for Development Dr. Theodore M. Haggard, Assistant to the President Bishop E.J. Pendergrass, Assistant to the President Administration 159 Mr. Hugh A. Moran, Jr., Dean of Students Mr. William B. Stephens, Director of Admissions Mr. G. Lawrence Stallings, Director of Library Mrs. Marta Ladd, Director of Public Information Mr. Raymond Fischer, Director of Alumni Relations Mr. William Hannah, Controller Mrs. Mary Lou Spencer, Registrar Mr. Robert Sterling, Director, Student Financial Aid Mrs. Kim Pickering, Assistant to the Dean of Students — Women Administration 1 61 Mr. Francis L. Luce, Placement Assistant r Mrs. Melinda Luce, Director of Student Activities • « .J«fc.. . ...1 . mt -d Mr. Harold Smeltzly, Director of Athletics Mr. Harold Waters, Director of Communi cations Mr. Darrell Webb, Physical Plant Manager Mr. Gary Wiepking, Director of Placement Mr. William Fraker, Development Officer Administration 163 Art I Sitting: Banton Doak, Downing Barnitz. Back Row: Gale Doak, Beth Ford, Joyce Davis. 164 Faculty Biology First Row: Margaret Gilbert, Connie Murphy, Sharon Hooker. Back Row: Laurence Campbell, Robert Baum, John Halderman, John IVipp. Business Economics Front Row: Margaret Bair, Patricia Dockery, Bruce Arnold, Allan Bowman, Paul Asfour, William Juchau, Joan Buccino, Back Row: Allen Larsen, Carl Brown, Fred Schreiber, Harold O ' Leary, Col. Jeffrey Wiley, Francis DeReus, Wendell Hulcher. 166 Faculty Citrus Horticulture Front Row: Rupert Prevatt, Sue Herdman. Back Row: Fred Schreiber, Thomas Mack, Malcolm Manners. Faculty 167 Communications Front Row: Hal Waters, John Obrecht. Back Row: Edward Thorn, Richard Wilber, Gary English. 168 Faculty J Education Jack Haynes, Davis Holland, Mary Virginia Peaslee, Katherine Betts, lo Ann Little, Louise Pitt, Emily Hancock. Faculty 169 English Front Row: Glenn James, Robert Zimmerman, Raymond Lott. Back Row; Mary Ann Hodges, Wesley Ryals, Paula Romanik, Robert Tate, Gwendolyn Ziemann. 170 Faculty History Political Science John Santosuosso, Francis Hodges, Bill Larsen, Rick Rollenhagen Language Bennett Cole, Gerda Von Paleske, Jose Martinez, Wallace Brandon. ;i 172 Faculty Math Front Row: Caroline Durham, Gayle Kent, Allen Wuertz. Back Row: Lane Goodson, Daniel Carreira, Henry Hartje, Patricia Hunt. Faculty 173 Military Science First Row: Sgt. Kos, Bonnie Ponton, S.Sg. Ludwig, Maj. Fox, Second Row: M.Sgt. Leonard, Col. Bailey, Capt. Cardoza, Capt. Jordan, Sgt. Orden. 174 Faculty Music First Row: Rita Fandrich, Paula Parsche, Second Row: William Woodruff, Robert MacDonald, }ames Slutz. nursing Clara Clayton, Rose Marie Lamm Physical Education First Row: Mary Clarke, Lois Webb, Second Row: Charlie Anderson, Harold Smeltzly, Kathleen Benn, Katherine Straw, Edward Jefferies, Bill Conners, Chris Bellotto, Sam Snow, Third Row: Kirk Speraw, James Bush, Mike Gaski, Pat McFadden, Fourth Row: George Scholz, Char lie Matlock. Faculty 177 Psychology Christopher Weaver, Gregory Mugg, Sandra Ivey, Richard Burnette Religion Front Row: Waite Willis, John Cook, Walter Weaver. Second Row: Frank Johnson, Chaplain Robert Atchley FacuIty 179 Sociology 180 Faculty Theatre Front Row: Jane Coyle, Dawn Dick, Back Row: Kaarlo Lawlor, Tom Shaffer, Paul Lubey, William Grange Faculty 181 Housemothers First Row: Audrey Richardson, Francis Howard, Ann Blanton, Irene Bond, Marion Pope, Eulalie Myers, Back Row: Edwina House, Hallie Porter, Marie Mericle, Susan Westerfield, Polly Mohler, Hazel Achor, Lilah Chisolm, Evelyn Glass, Myrtice Denman, Maizie McKay. 182 FacuIty ■ Library Staff Front Row: Barbara Elliot, Rosina Urquiza, Janet Pravden, Back Row; Harry Roberts, Larry Stallings, Polly McCormick, Margaret Barthe. (Not Pictured: Mary Flekke, Louise Eastwood) f 9« ' jr They worked, they played, they studied. They were concerned about the future but lived for the day. They were adults, yet children. They took pride in our Southern comforts — and their ingenuity was on the rise. They were . . . PEOPLE 1985 Division: People 185 THE CLASS OF 1985 SErilORS Chris Kops, Male Senator, Melanie McMullen, President Not Pictured: Tammy Riechert, SUB Representative, and Theresa Schrader, Female Sena- tor 186 People: Seniors iSh£ German Wilton B Citrus Math Economics Lakeland, FL Business Lakeland, FL People: Seniors 189 Religion Plant City, FL roadwater Criminal Justice lacksonville, FL m Bro l Communications Sanford, FL KenyHTuce Accounting Business Bartow, FL Tnomas bruder Marketing Springfield, PA Psychology Caracas, Venezuela ' atricia Hui Education Lakeland, FL jonn bumet Finance Jacksonville, FL ' at Burns Biology Toms River, NJ jandra Burns Business Administration Mulberry, FL ' Stisan Burton Physical Education Winter Park, FL " ' Sebtt Bushouse Business Boca Raton, FL Harold Cameron Business Administration Lakeland, FL Luis Campano Accounting Lakeland, FL Tim Campbell Political Science Lakeland, FL Janny Cannor ' Edwin Carlson Accounting Accounting Lakeland, FL Lakeland, FL James Carroll Psychology Vero Beach, FL ' Mattfta Catroll Social Science St. Petersburg, FL Accounting Nassau, Bahamas 190 People: Seniors Business Administration PHysical Education Bahama: Finance Management Political Science Criminal Justice }hn CoutulBHHH ' is CowarS HHDana Cozil Finance Business Administration Physical Education St. Petersburg, FL Lakeland, FL Desoto, MO Scott Crossma Finance Melbourne, FL People: Seniors 191 5andra D ' Agati Business Computers Pompano Beach, FL Bill Dam Business Marathon, FL indy Davenpon Education Orlando, FL ammy Dean Education Derwood, MD oeth Deaton Advertising P.R. Titusville, FL Bill Dickman Marketing Columbus, OH Chuck Diggs Criminal Justice Lakeland, FL ii Mffi Dan Dominick Music Largo, FL mmk Cort Douglas Theatre Bridgewater, CT David Douglas Business Administration Lakeland, FL iarla Drake Music Naples, FL Jodie Drees Computer Science Port Charlotte, FL Bobby Duncan Broadcasting Orange Park, FL Lisa Dunson Marketing Accounting Winter Haven, FL Lisa-Durham Advertising PR. Venice, FL 192 People: Seniors Advertising P.R. Brooksville, FL Fl Communications Voorheesville, NY Social Work ' Sarasota, FL ryn Foliar Personnel Winter Haven, FL Lnne-Marie Fox Education New Port Richey, FL People: Seniors 193 Personnel Lakeland, FL Business Sparta, Communications Sports Management Criminal Justice Bedford, NJ Business Administration Recreation Plant City, FL Stuart, FL Physics Lakeland, FL Psychology Sarasota, FL regg Game Business Management Tampa, FL Education Lakeland, FL Economics Overbrook Hills, PA Finance Lakeland, FL Accounting Plantation, FL Personnel Management Toledo, OH Criminal Justice Delray Beach, FL Education Venice, FL Advertising P.R. Seminole, FL Finance Management Center Mariches, NY Mai Business Bartow, FL Accounting Naples, FL Marketing Miami, FL Finance Englewood, FL Communications Belleair, FL . ' iSgac-aaa Education Vero Beach, FL Advertising P.R. Tamarac, FL Matt Punta Gorda, FL Marketing Crystal River, FL Education Oakbrook, IL 2j2t5- • ■■(:•-_ ;rig :yjngt g»BjaB_iJ)!jii.jLi;a6 ' y.?t jxifi « , a ij " j --. ■-. Education Sports Management lolly Han Art Therapy Rockville, MD Education _ Financial Management iderdalej Accounting j ' ort Lauderdale, FL Madison Han Religion Palm Bav, FT lolly Hannon ' Sports Management Hainos Citv. I ' L Susan Hansberger Art Therapy Fort Lauderdale, FL Beth Harding Communications Long Beach, FI, mum People: Seniors 195 1 lifciklii Finance Lake Wales, FL nsie Ha Biology Clearwater, FL k He Accounting Orlando, FL Jeff Henderson Business Administration Lakeland, FL Id Hendren Citrus Business Lakeland, FL Koe MichaefflBlHHil frch Hopper Personnel Management Financial Management Fort Lauderdale, FL Palm Beach Gardens, FL fe HGsi c.» . .- ,j Criminal Justice Deltona, FL Howa Accounting Frostproof, FL liles Hughes Business Bartow, FL ople: Seniors Business Lakeland, Fi Finance Advertising P.R. Citrus Sharon Jacksc Advertising P.R. ' aula Jenk Education Bartow, F Stephen Jones Business Lakeland, FL lanita Jesi Business Education - - ' — Lakeland, FL largie Johnsoi Education cia Johnsc Communications broke Pi| ' Vickie Johnson Religion iton Beac lark Jorda; Biology Brooklyn. NY Paige KasperJ Accounting Orlando, FL Rick Keai §iness Administration Apopka, FL ill Kel Accounting ' - Lakeland, FL People: Seniors 197 Religion learwater, Advertising ER, loodus, Education , Plant City, English akeland, Fl Citrus Business Plant City, FL loy Kram Business [Flanders, Nj Patty Kramig Kyle Kref Marketing Manage ment. Art Communications Cincinnatti, OI H M ethel Park, PA ally U Education Maitland, FL Horticulture West Hartford, CT Communications Margate, FL Business Administration Fort Lauderdale, FL Accounting Fort Pierce, FL Political Science Fort Myers, FL Criminal justice Melbourne, FL L 98 People: Seniors Marketing Plainville, CT Accounting Lakeland, FL Business Lakeland, FL Business Tampa, FL Sociology Lakeland, FL Sacred Music Deerfield Beach, FL Music Education Fort Myers, FL Marketing Hollywood, FL lemary iviaaonia Political Science Lakeland, FL Jeanne Mason Advertising P.R. Largo, FL Accounting West Chester, PA Education Advertising RR. Fort Myers, FL Winter Haven, FL Marketing Orlando, FL b ik! Physical Education Groveland, FL Citrus Business Lakeland, FL Finance Vero Beach. FL Education Lakeland, FL Education Lakeland, FL Economics Finance Lantana, FL Jcott Meel Business Matf Social tVorR Psychology Advertising P.R. 3land, Fl Education ter Haves ' John Mine Biology ine Miotki Social Work Humanities Broadcasting ' ' Kfafh Ldrea Mon Accounting Business organ Advertising P.R. Lakeland, FL William Morrison Psychology Personnel Tampa, FL f20 j ma MuUi Communications Auburndale, FL Hollis Musslel Marketing PolitfcafScience Personnel Melbourne Beach, FL New Town Square, PA Lakeland, FL 200 People: Seniors Mulf Marketing Naples, Fj German Cooper City, FL B Luke Nash Vocal Performance Fort Myers, FL Math Rotunda West, FL Business Tokyo, Japan French Bay Head, NJ ' Allison Odom W Oglesby Broadcasting Personnel Sociology lite Bear Lake, NHSj HiOrange Park, FL Finance jkeland, FL ' Sullf Accounting Lakeland, FL James Owens Communications Vero Beach, FL .eo Oweni Communications Lakeland, FL Business St. Petersburg, FL la Page Business Lakeland, FL ' rescott Palme! Communications Jacksonville, FL Biology Winter Haven, FL Education Lakeland, FL Business Sarasota, FL Business Lakeland, FL lark Owen ' Marketing Vero Beach, FL Art Boca Raton, FL Education Winter Haven, FL People: Seniors 201, Business Administration Personnel Management Accounting iroody, FinandalManaeeniej; Mariano Pere Business 11 Petri Math ori Pl Art Communications Psycholoe Poffenba Accounting ligmi Shores, F. ob Pontious Sports Management Reddick, FL Marty Pi Education roveland, F fill Pra Music Lakeland, Education Hialeah, FL larlie Rene Marketing Greenlawn, NY Personnel Management Needham. MA Rayi Education Eldon, MO Math tersbura Accounting Orlando, FL artha Puryear Business roveland, FL International Management Lakeland, FL .ZOZ PjeoplQ-S XiioJ Business Hollywood, FL Jregg Reyn Psychology Ogdensburg, NY Citrus Business Winter Haven, FL Education Marketing Management Business Louisville, KY Winter Haven, FL Punta Gorda, FL {einmum Sports Management Tenafly, NJ let Reynoli Math Largo, FL Chemistry Math Education Math Naples, FL Homasassa Springs, FL Fort Myers, FL Business Lakeland, FL Education Inverness, FL lodberg Education Business Administration Orlando, FL West Palm Beach, FL Education Business Administration Art Communications Education Lakeland, FL Akron, OH Deerfield Beach, FL Miramar, FL Communications Jensen Beach, FL People: S©aiors 20a Pamela Roy Advertising P.R. Fort Myers, FL Patti Roy Communications Fort Myers, FL Scott Samsel William Sawye Marketing Management Marketing Clearwater, FL Coral Gables, FL a ' .p aBP ' WBM?-.qre . is Schuer Sports Management Peachtree City, GA T f SchmucK Marketing Lakeland, FL Craig Schott Political Science Lakeland, FL resa Schrader ' Communications Tampa, FL ne Scof Citrus Business Naples, FL Jret Seligman Ornamental Horticulture Hollywood, FL iTzabeth Sellers Marketing St. Petersburg, FL i ne Shaw Accounting Auburndale, FL Tami Shearei Communications Venice, FL feott Shellabarger Communications Mannheim, West Germany }ebra Shepherc Accounting Lakeland, FL iVr?-f.i; ' t f l„ g ' wr aitf ' Education Lakeland, FL Beth Sherrick Economics Port Charlotte, FL ;en Slaugf Accounting Bartow, FL ard Slechf Business Marketing Vero Beach, FL jn Smith Education Bartow, FL 204 People: Seniors Sports Management Lakeland, FL Ta?ge " 5mitli Education Chiefland, FL Brenda SneddeiT Education Lakeworth, FL Greg Sbrenson - ' ■ ' " ■ Personnel Management Fort Lauderdale, FL ' -7eff Soukup Sports Management Doylestown, PA Finance Communications Biology Homestead, FL Sarasota, FL Land O ' Lakes, FL Personnel Management Land O ' Lakes, FL Kelly Stanley Business Lantana, FL Wendy famng Education Marco Island, FL David Steele Advertising P.R Miramar, FL Shaun Steggles Business Marketing Sarasota, FL Jane Steiner Communications Clearwater, FL Rick Stepner Personnel Management Scotch Plains, NJ Jeanne stump Advertising P.R. Greensboro, NC People: Seniors 205 suoer Physical Education Babson Park, FL Journalism Sandy Hook, CT jayna hwai Marketing Deerfield Beach, FL ette Talley Advertising P.R. Lutz, FL isa Tetswortr Physical Education Fort Pierce, FL fane Thoma TWaTy Beth Thoma alerie Thoma Music Management Personnel Management Education Tampa, FL Clearwater, FL Orlando, FL ebra Thompson Math DeBary, FL rerri Thompson Education Winter Haven, FL Deanna Tingiey " Business Pompano Beach, FL Computer Science Lakeland, FL lichelle ToniKOW Marketing Lakeland, FL Tferri TremMii Advertising P.R. Fairfield, CT Cynthia Trickel Art Communications Orlando, FL ' aul Trinklein Communications Lakeland, FL isa Trongone Communications Westfield, MA ly ifmt! Personnel Vlanagement Winter Haven, FL Finance Nassau, Bahamas oti Ann Vaden Journalism Lakeland, FL 06 People: Seniors Accounting Kissimmee, FL Accounting Bayamon, PR Sports Management Oakland Park, FL Chemistry Lakeland, FL «r tney- ' - " Education Boca Raton, FL iMM Marketing Lakeland, FL Education Pacifica, CA Sociology Jacksonville, FL ishington Carole Wash ' Marketing Management Business Administration Tampa, FL Stuart, FL uis Weeks Music Auburndale, FL Advertising P.R Lauderhill, FL Economics Melbourne, FL WestermarP Personnel Management Fort Lauderdale, FL jarl WilbanI Marketing Brandon, FL Music Education Lakeland, FL Theatre Math Lakeland, FL Management Peoria, IL Political Science Bartow, FL People: Seniors 207 " - lelody Witt Business Orange Park, FL Martha Wolfe Education Hernando, FL Richard Woodall Finance New Port Richey, FL Kay Woodard Education Auburndale, FL Mike Workman Recreation Tallahassee, FL 4m irry Wbrtli Sociology Clearwater, FL ft " " -- -- Scott Wynn Matthew Lyle Wynne Carl Yancy James Yelsits Sports Management Citrus Business Physical Education Marketing Management Maritta, OH Port Saint Lucie, FL Ashland, IL New Hartford, CT tisan Ydtmg Advertising P.R. Osprey, FL Juan Cartos Zapata Marketing Bogata, Columbia Rob Zimmerman Economics Finance Lakeland, FL Lorri Zuidema Physical Education North Fort Myers, FL Cathi Edinger Communications Lakeland, FL Katherine Kanitsch Theatre Lakeland, FL Betsy Raymond Communications Boca Raton, FL 208 People: Seniorsi JUNIORS Brian Roskamp, President Pat McCarley, Male Senator David Springer, SUB Representative Janet Whaley, Female Senator ... ||jl ' - " lli)ii ,Wllt.,- -il Leon Abbett Tom Adair David Ake Christine Albino Alvo Albritton Tony Alford Todd Allen Teri Almond Layla Alo Mark Altman Jim Amick Ira Anderson James Andrews Jerry Ankenbrandt Cynthia Anson Jeanine Armbrester Nancy Baggett Rob Bailey II Tracie Bailey Laurie Baker Sharon Bakep Steve Barger Tami Beasley Rob Bateman David Becker Larry Becker Donna Beede Lori Belanger Carren Belli Jon Benner John Bennett Kim Bergstrom Glenda Best Chris Bianca Jim Biddle People: Juniors 211 Jeff Birge Elaina Blevins Frances Boag Robert Bolger Paul Bosshardt Daniel Brady Betsy Bramley Eddie Brand Jane Brandfass Kathleen Braun Daniel Britt Lex Brown Mary Brown Diana Bruch Diana Bryan 212 People: Juniors i Kelly Carson Vickie Carver Larry Catanzaro Hugh Cating Scott Chappell Debbie Chipley Pat Chisolm Susan Chorman Ann Chudik Keith Clanton Krista Cochran Vicki Cohill Cecilia Collins Janet Collins Teresa Corrigan Kelly Coss Charles Counter Angela Cowden Mike Crawford Shelly Crenshaw Ray Crone Scott Crosby Curtis Crotts 214 People: Juniors Mary Crowe Julia Cunningham Steve Dalton Stephanie Danson Marco Dawson Dana Deloach Tony Densmore Todd Denson Terry Derr Tim Desmond Jill Desplinter Steve Dewitt Lesley Dismuke Nancy Doane Steve Dollenmayer Kelly Doppelhauer Caroline Dossett Deborah Driskell Evelyn Duell Claire Dukes Jeff Dumas Sheryl Dunlap Leslie Dyer Cindy Dygert John Dziedzic Teresa Eckart People: Juniors 215 Thomas Eddy Greta Ellis Ron Elrod Lee Emond Denise Engel Susan Ernst Kathy Erwin Alejandra Evans Robert Evans Philip Fabiano Harry Farnbaugh Ann Ferguson Ralph Ferrara Holly Field Susan Fischbach Pamela Fletcher Shannon Ford Teresa Fordham Marcia Forsett Catherine Frank Gerrie Gage Suzanne Gainer Ann Gaiser Cynthia Galbicka Sam Garcia Dawn Garner Anne Geiger Michael Gentile Lynn Girardin Joseph Gisondi Becky Glass Louis Gotsch Debbie Green Janet Greene Jeff Grove i n « ' - !§! F M X MM 216 People: Juniors Dhays Gruber Brian Guyer Tammy Haire Tami Hall Teresa Hallman Charles Hamil Beth Hammond Tesi Hansen Glenn Hanson Melanie Harden Bill Harlan Brainard Harris Leigh Harrison Ragan Harrison Eric Hartje Kim Hartwell Beth Hauser Candy Hayes Kevin Hayes Rick Hfeilig Diana Heitman Jennifer Henderson Melissa Hendley Kim Henry Katie Hester Tom Hicks David Highly Donna Hill Misako Hirama Kevin Holaday Darla Holb Cheryl Hommerson Carter Hopkins Lisa Howard Susan Howard People: Juniors 217 Jana Huling Sharon Humburg Jannie Hunt Doris Huss Paul Imathiu D. W. Irvine Judith Jacoby Glen Jaffee Lee Janzen James larvie Cindy Jeffries Janae Jennings Karen Jernigan Archie Johnson James Johnson Peggy Johnson Joseph Johnston Todd Joiner Clarke Jones Chris Keefer Ted Kennedy Kevin Killingsworth Cindy Kimbril Mark Kingham Don Klein Sue Knight 218 People: Juniors T Judy Konsler John Korbel Tim Koutsaftes Kim Krasinski Paul Krist Carrie Kunde Ralph Kweder Paul Lafauci Cindy Lambert Wendy Lamoreaux Penny Langston Walter Les Beth Lewis Randy Lewis Amy Lively Mary Lloyd Jeannine Long Janine Lott Juan Luzio Joanne Lyke Gigi Lyon Marshall MacClellan Judy MacDonald Elise MacLennan Michelle Major Sal Maniscalco People: Juniors 219 Jim Manoli Mike Marcouiller Lewis Marotti Owen Man John Martinez Rich Martyn Doug Mawer Neal Mazzei Kathleen McBurney Pat McCarley Lex McCarty Susan McCollum Ian McConkey David McCraney Gretchen McCurdy Tom McDonald Beth McGuire 220 People: Juniors James McGuire Janann Mclnnis Franklyn McKinney Mary McKinsey Bryan McLachcan Anne McLane John McNulty Greg McNutt Patty Meister Nelson Menendez Paul Mersch Julie Michael Drew Miller nnie Montel me Paul Montoya Diane Moore Jeff Moore People: Juniors 221 Ana Morejon Amy Morgan Matthew Mosher Kim Napier Don Nations Rebecca Nash Cynthia Newell Rob Nicholson Eve Norton Mary Nutt Leigh Odom Joe Orr Lisa Osmer Patrick O ' Sullivan Kris Pahl Cheri Parker Kenneth Parker Dave Parkulo Doug Partington Carolyn Pasos Val Patarini Elizabeth Paul Betteann Pelley f Michelle Perdue Ken Pharo Jamie Piper Karen Pipkin Tom Plaisance Amy Porter Bryan Powell Rhonda Powner Joe Preston Tawn Prior Steve Puertas Bryan Pugh 222 People: Juniors i Mike Pursell Warren Quets Todd Radloff Mark Raiford Rich Rasmussen Greg Riordan Daniel Robertson Dorothy Robinson Todd Robinson Mary Roegner Brenda Rogers Brian Roskamp Sandra Russell Greg Sale Joseph Salvaggio John Santiago Hamilton Sargent Mary Jo Sattler James Scarborough Craig Scates Scott Schaefer Lauren Schild Valerie Schleicher Amy Schneider Kim Scott Scotty Scott Sally Sechrest Munro Sefcik Pam Sessions Skip Shumway Pam Sibley James Simms Jim Simpson Kim Smith Sandra Smith People: Juniors 223 Stephen Smith Debbie Smoak James Snively Josh Snively Linda Soroosh Richard Soule Ruth Spencer Caroll Sprauer David Springer Richard Spurlin Lynda Stauffer Michael Steele Alicia Stein Jenny Stevens Mike Stevens Helen Stewart Lizbeth Stidham Joseph Strada Marcy Strong ; J Kelly Sullivan Catherine Szaro Ken Teal Tom Temrowski Sagine Thebaud Sharon Thomas Usher Thomason 224 People: Juniors Kelly Thompson Fleet Tilden Ray Titus Tracy Toy Jim Ti-avis Maryann Troiano Scott Turner Maria Valdez Melanie Varasse Martin VonPaleske Nancy Wages Carol Walker Paul Walker Russ Walker Andy Walls Katherine Ward Melanie Ward Paula Ward Roger Ward Aileen Ware Patricia Warren Krista Weeks Steve Weis People: Juniors 225 Meridy Werder Janet Whaley Frank Wheeler Beth White Kim White Lisa White Scott White James Wilhelm Ed Williams Natalie Williams Tim Williams Chris Williamson Stephanie Williamson Janice Wireman Elise Wood Jennifer Wright Haili Wurtz Joe Wyniger Dawn Yates Kimberly Young Valerie Young Ed Zamorski Jane Zewalk 226 People: Juniors K U _E3i?f ! W H j )}■ H ' « H H Ma L i H SOPHOMORES Scott Sells, Male Senator D.J. Thiele, President Donna Richardson, Inde- pendent Representative Vicki Villabla, Female Senator Mary Lynn Haas, SUB Representative 228 People: Sophomores n %A Sally Adkisson Beth Allen Bob Angelo Joseph Angelino Steve Auld Shannon Bailey Bill Ball Lisanne Banta Deonne Barger Grey Barnes Owen Barnitz David Batman Tom Beall Ana Bejar Al Bellotto Lynn Bergman Betty Bickhart Jane Bistline Joe Bivona Ashley Blacklidge Paul Blackwood Christine Bowes Teresa Bowman Vicki Bowman Lynn Bradley Rick Brandt Marie Bridges Laura Brower Jonathan Brown Leslie Brown Seth Brown Rhonda Brown Shawn Brumbaugh Jeffrey Bua Otto Bundy People: Sophomores 229 Randi Burnette Mark Buzza Carie Call Christinem Campbell Louis Candelaria Russell Carawan Richard Carr Paige Carrera Maritza Carrion Tim Carson Vera Carson Stan Castor Stephen Castor Karen Gates Michelle Cardan Deborah Chadwell Ken Cheshire Bradley Chill Jennilyn Chuck Pam Claughton 230 People: Sophomores Laurie Colacini Greg Cook ames Coppola Lee Cox Marcella Cox William Curtis Carrie Dalton David Deibler Laurie DeLoach Sue Denman Jim Desmarais Dawn DeVoss Michael Dickman Martin DiGregory Lois Dinkins People: Sophomores 231 Douglas Dodd Tammy Dolan Kelly Doppelheuer Andrea Dort Pattie Douglas David Dowd, Jr. William Dudman Gretchen Dunker Gilbert Dunlap Robert Durham Kristen Dye Robert Dynarski Lorelei Eddy Tom Elliott Suellen Embler Jennifer Ertel Tamara Evans Douglas Fagan Keli Fink Robert Fiore Nancy Fisher Kellie Fitzpatrick Anne Floyd 232 People: Sophomores Tom Flynn Emily Folkner Kim Frasier Doug Freebern Mark Fugett Leyla Gagliano Chris Gannon Julie Garthwaite Kirk Geiger Michelle Germain David Gilbert Terry Gilmore Sheila Glover Marcie Gogerty Cindy Gordon Joseph Graham Greg Grail Tom Gram Tom Grant Douglas Grayson David Green Allison Greer Mike Grossman Bob Gyori Mary Lynn Haas Debra Hale People: Sophomores 233 Molly Hamilton Bill Hankes Karen Hanlon Rebecca Hardaway Steve Harder Ruth Hardin Margaret Harman Suzanne Harmon Tom Harris Holly Hartery Bruce Hartup Lindsay Hatch Todd Hayes Jeanine Headly Lee Hegley Sue Hegyessy Kim Hewett Scott Higgenbotham Pamela Highman Kim Hilson Clark Hippler Vicky Hodge John Hoffman Roger Holler Karina Holt Bill Hopkins Edmond Horton Ralph Howe Yugoro Iwamura Lori Izzo Rich Jablonski Lisa Jackson Lisa A. Jackson Ann Jago Jeff Jakes 234 People: Sophomores Bruce James Edward James Colleen Jeeves James Jenkins Paul Jenkins Jackie Jennings Bill Johnson Jeanne Johnston Rosemarie Johnson Jennifer Jones Mary Jones Mary Jones David Kalchbrenner Denise Kanitsch Craig Kardon Lisa Kaytis Elisa Kennedy Denise Kent Kerri Kerber Judy Killam Cathy Kirk Teri Komer David Konrad Ken Kranick Jim Krienbrink Catherine Krist Michelle Kurtgis Donna Laing Cathy Lamb Scott Lambeth Keri Lamparter Todd Laneave Mary Ann Lantinga Paul Laporta Mary Lemasters People: Sophomores 235 Tina Lenihan Nancy Leonard Bob Lessard Pearl Levy Brian Lewandowski James Lewis Kelly Lewison Richard Lindau Nancy Lindell Darlene Lindfors Susan Lippman Kathy Lloyd Shelly Longnecker Wade Luke Kary Lutz Eric Lyman Donna Lynch Amy Maclntyre Susan Main Robert Malar Cris Mangum Eric Manning William Manson Roxanne Martin Schiller Martin Steve Mathis 236 People: Sophomores Allison May Roy McCrerey Mary McGee Paula McKay Lauren Meyer Jay Michael John Michael Debbie Michel Tony Middleton Scott Milleman Kim Miller Frank Miner James Mitchell Tina Mitchell Dave Mixner Tracy Moore John Morgan Jennifer Moshner Maria Mossbarger Julie Mulford Jim Murphy Maureen Murphy Stephanie Nase Deana Newsome Melinda Nissen April Norris People: Sophomores 237 -Jt. Kimber Norris Peggy O ' Brien Tom Odiorne YOUR NflllH 5 ftfiWIISP Jeanette Owen Ann Padgett Richard Parker Samantha Parkman Greg Parks Elba Pasos Toby Patterson Randall Perry Lori Petrella Demi Pfister Lisa Philbeck Kathy Pirkle Lorie Plyler Andrea Pope 238 People: Sophomores Gerald Prescott Robert Price Mary Key Priest Alex Prieto Wade Purvis Jodi Radake Darcy Ranson Paula Rappleyea Ken Rea Julie Reese Kelly Reimann Dave Richardson Donna Richardson Keli Richardson Heidi Rigby Rob Rittgers Dave Roberts People: Sophomores 239 Kim Roberts Susan Robertson Sherri Robinson Sandy Roeder Michelle Rogers Brandon Romine Christopher Roy David Royal Kim Russ Paul Rybinski Lee Anne Rymph Stephen Santiago Regina Sayer Clifford Schmidt Stephen Schofield Dede Scoggins Kathy Seals Melinda Seiver Holly Sellman Scott Sells _ Mary Selph Sandra Sessums Stu Setcavage Deborah Shaver Pam Sheffer Rob Sheldon Jill Sheneman Sandra Shewmake Cherie Shirah Gina Shular Frances Sickler Jon Simmons Robin Sirota Jon Sjorgen Tammy Smith 240 People: Sophomores Alan Snapp Anna Sokolowski Carole Spedale Ralph Spencer Kathy Stammberger Darren Stanek John Steadman Chris Stegura Allanna Stephens Bill Stephens Kimberly Stevens Scott Stevens Robin Stinson Ken Stoff Roger Stone Frank Stork Kim Storkel Gretchen Stross Matt Sullivah Bunny Sutton James Taggart Alexis Talbott John Taylor Lisa Taylor Mike Teague Karen Teel Susan Thayer Tracy Thayer Toby Therrien D. J. Thiele Margaret Thompson David Tisdale Kathy Tourville Michael True Mike Tucker People: Sophomores 241 Valerie Valdespino Cheryl VanderGalien Alan Vanwinkle Vicki Villalba Lee Wages III Rob Walker Robert Warden Catherine Warren Kristi Watkins Susan Weinstein Julie Wells Al West Mark White Trudy White Carol Wiggins Holly Williams Juli Williams Kelleigh Withers Lois Wittenberg Cheri Wolfe Kim Workman Daniel Wulf II Hasan Yali Rich Yelton Miyuki Yoshizawa Tahar Zenati Laura Zimmerman 242 People: Sophomores FRESHMEN Cheryl Custard, SUB Representative Coney Burgess, Male Senator Stephanie Connor, Female Senator Michelle McMullen, President ' lb „ - ' ™ 1 244 People: Freshmen Wael Abuadas Lynda Acocelli Jennifer Alderson Kristin Alexin Jim Allegro Fernando Arguelles Alex Ashcroft Lisa Augspurger Lesley Austin Alexandria Bailey Michael Bair James Ballard Thomas Batchelder Jim Batory Holly Beahm Wesley Beck Susan Beeman John G. Bennett Lori Bennett Amy Berli i Elanor Berry Mitu Bhattacharjee Diana Birdsall Cheryl Blackburn Libby Blacklidge Tom Blair Michelle Boculac Beth Boegel Mariee Bogart Marci Borris Lori Bradbury Catherine Bradford Michael Bradley Douglas Brady Brian Bratter People: Freshmen 245 Valerie Brewer James Briggs Lisa Bronston Beth Brown Carla Brown Craig Brown Degra Brown Kristin Brown Rhonda Brown Craig Budweiser Dorothee Bugl Coney Burgess Karen Busey Michelle Butler Frank Buzzanca Kevin Cain Chris Campana Irene Canino . John Cannon f " Tony Cappadona 246 People: Freshmen Joanne Carney Paula Carper Lou Carroll Nancy Caviness Eddie Cerrato Victoria Chase Mark Chasey Tanya Chauncey Bill Chaves Sandy Chipley Candi Christensen Douglas Clark Pamela Clark Andrew Cleaver Lori Clouser Shelley Coghill Debbi Cona Stephaniel Conner D ' Arcy Connors Heidi Conrad People: Freshmen 247 Lisa Cook Elizabeth Cooksey Melissa Copeland William Cordes Melanie Courtoy Rich Coveney Laura Cox Bill Crocker Steven Crump April Cunz Douglas Curry Kim Cusick Cheryl Custer Jody Dale Elizabeth D ' Andrea James Daniel Kimberly Danielewicz Ben Daniels Chris Danes Amy Davis John Davis Latrecia Davis Mike Davis 248 People: Freshmen Scott Deeds Teresa Dehaan Nan Delia George Demmy, Jr. Pam Denison Janet Diaz Lisa Dilworth Kevin Dimedio Eddie Dimotto James Dloughy James Dodd Alison Doeren Thomas Dollenmayer Heidi Donaldson Curtis Donovan Kimberly Douglas William Douglass Vonnie Downey Ricky Drury Scott Dubiel Nancy Duke Judy Dunn April Durrence Jeannine Dwyer Kelly Dwyer Tracy Dye People: Freshmen 249 Wendy Eckstadt April Edwards Kristin Engelson Annette Erickson R. Emil Fankhauser Christopher Farley Karen Feller Larry Figueiredo Paul Findling lames Fish Fred Fisher Julie Fitzpatrick Rick Flores Chris Fogarty Carolyn Ford Bradford Foster Scott Fox Liz Eraser Ray Freeman Lisa Frisbie Pam Gabrick Dawn Gallant Kim Gass Cynthia Cavil Debbie Geller Lisa Gerspacher Christopher Gill Herb Gillen Joseph Glaser Francine Goldfarb Joseph Gonella Frank Good Debbie Goodwin Amy Gould Holly Graham 250 eople: Freshmen f Sharon Gray Matt Grider Melinda Griffin Kim Griffiths Chip Griggs Peter Grigsby Brian Groff Karen Gurney Tracey Hacking Missy Haggard Kristen Haley Fred Hammond John Hand Allen Hannigan Jennifer Hansen Kristie Hardbower Trey Harden James Harris Scott Hawkins Sandra Hayes Donna Heitman Willie Hernandez Janet Herndon Steve Herring Kevin Hester Johnny Higgs Kimberly Hightower Brenda Hill Ann Hilton Dave Hixon Brad Hollingsworth Megan Holmes Colin Houk Maria Hower Leigh Humphrey People: Freshmen 251 Stephanie Hunter Leigh Hurd Bill Hurst Leslie Hyatt Crystal Isaacs Stephanie Iverson Gary James Greg Jasso Sherry Jenson Dan Jenkins Irene Jenkins William Jenks Daryl Johnson Jerry Johnson Randy Johnson Sydney Johnson Ben Johnston Howard Joiner Daryl Jones David Jones Raegan Jones Susan Jones Jeffory Julich Kristin Kaufhold Kyle Kay Carole Keefe 252 People: Freshmen Petra Keller Jenny Kelley Julie Kemp Melinda Kempff Cheryl Kern Karl Ketter Melisa Keyes Lisa Killian Joanne Kindred Mary King Ken Kleckner III Bob Kociban Gary Kranendonk Al Kuhn» Cheryl Ladzinski Mark Landregan Dave Landry Karen Langsdon Bill Larson Becky Laws Pamela Layton Jim LeBeau Kristin Lenco Kathy Libby Kelson Lineberry Tim Looney People: Freshmen 253 Kelly Lovell Tim Lowell Rod Lung !• Clay Luter Sharyn Mackie Darcy MacKinnon Randy Mahlerwin Jaye Maier Paul Maier Jackie Manizza Tom Marchiando Christie Martin Donna Martin Monica Matay Marci Matchett Mike Mattucci Christie May 254 People: Freshmen Leigh McCahan [• J Pi Natalie McCarthy ' r — I Jane McClure Katrina McCormick Karen McCurdy Rob McDeavitt Ed McDonald III Melissa McDonald Carolyn McHugh Shaun McHugh Terri McKendrick Michelle McMuUen Lorraine Messina Shanti Messner Nancy Meyers Gail Middleton Tommy Milano People: Freshmen 255 Jill Miller Bob Milne Maureen Miracle John Mitrione Jenni Moore Steve Moranos Kim Morris Carrie Morse Brian Mortillaro Stacey Muck Wil Murphy Mark Myers Jocelyn Napier Leonard Navarro Jodee Nelson Steve Nettles Jean Newman Amy Newsome Sherrie Nickel Carol Nippes Tony Novoth Doug O ' Donnell Chris O ' Gara Paul Ohsato Sara Olson Dawn O ' Neal Doug Ott Carolyn Pace Jennifer Page Scott Pandolfi Carla Papendick Karen Papendick Donna Patterson Byron Pempek Lizzette Perez 256 People: Freshmen Cameron Perkins Adrianne Perraud Pat Perrotta Mark Persons Debra Pessini Diana Peters Michelle Pierce Mike Pilapil Lisa Pinder Martha Pinkston Kathy Pitre Tom Pittard Kelly Ann Plumlee Lori Polifrone Laura Pontius Jennifer Price Laura Price Thomas B. Price Wayne Rritchard Michael Radloff Tod Ratcliffe Dana Ray Courtenay Rector Joanne Rees Mike Rehm Pat Rehwinkel Sherri Riccio Amber Richards Rhonda Riggs Gerard Rinaldi Robin Riordan Jesse Ritter Kenny Roberts Lisa Rodriguez Joy Roe People: Freshmen 257 Kim Rogers Lynnie Rogers John Romero Monique Russel Paul Russell Juan Saavedra David Salisbury Steve Santospago Craig Schaller Jolan Schmidt Brian Shriner Teri Schweiss Kelly Scott Mark Scott Amy Seddon Lynn Seese Rena Seibert Janine Sganga David Sheffield Cathy Sheridan Valerie Shipper Greg Shiver Jennifer Simon Gus Slechta Steve Smedley Lisa Smith 258 People: Freshmen fr Stoney Smith Debbie Snow Pat Sokolowski Laura Soule Walt Spaulding Frank Spencer Patsy Sperry Bernhard Spiess Glen Spivey Chip Springer Dori Stankewitz Eric Stearns Chris Steiner Cheryl Sterner Shelly Stewart Melissa Stoddard Margaret Strang Beth Strapp Trent Strauch Frank Strozzula Cara Summerfield Beth Swartzmiller Alice Tadlock People: Freshmen 259 Laure Tanner Gene Tavares Shannon Taylor Teresa Taylor Dale Tedder Nicole Tetreault Amy Throgmorton Pete Thomas Susan Timmins Joe Tiseo Tracey Topping Tracy Torrance Rob Torrington Chris Townsend Anette Toy Paul Trembly David Troester Mary True Lon Turner Karin VanDeKerkhof Deena Venos Paul Veraldi Frank Virtek Stefanie VonPaleske Felicia Wade Karl Wagner Cathy Walker Dan Walker Sue Wallace John Walter Lette Ward Sheila Warren Mark Weathers Pete Weiler Steve Wellslager 260 People: Freshmen Mike Werking Elizabeth Wernsdorfer Greg Weston Kip Whaley Dan White Mary White Lesley Whitehead John Wieber II Pamela Wiggins Glenn Wilks Delores Williams Laurie Wilner Cindy Wilson Katie Wilson Ron Wilson Jennifer Winters Wendell Witten Susan Wolfe Gina Wolff Thom ' as Wollschlager Kemp Womble Frank Woolland Peter Woodland Roni Wozniak Bob Wyatt Carole Wyatt Ce Yarbrough Sheraton Yee Robert Yost Pamela Zimmerman People: Freshmen 261 INDEX Abbett, Leon 81, 106, 211 Abuadas, Wael 84, 85, 245 Acocelli, Lynda 245 Acton, Laura 98, 188 Adair, Tom 211 Adkisson, Sally 229 Ake, David 229 Alberti, Caryn 188 Albino, Christine 73, 211 Albritton, Alvo 211 Albritton, Caria 188 Albritton, Iris 65, 68, 69, 75, 188 Alderson, Jennifer 245 Aldrich, Peter 66, 100, 188 Alexin, Kristin 245 Alford, Anthony 211 Allegro, James 130, 245 Allen, Beth 60, 94, 229 Allen, Brian 106, 211 Allmond, Steven 64, 66, 82, 188 Almond, Terrie 98, 211 Alo, Layla 98, 211 Altman, Mark 80, 211 Alvis, Beveriy 79, 94, 188 Amick, Kathy 77, 79, 96, 188 Amick, Kathy 102, 211 Anderson, James 188 Anderson, Leslie 66, 211 Anderson, Richard 144, 188 Andrews, Deborah 188 Andrews, Kelby 188 Andrews, James 84, 130, 211 Angelino, Joseph 229 Angelo, Robert 229 Ankenbrandt, Jerome 66, 73, 108, 211 Anson, Cynthia 65, 79, 211 Arguelles, Fernando 245 Armbrester, Jeanine 211 Ashcroft, Alex 144, 245 Auger, Donna 90, 188 Augspurger, Lisa 245 Auld, Stephen 229 Austin, Lesley 245 Austin, Sally 61, 96, 188 Avey, Allison 138, 188 B Baggett, Plancy 211 Bagwell, Patricia 188 Bagwell, Phillip 188 Bailey, Alexandria 245 Bailey Mitch 188 Bailey, Shannon 92, 229 Bailey, Trade 211 Bailey Robert 108, 142, 211 Bair, Michael 235 Baker, Laurita 211 Baker, Sharon 211 Baker, Joe 48, 56, 62, 64, 65, 71, 94, 102, 188 Ball, William 229 Ballard, James 245 Baltich, Donovan 189 Banack, Rusty 80, 189 Banta, Lisanne 78, 229 Barger, Deonne 70, 229 Barger, Steven 92, 211 Barnes, Gregory 85, 229 BamiU, Owen 229 Bamum, David 114, 189 Ban-, James 120, 189 Barrows, Kimberiy 84, 189 Bartels, Constance 189 Basey, Tami 211 Bass, Robert 114 Batchelder, Thomas 245 Bateman, Robert 102, 211 Batman, David 62, 112, 229 Batory, James 245 Baxley, Darryl 189 Beahm, Holly 245 Beall, Thomas 229 Beasley, Sarah 189 Beck, Wesley 245 Becker, David 108, 211 Becker, Lawrence 60, 211 Beede, Donna 63, 71, 94, 211 Beeman, Susan 245 Behre, Steven 114 Bejar, Ana 85, 229 Belanger, James 64, 85, 189 Belanger, Lori 76, 211 Belli, Caren 84, 142, 211 Bellotto, Al 229 Benner, Jon 211 Bennett, John E. 67, 211 Bennett, John Q. 245 Bennett, Lori 68, 245 Benson, Mark 110, 189 Bergman, Lynn 229 Bergstrom, Kimberiy 85, 211 Berlin, Amy 245 Beronja, Kurtis 106, 189 Berry, Eileen 96, 189 Bessert, Tanya 189 Best, Qlenda 211 Beswick, Cynthia 83, 88, 189 Bhattacha ee, Madhumita 78, 245 Bianca, Christine 211 Bickhart, Elizabeth 72, 73, 75, 229 Biddle, James 120, 211 Birdsall, Diana 68, 245 Birge, Jeffrey 212 Bistline, Jane 90, 229 Bivona, Joseph 229 Blackburn, Cheryl 245 Blacklidge, Ashley 229 Blacklidge, Libby 245 Blackwood, Paul 116, 229 Blair, Thomas 245 Blakeslee, Mancy 132, 189 Blevins. Elaina 67, 69, 212 Blocker, Jeannie 189 Boag, Frances 77, 212 Boculac, Michelle 132, 245 Boegel, Beth 245 Bogart, Mariee 245 Bolesky, Trent 110 Bolger, Robert 212 Borris, Marci 78, 245 Bosshardt, James 124, 212 Bovay, Lynne 81, 189 Bovee, Mark 212 Bowden, Lisa 212 Bowes, Christine 221 Bowlby, Trip 116 Bowman, Teresa 63, 92, 229 Bowman, Vicki 229 Boyd, Lorene 90, 212 Brackman, Lee 108, 212 Bradbury, Lori 245 Bradford, Catherine 245 Bradley, Lynn 229 Bradley Michael 212 Bradley Michael J. 245 Brady Daniel 112, 212 Brady, Douglas 245 Brady Shelly 189 Bramley, Betsy 92, 212 Brand, Eddie 212 Brandis, Hope 88 Brandfass, Jane 94, 212 Brandt, Rick 229 Bratter, Brian 245 Braun, Kathleen 81, 212 Breathitt, Steven 60, 67, 69, 102, 189 Brewer, Valerie 246 Brewer, Williston 74, 190 Bridges, Marie 67, 68, 69, 229 Briggs, James 246 Britt, Daniel 212 Broadwater, Betsy 138, 190 Bronston, Lisa 246 Brower, Laura 84, 229 Brown, Caria 128, 246 Brown, Craig 71, 246 Brown, Debra 246 Brown, Elizabeth 246 Brown, Jean 85, 190 Brown, Jonathan 229 Brown, Kristin 246 Brown, Leslie 60, 90. 229 Brown, Lex 212 Brown, Mary 212 Brown, Rhonda 229 Brown, Rhonda 246 Bruce, Kelly 190 Bruch, Diana 76, 98, 212 Bruder, Thomas 190 Brumbaugh, Shawn 92, 229 Bryan, Diana 212 Bryan, Margaret 213 Bua, Jeffrey 229 Bubregh, Suzanne 79, 84, 90, 190 Bucy Ann Marie 88, 213 Budweiser, Craig 246 Bugl, Dorothee 60, 94, 246 Bull, Patricia 190 Bundy Otto 116, 229 Burback, Pamela 76, 213 Burch, Kathy 213 Burgess, Charles 61, 136, 246 Burke, Donald 120, 213 Burkey Dean 213 Burnett, Claude 67, 68, 69, 213 Burnett, Doug 102, 190 Bumette, Randi 66, 230 Bums, Patrick 190 Bums, Sandra 190 Burton, Susan 89, 190 Busey, Karen 246 Bushouse, Scott 190 Butler, Michelle 246 Buttram, Julie 213 Buzza, Mark 84, 230 Buzzanca, Frank 246 Byrd, Particia 76, 213 Cade, Lala 94, 213 Cadott, James 116 Cain, Kevin 246 Caldwell, Debra 75, 213 Call, Carie 96, 230 Callahan, Susan 71, 72, 96, 213 Cameron, Harold 190 Campana, Chris 130, 246 Campana, Richard 112, 213 Campano, Eusebio 190 Campbell, Christine 230 Campbell, Tim 190 Campo, Pamela 63, 64, 81, 90, 213 Candelaria, Louis 230 Canfield, Carrie 213 Canino, Irene 246 Cannon, D nny 56, 82, 190 Cannon, John 246 Cappadona, Anthony 246 Carawan, Russell 114, 230 Carison, Casey 144, 213 Carney, Joanne 247 Carpenter, John 80, 120, 213 Carper, Paula 247 262 Index INDEX Carr, Richard 23u Carrera, Faige 230 Carrillo, Claudia 213 Carrion, Maritza 72, 78, 230 Carroll, James 66, 110, 190 Carroll, Clare 213 Carroll , Louis 247 Carroll, Martha 190 Carson, Kelly 128, 214 Carson, Timothy 110, 230 Carson, Vera 98, 230 Carver, Vickie 214 Cash, William 82, 190 Castor, Stanley 65, 78, 230 Castor, Stephen 78, 230 Catanzaro, Lawrence 214 Cates, Karen 230 eating, Hugh 214 Caviness, Mancy 247 Cedarburg, John 108, 120, 191 Cerdan, Michelle 230 Cerrato, Edward 67, 69, 247 Chadwell, Deborah 230 Chappell, Scott 102, 214 Chase, Victoria 247 Chasey, Mark 247 Chauncey, Tanya 247 Chaves, William 247 Cheshire, Kenneth 67, 68, 69, 230 Chiang, Jennifer 191 Chill, Bradley 230 Chipley, Debra 75, 214 Chipley, Sandra 247 Chisholm, Patrick 134, 214 Chisum, Michel 100, 142, 191 Chormann, Susan 214 Christensen, Candice 247 Chryst, Heather 79, 98, 191 Chuck, Jennilyn 85, 230 Chudik, Ann 96, 214 Cicanese, Angela 47, 56, 65, 71, 142, 191 Ciminello, Robin 94, 191 Clanton, Keith 66, 67, 69, 102, 214 Clark, Douglas 67, 69, 142, 247 Clark, Pamela 230 Clark, Susan 75, 191 Claughton, Pamela 230 Cleaver, Andrew 67, 69, 247 Clouser, Lori 85, 247 Cochran, Krista 86, 214 Cockrill, Julianne 96, 191 Coghill, Shelley 132, 247 Cohill, Vicki 214 Colacini, Laurie 73, 92, 231 Colina, Qina 80, 98, 142, 191 Collette, Richard 191 Collier, Qamett 65, 191 Collins, Cecilia 214 Collins, Janet 63, 73, 78, 98, 214 Comer, Kenneth 77, 191 Cona, Deborah 247 Conner, Stephanie 61, 62, 247 Connors, Darcy 247 Conrad, Heidi 247 Considine, Jane 191 Cook, Gregory 231 Cook, Lisa 248 Cooper, Kimberii 191 Copeland, Melissa 248 Coppola, James 231 Cordes, William 144, 248 Corrigan, Teresa 62, 79, 88, 214 Coss, Kelly 214 Counter, Charies 136, 214 Counts, Hilary 191 Coutroy, Melanie 248 Couture, John 112, 191 Coveney, Richard 248 Coward, Christopher 191 Cowden, Angela 214 Cox, Laura 68, 71, 72, 248 Cox, Lee 90, 231 Cox, Marcella 96, 142, 231 Cozine, Dana 152, 191 Crawford, Michael 214 Crenshaw, Michelle 65, 68, 214 Croak, Scott 114, 231 Crocker, William 248 Croft, Kimberiy 67, 96, 231 Crone, Barbara 67, 69, 231 Crone, Ray 214 Crosby, Scott 100, 214 Crossman, Scott 64, 100, 191 Crotts, Curtis 72, 74, 214 Crowe, Mary 67, 68, 215 Crump, Steven 248 Cunningham, Julia 67, 68, 69, 215 Cunz, April 248 Curran, Robert 106, 231 Curry, Dennis 110, 231 Curry, Douglas 248 Curtis, William 231 Cusick, Kimberiy 248 Custer, Cheryl 61, 78, 248 D DAgati, Sandra 81, 192 Dale, Jody 73, 248 Dalton, Carrie 231 Dalton, Steven 215 D ' Andrea, Liz 248 Daniel, James 248 Danielewicz, Kimberiy 128, 248 Daniels, Benjamin 248 Daniels, William 64, 192 Danos, Christopher 248 Danson, Stephanie 215 Davenport, Cynthia 192 Davis, Amy 248 Davis, John 248 Davis, Latrecia 128, 248 Davis, Michael 142, 248 Dawson, Marco 116, 215 DeRada, Juan 130 Dean, Tammy 90, 192 Deaton, Elizabeth 192 Deeds, Scott 249 Defino, Beveriy 192 Dehaan, Teresa 249 Deibler, David 67, 114, 231 Delia, Man 249 Deloach, Dana 98, 132, 215 Demmy, Qeorge 84, 249 Denison, Pamela 249 Denman, Sue 231 Dennis, Kevin 192 Densmore, Anthony 215 Denson, Todd 90, 215 Derr, Terry 56, 64, 65, 68, 70, 82, 215 Desmarias, James 60, 231 Desmond, Timothy 215 Desplinter, Jill 94, 215 Devonmille, Barbara 192 Devoss, Dawn 231 Devoss, Mark 49, 56, 65, 71, 77, 124, 192 Dewitt, Stephen 102, 215 Diaz, Janet 249 Dicesare, Joseph 192 Dickman, William 55, 82, 110, 192 Diggs, Charles 192 Digregory, Martin 65, 231 Dilworth, Lisa 249 Dimedio, Kevin 249 Dimotta, Edward 249 Dinkins, Lois 94, 231 Disbro, Kimberiy 128 Dismuke, Lesley 215 DIoughy, James 71, 249 Doane, rtancy 67, 68, 69, 94, 215 Dodd, Douglas 65, 71, 72, 136, 232 Dodd, James 249 Doeren, Alison 67, 249 Dolan, Tammy 98, 232 Dollenmayer, Stephen 81, 82, 83, 102, 215 Dollenmayer, Thomas 249 Dominick, Daniel 56, 65, 68, 102, 192 Donaldson, Heidi 249 Donovan, Curtis 134, 249 Doppelheuer, Kelly 215 Dort, Andrea 70, 72, 73, 85, 232 Dossett, Caroline 215 Douglas, Cort 70, 110, 192 Douglas, Kimberiy 249 Douglas, Patricia 232 Douglass, William 249 Dowd, David 120, 232 Downey, Vonnie 67, 69, 249 Drake, Charia 68, 69, 192 Drees, Jodie 47, 56, 61, 62, 65, 71, 81, 192 Driskell, Deb 67, 69, 215 Drury, Ricky 249 Dubiel, Edward 249 Dudman, William 104, 232 Duell, Evelyn 96, 215 Duke, nancy 249 Dukes, Claire 94, 215 Dumas, Jeffrey 106, 215 Duncan, Bobby 192 Dunker, Qretchen 232 Dunlap, Gilbert 80, 232 Dunlap, Sheryl 62, 70, 81, 215 Dunn, Judy 67, 249 Dunson, Lisa 56, 64, 71, 81, 192 Durham, Lisa 76, 146, 192 Durham, Robert 120, 232 Durrance, Cindy 88, 193 Durrence, April 62, 249 Dutil, Charies 106 Dwyer, Jeannine 249 Dwyer, Kelly 247 Dye, Kristin 92, 232 Dye, Phillip 249 Dyer, Joanne 60, 193 Dyer, Leslie 215 Dygert, Cindy 98, 215 Dynarski, Robert 112, 232 Dziedzic, John 215 Eamhart, Thomas 193 Easton, Susan 193 Eckart, Teresa 215 Eckstadt, Wendy 250 Eddy, Thomas 61, 72, 216 Edinger, Cathi 60 Edwards, April 250 Edwards, Timothy 193 Elliot, Tom 116, 232 Ellis, Margaret 216 Ellis, Marion 193 EIrod, Ronald 102, 216 Embler, Suellen 232 Emond, Lee 216 Engel, Denise 81, 106, 216 Engelsen, Kristin 70, 250 Ennis, Betsy 94, 193 Erickson, Annette 250 Ernst, Susan 67, 94, 216 Ertel, Jennifer 232 Erwin, Kathy 90, 216 Estes, Lisa 79, 193 Evans, Alejandra 88, 216 Evans, Robert 76, 108, 216 Index 263 inDEX Evans, Tamara 232 Evans, Thomas 112, 136, 193 rabiano, Philip 106, 216 Fagan, Douglas 232 rankhauser, Emil 146, 250 Farley, Christopher 250 Farnbaugh, Harry 216 Feamow, Richard 193 Feller, Karen 68, 250 Feraci, Paul 100 Ferguson, Ann 64, 81, 90, 216 Ferrara, F alph 120, 216 Ferraro, Carl 120, 192 Field, Daniel 193 Field, Holly 90, 216 Fields, Dance 45, 47, 55, 56, 65, 77, 94, 193 Figueiredo, Larry 250 FIndling, Paul 130, 250 Fink, Keli 98, 232 Flore, Robert 112, 232 Fischbach, Susan 216 Fish, James 250 Fishbaugh, Kathleen 88 Fisher, Fred 74, 250 Fisher, Mancy 96, 232 Fitzpatrick, Julie 250 Fitzpatrick, Kellie 88, 232 Fletcher, Pamela 216 Flores, Rick 250 Flowers, Marion 114 Floyd, Anne 232 Floyd, Jamie 78, 193 Floyd, Stephen 193 Fluman, Brandan 112, 193 Flynn, Darcy 88, 193 Flynn, Thomas 63, 100, 233 Flynn, Robert 100, 193 Fogarty, Chris 250 Folker, Emily 65, 98, 233 Folland, Karyn 88, 193 Ford, Carolyn 78, 250 Ford, Shannon 92, 216 Fordham, Teresa 216 Forsett, Marcia 216 Foster, Bradford 258 Fox, Anne-Marie 47, 56, 61, 62, 65, 75, 79, 85, 193 Fox, Scott 71, 250 Fraker, Laura 194 Franek, Gary 81, 83, 194 Frank, Catherine 216 Franklin, Staci 75, 77, 78, 194 Fraser, Liz 250 Frasier, Kim 60, 233 Freebem, Douglas 112, 233 Freeman, Holly 98 Freeman, Jill 194 Freeman, Mate 104, 194 Freeman, Ray 250 Freeman, Robin 98, 194 Frisbie, Lisa 132, 250 Fugett, Mark 116, 233 Fuller, Kathie 194 Funston, Kelly 64, 66, 98, 194 Futch, James 194 Q Qabrick, Pamela 250 Gage, Qerrie 216 Gage, Qlenda 79, 194 Gagliano, Leyla 233 Gainer, Suzanne 216 Gaiser, Ann 216 Galbicka, Cindy 128, 132, 216 Gallant, J. Dawn 250 Gamester, Gregg 134, 194 Gann, Angela 79, 194 Gannaway, Lynette 94, 194 Gannon, Christine 70, 233 Garcia, Sam 106, 136, 216 Gardner, Brian 194 Garey, Alan 94, 102, 194 Garmon, Alvin 194 Gamer, Dawn 88, 216 Garrone, Victoria 98, 194 Garthwaite, Julie 233 Gass, Kim 250 Gavil, Cynthia 250 Qeiger, Anne 81, 8 8, 216 Geiger, Kirk 66, 104, 233 Geller, Deborah 71, 250 Geller, Thomas 75, 194 Gentile, Michael 66, 116, 216 Gerhard, Robin 70, 194 Germain Michele 233 Qerspacher, Lisa 250 Gibson, Henry 82, 112, 130, 194 Gilbert, David 233 Gill, Chris 250 Gillen, Herb 250 Gillett, Marcia 81, 94, 195 Giilogly, Colleen 98 Gilmore, Terry 112, 120, 233 Girardin, Lynn 216 Girardin, Louis 195 Qisondi, Joseph 62, 104, 216 Glaser, Joseph 250 Glass, Becky 216 Glover, Sheila 233 Qogerty, Marcie 90 Qoldfarb, Francine 250 Gomez, Bibiana 65, 81, 90 Gong, Joseph 63, 100, 195 Gonnella, Joseph 250 Gonzales, Ricardo 195 Good, Frank 71, 250 Qoodgame, Brooks 49, 56, 65, 71, 102, 195 Goodrich, Holly 79, 195 Goodwin, Deborah 132, 250 Gordon, Cindy 233 Gotsch, Louis 102, 216 Gould, Amy 250 Gould, Mora 96, 195 Graham, Holly 250 Graham, Joseph 110, 233 Grail, Greg 233 Gram, Tom 82, 116, 233 Grant, Thomas 233 Graves, Stephen 56, 65, 77, 195 Gray, Sharon 251 Grayson, Douglas 106, 233 Green, David 120, 130, 233 Green, Deborah 64, 71, 90, 216 Green, Suzanne 81, 195 Greene, Janet 216 Greenwood, Keith 68 Greer, Alison 90, 233 Qresens, Sharon 144, 195 Qrider, Matt 251 Griffin, Melinda 251 Griffiths, Kimberiey 251 Griggs, Teresa 90, 195 Griggs, Chip 146, 251 Grigsby, Peter 251 Groff, Brian 251 Grossman, Michael 104, 233 Grove, Jeffrey 57, 61, 78, 102, 216 GrtJber, Dhays 88, 217 Gurchiek, Brian 108, 195 Gumey, Karen 251 Guyer, Brian 144, 217 Gyori, Robert 124, 233 H Haas, Mary Lynn 61, 81, 73, 94, 233 Hacking, Tracey 251 Haggard, Melissa 251 Haire, Tammy 71, 85, 217 Hale, Debra 88, 233 Haley, Kristen 251 Hall, Tami 217 Hallman, Teresa 217 Hallock, Lynn 195 Ham, Lisa 82, 83, 195 Hamil, Charies 217 Hamilton, Molly 234 Hammond, Beth 96, 217 Hammond, Fred 130, 251 Hammond, Leona 81, 82, 98, 195 Hand, John 71, 251 Hangen, Holly 65, 79, 90, 195 Hankal, Madison 57, 74, 195 Hankes, Bill 234 Hanlon, Karen 88, 146, 234 Hannigan, Allen 112, 251 Hannon, Molly 81, 195 Hansberger, Susan 195 Hansen, Jennifer 251 Hansen, Tesi 71, 217 Hanson, Glenn 124, 217 Hardaway, Rebecca 234 Hardbower, Kristie 251 Harden, Melanie 88, 217 Harden,Troy 251 Harder, Steven 234 Hardin, Ruth 68, 98, 234 Harding, Beth 63, 195 Hardman, William 71, 196 Harian, William 217 Harman, Margaret 128, 234 Hannon, Suzanne 234 Harris, Brainard 67, 68, 217 Harris, James 251 Harris, Thomas 234 Harrison, Leigh 217 Harrison, Ragan 102, 217 Hartery, Holly 234 Hartje, Eric 124, 217 Hartup, Bruce 234 Hartwell, Kim 217 Hatch, Lindsay 61, 88, 234 Hause, Susan 57, 65, 78, 94, 196 Hauser, Beth 217 Hawkins, Scott 134, 251 Hayes, Candy 67, 217 Hayes, Kevin 217 Hayes, Sandra 251 Hayes, Todd 234 Headley, Jeannine 73, 74, 234 Hegert, Patrick 112, 130, 196 Hegley, Lee 112, 234 Hegyessy, Susan 234 i rt Sfl 264 Index INDEX Heilig, Richard 217 Heitman, Diana 217 Heitman, Donna 251 Henderson, Jeff 110, 196 Henderson, Jennifer 217 Hendley, Melissa 217 Hendren, Harold 80, 142, 196 Henry, Kimberly 217 Hernandez, Willie 251 Hemdon, Janet 251 Herring, Stephen 251 Herron, Martha 196 Hester, Ratherine 70, 98, 217 Hester, Kevin 134, 251 Hewett, Kimberly 234 Hiatt, Laurie 196 Hicks, Thomas 72, 73, 74, 78, 217 Hierholzer, Stephen 196 Higgenbotham, Scott 234 Higgs, Johnny 251 Highley, David 234 Highnam, Gregory 196 Highnam, Pamela 217 Hightower, Kimberly 251 Hill, Brenda 251 Hill, Donna 68, 94, 217 Hilmer, Rick 116, 196 Hilson, Kim 92, 234 Hilton, Ann 251 Hippler, Clark 110, 234 Hirama, Misako 98, 217 Hixon, Dave 251 Hobart, Kirk 112, 196 Hodge, Amy 53, 92, 196 Hodge, Victoria 234 Hodson, Kirk 196 Hoffman, John 80, 234 Holaday, Kevin 106, 217 Holb, Daria 90, 138, 217 Holcomb, Heidi 196 Holler, Roger 100, 234 Hollingsworth, Bradley 251 Holmes, Kathiyn 47, 65, 72, 81. 82, 196 Holmes, Megan 251 Holt, Karina 62, 90, 234 Hommerson, Cheryl 60, 66, 71, 72, 73, 217 Honsharuk, Michael 104, 110, 196, 217 Hopkins, Carter 110, 217 Hopkins, William 114, 234 Hopper, Richard 49, 55, 82, 112, 196 Horton, Edmond 234 Hosick, Leslie 196 Houk, Colin 251 Howard, Dee Dee 81, 196 Howard, Lisa 128, 217 Howard, Susan 60, 63, 64, 77, 98, 217 Howe, Ralph 234 Hower, Maria 67, 251 Hughes, Miles 196 Huling, Jana 70, 76, 218 Humburg, Sharon 218 Humphrey, Leigh 68, 251 Hunt, Jannie 70, 85, 94, 218 Hunter, Stephanie 252 Hurd, Leigh Ann 252 Hurst, William 136, 252 Hurt, Lori 197 Huss, Doris 72, 218 Hutchison, Douglas S. 55, 82, 112, 197 Hyatt, Leslie 252 lies, Robert 57, 102, 197 Imathiu, Paul 218 Ingram, Bruce 80 Irvine, D.W. 218 Isaacs, Crystal 252 Iverson, Stephanie 252 Ivey Michael 102, 197 Iwamura, Yugoro 100, 234 Izzo, Lori 62, 71, 72, 73, 96, 234 JablonskI, Richard 234 Jackson, Lisa L. 68. 69. 85. 94, 234 IP ujiB jw Jackson. Lisa A. 92. 234 Jackson. Sharon 60. 197 Jackson. Suzanne 55. 82. 93. 197 Jacoby. Judith 218 Jaffee. Qlen 218 Jago. Ann 61. 68. 90, 234 Jahns, Maureen 197 Jakes, Jeffrey 102, 234 James, Brian 197 James, Bruce 110, 235 James, Edward 80, 235 James, Gary 71. 252 James. Scott 110 Janata. Kenneth 144. 197 Jane. John 130. 197 Janzen. Lee 134. 218 Jarvie. James 76. 218 Jasso. Qreg 252 Jeeves. Coleen 96. 235 Jeffries, Cynthia 218 Jenkins, Irene 252 Jenkins, Dan 252 Jenkins, James 83, 106, 235 Jenkins, Paul 235 Jenkins, Paula 197 Jenks, William 252 Jennings, Jackie 92, 235 Jennings, Janae 142. 218 Jemigan. Karen 218 Jess. Juanita 197 Johnson. Daryl 67. 71. 252 Johnson. Jerry 124. 252 Johnson. Margie 79. 94. 197 Johnson. Randy 130. 252 Johnson. Vickie 65. 68. 74. 197 Johnson. Archie 65. 218 Johnson. Clifford 108 Johnson. James 218 Johnson. Peggy 218 Johnson. Rosemarie 77, 235 Johnson, Sydney 252 Johnson, Tricia 76, 98, 197 Johnson, William 67, 235 Johnston, Ben 252 Johnston, Jeanne 88, 235 Johnston, Joseph 218 Joiner, Howard 252 Joiner, Todd 218 Jones, Clarke 80, 218 Jones, Daryl 71, 252 Jones. David 252 Jones. Jennifer 90. 235 Jones. Mary Q. 235 Jones. Mary L. 235 Jones. Raegen 62. 71, 252 Jones, Stephen 197 Jones, Susan H. 98 Jones, Susan L. 252 Jordan, Mark 61, 78, 197 Julich, Jeffory 80, 252 K Kalchbrenner, David 65, 81, 82, 83, 90, 197 Kanitsch, Denise 235 Kanitsch, Katherine 70, 208 Kardon, Craig 235 Kasper, Paige 57, 64, 81, 82, 83, 90, 197 Kaufhold, Kristin 252 Kay, Kyle 252 Kaytis, Lisa 235 Kear, Rick 100, 197 Keefe, Carole 252 Keefer, Chris 63, 110, 218 Keller, Petra 235 Kelley, Jenny 252 Kelley, William 197 Kemp, Julie 253 Kempff, Melinda 68, 70, 253 Kennedy, Elisa 90, 235 Kennedy. Ted 124. 218 Kent. E. Denise 90. 235 Kenworthy Robert 72. 73, 74, 75, 198 Kerber, Kerri 235 Kern, Cheryl 71, 253 Kershner, Sabrina 60 Ketter, Karl 67, 69, 253 Keyes. Melissa 253 Kiley. Monica 76. 92. 198 Kilgore. Annette 198 Killam. Judith 98. 235 Killian. Lisa 253 Killingsworth. Kevin 60, 218 Kimbril. Cynthia 218 Kindred. Joanne 253 King. Jan 47. 57. 61. 62, 65. 198 King. Mary 253 KIngham. Mark 218 Kirby. David D. 198 Kirk. Catherine 53. 82. 85. 146. 235 Kirsten. Thomas 198 Kleckner. Kenneth 253 Klein. Don 106. 218 Knetsch. Margreit 92 Knickerbocker, Jane 92 Knight. Sue 218 Knowles. Richard 49. 57. 65. 77. 110, 198 Kociban. Robert 253 Kolar. Robert 81. 198 Komer. Teri 128. 235 Konrad. David 235 Konsler. Judith 239 Kops. Chris 116. 198 Korbel. John 57. 64. 65. 82, 110, 219 Kosugi. Toyokazu 198 Koutsaftes. Timothy 219 Kramer, Roy 102. 198 Kramig, Patricia 81. 198 Kranendonk. Qary 253 Kranick. Ken 120, 235 Krasinski, Kimberiey 73, 98, 219 Krein, Kyle 92, 198 Kreinbrink, James 235 Krist. Catherine 61. 92. 235 Kuhn Al 253 Kunde. Carrie 60. 92. 219 Kurtgis. Michelle 132. 235 Kweder. Ralph 120. 219 Index 265 iriDEX LadzlnskI, Cheryl 253 Lafauci, Paul 108, 219 Laing, Donna 235 Lamb, Cathy 53, 235 Lambert, Cynthia 219 Lambeth, Scott 235 Lamoreaux, Wendy 70, 219 Lamparter, Keri 92, 235 Land, Sally 198 Landregan, Mark 253 Landry, David 253 Lane, Deidre 128 Laneave, Todd 235 Langston, Karen 253 Langston, Fenny 88, 219 Latinga, Mary Ann 128, 235 Laporta, Paul 136, 235 Laroche, Brian 198 Larson, William 253 Lasch, Brian 104 Laws, Becky 253 Layton, Pamela 253 Lebeau, James 253 Lechner, Sanford 67, 68, 198 Lemasters, Mary 88, 146, 235 Lenco, Kristen 253 Lenihan, Tina 236 Lennon, John 81, 198 Leonard, nancy 92, 236 Les, Walter 112, 134, 219 Leslie, Jeanne 198 Lessard, Robert 236 Levy, Pearl 88, 236 Lewandskl, Brian 110, 236 Lewis, Beth 81, 219 Lewis, James 72, 73, 74, 79, 236 Lewis, Randy 72, 73, 74, 75, 219 Lewison, Kelly 68, 90, 236 Libby, Katherine 253 Lincoln, Traci 198 Lindau, Richard 236 Linden, nancy 60, 236 Lindfors, Dariene 236 Lineberry, Kelson 100, 253 Lippmann, Susan 236 Lively, Amy 94, 219 Lloyd, Kathy 92, 138, 236 Lloyd, Mary 138, 219 Lohne, Linda 63, 96, 198 Loiselle, David 106, 199 Long, Jeannine 61, 219 Longnecker, Shelley 67, 71, 236 Looney Timothy 253 Lott, Janine 85, 219 Lovell, Kelly 72, 254 Lowe, Lawrence 199 Luke, Wade 124, 236 Lung, Rod 254 Luter, Clay 254 Lutz, Kary 236 Luzio, Juan 219 Lyke, Joanne 219 Lykes, n. Tyson 199 Lyman, Eric 102, 142 Lynch, Donna 94, 236 Lyon, Qigi 67, 85, 94, 219 M MacClellan, Marshall 61, 72, 74, 219 MacDonald, Judith 219 Maclntyre, Amy 236 Mackie, Sharyn 254 MacKinnon, Darcy 254 Maclennan, Elise 63, 192, 219 Madonia, Laurie 199 Madonia, Rosemary 199 Mahlerwein, Randall 254 Maier, Joye 254 Maier, Paul 106, 254 Main, Susan 236 Major, Michelle 77, 94, 219 Malan, Robert 236 Mandish, Bruce 199 Mangum, Chris 68, 236 Mangum, Mark 68, 199 Maniscaico, Sal 62, 104, 120, 219 Manizza, Jackie 254 Mann, Linda 47, 67, 69, 199 Manning, Eric 116, 236 Manoli, James 104, 220 Manson, William 236 Marchiando, Thomas 254 Marcouiller, Michael 220 Marotti, Lewis 120, 220 Marr, Owen 80, 220 Marti, norie 199 Martin, Christan 254 Martin, Donna 254 Martin, Roxanne 236 Martin, Schiller 114, 236 Martinez, Johnnie 220 Martyn, Rich 220 Mason, Jeanne 47, 65, 76, 81, 199 Matay, Monica 71, 254 Matchett, Marci 254 Matthews, Kathy 144 Mathewson, Jeffrey 81, 199 Mathis, Stephen 112, 236 Mattucci, Mike 254 Mawer, Douglas 220 May Allison 52, 62, 237 May Christie 254 Mazzei, neal 130, 220 McBumey Kathleen 65, 68, 69, 220 McCahan, Leigh 255 McCarley Kelly 47, 96, 104, 199 McCarley Patrick 57, 61, 63, 65, 104, 220 McCart, Jean 88, 199 McCarthy natalie 255 McCarty, Lex 220 McClure, Jane 255 McCollum, Susan 220 McConkey Ian 67, 69, 220 McCorkle, David 120, 199 McCormick, Katrina 71, 255 McCraney, David 220 McCrerey Roy 237 McCurdy Qretchen 98, 220 McCurdy Karen 138, 255 McDaniel, Benjamin 71, 199 McDeavitt. Robert 255 McDonald, Ed 255 McDonald, Melissa 255 McDonald, Thomas 66, 220 McQee, Maty 94, 237 McQuire, Beth 220 McQuire, James 104, 221 McHugh, Carolyn 255 McHugh, Shaun 255 Mclnnis, Janann 60, 221 McKay Paula 78, 84, 85, 94, 237 McKendrick, Terri 255 McKenna, Patrick 80, 199 McKinney, Franklin 106, 221 McKinnon, Kirk 55, 100, 199 McKinsey Maty 73, 221 McLachan, Bryan 221 McLane, Anne 221 McLellan, Sharon 199 McMullen, Melanie 61, 88, 110, 199 McMullen, Michelle 255 Mcnulty John 71, 124, 221 Mcnutt, Qreg 110, 221 Meakin, William 100, 199 Meeker, Scott 49, 77, 200 Meister, Patricia 92, 221 Menedez, nelson 221 Mersch, Paul 114, 221 Messina, Lorraine 255 Messmer, Shanti 78, 255 Meyer, Laurie 76, 94, 237 Meyers, nancy 255 Michael, Jay 68, 74, 237 Michael, Julie 90, 221 Michael, John 237 Michalowski, Denise 98, 200 Michel, Deborah 88, 237 Mickelsen, Kendra 83, 94, 200 Middleton, Qail 255 Middleton, Tony 130, 237 Milano, Tommy 255 Milleman, Scott 114, 237 Miller, Drew 65, 82, 120, 221 Miller, Jill 256 Miller, Katherine 200 Miller, Kim 90, 237 Milligan, Joy 79, 200 Milne, Robert 256 Miner, Frank 134, 237 Mines, John 130, 200 Miotke, Anne 47, 57, 64, 98, 200 Miracle, Maureen 256 Mitchell, James 237 Mitchell, Tina 237 Mitrione, John 256 Mixner, David 100, 237 Moenning, David 74, 110, 200 Monteleone, Vincent 110, 221 Montoya, Paul 116, 221 Moore, Brad 76, 102, 200 Moore, Diane 221 Moore, Jeff 221 Moore, Jenni 256 Moore, Tracy 90, 237 Moose, Don 55, 106, 200 Moranos, Steven 67, 146, 256 Morar, Adrea 57, 65, 71, 82, 200 Morejon, Ana 92, 222 Morey, William 200 Morgan, Amy 114, 222 Morgan, John 237 Morgan, nicole 85, 200 Morris, Kimberly 66, 256 Morrison, William 79, 100, 200 Morse, Carrie 256 Mortillaro, J. Brian 256 Mosher, Jennifer 237 Mosher, Matthew 222 Mossbarger, Maria 237 Muck, Stacey 71, 256 Mulford, Julie 88, 237 Mulford, Tim 63, 110, 200 Mullinax, Jayna 88, 200 Murphy, Maureen 73, 75, 237 Murphy, James 116, 237 Murphy Will 256 Mussler, Hollis 90, 200 Mutzel, Kimberiy 200 Myers, Mark 80, 256 Myers, Steven 200 n nalepa, nick 200 napier, Jocelyn 256 napier, Kim 64, 64, 222 nase, Stephanie 60, 92, 237 nash, Luke 68, 201 Mash, Rebecca 68, 222 nations, Donald 72, 222 navarro, Leonard 256 266 Index iriDEX nelson, Jodee 256 Mettles, Steve 256 newell, Cynthia 62, 64, 71, 79, 222 newman, Jean 256 newsome. Amy 67, 256 newsome, Delana 237 nicholson, Robert 63, 222 nickel, Sherrie 256 nippes, Carol 256 nishimota, Hideto 114, 201 nissen, Melinda 237 norris, April 66, 237 Morton, Eve 222 novoth, Tony 256 nunan, Virginia 92, 201 nutt, Jody 81, 98, 222 o OXeary, Jacuie 201 Oak, Ame 201 O ' Brien, Peggy 81, 94, 238 Odiome, Thomas 238 Odom, Allison 76, 92, 201 Odom, Leigh 88, 222 O ' Donnell, Douglas 256 Ogara, Christopher 256 Oglesby, Peter 64, 102, 201 Ohsato, Paul 256 Oliva, Susan 92 Olson, Sara 256 Oneal, Dawn 256 Orr, Joseph 222 Osmer, Lisa 98, 222 O ' Sullivan, Irene 81, 201 O Sullivan, Patrick 222 Ott, Douglas 256 Owen, Jeannette 84, 98, 238 Owen, Mark 100, 201 Owens, Qreg 100, 201 Owens, Leo 77, 201 Pace, Carolyn 256 Padgett, Ann 92, 238 Padro, Thomas 81, 83, 102, 201 Page, Jennifer 256 Page, Lisa 201 Pahl, Kris 112, 130, 222 Painter, Daniel 55, 201 Palmer, Prescott 104, 201 Palo, Ann 78, 96, 201 Pandolfi, Scott 256 Pansier, Lois 201 Panzer, Qene 55, 108, 201 Papendick, Caria 256 Papandick, Karen 256 Parker, Cherie 79, 94, 222 Parker, Kenneth 80, 222 Parkman, Samantha 92, 238 Parks, Qreg 76, 238 Parkulo, David 120, 222 Partington, Douglas 222 Pasos, Carolyn 82, 83, 88, 222 Pasos, Elba 238 Patarini, Val 222 Patterson, Donna 256 Patterson, Toby 238 Paul, Elizabeth 66, 222 Paullin, Laurie 90, 201 Peace, Michael 202 Peacock, Frank 104 Peet, Mark 63, 104, 202 Pehrson, James 49, 55, 71, 104, 136, 202 Pelley, Betteann 65, 77, 78, 222 Fempek, Byron 67, 69, 256 Penney, Howard 88, 110, 130, 202 Fenrod, JeSrey 77, 202 Perdue, Michelle 222 Perez, Lizzette 256 Perez, Mariano 202 Perkins, Cameron 257 Perraud, Adrianne 257 Perrotta, Fat 257 Fen , Randall 238 Persons, Mark 257 Pessini, Debra 257 Peters, Diana 257 Petrella, Lori 92, 238 Fetrie, Jill 57, 202 Fetrie, Lori 94, 202 Fex, Alan 202 Ffister, Demi 88, 248 Pharo, Kenneth 114, 222 Fhllbeck, Lisa 257 Fierce, Michelle 257 Finder, Lisa 257 Finkston, Martha 53, 257 Piper, Jamie 94, 222 Pipkin, Karen 62, 92, 222 Firkle, Kathy 238 Pittard, Thomas 257 Pitre, Kathtyn 68, 257 Flalsance, Thomas 222 Fleicones, Johnnie 120, 202 Plumlee, Kelly 138, 257 Flyler, Lori 60, 238 Foffenbarger, Craig 112, 202 Polifrone, Lori 257 Pontious, Robert 202 Fontious, Laura 257 Pope, Andrea 62, 81, 82, 83, 85, 238 Porter, Amy 60, 90, 142, 222 Pottortf, Marty 88, 222 Powell, Bryan 66, 106, 222 Fowner, Rhonda 81, 82, 222 Pratt, Jill 202 Prescott, Gerald 239 Preston, Joe 114, 222 Price, Jennifer 257 Price, Laura 257 Price, Rick 110 Price, Robert 239 Price, Thomas 257 Priest, Mary Key 71, 88, 138, 239 Prieto, Alex 239 Prior, Tawn 53, 88, 222 Fritchard, Wayne 257 Froppst, Vincent 106 Puertas, Steven 116, 222 Fugh, Bryan 110, 222 Purse, Michael 80, 223 Purvis, Wade 80, 239 Furyear. Martha 80, 202 R Q Quels. Warren 223 Radake, Jodi 94, 239 Radloff, Michael 257 Radlolf, Todd 223 Raiford, Mark 223 Rainey, Lori 79, 94, 202 Ranaud, Charies 202 Ranson, Darcy 239 Rappleyea, Paula 239 Rassmussen, Rich 63, 76, 102, 223 Ratcliffe, Tod 257 Ray, Dana 257 Raymond, Betsy 94, 208 Raynor, Mary 144, 202 Rea, Kenneth 239 Read, Barry 100 Read, Caren 64, 81, 82, 202 Rector, Courtenay 257 Reeck, John 112, 203 Reed, Mary 203 Rees, Joanne 82, 257 Reese, John 203 Reese, Julie 239 Rehm, Michael 257 Rehwinkel, Patrick 257 Reichert, Tammy 61, 81, 83, 203 Reimann, Kelly 239 Reinmund, Scott 112, 136, 203 Reynolds, Gregg 63, 112, 203 Reynolds, Janet 66, 128, 194, 203 Riccio, Sherri 257 Richards, Amber 71, 257 Richardson, Donna 61, 88, 239 Richardson, David 239 Richardson, Keli 239 Ridge, Stephen 49, 77, 78, 203 Rigby, Heidi 83, 239 Riggs, Rhonda 257 Rinaldi, Gerard 257 Riordan, Greg 116, 223 Ritter, Jesse 257 Rittgers, Leicha 47, 57, 64, 78, 94, 203 Rittgers, Rob 110, 239 Roberts, David 66, 239 Roberts, Jimmy 71, 120, 203 Roberts, Kim 90, 240 Roberts, Kenneth 257 Roberts, Michael 80, 203 Roberts, Robin 68, 75, 203 Robertson, Danile 77, 78, 223 Robertson, Susan 88, 240 Robinson, Cindy 90, 203 Robinson, Dorothy 223 Robinson, Sherri 240 Robinson, Todd 223 Rodberg, Lauren 60, 94, 203 Rodriguez, Lisa 71, 257 Roe, Joy 257 Roeder, Sandra 144, 240 Roegner, Mary 80, 223 Rogers, Brenda 78, 98, 223 Rogers, Jeanette 203 Rogers, Julie 55, 63, 98, 203 Rogers, Kim 138, 258 Rogers, Lynn 258 Rogers, Michelle 240 Rogers, Shell 92, 203 Rome, Jodi 203 Romero, John 258 Romine, Brandon 110, 120, 240 Roskamp, Brian 6, 57, 66, 71, 102, 223 Rossi, Joy 90, 203 Roy, Christopher 240 Roy, Pam 60, 90, 204 Roy Fatti 90, 204 Royal, David 240 Russ, Kim 96, 240 Russell, Monique 258 Russell, Paul 146, 258 Russell, Sandra 223 Rybinski, Paul 73, 142, 240 Rymph, Lee Ann 90, 240 Saavedra, Juan 258 Index 267 INDEX Sale, Qreg 67, 68, 69, 223 Salisbury, David 258 Salvaggio, Joe 223 Samsel, Scott 204 Santiago, John 116, 223 Santiago, Steven 116, 240 Santospago, Stephen 258 Sargent, Hamilton 223 Sattler, Mary Jo 88, 223 Sawy er, William 124, 204 Sayer, Qina 240 Scarborough, James 80, 223 Scates, Craig 82, 112, 223 Schaefer, Scott 223 Schaller, Craig 258 Scheuer, Chris 66, 112, 204 Schild, Lauren 52, 116, 223 Schleicher, Valerie 68, 223 Schmidt, Clifford 240 Schmidt, Jolan 258 Schmucker, Jeff 134, 204 Schneider, Amy 70, 223 Schofield, Stephen 67, 68, 112, 240 Schott, Craig 204 Schrader Teresa 204 Schweiss, Teresa 258 Scofield, Dane 80, 204 Scoggins, Dede 65, 67, 240 Scott, Kelly 258 Scott, Kimberly 77, 83, 223 Scott, Mark 258 Scott, Scotty 223 Seals, Kathy 67, 240 Sechrest, Sally 62, 223 Seddon, Amy 258 Seese, Lynn 71, 258 Sefcik, Munro 64, 65, 102, 223 Seibert, Rena 258 Seiver, Melinda 240 Seligman, Bret 80, 204 Sellers, Elizabeth 53, 63, 94, 204 Sellman, Holly 88, 240 Sells, Scott 61, 112, 240 Selph, Mary 223 Sessions, Pamela 223 Sessums, Sandra 98, 240 Sganga, Janine 258 Shaver, Deborah 78, 240 Shaw, Karen 81, 204 Shearer, Tami 47, 55, 57, 62, 65, 98, 204 Sheffer, Pamela 71, 98, 128, 240 Sheffield, David 240 Sheldon, Robert 240 Shellabarger, Scott 72, 75, 77, 204 Sheneman, Jill 73, 98, 240 Shepherd, Debra 204 Sheridan, Catherine 68, 258 Sherman, Panny 79, 96, 204 Sherrick, Beth 204 Shewmake, Sandra 240 Shipper, Valerie 258 Shirah, Cherie 73, 94, 240 Shiver, Gregory 258 Shriner, Brian 67, 69, 71, 258 Shular, Qina 240 Shumway, Skip 64, 112, 223 Sibley, Pam 96, 223 Sickler, Frances 65, 240 Simmons, Alan 110, 240 Simms, James 223 Simon, Jennifer 67, 258 Simpson, James 80, 223 Sirota, Robin 92, 240 Sjogren, Jonathan 240 Slaughter, Steven 204 Slechta, Edward 112, 204 Slechta, Qus 258 Smedley, Steven 258 Smith, Alison 204 Smith, Kimberiy 138, 223 Smith, Lisa 258 Smith, Oliver 205 Smith, Paige 98, 144, 205 Smith, Sandra 79, 223 Smith, Stephen 224 Smith, Stoney 259 Smith, Tammy 88, 240 Smoak, Deborah 224 Snapp, Alan 100, 241 Snedden, Brenda 75, 205 Snively, James 80, 144, 224 Snively, Josh 80, 224 Snow, Deborah 259 Sokolowski, Anna 241 Sokolowski, Fat 259 Sorensen, Qreg 205 Soroosh, Linda 224 Soukup, Jeff 110, 205 Soule, Laura 128, 132, 259 Soule, Richard 136, 224 Sousa, Sandie 88, 146, 205 Spaulding, Walt 80, 259 Spedale, Carole, 241 Spencer, Prank 71, 259 Spencer, Louise 76, 205 Spencer, Ralph 241 Spencer, Ruth 64, 65, 88, 224 Sperry, Patsy 259 Spiess, Bemhard 259 Spivey, Qlen 259 Sprauer, Caroll 64, 224 Springer, David 61, 81, 83, 102, 224 Springer, Chip 259 Spuriin, Todd 108, 224 Stafford, Linda 78, 205 Stammberger, Kathryn 98, 241 Stanek, Darren 102, 241 Stankewitz, Dorothy 259 Stanley, Kelly 81, 83, 205 Stanley, Travis 124 Starks, Todd 130, 205 Starting, Wendy 66, 92, 205 Stauffer, Lynda 102, 224 Steadman, John 106, 241 Steams, Eric 259 Steele, David 49, 61, 62, 73, 77, 205 Steele, Michael 224 Steggles, Shaun 88, 205 Stegura, Chris 241 Stein, Alicia 94, 224 Steiner, Chris 241 Steiner, Jane 205 Stephens, Allanna 241 Stephens, William 114, 241 Stepner, Richard 205 Sterner, Cheryl 259 Stevens, Jennifer 90, 224 Stevens, Kim 85, 241 Stevens, Michael 104, 224 Stevens, Scott 241 Stewart, Helen 224 Stewart;, Shelley 259 Stidham, Elizabeth 94, 224 Stigleman, Robert 112, 205 Stinson, Robin 79, 241 Stipe, Kelly 205 Stoddard, Melissa 259 Stoff, Kenneth 100, 241 Stone, Roger 241 Stork, Franklin 130, 241 Storkel, Kim 138, 241 Strada, Joseph 106, 224 Strang, Margaret 249 Strapp, Elizabeth 259 Strauch, Trent 259 Straw, nancy 60, 90, 205 Strazzulla, Frank 80, 259 Strong, Marcy 224 Stress, Qretchen 241 Stuart, Susan 98, 205 Stump, Jeanne 132, 205 Suber, Deb 206 Sullivan, Kelly 94, 224 Sullivan, Keith 80, 120 Sullivan, Matthew 80, 241 Summerfield, Cara 259 Sumple, Jon 104, 206 Sutton, Bunny 67, 69, 81, 94, 241 Swalley, Dayna 63, 90, 206 Swartzmiller, Beth 259 Szaro, Catherine 224 Tadlock, Alice 259 Taggart, James 136, 241 Talbott, C. Alexis 68, 70, 72, 74, 241 Talley, Yvette 88, 206 Tallo, Mark 104 Tanner, Laurent 260 Tavares, Qene 260 Taylor, John 114, 241 Taylor, Lisa 94, 241 Taylor, Shannon 260 Taylor, Teresa 260 Teague, Michael 241 Tedder, Dale 260 Teel, Karen 90, 241 Temrowski, Thomas 120, 224 Tetreault, nicole 260 Tetsworth, Lisa 132, 206 Thayer, Susan 241 Thayer, Tracy 88, 241 Thebaud, Sagine 224 Therrien, Toby 130, 241 Thiele, D.J. 62, 112, 241 Thomas, Diane 67, 68, 69, 206 Thomas, Mary Beth 88, 206 Thomas, Peter 260 Thomas, Sharon 60, 88, 224 Thomas, Valerie 47, 55, 90, 112, 206 Thomason, Usher 80, 224 Thompson, Debra 206 Thompson, Kelly 90, 225 Thompson, Margaret 241 Thompson, Terri 206 Throgmorton, Amy 260 Tilden, Fleet 98, 110, 225 Timmins, Susan 260 Tingley, Deanna 81, 206 Tipps, Pamela 206 Tisdale, David 67, 69, 241 Tiseo, Joseph 142, 260 Titus, Ray 125, 225 Tomkow, Michelle 96, 206 Topping, Tracey 260 Torrance, Tracy 68, 69, 96, 260 Torrington, Robert 260 Tourville, Kathleen 92, 241 Townshend, Chris 260 Toy, Annette 260 Toy, Tracy 120, 225 Travis, James 225 Tremain, Terrie 60, 98, 206 Trembly, Paul 68, 78, 260 Trickel, Cynthia 65, 94, 206 Trinklein, Paul 206 Troester, David 260 Troiano, Maryann 225 Trongone, Lisa 81, 92, 206 True, Mary 260 True, Michael 100, 241 Truitt, 90, 206 Tucker, J. Michael 241 Turner, Lon 260 Turner, Scott 225 268 Index iriDEX u Underwood, Charles 72, 73, 75, 82, 206 V Vaden, Lou Ann 77, 206 Valdespino, Adair 90, 242 Valdez, Maria 225 Vandekerkhof, Karin 260 Vander Qalien, Cheryl 242 Van Winkle, Alan 112, 242 Varasse, Melanie 225 Vehonsky, rrank 207 Venos, Deena 260 Veraldi, Paul 260 Villalba, Victoria 61, 94, 242 Villanueva, Hector 110, 120, 207 Vitek, rrank 260 Von Faleske, Martin 64, 65, 82, 108, 225 Von Paleske, Stefanie 260 Vonweyhe, Todd 96, 106, 207 w Wade, relicia 260 Wages, nancy 225 Wages, Lee 242 Wagner, Kari 260 Walker, Carol 225 Walker, Cathy 260 Walker, Dan 78, 260 Walker, Paul 225 Walker, Robert 68, 242 Walker, Russ 80, 225 Wallace, Jeff 106, 207 Wallace, Sue 260 Walls, Andrew 102, 225 Walsh, nancy 207 Walter, John 260 Ward, Katie 63, 71, 88, 225 Ward, Kelly 207 Ward, Lette 260 Ward, Melanie 68, 69, 108, 225 Ward, Paula 225 Ward, Roger 63, 76, 114, 225 Wardesn, Robert 242 Ware, Aileen 65, 79, 94, 225 Warren, Catherine 242 Warren, Patricia 225 Warren, Sheila 260 Warren, Donnie 207 Washington, Wayne 124, 207 Washuta, Carole 81, 207 Watkins, Kristi 92, 242 Watson, Polly 85 Weathers, Mark 260 Weeks, Krista 88, 225 Weeks, Louis 68, 207 Weiler, Peter 260 Weinstein, Susan 242 Weis, Steven 225 Welch, William 102, 146, 207 Wells, Julie 242 Wellslager, Steven 260 Werder, Meridy 88, 144, 226 Werking, Michael 260 Wemsdorfer, Elizabeth 260 West, Allen 242 Westberg, Tina 60, 88, 207 Westcott, Paul 49, 57, 61, 64, 65, 142, 207 Westerman, Gary 55, 104, 207 Weston, Gregory 144, 260 Whaley, Janet 47, 61, 67, 68, 226 Whaley Kip 260 Wheeler, Frank 226 White, Beth 64, 81, 82, 90, 226 White, Dan 74, 75, 260 White, Mark 80, 242 White, Mary 260 White, Scott 62, 106, 226 White, Trudy 67, 69, 242 Whitehead, Lesley 71, 260 Weiber, John 260 Wiggins, Carol 242 Wiggins, Pamela 260 Wilbanks, Carl 71, 120, 207 Wilhelm, James 116, 134, 226 Wilkes, Qlenn 260 Wilks, Brenda 77, 207 Wilks, Qreg 67, 207 Willard, William 67, 69, 70, 207 Williams, Delores 260 Williams, Holly 71, 94, 242 Williams, Juli 98, 242 Williams, Platalie 71, 88, 226 Williams, Timothy 226 Williamson, Christina 84, 226 Williamson, Stephanie 226 Wilner, Laurie 260 Wilson, Cindy 260 Wilson, Kathryn 260 Wilson, Ronald 260 Winkler, Jill 88, 207 Winters, Jennifer 67, 72, 260 Wireman, Janice 78, 226 Wise, Dean 207 Withers, Kelleigh 51, 88, 146, 242 Witt, Melody 90, 208 Witten, Wendell 260 Wittenberg, Lois 64, 94, 242 Woemer, Sarah 80 Wolfe, Cheri 242 Wolfe, Martha 67, 73, 75, 79, 208 Wolfe, Susan 67, 260 Wolff, Qina 260 Wollschlager, Thomas 260 Womble, Kemp 260 Wood, Elise 53, 81, 100, 226 Woodall, Richard 61, 208 Woodard, Kay 208 Woolland, Peter 67, 260 Workman, Kim 90, 242 Workman, Mike 120, 208 Worth, Sherry 74, 91, 208 Wozniak, Veronica 260 Wright, Jennifer 68, 98, 226 Wulf, Daniel 112, 242 Wurtz, Haili 79, 132, 226 Wyatt, Carole 260 Wyatt, Robert 260 Wyniger, Joseph 226 Wynn, Scott 100, 208 Wynne, Matthew 71, 208 Yall, Hasan 114, 242 Yancy, Cari 64, 100, 208 Yart)rough, Ce 62, 66, 71, 260 Yates, Dawn 64, 92, 226 Yee, Sheraton 260 Yelsits, James 116, 208 Yelton, Richard 242 Yoshizawa, Miyuki 65, 98, 242 Yost, Robert 260 Young, Kimberiy 226 Young, Susan 46, 55, 65, 88, 132, 208 Young, Valerie 226 Zamorski, Edward 226 Zapata, Juan 84, 208 Zenatti, TaharSS, 242 Zewalk, Jane 81, 82, 96, 226 Zimmerman, Laura 60, 92, 242 Zimmerman, Pamela 73, 142, 260 Zimmerman, Robert 208 Zuidema, Lorri 72, 208 Index 269 St ' i.- ' i •, We want to thank the businesses and orga- ; Jp 5i nizations that appear in this section of the w 9j: 1985 IMTERLACMEn. Our advertisers are : |S ■ i very special. Their support and interest Xil gj: helps make this record of the 1984-1985 : lg q ' c school year possible. They represent qual- ' Z-- i ity and service and we encourage you to call vp o ' C upon them. Quality and service, like saying " ig ay " thanks, " are ideas that never go out of So ' ' SI Williams Williams Fraternity Sorority Supplies, Laundry, and College Service BEST WISHES GRADUATES 1985 Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority Congratulates Our Seniors: Best Wishes Good Luck Best Wishes to Our Seniors 1985 Trent Bolesky Dave Moenning Bill Dickman Barry McQee Cort Douglas Howard Penney Bobby Duncan Jeff Sonkup Hector Villanueva Sigma Chi Fraternity 2 70 Advertising f THEi SOUTHERN CONGRATULATES ALL GRADUATING SENIORS . . . BEST WISHES! SEE YA AT inirERS OYSTER ROASTS WINGS, BEACH MUSIC C:- LAKELAND, FLORIDA APiD run, run, run, til your daddy TAKES YOUR T-BIRD AWAY Advertising 271 IMC Florido minerals, chemicals, enviranment, people. INTERN AHONAL MINERALS CCHEMIGIL CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS to the class of 1985 from the Florida Southern College Bookstore BEST WISHES to the 1985 Graduating Class Of FSC from the College Cafe and Terrace 272 Advertising COMGRATULATIOnS to the Class of 1985 CompJiments of: Nunez Collins TOUCHTON m). i ALPHA DELTA PI it j; Congratulates its Graduating Seniors: :j i Donna Auger O; Sarah Beasley !i Cherilynn Brown i Suzanne Bubregh 0; Tammy Dean I , Bibi Gomez j ' T " Terri Griggs Uj Holly Hangen .£ Sally Land k ' T Mollis Mussler At Laurie PauUin Cindy Robinson .• Joy Rossi ;i Pam Roy Patti Roy Teresa Sclirader i Mancy Straw u Dayna Swalley ■ Valerie Thomas {i Judy Truitt ,i riancy Walsh Melody Witt li ' l ' J : Ctnffi fCtf fi ; ' CVffn ' ;itfl fi ; ' iTff(fii ; ' • ' From the moment you walk into Publix to the moment you leave, you are our most important customer. Publix. Where shop- ping is a pleasure. Advertising 273 THE MOST CONVENIENT CARD IN LAKELAND MAIM BANK Downtown EDGEWOOD BRANCH 2150 E. Edgewood Dr. SEARSTOWN BRANCH Searstown Shopping Center SOUTHSIDE BRANCH Lake Miriam Square Peoples PAL 24 hour teller EAST LAKELAND BRANCH 435 S. Combee Road NORTH LAKELAND BRANCH Lake Gibson Shopping Center CENTRAL AVENUE BRANCH 1515 S. Central Avenue CLEVELAND HEIGHTS BRANCH 3333 Cleveland Heights Boulevard Peoples Pal can be used at Publix 6f Food World 6f other Honor locations. Peoples Bank of Lakeland 115 S. MISSOURI AVE. • PHONE 687-6500 • MEMBER F.D.I.C DiffERENCEartsuppI 1543 S Combee fcl , Lakebxi . Fb 33801 813-665 2 74 Advertising Kappa Delta L an inner meaning which... once known, icS always understood. Good Luck Class of ' 85 Fresh Idea! New 12 oz. Apple Juice from concentrate now our delicious Apple Juice is available in 12 ounce con- tainers. Like our other canned juices, it ' s made from concen- trate, so we can guarantee the quality. More important, we can guarantee the freshness. The I ' rt ' sh Idoa.s Company " jyiCC BOIUL l ' V Box HUH l. iKcl.in(l. l-loridii :i.iH(»2 (H1.5) ( (). " . " . " ;. " Bamettis Horida ' sBank. arnett anK Dirit e Florida National Bank 113 S Tennessee Ave. Lakeland, 33802, (813) 686-1 136 6108 N 98, Lakeland, 33805, (813) 858-4448 4405 S Florida Ave , Lakeland, 33803 (813) 644-8483 2105 New Tampa Hv , Lakeland, 33801, (813) 688-6918 Advertising 275 WE ' RE WORKING TO IMPROVE YOUR VIEW. NOW, 34 CHANNELS OF ENTERTAINMENT. GHOUP w CABLE A subsidiary of Westinghouse Broadcasting and Cable, Inc. For more information, call 688-7707 276 Advertising 925 E. PARKER ST. PHOriE 682-6859 CORSAGES, WEDDIPIQS FUPiERAL PIECES SPECIAL ARRAnOEMEriTS Bradley flower shop " VutiMCtlot ' JlvuU VtMf- WIRE SERVICE LAKELAND, FLORIDA Balloons for all occasions. ALBERTSOnS We Go Out Of Our Way For You! i (813) 646-2946 3625 S. riorida Ave. Lakeland, TL 33803 Lakeland Coca-Cola Bottling Co, Good Luck Graduates Advertising 277 COriQRATULATIOnS CLASS OF ' 85 Compliments: CEMENT PRODUCTS SUPPLY CO. INC. 516 W. Main Lakeland, Florida ' tuUacA TViU ' ?tcat Tfou T OfAt ' Congratulations Class of 1985 Compliments of HOME FURNISHING CENTERS FURNITURE • APPLIANCES • FLOOR COVERING • HOME ENTERTAINMENT OVER 200 STORES SERVING THE SOUTHEAST 278 Advertising " Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding. " (Job: 28:28) ' " nm SCHWEIZER ASSOCIATES. INC. architecture - engineering - planning - construction services THE ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN GROUP 55 EAST JACKSON STREET PO. BOX 1471 ORLANDO. FLORIDA 32802 TELEPHONE (305) 425-0922 Advertising 279 The sisters of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority would like to congratulate our seniors. Best Wishes! KAPPA ALPHA The graduating seniors, of eighty five never a dull moment, they were always alive those were the boys, from eighty one they left their mark, with the things they ' ve done Joe Prez spent two years, caring for a rat remember when Chiz, lost all his fat? did Kirk like short people, or was that a myth and Ziggy made famous, " love the one you ' re with " how ' bout that Dog, on his island spree Doc lost his vision and didn ' t see the tree Westcott was blown off, more times than not The " C was in fashion, with the clothes he bought just picked the rose bud, but where did they go and how old is Barry, does anyone know when time came to be happy, there was no doubt most joined in, but Keeb wouldn ' t go out new officers, the brothers, HI sisters, MDA football champs, bake and steak, what more can we say busted parties, and buck are the final addition of the long list of memories, of the KA tradition. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Congratulates its Graduating Seniors: 4515 S. FLORIDA AVE. LAKELAFiD, FL, 33803 644-0625 Joe Baker Daniel Dominick Robert lies Steven Breathitt Alan Qarey Mike Ivey rio Place else is Chili ' s! ? QUISQu| r Luke riash Camb6» JM Alght Pete Oglesby AlanPex John Burnett Scott Shellabarger Brooks Qoodgame Brad Moore The Fraternity of Honest Friendship BEST WISHES!! 280 Advertising I t 4 ry f, « ,, ' f r ■■ - W V ' . ' siwt ■ ' - W0 I ' CLOSING 1985 Our years at Florida Southern College are a part of the ongoing search. These years are marked not only by midterms, finals, and vacations, but also by our growth. Our education is not limited to classes and books, for we leam through doing, or at least trying. Seeing . , . reaching . . . touching . . . being; each is a vital part of the process. We find ourselves in a period of transition and college provides a chance to explore. Each day is a step toward fuller understanding. Looking back over the year, the days fade into one another, and we are left with a college of memories. There were the times when we hurt so much that we knew we couldn ' t take another step. There were the moments of despair when it seemed that the worid just didn ' t care, and we wondered why we bothered with it all. But we kept on and were encouraged by those days when everything went r ight, and we knew that we could conquer the worid. Mostly, though, there were the in-between days, the rou- tine days that tied it all together. With those days came a surge of strength when we realized that we had coped with everything. In remembering, we gain the satisfaction of at least partially having discovered who and what we are. We realize that there are untapped depths within us. We have traveled this far in our jour- ney and are prepared to meet the next stage. As we leave Southem, whether for the summer or for good, we take with us many memories. We will head off in different direc- tions, but we will always carry with us the sense of community that is Florida Southem College. Primarily, though, we will take the knowledge that we have gained, and hopefully, we will have the ability to build from it. Division: Closing 283 1 M mm i tj iji ■ ! ' H 1 ■ 1 I ' H y H 1 bbf 1 liii 1 1 hbhi li . ■ . B ' ' ' ' ' l 1 1 1- Wm ' - . ' . H 1 H 1 H|M x H 1 H 1- wUKk V. ' K 1 1 i mas3 m 1 H L Butwe tlJS!»ep|j{ou close rffttalw ysV-; y L fiarftH ' Is thejitrenigth thatnow you shpw -Ti- ' , ' jj ' • . Bid l n. eep ydu-qlose asjel ys ' ; ' - j ' , ; ' ! It wRri even sfeem you ' v e dftne " , - ' . ' S v., Jp " : ' , Cause oiih Balts iSkJiiq and small wav - ' ' ' " KO ' ' i 4 " rl. ' - . ' ' ' itor-In-Chief: Lauren Rodber Section Editors: Beth Allen Betsy Broadwater Joanne Dyer Cathi Edinger Harold Hendren Susan Howard Fam Roy nancy Straw Tertl Treitiain Tina Westberg Photographers; Toyo Kosugi Business. Manager James D Loughy Mr. Brad Be k — (;ollege»iPhotog1rapiHl Photcttoifl-naljsrh CI ss, Fall Semester a Dui||am

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