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iii5iiiiii:ilil!;li;Ki:l ..,T- " T TUT-, .i., . • • ♦ ♦ ♦, { ' ♦ % % ' % ♦ m.9 t s j. A . FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE BOOKSTORE ti5. A . %, ■%. ? r r T ♦ t s»r.,!?a:iX ' 5:;irai.T: 1969 INTERLACHEN FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE LAKELAND, FLORIDA VOLUME 37 ' f • r r " f ■ !»aff " WWritTiN»T «lBIK ' HWVH !!-; « ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ' ♦ ♦ ' ♦ ♦ ♦ ' t ■ « ' • " V » ' ♦ ' ■ ♦ ' ' Time it was, i • i • And what a time it was, i ' A time of innocence, ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ " A time of confidence, " ' ' ' psi i v 5- f t ■ ■■ m 1 - ■ " Long ago ... it must be . . . ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ' sjiiui:fc: as w5 !i3|PFJSS5ESSSii:aKT5S( gZiMR£99!Si «iirH{ lfi t«!)]iS 7Q; have a photograph. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ' Preserve your memories; ' ' ' I ? ' ? Willi PIWIMllWiWlfiattlJMSIJIHa4»Hir! niMHtkiiSkMirtuMar . ' rhTSiTnTPTi ritiN (iicui;. ' sfHG:ii r ' ♦ ♦ ' Si S=S CESliSFrMS;-:.r " P ' T:m:5 !ilv-hit,WiJjTO!ii(Ri;; i!?»qcsiIiR|.J5:psSiiiiIi5Sp™ BM1HfMMlMJiajMnii)sntiinti{u]«;3iMi i£3ia They ' re all that ' s left you. .-.,..;.;.;.:::;l TABLE OF CONTENTS Features Beauties Organizations Notables 113 1969 INTERLAi Gl ' eeks 125 Helen Lawton . . . . Sports 177 Wendy Werner . . . . Military 213 ' ° " Stephens . . . Academics ... 221 Debbie Vickers .... riaccAc " ' ' o ic Sarah Stormont . . . J ' ' 3 5® 245 PaulWille ' " aex 310 Hal waters VOLUME THIRTY-SEVEN FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE LAKELAND 1969 INTERLACHEN STAFF Helen Lawton . . . Editor Wendy Werner . . . . . Editorial Assistant Gloria Stephens . . . . . Editorial Assistant Debbie Vickers . . . . . . Business Manager Sarah Stormont . . . . Business Manager PaulWille .... . . . . Photography Hal Waters .... Advisor " Architecture is frozen music. " Goethe iKm)ia ii!oasoBS!9MiuwiunMiiiMWHsnkswiiHiDE!aNu ' Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory. " Cervantes V5S -- 21 WJ ' 1 T s«i1piir ' ' ' WPF ' l= ' W5iliWjTO?t " We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, and new rights to be won, and they must be won and used for the progress of all people. " John Kennedy 23 r - ■ ■ ■ ♦ ■ •■» " You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself. " Galileo ' J«S(i»!J !»P )$SMtRWiAF 27 ♦ ♦ " The better part of every man ' s education is that which he gives himself. " J. R. Lowell ' Education has for its object the formation of character. " Herbert Spencer ?ESaSS!ffliflB?KSi6aBSffK ' J5«TS9v iiigi ' RiVM jgpiiisiJiiiiiitisy ia : - ■■■! . - w m 31 ' We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. " Goethe •• —■••••Ml ■ ' »3SSfS rS ' is5®iwqiA ' WB!i!PS ' ' To be alive is to be aware. " Randi 35 . . . . t • " To be alive r A XS ' - r- -Hi«s 37 ' Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " Emerson 39 " When life does not find a singer to sing her heart she produces a philosopher to speak her mind. " Kahlil Gibran BS5l4:K ' fllRII•¥v siKS»i3«ii;iiX TSI f ♦ " All that is good in man lies in youthful feeling and mature thought. " Joubert ' ■i:i;iiK5i.ife ' J ' r::S!if!;B8j;iMlWllSilitiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiPi t ♦ ♦ ♦ ' For he who much has suffr ' d, much will know. " Homer M iiaa rtSM«rfeiiK«iaiis!MM»» ' ' " Society is now one polished ' d horde, Form ' d of two migiity tribes, the BORES and BORED. " Byron ' Of all the days that ' s in the week I dearly love but one day — And that ' s the day that comes between A Saturday and Monday. " Henry Carey 49 le signs o Matthew XVI :3 NO RIGHT TURN NO LEFT TURN t0 i. - ' 4i ! - wiV- B. N i ,-ilf- " = ,nJ t- fe il ' =-1 ' IK ' ,!-- =; - dr- if=-J - .,1 ' -J " - P 1 mttm-i nLi 11 — ■ - M L ilfflin " =11 — -J In ■4 -4 mi ' ' - 1 ' ■! ■ ' i 4iK ill iiiifc ili ii!ii!iii«iaiiii:aiu{i!!i»iii!ii ♦ ♦ Campus Beauties 54 ' r : A . « ' f - Campus Beauties iJilliii ' I ijmm 57 : . •• -•♦• - r " CyV((M SntdaJm ooui Dhm v Sponsored by KAPPA DELTA 58 umWv Sponsored by ALLEN SPIVEY HALL miiku Sponsored by SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON w onMkj 59 • •♦• -J Sponsored by ALLE N SPIVEY HALL Sponsored by SIGMA PHI EPSILON s ahmkj Sponsored by KAPPA ALPHA OL{JuQ (M Sponsored by TRI SIGMA m d Sponsored by ALPHA DELTA PI 18F i rs-m m m m Sponsored by KAPPA SIGMA um Sponsored by ALPHA CHI OMEGA ANDY GRIFFITH Many thanks to Mr. Andy Griffith, our Celebrity Judge, for choosing the 1969 MISS INTERLACHEN and the two Runners-up. We appreciate it. The MISS INTERLACHEN finalist judges were: Mr. Melvin Estroff, owner of THE EMPIRE Mrs. Cleon Robnett, manager of COUNTRY GIRL Mr. Ed Robbins, Manager of the LAKELAND LITTLE THEATRE Mr. Dick Phillips, owner of PHILLIPS PHOTOGRAPHERS Mr. Ernie Daughtry, owner of COIFFURES BY PHILIP 63 JOHNNA REID 1968 Sigma Chi Derby Queen Best Dressed Coeds FRAN MITCHELL Upperclassman MARIAN LESTER Freshman f rm TV , II ..- llll ill l, " lll ' ll ' l,l yi ' .„ „ ' , ,..,iii ' i " iii I |j ii " irj ' ,1 ,„,i ,iii ,iii ' i ,i " !0 ,,.r 5.!T„i " ' iOI m Supreme Court Justice is the firm and continuous desire to render to everyone that which is his due. — Justinian Members of the head of Judicial Branch of Student Government Asso- ciation: foreground — Susan Haynes; seated — Sandy Griffin, Chief Justice; standing — Craig Brenner, Ellen Tal- bott, Jon French, Montford Duncan, Betty Bloomer. I Student Government Association Members of the chief student governing body are, from left to right, along the wall: Guy Odum, Kathy McGarry, Kathy Roberts, Candy Carle, Debbie Markert, Ann Godsal; standing on grass: Linda Lawrence, Ann McCay, Raye Mittan, Dick Literaty, Steve Thacker, Sandy Griffin, Lynn Ma- son, Allen Cox, Larry Kirkwood (President); on roof: Lynn Joyner, Craig Brenner, Frank Chand- ler, Dan Hogg, Ellen Talbott (Treas.), Sara Rob- inson, Bob Putnam, Betty Bloomer, John Run- ner. Not pictured: Greg Hoch, Fred Lewis (Pari.), Dave Godwin, Kathy Hoffman, Carl D ' Agostino, Diane Wilson (Sec), Larry Stahl (Vice-Pres.), Ann Hammond. To no one will we deny justice, to no one will we delay it. — Unknown 66 Student Union Board Mingle your cares with pleasure now and then. — Dionysis Members of the Student Union Board are from left to right — Steve Thacker, Nancie Whipple, Betty Bloomer, Sandra Strickland, Larry Rooks, Dave Hawkins, Tom Petcoff, Eloise Parsons, Waite Willis, Mr. Mack Gieger — Not pictured — Candy Santiago. 67 Men ' s Student Government That is the best government which desires to make the people happy, and knows how to make them happy. — Maculay Above: Members of Men ' s Judicial Board are, from left to right: David Evans, Jim Rogers, Dan ; Hogg, Bob Putnam. Right: Members of Men ' s Governing Body are, from left to right; row one: Bob Putnam, Jim Rogers, Don Kerrick, Dave Evans, Dan Hogg, John Denmark; row two: Kris i Kalbfleisch, Wilson Bozeman, John Metcalfe, Ed- ■ die Parker, Thomas Biery, Richard Skaates; Not pictured: Paul Brewer, Skip Randall, Gene Pon- ser, Steve Cummings, Terry Snell. , 68 Women ' s Student Government IRtght: Members of Women ' s Judicial Board are from left to right: Joan Ewing, Debby Markert, Sue Teale. Not pictured: Elena DeVilliers, Carolyn Cleveland, Vivian Judy. Below: Members of Worn en ' s Governing Body are, from left to right; sit ting: Suzanne Peterson, Janie Kleinschmidt, Bonnie Warner, Carol Lee; second row: Judy Woods, Ellen Talbott, Debby Markert, Helen Lawton, Ann Hammond, Julia Pearsall, Connie Ransom; third row: Nancy Ireland, Michelle Mc- Connell, Lana Harris, Kathe Hustin, Barbara Clegg, Bev McAfee, Christy King, Gwen Gibson, Mary Jane Dupree. 69 Junior Advisors No gift is more precious than good advice. — Erasmus Above: The junior advisors In the freshmen dorms are, from left to right; sitting: Candy Carle, Kerry Patrick, Liz Wicker, Kathy Repass: standing: Ingrid Blake, Julie Pearsall, Fran Mitchell, Bev McAfee, Elena DeVllliers. Not pictured: Vivian Judy. Right: The men ' s dorm advisors are, from left to right: John Coles, Doug Martin, Kendrick Bridges, Carl En- chelmayer, Allan Hanley, Larry Kirk- wood, Harry Heinman. Men ' s Resident Hall Advisors 70 Omicron Delta Kappa He preferred to be, rather than to seem, good; hence the less he sought fame, the more it pursued him. — Sallust Members of the national honorary for men are, from left to right, kneeling: Larry Rool s, Denis Durkin; row two: Craig Brenner, IVIr. Telle, Dr. Thrift, Guy Odum, Congress- man Herlong, Ed Devos, Rich Fulton, Tom Jones, Mr. Waters; row three: Mike Vernon, Maj. Mason, Peter Car- ruthers. Dr. Pierce, Dean Reddick, Fred Lewis, Dr. Bur- nette, Bob Dillon, Mr. Wooten. 71 Cap and Gown Living requires but little life; doing requires much. — Jeubert Members of the honorary for outstanding junior and senior women are from left to right: Mrs. Esau, Phyllis Thomas, Sara Robinson, Ellen Tal- bott, Patty Rooks, Linda Hayden. Not pictured: Susan Marsh. 72 Order of Omega Fame is what you have taken, charac- ter ' s what you give. — Bayard Tatlor Members of the Honorary for Outstanding Greek Men On Campus, from left to right, are; row one: Jim McBain, Ray Cody, Rusty Boyd, Pete Carruthers, Fred Lewis, row two: Greg Scanio, Mr. Wooten (advisor), Rich Fulton, Bob Putnam, Bob Dillon. Not pictured: Rudi Moerck, Mr. Kaminski, Mike Vernon, Ed Devos. 73 Alpha Eta Members of the honorary for freshman and sophomore women with a 3.5 overall average are: Row 1 — Odalie Kromp, Lynn Shafer, Jane Hamilton; Row 2 — Judith Mackiernan, Paula Parchee, Meredith Macklernan, Judy Ward, Barbara Bolander. r-n 74 % 4 ♦ ♦ Kappa Delta Pi The foundation of every state is the education of its youth. — Diogenes Members of the education honorary are, from left to right: Sue Caswell Jane Palmer, Terry Anniello, Linda Underhill, Dr. Milligan, George Coords Sandy Ernst, Betty Albritton, Susan Adamson, Patti Porter, Julie Swindell Lynne Ledyard, Fran Grainger. . ♦ Psi Chi Mind is ever the ruler of the universe. — Plato Members of the psychology honorary are, from left to right: kneeling — Kathy McPeek, Sarah McMamee; standing — Marlou Whitworth, Dr. Snell- grove, Ron Ulm, Ann McCay, Phil Murphy, Patty Rooks, Barbara McManeus, Judy Rushing, Liz Mitchell. 76 American Chemical Society What art was to the ancient world, science is to the modern. — Benjamin Disraeli Members of the chemistry club are, from left to right: Bob Helmick, Bobby Harty, Dr. Dinsmore, Judith Mackiernan, Bob Marriott, Eddy Brown, Susan Glass, Diane Mundhenk, Gerry Getman, Dr. Willard. Not pictured: Dana Jackson, Michelle Man- ning, David Rouse, Gary McDowell. 77 American Institute of Physics Members of the physics club are, from left to right; sitting: Dr. McCloskey, Harry Heimer, Ann Hammond, Leigh Loveday, Mr. George Robinson; standing: Jim Moyer, Bob Bertrend, Alvin Kuehn, Jim Goforth, Frank Preuss, David Clyde, Grover Thompson. Citrus Club Members of the citrus club are, from left to right; Mr. Mack, Bob Clark, Daniel Evans, Pete Beuttel, Lester Austin, Marshall Frasier, Bill Thompson, Brian Weaver, Ralph Sargeant, Joe Race, Mr. Ly!e. Beta Beta Beta Members of the biology club are, from left to right; row one: Cathy Warren, Cathy Cowherd, Iris Cade, Patty Salisbury, Carolyn Thomas, Lee Howland, Becky Slier, Carol Jelonek, Linda Letson, Rudi Moerck, June Coleman, Linda Hall, Marlou Whitworth, Martha Kleiner, Peggy Myhre, Anne Tweedy, Lianne Mayre, Jonni Sandidge, Mrs. Truitt; row two: Dr. Funderburg, Dr. Field, Grant Hansen, Dan Daniels, Craig Plowman, Richard French, Cam Green, John Thompson, Ernie Truby, Mr. Eicken- berg, Dave Swank. Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science. — Edwin Powell Hubble •♦■•♦■ ♦; Sailing Club Members of the sailing club from left to right are: Marilyn Greig, Karen Molnar, John Margolis, Jon Luce, George Coords, Bill Hoover, Chuck Hines, Dr. Mountcastle, Bob Jones, Bill Schroeder. 80 Phi Epsilon Mu Members of the Physical Education Majors Club are, from left to right; row one: Tom Green, Lynn Meng, Ann Rasputin, Gwen Stansbury, Linda Cesky; row two: Viv Judy, Peggy Holmes, Sue Hansen, Carey House; row three: Weldon Beach, Nancy Coehran, Millie Limmembamk, Delia Hagenmeyer, Mollie Zetler; row four: Tim Marting, Bob Campbell, Carol Beemer, Susan Fogg, Liz Wicker; row five: Jim Kelly, Bruce Kinder, Bill Wozman, Ron Kerrick, Rich Haralson, Jim Moore, Ron Varner. For when the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He marks — not that you won or lost — but how you played the game. — Rice 81 it .♦•♦■■•■ Political Union There is no more perfect endowment in man than political virtue. — Plutarch Members are, from left to right: Paula Wells, Jim Rogers, Ellen Talbott, Dr. James Camp- bell, Larry Kirkwood, Susan Adamson, Susan Downing, Sandra Griffin, Bob Long, Stan Yondra. 82 Pi Gamma Mu Members of the social science honorary are, from left to right: Paula Wells, Stan Yondra, Sandra Griffin, Larry Kirkwood, Bob Long, Dr. Campbell, Ellen Talbott, Susan Downing, Susan Adamson. Not pictured: Jim Rogers, Dennis Bradshaw, Fred Lewis, Larnell Rucks. •♦••♦ Phi Chi Theta Members of the women ' s business honorary are, from left to right: Kathy Roberts, Shirley Groover, Ellen Lesher, Linda Lawrence, Kay Drake, Susan Haynes, Gwen David, Carol Baker, Sally Thomas, Sarah Stormont, Joanie Vod Varka. ■i ' :• ■ if _ , Never fear the want of business. A man who qualifies himself well for his calling never fails of employment. — Thomas Jefferson Delta Sigma Pi Members of the men ' s Business honorary are, from left to right; row one: Bob Green, Ernie Wagoner, John Rau; row two: Bill Howl, Karl Von Ottomayer, J. T. Lane, Bill Ed- wards, Dave Aldridge, Paul Brewer, Dave Fisher, Alan Hanna, Marc Snyder, Bob Pauls, Ray Mittan, Jim Rogers, Mil e Vernon, Marshall Howell, Tom Jones, Dave Godwin, Guy Odum, Carl Enchelmayer, Dave Hawl ins. 85 ■-♦■ ' ♦ Vagabond: Members of the theatrical group, from left to right are; row one: Ann Burdet, Mr. Mussleman, Don Parsons, row two: Dave Stuckrath, Em Smith, John Metcalf, Mr. Wooten, Steve Hoffman, Margie Hausman, Steve Fidd- ler, Johnna Reid, row three: Gail Wiston, Pegge Myher, Larry Asher, Irene Terry, Lynn Magnum, Ella Stolarick, Becky Sellers, row four: Ruthmary Williams, Mela Mel- ton, Rick Roberts, Ann McClesky, Janet Bacon, Norma Jeans, Sue Dewitt, Bill Gray, Nancy Applegate, Cathy Lawson, Skip Sheffield, Sally Ramsey, row five: Joanne Morehead, Linda Franklin, Marjie Jung, Mary Flierl, Ray Fischer, Jack Schron, Jill Eilertsen, Sandy Sand- kuhl, Craig Morris. To make the weeper laugh, the laugher weep, He had the dialect and different skill, Catching all passions in his craft of will. — Shakespeare 86 . ♦ ♦ Who teach the mind its proper face to scan, and hold the faithful mirror up to man. — Robert Lloyd Alpha Psi Omega Members of the dramatic honorary are; row one: Linda Franklin, row two: Steve Hoffman, IVIarjorie Jung, Sandy Sandl uhi, row three: Mr. Mussleman, Jill Eilert ' sen, Mr. Wooten, Larry Asher. 89 International Club Members of the International Club are, from left to right: Carol Jelonek, Mr. and Mrs. SImboll Esther, Gills Yoshimi Ono, Mrs. Sudershanam, Wen- dy Jerge, Ayame Yoshlmo, Karl Limbourg, Dr. Peter Jonitls, Dr. Shev All, Barbara Clegg, Albert Misan, Sandy Ream, Susan Dawsey, George Hart- zog, John Gada, Grace Ebanks, Sandy Griffin, Miss Edwards, Aixa Gonzalez. Not Pictured: Dr. Calvin Aday, Nancy Bass, Libby Ellis, Fred Freeman, Alice Funderburg, Grace Riggs, Olivia Seibel, Dr. Jordan, Mr. Murphy, Rick Bonfim, Ana Amelia Smith, Greg Brugno, Rudi Moerck, Nell Thrift. So many countries, so many customs. — John Ray 90 Spanish Society Oh, lovely Spain! renown ' d romantic land! — Byron Members of the Spanish So- ciety are, from left to right; sitting: Ken Wilson, Ginny El- verson, Carolyn Doran, Daphne Beard, Edith Behm, Bernardo Calonge; standing: Mr. J. Mar- tinez, Patty Cox, Arthur Coords, Ana Amelia Smith, Kathy Sev- ersen, Esther Gill, Susan Per- ry, Mr. M. Sebig, Ann Cox; row two: Grace Riggs, Richard Rogers, Suzanne Morin, Alxa R. Gonzalez, Charles Wray. Not pictured: Penny Keene, Kathy Repass, Marian Lester, Lynn Mason, Janet Borchers, Susan Chewning, Marcia Hulce, Jeff Nore, Daphne Price, Linda Reid, Grace Ebanks, Kathy Ware. 91 ' t: -•■ -•• 4 4 t,m German Club Say ve for we, and wisy wersy. — Thomas Hood Members of the German Club are, from left to right; row one: Kurt Moerck. John Thompson, Rudi Moerck, Angelo Nesta, Jerald Blount. David Clyde, Grace Riggs, Paj Jarrell, Judy Stettler, Vicki Ramskill, Olivia Faulkner, Dr. Jordan; seated: Peggy Myhre, Chris Repasky; row two: George Hartzog, Mary Ann Powell, Karl Von Otto- mayer, Helen Wendell, Olivia Seibel, Nancy Bass, Mary Herbst, Ed Sweeny, Larry Gibbs, Wendy Jerge, Dan Dan- iels, Steve Grant, Patsy Na- pier, Bobby Hardy; row tfiree: Tim Betz, Allen Fisk, Reggie Houchin, Fred Freeman, Lee Loveday. V ■.♦.•■•■, Pi Delta Epsilon Members of the journalism honorary, from left to right, are; row one: Dr. Lott, Lynn Allen, Peggy Homans, Phyllis Thomas, Paula Wells: row two: Mr. Steng, Rick Roberts, Susan Sanders, Chris Polkowski, Sue DeWitt, Ellen Talbott, Sarah Stormont. 93 South ern Newspapers are the schoolmasters of the common people. That endless book, the newspaper, is our national glory. — Henry Ward Beecher Members of the school paper staff are, from left to right; row one: Nancie Whipple, Wendy Werner, Carol Robbins, Odalle Kromp; row two: Charlotte Gatton, Diane Stet- son, Sue DeWitt, Phyllis Thomas, Linda Wilson, Lana Kelly, Lynn Allen; row three: Stuart Carroll, Tom Keehn, Chris Polkowski, Mr. William Steng. 94 ' V » - . " » i i. ' 95 Interlachen Members of the yearbook staff, are from left to right; row one: Olivia Faull ner, Wendy Werner, Helen Lawton, Judy McLain, Charlotte Gatton, row two: Susan Shields, Peggy Homans, Lynn Tanner, Carolyn Shaw, Patty Schmidt, Jane Woods, Paula Wells, Jane Hamilton, Carol Jelonek, Cathy Cowherd, Debbie Murphy, row three: Debbie Vickers, Alice Funderberg, Pat Bowen, Kathy O ' Toole, Ellen Talbott, Sarah Stormont, Gail Rowen, Terry Jourdan, row four: Dara Williams, Gailyn Littlejohn. Not pictured: Bill Tatlor, Nancy Ireland, Jill King, Karen Worrill, David Swoyer, Mary Davitt, Peggy Myhre, Pat Boswell, Linda Cesky. 96 97 98 Concert Choir Members of the Concert Choir are, from left to right; foreground: Michelle Menting, Carol Beemer, Don Houts, second row: Larry Krewson, Susan Glass, Bob Bugrand, Jeanna Pickard, Terry Sisk, Dorothy Newsom, Bill Barnes, Julie Bedenbaugh, Shirley Bedenbaugh, Eddie Parker, third row: Jo Lott, Clark Summerlin, Cheryl Hinson, Donna Stephens, Ruth Mock, Sandy Griffin, fourth row: Rick Roberts, fifth row: Barbara Clegg, Jane Warkentin, Susan Reasor, Bob Przychodniecz, sixth row: Ed Maassen, Carol Steegstra, Janet Feible, Joe Jones, Sharon Hamilton, Ray Fisher, Lornie Tilton, Nancy Neal, Richard Skaates, Jill Eilertson, Bev McAfee, Lee Hedberg, Paula Parche, Linda Hayden, Lynn Hart, Beth Rein- hardt, David Brenner, Susan Sumner. 99 Let the pealing organ blow, To the full voic ' d quire below, In service high, and anthems clear, As may with sweetness, through mine ear, Dissolve me into ecstasies, And bring all Heav ' n before mine eyes. — Milton American Guild of Organists Chapel Choir Members of the Chapel Choir are, from left to right; Row 1: Pam Jarrell, Sally Ramsey, Jayne Warkentin, Penny Church, Nancy Applegate, Sue Robinson, Sue Wylie; Row 2: Terry Sisk, Millie Linnenbank, Mr. Ream, Charleen Broome; Row 3: Jay Lehman, Jayne Baker, Cathey Lawson, Karen Edinger, Jim Zajicek, Sam Norton, Steve Fidler. 100 Members of the student group of organists are, from left to right: Penny Hilts (Sec.-Treas.), Joe Jones, Lynne Hart, Dana Glass, Bruce Sayre, Terry Sisk (Pres.), Prof. Brier- ley (advisor). Not pictured: Patrick Townley, Linda Thomson. Girls Choir Members of the Girls Choir are. Row 1: Juanita Brice, Grace Ebanks; Row 2: Grace Guess, Pam Jarrell, Sandy Ream, Dottie Hill, Nancy Hall, Penny MaGill, Bonnie Gatchell, Janet Driggs, Dottie Steward, Lori Page; Row 3: Arlyne Ferrara, Mary Ann Powell, Martha Boyles, Helene Huguenin, Lynn Shafer, Priscilla Wike. ' t ■»■ ' •■•■ Alpha Mu Sigma Music the fiercest grief can charm, And Fate ' s severest rage disarm: Music can soften pain to ease, And make despair and madness please: Our joys below it can improve, And antedate the bliss above. — Pope Members of the women ' s music hon- orary are from left to right; row one: Sandy Griffin, Sunny Sumner; row two: Barbara Clegg, Julie Benden- baugh, Paula Parshe, Dana Glass, Susan Glass; row three: Gale Weech, Martha Boyles, Grace Guess, Linda Hayden, Penny Hilts; row four: Su- san Reasor, Dorothy Newsom, Nancy Weal, Carol Steegstra, Priscilla Wike, Jayne Warkentin, Lorie Liltonslank; row five: Miss Rita Landrich, Cheryl Hinson, Jill Eilertson. 102 Baptist Student Union -5 ♦ Members of the B.S.U. (left) are, from left to rigfit; sitting: Pauline Stanfield, Rozie Jen- kins, Dorothy Newsom; stand- ing: Debbie Denson, Cheryl Tyree, Linda Randall, Joy Por- ter, Chris Brown, Kathy Scala- brin. Jet Lusby. Not pictured: Debbie Murphy, Judy Ward, Bev Lutz. Members of the M.S.M, (below) are, from left to right; row one: Donna Ste- phens, Donna Green, Priscilla Wike, Julia Bedenbaugh, Susan Dawsey, Jayne Warkentin; row two: Sandra Ream, Jane Cato, Jackie Johnson, Barbara Evans, Jo Lott, Carol Jelonek, Bob Long; row three: June Coleman, Sue Robinson, Sue Creus, Patsy Napier, Carolyn Shaw; row four: Ron Franz, Joe Jones, Martha Boyles, Connie Hunt, Chaplain Tom Price, Mike Dale. Religion — that voice of tine deepest human experience. — Matthew Arnold Methodist Student Movement Kg = ♦■♦ ♦. Theta Chi Beta Members of the religious honorary are, from left to right: Carolyn Cleveland, Mr. Thurston, Dan Hagen, Ruth Mook, Sue Downing, Susan Adamson, Linda Moore, George Coords, Bonnie Leslie, Susan Marsh, Jo Lott, Peggy Homans, Edie Wysong, Terry Cowart. 104 Gamma Sigma Chi Members of the professional religious fraternity are, from left to right; row one: Larry Krewson, Dennis Baldwin, John Denmark, Barry Lane; row two: Jerry Morgen, Charles Peck, Doug Mailman, Allan Hanley. Sigma Rho Epsilon Members of the women ' s religious honorary are, from left to right: Ruth Mock, Mr. Thurston, Janice Hutchins, Jo Lett, Carolyn Cleveland, Bonnie Leslie, Martha Alderman, Donna Stephens, Jayne Warkentin. 106 Interfaith Council There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it. — Barnard Shaw ' Members of the Interfaith Council are, from left to right: Barry Lane, Doug Hallman, Chaplain Price, Jo Lott, Jeanne Lippert, Linda Randal. 107 - .• - ■• -: What is a home without a mother? Hawthorne Residence Hall Counselors 1. Mrs. Ruth Padgett 11. Mrs. Edith Sullivan 2. Mrs. Madeline Cox 12. Mrs. Jessie Stewart 3. Mrs. Arpha Smith 13. Miss Lois Cann 4. Mrs. Myrtle Cook 14. Mrs. Helen Bruggner 5. Mrs. Lilah Chisholm 15. Mrs. Evelyn Glass 6. Mrs. Irene Bond 16. Mrs. Lucille Dekle 7. Miss Agnes Johnson 17. Mrs. Dorothy Hyson 8. Mrs. Mary Dannehl 18. Mrs. Gertrude Lober 9. Mrs. Bertie Lee 19. Mrs. Edwina House 10. Mrs. Edna Honeycutt 20. Mrs. Mary Hackney 21. Mrs. 22. Mrs. 23. Mrs. 24. Mrs. 25. Mrs. 26. Mrs. 27. Mrs. 28. Mrs. 29. Mrs. 30. Miss Frances McDanlels Sarah Squires Elsie Weaver Mary Lupfer Freda Prentice Madeline Walker Vera Williams Oleita Herring Myrtis Denman Helen Snell I ■ . " ' ts 1 • ' i li: ■ ' • ..V Li2 h - L NOTABLES ' J t iv. • v who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities Above: Left to Right — Johnna Ried K , Bob Dillon DKA, Susan Marsh ZTA, Ellen Talbott A n, Below: Left to Right — Betty Bloomer AOIl, Peter Carruthers ex, Raymond Cody ox, Carolyn Cleveland AAH. O -W Left to Right — Fred Lewis ZAE, Sara Robinson ZTA, and Micliael Vernon 2AE. Standing — Edward DeVos TKE, Seated — Linda Hayden and Larry Kirl wood TKE. Not pictured — Montfort Duncan TKE. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Fred Lewis 2AE and Sara Robinson ZTA. wmit J.1 J 1 Left to right — Becky Trost AXr , Ed DeVos, TKE, Phyllis Thomas ZTA, and Gerald Kaufman TE . Greek Hall of Fame Left to Right — Pete Carruthers ex, Judy Shy AAn, Bob Dillon nKA, Ray Cody ex. 113 ♦ ♦ . oalfy iq6q CAROLYN CLEVELAND sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi 114 V- ♦ ••. ' . .- - - ' . l ' Candidates for Miss Southern Seated — Barbara McManeus sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta Betty Bloomer sponsored by Alpha Omicron Pi Becky Trost sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega Carolyn Doran sponsored by Sigma Sigma Sigma Rosario Santiago sponsored by Student Union Board Standing — Nancy Rees sponsored by Kappa Delta Sandy Griffin sponsored by Student Govern- ment Association Linda Hayden sponsored by Cap and Gown Phyllis Thomas sponsored by Zeta Tau Alpha Debbie Markert sponsored by Women ' s Student Government Association Paula Wells sponsored by Delta Zeta Not pictured — Carolyn Cleveland sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi Pat Barbee sponsored by Phi Mu ♦ •J -•v ' . - -♦♦-♦ Honor Walk f % V J» .••. ' For attaining Florida Southern ' s highest honor in recog- nition of scholastic achievement and extra-curricular ac- tivities, Fred Lewis has been chosen as Honor Walk stu- dent. He was chosen for Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities, Greek Hall of Fame, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Order of Omega; and is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Psi Chi, Pi Gamma Mu, Political Union, Interfraternity Council, the Senate; and was presi- dent of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes. ; ; :. . ' ' ■■ ::♦■ { ' { Greek Goddess Paquita Martinez Greek God Jon French ' An acre of performance is worth the whole world of promise. " — Howell 120 GREEKS -:♦: .♦v. Men work together, I told him from the heart, Whether they work together or apart. — Robert Frost Clinton James KA Polly Derry berry AXn Jay Anderson KS Ann Atkinson AAII Dean McGinnIs i i;K Lynn Shafer ArA Craig Brenner IlKA Paquita Martinez Aon Bob Przychodniecz IIK Elaine Alarie AZ Jaci Schron 2AE Jinky Richards KA Mike Opalinski SX Pat Barbee M Sam Cam ma rata S E Jane Fitzgerald 222 Jay Shewmaker TE S Donna McCullough ZTA Bob Haselier TKE Gary McGriff ex Linda Lawrence Pan. Carl Hart IFC Bob Fryer Exec. Steve Hemman Exec. Sunny Sumner Exec. Panhellenic Council For there is no friend like a sister In calm or stormy weather; To cheer on the tedious way, To fetch one If one goes astray, To lift one if one totters down. To strengthen whilst o ne stands. — Rossetti Johnna Reid K Nancy Sewell KA Jinky Richards KA Joan Ewing Acm Donna Thompson AOn Frankie Sherrill AAII Linda Lawrence AAII Paj Jarrell ATA Kathy Repass ATA Kathie Moore AZ Jane Woods AZ Judy Rushing AXn Kathy Roberts AXn Patty Schmidt 2i;2 Ingrid Blake i: Faith Bryant 4 M Julie Pearsall ZTA (not pictured) Ruth Farabee ZTA Pat Barbee M 122 v- 124 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 1. Paj Jarrell 13. Wendy Hamilton I. Nancy Hunt 14. Bonnie Warner 3. Lynn Shafer 15. Susan Downing . Magg Dessalet 16. Diane Strohacker 5. Nancy Harris 17. Marg Jung . Nancy Frassica 18. Kathy Repass ' . Margie Hutsen 19. Linda Moore I Patsy Napier 20. Mary Fondren 3. Charlotte Gatton 21. Sunny Sumner ). Chris Kreider 22. Linda Reid I. Rozanne Jenkins 23. Pat Repass I. Barbara McManeus Epsilon Pi 125 ♦ ♦ ♦ ■ ' , ' m-]-m i ALPHA DELTA PI We live for each other. 126 4 :• .♦v L 1. Linda MacMullen 7 2. Judy Munc u 3. Sandy Ernst in 4. Frankie Sherrill )U 5. Kathy Davis M 6. Ella Smith [ 7. Pam Addis ) 8. Ann Atkinson _ 9. Mary Jane Deupree s- 10. Linda Lawrence j Il- Ann McCay r ia. Linda Fowler 13. Nancy DeVeer 14. Kathy McGarry 15. Judy Shy 16. Julie Swindell 17. Susan Adamson 18. Virginia Pauik 19. Carolyn Cleveland 20. Sandi Green 21. Fran Grainger B 22. Andie Jenkins H 23. Lou Wightman H 24. Janet Williams H 25. Kay Hedrick 1 26. Lucia Batstone H 27. Kay Jolkovski H 28. Edie Wysong H 29. Phyllis Folio 1 30. Martha Alderman ■ 31. Lynn Meng p 127 ALPHA OMICRON PI To us it is our hearts, To you but a rose. Susie Bensinger Marge Coon Candi Coble Hessie Froehling Odalie Kromp Kathy Ware Andy McGee 8. Suzanne Morin 9. Carol Hoffman 10. Jan Croysdale 11. Marilynn Mittan 12. Donna Thompson 13. Paquita Martinez Karen Ames Deana Adams Noel Martel Glen Berree Carol Lady 19. Evelyn Greiser 20. Terri Hink 21. Joan Ewing 22. Lorene Berree 23. Fran Mitchell 24. Debbie Botner 25. Kerry Patrick 26. Barb Bolander 27. Helen Lawton 28. Karen Worrill 29. Jill Eilertson 30. Wendy Werner 31. Bev McAfee 32. Sara Stahlin 33. Terry Jourdan 34. Kathy O ' Toole 35. Betty Bloomer 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. ALPHA CHI OMEGA 130 Together let us seek the heights. Rich Haralson — Sweetheart 1. Terry Grange 18. Lisa Seaquist 2. Jill Albert 19. Gail Rowan 3. Polly Derryberry 20. Rich Haralson 4. Diane Wilson 21. Pat Bowen 5. Linda Godsall 22. Debby Vickers 6. Joan Scherer 23. Susan Rodenbaugh 7. Susan Sanders 24. Polly Jongewaard 8. Candy Carle 25. Terry Pearsall 9. Ginger Walters 26. Kathy Roberts 10. Sarah Stormont 27. Terry McGriff 11. Barbara Walker 28. Janet Hoffmeister 12. Gloria Buck 29. Ann Waller 13. Judi Rushing 30. Debbie Cheeseman 14. Christy King 31. Kathy McBride 15. Kathy McPeek 32. Dara Williams 16. Lynn Mason 33. Penny Keene 17. Becky Trost .-♦♦• ,. •- • ;♦• ■ ' : DELTA ZETA m Stan Yandre — Sweetheart To crusade for justice To seek the truth And defend it always. 1. Paula Wells 2. Elaine Alarie 3. Stan Yandre 4. Carol Robbins 5. Janet Kleinschmidt 6. Karen Abell 7. Cher Hinson 8. Sandy Swanson 9. Diane Beede 10. Sharon Fricks 11. Jane Hamilton 12. Jackie Ditchfield 13. Laura Fredick 14. Alana Olsen 15. Janey Woods 16. Kathi Scalabrin 17. Judy Frank 18. Lee Howland 19. Kathi Moore 20. Gail Meredith 21. Sandy Ohnmacht 22. Jet Lusby 23. Betty Hubbard (NOT PICTURED) Carol Jelcnek Linda Letson Bunny Rucks 132 133 t • 134 1. Storm Todd 19. Sara Robinson 2. Pat France 20. Lynn Bricker 3. Linda Proctor 21. Sue Hedrick 4. Alice Harding 22. Nancy Cochran 5. Johnna McLaurin 23. Pat Miller 6. Brenda Isaacs 24. Mary Kay Matteson 7. Marianne Horton 25. C. J. Odum 8. Helena Huguenin 26. Ruth Farabee 9. Julie Pearsall 27. Donna McCullough 10. Viv Judy 28. Ann Hammond 11. Eloise Parsons 29. Carolyn Thomas 12. Nancy Neal 30. Jeanne Lippert 13. Dixie Preuss 31. Susan Marsh 14. Jeanne Schueszler 32. Terry Cowart 15. Cheryl Baker 33. Stephanie Farmer 16. Suzanne Foster 34. Phyllis Thomas 17. Iris Cade 35. Peggy Homans 18. Jill Keeler 36. Lee Hepler ZETA TAU ALPHA Seek the Noblest KAPPA DELTA Vallace — Sweetheart Ta Kala Diokomen: Let us strive for that which is Honorable, beautiful, and highest. :!ii iy ' 1. Marion Sumner 2. Ingrid Blake 3. Mary Lynne Flierl 4. Sue Wylie 5. Dana Jackson 6. Sue Peterson 7. Ann Scharfenberg 8. Dorene Steward 9. Carolyn Doran 10. Liz Mitchell 11. Linda Simpson 12. Liz Wicker 13. Ciiarley Broome 14. Patty Schmidt 15. Eev Lutz 138 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Faithful unto Death. 139 ►-♦♦•♦♦ 1. Debbie Wright 16. Pat Barbee 2. Linda Lee Thomson 17. Ellie Hyde 3. Sue Caswell 18. Murray McCowen 4. Margaret Stallings 19. Kathy Pearson 5. Joyvi Clark 20. Sue Robinson 6. Shirley Skiles 21. Jan Arnold 7. Linda Orr 22. Connie Ransom 8. Teri Davis 23. Peggy Kennedy 9. Fa ye Bryant 24. Terry Aniello 10. Sue Teale 25. Mary Akerman 11. Gwen Wherrell 26. Jackye Durkin 12. Jody Vogler 27. Julie Hollinsworth 13, Jane Palmer 28. Randi Ashley 14. Kathi Hoffman 29. Carol Steegstra 15. Mary Lu Heald 140 v5ar:Tr - Kappa Sig Olympics 142 Sigma Chi Derby ' ••- ' ' • ' Inter Fraternity Council Phil Hinman 2 E Carl Hart S-i-E Jim McBain K2 Phil Triebles K2 Rick Rose K2 John Gade TKE Ed Devos TKE Rich Fulton ex Waite Willis ex Pete Carruthers ex Fred Lewis 2AE Greg Hoch 2AE Tom Jones 2AE Larry Johnson TE Gee Gee Kaufman TE Bear Fullington ITKA Yale Wedig nKA Carl Brown IIK Steve Hemman ITK Steve Bryant ZX Glen Berree 2X Bob Fryer 2X Roger Hopper KA Clinton James KA 144 Of a truth, men are mystically united: A mysterious bond of brotherhood makes all men one. — Carlyle :;£ia3. !» i!EPiSS» Haafi SI 1. Tom Wasser 17. Bob Brown 2. Jay Lehman 18. Lee Hedburg 3. Lynn Joyner 19. Steve Grant 4. Don Kerrick 20. Jim Zajicek 5. Greg Watson 21. Dennis McGill 6. Pete Carruthers 22. Steve Thacker 7. Rich Haralson 23. Barry Green 8. Bruce Krumeich 24. Burt Howard 9. Grover Thompson 25. Ron Kubick 10. Rich Fulton 26. Paul Wilhelmsen 11. Doug Schauer 27. Ed Ade 12. Jill Albert 28. Bob Gibbs 13. Steve Ellis 29. Tom Cowan 14. Denis Durkin 30. Ray Cody 15. Dave Evans 31. Charles Harvester 16. Jim Dawsey 32. Jim Moore THETA CHI Alma Mater first And Theta Chi For Alma Mater. Jill Albert — Sweetheart 147 KAPPA ALPHA Dieu et les Dames God and the Women " ' f ' ' ' " " 148 kiJtiiuj hViiieHeeiaiSiBsaiiiitiihatt 1. Stan Yandre 2. Barry McBride 3. David Mixon 4. John Mercuric 5. Bill Clementz 6. Dick Kjellstrom 7. John Gardner 8. George Sneden 9. Dan Hogg 10. Brad Werner 11. Don Keene 12. Dan Hagen 13. Roger Hopper 14. David Streep 15. Phil Murphy 16. Bill Kimbrell 17. Stephanie Farmer 18. Phil Sacco 19. Randy Wilkinson 20. Mike Troese 21. Dave Hawkins 22. Steve Hering 23. Lionel Richards 24. Larry Hepler 25. Josh Starkey 26. Gary Shaw ♦ ♦ » ♦ ♦ KAPPA SIGMA All right . . . and you? 1. Johnny Aleffi 2. Rick Heaston 3. A. T. Higle 4. Barth Morreale 5. Bob Putnam 6. Mike Shirey 7. Scott Lamb 8. Tim Marting 9. John Stauffer 10. Rusty Boyd 11. Gary Sinclair 12. Frog Barclay 13. Greg Kraczkowsky 14. Mike Rich 15. Wally Scott 16. Mack Brown 17. Jim McBain 18. John Cain 19. Steve King 20. Jim Kelly 21. Randy Harbko 22. Pete Mecke 23. Silk Sullivan 24. Henry Harris 25. Surf McCowan 26. Phil Triebels 27. Jay Anderson 28. Art Miles 151 .ft • • . . ♦ ♦ »♦♦;? PI KAPPA ALPHA Phi Phi KA Deana Adams — Sweetheart 1. Wally Booty 19. Randy Lewis 2. Charlie Hood 20. Skip Randall 3. Fred Rohrer 21. Carl D ' Agostino 4. Bob Clark 22. Brian Weaver 5. Cindy Sweeney 23. Doug Seegmiller 6. Yale Wedig 24. Roger Scearce 7. Craig Brenner 25. Roger Simonson 8. Glenn Phipps 26. Doug Martin 9. Deana Adams 27. Ray Kingsbury 10. Mrs. Ayers 28. Larry Stahl U. George Gumming 29. Kurt Warner 12. Bob Dillon 30. Paul Dismukes 13. George Nicholson 31. Rodney Lincoln 14. Barry Wheeler 32. Dean Shimer 15. Bob Green 33. John Runner 16. Bear Fullington 34. Howard Harvill 17. Bruce Price 35. Jon Dyson 18. Nick Kuiken Wt K M ,M- K r i ■mif ' - r 1 153 154 1. Gene Kessling 2. Lou Jerkins 3. George Russak 4. Horace 5. Kurt Moerck 6. Pat Harris 7. Teri Davis 8. Ralph 9. Ken Williams 10. Carl Brown 11. Bob Przychodnicz 12. Larry Bilby 13. Mike Dorn 14. Steve Dow 15. John Burt 16. Jeff Carter 17. John Thompson 18. Norm Ross 19. Rudi Moerck 20. George Kyler 21. Pete Brooker 22. Rick Davis 23. Ray Sandhagen 24. Tom Kohl 25. Bill Croysdale 26. Angelo Nesta 27. Cam Green Steve Hintner Rex Smyth Dan Locke Jim Daniels 32. Stan Gregory 33. Peanuts 28. 29. 30. 31. PI KAPPA PHI Nothing shall ever tear us asunder Teri Davis — Sweetheart SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Phi Alpha Paquita Martinez — Sweetheart 1. Jim Rogers 2. Al Jorgensen 3. Paquita Martinez 4. Mrs. Smith 5. Walter Manley 6. Fred Lewis 7. Dan Edwards 8. Hugh Corrigan 9. Dennis Bradshaw 10. Johnny Jordan 11. Carl Enchelmayer 12. John Cafarelli 13. Paul Brewer 14. Mike Vernon 15. Tom Jones 16. Jack Schron 17. Gary Bridges 18. William Chope 19. Tim Cronin 20. Marshall Howell 21. Guy Odum 22. Jay Wallace 23. Bob Pauls 24. Greg Hoch 25. Fred Nusbickel 26. Robbie Russell 27. J. T. Lane 28. Bill Folsom 29. John Rau 30. Al Hannah 31. John Center 32. Bill Edwards SIGMA PHI EPSILON Virtue, Diligence, and brotherly love. 1. Carl Hart 2. Ken Murphy 3. Andy Setzer 4. Sam Cammarata 5. Rick DeLoach 6. Jim Benz 7. Larry Kinter 8. Al Paeth 9. IVIaj. Ron Damrill 10. Tony Palumbo 11. Gene Ponsler 12. Bill Northacker 13. Gertrude " Mom " Lober 14. Gina Reynolds 15. Phil Hinman 16. Hugh Smith 17. Sandy Swanson 18. Bob McBride 19. Doc Mirelson 20. Wiley Munnell Sandy Swanson — Sweetheart jy 158 159 SIGMA CHI In hoc Signo Vinces 160 MMJWIIWUMfaT; hi ' " - ' M t -M " ' ' •rV ' i StllSBB J 1. Jon French 2. Gary Morgan 3. Gary Bryce 4. Dusty Rhodes 5. George Keyser 6. Noel Martel 7. Terry Snell 8. Dave Wiant 9. Chip Stites 10. Russ Seltenright 11. Greg Pryor 12. Jody Bicking 13. Steve Bryant 14. Mike Hartman 15. Chuck Thompson 16. Glen Berree 17. Pete Beuttell 18. Pete Burhyte 19. Dick Guenther 20. Bob Sutton 21. Doug Bowne 22. Fred Fifner 23. Jeff Pryor 24. Dave Godwin 25. Bob Fryer 26. Dave Fisher 27. Dan Burton 28. Mike Opalinski 29. Steve Hoffman Noel Martel — Sweetheart TAU EPSILON PHI Teps are Tops Karen Ames — Sweetheart 1. Jay Plotkin 2. Brian Bain 3. Gerald Kaufman 4. Ralph Feola 5. Neil Touchet 6. Richard Emmons 7. Greg Scanlo 8. Craig Muir 9. Jay Shewmaker 0. James Sauls .1. Larry Johnson .2. Karen Ames .3. Tom Petcoff Fred Mills 15. Bruce Bain 16. Steve Shewmaker 17. Chris Polkowski 18. Ken Tucker 19. Steve Troiano 20. Dean Pappas 21. Charles Grant (not pictured) Robert Archer Gary Martone 162 TAU KAPPA EPSILON A Fraternity For Life 164 fsSiE S33KS;iBS!S36? 1. Ben Warren 2. Alan Fisk 3. Reggie Hockin 4. Dean Bull 5. Ron Brammer 6. Steve Troxel 7. John Coles 8. Glenn Pierson 9. Tony Michel 10. Mont Duncan 11. Dale Phillips 12. Craig Plowman 13. Larry Kirkwood 14. John Smith 15. Bob Haselier 16. Tom Rhamstine 17. Ed DeVos 18. Allen Downard 19. Tom Ashton 20. Howard Kiel 21. Preston Stafford 22. Spyder Delljnger 23. Don Smith 24. Weldon Beach 25. Dave Moore 26. Mark Heathman 27. Sam Norton 28. Murray McCowen 29. Don Lesher 30. John Gade 31. Bill Schroeder 32. Marc Snyder 33. Jim Johnson 34. Garnet Lawrence 35. Art McDaniel 36. Mike Johannes 37. Tom Cowell 165 1. Ron Dim 2. Craig Morris 3. Ken Wilson 4. Marilynn Mittan 5. Rick Roberts 6. Jim Jones 7. Dean McGuiness 8. Dale Zamzow 9. John Whitley 10. Dave Hardy 11. Ron Murphy 12. Frank Preuss 13. Mike Garrett 14. Ben Saxton 15. Gerry Getman Marilynn Mittan — Sweetheart -v Tl l8Z3 ij PHI SIGMA KAPPA Three Cardinal Principles Brotherhood Scholarship Character 167 . . ♦ ♦ SPORTS aJiwiiN • • ♦ fl ' ' . -3 • r « ' . ' .» ' Lt 170 Soccer r ♦ SOCCER RESULTS 0pp. FSC Florida Presbyterian College ... 1 4 Stetson Invitational Jacksonville University ... 1 2 Stetson University 2 1 University of South Florida ... 2 1 St. Leo College 1 4 Stetson University 1 2 Rollins College 2 1 University of Miami 3 University of Miami 1 St. Leo College 2 4 Stetson University 4 Rollins College 3 2 Florida Presbyterian College ... 2 Won 8 Lost 5 «e I ' t ;- iim- i m The members of the Soccer team are, Row 1, left to right: Jim Dawsey, Co-Capt, Coach Daniels, Coach Bush, Brian Bain Capt. Row 2 left to right- J T Lane Tim Cronin, Carl Beverly, Dick Brelsford, Gerald Kaufman. Row 3, left to right: Bill Howell, Mike Rich, Bob Mirel- son, Don Cubberley, Gary ' Noesner, Tom Dodds, Darrell Hess, Bill Hawkins, Rick Bonfim, Fred McLam. Row 4, left to right: Bruce Poland, Kurt Moerck, Grover Thompson, Ed Reiser, Barry Green, Greg Hoch, Spiros Bougiatiotis, Baxter Brooks, Bill Pedersen, Bob Sharpe. Mike Opalinski, Chris Polkowski, Lynn Mosley. 173 ■ ■ .■■• • • . Varsity Basketball Cagers, this year, are, left to right, Front Row: Glenn Merkel, John Jurecko, Mike Sullivan, John Schweisthal (CoCapt.)- Middle Row: Ron Varner, Dick Coding, Fred Lewis (Co-Capt.), Rick Heaston, Gary McGriff. Back Row: John Cafarelli and Ron Gielow. 174 BASKETBALL SCORES Opponents Fla. Sou. Wake Forest .... 88 72 Florida Tech .... 60 77 Sewanee-University of the South . . . 54 59 Louisiana College . . 75 79 Rollins College . . . 70 80 Georgia State College . 56 76 Georgia Southwestern . 57 101 Georgia State College . 69 62 Georgia Southwestern . 70 78 Mercer University . 85 67 Stetson University . . 80 84 Biscayne College 76 75 Rider University 85 74 University of Miami 87 83 Tannpa University . . 79 67 St. Leo College . . . 75 81 Stetson University . 89 79 Bethune-Cookman College 84 96 Rollins College . . . 78 95 Mercer University . . 98 88 Mississippi College . . 91 119 Biscayne College . . . 51 71 Tampa University . . 72 68 Fla. State University 84 79 Belmont Abbey College 80 79 176 J. V. Basketball The Junior Varsity Basketball team consists of, left to right, Bottom Row: Coach Bob Putnam, Tom Greene, Rich Adamski, Dale May, Jazz Jones, Mark Stanley and Joey Shoniker. Top Row: Allen Bradford, Josh High, Todd Hynd, Larry Mills, George Smith and Mike Johnson. SCHEDULE November 25 Intramural All Stars December 3 . Indian River Jr. College December 4 . . Polk Junior College December 9 Royal Crown Warriors December 12 . Sarasota Stars December 14 . . Polk Junior College January 11 . . Intramural All Stars January 16 . . Stetson Junior Varsity January 21 . . . . Sarasota Stars January 25 . Rollins Junior Varsity January 28 . St. Petersburg Jr. College February 1 . . Kiekafers Mercurys February 4 . Brevard Junior College February 6 . Florida Junior College Ferbuary 8 Stetson Junior Varsity February 12 . . . Sarasota Stars February 13 Rollins Junior Varsity February 20 Orlando Junior College February 22 . Florida Junior College Varsity Cheerleaders This year ' s Varsity Cheerleaders are, left to right: Edie Wysong, Chris Ballou, Becky Trost, Julie Swindell (Capt.), Judy Shy, Kathy McBride and Frankie Sherrill. 178 J. V. cheerleaders Cheering the Junior Varsity team to victory are: Bottom Row, left to right: Marian Lester, Debbie Reeves, Carolee Hayler. Row 2: Katy Hopper (Capt.). Olivia Faulkner. Row 3: Gailyn Littlejohn (Co-Capt.) Varsity and Junior Varsity Alternates The Alternates for the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are: Bottom Row, left to right: Carolee Hoch,Jil King, Delia Hagemeyer. The Alternates for the Varsity Cheerleaders are. Top Row, left to right: Andie Jenkins, Kathy McPeek, Janet Hofmeister. 179 I i Varsity Tennis VARSITY TENNIS SCHEDULE February 20. . . . Rollins College February 26 ... . Florida Tech March 1 Stetson University March 5 . . . . Tampa University March 6 Florida Tech March 8 . . . . Stetson University March 10 . . . . St. Leo College March 18. . University of Kentucky March 20 . Tennessee Wesleyan College March 25. . Duke University March 28 . Georgia State University March 29 . . . . Emory University April 4 . St. Leo College April 7-8 . . . Cumberland University April 10 . . . . . Rollins College April 14 . Florida Presbyterian College April 21 . Florida Presbyterian College April 24, 25, 26 Cape Coral Invitational The members of the Tennis team are, from left to right, kneeling; Reid Robson John Gade Doug Seegmiller; standing; Tom Greene, Scott Patton, Paul Brewer, Bob Brown. Not pictured; Dean Sh.mer, Fred McLam, Frank Chandler, Coach Bush. This years Golf team consists of left to right, Chuck Thompson, John Upton, Bill Mattice, Dan Burton, Eric Hallfors and the Captain, Glenn Phipps. Not pictured are Jay Anderson, Bill Edwards, Jack Heckman, Steve Keyser, Tom Kohl, and Eddie Morgan. Varsity Golf March 3 . . Rollins College University of West Florida March 6 . . . . . Tampa University St. Leo College March 18. . . . . Stetson University March 21 . . . Georgia State University March 24 . . . University of the South March 26-29 . . . . Miami Invitational March 31 . . . . . Taylor University April 9-12 . . Jamaican Island Tourney April 15 . . . . . Stetson University -il iH I - i- att S. t ' ' ' - ' ' I ' -■ !:»s Varsity Crew The members of the Crew team are, standing, from left to right, Bill Lovegrove, Charles Hood, Fred Nusbickel, Brian Weaver, Robert Pauls, Greg Hoch, John Runner, Gary Bridges, John Jordan, Dave Hawkins, kneeling, Tom Kiesel, Dick Chastang, Mark iVIolloy, Chris Bassetta, Dick Chapman, Mike Getz, Jim Schwartz, Bill Kilduff. 184 S «i» -.». CREW SCHE4 ULE March 4 University of Alabama March 6 . . . Eastern Carolina University March 27 Amherst College March 29-30 Miami Regatta April 2 . . . . Cypress Gardens Regatta April 5 The Citadel April 12 . . Florida Institute of Technology April 19 . . Florida Rowing Championship April 26. . Southern Rowing Assn. Regatta 185 186 f f § f i « ' « «P " " Ik ' l w. ' .rf ' ' ' - ■ -- The Varsity Baseball team for this year consists of top row, from left to right, Bob Fow, Mike Groves, John Snapp, Tom Keyser, Page Fullington, John Day, Mkke Dwyer, Jim Beights, Randy Lewis, and the bottom row of Gary Bryce, Greg Pryor, Mike Hart- man, Doug Burek, Bob D ' Angio, Gary Morgan, Terry Snell, Mike Bowman, Jim Kelly, and Bruce Kinder. Varsity Baseball SCHEDULE February 26 March 1 . March 4 . March 6 . March 10 . March 11 . March 14 . March 15 . March 17 . March 18 . March 21 . March 24 March 25 . March 28 . ... St. Leo College University of South Florida ... St. Leo College Florida State University . . University of Miami . . University of Miami Jacksonville University Jacksonville University . . . Yale University . . Yale University University of South Florida . . Springfield College . . Springfield College . . Duke University March 29 Duke University March 31 ... . Huntington College April 1 Lewis College April 2 Amherst College April 3 Amherst College April 4 Harvard University April 11 . . U. S. Coast Guard Academy April 12 . . U. S. Coast Guard Academy April 14 . . Florida Presbyterian College April 16 Stetson University April 19 Stetson University April 23 Rollins College April 25 Rollins College April 26 Rollins College 188 i k T ' j ll jll Aj " ■■r - -IP 190 The players for the Junior Varsity Baseball team are from left to right, top row, Charlie Mooneyham, Spencer Oberle, Chris Campbell, Joe Shoniker, Tris Meucci, Jim MacConnell, bottom row Bob Jacobson, Allen Bradford, Barry Parker, Terry Cum- mings, Jim Chapman, Darryl Barnum, and Hank Martel. Junior Varsity Baseball SCHEDULE February 15 . . Indian River Jr. College February 22 . .Valencia Jr. College February 24 . . . Polk Jr. College March 7 . . . . St. Lei " B " team March 13 . . . . . Polk Jr. College March 17 . . . Manatee Jr. College April 7 . . . . Manatee Jr. College April 9 . . . . Seminole Jr. College April 17 . . . . Seminole Jr. College • » ♦ » • • ♦ ♦ K 1 ' " ' ' " ' HHH| HBi f HP I 1 1 " " " H l JiiM BHH ' IsVv X- TW ' -ik.- !— - R t«H l fe - •-r = r-r-= | " IIIIBII n „ -■ — ■ - :y]! jC 194 i ■■ ■ ■ Women ' s Intramura Champions Softball . . . . Allen Spivey Basketball . . Joseph Reynolds and Zeta Tau Alpha Canoeing . . . . Allen Spivey Football . . . Zeta Tau Alpha w 196 , , t r ♦ ♦ • 198 Men ' s Intramural Board w« The Men ' s Intramural Board members, from left to right, are Robbie Russell, Dennis McGill, student assistant, Jim Benz, Chris Polkowski, George Sneden, Bob Egger, Jeff Kline, Jon French, Bert Howard, Dave Moore, and Angelo Nesta. 199 Women ' s Intramural Board The members of the Women ' s Intramural Board are left to right, first row; Eloise Hyde, Janet Wiley, Vivian Judy, second row; Jet Lusby, Linda Cesky, third row; Peg Holmes, Liz WicKer, fourth row; Lindsay Shepheard, Miss Kathleen Mahoney. Not pictured are Diane Strohaker, Jan Croysdale, Susan Rodenbaugh, and Jill Gray. ■• 200 tfe! I -H- I _„|i ' , iH ' ,11 _ ' , ,■ ' " rP ' " iiil ' __ ,11 1 111 ' " -! 1 Army R. O. T. C RO.I - Col. Robert C. Hutchinson, Jr. Maj. Thomas R. Mason; Maj. James C. Laslie; Maj. Ronald E. Damrill. ISG Hubert E. Bridwell; Sgt Maj. Robert Cruz; SFC Willy Mcintosh; seated — SFC Preston Youmans; not pictured — S Sgt. Jerry L. Miller. The Cadet Officers are, from left to right; Cadet Capt. Pete Carruthers, Cadet Capt. Don Lesher, Cadet Maj. Steven Weaver, Cadet Maj. David Godwin, Cadet Lt. Col. Ed DeVos, Cadet Capt. Bob Long. f t f 9 ' ' • ♦ R. O. T. C Sponsors The R.O.T.C. Sponsors are: from left to right, Capt. Joni Vodvarka, Capt. Beverly McAfee, Capt. Ann Atkinson, Capt. Ann McCay, Capt. Polly Derryberry, Major Deana Adams, Major Linda Duncan, Major Judith Rushing, Capt. Mary Jane Deupree, Capt. Linda Lawrence. Cadet First U. Fred Deloach, Commanding Officer ♦ .♦ ♦ • Cadet Officer Candidates Cadet Major Mike Vernon, Commanding Officer Rifle Team Members of the Rifle Team are: Row 1: Lee Warnock, Warren Cloer, Bob Costelio, Bill Riley, John Phillips; Row 2: Sgt. Bridweil — Advisor, Marvin Haniey, Lester Austin, John Upton, Harry Robelen. 206 Aviation Those enlisted In the Flight Training Program are: standing; John Wilcox, Steve McKee, Bruce Poland, Sterling Smith, Dean Pappas, Fred DeLoach, Frank Futch, Ken Graebener: kneeling; Ray Kings- bury. Counter Guerrilla Corps Cadet First Lt. Jay Weaver, Commanding Officer Association of the United States Army Row 1 — Pete Carruthers, Dennis McGill, Don Lesher, Charles Harvester. Row 2 — Gerald Kaufman, Tim Cronin, James Weaver, Steven Weaver, Mike Vernon, Dean Pappas, Frank Preuss, Bob D ' Angio, Ken Graebener, Ed DeVos, Tom Jones, Lee Hedberg. Row 3 — Steve Fidler, Greg Scanio, Russ Ethridge, Dave Godwin, Marshall Frasier, Sam Cammarata, Bob Long, John Coles, Andy Setzer. Row 4 — Fred Deloach, John Jordan, Alton Reynolds, Allen Bradford, Denis Durkin, David Streep, Gary Morgan, John Wilcox, Sterling Smith, Brian Weaver. Row 5 — Howard Kiel, Frank Fusco, Steve Troxel, Ernie Wagoner, Allan Hanna, Silas Daniel, Tony Michel, Larry Stahl, Kurt Warner, John Cafarelli. Row 6 — Jim Moyer, Dave Evans, Bruce Krumeich, Phil Hinman, Bill Northacker, Marc Snyder, Don Smith, John Mercuric, Jay Lehman. Row 7 — Allen Hanley, Rich Fulton, Bob Fryer, Zane Betts, Larry Kintner, Yale Wedig, Mike Garrett, Dean McGinnes, Steve Shewmaker. Enough, if something from our hands have power, To live and act, and u. serve the hour. — Wordsworth I i ' ' ll,,,,,. B :. i " ...,„iiNll!!!l,il m m yi ' m m •lliiiiii s»«k L aL_ 4 ♦ ♦ ♦ President CHARLES T. THRIFT 209 A college needs to be composed of all types of professors, from biologists to philosophers. Among the variations, a few stand out for their ability to successfully mix teaching, learning, and administrat- ing. The 1969 Interlachen is dedicated to one who combines all of these, while accomplishing the greatest task, being an understand- ing and willing friend to the students of Florida Southern College. In appreciation for his devotion to students and learning, the 1969 Interlachen is dedicated to Dr. Richard Burnette. 210 BnaajHMi ' !; ' ™: • • Honorary Chancellor — 1968 Florida Southern College DR. WENDELL PHILLIPS NELSON M. HOFFMAN, JR. Dean of Academic Affairs ERNEST L. SNODGRASS Assistant to the President DAVID L. READDICK Business IVlanager RICHARD W. PEARCE Vice President AGNES JOHNSON Dean of Women FRANK P. SZABO Director of Men WALTER Y. MURPHY Dean of Students 213 CORNING F. TOLLE Director, Community and Alumni Affairs RICHARD BURNETTE Institutional Research and Testing 0. B. FANNING Director of News Bureau MARY HACKNEY Director of Annual Fund ' HOWARD CARLSON Director of Finance Q V FRANCIS FOLAND Admission Counselor COL. ROBERT HUTCHINSON, JR. Commanding Officer of R.O.T.C. a .. A MARTHA DURHAM Assistant to Director of Student Financial Aid MACK GIEGER Assistant Dean of Students 1 FRANCIS LUCE Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs r •-ft ' L CAROL ESAU Director of Admissions ROBERT MACGOWAN Dean, Annie Pfeiffer Chapel Ki KAY MIDDLETON WILLIAM MUNDY THOMAS PRICE ssistant to the Dean Assistant Director Chaplain of Women of Admissions 214 ALBERT REAM Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs V;«e- f tii CARTER ROBERTS Maintenance Supervisor MEAD ROGERS Institutional Development JANET SCOTT Administrative Assistant, Business Affairs OWEEN SUMNER Library Director ill HAROLD WATERS Director of Publications HAROLD SMELTZLY Assistant to the Dean of Students DIANE SMITH Assistant to the Dean of Women GENE WETHERELL Extension and Development Humanities Department Heads MELVIN WOOTON Speech and Drama DONNA STODDARD Art WALLACE BRANDON Foreign Languages HAROLD WATERS Journalism CHARLES LAYMON Philosophy, Religion ERNEST SNODGRASS English ROBERT MACDONALD Music 1 i JULIANA JORDAN German RITA FANDRICH Music RAYMOND LOTT English 5 ' V t CALVIN ADAY French THOMAS BRIERLEY Music BETH FORD Art f DOWNING BARNITZ Art C tikim CARLOS CALONGE Spanish JACK HOUTS Music JOSE MARTINEZ Spanish WILLIAM MOUNTCASTLE Philosophy 218 DONALD MUSSELMAN Speech Drama HARRIS SIMS Journalism I f ti JOHN REUTER O " • ' ' ROBERT ROCKWOOD English WESLEY RYALS English % 1 . S 1 , t WILLIAM SLAUGHTER English WILLIAM STENG Journalism BRANSON THURSTON Religion iii ROBERT ZIMMERMAN English Social Sciences Departmenf Heads !:nt{rfl!lD«!!H1]lBTIMi_( " l!n!Ka!¥TBliimtIlfif RICHARD PEARCE Business and Economics BANTON DOAK Industrial Arts JEFF KELLEY Education ROBERT AKERMAN History and Government PETER JONITIS Sociology RICHARD BURNETTE Psychiology SAMUEL LUCE . Physical Education not pictured COL. ROBERT HUTCHINSON Military Science SALLY BOLCE Psychology JAMES BUSH Physical Education i MARIAN CALWAY Education JAMES CAMPBELL History WILLIAM DANIELS Physical Education JOE DUTTON History V tiii CHARLES FRANKLIN Business Economics EMILY HANCOCK Business 222 ' -- 4 I , J ' " iii ki f CHARLEY MATLOCK Physical Education Ifi tk T. DARWIN MILLIGAN Education SARA PIATT Home Economics V I PERRY SNYDER History LOUISE TEMPLETON Business WALTER WILLIAMSON Sociology . 1 X SANDRA IVEY Psychology JAMES JARRETT Physical Education EDWARD JEFFRIES Physical Education JOAN KEMP Physical Education igr- P tSr " ' »»T - - ' -. r ' A fktfe r ' » mM 1 EVELYN LANE Physical Education t EDWARD KNIPPERS Business KATHLEEN MAHONEY Physical Education BETTY MASON Education CHARLES SNELLGROVE, JR. Psychology DANIEL ZARYCKI Economics Natural Sciences and Mathematics JAMES McCLOSKEY Mathematics-Physics MARGARET GILBERT Biology THOMAS WILLARD Chemistry (not pictured) WILLIAM LYLE Citrus 224 ill JAMES BAXTER Chemistry CHARLES EICKENBERG Biology • ' ( LANE GOODSON Mathematics DANIEL CARREIRA Mathematics HOWARD FIELD Biology I a THOMAS MACK Citrus BERNARD REINSCH Mathematics GEORGE ROBINSON Physics iii HOWARD DINSMORE Chemistry JOHN FUNDERBURG Biology ANTHONY MUSTOE Mathematics ROBERT ROWLEY Mathematics MICHAEL POOLE Mathematics ANNE TRUITT Biology 225 The Board of Trustees J. F. Alexander R.L Allen Sam A. Banks W. J.BarrittJr. P. M. Boyd W. S. Bozeman Farrls Bryant Harold Carpenter J. H. Daniel L. Day Edge J. R. Graves Mrs. Bruce Gray James W. Henley Spessard Holland R. C. Holmes Gaylon L. Howe Charles H. Jenkins Russell McCaughan Ernest McClurg Dwight E. McCormick Glenn McCormick J. Milburn McLeod William A. Meadows, Jr. E. J. Pendergrass Cushman S. Radebaugh J. Carlisle Rogers John J. Rooks E. T. Roux Harris G. Sims MyrI Spivey Angus Sumner Campbell Thornal David R. Thurman Lanier Upshaw Mrs. Ruth S. Wedgworth Warren W. Willis He rbert E. Wolfe G. Floyd Zimmermann And with their help Library Staff OWEEN SUMNER Director ELEANOR MOORE MARGARET DOWDY OTYE BLY LOUISE EASTWOOD EUNICE TAYLOR (not pictured) SENIOR CLASS FRED LEWIS President r GWEN WHERRELL Vice-President PAT BAR BEE Secretary-Treasurer 231 aiillttH a i«l il ll« H!rl l lH i l!Htl »MH g , ■♦• " Adams, Deana Adamson, Susan Albert, Harriet Albert, Paul Albritton, Betty Alcock, Carolyn Aleffl, John Aniello, Theresa 232 Boyd, James Bradshaw, Dennis Brewer, Ava Brewer, William Brokaw, Bergon Brophy, Linda Brown, Carl Brunei, Gregory Bryce, James Burek, Douglas 233 jtaKEB mjimmi i iammmmtmsm m ' ms; ' , ♦ Cade, Iris Cafarelli, John Cain, John Cammarata, Samuel Carruthers, Peter Caswell, Susan Chancey, Rosalind Clamp, Phyllis Clark, Brenda Cleaver, Patricia Cleveland, Carolyn Cline, Mary Clyde, David Cody, Raymond Coleman, Henry Coles, John Conner, William Coords, George 234 Cowan, Tom Cowart, Terry Cowell, Thomas Cox, Allen Cronin, Timothy Croysdale, Herbert Cummings, Dorothy D ' Angio, Robert Daniels, James David, Gwendolyn Davis, Teresa Dellinger, Paul Deloach, Frederick Denis, Robert Devos, Edward DeWitt, Susan Dillon, Lester Doran, Carolyn 235 Downing, Susan Duke, William Duncan, Linda Duncan, Montfort Dumont, Diane Durkin, Jackye Enchelmayer, Carl Ernst, Sandra Eubanks, David Farmer, Barbara Farnell, Jane Feola, Ralph Feibel, Janet Ferrara, Arlyne Fisher, David Fisher, Janet Fitzgerald, Jane i IU):ii; Poland, Bruce Foster, Suzanne Fowler, Earleen Francisco, William Frasier, Marshall Freeman, Fred French, Jon French, Richard Fusselle, Jeanne Futch, Frank Garrett, Michael Getman, Gerry Gill, Ester Goding, Richard Godwin, David Goforth, James Golden, E(iward 237 Graebener, Kenneth Grainger, Frances Gray, Wanda Green, Robert Griffin, Sandra Hagen, Daniel Hall, Harvey Hamilton, Wendy Haralson, Richard Harms, Robert Harris, Nancy J. Harris, Richard H. Hart, William Harvester, Charles Han ill, Howard 238 f c Hayden, Linda Haynes, Susan Heathman, Mark Hedberg, Leon Heimmer, Harold Helmick, Robert Hepler, Olen Herr, Josephine Higle, Alfred Hiles, Kathleen Mines, Charles Hink, Terrianne Hinson, Cheryl Hofmann, Carol Hoffman, Kathleen Homans, Peggy Hoover, William Hopper, Roger Houts, Donald 239 Howison, Patricia Hughes, Carol Hughes, Charles Hull, Sarah Jerge, Roberta Jerkins, Thomas Johannes, Michael Johnson, Inez Jolkovski, Kaye Jones, James Jones, Joe Jones, Thomas Jorgensen, Alfred Jung, Marjorie Karrick, Jonnie Kaufman, Gerald Keene, Donald 240 fl.lWUi Keiser, Edward Kiesel, Thomas Kennedy, Thelma Killebrew, Connie Kimbrell, William King, Carolyn Kingsbury, Erdie Kirkwood, Lawrence Kleinschmidt, Janet Kraczl owsky, Gregory Kreider, Christine LaMont, Donna Lavoie, Kenneth Ledyard, Elinor Lesher, Donald Leslie, Bonney Lewis, Marjorie 241 » ' " ' . . . jM Lewis, Randy Lewis, Richard Lippert, Jeanne Locke, Daniel Loeper, Nancy Long, Robert iT " Lott, Almina i ' - ' :? Loveday, Leigln Luce, Jon Luscher, Ellen Lutz, Beverlee Macchi, James Manley, Walter Margolts, John Markert, Deborah Marsh, Susan Martel, Elizabeth Marting, Tim 242 ti yiii!k. iP J At;it McBride, Kathy McCowen, Murray McCown, Philip IVlcCullough, Donna McGill, Dennis McGlnnes, Dean McManeus, Barbara McMullen, Linda McNamee, Sarah Meng, Mary Meredith, Gail Miller, Patricia Mitchell, Elizabeth Mitchell, Sherrill Moerck, Rudi Mook, Ruth Moore, Linda Moore, Patricia 243 ♦ ♦ • ( Morford, Lois Morgan, Gary Morton, Nancy Murphy, Kenneth Murphey, Philip Munc, Judith Newsome, Irene Nicholson, George Ohnmacht, Sandra Osterholm, Carol Palmer, Jane Pappas, Dean Parsons, Linda Paugh, David Pearson, Teresa Perry, Susan Phillips, Dale Phipps, Glenn 244 Plotkin, Joseph Plowman, Craig Porter, Patricia Preuss, Frank Preuss, Marie Price, Bruce Price, Daphne Proctor, Linda Pugh, Dwight Race, Joe Ragsdale, Dura! Rau, John Rees, Nancy Reid, Johnna Reid, Linda Rhamstine, Thomas Rhodes, Jack Rion, Fount 245 -t t ■ t t I ♦ ' Robbins, Carol Roberts, Richard Robinson, Sara Rogers, James Rohrer, Frederick Rooks, Larnell Rooks, Larry Rooks, Patricia Rushing, Judith Ruthel, Inge Sanders, Susan Santiago, Rosalind Santiago, Rosario Saxon, Ben Scanio, Gregory Scharfenberg, Ann Schauer, Douglas Scherer, Joan Schweisthal, John Setzer, David Severance, Marcas Sharp, Linda Sharp, Raymond Sheffield, Norman Shimer, Dean Shy, Judith Siebert, Linda Simonson, Roger Sinclair, Gary Skelton, Janis Smith, Ella Smith, Kenneth Stahlin, Sara Setzer, Karen Sue Stauffer, John 247 Streep, Foster Stanfield, Pauline Sullivan, Michael Swank, Glenn Swanson, Sandra Sweeney, Edward Swindell, Julie Swoyer, David Talbott, Ellen Taylor, Van Thomas, Phyllis Thompson, Donna Thompson, John Thompson, Samuel Thompson, William Thomson, Linda Toler, Clyde Townsend, Jennifer ' ' Triebels, Philip Trost, Rebecca Tucker, Kenneth Underhill, Linda Vernon, Michael Wallace, James Ware, Kathryn Warner, Bonnie Wasser, Thomas Waters, Eleanor Weaver, Brian Weaver, James Weaver, Steven Wells, Paula Wheeler, Barry Wherrell, Gwendolyn Whipple, Nancy Whitworth, Marlou 249 Wilcox, John Wilhelmson, Paul Williams, Dara Williams, Kenneth Wilson, Diane Wilson, Martha Winkler, David Wray, Charles Wyand, Marie Wysong, Edith Yandre, Stanley Zamzow, Dale Zanathy, Stephen 1. iVk it tP ■ v ill ' A 7iHi : ' i 250 Junior Class Joan Ewing — Vice President m i m f 1 H H P m H l 4jj B Blil l H B i H w H H BBfc Jl H Guy Odum — President Ann Atkinson — Secretary-Treasurer » ♦ Addis, Pamela Alarie, Elaine Aldridge, David Alfrey, Joyce Allen, Margaret Ames, Karen Anderson, Jay Andrea, Paulette Ashton, Thomas Atchley, Robert Atkinson, Ann Bain, Brain Baker, Carol Ballou, Christine Bass, Nancy Baughman, John Behm, Edith Beights, James Bensinger, Susan Benton, Gilmer Benz, James Bergum, Terrence 252 Blaine, James Blake, Ingrld Booker, Michael Blount, Jerald Bowen, Agnes Bowman, Michael Bowman, Wilma Boyles, Martha Bradford, Edgar Brammer, Ronald Brenner, Henry Bridges, Kendrick Bryant, Steven Bullock, Janice Carle, Candace Center, John Chickerell, Olivia Clarke, Joyce Clarke, Lynn Clarke, Robert Cloer, Warren Coords, Arthur Corcoran, Robert Corley, James Crowell, Patricia Croysdale, Jan Cumming, George Cunningham, Barbara Cupick, Ronald Daniel, Silas Davis, Richard Dawsey, James Derryberry, Polly Dessalet, Margaret Deupree, Mary DeVeer, Nancy DeVilliers, Elena Diamond, Kenneth Ditchfield, Jacqueline Drake, Helen Draper, Wallace Driggers, John Durkin, Denis Ebanks, Grace Edwards, William Eilertsen, Jill Elems, Shirley Ellis, Steven Elofson, Rhody Etheridge, James Evans, David Ewing, Joan Pauls, Robert Fields, Jay Fifner, William Floyd, Patricia Fogt, Daniel Fow, Robert Francisco, Ginger Frank, Judith Franklin, Linda Frassica, Nancy Freeman, Thomas Fryer, Robert Fullington, Page Fulton, Richard Fusco, Frank Gibbs, Kathryn Gibson, Gwendolyn Gieger, Douglas Gielow, Ronald GIglla, Brenda Glass, Dana Grange, Terry Green, Barry Green, Richard Green, Sandra Gregory, Stanley Groover, Shirley GrossinI, Dennis Guess, Grace Hall, Linda Hammond, Linda Hanley, Morris Hanna, Alan Hansen, Grant Harris, Randolph Haselier, Robert Hausman, Majorie Hawkins, David Hay, Richard Hemman, Stephen Hendry, Judith Higby, Gary Hilts, Margaret Hinman, Phillip Hoffman, Stephen Holzschuh, Elaine Howland, Adelaide Hubbard, Betty Hurst, Laurie Hutson, Margaret Isaacs, Brenda Jackson, Dana Jenkins, Rozanne Johnson, Michael Johnson, Ronald Jones, Robert Jordan, John Joyner, Wesley Judy, Vivian Jurecl o, John Kelly, James Kesling, Gene Keyser, George Keyser, Jane Kiel, Howard Kintner, Lawrence Kjellstrom, Richard Krumeich, Bruce Kuitert, Linda Lamb, Scott Lawrence, Linda Lawson, Cathey Lawton, Helen Leahy, Thomas Ledwith, Karen Lehman, Jay Lueders, Donna Maassen, Frank MacBroom, IVlargaret Maguire, Gary Marriot, Robert Marson, Lucy Martin, Charles Martinez, Francisca Martone, Gary Matteson, Mary McAfee, Beverly McAninch, Glen McBain, James McBride, Robert McCay, Ann McCoy, Maurice McGee, Andrea McGriff, Gary McGriff, Teresa Limbourg, Karl McPeek, Kathy McRae, William Mercurio, John Michel, Frederick Miles, Arthur Mills, Frederick Mitchell, Frances Mittan, Marilynn Mooneyham, Charles Morgan, Jerome Morris, Craig Morrow, Yvonne Mosley, James Moyer, James Muir, Craig Murphy, Ronald Myers, R. M. Neal, Nancy Newsom, Dorothy Northacker, William Odum, Walter Opalinski, Michael Parsons, Eloise Patrick, Kerry Paulk, Virginia Pearsall, Julia Peek, Barbara Perkins, Vern Petcoff, Thomas Polkowski, Christoph er Preston, Bruce Pryor, Paul Przychodniecz, Robert Putnam, Robert Red, C. C. Repass, Kathleen Reynolds, Alton Richards, Jean Riley, William Rippon, Frederick Roberts, Katherine Robinson, Johnny Robinson, Terry Rose, Richard Roshaven, Howard Ross, Sandra Rothberg, Suzann Rowan, Gail Rucks, Beryl • ♦ - - - Russak, George Sandkuhl, Henry Schmidt, Patricia Schroeder, William Schron, Jack Schueszler, Jeanne Scott, Walter Shewmaker, James Shofner, Georgie Simpson, Linda Skaates, Claude Smith, Donald Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Lucy Smith, Sterling Smyth, Eugene Snell, Terry Snyder, Marc Spieth, Ora Stahl, Larry Starkey, John Steinkamp, Donna 262 Stephens, Donna Steward, Dorene Stites, Alfred Stormont, Sarah Strickland, Cheryl Sullenger, Janice Sumner, Susan Talbott, Frederick Thacker, Omer Thomas, Carolyn Thomas, Salli Thornber, Vicki Tribble, John Troxel, Stephen Truby, Earnest Ulm, Ronald Vild, James I Id Vodvarka, Joni Wagner, Richard Wagoner, Earnest Walters, Mary Warner, Kurt Warren, Bernhardt Warren, Cathy Watson, Gregary Weaver, Pamela Wedig, Yale Werner, Wendy White, Mary Whitford, David Wiant, David Wicker, Elizabeth Wike, Priscilla Williams, Janet Williams, Laura Willis, Warren Wilson, Kenneth Winsett, Richard Workinger, Jill Wright, Debby Wright, Florence 264 Sophomore Class Carl D ' Agostino — President Barbara Walker — Secretary-Treasurer Abell, Karen Ade, Edmund Akerman, Mary Albritton, Jackie Alderman, Martha Allen, John Allison, June Applegate, Nancy Arnold, Janet Artz, David Ascher, Dan Atohi, Pauline Atwater, Delma Austin, Lester Bailey, James Baker, Karen Baldwin, Dennis Ball, Donna Barclay, Donald Barnes, Linda Beach, Dodie Beach, Weldon Beard, Daphene Bedenbaugh, Julie Berree, Lorene Berry, Peter Bertrand, Robert Blair, James Boggs, Carole Bolander, Barbara 266 - iL Bomfim, Ricardo Booty, Walter Bosley, Paul Botner, Deborah Bowne, Douglas Brenner, David Brice, Juanita Bricker, Lynn Brickman, Howard Briscoe, Gary Brock, Roger Brooker, Peter Broome, Charleen Brown, Deborah Brown, Edward Brown, Robert Brown, William Bryant, Faith Buck, Gloria Bull, Harry Burhyte, Peter Burt, John Burton, Daniel Bushnell, Mary Carter, Jeffery Cash, Richard Chapman, Richard Cheeseman, Deborah Chope, William Clement, Barbara ♦ ' . ' Clementz, William Clymer, Martha Coble, Candace Cochran, Nancy Combee, Kevin Colvin, Deborah Coon, Majorie Corrigan, Hugh Cousino, Brian Cox, Ann Crawford, Robert Creeger, Carol Cummings, Stephen Cummings, Terry D ' Agostino, Carl Dale, Michael Davis, Kathryn Day, John Debell, Gayle Denmark, John Deutsch, Karen Dismukes, Paul Doran, Mitchell Dort, Rosita Dow, Stephen Dyson, Jonathan Edwards, Dan Egger, Robert Ellis, Marie MB - I ' Farabee, Ruth Fidler, Steven Fisk, Alan Flierl, Mary Folio, Phyllis Folsom, William Fondren, Mary Ford, Frances Fowler, Linda France, Patricia Fricks, Sharon Frier, Suzanne Froehlig, Hester Gade, John Gatton, Charlotte Gibbs, Robert Godsall, Linda Gonzalez, Aixa Grader, Martha Grant, Charles Grant, Stephen Gray, Sarah Green, David Green, Donna Greene, Cam Greiser, Evelyn Guenther, George Hallfors, Eric Hallman, Douglas 269 ' 0» § ■ t Hamilton, Virginia Hanly, William Harding, Alice Hardy, Thomas Harris, Douglas Hart, Royce Hartzog, George Hawkins, William Heald, Mary Heaston, Richard Hedrick, Kay Hedrick, Susan Hepler, Larry Herbst, Mary Hering, Steven Hess, Darrell Hoaglandd, John Hoch, Gregory Hockin, Reggie Hogg, Daniel Hogshed, Dorothy Hofmeister, Janet Hollingsworth, Julia Hollis, Nancy Hood, Charles Horton, Marianne Howard, Bert Howell, Lucinda Howell, Marshall Hrabko, Randall 270 Hudgins, Helen Hughes, Philip Huguenin, Helene Hutchens, Janice Huyett, Nancy Hunt, Nancy Hyde, Eloise Icaza, Ramon Jacobson, Robert James, Clinton Jarrell, Pamela Jelonek, Carol Jenkins, Andrea Johnson, James Johnson, Larry Johnson, Mary Johnson, Richard Johnson, Shirley Jones, David Jones, Donald Jongewaard, Pauline Jourdan, Terry Kahn, Robert Keehn, Thomas Keeler, Jill Keenan, Judith Keene, Penelope Kelly, Lana Kerrick, Donald Kline, Keith Kennedy, Peggy Kinder, Bruce King, Christine King, John Klieger, Burt Kohl, Thomas Kramer, IVlary Kromp, Odalie Kuder, Roger Kuiken, Nicholas Kyler, George Lady, Carol Lane, Barry Lane, James Lane, Janice Lawrence, Garnet Leigh, Thomas Letson, Lynda Lincoln, Rodney Lion, Charles Lusby, Jeannette Mack, Karen Mackiernan, Judith Mackiernan, Meredith Mason, Lynn Mattes, William McBride, Barry McCall. Kitty McCall, Pamela 272 1 f i M i Sa McConnell, David McDaniel, Arthur McLaurin, Johnna McGarry, Katherine Mersereau, Mary Miller, Billie Mjrelson, Robert Mixon, David Mize, Virginia Moerck, Kurt Mooneyham, Mitchell Moore, David Moore, James Morin, Suzanne Morris, Edwin Moseley, William Muller, Sarah Munnell, Stephen Napier, Patsy Neese, Jacquelyn Nettles, Pamela Newhouse, Gregory Nesta, Angelo Norton, Julia Norton, William Nusbickel, Fred Odom, Carole Ogden, Brenda Orr, Linda Palumbo, Anthony Patrick, Robert Parsche, Paula Pearson, Kathy Peath, Gale Peck, Charles Pelland, Lynn Peters, Daniel Peters, William Peterson, Susan Pierson, Glenn PIrtle, Sherrill Polk, Sarah Ponsler, Gene Pryor, Gregory Pree, Mary Pullum, Linda Raimondi, Cosmos Randall, Linda Randle, Thomas Ransom, Constance Ream, Sarah Repasky, Christine Repass, Hazel Rich, Michael Richards, Lionel Richardson, David Robinson, Susan Rocker, Judy Rodenbaugh, Susan 7 ,fl ' 274 Rooney, Joan Ross, Barbara Ross, Norman Ruch, David Rundella, Anthony Reynolds, Regina Runner, John Russell, Robert Sacco, Phillip Sandhagen, Ray Sargeant, Alice Sauls, James Sayre, Bruce Scalabrin, Kathy Scearce, Roger ochaefer. Laurel Schaill, Paul Seegmiller, Douglas Seltenright, Russell Sewell, Nancy Shafer, Lynn Sharpe, Robert Shaw, Carolyn Shaw, Gary Sherrill, Frances Shewmal er, Stephen Shields, Margo Shirley. Michael Sisk, Terry Skiles, Shirley - w ' w r ' ▼ ' ,. JL. Smith, John Smither, John Snaman, Penny Snapp, John Sneden, George Staerker, Walker Stafford, Harry Stallings, Margaret Stamatis, Robert Steegstra, Carol Steward, Dorothy Stewart, Gabe Strickland, Sandra Strohaker, Diane Summerlin, Robert Sutton, Robert Sweeney, Cynthia Tatham, Rebecca Teale, Susan Thomas, Janice Thompson, Charles Thc-mpson, Grover Todd, Pamela OToole. Kathleen Touchet, Nell Townley, Patrick Trefry, Cynthia Troese, Michael Troiano, Stephen mM 276 Turner, Isabel Varner, Ronald Vaughn, Judith VIckers, Deborah Vogler, Bettie Walker, Barbara Waller, Nancy Walsh, Sandra Ward, Donald Ward, Judy Webster, William Weech, Gale Weinrich, Edward Weinstein, Jerome Werner, John Weston, Gail Whitley, John Wicker, Raelene r " » » ' ■.. .- .ijk Wightman, Louise Wilkerson, Charles Wilson, Linda Woods, Jane Worrill, Karen Wright, Deborah Olivia Faulkner — Vice President Debby Murphy — Secretary-Treasurer Frank Chandler — President 279 ' .♦ ' •-•■-. Adams, K Adams, P Adamski, R Airey, J Alexander, L Alexander, P . E. . B. . K. . S. . L. K. Anderson, Anderson Andrews Appenzeller, Arguelles Arnold, D. B M W , J M W. V. . J. H. C. A. Ashley, Babbit, Bacon Baker, Barnes, Barnes, R. S. J J. R. W. R. C. F. D. A. H. Barnett, Barnette, Barnum, Bassetta, Bayton, Bedenbaugh, s. A. D. C. E. S. L. J. S. C. R. E. Beede, Bennett, Benzin, Bicking, Biery, Bishop, P. J. B. C. J. L. S. P. A. J. J. A. Black, R. Boland, P. E. Borchers, J. L. Boswell, P. G. Bougiatiotis, S. P. Bozeman, W. S. life ih 14 Ch I Ii4 m £sM n i Chapman, J. K. Chastang, R. D. Chewning, S. P. Church, P. P. Clark, C. A. Clegg, B. A. Clemmer, E. W. Coleman, J. V. Coleman, R. W. Braisted, B. E. Brazzell, R. A. Briesford, R. E. Bresse, P. R. Brice, E. A. Brinkley, B, C. Brooks, B. D. Brooks, S. S. Brown, C. J. Brown, E. N. Brown, M. E. Brumbach, C. A. Bugnand, R. H. Bunselmeier, J. L. Burdette, A. P. Burke, L. H. Burton, I. C. Byron, W. M. Calonge, B. J. Campbell, C. L. Carbaugh, D. G. Cater, M. L. Cato, J. 0. Cermak, M. K. Cesky, L. S. Chamberlln, D. J. Chandler, J. F. 281 Cooper, S. B. Corvi, E. I. Cowherd, C. S. Cowherd, C. W. Cox, P. L. Crews, S. S. Cubberley, D. H. Daniel, C. E. Dassinger, G. W. Daughtry, D. J. Davidson, J. E. Davitt, M. E. Dawe, D. L. Dawsey, S. Deehan, G. R. Denson, D. N. Devan, M. S. Dinizio, J. G. Ditzler, L. L. Dodds, T. W. Dore, J. B. Driggs, J. A. Ducar, D. L. Duncan, C. D. Earp, K. J. Eash, J. D. Edinger, K. L. Edwards, D. B. Elverson, V. L. Evans, B. J. Faulkner, M. 0. Feller, K. A. Fellows, V. A. Fett, J. M. Fischer, R. H. Fletcher, J. E. 282 Fogg, S. C. Foote, C. A. Fountain, J, M. Fowler, V. Franz, R. D. Funderburke, A. J. Gall, G. D. Galloway, R. J. Garcia, M. I. Garnett, M. A. Gardner, A. C. Gardner, C. C. Garrison, D. E. Gatchell, B. K. Germond, N. W. Getz, M. T. Glass, M. S. Godsall, A. E. Gogel, G. G. Goldworm, R. A. Gorney, S. D. Gose, R. C. Granson, C. A. Graves, P. J. Green, G. S. Greene, T. K. Greig, M. R. Groves, M. T. Groves, N. L. Hagemeyer, D. L. Hake, J. L. Hale, B. E. Hall, N. B. Hall, S. W. Hall, S. K. Hamilton, S. S. Hempel, N. L. Hendry, B. A. Henry, M. A. Hanson, J. E. Hering, M. S. High, J. Hill, S. K. Hoch, C. Hofmeister, J. M. Holland, K. J. Holmes, M. S. Hopper, K. House, C. M. Howell, W, B. Howie, D. E. Hulce, M. E. Hull, J. A. Hunt. M. C. Hurst, C. E. Hustin, C. H. Hynd, T. A. Ingram, E. R. Ireland, N. F. Hammond, G. W. Hanley, M. G. Hansen, S. K. Hartman, M. C. Harty, B. J. Hayler, C. Heckman, J. R. Hedberg, N. S. Harper, R. G. Harris, L. S. Harris, M. R. Harsche, J. W. o a 284 k i[Zk AM Jeans, N. A. Jones, J. E. Jones, J. L. Johnson, J. P. Justis, J. L. Kalbleisch, K. A. Karpinski, S. J. Kessery, T. J. Keyser, S. B. Keyser, T. F. Kilduff, W. C. King. J. L. Kitson, C. A. Kline, J. D. Klingler, S. T. Knapp, J. A. Krewson, L. A. Lane, R. J. Lattig, R. G. Leftakis, J. A. Lequire, R. N. Lester, M. M. Liem, A. C. Linenbank, M. Lipson, H. M. Littlejohn, G. Literaty, R. C. Lombard, F. L. Lose, D. W. Lovegrove, W. H. Lucas, J. A. Lynch, L. G. MacConnell, J. R. MacConnell, M. M. MacKillop, D. L. Magill, P. A. Magnan, L. A. Malcom, S. J. Manting, M. A. Martel, H. J. Mason, T. W. Mattice, W. T. Mattie, S. A. Maurer, T. P. May, D. G. Mayer, L. B. McCarthy, R. D. McCleskey, A. H. S McCown, E. F. McDowell, G. L. McGinn, S. E. McLain, J. E. McLain, W. C. McLam, F. C. Meek, J. W. Mehlinger, M. M. Melton, M. A. Merkel, G. B. Metcalfe, J. J. Metcher, R. P. Meucci, T. G. Meyers, J. C. Michelson, K. J. Milazzo, J. C. Miles, L. E. Miller, J. A. Miller, M. M. Miller, R. I. Mills, L. L. Mills, V. A. Misan, A. V. Mitchell. D. G. it % m :i--v:yii ' X: M 286 Mittan, R. D. Molnar, K. A. Mooney, T. W. Moore, M. J. Morehead, J. A. Morgan, E. C. Mott, R. A. Mundhenk, D. Murphy, D. A. Myhre, M. M. Nagg, C. E. Nearing, P. D. Nixon, J. L. Noesner, G. W. Norris, G. A. Odeneal, C. S. Page, V. L. Palmgren, S. H. Parker, E. Parsons, D. J. Patton, S. E. Peck, J. M. Pederson, W. L. Peirsol, S. E. Pellett, L. Penny, E. K. Perry, E. M. Perry, N. E. Phillips, J. A. Phillips, J. L. Phillips, R. A. Pickard, J. A. Pooser, M. K. Porter, J. L. Porter, M. E. Powell, M. A. 287 • ' ■} Preston, D. L. Pridgeon, P. M. Racz, N. J. Rakus, M. C. Ramsey, S. I. Ramskill, U. L. Rasmuessen, A. V. Reardon, J. E. Reasor, S. D. Reeves, D. J. Reinhardt, B. L. Renshaw, G. Reubert, J. F. Rhea, D. A. 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Albert, Paul E., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Mathematics. Albritton, Betty A., Bowling Green, Florida; B.S. Elemen- tary Education; Kappa Delta Pi, Student Education Asso- ciation, Convocation Committee, Methodist Student Move- ment. Alcock, Carolyn F., Miami, Florida; A.B. Speech and Drama; Vagabonds. Aleffi, John J., Union City, New Jersey; B.S. Business Edu- cation; Kappa Sigma. Aniello, Theresa A., Mims, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Phi Mu, Kappa Delta Pi. Archer, Robert E., Winston-Salem, North Carolina; B.S. Business; Tau Epsilon Phi. Ascher, Larry 0., Bayside, New York; B.S. Psychology; Alpha Psi Omega, Vagabonds. Bailey, Ronald L., Roanoke, Virginia; B.S. Mathematics. Bain, Bruce E., Union, New Jersey; B.S. Journalism; Tau Epsilon Phi, Men ' s Intramural Board, Varsity Track and Soccer, INTERLACHEN, SOUTHERN. Baker, Cheryl P., Baltimore, Maryland; A.B. Art; Zeta Tau Alpha, Beta Beta Beta. Banks, Richard D., Norwell, Massachusetts; A.B. Philoso- phy. Barbae, Patricia K., Somerset, Kentucky; B.S. Psychology; Phi Mu, Pi Delta Epsilon, Greek Council, Women ' s Student Government Association, INTERLACHEN. Batstcne, Lucia G., Clearwater, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Alpha Delta Pi, Student Education Association. Bean, Marjorie A., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Physical Edu- cation; Physical Education Club, Sailing Club. Beede, Diane J., Winter Park, Florida; A.B. English; Delta Zeta, Vagabonds, Student Education Association. Beemer, Carol A., Dewitt, New York; B.S. Physical Edu- cation; Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Mu Sigma, Concert Choir, Intramurals. Berg, Margaret G., Melbourne, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Student Education Association. Berree, Norman G., Pensacola, Florida; A.B. History; Sig- ma Chi. Beverly, Carleton H., Wilbraham, Massachusetts; B.S. Biol- ogy; Pi Kappa Alpha, Soccer Team. Bilby, Larry W., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Account- ing; Pi Kappa Phi. Birdsong, John R., Winter Haven, Florida; A.B. English. Blanco, Belkis J., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Psychology; Psi Chi. Bloomer, Betty A., St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Elemen- tary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Student Union Board, Student Government Association, Supreme Court Justice, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Boyd, James R., Miami Springs, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Kappa Sigma, Circle K, Order of Omega, Student Government Association, Interfraternity Council! Bradshaw, Dennis E., Bethesda, Maryland; A.B. History; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Gamma Mu. Brewer, Ava S., Greensboro, North Carolina; B.S. Elemen- tary Educatnin; Kappa Delta, R.O.T.C. Sponsor. Brewer, William P. Jr., Greensboro, North Carolina; B.S. Business Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Judicial Board, Men ' s Student Government Association, Varsity Tennis. Brokaw, Bergon F. II, Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Chemistry; Delta Tau Delta. Brophy, Linda M., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. Brown, Carl, Chautauqua, New York; B.S. Business Man- agement; Pi Kappa Phi. Brunei, F. Gregory, Richmond, Virginia; B.S. Business Accounting; International Club, Political Union. Bryce, James P., Hollywood, Florida; B.S. Physical Edu- cation; Sigma Chi. Burek, Douglas J., Garfield, New Jersey; B.S. Business Education; Student Director of Men ' s Intramurals, Base- ball. Cade, Iris R. Seville, Florida; B.S. Biology; Zeta Tau Al- pha, Beta Beta Beta. Cafarelli, John T., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Physical Educa- tion; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Varsity Basketball. Cain, John E., Tavernier, Florida; B.S. Business Manage- ment; Kappa Sigma, Circle K. Cammarata, Samuel M., Johnstown, Pennsylvania; B.S. Business Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Political Union, Men ' s Intramural Board, Student Education Association, Greek Week Committee, Accounting Club, Advanced R.O.T.C. Carruthers, Peter C, Clearwater, Florida; A.B. Social Sci- ence Division; Theta Chi, Order of Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Advanced R.O.T.C. Caswell, Susanne, Melbourne, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Phi Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, Student Education Association, Panhellenic Council. Chancey, Rosalind Y., Palmetto, Florida; A.B. English. Clamp, Phyllis I., Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. Industrial Arts; Kappa Delta, German Club, alternate R.O.T.C. Spon- ser. Clark, Brenda B., Winter Park, Florida; A.B. Psychology; Kappa Delta, Little Sister of Minerva, Cheerleader. Cleaver, Patricia C, St. Petersburg, Florida; A.B. English; Women ' s Student Government Association. Cleveland, Carolyn A., Ft. Lauderdale, A.B. Christian Edu- cation; Alpha Delta Pi, Theta Chi Beta, Student Life Com- mittee, Women ' s Student Government Association, Ju- dicial Board, Methodist Student Movement. Cline, Mary K., Tampa, Florida; A.B. Art. Clyde, David L., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Mathematics. Cody, Raymond G., Kissimmee, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Theta Chi, Interfraternity Council, Order of Omega, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Coleman, Henry M., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Sociology. Coles, John L. Ill, Sheffield, Massachusetts; A.B. Govern- ment; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Residence Hall Advisor. Conner, William M., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Industrial Arts. Coords, George R. Jr., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi, Student Education Association, Theta Chi Beta, Sailing Club. Cowan, Thomas G., Miami Lakes, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Theta Chi, Intramural Association. FOR THE BEST IN BANKING M ' t ■ " A ' Um PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND WITH TRUST DEPARTMENT MAIN AT MISSOURI MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION LAKELAND, FLORIDA Cowart, Terry D., Daytona Beach, Florida; A.B. English; Zeta Tau Alpha, Theta Chi Beta. Cowell, Thomas H., Miami, Florida; A.B. Sociology; Psy- chology Club. Cox, Allen S., Durham, North Carolina; B.S. Business Management; Senate, Student Union Board, Tennis. Cronin, Timothy C, New York, New York; B.S. Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Croysdale, Herbert W. II, Lakeland, Florida; A.B. History Pi Kappa Phi. Cruikshank, Scott W., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. English; Pi Kappa Alpha, Crew. Cummings, Dorothy C, Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Mathemat- ics; Beta Beta Beta, German Club. D ' Angio, Robert A. Jr., Lake Park, Florida; A.B. History; Sigma Chi, Interfraternity Council, Baseball. Daniels, James, Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Mathematics. David, Gwendolyn, Washington, D.C.; B.S. Accounting; Phi Chi Theta, Student Union Board. Davis, Teresa L., Williamsburg, Kentucky; A.B. English; Phi Mu. Dellinger, Paul A., Cocoa, Florida; B.S. Business Manage- ment; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Deloach, Frederick L., Miami Springs, Florida; B.S. Ac- counting; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Methodist Student Move- ment, Political Union, International Club, Accounting Club, Advanced R.O.T.C, Concert Band. Denis, Robert A., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Physical Educa- tion. Devos, Edward G., Lake Worth, Florida; A.B. Business Management; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Interfraternity Council, Advanced R.O.T.C. DeWilt, Susan, Eustis, Florida; A.B. Journalism; Pi Delta Epsilon, Women ' s Choir, SOUTHERN, Hall Council, Vaga- bonds. Dillon, Lester R., St. Petersburg, Florida; A.B. Sociology; Pi Kappa Alpha, Order of Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Inter- fraternity Council. Doran, Carolyn S., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Spanish; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Social Standards Committee. Downing, Susan P., St. Petersburg, Florida; A.B. Socio- logy; Alpha Gamma Delta, Theta Chi Beta, Pi Gamma Mu, Methodist Student Movement. Duke, William M., Buena Vista, Georgia; B.S. Mathematics. Dumont, Diane R., Charlotte, North Carolina; A.B. Jour- nalism; Pi Delta Epsilon, SOUTHERN. Duncan, Linda, Orange Park, Florida; B.A. French; Kappa Delta, Little Sister of Minerva, Panhellenic Council, Social Standards Committee, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Vagabonds. Duncan, Montfort C. Jr., Tampa, Florida; A.B. History; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Supreme Court, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Interfraternity Council, Student Union Board. Durkin, Jackye L., Clearv ' ater, Florida; A.B. French; Phi Mu, Social Standards Committee, Alliance Francaise. Emmons, Richard C, Brielle, New Jersey; B.S. Journalism; Tau Epsilon Phi, Advanced R.O.T.C. Enchelmayer, Carl R., Arlington Heights, Illinois; B.S. Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Resident Hall Advisor. Ernst, Sandra L., Binghamton, New York; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Student Edu- cation Association, Social Standards Committee, Women ' s Student Government Association. Etheridge, Russell C, Norfolk, Virginia; B.S. Industrial Arts. Eubanks, David R., Macon, Georgia; B.S. Business Man- agement. Farmer, Barbara S., Naples, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Zeta Tau Alpha, Kappa Alpha Sweetheart, Social Standards Committee, Vice President of Junior Class. Farnell, Jane L., Pinetta, Florida; B.S. Elementary Educa- tion. Feibel, Janet L., Vero Beach, Florida; A.B. Music Educa- tion. Feola, Ralph L., Cohasset, Massachusetts; B.S. Industrial Management. Ferrara, Arlyne L, Vero Beach, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Political Union, Choir. Fisher, David E., Takoma Park, Maryland; B.S. Business Accounting; Sigma Chi. Fisher, Janet D., Westover AFB, Massachusetts; B.S. Psy- chology; German Club, Psychology. Fitzgerald, Jane, Augusta, Georgia; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Hall Council. Florin, Bruce W., Palm Bay, Florida; B.S. Business Man- agement. Poland, Bruce R., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Speech. Foster, Suzanne, Roanoke, Virginia; B.S. Biology; Zeta Tau Alpha, Beta Beta Beta. Fowler, Earleen, Archer, Florida; B.S. Home Economics; Home Economics Club. Francisco, William R., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Government; Sigma Chi, Pi Delta Epsilon, SOUTHERN, Political Union. Frasier, Marshall H., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Biology; Beta Beta Beta, Advanced R.O.T.C. Freeman, Fred H., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Science Divisional; Beta Beta Beta, Psychology Club, German Club, International Club, Political Union. French, Jon V., Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Journalism; Sig- ma Chi, Supreme Court. French, Richard J. Jr., St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Bio- logy; Beta Beta Beta. Fusselle, Jeanne W., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Futch, Frank W., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Art; Advanced R.O.T.C. Garrett, Michael D., Springfield, Pennsylvania; A.B. Gov- ernment; Phi Sigma Kappa, Interfraternity Council, Vaga- bonds, Advanced R.O.T.C. Getman, Gerry D., Hornell, New York; B.S. Chemistry; Phi Sigma Kappa, American Chemical Society, Interfraternity Council. Gill, Esther M., Perry, Florida; A.B. Spanish; Sigma Rho Epsilon, Methodist Student Movement, Spanish Club, In- ternational Club. Goding, Richard J., Apopka, Florida; A.B. Art. Godwin, David C, Orlando, Florida; B.S. Accounting; Sigma Chi, Senate, Advanced R.O.T.C, Circle K. Goforth, James D., Titusville, Florida; B.S. Physics. Golden, Edward G., West Springfield, Massachusetts; A.B. Sociology. Graebener, Kenneth H., Dyess AFB, Texas; B.S. Mathe- matics; Phi Sigma Kappa, Advanced R.O.T.C. Grainger, Frances A., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Theta Chi Beta, Student Edu- cation Association. Gray, Wanda J., Haines City, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. Green, Robert M., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Man- agement; Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Epsilon Pi. Griffin, Sandra G., Lake Placid, Florida; A.B. History; Pi Gamma Mu, Alpha Mu Sigma, Chief Justice of Supreme things go better,! Coke Bottled Under Authority of the Coca-Cola Company Lakeland Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 297 • • -.- - Court, Senate, Concert Choir, International Club, Political Union, Philosophy Club, Spanish Society, Student Union Board, Methodist Student Union. Hagen, Daniel L., Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. Religion; Kap- pa Alpha, Gamma Sigma Chi, Theta Chi Beta. Hall, Harvey T., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Speech; Pi Delta Epsilon, Vagabonds, SOUTHERN. Hamilton, Wendy A., Naperville, Illinois; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta. Haralson, Richard E., Sarasota, Florida; B.S. Physical Edu- cation; Theta Chi, Intramural Board. Harms, Robert A., Baldwin, New York; A.B. Philosophy. Harris, Nancy J., Northport, New York; A.B. French; Alpha Gamma Delta, Social Standards Committee. Harris, Richard H., Wilmington, Delaware; B.S. Mathe- matics; Kappa Sigma, Varsity Golf. Hart, William C, Sparta, New Jersey; B.S. Philosophy; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Harvester, Charles, Ft. Hamilton, New York; A.B. Business; Theta Chi, Advanced R.O.T.C. Harvill, Howard L, Arlington, Virginia; B.S. Accoun ting; Pi Kappa Alpha. Hayden, Linda K., Zephyrhills, Florida; A.B. Music Educa- tion; Alpha Mu Sigma, Concert Choir, Cap and Gown, Methodist Student Movement. Haynes, Susan K., Sanford, Florida; B.S. Business Edu- cation; Alpha Mu Sigma, Concert Choir, Cap and Gown, Methodist Student Movement. Heathman, Mark A., Rome, Italy; B.S. Management; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Hedberg, Leon T., St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Mathe- matics; Theta Chi, Concert Choir, Advanced R.O.T.C. Heimmer, Harold A., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Men ' s Residence Hall Advisor. Helmick, Robert W. Jr., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Chemistry; Phi Sigma Kappa. Hepler, Olen L. Jr., Ormond Beach, Florida; B.S. Biology; Kappa Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, Advanced R.O.T.C. Herr, Josephine J., Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey; B.S. Mathematics. Higle, Alfred T. Jr., Ossining, New York; B.S. Mathematics; Kappa Sigma. Hiles, Kathleen M., Sanford, Florida; A.B. Sociology. Hines, Charles M. Jr., Clearwater, Florida; A.B. Philosophy; Gamma Sigma Chi, Methodist Student Movement, Sailing Club, Philosophy Club. Hink, Terrianne, Vienna, Virginia; B.S. Business Manage- ment; Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Chi Theta. Hinman, Phillip J., Ft. Myers, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Hinson, Cheryl E., Augusta, Georgia; A.B. English; Delta Zeta, Alpha Mu Sigma, Concert Choir. Hoffman, Kathleen L., Orlando, Florida; A.B. Sociology; Phi Mu, Pi Delta Epsilon, Senate. Hofmann, Carol H., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. Homans, Peggy A., Brunswick, Georgia; B.S. Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Theta Chi Beta, Pi Delta Epsi- lon, Student Education Association, INTERLACHEN. Hoover, William M., Miami, Florida; B.S. Biology. Hopper, Roger D., Clearwater, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Kappa Alpha, Interfraternity Council. Houts, Donald G., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. English; Concert Choir. Hcwison, Patricia A., Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. Elemen- tary Education. Hughes, Carol S., Winter Haven, Florida; A.B. English. Hughes, Charles G., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. History. Hull, Sarah W., Plant City, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. Hunsucker, Daniel D., Raleigh, North Carolina; A.B. Span- ish; Pi Kappa Alpha. Jahn, Theodore B. II, Winter Haven, Florida; B.S. Mathe- matics. Jerge, Roberta W., Deltona, Florida; A.B. German; Inter- national Club, Vagabonds. Jerkins, Thomas L., Sarasota, Florida; B.S. Accounting; Pi Kappa Phi. Johannes, Michael A., Lake Worth, Florida; A.B. History; Tau Kappa Epsilon, INTERLACHEN, SOUTHERN, Advanced R.O.T.C. Johnson, Inez M., Brandon, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation. Jolkovski, Kaye A., Arlington, Virginia; A.B. French; Alpha Delta Pi. Jones, James T. Jr., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Business Man- agement; Phi Sigma Kappa, Psychology Club. Jones, Joe E., Wabasso, Florida; A.B. Music Education; Phi Sigma Phi, Concert Choir, American Guild of Organ- ists, Methodist Student Movement. Jones, Thomas R. Jr., Miami, Florida; A.B. Psychology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi. Jorgensen, Alfred C, Brockton, Massachusetts; B.S. Bu si- ness Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi. Jung, Marjorie D., Sheboygen Falls, Wisconsin; A.B. Speech and Drama; Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, Vagabonds. Karrick, Jonnie L., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Biology. Kaufman, Gerald, Ellenville, New York; A.B. Government; Tau Epsilon Phi, Senate, Political Union, Soccer, Advanced R.O.T.C. Keene, Donald C, Sarasota, Florida; B.S. Economics. Keiser, Edward H. Jr., Tampa, Florida; B.S. Biology; Sigma Nu, Soccer. Kennedy, Thelma F., Clermont, Florida; B.S. Biology; Beta Beta Beta. Kiesel, Thomas F., Ft. Myers, Florida; A.B. Social Science Divisional; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Killebrew, Connie S., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Home Eco- nomics; Home Economics Club. Kimbrell, William P., New Orleans, Louisiana; B.S. Busi- ness Management; Kappa Alpha. King, Carolyn J., Bartow, Florida; B.S. Business Manage- ment. Kingsbury, Erdie R. II, Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Pi Kappa Alpha. Kirkwood, Lawrence R., Chicago, Illinois; A.B. History; Tau Kappa Epsillon, Pi Gamma Mu, President of Student Gov- ernment Association, Concert Choir, International Club, Political Union, Senate, German Club, Methodist Student Movement, Who ' s Who in America Colleges and Universi- ties, Psychology Club, Men ' s Residence Hall Advisor, IN- TERLACHEN, SOUTHERN, Young Republicans Club. Kleinschmidt, Janet L., Hollywood, Florida; A.B. Math- ematics; Delta Zeta, Theta Chi Beta, Women ' s Student Government Association, International Club. Kraczkowsky, Gregory M., New Britain, Connecticut; B.S. Business Management; Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Circle K. Kreider, Cristine A., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Elemen- tary Education Alpha Gamma Delta. Produced By Local Farmers Velda On The Label Means Quality On The Table VELDA FARMS Lakeland 686-6211 Winter Haven 293-4154 k " ' ' ' i i ilia -t ,0 9 Lamont, Donna C, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Elemen- tary Education; Women ' s Student Government Association. Lavoie, Kenneth F., Chepachet, Rhode Island; A.B. Eng- lish. Ledyard, Elinor L., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Art. Lesher, Donald S., Lake Helen, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Advanced R.O.T.C. Leslie, Bonney S., Lake City, Florida; A.P. English; Sigma Rho Epsilon, Theta Chi Beta, Methodist Student Move- ment. Lewis, Marjorie P., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Physical Educa- tion; Delta Zeta, Student Education Association. Lewis, Randy J., West Palm Beach, Florida; B.S. Busi- ness Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha. Lewis, Richard P., Beckley, West Virginia; A.B. Social Science Divisional; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, Psi Chi, Pi Gamma Mu, Order of Omega, Political Union, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties, Interfraternity Council, Senate, President of Sopho- more, Junior, Senior Class, Basketball, Baseball. Lippert, Jeanne L., Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Business Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Phi Chi Theta, L ' Alliance Francaise, Christian Science Organization, Interfaith Coun- cil. Locke, Daniel K., Stuart, Florida; A.B. Art; Pi Kappa Phi. Loeper, Nancy L, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; B.S. Ele- mentary Education; Kappa Delta, Political Union, Psy- chology Club, Intramurals. Long, Robert E., Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. English; Sigma Rho Epsilon, Theta Chi Beta, Methodist Student Move- ment, Literary Club, Concert Choir. Loveday, Leigh H., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Tau Kappa Epsilon, American Institute of Physics. Luce, Jon P., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Industrial Arts Educa- tion. Luscher, Ellen H., Shelby, North Carolina; B.S. Busi- ness Education; Phi Chi Theta. Lutz, Beverlee R., Lakeland, Florida; B.E. Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Theta Chi Beta, Baptist Student Union. Macchi, James S., Oakland, Florida; B.S. Biology. Manley Walter W., Winter Haven, Florida; A.B. Govern- ment, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Political Union, Young Demo- crats. Margolis, John A., New Rochelle, New York; B.S. Busi- ness Management; Sailing Club. Markert, Deborah A., Arlington, Virginia; B.S. Math- ematics; Women ' s Student Government Association, Judi- cial Board, Student Government Association, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Physics. Marsh, Susan J., Fort Meade, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Theta Chi Beta, Cap and Gown, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Meth- odist Student Movement. Martel, Elizabeth N., Levittown, New York; B.S. Math- ematics; Alpha Omicron Pi, Sigma Chi Sweetheart, Crossed Keys, Women ' s Student Government Association, Hall Council, Social Standards Committee. Marting, Tim, St. Louis, Missouri; A.B. Physical Educa- tion; Kappa Sigma. McBride, Kathy L., Charleston, South Carolina; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Cheerleader, R.O.T.C. Sponsor. McCowen, Murray A., Macon, Georgia; A.B. English; Phi Mu, Theta Chi Beta, Order of Diana, Literary Society. McCown, Philip R. Jr., Sarasota, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Kappa Sigma, Circle K. McCullough, Donna K., Punta Gorda, Florida; B.S. Elemen- tary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Student Education As- sociation, Greek Council. McGill, Dennis R., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Speech; Theta Chi, Advanced R.O.T.C, Intramural Board. McGinnes, Dean C, Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Management; Phi Sigma Kappa, Advanced R.O.T.C. McManeus, Barbara N., Tampa, Florida; A.B. Christian Education; Psi Chi, Theta Chi Beta. McMullen, Linda A., Tampa, Florida; B.S. Journalism; Alpha Delta Pi. McNamee, Sarah L., Brentwood, Tennessee; B.S. Psy- chology; Pi Delta Epsilon, Psi Chi, INTERLACHEN, Psy- chology Club, International Club, Student Union Board, Women ' s Student Government Association. Meng, Mary L., Placida, Florida; B.S. Physical Education; Alpha Delta Pi. Meredith, Gail S., Lake Worth, Florida; B.S. 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History; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, Theta Chi Beta, Political Union, Baptist Student Union. Morgan, Gary W., West Palm Beach, Florida; A.B. Ac- counting; Sigma Chi, Varsity Baseball, Advanced R.O.T.C. Morreale, Barth J., Northbrook, Illinois; B.S. Business Management; Kappa Sigma. Morton, Nancy L., Homosassa, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Munc, Judith M., Miami, Florida; A.B. Spanish; Alpha Delta Pi, Minerva Club. Murphey, Philip W., Key West, Florida; B.S. Psychology; Kappa Alpha. Murphy, Kenneth B., Clearwater, Florida; B.S. Math- ematics; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Newsome, Irene M., Fort Meade, Florida; B.S. Math- ematics. Nicholson, George E., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Pi Kappa Alpha. Ohnmacht, Sandra M., Somerville, New Jersey; B.S. Elementary Education; Delta Zeta, Student Education As- sociation, Intramurals, Hall Council, Vagabonds. Osterholm, Carol A., Jensen Beach, Florida; A.B. Social Science; Political Union, Psychology Club, Sailing Club. Palmer, Jane, Orlando, Florida; B.S. Elementary Educa- tion; Phi Mu, Kappa Delta Pi. Pappas, Dean, North Miami, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Tau Epsilon Phi, Greek Week Committee. ' As Long as There is a Lakeland, There will be a Florida National Bank ' I . • ■• • -_, Parsons, Linda M., West Palm Beach, Florida; A.B. English; Philosophy Club, Psychology Club, Literary So- ciety, Student Union Board. Paugh, David L., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Mathematics. Pearson, Teresa A., Sarasota, Florida; B.S. Home Eco- nomics; Alpha Chi Omega. Perry, Susan L, Morris Plains, New Jersey; A.B. Span- ish; Spanish Club, International Club. Phillips, Dale L., Orlando, Florida; A.B. History; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Phipps, Glenn W. Jr., Petersburg, Virginia; B.S. Busi- ness Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha. Plotkin, Joseph A., Miami Beach, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Tau Epsilon Phi. Plowman, Craig S., Wayne, New Jersey; B.S. 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History; Kappa Delta, Panhellenic Council, Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities, R.O.T.C. Sponsor. Reid, Linda L., Pahokee, Florida; A.B. Spanish; Alpha Gamma Delta, Student Education Association, Spanish Society. Rhamstine, Thomas E., St. Petersburg, Florida; A.B. English; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Rhodes, Jack D., West Palm Beach, Florida; B.S. Phys- ical Education; Sigma Chi. Rion, Fount H., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Man- agement. Robbins, Carol, Delray Beach, Florida; B.S. Journalism; Delta Zeta, Pi Delta Epsilon, Editor of SOUTHERN. Roberts, Richard B., Staten Island, New York; A.B. Journalism; Phi Sigma Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, Concert Choir, Vagabonds, SOUTHERN. Robinson, Sara M., Elkton, Virginia; B.S. Biology; Zeta Tau Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, Student Government Associa- tion, Cap and Gown, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Chairman of Homecoming and Founders Week. Rogers, James C. Jr., Leesburg, Florida; A.B. Economics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Gamma Mu, Delta Sigma Pi, Political Union, Men ' s Student Government Association, Senate, Methodist Student Union. Rohrer, Frederick L., Pontiac, Michigan; A.B. Social Science; Pi Kappa Alpha. Romberger, Helen C, Bethesda, Maryland; B.S. Biology. Rooks, Arnell, Okeechobee, Florida; A.B. Social Science Divisional; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pi Gamma Mu. Rooks, Larry G., Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. Government; Student Union Board, Student Activities Committee, Con- cert-Lecture Committee. Rooks, Patricia L., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Psychology; Zeta Tau Alpha, Psi Chi, Cap and Gown. Rushing, Judith A., Winter Park, Florida; A.B. Spanish; Alpha Chi Omega, Psi Chi. Ruthel, Inge, Sheffield, Massachusetts; B.S. Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, International Club, Social Standards Committee, Student Union Poard. Sanders, Susan K., Atlanta, Georgia; A.B. Christian Educa- tion; Alpha Chi Omega, Pi Delta Epsilon, INTERLACHEN, Junior Varsity Cheerleader. Santiago, Rosalind J., Burton, South Carolina; A.B. English; Student Union Board, Chapel Choir. Santiago, Rosario, Miami, Florida; A.B. Spanish; Psi Chi, Alpha Mu Sigma, Student Education Association, Methodist Student Movement, Concert Choir, Hall Council. Sarpeant, Ralph B. Jr., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Accounting. Saxon, Ben I., Ormond Beach, Florida; A.B. History; Phi Sigma Kappa, Theta Chi Beta. Scanio, Gregory J., Brooklyn, New York; B.S. Business Management; Tau Epsilon Phi, Order of Omega, Inter- fraternity Council, Varsity Soccer, Advanced R.O.T.C. Scharfenberg, Ann D., Winter Park, Florida; A.B. French; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Psychology Club. Schauer, Douglas F., Fort Washington, New York; A.B. History; Theta Chi. Scherer, Joan M., Murray Hill, New Jersey; B.S. Ele- mentary Education; Alpha Chi Omega. Schweisthai, John M., Hammond, Indiana; B.S. Phys- ical Education; Theta Chi, Varsity Basketball. Setzer, David A., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Man- agement; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Severance, Marcas V., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. History. Sharp, Linda D., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elementary Educa- tion; Delta Zeta. Sharp, Raymond S., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Biology; Phi Sigma Kappa. Sheffield, Norman L. Jr., Hillsboro Beach, Florida; A.B. English. Shimer, Dean A., Allentown, Pennsylvania; B.S. Account- ing; Pi Kappa Alpha, Tennis. Shy, Judith G., Westover AFB, Massachusetts; A.B. Ele- mentary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Minerva Club, Student Education Association, Cheerleader. Siebert, Linda A., Winter Haven, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Simonson, Roger L., Pahokee, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Pi Kappa Alpha. Sinclair, Gary L., Colfax, Illinois; B.S. Management. Skelton, Janis, Orlando, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Student Union Board, Student Education Associa- tion. Smith, Ella L., Winter Park, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi. Smith, Kenneth J., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Journalism; SOUTHERN. Stahlin, Sara J., Captiva Island, Florida; B.S. Personnel Management; Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Chi Theta, Vaga- bonds. EGER BLOCK REDI-MIX INC. Lakeland, Florida .3n LAflELANb AUB RNOALE T .WINTER HAVeHK WORLD WIDE AIR AND STEAMSHIP SERVICE CRUISES— TOURS Jack and Leon Mencel 225 S. Kentucky Ave. Phone 682-3163 Lakeland, Florida FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE BOOKSTORE You Will Always Find That Perfect GIFT AT . . . Geo. L. Gaines, Jeweler 112 South Tennessee Avenue Knone 682-2131 Stanfield, Pauline L., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Mathematics; Theta Chi Beta, Baptist Student Union. Stauer, John P., Chevy Chase, Maryland; B.S. Man- agement; Kappa Sigma, Intramural Board. Streep, Foster D., Winter Park, Florida; B.S. Business; Kappa Alpha, Greek Council. Sullivan, Michael J., Cincinnati, Ohio; B.S. Business Management; Kappa Sigma, Varsity Basketball. Sumner, Marion R., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Biology; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Beta Beta Beta. Swank, Glenn D., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Biology; Beta Beta Beta. Swanson, Sandra L., Ft. Myers, Florida; B.S. Elemen- tary Education; Delta Zeta, Student Education Associa- tion. Sweeney, Edward D., Winter Haven, Florida; B.S. Math- ematics; Kappa Alpha. Swindell, Julie C, Hinsdale, Illinois; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Varsity Cheerleader Captain. Swoyer, David C, Titusville, Florida; A.B. Art. Talbott, Ellen E., Elkins, West Virginia; A.B. Hi.-tory; Alpha Delta Pi, Student Government Association, Women ' s Student Govern ment Association, Supreme Court, INTER- LACHEN, Cap and Gown, Hall Council, Judicial Board, Greek Council, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities, Little Sister of Minerva, Pi Delta Epsilon, Pi Gamma Mu. Taylor, Van C, Orlando, Florida; A.B. Philosophy; Phi- losophy Club. Thomas, Phyllis J., Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. English; Zeta Tau Alpha, Pi Delta Epsilon, Cap and Gown, Pan- hellenic Council, Curriculum Committee, Junior Advisor, Judicial Board, SOUTHERN, Methodist Student Movement, International Club. Thompson, Donna M., Arlington, Virginia; B.S. Busi- ness Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Chi Theta. Thompson, John M., Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. Di- visional Science; Pi Kappa Phi, Beta Beta Beta, Interna- tional Club, German Club, Varsity Soccer. Thompson, Samuel, Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Business; Delta Epsilon Pi. Thompson, William E. Ill, Ocala, Florida; B.S. Citrus; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Thompson, Linda L., Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. Sociology; Phi Mu. Toler, Clyde L., Ossi, New York; A.B. Art; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Townsend, Jennifer M., Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. Chris- tian Education; Sigma Rho Epsilon. Triebels, Philip E., Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania; B.S. Busi- ness Management; Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi. Trost, Rebecca S., Miami, Florida; B.S. Elementary Ed- ucation; Alpha Chi Omega, Junior Advisor, Cheerleader. Tucker, Kenneth 0. Jr., Shark River Hills, New Jersey; A.B. History; Tau Epsilon Phi. Underhill, Linda P., Ft. Myers, Beach, Florida; B.S. Home Economics; Home Economics Club, Methodist Student Movement. Vernon, Michael H., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; A.B. History; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Advanced R.O.T.C. Wallace, James E. Jr., Nashville, Tennessee; A.B. History; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Ware, Kathryn, Mentor, Ohio; A.B. Spanish; Alpha Omicron Pi. Warner, Bonnie L., Crescent City, Florida; A.B. Sociology; Alpha Gamma Delta, Psychology Club, Citrus Club. Wasser, Thomas D., Lyons, New York; B.S. Chemistry; Theta Chi, Student Government Association, Supreme Court. Waters, Eleanor E., Hialeah, Florida; B.S. Elementary Ed- ucation. Weaver, Brian M., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Citrus; Phi Kappa Alpha, Varsity Crew. Weaver, James R., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Business Man- agement; Theta Chi. Weaver, Steven L., Hampton, Virginia; B.S. Mathematics. Wells, Paula H., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Sociology; Delta Zeta, Pi Gamma Mu, Pi Delta Epsilon, Psychology Club, INTERLACHEN. Wheeler, Barry C, Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. Social Sci- ence Divisional; Phi Kappa Alpha. Wherrell, Gwendolyn R., Okeechobee, Florida; A.B. English; INTERLACHEN. Whipple, Nancy A., Middletown, New York; A.B. Journal- ism; Gamma Delta lota. Student Union Board, SOUTHERN. Whitworth, Marlou A., Haines City, Florida; B.S. Biology; Beta Beta Beta, Psi Chi. Wilcox, John P., Arlington, Virginia; B.S. Business Man- agement; Pi Kappa Alpha. Wilhelmson, Paul, Freeport, Bahamas; A.B. History; Theta Chi, Intramural Association, Varsity Crew. Williams, Dara E., Archer, Florida; B.S. Elementary Educa- tion; Alpha Chi Omega. Williams, Kenneth A., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Management; Pi Kappa Phi. Wilson, Diane L., Albuquerque, New Mexico; B.S. Elemen- tary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Student Government Association. Wilson, Martha L., Miami, Florida; B.S. Elementary Educa- tion; Kappa Delta Pi, Methodist Student Movement. Winkler, David B., Clearwater, Florida; A.B. English. Wray, Charles I. Jr., Boones Mill, Virginia; A.B. English. Wyand, Marie C, Lakeland, Florida; A.B. English. Wysong, Edith K., Brandon, Florida; A.B. Spanish; Alpha Delta Pi, Theta Chi Beta, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Miss Molly, Spanish Society. Yandre, Stanley E., Orlando, Florida; A.B. History; Order of Demolay, Pi Gamma Mu, Political Union, Student Union Board, Circle K. Zamzow, Dale A., Haines City, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Phi Sigma Kappa, Alpha Psi Omega, American Chemical Society, Vagabonds. Zanathy, Stephen P., Hubbard Woods, Illinois; B.S. Chem- istry; Phi Sigma Kappa. 304 the Empire DOWNTOWN LAKELAND and SEARSTOWN Ind ex Abell, Karen G., 132, 266. Adams, Deana M., 128, 152, 153, 204, 232. 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John S.. 188. 268. Debell. Gayle A., 136, 268. Deehan. Gary R., 282. Dellinger. Paul A.. 164, 235. Deloach, Frederick L., 158, 205, 208, 235. DELTA SIGMA PI, 85. DELTA 2ETA. 132, 133. Denis. Robert A.. 235. Denmark, John E., 68, 105, 268. Denson, Deborah N., 103, 282. Derryberry, Polly A.. 121, 130, 204, 254. Dessalet, Margaret C, 124, 254. Deupree, Mary J., 69, 126, 204, 254. Deutsch. Karen L., 268. DeVan, Marcia S.. 282. De Veer. Nancy K., 126, 254. DeVilliers. Elena C, 70, 101, 254. DeVos, Edward G., 71, 144, 203, 208, 164, 235. DeWitt, Susan, 86, 93, 94. 235. Diamond, Kenneth N., 254. Dillon, Lester R.. 71, 73, 152, 235. Dinizio, John G., 282. Dinsmore. Howard, 225. Dismukes, Paul F., 152, 268. Ditchtield, Jacquelin L., 132, 254. Ditzler, Lucy L., 282. Dodds, Thomas W., 173, 282. Doran, Carolyn S.. 91, 235. Doran. T. Mitchell. 268. Dore, Jeffery B., 282. Dort. Rosita D.. 268. Dow. Stephen W., 154, 268. Dowdy. Margaret, 228. Downing, Susan P., 82, 83, 104, 124, 236. Drake. Helen K., 84, 254. Draper. Wallace B., 254. Driggers. John D., 254. Driggs, Janet A.. 282. Ducar. David L., 282. Duke. William M., 236. Dumont, Diane R., 236. Duncan. Carol D., 282. Duncan. Linda L., 136, 204, 236. Duncan, Montfort C. Jr., 65. 164, 236. Durham, Martha, 214. Durkin, Denis, 71, 146, 208, 254. Durkin, Jackye L., 140, 236. Dutton, Joe, 222. Dwyer, Michael, 188. Dyson. Jonathan M., 152, 268. Earp. Kristie J.. 282. Eash. John D., 282. Eastwood. Louise, 228. Ebanks, Grace E., 255. Edinger, Karen L., 282. Edwards. Dan M. Jr., 156. 268. Edwards, David B.. 282. Edwards, William M. Ill, 85, 156, 182, 255. Egger, Robert E.. 268. Eickenberg. Charles. 225. Eilertsen. Jill A., 86, 89, 99, 102, 128, 255. Elems. Shirley L., 255. Ellis. Marie O.. 268. Ellis. Steven M.. 146, 255. Elofson, O, Rhody, 255. Elverson, Virginia L.. 91. 282. Emmons, Richard C. 152. Enchel mayer, Carl R.. 70, 85, 156, 236. Ernst, Sandra L.. 75, 126, 236. Esau. Carol, 214. Etheridge. James H., 255. Etheridge. Russell C. 208. Eubanks. David R.. 236. Evans. Barbara J.. 103. 282. Evans. David L., 68. 79. 146. 208, 255. Ewing. Joan M., 69, 122, 128, 251, 255. Fandrich. Rita, 218. Fanning, 0. B.. 214. Farabee. Ruth E., 134, 268. Farmer, Barbara S., 134, 148, 149, 236. Farnell. Jane L., 236. Faulkner. Mary 0.. 92, 96, 179, 279, 282. Fauls. Robert J.. 85, 156 184, 255. Feibel, Janet L.. 99. 236. Feller, Kathryn A., 282. Fellows. Victoria A.. 282. Feola. Ralph L., 162, 236. Ferrara, Arlyne L.. 236. Fett. Janice M., 282. Fidler. Steven L.. 86, 208, 269. Field. Howard. 225. Fields. Jay A.. 255. Fifner. William F.. 160, 255. Fischer, Raymond H., 86, 99, 282. Fisher, David E.. 85. 160, 236. Fisher. Janet D.. 236. Fisk, Alan C, 92. 164, 269. Fitzgerald. Jane. 121. 236. Fletcher. Janice E., 282. Flierl. Mary L., 86, 138, 269. Florin. Bruce. W. Floyd. Patricia B.. 255. Fogg. Susan C. 81, 283. Fogt. Daniel A.. 255. Poland. Bruce R.. 173, 237. Poland. Francis. 214. Folio. Phyllis A.. 126. 269. Folsom. William C. III. 156. 269. Fondren. Mary J., 124, 269. Foote. Carol A.. 283. Ford, Beth, 218. Ford. Frances W., 269. 306 Compliments of CEMENT PRODUCTS SUPPLY CO., INC. « ♦ L p Foster, Suzanne, 134, 237. Fountain, Janel M., 283. Fow, Robert E., 188, 255. Fowler, Earleen. 237. Fowler. Linda K., 126, 269. Fowler, Vera, 283. France, Patricia L., 134, 269. Francisco, Ginger C, 255. Francisco, William R., 237. Frank, Judith M., 132, 255. Franklin, Charles, 222. Franklin, Linda L., 86, 89, 255. Franz, Rodney D., 103, 283. Frasier, Marshall H., 79, 208, 237. Frassica, Nancy S., 124, 255. Freeman, Fred H., 92, 237. Freeman, Thomas A., 255. French, Jon V., 65, 160, 237. French, Richard J. Jr., 79, 237. Fricks, Sharon L., 132, 269. Frier, Suzanne B., 269. Froehlig, Hester A., 128. 269. Fryer, Robert L. Jr., 121, 144, 160, 208, 255. Fullington, Page D. Jr., 144, 152, 188, 255. Fulton, Richard T., 71, 73, 144, 146, 208, 255. Funderburg, John, 225. Funderburke, Alice J., 96, 283. Fusco, Frank W., 208, 256. Fusselle, Jeanne W., 237. Futch, Frank W., 237. Gade, John H., 144, 164, 181, 269. Gall, George D., 283. Galloway, Robin J., 283. GAMMA SIGMA CHI, 105. Garcia, Maria I., 283. Gardner, Arthur C. Jr., 148, 283. Gardner, Christie C, 283. Garnett, Marcia A., 283. Garrett, Michael D., 166, 208, 237. Garrison, Donna E., 283. Gatchell, Bonnie K., 283. Gatton, Charlotte F., 94, 96, 124, 269. GERMAN CLUB, 92. Germond, Norman W., 283. Getman. Gerry D., 77, 166, 237. Getz. Michael T., 184, 283. Gibbs, Kathryn S., 256. Gibbs, Robert M., 146, 269. Gibson, Gwendolyn D., 69, 256. Gieger, Douglas M., 256. Gieger, Mack, 214. Gielow, Ronald J., 256. Giglia, Brenda J., 256. Gill, Esther M., 91, 237. Glass, Dana E., 102, 256. Glass, Mary S., 77, 99, 102, 283. Goding, Richard J., 237. Godsall, Ann E., 66, 283. Godsall, Linda M., 130, 269. Godwin, David C, 66, 85, 160, 203, 208, 237. Goforth, James D., 78, 237. Gogel, Gary G., 283. Golden, Edwa.d G., 237. Goldworm, Richard A., 283. Gonzalez, Aixa R., 91, 269. Goodson, Lane, 225. Gorney, Steven D., 283. Gose, Roberta C, 283. Grader, Martha D., 269. Graebener, Kenneth H., 208, 238. Grainger, Frances A., 75, 126, 238. Grange, Terry A., 130, 256. Granson, Christopher A., 283. Grant, Charles H., 162, 269. Grant, Stephen A., 92, 146. 269. Graves, Phyllis J., 283. Gray, Sarah J., 86, 136, 269. Grav Wanda J.. 238. GREEK COUNCIL, 121. Green, Barry L., 146, 173, 256- Green, David J., 269. Green, Donna L., 103, 269. Green, Geoffrey S., 283. Green, Richard O., 256. Green. Robert M., 85, 152, 238. Green, Sandra K., 126. 256. Greene, Cam R., 79, 154, 269. Greene. Thomas, 214. Greene, Thomas K., 81, 181, 283. Gregory, Stanley W.. 154, 256. Greig .Marilyn R., 80, 283. Greiser, Evelyn J., 128, 269. Griffin, Sandra G., 65, 66, 82, 83, 99, 102, 238. Groover, Shirley R.. 84, 256. Grossini, Dennis J., 256. Groves, Michael T., 188, 283. Groves, Nell L.. 283. Guenther. George R., 160, 269. Guess, Grace A., 102, 256. Hackney, Mary, 214. Hagemeyer, Delia L.. 81, 179. 283. Hagen, Daniel L.. 104, 148, 238. Hake, Janet L., 283. Hale, Barbara E., 283. Hall, Harvey T. Ill, 238. Hall, Linda F., 79. 256. Hall, Nancy B., 283. Hall, Steohen W.. 283. Hall Susan K. 283. Hallfors, Eric J., 182, 269. Hallman, Douglas F., 105. 107, 269. Hamilton, Sharon S., 99. 283. Hamilton, VirRinia J., 74, 96. 132, 270, Hamilton, Wendy A., 124, 238. Hammond, Gary W., 284. Hammond, Linda A., 66, 69, 78, 134, 256. Hancock, Emily, 222. Hanley, Marvin G., 284. Hanley, Morris A., 70, 208, 256. Hanly, William C, 270. Hanna, Alan D., 85, 105 156, 208, 256. Hansen, Grant C, 79, 256. Hansen, Susan K. 81, 284. Haralson, Richard E., 81, 130, 146, 238. Harding, Alice K., 134, 270. Hardy, Thomas D., 166, 270. Harms, Robert A., 238, Harper, Rodney G., 284. Harris, Douglas B., 270. Harris, Lana S., 69, 284. Harris, Mary R., 284. Harris, Nancy J., 124, 238. Harris, Randolph M., 255. Harris, Richard H., 151, 238. Harsche, James W., 284. Hart, Royce L., 99, 270. Hart, William C, 121, 144, 158, 238. Hartman, Michael C, 160, 188, 284. Harty. Barbara J., 77, 92, 284. Hartzog, George B. Ill, 92, 270. Harvester, Charles L., 146, 208, 238. Harvill. Howard L., 152, 238. Haselier, Robert K., 121, 164, 257, Hausman, Marjorie A., 86, 257. Hawkins, David C, 67, 85, 148, 184, 257. Hawkms, William J., 173, 270. Hay. Richard T., 257. Hayden, Linda K., 72, 99, 102, 238. Hayler. Carolee, 179, 284. Haynes, Susan K., 65, 84, 238. Heald, Mary L., 140, 270. Heaston, Richard A., 151, 270. Heathman, Mark A., 164, 239. Heckman, Jack R., 182, 284. Hedberg, Leon T., 99, 146, 205, 208, 239. Hedberg, Nancy S., 284. Hedrick, Kay E., 126, 134, 270. Hedrick, Susan K., 270. Heimmer, Harold A., 70, 78, 239. Helmick, Robert W. Jr., 77, 239. Hemman, Stephen R., 121, 144, 257. Hempel, Nancy L., 284. Hendry, Barbara A., 284. Hendry, Judith A., 257. Henry, Michael A., 284. Henson, Joseph E. II, 284. Hepler, Larry R., 148, 270. Hepler, Olen L. Jr., 134, 135, 239. Herbst, Mary C, 92, 270. Hering, Matthew S., 284. Hering. Steven A., 148. 270. Herr, Josephine J., 239. Hess, Darren E., 173, 270. Higby, Gary J., 257. High, Joshua, 284. Higle, Alfred T. Jr., 151, 239. Hiles, Kathleen M., 239. Hill, Sandra K., 284. Hilts, Margaret E., 102, 257. Hines, Charles M. Jr., 80, 239. Hink, Terrianne, 128, 239. Hinman. Phillip J., 144, 158, 208, 257. Hinson, Cheryl E., 99, 102, 132, 239. Hoagland, John S., 270. Hoch, Carolee, 284. Hoch. Gregory C, 66, 144, 156, 173, 184, 270. Hockin, Reggie L., 92, 164, 270. Hoffman, Kathleen L., 66, 140, 239. Hoffman, Nelson M. Jr., 213. Hoffman, Stephen G., 86, 89, 160, 257. Hofmann, Carol H., 128, 239. Hofmeister, Janet L., 130, 270. Hofmeister. Jill M., 284. Hogg. Daniel F., 66, 68, 148, 270. Hogshead, Dorothy A., 270. Holland, Kathryn J., 284. Hollingsworth, Julia F., 140, 270. Hollis, Nancy C, 270. Holmes, Margaret S., 81, 284. Holzschuh Elaine E., 257. Homans, Peggy A., 93, 96, 104, 134, 239 Hood, Charles M. III. 152, 184, 270. Hoover, William M.. 80, 239. Hopper, Kathleen, 179, 284. Hopper, Roger D., 144, 148, 239. Horton, Marianne, 134. 270. House, Carey M., 81. 284. Houts, Donald G., 99, 239. Houts, Jack, 218. Howard, Bert M., 146. 270. Howell. Lucinda M., 270. Howell. Marshall F. Jr., 85, 156, 270. Howell, William B.. 85, 173, 284. Howie, Dianne E., 284. Howison. Patricia A., 240. Howland. Adelaide H. 79, 132, 257. Hrabko. Randall P., 270. Hubbard, Betty S., 132, 257. Hudgins. Helen P., 271. Hughes, Carol S., 240. Hughes, Charles G., 240. Hughes, Philip G., 271. Huguenin, Helene C, 134, 271. Hulce, Marcia E., 284. Hull, Jean A., 284. Hull, Sarah W., 240. Hunt, Mary C, 103, 284. Hunt, Nancy B., 124, 271. Hurst, Candace E., 284. Hurst, Laurie B., 257. Hustin, Catherine H., 69, 284. Hutchens, Janice L., 106, 271. 308 Hutchinson, Col. Robert C, Jr., 202, 214. Hutson, Margaret E., 124, 257. Huyett, Nancy J., 271. Hyde, Eloise E., 140, 271. Hynd, Todd A., 284. Icaza, Ramon A., 271. Ingram, Edgar R., 284. INTERFAITH COUNCIL, 107. INTER FRATERNITY COUNCIL, 144, 145. INTERLACHEN, 96, 97, 98. INTERNATIONAL CLUB, 90. Ireland, Nancy F., 69, 284. Isaacs, Brenda M., 134, 257. Ivey, Sandra. 223. Jackson, Dana R., 138, 139, 257. Jacobson, Robert A., 271. James, Clinton B., 121, 144, 271. Jarrell, Pamela A., 92, 122, 124, 271. Jarrett, James, 181, 223. Jeans, Norma A., 86, 285. Jeffries, Edward, 223. Jelonek, Carol A., 79, 96, 103, 271. Jenkins. Andrea C, 126, 271. Jerge, Roberta W., 92, 240. Jerkins, Thomas L., 154, 240. Johannes, Michael A., 164, 240. Johnson, Agnes, 213. Johnson, Inez M., 240. Johnson, Jacqueline P., 103, 285. Johnson, James L., 164, 271. Johnson, Larry G., 144, 162, 271. Johnson, Mary A., 271. Johnson, Michael D., 257. Johnson, Richard A., 271. Johnson, Ronald W., 257. Johnson, Shirley A., 271. Jolkovski, Kaye A., 126, 240. Jones, David C. Ill, 271. Jones, Donald J., 271. Jones, Jacqueline L., 285. Jones, James E., 166, 184, 285. Jones, James T. Jr., 240. Jones, Joe E., 99, 103, 240. Jones, Robert O., 80, 247. Jones, Thomas R. Jr., 71, 85, 144, 156, 208, 240. Jongewaard, Pauline, 130, 271. Jordan, John R., 156, 184, 208, 257. Jordan, Juliana, 218. Jorgensen, Alfred C, 156, 240. Jourdan, Terrell S., 96, 128, 271. Joyner, Wesley L., 66, 146, 258. Judy, Vivian P., 81, 134, 258. Jung, Marjorie D., 86, 89, 124, 240. JUNIOR ADVISORS, 70. Jurecko, John, 258. Justis, Justa L., 285. Kahn, Robert W., 271. Kalbfleisch, Kris A., 68, 285. KAPPA ALPHA, 148, 149. KAPPA DELTA, 136, 137. KAPPA DELTA PI, 75. KAPPA SIGMA, 150, 151. Karpinski, Susan J., 285. Karrick, Jonnie L., 240. Kaufman, Gerald, 144, 162, 173, 208, 240. Keehn, Thomas M., 94, 271. Keeler, Jill R., 134, 271. Kemp, Joan, 223. Keenan, Judith A., 271. Keene, Donald C, 148, 240. Keene, Penelope A., 130. 271. Keiser, Edward H. Jr., 173, 241. Kelly, James J., 81, 151, 188, 258. Kelly, Lana M., 94, 271. Kennedy, Peggy A., 140, 272. Kennedy Thelma F., 241. Kerrick, Donald L.. 68, 81, 146, 271. Kesling, Gene E., 154, 258. Kessery, Thomas J., 285. Keyser, George R., 160, 258. Keyser, Jane L,, 258. Keyser, Stephen B., 182, 285. Keyser, Thomas F., 188, 285. Kiel, Howard H,. 164. 208, 258. Kie ;el Thomas F., 184, 241. Kilduff, William C. Jr., 184, 285. Killebrew, Connie S., 241. Kimbrell William P., 148, 241. Kinder, Bruce R., 81, 188, 272. King, Carolyn J.. 241. King, Christine C. 69, 130, 272. King, Jacqueline L., 285. King, John S., 151, 272. Kingsbury, Erdie R. II, 152, 241. Kintner, Lawrence R.. 158. 208, 258. Kirkwood. Lawrence R., 66, 70, 82, 83, 164, 241. Kitson. Christine A., 285. Kjellstrom, Richard E., 148, 258. Kleinschmidt, Janet L., 69, 132, 241. Klieger, Burt L., 272. Kline, Jeffrey D., 285. Kline. Keith B.. 271. Klineler. Susan T.. 285. Knapp, John A., 285. Kniopers, Edward, 223. Kohl, Thomas E., 154, 182, 272. Kraczkowsky, Gregory M., 151, 241. Kramer, Mary J., 272. Kreider, Christine A., 124, 241. Krewson, Lawrence A., 99, 105, 285. Kromp. Odalie K., 74, 94, 128, 272. Krumeich. Bruce K., 146, 208, 258. Kuder, Roger A., 272. Kuiken, Nicholas, 152, 272. Kuiter, Linda S., 258. Kyler, George S., 154, 272. Lady, Carol L., 128, 272. Lamb, Scott M., 151, 258. Lament, Donna C, 241. Lane, Barry W., 105, 107, 272. Lane, Evelyn, 223. Lane, James T. Jr., 85, 156, 17 3, 272. Lane, Janice A., 136, 272. Lane, Ronald J., 285. Laslie, Maj. James C, 202. Lattig, Robert G., 285. Lavoie, Kenneth F., 241. Lawrence, Garnet C, 164, 272. Lawrence, Linda J., 66, 84, 121, 122, 126, 204, 258. Lawson, Cathey A., 86, 258. Lawton, Helen T., 69, 96, 128, 258. Laymon, Charles, 216. Leahy, Thomas T., 258. Ledwith, Karen L., 258. Ledyard, Elinor L., 75, 241. Lee, Carol A., 69. Leftakis, John A., 285. Lehman, Jay W., 146, 208, 258. Leigh, Thomas G., 272. Lequire, Robin N., 285. Lesher, Donald S., 164, 203, 208, 241. Leslie, Bonney S., 104, 106, 241. Lester, Marian M., 179, 285. Letson, Lynda J., 79, 272. Lewis, Marjorie P., 241. Lewis, Randy J., 152, 188, 242. Lewis, Richard F., 66, 71, 73, 126, 144, 156, 231, 242. Liem, Alec C, 285. Limbourg, Karl O., 85, 92. Lincoln, Rodney L., 152, 272. Linnenbank, Mildred L., 81, 285. Lion, Charles A., 272. Lippert, Jeanne L., 107, 134, 242. Lipson, Howard M., 285. Literaty, Richard C, 66, 285. Littlejohn, Gailyn, 96, 179, 285. Locke, Daniel K., 154, 242. Loeper, Nancy 1., 136, 242. Lombard. Florence L., 285. Long, Robert E., 82, 83, 103, 203, 208, 242. Lose, Diana W., 285. Lott, Almina J., 99, 103, 104, 106, 107, 242. Lott, Raymond, 218. Loveday, Leigh H., 78, 92, 242. Lovegrove, William H., 184, 285. Lucas, Janis A., 285. Luce, Francis, 214. Luce, Jon P., 80, 242. Lueders, Donna L., 258. Lusby, Jeannette 1., 103, 132, 272. Luscher, Ellen H., 84, 242. Lutz, Beverlee R., 138, 242. Lynch, Linda G., 285. Maassen, Frank E., 99, 258. MacBroom, Margaret C, 258. Macchi, James S., 242. MacConnell, James R., 191, 285. MacDonald, Robert, 217. MacGowen, Robert, 214. Mack, Karen L., 272. Mack, Thomas, 225. Mackiernan, Judith A., 74, 77, 272. Mackiernan, Meredith A., 74, 272. MacKillop, Deborah L., 285. Magill, Penelope A., 285. Magnan, Lynn A., 86, 286. Maguire, Gary R., 259. Mahoney, Kathleen, 223. Malcom, Suzanne J., 286. Manley, Walter W. II, 156, 242, Manting, Michele A., 99, 286, Margolis, John A., 80. Markert. Deborah A., 66, 69, 242. Marriot, Robert C, 77, 259. Marsh, Susan J., 104, 134, 242. Marson, Lucy A., 259. Martel, Elizabeth N., 128, 160, 161, 242. Martel, Henry J. Jr., 191, 286. Martin, Charles D., 70, 152, 259. Martinez, Francisca, 121, 128, 156, 157, 259. Martinez, Jose, 218. Marting, Timothy J., 81, 150, 242. Martone. Gary E., 162, 259. Mason, Betty, 223. Mason, Lynn L., 66, 130, 272. Mason, Maj. Thomas R., 202. Mason .Thomas W., 286. Matisse, William, 182. Matlock, Charley, 223. Mattes, William, 272. Matteson. Mary K., 134, 259. Mattice, William T., 286. Mattie, Sharon A., 286. Maurer, Thomas P., 286. May, Dale G., 286. Mayer, Lianne B., 79, 286. McAfee, Beverly L., 69, 70, 99, 128, 204, 259. McAninch, Glen A., 259. McBain, James G.. 73. 144, 151, 259. McBride, Barry, 148, 272. McBride. Kathy L., 130. 243. McBride, Robert R.. 158, 259. McCall, Kitty A., 272. McCall. Pamela, 272. McCarthy, Robert 0. Jr., 286. McCay, Ann J.. 66, 76. 126, 204, 259. McCleskev. Anne H.. 86. 286. McConnell, David W., 273. McConnell, Michelle M., 69. McCowen, Murray A., 140, 164, 243. McCown, Elizabeth F., 286. McCown, Philip R. Jr.. 151, 243. .A ' • Com pn merits of FMC CORPORATION FLORIDA DIVISION •_♦ • I McCoy, Maurice E., 259. McCullough. Donna K., 121, 134, 243. McDaniel, Arthur H., 164, 273. McDowell, Gary L., 286. McGarry, Kathryn E., 66, 126, 273. McGee, Andrea L., 128, 259. McGill, Dennis R., 146, 208, 243. McGinn, Shaune E., 286. McGinnes, Dean C, 121, 166, 208, 243. McGriff, Gary L., 121, 259. McGriff, Teresa A., 130, 259. Mcintosh. Willy SFC, 202. McLain, Judith E., 94, 286. McLain, William C, 286. McLam, Fredrick C, 173, 181, 259. McLaurin, Johnna L., 134, 273. McManeus, Barbara N., 76, 124, 243. McMullen, Linda A., 126, 243. McNamee. Sarah L., 76, 243. McPeek, Kathy L., 76, 130, 259. McRae, William A., 259. Meek, John W. Ill, 286. Mehlinger, Mary M., 286. Melton, Melody A., 86, 286. Meng, Mary L.. 81, 126, 243. MEN ' S RESIDENT HALL ADVISORS, 70. MEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION, 68. Mercurio, John J., 148, 208, 259. Meredith. Gail S., 132, 243. Merkel, Glenn B.. 286. Mersereau, Mary R., 273. Metcalfe, John J. Ill, 68, 86, 286. Metcher, Richard P.. 184, 286. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT, 103. Meucci. Trisfon G., 188. 286. Meyers. John C. Ill, 286. Michel, Frederick A., 164, 208, 259. Michelsen, Karen J., 286. Middleton, Kay. 214. Milazzo, John C, 286. Miles, Arthur X., 150, 259. Miles, Laura E., 286. Miller, Billie L., 273. Miller, Jacqueline A., 286. Miller, Melanie M., 286. Miller, Patricia J., 134. 243. Miller, Rebecca 1., 286. Milligan, T. Darwin, 223. Mills, Frederick M. Jr., 162, 260. Mills, Larry L., 286. Mills, Viki A., 286. Mirelson, Robert N., 158, 173, 273. Misan, Albert V.. 286. Mitchell, Doreene G., 286. Mitchell, Elizabeth M., 76, 138, 243. Mitchell, Frances P., 70, 101, 128, 260. Mitchell, Sherrill H., 243. Mittan, Marilynn L., 128, 166, 167, 260. Mittan, Raymond D. Jr., 66, 85, 287. Mixon, David R., 148, 273. Mize, Virginia L.. 273. Moerck, Kurt E., 92, 154, 173, 273. Moerck, Rudi, 79, 92, 154, 243. Molnar, Karen A.. 80. 287. Mook, Ruth E.. 99, 104. 106, 243. Mooney. Thomas W., 287. Mooneyham. Charles W., 191, 260. Mooneyham. Mitchell D.. 273. Moore, Da. -id W.. 164, 273. Moore, Eleanor, 228. Moore, James A., 81, 146, 273. Moore. Linda L., 104. 124, 243. Moore, Marilyn J.. 287. Moore, Patricia K.. 122, 132, 243. Morehead. Jo A., 86, 287. Morford, Lois J.. 244. Morgan, Edwin C, 182. 287. Morgan. Gary W.. 160 188. 208, 244. Morgan. Jerome H., 105, 260. Morin. Suzanne M., 91. 128, 273. Morreale, Barth J . 151. Morris, Craig S.. 86. 166, 260. Morris, Edwin C. 273. Morrow, Yvonne B., 260. Morton. Nancy L.. 244. Moseley, William H., 273. Moslev James L., 173, 260. Mott. Roger A. 287. Mountcastle. William. 218. Mover. James A.. 78. 208, 260. Muir, Craie R.. le ' 260. Muller, Sarah E.. 273. Munc. Judith M., 126. 244. Munrihenk Diane. 77, 287. Mundv William. 214. Munnell, Stenhen W. 158. 273. Murohey Philin W., 76 148 244. Murnhy. Deborah A., 96. 279, 287. Murohv, Kpnneth B.. 158. 744. Murohv. Ronald T.. 166, 260. Murohv Walter Y.. 213. Musselman, Donald. 219. Mustoe, Anthony, 225. Myers, Ruth M., 260. Myhre, Mary M , 79. 86, 92, 287. Nagg. Carolyn E., 287. Napier, Patsy D.. 92, 103, 124, 273. Neal, Nancy J., 99, 134, 260. Nearing. Philip D., 287. Neese, Jacquelyn I.. 136, 273. Nesta, Angelo, 92, 154, 273. Nettles, Pamela J., 273. Newhouse. Gregory L., 273. Newsom, Dorothy G., 99, 102, 103, 260. Newsome, Irene M., 244. Nicholson, George E., 152, 244. Nixon, Joyce L., 287. Noesner, Gary W., 173, 287. Norris, Gregory A., 287. Northacker, William H., 158, 208, 260. Norton, Julia E., 273. Norton, William S. Ill, 164, 273. Nusbickel, Fred R., 156, 184, 273. Oberle, Spencer, 191. Odeneal, Cynthia S., 287. Odom, Carole J., 134, 273. Odum, Walter G., 66, 71, 85, 156, 251, 260. Ogden, Brenda L., 273. Ohnmacht, Sandra M., 132, 244. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA, 71. Opalinski, Michael P., 121, 160, 173, 260. ORDER OF OMEGA, 73. Orr, Linda J., 140, 273. Osterholm, Carol A., 244. O ' Toole, Kathleen P., 96, 128. Paeth, Gale A., 158, 274. Page, Virginia L., 287. Palmer, Jane, 75, 140, 244. Palmgren, Sara H., 287. Palumbo, Anthony J., 158, 274. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL, 122. Pappas, Dean, 162, 208, 244. Parker, Barry, 191. Parker, Eddie, 68, 99, 287. Parsche, Paula K., 74, 99, 102, 274. Parsons, Donald J., 86, 287. Parsons, Eloise M., 67, 134, 260. Parsons, Linda M., 244. Patrick, Kerry L., 70, 128, 260. Patrick, Robert A., 274. Patton, Scott E., 181, 287. Paugh, David L., 244. Paulk, Virginia, 126, 260. Pearce, Richard W., 213. Pearsall, Julia, 69, 70, 122, 134, 260. Pearson, Kathy I., 140, 274. Pearson, Teresa A., 130, 244. Peck, Charles L., 105, 274. Peck, Janet M., 287. Pedersen, William L., Ill, 173, 287. Peek, Barbara J., 260. Peirsol. Sandra E., 287. Pelland, Lynn D., 274. Pellett, Lane, 287. Penny, Eric K., 287. Perkins, Vern D., 261. Perry, Elizabeth M., 287. Perry, Nancy E., 287. Perry, Susan L., 91, 244. Petcott, Thomas S., 67, 162, 261. Peters, Daniel M., 274. Peters, William S.. 274. Peterson, Susan C, 69, 138, 274. PHI CHI THETA. 84. PHI EPSILON MU, 81. Phillips, Dale L., 164, 244. Phillips, Jeannine A., 287. Phillips. John L., 287. Phillips, Ruth A., 287. PHI MU, 140, 141. Phipps, Glenn W. Jr., 152, 182, 244. Piatt, Sara, 223. Pickard. Jean A.. 99, 287. PI DELTA EPSILON, 93. Pierson. Glenn N., 164, 274. PI GAMMA MU, 83. PI KAPPA ALPHA, 152, 153. PI KAPPA PHI, 154, 155. 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Smeltzly, Harold, 215. Smith, Ana A., 91, 289. Smith, Diane, 215. Smith, Donald E., 164, 208, 262. Smith, Ella L., 126, 247. Smith, Emily J., 86, 289. Smith, George S. Ill, 289. Smith, Jeffrey L., 262. Smith, John E., 164, 276. Smith, Kenneth J., 247. Smith, Lucy K., 262. Smith, Sterling H., 158, 208, 262. Smither, John K., 276. Smyth, Eugene R., 154, 262. Snaman, Penny L., 276. Snapp, John P., 188, 276. Sneden, George W., 148, 276. Snell, Terry W., 68, 160, 188, 262. Snellgrove, Charles Jr., 223. Snodgrass, Ernest L., 213, 217. Snyder, Charles R., 289. Snyder, Marc, 85, 164, 208, 262. Snyder, Perry, 223. Soltau, Thomas D., 289. SOUTHERN, 94, 95, SPANISH SOCIETY, 91. Spieth, Ora D., 262. Sprague, Sarah E., 289. Spruill, David A., 289. Staerker, Walker L., 276. Stafford, Harry P., 164, 276. Stahl, Larry E., 66, 152, 208, 262. Stahlin, Sara J., 128, 247. Stallings, Margaret T., 140, 276. Stamas, George N., 289. Stamatis, Robert M., 276. Stanfield, Pauline L., 103, 247. Stanley, Mark E., 289. Stansbury, Gwendolyn J., 81, 289. Stanton, Sarah K., 289. Starkey, John D., 148, 262. Stauffer, John P., 151, 247. Steegstra, Carol J., 99, 102, 140, 276. Steinkamp, Donna K., 262. Steng, William, 219. „, Stephens, Donna K., 99, 103, 106, 263. Stetson, Diane E., 94, 289. Stettler, Judith A., 92, 289. Steveley, Jean A., 289. Steward, Dorene L., 138, 263. Steward, Dorothy L., 276. Stewart, Catherine E., 289. Stewart, Gabe W. Ill, 276. Stites, Alfred W. Jr., 160, 263. Stoddard, Donna, 216. Stolarkic, Ella J., 86, 289. Stormont, Sarah M., 84, 93, 96, 130, 263. Streep, Foster D. Ill, 148, 208, 248. Strickland, Cheryl A., 263. Strickland, Sandra L., 67, 276. Strohaker, Diane R., 124. 276. Strosnider, James F., 289. Stuckrath. David G., 86. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION. 66. STUDENT UNION BOARD, 67. Studier, Catherine E., 289. Sullenger, Janice L., 263. Sullivan, Michael J., 151, 248. Summerlin, Roy C, 99, 276. 310 ' Just A Good Place to Bank For Any Reason " STATE THE FRIENDIY BANK 311 Sumner, Marion R., 138. Sunnner, Norma M., 290. Sumner, Oween, 215, 228. Sumner, Susan, 99, 102, 121, 124, 263. SUPREME COURT, 65. Sutton, Robert H., 160, 276. Swank, Glenn D., 79, 248. Swanson, Sandra L., 132, 158, 159, 248. Sweeney, Cynthia S., 152, 276. Sweeney, Edward D., 92, 248. Swindell. Julie C, 75, 126, 248. Swoyer, David C. 248. Szabo, Frank P.. 213. Talbott, Ellen E., 65, 66, 69, 72, 82. 83, 93. 96. 248. Talbott. Frederick E., 263. Tanner. Lynne E., 96, 290. Tatham, Rebecca C, 276. TAU EPSILON PHI, 162, 163. TAU KAPPA EPSILON, 164, 165. Taylor, Van C. 248. Taylor, William A.. 290. Teale. Susan L.. 69, 140, 276. Templeton. Louise, 223. Tenoso, Kathleen C, 290. Terrell. Thomas H. Jr.. 290. Terry, Lucy I., 86. 290. Thacker, Omer S. II, 66, 67, 146, 263. THETA CHI, 146, 147. THETA CHI BETA, 104. Thomas. Carolyn L., 79, 263. Thomas. Fred E.. 290. Thomas. Janice C, 134, 276. Thomas. Phyllis J., 72, 93, 94, 134. 248. Thomas. Salli M.. 84, 263. Thompson, Charles B., 160, 182, 276. Thompson, Donna M., 122, 128, 248. Thompson, Drury B. Jr., 290. Thompson, Grover C, 78, 146, 173, 276. Thompson, John M., 79, 92, 154, 248. Thompson, Sam H. Jr., 248. Thompson, William E. Ill, 79, 248. Thomson, Linda L., 140, 248. Thornber. Vicki L., 136. 263. Thurston, Branson, 219. Tiffany, Marie S., 290. Tilson, Sherry L., 290. Tilton, Lorene E., 99, 290. Todd, Pamela S., 134, 276. Toler, Clyde L., 248. Tolle, Corning F., 213. Touchet. Neil H.. 162, 276. Touchton, Billy J., 184, 290. Townley. Patrick J., 276. Townsend, Jennifer M., 248. Trefry, Cynthia S., 276. Tribble, John C. 263. Triebels. Philip E., 144, 151, 248. Troese, Michael S.. 148, 276. Troiano, Stephen A., 162, 276. Trost, Rebecca S.. 130, 249. Troxel, Stephen, 164, 208, 263. Truby, Earnest W., 79, 263. Truitt. Anne. 225. Tucker, Kenneth C. Jr., 162. 249. Tunick, Gail P.. 290. Turner, Isabel B., 277. Tuscher, Linda L., 290. Tweedy. Anne K.. 79, 290. Twigg, David K.. 290. Tyree. Cheryl A., 103, 290. Tytler. Jeffrey F.. 290. Ulm. Ronald A.. 76, 166, 263. Underbill. Linda F.. 75, 249. Upton. John M.. 182, 290. VAGABONDS. 86. 87. 88. Varner. Ronald W., 81. 277. Vaughn, Judith A.. 277. Vernon, Michael H., 71, 85, 156, 208, 249. Vickers, Deborah P.. 96, 130, 277. Vickers. Ruth B.. 290. ViH. James E.. 263. Vodvarka. Joni S.. 84. 136, 204, 263. Vogler. Settle J., 140, 277. Waddell. Sharon C, 290. Wagner, Richard T., 184, 263. Wagoner. Earnest P., 85, 208. 263. Walker, Barbara J.. 130, 265, 277. Walker. Martha S.. 290. Walker. Priscilla B., 290. Wallace, James E. Jr., 136, 137, 156. 249. Waller, Medora L., 290. Waller, Nancy A., 130, 277. Walsh, Sandra L., 277. Walter, Carol L., 290. Walters, Mary V., 130, 263. Ward, Donald T., 277. Ward, Judy L., 74, 277. Ward, Suellen A., 290. Ware, Kathryn, 128, 249. Warkentin, Jayne A., 99, 102, 103, 106, 290. Warner, Bonnie L., 69, 124, 249. Warner, Kurt E., 152, 208, 263. Warnock, Lee C, 290. Warren, Bernhardt C, 164, 264. Warren, Cathy R.. 79, 264, Wasser, Thomas D., 146, 249. Waters, Eleanor E., 249. Waters, Harold, 215, 216. Watford. Dowling R. Jr., 290. Watson, Elsie A., 290. Watson, Gregary F., 146, 264. Weaver, Brian M., 79, 152, 184, 208, 249. Weaver, James R., 208, 249. Weaver, Pamela E., 264. Weaver, Steven L., 203, 208, 249. Webster, William F., Ill, 290. Wedig, Yale F,, 144, 152, 208, 264. Weech, Gale I., 102, 277. Weinrich, Edward O., 277. Weinstein, Jerome W,, 277. Weiss, Laurie A., 290. Welch, Michael W.. 290. Wells, Paula H., 82, 83, 96, 132, 249. Wendell, Helen S., 92, 290. Werner. John B., 148 277. Werner, Wendy S., 94, 96, 128, 264. Weston, Gail M., 86, 277. Wetherell, Gene. 215. Wheeler. Barry C, 152, 249. Wherrell. Gwendolyn R., 140, 231, 249. Whipple. Nancy A., 67, 94, 249. White, Mary C. 264. Whittord, David C, 264. Whitley, John M., 166, 277. Whitworth, Marlou A., 76, 79, 249. Wiant. David H., 160, 264. Wicker, Elizabeth F., 70, 81, 138. 264. Wicker. Raelene G,, 277. Wickham, John L., 290. Wightman, Louise D., 126, 278. Wike, Priscilla H., 102, 103, 264. Wilcox, John P., 184, 208, 250. Wiles, Misty J., 290. Wiley, Janet L,, 290. Wilhelmsen, Paul C, 146, 250. Wilkinson, Charles D. Jr., 148, 278. Wille, Paul, 215. Williams, Andrew B., 291. Williams, Dara E., 96, 130, 250. Williams, Janet K., 126, 264. Williams, Kenneth A., 154, 250. Williams, Laura J., 264. Williams, Ruthmary, 86, 291. Williamson, Melvin, 216. Willis, Warren W. Jr., 67, 144, 264 Willman, Carol C, 291. Wilson, Craig D., 291. Wilson, Diane L., 66, 130, 250. Wilson, Kenneth P., 91, 166, 264. Wilson, Linda A., 278. Wilson, Linda M., 94, 278. Wilson, Martha L., 250. Windham, Carl L. Jr., 291. Winfield, Janis, 291. Winkler, Dav id B., 250. Winsett. Richard J., 264. Winter, Claire M., 291. Witherspoon, Steven L., 291. Wofford, Dianne L., 291. WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION. 69. Woods, Jane E., 96, 132, 278. Woods. Judith P., 69, 122, 291. Wooton, Melvin, 216. Workinger, S. Jill, 136, 264. Worrill, Karen K., 128, 278. Wosman, James J., 81, 291. Wray, Charles I. Jr., 91, 250. Wright, Deborah A., 140, 264, 278. Wright, Florence A., 264. Wrike. Pamela E., 291. Wyand, Marie C, 250. Wylie, Sondra S., 138, 278. Wysong, Edith K., 104, 126, 250. Yandre, Stanley E., 82, 83, 132, 148, 250. Yarnell, Linda A., 291. Yevich, Patricia E., 291. Yocca, Anita L., 278. Youmans, Alyce J., 291. Youmans, SFC Preston, 202. Zaiicek, Frank E., 291. Zajicek, James L., 146, 278. Zamzow. Dale A., 166, 250. Zanathy, Stephen P., 250. Zarycki, Daniel, 223. Zeltner, Molli A.. 81. 291. 7ETA TAU ALPHA, 134, 135. Ziehler, Susan M., 278. Zimmerman, Robert, 217. Compliments of Lakeland Typewriter and Supply Company, Inc. Royal Electric, Standard and Portable Typewriters Sales Service Victor Adding Machines and Calculators Sales Service Shaw Walker Steel and Jaspen Wood Furniture Central Florida ' s Most Popular Supply House 122 South Tennessee LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of TXtadd x MEN ' S WEAR SEARSTOWN DOWNTOWN THE " CAFE " GOT YOU DOWN? TRY Jerry ' s Pizza King Grove Park Borden it ' s better . . . it ' s Compliments of FLORIDA FAVORITE FERTILIZER, INC. LAKELAND P. 0. Box 910 Phone 682-2153 , 1969 Interlachen 317 Time it was . . . And what a time it was A time of innocences . . . A time of confidences . . Long ago ... it must be I have a photograph . . . Preserve your memories . They ' re all that ' s left you.

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