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4 wBBBi %n - " n} @ ;;:.:,; STUDENT LIFE 18 NOTABLES 36 ORGANIZATIONS 52 GREEKS 98 SPORTS 136 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION 170 CLASSES 194 Co-Editors: Nan Howe Kathy Wall Writers: Rhonda Neal Dan Walker Photographers: Rene Barton Jeff McCay Carlos Seoane Mr. Paul Wille Florida Southern College Lakeland, Florida LIFE on the campus runs all emotional gauntlet ... a Pandora ' s box of rich times we ' ll never forget and low times that are soon wiped away with the fellowship of good friends ... we learn through it all . . . PL EmP HSE w Ju Hr 3K h.,4 f fflM f ' t ■ J l X is IDENTITY is a life long search through the self . . . through various chan- nels as symbols, friends, and the experiences which the en- vironment allows, the identity of one may grow . . . spirit and mind acquire new depth. J ENTERTAINMENT and the enjoyment of other ' s talents are syn- onomous . . . quiet and yet involved apprecia- tion of a meaningful performance ... a song which reminds you of a special time ... a dance that mesmerizes you . . . « Jy v. U ' • of course, ' never ends ' . . . places where we learn and methods of learning may change, but the process of learning in and of itself never stops . . . the unification of different types of knowledge al- ways proceeds. LEARNING - nm RECREATION brings that special relief and release . . . indulging yourself in your favorite sport . . . pure physical release after a mind-boggling day of academic pressures . . . K:t ■ .. CULTURE brings not only expres- sions of life, but is life it- self ... a famous figure brought to life . . . music capturing a rare feeling ... a painting which al- most refuses to let one leave its presence. ▲ 1 jj -J; Jfc mM-M m - 1 k . ;- ■T MT y 1 RELAXING ls a Q 11 moment which finally arrives after a tough day . . . simply sitting in silent meditation . . . listening to your favorite music . . . writing that long overdue letter to home . . . spending time with special friends . . . J BUILDING is more than mere structures ... it is the accumulation of knowledge through the learning process . . . lasting friendships . . . preparing for a future. STUDENT LIFE Main Street is omni-directional and heavily trafficked. It is so named because around it thrives an entire campus community. Don ' t bother asking directions, you ' re already there. Student Life is the Main Street of FSC t ♦ » , » » Section Editor: Patty Wixted Workers: Marilyn Butt Melissa McMillan Dana Young Carolyn Gray Cheri Johnson Sandy Caldwell 1 College is . . . catching rays, a call from home, 4:30 at the cafe, good times,waiting for the weekend, lasting friendships. 20 • Ideas for those who want to avoid studying; read the comics, write to your hometown sweetie, do your wash or just sit around and relax ! ■ttrararrtf Yes— there is life after classes— whether rapelling; waiting for the cafe to open or watching the soccer game. 1 -a |i Who says school isn ' t fun? Get on Lake Hollingsworth with skis, canoes or a sailboat. Try a friendly game of football or just plain goofing off! : 4 School Daze— good friends, term papers, boring and fun classes, but . . . always thinking about 23-cent Thursdays and Friday night movies. i THE TALENT SHOW - (below) The first, second and third place winners: Marilyn Whitehead, Gregg Gregory and Mary Watson with her partner Bob Selman. (right) The stage is set for a con- vocation presentation of songs written by Tom Argersinger. ' . The Talent show was sponsored by the Stu- dent Union Board, (left) Gregg sang a medley of Broadway tunes to win second place. (below) Marilyn, the first place win- ner. She sang a medley of summer songs, (above) Mary and Bob, third place did a comedy and song routine. rnimmi ♦ » .♦ k ♦ I I NOTABLES Recognized leaders cause us to slow down and yield, in respect, to their awards of excellence, based on academic achievement, beauty, athletic prowess and campus and community involvement. Section Editor: Judy Hutchinson Workers: Patty O ' Leary Jose Gaona Miss Interlachen Contest: J.J. Welch a® mFj r . rftM i ' ■■ v i.- ' -. ' H - - ■■ ' " ' ■a fi w r »».♦.«.♦»■« Miss Interlachen Susan Isbel Sponsored by: Sigma Alpha Epsilon First Runner-up Llisa Rogers Sponsored by: Student « .;♦ i %•• A Second Runner-up Vicki Hall Sponsored by: Alpha Delti Pi — 1 P 3 I.; ,, ' - v nil ?l i BL -£w %k. jfl . - niCijij p f 1 Jill Noblit Sponsored by: Zeta Tau Alpha fa Briggett Robinson Sponsored by: Columbia Katie O ' Brien Sponsored by: Phi Sigma Kappa Finalists Sponsored by: Joseph Reynolds Interlachen Judge Lee Meriwether The Interlachen staff would like to extend our gratitude to Lee Meriwether for judging our Miss Interlachen contest this year. Honorary Chancellor — 1979 Walter Cronkite k Not Pictured Allison Nead Amanda Evans Carolina Williams Patty LaVoy 46 Honor Walk The 1979 Honor Walk recipient is Allison Nead of Hollywood, Florida. During her college career she was a member of: Alpha Chi Omega sorority, Sigma Delta Chi journalism honorary, Association of Women Students, Omicron Delta Kappa leadership honorary, Southern staff, and a member of the judicial board. She was a junior advisor, Co-Editor for the Interlachen 1978, and was tapped for ' Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities as well as the Greek Hall of Fame. WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES 1978-1979 Diane Lacey Allen Billy W. Antley Thomas K. Argersinger Kimberly Ann Barksdale Barbara Birkenmaier Deborah Lynn Clody Lisa Ann Courtoy Barbara E. Donaghey James D. Duncan Raymond T. Faulkner Pamela D. Frank Lynne Audrey Gardner Margaret S. Lake Charles N. Lyons Luisa M. Martinez Laurette E. McCain John P. McMahon James W. McNabb Elizabeth S. Miles Cindy A Montford Allison J. Nead Linda C. Pearson Kathleen S. Rothwell Joni P. Scabarozi Robert P. Selman Evert L. Simmons Debra J. Small Maurine L. Szabo Sharon P. Thomas Larry D. Tucker Mari Dawn Wycoff Thomas C. Wilkinson Lisa Courtoy, Kim Barksdale, Pam Frank Diane Lacey Allen Bob Selman, Neil Lyons Laurie McCain, Kathy Rothwell Drew Tucker, Dawn Wyckoff, Beth Miles, Tom Wilkinson Dave Duncan Greek Hall of Fame Nancy King — Kappa Delta Allison Nead — Alpha Chi Omega Joy Rowe — Phi Mu Barbara Vazquez — Alpha Delta Pi Nancy Stevens — Delta Zeta Betty Walkup - Zeta Tau Alpha Nancy Wyllie — Alpha Chi Omega Pete Douglas— Pi Kappa Alpha John Duda — Pi Kappa Alpha Dan Girata — Theta Chi John Goodwin — Tau Kappa Epsilon Jim Lett — Sigma Chi Jack McMahon — Pi Kappa Phi Scott Weiner — Pi Kappa Phi Pete Douglas, Nancy King, John Duda ■ Jim Lett Sigma Chi Betty Walkup Zeta Tau Alpha ORGANIZATIONS As a cross-roads, organizations bring together students with com- patible interests for the purpose of accomplishing a goal. II ' 1 H - " SfSr | ■k 4 K x H W | 1 v«- I w «= iJi_ v r I OOm ;, 1 t K oJs jw At Ti =» H i s BT ■v 1 VY ; - Section Editor: Cindy Louer Workers: Pierre Lallier Elaine Hall Rhonda Neal Charlotte Phoenix INTERLACHEN STAFF Row 1: Nancy Wise, Patty Wixted, Rhonda, Chen Johnson, Melissa. Row 2: Gail Griswold, Temple Thomas, Raynie Woods, Becky Self, Debi Brannen, Lisa Rotolante, Martha Wisbey. Row 3: Nan Howe, Lois Montgomery, Dean Lashbrook, Carolyn Gray, Beth Cohen, Sue Bishop, Pierre Lallier, Kathy Wall. THE SOUTHERN Row 1: Cheri Johnson, Candy McKinny, Barbara Ward, Sheree Carpenter, Peni Schmidt, Patty Rogers, Becky Self. Row 2: Laura Williams, Debi Brannen, Judy Hutchinson, Kathy Wall, Marilyn Butt, Shellie Overholdt, Gail Acebes, Patty Rogers, Cindy Clements, John Ruffin. Row 3: Robert Gregory, Brand Whitlock, Jeannine Merrick, Ed Finch, Susan Feazell, Nancy Clemmons, Kathy Morton, Tracy Adelsperger, Todd Thomas, Lee Clemmer. AWS EXECUTIVE BOARD r Wi ' . ,!; Row 1: Cindy McPike, Cathy Rothwell, Ja na Synatschk, Bunny Simmons. Row 2: Katie McNeil, Nadine Hernquist, Trudy Bell, Caroline Williams. ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS Row 1: Margret Duquemin, Sherri Howard, Carol Wood, Kelli Griffin, Trudy Bell, Louise Perkins, Jana Synatschk, Rosalie Robbins, Caroline Williams, Cheri Johnson, Cindy McPike. Row 2: Candy McKinney, Val Hockgraver, Becky Winkler, Patty Wixted, Kim Alexander, Liz Bell, Katie McNeil, Nadine Hernquist, Gayle White, Rhonda Neal, Jennifer 56 Dubats, Betsy Graff. Row 3: Mrs. Floyd (Advisor), Bunny Simmons, Adrianna Evans, Helen Miller, Melinda Webster, Betsy Fitzpatrick, Linda Wills, Barb Rozak, Cindy Louer, Sharon Stephey. SGA EXECUTIVE BOARD L. to R. J.J. Welch, Jack McMahon, Barb Birkenmaier. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION © f $ ) ) Row 1: Steven Suiontek, Bill Anderson, Jack McMahon, Dana Everhart, Mike Holmes, Todd Sundeen. Row 2: Cindy Mantford, Patty Fischer, Nancy Konsler, Marta Burke, Karen Murray, J.J. Welch, Barb Birkenmaier, Cindy McPike, Llisa Rogers, Cathy Howe. Row 3: Dave Davidson, Brad Bennett, Steve Poole, Mark Hannisee, Keith Johns, Scott Weiner, Pepper Perkins, Doug Kaufman. SUPREME COURT Left to Right; Row 1: Allison Nead, Pat McBride, Martha Wisbey, Laurie McCain, Bill Antley. Row 2: Dean Moran, Dick Longden, Warren Butler, Mike Diamond, Ray Faulkner. JUDICIAL BOARD Left to Right; Row 1: Rhonda Neal, Debbie Fialk, Kelli Griffin, Melissa McMillan, Charlotte Pheonix. Row 2: Don Jones, Charlie West, Chuck Vilushis, Marc Gruber, Jeff Lamb. 58 « , THIRD WORLD COALITION Row 1: Briggette Robinson, Jean Davidson, Charlotte Phoenix, Warren Butler. Row 2: Kurt Alston, Ceaser Odio, Drew Tucker, Rodney Donnelly, Jay Coffman. Not Pictured: Sharon Thomas, Bunny Simmons, Wes Williams, Reggie Bums, Lester Wright, Al Thurston. RESIDENCE HALL RESIDENT ADVISORS Row 1: Brad Bennett, Pierre Lallier, Mark Hannisee, Tim Kennedy, Don Braswell, Rodney King, Phillip Bledsoe. Row 2: Dick Longden, Tony Miller, Steve Wightman, Curtiss Powell. Not Pictured: Richard Perry 60 ADVISORS Mrs. Bond, Mrs. Brookhart, Mrs. Brotherton, Mrs. Brown, Miss Bryan, Mrs. Chandler, Mrs. Chisolm, Mrs. Councill, Mrs. Covington, Mrs. Crisp, Mrs. Glass, Mrs. House, Miss Hudson, Mrs. Lefler, Mrs. Liesman, Mrs. McAllen, Mrs. Mericle, Mrs. Michael, Mrs. Park, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Ven- man, Mrs. Westerfield, Mrs. Yelton. JUNIOR ADVISORS Row 1: Ellen Clark, Martha Wisbey, Jolyn Parrott, Pam Frank, Leslie Ferguson, Kim Alexander, Caroline Williams, Mrs. Floyd. Row 2: Laynie Fulton, Candace Shuck, Karen Murray, Cindy Montford, Evelyn Griffith, Helen Miller, Kim Barksdale, Lisa Courtroy. f 1 V STUDENT UNION BOARD tit . : . .V v - Row 1: Nancy Konsler, Doug Howe, Pierre Lallier, Mary Ruden, Wesley McMillan, Joe Halter, Pepper Perkins, Row 2: Melinda Webster, Rhonda Neal, Elaine Hall, Cindy Louer, Sheri Howard, Nan Howe, Anne Berry, Fran Dower, Nelia Miller. Row 3: Coach Sam Luce (advisor), Melinda Blair (advisor), Gwen Comstock. MUSIC HONORARY Row 1. Cathy Geiger, Wanda Hough, Peggy Murphy, Mary Watson, Karen Anderson, Debra Rose Milby. Row 2: Karen Nielsen, Diana Custred, Debbie Feller, Terri Joplin, Phil Young (Sweetheart), Ingrid K Johnson, Cindy Miller, Rita Fandrich (Advisor). MUSIC HONORARY Row 1: Doug Fogh, Bob Selman, Mike Fort, Bennett Penn (Faculty), Ingrid Johnson (Sweetheart), David Lewis, Tim Dix, Tony Miller. Row 2: Fred Vigue, Mike Zdanowicz, Todd Schmidt, Jerry Jordan, Billy Moss, Paul Holloway, Lewis Carlsen, Tom Willard (Advisor), Tom Argersinger, Jeff Jordan, Marc Slone. BELL CHOIR Row 1: Sheila Dyer, Mary Stobbe, Mary O ' Geary, Beth Brisbin. Row 2: Todd Schmidt, Jane Koch, Kim Head, Anne Cross, Mary Ruth Galloway (advisor and director). Row 3: John Kingham, Gregg Bantz, Carl Anderson Rick Burnette. Sitting: Jana Synatschk. CITRUS CLUB Row 1: Mike Murphy, Kevin Hancock, Ron English, Tom Ward, John Schumann, Terry Simpson, James Phillips, Paul Gill, Jeff Lamb, Vernon Hollingsworth, Steve Rogers. Row 2: Dr. Prevatt (advisor), Tracy Montgomery, Shari Lisak, Betsy Kirkland, Richard Nason, Faye Rogers, Billy Burch, Keith Furman, Dan Fernandez, Roy Pellway, Nancy Abel, Russ Flood, Cathie Gray, Thomas Mack (advisor). Row 3: Phil Bryan, Gary Weiterman, Wes McMillan, Matt Powers, Stan Hall, Jay Pear- son, Ed Duppenthaler, Ted Geltz, William Wells, Mike Mullen, Mike Kesinger, Fred Gebbard, Pete Holman, Jeff Graham, Dave Robinson, Jeff Futch, Ted Davis. Row 4: Chuck Vilushis, Danny Adams, Jack Berry, Randy Sexton, Brad Rice, Phil Brooklesby. r BIOLOGY HONORARY Row 1: Rosalie Robbins, Kathy Chappell, Nancy Dunham, Sandy McKenzie, Dawn Wyckoff, Susan Mashke, Valerie Ludwig, Cindy McPike, Roy Bruce. Row 2: Joe Owens, Karen DuBois, Judy Thomas, Marc Slone, John Turlich, Deb Fowler, J. Tripp (Adv.), Shelley Ruftini, Cindy Hill, Renatta Cochran, Robert Anderson, Kathy Holwell, Karla Stetter, Doug Anderson, Beth Miles. Row 3: Denny Alter, Debbie Fialk, Elizabeth Bell. Jim McNabb, Tom Wilkinson, Jerry Jensen, Kim Barksdale, Sue Kirkwood. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY ■Kfen 8W4 66 Row 1: Jim McNabb, John Grogan, Jerry Bulen, Tom Wilkinson, Robert Shaffer, Tom Willard (Advisor). Row 2: Richard Halterman, Howard Dinsmore (Advisor), Denny Alter, Beth Miles, Dawn Wyckoff, Carl Danielson, Han Yang. Not Pictured: Cindy McPike, Karla Stetter. SPANISH CLUB ■■Kkv , .-.„ . Front row: Deborah Clody, Debbie Dickerson, Diana L. Epler, Christine Tobler, Janet Freckelton, Rebeca Martinez, Janet Pravden, Karen Kennedy, Dori Drummond. Back row: Dr. Carlos M. Calonge (advisor), Mariano Loy, Priscilla McLaughlin, Raquel Doblas, Dr. Jose R. Martinez (advisor), Puni Fraser, Elaine Hall, Kathy Andrews. SPANISH HONORARY Front row: Debbie Dickerson, Diana L. Epler, Dr. Jose R. Martinez (advisor), Nena Martinez, Charilyn Martinez. Back row: Deborah Clody, Dr. Carlos M. Calonge (advisor), Priscilla McLaughlin, Edward Bebb. FRENCH CLUB Row 1: Kathy Andrews, Miriam Malik, Mary McCluer, Evelyn Miller, Susie Talleat. Row 2: Annalie Schuster, Karen Dubois, Anne Coupe, Adrianna Evens, Suzanne McCollough, Carol Higgins, Susan Brown. Row 3: Mrs. Von Poleske (adv.), Dr. Bran- don (adv.), Drew Joeland, Dave Stumpf, Sue Kirkwood. GERMAN CLUB Row 1: Kitty Henderson, Bob Selman, Cathy Geiger, Karen Anderson, Leanne, Diana Custred. Row 2: Dr. Brandon (adv.), Mrs. Von Poleske (adv.), Annalie Schuster, Judy Thomas, Margie Sikes, Faith Gibson, Jim Russell. BUSINESS HONORARY Row 1: J. J. Welch, Helen Reebes, Barb Birkenmaier, Diana Stevens, Scott Weiner, Tom Broome. Row 2: Cindy Montford, Anne Cross, Tina Marie Hardin, Patricia LaVoy, Robin Taylor, Colonel Wiley (adv.). Row 3: Caroline Williams, Sydney Bowlin, Nancy Konsler, Peggy Murphy. Row 4: Chuck Bombard, Larry Hawks, John Dude, Catherine Cates. Row 5: Frank Whipple, Mariano Loy, Lisa Rotolante, Bob Hamrich, Marc Mason. Row 6: Dick Longden, Mark Tillett, John Muckenthaler, Keith Johns. Row 7: Rodney King, Jim Russell, Rete Douglass, Brad Bennett. BUSINESS HONORARY X Row 1: Helen Miller, Nancy King, Carol Wood, Patsy Battle, Charlotte Phoenix, Laurie McCain, Debbie George. Row 2: Jane Hudson, Lucy Huckery, Becky Hammock, Cindi Frick, Ellen Clark, Lori Austin, Kim Alexander, Debbie Iversen. Not Pictured: Cindy Wagner, Stephnie Halkais, Susan Duvall, Deanna Boone. MATH HONORARY K M E Row 1: Mr. Wuertz (adv.), Jim McNabb, Debbie Hooker, Beth Miles, Pam Frank. Row 2: Ellis Allen, Dr. Hartje (adv.), Dr. Tompkins (adv.), Mr. Goodson (adv.), Diane McClelland. SOCIAL SCIENCE HONORARY Row 1: Jacki Dury, Lisa Courtoy, Nancy Stevens, Kathy Rothwell. Row 2: John Griswold, David Cates, Ken Norris, Dr. Durrence (adv.). Row 3: Mariano Loy, Gary Frizzell. CHORALE Row 1: Mary O ' Geary, Mary Beth Whitesides, Meg Hartford, Tony Miller, Dana Everhart, John Watkins, Bob Selman, Donna Carr, Debbie Adams, Robin Kersey. Row 2: Wanda Hough, Mary Watson, Janice Weishaupt, Debbie Milby, Mary Stobbe, Cin- dra Everett, Debbie Walker, Ingrid Johnson, Marie Amundson, Karen Parham, Janice Tedder, Cathy Geiger. Row 3: Debbie Feller, Dallas Edwards, Robin Taylor, Mike Cheatham, Laura Grace Fisackerly, Margie Sikes, Karen Nielsen, Drew Tillman, Keri Kelsey, Dave Davidson, Janet Edwards, Steve Jones, Diana Custred, Jeff Jordan, Cindy Miller. Row 4: Ed Finch, Jolyn Goldsmith, John Mattews, Terri Joplin, Jim Jordan, Tim Dix, Ross McVicker, Kimberly Head, Dave Lewis, Bobbie Browne, Scott Hamilton, Faith Gibson, Billy Moss, Jane Koch, Phil Young, Kathy Deatherage. M ' Our photographers go to great heights to shoot pictures. ' CONCERT BAND Row 1: Cana Schmidt, Jaquae Roberts, Valerie Simmons, Nena Martinez, Linda Stephens, Nelia Miller. Row 2: Joy Wilkinson, Lois Wolfe, Kristen Schweizer, Fred Vigue, Caterine Yoe, Jeannine, Eckel, Karen Ring, Donna Parkman, Julie Hartsell. Row 3: Wanda Hough, Cathy Geiger, Lydia Banton, Darrel Joachin, Tom Argersinger, Jeff Jordan, Frank Reynolds, Dallas Eswards, Billy Moss, Ingrid Johnson, Sara Starks. Row 4: Steven Jones, David Perry, Gregg Bantz, Jerry Jordan, Susan Hendrick, Mike Zdanowicz, David Davidson, Robert Gregory, Fred Phillips, Todd Schmidt, Tony Miller, Dave Lewis. Row 5: Mr. Slutz, Katherine Trovato, Karen Nielsen, Barry Zimmerman, Janice Tedder, Diana Custred, Larry Burke, Lynn Ricks, Phil Young, John Watkins. JOURNALISM HONORARY Row 1: Chris Tobler, Candy McKinny, Rene Barton, Pene Schmidt. Row 2: Flash Donaghey, Sheree Carpenter, Allison Nead, Cricket LaVigne. Row 3: Brand Whitlock, Kathy Wall, Maurine Szabo, Kristen Schweizer. I A X r K A n EDUCATION HONORARY Row 1: Beverly Arnold, Susan Cates, Carolyn Scott, Joy Watkins, Tracie Lathan, Deborah Bird, Nina Matinez, Peggy Lake, Jolyn Parrott, Janet Walker, Penny Nickel, Diana Hale, Joni Scabarozi. Row 2: Jen- nifer Friend, Janda Bazemore, Pamela Frank, Dian Senif, Rhonda Reichel, Linda Willis, Juda Norman, Dawn Wyckoff, Beth Miles, Caroline Pearson, Laynie Fulton, Pat Coffey, Carolyn Kirkland, Bea Kilgore. Row 3: Paul Holloway, Dr. Calway (adv.), Helen Mcintosh, Ruth Venuti, Jane Schneider, Debra Small, Fred Vigue, Kevin Yarnell. Row 4: Agnes Johnson (adv.). SOUTHERN SINGERS Sitting: Robin Kersey, Annalie Schuster, Cana Schmidt, Cindra Everett, Julie Hanlon, Jill Noblit, Terri Joplin, Karen Parham. Standing: Ed Seabrook, Wayne Tankersley, Patricia LaVoy, Ed Finch, Janice Weishaupt, Dana Everhart, Banks Corl, Richard Hamilton. SAILING CLUB Row 1: Cindy Ewbank, Sheri Howard, Kathy Yoe, Elaine Hall, Vicky Hansen, Maurice. Row 2: Larry Welbon, Diana Fowler, Jo Ann Irwin, Cindy Chapman, Han Yang, Mariano Loy. Row 3: Marc Slone, Phil Kniskern, Rob Christian, Jeff Aylett. PSYCHOLOGY HONORARY Row 1: Allison Taylor, Liz Francisco, John Quigly, Nan Anderson, Laura Cotton. Row 2: Wendy Ingram, Benie Aired, Lori Austin, Sheri Howard, Bev Jenkins. Row 3: Dr. Bumnette, Dr. Weaver, Dr. Mugg, Dr. Ivey (advs.), Dave Broome. X MOCETTES Left to Right; Row 1: Kathy Holwell, Karen, Sherri Miller, Janet Sawyer, Linda Cochran, Kim Barksdale, Belinda Harper, Pamela Loesche, Diane Robinson, Donna Via, Cathy Woemer. Row 2: Janet Elliott, Debbie Bauer, Nancy Creech, Peggy Carpenter, Lisa Gore, Temple Thomas, Jan Belcher, Leigh Gavin, Kim Braun, Stephanie Stephens, Susan Blair. Row 3: Karen Stephens, Bonne Bryan, Robin Devine, Karen Porter, Karen Sullivan, Laura Porter, Sharon Granholm, Adrianna Evans, Eilleen Bamas, Phyllis Dalton, Betsy Kirkland, Carol Bennett, Rebeca Martinez. Row 4: Sherri Johnson, Kate Davis, Kim Later, Chris Malasca, Kime Lar- die, Kathryn Dunn, Trish Mitchell, Lori Ramsey, Mary Jane Meherg, Cathy Christos, Donna St. Germain, Beth Cohen. RELIGIOUS SERVICE Row 1: Nancy L. Anderson, Cindy Ewbank, Sheila Dyer, Briggette Robinson, Laura Grace Fisackerly, Bobbie Browne, Adele Oare, Cindra Everett, Jessica Wilson. Row 2: Kristen Schweizer, Dori Drummond, Karen Parham, Dana Everhart, Cathy Geiger, Nancy Stevens, Susan Wolfe. Row 3: Chaplain Breuer (adv.), Bunnie Simmons, Allison Taylor, Anne Cross, Julie Nelson, Debi Barker, Lydia Banton, Lois Wolfe. I n E X B RELIGIOUS HONORARY fi Row 1: Melissa McMillan, Tern Hill, Dr. Weaver (adv.), Mrs. Pravden, Dr. Cook (adv.). Row 2: Wayne Tankersley, Chaplain Breuer, Randy Mundt. WESLEY FELLOWSHIP Row 1: Nancy L. Anderson, Debbie Adams, Kevin Yarnell, Donna Mattie, Cana Schmidt, Dana Everhart. Row 2: Laura Grace Fisackerly, Sheila Dyer, Allison Taylor, Debbie Small, Caroline Pearson, Jana Synatschk, Lois Montgomery. Row 3: Dave Heitzenrater, Carl Anderson, Pepper Perkins, Chuck Hardwick, Dan Walker, Bill Cupp, Jeff Hem, Sam Deputy. Row 4: Lois Wolfe, Terry Yon, Cheryl Keyes, Peggy Jensen, Kathy Deatherage, Dean Whitacre, Gregg Bantz, Susan An- drus, Tim Hamilton, Bobbie Browne, Beth Miles. PRE-MINISTERIAL Row 1: Terri Hill, Lois Wolfe, Gayle, David Heitzenrater. Row 2: Wayne Tankersley, Randy Mundt, Chaplain Breuer, Phil Ciminello. STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN Row 1: Judy Hunter, Margaret Lake, Adele Oare, Mary Beth Curran, Debbie Dietzen, Pamela Warner. Row 2: Karen Davis, Cindy Cams, Joy Watkins, Cindy Shoemaker, Sandy Caldwell, Jan Whitney, Rhonda Reichel, Gwen Corn- stock, Laynie Fulton. Row 3: Alison Jakes, Kristi Walker, Louise Pitt (adv.), Holly O ' Leary, Dian Senif, Dee Bryan, Elaine Hall, Briggette Robinson. ' . PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Row 1: Beverly Floyd, Karen Shusterman, Dedra Bell, Barb Brantley, Mary Carlin, Karen Murray, Jane Birkbeck. Row 2: Mary Primm, Wendy Ingram, Nancy Wiley, Vanessa Draper, Helen Reeves, Betty Walkup, Helen Miller. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 0J 3 rv fj m Mark Cook, John Duda, Ray Faulkner, Mike Phipps, David Lewis, Larry Hawks, Tony Caggiano, Steve Jones, Rodney King, Scott Kilgore, Craig Olson, J. Brower. MENS INTRAMURAL BOARD Row 1: Jim Davis, Jim McNabb, Mark Hoisington, Jeff Carleia, Brad Bennett. Row 2: Luis Belancourt, Bill Merchant, Chris Beto, Mike Cuzzo, Wayne Talamonti, Mike Holmes, Jim Lett. WOMENS INTRAMURAL BOARD Row 1: Cindy Smith, Brenda Clark, Mrs. Straw (adv.), Karen Erdman, Suzy Hering. Row 2: Mrs. Hannie, Temple Thomas, Sarah Jane Lupfer, Penny Dawson, Alison Jakes, Mary Ellyn Finn. VAGABONDS Row 1: Ray Fischer (adv.), Luis Hernandez, Dave Sardinis, Valerie Ludwig, Joy Rowe, Sue Balough, Jean Norton, Brook Bryington, John Griswold. Row 2: Dave Carlton, Lee Clemmer, Jim Tinthoff, Mark Henry, Jeff Painter, Nancy Wise, Bill Cupp, Kathy Haggard, Steve Krout, Mel Wooton (adv.). Row 3: Paul Broadhead, Marilyn Whitehead, Schelly Field, Peter Palmer, Rick Forrest, Leslie Thomas, Nancy Williams, Bob Reed, Alicia Dyes, Andy Taylor, Melissa Bucher, Steve Woods, Martha Hester, Sharon Jones, Dave Brewer. DRAMA HONORARY A Left to Right: Ray Fischer, Mel Wooton, Andy Taylor, Dave Brewer, Sharon Jones, Jeff Painter, Leslie Thomas, Rick Forrest, Joy Rowe, Steve Krout, John Griswold. OUR CAMPUS YESTERDAY TODAY TOMORROW ub sow LIBBikT RESERVE OFFICERS R O T C - IKiai 3 4 TRAINING CORPS »• ■ GREEKS Our Greek populace is living proof of the virtues of brotherhood and sisterhood. It is the merging of unique talents and ideas that make fraternities and sororities the close- knit, productive organizations they are. NO U TURN $ EXIT Section Editors: Raynie Woods Lois Montgomery Workers: Lisa Rotolante Pam Walton Nancy Wise Pam Badgely ALPHA CHI OMEGA assess?! , ' • i t - i sail i « mi niinai IMtlHI IIMMI ' ti, m -im ' mnmmm m mmu k ■ f IIBB ' » ' »«W ' ' : ' ! l«i l » » Mbjn ciHvjiiiasiiw Miaii(« c ■ Vf,i8H m m mm «• «■ • »- - - : " " r ? .- " ■ " " v - n o r»,nf ; w f Left to Right, First row: Pat Huckery, Lisa Fitzmaurice, Karen Davis, Patty Fisher, Laura Lisella, Kelly Merwin, Laura Wilder, Jen- nifer Rickett, Pam Badgely, Jolynn Goldsmith. Second row: Barb Israel, Evelyn Griffith, Debbie Frick, Kathy Rothwell, Cindy Cams, Audrey Knight, Pam Warner, Becky Nichols, Pam Walton, Cathy Cramer. Third row: Cathy Frick, Ginny Rosevear, Lauren Weichsel, Mary Ellen Finn, Linda Davis, Julie Johnson, Meg Mall, Susan Everhart, Glenarva Schuder, Jan Dickson, Renatta Cochran, Patti Busch, Wendy Ingram, Jayne Sylvester, Cathy Gunter, Allison Nead, Not pictured: Felicia Donatelli, Nancy Wyllie. r ALPHA CHI OMEGA is . . . First and last . . . pledge pranks . . . Chi Guys ... A X jocks? . . . Hometown Honeys . . . Mom— what a blessing! . . . Did you iron your underwear today? SAE, Pike, Theta Chi, TKE, Pi Kap, and TEP little sisters . . . Pea slinging . . . Fit 3:00 . . . Mr. Bill . . . out of sight but not out of mind — Wink . . . secret handshake . . . slave auction . . . goobers ... St. Pete . . . T.O. . . . Fred laid an egg . . . Orlando bound . . . study bugs?? . . . lights out at Christina . . . National Visitors . . . Tampa Boys? ... Do you need a crutch . . . Joe Pep . . . Mystics?! . . . fish suicide . . . diamond rings . . . J.A., Panhellenic Pres., ODK, Who ' s Who ' s . . . rail sings . . . individuality . . . WE ' VE GOT LOVE!!! ALPHA DELTA PI Left to Right, First row: Jacki Dairy, Bobbi Walz, Suzy Hering, Cindy Poor, Brenda Ward, J. J. Welch, Barb Vazquez. Myra Brown. Second row: Gayl Guarnieri, Shari Patience, Alston MacGill, Helen Reeves, Veve Rendall, Kathy Wall. Third row: Maurine Szabo, Karen Murray, Cindy Montford, Llisa Rogers, Vicki Hall, Parti O ' Leary, Lynne Welter, Tracey Adelsperger. Fourth row: Marta Burke, Jennifer Stafford, Trudy Bell, Ellen Jordan, Katie McNeil, Tamara Timms, Lome Adkisson, Sara Starks. Fifth row: Penny Rogers, Susan Welch, Lisa Conser, Jan Montgomery, Val Hartzog, Shari Lisak, Coleen Brander, Pam Taylor. !.»■♦• i Alpha Delta Pi is . . . the oldest and the best . . . lions and violets . . . sweetheart Dan . . . Toga, Toga . . . " the party we ' re not having " . . . 3 Miss Interlachen finalists . . . laughing in the cafe . . . Happy Hour ... go for it .. . Thursday at the Z . . . railsing . . . " That ' s you " . . . backgammon . . . adventure club . . . blow it off . . . Big D . . . Our buds the Big O ' s ... the hard core ' s . . . dealing . . . PDA . . . super big brothers . . . little sisters for Theta Chi, Sigma Chi, SAE, Pi Kapp, Pike, Phi Sig, and KA ... We live for Each Other. ALPHA OMICRON PI Left to Right; Row 1: Nancy Schwartz, Joy Watkins, Robin Engle, Suzanne Madox, Leslie Thomas, Wendy Talamonti, Sanna Sellars, Judy Keller. Row 2: Karen Withers, Linda Hesher, Kathy Kernan, Nancy Arcand. Row 3: Susie Hamlin, Elaine Grier, Tessa Steendyk, Lynn Tutan, Karri Mann, Kathy Keeler, Jill Van Hoffan, Patti Rogers, Virginia Grey, Anne Mayo, Becky Winkler, Tami McGinty, Mary Christopher, Wanda Perea, Christy Holzer. Row 4: Amy Quist, Vanessa Draper, Pat Schilling, Alisa Jeffries, Joan Haas, Gail Acebes, Betsy Chester, Jeanne Strukel, Suzanne Goulet. • AOPi is ... PJ party . . . incognito . . . reasons . . . ATL . . . kinky . . . scoops . . . deals . . . scope seat in the caf . . . loads . . . no clues . . . definate bonus . . . wild women . . . calories ... 8 great fall pledges . . . brownies . . . assumptions . . . " the deas are coming! " . . . our attorney . . . what toga? . . . the party we ' re not having . . . Rose ball . . . " the Sleez " . . . nog . . . Bermuda . . . Sweethearts Al and John . . . You know we own it . . . Alpha Love . . . roses and friendship forever. t DELTA ZETA ' W Left to Right; Row 1: Rene Barton, Nancy Stevens, Janet Freckelton, Barbara Simcox, Sharon Stephey. Row 2: Mary Primm, Anne Cross, Dedre Bell, Lome Reed, Robin Schorf. DELTA ZETA IS . . . Due to circumstances beyond our con- trol . . . Baby Sally . . . Toot . . . Such a deal! . . . sunshine . . . our sweetie, Mark . . . Definitely unique . . . disco parties . . . backgammon . . . Mom Lefler . . . friendship . . . Ed ' s duck . . . Ya ' oughta, Ya ' oughta, Ya ' oughta . . . eleven page letters ... big rock . . . Bruce . . . 21 . . . Poppa ' s Jay ' s . . . Rocky . . . full moons . . . Ich leibe dich, liebling . . . chocoholic . . . crazy cameras . . . special heart . . . Saturday nights at the ranch . . . shotguns . . . loaded dice . . . graduation . . . June events . . . cloppy shoes . . . " Doc " and Red . . . likely story ... Is bell choir today? . . . Make it quick . . . Coke. C3QQQO ZETA TAU ALPHA _ BBS? ' " ' mi mm %m -_ Left to Right; Row 1: Maureen Meenan, Janet Whetzel, Brenda Bellamy, Tere Huey, Liz Francisco, Denise Stroud, Helen Davis, Dee Bryan, Gussie Preston, Laura Tuttle, Cheri Johnson, Laura Johnson, Mary Roberts, Ginny Shelfer. Row 2: Holly O ' Leary, Sue Echeverria, Stephanie Halkias, Karen Pfeffer, Lois Montgomery, Cindy Lastinger, Jamie Bradshaw, Betty Walkup, Raynie Woods, Carolyn Horn, Martha Wisbey, Debbie Johnson, Laura Lou Tolle. Row 3: Darlene Layton, Ellen Clark, Cindy Shoemaker, Pam Dandeneau, Christa Johnson, Charyl Carry, Kathy Henry, Suzanne Hardy, Teri Koontz— Pres., Jean Vollman, Carol Walker, Jill Noblit, Michele Mingo. Row 4: Stacy Sherman, Denise Sanscrainte, Michelle Metzger, Marti Hill, Lisa Rotolante, Kathy Gluth, Sarah Jane Lupfer, Lisa Middleton, Barbara Brantley. ft " £ v ZETA is . . . LT, TH, BLW ... 3 sweeties ... our friend in Cokeman -right SJ? ... 8 great Fall Pledges . . . O.K. fine . . . Backgammon Fever . . . Whitney Wimpy . . . KROP . . . M.H. ' s debut . . . R.P. ' s . . . Centerfolds . . . Now there ' s a pair ... Be there, Aloha! . . . Grandma Lizzard . . . Pajama Party Widows . . . Ello? . . . Scooobies . . . Two JA ' s . . . What are Sweethearts for? . . . Zeta in- tercom system . . . T-tag-you ' re it! . . . Fantastic Big Bros . . . Cuz . . . Rickage . . . Whoosh . . . Co-Jo ' em . . . Zeta is Forever. KAPPA DELTA Left to Right: Patsy Battle, Cindy Wagner, Melanie Groves, Gayle White, Mary Lou Celona, Lynda Stephens, Karen Gregory, Jolyn Parrott, Mary Carlin, Susan Feazell, Pat McBride, Lori Austin, Debbie Iverson, Brenda Snyder, Susan Duvall, Valerie Wroten, Monika Katzenberger, Bill Marine, Pat Coffey, Bev Jenkins, Lucy Huckery, Bev Glass, Marcia Smith, Luanza Black, Linda Cassels, Jill Morton, Penny Nickel, Barbie Winship, Jacki Mulikin, Janet Tobin, Denise Black, Susan Isbell, Helen Miller, Deanna Boone, Debbie George. Sitting Center: Kristi Walker, Bonnie Downey, Lucy Downey, Jane Hudson, Allison Jakes, Laynie Fulton, Carol Higgins, Janet Walker, Nance Wise, Ingrid Johnson, Nancy King, Carol Wood. KD is . . . Individual yet united . . . KD Ladies . . . Green and white . . . White Rose . . . friendships dear . . . KD Class . . . rail sings . . . sweethearts and serenades . . . King Daddy . . . Keith ... 8 great fall pledges . . . pledge pranks, signatures, garters . . . Toga pledge dinner ... 3 JA ' s . . . Sigma Chi, SAE, Pike, Pi Kapp, Sig Ep, Phi Sig, KA, TKE lil sis ' . . . Gong Show . . . Christmas open house . . . socials . . . doing the intellectual thing . . . bananas . . . soping and dealing . . . Waggie, B, Duvie, Bing, Bonnie . . . Fizz, McYuck, 6C, Ocala, Pahokee . . . striving for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest in all walks of life . . . the bond of A.O.T. PHI MU «OEUJ s Sitting Left to Right: Helen Mcintosh, JoEllen Bryant, Sharon Jones, Valerie Ludwig, Flash Donaghey, Joy Rowe, Jayne Birkbeck. Standing Row 1: Annet Myrick, Sue Baird, Sisie Balough, Melissa Parker, Monica Gratkowski, Marilyn Whitehead, Tracie Latham, Laura Hale, Karen Shusterman, Valerie Hockgraver, Janice Tedder, Penny Dawson, Kathy Zobel, Caroly Scott, Janice Boutwell. Standing Row 2: Harriet Woods, Linda McBride, Bunnie Simmons, Debbie Graham, Pam Brown, Karan Ring, Carol Fleming, Nancy Konsler, Allison Parks, Kim Welty, Cindy Layman, Sharon Thomas. Not Pictured: Shirley Pentecost, Martha Hester. Phi Mu is . . . the faithful sisters . . . Bahama Mama . . . room 18 and E.S.M. Am I loved? . . . Big Brothers . . . Fish in the bathtub . . . Charlie the Frog ... a prime serenade . . . Shuster ' s got the Georgies . . . our forever sisterhood ... a real woman . . . Togs, Toga . . . girl ' s night out . . . Bennie . . . Chapter meeting in the green room . . . Love . . . Honor . . . Truth. KAPPA ALPHA Left to Right, Row 1: Frederick Iver Munden, Charles Wesley McMillan, Jr., Jeffrey Clayton Lamb, James Royland Davis, IV, Timothy Mark Gardner. Row 2: Philip Coulter Hartsfield, Murray David Glass, Scott Lee Kilgore, Gregory Edward Rist, Ralph Anthony Ciper, Jr., Bennie William Allred. Row 3: Richard Henry Nason, IV, Bryant Wendell Joyner, Lisa Rotolante-Sweetheart, Neil Lyons— Pres., George Dirk Hardison. Kappa Alpha is ... A wet weekend . . . " lots of laughs and sex " . . . Co-ed time ... not football . . . four Yankees . . . Neilie Baby . . . Southern Gentlemen . . . Cho-Cha . . . Looking for sheep . . . Rocky Horror Picture Show . . . Mysterious tubers . . . Spike-it! . . . Ole Rebel . . . Capture the flag . . . outer limits at midnight . . . Monday candlelight . . . Strong Brotherhood . . . Droopy Drawers . . . Time Warping . . . The Mysterious Smoke Bomber ... Go For IT! . . . Old South . . . Good Alums . . . good punch parties . . . Daughters of Lee . . . Ranch party . . . $ching-ching$ ... Big Lou and Richie . . . Cavaliers . . . Our Rose Lisa . . . Sure Enough! THETA CHI Left to Right: Dan Girata, Jeff Tomaszewski, Leo Bissette, Glen Lefeber, Rick Ruffner, Tracey Reif, Randy Centrella, Bob McCarthy, Mike Piatnik, Tom Aiello. Row 2: Ed Greco, Randy Pack, Scott Gudzak, Bill Merchant, Dan Richey, Dave Liddle, Chip Clark. Row 3: George Bongiorno, Bob Maleeny, Rich McEver, John Koepsel. THETA CHI IS . . . not minds alone ... 7 Theta Chis NCAA National Championship . . . baseball team . . . adventure club . . . SHTSKI . . . Munster . . . R.C. . . . Hook . . . Hoewitz . . . B . . . Court Jester . . . Ralph ... 4 Ball . . . Coach Riche . . . Reggie theus . . . Willie ... Dr. Sack . . . Chubby legs . . . Miserable . . . dancing bear . . . crash . . . snuggy . . . turtle . . . Tomas . . . crabs ... BAI ... Nude hitchiking . . . TTT . . . Who ' s got dip? . . . Heaven . . . safety . . . walling it . . . frisbeer . . . quarries . . . Prop club . . . Horse D . . . BACC . . . midsummers night Jazz . . . Schnapps . . . Skoal . . . Lydell . . . Animal House . . . Peek A Boo . . . binge . . . Redd . . . Dan-0 . . . Boner . . . higher level . . . Macho men . . . studio 54 . . . only the driver knows . . . ooo hoo . . . DT . . . it ' s over now . . . chow . . . classe ' s canceled . . . mystics . . . snyg harbor . . . key toss . . . good stuff . . . County live record . . . L.P.D. . . . nonsense . . . bushwacked . . . Mom C . . . Annie and all the " BAD " little sisters. PHI SIGMA KAPPA m m KUJB Left to Right; Row 1: Rick Mentzer, John Armatis, Wayne Talatonti, Pete Tisbo, Mike Abate, Debby Jones, Gordan Selley, Rich Diaz, Ken Norris. Row 2: Steve Krout, John Ruby, Ralph Allen, Stan Tucker, Rick Forrest, Mark Oliver, Jeff McCay, Jeff Hester, Andy Tailor. Row 3: Pete Palmer, Dave Brewer, Jeff Adams, Tony Capuano, John Kerins, Craig Olsen, Paul Broadhead, Bill Geisler, Bob Reed. . 13 I k Phi Sig Is . . . Social Probation . . . Ritual Chicken . . . zoomers . . . That ' s you . . . " LEE " . . . Native . . . F.Y.F. . . . Nomind . . . T.I.T.S. . . . General . . . Busch Time . . . Mario Report . . . Third Floor War . . . Lurch . . . N.F.W. ... I can ' t believe it . . . Belive it . . . Debbie Jones . . . Little Sisters S,W ' f ff P Brotherhood . . . Scholarship . . . Character. PI KAPPA ALPHA Left to Right; Row 1: Mike Christian, Chuck Bombard, Roland Fasolo, Tom McFarland. Row 2: Frank Turner, Tom Gleeton, Kevin Korth, Tere Huey, Jack Curran, Rick Wasco, Peyton Dekker, Larry Hawks, John Duda. Row 3: Bob Kramer, Mike Phill c s, John Dipersio, Todd Sundeen, Rick Kerper, Steve Poole, Bob Hamrich, Eddie Piatnik, John Muckenthaler. Row 4: Kurt Heyman, Mike Rice, Steve Wightman, Bill Marine, John Trickett, Pete Clark, Doug Kaufman, Marc Mason, Carl Fitzpatrick, Mark Tillet, Pete Dou glas, Larry Hart, Keith Johns, Willy Stead, Gary Wagner, Frank Leutheuser. ■ PI KAPPA ALPHA IS ... 1868 .. . Down in old Virginee . . . lit- tle sisters . . . Tere . . . " Jamaica 78 " . . . the move . . . Orange Crush . . . Medic . . . Nice talkin ' to ya ' ! . . . the chamber . . . balcony brigade . . . de-matress . . . Pike hotel . . . BTFBO ... An engineer told me . . . Pinski . . . Let ' s go, Many . . . scrappers . . . veterans ... I ain ' t payin . . . Fire Engine? . . . kidnapped . . . Wasko has what? . . . SMD . . . Beachin it . . . John Wendel . . . Help! . . . frie ndship . . . brotherhood . . . goodpeople . . . Phi, Phi, ... Be there, Aloha! PI KAPPA PHI Left to Right- Row 1: Roy Bruce, Dick Longden, Laurie McCain, Mark Cook. Row 2: Dru Lashbrook, Lee Clemmer, Jim Mediate, Charlie West Marc Gruber, Dean Lashbrook, Steve Hare, Mike McClaskey, Jack McMahon. Row 3: Chuck V.lushis, Brent Sears, Jeff Larson, Al Sizemore, Bill Ross, Don Jones, Scott Weiner, Craig Hervy, Ed Wooten. Row 4: Randy Mundt, Jeff Sunderhn, John Turnbull, Al Ceplenski, Bob Votteler, Dave Sardinha. Pi Kapp is . . . Laurie (sweetheart) ... Ma Brotherten . . . P.J. ' s Party . . . Haunted House ADPi Pi Kapp . . . Keith . . . Gammon . . .Executioners . . . Veterans . . . M M . . . Big Gut Club . . . Softball Tourn . . . Tremmer . . . the Obeans . . . D.C.C. . . . Rocky Horror . . . McWooten Disease . . . Johnson City ... 1st annual B.A.T. . . . College Boy . . . Blonde Fag . . . Waterbed . . . Deadman . . . Tumor . . . D.J. . . . Dep ... In the mail . . . Solid ... 30 years old . . . " Bye Bye " . LAMBDA CHI ALPHA • " x Left to Right; Row 1: Luis Hernandez, Steve Jones, Mike Zdanowicz, Todd Schmidt, Ed Fough. Row 2: Doug Fough, Ed Mazarus, Craig Cates, Julie Nelson, Mike Fort, Rodney King, Rex Evans, Time Few. Row 3: Mark Henry, Ed Seabrook, Richard Hamilton, Sylvester Little, Davied Cates, Ed Finch, Banks Corl, Phillip Young, John Pugh. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA IS . . . alive and well at FSC . . . car washes and FUDGE . . . Trinity Center . . . The " Ed " Club . . . Black Mums . . . White Rose Ladies . . . 99C Drive-In . . . legacies . . . Family of Brothers . . . Last traun tomthe Bich . . . Our sweetheart Julie ... A later point in time . . . The Weekend . . . Eternal AM. . . . Doug ' s Rock Around the Clock . . . Fire Ex- tinguisher v.s. water balloons . . . " Let him through " . . . babbling brooke . . . pledgaplegic . . . " Nice A— " . . . Hiney-cutes . . . Mark and Ed ' s Bar, Grill, Hotel, Disco, and Shrimple . . . Individuals together . . . little brothers . . . Sea Wolf . . . good times . . . Doug and Eddie trips ... in the running . . . " B " league . . . Sports (finally!) . . . This car was rolled with T.L.C. . . . true friendship . . . Brotherhood . . . Love. .Hr SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Left to Right; Row 1: Chuck Young, Forrest Fegert, Ray Faulkner, Susan Isabel], Bill Antley, Al Rawdow, Cliff Wiley, Chris Marine. Row 2: Bill Anderson, George Manson, Pickens Price, Brain Lee, Mike Holmes, Don Shields, Tommy Sellers. Row 3: Phil Bled- soe, Steve Wright, Tim Kennedy, Lou Dessaint, Todd Johnson, Dave Parry, Anthony Caggiono, Dave Cain, Steve Bennett, Don Braswell, Dave Elliot, John Anderson, Alan Dorrill, Ed Kovack. Tucaloosa Alabama . . . March 9, . Big G . . . Warwagon . . . Big P . . . . Patton . . . Go ahead . . . Little big head . . . ac . . Iron curtain . . . room 16 . . . Winabago won ra ... Hurricane . . . great little sisters . . . Our gal Sue . . . barn party . . . point of order . . Sweet one . . . Penthouse poll . . . hideout . . Take, give, take again . . . Starfleet . . . Gort . . . Scort . . . Donk-e B.B. ' s . . . 21-13 . . . Always Brothers ... Phi Alpha. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is . 1856... very best... P. J. Sweetheart Al counting rags . der . . . Ray breakhouses . . Chuck Fu . . . SIGMA CHI Left to Right; Row 1: Larry Henderson, Bill Beutell, Stacey Myers, John Lackey, Pierre Nunley, David Bailey, Dennis Valdez. Row 2: Ken George, Bill Rodgers, Mike Murphy, Matt Crackle, Jacki Drury, Jim Long, Bill Swindle, Jeff Graham, Richard Petry. Row 3: Fred Phillips, Jim Finigan, Jack Conway, Matt Gaglione, Mike Cimo, Glenn Isaacson, Phil Baynes, Glenn Rodgers, John LeVis. Sigma Chi is . . . the White Cross . . . Pumpkin . . . M M . . . Bullitt . . . J.W. . . . Bartow . . . Casiono . . . Rocky . . . Doobees . . . Hooper . . . Ernie Ego . . . Spike . . . Gag . . . Disco Dennis . . . Murph the Mauler . . . Fooz King . . . Baseball players . . . work party . . . Quincy . . . Nailed . . . " That ' s you " . . . " Quita los pan- tlones " . . . volleyball champs . . . Derby Day . . . Derby Daddy . . . working together for the best ... in hoc signo vinces . . . above all true brotherhood. SIGMA PHI EPSILON Left to right, First row: Steve Williams, Paul Clark, Frank Reynolds, Jon Cohill. Second row: Jim McNabb, Marvin P.nder Rob House John Underwood, Fred Schmalkuche. Third row: John Watkins, Charlie Coe, Mike Diamond, John Nemjo, Keith hur- man Chuck Hayes, Tom Broome, Bruce Farlow, Chuck Foss, John Quigley, Ellis Allen. Fourth row: Gary We.termann, Kay Fau- bian ' Dan Adams, John Schuman, Don Hays, Hunt Throop, Ted Campbell, Mart Slauson, John Schroeder, Joe Petrulionis, Greg Finch, Keith Councill, Roosevelt. Fifth row: Don Brady, George Sanken, Wayde Charest, Rick Weaver. 130 Sigma Phi Epsilon is . . . Polynesian . . . Yucca . . . Jello . . . Mad dumper . . . Zeta Wars, What ' s wrong with your leg? . . . S.E.L.M . . . T.G.I.G . . . HBO? . . . bingo . . . Uncle Charlie . . . Stonehenge . . . N.O.T.M Weasel . . . Fabbit . . . Crankin . . . Bert . . . OH . . . Brother Billy . . . Tyrant . . . marvelous . . . SCHUUU . . . Grizzly Sorcerer . . . Our sweetheart . . . Doll. TAU EPSILON PHI ; - . ■ •• . ■ .— Left to right: Row 1: Ted Hartung, John Parker, Laura Roberts — Sweetheart, Gary Lichtenstein, Pete Black, Nick Koumantzelis, Row 2: Colby Gunther, Glenn Cross, Ralph Debee, Bob Cochran, Tom Buckle, Kert Rockhill, Wyatt Cook, Jeff Brower, William Warekois, John Stevens. 132 . TAU EPSILON PHI is . . . Our House - Not Theirs . . . Major Johnson . . . Winter Storms . . . The Boys . . . Koner . . . Extended Weekends . . . B.H. ' s . . . Kamakazies . . . Sundeck . . . Soccer Cap- tains — Again! . . . Gammonage . . . Our Social Club ... Do It DUDE! . . . Cast of Characters . . . Vegas . . . Koumz . . . Bulldog . . . Rock . . . Dooley . . . Dirty Gutter . . . Cockavito . . . Hang . . . Stankey . . . Dusty . . . Willage . . . Mystery Tep . . . Slack Black . . . Ted the head. . . Gary Litch . . . Pski . . . Clark Kent ... The Dude . . . Y.A. Hillage . . . Thug . . . Alumni ... Our Sweetheart Laura . . . TEPS ARE TOPS! TAU KAPPA EPSILON George Miller, Hal Robbins, Jeff Williams, Wayne Tankersley, John Matthews, Steve Turman, Dave Lewis, Norman Reece, 2nd row Denny Alter, Tom Argesinger, Pete Holman, John Nierman, John McGinn, Dave Gibson, Gary Leonard, Skip Richey, Larry 134 Welbon, Dan Papallo, Bob Gaberial, 3rd row: Andy Fischer, Randy Buchanan, Mark Roberts, Dale Hightower, Gerry Schmidt, Mike Cheatham, David Erickson ' : TKE is . . . Elaine . . . Mom Chisholm . . . Greek Sing again . . . Luau . . . GTPD . . . Little sisters . . . grinch . . . doobie brothers . . . Chumley . . . LeNerd . . . Douche . . . Ernie Horn rims . . . TKD . . . Ford finally . . . Studious? . . . Imperiel 4th floor . . . Ralph Club . . . BYOB Car Wash . . . Room of ill repute . . . P.W . . . Wheat . . . Macho Knierm . . . Country rides . . . Don ' t park in my spot . . . RCB ... Dr. Durrence . . . Repent! . . . Cracker . . . TT fan club ... I hate ... Pi Kappa Mayer. « i! Based on a successful past and a promising future, the arrow of direc- tion for the athletic program at Southern, continues to point one way— up. L .1 v . Tl 9a. ». • a Section Editor: Scott MacEwen Workers: Jim Delk Marc Slone Temple Thomas Jay Williams Debi Brannon 5 Soccer Mocs ' kick into successful season Front row: Ken Schilling, Cliff Pappas, Nick Koumantzelie, Ken Rockhill, Don Brady, Carl Fitzpatrick, Stan Macneil, Frank Reynolds. Second row: John Turnbull, Don Hagan, Fred Schmalkuche, Will Warekois, Minter Goodson, Don Hayes, Jim Perdins. Third row: Doug Kaufman, Kurt Heyman, McGraw, Dave Elliot, Bob Kramig. Fourth row: Bill Tucker, Dean Whitaker, Whit McEssac, Dout Howe. tmmm m w; Carl Fitzpatrick, Co-captain and Most Valuable Player. ll? 1 - T to f 1P Mt ' ' ' ill. Nick Koumantzelis going in for the kill. It ' s superman — Don Brady. With the help of head coach Jim Bush and assistant coach Wes Aldrich, our " snakes in the grass " struck their way to an impressive 8-5 record during their second year in the Sunshine State Conference. Hey, that ' s my foot you ' re kicking. « v Peyton Dekker taking aim. Randy Centrella slides in to beat the tag All-American designated hitter Mike Scholler shows his quality 140 Movin ' Mocs of " 78-79 " have another great year. Head Coach Joe Arnold. Asst. Coach Charlie Anderson. ' :•• !« W0 Brian Burterfield sets to fire. First row: David Bailey, Matt Gaglione, Mike Piatnik, Dan Black, John Lackey, Chuck Loehnis. Second row: Dennis Valdes, Reno Walton, Brian Butterfield, Mike Custer, George Bongiorno, Mike Schoeller, Bob McCarthy. Third row: Randy Centrella, Dan Girata, Kevin Niewulis, Ralph Citrella, John Nichols, Jay Coffman, Mike Murphy. 143 With three freshmen . . . Brian Radon Lester Wright John Ebeling one transfer. . . and one senior . . . Kurt Alston Drew Tucker gets a boost from his coach after Mocs ' victory in Citrus Tournament The Movin ' Mocs . . . 1978-79 Dr. Hal Wissel, in just his second year at Florida Southern, led the Mocs to their first SSC crown, and a berth in the NCAA South Region Tournament hosted by FSC. He was named conference coach of the year by the leagues ' coaches for his efforts. Sunshine State Conference Champions Ski Team Slaloms to victory. First Row: Tommy Usher, Tommy Ingram, Brian Mollet, Ed Laderer, Chuck Kelly. Second Row: Gin Grey, Laura Lisella, Betsy Graff, Carrie Pawinski, Coach Linda Stata. 146 Head Coach Charles Matlock shows team members some helpful hints. Golfing Mocs stroke season right down the middle. Front row: Charles Matlock, Dave McQuade, Tome Gleeton, Bob Kramer, Jack Curran, Steve McKnight, Tony Roberto, Tad Weeks. Second row: Paul McManus, Rick Degel, Dave Erickson, Jim Karr, Brian Burke, Kyle Bendfeldt, Brian Kramer, Rick Kerper, Brent Sears, Ken George. Florida Southern golfers showed to be top con- tenders in their southern division. They received lots of help from Tom Gleeton, Dave McQuade, Tony Roberto and others. Returning players of 1980 plan to come on strong again. Captain Tom Gleeton shows perfect pendulum form. Spirit, Hustle? Southern Basketball has it. Front row: Kurt Alston, Kieth Duncan, Drew Tucker, Joe Brown, Cesar Odio, Warren Butler. Second row: Hal Wissel, Wes Aldrich, Buddy Bailey, Lester Wright, John Ebeling, Bob Doaln, Bill Connors, Jean Davidson. Drew Tucker guides ball to the hoop. This year the spirit and hustle were key factors to a successful season. Plus the talent of many players helped rankings to move up. C oach Hal Wissel was satisfied with the outcome. Buddy Bailey shoots up and over. John Ebeling shows technique of Swo-o-osh! Coach Hal Wissel leads cheers after victory. I. i Cesar Odio taps ball up and in. r, Above: Strategy is discussed off court. Right: Lester Wright shows concentration of jump shot. I land Men ' s Intramurals plays tough all around Dennis Alter goes up for the spike. Fun and competition best describe men ' s intramurals. Indie ' s Mike Cuzzo has the perfect form ' 5 Cheerleaders boost Mocs ' spirit 1st row: Anne Mayo, Gay Smith, Karen Penn, Sanna Sellers, Allisa Jeffries. 2nd row: Carlos Seaone, Kim Farmer, John Armatas, Sandy Estep, Scott Allen, Donna Parkman, Pete Rowan 156 V V fc Lady Mocs ' volley to victory. left to right: Julie Johnson, Wendy Church, Kari Mann, Cathy Cramer, Beth Darby, Gillene Kirkwood, Betsy Heidenberger. . ♦ Men ' s Tennis swings on at Southern. j$ yip - " ' ' ' iV- ' r " ' . i ri concentrates on his serve. The lob taking aim ' T moves to center court after follow through, and follow through by Roger txtiStifc,- .. A J v w power takes him off his feet. Girls Volleyball turns upa successful season. Southern on the attack Front row: Tami McGinty, Debbie Mcguire, Jean Volman, Sue Echeverria, Carolyn Horn, Linda Hesher. Second row: Jackie Mullican, Annabel Terran, Kathy Gluth, Vanessa Draper, Denise Sanscraite, Joy Pettry, and Coach Lois Webb Manager for the Lady Mocs ' volleyball. Joy Pettry unleashes a spike. Denise Sanscrainte awaits to smack! ball. . Girls Intramurals on the up swing of things. Look out! Hank Aaron Doubles ping pong at its finest. Coordination + Power = Base Hit. A good example of talent in women ' s intramurals. Ttkk i W ' g £ . J , , - " RkK,, ' ■ ■ ' + » Nice follow-through, Laura. Quality technique of stepping into the ball. A little to the left; Okay hit it Left fielder, you better back up on this one. First Row: Gail Strain, Linda Hesher, Joy Pettry, Debbie Johnson, Wendy Church, Jean Vollman, Denise Sanscrainte. Second Row: Coach Lois Webb, Chris Bellotto, Cynthia McAulay, Miriam Speakman, Susan Kirkwood, Deborah Kanaszka, Janet Meckstroth, Kathy Gluth, Ellen Edwards, Assistant Coach Dan Adams. WJFi 1 m in 1 -1 mm d K r m | f J| l K j H M MR!!HMW«13gLl»!i FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION The faculty and administration, though they specialize in diverse fields, are united in the goal for betterment of higher education. hp „■ ■■■ Section Editor: Gail Griswold Workers: Helen McCarthy Dean Lashbrook Sue Bischoff Beth Cohen m ' V , I 4 2M J ' J • I : Administration Board of Trustees Bishop Robert M. Blackburn The Honorable Farris Bryant The Honorable Lawton M. Chiles Mr. Sam T Dell, Jr. The Reverend Edward L. Dinkins Mr. A. L. Ellis Mr. James L. Ferman, Jr. Dr. George A. Foster Mr. Frank H. Furman, Jr. Mr. John A. Grant, Jr. Mr. J. R. Graves Dr. R. C. Holmes Mrs. Ann Hunter Mr. Charles H. Jenkins, Sr. Mrs. Edna P. Lockett Mrs. Alice Lockmiller Mrs. Kathleen Macomber Dr. Patrick W. McBride, Jr. Mr. Ernest C. McClurg Mr. E. V. McClurg Bishop Joel D. McDavid Mr. Jack McMahon Mr. Fred Millsaps Dr. Richard V. Moore Bishop E. J. Pendergrass Mr. Cushman S. Radebaugh Mr. J. Carlisle Rogers The Reverend James C. Rowan Dr. Myrl L. Spivey Dr. Marvin Sweat, Jr. Mr. Charles Stiles, Jr. Mrs. David R. Thurman Mr. Warren Tingdale Mr. Robert Trinkle Mr. Lanier Upshaw Mrs. Ted Van Antwerp Mrs. Ruth S. Wedgworth Mr. Joel R. Wells, Jr. Mr. Elliot Whitehurst, Jr. The Honorable James H. Williams Mr. Herbert E. Wolfe Mr. Walter Woolfolk President Robert A. Davis; B.B.A.; University of Georgia, M.Div., Emory Uni- versity; S.T.M., Yale University; D.D., Pfeiffer College. David G. Mobberley: Vice President and Dean of the College. David L. Readdick: Vice President for Operations. Mead F. Rogers, Jr.: Vice President for Development. Theodore M. Haggard: Assistant to the President. Bishop E. J. Pendergrass: Assistant to the President. Hugh A. Moran, Jr.: Dean to Students. Carol M. Esau: Registrar and Director of Admissions. G. Lawrence Stallings: Director of the Library. Charles Tinsley Thrift, Jr.: Chancellor Richard R. Burnette: Chairman, Division of Social Sciences. William H. Boyer: Director of Public Relations News Bureau. G. Ann Home: Director, Student Financial Aid. Wiliiam Hannah: Comptroller. Agnes Johnson: Director of Alumni Relations. Jean Kinnard: Assistant Dean of Students — Women. Samuel W. Luce: Director of Recreation. Francis L. Luce: Director of Placement. Frank P. Szabo: Assistant Dean of Students — Men. Harold Waters: Director of Publications. Paul Wille: College Photographer. Clara Wise: Career Counselor. Brunner Hunt: Vice President for Finance. Robert W. Breuer: Chaplain DEDICATION He helps make those self-conscious first efforts at creation something bearable, even enjoyable. Ready to advise, and with a sense of knowing when not to, he provides inspiration by his own skills as an artist as well as a teacher. It is for these attributes as well as many others that the staff of the 1979 Interlachen dedicates this publication to MR. DOWNING BARNITZ. % Art % Downing Barnitz; B.F.A., Uni versity of Georgia; B.F.A., B.S.E., M.F.A., Temple University. Gale L. Doak; A.B., Alabama College; MA., George Peabody College. Donna Stoddard; B.S., Florida Southern College, Art Institute of Pittsburgh; M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University. ARJ GALLERY i Biology Laurence Campbell; A.B., M.A., Miami University; Ph.D., University of Illinois. Charles Fredrick Eickenberg; A.B., M.S., University of Pennsylvania. Margaret Lois Gilbert; B.S., University of Rhode Island; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. John R. Halderman; B.S., M.S., North Arizona University; Ph.D., University of Arkansas. John R. Tripp; B.S., Oregon State Unviersity; M.S., Ph.D., Ohio State University. ■ Business-Economics Mary Jo Bergquist; B.S., Florida Southern College; C.PA, State of Florida. Thomas Martin; B.S., Northeast Missouri State University; M.S., University of Tennessee; Ed.D. Indiana University. Harold O ' Leary; Florida State University, B.S.; Florida Technological University, M.B.A. Doris S. Scates; Michigan State University, B.A.; Michigan State University, M.S. Lee Schilling; B.B.A., M.B.A., Ed.D., University of Arkansas. Louise Templeton; B.Ed., Southern Illinois University, M.S., University of Colorado; C.PA, State of Florida. Veronica A. Vitelli; A.B., Catholic University of America; M.S., University of Arkansas; Ph.D., Mississippi State University. C. Jeffery Wiley; B.S., Florida Southern College; M.B.A., Indiana University. r£ J 4 Chemistry-Physics Howard L. Dinsmore; B.A., John Hopkins University; Ph.D., University of Minnesota. George G. Robinson; BA, Lake Forest College; M.S., University of Missouri. Boris T. Sokoloff; Ph.D., University of St. Petersburg, Russia; M.D., University of Petrograd; Sc.D., University of Prague. John A. Tompkins; B.S., University of Florida; Ph.D., Clemson University. Thomas Maxwell Willard; B.S., Lamar State College; Ph.D., Tulane University. ■■■Mi B Thomas Mack; B.S.A., M.Ed., University of Florida. Rupert W. Prevatt; B.S.A., M.S., Ph.D., University of Florida. Citrus Tilden M. Counts, Jr.; B.A., M.A., University of Kentucky; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Edward W. Thorn; B.A., Parsons College; M.Div., Crazier Theological Seminary; M.A., University of Akron; Ph.D., Indiana Univer- sity. Harold Waters; B.S., Florida Southern College; M.A., Syracuse University. Communications . Raymond Fischer; B.A., Florida Southern College; M.S., Florida State University. Meivin E. Wooton, Jr.; B.S., Florida Southern College; M.A., Indiana University. Marian Calway; B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of Minnesota. JoAnn C. Ebert; B.S., MA, Ed.D., Ball State University. Kenneth Paul Fleming; BA, M.A., University of South Florida. Emily Susan Hancock; B.S., Stetson University; M.A., New York University. Joleen Kane; B.S., Florida State University; M.Ed., University of Florida. Mary Virginia Peaslee; B.A., Carson Newman College; M.A., University of South Florida; Ph.D. Florida State University. Louise Pitt; B.S., M.A, George Peabody College. Jjtff Glenn J. James; MA, Millsaps College; MA, University of Georgia; Ph.D., Emory University. John Raymond Lott; BA, MA, University of Miami; Ph.D., Duke University. Linda J. Null; Tennessee Technological University, B.A., MA; University of Tennessee, Ph.D. John R. Reuter; BA, M.A., DePauw University. Wesley Ryals; B.S., Howard College; MAT, Duke University. Robert Lee Zimmerman; B.A., College of Wooster; M.A., Lehigh University; Ph.D., Duke University. English Joseph A. Arnold; AA., Miami-Dade Community College; B.S., Florida Atlantic University; MA., Arizona State University. James Orville Bush; B.A., Washington College; M.A., Columbia University. Kathleen M. Hannie; B.S., M.S., Murray University. Edward F. Jeffries, Jr.; B.A., Bridgewater College; M.S., Madison College; P.E.S., Central Missouri State College; Ed.D.. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Charles C. Matlock; B.S., East Tennessee State College; M.A., Ed.S., George Peabody College for Teachers. Harold Smeltzly; B.S., Florida Southern College; M.A., Temple University. Katherine Straw; B.S., M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh. Lois Webb; Manatee Junior College, A.A.; Florida State University, B.S.; Florida Technological University, M.Ed. Harold Robert Wissel; Springfield College, B.S., D.P.E.; Indiana University, M.S. Health and Physical Education History-Political Science J. Larry Durrence; B.A., Florida Southern College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Georgia. Francis R. Hodges; B.A., Wake Forest University; M.A., Emory University. Peter A. Lawler; A.B., Allentown College; M.A., Ph.D., Univeristy of Virginia. John E. Santosuosso; B.A, Ursinus College; M.A., Clark University; M. Div„ Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary; Doc- toral Study, University of Florida. iu„ - Rn MA.. Ph.D.. University of Chicago. A D I C..il 1 1 O A L. Languages Wallace R. Brandon; BA, Florida Southern College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Carlos M. Calonge; LL.D., University of Havana; M.Ed., University of Florida. Jose R. Martinez; Ed.D., Havana University; MA, Middlebury College; Ph.D., Florida State University. » % A ■ Math Daniel Carreira; BA, M.Ed., University of Miami. Lane M. Goodson; B.S., M.Ed., University of Florida. Henry C. Hartie, Jr.; B.S., Arkansas State Teachers College; M.E., University of Mississippi; MA, Louisiana State University; Ed.D., University of Georgia. Norman Allen Wuertz; B.A., Glassboro State College; M.Ed., Temple University; Doctoral Study, Florida State University. H Military Science Major Charles F. Hyder; B.G.S., Chaminade College; M.Ed., Pep perdine University. Captain Joe Pientka, Jr.; B.S., University of Nebraska; MA , Wichita State University. ?ms. Helen Benner; Williamette University; Voice studies in Germany, Italy, United States. Mark Howard; BA, Hiram College. Rita Fandrich; B.M., Cornell College; M.M., Indiana University Graduate Study, University of Colorado. Robert MacDonald: B.A., University of North Carolina; M.M., Indiana University; Arts Diploma, Musikakademie, Vienna. Paula Parsche; B.A., Florida Southern College; M.M., University of South Florida. Bennett Penn; B.M., M.M., Northwestern University; D.M., Indiana University. James F. Slutz; B.M.E., Central Methodist College; M.M.E., Wichita State University. Music Psychology Richard R. Burnette; A.B., Randolph-Macon College, B.D., Emory University; M.S., The College of William and Mary, Richmond Professional Institute; Ed. D., Florida State University. Sandra Ivey; B.A., Stetson University; M.A., Ph.D., Emory University. Gregory Mugg; B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Emory University. Christopher T. Weaver; A.B., Trenton State College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia. rrtrth t Robert W. Breuer; B.A., Colgate University; M.Div., Union Theological Seminary. John W. Cook; A.B., Union College; S.T.B., S.T.M., Th.D., Boston University. R. Frank Johnson; A.B., University of Alabama; M.Div., Duke University; Ph.D., Emory University. Walter P. Weaver; A.B., B.D., Duke University; Ph.D., Drew University. W. Waite Willis, Jr.; B.A., Florida Southern College; M.Div., Emory University. THH tL fcJ . Religion-Philosophy James O. Niswonger; B.S., Manchester College; A.M., Ball State University; Ed.D., University of Tulsa. Edwin F. Plowman; B.A., North Carolina State University; Th.M., Ph.D., Boston University. Barbara Sreenan; B.A., University of Wisconsin; M.S., Northern Illinois University; Ph.D., Florida State University. Sociology 193 CLASSES The highways of knowledge are divided into four classes. Each class, in and of itself, is not necessarily an indication of superiority, but rather of superior mileage. Section Editor: Martha Wisbey Workers: Cindy Ewbank Lois Montgomery Liza Rotolante SENIORS Daniel Adams Robert Alexander Nanette Anderson Robert Anderson Louis Baldwin Mark Barry Rene Barton Patsy Battle o Richard Anderson Susan Andrus Bill Antley Susan Baird Phillip Beals Joy Bean Liz Bell Bradley Bennett Anne Berry Jack Berry Deborah Bird Jayne Birkbeck 1.1 i A 196 Barb Birkenmaier George Bongiorno Glenn Boone Robert Bordeaux Wendall Bray Michael Broadhead Tom Broome James Brown Joseph Brown Pamela Brown Linda Bruno Philip Bryan Jo Ellen Bryant Valerie CampbeL David Carlton Mari Casale Al Ceplenski Betsy Chester Paul Clark Deborah Clody Sue Cluthe Charles Coe Walter Condi Lisa Courtoy Diana Custred Michael Cuzzo Helen Davis Karen Davis Mike Diamond Barbara Donaghey Peter Douglass Jackie Drury John Duda Dave Duncan Nancy Dunham Timothy Eacret Thomas Ebbesmier Diane Epler Teresa Estep Amanda Evans _ Rex Evans Ray Faulker Susan Feasell Forrest Fegert Dan Fernandez Mary Field Edward Finch III Gregory Finch Carl Fitzpatrick Jim Flanagan Kevin Flannagan Larry Flood Frederic Fogh Carolyn Ford Mike Fort Michael Fortner Pamela Frank Catherine Frick Gary Frizzell Laynie Fulton Karen Fyle Gail Gage Matt Gaglione Susan Gamble Mark Gardiner Lynne Gardner William Geisler Robin Gelpin Dan Girata Gail Godwin Jolyn Goldsmith John Goodwin George Gordon Bev Glass Tom Gleeton Jeffrey Graham Gary Greene Evelyn Griffith John Griswold Marc Gruber Gayle Guarnieri Joan Haas Kathryn Haggard Diana Hale Stephanie Halkias Richard Halterman Mary Hamm Becky Hammock Robert Hamrich Kevin Hancock Deborah Hart Meg Hartford Carol Hays Mae Henderson Suzy Hering Luis Hernandez Jeffrey Hester Theresa Hickman Cindy Hill Cynthia Hoehns 201 Mark Hoisington Carolyn Horn Robert House Lucille Huckery Jane Hudson Judy Hunter Janci Hurt Deborah Iverson Alisa Jeffries Beverly Jenkins Debbie Johnson Debra Johnson Fred Johnson Vernon Johnson Debbie Jones Stephen Jones Jeff Jordan Lisa Kaiser Doug Kaufman Millard Keeler • " ' w I ■ 111 f ; Charles Kelly John Kerins Richard Kerper Mike Kesinger Beatrice Kilgore Nancy King Dave Kinsey Stephan Klinger Lorri Klingman John Knierman John Koepsel Nicholas Koumantzelis Elizabeth Krause Stephan Krout John Lackey Edward Laderer, Jr. Peggy Lake Pierre Lallier Walter Land III Dean Lashbrook Suzanne Lavigne Dana Lawler Ute Lemmel Gary Leonard James Lett Frank Leutheuser David Lewis Laura Lisella Sylvester Little Frederick Longacre Charles Lyons Stanley MacNeil Robert Mahowald II Dan Mann Jr. William Marine Jay Martin Luisa Martinez Marc Mason Anne Mayo Linda McBride 204 T i « t i Patricia McBride Robert McCarthy Jeff McCay Diane McClelland Candy McKinney Priscilla McLoughlin Jack McMahon Charles McMillan Jr. Jim McNabb David McQuade John McTureous Robert Merrell Jr. John Merritt Edward Meszaros Jr. Michelle Metzger Elizabeth Miles Nelia Miller Michele Mingo Katherine Moore Lora Moore Amy Morgan Lori Morrison Michael Mullen Randall Mundt Daniel Murphy Margaret Murphy Stacey Myers Richard Nason Jr. Allison Nead Joe Nelson Julie Nelson Penny Nickel Karen Nielson Kenneth Norris Holly O ' Leary Jeanna O ' Neal Gretchen Oswalt Melissa Parker Shari Patience Caroline Pearson v r liyl Karen Pfeffer Charlotte Phoenix Karen Pickles Bill Pigozzi Marvin Pinder Edward Piatnik Gregory Piatt Evelyn Polk Hi V Cindy Poor Curtis Powell Pamalee Powell William Powell ' 1 VJ Gussie Preston Pickens Price John Pugh Patrick Rabun Albert Rawdow Jr. Donna Ready Lorrie Reed Helen Reeves Veve Rendall Ernest Respress Jr. Claude Richey Nancy Riker Greg Rist Victoria Roark Jaquae Roberds Cynthis Robson Robert Rockhill Bill Rodgers Richard Rodgers Glenn Rogers Joyce Rowe John Ruby John Ruffen Michelle Ruffini W A. ' % ■ y I ' Wi i vil ,i Rick Ruffner James Rushing James Russell Arlene Salas Mark Sample George Sancken III Joni Scabarozi Ginny Schelfer George Schmadel Gerard Schmidt Pene Schmidt Kathryn Schneider John Schumann Carolyn Scott Sandy Seiler Tom Sellers I . Robert Selman 1 » i Rob Shaffer Donald Shields Margaret Sikes ■H HL Cindy Shoemaker Evert Simmons Wiley Simpson Matthew Slauson Phillip Slay Mark Slone Debra Small Joan Smigel John Stevens Nancy Stevens Mary Stiles John Stokes Robert Strickland Rod Sweet Maurine Szabo Wayne Tankersley Allison Taylor Robin Taylor Thomas Tefft Sharon Thomas f Richard Thorp Hunt Throop Alfred Thurston Jeff Tomaszewski Drew Tucker Stan Tucker John Turlich Stephen Turman Linda Turner John Underwood Ruth Venuti Fred Vigue Bob Votteler Cynthia Wagner Betty Walkup Debra Walker Janet Walker Kristi Walker Kathy Wall Pamela Walton 211 Stephen Walton B obbi Walz Brenda Ward Helen Watts Richard Weaver Walter Weaver Scott Weiner Laurence Welbon J. J. Welch Kimberly Welty Charlie West Gail Westberry Steve Wightman Cliff Wiley Tom Wilkinson Caroline Williams Nancy Williams Joel Williamson Linda Willis Barbara Winship Martha Wisbey Mary Wise Nancy Wise Brian Woas . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS; (Left to right) Brad Bennet, Llisa Rogers, Doug Kaufman, and Scott Weiner. Carol Wood Mari Wyckoff Nancy Wyllie Kevin Yarnell Karl Youngs UNDERCLASSMEN SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS; (left to right) Maria Burke, Cindy McPike, Mark Hannisee, Nancy Kon- sler, Todd Sundeen, Steve Poole. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS; (left to right) Steve Sviontek, Dana Everhart, Cathy Howes, not pictured: David Davidson. JUNIOR CLASS OF- FICERS; (left to right) Keith Johns, Bill Anderson, Mike Holmes, Pepper Perkins, Cindy Montford, Karen Murray. Parti Fisher. AbateArthur Michael Abate; jr. Nancy Abel; jr. David Abreu; fresh. Gail Acebes; soph. Deborah Adams; fresh. Jefferey Adams; soph. Sharon Adams; jr. Aileen Adamson; jr. Tracey Adelsperger; jr. Heidi Adkisson; fresh. Lome Adkisson; soph. Connie Adler; fresh. Thomas Aiello; soph. Mark Albertson; fresh. Candace Alexander; jr. Kim Alexander, jr. James Allen; fresh. Ralph Allen; soph. Bennie Allred; jr. Claudine Alson; fresh. Kurt Alston; jr. Dennis Alter, jr. Rhebel Ambrose; fresh. Carl Anderson; soph. Douglas Anderson; fresh. Karen Anderson; soph. Kathy Anderson; jr. Nancy Anderson; jr. Nancy L. Anderson; jr. Otis Andrews; jr. Kathryn Andrews; fresh. Nancy Arcand; jr. Thomas Argersinger; jr. John Armatas; soph. Beverly Arnold; jr. Hugh Arthur; jr. Aufiery-Bellamy Mark Au fiery; jr. Daniel Austin; soph. Lori Austin; soph. Mary Austin; fresh. Gregory Auz; fresh. John Ayers; soph. Jeffrey Aylett, fresh. Pamela Badgley; soph. Brian Baker; jr. David Bailey; fresh. John Bailey; fresh. Rhoda Bailey; fresh. Joseph Ball; fresh. Susan Balough; jr. Lydia Banton; soph. Gregg Bantz; fresh. Deborah Barker; fresh. Kimberley Barksdale; jr Eileen Barnas; fresh. Laurie Barnes; soph. Patricia Barnes; fresh. Pamela Baron; fresh. Stephen Baskerville; fresh. Robin Bass; fresh. Leo Bassette; soph. Zaev Bassin; fresh. Deborah Bauer; fresh. Philip Bayne; soph. Janda Bazemore; jr. Shirley Beals; soph. Daniel Bean; jr. Edward Bebb; soph. Alan Belcher; fresh. Elizabeth Belcher; fresh. Trudy Bell; jr. Brenda Bellamy; soph. . Bendfeldt Bray Robert Bendfeldt; fresh. Carol Bennett; fresh. Freida Bennett; jr. Susan Beresford; jr. Johanna Berman; soph. Douglas Besecker; soph. Christian Beto; soph. Bill Beuttell; jr. Gina Bieber; jr. Jill Biggane; soph. Michele Bireley; soph. Susan Bischoff; fresh. Clarence Bivins; fresh. Daniel Black; fresh. Debra Black; fresh. Luanza Black; soph. Mary Black; soph. Pete Black; jr. Karen Blair; jr. Susan Blair; fresh. Robert Bledsoe; soph. Terry Blevins; fresh. Barbara Bohrer; jr. Jane Boiling; soph. Gregory Bollinger; fresh. Charles Bombard; soph. Valerie Boswell; soph. Janice Boutwell; fresh. Sydney Bowlin; jr. Jamie Bradshaw; soph. Maurice Bradshaw; soph. Donald Brady; soph. Mark Brandts, fresh. Debra Brannon; fresh. Barbara Brantley; jr. Donald Braswell; jr. Brawn-Carpenter Kim Brawn; fresh. Richard Bray; soph. Darci Braz; fresh. David Brewer; jr. Beth Brisbin; fresh. Paul Broadhead; jr. Philip Brocklesby; jr. Deborah Brown; soph. Sheryl Brown; fresh. Susan Brown; fresh. Roberta Browne; soph. Bonne Bryan; fresh. Denyse Bryan; jr. Judith Bryan; fresh. Brooke Bryington; jr. Tom Buck; fresh. Thomas Buckle; jr. Mary Bump; fresh. W fit fS w A it ilk Jerry Bulen; fresh. Roger Bunting; fresh. Barbara Bunyak; fresh. Cheryl Burd; soph. Richard Burnette III. fresh. Reginald Burns; soph. Emily Burroughs; fresh. Patricia Busch; jr. Brian Butterfield; jr. Roger Byelick; fresh. Mark Cadden; fresh. Kay Caldwell; fresh. Tara Cambria, soph. Chris Capone; fresh. David Capps; fresh. Jeff Carbia; jr. Catherine Carlton; fresh. Douglas Carpenter; fresh. Cassidy-Corcoran Margaret Carpenter; fresh. Michael Carter; fresh. Tom Cash; fresh. Susan Cassidy; fresh. David Cates; jr. William Cathcart; fresh. Mary Celona; fresh. Ray Chamberlin; jr. Lisa Chambers; fresh. Cynthia Chapman; fresh. Wayde Charest; fresh. Kathleen Chamley; fresh. Gregg Christensen; fresh. Robert Christian; fresh. Catherine Christos; fresh. Wendy Church; fresh. Ralph Citarella; jr. Ellen Clark; jr. Lynda Clark; fresh. Mary Clark; fresh. Chip Clark; jr. Linda Geary; fresh. Michael Clemons; jr. Nancy Clemons; fresh. Joseph Clouse; fresh. Linda Cochran; fresh. Gary Coffey; fresh. Beth-Alyson Cohen; fresh. Jon Cohill; fresh. Richie Coleman; fresh. Karen Collins; fresh. Todd Coningsby; fresh. Karen Compton; jr. David Cook; fresh. Larry Cook; fresh. Jackie Corcoran; soph. Corl-Doherty Joseph Corl; fresh. Anne Coupe; fresh. Eleanore Couper; fresh. Lori Cousino; fresh. Patrick Coyne; fresh. Cathie Craighead; fresh. Chuck Crandell; soph. Nancy Creech; fresh. Walt Cruger; fresh. Michael Custer; soph. JoAnn Dacosta; fresh. Phyllis Dalton; fresh. Pamela Dan deneau; soph. Carl Danielson; fresh. Helen Darby; jr. Phillip Davenport; fresh. Dave Davidson; fresh. Anne Davis; fresh. Kathryn Davis; fresh. Linda Davis; soph. Lynn Davis; fresh. Margot Davis; fresh. Kathryn L. Deathrage; fresh. Joseph Degonge; fresh. Mark Delacure; fresh. James Delk; fresh. Robin A. Dempsey Robin Devin; fresh. Debora Dickerson; jr. Cynthia Dietrich; fresh. Timothy Dix; fresh. Deborah Dietzen; soph. John Dipersio; jr. Robert Doak; fresh. Raquel Doblas; soph. Ellen Doherty; fresh. I III 1 : I i . Dolan Etheridge John Dolan; fresh. Rodney Donnelly; jr. Alan Dorrill; soph. Lucille Downey; soph. Don Drummond; fresh. Jennifer Dubats; fresh. Amy Dubois; fresh. Karen Dubois; fresh. Rebecca Duncan; soph. Scott Duncan; soph. Helen Dunn; jr. Katherine Dunn; fresh. Helen Dunne; soph. Dallas Duppenthaler; fresh. Margaret Duquemin; fresh. Janet Dusenbery; jr. Susan Duvall; jr. Sheila Dyer; fresh. Alicia Dyes; fresh. Jo Anna Dyk; fresh. John Ebeling; fresh. Jeannine Eckel; soph. Steve Edmonds; fresh. Dallas Edwards; jr. Ellen Edwards: fresh. Janet Edwards; fresh. Karen Ehlers; fresh. Terrie Eldridge; fresh. Janet Elliott; fresh. Kim Ellsworth; fresh. Mike Engelke; jr. Ronald English; fresh. Rhonda Epler; soph. Karen Erdman; fresh. Sandy Estep; fresh. Barbara Etheridge; soph. Adriana Evans; fresh. William Evans; jr. Henry Evatt; fresh. Cindra Everett: fresh. Dana Everhart; fresh. Susan Everhart; soph. l5 ' " Cindra Farley; fresh. Bruce Farlow; soph. Kimberlee Farmer; fresh. Thomas Fasano; jr. Roland Fasalo; jr. Raymond Faubion; soph. Deborah Feller; jr. Amy Ferdinandsen; fresh. Bruce Ferguson; soph. Jeff Ferguson; fresh. Leslie Ferguson; jr. Joseph Ferrucci; soph. Timothy Few; soph. Deborah Fialk; soph. Milton Field; fresh. Ben Fincher; soph. Jim Finnegan; fresh. Mary Ellyn Finn; soph. Laura Fisackerly; soph. John Fisher; fresh. Patricia Fisher; jr. Lisa Fitzmaurice; soph. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick; jr. Carol Fleming; soph. Susan Flight; fresh. Edward Fogh; soph. Rick Forrest; jr. Charles Foss; jr. Deborah Fowler; jr. Diana Fowler; fresh. Fox Glisson Dean Fox; fresh. Claire Fraser; jr. Elizabeth Fraser; jr. Janet Freckelton; jr. Clifton Freeman; soph. Lisa Freeman; fresh. Cindi Frick; jr. Debi Frick; soph. Jennifer Friend; jr. Donald Funi; soph. Keith Furman; soph. Susan Furman; soph. Karen Fyle; soph. Bob Gabriel; jr. Lisa Galasso; soph. Michael Gallemore; j Jose Gaona; fresh. Lynda Garver; fresh. Leigh Gavin; fresh. Douglas Geary; jr. Frederick Gebhard; jr. Jennifer Gee; fresh. Catherine Geiger; jr. Debra George; jr. Theodore Geltz; jr. Gary George; fresh. Kenneth George; fresh. Leonard Giammatteo; jr. David Gibson; soph. Faith Gibson; fresh. , ' A Paul Gill; jr. John Gilmore; soph. Scott Gurd; jr. Murray Glass; soph. David Glenny; soph. Rhonda Glisson; soph. 223 Ghsson-Guyer Robyn Glisson; fresh. Kathy Gluth; soph. Minter Goodson; fresh. Lisa Gore; fresh. Nancy Gorman; soph. Kenneth Gould; fresh. Suzanne Goulet; soph. Phillip Grace; soph. Helen Graff; fresh. Deborah Graham; soph. Sharon Granholm; fresh. Karen Grant; fresh. Monica Gratkowski; soph. Audrey Graves; soph. Carolyn Gray; soph. Cathy Gray; jr. Cynthia Greco; fresh. Ed Greco; soph. Nancy Green; soph. Karen Gregory; soph. Raymond Gregory III; jr. Rowland Gregory; fresh. Virginia Grey; soph. Barbara Grier; jr. Joseph Grill; fresh. Elizabeth Grimner; jr. Gail Griswold; soph. John Grogan; soph. Melanie Groves; jr. Sandra Guess; fresh. Scott Gudzak; soph. Cathy Gunter; soph. Coulby Gunther; jr. Gail Gustafson; fresh. Cindy Guy; soph. Curtis Guyer; fresh. Ann I i , : iV i A ft HaberHartsell Jim Haber; fresh. Kenneth Haber; fresh. Donald Hagen; fresh. Laura Hale; soph. Dan Halili; fresh. Beverly Hall; jr. Jacqueline Hall; fresh. Elaine Hall; soph. Mary Hall; fresh. Stanley Hall; jr. Susan Hall; fresh. R. Joseph Halter; jr. Richard Hamilton; fresh. Scott Hamilton; fresh. Susan Hamlin; soph. Penny Handlee; soph. Mark Hanisee; soph. Julie Hanlon; jr. Sandra Hanlon; fresh. Victoria Hansen; fresh. Sandra Harbert; fresh. Tina Hardin; jr. George Hardison; jr. Charles Hardwick; soph. Suzanne Hardy; soph. Steve Hare; jr. Amy Harlacher; soph. Caron Harley; jr. Belinda Harper; fresh. Deborah Harris; soph. Rondi Harris; fresh. William Harris; fresh. Kandy Hart; jr. Lawrence Hart; fresh. Patrick Hart; fresh. Julie Hartsell; soph. Hartsfield-Holman Philip Hartsfield; soph. Theodore Hartung; soph. Valerie Hartzog; soph. Dawn Haupt; fresh. Sharon Havis; fresh. Lawrence Hawks; jr. Chuck Hayes; soph. Donald Hays; jr. Kimberly Head; soph. Jeffrey Hearn; fresh. Elizabeth Heidenberger; fresh. David Heitzenrater; fresh. Janet Henderson; fresh. Kitty Henderson; fresh. Larry Henderson; jr. Susan Hendrick; fresh. Mark Henry; soph. Nina Henry; fresh. James Heptner; fresh. Tami Herick; fresh. Nadyne Hernquist; jr. Linda Hesher; soph. Martha Hester; jr. Kurt Heyman; jr. David Hickman; fresh. Carol Higgins; soph. Dale Hightower; jr. James Hillard; jr. Wesley Hines; fresh. Valerie Hockgraver; soph. Lester Hodge; fresh. Stella Hodges; fresh. Michael Hoffman; fresh. Vernon Hollingsworth: fresh. Mark Hollis; soph. Lee Holman; jr. ft f 1 ii f HaHBHHBanBraHi Holman James Peter Holman; soph. Lane Holmes; jr. Mike Holmes; jr. Sandy Holt; soph. Kathleen Holwell; fresh. Cristy Holzer; soph. Bradley Hopper; fresh. Esther Horton; fresh. Wanda Hough; jr. Sheri Howard; soph. Nan Howe; soph. Doug Howe; jr. Cathy Howes; fresh. Robert Hrubesch; jr. Everett Huckaba; soph. Patricia Huckery; soph. Teresa Huey; jr. Thomas Humphries; fresh. Sam Hunter; fresh. Matthew Hunzeker; fresh. Michael Huskins; jr. Nancy Huston; jr. Judy Hutchinson; jr. Mary Hutchinson; fresh. Kip Ingle; fresh. Thomas Ingram; fresh. Wendy Ingram; soph. Andrew Ireland; jr. Jo Irwin; fresh. Louis Irwin; fresh. Glenn Isaacson; jr. Susan Isbell; jr. Barbara Israel; soph. Andy Jackson; soph. Allison Jakes; soph. Cindy James; soph. Jarrett-Katzenberger David Jarrett; fresh. Donna Jensen; fresh. Jerry Jensen; jr. Peggy Jensen; soph. Keith Johns; jr. Carol Johnson; fresh. Cheri Johnson; jr. Christa Johnson; jr. Gretchen Johnson; soph. Ingrid Johnson; soph. Jay Johnson; soph. Juli Johnson; jr. Julie Johnson; fresh. Laura Johnson; jr. Lori Johnson; fresh. Terrie Johnson; fresh. Jon Johnston; fresh. Todd Johnson; jr. Donald Jones; jr. Sharon Jones; jr. Wilmot Jones; fresh. Terri Joplin; soph. Ellen Jordan; soph. James Jordan; soph. Jeff Jordan; jr. Jerry Jordan; fresh. Kristine Jordan; fresh. Patrick Jordan; fresh. Ian Joyce; fresh. Nancy Kain; fresh. Robert Kramig IV; fresh. Deborah Kanaszka; fresh. Wayne Kappauf; fresh. James Karr; fresh. Nicholas Kassman; jr. Monika Katzenberger; soph. , Kavanewsky-Korth Laura Kavanewsky; soph. Kathy Keeler; soph. Mark Kehoe; jr. Kristin Keller; soph. Judy Keller; fresh. Virginia Kellman; jr. Shaun Kelly; fresh. Keri Kelsey; fresh. Barbara Kelso; jr. Ann Marie Kemp; fresh. Karen Kennedy; fresh. Paul Kennedy; fresh. Tim Kennedy; soph. Robin Kersey; fresh. Sheryl Keyes; fresh. Martin Kidwell; fresh. Kenneth Kieffer; soph. Scott Kilgore; soph. Carole Kindred; fresh. Emmie King; fresh. Rodney King; jr. Betsey Kirkland; fresh. Gillene Kirkwood; fresh. Susan Kirkwood; soph. Rick Knez; jr. Audrey Knight; soph. Randy Knight; fresh. Philip Kniskern; fresh. Lisa Knowlton; fresh. Carolyn Koger; jr. Mike Komar; jr. Nancy Konsler; soph. Tere Koontz; jr. Susan Korn; fresh. Isabel Korosy; fresh. Kevin Korth; jr. , enstein Eddie Kovach; soph. Brian Kramer; soph. Robert Kramer; jr. Karen Krause; fresh. Charles Kretchman; fresh. Theresa Laine; fresh. Barbara Laird; jr. James Lake; fresh. Jeff Lamb; soph. Jill Lampley; fresh. Betsy Landon; fresh. Carolyn Landry; fresh. Jennie Lane; fresh. Kim Lardie; fresh. Emily Larochelle; fresh. Jeffrey Larson; soph. Dru Lashbrook; soph. Cindy Lastinger; soph. Tracie Latham; jr. Kevin Lavallee; fresh. Patricia Lavoy; jr. David Law; fresh. Cindy Layman; soph. Darlene Layton; jr. Lawrence Lebo; soph. Edward Lederman; fresh. Brian Lee; jr. Glen Lefeber; soph. Rhonda Leffell; jr. Douglas Lego; fresh. Michael Lehman; fresh. Robert Leitner; jr. Deborah Leis; jr. Jeffrey Leonard; fresh. John Lewis; soph. Gary Lichtenstein; soph. f f {ft f Liddle Marschean Dave Liddle; soph. Dave Lind; fresh. Shari Lisak; soph. Jerry Litrento; jr. Kimberly Lockwood; fresh. Kirk Lodge; soph. Fred Loesche; jr. Pamela Loesche; fresh. Max Loiterstein; fresh. James Long; jr. Richard Longden; jr. Amarilis Lopez; soph. Kimberly Loter; fresh. Cindy Louer; soph. Mariano Loy; jr. Valerie Ludwig; jr. Scott Lukoski; soph. Karen Lunn; fresh. Judith Lunoe; fresh. Sarah Jame Lupfer; soph. Bill Lux; fresh. Scott MacEwan; fresh. Alston MacGill; jr. Debra Maguire; jr. Christine Malasca; fresh. Robert Maleeny; jr. Mariam Malik; jr. Meg Mall; soph. Donna Maneggia; soph. Karri Mann; soph. Elizabeth Manns; soph. George Manson; jr. Christopher Marine; soph. Beverly Marek; jr. Joseph Margio; soph. Richard Marschean; fresh. Martin-McManus Daniel Martin; fresh. i f Judy Martin; fresh. 1 r Maria Martinez; jr. U.V Rebeca Martinez; fresh. Georgie Mason; jr. i f- Susan Mashke; jr. Sf Judith Mattera; jr. { » John Matthews; soph. " " p John Matthews; jr. Donna Mattie; fresh. fr i Suzanne Mattox; soph. Stefani Mayer; fresh. Mary Mazzanti; fresh. Jill McCabe; fresh. Laurie McCain; jr. Steven McCarter; fresh. Helen McCarthy; jr. Mike McClaskey; jr. Mary McCluer; fresh. Nancy McClure; fresh. Suzanne McCullough; fresh. Patricia McDermott; soph. Rich McEver; jr. Robert McFarland; jr. Thomas McFarland; jr. John McGinn; jr. Theresa McGinty; soph. Daniel McGraw; fresh. Bruce McHugh; fresh. Helen Mcintosh; jr. Matthew Mclsaac; fresh. Sandra McKenzie; jr. George McKnight; soph. LeeAnne McLane; soph. Beverly McLear; soph. Paul McManus; fresh. m 1 i 232 . McMillan Montgomery 0%. 0 m k i f " 1 J? :s • 1 Sam | Melissa McMillan; jr. Katie McNeil; jr. Cynthia McPike; soph. Annette Mead; fresh. Janet Meckstroth; fresh. James Mediate; jr. Linda Meenan; fresh. Maureen Meenan; jr. Mary Jane Meherg; fresh. Charlotte Melhorn; fresh. Elizabeth Menzies; soph. Ricky Mentzer; soph. Raymond Menasche; jr. Bill Merchant; jr. Tara Merchant; fresh. Anne Merrill; fresh. Kelly Merwin; soph. Jay Middleton; fresh. Lisa Middleton; soph. Deborah Milby; jr. Renea Miles; jr. Paul Milewski; fresh. Anthony Miller; soph. Cynthia Miller; fresh. Diane Miller; jr. Evelyn Miller; fresh. George Miller; soph. Helen Miller; jr. Sherri Miller; fresh. Richard Mollet; soph. Marilyn Molzahn; fresh. Robert Mons; fresh. Cindy Montford; jr. Jan Montgomery; soph. Lois Montgomery; soph. Tracy Montgomery; soph. Moody-Norwood Daniel Moody; jr. David Moore; soph. Sean Moore; jr. Dana Moose; fresh. Thomas Moriarty; fresh. Scott Morgan; fresh. Catherine Morris; jr. Jill Morton; soph. Kathy Morton; soph. Sanford Morton; jr. Wilbert Moss; soph. David Mowatt; fresh. John Muckenthaler; jr. Jackie Mullikin; soph. Frederick Munden; soph. Michael Murphy; jr. Michael Murphy; fresh. Karen Murray; jr. Maria Musante; jr. Anna Myrick; jr. Holly Nance; jr. Rhonda Neal; soph. Mary Neiswander; jr. John Nemjo; soph. Vivian Nemjo; fresh. Laurelle Newbill; soph. Susan Newbury; jr. William Newton; fresh. John Nichols; soph. Linda Nichols; jr. Rebecca Nichols; soph. Kristy Nielsen; soph. Kevin Niewulis; fresh. Jill Noblet; soph. Juda Norman; soph. Jean Norwood; jr. ftJUU i I i ■ ■ H 4 1 ' ; ' Nostrand-Parker Tracy Nostrand; fresh. Nelly Nunley; jr. Pierre Nunley; jr. Adele Oare; jr. Steven Ochsner; fresh. Katherine O ' Brien; fresh. Susan O ' Connor; fresh. Cesar Odio; soph. Mary O ' Geary; jr. Robin O ' Hagan; soph. Kevin O ' Leary; fresh. Patti O ' Leary; jr. Timothy O ' Leary; fresh. Maria Oliver; fresh. Mark Oliver; jr. Rexford Oliver; fresh. Karen Olsen; soph. Craig Olson; soph. Sven Olson; fresh. Leanne Onstort; fresh. Jose Ortiz; fresh. Robert Ortiz; soph. Shelley Overholt; jr. Clyde Owens; fresh. Joseph Owens; jr. Karen Owens; fresh. Lawanda Pack; jr. Randel Pack; soph. Timothy Paddock; fresh. Jeffrey Painter; jr. Peter Palmer; jr. Daniel Papallo; soph. Cliff Pappas; soph. Karen Parham; fresh. Jeffrey Parker; soph. John Parker; soph. Parks-Pines Allison Parks; soph. Donna Parkman; fresh. Jolyn Parrott; jr. David Parry; soph. James Patrick; soph. Charles Patsos; fresh. Jeffrey Patterson; fresh. Carrie Pawinski; soph. Jennifer Pearson; soph. Joseph Peck; soph. Brenda Peeples; jr. Karen Penn; fresh. Sylvia Penty; fresh. Wanda Perea; jr. Bonnie Perciasepe; soph. William Perfett; fresh. James Perkins; jr. Dorina Perrone; soph. Peter Battaglia; fresh. Craig Peterson; fresh. Donna Peterson; fresh. Joe Petrulionis; soph. Richard Perry; soph. Roy Petteway; jr. Joy Pettry; jr. William Pflum; fresh. Fred Phillips; soph. James Phillips; fresh. Michael Phillips; soph. Michael Phipps; jr. Michael Piatnik; soph. Randall Pickering; jr. Heather Pierce; fresh. Donna Pinder; fresh. Robin Pinder; fresh. Anthony Pines; fresh. ■ H " fi Pirkle Ress Frankie Pirkle; jr. Kim Plummer; soph. Mark Podolle; fresh. Kimberly Poinsett; fresh. Steve Poole; soph. Jennifer Pope; fresh. John Popper; fresh. Karen Porter; fresh. Laura Porter; fresh. Mitch Posner; jr. Lauren Potts; fresh. Matthew Powers; jr. Thomas Prevatte; jr. George Price; jr. Jimmie Price; fresh. Thomas Priest; jr. Mary Primm; soph. David Pryor; fresh. Susan Pults; fresh. David Pyms; fresh. John Quigley; fresh. Crystal Quillian; fresh. Amy Quist; soph. Carl Radford; jr. Brian Radon; fresh. Lori Ramsey; fresh. Judith Rankin; fresh. Chris Rapp; fresh. Gayla Read; jr. Donna Ready; jr. Norman Reece; jr. Bob Reed; jr. Tracy Reiff; soph. Gail Reitinger; fresh. David Ress; soph. Patricia Ress; fresh. ' ' Reynolds-Rothwell Frank Reynolds; soph. William Reynolds; fresh. Bradley Rice; jr. Michael Rice; jr. Guy Richardson; soph. Dan Richey; jr. Jennifer Rickett; fresh. Rhonda Reichel; jr. David Riker; jr. Karan Ring; soph. Hal Robbins; soph. Rosalie Robbins; soph. Tony Roberto III, soph. Laura Roberts; soph. Lynn Roberts; fresh. Mark Roberts; jr. Mary Roberts; jr. Verna Roberts; jr. Brennan Robertson; jr. Ralph Robertson; fresh. Briggette Robinson; soph. Deborah Robinson; fresh. Diane Robinson; fresh. Richard Robinson; fresh. Tammy Robinson; fresh. David Rogers; fresh. Faye Rogers; jr. Llisa Rogers; jr. Patti Rogers; jr Penny Rogers; soph, Valerie Rogers; fresh. Priscilla Rooks; soph. Virginia Rosevear; soph Bill Ross; soph. Lisa Rotolante; soph. Kathleen Rothwell; jr. c?Aft H 238 Rowan Sellers If i 4 1 A i ' ■ (2$? $ i» i Iff s 1 a liii « Peter Rowan; fresh. Cynthia Rowe; fresh. Barbara Rozek; fresh. Nancy Rucks; fresh. Mary Ruden; fresh. Peter Ruffner; fresh. David Ruland; fresh. Eric Rupert; fresh. Jeffrey Sadler; fresh. Susanne Saffran; fresh. Denise Sanscrainte; soph. David Sardinha; soph. Sharon Sargeant; fresh. Wayne Saunders; fresh. Janet Sawyer; fresh. Werner Schaeper; soph. Thomas Schick; jr. Ken Schilling; soph. Pat Schilling; soph. Fred Schmalkuche; soph. Cana Schmidt; fresh. Todd Schmidt; soph. Cynthia Schoff; jr. Sandra Schram; fresh. John Schroeder; soph. Michael Schoeller; jr. Darrell Schultz; fresh. Nancy Schwartz; soph. Kristen Schweizer; jr. Sandy Scoville; jr. Edward Seabrook; soph. Brent Sears; soph. Elise Sechrist; fresh. George Sechrist; fresh. Rebecca Self; soph. Sanna Sellers; soph. . SelleyStarks CT Gordon Selley: soph. Frank Senatore; jr. Christine Sengstock; jr. Dian Senif; jr. Carlos Seoane; fresh. Robert Settle; fresh. Charles Sexton; jr. Liz Shafer; soph. Karen Shackelford; soph. Leffie Shackelford; soph. James Shaffer; soph. Lanita Sharpe; fresh. Bill Shea; fresh. Daryl Sheffield; jr. Stacy Sherman; jr. Candace Shuck; Jr. Brian Sickles; jr. Barbara Simcox; soph. Valerie Simmons; soph. Joseph Sims; fresh. Doug Sitta; jr. Al Sizemore; soph. Leonard Slider; fresh. Cindy Smith; jr. Dorinne Smith; fresh. Elizabeth Smith; fresh. Gaye Smith; fresh. Marcia Smith; soph. Robert Snead; fresh. Brenda Snyder; jr. Miriam Speakman; fresh. Carol Spears; fresh. Jennifer Stafford; soph. Barbara Stanley; jr. Lauren Stapleton; fresh. Sara Starks; jr. fa A Starzinger-Synatschk (fa fa Tanya Starzinger; soph. Bill Stead; soph. Bill Steele; fresh. Tessa Steendyk; jr. Raymond Stein; fresh. Skip Stephens; jr. Edward Stephens; fresh. Karen Stephens; fresh. Linda Stephens; soph. Sandra Stephens; jr. Stephanie Stephens; fresh. Sharon Stephey; soph. Karla Stetter; soph. Albert Stevens; fresh. Karla Stevens; fresh. Kathy Stewart; fresh. Donna St. Germain; fresh. Paul Stiff; soph. John Stitzel; jr. Mary Stobbe; fresh. Donald Stoicovy; fresh. Gail Strain; soph. Barbara Strickland; soph. Denise Stroud; soph. David Strumpf; fresh. Steven Struck; fresh. Jeanne Strukel; jr. Don Stuart; soph. Karen Sullivan; fresh. Todd Sundeen; soph. Jeffrey Sunderlin; soph. Steven Sviontek; fresh. William Swindle; soph. Greg Sylvester; jr. Jayne Sylvester; jr. Jana Synatschk; jr. Talarnonti Tuttle Wayne Talarnonti; jr. Wendy Talarnonti; soph. Susanne Tallent; fresh. Charles Tauby; jr. Andrew Taylor; jr. Pamela Taylor; jr. Janice Tedder; jr. Ana Teran; fresh. Judy Thomas; jr. Leslie Thomas; jr. Temple Thomas; fresh. Todd Thomas; fresh. Teri Thornton; jr. Cindy Thurn; fresh. Helen Tillett; fresh. Drew Tillman; jr. Mark Tillett; jr. Tamara Timms; jr. James Tinthoff; soph. Peter Tisbo; soph. Janet Tobin; soph. Christine Tobler; jr. Hugh Tolle; soph. Laura Tolle; soph. Richard Tomlinson; fresh. Marilee Traxier; fresh. John Trickett; jr. Krys Triffon; fresh. Jennifer Trout; fresh. Judith Trueman; fresh. William Tucker; fresh. John Turnbull; jr. Frank Turner; jr. Jeffrey Tutan; fresh. Lynn Tutan; jr. Laura Turtle; jr. till I i Uhrmann Waters f) | W llhi ■. til A V 1 j fe ' Sxteffl ;. .. Bradley Uhrmann; fresh. Tom Usher; fresh. Dennis Valdes; jr. Kenneth Van Antwerp; fresh. Gerald Vanderstyne; fresh. Penny Vanderver; soph. Robert VanStaden; soph. Lourdes Vazquez; fresh. Hugh Vaughn; soph. Walter Vaughn; soph. Kristianna Venderlic; jr. Karen Venning; fresh. Donna Via; jr. Rosa Vidal; jr. Lawrence Vignola; fresh. Chuck Vilushis; soph. Carol Viner; fresh. Jean Vollman; soph. Jovita Vonruckteschell; jr. Thomas Waddell; fresh. Cynthia Wagner; fresh. Gary Wagner; soph. Carol Walker; soph. Dan Walker; soph. Hosier Wall; fresh. Thomas Wallis; fresh. Cynthia Walsh; fresh. Barbara Ward; jr. Tom Ward; jr. Pat Ware; fresh. William Warekois; jr. Gino Warner; fresh. Pamela Warner; jr. Jeffrey Warren; fresh. Richard Wasko; jr. Kelly Waters; fresh. Watkins-Williams John Williams; jr. Joy Watkins; jr. Lana Watkins; fresh. Mary Watkins; jr. Neil Watkins; jr. Mary Watson; soph. Kevin Weaver; soph. Christian Webb; fresh. Reva Webb; jr. Robin Webb; fresh. Melinda Webster; fresh. George Weekly; fresh. Thomas Weeks; fresh. Lauren Weichsel; soph. Curtis Weishaupt; fresh. Gary Weitermann; fresh. Susan Welch; soph. Nancy Wells; fresh. William Wells; fresh. Lynn Welter; soph. Janet Whetzel; jr. Frank Whipple; soph. Gayle White; soph. Marilyn Whitehead; soph. Jan Whitehill; fresh. Mary Whitesides; jr. Brand Whitlock; jr. Will Whitlock; jr. Janice Whitney; jr. Janice Weishaupt; jr. Laura Wilder; jr. Robin Wilkinson; fresh. Diana Willey; soph. Alice Williams; soph. Cliff Williams; soph. Jeffrey Williams; fresh. Williams-York m ' J m W » i Laura Williams; fresh. Nancy Williams; fresh. Steve Williams; soph. Willie Williams; soph. Mark Wilkie; soph. Edith Wilson; jr. Jessica Wilson; fresh. Mildred Wilson; fresh. Becky Winkler; soph. Donald Winters; fresh. Loralei Wisbeski; fresh. Karen Withers; jr. Dean Whitaker; jr. Patti Wixted; jr. Mary Woerner; fresh. Lois Wolfe; jr. Susan Wolfe; fresh. Doris Wood; soph. Lori Wood; fresh. Kathy Woodford; soph. Harriet Woods; jr. Raynie Woods; soph. Edward Wooten; jr. Robert Workman; jr. Carol Wormwood; soph. Beth Worthington; fresh. Jonathan Wreede; fresh. Lester Wright; fresh. Sharon Wright; fresh. Steve Wright; soph. Valerie Wroten; soph. John Wylcenski; fresh. Han Yang; jr. Catherine Yoe; fresh. Terrell Yon III; fresh. Job York; jr. Young-Zobel Chuck Young; jr. Dana Young; soph. Ellen Young; fresh. Philip Young; jr. Debra Zappi; fresh. Mollie Zaput; soph. Mike Zdanowicz; soph. Kathryn Zobel; jr. Ill Mfl Due to unforeseen o-currences, which often develop in the course of preparing any large publication such as the Interlachen for printing, some class pictures are out of alphabetical order. We regret this lack of continuity, but we assure our readers that every effort has now been made by the staff to portray each member of the stu- dent body. If, however, some student ' s picture was left out of this issue due to this mechanical problem we sin- cerely extend our apologies. Staff members of The Interlachen Diane L. Allen Ellis Allen Luis Betancourt Barbra Biggane Adu Boateng Jeff Brower Myra Brown Roy Bruce Randall Buchanan William Burch Helen Cain Lewis Carlsen Matthew Carlson Cynthia Cams Mari Casale Catherine Cates Randy Centrella Kathryn Chappell Mary Christopher Peter Clark Robert Clark Robert Cochran Patricia Coffey Gwen Comstock Mark Cook Wyatt Cook Amarilis Corrales Suzanne Cox Glenn Cross William Cundiff Carol Curran John P. Curran John Davis Ann Dawson Rebeca Dean Richard Degel Peyton Dekker Samuel Deputy Felicia Donatelli Fran Dower David Downey Mary Draper Suzanne Echeverria Susan Ellis Murray Harris Jane Jenkins Glenarva Schuder ' 4t Anna Schuster Robert Shaffer Linda Amundsen, jr. John Anderson; jr. William Anderson; soph, Linda Baas; soph. Matthew Bablitz; jr. T T J . " " , I i J William Baker; soph. Roy Baltz; soph. Peter Battaglia; fresh. Dedra Bell; jr. Steven Bennett; soph. George Bessette; soph. Charles Bradshaw; soph. Coleen Brander; jr. David Broome; jr. Jay Brown; soph. Kenneth Bryant; jr. Scott Buchholz; fresh. Sherree Burch; jr. Robert Burdick; soph. Marta Burke; soph. Warren Butler; jr. Marilyn Butt; soph. Anthony Caggiano; soph. David Cain; soph. Samuel Campbell; jr. Anthony Capuano; soph. Gary Carignan; fresh. Ira Carley; jr. Mary Carlin; jr. Sheree Carpenter; jr. 250 I } r jffi;uKI$ i :- i Pftff «fi«f 1HH aH 1 m. Jul mm Donna Can-; soph. Cheryl Carry; jr. Linda Cassels; jr. Craig Cates; soph. Susan Cates; jr. Michael Christian; jr. Joseph Ciminello; soph. Michael Cimo; jr. Ralph Ciper; soph. Brenda Clark; jr. Kim Clark; soph. Cindy Clements; soph. Leon Clemmer; soph. Renatta Cochran Carl Coffman; soph. Carissa Collins; Lisa Conser; soph. Adele Converse; jr. John Conway; soph. Laura Cotton; jr. Keith Councill; soph. Cathy Cramer; soph. Mary Creegan; soph. Katherine Crews; soph. Virginia Crooks; jr. Anne Cross; jr. Bill Cupp; jr. Mary Beth Curran; soph. John Cuticchia; soph. Robert D ' Amora; soph. Jean Davidson; jr. James Davis; soph. Sara Davis; jr. John Dechellis; fresh. Louis Dessaint; jr. Richard Diaz; soph. Andrew Digiacomo; soph. Robert Dolan; jr. Scott Duda; soph. Donald Dwiggins; jr. David Elliot; jr. David Erickson; soph. Albert Ervey; jr. Cindy Ewbank; jr. Donald Farrow; fresh. Elizabeth Francisco; soph. Douglas Gardner; fresh. Joanna Glass; soph. Suanne Goldsmith; soph. Kelli Griffin; soph. Kenneth Greendal; Vicki Hall; jr. Timothy Hamilton; fresh. Garry Handley; fresh. Craig Harvey; jr. Debbie Hooker; jr. Bryant Joyner; soph. Kathryn Kernan; soph. Robert Kramig; fresh. Marilyn Loesche; fresh. A S - ft ■ ■ ' ) iife i!8 Si-«; ydi. r Robert Whitcomb; fresh. John Wicenski; fresh. Margaret Mitchell; fresh. Steven Scheck; fresh. William Shea; fresh. Karen Shusterman; soph. Diane Smith; fresh. David Stumpf; soph. Jim Tinthoff; soph. Joseph Turk; fresh. Prudence Vanderveer; soph. Jill Von Hofen; soph. We arrive upon this earth alone We depart alone This time called life, was meant to share. Walter Rinder IN MEMORY . . . ♦ • ' , We understand death for the first time when it puts its hand on someone we know. What was just an intellectual acknowledgement of the fact of death becomes a real hurt, and grief, and sorrow that does not go away simply thinking of something else. Jim Tinthoff was killed in a tragic accident this year, and his family and friends know a loss that is real. All of us are reminded of how precious, and fleeting, life can be. The loss is real. The grief is real. The sorrow is real. What can Christian faith say in the face of tragedy like Jim ' s death? The comfort of faith came not in avoiding the pain and sorrow we feel, not in going around in grief, but in going through grief. As Christians we know that the shadows are real, but we know also that shadows are finally but proof of the light. " Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death . . . Thou art with me. " The Christian trust in resurrection came only as it passed through the death of Good Friday. God has been there. God cares. God loves. He hurts when we hurt. He cries when we cry. And with a God like that, we can continue to trust, we can have faith, we can go on affirming life in the midst of death. We have a God who answers our questions of " Why?, " not with arguments, but with His sustaining presence and His healing love. So we can move through the loss of death to the truth of a love made real in relationship with God, and with others — relationships made richer for having known Jim Tinthoff. Even in death, Paul ' s words ring clear: f James L. Tinthoff 1959-1979 " For I am sure that neither death nor life . . . Nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. " As Christians we affirm that not as ones who have never known pain and sorrow and the feeling of separation, but as those who know the reality of death. And yet in the end, God ' s love prevails. Love is the victor. Death is not the end. The end is life, His life, and our lives through Him, in Him. Life has greater depths of beauty, mystery and Benediction than the wildest visionary ever dared to dream. Thanks be to God, for Jim Tinthoff, for life, and for a risen Lord. 7t KrJiTfiS £ . - ;-«ft OUR SPONSORS P.O. BOX 89 • 495 E. SUMMERLIN STREET BARTOW. FLORIDA 33830 Mr i is TELEPHONE 1813) 533-4114 402 S. Kentucky Ave. Lakeland, Fla. WORLD WIDE TRAVEL SERVICES RESERVATIONS TICKETS TOURS CRUISES Telephone (813) 688-8404 Compliments of Piper Aircraft Corporation Lakeland Division INDEPENDENT ROOFING INC. 115S. Lincoln Ave. Lakeland, Fla. Telephone (813) 688-9414 BEST WISHES Education is Priceless Broadway 2?i S Florida Ave TILL OFFICE EQUIPMENT INC CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 79 from a Friend i?dCPenney Shop Daily 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sunday 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. DOWNTOWN LAKELAND 321 S. Kentucky Ave. 688-8511 260 Cancer is often curable. The fear of cancer is often fatal. -aP " ! i If you ' re afraid of cancer. . .you ' re not alone But some people are so afraid that they won ' t go to the doctor when they suspect something ' s wrong. They ' re afraid the doctor might " find some- thing! ' This kind of fear can prevent them from discover- ing cancer in the early stages when it is most often curable These people run the risk of letting cancer scare them to death American Cancer Society 261 IMC Florida is minerals, chemicals, environment, people. Minerals. IMC produces more phosphate than any other company in the world. Annual capacity of 12.5 million tons is 25 percent of U.S., and 10 percent of world output. IMC ' s Port Sutton terminal on Tampa Bay can export five million tons annually to major world markets. ChemiCQls. New Wales Chemicals, Inc., a subsidiary, operates the world ' s largest concentrated phosphate chemicals fertilizer plant. It also produces phosphate- based animal feed ingredients. Fertilizers. Three plants offer a complete line of fertilizers for mid-Florida ranches, farms and groves, homes and gardens. Environment IMC recharges and recycles millions of gallons of water per day. New disciplines augment air quality controls, and expedite recovery of retaining ponds in a program that annually reclaims thousands of mined-out acres. Development. IMC Development Corporation, a land management subsidiary, has 35,000 acres in ranchland, 3,000 acres in citrus, plus major residential and commercial properties. People. More than 2,500 IMC employees contribute to mid-Florida ' s economy. Their talents and innovative efforts signal IMC ' s environmental operational progress. They care about mid-Florida, just as you do. Not just how it lives, but how well it lives, too. INTERNATIONAL MINERALS C CHEMICAL CORPORATION IMC Florida Operations PO. Box 3807 • Lakeland FL 33802. arnett lanK. 331 South Florida Ave. Lime St. 3635 South Florida Ave. Dranefield Rd. Lakeland, Florida Member of F.D.I.C. Congratulations Class of 79 UNIQUE Home in Woodlake! 3 Bedroom. 2 bath, large living room, large kitchen, lots ot privacy 1 By Owneri 1638 Lagoon Place 646-2301 WS11-26 2 BR, Retirement home, tenced. with trees ' 920 Nakomis $12,000 NEW 2 BR, 2 bath home, garage Assumable mtg $4,300 dn 106 Amy $29,900 3 BR. 2 bath, like new home Fenced, quiet area 1568 Church Hill Ct $35,000 3 BR, 2 bath, like new home Fenced, quiet area 1568 Church Hill Ct $35,000 TWO 3 BR, 2 bath brick homes CH A, Owner financing avail- able Eachinlow30 ' s 3444 344S N Florida JAMES CAMERON. JR REALTOR •646-1000 Ken Beach, Assoc 644-2044 W11-15 PADGETT bath horp decora ' 688-06 ' i 10 ROOM House, fireplace, carpeted, appliances, d ish- washer, air. garage, fruit shade $28,000 " 683-1827 WS11-26 $5,000 FULL PRICE!! Good winter home or all year round 11 On a good lot with deep well septtc tank, and 10 ' xlO ' work shop It ' s neat, clean furnished including A C, curtains drapes - new carpet, etc Must see to appreciate ' ! That ' s right - only $5,000 by out-of-state owner - quick possession 1322 Rowell St . K ' vtlle WS11-26 3. MOBILE HOMES 76 BENDIX • completely furnish- ed, deluxe 2 bedroom. VA bath mobile home Screened porch, carport. CH A - MANY extras ' Located in prestige park $19,500 682-2053 for appointment WS11-15 put of Town Buyer ' model 2 bed- kglewide mobile i adult rental I PLY Box HERE ' S WHERE THE ACTION IS! POLK SHOPPING HEWS 2901 W. Memorial Blvd. Lakeland, Fla. 33802 Phone 813 688-8508 BEST WISHES to the class of 79 THE INTERLACHEN ADVERTISING STAFF Robert Gregory Babs Boher Pene Schmidt Kristen Schweizer CONGRATULATIONS to the class of 5 ? 79 RISK ROSES J. W. RISK OWNER from Merle Norman Exciting new shades for gorgeous eye makeup. 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Best Wishes Class of 1979 Congratulations to the Class of 79 Compliments of florida tile tsl Jeff McCay steps out in a Myrick ' s suit 119-123 S. Kentucky Downtown Lakeland Tyler FLORAL SHOPPE fiiuw W 4 Large Selection Of Plants Browsers Welcome " FLOWERS FASHIONED WITH LOVE " S 682-4754 S§ or 688-7355 1214 E MAIN ST Congratulations Class of 1979 The Best Of Everything Now That Your Feet Are On The " WRIGHT " Path. Godspeed! SCHWEIZER ASSOCIATES BEST WISHES to the 1979 GRADUATING CLASS OF FSC from the College Cafe and Terrace SERA-TEC BIOLOGICALS 106 East Pine St. Lakeland, FL 33801 PLASMA FRACTIONS FOR QUALITY BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS The Staff at SERA-TEC Congratulates all Graduating students. Thank you for your continued support throughout the school year and GOOD LUCK in all future endeavors. Coke fe Jfc- fv LAKELAND MUSICLAND Gulbransen Organs Pianos Guitars Accessories LAKE MIRIAM SQUARE 4806 S. Florida Ave. 644-5181 the traveler COMPLETE TRAVEL SERVICE MUMER 682-2172 2015 South Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida 33803 Compliments of CEMENT PRODUCTS SUPPLY CO. INC. 516 W. Main Lakeland, Fla. IN FLORIDA THE PLACE FOR EVERYTHING IS PUBLIX The place for beef. Two delicious choices: Swift ' s Premium ProTen and Non-ProTen U.S.D.A. Choice Beef. sp Trv The place for produce. You ' ll love our quality, variety and freshness. W The Defi For the good times - from snacks to — complete hot XTi The Danish Bakery Everything ' s baked fresh daily right on the premises Conveniences like V photo processing You get quick service, Publix quality and two sets of f prints nbonus Hunts CONGRATULATIONS Class of 79 Abate, Michael Uncasville, Conn. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: ODK, tennis team, Phi Sigma Kappa Adams, Daniel Winter Haven, Fla. MAJOR: Business Citrus ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon, cirrus club, ski club, Alpha Delta Pi big brother Alexander, Robert Holiday, Fla. Allen, Ellis Auburn, Ala. MAJOR: Mathematics ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsilon, ACS Anderson, Nanette St. Petersburg, Fla. MAJOR: Psychology ORGANIZATIONS: Psi Chi, AWS, psychology club Anderson, Richard Owensboro, Ky. Anderson, Robert Fort Pierce, Fla. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Tri Beta Andrews, Otis Mulberry, Fla. Andrus, Susan Cooper City, Fla. MAJOR: English ORGANIZATIONS: Wesley fellowship Antley, Bill Lake Wales, Fla. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Arnold, Beverly Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta Pi Bailey, James Ocala, Fla. Baird, Susan Holiday, Fla. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu Baldwin, Louis Lakeland, Fla. Barry, Mark Winter Haven, Fla. MAJOR: Physical Ed. Barton, Rene Miami, Fla. MAJOR: Psychology ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Delta Chi, Joy Explosion Battle, Patsy Atlanta, Ga. MAJOR: Finance Personnel Mgmt. ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, AWS, Phi Chi Theta, Sigma Chi little sister, Alpha Eta, Southern staff Beals, Phillip Frostproof, Fla. Bean, Joy Tampa, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Gamma Delta, Panhellenic Bell, Elizabeth Atlanta, Ga. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, Tri Beta Bennett, Bradley Wyoming, 111. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Delta Sigma Pi, intramural board Berry, Anne N. Palm Beach, Fla. MAJOR: Business Mgmt. ORGANIZATIONS: Student Union Board, Band Berry, Jack Winter Haven, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Citrus Club Betancourt, Luis Lake Alfred, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Alpha, Sigma Delta Pi Beuttell, William Vero Beach, Fla. MAJOR: Citrus ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Chi Biggane, Barbra Miami, Fla. Bird, Deborah Bradenton, Fla. MAJOR: Early Childhood Ed. Birkbeck, Jayne Orlando, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu Bongiorno, George Bayville Long Isl., N.Y. MAJOR: Marketing ORGANIZATIONS: Theta Chi, baseball team Boone, Glenn Lakeland, Fla. Bordeaux, Robert Lakeland, Fla. Bray, Wendell Doraville, Ga. MAJOR: Business Broadhead, Michael Lakeland, Fla. Broome, Thomas Hollywood, Fla. MAJOR: Financial Mgmt. ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, concert band, scuba club, dixieland band, pit orchestra, Alpha Gamma Delta big brother Brower, Jeffrey Vero Beach, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Epsilon Phi Brown, Joseph Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: basketball team Brown, Kevin Bowling Green, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: citrus club Brown, Myra Greencastle, Ind. MAJOR: Sociology ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, AWS, Sigma Chi little sister Brown, Pamela Miami, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu Bruce, Roy N. Fort Myers, Fla. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Phi, Tri-Beta Bruno, Linda Lakeland, Fla. Bryan, Philip Bartow, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: citrus club Bryant, Ellen Nokomis, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu Buchanan, Randall Ringoes, N.J. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Kappa Epsilon, P.E. club, intramural board Burch, William MAJOR: Citrus Winter Garden, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: citrus club Cain, Helen Lake Wales, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Psi Chi Cambell, Valerie Lake Wales, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. Carlsen, Lewis Ft. Myers, Fla. MAJOR: Music Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Pre-Ministerial Assoc. Carlson, Matthew Apopka, Fla. MAJOR: Journalism Social Work ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Epsilon Phi, Sigma Delta Chi Carlton, David Lakeland, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Vagabonds Cams, Cynthia Winter Park, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Chi Omega, AWS, JA, Cheerleader, Kappa Delta Pi, Intramural board. Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister Casale, Man Joy Erie, Pa. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. Special Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Omicron Pi, tennis Cassels, Kent MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha, ROTC, soccer team Cates, Catherine Nassau, Bahamas MAJOR: Business Man. ORGANIZATIONS: Delta Sigma Pi Centrella, Randy Winsted, Ct. MAJOR: Science ORGANIZATIONS: Theta Chi, baseball Ceplenski, Albert Westerly, R.I. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Phi, Southern Staff Chappell, Kathryn Sanford, Fla. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Rho Epsilon, Tri-Beta Chester, Betsy Signal Mtn., Tenn. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Omicron Pi, Tau Epsilon Phi affiliate Christopher, Mary Cocoa Beach, Fla. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Omicron Pi, Tau Kappa Epsilon little sister Clark, Paul Hollywood, Fla. MAJOR: History ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon Clark, Peter St. Petersburg, Fla. MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha Clark, Robert Waverly, Fla. Clody, Deborah Arcadia, Fla. MAJOR: Communications Speech ORGANIZATIONS: Spanish Society, Sigma Delta Pi Cluthe, Sue Bloomfield Hills, Mich. MAJOR: Management ORGANIZATIONS: tennis team, FCA, recrea- tion committee Cochran, Robert Boca Raton, Fla. MAJOR: Marketing ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Epsilon Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, intramural board Coe, Charles Norwalk, Conn. MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi Coffey, Patricia Vero Beach, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Early Child. Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, Kappa Delta Pi Comstock, Gwen West Palm Beach, Fla. MAJOR: Education ORGANIZATIONS: S.U.B. Conti, Walter Lakeland, Fla. Cook, Mark New Smyrna Beach, Fla. MAJOR: Business Citrus ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Phi, IFC Cook, Wyatt Atlanta, Ga. MAJOR: Business Mgmt. Marketing ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Epsilon Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, IFC, intramural board Copley, Brad Winter Haven, Fla. Corrales, Amarilis Lakeland, Fla. Courtoy, Lisa Tampa, Fla. MAJOR: Political Science ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Gamma Mu, Omicron Delta Kappa, JA Cox, Suzanne Vienna, Va. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Omicron Pi, intramurals, Theta Chi little sister, Tau Epsilon Phi affiliate Cundiff, William Auburndale, Fla. Curran, Carol Lakeland, Fla. Cuzzo, Michael Clark, N.J. MAJOR: Business Davis, Helen Chicago, 111. MAJOR: Finance ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha, scuba club, S.U.B., Delta Sigma Pi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon little sister Davis, John Lakeland, Fla. Davis, Karen Aurora, Ohio MAJOR: Learning Disabil- ities Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Chi Omega, Theta Chi little sister, JA, AWS, curriculum committee, council for exceptional children Davis, Kathy Lighthouse Pt, Fla. Dawson, Ann Tampa, Fla. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu, FCA, intramurals Dean, Rebecca Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Spanish Debee, Ralph Jacksonville, Fla. MAJOR: Personnel Mgmt. ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Epsilon Phi Degel, Richard Lakeland, Fla. Dekker, Peyton Bronxville, N.Y. MAJOR: Business Mgmt. Marketing ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha, soccer team Deputy, Samuel Palatka, Fla. MAJOR: Religion ORGANIZATIONS: Wesley Fellowship, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Pre-Min. Assoc. Diamond, Michael Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Zeta Tau Alpha big brother, SGA, IFC, Supreme Court Dickson, Janice Gastonia, N.C. MAJOR: Marketing ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Chi Omega, Theta Chi little sister Donaghey, Barbara Frostproof, Fla. MAJOR: Journalism ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu, Southern staff, Phi Sigma Kappa little sister, ODK, Who ' s Who Donatelli, Felicia Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology Commun- ications ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Chi Omega, tennis Douglass, Peter Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MAJOR: Marketing Personnel Finance ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha, ZTA big brother, Delta Sigma Pi, intramurals Dower, Frances Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: S.U.B., JA Downey, Scott Lapeer, Michigan MAJOR: Management Draper, Vanessa Nashville, Tenn. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Omicron Pi, P.E. Club, volleyball team, Tau Kappa Epsilon little sister Drury, Jacquelin Pembroke Pines, Fla. MAJOR: Social Scicene ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Mu Duda, John Hollywood, Fla. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, ODK, IFC Duncan, Dave New Castle, Del. MAJOR: Business Mgmt. ORGANIZATIONS: tennis team, intramurals, ODK, Who ' s Who Dunham, Nancy Lakeland, Fla. Eacret, Timothy Auburndale, Fla. Ebbesmier, Thomas Council Bluffs, Iowa ORGANIZATIONS: ski team Echeverria, Suzanne Khartoum, Sudan MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha, Tau Kappa Epsilon little sister, volleyball, basketball team Ellie, Susan Auburndale, Fla. Epler, Diana Sonoma, Ca. MAJOR: Spanish ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish Society Evans, Amanda N. Fort Myers, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Sigma Kappa little sister Evans, Rex Munson, Pa. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Lambda Chi Alpha Faulkner, Ray Campbellsville, Ky. ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Feazell, Susan Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Communications Speech ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, Phi Mu Alpha Southern Singers, TKE little sister Fernandez, Daniel Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Citrus ORGANIZATIONS: citrus club Field, Chelle Winter Haven, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Psi Omega, Vagabonds Finch, Edward Seminole, Fla. MAJOR: Journalism ORGANIZATIONS: Lambda Chi Alpha, Pre- Ministerial Assoc. Finch, Gregory N. Palm Beach, Fla. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, ZTA big brother Fitzpatrick, Carl Southhampton, Pa. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha, soccer, Delta Sigma Pi Flanagan, James Orlando, Fla. Flanagan, Kevin Dunedin, Fla. MAJOR: Political Science Sociology ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Gamma Mu Flood, Larry Frostproof, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: citrus club Fogh, Frederic Clearwater, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Special Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia, Vagabonds, chapel choir, Phi Mu big brother Ford, Carolyn Lakeland, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta Fort, Michael Ocala, Fla. MAJOR: Music ORGANIZATIONS: Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia, Alpha Psi Omega, Vagabonds Fortner, Michael Avon Park, Fla. Frank, Pamela Miami, Fla. MAJOR: Mathematics ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon little sister, JA, Who ' s Who, ODK, FCA, cheerleader, Kappa Mu Epsilon, AWS, Kappa Delta Pi Frick, Catherine Clearwater, Fla. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Epsilon little sister Frizzell, Gary Lakeland, Fla. Fulton, Laynie Cocoa Beach, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Early Childhood Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, transfer advisor Gage, Gail Sarasota, Fla. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Tri-Beta Gaglione, Matthew Winter Haven, Fla. MAJOR: Communications ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Chi, FCA, baseball team, Southern staff Gamble, Susan Altamonte Spring, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Omicron, Sigma Phi Epsilon little sister Gardiner, Mark Miami, Fla. MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Alpha Gardner, Lynne Lakeland, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha Geisler, William Maitland, Fla. Girata, Daniel Monaca, Pa. ORGANIZATIONS: Theta Chi, baseball team Glass, Beverly Riverview, Fla. MAJOR: English Communi- cations ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, TKE little sister, JA, Chorale, library committee Gleeton, Thomas Cheshire, Conn. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, golf team Godwin, Gail Tampa, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Pre-Ministerial Assoc, Pi Kappa Phi little sister Goldsmith, Jolynn Tampa, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology Music ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Chi Omega, Chorale, Southern Singers, band, bell choir, chapel choir, KA little sister, Tau Epsilon Phi affiliate Goodwin, John Seaford, N.Y. MAJOR: Physical Ed. Health ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Kappa Epsilon Gordon, George Knoxville, M.D. MAJOR: Business Mgt. ORGANIZATIONS: baseball team Graham, Jeffery Seville, Fla. MAJOR: Citrus Business ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Chi, citrus club Greene, Gary Stuart, Fla. Griffith, Evelyn Winter Park, Fla. MAJOR: History ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Chi Omega, JA, Sigma Alpha Epsilon little sister, yearbook staff Griswold, John Melbourne, Fla. MAJOR: History ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Gamma Mu, Alpha Psi Omega, Vagabonds Gruber, Mark Homer, N.Y. MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Phi, MSGA Guarnieri, Gayl E. Norwalk, Conn. MAJOR: Art Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Pi, ski team, Theta Chi little sister Haas, Joan Middletown, Ohio MAJOR: Marketing Art ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Omicron Pi, SGA Haggard, Kathryn Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Drama ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Psi Omega, Chorale, Vagabonds, Southern Singers Hale, Diana Oakfield, N.Y. MAJOR: Elementary Early Childhood Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Gamma Delta, Kappa Delta Pi Halkias, Stephanie Sarasota, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha Halterman, Richard Lakeland, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: American Chemical Society Hamm, Mary N. Palm Beach, Fla. MAJOR: Journalism ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Delta Chi Hammock, Rebecca Mulberry, Fla. MAJOR: Business Ed. Hamrich, Robert Smithtown LI., N.Y. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha, golf team, Delta Sigma Pi Hancock, Kevin Fort Pierce, Fla. Harris, Mitch Winter Haven, Fla. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: basketball team Hart, Deborah Palm Springs, Fla. MAJOR: Psychology Hartford, Margret Sarasota, Fla. Hays, Carol Lakeland, Fla. Henderson, Mae Bartow, Fla. Hering, Susan Hillsdale, N.J. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, P.E. Club intramural board Hernandez, Luis Lakeland, Fla. Hester, Jeffrey Winchester, N.Y. ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Sigma Kappa Hill, Cynthia Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Tri-Beta Hill, Teresa Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Religion ORGANIZATIONS: Pre-Ministerial Assoc. Hoisington, Mark Akron, Ohio MAJOR: Political Science ORGANIZATIONS: ODK, intramural board, student director of intra- murals, Pi Gamma Mu Holloway, Paul Jacksonville, Fla. Horn, Carolyn Chevy Chase, Md. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha, basket- ball, volleyball, soft- ball team House, Robert Treasure Island, Fla. MAJOR: Finance ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon Huckery, Lucille Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta Hudson, Jane St. Petersburg, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, Phi Chi Theta, concert band, Alpha Eta Hunter, Judy Lakeland, Fla. Hurt, Janci Winter Haven, Fla. Iverson, Deborah Venice, Fla. MAJOR: Personnel Mgmt Marketing ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, Phi Chi Theta, Pi Kappa Phi little sister Jeffries, Alisa Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Omicron Pi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon little sister, cheerleader Jenkins, Beverly Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. MAJOR: Social Science Psychology ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Psi Chi, Sigma Phi Epsilon little sister Jenkins, Jane Lakeland, Fla. Johnson, Cheri Winter Haven, Fla. MAJOR: Communications .♦ ■ ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha little sister, AWS, Southern staff Johnson, Debbie Aubumdale, Fla. Johnson, Debra Lakeland, Fla. Johnson, Fred Plant City, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: citrus club Jones, Debbie Dunedin, Fla. MAJOR: Social Seicne ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Sigma Kappa little sister Jones, Stephen Homestead, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Lambda Chi Alpha, Pre-Ministerial Assoc. Kaiser, Lisa Lakeland, Fla. Kaufman, Doug Armonk, N.Y. MAJOR: Computer Business Mgmt. ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha, SGA, soccer team Keeler, Millard Inverness, Fla. Kelly, Charles Naples, Fla. Kerins, John West Middlesex, Pa. Kerper, Richard E. Hanover, N.J. Kesinger, Michael Vero Beach, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: citrus club Kilgore, Beatrice Winter Haven, Fla. King, Nancy Gainsville, Fla. MAJOR: Business Mgmt. ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, AWS, Sigma Phi Epsilon little sister, Phi Chi Theta Kinsey, Dave Akron, Ohio MAJOR: Social Science Divisional ORGANIZATIONS: intramurals Klinger, Stephan St. Pete., Fla. Knierman, John Cleveland Hgts., Ohio MAJOR: Business Mgmt. ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, interfraternity council Koepsel, John Manchester, Conn. MAJOR: Mathematics ORGANIZATIONS: Theta Chi, intramural board Koumantzelis, Nicholas Lowell, Mass. MAJOR: Journalism English ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Epsilon Phi, Southern staff, soccer staff Krause, Elizabeth Barrington, 111. Krout, Stephen Largo, Fla. MAJOR: Marketing ORGANIZATIONS: Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega, soccer team Lackey, John Nashville, 111. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Chi, FCA, baseball team Laderer, Edward Meadville, Penn. Lake, Margaret Maitland, Fla. MAJOR: Education ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta Pi Lallier, Pierre N. Miami Beach, Fla. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Lambda Chi Alpha, SUB, RA Land, Walter Winter Haven, Fla. Lashbrook, Dean Hollywood, Fla. MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Phi Lavigne, Suzzanne Fort Myers, Fla. MAJOR: Journalism ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Delta Chi, Joy Explosion Lawler, Dana Flagler Beach, Fla. Leonard, Gary Indian Rocks Bch., Fla. Lett, James Erin, Tenn. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Chi, Tri-Beta, intramural board Lewis, David Clearwater, Fla. MAJOR: ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Leutheuser, Frank Hillsdale, Fla. MAJOR: Finance Economics ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi Lisella, Laura Upper Marlboro, Md. MAJOR: Psychology ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Chi Omega, AWS, Psi Chi, cheerleader, ski club, Pi Kappa Alpha little sister Little, Sylvester Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology ORGANIZATIONS: Lambda Chi Alpha Longacre, Frederick Winter Haven, Fla. Lyons, Neil Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Alpha, ODK Macneil, Stanley Lakeland, Fla. Mahowald, Robert Lakeland, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Pre-Ministerial Association Mann, Dan Winter Haven, Fla. Marine, William Vero Beach, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha, cirrus club Martin, Jay Winter Haven, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Pre-Ministerial Assoc. Martinez, Luisa Lakeland, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Delta Pi, ODK Mason, Marc Batavia, N.Y. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Delta Pi big brother Mayo, Anne Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Omicron Pi, cheerleader, Theta Chi little sister McBride, Linda Melbourne, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu McBride, Patricia Miami Beach, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, JA, chorale, supreme court, Phi Sigma Kappa little sister McCarthy, Robert Winsted, Conn. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Theta Chi, baseball team McCay, Jeffrey Venice, Fla. MAJOR: Finance Marketing ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Sigma Kappa McClelland, Diane Chiefland, Fla. MAJOR: Mathematics McKinney, Candy Cross City, Fla. MAJOR: Joumalsim Spanish ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha, AWS, Spanish club, Sigma Delta Chi, Southern staff, Phi Sigma Kappa little sister McLoughlin, Priscilla Maitland, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Spanish society, Sigma Delta Pi McMahon, Jack Clearwater, Fla. MAJOR: Marketing ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Phi, SGA, Delta Sigma Pi McMillan, Wesley Winter Garden, Fla. MAJOR: Citrus ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Alpha, SUB, citrus club McNabb, James Lakeland, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Tri Beta, American Chemical Society, Sigma Phi Epsilon McQuade, David Trumbull, Conn. MAJOR: Marketing ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Sigma Kappa, golf team, Catholic student assoc. McTureous, John Umatilla, Fla. Merrell, Robert Tampa, Fla. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: baseball team Merritt, John Okahumpka, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: citrus club Meszaros, Edward Ft. Myers, Fla. MAJOR: Speech Drama ORGANIZATIONS: Lambda Chi Alpha, Vagabonds Metzger, Michelle Jacksonville, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha, CEC, Sigma Phi Epsilon little sister Miles, Elizabeth Brandon, Fla. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Gamma Delta, ODK, AWS, Tri Beta, Wesley fellowship, handbell choir, American Chemical Society Miller, Nelia Springfield, Ohio MAJOR: Mathematics ORGANIZATIONS: SUB, handbell choir, concert band, Kappa Mu Epsilon Mingo, Michele Miami, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Phi Epsilon little sister Moore, Lora Glencoe, 111. Moore, Katherine Coral Springs, Fla. MAJOR: Spanish ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon little sister Morgan, Amy Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. MAJOR: Physical Ed. Morrison, Lori Lakeland, Fla. Mullen, Michael Lakeland, Fla. Mundt, Randall Venice, Fla. MAJOR: Religion ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Phi, Theta Chi Beta, Pre- Ministerial Assoc. Murphy, Daniel Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Business Murphy, Margaret Ft. Pierce, Fla. MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Delta Omicron, Delta Sigma Pi Nason, Richard Pahokee, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Alpha, citrus club Nead, Allison Hollywood, Fla. MAJOR: Journalism ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Chi Omega, ODK, AWS, Sigma Delta Chi, Southern staff, Interlachen Co-Editor, judicial board Nelson, Joe Lakeland, Fla. Nelson, Julie Miami Lakes, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Rho Epsilon Nickel, Penny Kissimmee, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, Alpha Eta, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Chi little sister Nielsen, Karen Coral Springs, Fla. Norris, Kenneth Surfside, Fla. MAJOR: Political Science ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Sigma Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu Nunley, Pierre Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Chi O ' Leary, Holly Maitland, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. Special Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha, CEC, Sigma Phi Epsilon little sister O ' Neal, Jeanna West Palm Beach, Fla. Oswalt, Gretchen Ft. Myers, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Delta Sigma Pi Painter, Jeffrey Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Drama ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Psi Omega, chorale, Southern singers, Phi Mu Alpha Sin Fonia, Vagabonds Parker, Melissa Ft. Myers, Fla. MAJOR: Art ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu, Kappa Delta Pi Patience, Shari Orlando, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, SGA, Pi Kappa Alpha little sister Pearson, Linda Miami, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. Special Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, ODK, JA, Kappa Delta Pi, Who ' s Who Pearson, Embree Winter Garden, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: citrus club Pentecost, Shirley Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu Perkins, Louise Central City, Ky. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Chi Theta, AWS, Sigma Chi little sister Peters, Patrick Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Journalism ORGANIZATIONS: Soutern staff Pfeffer, Karen Key Biscayne, Fla. MAJOR: Marketing ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha, volleyball team. TKE little sister Phoenix, Charlotte Riviera Beach, Fla. Piatnik, Edward St. Petersburg, Fla. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha, golf team Pickles, Karen Lake Wales, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology Pigozzi, William Park Ridge, 111. MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha Pinder, Marvin Stuart, Fla. MAJOR: Horticulture Business ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon, citrus club Piatt, Gregory Leo, Ind. MAJOR: Physical Ed. Polk, Evelyn Wauchula, Fla. Poor, Cindy Greencastle, Ind. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, SGA, AWS, volleyball team, ski club Powell, Curtis Brandon, Fla. MAJOR: Political Science ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Kappa Epsilon, RA Powell, Pamalee Lakeland, Fla. Powell, William Plant City, Fla. Preston, Gussie Jacksonville, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha, AWS, Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega Pugh, John Winter Haven, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Lambda Chi Alpha Pyms, David Miami, Fla. Rabun, Patrick Lakeland, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Pre-Ministerial Assoc. Rawdow, Albert Clark, N.J. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ready, Donna Polk City, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary, Ed. Reed, Lorrie Joliet, 111. Reeves, Helen Ocala, Fla. MAJOR: Marketing ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, Theta Chi little sister, Delta Sigma Pi, Panhellenic Reichel, Rhonda N. Smyrna Bch., Fla. MAJOR: Special Ed. Rendall, Veve Tampa, Fla. MAJOR: Personnel Mgmt. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon little sister. Delta Sigma Pi Respress, Ernest Avon Park, Fla. Richey, Claude Clearwater, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Kappa Epsilon, intramural board Riker, Nancy Marathon Shores, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: intramural board Ring, Karan Okeechobee, Fla. Rist, Gregory Suffem, N.Y. Roark, Victoria Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Christian Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: FCA, Sigma Chi little sister Roberds, Jaquae Winter Haven, Fla. MAJOR: Sacred Music Roberto, Anthony Hartford, Conn. Robson, Cynthia Lakeland, Fla. Rockhill, Robert Montclair, N.J. MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Epsilon Phi, soc cer team Rodgers, Richard Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Business Rodgers, William Winter Haven, Fla. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Chi Rogers, Mickey West Palm Beach, Fla. Rowe, Joyce Bradenton, Fla. MAJOR: Drama ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu, Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega, Phi Sigma Kappa little sister Ruby, John St. Petersburg, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Sigma Kappa Ruffin, John Winter Haven, Fla. Ruffini, Michelle Keystone Hghts., Fla. MAJOR: Biology Music ORGANIZATIONS: Delta Omicron, Tri Beta, Concert band, Stage band, German club Ruffner, Rick Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. ORGANIZATIONS: Theta Chi Rushing, James Winter Haven, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: citrus club Russell, James Lakeland, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Delta Sigma Pi Salas, Arlene Agana, Guam MAJOR: Elementary Ed. Sampl, Mark Coral Springs, Fla. Sancken, George Augusta, Ga. ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon Scabarozi, Joni Cape Canaveral, Fla. Schmadel, George Evans ville, Ind. Schmidt, Gerard Bradenton, Fla. Schmidt, Pene Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Journalism ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Delta Chi, Southern staff— Editor n Schneider, Kathryn Lakeland, Fla. Schoeller, Michael St. Petersburg, Fla. MAJOR: Physical Ed. Schuder, Glenarva Gainesville, Ga. MAJOR: Finance ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Chi Omega, Pi Kappa Alpha little sister Schumann, John Vero Beach, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon, citrus club Scott, Carolyn Miramar, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu, Kappa Delta Pi Seiler, Sandra Ocala, Fla. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, P.E. club, intramural board Sellers, Thomas South Bend, Ind. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, baseball team Selman, Robert Alexander, N.C. ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Shaffer, James Orlando, Fla. Shaffer, Robert Bethlehem, Penn. ORGANIZATIONS: American Chemical Society Shelfer, Ruth Leesburg, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha Shields, Donald Clearwater, Fla. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, intramural board Shoemaker, Cynthia Orlando, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha Sikes, Margaret Jacksonville, Fla. Simmons, Evert Fernandina Beach, Fla. MAJOR: English Social Science ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu, AWS, SGA, ODK, Who ' s Who, Sigma Rho Epsilon Simpson, Wiley Haines City, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: citrus club Slauson, Matthew Treasure Island, Fla. MAJOR: History ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon Slay, Phillip Fort Meade, Fla. Slone, Marc Largo, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Small, Debra Stuart, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Gamma Mu, ODK, Kappa Delta Pi, Who ' s Who Smigel, Joan New Port Richey, Fla. Stevens, John Westfield, N.J. MAJOR: Communications ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Epsilon Phi Stevens, Nancy Tarpon Springs, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology Psychology ORGANIZATIONS: Delta Zeta, Concert band, Sigma Rho Epsilon, bell choir, Pi Gamma Mu Stiles, Mary Lakeland, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Psi Chi Stokes, John Lake City, Fla. MAJOR: Art Ed. Strickland, Robert Lakeland, Fla. Sweet, Rod Winter Haven, Fla. Swindle, William Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Economics Szabo, Maurine Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Journalism ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, ODK, Sigma Delta Chi, Who ' s Who, Interlachen Co- Editor Tankersley, Wayne Jacksonville, Fla. MAJOR: Religion ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Kappa Epsilon, ODK, Theta Chi Beta, chorale. Southern singers, Pre- Ministerial Assoc. Taylor, Allison Altamonte Springs, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Psi Chi, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Wesley Fellowship Taylor, Robin Hollywood, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: chorale, concert band, SUB, AWS, Delta Sigma Pi, Sigma Phi Epsilon little sister Tefft, Thomas Belleair Beach, Fla. MAJOR: History Thomas, Sharon Arcadia, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu, Delta Omicron, Sigma Rho, chorale, Southern singers, Wesley Fellowship, Vagabonds Thorp, Richard Philadelphia, Penn. MAJOR: Business Throop, Hunt Coral Springs, Fla. MAJOR: Biology ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon, IFC Tillman, Drew Wexford, Penn. Thomaszewski, Jeffery Ocala, Fla. MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Theta Chi Tucker, Drew Niceville, Fla. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: ODK, FCA, basketball team Tucker, William Winter Park, Fla. Turlich, John Winter Haven, Fla. Turman, Stephen Hamilton, Ohio ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Kappa Epsilon, tennis team Underwood, John Wauchula, Fla. MAJOR: Citrus ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon, citrus club Vazquez, Barb Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Sigma Pi, SGA Pi Kappa Phi little sister Venuti, Ruth Nokomis, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. Vigue, Fred St. Petersburg, Fla. MAJOR: Music Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Votteler, Robert Pembroke Pines, Fla. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, ZTA big brother Wagner, Cynthia Mercer, Penn. MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, Phi Chi Theta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon little sister Walker, Debra Orange City, Fla. MAJOR: Sociology Walker, Janet Pahokee, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. Early Childhood Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, CEC, Kappa Delta Pi, Tau Kappa Epsilon little sister Walker, Kristi Deland, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, CEC, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Phi Epsilon little sister Walkup, Betty Venice, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha little sister, Panhellenic Wall, Kathy Port Richey, Fla. MAJOR: Journalism ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, Sigma Delta Chi, Interlachen Co-Editor, Southern staff, ski club. Pi Kappa Phi little sister Walton, Pamela Orlando, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Chi Omega, AWS, Interlachen staff, Southern staff Walz, Bobbi Massapequa, N.Y. MAJOR: Marketing ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Sigma Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha little sister Ward, Brenda Ft. Myers, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. Early Childhood Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, Theta Chi little sister Watson, Mary Lakeland, Fla. Watts, Helen Plant City, Fla. Weaver, Richard Willow Grove, Penn. MAJOR: Psychology ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon Weaver, Walter Lakeland, Fla. Weiner, Scott Sea Isle City, N.J. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Phi, MSGA Welbon, Laurence Clearwater, Fla. MAJOR: Political Science ORGANIZATIONS: Tau Kappa Epsilon, sailing club, stage band Welch, J. J. Orlando, Fla. MAJOR: Marketing ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Delta Pi, SGA, Delta Sigma Pi, Interlachen staff, Theta Chi little sister Welty, Kimberly Cristobal, Cz. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Mu, Kappa Delta Pi West, Charlie Jacksonville, Fla. MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Phi, MSGA Westberry, Gail Lakeland, Fla. Whitaker, Dean Lakeland, Fla. Wightman, Steve Orlando, Fla. MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Pi Kappa Alpha, RA Wiley, Cliff Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Accounting ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi Wilkinson, Thomas Pahokee, Fla. MAJOR: Chemistry ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Alpha, Tri Beta, ODK, American Chemical Society Williams, Caroline Eglin AFB, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Delta Sigma Pi Williams, Nancy Lakeland, Fla. Williamson, Joel LaBelle, Fla. MAJOR: Physical Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon Winship, Barbra Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Social Science ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta Wisbey, Martha Miami, Fla. MAJOR: Psychology Sociology ORGANIZATIONS: Zeta Tau Alpha, JA, AWS, supreme court, Interlachen staff, Pi Kappa Phi little sister Wise, Mary Mulberry, Fla. Wise, Nancy Zephyrhills, Fla. MAJOR: Christian Ed. Communications ORGANIZATIONS: FCA, Kappa Delta, AWS, Interlachen staff, Sigma Chi little sister, Vagabonds, concert band Woas, Brian Lakeland, Fla. Wood, Carol Lakeland, Fla. MAJOR: Business ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta, AWS, Phi Chi Theta Wood, Tom Winter Haven, Fla. Wyckoff, Mari Lakeland, Fla. ORGANIZATIONS: Tri Beta, American Chemical Society Wyllie, Nancy Miami, Fla. MAJOR: Elementary Ed. Early Childhood Ed. ORGANIZATIONS: Alpha Chi Omega, Pi Kappa Alpha little sister, Greek Hall of Fame Yarnell, Kevin New Port Richey, Fla. MAJOR: Physics Math ORGANIZATIONS: Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, Wesley Fellowship Youngs, Karl Lakeland, Fla. Abel, Nancy p. 215 Abreu, David p. 215 Acebes, Gail p. 215 Adams, Deborah p. 215, 82 Adams, Jeffrey p. 215 Adams, Sharon p. 215 Adamson, Aileen p. 215 Adkisson, Heidi p. 215 Adkisson, Lorrie p. 215 Adler, Connie p. 215 Aiello, Thomas p. 215 Albertson, Marc p. 215 Alexander, Candace p. 215 Alexander, Kimberly p. 215, 71 Allen, James p. 215, 150 Allen, Ralph p. 215, 70 Allred, Bennie p. 215, 78 Alson, Claudine p. 215 Alter, Dennis p. 215 Ambrose, Rhebel p. 215 Amundsen, Linda p. 215 Anderson, Carl p. 215, 82 Anderson, Douglas p. 215 Anderson, John Anderson, Karen p. 215 Anderson, Kathy p. 215 Anderson, Nancy p. 215 Anderson, Nancy L. 215, 80, 82 Anderson, William Andrews, Kathryn p. 215, 68 Arcand, Nancy p. 215 Argersinger, Thomas p. 215, 73 Armatas, John p. 215 Arthur, Hugh p. 215 Aufiery, Mark p. 216 Austin, Daniel p. 216 Austin, Lori p. 216, 71, 78 Austin, Mary p. 216 Auz, Gregory p. 216 Ayers, John p. 216 Aylett, Jeffrey p. 216, 77 B Baas, Linda Bablitz, Matthew Badgley, Pamela p. 216 Bailey, David p. 216, 143 Bailey, John p. 216, 150 Bailey, Rhoda p. 216 Baker, Brian p. 216 Baker, William Ball, Joseph p. 216 Balough, Susan p. 216, 88 Baltz, Roy p. Banton, Lydia p. 216, 73 Bantz, Gregg p. 216, 72, 82 Barker, Deborah p. 216 Barksdale, Kim p. 216 Barnas, Eileen p. 216 Barnes, Laurie p. 216 Barnes, Patricia p. 216 Baron, Pamela p. 216 Baskerville, Stephen p. 216 Bass, Robyn p. 216 Bassette, Leo p. 216 Bassin, Zaev p. 216 Battaglia, Peter Bauer, Deborah p. 216 Bayne, Philip p. 216 Bazemore, Janda p. 216 Beals, Shirley p. 216 Bean, Daniel p. 216 Bebb, Edward p. 216 Belcher, Alan p. 216 Belcher, Elizabeth p. 216 Bell, Dedra Bell, Gertrude p. 216 Bellamy, Brenda p. 216 Bendfeldt, Robert p. 217 Bennett, Carol p. 217 Bennett, Freida p. 217 Bennett, Steven p. Beresford, Susan p. 217 Berman, Johanna p. 217 Besecker, Douglas p. 217 Bessette, George p. Beto, Christian p. 217, 86 Bieber, Gina p. 217 Biggane, Jill p. 217 Bireley, Michelle p. 217 Bischoff, Susan p. 217 Bivins, Clarnece p. 217 Black, Daniel p. 217, 143 Black, Debra p. 217 Black, John p. 217 Black, Luanza p. 217 Black, Mary p. 217 Blair, Karen p. 217 Blair, Susan p. 217 Bledsoe, R. P. p. 217 Blevins, Terry p. 217 Bohrer, Barbara p. 217 Boiling, Jane p. 217 Bollinger, Gregory p. 217 Bombard, Charles p. 217, Boswell, Valerie p. 217 Boutwell, Janice p. 217 Bowlin, Sydney p. 217, 71 Bradshaw, Charles Bradshaw, Jamie p. 217 Bradshaw, Maurice p. 217, 140 Brady, Donald p. 217, 140 Brander, Colleen Brandts, Mark p. 217 Brannon, Debra p. 217, 54 Brantley, Barbara p. 217 Braswell, Donald p. 217 Brawn, Kim p. 218 Bray, Richard p. 218 Braz, Darci p. 218 Brewer, David p. 218, 89 Brisbin, Beth p. 218 Broadhead, Paul p. 218, 88 Brocklesby, Philip p. 218 Broome, David p. 78 Brown, Deborah p. 218 Brown, Marlin Brown, Sheryl p. 218 Brown, Susan p. 218, 68 Browne, Roberta p. 218, 80, 82 Bryant, Kenneth p. Bryan, Bonne p. 218 Bryan, Denyse p. 218, 83 Bryan, Judith p. 218 Bryington, Brooke p. 218, 88 7, 71 Buchholz, Scott Buck, Tom p. 218 Buckle, Thomas p. 218, 140 Bulen, Jerry p. 218 Bump, Mary p. 218 Bunting, Roger p. 218, 160 Bunyak, Barbara p. 218 Burch, Sheree Burd, Chery p. 218 Burdick, Robert Burke, Marta Burnette, Richard p. 218 Burns, Reginald p. 218 Burroughs, Emily p. 218 Busch, Patricia p. 218 Butler, Warren p. 218, 59 Butt, Marilyn p. Butterfield, Brian p. 218 Byelick, Roger p. 218 C Cadden, Mark p. 218 Caggiano, Anthony Cain, David Caldwell, Kay p. 218 Cambria, Tara p. 218 Campbell, Samuel Capone, Chris p. 218 Capps, David p. 218 Campuano, Anthony Carbia, James p. 218, 86 Carignan, Gary Carley, Ira Carlin, Mary Carlton, Catherine p. 218 Carpenter, Douglas p. 218 Carpenter, Margaret p. 219 Carpenter, Sheree Carr, Donna Carter, Michael p. 219 Carty, Cheryl Cash, Tom p. 219 Cassels, Linda Cassidy, Susan p. 219 Cates, Craig Cates. David p. 219, 70 Cates, Susan Cathcart, William p. 219 Celona, Mary p. 219 Chamberlain, Ray p. 219 Chambers, Lisa p. 219 Chapman, Cynthia p. 219, 77 Charest, Wayde p. 219 Charnley, Kathleen p. 219 Christensen, Gregg p. 219 Christian, Michael Christian, Robert p. 219, 77 Christos, Catherine p. 219 Church, Wendy p. 219, 170 Ciminello, Joseph p. 140 Cimo, Michael Ciper, Ralph Citarella, Ralph p. 219, 143 Clark, Brenda p. 87 Clark, Chip p. 219 Clark, Ellen p. 219, 71 Clark, Kimberly Clark, Lynda p. 219 Clark, Mary p. 219 Cleary, Linda p. 219 Clements, Cindy Clemmer, Leon p. 88 Clemons, Michael p. 219 demons, Nancy p. 219 Clouse, Joseph p. 219 Cochran, Linda p. 219 Cochran, Renatta Coffey, Gary p. 219 Coffman, Carl p. 143 Cohen, Beth-Alys p. 219 Cohill, Jonathan p. 219 Coleman, Richmond p. 219 Collins, Carissa Collins, Karen p. 219 Coningsby, Todd p. 219 Compton, Karen p. 219 Conser, Lisa Converse, Adele Conway, John Cook, David p. 219 Cook, Larry p. 219 Corcoran, Jackie p. 219 Corl, Joseph p. 220, 76 Cotton, Laura p. 78 Councill, Keith Coupe, Anne p. 220, 68 Couper, Eleanore p. 220 Cousino, Lori p. 220 Coyne, Patrick p. 220 Craighead, Cathie p. 220 Cramer, Cathy p. Crandell, Charles p. 220 Creech, Nancy p. 220 Creegan, Mary Crews, Katherine Crooks, Virginia Cross, Anne Cupp, Bill p. 82, 88 Curran, Mary Beth p. 83 Custer, Michael p. 220, 143 Cuticchia, John D D ' Amora, Robert Dacosta, Jo Ann p. 220 Dalton, Phyllis p. 220 Dandeneau, Pamela p. 220 Danielson, Carl p. 220 Darby, Helen p. 220 Davenport, Phillip p. 220 Davidson, Dave p. 220, 73 Davidson, Jean p. 59 Davis, Anne p. 220 Davis, Kathryn p. 220 Davis, Linda p. 220 Davis, Lynn p. 220 Davis, Margot p. 220 Davis, Sara Davis, James Deatherage, Kathryn p. 220, 82 Dechellis, John Degonge, Joseph p. 220 Delacure, Mark p. 220 Delk, James p. 220 Dempsey, Robin p. 220 Dessaint, Lous p. 220 Devine, Robin p. 220 Diaz, Richard Dickerson, Debora p. 220, 67 Dietrich, Cynthia p. 220 Dietzen, Deborah p. 220, 83 Digiacomo, Andrew Dipersio, John Dix, Timothy Doak, Robert p. 220 Doblas, Raquel p. 220 Doherty, Ellen p. 220 Dolan, John p. 221 Dolan, Robert p. 151 Donnelly, Rodney p. 221 Dorrill, Alan p. 221 Downey, Lucile p. 221 Drummond, Dori p. 221, 67 Dubats, Jennifer p. 221 Dubois, Amy p. 221 Dubois, Karen p. 221, 68 Duda, Scott Duncan, Rebecca p. 221 Duncan, Scott p. 221, 150 Dunn, Helen p. 221 Dunn, Katherine p. 221 Dunne, Helen p. 221 Duppenthaler, Dallas p. 221 Duquemin, Margaret p. 221 Dusenbery, Janet p. 221 Duvall, Susan p. 221 Dwiggins, Donald Dyer, Sheila p. 221, 80, 82 Dyes, Alicia p. 221, 88 Dyk, Joanna p. 221 E Ebeling, John p. 221, 150 Eckel, Jeannine p. 221, 73 Edmonds, Steve p. 221 Edwards, Dallas p. 221, 73 Edwards, Ellen p. 221, 170 Edwards, Janet p. 221 Ehlers, Karen p. 221 Eldridge, Terrie p. 221 Elliot, David P. 140 Elliott, Janet p. 221 Ellsworth, Kim p. 221 Engelke, Michael p. 221 English, Ronald p. 221 Epler, Rhonda p. 221 Erdman, Karen p. 221, 87 Erickson, David p. 148 Ervey, Albert Estep, Sandy p. 221, 156 Etheredge, Barbara p. 221 Evans, Adriana p. 222, 68 Evans, William p. 222 Evatt, Henry p. 222 Everett, Cindra p. 222, 76 Everhart, Dana p. 222, 82, 76 Everhart, Susan p. 222 Ewbank, Cindy p. 77 F Farley, Cindra p. 222 Farlow, Bruce p. 222 Farmer, Kimberlee p. 222, 156 Farrow, Donald Fasano, Thomas p. 222 Fasolo, Ronald p. 222 Faubion, Raymond p. 222 Feller, Deborah p. 222 Ferdinandsen, Amy p. 222 Ferguson, Bruce p. 222 Ferguson, Jeffrey p. 222 Ferguson, Leslie p. 222 Ferrucci, Joseph p. 222 Few, Timothy p. 222 Fialk, Deborah p. 222 Field, Milton p. 222 Fincher, Ben p. 222 Finn, Mary Ellyn p. 222, 87 Finnegan, James p. 222 Fisackerly, Laura Grace p. 222, 80, 82 Fisher, John p. 222 Fisher, Patricia p. 222 Fitzmaurice, Lisa p. 222 Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth p. 222 Fleming, Carol p. 222 Flight, Susan p. 222 Fogh, Edward p. 222 Forrest, Richard p. 222, 89, 97 Foss, Charles p. 222 Fowler, Deborah p. 222 Fowler, Diana p. 222, 77 Fox, Dean p. 223 Francisco, Elizabeth p. 78 Fraser, Clair p. 223 Fraser, Elizabeth p. 223 Freckelton, Janet p. 223, 67 Freeman, Clifton p. 223 Freeman, Lisa p. 223 Frick, Cindi p. 223, 71 Frick, Deborah p. 223 Friend, Jennifer p. 223 Funi, Donald p. 223 Furman, Keith p. 223 Furman, Susan p. 223 rurman, rxeun p. Furman, Susan p. ; Fyle, Karen p. 223 G Gabriel, Robert p. 223 Galasso, Lisa p. 223 Gallemore, Michael p. 223 Gaona, Jose p. 223 Gardner, Douglas Garver, Lynda p. 223 Gavin, Leigh p. 223 Geary, Douglas p. 223 Gebhard, Rederick p. 223 Gee, Jennifer p. 223 Geiger, Catherine p. 223 Geltz, Theodore p. 223 George, Debra p. 223, 71 George, Gary p. 223 George, Kenneth p. 223, 148 Giammatteo, Leonard p. 223 Gibson, David p. 223 Gibson, Faith p. 223, 69 Gill, Paul p. 223 Gilmore, John p. 223 Glass, Joanna p. Glass, Murray p. 223 Glenny, David p. 223 Glisson, Rhonda p. 223 Glisson, Robyn p. 224 Gluth, Kathy p. 224, 170, 140 Goldsmith, Suanne p. Goodson, Minter p. 224, 140 Gore, Lisa p. 224 Gorman, Nancy p. 224 Gould, Kenneth p. 224 Goulet, Suzanne p. 224 Grace, Phillip p. 224 Graff, Helen p. 224, 146 Graham, Deborah p. 224 Granholm, Sharon p. 224 Grant, Karen p. 224 Gratkowski, Monica p. 224 Graves, Audrey p. 224 Gray, Carolyn p. 224 Gray, Catherine p. 224 Greco, Cynthia p. 224 Greco, Edward p. 224 Green, Nancy p. 224 Gregory, Karen p. 224 Gregory, Raymond p. 224, 73 Gregory, Rowland p. 224 Grey, Virginia p. 224, 146 Grier, Barbara p. 224 Griffin, Kelli p. Grill, Joseph p. 224 Grimner, Elizabeth p. 224 Griswold, Gail p. 224, 54 Groendal, Kenneth p. Grogan, John p. 224 Groves, Melanie p. 224 Gudzak, Scott p. 224 Guess, Sandra p. Gunter, Mary p. 224 Gunter, Coulby p. 224 Gurd, Scott p. 223 Gustafson, Gail p. 224 Guy, Cynthia p. 224 Guyer, Curtis p. 224 H Haber, Jimmy p. 225 Haber, Kenneth L. p. 225 Hagan, Donald L. p. 225, 140 Hale, Laura L. p. 225 Halili, Daniel R. p. 225 Hall, Beverly F. p. 225 Hall, Elaine R. p. 225, 83, 77 Hall, Jacqueline p. 225 Hall, Mary A. p. 225 Hall, Stanley S. p. 225 Hall, Susan M. p. 225 Hall, Vicki L. p. Halter, Randal J. p. 225 Hamilton, Jr., Richard H. p. 225 Hamilton, Scott T. p. 225 Hamilton, Timothy W. p. 225 Hamlin, Susan J. p. 225 Handlee, Penny L. p. 225 Handley, Garry W. p. Hanisee, Mark S. p. 225 Hanlon, Julia E. p. 225, 76 Hanlon, Sandra G. p. 225 Hansen, Victoria S. p. 225, 77 Harbert, Sandra A. p. 225 Hardin, Tina M. p. 225, 71 Hardison, George D. p. 225 Hardwick, Charles W. p. 225, 82 Hardy, Suzanne M. p. 225 Hare, Steven H. p. 225 Harlacher, Amy R. p. 225 Harley, Caron p. 225 Harper, Belinda G. p. 225 Harris, Deborah L. p. 225 Harris, Rondi L. p. 225 Harris, William J. p. 225 Hart, Kandy K. p. 225 Hart, Lawrence W. p. 225 Hart, Patrick D. p. 225 Hartsell, Julie A. p. 225, 73 Hartsfield, Philip C. p. 226 Hartung, Theodore E. p. 226 Hartzog, Valerie A. p. 226 Haupt, Georgia p. 226 Havis, Sharon K. p. 226 Hawks, Lawrence p. 226 Hayes, III, Charles C. p. 226 Hays, Donald B. p. 226, 140 Head, Kimberly p. 226 Hearn, Jeffrey K. p. 226 Heidenberger, Elisabeth K. p. 226 Heitzenrater, David P. p. 226, 82 Henderson, Janet C. p. 226 Henderson, Kathryn E. p. 226, 69 Henderson, Jr., Larry G. p. 226 Hendrick, Susan D. p. 226, 73 Henry, Kathryn A. p. 226 Henry, Mark S. p. 226, 88 Heptner, James M. p. 226 Herick, Tami L. p. 226 Hernquist, Nadyne A. p. 226 Hervey, Craig A. p. Hesher, Linda L. p. 226, 170, 162 Hester, Martha L. p. 226 Heyman, Kurt J. p. 226, 140 Hickman, David B. p. 226 Higgins, Carol A. p. 226, 68 Hightower, Dale R. p. 226 Hilliard, Jr., James L. p. 226 Hines, Wesley D. p. 226 Hockgraver, Valerie R. p. 226 Hodge, Lester C. p. 226 Hodges, Stella K. p. 226 Hoffman, Michael W. p. 226 Hollingsworth, Vernon C. p. 226 Hollis, Mark p. 226 Holman, Lee E. p. 226 Holman, Peter G. p. 227 Holmes, Lane S. p. 227 Holmes, Michael A. p. 227, 86 Holt, Sandra L. p. 227 Holwell, Kathleen A. p. 227 Holzer, Christine M. p. 227 Hooker, Deborah A. p. 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Renea C. p. 233 Milewski, Paul A. p. 233 Miller, Anthony O. p. 233, 73 Miller, Cynthia K. p. 233 Miller, Diana D. p. 233 Miller, Evelyn K. p. 233, 68 Miller, George A. p. 233 Miller, Helen G. p. 233, 71 Miller, Sherri L. p. 233 Mitchell, Margaret P. p. 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Schick, Thomas E. p. 239 Schmidt, Cana S. p. 239, 82, 73, 76 Schmidt, Todd A. p. 239, 73 Schoff. Cynthia R. p. 239 Schram, Sandra F. p. 239 Schultz, Darrell p. 239 Schwartz, Nancy N. p. 239 Schweizer, Kristen B. p. 239, 74, 73 Scoville, Sandra E. p. 239 Seabrook, Edward V p. 239, 76 Sears, Brent W. p. 239 Sechrist, Elise M. p. 239 Sechrist, III, George A. p. 239 Self, Rebecca J. p. 239, 54 Sellars, Sanna L. p. 239 Selley, Gordon B. p. 240 Senatore, Frank P. p. 240 Sengstock, Christine p. 240 Senif, Dian M. p. 240, 83 Seoane, Carloa M. p. 240, 156 Settle, Robert R. p. 240 Sexton, Jr., Charles R. p. 240 Shackelford, Karen L. p. 240 Shackelford, Leffie L. p. 240 Shafer, Elizabeth p. 240 Sharpe, Lanita A. p. 240 Shea, William E. p. Sheffield, Daryl A. p. 240 Sherman, Stacy M. p. 240 Shuck, Candace L. p. 240 Shusterman, Karen A p. Sickles, Brian p. 240 Simcox, Barbara D. p. 240 Simmons, Valerie A. p. 240, 73 Sims, Joseph J. p. 240 Sitta, Douglas L. p. 240 Sizemore, Charles A. p. 240 Slider, Leonard E. p. 240 Smith, Cynthia A. p. 240, 87 Smith, Diane E. p. Smith, Dorinne E. p. 240 Smith, Elizabeth p. 240 Smith, Gaye E. p. 240, 156 Smith, Marcia L. p. 240 Snead, Robert D. p. 240 Snyder, Brenda R. p. 240 Speakman, Miriam E. p. 240, 170 Spears, Carol E. p. 240 Stanley, Barbara p. 240 Stapleton, Lauren A. p. 240 Starks, Sara S. p. 240, 73 Starzinger, Tanya M. p. 241 Stead, William E. p. 241 Steele, William B. p. 241 Steendyk, Tessa p. 241 Stein, Raymond M. p. 241 Stephens, Allen W. p. 241 Stephens, Edward D. p. 241 Stephens, Karen L. p. 241 Stephens, Linda J. p. 241, 73 Stephens, Sandra J. p. 241 Stephens, Stephanie J. 241 Stephey, Sharon K. p. 241 Stetter, Karla A. p. 241 Stevens, Albert J. p. 241 Stevens, Karla R. p. 241 Stewart, Kathy A. p. 241 St. Germain, Donna L. p. 241 Stiff, Paul K. p. 241 Stitzel, Jr., John T p. 241 Stobbe, Mary L. p. 241 Stoicovy, Donald G. p. 241 Strain, Gale A. p. 241, 170 Strickland, Barbara A. p. 241 Stroud, Denise D. p. 241 Struck, Steven A. p. 241 Strukel, Jeanne T. p. 241 Stumpf, David S. p. 68 Sullivan, Karen M. p. 241 Sviontek, Steven E. p. 241, 140 Sylvester, Greg W. p. 241, 140 Sylvester, Jayne p. 241 Synatschk, Jana K. p. 241 T Talamonti, Wayne M. p. 242, 86 Tallent, Susanna M. p. 242, 68 Tauby, Charles R. p. 242, 140 Taylor, Andrew M. p. 242, 89 Teran, Ana I. p. 242, 162 Thomas, Judy A. p. 242, 69 Thomas, Leslie S. p. 242, 89, 88 Thomas, Temple J. p. 242, 87, 54 Thomas, Todd p. 242 Thornton, Teri L. p. 242 Thurn, Cindy S. p. 242 Tillett, Helen L. p. 242 Tillett, Mark J. p. 242 Timms, Tamara L. p. 242 Tinthoff, James L. p. 88 Tisbo, Peter M. p. 242 Tobin, Janet M. p. 242 Tobler, Christine p. 242, 74, 67 Tolle, Laura L. p. 242 Tomlinson, Richard p. 242 Traxler, Marilee J. p. 242 Trickett, John S. p. 242 Triffon, Krys A. p. 242 Trout, Jennifer J. p. 242 Trueman, Judith p. 242 Tucker, William L. p. 242 Turk, Joseph J. Turner, Frank L. p. 242 Tutan, Jeffrey B. p. 242 Turtle, Laura L. p. 242 U Uhrmann, Bradley J. p. 243 Usher, 111, Erter T. p. 243, 146 V Valdes, Dennis p. 243, 143 Van Antwerp, Jr. Kenneth A. p. 243 Van Staden, Robert J. p. 243 Vanderstyne, Gerald P. p. 243 Vanderveer, Prudence p. Vanpughan, III, Hugh A. p. 243 Vaughn, Jr., Walter E. p. 243 Vaughn, III, Hugh A. p. 243 Vazquez, Lourdes R. p. 243 Venning, Karen J. p. 243 Venderlic, Kristianna p. 243 Via, Donna L. p. 243 Vidal, Rosa M. p. 243 Vignola, Lawrence N. p. 243 Vilushis, Charles E. p. 243 Viner, Carol L. p. 243 Vollman, Jean A. p. 243, 170, 162 Von Hofen, Jill S. p. Von Ruckteschell, Jovita p. 243 W Waddell, Thomas R. p. 243, 160 Wagner, Cynthia D. p. 243 Wagner, Gary W. p. 243 Walker, Daniel F. p. 243, 82 Wall, Hosier L. p. 243 Wallis, Thomas J. p. 243 Walsh, Cynthia K. p. 243 Ward, Barbara L. p. 243 Ware, Patricia K. p. 243 Warekois, William A. p. 243, 140 Warner, Gino E. p. 243 Warner, Pamela L. p. 243, 83 Warren, Jeffrey J. p. 243 Wasko, Richard p. 243 Waters, Kelly M. p. 243 Watkins, John P. p. 244 Watkins, Joy L. p. 244, 83 Watkins, Lana p. 244 Watkins, Mary M. p. 244 Watkins, Neil R. p. 244 Webb, Christian W. p. 244 Webb, Robin L. p. 244 Webster, Melinda M. p. 244 Weekly, George C. p. 244 Weeks, Thomas W. p. 244, 148 Weichsel, Lauren L. p. 244 Weishaupt, Curtis W. p. 244 Weishaupt, Janice L. p. 244, 76 Weitermann, Gary A. p. 244 Welch, Susan D. p. 244 Wells, Nancy L. p. 244 Wells, William B. p. 244 Welter, Lynn p. 244 Whetzel, Janet L. p. 244 Whipple, Frank p. 244, 71 Whitcomb, Jr., Robert C. White, Susan G p. 244 Whitehead, Marilyn R. p. 244, 88 Whitehill, Jan E. p. 244 Whitesides, Mary p. 244 Whitlock, Brand p. 244, 74 Whitlock, Palmer p. 244 Whitney, Janice C. p. 244, 83 Wilcenski, Jr., John A. p. 244 Wilder, Laura A. p. 244 Wilkinson, Robin S. p. 244 Willey, Diana R. p. 244 Williams, Alice D. p. 244 Williams, Jr., Clifford E. p. 244 Williams, Jeffrey J. p. 244 Williams, Laura L. p. 245 Williams, Nancy J. p. 245, 88 Williams, Steven A. p. 245 Williams, Willie W. p. 245 Wilkie, Mark S. p. 245 Wilson, Edith R. p. 245 Wilson, Jessica M. p. 245 Wilson, Mildred p. 245 Winkler, Becky S. p. 245 Winters, Donald p. 245 Wisbeski, Loralei J. p. 245 Withers, Karen J. p. 245 Wixted, Patricia A. p. 245, 54 Woerner, Cathy C. p. 245 Wolfe, Lois A. p. 245, 82, 73 Wolfe, Susan E. p. 245 Wood, Doris D. p. 245 Wood, Lori A. p. 245 Woodford, Sarah K. p. 245 Woods, Raynie p. 245, 54 Woods, Harriet A. p. 245 Wooten, Edward E. p. 245 Workman, III, Robert B. p. 245 Wormwood, Carol A. p. 245 Worthington, Beth A. p. 245 Wreede, Jonathan L. p. 245 Wright, Lester R. p. 245, 150 Wright, Sharon L. p. 245 Wright, Steven R. p. 245 Wroten, Valerie A. p. 245 Y Yang, Han p. 245, 70 Yoe, Catherine p. 245, 73, 77 Yon, III, Terrell H. p. 245, 82 Young, II, Charles E. p. 246 York, Job H. p. 245 Young, Dana A. p. 246 Young, Ellen L. p. 246 Z Zappi, Debra A. p. 246 Zaput, Mollie M. p. 246 Zdanowicz, Michael p. 246, 73 Zehntner, Steven L. Zobel, Kathryn V. p. 246 Closing Section Editors Memories are for keeping, the Carolyn Gray past is to cherish. Do not look be- hind to relive successes or dwell on Workers: failures, for the time is now to Cheryl Burd look ahead. To each and every Sheri Howard one — think not of ends but of new beginnings. Sharing , » an «m »■ h» ,JT »« , " » «» mm jB ' Kn »

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