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khh Mk VOLUME FORTY FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE Lakeland, Florida TABLE OF CONTENTS Features 17 Notables 40 Organizations 64 Greeks 102 Sports 146 Academics 180 Classes 217 1972 INTERLACHEN STAFF Editor Nancy Ireland Opening Olivia Faulkner Beauties Patti Alexander Sports Olivia Faulkner Academics Sherry Andrews Classes Mary Jane Buckholz SiSi Schriber Sally ' Toole Copywriters Paula Alexander Mary Decker Business Manager John Whitehead Advisor Hal Waters Photography Paul Wille Allen Irvine florida southern college A college is a place of higher learning devoted to the development of human beings. Books, classes, students, and professors work as a unit to make up the educational process of a college. Relating and interpreting thoughts, each individual becomes part of the college whole; yet as the individual develops his own philosophy, a separation occurs. 9 R 975.9 R975. R428 Involvement in self- discovery and self-expres- sion removes the student from total partici- pation in the whole to a niche all his own. Alone one is committed to self-instruction. f t t t t The inspiration of plans and dreams lights the way through the college year. The path has very few shadows. With hopeful outlooks, all follow their own guiding light which signals the beginning of a new life. By following the light one remains close to nature; growth is not always contained in buildings but in the beauty that nature reflects. A college is based on relationships, relation- ships which influence each one ' s personality. Professors and students also share a very special type of association; each learns from the other. Ever seeking truth, student and professor strive to understand each other ' s views. ■ r • ♦ . ■ • ( Reminiscing days past, one can look back at his accomplishments with pride hoping that the future will hold equally high achieve- ments. Through meditation each one learns much about himself and his own impressions about others. One ' s moods change seasonally thus keeping one fresh and alive for to- morrows tasks and adventures. r INFOR I . I For many it is a time of love and commitment mixed with happiness and understanding. For others it is a time of slight confusion. It is also a time of creativity when each student offers some- thing of himself in a tangible sense. It is a time to ponder one ' s thoughts. • • » t t » Each happiness and each sorrow can be shared with friends daily, and fun can be found at every crossroad. Along with friends, however, the individual is still reflected in all phases of college life. •Ttp . . . . . 9 J- A college is a proving ground for the great, the near-great and just plain people. Each one displays his own talent within the college; thus adding to part of the whole. His giving and that of others contributes to every aspect of the college. Each becomes a " star " in his own right for his vital role of action. ••■••♦• •« Involvement in fun is seen at every turn, always and ever changing; open to all who want to join and to all who want to add their love of ife to everything they see. t j Jlk ■II wrt ■•■ » III r " iiiiiiiiii un i.i Hi II F lB9 The end of one day celebrates the forthcoming of another . And an introduction to a new " world. Ihw rW- t l mm - . T. »» ty. ..- ; - • The fascination of making new friends, The warmth of finding the old ones . . . And then the fun begins for both the onlooker and the doer. . . w«»Jnrt[4(l 9iS ' ' ' : tvj " ••- " " ' m JES This isn ' t really a country club by the lake . » t Progress lies in the individual ' s hands — The best development is from within the self. . . ________ Expression in eyes face hands and body . . . Reflection of one ' s self through a parade of talents. Each evening can be an opening night . ♦ . V k v X Be what you-want tdbe. " « 2S .--jrr : » 4 - - i. « W • " . 1 • w . K- .r ' ,-i ' Vv ' ' • V c f ' a: ' x l? .«»- ' iirf " i T i . . » • • ' J " , «_____■__ _ PROFILES When outsiders think of FSC, a picture of Annie Pfeiffer Chapel, typifying religion tied to modernism comes to mind. Students know this is not a profile of the complete college. A profile of the college is a profile of the individual. FSC is a training ground for living in the real world, and there is no building that can represent the true profile of Florida Southern. Florida Southern is the GDI who calls Greeks " freaks " and would rather spend his time in labs and classes, doing as he chooses rather than having his free hours pre-planned. The college profile includes the old professor who says what he wants to in class, because his tenure is established and only an act of God or the Board of Trustees could send him looking for another job. It includes the young professor whose principles force him to expound his beliefs regardless of the consequences. The athlete who lives for sports and barely keeps his ath- letic scholarship is part of the college profile. So is the stu- dent who doesn ' t know intramurals exist— the one whose fascination doesn ' t lie in a perfectly completed pass play, but in the structure of a cell, the makeup of a page, or the ability of a rat to go through a maze. The profile includes students who seek an education to make a contribution to the world. It includes students who want to earn an M.R.S. degree as well as those who wish to capture every coed ' s heart and still remain aloof. The profile has to include the student who is on every pos- sible committee and in every possible club, as well as the individual who spends his free time thinking in the Hindu garden. No, somehow Annie Pfeiffer doesn ' t say FSC. At least not from the viewpoint of the student. There is no single pro- file. Florida Southern is not just the Honor Walk student, Miss Southern, the beauties or the uglies. The college profile is an intangible, undescribable quality, different for, yet still including each person. PROFILES (continued) B cA {i±± UntEzLach En EtLn g.. ons.± iDxLando, J ' LoxiAa ::z h.on±oz£:d bu o±£,b.n- Eun.oLa.± cHaLl ♦ Wzit Pafm " B acfi, Loxida • 1 c sicond LinnEZ- Lib. iLyLiijLa J ' auLkn£iX ( amh.LJs.LL±(ju.Ls., J Eniucku yi {i±± D ntzxiacnsn J ' Lnali±t± C incinnati, (Lynio ::z h.on±oZ£.a hu iJ- i J ahh.a iJ- ni ( indu Waas:mann cTrilania, s.oxaia cSf2on±or£:d bu ::ftLj2ha dhi Oms aa. CJ-zaxujatEX, 7LozLdc fionioz d iJLj cSi ma ct tjika Sji±iLon jDeHu (Licjxand cSfion ois-a Lju ins. D na.zJ2£.nas.n.t± umms x c aia z h.zaau£: (LXLando, Lozida Robert Conrad Our thanks to Robert Conrad for selecting the 1972 Miss Interlachen and therunners-up. m i 1 1 % . rf Southern Beauty Z€m MISS SOUTHERN sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega m WHO ' S WHO In American Colleges and Universities ,» .♦ ;j ■;♦ » » % Olivia Faulkner Jill King ♦ WHO ' S WHOcontinued Steve Keyser Bill Mattice First Row L to R: Wilson Boze- man, John Franklin Chandler. Second Row L to R: Barbara Clegg, Michelle McConnell, Eddie Parker. 59 » t • ♦ GREEK HALL OF FAME .M J .i ' ii»iL . - i. ►Ua j L. ' - x.A J-. AV . .-u; .7 From left to right: Phyllis Graves AXfi, Cathy Cowherd ZTA, Oliva Faulkner A AH, Cindy Ander- son AAII, Nancy Hedburg IZ, Nancy Ireland AOn. 7. f From left to right: Gary Noesner HKA, John Phillips KA, Bill Mattice KA, Kris Kalbfleisch 0X, Steve Keyser 2X. r ' -: STRUCTURE Almost everyone at Florida Southern is in some kind of or- ganization. " Get involved, " the freshman is told. So he does, and it has a snowball effect. He joins one or two clubs his freshman year and a few more his sophomore year. Then he decides to run for an office. By the time he reaches his senior year, his schedule consists of one meeting after another with homework in between. At the beginning of the year, every organization has high goals and aspirations. Activity decreases as progs, papers and homework begin to pile up. Projects are half finished. Everybody cries for action, but there are often only a few willing to really work. The club member begins to wonder what happened to the good things he was going to do. He begins to curse the ones who harped, " Get involved. " But due to some miraculous act, or more likely, the in- dustriousness of some dedicated committee chairman, all the loose ends get tied together. Organization emerges from confusion as projects left undone from the previous semester are finished. The members who joined just to meet people or have some- thing to do have been weeded out. There remains a dedica- ted few who finish the job. The end of the school year comes. Some of the hard workers graduate, minutes are filed away for the summer, and we wait for September. Next year, we ' ll finish all those things we didn ' t get around to. 9 f t - i . STRUCTURE (continued) C- ' ,V_»k ' L J L«. .» - . im STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION li«Y» I — Barb Kolb, Sisi Schriber, Doug Christy. Julie Bonds, Martha Jo Deas, Tom Miles, John Dawsey, Bob Blackburn. Row 2 — John Metcalfe, Doug Crane. Mike Miner, Irene Arfaras, Lindsay Shepheard, Frank Zajicek, George Monk. Row 3 — George Zissimopulos, Julie Parker, Alice Amason, Marianne Eastbum, Jeff Kline, Mike Connolly, and David Twigg. yTf V Bill Pickering — S.G.A. Vice President SUPREME COURT Leslie Nichols, Frank Chandler, Josh High, Rosie Short, Nancy Ireland. George Monk, and Bill Mattice. THE BLACK SOCIETY Row 1 — Eddie Parker, Diane Parramore, Ann Stoney, Cleo Chambers, Inez Ebba, Jackie Reese. Row 2 — Toni Coleman, James Gilchrist, Willi Williams, Marvin Carr. Row 3 — Josh High, Alvin Catlett, Larry Clark. STUDENT UNION BOARD Row t — Kit McCall, Doug Christy, itulh Cobb, Jackie McDaniel, Barb Evans, Fat Scheb, Dale Gallo Maureen McGeorge, Col. Mack Gieger. Row 2 — Jack Sailstad, Mark Flenner, Esther Chapman. Molly Carter, SiSi Schriber, Carter Hall, Wilson Bozeman, Mollie Harris. MEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION f Seated — Frank Zajicek. Wilson Bozeman. Eddie Parker. Frank Chandler, Paul Kurtz. Standing — Lee Webb. John Byres, Gary Lange, Tom Miles, Lamar Battles. Rod Franz. ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS Seated, left to right — Carolyn Williams, Cathy Cowherd, Gail Anderson, Nancy Hedburg, Cindi Haddad,Collette Addair, (Mrs.) Fran Russak — Advisor, Cindy Wagemann. Row 2 — Martha Jo Deas, Pam DeMora, Eleanor Bailey, Angle Perry, JoAnn Bergman, Martha Saulsbury, Charlotte Getzen, Alison Row, Barb Urban. Row 3 — Becky Henson, Emily Smith, Irene Arfaras, Marty Meredith, Sharon Brooks, Julie Parker, Pris Walker. AWS Judicial Board Seated — Lynn Powell, Martha Jo Deas. Standing — (Mrs.) Jean Kinnard — Advisor, Cindy Wagemann, Alison Row, Bea Wilson. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA National Honorary for Men Row 1 — Bill PickerinK. Vic Troiano, Frank Zajicek, Don Parsons, Eddie Parker. Row 2 — Frank Chandler, Dowling Watford, Steve Keyser, Joey Shoniker. Wilson Bozeman, Johnny Dawsey. Row 3 — Dean Frank Szabo, Dr. Richard Burnette, Dr. Charles T. Thrift. Mike Getz, Col. Kenneth Webber. David Twigg. Dean Richard Pearce. Gary Noesner, Mr. Hal Waters, Dean David Readdick. Row 4 — Mr. Charles Franklin, Mr. Mel Wooten, Ray Fischer, Major Bill Moore. John Phillips. Bill Meek. Hank Martel. CAP AND GOWN Local Honorary for Women Left to right — Ingrid Burton, Jayne Baker, Nancy Hedburg, Paula Alexander, (Mrs.) Carol Esau — advisor, Olivia Faulk- ner, Phyllis Graves. ALPHA ETA Freshman Women Honorary Row 1 — Alice Amason, Margie Hart, Patty Wood, Ann Arledge, Jane Holbrook, Meg Sinclair, Susie Sullins. Row 2 — Amelia Welles, Mary McTureous, Bonita Bryant, Jane Stroker, Patricia Mussnug, Mary Irwin. f »»«.»»- DELTA SIGMA PI Men ' s Professional Business Fraternity : • - ' .fa ■ ' M ' ::, " " . v- Row 1 — Bill Meek. Jay Justis, Don Cubberley. Kermit Clay. John Smither. Scott Morton, Mary Lou Hely. Mark Drastal. Jett Sanger. .Alan Major. Ken Martone. Rick Morgan, Mr. Charles Franklin, Mark Flenner. Whit Courtney, Eddie Morris. Row 2 — Fred Annon, Dr. Robert Ferguson, Rob Sanders, Gordon Dietz, Doug Christy, John Story, Jim Schwartz, David Chinuge, Jay Reubert, Dowling Watford, Steve Keyser. PHICHITHETA Business Women ' s Honorary Row 1 — Mary Irwin, Laurie Weiss, Johnna Brown, Linda Freas, Teresa Whetsel, Karen Edinger. Row 2 — Mary Kay Cermak, Shirley Eaddy, Debbie Read, Olivia Faulkner. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION Row 1 — (Mr.) Bill Vogel — advisor, Deborah Read, Karen Edinger, Jim Schwartz, John Smither. Row 2 — Tom Kessery, John Whitehead. Bud Brown, Mack Bvron, Jack Sailstad. Row 3 — Glenn Hanley, John Bennett, Larry Gerhardt. » t t t t VAGABONDS Members of the Vagabonds are: Ray Fischer Pat Brandon Connie Meccarello Kathy Puchas Kathleen O ' Leary Sally Sandidge Joanne Woods Charles Boggs Janice Fett Bill Barnes Janie Davidson Lyle Shirreffs Pocho Bemko Richard Remington Bob Warren Sherry Andrews Betsy Perl Bob Garapie Faculty Advisor: Mel Wooten Virginia Dye Becky Linton Beverly Schlitzkus Janet Bacon Pam Shultz Lana Susnar Kinda Van Awsdal Jean Stevensen Kris Hoffenbacher Bob Dienst Clay Philley Cindy London Debbie Schwabland Susan Swartsel Paul Engelstad Kris Kalbneisch Joe Ciccaglione Cliff George Maureen Nations Glenn Ellis Gary DeBennion Elizabeth Patter Priscilla Pravis Patsy Mussnug George Fitzgerald Millie Linnenbank Bob Bugnand Terry Moriarty Jeanne Porter John Henderson Liz Poyner Sally Ann Cobia CindiTownsley Sue Murray Lyiin Shirreffs Debi DuPerow mULsK w " M W IN PTb VI y v -i " kH m i V ' ' ol ■ m ' iM| H H| W M HHH ALPHA PSI OMEGA National Dramatic Honorary From left to right — Kris Kalbfleisch, Glenn Ellis, Janet Bacon, Ray Fischer, Pam Schultz. Bob Dienst, Janice Fett, Bill Barnes, Jean Stevenson, Joe Ciccaglione. PI DELTA EPSELON National Journalism Honorary ..fi. » - " - ' - -i :;) T}, o " ' " ' °° " Parsons, Penny Church. Kneeling Bow 2 - Mary Jane Buckh„lz, Nanc v Ireland. T.im Fuller Jeff Kline Irma Cole- man (Mr.) Alan Stowers - advisor Standing Row 3 - George Zissimopulos, Peggy Ruckman, Pat Scheb, Mary Decker, John Leftakis. Row 4 - treon Kenshaw, Mike Cobb, Paula Alexander, Olivia Faulkner. THE SOUTHERN STAFF Editing Staff Penny Church, Row 1 — Paula Alexander, John Leftakis, Mary Decker, Bill Burnett, Marcille Wallis, Joanne Bergman. Row 2 — Tom Peel. Dee Graham, Bob Combs, Geoff Renshaw, Judy Coleman. Row 3 — Mr. Al Stowers, George Zissimopulos, Barbie Houts, Mike Cobb, Paul Longrear, Jill Cunningham, John Valerino, Mike Mullen. Reporters Row 1 — Pat Bozeman, Judy Coleman, Sally Pressinger, Melinda Martin, Karen Nettles, Peggy Ruckman, Tait Edmundson. Row 2 — John Bird, Donna Savonorola, Bob Combs, Don Parsons, Janet Leis, Lynne Maddox. Row 3 — John Valerino, Marci Norris, Bill Anderson, Jane Hughert, Lindsay Thomas, Whit Courtney, Mary Lou Eckhart. Row 4 — Jill Cunningham, Glen Faulkner, Steve Petrie, Robin Farlow, Sue Widdowson, Janet Brandon, JoAnne Woods. Row 5 — Sherry Andrews. Randy Langhenry, Mack Baker, Buddy Olen. i 5 } Don Parsons, editor; Peggy Ruckman, editor; Pat Scheb, business manager. INTERNATIONAL CLUB Row 1 — Mr. Simboli, Mrs. Simboli. Jacqueline Reese, Inez Ebba, Ruth Frey, Dr. Jonitis, Naemi Matsumoto, Brenda Cruise, Setsuko Toda, Riaz Siddigi.Row 2 — Mr. Selig, Paul Watkins, Dr. Juliane Jourdan, Esther Bethel, Linda Parks, Nadine Lyn, Jane Baltzegar. Row 3 — Willie Scholl, Gabriele Schenkling, Faramarz Elghanayan, Phil Rogers, and Otto Lesen. GERMAN CLUB From left to right: Angela Perry, Ann Kowald, Paul Engelstad, Debbie Collins, Margit Palmer, Paul Watkins, Denise Obenauer, Bill Barnes, Debbie Base, Kathleen Puchhas, Darlene Lund, Susan Adrianson, Patty Salis- bury, Ann Arledge. Cam Greene, James Tynan, Gerda von Paleske, Thomas Chaney, Dr. Juliane Jourdan. I i Row 1 — Debi DuPerow. Cindy Wagemann. Julie Parker. Sharon Price, Julie Bonds, Marianne IT INTOR, ADVTSORS ' ' °™ ' : ° — Debbie Parrish, Mollie Harris, Lynn Powell. WiUa Bradford, Nora Bailey, and 11 ?-•■ - i JS?S?Jf PT rT TVTT T AT T T T A STNT ONTA ° ' ' ' ' ■ ■ " ' " ' Gordon Oletz, Victor Yingst, Larry Fogleman, Larry Burke Men ' s National Music Honorary David Wickham, Scott Powhatan, Jim Jackson, Paul Watkins, Glenn Jones. Row 2 — Pete CuUen, Bob Yarnell, Lenray Yarnell, Jim Barth. Bob Collett. Danny Vines and Jack Warren. CHAPEL CHOm Row 1 — Sandy Rothenberg, Tammy Gambill, Linda Murphy, Darcy Hunt, Jean Joyner, Janet Driggs, Maggie Snyder, Row 2 — Hope Snyder, Ann Cummings, Teresa Whetsel, Jayne Baker, Pat Case, Sally Sandidge, Flo Sapp, Connie Davenport. HAND BELL CHOIR Row 1 — Florence Sapp. Sharon Lipsey, Lee Argus, Martha Lonon, Nanci Reeck. Row 2 — Lois Davies, Irene Arfaras, Barbara Berg, Wanda Connor, Tourea Wood, Victor Yingst. CONCERT CHOIR ♦ « f_ ( ¥5 .-, ' ' WU Row 1 — Marianne Thomas, Jeanna Pickard. Row 2 — Cindy Wright, Jeannie Galloway Row 3 — Sarah Moore,Debbie Jones, Debbie Wind, Jill Gallo- way. Row 4 — Diane Willis, John Carissimi, Diane Lanier, Lynn Eikenberg, Ann Stoney.Rosalie Short, Penny Hopkins, Ann Yoeman. Danny Vines. Row 5 — Phil Buckle, Emily Smith, Ruth Pfaller, Patty Hayden, Marcia Shuey, Barb Rossman, Debbie Harmening. Terry Myers. Row 6 — Diane Paramore, Amy Barnette, Paul Watkins, Louise Saunders, Jane Wigington, Mary Ann Tompkins, Joan Gast. Row 7 — Marv Ellen Ingram, Tilda Nance, Albert McCulough, Bob CoUette, Phil King, Roslyn Baisden. Row 8 — Gordon Dietz, Mary Ann MacDonald, Jim Barth, Barbie Houts, Julie Parker. Row 9 — Jack Warren, Bill Bartholf, Jim Jackson, Kathy McCord. Row 10 — Peter CuUen, Guy Webber, Bill Yates. Row 11 — Robert Davie, Glen Jones and Larry Fogleman. DELTA OMICRON Seated — Carol Bevan. Jean Joyner. Penny Hopkins. Rosalie Short, Patty Hayden. Jill Galloway, Jeanna Pickard, Janet Driggs. Standing — Emily Smith. Susan Reasor, Roslyn Baisden. Karen Goldee. Connie Davenport, Debbie Jones, Ruth Pfaller, Rita Fandrich, Julie Parker, Jean Galloway. International Women ' s Music Honorary Members of the Concert Band: Irene Arfaras Dana Barth John Bennett Barbara Berg Larry Burke Wanda Connor Peter CuUen Jonathan Cummins Bonnie Dennis Suzanne Diamandis Tom Fegers Melinda Fields George Fitzgerald Don Furlong Joanie Gast Sara Gill Karen Goldee Nancy Grimes Alan Grossman Penny Hopkins Barbie Houts Jim Jackson Ron Johnson Glenn Jones Tim Jones Paul Kurtz Sharon Lipsey Albert McCuilough Sarah Moore Vicki Mosher Denise Obenauer Ruth Pfaller Scott Powhatan Eugene Ralston Sally Ramsey Sarah Ream Susan Reasor Doug Ruppel Flo Sapp Tracey Seddon Deaon Selim Marty Smith Bill Wakeman Jack Warren Debbie Watts Amelia Welles David Wickman Barbara Willard Tom Willard Diane Willis Debbie Wilson Llenray Yarnell Robert Yarnell Bill Yates Victor Yingst Richard Young CONCERT BAND Jt M »-Mt w THETA CHI BETA Relieious Honorary Left to right — Jackie McDaniel, Mary Davitt, Warren Hunnicutt, Lane Pellett, and Dr. Brandon Thruston. SIGMA RHO EPSILON Religious Honorary Seated— Darcy Hunt. Left to right — Jean Joyner, Kaye Hain, Linda Murphy, Marcia Lithow, Bonita Bryant, Ginny Figart, Susan Kunneman, Jane Stroker, Bev Vaughn. Rosalie Short. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT Row 1 — Darcy Hunt. Suzanne Dawsy, Flo Sapp, Barbara Berg, Ruth Frey, Patricia Brandon, Jayne Baker, Nancy Corrin. Row 2 — Jean Joyner, Bill Yeager, Emily Saunders, Chaplain Tom Price, Spike Jones Llenary Yarnell. Connie Davenport and Priscilla Travis PRE-MINISTERIAL STUDENTS Left to right — Bill Yeager, Bob Blackburn, Chaplain Price, Reb Martin, Gary Spencer and " Gee " Sprague. BETA BETA BETA Biological Science Honorary Row 1 — Chris Hoerraann. Dianne Hayes, Warren Hunnicutt, Patsy Mussnug, Elizabeth Patton. Ed Corvi, Frank Zajicek. Row 2 — Glenn Vause, Kevin Letlcin, Gary Lange, Irene Terry, Beth Wand, Karen Connor, Victor Yingst. Row 3 — Diane Mundhenk, Howard Tiano, Janine Chastang, Andy Chastang. Sue Adrianson, Patty Salisbury. Standing — Dr. Margaret Gilbert, Dr. John Tripp. CITRUS CLUB Left to right — Fred Bohde, Victor Yingst, Stan Caldwell, Mr. Thomas Mack, John Metcalf, Frank Zajicek, Jere Stambaugh, Hayward Simmons, Marshal Hartley, Dr. Rubert Prevatt, John Brown. Members of this fine loo king group are: Row 1 — Sam Bet- AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS vLeifCXrit? " ' " " ' ' ■ " " ' " ' " - ' ' " " HISTORY CLUB From left to right — Mr. John Santosuosso, Bob Gac, Frank Newell, Jim Futch, Albert Roseen, Kevin Lufkin, Ginny Figart, Fred Blanchard, Debbie Collins. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY From left to right: Dr. Dinsmore. Sam Bettle, Sue Adrian- son, Richard Goldworm, Howard Tiano. Diane Mundhenk, and Dr. WiUard. RIFLE TEAM :-s?::r «2SD. 4- ' ' Sa.4 n ■. ' «y- w.;. ■iS i£ma £ :r ' !r ' :-:y !n ' r, ;) jiie!i efg f mfmK R.O.T.C. Sponsors are: Phyllis Graves, Olivia Faulkiui, Ivik: iiuber, Jan Russi, Debra Reeves, Valli Hammer, Amy Barnett, Katy Hopper, Rene Edwards, Susie Cooper, and Julie Bonds. mm - ! . T - ' - ' ir BROTHERS and SISTERS Sigma Chi, Alpha Chi, Pike, Pi Kap. Freshmen ponder in amazement over the strange names of the organizations that call themselves Greek. They have heard that Greeks are snobby. Sororities and fraternities are expensive. Greeks are out for nothing but a good time. Greeks contribute nothing. They find out that this isn ' t always true at Florida South- em. The Greek family, like the conjugal family, has disagree- ments, arguments and debates. But like the conjugal fami- ly, each person has a function to fulfill, moral support, and a person to turn to with a question. To an only child, a sorority or fraternity makes up for the lack of brothers and sisters in the family. A fraternity or sorority makes a person from a large family feel at home. Unlike other schools, Greeks at Florida Southern are not dying. They are a vital part of campus life. Being a Greek is more than paying dues and going to a weekly chapter meeting. It is good times and good works tied together through a philanthropic project. It is competing and cooperating. Rush, intramurals, Greek Sing, Greek games, and Sigma Chi derby breed healthy competition among fraternities and sororities. But this is soon forgotten after pledges are picked up and the trophies are won . It is then time for cooperation through the work of Greek Council, IFC and Panhellenic. The same Greeks who pull- ed against each other in the tug of war during Greek games are now working to develop a better rush system. The girls who didn ' t speak to each other during rush are helping the same child at the Cerebral Palsy clinic. The freshman who was dubious of Greeks is now a pledge. And he knows that his group is number one. Competition and cooperation. It makes the Greek system work. Above: X Derby Queen — Nancy Ruppel, M. Right: Greek Goddess — Susie Cooper. VAFl and Greek God — Gary Noesner, II KA. Alpha Chi Omega — Overall Winners of Sigma Chi Derby. m 1- :J Members of Alpha Gamma Delta: Barbara Buztrey Pam Hood Mary Kay Cermak Penny Hopkins Susan Chewning Connie Hunt Peggy Clem Gayle Jones Deborah Collins Susan Kunneman Deborah Denson Janet Lake Bonnie Dennis Darlene Lund Karen Edinger Leslie McCleary Lynda Freas Martha Miley Helen Gambill Sarah Moore Candace Hain Ruth Pfaller Sweetheart: Dan Goss Joy Porter Sally Ramsey Deborah Read Sandra Rothenberg Pam Shankwitz Rosalie Short Marianne Thomas Beverly Vaughn Amelia Wells Cynthia Wright . .t .v. ' -.i c ;.. Members of Alpha Delta Pi: Patti Alexander AUyson Kinsey Cindy Anderson Deanne Mandat Susan Anderson Kay Marlow Lynda Burks Mary McTureous Jan Chugerman Tricia Pinks Suzie Cooper Lynn Powell Mary Decker Ellen Riley Carol Deane Duncan Kathy Rollins Olivia Faulkner Linda Sapp Patsy Flowers Lucinda Schlegel Valli Hammer Susie Sullins Katy Hopper Dianne Wilkinson Marie Howell Patty Wood Linda Johnson Sweetheart — Pete Burhyte Members of Alpha Omicron Pi: Paula Alexander Mary Jane Buckholz Nancy Brauer Sue Cady EUen Cyr Debi DuPerow Carol Fulton Jeannie Galloway Ann Godsall MoUie Harris Nancy Ireland Karen Krieger Julie Parker Betty Perry Janet Martin Greg McClung Vicki Mosher Karen Roberts Alison Row Nanci Reeck Debbie Reeves June Roberts Becky Robinson Robin Robinson Mary Shea Cindy Smith Debbie Strong Marsha Swem Zona Thomas Cindy Wagemann Sweethearts: John Snapp John Whitehead Members of Alpha Chi Omega: Julie Bonds JilKing Charlene Campbell Joanne King Debbie Coggin Sallie Murphy Judy Cooke Leslie Nichols Mary Davitt Lane Pellett Dianne Driver SiSi Schriber Maurine Edwards Debra Seemiller Pam Ficken Beth Spyker Stephanie Folio Penni Wade Pam Geiger Pris Walker Phyllis Graves Becky Whitaker PattiHay Diane Willis Bette Giles Sweetheart — Gary Noesner ' R m ML l Members of Delta Zeta: Sue Adrianson Leslie McGeehee Arm Arledge Rosy Mooney Pam Beede Tilda Nance Joanne Bergman Sally Pressinger Pam Blackmer Sue Reasor WUla Bradford Marty Roettgen Johnna Brown Peggy Ruck man Trish Boland Rhonda Sovacool Kathy Dring Gwen Stansbury Ruth Frey Sally Sun Donna Jewell Laurie Weiss Kathy Karmazin Sweetheart — Jim Schwartz Members of Zeta Tau Alpha: Alice Amason Jayne Baker Amy Barnette Shirley Bedenbaugh Linda Boon Molly Carter Marnee Coryell Cathy Cowherd Suzanne Dawsey Martha Jo Deas Marcia DeVan Liz Gardner Lynn Giggard Margie Hart Duffy Hill Dianne Howie Gail Lanier Maureen MacGeorge Karen Michelson Terry Myer Vicki Ramskill Sherry Bobbins Jan Russi FloSapp Martha Saulsbury Lindsay Shepheard Jo Anne Steely Anne Tweedy Bea Wilson Sweetheart — Larry Krewson •. ; « :■♦ i, Members of Theta Chi: Drew Adams Bernie Calonge Rodney Carr Joe Ciccaglione Randy Coleman John Dawsey Frank Dennis Mike Dervos Bob Driggers Faramarz Elghanayan Charlie Evans Ray Fernald Dave Georges Mike Groves Phil Hughes Kris Kalbfleisch Dick Literaty George Mailly Randy Martin Rav Mittan Rick Morgan Frank Newell Pat Oatley Spencer Oberle Tom Sims Robert Sizemore John Snapp Grover Thompson Doug Wotring Sweetheart — Pris Walker Members of Kappa Alpha: Steve Babbitt Wes Francy David Restarick Jeff Cherry Steve Hall Bob Sasso Doug Christy Jay Justis Walker Staerker Gary Deehan Tom Martin Hayward Simmons Tom Dodd Bill Mattice Jay Smith Mark Flennen Andy Mitchell Randy Wilkinson Tom Fogt John Phillips Sweetheart — Valerie Gray Jl » -. ' V- Members of Kappa Delta Eleanor Bailey Gail Bushart Meribeth Clinton Michelle Cooley Janie Davidson Ginny Elverson Para DeMora Jeannie Gott Karla Henson Kris Hoffenbacher Marian Lester Ann Mandis Mary Mehlinger Sally O ' Toole Cathy Piercy Diane Purviance Gloria Reid Laurie Rose Meg Sinclair Sue Widdowson Members of Pi Kappa Alpha: Laurin Aspinall Chris Granson Bill Pickering Dave Bell John Hess Les Pirtle Frank Chandler Greg Hill Denny Poling Dave Chinuge John Hawkins Jay Pyle Roger Cole Alan Ma jor Jay Reubert Terry Cummings John McKee Brian Ricci Carl D ' Agostino Albert Misan John Runner John Dyson Eddie Morris Jody Scott Ben Few Keith Nauman Dave Stout Mike Getz Gary Noesner Bill Taylor Sweetheart — Valli Hammer . ! :• " -- --- ..., ; Members of Pi Kappa Phi: John Burt Matt Herring John Milazzo Brad Caldwell Gary Hiler Ed Morgan Craig Caldwell Dick Horan Phil Sandhagen Bob Combs Duane Horan Jim Schwartz David Deam Bryan Lowe Barry Skitsko George Gall Tom McCloskey Bill Sundstrom Jay Gibson Mike McKi nley Larry Widmann Sweetheart — Cindy Smith - 1 fmm 1 ! 1 .. s.-, V • " -srwiC ■ " - ■■ -«A «-««J ?!?L Qj kj . Ha i Members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Sweetheart — Phyllis Graves te -i: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sisters: Patti Alexander Sharon Brooks Debbie Coggin Susie Cooper Rene Edwards Phyllis Graves Debbie Irvine Marian Lester Mary McTureous Marsha Swem JL A Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon: Randall Bott James Bozeman Jon Carissimi Charles Closshey Robert Dienst John Sailstad Thomas Smith Curtis Templeton Eric Thomas Lawrence Tripoli Mark Waters Victor Yingst Sweetheart — Donna Jewell T 1 Members of Sigma Chi: Mike Anspaugh Steve Keyser Spiros Bougiotiotis Hank Martel Doug Bowne Mike Nolen Pete Burhyte George Patterson Al Feldman Greg Pryor Bob CTeorges Joey Shoniker Dan Goss Russ Seltenright Tom Green John Whitehead Dave Johnson Sweetheart — Mar Davitt ZT V ■■ m V- f ' W Members of Tau Epsilon Phi: Don Cubberly Dennis Howe Ken Martone Joey Morrow Rob Sander Jeff Sanger Vic Troiano Sweethearts: Letty Cernuda Cindy Wagemann f? i Reggie Ardis Randy Hudson Lamar Battles Dave Johnson Tom Biery Phil King Bob Blackburn Larry Krewson BUI Bosserdet Marty Krupkin Mike Connolly Randy Langhenry BUI Creech Bob Lattig Mark Curran John Leftakis Ray Fischer! Stan Lutz Alan Fisk TyMatlack BUI Frauel Don Parsons Gary Hammond Steve Petrie MUce Henry Jeff Ramsland Ken Houk Joe Roberts Sweetheart — Sarah Sprague 4.- • .,♦■♦■ Laurie Anderson Becky Baird Shirley Bedenbaugh Mary Brown Alice Bryant Mom Chisholm Barb Evans Lianne Mayer Jackie McDaniel Mela Melton Sarah Sprague Cindy Templon Denise Ward Peggy Worthington Members of Phi Mu: Laurie Anderson Debbie Base Becca Bowdre Mary Brown Linda Chettle Penny Church Barbara Evans Carol Foote Bonnie Gatchell Charlotte Getzen Margaret Gray Charlotte Lippincott Jackie McDaniel Margaret McGahee Mela Melton Susan Pinto Nancy Ruppel Linda Russell Susan Shields Cheryl Smith Sarah Sprague Linda Torrey Denise Ward Nan White Carolyn Williams Peggy Worthington Sweethearts — Chris Gow Randv Hudson » -- " Members of Phi Sigma Kappa: Kim Clay Rick Heuser Mike Mullen Mike Cobb Jeff Kline Loring Perez Don Dunham Matt Masem Dave Spruill Bob East Mike McCord John Valerino Glenn Ellis Bill Meek Dennis Wood Glenn Hanley Thomas Miles Bill Yeager Sweetheart: Sue Widdowson • ♦ « Sports is a mirror of life, and a vital part of Florida Southern CHALLENGE Sportswise, it was a year of challenge and championship. School spirit soared and attendance at all sports events picked up. The FSC baseball team copped the NCAA championship trophy, and the spirit of success was transferred to the bas- ketball Mocs whose victorious season culminated in an NCAA tournament bid. Fraternities, sororities and independents vied for intra- mural victories which fed the spirit of competition. Indi- vi duals competed for a place on the team, and teams com- peted for first place in the leagues. Competition did funny things to people. It made coeds drop their ladylike mannerisms and get dirty so that their team could win. Fraternities and independents struggled against each other on the field and a simple intramural game became as im- portant as the world series. Spectators screamed for their team until they were hoarse. They couldn ' t have been more involved even if they were playing. At FSC, sports is a way of life for many. It ' s a healthy break from books that fosters the cooperation and competi- tion that are necessary in other areas of college life. The goalie trying to keep his position on the soccer team dives valiantly toward the offensive ball. Sometimes, he ' ll retrieve it and send it far down the field as the onlookers either breathe easily once again, or moan in dispair. Other times, he comes up with nothing but a faceful of dirt, a bloody nose and a feeling that he has let the entire team down. Sports is a mirror of life, and a vital part of Florida Sou- thern. As in life, sometimes we win, and sometimes we just get a kick in the face. But as long as we put forth an honest effort, winning or losing is immaterial. CHALLENGE (continued) :«K - ± _. At FSC, sports is a way CHALLENGE (continued) of life for many. It ' s a healthy break from books that fosters the cooperation and com- petition that are nec- essary in other areas of college life. MEN ' S INTRAMURAL BOARD Sitting l-r: Mike Laugher. Ken Houk, Bob Ewing, John Whitehead. Standing l-r: Jay Gibson. Joe Roberts. Dennis Visconti. Glenn Han- ley. Lance Jones, Mike McCord. Tom Fogt, Denny Poling. Larry Tripoli, Mark Stanley, Randy Martin. Varsity Soccer Team jur- ' i u . Above: Seated — (left to right) Rich Brelstord. Tom Smith, Bob Blackburn, John Byers, Jeff Author, Don Cubberly, John Finlay, Rick Leach, Bob Magnon, and Cliff George. Second Row — Reb Martin, John Stanton, Jeff Hoch, Dave Gwynn, John Hawkins, Dave Kelloway, John Dawsey — Captain, Otto Lesser, Frank Dennis, and Roger Cole. Back Row — Pat Oatley, Keith Nauman, Bob Scherer, Howard Foelsch, Charles Cartwright, Dan Shafer, Dennis Visconti, Randy Martin, Don Roveto, and George Mailly. Below: Coach James Bush. s!iJ «J • % % • •■! Soccer Mocs Seize Florida Conference — _ -. Varsity Basketball Team Above, left to right: Front row — Marvin Carr, Woody Clymer, Steve Utz, Gary Vaniderstine. Ken Vana. Second row — Alan Reed. Willie Williams, Jazz Jones, Mack Baker. Third row — Coach Jarrett. Simon Harper, James Gilchrist. Bob Smith, Gary Meyer, Frank Boyers. RIGHT: Assistant Coach Bobby Paschal and Head Coach Jim Jarrett. Florida Southern Crew First row — (seated from left to right): Bruce Ba rthmess, Charlcne Smith, Sarah Hanley. Jodie Orr, and Warren Grant. Second row — (kneeling): Clay Pilley. Walt Turner, John Cooper, Mark Flenner, Mike Sander, Paul Kurtz, Dana Barth, Alan Grossman, Jeff Thomp- son, and Rich Brelsford. Third row — (standing): Jeff Maliszewski, Bruce Graham, Bill Touchton, Lee Keller, John Stanton, Rick Stewart, Bob Garapic, Kevin McElhenny, and Larry Moss. Fourth row — Larry Burke, Bill Rau, Jeff Hoch, John Hennon, Sam Bettle, Bob Kleystueber, Jim Bryan, and Frank Tuck. Not Pictured: Coach Daniels. . Jf Southern Boasts Its 1971 NCAA Baseball Championship . • _• ■ : ■ .■ V ■ • 1972 Varsity Baseball Team j0j -m - h -?! .- . i... . Seated, from left — Bruce Frankum. Mike Groves, Rick Todaro, Tom Parrish, Jack Rhine. Randy Symonds. Mike Nolen, Jim Chapman. Kevin Bryant. Scott Lee. Bob Georges. Bill Dancy. Artie Gonzalez. Standing — Steve Nichols. Terry Smith. Tom Sims. Herb Groves, Dave Arnott. Chip Gierke. Mike Verdi. Tom Bowen, Steve Baumiller, Mike Cobb, Tom Exum, John Carroll. Reggie Ardis, Jay Smith. Below, from left — Head Coach Hal Smeltzly and Assistant Coach Charlie Anderson. iin::£ » — - i " Varsity Golf Team Left to Right: Jay Pyle. Andy Smith. Charlie Hayes, Eddie Morgan. Jerry MacDonald. Steve Owen. David Zink. Hal Sherran. Not Pictured: Coach Tom Greene. Varsity Tennis Team LefttoRight:Pat Closshey, PaulDuffett —Captain, Randy Martin, A rt Kite, Jeff Arthur, Roger Cole. I %m mm ■4 «S «V4 1 mm mm jtt«AA ' Soccer — Baseball Cheerleaders Above, l-r; Jodie Orr; Patti Alexander, Captain; Sue Cady; Jil King; Lisa Pirrello; Kim Bern- hard. Right: Virginia Chapman and Terri Rooks, alternates. Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders Seated: Pam Geiger, Co-Captain; Standing: Katy Hopper; Dianna Bellingham; Olivia Faulkner, Captain; Laurie Anderson, alternate; Beth Spyker; Susie Sullins; and not pictured, Betsy Keenan, alternate. Women ' s Varsity Tennis Team Women ' s Basketball Sport Team Women ' s Volleyball Sport Team Opposite Page, Top: (left to right) Meredith Wheeler, Gail Lanier. Sandi Thomas, Meg Sinclair, Donna Cochran, Martha Jo Deas, and Susie Sullins. Opposite Page, Bottom: (kneeling) Debra Hendee, Janet Lake, Joyce Smith, Gwen Henry, Kim Bern- hard, Marty Roettgen; (standing) Coach — Miss Mahoney, Managers Caroline Williams and Debbie Prentice, Janine Chas- tang, Sue Diamandis, Pam Bemko, Angela Harford, Lindsay Shepheard. This Page: (kneeling) Manager Gwen Henry, Caroline Williams, Gwen Stansbury, Pat Flanagan, Pat Pfif- fering, and Candi Trailer; (standing) Janet Lake, Marty Roettgen, Debbie Prentice, Suzanne Diamandis, Pam Bemko. Debbie Hen- dec, Joyce Smith, Debbie Schwabland. f ♦ ♦ f Intramural Ignites The Spirit • — i 1 T 1 % % ♦ ♦ ♦ . Of Competition And Desire To Win m Aw, Ref . . . You ' ve got to be kiddin ' ! t Jkim uT 1 x ' i ym » , ,a: ;s i . . . the basic philosophy and personality of the college remain unaltered. CONTINUUM A college is not a college if there are only buildings, books and lectures. Plays, concerts and research are a vital part of the learning process, but there can be no college if there are not students and administrators. Looking at the liberal, modern architecture, one would think that Florida Sout hern is a liberal school. Looking at some administrators and students, it would seem that this is not so. Nothing ever seems to change. Or does it? New things happen every day. Old rules are retired and new, more liberal ones take their place. Change seems slow and tedious; sometimes so minute that it is hard to see, but over the usual four year span of college, many changes take place. The change in the college can be compared to the change of the student who comes here as a lowly freshman. His personality takes such abrupt turns at first that his family hardly recognizes him as the same individual when he goes home for Thanksgiving. His dress, mannerisms and ideas have changed. Few people graduate from college the same person they were when they entered. Yet the person like the college, retains his basic person- ality. The student ' s philosophy has undergone some altera- tions, yet he still clings to some of his old ideas. He may be more outgoing, more introspective or more thoughtful, but he is still the same person. So it is with Florida Southern. The administration and col- lege policies have undergone change, but the basic person- ality of the college is the same. New techniques and discoveries are being uncovered in the Bio-research lab, but the researchers are still looking for what they set out to find; a cure for cancer. Plays are being performed in a new theatre and by different students, but they are plays that were written several years — and sometimes centuries — ago. Nudes are now shown in the art exhibits, as well as mod- ernistic paintings, but the student artists use many of the same techniques that were used in the past. Students come and go. The pattern is continued as under- classmen take up where the seniors left off. Faces change, classes change, but the process of education continues. Convocation features more controversial speakers and pre- sidential hopefuls, but the programs are still sometimes boring and roll is still taken. Coeds can wear slacks to class and the curfew is extended, but the rules are still strict. The college has undergone some personality changes, as have the students, administration and faculty, but the basic philosophy and personality of the college remain un- altered. CONTINUUM (continued) A college is not a college if there are only buildings, books and lectures. Plays, concerts, and research are a vital part of the learn- ing process. - CONTINUUM (continued) CONTINUUM (continued) There ' s a place in everyone ' s heart for Disney World. And many FSC students participated in the Opening. F ATFIF ' R ' 11 " FF¥ CITY OF LAKELAND FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE 50th ANNIVERSARY- PARTNERS IN PROGRESS FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE ' . -v v ii5 -57 ; !t: )iMwaeii ' M)t»» ' ' » • « ' r I .s. The 1972 Interlachen is dedicated to a profes- sor who has more energy than most students. His enthusiasm is apparent in the classroom; his spirit is shown at Southern basketball games; his sincerity is felt during conferences with individual students; his genuine interest in the school and a willingness to become in- volved are evident by his achievements. He will heartily enter a classroom asking everyone, " How ' s it going . . . And what happened on campus this weekend? " His drive is reinforced by a desire to see each student gain as much as possible from his years at Florida Southern College. He will do his best to make all stu- dents aware and encourage them to be active participants. For his incentives and devotion to students my awards for both spirit and achieve- ment go to . . . Mr. Charles C. Franklin Dr. Harry J. Heeb, HONORARY CHANCELLOR THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES J. F. Alexander Dr. R. L. Allen Sam A. Banks W.J. Barritt.Jr. Dr. Robert M. Blackburn Dr. P.M. Boyd Honorable Farris Bryant Harold Carpenter Dr. J.H.Daniel SamT. Dell. Jr. Rev. Edward L. Dinkins Dr. George A. Foster J. R. Graves Mrs. Bruce Gray Rev. Charles P. Hamilton Dr. A. A. Hedburg Bishop James W. Henlev O. P. Hewitt Dr. R. C. Holmes Charles H. Jenkins Rev. Patrick W. McBride. Jr. Russell McCaughan Ernest C. McClurg (Treas. 1 Dwight E. McCormick Mrs. Kent McKinley Honorable William A. Meadows, Jr. Fred Millsaps (ViceChm.) Dr. Richard V. Moore Bishop E.J. Pendergrass Cushman S. Radebaugh J. Carlisle Rogers (Chm. ) Rev. James C. Rowan Dr. MyrlL. Spivey(Sec.) Mrs. David R. Thurman Lanier Upshaw Mrs. Allen Watson Mrs. Ruth S. Wedgworth Honorable James H. Williams Herbert E. Wolfe Walter W. Woolfolk Dr. G. Floyd Zimmerman Student Government President: David K. Twigg Administration David L. Readdick, Vice President; Business Manager Carol M. Esau, Registrar: Director of Admissions Walter Y. Murphy, Dean of Students; Director Student Financial Aid Mead F. Rogers, Assistant to the President for Development Louise Oween Sumner, Librarian ■ rmi-imiLf " " " " fMlflV O. B. Fanning, Director of News Bureau J. Howard Carlson, Director of Finance Thomas H. Greene, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Mack Gieger, Assistant Dean of Students Francis Luce, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs Jack C. Phillips, Associate Director of Development Janet D. Scott, Business Affiars Max J. Selig, Coordinator of Studies Abroad Program Brandon L. Thurston, Religion, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs V i- Carter S. Roberts, Maintenance Supervisor Frank P. Szabo, Assistant Dean of Students — Men William Paul Wille, College Photographer Natural Sciences Margaret Lois Gilbert, Biology — Ph.D. Charles F. Eickenberg, Biology — M.S. Thomas B. Mack, Citrus — M.Ed. George G. Robinson, Physics — M.S. Norman Wuertz. Mathematics — M.Ed. James H. Stamper, Physics — Ph.D. c i 1 ,1 m i 1 ■ ft 1 1 Hj Hi| Q I j 1 ■ 1 John R. Tripp, Biology — Ph.D. Robert Rowley, Mathematics — M.S. Humanities Downing Bamitz. Art — M.F.A. Carlos M. Calonge, Spanish — M.Ed. ■♦ : . J» » Rita Fandrich, Music — MM. John W. Cook, Religion —Th.D. r » 4 Glenn J. James, English — M.A. Juliane Jordan, German — A.B. John R. Reuter, English — M.A. Frances Roberts, French Spanish — M.A. Emest L. Snodgrass, English — Ph.D. Melvin E. Wooton, Jr., Drama — M.A. E. Allyn Thompson, Speech Drama MA _ — .t , Social Sciences Marian F. Calway, Education — Ph.D. Emory S. Akerman, GovemraentlHistory — J.D. Weldon S. Crowley, History — Ph.D. Baton S. Doak.lndustrial Arts Education — Ed.S. Merle F. Dimbath, Economics — Ph.D. Thomas H. Greene, Physical Education — M.S. James S. Jarrett, Jr., Physical Education — M.A. Samuel Luce, Physical Education — M.S. Kathleen Mahoney, Physical Education — M.S. I Betty Mason, Education — M.Ed. Major Willard Marlow, Military Science — B.A. ' ' - — «»»■ Major William K. Moore. Military Science — B.I.M. William G. Vogel, Business — M.S. Judge Watson, History — Ph.D. SENIORS Senior Class Officers John Metcalfe, President; Jil King, Secretary-Treasurer; Albert Misan, Vice President Ella Mae Adams Jacquelyn Airey Paula Alexander Lucinda Anderson Michael Anspaugh Reginald Ardis Steven Babbitt Janet Bacon Jayne Baker William Barnes Amy Barnette Darryl Barnum John Beasley Shirley Bedenbaugh Pamela Beede Donald Benn John Bennett Peter Berry David Bertelli Thomas Biery Frederick Blanchard Cheryl Blanchette John Boland Patricia Boland Linda Boon Janet Borchers Spiros Bougiatiotis Deborah Bowen Christine Bowne Douglas Bowne Wilson Bozeman Richard Brelsford Edward Brown Ernest Brown Philip Buckle Robert Bugnand Peter Burhyte Ingrid Burton William Byron Craig Caldwell Bernardo Calonge Lazaro Cardenas Rodney Carr Jonathan Carreker John Carroll Walter Case Mary Kay Cermak John Chandler David Chastain Richard Chastang Susan Chewning Penny Church June Coleman Robert Coleman Hildegarde Cook Suzanne Cooper Edward Corvi Cathy Cowherd Patricia Cox Sandra Crews Donald Cubberley Terry Cummings Carl Dagostino Jane Davidson Mary Davitt Suzanne Dawsey Gary Deehan Deborah Denson Marcia Devan Janet Driggs Rebecca Driskell Carol Duncan Jonathan Dyson John Eachus Karen Edinger Virginia Elverson Barbara Evans Warren Evans Glenn Faulkner Olivia Faulkner Janice Fett Thomas Field Raymond Fischer Alan Fisk George Gall Robin Galloway Bonnie Gatchell Norman Germond Michael Getz William Glover Richard Goddard Robert Goddard Ann Godsall Richard Goldworm Dfmiel Goss Jean Gott Robert Gow Christopher Granson Phyllis Graves Thomas Greene Michael Groves Eric Hallfors Gary Hammond Marvin Hanley k ' ' " ' ■ ] Simon Harper Mary Harris George Hartzog Richard Heaston Jack Heckman Nancy Hedburg Michael Henry Matthew Hering Jacqueline Hess Joshua High Carolee Hoch Lucy Hockin Reggie Hockin Mark Hodges Bonnie Holland Kathleen Hopper Marie Howell Diane Howie Philip Hughes Jean Hull Warren Hunnicutt Mary Hunt Candace Hurst Catherine Hustin Hardy Hutchison Nancy Ireland Dorothy Ivey Dawn Jeffries Elaine Johnson Verna Johnson Atlas Jones James Jones Janis Jones Stephanie Jones Justa Justis Kris Kalbfleisch Donald Kaminski Stephen Keyser William Kilduff Jacqueline King Jeffrey Kline Lawrence Krewson Martin Krupkin Ronald Lane Robert Lattig John Leftakis Marin Lester Richard Literaty Barbar Love Edmund Magill Penelope Magill Melissa Marsh Henry M artel Morris Mason David Matthews William Mattice Lianne Mayer Michelle McConnell Gary McDaniel Jacqueline McDaniel Jahn McKee John Meek Mary Mehlinger Melody Melton ' r . ' ■ Rosemary Merkel 7 i John Metcalfe Karen Michelsen lohn Milazzo t?,! liL Viki Mills Albert Misan Raymond Mittan Linda Mooney Jose Morales Edwin Morgan William Moseley Margaret Moye Diane Mundhenk Mary Myhre Tilda Nance Gary Noesner Gregory Norris Eddie Parker Deborah Parrish Donald Parsons Ann Patterson Scott Patton V%: i Joy Porter Robert Powhatan Deborah Prentice Gregory Pryor Geoffrey Renshaw Fredrica Replogle , ;;lt»i Jay Reubert Jerry Reynolds Ellen Riley Sherry Robbins Judith Robinson Rebecca Robinson Alice Roche Sara Rodden berry Richard Rogers Sandra Rothenberg David Rouse Virginia Ruckman John Runner Patty Salisbury Linda Sapp Robert Sasso Emily Saunders Robin Schmidt James Schwartz Lila Seigler Russell Seltenright Lindsay Shepheard Susan Shields Joseph Shoniker Mary Siler Robert Sizemore Barry Skitsko Cynthia Smith Emily Smith John Smither Rhonda Sovacool Dorothy Spivey Sarah Spraque David Spruill Lynn Stadtman Walker Staerker 233 Mark Stanley Gwendolyn Stansbury William Stephens Allison Stewart John Story Lenore Studd Norma Sumner Wallace Tackett William Taylor Lucy Terry Charles Thigpen Zona Thomas iiii4 I kUi J [. i i ' m I r Susan Voss Ronald Waldron Lawrence Walker Priscilla Walker Junior Class Officers Mike Connolly, President; Patti Hay, Secretary-Treasurer; Pam Ficken, Vice President James Adair Drew Adams Colette Addair Suzanne Addy Patricia Alexander Jesse Anderson Sandra Anderson Jane Andrews Fredrick Anon Lee Argus Laurin Aspinall George Austin Eleanore Baily Mack Baker Lee Banks Theresa Barnes Gary Barron Lamar Battles Linda Becker Dave Bell Dorothy Bender Samuel Bettle John Bird Gail Black " ! Julie Bonds Randall Bott Penni Bowen Thomas Bowen Susan Boyce Pat Bozeman Willa Bradford Janet Brandon Johnna Brown Ellen Bryan Kevin Bryant Daryl Buck Mary Jane Buckholz Joel Bulthaus Amy Burton Gail Bushart Barbara Buztrey Bob Blackburn Susan Cady Jon Carissimi Marvin Carnley Pat Case Leticia Cemuda Thomas Chaney Esther Chapman Jim Chapman Andrea Chastang John Cherry Kermit Clay Peggy Clem Charles Closshey Judith Coleman Irma Coleman Randal Coleman Debbie Collins Robert Combs Micheal Connolly Cynthia Cook Nancy Cook Laurence Cope Eddie Corrigan Whit Courtney Peter CuUen Jill Cunningham Ellen Cyr William Dancy Connie Davenport John Dawsey t Deborah Dawsey Janet Dean Martha Jo Deas Mary Decker Kathi De Jonge LuisDelerma Frank Dennis Micheal Dervos Gordon Dietz Thomas Dodds Mark Drastal Bob Driggers Kathleen Dring Stan Dromey f Paul Duffett Debra Duperow Virginia Dye Shirley Eaddy Donna Eddy Maurine Edwards Karl Engelmann Charles Evans Tom Exum Al Feldman Marshall Fennell Pam Ficken Ginny Figart Mark Flenner Stevie Folio Patricia Fouts Nancy Foster Bruce Frankum L Tida Freas Carol Fulton Margaret Gray Marion Grimes Delia Hagemeyer Steve Hall Valli Hammer Judy Harker Marshall Hartley Connie Hartsock John Hawkins Patti Hay Susan Hayes Mary Lou Hely Debra Hendee John Hennon Kim Hepburn John Higginbotham Duffy Hill Sue Hill Christine Hoermann Steve HoUister Penny Hopkins Johanna Horan Ken Houk Barb Houts Dennis Howe KiKi Huber Darcy Hunt Todd Hynd Chuck lacuzzo Allen Irvine Carolyn Jackson . Jim Jackson Robin Jemison David Johnson Douglas Johnson Phil Johnson Gayle Jones Jean Joyner Susan Keith Spencer Keller Susan Kunnemann Darrel Lake Janet Lake Alec Liem Mildred Linnenbank Marcia Lithgrow Georgia Little Paul Longgrear Stan Lutz Gordon Maccalla George Mailly Ann M and is Deanne Mandat Reb Martin Janet Martin Ken Martone Nicholas Matchica Ty Matlack E.J. McGuiness John McKenna Ramnoa McGilvary Nancy McCall Leslie McCleary Tom McCloskey Albert McCullough Marilynn Meridith Barry Merritt Blyth Merritt Delwin Milligan Kenn Mills George Monk Sarah Moore Regie Moore Vickie Mosher Joey Morrow Scott Morton Charles Morris Eddie Morris Rick Morgan Sallie Murphy Jan Musgrove James Mullen Terrie Myer Bob Nash Keith Naumann Frank Newell Jay Nichols Mike Nolan Sylvia Nonnemacher Pat Oatley William Oister William Olen Sally Otoole Brenda Owens AI Pace Julie Parker George Patterson Sandra Paul Robert Paullin Jan Peabody Dick Pearce Bill Percy Loring Perez Angie Perry Lynn Peterson Bill Peterson Bill Pickering Cathy Piercy Tricia Pinks Lee Plaza Arthur Pollard Clare Portlock Lynn Powell Sally Pressinger Sharon Price Mary Pruitt Karen Przychodniecz Dianne Purviance Pat Scheb Renata Schemmer LuLu Schlegel Cvnthia Scheuerman Sisi Schriber Frances Schroter JeffSchuler Sharon Shafer Pam Shankowitz Rosie Short Barbara Simpson Tom Sims Joyce Smith Logan Smith Ina Marie Spencer Jere Stambaugh John Stanton Jo Anne Steely Sherry Strickland Sally Strohl Debbie Strong Fritz Swartz Marsha Swem Bill Swindler Charles Symonds Curt Templeton Linda Tew larianne Thomas Don Thompson James Thompkins Linda Torrey Larry Tripoli Vic Troiano Frank Tuck Peter Van Iderstine Sarah Van Winkle Ken Vana Beverly Vaughan Glen Vause Tom Veel Ariel Vierra Danny Vines Cindy Wagemann Mark Waters EvelvTi Watts Greg Weekes James Weekley Peggy West Teresa Whetsel Nan White David Wickham Emily Wilkinson Ann Williams Caroline Williams Gary Williams Mildred Williams Bill Williams Diane Willis Bea Wilson Barb Wilson Linda Wilson Douglas Wilt Don Wolf Dennis Wood Candice Wright Cindv Wright Bill Yates Diana Youmans George Zissimopolus Jodv Scott Jay Smith Beth Spyker V- ' ' - ' ! 5y|| SOPHdMORES Sophomore Class Officers Judy Cooke, Vice President; Molly Carter, Secretary-Treasurer; Doug Christy, President Sue Adrianson Mary Algire Alice Amason Brenda Anderson Gail Anderson Laurie Anderson Susan Anderson Irene Arfaras Alice Arledge Nina Ault Roslyn Baisden j,; Debbie Base Ay Miriam Baum Steve Baumiller Robert Berger « Deborah Beggs iti Joanne Bergman Pat Bemko Barbara Bixler Pamela Blackmer Rhonda Blenis Margie Blair Bill Rosserdet Beverly Bosworth Becca Bowdre Patricia Brandon Nancy Brauer Deborah Braund Steve Bready Clara Brodie Brenda Brooks Dotty Bruner Andrew Bryant Bonita Bryan Robin Bund Robert Burgess Larry Burke Lvnda Burks Lee Burley Bill Burnett Altheia Butler Brad Caldwell Charlene Campbell Steve Carman Molly Carter Alvin Catlett Jim Chapman Linda Chettle Dave Chinuge Doug Christy Jan Chugerman Betty Cigrand Larry Clark Gloria Clegg Meribeth Clinton Micheal Cobb Debbie Coggin Cheryl Coil Roger Cole Martha Collins Judy Cooke Michelle Cooley Lorraine Coords Bill Cork i Robert East Barbara Eckberg Elaine Edington Tait Edmonson Carolyn Eickenberg Mark Elridge Faramarz Elghanayan Thomas Ellsworth Robert Ewing Chip Few Raymond Fernald Deborah Flint Patsy Flowers Howard Foelsch Larry Fogleman Tom Fogt Beverly Fouts Wesley France Carlos Franceschi William Fravel Ruth Frey Susan Futch Elizabeth Gardner James Garner Pete Hansen Jo Ann Harris Marjorie Hart Martha Hartley Patty Hayden Mary Henderson Harry Hendry Karla Henson John Hess Vallery Hibbs Denise Hightower Garv Hiler Greg Hill JeffHoch Kris Hoffenbacher Timothy Hoffman Sara Holbrook Pam Hood John Horan Richard Horan Randy Hudson Jennifer Hurd Mary Irwin Debbie Irvine Kathy Jackson William Jeram Donna Jewell Dave Johnson Linda Johnson Glenn Jones Debra Jones Lance Jones Kathy Karmazin David Kellaway Cynthia Kemme Susan Kidd Joanne King Marsha Kirkland Connie Kline Barb Kolb Georgia Kraft Karen Krieger Paul Kurtz Bob Lamb Linda Larsen Burton Langhenry Beverly Langner Glenn Ellis ■% »:..♦ Gary Lange Richard Leach Wendy Lehman Karen Lesnett Rebecca Linton Charlotte Lippincott Sharon Lipsey Cynthia London Bryan Lowe John Luce Kevin Lufkin Darlene Lund William Lutz Satia Lyon Maureen MacGeorge Greg MacKay Gerald MacDonald Alan Major Kay Mario w Edward Martin Thomas Martin Matthew Masem Micheal McCord Margaret McGahee Dana Robinson Leslie McGehee Mary McTureous Micheal McKinley Thomas Miles Martha Miley Martha Meredith George Moon Awad Murabta Linda Murphy Lee Murphy Lynn Murphy Roddy Musselman Patricia Mussnug Maureen Nations Leslie Nichols Karan Nettles Robert Norman Lori Palmer Karen Pearce Richard Peaslee Carol Perry Steve Petrie Patricia Pfifferling Dianne Phillips Sue Pinto Denny Poling Roberta Porter Nancv Preston Kathleen Puchhas Joel Pyle Micheal Ransom Sarah Ream Gloria Reid Richard Remington John Restaino David Reuscher Brian Ricci Karen Roberts Robin Robinson Donald Rogers Phil Sandhagen Flo Sapp Martha Saulsbury Louise Saunders Susan Schneider Donald Schell Monika Schenkling Laurie Schneider Pam Schuiz Debi Seegmiller Carl Schafer Thomas Shaw Maiy Shea Harold Sherman Rebecca Sherry John Shinkoff Gayl Silver Havward Simmons Meg Sinclair leg: Lucy Smith Alta Smith Charlene Smith Janet Smith Jim Smith Randall Smith Thomas Smith Margarita Snyder Kenneth Sonne David Spak Kathy Street Jean Stevenson Ann Stoney Dave Stout Jane Stroker Susie SuUins Sajly Sun Bill Sundstrom Jane Sunter Gary Tepperwien Cynthia Templon Eric Thomas Howard Tiano Richard Todaro Mary Tompkins Janet Towles Leon Triest Carl Troino Marian Turner James Tynan Richard Valerino Maria Velazquez Mike Verdi Donna Vincent Dennis Visconti Penni Wade Sarah Wallis Miriam Walwrath Patricia Wanless Denise Ward Robert War ren Paul Watkins Debra Watts Steve Weinrich Amelia Welles Kathy Whitaker Becky Whitaker Sue Widdowson John Widenmeyer Dianne Wilkinson Carolyn Williams Catherine Willis Lida Witte Patty Wood Peggy Worthington Llenray Yarnell William Yeager Anne Yeoman Marion Yeomans Victor Yingst Alvin Catlett Joan Gast Wendy Lehman n Freshman Class Officers Melinda Martin, Secretary-Treasurer; Barbara Berg, Vice President; John Finlay, President Veronica Ackerman Geraldine Algeyer James Allen Rose Allen Dan Anderson William Anderson Sheryl Andrews Allison Anspach Jeffrey Arthur Rebecca Baird Sandra Banks Joseph Barnes Jerome Barnhart Thomas Barrineau Kenneth Barrow Dana Barth James Barth William Bartholf Bruce Bartmess Elizabeth Bellamy Dianna Bellingham Pamela Bemko Barbara Berg Kim Bernhard Esther Bethel Sonya Beugnet liobert Bigham Barbara Blount Robert Boggs Ann Bond Christine Bonsignore Cynthia Boring Roger Bott Barbara Bowman Frank Boyers Susan Branson Walter Brennan Donald Bridges Barbara Brooks Lori Broten Linda Brown Richard Brown Wayne Brown Charles Browning Claudia Bruce James Bryan Janet Buckner Timothy Bueter John Burbage Elizabeth Burkhard Gary Burnette Sandra Burton John Byers Robert Caldwell Randall Callaway Marie Carle varo Nancy Carlson Charles Carlton Virginia Carmona Carolyn Carpenter Elizabeth Carr Shelley Carter Charles Cartwright Margaret Gary Jane Caudle Daniel Caverly Darlene Chadwick Cleo Chambers Virginia Chapman Janine Chastang Michael Chawk Kate Christensen Elizabeth Cose Michael Cobia Sally Cobia Donna Cochran John Coker Kevin Colcord Karin Coleman Tony Coleman Robert CoUett Lynette Collins Victoria Colvin Wanda Connor m. .:■•-•- ' " i Lois Davies Cynthia Davis Gary DeBenian MelindaDelk Thomas Dennis Robert DeYoung Suzanne Diamandis Kimball Dibble Pamela Dillon Linda Dilworth Bette Dodd Nancy Dodds George Dorsett Robert Drake William Duke Marianne Eastbum Inez Ebba MaryLou Eckart Raymond Edwards Abdulla El Bardri Mary Elortegui Paul Engelstad Cynthia Ervin Edward Eyerman 265 ?♦ 4 , Margaret Folio Barbara Foote Linda Forsythe Nancy Frey Laura Frost Donald Furlong June Furman Stephen Ganong Robert Garapic Edward Garza Stephen Gauntt Susan Gehringer Lawrence George Christopher Gibson John Gordon Warren Grant Margaret Grimes Alan Grossman Herbert Grove Cindy Grundy Michelle Hackley Cynthia Haddad Carter Hai: Pamela Handel Steven Hanks Frank Hanraets Andrea Harford Deborah Harmening Deborah Harter Eric Harvester John Henderson Dennis Hendrickson Gwen Henry Timothy Hodges Christine Hoffman Robert Holden Kathleen Holland Laura Howard Jean Huffer Jane Hughart James Hughes Vivian Hynson Mary Ingram Kathleen Ireland Alicia Jankiewicz Cheryl Jenkins Dolores Jessup Ellen Jones Susan Jones Timothy Jones Ronald Johnson Scott Johnson Barbara Jourdain Cynthia Kalt Susan Karaman Randall Kampert Betsy Keenen Robert Kelly V Kendall Kessinger Bruce Kiernan James King Philip King Bruce Kitson iiiil Luanne Klecka Kirstine Klein Barbara Knollman Melissa Knox Mark Krause Donna Kurdock Edith Lanier Kathleen Leary Karl Lee Scott Lee Janet Leis Edward Lekan Marsha Leonard Caroline Lithgow Martha Lonon Nadine Lyn Dana Macher Donald Mackay Robin Maibach Robert Mangan Mitchell Manting Melinda Martin Michael Martin Debra Maxwell Alison McCann Kathleen McCord Timothy McDonald Kathleen McKay Gail McKnight Toni McNulty r • • • « L » f t Susan Murray Kiyoshi Nakamura Joseph Nannarello James Neely Karen Nelson Steven Nichols Marcali Norris Denise Obenauer Michael Paul Barbara Pearsall Kenneth Pepper Elizabeth Perl Clay Pilley Lisa Pirrello David Poling Edith Polk Jeanne Porter Diane Porter Melissa Powers Margaret Poyner Charles Price James Price Judy Prine Deborah Raby Marylou Rader Arthur Rau Alan Reed Jacqueline Reese James Reeves Randy Reinoehl Deborah Rivers Robin Rivers Joan Reydel Philip Rizzo Jerry Roberts Susan Roberts Thomas Roberts Mary Robinette Rebecca Robinson Bruce Rogers Phillip Rogers Ellen Rohde Eugene Rolston Paula Humerick Terry Rooks Diane Ross Barbara Rossman Donald Roveto Douglas Ruppel Michael Sander Sarah Saraduke Donna Savonarola Dennis Schaibly Donna Schley Beverly Schlitzkus Edana Schmidt Willi School fj Sheryl Schooley Deborah Schultz Deborah Schwabland Tracey Seddon Phyllis Selim Jan Severtson Russell Sewell Lyle Shirreffs Lynn Shirreffs Marcia Shuey Deborah Silberman Jeffery Sills David Simmons Ruthanne Skinner William Smallwood Andrew Smith Donald Smith Kenneth Smith Robert Smith Susan Smith Terrv Smith Dennis Sneden Gary Spencer Jerry Spencer Wanda Spires George Sprague James Stacy Albert Stewart Dennis St. John Cameron Stoudemire Tracy Strickland Randon Stroup Lana Susnar Lisa Susnar Martha Swartsel Michael Taugher Russell Thacker Lindsay Thomas Sandi Thomas Pamela Thurlow Evan Tompkins Vernon Tonnesen Cindi Townsley Judith Trafton Candis Trailer Priscilla Travis Jean Turner Walter Turner Glenn Utz Gary Valvo Linda Vanausdal Frank Verdi William Wakeman Nancy Walker Elizabeth Ward John Warren Lee Webb Arthur Weber Carol West Donald Westman Meredith Wheeler Marsha Whitley Martha Whitley Senior Directory Adams, Ella Mae, Winter Haven, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. Airey, Jacquelyn S., St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Religion; M.S.M., Sigma Rho Epsilon, Sigma Sigma Sigma — President. Bowne, Christine, Miami, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Bozeman, Wilson S., Dunedan, Florida; B.A. Government; M.S.G.A. — President, S.G.A., S.U.B., Dean ' s List, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, National Student Register, Alexander, Paula, Brandon, Florida; B.A. Journalism; Cap and Gown, S.U.B., S.G.A., Miss Molly, Orientation Aid, Alpha Omicron Pi, Southern, Pi Delta Epsilon. Anderson, Cindy, Monticello, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Greek Hall of Fame, FEA — President, Alpha Delta Pi. Anderson, Susan C, Safety Harbor, Florida; B.A. Music Education; M.S.M., Sigma Rho Epsilon, Concert Choir, Concert Band, Concert Hand- bell Choir, Chapel Choir. Anspaugh, Mike, Wawaka, Indiana; B.S. Elementary Education; Baseball, Sigma Chi. Bacon, Janet F., North Palm Beach, Florida; B.A. History; Alpha Psi Omega, Vagabonds, Sigma Sigma Sigma, History Club, Miss MoUy. Baker, Jayne D., Statesboro, Georgia; B.A. EngUsh Psychology; S.G.A., Alpha Eta, Cap and Gown, Zeta Tau Alpha. Baldwin, Dennis, Belle Glade, Florida; B.A. Religion. Barnes, William H„ Titusville, Florida; B.A. Drama; Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega, Concert Choir. Barnes, William T., II, Orlando, Florida; B.S. Business. Bamette, Amy J., Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi — President, ROTC Sponsor, Little Sisters of Pi Kappa Phi, Concert Choir. Brelsford, Richard, Mt. Dora, Florida; B.A. Spanish; Soccer, A. U.S. A., R.O.T.C, Dorm Advisor. Brown, Bud, Siminole, Florida; B.S. Personnel Management; A.S.P.A., Baseball. Brown, Chris, Knoxville. Tennessee; B.A. Speech and Drama. Brown, Edward J., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Biology; Circle K Kiwanis — President, American Chemistry Society, Beta Beta Beta, Symphonic Orchestra. Buckle, Philip, Bradenton, Florida; B.S. Biology; M.S.M., Beta Beta Beta, Concert Choir. Bugnand, Robert H., Caldwell, New Jersey; B.A. Social Sciences; Vaga- bonds, Alpha Psi Omega — President, M.S.G.A., Concert Band, Concert Choir. Burhyte, Peter, Fayettevillc, New York; B.S. Business Management; Ad- vanced R.O.T.C, Sigma Chi, Sweetheart of Alpha Delta Pi. Burton, Ingrid C, Sanf ord, Florida; B.A. Spanish; A.W.S. — Judicial Board, S.G.A., S.U.B., Alpha Eta — President, Cap and Gown — President, F.S.C. Black Society, Spanish Society, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Caldwell, Craig, Decatur, Illinois; B.S. Fine Art; Pi Kappa Phi, Huston Arts Award. Calonge, Bernardo, Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Spanish; Theta Chi, Spanish Club, International Club, Year Abroad Program. Barnum, Darryl F., Utica, New York; B.S. Mathematics; Math Club, JV Baseball, Dean ' s List. Beasley, John, Winter Park, Florida; B.S. Physical Education; Baseball. Bedenbaugh, Shirley E., Deland, Florida; B.S. French; Zeta Tau Alpha, Concert Choir, Alpha Mu Sigma, Order of Diana. Beede, Pam, Winter Park, Florida; A.B. Art; Delta Zeta, Junior Advisor, Penhellenic Council. Bennett, John P., Melbourne, Florida; B.S. Business; Political Union, Intra- murals. Concert Band. Berry, Peter, Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Education; Advanced R.O.T.C. Blanchard, Frederick, Tampa, Florida; B.A. History; History Club, Political Union. Blanchette, Cherie, Naples, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Pledge Class Sweetheart for Sigma Chi. Blanton, J. T., Jr., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Financial Management. Boland, Jay, Glen Ridge, New Jersey; B.A. English. Boland, Patricia, Falls Church, Virginia; B.S. Elementary Education; Delta Zeta. Boon, Linda, Webster Groves, Missouri; B.S. Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. Borchers, Janet L. Spring Valley, New York; B.S. Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Rho Epsilon, M.S.M. Bowen, Deborah M., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. 278 Cardenas, Lazaro, Weslaco, Texas; B.A. Spanish. Carreter, Jon, Winter Garden, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Math Club. Case, Walter C, Lakeland, Florida; B.A. Government. Cermak, Mary K. Boca Raton, Florida; B.S. Business Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Phi Chi Theta, Dean ' s List. Chandler, Frank, Greenville, South Carolina; B.S. Business Management; Pi Kappa Alpha, S.G.A., President of Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Class, M.S.G.A., Omicron Delta Kappa, Tennis, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Chastain, David L., Jr., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Biology. Chastang, Richard, Orlando, Florida; B.A. History; Intramural Cross- country. Chewning, Susan, Key Biscayne, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta — President, Junior Advisor. Church, Penny, Sarasota, Florida; B.A. Journalism; Pi Delta Epsilon, Phi Mu, Southern, Chapel Choir. CiarduUo, Kathie, Larchmont, New York; B.S. Elementary Education. Clark, Brenda S., Port Byron, New York; B.S. Elementary Education. Coleman, June V., Mt. Dora, Florida; B.S. Biology; A.W.S., Junior Advisor, A.C.S., Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Gamma Delta, M.S.M., German Club. Cook, Hildegarde M., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Cooper, Suzanne B., Arlington, Virginia; B.A. English; Alpha Delta Pi, Sigma Chi Sweetheart, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister. FOR THE BEST IN BANKING PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND Main at Missouri Banking services available to Florida Southern College students: Checking Accounts Saving Accounts Travelers Checks Member FDIC Corvi, Edward I., Arlington, Virginia; B.S. Mathematics; Math Club, Beta Beta Beta, Circle K, Dean ' s List. Corvin, Bruce, Oneonta, Alabama; B.S. Mathematics. Cowherd, Cathy S., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Biology; A.W.S. —Presi- dent, S.U.B. — President. Senate, Greek Hall of Fame, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Judicial Board, Zeta Tau Alpha, Junior Advisor. Cox, Patricia L., Winter Haven, Florida; F.S. Elementary Education; S.U.B., Harvard Hall Council — President. Faulkner, Olivia, CampbeUsville, Kentucky; B.S. Accounting; Interlachen — Editor, Cheerleader, Alpha Delta Pi, Freshman Class — Vice President, S.G.A., R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Cap and Gown, Pi Delta Epsilon, Miss Inter- lachen FinaUst, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Greek Hall of Fame. Fett, Janice M., Tucker, Georgia; B.A. Drama; Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega — President, Alpha Delta Pi. Fischer, Raymond H., Fairborn, Ohio; B.A. Speech and Drama; Vagabonds — President, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Psi Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Concert Choir. Cubbison, Bonnie Holland, Mahwah, New Jersey; B.S. Elementary Educa tion; Phi Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, S.U.B., Women ' s Athletic Association. Fisk, Alan C, Sebring, Florida; B.S. Accounting; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi. Cubberley, Donald H., Springfield, New Jersey; B.S. Business Management; Tau Epsilon Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, Varsity Soccer. Cummings, Terry, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.A. History; Pi Kappa Alpha. Davidson, Janie, Mansfield, Ohio; A.B. Speech and Drama; Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega, Kappa Delta, Social Standards. Davitt, Mary E., Pompano Beach, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Interlachen, Social Standards, Sigma Chi Sweetheart, Theta Chi Beta, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Dawsey, Suzanne, Piracicaba, Brazil; B.A. Art; M.S.M. — President, Zeta Tau Alpha. Deehan, Gary R., Montclair, New Jersey; B.S. Business Management; Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi. Denson, Deborah, Riverdale, Georgia; B.S. Math; Alpha Gamma Delta, Baptist Student Union, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Alpha Eta, Math Club. DeVan, Marcia S., Decatur, Georgia; B.S. Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. Donovan, Michael T., Tampa, Florida; B.S. Business Management. Driggs, Janet, Cape Coral, Florida; B.A. Music Education; Delta Omicron, American Guild of Organists — President, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Concert Band, Handbell Choir. Driskell, Rebecca N., Ft. Meade, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Dryden, Norbert M., Orlando, Florida; B.A. Psychology. Duncan, Carol D., Tampa, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, History Club. Durkin, Barbara C, Sao Paulo, Brazil; B.A. Speech and Drama; A.W.S., Greek Council, Panhellenic Council, Concert Choir, Vagabonds, Alpha Delta Pi, Dean ' s List, Theta Chi Sweetheart, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Dyson, Jonathan M., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; B.A. Psychology; Pi Kappa Alpha, Dean ' s List. Eachus, John W., Brandon, Florida; B.S. Psychology. Edinger, Karen L., Miami Springs, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Alpha Gamma Delta, Phi Chi Theta — President, American Society for Personnel Administration — President. Egger, Robert E., Davenport, Florida; B.A. Speech and Drama; S.G.A., Senior Class — Vice President, Phi Kappa Alpha. Elverson, Virginia L., Houston, Texas; B.A. Spanish; Kappa Delta, Spanish Club, Sailing Club, Scuba Diving Club. Evans, Barbara, Opa-locka, Florida; B.A. Religion; Phi Mu, Greek Female Senator, Sophomore Class — Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Class — Vice President, Who ' s Who in Greek Sororities and Fraternities, Greek Goddess Finalist. S.U.B., Order of Diana. Faulkner, Glenn C, Bal Harbor, Florida; B.S. Economics; Delta Sigma Pi, Intramurals, Economics Assistant, Southern. Foote, Carol A., Marion, Virginia; B.S. Psychology; Phi Mu, Math Club. Ford, Frances W., Hopewell, Virginia; B.A. Spanish; Hall Council. Forrest, Ralph A., Lakeland, Florida; B.A. Math. Fout, Charles, Winter Park, Florida; B.S. Accounting. Franz, Rod, St. Petersburg, Florida; B.A. Sociology; M.S.G.A., Y.O.U. Tu- torial Program. Futch, James, Jr., Dade City, Florida; B.A. History. Gall, George D., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Math; Pi Kappa Phi. Galloway, Jill, Brandon, Florida; B.A. Music Education; Delta Omicron, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Concert Choir, Concert Band, A.W.S., Dean ' s List. Gatchell, Bonnie, Merritt Island, Florida; B.A. Math; Phi Mu, Math Club, German Club, Chapel Choir. Getsinger, Kearse, Ridgeland, South Carolina; B.S. Financial Management; Cum Laude Graduate. Getz, Michael T., Ft. Lauderdale; B.A. Speech; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vagabonds, Pi Kappa Alpha, Varsity Crew. Glover, William J., Mt. Reading, Massachusetts; B.S. Business Management; Delta Sigma Pi Goddard, Richard G., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Administration. Goddard, Robert A., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Dean ' s List. Godsall, Ann E., Pompano Beach, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, S.U.B., S.G.A. Goldworm, Richard A., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Chemistry; American Chemistry Society President, Society of Physics. Goss, Daniel, Naples, Florida; B.S. Industrial Management; Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta Sweetheart, Advanced R.O.T.C, Greek Council. Gott, Jean J., Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania; B.S. Elementary Education; Kappa Delta, Social Standards, I nterlachen, Usher, Intramurals. Granson, Chris, Dayton, Ohio; B.A. History; Pi Kappa Alpha. Graves, Phyllis, Clearwater, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Cap and Gown, Kappa Delta Pi, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Greek Hall of Fame, Miss Interlachen Finalist. Greene, Tom, Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Sociology; Tennis, J.V. Basketball, Sigma Chi, Intramural Board. Grier, Lynn W., Goldenrod, Florida; B.S. Accounting. FlZZAKlJii GROVE PARK SHOPPING CENTER PHONE 688-5409 i World Wide Air and Steamship Service Cruises - Tours CONTINENTAL TRAVELS ■ m Jacii O. Mengel, C.T.C. Phone 688-8404 231 S. Kentucky Lakeland, Florida I ' ♦ T » t - Groves, Michael T., Redlngton Shores, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Theta Chi, Baseball. Hallfors, Eric J., Lunenburg, Massachusetts; B.S. Business; Tau Epsilon Phi. Golf, R.O.T.C. — Advanced. Hammond, Gary W., Hallandale, Florida; B.A. Psychology; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Ireland, Nancy, Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Accounting; A.W.S., A.W.S. — Judicial Board, Supreme Court, S.U.B., J. A., Interlachen — Editor-in-Chief, Pi Delta Epsilon — President, Who ' s Who, Greek HaU of Fame, Alpha Omicron Pi. Ivey, Dorothy B., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Economics. Jeffries, Dawn S., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Hanley, M. Glenn, Ocala, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Phi Sigma Kappa, Intramural Board, M.S.M., American Society of Personnel Ad- ministrators. Hardwick, Roger G., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Business. Johnson, Elaine C, Plant City, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Delta Pi. Johnson, Larry G., Sodus, New York; B.S. Business Management; Tau Epsilon Phi, Intra Fraternity Council Representative, Delta Sigma Pi. Harris, Mollie R., Birmingham, Alabama; B.S. Psychology; A.W.S., Junior Advisor, S.U.B., Alpha Omicron Pi, Intramurals, Interlachen. Jones, Atlas, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Physical Education and Recrea- tion; Physical Education Majors Club. Hartzog, George B., Ill, McLean, Virginia; B.S. Psychology. Heaston, Richard A., Lima, Ohio; B.S. Business Management; Basketball, Advanced R.O.T.C, Kappa Sigma. Heckman, Jack R., Newport, Kentucky; B.S. Marketing Management. Hedberg, Nancy S., St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, A.W.S., Kappa Delta Pi, Cap and Gown, Junior Advisor, Interlachen, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Greek Hall of Fame, Panhellenic Delegate. Jones, Janis W., Plantation, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Altruistic Chairman, Dean ' s List. Jones, Stephanie A., Riverview, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Methodist Student Movement, Chapel Choir. Kaminski, Donald, Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Psychology; Phi Theta Kappa, Who ' s Who in American Junior Colleges. Kershaw, Nancy C, Framingham, Massachusetts; B.S. Elementary Educa- Henry, Michael A., Redington Beach, Florida; B.S. Psychology; Tau Kappa Epsilon, S.G.A., Ski Team. Hess, Jacqueline J., Melbourne, Florida; B.A. Math; Intramurals, M.S.M., Southern. High, Joshua, Clermont, Florida; B.S. Supreme Court Justice. Hockin, Lucy D., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Delta Zeta. Hockin, Reggie, Hollywood, Florida; B.S. Mathematics. Hodges, Mark C, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Hooker, Kay, Plant City, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Hopper, Kathleen, Green Cove Springs, Florida; B.A. French; Alpha Delta Pi — President, Cheerleader, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Hall Council. Howell, Marie Tiffany, Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi. Howell, Marshall F., Jr., Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Business Management; M.S.G.A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, D.M.S., Alpha Delta Pi Sweetheart, Delta Sigma Pi. Kessinger, Eugene, Griggsville, Uhnois; B.S. Mathematics. Keyser, Stephen B., Mansfield, Ohio; B.S. Accounting; Omicron Delta Kappa — President, Greek Hall of Fame, Who ' s Who Among Students, Inter-Fraternity Council, R.O.T.C, Delta Epsilon Pi, Sigma Chi, M.S.G.A. Kilduff, William C, Jr., Scotch Plains, New Jersey; B.A. Journalism; Crew. King, Jacqueline, ArUngton, Virginia; B.S. Physical Education; S.G.A., Senior Class — Secretary-Treasurer, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Phi Epsilon Mu — President, Interlachen, Cheerleader. Kline, Jeff, Bolivar, Ohio; B.A. Journalism; Phi Sigma Kappa — President, Alpha Psi Omega, S.G.A., Vagabonds, Southern, Pi Delta Epsilon. Krewson, Lawrence, New Snayrna Beach, Florida; B.A. Divisional Social Science; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Krupkin, Martin, St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Psychology; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Lane, Ronald, Pompano Beach, Florida; B.A. History; M.S.G.A., Student Union, Political Union — President. Leftakis, John A., Largo, Florida; B.S. Journalism; Tau Kappa Epsilon, F.S.C. Sports Pubhcity, Pi Delta Epsilon, Southern. Hubbard, Betty S., Cedartown, Georgia; B.S. Elementary Education; Delta Zeta. Hughes, Phil, Winston Salem, North Carolina; B.S. Business Management; Theta Chi, Delta Sigma Pi. Hull, Jean A., St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma — President. Hunnicutt, Warren, IV, St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Biology; Beta Beta Beta, Theta Chi Beta — President. Hunt, Connie, Tampa, Florida; B.A. Christian Education; Alpha Gamma Delta. Hurst, Candace, Atlanta, Georgia; B.A. English. Hustin, Catherine, Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Zeta Tau Alpha, Math Club A.W.S. Lemieux, George E., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Business Administration. Literaty, Richard C, St. Petersburg, Florida; B.A. History; Student Gov- ernment, Greek Council, Theta Chi. Love, Barbara, St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Accounting. Magill, Edmund B., Lakeland, Florida; B.A. French. Magill, Penelope, Scarsdale, New York; B.S. Elementary Education. Marsh, Melissa M., Lake Wales, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Martel, Henry J., Levittown, New York; B.S. Mathematics; Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Pi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Chi, Math Club, Physics Club. Mason, Morris C, Greer, South Carolina; B.A. Social Sciences. Itttdddox MEN ' S WEAR Men ' s Fashions Tuxedo Rentals Searstown 682-7673 115 S. Kentucky 682-3817 LAKELAND DIXIELAND SERVICE CENTER Auto — Repairs Air Condition 1304 SOUTH FLORIDA AVENUE TeL 682-9380 Day 683-2263 Night Matties. William, IV, Whippany, New Jersey; B.S. Business Management; Delta Sigma Pi, Lakeland Jaycees. Matthews, David, Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Chemistry; American Chemical Society Student Affiliates. Matthews, Patty, St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Biology; Beta Beta Beta — President, American Chemical Society. Mattice, William T., Tallahassee, Florida; B.S. Management Finance; Kappa Alpha ■ President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Greek Hall of Fame, Delta Sigma Pi, S.U.B. McConnell, Michelle, Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; A.W.S. — Presi- dent, Zeta Tau Alpha, Senate, Cap and Gown, Tau Epsilon Phi Sweetheart. McCoy, Paul L., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Economics. McLain, Bill, Wauchula, Florida; B.A. Government; Political Union. Meek, Bill, Naples. Florida; B.A. Economics; Delta Sigma Pi — President, Phi Sigma Kappa, Greek Council, A. U.S.A. Mehlinger, Mary, Tucker, Georgia; B.A. Speech and Drama; Kappa Delta, Social Standards, Vagabonds. Meier, Frederick C, Orlando, Florida; B.S. Personnel Management. Melton, Melody A., Charlotte, North Cctrolina; B.S. Elementary Education; Phi Mu. Order of Diana. Merkel, Rosemary B., North Caldwell, New Jersey; B.S. Elementary Educa- tion; Kappa Delta, Sigma Phi Epsilon pledge class Sweetheart, Miss Molly. Milazzo, John C, Auburn, Maine; B.S. Divisional Science; I.F.C., Pi Kappa Misan, Albert, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; B.S. Industrial Management; Pi Kappa Alpha, International Club, Senior Class — Vice-President. Mooney, Linda R., Jesup, Georgia; B.S. Elementary Education; Delta Zeta; A.W.S. Morales, Jose A., Miami, Florida; B.S. Psychology. Morgan, Eddie, Punta Gorda, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Math Club President, Physics Club — President, Varsity Golf Team Pi Kappa Phi, Interlachen. Norris, Greg, Miami, Florida; B.S. Biology. Notthrop, Darwin E., Altamonte Springs, Florida; B.S. Business Manage- Parker, Eddie, Haines City, Florida; B.S. Accounting; Florida Southern College Black Society President, M.S.G.A. — President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Listed in Na- tional Student Directory, Residence Hall Advisor. Parrish, Deborah A., Pahokee, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Junior Advisor Chairman, A.W.S., Miss Southern Court. Parsons, Donald J., Pompano Beach, Florida; B.A. Journalism; Tau Kappa Epsilon -- President, Southern, Pi Delta Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, Vagabonds. Patterson, Ann, Odessa, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Math Club, Phi Mu. Peck, Douglas, Bradenton, Florida; B.S. Business Education. PeUett, Lane, Greenville, South Carolina; B.A. Christian Education; Alpha Chi Omega — President Theta Chi Beta. Greenville, South Carolina; B.A. Christian Education; Alpha Chi Omega — President, Theta Chi Beta. Pirtle, Les, Jacksonvitle, llUnois, B.A. Journalism; S.G.A., Pi Kappa Alpha, The Southern, Esplanade, J.V. Crew. Ponsler, Gene, Portage, Indiana; B.S. Personnel Management, A.V.S.A. Porter, Joy L., Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Baptist Student Union, Dean ' s List. Powell, William O., Jr., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Business Management. Powhatan, Scott, Vero Beach, Florida; B.S. Journahsm; Pi Delta Epsilon, Southern, Concert Band, Concert Choir. Prentice, Debbie, Lake Wales, Florida; B.S. Physical Education; Women ' s Intramural Board, Physical Education Major ' s Club, Women ' s Volleyball Club, Women ' s Basketball Club. Pryor, Gregory R., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Sigma Chi, Baseball. Quesada, Alina, West Palm Beach, Florida; B.A. Humanities. Ramsey, Sally, Miami, Florida; B.A. Religion; Alpha Gamma Delta, Greek Council, Vagabonds, Methodist Student Movement, Concert Band. Morgan, John R., Jr., Richmond, Virginia; B.A. Social Sciences. Moseley, William H., Winter Park, Florida; B.A. History; Varsity Tennis. Mundhenk, Diane, Merritt Island, Florida; B.S. Biology; A.C.S. — Presi- dent. Tri Beta, Epsilon Sigma Award. McDaniel, Jacqueline J., Orlando, Florida; B.A. English; Phi Mu, Theta Chi Beta, S.U.B., Dean ' s List. Moye, Sharon, Wauchula, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Myhre, Mary M., Seffner, Florida; B.S. Biology; Alpha Chi Omega, Beta Beta Beta, ACS., Who ' s Who of Greek Fraternities and Sororities. Nance, Tilda, Sarasota, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Concert Choir, Delta Zeta. Chapel Choir, Delta Omicron. Nesta, Angelo, Uniondale, New York; B.S. Accounting; Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Pi. Noesner, Gary W., Neptune Beach, Florida; B.A. Sociology; l.F.C. — President, Pi Kappa Alpha — President, M.S.G.A., Judicial Board. Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who, Supreme Court, Alpha Chi Omega Sweetheart, Varsity Soccer, Vagabonds, Residence Hall Advisor, Greek God , Greek Hall of Fame. Ramskill, Vicki L.. Ocala, Florida; B.A. Art; Zeta Tau Alpha, Interlachen, German. Reeves. Debra J., Richmond, Virginia; B.S. Psychology; Cheerleader, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Alpha Omicron Pi. Renshaw, Geoffrey, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; B.A. Journalism; Pi Delta Epsilon. Replogle, Fredrica M., Lakeland, Florida; B.A. English. Reubert, Jay, Jr., Miami, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi. Reynolds, Jerry, Lakeland. Florida; B.S. Accounting. Riley, Ellen, Nashville, Tennessee; B.A. French; Alpha Delta Pi, Hall Council — President, Little Sisters of Minerva, W.S.G.A., Interlachen. Robbins, Sherry R., Richmond, Virginia; B.S. Elementary Education; Pikettes, Junior Advisor, Interlachen. Robinson, Judith C, Decatur, UUnois; B.A. Social Science. Robinson, Rebecca J., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Little Sister of Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAMS COLLEGE SERVICES TWO LOCATIONS Herbert E. Wolfe Bldg. 801 E. Palmetto Street Across from Polk Museum FRATERNITY SORORITY SUPPLIES CHECK CASHING FACILITIES LINEN SERVICE LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING SHOE REPAIR Roche. Alice M.. Deltona, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. Roche Thomas, Orlando, Florida; B.S. Business. Roddenberry, Sara L., Lakeland, Florida; B.A. English. Rogers, Richard W., Jr. Plymouth, Massachusetts; B.A. French; Circle K, Spanish Society. Rothenberg, Sandy, Tampa, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Handbell Choir, Sigma Rho EpsUon, Alpha Mu Sigma, American Guild of Organists. Rouse, David, Huddleston, Virginia; B.S. Psychology. Ruckman, Peggy, Harrisonburg, Virginia; B.A. Journalism; Delta Zeta — President, Alpha Eta, Pi Delta EpsUon, Who ' s Who in Greek Organizations. Runner, John R.. II, Orlando, Florida; B.S. Accounting; Pi Kappa Alpha, R.O.T.C, Crew Team, S.G.A., Junior Class President. Sapp, Linda C, West Palm Beach, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Piketts, Miss Interlachen — 1st Runner-Up, Sigma Chi Derby Queen. Saunders, Emily E., Key West, Florida; B.A. Art; Concert Choir, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister. Savoie, Kenneth W., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Business Management. Schmidt, Robin A., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Biology; Phi Mu — President. Schwartz, James D., Princeton, New Jersey; B.S. Business Management; Pi Kappa Phi. Seigler, Emily, Winter Haven, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Seltenright, Russell, Miami, Florida; B.S. Marketing; Sigma Chi, Crew Team, Soccer Team, Delta Sigma Pi. Shepheard, Lindsay, Virginia Beach, Virginia; B.S. Physical Education; S.G.A., Student Affairs Committee, Phi Epsilon Mu, Academic Advisor, W.I. A. — President, Zeta Tau Alpha. Shields, Susan R., Clearwater, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Phi Mu, Kappa Delta Pi. Shoniker, Joe, Cross City, Florida; B.S. Chemistry; O Sigma Chi — President, Baseball, J.V. Basketball. Siber, Rebecca, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. Elementary Education. Sizemore, Robert, Avon Park, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Base- baU, Theta Chi. Smith, Emily J., McLean, Virginia; B.S., Elementary Education; Delta Omicron, A.W.S., Panhellenic, Vagabonds, Concert Choir, Alpha Mu Sigma. Greek Council Representative, Zeta Tau Alpha. Smither, John K., Annandale, Virginia; B.S. Business Administration; Ad- vanced R.O.T.C, A. U.S.A., Delta Sigma Pi, A.S.P.A., M.S.M. Smoot, Doug, Lake Wales, Florida; B.A. Sociology. Snapp, John P., Doylestown, Pennsylvania; B.S. Business; Theta Chi, Base- ball. Spruill, Dave, Williamsville, New York; B.A. Sociology; Phi Sigma Kappa — President, Intramurals, Softball, Cross Country, Greek Council Representa- tive. Stadtman, Lynn J.. Livingston, New Jersey; B.A. Government. Staerker, Walker L., Fort Myers, Florida; B.S. Economics; Kappa Alpha. Stanley, Mark E., Anderson, Indiana; B.S. Psychology; M.I. A. — President. Stephens, William B., Kissimmee, Florida; B.S. Physical Education; Physi- cal Education Major ' s Club. Stewart, Allison M., Winter Haven, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu cation. Story, Jack, Betterton, Maryland; B.S. Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi, Dean ' s List. Studd, Lenore S., Medford, Oregon; B.A. Art; Houston Art Awards. Sullenger, Ja Delta. L., Fairbanks, Alaska; B.S. Sociology; Alpha Gamma Sumner, Norma R., Brandon, Florida; B.A. English; Sigma Rho Epsilon. Tackett, Wallace S., Winter Haven, Florida; B.S. Physical Education. Taylor, William A., Fort Myers, Florida; B.A. Speech - Drama - History; Pi Kappa Alpha, Interlachen, Publications Photographer. Terry, Irene, Salisbury, North Carolina; B.S. Biology; Tri-Beta — President. Touchton, Bill, Bradenton, Florida; B.S. Biology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Tweedy, Anne K., Springdale, Arkansas; B.S. Psychology; Zeta Tau Alpha. Twigg, David, Angola, Indiana; B.A. Government; S.G.A. — President. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Omicron Delta Kappa. Circle K, M.S.M., Political Union, M.S.G.A., M. S.G.A. Judicial Board. Urban, Barbara, Orlando, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; A.W.S. Voss, Suzie, Grand Rapids, Michigan; B.S. Psychology. Wagower, Earnest P., Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Accounting. Waldron, Ron, Orlando, Florida; B.S. Physical Education; Baseball Team. Walker, Priscilla, Potomac, Maryland; B.S. Elementary Education; Inter- lachen, Alpha Chi Omega, A.W.S., Theta Chi Sweetheart, Social Standards. Watford, Dowling R., Okeechobee, Florida; B.S. Business Management; A. U.S. A. — President, Omicron Delta Kappa Delta Sigma Pi, Society of Physics Students. Webster, William, Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Divisional Science; Beta Beta Beta, R.O.T.C. Weiss, Laurie J., Houston, Texas; B.S. Math; Math Club - President, Delta Zeta, Phi Chi Theta, Dean ' s List. Widmann, Lawrence, J., Oak Park, Illinois; B.S. Biology; Beta Beta Beta, Pi Kappa Phi — President, Choir. Wilkinson, Emily, Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. Williams, Myrtle G., Frostproof, Florida; B.A. Music Education; Organ Guild, Delta Omicron, Lakeland Symphony, Concert Band. Snyder, Carolee H., Oriskuny Falls, New York; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega. Sovacool, Rhonda M., Miami, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Delta Zeta, S.U.B., Kappa Delta Pi. Sprague, Sarah, Orlando, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Phi Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheard, Who ' s Who in Fraternities and Sororities. Winter, Claire, St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Wotring, Doug, Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Accounting; Theta Chi, Band. Zajicek, Frank E., Bowling Green, Florida; B.S. Biology; M. S.G.A., S.G.A.. Omicron Delta Kappa, Citrus Club, Dejm ' s List, Beta Beta Beta. Zeltner, MoUi, Brooklyn, New York; B.S. Physical Education; Intramurals, Officials Club. 286 E ' • t 4 T t t Index Ackerman, Veronica M. 262 Adair. James W. Adams, Andrew E. 120, 121, 238 Adams, Ella M. 220 Addy, Suzanne M. 238 Addair, Colette M. 75, 238 Addair. James 238 Adrianson, Susan E. 86, 94, 116, 117, 250, 96 Agar, Robert F. Airey, Jacquelyn S. 220 Alderson, Ralph F. Alexander, Paula K. 77, 83, 84, 112, 113, 220, 238 Alexander, Patricia A. Ill, 130, 131, 168 Algeyer, Geraldine C. 262 Allen, James E. 262 Allen, Rose A. 262 Allen, Robert H. Allgire, Mary L. 144, 145, 250 Amason, Alice G. 68, 77, 118, 119, 250 Anderson, Brenda F, 250 Anderson, Dan K. 262 Anderson, Gail E. 7 5, 250 Anderson, Jesse A. Jr. 238 Anderson, Laurie A. 141, 142, 143, 250, 171 Anderson, Lucinda B. 111. 220. 60 Anderson. Sandra S. 144. 145, 238 Anderson, Susan M. Ill, 250 Anderson, William F. 84, 262 Andrews, Jane 238 Andrews, Sheryl G. 84, 262 Annon, Frederick, Jr. 238, 78 Anspaugh, Michael R. 136, 137, 220 Anspach, AlUson L. 262 Ardis. Reginald L. 140, 220, 164 Arfaras. Irene M. 68, 75, 88, 90, 91, 250 Argus, Lee K. 88, 238 Arledge. Alice A. 77, 86, 116, 117, 250 Amott, Dave 164 Arthur. Jeffrey M. 262. 152. 168 Aspinall, Laurin J. 126, 127, 238 Ault, Nina Lee 132, 133, 250 Austin, George K. 238 Babbitt, Steven C. 122, 123, 220 Bacon, Janet F. 220. 82 Bailey. Eleanor B. 75. 87. 124, 125, 238 Baird. Rebecca M. 141. 262 Baisden. Roslyn K. 89, 90, 91, 250 Baker, Jayne D. 77, 88, 93, 118, 119, 220 Baker, Mack B. 89, 238, 156 Baltzegar, Celia J. 86 Banks, Sandra L. 262 Banks, Ervin L. 239 Barnes, Joseph R. 262 Barnes, William Hatfield 86, 220, 82 Barnes, Theresa A. 238 Bamette, Amy J. 89, 99, 118, 119, 220 Barnum, Darryl F. 220 Bamhart, Jerome C. 262 Barrineau, Thomas L. 262 Barrow, Kenneth C. 262 Barron, Gary S. 238 Barth, James B. Jr. 87. 89. 262 Earth. Dana A. 90, 91, 262, 160 Bartholf, William C. 89, 262 Bartmess. Bruce H. 262, 160 Base, Debbie R. 86, 142, 143, 250 Battles, Emmett L. 74, 140, 238 Baum, Miriam 250 Baumiller, Steven L. 250, 164 Beasley, John O. Jr. 221 Becker, Linda M. 238 Bedenbaugh, Shirley E. 118, 119. 141, 221 Beede. Pamela S. 116, 117. 221 Beggs. Deborah L. 250 Bell, David J. 126, 127, 238 Bellingham, Dianna L. 262, 171 Bellamy, Elizabeth 262 Bemko, Patricia N. 251 Bemko, Pamela A. 262, 173 Bender, Dorothy S. 238 Benn, Donald B. 221 Bennett, John P. Jr. 79, 90, 91, 221 Berg, Barbara E. 88, 90, 91, 93, 261. 262 Berger, Robert A. 250 Bergman, Joanne C. 75. 84. 116, 117, 251 Bernhard, Kim M. 262, 170, 173 Berry, Peter B. 221 Bertelli, David M. 221 Bettle, Samuel 95, 238, 160, 96 Bethel, Esther L. 262 Beugnet, Sonya F. 262 Bevan, Carol A. 90, 91 Biery. Thomas J. 140, 221 Bigham, Robert K. 262 Bird, John T. 84, 238 Bixler, Barbara L. 251 Black, Gail A. 238 Blackburn, Robert M. Jr. 68, 93, 140, 239, 152 Blackmer, Pamela L. 116, 117, 251 Blair, Marguerite E. 251 Blanchard, Frederick E. 95, 221 Blanchette, Cheryl L. 221 Blenis, Rhonda A. 251 Blount, Barbara J. 262 Boggs, Robert C. Jr. 262 Boland, Patricia E. 116, 117, 221 Boland, John J. 221 Bonds, JuUe R. 68, 87, 99, 115, 239 Bond, Ann K. 262 Bonsignore. Christine A. 262 Boon, Linda C. 118, 119, 221 Borchers, Janet L. 221 Boring, Cynthia J. 262 Bott. Randall L. Bosworth. Beverly B. 251 Bosserdet. William D. 140. 251 Bott. Roger L. 239, 262 Bougiatiotis, Spiros P. 124, 125, 136, 137, 221 Bowdre, Rebecca C. 142, 143, 251 Bowen, Penelope L. 239 Bowen. Deborah M. 221 Bowen. Thomas J. 239, 164 Bowman, Barbara A. 262 Bowne, Christine R. 221 Bowne, Douglas 221 Boyce. Susan L. 239 Boyers, Frank H. 262, 156 Bozeman. Wilson S. 72. 74. 76. 221 Bozeman. James P. 84. 134, 135. 239 Bradford. Willa L. 87. 116, 117, 239 Brandon, Patricia S. 93, 251 Brandon, Janet S. 84. 239 Branson. Susan L. 262 Brauer. Nancy L. 112. 113. 251 Braund. Deborah S. 251 Bready, Steven F. 251 Brelsford, Richard E. 221. 152, 160 Brennan. Walter J. 262 Bridges. Donald R. 262 Brodie. Clara M. 251 Brooks. Barbara S. 75. 130. 131. 262 Brooks. Brenda E. 251 Broten. Lori A. 262 Brown. Christine J, 235 Brown, Edward J. 94, 101. 221 Brown. Ernest N, Jr. 79. 221 Brown. Johnna A. 79. 116, 117, 239 Brown, Linda A. 262 Brown, Mary A. 141, 142, 143 Brown. Richard P. 262 Brown. Wayne S. 262 Browning. Charles P. Jr. 262 Bruce. Claudia E. 262 Bruner. Dorothy K. 251 Bryant. Bonita R. 77, 92 Bryant, Andrew K. 251 Bryant, Kevin T. 130, 131, 239, 163, 164 Bryan. Bonita 251 Bryan. James H. Jr. 262, 160 Bryan, Ellen I. 239 Bryant, Mary A. 141 Buckholz, Mary J. 83, 112, 113, 239 Buck, Daryl A. 239 Buckle. PhUip F. 89. 221 Buckner. Janet L. 262 Bueter, Timothy W. 262 Bugnand. Robert H. 221 Bulthaus, Bryce, J. 239 Bund, Robin J. 251 Burbage, John D. 263 Burgess. Robert W. 251 Burhyte, Peter L. Ill, 136, 137, 222 Burke. Lawrence R. 87. 90. 91. 251. 160 Burkhard. Elizabeth L. 263 Burks, Lynda Lee 111, 251 Burley, Lee Jr. 251 Burnett. William N. Jr. 84, 251 Bumette, Gary Owen 263 Burton, Ingrid C. 77, 222 Burton, Amy A. 239 Burton, Sandra L. 263 Bushart. Gail R, 124. 125, 239 Butler, Altheia J. 251 Buztrey, Barbara J. 108. 239 Byers, John R. Ill 74, 263, 152 Byron, William M. 79, 222 Cady, Susan L. 112. 113. 239. 170 Caldwell. Craig B. 222 CaldweU. Brad A. 128. 129. 251 Caldwell. Robert S. 94. 128. 129, 263 Callaway. Randall O. 263 Callen, Lance C. Calonge. Bernardo J, 120, 121, 222 Campbell, Charlene D. 115. 251 Cardenas. Lazaro 222 Carissimi. Jon Barie 89. 134, 135, 239 Carlevaro, Marie C. 263 Carlson, Nancy L. 263 Carlton, Charles D. 263 Carmona. Virginia M. 263 Carman. Steven B. 251 Carman. Donna E. Carnley. Marvin W. 239 Carpenter. Carolyn C. 263 Carr, Rodney M. 120, 121, 222 Carrier, John K. Carr, Marvin L. 71, 235, 156 Carreker, Jonathan R. 222 Carr, Ann E. 263 CarroU, John J. 222. 164 Carter. MoUy A. 72, 118, 119, 249, 251 Carter, Leonard C. Carter, Shelley J. 263 Cartwright, Charles A. Jr. 263, 152 Cary, Margaret V. 263 Case, Patricia G. 88, 239 Case, Walter C. 222 Catlett, Alvin A. Jr. 71, 251 Caudle, Jane L. 262 Caverly, Daniel G. 263 Cavlett, Alvin 259 Cecil, William B. Cermak, Mary K. 79. 108, 222 Cernuda, Leticia E. 139, 239 Chadwick, Darlene N. 263 Chambers. Cleo T. 71, 263 Chandler, John F. 70, 74, 76, 126, 127, 222 Chaney, Thomas L. 86, 239 Chapman, Esther L. 72, 239 Chapman, James K. 130, 131, 239, 251, 164 Chapman, Virginia E, 263. 170 Chastang. Richard D. 222 Chastang, Andrea L. 94, 239 Chastain. David L. Jr. 222 Chastang. Janine L. 94, 263, 173 Chawk, Michael A. 263 Cherry, John F. Jr. 122, 123, 239 Chewning, Susan P. 108, 222 Chettle, Linda S. 142. 143. 251 Chinuge. David W. 126. 127. 251. 78 Christensen, Kate E. 263 Christy, Douglas G. Jr. 68. 72. 122, 123, 249, 251, 78 Chugerman, Jan 111, 251 Church, Penny P. 83, 84, 142, 143, 222 CiarduUo. Kathleen A. 222 Ciccaglione, Joe 82 Cigrand, EUzabeth A. 251 Clark, Brenda S. 222 Clark. Larry J. 71. 251 Clay. Kermit M. 144, 145, 239, 78 Clegg, Gloria L. 251 Clem, Peggy S. 108, 239 Clinton. Meribeth H. 124. 125. 251 Close. Elizabeth B. 264 Closshey. Charles P. 134, 135, 239, 168 Clow, Lawrence W. Clymer, Woodrow L. 222, 156 Index Cobb, Michael E. 83, 84, 251, 164 Cobia, Sally A. 264 Cobia, Michael J. 264 Cobb, Ruth F. 72, 222 Cochran, Donna L. 264, 173 Coggin, Debra D. 115, 130, 131, 251 Coil, Cheryl Ann 251 Coker, John L. Ill 264 Colcord, Kevin T. 264 Cole, Roger Q. 126, 127, 251, 252, 168 Coleman, June V. 223 Coleman, Irma L. 83, 132, 133, 239 Coleman, Judith E. 84, 239 Coleman, Karin R. 264 Coleman, Robert L. 223 Coleman, Randal W. 120, 121, 239 Coleman, Tony G. 71, 264 CoUett, Robert F. 11 87, 89, 264 CoUins, Debbie Jean 86, 95, 108, 239 Collins, Martha B. 251 Collins, Lynette 264 Colvin, Victoria M. 264 Combs, Robert W. 84, 128, 129, 239 Conlen, Richard A. ConnoUy, Michael C. 68, 140, 237, 239 Connor, Wanda C. 88, 90, 91, 264 Connors, Karen E. 94, 264 Cook, Cynthia D. 239 Cook, Hildegarde M. 223 Cook, Nancy L. 239 Cooke, Judith L. 115, 249, 251 Cooley, Karen M. 124, 125, 251 Cooper, John W. 264, 160 Cooper, Suzanne B. 99, 111, 130, 131, 223 Coords, Lorraine 251 Cope, Laurence B. 239 Coplan, Jane L. 264 Cork, WiUiam C. 251 Corrigan, Patrick E. 239 Corrin, Nancy E, 93, 264 Corvi, Edward I. 94, 223 Coryell, Mamee A. 118, 119, 252 Courtney, Bruce W. Jr. 84, 239, 78 Cowherd, Cathy S. 75, 118, 119, 223, 60 Cox, Patricia L. 223 Crane, Douglas J. 68, 264 Creech, WiUiam B. 140, 252 Crews, Sandra S. 223 Crow, Arlene G. 264 Crumpler, Hughette I. 252 Cubberley, Donald H. 139, 223, 78, 152 Cubbison, Bonnie H. CucuruUo, Janice J. 264 CuUen, Peter M. 87, 89, 90, 91, 239 Cummings, Terry A. 126, 127, 223 Cummins, Jonathan 90, 91, 264 Cummings, Kenneth M. Cummings, Ann S. 88, 264 Cunningham, JiU A. 84, 239 Curran, John M. 140, 252 Curtiss, Daniel B. Jr. 252 Curtis, Robert D. 264 Curtis, WiUiam J. 264 Cyr, EUen L. 112, 113, 239 Dagostino, Carl R. 126, 127, 223 Daleda, John 264 Dancy, WiUiam W. 239, 164 Davenport, Constance 88, 90, 91, 93, 239 Davidson, Jane E. 124, 125, 223 Davie, Robert W. Jr. 89, 252 Davies, Lois 88, 265 Davis, Cynthia G. 265 Davitt, Mary E. 92, 115, 136, 137, 223 Dawsey, Suzanne 93, 118, 119, 23 Dawsey, John C. 68, 76, 120, 121, 239, 152 Dawson, Deborah A. 240 Deam, David J. 252 Deal, Donald E. 252 Dean, Janet B. 128, 129, 240 Deas, Martha J. 68, 75, 118, 119, 240, 173 Debenian, Gary M. Decker, Mary E. 83, 89, 111, 240 Deehan, Gary R. 122, 123, 223 De Jonge, Kathi A. 240 Delerma, Luis S. 240 Delk, MeUnda J. 265 Demora, Pamela M. 75, 124, 125, 252 Dennis, Frank M. Jr. 120, 121, 240, 152 Dennis, Bonnie B. 90, 91, 108, 252 Dennis, Thomas L. 265 Denson, Deborah N. 108, 223 Dervos, Michael S. 120, 121, 240 Derr, Sharon K. Devan, Marcia S. 118, 119, 223 Devane, Dwight M. Devenian, Gary 265 Deyoung, Robert F. Jr. 265 Diamandis, Suzanne C. 90, 91, 265, 173 Dibble, KtmbaU J. 265 Dienst, Robert M. 134, 135, 252, 82 Dietz, Gordon, G. 87, 89, 240, 78 DiUon, Pamela L. 265 Dilworth, Linda J. 265 Dismuke, Florence H. 252 Dodds, Thomas W. 122, 123, 240 Dodd, Bette J. 265 Dodds, Nancy M. 265 Dorsett, George R. 265 Drake, Ronald E. Drake, Robert D. 265 Drastal, Mark H. 130, 131, 240, 78 Driggs, Janet A. 87, 88, 90, 91, 223 Dring, Kathleen A. 116, 117, 240 Driggers, Robert A. Jr. 120, 121, 240 Driver, Dianne M. 115, 252 Dromey, Stanley L. 130, 131, 240 DriskeU, Rebecca N. 223 Dubose, Barbara S. 252 Duffett, Paul A. 130, 131, 240, 168 Duke, Jr. WiUiam H. 265 Duncan, Carol D. Ill, 223 Dunham, Donald R. 144, 145, 252 Dunmire, Cindy L. 252 Dunn, Michael C. 252 Duperow, Debra L. 87, 112, 113, 240 Durrance, Katherine B. 252 Dye, Virginia A. 241 Dyson, Jonathan M. 126, 127, 224 Eachus, John W. 224 Eaddy, Shirley A. 79, 242 Eddy, Donna 241 Eastburn, Marianne 68, 265 East, Robert B. 144, 145, 252 Ebba, Inez C. 71, 86, 265 Eckberg, Barbara A. 252 Eckart, Marylou D. 84, 265 Edinger, Karen L. 79, 108, 224 Edington, Elaine E. 252 Edmonson, Elizabeth T. 84, 252 Edwards, Maurine M. 99, 115, 130, 131, 241 Edwards, Raymond R. 265 Eickenberg, Carolyn V. 89, 252 El-Badri, AbduUa Salem 265 Eldridge, Mark B. 252 Elghanayan, Faramarz 86, 120, 121, 252 EUis, Glenn M. 144, 145, 254, 82 EUsworth, Thomas D. 252 Elortegui, Mary A. 265 Elverson, Virginia L. 124, 125, 224 Engelmann, Karl B. 241 Engelstad, Paul F. 86, 265 Ervin, Cynthia L. 265 Evans, Barbara J. 72, 141, 143, 224 Evans, Charles W. 120, 121, 241 Evans, Warren C. 224 Ewing, Robert P. 252, 151 Exum, Carlton T. 130, 131, 241, 164 Eyerman, Edward P. Jr. 265 Farlow, Robin R. 84, 266 Famsworth, Mary C. 266 FauUiner, Mary O. 7 7, 79, 83, 99, 111, 224, 60, 171 Faulkner, Glenn C. 84, 224 Fegers, Thomas A. 90, 91, 266 Feidler, Karol A. 266 Feldman, Albert R. 136, 137, 241 FenneU, MarshaU C. 241 Femald, Raymond T. 120, 121, 252 Fernandez, Valerie A. 266 Fett, Janice M. 224, 82 Few, Benjamin C. Ill 126, 127, 252 Ficken, Pamela A. 237, 241 Field, Thomas M. 224 Fields, MeUnda S. 90, 91, 266 Figart, Virginia W. 92, 95, 241 Finlay, John S. IV 266, 152 Fischer, Raymond H. 76, 140, 224, 82 Fischer, Phihp E. 261, 266 Fisk, Alan C. 140, 224 Fitzgerald, George R. 90, 91, 266 Flanagan, Patricia M. 266, 173 Flatley, Jane M. 266 Flenner, Mark S. 72, 122, 123, 241, 78, 160 Flint, Deborah L. 252 Flowers, Evelyn P. Ill, 253 Foelsch, Howard F. 253, 152 Fogt, Thomas A. 122, 123, 253, 151 Fogleman, Laurence D. 87, 89, 253 Fogle, Harry W. Jr. 266 FoUo, Stephanie J. 239 FoUo, Margaret C. 266 Foote, Carol A. 142, 143, 225 Foote, Barbara J. 266 Forrest, Ralph A. 225 Forsythe, Linda L. 266 Foster, Nancy W. 241 Fouts, Beverly D. 253 Fouts, Patricia K. 241 Franceschi, Carolos D. 253 France, Wesley L. 122, 123, 253 Frankum, Bruce W. 241, 164 Franz, Rodney D. 74, 225 Fravel, WiUiam K. 140, 253 Freas, Lynda K. 79, 108, 241 Frey, Nancy Lea 266 Frey, Ruth 86, 93, 116, 117, 253 Frost, Lauia Ruth 266 Fuchs, Margaret D. 241 FuUer, Thomas G. 83 Fulton, Car l J. 112, 113, 241 Furman, June L. 266 Furlong, Donald B. 90, 91, 266 Futch, Susan C. 253 Futch, James H. Jr. 95, 225 Gac, Robert J. 95, 241 GaU, George D. 128, 129, 225 GaUo, Dale A. 72, 241 GaUoway, Robin J. 89, 90, 91, 225 GaUoway, Jean M. 89, 90, 91, 112, 113, 241 GambUl, Helen T. 88, 108, 241 Ganong, Stephen P. 266 Garapic, Robert A. 266, 160 Gardner, EUzabeth M. 118, 119, 253 Gamer, James R. 253 Garrett, David Jr. 241 Garza, Edward R. Ill 266 Gast, Joan EUzabeth 89, 90, 91, 253 GatcheU, Bonnie Kay 142, 143, 225 Gates, Robert W. Jr. 253 Gauntt, Stephen D. 266 Gehringer, Susan 266 Geise, Conrad D. 241 Geiger, Pamela J. 115, 253, 171 GentUe, Anthony J. Jr. 241 George, David NeU 120, 121, 241 George, Lawrence C. 266, 152 Georges, Robert J. 136, 137, 241, 164 Gerhardt, Lawrence E. 79 Germond, Norman W. 225 Getz, Michael T. 76, 126, 127, 225 Getzen, Charlotte A. 75, 142, 143, 241 Gibson, Christopher C. 266 Gibson, Jay R. 128, 129, 253, 151 Gierke, Don C. 241, 164 Giggard, Donna L. 118, 119, 253 Gilchrist, James M. 71, 241, 156 Giles, Bette L. 115, 253 GiU, Sara W. 90, 91, 253 Glover, WUUam J. 225 Goddard, Robert A. 225 Goddard, Richard G. 225 GodsaU, Ann E. 112, 113, 225 Goldee, Karen T. 90, 91, 253 Goldston, Mary C. Goldworm, Richard A. 225, 96 Gonzalez, Arthur A. 241, 164 Goodwyn, Mary S. 241 Gordon, John P. 266 Goss, Daniel J. Ill 108, 136, 137, 225 Gott, Jean J. 124, 125, 225 Gow, Robert C. 142, 143, 225 Graham, Bruce W. 253, 160 Index Graham, Edith K. 89, 241 Grampp, Cathy L. 253 Granson, Christopher A. 126, 127, 225 Grant, Warren J. 266, 160 Graves, PhyUis J. 77, 99, 115, 130, 131, 225, 55, 60 Gray, Margaret A. 142, 143, 242 Greco, Jo Ann 253 Greene, Thomas K. 136, 137, 225 Griffin, Linda J. 132, 133, 253 Grimes, Nancy C. 90, 91, 253 Grimes, Margaret J. 266 Grimes, Marian F, 242 Groner, Frank S. 253 Grossman, Alan J. 90, 91, 266, 160 Groves, Michael T. 120, 121, 225, 164 Grove, Herbert C. 267, 164 Grundy, Cindy L. 267 Guthrie, Stuart L. Gwynn, David W. 253, 152 Hackley, MicheUe D. 267 Halden, Kim V. 253 Haddad, Cynthia M. 75, 267 Hagemeyer, Delia L. 242 Hain, Candace R. 92, 108, 253 Hall, Carter R. 72, 267 HaU, Stephen W. 122, 123, 242 HaUtors, Eric J. 225 Hammer, Valli C. 99, 111, 126, 127, 242 Hammond, Gary W. 140, 225 Handel, Pamela K. 267 Hanley, Marvin G. 79, 144, 145, 225, 151 Hanley, Sarah A. 253, 160 Hanki, Steven A. 267 Hanraets, Frank P. 267 Hansen, Peter W. 130, 131, 254 Harford, Andrea J. 267, 173 Harker, Judith E. 242 Harmening, Deborah J. 89, 267 Harper, Simon J. 226, 156 Harris, Jo Ann 254 Harris, Mary Richardson 72, 87, 112, 113, 226 Hart, Marjorie C. 77, 118, 119, 254 Harter, Deborah K. 267 Hartley, Marshall A. 94, 242 Hartley, Martha L. 254 Hartzog, George B. Ill 226 Hartsock, Connie Jo 242 Harvester, Eric T. 267 Hawkins, John R. 126, 127, 152 Hay, Patti L. 83, 115, 237, 242 Hayden, Patricia A. 89, 90, 91, 254 Hayes, Charles J. 267, 167 Hayes, Susan D. 94, 242 Hazen, Bruce D. 267 Heaston, Richard A. 226 Heckman, Jack R. 226 Hedberg, Nancy S. 75, 77, 132, 133, 226, 60 Heide, Kimberly P. 267 Hely, Mary L. 242, 78 Hendee, Debra S. 242, 173 Henderson, John D. 267 Henderson, Mary K. 254 Hendrickson, Dennis D. 267 Hendry, Harry O. 254 Hennon, John R. Jr. 242, 160 Henry, Michael A. 140, 226 Henry, Gwen E. 267, 173 Henson, Becky 75 Henson, Karla C. 124, 125, 254 Hepburn, Kim A. 242 Hering, Matthew S. 128, 129, 226 Hess, John J. 126, 127, 254 Hess, Jacqueline J. 226 Heuser, William R. 144, 145, 267 Hibbs, Vallery 254 Higginbotham, John R. 242 High, Joshua 70, 71, 226 Hightower, Denese K. 254 Hiler, Gary F. 128, 129, 254 Hill, Dorothy E. 87, 118, 119, 242 HiU, Gregory S. 126, 127, 254 HiU, Susan V. 242 Hiner, Michael A. 68, 267 Hines, Sylvia K. 267 Hintzen, Kirk R. 267 Hitt, Catherine A. 267 Hoagland, Brian C. 267 Hockin, Reggie L. 227 Hoch, Carolee 226 Hoch, Jeffrey D. 160, 130, 131, 254, 152 Hockin, Lucy D. 226 Hodges, Mark C. 130, 131, 227 Hodges, Timothy A. 267 Hoermann, Christine 94, 242 Hoffenbacher, Kristen B. 124, 125, 254 Hoffman, Timothy J. 254 Hoffman, Christine M. 267 Holbrook, Sara J. 77, 254 Holden, Robert M. 267 HoUand, Kathleen 227, 267 HoUister, Stephen K. 242 Hood, Pamela E. 108, 254 Hopkins, Penny S. 89, 90, 91, 100, 242 Hopper, Kathleen 99, 111, 227, 171 Horan, John Duane 128, 129, 242, 254 Horan, Richard B. 128, 129 Horan, Johanna M. Houk, Kenneth C. 140, 242, 151 Houts, Barbara 84, 89, 90, 91, 242 Howard, Laura L. 267 Howe, Dennis R. 139, 242 HoweU, Marie T. Ill, 227 Howie, Diane E. 118, 119, 227 Huber, Christie A. 99, 242 Hudson, Randy F. 140, 142, 143, 254 Huffer, Jean E. 267 Hughart, Jane A. 84, 268 Hughes, James A. 268 Hughes, Philip G. 120, 121, 227 HuU, Jean A. 227 Humerick, Paula A. 272 Hunnicutt, Warren IV 92, 94, 227 Hunt, Darcy R. 88, 92, 93, 242 Hunt, Mary C. 108, 227 Hurd, Jennifer M. 258 Hurst, Candace E. 227 Hustin, Catherine H. 227 Hutchison, Hardy K. 227 Hynd, Todd A. 242 Hynson, Vivian R. 268 lacuzzo, Charles M. 242 Ingram, Mary E. 89, 267 Ireland, Nancy Faith 70, 83, 112, 113 227, 60 Ireland, Kathleen S. 268 Irvine, Allen D. 130, 131, 242 Irvine, Deborah Jo R. 130, 131, 254 Irwin, Mary L. 77, 79, 254 Ivey, Dorothy B. 227 Jackson, Carolyn S. 242 Jackson, James R. Jr. 87, 89, 90, 91, 242 Jackson, Kathleen A. 254 Jankiewicz, Alicia 268 Jeffries, Dawn S. 227 Jemison, Robin A. 242 Jenkins, Cheryl A. 268 Jeram, William H. Jr. 254 Jessup, Dolores A. 268 JeweU, Donna L. 116, 117, 134, 135, 254 Johnson, David W. 140, 242, 254 Johnson, Douglas W. 242 Johnson, David A. 136, 137 Johnson, Elaine C. 228 Johnson, Linda R. Ill, 254 Johnson, Philip E. Johnson, Ronald K. 90, 91, 268 Johnson, Scott M. 268 Johnson, Vema H. 228 Jones, Ashby, G, Jr. 87, 89, 90 91 254 Jones, Atlas E. 228 Jones, Debra F. 89, 90, 91, 254 Jones, Ellen D. 268 Jones, Gayle C. 108 Jones, James E. 228, 156 Jones, Janis W. Jones, Lance E. 130, 131, 254, 151 Jones, Stephanie A. 228 Jones, Susan G. 268 Jones, Timothy F. 90, 91, 268 Jourdain, Barbara L. 268 Joyner, Jean A. 88, 90, 91, 92 93 Justis, Justa L. 122, 123, 228, 78 Kalbfleisch, Kris A. 120, 121, 228, 61, 82 Kalt, Cynthia L. 268 Kaminski, Donald C. 228 Kamman, Susan K. 268 Kampert, Randall J. 268 Karmazin, Kathy C. 116, 117, 254 Keenen, Betsy Jo 268, 171 Keith, Susan L. Kellaway, David M. 254, 152 Keller, Spencer L. Jr. 160 KeUy, Robert W. Jr. 268 Kemme, Cynthia A. 254 Kershaw, Nancy C. 243 Kessery, Thomas J. 79, 243 Kessinger, Kendall L. 268 Keyser, Stephen B. 76, 136, 137, 228, 61, 78 Kidd, Susan Jo 254 Kiernan, Bruce E. 268 KUduff, WiUiam C. Jr. 228 King, Jacqueline L. 115, 219, 228, 170 King, James M. Jr. 268 King, Joanne 115, 254 King, PhUip J. 140, 243, 268 King, PhiUp A. 89, 243 Kinnard, Linda F. 243 Kinscy, AUyson C. Ill, 243 Krrkhart, Timothy M. 243 Kirkland, Marsha K. 254 Kite, David A. 243, 168 Kitson, Bruce T. 268 Klecka, Luanne A. 269 Klein, KLrstine W. 269 Kleysteuber, Robert C. 243, 160 Kline, Jeffrey D. 68, 83, 144, 145, 228 Kline, Constance R. 254 Knollman, Barbara A. 269 Knox, Melissa H. 269 Kolb, Barbara L. 68, 254 Kowald, Ann Knaak 86, 243 Kraft, Georgia K. 254 Krause, Mark T. 268 Krewson, Lawrence A. 101, 118, 119, 140, 228 Krieger, Karen D. 112, 113, 254 Krupkin, Martin E. 140, 228 Kuemmerle, Walter M. Kunnemann, Susan M. 92, 108, 243 Kurtz, Paul H. 74, 90, 91, 254, 160 Kurdock, Donna 268 Lake, Darrel C. 243 Lake, Janet L. 108, 243, 173 Lamb. Robert D. 130, 131, 254 Lane, Ronald J. 228 Lange, Gary A. 74, 94, 255 Langhenry, Burton R. 84, 140, 254 Langner, Beverly J. 254 Lanier, Sharon G. 118, 119, 243, 173 Lanier, Edith D. 89, 269 Larsen, Linda S. 254 Lattig, Robert G. 140, 228 Leach, Richard F. 255, 152 Leary, Kathy 269 Lee, Karl F. 269 Lee, Ronald C. 243 Lee, Scott W. 269, 164 Leftakis, John A. 83, 84, 140, 228 Lehman, Wendy A. 255 Leighty, Sheryl A. Leis, Janet E. 84, 269 Lekan, Edward P. 269 Leonard, John M. Leonard, Marsha J. 269 Lesnett, Karen S. 255 Leser, Otto E. 86, 243, 152 Lester, Marian M. 124, 125, 130, 131, 228 Liem, Alec C. 243 Linnenbank, Mildred L. 243 Linton, Rebecca A. 255 Lipsey, Sharon L. 88, 90, 91, 132, 133, 255 Lippincott, Charlotte A. 142, 143, 255 Literaty, Richard C. 120, 121, 228 Lithgow, Marcia L. 92, 243 Lithgow, Caroline M. 269 Little, Georgia E. 243 London, Cynthia J. 132, 133, 255 Index Lonon, Martha S. 88, 269 Longgrear. Paul R. 84, 243 Love, Barbara G. 229 Lowe, Bryan T. Jr. 128, 129. 255 Luce, John L. 255 Lufkin. Kevin F. 95, 255 Lund, Darlene M. 86. 108, 255 Lutz, Stanley R. 140, 243 Lutz, William D. 255 Lyn, Nadine C. 86, 269 Lyon. Statia E. 255 MacCalla, Gordon D. 243 MacDonald, Gerald B. 255, 167 MacGeorge, Maureen 72, 118, 119, 255 Macher, Dana F. 269 Mac Kay, Gregory R. 255 MacKay, Donald M. 269 Magill, Edmund B. 229 Magill, Penelope A. 229 Magnon, Bob 152 MaiUy, George F. 120, 121, 243, 152 Maibach, Robin L. 269 Major, Alan W. 126, 127, 255, 78 Maliszewski, Jeff 160 Mandat, Deanne L. Ill, 244 Mandis, Ann E. 124. 125. 243 Mangan. Robert D. 269 Manting, MitcheU H. 269 Mango, Cynthia M. Marlow, LeUa K. Ill, 255 Marsh, Melissa M. 229 Martel, Henry J. Jr. 76, 136, 137, 229 Martin, Edward R. 93, 120, 121, 255, 152, 168, 151 Martin, Jr. George W. 244, 152 Martin, Janet M. 112, 113, 244 Martin, MeUnda 84, 261, 269 Martin, Michael J. 269 Martin, Thomas L. Jr. 122, 123, 255 Martone, Kenneth L. 139, 244, 78 Masem, Matthew R. 144, 145, 255 Mason, Morris C. 229 Matchica, Nicholas Jr. 244 Matlack, Tyson 140, 244 Matte, Keith R. Matthews, David E. 229 Mattice, William T. 70, 122, 123, 229, 61 Maxwell, Debra K. 269 Mayer, Lianne B. 141, 229 McCall, Nancy J. B. 244 McCann, Alison J. 269 McCleary, Leshe Ann 108, 244 McCloskey, Thomas W. 128, 129, 244 McClung, Greg A. 112, 113 McConnell, Michelle M. 229 McCord, Michael L. 144, 145, 255, 151 McCord, Kathleen S. 89, 269 McCuUough, Albert J. Jr. 89, 90, 91, 244 McDaniel, Jacqueline J. 72, 92, 141, 142, 143, 229 McDaniel, Gary E. 229 McDonald, Marianne 89 McDonald, Timothy F. 268 McElhenny, Kevin S. 160 McGahee, Margaret E. 142, 143, 255 McGehee, Leslie L. 116, 117, 255 McGUvary, Ramona J. 244 McGuiness, Edgar J. Jr. 244 McKay, Kathleen R. 269 McKee, John 229 McKenna, John R. 244 McKinley, Michael R. 128, 129, 255 McKnight, GaU E. 269 McNulty,Toni B. 269 McTureous, Mary I. 77, 111, 130, 131, 255 Meccarello, Constance M. 270 Meek, John W. Ill 76, 101, 144, 145, 78 Meek, John H. Ill 229, 270 Mehlinger, Mary M. 124, 125, 229 Melton, Melody A. 141, 142, 143, 229 Meredith, Martha L. 75, 144 145, 256 Meredith. Marilynn L. 244 Merkel, Rosemary B. 229 Merritt, Barry E. 95, 244 Merritt, Blythe E. 95, 244 Metcalfe, John J. Ill 65, 94, 219, 229 Meyer, Pamela A. 270 Meyer, Gary L. 270, 156 Michelsen, Karen J. 118, 119, 229 Middleton, Sharon L. 270 Milazzo, John C. 128, 129, 229 Miley, Martha A. 108, 256 Miles, Thomas W. Jr. 68, 74, 144, 145, 255 Miles, Teresa L. 270 Miller, Maiorie B. 270 Milligan, Delwin C. 244 Mills, Viki A. 230 Mills, Kenneth B. 244 Misan. Albert V. 126, 127, 219, 230 Mitchell, Marvin A. Jr. 122. 123, 270 Mittan, Raymo nd D. Jr. 120, 121, 230 Monk, George A. 68, 70, 244 Monroe, Allen, G. 270 Monteforte, Gail F. 270 Mooney, Linda R. 116, 117, 230 Moon, George T. 256 Moore, Regina B. 244 Moore, Sarah L. 89, 90, 91, 244, 270 Moore, Sarah A. 108 Morales, Jose A. 230 Morgan, Edwin C. 230, 167 Morgan, Richard G. 120, 121, 128, 129, 244, 78 Moriarty, Terry J. 270 Morris. Charles E. 95, 126, 127, 244, 78 Morris, Charles W. 244 Morrison, James R. 270 Morrow, Joey B. 139, 244 Marse, Michael H. 270 Morton, Scott B. 244, 78 Moseley, WUliam H. 230 Moschetti, Stephen V. 270 Mosher, Victoria L. 90, 91, 112, 113, 244 Mosher, Douglas G. 270 Moss, Donna M. 270 Moss, Larry R. 270, 160 Motto, Shelly L. 270 Moye, Margaret S. 230 Mulach, Joel F. 270 MuUen, James M. 84, 144, 145, 244 Mundhenk, Diane 94, 230, 96 Murabta, Awad K. 256 Murphy, Linda A. 87, 88, 92, 256 Murphy, Patricia L. Murphy, Lee H. Murphy, SaUie P. 115, 244 Murray, Susan L. 270 Musgrove, Janis V. 244 Mussnug, Patricia L. 77, 94, 256 Musselman, Roddy W. 256 Myer, TerreU A. 89, 118, 119, 244 Myhre, Mary M. 230 Nakamura, Kiyoshi 270 Nance, Tilda F. 89, 116, 117, 230 Nannarello, Joseph L. 271 Nash, Robert W. 244 Nations, Maureen M. 256 Naumann, Keith Carlton 126, 127, 244, 152 Neely, James R. 271 Nelson, Karen S. 271 Nettles, Karan S. 84, 256 Newell, Frank C. 95, 120, 121, 244 Newman, Anthony S. Nichols, Forest J. 244 Nichols, Leslie A. 70, 115, 256 Nichols, Steven H. 271, 164 Noesner, Gary W. 76, 115, 126, 127, 230, 61 Nolen, Harold M. 136, 137, 244, 164 Nonnenmacher, Sylvia S. Norman, Robert A. 256 Norris, Gregory A. 130, 131, 230 Norris, Marcali 84, 271 Oatley, Patrick M. 120, 121, 152 Obenauer, Denise J. 90, 91, 271 Ogden, Barbara M. 271 Oister, William P. Olen, Milton W. Jr. 84 O ' Leary, Kathleen M. Ormond, Scott M. 271 Orr, Deborah J. 271, 160, 170 Otoole, Sally P. 124, 125 Owen, Steven C. 167 Owens, Brenda C. Pace, Albert L. Jr. 130, 131 Paiva, Donna J. 271 Palmer, Lori J. 256 Parker, Eddie 71, 176, 230 Parker, Julie C. 68, 69, 75, 87, 89, 90, 91, 112, 113 Parks, Linda L. 86. 271 Parramore, Diane A. 71, 89, 271 Parrish, Deborah A. 87, 230 Parrish, Thomas W. 271, 164 Parsche, David A. 271 Parsons, Donald J. 76, 83, 84, 140, 230 Patterson, Ann 230 Patterson, Ruth P. Patterson, George A. 136, 137 Patton, Scott E. 230 Patton, Elizabeth L. 94, 271 Patton, Joanne L. 271 Parr, BUI 160 Paulhn, Robert L. Paul, Michael E. 272 Paul, Sandra G. Peabody, Janelle Pearce, Richard W. Jr. 245 Pearce, Karen G. 256 Pearsall, Barbara L. 272 Peaslee, Richard R. 256 Peck, Douglas W. 231 Peel, Thomas S. 84 PeUett, Lane 92, 115, 231 Pepper, Kenneth A. 272 Perez, Loring F. 144, 145, 245 Percy, WiUiam F. 130, 131, 245 Peri, Elizabeth K. 272 Perry, Angela C. 75, 86, 245 Perry, Carol J. 256 Perry, Elizabeth M. 112, 113 Petersen, Lynn A. 245 Peterson, WiUiam D. 245 Petrock, John J. 231 Petrie, Steven G. 84, 140, 256 Pfaller, Ruth A. 89, 90, 91, 108, 231 Pfifferling, Patricia 256, 173 Phillips, Dianne 256 PhUlips, John L. 76, 122, 123, 231, 161 Pickard, Jean A. 89, 90, 91, 231 Pickering, WiUiam B. 69, 76, 126, 127, 245 Piercy, Cathleen L. 124, 125, 245 Pilley, Clay A. 272, 160 Pinto, Susan M. 142, 143, 256 Pinks, Patricia A. Ill, 245 Pirtle, SherriU L. 126, 127, 231 Pirrello, Lisa R. 272, 170 Plaza, Lenidas 245 Poling, Dennis K. 256, 151 PoUng, David C. 126, 127, 272 Polk, Edith E. 272 Pollard, Arthur G. 244 Ponsler, Gene A. 231 Porter, Joy L. 108, 231 Porter, Laura D. 272 Porter, Jeanne M. 272 Porter, Roberta L. 256 Portlock, Clare W. 245 Powell, Amanda L. 75, 87, 111, 245 Powhatan, Robert S. 87, 90, 91, 231 Powers, MeUssa B. 144, 145, 272 Poyner, Margaret E. 272 Prentice, Deborah A. 231, 173 Pressinger, SaUy M. 89, 116, 117. 245 Preston, Nancy M. 256 Price. Charles E. 272 Price, James F. 272 Price, Sharon L. 87, 132, 133, 245 Prine, Judy 272 Pruitt, Mary E. 245 Pryor, Greg 231, 163 Przychodniecz, Karen A. 245 Puchhas, Kathleen A. 86, 256 Purviance, Dianne 124, 125, 245 Pyle, JoelF. 126, 127, 256, 167 Quesada, Alina C. 231 Raby, Deborah S. 272 Rader, Marylou E. 272 Ramsey, Sally I. 90, 91, 108, 231 RamskiU, Vicki L. 118, 119, 231 Ramsland, Jeffrey R. 140, 245 Ransom, Michael J. 256 Rau, Arthur W. Jr. 272 Index Read, Deborah J. 79, 108, 245 Ream, Sarah P. 90, 91, 256 Reasor, Susan D. 90. 91, 116, 117, 231 Reeck, Nanci E. 88, 112, 113, 245 Reed, Alan R. 272, 156 Reed, Donna J. 245 Reese, Jacqueline V. 71, 86, 272 Reeves, Debra J. 99, 112, 113 Reeves, James A. 272 Reid, Gloria K. 124, 125, 256 Reindehl, Randy M. 272 Remington, Richard M. Jr. 256 Renshaw, Geoffrey 83, 84, 231 Replogle, Fredrica M. 231 Restaiick, David G. 122, 123, 245 Restaino, John M. 256 Reuben, Jay F. Jr. 232, 78 Reuscher, David L. 256 Reydel, Joan L. 272 Reynolds, Jerry L. 232 Rhine, Jack R. Jr. 245, 164 Ricci, Brian D. 126, 127, 256 Riley, Ellen T. Ill, 232 Rivers, Deborah L. 272 Rivers, Robin D. 272 Rizzo, Philip E. 272 Robbins, Sherry R. 118, 119, 232 Roberts, June C. 112, 113, 245 Roberts, Joseph A. 140, 245, 151 Roberts. Karen E. 112, 113, 256 Roberts, Jerry N. 272 Roberts, Susan L. 272 Roberts, Thomas T. 272 Robinette, Mary J. 272 Robinson, Dana 255 Robinson, Judith C. 232 Robinson, Rebecca J. 112, 113, 232 Robinson, Robin D. 112. 113, 256 Robinson, Rebecca F. 272 Roche, Alice M. 232 Roddenberry. Sara L. 232 Roettgen, Martha J. 116, 117, 245, 173 Rogers, Bruce L. 272 Rogers, Donald R. 256 Rogers, Richard W. Jr. 232 Rogers. PhUUp A. 272 Rohde, Ellen S. 272 RolUns, Kathryn E. Ill, 257 Rolston, Eugene D. 272 Romig, Michael C. 245 Rooks, Terry L. 273, 170 Roode, Donna J. 257 Rose, Laurie E. 124, 125, 257 Roseen, John H. 95, 245 Ross, Diane K. 273 Rossman, Barbara A. 89, 144, 145, 273 Rothenberg, Sandra J. 88, 108, 232 Rouse, David L. 252 Roveto, Donald R. 273, 152 Row, Ahson A. 75, 112, 113, 257 Ruckman, Virginia K. 83, 84, 116, 117, 232 Rumier, John B. II 101, 126, 127, 232 Ruppel, Nancy J. 90, 91, 142, 143, 245 Ruppel, Douglas C. 273 Rush, Sherry J. 257 Russell, Linda A. 142, 143, 245 Russi, Jan L. 99. 118, 119, 245 Sachs, Catherine A. 245 SaUstad, John R. 72, 79, 134, 135, 257 Salisbury, Patty S. 86, 94, 232 Sander, Robert T. 139, 245, 78 Sander, Michael L. 273. 160 Sandhagen. Phillip W, 128, 129, 257 Sandidge, SaUy 88, 245 Sanger, Jeffrey A. 245. 78 Sapp. Linda C. 111. 232 Sapp. Florence L. 88, 90. 91, 93, 118, 119, 257 Saraduke, Sarah E. 273 Sasso, Robert W. 122. 123, 232 Saulsbury, Martha K. 95, 118, 119. 257 Saunders, EmUy E. 144. 145, 232 Saunders, Louise M. 89, 93, 257 Savonarola, Donna M. 84 Schafer, Carl 257 Schaibly, Dennis J. 273 Scheb, Patricia L. 72, 83. 132, 133, 246 Schell, Donald L. 257 Schemmer, Renata K. 246 SchenkUng, Monika G. 86, 257 Scherer, Robert L. 257, 152 Scheuerman, Cynthia D. 246 Schley, Donna A. 273 Schlegel, Lucinda T. Ill, 246 Schlitzkus, Beverly 273 Schmidt, Robin A. 232 Schmidt. Edana M. 273 Schneider. Susan H. 88, 257 Schneider, Laurie M. 257 Scholl. WiUi 86, 273 Schooley, Sheryl M. 273 Schriber, Sydney S. 68, 72, 115, 246 Schroter, Frances M. 246 Schuler, Jeftery W. 246 Schulz, Pamela J. 257, 82 Schultz, Deborah E. 273 Schwabland, Deborah E. 273 Schwartz. James D. Jr. 79, 116, 117, 128, 129, 232. 78 Scott. Joseph W. Jr. 126. 127, 247 Seddon, Tracey L. 90. 91, 274 Seegmiller, Deborah A. 115, 257 Seigler, Lila E. 232 Sehm, PhylUs D. 90. 91. 274 Seltenright. RusseU I 136, 137, 232 Severtson, Jan Marie 274 Sewell, RusseU E. 274 Shafer, Carl D. 152 Shafer, Sharon T. 246 Shankwitz, Pamela J. 108. 246 Shaw, Thomas E. Ill 258 Shea, Mary E. 112, 113, 258 Shepheard, Lindsay L. 118. 119, 232, 173 Sherman, Harold D. 258 Sherran. Harry L. 167 Sherry, Rebecca S. M. 258 Shields, Susan R. 142, 143, 232 Shinkoff, John N. 258 Shirreffs. Lynn H. 274 Shirreffs, Lyle H. 274 Shoniker, Joseph J. Jr. 76, 136, 137, 232 Short, RosaUe J. 72, 89, 90, 91, 92, 108 Shuey, Marcia A. 89, 274 Siler, Mary R. 233 SUls, Jeffery M. 274 SUberman. Deborah L. 274 Silvers. Louis D. 258 SUver, Gayl D. 258 Simmons, Hayward L. Jr. 94, 122, 123, 258 Simmons, David B. 274 Simpson, Barbara C. 246 Sims, Thomas E. Ill 120, 121, 132, 133, 246, 164 Sinclair, Margaret C. 77, 124, 125, 258, 173 Sizemore, Robert S. 120, 121, 233 Skitsko, G. Barry 128. 129, 233 Skinner, Ruthanne 274 Smallwood, William R. 274 Smith, Alta C. 142, 143, 258 Smith. Andrew J. 274. 167 Smith. Cynthia L. 112, 113, 128, 129, 233 Smith, Charlene T. 258, 160 Smith, David E. Smith, Donald B. 274 Smith. EmUy J. 75, 89. 90, 91, 233 Smith, Jay R. 122. 123, 247, 164 Smith, Jim S. 258 Smith. Joyce A. 246. 173 Smith, Janet L. 258 Smith, Kenneth S. II 95. 274 Smith. Logan K. 246 Smith, Lucy A. 258 Smith, Randall S. 258 Smith, Robert A. 274, 156 Smith, Susan L. 2 74 Smith, Thomas S. 134, 135, 258, 152 Smith, Terry A. 274. 164 Smither, John K. 79, 101, 233, 78 Snapp. John P. 112. 113. 120, 121 Sneden, Dennis 174 Snyder, Margarita L. 87. 258 Snyder, Carolee H. Sonne, Kenneth G. 258 Sovacool, Rhonda M. 116, 117, 233 Spak, David J. 258 Spencer, Ina M. 246 Spencer, Gary A. 93, 274 Spencer, Jerry L. 274 Spivey. Dorothy R. 233 Spires. Wanda J. 274 Sprague, Sarah E. 140, 141, 142, 143, 233 Sprague, George H. Ill 93, 274 Spruill, David A. 144, 145, 233 Spyker, Beth L. 115, 247, 171 Stacy, James L. 174 Staerker, Walker L. 122, 123, 233 Stadtman, Lynn J. 233 Stambaugh, Jere L. Ill 94, 246 Stanley. Mark E. 234. 151 Stansbury, Gwendolyn J. 116. 117, 234, 173 Stansel, John P. Ill Stanton, John P. 246. 152, 160 Steely, Jo A. 118, 119, 246 Stephens, William B. Jr. 234 Stevenson, Jean L. 258, 82 Stewart, Allison M. 254 Stewart, Albert D. 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