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L y — 82 fc _-— __ .1 BUILDING BLOCKS (OPENING) 1 BLUE PRINTS (STUDENT LIFE) 18 ARCHITECTS (FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION) 40 BREAKING GROUND (CLASSES) 68 FOUNDATIONS (ORGANIZATIONS) 120 MILESTONES (SPORTS) 162 CORNERSTONES (NOTABLES) 196 A GRAND OPENING (CREEKS) 214 BUILDING BLOCKS (CLOSING) 254 Co-Editors: Allison Nead Maurine Szabo cfl ome build a dream. Pack your clothes, your plants and your courage. Wave a tearful good-bye, utter a shy hello and welcome to Florida Southern College. • • ' .♦ %•♦■%••• to School H W iwi . - y l si iiaB j 4 . |B I ere Frank Lloyd Wright has etched the largest collection of his works in the world - constructions to be admired from all angles. ut unique architecture is not the only construction apparent at Southern. The construction of the academic mind is witnessed. Block by block, freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, building toward a degree. . .1 a» 4 Child devdopmrni an kurodttdtill % - • ♦ ♦ % .- 1 s I knowlei 7 ►as 4 m tf £ €® SS «J«IMtl y : i r PV ■$ } IflMpV « ' J(| UMtiHit if ' i ' iiiiiiiiiiiifr ' ' • iiM „ »•• ft % t % ♦ • I . ' • ft ' .ft %■ ' ••%- ' • . . ' , degree supplemented by the education of nature ' s beauty. The intricacies of a petal, a sunset over Lake Hollingsworth; ;e lost in the class shuffle revived in the after hours, n education supplemented by inte rchange. Interchange achieved through sports, music, theatre, worship, nonverbal or verbal communication with God, with one another, with yourself. Communication that lays the foundation for lifetime relationships. 10 J ollege offers time to structure or re-structure the blocks of life. Time to draw up the blueprints with hired architects, to break new ground and lay foundations, cornerstones, to celebrate the milestones of achievement and finally to rejoice in the grand opening of a certain identity. 13 n identity prized by the population who helped you grow; the faculty, administration and students of Florida Southern College. FSC, the blocks spell pride. r 14 ' ft % ft % t 4, 3 Lm r. 03 ■ ome build a dream. in % % 4 , ro I y % - BLUEPRINTS (bloo ' prints ' ], n. 1. a process of photogra- phic printing, used chiefly in copying architectural and mechanical drawings, that produces a white line on a blue background. 2. a de- tailed outline or plan: student life is a blueprint of students living. Edited by: Judy Hutchinson Assistant editors: Carolyn Gray Gail Griswold Lois Montgomery Patty Wixted L9 employ your photographic memory to create a blueprint of 1600 students growing, B00KS.ETC. , , CAFETERIA SNACK BAR P0ST OFFICE SJUOENTCTR. c=r VISITOR PARK WrtWW » ■t. Mi i ' « «- — ■y 20 student life M tflmm m LWMMMH " . " mi " L . student life 21 I individually and collectively 22 student life ■ » - ' » . w - - student life 23 V ■ _ offering contributions to the worlds of music; 24 student life student l ife 25 CD I theatre; 26 student life • ♦ % % J student life 27 and athletics. i JIM 28 student life % ♦ kl t w warn ul 1J nil h W f " ' WM 3 " " student life 29 I lose your eyes and remember, the faces you swore you would never forget. 30 student life student life 31 p 32 student life J ; ftp ' ' ::::r ' JiiiuB:!f»S •:••: . " • ' ••. ' . ■ ■I • .,- ' student life 33 I 34 student life emember in fragmented pieces, dormlife; surprise birthday parties . . . room checks . . . loud stereos at 3 a.m. ... no hot water in the winter ... no water at all . . . student life 35 36 student life . •.%%• ■ - - ■ the cafeteria; scoping . . . mystery meat . . . seconds . . . roast beef one more time . . . picnics . . . waiting in line . . . Halloween and Christmas banquets . . . paper plates and plastic silverware . . . student life 37 all campus activities; the Gong show . . . dance-a-thon . . . talent show . . . haunted house . . . faculty squares . . . Christmas tree lighting and Founders Week. 38 student life Fragmented pieces gelled by your mind into a detailed remembrnce of the best years of your life; student life at Florida Southern. student life 39 , A p 40 ■ ' %. ,- ' ARCHITECTS (ar ' ki tekts ' j, n. 1. the deviser, maker, or creator of anything 2. a person who designs large constructions other than buildings: the faculty and administration design the construction of the academic mind. Edited by: Evelyn Griffith Assistant editors: Susan Andres Cathy Gremp Kathy Rothwell 41 I Board Of Trustees Bishop Robert M. Blackburn The Honorable Farris Bryant The Honorable Lawton M. Chiles Mrs. Dollie Crist Dr. J.H. Daniel Mr. Sam T. Dell, Jr. The Reverend Edward L. Dinkins Mr. A.L. Ellis Mr. James L. Ferman, ]r. Dr. George A. Foster Mr. Frank H. Furman, Jr. Mr. John A. Grant, Jr. Mr. J.R. Graves Dr. Charles P. Hamilton Dr. A. A. Hedberg Dr. R.C. Holmes Mr. Charles H. Jenkins, Sr. Mrs. Edna P. Lockett Mrs. Kathleen Macomber Dr. Patrick W. McBride, Jr. Mr. Ernest C. McClurg Mr. E.V. McClurg Bishop Joel D. McDavid Mr. Fred Millsaps Dr. Richard V. Moore Bishop E.J. Pendergrass Mr. Cushman S. Radebaugh Mr. J. Carlisle Rogers Mr. Aaron Rorstrom The Rev. James C. Rowan Dr. Myrl L. Spivey Mrs. Nell Talcott Mrs. David R. Thurman Mr. Warren Tingdale Mr. Lanier Upshaw Mrs. Ted Van Antwerp Mrs. Ruth S. Wedgworth Mr. Joel R. Wells, Jr. Mr. Elliot Whitehurst, Jr. The Honorable James H. Williams Mr. Herbert E. Wolfe Mr. Walter Woolfolk Mrs. Alice Lockmiller President Robert A. Davis 42 faculty and administration David L. Readdick Vice President and Business Manager Theodore M. Haggard Assistant to the President faculty and administration 43 Bishop E.J. Pendergrass Assistant to the President Hugh A. Moran Dean of Students Carol M. Esau Registrar and Director of Admissions 11 - X M m ' J A ■ $m j v 1 l l Charles Tinsley Thrift. Jr. Chancellor G. Lawrence Stallings Director of tin- Library 44 faculty and administration 1 H it a A -- • Hi ' m V William H. Boyer Director of Public Relations News Bureau G. Ann Home Director of Student Financial Aid Robert Jaquay Comptroller Agnes Johnson Director of Alumni Relations faculty and administration 45 Ida P. Moody Director of Placement Mail Room Frances Mitchell Munson Assistant to the Dean of Students-Women 46 facultv and administration Clara Wise Career Counselor Paul Wille College Photographer faculty and administration 47 Faculty Joseph A. Arnold Health and Physical Education Wallace R. Brandon German and French 48 facultv and administration - rjm - - M 1970 i k ft • i k— i V WEtiSiMKHi lelen Benner Krtist in Residence Robert W. Breuer Religion faculty and administration 49 p Daniel Carreir; Mathematics 50 faculty and administration • ♦ ♦ % 1961 ■ L- V [ohn W. Cook Religion vlerle F. Dimbath business and Economics Tilden M. Counts, ]r. Communications faculty and administration 51 51 Howard L. Dinsmore Chemistry Gale L. Doak Art Banton S. Doak Art 52 facultv and administration Rita Fandrich Music faculty and administration 53 John R. Haldeman Biology 54 faculty and administration ' .. %■» -- ' - Henry C. Hartje, Jr Mathematics faculty and administration 55 R. Frank Johnson Religion and Philosophy 5fi facultv and administration Robert MacDonald Artist in Residence faculty and administration 57 Jose R. Martinez Spanish and French Charley C. Matlock Health and Physical Education Gregory Mugg Psychology 58 facultv and administration James O. Niswonger Sociology » ♦ ♦ % Harold O ' Leary Business Mary Virginia Peaslee Education Bennett Penn Music faculty and administration 59 Rubert W. Prevatt Citrus Albert W. Ream Composer in Residence George Reaves Military Science 60 faculty and administration » % - - Wesley Ryals English faculty and administration 61 p Lee Schilling Business James F. Slutz Music 62 faculty and administration Harold M. Smeltzly Health and Physical Education • • " Boris T. Sokoloff Biochemistry James H. Stamper Physics Barbara Sreenan Sociology faculty and administration 63 f Katherine Straw Health and Physical Education A. Rand Sutherland Historv Louise Templeton Accounting 64 faculty and administration Judge Watson History i Christopher T. Weaver Psychology J faculty and administration 65 Walter P. Weaver Religion C . Jeffery Wiley Business 66 faculrv and administration Lois Webb Physical Education Thomas Maxwell Willard Chemistry Norman Allen Wuertz Mathematics Melvin E. Wooton Drama Robert Lee Zimmerman English Faculty not pictured David W. Crippen, Education Linda ). Null, English Doris S. Scates, Business faculty and administration 67 • " l 68 • ' ■ ■ me- i Uo it BREAKING GROUND (brak ing ground), v.t. n, 1. a celebration of potential worth. 2. formal recognition of a new start: class succes- sion is an annual breaking ground. Edited by: Wendy Ingram Assistant Editors: Betsy Atkins Cheryl Burd Carolyn Gray Diana Hale Elaine Hall Suzanne Hardy Nan Howe Lorri Reed 69 Senior Class Officers Neil Dorrill - S.U.B. representative, Shari Patience - female senator, Al Eayrs - president and Jet Bieronski - male senator. " O Seniors ' i Al Ainsvvorth Jacksonville, Fla. Business Mgmt. L ;?9t Garv Babich Clark, N.|. journalism ' nil Todd Banter Boca Ranton. Fla. Physical Ed. Judy Alexande Frostproof Fla. Music Ed. Ann Griffith Allen Lakeland, Fla. ournalism Jit Dale Allen Winter Haven. Fla. Business Admin aBHl %M if Trece Allen Holland. Mich. Art u Betsy Anderson James Ankenbrandt Dave Arthur Tom Arthur Susan Atherh Winter Haven, Fla. Roval Oak. Mich Davtona Beach, Fla. Montclair. N). Atlantis, Fla. Social Sciences Business Mgmt. Biology English Biology r .-: I Roger Bailey Miami, Fla. Business Bob Baker Fredericksburg, Va. Business Mgmt. Bruce Baker Lakeland, Fla. Business Mgmt. Whitney Ballentine Anderson. S.C. Biology f -f f£ 3 4 ▼ ' ■ t Sam Barganier Jr. Wauchula, Fla. Citrus Shauna Barnum Greenwich. Conn. Art Kim Bartels I- ' i M its, Fla. Elem. Special Ed. Gladys Bartmess Fairfield. Conn. Biology Seniors 71 p Jonathan Beard Upper Monclair, N.J. Sociology Carlos Beliz Panama. Panama Psychology Tim Bennett Winter Haven. Fla. Biology Dan Bernard Clearwater. Fla. Business Dean Berry Ft. Pierce. Fla. Sociology Mark Berrv Jet Bieronski Peotone, 111. Accounting Barbara Biggane Miami, Fla. Early Childhood Ed. Lisa Black Hollywood. Fla. Spanish Melinda Blair Belle Glade, Fla. Physical Ed. une Blanchard Teresa Boehm Francis Bogle Linda Boos Marjorie Bourgeous vloodus. Conn. Lakeland, Fla. Wayne. Pa. St. Petersburg, Fla. Lakeland, Fla. elementary Ed. Biology Political Science Biology Sociology I- ■ ? f- w Avis I Chris Bouton Burr Ridge. 111. Economics James Bowman Auburndale, Fla. Political Science Joseph Bowman Auburndale, Fla. Political Science John Brandell Jr. Glenview, 111. Business Mgmt. Colette Brander Hollywood. Fla. Business Marketing 72 Seniors • - a i j i hfll l i ; ' Robert Brian Lake Alfred, Fla. Accounting Van Brooks Bradenton, Fla. History Ron Brown Wheaton, Md. Accounting Linda Bruno Lakeland. Fla. Early Childhood Ed. 1 dlli I liilf i ' lkJ H Karen Bubas Durham, N.C. Journalism Alyson Burch Orlando, Fla. Social Science Karen Butler Dunwoody, Ga. Business Ed. Craig Canning Cape Canaverial. Fla. Business Edward ). Cardieri St. Pete Bch.. Fla. Health-Physical Ed. Lewis Carlsen Ft. Myers, Fla. Music Ed. Bob Carnahan Columbus, Ohio Finance Karen Carreira Lakeland, Fla. Business Mgmt. Mike Carter Clearwater, Fla. Political Science Lea Ann Caskey Naples, Fla. Business Mgmt. Liz Cathcart Alexandria, Va. Theatre » Y- Keith Causseaux Al Ceplenski Jr. Clewiston, Fla. Westerly, R.I Citrus-Business Mgmt. Physical Ed. Alex A. Cerekwicki Jr. Pete Cerenzo Lakeland, Fla. Trenton, N.J. Physics Biology Seniors 73 p pi ■ l.iui Eduardo Cernuda Jay Cerveny Lima. Peru Lehigh, Fla. Business Marketing Religion Theresa Marie Chalmers Beth Chambers St. Petersburg, Fla. Ocala, Fla. Education Biology Bill Chambers Ocala, Fla. Biology . $ u J.L. Chandler Debbie Chavous Dundee, Fla. Old Town, Fla. Biology Biology Richard Brooks Chiodo Carolyn Clark Craig Clark Melbourne, Fla. Sebring, Fla. Henriett, N.Y. Horticulture Biology Accounting A Roger Clark Tequests, Fla. Marketing Mgmt. 1 L.1 Gary Clements Lakeland, Fla. Business Mgmt. Laquita Clements Lakeland. Fla. Accounting i kJ Jim Cloughley Winter Garden, Fla. Citrus Sue Cluthe Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Business Mgmt. V Jeff Coffman Cape Coral, Fla. Accounting Barry L. Comer Punta Gorda, Fla. Biology Angie Cone Lakeland, Fla. Business Mgmt John Cook Bridgewater, N.J. Biology 74 Seniors ♦ • • • - - - Cathy Copeland Elizabeth Ellen Corless James Cross J.J. Currie Marty Custer Deland. Fla. Plymouth. N.H. Lakeland, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Huntington, Ind. Elementary Ed. Chemistry Health Physical Ed. Communications Sociology Darlene Deal Mike Delvecchio Barbara Deutsch Nancv Diamandis Neil Dorrill Winter Haven. Fla. Davenport, Iowa Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Clearwater. Fla. Sarasota. Fla. Phvsical Ed Sociology German Business Marketing Political Science Donna Dorsey Bonnie Downey Winter Park, Fla. Boca Raton, Fla. Sociology Social Work Mathematics Donna M. Drysdale Elsie Durrence Al Eayrs Winter Park, Fla. Lakeland, Fla. Sun City, Fla. Communications History Accounting Mac Edgar Stuart, Fla. Psychology Kathy Eisemann Bethpage, N.Y. Business Mgmt. Lynn Fay Pompano Bch., Fla. Physical Ed. Pepe Fente Hialeah, Fla. Financial Mgmt. Martha Fielding Lakeland, Fla. Biology Seniors 75 p Robin Gilpin Seminole, Fla. Music Ed. Diane George Donna Gibson Bill Giles Mary Gill Don Gilliland Ocala, Fla. Orlando, Fla. Lakeland, Fla. Tallahassee, Fla. Lakeland, Fla. Mathematics Mathematics Business Mgmt. Elementary Ed. Business Admin. Sandra Marie Gladden Stuart, Fla. Sociology Van Gladfelter Pt. Charolette, Fla. Mathematics Laurie Godfrey Stevens Point. Wis. Drama Speech Grace Gorday Jacksonville, Fla. Psychology 76 Seniors • • • % • 4 « H H I Karen Gould Deland, Fla. Business Dwayne Gray Germantown. Md. Physical Ed. Tony Greco Hollywood, Fla. Biology Robert L. Green Augusta. Ga. journalism I 2 Douglas Griffin Lakeland. Fla. Accountng Carl Grygiel Frankfort, N.Y Physical Ed. Gregg Hall Kettering, Ohio Mathematics Beth Hancock Louisville. Ky. Journalism Rochelle Harrison St. Petersburg. Fla. Biology Jeff Hart Hollywood, Fla. Mathematics Stuart Hicks, Jr. Plant City, Fla. Business Mgmt. John Hill Hollywood, Fla Religion Paul Holloway Jacksonville. Fla. Music Ed. Seniors 77 I Dee Hunt Lake Wales. Fla. Business-Citrus Robert William Hurley Lakeland, Fla. Marketing Augusto Ibay Auburndale. Fla. Chemistry Mark James Dunedin. Fla. Physical Ed. Gregg Jarrett Miami, Fla. Physical Ed. Lonny Jaudon Dover, Fla. Humanities Div. Donna Jenkins Gaineville, Ga. Psychology Beth Johns Hollywood, Fla. Elementary, Ed. C. Lawrence Johnson Trip Johnson Lakeland. Fla. Valley, Pa. Business Mgmt. Business Mgmt. Vernon L. Johnson Sanford. Fla. Business Mgmt. Scott Jones Iowa City. Iowa Political Science Richard Jovce George [udv Lakeland, Fla " . Polk City, Fla Speech Communications Theatre Chris Keim Kearny, N.J. Communications 78 Seniors ♦ % ♦ % ♦ - I Beth ' Kennedy Hollywood, Fla. Psychology Sherman Kennedy Lakeland, Fla. Finance Mary King Delray Beach, Fla. Psychology Sandra King Huntington Woods, Fla. Biology Don Knitt Lakeland. Fla. Physical Ed. Lakeland, Fla. Christian Ed. Jim Kotapish ClevelandHeights, Ohio Biology Deborah Koza Nanuet. N.Y. Social Work Janie Krause Flemington, N.J. Physical Ed. Catherine Laich Naples. Fla. Elementary Ed. Mike Lalor Cheryl Lanzor Jeff Lebhar Janice Lee Winter Haven, Fla. Stony Brook, N.Y Bethesda, Md. Immokalee, Fla Accounting Art Communications Horticulture Sandv Leith Port Charlotte, Fla. Elementary Ed. Marshall Lester St. Petersburg, Fla. Physical Ed. John Lipka Brigantine, N.J. Sociology Kim Loomis Ft. Myers Beach. Fla. Christian Ed. Rob Louchart Pekins, 111. Business Lauren Lowers Bartow, Fla. Finance Computer Seniors 79 p Sue Mackay Lexington, Mass. Personnel Mgmt. Lewis Marshall Plantation. Fla. Accounting Bill McKnown Lakeland, Fla. Physical Ed. Dan Mancini Wauchula, Fla. Biology Julie Manlv Dalton, Ga. Christian Ed. Floyd Manny Oldsmari, Fla. Business Bob Mantle Bonita Springs, Fla. Accounting 1 11 ■Ui Craig Martin Ashland, Ohio Psychology Jorge Matos Ponce. Puerto Rico Political Science Harriet Matthews Gastonia, N.C. Physical Ed. Wilma McCarty Moore Haven, Fla. Sociology Alice McConnell Yvonne McCosh Cheri McElrov Andv McGaffigan Mark McGehee Lakeland, Fla. Hillside, Mich. Winter Haven, Fla. West Palm Beach, Fla. Deland, Fla. Biology Business Ed. Early Childhood Ed. Physical Ed. Social Science Siobhan McLaughlin Hollywood, Fla. English Stan McNeal Lakeland, Fla. Journalism Kathy McNulty Melbourne. Fla. Religion Christian Ed. Melinda Middleton Annadale, Va. Business Mgmt. 80 Seniors v % ♦ II T v i 1 I Steve Miller Dewitt, NY. Business Mgmt. 1 II i I Brian Mills Lakeland. Fla. Marketing n llm ! Ok Mary Mischuck Orlando, Fla. Sociology Lewis Mizelle Orlando, Fla. Finance Kenneth Molz Kettering, Ohio Business Steve Monti Warwick, R.I. Physical Ed. Janie Moodie Huntsville, Miss. Physical Ed. ft ' . I Clint Morris Connie Morris Debi Myers Ted f red Myers Scott Neisler Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Port Charlotte, Fla. Pittsburgh, Pa. Gainesville, Fla. Kings Mtn, N.C. Business Psychology Early Childhood Ed. Drama Physical Ed. hi William Nelson Sacramento, Calif. Physical Ed. Jody Nocco Naperville, 111. Art Rick Nolte Brocleport, N.Y. Physical Ed. Sally Nordine Palm Beach. Fla. Medical Tech. Jan Norman Raiford, Fla. Sociology Seniors 81 p flH HHHif fi i Laura Norman N. Palm Beach, Fla. Business Education Linda Norris Orlando, Fla. Elementary Ed. Janet Oechslin Ormond Beach, Fla. Accounting 1 Ml I Ken Overstreet Winter Haven, Fla. Business Gene Owen Lakeland, Fla. Business j| ' I Michael Pachik Pottstown, Pa. Communications Barbara Pack Debbie Pate Shari Patience Linda Pearce Winter Haven, Fla. Arcadia, Fla. Orlando. Fla. Lakeland, Fla. Elementary Ed. Communications Journalism Sociology Sociology ts Af! Mini m Mike Pennachio Lakeland, Fla. Chemistry Peter E. Perettine Lakeland, Fla. Sociology Al Peters Milwaukee, Wis. Physical Ed. Sue Peterson Orlando, Fla. Sociology Carole Pierce Jacksonville, Fla. Spanish rJ w f © f k I mil il Freda Pilcher St. Petersburg, Fla. Elementary Ed. Patricia Planer Gastonia, Fla. Physical Ed. Barbara Platts Fort Pierce, Fla. History Herbert Pollard Winter Haven, Fla. Business Mgmt. Andy Porter Villanola, Pa. Business 82 Seniors •.. % % ft 4 . Steve Porter Pamalee Powell Barbara Power Leslie Price Suzanne Prieto Orlando, Fla. Lakeland. Fla. Winter Haven, Fla. Ormond Beach, Fla Sarasota, Fla. Sociology Sociology Elementary Ed. Horticulture Spanish James M. Privett Kathleen, Fla. Business Citrus Susan Prokocki Port Richey. Fla. Chemistry John Pugh Winter Haven, Fla. Mathematics Edie Queen Lakeland, Fla. lournalism r m Ronda Rand Mary Ann Reeve Ward Register Lawrenceburg, Ind. Lakeland, Fla. St. Petersburg, Fla Sociology Spanish Ed Elementary Ed. Accounting Sally Richardson Todd Richter Winter Park, Fla. Miami, Fla. Elementary Ed Spanish Ed. Business Mgmt. Sally Rikard Marathon Shores, Fla. Physical Ed. Caroline Ring Okeechobee. Fla. Mathematics Willie Ragland Birmingham, Ala. Elementary Ed. Kathy Renneisen Hollywood, Fla. Mathematics Judy Rock Titusville, Fla. Social Science Div. Seniors 83 Aaron P. Rorstrom Sarasota, Fla. Political Science Nancy Ross Orlando. Fla. Sociology Hilda Rosselli St. Petersburg, Fla. Spanish Elementary Ed. Felice De Salvatore Winter Haven, Fla. Elementary Ed. Julio Sanguily Sebring, Fla. Biology Caroline Satterfield Westport, Conn. Elementary Ed. Ricardo Sawye Nassau, Bahamas Biology F. T. Schneider Lakeland, Fla. Biology Bill Schroeder Fort Myers, Fla. Business Mgmt. Dorie Secord Clearwater, Fla. Elementary Ed. Jill Severtson Orlando, Fla. Business Ed. Rob Shingler St. Petersburg, Fla. Political Science John N. Shrader Fairfax, Va. Elementary Ed. Doreen Shuck Holiday, Fla. Biology Scott Singer Clearwater, Fla. Accounting Sharon D. Skipper Sarasota, Fla. Early Childhood Ed. France Snelling Lakeland, Fla. Accounting Harvey Snively Winter Haven. Fla. Citrus Rosemary Snyder Oradell, Fla. Music Ed. Chris Soka Pompano Beach, Fla. Christian Ed. 84 Seniors - » » » • »d Jean Sparks Port Charlotte, Fla. Biology Lynne Spaun Winter Haven, Fla Drama Karleen Stewart Palm Bay, Fla. Elementary Ed. Susan Stewart Winter Haven, Fla. Business Admin. v Gretchen Stickler Jacksonville, Fla. Journalism William Stokes Dover, Fla. Horticulture Dean Stouder South Bend. Ind. Mathematics ill Dan Streitz Joliet. Fla. Div-Science I John Stuart Dunedin, Fla. Physical Ed. Kevin Sullivan Louisville, Ky. Accounting Steve Talner Scarsdale, N.Y. Business Lawrence Taylor Lakeland, Fla. Biology Vickie Taylor Lakeland, Fla. Biology Keith Thompson Margaret Thompson Sylvia Thompson Paul Thrasher foani Tillett Boynton Beach, Fla. Lakeland, Fla. Winter Haven, Fla. Lake Park, Fla. Ruskin, Fla. Business Admin. Elementary Ed. Elementary Ed. Political Science Elementary Ed. Scniors 85 CD P Robert Titus Ocoee, Fla. Accounting Susan Trask Auburndale, Fla. Sociology Melinda Tucker Mulberry, Fla. Mathematics Jean Twible Bradenton, Fla. Accounting Jan Tye Dayton, Ohio Elementary Ed. Norman Vaug han Plant City, Fla. Biology Andy Vazquez Kearry, N.J. Business Mgmt. Arlene Venzia Winter Haven. Fla. Accounting Gary Vicaro Cedar Grove. N.J. Business Gilda Villanueva Hollywood, Fla. Business Ed. Wayne Viner Lakeland, Fla. Biology Susan Vines Lake Alfred, Fla. Accounting David Voigt Reading, Pa. Journalism ' ' • a! ' till Joe Volpe Scotch Plains. N.] Business Mgmt. Mary S. Walter Lakeland, Fla. Elementary Ed. Cynthia Watson North Wales, Pa. Marketing Mgmt. Debbie Webb Lakeland, Fla. Business Mgmt. Monti Webb Merritt Island, Fla. Accounting 86 Seniors Karin Vande Weghe Connie Welch Hopesound, Fla. Naples, Fla. Elementary Ed. Physical Ed. ; , " 1 i Robert Wentzell Rovenhor, Ohio Business Sue Whetzel Sarasota, Fla. Physical Ed. . V % m ■ Quinton Whitmire Lake Wales. Fla. Business Mgmt. Alyce Williams Clearwater, Fla. English Frank G. Williams Hilldsdale, Mi. Accounting Malcolm Winstead Lakeland, Fla. Political Science Elizabeth Wood Winter Haven, Fla. Humanities Div. HH David Wormwood Wayne, Pa. Business Mgmt. Joan Yates Lakeland, Fla. Biology Lynelle Yoder Sarasota, Fla. Communications Gary Zierhofft Lexington. Mass. Business Mgmt. Coury Woodard Winter Haven, Fla. Music Ed. A 1. Al Zwass Miami Shores, Fla. Personnel Mgmt. Seniors 87 Junior Class Officers J. J. Welch - Greek female senator and Scott Weiner - male senator. Not Pictured: Dave Duncan - president, Jack McMahon - S.U.B. representative, Karen Usher - female senator, Cindy Poor - female senator at large and Doug Kaufman - male senator at large. 88 Juniors « ■ » - - - ft Mike Abate Dan Adams Robert Alexander Nanette D. Anderson Rich Anderson Susan Andres Bill Antley Susan Baird Russell Baker Louis Baldwin Rene Barton Patsy Battle Phillip Beals Joy Bean Elizabeth Bell Celestine Benedictos Brad Bennett Freida Bennett Anne Berry |ack Berry Luis Betancourt Bill Beuttell Deborah Bird jayne Birkbeck Barb Birkenmaier Pete Black Adu Boateng George Bongiorno Glenn Boone Bob Bordeaux Clarence A. Boswell III Donna Lynn Bramer Don G. Braswell Wendell Bray Curtis C. Bree Michael Broadhead Tom Broome ]eff Brower James Brown |oe Brown My ra Brown Pamela Brown ■hk l % sd $ )uniors 89 p Roy Bruce Jo Ellen Bryant Ulrike Buettner Randy Buchanan William Burch Brian Butterfield Kathryn Cacciatore Mike Caiazzo Helen Ann Cain Valerie Campbell Lois Carelli Ed Carley Matt Carlson David Carlton Cindy Cams Kevin Carter Mari Joy Casale Kent Cassels Catherine Cates Randy Centrella Kathy Chappell Betsy Chester Marv Christopher Paul Clark III Pete Clark Robert S. Clark Deborah Clody Clare Crews Bob Cochran Charles Coe Pat Coffey Mike Collins Gwen Comstock Mary Cook Wyatt Cook Amarilis Corrales Lisa Courtoy Suzanne Cox Karen Crippen Gary Crosby Glenn Cross Bill Cundiff 90 Juniors Juniors 91 p Daniel Fernandez Mary Field Ed Finch III Carl Fitzpatrick Jim Flanagan Larry Flood Doug Fogh Edward Force Mike Fort Mike Fortner Linda Foust Emily Francis Gary Frizzell Laynie Fulton Karen Fyle Matthew Gaglione Susan Gamble Mark Gardiner Lynne Gardner Meg Gardner Jayne Garnett Catherine Geiger William Geisler [ohn B. Gill Dan Girata Beverly Glass Tom Gleeton Gail Godwin Jolynn Goldsmith |ohn Goodwin Kendal Gordon [effery Graham Mary Grasso Cathie Gray Gary Greene John Griswold Melanie Groves Marc Gruber Gayl Guarnieri Joan Haas Kathy Haggard III ft 2 flJLfi hi i ill 92 Juniors • « - Diana |. Hale Stephanie C. Halkias Mary K. Hamm Becky Hammock Robert H. Hamrich Kevin Hancock Julie Hanlon Bob Hansill Lynn Hardin Mitch Harris Deborah Hart Meg Hartford Betsy Hawkins Carol Jenkins Hays Donald Hays Karen Henry Suzy Hering Jeff Hester Theresa M. Hickman Cindy Hill |im Hilliard, Jr. Mark Hoisington Carolyn Horn Robert House Lucy Huckery Clarissa Lynn Hucknal Jane Hudson Vicki Hulme Judy Hunter Nancy Huntsberger Louise Isom Debbie Iverson Alisa Jefferies Beverly Jenkins Debbie Johnson Debby Johnson Fred Johnson Carol Johnston Steve Jones Lisa Kaiser Nick Kassman Douglas G. Kaufman Juniors 93 p Chuck Kelly Steve Keeler John Kerins Mike Kesinger Bea Kilgore Nancy King Dave Kinsey Steve Klinger Lorri Klingman John Knierman John Koepsel Nick Koumantzelis Beth Krause Steve Krout John Lackey Ed Laderer Donna La Gasse Peggy Lake Pierre Lallier Walter Land III Dean Lashbrook Cricket La Vigne Dana Lawler Sharon Lee Gary Leonard Jim Lett Frank Leutheuser Dave Lewis Laura Lisella Sylvester Little Fred Loesche Russ Lovaas Mark Lyons Neil Lyons Stan MacNeil Robert Mahowald Rick Mancini Bill Marine Jay Martin Nena Martinez Mark Kevin Marvel! Marc Mason A cs |% 45 A mi t i . i i fj fy o ♦ If!) I I ■ f$ r) 4$ i I mm l ; ( Aft AO © V A 94 |uniors - Dan Matherson Judy Mattera Anne Mayo Linda McBride Patricia McBride Bob McCarthy Jeff McCay Diane McClelland Kim McElroy John McGeehan Candy McKinney Priscilla McLoughlin Jack McMahon Wesley McMillan Tim McMullen |im McNabb David McQuade Sandy Medico Bud Merrell John Merritt Michelle Metzger Karl Meyer Beth Miles Nelia Miller Michele Mingo Kate Moore Lora Moore Amy Morgan James Morgan Lori Morrison Chip Morton Mike Mullen Randy Mundt Danny Murphy Maureen M. Murphy Peggy Murphy Stacy Myers Holly Nance James Neal Allison J. Nead Liz Neiswander Penny Nickel |uniors 95 Joe A. Nelson Karen Nielsen Ken Norris Nelly Nunley Pierre Nunley Nancy Olds ]eanna O ' Neal Gretchen Oswalt Jeff Painter Melissa Parker Caroline Pearson Embree Pearson Louise Perkins Pat Peters Karen Pfeffer Charlotte Phoenix Ed Piatnik Karen Pickles Cathy Pierce Bill Pigozzi Joy Pilchard Marvin Pinder Evelyn Polk Cindv Poor Curtis Powell Matt L. Powers Gussie Preston Pickens C. Price Pat Rabun David Raley Al Rawdow Lorrie Reed Helen Reeves Rhonda Reichel Veve Rendall Patty Reynolds Claude Richey Greg Rieger Nancy Riker Gregory Rist Vicky Roark Jaquae Roberds 96 Juniors • % - - " " © i ft r r SA2 iff . fltiflinimi i Mark Roberts Cindy Robson Kent Rockhill Bill Rogers Glenn Rogers Llisa Rogers Richard Rodgers Gene Rose joy Rowe John Ruby Shelley Ruffini Rick Ruffner |im Russell Paul Sacco George Sammons Mark Samp] George Sancken loni Scabarozi George L. Schmadel (erry Schmidt Pene Schmidt Dieter Schoenfeld Glenarva Schuder Carolyn Schultz John Schumann Karen Schweitzer Carolyn Scott Tom Sellers Sandy Seiler Rob Shaffer Ruth G. Shel fer Donald Shields Cindy Shoemaker Margie Sikes Evett Bunnie Simmons Wiley Simpson Matthew Slauson Phillip T. Slay Mark Slone |oan Smigel Debbi Small Margo M. Stilley Juniors 97 p Mary ' B. Stiles Diana Stevens John Stevens Nancy Stevens John Stokes Alice K. Swainson Rod Sweet Maurine Szabo Charlie Tauby Wayne Tankersley Allison Taylor Tom Tefft Sharon Thomas Rich Thorp Hunt Throop Al Thurston Jeff Tomaszewski Mark Tomberg John Trickett Drew Tucker Stan Tucker John Turlich Steve Turman Frank Turner Linda Turner John Underwood Karen Usher Razziel Vasquez Ruth Venuti Bob Votteier Cindy Wagner Debbie Walker Janet Walker Kristi Walker Betty Walkup Kathy Wall Pam Walton Steve Walton Bobbi Walz Brenda Ward Lisa Ward Yvonne Ward f% n ft © i l IM 1 Jfl ©Ad f i A 98 Juniors 1 .1 % ' ♦•% ' ♦•%•♦ a f III L ; . I |ohn P. Watkins Helen Watts Rich Weaver Walter Weaver Scott Weiner Gayle M. Weinkauf Larrv Welbon j.j. Welch Kim Welty Charlie West Gail Westberry Nita White Steve Wightman Clifford Wiley Tom Wilkinson Caroline M. Williams ]oel Williamson Nancy Williams Linda Wills Edith Wilson Jeff Winkler Barbie Winship Mary Wise Nancy Wise Brian Woas Robert Michael Wolf Patti Worman Dawn Wyckoff Nancy Wyllie Kevin Yarnell Karl Youngs Ken Zimmerman luniors 99 p Sophomore Class Officers Doreen Peterson - female senator at large, Diane Lacey - female senator, Dick Longden - male senator, Mike Holmes - president and Curt Truitt - male senator at large. Not Pictured: Llisa Rogers - S.U.B. representative. 100 Sophomores ft % « Jeff Adams Shari Adams Aileen Adamson Ellis Allen Candy Alexander Kim Alexander Dennis Alter Marie Amundsen John Anderson Kathy Anderson Nancy Anderson William Anderson Nancy Arcand Matt Arena Tom Argersinger Mike Arlotta Mark Aufiery Dan Austin ]r. Susie Balough Kimberly Barksdale Brian Baker Phil Bayne (anda Bazemore Dan Bearss Dedra Bell Trudy Bell Steve Bennett Christian Beto Gina Bieber Ronnie Blackborn Karen Blair Babs Bohrer Santford Boley Chuck Bombard Marcia Bone Deanna Boone Brian Bowe Nancy Bowles Sydney Bowlin David Miller Boyd Don Brady Philip Brocklesby Coleen Brander Barb Brantley Dave Brewer Paul Broadhead David H. Broome Deborah Brown Sophomores 101 p Roberta Browne Dee Bryan Kenneth Bryant Thomas Buckle Kathy Bunts Warren Butler Marilyn Butt Julianne Byington Ted Campbell Jeff Carbia Ruby Carey Mary Carlin Freddie Carlton Sheree Carpenter Daniel Carreira Frank D. Carrera Tim Carroll Mark Carter Cheryl Carty Linda Cassels David Cates Susan Cates Michael Christian Mike Cimo Ellen Clark Susan demons Anne Cross Renatta Cochran Jay Coffman Jonathan Cohill Karen Compton Bill Cone Adele Converse John Corran Laura Cotton Bill Cupp Michael Custer Robert D ' Amora Mike D ' Angelo Beth Darby |ean Davidson Lvnne Davis 102 sophomore i« .; Ik I I I ■ i m Rosemary Dawkins Lou Dessaint Kathy Detoro Sue Detwyler Ron Diamond Debbie Dickerson |ohn Dipersio Bob Dolan Mike Dompsey Rodney Donnelly Helen Dunn Janet Dusenbery Susan Duvall Barry Eaton Dave Elliot Don Enderle Michael Engelke Mike Farlow Beckie Farthing Debbie Feller Leslie Ferguson Tom Ferguson Ann Fetterman Mark Ficarra Ben Fincher |ohn Fitzmaurice Teresa Fitzsimmons Kevin Flannagan Rick Forrest Charles Foss Deb Fowler Pamela Frank Clair Fraser Puni Fraser |anet Freckelton Jennifer Friend Cathy Frick Cindi Frick Ellen Fuller Mickey Funi Scott Furd Sue Furman sophomore 103 Robert J. Gabriel Gail Gage Mike Gallemore Douglas Geary ]r. Fred Gebhard Mary Gordav Deborah A. Graham Ed Greco Robert Gregory III Kathy Gremp Elaine Grier Evelyn Griffith Beth Grimner Gail Griswold Gini Gunderson Cherie Gunson Laura Gunter Vicki Hall Rick Halterman Penny L. Handlee Mary Ann Handley Tina Marie Hardin Patricia Harding George Hardison Steve Hare Julie Harrison Lawrence Hawks Larry Henderson Mae Henderson Sandy Hendren Kathy Henry Mark Henry Nadyne Hernquist Craig Herry Martha Hester Kurt Heyman Hubs Hightow-er Marti Hill Lee Holman Mike Holmes Wanda Hough Shari Hogue 104 sophomore A A fi • fS r ' 1 Debbie Hooker Laura Horner Doug Howe Tere Huey Nancy E. Huston Glen Isaacson Susan Isabell jerry Jensen Keith Johns Christa Johnson Ingrid Johnson Jul) Johnson Todd M. Johnson Debbie Jones Debbie Jones Don |ones Sharon Jones Jeff Jordan Jim |ordon Lisa Kastrenakes Bob Keiser Barbara Kelso Rick Kerper Rodney King, Jr. Mike Komar Teri Koontz Kevin Korth Bob Kramer Diane Lacey Don Lambert Laura Lang Kevin Laurie John Joseph Lawlor Patricia Lavoy Melinda Layman Darlene Layton Brian W. Lee Lynette Leffell Bob Leitner Michael Lemnitzer Jerry Littento Jim Long sophomore 105 Dick Longden Mariano C. Loy Valerie Ludwig Alston MacGill Bob Maleeny Hobart Manley Lisa Mann George Manson Alex Mard Jeannine Marek Maria Martinez Susan Mashke Georgie L. Mason Laurie McCain Helen McCarthy Mike McClaskey Gary B. McCoy Beverly McDonald Laurie McDonald Rich McEver Bob McFarland John McGinn Helen Mcintosh Sandy McKenzie Don McLean Ray McLellan Melissa McMillan Judy McNabb Katie McNeil John McTureous James Mediate Maureen Meenan Bill Merchant Kendra Mickelson Debra Milby Dawn Miller Helen Miller Marshall Monsell Cindy Montford Sean Moore Catherine Morris John Muckenthaler 9 ft ft ft § 106 sophomore % - - - - na « I A A ifi Karen Murray Anna Myrick Richard Nason Kelly Nead Susan P. Newbury Gail Newton Linda Nichols Craig W. Norrell ]ean C. Norwood Adele Oare Holly O ' Leary Patti O ' Leary Mark Oliver Diane O ' Steen Shelley Overholt Sue Pack Pete Palmer Jolyn Parrott Larry Peckham Shirley Pentecost Wanda Perea Dorina Perrone Doreen Peterson Mike Phipps Randy Pickering Robbin Picking Mitchell E. Posner John Quigley Bob Rawlins Brad Ray Gayla Read Laurie Reaves Norman Reece Robert S. Reed Bruce ]. Reid Mary Roberts Trich Roche Faye Rogers Patti Rogers Townes Rogers Kathy Rothwell John D. Salvo sophomore 107 03 Terri Sanchez Mario Sanguily Tom Scallon Michael Schoeller Robin Schoff Valentine D. Schulze Kristen B. Schvveizer Sandy Scoville Jett Segal Frank Senatore Christine Sengstock Dian Senif Kathy Sheridan Stacy Sherman Jeanette Shofner Candi Shuck Mike Singletary Nancy Siniqui Doug Sitta Cindy Smith Brenda Snyder Sara Starks Tessa Steendyk |im Stephenson |ohn Stitzel (eanne Strukel )ane Sylvester |ana Synatschk Wayne Talamonti Andrew Tavlor Robin Taylor Janice Tedder Laura Thelin Leslie Thomas (udy Thomas Teri Thornton Mark Tillett Tamara Timms Christine Tobler Abbe Townsend Matthew Trowbrid Bob Trujillo 108 sophomore A £ «■ I v 0. £ ft Laura Tuttlc Curl Truitt |ohn R Turnbull Lynn Tulan Deron Vautrain |ovita Von Ruckteschel Barbara Ward Carrie Ward Susan Ward Tom Ward William Warekois Pam Warner Richard Wasko |oy Watkins Melinda Watkins Curtis Weaver Susan Weeks Jamie Weishaupt Patty Wixted Martha Wisbey Karen Withers Dean Whitaker Craig Whiteleather Brand Whitlock Will Whitlock Janet Whetzel Carol Wood Ed Wooten Bob Workman Han Yang Sue Yetter Charles E. Young II Phillip Young Tom Yurkovitch Steve L. Zehntner Kathv Zobel sophomore 109 Freshmen Class Officers Nancy Konsler - female senator, Mark Hanisee - male senator, John Armatas - president and Karla Stetter - S.U.B. representative. 110 Freshmen Aft O © Gail Ace bes Lorrie Adkisson Tom J. Aiello Mark Amos Bryan Anderson Carl Anderson Elizabeth C. Anderson Karen Anderson Robert Anderson Susan Andres John Armatas Betsy Atkins Chris Avington Lori Austin John Ayers Linda L. Baas Pamela Badgley Bill Baker Roy H. Baltz )r. Lydia Banton Laurie A. Barnes Leo Bassette Jack P. Bates Shirley A. Beals Edward Bebb Nancy Becker Brenda Bellamy Niki Bergman [ill Biggane Michelle J. Bireley Phillip Bledsoe Valerie Boswell Charlie ]. Bradshaw Jamie Bradshaw Maurice D. Bradshaw Rick Brav [ay Brown Cindy Bryant Melissa Bucher Cheryl Burd Robbie Burdick Marta Burke ]ohn D. Burnach Tony Caggiano Dave Cain Amy Caldwell Tara Cambria Chris Capone freshman 111 Anthony Charles Capuano Eric Carlson Donna Carr Craig Cates Michael A. Cheatham Phil Ciminello Ralph Ciper Chip C. Clark Kim Clark Lee Clemmer Jr. Cindy Clements Richie Coleman Carissa Collins Lisa Conser |ack Conway Greg Cook Keith Council Cathy Cramer Chuck Crandell Ann Crary Katherine Crebus Mary Creegan Chip Creitz III Ginny Crooks Terri D. Crowell Kelly Culbertson Mary Beth Curran John A. Cuticchia II Pam Dandeneau Sue Dalton Caroline Davenport )im Davis Linda Davis Linda De Graw Bob Delamarter Hasse Detvens Rich Diaz Andy Digiacomo Alan S. Dorrill Dawnie Dowing Lucile O. Downey [ill Downey Andrew Drevyanko ]r Scott S. Duda Keith Duncan Melanie Dunty Don Eaton leannine Eckel 112 freshman ♦ S S i ' ♦ •» --- . r = i |Wi n A } 5 F A I ® £1 ill J M ft A § Janet Edwards Randy Ellis )ulie Emrich Robin R. Engle Rhonda L. Epler David I. Erickson Barbara E. Etheredge Cindy Ewbank Bill Evans Jr. Susan Everhart Bruce L. Farlow Steven Ferrando Tim Few Debbie Fialk Mary Ellyn Finn Laura Grace Fisackerly Patricia Fisher Robin Fitch Lisa A. Fitzmaurice Carol Fleming Ed Fough Elizabeth Francisco James B. Franseen Clif L. Freeman Deborah Frick Keith Furman Tracey Fyfe Lisa L. Galasso Kevin Geryk David F. Gibson Liz Gibson John Gilmore Gwen A. Glass Murray Glass David A. Glenny Rhonda Glisson Suanne Goldsmith Gay-Ann Goodman Pete Goodrich Robin Goodson Nancy Gorman limmy Gordon Suzanne Goulet Phillip E. Grace Audrey Graves Carolyn Gray Susan M. Gray Nancy L. Green freshman 113 Karen S. Gregory Virginia Grey Kelli Griffin Mary Griffith Kenneth C. Groendal John Grogan Scott A. Gudzak Mary Gunter Sherbilene Guthrie Cynthia Guy Richard K. Haestier Mike Hagen Laurie Hale Elaine R. Hall R. Joseph Halter Susie Hamlin Mark S. Hanisee Charles W. Hardwick Amy Harlacher Lynn Harman )ulie Hartsell Philip C. Hartsfield Theodore E. Hartung Suzanne M. Hardv Valerie A. Hartzog Chuck Hayes Kimberly A. Head Bill Hemme Rob Hiaasen Carol Higgins Valerie Hockgraver Amy Hogeboom Pete Holman Lana Holmes Sandy Holt Christy Holzer Sheri R. Howard Nan Howe Brad Huber Pat Huckery |udy Hutchinson Wendy Ingram Barbara P. Israel Andy N. Jackson Alison L. )akes Cindy )ames Al Johnson Gretchen Johnson A k ii 1 , J 4 „» ' ■ " ' i | A A A A © 4tk Ck XT in fh 114 freshman Jay M. )ohnson Ellen Jordan Terri Joplin Bryant W. Joyner Monika Katzenberger Laura Kavenewsky Kathy Keeler Judy Keller Valarie Kendrick Tim Kennedy Kathy Kernan Ken Kieffer Pia Kiener Scott Kilgore Sue M. Kirkwood Audrey Knight Nancy Konsler Eddie Kovach Brian Kramer Kristin Keller Jeff C. Lamb Vicky Lambert Jeff Larson Dru D. Lashbrook Cindy Lastinger Trade Latham Cindy Layman Larry E. Lebo Glen C. Lefeber Gary Lichtenstein Dave Liddle Jeff Lindquist David S. Lione Cathy Liotta Shari Lisak Richard Lockwood Kirk D. Lodge Cindy Louer Scott |. Lukoski Sarah Jane Lupfer Susan Lynn Mark Mahuron Mariam Malik Meg Mall Richard E. Malloy Jr. Donna Maneggia Chris Mann Karri Mann freshman 1 IE p Elizabeth Manns Mike Marcoe )oe Margio John C. Matthews Suzanne Mattox Cynthia A. McAulay Mike McDonald Tami A. McGinty Tim McGlynn Steve McKnight Tom McKnight Beverly S. McLear Cindy McPike Ricky L. Mentzer Beth Menzies Kelly Merwin Becky Metcalf Lisa Middleton Kevin Miller Kyle W. Miller Tony Miller Brian Elton Mollet Janet K. Montgomery Lois A. Montgomery Tracy Montgomery Jill Morton Kathy L. Morton Jalene Moser Jacki Mullikin Jane Murphine Doug Murray Jay Nason Rhonda Neal Kris Nielsen Kevin Nelson John Nemjo Laurelle Newbill Jill Newman John Nichols Cesar Odio Robin O ' Hagan Karen Olsen Craig W. Olson Rober t Ortiz Randy [. Pack Tim Paddock Daniel J. Papallo Cliff Pappas 4 A: V HrN J 3 0 f A A MM . hit h m v ] ' v.. 9 • 0b f% t iJl 2 116 freshman © ft «p n s Jeff Parker John D. Parker Allison W. Parks David Parry Gay M. Parsons |im Patrick Carrie Pawinski Robin Peavy |oe D. Peck Ellen A. Pepper Bonnie Perciasepe Joe Petrulionis Richard A. Petry Jr. Mike Phillips Mike Piatnik Kim Plummer Steve Poole Mary Margaret Powhatan Mary Primm Amy L. Quist Herman M. Radish Tracy Reiff Cheryl M. Renz Frank K. Reynolds Guy Richardson Jeanette R. Richelle David Riker Karan Ring Hal Robbins Rosalie R. Robbins Tony Roberto III Laura Roberts Briggette Robinson John Rodemeyer Penny Rogers Ginny Rosevear Bill Ross Liza R. Rotolante Bill Rousseau Debbie Rutledge Denise M. Sanscrainte Carrie Sapp David E. Sardinha John Savary Nylda Scardella Werner R. Schaeper Ken Schilling Pat Schilling freshman 117 Frederick W. Schmalkuche Todd Schmidt David Schools John Schroeder Nancy N. Schwartz Brent W. Sears Sanna Sellars Gordon B. Selley Liz Shafer James Shaffer Karen Shusterman Barbara Simcox Val Simmons Al Sizemore Laura M. Smith Marcia Smith Steve Snell [ill Spencer Jennifer Stafford Bill Stead Gail Steinke Allen Stephens Linda Stephens Sharon Stephey Karla Stetter Paul Stiff Judy Stoepker Wallace Storey Gale Strain Barbara Strickland Elise A. Stringfellow Denise Stroud Don Stuart Dave Stumpf Todd Sundeen Jeff Sunderlin Susan N. Swaby Brian K. Swain Bill Swindle Wendy Talamonti Pam L. Taylor Kennetha Terrv Debbie Thompson Drew Tillman Jim Tinthoff Pete Tisbo Laura L. Tolle Penny Vanderveer . f 2 k, t Y fa Jl ft f) ft ill i M a $ r-4 4; 1 118 freshman a 1 1 a 4 Robert Vaughn Hugh Vaughn III Chuck Vilushis [ean Vollman Jill Von Hofen Barry L. Wagner Gary Wagner Carol Walker Dan Walker Laurie Washuta Mary Watson laime Lee Watt Liz Watts Kathy Weaver Kevin R. Weaver Cynthia G. Weed Lauren Weichsel Susan D. Welch Lynn Welter |ean Wentling |ane West Patty West Gayle White Marilvn Whitehead Mary Beth Whitesides Rawls Whittlesey |im Wigfield Susan L. Wigglesworth Mark Wilkie Diana R. Willey Cliff Williams Jr. Steve Williams Willie Williams Becky Winkler Kim ]. Winston Kathv Woodford Raynie Woods Carol Wormwood Steve Wright Valerie Wroten Dana Young Mollie M. Zaput Michael Zdanowicz Garv Zimmerman freshman 119 120 %♦%♦.- FOUNDATIONS (foun da ' sh n), n. 1. the lowest division of a building, wall, or the like, usually of masonry and partly or wholly below the surface of the ground. 2. the basis of groundwork of anything: orgnizations are the founda- tions of involvement. Edited by: Nan Howe Assistant Editors: Betsy Atkins Cindy Ewbank Nancy Green Laura Hale Alison Jakes Cindy Louer 121 Interlachen Susan Andres, Betsy Atkins, Cheryl Burd, Matt Carlson, Jeannine Eckel, Rhonda Epler, Cindy Ewbank, Gwen Glass, Suanne Goldsmith, Carolyn Gray, Cathy Gremp, Gail Griswald, Laura Hale, Elaine Hall, Beth Hancock, Valerie Hockgraver, Nan Howe, Judy Hutchinson, Wendy Ingram, Alison Jakes, Cindy Louer, Helen McCarthy, Ken Molz, Lois Montgomery, Allison Nead, Debbie Pate, Richard Petry, Edie Queen, Kathy Rothvvell, Maurine Szabo, Gretchen Stickler, Karin VandeWeghe, J. ). Welch, Raynie Woods, Dana Young. 122 organizations » %♦% .- The Southern Gail Acebes, Ann Allen, Rene Barton, Babs Brohrer, Deborah Brown, Matt Carlson, Sherrie Carpenter, Lee Clemmer, Lisa Conser, Mary Creegan, J. J. 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Welch, Brand Whitlock, Lynelle Yoder. organizations 123 Association of Women Students Kim Alexander, Kimberly Barksdale, Kim Bartels, Trudy Bell, Gin Bieber, Fran Bogle, Marta Burke, Laura Cotton, Pam Frank, Janet Freckelton, Kelli Griffin, Nadyne Hennquist, Candy McKinney, Siobhan McLaughlin, Judy McNabb, Katie McNeil, Beth Miles, Debi Myers, Allison Nead, Rhonda Neal, Shelley Overholt, Caroline Pearson, Patty Reynolds, Kathy Rothwell, Evett Simmons, Jennifer Stafford, Linda Stephens, Jana Synatschk, Robin Tavlor, Karin VandeWeghe, Caroline Williams, Linda Willis, Connie Welch, Kathy Zobel. AWS Executive Board 124 organizations Student Government Association John Armatas, Jet Bieronski, Colette Brander, Barb Birkenmaier, Dave Duncan, Al Eayrs, James S. 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Judicial Board Fran Bogle, Marc Gruber, Laurie McCain, Scott Singer, Maurine Szabo, Frank Williams. organizations 127 Junior Advisors Elizabeth Bell, Fran Bogle, Lois Carelli, Cindy Cams, Karen Davis, Fran Dower, Beverly Glass, Stephanie Halkias, Peggy Lake, Pat McBride, Allison Nead, Caroline Pearson, Patty Rey- nolds, Salley Richard- son, [oni Scabarozi, Sharon Skipper. Resident Advisors Bill Antley, Don Bras- well, Curtis Bree, Mike Delrecchio, Pepe Fente, Chris Kiem, Jim Ko- tapish. Rick Nolte, Aaron Rorstrom, John Shrader, Jessie Stacks, Frank Williams. 128 organizations ■ - % 4 - - Residence Hall Counselors Irene Bond (Alpha Chi Omega), Margaret Brotherton (Joseph-Reynolds Hall), Pauline Brown (Success-McDonald), Eleanor Chandler (Alpha Omicron Pi), Lilah Chisholm (Tau Kappa Epsilon), Almira Crisp (Zeta Tau Alpha), Myrtice Denman (Princeton Hall), Anna Gibbons (Kappa Delta and Building 25), Evelyn Glass (Alpha Gamma Delta), Edwina House (Phi Mu), Jane Hudson (Student Union Building), Marie Mericle (Harvard Hall), Ruth Ann Meyer (Substitute), Betty Mills (Tau Epsilon Phi and Pi Dappa Phi), Hazel Michael (Sigma Chi and Kappa Alpha), Bernadette Park (Building 15), Mary-Inez Phillips (Alpha Delta Pi), Marion Pope (Allan Spivey Hall), Susan Westerfield (Joseph-Reynolds Hall), Mary Yelton (Pi Kappa Alpha). Not pictured: Nancy Sefler (Delta Zeta), Elizabeth Covington (Theta Chi and Sigma Phi Epsilon), Nancy Hopkins (Allan Spivey Hall). organizations 129 Student Union Board Susan Balough, Anne Berry, Mary Carlin, Fran Dower, Leslie Ferguson, Sheri Howard, Douglas Howe, Nancy Konsler, Diane Lacey, Pierre Lallier, Sandy Leith, Cindy Louer, Diane McClelland, Jack McMahon, Wesley McMillan, Nelia Miller, Rhonda Neal, Scott Neisler, Andy Porter, )oni Scabarozi, Jana Synatschk, Robin Taylor. 130 organizations ♦ % • Panhellenic Council Joy Bean, Collette Brander, Kathy Detoro, Vanessa Draper, Gail Gage, Helen Miller, Allison Nead, Melissa Parker, Susan Prokocki, Helen Reeves, Mary Roberts, Dorie Secord, Betty Walkup, Nancy Wyllie, Fran Munsen (advisor). Intramurals Board Denny Alter, Randy Buchanan, Bob Carnahan, Al Eayrs, John Koepsol, Tom Sellars, Jim Long, Jorge Matos, Ricardo Sawyer, Mark Oliver, Wyatt Cook, Jet Bieronski, Mark Hoisington. oreanizations 131 Vagabonds Kimberly Barksdale, Shauna Barnum, Ronnie Blackburn, Dave Brewer, Paul Broadhead, Ruby Carey, Liz Cathcart, Jon Cohill, Bonnie Dempsey, Robin Fitch, Doug Fogh, Rick Forrest, Mike Fort, Tracey Fyfe, Liz Gibson, Laurie Godfrey, Kathy Haggard, Amy Harlacher, Theodore E. Hartung, Mark Henry, Martha Hester, Shari Hogue, Ingrid Johnson, Sharon Jones, Steve Krout, Vicky Lambert, Tracie Latham, Patricia Lavoy, Valerie Ludwig, Debi Myers, Tedfred Myers, Jaye Olds, Jeff Painter, Pete Palmer, Gussie Preston, Bob Reed, Briggette Robinson, Joy Rowe, Andy Taylor, Leslie Thomas, Sharon Thomas, Jan Tyewoman, Ruth Venuti, Mary Watson, Connie Welch, Marilyn Whitehead, Wesley Williams, Chuck Young. 1 ' organizations Alpha Psi Omega Drama Honorary Liz Cathcart, Mike Fort, Laurie Godfrey, Steve Krout, Debi Myers, Tedfred Myers, Jaye Olds, Gussie Preston, Joy Rowe, Jan Tyewoman, Connie Welch. Mr. Fischer and Mr. Wooton. organizations 133 p Beta Beta Beta Biology Honorary Robert Anderson, Kimberly Barksdale, Trudy Bell, Roy Bruce, Renatta Cochran, Nancy Dunham, Mike Farlow, Deb Fowler, Cindy Hill, Valerie Hockgraver, Jerry Jenson, Sandy King, Jim Kotapish, Alice McConnell, Jim McNabb, Beth Miles, Allison Parks, Shelly Ruffi, Ricardo Sawyer, Doreen Shuck, Marc Slone, Jean Sparks, Vickie Taylor, Dr. Tripp (advisor), Dawn Wyckoff. 134 organizations A % • - " - Delta Omicron Music Honorary ax swuvmwm- .. ! T " Frederica Driggs, Debbie Feller, Mary Gill, Wanda Hough, Ingrid K. Johnson, Ray McLellan, Debra Rose Milby, Catherine Morris, Karen Nielson, Candi Shuck, Rosemary Snyder. Janice Tedder. Sharon Thomas, Joy Wilkinson, Susan Gamble (not pictured]. organizations 135 p Delta Sigma Pi Business Honorary Patsy Battle, Jet Bieronski, Barbara Birkenmaier, Collette Brander. Tom Broome, Lea Caskey, Ralph Causseaux, Charles Coe, Jeff Coffman, Karen Compton, Nancy Diamandis, Pete Douglass, John Duda, Greg Finch, Charles Foss, Tim Flanagan, Donald Gilliland, Jim Gray, Tina Marie Hardin, Brent Howie, Russ Jones, Sherman Kennedy, John Knierman, Lauren Lowers, Susan Mackay, Lewis Marshall, Brian Mills, Lewis Mizelle, John Muckenthaler, Peggy Murphy. Gretchen Oswalt, Helen Reeves, Veve Rendall. Bill Schroeder, Scott Singer, Kevin Sullivan, Robin Taylor, Mark Tillett, Robert Titus, Bobbi Walz, Cindy Watson. Scott Weiner, J. J. Welch, Colonel Wiley (advisor), Frank Williams, Gary Zierhoffer, Al Zwass. 136 organizations ?3Mi • ♦ - Kappa Delta Pi Education Honorary Betsy Anderson, Gwenda Barnitz, Deborah E. Bird, June Blanchard, Edward ). Cardieri, Alex Cerekwicki, Jr., Theresa Chalmers, Carolyn Jean Clark, Felice De Salvatore, Susan Gamble, Mary Gill, Beth Johns. |ane Krause, Catherine Laich, Margaret Sue Lake, Sandy Leith, Luisa Margarita Martinez, Yvonne Kay McCosh, Cheri McElroy, Penny Lea Nickel. Linda Norris, Gretchen Oswalt, Barbara B. Pack, Caroline Pearson, Susan Peterson, Salley Richardson, Hilda Rosselli, Carolyn Scott, Doris Secord, Cindy Shoemaker, Sharon Diane Skipper, Jesslyn Tye, Ruth Venuti, Gilda Villanueva, Janet Walker, Joy L. Watkins, Man ' Sue Walter, Connie Welch, Sue Ann Whetzel. Advisors: Dr. Marian Calway, Dr. Joanne Ebert, Miss Agnes Johnson. Dr. Linda J. Null, Dr. Mary Virginia Peaslee. organizations 137 m Kappa Mu Epsilon Math Honorary Alex Cerekwicki Carolyn Clark, Bonnie Downey, Lynne Gardner, Donna Gibson Dr. Hartje (advisor), John Koepsel, Diane McClelland, Jim McNabb, Beth Miles, Nelia Miller, Marc Slone. Melinda Tucker, Kevin Yarnell. 138 organizations ?3»l - » % ♦ % Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honorary Jet Bieronski, Fran Bogle, Dr. Richard Burnette, Bob Carnahan, Elizabeth Cathcart, Dr. John Cook, President Davis, Felice DeSalvatore, Nancy Diamandis, Dr. Larry Durrance, Mrs. Carol Esau, Ray Fischer, Tim Flanagan, Steve Gallagher, Donna Gibson, Dr. Margaret Gilbert, Anthony Greco. Carl Grygiel, Kathy Hannie, Dr. Henry Hartje, Chris Keim, Cathy Laich, Sandra Leith, Dave Lewis, Robert MacDonald, Julie Manly, Stephen Monti, Allison Nead, Laura Norman, Mike Pachik, Susan Peterson, Leslie Price, Dave Readdick, Judy Rock, Aaron Rorstrom, Dorie Secord, Robert Shingler, Scott Singer, Debbie Small, Hal Smeltzly, Jessie Stacks, Dan Streitz, Frank Szabo, Maurine Szabo, Dr. Charles Thrift, Jr. Hal Waters, Melvin Wooten. organizations 139 pi Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Honorary Ann Allen, Renee Barton, Shoree Carpenter, Barbara Donaghey. Donna Drysdale, Ann Fetterman, Tim Garrett, Mary Hamm, Beth Hancock, Chris Keim, Diane Lacey, Suzanne LaVigne. Helen McCarthy, Allison Nead, Debbie Pate, Robbin Picking, Edie Queen, Gretchen Stickler, Maurine Szabo, Christine Tobler, Dave Voigt, Dan Vaughn, Brand Whitlock, Lynelle Yoder. 140 organizations »•»-•-%•• Sigma Delta Pi National Spanish Honorary Luis Betancourt, Debbie Dickerson, Diane Epler, Dr. Martinez (advisor), Jorge Matos, Suzanne Prieto, Linda Turner, Dr. Calogne (advisor). organizations 141 Sigma Rho Epsilon Religious Service Fran Bogle, Chaplain Breuer (advisor], Ka Ci Cacciatre, Kathy Chappell, Adele Dare, Doug Fogh, Valerie French, Patricia Harding, Faith Miller, Debbie Pate. Ellen Pepper, Briggette Robinson, Evctt Simmons, Rosemary Snyder, Nancy Stevens, Barbara Strickland, Allison Taylor, Sharon Thomas, Alyce Williams, Nancy Wise, Mollie Zaput. 142 organizations ♦ .♦ ♦ « 4 . " Psi Chi Theta Business Honorary Patsy Battle, Deanna Boone, Susan Duvall, Donna Gibson, Karen Gould, Stephanie Halkias, Becky Hammock, Mary Hinson, Holly Holman, Lucy Huckery, Jane Hudson, Deb Iverson, Nancy King, Laurette McCain, Yvonne McCosh, Laura Norman, Charlotte Phoenix, Sally Rikard, Susan Stewart, Jean Twible, Gilda Villanueva, Cindy Wagner, Carol Wood. organizations 143 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Music Honorary Tom Argersinger, Freddie Carlton, Doug Fogh, Mike Fort, John Gill, Jeff Jordan, David Lewis, Mark Marvelle, Ray McLellan, Scott Neisler, Jeff Painter, Todd Schmidt, Marc Slone, Mike Zdanowicz, Susan Feazell (sweetheart), Tom Willard (advisor). 144 organizations ♦ % ♦ % ♦ - Pi Gamma Mu History Honorary Fran Bogle, Alex Cerekwicki, Jr., Mary Mischuck, Susan Peterson, Judy Rock, Nancy Stevens, David Voigt, Alice Williams. Advisors: J. Larry Durrence, Rand Sutherland, Christopher G. Weaver. organizations 145 ■ Pre-Ministerial Terry Estep, Amanda Evans, John Hill, Julie Manly, Pat Rabun, Wayne Tankersly, Dean Whittaker, Chaplain Breuer (advisor). 146 organizations V : Psi Chi Psychology Honorary Nan Anderson, Dr. Burnette. Dr. Ivey. Donna Jenkins, Betty Kennedy. Laura Lisella, Connie Morris, Dr. Mugg organizations 147 Wesley Fellowship 148 organizations Joy Explosion organizations 149 pi Citrus Club Dan Adams, C. V. Beneclictos, Jack Berry, Bill Beuttell, Sam Borganier, Lex Boswer, Charles Brown, Kevin Brown, Philip Bryan, Billy Burch, K. Michael Carter, Keith Causseaux, Richard Chiodo, Robert Clark, S. E. Cloughley, Mark Cook, Walter Creits, Louis Dessaint, Dan Fernandez, Russ Flood, Cindy Hill, Sharon Garrett, Fred Gebhard, Linda Gillard, Jeff Graham, Cathie Gray, Dee Hunt, Fred Johnson, Mike Kesinger, Jan Lee, William Marine, Wesley McMillan, John Merritt, James Morgan, Richard Nason, Jay Pearson, Marvin Pinder, Herbert Pollard, Matt Powers, Leslie Price, Pickens Price, Trish Roche, Faye Rogers, Jim Rushing, John Schumann, Terry Simpson, Pete Snively, Rick Stokes, John Underwood, Bob Yarn, Chuck Vilushis, Tom Wood. 150 organizations ♦ ♦ «»%«»» French Club Shirley Beals, Michelle Bireley, Karen Compton, Lisa Conser, Sue Danton, Beth Darby, Rosemary Dawkins, Barb Deutsch, Ed Farce, Linda Foust, Eliz Fraser, Valerie French, Susie Hamlin, Mary Anne Handley, Pat Harding, Rochelle Harrison, Beverly McDonald, Mary Malik, Jeanne Marek, Georgie Mason, Allison McConnell, Lory Moore, Keith Palmer, Debra Small, Gail Spencer, Gail Steinke, Abbe Townsend, Linda Willis, Carl Young, Mollie Zaput. organizations 151 p German Club Thomas Argersinger, Ulrike Buettner, Elizabeth Corless, Barbara Deutsch, Robin Gilpin, Pia Kiener, David Lewis, Timothy McGlynn, Ray McLellan, Debra Rose Milby, Karen Nielsen, Margie Sikes, Gail Steinke, Judy Thomas. 152 organizations » «« «%» Spanish Club Janda Bazemore, Carlos Beliz, Luis Betancourt, Eduardo Cernuda, Debbie Coldy, Karen Compton, Debbie Dickerson, Diana Epler, Puni Fraser, Janet Freckelton, Murray Glass, Elaine Hall, Teri Koontz, Jorge Matos, Priscilla McLoughlin, Tessa Steendyk, Christine Tobler, Ruth Venuti. organizations 153 p American Chemical Society Alex Cerekwicki, Elizabeth Corless, Robert Ihoffer, Jim Kotapish, Gary Leonard, Jim McNabb, Susan Prokocki, Llisa Rogers, Ricardo Sawyer, Jean Sparks, Vickie Taylor, Larry Welbon, Dawn Wyckoff. Advisors: Dr. H. L. Dinsmore, Dr. Willard (not pictured). 154 organizations ♦ • %-♦•%•♦.♦•♦,, Sailing Club Sue Balough, Sydney Bowlin, Katherine Crews, Janet Dusenbery, Mike Farlow, Ed Fogh, Sue Furman, Elaine Hall Mr. Parsons (advisor), Richard Petry, Townes Rogers, John Schroeder, Larry Welbon. Not Pictured: Gwen Glass Cindy Louer. organizations 155 Scuba Club Maurice Bradshaw, Tom Broome, Helen Davis, Linda DeGraw, Mike Farlow, David Liones, Sue Mackay, Jan Oechslin, Llisa Rogers, Debbie Small. 156 organizations • % ft % t ft ft ft ft ft Chapel Choir Thomas Argersinger, Lewis Carlsen, Freddie Carlton, Debbie P ' eller, Michael Fort, John Gill, Wanda Hough, Ray McLellan, Robin Peavy, Dr. Bennett Penn (advisor]. organizations 15 p Chorale Judy Alexander, Marie Amundsen, Thomas Argersinger, Kenneth W. Bryant, Lewis E. Carlsen, Fred Carlton, Donna Carr, Michael A. Cheatham, Debbie Feller, Eddie Finch, Laura-Grace Fisackerly, Tracy Fyfe, Susan Gamble, Catherine Geiger, John Gill, Robin Gilpin, Sherbie Guthrie, Kathy Haggard, Julie Hanlon, Bob Hansill, Ted Hartung, Chuck Hayes, Martha Hester, Wanda Hough, Pat Huckery, Stephen Jones, Terri Joplin, Jeff Jordan, Jim Jordan, Sue Kirkwood, Vicky Lambert, Patricia LaVoy, David Lewis, Ray McLellan, Mark Marvell, Jane Morphine, James Neal, Karen Nielson, Peter Palmer, Jim Patrick, Robin Peavy, Vali Schulze, Candi Shuck, Rosemary Snyder, Todd Sundeen, Wayne Tankersley, Robin Taylor, Janice Tedder, Debbie Walker, John Watkins, Mary Watson, Janice Weishaupt, Marilyn Whitehead, Diana Willey, Phil Young. Not Pictured: John Cohill, Ingrid Johnson, Sharon Thomas. 158 organizations Concert Band Jeff Adams, Karen Anderson, ludy Alexander, Tom Argersinger, Susan Baird, Edward Bebb, Kenneth Bryant, John Burnach, Lewis Carlsen, Keith Councill, Ron Diamond, Frederica Driggs, Jeannine Eckel, Rhonda Epler, Beckie Farthing, Leslie Ferguson, Janet Freckelton, Cathy Geiger, Robin Gilpin, Mary Gill, John Gill, Jolynn Goldsmith, Bob Hansill, Pat Harding, Beckie Haubry, Kent Harrison, Paul Holloway, Larry Henderson, Ingrid Johnson, Stephen Jones, Jeff Jordan, Jim Jordan, Brian Kramer, Jeff Lamb, David Lewis, David Lione, Nena Martinez, Judy McNabb, Tony Miller, Scott Neisler, David Parrv, David Raley, Gayla Read, Frank Reynolds, Daran Ring, Jaquae Roberds, Brian Ross, Shelley Ruffini, Valerie Simmons, Todd Schmidt, Robin Schoff, Kristen Schweizer, Sara Starks. Linda Stephens, Nancy Stevens, Gale Strain, Jana Synatschk, Robin Taylor, Janice Tedder, Susan Ward, John Watkins, Joy Wilkinson, Tom Willard, Al Wuertz, Phil Young, Mike Zdanowicz. James Slutz, Director organizations 159 p Bell Choir Carl Anderson, Kathy Anderson, Kenneth Brennan, Freddie Dreks, Marti Hill, Beth Johns, Nelia Miller, Jacqueline Mullikin, Gay Parsons, Aaron Rorstrom, Valentine Schulze, [ana Snanatch, Jennifer Stafford, Melinda Watkins. 160 organizations SSMli i % Reserve Officers Training Corps im - " ?jmm xam Donna Drysdale (Capt.), David Fox (1st Lt.), Mike Gallemore (1st Lt.), Gus Ibay (Capt.), Scott Jones (Maj.), Jorge Matos (Capt.), John Shrader (Lt. Col.), Jean Sparks (1st Lt.). organizations 161 1 162 ••■•••■%■ MILESTONES (mil ' ston ' ] 1. a significant event, as in history or in a person ' s life: competitive sports provide many milestones. Edited by: Rhonda Epler Assistant Editors: Matt Carlson Jeannine Eckel Beth Krause Karin Van de Weghe 163 CHEERLEADERS p Row 1: L-R; Sanna Sellars, Lynn Tutan, Gordon Selley, Pete Tisbo, Mark Amos, John Armatas, Audrey Knight, Debbie Fialk. Row 2: Pam Frank, Alisa Jeffries, Anne Mayo, Judy Keller. 164. sports ♦ % • Co-captain Anne Mayo and Captain Alisa Jeffries. sports 165 GOLF p Seated Row 1 L-R: Craig Olson, Andy Drevyanko, Dave Erickson, Tony Roberto, )im Shaffer, Tom Aiello and Chris Capone. Row 2: Jackie Curran, Hugh Vaughn, Richard Degel, Jim Ankenbrandt, Dave McQuade, Rick Kerper, Brian Kramer, Steve McKnight, Bob Kramer, Brian Swain, Chris Beto, John Trickett and Tom Gleeton. !66 sports V 4 % • • • ♦ • % • Under the coaching of Charlie Matlock, players Hugh Vaughn, Bob Kramer.Tom Gleeton, Dave McQuade, Steve McKnight and Jim Ankenbrandt placed fifth in the Cypress Garden Intercollegiate Tournament. This ranking was above University of Florida, Wake Forest, Alabama, Auburn, North Carolina State and Furman. sports 167 168 sports ♦ ♦ • • sports 169 SOCCER Row 1 L-R: Steve Krout, Bill Pigozzi, Will Whitlock, Don Brady, Carl Fitzpatrick, Kevin Korth, Cliff Pappas, and Frank Reynolds. Row 2: Nick Koumantzelis, Tommy Arthur, Peyton Dekker, Kurt Heyman, Stan McNeal, Curtis Bree, and Chip Geary. Row 3: Dave Voigt, Will Warekois, Frank Carrera, Drew Tillman, Kirk Lodge, Alex Morde, and Maurice Bradshaw. Row 4: Tommy Buckle, Ken Rockhill, Doug Kaufman, Wink Doolittle, Don Hays, and Assistant Coach, Wes Aldrich. 170 sports Coach Jim Bush sports 171 172 sports • -.♦■ ■ % • • ♦ MMti. :,;. " h ;■:.:■ £ mm te. ' I sports 173 p Basketball Row 1 L-R: Drew Tucker, Joe Brown, Clint Morris, Marshall Lester, Bill Chambers, Al Thurston and Keith Thompson. Row 2: Coach Hal Wissel, Assistant Coach, Wes Aldrich, trainer Bill Connors, Cesar Odio, Warren Butler, Scott Duncan, Gary McCoy, Mitch Harris, managers Jean Davidson and Steve Barry. t t t « « « » sports 175 p 1 76 sports sports 1 77 r?- -jwa • . ,• BASEBALL SOUTHER . THERf .JOUTHER, TH cDUTH TH mi h Jt .THf,, j . " THty Row 1 L-R: Mike Custer, Tim McMullen, Matt Gaglione, Stuart Hicks. Mike Arlotta. Randy Centrella, John Lackey, Dan Bernard ancj Reno Walton. Row 2: Dan Girata, Glenn Rogers. Jeff Hart. Kendall Gordon, George Bongiorno, Mike Schoeller, and Jay Coffman.Rovi, 3: Bob McCarthy, Bud Merrell, John Lipka, Bill Nelson, Rusty Lovaas, Andy McGaffigan, George Sammons. Al Ervey, John Nichols} — and Brian Butterfield. Coach Joe Arnold 178 sports %■•■%■• sports 179 180 sport %■•■»•• sports 181 Men ' s Tennis Row 1 L-R: Dave Duncan, Guy Richardson, Mike Abate, Steve Talner and Ed Force. Row 2: Bob Burdick, J. L. Stacks, Van Gladfelter, Steve Turman and Keith Furman. 182 sports or ..?. .wmm " £ ' ' Sirs ' , fe V. M w sports 183 MEN ' S INTRAMURALS 184 sports t» • . % - 1 • % . sports 185 186 sports ••■% ft % WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS sports 187 188 sports ■ ■■ ft ft % sports 189 WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL Row 1: L-R: lean Vollman, Liz Francisco, Karen Pfeffer, Laurie Barnes. Row 2: Vanessa Draper, Sarah Lupfer, Denise Sanscrainte, Kendra Mickelson. Row 3: Sue Whetzel (manager), Cindy Poor, Sue Echeverria, Carolyn Horn, Tami McGinty, Coach Lois Webb. Not pictured: Susan Marcus (Assistant Coach]. 190 sports sports 191 pi Women ' s Basketball Row 1 L-R: Manager Sandy Seiler, Debbie Johnson, Linda Cassels, Sue Echeverria, Sandy Scoville, and Jamie Bradshaw. Row 2 L-R: Assistant Coach Susan Marcus, Denise Sanscrainte, Sue Kirkwood, Cindy Smith, Gale Strain, Carolyn Horn and Coach Lois Webb. 192 sports sports 193 Row 1 L-R: Brenda Bellamy, Felicia Donatelli, Mari ]oy Casale, Susie Cluthe Row 2: Asst. Coach Bill McKown, Beth Darby, CincH McAulay, Gretchen Oswalt, Karri Mann, Cathy Cramer, Coach Mrs. Katherine Straw 194 sports ffl™ •AVVK : ' v ..:•• tfmm ffifflp ' sports 195 WBBBB Mmmmmm 196 s i? CORNERSTONES (Kor ' n r ston ' ), n. 1. a stone represent- ing the starting place in the construction of a building, usually carved with the date. 2. something that is essential, indispensable, or basic: an outstanding contribution is a cornerstone of notability. 81 i v I lulls Edited by: Gail Acebes Assistant Editors: Gretchen Stickler J.J. Welch Dana Young 197 " There are three things that remain - faith, hope, and love - and the greatest of these is love. " I Corinthians 13:13 For delivering this message to the Florida Southern College community, and then 198 notables personifying it by his own involvement, the 1978 Interlachen is fondly dedicated to Chaplain Robert Breuer. Honor Walk The 1978 Honor Walk recipient is Donna Louise Gibson of Orlando, Florida. During her college career she was a member of: the Intercollegiate Women ' s Basketball team; Alpha Eta, freshman women ' s honorary; Association of Women Students; Joy Explosion; Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity; Kappa Mu Epsilon, mathematics honorary; Omicron Delta Kappa, leadership honorary; Phi Chi Theta, business honorary; Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish honorary; and a member of the Supreme Court. She was a President ' s Scholar, a Miss Molly, a junior advisor, an academic adviser and was tapped for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties as well as the Greek Hall of Fame. She was a recipient of the F.S.C. Outstanding Junior Women Award presented by the F.S.C. Women ' s Club. notables 199 1 1 ids nteriach en J aren ?Jj ren c?LJcivi$ ' on notables ft ft ft s, d bu: Aripha L ki meaa ponSorea t u: tip O notables 201 Ssrirst f unn J appa ' •$ .:- ' a i ' fit 202 notablcs ♦ ■»••% •: -,yi. Second f umier-up l atti J cJLeary Sponsored by: f- i J appa J- ni notables 203 Sponsored Ihj: Si )„ut j ' lii £psiion WUiua WcWitLn Sponsored by; 3nd.epenJ.enls SUl,, OverUt Sponsored Lj: Afplia Omicron } i Sponsored bu: _ ((an Spitcii im nHi,,i,i,..s % ♦ ■ ■ - - - eJJoreen f- cfcrson poniored bij: . Ilpliii -Jjctlu Jfixm uni ( bus Jj luaeiit (louernment _ I Woe id ion it lie r c4 aland SiponAoreol bus - i J appa llplm notables 205 Interlachqn Judge Eddie Albert The Interlachen staff would like to thank Eddie Albert and his friends for judging the Miss Interlachen contest this year. 206 notables % t t ft It ft. ft.. - - l HI id A South ern $Jie Want, J)f onSored by llpliu -Delia notablcs 20 208 notables % %.% notablcs 209 Honorary Chancellor Dr. Earl J. McGrath Greek Hall of Fame ♦ % ♦ Mary Mischuck, Phi Mu; Liz Cathcart, Alpha Gamma Delta; Dorie Secord, Kappa Delta; Felice DeSalvatore, Alpha Omicron Pi; Sue Peterson, Alpha Chi Omega; and Laura Norman, Kappa Delta. Tim Flanagan, Pi Kappa Alpha; Craig Clark, Pi Kappa Phi; and Al Eayrs, Pi Kappa Phi. Not pictured: Chris Keim, Tau Kappa Epsilon; and Tom Arthur, Tau Epsilon Phi. Steve Monti, Theta Chi notables 211 Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges Sue Peterson, Sandy Leith, Julie Manly, and Evett Simmons Maurine Szabo and Allison Nead 212 notables ..J »»»«%■« Salley Richardson, Dorie Secord, Felice DeSalvatore, Beth Johns and Theresa Chalmers. Not pictured: Chris Keim, Dave Lewis and Laura Norman Rob Shingler and Tim Flanagan 1 1 iV M i Scott Singer and Frank Williams Chris Soka, Peggy Lake and Liz Cathcart oni Scabarozi, Aaron Rorstrom and Fran Bogle notables 213 214 A GRAND OPENING (Grand o ' p ning], adj., n. 1. the formal opening, ac- companied by a large cele- bration, of a new construc- tion. 2. a new insight: Greeks are a grand opening for many people. Edited by: Gwen Glass Beth Hancock Richard Petry Pam Walton Raynie Woods 215 ft ft ft % . ft •.♦ ft • ft ■ ' - - CO CD w Q . « ° 5 oo l £ Oh o J o O X cd ao ■ " co o o - a co O, • E- b£ c C CD E -c ° P " E o x a c rP -r m ■+3 o O o CD ' J- cd 2 £ a Si .55 co o • D CD E- 1 -c • c -a a- CD rP - en - D 2 CD LM ' CO p E E ■ co ■ - ro CD u • cd oo co ■a 6-1 co eC CO rP " Q, . C . u • S c Qo co - c E .2.1 ° • CO . 00 CO E DO CD f_, ■ P a C - pL, co CL •5 « : o; p " °r m . 03 £2 U3 r- CD _=; — | gj o c g ob °o ra pq -a -a g • E c o CO CO r O — J CO CO - CD - -n rv CD sj s ° ' ' j=; . ■ co E- J o . PQ M S en D o oo « 2 s- CO CD -Q P-, .£2 PS T - C V . x - ; Wat J - p - - . ' ■■ ••_ • , -A - . • .. " ! . ■: « i « t » ■ % Oh H W Q Oh CQ D3 c o)C o Hi S -a ju co cj j U u m iH.O m c 5 °- 2 S ji P 2 T3 g , So ■a s ,„- c — SS X ra S u ° oS £ °- o S M sr = — co co ! S 7 in 2 £ 0) 55o£. — -a £ S Oh OT ►J CO CD -a JZ ■ -c a. op . IB ■ ra cd t- DO O o Q I T3 • .i t- 00 i 3 C O a ra ■ . — G G CO to c o t-, ra d E 01 .2 — CO • CD CO r-5 CO • CO op O - 45 t CO J ■§= : o ra og Dp S 3 -a . -. co co C 3 co C CD u D, CO " O CO ra 3 Cl, 0-. -Q : Oh O CO O £ ■ CD ' C 2 • 2 CO S- a. cd S op co 3 . ra i -a • c c -a ra cd 03 CD o " ra . c — " f= o oo -a G , cp 6 £ £ e co c T • CD CD c .£ O c ra ra £ d CD 5 H C CD o DO , CD C CD 45 = £■£ % » t t % % fc. A. . A A a »£« , •■•■••» vv p uL •: • % .% ■ r ■£ O : X — 3 a. c c .2 . en O +-■ i-_ Q, — A o ra u = o E -2 c ° X • c o " o N E E- ' d ; I— ' CO U a • o . o " CO J= ! • o • ■ !■ -- CO x : " | o c cs CQ — CO _ — E a " " " -a c ■ zi c m - G3 CD 3 N a M-c; ■ C • o c _ _Q -g cc -- C Oh £q c o _oo p W N gO ft Sa: 5 x w: h -, 3 2 _cT- £ tJB» c ' -c ' 2 . t: — J: a « O 2 -E. : J S. X a CjU JS -: a _c o c — GQ Q U C CJ W — — — £ ■ - Z j ■ X £ ' 5 Q x C O " S c o 2 — - — _. o 3 :- c CQ -s. ■■£ a X .2 -a -a e: - ' E s = c -a UJ - « 3 iiSiiiiPi ' I»P! ! ' Si ' silUilili ' tj !« i flsseiil B| ISIilll!. ' ! 1 1 1 13 1 1 ill Ijl i M llllilllllii| myiiiiiiiiihiijii i!iiii I ' Hi.i • •••-»•%-! c 03 c D 0) s » J) 5 - « 5 » " o o.S-b _ T3 _C CO •.— - C •— o -— C o a P H •J _ p 3 (t 5 » Ph Oh CO • — ' - H .2§ - = CD 5 Q 03 o Ecq ' 5 5 »z do S c ■ 71 " t; c = 5 - „, Q C CD ? « ° p co c -a c . co to « .2 . U a- Q 2 . to CSS U (B i; o ' in c • cc o to i; D X n -S - tn Q fc o .5; i - : c c a to co = x co o D " " co§033CU " 3i= Tk co " CD cd 5b 4-- Of) • 22 ra to co .2 • co c ■ -J £ -a Js-S ' : CO (D « -a CO a) r poJ " 5. 2P 3Tco CO a a c o 2P c CQ .S -a J c • S= o o co • CQ cd • co X. a c 00 o C to cd •8 5 CD 3 o 2 CD O O O -C hp 1 U-l H =1 — 0) CO - — rC HI n c r3 co X co 03 a: 5 CO CD to H r co - DO r- CO Pi — W 3 U Eh U o X - 3 CO CO — Ph o CO n i- X X CO _ D CO ' — O c G PC CO pC a P5 ' tjr Xli_Btf r — - « ryy- yggr L.VUj? _ a ■si T iifik « 1 1 ■ • -JJ • nd ' ' ■ - T " s ;,_ ; r.. •-- ' V • co CM -■s. CO . 03 C ac - a; £ C u " - - (- i ■ 7. hJ CD ci e-h C dc ■5 ■ - c c 13 03 c g s •s u -C L " u Q 5 " ° 2 U T3 OS cj J= ig 03 2P " " 53 re Qj £ G ir u O Oh CD Q _o co £ t 2 03 o ■ — CO V Ol ? EL g £ -Q 03 DC n3 1 E - £ Q. -r -03 C O J5 E S 4) CO J " , °5 O 03 o - CO . c — • u y « 5 53 . £ = x - « - r i y . s 3 • E D £ Ph = " U oc S u oo ' u ■ • ■ -o § • . = ■ • • = a. • . ■ • V fc i £ -a -a o - 5 ?I o 2 aO 5 - o u o a U c o o aa O o Q 5c O _ ci t. O J gd. C ? o r« %• 3- n o a o _ ■ " ao ■ D « c • E _c - o -a 03 " J2 2 c o 2 « J= S 3 • °c a I 2 E- W M _o r -1 " c 5 u a c a- o C D 2 03 ' £ rG 3 c C H ' E c ' CO O H c E U D E -a o • co co ■ cc tt . • o re o c cu .2 § E -2 " U T3 C ' 3 c • o • cc -a x a E c c c ■ £ cc co co ■ o m cu -c . Q » Si BE ' »U - - ' i a c C CD - ° b _ o ca 2 g rf »5 Z £ 3 cq t; ■= T « 5E tin C 00 ? j s a - . D , OS - E- . - :. x u U ' n U« j X c ■••%■« c g iiliJ •2 o « " 1 = -° -r, peg o O « fa •- o o 03 2 -°« 03 H " 3 .c £ « £ .fa g j .2.Q S Q ex I SO .-= -J 0) . J -a . 3 -a J2 CD j= a; S g On op O O CO - E , S ° O .3 CO ■ j ■BpX £•- S £ P. 2 — 3 2 J CD C H2-S ' 2 a rS a. -a c ' o — — ._ uj " a « .2 5 .5 J2 m c o -a CO o o H.U o X Ph S S2 E u o co (J O- • S o o to u en co co a. O C CO en rj O u D- co £ a 5 u co O u (j T3 • a -a 03 nn cu h -1 rtr 5 s is DO £ c co a o o,5 o c O CD Jj £ D £ « J- J o . CD co « •%- E CO Q , " DC § ' v o c 3 5 S? I i 1 ■ ' a C 3 — u X .22 - OQ a: o N n CO PQ X o s £ E CO O E o CO — a c- CD c c c CD CD X G CO E c c N ' S c c Ph 43 CI 4= to CO PL, J. ° — s E o _co ' ■ - CO o c c c CD c — rl OQ -c L x - Z - £_ ' c CD u O CO CO oc o C- CD 43 c -. 43 tx z CD E CO CD CD o -a CO r- .2P a ffl c- CD c ' - CQ Z C X o — — - CD X C Q. Uh 6 co CO C E 43 O n CO E E - c CD » CD _ " to CD CO CO 2 u 43 u ' E H CD 2 .2 ■— • H • 43 . co u CD 43 X — — CD C -C u c m 4-1 O p _ V " n 3 C E 43 5 U CD li) 43 CO -r — DC C O i CD 43 1 1 UJ c g CO _oc (3 Z O O, H c CO - G CO 43 CO C-H CD CD Xj CO 3 ' JZ ffi . cj E- 1 _ JZ -C . -13 w u co c CO J « " t- ca co r •-■. ? . ; • « - -S N CXK p ic2 5.«caa;v; CBM;U S m u n 3-2 « m c ■ ? ■? e 1 _ ■=: „ i " f « s = s -c • ,c c • u 2 r 6 ' . P- ' CO |C - 1 C J, £ Oil, o io - o . . co „, J -2 - 2P •r w • CO £ ■ x " 53 -£; _o 5 .2 • — -C CO • o •- ■£ |_ " S HP- O • hU Ph Ph C 3 JX 03 3 " cj B CO Ph C 3 dj CSS ; co 00 C O CD O O 2 E- 1 c N CO S- U CO • a . a. co co rS 2 co E o -a s § ■ rfi E- ' 43 aS • .2 . CO co " « CO 03 " ° " S .£ c to O Q) Q CO Oil t— i ►- c : r " ' - » «5 a lc " C 3 CO ■»- u D-i _2 cu „ o a. « g - J= • - CO « _ ■ - . tr - co sf-fSf S ' 3 -a : " = o cs 3 a o 5 .2 ffi Si »: g « O £ ■ . CJ i£ CO G3 . W • 3 ■£ - 3=l » gi N c 3 aj,= 2 .C _£ C ti en .2 c N « GO 03 o c 2 £ S o ■ ■ — g D CO 3 " 5 -c on c o Si o o J D D C3 03 ±1 • 03 CJ — i — en • O P3 2P • S • " £ rC _= H U q • U ± CO V, " Di c D Ci o re ; N £ J Oh 2 (2 n 15 2 B3 J DO - n « DO C W re m £ o be - CO ft 4-1 co u f-H n u CO 1 — i — j. en R 1 1 X re o 0) r " . ah o CO g co -2 a J co N co re re go C o V f-H a • co O C3 • ».%. i ' V - , CJ CO 33 -° E- 08 ■U CD CU 03 •5- - D • s •J CO — CD M - -Q w 00 " - .s • . i5 -jr CD p « • a _o I " c i • C CD • ° • . U o (h CD CD . iQ 5 . — o CD _ - o 53 u _ao ro " 53 c ■S Q • -2 .J e CD 43 3 CD C - O P CQ p : -a CD t3 -c D £ o • • -a c CQ -a ?j CD _C CD 3 Q -co W CO ,0 • ♦•% X C o 4= Ph 2 c _ en Z c as o O PS u co S3 n U _ ; _ ' _ CO ex w — b -c H M Co ) » CQ o — .=. c 0) o ,C Cfl — 1-1 c w DO O H y. — — 3 " 5 W DC — 1 O c PQ c •— H . pq H O DC c cu • c o — i c £ _] — ' - C 3 6 " 5 E CO -C • 5 Q CQ w o N DC z . o X t- n — o o c w u PQ ' - e 22 DO = C U o o — D c 3 HH — C z PQ _i w O CO n w — C — o C o o CD DC C ' n PQ c CO X • • CQ • U o c 2 £ PQ . CQ OS CQ oo " r; X 5 S S — — : = E-E " ,t- — — o = ' = J= V CO -c ■£ 03 - 03 £ 5 O 1 S« o w « S C en en 5 - E 3 S CO 03 03 g CO . c it — en e 5 - - ss e i i r; en — — 03 _ — C t- — l_ 5 9 7 i_ o ► J - ' -n 03 o ■ 2 .c . E £ C Q.-- M PS •? -S fc = := £■£ 2 5 WJ -J— -4—1 □ Ml c -a .-£ 03 t£S - g 5 S " « c ■ S -r-c CO ' — -e 5 • »■%• 254 CLOSING (Kloz ing) v. 1. to bring together the parts of. 2. to conclude successfully by arranging the final details of: Closing is going back to the beginning. 255 t is April. The construction begun in September is complete Re-pack your clothes, your plants, your courage. Wave a tearful goodbye to Florida Southern College, utter a shy hellc to the waiting world. 256 J ■ DWHni nr,Y ENGLISH PHYSICS EDUCATION RELIGION PHILOSOPHY 257 258 ere your certain identity will be tested for sturdiness, the construction of your academic mind examined for flexibility. 259 outhern offered the preparation for such close scrutinazation. It supplemented your degree with the education of nature ' s beauty. 260 2«l 262 t supplemented it with interchange. Among the archways of Polk Science and Ordway, down fraternity row, in front of Panhellenic, around Lake Hollingsworth, in George Jenkins Fieldhouse! Branscomb Auditorium, Buckner Theatre or the Student Union Building you experienced life to its fullest. m li ■J if 263 ou est ablished relationships that will remain long after hand-waved goodbye. You drew up the blueprints, employed th architects, broke the new ground, laid the foundations an cornerstones, celebrated the milestones of achievement and th grand opening of identity. It is time now to move on. 265 o build another dream. 266 267 V do not go alone. 3f death should beckon me with out it fetched hand _ tnd whisper iofttg of an unknown land . Jf shall not be afraid to go, jtor though the path _V do not know . . . j) lake death S hand without a fear, tor J4e who safely brought L me nere also take me Safelu back, _ tnd though in many things _7 lack . . . J4e will not let me go atone Jtnto the valley that s unknown . . . _ o _V reach out and take death S hand _Atnd journey to the f- romised .JLand. Jdelen Kleiner Kice 268 -Vc, Millie Martin Courv Woodard Bob Mangan Robert Vaughn 269 23 ,158 Abate. Mike pp. 89,252 Acebes, Gail pp. 1 1 1,123 Adams, Dan pp. 89,150,244 Adams, Jeffrey pp. 101.159,252 Adams, Sharon pp. 101,251 Adamson, Aileen p. 101 Adkisson, Lome p. Ill Aicllo, Thomas pp. 111,166 Ainsworth, Al pp. 71,223,239 Alexander, Candy pp. 101,228,2 Alexander, Judy pp. 71.158,159 Alexander, Kim pp. 101,124 Alexander, Robert p. 89 Allen, Ann Griffit h pp. 71 Allen, Ellis p. 101,244 Allen, Nathan p. 71 Allen, Trece p. 71 Alter, Dennis pp. 101,250 Amos, Mark pp. 111,164 Amundsen, Linda pp. 101 Anderson, Bryan p. 1 11 Anderson, Carl pp. 111,160 Anderson, Elizabeth pp. 71,111,137 Anderson, John p. 101.242 Anderson, Karen pp. 111,158 Anderson. Kathy pp. 101,160 Anderson, Nancy p. 101 Anderson, Nanette pp. 89,147 Anderson, Richard p. 89 Anderson, Robert pp. 111,134 Anderson, William pp. 101.242 Andres, Susan pp. 89,111,122 Ankcnbrandt, Jim pp. 71,166,167,24: Antlev, Bill pp. 89,128,242 Arcand, Nancy pp. 101,220,239 Argcrsingcr, Thomas pp. 101,144, 157,158,159 Arlotta, Mike pp. 101,178 Armatas, John pp. 110,111,125,164 Arthur, Dave pp. 71,232 Arthur, Thomas pp. 71,248 Atherlcv, Susan p. 71 Atkins, Thclma p. Ill Auficrv, Mark p. 101,239 Austin! Dan pp. 101,219 Austin, Lori p. Ill Avington, Christopher p. 111 Avers, John p. Ill Baas, Linda p. Ill Babich, Garv pp. 71.248 Badgley, Pamela p. Ill Bailey, Roger p. 71 Baird, Susan pp. 89,159.230 Baker, Brian pp. 101,239 Baker, Bruce p. 71 Baker, Robert p. 71 Baker, Russell pp. 89,252 Baker, William p. Ill Baldwin, Louis p. 89 , Ballentine, Whitncv p. 71 Balough, Susan pp. 101.130,155 Baltz, Jr., Rov p. Ill Banter, Todd ' pp. 71,244 Banton, Lydia p. Ill Barganier, Jr., Samuel p. 71 Barksdale, Kimberlv pp. 101,124, 132,134 Barnes, Laurie pp. 111,190 Barnum, Shauna pp. 71.132,230 Bartels. Kim pp. 71,124,222.232,233 Bartmess, Gladys p. 71 Barton, Rene pp. 89.123,224 Bates, Jack p. Ill Battle, Patsv pp. 89,136,143,228 Baync, Phil pp. 101,219 Bazemorc, Janda p. 101 Beals, Phillip p. 89 Beals, Shirlev p. Ill Bean. Jov pp. 89,216,245 Beard, Jonathan pp. 72,248 Bearss, Daniel p. 101 Bebb, Edward pp. 111,159 Becker, Nancv p. Ill Beliz, Carlos pp. 72,240 Bell, Dcdra pp. 101,224 Bell, Liz pp. 89,128,218.243 Bell, Trudy pp. 101,134,218,245 Bellamy, Brenda p. Ill Bencdictos, Celestino pp. 89,150 Bennett, Bradley p. 89 Bennett, Freida p. 89 Bennett, Steven p. 101 Bennett, Timothy L. p. 72 Bergman, Nikelen pp. 111,243 Bernard, Dan pp. 72,178,232 Berry, Anne pp. 89,130 Berry, Dean p. 72 Berry, Jack pp. 89,150 Bctancourt, Luis pp. 89,234 Beto, Christian pp. 101,166 Beuttcll, Bill pp. 89.150,246 Bieber, Gina M. pp. 101,124 Bieronski, Jet pp. 70,72,125,136,240 Bigganc, Barbra p. 72 Biggane. Jill p. 11 1 Bird, Deborah pp. 89,137 Birelev, Michelle p. Ill Birkbeck, [avne pp. 89,230,231 Birkenmaier, Barb pp. 89,125,136,218, 240,241 Black, John p. 89 Black, Lisa p. 72,220 Blackburn, Ronnie pp. 101,132 Blair, Karen pp. 101,233 Blair, Melinda p. 72 Blanchard, June pp. 72.137,216 Bledsoe, Phil p. Ill Boateng, Adu p. 89 Boehm, Teresa p. 72 Bogle, Fran pp. 72,124,127,128.142 Bohrer, Barbara p. 101 Boley. Santford p. 101 Bombard, Charles p. 101 Bone, Marcia p. 10 1 Bongiorno, George pp. 89,178,232 Boone, Dcanna pp. 101,143,228,241 Boone, Glenn p. 89 Boos, Linda pp. 72,218 Bordeaux. Robert p. 89 Boswell III, Clarence p. 89 Boswell. Valerie p. 1 11 Bourgeois, Marjorie p. 72 Bouton, Chris pp. 72,246 Bowc, Brian p. 101 Bowles, Nancy pp. 101,220 Bowlin, Syndney pp. 101,155 Bowman, James p. 72 Bowman, Joseph p. 72 Boyd, David p. 101 Bradshaw, Charles p. Ill Bradshaw, Jamie p. Ill Bradshaw, Maurice pp. 111,156 Brady, Don p. 101 Bramer, Donna p. 89 Brandell, Jr., John pp. 72,234 Brander, Coleen pp. 101,218,239 Brander, Colette pp. 72,125,136,218,239 Brantlev, Barbara pp. 101,226 Braswell, Jr.. Don pp. 89,128,242 Bray, Rick p. Ill Bray, Wendell pp. 89,223 Bree, Curtis pp. 89,128,244 Brewer, Dave pp. 101,132,252 Brian, Robert p. 73 Broadhead, Michael p. 89 Broadhead, Paul pp. 101,132,252 Brocklesby, Philip p. 101 Brooks, Van p. 73 Broome, Dave pp. 101,223 Broome, Thomas pp. 89,136,156,244 Brower, Jeffrey pp. 89,248 Brown, Charles p. 150 Brown, Deborah pp. 101,123 Brown, Pam pp. 89,230,231 Brown, James p. 89 Brown, Joe p. 89 Brown, Kevin p. 150 Brown, Myra pp. 89,246 Brown, Ronald p. 73 Browne, Roberta p. 102 Bruce, Roy p. 134 Bryan, Denvse A. Bryan, Philip p. 150 Brvant, Jo Ellen pp. 90,230 Bryant, Cynthia p. Ill Bryant, Kenneth pp. 102,158,159 Bubas, Karen pp. 73,248,289 Buchanan, Randy pp. 90,250 Bucher, Melissa p. Ill Buckle, Thomas pp. 102,248 Bunts, Kathy pp. 102,251 Burch, Alyson p. 73 Burch, William pp. 90.150 Burd, Cheryl pp. 111.122 Burdick Jr., Robert p. Ill Burke, Marta pp. 111,124 Burnach, John p. Ill Butler, Karen p. 73 Butler, Warren p. 102,127 Butt, Marilyn p. 102 Butterfield, Brian pp. 90,178 Buttner, Ulrike p. 90 Byington, Julianne p. 102 Cacciatore, Ka Ci pp. 90,143,218 Caggiano Jr., Anthony p. Ill Caiazzo, Michael p. 90 270 Cain, David p. Ill Cain, Helen p. 90 Caldwell, Amy p. Ill Cambria, Tara p. Ill Campbell. Samuel pp. 102,244 Campbell, Valerie p. 90 Canning, Craig pp. 73,242 Capone. Christopher pp. 111,166 Capuano, Anthony pp. 112,252 Carbia, James pp. 102.240 Cardieri, Edward pp. 73,137,223 Carelli. Lois p. 90,128 Carev, Rubv pp. 102,132 Carlcv. Ed p. 90 Carlin, Mary pp. 102,130,228 Carlsen, Lewis pp. 73,157. 158,159 Carlson, Eric p. 1 12 Carlson, Matt pp. 90,122,123 Carlton, David p. 90 Carlton, Freddie pp. 102.144,157. 158 Carnahan, Bob pp. 73.242 Cams, Cindv pp. 90,128.223,239 Carpenter. Sheree pp. 102.123 Carr, Donna pp. 112,158 Carriera III. Daniel p. 102 Camera, Karen pp. 73,216 Carrera, Frank p. 102 Carroll, Timothy pp. 102,244 Carter, Kevin p. 90 Carter, Mark p. 102 Carter, Michael pp. 73,150,250 Cartv, Chervl pp. 102,226.241 Caskev, Lea pp. 73,136,230.253 Cassefs, Kent pp. 90,232,239 Cassels, Linda pp. 102.228 Cates, Catherine p. 90 Cates, Craig p. 112 Cates, David p. 102 Cates, Susan p. 102 Cathcart, Elizabeth pp. 73,132,133, 216,245 Causseaux III, Ralph pp. 73,136,150 Centrella, Randy Paul pp. 90.178,232 Ceplenski Jr., Al pp. 73.240 Cerekwicki Jr.. Alex pp. 73,137,138, 154 Cerenzo, Pete p. 73 Cernuda. Edwardo pp. 74.248 Cerveny, [ames p. 74 Chalmers, Theresa pp. 74,137 Chambers, Beth p. 74 Chambers Jr., Bill pp. 74,223.232 Chandler, Juan p. 74 Chancev, Sally Chappell, Kathv pp. 90,143 Chavous, Debra pp. 74.226,243 Cheatham, Michael pp. 112,158 Chester, Betsv pp. 90,220 Chiodo, Rich pp. 74,150,239 Christian, Michael p. 102 Christopher, Mary pp. 90,229 Ciminello, Joseph p. 112 Cimo, Michael pp. 102,246 Ciper Jr.. Ralph p. 112 Clark, Carolvn pp. 74,137,138,226 Clark, Chip p. 112 Clark, Craig pp. 74,240 Clark, Ellen pp. 102,253 Clark, Kimberlv pp. 112.239 Clark. Pete pp. " 90,239 Clark. Robert pp. 90,130 Clark, Roger p. 74 Clements, Cindy p. 112 Clements. Gary p. 74 Clements, Laquita p. 74 Clemmer Jr., Lee pp. 112,123 Clemons, Susan p. 102 Clodv. Deborah p. 90 Cloughley, James pp. 74,150 Cluthe, Sue p. 74 Cochran, Renatta pp. 102,134.22 235 Cochran. Robert p. 90 Coe, Charles pp. 90.136.244 Coffev, Pat pp. 90,228,239 Coffman, Jay pp. 102,178 Coffman, Jeffrey pp. 74,136,244 Cohill, Jon pp. " 102.132,244 Coleman, Richmond p. 112 Collins, Carissa p. 112 Collins, Charles pp. 90,242 Comer, Barry p. 74 Compton, Karen pp. 102,136 Comstock, Gwen p. 90 Cone, Angela p. 74 Cone, Bill pp. 102,219 Conser, Lisa pp. 112,123,235 Converse, Adele p. 102 Conway, Jeff p. 74 Conway. John p. 112 Cook, Gregory p. 112 Cook, John p. 74 Cook, Mark pp. 90,150,240 Cook, Wyatt pp. 90,248 Copeland, Catherine p. 75 Corless, Elizabeth pp. 75,154 Corralcs, Amarilis p. 90 Cotton, Laura pp. 102.124 Councill, Keith pp. 112,159 Courtov, Lisa p. 90 Cox. Suzanne 90,220 Cramer, Cathv p. 1 12 Crandell, Charles p. 112 Crarv, Millicent p. 112 Crecgan, Marv pp. 112,123 Creitz III, Walter pp. 112,150 Crews, Clare p. 90 Crews, Katherine p. 155 Crippin, Karen p. 90 Crooks. Virginia p. 112 Crosby, Gary pp. 90,244 Cross, Anne pp. 102,224 Cross, Glenn pp. 90.248 Cross, James p. 75 Crowell, Terri p. 112 Culbertson, Kellv p. 112 Cundiff, Bill p. 90 Cupp. Carol p. 102 Curran, Carol p. 91 Curran, Mary p. 112 Curran, John " pp. 102,166 Curric, J. J. pp. 75,123,246 Custer, Marty pp. 75,223,239 Custer, Michael pp. 102,178 Cuticchia II, John p. 112 Cuzzo, Mike p. 91 Dalton. Amy pp. 91,228 D ' Amora, Bob p. 102 D ' Angelo, Michael p. 102 Dandencau, Pam pp. 112,241 Danton, Susan p. 112 Darbv, Helen p. 102 Davenport, Caroline p. 1 12 Davidson, Jean p. 102 Davis, Helen pp. 91.156,226 Davis, John pp. 91,123 Davis, Karen pp. 91.128.200. 201,223.233 Davis, Kathy p. 91 Davis, James IV p. 91 Davis, Linda p. 102,112,243 Dawkins, Rosemary pp. 103,123,230 Dawson, Penelope pp. 91,230 Day, Todd p. 91 Deal, Frances p. 75 Dean, Rebeca p. 91 Debee, Ralph p. 71 Degel, Richard pp. 91,166 Degraw, Linda p. 112,156 Dekker, Pevton p. 91,239 Delamarter, Bob p. 112 Delvecchio, Mike p. 75 Dempsev. Bonnie pp. 91,132,218 Dempscy, Michael pp. 103,128,240 Deputy, Samuel p. 91 De Salvatore, Felice pp. 137,220 Dessaint, Louis pp. 103,150,242 Detoro, Kathy pp. 103,220 Detwyler, Susan p. 103 Detyens. Hasse p. 112 Deutsch, Barbara p. 75 Diamandis. Nancv pp. 75,136 Diamond. Ron pp " . 103,159 Diamond, Michael pp. 91,127,244 Diaz, Richard p. 112 Dickerson. Debora pp. 103,239 Dickson, Jan pp. 91,225 Digiacomo, Andy pp. 112,123 Dipersio, John pp. 103,239 DiSalvo, John p. 107 Dolan, Robert p. 103 Donaghev, Flash pp. 91,123,230, 231,253 Doolittlc, Wink pp. 91,239,223 Donatelli, Felicia pp. 91,222 Donnelly, Rodnev p. 103 Dorrill. Alan p. 112 Dorrill, Neil pp. 70,75,127,219,242 Dorsev, Donna pp. 70,230,231 Douglass, Pete pp. 91,136,239 Dower, Frances pp. 91,128,130 Downey, David p. 91 Downey, Elizabeth pp. 75.138,228 Downey, Jill p. 112 Downev, Lucile p. 112 Draper, " Vanessa pp. 91,190,220 Drcvyanko, Andrew pp. 112,166 Driggs, Frederica pp. 91,135,159 Drury, Jackie pp. 91,218 Drvsdale, Donna pp. 75,161 Duda, John pp. 91,136,239 Duda, Scott p. 112 Duncan, Dave p. 91,125 Duncan, Scott p. 112 Dunham, Nancy pp. 91,134 Dunn, Helen p. 103 Dunty. Melanie p. 112 Durrence, Elsie p. 75 Dusenbcrv, Janet pp. 103.155 Duvall, Susan pp. 103,228.241,143 271 Eacret, Timothy p. 91 Eaton. Barry p. 103 Eaton, Donald p. 112 Eayrs, Al pp. 70,75.125.241 1 Ebbesmier, Thomas p. 91 Echeverria, Suzanne pp. 91,226. 190.251 Eckel, Jcannine pp. 112.122,159 Edgar, Robert L. pp. 75.236 Edwards, Janet p. 113 Eisemann, Kathv pp. 75,251 Elliot, Dave pp. " l03.242 Ellis. Susan p. 91 Emrich. Julie p. 1 13 Enderle, Donald p. 103 Engle. Robin p. 113 Engelkc. Michael p. 103 Epler, Diana p. 91 Eplcr. Rhonda pp. 113.122.159 Erickson. David pp. 113,166 Ervey. Al pp. 91,178 Estep, Teresa pp. 91.146 Etheredge. Barbara p. 113 Evans, Bill, Jr. p. 113 Evans, Amanda pp. 91,252,253.146 Evans, Rex p. 91 Everhart, Susan p. 113 Ewbank, Andy p. 113 Ewbank, Cindy p. 122 Farlovv. Bruce p. 1 13 Farlow, Michael pp. 103,134,155.156 Farmer, Jan p. 91 Farthing, Rebecca pp. 103,159 Faulkner, Raymond pp. 91,242 Fay, Lynne p. 75 Feazell, Susan pp. 91,144,228 Feller, Deborah pp. 103.135,157.158 Fente, Pope pp. 75.128,249 Fegert, Forrest pp. 91,242 Ferguson, Leslie pp. 103,130,159,235 Ferguson, Tom pp. 103,240 Fernandez, Daniel pp. 92,150,236 Ferrando, Stephen p. 113 Fetterman, Ann pp. 103,123 Few, Timothy p. 113 Fialk, Barbara pp. 113,164,239 Ficarra, Mark p. 103 Field. Mary pp. 92.230 Fielding, Martha pp. 75 Finch III, Edward pp. 92,236,158 Finch, Gregory pp. 92,136,244 Fincher, Ben p. 103 Finn, Mary Ellyn p. 113 Fisackerly, Laura pp. 113,158 Fisher, Andrew pp. 76,250 Fisher, Patricia pp. 113,239 Fisher, Tim pp. 76,223,250 Fitch, Lisa pp. 113,132 Fitzmaurice, John p. 103 Fitzmaurice, Lisa p. 113 Fitzpatrick, Carl pp. 92,239 Fitzsimmons, Teresa p. 103 Flanagan, James p. 92 Flanagan, Tim pp. 76,136,239 Flannagan, Kevin p. 103 Fleming, Carol p. 113 Flood, Larrv p. 92,150 Fogh. Doug p. 132,142.144 Fogh. Ed p. 113 Force, Edward p. 82 Forrest, Rick pp. 103.132,252 Forrest, Timothy p. 76 Fort, Mike p. 92.132,133,144,157.236 Fortner, Mike p. 92 Foss, Charles pp. 103,136,244 Foust, Linda p. 92 Fowler, Deborah pp. 103,134 Fox. David pp. 76,161,234 Francis, Emily p. 92 Francisco, Elizabeth pp. 113,190.235 Frank, Pam pp. 103,124,164,204,245 Franseen, James p. 113 Fraser, Clair p. 103 Fraser. Elizabeth p. 103 Freckelton, Janet p. 103.124,159.224 Freeman, Clifton pp. 113,123 French, Valerie pp. 76,142,245 Frick, Catherine pp. 103,222 Frick, Cindi pp. 103,220,233 Frick, Deborah p. 113 Friend, Jennifer p. 103 Frizzed, Gary p. 92 Fuller, Ellen p. 103,251 Fulton, Lavne p. 92 Funi, Donald p. 103 Furman, Keith p. 113 Furman, Susan pp. 103,155 Fyfe, Tracey pp. 113.132,158 Fylc, Karen p. 92 Gabriel, Robert p. 104 Gage, Gail p. 104,224 Gaglione. Matt pp. 92,178 Galasso, Lisa p. 113 Gallagher, Stephen pp. 76,242 Gallemore, Michael pp. 104,161 Gamble, Susan pp. 92,137,158 Gann, Brian p. 76 Gardiner, Mark pp. 92,234 Gardner, Lynne pp. 92,138,226 Gardner, Meg p. 92 Garnett, Mary p. 92 Garrett, Tim pp. 76,123 Geary, Gail p. 76 Geary, Jr., Douglas p. 104 Gebhard, Fred pp. 104,150 Geiger, Catherine pp. 92,158,159,216 Geisler, William pp. 92,252 George, Diane pp. 76,222 Geryk, Kevin p. 113 Gibson, David p. 113 Gibson, Donna pp. 76,127,138,143,226 Gibson, Liz pp. 113,132 Giles, William p. 76 Gill III, John pp. 92,144,157,158,159 Gill, Marv pp. 76,135,137 Gilliland. " Donald pp. 76,136 Gilmore, John pp. 113,123 Gilpin, Robin pp. 76,158,159 Girata, Dan pp. 92.178,232 Gladden, Sandra p. 76 Gladfelter, Van pp. 76,234 Glass, Bev pp. 72,128,228,251 Glass. Gwen pp. 113,122,123 Glass, Murray p. 113 Gleeton, Tom p. 92,166,167,239 Glenny, David p. 113 Glisson, Rhonda p. 113 Godfrey, Laurie pp. 76,132,133,230,235 Godwin, Gail p. 92 Goldsmith, Jolynn pp. 92,159,222 Goldsmith, Suanne pp. 113,122 Goodman, Gav p. 113 Goodrich, Peter pp. 113,126 Goodson, Robin p. 113 Goodwin, John pp. 92,250 Gorday, Grace pp. 76,251 Gordav, Mary p. 104 Gordon, Kendall pp. 92,178 Gordon, James p. 113 Gorman, Nancy p. 113 Goulet, Suzanne p. 113 Grace, Phillip p. 113 Graham, Jeffery pp. 92,150,246 Grasso, Mary p. 92 Graves, Audrev p. 113 Gray, Carolyn " pp. 113,122 Gray, Cathie pp. 92,150 Gray, Susan p. 113 Gray, Dwayne p. 77 Gray, Jim pp. 125,136,239 Greco, Tony pp. 77,223,232 Greco, Ed pp. 104,232 Green, Robert p. 77 Green, Nancy p. 113 Greene, Gary p. 92 Gregory, Karen p. 114 Gregory III, Robert pp. 104,123 Gremp; Catherine pp. 104,122,123,222 Grey, Virginia pp. 114,123 Grier, Barbara E. pp. 104,251 Griffin, Kelli pp. 114,124 Griffin, Douglas p. 77 Griffith. Evelyn p. 104,222 Griffith, Marv p. 114,245 Grimmer, Beth A. pp. 104.220,241 Griswold, Gail pp. 104,122,123,241 Griswold III, John p. 92 Groendal, Kenneth p. 114 Grogan, John p. 114 Groves, Melanie pp. 92,228,241 Gruber, III. Marc pp. 92,126,127,240 Grvgiel. Carl pp. 77,239 Guarnieri, Gavle pp. 92,218,233 Gudzak, Scott p. 114 Gunderson, Virginia pp. 104,220 Gunson, Cherie p. 104 Gunter, Laura p. 104 Gunter, Marv p. 114 Guthrie, Sherbilene pp. 114,188 Guy, Cynthia pp. 114,239 272 ♦ •»•■♦•%■ Haas, Joan pp. 92,220 Haestier, Richard p. 114 Hagen, Michael p. 114 Haggard, Kathrvn pp. 92,132,158 Hale, Diana pp. 92,216 Hale, Laura pp. 114,122 Halkias, Stephanie pp. 93,128,143, Hall, El aine pp. 114,122,155 Hall, Gregg pp. 77,232 Hall, Vicki pp. 104,218,233 Halter, Randal p. 114 Halterman, Richard p. 104 Hamlin, Susan p. 114 Hamm, Mary K. p. 93 Hammock, Rebecca pp. 93,143 Hamrich, Jr., Robert pp. 93.239 Hancock, Kevin p. 93 Hancock, Beth pp. 77,122,123,218 Handlee, Penny p. 104 Handley, Mary p. 104 Hanisee, Mark pp. 110,114,125 Hanlon, Julia pp. 93,158,216 Hansill, Bob pp. 93,158,159 Hardin, Martha p. 93 Hardin, Tina pp. 104,136 Harding, Patricia pp. 104.142,159 Hardison, George pp. 104,234 Hard wick, Charles p. 114 Hardy, Suzanne p. 114 Hare, Steven pp. 104,240 Harlacher, Amy pp. 114.132,253 Harman, Lynn p. 1 14 Harrison, Julie p. 104 Harrison. Rochelle p. 77 Hart, Deborah p. 93 Hart, Jeff pp. 77,178,232 Hartford, Meg pp. 93,216,237 Hartt, Steven, p. 77 Hartsell, Julie p. 114 Hartsfield, Philip p. 114 Hartung, Ted pp. 114,126,132,158 Hartzog, Valerie p. 114 Haubry, Rebekah J. pp. 77,159 Hawkins, Betsy p. 93 Hawks, Lawrence pp. 104,239 Haves III, Charles pp. 114,158 Hays, Carol p. 93 Hays, Donald pp. 93,244 Hays, John p. 77 Head, Kimberly p. 114 Hemme, William p. 114 Henderson, Jr., Larry pp. 104,159 Henderson, Mae p. 104 Hendren, Sandra p. 104 Henningsgard, Rob pp. 77,252 Henrv, Karen p. 93 Henry, Kathrvn pp. 104,226 Henry, Mark ' p. 104,138 Hering, Mark p. 77 Hering, Susan pp. 93,218,243 Hcrnquist, Nadyne p. 104 Hervev. Craig p. 104 Hester, Jeff p. 93 Hester, Martha pp. 104,130,158. 230,237 Hcyman. Kurt pp. 104,239 Hiaasen, Robert p. 114 Hickman, Theresa pp. 93 Hicks, Jr., Stuart pp. 77,178 Higgins, Carol p. 114 Hightower, Dale pp. 104,250 Hill, Cvnthia p. 93,134,150 Hill. |r„ John pp. 77,146 Hill, Martv pp. 104,160 Hilliard, Jr.. [ames pp. 93,219 Hinson, Mary pp. 77.143 Hockgravcr, Valerie pp. 114,122.134 Hogc, Terry pp. 77.239 Hogeboom, Amy p. 114 Hoguc, Sharon p. 104,132 Hoisington, Mark p. 93 Holloway, Paul pp. 77, 159 Holman. ' Lee pp. 104,228 Holman, Peter p. 114 Holmes, Lana p. 1 14 Holmes. Mike pp. 100.104,125,242 Holt, David pp. 78,242 Unit. Sandra p. 114 Holzer, Christine p. 1 14 Hooker, Deborah p. 105 Horn, Carolyn pp. 93.190.226 Horner, Laura p. 105 Hough, Wanda pp. Howard, Sheri p. 114.1311 Howard. Jr.. William pp. 78,244 Howe, Douglas p. 105,130 Howe, Nan pp. 1 14,122 Howell, Franklin p. 78 Howie. Brent p. 78,136.242 Howie, Gregg pp. 78.220 House, Jr., Robert p. 93 Huber, William p. 114 Huckery, Lucy pp. 93,143 Hnckerv. Patricia pp. 114,158.228 Hucknall, Clarissa pp. 93,23(1 Hudson, Jane pp. 93.143,228.24 1 Hutchinson. Judy p. 122 Ibay, Augusto pp. 78,161,236 Ingram, Wendy pp. 114,251.122 Isaacson, Glenn pp. 105,246 Isbell, Susan pp. 105.228.243 Isom, Louise pp. 93,216 Israel, Barbara p. 1 14 Iversen, Debbie pp. Jackson, Andy p. 1 14 Jakes, Alison p. 114,122 James, Cindy p. 1 14 James, Mark pp. 78,219 Jarrett, Gregg pp. 78,244 Jaudon, Lonnv p. 78 Jeffries, Alisa ' pp. 93,164,165,220.243 Jenkins, Beverly pp. 93,228,245 Jenkins, Donna ' pp. 78,147.222,282.233 Jensen, Jerry p. 105,134 Johns, Keith pp. 105.223.239 Johns, Beth pp. 78,137,224 Johnson, Alfred p. 1 14 Johnson, Cecil p. 78 Johnson III, Charles p. 232 Johnson, Christa pp. 105,226 Johnson. Dcbra p. 93 Johnson, Fred p. 93, 150 Johnson, I Irctchon p. 114 Johnson, Ingrid pp. 105,132,135,159,228 Johnson, Jay p. 1 15 Johnson, Juli pp. 105,222 Johnson, Todd. pp. 105.242 Johnson. Vernon p. 78 Johnston, Carol p. 93 Jones, Deborah pp. 105,253 Jones. Donald p. 105 Jones. Scott pp. 78,161.230,234 Jones, Sharon pp. 105,132,230,253 Jones, Steve, pp. 93,158,159,236 Joplin, Tcrri pp. 1 15.158 Jordan, Barry pp. 105.158,159 Jordan, Ellen p. 1 15 Jordan. James pp. 105.158.159 Joyce, Richard p. 78 Joyner. Bryant p. 115 Judy, George p. 78 Kceler, Kathy p. 204.243 King, Mary p. 228 King, Mike p. 79 King, Nancy pp. 94.143,228,245 King, Jr. Rodney p. 105 King, Sandra p. 79.134 Kinsey, Dave p. 94 Kirkwood, Susan p. 115,158 Klingler, Stcphan p. 94 Klingman, Lorrie pp. 94,253 Knierman, John pp. 94,136,250 Knight, Audrey pp. 1 15,164,239 Knitt, Donald p. 79 Koch. Jane p. 79 Koepscl, John pp. 94,138,232 Komar, Michael p. 105 Konsler. Nancy pp. 110.115.130 Koontz, Carol pp. 105.220,235 Korth, Kevin pp. 105.239 Kotapish. Jr.. Jim pp. Koumantzelis. Nick pp. 94,123,248 Kovach, Edward p. 115 Koza, Deborah p. 79 Kramer. Brian pp. 115,159,166 Kramer, Robert S. pp. 105,166,167,239 Krausc, Beth p. 94 Krause, Jane pp. 79,137,228 Krout, Stephen pp. 94.132,133 Laccv, Diane pp. 100,105.122,121 130.241 Lackey, John pp. 94,178 Laderer, Jr., Edward p. 94 La Gasse. Donna p. 94 Laich. Cathy pp. 79.137,218,239 Lake, Peggy p. 94,128 137.226.235 Lallier, Pierre p. 94,130 La lor, Michael p. 79 Lamb. Jeffrey pp. 115.126,159 Lambert, Don pp. 105,242 Lambert, Vickv pp. 115,132,158.251 Land III, Walter p. 94 Lang, Laura p. 105 Lanzo, Cheryl pp. 79,220,233 Larson, Jeffrey p. 115 Lashbrook, Dean pp. 94.240 Lashbrook, Drn p. 115 Lastingcr, Cinch ' p. 115 Latham, Traciep. 115.132 Laurie, Kevin p. 105 Lavigne, Cricket p. 94,123 Lavoy, Patricia pp. 105,132,158,245 Lawler, Dana p. 94 Lawlor, Joseph pp. 105,240 Layman, Cynthia p. 115 Layman, Melinda pp. 105.230,231,: Layton. Darlene pp. 105,226,245 Lebhar, Jeffrey p. 79 Lebo, Lawrence p. 115 Lee, Al pp. 105,242 Lee, Janice p. 79,150 Lee, Sharon p. 94 Lefeber. Glen p. 1 15 Leffell, Rhonda p. 105 Leith. Sandra pp. 79,130 Leitner, Robert p. 105 Lemnitzer, Michael E. pp. 105,249 Leonard, Gary pp. 94.154.250 Lester, Marshall p. 79 Lett, Jr., James pp. 94,246 Leutheuser II, Frank pp. 94,239 Lewis, Dave pp. 94,144,158,159,250 Lichtenstein, Gary p. 115 Liddle, David p. 115 Lindquist, Jeffrey p. 115 Lione, David p. 115,156,159 Liotta, Catherine p. 115 Lipka, John pp. 79,178 Lisak, Shari p. 115 Lisella. Laura pp. 94,147,223,239 Litrenis, Francis p. 105 Little, Sylvester p. 94 Lockvvood, Richard p. 115 Lodge, Kirk p. 1 15 Loeschc, Frederick p. 94 Long, Jim pp. 105,246 Longden, Dick pp. 100,106,240 Loomis, Kim p. 79 Louchart. Robert p. 79 Loner, Cynthia p. 115 Lovaas, Rusty p. 94,178 Lowers, Lauren p. 79,136 Lov, Mariano p. 106 Ludwig, Valerie J. pp. 106,132, 230,253 Lukoski, Scott p. 1 15 Lupfer, Sarah pp. 115,190 Lynn, Susan p. 115 Lyons, Neil pp. 94,234 Lyons, IV, Mark p. 94 35 MacGill, Alston p. 106,218,241 MacKay, Susan pp. MacNcill, Stanley p. 94 Mahowald II. Robert p. 94 Mahvron, Mark p. 115 Maleeny, Bob pp. 106,232 Malik, Marianne p. 115 Mall, Meg p. 115 Malloy, Jr., Richard p. 115 Mancini, Dan pp. 80,242 Mancini, Richard p. 94 Mancggia, Donna p. 115 Manlev, Hobie pp. 219,239 Manly; Julie pp. 80,127,146,218 Mann, Christopher p. 115 Mann, Karri p. 115 Mann, Lisa G. p. 106 Manns, Elizabeth p. 116 Manny. Floyd pp. 80,246 Manson, George pp. 106,242 Mantce, Robert p. 80 Marcoe, Michael p. 116 Marti, Lars p. 106 Marek, Beverly p. 106 Margio, Joseph p. 116 Marine, Bill pp. 94,150,228,239 Marshall, Lewis pp. 80,136,242 Martin, Craig p. 80 Martin, Jay p. 94 Martinez, Luisa p. 94,137 Martinez, Maria p. 106 Marvell. Mark p. 144.158 Mashke, Susan p. 106 Mason. George p. 106 Mason, Marc pp. 94.219,239 Matherson, Daniel p. 95 Matos, Jorge pp. 80,161.234 Mattera, Judith p. 95 Matthews, Harriet p. 80 Matthews, John p. 116.123 Mattox, Suzanne pp. 116,251 Mayo, Anne pp. 95,164,165,220 McAulav. Cynthia p. 116 McBride, Linda pp. 95,230 McBride, Pat pp. 95,127,128,228.253 McCain, Laurie pp. 106,127,143, 228,241 McCarthy. 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Steve pp. 81,223,232 Mills, Brian pp. 81,136,239 Mingo, Michele pp. 95,226,245 Mischuck, Marv pp. 81,230 Mizclle. Lewis pp. 81,136,244 Mollet, Brian p. 116 Molz, Ken pp. 81,122,232 Monsell III, Marshall p. 106 Montford, Cindy pp. 106,218 Montgomery, Jan p. 116 Montgomery, Lois p. 116,122 Montgomery, Tracev p. 116 Monti, Steve pp. 8l ' ,232 Moodie, Janie p. 81 Moore, Katherine pp. 95,245.135 Moore, Lora p. 95 Moore, Sean p. 106 Morgan, Amy p. 95 Morgan, James p. 95.150 Morris, Catherine p. 106 Morris, Clint p. 81 Morris. Connie p. 81.147 Morrison, Lori p. 95 Morton. Jill pp. 116.243 Morton, Kathv p. 1 16 Morton, III, Sanford p. 95 Moser, Jalenc p. 116,123 Muckenthaler, John pp. 106,136,239 Mullen, Mike p. 95 Mullikin. Jacqueline pp. 116,160 Mundt. Randall pp. 95,240 Murphinc, Jane pp. 116,158 Murphy, Daniel p. 95 Murphy, Margaret p. 95 Murphy, Maureen p. 95 Murray, Douglas p. 1 16 Murray, Karen pp. 107,218 Myers, Debe pp. 81,124,132.133, 228,245 Myers, Stacev pp. 95,246 Myers, Tcdfrcd pp. 81,132,133.244 Myrick, Anna pp. 107,230 Nance, Holly p. 95 Nason, fay p. 1 10 Nason. jr. " , Richard p. 107,150.234 Nead, Allison pp. 95,122.124.127, 128,222.243 Nead, Kelly pp. 107,223 Neal, James pp. 95,158 Neal, Rhonda p. 110,123,124,130 Neisler, Scott pp. 81,130,144,159,234 Nciswander, Liz p. 95 Nelson, Joe p. 96 Nelson, Kevin p. 116 Nelson. William pp. 81,178 Nemjo, John p. 116 Nevvbill. Karen p. 1 16 Newbury, Susan p. 107 Newman, Jill p. 1 16 Newton, Gail pp. 107,226,245 Nichols, John p. 116,178 Nichols, Linda p. 107 Nickel, Penny pp. 95,137,228 Nielsen, Kristv p. 1 16 Nielsen, Karen pp. 96.135,158 Nocco, Jodv pp. 81,230 Nolte, Rick pp. 81.128,242 Nordine, Sallv p. 81 Norman, Jan pp. 81,228,241 Norman, Laura pp. 82,143 Norrell, Craig p. 107 Norris, Kenneth p. 96 Norris, Linda p. 82,137 Norwood, Jean pp. 107,245 Nunley, Nelly pp. 96,224 Nun ley, Pierre pp. 96,246 Oare, Kathcrine p. 107 Odio, Cesar p. 116 Oechslin. Janet pp. 82,156,226,235 O ' Hagan, Robin p. 1 Hi Olds. |ay pp. 96,132.133,230 O ' Leary, Holly pp. 107,226 O ' Leary Patti p. 107,203,218,241 Oliver, Mark pp. 107,252 Olsen, Karen p. 1 16 Olson, Craig pp. 116,166 O ' Neal, [canna p. 96 Ortiz, Jose Oisteen, Diane pp. 107,251 Oswalt. Cretchen p. 96,136,137 Ovcrholt. Shelley pp. 107,124,204, 220,239 Ovcrstrcel Jr., Kenneth p. 82 Pachik, Mike pp. 82,123,242 Pack, Barbara p. 82,137 Pack, Lawanda p. 79 Pack. Randal p. 116 Paddock, Timothy p. 1 10 Painter, Jeff p. 96,132.144 Palmer, Pete p. 107,132,158 Papallo, Daniel p. 110 Pappas, Clifford p. 1 16 Parker, Jeff p. 117 Parker. John p. 1 17 Parker, Melissa pp. 96,230 Parks. Allison p. 117,134 Parrott, John S. p. 107.228 Parry, David pp. 117,159 Parsons, Gay pp. 1 17,160 Pate, Debbie pp. 82, 142 Patience, Shari pp. 70.82,125,218,239 Patrick Jr., James pp. 117,158 Pawinski, Carrie p. 117 Pearce, Linda p. 82 Pearson, Caroline p. 90,124.128. 137.218 Peavy, Robin pp. 117.157.158 Peck, Joseph p. 117 Pennachio, Michael p. 82 Pentecost, Shirlcv pp. 107,230,235 Pepper, Ellen p. ' 117.142 Perciasepc, Bonnie p. 117 Perea, Wanda pp. Pcrettine, Pete pp. 82.240 Perkins, Delia p. 96 Perrone, Dorina p. 107 Peters, Al p. 82 Peters, Pat p. 96,123 Peterson, Doreen pp. 100,107,125, 205,218,243 Peterson. Sue pp. 82,137.223.239 Petrulionis, |oseph p. 117 Petry Jr.. Richard pp. 117.122.155 Pfelter, Karen pp. 96,190,226 Phillips, Mike p. 1 17 Philips, Mike pp. 107.223,239 Phoenix, Charlotte pp. 96,143 Piatnik, Ed pp. Piatnik, Michael p. 117 Pickering, Randv p. 107 Picking, Robbing. 107,123,228 Pickles, Karen p. 96 Pierce, Caroie pp. 82,230.23 1 Pierce, Cathv pp. 96,226 Pigozzi, Bill pp. 96,239 Pilchard, Jov p. 96 Pilcher, Freda pp. 82,216 Pinder, Marvin pp. 96,150.244 Planer, Patricia p. 82 Platts, Barbara pp. 82,220 Plummor, Kimbcrly pp. 117.245 Polk, Evelyn p. 96 Pollard III. Herbert p. 82,150 Poole, Steven p. 117 Porter, Andrew p. 82.130 Porter. Steve pp. 83.2 19,2511 Pooi ' , Cindy pp. 96,125,190,218 Posner, Mi ' tchell p. 107 Powell, Curtis pp. 90,250 Powell, Pamalee p. 83 Power, Barbara p. 83 Powers, Matthew p. 96,150 Powhatan, Mary p. 1 17 Preston, Gussiepp. 96,132,133,226 Price, Leslie p. 83,127,150 Price. Pickens pp. 90,150,242 Prieto, Suzanne p. 83 Primm. 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Tracy p. 117 Register, Ward pp. 83,239 Rendall, Veve pp. 96,136,218,2 Rcnneisen, Kathy pp. 83,222 Renz, Cheryl p. 117 Reynolds, Frank pp. 117.159 Reynolds, Patty pp. 96,124,128 Richardson, Guy p. 117 Richardson, Salley pp. 83,128, Richcllc, Jeanette p. 117 Richev, Claude p. 96.250 Richter, Todd pp. 83.252 Rieger, Greg p. 96 Riker, David p. 117 Riker, Nancv p. 96 Ring, Caroline pp. 83,230.231, Ring, Karan pp. 1 17,159 Risk, Gregory p. 90 Roark, Victoria p. 96 Robbins. Harold p. 1 17 Robbins, Rosalie p. 117 33 43 lb 253 Roberds, Jaquae p. 96 Roberto, Anthony pp. 117,166 Roberts, Laura p. 117 Roberts, Mark pp. 97,250 Roberts, Mary pp. 107,226,241 Robinson, Briggette pp. 117,132,142 Robson, Cvntnia p. 97 Roche, Trish p. 107,150 Rock, Judv p. 83 Rockhill, Kent pp. 97,248 Rodemeyer, John p. 117 Rodgers, Richard p. 97 Rodgers. William p. 97 Rogers, Faye pp. 107,150 Rogers, Llisa pp. 97,125,154,156, 205,218 Rogers, Glenn pp. 97,178,246 Rogers, Patti pp. 107.220,281 Rogers, Penny p. 117 Rorstrom, Aaron pp. 84,125,128, 160,250 Rose, Gene pp. 97,246 Rosevear, Ginny p. 117 Ross, Nancv pp. 84,228 Ross, Bill pp. 117,159 Rosselli, Hilda pp. 84,125,137 Rothwell, Kathy pp. 107,122,124,22 Rotolante, Lisa pp. 117,235 Rousseau, William p. 117 Rowe, Joy pp. 97,132,133,230,253 Ruby, lohn pp. 97,252 Ruffini, Shelly pp. 97,134,159 Ruffner, Rick pp. 97,232,233 Russell, Jim p. 97 Rutledge, Debra p. 117 Sacco, Paul pp. 97,239 Sammons, George pp. 97,178 Sampl, Mark p. 97 Sanchez, Teresa pp. 108,228 Sancken, George pp. 9 7,244 Sanguily, Julio p. 84 Sanguily, Mario p. 108 Sanscrainte, Denise pp. 117,190 Sapp, Carrie p. 117 Sardinha, David p. 117 Satterfield, Caroline p. 84 Savary, Johnson p. 117 Sawyer, Ricardo pp. 84,134,154,244 Scabarozi, )oni pp. 97,128,130 Scallon, Thomas p. 108 Scardella, Nylda p. 117 Schaeper, Werner p. 117 Schilling, Kenneth p. 117 Schilling, Pat pp. 117,202,253 Schmadel, George p. 97 Schmalkuche, Frederick p. 118 Schmidt, Jerry pp. 97,250 Schmidt, Pene pp. 97,123 Schmidt, Todd pp. 118,144,159 Schneider, F. T. p. 84 Schoeller, Mike pp. 108,178 Schoenfeld, Dieter p. 97 Schoff, Cynthia pp. 108,159,224 Schools, David p. 118 Schroeder, John pp. 118,155 Schroeder, William pp. 84,136,244 Schuder, Glenarva pp. 97,223,239 Schultz, Carolyn pp. 97,228,245 Schulze, Valentine pp. 108,158. 160,220 Schumann, John pp. 97,150,244 Schwartz, Nancy p. 118 Schweitzer, Karen pp. 97,230 Schweizer, Kristen pp. 108,159 Scott, Carolyn pp. 97,137,230 Scoville, Sandra pp. 108,251 Sears, Brent p. 118 Secord, Dorie pp. 84,137,228,241 Segal, jett pp. 108,220 Seiler, Sandra pp. 97,228 Sellars, Sanna pp. 118,164 Sellers, Tom pp. 97.242 Selley, Gordon pp. 118,164 Senatore, Frank p. 108 Sengstock, Christine p. 108 Senif, Diane p. 108 Severtson, Jill pp. 84,226 Shafer, Liz p. 118 Shaffer, James p. 118 Shaffer, Robert p. 97 Shelfer, Ginny pp. 97,226 Sheridan, Kathleen p. 108 Sherman, Stacy p. 108 Shields, Donald pp. 97,242 Shingler, Rob pp. 84,125,240 Shoemaker, Cynthia pp. 97,137,226 Shofner, Jeanette p. 108 Shrader, John pp. 84,128,161 Shuck, Candace pp. 108,135.158 Shuck, Doreen pp. 84;i34 Shusterman, Karen p. 118 Sikes, Margie p. 97 Simcox, Barbara p. 118 Simmons, Evctt pp. 97,124,142 Simmons, Valerie p. 118 Simpson, Wiley p. 97,150 Singer, Scott pp. 84.125,126,127,136 Singletary, Mike pp. 108,242 Sinigoi, Nancy p. 108 Sitta, Douglas p. 108 Sizemore, Charles p. 118 Skipper, Sherri pp. 84,128,137,218,243 Slauson, Matthew p. 97 Slav, Phillip p. 97 Slohe, Marc pp. 97,134,138,144 Small, Debra pp. 97,156,233 Smigel, Joan p. 97 Smith, Cynthia p. 108 Smith, Laura p. 118 Smith, Marcia p. 118 Snell, Steven p. 118 Snelling, Frances p. 84 Snivelv, Harvey pp. 84,150 Snyder, Brenda pp. 108,228 Snyder, Rosemary pp. 84,123,135, 142,158 Soka, Chris p. 84 Sparks, Jean pp. 85,134,154,161 Spaun, Lynn p. 85 Spencer, Jill p. 118 Stacks, J. L. pp. 85,128,248 Stafford, Jennifer pp. 118.124,160 Starks, Sara pp. 108,159,218 Stead, William p. 118 Steendvk, Tessa p. 108 Steinke, Gail p. 118 Stemm, William p. 85 Stephens, Allen p. 118 Stephens, Linda pp. 118,124,159 Stephenson, James p. 108 Stephev, Sharon p. 118 Stetter, ' Karla pp. 110,118 Steven, Diana pp. 98,224 Stevens, John pp. 98,123,248 Stevens, Nancy pp. 98,142,159,224 Stewart, Karleen p. 85 Stewart, Susan pp. 85,143 Stickler. Gretchen pp. 85,122,123, 218,233 Stiff, Paul pp. 118,123 Stiles, Mary p. 98 Stillev, Margo p. 97 Stitze ' I, John p. 108 Stocpker, Judith pp. 118,123 Stokes, John p. 98 Stokes, William pp. 85,150 Storey, Wallace p. 118 Stouder, Dean pp. 85,247 Strain, Gale pp. 118, 159 Streitz, Dan pp. 85,239 Strickland, Barbara pp. 118,142 Stringfellow, Elise p. 118 Stroud, Denise p. 118 Strukel, Jeanne pp. 108,220 Stuart, Don p. 118 Stuart, John pp. 85,250 Stumpf, David p. 118 Sullivan, Kevin pp. 85,136 Sundeen. Todd pp. 118,158 Sunderlin, Jeffrey p. 118 Swaby, Susan p. 118 Swain, Brian pp. 118, 166 Swainson, Alice p. 98 Sweet, Rod p. 98 Swindle, William p. 118 Sylvester, Javne pp. 108,223,239 Svnatschk, Jana pp. 108,124,130, ' 159,160 Szabo, Maurine pp. 98,122.123,127 Talamonti, Wayne pp. 108,252 Talamonti, Wendy pp. 118,253 Talner, Steve pp. 85,240 Tankersley, Wayne pp. 98,146,158,250 Tauby, Charles ' pp. 98,239 Taylor, Allison pp. 98,142 Taylor, Andy pp. 108,132,252 Taylor, Lawrence p. 85 Taylor, Pamela u. 118 Taylor, Robin pp. 108,124,130,136,158,15! Taylor, Vickie pp. 85,134.154 Tedder, Janice pp. 108,135,158,159,237 Tefft, Thomas p. 98 Terry, Kenneth p. 118 Thefin, Laura pp. 108,222 Thomas, Judv p. 108 Thomas, Leslie pp. 108,132,220,233 Thomas, Sharon pp. 98,132,135,142 Thompson, Deborah p. 118 Thompson, Keith p. 85 Thompson, Margaret p. 85 Thompson, Svlvia p. 85 Thornton, Teri p. 108 Thorp, Richard p. 98 Thrasher. Paul pp. 85.244 Throop, Hunt pp. 98.244 Thurston, Al p. 98 Tillett, Joani p. 85 Tillett, Mark pp. 108,136.239 Tillman, Drew p. 1 18 Timms, Tami pp. 108,218,241 Tinthoff, Jim pp. 118,123 Tisbo, Pete pp. 118,164 276 Titus, Robert pp. 80. 127, 136 Tobler, Christine pp. 108.123 Tolle, Laura pp. 118.241 Tomaszewski, Jeff pp. 98,232 Tom berg. Mark p. 98 Townscnd. Abbe p. 108,222 Trask, Susan p. 86 Trickett, John pp. 98,166,239 Trowbridge, Matt pp. 108 Truitt. Curt pp. 100.109.125,242 Trujillo. Robert p. 108 Tucker, Drew pp. 98 Tucker, Melinda pp. 86,138 Tucker, Stan pp. 98,252 Turlich. John p. 98 Turman, Steve pp. 98,250 Turn bull. John p. 109 Turner. Frank pp. 98.239 Turner. Linda p. 98 Tutan, Lvnn pp. 109.164,220 Tuttle. Laura pp. 109,226 Tvvible, Jean pp. 86.143 Tvc. Jan pp. 86,132.133,137,222,251 Underwood, John pp. 98.150.244 Usher, Karen pp. 98,220 Valk, Jan p. 86 Vanderveer, Penny pp. 118.239 .122, VandeWeghe, Karin pp. 87 124,223,239 Vam, Robert pp. 86,150 Vaughan, Norman p. 86 Vaughn III, Hugh pp. 119,166,167 Vaughn, Robert p. 119 Vautrain, Lvnn pp. 109,243 Vazquez. Andy pp. 86,219.240 Vazquez, Razz p. 98 Venezia, Arlene p. 86 Venuti, Ruth pp. 132,137 Vicaro, Gary pp. 86,248 Villanueva Gilda pp. 8 6.137.143,21 Vilushis, Charles pp. 119.126,150 Viner, Wayne p. 86 Vines, Susan p. 86 Voigt, Dave pp. 86,240 Vollman, Jean pp. 119,190 Volpe, Joe pp. 86,232 Von Hofen, Jill p. 119 Von Ruckteschell, Jovita p. 109 Votteler. Robert pp. 98,240 Wagner. Barry p. 1 19 Wagner, Cynthia pp. 98,143.220 Wagner. Gary p. 119 Walker, Carol pp. 119,123,241 Walker, Daniel pp. 119,123 Walker, Debra pp. 98,158 Walker, Janet pp. 98,137,228,251 Walker. Kristi pp. 98.228,245 Walkup, Betty pp. 98.226,239 Wall, Kathv pp. 98,218.241 Walter. Mary pp. 86,137 Walton, Pam pp. 98,223 Walton. Steve pp. 98.178 Walz, Bobbi pp. 98,136,218,239 Ward. Barbara p. 109 Ward, Brenda pp. 98,218,233 Ward, Carrie p. 109 Ward, Lisa pp. 98,218 Ward, Susan pp. 109,159,237 Ward, Yvonne pp. 98,220 Warekois, William p. 109 Warner, Pam pp. 109,239 Washuta, Laurie p. 119 Wasko. Rick pp. 109,239 Watkins, John pp. 99,158,159.244 Watkins. Jov pp. 109,137.220 Watkins, Mary pp. 109,160 Watson, Cindy pp. 86,136 Watson, Mary pp. 119,132,158 Watt, |aime p. 119 Watts, Helen p. 99 Watts, Man- p. 1 19 Weaver, Curtis p. 109 Weaver, Katherine p. 1 19 Weaver, Kevin p. 1 19 Weaver, Richard pp. 99,244 Weaver, Walter p. 99 Webb, Deborah p. 86 Webb, Montie p. 86 Weed, Cvnthia p. 119 Weeks, Julia pp. 109,228 Weichscl. Lauren p. 119 Weiner, Scott pp. 88,99,125,136,240 Weinkauf. Gayle p. 99 Weishaupt, Janice pp. 109,158 Welbon. Larrv pp. 99.154,155,250 Welch, Connie pp. 87,124,132.133.137 Welch, J. J. pp. 88.99,122,123.125, 136,218,233 Welch, Susan p. 119 Welter, Lvnn p. 119 Welty, Kim pp. 99,230 Wending, Jean p. 119 Wentzcll. Robert pp. 87,252 West, Charles pp. 99,126,240 West. Jane p. 119 West, Patricia p. 119 Westberrv, Gail p. 99 Whetzel. Janet pp. 109,226 Whetzcl, Sue pp. 87,137,190,230 Whitaker, Dean pp. 109,146 White, Nita p. 99 Whitehead, Marilyn pp. 119,132,158 Whiteleather, Craig p. 109 Whitesidcs, Mary Beth p. 119 Whitlock. Brand p. 109,123 Whitlock. Will pp. 109,239 Whitmire, Quinton p. 87 Wigfield, James p. 119 Wigglesworth, Susan p.119 Wightman. Steve pp. 99,223,239 Wiley, Cliff pp. 99,242 Wilkie. Mark p. 119 Wilkinson, Thomas pp. 99,159.234 Willcy, Diana pp. 119.158.241 Williams, Alyce pp. 87,142 Williams, Caroline pp. 99,124 Williams Jr., Clifford p. 119 Williams, Frank pp. 87.126.127. 128,136 Williams, Nancv p. 99 Williams, Steve p. 1 19 Williams, Wille p. 119 Williamson, Joel pp. 99.244 Willis, Linda pp. 99.124 Wilson, Edith p. 99 Winkler, Beckv pp. 119,243 Winkler, Jeff pp. 99,242 Winship. Barbra p. 99 Winstead, Malcolm p. 87 Winston, Kimberlv pp. 119.228 Wisbey, Martha pp. 109.22li.241 Wise, Mary p. 99 Wise, Nancv pp. 99.142,228 Withers. Karen pp. 109,233 Wixted. Patty p. 109 Woas, Brian p. 99 Wolf, Michael pp. 99.240 Wood, Carol pp. 109,143.228 Wood. Elizabeth p. 87 Woodard, Coury p. 87 Woodford. Sarah p. 119 Woods, Ravnie p. 122 Wooten. Ed pp. 109.240 Workman III, Robert p. 109 Worman. Patti p. 99 Wormwood, Carol pp. 119,239 Wormwood, David pp. 87,223,239 Wright, Steven p. 119 Wroten, Valerie p. 119 Wyckoff, Dawn pp. 99,134,154 U ' yllic. Nancy pp. 99,223,239 Yang, Han p. 109 Yarnell, Kevin pp. 99,138 Yates, Joan p. 87 Yetter, Susan p. 109 Yoder, Lynelle pp. 87,123 Young, Chuck pp. 109,132,242 Young, Dana pp. 119,122 Young, Philip pp. 109,158,159,236 Youngs, Karl p. 99 Yurkovitch, Thomas p. 109 Zaput. Mollie pp. lly.142 Zdanowicz, Michael pp. 119, 1 44. 1 59 Zehntner, Steven p. 109 Zierhorfer, Gary pp. 87.136.224 Zimmerman, Gary p. 119 Zimmerman, Ken p. 99 Zobel, Kathv pp. 109.124,230,235 Zwass. Al pp. 87,136.242 277 1051 South Florida Ave. Lakeland, Florida 33803 Congratulations to the Class of 78 Compliments of DEMAND DflTfls K CONGRATULATIONS Class of •33 When you need help in planning your future remember- First National Bank of Lakeland Three convenient locations to serve you with all your banking neeOs Main oltice. 2211 S Florida Ave South lakeland Branch. 4975 S Florida Ave North Lakeland Branch, 3305 Lakeland Hills Blvd Member FDIC 330 N. INGRAHAM AVE. LAKELAND. 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Florida Southern College - Interlachen Yearbook (Lakeland, FL) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


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