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i kiBi Florida Sout TABLE OF CONTENTS Opening 1 Notables 38 Organizations 56 Greeks 88 Sports 122 Faculty 150 Freshmen 178 Sophomores 202 Juniors 220 Seniors 240 Closing 262 Index 271 lern College I II ■ INTERLACHEN U-m 1983 VOLUME 51 FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE LAKELAND FLORIDA ' 1 f -I m 4j s .i " Ji ' Ki %i » ' «- - .J : ' -3 «» -- . saaHaEi- Friendship, the highest peak of love, allowing people to grow and expand. As new horizons are faced, not only is there a gain of knowledge, but a forever social bond, prized fellowship with others. A texture derived from streaks of faith and mystification. — Discovering who and what — A time to forget past glories, A time of infancy and new dawning. The beginning. initially a sculpture of towering expectations, along with beams of excitement. Working in the present, for the future, grasping that anchor of success. College life, the smiles, the love. the cherished memories. Foreseeing the gallant development of passion, a time never to be forgotten or replaced. Lisa Peterson I c S J ' r ' i ' --4 2 11 ■ % :■ 13 FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE LAKELAND, FLORIDA 3153 MOTOR VEHICLE PERMIT EXPIRATION 8-31-83 STUDENT 17 18 - jr i 19 J 20 21 23 -i t S ' - -irr- ' - m mm l»: 24 25 fm 4 26 I - t IM . I A -■ .. I - i 28 I I 4 29 30 in 3 %i 31 32 w 33 35 3- liTiiifiiOfiOnffi n 37 Notahlgs . . . Notables . . . Dedication Honor Walk Student Miss Interlachen 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up Miss Interlachen Contestants 38 Notables . . . Notables Miss Southern Miss Southern Candidates Honorary Chancellor James C. Roger Jr. Award Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Greek Hall of Fame 39 DEDICATION DR. JOHN W. COOK Dr. John W. Cook is Chairman of the Humanities Division and Co-or- dinator of the Religion-Philosophy Department and director of the Christian education program at the college. Dr. Cook was born in Barnesville, Ohio ' , and was graduated from Union College, Barbourville, Kentucky, in 1942. He received the degrees of Bache- lor of Sacred Theology and Master of Sacred Theology from Boston Uni- versity and has done further gradu- ate study in New Testament at Southern Methodist University. He received his doctorate from Boston University in May, 1971. Dr. Cook is a Methodist minister, a member of the West Ohio Confer- ence, having been ordained in 1947. He has held pastorates in Massachu- setts and Kentucky. Prior to coming to his present position in 1961, he was, for eight years, associate editor of adult publications in the Division of Curriculum Resources of the Methodist Church, and editor of Ma- ture Years and Adult Teacher. Before going to Nashville, Dr. Cook was pro- fessor of biblical literature and acting dean of Wood Junior College. Math- iston, Mississippi. He is married to the former Elea- nor Cleveland Beeler of Somerset, Kentucky. They have two grown sons. Dr. and Mrs. Cook make their home in Lakeland, Florida. For his leadership over these many years as a faculty administra- tor and for his understanding nature on the part of the many students he has taught and counseled, the time is appropriate to dedicate this issue of the Interlachen to this educator and friend of us all. In recognition for his understand- ing and open door policy with stu- dents even while serving as co-ordin- ator of his department and chairman of his division we proudly dedicate the 1983 issue of the Interlachen to Dr. John W. Cook. 40 1983 HONOR WALK STUDENT CRAIG CLENDINEN 41 - " - ?■ % h 0M|[ ii ' ' i J:r ' j i fcN = fe E - ' ' ' -iA. --li :p " ■ i S? .: J ■» 1 ■ ■ H ■--Vs., 42 MISS INTERLACHEN 1983 AMY BARDILL 43 FIRST RUNNER-UP CARRIE ROCHE 44 SECOND RUNNER-UP KYLE KREIN MISS INTERLACHEN FINALISTS JODI ROSKOSH LISA DURHAM DONNA WOOD 1 I M MAUCLIN McGANN KELLY PHELPS LAUREN SHIELD 47 HOLLY ALEXANDER KATHLEEN DONAHUE SUE STAUFFER " »»., !.. iss 48 1 MISS INTERLACHEN CONTESTANTS Amy Bardill. Jodi Roskosh, Carrie Roche, Denise. Donna Wood. Joyce Ceto, Kelly McCarley. Margariet Knetsch. Kyle Krein. Beth Miller. Lisa Durham, Yasmin Bowman, Mauclin McGann. Susie Hansberger. Deanna Tingley. Sue Slauffer, Laurie Struck, Kathleen Donahue, Linda Pittard, Lauren Schild, Joyce Bradly, Angle Cicanese. Karyn Folland, Katherine Zimmer. Kelly Phelps. Cindy Marville. Paige Smith. Leigh Nabers. Holly Alexander. Sally Land. 48 i 50 MISS SOUTHERN 1983 MICHELE KABEL i MISS SOUTHERN CANDIDATES 1983 51 E. CARDON WALKER Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Walt Disney Productions 49th HONORARY CHANCELLOR 52 JAMES C. ROGER. JR AWARD NELSON ROOD 53 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Ann Marie Bassett, Kim Belmonte. Kristia Berry. Robert Burnette. Rick Burnctte, Craig Clendinen. Amy Downey. David Flower. Blanche Fisackerly. Mark Fraser. Lynn Garrison. Allison Hainsfurther. Elizabeth Haslage, Nancy Heitzenrater, Jim Truitt. Trucy Hildebrand. Rick Holmes. Jayce Holley. Tudor Jones. Jacqueline Kourpates, Brian Lightle. Elaine Lussier. Lisa Mason. Frances Miles. William Phillips. Maisie Powell. Shari Szabo. Nelson Rood. Karen Schuetz. Margaret Seelbach, Sue Stauffer. Alice Stone. Ram Stratos. Donna Sweeney. Myles Wilkinson. 54 GREEK HALL OF FAME George Ferris, Scott Brockman, Todd Cowgill, Brad Cluxton, Craig Clendinen, Tom Gaesser. David James, Bill White. 55 Organiyationis Organize 56 I ... . " v ;aa¥; ..«aL. - ■ ' V, m- inns . Organizations 57 (L-R) Front Row: Blanch Marie Fisakerly Steve Allen (Sweetheart) Liz Cox Donna Graner Jackie Kormpates Back Row: Kathy Bouse Linda Parkos Cindy Robberts Jennifer Hermany Iris Albritton Miss Rita Fandrich Linda Zirbus Dretha Ison Linda Mann Lynn Keenan Susan Christopher 58 (L-R) 1st Row: Tim Connelly Kathy Kanitsch 2nd Row: Peter Ruffner Chuck Williams Amy Schneider Bill Willard Robin Gerhard Nancy Anderson Stevie M. Booker 3rd Row: P.T. Richards Rafe Vigil Linda Pittard Tom Gustoff Maisie Powell Brian Taylor 4th Row: Cort M. Douglas Elizabeth N. Menendian Laura Dunaway Beth Hammond 5th Row: Larry Leff Bill Phillips Virginia Landry Linda Lohne Lee Bradman Andrew Robinson Sabrina Maxwell Nancy Pope Mr. Bill Grange Mr. Mel Wooton VAGABONDS DRAMA GROUP (CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP) Tim Connelly Kathy Kanitsch Maisie Powell Bill Willard Peler Ruffner Mr. Bill Grange Mr. Mel Wooton Bill Phillips Rafe Vigil ALPHA PSI OMEGA DRAMA HONORARY 59 Mylene Alberto, Amy Allen. Regina Arndt. Lori Black. Katherine Bouse. Lee Brack man. La la Cade, Susan Callahan. Vickie Carver. Susan Christopher. William Cockrell. Connie Cox, Michael Crawford, Angela Dean. Timothy Dix. Daniel Dominck. Caria Drake. Deb Driskell. Laura Dunaway. Jill Emerson. Rttbert Evans. Blanch Fisackerly. Karyn Folland, Jennifer Hermany, Donna Hill, Dretha Ison, Lynn Keenan, David King, Jackie Kourmpates. Helen Maffett. Dave Marmol. Kathleen McBurney, Tina Padgett. Linda Parkos. Judy Pickens. Valerie Posenauer. Rhonda Power. Pepper Puckett, Cindy Roberts. Valerie Schleicher. Dirk Schmidt. Sara Sechrest. Jill Sheffield. Kathryn Shelly. Lori Surrency. Brian Taylor. Diane Thomas, William Thoma, Cynthia Trickel. Douglas Trudeau. Melanie Ward. Louis Weeks, Beth White. 60 Tom Adair, Stephen Allen. Donna Bcede. Tami Bowring. Sherrie Boyd. Steve Breathitt. Larry Burke. Keith Clandon. Craig Clendinen. Bill Cockrell. Karen Conner. Liz Cox. Mike Crawford. Julia Cunningham. Angle Dean. Steve DcWitl. Tim Dix, Nancy Doane, Dan Dominick. Stephen Doivdie, Deb Driskell. Evelyn Duell. Susan Ernst. Darice Fields. Bill Fisackerly. Krissy Geissler. Ginger Gilbert. Douglas Grayson. Donna Greenan. Tesi Hansen. Patricia Harrison. Donald Kernan. Linda Mann. Ian McConkey. Mike McCoy. Keith McKeehan. Jeff McVey. Cherly Neff. Linda Pittard. Chris Sanders. Dirk Schmidt. Skip Shumway. James Teas. Diane Thomas. Schott Turner. David Veestra, Janet Whaley. Joy Wilkinson. Greg Wilks. Barbara Willard. Bill Willard. Tom Willard. Lisa White. Debbie Zill. Linda Zirbas. Lee Brackman Susan Christopher Sheila Dyer Tom Gustoff Tesi Hansen Dori Holmstrom Mark Mangum Jan Mites Valerie Posenauer Dirk Schmidt Priscilla Smith Joyce Todd BELL CHOIR 61 (MEMBERS) Lyn Acer Cynthia Bail Scott Brockman Robert Burnette Loretta Chapman Bradly Cluxton Karen Conner Mary Kay Czajka Penny Delzer Laura Jo Ellsworth Sonjia Griffen Alison Hainsfurther Allison Hartman Elizabeth Haslage Dot Hunt Deborah Hutchin son Peter Langendorff Brian Lightle Lee Luce Suzanne Mead Leslie Noonc Carol Prevatt Diane Rhea Dawn Riddle Karen Schuetz Debbie Smith Mary Thorn Myles Wilkinson Robin Achille John Anastasia Bob Blaydes Lisa Carlton Patty Collins Anne Cope Todd Goulas Ruth Eisenharat David Flower Phil Her Melody Mouchett Mary Nichols Carlson Thorn Barbara Twibble Carole Washuta Kim Wirick Denise Wolfe Vince Wyatt BUSINESS M - (L-R) Front Row: Cathy Crossman Mrs. Buccino Middle Row: Nora Pitts June Landis Back Row: Susan This Amanda Kiinmer Carol Read Anne Marie Bassett Renee Turbeville PHI CHI THETA — WOMEN ' S BUSINESS ECONOMICS HONORARY 63 (L-R) Colleen McGchee Karen Kladakis Mary-Jo Nobile Kathy Crenshaw Cheryl Nell Tom Geller STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTS " _J!Sf«£i2s ; ■ ; ' =! -4£ «?«l 3i .t5 . ' i ' k ' iKASSiii 64 EDUCATION (L-R) 1st Row: Polly Hamilton Colleen McGehee Carolyn Marshal Tina Manz Cynthia Ball Karen Peterson Missy Miles Linda Session 2nd Row: Dr. Peaslee Lynne Simms Tammy Field Lavonne Franklin Janet Langford 65 (LR) 1st Row: Ellie Honen 2nd Row: Karen Pierce Vanessa Cronin Shari Szabo 3rd Row: Barbara Makris Mark Dorill Rick Elmhorst Wayne Koehler Melanie Potter BROADCASTING HONORARY ALPHA EPSILON RHO (L-R) 1st Row: Julie Manney Leo Owens Mark Miley 2nd Row: Crissy Jessavick Lisa Catanessc Laurie Nelson Mandy Kimtner Vickie Johnson COMMUNICATIONS (L-R) 1st Row: Pam Ross Stelli Fliotsos Jeanne Mason 2nd Row: Melody Mouchett Clare Allen Cathy Dorian Karen Schuetz 3rd Row: Vickie Price Laurie Nelson Haley Brock 4tli Row: Lore Nielson Lyn Acer Maureen Jahns Michelle Boisvert Rick Bovay Alica Loadholtes 67 (L-R) 1st Rou ' : Mandy Kimmer Laurie Peacock Lisa Catanesse Elaine Lussier 2nd Run: Mark Mjley Julie Manney Kim Davis Lisa Arcand Randv Holland T(jm Starr Back Rou: Barbie Allen Steve Sipe Julia Gallin Donna Johnson Mike Zizzo Keith Covack EDITORS Hugh Adair Michelle Boisueit Dana Casini Hilary Counts Teri Courtoy Steven Cuslred Joie Davis Bobby Duncan Karin Durham Stelli Fliotsos Rob Goulet Stacey Grimm Lori Harden Susann Hensley Daria Holb Sharon Jackson Richard Knoules Margie Lee Melanie May Patrick McCarley Beatrice Meyer Chris Omera Harvey PrevatI Meri Rivers Julia Rogers Jacquelyn Rossing Jennifer Rou Teresa Schrader Jama Smith Todd Starks Jane Sleiner Jon Sumple Doug Trudeau Mehssa Tutlle Patricia Will 68 1st Row: Amy Adamson. Jane Knickerbocker, Lorraine Rideout, David Marmol. Bobby Duncan. 2nd Row: Jane Steiner. Staccy Grimm. Vicki Garronc. Kathryn Shelly. Kelly Sullivan. Cindy Morvillo. Sue Hensley. Barbara Makris. 3rd Row: Bob Talmage, Lauren Rodberg. Julie Hoffman. Kathy Mathews. Chris O ' Meara, Dan Brady. Meri Rivers. Joe Perley. Donna Johnson. 69 LAB SCIENCES (L-R) 1st Row: Kathy Dedlow Amy Downey Kim Collins Sue Service Amy Shelter Carolyn Anderson 2nd Row: Sabrina Maxwell Griff Jones Kristia Berry Shelly Brady Ronny Bridges Sharon Kunsman Dr. Margaret Gilbert 3rd Row: Dr. Campbell Dr. Tripp Mark Mines Frank Halili BIOLOGY HONORARY BETA BETA BETA 70 ' I Kim Kraninski Dhays Gruker Suzanne Brubregh Elizabeth deRada Sharlene Jones Christine Albino Sherrie Crane Myiene Alberto Cathy Dorion NEWMAN CLUB RELIGION (L-R) Kneeling: Nancey Anderson Nancy Heitzenrater Standing: Cathy Crenshaw Vickie Johnson Matt Hankal Jamie Westlake PRE MINISTERIAL SOCIETY 74 (L-R) Front Row: Tessi Hannsen. Vicky Johnson. Debbie Ennaco, Gail Gates. Traccy Seiford. Judy Pickett. Jenny Brown. Back Row; Mary Thorn Mandy Kimmer. June Landis. Joyce Todd, Susan Christopher. Jan Milles. Randy Lewis. Vicky Burton, Amy Jorgenscn. FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES rv.- T ' ' ■ ' " ' ' " ' " ' ■ " " " " Spencer. Steve Carlton. 2nd Row: Pricilla Richardson, Deanna Tingley. Debbie Green, Howard Penney, Susan Young, Tawn Prior, lami Sherer, Paul Imig, Lisa Durham, Teresa Schrader, Carolyn Rhoades, Michelle Boisvcrt. 2nd Row: Jeanine Heussi. Mike Leddy, Vicky Borrego, Irent Bolesky. Kelly L. Thompson. Cristine Albino. Patti Roy. 4th Row: Amy Allen. Joe Baker. Maureen Jahns. Shaun Slegglcs. Dan Brady, Donna Beede, Brooks Ransom Goodgame. Beth Hauser. 5th Row: Jill Pctrie, Jodie Drees, Kelly Funslon, Nelson Rood, Pam Roy. Rob Collins. Leicha Rittgers, Angie Cicanese, 75 Kathryn Holmes Amy Jorgensen Sherrie Crane June Landis Sanford Lechner Prof. Mack Chip Budd Steve Ochsner Gordon Cox Phil Rucks Bruce Templin Greg Reints Betsy Kirkland Rod Jaeger Prof. Herdman Mike Walsh Mark Peterson Prof. Manners AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Randy Lewis Korinne Klahn Kathryn Shelly Blanch Fisackcrly Thomas Eddy Debbie Ennaco Steve Jenkins Jill Sheffield Amy Jorgensen Bill Fisackerly Vicky Burton Art Sputa Vickie Johnson Mary Thorn Lala Cade Dr. Prevatt. Diane Wegerif, Craig Mileu, Steve Farr. Tom Powers. Mike Walsh. Doug Feek. Dan Field. Bill Harlan. Mike Iveu. Chris Rogers. Greg Reints. Gordon Cox. Prof. Hcrdman. Prof. Manners. Janice Wheeler. Curtis Weishaupt. Mary Wyllie. Phil Rucks. Shirley Brown. Matthew Wynne. Tom Adams. Bruce Templin. Renee St. Louis, Chip Budd. Gioranni Delcompare. Betsy Kirkland. Prof. Mack. Prof. Mullen. Steve Ochsner. Greg Gordon. Dean Evans. Rand Reese, James Muraro, Mark Peterson. Greg Lehman, Grant Millensted. Rod Jaeger, Bret Seligman, Sam Walker. Richard Mackenzie, Keith Holtsclaw. 77 Anne-Marie Fox Jennifer Kunde Suzanne Barrows Juan Carlos Zapata Satoshi Kimura Juan Carlos Velasco Holly Simpson Lee Rowand Elizabeth deRada Dhays Gruber Mr. Cole Jennifer Hopkins Elizabeth Sellers Jane Steiner Sandy Drew Sarah Cohn Cindy Michaelis Wally Les Amy Adamson P.T. Richards Shari Szabo Jody Hooper Margariet Drefsch Greda ' vonPaleske Holly Alexander Bernd Lienhard Cynthia Anson Karen Kelly Susan Howard FRENCH CLUB Dr. Brandon Tami Gometz Julie Cockrill Ragan Harrison Sharlene Sones Jody Hooper Bernd Lienhard Scott Turner Amy Schneider Janice Wireman Lynn Stauffer Diana Bruch Paul Walker Rob Wilkes Nick Nalepa Frau VonPaleske Vincent Leone Juan Carlos Zapata Jennifer Hopkins Priscilla Richardson Nancy Young Dhays Gruber Suzanne Burbregh SIGMA DELTA CHI Holly Simpson, Sherrie Crane, Melody Mouchett, Christine Bradley, Cary Sheppard, Nancy Young, Carrie Roche, Mary Nichols, Myrna Bree, Kau Garrison, Katherine Bottoms. Frank Campana, Carole Waschuta, Mr. DeReus, Wendy Jones, Barbara Turney, Edward Marable, Steve Jenkins, Todd Douglas, Mary Thorn. ..r (t W 80 Kristia Berry, Joan Brady. Ronny Bridges, Gaye Bua, Robert Burnette, Charles E. Carnes. Jr., Lisa M. Catanese. Loretta Chapman, Craig Clendinen, Laura Jo Ellsworth. Debbie Ennaco. Blanch Marie Fisackerly, Mark Eraser, Virginia Garbcr. Lynn A. Garrison. Sonja Griffin. Allison Hainsfurther. Francisco R. Halili. Allison Hartman. Beth Haslage. Leslie Hayworth. Nancy Heitzenrater. Susan Hendrick. Trudy Hildebrand. Jayce Holley. Richard Holmes. Griff Jones. Michele Kabel. Charlene Keiter. Amanda Kimmer. Wayne Koehler. June Landis. Karen Loyer, Elaine Lussier, Lisa Mason. Suzanne Meade. Janet Miles. Missy Miles, Bill Phillips, Maisie Powell. Priscilla Richardson. Diane Renninger. Edward Rodriguez, Barbara Scherer. Karen Schuetz. Maggie Seelbach, Susan K. Service. Jamie Sowers, George Stanley, Donna Sweeney, Shari Szabo, Rafe Vigil, Dr. Richard Burnette. Dr. Margaret Gilbert. 81 Holly Keating Pat DiMenna Teresa Green Lance Smith Betsy Racht Randy Kaiser Sandy Hudson Blanche Hutchinson Lisa Smith Patty Conors Pat McFadden Charlie Aurich Lynn Domagala Brian Guyer Barb McCartcr Brett Grover Bonnie McCarter Eddie McMullen David Styron Lance Smith Greg Lietzau Judi Sullivan Rick Anderson Ken Janata 83 Sherry Crane Natalie Williams Cheryl Homerson Mrs. Straw Terri Arnold Kathy Fishbaugh Sharon Thomas Missy Lee Wendy Blair Myra Penuel Debbie Ellis Debbie Bidwell 84 Scott Wynn Jack Harris Artie Fielder Tim Mulford Scott Brockman Brad Cluxton Allen Pex Brian Basile Tom Kramig INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 85 Amy Downey Mary Jo Nobile Sue Stauffer Kathleen Donahue Evan Logan Tina Manz Karen Wartz Jackie Rossing Sarah Cohn Anne Marie Bassett Dori Hernquist Diana Rea Tim Mulford Pete Oglesby Tom Evans Allan Garey Tim Richardson Wes Starling David Nourse Dave Flower Mark Dorril Joe Baker Jennifer Kunde Holly Alexander Shellee Jaffe Valaine Bishop Mary Beth Bosserdet Bibi Gomez Nancey Andres Karen VJertz Anne Gelger Robin Achille Marcia Gillett Kathy Amick Tami Shearer Kathleen Donahue Suzie Jones Loretta Chapman Jackie Rossing Suzette Veal Jenny Brown Kim Christensen Jodi Roskosh Dori Hernquist Sue Stauffer Elise MacLennon Colleen McGehee Mary Thorn Jama Smith Greeks Greeks AJ] Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Omicron Pi Kappa Delta Phi Mu Zeta Tau Alpha Kappa Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon 88 J Greeks . . . Greeks . Sigma Chi Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi 89 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chi Omega was founded on Florida Southern College on Nov. 15, 1936. The lyre is their symbol and the carnation their flower. The Alpha Chis are represented in every major honor- ary on campus. They are little sisters for Pike, Pi Kapp, TKE, SAE, Theta Chi, Phi Sig, Sigma Chi, and Sig Ep. Every year they raise money for one of their three phil- anthropies, cerebal palsy, by working with their Theta Chis to accomplish a 52 hour dance-a-thon. Lisa Sorintion Elizabeth Ward Libby Robert Nancy Young Steli Fliotis Maureen Merrigan Julie Clements Lisa Harrinston Laurie Farquar Lisa Young Marty Jenkins Sonja Griffith Patricia WilcoJt, Anne Gieger Kristi Morrison Sandie Sousa Yvettc Talley Anne Marie Bucy Dawn Garner Marty Pottorff Beth Deaten Celaine McCart Jama Smitli Susan Ferris Jane Roberts Debbie Dorsey Kristian Fishbaugh Hilary Counts Sue Stauffer Mary Nichols Natalie Williams Sharon Thomas Lisa Peterson Kelly Daly Melanie McMullen Kathy Fishbaugh Dhays Gruber Karyn Folland Penny Langston Mary Jo Sattler Susan Young ssy Lee bnna Chastain Lori Cochran Kathleen Wood Shawn Steggles Kim Barfield Beth Harding Mcridy Werder Barb Turney Wendy Jones Tina Westberg Christine Bradley Caroll Sprauer Katie Ward Kelly Schrocder Carrie Roche Lynn Stauffer. Alpha Chi is . . . We ' ve got bread, again . . . weddings . KappSweetheart . . . Super Sweetheart . . . " We ' ve got love ' candlelights . . . The Whiners . " Alpha Chi Rocks " ... Phi Sig Sweetheart ... Pi Chatty Cathy . . . Head . . . Professor . . . fishface . . . I Pike . . . PiKapp . . . Sigma Chi . . . Lambda Chi . . . Phi Sig and Theta Chi little sisters . . . FMD . . . Rail sings . . . Tacky Tourists Hour Dance-A-Thon . . . Lyre Talks . . . Lips, Bubba, Peddi and Clip . . . True sisterhood . . . JA ' s . . . and lots of love . . . 52 i ALPHA DELTA PI Robin Adkisson Donna Auger Ann Marie Bassett Amy Bardill Wendy Blair Michelle Bonina Joan Brady Linda Brooks Cherilynn Brown Susie Bubigh Tammy Campbell Loretta Chapman Kim Christensen Nancy Clark Patty Davis Tammy Dean Lynn Demmer Emily Griffith Terrl Griggs Tammy Haer Lori Harden Holly Hangen Allison Hartman Becky Hedges Jean Henry Holly Hight Debbie Hutchinson Michele Kabel , Linda King Jennifer Kunde Sally Land Evanne Logan Christina Miles Hollis Mussler Karin O ' Dowd Carol Prevatt Jeanette Rinker Cindy Robinson Jodi Roskosh Joy Rossi Jennifer Rou Barb Scherer Nancy Straw Dayna Swalley Valerie Thomas Susan Tonn Judy Twitt Jane Wakely Nancy Walsh Melody Witt Donna Wood Renee Turbiville Lori Boyd Pam Campo Ely DuRada Kathy Erwin Kim Fudinansen Debbie Green Daria Holb Beth McGuire Julie Michael Kelly Phelps Pam Roy Patti Roy Teresa Schrader Debbie Smoak Jenny Stevens Kelly Thompson Sherry Tye Eileen Walsh Beth White Melanie Ward ADPi is . . . The first and finest . . . Lions and violets ... the best . . . great big brothers . . sweethearts ... 4 Interlachen finalists ... 4 J.A. ' s . . ■ etc. . . ■ Beta Tri Kappa . ■ . Ph. Beta . . Sweetheart Todd . . . Miss Southern ... 3 Tact Club . . . Scatties . . . Boogas . . . Ja- Alpha Delta Pi was the first secret soci- ety for college women. It was founded on May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia. Gamma Gamma was chartered at Florida Southern on April 27, 1946. Alpha Delta ' s have been featured regularly in the beauty section of the year- book. They have served as class officers, members of honoraries. Student Govern- ment Senators cheerleaders, fraternity lit- tle sisters and sweethearts. Many have reigned as Miss Southern, Miss Interla- chen or as Honor Walk Students. Alpha Delta Pi ' s colors are azure blue and white. The violet is the flower and the Lion the symbol. " We Live For Each Other " is the open motto. The qualifications have re- mained unchanged through the years — scholarship, high principals of behavior and true friendship. cuzzi Women . . . WAH! ... Dry Dock . . . PATA . ya villas . . . stewed . . . shattered . . . " M " . . . " E " Who ' s the most awesomest girls! . . . JAM . . . TADATATA . . . clamdiggers . . . Mable . . . Big Sue . . . Woody . . . Chrisweena ... No Lips . . . Bonaventure ALPHA OMICRON PI Many years ago, Mary Gatewood Pullian and Sam Banks arrived at FSC. They decided to form two clubs made up of their own friends, and presented a petition to the proper authorities. When this plan failed. Kappa Gam- ma Tau held secret meetings until Ludd M. Spivey, in 1924 recognized the group as a sorority. In the fall of 1945, Kappa Gamma Tau petitioned Alpha Omicron Pi fraterni- ty, and on May 5, 1946, Alpha Omicron Pi installed the local sorority as Kappa Gamma, the 52nd chapter of the fraternity. Ever since its first days, AOTT members have been leaders in campus activities and scholarship, and have maintained high ideals and a cooperative spirit in all understanding. AOTT is ... we love you Mom B. . . . our sweethearts . . . Pop . . . Kaz . . . Beej . . . Wes . . . Scotty . . . Seniors . . . Sooole . . . Arc . . . Men- tie .. . Kimmie . . . Babs . . . Mrs. Snuggey . . . Bonnie . . . Corky . . . Whitlock . . . Moc . . . Tilly . . . Buddha and Moc Woman . . . FUBAR Jean Agee Beth Allan Landa Allen Holly Alexander Lisa Arcand Gaye Bua Teri Courtoy April Crabt ' ee Joy DeCaro Lynn Oomagala Debbie Ellis Janet Gray Stacey Grimm Trudy Hildebrand Amy Hodge Brenda Hulen ' Kim Isaacs Suzanne Jackson Eli James Mary Kelly Kyle Krein Ginny Landry Alicia Loadhottes Debbie Mantle Barb McCarter Mauclin McGann Beth Miller Amy Mock Cindy Morvillo Betsy Powell Corinne Prindeville Winnie Putnam Lorraine Rideout ' y- Betsy Racht Kelly Sheel Robin Smith Terri Sole Wendy Starling Joyce Tiberio Lisa Trongone Mirtha Vallejo Linn Warfield Susanne Whltlock ' Kim Wirick Laura Lee Wold Kathy Zimmer Dana Casini Lois Canonico Jackie Chung Caroline Dossett Ellen Fisher Jane Gordon Lisa Jackson Janae Jennings Margariet Knetsch Jane Knickerbocker Carrie Kunde Diedre Lloyd Elise McClenni Ana Morejon Kim Mutzel Susan Oliva Jelane Redd Shell Rogers Cheri Schultze Pan Topping . . . Boat Parties . . . Jacuzzi ... All My Kids . . . " The Don " and Andy Griffith . . . Danny Land 2 . . . FMD . . . Pike Pledge Class sweet- heart April . . . Run-A-Thon . . . Sigma Chi Pledge Class Sweetheart Kim . . . " It ' s Over " . . . H . . 20 Pledges . . . Derby Week Winners KAPPA DELTA Denise Wolfe Karen Kladakis Beverly Alvis Debbie Waldo Leicha Rittgers Cynthia Trickel Lori Rainey Kym Aitken Kam Blackburn Kathy Crenshaw Caria Lloyd Elaine Lussier Priscilla Richardson Susan Ritsemai ' jjj Tricia SeymoUrBu Beverly Taylor Sherric Crane Mary Dicffenwicrth Liza Mintcer Connie Piemonte Jamie Sowers Donna Sweeney Cathy White Kathy Bouse Myrna Bree Haley Brock Kim Calvert Ruth Eisenhardt Beth Haslage Laurie Nelson Mary Jo Nobile Karen Peterson Holly Simpson Suzanne Pearson Linda Dinkins Floanne Murdoch Kathy Axt Lisa Catanese Sarah Cohn Sheri Hand jDeedra StebbLns ;. Beth Wall Jane Bednar Michelle Boisvert Lisa Carlton Kathleen Donohue Jill Emerson Maria Hardwick Margie Johnson Debbie Lucas Missy Maddox Kendra Mickelson Sandy Miller Melinda Shipley Lisa Steinmeyer Patti Will Kim Davis Charia Drake Darice Fields Marcia Gillette Susie Hause Lori Petrie Betsy Raymond Janet Reynolds Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority was founded at Florida Southern College on February 5, 1955. Kappa Deltas are well recognized on campus, with members participating in Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Sigma Pi, Sigma Delta Chi, Psi Chi, the Southern and Interlachen Staffs. Many have also been Miss Southern and Miss Interlachen candidates. The colors of our sorority are olive green and pearl white. Our flower is the white rose, and our mascot is the Katydid. We, as sisters, strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest. Vik. Kappa Delta is . . . RHGS . . . We ' re just TOO Much . . . Don ' t ' cha know . . . Bad Mama Jama . . . Go KD says my heart Hollywood ... It JUST DOESN ' T MATTER . . . Who ' s Your Buddy, Who ' s Your Pal . . . Sweet Heiffer ... K ... Jag . Holly from Bouser . . . Flame . . . Kitty WITTY. . . What a Puppy . . . REVOTE . . . Scoper of the Day . . . Party Animals . . . Eat, Papa. Eat . . . Lets Have AN- ' OTHER Social . . . SeeYA . . . Winnie, Wanda and Wanita Funk . . . Lauderdale Crew . . . Bahama Hot ' l . . . Goody Two Shoes . . . KD Phi Mu is . . . Our Bond of Love . . . You know that we ' re new, but we ' re going to pull through . . . " Ice Castles " . . . Phabulous Phis . . . Love-Honor-Truth . . . Sweetheart Nelson . . . Mr. Legs . . . Good Times . . . (16.80) . . . Flamethrower . . . 2 against the tigers . . . The PHI MU Phi Mu Fraternity is the second oldest and fifth largest secret organi- zation for women. It was founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, and came to F.S.C. in 1954. The Al- pha Tau chapter was recolonized on March 28, 1982, and we continue to honor our motto: The faithful sisters. Phi Mu ' s colors are pink and white. The sorority jewel is the pearl. The national mascot is the Lion. The Phi Mu philanthrophy is Project Hope. Phi Mu is not all work, but a chance to meet new people and build new friendships. Sally Austin Eileen Berry Yasmin Bowman Kelly Caron Julie Cockrill Ann Cope Penny Delzer Barbara Devonmille Evelyn Duell Marion Ellis Sherry Gauntlett |J|k Nora Gould " - ' Beth Hammond Cheryl Hommerson Jenny Hopkins Lucy Huston Judith Jacoby Pam Johnson Terry Johnson Jacquie O ' Leary Kelly McCarley Carol Mullen Tina Padg Ann Palo Diane Rhea Vicki Rice Dawn Riddle Penny Sherman Tina Shroyer Dawn Smith Linda Suttlehan Michelle Tomkow Laurie True Karen Wucrtz Jane Zewalk ■J a ►vo ' ,feV%S m Rainbow Connection — WOOSCH . . . We Love You Mom House . . . Barbariba Wally . . . S.A. ' s . . . Duden.Botswania . . . Individuality . . . Big Brothers . . . Coaches ZETA TAU ALPHA Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity was founded in 1898 at Long- wood College, Farmville, Virginia. Zeta ' s colors are Tur- quoise Blue and Steel Grey. Our flower is the White voilet. The National Association for Retarded Citizens is the phil- anthropic project of Zeta Tau Alpha. Our open motto is " Seek the Noblest. " Zeta is . . . Today and forever . . . unique individuals . . . our sweetheart Kurt . . . Paul Rick . . . Zeta Beach . . . CoJo Em Chinese New Year . . . Seniors . . . End of the world . . . JA ' s . . . ODK . . . Interns . . . 688.5226 ... 4th Floor Hardcore . . . Super Pledges . . . homer ' ni Laurie Action Barbie Allen Kim Bclmonte Debbie Bidwell Valaine Bishop Susan Burton Jan Campbell Suzette Caroli Heather Christ Natasha Cline Gina Colina Kim Collins Karen Conner Missy Coture Mary Kay Czajka Amy Downey Lenor Eicher Ellen Fluck Laurie Ford Frances Francisco Michcle Friedman Kelly Lunston Laura Gilcrest Suzanne Green Wendiy Hall Polly Hamilton Leona Hammond Cheryl Hemingway Barb Hoover Heather Hough Tricia Johnson Hollie Keating Julie Lacagnin Lissa Lagoni Lisa Mason Missy Miles Sandy Nason Penny Orr Karen O ' Shaughnessy Diana Potochney Diane Renninger |Julie Rogers Kt-isfi Schmidt Karen Schuetz Maggie Seelbach Sue Service Tami Shearer Paige Smith Sindee Snow Susan Stuart Shari Szabo Deanna Tingley Terri Tremain Vikki Walters Amy Wood bean ... Big Brothers . . . D Club . . " Lets sell donuts " . . . Pledge Unity in time we will all be stars . . . How Ya Gonna Act? . . . Mid Term Madness We were swangin ' . . . pudding wrestling . . . jumping rope . . . FAME . . . time for me to fly . . . LOVE ... the greatest of KAPPA ALPHA Kappa Alpha is an order of great heritage. KA was born in 1865 at Washington and Lee University with Robert E. Lee as its spiritial founding father. The Gamma Pi chapter of Kappa Alpha has been on the campus of Florida Southern since 1958. Kappa Alpha takes pride in its chivalrous values taken from Lee. The Knights of KA emulate the values of their spiritual founding father, putting God and Women above all. Steve Baisch Brian Lightle Steve Holmes Rob Chronahite Chris Kaelin Rich Russell Myles Wilkinson Scott Langley Bob Blaydes Darrell Brackin Scott Pospichal Dan Sutter Ron Bridges Bill Meakin Mike Chisum Steve Ridge Greg Owens Joe Morrison Kirk McKinnon . Steve Jenkins ' Rick Kear g Bob Flynn Paul Westcott Dave King Jim Twigg Mark Owen Pete Oldrich Scott Wynn Rod Jaeger Joe Gong Larry Brooks ' Peter Mollo Scott Crosby Paul Fcrracci KA is . . . Lee and Chivalry . . . sweetheart Diane ... car washes . . . Third floor ... Ft. Lauderdale . . . B. Cruise . . . Sunrise Suprise . . . Crimson and old Gold . . . MDA . . . Magnolia Blossom . . . little sisters . . . camping . . . 1 Exhibitionist . . . Cocoa Beach . . . Crimson Rose . . . Ziggy . . . Ciz . . . Psycho . . . Pinky . . . E. Munster . een Shopping . . . Rod-Man . . . Gator . . . The WHO . . . , Richie C . . . Wister . . . Dragon . . . Poooner? . . . J.T. . . . Huey . . . Hallow- LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Tom Ada Steve Altanbld Jim Amick Mitch Baitei Joe Baker John Burnet)! Scott Chapped Keith Clanton Craig Clcndinen Rob CoUins Mike Crawford Steve DeWitt ; ,_ Alan Garey $00 Brooks Goodgame Jeff Grove " Ragan Hari a €hi Andy Hunt Mike Ivey Yutaro Iwamura David Knowles Toyo Kosugi Buddy Kramer Paul Krist Tom Padro Mike Peace Randy Pease Alan Pcx Pepper Puckett Mark Raiford Rich Rasmussen Munro Sefcik Scott Shellabarger David Springer Lyndon Sweeting Brian Taylor Wade Warren Bill Welch Duane Wensel Lambda Chi Alpha is . . . Mom Brotherton . . . improved athletics . . . our new kitchen . . . Sesame Grotto ... 6 footers from Albertson ' s . . . great R.A. ' s . . . The greatest alums ... 45 years at F.S.C. . . . helping the campfire girls ... a president and several senators ... 1 The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity started in 1809 at Boston University Law School by Warren Albert Cole. In the last 74 years. Lambda Chi Alpha has grown from its original chapter to more than 260 chapters in the U.S. and Canada. Lambda Chi is the third largest frater- nal brotherhood in the nation and also has the second largest number of chapters. Florida Southern ' s Epsilon- Xi Zeta was originally chartered in 1938 and this year celebrated the 45th anniversary of that chartering dur- ing the Homecoming celebration in March. A characteristic unique to the Lambs is a strictly enforced national policy against hazing and the idea of pledgeship. Lambda Chi, instead of having pledges, has Associate Members and an A.M. program to faster fra- ternity education. 1982-1983 was indeed the " year of the Lambs " in that the brotherhood was nearly doubled with the addition of 22 associates during the fall and spring rush. ifm m i basketball fan club . . . the Lambda car . . . our sweetheart Tami . . . great little sisters . . . and the Cross and Crescent. Phi Sigma Kappa was founded March 15, 1873 at the University of Massachusetts. Our chapter here at FSC was chartered April 2, 1950, known as Omega Triton chapter we were the first Florida chapter. Now that we have re- established ourselves on campus we intend to be strong and active in the fraternal life at FSC. The Phi Sig ' s are proud to raise money for the Special Olympics, our annual philanthropy. We still look forward to the day when Build- ing 14. THE PHI SIG HOUSE, is returned to us. Phi Sig is . . . wood . . . Sam Loud . . . Elwoods . . . Roaches . . . concerts . . . The Bunny Party . . . Sweetheart Debbie . pebble beach ... Old Swill . . . nutty marvelous . . . The Tragic Kingdom . . . 4753- ANY. . . Donuts ... 4 Mo ' s in a row . . . little sisters . . . . . Captain Bean- I PHI SIGMA KAPPA Eric Anderson Andre Chapell Jack Chapell Jack Mudge Pat McCarly Prescott Palmer Mike Stevens Mic hael Fields Mark Peet Keith Hulbert Mike Zizzo Bill Olejasz Jon Sumple Jim Pehrson Nate Freeman Chris Fielder Brian Basile Chip Humble Rich Hayes Gary Westerm Kal Sabie Mark Tallo Nick Zanni Rich Engler Jim McGuire Sal Manascaico Rob Jenkins lan W dawg . . . the other woman . . . slot bowling . . Entity ... It gets bigger . . . physical contact . get off . . . Dead cats on my face . . . Zoids . . . learn to grow things . . . Soup Can . . . The . woodie . . . Thang . . . Basile ' s Bombers . . . squirrels on film ... 40 days . . . Concubine The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was founded on March 1, 1868 at the University of Virginia. The founding was attributed to the High Ideals, characteristics and principles of Robertson Howard, Julian Edward Wood, James Benjamin Sclator, Jr., Frederick Southgate Taylor, Littleton Waller Tcizewell (Bradford) and William Alexander, our founders. Our chapter, Delta-Delta, became the one-hundreth chapter back in 1947. For 36 years we have continued to uphold the lasting brotherhood, good times, and the tradition of Pi Kappa Alpha. Pi Kappa Alpha is . . . Down in the old Virginny . . . sweetheart Sally . . . Jamaica . . . freshman sings . . . best little sisters . . . Sabes . . . Mac . . . Box . . . Rodney . . . MF . . . low 40 . . . snuggy Blair . . . Johnny Knowledge . . . Cy . . . Guinnea . . . sleepy visitors . . . Where ' s PI KAPPA ALPHA t Scott Bushhouse Charlie Cams Ken Clark Jeff Deaterur Giovanni Delcompaore Joe Falls Maury Filips fJ Bill Glode « M William Thomas Huckabee IV Jeff Jones Tom Kirsten Jamie Knox B " Steve Lindemann Darryl Long Wes Longstreath Tom McDonald Ed Meszaros Tom Murphy Mike Parraca Rod Radloff Billy Rogers Jeff Sabean Saminy Samsei Jeff Sheehan Mark Spinosa Todd Starks Jeremiah Steiner Bob Thwaits Ron Wander Frank Wheeler nJeff babean na Saminy Samsei tfl Jeff Sheehan r J Rudy? . . . Sammy . . . Canes . . . parties . . . " Let the Good Times Roll " . . . PHI PHL h Scott Brockman John Clark Brad Cluxton Phil Her Dwayne Quill Jeff Rothwell John Watt John Matz Mike Bowdea, Jim Harris Bill Aber Chris Gates Bill Hayes Barry Logan Dave Loiselie Dave Marmol " | Chuck Dutil -V I Vince Wyatt s Kurt Beronja Dan Painter Joe Strada Tim Vangellow Dave Ake Jeff Dumas Ij Doug Grayson Kevin Holiday Don Klein Dave Lange Franklin McKinney Don Moose Rob Nicholson Steve Polonus Vincent Propst John Stedman Todd Von Weyhe Scott White Am Pi Kappa Phi is . . . Sale of the century ... 2nd place . . . b-ball champions ... the big freeze . . . " Z " . . . conclave . . . Krystal challenge . . . Daytona K ... 35 years ... 3 on 3 tournament . . . haunted house ... big head, big heart . . . step on any toes . . . Cope . . . Skoal . . . Pi Kappa Phi was founded on December 10, 1904 at Charleston, S.C. Our three founding fathers Andrew A. Kroeg, Jr., Simon Fogarty, Jr., and Lawrence H. Mixon established the traditions upon which our fraternity is built. Completing our thirty fifth year at Southern, Beta Beta chapter is strong having initiated one of the largest pledge classes in history. Our colors are gold and white. Our new national symbol is the bell, while the totem poles stand here to signify the tie among our four-hundred and twenty one initiated members. Little sisters of the Star and Lamp represent four sororities and members of various campus organizations. A young and enthusiastic brother- hood looks forward to continuing the pride and motto of Pi Kappa: " Nothing shall tear us asunder " . PI KAPPA PHI deathmobile . . . facial wonder . . . Cluck at hash . . . pinecone . . . muscrat love . . . the moocher . . . bicycle . . . Penny Wappa . . . showtime . . . Inverness . . . the woods . . . boomers ... 14 . , sweethearts — Bobbin, Jean, Jama seniors . . . " We love drinkin ' " ... Jaye« Craig Bacha; Keith Kovack BUI White Tim Oalc Vince Spagrioiett Marie Minson Mike Culumber Bill Harlan Brian Gerchiel Marit Dorrlll Gordon Adams John Jane Cliff Johnson Gene Panzer Mark Fraser Todd Spurliol Lee BiQCkmafh Rob Evans Jerry Aulsenbrandt Tim Packman Mike Marcouiller Tom Gustoff Dave Bells Sigma Alpha Epsilon is ... a feeling of pride and brotherhood instilled by hard work and accomplishment . still going strong . . . Whitey, the first to go . . . Spike, close behind . . . Oaky the horse ... Go Jayce Holley . . 34 years at F.S.C. and . Doc, his presence will SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded Mary 9, 1856 at the University of Alabama. It currently is the largest national fraternity. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is primarily a southern based fraternity and holds true to southern ideals. Sigma Alpha Epsilon has provided leadership to Florida Southern College. Bill White served as Interfraternity Council President for 1982-1983 and Jayce Holley will serve for the 1983-1984 year. Sigma Alpha Epsilon also had the highest grade point average on campus this year. never leave room 14 . . . Erase, our link to reality . . . Jimmy Leggs Billy Joe Food Bob . . . Lurch-easy there, guy . . . thanks Bill Barnes and Walt Manly . . . sweetheart Susie . . . Todd . . . Smurf . . . Rob . . . Tom . . . Dave . . . Packman . . . Steve . . . The Bear . . . Mike . . . the Jay Alford John Anastasia David Anderson Sean Barclay Trent Bolesky Rick Bovay Rob Burnette Jim Carroll Glenn Clark Bill Dickman Cort Douglas Bobby Duncan Joe Finncgan Jim Gaesser Blake Guiles Wade Harvey Ed Hecker Jeff Henderson Randy Hollan Carter Hopkins John Houchin David James Brian Jeffries Jim Kazanecki Chris Keefer John Korbel Domingo Latorraca David Linker Ward Michaels David Moenning Jeff Moore Tim Mulford Kelly Nocco Paul Parzik Dan Pfister Bill Phillips Rick Price Paul Schaeder Tony Senzamici Jeff Soukup Carson Thorn Jim Truitt Hector Villanueva Paul Walker Barney White Chuck Williams Bill Winkler Tad Wolde SIGMA CHI • .• N B ' •.- ' iS S 3 yl ■! MiS -1 ■■ ■ !l : ' ' M •■ ai T-- « ■ ■ •: ai •■ m y « ■ w .C a ■■ iS - . il ■■■•• ' •■laai aSSS . U ■ B . . •• ■ H ■ « V Sigma Chi is . . . ALL SPORTS forever . . . Little Sisters . . . Sweetheart Donna ... The Gathering ... The Groves . . . Casino . . . SIG DOG . . . Derby Week . . . Nocturnal Sigs . . . Sig After Hours . . . Midnight Softball . . . Beating the Spread . . . Indigo Spheriods . . . Founded in 1855, the Sigma Chi Fra- ternity is well recognized in the Greek World today. Likewise, the Epsilon Sig- ma chapter chartered in 1959 main- tains a similiar stature here at F.S.C., following the ideas represented in the White Cross, a symbol of our fraternity. Through it all, Sigma Chi remains a privilege, a foundation for the future, and an eternal friendship. Sigma Chi is what others strive to be — an organiza- tion that knows no age. Spike — . . . Doc . . . Gaze . . . Wink . . . Staz . . . Beej . . . Manatee . . . Ward P. Moaner . . . Excellent . . . THE WHITE CROSS . . . Buddha . . . Codley . . . Lumpy . . . Hoof . . . The Elf . SIGMA PHI EPSILON mm John Couture Pat Edgeworth Bill Ferguson « Ralph Ferrara Brandon Fluman Henry Fibson Ricaldo Holmes Robert Hunt Scott Hutchinson Arlsteus Johns Tom Kramig Don Leon Kurt Detel ■-jE John Reeck STK SC-J Chris Scheue Kip Stewar Bob Sligleman Jim Whitten Mark Ziebar Rich Campana Rob Dynarsky Skip Schumway Craig Seitz Sigma Phi Epsilon is . . . Polynesian . . . western . . . imports . . . double secret strict social probation . . . sweethearts Linn, Lorraine, Shari . . . Cornelius Mudbone III . . . Big and Black . . . Sam . . . football-playoffs . . . sportsday-softball champs . . . D.W.E. . . . the couch Sigma Phi Epsilon was established on November 1, 1901 at Richmond College. Founded on the principles of virtue, diligence, and brotherly love; Sig Ep has grown from a group of 12 determined young men to the second largest national fraternity. Our own Florida Delta chapter was chartered here at F.S.C. on May 28, 1949. at soccer games . . . who ' s your D.F? . cat . . . Fergy . . . Stew for 2 . . . Hob . , Hey Hutch, your mother! . . . giant hoops — a tradition of greatness . . . the beaver song . . . z- Stig . . . Reecke . . . Juan . . . Haguss . . . Sledge . . . Flash . . . Krams . . . Berger . . . Cooch . . . Spencer Artman Glenn Steffenhagen Marrion Flowers Dean Sasek Elie Honein David Nourse Chris Johns John Ficarra Bobby Bass Chuck Klein Hideto Nishimoto Tom Risch Steve Behre Chris Pharo David Barnum Stuart Morrisson Jack Harris Matt Richards Mike Cheatham Joe Preston Roger Ward Paul Mersch TKE IS . . . Mom Chisolm, our sweetheart Cindy, the BEST little sisters . . . B.H. ' s . Hardcore . . . ZIM Doggin . . . Trying to get out from under the table . . . Myers ' Act . Bogue IOTA . . . ET. . . Tomato Face . . . 4th Floor . Space . . . Ollie is Awesome . . . Crockpot Sunday TAU KAPPA EPSILON Tau Kappa Epsilon, the largest social fraternity in the world with over 300 active chapters, was founded at Flor- ida Southern in 1947 when the Jones house on Lake Hol- lingsworth became the Beta Tau Chapter of TKE. TKE fraternity is based on the belief that the 3 essential ele- ments for meaningful fraternal relations are love, charity and esteem. The TKE chapter of 1982-83 will remember our sweetheart Cindy and Mom Chisolm for their support and love, and our little sisters for all the help they have given us. Luau . . . Sidney ' s in town . . . Having Good Sense . . . Spencer Traci . . . R.O.T.C. . . . Prytabiily . . . FOR LIFE Theta Chi History The Gamma Delta Chapter of Theta Chi be- gan its FSC Brotherhood in 1946 and has been growing stronger ever since. Although times have changed, the quality of brotherhood has not. Unity and respect for each other is what our house strives on as Theta Chi continues its role as a leader on the FSC campus. The good times we share with each other during our short stay here will be remembered always. Theta Chi is . . . Drinking Nails . . . The Wall ... Ox Wire . . . Couch People ... Rip Club . . . BACC . . . Daytona ' 83 . . . Quids and skids . . . U.S. Whiffleball League . . . Bohees . . . Fusions . . . Caving . . . Hat Head . . . ' Ster Parties . . . Sweetheart Joan . . . Goombay . . . George Ferris Todd Cowgill Marshel O ' Shields Kevin Banfleld David Raymond Gardener Reynoldi Jim Yelsits Marco Dawson Craig Kindrat Jeff Babineau John Lefeber Scot Hagedor Rob Goulet Dave Flower Trip Bowlby Eden Escamill Rici Hilmer Jeff Mazzamaro Wes Starung Jim Cadott Paul Montoya John Santiago Chris Kops Mike Gentile THETA CHI Camel Toes . . . DT. . . Who? . . . Diners ' Club . . . Press Box, The Tavern and the Drawbridge . . . Arnie Zissman . . . Steve, Steve, Steve . . . Run Along Skippy . . . Seniors . . . Dance-a-Thon . . . The Turtle, Snow Plow, and Vein . . . Rerack . . . Caddy Checks . . . Lil ' Sisters Sports . . . Sports . . . Volleyball Women ' s Tennis Men ' s Tennis Women ' s Basketball Men ' s Basketball 122 Sports . . . Sports Baseball Golf Softball Soccer Cross Country 123 Winning Traditions Upholding traditions . . . something which appeared to come easily to ath- letes. As the sports seasons began, FSC athletes strove to uphold a winning tradi- tion. Keeping this tradition visibly seemed easy, but many hours of practice were put into creating a good season. These hours were spent conditioning the ath- letes ' minds and bodies for competition. FSC athletes have always put out 100% in whatever sport they compete. The participants endured the heat, cold, and physical exertion all for the sake of taking pride in their performances. 124 .1 125 126 Volleyball Even though the Lady Mocs did not obtain the goal of returning to the na- tional finals, the 1982 volleyball team achieved many commendable goals as a team as well as individuals. Their overall record of 48-8 was one of the top season records in the country and the best ever for FSC. With an un- defeated Sunshine State Conference season for the second straight season, they successfully defended the confer- ence tournament title. For the second consecutive year, FSC was selected as the host for the NCAA South Region- als. Thus the Lady Mocs received a number five national ranking. (continued) 127 . . . Volleyball " We accomplished everything we had hoped to, with the exception of re- turning to the final-four tournament, " said Head Coach Lois Webb. The team had many talented ath- letes. Senior Holly Butterfield was named to the NCAA South Regional all-tournament team along with team- mate Sandy Hudson. Butterfield and Hudson were joined on the Sunshine State Conference all-tournament first- team by teammated Lisa Mason and Carla Pfotenhauser. Laurie Hiatt was named to the second team. It was also a good year for Coach Webb who recorded her 200th career win at FSC. She now has a 224-89 mark in six years, (continued) 1982-1983 VOLLEYBALL TEAM: Head Coach Lois Webb. Sandy Hudson, Beth Haslage. Carla Pfotenhauser, Linda Farber. Tish Williams, Laurie Zuidemma, Susan Young, Sindee Snow, Jill Petrie. Lissa Lagoni, Lori Marvel, Lisa Mason, Chris Bellotto — Trainer, Laurie Hiatt, Holly Butterfield. 128 ' « ' » ' «3Bl -W Women ' s Tennis In the morning or in the afternoon, the Women ' s Tennis team picked up their rackets and hit the courts. Prac- tice sessions included a great deal of stretching and practice matches. They had a quest for mastery. The team was led by sophomore Alli- son Avey along with Betsy Broadwater, Darla Holb, Julie Michael, Mary Lloyd, Kim Smith, Renee St. Louis, and Bo Wigley. Under the guidance of Head Coach Ed Jeffries, the tennis team set realistic goals, had good attitudes, and had a lot of talent. (Left to Right) Kim Smith. Charlene Sanes. Jackie Chung, Renee St. Louis, Julie Michael. Debra Dodd, Coach Ed Jeffries, Allison Avey, Darla Holb. Betsy Broadwater. Mary Lloyd. Bo Wigiey. 129 . . . Women ' s Tennis In late January, the Lady Mocs host- ed the Sunshine State Conference tour- nament and captured all singles titles and all three doubles titles. For the two- day tournament, the Lady Mocs did not lose a set to any opponent. The women ' s tennis team also took a spring trip through the Carolinas and the squad was able to play some tough Division I opponents which helped pre- pare them for their own season. Although tennis is one of the hardest sports to master, chance or many hours of practice made it more of a reality as they continued their quest for mastery. 130 131 Men ' s Tennis When the score is love-40, a tennis player uses every ounce of strength left in his body. The next point may decide the fate of the game. With a lot of con- centration, a player can bring the score up to deuce, then his favor, and then a win. The win was mostly in favor of FSC as the Men ' s Tennis team smashed their way to victory with a season re- cord of 16-6. Under Jim Bush ' s coaching skills, the team competed well. In the Sunshine State Conference tournament play, Sam Garcia won the number three flight singles title. Tom Evans and Scott Reinmund won the number one doubles flight. The team worked hard and practiced together, striving to reach that ultimate goal — a high plane of perfection. Front row: Sam Garcia. Tom Evans, Jim Pehson. Bacl row: Robert Goulet, Kal Sabie. Don Seavey, Coah Jim Bush, Greg Crowley, Scott Reinmund, Ernie Wright. 132 w 133 Women ' s Basketball Silence filled the gym as the women ' s basketball team emerged onto the court. Their faces reflected mixed emo- tions as they concentrated on their an- ticipated victory. As the referee blew the whistle, the game commenced. This was a common experience at each game. Under the guidance of Head Coach Dick Coding and Assistant Coach Lois Webb, the Lady Mocs finished with a 12-5 overall season record. They fin- ished second in the regular season of the Sunshine State Conference and re- ceived the runner-up spot in the league ' s post-season tournament. The team broke three school records by scoring the most points in one game (106 vs. Eckerd). allowing the fewest points in one season (991), and by scor- ing the most points in one half (66 vs. Eckerd). Individually, new records were also set. Robin Rosemeicr broke her own sin- gle game assist record with ten against Rollins while freshman Kelly Carson broke two records in the Eckerd game — most points in one game (37) and most field goals (15). In post-season, sophomore center Deidre Lane was named to the first-team all-conference squad and was honored as Co-Player of the Year in the SSC. Team unity was essential for a suc- cessful game. Each girl possessed her unique style, but individual styles unit- ed forming a team effort for each win- ning game. 134 I -T- 1982-83 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL: First row: Megan Henry. Jody Kay. Dina Lauricella. Robin Rosemcier. Kelly Carson. Gretchen McCurdy. Janet Reynolds. Second row: Head Coach Dick Coding. Asst. Coach Lois Webb. Lisa Mason, Holly Bulterfield. Deidre Lane. Laticia Williams. Sandy Hudson. Lissa Lagoni — Manager, Chris Bellotto — Trainer. 135 Front row (left to right) Jim Harris, Moses Johnson, Mark DeVoss, Eric Hart]e, Travis Stanley, Scott Pospichal. Second row: Asst. Coach Kirk Speraw, Head Coach George Scholz, Scott Knecht, Tom Ridley, Paul Woerner, Bob Salmi, Oliver Smith, Al Garmon, Asst. Coach Cesar Odio, Bill Conners. 136 Men ' s Basketball Like the interchangeable parts of a machine, the playing combination of " Moc Magic " designed by Head Coach George Scholz functioned smoothly. An unusually strong team feeling molded into one. No player stood out, but to- gether they all stood above opponents. Individuality burst through, however. Senior forward Tom Ridley was named to the All-South team. Scott Pospichal broke his own school season assist re- cord with a total of 207. Senior guard Moses Johnson was an honorable men- tion All-Conference selection while se- nior center Oliver Smith earned all- tournament honors in the United First Federal Classic, (continued) 137 . . . Basketball The Mocs compiled a 23-8 overall re- cord. They won their fifth straight Sun- shine State Conference season title. The team was invited to play in its fifth consecutive NCAA post-season tourna- ment, finishing third in the South Re- gional. The Mocs won four tournaments dur- ing their season. They were victorious in the Citrus Tournament, United First Federal Classic, Juice Bowl tourna- ment, and the Sunshine State Confer- ence post-season tournament. The Mocs won six of ten games with Divi- sion I opponents. For the season, FSC ranked 14th in the nation according to the final NCAA poll. 138 Cheerleaders Frist row (left to right) Sandie Sousa. Amy Hodge. Debbie Smoak, Angela Ohmer. Second row: John Watt, Rob Isles. Keith Greenwood. Bill Welch. Brooks Goodgame. Third row: Donna Auger. Teresa Schrader. Jodie Dress, Robbin Achille. Holly Alexander. 139 LTn % f ' " 2 ' k ' ' ° " " - ' ' ' ' " iSJW ' ' ' " -V « ' 5L ' ° " 1 ' ' " " ' V, ; 8»» " H sonwv ,JSt ' [ 01 I jmj| f ' i iil . ' " ' f lL. 2 lW " " |»uX " % ' " " " ' ' t ,. SOtTHE,, Front row (left to right) Jimmy Mec. Joe Clouse, Glenn Scarpa. Jackie Tucker. Jim Barr. Joe Giuttari. Second row: John Thompson. Eddy Clover. Dave Minotti. Dave Dyrek. Nelson Rood. Cliff Turner. Mike Culumber. Mike Leddy. Third row: Paul Imlg. Jim Bridges. Mark Dougherty. Dave Parkulo. Mark Angelo. Joe Sickles. Bobby Rase. Gary Doyle. Rich Glickman. Dave Carter. 140 Baseball Baseball is often classified as the " American pastime. " Tfie sport of base- ball will never disappear as long as the teams have great stars playing the game. These stars are making them- selves legends in the major leagues to- day. They are stars because they al- ways come through victoriously. The stars of tomorrow — the 1982-83 FCS baseball team. The baseball team was a strong and persistent one. FSC began the season with 11 straight wins, and also had streaks of seven and fourteen games later in the year. Their rank in the Sun- shine State Conference was high as well as their national rank. With all this hard work, the Mocs managed to put together a team that had excellent depth. The squad was led by two-time All-American Joe Sickles. In the infieid second baseman Mark Dougherty, shortstop Nelson Rood, and third baseman Glenn Scarpa were 1982 All-Americans. (continued) . . . Baseball Talent was also apparent with the pitchers. Seniors Paul Imig and Joe Clouse combined for over 15 wins and Junior Jim Bridges and freshman Tracy Toy had between them more than 11 wins. In addition to the individual accom- plishments of the players. Head Coach Joe Arnold achieved a commendable goal. Late in the season he won his 300th career game as the Mocs defeated Tampa 6-3. All year Coach Arnold and Assistant Coach Chuck Anderson worked the team hard, developed skills and got their players in top condition for a vic- torious season. atL uMBSJtaat- 143 Golf In every athletic field, the participat- ing athletes feel competitive and are de- termined to win. The members of the 1982-83 Golf team didn ' t feel different- ly. A lot of time, hard work, practice, and cool operation went into every stroke each player made. Under the guidance of Head Coach Charley Matlock was a talented team of men. The golfers played some strong rounds in tournaments. The Mocs won the Division II portion and finished their overall in the Florida Intercolle- giate Golf Tournament. In the Imperial Lakes Golf Classic they placed sixth and then went on to capture their first- ever Sunshine State Conference tourna- i ment title. Vigilance, determination, and a com- petitive spirit were the major building factors of the golf team. The driving force of this group of athletes enabled them to work well together. , , 1 1 I ' ' tff,tl .ft (Left to Right) Jim Wilhelm, Coach Charley Matlock, Gregg Gamester, Marco Dawson, Jim Northrup, Lee Janzer, Rick Johnson, Craig Kindrat, Rocco Mediate, Pat Chisholm, Scott Behl, Mike Domalske, Wally Les, Jeff Schmucker. 145 SOFTBALL Softball and baseball are very similar in nature, yet they have a few differ- ences that makes softball a unique sport. The differences range from the size of the ball to the way it is pitched. The 1983 Softball team was guided by Head Coach Chris Bellotto. Grueling practices and an aggressive coach all paid off for the Lady Mocs during their winning season. They placed third in the South Florida Invitational tourna- ment comprised mostly of Division I teams. Although softball is a take-off of baseball, it became a sport within itself. It was proven through the unique style that the Lady Mocs maintained. 146 ■ Front row: Head Coach Chris Bellotto, Lorl Marvel. Second row: Susan Young, Kelly Schroeder. Kalhy Ftshbaugh. Pal Dimenna. Lisa Durham, Kelly Carson. Back row: Robin Rosemeier. Sandy Hudson, Jody Kay. Lissa Lagonni. Lora Ash. Dawn Smith, Holly Butterfield. Beth Haslage. 147 -• •«» « v - ' i, .-i - ' s 148 Soccer The FSC Soccer team opened its 26th season faced with the toughest schedule ever. FSC played many of the top ranked teams in the nation includ- ing the national champion. University of Tampa. " The tougher the schedule helps to attract athletes and it helps to gain respect for the program itself, " said second-year head Coach Sam Snow. Even though the line-up consisted mainly of sophomores, the Mocs were led by seniors Kurt OettI and Sean Mur- phy. OettI registered six goals and four assists for 16 points while Murphy add- ed four goals and two assists for 10 points. Junior transfer Craig Seitz, who started in all 17 games, helped the de- fense. " If we can improve on our consisten- cy, playing good games back to back, a winning season can ' t be far off, " said Coach Snow. Front row (L to R) Howard Penney, Ron Frederick. Sean Murphy. Kris Pahl, Carlos deRada. Jeff Janszen. Walt McGee, Scott Hutchinson, Rich Campana, Todd Starks. Second row (L to R) Jens Larsen, Butch Nichols, Greg McGann. Craig Seitz. Pat Hegert, Scott Levine. Hank Gibson, Kurt OettI. John Mines, Gary Levine, Bruce Sweeney, Darryl Long, Joie Davis, Coach Sam Snow. 149 Cross Country Day after day, brutally inflicting pain is upon the bodies of runners. There were many individuals with a unique fetish at FSC; they made up the 1982 Cross-Country team. The women ' s team was led by Angle Cicanese and Janet Gray. Both girls were named to the Sunshine All-Con- ference second team. " Janet was a big surprise this year. She came on very strong at the end of the year and Angle was consistent most of the year, " said Coach Plowman. The men ' s team was led by their number one runner Jim Harris. Harold Hendron and Rich Rassmann were the biggest surprises to Coach Plowman. He said, " Harold is a much stronger runner than I thought and Rich has a very strong kick. " Possessing strength, agility, dedica- tion, and endurance, the team members proved what makes a runner a true ath- lete. Front row (L to R) Coach Parker. Amy Downey, Coach Ed Plowman, Leda Cooks, Janet Gray, Carolyn Rhodes, Laurie Ford. Back (L to R) Angle Cicanese. Dot Hunt, Paula Farina, Marolyn Rhodes. 150 (L to R) Coach Parker. Paul Westcotf, Rich Rassmann. Paul Feracci. Brian Taylor. Dusty Boyd. Harold Hendron. Jim Harris, Coach Ed Plowman. r: Faculty . . . Faculty Administration Art Biology Business Citrus-Horticulture Communications English History and Political Science Language Mathematics 152 Faculty Faculty . • • Military Science Music Physics-Chemistry Physical Education Psychology Religion-Philosophy Speech-Theater Sociology Nursing 153 ADMINISTRATION President Robert A. Davis Board of Trustees 154 The Honorable Farris Bryant The Honorable Lawton M. Chiles Mr. Sam T Dell Mr. A. L. Ellis Mr. James L. Ferman, Jr. Mr. Frank H. Furman, Jr. Mr. J.R. Graves Dr. Monroe Hatch Mr. Charles H. Jenkins Mrs. Edna Pearce Lockett Mrs. Alice Lockmiller Mr. Joseph Macbeth Mrs. Kathleen Macomber Mr. E. V. McClurg Mr. George Miller Mr. Fred Millsaps Dr. Richard V. Moore Mr. J. Carlisle Rogers Dr. J. Marvin Sweat, Jr. Mr. Robert Trinkle Mr. Lanier Upshaw Mrs. Marjorie Van Antwerp Dr. Alfred Vaught Mrs. Ruth S. Wedgworth Mr. Joel R. Wells Dr. Eugene West Mr. Elliot Whitehurst, Jr. Mr. Walter M. Woolfolk David G. Mobbcrlcy Vice President and Dean of the College f Theodore H. Haggard Assistant to the President William B. Stephens Director of Admissions Brunner R. Hunt Vice President and Business Manager Bishop E. J. Pendergrass Assistant to the President Mead F. Rogers, Jr. Vice President for Development Hugh A. Moran, Jr. Dean of Students William S. Barnes Chaplain G. Lawrence Stallings Director of the Library Harold M. Smeltzly Director of Athletics ADMINISTRATION P ■ Hi K- » 1 H 5 V . %■ V l B K f ;. j H Dr. Charles Thrift, Jr. President Emeritus Robert Sterling Director of Student Financial Aid William M. Hannah Comptroller Harold Waters Director of Communications Rubert W. Prevatt Director of Citrus Institute 156 Robert Hedrick Director of the Orlando Program Mary Lou Spencer Registrar William H. Boyer Director of Public Relations Kim A. Pickering Assistant to the Dean of Students for Women Lynn Coding Assistant Dean of Students for Women Francis L. Luce Placement Assistant Samuel W. Luce Director of Recreation Frank P. Szabo Assistant Dean of Students for Men D. Peter Kynion Director of Sports Information Lt. Col. Ronald Girard ROTC Raymond H. Fischer Director of Alumni Relations Darrell D. Webb Physical Plant Manager Melinda B. Luce Director of Student Activities Clara Wise Placement Director and Career Counselor 157 ART Downing Barnitz heads the Art department at Florida Southern College. The program contains three areas of concentration; Studio Art, Art Communications, and Pre-Art Therapy. The members of the department are as follows (from left to right) Gale Doak, Beth Ford, Downing Barnitz, Joyce Davis, Kate Huckabee, Banton Doak. 158 BIOLOGY Dr. Margaret Gilbert is coordinator of the Biology Department as well as chairman of the Natural Science Division. The members of the department are as follows. Left to right: Margaret Gilbert, John Tripp, Larry Campbell, John Haldeman, Sharon Hooker, Robert Baum, Malcolm Manners, Mary Walker. 159 BUSINESS The academic dean of the College, Dr. David G. Mobberley, coordinates the Business Administration Department of Florida Southern College. The Department includes Accounting and Business courses that vary from Management degrees in several fields such as Citrus, Sports and Music to Marketing and Personnel emphases. The members of this department are (from left to right) Murrell Gillam, Samuel Newman, Harold O ' Leary, Jeff Wiley, Mary Jo Bergquist, Duane Hopkins, Francis DeReus, Carl Brown, Thomas Thies, Allen Larsen, Bill Juchau, Margaret Bair, Joan Buccino. CITRUS-HORTICULTURE r Dr. Hubert Prevatt is the head of the Citrus and Horticulture Department at Southern. The department features two main concentrations. Citrus and Horticulture. Within the Department, there are many students who choose to major in Business (Business-Citrus) or minor in Business (Citri- Business). Florida Southern is one of the few schools in existence that offers an extensive program in these fields. The memgers of this staff are; (from left to right) Malcolm Manners, Rubert Prevatt, Sue Herdman, Thomas Mack. , 161 COMMUNICATIONS Mr. Hal Waters heads the Department of Communications at Florida Southern College. This Department includes three areas o| concentration, they are Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising and Broadcasting in both radio and television. Members of the Communications staff, are (from left to right) Stephen Winzenburg, Rick Wilbcr, Ed Thorn, Skip Boyer, Hal Waters, John Obrecht, Randy Jeffery, Betty Miller, Thomas Wilnau. 162 EDUCATION There six concentrations within the Education Department at Florida Southern College. They are. Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, certification in Emotionally Handicapped Education, Secondary Education and Business Education. Jack Haynes heads this staff which includes; (from left to right) Mary Virginia Peaslee, Davis Holland, Louise Pitt, Katherine Betts, Jack Haynes, Emily Hancock, Marian Calway, Jo Ann Little. 163 ENGLISH The English Department serves two purposes at Florida Southern. It offers a Major in English and provides core required courses to every student at Southern. Dr. Wesley Ryals head the English Department which includes; Raymond Lott, Marianne Hodges, Wesley Ryles, Paula Romanik, Gwendolyn Ziemann, Robert Zimmerman, Robert Tate. 164 HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE The History and Political Science Department at Southern is headed by John Santosuosso. It offers degrees in History and Political Science as well as fulfilling requirements in the core for all students. Many pre-law students get degrees in this area. The staff is as follows; (from left to right) Frank Hodges, Larry Durrence, Rand Sutherland, John Santosuosso, Paige Parker. 165 LANGUAGE The Language Department offers a two year program for students who are obtaining bachelor of arts degrees as well as the four year program for Linguistics Majors. The department offers courses in Greek, German, French and Spanish. Dr. Jose Martinez is the coordinator of this program. The staff is as follows: (from left to right) 166 MATHEMATICS The Mathematics Department fulfills core requirements for all Southern students and offers a degree either a bachelor of Science or Art. Henry C. Hartje, Jr. is the head of this Department. The rest of the staff is as follows: (from left to right) Norman Wuertz, Lane Goodson, Daniel Carreira, John Tompkins, Henry Hartje. 167 MILITARY SCIENCE Headed by Lt. Col. Ronald Girard, the ROTC unit is made up of some of the outstanding students in the college. Pictured below is the staff: Left to right: SFC Manuel Orden, SSG Benny Kos, SFC James Pierce, MAJ Thomas Fox, LTC Ronald Girard, CPT Leonard Cardoza, SSG Harold Baber. 168 MUSIC Left to right: Robert MacDonaid, James Slutz, Rita Fandrich, William Woodruff, Beverly Wolff, Paula Parche, Bennett Penn. ,V ' ■■■: 169 PHYSICS CHEMISTRY Left to right: Tom Willard, Richard White, Howard Dinsmore, George Robinson, John Tompkins. 170 PHYSICAL EDUCATION The Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department satisfies core requirements for all Southern students as well as requirements for five related concentrations. They are Teacher certificates for Physical education and Health, Sports Communication, Sports Management and Recreation. Hal Smeltzley head this department which includes: (from left to right) Hal Smeltzly, Lois Webb, Bill Conners, Jim Bush, Charley Matlock, Chris Bellotto, George Scholz, Kirk Speraw, Kathy Benn, Katherine Straw, Pat McFadden, Ed Jeffries, Joe Arnold. 171 PSYCHOLOGY Psychology department includes courses that satisfy core requirements and offer four areas of concentration, psychology, criminal justice and Anthropology. Dr. Richard Burnette heads the Psychology department. The faculty members are as follows: (from right to left) Richard Burnette, Gregory Mugg, Christopher Weaver, Sandra Ivey. 172 RELIGION PHILOSOPHY The Religion Department offers concentrations in Christian Education and Philosophy. It also fulfills core requirments for all students attending Florida Southern College. Rev. John W. Cook heads this department. Many pre-seminary students acquire majors from this department. The members of this department are as follows: (from left to right) 173 SPEECH THEATER I Mel Wootcn, William Grange, Tim Connelly SOCIOLOGY Ed Plowman Deborah Padgett Barbara Sreenan 174 NURSING Left to Right: Rosemarie Lamm, Clara Clayton 175 Classes . . Classps Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior 176 Classes . . . Classes 177 178 FRESHMEN 179 Tom Adair Amy Adamson Alexa Agran David Ake Christine Albino Rhenus Alderman Tony Alford Todd Allen Teri Almond Donald Amick Gina Andreozzi Jerry Ankenbrandt Cynthia Anson Kevin Archard Bill Archebelle Jeanine Armbrcster Regina Arndt Charlie Aurich Nancy Baggott Clyde Bailey Sean Barclay Steve Barg er Kimberly Barrows Connie Bartels Tami Basey Rob Bateman David Beck 180 Vicky Borrego Lauri Bouse Greg Becker Donna Beede Caren Belli Tanya Bessert Cindy Besivick Chris Bianca Lori Black Frances Boag David Bockstamler Ford Bohannon Bob Bolger Lillian Booker j»y Mark Bovee i I Beth Bower Yasmin Bowman Brad Boyd Dusty Boyd Lorene Boyd Lee Brackmann Mike Bradley 181 Dan Brady Betsy Bramley Julie Branch Jane Branfass Tom Brennan Diana Bruch Diana Bryan Ann Marie Bucy Patricia Byrd Lala Cade Jim Cadott Debra Caldwell Susan Callahan Rich Campana Dennis Camper Pamela Campo Lois Cononico Miriam Carrion Kelly Carson Vickie Carver Mike Casey Doreen Cashin Kathy Causey John Cervini Andre Chappelle Debbie Chase Julie Cheeseman Debbie Chipley Pat Chisholm Jacqueline Chung Keith Clayton Beth Clark Glenn Clark Pat Clawson Vicki Cohill Diane Cohoon Bill Collins Janet Collins Lori Conder John Conley Jane Considine Vicki Cowart 182 Mike Crawford Michelle Crenshaw Sheri Creslein Cindi Crimmel Ik I y 183 Steven Crosby Greg Crowley Eileen Cummings Julia Cunningham Tcrri Derr Jill DeSplinter Steve Dcwitt John Dexter Robert Dibble Laura Dimarco Melissa Di Sala Gina Dixon Nancy Doane Deborah Dodd Chris Dole Steve Dollenmayer Shellie Donohoe Caroline Dossett Cori Douglas Deb Driskell Evelyn Duell Jeff Dumas Laura Dunaway Cindy Dygert Robert Dynarski Robert Dysart John Dziedzic Thomas Eddy Joe Ellwanger Denise Engel Betsy Ennis Susan Ernest Kathy Erwin Phillip Esser Alejandra Evans Robert Evans Paul Feraci Kimberly Ferinandsen Roseanna Ferguson 185 Stacey Ferguson Kathy Fishbaugh Ellen Fisher Leslie Fleming Daphne Fletcher Shannon Ford Laura Fraker Staci Franklin Ronald Fredrick Gerrie Gage Patrick Gammage Lynnette Gannaway Sam Garcia Dawn Garner Anne Geiger Michael Gentile Jon Gery Jon Gines Meredith Girard Lynn Girardin Becky Glass Rick Glickman Tamara Goetz Ricardo Gonzales Doug Grayson Debbie Green Scott Grice Robin Groff Jeff Grove 186 Tom Gustoff Brian Guyer Dennis Hall Teresa Hallman Sandy Hannon Tesi Hansen Terry Hargrove Bill Harlan Tcrri Harrington Leigh Harrison Ragan Harrison Beth Hauser Kevin Hayes Richard Heilig Diana Heitman Stacy Henshaw Jeanine Heussi Tom Hicks Pamela Highman 187 Donna Hill Julie Hoffman Daria Holb Julie Hone Carter Hopkins Jofin Houchin Paul Howard Susan Howard Jana Huling Joseph Hutchinson Doris Hutch Tim Hyatt Judith Jacoby Glenn Jafee Lee Janzen James Jarvie Robert Jenkins ||||||II|1III?!M — 188 Janae Jennings Shellee Joffe Blair Johnson Todd Joiner Anita Jones James Jones Suzy Jones Christopher Keefer Judy Kensler ' ji ' r 1 Kevin Killingsworth Cynthia Kimbeil David Kirby Kath y Kitchens Korinne Kiahn Don Klein Margret Knetsch Jane Knickerbocker 189 Richard Knowles John Korbel Tim Koutsafites Kimberly Krasinski Paul Krist Tracey Kuemn Carrie Kunde Michael Labriola Amy Lack Paul LaFauci Lisa Landon Monica Lange Penny Langston Domingo Latomaca Rebecca Leiva Tracy Levine Beth Lewis Randy Lewis Steven Lindemann Kristina Lindquist Deidre Lloyd Mary Lloyd Jeannie Long Janine Lott Judy MacDonald Elice MacLennon Helen Maffet Michelc Major Salvatore Maniscalco Lisa Manning Lewis Marotti James Martin 190 191 192 Teresa Martin Johnnie Martinez Kathy Mathews Ezio Mazzel Kathy McBurney Patrick McCarley Ian McConkey Gretchen McCurdy Thomas McDonald Cynthia McGuigan Beth McGuire Franklin McKinney Thomas McMaster Liz Menendian Paul Mersch Sissy Meyer Julie Micheal Cynthia Michaelis Drew Miller Diana Molina Vincent Monteleone Paul Montoya Missy Moody Jeff Moore Ana Moreson Amy Morgan Kristi Morrison ott dge Kimberly Mutzel Cyndy Newell Wendy Nichols Rob Nichols Scott Nolan Mary Nutt Sharilyn Oglesby Angela Ohmer Susan Oliva Bill Olsen 193 Alicia Olivera Keith Onderdonk Jeff Overstreet Jim Pacioni Tim Packman Kris Pah! Kimble Palmer Richard Parker Carolyn Pasos Bette Anne Pelley Susan Penney Joy Permane Dawn Perry Lisa Peterson Jamie Piper 194 liLi4 Karen Pipkin Nicole Pleasants Steve Polonus Lisa Pontelandolfo Valerie Posenauer Rhonda Powner Michele Prange Joe Preston Tawn Prior Mike Pursell Mark Raiford Robert Rase Rich Rasmussen Margaret Reynolds Carolyn Rhoades Marolyn Rhoades P.J. Richards Duncan Ridley 195 Daniel Robertson Dorothy Robinson Todd Robinson c Steven Roderick Brenda Rogers Brian Roskamp Jan Rotroff Greg Rufo Sandra Russell Joe Salvaggio John Santiago Hamilton Sargent Christopher Satterfield Mary Jo Sattler Paul Schaeder Lauren Schild Valerie Schleicher Amy Schneider Cherilyn Schuize 196 Kimberly Scott Sara Sechrest Munro Sefcik Cammie Selig Jill Sheffield Kathy Shelley Beth Sherrick Martha Sherlock Mike Shuman Paul Shumway Blake Simpson Anita Sipe Sandy Slate 197 Kim Smith Sandy Smith Teresa Smith Debbie Smoak Josh Snively Sharlene Soanes Richard Soule Ruth Spencer Caroll Sprauer David Springer Lynda Stauffer John Steadman John Steele Mike Steele Jennifer Stevens Stacy Strickler Marcy Strong Richard Stusek Rhonda Sugent Kelly Sullivan Bruce Sweeney Catherine Szard Chalah Thomas Joy Thomas 198 Sharon Thomas Kelley Lynne Thompson Fleet Tilder Brian Tisher Jim Travis Caria Trombino Tracy Scott Toy Scott Turner Kevin Verancio Adam Wacht Andy Walls Paul Walker Eileen Walsh Katie Ward 199 Kelly Ward Melanie Ward Roger Ward Aileen Ware Polly Watson Cari Weaver Mark Weeks Steve Weis Meridy Werder Janet Whaley Gena Wheeler Frank Wheeler Beth White Lisa Kay White Scott White Patrick Whittington Kathy Whitworth Michele Wilensky James Wilhelm Robert Wilkes Chuck Williams Daniel Williams Natalie Williams Janice Wireman Wendall Witten Elise Wood Kevin Wood John Woodward Cheryl Wrightsman Dawn Yates 200 Valerie Young Ed Zamorski 201 SOPHOMORES ■ ' J - " • B, 202 203 •• ' V i: r I Laurie Acton Gordon Adams ..rs: Larry Adams Cyndie Ade Caria Albritton Pete Aldrich Laurie Allegood Amy Allen Clare Allen - Beverly Alvis Kathy Amick David Anderson Ira Anderson Richard Anderson Nancy Andres tiAl Donna Auger Sally Austin Allison Avey Susan Badinski Mitch Bailey Joe Baker Gina Ballot Charmaine Barclay Bobby Bass Sarah Beasley Debbie Bedford Jane Bednar 204 K r. fl r H HA I Ah B B 7 3h| Bi Jon Behr Kurt Beronja Eileen Berry James Blaney Trent Bolesky Michele Bonina Diane Boston Stuart Boyd Shelly Brady Steve Breathitt Nancy Briggs Betsy Broadwater Cherilyn Brown Kelly Bruce Cheryl Bryant fe i Suzanne Bubregh John Burnett Patrick Burns Scott Bushouse Terrie Byrnes Tim Campbell James Carroll William Cash Dana Casini Joyce Ceto Michel Chisum Kimberly Christensen 205 Heather Chryst Angle Cicanese Robin Ciminello Gina Colina Clark Collins Jack Collins Kenneth Comer Jeanne Cope George Costine Hilary Counts John Couture Chris Cou ard ml , April Crabtrce Suzanne Crawford Donna Crossen Scott Grossman Sandra D ' Agati Marco Dawson fik Angelia Dean Tammy Dean Elizabeth Deaton Beverly Defino Barbara Devonville Mark DeVoss William Dickman Susan Diehl Leonard Dietzen Charles Diggs Dan Dominick Stephen Dowdie Charla Drake Jodie Drees Elizabeth Dugan Bobby Duncan Thomas Duncan Sheryl Dunlap 206 Lisa Dunson Lisa Durham Cathy Edinger Marion Ellis Lisa Estes Lynette Evans Tom Evans Dean Fagally Harry Farnbaugh Ric Fearnow Ralph Ferrara Dan Field Michael Fields Bob Flynn Dorothy Flynn Karyn Folland Laurie Ford Anne-Marie Fox Gary Franek Kelly Funston James Futch Glenda Gage Gregg Gamester Angela Gann Brian Gardner Alan Garey Alvin Garmon Vicki Garrone Kristiana Geissler Thomas Geller m . I Robin Gerhard Henry Gibson Marcia Gillett Colleen Gillogly Lori Giuttari Bibiana Gomez 207 LC-ij ioii Adriana Gonzalez I . Joseph Gongi fl T Brooks Goodgame it -k Holly Goodrich Nora Gould Malia Graffham Jeff Grande Suzanne Green Terri Griggs Brett Grover Dhays Gruber Christina Hahn Denise Haley Leona Hammond Holly Hangen Madison Hankal Margaret Hannon Susan Hansberger V I Elizabeth Harding Cathi Harris Paul Harris Eric Hartje Patrick Hegert Cheryl Hemmingway At Harold Hendren Martha Herron Steve Hierholzer David Highley Gregory Highnam Kirk Hobart V - . i. If I. 208 fl ft i H Amy Hodge Kevin Holaday Kathryn Holmes Cheryl Hommerson Jennifer Hopkins Jody Hooper Rich Hopper Leslie Hosick Dee Dee Howard Sharon Hamburg Robert Hunt Lori Hurt Scott Huseby Douglas Hutchinson Lisa Jackson Sharon Jackson Suzanne Jackson Seeta Jadusingh Vanda Jagr Maureen Jahns John Jane Marjorie Johnson Teresa Johnson Tricia Johnson Vickie Johnson Katherine Kanitsch Toyokazu Kasugi Richard Kear Greta Kern Ellen Kerner 209 r V tvi . Monica Kiley Annette Kilgore Craig Kindrat Rhonda Kitchens Kyle Kloby Scott Kolar Chris Kops Roy Kramer Kyle Krein Lisa Krosschell Sarah Land Deidre Lane Dave Lange Sanford Lechner John Lennon Traci Lincoln 210 Lisa Linley V, k L Linda Lohne L • Debbie Lucas 3ruce Mandish 1 1 Mark Mangum • T- Joanne Mann Linda Mann Cheryl Manuel Russell Marlowe Lenor Marti ■ «r 1 Dee Marvin M Jeanne Mason Jeff Matthewson K H Melanie May P y Kelly McCarley w wlf 1 James McGuire mUtt ' ri 211 Mable McKee Hugh McKinnon Jeffrey McVay William Meakin Scott Meeker Nelson Menendez Mollis Messier Tom Meyer Kendra Mickelsen Grant Millensted Sandra Miller John Mines David Moenning Brad Moore Diane Moore Don Moose Ginny Morgan Nicole Morgan iy ' i ' c Mark Moritz Joe Morrison Stuart Morrison Tim Mulford Tom Murphy Steve Myers Leigh Nabers Nicholas Nalepa Rachel Nash Catherine Neff Hideto Nishimoto Peter Oglesby Jacqueline O ' Leary Ellen Olender Karen O ' Shaughnessy Patrick O ' Sullivan James Owens Leo Owens 212 Mark Owen Thomas Padro Lisa Page Beftina Padgett Ann Palo Dave Parkulo Michael Peace Howard Penney J.D. Penrod Michelle Perdue Felix Perez Marty Perez Jill Petrie Lori Petrie Michele Petritz Linda Pittard Craig Poffenberger Marty Pottorff Karen Quaritius Todd Radloff Lori Rainey Betsy Raymond David Raymond Mary Raynor Caren Read Carol Read Jelane Reed John Reeck Mary-Pete Reed Tammy Reichert Scott Reinmund Janet Reynolds Steve Ridge Jeanette Rinker Leicha Rittgers Janet Roberts 213 Jimmy Roberts Andrew Robinson Cindy Robinson Lauren Rodberg Rudy Rodriguez — Julie Rogers n Sheli Rogers Jodi Rome Joy Rossi Pam Roy Patti Roy J Sean Ryan Paul Sabbia Lisa Salchow Scott Samsel Marc-Antoine SanMartano Chris Scheuer Kristi Schmidt ■-- a ' - id k Lori Schumucker Teresa Schrader Don Seavey Elizabeth Sellers Tami Shearer Scott Shellabarger 214 ' - § " % Penny Sherman Jeff Shrider Paige Smith Brenda Snedden Jeffrey Soukup Sandie Sousa Linda Stafford Kelly Stanley Todd Starks Wendy Starling Shaun Steggles Jane Steiner Lisa Steinmeyer Bruce Stephenson Richard Stepner Bob Stigleman Nancy Straw Robert Strobel Susan Stuart Judi Sullivan Jonathan Sumple Lori Surrency Dan Sutter Dayna Swalley h - « (A 215 V k liJL , Ty- ' ' ' Joni Synatschn Yvette Tallcy Mark Tallo Kristen Thomas Diane Thomas Terri Thomas Valerie Thomas Debra Thompson Terri Thompson Cord Thorson Jeff Thurn Lisa Thurn Deanna Tingley Michelle Tomkow Pamela Topping Christine Towne Terri Tremain Cynthia Trickel Lisa Trongone Judy Truitt Denise vanNus David Veenstra Hector Villanueva Juan Carlos Velasco gt ' y J Todd vony Weyhe Jane Wakely William Wallace _ Nancy Walsh 216 Victoria Walters Carole Washuta l " w Laura Watson ifm William Welch Tina Westberg yg Paul Wcscott r r Gary Westerman Greg Wilks Patricia Will David Williams Susan Williams Janet Winslow Melody Witt Richard Woodall Mary Wyllie Scott Wynn Larry Wynne Matthew Wynne Carl Yancy Susan Young Juan Carlos Zapata Deborah Zill Kathleen Zimmer Robert Zimmerman iS 217 liT MI 218 219 i JUNIORS 220 221 .■v» ■ 1 - m. M ' il 222 William Aber Tom Adams Robin Adkinsson Jean Agee Mylene Alberto kni -k Iris Albritton Holly Alexander Skip Allgoode Barbie Allen m M Beth Allen Cindy Allen Landa Allen Steve Allen Joanne Allred John Anastasia David Anderson Laura Anderson Monique Arneault Lora Ash .W i L ..yv... Katherine Axt Jeff Babineau Craig Bachar Rebecca Bechtel Cynthia Ball 223 , » Kevin Banfield Amy Bardill Kim Barfield James Barr Brian Basile k )oice Bass Vnn Marie Bassett Greg Bates Kim Belmont Ronald Betz Debbie Bidwell Vallaine Bishop Carrie Blackwell Bob Blades Michelle Boisvert Mary Borsani MaryBeth Bosserdet Kathy Bouse Rick Bovay Trip Bowlby Christine Bradley Joyce Bradley Carol Bradshaw Darrell Brackin 1 224 Jim Bridges Ronnie Bridges Ray Britt Lawerence Brooks Jon Brow Jacqueline Brown Jennifer Brown David Black George Bud Joe Burley , • Marian Burt ■p- m ,k k y.. Susan Burton Vicky Burton Kim Calvert Frank Campano Conrad Campbell Larry Campbell Tammy Campbell Pam Cannon Juan Carlos de Rada Lisa Carlton Steve Carlton Suzette Caroli David Carter 225 Chris Gates Gail Gates Sandy Ghandler Donna Chastain Susan Ghristopher «• kk Nancy Glark Julie Glements Kandy Glifton Eddy Glover Lori Gochrane cQ - Patty Gonners Suzette Gonners Kevin Gop Jill Crooks Kris Crooks Bill Cockrell Sara Conn i A Kalhryn Cole i Robert Collins hk . I Mike Gulumber William Daniels Cindy Davenport Kim Davis Joe Davis 226 Patty Davis Stacy Davis Van Davis Joy DeCaro Kathleen Dedlow Norma Deischel Lynn Demmer Elizabeth DeRada Joe Dicesare Donna Dietzen Linda Dinkins Becky Dison Doug Dobrinich Lynn Domagalo Kathleen Donahue Diane Donham Amy Downey Mark Dorrill Debbie Dorsey A iy1IU kMM Sandra Drew Lisa Dunsen Cindy Durrance Donna Eads Mike Earnhart 227 Alan Edwards Tim Edwards Debbie Ellis Frederick Elmhorst Jill Emerson Eden Escamilla Dean Evans Wade Fahnestock Douglas Feek Lee Furdon Susan Ferris Lori Fogel Erin Flanagan Darice Fields V I Maury Filips Joseph Finnegan William Fisackerly Kristen Fishbaugh Marrion Flowers Ellen Fluck Mark Fraser Julie Gallin Debbie Gerg Joseph Giutiari 228 David Gtod William Glode Brian Gurchiek Raymond Goodin John Graham Maria Hardwick Jimmy Harris Rhonda Hartje Stephen Hartsfield Wade Harvey (fH i Stacey Grimm Karen Grob Tammy Haer Susie Hause Laura Hahl Polly Hammilton isil 229 rif U April Henderson Jeff Henderson Ptiyllis Henderson Sue Hensley Jennifer Hermany Dori Herniquist Laurie Hiatt Holly Hight Beth Haslage Bill Hayes Shemy Heardy Ed Hecker Rebecca Hedges mMo Ik r? James Hill Susan Hogge Elie Honein Barbara Hoover Brenda Hulen 230 A i Robert Hunt Debbie Hutchinson Robert lies Paul Imig Oretha Inson Michael Ivy Robert Jadusingh Rod Jaeger Brian James Ken Janata W. € : ?l ' Pam Johnson Sam Johnson Jeff Jones Gwen James Jill Jordan Jeff Janszen Juanita Jess Christopher Johns Mark Jordan Stacy Jordan Tamela Jordan Amy Jorgensen Donna Julian 231 (Dm k ' ' U Krystyne Jusevic Chris Kaelin Jodi Kay Karen Kelly Lynn Kecnan m i Y ' Tom Kramig J ' - aK- Robin Krimm i Jennifer Kunde Scott Kusatti 2 Linda King Karen Kladakis Joe Knaack Richard Koepsel Jackie Kourmpates Scott Langley Dina Lauricella Jeff Lawson Missy Lee John Lefeber ft i ottsrp. ni ,_ i Gregory Lehman Don Leon Vincent Leone David Linker Berud Lieuhard 232 Alicia Loadholtes Jeff Locascio Evan Logan David Loiselle Darryl Long David Long if Lowell Longstreth William Lowe Kip Lyons 1 I T Richard Mackenzie John Mackey Missy Maddox Barbara Makris Peter Malo Janice Manca Cindy Manley Kay Manley Katrina Manz Edward Marable 4 u i. Christine Marcmen David Marmol Carolyn Marshall Lorri Marvel Phil Masie 233 James Maurno Melissa Maver Leslie May Cal McAnly Paul McCann tvcK mt 0mk i M ' If ' ' ' fy. Celaine McCart Colleen McGehee Matt McMillan Serena McQuillen Jimmy Mee Laura Melton Ward Michaels Craig Miley Kathy Miller Marybeth Miller Mark Miller Wendy Miller Lori Milligan David Minotti Debbie Moore William Moore Melody Mouchett Cindy Morvillo Floanne Murdoch 234 Joseph Newton Windon Newton Kathy Nichols Mary Nichols Mary Jo Nobile Michael Paracca Jeffery Parker Linda Parkos Paul Parsik Mark Patricoski Randy Pease Susan Peck James Pehrson Joyce Perocchi Allen Pex Kay Odom Tim 0 " Leary Penny Orr Angie Padgett Elizabeth Palmer Richard Pfaff Dan Pfister Caria Pfotenhauer Christopher Phaco Jill Pickett Robert Picketts Jack Piemonte Cheryl Pierce Karen Pierce Robert Pontious 235 T Kathryn Powell Thomas Powers Eric Pratt Shelly Price Rick Price Ghia Putnam Winnie Putney James Ranson Robert Rawls Curtis Rawsthorne Jo Reese Greg Reints Gardner Reynolds Diane Rhea Tim Richardson Robert Richey Lorraine Rideout Tamara Ridgedill Carrie Roche Jane Robert Cindy Roberts Dawn Roberts William Rogers Robin Rosemeyer Pamela Ross Jackie Rossing Brent Rayn William Ryan Robert Salmi Karin Sanchez 236 f. Chris Sanders Lynn Satterfield Kimura Satosho Bonnie Saunders Barb Scherer 0 f David Seitz Linda Sessions Cary Sheppard Jeff Shivers Lynn Simms Bruce Simpson Alice Smith Jama Smith Lance Smith Melanie Smith Dirk Schmit Kelly Schroeder Shawna Scott Steven Seipp Craig Seitz mttv Patricia Smith Allen Spears Art Spencer Travis Stanley Robert Stambaugh Steve Stapor William Starr Deedra Stebbins Kelly Steel Glenn Steffenhagen 237 Jeremiah Steiner Rebecca Stevens Elizabeth Stewart Helen Stewart Chuck Stickler t Renee St. Louis Karen Stoff Sue Stoffard John Stohler Stanley Strickland 1 V 1 1 i Laurie Struck David Styron Deborah Sullivan Lyndon Sweeting Allison Taylor Bruce Templin James Tew William Thomas John Thompson Steven Thompson Mary Thorn Jeff Titus Susan Tonn Mary Ann Troiano Douglas Trudeau Laurie True Renee Turberville John Tucken Barbara Turney Melissa Tuttle Sherry Tye Mirtha Vallejo Rafe Vigil James Vinson Robert Vorick Debbie Waldo Sammuel Walker Mike Walsh Wade Warren Diane Wegerif Louis Week Curtis Weishaupt Barney White Patricia Wilcox William Willard 239 Wood. Kathy Wurst, Karen Wyatt, Vince Yard, Hollye Yasuo, Miura Windhorst. Marietta Wirick, Kim Woerner. Paul Wolfe. Denise Wood. Amy i. Zamrin. Joseph Zanni. Nick Xiebarth. Mark Zirbas. Linda Zuidema, Lori Zwemer, Eva 240 SENIORS 241 242 UML i Jocelyn Acer Robbin Achille Steven Aggelis Kym Aitken Carolyn Anderson Dana Andrew Marketing Marketing Marketing Math Math Business Ormond Bech.. Fl. Naugatuck. Ct. Lakeland. Fl. Tampa. Fl. St. Pete. Fl. Overland Pk.. Ka. BhM Mark Angelo Personnel ReKdina. Ma. Craig Antico Finance White Plains. N.Y. Steven Baisch Marketing Dresher. Pa. Stephen Balough Management Valrico. Fl. Robert Beck Biology Mapleuiood, N.J. Kam Blackburn Special Ed. Inverness, Fl. Thomas Blade Finance Cincinatti, Oh. Wendy Blair Communications Mount Dora, Fl. Catherine Blanton Communications Jacksonville, Fl. Tami Bowering Medical Tech. Brooksville, Fl. Scott Bradwhaw Joan Brady Myrna Bree Amy Bretches Marketing Psychology Marketing Criminal Justice Ocala. Fl. Laytonsville, Md. 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Lauderdale. Fla. 244 £ A ts 0 A F ' gk ' v 1 mnF FT %7 V 7 Bradley Cluxton Lucinda Cobb Kimberly Collins Patricia Collins Marketing Elementary Ed. Biology Accounting Clearwater, Fl. Avon Park, Fl. Ft. Meyers, Fl. Lakeland. Fl. Karen Conner Business Adm. Lakeland. Fl. Celeste Cooper Elementary Ed. Lakeland. Fl. Anne Cope Finance Butler. Pa. Tami Curbett Psychology Palatka. Fl. Karen Coston Biology Ukeland. Fl. Todd Cowgill Pre-Med Ormond Beach. Fl. Elizabeth Cox Music Mgmt. Lakeland. Fl. Gordon Cox Ornamental Hort. Sebring, Fl. Shcrrie Crane Business New Port Richey, Fl. Kathleen Crenshaw Elementary Ed. Jacksonville. Fl. Vanessa Cronin Broadcasting Semi nole, Fla. Kim Crooks Social Science Winter Haven. Fl. Catherine Crossman Business Melbourne. Fl. Rafac Cuevas Personnel Lakeland. Fl. Steven Custred Public Relations Lakeland. Fl. Mary Kay Czajka Business Cocoa Beach, Fl. I 4, i_.i Jeff Deaterly John Dechetlls Jeff DeFraties Marketing Marketing Chemistry Venice. Fl. Vero Beach. Fl. Lakeland. Fl. 245 Mary Dieffenwierth Psychology Palm Bay. Fl. Mary Deichsel Art Education Atlanta. Ga. Randale Dall Recreation Therapy Plant City. Fl. Cheryl DelMastro Communications Longwood, Fl. Lyie Delph Penelope Delzer Cheryl DeNeve Criminal Justice Marketing Communications Naples. Fl. New Port Richey. Fl. Bartow. Fl. Patricia DiMcnna Recreation Boca Raton. Fl. Timothy Dix Music Mgmt. Largo. Fl. Michael Domalske Accounting Sarasota. Fl. Catherine Dorion Public Relations Sarasota. Fl. Kelly Douberly Broadcasting Lakeland, Fl. Pi Michael Pouglas Marketing Lakeland. Fl. Lorraine Drake Elementary Ed. Parma Hgts.. Oh. Bobbie Dusenberry Accounting Blairstown. N.J. 246 Lenor Eicher Marketing Clearwater. Fl. Ruth Eisenhardt Computer Science Lakeland. Fl. Laura Jo Ellsworth Accounting Farmington. Me. Pat Edgeworth Physical Ed. Hillsdale. N.Y. Rebecca Elmhorst Accounting Lakeland, Fl. Debbie Ennaco Communications Brandon. Fl. m.-Mf. hHit i. M Joy Estell Nursing Mineola, Fl. Linda Farber Biology Randallstown, Md. Paula Farina Psychology Keystone Hgts. Laurie Farquar Accounting Boca Raton. Fl. Walter Farr Citrus Bus. Lakeland. Fl. George Ferris Communications Cranston. R.I. Steve Fetrotti Business Lakeland. Fl. James Ferguson Psychology Apopka. Fl. John Ficarra Marketing Canal Fulton. Oh. Lidia Fernandez Psychology Newark. N.J. 0% f im Blanche Fisackerly Music Brandon. Fl. w Steliane Fliotsos Public Relations Youngstown. Oh. Robert Franklin Computer Science Lakeland, Fl. Stephen Freedland Physical Ed. Lakeland. Fl. Michele Friedman Physical Ed. Freehold. N.J. Elaime Foret Personnel Miami. Fl. Nina Forrester Art Comm. Gainsville. Fl. Frances Francisco Elementary Ed. Miami. Fl. James Gaesser Computer Science Satelite Bch.. Fl. Virginia Garber Special Ed. Orlando, Fl. Juanita Garrison Personnel Lakeland. Fl. Janice Geiger Elementary Ed. No. Miami. Fl. Suzan Ghaemaghami Business Lakeland. Fl. 247 l I I lim iSj Ginger Gilbert Kimarie Gogerty Leif (jiindsnn Minter Goodson George Grandler April Grantham Computer Science Elementary Ed. Math Math Economics Art Education Lakeland. Fl. Naples. Fl. Lakeland. Fl. Lakeland. Fl. Lakeland. Fl. Bowling Green. Oh Rice Grantham Marketing Winter Haven. Fl Donna Greener Computer Science Lakeland, Fl. Sonja Griffin Accounting Boca Raton. Fl Emily Griffith Public Relations Winter Park. Fl. Ken Groff Elementary Ed. Circleville, Oh. James Grossman Accounting Lakeland. FL Anthony Gruppuso Public Relations Lakeland. Fl. Blake Guiles Business Bebago Lake. Me. James Haggins Finance Barlow. Fl. Allison Hainsturther Accounting Winchester. II. Frank hialili Pre-Med Winter Haven. Fl. Scott Hamilton Communications Ft. Lauderdale. Fl. la- LiLi Jki Shcrri Hand Social Science Sarasota, Fl. 248 Jessica Hardy Humanities Brandon. Fl. Lori Harden Public Relations Jacksonville. Fl. launaf aids iM Laurence Hart Accounting Lakeland. FL Patrick Hart Math Merritt Island. Fl Benson Hartle Citrus Clermont. Fl. Allison Hartman Computer Science Bradenton. Fl. John Hay Sociology Lakeland. Fl. Thomas Heath Business Adm. Winter Haven, Fl. Tammy Heineken Elementary Ed. Lakeland. Fl. Nancy Heitzenrater Religion Miami, Fl. lllli nil M Jean Henry Journalism Bartow. Fl. Trudy Hildebrand Elementary Ed. North Port. Fl. Jeffery Hill Business Lakeland, Fl. Randall Hollon Communications Lakeland. Fl. Richard Holmes Chemistry So. Yarmouth. Ma. Stephen Holmes Economics Lakeland. Fl. Dori Holmstrom Social Science Vero Bch, Fl. Keith Holtsclaw Heather Hough Anne Hubbard Martha Huber William Huckabee Sandy Hudson Citrus Sociology Computer Science Social Work Economics Recreation Auburndale. Fl. Winter Park. Fl. Plant City, Fl. Toms River. N.J. Albermarle. N.C. Bradenton, Fl. 249 .J ' Keith Hulbert Marketing Clearwater, F1. A t Eugene Humble Public Relations Berlin Center, Oh. w w J (i it Jeff Humphries Accounting Lakeland, Fl. Mark Hungerford Journalism Lakeland, Fl. Dorothy Hunt Accounting Ft. Meyers, Fl. Allison Hunter Recreation Ocala. Fl. Lucille Huston Elementary Ed. Coral Gables, Fl. Blanche Hutchinson { Recreation 1 Winter Haven, Fl. Pamela Huston Elementary Ed. Lakeland, Fl. Philip Her Computer Prog. Hollywood, Fl. Yutaro Iwamura Business Lakeland, Fl. David James Sports Mgmt. Ormond Bch.. Fl. Elizabeth James Personnel Leesburg, Fl. Brian Jeffries Personnel Lakeland, Fl. 250 William Jensen Biology Chicago, II, Marty Jenkins Communications Titusville, Fl. Stephen Jenkins Business Adm. Ft. Lauderdale. Fl. Aristeus Johns Finance Hollywood, Fl. Donna Johnson Journalism Miami, Fl. Lewis Johnson Political Science Lakeland, Fl, Griff Jones Biology Naples. Fl. Wendi Jordon Journalism Haines City, Fl. Tillie Joyner Elementary Ed. Winter Haven, Fl. Michele Kabel Marketing Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Randy Kaiser Recreation Prior Lake. Mn. James Kazanecki Business Colonia. N.J. Hollie Keating Recreation Young America, Id. Cynthia Kellerman Accounting Lakeland. Fl. Elizabeth Kirkland Horticulture San Antonio. Fl. Amanda Kimmer Communications Aliquippa. Pa. David King Marketing Clearwater. Fl. Bruce Kingsbury Business Adm. Venice, Fl. Linda Kinzer Elementary Ed. Lakeland, Fl. Carol Kistler Social Work Wayne. Pa. mwiii Charles Klein Pre-Law Canal Fulton, Oh. pi Jamie Knox Political Science Pompano. Fl. David Knutson Physical Ed. Lakeland. Fl. Wayne Koehler Public Relations St. Pete. Fl. Keith Kuvach Journalism Boyton Bch.. Fl. Clay Kull Religion Cincinnati, Oh. Sharon Kunsman Pre-Med Ft. Lauderdale. Fl. Julie Lacagnin Business Ft. Lauderdale. Fl. i . ' -: . Lissa Lagoni Physical Ed. Largo, Fl. June Landis Accounting Floral City, Fl. Peter Langendorff Math Hamtpon, Va. Janet Langford Elementary Ed. Sarasota. Fl. David Law Psychology Kingwood, Tx. Doreen Lawrence Elementary Ed. Valrico. Fl. Brian Lightle Finance Miami, Fl. David Lind Personnel At ' anta, Ga. Dianne Lindgreen English Lakeland, Fl Timothy Linville Finance Zephyrhills, Fl. Caria Lloyd Computer Science Brandon, Fl. Walton Locke Recreation Webster, Fl Roxana Locken Elementary Ed. Groveland, Fl. Susan Long Business Adm. Plant City. Fl. Karen Loyer Spanish Tampa, Fl. Lee Luce Business Adm. Belle Glade, Fl. Elaine Lussier Journalism Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Julie Manney Journalism Orlando, Fl. 252 Charles Mantle Richard Marlowe Lisa Mason Charles Matthews John Matz Sabrina Maxwell Economics Business Adm. Math Communications Business Biology Naples, Fl. New Port Richey, Fl. Largo, Fl. Jackson, Tn. Orlando, Fl. Lakeland. Fl. Tami Mayes Art Comm. Grand Junction. Co. Jeff Mazzamaro Business Waterfovun. Ct. Barb McCarter Business Seneca, Pa. Bonnie McCarter Finance Schenectady. NY Brian McClain Biology Winter Haven, Fl. Barbara McCorkle Elementary Ed. Lakeland. Fl. Tracy McCoy Computer Science Naples, Fl. Mary Jane Meherg Special Ed. Winter Park, Fl. Janet Miles Psychology Brandon, Fl. 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White Pigeon, N.Y. Groveland. Fl. Pompano Bch., Fl. Treasure Island. Fl. Kelly Nocco Leslie Noone James Northrup Business Accounting Math Naperville. 11. Valrico, Fl. Birmingham. Mi. V ib;,«it Robyn Nychyk Physical Ed. Ft. Meyers, Fl. Steven Oschner Horticulture St. Pete.. Fl. Karin O ' Dowd Political Science Tampa, Fl. Kurt OettI Sports Mgmt. Maitland, Fl. Bill Olejasz History Wheeling, W.V. Chris O ' Meara Journalism Mulberry, Fl, Marshall OShields Sports Comm. Falls Church, Va. Lisa Pannazo Education Lakeland, Fl. David Parker Computer Science W, Simsbury, Ct. Weldon Parsons Business Dunedin, Fl. Charles Patsos Sports Mgmt. Scituate, Ma. Mark Pattulo Marketing Ann Arbor, Mi. Alex Peacock Business Wauchula. Fl. Lori Peacock Communications Ellenton, Fl, Suzanne Pearson Political Science Lakeland, Fl, B f9S i nsley Penkert Debra Perdomo Karen Peterson John Peterson Mark Peterson Finance Broadcasting Elementary Ed. Business Horticulture Lakeland, Fl, Ft. Pierce, Fl. Bradenton, Fl. Lakeland, Fl, Englewood, Fl. Li e imf.rik ' H . Bill Phillips Judy Pickens Constance Piemonte Nora Pitts Theatre Business Elementary Ed. Accounting St. Pete.. Fl. Seminole. Fl. Vcro Bech.. Fl. Auburndale. Fl Reese Portwood Scott Pospichal Diana Potochney Melanie Potter Physical Ed. Education Public Relations Broadcasting Lake Wales. Fl. Auburndale. Fl. Sarasota. Fl. Lakeland. Fl. Maisie Powell Theatre No. Miami. Fl. Carol Prcvatt Finance Lakeland. Fl. Corinne Prindiville Social Work Winter Haven, Fl. Paul Puckett Music Bartow. Fl. Ann Purcell Art Ed. Lakeland. Fl. Dwayne Quill Finance Kissimmee. Fl. ' ] Brian Radon Communications Lakeland. Fl. Rich Rassman Journalism Orlando. Fl. Rand Reese Citrus Lakeland. Fl. -x4m, ' ' n l Sj Roland Reeves Pre-Med Lakeland. Fl. Diane Ed St Renninger ucation Pete. Fl. Vicki Rice Art Comm. Wilmington. Vt. Matthew Richards Priscilla Richardson Dawn Riddle Thomas Ridley John Rinaldi Susan Ritsema Psychology Psychology Computer Science Communications Accounting Biology Columbus. Oh. Vero Bch.. Fl. Temple Terrace. Fl. New York. N.Y. Oak Ridge. N.J. Pompano Bch., Fl Jeff Rothwell Marketing St. Pete.. Fl. Philip Rucks Marketing Frostproof. Fl. Jennifer Rou Public Relations Eustis, Fl. Nelson Rood Finance Jupiter. Fl. Lee Rowand Communications Lakeland. Fl. Peter Ruffner Marketing Grosse Pt. Farms. Mi. Janet Russell Religion Ft. Meade Jeffrey Sabean Finance Scituate, Ma. Kaldoon Sabie Biology Lakeland. Fl. Jeff Sadler Physical Ed. Westerville. Oh. Daisy Sanders Harry Sawyer Karen Schuetz George Sechrist Maggie Seelbach Tracy Seiford Accounting Accounting Business Communications Math Math Winter Haven, Fl. Lakeland. FL Deland. Fl. Dayton. Oh. Staatsburg. NY. Kissimmee. Fl 257 Patricia Seymour Social Science St. Pete.. Fl. v P William Shea Business Atlanta. Ga. Jeffrey Sheehan Marketing Wakefield. Ma. Valerie Sheffler Business Winter Haven. Fl. Amy Shelfer Biology Lakeland. Fl. Gregory Shell Management Winter Haven. Fl. Melinda Shipley Tina Shroyer Holly Simpson Janice Simpson Beverly Smith Deborah Smith Finance Computer Science Personnel Math Math Marketing Columbus. Oh. Clearwater. Fl. Hollywood. Fl. Orlando, Fl. Orlando. Fl. Tampa. Fl. Oliver Smith Marketing Lakeland. Fl. Susan Smith Special Ed. Madison. Fl. Steven Smithson Sociology Lakeland. Fl. Sindee Snow Sports Mgmt. Titusville. Fl. Michael Sofferin Personnel Lakeland. Fl. Terri Sole Business Camp Lejeune, N.C. fljl Am i 258 Lisa Sorrentino Math Ft. Lauderdale. Fl. Jamie Sowers Elementary Ed. Orlando, Fl. Vincent Spagnoletto Psychology Springhill. Fl. Frank Spinosa Business Clinton. Ct. George Stanley Music Ed. Florida City. Fl. Julie Stansbury Criminal Justice Lakeland. Fl. Pam Stratos Business St. Pete.. FI. Kip Stewart Business Maitland. FI. Gail Stokem Physical Ed. Winter Haven, FI. Alice Stone Elementary Ed. Lakeland, FI. Charlent ' Strand Elementary Ed. Plantation, FI. E ' lise Stringfellow Physical Ed. Brandon. FI. Shannon Sullivan Public Relations Ukeland. FI. Valerie Surbcr Art Comm. Lakeland, FI. Linda Suttleham Personnel Palm Harbor, FI. Donna Sweeney Accounting Stuart, FI. Shari Szabo Broadcasting Lakeland, FI. Robert Talmage Public Relations ATL Highlands. N.J. Beverly Taylor Elementary Ed. Orlando, FI. Maria Teran Marketing Miami, FI. Robert Thwaites Finance Sebring, FI. Lisa Thomas Math Auburndale, FI. Carson Thorn Business Lakeland, FI. Joyce Todd Business Adm. Orlando, FI. Je, if M iiiu) T V iMi James Truitt Chemistry Winter Haven, FI. Barbara Twibble Marketing Sarasota, FI. James Twigg Economics Satelite Bch., FI. Roy Tye Public Relations Lakeland, FI. " k f • WW ▼a.l 1 ' Susan Tyler Math Richmond, Va. m Carol Viner T homas Waddell Elizabeth Wall Ronald Wander Elementary Ed. Sports Mgmt. Public Relations Business Lakeland. Fl. Newtown, Pa. Leesburg. Fl. Tampa. Fl. ' 4, ♦-•ft Susanne Whitlock Biology ' Lakeland, Fl. I Bill Winkler Accounting Peoria. II. Daniel Wiser Sports Mgmt. Clearwater, Fl. Tad Wolfe Personnel Lakeland. Fl. Donna Wood Business Orlando. Fl. ' 1 ' ' k Karen Wood Jonathan Wreede Janice Yarger Lisa Young Nancy Young Elizabeth Ziel Elementary Ed. Recreation Elementary Ed. Communications Marketing Political Science Lakeland. Fl. Celina. Oh. Lakeland. Fl. Lakeland, Fl. Westerville. Oh. Clearwater, Fl. 261 Closing ■ . . 262 Closing . . . Closing . . , 263 p% • -ir—c ji .. " I : :. - ' - ' ' - ' i •% y ' ■ ««.. Jil ij , 267 ► 270 INDEX I Aber Jr., William L, 110. 223 Abercrombie III. Harry W. Acer. Jocelyn M. 62. 67. 243 Achille. Robbin J. 62. 87. 139. 243 Acton. Laura L. 101. 204 Adair Jr.. Hugh T. 61. 68. 109. 180 Adams. Gordon K. 84. 112. 204 Adamson. Amy M. 69. 78. 180 Ade, Cyndic L 204 Adkisson. Robin L 92. 223 Agce. Jean C 95, 223 Agran. Alexa B 180 Aherron. Renee C- Aitken. 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Kim 245 Crooks. Kris K 226 Crooks. Kristian A Crooks. Patricia J Crosby. Steven S 102. 184 Crossen. Donna 206 Grossman. Scott E 86. 206 Crowley. Greg 132. 184 Cuevas. Rafael J 245 Cuiumber Jr . Michael J 112.140.226 Cummings. Eileen 184 Cunningham. Julia M 61. 184 Curry Jr . David L Custred. Steven S. 68. 245 Czaika. Mary K 62. 101, 245 D D ' Agali. Sandra 206 X° Daly. Kelly A 90. 1 4 Daniels. Sheila G Daniels. William M 86. 226 Davenport. Cynthia L. 226 Davenport. David 184 Davis. Kimberly A 68. 96. 226 Davis. Patricia A 92. 227 Davis. Stacy M 227 Davis. Van D 227 Davis Jr . Joseph H 68. 87. 149. 226 Dawson. Marco T 121. 145. 206 De Rada. Elizabeth P 72. 78. 92. 227 De Rada. Juan C 149. 225 Dean. Angelia K 60. 61. 206 Dean. Tammy S 92. 206 Dealerly. Jeffrey D 109. 245 Deaton. Elizabeth C 90. 206 DeCaro. Joy 95, 227 Dedlow. Kathlcna M 70. 76. 227 Define. Beverly J 206 Defraties. Jeffrey J 245 Deichsel. Mary M. 246 DelCompare. Giovanni R 77. 109 Delph. Lyic A 246 Delzer. Penelope A 62. 97. 246 Demmer. Lynn A 92. 227 Dennard, Shan L Dcnson, Todd R 184 Derr. Terry L 185 Desplinter. Jill A 185 Devonmille. Barbara M 97, 206 DeVoss. Mark 136. 206 Dewitt. Stephen W 61. 104. 185 Dexter, Jon W 185 Diamond. Kimberly R DiCcsare. Joseph A 227 Dickman. William J 87. 114. 206 Dieffcnwierlh. Mary K 96. 246 Diggs. Charles B 206 DiMarco. Laura 185 Dimenna. Patricia 82, 147. 246 Dinkins. Linda L 96. 227 Dison. Rebecca A 227 Dixon. Gina M 185 Doane. Nancy A 61. 185 Dobrinich. Douglas M 227 Dodd. Deborah A 129, 185 Dole. Christopher A 185 Dollenmayer. Stephen T 185 Domagala, Lynn A 82. 95. 227 Domalske, Michael C 145 Donohoe, Sheldon L Donohuc, Kathleen M 48, 49, 86, 87. 96. 227 Doppelheuer. Kelly A Doremus Jr . Ronald D Dorion. Catherine M. 67. 72. 82. 246 Dorrill. Mark W 66. 87. 112. 227 Dorsey. Debra J 90. 227 Dossett. Caroline H 95. 185 Dougherty. Mark 140 Douglas. Cort M 58. 114. 185 Douglas. Michael T 62. 80. 246 Dowdie. Stephen P 61. 206 Downey. Amy J 54. 70. 86, 101, 150, 227 Doyle, Gary J 140 Drake, Charia B 60. 96. 206 Drees. Jodie 75. 139. 206 Drew. Sandra C 78. 227 Dnskell. Deborah F 60. 61. 185 Duell, Evelyn C 61, 97, 185 Dugan, Elizabeth L 206 Dumas, Jeffrey S 110, 185 Dunaway, Laura A 58, 60, 185 Duncan Jr., Bobby L 68. 69. 114. 206 Dunlap. Sheryl L 206 Dunson. Lisa D 207 Dunwody. Cynthia K Durham. Karin L 46. 49. 68. 75. 147. 207 Durrancc. Cindy N 227 Dusenberry. Barbara J 246 Dutil. Charles E 110 Dyer. Joanne E Dygert. Cindy 185 Dynarski. Robert 116. 185 Dyrck. David 140 Dysart. Robert F 185 Dziedzic III. John T 185 Easton, Susan G Eddy, Thomas A 77, 185 Edgcworth Jr , Patrick J 116, 246 Edingcr, I Cathi 207 Edwards, Alan D 228 Edwards. Mark J Edwards. Timothy W 228 Eichei. L cnor J 101. 246 Eisenhardt. Ruth E 62. 96. 246 Ellis. Debbie 84. 95. 228 Ellis. Marion K 97. 207 Ellsworth. Kent C Ellsworth. Laura Jo 62. 81. 246 Elmhorsl. Frederick T 66. 228 Elmhorst. Rebecca S 246 Emerson. Jill 60. 96. 228 Engel. Denise L 185 Engler Jr . Richard P 107 Ennaco. Debra P 75. 77. 81. 247 Ennis. Betsy G 185 Ernst. Susan 61, 185 Erwin, Kathy A, 92, 185 Escamilla, Eden D 121, 228 Escobar, Mary L Estes, Lisa M 207 Evans, Alejandra 185 Evans, Dean T 77, 228 Evans, Robert A 60, 112, 132. 185 Evans, Thomas M 87, 207 Ewing, Diana L Fagaly, Dean S 207 Fahnestock, Wade A 228 Farber. Linda A 128. 247 Farnbaugh. Harry J 207 Farquhar. Laurie A 90. 247 Fearnow. Richard M 207 Feck. Douglas L 77. 228 Feraci. Paul J 151. 185 Ferdinandsen. Kimberly E 92. 185 Ferdon. Lee M Ferguson, James W 247 Ferguson, Roseanna M 185 Ferguson, Stacey L 186 Fernandez, Lidia M 71, 247 Ferrara III. Ralph A 116. 207 Ferris. George F 55. 121, 228, 247 Ferris, Susan E 90 Felrow, Steve 247 Felzer, Margaret M Ficarra, John D 84, 118, 247 Field, Daniel E 77, 207 Field, Tamara L 65 Fielder, Christopher W 85, 107 Fields, Dance D 61, 96, 228 Fields, Michael R 76, 107, 207 Filips, Maurice W 109, 228 Finnegan. Joseph 114, 228 Fisackcrly, Blanche M 54, 58, 60, 77, 81, 247 Fisackcrly IV, William A 58. 61. 77. 228 Fishbaugh. Kathleen N 73. 84. 90. 147. 186 Fishbaugh. Kristen A 73. 90, 228 Fisher, Ellen E 95, 186 Fisher, Wesley C Flanagan, Erin L 228 Fleming, Leslie A. 186 Fletcher. Daphne L 186 Fliotsos. Stcliane 67. 68. 90. 247 Flower. David A 54. 62. 87. 121 Flowers. Marrion R 118. 228 Floyd. Alison J Fluck. Sydney E Fluman. Brandan E 116 Flynn. Dorothy E 207 Flynn Jr . Robert J 102. 207 Fogel. Lori J 228 Folland. Karyn L 49. 60. 90. 207 Ford, Laurie A 87, 101, 150, 207 Ford, Shannon E 186 Foshee III, Durwood O Fox. Anne Man 78. 207 Fraker. Laura D 186 Francisco. Frances E 101. 247 Franek. Gary M 207 Franklin. Lavon L 65 Franklin. Staci L, 186 Fraser. Mark D 54. 81. 84. 112. 228 Frederick. Ronald S 149. 186 Fredlund. Julie A Frecland. Stephen W 247 Freeman. Jill D Freeman. Nathan B 107 Friedman. Michele L 101. 247 Funston. Kelly L 75. 101. 207 Futch, James A 207 Gaesser. James P 55. 114 Gage. Gerric A 186 Gage. Glenda A 207 Gallin. Julia E 68. 228 Gamester. Gregg 145, 207 Gandy, Kimberly R Gann, Angela L 207 Gannaway, Susan L 186 Garber, Virginia A 81, 247 Garcia, Sam 132, 186 Gardner, Brian D 207 Garey, Alan L 84. 87. 104, 207 Garmon, Alvm 136, 207 Garner, Dawn Y 90, 186 Garrison, Juanita K 80, 247 Garrison, Lynn A 54, 81 Garrone, Victoria L 69, 207 Gauntlett, Sherry E 97 Gebhart, Barbara A Geiger, Anne E 87, 90, 186 Geiger, Janice L 247 Geissler, Kristiana A 61, 207 Geller. Thomas E 64, 207 Gentile, Michael 121, 186 Gerg, Deborah A 71, 228 Gerhard, Robin J 58, 207 Gery, Jonathan 186 Ghaemaghami, Suzan S 247 Gibson, Henry 149. 207 Gilbert. Ginger L 61 Gilcrcst. Laura S 101 Gillett. Marcia A. 87. 96. 207 Gillogly, Colleen M 207 Gines, Jeffrey O Girard, Meredith D 186 Girardin, Lynn A 186 Giuttan, Joseph E 140, 228 Giuttan, Lori A 207 Glass, Rebecca A 186 Glass, Robert D Glickman, Richard E 140, 186 Glod, David B 229 Glode, William M 109, 229 Goetz, Tamara 79, 186 Gomez. Bibiana M 87. 207 Gong II. Joseph F 102. 208 Gonzales. Ricardo A 186 Gonzalezheydric. Adriana 208 Goodgame. Brooks R 75, 104, 139, 208 Goodin Jr , Raymond N 229 Goodrich, Holly 208 Goodson, Lief G 70 Gordon. Jane M 95 Gould. Nora 85. 97. 208 Goulet. Robert L 68. 121. 132 Graffham. Malia L 208 Graham. Gwyndolyn Grant. Kimberly A Grantham. April S Graves. Stephen Gray. Janet 150 272 Gray. Jennifer 95 Gravson, Douglas H- 61. 110. 186 Green. Deborah L 75. 92. 186 Green. Suzanne L 101, 208 Green. Teresa L 82. 229 Greenivood. Keith M 139. 229 Gresens. Sharon Grice, Ramsay S 186 Griffin. Sonia L 62. 81. 90 Griffith. Emily H 92 Griggs. Teresa L 92. 208 Gr.mm. Stacey 68. 69. 95. 229 Grob. Karen M 229 Groff. Kenny R Groff. Robin S 186 Grossman. James E. Grove. Jeffrey S. 87. 104. 186 Grover. Brett H. 82. 208 Gruber. Dhays C. 72. 78. 79. 90, 208 Grundler, George G Guiles. Blake H 114 GurchicU. Brian P 229 Gustoff. Thomas J- 61. 112. 187 Guyer. Brian S, 82. 187 Guzior. I ark G. H Haer. Tammy L 92. 229 Hagadorn. Scot E, 121 Haggins. James R Hahl. Laura M, 229 Hainsfurthcr. Allison M, 54. 62, 81 Haley. Denisc C 208 Halili. Francisco 70. 81 Hall, Dennis W 186 Hall. Wendy E 101 Hallman, Teresa A 187 Ham, Lisa C Hamilton, Polly L 65, 101, 229 Hammond. Elizabeth J 58. 85. 97 Hammond. Leona L 101, 208 Hand, Shen L 96 Hangen, Holly 92. 208 Hankal. I adison N 74. 208 Hannan, Sandra F 187 Hannon. Jeanne M Hannon. Margaret J 208 Hansberger. Susan L 49. 208 Hansen. Tesi J 61, 72, 75, 187 Harden, Lori L 68, 92 Harding, Beth A, 90. 208 Hardwick. Maria L. 96. 229 Hardy, Jessica G Hargrove, Terri E 187 Harlan, William A 77, 112. 187 Harold. Scott A Harold. Steve A Harrington, Lisa A 90 Harris. Catherine G 208 Harris. Jacqueline S Harris. James B 85. 110. 136. 151. 229 Harris. Jay R Hams. John F Harris. Paul E 208 Harrison. Leigh M 187 Harrison, Ragan 79, 104, 187 Hartje. Eric H 136, 208 Hartie, Rhonda C, 229 Hartman, Allison L, 62, 81. 92. 249 Hartsfield. Stephen T 229 Hartup. Bruce A, Harvey, Wade L, 114, 229 Haslage, Elizabeth A. 54, 62, 81. 96. 128. 147. 230 Hause, Susan L. 96, 229 Hauser, Beth A, 75. 187 Hawley, Laura J Hay Jr , John L, 249 Hayes, Kevin D 187 Hayes, Richard G 107 Hayes, Ronnie D Hayes, William A. 84. 110. 230 Haynes. Carter J. Heardy. Sherry J, 230 Hecker, Edward J 114, 230 Hedges, Rebecca J 92, 230 Hegert, Patrick A, 149, 208 Heilig, Richard L, 187 Heitman, Diana L 187 Heilzenrater, Nancy R 54, 71, 74, 81, 249 Hemingway, Cheryl 101, 208 Henderson. April L 230 ' • ' Henderson. Jeff E 114, 230 Henderson. Phyllis A 230 Hendren. Harold R 151. 208 Hendry. Allen S Hengstebeck, Dennis J Henry. Jean E 92. 249 Henry. Megan E 135 Henslcy. Susann H 68. 69. 230 Herbert. Laura K Hermanv. Jennifer L 58. 60. 230 Hcrnquist. Don L 86. 87. 230 Hcrron. Martha J 208 Hershey. Michelle H Herzog. Susan Heussi. Jeanine L 75. 187 Hiatt. Laurie J 128. 230 Hicks. Ronald H Hicks. Thomas C 187 Hierholzer. Stephen P 208 Highnam. Gregory K, 208 Highnam. Pamela K 187 Hight. Holly L 92. 230 Hildebrand. Trudy L 54. 81. 95. 249 Hill. Donna J 60. 188 Hill. James W 230 Hill. Jeffrey S 249 Hilmer IV. Frederick L 121 Hobart. Kirk C 208 Hodge. Amy H 95. 139. 209 Hodson, Kirk G Hoffman, Julie 69, 188 Hogge, Susan M 230 Holaday, Kevin L 110, 209 Holb, Daria M 68, 92, 129, 188 Holcomb, Heidi J Holley, Jayce H 54.81, 112 Hollon, Randall J, 114, 249 Holm, Nancy B Holmes. Kathryn 76. 209 Holmes. Stephen C 102, 249 Holmes Jr , Richard A 54, 116, 249 Holtsclaw, Keith T 77, 249 Hommerson, Cheryl A. 84, 97, 209 Hone, Julie A 188 Honein, Elie 66, 118, 230 Hooks, Susan J Hooper, Joanna L 72, 209 Hoover, Barbara J 101, 230 Hopkins, Carter W 114, 188 Hopkins, Jennifer J 78, 79, 97, 209 Hopper, Richard L 209 Horsfield, Michael R Hosick, Leslie C 209 Houchin 111, John M 114. 188 Hough. Heather K 101. 249 Hovious. Kirk N Howard. Carolyn D Howard, Paul L 188 Howard, Susan E 78, 87, 188 Hubbard, Anne R 249 Huber, Martha 249 Huckabee IV, William T 109. 249 Hudson. Sandra M 82, 128, 135, 147, 249 Hughes, William M Hulbert, Keith A 107 Hulen, Brenda K 95, 230 Huling, Jana 188 Humble III, Eugene L. 107 Humburg, Sharon L 209 Humphries, Thomas J 250 Hungerford, Mark P 250 Hunt, Dorothy G 62, 150, 250 Hunt, R Andrew 104 Hunt, Robert L. 116, 231 Hunter, Jan A Hurt, Lori A Huss, Dons J Huston. Lucille D 97, 250 Hutchinson. Blanche A 250 Hutchinson, Deborah K 62, 92, 231 Hutchinson, Joseph P 188 Hutchison, Douglas S 116, 149, 209 Hutton, Pamela C 250 Hyatt, Tim 188 Her. Philip W 62. 110. 250 lies. Robert A 139. 231 Imathiu. Paul K Imig, Paul D 75, 140, 231 Isaacs, Kim F 95 Ison, Dretha L 58. 60. 61 Ivey. Michael A. 77. 104. 231 Iwamura. Yutaro 104. 250 Jackson. Lisa L 95. 209 Jackson. Sharon L, 68. 209 Jackson. Suzanne G 85, 95. 209 Jacoby. Judith R 97. 188 Jadusingh. Robert R 231 Jadusingh. Seeta M 209 Jaeger. Rodman D 77. 102. 231 Jaffce. Glen 188 Jagr. Vanda M 209 Jahns. Maureen S. 67. 75. 209 James. Brian A 231 James. David A 55. 84. 114. 250 James, Elizabeth 95. 250 Janata. Kenneth C, 83. 231 Jane. John E 112. 209 Janszen. Jeff 149. 231 Janzcn. Lee 145. 188 Jarvie. James N 188 Jeffries. Brian E. 114. 250 Jenkins. Margaret R. 90. 250 Jenkins. Robert F 107, 188 Jenkins, Stephen F 77, 80, 102. 250 Jennings. Janae L 95. 189 Jensen. William V 250 Jess. Juanita 231 Joffe. Shellee B 189 Johns. Ansteus J 116. 250 Johns. Christopher B. 118. 231 Johnson. Donna J. 68. 69. 250 Johnson, Edythe G- Johnson, J. Blair 189 Johnson, Marjone L 96, 209 Johnson, Mary V Johnson, Moses 136 Johnson, Pamela A 97, 231 Johnson, Peggy K Johnson, Richard T 145 Johnson, Rosemane S- Johnson, Sam K. 231 Johnson, Teresa A. 97, 209 Johnson, Tricia 101, 209 Johnson III, Clifford E 112 Johnson Jr , Lewis K Joiner, Coleman T 189 Jones, Anita D 189 Jones, Elissa G Jones, Gwendolyn S. 80. 90 Jones. Jeffrey A. 109. 231 Jones. Judith C Jones. Susan B 87. 189 Jones. William R Jones III, Tudor G. 54 Jones Jr , James G Jordan, Mark A 231 Jordan. Stacy M- 231 Jordan. Tamela S, 231 Jorgensen. Amy M. 71. 75, 76. 77. 231 Julian. Donna L 231 Jung, Christopher D Jusevic, Krystyne A 82. 83. 232 K Kabel. Michele M 81. 92. 251 Kaelin. Christian T 102. 232 Kay. Jodv A 135. 147. 232 Kazanecki. James D 114.251 Kear. Richard S 102. 209 Keating. Hollie S 82. 101. 251 Keefer, Christopher A 114, 189 Kecnan, Lynn M 58. 60, 232 Kelly, Karen L 78, 232 Kelly, Mary B 95 Kerner, Ellen M 209 Kieffer, Leslie T Kiley, Mary L Kilcy, Monica L 210 Kilgore, Annette M 210 Killingsworth, Kevin W, 189 Kimbril, Cynthia B, 82, 189 Kimmer, Amanda J 63, 66. 68. 75, 81, 251 Kimura, Satoshi 78 Kindrat. Craig 121, 145. 210 King. David R. 60. 102, 251 King, Linda D 92, 232 Kirsten, Thomas P 109 Kistler, Carol L 251 Kitchens, Rhonda K, 210 Kladakis, Karen M 64, 96, 232 Klahn, Korinne K 77, 189 Klein, Charles M 70, 118. 251 Klein, Don A 110, 189 Knaack, Joseph H. 232 Knecht. Scott 136 Knetsch. Margriet 49. 95. 189 Knickerbocker. Jane A, 69, 95, 189 Knights, Scott Knoop, Sharon B Knowlcs, David A 104 Knowlcs. Richard E 68. 190 Knox. Jamie S 109. 251 Knutson. David R 251 Koehler, Wayne E 66. 81. 251 Koepsel. Richard J 232 Kolar. Scott A 210 Konsler. Judith C Kops. Christopher A. 121. 210 Korbel. John L, 114. 190 Kosugi. Toyokazu 104 Kourmpatcs, Jackie C 54. 58. 60. 61, 232 Koutsaftes. Timothy 190 273 Kovach. Keith J, 68. 112. 251 Kramer Jr.. Roy P 210 Kramig. Patricia J Kramig. Thomas E 85. 116. 232 Krasinski. Kimbcrlev A 72. 190 Krem. Ki ' le A 45. 49. 95. 210 Krimm. Robin F 71. 76. 232 Krisl. Paul A 190 Kuehn. Tracey L 73. 190 Kull. Clay J 251 Kunde. Came D 95. 190 Kuiide. Jennifer D 78. 87. 92. 232 Kunsman. Sharon R 70. 76. 251 Labriola. Michael 190 Lacagnin. Julie M 101. 251 Lack. Amy M 190 Lalauci. Paul A 190 Lagoni. Lissa B 101. 128, 135. 147 Lambright. Mary E Land. Sarah M 49. 92. 210 Landis. June L 63. 75. 76. 81. 252 Landry. Virginia L 58, 95 Lane. Deidre M 135. 210 Lange. David W 110. 210 Langendorff. Peter E 62. 252 Langley, J S 102, 232 Langston, Penelope S 90. 190 Laroche. Brian N Latorraca. Domingo 114. 190 Launcella. Dina M 135. 232 Lawson. Hugh J 86. 232 Lechncr. Sanford G 58. 76. 210 Leddy. Michael M 75, 140 Lee, Margie D 68, 84. 90. 232 Leieber. John F 121. 232 Lehman. Stephen G 77, 232 Lennon III, John E 58. 210 Leon. Donald D 116. 232 Leone. Vincent J 79. 232 Les III. Walter J 78. 145 Levine. Scott X 149 Lewis. Beth A 190 Lewis. Jim C Lewis. John R 75. 77. 190 Lienhard. Bernd 78. 79. 232 Lietzau. Greg 83 Lighlle. Brian L 54. 62. 102. 252 Lincoln. Traci A 210 Lindemann. Steven B 109. 190 Linker. David M 114. 232 Lloyd. Diedre A 95, 190 Lloyd. Mary M 129. 190 Loadholtes. Alicia A 67. 95. 233 Locascio. Jeffrey A 233 Locken, Roxana L 252 Logan. Barry S 1 10 Logan. Clinton D Logan. Emily E 86. 92, 233 Lohne. Linda L 58. 211 Loisellc. David T 110. 233 Long. Darryl L 109. 149. 233 Long. Jeannine C 190 Longstreth. Lowell W 109. 233 Lett. Janinc M 190 Lowe. William B 233 Loyer. Karen S 81. 252 Lucas. Deborah L 96. 211 Lueck. Sally E Lussier. Elaine J 54. 68. 81. 96. 252 Lu2io. Juan R Lyons. Kip W 233 M MacDonald. Judith L 190 Mackay. John S 233 Mackenzie. Richard F 77, 233 MacLennan. Elise B 87. 190 Maddox. Melissa A 96. 233 Madonia. Laurie E Madonia, Rosemary V Maffelt. Helen G 60. 190 Maior. Michelle A 190 Makris. Barbara G 66. 69. 233 Manca. Janice 233 Mandish. Bruce B 211 Mangum. Mark E 61. 211 Maniscalco. Salvatore 190 Manley. Cynthia J 233 Mann. Joanne M 211 Mann. Linda L 58. 61. 211 Manney. Julie A 66. 68, 72, 252 Manning. Lisa 190 Mantle. Debbie A 95 Manuel. Cheryl A 211 Manz. Kalrina S 65, 86. 233 Marable. Edward L. 80, 233 Marcouiller. Michael G 82, 112. 190 Marler, Jeffrey W 190 Marlowe, Richard J 82, 83, 252 Marlowe, Russell G 211 Marmcn, Christine J 233 Marmol. David I 58. 60. 69. 84. 110. 233 Marotti. Lewis E 190 Marshall. Carolyn J 65. 71. 233 Marti. Lenor F 211 Martin. James L 190 Martin. Teresa L 193 Martinez Jr . Johnnie L, 193 Martyn. Richard C Marvel. Lorn L 128. 147. 233 Marvin, Sharon D 211 Masie, Philip 233 Mason, Jeanne M. 67, 211 Mason. Lisa A. 54. 70. 81. 128. 135. 252 Mathews. Kathy D 69 Mathewson. Jeffrey J 211 Matz. John D 110. 252 Maurno. James R 234 Maver. Melissa Y 234 Maxwell. Sabrina 58. 70. 76 May. Leslie E 234 May. Mclanie L 68. 211 Mayes. Tami A Mazzamaro. Jeffrey R 121 Mazzei. Ezio 193 McAnly. William C McBurney, Kathleen M 60, 193 McCann, Paul B 234 McCarley, Kelly A 49, 97. 211 McCarlev. Patrick M 68, 107. 193 McCart. Jean C 90. 234 McCarter. Barbara L 82. 95. 253 McCarter. Bonnie L 82. 253 McClain. Brian R 253 McCollum. Susan K McConkcy. Ian K 61, 193 McCoy. Tracy S 253 McCurdy. Gretchen S 135. 193 McDaniel. Beniamin E McDonald. Thomas 109. 193 McGann. Gregory P 149 McGann, Mauclin O 47, 49, 95, 253 McGee, Barry D McGehee, Colleen L 64. 65. 87. 234 McGuigan. Cynthia A 193 McGuire. Elizabeth A 92. 193 McGuire, James F 107, 211 McKee, Mable 212 McKinney, Franklin C 87, 110, 193 McKinnon. Hugh K 102. 212 McLachlan. Bryan K McLcllan. Sharon L McMaster. Kathryn J McMaster. Thomas S 193 McMillan, Judi I McMillan, Matthew E 234 McMullen, Melanie R 90 McMullen Jr , Edwin H 83, 253 McNorton. Albert G McQuillen. Serena L 234 McVey. Jeffery B 58. 61. 212 Meakin. William K 102. 212 Mediate. Rocco 145 Mee. James C 140. 234 Meeker. Scott A 212 Meindl. Christopher F 253 Melton. Laura 234 Menendez. Nelson R 212 Mencndian. Elizabeth D 58. 193 Merrigan. Maureen A 90. 253 Mersch. Paul 118. 193 Meszaros. Edward J 109 Meyer. Beatrice O 68 Meyer. Thomas E 212 Michael, Julie S 92. 129. 193 Michaelis. Cynthia 78. 193 Michaels. Ward F 114. 234 Michelson. Todd S 253 Mickelsen, Kendra A 96. 222 Miles. Christina 70. 92, 253 Miles, Frances F 54 Miles. Janet W 61. 75. 81. 253 Miley. Mark W 66. 68 Milev. R Craig 234 Millensted. Grant C 77. 212 Miller. Beth A 49. 95. 253 Miller, Drew 193 Miller, Elizabeth S 234. 253 Miller, Katherine D 234 Miller, Sandra L 96, 212 Miller. Wendy W 234 Mines. John E 76. 149. 212 Mines. Mark H 70. 86. 253 Minotti, David M 140, 234 Mintcer. Elizabeth J 96, 254 Mitchell, Kelly J Miura, Yasuo Mock. Amy E 95. 254 Moenning. David C 114.212 Mollo. Peter H 102 Monteleone. Vincent 193 Montoya. Paul T 121, 193 Moody. Denise L, Moore. Bradley E 212 Moore. Debra A 234 Moore. Diane P 212 Moore. Jeff 114, 193 Moore, Michael T Moore, Myrtice P Moore, William M 234 Moose, Donald W 110, 212 Morar, Adrea A Morejon. Ana M 95. 193 Morgan. Amy L 193 Morgan. Debra S Morgan. Marieanne 254 Morgan. Nicole C 212 Morgan. Steven M Moritz. Mark B 212 Morrison. Kristian L 90. 193 Morrison. Stuart A 118,212 Morrison. William J 102 Morvillo. Cynthia A 69. 95. 234 Moss. Ann E 254 Mott. Larry B 193 Mouchett. Melody A 62. 67. 80. 234 Mudge Jr , John M 193 Mulford, Timothy S, 85, 87, 114, 212 Mullen, Carol R 97, 254 Munson, Linda M 254 Munson. Mark A 86. 112. 254 Muraro. James A 77. 254 Murdoch. Floanne 96. 234 Murphy. James 5 Murphy. Sean P 149. 254 Murphy. Thomas 109. 212 Murray. Dana Lynn Mussler. Hollis H 92 Mutzel, Kimberly A, 95 Myers. Elizabeth S. 254 Myers. Steven W 212 N Nabers. Leigh E 49, 212 Nalepa. Nicholas D 79. 83. 212 Napier. Kimberly A 193 Nash. Rachel A 212 Nason. Sandra L 101. 254 Neff. Catherine G 212 Neff. Cheryl L 61. 65. 254 Nelson. David Nelson. Laurie B 66. 67. 96. 254 Newell. Cynthia M 193 Newton. Joseph S 235 Newton. Windon S 235 Nichols. Mary C 62. 80. 85. 90, 235 Nichols, Wendy R 193 Nicholson, Robert B. 110. 193 Nielsen. Lore J 67. 254 Nishimoto. Hideto 118. 212 Noah. Douglas T Nobile. Mary Jo 64. 86. 96. 235 Nocco. Kelly J. 114. 254 Nolan. Scott E, 193 Nolen. Cheryl L, Noone. Leslie J, 62, 254 Northrup. James T 145. 254 Nourse. David A 87. 118, 254 Nutt. Mary J 193 Nychyk. Robyn S 255 Nye. Karen A ! I o O ' Leary. Jacquclina 212 O ' Leary. Timothy M 235 Oak. Timothy J 112 Odom. L Kay 235 Odowd. Karin L 92. 255 Oettl. Kurt R 149, 255 Oglesby, Peter S 86, 87, 212 Oglesby, Sharilyn D 193 Ohmer, Angela D 139, 193 Oleiasz III, Chester W 86, 107, 255 Olender, Ellen M. 212 Oliva, Susan C. 95. 193 Olivera, Alicia E 194 Olson, William L 193 Omeara. Christopher H 68. 69. 255 Onderdonk. Keith 194 Orr. Penny J 101. 235 Oshaughnessy. Karen A 101. 212 O ' Shields. Marshel E 84. 121. 255 O ' Sullivan. Patrick M 212 Owen. Mark D 102. 213 Owens. James G 102, 212 274 Owens II. Leo S 66. 212 Pacioni. James 194 Packman. Timothy R. 112. 194 Padgett. Angela L 87. 235 Padgett. Bettina R 97. 213 Padro, Thomas J 104. 213 Page. Lisa G 213 Pahl. Kris D 149. 194 Painter. Daniel B 110 Palmer. Elizabeth S 235 Palmer. Kimble J 194 Palmer. Prescott R, 107 Palo. Ann L 97. 213 Panagakis. Tina P Panzer. Gene K 112 Paracca. Michael H 109. 235 Parker. Dauid W 255 Parker. Richard J 194 Parkos. Linda 58. 60. 235 Parks. Allan G. 70 Parkulo. David L, 140. 213 Parsons. Charles W. Parzik. Paul S 114. 235 Pasos. Carolyn C, 194 Patricoski. Mark G, 235 Pattullo. Mark J 255 Peace. Michael R 204. 213 Peacock. Alexander Y, 255 Peacock. Lori P 68. 255 Pease. Randolph B. 104. 235 Peel. Mark A 107 Pehrson. James D 107. 132. 235 Pclley. Bctleann 194 Peluso. Matthew A Penney. Howard W 74. 149, 213 Penney. Susan E 194 Pcnrod. Jeffrey D 213 Penuel. Myra E 84 Perdue. Michelle R 213 Perez. Mariano M 213 Perez. Jr . Felix E 213 Permanc. Joy L 194 Perry. Dawn D 194 Peterson. John E 255 Peterson. Karen L 65. 96. 255 Peterson. Lisa M 90. 194 Petrie. Jill S 75. 128. 213 Petrie. Lon 87. 96. 213 Petritz. Michele 213 Pex. Alan J, 85. 104, 235 Pfaff. Richard T 235 Plister Jr . Dan W 114. 235 PfWenhauer. Caria J 128. 235 Pharo. Christopher G 118. 235 Phelps. Kelly L 47. 49. 92 Phillips. William J 54. 58. 81, 114. 256 Pickens. Judy A 60. 256 Pickett. Jill K 235 Piemonte, Jack 235 Pierce. Cheryl L 235 Piper. Jamie L 194 Pipkin. Karen A. 195 Pittard. Linda L 49. 61. 213 Pitts. Nora L 63. 256 Pleasants. Nicole E 195 Polfcnbargcr. Craig T 213 Polonus. Steven M 110, 195 Pontious. Robert W 235 Posenhauer. Valerie J, 60. 61. 195 Pospichal. Scott A. 102. 136. 256 Polochney. Diana M, 101. 256 Pollorff. Marty J 90. 213 Powell. Elizabeth L 95 Powell. Kathryn R. 236 Powell. Maisie L 54. 58, 81. 256 Powers. Thomas B. 76. 236 Powncr. Rhonda J 60. 195 Prange, Michaeic C 195 Pratt, Eric S 236 Preston III, Joe B 118, 195 Prevail, Carol A 62, 92. 256 Price. Michelle M Price Jr . Kanck A Prindiville. CorinneL 95. 256 Prior. Tawn S. 75. 195 Propsl. Vincent P 110 Puckett Jr . Paul E 104, 256 Purcell, Ann J 256 Pursell, Michael A 195 Putnam, Sara G Putnam, Winnifred H 85, 95 Quill. Dwayne P 110. 256 R Q Quam. Kathy L Quaritius. Karen A, 213 Racht. Betsy J 82. 95 Radloff. Todd S 109. 213 Raiford. Mark D 104. 195 Rainey, Lon A 96, 213 Ranson Jr . James E 236 Rase. Robert L 140. 195 Rasmussen. Richard H 82. 104. 151, 195. 256 Rawls. Robert C 236 Rawslhorne. Curtis M 236 Raymond. Betsy L 9b. 213 Raymond. David 121. 213 Raynor. Mary M 213 Read. Caren E 213 Read, Carol 213 Reeck, John 116. 213 Reed. Mary P 213 Reed. Phyllis J, Reese. Jo D 236 Reese. Rand L. 77. 256 Reeves. Terrance R 256 Rcichert. Tammy A 82. 213 Reinmund. Frederick Reints. Gregory D 77. 236 Renninger. Diane L, 81. 101. 256 Reynolds. Gardner R 121. 236 Reynolds. Janet E 9b. 135, 213 Reynolds, Margaret P 195 Rhea, Diane L 62, 8b, 97, 236 Rhoades, Carolyn T 75, 150. 195 Rhoades. Maroiyn 150. 195 Rice. Vicki A 97, 256 Richards, Matthew W 118. 257 Richards. Patricia J 78. 195 Richardson. Priscilla 75. 79, 81, 96, 256 Richardson, Timothy D 86. 87. 236 Riddle. Dawn A 62. 97. 256 Rideout. Lorraine M 69. 95. 236 Ridgdill, Tamara L 236 Ridge. Steven J 7b. 102. 213 Ridley. Duncan 195 Ridley. Thomas 136. 256 Rinker. Jeanelte R 92. 213 Riordan. Rebecca A Risch. Thomas S- 118 Ritscma. Susan J 96. 256 Rittgers. Leicha R 75. 9b. 213 Rivers. Men T 68. 69. 25b Robert. Elizabeth 90, 256 Robert. Jane C 90. 213. 236 Roberts. Cindy L 58. 60. 236 Roberts. Dawn R 236 Roberts Jr . Jimmy C 214 Robertson. Daniel H 76 Robinson, Andrew J. 58. 214 Robinson. Cynthia J 92. 214 Robinson. Dorothy M Robinson. Stephen T Roche. Came A 44. 49. 80. 85. 90. 23b Rodberg. Lauren E 69. 214 Roderick. Stephen T Rogers. Brenda E Rogers. Christopher M 77 Rogers. Julia M b8. 101. 214 Rogers. Shell L 95. 214 Rogers Jr. William D 109. 236 Rome, Jodi L 78. 82. 83, 214 Rood, Nelson W 53, 54, 75, 140. 256 Rosemeicr. Robin R. 135. 147, 236 Roskamp. Brian R Roskosh. Jodi A 46. 49. 85. 87. 92 Ross. Pamela S 71. 236 Rossi. Joy S 92. 214 Rossing. Jacquelyn G 68. 86. 87. 236 Rolhwcll. Jeffrey G 110. 256 Rotroff. Janice K Rou. Jennifer E 68. 92. 256 Rowand. Lee A 78. 256 Roy. Pamela R 75. 92. 214 Roy, Patricia R, 75, 92. 214 Rucks. Philip S 77. 256 Rufo. Gregory A Russell, Rich W 102 Russell. Sandra L Ryan. Brent L 236 Ryan. Sean A 214 Ryan. William J 236 Sabbia. Paul A, 214 Sabean. Jeffrey J 109. 256 Sable. Kaldoon M. 107. 132. 256 Safron. John E. Salmi. Robert J 136. 236 Saluaggio. Joseph J Samsel. Scott G 109. 214 Sanchez. Karin Y 236 Sanders. Christopher B, 61. 237 Sanders. Daisy M. 256 Sanders. Kelly L Santiago. John R 121 Sargent. Hamilton W Sarratt, Ruth H Sasek. Dean R 118 Satterfield. Chris Sattcrhcld. Lynn M. 237 Sattler. Mary J 90 Saunders. Bonnie S- 237 Sawyer III. Harry M. 256 Sawyer Jr . William G Scarpa. Glenn J 140 Schaeder. Paul V 114 Scherer. Barbara N 81. 92. 237 Scheuer. Chris M, 116. 214 Schild. Lauren J, Schleicher. Valerie J 60 Schmidt. Dirk J. 58. 60. 61. 237 Schmidt. Kristi J 101. 214 Schmucker. Jeffrey L 145 Schmucker. Lori E 214 Schneider. Amy L 54. 79 Schott. Craig M Schrader. Teresa K. 68. 75. 92. 139. 214 Schroeder. Cynthia K, 90. 147. 237 Schuetz. Karen A 54. 62. 81. 101. 256 Schuler. Amy M. Schulze. Cherilyn J. Scott. James Scott. Kimberly M Seavey. Donald A 132. 214 Sechrest. Sara L 60. 197 Seelbach. Margaret L, 54. 81. 101. 257 Sefcik, MunroB 87. 104, 197 Seiford, Tracy A 75 Seipp, Steven G 237 Seitz, Craig S 116. 149. 237 Selig. Cammie E 197 Scligman. Bret D 73. 77. 82 Sellers. Elizabeth E 78. 85. 214 Senzamici, Anthony J 114 Service, Susan K 70. 81. 101 Sessions. Linda A 65. 237 Sessions. Pamela A Shaefer. Richard M Shappee. Sean J Shearer. Tami S 87, 101. 214 Sheehan. Jeffrey P 109. 258 Sheel, Kelly A 95 Sheffield, Jill E 60. 77. 197 Shefller. Valerie A, 258 Shelter. Amy E. 70. 258 Shell. Gregory V 258 Shellabarger. Scott S 104. 214 Shelly. Kathryn K 60. 69. 77. 197 Sheppard. Gary L 80. 237 Sherman. Penny L. 97. 215 Sherrick. Beth A 197 Shipley. Melinda K 96. 258 Shroyer. Tina F 97. 258 Shuman. Michael E, 197 Shumway, Paul C, 61. 197 Sickles. Joseph 140 Simms, Sue L 65, 237 Simpson, Holly L 78, 80, 96. 258 Simpson, Janice L. 258 Simpson, Olin B- Simpson, Samuel B. Sipe. Anita L. 197 Sisson. Holly L. Skinner. Linda J Slate. Cassandra L 197 Slechta Jr . Edward W Smith. Alice C 237 Smith. Beverly C Smith. Dawn T 97, 147, 197 Smith, Deborah K, 52, 258 Smith. Jama M 68, 87, 90, 237 Smith. Jamie M. Smith. Kimberly D 129. 198 Smith. Lance R. 82. 83. 237 Smith. Lisa A 82 Smith, Mary R Smith. Melanic A, 237 Smith. Oliver N. 136. 258 Smith. Paige 49. 101. 215 Smith. Patricia A 237 Smith. Sandra D 198 Smith. Susan I 258 Smithson. Steven A, 258 Smoak. Deborah S 92, 139, 198 Snedden, Brenda E 215 Snivcly, Joshua A 198 Snow, Sindce L 101, 128. 258 Sole. Theresa A. 95. 258 Soncs. Sharlenc E 79. 82. 198 Sorrenlino, Lisa M 90, 258 Soukup. Jeffrey T 114, 215 Soulc, Richard C. 198 275 Sousa. Sandra L, 90, 139, 215 Spagnoletto, Vincent J 112, 258 Spears. Alien W 237 Spencer, Louise Spencer, Ruth E 75. 198 Spmosa Jr . Frank A 109. 258 Sprauer. Carol! J 90. 198 Springer. David L 104. 198 Spurlin. Richard T 112 Sputa. Arthur N 77 St Louis. Renee P 77. 129. 238 Stafford. Linda B 215 Stambaugh, Robert J 237 Stanley. Alison K 215 Stanley. George R 81. 258 Stanley. Nancy J Stanley. Travis L- 136. 237 Stansbury. Julia A 258 Stapor. Stephen A 237 Starks. Todd R 68. 109. 149, 215 Starling, Wendy 95, 215 Starling, Wesley M 84, 87 Starr, William T 68. 237 Stauffer. Lynda C 79. 90. 198 Stauffer, Susan L 48, 49, 54, 86, 87, 90 Steadman III, Edward J 110, 198 Stebbins. Deedra L 96, 237 Steele, John K 198 Steele, Michael W 198 Steffenhagen, Glenn T 118, 237 Steggles, Shaun 75, 90, 215 Sterner, Jane M 68, 69, 78, 215 Sterner, Jeremiah P 109, 238 Steinmeyer, Lisa M 96, 215 Stepner, Richard G 215 Stevens, Jennifer S 92, 198 Stevens, Michael P 107 Stevens, Rebecca S 238 Stewart, Elizabeth J 238 Stewart, Helen F 238 Stewart, Jeffrey L Stewart, Kipman B 116, 259 Stickler, Charles F 238 Stidham, Elizabeth K Sligleman, Robert R 116, 215 StofI, Karen G 238 Stohler, John D 238 Strada, Joseph 110 Straw, Nancy L 92, 215 Strickland, Stanley D 238 Stnckler, Stacey R 198 Stringfellow, Elise A, 259 Strong, Marcy L. 198 Struck, Laurie A 49. 238 Stuart. Susan E. 101. 215 Stusek. Richard A 198 Styron. David V 83. 238 Suber. Deborah B Sugent. Rhonda K 198 Sullivan. Judith A 83. 215 Sullivan, Kelly A 69, 198 Sullivan, M Shannon 259 Sullivan. Robert K Sumple. Jonathan M 68. 107. 215 Surber. Valerie A 259 Surrency. Lori D 60. 215 Sutter. Robert D 102. 215 Suttlehan. Linda 97. 259 Swain. Charlotte Swalley. Dayna D 85. 92. 215 Sweeney. Donna M, 54. 81. 96. 259 Sweeny. Bruce J 149. 198 Sweeting. Lyndon M 104, 238 Synatschk, Joni S 216 Szabo, Shan A. 54. 66. 78, 81, 101, 259 Szaro. Catherine J, 198 Talley. Yvette R 90. 216 Tallo. Mark A 107. 216 Talmagc. Robert W. 69. 259 Tatum. Lois B Taylor. Alison B 238 Taylor. Brian 58. 60, 104, 151 Taylor, Robert M Templin, Bruce W 77, 238 Tcschner, James J Tevault, Richard M. Tew, James H 58. 238 Thebaud, Mane M Thomas, Chalah M 198 Thomas, Diane L 60. 61. 216 Thomas. Lisa R 259 Thomas. Mary Beth Thomas. Scott L Thomas. Sharon M 84. 90. 198 Thomas. Tern L 216 Thomas. Valerie L 92. 216 Thompson. Debra A 216 Thompson. John R 140, 238 Thompson. Kelly L 75. 92. 198 Thompson. Steven M 238 Thompson. Tern L 216 Thompson. Terry A Thorn. Carson E 62. 86. 114. 259 Thorn. Mary R 62. 75. 77. 80. 82. 87, 238 Thorson. Cord A 216 Thurn, Jeffrey A 216 Thwaites, Robert J 109, 259 Tiberio, Joyce A 95 Tilden, Fleet 199 Tingley. Deanna L 49. 75. 101. 216 Titus. Jeff 238 Todd. Joyce A 61. 75. 259 Todd. Marty A Tolbert. Terry J Tomkow. Michelle L 97. 216 Tonn. Susan L 92. 238 Topping. Pamela E, 95. 216 Towne. Christine 216 Toy. Tracy S 199 Travis. James E 199 Tremain. Theresa M 101. 216 Trickel. Cynthia S 60. 96. 216 Tnnklem, Paul Troiano, Maryann F 238 Trombino. Caria A 199 Trongone. Lisa A 95. 216 Trudeau. Douglas A 58, 60, 68, 238 True, Laurie E 97, 238 Truitt, James A 54. 86, 114, 259 Truitt. Judith L, 92, 216 Tucker Jr.. John W. 140. 238 Turbeville. Reta R 63. 92. 238 Turner. Clifford J 140 Turner. Jimmy H Turner Jr. John S 61. 79. 199 Turney. Barbara J, 80. 90. 238 Tuttle. Melissa 68. 2.38 Twible. Barbara D 62. 259 Twigg. James A 102. 259 Tye. Sherry L 92. 239 Tye Jr . Roy B 259 V Vaden, Lou A Vdileio. Mirtha C 95. 239 Van Nus. Denise S 216 Vangellow. Timothy C. 110 Veal. Carole S 87 Velasco. Juan C 78. 216 Venancio, Kevin 199 Vigil, Rafael 58, 81. 239 Villanueva. Hector R 114, 215 Vinson. James L, 239 Von Paleske. Martin Vonweyhc, Todd 110. 216 Vonck, Robert L 239 Vousden, Andrea K w Wagner. Norma K Wakely. Jane L 92. 216 Waldo. Deborah K 70. 96. 239 Walker. Paul D 79, 114. 199 Walker, Samuel J 77, 239 Wall, Elizabeth A 96, 260 Wallace, William J 216 Walls, Andrew R Walsh, Eileen M 92, 199 Walsh, Michael C 77, 239 Walsh. Nancy A. 92. 216 Walters. Victoria A, 101. 217 Walton. Shelley V Wander. Ronald B 109. 260 Ward, Elizabeth S 87, 90, 260 Ward, Katherine B. 90, 199 Ward, Kelly M 200 Ward, Melanie A 60, 92. 200 Ward. Roger W 118. 200 Ware. Aileen O 200 Warfield. Linn A 95. 260 Warren. Carla J Warren. Lori L Warren. Patricia B Warren. Wade A 104. 239 Waschull. Constance D Washuta. Carole L 62. 80. 217 Waters. Gregory A Watson. Laura E 217 Watson. Polly S 200 Watt. John A 110. 139. 260 Weaver. Mary C 200 Weeks, Louis D 60, 239 Wegenf, Diane M 76, 239 Weis, Steven M 200 Weishaupt. Curtis W 77, 239 Welch, William J 104, 139, 217 Wensel. Duane E 104. 260 Werdcr. Mcridy L 90. 200 Werlz. Karen L 87 Westberg. Christina J 90. 217 Westcott. Paul L 86. 87. 102. 151. 217 Westcrman. Gary B 107. 217 Westlake. Jamie R 74. 260 Weston. Lance A Whaley. Janet E 61. 200 Wheeler. Gena M 200 Wheeler. Janice P 77. 260 Wheeler II. Frank C 109. 200 White. Barney L 114. 2.39 White. Beth M 60, 92. 200 White. Lisa K 61. 200 White. Scott G 110. 200 White 111. William C 55. 112. 260 Whitlock. Susanne R 95. 260 Whitten III, James F 84, 116, 260 Whitworth, Kathryn 200 Wigley, Beaugwynn 129, 260 Wilhcim, James T 145. 200 Wilkes. Robert W 79, 82. 200 Wilkinson. Myles H 54. 62. 87. 102. 260 Wilks. James G 61. 217 Will, Patricia A 68, 96, 217 Willard, William H 58, 61, 239 Willcox, Patricia A 69. 90. 239 Williams. Charles M 58. 114, 200 Williams, Daniel C 200 Williams, Jeffrey C Williams, Laticia R 128, 135, 260 Williams, Natalie 84, 90, 200 Williams. Pamela J Windhorst. Marietta V 240 Winkler. William L 114. 260 Winslow. Janet L 217 Wireman. Janice S 79. 200 Wirick. Kimberly A 62. 95. 240 Witt. Melody A 92. 217 Witten, Wendell D 200 Woerner, Paul J 136, 240 Woerner, Ruxann R- Woerner, Sarah E. Wold, Laura L 95 Wolfe, Denise 49, 62, 96. 240 Wolfe II. Lawson L 114. 260 Wood. Amy L 101. 240 Wood. Donna C 46. 49. 92. 260 Wood. Elise L 200 Wood. Kevin S 200 Wood. Marvruth K 90 Woodall. Richard L 217 Wyatt. Vincent N 62. 110. 240 Wyckoff Jr , Robert S Wylhe, Mary E 77. 217 Wynn. Scott B 85. 102. 217 Wynne. Matthew L 77. 217 Yancy. Carl W 217 Yard. Hollye B 240 Yates. Dawn C 200 Yelsits, James E 121 Young. Lisa B 90. 260 Young. Nancy L. 79. 80. 90. 260 Young. Susan 75. 90, 128. 147. 217 Young. Valerie A, 201 Zamorski. Edward 201 Zamrin. Joseph 1 240 Zanni. Nicholas J 107. 240 Zapata. Juan C 78. 79, 217 Zeisler, Daniel J, 201 Zewalk, Jane 97, 201 Ziebarth, Mark W 116, 240 Zimmer, Kathleen A 49, 95, 217 Zimmerman Jr . Robert L 217 Zirbas. Linda M. 58. 61. 240 Zizzo. Michael J. 68, 107 Zuidema, Lorri A 128, 240 Zwcmer. Eva M, 240 276 i CONGRATULATIONS to the class of 1983 from the Florida Southern College Bookstore PERSONAL SERVICE TO THE HOMEBUILDER 301 S. Central Ave Lakeland, FL. (813) 682-8101 r ■ JOYIMER LUMBER Congratulations Class of ' 83 Compliments of: CEMENT PRODUCTS SUPPLY CO. INC. 516 W. Main Lakeland, Florida 925 E. PARKER ST, CORSAGES. WEDDINGS. PHONE 682-6859 funeral pieces. SPECIAL arrangements y iJpADLEY FLOWER SHOP " VutUctit c " yU ' uU Vui - m WIRE SERVICE lakeland. FLORIDA Balloons for all occasions. Southe rn We wish to thank you for your support during 1982-83 Compliments of Your Complete One-Stop Sewing Center V TILLIE ' S H We Redkenize Your Problem Hair mA 3825 S. Florida Ave. THg Lakeland, FL 33803 644-6708 644-6050 277 The hurry-up supper. ou e been m a hum, ' all dav.And now vou re in a hurry to eat. So pick up the Hurry-up Supper " from the Deli at Publix (or the good times The Bank That Introduced Peoples Pal 24-Hour Banking to Lakeland • Checking • Savings • Auto Loans Home Improvement • Certificates of Deposit • Christmas Club • Now Accounts • IRA Accounts L People PAL Open Your Account Today! Peoples Bank of Lakeland 115 S. MISSOURI AVE. • PHONE 687-6500 • MEMBER F.D.I.C.... Peoples Bank of Lakeland 115 S. MISSOURI AVE. • PHONE 687-6500 • MEMBER F.D.I.C 278 ' SiuUaU 7 iU 7Te « " Tfou " RufAi Congratulations to the Class of ' 83 from HOME FURNISHING CENTERS FURNITURE • APPLIANCES • FLOOR COVERING • HOME ENTERTAINMENT OVER 175 STORES SERVING THE SOUTHEAST Coke M - - " " " " • • " 279 WHEREVER YOU ARE WE ' RE NOT GOLD AND SILVER FOIL STAMPING EMBOSSING • DIE CUHING FULL PROCESS COLOR STATIONERY • BUSINESS FORMS BROCHURES • BOOKLETS NEWSLEHERS • SOCIAL PRINTING CROWN PRINTING INC arnett -4 Banu ' tt Banks an nicnibtn of ' FDIC CROWN PRINTING, INC. 1 741 East Gary Road Lakeland, Fl. 33801 682-4881 682-1706 HERE ' S A COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP ANY PARENT CAN QUAUFY FOR. .,-rV.:f0: The reason many kids don ' t qualify for college scholarships isn ' t that their grades are too low It ' s that their parents income is considered too high. Army ROTC feels students should compete for scholarships. Not their parents. So. if your son or daughter applies for an ROTCschokrship. we U base our decision solely on his or her qualifications. Not on your financial standing. And the ROTC scholarship program is one of country. No wonder pur scholar- ships are accepted at over iOO colleges runiversities Each one covers full tuition, books, lab fees, and other purely academic expenses. It also pays financial assistance— up to $1,C)00 each school year it s in effect. Why not find out more about the college scholarship your son or daughter can earn — regardless of how much you earn? Wnte: Amiy RarC.Box9000. Dept OC. Clifton, the Lest m the ARMY ROTC. " N.J 07015. BEALLYOUCANBE. We ' fe til e gfoup to watch . 683-6451 GROUP WCABLE Westinghouse Broadcasting and Cable, Inc. 280 Good Luck Graduates the Dciv r For All Your Travel Needs 2015 S. Fla. Ave. Lakeland, Fla. 33803 (813) 682-2172 IMC FloridQ is minerals, chemicols, environment, people. INTERNATIONAL MINERALS CHEMICAL CORPORATION PIPER d BANGOR PUNT Cunnuny y !i!T LAKELAND Home of the New CHEYENNE IV and Pipers DELIVERY CENTER (Opening Spring 83) Best Wishes from a newspaper with close ties and genuine affection for Florida Southern College: We ' re practically one of you. The Polk County Democrat Bartow ' s NEWSpaper Southern ' s FRIEND Printers of The Southern Two FSC alumni on the staff Advisors to the FSC Communications Dept. Sponsor of a Community Journalism Scholarship 281 CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1983 Compliments of: Nunez Collins TOUCHTON m)o WILLIAMS WILLIAMS 801 E. Palmetto St. Campus Facilities Fraternity and Sorority Supplies, Check Cashing Linen Supplies Laundry Dry Cleaning Shoe Repair BEST WISHES to the 1983 Graduating Class of FSC from the College Cafe and Terrace Great State. Great People. Great Bank. Florida National Bank at Lakeland Main OlUce: 113 S. Tennessee Ave., 33801; 686-1 136 Southside Office: 4405 S. Florida Ave,, 33803; 644-8483 Northside Office: 6108 N. Road 98, 33805; 858-4448 Westside Office: 2105 New Tampa Hwy., 33801; 688-6918 Member FDIC 282 2090 Bartow Highway Lakeland, FL 33803 (813)665-5515 KA... . . so deep and so meaningful ... it can almost be called, an EMOTION. ' Congratulations class of ' 83 Gauntry Hearth BREADS V-r-iM HtH h-h4JTH m-H 1 » 283 Good Luck to Graduating Seniors of ALPHA DELTA PI " We ' ll miss you! " VISA Tyler " Flowers Fashioned With Love " 682-4754 or 688-7355 207 E. Main St. 284 ;;:- ' ' !i : Florida Soui 1983 Intcrlachen Staff Editor-in-Chief: Patricia Willcox Faculty Advisor: Hal Waters Business Manager: Cathy Dorion Photographic Editor: Chris O ' Meara, Patricia Bryd Section Editors Opening: Melanie Potter Student Life: Patricia Willcox Notables: Floanne Murdock Organizations: Barbara Makris Greeks: Carolyn Rhoades Sports: Jane Steiner Administration: Angie Padgett Seniors: Donna Johnson Juniors: Debbie Gerg Sophomores: Lauren Rodberg Freshman: Amy Adamson Closing: Kelly Sullivan General Staff Laurie Nelson Danny Brady David Mormol Lisa Jackson Lisa Peterson Julie Hoffman Special Thanks To: M r. Obrecht ' s photography class Mr. Byron Kennedy Group pictures and individual class pictures taken by Brad Beck, campus photographer. licrn College Ij

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