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iiBliii iSiiiiBPS Pff Hn dr ■ BfflBllffi ir vA ■Kl IKIMWr 1 mmgmmmmmrmmmm Florida Southern College Lakeland, Florida VOLUME 35 College is a blustering storm, a spinning blast, a howling tempest. It is all this and much more. It is glowing up through the whirling process of self-discovery, which may be as violent as a HURRICANE ... or as tranquil as its eye. It is a combination of our turbulent youth and the maturity which awaits at the end of the storm. 1967 INTERLAGHEN Florida southern LAKELAND, FLORIDA Volume Thirty Five Beauties 61 Organizations 81 Greeks 143 Athletics 199 Academics 233 Advertising 330 Index 353 INTERLACHEN STAFF ANNE BOYD BEVERLY SHULTZ Co-Editors in Chief ALETA BROWN Business Manager PAUL WILLE Campus Photographer BEVERLY COOPER ) _, .. . , A . .. , PATSY CRONE j Editonal Assistants HAL WATERS _ Editorial Adviser ; Each college year comes to life as if in the stilled, hushed center of a hurricane , ivith its WHIRL of activity as inescapable as tomorrow . - ?ANF i A campus asleep in a serene stillness with no rustling signs announcing the Wild Fury of action that is to come tf . . . Animated, spirited, energetic life with myriad goals and ambitions Only the campus structures, gleaming white in the sun, maintain an air of tranquility in this Rush of life. The convergence of thoughts and knowledge occur anew . . ideas are communicated, concepts are grasped . . . the search for the ever-probing " Why " begins again. Bm I The Turbulence is part of the endless pursuit of individual interests . . . of happiness . . . of that xv Inch satisfies . . . that which enables one to under- stand himself. And finally, new friends, neio faces, new thoughts all come together in the SPINNING wonder of a new college year. Caught in the FRANTIC pace, one moves through orientation, signs up for classes and inherits his portion of the thousands of problems that pursue the plotted course. -1 FH JLL-J- 20 The TUMULT of associating names, and numbers, and buildings and rooms and classes, and hours . . . 22 k»TB IT i ■.-». The BLAST of dulls, the noise of building as the new library climbs to fit its planned design and join the modern complex of our campus. - r 24 1 . Is we move through this TEMPEST, there are many (I iici ions to follow, bringing with them problems oj selection . . . whether I hi ough vistas l knowledge, paths to unknown tomorrows, steps to greater things . . . or the easy way. Within the WHIRL there are signs pointing the way to the goals we pursue erratically . . . directing us through the maze . . . 26 1,1 mmammmmaimBm By magnifying, intensifying, analyzing subjects, textures and living organisms, we project ourselves into research and forget for a time the CLAMOR around us. 28 Through the sciences, we explore . . . using what we know and reaching for what we can know. 29 ■ ■H BMB Hfl CT 1 m Wff I WQMII 77?e rt? 5 create a desire to express ourselves ... to find beauty in the CHAOS of the storm surrounding us. 33 ■tfi MIM New activities and responsibilities surround the student like a RAGING WIND . . . that will cause him to make decisions never before considered. 35 Creativity is a personal odyssey...a quest to express oneself through various media . . .to integrate parts into a whole . . . the STIRRING of the individual. 37 38 T — ' ' College centers upon change and interchange involving professors and students . . . upon the meaning and worth of what is imparted. 39 Friendships help in living through the storm . . . sharing together lias its comfort in understanding. 40 11 I HHBBBraBHHnHI 42 For the student, college life is sometimes enigmatic . . . a constant CYCLE of moods which change as rapidly as the winds in a hurricane. ! :„■ m: ,, ' , But the spirit has its moments, even in this BUSTLE ... a quiet dance . . . a happy diversion . . . being a part . . . mamamummamamutaMBBasasxami maiSma 5 ' - ■ ■■ --■ fe»3B» ?« : That feeling of exuberance . . . f l fc ita the contagious spirit which fills t mStt J a crowd . . . 47 4 r - V ' Rl 4 fi ! jT ' Doing things one enjoys . . . chasing Jwfipiness . . . the feeling of success . . . AA ' • ' . ' . .. ' . ' . The strong response to a challenge the urge to win . . . the exultation of competition 5] wugaawBrnsmm But even in the vortex of rushing college life, enthusiasm exudes, findi?ig its luay into all situations and capable of making any time a light moment. 54 ■HHHHHBHHi HnHnHH When periods of uncertainty settle upon us, it is sometimes necessary to wait for the answers to come . . . and to WEATHER the conditions while they last. I tf • fl ■ 11 Pjffi till Fir 1 ' i£Z SE afe 4 " mmmmmmmmmmmmmim The skies clear and the horizon is now seen clearly, with the road to the future more clearly marked. Honor Walk Irene Taylor attained Florida Southern ' s highest honor for scho- lastic achievement and extracurri- lar activities, that of being chosen Honor Walk. Student. She is listed in " Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities " and Greek Hall of Fame. She is a member of Alpha Delta Pi. social sorority. Irene is also a member of Cap and Gown, Kappa Delta Pi, and Alpha Psi Omega. She serves as secretary of the Student Government Asso- ciation and as a Supreme Court Justice. She is a member of the Senate, Vagabonds, SEA, Methodist Student Movement, Women ' s Stu- dent Government Association and is chairman of the Junior Advisor Committee. Huraeffii I a a A . I m V » I V v%A s%X a%% % FINALISTS First row: Laura Messeberg, Carolyn Cleveland, Diane Burton; second row: Marsha Kane, Vicki Shannon, Virdia Van Huss; not pictured: Jean Retzke, Charla Ann Link. 64 January 3, 1967 Miss Beverly Shultz Co-Editor THE INTERLACHEN Florida Southern College Lakeland, Florida 33802 Dear Beverly: The reason I ' ve taken so long in returning these pictures is because every day I would look at them, put them away and say, " Maybe tomorrow I ' ll be able to make a decision. " They ' re all so lovely and so many tomorrows have passed that I realized time is running out. After much deliberation, here are my choices. I ' ve chosen Contestant 3 as MISS INTERLACHEN and Contestants 2 and 5 as my second and third choices, respectively. If the rest of the school is that beautiful, don ' t call me next year. I couldn ' t go through that again! Thank you so much for asking me. It really was great fun. Reluctantly, I ' m returning the pictures and please extend my best wishes to all the girls. JD m Encl. JOHN DAVIDSON Our Celebrity Judge John Davidson Our sincere appreciation goes to Mr. John Davidson, well-known singing and television star, who consented to perform the difficult task of se- lecting Miss Interlachen and her runners-up from the photographs of the eight finalists. The 1967 INTERLACHEN staff proudly an- nounces Miss Interlachen and the beautiful mem- bers of her court. 65 ■ .:-■■ :. -:. r;.,-:.. MISS MARSHA ELLEN KANE V I i J itTe l iclt at Sponsored by Theta Chi Fraternity 67 ■,.,:- ? . MISS CAROLYN CLEVELAND FIRST RUNNER-UP, MISS INTERLACHEN Sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi Sorority 68 I MISS LAURA MESSEBERG SECOND RUNNER-UP, MISS INTERLACHEX Sponsored by Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity 69 ' FINALISTS MISS VIRDIA VAN HUSS Sponsored by Women ' s Student Government Association MISS JEAN RETZKE Sponsored by Joseph-Reynolds Hall 70 MISS DIANE BURTON Sponsored by Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity MISS CHARLA ANN LINK Sponsored by Allen Spivey Hall MISS VICKI SHANNON Sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega Sorority ■;i ■■ ' ■: ? ■ - -■.;■ ' ■:■.■■ , : -: ' , i H t s o-c tl Mj m i MISS VIRDIA VAN III ss Sponsored by ALPHA OMICRON PI 7., : •- ' ■• V I V G aXm2S % JOYCE JONES Sponsored by ALPHA CHI OMEGA FINALISTS MON I INK CLEVELAND Sponsored by DELI I l JUDY EUBANKS ■— ■— — iiiiiiiiiiiiffriimTif BARBARA McKINLEY Sponsored by MARSHA KANE Sponsored by KAPPA DELTA 70 BRENDA LAM Sponsored by PHI MU IRENE TAYLOR Sponsored by ALPHA DELTA PI VIRDIA K. VAN HUSS sponsored by ALPHA OMICRON PI 77 Homecoming Come Alive ' 67 was the first Florida Southern Home- coming in which both the students and the alumni participated. The activities started with a bonfire and a pep rally. The Homecoming Concert had Anita Bryant and the Highwaymen playing to the enthu- siastic crowd that packed the field house. Campus open house Saturday found many of the alumni returning to their old " homes " to comment on how things had changed. Saturday afternoon activities centered around the Sump. The Tampa Sky Divers Club literally " dropped " in for a visit and a Crew exhibition and a student-faculty tug of war added to the fun. The climax of the afternoon was the choosing of the five finalist for Homecoming Queen. A panel of five alumni chose the finalists from thirteen coeds. The five chosen were Betty Lou Albert, Wanda Crowell, Pam Jones, Johnna Reid, and Francesca Martinez. The Homecoming basketball game showed the students and Alums a close game between Southern and FSU. However, it was a bit too close, as Southern lost. The crowning of Homecoming Queen came off at halftime of the game. Francesca Martinez was chosen Queen by the panelists. The Homecoming dance in Ordway Arts brought the Homecoming festivities to an end. President Thrift said that he felt this to be the most significant Homecoming Southern ever had and that the pro- gram was excellent. 78 Best-Dressed Coeds Each year WSGA sponsors a competition for the best-dressed FSC coed. This year it was decided to pick a freshman and an upperclassman. Each resi- dence hall and sorority selected a candidate, and the WSGA council voted on the two best-dressed coeds. This year the best-dressed upperclassman is Virdia Van Huss, and the freshman is Francisca Martinez. Martinez, Van Huss ,-• ' ... .,.,:. J Et n sts t M t 4Z4Z+ts Miss Lee Slayden, Christmas Queen 1966 • ♦ 6 o © © • The junior class sponsored a Christmas Queen contest for the first time. Repre- sentatives were elected from each women ' s residence hall on campus. At the annual Christmas dance each candidate and her escort were introduced. All those attend- ing the dance voted, and the queen was named at intermission. Junior class president Dan Barber presents Lee with her crown as junior class secretary Diane Burton gives her the roses. S ORGANIZATIONS ■ - ' -.-- y-i. :Mlrti,i %.; . - " ' A Student Government Association OFFICERS ii i SKIDMORE President ROGER NICHOLS Vice President IRENE TAYLOR Secretary ZEB OSBORN Treasurer The Student Government Association is the par- ent organization l such branches as the Supreme Court, the Senate, and Men ' s and Women ' s Stu- dent Government Associations. It serves as co- ordinator and guide lot these branches. Florida Southern ' s SGA is a member oi the Southern Uni- versities SGA (SUSGA) . Osborn, Taylor. Skidmoie, and Nichols. Supreme Court The Supreme Court is the fo- cal point of the Student Gov- ernment Association Judicial Branch. It acts as an appellate court in cases arising from deci- sions of any other body. The Supreme Court also has original jurisdiction in all legislative matters. It is composed of five justices from the student body and one from the faculty or ad- ministration. Seated: Justices Bruce Cash. Toni Eich- horn. Standing: Irene Taylor. Melody Wolfe. 05 Senate . " :. First Row: Sk Row: Cash, E ton, Bowles, Steele. idmore, Nichols, Taylor, Osborne, Addis, Mover, Brethen. Second ichhorn, Robertson, Munc, Valdez, Carruthers. Third Row: Clay- Lewis, Rogers, Buzzelli. Fourth Row: Lehman, Barber, Haas, The Senate, a branch of Stu- dent Government Association, co-ordinates activities of the stu- dent body. Working with the president and other officers are male and female senators, each serving one year, from each of the four classes; and two senators -at-large, who are from the sopho- more and junior classes, serving two years. The Senate meets twice monthly and sponsors the Freshman Orientation Program, the campus TB drive, and the Christmas Dance. All campus elections are conducted by the Senate; campus organizations must be chartered by the Senate. Tim Skidmore and Toni Eichhorn ponder over a tense moment in the Senate. " T ' " ■ Women ' s Student Government Association ! in- Women ' s Student fO ci liniciii smm iation is a govei n incut subsidiai " I S ( ,. V It i composed ol representatives From sororities and independent resident women. W.S.G.A. serves ;is a ( ' mi i ol infra tions of col- lege and house rules, and strives to uphold the standards of co-eds at Florida Southern College. The officers this yeai an Vii dia Van IIuss, president; Martha Sargeani, vice-president; Cindy Goode, secretary-treasurer. Judicial Board: Cleveland, Pike, Markert, Romberger, Shultz. t Firsl Row: Van Huss. Sargeant, Merryman, McConaghy, Gibbs, Whitworth, Hammond, Martel. Second Row: Vdamson, Bayly, McCaig, Lowe, Greene, Eddy, Romberger. Third Row: Severson, Robbins. McAfee, Lawrence, Bew- ley, Santiago. Davenport. 7 • • ' ■ ■ Junior Advisers The Junior Advisers are a se- lect group of junior women who are screened and invited to be a Junior Adviser by a student- faculty committee. Chosen on the basis of personality, scholas- tic achievement, activities, and interest, it is the highest honor a junior woman can receive. Those women accepting the positions are carefully trained. They then live in the freshman resident halls, where they are sought by the girls for advice and guidance or a friendly conversation. Kay Melton in Joseph-Reynolds and Barbara Kelsey in Allan Spivey served as presidents this year. Junior adviser Bev Sisk receives a trophy from her appreciative section of freshmen girls. First Row: Lynch, Sisk, Ezell, Cannistraci, Evans, Cave. Second Row: Conroy, Shultz, Kelsey, Bewley, Daniels. 88 Social Standards Committee First Row: Gandy, Warriner, Proctor. Second Ron-: Davis, Danford. Dur- rance. The Social Standards Commit- tee is a branch of the Women ' s Student Government Associa- tion. The Committee is com- posed of the social chairmen of the women ' s residence halls. Their purpose is to raise the so- cial standards of the FSC co-eds. The committee members publish " The Southern Charm " , a news- letter to the coeds. Highlighting the fall semester was their an- nual fall fashion show. In April, a display of bridal china, silver, crystal, and attire was shown at their annual Bride ' s Party. Joyce Cannistraci served as chairman of Social Standards. Jan Warriner and Dawn Durrancc are hard at work on the " Southern Charm. " 89 4 ■ — ■.-- ' ■ ■■■ ' ■,t i i fei Men ' s Student Government Association First Row: Bailey, Edge, Long, Dessert, Watson. Second Row: Baldwin, Sweeney, Evans, Brewer, Barber. Third Row: Putnam, Kintner, Manley, Howe, Cupick. Men ' s Student Government As- sociation was formed on campus in 1959 under the combined ef- forts of the Director of Men ' s office and the Student Government Asso- ciation. The organization is com- posed of one representative from each fraternity and independent male housing unit. The purpose of the MSGA is to establish and en- force disciplinary regulations for male students. The highlight of the year was the annual MSGA ban- quet. The officers this year are Jim Rogers, president; Rill Bailey, vice- president; Perry Edge, parliamen- tarian; Bob Long, clerk. Justices: First Row: Rogers, Baldwin, Putnam. Second Row: Bailey, Howe. Advisers Council for Resident Men Each yeai outstanding men are sele ted as ath isci s foi tl - men ' s resident e halls. I he junior and sen ior men chosen have a 2.2 average or bettei .mil exemplify qualities l leadership. They li l | t give the resident e halls a li iendl) and order- ly atmosphere. I working i losel) with the office of the Dean ol Stu dents and with theil adviser. Direc- tor of Men, Frank P. Szabo, the residence advisers provide a con- nection between the students and the administration. The officers this year are John Antoon. president; Bruce Aiken. vice-president; Jim Pope, secretary- treasurer. Freshman Jim Mover receives help from adviser Bob Long. First Row: Vntoon, Aiken. Pope, Denmark. Second Row: Gainer, Hopper. Long. Bob McOsker and Gay Herndon Toni Eichhorn and Andrea Erickson Who ' s Who Renaldo Jerome Buzzelli Bruce Elton Cash Wiley Gayle Clayton Guy Dickson Colado Toni Juanita Eichhorn Andrea Parham Erickson Susan Gayle Herndon Jacqueline Rose Jonas Robert Allen McOsker Patricia Yvonne Nevin Darrell Alan Parsons Tim N. Skidmore Mitchell Irene Taylor Virdia K. Van Huss Melody Wolfe Virdia Van Huss, Bruce Cash, and Jackie Jonas 92 " • " — - The honor of bein selected for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities is be- stowed upon those who are out- standing in extra-curricular activ- ities, citizenship, service to the College, and promise of future success. Appointed by Dean Phil- lip R. Campbell, the Who ' s Who committee is composed of Dr. Nelson Hoffman, Dean Hattie Eicholtz, Col. Mack Geiger, Mr. Mel Wooton, and Miss Ann Pey- ton. Members from the student body are Cay Herndon, Guy Colado, Tim Skidmore, Darrell Parsons, and Irene Taylor. Guy Colado, Irene Taylor, and Jerry Buzzelli I f ' V VT mw m 1 1 1 J Tim Skidmore Darrell Parsons. Melody Wolfe. Patricia Nevin, and ile Clayton. :•:: ■■■•-■■: i • . V Joe Lewis, sports editor, Fred Mayer, and Bruce Bain paste up the sports pag The Southern Keeping Florida Southern stu- dents informed of campus views and activities, the Southern is ed- ited and published weekly by the journalism students. It is rated a top college newspaper in its enroll- ment division, having received nu- merous awards for outstanding achievement. EDITORIAL STAFF TERRY OBERLE . . Editor- in-Chief JERRY BUZZELLI . . Business Manager, First Semester KEN JONES . . . Business Manager, Second Semester JOE LEWIS " . . Sports Editor Editorial Assist.: Bruce Bain, Bar- bara Burke, Susan DeWitt, Perry Edge, Richard Emmons. Michael Gardner, Sandy Gibson, Bonnie MacDuff, Fred Mayer, Patty New- comer, John Tippins. Staff Writers: Lynn Allen, Betty Beers, Laurence DuKate, Diane Du- mont, Bill Francisca, Nancy Fras- sica, Sondra Java, Tom Lawrence, Fred Mayer, Beckie Paille, Carol Robbins, Judi Rushing, Bev Shultz, Andrea Smith, Cookie Speller, Phyl- lis Thomas, Wendy Werner. Jerry Buzzelli, First Semester Business Manager, calculates advertising income for the Southern. ' fl vv Rushing to meet a deadline are staff writers Phyllis Thomas and Betty Beers. Left: Terry Oberle, editor-in-chief, looks over an edition of the Southern. Below: Editorial assistants Sandy Gibson, Pattie Newcomer, John Tippins, Toni Eichhorn, and Barbara Burke prepare copy for the Southern. 05 1967 Interlachen Above: Mr. Waters looks over plans for the feature section. Left: Pat Crone and Beverly Cooper check the proofs as they are returned from the printer. Mr. Wille, college photographer, and his assistants, Larry Kirkwood and Mike Johannes, process pictures for the Southern and the Interlachen. Striving together to create another l t h - award-winning yearbooks Eoi which Florida Southern is Famous, the Interlachen staff has given a great deal ol themselves to record I967 ' s events and emotions for the campus population. EDITORIAL STAFF BEVERLY SHULTZ, ANNE BOYD . . ALETA BROWN BEVERLY COOPER MR. PAULWILLE . MR. HAL WATERS . Co-Editors-in-Chief Business Manager Editorial Assistant College Photographer Faculty Adviser EDITORS: Edith Behm, Fran Belle, Reid Freeman, Gay Herndon, Jean Jourdan, Glen- da Mazanti, Terry McGriff, Sarah McNamee, Jean Retzke, Susie Rogers, Susan Sanders, Cookie Speller, Sarah Stormont, Phyllis Wil- son. EDITORIAL STAFF: Ann Atkinson, Bruce Bain, Bunny Blue, Pam Brewen, Pam Cole. Sue Cummings, Kathy Dennison, Diane E1I- zey, Arlyne Ferrara, Judy Fisher, Marsha Green, Kathy Hoffman, Harriet Hopkins. Sondra Java, Kaye Jolkovski, Pam McCall, Bonnie MacDuff. Janie Milton, Ann Morri- son, Sandra Ohmmacht, Cathy Pero, Daphne Price, Cheryl Rainey, Pat Schmidt, Vicki Schweida, Andrea Smith, Julie Swindell, Ellen Talbot. Sallie Thomas, Virdia VanHuss, Mary Margaret Wilson. BUSINESS STAFF: Judy Broome, Patty Duffer, Jane Durrance, Nancy Frassica, Ken Jones, Helen Lawton, Patti Lewis, Mary Beth Rider. flHHta Before beginning work on the Interlachen, Reid Free- man prepares a cup of coffee, compliments of the coffee urn that Publications shares with the Drama Dept. Working endless hours throughout the year to make the 19t 7 Tnterl successful were co-editors-in-chief Be Shultz and imc B. d. 7 t , y Standing, organizations staff: Pat Schmidt, Vickie Schweida, Kathie Dennison, Harriet Hopkins, Cathv Pero. Seated, Greek staff: Judy Fisher, Jean Jourdan (Greek ed.). Cookie Speller (organ, ed.), Ann Morrison. Business staff, standing: Ken Jones, Judy Broome, Aleta Brown (manager), Helen Law- ton. Seated: Jane Durrance, Pat Duffer, Mary Beth Rider. Classes section, standing: Arlyne Ferrara, Edith Behm (frsh. ed.), Susan Sanders (sr. ed.) , Ellen Talbot. Seated: Sarah McNamee (soph, ed.) , Marsha Green, Mary Margaret Wilson, Cheryl Rainey, Terry McGriff (jr. ed.). 98 Fran Belle (sports ed.), Sarah Stormont (acad. ed.), standing; Glen la Mazanti (lit. ed.), and Para MiCall rush their sections to com- pletion. Pam Cole, Diane Ell ev. and Susie Rogers (layout ed plan the class section layouts Features staff, standing: Julie Swindell, Bunny Blue, Wend) Werner. Seated fanie Milton, fean Retzke (ed.), Ga) Hun- don (beauty ed.). Concert Band The Concert Band of Florida Southern College. Dr. Kenneth C. Anderson, director - ■ " Proficiency is gained through constant practice. Oboe player adds musical variety. The Concert Band of Florida Southern College is composed of Advanced Music students. It ' s primary function is to pro- vide students with a musical atmosphere of an instrumental nature to the campus. Concert Choir Wk d Jn T Kami flh ' mm Mi ' SAT Bottom Row-M. Metz, Brethen, B.. Glass, D., Marsh, S., Gordon, G., Cobble, S., Green, M., Ensign. P.. Sullins, B., Hughson, H., Hayden L. 2nd Row— Ragsdale D., Heppberger, C, McGee, A., Birdsong, R., Lott, J., Bryan, S., McAfee, B., Donelly, D., Hawk, C, Morton, N., Griffin, S. 3rd Row— Parsons, D., Gilleland, D„ Warren, G., Willis, W. Slayden, L., Eisnaugle, E„ Hum, L„ Zamgow, D., John, L., Robinson, R., Hedberg, L ., Rooks, L. 4th Row— Craig, D., Ludwig, R.. Cowan. K., Jordan, M., Goff, B., Lehman, J., Rankin S. Houts, D., Norton, P., Brenner, C, Mittan, M., Gatlin, R., Stahl, L. A few of the members of the choir take their last look at FSC before going on tour. — Choir members harmonize during practice. The importance of the choral department is found in the individual, who in developing musical potential, strengthens the entire chorus. The Concert Choir of Florida South- ern College has traveled all over the state giv- ing concerts. The members of the choir gave up a week of their Christmas vacation in order that they might give concerts in various parts of the state. By performing together as a whole, the members of the concert choir have produced a choir that has won acclaim l % man v. Diligent work has produced many beautiful concerts 103 . ,, ,;,: ;; •; • . ; , ;...,. Vagabonds Serving as a producing organization for students who have a special interest in the theatre, the Vagabonds is also a practical lab- oratory for students majoring in dramatic arts at Florida Southern College. It is a pri- mary objective of the Vagabonds to enable its audiences to see the finest dramatic liter- ature on the stage in productions as profes- sional as possible in a Summer and Winter Repertory Season. Major productions are di- rected by the faculty and the cast is chosen from the general student body in open try- outs. Love Rides the Rails, The Late Chris- topher Bean, and George Washington Slept Here were presented to full houses during the summer months. The Vagabonds pre- sented the first musical at FSC, The Boy- friend, in the unique Fletcher Theatre-in- the-Round. February ' s The Intellectual La- dies and The House of Bernarda Alba closed the 1966 theatrical Productions. Leslie Gearhart and [ill Eilerton help in the building i scenery foi th Vagabonds production ol Tin Boyfriend. Scenes from The Boyfriend featuring Wendy Jcrge and Charles Wolfe (left) and dancer Margie Eiousman (above) captivated many audiences as the group presented their first musical prodw tion. 105 •. , - ' .■ :. " The Boyfriend ' s leading man and lady (top) were Marjorie Jung and Lee Rust, also president of the Vagabonds. Above, a line waits outside to see the production of The Boyfriend. Linda Lynch (right) listens attentively to a caller in another scene from The Boyfriend. Cap and Gown ( lap .nid (.own is .hi honorary organizal ion ret ognizing womi n who have attained a high stand aid ol scholarship and leadership in college .Ktiviticv The prime ) equisites foi ( lap and (.own are good character, high scholarship, intelligence, and loyalty t the College. Eligibility tor member- ship into Cap and (.own in- c ludes an overall ' B " average, tlie classification ol a junior, and special distinction in at least one phase of collegiate activity. Each year, Cap and Gown, together with Omicron Delta Kappa spoil sor a leadership banquet For out- standing students on campus. Cap and Gown is responsible for the Honor Board. The officers are Andy Erick- son, president; Susan Brown. vice-president; Linda Hum, sec- retary; Irene Taylor, treasurer. First Row: Wolfe. Erickson, Hum, Taylor. Second Row: Brown. Jonas. Irene Taylor and Susan Brown proniot rectories published by Cap and Gown. f student di- 107 Omicron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa recog- nizes men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in col- legiate activities. The organiza- tion strives to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and to unite the members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and understand- ing. Members are chosen on the basis of leadership, character, fellowship, scholarship, service to campus life and adherence to democratic ideals. The members worked with the Student Gov- ernment Association on the Can- cer and TB Drives. The officers are Darrell Par- sons, president; Joe Leer, vice- president; Mr. David L. Read- dick, adviser. John Antoon and Mr. Readdick dis- cuss plans for their next meeting. First Row: Mr. Readdick, Leer, Parsons, Dr. Hoffman, Dean Campbell. Second Row: Sellner, Mr. Waters, Knappenberger, Ingram. 108 Alpha Eta Left to Right: Cade. Narem, McG Alpha Eta is an honorary for freshmen and sophomore women in recognition of high scholastic achievement. A grade average of 3.5 or above is necessary to be inducted into Alpha Eta. After helping with freshman orientation, it co-sponsors a " Smarty Party " with Cap and Gown for freshman girls making the Dean ' s List. This year Alpha Eta also helped ODK and Cap and Gown in planning and conducting tours for Florida high school stu- dents. The officers this year are Terry Cowart, president; Murray Mc- Cowen, vice-president ; Iris Cade, secretary; Carol Scott, treasurer; Miss Ann Peyton, adviser. Jan Naieni helps Miss Peyton proofread Cap and Gown ' s directory. € Alpha Mu Sigma First Row: Hayden, Broome, Bethea, Gatlin, Flood, Hughson. Second Row: Griffen, Gilleland, Hinson, Erickson, Hum. The women ' s honorary music fraternity, Alpha Mu Sigma, is composed of music majors and minors, and others interested in music. Not only do their activi- ties include ushering at college concerts, and performing with Phi Mu Alpha, the men ' s honor- ary music fraternity, but they also participate in forming the Music Educators National Mag- azine. Representatives of the na- tional Alpha Mu Sigma are in- vited to speak, to this group. The officers this year are Linda Hayden, president; Judy Broome vice-president; Dana Donnelly, secretary- treasurer. Miss Bethea plays for Eloise Parsons and Dana Donnelly. Alpha Psi Omega l|)h,i I ' m ( hnega, the nai ional dramatii honoi sot iet) . .is ( hai tered ai Florida Southern in 1938. Membership requirements me hide an ■! tive interest in the field of dramatics, participation in ( .mi | i is 01 ommunit) produi i inns, and membership in the Vagabonds. Based on Shakes- pearian back ground, the consti- tution dl Alpha Psi Omega em- bodies all the ideals of the fine arts known to men today. The officers this year are Rill Denpree, president; Irene Tay- lor, vice-president; Linda Lynch, secretary; Bobbie Eisen, treasur- er; Mr. Mel Wooton, adviser. Members of Vagabonds take time out to review parts. First Row: Gotwalt, Valdez, Eisen, Rust. Taylor, Lynch. Second Row: Wooton, Freeman, Clayton, Aschcr, Robbins. , ., ■■■ y ■■■ ' .;?.-:-1 " ■■ Beta Beta Beta 7 ■ » Nancy Luce and Carolyn Thomas examine a biological specimen. Beta Beta Beta, the honor or- ganization for students interested in biological science, meets twice a month. The requirements for membership in Beta Beta Beta are a 2.5 over-all average and a " B " average in science. The so- ciety offers a variety of programs including guest speakers and projects to aid the campus Biol- ogy Department. The principle purpose of Beta Beta Beta is the propagation of scientific truth and the advocation of investiga- tion in the life sciences. The three aspects of its program are stimu- lation of sound scholarship, edi- fication of scientific knowledge, and promotion of biological re- search. The officers this year are Pat Roberts, president; William Priest, vice-president; Debbie Gotwalt, secretary; Joe Leer, treasurer. First Row: Conroy, Galbert, Leer, Gotwalt, Roberts, Priest, Dr. Funderburg. Second Row: Archer, Thomas, Luce, Robin- son, Sargeant, Van Huss. Third Row: Peacock. Swank, Sanderson, Cleaver, Marshall, Whitworth. Fourth Row: Gaines, Giurato, Sellers, Eickenburg, Hepler. 112 ■ " .. ' ' ■ ' " Delta Sigma Pi £ rs First Row: Klinedinst. Hull, Cash. McGee, Lester, Gregory, Sellner. Second Row: Hudgins, Duvall, Agnew, Wright, Padgett, Jones. Osborne. Third Row: Davis, Adams. Schofield, Bohler, Novotnv, Vernon, Ward. Delta Sigma Pi, the profession- al fraternity for men in the bus- iness field, meets on Tuesday nights. The organization spon- sors prominent speakers from the business world and acts as a medium between the college graduate and the employer. The main purpose of the fraternity is to foster the study of business and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture in the community. The officers are Edward Kline- dinst, president; William Hull, vice-president; Bruce Cash, sec- retary; Wally Wells, treasurer; Mr. Max Selig, adviser. Bill Hull and Bob Bohler glance through the financial pages. .113 4 Epsilon Pi Tau First Row: Doak, Bowen, Daniel, Fried. Second Row: Hill, Brower, Bennett, Coyle. Epsilon Pi Tau is a national honorary fraternity in the field of industrial arts. The members for this field chapter are chosen from juniors and seniors who maintain a B average or better in their major field in the indus- trial arts. Professors and teachers are also invited to join. The fraternity ' s three-fold purpose is to recognize skill, promote effi- ciency, and to foster and publish the results of recent research and advancement in the field of in- dustrial arts. Mr. Bland shows Jack Coyle the use of one of their newer machines. Gamma Sigma Chi Gamma Sigma Chi, the profes sional religious Fraternity, helps promote religious activity and en- courages ii in their preparation fol Christian ministry. Membership is open to all pretheological students. Members of Gamma Sigma Chi co- sponsor a monthly Eaculty-student Eorum and usher at the Wednesday chapel service on campus. The officers for this year are James Owens, president; Fred Bow- ers, vice-president; John Giles, sec- retary; Jerry Haralson, treasurer; Rev. Stuart McRae, adviser. Members of Gamma Sigma Chi discuss a new publication in their field. First Row: Owens, Bowers, Haralson, Cleveland. Second Row: Newman. Daniel. Fuster, Rev. McRae. MS ■ Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi recognizes out- standing contributions by men and women to education and en- courages high professional, intel- lectual, and personal standards for teaching. Requirements for membership are an overall " B " average, with a minimum of six hours in education for juniors and twelve hours for seniors. The group demonstrates its concern for the College and the commun- ity in the form of service projects and programs benefitting the Education Department. The officers are Cheryl Eddy, president; Vicki Evers, vice-presi- dent; Aleta Brown, secretary- treasurer; Mrs. Julia Snook, adviser. Jennifer Thompson and Devorah Red- dick refer to the curriculum center for added reference material to be used in the classroom. •LAY AWA OM TRAFF Left to right: Conrad, Eddy, Snook, Brown, Taylor. Phi Chi Thcta First Row. Dicks, Duffer. Lippert, Tallamy. Thompson. Second Row: Bayly, Young, David, Miss Hancock. Third Row: Hink, Cleek. One of the newest organiza- tions on campus. Phi Chi Theta is the women ' s honorary frater- nity for business. The purpose of Phi Chi Theta is to promote the cause of higher business edu- cation and training for all wom- en. The members foster high ideals for women in business careers. The officers are Joanie Dicks. president; Patty Duffer, vice- president; Jeanne Lippert, secre- tary; Miss E. Hancock, adviser. Gwen David practices her speed typing on one of Southern ' s electric type- writers. Phi Epsilon Mu q a First Row: Hamilton, Goodman, Conroy, Rawlins, Miss Kemp. Judy. Second How: Woodward, Fulton, Sabatini, Pfister, Gabriel, Morrison. Third Row: Perry, Hub- ner, Roadarmel, Hoyer, Bowman. In 1959 Phi Epsilon Mu, the fraternity for health, physical education, and recreation majors, was installed on Florida South- ern ' s campus. The organization ' s original purpose was to promote a better understanding of the needs, goals, and merits of physi- cal education. These ideals are still incorporated in the group ' s program of preparation for the individual member. The officers are Lloyd Hamil ton, president; Elliot Goodman, vice-president; Kathy Conroy, secretary; Paula Rawlins, treas- urer; Miss Joan Kemp; adviser. S Don Sabatini and Dusty Rhodes take over a class of freshman physical edu- cation. Phi Mu Alpha Phi ln Alpha, one of the newest organizations on Florida Southern ' s campus, was orga- ni i(l 1 1 in It i the auspi es of the musi( depai tment. I he pui pose ill Phi Mu Alpha is to Eurthei musical interest and recognition dI musical accomplishments. Membership requirements are an ai ii c interest in music and an overall 2.0 average. They sponsored an annual All Ameri- can Concert, a spring concert of music by American composers and ushered for the Colleges con- cert series. President for this year is Bill Cleveland. Craig Brenner. Eric Eisnaugle and Waite Willis relax musically before a meeting. Left to right: Cleveland, Mr. MacDonald. Owens. 119 Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon is an honor- ary journalism fraternity devoted to maintaining the highest ideals of journalism in the College newspaper and annual. Since its beginnings in 1953 members have been chosen from upper- class students who have a 2.5 average and have worked on a publication at Southern. Each year Pi Delta Epsilon sponsors a creative writing contest judged by a well known author; they also sell covers for the annual as their money making project. This year they planned a forum con- cerning the effects of the press on the verdict of court cases. The officers are Bev Shultz, president; Susan Rogers, secre- tary; Anne Boyd, treasurer; Hal Waters, adviser. Members of Pi Delta Epsilon listen in- tently to plans for the spring forum. First Row: Shultz, Rogers, Boyd, Durrance, Newcomer, Gibson, Sanders. Second Row: DeWitt, Buzzelli, Lewis, Broome, Burke, Brown. Pi Gamma Mu First Row: Kocpcr, Balkcom, Peacock. Dr. Thrift. Antoon. Second Row. Dr. Hargrave, Kincheloe, Wendell. Rogers. Third Row: Dr. Williamson. Haas. Dravecky, Bassler. Pi Gamma Mu, the national so- cial science honor society, is the oldest professional honorary on campus. The purposes of Pi Gam- ma Mu are to improve scholarship in social studies; to inspire social services to humanity; to understand the differing opinions and the struc- ture of social institutions through higher education; to encourage the study of social sciences by stimulat- ing the interests of undergraduates, graduates, and faculty members. A scholarship fund is available for members wishing to do graduate work. This honorary also sponsors a student-fat ult forum on current events. Mr. Albert .ind R.i Haas discuss plans f " i- a future meeting. 121 I Psi Chi First Row: Brown, Presley, Wilkerson, Boyd. Second Row: Melton, Lam, Thompson, Ezell. Third Row: Samuels, Barone, Mr. Jacks, Moody. Psi Chi, honorary psychology so- ciety, was established at Florida Southern in April, 1960, by the psychology department. Member- ship is open to majors and minors in the field of psychology. The pur- pose of the organization is to pro- mote psychological studies on cam- pus. Highlights of the year were a visit to the state mental hospital, sponsorship of all-campus movies on psychology, and a speech by a local psychologist. The officers are Susan Brown, president; Jerry Presley, vice-presi- dent; Sandra Wilkerson, secretary; Anne Boyd, treasurer; Lamar Jacks, adviser. President Susan Brown and Gaylon Howe plan the presentation of an all-campus movie, David and Lisa. Sigma Tau Delta Sigma Tau Delia is the national honorary fraternity loi English majors. Membership is limited to those having a " B " average or bet- ter in at least 18 hours l English. The purposes oi iliis organization are to keep English scholars in- formed oi the new happenings in their field, and to serve as a me- dium for an exchange ol ideas. The fraternity sponsors the undergrad- uate magazine, The Esplanade, and also a symposium intended to stim- ulate interest in the world ' s c reat literature. Donna Maye looks over possible ideas for the Esplanade. First Row: Norton, Maye, Dr. Lou. Second Row: Gustafson. 123 - Sigma Rho Epsilon Ester Rho Gill leads a discussion at a joint meeting of Sigma Epsilon and Gamma Sigma Chi. Sigma Rho Epsilon is an honor- ary fraternity organized for those with a genuine interest in religious education. Membership in Sigma Rho Epsilon is open to any person who is interested in the field of religious education, majoring or minoring in it, or the wife of a pre- theological student. The organiza- tion furthers the interest and de- velopment of religious education on campus. Meetings this year in- cluded guest speakers as well as- joint meetings with Gamma Sigma Chi. The officers this year are Ester Gill, president; Donna Maye, vice- president; Linda Underbill, secre- tary-treasurer; Mrs. Thompson, ad- viser. U First Row: Gill, Maye, Underhill. Second Row: Jonas, Lott, Bussey, Brown. 124 Canterbury Club First Rota: Hornbeck, McNamee, Tallamy. Second Row: Wilson, Persak. Howland. The Canterbury Club is an orga- nization of students and faculty of the worldwide Anglican Communion, rep- resented by the Episcopal Church. Its purpose is to help create a Christian community on campus. Canterbury members chat with speaker. a guest 125 4 ....,•, ■ Accounting Club First Row: Cleaver, Boutwell, Kalel, Boyle, Knappenberger. Second Row: Miss Tem- pleton, Cammarata, DeLoach, Mr. Knippers. The Accounting Club is designed to enable its members to see the prac- tical aspect of accounting in the world outside the classroom. Membership is not only for accounting majors and minors, but also for others who are interested. In addition to speakers, the club ' s activities include a tour of the accounting facilities at Cape Ken- nedy, a tour of a public accounting firm, and a tour of Kraft Foods. This year ' s officers are Ronnie Boutwell, president; Robert Cleaver, vice-president; Kenneth McDonald, secretary; Cail Knappenberger, treas- urer; Miss Louise Templeton and Mr. Edward Knippers, advisers. Accounting Club members discuss posed trip to Cape Kennedy. pro- American Chemical Society The national American Chemical Stx let) w.is Founded in 1876. In November, 1958, chemistry majors Eoi med Flor- ida Soutliern ' s Robert S. Bly chapter, affiliate of the Ameri- can Chemical Society. The purpose of this organization is to improve qualifications of chemists, to advance chemical knowledge, to promote re- search, and to encourage ad- vancement of chemistry in all branches. Membership is open to all students interested in chemistry. The officers are Mary Louise Steel, president; R. Ganus, vice-president; Dr. Willard, adviser. ■: Ganus, Steel, Leer, Jerge, Scott. Dr. Willard. Second Row: Sanderson, McBride, Zamzow, Getman, Mr. Dinsmore. Third Row: Mr. Smith. Bilby, First Ro; C , 1 1 r . 1 1 1 Helmick, Sanford, Deuto 127 € nn American Guild of Organists First Row: Norton. Gatlin, Flood. Second Row: Mr. T. Brierley. Knappenberger. The American Guild of Or- ganists is an organization consist- ing of the organ students on campus. They meet twice a month and listen to various types and makes of organs. Members study the history of the organ, and familiarize themselves with its functioning. In addition to visits in the Lakeland area to hear different types of organs played, they also give a recital each semester. Club member receives instruction from Mr. Brierley on a piece to be pre- sented in concert. 128 American Institute of Physics The American Institute ol Physit s. K( eh ing us i barter on the Southern Campus in the fall ol 1965, is a pai I of the profes- sional organization of American physii isis. All students with an interesl in the physical sciences .in- eligible lor membership. The aim of the Institute is to encour- age the study of the physical si Kin es and their applications in Othei si inn c areas, to assist in developing knowledge, compe- tence, enthusiasm, and a sense of responsibility appropriate to science. Activities include so. ial events, outings, and tours of in- dustries. The officers are Pamela Jones, president; Ginger Steel, vice- president; Carol Robbins. secre- tary; Mr. (». Robinson and Dr. ]. McCloskey, advisers. Institute members research for one of the club ' s projects. First Row: Frank, Robbins, [ones, Steel, Morrison, Deuto. Second Rem-: Pugh, Brower, Coyle, Mr. G. Robinson. Dr. McCloskey. 129 Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union was founded for the purpose of developing Christian leadership among the Baptist college youth. It administers to the spiritual needs of Baptist college men and women, extends the influence of the church to the entire campus. Open to all Baptists, members become active when they join a Baptist church in the education- al center. The Baptist Student Union sponsored a spaghetti din- ner to raise funds for the Sum- mer Missions program and also showed slides of missionary trips to such countries as Korea and Mexico. The officers this year are Bob Kincheloe, president; Joyce Jones, secretary-treasurer; Col. M. Geiger, adviser. BSU members Bob Kincheloe, Pat Nevin, and Betty Jean Hughson display profits from the organization ' s annual spa- ghetti dinner. First Row: Jones, Stanfield, Lutz, Pero, Long. Second Row: Robinson, Drake, Kincheloe, Almand, Col. Geiger. 130 Circle K First Row: Guthrie, Dravecky. Higle, Hull, McGowen. Mecke. Second Row: Kraczkowsky, D. Davis, Cane. Gustafson, Rogers. Third Row: Treables. Squire, Fitzgerald, Presely, Barker, J. Davis. Circle K is one of the newest clubs on campus and was chart- ered in April, 1963. It is the col- lege branch of the Lakeland Ki- wanis Club. The primary objec- tive of Circle K is to serve school and community. Working with the downtown Kiwanis, the club raised money to give to mental institutions in Florida. The an- nual Kiwanis Pancake Festival in the spring highlighted the year ' s activities. Members are selected from male students with a 2.0 overall average who show leader- ship ability on campus. Rusty Boyd and Bill Hull join the downtown Kiwanis in a service project. 131 t Citrus Club fi First Row: J. James, Arrington, Blocker, Lyle, Dobson, Zolkos. Second Row: B. James, Race, Sargeant, Helseth. Winfree, Warner. Third Row: Mr. Mack, Peters, Cross, Weaver. The Citrus Club is open to per- sons interested in the field of citrus. The club provides its members with the opportunity to talk with various experts in the citrus indus- try. They also held the Annual Citrus Club banquet with guest speakers from all over the state. The officers this year are Jack James, president; James Lyle, vice- president; Norman Blocker, secre- tary-treasurer. Mr. William Lyle, adviser. Citrus Club members gain on-the-job ex- perience with the plants. Home Economics Club I lie I Ionic I( ononm s ( .lull is ;illili;ilc(l with the state and national I Ioiik Fc onomii t Assot iations. The ( lub ' s f)in [ sc this cai was to show- how the home life in various coun- tries differs. By doing this, the) helped develop interest in the aii oiis aspects of home e onomii s. The club also had a home demonstia t ion ageni visil and disc uss these phases of home economics. This year ' s officers of the Home Economics club were Ann McGill, president; Carolyn Smith, vice-pres- ident; Joyce Jones, secretary; Laura Seels, treasurer; Mrs. Piatt and Mrs. All in. advisers. Members of the Home Economics Club work on sewing projects. First Row: McGill, Smith, Jones, Seels, Shulcr. Second Row: Merrvman. P. Jones. Pearson, Watson, Underhill. Third Row: Danford, Niles. Coolbough, Fowler. Buch- anan. 133 Inter-Faith Council The purpose of the Inter-Faith Council is to unite the campus religious organizations in closer bonds of friendship. Members assist at devotions each morning at Danforth Chapel from 7:40 to 7:50 and at vespers every Thurs- day evening. They also plan a Good Friday Service at Easter. Holding positions as officers this year are Betty Jean Hugh- son, president; Fred Bovvers, vice- president; and Jeanne Lippert, secretary-treasurer. Chaplain Mc- Rae is the club adviser. All students are invited to attend morning devotions. First Roiu: Hughson, Bowers, Lippert. Second Row: Chaplain McRae, Cleve- land. International Club First How: Maiwald, Kleinschmidt, Bass, Imai, Yoshino, Rostran. Second Row. Morrison, Lovelady, Harvey, K. Taniguchi, H. Taniguchi, Itasaka. Third How: Murphey, Jcrge. Wilson, Driskell, Oberle, Fuster. Fourth Row: Dr. Jordan, Owens. Navarro-Sarmiento, dimming, Norton. Students and faculty on F.S.C. ' s campus from foreign countries, as well as anyone interested in learn- ing more about other nations, meet and socialize at the monthly meet- ings of the International Club. Dis- cussions, guest speakers, shows, re- ceptions, and out-of-town dinners help to promote the spirit of inter- national brotherhood and under- standing. The highlight of the year ' s activities was the traditional buffet at President Thrift ' s home. This year ' s officers of the Inter- national Club include Rosemary Brown, president; Heidi Maiwald, vice-president; Nancy Bass, secre- tary; Janet Kleinschmidt, co-chair- man. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Murphy serve as advisers. Foreign students gain greater understand- ing of other nations through Internation- al Club activities. d Literary Society First Row: Thompson, Mr. Reiner, Maye, Green, Cleveland, Gould, Dr. Snodgrass, Mr. Banks. Second Row: Gustafson, Dr. Lott, Dr. Miller, Dr. Zimmerman, Norton, Mr. Ryals. The Literary Society meets regu- larly to discuss topics of literary in- terest. Membership is open to any- one, students and faculty, but is composed mainly of those who are either majoring or minor ing in English. Among the various topics discussed have been Mann ' s " Death in Venice, " trends in college litera- ture, and contemporary poets. The organization ' s activities are directed by a Steering Committee composed of Donna Maye, Dave Robertson, Bill Cleveland, and Carol Green. Dr. Snodgrass and Mr. Reuter act as advisers. Plans for future programs are made during a Steering Committee luncheon meeting. 136 Logas Students intei ested in philosophy are invited to join Logas, Florida Southei n ' s philosophy i lub. I he group meets i take pan in semi nars and to heai various speakers. Logas also takes pan in a speakei exchange program, where Eaculty members From centra] Florida col- leges are brought in as speakers. Donna Maye serves as chairman of Logas, and Dr. Howe as its ad- viser. Dr. Howe and Donna Maye discuss plans for an uj meeting. First Row: Maye, Dr. Howe. Norton, Fuster, Gustafson, Dr. Snodgrass. Jonas. Second Row: Thompson, Kindred. Baldwin. McLeod, Cleveland, Owens. Methodist Student Movement First Row: Cleveland, Rousset, Harlson, Guess, Thomas, Ag- new, Davenport. Second Row: Hutson, DeLoach, Boyles, Long, Phipps, Whitworth. One of the most active clubs on campus, The Methodist Student Movement strives to further the atti- tudes of Christianity. Their varied activities have included a Christmas program at the planetarium, speakers, movies, an African banquet, and plans for a hayride. Although its member- ship is mainly Methodist, any inter- ested student may join. Officers are Bill Cleveland, presi- dent; Glen Repple, vice-president; Bev Sisk, secretary; Mont Duncan, treasurer; Stuart McRae and Lamar Jacks, advisers. Weekly programs concern topics of vital interest. Music Educators Conference The Musi I ' lin .inns ( lonfei (■in c is an organization open to all those who are majoi ing in musii . I li meet bi monthly to present and discuss ideas l« r vari- ous musii al programs Foi « hool students. Members ol the Con- Eerence also si udy the propei methods oi tea hing musii on the grammar and high school levels. Music F.d uca tors officers are Linda Hum, president; Linda 1 [ayden, vice-president; Lee Slay- den, secretary; Dr. Anderson, ad- viser. Members of the club are interested in all fields of music. First Row: Slayden, Hum, Hayden, Parks, Pike. Smind Row: Boyles. Guess. McGee, Hcppberger. Gatlin. Third Row: Parsons, Goff, Ludwig, Erickson, Dr. Anderson. Political Union FLORIDA 3D-14275 LSjoSUNSHINE STATE f .GG Organized in 1954, the Political Union helps to promote an avid interest in politics and interna- tional affairs. The club ' s spirit can be seen in its motto: " Better minds for better politics. " At the bi- monthly dinner meetings, active political figures address the group and answer members ' questions concerning political philosophy and its practical applications. Evidence of politics can be seen every- where, especially during election time. First Row: Skeels, Wilson. Cannistraci, Ball, Nichols. Second Row: Cash, Valdez, Montgomery, Jones. Eichhorn, Talbott. Third Row: Buzzelli, Clayton, Ingram, Baldwin. 140 Spirit Incorporated First Row: Buchanan, Baker, Cronin, McCraig, Croysdale, McDowell, Ohnmacht, Brewen, Scharfenberg. Second Row: Thomas, Ballon. Messenberg, Agnew, Hoff- man, Patrick, McCullough, McGrifE. Third Row: Swanson, Davis, Minford, Derry- berry, Osborn, Condry, Phipps, Hamilton. Spirit Incorporated was organized to instill school spirit into the student body. During the soccer season, the club sponsored a bonfire and dance for the cheerleaders. They also spon- sored concession stands at the basket- ball and soccer games. A fairly recent addition to the organizations on cam- pus, Spirit Incorporated is proving to be a great credit to Florida Southern. Serving as officers arc Snellen Bu- chanan, president; ( " aria Cronin, vice- president; Ronnie McCraig, secretary; Bill Croysdale, treasurer; Mrs. Lane, adviser. Club members gather to create posters tell- ing of sports events. 141 Student Education Association First Row: Eubanks, Boddy, Pike, Griffee, Lovelady, Ohnmacht, Brewer, Scharfinberg, Baxter, Gatlin. Second Row: New- comer, Green, Dykstra, Davis, Porter, Evans, Marshall, Mayse, Reid, Davenport, Taylor. Third Row: Pressley, Duffer, Dur- rance, Moyer, Green, Swanson, Minford, Messeberg, Dickens, Ensign. Fourth Row: Oberle, Cleek, Santiago, Kelsey, Downing, Erickson, Greenway, Brown, Holland, Calhoun. Fifth Row: Bryant, Garrison, Haynes, Watson, Ludwig, Wen- dell, Niles. Majors in the field of edu- cation are eligible to join the Student Education Association. Among their many activities for this year was a formal din- ner meeting. They also hosted the Regional Conference. In the Spring they held the an- nual SEA-FTA spring ban- quet. Officers are Judi Eubanks, president; Thann Boddy, vice- president; Kay Woelfel, secre- tary; Daphne Pike, treasurer; Dr. Garrison, adviser. SEA members prepare a bulletin board display as a club project. GREEKS 4 (k_- Greek God and Goddess Each year the climax l Greek Week occurs with the crowning l the new Greek God and Goddess. Each sorority and Fraternity nominates one ol iis mem- bers. Ml the Greeks on campus vote, and the new God and Goddess are an- nounced at the banquet. The 1967 Greek God is Donnie l).i is, Kappa Si ma. The 1967 Greek Goddess is Gay llerndon, Alpha Omicron Pi. Joanie Dicks and Tim Skidmore present Gay and Donnie with their crowns. 147 4 Greek Hall of Fame These students have been elected to the Greek Hall of Fame in recognition of their outstanding work toward the betterment of the College and the Greek system. Active in every phase of college life, they are se- lected by a majority vote of all Greeks on campus. Each sorority and fraternity nomi- nates candidates, and these are presented to all the Greeks. Representative of the Greek spirit, these students are the ex- ample for all future Greeks. Bonnie Davis. Phi Mu and Gay He Alpha Omi ron Pi. Ed Mingledorff, Sigma Chi ferry Buzzelli, Tau Km pp:i lv [ --. i 1 1 1 and Guy Colado, Ka pa Alpha. Toni Eichhorn, Alpha Gamma Delta. Irene Taylor, Alpha Delta l i: Virdia Van Huss, lpha Omi( ron Pi foe Leer, Pi Kappa Phi and Mike Barker. Kappa Sigma. 1 19 First Row: Doran, Shy, Munc. Second Rozu: L. Thompson, Thomas, Cleek. Standing: Fleming, Dean Eicholtz, Trost, J. Thompson, S. Johnson, Moore, Lovelady, Cave, Coons, Narem, Brown. Panhellenic Council Acting as a forum for the discussion of sorority problems, the Panhellenic Council holds a most responsible posi- tion in everyday life of all Greek women on campus. It fosters the ideals of fraternity life on a high level, and governs the rules of sorority rushing and pledging. Some activities are rush, the Bermuda Party, a tea for indepen- dent women featuring sorority dis- plays, and an annual Christmas Open House and Sing. Panhellenic, together with IFC, collected toys at Christmas for underpriviledged children, helped with the Heart Fund Drive, and with the Cerebral Palsy Drive in the spring. Membership includes two representa- tives and an alumnae from each soror- ity on campus. Officers are Gay Herndon, presi- dent; Jenny Thompson, vice presi- dent; Alice Fleming, secretary; Joanne Cave, treasurer; and Dean Hattie Eicholtz, adviser. i - iHH M " Smile, girls, you ' re on Candid Camera! ' 151 t Melody Wolfe President Together let us seek the heights fcllt Pam Pepper Vice President Carolyn Smith Secretary Betty Lou Albert Treasurer Tim Skidmore Sweetheart Alpha Chi Omega was founded at DePauw Univer- sity, Greencastle, Indiana, on October 15, 1885. It was the sixth national fraternity to be founded and now has 104 chapters. The colors of Alpha Chi Omega are scarlet and olive green and its official flower is the scarlet carnation. The Lyre is the national magazine. Chartered on the Florida Southern campus on No- vember 13, 1936, Beta Omicron chapter holds an annual Christmas " Cheer Party " for the entire campus to help benefit their cerebral palsey fund. Jill Albert Nancy Bewley Beth Binder Pam Bost Blake Bozeman Marilynn Brose Suellen Buchanan Barbara Burke Nancy Field AtiA Judy Fisher Peggy Flambeau Pat Harris Joyce Jones Kathy McBride 152 Susan Mt-i i ill i I .in.i Miii ' i ' ui i.ni Nan in Terrj Pearson tfcll Ellin Robertson J " ly Rushing ifcllititltt Susan Sanders J " ' ! " Sche Yicki Shannon Karen Stanley Becky Trost Diane- Wilson 153 I Caroline Wilson President Sandy Ernst We live for each other. Lee Slayden Vice President Sheri Severson Secretary Diane Faulkner Treasurer Alpha Delta Pi was founded on May 15, 1851, at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, as the Adelphean Society. The Gamma Gamma Chapter was granted a charter on Florida Southern ' s campus on April 27, 1946. Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon co-sponsor the annual Greek Sing, in which all fraternities and sororities compete in song. Twice a year, the ADPi ' s collect food for a needy family. Blue and white are the chosen colors, and the official flower is the violet. ® $ © $ Susan Adamson Lucia Batstone Bonnie Brethen Kay Chellman Mary Ann Chinn m Susan Clay Carolyn Cleveland Wanda Crowell Carolyn Davis Joanie Dicks Cynthia Ann Goode Fran Grainger Jane Milton Yogi Montgomery J " dy Munc 154 o fennie Ogbum f |il.l Sin Zona s, is Julie Swindell Ellen Talbotl In in I ayloi Donni Greenway Presiden t Jane Downing Vice President A $1 ft Sandy Gibson Treasurer Jim Cairnes Sweetheart Alpha Gamma Delta was founded at Syracuse Uni- versity on May 30, 1904. It was the first national sorority to charter Canadian chapters, and now has a total of 98 in both countries. Alpha Gamma Delta ' s colors are red, buff, and green exemplified by the fraternity flowers, red and buff roses, with green fern. The Quarterly is the national magazine of Alpha Gamma Delta. Alpha Gamma Delta contributes to the National So- ciety for Crippled Children and Adults which provides fellowships for training counselors in aid to the handi- capped. Mary Ann Aiello Andrea Erickson Susan Broun Debby Gotwalt Susan Downing I Wendy Hamilton Cheryl Eddy Toni Eichhorn Nancy Harris Margy Hatcherson I Valerie Hubbard Jackie Jonas Marjorie Jung Cindy McDonald Barbara M Maneus I fean Morford IS @ d K vtV ' WLMT GAMMA THETA CHAPTER inns Micl.ll, i, mi I ip..:.. Moon 1 Sail Price Linda Reid Donna 1). Smith " " i Susan Lynn Stanley |inh Naclerio J " ( Pendleton Lamell Rucks I inda Sargent v Carol Scott ff m « [ m M Ik ■ — fl y + w JtW K J f 1 i i 4,t 4PI BKj , -- BiS Bobbie Eisen Presiden t , Judy Bunten Vice President Joyce Cannistraci Treasurer Ray Kingsbury Sweetheart Alpha Omicron Pi was founded on January 2, 1897, at Barnard College, Columbia University. Since then AOPi has grown internationally to 100 collegiate chap- ters in the United States and Canada. The national philanthropic work is the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky. The color is cardinal, and the flower is the Jacqueminot rose. To Dragma is the fraternity magazine Alpha Omicron Pi was the first local sorority on the campus, and was called Kappa Gamma Tau. It became a national sorority on May 5, 1946 as the Kappa Gamma chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi. 4a 4 Brandy Adams Deana Adams Kathi Agnew Ginger Ball Lorraine Baxter ■ ■•■ m Marilyn Fulmer Sandy Cline Sharon Gibbs Gloria Gordon m Mopsy Green ' - Sharon Cobble Jo Ann Haas 158 Gay Herndon ft ft Carol Heppberger arolyn Mi ks -♦ ) (can Jourdan 3 ' i Bev Shultz ♦ Sara Stahlin Donna Thompson Pat Turncv V ' irdia Van Huss yc . Kathy Ware J Wendy Werner Saiuh Wilkerson Ruth Anne Tallamy President To seek the truth and defend it always; so that I may walk truly in the light of the Flame. ft I? Rosemary Brown Vice President Danna Donnelly Secretary Montine Cleveland Treasurer Kinny Walker Siveetheart Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on Oc- tober 24, 1902, Delta Zeta now has 171 national chap- ters. Beta Mu Chapter was installed at Florida Southern on December 11, 1936. Spring semester last year the Delta Zeta ' s on State Day received the best pledge training program award for their province. In November of each year they sponsor the Cornucopia Contest for the bene- fit of a local welfare organization which distributes the food to needy families. The colors of Delta Zeta are old rose and vieux green, and the flower is the Killarney rose. Vicki Bayly Betty Beers Florayne Brown l tP w-j ft r A , m ■ Jodee Driskell Kathleen Gibbons Marsha Green Cheryl Hinson Karen Hornbeck v T Lee Howland Janet Kleinschmidt Lin Lovelady Gail Meredith ft Sandy Ohnmacht ' , ' " Gail P( I M.n jorie Pfutei Ginger Steel I Beryl Young I Let us strive for that which is honorable , beautiful , and highest. Ellen Biermann President Kay Woelfel Vice President Linda Parsons Nancy Ek Secretary Treasurer Ken Heubner Sweetheart Kappa Delta Sorority was founded on October 23, 1897, at State Female Normal School of Virginia, now Longwood College, at Farmville, Virginia. It has 105 active chapters throughout the nation. Gamma Epsilon Chapter was established on the cam- pus of Florida Southern College on February 5, 1955. In December, the KD ' s sponsored their second annual " Tree Trimming Contest. " Pearl white and olive green are the chosen colors and the white rose is the flower. Kappa Delta was the first of the National Panhellenic Conference groups to select the aid of crippled children as a national philanthropy. Sally Beach fc Lila Blake Brenda Bloxsom Barbara Bradley Diane Burton Phyllis Clamp Candy Clark Connie Cook Ann Cotton Jody Doty Linda Duncan Nancy Edenfield Alice Fleming Patty Floyd . ' . " " ' " ' . r - GAMMA EPSILON CHAPTER J.m John WiIm.h Hull Connie i«!«-n I. n Evelyn foina Marsha Kane ft P $ Teanic l.arkin Karen Law Sherri McDowell Connie Moore Linda Mundy Nanq Owens IV ft . A Devorah Reddick President Jackye Durkin The Faithful Sisters V Thann Boddy Vice President Teresa Davis Secretary Beth Holland Treasurer Phi Mu was founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, on March 4, 1852, and now has 101 collegiate chapters across the United States. Alpha Tau was granted a charter at Florida Southern College on May 15, 1954. Its colors are pink and white, and the Enchantress Carnation is the official flower. The Aglaia is the national magazine. Alpha Tau Chapter sponsors a Greek family through the Children ' s Welfare Federation, and each Christmas a party is given for local underprivileged children. The National philanthropic project is contributing to the hospital ship, the S.S. Hope. Marilyn Brown Sue Caswell 7 Vivian Daniel Bonnie Davis Kathie Dennison Judy Fuller Sue Gordon Gwen Green Kathi Hoffman " ,? . " « Sandy Loy Murray Mi owcn ( and] i. V Jane Palmer Kay Page Charolottc Schmidt Jenny Thompson Linda L. Thomson Sandy Thorn Owen Wherrell Diana Wood Faithful Unto Death t ff H •v ' I s. Joanne Cavi President Susan Coons Vice President Shirley Hardee Secretary Marion Sumner Treasurer Dave Girardin Sweetheart Founded at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia, on April 20, 1898, Sigma Sigma Sigma now has 62 ac- tive chapters across the nation. Beta Phi Chapter of Tri Sigma was founded on Southern ' s campus on February 14, 1955. Tri Sigma s National philanthropic project is the Robbie Page Memorial Fund at the North Carolina Me- morial Hospital in Chapel Hill. The " Ugly Man " con- test is sponsored each year. They also sponsor an Easter party for a local orphanage. The official colors of Sigma Sigma Sigma are royal purple and white, the jewel is the pearl, and the flower is the purple violet. Patsy Crone Carolyn Doran Alexis Harber Martha Jordan L . Linda Lynch Margie Merryman 166 T ' -, ' _ Susan Minford Pam I ' ' rmai Barbara McKinley President Seek the Noblest LLL Martha Sargeant Vice President Daphne Pike Secretary Patty Duffer Treasurer Allen Downard Sweetheart The motto of Zeta Tau Alpha has helped to unite its members across the nation since its founding at Long- wood College in Farmville, Virginia, on October 15, 1898. Zeta Tau Alpha now has 127 active chapters. The National Philanthropic project of Zeta Tau Alpha is work with the Cerebral Palsy Research and Training Foundation. On April 27. 1957, Delta Beta Chapter at Florida Southern College was chartered. The official flower is the white violet, and turquoise and steel gray are the colors. Cheryl Baker Sandy Cleek Kathy Conroy Maxine Danford Jane Durrance Karen Elliott Pat Evans Terry Cowart Joan Gabriel Pat Gandy Dell Gilleland Peggy Homans Rici Joiner Barbara Kelsev " .., ' " ' ' ■ . Jan Moore Linda Proctor Sara Robinson Sandy Tcrtany Pin His Thomas Sandra Watson 169 Barbara Marshal] President Dale Grav [ ice President Secretary J. Morrison Bob Cleaver Sweetheart Southernettes Southernettes was founded at Florida Southern Col- lege on January 15, 1952, as a unified organization for all qualified women, who are not affiliated with Greek social sororities. The colors of Southernettes are red and white, and the flower is the carnation. The purpose of Southernettes is to provide opportu- nities to develop leadership in service to the College, and to achieve cooperation between Greek and non- Greek women. The Southernettes sponsor yearly a Halloween party for the children of the faculty. They also donate to needy families in this area food baskets for the Thanks- giving and Easter holidays. ' r - ' " _L Who me? I ' m not crying. Me mad? Never, I always take . bath Hurry, somebody dropped a fraternity pin. Somebody better tell these guys I ' m a Yankee. IFC .cs s •» Clockwise, starting from the left: Leer, Baker, Buzzelli, Davis Clayton, Bowles. Barker, Funk, Gardner, Colado, Ferguson, M ingldorff, Getman, Dean Campbell, Gensler, Garrett. Boyd, Archer, Kleindinst, Cash, Rubio, and McKee. Promoting the betterment of the College through the improvement of the social fraternities, the In- terfraternity Council is composed of representa- tives from each fraternity on campus. One of the major aims of IFC is to equalize the opportunities of all the fraternities. Activities include co-spon- soring with Panhellenic Council all Greek Week events, including workshops. They also work to- gether helping the Lakeland Jaycees bag Hallo- ween candy for the children attending the city- wide Halloween festival. IFC promotes through various retreats and other functions a closer re- lationship between all Greek men on campus. IFC accomplished its purposes under the leadership of Guy Colado. Other officers were Mike Barker, vice- president; Al Funk, secretary; and Ed Kleindinst, treasurer. We see that IFC is not all work. 1 ' ■ ' ■ Tom Mosher President Dieu et Les Dames— For God and the Women z% U4i Steve McKee Dan Sherman Barry- Lazzeroni Vice President Secretary Treasurer Kappa Alpha Order was founded on December 21, 1865, at Washington College under the guidance of Robert E. Lee. The official colors are crimson and old gold, and the flowers are the magnolia and the red rose. The Gamma Pi Chapter was installed at Florida Southern College on May 9, 1958, and the Kappa Alpha Order now has 89 active chapters. Each year the KA ' s " officially " secede from the Union and celebrate the event with a Plantation Ball. It is an elaborate event complete with beards, Civil War uniforms, horses, and Southern belles. Bill Broocke Guy Colado G. Talmage Echols James France Ray Haas Dan Hagen Dave Hemerick Lee Hepler Roger Hopper James Iooss Perry James John Nixon Robbie Robinson Mike Rubio ! . GAMMA PI CHAPTER David Streep Ed Si 11 Nicholas Wrighl Hal Fried President Barbara Burke Sweetheart Charlottesville, Virginia, the home of the University of Virginia, was the founding place of Kappa Sigma. Since its birth in the year 1869, it has grown to 138 chapters across the nation. Theta Alpha Chapter was installed at Florida Southern College on April 4, 1959. The official flower of Kappa Sigma is the Lily of the Valley, and the fraternity colors are scarlet, white, and emerald green. The official magazine of Kappa Sigma is The Caduceus. Kappa Sigma is well-known on campus for its annual sponsorship of the " Kappa Sig Olympics, " in which so- rorities compete against each other in a day of fun and frolic. ikM John Aleffi Mike Barker Rusty Boyd Mack Brown John Cain Bill Kempfer t III Tom Lawrence Phil McCown George Mecke Barth Morreale ' !.. ' " ' ■ ' ' • THETA ALPHA CHAPTER es Jerry Presley Chin I I Rick Squire Phil Tricbcls 177 J Mike Garrett Presiden t Deana Adams Sweetheart Phi Sigma Kappa was founded on March 15, 1873, at the University of Massachusetts. There are 89 active chapters. Omega Triton Chapter was founded on April 2, 1950. The fraternity ' s colors are silver and magenta. The official flower is the red carnation and their national fraternity magazine is the Signet. Phi Sigma Kappa ' s cardinal principles are to develop character, stimulate scholarship and promote a strong feeling of brotherhood. William Cowart Gerry Getman Dean McGinnes Richard Roberts 178 " " !,: " ■ . ' • Ben Saxon Raj Sharp Zeb Osborne Vice President Roger Simonson Secretary Diane Burton Sweetheart Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Virginia on March 1, 1868. The local chapter. Delta Delta, became national Pi Kappa Alpha in 1947. There are now 138 chapters throughout the United States. The fraternity colors are old gold and garnet and the official flower is the Lily of the Valley. The Shield and Diamond is the national magazine. This year PiKA won Greek Sing for the third con- secutive year and therefore retired the trophy. The winning songs for Pi Kappa Alpha were their national " Dream Girl Song, " " Down in Ole Virginie " and " 1868. " Bob Agnew Allen Bryan Bruce Aiken Jim Amnions Jack Baldwin Carl Beverly P fv P £ lit till Bruce Cash Bill Cauthen Butch Deuto Chuck Dickerson Russ Etheridge Bill Fleischli Dennis Harms Howie Harvill Bill Hemphill Ranilv Lewis Rich Wasl Bob Novotny Shorty Orth Curt Peterson Glen Phipps ii Fred Rohrcr Bob Skeels lit Cliff Valentine Brian Weave] u John Wilcox Steve Helsel Treasurer Rocke Hill Historian Pat Farwell Sweetheart Pi Kappa Phi was founded on December 10, 1904 at Charleston College, South Carolina. There are now 75 active collegiate chapters in the United States. Beta Beta chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was established at Florida Southern College on October 16, 1948. The fraternity colors of Pi Kappa Phi are gold and white and the official flower is the red rose. The national magazine is The Star and the Tamp. This year Pi Kappa Phi won the " Ugly Man " contest which is sponsored annually by Tri Sigma sorority. Garv Baker Bill Beckman Joe Bewley Larry Bilby Cail Brown Bill Croysdale Mike Goettee Dale Hamm Phill Helseth Tim Hofmann Lou Jerkins Bruce White Ken William Phi Alpha Jerry Collman Treasurer Renee Goodman Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was founded on March 9, 1856, at the University of Alabama in Tusca- loosa. The national headquarters of SAE is located in Evanston, Illinois. Florida Gamma chapter of SAE was chartered at Florida Southern College on November 12, 1949. The national fraternity noAV has 155 active chapters in the United States. The colors of SAE are royal purple and old gold, and the fraternity ' s official flower is the violet. Sigma Alpha Epsilon along with Alpha Delta Pi co- sponsor the annual Greek Sing. John Antoon Paul Brewer Hal Colbert Dave Delvecchio Mike Echols Eric Eisnaugle Carl Enchelmayer Mike Fogt Lee Gregory Gaylon Howe ±Mi± Tommy Kiesel John Larkin Walter Manley - ' ' • Km Padgett Mike Vernon We«garth Watson 185 Ed Mirtgledorff President In Hoc Sig?io Vinces: In this sign you shall conquer. Gary Morgan Vice President Mike Gordon Secretary Gregory Costan Treasurer Lorraine Baxter Sweetheart Sigma Chi was founded in 1855 at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, and now has 139 active chapters. The Epsilon Sigma Chapter was installed at Florida South- ern in 1959. Each year the Sigs sponsor the " Sigma Chi Derby, " which prompts a week of spirit and enthusiasm among the sororities. A Derby Queen is selected to reign over the festivities. The official flower is the white rose, and the frater- nity colors are blue and old gold. The brotherhood and love is exemplified in the symbolic " White Cross. " Gary Bryce Bob D ' Angio Bill Francisco Jon French Dave Girardin Dave Godwin Mike Huber Jack James George Keyser Fred Mayer ■ ' .. ln ' " . ' ' (.li;n lie Simmons Tom Williclm m ' ' ■ • • F h Jj J . V- BEc - t V 1 - Br IV ft BBV " 2J— d r - L HK- ; .Jt— f i IVl 1 r ■ f 1 4 Bm«JMttl 1 1 Tf t? s , «SHbB- 1 ' ' - » ■ jTl , jAV hLI IK ' j br y 7 Ml ' J |B ' ft«fii BBth B HBl 1 H B B B H 1 • —wT T 9bW bbW W- BV I C B JWP% WV B1 » Bbp B1 » 1ST Richard Gensler President ifcL. A Bobby Bowman Vice President rown Secretary Phil Ferguson Treasurer Jovce Pendleton Sweetheart Founded November 7, 1901, at Richmond College in Richmond, Virginia, Sigma Phi Epsilon now has 168 national chapters. The colors of Sigma Phi Epsilon are purple and red and the flower is the American Beauty Rose. The Florida Delta Chapter, founded at Florida Southern on May 8, 1949, received national recogni- tion last Fall for outstanding scholarship achievement. The Sig Eps hold an annual Christmas party with a sorority for local underprivileged children. Last spring they took first place in the Intramural Sports Program. ii Ron Beasley Cabell Carlan » kk Tom Collins Bill Crampton Alan Curtis Joe Gaudies Bill Hoyer Ken Murphy Doug Perry ■ ' .. • . U y V FLORIDA DELTA CHAPTER Andy Setzci Norman Wolfingei 1S9 Teps are Tops l.iiai Ed Klinedinst President John Woodward Vice President Dean Pappas Secretary Bob Archer Treasurer Laura Messeberg Sweetheart Tau Epsilon Phi was founded at Columbia Univer- sity, New York City, in 1910. The local chapter, Tau Rho, was established at Florida Southern College on February 10, 1947. TEP now has 60 active chapters across the nation. The frateinity colors are lavender and white and the official flower is the Lily of the Valley. They have a national magazine, The Plume, which is sent out four times a year. Richard Emmons Elliot Goodman Gee Gee Kaufman Steve Landau Jay Plotkin Chris Polkowski 190 ■ ' .. ' . . — — IAI r RH() CHAPTER Greg Scanio Jerry Buzzelli Pi Alpha Omega Epsilon Alpha lili Joe Mills George Warren Dan Hudgir Vice President Secretary Treasurer Thann Boddy Sweetheart Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded in January, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illi- nois. Teke is now the largest international fraternity, having 215 active chapters. Beta Tau, granted a charter at Florida Southern in November, 1948, was the first chapter of Teke in the state of Florida. During the fall semester, TKE spon- sored a drive to collect soap for the U. S. Marines to distribute to the people of South Viet Nam. The fraternity ' s colors are cherry and gray, the of- ficial flower is the red carnation, and the jewel is the pearl. Bill Bailey Dave Cobb Tom Cowell Bob Denmark UllU Allen Downard Mont Duncan Mike Gardner ift ik Ak in George Gibson Don Lesher Leigh Loveday Craig Morley Roger Nichols 192 " f k s i? ® H? at$ BETA TAU CHAPTER ft it |im Owi n« Dale Phillip George Selli n Ed Wechsli 193 Alma Mater first and Theta Chi for Alma Mater Gail Knappenberger President Dave Fritchley Barry Randall Tom Sawyer Vice President Secretary Treasurer Marsha Kane Sweetheart Tom Conner On April 10, 1856, Theta Chi came into being at Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont. The Gamma Delta Chapter was founded at Florida Southern College on May 4, 1946. Theta Chi now has 133 active chapters. For the second year, they have sponsored an annual Theta Chi all-campus dance. Theta Chi ' s colors are red and white, and their official flower is the red carnation. Steve Bowles Archie Buie Pete Carruthers Dick Clark Ray Cody Tim Cowan Kurt Gainer Dennis Gaines Judge Girlinghouse Joe Giurato h • ■ f Jerry Haralson Rodger Hardy Harold Heimmer Don Hopkins Ted James James Lee 11 } v. Kinm Walkei Tom Wassei Paul Wilhelmscn 195 Greek Week The Highlight of greek activity each year is Greek Week. As always this year provided a great deal of fun and excite- ment. Gay Herndon and Donnie Davis reigned over the activities of the week as Greek Goddess and God. First place went to Kappa Sigma and Alpha Gamma Delta for their dis- play while Theta Chi and Alpha Delta Pi took the top honors in an afternoon of Greek Games. For the third year Pi Kappa Alpha won first place in the fraternity competition for the Greek Sing trophy, and retired the award. Alpha Omicron Pi won the trophy for the women for the fourth consecutive year and Alpha Chi Omega took home the trophy for the Best of the Rest in the Greek Sing. It was an extremely successful week which gave each of the sororities and fraternities a chance to work together and have a great time for all. Judy Munc, ADPi, presents Wiley Clayton, PiKA, with the trophy for the best fraternity in Greek Sing. Eric Eisnaugle, SAE, presents Bobbie Eisen, AOPi with the trophy for the best sorority in Greek Sing. Sue Clay, ADPi, presents Melody Wolfe, Alpha Chi, with the trophy for the Best of the Rest in Greek Sing. The Greek games start out with the traditional chariot race. 1 _ ■ A The Brothers Four This year The Brothers Four were the guest artists at the Greek Week concert. A fraternity joke at the University of Wash- ington in the 19. r 0 ' s brought four Fiji ' s together and labeled them as headed for success. To put it mildly, Boh Flirk. Mike Kirkland. John Paine, and Dirk Foley have piled one success on top of another with amazing regularity. They have managed to remain popular without compromising their style. .?.. _. -■ •». Olympics The Kappa Sigma fraternity provided the sorority women with a great deal of fun and excitement this year with their Olympics. The day was filled with events such as the snake relay, kissing contest, grease slide and musical entertainment. All the sorority women participated and the day was one of messy looking girls, frantic attempts to win and above all a great deal of fun. Zeta Tau Alpha took home the top honors and the trophy for the Kappa Sig Olympics. Derby I The annual Derby Week sponsored by Sigma Chi was a very eventful week which all enjoyed. Each sorority devoted every spare minute toward pleasing the Sigma Chis and providing a great week for the brothers. It was a huge success and the sorority women enjoyed it as much as the Sigs. Kappa Delta won the over-all derby award for the third year and Alpha Omicron Pi was tops in the Sigma Chi Spirit competition. 198 ■■ " ■■ ■ — — ATHLETICS r : . :- -;. ' ..-.■,.. ' : ; " -- " . ' -. ....... .-. " :.-.- - . ,-: ' ■ ■ ' ■■::-- : J-: ' ■• ; " " . i£ |§= 1 ■■■ ■ ' uR r Standing: Jerry Presley, Scott Fitzgerald, Ellis Shaw. Mike Sullivan, John Jurecko, Tom Conner, Bob Denise. s Freddie Lewis, Jim Hayes, Robbie Bowman, Dave Spiro. Varsity Basketball This year the Florida Southern Basketball Mocs maintained their reputation as one of the South ' s finest teams. Led by their co-captains, Jim Hayes and Bobby Bowman, and playing such difficult teams as Florida State, U. of Fla.. University of South Florida and Rollins, they came through with a superb record. Lakeland businessmen, sponsoring an organization called Spirit Inc., were largely responsible for the ex- cellent attendance shown at the games and the spirit shown around campus. However, behind the successful plays and everpresent spirit is found the hard work and determination of Coach Tom Greene. kes a typical pose at the basket- 203 B. Bowman reaches high to make another basket for Florida Southern. B. Bowman plays a game of " keep away " as two of his opponents attempt to reach for the ball. Moc ' s S. Fitzgerald shoots for a basket as a Stetson player moves in to block him. 204 Southern ' s J. Hayes stops in mid-air to scrutinize the situation while Moc J. Jurecko and his opponent look on. J. Haves jumps to score a point over the outstretched arms of two Stetson players. Forward B. Bow-man grimaces as two Biscavne players move in and try to block him from shoot- ing for a basket. 205 Left to right: Bob Fryer, Fred Fifner, Al Mertz, Bob Agnew, Joe Lewis, Dave Wiant, Mack Brown, Glenn Phipps. Varsity Golf This year ' s golf captain, Mack Brown, demon- strates a swing to the team. Under the leadership of Captain Mack Brown, this year ' s Florida Southern Moc Golfers enjoyed many pleasurable and com- petitive hours on the green. Coach Jim Jar- rett can take pride in his team ' s fine show- ing in this small but integral activity in the realm of sports. Coaching this year ' s golf team is Mr. Jim Jarrett. 206 ' .. ' • Sitting: Ron Gielow. Mike Sullivan, Mike Johnson, Steve Hemman. Standing: Coach Dan Dohertv. Duane Hanes. Sara Pringle, Gary McGriff, Bob Putnam, Barry Green. Junior Varsity Basketball Coach Dan Doherty and the junior varsity basketball team enjoyed a season of well- played games as a result of hard work and long practice hours. The men on the J.V. team advanced another step toward being future varsity basketball stars. B. Green leaps high into the air as two of his opponents close in on him. 207 Cheerleaders Hard work, long hours and sore muscles are half of the ingredients which make-up a varsity cheerleader. The other half consists of enthusiasm, pep and energv. Com- bine all these things and you have a perfect description of our Florida Southern varsity cheerleaders. With an active and energetic crowd cheering behind them, an at- mosphere of enthusiasm prevails over all basketball games. Is this the way our varsity cheerleaders re- new their energy during half-time? Left to right: Becky Trost. Karen Stanley, Brenda Bloxom, Barbara Burke, capt.. Kathy McBride, Jean Larkin, Vickie Shannon. ■ Enthusiasm and pep abound as the varsity cheerleaders add sparkle to ttte basketball games. ) Hum and B. Burke, rapt., radiate energy as the) cheei l " i the Mocs during a pep rally. k. Stanley and B. Trosi enjoy warm up time before a game. Soccer Despite the loss of such outstanding lettermen as Terry Darby and John Hayes the 1966 Soccer team suffered few losses. Under the capable leadership of Coach Jim Bush, the numerous fresh- men soon became old pros at the game helping their returning teammates cli- max the season with an impressive 4-4-2. Moc Bruce Kelsey demonstrates the head shot in mid-air. First Row: Bruce Kelsey, Tom Norton, Don Sabatini, Bob McOsker, Elliot Goodman, Wally Wells, John L. Sullivan. Second Row: Bruce Bain, Bob Pryzychodniecz, Bill Nortbacker, Carl Beverly, Tim Cronin, Gee Gee Kaufman, Brad Fish. Third Row: Chris Polkoioski, Mike Opalinski, John Coles, Bruce Foland, Joe Lahr, Steve Burgland. Fourth Row: Bob Kerr, Arthur Miles, Fred Hall, Jim Dawsey, John Thompson. Fifth Row: Greg Scanio, Mike Sheiman, Brian Bain. £ .m m m m m m 210 r. . " ■■ " " ' • Southern ' s Jim Dawsey sets up a shot against St. La SOCCER RESULTS Won 4 Lost 4 Tied 2 Opp. St. Leo College 1 Emory University 1 Stetson University 2 University of South Fla. ... 4 Jacksonville Univ 2 Rollins College 3 Stetson Univ 3 Univ. (if Miami 2 Rollins College 5 Univ. of Miami 3 FSC 3 2 2 1 1 4 2 2 2 Coach Bush shows his approval of tin Moc ' s play during the Miami game. Wally Wells seems to be doing tin mashed potatoes. Varsity Baseball A number of familiar faces constitute this year ' s Baseball team. The names of Simmons — last year voted Most Valuable Player, Saba- tini, Aitken, Lewis, Morgan, DAngio and Priester are just a few of the returning vet- erans leading the team. Depth for the team is found in the pitcher — Stan Cowherd, catch- er — Gary Bryce; and infielder — Dusty Rhodes; all three of which transferred into F.S.C. this year. Sabatini and Simmons attended the 1966 All-Conference. Hockensmith signed with the Los Angeles Angels and like Octavec, Mowbray, Lazzeroni and Bates is missed by the team. The competition for the Mocs is going to be found in such teams as the Uni- versity of Florida, University of Miami, Yale, Connecticut and Eastern Michigan. Chuck Anderson has taken over as coach. Ed Jeffries is assistant coach. % §1 8 m kA Front Row (from left): Don Sabatini, Dusty Rhodes, Gary Morgan, Gary Bryce, Bob D ' Angio, Fred Mayer, Chuck Russell, Barth Morreale. Second Row: Laurel Willis, Page Fullington, Randy Lewis, Doug Burek, Scot Lamb, Ken Diamond, Bob Fow. Third Row: Bruce Aitken, Charlie Simmons, Doug Priester, Ed League, Jeff Pryor, Stan Cowherd, Jim Mosley. ■ " . ' . " • — m — ' ■ ' •■• ' , - c VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE February 28 Saint Leo College March 4 University f Florida March 8 University of Florida March II University of South Florida March 18 University of Miami March 22 University of Connecticut March 23 University of Connecticut March 24 mherst College March 25 Amherst College March 27 . . . United States Coast Guard Academy March 29 Eastern Michigan March 31 Saint Leo College April 3 Harvard University April 5 Jacksonville University April 6 Jacksonville University April 8 University of South Florida April 12 Rollins College April 15 Rollins College April 19 Tampa Uni crsit April 22 Tampa University April 21 Valdosta State College April 26 Stetson University Apul 29 Stetson University 213 Jim Bush is the coach of the tennis team. Enthusiasm and improvement are two descriptive nouns which epitomize South- ern ' s 1967 tennis team, the Moc Netters. Under the capable guidance of Coach Jim Bush, the tennis team made a fine showing in all tennis matches. The competition was stiff but the team ' s enthusiasm and fine display of sportsmanship carried them through many tennis matches. Dean Shrimer and Shorty Orth are co-captains of the tennis team. Varsity Tennis First Row: Al Cox, Rick Chaffee, Freddie Mills, Shorty Orth. Second Roic: Glen McAnich, Dean Shrimer, Dave Whit- ford. r ■ ■«■ ' •- — — Varsity Track The newest addition to the varsity sports program at Florida Southern is track. The Cinder-Mocs have not reached full team size as track is still in the pioneer stage in Florida. Hut each year more students go out for the sport which is ideally suited to the Florida climate. Above: The members of the team go over the training schedule with Coach Larry Bland. ? © § First Row: Cooper, Haralson. Oovsd.ile. I ' usco. Schofield. Second Roiv: Coach Larry Bland, Harrison. Fogt, Layow, Lee, Daniel. From e r ro right: Craig Dye, John Wilcox. Brian Weaver. Bob Viviers, Bill Cross, Scot Cruikshank, Howie Harvell, Bill Ingram, and coxswain, Ray LaCraw. Varsity Crew The varsity shell for the Water Mocs have lost the strength of such oarsmen as last year ' s Jim Steward, Dale Hamm, Kurt Hock and Paul Wil- helmsen, but which have been very capably re- placed by John Wilcox, Craig Dye. Scot Cruik- shank, and Bill Cross. The Mocs will meet with keen competition from such schools as Michigan State, East Carolina, Notre Dame, Amhearst and, of course, Marietta, Jacksonville, Tampa. Rollins and Purdue. With the visit and aid of the Princeton crew team, in February, the Mocs voted on changing their old style to the new one used by Princeton. They did reach their goal of rowing and placing in the Dad Vail Regatta last year with the oldstyle — they could reach the ultimate and place first, this year. Coach Bill Daniels watches his watch in the last few seconds of the race. 216 " ■•:■ ' r- Above: Even though the Varsity eight make it look fun and simple, once they get situated in the shell their minds are focused on just one thing— crew. Right: Coxswain [allies Goforth. Skill, balance, and precision are the oarmen ' s greatest assets. Junior Varsity Crew A large number came out to participate in the Junior Varsity Crew team this year. The experi- ence gained will make them valuable as oarsmen for the Varsity, as replacements are needed by the graduating seniors. The Baby Mocs face as difficult and rough schedule as does the varsity. A hidden glimpse of the Junior Varsity working out. 1 111! From left to right: (coxswains) —Dave Swoyer and Mike Rubio, Bob Cleaver, Pete Reed, Jim Page, George Russik, Roger Simonson, Craig Bryson, Bob Fouls, Andy Steele, Gary Bridges, Buzz Windham, John Jor- don, Russ Etheridge, Ed Sweeney and Dave Hawkins. " :• !■ ' ' • INTRAMURALS 219 ' How long do you think we can hold them off? " Intramural Sports Competition and fast paced energy are the keynotes of the Florida Southern intramural sport activities. Major sports such as football, volleyball, basketball and softball and minor sports such as archery and canoeing are played in a very competitive nature by the various fraternities, sororities, and independent teams. Indeed, intramurals is an extra advantage which has been added to the extra-curricular campus life of Florida Southern students. In case of stampede, stand still! 220 " •; ' ■ — — Below: " Come on! I can throw it farther than that! " Right: " I ' ve got it! ... I think. " 221 Intramural Champions At the end of the Intramural Basket- ball season, Sigma Phi Epsilon was in first place in overall point standings. They accomplished this by winning football, tennis, and badminton. Theta Chi hav- ing w on basketball is in second place. Rounding out third place at this time is Pike, having taken first place in Volley- ball. The outcome of spring sports will determine the overall champions, the winners of the coveted all-sports trophy. ■■■ Football Champions 9 t First Row: Ken Murphy. Jerry Brown. Ron Beasley, Phil Ferguson. Second Row: Dick Gensler, Andy Setzer, John Giles, Bill Hoyer, Norman Wolfinger. —————— Volleyball All-Stars Left to right: Bobby Bowman, Mike Huber, Jay Lancer, Ted [anus, fames Lee, Dick Gensler. Volleyball Champions First How: Dalton Ward, Jay Lancer. Robert Novotny. Second Row: Bill Ingram. Bob Agncw. Zeta Tau Alpha won the coveted All-Sports trophy. Honest! I can catch it! I know I can! " Girls ' Intramurals Florida Southern students round off their active and busy campus life by participation in intramural sports. Sororities and indepen- dent teams compete in both major and minor sports as football, basketball, volleyball and archery. The atmosphere is very competitive as each team hopes to win the All Sports trophy, this year won by Zeta Tau Alpha. SOFTBALL CHAMPIONS Independents. Kneeling: Paula Atwell, Nancy Loeper, Laura Seels, Jo Lott. Stand- ing: Paula Rawlins, Gretchen Dykska, Ellen Strickland, Sue Perry. " — ' ■■■■= " ■• J r i5 Above: " Let ' s dance around the brill and maybe it will go in the basket by itself! " Right: " This stretch- ing exercise helps me tone up my stomach muscles. " Below: AOPi kneeling: Kathi Agnew, Donna Thomp- son, Brandy Adams, Deana Adams. Standing: Sara Stahlin. Lane Milner, Joyce Cannestrace, Ginger Ball, Marilyn Fuller. BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS First Row: Paula Rawlins, Kathy Conroy, Sara Robinson, Miss Ma- honey. Second Row: Peggy Homans, Anne Boyd, Vivian Judy. Third Row: Margie Pfeister, Paula Atwell, Penney Sweeting, Marilyn Giles. Coach Matlock and Miss Mahoney are the intra- mural directors. Intramural Boards The Men and Women ' s Intramural Boards are composed of representatives from each fraternity, sorority, and independent group which participates in intramural sports. They make the rules governing these sports and stress friendly competition among the various greek houses and independent organizations. Standing: Dave Cobb, Tom Wiihelm, Donnie Davis, Dennis McGill, Bill Fleishli. Sitting: Phil McCowan, Jim France, Kurt Johnson, Jim Jones, Danny Came- ra ta. !T !- I. ■ ■ rTH MILITARY t h2 2 ? j ' jr Reserve Officers Training Corps The Reserve Officers Training Corps program at Florida Southern College is part of a national effort to train qualified young men as future officers for the United States Army. The R.O.T.C. plays a major role in the Army ' s leadership pro- gram by striving to build and develop compe- tent, responsible individuals to serve as the backbone of the defense of tomorrow ' s America. Col. Robert C. Hutchinson, Jr. Capt. Henry H. Hair, III; Maj. Rolland A. Dessert; Capt. William J. Seale, Jr. 228 ■■ " ■ " ' ' S ' Sgt Jerry L. Miller, SFC Carl S. Hudson, SFC Lewis J. McEwen, 1 Sgt. Donald E. Voss, Sgt. Maj. Eugene F. Britti, S Sgt. Truett Rodgers, not pictured. Battalion Staff Front: Cadet Lt. Col. Bill Deupree. Left to right: Cadet Maj. Mike Gardner, Cadet Capt. Tim Skidmore, Cadet Maj. Bill Ingram, Cadet Maj. Guy Colado, Cadet 2 Lt. Ken Keithly. 229 R.O.T.C. Sponsors Seventeen girls were selected this year to serve as Co-ed Sponsors. Selection to the honorary group is based on beauty, poise and the desire to help the R.O.T.C. cadets. The Sponsors ' main purpose is to increase group morale and to promote a retention of a sense of pride and prestige in the Army program. MARSHA KANE Battalion Sponsor MELODY WOLFE .... Deputy Battalion Sponsor ELLEN BIERMANN Staff Sponsor THANN BODDY Staff Sponsor BOBBIE EISEN Staff Sponsor CONNIE IDENDEN Staff Sponsor BRENDA LAM Staff Sponsor LEE SLAYDEN Headquarters Sponsor KAREN STANLEY " A " Sponsor KAY CHELLMAN " B " Sponsor CHARLOTTE SCHMIDT " C " Sponsor WANDA CROWELL " D " Sponsor DIANE BURTON .... Officers Candiate Sponsor LAN A MURDOCK Honor Guard Sponsor PAT FARWELL Counter Guerrilla Sponsor VICKIE SHANNON Band Sponsor LINDA PARSONS Rifle Team Sponsor Co-ed Col. Marsha Kane and Co-ed Lt. Col. Melody Wolfe. First Row: Lana Murdock, Brenda Lam, Charlotte Schmidt. Karen Stanley, Melody Wolfe. Second Row: Thann Boddy, Kay Chellman, Wanda Crowell, Bobbie Eisen, Ellen Biermann, Connie Idenden. Third Row: Diane Bur- ton, Linda Parsons, Lee Slayden, Vickie Shannon, Pat Farwell, Marsha Kane. 230 r r ■ — i 0 «v •- First Row: Odom, Wedig, Jackson, Muir, McBridc, Brown. Hinman. Second Ron ' : Burger, Preuss, Marriott, Wilson, Boyer, Goforth, Smith. Third Row: Roberts, Reed. Kim brell. Cox, Morris, Jenson. Fourth Row: Hanley, Sandkuhl, Talbott, Huiibutt, Wiant. Standing: Jones, Cleaver. Honor Guard Counter Guerrilla Corps Standing: Jorgenson, Helwig. First Row: Bilby, Bridges, Chaffee, Cooper, Crass, Cruikshank. Evans, Pauls, Fraser. Second Row: Cameron, Gregory, Haana, Davis, Jones, Starkey, Hartman, Murphey, Northacker. Third Row: Page, Rose, L. Stahl, Steele, Loeme, West, Mosley, McGinnis. Fourth Row: Scanio, Kel- ler, Fow, Swoyer, Taylor, Brewer, Bryant. 231 Rifle Team First Row: Durkin, Pad- gett, Hay, Clover. Second Row: Vivers, Zanathy, Sny- der, 1 Sgt. Voss. Cadet Officer Candidates First Row: Kiesel, Howe, Ganus, DuKate, Edge. Downard, Croysdale, Ferguson. Second Row: Wilhelmsen, D. N. Sher- man, Mecke, Rogers, Sams, Murphey, Gensler, Iooss. Third Row: Collman, Cain, Baldwin, Antoon, Amnions, Daniels, Cauthen, Small, Osborne. Fourth Row: Keene, Hardy, Nichols, McK.ee, Lazzeroni, Hofmann, Conner. Fifth Roto: Walker, Bailey, D. H. Sherman, Thornton, Owens, Sellers. Standing: Skidmore, Dye, Hardee, Letsinger. Band First Row: Hagen, Lehman, Jones, Windham, McGriff, Mercurio, Morely. Second Row: Spilman, Green, DeLoach, Ragsdale, Joyner, Whitford, Blount. Third Row: Kern, Cammarata, French, Loveday, Hamer, Opalinski, Sweeney. Fourth Row: Clyde, Hall, Wray. Standing: Mills, Sharp. —————— - ACADEMICS ■ ■-.■•■■: ' f gfe £ -- ?■ % Ih ' s ? I - " J ; P 7 !W :v . ■■■,! • ' .- • ■j ; ■ ' ?, ' T T 1 ' ' " - i — ■ •■ " ■ ■ CHARLES T. THRIFT. JR. President 237 DEDICATION His door is always open to students, and he is always ready to listen to their problems and successes. His devotion to the College and his classes is apparent in his constant striving for perfection in preparation and presentation. Many long hours of work with and for the students may sometimes go unnoticed. For this reason the 1967 IN- TERLACHEN is gratefully dedicated to one who has given Southern one of the finest journalism departments anywhere . . . MR. HAL WATERS ' T ' •! !- i ■ ■ The Board of Trustees J. F. ALEXANDER R. L. ALLEN SAM A. BANKS W. J. BARRITT, JR. P. M. BOYD W. S. BOZEMAN FARRIS BRYANT CLARE M. COTTON J. H. DANIEL L. DAY EDGE GEORGE A. FOSTER J. R. GRAVES JAMES W. HENLEY SPESSARD L. HOLLAND R. C. HOLMES GAYLON L. HOWE ERNEST G. McCLURG glenn Mccormick J. MILBURN McLEOD WILLIAM A. MEADOWS, JR. MRS. RALPH D. NEWMAN E. J. PENDERGRASS CUSHMAN S. RADEBAUGH J. CARLISLE ROGERS JOHN J. ROOKS MRS. E. T. ROUX HARRIS G. SIMS MYRL SPIVEY ANGUS SUMNER CAMPBELL THORNAL MRS. DAVID R. THURMAN LANIER UPSHAW MRS. RUTH S. WEDGWORTH WARREN W. WILLIS HERBERT E. WOLFE G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN 240 Nelson M. Hoffman, Jr. Dean oj Academic Affairs David L. Readdick Business Manager Corning F. Tome Director. Community and Alumni Affairs Ernest L. Snodcrass Assistant to the President 241 Burnette, Richard Coordinator, Institutiona l Research and Testing Campbell, Phillip R. Dean of Students Eicholtz, Hattie L. Dean of Women Carlson, J. Howard Director of Finance Chase, Herbert S. Vice-President, Institutional Development Esau, Carol M. Director of Admissions Fanning, O. B. Director of News Bureau Foland, Francis E. Director of Department of Alumni Affairs Ford, Nancy L. Executive Secretary Gieger, Mack Assistant Dean of Students Jack and his mascot . . .? Greene, Thomas H. Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Hackney, Mary E. Director of Annual Fund . -t- Hutchinson, Col. Robert C, Jr. Commanding Officer of R.O.T.C. Ivey, G. Frank, Jr. Admissions Counselor ' This time I ' ll lei the woods party come to me! MacGowan, Robfrt Dean, Annie Pfieffer Chapel M( R f. Sir ri Chaplain Moody, Ida P. Assistant Director of Placement Bureau £1 i I Mi dy, Wit ii m R. Dirt i hn of Counseling for Admissions Murphy, Walter Y. Director. Student Financial Aid Point. Virginia L. Diret tor of Student Accounts ReaMj Albert W. Administrative Ass ' t. Academic Affairs Scott. Janet D. Administrative Ass ' t.. Business Affairs Sumner, Louise Oween Szabo, Fr nk P. W i irs II Roi.n Vi i herei i . Gene W ' ll 1 F. W ' ll I I M I ' M I Librarian Diret tor of Mi n Director of Publications Ex tension and Development Photographer Faculty Akerman, R. H. Ph.D. History Albert, H. E. M.A. Government ' You see, there was this cute little Mexican number Allin, T. H. Anderson, K. C. Banks, Oscar E. Barnitz, D. Bethea, Jams Bland, L. M. M.A. Home Ph.D. Music M.A. English M.F.A. Art M.A. Music B.S. Industrial Economics Arts Blv, Otye B. A.B. Library Brierly, Thomas Burnette, R. R. M.A. Music Ed.D. Education Bush, James O. M.A. Physical Education Calonge, C. M. Calway, M. F. M.Ed. Spanish Ph.D. Education Daniels, W. C. Dessert, R. A. Dinsmore, H. L. Doak, Banton S. Eastwood, L. Eickenburc, C. F B.S. Physical B.S. Military Ph.D. Chemistry Ed.S. Industrial B.S. Library M.S. Biology Education Science Arts 244 wmKmm mmmmnmHmi O Q Q EralYj Abraham Field, H. M. M.A. History PhJ). Biology Franklin, C. C. Friedman, H. N. Funderburc, J. B. Garrison, X. L. M.B. A. Business PhJ). Economics PhJ). Biolc I d.D Education and Ei onomit i Gilbert, M. L. Goi.dsborouch, Y. Goodson, L. M. Gouker, Marie Hair, Hf.nky H. Hancock. E. S. Ph.D. Biology M.A.French M.Ed. B.S. Library B.S. Military MA. Business Mathematics Science Hargrave, O. T. Hartje, H. C. Holden, D. T. Howe, L. T. Jacks. David L. Jeffries. E. F. Ph.D. History M. A. Mathematics Ph.D. Religion Ph.D. Philosophy S.T.M. Psychology M.S. Physical Education " I see . . . and what makes you ihink you are a teapot? " 2-15 ' Whadda ya mean I ' m a one-man team— I let Frank serve. Johnson, E. R M.A. History Jordan, Juliana Kelly, J. T. Kemp, Barbara J. Kmppers, E. C. Lane, Evelyn R. Ph.D. German Ed.D. Education M.A. Physical M.S. Business B.S. Physical Education Education m Ai)i lit Laymon, C. M. Lott, John R. Luce, Samuel W. Lyle, William R. MacDonald, R. Mack, Thomas B. D.D. Religion Ph.D. English M.S. Physical M.S. Citrus M.Mus. Music M.Ed. Citrus Education MacGowan, R. Martinez, J. R. Masters, C. F. Matlock, C. C. Maynard, D. M. McCloskey, J. Litt.D. Philosophy M.A.Spanish M.S. Mathematics Ed.S. Physical Ph.D. Religion Ph.D. Physics Education McRae, Stuart Miller, Milligan, Thomas D. Willi B.l). Religion MarvKuh M.A. Education Joseph T. I ' ll. I . English u ' History i 1 J wtti Mustoe, Anthony Peaslee, Margaret Peyton, Ann C. Piatt, Sara Coolidce Privette, Gayle M.S. Mathematics Ph.D. Biology M. A. English M.S. Home Economics Ed. I). Psychology Reinsch, Reuter. Ioiin R. Robinson, George B. Rockwood, R. J. R. R Bernard Paul ThTa Srny, Ph.D. Mathematics Budapest; MusU Ruderman, Frances Ryals, Weslei MS. Art M.A.T. English r ' Remember Paris, O.T.V FACULTY Seai i W ' ii i [AM Josoph Selic, Max . U.S. Military Science MA. Business FACULTY Sims, Harris G. L.L.B. Journalism Sharp, Margaret M.L.S. Library ' There ' s no business like shozv business! Smith, Earl D. Snodgrass, Earnest Snook, Julia W. Stoddard, Donna Templeton, Louise Thompson, Suzette S. M.A. Chemistry L.Ph.D. Humanities M.A. Education M.Ed. Art M.S. Business B.S. French and Spanish Tyler, Thomas H. Waters, Harold Williamson, Walter Willard, Wooten, IVTelvin E. Zimmerman, Robt. L. Ph.D. Remedial M.A. Journalism B.D. Sociology Thomas M. M.A. Drama Ph.D. English Instruction Ph.D. Chemistry 248 The Senior Class OFFICERS BOB McOSKER . . ELLEN l ' .II KM JOYCE PENDLETON . . . President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Biermun, McOsker, Pendleton. Their final vear has now- ended, and the senior class has worked hard to make it a memorable one. Each year the senior class gives the graduation banquets and ex- ercises. Along with these ac- tivities, the class acts as a link between the students and SGA. This vear they left to the school two direc- tor maps to aide visitors. 249 SENIORS 1 f a . ' : Adams, Archer J., Ill Agnew, Robert Kent Aiello, Mary Ann Aitken, Bruce Erail ' Hey, these aren ' t mine! " Avinger, Edward J., Jr Alexander, Earlcana R. ARCHER J. ADAMS, III, Delray Beach, Fla.; B.S., Business; Delta Epsilon Pi. ROBERT KENT AGNEW, East Moline, 111.; B.S., Business Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Intramurals. MARY ANN AIELLO, West Palm Beach, Fla.; AM., Sociology; Alpha Gamma Delta. BRUCE EMIL AITKEN, Hasbrouck Heights, N.J.; B.S., Economics; Pi Kappa Alpha, Baseball Team, Men ' s Advisers. EARLEANA R. ALEXANDER, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Medical Technology; Beta Beta Beta, Ameri- can Chemical Society. WILLIAM JOHN ALMAND, JR., Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.; B.S., Psychology. PAULINE SARA AMBROSE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.S., Business Education; Kappa Delta, SEA. JOHN RUSSELL ANDERSON, Winter Haven, Fla.; B.S., Business; Citrus Club. BARBARA KAY ATKINS, Winter Haven, Fla.; A.B., Art. EDWARD J. WINGER, JR., Elloree, S.C.; B.S., Medical Technology; Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society. BONNIE JEAN BALLARD, Waco, Texas; B.S., Elementary Education; SEA. JAMES MICHAEL BARKER, Bartow, Fla.; B.S., Business Management; Kappa Sigma, IFC, Intra- murals, Circle K. ERIC B. BARTON, JR., Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Mathematics; Alpha Tau Omega. TIM BURKE BASSLER, Winter Park, Fla.; A.B., Speech; Sigma Chi, Circle K. ROBERT LEON BATES, Orlando, Fla.; B.S., Mathematics. — — — ? ' Ballard, Bonnie Jean Barker, James Michael Barton, Eric B., Jr. Bassler, Tim Burke Bates, Robert Leon ■ ' " ■■ Bates, Sarah Louise Bauer, Daniel Uden Beasli y, Ronald Bruce Beckman, William Henry Belcher, Randall W. Bennett, Thomas ' i s i n i oi is] BAT1 S, Orlando, I la.; is . Home Economics; Homi I n ■■ Club, li Will l HI B W I R, I). .-Hi. 1.1. Ill . ; . ■ Imcga. K ) l li BR1 i I lu VSLEY, I i ; S . Business Management; Sigma Phi Epsilon WILLIAM ill n K i BECKMAN, Bensenville, III.; B S . Busint is, Pi Kappa Phi, li . I i ommittee, Intramural Board. RANDAL] WOODROW BELCHER, Pon Meade, Fla.; AM., Religion. I lio i s u [GGIN in will, Sarasota, Ha.: ; S. industrial Arts; Sigma u NANCY JAN1 BERGEN, Indianapolis, Ind AS,, Psychology MARGARET ELLEN BIERMANN, Kiv. i Vale, N.J.; AM., Mathematics; Kappa Delta, Run Sponsor, Vice President " I Senior lass. Ill ANN BLAKE, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; I : . i ish; Kappa Delta, SEA, Women ' s Intramural Board. NORMAN 11 GENE BLOCKER, Dade C ii % . Fla.; Its., Citrus; ( inns ( |ub, Soil Conservatioi Kl IIIWN BODDY, Vndover, Mass.; AM., Ele- mentary Education; Phi Mu, SEA, MSM, R(il( Sponsor, Sweetheart of Tan Kappa Fpsilon. LINDA CAROL BOSH I MAN, Fori Myers, Fla.; BS., 1 lementary Education; Beta Beta Beta, SFA. RONNIE WII 1 I AM BOUTWELL, Mulberry, Fla.; U.S., Accounting; Accounting Club. % ' This is where I hide the juice. Blmker. Norman Eugene Boddy, Ruthann Bostclman, Linda Carol B.uitwell. Ronnie Wi 251 SENIORS ' Young man . . . what do you mean it ' s 86 proof? " Bowers, Fred Allen Bowman, David Holmes SANDRA LAY BOWDEN, Vero Beach, Fla.; BS., Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega. LEWIS H. BOWEN, Hileah, Fla.; AB., Industrial Arts; Pi Kappa Phi; Epsilon Pi Tau, Crew. FRED ALLEN BOWERS, Orlando, Fla.; A.B., Speech; MSM, Gamma Sigma Chi. DAVID HOLMES BOWMAN, Palm Beach Gar- dens, Fla.; A.B., Philosophy; ROTC. ROBERT JAMES BOWMAN, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.S., Physical Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bas- ketball Team, Baseball Team, Phi Epsilon Mu, Intramural Board. JON KERMIT BOYLE, Lakeland, Fla.; BS., Ac- counting. EUGENE PAUL BRASHER, JR., Newark, Del.; A.B., History; Sigma Nu. WILLIAM NATHAN BROOCKE, Hialeah, Fla.; A.B., Psychology; Kappa Alpha. ALETA LUCILE BROWN, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Delta Epsilon, SEA, Interlachen Staff. DONALD JACK BROWN, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration. GERALD WILLIAM BROWN, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration. JERRY LEE BROWN, Westfield, N.J.; BS.Sociol- ogy; Sigma Phi Epsilon. SARAH MARILYN BROWN, Panama City, Fla.; A.B., History; Phi Mu, SEA. Bowman, Robert James Boyle, Jon Kermit Brasher, Eugene Paul, Jr. Brown, Gerald William Brown, Jerry Lee Brown, Sarah Marilyn T K - Brown. Susan I ¥ Bryan, Allen Steven Bryant, Sally Jo Buie, George A., ID Bunten, Jud) Lynn SUSAN LAVONNE BROWN, Jupiter, Fla.; A.B.. Psychology; Alpha Gamma Delta, Cap and Gown, M s i . im Chi, Sigma Rho Epsilon. ALLEN STEVEN BRYAN, Winter Park, Fla.; B.S.. Economics: Pi Kappa Alpha, Men ' s Intramural Board. SALLY JO BRYANT. Lakeland, Fla.; U.S., Ele- na ntary Education. GEORGE A. BUIE. Ill, Lake City, Fla.: A.B., His- tory I heta Chi, MSM, SEA. JUDY LYNN BUNTEN, Palm Bay. Fla.; B.S., Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. BESSIE ALICE BUSSEY, Ft. White, Fla.; A.B., Sociology. RENALDO JEROME BUZZELLI, Washington, D.C.; B.S., Journalism: Tail Kappa Epsilon. Senate, Political Union. Southern Business Manager, Pi Delta Epsilon. JAMES EARL CAIRNES, Horse Shoe, N.C.; A.B., Sociology; Theta Chi, Political Union, Vagabonds, Choir. SANDRA LEE CALHOUN, Bronxville, N.Y.; A.B., Psychology. ROCCO F. CAPABIANCO, Eaton Park, Fla.; B.S., Chemistry; Sigma Phi Epsilon, American Chemical Society. CABELL BRISCOE CARLAN, Blue-field, W. Va.; H.S.. Business Management: Sigma Phi Epsilon. BRUCE ELTON CASH, Roseland, Va.; B.S. Busi- ness Management; Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, Inter- im hen staff. Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Sweet- heart of Alpha Delta Pi, Political Union. EDWARD CHARLES CERIANI, Quincy, Mass.; A. II.. Economics. " Ethel! The pork is moving! ' Bussey. Bessie Alice Buzzclli, Renaldo Jerome ( aiines, Junes Earl Calhoun, Sandra Lee Capabianco, Rocco F. Carlan. Cabell Briscoe Cash, Bruce Elton ( eriani. Edward Charles SENIORS Chinn, Maryann Clayton, Wiley Gayle Cleaver, Robert Alan Cleveland, M6ntine J. Cleveland, William W. " Saluting? Oh no, just heartburn. ' Y Collins, Thomas F.. Jr. MARYANN CHINN, New Canaan, Conn.; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi. WILEY GAYLE CLAYTON, Deland, Fla.; B.S., Psychology; President of Pi Kappa Alpha, SGA Senator, Political Union, Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega. ROBERT ALAN CLEAVER, St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.S., Business Accounting; Junior Varsity Crew, Advanced ROTC, Accounting Club, Beta Beta Beta, BSU. MONTINE J. CLEVELAND. Jacksonville, Fla.; B.S., Journalism; Delta Zeta, WSGA, Pi Delta Epsi- lon, Judical Board, Southern Staff. WILLIAM W. CLEVELAND, Orlando, Fla.; B.S., English; President of MSM, President of Phi Mu Alpha, Gamma Sigma Chi. STANLEY JOHN COCHRAN, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business Management; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Ameri- can Chemical Society. ROBERT J. COHEN, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Alpha Epsilon Pi. GUY DICKSON COLADO, Winter Park, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Kappa Alpha, IFC, Can- terbury Club. MARY INEZ COLLINS, Belle Glade, Fla.; A.B., Speech. THOMAS F. COLLINS, JR., Cambridge, Md.; B.S., Elementary Education; SEA. ANNE ELIZABETH CONRAD, Mt. Dora, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. GREGORY ARTHUR COSTAN, Charlottesville, Va.; B.S., Accounting; Sigma Chi, Advanced ROTC, Circle K. WILLIAM WAYNE COWART, Bartow, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Phi Sigma Kappa, Alpha Kappa Psi. JACKSON WYATT COYLE, Winter Haven, Fla.; B.S., Mathematics; Epsilon Pi Tau, ROTC, Physics Club. BERNICE P. CRAWLEY, Atlanta, Ga.; B.S., Mathe- matics; Kappa Delta. ( Conrad, Anne Elizabeth Costan, Gregory Arthur Cowart, William Wayne Coyle, Jackson Wyatt Crawley. Bernice P (V ClOSS, Phillip Fowl« ( touch, Barbara Lee (airland, Phvllis Anne ■W Daniel. John Elmer Daniel, Raymond Douglas Davenport, Jane PHILLIP POWLEB CROSS, Oakland, Fla; ( s. Citrus; Citrus Club, llc.riHiiliur.il Society. B KI. K Ml Km II. Orlando, Pis v, Home ■. onomit t, rnvi I is asm CURJ M . 1 1 I auderdale, l la.; i B nglish; si . ( anti rbury |oll ELMER I) Will Ocala, Hi: t 1;. Socio!- ' ls | ( ..iiiiin.i Sigma ' In RAYMOND DO! ' .I s DANIEL, Winter Haven, I 1. 1.; is.. Industrial ■ JANE DAVENPORT, Naples, Hi. BJ5., Elemen- tary Education; Southernettes, SEA, is i BONNIE KAY DAVIS, Mathews, Va.; A. it.. History- Government; Phi Mu, Pi Gamma Mu, Cap and Gown, Political Union, MSM, SEA. ROBERT ALLEN DENMARK, Ja ksonville, Fla.; AS., History; rau Kappa Epsilor R.OT THOMAS ROBERT DERMONT, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Accounting. WII LIAM J. DEUPREE, III, Covington, Ky.; AM., Speech; Sigma Chi, Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega, ( irde K. Advanced ROTC. DONALD NELSON DIAL. Lakeland, Fla: A.B., Religion: MSM, (.amma Sigma Chi. MARY ANN DICKENS, Femandina Beach, Fla.; U.S., Elementary Education; SEA. DANIEL ALLEN DOHERTY, Miami, Fla., BJS., Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Varsity Basketball. Davis, Bonnie Kay Denmark, Robert Allen Dermont, Thomas Robert I ' ll. it right, fella, I s.iiil ' kin;; on the Mountain. Deupree. illiam J.. Ill Dial. Donald Nelson _HL.Wl Dickens, Man Ann Dohertv, Daniel Allen 255 SENIORS JANE KETCHAM DOWNING, St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, MSM, SEA, Junior Adviser Committee. KEITH BYRD DRAKE, Miami, Fla.; A.B., Soci- ology. ROBERT STEPHEN DRAVECKY, Scotch Plains, N.J.; B.S., Economics; Kappa Sigma, Circle K, In- tramurals. SUSAN P. DRIGGERS, Eagle Lake, Fla.; A.B., History. PATRICIA ANN DUFFER, Miami, Fla.; B.S., Business-Secretarial; Zeta Tau Alpha, Interlachen Staff, Phi Chi Theta, SEA. DANIEL CALVIN DURRANCE, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Biology; Beta Beta Beta, MSM, SEA. GRETCHEN LOUISE DYKSTRA, Weston, Conn.; B.S., Elementary Education; SEA. GERALD TALMADGE ECHOLS, Thomaston, Ga.; A.B., History; Kappa Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu. PETER MICHAEL ECHOLS, Okeechobee, Fla.; B.S., Biology. CHERYL DARLENE EDDY, Winter Park, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, WSGA, SEA, Kappa Delta Pi. TONI JUANITA EICHHORN, Detroit, Mich.; B.S., Journalism; Alpha Gamma Delta, Supreme Court Justice, Political Union, Pi Delta Epsilon, Projects Committee, President of Women ' s Intramural As- sociation, SEA, Spirit Inc., Senate, Group Leader, Junior Senator at Large, Southern Staff, Interlachen Staff. ROBERTA MARCIA EISEN, Miami Shores, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega, Moccettes, ROT C Sponsor, SEA, Hillel Club, Intramurals. ANDREA PARHAM ERICKSON, Ft. Pierce, Fla.; A.B., Music Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Cap and Gown, Alpha Mu Sigma, Girls Chorus M.E.N.C. Band, MSM. Duffer, Patricia Ann Durrance, Daniel Calvin Dykstra, Gretchen Louise I ' ' . I rr ; Echols, Gerald Talmage Echols, Peter Michael Eddy, Cheryl Darlene Eichhorn, Toni Juanita Eisen, Roberta Marcia Erickson, Andrea Parham rrrnn Eubanks, Judith Anne Evers, i k i Rochelle l.iMi. Edward Charlea Fender, K ! 1 1 Buie I Leld, N.cnr v Susan JUDITH ANNE EUBANKS. Jacksonville, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; SEA. VICKI ROCHELLE EVERS, Lakeland, Fla.; AM., English; K.ippa Delta Pi, VVSGA, EDWARD CHARLES FASER, Winter Haven, Fla.; U.S.. Business Administration. RODGER BUIE FENDER. Nocatee, Fla.; B.S.. Biology. NANCY SUSAN FIELD, Lakeland, Fla.; AM., Ele- mentary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Creek Week ( iommittee. MARJORIE ELAINE FLOOD, Ft. Meade, Fla.; A.B., Music Education; Music Educators National Conference, Alpha Mu Sigma, Concert Band, Con- cert Choir. American Guild of Organists. HAROLD EDWARDS FRIED. Hollywood, Fla.; lis.. Industrial Arts; Kappa Sigma, Men ' s Residence Hall Advisor, Epsilon Pi Tau, Pi Delta Epsilon, Southern Staff. DAVID RICHARD FRITCHLEY, Poughkeepsie, NY: U.S.. Physical Education; Theta Chi, Phi Ep- silon Mu. SANDRA KAY 1 RITSCHEL, Ormond Beach, Fla.; A.B., Psychology; Junior Adviser. MARILYN LEE FULMER, Oldwick, N.J.; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. DENNIS FOREST GAINES. Hickory ' , N.C.; B.S., Biology; Theta Chi. MICHAEL COOK GARDNER, Fayetteville. N.Y.; B.S., Journalism; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pi Delta Epsilon, ROTC, IFC, Southern Staff, Interlachen Staff, Men ' s Intramurals. JUDY DIANNE GATLIN, Lakeland, Fla.; AM., Music Education; Choir, Concert Band, American (.uilil of Organists. Alpha Mu Sigma. ' That was a pretty shot Hayes, too bad it was the wrong basket! k Flood. Marjorie Elaine Fried, Harold E I ' AA I ' riiM hel, Sandra Ka Kulmer. Marilwi Lee Gaines. Dennis Forest Gardner, Michael Cook Gatlin. Judy Dianne SENIORS Gray, Dale Marie Greenway, Donnie Jean Gregory, Harold Lee Griffee, Susan Patricia " You think it looks funny— you ought to be wearing it. " Grohmann, Patricia JOSEPH Z. GAUCHES, East Hartford, Conn.; A.B., History. SUSAN EILEEN GAYLOR, Windermere, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education. SHERRY ELOISE GIBBS, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., English. JUDGE D. GIRLINGHOUSE, West Palm Beach, Fla.; B.S., Biology; Theta Chi. RENEE GOODMAN, Morris Plains, N.J.; B.S., Elementary Education; Little Sister of Minerva, Hillel Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart. DALE MARIE GRAY, East Palatka, Fla.; A.B., Sociology; Southernettes. DONNIE JEAN GREENWAY, St. Petersburg, Fla.; A.B., History; Alpha Gamma Delta, SEA, MSM. HAROLD LEE GREGORY, Coral Gables, Fla.; B.S., Business; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi. SUSAN PATRICIA GRIFFEE, Miami, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; SEA. PATRICIA GROHMANN, North Palm Beach, Fla.; A.B., History; SEA. PAUL ALEXANDER GUTHRIE, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Economics; Kappa Sigma, Circle K, Delta Sigma Pi. LLOYD C. HAMILTON, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Physical Education. CHARLES DALE HAMM, Lodi, Ohio; B.S., Psy- chology; Pi Kappa Phi, Crew. JOHN TIMOTHY HARDEE, Eaton Park, Fla.; A.B., English; Tau Kappa Epsilon. MONROE LEON HASKINS, Lakeland, Fla.; A3., Accounting. Guthrie, Paul Alexander Hamilton, Lloyd C. Hamm, Charles Dale Hardee, John Timothy Haskins, Monroe Leon T ' " ' " V " i ' - ' " ! . Hayes, fame W, Haynes, Richard Morrill I la nt-s. Robert A. | whs IV HAYES, Lakeland Fla.; BS., Biology. RICHARD MORRILL HAYNES, lake Wales. I l.i.; It.s , Businesi Administration. R.OB1 K I HAYNES, I ake Wall i, I la BJS., Busmen. K i ssi i i HARRISON HELWIG, Lakeland, Fla.; ;.s , i ,, holi SUSAN GAYLE HERNDON, Jacksonville, Ma; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron PL Interlachen Staff, President of Panhellenii Council, Pi Delia Epsilon, SEA, Orientation Panel, Greek Godden ' 06- ' 67. CAROLYN MERONEY HICKS, St. Petersburg, Fla.; . ' (. (., Spanish; Alpha Omicron Pi, Political Union. RICHARD JACKSON HOLDER, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., Sociology. DAVID J. HONEYCUTT, Raleigh, N.C.; A.B., Religion; Tau Kappa Epsilon. KAREN ELAINE HORNBECK. Carbondale. Penn.; B.S., Psychology ; Delta Zeta, Southern Staff, Canterbury Club. Intramurals. WILLIAM EX LINE HOYER, Lakeland, Fla.; BJS., Physical Education. VALERIE EDITH HUBBARD, Loring Air Force Base, Me.; AS., Art; Alpha Gamma Delta, Kappa Pi, SEA. DAVID MICHAEL HUBER, Cincinnati, Ohio; BJS., Physical Education: Sigma Chi. DANIEL CARTER HUDGINS, Marian. N.C.; BS., Business; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi. Holder. Richard Jackson Honeycutt, David J. Hornbcck, Karen Elaine ' First you take a coed, the cream of the crop Hover. William Exline Hubbard. Valerie Edith Huber, David Michael Hudgins. Daniel Carter 259 SENIORS Hunt. Huland Thomas Hunter, Peter Holland KENNETH EDWARD HUEBNER, Garfield, N.J.; B.S., Physical Education; Pi Kappa Alpha, Baseball Team. JOHN WILLIAM HULL, Atlanta, Ga.; B.S., Busi- ness Management; Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Circle K, Senate, SGA. HULAND THOMAS HUNT, Gainesville, Fla.; A J}., English and Art. PETER HOLLAND HUNTER, Hilton Head, S.C.; B.S., Business; Pi Kappa Phi. LINDA SUZANNE HURN, Satellite Beach, Fla.; A.B., Music Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, Choir, Band, Alpha Mu Sigma, MENC, MSM. CONSTANTIA E. IDENDEN, Scotia, NY.; A.B., Spanish; Kappa Delta, ROTC Sponsor. WILLIAM E. INGRAM, JR., Arlington, Va.; B.S., Accounting; Pi Kappa Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Crew, Political Union. BETTY TRASK JAMES, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Busi- ness Education; SEA. JACK PETTUS JAMES, JR., Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Citrus; Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society. PERRY BENJAMIN JAMES, Sebring, Fla.; B.S., Business; Kappa Alpha. EVELYN ANNE JOINER, Camilla, Ga.; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; Kappa Delta. SEA. JACQUELINE ROSE JONAS, Miami, Fla.; A.B., Religion; Alpha Gamma Delta, Cap and Gown, MSM, Pi Delta Epsilon, Sigma Rho Epsilon, South- ern Staff. JOYCE KENNEDY JONES, Clewiston, Fla.; B.S., Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega, BSU, SEA, Home Economics Club. Lfcfeit Hum. Linda Suzanne Idenden, Constantia E. Ingram, William E., Jr. James, Betty Trask James, Jack Pettus, Jr. ■; - i ' , U James, Perry Benjamin Joiner, Evelyn Anne Jonas, Jacqueline Rose Jones, Joyce Kennedy ■■■ ' v ' .. — 10 1 Jordan, Martha Virginia Kane, i Keithly, Kei h Paul Keliey, Robert Bruce Kempfcr. Merrill William MAR 1 II A VIRGINIA JORDAN, Miami. Fla.J U.S., Christian Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, MSM, Sigma I ' i Epsilon, Concert Choir, Concert Band, Upha Mil Sigma. MARSHA ELLEN KANE, Jacksonville, Fla.; U.S.. Elementary Education; Kappa Delta, Sweetheart of Theta Chi, Creek Goddess ' 64- ' 65, ROTC Sponsor, SEA, Interlachen Finalists. MSM, InterlacJien Staff. KENNETH PAUL KEITHLY, Lockport, 111.; B.S., Business Administration: Kappa Sigma. ROBERT BRUCE KELSEY, New Canaan, Conn.; U.S.. Business; I ' i Kappa Alpha, Soccer. MERRILL WILLIAM KEMPFER, Lakeland. Fla.; B.S., Psychology; Kappa Sigma, Circle K. ERIC DANIEL KENNEDY, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Chemistry. MARTHA ELLEN KENNEDY, Atkins, Ark.; A.B., , iology. GEORGE BELA KEREKES, Queens, N.Y.; A.B., History; I ' i Kappa Alpha. ROBERT LOWELL KERR, Miami. Fla.; A.B., Philosophy; Soccer. HILBERT DONALD KIESEL, Ft. Myers, Fla.; A.B., History; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Key Club, Track. ALTON RICHARD KINDRED, Biadenton, Fla.; B.S., Psychology; Alpha Tau Omega. MARY DIAN KINNEY, Lake Placid, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, MSM. EDWARD C. KLINEDINST, Lakeland, Ha.; B.S., Business Management; Tau Epsilon Phi, IFC, Delta Sigma Pi. ' Cool it, Bob. I ' m moving in. Kennedy. Erie Daniel Kennedy, Martha I lien Kerekes, George Bela Ken. Robert Lowell Kiesel. Hilbert Donald Kindred, lton Richard Kinney, Man Dian Klinedinst. Edward C. SENIORS Lake, Man Frances Lancer, Murray Jay Landau, Steven Douglas Larkin, Jean Helton f Larkin, Jon Sidney ' Bob, when are we going to visit marrying Sam? ' Lam, Brenda Ann Lam, William Lawrence GAIL M. KNAPPENBERGER, Macomb, III.; B.S., Accovnting; Theta Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Political Union, IFC, Accounting Club. PHILLIP ELDON KOERPER, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., History; Pi Gamma Mu, Political Union, Inter- national Club. MARY FRANCES LAKE, Gordon Town, Jamaica; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, SEA. BRENDA ANN LAM, Elkton, Va.; B.S., Elemen- tary Education; Phi Mu, Psi Chi, SEA, ROTC Sponsor, Sigma Rho Epsilon. WILLIAM LAWRENCE LAM, Elkton, Va.; B.S., Business Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha. MURRAY JAY LANCER, Sarasota, Fla.; B.S., Business; Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Intra- mural Board. STEVEN DOUGLAS LANDAU, Greatneck, NY.; B.S., Accounting; Tau Epsilon Phi, Accounting Club, IFC, Greek Week Committee. JEAN HELTON LARKIN, Dade City, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Kappa Delta, ROTC Spon- sor, Varsity Cheerleader, SEA, Delta Sigma Sweet- heart. JON SIDNEY LARKIN, Dade City, Fla.; B.S., Busi- ness Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Citrus Club, Delta Sigma Pi, Soil Conservation Society. JOSEPH RALPH LEER, Cocoa Beach, Fla.; B.S., Divisional Science; Pi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Beta Beta, IFC. DAVID LEE LEONARD, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Psy- chology. DANIEL LOUIS LESTER, Hollywood Beach, Fla.; B.S., Psychology; Delta Sigma Pi, Vice President of Junior Class. SANDRA KAY LOY, Anderson, Ind.; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; Phi Mu, SEA. ROGER REID LUDWIG, Ft. Myers, Fla.; A.B., Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Concert Choir Accompanist. PHILLIP WARREN LUNDEEN, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Accounting; Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Choir, Concert Band. Leer, Joseph Ralph Leonaid, David Lee Lester, Daniel Louis Loy, Sandra Kay Ludwig, Roger Reid Lundeen, Phillip Warren " ?. " ■ v ' •• ■ — ™ : M.uDull. Bonnie Jean Magec, Michael James Maiwald, Heidi Mechthild Marshall, Barbara Ruth Martin. Jan ' ■ ' v i Martin. John Arthur May. Judy Carol Maye, Donna Karen [AMES sklliMORE LYLE, Avon Park, Fla.; B.S., Citnu i beta I bJ BONNII |i N MACDUFF, Apopka, I la.; U.S., Journalism; Vagabonds, Home Economics Club, Southt rn Staff. [AMES MICHAEL MAGEE, Lakeland. Fla.: IIS., Business. HEIDI MIC HI HII.D MAIWALD, Ralcn, Ger- many; AM., English. BARBARA RUTH MARSHALL, Bclchcrtown, Mass.; It. S., Biolo .. Srmthcmctles, Beta Beta Beta, I ' .si SEA. JAN MARTIN, Allentown, Penn.; AM., Spanish. JOHN ARTHUR MAR7IN, Bartow, Fla.; B.S., Psychology. JUDY CAROL MAY, Jacksonville, Fla.; BS., Math- ematics. DONNA KAREN MAYE, Lorton, Va.; AM., Eng- lish; Sigma Rho Epsilon, Sigma Tau Delta, MSM. ELLIOTT E. MAYNARD. JR., Orlando, Fla.; B.S., Psychology. ELIZABETH EMILY McCLIRE, Ridge Manor. Fla.; BS., Elementary Education. KENNETH DALE McDONALD, Mulberry, Fla.; B.S., Accounting; Accounting Club. WILLIAM LANIER JO McCEE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; BS., Business Management; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Delta Sigma Pi, Circle K. Mavnanl. Klliott F., Jr. McClure, Elizabeth Emily McDonald. Kenneth Dale McC.ce. William Lanier Jo 263 SENIORS You drop that egg one more time and you ' re out of the race. McLeod, James Milburn McOsker, Robert Allen FLORENCE ANN McGILL, Miami, Fla.; B.S., Home Economics; Canterbury Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, International Relations Club, Junior Adviser. BARBARA J. McKINLEY, Miami, Fla.; A.B., Chris- tian Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Rho Epsi- lon, Spirit Inc., MSM. JAMES MILBURN McLEOD, St. Petersburg, Fla.; A.B., Humanities; Concert Choir, MSM. ROBERT ALLEN McOSKER, Bronxville, N.Y.; B.S., Business Administration; Theta Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Soccer, President of Senior Class. DAVID WILLIAM McREAKEN, Casey, 111.; B.S., Business Administration. WILLIAM K. MELVIN, Palm Beach, Fla.; BA., Art. JOHN HARRY METZ, Belleville, Pa.; B.S., Busi- ness, Theta Chi. EUGENE WILLIAM MEYER, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; SEA. JENNIFER LEE MIDDLETON, Hialeah, Fla.; A.B., History; Alpha Gamma Delta, SEA, BSU. JOE A. MILLS, Indian River City, Fla.; B.S., Psy- chology; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Concert Band. SUSAN APPLEBY MINFORD, Temple Terrace, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, SEA, Intramurals, Spirit Inc. THOMAS MINGLEDORFF, III, Tallahassee, Fla.; B.S., Business Management; Sigma Chi, Freshman Class Senator, IFC, Circle K, Delta Sigma Pi. SARAH FAITH MISHALANIE, Miami, Fla.; B.S., Biology; Beta Beta Beta, ASCS, MSM. McReaken. David William Melvin, William K. Metz, John Harry Minford, Susan Appleby Mingledorff, Thomas, III Mishalanie, Sarah Faith T m . ' — Hi - ifll. Jud) Eileen JUDY EILEEN MITCHELL, St. Petersburg, Ha.; U.S., Elementary Education; Kappa Delta, SEA. CONSTANCE SUSAN MOORE, West Palm Beach. Fla.; A. II.. English; Kappa Delia. SI- . JOHN BIGELOW MOORE, Geneva, N. Y.; B.S Business Administration; I hcta Chi. DOMINGO RAFAEL MOREIRA, Guatemala City, Guatemala; i..S , Business Administration. MASATAKA MORINAGA, Tokyo, Japan. Non- Degree. I HOMAS MICHAEL MOSHER, Jacksonville, Fla.; B.S., Biology; Kappa Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, Circle K. PENNY SUE NAGEL, Baltimore, Md.; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; Delia Gamma, SEA. PATRICIA YVONNE NEVIN, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., English; BSU, WSGA, SEA. CAROL IRENE NOECKER, Orlando, Fla.; A.B., English; Delta eta, SEA. ROBERT ALLEN NORADKI, Orlando, Fla.; B.S., IS usin ess Adm in istration . RICTOR CARL NORTON, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., English; Sigma Tau Delta. THOMAS H. NORTON, JR., Orlando, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; MSM, Gamma Sigma Chi. RONALD EUGENE OAKLEY. Dade City, Fla; Non-Degree. ' I don ' t like the looks of that guy. " 1 1 » -Z- ' Ji Moshei. 1 nomas Mich ■■HHIILAJk ei Nagel, Penny Sue Nevin, Patricia Yvonne Noecker, Carol Irene Noradki, Robert Ulen Norton, Rii toi c ai l Norton, Thomas 11 . )t Oakley, Ronald Eugene SENIORS Obcrle, Tern- Joe Owens, James Guy Page, Kay Louise Parent, Joline Carol Parsons, Darrell Alan Patterson, Joel Floyd Peacock, Frederick R. Pegues, Donald Lee Pendleton, Joyce Ann m He got lost in the drop-add line. 4- U i Permar. Pamela Claire Perry, Douglas Charles Phillips, William E., Jr. w TERRY JOE OBERLE, Avon Park, Fla.; A.B., Journalism; Theta Chi, Pi Delta Epsilon. JAMES GUY OWENS, Tarpon Springs, Fla.; AS., Religion. KAY LOUISE PAGE, Sarasota, Fla.; A.B., Spanish: Phi Mu. JOLINE CAROL PARENT, Gulford, Conn.; B.S., Elementary Education; SEA, Vice President of Princeton, Social Standards Committee. DARRELL ALAN PARSONS, Sebastian, Fla.; A.B., Music Education; Omicron Delta Kappa, SGA, Concert Choir, Concert Band, Men ' s Resident Hall Adviser, Supreme Court. JOEL FLOYD PATTERSON, Miami Springs, Fla.; B.S., Business; Theta Chi. FREDERICK R. PEACOCK, Bethesda, Md.; B.S., Economics; Pi Gamma Mu, Beta Beta Beta. DONALD LEE PEGUES, Auburndale, Fla.; B.S., Business; Phi Sigma Kappa. JOYCE ANN PENDLETON, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., French; Alpha Gamma Delta, Sec-Tres. of Senior Class, Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon. PAMELA CLAIRE PERMAR, St. Simons Island, Ga.; A.B., Journalism; NEA, Sigma Sigma Sigma. DOUGLAS CHARLES PERRY, Boynton Beach, Fla.; B.S., Physical Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Soccer. WILLIAM E. PHILLIPS, JR., Largo, Fla.; B.S., Economics; Theta Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, Crew. DAPHNE CAMILLE PIKE, Tallahassee, Fla.; B.S., Mathematics; Zeta Tau Alpha, W.S.G.A., SEA. PATRICIA KAY PONTIUS, St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Kappa Delta. BARBARA ANNE PORTER, Indianapolis, Ind.; A.B., English; International Relations Club, SEA. f f Pike, Daphne Camille V ■■ Pontius, Patricia Kay Porter, Barbara Anne — — — — — - — — - Priest, Willi. mi Curtis Priester, Douglas M. Race, Llovd Nd wn i i i ( ik i is I ' Kii si , Lakeland I Biology; Beta Beta r. DOl (I s M PRIESTER, Aiken, S. . lis. Eeo mnnu . Il.isi ball i i OYD i i son i i . Wlntei Haven, i la . is. Citrus; Citrus lub, Smi Conservation s. .. K KI M KII l VNO, Lakeland, Ha.; BS., Ele- mentary Education; si CARYL . l-. REYNOLDS, Si. Petersburg, Fla.; U.S., Elementary Education; SEA, msm, Concert ( hoii Rano, Karen Marie Reynolds, Caryl Anne Rice, Lynn Barton r «, LYNN BARTON RICE, Jacksonville, Fla.; BS., Pie-school Education. SADIE BESS ROWANI) RICE, Lakeland. Fla.; A.B., History. LOIS BARBARA RICH I ER, Eastchester, NY.; A.B., English; Vagabonds. ROBERT C. ROADARMEL, JR., Lake Worth, I la.; U.S., Physical Education; Theta Chi. PATRICIA ANN ROBERTS, Lakeland, Fla.; BS., Biology; Beta Beta Beta, ACS. ELLEN KAY ROBERTSON, Roanoke, Va.; A.B., Psychology; Alpha Chi Omega, Senate. ALBERT MICHAEL RUBIO. Tampa, Fla.; BS., Accounting; Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM LEE RUST, Springfield, 111.: BS., Psy- chology; Sigma Chi, President of Circle K, Presi- dent of Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega, Political I nion. Rice, Sadie Bess Rowand Richter, Lois Barbara Roadarmel, Robert C, Jr. " Yes ... I think, therefore I am. ' Roberts. Patricia Ann Robertson, Ellen Kav ' " • W A mm Rubin. Albert Michael Rust, William Lee 267 SENIORS Sawyer, Thomas Richard Schaefer, Harold Charles " . . . and tonight we ' ll slip it in Donnie ' s bed. ' Schwartz, Steven Mark THOMAS RICHARD SAWYER, Jupiter, Fla., B.S., Accounting; Theta Chi. HAROLD CHARLES SCHAEFER, Lady Lake, Fla.; A.B., History. HARRY KARL SCHAROLD, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business. STEVEN MARK SCHWARTZ, Somerville, N.J.; B.S., Business Administration. LAURA ANNE SEELS, Centerport, N.Y.; BS., Home Economics; Home Economics Club, SEA. JOHN ROBERT SELLNER, St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.S., Business Management; Sigma Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, IFC, Circle K. ELLIS PREWETT SHAW, Coral Gables, Fla.; B.S., Physical Education. TIM N. SKIDMORE, Elmira, N.Y.; B.S., Econom- ics; Theta Chi, IFC, Vagabonds, Delta Sigma Pi, President of SGA, Alpha Chi Omega Sweetheart. WALTER MARK SLIVINSKY, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration. DONNA DARNELL SMITH, Tampa, Fla.; A.B., Art Education; Alpha Gamma Delta, FTA, MSM. JAY ALLEN SPRINGER, California, Md.; B.S.. Psychology. JULE DARRYL SPRINGER, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business, Theta Chi. RICHARD C. SQUIRE, II, Summit, N.J.; B.S., Business Management; Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Circle K, Intramurals. Seels, Laura Anne Sel lner, John Robert n w Shaw, Ellis Prewett Skidmoie, Tim N. Slivinsky, Walter Mark Smith, Donna Darnell Springer, Jay Allen Springer, Jule Darryl Squire, Richard C, II — -T ' " ■;■ ■ — — a Steel, Mary Louise Stewai i. fames Bai ton MARY LOUISE STEEL, Hialeah, Fla.; BJ, Af tth« minus; American Chemical Society, Vice President of American Institute of Plusiis. lloiida c.id ni di Si ience. [AMES BARTON STEWART, Seminole, Fla.; U.S., Accounting; I In ta Chi, Crew, Soccer, ROTC. ALAN RAY MOWERS. Lakeland, I la.: B.S., Bust nest Administration. JOHN LESLIE SULLIVAN, Altamonte, Fla.: B.S., Industrial Arts; Soccer. RUTH ANNE TALLAMY, Cleanvater. Fla.; B.S.. Business Management; Delta eta, Phi Chi Theta, I ' anhellenic Council, Canterbury Club. MITCHELL IRENE TAYLOR, Mobile, Ala.; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Junior Ad- viser, Chairman of Junior Adviser Committee, VVSGA, Secretary of SGA, Senate, SGA Executive Council, SGA Social Committee, Supreme Court Justice, MSM, SEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer of Cap and Gown, Vice President of Alpha Psi Omega, Vagabonds, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and i Iniversities. MARSHA TEPPER, Riviera Beach, Fla.; A3., French; Alpha Omicron Pi. Political Union. SANDRA LOUISE TERTANY, Hollywood, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; eta Tau Alpha, SEA. RICHARD LEON THOMPKINS, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration. SANDRA ADELE THORN, Middletown, Ohio; BS., Elementary Education; Phi Mu, JOHN WILSON TIPPINS, Naples, Fla.; B.S., Journalism; Southern Staff. r 1 RIt 1 rURNEY, Winter Park. Fla.; A.B., Art; Alpha Omicron Pi. YIRDIA K. VAN HUSS, Pompano Beach, Fla.; B.S., Psychology; Alpha Omicron Pi, President of WSGA, Beta Beta Beta. e a Stowers, Man Rn Sullivan John i rallamy, Ruth State And I thought she was modest. raylor. Mitchell Irene Tepper. Marsha Tertanv. Sandra 1 ouiae If %in i - I ' V rhompkins, Richard Leon Thorn, Sandra Idele I ippins, fohn u i Patricia Vnn Van Huss, Virdia K. SENIORS Vasseur, Berta Veldhouse, Deborah S. Vetter, Ed A. Vick, Nancy C. Vogelsang, Robert L. Wachtel, John Dixc alker, Sharonann J. Wallace, Sharyn Allatia Watson. John W., Ill " Boy, is he going to be mad when he finds hi pants up there. " BERTA VASSEUR, Brooklyn, N.Y.; A.B., Spanish; MSM. DEBORAH S. VELDHOUSE, Jacksonville, Fla.; A.B., Elementary Education; SEA. ED A. VETTER, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Biology; Theta Chi. NANCY C. VICK, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Mathe- matics. ROBERT L. VOGELSANG, Baldwin, N.Y.; B.S., Business Administration; Phi Mu Alpha. JOHN DIXON WACHTEL, Jacksonville, Fla.; BS., Biology. NAN SHARONANN JOHNSON WALKER, Lake- land, Fla.; A.B., English; Alpha Gamma Delta, SEA. SHARYN ALLATIA WALLACE, Miami, Fla.; A.B., Speech; Alpha Omicron Pi. Alpha Psi Omega, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Vagabonds. JOHN W. WATSON, III, Maitland, Fla.; A.B., Economics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WALLACE CARLISLD WATSON, Newberry, Fla.; B.S., Psychology. FORREST LENEL WENDELL, Orlando, Fla.; A.B., Social Sciences. DAVID PAUL WHITAKER, Spring Lake, NY.; B.S., Economics. PAULA LOU WHITE, Delray Beach, Fla.; A.B., Religion; WSGA, Interlachen Staff. JOYCE ANNE WHITNEY, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., History; Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, SEA. THOMAS ALLAN WILHELM, New Canaan, Conn.; B.S., Accounting; Sigma Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, Accounting Club, Intramurals. Watson, Wallace Carlisld ,X Wendell, Forrest Lenel Whitaker, David Paul White, Paula Lou Whitney, Joyce Anne Wilhelm Thomas Allan Williams, Robert Howard Willis, Bettie Joyce Wilton, Caroline Renin . 4 i Winftee, Robert W., Jr. Wolf,-. Melod) Wcdfinger, Norman R. J " " " ■ — r ROBER1 HOWARD WILLIAMS, Sar.l n. .. Economies, kappa Alpha. Bl i i ii |OY I W ' ll I is. ' harlotti Harbor, I la A. li., English. ( PROLINE PERRIN w II son. Bradenton, Ha.; A II.. Social Sciences; Alpha Delia Pi, Political I in. .11 ROBER1 W WINFREE, JK .. Winu-i Haven, Fia.; ; s , i itrur, MELODY WOLFE, Clermont, Ha.; B.S.. Mathe- matics; Alpha Chi Omega, Cap and Gown, Politi- cal Union, Cheerleader, Lt. Col. ROTC Sponsor, Miss Interlachen Finalist, ' 65- ' 66 Greek Goddess NORMAN ROBERT WOLFINGER, Easton, Pa.; B.S., Business Administration; Sigma Phi Epsilon. JOHN STANFORD WOODWARD, Lakeland. Fla.; A.B., History; Tau Epsilon Phi. NICHOLAS C. WRIGHT, JR.. Norfolk, Va.; B.S., Business Administration, Kappa Alpha. Delta Sig- ma Pi. CLAUDIA MAE ZIEGELE, Lakeland, Fla.: A.B., Sociology. Woodward. John Stanford Wright, Nicholas C, Jr. Ziegele, Claudia Mae " Chit ken Liver? ' I wish I could think of a caption for this one. " what ' s that, Wally? " " I said, ' I hope it doesn ' t bite you ' . " She wasn ' t very photogenic alive either. ' 272 ■ " " v " ■• — The Junior Class OFFICERS DAN BARBER President LEE SLAYDEN Vice-President Dl l BUR I ) Secretary Treasurer SI. mien. R;nbcr. Burton. The Junior Class had several activities and proj- ects tli is year. In October they sponsored a Witches ' Wiggle. The first Christmas Queen contest was spon- sored by the class at the ( In istmas Dan e. February h.is marked l the Valentine Dance, and April hosted an all-campus talent show. 27.: JUNIORS Atwell, Paula Anne Bailey, David Merrill Bailey, Jeanette M. Bailey, William Edward Bain, Bruce Edward Baker, Gary Bernard Baldwin, John Walter, Jr. Balkcom, Beverly Ball, Virginia Ann Barber, Daniel Clyde, III Barley, April Diane Barnes, Rosa Bailey Barone, Constance Joan Baxter, Lorraine Bayly, Victoria Anne Bell, Hilda Elizabeth Belle, Frances Ann Benion, Anne Catherine Bewley, Nancy Ellen Bloxsom, Brenda Carolyn Agnew, Kathleen Jo Albert, Betty Lou Ammons, James Donald Antoon, John Arnolds- Patron, Sandra R. Arrington, William S., Ill I tried to warn her about not telling the truth, but she just wouldn ' t listen. ■T i»- " " ■■■ : !■•■ ' . Brown, I ' lorayne Cecillc Brown, Lewis Mack Brown, Rosemary Jane Bruwelheide, Kenneth Lee Bryant, Inez Margaret Burke, Barbara Ann Burton, Diane Lvnn Cain, John E. Cannistraci, Joyce Mary Caracuzzo, John Tyrrell r,iu. , iniir Elizabeth Bohli i. Robert Vllen, [■ Bosi . Pamela [aneway Boyd, niir Boyd, famea RiukII Bradley, Barbara Bernice Bradshaw, Sandra Lee Broome, Judith Lynne Broce, Marilvnn Kay Brower, Peter 11. , III " Just let mc entertain you, baby JUNIORS Cauthen, William Howard Cave, Joanne Virginia Cleek, Sandra Gayle Cline, Sandra Kay Cobb, David Alan Cobble, Sharon Coleman, Robert Lewis, Jr. Collman, Jerald Douglas Conner, Thomas Wayne Conroy, Kathy Ellen Coons, Susan Ann Cooper, Bess Ann Chard, Allison Edw T ards Chaviano, Emilio A. Chellman, Helen Kay Clark, Bess Camilla Clark, Blair James Clark, Candice Lee Would you believe the Hindu work detail? 276 rone, Pat I i rowell, w m i I Herbert v mils, 1.iii I nt " Danford, Maxinc Merry Daniel, Vivian I I • Davis, Carolyn Davis, Don James Davis, Jeffrey Holman Dean, Cayle Ellen l)i l i ( thio, David F. Deuel. Ray Eugene Deuto, Bernaid Gregory Dibiccari, Robn 1 1 1 Dickerson, Charles W. Ten feet from the shore and the • •• thing won ' t start. JUNIORS Elliott, Karen Sue Emmons, Richard Charles Ensign, Patricia Dorothy Evans, Pamela Ann Evans, Patricia Lee Ezell, Mary Elinor Farwell, Patricia Faulkner, Frances Diane Ferguson, Phillip Lee Fisher, Julia Ann Fitzgerald, Danny Scott Flambeau, Peggy Dell Fleming, Alice France, James Carl Fretwell, James Winfield Fuller, Judith Anne Fulmer, Dallas S., Jr. Fulton, Darrel Jackson Funk, Allen Mason Fuster, Angel William Dye, Craig Wolcott Edenfield, Nancy Pope Edge, Newton Perry Eickenberg, Margaret E. Eisnaugle, Eric Jon Ek, Nancy Susan She didn ' t have to do that! O O -O fa til Jl lit ..t. • ' ■;!■■ i ■• ■■■■ - — - ! ill V Gandy, I ' .inii ia Evelyn (.aims. Robert Lee Genslei , Ri hard Simeone Gibson, George Barry Gibson. Sandra Gale Gietek, Jannette Gietek, Joanne Gilleland, Virginia Dell Girardin, David Louis Goldston, John Roherl Goode, Cynthia Ann Goode, Madie Ann Goodman, Elliott Paul Goodman, Mary Cator Gordon, Gloria Ellenbell Gordon, Michael John Gotwalt, Deborah Louise Gould, Vicki Jeanne Green, Carol Elizabeth Green, Gwendolyn Pagan idols? No, just reinforcements! 279 JUNIORS Gustafson. James John Haas, Raymond Arthur Hall, David Clyde Hammond, Roscoe A., Jr. Haralson, Jerry Lee Harber, Alexis Whitfield Hardee, Shirley Faith Hardy, Roger Scott " I dreamed I won Greek Games in my brown gunny sack. ' Harris, Patricia Lou Harrison, James A., Jr. Hatcher son, Margaret S. Hawk, Carolyn Ruth Helsel, Stephen E. Hemerick, Frederick D. Hemphill, William Hunter Hepler, Olen Lee, Jr. Hill, Orry Whitmire Hilty, Mary Ester $ ' ■ ' . ' . ' i ' ■ — Krane, Klaus John Langford, Harriet Susan Lashley, Virginia Diane Lawrence, Thomas P. Layow, Harley Edgar Lazzeroni, Barry Douglas Hofmann, I homai C, Jr. I [olland, Elizabeth Vnn I [oovei . u iiii.im Marshall Hopkin i lonald M., Jr. I [owe, Gaylon Leon, |r. Hughson Bi 1 1 fi .mi looss, [ami i Thomas Isbell, Nam fi an fames, I ed Michael Johnson, Perry Ray Jourdan, Jean Louise Joyce, Lorraine Alma Keelei . Gai land Cecil |i Keen, Lynda K. Zipprer Keene, Donald Charles Keltey, Barbara Ann Kempfer, Julia Partin Kiesel, Thomas Francis Kimball, Sandra Edith Kincheloe, Robert W. lidn ' t know that Arnic Palmer played football. 281 JUNIORS Mayer, Fred Harold, Jr. Mayse, Carol Lee McAdams, Ann Cliff McClelland, Lloyd C, Sr. McCullers, Cecil James McCulIough, Sally Esther McFarland, Michael D. McKee, Steven Lee Mecke, George, III Meide, Mary Helen Mellon, Peter Lynas Melton, Helen Kay Merritt, Susan Merryman, Margaret Ann Mertz, Alan John Messeberg, Laura Linda Metz, Mary Alice Miller, Sandra Kay Miles, Carol Nancy Montgomery, Elizabeth Y. League, Edwin James Lee, William James Lovelace, Marsha Kindred Lynch, Linda Kay Maloney, Karen Sue Mast, Richard Winfield " My group had 98% more cavities. " £8© t 282 Niles, Jean Lcc Nixon, John Leon, Jr. Novey, Patricia Ann Novotny, Robert Michael Oberle, Bonnie Susan Osborne, Zebulon Louis Owens, James Lee Owens, Nancv Louise Mood) Patricia I ynni Mimic , |anii i I ' ' Morrison, fane BrewMi i MiiM ' i. Sli. urn. Villi Mundy, [anii LouiK Murdock, I.ana Jean Naclerio, Judith Ellyn , ison, iku Suzanne New omei . Patrii ia Ann Nichols, Allen Rogers Parsons, Linda Joyce Pepper, Pamela Sue " If Diller can make $50,000 per . . . why can ' t I? " 283 JUNIORS Rawlins, Paula Elaine Reddick, Devorah Ann Repple, Glen Allen Robertson, David Leon Robinson, William Leon Rogers, James Carlisle, Jr. Rogers, Susan Dunham Romberger, Helen C. Rowland, Paula Dorinda Ryder, James Albert Persak, Gail Mitchell Peterson, Newton C., Ill Piner, Janet Pope, James David, Jr. Presley, Jerry Max Pressley, Joyce Paige Price, Sara Ethel Randall, Barry Thomas ' If Mom could only see me now! " . if it lit 284 ' ■ ' ' ' ■ ' . S.ib.ltilli. I i.n.i lil s;ims. lii bael Douglas Samuels, William I Sanderson, Rogrr Alan Sargeant, Martha Ann Sargent, Linda Ann Si In ll, I inda Dianne Scheutz, Monii a Louise Schmidt, Charlotte Ann Schofield, John Kent Sellers, Larue George Shannon, Victoria Ann Sherman, Daniel Herbert Sherman, Daniel Neil Shnltz, Beverly Lucille Snyder, Herbert S. Spencer, Zona Katharyn 2S5 JUNIORS |tw, fm Spitz, Richard Leon Spottswood, David M Swank, Glenn David Taulbee, Billie Nell Thompson, Jennifer Ann Tortorici, Sandra B. Valdez, Carole Lynn Valentine, Clifford Roy Walker, Kineon Goodhue Ward, Dalton Rufus Warren, George Theodore Watson, Sandra Louise Wechsler, Edward Charles Wellington, Roger K. Wells, Wallace Kappel Wesley, Harold J. West, David R., Jr. White, Bruce Edward Whitford, David Earle Wilhelmsen, Paul Carl Wilkerson, Sandra S. Wilson, Martha Lou Stanley, Karen Lynn Stanley, Susan Lynn Steelmon, James Odell Strickland, Ellen Earl ill , i o S ' l. 2S6 tt rrrn — — WtX II- I k.iv Louise v.,ii, . ( harla I edri( (Kills, K.i n n | anncttc Young, Itt- ' ry ] Ann Hearts Class 202 2S7 " I pledge allegiance to what? " ' Steal my boyfriend, will ya . . . take that! " B « £ £te - • £ ft v ■• ■• " Anybody got a spare b The Sophomore Class OFFICERS FRED LEWIS President PHYLLIS CLAMP Vice-President DEBBIE MARKERT . . . Secretary-Treasurer Clamp, Lewis, Markert. At the beginning of the year, the Sophomores at Florida Southern helped orientate the Freshmen to life at FSC by organizing Rat Week. Rat Court was held, followed by the high- light of the week, the Rat Dance. The class also spon- sored several all-campus so- cials and an all-campus pic- nic. SOPHOMORES Adams, Deana Marshall Adams, Palmer Lynn Adamson, Susan Elaine Albert, Harriet Jill Albert, Paul Edward Albritton, Betty Ann Alcock, Carolyn F. Aleffi, John Joseph Anderson, Janette Carol Aniello, Theresa Ann ft fl S |4M II mm Anthony, Patricia Rae Archer, Carol Anne g r lit Ail Archer. Robert Eugene Ascher, Larry O. Bailey, Barbara Joyce Bailey, Dana Lyn Bailey, Ronald Lewis Baker, Cheryl Patricia Banks, Richard Duncan Barbee, Patricia Kay Oh! Goody!! No ROTC today! " 290 ' Sherry, wake up! ' Barkley, Pamela Ban, ( ilwi kiii Bass, Nancy Lee Bautone, Lucia Gray Beach, Sally Anne Beers, Mabel Elizabeth 1 -a r £ 4 it Berg, Margaret Grace Berrce, Norman Glen Beverly, Carleton Hill Bewley, Joseph Leslie, Jr. Binder, Lisbeth Ann Birdsong, John Rodney Black, Laurie Lucille Bloomer. Bettv Ann Bowles, Steven Patterson Boyer, Robert Lawrence Bozeman. Blake Bradshaw, Dennis Evans Brethen, Bonita Jo Brewen, Pamela Sue Brewer, William Paul. Jr. Brown, Carl Curtis Brown, Judith Helen Brow n. Lonnie Miley Brunei. F. Gregory Bryan. Susan Gay 291 SOPHOMORES Bryce, James Francis Buchanan, Suellen Bullock, Georgia Carol Burek, Douglas John Burger, Thomas Mathias Cade, Iris Ray Cameron, Bruce Malcolm Carruthers, Peter C. Caswell, Susanne Chickerell, Anna Olivia Church, Barbara Louise Clamp, Phyllis Isabel Clay, Mary Susan Cleveland, Carolyn Ann Cline, Mary Kathleen Cody, Raymond Gifford Colbert, Dorothy June Colbert, Hal Patton Cole, Deborah Ann Coles, John Lange, III Collins, Thomas Miller Co nway, Nancy Louise Cooke, Constance Joyce Coolbaugh, Jeanne L. Coords, George R., Jr. Corcoran, Robert Leonard ' The metrecal set. ' ' These public baths are for the birds. " Cotton, Ann Crowrll ( owan, I Ikhii.i i i . r . i ■ i ■. Cowart. Terry Diane Cowell, Thomas II. Cox. Allen Stuart Crampton, William Scott Criswell, Harvey William Cronin, Timothy C. D ' Angio, Robert Arthur, Jr. Daniels, James David, Gwendolyn Davis, Margaret Sharon Da is, Teresa Lou Davison. Joan Anne Deloach. Frederick L. Denis, Robert A. Dennison, Kathleen R. Devos. Edward George DeWitt, Susan Dillon, Lester Robert 293 SOPHOMORES Doran, Carolyn Sue Doty, Patricia Joyce Downing, Susan Powell Driskell, Margaret J. Duncan, Linda Lee Duncan, Montford C, Jr. Durkin, Jackye Louise Emmons, Alice Frances English, Ann Francis Ernst, Sandra Lee Eubanks, Divid Ralph Farmer, Barbara S. Feola, Ralph Leonard Ferrara, Arlyne Leslie Fitzgerald, Jane Fleischli, William John Florin, Bruce Walter Floyd, Patricia Barton Fogt, Michael Lee Foster, Suzanne " We are not part of the wax museum. 294 ■. ' ' T- ■ I • ' •■ Fowler, Earlccn Francisco, William R.OU Frasier, Marshall Hunt Freeman, Fred Harold Freeman, Reid Wilson French, Jon Victor " You may know my uncle the Grand Dragon. " French. Richard John, Jr. Gabriel, Barbara Joan Gainer, Kurt Richard Gardner. John Westbrook Gates. Kathleen Pearl Getman, Gerry Dean Gibbons, Kathleen Ann Gibbs, Sharon Elaine Gill, Esther Mavs Godwin, David Carlyle Goettee, Michael Juan Gordon, Ruth Susan Graebener, Kenneth Henry Grainger, Frances Ann Green, Marsha Jane Grein, Martha Merritt Green, Robert Maurice Griffin. Sandra Ga le Haas, Joann Clare Hagcn, Daniel Lee SOPHOMORES Hall, Frederick Bryant Hall, Harvey Thomas, III Hamilton, Wendy Ann Hanley, Sherrill K. Haralson, Richard Eugene Harms, Dennis Cary Harris, Nancy Jane Harvester, Charles Lee Harvey, Ruth Alice Harvill, Howard Louis Hayden, Linda Kay Haynes, Susan Kaye Hedberg, Leon Taylor Heide, Judith Lynne Heimmer, Harold Alan Helmick, Robert W„ Jr. Helseth, Phillip R., Jr. Heppberger, Carol Ann Herr, Josephine Joan Hicks, Lillian Russell tit ft Higle, Alfred Thomas, Jr. Hiles, Kathleen M. Hink, Terrianne Hinson, Cheryl Eddice Hoffman, Kathleen Lynne Holmes, Gerald Bradley ■jlffig " Just a slight miscalculation there. " I Inlll.iris. Pegg} ll!ir I [opl in,, John III ;in " I love my Sigma Chi garter. " rv 4 i « ii Hopper. Roger Dennis llowison, I ' airii ia nn Howland, Adelaide Hannah Huff. Mary Wilson Humphrey. David Thomas Hutchinson. Susan Jane Jackson, Sherry Lee Java, Sondra Ann I fl ■ ' J Jensen, Ralph Leon Jerkins. Thomas Loui: fervis, Patricia Jean Johannes, Mi hael A. Johnson. Nina Janice Johnson. Sharon Luvcnia Jolkovski, Itaye Ann Jones. James Turner. Jr. Jones. Pamela Al »e Jones, Thomas R., Jr. 297 SOPHOMORES Jorgensen, Alfred C. Jung, Marjorie Doris Karrick, Jonnie Lynn Kaufman, Gerald Keiser, Edward Harold, Jr. Keitzer, Carla Jeanne Kellner, Sherrill Wood Kennedy, Thelma Faith Keyser, George Raymond Kingsbury, Erdie Ray Kirkwood, Lawrence R. Kleinschmidt, Janet Lee Lamont, Donna Caroline js;W Law, Karen Elizabeth Ledyard, Elinor Lynne Leisinger, John Clifford Lesher, Donald Stanley Leslie, Bonnev Sue Lewis, Joseph Aaron, Jr. Lewis, Pherne Andreas ' Step right up, and speak into the mike. ' OHHI ' Boy would I like to have him in my section. " e fi c fi ' vl Ilk I ewis, Rand] |.i lewis, kn hard Fred I ini I " i iv. Linda Maxim- I inhiii. it. ii I .i i i lean I inville, Patricia W. 1 ippei l. Jeanne Louise © f. •..•.• MM Ix cke, Daniel Kenneth Loeseke. William Hum Long. Robert Elliott Lott, Almina |o Loveday, Leigh Herbert Lovelady. Linda Dee Luscher, Ellen Hamilton Lutz. Beverlee Ritter Manley, Waller Wilson Margolis, John Alan Marker!, Deborah Ann Marsh, Susan Jane Martel. Elizabeth Noel Martin. Barbara Jean McBride, Kaihv Lee McCaig. Bonnie Elizabeth McConaghv. Marie Mason Mi t owen, Murray Ann Ma own, Philip Reese. Jr. Met ullougfa, Donna ka 299 ..: . - • • ■ SOPHOMORES McDonald, Cynthia Lee McDowell, Sheryl Anne McFarland, Elaine H. McGill, Dennis Ray McGinnes, Dean Carl Mclnnes, Benjamin Lee McManeus, Barbara Nell McNamee, Sarah Louise Meredith, Gail Susan Miller, Patricia Jean Miller, Susan Elizabeth Milner, Elizabeth Lane Milton, Jane Carole Moerck, Rudi Moore, Emily Louise Moore, Linda Lee Morford, Lois Jean Morgan, Gary Wayne Morley, Craig Allen Morreale, Barth Joseph §r MTO Morrison, Frances Ann Morton, Nancy Lou Munc, Judith Marie Mundy, Linda Ann Murphey, Philip Wayne Murphy, Kenneth B. ' This sure does make you enjoy mother ' s cooking. 300 " Hey, I found mine. 4t £ Narcm, [anite F.lva Nil liuls, Forrest Jay Norton, Ann Nancy Y " I Ogburn, Jennifer L. Ohnmacht, Sandra Mildred Olson, Keith Arlvn Osterholm, Carol Anne Padgett, Kenneth Earl I ' aille, Beckie Marie Palmer, Jane Pappas, Dean Parker, John Frederick Parsons, I.inda Man, Partazana, Margaret A. Pearson, Teresa Ann Peers, Suzanne Lee Perkins, Beverly May Pern . Susan I.ynne Peters. Carl Pfister, Marjorie Dawn 301 SOPHOMORES Phillips, Dale Lawrence Plotkin, Joseph Alan Plowman, Craig Stewart Polkowski, Christopher D. Preuss, Frank Frederick Preuss, Marie Eleanor Price, Bruce Robert Price, Daphne Reed Proctor, Linda Rose Pugh. Dwight Irvin 1 kk Ragsdale, Durl Reece Rees, Nancy Gail t Reid, Linda Lee Robbins, Carol Roberts, Richard Best Robinson, Sara Maude Rohrer, Frederick Lynn Rooks, Larrv Glen Rostran, Alejandro Rousset, Denise Rae : " I just don ' t agTee with that. " 302 Knits I II Rushing, fudilb Vim Russell, ( harles E„ |i Sanders, Susan Kirl Santiago, Rosalind |ov Santiago, Rosario A. " good barber can do it blindfolded. " Saxon. Ben Lee Scanilo, Gregory James Scharfenberg, Ann Derr Scherer, Joan Marie Scott, Carol Sheldrake Sefton, Thomas Wolcott Setzer, David Andrew Scverson, Sheron Martin Sharp. Raymond Stephen Shimer, Dean Allen Shuler, Connie Shy, Judith Gibson Simonson, Roger Lynn Skelton, Janis Snyder, Gar John Speir, Carol Elizabeth Stahlin. Sara Jane Stauffer, Inez Elaine Stauflcr. John Porter Streep, Foster David. Ill 303 SOPHOMORES Sullivan, Wayne Arnold Sumner, Marion Ruth Swanson, Sandra Lee Sweeney, Edward Daniel Swindell, Julie Carter Swoyer. David Charles Talbott, Ellen Elizabeth Thomas, Phyllis June Thomas, Teresa Lin Thompson, Donna Mae Thomson, Linda Lee Toler, Clyde L. Townsend, Jennifer Mary Trask, Joyce Diane Triebels, Philip Eugene Trost, Rebecca Sue Tucker, Kenneth C, Jr. Turnipseed, Mildred C. Underhill, Linda Faye Vernon, Michael Howard Vivers, Robert Paul Wallace, James Edward, Jr " 3 j H Ware, Kathryn Warner, Bonnie Lois Wasser, Thomas Dean Weaver, Brian Monte " First ya schway back . . . then ya schway 304 Weavei , Steven I ee [udith Mi 1 1 ' in 1 1 4A Wells, Paula Howard Wherrell, Gwendolyn Rmli fi Whitworth, Marlon Ann Widnei . Dorothy Lanette Wilcox, John Palmer Wiley, Peter Christopher " Just think, this thing is my roommate. " e ££ ft! MM Williams, Kenneth Arthur Williams, Susan Lee Wilson. Diane Louise Wilson, Klla Naomi Wilson. Man Margaret Windham. John Franklin Winkler. David Biddle Womble. Gcraldine L. Wood. Marjorie Diana Wrav, Charles Irvin, Jr. Zamzow. Dale Allen Zanathy, Stephen Phillip Zolkos, Teddie Lester 305 HHHHnH m ' That ' s enough, Charlie, just serve the ball ' Let ' s try it again, Mr. Wooten, this time don ' t bite my hand. " ' Those are some girls we met on our field trip to Mexico. " 306 The Freshman Class OFFICERS ANDREW STEELE President WDRI- McGEB Vice-president GINGER OSBORN Secretary-Treasurei McGee, Steele, Osborn The Freshman Class par- ticipates in and sponsored many activities on South- ern ' s campus. The main social function was the spon- sorship of an old-fashion Sadie Hawkins Dance, where the girls asked the bovs and everyone came dressed in true " Dog Patch " style. The Class as a whole did much to increase the spirit on campus. 307 FRESHMEN Addis, Pamela N. Allen, Margaret Lynn Ames, Karen Anne Anderson, Jay Cartel Andrea, Paulette Sharon Arnold, Mildred Ann Ashton, Thomas Arnold Atchley, Robert Wayne Atkinson, Ann Darley Avery, Diana Ruth Bain. Brian John Ballou, Christine A. Bango, Bernarda Mae Batstone, Bonnie Lynn Baughman, John Paul Beach, Halsey Loder Beard, Rutland D., Ill Beede, Diane Jean Behm, Edith Louise Benz, James Frederick Berg, Stephen Russell Berglund, Steven A. Berry, Eugenia Lenor " Well, you can ' t win ' em all. ' Betuii, Zane Wiiuton ltic lis. [ani Kn I li j Bilby, Larry Wendell Billy, Eileen Blaine, James Gary Blake, lngrid Lynn ' Whaddya mean it looks like a hairpiece?? Blount, Jerald Don Bohuny, Barbara Irene Bosley, Paul Ralston, III Bowen, Agnes Patricia Boyles, Martha Lynn Bradley, Wendy P. Brenner, Henrv Craig Bridges, Kendrick Gary Brinson, Shari Louise Brock, Jo Anne Brohard, Smyth D., Jr. Brown, Betty Jean Brown, William Ranslow Bryan. Mabel Jean Bryant, Steven Lyall Bryson, Craig Irsine Burchell, Leslie Lcann Burke, Dana Rai Callari. Thomas S. Cammarata, Samuel M. 309 ■■■■■■■■inHH FRESHMEN Caracuzzo, Jill V. Carle, Candace Elaine Caswell, Judith Ann Cave, Janey Diann Center, John Hill Chaffee, Richard J., Jr. Channel, Meredith Chatlos, Jon Paul Clark, Margaret Clarke, George H. Clarke, Joyce Virginia Clarke, Lynn Lee Clay, Pamela Sue Cloet, Warren Ross Clutterham, Beth Marie Clyde, David Lee Cole, Pamela Drummond Condry, Lynne Cooper, Grant William Coords, Arthur Edward Corley, James Guy, Jr. Crain, Susan Woodlee Carlton, Catherine Carter, Douglas Lee Carver, Margaret M. Casity, Ginger Louise 310 ( ii .is , irginia I ynne Cn i .11 1 1 Helen (.hiss, William Radle) umming, George I ouii ummingi su an Jam Cupick, Ronald V.i ric Daniel. Silat Edward, ill Dai is. Deborah Jane Davis, Ki hard Barton Dawse) . James Mai shall Dayton, Valcn Anne Dccubcllis. Stephen D. Derryberry, Polly Ann Dessalet, Margaret C. Denpree, Mary Jane DeVeer, Nancy Kipp Dcvilliers. Elena Carmen DeWald, Cheryl Ellis Diamond, Kenneth Neil Dillport, Virginia Diane ' Dr. Thrift, I presume. 311 wmmmmammmummmna mHK9R9m FRESHMEN Dinsmore, Eva Sprecher Dittrich, Katherine J. Drake, Sharon Ann Drukin, Denis Dumont, Diane Rita Durrance, Linda Dawn Eilertsen, Jill Ann Ellis, Steven M. Ellzey, Diane Elizabeth Enchelmayer, Carl Robert Etheridge, Russel C. Evans, David Lee Ewing, Joan Marie Eyman, Richard Lee Falk. Robert E., Jr. Fauls, Robert John Feehan, Jane Ellen Fifner, William F. Fish, Bradley James Fitch, Penelope R. Flowers, Terry Lee Fogt, Daniel Alan Foland, Bruce Roderick " I wish our team hadn ' t worn those silly mini- skirts; I ' m just too embarassed to watch. " Foley, Donald V ion, Robert Edward Lee Frank. Judith Margaret Frassica, Nancy Susan Fryer, Robert Leroy, Jr. Fullington, Page D., Jr. The trials and tribulations. Fulton. Richard Thomas Fusco, Frank Whitefoord Garrett, Michael Dean Gebhard, Bonnie Lucy George, Margaret P. Gheen, Deborah Jayne Gibson, Gwendolyn D. Gielow, Ronald James ( .ilis. Marilyn Glass. Dana Eloise Goff, Clark William. Jr. Goforth, James David t.onh. Martha Beverly ( ' range, I i u Ann Green, Barry Lee (■recti. Richard Oliver Greene, Joy Dare Gregorv. Stanhv Wayne Guess, Grace Vnn Haines. Duane Aides 313 FRESHMEN Hall, Daniel George Hall, Kathleen Helen Hall, Linda Faye Hamer, James Michael Hammond, Linda Ann Hanes, Kathleen Tim " So this is how you do the ' Gator. ' " Hanley, Morris Allen Hanna, Alan Dayne Hansen, Grant Clark Harman, Richard A., Jr. Harms, Robert Arnold Harrington, Barbara Jean Harris, Randolph Morgan Harris. Richard Henry Hartman, Joseph Edwin Hartshorne, Sarah L. Haselier, Robert Karl Hausman, Marjorie Ann Hawkins, David Corwin Hay, Richard Tilden Hayman, Nicolynn Sue Hemman, Stephen Robert Hendry, Judith Ann Hibbard, Susan Lorine Higby, Gary James Hilts, Margaret E. 314 f jp» i mk Isaacs. Brenda Marie Jackson, Dana Robinson Jerge, Roberta Wendcl Johnson, Curtis Edwin Johnson. Michael Demerv Joiner, Fredrica Wade Jonas, Nancy Lou Jones, Kenneth Roper inn. in Phillip | ■■ ■ ■ ii iiliii.ni, Stephi n Gregg il s bull, I I. ni ipkins, Harriel Ann in, Inger Elizabeth Houls, Donald Gary Huff, ( lameron huyli i Hummel, Jeanne R. Hurlbut. David Edson Hutson, Margaret Ellen Jones, Robert Oliver Jordan. John Robert " Meet you at the Dixie in 5— Out. ' 315 -f FRESHMEN Joyner, Wesley Leonard Judy, Vivian Patricia Jurecko, John Kandle, Kristie W. Kasper, Shirley Elaine Keller, Charles S. Keller, Judy Kelsey, Brian Hewes Kenney, Sandra Jo Kern, Stephen Holt Kesling, Gene Ersel Kevser. Jane Lvnn Kiel, Howard Herrick Kimbrell, William P. 11 Kinnard, Gloria Jean Kintner, Lawrence Reed Kipping, Camellia T. Kjellstrom, Richard E. Kosky, Martha Alice Kraczkowsky. Gregory M. Krausman, Kathy Louise Krumeich, Bruce Kelley Kuitert, Linda Sue " They don ' t really use the Garden of Meditation for that! " 316 Laher, [o«eph K . |, I .mil.. Scotl Mm i.i ' . Langston, Marilyn Jean Lawrence. Karen Lee Lawrence. Linda Jewell Lawson, Cathev Anne T " i r Lawton. Helen Titus Leahy, Thomas Tillett Lecraw, Raymond Norris Ledwith, Karen Lee Lee, Carol Ann Lehman, Jay William Lewis, Patti Diane Lineberger, Judith Ellen Link, Charla Ann Lilt, Janet Locper, Nancv Isabel Loewe, Donald Craig Long. Frances Marie Longendyke, Paula Scott Lowe, Polly Sue Luce, Jon Paul Luce. Nancv Elizabeth Lueders. Donna Lee Lulos. Theadora Maria MacBroom, Margaret C. nBBHMMMMHg FRESHMEN Mazanti, Glenda Sue McAfee, Beverly Louise McAfee, Nancy Lou McAninch, Glen Alan McBride, Robert Russel McCall, Pamela McCay, Ann Jean McCollum, Harry Clifford McCormick, Margot Leigh McCoy, Maurice Edwin McDonald, Mary Ann McElroy, Melanie McGee, Andrea Lee McGhee, Dailla Kay McGriff, Gary Lee McGriff, Teresa Ann McPeek, Kathy Lynn McWilliams, Nancy E. Mead, Ramsay Oliver Menzl, Craig Marriott, Robert Charles Marson, Lucy Ann Martin, Charles Douglas Martinez, Francisca Martone, Gary Earl Matteson, Mary Katharine " You two stay out of this, I can take care of him myself. " Jul t J| Xa 318 mm ; Mitchell, [ohn Richard Mile lull, Mary Linda Mitlan, Marilynn I.. Molandei . Ann Marie Molaniler, Mai nn Monkton, Robert Paul Montgomei j . Kathryn Ann Moore, | " i e Evelyn l, k in U , 1 ' iim [oseph M. i iwi iIh i . Pi la i Mem I -. nn, i lizabeth In In I, I n ill 1 1, I Mild, AnhiM Xavii i Mill. ■ Donald Wilson Milliken, Lesley nn Mills. I rederid M |i. Mills, [oan Eleanoi Mni h. II. ] rant Mini is, Craig Sperling Mm us. Suzanne Melissa " Maybe I ' m not going to find the othei f the worm. 319 OmMBHSHHH FRESHMEN Mosley, James Lynwood Moyer, James Arthur Muir, Craig Robert Murphy, Ronald Taylor Navarro, Sarmiento P. Neal, Jerry Neal, Nancy Jean Nelms, Linda Ovelyn J y SSp Newhouse, Gregory Lee — - Newman, David Howard Nicholson, George Edward Northacker, William H. Odle, Rick Leonard Odom, Kenneth Ray W Odura, Walter Guy Opalinski, Michael P. Orth, Charles Arthur Osborn, Virginia Jean Pace, Sherie Darlene Page, James Benton Parks, Lola Loene Parsons, Eloise Marie Patrick, Kerry Lou " Ten million IBM cards later. . . - 320 -Jii ' -V Paull . Virginia Pi .11 .ill. Julia Peek, Bai i :n a lean Pcro, Eleanor Catherine PetcofF, Thomas Samuel Phillips, Vivian A. " I ' ve been out here three hours and my toenails still aren ' t tanned. " ft ( I I Mill; ' r wSkmi Phipps. Glenn Ward, Jr. Powell, Craig Willard Prevail, Alene Sue Pringle, Sanford Solton Pryor, Paul Jeffrey Przvchodniccz, Robert W. Putnam, Robert Preston Rainev. Cheryl Dianne Reed, Perer McCreery Repass. Kathleen Bruce Retzke, Jean Ann Richards, Jean Anne Rider, Man, Beth Rivcnbark. Rebecca V. Roberts, Kaiherine L. Robinson. Frank Pierce Rodgers. Phillip Rav Res,-. Richard Charles Rowan, Gail Frascr Km ks. Bervl 321 ■■■■MMMnn FRESHMEN Russak, George Norman Saget, Robin H. Scales, Jo Ann Scaramucci, Sandra Lee Schauer, Douglas F. Schmidt, Patricia Ann Schroeder, William E. Schueszler, Jeanne A. Schweida, Victoria A. Scowden, Karen Lee Sheiman, Michael Eliot Shipp, Bennard Arthur Sinclair, Gary Lee Skarstrom, Eugenia Elizabeth Smalowitz, Charlotte E. Smith, Andrea McKenzie Smith, Donald Elledge Smith, Lucy Kay Smith, Patience Smith, Sandra Jean Smoak, Josephine Hazel Smyth, Eugene Rex Samuelson, Terry Lee Sandkuhl, Henry C. Sandusky, Linda Caroline Sanford, Clive Carlton ' If you can ' t minuet, just improvise. ' 322 UA " Can ' t tell you now, she ' s on the next line. " ft ft life Stephens, Donna Karen Stephenson, Mai mai tlia Steward, Dorene I Aim Stites, Alfred W ' .. |r. SnydV i I in Snyder, Man Speller, Allison I atimei Spilman, I homai Earl Stabl, i an •■ i dward Stanfield, Pauline Lynn Starkey, Join. D. Stauffer, Phyllii Marie Stl I ll lion Andrew Steinkamp Donna k.i StOl mom, Sarah M. Stout, Thomas William Strickland, Chervl Ann Strickland. Milton F. Stillins, Barhara Lvnnc Sullivan, Michael Joseph 323 wMmmBm ammmiMM BBB FRESHMEN Sumner, Susan Sweeney, William Fred Sweeting, Penelope Lynn Talbott, Frederick E. Taulbee, Ellen Cole Taylor, Jeanne Carol Taylor, Ronald Grant Terry, Alice Louise Thach, Patricia Ellen Thacker, Omer Stephen, II Thayer, Gerarda Thomas, Carolyn Lee 4ife At 0 - Thomas, Salli Marie Thompson, John Meredith Thornber, Vicki Louise Toney, Tanis Elaine Troxel, Stephen Truby, Earnest W. Tschirch, Donna Jeanne Tye, John Charles, Jr. Ulm, Ronald Albert Umstead, Henry Clay Van Loon, Mark Robert Wagner, Richard Tobitt Wagoner, Earnest Pedigo Walker, Susan E. Wall, Carol Ann Walters, Mary Virginia " We ' re Barefootin ' , Wapensky, Basil Ui n Warner, Km i Edward ' fffl Warren, Bernhardl Warriner, Jan Walkins, Sara Frazier Watson, Gregory F. ' It ' s been a hard days night, filiri Wedig, Vale Francis Wells, Sharon Lee Werner, Wendj Susan W( II William Craig Whitfbrd, Da id Charles Wiant, David Harness Wicker. Florence E. W ' ikc. I ' ri st il 1 Li Harriet Wilbur, Craig Selig Wilbur, Eugenia Marie Wilbur. Paul Cummings Williams. Laura Jane Williamson, Mclod Ann Willis. I arrell lu illi Warren Wane. Jr Wilson, Kenneth D. Wilson, Phyllis Ann W instil. Richard James Wood, Judith Ann Workinger, Jill Wrighl. Veronica ■i andn . Stanlev Edward Young, Elizabeth F. Young, S. Hollace 325 » 4 i ' • JeZ Jy £ £ S 1 sSj i5§S2 ' T ' " ,, f (fikwjl - ■ ' Ml f • • ' ' " ' : 1$8£ ! « • ' ' 7 v 2 JP J ■ 326 Like a HURRICANE the experiences of college cannot be assessed until the storm begins to subside . . . because only when the winds have died and the clouds have lifted can lue look back and let all that has happened solidify. In the calm that follows the HURRICANE each student can look back and remember . . the quiet beginning . . . the whirlwind of activities . . . culminated in his college life. ■ THE GEORGE W. JENKINS FIELDHOUSE . . . another sign of growth and progress With each passing year Florida Southern College moves ahead with its goal of developing the finest possible campus for educating young men and women. The latest edition to the campus facilities is the George W. Jenkins Fieldhouse which serves as the center of physical training and athletic endeavors. Templin ' s, Inc., is proud of its long association with Florida Southern College and its role in the devel- opment of the campus, including construction of the east campus dormitory area, the cafeteria, Branscomb Auditorium and most re- cently, the George W. Jenkins Fieldhouse. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 331 ■■■nmnHMMH Produced By Local Farmers VELDA FARMS Velda On The Label Means Quality On The Table Lakeland 686-6211 Winter Haven 293-4154 Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Bottlers of 7-Up and Like 315 W. Lemon St. Lakeland, Florida Francisca Martinez, Best Dressed Freshman Coed DOWNTOWN SEARSTOWN Compliments of Raybro Electric Supplies, Inc. 520 N. Ingraham Avenue UNSHINE yil dmjpQMn Inc. LAKELAND, FLORIDA OIL JOBBERS " Sunshine Will Keep You Warm " Compliments of BURL WILSON, ■i c ■ PLASTERING CONTRACTOR 512 West Maxwell Street LAKELAND, FLORIDA Business Phone MU 2-0812 Resident Phone MU 2-6688 334 TILL OFFICE EQUIPMENT Office Supplies — Furniture — Machines For Gifts That Are Different 615 N. Broadway Bartow, Florida Compliment of FLOWERS BY EDITH A 902 South Florida Avenue Telephone 683-2945 Compliments of ' Ittaddox MEN ' S WEAR SEARSTOWN DOWNTOWN GROVE PARK ■ mmnMnm « Ayala Oil Company GULF OIL PRODUCTS Nelson M. Ayala — Jobber For the Best in Fuel Oils Phone MU 6-3103 Lakeland, Fla. Bradley Flower Shop 808 South Mississippi Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA Treat yourself to a more beautiful way of life . . . at your Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio. PHONE FOR YOUR FIRST AP- POINTMENT NOW . . . MERLE NORMAN Cosmetic Studio 214 E. Orange Street Wally Watson and Cheryl Eddy wlie it ifcoppiitg u (l $!Umwul £jdUmm_ K T Lr Nil IK Compliments of EDD LOVERING AUTO SALES 1 1 1 Bartow Road Phone 683-1278 Compliments of McGINNES LUMBER Phone 682-5107 Austin Barnett Electric, Inc. 21 I S. Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida Victor Whirlpool For your travel needs Wherever .... Whenever CONTACT WORLD TRAVEL CENTER Hoyt W. Barnett Owner 1.AK1 LAND. FLORIDA 317 N. Mass 682-5153 COIFFURES BY PHILIP 225 South Florida Avenue Telephone 686-3466 In Mezzanine of Glady ' s Dress Shop High Styling Complete Hair Care Everyday styles Wig Service YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND THAT PERFECT GIFT AT . . . GEO. L. GAINES, JEWELER 112 SOUTH TENNESSEE AVENUE PHONE 682-2131 Alton Andrew Steele, Freshman Class President, uses his checking account at First State Bank. MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. Corner of South Florida Avenue and Lime Street J. B. LINEBERGER, INC. Distributors for Richfield Oil 1640 New Tampa Highway LAKELAND. FLORIDA 339 ■l HHnMHK You Are Always Welcome at PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND WITH TRUST DEPARTMENT 115 South Missouri Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 340 $ MUTUAL Wholesale MUTUAL Vending MUTUAL Paper MUTUAL Sales at Siaxi a 330 N. INGRAM AM AVE. LAKELAND, FLA. 33801 PHONE 686-3121 MORE THAN 5,000 PRODUCTS r BUSINESS INDUSTRY REECECLIFF Drive-In Restaurant Phone MU 66661 940 S. Florida Avenue LAWN GONE? Plan a Hardy Party! HARDY SOD CO. Sodding • Planting • Seeding Discing • Grading 915 North Gilmore 686-9959 JOYNER LUMBER COMPANY. INC LAKELAND, FLORIDA 1740 New Tampa Hwy. Lakeland, Florida Phone: 686-0613 PAR-3 K pOLF CENTtV R. A. " Spritz " SATTERFIELD — Pro-manager — RICHARD GARL — Associate pro — STEAKETTE Next to Grove Park Shopping Center Famous for Rib-eye Steak Sandwich WILLIAM ' S HOUSE OF FLOWERS 1043 South Florida Avenue Telephone 683-5989 BH HHOH - Compliments of Lakeland Typewriter and Supply Company, Inc. Royal Electric, Standard and Portable Typewriters Sales-Service Victor Adding Machines and Calculators Sales-Service Shaw Walker Steel and Jasper Wood Furniture Central Florida ' s Most Popular Office Supply House 122 South Tennessee Lakeland, Florida WARNOCKS FURNITURE 302 East Memorial Blvd. Telephone 682-2222 SL - 2 A •J?? ' 1 Congratulations from SHEPPARD DISTRIBUTORS 1045 South Florida Avenue MEAT PROCESSORS 345 ■ : ' 4K Compliments of A. G. KING PRODUCE CO. Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables Lakeland, Florida Norman Davidson Villager John Meyer Youth Guild Etinne Aigner Glen of Michigan Virdia Van Huss, Best Dressed Coed, shops at Joyce Corner J fitQfmL Village Shopping Center Compliments of CORPORATION ® FMC CORPORATION FLORIDA DIVISION Lakeland, Florida • Woodstock, Virginia BROTHERS LAKELANDS GREAT STORE Nancy Field U helped bj Mr. J« .- Cohunbni ■! the Drive-in Window. I l,()l{l I) A NATIONAL RANK ai LAKELAND WITH TRUST DEPARTMENT 113 South Tennessee Ave. Phone 686-1136 " As long as there ' s a Lakeland, there will be a Florida National Bank. " EGER BLOCK REDI-MIX INC. P. O. Box 1062 Lakeland, Florida Telephone: 682-3111 ■ ■■aiBRMnn things go better,! Coke BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY LAKELAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. tattler DOWNTOWN ORANGE AND TENNESSEE POST OFFICE BOX 1527-33802 ' ■ ' ■ ; . J rjaggr SEARSTOWN ON THE MALL IN SEARSTOWN SHOPPING CENTER SAVINGS AMD LOAM ASSOCIATION LARGEST ASSOCIATION IN POLK COUNTY LAKELAND, FLORIDA 0fi m y TRADITIONALS ' - ' - ' - ' V ' lilL SiJL Na,urai shouider Su,,s ° nd ®5 ' I [3 % Sport Coats, Everything " % ' . for the College Man s ■ _20 1 South Kentucky Avenue LAKELAND. FLORIDA ■BaHB HHOajH! CONGRATULATIONS J. C. PENNEY CO. _yv Ureal Ljtrowlk L ompanu Employer of Florida Southern Graduates WORLDWIDE AIR AND STEAMSHIP SERVICE CRUISES - TOURS ftJneiitaT Jack and Leon Mengel 225 S. Kentucky Ave. Phone 682-3163 Lakeland, Florida DOG N ' SUDS 1003 East Main Street Compliments of CEMENT PRODUCTS SUPPLY CO., INC. 516 W. Main Street " Zimmerman ' s " ' omplimt i FLORIDA FAVORITE FERTILIZER, INC. LAKH J, AX I) P. O. Box 910 Phone 682-2153 351 ■■■■■HHMMBMi pOOTE DAVIES POST OFFICE BOX 1000 — DORAVILLE, GEORGIA 30040 IVISION OF McCALL CORPORATION Creative Yearbooks . . . A result of professional service, personal attention, superior production flexibility, and quality printing Index Adams, Archer I , III, 113, 250 Adams, Deana Marshall, 158, 178, 225, 290 Vdams, Palmer Lynn, 158, 225, 290 Adamaon, Susan Elaine, it, 1 5-4. 290 Addis, Pamela, s,., 308 Agnew, Kathleen Jo, 141, I5S. 225, 274 Agnew, Robert Kent, n I, 138, 180, 206, J 50 Aiello, Mary Ann. 156, 250 Mtki ii Brui i I mil, 91, 180, 250 Albert, Betty Lou, 152, 274 Albert. Harriet lill, 152. 290 Albert, Paul Elward, 290 Albritton, Betty Ann. 290 All ock. Carolyn F., 290 Aletfi, fohn Joseph, iro, 290 Alexander, Earleana R., 250 Mien, Margaret Lynn, 308 Almand, William John, Jr., 130, 250 Aminos,. Pauline Sara, 266 Amea, Karen Anne, 308 Amnions, James Donald, 180, 232, 274 Anderson, Janette Carol, 290 Anderson, Jay Carter Anderson, loiin Russell, 250 Andrea, Paillette Sharon. 308 Aniello, Theresa Ann, 164, 290 Antoon, John, 91. 121. 184, 232, 274 Anthony. Patricia Rae. 164, 290 Vn her, Carol Anne, 112, 290 Wchcr, Rohert Kugcnt, 172. 190, 290 Arnolds Patron, San. Ira R., 274 Arnold. Mildred Ann, 308 Arlington, William S., Ill, 132, 274 Ascher. Larry O., Ill, 290 Ashton. Thomas Arnold, 308 Atehley. Robert Wayne, 308 Atkins, Barbara Kay, 250 Atkinson, Ann Barley, 308 Atwell, Paula Anne. 224, 226, 274 Avery, Diana Ruth, 308 Avinger, Edward J., Jr., 250 Hailcy, Barbara Jovce, 290 Pailev, Dana I-yn. 290 Bailey, David Merrill. 274 Bailey, leanette M.. 274 Bailey, Ronald Lewis. 232. 290 Railev, William Edward. 90, 192, 274 Pain, Prian lohn, 190, 210, 308 Bain. Pruce Edward. 94, 210. 274 Paker. Cheryl Patricia, 141, 168. 290 Baker. Gary Pernard, 172. 182, 274 Baldwin, lohn Walter, Jr., 90. 140, 180, 232, 274 Palkcom. Peverly, 121. 274 Pall, Virginia Ann, 140, 158, 225, 274 Ballard. Bonnie Tean. 250 Pallou. Christine A., 141, 308 Bangn, Bernarda Mae. 308 Banks, Richard Duncan. 290 Barbee, Patricia Kav. 164, 290 Barber, Daniel Clyde III, 86, 90, 186, 273, 274 Barker, lames Michael, 131, 149. 172, 176, 250 Parklev. Pamela. 291 Barley, April Diane. 274 Barnes. Rosa Bailev, 274 nstal 274 Barr, Carolvn King. 291 Barton. Eric B., Jr., 250 Bassler. Tim Burke. 121. 186, 250 Pass. Nancy Lee. 135. 142, 291 Pates. Robert Leon. 250 Pates. Sarah Louise. 251 Patstone. Lucia Grav. 308 Batstone. Bonnie Lvnn. 154, 291 Pauer. Daniel Alden. 251 Baughman. Tohn Paul. 308 Baxter, Lorraine 142. 158. 186, 274 Bayly, Victoria Anne. 87. 117, 160. 274 Peach. TTalscv I nder. 308 Beach, Sallv Anne, 162, 291 Beard. Rutland D . 308 Peaslev. Ronald Pruce. 188. 250 Beclcman, William Henry, 182. 250 Peede. Di; 308 Mabel Fli abeth. 95. 160. 291 Pehm. Edith Louise, 98. 308 Pe ' cher. Ra. hll Woodrow, 251 Bell, Hilda Elizabeth. 166. 274 Belle. Frances Ann. 09, 1M. 274 Penion. A " ne Catherine. 274 Pennett. Thomas Wiggin. 114. 251 Benz. lames Frederick. 308 Bern. Margaret Grace 291 Berg. Strnhen Russell. 308 Bergen. Nancy Tane. 251 Berelunrl. Steven A.. 3ns Perree. Norman ( " lien. 186. 291 Berrv. Fugenis Lenor. ns BettSii. 7ane Wins nn. .100 " rvrrlv. Carle ' on Hill. ISO. ' 10. 201 RewW, toseoh T eslie. Tr. 182. 291 Bewlev Vanev F.l ' en. 87. 8S. 152. 274 Bicbv. lane KirMey. 309 Bi-rmann. Margaret Fllen. 162. 230. 211. 2M BPbv. T arrv W " ndell. 127. 182. 231, -no Rillv, Eileen 300 Binder Lis ' .etl. nn. 152. 2 " ! Ftfrdaong lohn Rodnev. 102. 291 Black. Laurie T ueille. 158. 291 Plaine, Tames Gary. 309 Blake. Inerid Lvnn. 309 Plake. Lila Ann, 162. 251 Blocker, Norman Eugene, 132, 251 Bloomer. Betty Ann, 158, 291 I ' d I:,. n.I , i ,,,.l.„, In ' . . ' ,!■-: I Blount, ferald Don, 23 I, 109 Blue, Anm Elizabeth, 99, I 8, 275 Bi latenhammi i . Hit Ima P. Boddy, Ruthann, 142, li,4, 192, 230, 251 Bohler, Roberl Allen, Ii 113, I 0, Bohuny, Barbara [rem . 109 Bosli i, Paul Ralston III. 309 Boat, Pamela laneway, 152, 275 Bostli man. la I arol, 251 Boutwell, Ronnii u illiam, 126, 251 Bowden, Sandra I Bowen, Lewis II.. II I, 182, 252 Bowen, Agni i Patrii ia, 309 i era, Fred Allen, 115. 134. 252 Bowh . 5ti iren Patteraon, 86, 172. 194, 291 ■ . .ii. David Holmes, 252 Bowman, Robert lames. 118, 1K8. 203. I i. ' 115. 252 Boyd, nnc, 97, 120, 122. 164, 226, 275 Boyd, lames Russell, 131, 172. 176, 275 I ' .ovc i, Robert I a«l. " ... 178. 231, ' ) 1 Boyle, b " . Kermit, 252 Movies. M.utha Lvnn. 138, 139, 309 Bozcman, Plake, 152, 29! Bradley, Barbara Bernice, 162, 275 Pradley, Wendy P.. 309 Bradshaw, Dennis Evans, 291 Bradshaw, Sandra Lee. 158, 275 Brashser, Eugene Paul, lr., 252 Brenner, Henry I raig, 10 2, 119, 309 Brethen, Bonita lo, 86. 102. 154, 291 Bre-ven, Pamela Sue, 141, 291 Brewer, William Paul, lr., 90, 184, 231, 291 Bridges, Kcndiiek li.nv, 231. Ml ' ) Prinson. Shari Louise, 309 Brock, lo Ann, 309 Prohard, Smvth I)., Jr.. 309 Broocke, William Nathan. 174, 252 Broome, ludith Lvnne. 98, 110, 120, 275 Brose, Marilyn Kay, 152, 275 Brower. Peter H. Ill, 114, 129, 275 Brown, Aleta I.ucile, 98, 116. 120, 156, 252 Prown, Petty Jean, 309 Brown, Carl Curtis. 182. 291 Brown, Donald Tack. 252 Prown, Floravne Cecille, 160, 275 Prown, Gerald William, 1SS. 252 Brown, Jerrv Lee. 252 Prown, Judith Helen, 162, 268, 291 Prown, Lewis Mack. 176, 206. 275 Brown, Lonnie Miley, 291 Prown. Rosemary lane, 160. 275 Brown. Sarah Marilyn, 164. 252 Brown, Susan Lavonne, 107, 122, 150, 156, 253 Brown, William Ranslow, 309 Brunei. F. Gregory, 291 Rrmvelheide, Kenneth Lee, 275 Brvan, Allen Steven. 180, 253 Bryan, Mabel Tean, 309 Bryan, Susan Gav. 102, 291 Brvant. Inez Margaret. 142, 275 Bryant, Steven Lvall. 321, 253 Bryce, Tames Francis, 186 Bryee, Paul. 292 Brvson. Craig Irvine. 309 Buchanan. Snellen. 133. 141, 152. 292 Puie, George A. Ill, 194, 253 Rullock. Georgia Carol, 292 Bunten, ludv Lvnn, 158, 253 Burchell. Leslie I.eann, 309 Burek. Douglas Tohn. 292 Burger, Thomas Mathias. 231. 292 Burke, Barbara Ann. 120, 152, 176, 208, 209, 275 Burke, Dana Rai. 95, 309 Burton, Diane Lynn, 64, 71, 162, 180, 230, 273, 275 Bussey, Bessie Alice, 124, 253 Buz cl!i. Renal, In lerome, 86, 93. 94, 120, 140, 149, 172, 192, 253 Cade, Iris Rav, 168, 292 Cairnes, lames Earl. 156. 253 Cain, Tohn F... 176. 232, 275 Call. nun. Sandra Lee. 253 Callari. Thomas S.. 309 Cameron. Pruce Malcolm. 231. 292 Cammarata. Samuel M.. 126. 226, 232. 309 Cannistraci, Jovce Mary, 88. 140. 158, 225, 275 Capabianco. Rocco F., 253 Caracuzzo, John Tyrcll. 310 Caracuzzo. Till V.. 275 Carlan. Cabell Priscoe, 188, 253 Carle. Candace Elaine. 310 Carlton. Catherine. 310 Carruthers. Peter C., 86, 104. 292 Carter. Douglas I • 1 " Carver. Margaret M.. 310 Cash. Pruce Elton. 85. 86, 92. 113. 140, 154, 172. 180. 2S3 Casity. Ginger Louise. 310 Caswell, ludith Ann. 310 Caswell. Suzanne. 164. 292 Cauthen, Willi-m Howard, 180. 232. 276 Cave. T.anev Diann. 310 Foanne Virginia, 88, 150. 166. 276 Cuter. Tohn Hill, 310 i, Edward Charles Chaffee. Richard L. lr.. 214. 231. 326 Channel, Meredith. 310 Chard. Allison Edwards. 276 I i 1 Jon Paul, 310 i. 276 ■ . 292 . daryAnn, 1S4. 2S4 l: , ( lamp, i .. 292 ( lark, Blau [an - Da, 276 i 162 276 i In lc, Margaret, 110 i la.k. Richard Andrew, 174 t larke, George .1 . 110 ( lai Ice, [oyi • Virginia, U0 I lay, Mai i ' in. 1. 1 Sue, 310 Wile) Gayli , B6, 93, ill. 140, 172. 180, 196, 254 Roberl Alan. 112, 126, 170, 231, 254 (leek, Sandra Gaylc, 117, 142. II .154, 292 .I. lnntinc J.. 87, 160. 254 i leveland, William W., 115, 119, 134, I 16, 137. 138, 254 (hiie. Mary Kathleen, 292 I lim Sandra Kay, 158, 276 I lo. ■. W am ii Rosa. 310 I Inn, , ' ,,,,11. Beth Marie. 310 i lyde, David Lee, 2 12, 310 ( obb, David Alan, 192, 226, 276 ( obbie, Sharon. 102. 158. 276 Cochran, Stanley John, 127. 254 Cody, Raymond Gifford, 194, 292 . i„ :. Robert I., 254 l ,1.1,1,,. Guj Dickson, 93, 149, 172, 174, 229, 254 Colbert, Dorothy June, 292 Colbert, Hal Patton, 184. 292 Cole, Deborah Ann, 292 Cole, Pamela Drummond. 99. 310 Coleman, Robert Lewis, lr.. 276 Coles, lohn I.ange III, 210, 292 t ,11ms. Mary Inez. 254 Collins. Thomas F.. Jr., 188, 254 ( ollins, Thomas Miller. 292 Collman, Jerald Douglas. 184, 232, 276 Condry. Lynne. 141, 310 Conner, Thomas Wayne, 194, 203, 232, 276 Conrad. Anne Elizabeth. 116, 254 Conroy, Kathy Ellen, 88. 112. 118, 168, 226 Conway. Nancy Louise, 292 Cooke, ( instance Joyce, 162, 292 Coolbaugh, Jeanne I... 133, 292 Coons, Susan Ann. 150, 166 Cooper, Grant William. 215. 231, 310 Coords. Arthur Edward, 310 Coords, George R.. Jr., 292 Corcoran, Robert Leonard, 292 Corley, Tames Guv, Jr., 310 Costan Gregory Arthur. 186. 254 Cotton. Ann Crowell. 162. 293 Cowan. Thomas Grady. 102. 194. 293 Cowart .Terrv Diane, 168, 293 Cowan. William Wayne, 178, 254 Cowell. Thomas IL. 192. 293 Cowherd. Stanley W.. Tr. Cox. Allen Stuart. 214. 231, 293 Covle. Jackson Wvatt. 114. 129, 254 Crain. Susan Wood ' ee. 310 Crampton. William Scott, 188, 293 Crawley, Bernice P.. 254 Creasy Virginia Lvnne. 311 Criswell. Harvey William, 293 Crone. Patsv Lee. 96, 166, 277 Cronin, Carla Helen. 141. 311 Crotiin. Timonv C. 210. 293 Cross. Phillip Fowler. 132. 255 Cross. William Radlev. 311 Crmich. Parl.ara Lee. 2S5 Crowell. Wanda Toleene 154, 230. 277 Croysda ' e. Herbert W., IT, 141, 182. 215. 232. 277 Cruikshank. Scott W.. 231 Cumming, George Louis. 135, 311 Cummings, Susan Tane. 311 Cupick. Ronald Wayne, no. 311 Curland, Phyllis Anne. 255 Curtis. Alan Lance. 1SS. 277 Danford. Marine Merry. 89. 133, 168. 277 Robert Arthur. Jr.. 186, 293 Daniel, lohn Elmer, 255 Daniel. Ravnvm,| Doug! Daniel. Silas Edward. III. 215. 327 Daniel. Vivian I ee. 88. 164. 277 Daniels. Tames 232 293 Davenport. Tane. 87. 138. 142. 170. 255 David, Gwendolyn, 117. 2«3 Bonnie Kav. 148. 164. 255 1 ; 4. 277 Davis, Deborah lane. 311 Davis, Don Tames. 131. 147. 172. ' n, 277 Davis. Jeffrey Holmann. 131, 17 Davis, Margaret Sharon. 203 Davis, Richard Parton. 311 llavis. Teresa Lou. 164. 293 Davison, ban Anne. 293 Tames Marshall. 210. 211. 311 Dayton Valen Anne. 311 Dean. Gavlr Ellen. 277 Dectihellis. Stenhen D.. 311 TVIvecchio. David F . 1 4 2 _ " Frederick L., 126. 138, 232, 293 .. 203, 293 • Allen, 91, 192, 255 i . Kathleen l( . 98, l ' ,4, 293 .. Polly Ann. 141, 311 t, 271 111 ine, 311 ■ . William I.. III. 229, 255 Deuel, Raj Eugene, 277 : Gregory, 127, 129, 1 1, eer, Nancy Kipp, 311 Dcvilliers, Elena ' ..rmen, 311 . 2. 293 Dewitt, Susan, 120, 293 Chei I lis, ill Dial, Donald Nelson. 255 .311 Roberl D . 277 Marv Ann, 142. 255 JO. 277 17. 154, 277 : l.ert 180. 293 l . 311 . 328 ,328 I lob on, David Feffei on, 132. 277 Daniel Allen. 184, 207, 255 rii ia Lynn. 277 102. 110, 160. 277 ., Sue. 150, 166, 294 Dorton. Nancy Rebecca. 277 Dol Patricia loyce. 162, 294 192. 232. 277 Downing, lane Ketcham, 142. 156, 256 Downing I ' 6, 294 Dtake. Keith Bvrd. 256 Drake. Ronald Eugene, 277 Drake, Sharon Ann. 312 Dravecky, Robert Stephen. 121, 131. 176, 256 Driggers, Susan P., 256 Driskell, Margaret J.. 135, 160. 294 Duffer. Patricia Ann. 98, 117, 142. 168, 256 Dukate. Elbert Laurence. 232. 277 Dumont. Diane Rita, 312 Duncan, Linda Lee. 162, 294 Duncan, Montfort C, Jr., 138. 192. 294 Durkin, Denis. 232, 312 Durkin. Jackye Louise. 164. 294 Durrance. Daniel Calvin, 256 Durrance. Linda Pawn. 80. 312 Durrance. Stephanie Jane, 98, 120. 142. 168. 277 Duvall, Ronald Edwin. 113. 277 Dye, Ci aig Wolcott. 232. 278 Dykstra. Gretchen Louise. 224, 256 Echols, Gerald Talmage. 174. 256 Echols, Peter Michael. 184. 256 Eddy. Chervl Darlenc. 87. 116. 142. 156. 256 Edenfield. Nancy Pope. 162. 278 Edge. Newton Perrv. 90. 232. 278 Eichhom. Toni luanita, 85, 86. 92. 95. 140, 149. 156. 256 Eickenberg. Margaret E.. 278 F.ilertsen. lill Ann. 105. 312 Eisen. Robert Marcia, 111. 158. 196. 230. 256 Eisnaugle. Eric Jon. 102, 119. 184. 196, 278 Ek. Nancv Susan. 162. 278 Elliott. Karen Sue. 168. 278 Ellis, Steven M.. 312 Ellzev. Diane E . 99. 312 Emmons. Alice Frances. 294 Emmons. Richard Charles. 190. 278 Enchclmavcr. Carl Robert. 184. 312 h, Ann Frances. 294 Ensign. Patricia Dorothy. 102. 142. 278 Erickson. Andrea Parham. 92. 107. 110. 139, 142. 156. 256 Ernst. Sandra Lee. 154. 204 Etheridge. Russell C. 1 - Euhanks. David Ralph. 294 Eubanks. Tuditb Anne, Evans. David Lee. on. 231, 312 Evans. Pamela Evans Patricia Lee. 88. 142, 168. 278 Evers. Vicki Rochelle. 257 Ewing. Toan Marie. 312 Fvman. Richard Lee. 312 Ezell. Mary Elinor. 88. 122. 168. 278 Falk, Robert E.. Jr.. 312 Farmer. Barbar: - Farwell. Patricia. 158. 182. 23 Faser. Edward Charle. Faulkner. Frances Diane. 154, 278 Fauls. Robert John. 312 Feehan. Jane Ellen. 312 Fender. Roger Btl Feola. Ralph Leonard 294. Phillip Lee. 1 ) . 278 Fcrrara. Arlvnc Leslie. 98. 294 Field. Nancv Susan. 152. 257 Filer. William F . 206. 312 Fish. Bradley James. 210. 312 lulia Ann. 98. IS Fitch. Penelope R.. 312 Fitzgerald. Dannv Scott. 176. 203. 204 Fitzgerald. lane. Flambeau. Peggy Dell. 152. 278 Fleischi, William John, 180. 294, 226 Fleming, Alice, 150, 162, 278 Flood, Marjorie Elaine, 110, 128, 257 Florin, Bruce Walter, 294 Flowers. Terry Lee, 312 Floyd, Patricia Barton, 162, 294 Fogt. Daniel Alan, 215, 312 Fogt, Michael, 184, 294 Foland, Bruce Roderick, 210, 312 Foley, Donald A., 313 Foster, Suzanne, 294 Fow, Robert Edward Lee, 231, 313 Fowler, Earleen, 133, 295 France, James Carl, 174, 226, 278 Francisco. William Ross, 186, 295 Frank, Judith Margaret, 129, 313 Fraiser, Marshall Hunt, 231, 295 Frassica, Nancy Susan, 313 Freeman, Fred Harold. 295 Freeman, Reid Wilson, 97, 111, 295 French, Ton Victor. 186, 295 French, Richard John Jr., 232, 295 Fretwell. James Winneld, 278 Fried. Harold Edwards, 114. 176, 257 Fritchley, David Richard, 194, 257 Fritschel. Sandra Kay, 257 Fryer, Robert Leroy Jr., 206, 213 Fuller, Judith Anne, 164, 278 Fullington. Page D. Jr., 313 Fulmer, Dallas S., Jr.. 278 Fulmer, Marilyn Lee. 158. 225, 257 Fulton, Darrel Tackson,278 Fulton, Richard Thomas. 118, 313 Funk, Allen Mason, 172, 192. 278 Fusco, Frank Whitefoord. 215. 313 Fuster, Angelo William, 115, 135. 278 Gabriel, Barbara Joan, 118. 168, 295 Gainer, Kurt Richard, 91, 194, 295 Gaines, Dennis Forest, 112, 194, 232, 257 Gandy, Patricia Evelyn, 89. 168, 279 Ganus, Robert Lee, 127, 279 Gardner, Tohn Westbrook, 295 Gardner, Michael Cook, 172, 192, 229, 257 Garrett, Michael Dean, 172, 178, 313 Gates. Kathleen Pearl, 163. 295 Gatlin, Judy Dianne, 102, 110, 128, 139, 142, 257 Gauches, Joseph Z., 188, 258 Gaylor. Susan Eileen, 258 Gebhard, Bonnie Lucv, 313 Gensler, Richard Simeone, 172, 188, 232, 279 George, Margaret P., 105, 313 Getman, Gerry Dean, 127, 172, 176, 295 Gheen, Deborah Jayne, 313 Gibbs, Sherry Eloise, 258 Gibbs, Sharon Elaine, 87, 158. 295 Gibbons, Kathleen Ann. 160, 295 Gibson, George Barry, 192, 279 Gibson, Gwendolyn D.. 313 Gibson, Sandra Gale, 95, 120, 156, 279 Gielow, Ronald James, 207, 313 Gietek, Jannette, 279 Gietek, Joanne, 279 Giles, John Henry, Jr. Giles. ' Marilyn, 226, 313 Gill, Esther Mays, 124, 295 Gilleland, Virginia Dell, 102, 110, 168, 279 Girardin, David Louis, 166. 186. 279 Girlinghouse, Tudge D. 194, 258 Giurato. Toe Edward, 112. 194 Glass, Dana Eloise, 102, 313 Godwin, David Carlyle. 186, 295 Goettee, Michael Juan, 182, 295 Goff. Clark William Jr., 139, 313 Goforth, James David, 231, 313 Goldston, Tohn Robert, 279 Goode, Cvnthia Ann. 154, 279 Goode, Madie Ann, 279 Goodman, Elliott Paul, 118, 190, 210, 279 Goodman, Renee, 184, 258 Goodman. Mary Cator, 279 Gordon, Gloria Ellenbell, 102, 158, 279 Gordon, Michael Tohn. 186. 279 Gordon. Ruth Susan, 164, 295 Gordy, Martha Beverly. 313 Gotwalt. Deborah Louise. Ill, 112, 156, 279 Gould, Vickie Jeanne. 136, 279 Graebener, Kenneth Henry, 295 Grainger, Frances Ann. 154, 295 Grange, Terry Ann, 313 Gray, Dale Marie, 170, 258 Green, Barry Lee, 207, 313 Green, Carol Elizabeth, 136. 142, 279 Green. Gwendolyn. 164. 279 Green, Marsha fane, 98. 160. 295 Green. Martha Merritt, 102, 158, 295 Green, Richard Oliver, 232. 313 Green, Robert Maurice. 295 Greene, Tov Dare. 87. 313 Greenway. Donnie Tean. 142. 156. 258 Gregory, Harold Lee, 112, 184. 258 Gregory. Stanley Wayne, 231, 313 Griffee, Susan Patricia, 142, 258 Griffin, Sandra Gayle. 102, 110, 295 Grohmann, Patricia, 258 Guess. Grace Ann. 138, 139, 313 Gustafson, Tames John, 123, 131, 136, 137. 176. 280 Guthrie, Paul Alexander, 131, 176, 258 Haas, Joann Clare, 158, 295 Haas, Raymond Arthur, 86, 121, 174, 280 Hagen. Daniel Lee, 174, 232, 295 Haines, Duane Alden, 313 Hall. Daniel George. Tr., 232, 314 Hall, David Clyde, 279 Hall, Frederick Bryant. 210, 296 Hall, Harvey Thomas III, 296 Hall, Kathleen Helen, 314 Hall, Linda Faye, 314 Hamer, James Michael, 232, 314 Hamilton, Lloyd C, 258 Hamilton, Wendy Ann, 118, 141, 156, 296 Hamm, Charles Dale, 182, 258 nd, Linda Ann, 87, 314 nd, Roscoe A., Jr., 280 Hanes, Kathleen Tim, 142, 314 Hanley, Morris Allen, 231, 314 Hanley, Sherrill K., 296 Hanna, Alan Dayne, 231, 314 Hansen, Grant Clark, 314 Haralson, Terry Lee, 280 Haralson, Richard Eugene, 115, 138, 194, 215, 296 Harber, Alexis Whitfield, 166, 280 Hardee, Tohn Timothy, 232, 258 Hardee, Shirley Faith, 166, 280 Hardy, Rodger Scott, 194, 232, 280 Harman, Richard A., Jr., 314 Harms, Dennis Cary, 180, 296 Harms, Robert Arnold, 314 Harrington, Barbara Jean, 314 Harris, Nancy Jean, 296, 314 Harris, Patricia Lou, 152, 280 Harris, Randolph Morgan, 314 Harris. Richard Henry, 314 Harrison, James A.. Tr., 215, 280 Hartman, Joseph Edwin, 231, 314 Hartshorne, Sarah L. 314 Harvester. Charles Lee, 296 Harvey, Ruth Alice, 135, 296 Harvill, Howard Louis, 180, 296 Haselier. Robert Karl, 314 Haskins. Monroe Leon, 258 Hatcherson, Margaret S., 156, 280 Hausman, Marjorie Ann, 105, 314 Hawk, Carolyn Ruth, 102, 280 Hawkins David Corwin, 314 Hay. Richard Tilden, 232, 314 Hayden, Linda Kay, 102, 110. 139, 296 Hayes, Tames W., 203, 205, 259 Haynes, Richard Morrill, 259 Haynes, Robert A., 259 Havnes, Susan Kaye, 296 Havman, Nicolvnn Sue. 314 Hedberg. Leon Taylor, 102, 296 Heide, Judith Lynne, 296 Heimer, Harold Alan, 194, 296 Helmick. Robert W.. Tr.. 127. 296 Helsel. Steuben E., 182, 280 Helseth, Phillip R., Tr.. 132 182. 296 TTelwig. Resell Harrison, 231. 259 Hemerick, Fredrick D., 174, 280 Hemphill, William Hunter, 180, 280 Hemman, Stephen Robert, 207, 314 Hendrv, Judith Ann, 314 Hepler, Olen Lee Tr., 112. 174, 280 Heppberger, Carol Ann, 102. 139, 296 Herndon. Susan Gayle. 92, 99, 147, 148. 159, 259 Herr, Josephine Toan, 296 Hibbard. Susan Lorrine, 314 Hicks, Carolyn Meronev. 159, 259, 275 Hicks. Lillian Russell. 296 Higby, Gary Tames, 314 Higle. Alfred Thomas Jr., 131, 176, 296 Hiles. Kathleen M., 296 Hill, Orrv Whitmire, 114, 182, 280 Hilts, Margaret E. 314 Hilty, Mary Ester. 280 Hink. Terrianne. 117, 296 Hinman, Phillip Tackson. 231. 315 Hinson, Chervl Eddice, 110, 160, 296 Hoffman, Kathleen Lynne, 141, 164, 296 Hoffman. Stephen Gregg. 315 Hofman. Thomas C, Tr., 182. 232, 281 Holder. Richard Tackson, 259 Holland. Elizabeth Ann, 142, 164, 281 Holmes. Gerald Bradley, 296 Holzschuh. Elaine Evans. 315 Homans. Peggv Anne. 168. 226. 297 Honevcutt. David L. 259 Hoover. William Marshall. 281 Hookins, Donald M., Jr.. 281 Hopkins. Harriet Ann, 98, 315 Hopkins. Tohn Brvan. 194. 297 Hooper. Roger Dennis. 91. 174, 297 Horn. Inger Elizabeth. 315 Hornbeck. Karen Elaine. 125. 160, 259 Houts Donald Gary. 102, 315 Howe. Gavlon Leon. Jr.. 90. 122, 184. 232. 281 Howison. Patricia Ann, 297 Howland. Adelaide Hannah. 125. 160. 297 Hover. William Evline. 118. 188. 259 Hubbard. Valerie Edith 156, 259 Huber. David Michael. 186, 259 Hudeins. Daniel Carter, 113. 192. 259 Huebner, Kenneth Edward. 118. 162, 260 Huff. Camero-. Schuvler. 315 Huff. Marv Wilson, 163. 297 Huehson. Bettv Tean. 102, 110, 130, 134. 281 Hull. Tohn William. 113, 131, 176, 260 Hummel. Teanne R.. 315 Humphrev. David Thomas. 297 Hunt. Huland Thomas. 260 Hunter. Peter Holland, 260 Hurlbut. David Edson, 231, 315 Hum Linda Suzanne, 102, 107, 110, 139. 156. 260 Hutchinson, Susan Tane, 297 Hutson, Margaret Ellen, 138, 315 Idenden, Constantia E., 163. 230. 260 Ingram, William E., Tr., 108, 135, 140, 181, 229. 260 Iooss, Tames Thomas, 174, 232, 281 Isaacs, Brenda Marie, 315 Isbell, Nancy Jean, 281 Jackson, Dana Robinson, 315 Jackson, Sherry Lee, 297 James, Betty Trask, 132, 260 James, Jack Pettus, Jr., 132, 186, 260 Tames, Perry Benjamin, 174, 260 Tames, Ted Michael, 194, 281 " Java, Sondra Ann, 297 Jensen. Ralph Leon, 231, 297 jerge, Roberta Wendell, 127, 135, 142, 315 Jerkins, Thomas Louis. 182, 297 Jervis, Patricia Jean, 297 Johannes, Michael A., 297 Johnson, Curtis Edwin, 226, 315 Johnson, Michael Demerv, 96, 207, 315 Johnson, Nina Janice, 163, 297 Tohnson, Perry Ray, 281 Johnson, Sharon Luvenia, 150, 297 Joiner, Evelyn Anne, 163, 260 Joiner, Fredrica Wade, 168, 232, 315 Jolkovski, Kaye Ann, 297 Jonas, Jacqueline Rose, 92, 107, 124, 137, 156, 260 Jonas, Nancy Lou. 315 Tones, Tames Turner, Jr., 226, 297 Jones, Toyce Kennedy, 130, 133, 152, 260 ones, Kenneth Roper. 98, 140, 315 ones, Pamela Alvce, 129, 133, 297 ones. Robert Oliver, 315 ones, Thomas R.. Tr., 297 ordan, Tohn Robert, 315 Martha Virginia, 102, 166, 261 orgensen, Alfred C, 231, 298 jourdan, Jean Louise, 98. 159, 281 Joyce, Lorraine Alma, 281 Toyner. Weslev Leonard, 316 Tudv, Vivian Patricia, 118, 226, 316 Tung. Marjorie Doris, 106, 156, 298 jurecko, John, 203, 205, 316 Kandle. Kristic W., 316 Kane. Marsha Ellen, 64, 66, 163. 194, 230, 261 Karrick, Jonnie Lynn, 298 Kasper, Shirley Elaine, 316 Kaufman, Gerald. 190, 210. 298 Keeler, Gerald Cecil. Tr., 281 Keen. Lvnda K. Zipprer, 281 Keene. Donald Charles, 232, 281 Keiser, Edward Harold, Tr., 186, 298 Keithlv, Kenneth Paul. 176. 229, 261 Keitzer, Carla Jeanne. 298 Keller, Charles S., 231, 332 Keller, Judy. 316 Kellner. Sherrill Wood, 298 Kelsey, Barbara Ann, 88, 142, 168, 281 Kelsey, Brian Hewes, 316 Kelsey, Robert Bruce, 181, 210, 261 Kempfer, Tulia Pa rtin, 281 Kempfer, Merrill William. 176, 261 Kennedy, Eric Daniel, 261 Kennedy, Martha Ellen, 261 Kennedy, Thelma Faith, 298 Kennev, Sandra To, 316 Kerekes, George Bela, 181. 261 Kern, Stephen Holt, 232. 316 Kerr, Robert Lowell, 210. 261 Kesling. Gene Ersel, 316 Keyser, George Raymond, 298 Keyser, Tane Lynn, 316 Kiel, Howard Herrick. 316 Kiesel. Hilbert Donald. 184, 261 Kiesel, Thomas Francis, 184, 232, 281 Kimball. Sandra Edith. 169. 281 Kimbrell. William P.. 231, 316 Kincheloe. Robert W.. 121, 130, 281 Kindred, Alton Richard, 261 Kingsbury, Erdie Rav, II. 158. 181, 298 Kinnard. Gloria Tean, 316 Kinnev. Mary Dian, 261 Kintner. Lawrence Reed, 90, 316 Kipping. Camellia T., 316 Kirkwood, Lawrence R.. 96, 298 Kiellstrom. Richard E., 316 Kieinschmidt, Tanet Lee. 135. 160. 298 Klinedinst. Edward C, 113, 172, 190. 261 Knappenberger. Gail M., 108. 126. 128. 194, 262 Koerper, Phillip Elden, 121, 262 Kosky, Martha Alice. 316 Kraczkowsky. Gregory M., 131, 316 Krane, Klaus John. 281 Krausman, Kathv Louise, 316 Krumeich. Bruce Kelley, 316 Kuitert, Linda Sue, 316 Laher, Toseph K„ Jr.. 210, 317 Lake, Marv Frances. 159. 262 Lam. Brenda Ann. 122. 164. 230. 262 Lam. William Lawrence. Jr., 181. 262 Lamb. Scott Murray. 317 Lamont. Donna Caroline, 298 Lancer, Murray Jay. 181, 262 Landau. Steven Douglas, 190. 262 Langford, Harriet Susan. 281 Langston. Marilvn Tean, 317 Larkin, Tean Helton. 163. 208. 262 I.arkin, Ton Sidney 184, 262 Lashlev. ' Virginia Diane. 169. 281 Elizabeth, 163, 298 Lecraw, Raymond Norris, 317 Ledwith, Karen Lee, 317 Ledyard, Elinor Lynne, 298 Lee, Carol Ann, 317 Lee, William Tames, 194, 215, 282 Leer, Joseph Ralph, 108, 112, 127, 149, 182, 262 Lehman, Jay William, 86, 102, 232, 317 Leisinger, John Clifford, 232, 298 Leonard, David Lee, 262 Lesher, Donald Stanley, 192, 298 Leslie, Bonney Sue, 298 Lester, Daniel Louis, 113, 262 Lewis, Joseph Aaron Tr., 94, 206, 298 Lewis, Patti Diane, 120, 298 Lewis, Pherne Andreas, 317 Lewis, Randy Tay, 181, 299 Lewis. Richard Fred, 86, 184, 203, 289, 299 Lineberger, Judith Ellen, 317 Lineberrv, Linda Maxine, 299 Link. Carla Ann, 71, 317 Linton, Barbara Jean, 299 Linville, Patricia W.. 169, 299 Lippert, Teanne Louise, 117, 134, 169, 299 Litt, Janet, 317 Locke, Daniel Kenneth, 183, 299 Loeper, Nancv Isabell, 224, 317 Loeseke. William Hoyt. 299 Loewe. Donald Craig, 231, 317 Long. Frances Marie, 138, 317 Long, Robert Elliott, 90, 91. 299 Longendyke, Paula Scott, 317 Lott, Almina Jo, 102, 124. 224, 299 Lovelace. Marsha Kindred. 282 Loveday, Leigh Herbert, 135, 192, 232, 299 Loveladv. Linda Dee. 142, 150, 160, 299 Lowe, Pollv Sue, 87. 317 Loy, Sandra Kay. 165, 262 Luce, Ton Paul, 317 Luce. Xancv Elizabeth, 112, 317 Ludwig, Roger Reid, 102, 139, 262 Lueders. Donna Lee. 317 Lulos, Theadora Maria, 317 Lundeen. Phillip Warren. 262 Luscher. Ellen Hamilton. 299 Lutz, Beverlee Ritter. 130. 299 Lyle, James Skidmore. 132. 195, 263 Lvnch. Linda Kay, 88, 106, 111, 166, 282 Macbroom, Margaret C, 317 Macduff, Bonnie Jean, 263 Magee, Michael Tames, 263 Maiwald, Heidi Mechthild, 135, 263 Maloney, Karen Sue, 282 Manlevi Walter Wilson, II, 90, 184, 299 Margolis, John Alan, 299 Markert, Deborah Ann, 87, 289, 299 Marriott. Robert C, 318 Marsh, Susan Tane, 102, 169, 299 Marshall, Barbara Ruth, 112, 142, 170. 263 Ma 3 IP Lawi Lawr Ki 317 Linda Tewell. 87. 317 Lawrence. Thomas P. 176. 281 Lawson, Cathey Anne. 317 Lawton, Helen Titus, 98. 317 Layow. Harley Edgar, 215, 281 Lazzeroni. Barry Douglas, 174, 232. 281 League, Edwin James, 282 Leahy, Thomas Tillett, 317 Martell, Elizabeth Noel, 87, 159, 299 Martin, Barbara Tean, 299 Martin. Charles Douglas, 318 Martin, Jan. 263 Martin. Tohn Arthur, 263 Martonei Gary Earl, 318 Martinez, Francisca, 79, 318 Mast. Richard Winfield, 181, 282 Matteson, Mary Katharine, 318 May, Judy Carol, 263 Maye, Donna Karen, 123, 124, 136, 137, 263 Mayer. Fred Harold, Tr., 94, 186, 282 Mavnard, Elliott E., jr., 263 Mayse, Carol Lee. 165, 282 Mazanti, Glenda Sue, 99, 318 McAdams. Ann Cliff, 282 McAfee. Beverly Louise 87, 102, 318 McAfee, Nancy Lou, 318 McAninch. Glen Alan, 318 McBride, Kathy Lee, 152, 208, 299, 318 McBride. Robert Russell. 127, 231 McCraig. Bonnie Elizabeth, 87, 299 McCall, Pamela. 99, 318 McCay, Ann Tean. 318 McClelland. Llovd C, Sr.. 282 McClure. Elizabeth Emily, 263 McColIum, Harry Clifford, 318 McConaghy. Marie Mason, 87, 169, 299 McCormick. Margot Leigh, 318 McCowan, Murray Ann. 165. 299 McCowan, Philip Reese, Jr., 131, 176, 226, 299 McCov, Maurice Edwin, 318 McCullers. Cecil Tames, 282 McCullough, Donna Kav, 141, 299 McCullough. Sallv Ester. 282 McDonald, Cynthia Lee. 156, 300 McDonald. V„ n neth Dale. 263 McDonald. Marv Ann. 318 McDowell. Sbervl Anne. 163, 300 McElrov, Melanie. 318 McFarland. Elaine H., 300 McFarland. Michael D., 282 McC.ee. Andrea Lee, 102, 142. 307. 318 McGee. William Lanier, Tr., 113, 174, 184, 263 McChee, Dailla Key. 318 McC.ill, Dennis Ray. 195. 226, 300 McGill. Florence Ann, 133. 264 McGinnes. Dean Carl. 178. 231, 300 McCriflf, Garv Lee. 217. 232. 318 McGriff. Teresa Ann. 98, 141, 318 Mclnnes Beni.- min T — " " McKee. Steven Lee. 172. 282, 232 McKinley, Barbara L. 168. 264 McLeod. ' Tames Milhurn. 137. 264 McManeus. Barbara Nell. 157. 300 McNamee, Sarah Louise, 98, 125, 300 McOaker, Robert Allen, 92, 195, 210, 249. 16 i M, Pei k, Kathj I Mm, 318 M, Real en, David William, 264 Hi u Uliams, Nam v !•-.. 318 Mead, K. ......, i llfver, 318 M,, ke, Georgi in, 131, 176, 232, 282 Ueide, Mary Helen, 282 Mellon, Petei Lynai, 282 Melton, Hi I ' " Kay, 122, 165, 282 Melvin, William K. Jot Menzl, i i. iik. iis Mi ii iinii. [ohn loseph, 232, 335 Meredith, Gail Susan. 100. 300 Mi riwether, Pamela E., 319 M. 1 1 in. Susan, 153, 282 Merryman, Margaret Ann, 87, 133, 166. 282 Mersclcs. Anne Elizabeth, 319 Mertz, Alan [ohn, 206, 282 Messeberg, I aura Linda, 64, 69, 141, 142, 190, 282 Met , [ohn Harry, 195, 264 Metz, Mary Alice, 102, 282 l,,,i. I- „k. ii. William 264 Michel, Frederick A.. 319 li.l. II, -Lin. I. mi. i. -. I .-,-. 157, 204 Miles, Arthur Xavii .. - ' 10, 319 Miles, Carol Nancy, 282 Mill, r, l lonald Wilson, 319 Miller, Patricia lean, 300 Miller, Sandra Kay, 282 Miller, Susan Elizabeth, 300 Milliken, Lesley Ann, 319 Mills, Frederick M., It--. 214. 319 Mills, loan Eleanor, 319 Mills, ' loe A.. 192, 232, 264 Milner, Elizabeth Lane, 159, 225, 300 Milt,.... lane Carole, 99, 154. 300 Minford ' , Susan Appleby, 141. 107, 264 Min.Kleilr.rtT, Thomas III. ITS, 186, 264 Mishalanie, Sarah Faith, 264 Mitchell, Frances P., 319 Mitchell, [ohn Richard, 265 Mitchell, lu.lv Eileen. 319 Mitchell. Mary Linda. 319 Mittan, Marilynn L., 102, 319 Moerck, Rudi, 182, 300 Molander, Ann Marie, 319 Molander, Mary Ann, 319 Monkton. Robert Paul. 319 MontKomery, Elizabeth Y., 140, 154, 282 Montgomery, Kathryn Ann, 319 Moo.ly. Patricia Lynne, 122. 283 Moore, Constance Susan, 163, 265 Moore, Emily Louise, 300 Moore, Tanice Tee, 109, 283 M,...re. John Bigelow, 195, 265 Moore, loyce Evelyn, 319 Moore, Linda Lee, 150, 157, 300 Moreira, Domingo Rafael, 265 Morford. Lois Jean, 157, 300 Morgan, Gary Wayne. 186, 300 Morinaga, Masataka, 265 Morlev. l raig Ml, n, 192, 2.12, 300 Morr. ' ale, Baith loseph, 170. 300 Morris, Craig Sperling, 231, 319 Morris. Suzanne Melissa, 319 Morrison, Frances Ann, 98. 118, 300 Morrison, Jane Brewster, 129, 135, 170, 283 Morton, Nancv Lou, 102, 300 Mosher, Thomas Michael, 174, 265 Moslcy, lames Lunwood. 231, 320 Moyer, Tames Arthur. 320 Mover. Sharon Ann. 86, 142, 283 Muir, Craig Robert, 231, 320 Munc, Judith Marie. 86, 150, 154, 196, 300 Mundy, lanis Louise. 283 Mundy, Linda Ann, 163, 300 Murdock, Lana lean. 153, 230. 283 Murphev. Philip Wayne, 231. 232, 300 Murphy, Kenneth B.. 188. 300 Murphy. Ronald Taylor, 320 Myers, Ronald Francis Naclerio, Judith Ellvn, 157, 283 Nagel, Penny Sue, 265 Narem, Janice Elva, 150. 153. 209, 301 Navarro, Sarmiento P. A., 320 Neal, Gerald Cowan, 320 Weal, Nancy lean, 320 Nelms, Linda Ovelyn, 320 Nelson, Nikki Suzanne. 283 Nevin, Patricia Yvonne, 93, 130, 265 Newcomer, Patricia Ann, 95, 120, 142, 283 Newhousc, Gregory Lee, 320 Newman, David Howard 115. 320 Nichols, Allen Rogers, 85, 86, 140. 192, 232, 283 Nichols. Forrest Jay. 301 Nicholson, George Edward, 320 Niles, ,ean Lee, 133, 142, 283 Nivon. John Leon. Jr.. 174. 283 Noecker, Cai ol I.. ne, 265 Noradki. Robert Allen, 265 Northacker, William IL. 210, 231, 320 Norton, Ann Nancy, 135, 301 Norton, P Norton. Rictor Carl. 123. 136. 137. 265 Norton. Thomas IL. Tr., 12S. 210. 265 Robert Michael, 113, 181. 283 N ' i.v.v, Panic. Ann, 283 Oakley, Ronald Eugene. 205 Oberle, Ronnie Susan, 135. 142. 283 Oberle, Terry Toe. 95, 195, 266 ' Idle, Rick Leonard, 320 Odom, Kenneth Rav. 320 Odum, Walter Guy, 231, 320 . Igburn, lennifer L.. 1S5, 301 Ohnmacht, Sandra Mildred, 141. 142, 160, 301 . Frank John Olson, Keith Arlyn, 101 ,, Mil i ...I P., 210, J- ' - ' , -12 " Orth, . harli - rthur, 181, 21 ' . i i l,., in. Virgi i ji .... i .1. ... i . lion Louis, 85, 8.., 113. 180. . . 283 Ostei olm, ' " ■ . . ' Ol i -ii-.. 115, 119, 1 15, 137, 166 Owens, Janus Lee. 193, S.!, 283 Owens, Vi ' i Louise, 142, lo3. 283 Pace, Shei.. , Padgett, Ken Earl, 1 13, 185, 301 : ...... Benton, 231 . 320 Page, Kay La . 166 p.uli. . Bei i-i. M irii . 01 Palmer, I ine, 16 i, 101 Pappas, I lean, 190, 101 Parent, John. 1 .ml. 266 Parker, John Frederick, 301 Parks, l ola Loene, 139, 320 Parsons, Darrell Alan, 93, 102, 108, 139, 266 Parsons, Eloise Marie, 110, 320 Parsons, Linda loyi e, 163, 230, 283 I i . la Mary. 301 I ' .ui. . ......, Ml ..K-. ret A., 301 Kerrj Lou, 1 tl, 320 Patterson, foel Floyd, 266 Paulk, Virginia, 321 Peacock. Frederick R.. 112, 121, 266 Pearsall, fulia, 321 Pearson, I ,-i. -., Ann, [33, 153, 301 Peek. Barbara Jean, 121 Peet . Suzanne Lee, 301 Pegues, Donald Lee, 266 Pendleton, Joyce Ann, 157, 188, Pepper, Pamela Sue, 152, 283 Pei kins, Beverly May, 301 Permar, Pamela Claire, 167, 200 Pero, Eleanor Catherine, 98. 130, 321 Perry, I louglas Charles. 188, 266 Perry, Susan Lynne. 224, 301 Persak, Gail Mitchell, 125, 161. 284 PetcofT, Thomas Samuel. 321 Peters, Carl Jackson, 132, 301 Peterson, Newton C. III. 181, 2S4 Pfister, Marjorie Dawn, 118, 161. 226, 301 Phillips, Dale Lawrence. 193, 302 Phillips, Vivian A., 321 Phillips. William E., Jr.. 195. 266 PhippS, Glenn Ward, lr., 138, 141, 181. 206, 321 Pike. Daphne Camille, 87, 139. 142, 168, 266 Piner. Tanet M., 284 Plotkin, loseph Alan. 190. 302 Plowman ' , Craig Stewart. 302 Polkowski. Christopher I).. 190, 210, 302 Pontius, Patricia Kay, 266 Pope, James David, Tr., 91, 284 Porter, Barbara Anne, 266 Powell. Craig Willard, 321 Pressley, Toyce Paige. 122. 142, 284 Presley. Jerry Max, 131, 164, 177, 203, 284 Preuss, Frank Frederick, 231, 302 Preuss, Marie Eleanor. 302 Prevail, Alene Sue, 321 Price. Bruce Robert, 302 Price. Daphne Reed, 302 Price. Sara Ethel. 157, 284 Priest. William Curtis. 112, 267 Priester. Douglas M„ 267 Pringle. Sanford Solton. 207. 321 Proctor. Linda Rose. 89, 169, 302 Pryor. Paul lefTrev. 321 Przychodnieez, Robert W., 210. 321 Pugh, Dwight Irvin. 129. 302 Putnam. Robert Preston. 90, 207, 321 Race, Llovd Nelson, 132. 267 Ragsdale, Dural Reece, 102, 232, 302 Rainev. Cheryl Dianne, 98, 321 Randall. Barrv Thomas, 194, 284 Rankin, S., 102 Rat Ma 267 Rawlins. Paula Elaine, 118, 224, 226, 284 Reddick. Devorah Ann, 116, 164, 284 Ri : Perei Mi Creery, 231, 321 Kee.. Nancv Gail, 302 Reid, l m. I.. Lee, 142. 157. 302 Repass, Kathleen Bruce. 321 le, G ' cnn Allen. 138. 195. 284 Retake, Jean Ann. 70. 99. 321 Reynolds. Caryl Anne, 267 Rice, l.vnti Barton, 267 Rice. Sadie Bc.s Rowand, 267 Richards. lean Anne. 321 Richter. Lois Barbara. 267 Ri.ler. Mary Beth. 98. 321 Rivenbark. Rebecca v., 321 Roadarmcl. Robert C. Jr., 118. 195, 267 . . arol B7, I ' Roberts. Kathcrine L., 321 Roberts, Patricia Ann. 112. 267 Robert.. Richard Best, 178. 231, 302 . 284 in, Ellen Kay. So. 153. 267 Robinson, Frank Pierce. 321 Robinson Sara Maude, 112. 130. 169, 226. 302 Ro ' inson. William Leon. 174. 284 Phillip Rav. 321 Rogi ... ran . - C . . so. 90. 121. 131, 140. 185, 232. 284 Susan Dunham. 99. 120. 142. 284 Robrer. Frederick Lynn, 181. 302 Romberger. Helen C. 87. 284 Rooks. Larry C.len. 102. 302 Rote, Richard Charles, 231. 321 Rostran, Alejandro, I ,179 Rouaset, Deniae Rae, 138, 157, 302 R ■ lal I, P....1.. Dorinda, 2K4 Rubio, lb. rt Michai I, 267 i ..nil, IS7, 303 Rushing, ludith Ann, 1S3. 303 R Ru . :i i I .. ' • I . I. . 177, 303 Hum, William Lee, 106, ill. ls7, 267 Ryder. James Albeit. 178. 285 ., Donald, lis, 195, 210, 285 Sagi t, Robin n . Sams. Michael Douglas, 195. 232. 285 Samuels, William I 122. 285 Samuelson, Terry Lee. 322 Sanders, Susan Kird. 98, 120, 153, 303 Sandi i ...... Rogei Alan, 11- ' . l- ' 7. 285 Sandkul.l, Henrj I . 231, i 2 f, I inda ( aroline, 322 Sanford, I live I arltoi . 127. 322 i, Rosaline Joy, 87, 303 Santiago, Rosario A., 142, 303 Martha Ann. s7. 112, 108. 285 Sargent, Linda Ann, 132. 157, 285 Sawyer, 1 nomas Rii hard, 194 Saxon, Ben Lee, 179, 303 Scanio, Gregory James, 191, 210, 231, 303 S ales, Jo Ann, 322 Schacfer, Harold Charles, 268 Si I ,rold, Harry Karl, 268 Scharfenbcrg, Ann Dcrr. 141, 303 s. Vuul.,1 I . : " Schauer, Douglas 1 . 195. 322 S.hell. Linda Dianne, 285 Scheutz, Monica Louise A., 285 Scherer, loan Marie, 153, 174, 303 Sclimi.lt, Charlotte Ann. 165, 230, 285 Schmidt, Patricia Ann, 98, 322 Schofield, John Kent. 113, 185, 285 Schroder, William E., 322 Schueszlcr, Jeanne A.. 322 Schwartz, Steven Mark, 268 Schweida. Victoria A., 98, 322 Scott, Carol Sheldrake. 127. 157. 303 Scowden, Karen Lee, 322 Seels, Laura Anne. 133. 224. 268 Sefton, Thomas Wolcott, 303 Sellers, Larue G eorge, 112, 193. 232. 285 Sellner, Tohn Robert. 108. 113. 187. 268 Setzer, David Andrew. 189, 303 Severson, Sheron Martin. 87. 154. 303 Shannon. Victoria Ann. 64, 71, 153, 208. 230. 285 Sharp. Ravmond Stephen, 179. 232, 303 Shaw. Ellis Prewett. 203, 268 Sheiman, Michael Eliot, 210. 322 Sherman. Daniel Neil 174, 232, 285 Sherman, Daniel Herbert, 232, 285 Shimer. Dean Allen. 214, 303 Shipp, Bennard Arthur. 322 Shultz, Beverlv Lucille. 87. 88. 97, 120. 159, 285 Shuler. Connie, 133. 303 Shy. Judith Gibson. 150. 155. 303 Simmons. Charles Turner. 187. 285 Simonson. Roger Lynn. 180, 303 Sinclair. Gary Lee, 322 Sisk. Beverly Ann. 88. 138. 285 Skarstrom, Eugenia E., 322 Skeels, Robert Alfred. Tr., 140. 181, 285 Skelton. Janis, 303 Skidmore. Tim N.. 85, 86, 93. 152. 195, 229, 232. 268 Slavden. Alice Lee, 80, 102. 139. 154. 230. 273. 285 Slivinsky, Walter Mark, 268 Small. Charles Sidney. 232. 285 Smalowitz. Charlotte E.. 322 Smith, Andrea McKenzie. 322 Smith. Carolyn Grace. 133, 152. 285 Smith, Donald Elledge, 322 Smith, Donna Darnell. 157, 268 Smith. Kenneth William, 285 Smith, Lucv Kay, 322 Smith, Patience. 322 Smith Sandra lean. 322 Smoak, Josephine Hazel. 322 Smolenyak, Sharon Marie. 285 Smyth, Eugene Rex. 322 Snell. Marilyn Helen. 285 Snyder. Gar ' v lohn, 303 Snyder. Herbert S.. 285 Snyder, Tan. 323 Snyder, Marc. 232. 323 Soeir. Carol Elizabeth. 303 Speller A ' li.on Latimer. 98. 323 Spencer. Zona Katharvn. 155, 285 Snitz. Richard Leon. 286 Spiro. David. 18 Spilman, Thomas Earl. 232 Spott.woo.l. David M.. 286 S.n-inger. lav .Mien. 268 Springer. Title Darrvl. 268 Souire. Richard C. IT. 131. 177 268 Stahlin. Sara Tane. 159. 225. 303 Stahl, barrv Edward. 102. 231. 323 Rtanfield. Pauline Lynn. 130. 323 Stanley, Karen Lynn, 153. 20S. 20°. 230 Stanley, Susan Lynn, 157. 286 .- I ■ n . 231, . ' 23 Stauffer, Inez Flame. 305 Stauffer. Tohn Porter. 303 Stauffer. Phvllis Marie. 333 Steel. Mary Louise. 127 129. 161. 269 Stee ' e Alton Andrew. 80. 231. 307. 323 Stcelmon. Tames Odell, 286 Steinkamp. Donna Kay. 323 Stephens. Donna Karen. 323 Stephenson, Marymartha A., 323 IC Lynn, S23 Stewart, James Barton, . Ml... I W.. Jr., 323 19, 323 Stout. T I. ...lias WilluU; . .Man Kay, 269 David III. 175, 303 Strickland, beryl Ann, and, Milton P., 12i Sullins, Barbara Lynne, 102, 323 Sullivan, lohn Leslie, 2 Sulliva... 207, 323 Sullivan. Wayne Arnold, 304 Sumner. Marion Ruth. 166, 304 Sumner. Susan, 324 Swank. Glenn David. 112. 286 141, 142, 304 : 175, 232. 304 William Fred, 90. 324 ■ lope Lynn, 226, 324 Swindell, lube Carter. 99, 155. 304 . harles. 231, 304 Talbott. Ellen Elizabeth, 98, 155, 304 I albott, Frederick E., 324 . Ruth Anne. 117, 125, 160, 269 Taulbce. Billic Nell, 286 Taulbcc, Ellen Cole. 324 I, 324 Mitchell Irene. 85, 86. 93. 107. Ill, 116. 142. 149. 155. 269 Ronald Grant. 231, 324 Tertai ' , 269 I -.. 324 Thacker, Omer Stephen II, 324 Thayer, Gerarda, 324 Thomas, Carolyn Lee, 112. 324 Thomas. Phyllis lune. 95, 150, 169, 304 Thomas. Salli Marie, 324 Thomas. Teresa Lin, 138. 141, 304 Thompkins, Richard Leon. 269 Thompson, Donna Mae, 117, 159, 225. 304 Thompson. Jennifer Ann, 116, 122, 150, 105, 286 Thompson, John Meredith. 210. 324 Thomson, Linda Lee, 150, 165. 304 Thorn, Sandra Adele. 165. 269 Thornber. Vicki Louise. 324 Thornton. Richard B.. 232 Tippins. John Wilson. 95. 269 Toler. Clyde L.. 304 Tonev, Tanis Elaine, 324 Tortorici. Sandra B.. 286 Townsend. Jennifer Mary, 304 Trask, Tovcc Diane, 304 Triebels. Phillip Eugene. 131, 177, 304 Trost. Rebecca Sue. 150, 153, 208. 209. 304 Troxcl. Stephen. 324 Truby. Ernest W.. 524 Tschirch. Donna leanne, 324 Tucker, Kenneth C. Jr.. 191. 304 Turnev, Patricia Ann. 159, 269 Tumipsecd. Mildred C. 304 Tye. John Charles. Jr., 324 Ulm, Ronald Albert, 324 Umstead. Henrv Clay. 324 Underbill, Linda Faye. 124, 304 Valdez, Carole Lynn, 86, 111. 140, 157. 286 Valentine, Clifford Roy. 181 Van Huss. Vcrdia K.. 64, 70, 79. 87, 92, 112. 149, 159, 269 Van Loon. Mark Robert, 324 Vasseur. Berta. 270 Veldhouse. Deborah S.. 270 Vernon. Michael Howard, 113. 185, 304 Vetter, Ed. A.. 270 Nancv C. 270 Vivers, Robert Paul. 232. 304 Vogelsang, Robert L., 270 .1, John Dbeon, 270 Wagner. Richard Tobitt, 324 r. Emest Pedigo, 324 Walker, Kineon Goodhue, 160, 195, 232. Walker. Nan Sharonann, 270 Walker. Susan E.. 324 Wall. Carol Ann. 324 Wallace, lames Edward. Jr., 304 e, Sharyn Allatia, 158, 270 Walters. Mary Virginia. 324 Wapensky. Basil Alex. 325 Ward. Dalton Rufus. 113, 180. 286 Ware. Kathryn, 159. 304 Warner. Bonnie Lois. 132. 304 Warner. Kurt Edward. 323 Warren. Bernhardt C. 325 Warren. George Theodore. 102. 192, 286 Warringcr. Tan.. 89. 325 Thomas Dean. 195, 304 Watkins, Sara Frazicr. 325 Watson. Grcgarv F.. 90. 325 Watson, lohn W. III. 185. 270 Watson. " Sandra Louise. 133. 169. 286 Watson. Wallace Carlisle. 142. 270 Weaver. Brian Monty. 132. 181. 304 Weaver. Steven Lee. 305 ler. Edward Charles. 193, 286 Wedig. Yale Francis. 231, 325 Wcedcn. ludith Meredith. 305 Wellington. Roger K., 286 Paula Howard 305 Wells. Sharon Lee. 325. 341 Wallace Kappel. 184. 210. 211, 286 BMMHMannB Wendell, Forrest Lenel, 121, 142, 270 Werner, Wendy Susan, 99, 159, 325 Wesley, Harold T., 286 West, David R., Jr., 231, 286 West, William Craig, 325 Wherrell, Gwendolyn Ruth, 165, 305 Whitaker, David Paul. 270 White, Bruce Edward, 183, 286 White, Paula Lou, 270 Whitford, David Charles, 214, 322 Whitford, David Earle, 232, 286 Whitney. Joyce Anne, 270 Whitworth, Marlou Ann, 87, 112, 138, 305 Wiant, David Harness. 206, 231, 325 Wicker, Florence E., 325 Widner, Dorothy Lanette, 305 Wike, Priscilla Harriet, 325 Wilbur, Craig Selig, 325 Wilbur, Eugenia Marie, 325 Wilbur, Paul Cummings, 325 Wilcox, John Palmer, 181, 305 Wiley. P ' eter Christopher, 305 Wilhelm, Thomas Allan, 187, 226, 270 Wilhelmsen, Paul Carl, 195, 232, 286 Wilkerson, Sandra S., 122, 159, 286 Williams, Kenneth Arthur, 183, 305 Williams. Laura Jane, 325 Williams, Robert Howard, 271 Williams, Susan Lee, 305 Williamson, Melody Ann, 325 Willis, Bettie Tovce, 271 Willis, Larrell Ivy, 341 Willis, Warren Waite, Tr., 102, 119, 325 Wilson, Caroline Perrin, 140, 154, 271 Wilson, Diane Louise, 153, 305 Wilson, Ella Naomi, 305 Wilson, Kennth D., 231, 325 Wilson, Martha Lou, 286 Wilson, Mary Margaret, 98, 305 Wilson, Phvllis Ann, 135, 325 Windham, John Franklin. 232, 305 Winfree, Robert W., Jr., 271 Winkler, David Middle, 305 Winsett. Richard lames, 325 Woefel. Kav Louise. 287 Wolfe, Charles Cedric, 105, 287 Wolfe, Melody, 85, 93, 107, 152, 196, 230, 270 Wolfinger, Norman Robert, 1S9, 271 Womble, Geraldine L., 305 Wood, Tudith Ann, 325 Wood. Marjorie Diana, 165, 305 Woods, Karen Jeanette, 287 Woodward, John Stanford, 118, 190, 271 Workinger. S. Jill, 325 Wray. Charles Irvin, Jr., 232, 305 Wright, Nicholas C, Jr., 113, 175, 271 Wright, Veronica, 325 Yandre, Stanley Edward, 325 Young, Berle Ann, 117, 161, 287 Young. Elizabeth F., 325 Young. S. Hollace, 325 Zamzow, Dale Allen, 102, 127, 178, 305 Zanathy, Stephen Phillip, 232, 305 Ziegele, Claudia Mae, 271 Zolkos, Teddie Lester, 132, 305 ■ ■■m HnHBi BOT ■am " " ■ " ? " — " ; . •;• ' •V-;M r ' -- •-• ' • ' ■ • ' - ■ " ■ ■ -.77 ' vV ' r ' .v " ■ ' ; • '

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