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... :«w ra I w ' i ' X w,;tip ' V H - 1 - wiy ; On the following pages the statements have been taken from the texts of books by Frank Lloyd Wright. These comments on education with the photographs of buildings conceived by Mr. Wright comprise a tribute to the inspiration distilled from his philosophy. EH ' . . . its architecture will cause it to become a beacon of light. ' K2$fc s. m«i L Q Wfcpl ■yitumupuuillllUllWIB IBiaMMBgl % 4 « k. k. »H • «• ♦ « ♦ • - - " No school exists without something to teach " Situated in quiet retreats appropriate to reflection and concentration upon deeper concerns of the creative mind by the student and his masters . . . HI II . . . these various rendezvous would be dedicated to culture and contain small groups of mature, well developed teachers tested for wisdom and light by experience. " fll i ■ i j w " Many of our young men are eager, groping; hopeful that our civi- lization . . . may still wholeheartedly desire indigenous culture and enable the fundamental distinctions between art creative, science inventive and taste intuitive to be learned by schooling. " ♦ % ♦ % ♦ ♦ • •••- " Books, plans, drawings, and models would be avail- able for particular intensive study by advanced stu- dents chosen by themselves to reside there because they excel, but more especially because of unmis- takable qualities of leadership. " v " The machine is continuously at work v 1 ... - molding, remodeling, relentlessly driving human character in many directions - mobile. " The more true culture a man has, the more significant his environment becomes to him. .♦ % ♦ % 17 " Character is a healthy individual growth of freedom from within. " 18 • ♦%♦! 19 .;«• ' f- ' tBBBMMH ■HH !l ' .ll!i .-j __- 9 -•• ♦ ♦ % 1968 INTER LA CHEN VOLUME THIRTY-SIX 1 Student Life . . 22 Beauties . 55 Organizations 71 115 Sports 173 201 Academics . . . 207 Index ....... 294 Susan Rogers Editor Patsy Crone Editorial Assistant Sharon Wulff Editorial Assistant Mary Beth Rider Business Manager Helen Lawton .... Business Manager Paul Wille Photography Hal Waters Advisor FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE LAKELAND, FLORIDA At the opening they came with the trunks and personalities in which they kept impressions and dreams and new ideas. They unpacked them all moved in and made themselves at home almost . . . 5« 24 . . . Everyone got settled with the new faces. The introductions were made and possibly remembered. Vote for M.B. or T.R. for V.P. or S.G.A. And what if a freshman didn ' t learn the Alma Mater. Everywhere the old saw the new and the new saw everything . . . ) ' .■ $ ' " . . . There was a time at the beginning and the sun was out. An hour lasted an hour or more. Time to find people and friends time to be alone and plan and participate. And time to put on faces sing songs to create and entertain . . . W- ' • ■ i • 1 ] - - ' " 4 i 1 1 L 26 ► • •••.•••■♦ 4 - % • ... Til the lines began and the deadlines and the dates with time schedules Those cards with exacting key holes that lock up personal facts . . . When is it? What is it? Do you or don ' t you know . . . 28 | fl atMAPh 29 30 %•• ♦•%•- . . . When the classes began as they do each semester in the labs, studios, shops and rooms containing the teach and learn . . . the whowhatwhywhenwhere technique and association . . . Some were fascinated Some troubled to care Some couldn ' t and some just didn ' t . . . there were things to be found out and things to know . . . 31 .;.; . . . There on Wednesdays . . . with convocation mornings, with lectures, performers, entertainers who, in an allotted hour, enlightened on currents, mores, instructions and explanations . . And R.O.T.C. afternoons of marching, orders and self-discipline to which you do salute or do not, left and right when approaching the butt plate which is or is not rusty, Sir! . . . 32 34 it ■ " •• ' •• ♦• ' %. " - . . . In the evenings at times there were concerts like " The Lovin ' Spoonful " who played one rainy night and Maria Alba with her troop of Spanish Dancers . . . Or Bennett Cerf in lecture form on publishing and personalities. MacDonald in recital of classical piano. The silence of a mime named Hakoshima. And on into the nights . . . . . . The Greeks in pleasure and game for the gods and citizens on a field not quite Elysian with bonfires and displays for a show of Brotherhood . . . • ■% % •♦ .« % % t %! 38 . . . Two teams oppose each the other the purpose for the spectators who cheer in games. All balls are round in some manner are the objects of play. Unless it is a race with or without apparatus but always with excitement 39 -■- - ■ ■ ■ . . . On the observatory is a snowman who knows the season and that snow is somewhere, though summer suits are at banquets and chiffon at dances. Gifts go under the trees that go up for decoration with warm welcome from the houses . . . 41 ... At college it has been said Half the education is living with people responding, respecting, giving and taking . . . 42 iifr otOrr ■ - - ' - jJ i 44 . . . The happiness pain, errors, advances And they, the people, are always near whether or not you want, need, or care to have them near . . . ?».„ - ??• 45 ' .••••♦:•; . . . Always there to heckle, laugh with, think to, borrow from, do for, or just to love as brothers and sisters, men and women, or a man, a woman . . . ■DBMHi H 47 At the faculty-student picnics There is Professor X and his wife Y with their two-four-eight year old son-daughter sitting on the grass With Dean Z eating picnic provisions. And they dance, too, at least at Christmas. Some of them play golf or volleyball and basketball or at least watch. Some open their homes and invite students for punch, cake, coffee talk and pleasantries . . . Then they are real in a different way . . . » 4 " ♦ » ♦ » - . . . Activities happen all year seven days a week like a bicycle race and a fashion show, but then, five days has Founders ' Week from Tuesday ' s banquet to Saturday ' s banquet . with a special tribute » « %•♦• ♦•%••! 7i V i ► jfr Nk ffi h V ■ ■ ■-•J— - 1 -jp,™ . . ML ... on a tenth anniversary, eleven displays, a queen a dance two convocations a basketball game all in-between with alumni coming remembering ten-twenty-forty years ago . . . ;::v:::: HONOR WALK Zeb Osborne . . . highest honor for scholastic achievement and extracur- ricular activities . . . member of Pi Kappa Alpha social fraternity . . . Pres- ident of Student Government Associa- tion . . . member of " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " . . . Greek Hall of Fame . . . Interfrater- nity Council . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . Delta Sigma Pi ... a Business Ad- ministration major. 54 ■-» » ♦ % • ♦ ft.y BEAUTIES U2 2 OV WANDA CROWELL w ' ■ " - 56 Sponsored by SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 57 VICKI SHANNON ♦ %♦ .- J Sponsored by KAPPA SIGMA 59 — -. JoHfbfiA, C E v Sponsored by KAPPA DELTA cr Sponsored by KAPPA DELTA INDEPENDENTS 60 .% ' •%♦ «.. .» » . Sponsored by ALPHA CHI OMEGA INDEPENDENTS CLspLs Sponsored by ALPHA CHI OMEGA 61 c-TV- -X— £. Sponsored by PHI MU a SatBS AIPHA OtAu«l T A j C cf QUjdL Sponsored by ALPHA DELTA PI 62 ::::::::: Miss Interlachen Judges Mr. Red Skelton, our Celebrity Judge, chose MISS INTERLACHEN and the First Runner-Up. Left to right: Mr. Don Hiers, WONN Disc Jockey; Mrs. R. W. Sutton, Board of Directors Miss Lakeland Pagent; Mr. John Most General Manager of Mass Brothers; Mrs. Robert Williams, Fashion Coordinator; Mr. Paul Malcom, Executive Director of Miss Lakeland Pagent. These judges chose the MISS INTERLACHEN Finalists at Florida Southern College. 63 U2 2 1 7 Doo tul (QuAltenn . . . sponsored by Kappa Delta Sorority . . . elected by stu- dent body . . . crowned during Founders ' Week 65 Delta Zeta Sponsoring Alpha Delta Pi Sponsoring 66 %•% « Sigma Sigma Sigma Sponsoring Cap and Gown Sponsoring 67 Alpha Chi Omega Sponsoring W 1 W ' IM Alpha Omicron Pi Sponsoring jW JkJt 68 ♦ » ♦ - Phi Mu Sponsoring vyi wlJ Mjy L fxJ Alpha Gamma Delta Sponsoring Zeta Tau Alpha Sponsoring 69 Best Dressed Coeds HELEN K. CHELLMAN DENISE POLLARD ••%••.%.- ' wewssgft ORGANIZATIONS ' 4 ••• ' %■♦■%■•? A X l -. I he many well-developed organizations of the F.S.C. campus indicate the diverse interests of a liberal arts college. Whether for further achievement in a major field or the expression of some new interest, these organizations add dimension to a collegiate atmosphere. 1 % % ' ' %+ %•% THE SUPREME COURT . . . head of Judicial Branch of Student Government Association ... an appel- late court . . . appointed members ... act on cases arising from decisions of another body . . . original jurisdiction in all legislative matters Supreme Court Row 1: Justices Barbara Burke, Vicki Shannon, Lee Slayden, Ann McAdams. Row 2: Mike Sams, John Antoon, Chief Justice, Dick Thornton. 75 student governing bodies . . . STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIA- TION ... at the top . . . member of Southern Universities SGA . . . to create better relations in campus life . . . SENATE . . . represents all classes . . . conducts elections . . . charters organizations . . . TB drive ... San Francisco Convention . . . WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION . . . representing all women ' s resident halls . . . upholds standards for women . . . sponsors Fashion Show, Best-Dressed Coed, joint handbook for men and women . . . MEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION . . . representing all men ' s resident halls ... a first for the Dean of Women at a meeting . . . lounge remodeling . . . works closely with WSGA Student Government Association Left to right — Row 1: Frankie Sherrill, Anne Boyd, Ann McAdams, Dan Barber, Jim Rogers, Zeb Osborne, Joanne Cave, Sara Robinson. Wall: Bill Cauthen, Doug Martin. Stairs: Laura Messeberg, Fred Lewis, Mike Vernon, John Antoon, Gerald Kaufman. Left to right — Row 2: Ray Haas, Craig Brenner, Bob Gibbs, Pete Carruthers, Candy Carle, Betty Bloomer, Diane Wilson, Jim Ammons. 76 ::;:::::: Women ' s Student Government Association Barbara McManeus Helene Huguenin Wendy Hamilton Jeanne Rucks Shirley Skiles Christine King Linda Randall Lynn Allen Vivian Judy Pat Barbee Patricia Linville Ann McAdams Joanne Cave Janet Kleinschmidt Donna Lamont Deborah Markert Carolyn Cleveland Margaret Berg Linda Moore Christine Kreider Margaret Merryman Maxine Danford Beverly McAfee Ann Hammond Ellen Talbott Candy Santiago Men ' s Student Government Association Left to right— Row 1: Col Gieger, George Guenther, Waite Willis, Charles Schaefer, Larry Kintner, Bob Putnam, Clinton James, Jim Rogers, President. Left to right— Row 2: John Baldwin, Don Kerrick, David Evans, Robert Jones. Not pictured: Skip Randle, Dan Hogg, Gene Ponsler, John Denmark, Ed Devos, Paul Brewer. 77 Judicial Board - Men ' s Student Government Association Jim Rogers, Waite Willis, John Baldwin, Bob Putnam. Not pictured — Paul Brewer. Judicial Board - Women ' s Student Government Association Martha Durhan, Ellen Talbott, Deborah Markert, Phyllis Thom- as. Not pictured — Kathy Hall. MSGA and WSGA Judicial Boards . . . serve as courts of infractions of college and house rules for both men and women . . . composed of students who have previously served on WSGA or MSGA . . . STUDENT UNION BOARD . . . subsidiary of SGA plans campus, cultural, social, recreational activi- ties . . . created Spring 1967 . . . sponsored weekly dances and movies . . . Tandem Bike Race . . . " The Lovin ' Spoonful " . . . Christmas Dance with the " Tropics " . . . Faculty Viet Nam Debate . . . printed calendars Student Union Board Left to right — Polly Lowe, Kay Middleton, Candy San- tiago, Beth Clutterham, Sharon Cobble, Nancy Whip- ple, Larry Rooks, Dick Thornton, Pete Carruthers, Bill Bailey, Barry Lazzeroni, Don Davis, David Hawkins. 79 Alpha Eta Left to right — Row 1 — Lynn Allen, Barbara Bohuny, Ann Hammond. Left to right — Row 2 — Kathleen Hall, Cathey Lawson, Anne Boyd. Not pictured — Janet Litt. - ct Omicron Delta Kappa ict Left to right — Zeb Osborne, President Thrift, Mr. Read dick, Mr. Waters, Mr. Tolle, Gaylon Howe, John Antoon, Mike Sams. ::::::::! OMICRON DELTA KAPPA . . . national honorary for men . . . based on qualities of leadership, char- acter, fellowship, scholarship . . . service to cam- pus life . . . adherence to democratic ideals . . . tapped during chapel . . . ALPHA ETA . . . honorary for freshman and sophomore women with a 3.5 overall average . . . sponsored " Smarty Party " for freshman women on Dean ' s List . . . conducted tours of the campus . . . CAP AND GOWN . . . hon- orary for junior women with a " B " average . . . sponsored fall Women ' s Leadership Banquet . . . co-sponsors with Omicron Delta Kappa of a spring Leadership Banquet . . . compiled student direc- tories Cap Gown l Left to right — Joanne Cave, Martha Durhan, Jennifer Thompson, Anne Boyd. 81 Junior Advisers JUNIOR ADVISERS . . . junior women who live in freshman residence halls . . . chosen on personality, activities, achieve- ment, scholarship . . . help orient freshman women to a new way of life . . . MEN RESIDENCE HALL ADVISERS . . . junior and senior men who live in men ' s halls . . . work closely with students, Director of Men, Dean of Students Left to right — Linda Susan Marsh, Carolyn land, Phyllis Thomas, Albritton, Pat Linville, Trost, Susan Downing. Moore, Cleve- Betty Becky Men ' s Resident Hall Advisers Left to right — Larry Kirkwood, Larry Rooks, Harry Heimmer, John Coles, Scott Lamb, Bill Cauthen, Cliff Valentine, John Antoon. Not Pic- tured — Carl Enchelmayer, Gary Bridges, Dallas Fulmer. % • • %•%♦%•% Phi Epsilon Mu PHI EPSILON MU . . . fraternity for health, physi- cal education, and recreation majors . . . promotes better understanding of needs, goals, and merits of physical education Bob Sharp Tim Mailing Jim Kelly Carol Beemer Richard Haralson Vivian Judy Liz Wicker Tom Hawkins Darrel Fulton Ann Morrison John Caferelli John Schweisthal Joan Gabriel Margy Pfister Kathy Conroy 83 Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities The honor of being selected for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities is bestowed upon those senior men and women who are outstanding in extra-curricular activities, citizenship, service to the College, and promise of future usefulness. Jennifer Ann Thompson, Lee Slayden, James Carlisle Rogers, Jr., Anne Boyd. 84 Zebulon L. Osborne, Joanne V. Cave, Gaylon L. Howe, Diane Burton, Linda K. Lynch, John Antoon. Phi Chi Theta Left to right — Joyce Moore, Mari- lyn Harris, Terri Hink, Bi I lie Taul- bee, Linda Lawrence, Jeanne Ta- tum, Ellen Luscher, Anne Mer- seles, Donna Thompson, Linda Schell, Gwen David, Joanne Dicks, Sandy Cleek. Not pictured — Kath- leen Agnew, Vicki Bayly, Jeanne Lippert, Beryl Young, Gayle Dean, Sara Stahlin. Delta Sigma Pi Alpha Psi Omega ' ■ ' " G mmmmL . Left to right — Mr. Wooten Dr. Jordan Larry Ascher James Ryder Charles Wolfe Dale Zamzow Jill Eilertsen Carole Valdez PHI CHI THETA . . . business women ' s honorary ... to promote cause of higher business educa- tion and training . . . delegates to State Day, South- eastern District Conference, National Conference . . . provided department with bulletin board dis- plays . . . social activities with Delta Sigs . . . DELTA SIGMA PI . . . men ' s professional business fraternity . . . fostered studies of business . . . further high standard of commercial ethics in the community . . . ALPHA PSI OMEGA . . . national dramatic honorary . . . members with interest and participation in dramatics, campus productions, Vagabonds . . . embodies the ideals of fine arts 87 VAGABONDS . . . organization for those interested in theatrical productions . . . Summer and Winter Repertory Season . . . always play to a full house . . . Fletcher Theater-in-the-Round . . . " Guys and Dolls " . . . Fall Production . . . " Born Free " . . . Albee Plays . . . " An Enemy of the People " . . . " Beyond the Fringe " . . . Spring Productions 88 :::::::::3 Vagabonds Row 1— Stan Shatz, Sandy Ohmacht, Glen McAninch, Dorene Steward, Eric Eisnaugle, Eloise Parsons, Sandy Sandkuhl, Linda Franklin. Row 2 — Polly Jongewaard, Cathy Lawson, Nancy Applegate, Larry Kintner, Diane Beede, Gail Weston, Bill Chope, Jon Chatlos, Steve Grant, Janet Litt, Marg Jung, Carole Valdez, Bob Jones, Michele de Clerk, Pat Wolfe, Bob Gibbs, Angelo Fuster. Row 3 — Genie Beth Skarstrom, Bev Franklin. Row 4 — Mr. Wooton, Dr. Jordan, Margie Hausman, Steve Hoffman, George Frye, Gerry Getman, Dale Zamzow. Row 5 — Larry Ascher, Charles Wolfe, Skip Randle, Tom Carveth, Rick Roberts. 89 90 MOCS and MOCCETTES . . . newly reorganized groups . . . twirling Mocs . . . dancing Moccettes . . . perform before soccer and basketball games and during half- time Moccettes Left to right — Linda Orr, Candi Cable, Johnna McLaurin, Linda Fowler, Marianne Horton, Karen Deutsch Not pictured — Storm Todd, Barbara Walker. Mocs Left to right — Frankie Ford, Penny Snamen, Kathy Cline, Kit McCall, Sandy Clark. 91 Kappa Pi ■ Left to right— Judy Fuller, Maxine Danford, Ray Daniel, Judy Broome, Susie Rogers, Kay Chellman, Pete Brower, Wanda Crowell, Jean Jourdan, Shirley Hardee. KAPPA PI . . . national art honorary ... for majors and minors with a " B " average and at least 18 hours in art ... to encourage greater interest and achievement among art students . . . Annual Art Banquet . . . newly formed . . . HOME ECONOMICS CLUB ... for home economic majors . . . affiliated with state and national Home Economics Associations . . . home management class had formal dessert, pizza party . . . EPSILON PI TAU . . . national industrial arts honorary ... for juniors and seniors majoring in industrial arts . . . recognize skill, promote efficiency . . . award to outstanding high school students 92 Epsilon Pi Tau Left to right — Don Hopkins, Ken Bruwelheide, Mr. Bland, Jon Luce, James Harrison, Mr. Doak, Orry Hill, Harold Wesley. Not pictured — Peter Brower. Home Economics Club Seated left to right— Sandy Watson, Linda Underhill, Jeanne Coolbaugh, Earleen Fowler, Mrs. de Marcillac. Standing left to right— Row 1: Mrs. Allin, Libbit Young, Connie Shuler, Hilda Bell, Terry Thomas. Row 2: Paula Rowland, Margy Merry- man, Teresa Pearson. Not pictured — Carolyn Smith, Maxine Danford. 93 Left to right — Sharon Moye Jim Rogers Dr. MacGowan Ray Haas Larry Kirkwood Mr. Campbell Fred Lewis Paula Wells Joanne Cave Jean Morford Joyce Cannistraci Susan Coons Pi Gamma Mu Debate Left to right — Glen McAninch Dan Hogg Chris Gardner Mike Rubio Not pictured — Jill Keeler Mr. Robbins, Advisor 94 I .♦ % • • % t - % • % . I PI GAMMA MU . . . national social science honor- ary .. . encourages study by undergraduates, graduates, faculty . . . scholarship fund for mem- bers wishing to do graduate work . . . oldest pro- fessional honorary on campus . . . DEBATE TEAM . . . competes at intercollegiate level . . . Sixth Annual Group Action Tournament ... six tourna- ments on East Coast . . . first year . . . POLITICAL UNION . . . open to all interested students . . . " Better minds for better politics " . . . promotes interest in political and international affairs Political Union Kneeling — Mike Johannes, Fred Freeman, Jim Rogers, Gregory Brunei, Phyllis Folio, Sam Cammarata, Bill Bailey, James Wallace. Standing — Sherrill Hanley, Carole Valdez, Tom Kiesel, Vivian Phillips, Fred Deloach, Sandy Griffin, Larry Kirkwood, Stephen Troxel, Ray Haas, Robert Long, John Coles, Evangeles Hadjidimeu, Hilda Bell, Charles Wray. 95 International Club Row 1 — Mr. Mrs. Hirotaka, Mr. Jonitis, Katheleen Roberts, Ayame Yoshino, Yoshimi Ono, Diane Houser, Cheryl Griggs. Row 2 — Gregory Brunei, Charleine Cleaver, Sandy Miller, Mrs. Rudderman, Carol Jelonek, Grace Ebanks, Mr. Mrs. Eraly, Jane Morrison, Mr. Mrs. Sim- boli. Row 3 — John Thompson, Renee Gaskill, Rick DeLoach, Rudi Moerck, Sandra Griffin, Barbara Bohuney, Mary Gibson, Phyllis Thomas, Phyllis Folio, John Coles. Row 4 — Cheryl Wray, John Gade, Bob Long, Evangelos Hadidimou, Larry Kirkwood. German Club Row 1 — Stephen Hemman, Bernhardt Warren, John Hopkins, Gerry Getman, Robert Helmick, William Hoover, Robert Ganus, Larry Rooks. Row 2 — George Sellers, Edward Sweeney, Phyllis Clamp, Vicki Thornber, Sandie Williams, Dr. Jordan. Row 3 — Stanley Gregory, David Hardy, Mary Gibson, Dorothy Cummings, Dorene Steward, Kathleen Hall, Lawrence Kirkwood. Row 4 — Leigh Loveday, Donald Lesher, Frank Robinson, Linda Richardson, Susan Hedrick, Odalie Kromp, Patsy Crone, Janet Fisher. Row 5 — Richard French, Diane Houser, Carol Jelonek, Terry Samuelson, Janet Litt. Row 6 — Donaldson Bartoe, David Paugh, Jane Morrison, Alvin Kuehn, Lloyd McClelland. Row 7 — Rudi Moerck, John Thompson, Fred Freeman, Charles Wray, Zane Bettsii. 96 — • ♦%- Spanish Society Row 1 — Phyllis Folio, Barbara Bohuney, Aixa Gonzalez, Mr. Martinez, John Coles. Row 2 — David Moore, Lynn Mason, Grace Ebanks, Caro- lyn Doran, Mr. Colonge, Charles Wray. INTERNATIONAL CLUB ... for foreign students, faculty, and those interested in foreign relations . . . to further the knowledge of other lands . . . annual award for service and dedication . . . meet- ing at the President ' s home . . . GERMAN CLUB . . . for students interested in German language and culture ... to further understanding of Ger- many ' s cultural history and background . . . SPAN- ISH CLUB ... for all interested ... to advance knowledge of all aspects of the Spanish world . . . short Spanish plays . . . hosts for Maria Alba and Company . . . Pan American Day Program in April . . . Spanish Christmas Party 97 Pi Delta Epsilon Left to right — Susan Rogers, Bill Francisco, Jean Jourdan, Kathy Hoffman, Patty Newcomer, Ellen Talbott, Genie Beth Skarstrom, Sarah McNamee, Bunny Blue, Barbara Burke, Judy Broome, Mr. Waters, Phyllis Thomas, Susan Sanders, Sandy Gibson, Mary Beth Rider, Perry Edge, Joe Lewis, Diane Dumont, Beverly Shultz, Steve Heisel, Anne Boyd, Lynn Allen, Susan DeWitt, Carol Robbins. 98 .» " % 4 ■.. » .. SI PI DELTA EPSILON . . . national journalism hon- orary ... for majors and minors in journalism, or those who have worked on the newspaper, year- book, or in photography ... to uphold the ideals of journalism and the code of ethics among staffs involved in student publications . . . Rider College National Convention . . . Medal of Merit Award . . . INTERLACHEN . . . staff for the 1968 yearbook of Florida Southern College . . . receiver of many national awards ... Pi Delta Epsilon Award The Interlachen P ti Left to right — Helen Romberger, Cheryl Griggs, Patsy Napier, Linda Wilson, Laura Powell, Dick Em- mons, Bunny Blue, Judy Fuller, Ken Bruwelheide, Susie Rogers, Editor-in-Chief; Paula Wells, Ellen Talbott, Jean Jourdan, Kathy Hoff- man, Bob Sharpe, Mr. Waters, Mary Beth Rider, Helen Lawton. 99 Barbara Burke — Editor-in-Chief Bill Francisco, Chris Polkowski, Susan DeWitt and John Center work on stories for Monday morning deadline. Sandy Gibson, Lynn Allen, Gene Beth Skarstrom and Tom Lawrence edit copy. The Southern Left to right — Tom Lawrence, Sandy Gibson, Genie Beth Skarstrom, Mr. Waters, Lynn Allen, Patty Newcomer, Fred Mayer, Sports Editor; Mike Johannes, Barbara Burke, Editor-in-Chief; Susan DeWitt, Carol Robbins, Phyllis Thomas, Perry Edge, Sandy Scaramucci. Not pic- tured — Ken Jones, Business Manager; Wendy Werner, Richard Emmons, Bruce Bain, Darrel Fulton, Grant Cooper, Harvey Hall, Jeanne Lippert, Joe Lewis, Larry Kintner, Business Manager; Teresa Davis, Mr. Wille, Steve Helsel. THE SOUTHERN . . . staff that puts out Florida Southern ' s weekly newspaper . . . informs stu- dents of campus activities . . . top newspaper for the number of enrollment ... Pi Delta Epsilon National Award ... a FIRST for a weekly eight- page paper ... a FIRST for obtaining sorority rush results on the day that bids are issued . . . new office 101 American Guild of Organist Left to right — Terry Sisk Pat Townley Joe Jones Mr. Brierly Bruce Sayre Bill Goff Alpha Mu Sigma Row 1 — Ruth Mook, Priscilla Wike, Paula Parche, Linda Sandusky, Dawn Harmon, Pat France. Row 2 — Rosario Santiago, Linda Hayden, Nancy Neal, Susan Sumner, Dana Glass, Leone Parks, Betty Jean Hughson, Barbara Walker. Row 3 — Martha Boyles, Lee Slayden, Miss Bethea, Donna Stephens, Grace Guess, Cheryl Hinson, Sandr a Griffin. Not pictured — Carol Beemer, Gwen Gibson, Dell Gilleland, Cheryl Griggs, Linda Nelms, Gale Weech. 102 ALPHA ML) SIGMA . . . women ' s music honorary . . . promotes interest in all aspects of music . . . an interest group, not a service group . . . jazz . . . Indian folk music . . . AMERICAN GUILD OF OR- GANISTS ... for students interested in the organ . . . advance cause of worthy religious music . . . study the history of the organ, its construction and literature . . . present two recitals each semester . . . listen to various makes and types of organs . . . PHI SIGMA PHI . . . for men interested in music ... to provide true fraternity . . . first year in existence . . . requirements for admission: to write an alma mater for the organization . . . recog- nizes achievement . . . encourages interest Phi Sigma Phi Row 1 — Mr. MacDonald, Terry Sisk, John Chatlos. Row 2 — Pat Townley, Angelo Fuster, Bruce Sayre. Row 3 — Joe Jones, Bill Goff. 103 MUSIC EDUCATORS CONFERENCE . . . organiza- tion of future music educators ... to further their knowledge in all grades of teaching . . . sponsored speakers from different schools in the county . . . music interns talk of experiences at end of year . . . CONCERT CHOIR ... to develop musical po- tential . . . Miami World Council of Bishops . . . combined with Bethune-Cookman College . . . yearly Florida tour . . . Spring and Fall Concerts . . . GIRL ' S CHOIR . . . performs with the choir on tour and during concerts on campus Music Educators Conference r ow i — Linda Helms, Carol Hoffman, Linda Hayden, Nancy Neal, Gale Weech, Leone Parks, Priscilla Wike, Janet Feibel, Dawn Harmon. Row 2 — Bill Goff, Joe Jones, Mr. MacDonald. Not pictured — Lee Slayden, Andy McGee, Grace Guess, Martha Boyles. Girl ' s Choir Back — Grace Guess, Nancy Neal, Linda Mack, Susan DeWitt, Janice Hu chens, Martha Boyles, Linda Neens, Ann Godsall, Rosario Santiago, Gwen Gibson, Lyn Kerrick. Front — Regina Reynolds, Margaret George, Priscilla Wike, Lynn Bricker. 104 • ♦♦ .% 1 ♦ ♦ » • 1 Concert Choir Row 1— Donna Stevens Julie Bedenbaugh, Dana Glass, Bev McAfee. Cheryl Griggs, Susan Sumner, Gale Weech, Paula Parsche, Mr. Houts. r ow 2— Janet Feibel, Patricia Ensign, Jo Lott, Donna McCullough, Andrea McGee, Sandy Griffin, Dawn Harmon, Ruth Farabee, Elizabeth Sears Row 3— Ruth Mook Linda Hayden, Jon Chatlos, Dave Brenner, Jim Owens, Terry Sisk, Bill Chope, Loene Parks, Eloise Parsons. Row 4 George Warren, Angelo Fuster, Lee Slayden, Eric Eisnaugle, Don Houts, Carol Beemer, Bill Goff, Cheryl Hinson, Lee Hedberg, Ben War ren. Not pictured — Joe Jones. 105 Psychology Row 1 — Donna Ball, Ann Scharfenberg, Linda Sargent, Tom Cowell, Bonnie Warner, Sam Thompson, Craig Morris, Carol Scott, Kathy Mc- Peek, Paula White, John Gade. Row 2 — Bob Long, Susan Walker, Linda Parsons, Sarah Stormont, Polly Derryberry, Liz Mitchell. Row 3 — Joe Jones, Carol Osterholm, Larry Kirkwood, Florayne Brown, Allen Cox, Fred Freeman, Ben Warren, Ken Wilson, Marlou Whitworth, Jim Jones, Dave Girardin, Allen Hanley, Dr. Altland. Psi Chi Row 1 — Diane Faulkner Anne Boyd Cindy Goode Sharon Smolenyak Row 2 — Laura Messeburg Jennifer Thompson Ann McAdams Joanne Cave Diane Burton Kay Melton Barb Kelsey Lorraine Baxter Sandy Bradshaw Row 3 — Ray Haas Gary Snyder Jerry Presley Mr. Jacks Gaylon Howe Ronald Drake Jack Baldwin 106 •■ ♦ - Gamma Sigma Chi Kneeling — Jerry Haralson, Doug Hallman. Standing — Barry Lane, Chaplain, Tom Price, Glenn Kinsey, Lloyd McClelland, Dennis Baldwin. Sigma Rho Epsilon PSI CHI . . . psychology honorary for majors and minors in psychology ... to promote psycho- logical studies on campus . . . PSYCHOLOGY CLUB ... for all interested in the study of psy- chology . . . sponsored with Psi Chi campus films and lectures on drugs, dreams, hypnosis . . . " The Three Faces of Eve " . . . newly formed . . . SIGMA RHO EPSILON . . . religious honorary . . . for majors, minors, wives of ministerial stu- dents, those interested in religious education . . . Inner-City Program in Tampa . . . encour- ages support in Inter-faith Council . . . GAMMA SIGMA CHI . . . professional religious fraternity ... for all pre-theological students . . . promote religious activity Row 1 — Ruth Mook, Donna Stephens, Suzanne Peers, Betty Jean Hughson. Row 2 — Jannette Gietek, Jo Lott, Lana Kelly, Ella Stevens, Janice Hutchins, Bonney Leslie, Jane Morrison, Joanne Gietek, Grace Guess, Bessie Bussey. Not pictured — Denise Rousset, Jennifer Town- send, Martha Alderman. 107 INTERFAITH COUNCIL . . . club for all interested in on-campus religious activity ... to unite campus organizations . . . assist at vespers and morning devotions . . . plan Good Friday and Easter ser- vices . . . BAPTIST STUDENT UNION ... for Bap- tist students ... to develop Christian leadership among Baptist student youth . . . METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT ... for Methodist and all interested ... to further attitudes of Christianity . . . panel discussion with members of the Florida Southern College administration Interfaith Council Left to right— Chaplain, Tom Price, Ronald Drake, Betty Hughson, Bessie Bussey, Gary Blaine. 108 Baptist Student Union Row 1 — Frances Long Col. Mack Geiger Jean Morford Row 2 — Beverly Lutz Robert Kincheloe Pauline Stanfield Row 3 — Ronald Drake Row 4 — Betty Jean Hughson John Whitley Margaret Herndon Methodist Student Movement Row 1 — Bob Sharp, John Gade, Phyllis Thomas, Susan Marsh, Dawn Harmon, Ruth Mook, Donna Stevens, Kitty McCall. Row 2 — Kathy McPeek, Lana Kelly, Linda Hayden, Janice Hutchins, Grace Guess, Bev Franklin, Jan Thomas, Ella May Stevens, Patsy Norris, Martha Lou Wilson, Jo Lott, Martha Alderman, Linda Underhill. Row 3 — Rosario Santiago, Bob Long, Nancy Applegate, Barbara Bohuny, Bill Goff, Larry Kirkwood, Rick Deloach, Joe Jones, Bon- nie Sue Leslie, Gary Blaine. 109 American Chemical Society Sitting — Frances Long, Linda Hall. Standing — Row 1: Robert McBride, Debby Markert, Judith Mackiernan, Di- ane Hauser, John Thompson, Rudi Moerck, Robert Ganus, Gerry Getman, Kent Asher. Standing — Row 2: Bob Helmick, Roger Sanderson, Dr. Dinsmore, Dale Zamzow, Dr. Willard. American Institute of Physics Front — Dr. McClosky, David Clyde, Dale Zamzow, Barry Deuto, Frances Long, Lorraine Joyce, Leigh Lovelady, Dr. Robinson, Ann Hammond. Back — Bob Helmick, Carol Robbins, Gerry Getman, Robert Ganus, Deborah Markert, Edward Sweeney, Jim Moyer. 110 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY ... for stu- dents interested in chemistry and related areas ... to improve qualifications of chem- ists . . . promote research . . . advance chemi- cal knowledge . . . AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS ... for students interested in physi- cal science ... to encourage study . . . assist in development of knowledge appropriate to science . . . tours of area industries . . . BETA BETA BETA . . . biological honorary ... for students interested in biological sciences . . . departmental displays Beta Beta Beta Row 1 — Linda Hall, Marlou Whitworth, Linda Proctor. Row 2— Dorothy Colbert, Deborah Gotwalt, Dr. Funder- burg. Row 3 — Mr. Eickenburg, Nancy Dorton, Nancy Luce, Faith Kennedy. Row 4 — Glen Swank, Dr. Gilbert, Marion Sumner, Carolyn Thomas, Iris Cade, Rudi Moerck. Row 5 — Mary Goodman, Sara Robinson, Jill Keeler, Earnest Truby. Row 6 — Kathy Conroy, Marshall Frasier, Peter Brooker, Roger Sanderson, Fred Freeman. Row 7 — Lee Hepler, Jim Harris, Craig Plowman, Martha Durham, Grant Hansen, Craig Dye. Ill CITRUS CLUB ... for all interested in the field of citrus . . . trips to citrus industries . . . picnic at Crooked Lake . . . Horticulture Society Meeting . . . Annual Banquet . . . campus citrus paintings . . . remodeled room in department . . . KAPPA DELTA PI . . . educational honorary ... for majors and minors in education with a " B " average ... to encourage high professional, intellectual, and per- sonal standards for teachers . . . STUDENT EDU- CATION ASSOCIATION . . . organization for all edu- cation majors ... to provide closer insight into the teaching profession . . . gives student chance for active participation in the state and national edu- cational associations Citrus Club Row 1 — Bonnie Warner. Row 2 — William Arrington, Martha Durham, James Wiggins, William Thompson. Row 3 — Mr. Mack, Leddie Folkos, Mary Goodman, David Dobson. Row 4 — Joe Race, Robert Clarke, Richard Wagner, Carl Peters. 112 ' • ' %••.%. " " Student Education Association Jeanne Tatum Sandy Cleek Rosario Santiago Peggy Homans Margaret Berg Anne Merseles Judy Fuller Jean Morford Jeff Davis Gwen Green Gwen David Joyce Cannistraci George Coords Marilyn Harris Susan Adamson Sandy Ernst Kappa Delta Pi Row 1 — Jennifer Thompson, Martha Wilson, Terry Aniello, Dr. Milligan. Row 2 — Barbara Kelsey, Sandy Ernst, Sue Caswell, Jean Morford, Jane Palmer, Sherrill Kellner. Row 3 — George Coords, Marsha Lovelace, Naomi Wilson, Betty Albritton. ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY ... for junior and senior men in the ROTC pro- gram ... to promote public understanding of the United States Army . . . work for the advancement of the national security . . . sponsor co-ed auxil- iaries . . . Annual Military Ball Organization of United States Army ■ Row 1 — Mike Sams, Steve McGee, William Cauthen. Row 2 — Paul Brian Weaver, John Wilcox, Peter Carruthers. Row 3 — John Stauffer, Garrett, Dave Streep, Gerald Kaufman, Charles Harvester, Frank Futch. Kimbrell, Tom Jones, Bruce Foland, Alfred Jorgensen, Robert Long, Dean McGinnes, Ken Graebener, Fred Deloach, Sam Cammarata, Don toon, Jim Ammons, Ray Kingsbury, Allen Downard, Kineon Walker, Dick Emmons, Perry Edge, Richard Thornton, John Cain, John Seho John Baldwin, James Daniels, Dan H. Sherman, Paul Wilhelmsen, Gay Barry Lazzeroni. Brewer, Bob Skeels, Ed Devos, Tim Cronin, Ed Sweeney, Andy Setzer, Gary Morgan, Leon Hedburg, Steven Weaver, David Godwin, Mike Row 4 — Dennis McGill, Sterling Smith, George Nicholson, William Marshall Frasier, Dean Pappas. Row 5 — James Weaver, Mike Vernon, Lesher, John Coles, Bob D ' Angio. Row 6 — Philip Murphey, John An. Ronald Drake, Zeb Osborne. Row 7 — Robert Ganus, Rodger Hardy, field, Thomas Hofmann, Charles Small, Lee Hepler, Dan N. Sherman, Ion Howe, Gerald Collman, Dick Gensler, Tom Conner, John Keene, 114 GREEKS • •♦-%■ - Smm__ T9H ■ MFVf- y. I he members of a campus who feel a need to join with others socially and fraternally find bonds as Greeks. Ultimately linked by order and purpose, the Greek system has implanted itself in every phase of campus activity. Gail Persak Lin Lovelady Candy Carle Phyllis Thomas Sandy Geek Linda Moore Susan Walker Judy Munc Jenny Thompson Diane Esau Kathy McBride Donna Thompson Joan Ewing Kathy Repass Penny Sweeting Carolyn Doran Johnna Reid Judy Shy Panhellenic Council Interfraternity Council . . . safe-driving campaign . . . Building Greek Spirit . . . promote the efficient operation of the fraternity system . . . and co-operation with the administration. . . . local philanthropic project, cerebral palsy clinic . . . what is a sorority . . . bermuda party . . . Thanksgiving tea . . . Christmas open house. «i ' ■ ' V Jay Plotkin Fred Mills Gary Baker Doug Martin Greg Scanio Bob Dillon Allen Funk John Schofield Phil Ferguson Mike Vernon Jim McBain Freddie Lewis Mike Sams Rudi Moerck Rick Fulton Dick Gensler Gaylon Howe Cabell Carlan Dan Barber Jerry Presley Dale Zamzow Gerry Getman Josh Starkey Roger Hopper Zeb Osborne, Pike and Sandra Cleek Zeta Tau Alpha. Greek Hall of Fame These students have been elected to the Greek Hall of Fame in recogni- tion of their outstanding work toward the betterment of the College and the Greek system. Active in every phase of college life, they are repre- sentative of the Greek spirit and are an example for all future Greeks. Joanne Cave, Tri Sigma; Gaylon Howe, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Mike Sams, Theta Chi; Jennifer Thompson, Phi Mu; and Dan Barber, Sigma Chi. 122 Hey, sweetie, this is Marlboro country . . . Ban Ban . . . It ' s up to you Jerry ... Go lower for that limbo . . . Rollem, rollem, rollem . . . K Sig Maintenance is on the job . . . KD overall ... Phi Mu spirit . . . Where ' d ya get the goats, Tom? . . .What did you say about the hill . . . Sigma Chi Derby Derbies, derbies, and more derbies . . . Sorority spirit soars . . . Paint party . . . Games . . . Songs . . . Spaghetti . . . Sigs a go-go . . . Who was in the Daytona jail . . . Can ' t get enough of those Sugar Crisps . . . Football is for guys . . . ADPi overall . . . KD spirit . . . They ' re throw- ing tomatoes at whose husband . . . Chip is hip . . . Judy Shy, Derby Queen . . . Change clothes inside the sleeping bag ... No tackling, no kicking . . . Got one more sorority stupid . . . And when Dusty comes along, what ' s lost . . . Take one step back and throw that egg . . . %» «.« X ffir ' ' ' ATA 125 Greeks In Action Bonfire . . . Greek games . . . Theta Chi and KD overall winners . . . KA and ADPI spirit trophy . . . worms and mud . . . chariot races . . . tar and feathering with maple syrup and newspaper strips . . . sore ankles . . . tired . . . but spirited . . . Zeta and Theta Chi win Greek sing. Jane Durrance, Zeta Tau Alpha, Jean Jourdan, Alpha Omicron Pi, Mike Sams, Theta Chi 127 . " %• " ♦ •■ » v » ' Greek God and Goddess Greek week is annually climaxed by the crowning of the Greek God and Goddess, who are selected by campus vote. Greek God — Barth Morreale Greek Goddess — Diane Burton 129 Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega . . . founded DePauw University October 15, 1885 . . . scarlet and olive green . . . " Together let us seek the heights " ... Men of the Golden Lyre . . . Greek games with Pike . . . Christmas cheer ... big sis -little sis dinners 1. Karen Stanley 2. Becky Trost 3. Judy Fisher 4. Marilyn Brose 5. Judy Rushing 6. Kay Lawrence 7. Jack Baldwin 8. Sara Stormont 9. Pam Bost 10. Pat Harris 11. Barb Burke 12. Terry Grange 13. Joan Scherer 14. Pat Bowen 15. Mary Beth Rider 16. Carolyn Smith 17. Candy Carle 18. Vicki Shannon 19. Laura Messeberg 20. Sue Merritt 21. Diane Wilson 22. Jill Albert 23. Gail Rowan 24. Cathy Roberts 25. Polly Derryberry 26. Kathy McBride 27. Pam Meriwether 28. Terry Pearsall 29. Ginger Walters 30. Kathy McPeek 31. Susan Sanders - . ♦. . 131 Alpha Delta Pi . . . founded Wesleyan Female College May 15, 1851 . . . blue and white . . . co-sponsor Greek Sing with SAE . . . help Cerebral Palsy Clinic . . . Sigma Chi overall . . . Derby Queen . . . Greek Week Spirit Trophy . . . best dressed coed Stftt 8f A " k«V. Fred Lewis Sweetheart V $ Alpha Delta Pi 1. Lynn Meng 2. Susan Adamson 3. Janet Williams 4. Carol Beemer 5. Linda Lawrence 6. Fran Grainger 7. Sandy Ernst 8. Joanie Dicks 9. Ellen Talbott 10. Diane Faulkner 11. Edie Wysong 12. Pam Addis 13. Nancy DeVeer 14. Joy Trask 15. Ginger Francisco 16. Carolyn Davis 17. Joyce Moore 18. Ann McCay 19. Julie Swindell 20. Lee Slayden 21. Candy Phillips 22. Wanda Crowell 23. Kay Chellman 24. Zona Spencer 25. Judy Shy 26. Mary Jane Deupree 27. Kathy Hall 28. Lucia Batstone 29. Cindy Goode 30. Ann Atkinson 31. Carolyn Cleveland 32. Ella Smith 33. Judy Munc 34. Linda MacMullen 133 Alpha Gamma Delta . . . founded Syracuse, May 30, 1904 . . . red and buff roses ... and green fern ... our Sweetheart Mike . . . Altruistic project ... pie throwing at faculty . . . Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Phi for Greek Week 134 %•» fcO Mike Johnson — Sweetheart Alpha Gamma Delta 1. Jean Morford 2. Janet Litt 3. Wendy Hamilton 4. Susan Downing 5. Sunny Sumner 6. Mary Mitchell 7. Sandy Gibson 8. Judy Naclerio 9. Marjorie Jung 10. Linda Sargent 11. Debbie Gotwalt 12. Nancy Harris 13. Bonnie Warner 14. Carol Scott 15. Denise Rousset 16. Margy Hatcherson 17. Carol Valdez 18. Chris Kreider 19. Larnell Rucks 20. Cindy McDonald 21. Sally Schoff 22. Kathy Repass 23. Hap Clark 24. Susan Stanley 25. Margaret Hutson 26. Linda Reid 27. Barbara McManeus 28. Linda Moore 29. Sandy Scaramucci - :- Doug Martin — Sweetheart Alpha Omicron Pi 1. Terrianne Hink 2. Jean Jourdan 3. Kerry Patrick 4. Jill Eilertsen 5. Sandy Wilkerson 6. Fran Mitchell 7. Sandy Bradshaw 8. Paula Rowland 9. Lorraine Baxter 10. Betty Bloomer 11. Sandy Cline 12. Donna Thompson 13. Bunny Blue 14. Wendy Werner 15. Joan Ewing 16. Beverly McAfee 17. Melanie McElroy 18. Joann Haas 19. Noel Martel 20. Helen Lawton 21. Andie McGee 22. Joyce Cannistraci " ' 23. Kathie Agnew 24. Sharon Cobble 25. Jan Snyder 26. Bev Shultz 27. Sara Stahlin 28. Carol Heppberger 29. Sharon Moyer 30. Francisca Martinez 31. Ginger Ball 32. Deana Adams 3L P . i J. . 0P - - 136 Alpha Omicron Pi . . . founded Barnard College January 2, 1897 ... red roses . . sheaf of wheat . . . Halloween Open House . . . National Arthritis Foundation . . . picnics at Chris- tina Park . . . lets go to Jerry ' s . . . Doug . . . rail songs . . . new lobby • % I II I m k j£V A % I k :. t Andy Setzer — Sweetheart Delta Zeta 1. Nikki Nelson 2. Diane Beede 3. Linda Nelms 4. Ruth Harvey 5. Beryl Rucks 6. Kathy Moore 7. Sandra Swanson 8. Diane Paredes 9. Cheryl Hinson 10. Gail Meredith 11. Paula Wells 12. Sandy Ohnmacht 13. Gail Persak 14. Marjorie Pfister 15. Beryl Young 16. Lee Howland 17. Lin Lovelady 18. Alice Terry 19. Carol Robins 20. Vicki Bayly 21. Judy Frank 22. Janet Kleinschmidt 23. Marsha Green 138 Delta Zeta . . . founded Miami of Ohio October 24, 1902 . . . old rose and vieux green . . . " To seek the truth and defend it always; so that I may walk truly in the light of the Flame " . . . Cornucopia Contest . . . Andy ... new lobby Kappa Alpha 1. Danny Sherman 2. Barry Lazzeroni 3. Dick Kjellstrom 4. Ray Haas 5. Ed Sweeney 6. Josh Starkey 7. Don Keene 8. John Mercurio 9. Dan Hagen 10. Robbie Robinson 11. Lee Slayden 12. John Gardner 13. Phil Murphey 14. Craig Wilbur 15. Jim France 16. Lee Helper 17. Dave Streep 18. Paul Wilbur 19. Dave Hawkins 20. Stan Yandre 21. Bill Kimbrell 22. Roger Hopper Lee Slayden — Sweetheart Kappa Alpha . . . founded Washington College December 21, 1865 . . . crimson and old gold . . . " Dieu et Les Dames " . . . our Rose Lee . . . secession . . . mint juleps at the Old South Ball . . . Southern Gentlemen . . . painted cannon . . . Robert E. Lee . . . Greek Week Spirit 141 »•.»•% %•♦■»♦.%.- ¥ k ■ ' - ' Sam -%-- N, -1 1 1 p " Tim Cronin — Sweetheart Kappa Delta 1. Chris Ballou 2. Ava Stout 3. Ronnie Wright 4. Barb Shafter 5. Jane Bichy 6. Paula Longendyke 7. Wilson Huff 8. Johnna Reid 9. Carla Cronin 10. Nancy Ek 11. Linda Duncan 12. Joanie VodVarka 13. Bev Gordy 14. Judy Brown 15. KayWoelfel 16. Eugenia Wilbur 17. Nancy Rees 18. Nancy Loeper 19. Suzann Rothberg 20. Vicki Thornber 21. Jean Richards 22. Linda Parsons 23. Barbara Bradley 24. Alene Prevatt 25. Alice Fleming 26. Diane Burton 27. Jill Workinger 28. Phyllis Clamp 29. Lynn Allen Kappa Delta . . . founded Longwood Col- lege October 23, 1897 . . . pearl white and olive green . . . Sigma Chi Spirit . . . Kappa Sig overall . . . Greek Goddess . . . overall Greek Week with Theta Chi . . . tree trim- ming contest . . . tubing down the Peace River 143 Kappa Sigma . . . founded University of Virginia 1869 . . . scarlet, white, emerald green . . . sponsors Kappa Sig Olympics . . . Greek God . . . the hill ... the surfers and golfers . . . our sweetheart Vicki ... the Swing. 144 : Kappa Sigma 10. JohnAleffi 11. John Stauffer 12. Pete Mecke 13. Phil McCown 14. Tom Lawrence 15. Jerry Presley 16. Walter Scott 17. Mike Sullivan 18. Scott Fitzgerald 19. Barth Morreale 20. Chuck Russell 21. Greg Kraczkowsky 22. Ken Diamond 23. Rick Rose 24. PhilTriebels 25. Jeff Davis -.v .... X . , ' Vicki Shannon — Sweetheart 145 Phi Mu . . . founded Wesleyan College, March 4, 1852 . . . pink and white . . . Faithful Sisters . . . Kappa Sig Spirit . . . Ugly Man Contest with Wille . . . Halloween party for chil- dren at hospital with Theta Chi . . . the engageables . . . yellow raft . . . Zelda gLr r Phi Mu 1. Penny Sweeting 2. Kay Melton 3. Margaret George 4. Ann Merseles 5. Jenny Thompson 6. Jackye Durkin 7. Terry Aniello 8. Polly Lowe 9. Sue Caswell 10. Pat Barbee 11. Fran Belle 12. Joyce Clarke 13. Beth Holland 14. Murray McCowen 15. Terri Davis 16. Linda Lee Thomson 17. Kathi Hoffman 18. Candy Fritchley 19. Kathie Dennison 20. Paul Wilhelmsen Paul Wilhelmsen — Sweetheart 147 --■ Phi Sigma Kappa . . . founded University of Massachusetts March 15, 1873 . . . silver and magenta ... our sweetheart Jill ... the Signet ... to develop character . . . feeling of brotherhood . . . redecorated house Phi Sigma Kappa 1. Mike Garrett 2. Bill Grae 3. Bob Helmick 4. James Rider 5. Gerry Getman 6. Dale Zamzow 7. Frank Preuss 8. Bob Marriott 9. Rick Roberts 10. Craig Morris 11. James Jones Jill Eilertsen — Sweetheart :S 3ESK2s Pi Kappa Alpha Jean Jourdan — Sweetheart Pi Kappa Alpha . . . founded University of Virginia March 1, 1868 ... old gold and garnet ... our Dreamgirl Jean ... Phi Phi . . . redecorated house . . . Jamaca party . . . mom . . . Buford . . . skiing 1. Zeb Osborne 2. Fred Rohrer 3. Jack Baldwin 4. Cliff Valentine 5. Larry Stahl 6. George Cumming 7. Bob Skeels 8. Bruce Kelsey 9. Bill Hemphill 10. Howard Harvill 11. Dalton Ward 12. Dale Hunsucker 13. Dennis Harms 14. Jim Ammons 15. YaleWedig 16. Bill Cauthen 17. John Wilcox 18. Mrs. Ayers 19. Chuck Dickerson 20. Charles Orth 21. Craig Brenner 22. Russ Etheridge 23. Kurt Warner 24. John Hopkins 25. Ken Lavoie 26. Page Fullington 27. Bob Novotny 28. Bob Green 29. Jean Jourdan 30. Roger Simonson 31. Doug Martin 32. Randy Lewis 33. George Nicholson 34. Butch Deuto 35. Barry Wheeler 36. Scott Cruikshank 37. Dean Shimer 38. Bob Dillon 39. Ray Kingsbury 150 ' »■♦••♦■% 151 J Pi Kappa Phi Fran Mitchell — Sweetheart Pi Kappa Phi . . . founded Charleston College, December 10, 1904 . . . gold and white ... our Sweetheart Fran . . . Horace ... The Sta r and the Lamp . . . after dinner basketball . . . eighteen hours per day 1. George Russak 2. John Thompson 3. Steve Hemman 4. Carl Brown 5. Pete Reid 6. Steve Helsel 7. Woody Head 8. Lou Jerkins 9. Fran Mitchell 10. Rudi Moerck 11. Rick Davis 12. Bill Croysdale 13. Rocky Hill 14. Larry Bilby 15. Bruce White 16. Pete Mellon 17. Bob Przychodniecz 18. Gary Baker 19. Rex Smyth 20. Dan Locke 21. Ken Williams Wanda Crowell — Sweetheart Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1. John Antoon 9. Kendrick Bridges 17. Tim Cronin 2. John Jordan 10. Dave Spiro 18. Hal Colbert 3. Walter Manley 11. Jim Rogers 19. Mike Vernon 4. Wanda Crowell 12. Fred Lewis 20. Carl Enchelmayer 5. Dick Thornton 13. Guy Odum 21. Paul Brewer 6. John Schofield 14. Dave Delvecchio 22. Tom Jones 7. Dennis Bradshaw 15. Wally Wells 23. Richard Fulton S. Toby Wagner 16. Jay Wallace 24. Sandy Toler ' ' •••♦••%.! Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . founded University of Alabama . . . March 9, 1856 . . . royal purple and old gold . . . minerva ... Phi Alpha . . . co-sponsor Greek Sing with Alpha Delta Pi . . . someone stole the lion . . . Smitty ... our Sweetheart Wanda 155 Sigma Chi Sigma Chi . . . founded Miami of Ohio 1855 . . . blue and old gold . . . " White Cross " . . . sponsors Sigma Chi Derby for a week ... In Hoc Signo Vinces . . . redecorated house . . . football intramural champs. Lorraine Baxter — Sweetheart » ♦ % • i 1. Fred Fifner 2. Dave Wiant 3. Chip Stites 4. Bob Fryer 5. Mike Opalinski 6. Fred Mayer 7. Dusty Rhodes 8. Steve Hoffman 9. Jon French 10. Mike Johnson 11. Bill Riley 12. Bill Fransisco 13. Glen Berree 14. Bob Diangio 15. Gary Brice 16. Gary Morgan 17. GregCostan 18. Dan Barber 19. Charlie Simmons 20. Dave Godwin 21. Lorraine Baxter 22. Trooper St. John Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . founded Richmond College . . . Novem- ber 7, 1901 . . . purple and red . . . American Beauty Rose . . . Christmas party for underprivileged children ... our sweetheart Margo ... and mom ... at fat Jack ' s 158 ♦»♦ .- % £ — ■ « r - . ' .- - ' .. Margo Partazana — Sweetheart Sigma Phi Epsilon 1. Dick Gensler 2. Alan Curtis 3. Tom Collins 4. Bill Crampton 5. Larry Kintner 6. Phil Ferguson 7. Cabell Carlan 8. Sammy Cam ma rata 9. Dan Hall 10. Bob Ford 11. Bill Northacker 12. Andy Setzer 13. Clive Sanford 159 Dave Girardin — Sweetheart a Sigma m Sigma Sigm " W 1. Liz Mitchell 13. Mrs. Nelda F. Crawford ■1 2. Patty Schmidt (National President) ' 3. Hilda Bell 14. Susan Coons 4. Margy Merryman 15. Linda Sandusky 5. Ingrid Blake 16. Linda Lynch s 6. Carolyn Doran 17. Marion Sumner 7. Shirley Hardee 18. Dorene Steward 8. Bev Lutz 19. Ann Scharfenberg ' 1 9. Patty Newcomer 20. Susan Walker 1 10. Jane Fitzgerald 21. Liz Wicker 1 11. Phyllis Stauffer 22. Nancy Dorton 12. Joanne Cave Sigma Sigma Sigma . . . founded Longwood College April 20, 1898 . . . royal purple and white . . . Faithful Unto Death . . . Philanthropic project . . . Robbie Page Memorial Fund . . . sponsors Ugly Man Contest . . . rail songs ... new lobby. 161 Tau Epsilon Phi . . . founded Columbia University 1910 . lavender and white . . . Lily of the Valley ... The Plume our Sweetheart Laura . . . Greek Games with Delta Zeta 162 %•••» ♦ . % ■ c " Tau Epsilon Phi 1. Bruce Bain 2. Jay Plotkin 3. Craig Muir 4. Fred Mills 5. Gary Martone 6. Ralph Feola 7. Bob Archer 8. Gerald Kaufman 9. Greg Scanio 10. Dick Emmons 11. Ken Tucker 12. Tom Petcoff 13. Dean Pappas Laura Messeberg — Sweetheart 163 Tau Kappa Epsilon Sandy Wilkerson — Sweetheart 1. Tom Cowell 2. Howard Keel 3. EdWechsler 4. John Coles 5. Fred Talbott 6. Tony Michel 7. Steve Troxel 8. Bill Schroeder 9. Dale Phillips 10. George Sellers 11. Bob Haselier 12. Jim Owens 13. George Gibson 14. Ben Warren 15. Don Lesher 16. Ron Brammer 17. Alan Downing 18. Bill Bailey 19. Allen Funk 20. Ed DeVos 21. Don Smith 22. Craig Plowman 164 .% " % « % • t . % I % . % Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . founded Illinois Wesleyan University January 1899 . . cherry and grey . . . soap to Viet Nam . . . our Sweetheart Sandy ... the bell . . paddle . . . Greek games with Alpha Omicron Pi . . . scholarship award fall 1967 Theta Chi . . . founded Norwich University ... red and white . . . Greek Sing Trophy volleyball intramural champs . . . Pizzas . . . overall Greek Week Trophy . . . Halloween for kids at hospital with Phi Mu 0?J 1? . ti ft p PlZZ vr. Til IO Theta Chi 1. Barry Green 2. Lee Hedberg 3. Jay Lehman 4. Steve Ellis 5. Don Sabatini 6. Wesley Joyner 7. Tom Conner 8. Paul Wilhelmsen 9. Charles Harvester 10. Waite Willis 11. Ted James 12. Don Hopkins 13. Ron Kubick 14. Ron Gielow 15. Kinny Walker 16. Jim Dawsey 17. Gary McGriff 18. Richard Fulton 19. Dan Sherman 20. Tom Stout 21. Dennis McGill 22. Richard Haralson 23. Bob Roadarmel 24. Bruce Krumeich 25. Tom Wasser 26. Greg Watson 27. Jay Weaver 28. Steve Thacker 29. David Evans 30. Doug Schauer 31. Tom Cowan 32. Bill Phillips 33. Dick Clark 34. Mike Sams 35. Pete Carruthers 36. Ray Cody 37. Jerry Haralson 38. Dennis Durkin 39. Rodger Hardy 40. Barry Randall ' -i. r i i m mm Sandy Bradshaw — Sweetheart 167 Zeta Tau Alpha . . . founded Longwood College . . . October 15, 1898 . . . turquoise and steel gray . . . " Seek the Noblest " . . . themis . . . candy for Jaycees . . . Junior Advisers ... a new house . . . Greek Sing Trophy . . . even a citrus minor 168 • - • • Zeta Tau Alpha Jerry Haralson — Sweetheart 1. Pat Evans 2. Carolyn Thomas 3. Sandy Cleek 4. Pat Gandy 5. Joan Gabriel 6. Phyllis Thomas 7. Lin Procter 8. Barbara Kelsey 9. Martha Durham 10. Kathy Conroy 11. Patty Linville 12. Beth Clutterham 13. Cheryl Baker 14. Pat Miller 15. Marie Preuss 16. Terry Cowart 17. Jan Moore 18. Sandy Watson 19. Julia Pearsall 20. Maxine Danford 21. Eloise Parsons 22. Peggy Homans 23. Jeanne Tatum 24. Ann Hammond 25. Stephanie Farmer 26. Donna McCullough 27. Iris Cade 28. Vivian Judy 29. Marie McConaghy 30. Sarah Robinson 31. Elena DeVilliers 32. Jean Lippert 33. Suzanne Foster 34. Susan Marsh 35. Jane Durrance 169 HOUSEMOTHERS . . . without whom life on cam- pus would be far more complicated and a lot less fun . . . monthly meetings . . . reside in most residence halls Housemothers Seated left to right — Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Lober, Mrs. Hyson, Mrs. Gibbons, Mrs. Davis, Miss Snell, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Lupfer, Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. House, Mrs. Bond, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Ayers. Standing left to right — Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Dannehl, Mrs. Glass, Mrs. Honeycutt, Mrs. Prentice, Mrs. McDaniel, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Padgett, Mrs. Swindell, Mrs. Cann, Mrs. Varner, Mrs. Smit h. 170 SPORTS ■ „ ■ i ♦ % + I here is a certain spirit which pervades all campuses. This power is best expressed in sports. Competitive drive harnessed to team-effort, individual achievement, and mutual respect. ft % ft ft ft ft %•!• ft ' Soccer new outlook . . . twelve freshmen . . . eleven sophomores . . . five juniors . . . one senior . . . " old pros " . . . still on campus-formed soccer club . . . scrimmaged against the team . . . looking for fifth . . . 500 on bet- ter season . . . tied with Rollins College for Florida Intercollegiate Conference Title. Standing on left — Dave Landrum, Coach Daniels, George Frye, Kurt Moerck, Frank Fyffe, Grover Thompson, Stan Dromey. Standing on right — Barry Green, Steve Berglund, Jay Lehman, Lynn Mosley, Mike Opalinski, Coach Bush. Kneeling on left — Mike Rich, Art Miles, Greg Hoch. Sitting in center — George Clarke, Grant Cooper, Co-Capt. Jim Dawsey, Goalie Brian Bain, Joe Laher, Ed Kaiser. Kneeling in center — Bruce Foland, Gerald Kaufman, Tim Cronin, Co-Capt. Bruce Bain, Bob Bertrand. 177 The Soccer Mocs battle their way to a conference championship. Bruce Bain, Co-Capt. Jim Dawsey, Co-Capt. 178 • SOCCER RESULTS Opp. FSC Emory University . . 3 1 University of South Florida . 2 University of Miami . 1 Rollins College . . 2 2 St. Leo College . . 1 4 Stetson University . . 2 5 University of Miami . 1 1 Rollins College . . . 2 2 St. Leo College . . . 1 3 Stetson University . . 2 Won 5 Lost 2 Tied 3 Varsity Basketball Standing left to right: Bob Putnam, Ron Gielow, John Schweisthal, Mike Sullivan, John Jurecko, John Caferelli, Gary McGriff. Sitting left to right: Rick Heaston, Dick Goding, Scott Fitzgerald, Co-Capt, Bob Dennis, Co-Capt, Fred Lewis. . . . opening . . . Citrus Invitational . . . four veterans return . . . rough 24-game schedule . . . major asset is rebounding . . . more height in starting lineup . . . biggest problem is adjusting our defense . . . five changing defenses . . . Coach Tom Greene, left, and Assistant Coach Jim Jarrett. » BASKETBALL RESULTS FSC Opp. Rollins College 63 65 Mercer University 90 86 Tulane University 72 104 Mount Union College 54 48 Georgia State 86 67 Hartwick College 95 67 Georgia Southwestern 87 75 Georgia State 87 79 University of South 91 65 Armstrong College 86 67 St. Leo College 88 64 Biscayne College 77 60 Stetson University 78 93 Northern Illinois 75 84 Miami University 76 94 Tampa University 61 72 Stetson University 95 94 Armstrong College 89 77 St. Leo College 75 72 Florida State Univ 82 104 Rollins College 86 77 University of So. Miss 88 108 Rollins College 90 87 Tampa University 77 95 Won 15 Lost 9 182 ♦ • ♦ -l ... Junior Varsity 18 game season . . . against Florida Junior Colleges Dec. 4 Polk Jr. College Dec. 6 Brevard Jr. College Dec. 8 Polk Jr. College Jan. 8 Royal Crown Warriors Jan. 9 McDill Air Force Base Jan. 10 Patrick Air Force Base Jan. 12 St. Petersburg Jr. College Jan. 13 Sarasota Stars Jan. 16 Royal Crown Warriors Jan. 18 Sarasota Stars Jan. 19 McDill Air Force Base Jan. 22 Stetson JV Jan. 24 St. Petersburg Jr. College Jan. 27 Stetson JV Feb. 1 Brevard Jr. College Feb. 3 Patrick Air Force Base Feb. 13 Indian River Jr. College Feb. 17 Royal Crown Warriors Won 8 Lost 12 Standing left to right: Jeff Hunt, Jim Herring, Ron Gielow, Weldon Beach, Mike Johnson and Coach Tom Con- ner. Sitting left to right: Rick Heas- ton, Ed Ade, Jim Zajicek, Burt How- ard, Bob Putnam. (Missing — Barry Green) 183 Varsity Cheerleaders . . . after the sore muscles and practices . . . always energy, enthusiasm spirit ... for the team. Back row: Vicki Shannon, Barb Burke, Capt, Julie Swindel, Judy Shy, Co- Capt, Alene Prevatt. Front: Karen Stanley, Becky Trost. . . . C ' mon, you guys i " ' - Sta iP % ■•■%■.♦ Junior Varsity Left to right: Andie Jenkins, Kathy McPeek, Capt., Judy Keenen, Debby Botner, Denise Pelland, Frankie Sherrill. Left to right: Jan Roberts, Janet Williams, Polly Derryberry, Edie Wysong, Daphne Boyd. 185 Tennis two scholarships . . . strongly improved team from previous seasons . . . five returning lettermen . . . VARSITY TENNIS SCHEDULE February 22 Rollins College February 24 St. Leo College March 1 Florida Tech March 6 Tampa University March 7 St. Leo College March 11 Stetson College March 16 Georgia State College March 19 University of Kentucky March 22 Appalachian State College March 23 Stetson University March 26 Duke University March 28 Ga. Southwestern College March 29 Mercer University March 30 Georgia State College April 1 Rollins College April 4 Tampa University April 11 Furman University April 17 Cumberland University Clockwise starting at front: Paul Brewer, Bobby Brown, Allen Cox, Dean Fred Mills, Doug Seegmiller, Bill Moseley, Charles Orth. Coach Jim Bush 186 « . % • t ft t • « ft ■ % -ft ■ ' - pf r t I I T= ■ ■H .ewis, Dan Burto )ton, Dave Wiant, Glen Phipps, Jay Anderson. Varsity Golf . . . four returning lettermen . . . roughest sched- ule in many years . . . Miami and Cape Coral Tournaments . . . VARSITY GOLF SCHEDULE March 5 Ball State University March 8 St. Leo College Stetson University March 18 Taylor University University of Georgia March 21-23 Cape Coral Tourney University of the South March 27-30 Miami Invitational April 1 Stetson University April 9 St. Leo College April 11 Valparaiso University April 12 Valparaiso University April 16 Rollins College April 22 Florida Intercollegiate Championships Joe Lewis, Co-Captain 187 Left to right: James Goforth, Craig Dye, Brian Weaver, John Jorden, Bob Fals, Scott Cruikshank, Paul Wilhelmsen, Gary Bridges, Dave Robertson. Varsity Crew new rowing technique . . . young crew . . . five re- turning . . . Cypress Gardens Regatta . . . awesome schedule . . . impressive beginning . . . Dad Vail maybe . . . Coach Bill Daniels AjUL CREW SCHEDULE March 1 Eastern Carolina University March 5 Boston University March 22 Amherst College March 26 Fifth Annual Cypress Gardens Regatta March 27 Marist College March 30 First Annual Miami Invitational Regatta April 4 Purdue University April 6 Tampa University April 13 Jacksonville University April 18 St. John ' s University April 20 Rollins College April 27 Florida State Championship May 10 11 Dad Vail Regatta (if eligible) fa s SftMitjiff Sft L ' WlkiBmtvZfcfi tt s? m fji Ia lfM ti B% 189 T • ■ • • 190 ♦ ■%•_•• ' • - Junior Varsity Crew Kneeling: Mark Molloy, Kurt Moerk. Standing left to right: Dave Hawkins, Fred Nusbickel, John Runner, James Mos- ley, Greg Hoch, Don Ward, Dave Richardson. Front row: Page Fullington, Barth Morreale, Gary Morgan, Bob D ' Angil, Doug Burek, Randy Lewis, Bruce Kinder. Second Row: Doug Barclay, Chris Polkowski, Chuck Russell, Ken Diamond, John Day, Don Kerrick, Steve Herring, Greg Pryor, Wally Booty. Third Row: John Snapp, Dusty Rhodes, Larrell Willis, Bob Fow. Back row: Jeff Pryor, Terry Cummings, Charlie Simmons, Scott Lamb. Baseball ... off to a good start . . . core of veterans . . . outstanding infield ... on way to capture FIAC conference crown . . . speed ... de- fense . . . spirit fy kh : T » V Coach Hal Smeltzly and Assistant Coach Chuck Anderson. 192 VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE February 27 St. Leo College February 29 Univ. of Florida March 6 Univ. of Florida March 9 Univ. of South Florida March 12 Univ. of Pennsylvania March 13 Univ. of Pennsylvania March 16 Univ. of Miami March 19 Mercer University March 25 Mercer University March 25 Georgetown College March 27 Princeton University March 28 Princeton University March 30 St. Leo College April 1 Harvard University April 5 Jacksonville University April 6 Jacksonville University April 10 Stetson University April 12 U. S. Coast Guard Academy April 13 Stetson University April 17 Rollins College April 20 Rollins College April 24 Tampa University April 27 Tampa University 193 194 Men ' s Intramurals Champions Volleyball Theta Chi Cross Country Theta Chi Football Sigma Chi Horseshoes Sigma Chi Ping Pong Theta Chi Tennis Tau Epsilon Pi Wrestling Independents Basketball Theta Chi 196 197 Women ' s Intramurals Champions Softball Champions Allen Spivey Archery Champions Harvard Hall Basketball Champions Zeta Tau Alpha Football Champions Delta Zeta ::::::::: 199 . . . representing sorority, fraternity, and independent groups . . . making the rules . . . stressing good sports- manship. Intramural Boards Left to right: Joan Scherer, Liz Wicker, Pat Repass, Diane Strohaker, Kathleen Mahoney, Director, Donnie Warner, Vivian Judy, Debb ie Cheeseman, Jill Gray, Peggy Homans. b «« w " " ! ! Left to right: Rick Haralson, Rex Smyth, Bob Novotny, Tom Jones, Tim Cronin, John Stauffer, Bruce Bain, Student Director, Bob Archer, Ron Bramer, Ed Sweeney, Dave Wiant. | J I MILITARY Army R.O.T.C. Capt. William J. Seale, J Jr.; Maj. Ronald E. Dam- rill; Capt. James C. Las- lie, Jr. 202 SFC Lewis J. McEwen; Sgt. Maj. Eugene F. Britti; S Sgt. Truett Rodgers; SFC Carl S. Hudson, SP4 Lowell E. Parker; S Sgt. Jerry L. Miller. Cadet Capt. Thomas C. Hofman, SI; Cadet Capt. Erdie Ray Kingsbury, II, S2; Cadet Lt. Col. Zebulon L. Osborne, Battalion Commander; Cadet Major Michael D. Sams, Executive Officer; Cadet Major John Antoon, S3; Cadet Capt. Thomas W. Cooner, S4. 203 R.O.T.C. Sponsors Capt Kathy McBride, Capt Linda Duncan, Capt. Judy Rushing, Capt. Johnna Reid, Maj. Karen Stanley, Maj. Linda Parsons, Battalion Commander Vicki Shannon, Executive Sponsor Diane Burton, Maj. Wanda Crowell, Capt. Ava Stout, Capt. Carolyn Cleveland, Capt. Judy Shy, Capt. Deana Adams. Honor Guard Cadet Lt. Larue Sellers, Cadet Lt. William Croysdale, Commanding Officers. 204 ' • «»% «- - Cadet First Lt. Bill Cauther, Cadet Maj. Jim Ammons, Cadet First Lt. Dan Sherman, Commanding Officers. Cadet Officer Candidates Counter Guerrilla Corps Cadet First Lt. Phil Ferguson, Commanding Officer. 205 Cadet First Lt. Dan Barber, Commanding Officer. Rifle Team First Row: Clover, Riley, Hay; Second Row: Blount, Hanley, Randle, Dunkin; Third Row: Jones, Snyder, Ehaz. 206 %•»%%.% « r The college community is a whole of individuals not groups of indistinguishable personalities. To be totally fair each individual in this division should be allotted an un- classified, unranked position at first as being themselves. IN APPRECIATION to DR. CHARLES T. THRIFT ... his 10th anniversary as President of the College . . . during Founders ' Week ... a man who has inspired improvements . . . academically . . . structurally . . . through his philosophy ... the reason for a college . . . 211 212 ft ft ft ft % 4 " Colleges must furnish students with more than a bag of tricks, Sometimes we confuse the absorbing of information with education . . . 213 The why, when, and how, are necessary, but intellectual and spiritual enlightenment must go hand in hand. " 214 ■ ••%•■% 4 « % 4 . k % v i » i r ! ! ADMINISTRATION ERNEST L. SNODGRASS Assistant to the President The Deans and Directors of Student Life rrN e f -yo— ■ iWJlJl DAVID L. READDICK Business Manager CORNING F. TOLLE WALTER Y. MURPHY Director, Community Acting Dean of Students and Alumni Affairs FRANK P. SZABO Director of Men AGNES JOHNSON Dean of Women 215 ADMINISTRATION R. Burnette J. H. Carlson Institutional Director of Research and Finance Testing O. B. Fanning Director of News Bureau M. E. Hackney Director of Annual Fund k F. E. Foland Director of Alumni Affairs Col. R. Hutchinson Commanding Officer of R.O.T.C. ' ' NSP rf k 4 f% f i w C. M. Esau Director of Admissions M. Gieger Assistant De an of Students •IrU J R. Levitt Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs A. W. Ream C. S. Roberts M. F. Rogers, Jr Administrative Maintenance Institutional Assistant, Supervisor Development Academic Affairs R. M. Lott Admissions Counselor J. D. Scott Administrative Assistant, Business Affairs 216 :•::::.:;::.:! F. L. Luce Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs H. M. Smeltzly Admissions Counselor - - a . ill D. C. Esau Assistant to the Dean of Women d : ' i T. H. Greene Director of Athletics I. A R. MacGowan S. K. Middleton W. B. Mundy T. J. Price, Jr Dean, Annie Assistant to the Assistant Director Chaplain Pfeiffer Chapel Dean of Women of Admissions . 0. Sumner H. Waters G. Wetherell W. P. Wille Director of Extension and College Publications Development Photographer 217 Humanities Department Heads Dr. Ernest L. Snodgrass . . . English Donna Stoddard ... Art mm Hal Waters . . . Journalism 218 ■••• ♦ % % { Dr. Charles M. Laymon . . . Religion m i Mel Wooton . . . Speech and Drama Wallace Brandon . . . Foreign Languages Robert Ma cDonald . . . Music 219 J. Bethea M.A. Music 41 J J. R. Lott Ph.D. English 4ft J. E. Robbins, Jr. M.A. Speech W. R. Slaughter M.A. English 1 fc Al ■ T. Brierley M.A. Music C. M. Calonge M.Ed. Spanish V . J. W. Cook S.T.M. Religion 9 ! ' ,i . 220 fl " fc Sir .-; ' : ' ■ ' i B. M. Ford M.A. Art I J. R. Martinez M.A. Spanish R. J. R. Rockwood M.A. English W. R. Steng, Jr. M.A. Journalism Y. Goldsborough M.A. French W. W. Mountcastle Ph.D. Philosophy i F. Ruderman M.S. Art B. L. Thurston Ed.D. Religion A. J. Houts M.M. Music I D. E. Musselman M.A. English Cry T. H. Tyler Ph.D. Director of Remedial Instruction J. Howell M.A. English rv r. km J. R. Reuter M.A. English -c-nO ill H. G. Sims L.L.B. Journalism R. L. Zimmerman Ph.D. English J. Jordan Ph.D. German 221 Social Science Department Heads Merle F. Oimbath . . . Business and Economics pSjfl W£z pM Wm Col. Robert C. Hutchinson . . . Military Science Jeff T. Kelly . . . Education Banton S. Doak . . . Industrial Arts Dr. Robert H. Akerman . . . History and Government 222 • % « Thelma Allin . . . Home Economics Dr. Richard Altland . . . Psychology Peter P. Jonitas . . . Sociology Samuel W. Luce . . . Physical Education 223 J. Aker M.B.A. Business fcifc C. C. Franklin M.B.A. Business and Economics H. E. Albert M.A. Government f X. L. Garrison Ed.D. Education 11 41 I ft 5 L. M. Bland B.S. Industrial Arts J. O. Bush M.A. Physical Education E. S. Hancock M.A. Business 111! D. L. Jacks S.T.M. Psychology M. F. Calway Ph.D. Education lift J. S. Jarrett, Jr. B.S. Physical Education 224 ::::::::::•! 1,1 E. F. Jeffries, Jr. M.S. Physical Education W. C. Daniels B.S. Physical Education qr - S a S. B. de Marcillac B.S. Home Economics mm J. D. Dutton Ph.D. History " eg4 m i w E. C. Knippers M.S. Business E. R. Lane B.S. Physical Education tik dik B. Mason C. C. Matlock T. D. Milligan J. T. Millington M.Ed. Education Ed.S. Physical Education Ph.D. Education M.A. History A. Eraly M.A. History C. E. Snellgrove, Jr. Ph.D. Psychology L. Templeton M.S. Business W. E. Williamson B.D. Sociology D. L. Zarychi M.B.A. Economics 225 Natural Science and Mathematics Department Heads Dr. Thomas M. Willard . . . Chemistry 226 %• %•♦ •■• « J. N. Baxter Ph.D. Chemistry C. F. Eickenberg M.S. Biology I J. B. Funderburg, Jr. Ph.D. Biology H. L. Dinsmore Ph.D. Chemistry M fcl H. M. Field Ph.D. Biology r iii tit L. M. Goodson M.Ed. Mathematics A. Q. Mustoe M.S. Mathematics M. H. Peaslee Ph.D. Biology s H. C. Hartje, Jr. M.A. Mathematics T. B. Mack M.Ed. Citrus 111 C. F. Masters M.S. Mathematics B. P. Reinsch Ph.D. Mathematics G. G. Robinson M.S. Physics R. A. Smith M.A. Mathematics The Board of Trustees J. F. Alexander R. L. Allen Sam A. Banks W. J. Barritt, Jr. P. M. Boyd W. S. Bozeman Farris Bryant Harold Carpenter Clare M. Cotton J. H. Daniel L. Day Edge J. R. Graves Mrs. Bruce Gray James W. Henley Spessard Holland R. C. Holmes Gaylon L. Howe Charles H. Jenkins Russell McCaughan Ernest McClurg Dwight E. McCormick Glen McCormick J. Millburn McLeod William A. Meadows, Jr. E. J. Pendergrass Cushman S. Radebaugh J. Carlisle Rogers John J. Rooks E. T. Roux Harris G. Sims Myrl Spivey Angus Sumner Campbell Thornal David R. Thurman Lanier Upshaw Mrs. Ruth S. Wedgeworth Warren W. Willis Herbert E. Wolfe G. Floyd Zimmermann Left to right: Campbell Thornal, Herbert L. Wolfe, L. Day Edge. 228 BIO-RESEARCH LAB . . . headed by Dr. Sokoloff from New York . . . sponsored by three year grants . . . eight members . . . working on ef- fects of ascorbic acid on blood fat factors . . . search for new antibodies of fungi from Ever- glades . . . cancer research . . . Japanese mem- bers are exchange students sponsored by the State Department . . . 229 Library Staff Florida Southern ' s fine library staff is scheduled to move into the new Roux Library complex this summer. The staff, under the direction of Miss Oween Sumner, will continue to come to the aid of the befuddled students on a research mission, even in these new quarters. k + V O. B. Bly A.B. Librarian M. S. Dowdy M.L.S. Librarian L. Eastwood B.S. Librarian E. M. Moore M.A. Librarian O. Sumner Library Director 230 V. » % -♦ SENIOR CLASS Kathleen J. Agnew William J. Almand, Jr. James D. Ammons Theresa A. Aniello John Antoon ft. V ' Edelweiss, Edelweiss Gary B. Baker Victoria A. Bayly f -st «?f 4» il 1 i 1 " , • ft Robert A. Bohler, Jr. Pamela J. Bost Anne Boyd James R. Boyd Barbara B. Bradley " 1 Marilynn K. Brose Lewis M. Brown Kenneth L. Bruwelheide Georgia C. Bullock Barbara A. Burke fV d t : kAH I f i s William S. Arrington, III Paula A. Atwell David M. Bailey William E. Bailey Bruce E. Bain 1 ufl ! II ii , .,1 Daniel C. Barber, III Constance J. Barone Lorraine Baxter U Hilda E. Bell 1 ft Frances A. Belle i v Anne C. Benion Anne E. Blue Thelma P. Boatenhammer Sandra L Bradshaw Eugene B. Breeding Judith L. Broome ■■■1 Peter H. Brower, III Florayne C. Brown David R. Burns (Hi yi Xi Diane L. Burton Bessie A. Bussey John E. Cain Joyce M. Cannistraci 233 Don J. Davis JlS Y - " «r A k v ! J Sandra G. Cleek Sandra K. Cline David A. Cobb Sharon Cobble Comer S. Coker Jeffrey H. Davis Joan A. Davison Gayle E. Dean Rotraut H. DeClerck TSfe Robert D. DiBicarri I rv William H. Cauthen Joanne V. Cave Allison E. Chard Emilio A. Chaviano n Gregory A. Costan Patsy L. Crone Wanda J. Crowell Joanne L. Dicks I Jane L. Dilley %•♦••■• I M VI Bess C. Clark Helen K. Cheliman I . mi Robert L. Coleman, Jr. Mv V Alan L. Curtis w ; If Maxine M. Danford David F. DelVecchio id F. DelVecc ft ▼ ' ■ J • - T ■■■IB Blair J. Clark n s Vivian L. Daniel ' 1 ' 1 Candice L. Clark o Jerald D. Collman Thomas W. Conner Kathy E. Conroy •Ml M - Ayse S. Davaz David J. Dob son Richard A. Clark Jeanne L. Coolbaugh Bernard G. Deuto ' Let ' s get busy now . 235 Danna D. Donnelly Nancy R. Dorton Allen F. Downard Martha A. Durhan Stephanie J. Durrance Phillip L. Ferguson ' No, these are the bluebirds. " Bruce W. Florin Robert Ford, III James C. France James W. Fretwell T Patricia E. Gandy Robert L. Ganus John W. Gardner Renee E. Gaskill Judith A. Fuller ft Richard S. Gensler 236 • ♦% •• Craig W. Dye Newton P. Edge Eric J. Eisnaugle Nancy S. Ek Karen S. Elliott Patricia D. Ensign Pamela A. Evans Patricia L. Evans ■I ; ■ J- A p " - xV . vmm m Mary E. Ezell Frances D. Faulkner IV ' O 1 Arthur S. Ficquette Julia A. Fisher Danny S. Fitzgerald Peggy D. Flambeau Alice Fleming ■Mil- f Dallas S. Fulmer, Jr. Darrel J. Fulton Allen M. Funk p « i i ■ v I I In Angel W. Fuster Barbara J. Gabriel K, 1 George B. Gibson Sandra G. Gibson i ki iA i Jannette Gietek Joanne Gietek Virginia D. Gilleland 237 - i % d T » w t fc£fc Christine R. Helminski Stephen E. Helsel 1 HI III Marsha J. Green James J. Gustafson Paul A. Guthrie idA ■■■■ Dennis C. Harms James R. Harris Marilyn A. Harris William H. Hemphill »uj| David L. Girardin John R. Goldston Cynthia A. Goode Madie A. Goode ' A.Y , l Mary C. Goodman f 1 mx Raymond A. Haas T ivangelos Hadjidimou 4 Patricia L. Harris lames A. Harrison, Jr. Vf ? Olen L. Hepler, Jr. Orry W. Hill ,; William M. Hoover Donald M. Hopkins, Jr. Diane H. Houser Gaylon L. Howe, Jr. 238 « ««««» f f Gloria E. Gordon i MV Deborah L. Gotwalt Vicki J. Gould Roscoe A. Hammond, Jr. Jerry L. Haralson David C. Hall Ruth A. Harvey Betty J. Hughson v. Howard L. Harvill Margaret S. Hatcherson Carol E. Green Shirley F. Hardee V Carolyn R. Hawk Gwendolyn Green rytr 1 1 i Thomas E. Hawkins 5 is E. i Gerald B. Holmes ' Now there ' s a good looking girl. 7 In Daniel D. Hunsucker Ted M. James Inez M. Johnson Jean L. Jourdan Lorraine A. Joyce " I want to be friendly. Carol L. Mayse Ann C. McAdams Lloyd C. McClelland, Sr. Cynthia L. McDonald Michael D. McFarland Susan Merritt Mary A. Metz £% rt v% H. Lynda Z. Keen Sherrill W. Kellner Barbara A. Kelsey Robert B. Kelsey Robert W. Kincheloe 1 ▼ -5 — ' i Virginia D. Lashley Thomas P. Lawrence Harley E. Layow Barry D. Lazzeroni Edwin J. League Robert B. Livesay, Jr. Marsha K. Lovelace Linda K. Lynch Richard W. Mast Fred H. Mayer, Jr. Steven L. McKee George Mecke, III Mary H. Meide Peter L. Mellon Helen K. Melton I. ! i - fc Ri v Sandra K. Miller Sheryn S. Minton Elizabeth Y. Montgomery Janice T. Moore Jane B. Morrison 241 Zebulon L. Osborne 1 ' - e» James C. Rogers, Jr. ffli Sharon A. Moyer Lana J. Murdock Philip W. Murphey ff» o JL I Judith E. Naclerio James L. Owens i Robert W. Packingham ■■fcBMMI Diane R. Paredes V James D. Pope, Jr. Jerry M. Presley Joyce P. Pressley V. ' Minnie R. Prestwood I Susan D. Rogers feJt Nikki S. Nelson Linda J. Parsons Sara E. Price HI Helen C. Romberger Paula D. Rowland Albert M. Rubio William F. Samuels Roger A. Sanderson Linda A. Sargeant 242 % ♦ % ♦ • Patricia A. Newcomer 0 - Margaret A. Partazana a Barry T. Randall 53 «? ;.t Donald Sabatini M Harold C. Schaefer Jean L. Niles Gail M. Persak C ff i John L. Nixon, Jr. (ft Carl J. Peters Robert M. Novotny . . i i i .11 William E. Phillips Paula E. Rawlins Devorah A. Reddick David L Robertson Bonnie S. Oberle Janet M. Piner f William L. Robinson Michael D. Sams " Two plus two equals 243 _ i Linda D. Schell Monica L. Scheutz John K. Schofield Sarah L. Schopf Larue G. Sellers .1 ( I ' H Beverly A. Sisk Sharon M. Smolenyak ' What do you mean those are coke bottles. " David M. Spottswood Karen L. Stanley Susan L. Stanley Ellen E. Strickland Glenn D. Swank | Sandra B. Tortorici Joyce D. Trask Carole L. Valdez I, Clifford R. Valentine Kineon G. Walker ¥ z- TT L V ■ Victoria A. Shannon Daniel H. Sherman Daniel N. Sherman Beverly L. Shultz Charles T. Simmons Robert A. Skeels, Jr. Alice L. Slayden Charles S. Small Carolyn G. Smith Kenneth W. Smith f fh f% ii US- Li Iiif L J Marilyn H. Snell Gary J. Snyder Zona K. Spencer Richard L. Spitz David Spiro I ■« Uii Mil it Jeanne F. Tatum Billie N. Taulbee Teresa L. Thomas Jennifer A. Thompson Richard B. Thornton m _J £ |V.|I Dalton R. Ward George T. Warren Betty A. Watson Sandra L. Watson Edward C. Wechsler 245 9 M — ' ■ K N - I t% David E. Whitford 1 III James Wiggins I Beryl A. Young Roger K. Wellington Wallace K. Wells Harold J. Wesley David R. West, Jr. Bruce E. White Sandra S. Wilkerson Ella N. Wilson fo T Martha L. Wilson Kay L. Woelfel Charles C. Wolfe Geraldine L. Womble Marjorie D. Wood Karen J. Woods Teddie L. Zolkos ' That ' s a funny hat she has on. " Joan Scherer Secretary-Treasurer 247 1 D. M. Adams S. E. Adamson (WvjA H. J. Albert P. E. Albert B. A. Albritton M ■ B. A. Albritton a 1 C. F. Alcock J. J. Aleffi C. A. Archer R. E. Archer TJ tfc A. D. Barley R. E. Barnes L. G. Batstone D. J. Beede M. G. Berg N. G. Berree ft fa A dfe A © lit ir fc LI lil 41 Did B. F. BroKaw, II C. C. Brown J. H. Brown F. G. Brunei D. J. Burek I. R. Cade S. M. Cammarata J. L. Coles, III G. R. Coords, Jr. T. G. Cowan T. D. Co wart T. H. Cowell A. S. Cox W. S. Crampton %»%».%. " This has got to be the worst part of the course. " lift J. L. Arnell L. O. Ascher R. L. Bailey C. P. Baker R. D. Banks P. K. Barbee « a C. H. Beverly L. W. Bilby B. J. Blanco B. A. Bloomer D. E. Bradshaw W. P. Brewer, Jr. M m i. V. P. Carter s. Caswell P. I. Clamp C. Cleaver C. A. Cleveland M. K. Cline R. G. Cody a K. R. Crandall T. C. Cronin H. W. Croysdale, II D. C. Cummings R. A. Dangio, Jr. J. Daniels G. David lift 249 m W B. S. Farmer R. J. French, Jr. J. D. Fisher J. W. Fusselle ' Mirror, Mirror, on the wall ft « m C. L. Harvester S. G. Griffin J. C. Haas D. L. Hagen H. T. Hall, III W. A. Hamilton 4 Warn -- L. K. Hayden S. K. Haynes M. A. Heathman L. T. Hedberg H. A. Heimmer R. W. Helmick, Jr. 250 1 I M. S. Davis ft T. L. Davis P. A. Dellinger 1 I In ni 1H F. L. Deloach R. A. Denis K. R. Dennison E. G. Devos S. DeWitt L. R. Dillon R. E. Draki T ram -,- life .. R. Dillon ir ' ill in C W. R. Franciscc n f| A life Lift ? life R. E. Drake L. L. Duncan M. C. Duncan, Jr. J. L. Durkin C. R. Enchelmayer s. L. Ernst D. R. Eubanks ' T5 S. Foster E. Fowler W. R. Francisco M. H. Frasier F. H. Freeman J. V. French wAta B. R. Foland mil M. D. Garrett G. D. Getman D. C. Godwin E. G. Golden K. H. Graebener F. A. Grainger W. J. Gray ' 0 we lost again. J. J. Herr A. T. Higle, Jr. 251 T. Hink C. E. Hinson m is P. A. Homans J. B. Hopkins R. D. Hopper P. A. Howison f. II 14 II L. R. Kirkwood J. L. Kleinschmidt C. A. Kreider D. M. Krepps D. C. Lamont K. F. Lavoie E. L. Ledyard W. H. Loeseke R. E. Long A. J. Lott L. H. Loveday L. D. Lovelady E. H. Luscher B. R. Lutz ■ ■•■ " A little dab will do you. " 11 life A. H. Howland M. W. Huff S. W. Hull D. T. Humphrey T. B. Jahn, II M. A. Johannes i k ffeu life J ' ' D. C. Keene E. H. Keiser, Jr. T. F. Kennedy T. F. Kiesel C. J. King E. R. Kingsbury, II J. S. Macchi J. A. Margolis D. A. Markert S. J. Marsh E. N. Martel K. L. McBride M. M. McConaghy 253 M. L. Meng lit B. J. Morreale ( I i J. Palmer i C. S. Plowman J. R. Reid ' Follow the leader is fun to play. 1 kk i. r i I i a i - — P. B. Porter F. F. Preuss M. E. Preuss B. R. Price L. R. Proctor G. S. Meredith I i F. A. Morrison D. Pappas All J. B. Race S. M. Robinson L. L. Reid J- D. Rhodes R. B. Roberts W. A. Rofenburgh C. Robbins 254 ill A. ? M. A. McCowen P. R. McCown, Jr. D. K. McCullough n q o ff ill 111 E. H. McFarland D. R. McGill d. C. McGinnes B. N. McManeus L. A. McMullen S. L. McNamee ;f- " rrv ill n s life P. J. Millet E. M. Mitchell R. Moerck J. E. Moore L. L. Moore L. J. Morford G. W. Morgan IliSsVaf Uk t L N. L. Morton J. M. Munc r. M. Newsome G. E. Nicholson S. M. Ohnmacht C. A. Orth C. A. Osterholm 111 1 i ill L. M. Parsons D. L. Paugh T. A. Pearson S. L. Peers M. D. Pfister D. L. Phillips J. A. Plotkin -■- ' ■ promenade your darling F. L. Rohrer L. G. Rooks 255 fto$ I J. Rau D. R. Rousset J L. Rucks J. A. Rushing C. E. Russell, Jr. R. I. Ruthel S. K. Sanders R. A. Santiago R- J- Santiago N. L. Scheffield, Jr. R. S. Sharp C. Shuler J. G. Shy R. L. Simonson J. Skelton A. J. Stout F. D. Streep, II M. R. Sumner S. L. Swanson E. D. Sweeney J- C. Swindell D. C. Swoyer -TO J. M. Townsend P. E. Triebels R. S. Trost K. C. Tucker, Jr. L. F. Underhill M. H. Vernon J. E. Wallace, Jr. 256 floating down the river on a peaceful afternoon . . . ' ft 1 G. J. Scanio A. D. Scharfenberg D. F. Schauer J. M. Scherer C. S. Scott T. W. Sefton O v CX7 1.1 " " III kit K. J. Smith S. J. Stahlin P. L. Stanfield J. P. Stauffer G. J. Steele €% PI A 7 4m imm E. E. Talbott A. L. Terry P. J. Thomas D. M. Thompson W. E. Thompson, III L. L. Thomson C. L. Toler I i h til B. L. Warner T. D. Wasser E. E. Waters J. R. Weaver S. L. Weaver P. H. Wells C. S. Wetherington 257 B. C. Wheeler N. A. Whipple 11 P. C. Wilhelmsen S. L. Williams D. L. Wilson J- F. Windham D. B. Winkler C. I. Wray, Jr. E. F. Young D. A. Zamzow 258 SOPHOMORE CLASS Paquita Martinez Vice-President 259 pi K A P. N. Addis D. L. Aldridge M. L. Allen K. A. Ames 1 ' A i ft 111 III R. S. Bailc a R. W. Atchley A. D. Atkinson R. S. Bailey B. J. Bain C. A. Ballon J. F. Benz S. R. Berg S. A. Berglund T. N. Bergum Z. W. Bettsii J. K. Bichy A. P. Bowen V M. L. Boyles ■RphJ Ml J. T. Cafarelli T. S. Callari mim G. H. Clarke Q D. L. Clyde ' It ' s been a long hard year for Henry and Me. 260 % % idrea J. C. Anderson P. S. Andrea T. A. Ashton I J. P. Baughman C. A. Beemer E. L. Behm R. D. Bell c A AM t J. G. Blaine I. L. Blake J. D. Blount B. I. Bohuny M. R. Booker a o o A 111 lti IA W. P. Bradley R. A. Brammer H. C. Brenner K. G. Bridges W. R. Brown D. R. Burke L w C. E. Carle P. C. Carruthers J. D. Cave J. H. Center R. Y. Chancey M. Channel J. P. Chatlos ft A R—...n,„.nnmua,J (I H J .. ' « . , ■ ' -i I J. V. Clarke L. L. Clarke W. R. Cloer B. M. Clutterha C. R. Coe H. P. Colbert T. M. Collins 261 I %-♦•%■♦■••• a 1 1 ; ' ■ i mm W. M. Conner G. W. Cooper L. G. Cooper ft $! A. E. Coords R. L. Corcoran J- G. Corley, Jr. . » (S tfl 1 S. E. Daniel, III O. J. Davis R. B. Davis J. M. Dawsey S. D. DeCubellis P. A. Derryberry M. C. Dessalet SM r E. C. DeVilliers K. N. Diamond V. D. Dillport ■ " ' S. W. Crain C. H. Cronin P. A. Crowell 111 A I 5. D. DeCubellis P. ' . B. Draper D. R. Dumont U I tl 1,1 ,11 R. L. Feola S. A. Drake W. B. Draper D. R. Dumont D. Durkin A. F. Emmons D. L. Evans J. M. Ewing R. J. Fauls W. H. Feaster, II R. L. Feola W. F. Fifner N. S. Frassica R. L. Fryer, Jr. ill " Aw, love potient 9 . . R. J. Gielow D. E. Glass 263 C. W. Goff, Jr. J. D. Goforth M. B. R. J. Goding C. W. Goff, Jr. J. D. Goforth M. B. Gordy .» Al G. A. Guess D. G. Hall, Jr. K. H. Hall L. F. Hall L. A. Hammond ill 4 11 R. A. Harman, Jr. R. A. Harms N. J. Harris R. H. Harris R. M. Harris R. K. Haselier S. L. Hibbard G. J. Higby I M. E. Hutson B. M. Isaacs K. R. Jones J. R. Jordan S. E. Kasper " Yes mother, I brush my teeth every mornin 264 %«%«» !?!► - f - f« ' i T. A. Grange R. O. Green S. W. Gregory r a «■ K. T. Hanes i . Ha M. A. Hanley A. D. Hanna G. C. Hansen D. C. Hawkins R. T. Hay P. R. Helseth, Jr. S. R. Hemman J. A. Hendry M. E. Hilts D. R. Jackson tf;J , . II P. J. Hinman S. G. Hoffman E. E. Hoizschuh D. G. Houts C. G. Hughes - r? .? 1 1 9 S. P. James, II T. L. Jenkins M. D. Johnson M. D. Johnson F. W. Joiner J. E. Jones kH J A. C. Jorgensen W. L. Joyner v. P. Judy J. Jurecko fell A Joyner v. P. Judy ft % J. J. Kelly G. E. Kesling J. L. Keyser 265 " I don ' t believe you actually made it. " J. G. McBain « K. L. Lawrence 1 J. Litt I J R. C. Marriot M. McElroy I T. A. McGriff A ) © O R. R. McBride A. J. McCay H. C. McCollum M. E. McCoy C. S. McCullough III f A. X. Miles K. L. McPeek J. J. Mercurio P. E. Meriwether A. E. Merseles F. A. Michel 266 A. J i n H. H. Kiel W. P. Kimbrell H. G. Kinsey •7? -7? ill , L. R. Kintner R. E. Kjellstrom G. M. Kraczkowsky B. K. Krumeich L. S. Kuitert J. K. Laher, Jr. « ihi L. J. Lawrence C. A. Lawson H. T. Lawton T. T. Leahy K. L. Ledwith C. A. Lee J. W. Lehman I al I N N. I. Loeper F. M. Long P. S. Longendyke P. S. Lowe J. P. Luce N. E. Luce D. L. Lueders til fA Kl ki ' Over here, here we are! ' L. A. Milliken F. M. Mills, Jr. 267 ft _ v ' F. P. Mitchell M. L. Mitchell M. L. Mittan K. A. Montgomery £5 •» lit ML Ilk S. M. Morris J. A. Moyer C. R. Muir R. T. Murphy N. J. Neal Ail life ' • M. P. Opalinski J. B. Page L L. Parks E. M. Parsons K. L. Patrick V. Paulk fP?t " h Ail A G. W. Phipps, Jr. A. S. Prevatt S. L. Scaramucci " I wish I could see him just once more. 268 « % • ♦ • • R. E. Mook P. K. Moore C. S. Morris 4 h K. Moore C. S. Morri . Northack L. O. Nelms D. H. Newman W. H. Northacker W. G. Odum Pi AA J. Pearsall B. J. Peek T. S. Petcoff J- L. Pheibel V. A. Phillips I. Peek Pryor R. P. Putnam p. M. Reed ft ( j © Ail ill . ill ii K. L. Roberts F. P. Robins P. J. Pryor R. P. Putnam p. M. Reed K. B. Repass T. E. Rhamstine J. A. Richards ■I Atk All F. H. Rion F. B. Rippon K. L. Roberts F. P. Robinson R. C. Rose G. F. Rowan B. Rucks A Ear km iii 1 H. C. Sandkuhl L. C. Sandusky C. C. Sanford R. G. Sargeant, Jr. -V W. E. Schroeder J. H. Schron, Jr. J. A. Schueszler 269 D. E. Smith L. E. Stahl C. A. Strickland V. L. Thornber M. V. Walters R. A. Ulm J. S. Vodvarka R. T. Wagner E. P. Wagoner S. E. Walker 270 fft. " ft Ml Ifl i : P. A. Schmidt J. M. Schweisthal W. C. Scott Jr. ft A Ift ! ilk 11 i Ail D. A. Setzer B. L. Shatter J. T. Shewmaker D. A. Shimer B. A. Shipp G. L. Sinclair f J. L. Smith L. K. Smith P. Smith S. H. Smith J. H. Smoak E. R. Smyth J. Snyder i life J. D. Starkey P. M. Stauffer D. K. Steinkamp D. K. Stephens ■v - - i D. L. Steward A. W. Stites. Jr. S. M. Stormont r b M. F. Strickland M. J. Sullivan S. Sumner P. L. Sweeting ' Here ' s pie in your eye. A 1 gJl 111 F. E. Talhntt V C. Tavlnr 1 R Te=tnn f r? ' 1 , ,|JI Mi K. E. Warner life B. C. Warren S. F. Watkins g. F. Watson Y. F. Wedig W. S. Werner -w Sl i 4 1 mh W. C. West D. C. Whitford D. H. Wiant E. F. Wicker P. H. Wike a € a 1% « bi A J i I . in C. S. Wilbur P. C. Wilbur P. C. Wiley L. J. Williams L. I. Willis W. W. Willis, Jr. K. D. Wilson R. J. Winsett S. J. Workinger i life V. Wright S. E. Yandre - -%. 1.1 S. P. Zanathy ' This will come out right if x equals y, y is greater than zero and x is less than zero 272 •♦ %«»• FRESHMAN CLASS Doug Bowne Vice-President •■wr jron Cindy Trefry Secretary-Treasurer A » tl t s K. G. Abell M. L. Adams E. W. Ade M. V. Akerman J. D. Albritton M. N. Alderman M. D. Allen A i P. B. Atohi D. D. Atwater K. B. Baker D. V. Baldwin D. M. Ball J. R. Ballenger (O W. M. Beach D. H. Beard it J. E. Bedenbaugh J. A. Belalr L. R. Berree P. B. Berry f C. S. Boggs B. M. Bolander - R. S. Bootay W. R. Booty P. S. Bostwick D. E. Botner D. N. Bowne D. W. Boyd I fe i Aife iii P. S. Bostwick D. E. Botner D. N. Bowne a o « o jl iii life til C. M. Broome B. A. Brown D. A. Brown D. J. Brown E. J. Brown R. A. Brown L. L. Browning J. D. Allison J. Allison R. L. Allyn N. S. Applegate J. D. Arnold D. W. Artz K. C. Asher A MIL S3 KM D. H. Barclay L. M. Barnes J. I. Barr D. R. Bartoe L. C. Bauer D. J. Beach Alt R. D. Beard ijt R. T. Bertrand J- L. Blaisdell " They ' re so pretty. I wish they ' d give me mine first. " E. Bolton ft ' X F. I. Bryant J. F. Bryce M. C. Bryson G. J. Buck H. D. Bull P. L Burhyte J. E. Burt 275 The HA-HA Twins fit C) ' lit S. E. ClarK R. G. Clarke S. S. Cleaver B. J. Clement W. R. Clementz M. R. Clymer ft d fi I J K. C. Combee M. A. Coon L. T. Corey H. Corrigan L. E. Cotney A. E. Cox o r E. Cotne — AY C. R. D ' Agostino M. C. Dale K. L. Davis J. S. Day G, A. Debell Hi R. D. Dort til Mi T. M. Doran R. D. Dort S. W. Dow S. L. Dromey J. M. Dyson G. E. Ebanks ■7- -r B. J. Eddy R. E. Egger L F. Ehasz M. O. Ellis R. E. Farabee V. A. Fendler P. S. Fernandez 2 III Aife . D. B. Burton M. F. Bushnell B. L. Campbell M. M. Campbell J. C. Carter T. A. Carveth J. A. Catoe im ' «i ft | L. C. Chapman R. W. Chapman D. L. Cheeseman w. A. Chope L. M. Church D. G. Clapp ffl J 2 C. C. Coble D. A. Coe J. E. Cofer A. L. Cole D. L. Colvin A lift ill I. Cumming S. W. Cummings T. A. Cummin; $S |J% -t J - • — C. J. Creeger S. R. Culbreth B. J. Cumming S. W. Cummings T. A. Cummings R. W. Cupick i (£BPI0 QUB liiJbJH J$Sf 1 M 9[ mi ' - " M IP™ vj J. E. Denmark M. E. DeSear K. L. Deutsch P. F. Dismukes J. L. Ditchfield L. L. Dixon S. J. Dodd " Allah will give us goodness and strength. CI i B. J. Franklin 4fc R. M. Gibbs l S. A. Grant " I ' m going to go far away ▲ E. J. Hallfors life I fc 1 -r ft S. L. Fricks Ml M. V. Gibson S. J. Gray D. F. Hallman V. J. Hamilton W. C. Hanly A. K. Harding T. D. Hardy M. L. Heald " l ' k G. D. Harmon , „ , T. D. Hardy 1?3 fcft Am L. R. Hepler R. A. Heaston K. E. Hedrick S. K. Hedrick M. J. Held W. I. Henry 278 %••■%■♦■••• Ct »t a A B til fei ' 4 ; J. A. Fields A. C. Fisk G. H. Fletcher M. L. Flierl P. A. Folio iik ' W. C. Folsom, III M. J. Fondren F. W. Ford L. K. Fowler P. L. France L. C. Frank 111 W. J. Glover } ill G. E. Frye J . i la life S. B. Frier H. A. Froehlig G. E. Frye H. S. Fulford F. A. Fyffe J. H. Gade ft ' ' } ' ' ' ' ' A. E. Godsall L. M. Godsall J. H. Gogan s fell 111 life M. K. Graeler fel L. C. Gardner ;:7 I A. R. Gonzalez M. K. Graeler C. H. Grant B. L. Green C. R. Greene E. J. Greiser J. K. Grier C. K. Griggs G. R. Guenther M. A. Hall t T4i D. B. Harris r.- R. M. Harsh G. B. Hartzog, III V. M. Haun f fT P M. A. Hausman W. J. Hawkins ,a v w V M. C. Herbst S. A. Hering M. E. Herndon J. K. Herring 279 a f- " -. $ G) D. E. Hess J. S. Hoagland J. M. Hobbs G. C. Hoch R. L. Hockin rf ill l ' D. F. Hogg D. A. Hogshed • CI M. F. Howell, Jr. K. K. Hoyt R. P. Hrabko H. P. Hudgins H. G. Huff H. C. Huguenin r5 to ■ P. A. Jarrell C. A. Jelonek (Hi th 9jk d Ail 4il i M. G. Jenkins T. S. Jenkins J. L. Johnson L. G. Johnson ill S. A. Johnson D. C. Jones, III life F. H. Jones R. O. Jones S. A. Jones P. Jongewaard R. W. Kahn J. A. Keenan ffi ft o life « J 1 life D. L. Kerrick C. C. King C. W. King J. S. King R. E. Kiser K. B. Kline T. E. Kohl «• ««% .- » I « £y l M. Horton B. M. Howard L. M. Howell B. E. Holdridge J. F. Hollingsworth N. C. Hollis C. M. Hood, II ft ( M H J. L. Hunt N. B. Hunt j. l. Hutchens N. J. Huyett E. E. Hyde C. B. James C3 A. C. Jenkins rfH L. C. Johnson M. A. Johnson it ! C iAk ti D. J. Jones Luncheon on the grass. £1 ft 4H J. R. Keeler P. A. Keene D. P. Kelley, II L. M. Kelly S. E. Kelly P. A. Kennedy I ft. M. J. Kramer L. L. Kreidler O. K. Kromp R. A. Kuder N. Kuiken G. S. Kyler C. L. Lady 281 ' Brotherhood, ain ' t it wonderful. ' ft ft $ J? ill J. I. Lusby M. C. Macbroom K. L. Mack J. A. Mackiernan M. A. Mackiernan C. E. Madden E. B. Magill t J. L. Mosley S. E. Muller S. W. Munnell M. T. Myers P. D. Napier J. I. Neese A. Nesta ft ft ft ft " • ' - M. S. Lewis D. S. Moody ' You guys, just leave me alone. " 3 P. K. Parsche 111 W. S. Peters i L. R. Powell ' R. A. Patrick S. C. Peterson " East is . . . West is D. L. Richardson (tl f |j A. M. Reynolds R. M. Reynolds M. C. Rich L. D. Richards, Jr. I p q % iib A. J. Rondella ' ' J. R. Runner, II J. L. Rooney N. L. Ross, Jr. S. Rothberg D. E. Ruch J. M. Rucks 284 . ! •%■%•♦•• C. A. Nevin J. T. Newsom N. Nicholson I J. E. Norton W. S. Norton, III ■ » v F. R. Nusbicke 1.1 1 B. L. Ogden L. J. Orr H ■ . ' ; ' .•:-■■ - • ' .•■-.•••i r S. H. Pauley M. J. Paup K. 1. Pearson § i A • If , fcfc G. N. Pierson J. F. Pino S. L Pirtle a K. P. O ' Toole G. A. Paeth A. J. Palumbo Q m i - V ■ IN • ' G. R. Pryor R. W. Przychodniecz L. G. Pullur til Y .lift C. L. Peck L. D. Pelland D. M. Peters Pi i - © 41 ill id S. D. Polk D. Pollock G. A. Ponsler J. R. Posev A f% I ill C. J. Raimondi L. L. Randall T. E. Randle C. A. Ransom i 9 L. M. Richardson T. M. Robarts J. A. Roberts R. A. Russell P. D. Sacco R. L. Sandhagen A. A. Sargeant S. R. Robinson S. E. Rodenbaugh M. L. Rogers 285 tS life life J. H. Sauls N. H. Sawyer B. A. Sayre K. I. Scalabrin R. W. Scearce C. L. Schutt E. P. Sears ) M dt ▼ ? |fc!5 life » i L. C. Shafer R. D. Sharpe S. H. Shatz C. L. Shaw G. A. Shaw D. J. Shelley , feifefetfe K. L. Shortridge S. M. Skiles J. E. Smith J. K. Smither P. L. Snaman J. P. Snapp life life W. L. Staerker H. P. Stafford @ £ !f i - R. M. Stamatis L. K. Stanley B. B. Steel E. M. Stevens D. L. Steward B. J. Stewart S ,v J. C. Thomas C. B. Thompson G. C. Thompson P. S. Todd 286 M. P. Tolley N. H. Touchet P. J. Townley • % •♦■ PL D. L. Seegmiller R. I. Seltenright N. P. Sewell L. A. Siebert P. N. Simmons, Jr. E. D. Singleton T. L Sisk lkLk F. S. Sherrill S. M. Shewmaker M. V. Shields W. E. Shipp M. C. Shirey G. M. Shofner " She ' s out again. ' ' - J J. R. Steward S. L. Strickland D. R. Strohaker R. H. Sutton C. S. Sweeney S. L. Teale l ' ilk J. R. Steward S. L. Strickland D. R. Strohaker R. H. Sutton G. W. Sneden N. L. Spangler D. L. Trapani C. S. Trefry M. S. Troese S. A. Troiano B. J. Walker L. C. Walker R. K. Walker I always bring my magic markers to have my picture taken. " i I 1 B. J. Williams J. K. Williams S. I. Williams L M. Wilson ii K. K. Worrill D. A. Wright S. S. Wylie J. B. Vason J. A. Vaughn n W IK C. F. Voelcker B. J. Vogler A. L. Yocca J. L. Zajicek S. M. Ziehler 288 %• ■•■• fS @ A 5 mm III VMBfeft N. A. Waller S. L. Walsh D. T. Ward J. L. Ward W. F. Webster, III G. I. Weech U Aifc J. B. Werner G. M. Weston J. M. Whitley R. G. Wicker y it M. S. Wier L. D. Wightman C. D. Wilkinson, Jr. All S. P. Wilson J. E. Woods D. P. Vickers ' I really wish you hadn ' t said that about John. ' 289 Searching through the texts that authors have filled with knowing draining out, reinterpretations of disecting frogs and novels, personalities and equations to fill in the wholes of what is sometimes memory hoping to put a cap on knowledge and keep it fresh . . . 290 292 %• -♦■♦ ... for reference V extending beyond final tests to awareness - and understanding daBb - ■ ■ «w of an unknown yet prepared - existence. 293 Senior Directory Agnew, Kathleen J., Reek Island, Illinois; B.S. Business Administration; Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Chi Theta, Intra- mural Board. Almand, William J. Jr., Ft. Walton Beach, Florida; A.B. Psychology; Baptist Student Union. Ammons, James D., Falls Church, Virginia; A.B. Sociol- ogy; Pi Kappa Alpha, Student Government Association, Advanced R.O.T.C, Distinguished Military Student. Anielle, Theresa A., Mims, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Phi Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, Student Education As- sociation, Hall Council, Intramurals. Antoon, John; Satellite Beach, Florida; A.B. History; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Gamma Mu, Omicron Delta Kappa, Supreme Court. Arrington, William S., Oakland, Florida; B.S. Citrus; Phi Kappa Tau, Citrus Club. Atwell, Paula A., Laurel, Maryland; A.B. English. Bailey, David M., Plant City, Florida; B.A., English. Bailey, William E., St. Cloud, Florida; A.B. Government; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Bain, Bruce E., Union, New Jersey; B.S. Journalism; Tau Epsilon Phi, SOUTHERN, INTERLACHEN, Track, Soccer, Men ' s Intramural Board. Baker, Gary B., Norwich, Ohio; B.S. Business Education; Pi Kappa Phi, Intrafraternity Council. Baldwin, John W. Jr., Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. Psychol- ogy; Pi Kappa Alpha, Men ' s Student Government Associ- ation, Psi Chi, Political Union, Philosophy Club, R.O.T.C. Ball, Virginia A., Miami Shores, Florida; B.S. Government; Alpha Omicron Pi, Political Union, Spanish Club. Barber, Daniel C, Hendersonville, North Carolina; B.S Business Administration; Student Government Associa tion, Men ' s Student Government Association, Vice-Pres ident of Sophomore Class, President of Junior Class Greek Hall of Fame, Interfraternity Council, Circle K Track. Barone, Constance J., Nokomis, Florida; B.S. Psychology Psi Chi. Baxter, Lorraine, Riviera Beach, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education, Alpha Omicron Pi, Psi Chi, Student Educa- tion Association, Sigma Chi Sweetheart. Bayly, Victoria A., Elberon, New Jersey; B.S. Accounting; Delta Zeta, Women ' s Student Government Association, Hall Council, Social Standards. Bell, Hilda E., South Miami, Florida; B.S. Home Econom- ics; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Freshman Hall Council, Politi- cal Club, Home Economics Club. Belle, Frances A., Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania; B.S. Ele- mentary Education; Phi Mu, Student Education Associ- ation, INTERLACHEN. Benion, Anne C, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; A.B. Sociology. Blue, Anne E., Cape Guardeau, Missouri; B.S. Elementary Education, Alpha Omicron Pi, Student Education Associ- ation, INTERLACHEN, Pi Delta Epsilon. Boatenhammer, Thelma P., Wauchula, Florida; B.S. Home Economic Education. Bohler, Robert A. Jr., San Diego, California, B.S. Eco- nomics, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Junior Class Senator, Homecoming Committee, Greek Week Committee. Bost, Pamela J., Arlington Heights, Illinois; A.B. History; Alpha Chi Omega, Student Education Association, Florida Education Association, Miss INTERLACHEN finalist, Best Dressed Coed 1964. Boyd, Anne, Greensboro, North Carolin a; B.S. Mathemat- ics; Phi Mu, Student Government Association, Pi Delta Epsilon, Psi Chi, Cap and Gown, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Borden Freshman Scholarship, Co-Editor 1967 INTERLACHEN, Women ' s Intramural Board. Boyd, James R., Miami Springs, Florida; B.S. Business Administration; Kappa Sigma, Student Government As- sociation, Senator, Interfraternity Council, Circle K, In- tramural Representative, Alpha Chi Guy, Pi Mu Pledge Class Sweetheart. Bradley, Barbara B., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Ele- mentary Education, Student Education association, INTERLACHEN. Bradshaw, Sandra L., Hyattsville, Maryland; B.S. Psychol- ogy; Alpha Omicron Pi, Psi Chi, Student Education Asso- ciation, Vagabonds, Theta Chi Sweetheart. Breeding, Eugent B., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Mathematics. Broome, Judith L., Indianlantic, Florida; A.B. Art; Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Mu Sigma, INTERLACHEN, SOUTHERN. Brose, Marilynn K., Amherst, New York; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Women ' s Student Govern- ment Association, Beta Beta Beta, National Education Association, Panhellenic Council, INTERLACHEN, J. V. Cheerleader. Brower, Peter H., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Industrial Arts; Kappa Pi, Epsilon Pi Tau. Brown, Florayne C, Tampa, Florida; B.S. Sociology. Brown, Lewis M., Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. Business Management; Kappa Sigma, Circle K, Golf. Bruwelheide, Kenneth L., Lake Park, Florida; B.S. Indus- trial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau. Bryant, Sally J., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Bullock, Georgia C, Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Element- ary Education; Student Education Association, Canter- bury Club, Coed ' s Compass Committee, Intramurals. Burke, Barbara A., Fort Wayne, Indiana; A.B. Journalism; Alpha Chi Omega, Supreme Court, Pi Delta Epsilon, Vaga- bonds, SOUTHERN, Kappa Sigma Sweetheart, Varsity Cheerleader, Intramurals. Burns, David R., Lakeland, Florida; B.A., Social Studies. Burton, Diane L., Ft., Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Vice-President Senior Class, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Greek Goddess, Miss Southern. Bussey, Bessie A., Fort White, Florida; A.B. Sociology, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Methodist Student Movement. Cain, John E,. Tavernier, Florida; B.S., Business Manage- ment; Kappa Sigma, Circle K, All Star Softball Team. Cannistraci, Joyce M., Huntington Station, New York; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Women ' s Stu- dent Government Association, Pi Gamma Mu, Junior Ad- visor, Miss Molly, Student Education Association, Polit- ical Union, Social Standards. Caracuzzo, John T., Cranston, Rhode Island; A.B. History; Sigma Chi. Cauthen, William H., Leesburg, Florida; B.S. Business Ad- ministration; Pi Kappa Alpha, Student Government Asso- ciation, Senator, Resident Hall Advisor, Delta Sigma Pi, Advanced R.O.T.C. Cave, Joanne V., Havertown, Pennsylvania; A.B. Psychol- ogy; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Student Government Associa- tion, Psi Chi, Pi Gamma Mu, Cap and Gown, Political Union, Panhellenic Council, Junior Advisor, Greek Hal! of Fame, Sigma Chi Derby Chairman, Who ' s Who in American College and Universities. Chard, Allison E., Nokomis, Florida; A.B. History; Finalist Best Dressed Coed, Christmas Queen Candidate. Chaviano, Emilio A., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Psychology. Chellman, Helen K., Indiana, Pennsylvania; A.B. Art; Women ' s Student Government Association, Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Pi, Vagabonds, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Best Dressed Coed 1967, Little Sister of Minerva. Clark, Bess C, Miami Beach, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Student Education As- sociation, Canterbury Club, Spirit Inc. 294 r ®HV@li DIVISION OF e. ELANESE COATINGS COMPANY LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY 3102 WEST KENNEDY BLVD., TAMPA, FLA. 877-5841 Clark, Blair J., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Adminis- tration; Citrus Club. Clark, Candice L, Garden City, New York; B.S. Elementary Education; Kappa Delta, Student Education Association, INTERLACHEN. Clark, Richard A., Hollywood, Florida; B.S. Business Ad- ministration; Theta Chi, Advanced R.O.T.C. Cleek, Sandra G., Lake Placid, Florida; B.S. Business Ed- ucation; Zeta Tau Alpha, Hall Council, Phi Chi Theta, Miss Molly, Greek Hall of Fame, Panhellenic Council, Student Education Association, Baptist Student Union, Intramurals Cline, Sandra K., K. I. Sawyer A.F.B., Michigan; B.S. Ele mentary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, National Education Association, Student Education Association, Spanish Club Cobb, David A., Deland, Florida; B.S. Business Manage ment; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Cobble, Sharon, Pompano Beach, Florida; A.B. Psychol ogy; Alpha Omicron Pi, Student Board, Concert Choir, Sex tet, Greek Week Committee. Coker, Comer S., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Admin- istration; Kappa Alpha. Coleman, Robert L. Jr., Daytona Beach, Florida; B.S. Busi- ness Administration. Collman, Jerald D., Clearwater, Florida; B.S. Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Conner, Thomas W., St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Biology, Theta Chi, Varsity Basketball, J. V. Coach, Advanced R.O.T.C. Conroy, Kathy E., Miami, Florida; B.S. Physical Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Ep- silon Mu, Junior Advisor, Miss Molly, Student Education Association, Women ' s Intramural Association. Coolbaugh, Jeanne L., Sarasota, Florida; B.S. Home Ec- onomics; Miss Molly, Home Economics Club. Coons, Susan A., Deland, Florida; A.B. Sociology; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu, Girls Concert Choir, Hall Council, Greek Week Committee. Cooper, Bess A., Orlando, Florida; A.B. Government; Women ' s Student Government Association, Pi Gamma Mu, Political Union, Methodist Student Movement, Student Education Association. Costan, Gregory A., Charlottesville, Virginia; B.S. Account- ing; Sigma Chi, Circle K. Advance R.O.T.C. Crone, Patsy L, Trenton, New Jersey; A.B. History; Wom- en ' s Student Government Association, Hall Council, SOUTHERN, INTERLACHEN, German Club. Crowell, Wanda J., Hendersonville, North Carolina; A.B. Art; Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Pi, Concert Choir, Miss INTER- LACHEN 1966, Little Sisters of Minerva, Sigma Chi Derby Queen, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart, R.O.T.C. Sponsor. Curtis, Alan L, Tampa, Florida; A.B. Psychology; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Greek Week Committee. Danford, Maxine M., Leesburg, Florida; A.B. Art; Zeta Tau Alpha, Women ' s Student Government Association, Kappa Pi, Social Standards Committee, Home Economics Club, Methodist Student Movement, Student Education Asso- ciation, Intramurals. Daniel, Vivian L., Miami, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Phi Mu, Junior Advisor Committee. Davaz, Ayse S., New York, New York; A.B. Spanish and Art; Vagabonds, INTERLACHEN, International Club, In- tramurals. Davis, Carolyn, Orlando, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Alpha Delta Pi, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Intramurals. Davis, Don J., Clearwater, Florida; B.S. Business Man- agement; Kappa Sigma, Student Union Board, Greek Hall of Fame, Interfraternity Council, Greek God, Circle K, Alpha Chi Guy, J. V. and Varsity Basketball, Most Valuable Senior Athlete, Intramurals. Davis, Jeffrey H., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Business Education; Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Circle K, Stu- dent Education Association. Davison, Joan A., Princeton, New Jersey; A.B. Social Sciences. Dean, Gayle E., Marietta, Georgia; B.S. Business Admin- istration; Phi Chi Theta; Hall Council. DeClerck, Rotraut H., Amselwegg, Germany. DelVecchio, David F., Collingswood, New Jersey; B.S. Bus- iness Administration;Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi. Deuto, Bernard G., Miami, Florida; B.S. Physics; Pi Kappa Alpha, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Physics. Di Biccari, Robert D., Larchmont, New York; B.S. Psychol- ogy; Kappa Sigma, Circle K, Psychology Club, SOUTH- ERN, J. V. Basketball, Intramural Board. Dickerson, Charles W., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Accounting; Pi Kappa Alpha, Men ' s Student Government Association, Advanced R.O.T.C. Dicks, Joanne L, Macon, Georgia; B.S. Business Admin- istration; Alpha Delta Pi, Student Government Association, Phi Chi Theta, Group Leader, Greek Week Committee, Crossed Keys. Dilley, Jane L, Moore Haven, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Student Education Association, Women ' s In- tramural Association, Intramurals. Dobson, David J., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Citrus; Citrus Club. Donnelly, Danna D., Toms River, New Jersey; B.S. Ele- mentary Education; Delta Zeta, Alpha Mu Sigma, Concert Choir, Music Educators Conference, Student Education Association. Dorton, Nancy R., Dade City, Florida; B.S. Biology; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Beta Beta Beta, Baptist Student Union. Downard, Allen F., Jacksonville, Florida; B.A. Journalism; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Advanced R.O.T.C. Durham, Martha A., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Ad- ministration; Zeta Tau Alpha, Women ' s Student Govern- ment Association, Judicial Board, Beta Beta Beta, Cap and Gown, Citrus Club. Durrance, Stephanie J., Fort Meade, Florida; B.S. Elemen- tary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Hall Council, Miss Molly, Student Education Association, Methodist Student Move- ment, INTERLACHEN, Greek Week Committee, Intramurals. Dye, Craig W., Alexandria, Virginia; B.S. Biology. Edge, Newton P., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Humanities Di- vision; Men ' s Student Government Association, Pi Delta Epsilon, Psi Chi, SOUTHERN, R.O.T.C. Eisnaugle, Eric J., Sarasota, Florida; A.B. Music; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Ek, Nancy S., Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Kappa Delta, Student Education Association. Elliott, Karen S., Sarasota, Florida; A.B. English; Zeta Tau Alpha, Student Education Association, Methodist Stu- dent Movement, Sisters of the Crossed Swords, Home Ec- onomics Club. Emmons, Richard C, Brielle, New Jersey; B.S. Journal- ism; Tau Epsilon Phi, SOUTHERN, INTERLACHEN, Ad- vanced R.O.T.C. Ensign, Patricia D., Ridgefield, New Jersey; B.S. Elemen- tary Education; Concert Choir. Evans, Pamela A., Apopka, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Student Education Association. Evans, Patricia L., Apopka, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Zeta Tau Alpha, Women ' s Student Government As- sociation, Junior Advisor, Miss Molly, Student Education Association. Ezell, Mary E., Atlanta, Georgia; A.B. Sociology; Zeta Tau Alpha, Women ' s Student Government Association, Junior Advisor, Psi Chi, Methodist Student Movement. Faulkner, Frances D., Naples, Florida; A.B. Spanish; Alpha Delta Pi, Social Standards Committee, Psi Chi. Ferguson, Phillip L, Winter Park, Florida; B.A., Govern- ment; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Student Union Board, Group Leader, Interfraternity Council, Greek Week Committee, Intramurals. 296 TILL OFFICE EQUIPMENT For the Artist ' s Touch rnjpltUL, DOWNTOWN LAKELAND and SEARSTOWN - Office Supplies - - Machines - - Furniture - For Gifts That Are Different 615 N. Broadway Bartow, Florida DOWNTOWh ORANGE AND TENN POST OFFICE Finv .«., fey ' Q MQA SAV A GS A VD LOAJV ASSOC AT ON LARGEST ASSOCIATION IN POLK COUNTY LAKELAND, FLORIDA Ficquette, Arthur S., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Sociology. Fisher, Julia A., Lexington, Kentucky; A.B. Psychology; Alpha Chi Omega, Social Standards Board, Student Edu- cation Association, Psychology Club. Fitzgerald, Danny S. Columbus, Ohio; B.S. Business Ad- ministration; Kappa Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Circle K, Varsity Basketball. Flambeau, Peggy D., Winter Park, Florida; B.S. Spanish; Alpha Chi Omega. Fleming, Alice, Homestead, Florida; AB History; Kappa Delta. Florin, Bruce W., Palm Bay, Florida; B.S. Business Accounting. Ford, Robert III, Highland Park, New Jersey; B.S. Busi- ness Administration; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Varsity Soccer. France, James C, Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Ad- ministration; Kappa Alpha. Fretwell, James W., Coral Gables, Florida; B.S. Business Administration. Fuller, Judith A., Rosemont, Pennsylvania; B.S. Elemen- tary Education; Phi Mu, Women ' s Student Government As- sociation, Projects Committee, Coed ' s Compass Commit- tee, Hall Council, Group Leader, Kappa Pi, INTERLACHEN, Student Education Association, Methodist Student Movement. Fulmer, Dallas S. Jr., Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. Religion; Resident Hall Advisor. Fulton, Darrel J., Bartow, Florida; A.B. Physical Education; Phi Mu Alpha. Funk, Allen M., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Business Administration;tau Kappa Epsilon, Intrafraternity Council. Fuster, Angel W., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. English; Gamma Sigma Chi, Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Choir, Debate Club, International Club, Logos, Vagabonds. Gabriel, Barbara J., Fort Meade, Florida; B.S. Physical Ed- ucation; Zeta Tau Alpha, Miss Molly, Phi Epsilon Mu, Stu- dent Education Association, Methodist Student Movement, Intramurals. Gandy, Patricia E., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elementary Ed- ucation; Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Standards Committee, Student Education Association. Ganus, Robert L., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Chemistry; American Chemical Society. Gardner, John W., Northbrook, Illinois; B.S. Sociology; Kappa Alpha. Gaskill, Renee E., Neligh, Nebraska; A.B. German; Phi Mu. Gensler, Richard S., Cliffside Park, New Jersey; A.B. Busi- ness Administration; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Interfraternity Council, Varsity Basketball, Advanced R.O.T.C. Gibson, George B., Shoals, Indiana; A.B. Government; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Gibson, Sandra G., Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. Journalism; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Eta, Chi Al- pha, Pi Gamma Mu, Group Leader, SOUTHERN. Gietek, Jannette, Nokomis, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Student Education Association. Gietek, Joanne, Nokomis, Florida; A.B. Sociology; Meth- odist Student Movement. Gilleland, Virginia D., Camden, Arkansas; A.B. Art; Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Mu Sigma, Student Education Associ- ation, International Club. Girardin, David L., Fort Myers, Florida; B.S. Biology; Sigma Chi, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sweetheart. Goldston, John R., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Economics. Goode, Cynthia A., Miami Lakes, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Women ' s Student Government Association, Miss Molly, Orientation Panel, Psi Chi, Stu- dent Education Association, Intramurals. Goode, Madie A., Andros, Bahamas; B.S. Elementary Ed- ucation; Student Education Association. Goodman, Mary C., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Biology; Beta Beta Beta. Gordon, Gloria E., La Belle, Florida; A.B. French; Alpha Omicron Pi, Women ' s Student Government Association, Miss Molly, Alpha Eta, Concert Choir, Student Education Association, Home Economics Club. Gotwalt, Deborah L., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Biology; Al- pha Gamma Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Eta, Alpha Psi Omega, American Chemical Society, Vagabonds. Green, Carol E., Fort Pierce, Florida; A.B. English; Liter- ary Society, Student Education Association, Methodist Stu- dent Movement. Green, Gwendolyn, Newberry, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Phi Mu, Junior Panhellenic, Student Education Association. Green, Marsha J., St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Delta Zeta, Canterbury Club, Student Educa- tion Association. Gustafson, James J., Evanston, Illinois; A.B Philosophy; Kappa Sigma. Guthrie, Paul A., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Economics; Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Circle K. Haas, Raymond A., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Social Sciences; Kappa Alpha, Student Government Association, Senate, Psi Chi, Pi Gamma Mu, Political Union, Crew. Hadjidimou, Evangelos, Thessalowiyi, Greece. Hall, David C, West Palm Beach, Florida; B.S. Business Administration. Hammond, Roscoe A. Jr., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Psychology. Haralson, Jerry L., Sarasota, Florida; A.B. Religion; Theta Chi, Gamma Sigma Chi, Methodist Student Movement, Zeta Tau Alpha Sweetheart. Hardee, Shirley F., Avon Park, Florida; B.A. Art; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa Pi, Choir, Band. Hardy, Rodger S., Ormond Beach, Florida; B.S. Business Administration; Theta Chi. Harms, Dennis C, Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Business Accounting; Pi Kappa Alpha. Harris, James R., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Industrial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau, Beta Beta Beta, Baptist Student Union. Harris, Marilyn A., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Edu- cation; Alpha Chi Omega, Student Education Association. Harris, Patricia L., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Elemen- tary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Student Education As- sociation. Harrison, James A. Jr., Bartow, Florida; B.S. Industrial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau. Harvey, Ruth A., South Bend, Indiana; B.S. Elementary Education; Delta Zeta, International Club, Student Edu- cation Association. Harvill, Howard L., Arlington, Virginia; B.S. Accounting; Pi Kappa Alpha, Crew. Hatcherson, Margaret S., Winter Park, Florida; B.S. Biol- ogy; Alpha Gamma Delta, Senate, Beta Beta Beta, Canter- bury Club. Hawk, Carolyn R., Winter Garden, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Concert Choir, Student Education Association. Hawkins, Thomas E., Anna Maria, Florida; B.S. Physical Education. Helminski, Christine R., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elemen- tary Education; Student Education Association. Helsel, Stephen E., Dayton, Ohio; B.S. Accounting; Pi Kappa Phi, Pi Delta Epsilon. Hemphill, William E., Elgin, Illinois; B.S. Accounting; Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Ski Team. Hepler, Olen L. Jr., Ormond Beach, Florida; B.S. Biology; Kappa Alpha, Beta Beta Beta. Hill, Orry W., Coral Gables, Florida; B.S. Industrial Arts; Pi Kappa Phi, Epsilon Pi Tau. 298 % ♦ % % ♦ w MERLE NORMAN Cosmetic Studio 214 E. Orange Street EGER BLOCK REDI MIX INC. Lakeland, Florida " 3r LAKELAND AUBURNDALE L , WINTER HAVEN r -Jim bos BAR 80 1215 E. MEMORIAL BLVD. 201 South Kentucky Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA Holland, Elizabeth A., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; A.B. Ele- mentary Education; Phi Mu, Coed ' s Compass Committee, Methodist Student Movement, Student Education Associ- ation, Intramurals. Holmes, Gerald B., Ocoee, Florida; A.B. Government. Hoover, William M., Miami, Florida; B.S. Biology; German Club. Hopkins, Donald M. Jr., Knightston, Indiana; B.S. Indus- trial Arts; Theta Chi, Epsilon Pi Tau. Houser, Diane H., St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Chemistry and German; Southernettes, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Physics. Howe, Gaylon L. Jr., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Psychol- ogy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Men ' s Student Government As- sociation, Omicron Delta Kappa, Psi Chi, Inter-fraternity Council. Hughson, Betty J., Delray Beach, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Mu Sigma, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Baptist Student Union, Interfaith Council, Concert Choir, Student Education Association. Hunsucker, Daniel D., Raleigh, North Carolina; A.B. Span- ish; Pi Kappa Alpha, Concert Choir, Spanish Club, Greek Week Committee, Advanced R.O.T.C. James, Ted M., Lake Worth, Florida; A.B. History; Theta Chi. Johnson, Inez M., Brandon, Florida; B.S. Elementary Ed- ucation; Jourdan, Jean L, Cary, North Carolina; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Pi Delta Epsilon, Kappa Pi, INTERLACHEN, Student Education Association, Pi Kappa Alpha Sweetheart. Joyce, Loraine A., Rochester, Pennsylvania; B.S. Mathe- matics; Chemistry Club, Physics Club. Keen, Lynda Z., Lake Wales, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Keillner, Sherrill W., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Elementary Education. Kelsey, Barbara A., Lake Placid, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Hall Council, Junior Advisor, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Eta, Psi Chi, Student Education Association, Methodist Student Movement, Concert Band, Intramurals. Kelsey, Robert B., New Canaan, Connecticut; B.S. Busi- ness Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha, Soccer. Kincheloe, R obert W., Rocky Mount, North Carolina; A.B. History; Pi Gamma Mu, Baptist Student Union. Langford, Harriet S., Frostproof, Florida; A.B. Sociology; Student Education Association, Methodist Student Move- ment, Intramurals. Lashley, Virginia D., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Speech and Drama; Zeta Tau Alpha, SOUTHERN, Student Education Association, Methodist Student Movement, Vagabonds, Order of Diana. Lawrence, Thomas P., Nashville, Tennessee; A.B. Jour- nalism; Kappa Sigma, SOUTHERN, Circle K. Layow, Harley E., Miami, Florida; B.S. Biology; Student Education Association, Track, Intramurals. Lazzeroni, Barry D., St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Econom- ics; Kappa Alpha, Student Union, Interfraternity Council. League, Edwin J., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Ad- ministration. Lee, William J., Willoughby, Ohio; A.B. Philosophy; Theta Chi, J. V. Basketball, Track. Lewis, Joseph A. Jr., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Journalism; EDITOR OF THE SOUTHERN, Pi Delta Epsilon. Livesay, Robert B. Jr., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Administration. Lovelace, Marsha K., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Elementary Education. Lynch, Linda K., Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. Speech and Drama; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Junior Advisor, Hall Council, Junior Advisor Committee, Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Psi Omega, Cap and Gown, Ogden Award, Girl ' s Chorus, Vagabonds, Student Education Association. MacLeod, Theo P., Gloucester, Massachusetts; A.B English. Mast, Richard W., Morristown, New Jersey; B.S. Natural Sciences; Pi Kappa Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society. Mayer, Fred H. Jr., Lantana, Florida; B.S. Journalism and Physical Education; Sigma Chi, Baseball Team. Mayse, Carol L., Cocoa Beach, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Phi Mu, Student Education Association, Pan- hellenic Council, Greek Hall of Fame Committee. McAdams, Ann C, Sebring, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; President of Women ' s Student Government, Sen- ate, Projects Committee, Psi Chi, Girl ' s Chorus. McClelland, Lloyd C. Sr., Plant City, Florida; A.B. Religion. McDonald, Cynthia L., Winter Haven, Florida; B.S. Ele- mentary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Moccettes. McFarland, Michael D., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Religion. McKee, Steven L., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Kappa Alpha. Mecke, George III, Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Business Administration; Kappa Sigma, Circle K, Greek Week Com- mittee, Intramural Board. Meide, Mary H., Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Student Education Association, Intramurals. Mellon, Peter L., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Business Administration; Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Pi. Melton, Helen K., Melbourne, Florida; B.S. Psychology; Phi Mu, Junior Advisor, Hall Council, Psi Chi. Merritt, Susan, Lake Park, Florida B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Alpha Chi Omega, Student Education Association, Psychology Club, Junior Varsity Cheerleader. Merryman, Margaret A., Montreal, Canada; B.S. Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Women ' s Student Gov- ernment Association, Hall Council, Home Economics Club, Student Education Association, Vagabonds. Messeberg, Laura L., St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Ele- mentary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Senate, Psi Chi, Student Education Association, Tau Epsilon Phi Sweet- heart. Metz, Mary A., Belleville, Pennsylvania; B.S. Elementary Education; Concert Choir. Miller, Sandra K., Gainesville, Florida; A.B. French; Inter- national Club, L ' Alliance Francaise. Minton, Sheryn H., Orlando, Florida; A.B. English. Montgomery, Elizabeth Y., Moguer (Huelva), Spain; A.B. Spanish and Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Women ' s Student Government, Association, Hall Council, Political Union, In- tramurals, Pikettes. Moore, Janice T., Jacksonville, Florida; B.A. Social Sciences; Zeta Tau Alpha, Psi Chi, Student Education As- sociation, Methodist Student Movement, Tau Kappa Epsi- lon Sweetheart, Order of Diana. Morrison, Jane B., Montverde, Florida; A.B. German; Southernettes, Sigma Rho Epsilon, International Club, Methodist Student Movement, Physics Club. Moyer, Sharon A., Boynton Beach, Florida; B.S. Ele- mentary Education; Phi Mu, Senate, Methodist Student Movement, Student Education Association. Murdock, Lana J., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Alpha Chi Omega, R.O.T.C. Sponsor. Murphy, Philip W., Key West, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Kappa Alpha. Naclerio, Judith E., Miami, Florida; A.B. French; Alpha Gamma Delta, Canterbury Club, Concert Band, Girl ' s Chorus, INTERLACHEN, L ' Alliance Francais. 300 % ' -••• Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Bottlers of 7-Up and Like Now Available in No-Deposit No-Return Bottles 315 W. Lemon St Lakeland, Florida J Xj Ci ne Village Shopping Center Where shopping is a pleasure Nelson, Nikki A., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Biology; Delta Zeta. Newcomer, Patricia A., Sarasota Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pi Delta Epsilon, SOUTH- ERN, Student Education Association, Intramurals. Niles, Jean L, Deerfield Beach, Florida; B.S. Home Economics. Nixon, John L. Jr., Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. History; Kappa Alpha. Novotny, Robert M., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Business; Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Intramural Board. Oberle, Bonnie S., Avon Park, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Student Education Association, Baptist Stu- dent Union, International Club, Girl ' s Chorus. Osborne, Zebulon L, Umatilla, Florida; B.S. Business Ad- ministration; Pi Kappa Alpha, President of Student Gov- ernment Association, Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Sigma Pi, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Greek Hall of Fame, Interfraternity Council, Advanced R.O.T.C. Owens, James L, New Smyrna Beach, Florida; A.B. Speech and Drama; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Packingham, Robert W., Orlando, Florida; A.B. Social Sciences. Paredes, Diane R., Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. French; Delta Zeta. Parsons, Darrell A., Tavaeres, Florida; A.B. Music Education. Parson, Linda J., Mansfield, Ohio; A.B. History; Kappa Delta, Student Education Association. Partazana, Margaret A., Charleroi, Pennsylvania; A.B. Speech and Drama, Alpha Psi Omega. Persak, Gail M., Pompano Beach, Florida; A.B. History; Delta Zeta, Canterbury Club, Panhellenic Council, Greek Week Committee. Peters, Carl J., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Citrus; Citrus Club. Phillios, William E. Jr., Largo, Florida; B.S. Economics; Theta Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, Crew Team. Piner, Janet M., Lake Wales, Florida; A.B. History. Pope, James D. Jr., Capron, Virginia; A.B. Sociology. Presley, Jerry M., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Psychology; Kappa Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Psi Chi, Interfra- ternity Council, Circle K., Basketball Team, Intramurals, Phi Mu Sweetheart. Pressley, Joyce P., Moore Haven, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Student Education Association. Prestwood, Minnie R., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Price, Sara E., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Sociology; Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, Pi Gamma Mu, Vagabonds. Randall, Barry T., Poughkeepsie, New York; B.S. Busi- ness Administration; Theta Chi, Crew Team. Rawlins, Paula E., Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. Physical Ed- ucation; Phi Epsilon Mu, Women ' s Intramural Association. Reddick, Devorah A., Avon Park, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Phi Mu, Kappa Delta Pi. Reed, Charles R., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Mathematics. Rice, Sadie B. R., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. History. Roadarmel, Robert C, Jr., Lake Worth, Florida; B.S. Phys- ical Education; Theta Chi. Robertson, David L., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. English; Pi Kappa Phi. Robinson, William L., Apopka, Florida; B.S. Biology; Kappa Alpha. Rogers, James C. Jr., Leesburg, Florida; A.B. History; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Men ' s Student Government Associ- ation, Senate, Pi Gamma Mu, Political Union, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Circle K, Advanced R.O.T.C, Concert Choir. Rogers, Susan D., Easton, Connecticut; A.B. Art; Pi Delta Epsilon, Kappa Pi, Editor 1968 INTERLACHEN, SOUTHERN. Romberger, Helen C, Bethesda, Maryland; B.S. Biology; Women ' s Student Government Association, Judicial Board, Beta Beta Beta, Girl ' s Chorus, Women ' s Intramur- al Association. Rowland, Paula D., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; B.S. Home Economics; Home Economics Club. Rubio, Albert M., Tampa, Florida; B.S. Accounting; Kappa Alpha, Crew Team. Sabatini, Donald, Madison, New Jersey; B.S. Physical Ed- ucation; Theta Chi, Phi Epsilon Mu, Baseball Team, Soccer Team. Sams, Michael D., Miami, Florida; A.B. Accounting; Theta Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Interfraternity Council, Greek Hall of Fame, Advanced R.O.T.C. Samuels, William F., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Psychology; Psi Chi, Methodist Student Movement. Sanderson, Roger A., Winter Haven, Florida; B.S. Biology; Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society. Sargent, Linda A., Atlanta, Georgia; B.A. Psychology; Alpha Gamma Delta, Methodist Student Movement, Psy- chology Club. Sawyer, Vicki J., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. English. Saxon, Ben L., Ormond Beach, Florida; B.A. History; Phi Sigma Kappa. Schaefer, Harold C, Lady Lake, Florida; A.B. History; Men ' s Student Government Association. Schell, Linda D., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Accounting; Phi Chi Theta. Scheutz, Monica L., Sarasota, Florida; A.B. English. Schofield, John K., Winter Park, Florida; B.S. Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Political Union, Circle K, Interfraternity Council, Track. Schopf, Sarah L., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; A.B. French; Alpha Gamma Delta, Student Education Association, L ' Alliance Francaise. Sellers, Larue G., Decatur, Georgia; B.S. Biology; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical So- ciety. Shannon, Victoria A., Millsville, New Jersey; B.S. Speech and Drama; Alpha Chi Omega, Varsity Cheerleader, Kappa Sigma Sweetheart, Vagabonds, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Sisters of Kappa Sigma, Women ' s Intramurals Association, First Runner-up Miss INTERLACHEN 1966. Sherman, Daniel H., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Sociology; Theta Chi, J. V. Basketball, Advanced R.O.T.C. Sherman, Daniel N., St. Petersburg, Florida; B.S. Econom- ics; Kappa Alpha. Shultz, Beverly L., Ft. Myers, Florida; A.B. Speech and Drama; Alpha Omicron Pi, Junior Advisor, Women ' s Stu- dent Government Association, Judicial Board, Pi Delta Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Co-editor 1967 INTERLACHEN. Simmons, Charles T., Jesup, Georgia; A.B. History; Sigma Chi. Simons, Carl W., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Business Administration. Sisk, Beverly A., Pompano Beach, Florida; A.B. Govern- ment; Women ' s Student Government Association, Junior Advisor, Group Leader, Coed ' s Compass Committee, Methodist Student Movement. Skeels, Robert A. Jr., Springfield, Virginia; A.B. Govern- ment; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu, Political Union. Slayden, Alice L., Brooksville, Florida; A.B. Music; Alpha Delta Pi, Women ' s Student Government Association, Sec- retary of Junior class, Supreme Court, Alpha Mu Sigma, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Group Leader, Concert Band, Music Educators Conference, Vaga- bonds, Concert Choir, Christmas Queen, R.O.T.C. Spon- sor, Kappa Alpha Sweetheart. Small, Charles S., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Psychology. 302 things go better,! .with Coke Bottled Under Authority of the Coca-Cola Company Lakeland Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Smith, Carolyn G., Lakeland, Florida; Alpha Chi Omega, B.S. Home Economics; Women ' s Student Government As- sociation, Miss Molly, Home Economics Club, Student Ed- ucation Association. Smith, Kenneth W., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Administration. Smolenyak, Sharon M., Miami, Florida; B.S. Mathematics; Psi Chi, Alpha Eta. Snell, Marilyn H., New Port Richey, Florida; B.S. Elemen- tary Education. Snyder, Gary J., Largo, Florida; B.S. Psychology; Psi Chi. Spencer, Zona K., Brooksville, Florida; A.B. Speech and Drama; Alpha Delta Pi, Group Leader, Kappa Sigma Pledge Class Sweetheart. Spitz, Richard L., Mountainside, New Jersey; A.B. Government. Spiro, David, Holsdock, New York; B.S. Physical Educa- tion; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Spottswood, David M., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Sociology; Theta Chi. Stanley, Karen L., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; A.B. Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Student Education Associ- ation, Varsity Cheerleader, R.O.T.C. Sponsor. Stanley, Susan L., Miami, Florida; A.B. French; Alpha Gamma Delta, French Club, Methodist Student Movement, Vagabonds, INTERLACHEN, L ' Alliance Francais. Strickland, Ellen E., Macon, Georgia; A.B. Art; Student Education Association. Swank, Glenn D., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Biology; Beta Beta Beta. Tatum, Jeanne F., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Business Edu- cation; Zeta Tau Alpha, Psi Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Student Education Association. Taulbee, Billie N., Lancaster, Kentucky; B.S. Business Ed- ucation; Phi Chi Theta, Student Education Association. Thomas, Teresa L., Dunedin, Florida; B.S. Home Eco- nomics; Home Economics Club, National Education Association. Thompson, Jennifer A., Suitland, Maryland; B.S. Ele- mentary Education; Phi Mu, Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities, Cap and Gown, Kappa Delta Pi, Psi Chi, Panhellenic Council, Greek Hall of Fame, Student Education Association. Thorton, Richard B., Macon, Georgia; A.B. Sociology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Student Union Board. Tortorici, Sandra B., Cristobal, Canal Zone; B.S. Elemen- tary Education. Trask, Joyce D., Highland City, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Student Education Association, Intramurals. Valdez, Carole L., Key West, Florida; A.B. History; Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, Political Union, Vagabonds. Valentine, Clifford R., Titusville, Florida; A.B. History; Pi Kappa Alpha, Men ' s Resident Hall Advisor. Walker, Kineon G., Locust Valley, New York; B.S. Business Administration; Theta Chi. Ward, Dalton R., Ft. Pierce, Florida; B.S. Business Man- agement; Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Interfraternity Council. Warren, George T., Orlando, Florida; A.B. Psychology; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Methodist Student Movement. Watson, Betty A., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. English; Alpha Chi Omega, National Education Association. Watson, Sandra L., Cusundu, Canal Zone; B.S. Home Eco- nomics; Zeta Tau Alpha, Student Union Board, Spanish Club, Canterbury Club, Home Economics Club, Intramur- als. Wechsler, Edward C, Jacksonville, Florida; A.B. English; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Literary Society, Student Education Association. Weimer, Jenora I., Clearwater, Florida; A.B. Spanish; Beta Sigma Omicron. Wellington, Roger K., Rochester, New York; A.B. History; Pi Gamma Mu, SOUTHERN, Political Union. Wells, Wallace K., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: B.S. Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi. Wesley, Harold J., Orlando, Florida; B.S. Industrial Arts; Epsilon Pi Tau. West, David R. Jr., Marianna, Florida; A.B. History. White, Bruce E., Winter Park, Florida; B.S. Business Ad- ministration; Pi Kappa Phi. Whitford, David E., Lakeland, Florida; A.B. English. Whitney, Joyce A., Winter Haven, Florida; A.B. History. Wiggins, James, Winter Garden, Florida; B.S. Citrus. Wilkerson, Sandra S., Miami, Florida; A.B. Psychology; Alpha Omicron Pi, Psi Chi, Pi Gamma Mu, Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart. Wilson, Ella N., Lakeland, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education. Wilson, Martha L., Miami, Florida; B.S. Elementary Edu- cation; Spanish Club, Methodist Student Movement. Woelfel, Kay L., Clearwater, Florida; B.S. Elementary Ed- ucation; Kappa Delta, Student Education Association. Wolfe, Charles C. Lakeland, Florida; A.B. Drama; Alpha Psi Omega, Vagabonds. Womble, Geraldine L., Highland City, Florida; B.S. Ele- mentary Education. Wood, Marjorie D., Moore Haven, Florida; A.B. History; Phi Mu, Student Education Association, Methodist Stu- dent Movement; J. V. Cheerleader. Woods, Karen J., Melbourne, Florida; B.S. Elementary Education; Student Education Association. Young, Beryl A., Melbourne, Florida; B.S. Business Educa- tion; Delta Zeta, Phi Chi Theta. Zolkos, Teddie L., Davenport, Florida; B.S. Citrus; Citrus Club. 304 Corner of South Florida Avenue and Lime Street MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. FOR EVERY OCCASION Southoate Shopping Cekitpi? Index Abell, Karen G., Lake Worth, Florida, 274. Adams, Deana M., Ft. Lauderdale, Flor- ida, 136, 204, 248. Adams, Mark L., Cape Coral, Florida, 274. Adamson, Susan E., Lakeland Florida, 113, 132 248. Addis, Pamela N., Burton, South Caro- lina. 132, 260. Ade, Edmund W., Lafayette, Indiana, 181, 274. Agnew. Kathleen J., Rock Island, Illi- nois, 86. 136, 232. Aker, James. Lakeland, Florida, 224. Akerman, Mary V., Lakeland, Florida, 274. Akerman, Robert H., Lakeland, Florida, 222. Albert, Harold E., Lakeland, Florida, 224. Albert, Harriet J., Knoxville, Tennes- see, 130, 249. Albert, Paul E., Lakeland, Florida, 248. Albritton, Betty A., Bowling Green, Florida, 82, 113, 248. Albritton, Jackie D., Bowling Green, Florida, 274. Alcock. Carolyn F., Miami, Florida 248. Alderman, Carolyn F., Miami, Florida 248. Alderman, Martha N., Mountain Brook, Alabama, 107, 109. 274. Aldridge, David L., Lakeland, Florida. 260. Aleffi, John J., Union City, New Jersey, 144 249. Allen, Margaret L., Camp Springs, Maryland, 77, 80, 99, 100, 101, 142. 260, 274. Allen, Marie D., Okeechobee, Florida. Allin, Thelma H., Lakeland, Florida, 93. Allison, Janice D., Jacksonville, Florida, 275. Allison, June, Cleveland, North Caro- lina, 275. Allyn, Richard L„ Cheektowaga, New York, 275. Almand, William J., St. Augustine Flor- ida, 232. ALPHA CHI OMEGA, 130. ALPHA DELTA PI, 132. ALPHA ETA, 80. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA. 134. ALPHA MU SIGMA, 102 ALPHA OMICRON PI. 136. ALPHA PSI OMEGA, 87. Altland, Richard, Lakeland, Florida, 106. AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS, 102. Ames, Karen A., Arcadia, Florida, 260. Ammons, James D., Falls Church, Vir- ginia. 76, 114, 150, 205, 232. Anderson. Jay C, Ft. Lauderdale, Flor- ida, 144, 261. Andrea, Paulette S., Orlando, Florida, 261. Aniello, Theresa A., Mims, Florida, 113. 146. 232. Anton, John, Satellite Beach, Florida, 75, 76. 80, 82, 114, 154, 203, 229, 231. 232. Applegate, Nancy S., Sea Girt, New Jersey. 86. 109, 275. Archer, Carol A., Annandale, Virginia, 248. Archer, Robert E., Salem, North Caro- lina, 162, 181, 248. Arnell. J. L., 248. Arnold, Janette D., Falls Church, Vir- ginia, 275. Arrington. William S., Oakland, Florida, 112. 233. Artz, David W., Columbus, Mississippi, 275. Ascher. Larry O., Bayside, New York, 87, 248. Ashton, Thomas A., Willimantic, Con- necticut, 261. Atchley, Robert W., Lakeland, Florida, 260. Atkinson, Ann D., Florence South Car- olina, 132, 260. Atohi. Pauline, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 274. Atwater, Delma D., Hopewell, Virginia, 274. Atwell, Paula A.. Laurel, Maryland, 233. Ayers, Mrs. Rachel, Lakeland, Florida, 150 170. Bailey. David M., Plant City, Florida, 233. Bailey, Robert S., Orlando, Florida. 260. Bailey, Ronald l_., Roanoke, Virginia, 248. Bailey. William E., St. Cloud, Florida. 79, 95,164, 233. Bain, Brian J., Union, New Jersey, 177, 260. Bain, Bruce J., Union, New Jersey, 162, 177, 178, 181, 233. Baker, Cheryl P., Baltimore, Maryland, 168, 248. Baker, Gary B., Norwich, Ohio, 119, 152, 232. Baker, Karen B., Tallahassee, Florida. 274. Baldwin, John W., Jacksonville, Florida, 77, 78, 106, 114. 130, 150, 233. Baldwin, Dennis V., Belle Glade, Flori- da, 107, 274. Ball, Virginia, Miami Shores, Florida. 136, 233. Ball, Donna M., Cincinnati, Ohio, 106, 274. Ballou, Christine A., Jacksonville, Flor- ida. 142, 260. Ballenger, John R., Cincinnati, Ohio, 274. Banks, Richard D., Norwell, Massachu- setts, 248. Barbee, Patricia K., Somerset, Ken- tucky, 77, 146, 248. Barber, Daniel C, Hendersonville, North Carolina, 76, 119, 121, 156, 206. 233. Barclay, Donald H., Locust Valley, L. I., New York, 275. Barclay, April D., Jacksonville, Florida, 248. Barnes, Linda M., Miami Springs, Flor- ida, 275. Barnes, Rosa E., Lakeland, Florida, 248. Barone, Constance J., Nokomis, Flori- da, 233. Barr, Jane I., West Jefferson, North Carolina, 275. Bartoe, Donaldson R., Lakeland, Flori- da, 97. 275. Batstone, Lucia G., Clearwater, Florida, 132, 248. Bauer, Leslie C, New Port Richey, Florida, 275. Baughman, John N., Lakeland, Florida, 261. Baxter, James N., Lakeland, Florida, 227. Baxter, Lorraine, Riviera Beach, Flori- da, 106. 136, 156, 233. Bayly, Victoria A., Elberon, New Jer- sey, 138, 232. Beach, Weldon M., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 181, 274. Beach, Dodie J., Vero Beach, Florida, 275. Beard, Rutland D., Tampa, Florida, 275. Beard, Daphne H., Washington. D. C. Bedenbaugh, Julie E., DeLand, Florida, 105, 274. Beede, Diane J., Winter Park, Florida, 88. 138, 248. Beemer, Carol A., Dewitt, New York, 83, 102, 105, 132, 261. Behm, Edith L.. Delray, Florida, 261. Belair, Jill A., Locust Valley (L.I.), New York. 274. Bell. Hilda E., South Miami, Florida, 93. 95. 158. 233. Bell, R. Devon, Great Neck, Florida, 261. Belle. Frances A., Beaver Falls, Penn- sylvania. 146, 233. Benion, Anne C, Harrisburg, Pennsyl- vania, 233. Benz. James F., West Palm Beach, Florida, 260. Berg Margaret G., Melbourne, Florida, 77 ' . 113. 248. Berg. Stephen H., Highland Park, Illi- nois, 260. Berglund, Steven A., Northbrook, Illi- nois, 177, 260. Bergum, Terrence N.. Lachine, Quebec, Canada, 260. Berree. Lorene R.. Pensacola, Florida, 274. Berree, Norman G., Pensacola, Flori- da, 156, 248. Berry, Peter B., Maitland, Florida, 274. Bertrand, Robert T.. Islip, New York, 177, 275. Bethea, Janis, Lakeland, Florida, 102, 220. Betts, Zane W., Punta Gorda. Florida, 97 260. Beverly, Carleton H., Wilbraham, Mas- sachusetts, 249. Bichy, Jane K., Wilmington, Delaware, 142, 260. Bilby. Larry W., Lakeland, Florida, 152, 249. Blaine. James G., St. Petersburg, Flor- ida. 108. 109, 261. Blaisdell, Judith L., Sullivan, Illinois, 275. Blake. Ingrid L„ Orlando, Florida, 160, 261. Blanco, Belkis J., Lakeland, Florida, 249. Bland, Larry, Lakeland, Florida, 93, 224. Bloomer, Betty A., St. Petersburg, Flor- ida. 76, 136, 249. Blount, Jerald D.. Blount, Florida, 206, 261. Blue. Anne E„ Cape Giradeau, Mis- souri, 98, 99, 136, 233, 324. Boatenhammer, Thelma, Wauchula, Florida, 233. Bogss, Carole S., Tampa, Florida, 274. Bohler, Robert A., San Diego, Califor- nia, 232. Bohuny Barbara I., Miami, Florida, 80, 96. 97, 109, 261. Bolander, Barbara M., Orlando, Flori- da, 274. Bolton. Elizabeth, Memphis, Tennes- see, 275. Bond. Irene, Lakeland, Florida, 170. Booker, Michael R., Lakeland, Florida, 261. Bootay, Robert S., Pittsburgh, Penn- sylvania. 274. Booty. Walter R.. Wilmetta, Illinois, 274. Bost. Pamela J., Arlington Heights, Illinois, 130. 232. Bostwick, Philip S., Jacksonville, Flor- ida, 274. Botner, Deborah E. Harrodsburg, Ken- tucky, 187, 274. 306 Bowen, Aenes P., Plantation, Florida, 130 260. Bowne, Douglas N., Hollywood, Flori- da, 273, 274. Boyd. James R., Miami Springs, Flori- da, 144. 232. Boyd, Anne, Greensboro, Florida, 67, 76, 80, 81, 98, 106, 232, 228. Boyd, Daphne W., Palmetto, Florida, 187, 274. Boyles. Martha L., Okeechobee, Flori- da, 102, 104, 105, 260. Bradley, Barbara B ., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 142, 232. Bradley, Wendy P., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 261. Bradshaw, Dennis E., Bethesda, Mary- land, 154. Brads!. aw, Sandra L., Hyattsville, Mary- land. 106, 136. 166, 233. 249. Brammer, Ronald A., Knightstown, In- diana, 164, 181, 261. Brandon. Wallace, Lakeland, Florida, 217. Breeding, Eugene B., Orlando, Florida, 233. Brenner, David C, Macon, Georgia, 105, 275. Brenner, Henry C, North Miami Beach, Florida. 76, 150, 261. Brewer. William P.. Greensboro, North Carolina, 77, 114, 154. 249. Bricker, Lynn E., St. Petersburg, Flor- ida. 105, 275. Brice. Juanita M., Branson, Florida, 275. Bridges, Kendrick, G., Winter Park, Florida 154, 261. Brierley. Thomas, Lakeland, Florida, 102, 220. Britti, Sgt. Maj., Lakeland, Florida, 203. Briscoe, Gary T., Avon Park, Florida, 275. Brokaw. Bergon F., Leesburg, Florida, 248. Brooker. Peter D., Mount Dora, Florida, 111. 275. Broome, Charleen M., Key Largo, Flor- ida, 274. Broome, Judith L., Indialantic, Florida, 92. 98, 233. Brooks. Linda L.. Atlanta, Georgia, 275. Brose, Marilyn K., Amherst, New York, 130 232. Brower, Peter H„ Lakeland, Florida, 92, 233. Brown. Beverly A., Pennsauken, New Jersey. 274. Brown, Carl C Clearwater, Florida, 152, 248. Brown, Deborah A., Panama City, Flor- ida, 274. Brawn, Delmont J.. Amston, Connecti- cut. 274. Brown. Edward J.. Ft. Lauderdale. Florida. 274. Brown, Florayne C, Tampa, Florida, 106, 233. Brown, Judith H., Naples, Florida, 142, 248. Brown, Lewis M., Knoxville. Tennessee, 144, 232. Brawn. Robert A., Kingsport, Tennes- see, 274. Brown, William R., Indian Harbor Beach. Florida. 261. Browning. Linda L.. Belle Glade, Flori- da, 274. Brunei, F. Gregory. Richmond, Vir- ginia. 95. 96. 248. Bruwelheide. Kenneth L., Lake Park, Florida. 93, 99, 232. Bryant, Sally J.. Lakeland. Florida. Bryce, Gary. 156. Bryce, James F., Hollywood, Florida, 275. Bryant, Faith I., Meriden, Connecti- cut!. 275. Bryson. Mirry C. Miami. Florida. 275. Buck. Gloria J., St. Petersburg, Florida, 275. Bullock. Georgia C, Jacksonville, Flor- ida. 232. Bull, Harry D.. Orlando. Florida, 275. Burek, Douglas J., Garfield, New Jer- sey, 248. Burhvte, Peter L., Manius, New York, 275. Burke Barbara A., Ft. Wavne. Indiana, 75, 98 100, 101, 130. 186, 232. Burke, Dana R., Pikeville, Kentucky, 261. Burnette, Richard, Lakeland Florida, 216. Burns. David R., Lakeland, Florida, 233. Burt, John E., Deerfield Beach, Flori- da. 275. Burton, Daniel B., Marietta, Ohio, 277. Burton, Diane L.. Ft. Lauderdale, Flor- ida, 64, 65, 106, 120, 129, 142, 204, 229, 231, 233. Bush, Jim O., Lakeland, Florida, 177, 178, 224. Bussey, Bessie A., Ft. White, Ohio, 107, 108, 233. Bushnell, Mary F.. Naples, Florida, 277. Cable, Candy, West Palm Beach, Flor- ida, 91. Cade, Iris R., Seville, Florida, 111, 168, 248. Cafarelli, John T., Orlando, Florida, 83, 180, 260. Cain, John E., Tavernice, Florida, 114, 144, 233. Callari, Thomas S., Lodi, New Jersey, 260. Calonge, Carlos M., Lakeland, Florida, 97, 220. Calway, M. F., Lakeland, Florida, 224. Cammarata, Samuel M., Johnstown, Pennsylvania, 95, 114, 158, 248. Campbell, Bonny L., 277. Campbell, James W., Lakeland, Florida, 194, 225. Campbell, Margaret M., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 277. Cannistraci, Joyce M., Huntington Station, New York, 94, 113, 136, 233. CAP AND GOWN, 81. Caracuzzo, John T,, Camp Ranston, Rhode Island, 234. Carle, Candace E., Hampton, Virginia, 76, 119, 130, 261. Carlson, J. H., Lakeland, Florida, 216. Carruthers, Peter C, Clearwater, Flor- ida, 76, 79, 114, 166, 261. Carter, Jeffrey C, Winter Haven, Flor- ida, 277. Carter, Virginia P., Lakeland, Florida, 249. Carveth, Thomas A., Orlando, Florida, 277. Caswell, Susanne, Melbourne, Florida, 113, 146, 249. Catoe, Judith A., Jefferson, South Car- olina, 277. Cauthen, William H., Leesburg, Flori- da, 76, 82, 86, 114, 150, 205, 234. Cave, Joanne V., Havertown, Pennsyl- vania, 67, 76, 77, 80, 94, 106, 121 160. 229, 234. Cave, Janey D., Stanley, Virginia, 261. Center, John H., Orlando, Florida. 100, 261. Chancey, Rosalind Y., Bradenton, Flor- ida, 261. Channel, Meredith, West Palm Beach, Florida, 261. Chapman, Linda C, Brandon, Florida, 277. Chapman, Richard W.. Mt. Airy. North Carolina, 277. Chard. Allison E., Nokomis. Florida, 234. Chaviano, Emilio A., Lakeland, Florida, 234. Chatlos, Jon P., N. Miami Beach, Flor- ida. 88. 103, 105. 261. Chellman. Helen K., Indiana. Pennsyl- vania, 92, 132, 235. Cheeseman, Deborah L., E. Islip Long Island, New York, 181, 277. Cherry, Edward D., Smyrna. Georgia. Chope, William A., Grosse Point Farms Michigan, 88, 105, 277. Church. Lorinda M., Haworth, New Jersey, 277. CITRUS CLUB, 112 Clamp, Phyllis I., Jacksonville, Florida, 97. 142. 249. Clapp, Deborah G., Pompano Beach, Florida, 277. Clark, Bess C, Miami, Florida, 134, 235. Clark, Blair J., Lakeland, Florida, 235. Clark, Candice L., Garden City Long Island, New York, 235. Clark, Margaret, Amherst, Florida, 260. Clark, Richard A., Hollywood, Florida, 166, 235. Clark, Sandra E., Zephyrhills, Florida, 91. 276. Clarke, George H., Venice, Florida, 177, 260. Clarke, Joyce V., Marathon, Florida, 146 261. Clarke. Lynn L., Springfield, Virginia, 261. Clarke, Robert, G., Ewarton, Jamaica West Indies, 112, 276. Cleaver. Patricia C, Titusville, Florida, 96. 249. Cleaver, Stephanie S.. Titusville, Flori- da. 276. Cleek, Sandra G., Lake Placid, Florida, 69, 86, 113. 119, 120, 168, 234. Clement, Barbara J., Boca Raton, Flor- ida, 276. Clementz. William R., Ft. Myers, Flori- da. 276. Cleveland, Carolyn A., Orlando, Flori- da. 77. 82, 132. 204. 249. Cline, Mary K., Tampa, Florida, 91. Cline, Sandra K., K. I. Sawyer A.F.B., Michigan, 136, 234. Cloer. Warren R., Woodbridge, Virginia, 261. Clutterham. Beth M., Indialantic, Flori- da, 79, 168. 261. Clyde, David L., Lakeland, Florida, 110, 260. Clymer. Martha R., Cocoa Beach, Flor- ida, 276. Cobb. David A., Deland, Florida, 234. Cobble. Sharon. Pompano Beach, Flor- ida, 79, 136, 234. Coble. Candace C, West Palm Beach, Florida. 277. Codv. Raymond G., Kissimmee, Florida, 166. 249. Coe. Dolores A., Sarasota. Florida, 277. Coe. Cathy R., Satellite Beach, Flori- da, 261. Cofer. Joyce E., West Palm Beach, Florida. 277. Coker, Comer S., Lakeland, Florida, 234. Colbert. Hal P.. Highland City, Florida, 154, 261. Cole, Anne L., Tallahassee, Florida, 277. THE GEORGE W. JENKINS FIELDHOUSE another sign of growth and progress With each passing year Florida Southern College moves ahead with its goal of developing the finest possible campus for educating young men and women. George W. Jenkins Fieldhouse serves as the center of phys- ical training and athletic endeavors. Templin ' s, Inc., is proud of its long association with Florida Southern College and its role in the development of the campus, including construction of the east campus dormitory area, the cafeteria, Branscomb Auditorium, the George W. Jenkins Field- house. TEWS [ GENERAL i CONTRACTORS Coleman, Robert L., Jr., Daytona Beach, Florida, 235. Coles, John L.. III. Sheffield, Massa- chusetts. 82, 95, 96, 97, 114. 164. 238. Collman, Jerald D., Clearwater, Florida, 114.235. Collins. Thomas M., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 158, 261. Colvin, Deborah L., Jacksonville, Flor- ida, 277. Combee, Kevin C, Trenton, Michigan, 276. CONCERT CHOIR, 105. Conner, Thomas W., St. Petersburg, Florida, 114, 181, 166, 203, 235. Conner, William M., Lakeland, Florida, 263. Conroy. Kathy E., Miami, Florida, 83, 111, 168, 235. Cook, John H., Lakeland, Florida, 220. Coolbaugh. Jeanne L., Sarasota, Flori- da, 93. 235. Coon, Marjorie A., Miami, Florida, 276. Coons, Susan A., Deland, Florida, 160, 234. Cooper, Bess A., Orlando, Florida, 234. Cooper, Lynda G., Lakeland, Florida, 263. Cooper, George R. Jr., Lakeland, Flor- ida, 113, 248. Cooper, Grant W., Kinnelon, New Jer- sey. 177, 263. Coords, Arthur E., Lakeland, Florida, 263. Coords. George R., Lakeland, Florida, 113. 248. Corcoran, Robert L., Venice, Florida, 263. Corey. Linda T.. Garden City, New York, 276. Corley, James G., Columbia, South Carolina. 263. Corrigan, Hugh IV, Vero Beach, Flori- da. 276. Costan, Gregory A., Charlottlesville, Virginia, 156. 234. Cotney, Lora E., Haines City, Florida, 276. Cowan Thomas G., Miami Lakes. Flor- ida. 166. 248. Cowart, Terry D., Daytona Beach. Florida. 168. 248. Cowell, Thomas H., Coral Gables, Flor- ida, 106, 164. 248. Cox, Allen S., Durham, North Carolina, 106, 248. Cox. Ann E.. Winter Haven. Florida, 276. Crain. Susan W., Miami, Florida, 263. Cox. Mrs. Madeline, Lakeland, Florida, 170. Crampton, William S., Westfield, New Jersey, 158. 248. Crandall, Kathleen R., Orlando, Florida, 249. Creeger, Carol J., Richmond, Virginia, 277. Crone, Patsy L., Trenton, New Jersey, 97, 234, 325. Cronin, Carla H„ New York, New York, 142, 263. Cronin, Timothy C. Jr., New York, New York. 114. 142, 154, 181, 249. Crowell. Patricia A., Lake Wales, Flor- ida, 263. Crowell, Wanda J., Hendersonville, North Carolina, 92. 132, 154. 204, 249. Croysdale, Herbert W. II, Coconut Grove, Florida, 152, 204, 249. Cruikshank. Scott W., Lakeland, Flori- da, 150, 262. Culbreth, Susanne R.. OKeechobee, Florida, 277. Cumminp Barbara J., Winter Haven, Florida, 277. Cumming, George L., Jamaica, West Indies, 150, 262. Cummings, Dorothy C, Lakeland, Florida. 97, 249. Cummings, Stephen W., Tampa, Flori- da, 277. Cummings, Terry A., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 277. Cupick, Ronald W., Sarnia, Canada, 277. Curtis, Alan L.. Tampa, Florida, 158, 235, D ' Aggosaino, Carl R., North Miami Beach. Florida. 276. Dale. Michael C, Nashville, Tennes- see. 276. Danford. Maxine M., Leesburg, Florida, 77.92, 168. 235. Damrill. Mai. Ronald E., Lakeland, Florida. 202. Dangio. Robert A., Lake Park, Florida, 114. 156. 249. Daniel, Vivian L.. Miami, Florida, 235. Daniel. Silas E., St. Petersburg, Flori- da. 263. Daniels, James. Lakeland, Florida, 114, 249. Daniels. William, Lakeland, Florida, 177. 178. 225. Dannehl. Mary P., Edgewater, Florida. 170. Davaz, Ayse S., New York, New York, 235. David, Gwendolyn, Washington, D. C, 86. 113, 249. Davis. Carolyn, Orlando, Florida, 235, 132. Davis, Don J.. Clearwater, Florida, 79, 120, 234, 263. Davis, Deborah J., Ft. Lauderdale, Flor- ida, 257. Davis, Jeffrey H., Ft. Lauderdale, Flor- ida, 86. 113, 144, 234. Davis. Kathryn L., Pensacola, Florida, 276. Davis, Margaret S., Lakeland, Florida, 251. Davis, Richard B.. Wallingford, Penn- sylvania, 152, 263. Davis, Teresa L., Williamsburg. Ken- tucky, 251. Davis. Vivian M., Lakeland, Florida, 170. Davison. Joan A., Princeton, New Jer- sey, 234. Dawsey, James M., Americana Brazil, 166. 177. 178. 263. Day, John S., Catlett, Virginia, 276. Dean, Gayle E., Marietta, Georgia, 234. DEBATE CLUB, 94 Debell, Gayle A., Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 276. DeClerck, Rotraut H., Amselweg, Ger- many. 88, 234. DeCubellis, Stephen D., New Port Richev, Florida, 263. Dellinger, Paul A., Cocoa, Florida, 251. Deloach, Frederick L., Miami Springs, Florida. 95. 96, 109. 114, 251. DELTA SIGMA PI. 86. DELTA ZETA. 138. DelVecchio, David F., West Collings- wood. New Jersey, 154, 235. de Marcillac, Mrs. Susan B., Lakeland, Florida, 93, 225. Denis, Robert A., Lakeland. Florida, 180, 250. Denmark, John E., Jacksonville, Flori- da, 77,277. Dennison, Kathleen R., East Chester, New York. 146, 251. Derryberry Polly A., Greenville, South Carolina. 106, 130, 187. 263. Dessalet, Margaret C, St. Petersburg, Florida. 263. Desear, Margaret E., Bradenton, Flori- da, 277. Deuel, Ray E., Lakeland, Florida. Deuto, Bernard G., Miami, Florida, 110, 150, 235. Deupree, Mary J., Covington, Kentucky, 132, 262. Deutsch, Karen L., Mequon, Wisconsin, 91. De Veer. Nancy K., Pam Beach, Flori- da 132. 262. DeVilliers, Elena C, Miami, Florida, 168, 263. Devos, Edward G., Lake Worth, Flori- da 77 114, 164. 251. DeWitt. Susan. Eustis, Florida, 98, 100, 101, 105. 251. Diamond, Kenneth N., Norwalk, Con- necticut, 144, 263. Dibiccari. Robert D.. Larchmont, New York, 234. Dickerson, Charles W., Morristown, New Jersey. 150, 234. Dicks. Joanne L., Macon, Georgia, 86, 132. 234. Dilley, Jane L., Moore Haven, Florida. 234. Dillon, Lester R., St. Petersburg, Flori- da. 119. 150, 251. Dillport, Virginia D., Wynne, Arkansas, 263. Dimbath, Merle F., Lakeland, Florida, 222. Dinsmore, Howard L., Lakeland, Flori- da. 110. 227. Dismukes, Paul F., Boca Raton, Flori- da. 277. Ditchfield. Jacquelin L., St. Petersburg. Florida. 277. Dixon, Lynda L., Charlestown, South Carolina. 277. Doak. Baton S., Lakeland, Florida, 93, 222. Dobson. David J., Lakeland, Florida, 112, 235. Dodd. Stephen J., Macon, Georgia, 277. Donnelly, Danna D., Toms River, New Jersey, 236. Doran. Carolyn S., Lakeland, Florida, 97. 119. 160. Doran, T. Mitchell, Bandalia, Illinois. 250. 276. Dorton, Nancy R., Dade City Florida, 111. 160. 236. Dort, Rosita D., Largo, Florida, 276. Dow. Stephen W., Levittown, New York, 276. Dowdy, Margaret S., Lakeland, Florida, 230. Downard. Allen F.. Jacksonville, Flor- ida. 114, 164, 236. Downing, Susan P.. St. Petersburg, Florida. 82. 134, 250. Drake, Ronald E.. Ft. Myers, Florida, 106, 106. 109, 114. 251. Drake, Sharon A., Sarasota, Florida, 263. Draper, Wallace B., Lakeland, Florida, 263. Dromey, Stanley L., Atlanta, Georgia, 177. 276. Dumont. Diane R., Richmond, Virginia, 98, 263. Duncan, Linda L., Orange Park, Flor- ida, 142, 204, 251. Duncan, Montfort C, Jr., Tampa, Florida, 251. Durkin, Denis, Princeton, New Jersey, 166. 206, 263. Durkin, Jackye L., Clearwater, Florida, 146, 251. Durhan, Martha S., Lakeland, Florida 78, 81, 111, 112, 168, 236. Durrance, Stephanie J., Ft. Meade Florida, 126, 168, 237. Dutton, Joe D., Lakeland, Forida, 225 Dye, Craig W., Alexandria, Virginia 111. 236. Dyson, Jonathan M., Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 276. Eastwood, Louise, Lakeland, Florida 230. Ebanks. Grace E.. British West Ind 96, 276. Eddy. Barbara J., Naples, Florida, 276 Edge, Newton P.. Lakeland, Florida 98. 101, 114, 237. Egger, Robert E., Davenport, Florida 276. Ehasz, Louis F., Union, New Jersey 206, 276. Eickenburg, Charles F., Lakeland, Flor ida. Ill, 227. Eilertsen, Jill A., Lakeland, Florida, 87 136, 148, 262. Eisnaugle, Eric J., Sarasota, Florida 88, 105. 237. Ek. Nancy S., Jacksonville, Florida 142, 237. Elliott, Karen S., Sarasota, Florida, 23 237. Ellis, Marie O., Pascaquola, Florida 276. Ellis, Steven M., Annandale, Virginia 166, 262. Emmons, Alice F., Winter Park, Flor ida. 263. Emmons, Richard C, Brielle, Virginia 99, 114, 162. 236. Enchelmayer, Carl R.. Glencoe, Illinois 154, 251. Ensign, Patricia D., Ridgefield, New Jersey, 105, 237. EPSILON PI TAU. 93. Eraly, Abraham I., Lakeland, Florida, 225. Ernst. Sandra L., Binghamton, New York. 113, 132, 251. Esau, Carol M., Lakeland, Florida, 216. Esau. Diane, Lakeland, Florida, 119, 217. Eubanks, David R., Macon, Georgia 251. Evans, David L., Oviedo, Florida, 77 166, 263. Evans, Pamela A., Apopka, Florida 237. Evans, Patricia L., Apopka, Florida 168. 237. Ewing, Joan M., Miami, Florida, 119, 136, 259, 263. Ezell. Mary E.. Atlanta, Georgia, 237. Fanning, O. B., Lakeland, Florida, 216 Farabee, Ruth E., Miami Springs, Flo ida, 105. 276. Farmer, Barbara S., Naples, Florid 168. 247. 250. Farnell, Jane L., Pinetta, Florida. Faulkner. Frances D., Naples, Florida 106, 132, 237. Fauls, Robert J., Miami, Florida, 263. Feaster, William H. II, Jacksonville Florida, 263. Feibel, Janet L., Vero Beach, Florida 104, 105. Fendler, Victoria A., Millington, New Jersey, 276. Feola, Ralph L.. Cohasset. Massachu setts, 162. 263. Ferguson. Phillip L, Winter Park, Flo ida, 119, 158. 205. 236. Fernandez, Peggy S., Lakeland, Flor- ida. 276. Ficquette. Arthur S., Lakeland, Flo ida. 237. Fielding Charles R., Lakeland, Florida Field, Howard M., Lakeland, Florida 227. Fields, Jay A., Ft. Lauderdale. Florida 279. Fifner, William F., Westlake, Ohio, 156 263. Fisher. David E., Takoma Park, Mary land, 262. Fisher. Julia A., Lexington, Kentucky 130. 237. Fisher. Janet D.. Westover AFB, Mas achusetts. 97. 250. Fisk. Alan C. Sebring, Florida, 279. Fitzgerald. Danny S., Columbus, Ohio 144. 180, 237. Flambeau, Peggy D., Winter Park Florida, 231. 237. Fleming. Alice. Homestead, Florida 120, 14?. 237. Fletcher. George H., Jacksonville, Flor ida, 279. Flierl, Mary L.. Lakeland, Florida. 279 Florin. Bruce W., Palm Bay, Florida 236. Fost, Daniel A., Stuart. Florida, 262. Poland, Bruce R., Lakeland, Florida 114, 177. 251. Folkos. Freddie, 112. Folio, Phyllis A., Clearwater, Fla., 95, 96, 97. 279. Fondren. Mary J., St. Petersburg, Flor ida, 279. Foland, Frank E., Lakeland, Florida 216. Folsom. William C. Ill, Lakeland, Flor ida, 279. Ford, Beth M., Lakeland, Florida, 221 Ford, Robert III, Highland Park, New Jersey, 158. 236. Ford, Frances W., Hopewell, Virginia 91, 279. Foster, Suzanne, Roanoke, Virginia, 168, 251. Fow, Robert Edward L., Emhurst, New York, 262. Fowler, Earleen, Archer, Florida, 93, 251. Fowler, Linda K., Cocoa, Florida, 91, 279. France, James C, Lakeland, Florida, 140, 236. France, Patricia L., Largo, Florida, 102, 279. Francisco, Ginger C, Dunedin, Florida, 132. 262. Francisco, William R., Lakeland, Flori- da, 98, 100, 156, 251. Frank, Judith M., Bricktown, New Jer- sey, 138. 262. Frank, Linda C, Jacksonville. Florida, 279. Franklin, Beverly J., Hollywood. Flori- da, 88, 109, 278. Franklin, Charles C, Lakeland, Florida, 224. Franklin, Linda L., Lakeland, Florida, 88, 262. Frasier, Marshall H., Orlando, Florida, 111, 114, 251. Frassica, Nancy S., Lynnfield, Massa- chusetts, 263. Freeman, Fred H., Ft. Lauderdale, Flor- ida, 95, 97, 106, 111, 251. French, Jon V., Jacksonville, Florida, 156. 251. French, Richard J. Jr., St. Petersburg, Florida, 97, 250. Fretwell, James W., Coral Gables, Flor- ida. 236. Fricks, Sharon L., Indian Harbor Beach, Florida, 278. Frier, Suzanne B„ Silver Springs, Flor- ida, 279. Froehlig, Hester A., Basking Ridge, New Jersey, 279. Frye. George E., Naples, Florida, 88, 177, 279. Fryer, Robert L. Jr., Jenkintown, Penn- sylvania, 156, 263. Fulford, Holly S„ Jacksonville, Florida, 279. Fuller, Judith A., Rosemont, Pennsyl- vania, 92. 99. 113, 236. Fullington. Page D. Jr., St. Petersburg, Florida, 150, 262. Fulmer, Dallas S. Jr., Jacksonville, Florida. 237. Fulton, Darrel J., Lakeland, Florida, 83, 237. Fulton. Richard T., Maxwell AFB, Ala- bama. 119. 154. 166. 262. Funderburg, John B. Ill, Lakeland, Florida, 111, 227. Funk, Allen M., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 86. 119. 164. 237. Fuster, Angel W., Lakeland, Florida, 88, 103, 105. 237. Fusco, Frank W., Columbia, South Car- olina, 262. Fusselle, Jeanne W., Lakeland, Florida, 250. Futch. Frank W., Lakeland, Florida, 114. 262. Fyffe. Frank A.. Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. 177, 279. Gabriel. Barbara J., Ft. Meade, Florida, 83. 168. 237. Gade, John H., Winter Park, Florida, 96. 106. 109, 279. Gandy, Patricia E., Lakeland, Florida, 236, 168. Ganus, Robert L., Lakeland, Florida, 97, 110, 114, 236. Gardner. John M., Northbrook, Illinois, 140, 236. Gardner, Lawrence C, Claremont, New Hampshire, 94, 279. Garrett, Michael D.. Springfield. Penn- sylvania. 114, 148, 251. Garrison, X. L., Lakeland. Florida, 224 Gaskill. Renee E., Neligh, Nebraska, 96, 236. Gebhard, Bonnie L., Elliott City, Mary- land, 262. Geieer, Col. Mack, Lakeland, Florida, 77. 109. 216. Gensler, Richard S„ Cliffside Park. New Jersey, 114, 119, 158, 236. George, Margaret P., New Smyrna Beach. Florida, 106, 146, 262. GERMAN CLUB, 97. Getman. Gerry D., Hornell. New York, 88,97, 110, 119. 148, 251 Gibbons, Mrs. Verra C, Lakeland, Flor- ida, 170. Gibbs, Robert M.. Jacksonville, Florida, 76. 88, 273, 278. Gibson. George B., Sholas, Indiana, 164. 237. Gibson. Gwendolyn D.. Richmond Heights, Florida, 102, 105, 262. Gibson, Mary V.. Satellite Beach, Flor- ida, 96. 97, 278. Gibson. Sandra. Jacksonville, Florida, 69. 98. 100, 101, 134, 237. Gietek, Joanne, Nokomis, Florida, 107, 237. Gietek, Jannette, Nokomis, Florida, 107, 237 Gielow, Ronald J.. Vero Beach, Florida, 166, 180, 181, 263. Gilbert, Margaret L., Lakeland, Florida, 111. 226. Gilleland. Virginia D., Camden, Arkan- sas, 102. 237. Girardin, David L., Ft. Myers, Florida, 106, 160, 238. 308 ' As long as there ' s a Lakeland, there will be a Florida National Bank. " I l,OKII A NATIONAL BANK at LAKELAND 113 South Tennessee Ave. Phone 686-1136 M MM FLORIDA SB STEAKETTE Next to Grove Park Shopping Center Compliments of FLOWERS BY EDITH 3, W 902 South Florida Avenue Telephone 683-2945 GIRLS ' CHOIR, 105. Glass, Dana E., St. Petersburg, Florida 102, 105, 263. Glass, Mrs. Evelyn, Lakeland, Florida 170 Glover, William J., North Reading, Mas sachusetts, 279. Goding, Richard J., Apopka, Florida 180, 264. Godsall, Ann E., Pompano Beach, Flor ida, 105, 279. Godsall, Linda M., Pompano Beach Florida, 279. Godwin, David C, Orlando, Florida 114. 156. 251. Goff, Clark W. Jr., Pittsburgh, Pennsyl vania, 102. 103, 104. 105, 109. 264. Goforth, James D., Titusville, Florida 264 Gogan, Joan H., Eau Gallie, Florida 279. Golden, Edward G„ West Springfield Massachusetts, 251. Goldsborough, Yvonne H., Lakeland Florida, 221. Goldston, John R., Lakeland, Florida 238. Gonzalez, Aixa R., Miami, Florida, 97 279. Goode, Cynthia A., Miami Lakes, Flor ida. 106, 132, 238. Goode, Madie A., Andros Bahamas 238. Goodman, Marv C, Orlando, Florida 111. 112, 238. Goodson, Lane M., Lakeland, Florida 227. Gordon, Gloria E., LaBelle, Florida, 239 Gordy. Martha B., Montgomery, Ala bama. 142, 264. Gotwalt, Deborah L., Lakeland, Florida 111. 134, 239. Gould, Vicki, Lakeland, Florida, 239. Grae. Bill, 148. Graebener, Kenneth H., Glassglow AFB Montana, 114, 251. Graeler, Michael K., Ft Lauderdale Florida. 279. Grainger, Frances A., Orlando, Florida 251. Grange, Terry A., Annandale, Virginia 130, 265. Grant, Charles H., Jacksonville, Flori da. 279. Grant, Stephen A., Lyndonville, Ver mont, 88, 278. Gray, Sarah J., Garden City, New York 181, 278. Gray, Wanda J., Haines City, Florida 251. Green, Barry L., Glen Cove, New York 166, 177. 179. Green Carol E„ Ft. Pierce. Florida, 239 Green. Gwendolyn, Newberry, Florida 113, 239. Green, Marsha J., Pensacola, Florida 138, 238. Green, Robert M., Lakeland, Florida 86, 150, 250. Green, Thomas, Lakeland, Florida, 180 217. Greene, Cam R., West Palm Beach Florida. 279. Gregory Stanley W., Ft. Myers, Florida 97, 265. Greiser, Evelyn J., Cincinnati, Florida 279. Grier, John K., Honolulu, Hawaii, 279 Griffin, Sandra G., Lake Placid, Florida 95, 96, 102, 105, 250. Griggs, Cheryl K„ Atlanta, Georgia, 96 99, 102. 105.279. Guess, Grace A., Lakeland. Florida 102. 104. 105. 107, 109, 264. Guenther. George R., Jacksonville, Flor ida, 77, 279. Gustafson, James J., Evanston, Illinois 238. Guthrie, Paul A., Winter Park, Florida 238. Haas. Joann C, Winter Haven, Florida 136, 250. Haas, Raymond A., Lakeland, Florida 76, 94. 95, 106, 140, 238. Hackney, Mary E., Lakeland, Florida 216. Hadjidimou, Evangelos, Thessalonia Greece, 95, 96, 238. Hagen, Daniel L., Jacksonville, Florida 140, 250. Hall. Daniel G. Jr., Ridgewood, New Jersey. 158, 264. Hall, David C, West Palm Beach, Flo ida. 239. Hall, Harvey T.. Lakeland. Florida. 250 Hall, Kathleen H., Orlando. Florida. 80 97. 132. 264. Hall, Linda F.. Burlington, North Caro lina, 110. Ill, 264. Hall. Mary A., Alexandria, Virginia 279. Hallfors, Eric J., Lunenburg, Massa chusetts. 278. Hallman, Douglas F., Miami, Florida 107, 278. Hamilton, Virginia J.. Lake Worth Florida, 278. Hamilton. Wendy A., Naperville, II! nois. 77. 134, 250. Hammond, Linda A.. Kingsport, Ten nessee, 77. 80, 110, 168. 264. Hammond, Roscoe A. Jr., Lakeland Florida. 239. Hancock. Emily S., Lakeland. Florida 224. Hanes. Kathleen T., New Smyrna Beach, Florida, 265. Hanley. Sherrill K., Ocala, Florida, 95, 250. Hanley, Morris A., Ocala, Florida, 106, 206, 265. Hanly, William C, Republic of Pana- ma, 278. Hanna, Alan D., Scotch Plains, New Jersey, 86. 265. Hansen, Grant, C. Vero Beach, Flori da, 111, 265. Haralson, Jerrly L., Sarasota, Florida 107, 166, 168, 239. Haralson, Richard E., Sarasota, Flori da, 83, 166, 181, 251. Hardee, Shirley F., Avon Park, Florida 92. 160, 239. Harding. Alice K., Sarasota, Florida 278. Hardy, Rodger S., Ormond Beach, Flor ida, 114. 166, 239. Hardy, Thomas D.. Ft. Lauderdale Florida. 97, 278. Hartje, Henry C. Jr., Lakeland, Florida 227. Harms, Dennis C, Jacksonville, Flori da, 150, 238. Harms, Robert A., Baldwin, New York 264. Harman, Richard A. Jr.. Lakeland, Flor ida, 264. Harmon. Gloria D., Jacksonville, Flori da, 102. 104, 105, 109, 278. Harris, Douglas B ., Decatur, Illinois 111. Harris, Marilyn A., Lakeland, Florida, 86, 113. 238. Harris, Nancy J.. Oyster Bay, New York, 134, 264. Harris, Patricia L., Poughkeepsie, New York, 130, 238. Harris, Randolph M., Naples, Florida, 264. Harris, Richard H., Wilmington, Dela- ware, 264. Harrison, James A. Jr., Bartow, Flor- ida, 93. 238. Harsh, Rebecca M., Rock Hill, South Carolina, 279. Hart, William C, Sparta, New Jersey, 251. Hartzog, George B. Ill, Arlington, Vir- ginia. 279. Harvester, Charles L., Ft. Hamilton New York. 114, 166, 250. Harvey, Ruth A., South Bend, Indiana 138, 239. Harvill, Howard L„ Arlington, Virginia 150. 239. Haselier, Robert K., Cresskill, New Jer sey, 164. 264. Hatcherson, Margaret S., Winter Park Florida, 134, 239. Haun, Vicki M., Clearwater, Florida, 279. Hausman, Marjorie A., West Palm Beach. Florida, 88. 279. Hawk. Carolyn R„ Winter Garden, Flor- ida. 239. Hawkins. David C, Narberth, Pennsyl- vania. 79. 140. 265. Hawkins. Thomas E.. Anna Maria, Flor- ida, 83. 239. Hawkins. William J., Deer Park, New York, 279. Hay. Richard T., Marengo, Illinois, 206 265. Hayden, Linda K., Zephyrhills, Florida 102, 104 105, 109, 250. Haynes, Susan K., Sanford, Florida 250. Heald, Mary L., Oradell, New Jersey 278. Heaston. Richard A., Lima, Ohio, 180 181. 278. Heathman, Mark A., Winter Haven Florida, 250. Hedberg. Leon T., St. Petersburg. Flo ida, 105. 114. 166. 259. Hedrick, Kay E.. Brandon. Florida, 278 Hedrick, Susan K., Ft. Sheridan, III ' nois, 97. 178. Heimmer. Harold A., New Hyde Park New York, 82. 250. Held. Mardi J., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 278. Helmick. Robert W. Jr., Lakeland, Flor ida. 97 110, 148, 250. Helminski. Christine R.. Lakeland, Flor ida. 238. Helsel. Stephen E., Dayton, Ohio, 98, 152, 265. Helseth. Phillip R. Jr., Vero Beach Florida. 265. Hemphill. William H., Elgin. Illinois 150. 238. Hemman. Stephen R., Norwood, Mas sachusetts. 97. 152, 265. Hendry, Judith A.. St. Petersburg. Flo ida. 265. Henrv, William I.. Pinella Park, Florida 278. HeDler. Olen L. Jr., Ormond Beach Florida, 111. 114, 140, 238. Heoler. Larry R., Ormond Beach, Flori da. 278. Heppbereer, Carol. 136. Herbst. Mary C, Tokyo, Japan, 179. Hering. Steven A., Hillsdale, New Jer- sey, 279. Herndon. Margaret E. Miami, Florida, 109, 279. Herr, Josephine, J., Ridgewood, New Jersey, 251. Herring, James K., Pandora, Ohio, 181, 279. Hess, Darrell E., Miami, Florida, 280. 310 Hibbard, Susan L., Sarasota, Florida, 264. Higby, Gary J., Palm Beach, Florida, 264. Higle. Alfred T. Jr., Ossining, New York, 144, 251. Hill. Orry W., Coral Gables. Florida, 93, 152, 238. Hilts, Margaret E., Lakeland, Florida, 265. Hink, Terrianne, Vienna, Virginia, 86, 136, 252. Hinson, Cheryl E., Augusta, Georgia, 102, 105. 138, 252. Hinman, Phillip J., Ft. Myers, Florida, 265. Hoagland, John S-, Abington, Pennsyl - vania. 280. Hobbs. Janice M., Hollywood, Florida, 280. Hockin, Reggie L., Hollywood, Florida, 280. Hoch, Gregory C, Oriskany Falls, New York. 177, 280. Hodges, John E., Lakeland, Florida. Hoffman, Kathleen L., Orlando, Flori- da, 98, 99, 253. Hoffman, Stephen G., Lee, Florida, 88, 156. 265. Hoffman, Carol H.. Lakeland, Florida. 104, 252. Hoffman, Nelson M., Lakeland, Florida, 215. Hofmann, Thomas C. Jr., Lakeland, Florida, 114, 203, 252. Hogg, Daniel F., Miami, Florida, 77, 94, 280. Hogshead, Dorothy A., Orlando, Flori- da. 280. Holdridge, Bruce E., Oneida, New York, 281. Holland, Elizabeth A., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 146, 239. Hollingsworth, Julia F., Atlanta, Geor- gia, 281. Holhs, Nancy C, Clearwater, Florida, 281. Holmes, Gerald B., Ocoee, Florida, 239. Holzschuh, Elaine E., Lakeland, Flori- da, 265. Homans, Peggy A., Brunswick, Geor- gia, 113, 168, 181, 252. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB, 93. Hood. Charles M. Ill, Winter Park, Florida, 283. Honeycutt, Mrs. Edna, Lakeland, Flori- da. 170. Hoover, William M., Miami, Florida, 97, 238. Hopkins, Donald M. Jr., Knightston Indiana, 93, 166, 238. Hopkins. John B., Lakeland, Florida 97. 150. 253. Hopper, Roger D., Clearwater, Florida 119, 140,252. Horton, Marianne, Lakeworth, Florida 91. 281. House. Mrs. Edwena. Lakeland, Flori da, 170. Houser, Diane H., St. Petersburg, Flor- ida, 96, 97, 110, 238. Houts, Donald G., Lakeland, Florida, 105, 265. Houts. Jack, Lakeland, Florida, 105, 221. Howard, Bert M., Wachula, Florida, 181,-281. Howe, Gaylon L. Jr., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 80, 106, 114, 119,-121, 229, Howell, John, Lakeland, Florida, 221. Howell, Lucinda M., Union, New Jer- sey, 281. Howell, Marshall F. Jr., Jacksonville, Florida, 280. Howison. Patricia A., Jacksonville, Flor- ida, 252. Howland, Adelaide H., Ocean City, New Jersey. 186, 252. Hoyt. Karen K., Pinellas Park, Florida, 280. Hrabko. Randall P.. West Palm Beach Florida. 280. Hudgins, Helen P., Rockville, Mary land, 280. Hudson, Carl S., Lakeland, Florida 203. Huff. Mary W., Atlanta, Georgia, 142 252. Huff. Harriet G., Tifton, Georgia, 280 Hughes, Charles G., Lakeland, Florida 265. Hughson, Bettv J., Delray Beach, Flor ida, 102. 107. 108. 109. 239. Huguenin. Helene C, Lakeland, Flori- da. 77, 280. Hull, Sarah W.. Plant City Florida, 253. Humphrey. David T., Lancaster, Cali- fornia, 253. Hunsucker, Daniel D., Raleigh, North Carolina. 150, 240. Hunt. Jeffrey L., York, Pennsylvania, 181, 281. Hunt, Nancy B., Melbourne Beach, Florida. 281. Hutchens, Janice L., Sarasota, Florida, 107. 109. 281. Hutchinson, Col. Robert C, Lakeland, Florida. 202, 222. Hutson, Margaret E., Opa-Locka, Flori- da. 105. 134. 264. Huyett, Nancy J.. Boynton Beach, Flor- ida. 281. Hyde. Eloise E., Waverly, Pennsylvania, 281. Hyson, Mrs. Dorothy, Lakeland, Flori- da, 170. INTERLACHEN, 99. INTERNATIONAL CLUB, 96. Isaacs, Brenda M., Port Charlotte, Flor- ida. 264. Jacks, David L„ Lakeland, Florida, 106, 224. Jackson, Dana R„ Kenton. Ohio, 265. Jahn, Theodore, B. II, Lakeland, Flori- da, 253. James, Clinton B., Islamorada, Florida, 77, 281. James, Ted M., Lakeworth, Florida, 166. 240. James, Samuel P. II, Bartow, Florida, 265. Jarrell, Pamela A., Seminole, Florida, 280. Jarrett, James S. Jr., Lakeland, Flori- da, 224. Jeffries, Edward F. Jr., Lakeland, Flori- da. 225. Jelonek, Carol A., New York, New York, 96, 97, 280. Jenkins, Andrea C, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 187, 281. Jenkins, Mary G., Miami Springs, Flor- ida, 280. Jenkins, Thomas S., Leesburg, Vir- ginia. 280. Jerkins. Thomas L., Sarasota, Florida, 152.265. Johannes, Michael A., Lantana, Flori- da, 95, 101, 253, 325. Johnson. Agnes, Lakeland, Florida, 215. Johnson, James L., Miami, Florida, 280. Johnson. Larry G., Port Gibson, New York. 280. Johnson, Linda C, Jacksonville, Flori da, 281. Johnson, Michael D.. Fernandino, Flor ida. 181. 265. Johnson, Mary A., North Miami Beach Florida, 281. Johnson. Marion D., Auburndale, Flo ida, 265. Johnson. Inez B., Brandon, Florida 240. Johnson, Perry R., Lakeland, Florida 252. Johnson. Richard A., Queens, New York. Johnson, Shirley A., Meriden, Connec- ticut, 280. Joiner, Fredrica W., Camilla, Georgia, 265. Jones, David C. Ill, Wyoming, Ohio, 280. Jones, Donald J., Ft. Lauderdale, Flor- ida, 281. Jones, Fred H., Cocoa Beach, Florida 280. Jones, James T., Orlando, Florida, 106 148, 252. Jones, Joe E.. Wabasso, Florida, 102 103, 104, 106, 109, 265. Jones, Kenneth R., Tampa, Florida 264. Jones, Albert O., Galks Ferry, Connec ticut, 77, 88, 280. Jones, Stephanie A., Riverview, Flori da, 280. Jones, Thomas R. Jr., Miami, Florida 86, 154, 181. 252. Jongewaard, Pauline, Indianapolis, In diana. 88, 280. Jonitis Peter P., Lakeland, Florida 96.223. . ,_. Jordan, John R., Atlanta, Georgia, 154 264. Jordan. Juliana, Lakeland, Florida, 87 88, 97. 221. Jorgensen, Alfred C, Brockton, Massa chusetts, 86, 114, 265. Jourdan. Jean L., Carey, North Caro lina, 92, 98,99, 126, 150, 240. Joyce, Lorraine, Rochester, Pennsyl vania, 110, 240. Joyner, Wesley L., Lake Wales, Florida 166. 265. Judy. Vivian P., Bradenton, Florida, 77 83, 168. 181. 265. Jung. Marjorie D.. Sheboygan, Wiscon sin. 88, 134, 252. JUNIOR ADVISORS, 82. Jurecko. John. Cleveland, Ohio, 180, 265. Kahn. Robert W., Ft. Pierce, Florida. 280. KAPPA ALPHA. 140. KAPPA DELTA, 142. KAPPA DELTA PI, 113. KAPPA PI. 92. KAPPA SIGMA, 144. Karrick, Jonnie L., Orlando, Florida, 252. Kasper, Shirley E., Clayton, New Jer- sey, 264. Kaufman. Gerald. Ellenville, New York, 76, 114, 162. 177,252. Keel, Howard. 164. Keeler, Jill R., Miami, Florida, 111, 281. Keen, Lynda Z., Lake Wales, Florida, 241. Keenan, Judith A., Indianapolis, Indi- ana. 187, 280. Keene, Donald C, Sarasota, Florida, 114, 140, 253. Keene, Penelope A., St. Petersburg, Florida. 281. Keiser, Edward H., Jr., Tampa, Florida, 177, 253. Kelley, Dewey P. II, Atlanta, Georgia, 281. ••■%■•♦.%• The " Cafe " got you down? Try Jerry ' s Pizza King Grove Park YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND THAT PERFECT GIFT AT . . . GEO. L. GAINES, JEWELER 112 SOUTH TENNESSEE AVENUE PHONE 682-2131 111! FEfiST OF OLD FASHIONED FLAVORS DIFFER DAN WORLDWIDE AIR AND STEAMSHIP SERVICE CRUISES - TOURS — ... ftlnewitaJ Jack and Leon Mengel 225 S. Kentucky Ave. Phone 682-3163 Lakeland, Florida WAR NOCK ' S FURNITURE 302 East Memorial Blvd. Telephone 682-2222 Kellner, Sherrill, W., Lakeland, Florida, 113,241. Kelly, Lana M., Homestead, Florida, 107, 109 281. Kelly, James J., Somerville, New Jer- sey, 83, 265. Kelly, Jeff T., Lakeland, Florida, 122. Kelly. Suzanne E„ Atlanta, Georgia, 281. Kelsey, Barbara A., Lake Placid, Flori- da, 113, 168, 241. Kelsey, Robert B., New Canaan, Con- necticut, 106, 150, 241. Kemp, Barbara J., Lakeland, Florida, 225. Kennedy, Peggy A., Portsmouth, Vir- ginia, 281. Kennedy, Thelma F., Clermont, Florida, 111. 253. Kerrick. Donald L„ Islamorada, Flori- da, 77. 280. Kerrick, Lyn, Orlando, Florida, 105. Kesling, Gene E., Norwalk, Ohio, 265. Keyser, Jane L., Winter Park, Florida, 265. Kiel, Howard H., Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 267. Kiesel, Thomas F., Lakeland, Florida, 95, 253. Kimbrell, William P., New Orleans, Louisiana. 114. 140. 267. Kincheloe. Robert W„ Rocky Mount, North Carolina, 109, 241. King. Carolyn J.. Bartow, Florida, 253. King, Caroi W., Spring Lake, New Jer- sey, 280. King, Christine C, Satellite Beach, Florida. 77, 280. King, John S., Clearwater, Florida, 253. Kingsbury, Erdie R. II, Orlando. Flori- da, 114, 150,203, 253. Kinter, Lawrence R., Orlando, Florida, 77,86, 158, 267. Kinsey, Harry G., West Palm Beach, Florida, 107 267. Kirkwood, Lawrence R., Chicago, Illi- nois, 82, 94, 95, 96, 97. 106, 109, 252. Kiser, Rory E., Lima, Ohio, 280. Kjellstrom, Richard, E., Carlisle, Penn- sylvania. 140, 267. Kleinschmidt, Janet L., Hollywood, Florida, 77, 138, 252. Kline, Keith B.. Hagerstown, Maryland, 280. Kohl, Thomas E., Ketterling, Ohio, 280. Kraczkowsky, Gregory M., New Britain, Connecticut. 144. 267. Knippers, Edward C, Lakeland. Florida, 225. Kramer, Mary J., Garden City, New York. 281. Krepps, Dianne M., Oxnard, California, 252. Kreider, Cristine A., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 134, 252. Kreidler, Linda L, MacDill AFB, Flori- da, 281. Kromp, Odalie K., Bradenton, Florida 97, 281. Krumeich, Bruce K., Lombard, Illinois 166. 267. Kubick, Ron, 166. Kuder, Roger A., Jacksonville, Florida 281. Kuehn. Alvin, Lakeland, Florida, 97. Kuitert, Linda S., Gainesville, Florida, 267. Kuiken, Nicholas, Fairlawn, New Jer- sey, 281. Kyler, George S., Palm Beach. Florida, 281. Lady, Carol L.. Arlington. Virginia, 281 Laher. Joseph K. Jr., Ft. Lauderdale Florida, 177, 267. Lamb. Scott M., Opa Locka, Florida, 82, 144, 266. Lamont. Donna C. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 77, 252. Landrum. David V., Ft. Lauderdale. Florida. 177. 283. Lane, James T. Jr., Jacksonville, Flori- da, 107. 283. Lane. Barry W., Jacksonville, Florida, 177. 283. Lanford, Harriet S., Frostproof, Florida, 250. Lashley, Virginia D., Lakeland, Florida, 241. Laslie. CPT. James C. Jr., Lakeland, Florida 202. Lavoie. Kenneth F., Chepachet, Rhode Island, 150,252. Lawrence. Garnet C, Lakeland, Flori- da. 283. Lawrence. Karen L., Atlanta, Georgia 130. 266. Lawrence, Linda J., Florence, South Carolina, 86, 132. 267. Lawrence, Thomas P.. Nashville, Ten- nessee. 100. 101, 144, 240. Lawton. Helen, T., Orlando, Florida, 99. 136. 267. Lawson Cathey A.. West Palm Beach, Florida, 80, 88, 267. Laymon. Charles M., Lakeland, Flori- da, 217. Layow, Harley E., Miami. Florida, 241. Lazzeroni, Barry D., St. Petersburg, Florida. 79, 114. 140. 241. Leahy, Thomas T., Dearborn, Michi- gan. 267. League, Edwin J., Lakeland, Florida, 241. Ledwith, Karen L., North Palm Beach, Florida. 267. Lee. Carol A., Fremont, North Caro- lina, 267. Lee, William J., Lakeland, Florida, 240. Lehman, Jay W., Scotch Plains, Flor- ida, 166, 177, 267. Lehman, Bonney S., Lake City, Florida, 107, 109. 253. Letson, Lynda J., Clearwater, Florida, 283. Lesher, Donald S., Lake Helen, Flor- ida, 97, 114, 164. 253. Leslie, Bonney S., Lake City, Florida, 107, 109, 253. Lewellen. Gloria L., St. Augustine, Florida, 253. Lewis, Joseph A., Lakeland, Florida, 98, 187. 325. Lewis, Mary S., Melbourne, Florida, 283. Lewis. Randy J.. West Palm Beach, Florida, 150, 266. Lewis, Richard F., Beckley. West Vir- ginia, 76, 94, 119, 134, 154, 180, 247, 253. Lincoln, Rodney L., Branford, Connec- ticut. 283. Lindo, Candance G., Cazenousia, New York. Linville. Patricia W., Jacksonville, Flor- ida, 77, 82, 168, 253. Lion, Charles A., Miami Shores, Flor- ida, 283. Lippert, Jeanne L., Jacksonville, Flor- ida. 168. 253. Lippack. Pamela A., North Miami, Florida. 283. Litt, Janet, Miami, Florida, 88,97,134 266. Livesay, Robert B. Jr., Lakeland, Flor- ida, 241. Lobek, Mrs. Gertrude M., Lakeland, Florida. 170. Locke, Daniel K., Seaford, New York 152, 253. Loeper, Nancy I., Havertown, Pennsyl- vania. 142, 267. Loeseke. William H., Bloomington, llli- nois, 252. Long, Frances M.. Jacksonville, Flori- da, 109, 110, 267. Long, Robert E.. Jacksonville, Florida, 95, 96. 106. 109. 114, 252. Long, Winifield C, Lake Alfred, Flori- da, 283. Longendyke, Paula S., Maitland, Flori- da, 142, 267. Lott. Almina J.. Largo, Florida. 105, 107, 109. 252. Lott, John Raymond, Lakeland. Flori- da, 220. Lott, Roy M., Lakeland, Florida, 216. Loveda " Leigh H., Lakeland, Florida, 97. 110, 252. Lovelace, Marsha K., Lakeland, Flori- da, 113. 241. Lowe, Pollv S., Louisville, Kentucky, 79, 146, 267. Lowman, Brian F., Lakeland, Florida, 283. Luce, Francis L., Lakeland, Florida, 223. Luce Jon P., Lakeland, Florida, 93, 267. Luce, Nancy E., Lakeland, Florida, 267. Lueders. Donna L., Homestead, Flori- da, 267. Lulos, Theadora M., Winter Park, Flor- ida. 266. Lupfer, Mrs. Mary, Lakeland, Florida, 170. Luscher, Ellen H., Shelby. North Caro- lina. 86, 252. Lusby, Jeanette I., Camp Springs, Maryland. 282. Lutz. Beverlee R.. Lakeland, Florida, 109. 160. 252. Lvle. William R., Bartow, Florida. 266. Lynch. Linda K., Jacksonville, Florida, 160, 229. 241. MacBroom, Margaret C, St. Peters- burg, Florida, 282. Macchi. James S., Oakland, Florida, 253. MacDonald, Robert, Lakeland, Florida, 217. MacGowan, Robert, Lakeland, Florida, 94. Mack. Karen L., Wilton, Connecticut, 282. Mack, Linda, 105. Mack. Thomas B., Lakeland, Florida, 112. 227. Mackiernan, Judieth A., Brandon, Flor- ida. 282. Mackernan, Meridith A., Brandon, Flor- ida. 282. MacLeod. Theo P., Gloucester, Massa- chusetts. Madden. Claudia E., Monsey, New York, 282. MaGill. Edmund B., Winter Park. Flor- ida, 282. Manley. Walter W., Winter Haven, Flor- ida, 153. Mahonev. Katheleen, Lakeland, Flori- da. 181, 224. Margolis John A.. New Rochelle, New York. 253. Marriot. Robert C, Fern Park, Florida, 148, 224. Markert, Deborah A., Arlington, Vir- ginia, 77,78, 110, 253. Marsh, Susan J.. Ft. Meade, Florida, 82, 109, 168, 253. Marson, Lucy A., Great Neck, New York, 267. Martel, Elizabeth N., Levittown, New York, 136, 253. Martin. Charles D., St. Petersburg, Florida, 76, 119, 136, 150, 259, 267. Martin, Mary A., Oviedo, Florida, 283. Martinez, Jose R., Lakeland, Florida, 97, 221. Martinex. Francisca, Lakeland, Florida, 136, 259, 267. Marting, Timothy J., St. Louis, Mis- souri, 83. Martone. Gary E., Pompano, Beach, Florida, 162, 267. Mason, Lynn L., Gastonia, North Caro- lina, 97. Mason, Betty O., Lakeland, Florida 225. Mast, Richard W., Morristown New Jersey, 241. Masters, Charles F., Lakeland, Florida 227. Matlock, Charles C, Lakeland, Florida 225. Mattes, William, Whippany, New Jer- sey, 283. May. Dale C, 283. Mayer, Fred H. Jr., Latana, Florida, 101, 156, 241. Mayse, Carol L., Cocoa Beach, Florida, 146, 240. McAdams, Ann C, Sebring, Florida, 75, 76, 77, 106, 240. McAfee, Nancy L., Miami, Florida 267 McAfee, Beverly L., Virginia Beach, Virginia, 77, 105, 136, 267. McAnnich. Glen A., Hollywood, Florida, 94, 283. McAninch, Nancy C, Jupiter, Florida, 282. McBain, James G., Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, 144, 266. McBride, Barry, Locust Valley, New York, 282. McBride. Kathy L., Charleston AFB, South Carolina, 119. 130, 204, 253 McBride. Robert R.. Orlando, Florida, 110. 266. McCall, Kitty A.. Hazelwood, North Carolina, 91, 109, 282. McCay, Ann J., College Park, Georgia 132, 266. McClelland, Lloyd S. Sr., Plant City Florida, 97, 107, 240. McClure, George M., Apopka, Florida 282. McCloskey. James, Lakeland, Florida 110. 226. McCollum, Harry C, Lakeland, Florida 266. McConaghy. Marie, M., Mobile, Ala bama, 168, 253. McCowen. Murray A., Macon, Georgia 146, 255. McCown, Philip R. Jr., Sarasota, Flori da, 144, 255. McCoy, Maurice E., Chamblee, Geor gia. 266. McCullough, Carol S., Sarasota, Flor ida. 266. McCullough, Donna K., Punta Gorda Florida, 105, 168, 255. McDaniel, Arthur H., Flagler Beach Florida, 282. McDaniel. Mrs. Frances, Lakeland Florida, 170. McDonald, Cynthia L., Winter Haven Florida. 170. McElroy, Melanie, Winter Park, Florida 266. McEwen. SFC Lewis J., Lakeland, Flor ida, 203. McFarland, Michael D., Lakeland, Flor ida, 240. McFarland, Elaine H., Lakeland, Flori da, 255. McGee, Andrea L.. Chamblee, Georgia 104, 105, 136, 267. McGill, Dennis R., Ft. Rucker, Ala bama. 114, 166, 255. McGinnes. Don S., Lakeland, Florida 114. 255. McGriff. Gary L, Lafayette, Indiana 166. 180. 267. McGriff, Teresa A., Atlanta, Georgia 266. McKee, Steven L., Orlando, Florida 241. McLaurin. Johnna L., North Augusta South Carolina, 91, 282. McLean. George A., Ridgefield, Con necticut, 283. McManeus. Barbara N., Tampa, Floi da. 77-134. 255. McMullen. Linda A., Tampa, Florida, 132. 255. McMamee, Sarah L., Nashville. Ten- nessee, 98, 255. McPeek. Kathv L.. Gainesville, Florida, 106, 109. 130, 187, 266. Mead, Ramsay 0., Jacksonville, Flori- da. 283. Mecke. George III, Jacksonville, Flori- da. 144. 241. Meide, Mary H., Jacksonville, Florida, 241. Mellon. Peter L., Ft. Lauderdale, Flori- da, 152. 241. Melton. Helen K., Melbourne, Florida 106, 146. 241. Mene. Mary L., Placida, Florida. 132 254. MEN ' S RESIDENT HALL ADVISORS 82. MEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT AS SOCIATION 77. MEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT AS SOCIATION JUDICIAL BOARD, 79 Mercuno, John J., Sarasota, Florida, 140, 266. Meredith, Gail S., Lake Worth, Florida, 138, 254. Meriwether, Pamela E., Sanford, Flor- ida, 130, 266. Merritt, Susan, Lake Park, Florida, 130, 240. Merryman, Margaret A., Montreal, Canada, 77,93, 160, 240. Mertz. Alan J., 240. Merseles, Anne E., Santurce, Puerto Rico, 86, 113, 146, 266. Mersereau, Maty R„ Hialeah, Florida, 283. Messeberg, Laura L., St. Petersburg, Florida, 76, 106. 130, 162, 240. Metz, Mary A., Belleville, Pennsylvania, 240. Metzler, Paul J., Wilton, Connecticut, 283. Meux, William L., Sebring, Florida, 283. Michel, Frederick A., Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, 164, 266. Miles. Arthur X., Arlington, Virginia, 144. 177, 266. Middleton. Sandra K., Lakeland, Flori- da. 79. 217. Miller, Billie L., Indianapolis, Indiana, 282. Miller, John M. Jr., Bradenton, Florida, 282. Miller, Patricia A., Satellite Beach, Florida, 168, 282. Miller, Patricia, J., Winter Haven, Flor- ida, 255. Miller, Sandra K., Gainesville, Florida, 96, 241. Miller, Mrs. Eva, Lakeland, Florida, 170. Miller, SSG. Jerry L., Lakeland, Flori- da, 203. Milligan, Thomas, Lakeland, Florida, 113, 225. Millington, Joseph T., Lakeland, Flori- da, 225. Millikem, Lesley A., Lakeland, Florida, 267. Mills, Frederick M., Galesburg, Michi- gan, 162,267. Mills. Robert E„ Chevy Chase, Mary- land, 282. Minton, Sheryn S., Orlando, Florida, 241. Mirelson, Robert N., Miami Beach, Florida, 282. Mitchell. Frances P., Island Creek, Massachusetts, 136, 152, 268. Mitchell, Elizabeth M., Lakeland, Flor- ida, 106. 160, 255. Mitchell, Mary L., Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, 134, 268. Mitton, Marilynn L., Pequannock, New Jersey, 268. Mitterling, Christine B., Melbourne, Florida, 283. Mixon, David R., Mayport. Florida, 283. Mize. Virginia L., Satellite Beach, Flor- ida. 283. MOCCASINS. 91. MOCKETTES. 91. Moerck, Kurt E., Wayne, New Jersey, 177, 283. Moerck, Rudi, Wayne, New Jersey, 96, 97, 110. Ill, 119, 152, 255. Mohney, Alan B., Seminole, Florida, 283. Molloy, Mark B., Jacksonville, Florida, 283. Montgomery, Elizabeth Y., Moquer, Spain. 241. Montgomery, Kathryn A., Atlanta, Geor- gia, 268. Moody. David S., Jacksonville, Florida, 283. Mook. Ruth E., St. Petersburg, Florida, 102, 105, 107, 107, 269. Moore, David W., Fairfax, Virginia, 97, 282. Moore, Eleanor, Lakeland, Florida, 230. Moore, Janice T., Jacksonville, Florida, 168,241. Moore. Joyce E.. Stone Mountain, Geor- gia. 86. 132, 255. Moore. James A., Geneva, New York, 282. Moore. Linda L.. St. Petersburg, Flor- ida, 77, 82, 119, 134, 255. Moore, Patricia K., Lakeland, Florida, 138, 269. Morford, Lois J.. Hollywood, Florida, 94, 109. 113, 134, 255. Morgan. Gary W., West Palm Beach, Florida, 114, 156, 255. Morinaga, Masataka, Tokyo, Japan, 282. Morin, Suzanne M., Miami, Florida, 282. Morreale, Barth J., Northbrook, Illi- nois, 129, 144, 254. Morris, Craig S., Silver Spring, Mary- land, 106, 148. 269. Morris. Suzanne M., West Palm Beach, Florida. 268. Morris, Ralph, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 282. Morrison, Frances A., Atlanta, Georgia, 254. Morrison, Jane B., Montverde, Florida, 83, 96, 97, 107, 241. Morton, Nancy L., Homosassa, Florida, 255. Moseley. William H., Winter Park, Flor- ida, 282. Mosley, James L., Casselberry, Florida, 177,282. 312 FOR THE BEST IN BANKING PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND WITH TRUST DEPARTMENT 115 South Missouri Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION — 313 Montcastle, William W., Lakeland, Flor- ida, 221. Moyer, Sharon A., Boynton Beach, Florida, 242. Moyer, James A., Vero Beach, Florida, 110, 268. Moye, Margaret D., 94, 136. Muir, Craig R., Pompano Beach, Flor- ida, 162. 268. Muller, Sarah E., North Palm Beach, Florida, 282. Munc Judith M., Miami, Florida, 119, 132, 255. Mundy, William B., Lakeland, Florida, 217. Munnell. Stephen W., Maitland, Flori- da, 282. Murdock. Lana J., Orlando, Florida, 242. Murphey. Philip W., Key West, Florida, 114. 140, 242. Murphy. Kenneth B.. Lakeland. Florida. Murphy, Ronald R., Malvern, Pennsyl- vania, 268. Murphy, Walter T., Lakeland, Florida, 215. MUSIC EDUCATORS CONFERENCE, 104. Musselman, Donald E., Lakeland, Flor- ida, 221. Mustoe, Antony Q., Lakeland, Florida, 227. Myers. Michael T., Indianapolis, In- diana, 282. Naclerio Judith E.. Miami. Florida, 134. 242. Napier, Patsy D., Dowelltown, Tennes- see. 99, 282. Neal. Nancy J., Punta Gorda, Florida, 102. 104. 105, 268. Neese. Jacquelyn I., Clearwater, Flori- da. 282. Nelms, Linda 0., Miami, Florida, 102, 104. 138. 269. Nelson, Nikki S., Lakeland, Florida, 138, 242. Nesta, Angelo, Hollywood. Florida, 282. Nevin. Carol A., West Palm Beach, Florida. 285. Newcomer. Patricia A.. Sarasota, Flor- ida, 98, 101. 160, 243. Newman. David H., Jacksonville, Flori- da. 269. Newsom. Julian T., Jacksonville, Flor- ida 285. Newsome, Irene M., Ft. Meade, Flori- da. 255. Nicholson, George E., Lakeland, Flori- da. 114, 150, 255. Nicholson, Nancy. Evansville, Indiana, 285. Nrles, Jean L., Deerfield Beach, Flori- da. 243. Nixon, John L. Jr., Jacksonville, Flor- ida. 243. Norris. Patsy. 109. Northacker, William H., Berlin, Ger- many, 158, 269. Norton. Julia E.. Orlando. Florida 285. Norton. William S. Ill, Houston, Texas, 285. Novotnv. Robert M., Orlando, Florida, 150. 181, 243. Nusbickel. Fred R., Winter Park, Flori- da 285. Oberle, Bonnie S., Avon Park, Florida, 243. Odum. Walter G., Orange Park, Flori- da. 154. 269. Ogden. Brenda L., Winter Haven, Flor- ida. 285. Ohnmacht. Sandra M.. Somerville, New Jersey. 88. 138, 255. Onalinski. Michael P.. Greensboro, North Carolina. 156.177,268. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA, 80. ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY, 114. Orr. Linda J., Pompano Beach, Florida, 91. 285. Orth Charles A., Lakeland, Florida, 150. 255. Osborne, Zebulon L.. Umatilla, Florida. 76. 80. 114. 120, 150, 203. 229, 242. Osterholm, Carol A., Jensen Beach, Florida. 106. 255. O ' toole. Kathleen P., Vero Beach. Flor- ida. 285. Owens. James L.. New Smyrna Beach, Florida. 105. 164, 242. Packingham, Robert W., Orlando. Flor- ida. 242. Padgett, Mrs. Ruth, Lakeland, Florida, 170. Paeth, Gale A., Apopka, Florida, 285. Page. James B., Brunswick, Georgia, 268. Palmer, Janes, Orlando, Florida, 113, 254. Palumbo, Anthony J., Levittown, New York, 285. Pappas, Dean. North Miami, Florida, 114, 162, 254. Paredes, Dianne R., Jacksonville, Flor- ida, 138, 242. Parker, SP4 Lowell E., Auburndale, Florida, 203. Parks, Lola L„ Ft. Meade, Florida, 102, 104. 105, 268. Parsche, Paula K., Lakeland, Florida, 102, 105, 284. Parsons, Darrell A., Tavares, Florida. Parsons, Eloise M„ Tavares, Florida, 88, 105, 168, 268. Parsons. Linda J., Mansfield, Ohio 142, 204, 242. Parsons, Linda M.. West Palm Beach Florida, 106, 255. Partazana, Margaret A., Charleroi Pennsylvania. 158, 243. Patrick, Kerry L., Fairfax, Virginia, 136 268. Patrick, Robert A.. Largo, Florida, 284 Paugh, David L., Lakeland, Florida, 97 255. Paulk, Virginia, Crystal Beach, Florida 268. Pauley, Stephen H., New Smyrna Beach, Florida, 285. Paup, Martha J., Grand Rapids, Mich igan, 285. Pearsall, Julia. Opa Locka, Florida 168,269. Pearson, Kathy I., Hialeah, Florida, 285 Pearson, Teresa A., Sarasota, Florida 285. Pearson. Teresa A., Sarasota, Florida 93, 130, 255. Peaslee, Margaret H., Lakeland, Flori da. 227. Peck. Charles L., Homeland, Florida 285. Peek, Barbara J.. St. Petersburg, Flor ida, 269. Peers. Suzanne L., Clewiston, Florida 107,255. . Pelland, Lynn D., Lake Worth, Florida 187, 285. Persak, Gail M., Pompano Beach, Flor ida, 119, 138, 243. Petcoff, Thomas S., Pompano Beach Florida. 162, 269. Peters, Carl J.. Lakeland, Florida, 112 243. Peters, Daniel. M.. Miami. Florida. 285 Peters, Jeanette. West Hampton Beach New York, 285. Peters, William S.. Venice, Florida, 284 Pfister, Marjorie D., Freeport, New Jer sey, 83. 138. 255. Pheiber, Janet L., Vero Beach, Florida 269. Phillips, Dale L., Orlando, Florida, 164 255. Phillips, Vivan A., Chattanooga, Ten nessee, 269. PhilliDs. William E. Jr.. Largo, Florida 166. 243. Phipps, Glenn N., Petersburg, Virginia 268. PI DELTA EPSILON. 98. Pierson. Glenn N., Jacksonville, Flori da. 285. PI GAMMA MU. 94. PI KAPPA ALPHA. 150. PI KAPPA PHI. 152. Piner, Janet M.. Lakeland, Florida, 243 Pino. Jane F., Oradell, New Jersey 285. Pirtle. Sherrill L., Jerseyville, Illinois 285. Plowman. Craig S.. Wayne, New Jer sey. 111. 164. 254. Plotkin. JoseDh A.. Miami Beach, Flori da. 119. 162. 225. POLITICAL UNION, 95. Polk, Sarah D.. Otis AFB Massachu setts, 285. Pollock, Dorothea, Indialantic, Florida 285. Ponsler, Gene A., Portage. Indiana, 77 285. Pope, James D.. Capron, Virginia, 242 Porter, Patricia B., Lakeland, Florida 254. Posey, Joseph R.. Opa Locka, Florida 285. Powell. Laura R.. Marietta, Georgia 99, 284. Pree. Mary M.. Excelsior. Minnesota 284. Prentice. Mrs. Freda, Lakeland, Flor ida. 170. Pressley, Joyce P., Moore Haven Florida, 242. Presley, Jerrv M.. Lakeland, Florida 106. 119, 144, 242. Prestwood, Minnie R., Lakeland, Flor. ida, 242. Press, Frank F., Tampa. Florida, 148 254. Preuss, Marie E., Tampa, Florida 168 254. Prevatt. Alene S.. Orange Park, Flor ida. 142, 186. 268. Price, Bruce R.. Sugarloaf, Pennsyl vania. 254. Price, Sara E., Lakeland, Florida, 242 Price. Tom J.. Lakeland, Florida, 107 108, 217. Procter, Linda R., Venice, Florida, 112 168, 254. Pryor, Paul J., Orlando. Florida, 269 Pryor. Gregory R., Orlando, Florida 285. Przychodniecz, Robert W., Newark New Jersey, 152, 285. Pullum, Linda G., Orlando, Florida 285. Putnam, Robert P., Harvard, Illinois 78, 144, 180, 181, 269. PSI CHI. 106. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB, 106. Race. Joe B., Winter Haven, Florida 112. 254. Ragsdale, Dural R., Starke, Florida 255. Raimondi, Cosmos J., Indianapolis, In diana, 285. Randall, Barry T., Poughkeepsie, New York, 77, 166, 243. Randall. Linda L., Lakeland, Florida 77, 285. Randle, Thomas E., Tampa, Florida 206, 285. Ranson, Constance A., Gastonia, North Carolina, 285. Rau, John K., Nashville Tennessee, 86, 256. Rawlins, Paula E., Jacksonville, Flor ida, 243. Readdick, David L., Lakeland, Florida 80, 215. Ream, Albert W., Lakeland, Florida 216. Reddick, Devorah A., Avon Park, Flor ida, 243. Reed, Charles R, Lakewood, California Reed, Peter M., Winter Park, Florida 152, 269. Rees, Nancy G., Arlington, Virginia 142, 255. Reeves, Michael J., Clearwater, Flor ida, 284. Reid, Johnna R., Paducah, Kentucky 119, 142, 204, 254. Reid, Linda L, Pahokee, Florida, 134 254. Reinsch. Bernhard P., Lakeland, Flor ida, 227. Repass. Hazel P., Bonita Springs, Flor ida 181. 284. Repass, Kathleen B., Naples, Florida 134, 269. Reuter. John R., Lakeland, Florida 221. Reynolds, Alton M., Lakeland, Florida 284. Reynolds, Regina M., Islamorada Florida. 105, 284. Rhamstine, Thomas E., St. Petersburg Florida, 269. Rhodes, Jack D., West Palm Beach Florida, 156, 254. Rice, Sadie B. R., Lakeland, Florida Rich, Michael C. Harbour Island, Ba hamas. 177, 284. Richards, Jean A., Decatur, Georgia 142, 269. Richards, Lionel D. Jr., Plantation Florida. 284. Richardson, David L., Lawrenceburg, Indiana. 284. Richardson, Linda M., Orlando, Flor ida, 97, 285. Rider, Mary B., Franklin, Indiana, 98 99, 130, 268. Rifenbur°h, Wendy A., East Meadow New York. 254. Riley. William E., Sarasota, Florida 156, 206, 268. Rion, Fount H.. Palatka, Florida, 269 Rippon, Frederick B., Cocoa, Florida 269. Roadamel, Robert C, Lake Worth Florida. 166. Robarts, Thomas M., Sarasota, Florida 285. Robbins. Carol, Delray Beach, Florida 98, 101. 110, 186, 254. Robbins, Joseph E. Jr., Lakeland, Flor ida. 220. Roberts, Carter S„ Lakeland, Florida 216. Roberts, Katherine L.. Renny Farms Florida, 96. 130. 269. Roberts. Janice A., Staten Island, New York. 148. 254. Robertson, David L., Lakeland, Florida 243. Robinson. George, Lakeland, Florida 110, 227. Robinson, Frank P., Greeneville, Ten nessee, 97. 269. Robinson. Sara M., Elkton, Virginia 76 111. 168, 254. Robinson, Susan R., Pompano Beach Florida, 285. Robinson. William L., Apopka, Florida 140. 243. Rockwood. Robert JR.. Lakeland. Flor ida. 258. Rodenbaugh, Susan E., Memphis, Ten nessee, 285. Rodgers. S Sgt. Truett. Lakeland, Flor ida. 203. Roger. James C. Jr., Leesburg, Flor ida. 76, 77. 78, 94, 95, 154, 228 242. Rogers, Margaret L., Atlanta, Georgia 285. Rogers, Mead F., Jr., Lakeland, Flor ida, 216. Rogers. Susan D.. Easton, Connecticut 92. 98 99. 242. Rohrer, Frederick L., Atlanta, Georgia 285. Romberger Helen C, Bethesda, Mary land, 242. Rooks. Larry G.. Jacksonville, Florida 79, 82, 97, 255. Rooney, John L., Vero Beach, Florida 284. Rose. Richard C, Hollywood, Florida 144, 269. Ross, Norman L., West Palm Beach Florida, 284, Rothberg, Suzann, Plainfield, New Jer sey, 142. 284. Rousset, Densie R., Elizabeth, New Jersey. 107. 134, 256. Rowan. Gail F., Westburg, New York, 130, 269. Rowland, Paula D., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 93, 136, 242. Rubio, Albert M., Tampa, Florida, 94 242. Ruch. David E., Winter Park, Florida 284. Rucks, Beryl, Miami, Florida, 138, 269 Rucks, Jeanne M., Okeechobee, Flor ida. 77, 284. Rucks, Larnell, Okeechobee, Florida 134, 257. Ruderman, Frances, Lakeland, Florida 96, 221. Rundela, Anthony J., South Plainfield New Jersey, 284. Runner, John R., Orlando, Florida, 284 Rushing, Judith A., Winter Park, Flor ida. 130, 204, 256. Russak, George N., Miami, Florida 152, 268. Russell, Charles E., Northbrook, llli nois, 144, 256. Russell, Robert A., Dover, Delaware 285. Ruthel, R. Inge, Sheffield, Massachu setts, 256. Ryals, William, Lakeland. Florida, 221 Ryder, James, Lakeland, Florida, 87 148. Sabatini, Donald, Madison, New Jer sey, 166, 243. Sacco, Phillip D., Orlando, Florida 285. Sams, Michael D., Miami, Florida, 75, 80. 114, 119, 121, 126, 166, 204 243. Samuels, William F., Orlando, Florida 242. Samuelson, Terry L., Lakeland, Flor ida, 97, 268. Sanders, Susan K., Atlanta, Georgia 48. 130, 257. Sanderson, Roger A., Winter Haven Florida, 110, 111, 242. Sandhagen, Ray L., Pompano Beach Florida, 285. Sandkuhl, Henry C, Short Hills, New Jersey, 88, 269. Sandusky, Linda C, Titusville, Florida 102, 160, 269. Sanford, Clive C, Largo, Florida, 158 269. Santiago, Rosalind J., Parris Island South Carolina, 77, 79, 256. Santiago. Rosario A., Miami, Florida 102, 105, 109, 113, 256. Sargent. Linda A., Atlanta, Georgia 106, 134, 242. Sa rgeant, Alice A., Lakeland, Florida 285. Sargeant, Ralph G. Jr., Lakeland, Flor ida, 269. Sauls. James H., Wauchula, Florida 286. Sawyer, Nancy H., Thetford Center Vermont, 286. Saxon. Ben L.. Ocala, Florida, 242. Sayre, Bruce A., Pompano Beach. Flor ida. 102, 103, 286. Scanio, Gregory J., Brooklyn, New York 162. 256. Scalabrin, Kathy I., Sarasota, Florida 286. Scaramucci, Sandra L., East Point, Georgia. 101. 134, 268. Scearce, Roger W., Orlando. Florida 286. Schaefer. Harold C, Lady Lake Florida. 77, 243. Scharfenberg, Ann D., Winter Park, Florida, 106. 160, 256. Schauer, Douglas F.. Pt. Washington New York, 166, 257. Schell, Linda D., Orlando, Florida, 86, 244. Scheutz, Monica L., Sarasota, Florida 244. Scherer, Joan M., Murray Hill, New Jersey, 130. 246, 257. Schmidt, Patricia A., St. Petersburg, Florida, 160, 271. Schofield. John K.. Winter Park, Flor ida. 114, 119. 154, 244. Schopf. Sarah L., Ft. Lauderdale, Flor ida. 134. 244. Schroeder William E., Miami, Florida 164. 269. Schron, Jack H., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 269. Schueszler, Jeanne A., Port Charlotte Florida. 269. Schutt. Carol L., Smyrna, Tennessee 286. Schewisthal. John M.. Hammond, In diana. 83. 180, 271. Scott. Carol S., Newark, Delaware 106, 134. 257. Scott. Janet D., Lakeland, Florida, 216 Scott Walter C. Jr., Alexandria, Vir- ginia. 144. 271. Seale, Capt. William J. Jr., Lakeland Florida, 202. Sears, Elizabeth P., High Point, North Carolina, 105. 286. Seegmiller, Douglas L., Lakeland, Flor ida, 287. Sefton. Thomas W., Anderson, Indiana 257. Sellers, Larue G., Decatur, Georgia 97, 164, 204, 244. Seltenright, Russell I., Miami, Florida 287. Setzer, David A., San Juan, Puerto Rico, 114, 138, 158, 271. Sewell, Nancy P., Montgomery, Ala bama, 287. Shafer, Lynn C, Ft. Myers, Florida 286. 314 %•,♦■%-„♦•• Congratulations from SHEPPARD DISTRIBUTORS 1045 South Florida Avenue MEAT PROCESSORS 315 Shatter, Barbara L., Deland, Florida 142, 271. Shannon, Victoria A., Millville, Nev. Jersey. 75, 130, 144. 186, 204, 245 Sharp, Raymond S., Dunnellon, Flor ida. 256. Sharpe, Robert D., Wilmington, Dela ware, 83, 99, 109, 286. Shatz, Stanley H., Jenkintown, Pen nsylvania, 88, 286. Shaw, Carolyn L, Lake City, Florida 286. Shaw, Gary A., Gulfport, Florida, 286 Sheffield, Norman L. Jr., Columbus Ohio, 256. Shelly. Dorothy J., Miami, Florida, 286 Sherman, Daniel H., Lakeland, Florida 114. 166. 245. Sherman, Daniel N., St. Petersburg Florida, 114, 140, 205, 245. Sherrill, Frances S., Pensacola, Flo ida. 76, 187, 287. Shewmaker, James T., Harrodsburg Kentucky, 271. Shewmaker, Stephen M., Harrodsburg Kentucky. 287. Shields, Margo V., Ridgefield, Connec ticut, 287. Shimer, Dan A.. Allentown, Pennsyl vania, 150, 271. Shipp, Bennard A., Orlando, Florida 271. Shipp, Wayne E., Deland. Florida, 287 Shirley, Michael C, Silver Spring Maryland. 287. Shofner. Georgianne M., Sarasota Florida, 287. Shortridge, Karen L., Indialantic, Flor ida, 286. Shultz, Beverly L., Ft. Myers, Florida 98, 136. 245. Shuler, Connie, Moore Haven Florida 93. 256. Shy. Judith G., Loring AFB, Maine 119. 132, 186, 204. 256. Siebert. Linda A., Winter Haven, Flo: ida. 287. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. 105. SIGMA CHI. 156. SIGMA PHI EPSILON, 158. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA, 160. Simmons. Charles T., Jesup, Georgia. 156, 245. Simmons, Paul N. Jr., Winter Haven. Florida, 287. Simons. Carl W., Lakeland, Florida. Simonson, Roger L., Pahokee, Florida, 150. 256. Sims. Harris G.. Lakeland, Florida, 220. Sinclair, Gary L. Colfax, Illinois, 271. Singleton. Ethel D.. River Edge, New Jersey, 287. Sisk. Beverly A., Pompano Beach, Florida. 244. Sisk. Terry L. Leesburg, Florida, 102 103 105, 287. Skarstrom, Eugenia E. Naples, Florida, 88. 98. 100, 101, 270. Skeels. Robert A. Jr., Springfield, Vir- ginia, 114, 150, 245. Skelton, Janis, Orlando, Florida, 256. Skelton. Red, 63. Skiles. Shirley M., Jacksonville, Flor- ida. 77, 286. Slavden, Alice L, Brooksville. Florida, 75. 102, 104, 105, 132, 140, 228, 245. Slaughter. William R., Lakeland. Flor- ida. 224. Small. Charles S., Lakeland, Florida, 114. 245. Smalley, Robert A. Jr., New York, New York. 282. Smeltzly, Hal M., Lakeland. Florida 225. Smith. Carolyn G., Lakeland. Florida 130. 245. Smith. Donald E., Lake Forest, Illinois 164. 270. Smith. Ella, L. Winter Park, Florida 132, 257. Smith, Jeffrey L., St. Petersburg, Flor ida. 271 Smith. John E., Punta Gorda, Florida 286. Smith. Kenneth J., Lakeland, Florida 257. Smith, Kenneth W.. Lakeland, Florida 245. Smith, Lucy K.. Cincinnati, Ohio. 271. Smith, Mrs. Orpha M.. Lakeland. Flor ida. 170. Smith, Patience, Port Charlotte, Flor ida. 271. Smith, Roy A.. Lakeland. Florida, 227 Smith, Sterling H., Miami, Florida 271. Smither, John K., Annandale, Virginia 286. Smoak, Joseph H., Albany, Georgia 271. Smolenyak, Sharon M., Miami, Florida 106. 244. Smyth, Eugene R., Madison, New Jer sey, 152, 181, 271. Snapp, John P., Doylestown, Pennsyl vania, 286. Snaman, Penny L., Wexford, Pennsyl vania, 91, 286. Snell. Mrs. Helen, Lakeland, Florida 170. Snell. Marilyn H., New Port Richey, Florida, 245. Snellgrove. Charles E., Lakeland, Flor ida, 225. Sneden, George W., Huntington Sta tion, New York, 287. Snodgrass. Ernest L.. Lakeland, Flor Ida 215. 216. Snyder. Jan, Arlington Heights, III nois. 136. 271. Snyer. Gary John. Largo. Florida, 106 206. 245. Snyder. Marc. Byron, Illinois, 270. Spangler, Nancy L., Lacon, Illinois 287. SPANISH SOCIETY. 97. Spencer, Zona K., Brooksville. Florida 132. 245. Spitz, Richard L., Mountainside, New Jersey, 245. Spiro, David, Holbrook, New York, 154, 245. Spottswood, David M., Lakeland, Flor ida. 244. Staerker, Walker L.. Nashville, Ten nessee, 286. Stafford, Harry P., Davenport, Florida 286. Stahl, Larry E.. North Miami Beach Florida. 150, 270. Stahlin. Sara J., Captiva, Florida, 136 257. Staings, Margaret T., Macon, Georg 287. Stamatis. Robert M., Brooklyn, New York. 286. Stanfield. Pauline L., Lakeland. Flori da. 109. 257. Stanley. Karen L., Ft. Lauderdale, Flor ida, 130. 186, 204, 244. Stanley, Linda K., Macon, Georgia 286. Stanley, Susan L., Macon, Georgia 134. 244. Starkey, John D.. Annandale, Virginia 119, 140. 271. Stauffer, John P., Chevy Chase, Mary land. 114, 144, 181, 257. Stauffer. Phyllis M.. Lutherville. Mary land, 160. 271. Steel. Beverly B., Maitland, Florida 286. Steele, Gary J.. Lakeland, Florida, 257 Steinkamp, Donna K., Pompanc Beach, Florida, 271. Steng. William R., Lakeland, Florida 221. Stephens. Donna K.. Indian Rock! Beach. Florida. 102. 105. 107. 109 271. Stevens. Ella M.. Hastings, Florida 107, 109, 286. Steward. Dorene L., Lakeland, Florida 97. 160. 271. Steward. Dorothy L., Haines City, Florida. 88. 285. Stewart. Bonnie J., Miami. Florida 286. Stewart. John R.. Morton, Illinois, 287 Stites, Alfred W. Jr., Arlington, Vir ginia. 156. 271. Stoddard, Donna, Lakeland, Florida 216. Stormont. Sarah M.. Virginia Beach Virginia, 130, 271. Stout, Ava J.. Greensboro, North Car olina. 142, 256. 204. Stout. Thomas W., Arvada. Colorado 166, 270. Streep, Foster D. Ill, Winter Park Florida, 114, 140, 256. Strickland, Cheryl A., Hialeah, Florida 270. Strickland, Ellen E., Macon, Georgia 244. Strickland, Milton, F.. Lakeland, Flor ida. 271. Strickland. Sandra L., Leesburg. Flo ida. 287. Strohaker. Diane R., St. Petersburg Florida. 181. 287 STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 113. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIA TION. 76. STUDENT UNION BOARD. 79. Sullivan. Mrs. Edith. Lakeland. Florida 170. Sullivan. Michael J., Cincinnati, Ohio 144, 180. 271. Sumner. Louise O.. Lakeland, Florida 217, 230. Sumner. Marion R., Tampa, Florida 111. 160. 256. Sumner. Susan. Nashville, Tennessee 102, 105, 134. 271. SUPREME COURT, 75 Sutton. Robert H., West Palm Beach Florida 287. Swank, Glenn D., Lakeland. Florida 111, 244. Swanson. Sandra L., Ft. Myers, Flor ida. 138. 256. Sweeney, Edward D., Winter Haven Florida, 97, 110, 114, 146. 181, 256 Sweeney. Cynthia S., Lakeland, Flor ida. 287. Sweeting. Penelope L.. Lake Worth Florida, 119. 146, 271. Swindell. Julie C. Hinsdale, Illinois 132. 186. 256. Swindell. Mrs. Lucy, Lakeland, Flor ida. 170. Swoyer, David C, Titusville, Florida 256. Szabo. Frank P., Lakeland, Florida 215. Talbott. Ellen E., Elkins. West Vir ginia. 77. 78. J32, 257. Talbott, Frederick E., Petersburg, Vir ginia, 164, 271. Tatham, Rebecca C, Fletcher, North Carolina, 113. Tatum. Jeanne F., Lakeland, Florida 168. 86, 245. TAU EPSILON PHI, 162. TAU KAPPA EPSILON, 164. Taulbee, Billie N.. Lancaster, Ken tucky. 86, 245. Taylor, E. G.. Lakeland. Florida, 230 Taylor, Van C, Orlando. Florida, 271. Teale, Susan L., Moorestown, New Je sey. 287. Templeton, Louise. Lakeland. Florid; 225. Terry. Alice L., Haddonfield, New Je sey. 186, 257. Teston, James R., Lakeland, Florid; 271. Thach, Patricia. E., Nashville. Tennes see, 270. Thacker, Omer S. II, Clearwater, Flor ida. 166, 270. THE SOUTHERN, 101. THETA CHI, 166. Thomas, Carolyn L., Maitland, Florida 168, 270. Thomas, Janice C, Miami, Florida 109 286. Thomas, Phyllis, J.. Jacksonville, Flor ida, 78, 82, 96, 98, 101, 109, 119 168. 257. Thomas, Salli M., Naples, Florida, 270 Thomas. Teresa L.. Dunedin, Florida 93. 256. Thompson, Charles B., Chicago, III nois, 286. Thompson, Donna M., Arlington, Vi ginia, 86, 119, 236. 257. Thompson. Grover C. Bala Cynwyd Pennsylvania. 177, 286. Thompson, Jennifer A., Suitland. Mary land, 81, 106, 113. 119. 121, 146 228, 245. Thompson, John M.. Chattanooga Tennessee. 96. 97, 110, 152, 270. Thompson, Sam H. Jr., Jacksonville Florida. 106, 270. Thompson, Linda L., Jacksonville Florida, 146. 257. Thornber Vicki L., Gladwyne, Penn sylvania, 97, 142, 257. Thornton. Richard B.. Robbins AFB Georgia. 75, 79. 114, 154. 245. Thrift, Charles T., Lakeland, Florida 80, 211, 212, 213, 214, Thurston, Brandon L., Lakeland, Flor ida, 221. Todd, Pamela S., Satellite Beach, Flor ida, 286. Toler. Clyde L. Indialantic, Florida 154, 257. Tolle. Corning F., Lakeland Florida 215. Tolley. Michael P.. Indianapolis. Indi ana, 286. Tortonci, Sandra B., Cristobal, Cana Zone. 244. Touchet, Niel H., Apopka, Florida, 286 Townsend, Jennifer M., Jacksonville Florida, 107, 256. Townley. Patrick J.. Pompano Beach Florida, 102, 103. 286. Trask, Joyce D., Highland City, Flor ida, 132. 244. Trapani, Donald L., Farmingdale, New York, 287. Trefry. Cynthia S.. West Palm Beach Florida. 273. 287. Triebels, Phillip E., Stroudsburg Pennsylvania, 144, 256. Trost. Rebecca S., Miami, Florida, 82 130, 186. 256. Troese, Michael S.. Ormond Beach Florida. 287. Troiano. Stephen A., Long Island City New York. 287. Troxel, Stephen, Tiffin, Ohio, 95, 164 271. Truby. Ernest W., Ft. Myers, Florida 111. 271. Tucker, Kenneth C. Jr., Caldwell. New Jersey. 162, 256. Tye. John C. Jr., Lawley. Florida, 270 270. Tyler. Thomas H., Lakeland, Florida 221. Ulm. Ronald A., Ft. Lauderdale. Flor ida. 270. Underbill. Linda A.. Ft. Myers Beach Florida. 93, 109, 256. VAGABONDS. 88. Valdez. Carole L., Key West, Florida 87, 88. 95. 134. 244. Valentine. Clifford R., Titusville. Flor ida. 82. 150 244. Varner, Mrs. Margaret. Lakeland, Flor ida. 170. Vason, John B.. Mt. Dora. Florida Vaughn. Judith A., Ft. Pierce, Florida Vernon. Michael H.. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 76. 114. 119. 154. 256. Vickers, Deborah P., Debarry, Florida 289. Varka. Joni S.. Pittsburg, Pennsyl vania, 142, 270. Voelckerfi Carl F., Cape Coral, Florida 288. Vogler, Bettie J., Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, 288. Wagner, Richard T., Maitland. Florida 112, 154. 270. Wagoner. Ernest P., Jacksonville, Flor ida. 86. 270. Walker. Barbara J., Potomac, Mary land. 102, 287. Walker, K ineon G., Locust Valley, New York, 166. 244. Walker, Lesley C, Ft. Lauderdale, Flor ida, 287. Walker, Susan E., Clearwater, Florida 106, 119, 160, 270. Wallace, James E. Jr., Nashville Tennessee, 95, 154, 256. Waller. Nancy An., Maiden, Missouri 289. Walsh. Sandra L, Pinellas Park, Flor ida, 289. Walters. Mary V. Sneads, Florida, 130 270. Ward, Dalton R., Ft. Pierce, Florida 245. Ward, Donald T., Plainfield, New Jer sey, 289. Ward, Judv L., Lakeland, Florida, 289 Warner, Bonnie L., Crescent City, Flor ida, 106, 112, 134, 181, 257. Warner, Kurt E., Brockport, New York 150, 271, Warner, George T., Orlando, Florida 105, 245. Warren, Bernhardt C, Orlando, Flor ida, 95, 105. 106, 164, 271. Wasser, Thomas D., Lyons, New York 166, 257. Waters, Eleanor E„ Hialeah, Florida 257. Watkins, Sara F., Wilmington, North Carolina, 272. Watson, Betty A., Lakeland, Florida 245. Watson, Gregary F., Lakeland, Florida 166, 272. Watson, Sandra L., Curundu Panama Canal Zone, 93, 168, 245. Weaver, Brian M.. Orlando, Florida 114. Weaver. Mrs. Elsie, Lakeland, Florida 170. Weaver, James R., Lakeland, Florida 114, 166, 257. Weaver, Steven L.. Hampton, Virginia 114. 257. Webster. William F. Ill, Jacksonville Florida, 289. Wechsler. Edward C, Jacksonville Flordia. 164, 245. Wedig. Yale W., Clearwater, Florida 150, 272. ' Weech, Gale I., Key West, Florida. 102 104, 105, 289. Weimer, Jenora I., Clearwater, Florida Wellington, Roger K.. Rochester, New York, 245. Wells, Paula H., Lakeland, Florida, 94 99, 106. 138, 257. Wells. Wallace K., Pittsburg, Pennsyl vania, 154, 246. Werner. John B., Fort Knox, Kentucky 289. Werner. Wendy S.. Neptune Beach Florida. 136, 272. Wesley. Harold J., Orlando, Florida 93, 246. West, David R. Jr., Cypress Gardens Florida. 246. West. William C, Winter Park, Florida 272. Weston, Gail M., Coconut Grove, Flor ida. 88. 289. Wetherall. Gene W., Lakeland, Florida 217. Wetherington, Carol S.. Winter Haven Florida, 257. Wheeler. Barry C, Jacksonville, Flor ida. 150. 258. Wherrell. Gwendolyn R., Okeechobee Florida. 258. Whipple. Nancy A., Middletown, New York. 79, 258. White, Bruce E., Winter Park, Florida 152, 246. Whitford, David C, Tampa, Florida 272. Whitford, David E., Lakeland, Florida, 246. Whitley, John M., Matthews, North Carolina, 109, 289. Whitney, Joyce A., Winter Haven Florida. Whitworth. Marylou A., Haines City Florida. 106, 111. 258. Wiant. David H., Marietta, Ohio, 156 181. 272. Wicker. Wlizabeth F., Leesburg, Flor ida. 83. 160, 181, 272. Wicker, Raelene G., York, Pennsyl vania. 289. Wier, Mary S., Birmingham, Alabama 289. Wiggins, James E., Winter Garden Florida, 112, 246. Wightman, Louise D., Miami, Florida 289. Wike, Pnscilla H., Beesleys Point. New Jersey. 102, 104, 105, 272. Wilbur, Craig S„ Ft. Lauderdale, Flo ida, 140, 272. Wilbur, Eugenia, 142. Wilbur, Paul C, Ft. Lauderdale, Flor ida, 140, 272. Wilcox, John P., Arlington, Virginia 114, 105. Wilev, Peter C, Winter Garden, Flor ida, 272. Wilhelmsen, Paul C. Freeport, Ba hama, 114, 146, 166, 258. Wilkerson. Sandra S.. Miami, Florida 136. 164, 246. Wilkerson. Charles D. Jr., Pahokee Florida, 289. Williard, Thomas M., Lakeland, Flo ida, 110, 226. 316 % ' ■••♦ Produced By Local Farmers VELDA FARMS Velda On The Label Means Quality On The Table Lakeland 686-6211 Winter Haven 293-4154 EDD LOVERING AUTO SALES 111 Bartow Road PHONE 682-1278 317 Wille. William P., Lakeland, Florida, 217. Williams, Barbara J., Largo, Florida, 288. Williams. Dana E. Archer, Florida, 258 Williams. Janet K., Paragould, Ar- kansas, 132 187, 288. Williams, Kenneth A., Woodclitf Lake. New Jersey, 152, 258. Williams, Laura J., Clearwater, Flor- ida, 272. Williams, Sandie l„ Lakeland, Florida, 97. 288. Williams, Susan L.. Lake Worth, Flor- ida, 258. Williams. Mrs. Vera, Lakeland, Florida, 170. Williamson, Walter E., Lakeland, Flor- ida, 225. Willis, Warren W. Jr., Lakeland, Flor- ida, 77. 78, 166, 272. Wilson, Diane L, New York, New York, 76, 130, 272. Wilson, Ella N., Lakeland, Florida, 113. 246. Wilson, Kenneth D., San Salvadore, South America. 106, 272. Wilson, Linda M., Loring AFB, Maine, 99, 288. Wilson. Martha L., Miami, Florida, 109. 113. 246. Wilson, Stephen P., 289. Windham, John F., Pensacola, Florida, 86. 258. Winkler, David B.. Clearwater, Florida, 258. Woefel, Kay L., Clearwater. Florida, 142, 246. Wolfe, Charles C, Lakeland, Florida, 87, 88, 246. Womble. Geraldine L, Highland City, Florida, 246. WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION, 77. WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION JUDICIAL BOARD, 79. Wood, Marjone D., Moore Haven, Flor- ida. 246. Woods, Karen J., Melbourne Florida, 246. Woods. Jane E., Davenport, Florida, 289. Wooton, Mel E. Jr., Lakeland, Florida, 87, 88, 217. Workinger, S. Jill, Naples. Florida, 142, 272. Worrell, Karen K., New Orleans, Louis- iana. 288. Wray, Charles I., Boones Mill. Virginia. 95, 96, 97, 258. Wright, Deborah A., Indian Harbor Beach, Florida, 284. Wright, Veronica, Houston, Texas, 142, 272. Wyhe, Sondra S., Eau Gallie, Florida, 288. Wysong, Edith K., Brandon, Florida 132. 187, 258. Yandre. Stanley E., Orlando, Florida 140, 272. Yocca, Anita L, Ft. Lauderdale, Flor- ida, 288. Young. Beryl A., Melbourne, Florida, 138. 246. Young, Elizabeth F.. Atlanta, Georgia, 93. 258. Zajcek, James L.. Bowling Green, Flor- ida, 181. 288. Zamzow, Dale A., Haines City, Florida, 87. 88, 110, 119. 148, 258. Zanathy, Stephen P., Hubbard Woods, Illinois. 272. Zarycki, Daniel. Lakeland, Florida, 225. ZETA TAU ALPHA, 168. Ziehler, Susan M., Hallandale, Florida, 288. Zoltos, Teddie L., Davenport, Florida, 246. Zimmerman, Robert L., Lakeland, Flor- ida, 221. • , %««««» UNSHIHE _y it d(mJp(M Inc. LAKELAND, FLORIDA OIL JOBBERS U. S. 98, Eaton Park P. 0. BOX 3186 " Sunshine Will Keep You Warm " Compliments of REECECLIFF Drive-ln Restaurant 6 • l Phone MU 6-6661 k CEMENT PRODUCTS 940 S. Florida Avenue SUPPLY CO., INC. • DOG iV SUDS 516 W. Main Street " Zimmerman ' s " 1003 East Main Street Ff ■ Compliments of FLORIDA FAVORITE FERTILIZER, INC. LAKELAND P. O. Box 910 Phone 682-2153 Compliments of Til add ox MEN ' S WEAR SEARSTOWN DOWNTOWN GROVE PARK Compliments of McGinn es lumber Compliments of FMC CORPORATION FLORIDA DIVISION Lakeland, Florida • Woodstock, Virginia . %•♦■%• .•■» J. B. LINEBERGER, INC. Distributors for Richfield Oil 1640 New Tampa Highway LAKELAND, FLORIDA 321 Compliments of E. R. ASH PRODUCE CO. Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables LAKELAND, FLORIDA « Ayala Oil Company GULF OIL PRODUCTS Nelson M. Ayala — Jobber For the Best in Fuel Oils Phone MU 6-3103 Lakeland, Fla. Compliments of Raybro Electric Supplies, Inc. 520 N. Ingraham Avenue 3feS! Compliments of BURL WILSON, PLASTERING CONTRACTOR LAKELAND, FLORIDA Business Phone MU 2-0812 Resident Phone MU 2-( 323 ■■ ■ m hi _ : Compliments of Lakeland Typewriter and Supply Company, Inc. Royal Electric, Standard and Portable Typewriters Sales-Service Victor Adding Machines and Calculators Sales-Service Shaw Walker Steel and Jasper Wood Furniture Central Florida ' s Most Popular Office Supply House 122 South Tennessee Lakeland, " Florida CONGRATULATIONS J. C. PENNEY CO. sv Ljreat L rowtk L ompanu Employer of Florida Southern Graduates 1 « % « • JOYNER LUMBER COMPANY. INC LAKELAND, FLORIDA 325 • Bunny 1968 Interlachen Mr. Waters 326 Sharon Joe . . Steve, Mr. Wille, Mike 327 A lot has happened to FSC students this year . . . each met new friends and unfortunately lost others . . . things change . . . people change . . . times change . . . the campus changes . . . the books were moved . . . new rules for next year . . . student movement . . . academic freedom ... a college campus . . . where the learning is . . . about people . . . how they work . . . how to get them to work . . . and most of all what to do when they don ' t work . . . THANKS to my staff . . . Judy Fuller, Donna LaMont, Sarah Stormont, Sandie Williams, Jean Jourdan, Linda Wilson, Dan Locke, Deborah Colvin, Laura Powell, Mary Fondern, Patsy Napier, Dottie Steward, Ann Cox, Libbit Young, Elena DeVilliers, Jeanne Schueszler, Ken Bruwelheide, Lana Kelly, Lee How- land, Ellen Talbott, Peggy Homans, Cheryl Griggs, Susan Sanders, Gwen Wherrel, Kathy Hoffman, Paula Wells, Alice Terry, Sarah McNamee, Ella May Stevens . . . tremendous thanks ... to Helen and Biffy for all advertisements, to Wendy for organizing Miss Interlachen and Miss Southern, to Bunny for getting all the Greeks to co-operate, to Woody for his copy in features and ideas when I ran out . . . very special thanks to all the people on the previous two pages . . . without whose guidance, enthusiasm, and help this yearbook would not be in your hands right now ... to Mr. Brooks for making the INTER- LACHEN come true ... to my roommate who always came through late at night ... to Mr. Waters for his guidance ... to Sharon for all her efforts and confidence ... to Mr. Wille, Steve and Mike about 10,000 thanks for all the pictures, suggestions and patience ... to Patsy for everything — she did as much as I did if not much more . . . and to Studley Dunston for just being happy ... My appreciation to all people, organizations, sororities, fraternities who co-operated in getting pictures taken . . . you made life so much easier ... my apologies to new groups on campus which did not organize in time to have their pictures taken for this publication . . . Philosophy Club . . . Sailing Club . . . and for inspiration along the way ... I thank . . . Mom, Dad, Linda, Gary, DC, Willy, BK, Harms, and Bill . . . THANK YOU ALL . . . Being editor has been my pleasure ... I hope this yearbook is what you wanted . . . best to all . . . tsiv The 1968 INTERLACHEN was published by Foote Davies of Atlanta, Division of McCall Corporation . . . cover photo was taken by Paul Wille and produced by S. K. Smith Co. of Chicago, III. ... the paper is McCall ' s velour stock ... the type is 18 pt. Franklin Gothic for main heads, 14 pt. Franklin Gothic for subheads, 12 pt. News Gothic with 6 pt. leading for text, 12 pt. News Gothic Bold for scoreboard heads, 10 pt. News Gothic Bold for scoreboard listings, 8 pt. News Gothic with Bold for remainder of book . . . there are 328 pages sized 9x12. 328 % ♦ ♦ » .%.

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