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1 TOfiftiMcfiiiir ' ULd ■ E mm I r W W ' 1 »imiliem fiKfl lsif!ivm msK a aa mmiti i j i h A college, though defined in terms of an academic sphere, is a community within itself . . . and like all communities, it is nurtured by a society . . . and like all communities, lifeless without it. 1 1966 INTERLAGHEN FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE VOLUME 34 TABLE OF CONTENTS Features 17 Beauties 79 Organizations 97 Greeks 159 Athletics 213 Military 243 Academics 249 Advertising 346 Index 369 INTERLAGHEN STAFF MARGARET HUSSEY, Editor-in-Chief HARRISON EDINGER, Business Manager PAUL WILLE . Campus Photographer BETTY TOY . . Editorial Assistant HAL WATERS . . Editorial Adviser p Ki;i£ifcL ' i£iiJS,ITfSJSPeT5T7rprH!»rrTT:inrrT?j ii -.rat» Deserted classrooms and empty chairs seem to wait patiently overnight for busy people to fill them when classes begin. OUR CAMPUS in the quiet of early morning has an aura of impatience about it . . . xuith no movement except the faint stirrings of nature, it is waiting, waiting to . . . A peaceful hush hangs over the deserted campus in the early morning hours. Impersonal walks and empty locker rooms are quiet. ' « - ' ' COME ALIVE . . . alive with an exhuherance and vitality that youth gives flash to . . . ALIVE, not only in the sense of pure physical movement, but in the exaltation of dreams and desires that are given rise by academic adventures . Students w;ilk briskly to classes. Attending an important basket- ball game is part of campus life. " g -watf ' .y I. I ' -Ji ' - ' ■ iL-j .mm R ' f. ' »JlWmi ' iJU « 0-H ' .Sl. . " g a i i M W -J BIlJJ]UU.Mii « «¥Bi»i»nnm.ifc The weekly trek from Wednesday convocation in Brans- comb Auditorium. Taking notes in class helps a great deal when exams are given. YOUNG AND EXCITING . . . young because of the eternal perpetuation of youth . . . and exciting because of the fmce, as intense and powerful as the urgency of youth balanced against the wisdom of age . . . Ntv » . ;yu ' M. ' i;..i Vibrant students reflect their enthusiasm for living in the rip-roaring college world. ♦ • «•• f ♦ , ' sWafS KK iSa - ENTHUSIASM . . . The sense of competition amid a background of myriad colors . . . not only of hues, but the colors instilled in clamor, irrepressible zeal, devotion, spirit and ardor A winning team and a pretty cheerleader invite students to support athletic games. With the new George W. Jenkins Field House completed, three different games can be held simultaneously on three full-size courts. - - ♦ . ♦ ♦ ♦ i! ' vi v».rm hv . ' ih.i mimmwmmimi mKKmmgm A touch of stage fright is apt to grip the most polished performer. VIGOR OF LIFE . . . fully alive and sensitive to the fulfillment of expression, whether in the dance, the sharing of a victorious moment, or the satisfaction of academic progress . . . Activity, whether attending chapel or modern dance class, can be seen as an active part of the daily routine. IMPRESSIVE MOMENTS . . . with appreciation for artistic presentations sent to the heart by music, and inexpicahle sensations stirred by the quiet beauty of a scene. Eager, interested collegians listen attentively to the program of music presented by the concert choir. • ■•■• ' • COME ALIVE . . . with expressions enough to leave no further need for words . . . " " W FEATURES • • • ♦ M - ' ■ ' ■ .♦ ■ :, ifm ' H ' mmmm 20 21 ■ ' . ' . I SOLITUDE ... a time to think ... a chance to be alone . . . silence . . . being an individual . . . where thoughts and ideas begin . . . Southern ' s Garden of Meditation provides an ideal spot for getting away from the crowds. 22 23 ♦ -• ' ♦ " BOREDOM . . . the ceaseless routine . . . humdrum necessities . . . sameness . . . learning to accept the commonplace as well as the unusual . . . repetition . . . College life is not always exciting. Those 8 a.m. classes and lengthly meetings are never ending and, at times, tedious. L A 24 Even rush parties and basketball games have their dull moments. 25 , t ■»■ ■ ' • M 26 UNCERTAINTY . . . those times when we need advice . . . uneasiness ... a chance of making a wrong decision . . . trying to make that important impression . . . Questioning and doubt are characteristic of all of us. That hollow feeling accompanies competition, dating, and expectation. 27 ■ •♦•- |h«K5 ' . ' ' ■?Sfe S ' C5« JPlfefc ESCAPE . . . freedom from routine . . . a friendly telephone conversation . . . getting aiuay from it all . . . retreat from responsibility . . . emotional release . . . Talking with your favorite girl or dancing to the beat of a college band are just two ways of providing release from academic tensions. Wf ' f BKw«e-v. 28 % % 29 • ♦ « . ' ' ' aSSeSi iiSii ifc COMPANIONSHIP . . . finding a new friend . . . sharing one ' s joys . . . understanding . . . looking at the future together . . . knowing there is someone who cares . . . 30 BSBRSr " " 31 - 0-» • ' • mi mi Mmm Z KB CONFUSION . . . indecision . . . thinking in riddles . . . facing a dilemma . . . the exciting chaos of an intramural game ... a hodgepodge of disordered experien ces . . . 32 College life wouldn ' t be complete without occasional perplexities. Even " Cleopatra " had unresolved problems. 33 . , ■ AMBITION . . . goals . . . drive . . . the brink of new experience . . . seeking achievement . . . desired aspirations . . . proving oneself . . . enrichment . . . perfection follows practice . . . In class, on the drill field, or seated in a hope-filled crowd, personal motivations comprise the world of ambition which expresses itself in individual ways. 34 •■ ' -ifia i nrnifr. 35 « • f ■ 4 4 ' » ♦ p.«« ..:H..:,:»o «». «..« COMPETITION . . . response to a challenge . . . unsurmoim table odds . . . on the basketball court or in a beauty contest . . . loin or lose . . . an incentive for better sportsmanship and character development . . . 36 - Jir,-.-V.», . l.,.-. (, ;• _ -,y ;, Vij.r 37 .f: y,. .y... . . ,. ,... -, ..- I FRUSTRATION . . . tension . . . feelings of inability . . . a time when best isn ' t enough . . . a flare of emotion leading to that " let ' s get away from it all " attitude . . . discouragement . . . 38 Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, things just don ' t seem to be going our way. 39 S! 40 ENLIGHTENMENT . . . discovery . . . finally grasping the ultimate truth . . . learning . . . the radiance of knowledge . . . finding wisdom in resolution . . . the daivn of recognition . . . Catching on to that difficult dance step or finding the an- swer through a classroom lecture are exciting and reward- ing. 41 i 9 i - • ♦ 4 " Just keep running " is the cry of the Greek torch bearers, while others grumble through exercises and some turn to hours of study. l| 42 PERSEVERANCE . . . opposition . . . continuance in spite of difficulty . . . . . . persistence . . . nothing is so hard, but searching will find out . . . great works are performed, not by strength, but by insistence . . . Neither rain nor strain can stop Southern students from fulfilling purposes. 43 - • -» • LEARNING SELF-DISCIPLINE . . . finding personal responsibility ... ac- ceptance . . . submission to authority . , pain now, pleasure later . . . settling down to the " old college grind " . . . i We learn quickly that social activities must often be traded for study. Deadlines must be met and respon- sibilities must be faced. 44 Tedious chores like whittling down the waist line or enduring those monthly haircuts are inescapable. 45 w ■ ♦ • ♦ ♦ ♦• " FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION . . . release through creativity ... a breath- less moment . . . nonconformity . . . dar- ing to be different . . . grand style . . . " the dress of thoughts " . . . 46 sra: s,:T- ' 7 ' i ssr 5iPsss!: ss Some people strive to hit that high note while others work diligently blowing large bubbles. 47 mmmmmfm INGENUITY . . . resourceful- ness . . . delight in imagination . . . ability . . . " a pint can ' t hold a quart— if it holds a pint it is doing all that can be ex- pected of it " . . . 48 Making do with one wheel instead of two is a favorite trick of one of our facuhy. 49 nMWffmmm fMmsmmmmimmmim I DEPRESSION . . . sadness . . . loneli- ness . . . being accepted . . . an exam. grade . . . a term paper due . . . a feeling of helplessness . . . gloom . . . being alone . . . meeting zoith friends . . . times are not so bad as they seem . . . they couldn ' t be . . . 50 ,,MMimi f.O HjfeLU tfj ' ib-;- W TE " -1 Despair accompanies a disappointing game or finding an empty mailbox. A consoling friend is a comfort when the chips are down. 51 4 ♦ Iu l Lab problems and derby events challenge students to win. A pep talk and a worried spectator give incentive. y CHALLENGE ... a contest . . . hope an opportunity ... a mind made up . . driven by desire . . . making the team win or lose . . . always another chance 52 ♦ t • [in3B»rTgTOiTOW«m»« v ftWTaffl w. fli vt :vi?iAX. u VH- Kr ■ ' v:;v:: :-; v ' -v,i - r ' i ' A-:t; •x.-.-y; ' ' -: -; " Get that ball, you all " is a cheer which gives momentum to our will to succeed. The challenge of making new friends is even more important than always winning the game. 53 ♦ • SUCCESS . . . a broad smile . . . a standing ovation . . . a sense of ac- complishment . . . being the man of the moment . . . gaining status . . . making the most of opportu- nities . . . i. 54 ifiro««weBmwy wftyr),tTri i w t!»aii:M. ftj ' ; ; ,mmv ' m ; ..:.: y.„ -. c A new car and a proud owner are signs of success and accomplishment. 55 BEING ONE OF THE GROUP . . . sisterhood . . . a feeling of belonging . . . someone who means much . . . fraternity socials . . . a special time . . . laughing . . . loving . . . living . . . 56 IWymWWTTTff ' W J.M-i.tTftBfWWB- KW.Jt -ii ' fM ' Vvl.-f. V ' , ■ y: . JT. TOi:l »»;.. ■. VA:! ■; ' ■: ' i ' iX-r .,!,:■: ■•V. V .. ; fc. ..XMX f i p Si w ' I bi m ' ' - ' -V ' ifJL II!!T • ; if • V ..f A • ' :« ?■ The limelight is often shared in a crowd when competition is keen and precision necessary. 57 INDUSTRY . . . cleverness . . . caught up in the activities of a busy day . . . much to be accomplished . . . pursuit . . . " It is better to wear out than to rust out " . . . PIS Working on a Greek Week display requires hard work, time, and effort on the part of sorority women. Freshmen girls and the cafeteria staff show clever- ness in their particular activities. 58 MP Ktta lTO » g;yy« fl « 1wwu CTW■v ts .vt : JMftSl■ ):l d. -.. -■■ ' ' ' ' ' ' l ffr " ' ' ' - ' ' ' - ' ' ' ' ' - " 1iiil. 59 ' ' ' ' ' WONDER . . . pensive moments . . . asking " Will we win? " . . . amaze- ment . . . where thought begins . . . private questioning . . . aive . . . Behind the scenes or on the sidelines during an important game, anxious stares and uncertain looks can be noticed. 60 I Ki«KroM; wa(flgflr» ' WMuatw,«.sxvwij-.VM:t;« VT-,vr.tv :-,v. RT.y : ' y inr, ;r»iiw ;. . r. r)»viits :. The camera often catches collegians with expres- sions of awe and fascination written on their faces. 61 ' ' ' - SURPRISE . . . being caught off-guard . . . discovering the unexpected . . . a real shocker . . . being startled into speechlessness . . . a tap on the shoulder indicating " You ' re on Candid Camera " . . . 62 l! nywgfflT« ' lntj rA I y vy ' li•■0.t ' ;w, . ' ' ' . ■ l. ■ ■ ' ; ' ■ ■iVvA % " rn.i ' ; u:it7; wvi.y, ' K) ,y ' . ' " ' -- y ' t!!.. ' .:- ;, ' ' i.v.wi:,gOTe»aaat » .f v .J Like a bolt of lightning, startled looks flash and fade across faces. 63 J ♦ JOY . . . elation . . . friendship and loyalties . . . Spring vacation . . . tears of happiness . . . fun . . . laughter . . . carefree moments . . . success . . . Sorority bid night is one of screams, cheers, laughter and welcomed surprise. 64 Kmvni7!kv rjv ' ffiirw ' imm jf. sif ,KV, tKyi..y y ! ' s kVf Kf.f f ■ ■ -J ■■— 65 RECREATION . . . revelry . . . team effort . . . a round of pleasure . . . spirited singing . . . doing something you like . . . a happy diversion . . . activity . . . A song fest at the derby games or modeling in sculpture class provide unique opportunities for relaxation and recreation. 66 »iamtK«ft?}to««tt» tT »jiBi CT e CTffl Requiring coordination and agility, modern dancing and relay racing are means of " letting off steam. " 1 67 • RELAXATION . . . breaking away from the grinding rou- tine . . . an afternoon at the pool . . . spare time . . . " the pause that refreshes " . . . care- free moments . . . Sunny Saturday afternoons find sun worshippers " catching the rays " at the pool. Dancing or just loafing between classes provides time to catch your breath during a busy day ' s schedule. KiKWimwagflM1IMllW- V ' Jt 1I)»«.V »- " : MM Leisure time is spent in various ways. Some prefer " girl-tjJk " while others turn toward outdoor sports. 69 • • EXUBERANCE . . .a zest for life . . " real gusto " . . . an exciting toast . . . zeal . . . hysterical laughter . . . spirit . . . that contagious quality which produces greatness . . . Catching the enthusiasm from others is easy for Southern students and faculty members. Parties and games always boost campus spirit. 70 rmmiirniiHi ' » ' «»« " ' ' ' ' i» ' gM i ' tg ' i iw« ' t " ft t ■ ' ' vsm .-.L i 71 • ■ --v- i yiy vt ■ " f ' :- - -- y:r ' r ' ' -;- ' ,-: -■ r- ' yf ' ' ' ' ' . ' !P ii SiW ,-:-ir--i :!fr . : - ■ - j T y ' ' ' •iKit asistsomaMasswiiKPira» ' .saiamsiifv Times of need and times of despair lead us to depend on a Higher Being. A chapel ' s beauty or a simple prayer help us find comfort and strength. 72 ■WBawMsiwtiawjBttwKiKt ' w Jiaiaa •,.. INSPIRATION . . . hope in God . . . faith in each other . . . the lam- bent flame of intellect . . . hands clasped in prayer . . . creative thought . . . realizing that " we are such stuff as dreams are made of " . . . " Hitch your wagon to a star, " for dreams often crystalize and become realities. 73 « •♦ ♦ 4 , . ' ,t,:,i ,r . ' : ' ■c- t -y-.- mxryj.mw vj . xi - ,v 7imsrMtni VICTORY . . . success . . . setting a new record . . . an ecstatic cheer . . . triumph . . . the glow of seeing a job well-done . . . a team ' s warm affection to its coach . . . " the smile of God " . . . I Below: The happy beam of success is written on the excited faces of the team after winning a game. wtl ' W ' Hr. m 74 KJMaHiamitBMigatlawauCT vyjin ' jiiwrovaraTir r Although personal victory is rewarding, it is sel- dom private. It is the result of team-support and effort. 75 • ♦ r, 5? ' ' F7: ' ' T:i Zi7JA ' 4ff-. T m- . ' S- y- ' f I 76 [tiMEiH«migi!ia ffliMa»-?i.a « j» ja CTittWTCW RECOGNITION . . . gettmg that well- deserved pat on the back . . . eagerly claiming the trophy . . . public acknowl- edgement . . . retuard ... a well-timed laugh at your joke . . . Honors are gratefully accepted with mixed feelings of pride and humility. 77 t • ' • ir-j-i i diii (- y »- ' -:t ' 0 " ji V-». ' ' f:7yx ' .- y,vv?i;--f »y »- .?.a«»«gfeig4y : aa ! g; REALIZATION . . . Elaine Center attained Florida Southern ' s highest honor for scholastic achievement and extra- curricular activities, that of being chosen Honor Walk Student. She is listed in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " and Greek Hall of Fame. She is past president of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, president of Panhellenic Council, Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl, a Miss Interlachen finalist, and an ROTC Coed Sponsor. Elaine is also a member of Political Union, Cap and Gown, and the Concert Choir and was editor of the 1965 hiterlachen. -.■ ■ ■-■■ ii ' i Sr .} 1 ■; ■-: wor,i A(Aao Above: Elaine is shown on the Honor Walk to which her name and graduation date will be added. Upper right: President Thrift congratulates Elaine on being named 1966 Honor Walk Student. f»t«)0P f 78 i wr« WstK»Kff!»H«waaMH !MBt fl BEAUTIES 4 : • •■ f i- -i :i ' r £ ' f vinT ' _vy, j. ' r r {jHi C3 i ' tX4 vK«P€JVc-M imi..: 80 E.iiCBQIM(. ' lTflEBMK»]MIW4aWiasaX«L aAliUi aU ' MI ' A»ffi FINALISTS Elaine Center Melody Wolfe Fran Caton Wanda Crowell Lynn Tomlinson Vicki Shannon Ayse Davaz Marsha Kane (Not Pictured) 81 • ' • • » ■ ' ' ' ■ ■r ' . ,c. .-, ' t K: r. .,,mr v 3r n- iai)!BS:ii MISS WANDA JOLEENE CROWELL V V y C i ' ttit- ' iXatcJV 82 % % ♦•! »■» t ;«MtTO !« t«a CT■ . ; w „l oi!?a a, a■ xpA■3 « n Sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi Sorority 83 ♦ • V _ - lerrf . •-rt- ■-- .,« . -«« »9; f a.iy.a ;Si»l»t- ! BWfWgglWMl MISS VICTORIA ANN SHANNON FIRST RUNNER-UP, MISS INTERLACHEN Sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega Sorority 84 y4« »»KiKM« j«anM ura- aifltv-M?i«ey; ,Ti ,-,mi - MISS LYNN WURTH TOMLINSON SECOND RUNNER-UP, MISS INTERLACHEN Sponsored by Columbia Hall 85 ' tv:-i-to " rr vyy, in x »y ?yy»Tf- :-™ra «« Ms P rjffi » EaSEJSBB£2ffi! ffHiimnimwiffmBMH 17 wit FINALISTS MISS MELODY WOLFE Sponsored by Political Union W MISS THELMA ELAINE CENTER Sponsored by Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity ' | 4|Mgh% : ,.tfifil(||ll H ib jg " ' " " " fi»twa;iiH m:m3 iaiiuCT 3wiVwgo»»!»AfmwwR.mi.: T wy MISS MARSHA ELLEN KANE Sponsored by Theta Chi Fraternity r •—J - " .W » MISS EVA FRANCES CATON Sponsored by Phi Mii Sorority MISS AYSE SELMA DAVAZ Sponsored by Harvard Hall 87 • » ! ? ' - " .- :Vi-. - ;-»77?5T»T? . ' ' K.-! aja;c ' ' if xtjrfi xii xy J rlt.5. MISS THELMA ELAINE CENTER G ktXt e %s [ lftB Hwa »« n f»ftu g «MVA Jj sc :Y ' Sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi Sorority HV A BSh - v kJH V. ' 4: ♦ • fj 4 --r-- •. ' ■ ' r,- ' . ' ,, . , ,, ,,;.,, ,, J y r - c Xtt e MyB y FINALISTS PAT STOCKTON Sponsored by MSGA W t isn 1 1 1 III 6a A r DIANA DULZAIDES Sponsored by Southemcttes CAROLEE GEARHART Sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta PAM LIPSKI Sponsored by Alpha Omicron Pi SUSAN EZELL Sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega KATHY RENTON Sponsored by Phi Mu 90 j iMi«ij»jw !«oiwauiw- .v!yjii:v; tKi«»gjfa MARGARET HUSSEY Sponsored by Kappa Delta SANDY TAYLOR Sponsored by WSGA ELAINE CENTER Sponsored bv Alpha Delta Pi i «ift MARY REID Sponsored by Sigma Sigma Sigma NADYNE GROVE Sponsored by Delta Zeta 11 m J -■r 1 Li., DIANE JONES Sponsored by the Senate 1 -J LARAINE HASKINS Sponsored by Zeta Tau Alpha 91 •j ' j -r - i+r«,-v:» r--« V " i ' ' r-t7 y ' «T -7Ji ' • --..■rm«g .tg y .xasa a «! rHBaa» « «itaB»y n 4« « tyta-t y y e ct t C4» «Xi« d- MISS GAY HERNDON MISS LESLIE FREEMAN MISS SUSIE WILLIAMS L -MISS MARGIE UNDERWOOD Right-Mis?, BONNIE DAVIS 92 li£i£OMmf JSy il£ltBOSSJUim2i ' ■•,ti;i. ' m.(VV.. ' i. ' . " :» ' .ati . t.i i ' . ' f:jv :; i MISS JOAN WOLFE " A beauty rare and true The soul attains in moments of refreshing calm. In silejice that gives strength anew. " — Tabitha Marie Ritzmann MISS JUDY SHY MISS B ETINA HURT MISS ANDY ERICKSON 93 • f . — T„, „ x-,,rr ..mri , v2yvia i ' , ' Ti ' ir ?ffrivs ' ' fuf !iis ?xmxeeca3Sizie Left-MlSS NANCY OWENS Right-MlSS JOYA ANTINORI a a t tx€t . e v VTM d- MISS LIZ GREGORY MISS PAM BOST VOTED BEST DRESSED COED BY W.S.G.A. K t i i . MISS JUDY MUNC 94 WftW-i« h«raHM 3flUMmg- .vy November 23, 1965 Margaret Hussey Editor-in-Chief THE INTERLACHEN Florida Southern College Dear Margaret: How do I let myself get talked into these things. I guess it is because I like to look at pictures of pretty girls. I have studied these pictures so long that I think I am in love irith all these girls, Alas, even King Farouk had to sleet wife numbers one, two and three so I have with painstaking care and loving attention selected contestant number three as my first choice, contestant number six as my second choice and contestant number seven as my third choice. Hill you please forward them to me by return mail. Seriously, it was a tortureous pleasure and I wish each one of these beautiful girls much happiness to go with their loveliness. Harmest wishes, . cl Pat Boone PAT BOONE OUR CELEBRITY JUDGE Our sincere appreciation goes to Mr. Pat Boone, well-kno vn singing star, who under- took the difficult task of selecting MISS IN- TERLACHEN and her runners-up from photographs of the eight finalists. The Interlachen proudly announces MISS INTERLACHEN of 1966 and the other beautiful members of her court. 95 ■■ .r, - c, t r. oas ie s imsasB mByami |i «t«. »t« r FINALIST JUDGES Above Left to Right: Mr. George Robinson, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Robert Mc- Donald, Mr. McDonald, members of faculty at FSC. Below Left In Riirht: rs. Goldie Macy, Fashion Coordinator at Edwards-Afacy; Mr. Clevc Hamm, Vice-President and Executive Editor of The Lakeland Ledger; Rev, Stuart McRae, College Chaplain; Mr. John Bryson, General Manager of Lakeland Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Paul Wille, Colle.ge Photographer. 96 ♦ ♦ -Tl • • % t gj.itwro y» jfliBurar-aM i»v»wtifa X ; J - ORGANIZATIONS • ' ♦• ' H ' S ' V jSi yjiVff.tiP ' iTJirf C -g-. a»«tar -.«Mag?icagar ' T- f f. V ■- fsw®s, - " » w« ' «? s ' ' ' ' T ' ' : ' m T«w»MlMM» » «Mwra « B a J L v.TOW .■rA ♦ ♦ • • .. ri .-r, i.,y. ,r . .f f iii!y,:. .w g;ya»iy.»ggfca: waw 100 • % • » ♦ " mxiniB tm £:si» irifaw-wi ' 1 IptMKWS: ' iL 1 ' itf Student Government Association The Student Government As- sociation is the parent organiza- tion of such branches as the Su- preme Court, the Senate, and Men ' s and Women ' s Student Government Associations. It serves as co-ordinator and guide for these branches. Florida South- ern ' s SGA is a member of the Southern Universities SGA (SUSGA). Seated: Berry, Stover. Standing: Hall, Gibson. Supreme Court The Supreme Court is the fo- cal point of the Student Govern- ment Association Judicial Branch. It acts as an appellate court in cases arising from de- cisions of any other judicial body. The Supreme Court also has original jurisdiction in all legislative matters. It is composed of five justices from the student body and one from the faculty or administration. OFFICERS DON H.ALL President KEN GIBSON Vice-President BEV STOVER Secretary JIM BERRY Treasurer Seated: Justice Mary Reid, Chief Justice Ben Tallman, Justice Elaine Center. Standing: Dean Phillip R. Campbell, Justice Bob McKnight. Absent: Justice Darrell Parsons. 101 ' ■ ' .-■ ' ' : ' ' ' -. -7 3W€ y ff » ' yy .isx ' :.rii;«r. Senate i The Senate, a branch of Stu- dent Government Association, co- ordinates activities of the student body. Working vith the pres- ident and other officers are male and female senators, each serving one year, from each of the four classes; and two senators-at-large, who are from the sophomore and junior classes, and serve two years. The Senate meets twice monthly and sponsors the Fresh- man Orientation program, the campus TB Drive, and the Christmas dance. All campus elections are conducted by the Senate and campus organizations must be chartered by the Senate. Don Hall and Toni Eichhorn take part in a discussion at this Senate meeting. First Row: Hall, Gibson, Stover, Berry, Valdez, Munc, Jones, Bozeman. Second Row: Parsons, Buzzelli, Leer, Brown, Nichols, Eichhorn, Webster. Third Roiu: Colbert, Bowles, Lukes, Clayton, McKnight, Rogers. 102 oac!iiita«iiKro;twMiiwt»ftiH!ai]E!i«»TO .l{iif. , ' n y v.lr.- ' i ' -j?t y_ Women ' s Student Government Association The Women ' s Student Govern- ment Association is a govern mental subsidiary of the Student Government Association. It is composed of representatives from sororities and independent resi- dent women. Day women stu- dents are also represented in WSGA. The Association serves as a court for infractions of col- lege and house rules, and strives to uphold the standards of women residents at Florida South- ern College. The officers this year are Mel- ody Wolfe, president; Virdia Van Huss, vice-president; Martha Sar- geant, secretary-treasurer. Melody Wolfe calls a WSGA meeting to order. First Row: Wolfe, Sargeant, Hurt, Jolkovski, Cleveland, Goode, Newell. Second Roiv: Kinney, Cook, Pendleton, Atkins, Caswell, McNamee, White. Third Row: Davis, Evers, Fulford, Nevin, Downing, Holmberg, Cooper, Ek, Taulbee. 103 • • -.-- -7ri ' mi . ' !V9iVC(X, ' tiVB ?VA- v) z iTfS ' .-jy.MvvM .. a gs!t»iafmaat Junior Advisers ►: -; jji, ;;■. The Junior Advisers are a se- lect group of junior women who are screened and invited to be a Junior Adviser by a student- faculty committee. Chosen on the basis of personality, scholastic achievement, activities and in- terest, it is the highest honor a junior woman can receive. Those women accepting the position are carefully trained. They then live in the freshman residence halls, where they are sought by the girls for advice and guidance or a friendly conversation. Ann McGill in Joseph-Reynolds and Barbara McKinley in Allan Spi- vey served as presidents this year. Sherry Hicks gives some helpful advice to a freshman coed. First Row: McGill, McKinley, Hicks, Fritschel. Second Row: Downing, Kinney, Marshall, Taylor. 104 „♦ ,,• ,• •« B«MHnaiiii«ai« M«BtlftB icjt s !» j Social Standards Committee The Social Standards Commit- tee is a branch of the Women ' s Student Government Association. The Committee is composed of the social chairmen of the wom- en ' s residence halls. Their pur- pose is to raise the social stand- ards of the FSC coeds. The com- mittee members publish " The Southern Charm, " a newsletter to the coeds. Highlighting the fall semester was their annual fall fashion show. In April a dis- play of bridal china, silver, crys- tal, and attire was shown at their annual Bride ' s Party. Ginny Yates served as chairman of Social Standards. Ginny Yates discusses the fashion show with Mrs. Sue Amos. First Row: Cannistraci, Hamilton, Rice, D. Wilson. Second Row: Faulkner, Owens, Reilly, M. Wilson, Hanson. 105 7 ' - «TV;v73WCCit? « -: ' ' :- ' ,riTE5,?.: ' ' .-i ; ;.r.;- «v ' ..--=fi ' w?.Man vt::-w-ri; a iaag»9g Men ' s Student Government Association Men ' s Student Government Association was formed on cam- pus in 1959 under the combined efforts of the Director of Men ' s office and the Student Govern- ment Association. The organiza- tion is composed of one represen- tative from each fraternity and independent male housing unit. The purpose of the MSGA is to establish and enforce disciplinary regulations for male students. The highlight of the year was the annual MSGA banquet. The officers this year are Bill Lukes, president; Tom Reming- ton, vice-president; Bill Bailey, secretary-treasurer; Punch Edin- ger, chaplain; Mr. Frank Szabo, adviser. First Row: Lukes, Remington, Bailey, Edinger, Rogers, Skidmore. Second Row: Bowles, Norris, Sedgley, Ward, Mingledorff. Third Row: Francisco, Barber, Hern- don, Dickerson, Long. The officers of MSGA enjoy the an- nual leadership banquet. - 106 • % • % • ft« BBianiBCTtc»AwaMlftKsit««6awwii Mg« ■ j v■flw«Pg?K.«» H-.-. : „■. l ■„ v .t s.n ;: « .to, liasi vikiL aii jUii -- Advisers Council for Resident Men Each year outstanding men are selected as advisers for the men ' s freshman residence halls. The junior and senior men chosen have a 2.2 average or better and exemplify qualities of leadership. They help to give the residence halls a friendly and orderly at- mosphere. By working closely with the office of the Dean of Students and with their adviser, Director of Men Frank P. Szabo, the residence advisers provide a connection between the students and the administration. The officers this year are Bill Helton, president; Tom Eisen- berg, vice-president; Bill Mow- bray, secretary. Freshman David Sweeney receives help from his adviser Bill Helton. First Row: Helton, Eisenberg, Mowbray, Smelt. Second Row: Antoon, Aitken, Gibson, Vayo. Third Row: Parsons, Petrone, McKnight, Valentine. 107 f ♦ ♦. ' . v.T«,« .,-.. ■ .-ary ' ii iit iismvxanPBi.- ' Mrttajr. Kay Williford, right, confers wit±i Editor Judy Newton. Jerry Buzzelli, Judy Broome, and Allen Downard tally the number of inches of advertising. The Southern The Southern, edited and published by the journalism students of Florida Southern, is the official campus weekly. It is rated a top college newspaper in its enrollment division, having received a first place award from Columbia Scho- lastic Press Association. EDITORIAL STAFF JUDY NEWTON Editor-in-Chief TERRY OBERLE Managing Editor MIKE TERRELL Managing Editor JOE GAUCHES Sports Editor Editorial Assists: Steve Aarthun. Sandi Berry, Jerry Buzzelli, Montine Cleveland. Toni Eichhorn, Margaria Fichtner, Hal Fried, Margaret Hussey, Jackie Jonas, Robert Orr, Alan Stowers, Kay Willi- ford. Staff Writers: Bruce Bain. Betsy Bowden, Barbara Burke. Susan DeWitt, Bob DiBicarri. Allen Down- ard, Perry Edge, Richard Emmons, Mike Gardner, Sandy Gibson, Susan Haynes, Bonnie MacDuff, Pattie Newcomer, Pam Permar, Pat Pontius, Judy Redfern. Tom Reese, Shelby Strother, Ben Thornal, John Tippins, Bob Uzelac. Jay Weaver, Roger Wellington, Wally Wells. BUSINESS STAFF JERRY BUZZELLI . . . Second Semester Business Manager ALLEN STOVER .... First Semester Business Manager Staff: Allen Downard, Mike Gardner, Dick Haynes. Domingo Moreira. Circulation: Rosemary Brown, Karen Hornbeck, Nancy Knight, Judy May, Nikki Neslon, Trudy Wells. ASSISTANTS PAUL WILLE Photographer KEN GRAEBNER .... Assistant Photographer BETTY TOP Bookkeeper FACULTY ADVISER HAL WATERS .... Director of Publications 108 iiinim i iwnmsam«»)»wi »g«m«i»m -Wvv; ■! . J TO ; lt; H» j»» wm . :; - Margaret Hussey, Montine Cleveland, Margaria Fichtner, Steve Aarthun, and Toni Eichhorn paste up the paper. Susan Haynes, Pam Permar, Jackie Jonas, and Bonnie MacDuff work to meet a deadline. While Richard Emmons and Bruce Bain type copy, Joe Gauches and Mike Terrell pre- pare " Around the World in Sports. " 109 -r . ' . r. - »v7 BT ' , ' ,rK»x - S! : ' r.-; ' 7iSA U57$ iwr ■. . ;. .m ., a;f .a ««t«««a«;. ,« ' «« 1966 INTERLACHEN The 1965 Interlachen had the unique hon- or of winning first place positions in two national rating critiques: the Associated Col- legiate Press and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. The tradition of fine year- books that has been established is a result of the effort put out by the entire staff. EDITORIAL STAFF Margaret Hussev . . . Editor-in-Chief Punch Edinger .... Business Manager Bett ' Toy Editorial Assistant Mr. Paul Wille . . College Photographer Mr. Hal Waters .... Faculty Adviser EDITORS: Mary Bonnett, Betsy Bowden. Anne Boyd, Bruce Cash, Susie Gray, Gay Herndon, Linda Jack, Linda Kiddoo, Brenda Lam, K.elly Lamb. Bill Lukes, Beverly Shultz, Pat Stockton, Marge Thomson. EDITORLAL STAFF: Ann Benion, Diane Burton, Jenny Casey, Candy Clark, Ayse Davaz, Kath ie Dennison, Toni Eichhom, Angelo Fuster, Michael Garrett, John Hayes, Susan Haynes, Carol Heppberger, Peggy Homans, Nancy McGuirt, Carol Miles, Nikki Nelson, Linda Parsons, Kathy Renton, Susie Rogers, Denise Rousset. Susan Sanders, Ann Scharfenbcrg, Sandra Skinner, Jean Williams, Mary Wilson. BUSINESS STAFF: Judy Broome, .Aleta Brown, Nancy Burney, Patty Duffer, Jane Durrance, Barbara Jones, Jeanne Lippert, Judy Naclerio, Zeb Osborne, Sandy Swanson. Above: " Mr. Waters looks over the proofs for the feature section. Below: Mr. Wille shoots the class pictures. Below right: Betty Toy checks the proofs as they are returned from the printers. 110 a«aa la«8B!BalB«lCT:a■«jl»vi!v .v: ' |- ■--■ Above: Margaret Hussey, editor-in-chief, checks the control chart to determine how many pages have been sent to the printer. Right: Elaine Center, editor of the 1965 Interlachen, and Mr. Waters, adviser, scan the scorebooks on the two first place awards received by the 1965 Interlachen. Below: Editors work to meet a deadline. Seated: Gay Herndon, Bev Shultz. Standing: Marge Thomson, Brenda Lam, Susie Gray. Ill ♦ • •-- -; « ga gaaz»mi- wa tr :-, ' • ■■■: «?. TO?t i afc : . Seated, the organizations staff: Toni Eichhorn, Anne Boyd (ed.), Ayse Davaz. Standing, freshman class and layout: Mary Bonnett, Betsy Bowden, Susie Rogers. The business staff, seated: Alcta Brown, Nancy Burney, Punch Edinger (bus. mgr.). Sandy Swanson, Barbara Jones. Standing: Judy Broome, Patty Duffer, Jeanne Lip- pert, Jane Durrance. 112 iiaMi»Ma»roa!ft»ro»»»w; . - v■. v ;v . ; . ' ;■. : : t;u.v. ' ;-i::y j r.t-- :«: ja Bruce Cash, sports editor, and Susan Haynes select an exciting basketball picture. The Interlachcn staff works closely together; Steve Aarth un, Linda Jacks, Pat Stockton, Kelly Lamb, Bill Lukes. 113 . - -. ' - :v ' -.v- ' - ..« «- «ap- jffl jgaaggg-a i s Vagabonds The Vagabonds. Vagabonds is an organization designed to promote mutual aid and encouragement for students of drama and speech. Eligibility for membership is determined by the organization as designated in the constittitional by-laws. Out- standing plays from the profes- sional theater and experimental plays, u ' ritten, produced, and di- rected by members, are pre- sented. This year Orphan Girl. an old-fashioned melodrama, was repeated by popular demand from the summer performances. The winter repertory season in- cluded Shakespeare ' s Othello Shaw ' s Arms and the Man, and Kesselring ' s Arsenic and Old Lace. Their annual awards ban- quet was held in the spring to recognize outstanding achieve- ment in the field of drama. The officers were Carolee Gearhart, president; Bill Deupree, stage manager; Reid Freeman, public- ity manager; Mr. Mel Wooton, adviser. 114 m v«ut«¥ sft M»ara ■ «« .!«a« . i l;:Jf■w Above: Nancy John Stampa, using Tim Skid- more as a model, demonstrates the correct way to apply make-up. Right: In a dramatic mo- ment from the mystery Angel Street, Wiley Clayton coldly calms Carolee Gearhart. Below: " My good woman, what have you been doing? " asks David DelVecchio of Ellinwood Brown in See How They Run. 115 ■ .-, v.v.t:v .-7,CTK y ga ' 5«aM javg v,v;v.vvife« ' iy.. Scenes from Shaw ' s ARMS AND THE MAN. Lejt: Mike Vernon, Margo Partazana, Tim Skidmore. Above: Dell Gilleland, Skidmore. Belozu, left to right: Skidmore, Gil- leland, Linda Lynch, Angelo Fuster, Vernon, Partazana. 116 a] affiUMitsiM££e ieizass,., iMiaia iiililiiiSsiii i .MLjh:- ' - - ' ' ' •■ Moccettes Lfjl 111 nglil: Maria Whippo, Bev .Sto er (captain) , Kathy Renton, Sharon Parwell, Marjorie Pfister, Karen Law, Martha Hamlin, Sue McDonald, Miriam Marley. Florida Southern ' s first coed dance and drill team was organ- ized this past fall in cooperation with the music and tlie physical education departments. This sea- son the girls performed at basket- ball halftimes, fund-raising bene- fits, and assemblies. Next year they will also perform at soccer half-times. The group ' s dance in- structor is Nan Johnson and their faculty adviser is Miss Kay Langston. The Moccettes perform during the halftime at the F.S.C.-Stetson game. 117 ' ' ■ ' .-- ms msBm Concert Band Erickson at piano. First Row: Hazelwood, Luke, Sharp, Hinson, Parham, Manh. Second Row: Norton, Thomas, Atwell, Dissinger, Crowell, Davis, Bailey, Harris, Deloach, Hayden, Lundeen, Nell, Gibbons, Mills. Third Row: Jordan, Petterson, Baker, French, Hornback, Weaver, Parsons, Florin. Fourth Row: Ludwig, Hurn, Gustafson, Windham, Cross, Causseaux, Dr. Anderson. Dr. Kenneth C. .Anderson, director The primary function of the Concert Band is to provide a musical atmosphere of an instru- mental nature to the campus. The organization is composed of advance music students. The Con- cert Band has helped support school spirit by performing at several soccer and basketball games. The group participated in the Foimders ' Week program, and has given several concerts for the community and college. The officers are: Chester Dis- singer, president; Sally Luke, vice-president: Linda Hayden, secretary-treasurer: and Dr. K. C. Anderson, director. 118 % • % ♦ aaa»ogBBiWB«airowvmiTOlnwiti«miaai!« «a!M . i,- ' - K j!:ti :- Martha Jordan and Sylvia Petterson make final preparations prior to the Christmas Concert. Members of the brass section during an intermission. Larry Causseaux concentrates on the music for his bass cello. 119 1 ♦ f ■ • • • - ..»» j -..».t iaag6.ixBU»yiVj)»BHW aHB»g;!M(M BSg » Concert Choir Concert Choir and Girls ' Chorus. First Row: Brethen, Metts, Miller, Cook, Marsh, Hubbard, Hoskins, Donnelly, Cowan, En- sign, Luke, Schwartz, Lashley, Norton, Ferrar, Barone, Gatlin, Joanne Gietek, Davaz. Second Row: Bryan, Green, Smith, Cob- ble, Reynolds, Hamlin, Griffin, Hayden, Hum, Gordon, Jan Gietek, Hawk, Lott, Mallott, Dewitt, Bailey, Day, Johnson. Third Row: Hughson, Wirick, Slayden, Jordan, Cohen, Ragsdale, Eisnaugle, Cairnes, Gilleland, Birdsong, Hazelwood, Taulbee, Tal- lamy, Cowart, Bussey, Nell, Niles, Cole. Fourth Row: Warren, Parsons, Lukes, Rankin, James, Ludwig, Baldwin, Gibbons, Lundeen, Wells, Parham, Erickson, Hinson. Mr. Jack Houts, director, at a practice session. The Girls ' Sextet. Sue Marsh at piano. Standing: Sharon Cobble, Sheila Smith, Lee Slayden, Dell Gilleland, Trish Wirick, Martha Green, Marian Hawk. 120 stsnaaci- -ivi-.iiUinff, ■ ::m ■. " ■;A- ' a ' ' .v.-v jft.:- v-.-. -r-! i .- - - .-■ „._.; Jii:M - i ' :- ' ' •■ ■V r ' o ' cV,i Action freezes during a scene from the Concert Choir ' s medley from Oklahoma. Girls ' Chorus. First Row: Schwartz, Lashley, Gietek, Bailey, Day, Ferrara, Norton. Second Row: Gatlin, Mallott, Lett, Niles, Nell, Cowart, Dewitt, Davaz. Third Row: Taulbee, Tallamy, Bussey, Erickson, Parham, Hinson, Wells, Johnson, Cole. 121 ♦ . .-.-- .,, ' .,-..-,..n . .,, r ,, ,.-,y,: Ken Gibson, Pam Lipski, Don Hall, Bob McKnight. Who ' s Who IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Charles H. Birdsong Thelma Elaine Center Diane Carol Esau Susan Dawn Ezell William Dennis Ferguson Kenneth Heisey Gibson Donald Raymond Hall Sarah Mildred Laymon Pamela Lois Lipski Robert Wayne McKnight Judith Ann Newton Patricia Ann Stockton Jay Stephen Weinstein Paula Bauer Williams Katherine R. Williford Elsie Ruth Wright Paula Williams, Dennis Ferguson, Jay Weinstein, Susan Ezell. 122 • % % • " asiiiB«BaammntxtiKeasm mi!mm7i!f if ■; ' : ;; ' :; . ' -y- y},- s y. ' ii ' -: y.iftO ' - ■■■ " ■i, ' ,, ' . i ' ;r - v;.v.tiy ' iN» ' , ' % v ' -. ..t.-!; . ' riu;T. 215 ' Hpy The honor of being selected for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities is be- stowed upon those senior men and women who are outstandins m extra-curricular activities, cit- izenship, service to the College, and promise of future usefulness. Appointed by Dean Phillip R. Campbell, the Who ' s Who com- mittee is composed of Dr. Nel- son Hoffman, Dean Hattie Eich- oltz, Mrs. Grace Snyder, Mr. Frank Szabo, and Mr. Mel Woo- ton. Members from the student body are Elaine Center, Judy Newton, Don Hall, Darrell Par- sons, and Jay Weinstein. Judy Newton. Pat Stncktoii, Elaine Ctntei, Ray Williford. Diane Esau, Elsie Wright, Charlie Birdsong, Sarah Laymon. 123 ♦ . . f ♦ f . ' .w t; , ' V K- i.-yy rr ' m , ' : ' , . ' yrwwr y, «-ayx H i (Wy4 iyigtl gae gBPK Cap and Gown " » Cap And Gown is an honorary organization recognizing women who have attained a high stan- dard of scholarship and leader- ship in college activities. The prime requisites for Cap and Gown are good character, high scholarship, intelligence, and loy- alty to the College. Eligibility for membership into Cap and Gown includes an overall " B " average, the classification of a junior, and special distinction in at least one phase of collegiate activity. Each year. Cap and Gown together with Omicron Delta Kappa spon- sor a leadership banquet for out- standing students on campus. Cap and Gown is responsible for the Honor Board. The officers are Pat Stockton, president; Elsie Wright, vice- president; Sarah Laymon, secre- tary; Susan Ezell, treasurer; Mrs. Grace Snyder, adviser. Pat Stockton pins an orchid on Lake- land Mayor Lois Searle, speaker for the annual Leadership Banquet, as Elsie Wright looks on. First Row: Stockton, Wright, Laymon. Ezell, Center, Mrs. Snyder. 124 Jl« MH!BlaTO Bi w ».s « » Y y : ' « .■■vi■ i:■ -.: . - ' iyir)::i■ ■f : .■ ■vaHX■■■i .m■)•i■A■ ' ■,i■■. . x. •j; vLUV r i i ; 5 " - ?J i ■ • ' ' - ■• ' ' ;• ' - ' - " Omicron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa recog- nizes men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in col- legiate activities. The organiza- tion strives to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and to unite the members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and understand- ing. Members are chosen on the basis of leadership, character, fel- lowship, scholarship, service to campus life and adherence to democratic ideals. The members worked with the Student Gov- ernment Association on the Can- cer and TB Drives. The officers for this year are Bob McKnight, president; Don Hall, vice-president; Dean Phil- lip R. Campbell and Mr. David L. Readdick, advisers. Pres. Bob McKnight (right) congratu- lates Darrell Parsons on his induction. First Row: Dean Campbell, McKnight, Hall, Mr. Readdick. Second Row: Birdsong, Gibson, Parsons, Freeman, Dr. Hoffman. Third Row: Dr. Thrift, Jacobsen, Knap- penberger, Ingram, Mr. Waters. 125 .-. y. :■: .. • ,. » «: ' TOTO» « y tras «CT$g!(tH B;aa» Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega, the national dramatic honor society, was char- tered at Florida Southern in 1938. Membership requirements include an active interest in the field of dramatics, participation in campus or community produc- tions, and membership in the Vagabonds. Based on a Shake- spearian background, the consti- tution of Alpha Psi Omega em- bodies all the ideals of the fine arts known to men today. The officers this year are Bill Deupree, president; Nancy Stam- pa, vice-president; Carolee Gear- hart, secretary; Bobbie Eisen, treasurer; Mr. Mel Wooton, ad- viser. Bobbie Eisen and Bill Deupree portray a scene from See How They Run, a summer stock production. First Row: Deupree, Stampa, Gearhart. Eisen, Gotwalt, Taylor. Second Row: Wal- lace, Mrs. Ibberson, Lynch, Clayton, Brown, Mr. Wooton. 126 • % ♦ % • " Bam«ta«igiwroaMiTOliiWMM3BiSi t: ' .: mi:;.. ■; ' ' ' •. y MV,h- ' " : -yA i::i Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta, the honor or- ganization for students interested in biological science, meets twice a month. The requirements for membership in Beta Beta Beta are a 2.5 over-all average and a " B " average in science. The so- ciety offers a variety of programs including guest speakers and pro- jects to aid the campus Biology Department. The principal pur- pose of Beta Beta Beta is the propagation of scientific truth and the advocation of investiga- tion in the life sciences. The three aspects of its program are stimulation of sound scholarship, edification of scientific knowl- edge, and promotion of biologi- cal research. The officers this year a re Don Soper, president; Pat Roberts, vice-president; Sylvia Petterson, secretary; Allen Belcher, corres- ponding secretary; Dr. Funder- burg, adviser. Don Soper and John Wachtel examine the pans of a frog. First Row: Soper, Petterson, Belcher. Eisenberg, Conroy, Gotwalt, Alexander, As- cher. Dr. Field. Second Row: Marshall, Durrance, Sargeant, Wolfe, Leer, Sedgley, Cleaver, Mr. Tyus. Third Row: Schwartz, Douglas, Priest, Culbert, Kent, Mishalanie. 127 ; - »-7V- ™«ri ' ,-.-; ' T» •Xj. - - « ;PV Wv»sip ' jf vS : ■ i r. ' aim«fmaKmP!!3aai,aHaiiBi«mtes Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi, the profession- al fraternity for men in the busi- ness field, meets on Tuesday nights. The organization spon- sors prominent speakers from the business world and acts as a med- ium between the college grad- uate and the employer. The main purpose of the fraternity is to foster the study of business and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture in the community. They spon- sored several banquets at which outstanding guest speakers were featured. The officers for this year are John Sellner, president; Bill Mc- Gee, vice-president; Ronnie Sil- vers, junior vice-president; Lee Gregory, secretary; Bill Helton, treasurer; Mr. Max Selig and Mr. Daniel Zarycki, advisers. L. Gregory, Elwin O ' Steen, McGee, and Sellner consult the " Wall Street Journal " for the latest stock averages. First I{ nt : Sellner, McGee, Silvers, L. Gregory, Helton, O ' Steen, G. Gregory, Hull, Stover. Second Row: Edinger. Martone, Walker, Watson, Belden, Larkin, Kline- dinst, Mingledorff. Tlurd Rmu: Tower, Patterson, Wilhelm, Friedman, Parker, Wells, VanNostrand. Fourth Row: Lasdon, Bohler, Phillips, Croxton, Cash, Lancer, McKnight. 128 aai m mmm mM £miiMiSiMMSMiiii i.£iS l: li£: ' ' ' -r .■r ' - ;.; .,t ;;vii vr.. niLh: " ' : J ' M Gamma Sigma Chi First Row: McCIary, Dial, Hornback, Hines. Second Row: Repple, Haralson, Bowers, Warren. Gamma Sigma Chi, the pro- fessional religious fraternity, helps promote religious activity and encourages it in their prepa- ration for Christian ministry. Membership is open to all pre- theological students. Members of Gamma Sigma Chi co-sponsor a monthly faculty-student forum and usher at the Wednesday Chapel services on campus. The officers for this year are Tom McClary, president; Chuck Hines, secretary; Bob Hornback, treasurer; Don Dial, chaplain; Mr. Douglas Holden and the Rev. Stuart McRae, advisers. Gamma Sigma Chi members and guests enjoy an informal discussion. Seated, left to right: Tom McClary, John Giles, David Leonard, Fred Bowers, Bob Hornback, Art Bishop. Standing: George Warren, Chuck Hines. 129 f • : . r- »r :; ' 7aT»j- ' , ' ;tT«»xi:« x««awH-i»i5 ii iiSrt g 2 ; " ' ' ' ' ' ' ™ " Kappa Delta Pi First Row: Stockton, Wilson, Mrs. Snook, Perkins. Second Rozu: Mrs. Link, Eddy, Beardsworth, Evers. Third Row: Coleman, Henry. Kappa Delta Pi recognizes out- standing contributions by men and women to education and en- courages high professional, intel- lectual, and personal standards for teaching. Requirements for membership are an over-all " B " average, with a minimum of six hours in education for juniors and twelve hours for seniors. The group demonstrates its concern for the College and the commun- ity in the form of service projects and programs benefitting the Education Department. The lo- cal Epsilon Gamma Chapter an- nually awards the Kappa Delta Pi Gold Medal award to the out- standing senior in the field of education. The officers are Pat Stockton, president; Janet Wilson, secre- tary-treasurer; Mrs. Julia Snook, adviser. Pat Stockton serves coffee to Mr. Dar- win Milligan during a Kappa Delta Pi discussion. I 130 % » % ♦ " isimsEmmmmmi imsssj msiiaiSiMMSSMiM iii: ..i)„U:iiJS2aii:i:iUJi i!£: iby.K-. ' c WyH.!. Phi Epsilon Mu In 1959 Phi Epsilon Mu, the fraternity for health, physical education, and recreation majors, was installed on Florida South- ern ' s campus. The organization ' s original purpose was to promote a better understanding of the needs, goals, and merits of phy- sical education. These ideals are still incorporated in the group ' s program of preparation for the individual member. In addition to its annual camping trip. Phi Epsilon Mu opened the gymnas- ium this year on Saturday nights so that sttidents and faculty could enjoy its facilities at a more con- venient time. The officers of Phi Epsilon Mu are Ken Huebner, president; Kurt Hoch, vice-president; Lynda Gabel, secretary; Lloyd Hamil- ton, treasurer; Miss Joan Kemp, adviser. Members keep physically fit by per- forming stunts such as this. First Row: Huebner, Gabel, Hamilton. Second Row: Miss Kemp, Laswell, Rawlins, Conroy. 131 " ' ♦ • ■• • ' .ft-.-!- f- r r -.c j vOj£g»Kq»KJypgggggjg«r fi-M«y.» Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha, one of the newest organizations on Florida Southern ' s campus, was organ- ized under the auspices of the music department. The purpose of Phi Mu Alpha is to further musical interest and recognition of musical accomplishments. Membership requirements are an active interest in music and an overall 2.0 average. They sponsored a memorial concert for the late President John F. Kennedy on November 22. Phi Mu Alpha also held its annual AU-American Concert, a spring concert of music by American composers and ushered for the Colleges concert series. This year the officers are Bill Lukes, president; Phil Ltmdeen, vice-president; Bill Hazelwood, secretary; Punch Edinger, treas- urer; Mr. Robert MacDonald, adviser. Group members participate in a casual song fest. First Row: Lukes, Lundeen, Hazelwood, Edinger, Vogelsang. Second Row: Mr. iMacDonald, Cairnes, Gross, Cleveland, Gibbons, Ludwig. 132 B«»mMmPMreM.«itwiAitM£msra« Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon is an honor- ary journalism fraternity, estab- lished at FSC in 1953. Member ship is open to upperclassmen with an overall 2.5 average who take an active part in campus publications. Its aims are to fur- ther techniques, ethics, and me- chanics of journalism. Besides sponsoring the annual creative vriting contest, members held a forum with local leaders in each phase of the field, who spoke on the opportunities in radio, public relations, advertising, newspa- pers, teaching, etc. Members also went to nearby high schools to speak on the opportunities of a journalistic career. The officers are Kay Williford, president; Punch Edinger, vice- president; Susie Gray, secretary; Nadyne Grove, treasurer; Mr. Hal Waters, adviser. Kay Williford introduces the speakers for the journalism forum. First Roio: Williford, Edinger, Gray, Grove, Eichhorn, Jonas, Boyd. Second Row: Johnson, Stockton, White. McVVhorter, VV - ugh, Cleveland, Mr. Waters. Third Row: Edge, Buzzelli, Newton, Brown, Fichtner, Smith. 133 ' " ,«•. .-. « J-rtvrrmT -n.-saxSX ' rm-iyMf ' imailil BiaWSB TirmXI ' . ' iinMiii ' Jk wiumMMUMmm,mat -. Pi Gamma Mu Pi Gamma Mu, the national social science honor society, is the oldest professional honorary on campus. The purposes of Pi Gamma Mu are to improve schol- arship in social studies; to inspire social services to humanity; to understand the differing opinions and the structure of social insti- tutions through higher educa- tion; to encourage the study of social sciences by stimulating the interests of undergraduates, grad- uates, and faculty members. A scholarship fund is available for members wishing to do graduate work. This honorary also spon sors a student-faculty forum on current events. The officers are Elsie Wright, president; Tom McClary, vice- president; Martha Hardwick, sec- retary; Ann Alexander, treasurer; Mr. O. T. Hargrave, adviser. Elsie Wright listens attentively to a motion made by a Pi Gamma Mu member. Front Row: Wright, McClary, Hardwicke, Center, Mrs. Snyder, Miss Hancock. Second Roiu: Shy, Davis, Grove, Holmberg, Dr. Link. Third Row: Mr. Hargrave, Durrence, Koerper, Cherry. 134 »lBPIHmWWiW»«M«WB««ftQg . , ' f : yi Mi • I ■■ ' ,K JZ i ' - - Psi Chi Psi Chi, honorary psychology society, was established at Florida Southern College in April, 1960, by the psychology department. Membership is open to majors and minors in the field of psy- chology. The purpose of the or- ganization is to promote psycho- logical studies on campus. Initia- tion is held twice a year. Mem- bers make reports on new de- velopments in psychology. High- lights of the year were Dr. Link ' s demonstration of hypnosis and the annual end-of-the-year party. The officers are Bill Lukes, president; Mrs. Pierce Link, vice- president; Pat Stockton, secre- tary; Diane Esau, treasurer; Dr. Pierce Link, adviser. President Bill Lukes calls a Psi Chi meeting to order. lint Row: Lukes, Mrs. Link, Stockton, Esau, Dr. Link, Mr. Jacks. Second Row: Freeman, Kenny, Stover. Beatty, Wright, Brown. 135 • • ■s sr j mvwf ' ifZ ' i srjmiiy ;--4ag«aa3tw»agK gg3aiTt«MTO»wwgwK Sigma Rho Epsilon Sigma Rho Epsilon is an hon- orary organization which fur- thers the interest and develop- ment of religious education on campus. Membership in Sigma Rho Epsilon is open to religion majors, to those interested in this field and to the wives of pre- theological students. During the Christmas holidays members took candy and told stories to the children at the Methodist Children ' s Home. Guest speak- ers provide social and inspira- tional talks at the organization ' s meetings. The officers this year are Ellie Zukowski, president; Gerrie El- liott, vice-president; Jackie Jonas, secretary-treasurer; Susan Brown, historian; Martha Jor- dan, social chairman; Mrs. Grace Snyder, adviser. Ellie Zukowski speaks at a meeting of Sigma Rho Epsilon. Fml Row. Zukowski, Elliott, Jonas, Brown, Mrs. Snyder, Laymon. Second Row: Maye, Downing, Lott, Weeden, Bussey. Third Row: Rousset, Esau, Underhill, G ill, Jordan. 136 « s % i«MiaiTOre«»CTiiwti(ma!gsKiSRWii»»wffy. y. sv« Sigma Tau Delta CS Sigma Tau Delta is the na- tional honorary fraternity for English majors. Membership is limited to those having a " B " average or better in at least 18 hours of English. The purposes of this organization are to keep English scholars informed of the new happenings in their field and to serve as a medium for an exchange of ideas. The fraternity sponsors the undergiaduate mag- azine, The Esplanade, and also a symposiiun intended to stimulate interest in the world ' s great lit- erature. The officers this year are Rus- sell Meachem, president; Sue Kapp, vice-president; Roger Le- vine, secretary; Dr. Raymond Lott, adviser. Dr. Lott gives members new ideas for The Esplanade. First Row: Meachem, Kapp, Levine, Dr. Lott. Second Row: Grove, Ezell, Millet, Dr. Jordan, Dr. Zimmerman. 137 i:.--3;--e yy .? t r.;t «w,.MtaW «:gt Political Union " Better minds for better poli- tics, " the motto of the Political Union, is the spirit of the group. Organized in December, 1954, the Union helps to promote an avid interest in politics and in- ternational affairs. At the bi- monthly dinner meetings, active political figures address the club and answer members ' questions on political philosophy and its practical applications. Included in the varied programs of the Political Union this year were a tape of a Ku Klux Klan Rally, an informal discussion with House Minority Leader Gerald Ford, and a talk on the rise of Naziism by a former German citizen and now a member of the faculty. Dr. Juliana Jordan. The officers of Political Union are Robert Skeels, president; Bon- nie Davis, vice-president; Caro- lyn Wilson, secretary; Mary Reid, treasurer; Professor Harold Al- bert, adviser. First Row: Skeels, Davis, Wilson, Reid, Duncan. Cannistraci, Ball, Edwards, Center, Nichols. Second Row: Melody Wolfe, Rust, Shy, Montgomery. Eichhorn, Marilyn Wolfe, Wright, Cairnes, Buzzelli. Third Row: Clayton, Cash, Berry, Oktavec, Kes- ler, Waddell, Myers, Durrence. Fourth Row: McKnight, Knappenberger, Jacobsen, Ingram, Baldwin, Gibson, Rogers, Koerper. President Bob Skeels looks over the agenda of upcoming programs. 138 aCTiBwi«wmi»aiweaB«Baww» :t ' :- ii Hi-«, ' i ' -y fafi,v,!.--%-i ' Vu ' .a . . International Club Students and faculty on cam- pus from foreign countries and anyone interested in learning more about other nations meet and socialize at weekly meetings of the International Club. Dis- cussions, guest speakers, recep- tions, and out-of-town dinners and shows help to promote the spirit of international under- standing and brotherhood. The highlight of the year ' s activities was the traditional buffet at Pres- ident Thrift ' s house. The officers of the Internation- al Club are Gustavo Diaz, presi- dent; Dianne Paredes, vice-presi- dent; Sherry Morlock, secretary- treasurer, Mrs. Mildred Ibber- son, adviser. Members discuss the customs and cul- ture of their countries. • First Row: Diaz, Paredes, Morlock, Miss Saraswathi, Dr. Simboli, Mrs. Simboli, Laymon, Mrs. Ibberson. Second Row: Mrs. Zawrocka-Wrzolek. Porter, Wilson, Thomas, Morrison, Nelson, Dr. Jordan, Davaz. Third Row: Miss Imai, Mrs. K. Toda, Mrs. Y. Hori, Dr. M. Hori, Oberle, Miller, Mueller. Fourth Row: Dr. Y. Toda, McGill, Koerper, Brown. 139 r • -„ „, .„ ., . .r ,, , -, ;wy«« f; ff»a8CTaTOgB WB ,«BgW .? Circle K Circle K is one of the newest clubs on the campus and was chartered in April, 1963. It is the college branch of the Lakeland Kiwanis Club. The primary ob- jective of Circle K is to serve the school and community. Working with the downtown Kiwanis, the club raised money to give to mental institutions in Florida. The annual Kiwanis Pancake Festival in the spring highlighted the year ' s activities. Members are selected from male students with a 2.0 overall average who show leadership ability on campus. The officers are Lee Rust, pres- ident; Paul Guthrie, vice-presi- dent; Bill Hull, secretary-treas- urer; Mr. David L. Readdick, adviser. First Row: Rust, Guthrie, Mosher, McGee. Second Row: Gustafson, Dravecky, Rogers, Sellner. Bill Hull and Lee Rust collect old books for their money-making project. 140 " ♦•.• H ' Sl iiro?»M«MCi «-,ia3«saw(sg w» - ' ;- a trt««;cKWK .iUi li£-iM!ff ; ' ; " -V,fri ,i ■ ' :n.f ' iv:t ' . ' cov Student Education Association The Student Education Asso- ciation, one of the largest organi- zations on campus, is a profes- sional organization for majors in the field of education. Florida Southern was host to a Leader- ship Conference first semester which was attended by future teachers from nine mid-state col- leges and universities. A scholar- ship of one hundred dollars was presented second semester. The officers of SEA are Diane Carter, president; Punch Edin- ger, vice-president; Johnnie Hev- ener, secretary; Sue Mclrvin, treasurer; Mrs. Evelyn Schoon- over, adviser. Left to right: Diane Carter, FSC chap- ter president and state secretary; Albert Soriano, president of the University of South Florida chapter: Mr. John F. Wendel, Lakeland attorney who spoke to the group; and Mrs. Evelyn Schoon- over. The Florida Southern College chapter of the Student Education Association. 141 ♦ . . r ' ' --,, :«.K . « x ,astf ' . if »ii :is» m Home Economics Club A professional society for women in the field of home eco- nomics, the Home Economics Club strives to develop and pro- mote interest in the various aspects of home economics and foster better student-faculty rela- tionships. Affiliated with both the state and national Home Eco- nomics Associations, Florida Southern ' s club ' s highlights of the year ' s activities were the an- nual Christmas banquet and the Fashion Show at which the stu- dents modeled the clothes they had made. The officers this year were Johnnie Hevener, president; Betsy Athearn, vice president; Ann McGill, secretary; Eleanor Hamme, treasurer; Mrs. Thelma Ellison Allin, adviser. Sandra Ohnmacht demonstrates the art of making an attractive salad. First Row: Hevener, Athearn, McGill, Hamme, Hedges, Mrs. Allin, Bell, Newell. Shuler, Mrs. Wallace. Second Row: Ticknor, Gordon, Catton, Underhill, Lamb, Payne, Seels, Kennedy, Waugh, Mansion, Mrs. Piatt. Third Row: Mrs. Link, Wat- kinson, McAninch, E. Young, Holt, Jones, Layton, J. Young, Hink, Neal. I 142 swimsamtmmf MMirit!,tst!9S!mfiaia«: ■ i. ' fM: fiiamm ' A _iL:.Kt,ii 3i!ii■■: ' Ai:W»«• n.f ' ■. ■ss•K■Ci; •All , •Hrf.i . , .M. Epsilon Pi Tau First Row: Mr. Doak, Cloyd, Yoder, Bowen. Second Row: Coleman, Brower, Mr. Bland. Epsilon Pi Tau is a national honorary fraternity in the field of industrial arts. Its members for this field chapter are chosen from juniors and seniors who maintain a B average or better in their major field in the indus- trial arts. Professors and teachers are also invited to join. The fra- ternity ' s threefold purpose is to recognize skill, promote effici- ency, and to foster and publish the results of recent research and advancement in the field of industrial arts. Paul Brower checks the measurements on his built-to-scale house. 143 • f J mrrrmT f7K7awaVAt iK BK Accounting Club The Accounting Club is de- signed to enable its members to see the practical aspect of ac- counting in the world outside the classroom. The membership is not only for accounting majors and minors but also for other students who are interested in the field. The club engages speak- ers who give them a personal glimpse of general accounting principles. Among their many ac- tivities are trips and tours of local city governments to observe the accounting processes used today. This year ' s officers are Marvin Tyler, president; Larry Aker, vice-president; Phillip Lundeen, secretary; Ottis Patterson, treas- urer; Miss Louise Templeton and Mr. Edward Knippers, ad- visers. First Roiu: Tyler, Aker, Lundeen, Patterson, Cook, Darby. Second Row: Walker, Miss Templeton, Hunzeker, Mr. Knippers, Dermont. Third Row: Sawyer, Knap- penberger, Enstice, Cleaver. Carolyn Cook, Bill Helton, and Linda Meyers tackle an accounting problem. 144 anNiMM»iim,mf!isi:mfiasivtw-. ' j }auKiiW ' .i ■ ' ::. ' Ko ,TO ' f, :,v g ' ' t-:y:a iw-- w,w ;i ' ' S ' ; » .:(::i ' s;i.-- i:y- .Hi . A M ' . ' jyjiH« ; Women ' s Business Club The Women ' s Business Club was recently organized on cam- pus to promote the interest of Florida Southern coeds in the business world. This organization brings together women who are business majors or who show a profound interest in business. This year the Women ' s Business Club has been accepted to re- ceive a charter for Phi Chi The- ta, a national women ' s business- orientated fraternity correspond- ing to Delta Sigma Pi. They have carefully planned meetings with educational speakers, and field trips. Members of the Women ' s Business Club are kept informed on the business world today and of new methods which develop. The officers are Cathy Edwards, president; Fran Caton, secretary; Linda Myers, treasurer; Miss Louise Templeton, adviser. Linda Myers prepares a program for a club meeting. First Row: Edwards, Caton, Myers. Woods, McHan, Cook, Spaulding. Second Row: Hunzeker, Anderson, Dicks, Tallamy, Cleek, Duffer, Miss Templeton. 145 • ♦ «a j g y r Mg.ftg»gB g5 --,; :»a »iwa6«Bn«!g-Mfl«»aia»»aiiwCTa»«t American Chemical Society The national American Chemi- cal Society was founded in 1876. In November, 1958, chemistry majors formed Florida Southern ' s Robert S. Bly chapter, affiliate of the American Chemical Society. The purpose of this organization is to improve qualifications of chemists, to advance chemical knowledge, to promote research, and to encourage advancement of chemistry in all branches. Membership is open to all stu- dents interested in chemistry as a profession. The officers this year are Rich- ard Steele, president; Mary Gin- ger Steele, vice-president; Diane Houser, secretary-treasurer; Dr. T. M. Willard, adviser. Richard Steele demonstrates the use of the infra-red spectrophotometer. First Row: R. Steele. G. Steele. Houser, Sabina. Petterson. Eisenberg. Second Row: Mr. Smith, Blessing, Cochran, Rankin, Mr. Tyus, Millett. 146 ♦ k ♦ V • " MBmroNW»«wi««M«B iat w .ira y- v ' v i;;; :■■;- ;.■. ;:J;1; .w■ ? i :.. ' ■ i-f ■j ' y : ■}Ai ' f, S- : ' ' ' .-.V.i il ' iX-K ' x. ' ' r-: ' ' i-» , ' y- ' ' . ' American Institute of Physics First Row: Dulzaides, Houser, Blue, Driskell, Morrison, Jones. Second Row: Rob- bins, Eisenberg, Jen, Fitzgerald. Petterson. Sabina, Sawyer. Third Row: Hinson, Williams, Sweeney, Cohen, Steel. Fourth Row: Thompson, Wray, Brower, Love- day, Tibbitts. The American Institute of Physics, receiving its charter on the Southern campus in Fall ' 65, is a part of the professional organ- ization of American physicists. All students with an interest in the physical sciences are eligible for membership. Tlie aim of the Institute is to encourage the study of the physical sciences and their applications in other science areas, to assist in develop- ing knowledge, competence, en- thusiasm, and a sense of respon- sibility appropriate to science. Activities include social events, outings, and tours of industries. The officers are Diana Dul- zaides, president; Diane Houser, vice-president; Lorraine Joyce, secretary; Mr. George Robinson, adviser. Dave Rankin and Mr. Francis Luce operate the ham radio, one of the club ' s projects. 147 • ' .♦, jj.» i. ««-»y«a, .r y ra « -j a»i« «KP y j g »»gWft!aW)iS Citrus Club The Citrus Club is an organ- ization which provides its mem- bers with an opportunity to meet with experts in the field of citrus. This year two members of the Plant Inspectors ' Board spoke to the club at one of its monthly meetings. The annual Citrus Club Banquet was its usual suc- cess with representatives and guest speakers from all over the state. The annual Florida Citrus Mutual Award will be presented to the outstanding citrus major in the May graduating class at graduation exercises. The officers this year are Bob Kerr, president; Paul Roberts, vice-president; Lamar Rimel, secretary; Jim Wiggins, treas- urer; Mr. William Lyle, adviser. Bob Kerr inspects the plants in the greenhouse for leaf mold. First Row: Kerr, Roberts, Rimel, Wiggins, Hovey, Council. Second Row: Blocker, Larkin, James, Culbert, Belcher. Mr. Lyle. Third Row: Mr. Mack, Cross, Jackson, Ezell, Durrance, Race, Carmichael. I I 148 Hn!BWfMftiiiwtM)«ea;«a rii ?w r :. ' .i i ' ;fi ' ,fK ' .,Kmi! . i-xi!iK .mms Soil Conservation Society Practical idealism describes the goal of the Soil Conservation So- ciety, as the members study and develop practical methods of con- serving our nation ' s most valu- able resource— the soil. Member- ship is open to all students of citrus, science or social studies. The Society sponsored guest lec- turers who spoke on topics of interest to soil conservation stu- dents. Held on Wednesday even- ings, these lectures were open to the general public. The officers of the Soil Con- servation Society are Paul Rob- erts, president; Jack James, vice- president; Bob Carmichael, sec- retary; Wayne Barnes, treasurer; Mr. Thomas Mack, adviser. Bob Carmichael and Paul Roberts test acidity of soil on the F.S.C. campus. First Row: Roberts, Jaines, Carmichael, Hovey, Culbert. Ezell. Second Row: Coun- cil. Blocker. Belcher, Kerr, l.arkin, Jackson. Third Row: Mr. Lyle. Wiggins, Dur- rance, Rimel. Race, Cross, Mr. Mack. 149 ■•■} g ' a-aK-gyA»w«-; r »ry »gCTgz »i! {gy Florida Academy of Science The Florida Academy of Sci- ence is composed of Florida Southern students who are ma- joring in the various areas of science. The purpose of the or- ganization is to promote research and experimental science. Its members meet monthly with visit- ing scientists featured as guest speakers. Among their numerous activities are trips to plants and laboratories in the area. The officers of the Academy are Bob Kerr, president; Lor- raine Joyce, vice-president; Diane Houser, secretary-treasurer; Dr. James McCloskey, adviser. Mary Newell and Stan Cochran perform an experiment to separate crystals. I First Row: Houser, Petterson. G. Steele. Second Row: Dr. Jordan, Eisenberg, Sabina, R. Steele. Third Row: Mr. Tyus, Mr. Smith, Rankin, Soper. I I 150 «mMIMMa3CT:yfi:VCTJXil» ,■::■■. ■lijagfrCTIim ' C, : ■•liv.v ;. ' ; " ;■ s ' -f»t?H ' Vu ' -iv. v-v.-. i. ' Alpha Mu Sigma First Row: Hum, Erickson, Nell. Second Row: Petterson, Flood, Donnelly. The women ' s honorary music fraternity, Alpha Mu Sigma, is music majors and minors and others interested in the field of music. Not only do their activi- ties include ushering at College concerts, and performing with Phi AIu Alpha, the men ' s honor- ary music fraternity, in concert, but they also participate in form- ing the Music Educators Nation- al Magazine. Representatives of the national Alpha Mu Sigma are invited to speak to the group during the year. All members of Alpha Mu Sigma are also active in other campus music activities. The officers this year are Linda Hum, president; Andrea Erick- son, vice-president; Dell Gille- land, secretary; Rosemary Nell, treasurer. Andy Erickson, Dell Gilleland, and Linda Hurn practice for their con- cert with Phi Mu Alpha. 151 3--- s »»wigg TO ««y3g»g»WBitt! gggjB.i American Guild of Organists The American Guild of Or- ganists is an organization con- sisting of the organ students on campus. They meet twice a month and listen to various types and makes of organs. Members study the history of the organ, and familiarize themselves with its functioning. In addition to visit- ing in the Lakeland area to hear different types of organs played, they also give a recital each se- mester. Their officers this year are Marjorie Flood, president; Paula Privett, secretary-treasurer: and Mr. Thomas Brierley, adviser. First Row: Flood, Privett, Mr. Brierley. Second Row: Johnson, Hazelwood, Erickson. Paula Privett receives instruction from Mr. Brierley on the organ. 152 ilMlY inWM»iaiB«tMI8B BiWTO i!r;W f ■■■■hi} U Yj:WVyl ' :mil:»XnH Music Educators Conference The Music Educators Confer- ence is an organization open to all music education majors. They meet bi-monthly to present and discuss ideas for varied musical program possibilities for school students. The Conference also studies the proper methods of teaching music in grammar and high schools. The officers of Music Educa- tors are Bill Hazelwood, presi- dent; Darrell Parsons, vice-presi- dent; Linda Hurn, secretary- treasurer; Dr. K. C. Anderson, adviser. Sally Luke receives instruction from Mr. Robert MacDonald. First Row: Hazelwood, Hurn, Dr. Anderson, Ludwig. Second Roio: Hawk, Nell, Flood, Luke. 153 m a fc mwii ' iTmiimatiai ' ■a. ' m imfwiiiaefimmsosemxii Inter-Faith Council The purpose of the Inter-Faith Council is to unite the campus religious organizations in closer bonds of friendship. The Coun- cil helps in morning vespers and prayers. Although the Council centers its activities around the formation and success of the an- nual Faith and Life Week, this year the Council added to its projects the organization of an Easter sunrise service. The officers are Geraldine El- liott, president; Sandra Smyly, vice-president; Mary Reid, secre- tary; the Reverend Stuart Mc- Rae, adviser. The Inter-Faith Council was host to Mr. Ollie Davidson, a traveling Chris- tian missionary. First Row: Elliott, Kincheloe. Reid. Second Row: Hughson, Bonnett. 154 Bra«wn«»nnM««aw«i iB«tff ' . v.i.: • ,.■.:, ma: iwg;.v-sf (?»ws« v ' : y ; ; Baptist Student Union First Row: Brackney, Esau, Jones, Newell, Middleton, Hughson. Second Row: Dr. Smith, Cleaver, Hurt. Ne in. Kincheloe. Col. Gciger, Mrs. Hancock. The Baptist Student Union was founded for the purpose of developing Christian leadership among the Southern Baptist col- lege youth. It administers to the spiritual needs of Baptist college men and women, and extends the influence of the church to the entire campus. Open to all Bap- tists, members become active when they join a Baptist church in the educational center. The Baptist Student Union sponsored a spaghetti dinner to raise funds for the Summer Missions pro- gram and an International Tea for foreign students on campus. The officers this year are Stuart Brackney, president; Diane Esau, vice-president; Joyce Jones, j cre- tary-treasurer; Dr. Earl Smith and Col. Mack Geiger, advisers- BSU members prepare their spaghetti dinner. 155 ♦ ••■ f ♦ . .- ...,.,.«» o B««m ,aiSgea»a«? Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club is an organization of students and fac- ulty of the worldwide Anglican Communion, represented in this country by the Episcopal Church. It ' s purpose is to help to create a Christian community on cam- pus. Canterbury gathers for a celebration of the Holy Eucharist each Thursday morning in the Fletcher Theatre and meets on Wednesday evenings for religious study groups. The Canterbury Club sponsored periodic trips, in- cluding a visit to the monks in Orange City, Florida. All Saints ' Parish sponsors Canterbury and two of its clergy, Father White and Father Kennedy, serve as advisers. The officers are Steve Chris- tine, president; Jon French, vice- president; Bill Laswell, secretary; D. D. Donnelly, treasurer; Mr. Mel Wooton, faculty adviser. Father Fleming chats with members of the Canterbury Club. First Roto: Christine, French, Laswell, Donnelly. Tallamy, Stampa, Naclerio, Markert. Second Row: McGill, Sapp, Thomas, Grove, Hornbeck, Bullock, Reid. Third Row: Jerkins, Johannes, Wallace, Coles. Father White, Father Kennedy. 156 paM mc.ixtaiimHeiBSsmfiifji i! ' -. ■■; ! Kiv:, ' i i: ;:.;:ai,av-;. :.v7--M ' ■ ;. ..J.M Methodist Student Movement The Methodist Student Move- ment is a group of Methodist students united for the purpose of furthering the attitudes of Christianity on the campus. MSM activities include sponsoring an international banquet honoring foreign students on campus, car- oling at Christmas time, a hoote- nanny, and a little brother and sister adoption program. The officers this year are Jackie Jonas, president; Dick Kindred, vice-president; Ginny Yates, secretary; Don Dial, trea- surer; the Rev. Stuart McRae, adviser. Students sign up for membership in MSM. The Methodist Student Movement. 157 .- w« .e»y» -.r ' T - yjP £tiaS?y 7 gi jgf Hillel Club W r The Hillel Club is an organi- zation of Jewish students inter- ested in promoting the Hebrew ideals on the campus, in the com- munity, and in the world. Some of their activities include holding a monthly bagel and lox break- fast, social hours, and interesting speakers for their meetings. Through the combination of re- ligious teachings with social meetings, they gain a greater knowledge of their heritage. The officers this year are Steve Landau, president; Ronald Sil- vers, vice-president; Bobbie Eis- en, secretary; John Woodward, treasurer; Mr. Max Selig, adviser. Jay Weinstein and Ed Klinedinst make plans for the Hillel Club ' s monthly breakfast. »» «»iXBmt First Roiv: Landau, Silvers, Eisen, Woodward, Snavely. Second Rozv: Ascher, Kauf- man, Weinstein, Parker, Levine. 158 siii wnwKCTtiWiyj.. :vw--.!byrt r ■■ r. i ,vr,sff :vrt ,}yiif3Ks»}Sinx mm v.f)! »vi..j»i«ii«t .vti- GREEKS • ' .• -rfC ' Kga«afrWCT« .:v-- «igv;a.?.a?r;w:yw ff.g, ■X ■OK-. ' Bm J " i : S ' .« « " ' !-c;::;. -3a ::p " 5 .. r Vv. ' i- l?! m anBCTBWlBiniBMKt BTfflgHBlW ■ ' n i.i yK ■rr c•:r. ' ■v: iihVf « li)KX■ a l fr, ' ' ' -• ' ■ ' - ■■ ■ ' ■ ' -y f ' wa ' -fy. ' .yigiismyxf f KmiaztiPg IBA. ' -J j3F: 162 anitsMi«WBWwpiBBaw aait;«tr ' .■■ ' .ii }: ;,y:mK:.y:i ' n. ' . ' s iWKi ' UMWv. Greek God and Goddess Elected annually, the Greek God and Goddess rule over Greek Week. Each fraternity and sorority nominates one candidate for god and goddess re- spectively, and these nominees are voted on by all Greeks. The identity of this year ' s Greek God and Goddess was announced at the annual Greek ban- quet. They are Ronnie Lauderdale, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Melody Wolfe, Alpha Chi Omega. GREEK GOD, RONNIE LAUDERDALE: GREEK GODDESS, MELODY WOLFE 163 f i ■• - ..« , , «r»;« ' ' vafJ V W !itfgf Jrt !«$ r gJ ! GREEK HALL OF FAME These students have been elected to the Greek Hall of Fame in recognition of their outstanding work toward the betterment of the College and the Greek system. Active in every phase of college life, they are se- lected by a majority vote of all Greeks on campus. Each sorority and fraternity nomi- nates candidates, and these are presented to all the Greeks. Representative of the Greek spirit, these students are the ex- amples for all future Greeks. Dennis Ferguson, Pi Kappa Alpha. I I 1 I. . Il Mary Reid, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Tim Skidmore, Theta Chi, the only junior elected. 164 ■lllllirilll llllMII»IWl«BWH«an K»WB«)H!rotl»S« ;? ■ ■ ' W;, Mt-;Ow;:K1; ;V;W,|■ ; .:; -f; ; v , y| : ,nfr,v ' VM ' ;: ' ' U»l ' Pam Lipski, Alpha Omicron Pi. Jay Weinstein, Tau Epsilon Phi, and Elaine Center, Alpha Delta Pi. Jim Yeatts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Diane Esau, Alpha Gamma Delta, and Sam Schwartz, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 165 • ■_ .. ' giaE agjy.iay.atwai ay Panhellenic Council Acting as a forum for the discussion of sorority problems, the Panhellenic Council holds a most responsible posi- tion in everyday life of all Greek women on campus. It fosters the ideals of fraternity life on a high level, and governs the rules of sorority rushing and pledging. Some activities are rush, the Bermuda Party, a tea for inde- pendent vomen featuring sorority dis- plays, and an annual Christmas Open House and Sing. Panhellenic, together with IPC, collected toys at Christmas for underprivileged children, helped with the Heart Fund Drive, and with the Cerebral Palsy Drive in the spring. Membership includes two representa- tives and an alumnae from each soror- ity on campus. Officers are Elaine Center, presi- dent; Gay Herndon, vice-president; Jenny Thompson, secretary; Shirley Ticknor, treasurer; and Dean Hattie Eicholtz, adviser. Clockwise around the table, from left: Mayse, Bell, Coons, Cleek, Fleming, Farwell, Thompson, Ticknor, Center, Herndon, Brose, Murdock, Brown, Tallamy, Persak, Price, Williams, Pike. J H " Now, wasn ' t that sweet of him to do that. " 166 iiBgMiTWCT«a»a t«i»Baaw icaw r v ; ■, ;,■?; 7.:.,|;;,7 ■ .■ J;:. r lf( .V. s:s ?: t v:x t rrtv viAV x- ' -- -- ' ' ' I just don ' t know what to think about that. ' " So you ' re the one he went out with Saturday night. " ' Now open your mouth and say A-A-A-H. " 167 ♦ ......«.c ,.« ,i w ,,sg«a »a.MMw » g i pmamniunumma iiiiii Alpha Chi Omega Together let us seek the heights. Alpha Chi Omega was founded at DePauw Uni- versity, Greencastle, Indiana, on October 15, 1885. It was the sixth national fraternity to be founded and now has 104 active chapters. The colors of Alpha Chi Omega are scarlet and olive green and its official flower is the scarlet carna- tion. The Lyre is the National Magazine. Chartered on the Florida Southern campus on No- vember 13, 1936, Beta Omicron chapter holds an annual Christmas " cheer party " for the entire cam- pus to help benefit their cerebral palsy fund. Go, Alpha Chi! Go, Alpha Chi! Yeah, team! Lejt to right: Moore, Webster, Ezell, Robertson, Pepper. OFFICERS SUSAN EZELL President MARY GAY NELSON First Vice-President GINGER WEBSTER Second Vice-President ELLEN ROBERTSON Treasurer LINDA MOORE Recording Secretary PAM PEPPER Corresponding Secretary i P m w ' f • ' ■ ' 168 «am«aiMBa«m w«Rviinjniw;;;;.;;.ri;vimr- ■■ ' .■i»::.mi ' if!KiKfnKS»xiJifiV.- ' :ii ' ■■. n ;. : ■■ ' .. ;l lyw Ir:■ :y. ;| . ■s- ■f.i■ 1 w■ ■- ■ia.■ li ... ■■.. T .ni. r.. .«i««:».TVK , y %mm Betty Lou Albert Nancy Bewley Marilynn Brose Barbara Burke Susan Ezell greets the Alpha Chi Sweet heart, Bob Kerr. ft ■v.-: : i Nancy Field Carolyn Fulford Joyce Jones Sue Kapp Lana Murdock Mary Gay Nelson Sue Onstott Pam Pepper Ellen Robertson Vicki Shannon Carolyn Smith Karen Stanley Ginger Webster Melody Wolfe 169 . ' wa ,y y. a ir?f ?wtv-4- -v ' --;.,y;tf t5a Alpha Delta Pi We live for each other. Alpha Delta Pi was founded on May 15, 1851, at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, as the Adelphean Society. The Gamma Gamma Chapter was granted a char- ter on Florida Southern ' s campus on April 27, 1946. Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon co-spon- sor the annual Greek Sing, in which all fraternities and sororities coinpete in song. Twice a year, the ADPi ' s collect food for a needy family. Blue and white are the chosen colors, and the offi- cial flower is the violet. President Elaine Center and Sweet- heart Bill Mowbray add a little atmos- phere to the ADPi lobby. iifci M . 9 ■; ' m . ;, ri - i u Front: Edwards, Taylor. Back: Center, Stover. OFFICERS ELAINE CENTER President CATHY EDWARDS Vice-President BEV STOVER Secretary IRENE TAYLOR Treasurer 170 ■- ..• : : ' 7m % • ♦ • KWmoraiWaMianawaRlWKtmaiast X ■■ ' ' ' ■i v.;t.., .: i,-,. ' :y y■.:l v ,e:■ Vfr. ■x.■,,f■v-t ■.v :v;v. .. .. u. ... .. ' -. . ' t ' " -v»»w»:« ' v - ' , ' Sharon Anderson . Sandra Bailey Elaine Center Kay Chellman Maryann Chinn Ginnv Colebum Wanda Crowell Cathy Edwards Diane Faulkner Myra Leeper Nancy McHan Yogi Moiitgomtry Sandy Railsback Carolyn Davis Carole Gamett Cindy Goode Johnnie Hevener GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER Irene Taylor Susie Williams Caroline Wilson Marilyn Wolfe ' " ' " L iiivia v .. vxiii.v.i v 171 ■ « :ii. j " rv " P5ri% 9 CJ»VW0T«j - ' 7 ».-3«)a: puis .(fm!iti »x K»:Ht ' as»iiwf: a9m»! ' . Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta was founded at Syracuse Uni- versity, Syracuse, New York, on May 30, 1904, and now has 95 collegiate chapters. Since Gamma Theta ' s installation at Florida South- em on April 26, 1958, the members have held an annual Christmas Faculty Tea. Alpha Gamma Delta contributes to the National Society for Crippled Children and Adults which pro- vides fello vships for training counselors in aid to the handicapped. Its colors are red, buff, and green exemplified by the fraternity flowers, red and buff roses, with green fern. President Sarah Laymon and Sweet- heart Jim Cairnes discuss the beauty of the favors from the Alpha Gam weekend. .■ ' ■ . :■. . .... ..j ' ,:tf:MM Left to right: Downing, Laymon, Fichtner. OFFICERS SARAH LAYMON President DONNIE GRF.EXWAY Vice-President MARGARIA FICHTNER Secretary JANE DOWNING Treasurer 172 %M »«Btgtt»WaHgt1WWMl»WWBJBSJfflyil?;i»g ■■ ■ t ' ; K ?; tR■,:; ' ?f.. ' . :l-i ' .V■■■.a " :.: v- .:. ; ■ ' ;:.. ; ' I,;Tc y;v, ;v.-;v:V.f M;! .v- ■ ,i- Jt.;w £: .. , ,.-u..,. ,.■ :■ ■.ll »■ Mary Ann Aiello Aleta Brown Susan Brown Eleanor Burkey Jane Downing Cheryl Eddy Toni Eichhorn Andrea Erickson Diane Esau Margaria Fichtner 4% k ik% f Sandy Gibson Debby Gotwalt Susie Gray Donnie Greenway Margy Hatcherson Mary Holmberg Valerie Hubbard Linda Kiddoo Sarah Laymon Jenny Middleton Judy Naclerio 1 Joyce Pendleton Sara Price Donna Smith Sandi Smith Nancy Stampa Susan Stanley 173 • - ' •♦ f : M-: j-:f 4fr-Kfc ii[- ;v. ' .?i .y Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Omicron Pi was founded on January 2, 1897, at Barnard College, Columbia University, New York City. Since then AOPi has grown nationally to 74 collegiate chapters in the United States and Canada. The national philanthropic work is the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky. Their color is cardinal and the flower is the Jazqueminot rose. To Dragma is the fraternity magazine. Alpha Omicron Pi was the first local sorority on Southern ' s campus, and was called Kappa Gamma Tau. It became National Alpha Omicron Pi on May 5, 1946, as the Kappa Gamma Chapter. President Pam Lipski and Sweetheart Eric Eisnaugle admire the Greek Sing trophy while putting on their favorite record. Left to right: Lipski. Luke, Fuhrman, Wallace. OFFICERS PAM LIPSKI President SALLY LUKE Vice-President PAM FUHRMAN Recording Secretary FR. WN LAKE Corresponding Secretary SHERRY WALLACE Treamrer 174 BB Ui Kathi Agnew ' - .... B Sandy Bradshaw Ginger Ball Judy Bunten 4 h 1 Fran Duncan Bobbie Eisen Gay Herndon Jean Jourdon Bev Shultz Sheila Smith . Virdia Van Huss R ■ Amy Ballantyne Laurie Black Bunny Blue Joyce Cannistraci Sandy Cline Pat Farwell .-■- " fe © •.. v. ' i.M Frawn Lake Sally Luke Stevie Spaulding Pat Tumey Bonnie Wager Sherry Wallace Sandy Wilkerson Sharon Cobble Marian Hawk Kay Williford 175 i- ' wrrgrwJKT " ' ' ' ' " ■° ' - ' ««« -- ' ' ' «« ' ' :g«g»ffa«» ' «» « y Delta Zeta To seek the truth and defend it always; so that I may lualk truly in the light of the Flame. Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on October 24, 1902. Delta Zeta now has 171 national chapters. Beta Mu Chapter was installed at Florida Southern on December 11, 19.S6. Spring semester last year the Delta Zeta ' s received the most Improved Scholarship Trophy. In November of each year they sponsor the Cornucopia Contest for the benefit of a local welfare organization which distributes the food to needy families. The colors of Delta Zeta are old rose and vieux green, and the flower is the Killarney rose. " Those taverns in Germany never were like this! ' ' ' . ' ' ' ' ? ' .. Left to right: Grove, Cook, Noecker, Tallamy. OFFICERS NADVNE GROVE President CAROL NOECKER 1st Vice-President KAREN HORNBECK 2nd Vice-President RUTH ANN TALLAMY Secretary CAROLYN COOK Treasurer 176 -Z v- l iiai!smsamrmisi»fy:(n(A; mr. ■■ -;v;: Kr:.isf ' :; ' jR ' .-;-v f.«s ' . " ' .;.rv:.s; ' .; , . u -y : v■:v.c ' :■;:y.friM v■- -;. .lv; : v : v. ,ii ,; l .,. .:■..:■ ..l ■■ ,v.. :e.■«»: ■ » - Joya Antinori Florayne Brown Rosemary Brown JoAnn Cargill - - ■ President Nadyne Grove sits with Sweetheart Bill Helton in Delta Zeta lobby. Jane Griffiths Nadyne Grove Karen Hornbeck Nancy Knight Sue Maloney Kathy Martin Judy May Nikki Nelson . ' ' At 4 4 Montine Cleveland Carolyn Cook Danna Donnelly Carol Noecker Dianne Paredes Gail Persak Charlotte Rubush Polly Sapp Ruth Tallamy 177 •m iizjsdii ' w:: y.,aaa«a w»gaiiaBWBnE ;fflfflnn Kappa Delta Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest. Kappa Delta Sorority was founded on October 23, 1897, at State Female Normal School of Virginia, now Long ' Ood College, at Farmville, Virginia. It has 105 active chapters throughout the nation. Gamma Epsilon Chapter was established on the campus of Florida Southern College on February 5, 1955. In December, the KD ' s sponsored their second annual " Tree Trimming Contest. " Pearl vhite and olive green are the chosen colors and the white rose is the flower. Kappa Delta was the first of the National Panhellenic Conference groups to select aid and care of crippled children as a national philanthropy. Left to right: Kimbrough, Mclrvin. Lincoln, Mitchell. OFFICERS SUE McIRVIN PresideiU CAROL KIMBROUGH Vice-President JUDI MITCHELL Secretary HEIDI LINCOLN Treasurer President Sue Mclrvin and Sweetheart Art Croxton ad- mire KD ' s many trophies. 178 , ..» ;«• -T -7« B«pmigiiiiaiigxwi»«iWgiM»«na«nt» n mtBro ■ ' ' -y i:,v ;; wt: ' ;wjR-.v :f ' iM vM ' ■:!■. ' .■■■. " , .- wft ; ' is; tRvtivwgy«» wfat y.nift Twh ' -gg ' -A- X Sandi Berry Paula Ambrose lie; Barbara Bradley Diane Burton r( ' «». -« P % Ellen Biermann Ula Blake Brenda Bloxsom Lynn Crankshaw Pat Crawley Nancy Edenfield Nancy Ek Heidi Lincoln rf t m Linda Parsons Alice Fleming Jean Helton Margaret Hussey Connie Idenden • » Ik i I ra i Judi Mitchell Connie Moore Nancy Owens Pat Pontius Sue V ' oight Kay Woelfel 179 wv g «ij gca»ar tPi«j» :?.w Baa.MBai Phi Mu The Faithful Sisters Phi Mu was founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, on March 4, 1852, and now has 92 collegiate chapters across the United States. In 1922, the Healthmobile in the State of Georgia was adopted as a National philanthropic project. The Phi Mu ' s sponsor a Greek family through the Chil- dren ' s Welfare Federation. Each Christmas a party is given for a local orphanage. Alpha Tau was granted a charter at Florida South- ern College on May 15, 1954. Its colors are pink and white and the Enchantress Carnation is the official flower. The Aglaia is the national magazine. How exciting it is when new pledges first come down to the house 1 Left to right: Davis, Meyers, Thompson, Boddy. OFFICERS BONNIE DAVIS President THANN BODDY Vice-President JENNY THOMPSON Secretary LINDA MEYERS Treasurer ISO ■«»miBZHMW«i g«BBamwmiaiimHg w ' .ti) ;, ' vlta?: aui ia l , ' . » ' ■ ' iia. ' g« : ' a Phi Mu Sweetheart Bob Dravecky holds door for Former President Kathy Renton. Renee Gaskill Lois Hedges Beth Holland Brenda Lam Marty Letsinger Sandy Loy Candy Mayse Linda Meyers Devorah Reddick Marsha Stevenson Sue Stim Jennifer Thompson Sandy Thorn Margie Underwood Marcia White Janet Woods 181 ♦ ' - ' ■ji s7ii, f}!iKKmr .w ms«6ss aa Sigma Sigma Sigma Faithful Unto Death Founded at Longwood College in Farmville, Vir- ginia, on April 20, 1898, Sigma Sigma Sigma now has 67 active chapters across the nation. Beta Phi Chapter of Tri Sigma was founded on Southern ' s campus on February 14, 1955. Tri Sigma ' s National philanthropic project is the Robbie Page Memorial Fund at the North Carolina Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill. The " Ugly Man " contest is sponsored each year. They also sponsor a Christmas party for a local orphanage. The official colors of Sigma Sigma Sigma are royal purple and white, the jewel is the pearl, and the flower is the purple violet. The Triangle is the offi- cial magazine. " But did it really look like that? I ' 7! ! i Left to right: Cave, McWhorter, Hobson, Neel. OFFICERS SUSAN HOBSON President JOANNE CAVE Vice-President JANET McWHORTER Secretary CHERYL NEEL Treasurer 182 jWJKsaiMiiati OTmasiwyawjgiBiwc Ay,«w Brenda Bracy Joanne Cave i Susan Coons Phyllis Curland P President Sue Hobson and Tri Sigma Sweetheart Kurt Hoch. fi Shirley Hardee Martha Hardwicke i i Cheryl Neel Rosemary Nell f -J i f . i Mary Reid Joan Wolfe Mary Woodward 1S3 • ♦ ' " • • ' • ' ' i -.i - ' -, ' y fatyizKa yrX«f vS3Pi ft»tV! ' m Zeta Tau Alpha Seek the Noblest The motto of Zeta Tau Alpha has helped to unite its members across the nation since its founding at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia, on October 15, 1898. Zeta Tau Alpha now has 127 active chap- ters. The National Philanthropic project of Zeta Tau Alpha is work with the Cerebral Palsy Research and Training Foundation. On April 27, 1957, Delta Beta Chapter at Florida Southern College was chartered. The official flower is the white violet, and turquoise and steel gray are the colors. " OOh, what a pretty picture. ' I Left to right: Haskins, Potter, Watkins. OFFICERS LARAINE HASKINS President EUNICE WATKINS Vice-President NITA GRAHAM Secretary MICHELLE POTTER Treasurer 184 ' ♦■;■% A 1 i- X ' yjt»hV)jyjin: ' r,: ' ji ' :y ' v. ' i iV ' ,i ' ' :sy}V ' ' r,: m !wr f m ffl Betsy Athearn Kathy Conroy Barbara Cook Patricia Duffer Jane Durrance President Laraine Haskins and Sweetheart Roger Simonson N ■■I . ' relax in the Zeta lobby. Elin Ezell Donna Farenwald Penne Freeman Nita Graham Carol Howard Betena Hurt Barbara Kelsev Barbara McKinley Daphne Pike I i Michele Potter Jean Reilly ' - Maxine Danford Martha Sargeant Sandy Tertany Eunice Watkins Sandy Watson Joan Young 185 ' ) ' 0 ■ ' W ' w y w5 gyA5gy.«p? - ;;aiiviTOiw«WRgCTiw M,u« „ a„.wMra Southernettes Sisterhood and Service Southernettes was founded January 15, 1952, as a unified organization for all qualified women, who are not affiliated with Greek social sororities. The pur- pose of Southernettes is to provide opportunities to develop leadership in service to the College, and to achieve cooperation between Greek and non-Greek women. The colors of Southernettes are red and white, and the flower is the carnation. ' Let ' s go easy on that fork! Left to right: Davenport, Marshall, Petterson. OFFICERS SYLVIA PETTERSON President BOBBI MARSHALL Vice-President JAYNE STREETER Secretary JANE DAVENPORT Treasurer 186 »iflgHiiwa«a«iM w»»B«i «wanm:MHM«i!Ri : If President Sylvia Petterson and Sweetheart Bob Cleaver. Diane Houser Barbara Maishall Sylvia Petterson Caryl Reynolds Jayne Streeter 187 ' -«wi w ' y- i t-.ar,ss waf!im3eafsmmf Clockwise around the table, from left: Sellner, Culbert, Gaines, McKee, Colado, Klinedinst, Croxton, DelVecchio, Ezell, Balser, Weinstein, Skid- more, Dean Campbell (adviser) , Mingledorff, Cash, Ingram, Cherry, Robinson, McLeod, Barker. Interfraternity Council Promoting the betterment of the College through the improvement of the social fraternities, the Interfra- ternity Council is comfKJsed of repre- sentatives from each fraternity on campus. One of the major aims of IFC is to equalize the opportunities of all the fraternities. Activities include co- sponsoring with Panhellenic Council all Greek Week events, including workshops. They also work together helping the Lakeland Jaycees bag Hal- loween candy for the children attend- ing the city-wide Halloween festival. IFC promotes through various retreats and other functions a closer relation- ship between all Greek men on cam- pus. IFC accomplished its purposes under the leadership of jay Wein- stein this year. Other officers were Tim Skidmore, vice-president; Dave Balser, secretary; and Doug Colfax, treasurer. " Don ' t mind him; he ' s our closet case. ' 188 % • % a» al ■B lH M BK g n !i Hgl l■Hl j «tawK ?aalW g«WTA ; ' " " " Now there ' s a hustler for you. ' " Now, if you guys will just pay attention for a few minutes . . . " mS:i M-M " Just keep smiling . . . they won ' t notice your hand-cuffs. " 189 ( (S. v - vv it ' t ' KitsrvaHmmnamtBiWJii sm ' sdAifmiiavisfiivifh-iWKK; Kappa Alpha Dieu et Les Dames— For God and the Women Kappa Alpha Order was founded on December 21, 1865, at Washington College under the guidance of Robert E. Lee. The official colors are crimson and old gold, and the flowers are the magnolia and the red rose. The Gamma Pi Chapter was installed at Florida Southern on May 9, 1958, and the Kappa Alpha Order now has 87 active chapters. Each year the KA ' s " officially " secede from the Union and celebrate the event with a Plantation Ball. It is an elaborate event complete with beards, Civil War uniforms, horses, and Southern belles. This year marks their 100th anniversary. " I ' ll bet they ' ll pay attention when I fire this cannon. " Kneeling: Soper, McKee. Standing: Hemerick, Colado, Echols. OFFICERS GUY COLADO President DON SOPER Vice-President JERRY ECHOLS Recording Secretary D.WE HEMERICK Corresponding Secretary BUTCH BORREGO Treasurer STEVE McKEE Historian 190 % • % • H lfrt X f iaSlKtr. ■yl yji,lMjaT ; ' W t■N;■i il. y ftM W«? J.Mi 7?l Wi.WK ' . g v 41 £ Henr)- Borrego Jerrj- Echols ' tn (MM iife Bill Fields John Gardner Charlie Hawkins Dave Hemerick George Henderson Guy Colado chats with KA sweetheart Ginny Yates. Lee Hepler Hoppy Hopkins Jim looss Perry James Cib Huck Layow Barry Lazzeroni Steve McKee L. ii iM Philip Murphey Michael Ogilvie Danny Sherman William Smelt A% Sk £k Don Soper Mike Staryk Bob Van Nostrand Bobby Williams Nick Wright 191 ,..:, ,..r nc!««K««j y. «aWgt« ' MHlg»»i«i Kappa Sigma Charlottesville, Virginia, the home of the Univer- sity of Virginia, was the founding place of Kappa Sigma. Since its birth in the year 1869, it has grown to 137 chapters across the nation. Theta Alpha Chap- ter was installed at Florida Southern College on April 4, 1959. The official flower of Kappa Sigma is the Lily of the Valley, and the fraternity colors are scarlet, white, and emerald green. Kappa Sigma is vell-kno vn on campus for its an- nual sponsorship of the " Kappa Sig Olympics, " in which sororities compete against each other in a day of fun and frolic. " Ladies mount your poles. " Left to rii iil: DiavcLk , ISakui , Hull. Imiiiaii. OFFICERS RALPH BAKER President RICK VVNER Vice-President ROBERT DRAVECKY Secretary JIM HULL Treasure! BOB FREEMAN Grand Master of Ceremonies 192 ifcTStw«tBg«iaBciiga»Baaa»g-,gri-iH i, M? r,..,.,..-,,.., ,-,-iv iii Mike Barker Rusty Boyd - f : Donnie Davis Robert Donovan Ralph Baker gives the Kappa Sig sweetheart, Kay Woeliel, a push in the swing. Robert Dravecky Bob Freeman Kenneth Keithly Bill Kempfer Tom Lawrence George Mecke Roger E. Roach John Tower Rick Vyner Steve White Skip Williams 193 a ' gr »;-.w .- rff-.?;j: ;y »i{«asf««y.«ag«a Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Kappa was founded on March 15, 1873, at the University of Massachusetts. There are 78 ac- tive chapters. Omega Triton Chapter was founded April 2, 1950. The fraternity ' s colors are silver and magenta. The official flower is the red carnation. At the Honor ' s Convocation for the school year 1964-65, the scholarship award for the spring semester was given to Phi Sig. Phi Sigma Kappa ' s cardinal principles are to de- velop character, stimulate scholarship, and promote brotherhood. Seated: Enstice. Standing: Aker, Adams, Lyle. OFFICERS ROBERT ENSTICE President CHARLES ADAMS Vice-President WILLIAM LYLE. JR Secretary LARRY AKER Treasurer " Those Bat Man shows get funnier every week. " 194 P . ' 1SV$ i ' ' .KfK ' i ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ' [ !% SiMA ■ f ' f! V ' ' ' S U AVi• i: President Bob Enstice and Sweetheart Mary Woodward find the Phi Sig lobby a welcome rest from classes. Norman Blessing Richard Blue David Culbert :f- C5 £m Robert Enstice Steve Grimm William Lyle, Jr. James Ryder 195 rf3tf » jv jji r . • ' ■° ' ' ° ' ° ' » ««« ' «iaat gwM«»a; m. Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Phi K A Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Virginia on March 1, 1868. The local chapter, Delta Delta, became national Pi Kappa Alpha in 1947. There are 138 chapters throughout the United States. The fraternity colors are old gold and garnet, and the official flower is the Lily of the Valley. The Shield and Diamond is the national magazine. President Bill Ingram invites Sweet- heart Elaine Center to join him in the lobby. Lcjl lo right: Ingram. Cash. Evison, Agnew. OFFICERS BILL INGRAM President BRUCE CASH Vice-President BILL EVISON Secretary BOB AGNEW Treasurer RONNIE LAUDERDALE Pledge Trainer i V ,i . .11 196 B a»iaM aftCTiAami»!«raa«ag»6j? - ' 5 Bruce Aitken Jim Ammons Jack Baldwin Allen Bryan Bob Carmichael Bill Cauthen Wiley Clayton Bernard Deuto Charles Dickenson Ken Gibson Don Hall Scott Harris il William Hemphill Kurt Hoch Ken Huebner Dale Hunsucker Bruce Kelsey George Kerekes Ray Kingsbury Bill Lam Jay Lancer AM Bob McKnight Richard Mast Robert Novotny Frank Oktavec il i il Zeb Osborne Curtis Peterson Roger Simonson Bob Skeels George Spiecker Cliff Valentine 197 ♦ • ♦ ' " ■■■= ' ' ' -™ tCTra ; roi««g ,iwwfi ap-..- ;i -aw -;a Pi Kappa Phi Nothing shall ever tear us asunder. Pi Kappa Phi was founded December 10, 1904, at Charleston College, South Carolina. There are now 75 active chapters in the United States. Beta Beta Chapter was established at Florida South- ern College on October 16, 1948. The colors of Pi Kappa Phi are gold and white, and the national flower is the red rose. " All right, so you can whistle through your thumb; now let ' s get back to work. " Lejt to right: Addenbrook, Jacobsen, Myers, Beckman, Carlton. OFFICERS CRAIG JACOBSEN President RON MYERS Treasurer TOM ADDENBROOK Secretary HAPPY CARLTON Warden JOE LEER Chaplain BILL BECKMAN Historian 198 g «g!T»!a{w iwMg»gB ii: ■ ' y !w ,i- j isni ' t,inKKy. ' i:% fiMi ' f President Craig Jacobsen relaxes with Pi Kappa Phi Sweet heart Judy Bunten. 4l Happy Carlton Bill Crovsdale John Dunn Steve Helsel iii Rocke Hill Joe Leer John McLeod 65 Ron Myers David Robertson David Thorne Cas VVaddell Rolfe Wardner Bruce White 199 • ■ •••. ■♦• ' ■ " i w «4.»;ew -jf " nc Wl »-« « ' »»K 7»«w!aCTgaK«gHtife5 iM?fl ' gaTOWiBMiii«Ba Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was founded on March 9, 1856, at the University of Alabama in Tus- caloosa. The national headquarters of SAE is located in Evanston, Illinois. Florida Gamma chapter of SAE was chartered at Florida Southern College on November 12, 1949. The national fraternity now has 154 active chapters in the United States. The colors of SAE are royal purple and old gold, and the fraternity ' s official flower is the violet. Sigma Alpha Epsilon along with Alpha Delta Pi co-sponsors the annual Greek Sing. Wb r " ' " ' ' a I H Bp ' hQP m " Then there was this other chick Lep right: Helton, Croxton, McGee, Gregory. OFFICERS ART CROXTON President BILL McGEE Vice-President LEE GREGORY Secretary BILL HELTON Treasurer 2U0 tJSxsiimp »t mm-i:mKV ::jiH V:Si ' : , it. v ' --i iAO Former President Ben Tallman ex- plains the significance of the SAE lion to Sweetheart Bev Stover. 4 mk Dave Hamehvck Bill Helton C.avlon Howe Hil Kiescl ' Tom Kiesel Gar) ' Grcgoi-) Lee Gregory Jon Larkin Bob Lee Bill McGee Walter Manley John Schofield FLORIDA GAMMA CHAPTER ' i l iO Sam Schwartz Ben Tallman Bill Thompson John Wells Vally Wells James Wisnewski 201 y gg aa jMgWHBiiegi Sigma Chi In Hoc Signo Vinces: In this sign you shall conquer. Sigma Chi vas founded in 1855 at Miami Univer- sity, Oxford, Ohio, and now has 136 active chapters. The Epsilon Sigma Chapter was installed at Florida Southern in 1959. Each year the Sig ' s sponsor the " Sigma Chi Derby, " which prompts a week of spirit and enthusiasm among the sororities. A Derby Queen is selected to reign over the festivities. The official flower is the white rose, and the fra- ternity colors are blue and old gold. The brother- hood and love is exemplified in the symbolic " White Cross. " Former President Hank Andringa and Sweet- heart Susie Shy. Left to right: Sellner, Simmons, Deupree, Kinsey, Hoff, Brosius. OFFICERS JOHN SELLNER President CLYDE HOFF Vice-President DON BROSIUS Recording Secretary HUGH KINSEY Corresponding Secretary CHARLEY SIMMONS Treasurer BILL DEUPREE Pledge Trainer " Make those rushees feel welcome! " 202 « % % % : , ii J yv v f ftys w ftZl vi ta:ft.Yl ' Hank Andringa Dan Barber Tim Bassler Don Brosius Jack Caracuzzo i Ai ik ■! George Cook Pat Council Bill Deupree John Driggers Bill Durrance Mike Gordon c e £k £ £sk Clyde Hoff Donald Hovey Mike Huber Gran Jenkins Bob Kerr Hugh Kinsey k Don Laferriere Ed Mingledorff Tom Noonan m Tom Remington Lee Rust Dick Schlamel John Sellner C 0 f! ( Charlie Simmons Harry Snavely Thomas Wilhelm Gary Yoder Owen Youmans 203 ■f _ ♦•.•: ;♦ ' w.», v a- - - yf g y«y.;r ,p(v tvTOy rg3B «ata I Sigma Phi Epsilon Founded November 7, 1901, at Richmond College in Richmond, Virginia, Sigma Phi Epsilon now has 168 national chapters. The colors of Sigma Phi Epsilon are purple and red and the flower is the American Beauty Rose. The Florida Delta Chapter, founded at Florida Southern on May 8, 1949, received national recog- nition last Fall for outstanding scholarship achieve- ment. The Sig Eps hold an annual Christmas party with a sorority for local underprivileged children. Last spring they took, first place in the Intramural Sports ProOTam. " Watch the birdie— oops, ball! " Left to right: Yeatts, Ezell, Creech, Colfax. OFFICERS DOUG COLFAX President JIM YEATTS Vice-President ] Y CREECH Secretary BRAXTON EZELl Treasurer 204 ' ssanhsstssBS. ' s iisfixm ' xitnitx ' ti. ' ixn vj ' vw. it - t v.vl -i.-.v-a-. Ron Beasley Bob Bowman Jim Bussey Cabell Carlan 4i isi President Doug Colfax and Sweetheart Lynn Graf take a break between classes. Doug Colfax Jay Creech Braxton Ezell Pliillip Ferguson FLORIDA DELTA CHAPTER Bob Ford Richard Gensler Tom Reece Bob Uzelac Jim Yeatts 205 • ♦ ' ♦ : jgag a wjggv ' gggvig agtyy Tau Epsilon Phi Teps are Tops Tau Epsilon Phi was founded at Columbia Uni- versity, New York City, in 1910. TEP now has 60 active chapters across the nation. The fraternity colors are lavender and white and the official flower is the Lily of the Valley. The local chapter, Tati Rho, was established at Florida South- ern College on February 10, 1947. " That picture must be here somewhere. " Left tn right: Levine. Landau, Weinstein, Woodward, Silvers. OFFICERS JAY WEINSTEIN President EDWARD KLINEDINST Vice-President ROGER LEVINE Secretary STEVE LANDAU Treasurer JOHN WOODWARD Warden 206 ■HB«Ba3tflKlHKai!OMCiHSBBBI» J »MtSV-S»fi BfcHXB«ay5iO wi Steve Blake (K !l WJ I Jay Weinstein and the TEP Sweetheart, Ginger Webster, in front of the TEP house. Tom Eisenberg Myles Douglas ' f . Larry Friedman Edward Klinedinst Steve Landau Roger Levine Cl O ; j? L TAU RHO CHAPTER Ronnie Silvers Jay Weinstein John Woodward 207 » : ■• -.», w : -,.y v, . .V .r f,t»»Wr BP Tau Kappa Epsilon Pi Alpha Omega Epsilon Alpha Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded in January, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloom ington, Illi- nois. Teke is now the largest international fraternity, having 215 active chapters. Beta Tau, granted a charter at Florida Southern in November, 1948, was the first chapter of Teke in the state of Florida. Dtiring the fall semester, TKE spon- sored a drive to collect soap for the U.S. Marines to distribute to the people of South Viet Nam. The fraternity ' s colors are cherry and gray, the offi- cial flower is the red carnation, and the jewel is the pearl. " I wonder if Caesar ever had this problem Left to right: Downard, Lukes, Honeycutt. Edinger. OFFICERS EVERETT ROBINSON President DAVE HONEYCUTT Vice-President MIKE GARDNER Secretary PUNCH EDINGER Treasurer BILL LUKES Historian 208 Z-ySVthSG if J iiJ f Y ' ' }}%WL ' i ' i [-W,[ ' ilk Charlie Biidsong Jerry Buzzelli David Cobb Stan Cochran Sweetheart Jan Moore poses atop the fraternity ' s bell with President Ed Robinson. Robert Denmark Allen Downard Punch Edinger ii iii li Dave Honeycutt Dan Hudgins Jerry Leete Bill Lukes ik Joe Mills Roger Nichols David Rankin George Sellers George Warren Ed VVechsler 209 B.g=5g:« AiKBWaOTr«MmBa»a«iM Theta Chi Alma Mater first and The ta Chi for Alma Mater On April 10, 1856, Theta Chi came into being at Norwich University in Northfield, X ' ermont. The Gamma Delta Chapter, one of the 133 active chap- ters, was foimded at Florida Southern on May 4, 1946. Early last September they sponsored the first annual Theta Chi All Campus Dance. Theta Chi ' s colors are red and white, and their official flower is the red carnation. President Tim Skidmore gives sweetheart Marsha Kane a few pointers in the art of pool. Left to right: Skidmore, Darby, Knappenberger, McOsker. OFFICERS TIM SKIDMORE President GAIL KNAPPENBERGER Vice-President BOB McOSKER Secretary TERRY DARBY -. Treasurer CHUCK WATKINS Pledge Marshall " I wonder if he really did win this trophy all by himself . . . " 210 jSKoaim iiiwieaw riffonifesx tfaeDm.y . in ' j ' f D W ;¥ ' = Archie Buie Jim CairiKS Steve Christine Dick Clark Ray Cody Tom Conner 5 « f? David Fritchley Dwight Gaddis Dennis Gaines Joe Giurato Rodger Hardy John Hayes I Jim Jackson i James Lee Gary McNamara John Metz John Moore Terry Oberle ' - .. Joel Patterson Mike Petrone Bob Roadarmel Mike Sams Tom Sawyer Jim Stewart Doug Talmadge Ed Vetter Kinny Walker Jay Weaver Paul Wilhelmsen 211 «».«« . ,g «g ' y.»- i«1 0- Bobbie Eisen is all smiles as she accepts the trophy for the best sorority from Art Croxton. AOPi retired the trophy this year after winning it for three consecutive years. Greek Sing Every year Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Alpha Delta Pi sponsor Greek Sing. In- itiated in 1955, Greek Sing has grown each year. All sororities and fraternities are eligible for competition. Judges from nearby schools and churches are selected by the Greek Sing Committee. This year Alpha Omicron Pi became the first Greek organization to win a trophy for three consecutive years, and retired the trophy for the best sorority. Caroline Wilson presents the trophy for the best fraternity to Bill Ingram. Pi Kappa Alpha. Ellen Biermann accepts the trophy for Kappa Delta presented by Dean Nelson Hoffman on behalf of the College for the " best of the rest. " The AOPi ' s sing their way to victory tor the third year. I " I The Pikes appear in top-notch form to wfin. 212 iui»Biiiiit ri a; BaM a«gwi8aassaii BjgaB«H ■ - " — ..V ATHLETICS r £s ! 4 ivnsry jrassyrisr i ' X ' jf,. ' - . I " i tv- .ti »M l M Mgj »Bsaa!;»KaCTi«« ' ww«a 8 7 ' l ' w » ' a f ' ' t ' ' C ' ' ' m ' - S - - ' Se W.,-Vt-.. -- „ „«S, .. s -f V. s-, S -Sf . «»-« 5- : i. .: fc V . ■f " W ■ -r r,f! r . ' .r:i-i-.y.-.. .c: ' . vr yii I i M ■ ■■ ■ 7i(jj •v 1 « i ivviir ' i ■ vffl- , ■■ ..: ..-■ ■- -., -.»i. fl 216 ' Ktk5SE?£Wi §waftifSW;w: niiM 1-VAW ff -Ti ' -r W0i, ' vlC ;(J 4,- l;:, , «■ t .-fW -vv«41i • ir n M 1 The dream of the administration and faculty, as well as the students, came true as Florida Southern played its first bas- ketball game in the new George W. Jenkins Field House on December 6, 1965. This new addition to the campus is not only used for varsity contests but for intramurals as well. In short, it is the home of all physical education activity at Florida Southern College. s ;.= ; s 217 - ' ' « c«KCWM ' :a H Varsity Basketball This year ' s Florida Southern Basketball Mocs proved themselves as one of this school ' s finest teams despite the loss of last year ' s number one man, Bobby Bowman, by compiling an over-all record of 16-9. Co-Captains Mike Huber and Dan Doherty led the team to victories over such schools as Mercer, Georgia State, Tulane, and University of the South. A superb defense and a steady of- fense were the watch words of this year ' s team, not to mention the added incentive of having a real home court in the new George W. Jenkins Field House. Coach Greene can pride himself for having one of the best all around teams in the past years at Southern. 218 ,y i(aa«i. i Left to Right: Dick Gensler, Jim Hayes, Gail Knappenberger, Tom Conner, Gary Bowker, Mike Huber, Dan Doherty, Ellis Shaw, Scott Fiugerald, Jerry Presley, Dave Spiro, Fred Lewis. Left: Dan Doherty is up for a rebound in the South Carolina game in the George W. Jenkins Field House. Above: Jim Hayes with an assist from Scott Fitzgerald seems to have the upper hand in this battle. Right: Tom Conner is up for one of his " soft " outside shots against Rollins. 219 r ♦ « ..«« «a- ,y.«:yy»yagi a3Kf jg BASKETBALL contd. Head Coach Tom Greene and Assistant Coach John Mack. Dan Doherty and a William and Mary player battle for possession of the ball, while Mike Huber stands ready to assist. 220 BmBMMa«MMU»uiiiiu«WTOa AtBJAB;ii;i ' n»!at»aftww»« ' 9tJWWV ll ' iiV»,-i Always a crowd pleaser, the " Huber Hook " again hits its mark. Left: Getting ahead of his man, Scott Fitzgerald adds two more to the Moc tally. Above: Despite the defensive effort of a Rollins player, Jim Hayes gets off a beau- tiful jump shot. 221 ' ■• - ♦ : • ? ; ' I Above: George Jenkins tosses up the first basketball in the new George W. Jenkins Field House at the Citrus Invitational, the kickoff of Southern ' s cage season. No. 45 is Millard Nixon of Rollins and No. 55 is Southern ' s Dan Doherty. Right: Up against two Rollins defenders, Jim Hayes gets off a shot. ( BASKETBALL RESULTS Won 16 Lost 9 Opponent OpP- Rollins College 59 Hampden-Sydney 59 Tulane University 72 Rollins College 59 Georgia State College 50 Union University 67 Washington and Lee 59 Macalester College 77 University of South Carolina ... .67 University of the South 60 Georgia State College 49 University of Miami 89 Stetson University 49 Mercer University 56 Cumberland College 86 University of Miami 101 William and Mary 69 Stetson University 71 Tampa University 114 Florida Presbyterian College 80 Tampa University 62 Belmont Abbey 69 Frederick College 77 Rollins College 75 Florida State University 99 ■•Citrus Invitational Tournament FSC 89 82 68 91 90 74 93 75 57 65 62 66 69 78 90 80 61 65 93 87 69 97 98 104 54 222 msss:iMmimi£ wm ' r,. :i i v:.-V7JVt«MWiQj;n ' . j v g.t:ri-!-Vji:. ' ' ' : . ' •, ' ' .v_,•. ' :. - ' ■.i::st ' : !- Junior Varsity Basketball Under the coaching of John Mack, a newcomer to the Southern coaching staff, the Junior Varsity has begun to build future varsity stars. The team had three men over 6 feet 4 inches tall, and gave their competition a rough time in each contest. Right: Freshman Fred Lewis (23) gets valuable varsity experience playing against Rollins College. Left to right: John Aleffi, Tom Collins, Bill Fleischli, Den- nis McGill, Dan Sherman, Don Miltz, Shelby Strother, Coach John Mack Larry Loveday, Sullivan. Wayne Gambill, Gary Bowker, Mike 223 ♦ ♦ ♦ ' Cheerleaders The enthusiastic cheerleaders provide the " Come Alive " spirit vhich prevails throughout the year at Southern. With an active student body behind them, they cheered the varsity squads to victory. This_ year the cheerleaders organized a new club, " Spirit Incorporated " which added even more pep to the cheers of the crowd. Bottom row, from the left: Susie Williams, Sandy Railsback, cocapt., Barbara Burke, Jean Helton. Sec- ond row: Karen Stanley, Margaret Hussey, Brenda Bloxsom. Top: Paula Williams, capt. 224 i giiiSffi!6Si; a£aMB, ' ' ' iff ' m i-r;:,t .r:-.M ' fe» ' .L . :s.«- •• Cheerleaders, as well as players, anxiously await the referee ' s decision. Tense mo- ments accompany each big game. Lively cheers from the bench give an added incentive to win to the team. 225 ' ' • • -J ■.y:y., ' ' ryy. Soccer This year ' s squad had a nucleus of eleven lettermen which led the team to the Florida Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Championship. Terry Darby, squad captain, brought honors to Southern as he was selected as a member of the All State Team. With competition unusually stiff, the " hoot- ers. " under Coach Jim Bush, ended the year with an impressive record of 4-4-1. Right: During an away game against Stetson, Terry Darby stands ready to make an assist to his teammate. Front Row (from left): Bruce Kelscy, Bruce Bain, Don Sabatini, John Hayes, Terry Darby, John Tower, Doug Perry. Second Row: Mike Sheiman, Fred Hall, Jim Berry, Elliott Goodman, Kurt Hoch, Jim McCollum, Gerald Kaufman, Dave DelVecchio. Third Row: Bob McOsker, Jim Yeatts, Dave Balser, Bob Kerr, Jim Stewart, Pat McNulty, Wally Wells. 226 y yjs»v w -H vw yi K»iaati5!!Awa» ! !i«AwvHigiv». i«-cv» t-»« ■. ' :-.- ' OV; lU ' l SOCCER RESULTS Won 4 Lost 4 Tied 1 Opp. University of South Florida .... 4 Emory University 5 University of Miami 3 Jacksonville University 1 University of Miami 4 Rollins College 2 Stetson University Rollins College 1 Stetson University 5 FSC 3 4 1 2 3 5 2 5 n i :i T»a. H .r.ll»v»- - » .. ..■»)«l 227 :- • : ■ Front Row (frotn left): Doug Priester, Don Sabatini, Bruce Aitken, Fred Mayer, Bill Mowbray. Don Lesher, Tom Collins, Charles Feasel. Second Row: Tom Jones, Randy Lewis, Chuck Russell. Frank Oktavec, Barth Morreale, Steve Hockensmitli. Third Row: Ken Smith, Gary Morgan, Charlie Simmons, Dan Owens, Doug Burek, Bob D ' Angio. Fourth Rozv: Barry Lazzeroni, Ralph Feola, John Gardner, Bob Bates, Wayne Gambill, Eddie League, Randy Williams. 228 ' ; y yf i Wtf ; j tg ' . ' . ' iy. ' t Kj75w.wt »«:rw w n»ji ii xSfWxnmwa TmMrt f - ' jii ' - „.i.iCv L;:fe: Varsity Baseball The Baseball Mocs hope to match or surpass last year ' s record of 20-7 which won the FIC title. The team is led by returning veterans such as Simmons, Priester, Mowbray, Oktavec, Sabatini, Hockensmith, Bates, Lazzeroni, and Bruce Aitken. Aitken, selected 1965 All-Conference and Second Team Small College Ail-American pitcher, had one of the lowest Earned Run Averages in the nation last year— .63 for 71 innings. Ken Huebner, MVP in the FIC for two years, signed with the Philadelphia Phillies and is missed by the team. The Mocs are facing such competition as the Uni- versity of Florida, University of Miami, William and Mary, Harvard and Georgia Tech. U Left: First baseman Steve Hockensmith at pre-season prac- tice. Below: Hockensmith connects for a single against the University of Florida at Henley Field. Hal Smeltzly Coach 229 , , ; VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 1 University of Florida March 2 Florida Presbyterian March 8 Florida Presbyterian March 10 University of Florida March 14 University of Miami (2) March 16 Georgia State March 17 Valdosta State (2) March 23 Amherst College March 24 Amherst College March 25 Georgia Tech March 26 Georgia Tech March 30 Davidson College March 31 Davidson College pj;i 1 William and Mary April 2 William and Mary April 6 Harvard University April 7 Harvard University April 13 Tampa University April 16 Tampa University (2) April 20 Stetson University April 23 Stetson University (2) April 27 Rollins College April 30 Rollins College (2) Action in the season ' s opener against the University of Florida Gators which was won by Southern, 5-4. 230 »B«ii Mwaa»t aaam!Bm«»c» : (W(RCTfi: . - -y a T I.rjl In Kii lii: Circg Ki.k kowsky, Kil Ccriaiu, Hob Agnew, Bill Cirainpton, Mike Gordon, Allan J. Menz, Glenn Phipps, Mack Brown, James Gustafson, Jerry Neal. Varsity Golf The 1966 golf team was another young team this year having six freshmen on a team of ten. To add to the " new look " John Mack was added to the athletic staff as golf coach. Under his leadership, captain Ed Ceriani and the Moc golf- ers showed that they had put in many hours of practice on the course. At Right: Ed Ceriani shows the form that made him the Most Valuable Player for 1964-65. 231 :v ..Wiy«» ,y,ra yy«Fgo5B)»BI jp » Varsity Crew The Water Mocs faired well despite having to face one of the toughest schedules to date. The varsity shell had five returning lettermen, two j.v. lettermen and one freshman. Bill Ingram was again at stroke. The Mocs rowed against such powers as Marietta, LaSalle, Pur- due and other excellent northern shells. The ultimate goal was to row in the Dad Vail Regatta. Left to Right: James Goforth (coxswain), Bill Ingram (stroke), Howard Harvill, Jim Stewart, Brian Weaver. Dale Hamm. Kurt Hoch, Dave Robertson, Paul Wilhelmsen. Coach Bill Daniels riKk Manager Bill Lam 232 n»HflUlBnflffZaH«DaaiQ3Z»9HHn«K ZCWHWWiuT --uK Above and Left: No matter how you look at it, Crew is a team effort. Every mem- ber of the team must function correctly or success will be lost. March 26 Amherst College March 30 ... . Purdue University April 5 . . . . American University April 6 LaSalle College April 9 . . . Cypress Gardens Regatta (Marietta College, American U., Jacksonville U., Tampa U.) April 16 .... Tampa University April 20 Rollins College April 30 . . . State Championships • . ,aK!! ! t»i(s m»am!assr ' ■Mb wn[ Junior Varsity Crew The Junior Varsity Crew, made up largely of freshmen, is a stepping stone to the varsity shell. The Baby Water Mocs were up against the same rough schedule as the varsity this year. Under the leadership of Coach Bill Laswell, they gained valuable experience. Bill Laswell Coach Coxswain, Dave Swoyer. Left to right: Deuto, Lei- singer, Wilcox, Windham, Phillips, Haas, Cruishank, Sweeney, Cleaver, Etheridge. 234 Varsity Track The newest addition to the varsity sports pro- gram at Florida Southern is track. The Cinder Mocs are made up of a number of former high school track stars, who will be the foundation for upcoming seasons. Vith an ideal climate this sport should grow at Florida colleges and universities. Larry Bland, a former high school track star and University of Missouri football player, is piloting the new track team. At left: Members of the team go over the train- ing schedule with Coach Larry Bland. First Row: Skip Herndon, Mike Fogt, John Schofield, Huck Layow. Paul Alley, Bruce Bain. Second Row: Coach Bland, Tom Williams, Dave Goodwin, Perry Edge. Dan Barber, Wiley Clayton. 235 ♦ ♦ ♦ n!l9i!!!9i!!lili Varsity Tennis With only a few returning veterans, this year ' s Moc Netters included six freshmen. The competi- tion was stiff, as usual, but the team ' s enthusiasm helped during each match. Coach Bush felt that the boys improved greatly during the year, and their experience will provide a basis for an even better team next year. The Mocs made a fine show- ing in conference and state matches. Left: One of last year ' s veterans, Steve Blake, displays his form as he serves during a practice match. Coach Jim Bush . " m Front Row, from the left: Bruce Price, Bob Archer, Carl Beverly, Charles Orth, Dean Shimer. Bnck Row: Stan Cushman. Roger Levine, Paul Brewer, Bob Hadden, Steve Blake. 236 XKl}S1fi!0«f!lXVmmtXf»K:: ' :i- ' J V! ' ,iW. f Wi ' :iSW - ■.iiis ' .ivw.-itv.v.Bi !.■.«,. y, 1 .™ k 237 f wto_ Intramural Sports The Intramural action is fast paced energy every second of a game as fraternities, sororities and independent teams vie for the coveted All- Sports trophy. To be in contention for this each team must participate in both major and minor sports. Southern ' s program includes such major sports as football, volleyball, basketball, softball, as well as the minor sports of canoeing, archery, foul shooting, and wrestling. With the addition of the George V. Jenkins Field House, intramurals has become an even greater asset to students ' extra- curricular life. 238 aat»j«i«a«i«ww»«syfr.)WiKtPff:: f ,ii- ' ry.i , «.i Left: Both " A " and " B " League games take place in the new Field House this semester. Above: The " spike " is the offensive weapon in volleyball. Upper Right: Although low scores prevail in women ' s basketball, the high spirit more than makes up for the score. Below: There aren ' t many Johnny Unitas ' produced in the " Powder Puff " leagues, but who cares? Right: Bodily con- tact in ragtag football is supposed to be at a minimum, yet sometimes we wonder. sMJ " " ' - 239 ?.- . v,g7?M . . « vi«!aflgB-.fe:tM FOOTBALL ALL-STARS Left to Right: Jay Lancer, Ken Huebner, Bob McKnight, Dick Schlamel, John Ahlgren. BASKETBALL ALL STARS Front Row: Bruce White, Tom Wilhehn, Dick Schlamel, Donnie Davis, Bill Fleischli. Second Row: David Cobb, Jack Watson, Mike Gordon, Joe Gauches, Jim Lee. VOLLEYBALL ALL-STARS Front Row: Dick Schlamel, Jay Lancer. Second Row: Mike Huber, Dan Doherty. Mike Gordon. 240 Intramual Champions At the end of the Intramural Basketball season, Sigma Chi was leading in MIM points, having won both volleyball and football. Close behind were Theta Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha. Coach Matlock said this was one of the hardest fought intramural seasons he has seen. With the outcome of Spring sports will come the overall champions, the win- ners of the coveted All-Sports Trophy. JSm o Sr mli FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Roadrunners. Front Row: Bob DiBiccari, Bill Hoyer. Second Row: Dwayne Standish, John Ahlgren. Third Row: Bruce Price, Bruce Bain. Fourth Row: Joe Gauches, Ken Smith, Dave Keene. BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Sigma Chi. Front Row: Tom Wilhelm, Clyde Hoff, Don Hovey. Back Row: Tom Noonan, Dick Schlamel. Don Brosius, Gran Jenkins. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS Sigma Chi. Front Row: Tom Wilhelm, Don Hovey, Clyde Hoff. Back Row: Mike Huber, Dick Schlamel, Mike Gordon. 241 ' ' W ' • ' _, ' Intramural Boards The Intramural Department stresses a " sports for everyone " campaign. The Intramural Boards supervise all intramural activities on campus. They make the rules governing these sports. The Boards are composed of representatives from each frater- nity, sorority, and independent group which par- ticipates in tiie sports. Miss Joan Kemp and Coach Charley Matlock of the physical education de- partment are advisers. Joan Kemp and Charley Matlock Intramural Directors MEN ' S INTRAMURAL BOARD. Front Row: John Metz, Tom Mosher, Dave Martone, Don Davis, Phillip Ferguson. Second Row: Jim Berry, Mike Garrett, Wally Wells, Rusty Boyd. Third Row: Kurt Gainer, Dave Cobb. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL BOARD, front How: I ' oni Eichhorn, I ' auhi Raw- lins, Kathy Conroy, Ann Morrison. Second Row: Wendy Hamilton, Judy Naclerio, Sara Robinson, Anne Boyd. 242 »f8 H«BS» ia«»Wi a»S::v y.gW tW.?»T?e!aW ' flB!SYA» MILITARY 243 Col. Robert C. Hutchinson, Jr. Reserve Officers Training Corps The Reserve Officers Training Corps program at Florida Southern College is part of a national effort to train qualified young men as future officers for the United States ' Army. The R.O.T.C. plays a major role in the Army ' s leadership program by striving to build and develop competent, responsible individuals to serve as the backbone of the defense of tomor- row ' s America. I Left to right: Capt. Henry H. Hair, III; Maj. Wilmer D. Stewart; Capt. William J. Scale, Jr.; Maj. Rolland A. Dessert. 244 • .7 :T JT - ; « . • » .♦ • a Agia« ' ;wKat i-s:; ' ftvg»a!iK :■?. gy; ' -.v6v.- ' T ?y ' iiiy ' )fti ' y ' jv. " 4m jv ' .y Af:ti.HiMia. g«raiva. ' »«.-v» -»i.-»ji " " -- ' « S Sgt. John A. Calvert; M Sgt. John K. Wright, Jr.; SFC Lewis J. McEwen; S Sgt. Carl S. Hudson; Sgt. Maj. Eugene F. Britti. " Now, you pull this little thing-a-ma-bob and turn this what-cha-ma- call-it and it shoots! " 245 Cadet Col. Robert W. McKnight ♦ ♦ A ' ifYyM-!i :f iKK i-7mr ' , ' f s y w fA:u,-.M R.O.T.C. Sponsors Fourteen girls were selected this year to serve as Co-ed Sponsors. Selection to the honorary group is based on beauty, poise and the desire to serve the Reserve Officers Training Corps. The Sponsors ' main purpose is to help the R.O.T.C. cadets retain a sense of pride and prestige in their Army pro- gram, and to increase group morale. MARGARET HUSSEY .... Battalion Sponsor ELAINE CENTER . . Deputy Battalion Sponsor SUE McIRVIN Staff Sponsor MARILYN WOLFE Staff Sponsor CONNIE IDENDEN . . Headquarters Commandant MELODY WOLFE " A " Sponsor ELLEN BIERMANN " B " Sponsor MYRA LEEPER " C " Sponsor SUSAN EZELL " D " Sponsor MARSHA KANE . . Officers Candidate Sponsor BRENDA LAM Honor Guard Sponsor THANN BODDY . . Counter Guerrilla Sponsor BOBBI EISEN Band Sponsor JEAN HELTON Rifle Team Sponsor Co-ed Lt. Col. Elaine Center and Co-ed Col. Mar- garet Hussey First Row: Bobbi Eisen, Brenda Lam, Jean Helton. Second Row: Connie Idenden, Myra Leeper, Thann Boddy, Melody Wolfe. Third Row: Sue Mclrvin, Ellen Biermann, Susan Elzell, Marilyn Wolfe, Marsha Kane. 246 HHrftVSKSfiQCK VR woe wtKiffX ' itiim a 4 First Row: Fields, Thompkins, Jorgensen, Nichols, Jones, Bolton, Kimbrell, Goforth, Hunter. Second Row: Vernon, Emmons, Godwin, Cox, Romano, Roberts, Burger, Boyer. Third Row: Standish, Bussey, Jenkins, Getman, Hedberg, Rippon. Fourth Row: Murphey, Jerkins, Tucker, Baker, Ammons, Jenson. Honor Guard Counter Guerrilla Corps First Row: Daniels, Peterson, Osborn, Hofmann, Dunn, Downard, Weaver, Council. Second Row: Moerck, Black, Keyser, Whiting, Brooks, Parrish, Hall, Ferguson. Third Row: Leisinger, Frasier, Kracz- kowsky, Cameron, Cowan, Lee, Bryant, Hines. Fourth Row: Helseth, Lepper, DeVos, Wilcox, Sherlock, At- kins, Schauer, Brammer. Fifth Row: Brewer, Pappas, Scanio, McGinnes, Swartz, Hopkins, Small, Patteson. -.• w-mi 247 x« . ;- . «r a . ja{c.w » -w »a»« «:«aKB;»sv.awif.g»;Mi «iW!«««gaa t. -? f f • vv ' ■-V, w , - -V ' f ■ HM1M . ■ ' ■ r ' i y i1 p- Cadet Officer Candidates First Row: Honeycutt, R. Clark, Denmark, Bowman, Min- gledorff. Cash, B. Clark, Helwig, Colado, McGee. Second Rmo: Scharold, Deupree, DelVecchio, Mills, Gardner, Guth- rie, Rubio, Cleaver. Third Row: Ingram, Wells, Bassler, Barker, Parsons, Hardee, Shaw. Fourth Row: Thompson, Cross, Priester, James, Hudgins, Costan. Rifle Team First Row: Robert Bell, Gay- Ion Howe, John Baldwin, Carl Rousseau, Stephen Zanathy. Second Row: M Sgt. John Wright (Coach) , Kenneth Padgett, Kenneth McGill, James Whitehurst (Captain) . ■.X SI Cadet Officers ' itti Left to right: Cadet Capt. Charles E. Hawkins, HI; Cadet Col. Robert W. McKnight; Cadet Capt. W. Dennis Ferguson; Cadet Maj. Michael M. Ogilvie; Cadet Maj. James B. Stewart; Cadet Capt. Robin M. Robertson. ACADEMICS y • ' ■, ■ ' ♦ ■. ?w»5- r.ay y s«»gg;TStg i8WB8fegy !a .: ' -}f :y ' ■■ -;. - 4- ' -v ' ' ' v--4 ' ..fi ' . ' .-.£- ' ' -;■ " . c-i pid : • • " ♦ : t 252 fcra«iga»!HWBfl«ft3VTOWHW, . ' ■■ ' -1 ■-■« utiyxac« iw:«t«g «g»«Mi5.w»f«. ' ' ' " ' " »« -» " " CHARLES T. THRIFT, JR. President 253 , , . i f - ' -. -f ' " DEDICATION All the ideals, convictions, and dreams a man may have cannot be realized without the support of those he serves. A man willing to combine his private with his professional life, who puts students before self, and who keeps abreast of the fast-moving changes in the educational world, can succeed in selling his ideas to those who seek his counsel and help. An open door, a friendly smile, a patient ear and an encouraging pat on the shoulder have won our new dean of academic affairs many friends among students and faculty members. In appreciation, the staff of THE INTERLACHEN dedicates the 1966 edition to . . . NELSON M. HOFFMAN, JR. 254 9?ijii!i«g9aiira3«ia!UHiM»vx««3i»a»».sui i: 255 • ' 4 • ■•♦ I ' ' - ' ' ' V f i.,! iiii K- , The Board of Trustees J. F. ALEXANDER R. L. ALLEN SAM A. BANKS W. J. BARRITT, JR. P. M. BOYD W. S. BOZEMAN FARRIS BRYANT CLARE M. COTTON J. H. DANIEL L. DAY EDGE GEORGE A. FOSTER J. R. GRAVES JAMES W. HENLEY SPESSARD L. HOLLAND R. C. HOLMES GAYLON L. HOWE ERNEST G. McCLURG GLENN McCORMICK J. MILBURN McLEOD WILLIAM A. MEADOWS, JR. MRS. RALPH D. NEWMAN E. J. PENDERGRASS CUSHMAN S. RADEBAUGH J. CARLISLE ROGERS JOHN J. ROOKS MRS. E. T. ROUX HARRIS G. SIMS MYRL SPIVEY ANGUS SUMNER CAMPBELL THORNAL MRS. DAVID R. THURMAN LANIER UPSHAW MRS. RUTH S. WEDGWORTH WARREN W. WILLIS HERBERT E. WOLFE G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN In Memoriam Mrs. T. G. Buckner R. H. Berg 256 .A« Q Lj sssa vJirali Nelson M. Hoffman, Jr. Dean of Academic Affairs David L. Readdick Bttsiness Manager Corning F. Tolle Director, Community and Alumni Affairs Ernest L. Snodgrass Assistant to the President 257 - y .f v. . . ' gy- ' f--ia «aw gsar G. W. Baxter, Jr. Assistant Dean and Registrar R. R. BURNETTE Coordinator, Institutional Research and Testing P. R. Campbell Dean of Students J. H. Carlson Director of Finance Herbert S. Chase Vice-President, Institutional Development ATTIE L. ElCHOLTZ Carol M. Esau O. B. Fanning Francis E. Foland Nancy L. Ford Dean of Women Director of Director of Director, Executive Secretary Admissions News Bureau Department of Alumni Affairs Thomas H. Greene Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Mary E. Hackney Director of The Anntial Fund Dean Hoffman, Mr. Readdick. and Chaplain McRae are guests at a student banquet. Col. Robert C. William O. Johnson Hutchinson, Jr. Admissions Counselor Commanding Officer of R.O.T.C. 258 T i iiiti H ii i i i i i i i wrfnB ' iTiiiTiTgiiWTiT n fTiiM in nrir ' irinrirTiToiriinirirnr ' fniT-TmrrTTiiT — i — - — Mr. Lott enjoys a tasty treat at a faculty dinner. Roy M. Lott Admissions Counselor Robert MacGowan Dean, Annie Pfeiffer Chapel Francis L. Luce Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs Stuart I. McRae Chaplain Ida p. Moody Assistant Director of Placement Bureau Frank P. Szabo Director of Men William B. Mundy Director of Counseling for Admissions Virginia L. Point Director of Student Accounts JANEi D. Scon Administrative Assistant, Business Affairs ' OwEEN Sumner Librarian J. W. Vaughn, M.D. Director of Medical Services Harold Waters Director of Publications Gene Wetherell Extension and Development W. Paul Wille College Photographer 259 ♦: sm FACULTY R. H. Akerman Thelma H. Allin M.A., M.A., History Home Economics ■ " i4l fen K. C. Anderson P. Arnolds-Patron H. G. Barnett Downing Barnitz Larson M. Bland Otye B. Bly Ph.D., M.B.A., M.A., M.F.A., B.S., A.B., Music Business English Art Industrial Arts Library Thomas Brierley R. R. Burnette James O. Bush J. Marvin Cook M.A., Ed.D., M.A., B.D., Music Education Physical Education Mathematics John W. Cook L. Diaz de Arce 5.T.Af., Religion Religion R. A. Dessert B.S., Military Science Banton S. Doak Louise Eastwood C. F. Eickenberg Howard M. Field John B. Ed.S., B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Funderburg, Jr. Industrial Arts Library Biology Biology Ph.D., Biology 260 nri! HV]rft4maNBBttEfKnftr3ream(n»xiiujuuH»M «iv i Mack Gieger B.S., Military Science M. L. Gilbert Ph.D., Biology Henry H. Hair A. P. Hamelryck B.S., M.A., Military Science Spanish E. S. Hancock M.A., Business O. T. Hargrave B.D., History D. T. Holden John W. Hoskins A. Jack Houts Leroy T. Howe B.D., M.A., M.M., Ph.D., Religion Sociology Music Philosophy C. J. HuDDLESTON Matlub Hussain M. S. Ibberson M.S., M.A., M.A., Biology Economics Speech Hsiao H. Jen Agnes T. Johnson E. R. Johnson M.A., Ph.D., M.A., Library English History " Some of these test papers are really unbelievable. " 261 S»S»- ' B WW Juliana Jordan A. E. Justice B. Joan Kemp E. C. Knippers Evelyn R. Lane Chester F. Lay Ph.D., Ed.D., M.A., M.S., B.S., Ph.D., German Education Physical Education Business Physical Education Business C. M. Laymon Pierce Link John R. Lott D.D.. Ph.D., Ph.D., Religion Psychology English Samuel W. Luce William R. Lyle R. M. MacDonald M.S., M.S., M.Mus., Physical Education Citrus Music Thomas B. Mack J. R. Martinez C. C. Matlock James McCloskey R. G. McRae Mary R. Miller M.Ed., M.A., Ed.S., Ph.D., M.F.A., M.A., Citrus Spanish Physical Education Physics Art English 262 Uti»«ft(»i ' . ' i ' »f iiivvoiy-nnv ' J i)f T. D. MiLLIGAN J. T. MiLLINGTON A. Q. MUSTOE M.A., M.A., M.S., Education History Mathematics Ann C. Peyton M.A., English Sara C. Piatt M.A., Home Economics B. P. Reinsch Ph.D., Mathematics m AM G. G. Robinson R. J. R. Rockwood Mme. A. Roselle Wesley Ryals G. S. Saraswathi E. B. Schoonover M.S., M.A., Music M.A.T., History M.Ed., Physical Science English English Education W. J. Seale B.S., Military Science Max J. Selig M.A., Business Harris G. Sims LL.B., Journalism H. M. Smeltzly M.A., Physical Education Earl D. Smith M.A., Chemistry E. G. Smith M.Ed., English Julia W. Snook M.A., Education Grace L. Snyder M.A., Religion FACULTY 263 FACULTY .- w rAx B. T. SOKOLOFF W. H. Spivey ScD., Director of M.Mus., R esenrch Music I R ' ' .% ' 1 iH W. D. Ste vart M.B.A., Military Science M. M. Stille M.A., Latin r • Donna Stoddard Louise Templeton S. S. Thompson Thomas H. Tylei Harold M. Tyu; Isla Z. Wallace M.Ed., M.S., A. B., French, Ph.D., Director, B.S., B.S., Art Business Spanish Remedial Chemistry Home Economics Instruction vb Harold Waters T. M. Willard Billy J. Williams W. E. Williamson M. E. Wooten Jr. R. L. Zimmerman M.A., Ph.D., Ed.D.. B.D., M.A., Ph.D., Journalism Chemistry Education Sociology Drama English 264 The Senior Class OFFICERS BOB Mcknight President SARAH LAYMON Vice-President SANDY RAILSBACK . . . Secretary-Treasurer Railsback, McKnight, Laymon Rounding our their last year at Southern, the class of 1966 worked hard to leave their mark. In addition to a banquet and commence- ment exercises, the spring semester was marked by a class-sponsored dance and talent show. The gift left to the college was display cases for the chapel valued at two thousand dollars. 265 - • ' SENIORS k- % " j. iyL . . ... Aaithiin, Steven Russell Adams, Charles Wilson Addenbiook, Thomas E. Aker, Larry Ray ilAA.. Alley, Paul Frederick STEVEN RUSSELL AARTHUN, Perrysburg, Ohio; A.B., Journalistn: Concert Choir, Vagabonds, South, em Staff. CHARLES WILSON ADAMS, Highland City, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Phi Sigma Kappa. THOMAS E. ADDENBROOK, Pompano Beach, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration: Pi Kappa Phi. LARRY RAY AKER, Titusville, Fla.; B.S., Account- i ' jig; Phi Sigma Kappa. PAUL FREDERICK ALLEY, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Psycliology; Kappa . lpha. PAULLNE SARA AMBROSE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.S., Secretarial Science; Kappa Delta, SEA. SHARON LEE ANDERSON, Warminster, Pa.; B.S., Business Administration; , lpha Delta Pi. Kap- pa Pi, Women ' s Business Club. HENRY J. ANDRINGA, St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.S., Economics; Sigma Chi, Varsity Basketball. HARRY MARVIN ANTHONY, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Ps cholog : Sigma Chi. CAROLE JOY ANTINORI, Tampa, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Delta .eta, SEA. ERIC P. ARNOLDSP.ATRON, Bartow, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration. .MARY ELIZABETH ATHEARN, Orla Vista, Fla.; B.S., Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha, MSM, Home Economics Club, SE.- . BETTY JOETTE BAILEY, Ocala, Fla.; B.S., Busi- ness; Women ' s Business Club, MSM. Ambrose, Pauline Sara 3« iU .Anderson, Sharon Lee " Fight with you? You ' ve got to be kidding .Andringa, Henry J. .Anthony, Harry Marvni . iilinuii, Carole Joy Arnolds-Patron, Eric P. Athcarn, Mary Elizabeth Bailey, Betty Joette 266 RALPH THOMAS BAKER. Clearwater, Fla.; B.S., Psychology: Kappa Sigma. DA ' ID KIMBALL BALSER, Darners, Mass.; A.B., History; Sigma . lpha Epsilon, Circle K. JOHN FEXTOX BARLO V, JR., Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business Admittistration. ELIZABETH M. B. TEMAN, Nashville, Tenn.; A.B., English: . lpha Delta Pi. Political Union, Pi Delta Epsilon, I ntramurals. ROBERT LEON BATES, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Mcithemntics, 11 ' ' ' Baker, Raliih 1 homas J ' it .M i Balser, DaMit Kimball Barlow, John Fcnton. Jr. DANIEL ALDEN BAUER, Deerfield, 111.; BS., Biology: Phi Sigma Kappa. LOUISE A. BEARDSWORTH, Staunton. Va.; B.S., Elementary Education: Phi .Mii, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Delta Epsilon, Pi Gamma Mu, Interlachen, SEA. ROYCE BEASLEY, Winter Haven, Fla.; A.B., His- tory. LINDA GAIL BEATTY, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education: .Alpha Delta Pi, Psi Chi, Political Union. SE.- . WILLIAM HENRY BECKMAN, Bensenville, 111.; B.S., Business Administration: Pi Kappa Phi. ALLEN E. BELCHER, Ft. Meade, Fla.; B.S., Biol- ogy: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta. HENRY MAR IN BELDEN. Ill, Ft. Myers, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration: Sigma .Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, .Accounting Club. SANDRA JEANNE BELL, Brooksville, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education: SE.A. ' ?i r ■u[ H H Ar-- p s r SiaMi , , ji l Nol He ' s mine and you can ' t have him. ' 267 SENIORS Berry, Jimmy Dodd Berry, Sandra Lee Birdsong, C harles H., Jr. " You ' re kidding! You can do the jerk? " JIMMY DODD BERRY. Clearwater, Fla., B.S., Pmiiiess; Pi Kappa Phi, SGA, Soccer. S. NDRA LEE BERRY, Bradenton, Fla.; A.B., Home Economics: Kappa Delta. Kappa Pi, Home Economics Club. CHARLES H. BIRDSONG, JR., Winter Haven, Fla.; A.B., Huninriitia: Tau Kappa Epsilon, MSM, Concert Choir. ARTHUR LANIER BISHOP, Miami, Fla.; A.B., Religion: MSM. STEPHEN NORMAN BLAKE, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration: Tau Epsilon Phi. NORMAN ALLAN BLESSING, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Chemistry; Phi Sigma Kappa, American Chem- ical Society. RICHARD ROWLAND BLUE, JR., Highland City, Fla.; B.S., Mathematics: Phi Sigma Kappa, Physics Club. FANCHEON KIRBV BOONE, Winter Haven, Fla.; 6.5., Elementary Education; .-Mpha Chi Omega, SEA. HENRY WALTER BORREGO, Tampa, Fla.; B.S., Business; Kappa .Alpha, Circle K. STUART ROGER BRACKNEY, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., Sociology: BSU. BRENDA SUE BRACY. Alliance, Ohio; A.B.. Soci- ologx: Sigma Sigma Sigma. MSM. MICHAEL LOUIS BRANDE, Hollywood, Fla.; B.S., Management; Sigma Phi Epsilon. DAVID J. BRANDIS, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Natural Sciences: Beta Beta Beta. Bisln.|j, . niiui Lanier Blake, Stephen .Nuiman Blessing, Noi man .Ul.iii Bhic, Richard Rowland, Jr. Boone, Fancheon Kirby Borrego. Henry Walter Bracknev. Stuart Roger ■ ■ ■ • ' li : Bracy, Brenda Sue Bran le. Michael Louis Brandis, David J. 268 1 wi Biedcnieycr. Stanley V. iSroMus, Donald J., Jr. Biowei. Judy Duirett Carniicliael. Robert V., Jr. CariLi. Dons Diane C.mti. RoIkU Myron Btirkev, Eleanor Yvonne Byers, Jerold Don STANLEY W. BREDEMEYER, Ft. Myers, Fla.; B.S., Psychology. DONALD J. BROSIUS, JR., Lake Park. Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Sigma Chi, ROTC. JUDY DURRETT BROWER, Lakeland. Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; SE.- . DONALD JACK BROWN, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration. ELEANOR YVONNE BURKEY, DeerBeld, Ohio; A.B., German: Alpha Gamma Delta, SEA. JEROLD DON BYERS. Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Man- agement. BASCOM W. CARLTON, JR.. Enterprise. Fla.; B.S., Psychology; Pi Kappa Phi. ROBERT V. CARMICHAEL. JR.. Windermere, Fla.; B.S.. Citrus: Pi Kappa .41pha. Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society. DORIS DIANE CARTER, Birmingham, Ala.; B.S., Elementary Education; Phi Mu, WSGA, SEA, MSM. ROBERT MYRON CARTER, Kissimmce, Fla.; B.S., Physical Education. EVA FRANCES CATON, Winter Park, Fla.; B.S., Business; Phi Mu, MSM, SEA, Women ' s Business Club. THELMA ELAINE CENTER. Orange Park. Fla.; A.B., Religious Education: .Mpha Delta Pi, 1965 Interlachen Editor, Panhellcnic, Cap and Gown, Political Union, Pi Gamma Mu. Concert Choir, ROTC Coed Sponsor. Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl, Miss Interlachen Finalist. MICHAEL JOSEPH CHERRY. Auburndale, Fla.; A.B., History; SEA. Caton, Eva Frances Center, I helma Elaine t.hcrry, .Michael Joseph 269 ♦ , ■ ■ . •-. ' ■« -. SENIORS ROBERT LEE CHERRY, III, Coral Gables, Fla.: B.S., alural Sciences; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta. Florida Academy of Science, American Chemical Society. MSGA, IFC, MSM, German Club, Residence Hall Adviser. MICHAEL DA in CLOVD, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Industrial Arts. ROBERT CLIFTON COKER, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration. IRGINIA N. COLEBURN, Wilton. Conn.; B.S., Elementar Education; .Mpha Delta Pi. ROY BEECHER COLEMAN, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Itidustriiil Arts. JUDY L. GLE. TON CONNELL, Plant City, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; SEA. BARBARA SOMERS COOK, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, WSGA, SEA. Southern Staff. Intramurals. CAROLYN SEAVER COOK, Hyannis, Mass.; B.S., Accounting; Delta Zeta, Concert Choir, Women ' s Business Club. GEORGE EDWARD COOK, Miami. Fla.; B.S., Business; Sigma Chi. Circle K. DAVID PATRICK COUNCIL, Ruskin, Fla.; B.S., Business: Sigma Chi, ROTC, Citrus Club. LYNNE E. CR. ' VNKSHAW, Dunedin, Fla.; A.B., English; Kappa Delta. JAY GARDNER CREECH, Bethesda, Md.; B.S., Business Administration; Sigma Phi Epsilon. PHILIP CHARLES CRESSMAN, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Psycholosy; Psi Chi. Coleburn, Virginia N. Coleman, Roy Beecher Connell, Judy L. Gleaton C(nik, U.iib.irn Somers iik Cirankshaw, Lynne E. Creech, Jay Clardner (rcssman. Philip Charles " Good afternoon, Sigma Chi House. ' 270 ■I . 4 1 y ■ ' " 1 W ' I " ■ii % I: I Croxton, Arthur A. Culbcrt. D.iMcl Luchm Ciishmaii, StanlcN EugL-ne Darljv. Ihliui Miihacl Dcr iii. Juhn Jordan Dissinger, Chester B., Jr. I II Douglas. Jack Benny ARTHUR A. CROXTON, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: B.S., Economics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Circle K, Delta Sigma Pi, Kappa Delta Sweetheart. DAVID LUEHM CULBERT, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Citrus; Phi Sigma Kappa. Beta Beta Beta, Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society. STANLEY EUGENE CUSHMAN, Miami, Fla.; B.S., History; Sigma Nu, Tennis. TERENCE MICHAEL DARBY, Riviera Beach, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Theta Chi, Soccer, International Club. JOHN JORDAN DERVIN, Port Washington, N.Y.; A.B., Art; Phi Sigma Kappa. Kappa Pi, ' agabonds. CHESTER B. DISSINGER, JR., Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Scietrce Division; Concert Band. JACK BENNY DOUGLAS, Ft. Meade. Fla.; B.S., History. MYLES SCHWACH DOUGLAS, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Biology; Tau Epsilon Phi, Beta Beta Beta, IFC. JOHN EDWARD DRIGGERS, Sorrento. Fla.; B.S., Biologv; Sigma Chi. DIANA M. DULZAIDES, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.S., Mathematics: Physics Club, Women ' s Intramural Board. BARBARA ANNETTE DUNCAN. Orange Park, Fla.; A.B., English; Political Union, SEA, Hall Council. FRANCES HUGHES DUNCAN, Jacksonville, Fla.; A.B., Art; Alpha Omicron Pi, Kappa Pi. JACK ALDER DUNN, Upper Marlboro, Md.; B.S., Mathematics: SE.A. Douglas, Myles Schwach Driggers. John Edward Dulzaides, Diana M. " I ' m tired of smiling. I think I ' ll crack. " i 1 c Diuican. Barbara .Annette DuiiLan. li.;iKL. Hughes I ' At Uimn. Jack . lder 271 • ' SENIORS Dm icrKc, JaiMCb Larry Edingei, Ilaniiou Herbert Edwards, Catherine Page Eisenberg, Thomas J tUiutt, Dj id Jue H ' Elliott, Geraldine Kay Enstice, Robert Park Esau, Diane Carol Evison, William E., Jr. Ezell, Braxton Robert " Who says I ' m a blooming idiot? " tt A Ezell, Susan Dawn Farenwald. Donna Adele Fender, Jessie Fred i I JAMES LARRY DURRENCE, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., History; SEA. HARRISON HERBERT EDINGER, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Tau Kap- pa Epsilon. Phi Mu Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Pi Delta Epsilon, MSG. , 1965 Southern Business Manager, Interlachen Staff, SEA. CATHERINE PAGE EDWARDS, Orlando, Fla.; B.S., Business; Alpha Delta Pi, Women ' s Business Club, Little Sisters of Minena, Group Leader. THOMAS J. EISENBERG, Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Biologx: Tau Epsilon Phi, Beta Beta Beta, IFC, American Chemical Society, Florida Academy of Science, Golf, Intramural Board, Hillel. DA ID JOE ELLIOTT. Orlando, Fla.; B. S., Busi- ness Administration. GERALDINE KAY ELLIOTT, Sarasota, Fla.; A.B., Etig lish: Sigma Rho Epsilon, MSM, Interfaith Council, SE. . ROBERT PARK ENSTICE, Melbourne, Fla.; B.S., Accounting; Phi Sigma Kappa, ROTO. DIANE CAROL ESAU, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., Psy- chology: Alpha Gamma Delta, Psi Chi, Panhellenic, BSU, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Faith and Life Week Committee, Greek ' Week Committee, Cap and Gown. WILLIAM E. EVISON, JR., Auburndale, Mass.; A.B., History; Pi Kappa .-Vlpha, SEA. BRAXTON ROBERT EZELL, Bradenton, Fla.; B.S., Business: Sigma Phi Epsilon. SUSAN DAWN EZELL, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; A.B., Mutliemntics: .Alpha Chi Omega. Cap and Gown. DONNA ADELE FARENWALD, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Physical Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, Phi Epsilon Mu, SEA. JESSIE FRED FENDER, Jesup, Ga.; B.S., Industrial Arts: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 272 ' 4i . i- i. L .L Ferguson, William Dennis Fichtnei, Margaret Maria Freeman, I ' enn) Cassandra Freeman, Robert Norman Fried, Harold Edwards Friedman. Lawrence N. WILLIAM DENNIS FERGUSON. Boca Raton, Fla.; B.S., Business: Pi Kappa Alpha, SGA, IFC. MARGARET MARIA FICHTNER, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., Journalism: Alpha Gamma Delta, Southern Staff; Pi Delta Epsilon, BSU. PENNY CASSANDR- FREEMAN, Miami, Fla.; A.B., Spanish: Zeta Tau . lpha. ROBERT NORMAN FREEMAN, Grove City, Ohio; B.S., Economics; Kappa Sigma, Psi Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, MSGA. HAROLD EDWARDS FRIED, Hollywood, Fla.; B.S., Jourtialism; Kappa Sigma, Southern Staff, Resi- dence Hall Adviser. LAWRENCE N. FRIEDMAN, Morristown, N.J.; B.S., Business; Tau Epsilon Phi, IFC, SGA, Delta Sigma Pi. PAMELA KAY FUHRMAN, West Salem, Ohio; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Omicron Pi. CAROLYN WIN FULFORD, Cocoa, Fla.; B.S., Biologx: Alpha Chi Omega. Beta Beta Beta, SEA. WILLIAM PERRY FCRNELL, Lakeland. Fla.; B.S., Business; ROTC. is. - -i y; When its five minutes to curfew and your car breaks down, there ' s only one way to get back in time. Fuhrman, Pamela Kay LYNDA M. Y GABEL, Orlando, Fla.; B.S., Physical Education: Intramural Board, SEA. DWIGHT EDMOND G.ADDIS. Franklin, Ind.; B.S., Business: Theta Chi. SHARON COOK GARDNER. Haines City. Fla.; B.S., Biology; Zeta Tau Alpha. JOSEPH Z. GAUCHES, East Hartford, Conn.; A.B., History. Fulford, Carolyn Win Furnell, William Perry Gabel. Lynda May Gaddis, Dwight Edmond Gardner, .Miaron Cook Gauches, Joseph Z. 273 it ' ' ' , , ' .•• ■ )Pyiiiierixf:di B ia ftSSI tisnKi,,- ■■•jr.: SENIORS Gibson, Kenneth Heisey Giese, Edward Norman Gilbertson, Carole Ann Graham, Juanita Delores Gray, Susan Jane Gregory, Gary Manz KENNETH HEISEY GIBSON, Clearwater, Fla.; BS., Psychology; Pi Kappa Alpha, SGA, Omicron Delta Kappa, Political Union, Residence Hall Ad- viser. Intramurals. EDWARD NORMAN GIESE, Rochester, NY.; B.S., Economics. CAROLE ANN GILBERTSON, Arlington, Va.; B.S., Government; Alpha Delta Pi. JUANITA DELORES GRAHAM, Leesburg, Fla.; B.S., Biology; Zeta Tau Alpha. Beta Beta Beta. SUSAN JANE GRAY, Deerfield Beach, Fla.; A.B., French; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pi Delta Epsilon, Interlachen Staff. GARY MAN C;REGORY, Coral Gables. Fla.: B.S., Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Del- ta Sigma Pi. Circle K. JANE A. GRIFFITHS, Brewster, Mass.; A.B., French; Delta Zeta. STEVEN CHARLES GRIMM, Woodsfield, Ohio; A.B., History; Phi Sigma Kappa. SHIRLEY NAD TME GROVE, Cape Coral, Fla.; A.B., English; Delta Zeta, WSGA, Pi Delta Epsilon, Southern Staff, Canterbury, Intramural Board, SEA, Cap and Gown. DONALD RAYMOND HALL, Miami, Fla.; A.B., Government ; Pi Kappa . lpha, SGA President, Omi- cron Delta Kappa. Political Union. PAUL DAVID HAMELRYCK, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Physical Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHARLES DALE HAMM, Lodi, Ohio; B.S., Psy- chology; Pi Kappa Phi. ELEAKIOR PARSONS HAMME, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Home Economics; SE. ' V, Home Economics Club. Grithtlis, Jane A. " I feel a draft. " Grimm, Steven Charles Giuvc, Shirley Nadyne Hall, Donald Raymond Hamelryck, Paul David Hamin. Charles Dale Hamme. Eleanor Parsons 274 MARTHA F. HARDWICKE, Richmond. ' a.; AM., Sociology: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu. JOHN SCOTT HARRIS, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S.. Busi- ness Adminislration; Pi Kappa Alpha. LARAINE LYNNE HASKINS, Jacksonville, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education: Zeta Tau Alpha, Pan- hellenic, SEA, MSM. MARIAN ALICE HAWK, Winter Garden, Fla.; A.B., Music Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Concert Choir, SEA. MENC. CHARLES E. HAWKINS, III, Bethesda, Md.; B.S., Economics; Kappa Alpha. Hardwicke, Martha F. Harris, John Scott Haskuis, Laraine Lynne JOHN R.WMOND H.WES, Sanford, Fla.; A.B., Sociology: Theta Chi. Interlachen Staff, Soccer. WILLIAM B. HAZELWOOD, Chattanooga, Tenn.; A.B., Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Choir, Concert Band, American Guild of Organists, Music Educators Conference, SliA. HARRY LESLIE HEDGES, JR., Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Accounting. LOIS CHARLENE HEDGES, Orlando, Fla.; B.S., Home Economics; Phi Mu, MSM, Home Economics Club. WILLIAM S. HELTON, JR.. Middletown, Ohio; B.S., Accounting: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, MSGA, Del- ta Sigma Pi, .Accounting Club, Residence Hall Ad- viser. GEORGE IRWIN HENDERSO.N, Lake Worth, Fla.; B.S., Chemistry; Kappa Alpha. JAMES MacKAY HENRY, Orlando, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education: Kappa Delta Pi, SE.- . JOHNNIE GRACE HEVENER, Roanoke, Va.; B.S., Home Economics: Alpha Delta Pi, WSGA, MSM, Home Economics Club, SE. . " You think its funny? Really? " Hawk, .Marian .Alice Hawkins, Chailes E., Ill Hayes, John Raymond ll.i clwi.inl. William B. Hid,L;..s It . : ' -lie, Jr. Hedges, Lois Charlene Helton, William S.. Jr. Henderson, George Irwin Henry. James MacKay Hexener, JuIhuul- Grace 275 v - 9r yX yJtTi J ' t t9£SfJPm :U fV SENIORS Hitt, Maiy Jane Hobson, Susan Caroline Hoff. Clyde Weston, Jr. " My last partner left me . degree burns. " with third MARY JANE HITT, Lakeland. Fla.; B.S., Elemen- tary Education. SUSAN CAROLINE HOBSON, Cincinnati, Ohio; B.S., Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa Pi. CLYDE WESTON HOFF, JR., Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Biology; Sigma Chi, Beta Beta Beta. FLORENCE ELIZABETH HOFFMAN, Key West, Fla.; A.B., English. MARY BROWNLEE HOLMBERG, South Miami, Fla.; A.B., Histoiy; Alpha Gamma Delta, Junior Adviser, Junior . ' Vdviscr Committee, SEA, MSM. DAVID JUDSON HONEYCUTT, Raleigh, N.C.; A.B., Religion; Tau Kappa Epsilon, MSGA, MSM, ROTC, Gamma Sigma Chi, Greek Week Committee, Men ' s Intramural Board. MARTHA ANN HOOD, Mulberry, Fla.; B.S., Ele- mentary Education. WALTON TRENHOLM HOPKINS, Cumberland, Md.; B.S., Chemistry: Kappa Alpha, IFC. ROBERT FREMONT HORNBACK, Lake Worth, Fla.; A.B., Religion; Gamina Sigma Chi, MSM. Con- cert Band. HULAND THOMAS HUNT, Gainesville, Fla.; A.B., English. PETER HOLLAND HUNTER, Hilton Head Is- land, S.C, B.S., Business Administration: Pi Kappa Phi. SUSANNE HUNZEKER, Dundee, Fla.; B.S., Ac- counting: Accounting Club. BETENA ANN HURT, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., Art: Zeta Tau Alpha, Kappa Pi, SEA, WSGA, BSU. Holtmaii, 1 luicutc- LIualjcth Hulnibcrg, Mary Bum nice HunL cutl. David Judson Hood, Martha Ann Hopkins, Walton Trcnholm Hornback, Robert Fremont Hunt. Huland I homas Hunter, Peter Holland Hunzeker, Susanne Hurt, Betcna Ann 276 I " If that isn ' t your hand, whose hand is it? " Hussey, Maigaiot Ann Jacobsen, Craig Charles Jones, Dianne Elizabeth Kapp. S[i( MauiLxn Kcuhh, Kiiiiicili Paul kiinj), Wanda Yvonne Kempfer, Merrill William Kent, Cynthia Lee Kent, Elizabeth 277 Jackson, James William Jaiksun, I ' ltsion W ' ayne Johnson, Henry Fred Johnson, William Edward MARGARET ANN HUSSEY, DeLand, Fla.; A.B., Journalism; Kappa Delta, 1966 Interlachen Editor, Varsity Cheerleader, ROTC Coed Sponsor, Southern Staff, Intramural Board. JAMES WILLIAM JACKSON, Titusville, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Theta Chi. PRESTON WAYNE JACKSON, Ft. Meade, Fla.; B.S., Citrus: Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society. CRAIG CHARLES JACOBSEN, Winter Park, Fla.; A.B., History; Pi Kappa Phi, Oraicron Delta Kappa, Political LInion. HENRY FRED JOHNSON, Homeland, Fla.; A.B., English. WILLIAM EDWARD JOHNSON, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Busiyiess; Pi Kappa Alpha. DIANNE ELIZABETH JONES, Eustis, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Senate, SEA. SUE MAUREEN KAPP, Miami, Fla.; A.B.; English; Alpha Chi Omega, Sigma Tau Delta, SEA, J.V. Cheerleader, Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl. KENNETH PAUL KEITHLV, Port Charlotte, Fla.; B.S., Citrus; Kappa Sigma, Circle K, Citrus Club. WANDA YVONNE KEMP, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., English. MERRILL WILLIAM KEMPFER, Melbourne, Fla.; B.S., Psychology. CYNTHIA LEE KENT. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; MSM, SEA. ELIZABETH KENT, Goldenrod, Fla.; B.S., Biology; Beta Beta Bea. ' » ■ •; ' ;.♦ ■.- ifsrri» tW t Pi rK i i ! ' M e j » r i ' - : r jry ' t i.ti ' 9BHM, ' i ' sur. ' . iMRt9:;r. ufi jpAfAviirat vJA . ' I ' m ; • .; ' ■■. ■ ' t rr SENIORS ROBERT SCOTT KERR. Ocoee, Fla.; B.S., Citrus; Sigma Chi. Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society. DICKSON EDWIN KESLER, Hollynvood, Fla.; A.B., History; Pi Kappa Phi, Political Union, ROTC, Rifle Team, MSGA, Residence Hall Adviser. LINDA KAY KIDDOO, Arlington Heights, III.; A.B., Spanish, Alpha Gamma Delta, Interlachen Staff, SEA, Hall Council, Hall Hostess. DOROTHY ANN DUFF KIMBROUGH, Mims, Fla.; B.S., Eleme?ilary Education; Kappa Delta, SEA. MARTHA CAROL KIMBROUGH, Brooksville, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education: Kappa Delta, SEA, BSU. DANIEL HUGH KINSEV, Ft. Myers, Fla.; B.S., Business: Sigma Chi, Circle K. CATHERINE D. KIRKLAND, Veto Beach, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education. PETER JAMES KLEINKOPF, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Accounting. DONALD A. LAFERRIERE, Rockville, Conn.; A.B., Speech and Drama; Sigma Chi, Vagabonds. SUSAN J. STAPLES LAING, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., Psycliology. LAWRENCE HUGH LASDON, Scarsdale, N.V.; B.S., Business; Delta Sigma Pi. WILLIAM HERBERT LASWELL, New Smyrna Beach, Fla.; B.S., Physical Education. RONNIE D. LAUDERDALE, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha. Kimbrongh, Dorothy A. D. Kimbrough, Martha Carol Kinsey, Daniel Hugh Kirkland, Catherine D. Lasdon, Lawrence Hugh Laswell, William Herbert Lauderdale, Ronnie D. " I ' m so thrilled about our contract with MGMl " 27S t Lav, Sandra Anne Laymon, Sarah Mildred Lee, Bob Meadeis Lee. Da id Stephen Leeper, Myra Charlenc Lester, Daniel Louis Levine, Roger Mark Lincoln. Heidi Ann Lippincott, Stephen Melcer Lipski, Pamela Lois SANDRA ANNE LAY, Gainesville, Fla.; B.S., Ele- mentaiy Education; Alpha Chi Omega, SEA, MSM. SARAH MILDRED LAYMON, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., Religion; Alpha Gamma Delta. Cap and Gown, Sigma Rho Epsilon. Senior Class Vice- President. MSM. International Club. BOB MEADERS LEE, Atlanta, Ga.; B.S., Business: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Delta Sigma Pi, Accounting Club. DAVID STEPHEN LEE, Towson, Md.; A.B., Eng- lish. MYRA CHARLENE LEEPER, Kingsport, Tenn.; B.S., Biology; Alpha Delta Pi, Political Union, Beta Beta Beta. DANIEL LOUIS LESTER. Hollywood Beach, Fla.; B,S., Psychology. ROGER MARK LEVINE. Orlando, Fla.; A.B., English; Tau Epsilon Phi. Sigma Tau Delta, Tennis. HEIDI ANN LINCOLN, Cohasset, Mass.; B.S., Physical Education; Kappa Delta, SE. , Phi Epsilon Mu. STEPHEN MELCER LIPPINCOTT, Lakeland. Fla.; B.S., Industrial Arts. PAMELA LOIS LIPSKI, Falls Church, Va.; A.B., Spanish; .Mpha Omicron Pi, Panhellenic, Junior Adviser, Intramurals, Cap and Gown. ANNE LOOKER, Largo, Fla.; B.S.. Business Admin- istration; . lpha Omicron Pi, SEA, Women ' s Busi- ness Club. SARA SUSAN LUKE. Lakewood, Ohio; A.B., Music Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Concert Choir, Con- cert Band. WILLIAM GEORGE LUKES, JR., Nashville, Tenn.; B.S., Psychology; MSGA, Psi Chi, Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Choir. MSM, Vagabonds, Inter- lachen Staff. ' But I ' m not sleepyl " Looker. . une Luke, Sara Susan Lukes. iUiam George, Jr. 279 SENIORS Lundeen, Phillip Wanen Lyle, William Raymond, Jr. Marley, Miriam Martin, Katherine Adams Martone, David Mack McCaffrey, Linda C. McCauley, Carolyn Ann McClary, Thomas S., Jr. McGec, AVilliam Laniti, Jr. Mclrvin, Sue " My name is Cleo. What ' s yours? " -S c: 1 PHILLIP WARREN LUNDEEN, Stow, N.Y.; B.S.. Accounting; Phi Mii Alpha, Concert Choir, Concert Band. .Accounting Club. WILLLAM RAYMOND LYLE, JR., Bartow, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Phi Sigma Kappa. MIRLAM MARLEY. Falls Church, Va.; B.S., Psy- chology; Phi Mu, Interlachen Staff, Intramurals, Moccettes. KATHERINE ADAMS MARTIN, Ridgefield, Conn.; A.B., French: Delta Zeta. DAVID MACK MARTONE, Pompano Beach, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration: Delta Sigma Pi. LINDA C. McCaffrey, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S. Ele- mentary Education. CAROLYN ANN McCAULEY, Erie Pa.; A.B., Soci- ology. THOM.AS S. McCLARY, JR., Miami, Fla.; A.B., History; Gamma Sigma Chi, Pi Gamma Mu, MSM. WILLIAM LANIER McGEE, JR., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.S., Management: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Circle K. SUE McIRVIN, Leesburg. Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education: Kappa Delta. Political Union, Pi Delta Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Cap and Gown, SEA, Interlachen Staff, ROTC Coed Sjxjnsor, Westminster Fellowship. ROBERT WAYNE McKNIGHT, Riviera Beach, Fla.: B.S., Business: Pi Kappa Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa. Senate, IFC, Delta Sigma Pi. Political Union. Residence Hall .Ad iser, Intramurals, Circle K, ROTC, President of Soph., Jr., Sr. Class. JAMES MILBURN McLEOD, St. Petersburg, Fla.; A.B., Humanities: MSM, Concert Choir. JOHN HIRAM McLEOD, St. Petersburg. Fla.; A.B., Social Science; Pi Kappa Phi. McKnight, Robert Wayne McLeod, James Milburn McLeod, John Hiram 2S0 Iv . iim ' v MtMiiluiLl, Joan McNamara. Gan ' aughn McWhuilei, Janet Susan Meachem. Thomas Russell Meeks, Robert Edward Meyers, Linda Evelyn JOAN McMICHAEL, Mamaroneck, N.Y.; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Beta Beta Beta, SEA. GARY VAUGHN McNAMARA, Cambridge, Md.; AM., Social Science. JANET SUSAN McWHORTER, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.S., Journalism: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pi Delta Epsilon, Southern Staff. THOMAS RUSSELL MEACHEM, Daytona Beach, Fla.; A.B., English: Sigma Tan Delta, SEA. ROBERT EDWARD MEEKS, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Accounting. LINDA EVELYN MEYERS, Miami, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration: Phi Mu, Women ' s Busi- ness Club. CLAUDIA KNIGHT MILLER, Miami, Fla.; A.B.. English; Phi Mu, Concert Choir. RICHARD PAUL MILLER, Winter Haven, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Kappa Alpha . JANE EHRHARDT MINSHEW, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., English. DOROTHY HAZLETT MITCHELL, Orlando, Fla.; A. B., English. JUDY EILEEN MITCHELL. St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Kappa Delta, SE. . LINDA LORINE MOORE, Pierson, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education: Alpha Chi Omega, WSGA, SEA. MYRTIS PIERCE MORRILL, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education. til t Miller, Claudia Knight W 1 litiiiiii ii ' iiiti ' 11 Milkr, Ruli.iul Paul Minshew, Jane El Mitchell. Don.ii: Hazlett Stocking up on supplies for study breaks. Mitchell, Judy Eileen Muuic, Linda Loune Morrill, Myrtis Pierce 281 ifi ' Afimr ' jc A SENIORS Moms, Linda I i.n is Mowbray, William W. Myers, Ronald Francis Needles, Joanne LINDA DAVIS MORRIS, Lakeland, Fla.; A.h., Social Science; Pi Beta Phi. WILLIAM W. MOWBRAY, Cambridge, Md.; B.S., Physical Education; SGA, Phi Epsilon Mu, Baseball, Residence Hall Adviser. CECELIA ANN MUNN, Rockingham, N.C.; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega. RONALD FRANCIS MYERS, Winter Park, Fla.; A.B., Political Science; Pi Kappa Phi, Political Union. JOANNE NEEDLES, Southampton, N.Y.; B.S., Elementary Education; Kappa Pi, SEA. MARY GAY NELSON, Blytheville, Ark.; A.B., Mathematics; Alpha Chi Omega, Panhellenic. JUDITH ANN NEWTON, Pompano Beach, Fla.; A.B., Journalism; Editor of The Southern, Pi Delta Epsilon. ANNE DRISKELL NICHOLS, Biloxi, Miss.; AS., Sociology. THOMAS RICHARD NOONAN, Wyoming, N.Y.; A.B., Economics; Sigma Chi, ROTC, Circle K. JUNE FAYE NORTON, Tampa, Fla.; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; MSM, SEA. MICHAEL M. OGILVIE, Winter Park, Fla.; B.S., Citrus; Kappa Alpha, Citrus Club, Soil Conserva- tion Society, ROTC. FRANK JOHN OKTAVEC, Clearwater, Fla.; B.S., Biology; Pi Kappa Alpha, Political Union, Baseball. CLAYTON ELWIN O ' STEEN, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration, Delta Sigma Pi. Muiin, Cecelia Ann Nelson, Mary Gay Newton. Judith Ann " In my opinion a new drinking fountain would . . . " Nichols, Anne Driskell Noonan, Ihomas Richard Norton, June Faye Ogilvic, Michael M. Oktavec, Frank John O ' Steen, Clayton Elwin 282 MICHAEL BRECK PARKER, Tampa, Fla.; A.B., Economics; Sigma Chi. JOEL FLOYD PATTERSON, Miami Springs, Fla.; B.S., Business Admiyjistration; Theta Chi. OTTIS C. PATTERSON, JR., Hollywood, Fla.; B.S., Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi. SUSAN GAIL PAYNE, Knoxville, Tenn.; A.B., So- ciology. KAREN INGRID PERKINS, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Home Economics; Kappa Delta Pi, SEA, Home Economics Club. ROBERT MICHAEL PETRONE, Greenlawn, N.Y.; B.S,, Business Administration; Theta Chi, Residence Hall .Adviser, ROTC, Intramural Board. SYLVIA R. PETTERSON, Ft. Pierce, Fla.; B.S., Biology; Southernettes, Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society. Florida Academy of Science, American Institute of Physics, Concert Band, Read- ing Band, Alpha Mu Sigma, MSM, Alpha Eta, Cap and Gown. GEORGE WHITFIELD PHELPS, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., English; Vagabonds. MICHELE DONNELLY POTTER, Wheatfield, Ind.; B.S., Science; Zeta Tau Alpha. Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Physics, SEA. JACQUELINE C. PRINE, Ft. Meade, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education. SANDRA JO RAILSBACK, Jacksonville, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education: . " Mpha Delta Pi, Kappa Pi, SE. . Intramurals. DAVID LEE RANKIN, Buenos Aires, Argentina; B.S., Chemistry; Tau Kappa Epsilon, American Chemical Society, MSM. DICKIE JEAN REICH. Mt. Dora, Fla.; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; . lpha Delta Pi, SEA, Intra- mural Board. Patterson, Joel Floyd Patterson, Ottis C, Jr. A-j m " And when she made fun of me, why I just . . . " my ikiM 1 i H Pa iK Susan Gail I ' Likiiis. Raicn Ingrid Petrone, Robert .Michael Petterson, Sylvia R Potter, Michcle Donnelly I ' rine, Jacqueline C. Railsback. Sandra Jo Rankin, David Lee Reicli, Dickie Jean 283 j[ r- Tiif I -II I ritirriiviii iir SENIORS Reid. Mary Allen Reilly. Jean Ann Remington, Thomas T. MARY ALLEN REID, York Pa.; A.B., Sociology; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Political Union, SEA, Inter- faith Council, Canterbury Club., Greek Week Com- mittee. JEAN ANN REILLY, Jacksonville, Fla.; B.S., Ele- mentary Education: Zeta Tau Alpha, SEA, Social Standards Committee. THOMAS T. REMINGTON, Cocoa, Fla.; BS.. Psychology; Sigma Chi, MSG. , Circle K. K. THRYX LOIS RENTON, Pittsburgh, Pa.; A3., Christian Education; Phi Mu, Interlachen Staff, Moccettes. " Why do I always get stuck packing candy? I ' m on a diet . " CARYL ANNE REYNOLDS, St. Petersburg, Fla.; B.S., Elemetilary Education; Southemettes, MSM, SEA, Concert Choir. ANN SCOBIE RIDLEY, Vinter Haven, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education. LESLIE LAMAR RIMEL, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business; Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society. ROGER EARL ROACH, Zellwood, Fla.; A.B., His- tory; Kappa Sigma. PAUL MARVIN ROBERTS, Winter Haven, Fla.; B.S., Citrus; Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society. FRANCES VIRGINI. ROGERS, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Elementaiy Education. CHARLOTTE ANN RUBUSH, Lake Hamilton, Fla.; A.B., English; Delta Zeta, Kappa Pi, SEA. REYNA SABINA, Miami, Fla.; B.S., Mathematics; .MSM, American Chemical Society, American Insti- tute of Physics. PAULETTE LOUISE SAPP, Jacksonville, Fla.; A.B., History; Delta Zeta. Renton. Kathryn Lois Reynolds, Caryl Anne Ridley, . nu Scobie Rimcl, Leslie Lamar Roach, Roger Earl % Roberts, Paul Marvin Rogers, Frances Virginia Rubush, Charlotte Ann Sabina, Reyna Sapp, Paulette Louise 284 iV; WL mr Seward, Walter James, III " Ouch! " Saiiia, Joseph Devesa Schaiar, loin Edward Schlamel, Richard Carl Sellner, John Robert Shipley, Paul Larsen Shy, Susan Newton Schwartz, Carlton S., Jr. Scotchlas, John S., II JOSEPH DEVESA SARRIA, Orlando, Fla.; A£., Economics. TOM EDWARD SCHARAR, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Busiriess Administration. RICHARD CARL SCHLAMEL, Shorewood, Wis.; B.S., Economics; Sigma Chi. BETTY LYON SCHMIDT, Lakeland, Fla.; BS.. Elementai-y Education; SEA. CARLTON SAMUEL SCHWARTZ, JR., Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Natural Science; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society, Basket- ball. JOHN S. SCOTCHLAS, II, Orlando, Fla.; A.B., Social Science. JOHN ROBERT SELLNER, St. Petersburg Beach, Fla.; B.S., Management; Sigma Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, Circle K. WALTER JAMES SEWARD, III, Wilmington, Del.; A.B., Histoy; Theta Chi. PAUL LARSEN SHIPLEY, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business; Kappa Alpha. SUSAN NEWTON SHY, Griffiss AFB, N. Y.; B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, Political Union, SEA. RONALD STEVEN SILVERS, Miami Beach, Fla.; B.S., Business; Tau Epsilon Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, Southern Staff, Hillel Club, MSGA. LANFORD T. SLAUGHTER, Ft. Myers, Fla.; B.S., Chemistry; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM HOWARD SMELT, Daytona Beach, Fla.; B.S., Business; Kappa Alpha, Residence Hall Adviser. Silvers, Ronald bteven Slaughter, Lanford T. Smell, William Howard 2S5 • " • • j fi-y Mi!irx !jtii tH ' fMr . SENIORS SANDRA RIVES SMITH, Falls Church, Va.; A.B., Spanish; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pi Delta Epsilon, Interlachen Staff, MSM. SHEILA CAROL SMITH, Merritt Island, Fla.; A.B., French; Alpha Omicron Pi, Concert Choir, Concert Band. THOMAS AMORY SMITH, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Accounting Club, Circle K. HARRY CHILES SNAVELY, Peoria, 111.; BS., Ac- counting; Sigma Chi, Circle K, Accounting Club. ROBERT DONALD SOPER, Bethesda, Md.; B.S., Biology; Kappa Alpha, Kappa Pi, Circle K, Beta Beta Beta. ANN STEPHEN SPAULDING, Nokomis, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Alpha Omicron Pi, Vagabonds. ROSEMARY K. TE STABELL, Winter Park, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education. NANCY JOHN LANGDON STAMPA, Orlando, Fla.; A.B. Speech, Drama: Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, Vagabonds, Canterbui7 Club. ROBERT THOMAS STANDIFER, Dundee, Fla; A.B., Religion. MICHAEL F. STARYK, II, Grosse Pointe, Mich.; A.B., English; Kappa Alpha. JAMES BARTON STEWART, Largo, Fla.; BS., Accounting; Theta Chi. SUSAN LEE STIRN, Sarasota, Fla.; B.S., Elemen- tary Education; Phi Mu, SEA. PATRICIA ANN STOCKTON, Pompano Beach, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Cap and Gown, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Delta Epsilon, Psi Chi, WSGA, Junior . dviser, SEA, Interlachen Staff. Smith, Sandra Rives Smith, Sheila Carol Smith, Thomas Amory Snavelv, Harrv Chiles Soper, Robert Donald Spaulding. . nn Stephen J , V i. _ Stabell, Rosemary Kate Stampa, Nancy John L. Standifer, Robert Thomas Staryk, Michael F., II Stewart, James Barton Stockton, Patricia Ann " Do I really look like a tin soldier? " 2S6 Stover, Allen W. K. Stu cr, Bc cil) Ann Streeter, Jayne Ellen Suaugo, Stanley S., Ill Tallman, Benjamni Ansell -3 I almadge, Douglas an 1 aylor, Sandra Kaye Terrell, Michael J. A l I Sl. ' 4 I hompson, James Philip Thompson, Leslie Earl ALLEN WINSTON KELL STO ER, St. Peters- burg Beach, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; Delta Sigma Pi, 1965 Southern Business Manager, Intramurals. BEVERLY ANN STOVER, Zionsville. Ind.; A.B., Art; Alpha Delta Pi, Psi Chi, Political Union, Sen- ate, Interlachen Staff, Little Sisters of Minerva Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart, Moccettes. JAYNE ELLEN STREETER, Brooksville, Fla.; B.S., Medical Technology; Southemettes, Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society, Westminster Fellow- ship. STANLEY S. SWANGO, III, Dayton, Ohio; B.S., Business Administration; Theta Chi. BENJAMIN ANSELL TALLMAN. Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., Government; Sigma . lpha Epsilon, Circle K. DOUGLAS VAN TALMADGE, Morristown, N. J.; A.B., Psychology; Theta Chi. SANDRA KAYE TAYLOR, Green Cove Springs, Fla.; B.S., Home Economics; SEA, Home Economics Club. MICHAEL J. TERRELL, Stilesville, Ind.; B.S., Journalism; Delta Sigma Pi. Phi Mu Alpha, MSGA, Southern Staff, Intramural Board. JAMES PHILIP THOMPSON, Plant City, Fla.; B.S., Business. LESLIE EARL THOMPSON, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Psychology. ROGER LEE THOMPSON, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Chemistry. MARJORIE ELLEN THOMS ON, North Miami Beach, Fla.; A.B., English, Journalism; Kappa Delta, Political Union, Pi Delta Epsilon, Interlachen Staff, Southern Staff, SE. , Greek Week Committee. BENJAMIN C. THORNAL, III, Tallahassee, Fla.; B.S., Business; Delta Sigma Pi. ' J mitm So tins IS how the Iraternides get new pledges! Thompsui., ICu i Ll 1 homson, Marjorie Ellen Thurnal, Benjamin C, III 287 ♦ • _ ♦ SENIORS Thome, Ua id McCuUough licknor. Shirley Ann I owcr, John Cole Aft . , !4i., itk ' A J ! Tyler, Marvin George Van Horn, Bonnie Dale VanNostrand, Robert Tunnell, Alfred Leroy Tinner, Terry Joe IVi ' 11 i. Vayo, Ronald Joseph • I i 1 ' liti fii i Voight, Suzanne " What do you mean you can ' t find your skirt and cape? " S % y I - ' ' - . tl DAVID McCULLOUGH THORNE, Delray Beach, Fla.; A.B., History; Pi Kappa Phi, Soccer. SHIRLEY ANN TICKNOR, Naples, Fla.; A.B., Home Economics; Kappa Delta, Kappa Pi, Pan- hellenic. Home Economics Club, Intramurals. JOHN COLE TOWER, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Busi- ness; Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi. ALFRED LEROY TUNNELL, Orlando, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration. TERRY JOE TURNER, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., So- cial Science. LARVIN GEORGE TYLER, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Accounting. BONNIE DALE VAN HORN, Tavernier, Fla.; B.S., Elemetitary Education; SEA. ROBERT VanNOSTRAND, Sarasota, Fla.; B.S.. Business Administration; Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Basketball, Intramural Board. RONALD JOSEPH VAYO, Ft. Myers Beach, Fla.; B.S., Psychology. SUZANNE VOIGHT, Miaini, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education: Kappa Delta, SEA. RICK NELSON VYNER, Mamaroneck. N. Y.; B.S., Economics; Kappa Sigma, Circle K. CASTNER ROLFE WADDELL, Greenfield, Ohio; B.S., Industrial Arts; Pi Kappa Phi. CHARLENE CAROL WAGER, Burlington, Vt.; A.B., English; Alpha Omicron Pi. Vyner, Rick Nelson Waddell, Castner Rolfe Wager, Charlene Carol 288 ' alkcr, Geiald Gilbert Watkins, Charles Thomas Vatkin5, jLuiiilc: Kay Walters, Sharon Frame Waugh, Elizabeth Lee Webster, Virginia C! Weinstein, Jay Stephen GERALD GILBERT WALKER, Bethesda, Md.; B.S., Accounting. CHARLES THOMAS WATKINS, New Castle, Del.; A.B., Sociology; Theta Chi. EUNICE KAY WATKINS, Melbourne, Fla.; A.B., English; Zeta Tau Alpha, Junior Adviser, Junior Adviser Committee, SEA. SHARON FRAME WATTERS, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education. ELIZABETH LEE WAUGH, Bartow, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Pi Delta Epsilon, Inter- lachen Staff, SEA, MSM, Home Economics Club. VIRGINIA WEBSTER, Allentown, Pa.; B.S., Busi- ness Administration; Alpha Chi Omega, Senate, Intramurals, Tau Epsilon Phi Sweetheart. JAY STEPHEN WEINSTEIN, North Miami, Fla.; B.S., Business; Tau Epsilon Phi, IFC, Delta Sigma Pi, Accounting Club. Hillel Club, Greek Week Committee Chairman. WILLETTA ANN WHITACRE, Venice, Fla.; B.S., Business Administration; BSU, Women ' s Business Club. JAMES BENJAMIN WHITAKER, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Sociology. STEPHEN HOWARD WHITE, Morris Plains, N. J.; B.S., Economics; Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Circle K. Intramurals. JAMES ALLEN WHITEHURST, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Psychology. LLOYD GLEN WILLIAMS, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Kappa Sigma, Psi Chi, SEA. PAULA BAUER WILLIAMS, Lakeland, Fla.; A.B., English; . lpha Chi Omega, Cheerleader. No girls, pose for the camera, not that fraternity man. Whitehurst, James Allen Williams, Paula Bauer 289 v; - yyyssv. ' jjioJwwrt itpr iM SENIORS ... . Williams, Robert John Willis, Louise Wingfield W ' illifoid, kathcrine R. Wilson, Janet Fannin VVisnewski, James Joseph ROBERT JOHN WILLIAMS, Lakeland, Fla.; BS., Chemistry. LOUISE WINGFIELD W LLIS, Culpeper, Va.; AJi.j Government; Kappa Sigma Sweetheart. KATHERINE ROBINSON WILLIFORD, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S. Journalism: Alpha Omicron Pi. Pi Delta Epsilon, Freshman Class Secretan. -Treasurer, Senate, Southern Staff, TKE Sweetheart, ' T Think This " Speech Award, Interlachen Staff, Cap and Gown. JANET FANNIN WILSON, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi, SEA. JAMES JOSEPH WISNEWSKI, Dallas, Pa.; B.S., Science; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOAN MARIE WOLFE, Akron, Ohio; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Psi Chi. MARILYN JEANNE WOLFE, Middletown, Ohio; B.S., Biology; Alpha Delta Pi, Political Union, ROTC, Coed Sponsor. BYRON BERNARD WOODS, Haines City. Fla.; B.S., Business. LINDA LAYNE WOOLDRIDGE, Fairfax, Va.; A.B., Psychology: .-Mpha Delta Pi, TKE Sweetheart, Miss Interlachen Finalist. ELSIE RUTH WRIGHT. Tifton, Ga.; A.B., So- ciology; Cap and Gown, Political Union, Pi Gamma Mu, MSM. JUDY ANN YATES, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Elemen- tary Education; SE. . JAMES DOUGLAS YEATTS, Coral Gables, Fla.; B.S., Physical Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Epsilon Mu, Soccer, SEA. GARY MENARD YODER, Lakewood, Ohio; B.S., Industrial Arts; Sigma Chi, Epsilon Pi Tau. 4S- r-- Wollc, .Marilyn Jeanne ' You see, I use Nair. ' 1 i Yates, Judy Ann Yeatts, James Douglas Voder, Gary Menard 290 ,iBSM»a««i JAMES OWEN YOUMANS, Wauchula, Fla.; B.S., Physical Education; Sigma Chi, Phi Epsilon Mu. ESTHER LAUREL ZINK, Lakeland, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; Chi Alpha, SFEA, NEA. ELEANOR ANN ZUKOWSKI, Casselberry, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education; SFEA, MSM, Sigma Rho Epsilon. EDWIN LOUIS MILLET, Lakeland, Fla.; AM.. English; Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical So- ciety, Sigma Tau Delta. EVERETT A. ROBINSON, III, Grand Rapids, Mich.; B.S., Physical Education. Youmans, James Owen Zink, Esther Laurel Zukowski, Eleanor Ann Millet, Edwin Louis Robinson, Everett A., Ill ' Don ' t worry girls, we ' re guarding your dorms. " 291 . ■ •♦•■- 292 The Junior Class OFFICERS DAVE DEL VECCHIO President BOB McOSKER Vice-President JOYCE JONES Secretary-Treasurer Del Vecchio, Jones, McOsker The Junior Class started off the year by sponsoring an all-campus dance, with free refreshments served. The real fun (and work) came later on in the second semester, with the sponsor- ship of the class ' s third annual all-campus Talent Show. There was a great variety of entertainment, and prizes were given to the winners of each category. Proceeds from the show were donated to the E. T. Roux Library for the pur- chase of new books. 293 JUNIORS Agnew, Robert Kent Aitken, Bruce Emil Albrecht, Jacob Arnold Alexander, Earleana R. Anderson, John Russell Atkins, Barbara Kay Ballard, Bonnie Jean Barker, James Michael Barton, Eric B., Jr. Bassler, Tim Burke Bastin, Martha Janice Beasley, Ronald Bruce Biermann, Margaret Ellen Blake, Lila Ann Blocker, Norman Eugene Boddy, Ruthann Bodfish, Jayne Cleveland Bostelman, Linda Carol Boutwell, Ronnie W. Bowen, Lewis H. Bowman, David Holmes Bowman, Robert James 294 Boyle, John Kermit i5ozeman, Glenda Joyce ]) lasher, Eugene Paul, Jr. Broocke, William Nathan Brown, Aleta Lucile Brown, Gerald William Brown, Susan Lavonne Brown, Sarah Marilyn Bryan, Allen Steven Bryant, Sally Jo Buie, George A., Ill Bunten, Judy LyTin Bussey, Bessie Alice Buzzelli, Renaldo Jerome Caimes, James Earl Calhoun, Sandra Lee Cash, Bruce Elton Ceriani, Edward Charles Chinn, Maryann Clark, Richard Andrew Clayton, Viley Gayle Cleaver, Robert Alan Cleveland, Montine J. Cochran, Joseph Milton How could she say that? We never gossip. Cochran. Stanley John Colado, Guy Dickson Colfax, Douglas Raymond Collins, Mary Inez Collins, Thomas F., Jr. Conrad, Anne Elizabeth 295 •« • ' JUNIORS T s . I Echols, Peter Michael Eddy, Cheryl Darlene Eisnaiigle, Eric Jon Erickson, Andrea Parham Eichhorn, Toni Juanita Eisen, Roberta Marda Cosselman, John Henry Costan, Gregory Arthur Coyle. Jackson Wyatt Crawley, Bernice P. Cross, Phillip Fowler Crouch, Barbara Lee Curland, Phyllis Anne Davenport, Jane Davis, Bonnie Kay Del Vecchio, David F. Denmark, Robert Allen Dermont, Thomas Robert Deupree, William J., Ill Dickens, Mary Ann Dickerson, Charles W. Doherty, Daniel Allen Donaldson, Patricia Lynn Donnelly, Danna Drew Donovan. Robert George Downing. Jane Ketcham Drake, Keith Byrd Dravecky, Robert Stephen Dykstra, Gretchen Louise Echols, Gerald Talmage " I ' ll just pretend I don ' t notice them. ' 296 L-WraflQftSKVnuHaemnwfeM tfe ' i Eubanks, Judith Anne Evers, Vicki Rochelle Faser, Edward Charles, Jr. Field, Nancy Susan Flood, Marjorie Elaine Ford, Robert Fritchlev, David Richard Fritschel, Sandra Kay Fulmer, Marilyn Lee Gardner, Michael Cook It looks like blondes really do have more fun. Gaylor, Susan Eileen Gearhart, Carolee Jo Gibbs, Sherry Eloise Giles, John Henry, Jr. Girlinghouse, Judge D. Giurato, Joe Edward Goodman, Renee Greenway, Donnie Jean Gregory, Harold Lee Griffee, Susan Patricia Grohmann, Patricia Guthrie, Paul Alexander 297 JUNIORS Hadden, Robert Gerald, II Hamilton, Lloyd C. Hardee. John Timothy Hayes, James W. Haynes. Robert A. Heisel, Stephen E. Helton, Jean Louise Helwig, Russell Harrison Herndon, Susan Gayle Hicks, Sheryn Sue Hoch, Kurt Daley Hornbeck, Karen Elaine Houser. Diane Holbrook Hovey. Donald West Hoyer, Villiam Exline Hubbard, Valeria Edith Huber, David Michael Hudgins, Daniel Carter Hull, John William Hurn, Linda Suzanne Idenden, Constantia E. Ingram, William E., Jr. 298 Jack, Linda Jeane James, Jack Pettus, Jr. James, Perry Benjamin Jenkins, Gran Parker Johnson, Nan Sharon Ann Joiner, Evelyn Anne Jonas, jacqueUne Rose Jones, Joyce Kennedy (irdan, Martha ' irginia Jurney, Louis Ir ing Kane, Marsha Ellen Kelsey, Christine M. Kelsey, Robert Bruce Kennedy, Eric Daniel Kennedy, Martha Ellen Kerekes, George Bela Kerr. Robert Lowell Kiesel, Hilbert Donald Kindred, Alton R., Jr. Kinney, Mary Dian Klinedinst, Edward C. I Knappenberger, Gail M. Koeiper, Phillip Eldon Lake, Mary Frances r Lam, Brenda . nn Lam, William L., Jr. Landau, Steven Douglas Larkin, Jon Sidney Lawrence, AVatson R. Leer. Joseph Ralph " Don ' t wait to be told! You need Palmolive Gold. " 2S9 JUNIORS T C i ■ «l Mosher, Thomas Michael Nagel, Penny Sue Neel, Cheryl Ann Nevin, Patricia Yvonne Noecker, Carol Irene Oberle, Terry Joe Leete, Jerome Burr Leonard, David Lee Ley, Sandra Kay Ludwig, Roger Reid Magee, Michael James Marshall, Barbara Ruth May, Judy Carol Maye. Donna Karen McCrory, Sarah Louise McDonald, Kenneth Dale McGill. Florence Ann I McKinley, Barbara J. I McOsker, Robert Allen McReaken. David W. Melvin, William K. Metz, John Harry Meyer, Eugene William Middleton, Jennifer Lee Mills, Joe A. Minford, Susan Appleby Mingledorff. Thomas, III Mishalanie, Sarah Faith Moore, Constance Susan Moore, John Bigelow " Yes, but 1 wish there was some pizza. " 300 Would you believe he drives a Honda? t 5 -•B . V,: ft Parent, Joline Carol Parsons, Darrell Alan Peacock, Frederick R. Pegiies, Donald Lee Pendleton, Joyce Ann Perry. Douglas Charles Pike, Daphne Camille Pontius, Patricia Kay Porter, Barbara Anne Price, Sandra Lee Priester. Douglas M. Ra%vlins, Paula Elaine Reynolds, Virginia Carol Rice. Lynn Barton Rice, Sadie Bess Rowand Richter, Lois Barbara Roadarmel, Robert C, Jr. Roberts, Patricia Ann Robertson, Ellen Kay Robertson, Robin M. Roy, Musette Florence Rubio, Albert Michael 301 ■ »a» : »y ;«ftlPi«-w«i« w»«a« JUNIORS Riimsey, Christine Ann Sawyer, Thomas Richard Scharold, Harry Karl Schwartz, Deborah Newton Shaw, Ellis Prewett Simmons, Marvin Lamar Skidmore, Tim X. Slivinsky, Walter Mark Smith, Donna Darnell Spiecker, George Mark Springer, Everett Owen Squire, Richard C, II Steel, Mary Louise Stowers. Alan Ray Sullivan, John Leslie Sweinimer, Mary Ann Tallamy, Ruth Anne Taylor, Mitchell Irene Tertany, Sandra Louise Thompkins, Richard Leon Thompson, William E., Ill Thorn, Sandra Adele 302 Tippins, John Wilson Tucker, Kenneth C, Jr. Turnev, Patricia Ann andemark. Beverly Joan Van Huss. Virdia K. ' etter, Edwin A. Vick, Nancy C. Vogelsang, Robert L. Wachtel, John Dixon Wallace, Sharyn AUatia Watson, John W., Ill Watson, Wallace Carlisle Wells, Gertnide T. Westmoreland, Dennis G. Whitaker, Da id Paul White, Marcia Adele V ' hite, Paula Lou Wiggins. James Edward Wilhelm, Thomas Allan Williams, Linda Sue Williams, Robert Howard Williams, Thomas Allen Willis, Bettie Joyce Wilson, Caroline Perrin ;|::. - V i I IF ■ " » S t I dreameci I was in the Sigma Chi Derby in my . . . madras shirt. H ft»«S«r 1 ( I 303 jy ■Wirick. Patricia Ann Wolfe. Melody Woodward, John Stanford Woods, Karen Jeannette Wright, Nicholas C, Jr. Yates, Dewey Jerome Ziegele, Claudia Mae . " Hey! That looks like me. " ' Here I am teacher. ' Are Scotties really stronger than tissue? 304 Th e Sophomore Class OFFICERS ROGER NICHOLS President DAN BARBER Vice-President LINDA PARSONS .... Secretary-Treasurer Nichols, Parsons, Barber At the beginning of the year, the Sophomores at Florida Southern helped orientate the Freshmen to life at FSC by organizing Rat Week. Rat Court was held and was followed by the highlight of the week, the Rat Dance. The Sopho- mores contributed to cam- pus spirit by the formation of a " car smash " project to promote campus enthusi- asm. The class sponsored several all-campus socials and an all-campus picnic. They also undertook the buying of imiforms for the newly formed track team. 305 SOPHOMORES Agnew, Kathleen Jo Ahlgren, John Alfred, Jr. Aiello, Mary Ann Alexander, Dennis Derain Antoon, John Arnold, Constance Louise Baker, Gary Bernard Bailey, Jeanette M. Bailey, Sandra Faye Bailey, William Edward Bain, Bruce Edward Baldwin, John Walter, Jr. Balkcom, Beverly Ball, Virginia Ann Ballantyne, Amy Turner Barber, Daniel Clyde, III Barley, April Diane Barna, Ronald Frank Barone, Constance Joan Baxter, Lorraine Bayly, Victoria Ann Bell, Hilda Elizabeth v - t " Oh, I always wear my Coed ' s Compass. " 306 ■■ Benion, Anne Catherine j5 Bennett, Thomas Wiggin i ' 1 r - Bewley, Nancy Ellen . " Black, Bruce Lorentz " V- I Bradley, Barbara Bernice Bradshaw. Sandra Lee Brasher, Suzanne Kae Brose, Marilynn Kay Brower, Peter H., Ill Brown, Cynthia Ann Brown, EUinwood E. Brown, Florayne Cecille Brown, Jerry Lee Brown, Lewis Mack Brown, Rosemary Jane Brunell. Caryl Louise Bryant, Inez Margaret Burke, Barbara Ann Burton, Diane Lynn Cain, John E. Cannistraci, Joyce Mary Caracuzzo. John Tyrrell Bloxsom, Brenda Carolyn Blue, Anne Elizabeth 307 ' 4 - WJmsjKtiaiMi nn.-iin t,- ' ' nvr SOPHOMORES Cargill, JoAnn Dorothy Carlan, Cabell Briscoe Carruthers, Sandra Ann Cauthen, William Howard Cave, Joanne Virginia Chard, Allison Edwards V " What do you mean I don ' t look like Rudolph? ' - Chaviano, Emilio A. Chellman, Helen Kay C lark, Bess Camilla Clark, Blair James Clark, Candice Lee Clayton, Donald Mayo, Jr. Cleek, Sandra Gayle Cleveland, William W. Cline, Sandra Kay Cobb, David Alan Cobble, Sharon Cohen. Steven Lawrence Combs, Leslie C. Conner, Thomas Wayne Conroy. Kathy Ellen Coons, Susan Ann Cooper, Bess Ann Coty, Suzanne Buford Cowart, William Wayne Crawford, Richard Leon Crone, Patsy Lee CrowcU, Wanda Joleene Croysdale, Herbert William, II Ciilbreth, Hugh G., Jr. 308 f SFf i . :,.; Dallas, Camille Hope Danford. Maxine Merry Daniel, John Elmer Daniel, Vivian Lee Daniels. James Davaz, Avse Selma Da is, Carolyn Davis. Don James Davis, Jeffrey Holman Davis, Virginia Stuart Dean, Gayle Ellen Dent, Paula Jeanne DcucI, Ray Eugene Deuto, Bernard Gregory Dial, Donald Nelson DiBiccari, Robert D. Dicks. Joanne Leslie Dilley. Jane Lee " Do you really want me to do a split? " Dobson, David Jefferson Duffer. Patricia Ann DuKate, Elbert Laurence Dunn, John Gilbert 309 SOPHOMORES Durrance, Stephanie Jane Edenfield, Nancy Pope Edge, Newton Perry Ek, Nancy Susan Ekwurzel, Judy Elizabeth Elliott, Karen Sue Ellis, Lynda Nell Emmons, Richard Charles Ensign, Patricia Dorothy Evans, Pamela Ann Evans, Patricia Lee Ezell, Mary Elinor Fagan, Larry Lynn Farwell, Patricia Faulkner, Frances Diane Feaster, William H., Tl Ferguson, Phillip Lee Fields, William Foy, Jr. Fisher, Julia Ann Fitzgerald, Danny Scott Flambeau, Peggy Dell Fleming, Alice Sure do hope I get that piece. 310 f ' « % " Now do you understand why they fall asleep in your class? " Fuster, Angel William Gaines, Dennis Forest Ganus, Robert Lee Gardner, John Westbrook Gaskill, Renee Ellen Gensler, Richard Simeone Gibbons, Howard Sheldon Gibson, George Barr) ' Gibson, Sandra Gale Gietek, Jannette Gilleland, Virginia Dell Goldsmith, Anleslia T. Goldston, John Robert Goode, Cynthia Ann Goode, Madie Ann Goodman, Elliott Paul Goodman, Mary Cator Gordon, Gloria EUenbell Gordon, Michael John Gore, Terry Lee Goslin, Susan Elizabeth Gotwalt, Deborah Louise Gould, Vicki Jeanne Graf, Nancy Lynne Florin, Bruce Walter I ' oust, Elizabeth Kay Fiance. James Carl Fretwell, James Winfield Fuller, Judith Anne Funk, Allen Mason 311 SOPHOMORES Grantham, Karen Margaret Green, Carol Elizabeth Green, Gwendolyn Gregor ' , Elizabeth Anne Gustafson, James John Haas, Raymond Arthur Once upon a time . S © Hall, David Clyde Hammond, Roscoe A., Jr. Hanson, Merrilyn Jean Haralson, Jerry Lee Harber, Alexis Whitfield Hardee, .Shirley Faith Harms. Dennis Gary Harris, Patricia Lou Harrison, James A., Jr. Hatcherson, Margaret S. Hawk, Carolyn Ruth Haynes. Richard Morrill Heidt, Marsha Kay Hemcrick. Frederick David Hemphill. William Hunter Hendrick, Charlene Y. Hepler, Olen Lee, Jr. Hill. Orrv Whitmire Hines, Charles M., Jr. Hockensmith, Stephen D. Hofmann, Thomas C, Jr Holland, Elizabeth Ann Hopkins, Donald M., Jr Hopkins, irginia Noel 312 Hoskins, Carol Tyree Howard, Carol Anne Howe, Gaylon Leon, Jr. Hughson, Betty Jean Hunsuckcr, Daniel Dale Isbell, Nancy Jean James, Ted Michael Jarac. Nancy Gayle Johnson, Mary Jay Jones. Judy Elizabeth Jordan, Michael Emmett Jourdan, Jean Louise Keen, Lynda K. Zipprer Keene, Donald Charles Kelscy, Barbara Ann Kiesei, Thomas Francis Kimball, Sandra Edith Kincheloe, Robert W. Kingsbury, Erdie Ray, Jr. Kirsebom, Karen Ingrid Knight. Nancy Lynn Krane, Klaus John ' I wish I may, wish I might . . . 313 ■ ■• ■ . ( SOPHOMORES Krepps, Dianne Marie Lamb, Alice Jean Lamb, Larry Wayne Lancer. Murray jay Langford, Harriet Susan Lashley, ' irginia Diane Lawrence, Thomas P. Lazzeroni, Barry Douglas Lee. William James Letsinger, Martha Helen Lund. Susan Joan Lyle, James Skidmore Lynch. Linda Kav MacDufI, Bonnie Jean Malonev, Karen Sue Martin, John Arthur Marvin. Afarcia Frances Mast, Richard Winfield Matthews, James Russell Mayse, Carol Lee McAdaras, Ann Cliff McAninch, Susan Jane A letter from mother, I think I ' m going to cry. 314 McClelland. I.Ioyd Clyde, Sr. McCoUum, James Wesley McKee, Steven Lee McKnight, Margaret Ann McNulty, Patrick H., Jr. Mecke, George, III Miller, Sandra Kay Mitchell, Julia Anne Montgomery, Elis. Yolanda Moody, Patricia Lynne Moore. Janice Tee Moreira, Domingo Kafael Morrison, Jane Brewster Moyer, Sharon Ann Mundy, Janis Louise Murdock, Lana Jean Murphy, Eda Elaine Naclerio. Judith EUyn Nell, Rosemary Lemons Newcomer, Patricia Ann Nichols, Allen Rogers Novey, Patricia Ann Novotny, Robert Michael Oberle, Bonnie Susan 315 • ■• Onstott, Johnna Sue Osborne, Zebulon Louis Owens, Nanq- Louise Parkinson, Christine L. Parsons, Linda Joyce Pepper, Pamela Sue SOPHOMORES Maybe this will get his attention! :- -fj m .« J ' rt l Persak, Gail Mitchell Peterson. Newton C, III Phillips, William E., Jr. Pope, James David, Jr. Presley, Jerry Max Pressley, Joyce Paige Preston, Bruce Barber Price, Sara Ethel Priest, William Curtis Randall, Barry Thomas Reddick, Devorah .Ann Reeves, Jerry Ronald Repple, Glenn .Allen Robertson, Da id Harold Robertson, David Leon Robinson, William Leon Rogers, James C, Jr. Rogers, Susan Dunham Romberger, Helen C. Rousseau. Carl Howard Rowland. Paula Dorinda Rust. William Lee Riithel. Renate Inge Ryder. James .Albert 316 o ' I wonder if I ' d get cauglit if I skipped drill? " Sabaiini. Donald F. Sams, Michael Douglas Samuels, William F. Sargeant, Martha Ann Sargent, Linda Ann Schaefer, Harold Charles .Schell, Linda Dianne Scheutz, Monica Louise Schmidt, Charlotte Ann Schofield, John Kent Schopf, Sarah Lee Schwartz, Stephen Mark Seels, Laura Anne Sellers, LaRue George Shannon, Victoria Ann Sherman, Daniel Neil Shirah, Richard Brown Shultz, Beverly Lucille Simmons, Charles Turner Sisk, Beverly Ann Skeels, Robert Alfred, Jr. Slayden, Alice Lee 317 SOPHOMORES Smith, Carolyn Grace Smith, Kenneth James Smith, Kenneth William Smolenyak, Sharon Marie Smyly, Sandra Eileen Snell. Marilyn Helen Snyder, Herbert S. Spiro, David Spitz, Richard Leon Stanley, Karen Lynn Stanley, Susan Lynn Stevenson, Marsha Gail Strauss, Susan Allison Strickland. Ellen Earl Suits, Laurel Anne Swank, Glenn David Taulbee. Billie Nell Thompson, Jennifer Ann Thompson, Sam Hill Tomlinson. L nn Wurth Tortorici, Sandra B. L ' hler. Susan C. I think someone besides my barber knows. 318 Ward, Jean Stewart Wardner, Rolfe Abbott Warren. George Theodore ' echsler. Edward Charles Weld. Diane Lee Wellington, Roger K. Wells, John Benjamin Wells, Wallace Kappel Wendell, Forrest Lenel Wherry, Suzanne .-Xkers White, Bruce Edward Wilhelmsen, Paul Carl Wilkerson, Sandra S. Williams. Lydia Sue " Williams, Priscilla L Wingate, Nancy Lee Woelfel, Kay Louise Wolfinger, Norman Robert Woods, Janet Kathleen Woodward, Mary Young, Beryl Ann Young, Joan Diane O.K. Who ' s goin, to start? I ' T H i I ' ' f -; V ' nderwood. Marguerite, P. Valdez. Carole Lynn V k ' alentine, Clifford Roy X ' aughn. Carolyn Ethelia Walker, Kineon Goodhue Ward, Dalton Rufus J r 319 " Isn ' t he the most darling boy you have ever seen? " PAM BOST, chosen Best Dressed Co-ed A favorite trick of students— wearing dark glasses and pretending to study while actually sleeping. 320 The Freshman Class OFFICERS STEVE BOWLES President SUE CLAY ... . . Vice-President DEBBIE MARKERT . . . Secretary-Treasurer Clay, Bowles, Markert The Freshman Class has provided the enthusiasm for the " Come Alive " spirit of Southern ' s campus. Their social year included a Hal- loween dance with a trophy given to the " grubbiest guy and gal, " class brunches, victory dances following bas- ketball games and a combi- nation hootenanny-hayride dance. The main project of this class was strengthening the student body by pro- moting spirit in sports with dances, pep rallies and oth- er activities. 321 FRESHMEN Adams, Deana Marshall Ailams. Palmer Lvnn Aiola, Mary Ann Albert, Bcttv Lou Albert. Harriet Jill Albert. Paul Edward Albertson, Carl Eric Alcock, Carolyn F. Aleffi, John Joseph Ammons. James Donald Anderson. Janette Carol Anderson, Julie Marie Anthony, Patricia Rae Archer, Carol Anne Archer, Robert Eugene Armstrong, Paul Frederick Ascher, Larry O. Atkins, Earnest Charles .Atucll, Paula Anne Bailey. Barbara Joyce Bailev. Dana Lyn Bailey, Ronald Lewis • . k So we ' re not the Supremes! St T » 322 Baker, Cheryl Patricia Baker, Kenneth Paul Banks. Richard Duncan Barbee, Patricia Kay Barkley, Pamela Bass, Nancy Lee Bassler, Ned Holliger Batstonc. Lucia Gray Beach, Sally Anne licatty, Mary Josephine Beers. Mabel Elizabeth Bell, Robert Devon, Jr. Berg, Margaret Grace Berree. Norman Glen Ikwley, Joseph Leslie, Jr. Beverly. Carleton Hill Bilby. Larry Wendell Billy, Eileen Binder, Lisbeth .i nn Birdsong. John Rodney Black. Laurie Lucille Black, Marc H. Blake, Marion Roux Blevins, Janice Carol ib ' ' 4 m 1 ' A Blinco, Stephen Thomas Bloomer, Betty Ann Bolton, Terry Lee Bonnett, Mary Catherine Bowcock, Dianne Carroll Bowden, Elizabeth Ann The only question I ' ve gotten right so far is the one that asks " Sex— Male or Female. " 323 FRESHMEN Bussey, James Edward Cade, Iris Rav Cameron, Bruce Malcolm Cammarata. Samuel M. Carruthers, Peter C. Casey, Jennifer Ann l i w Li ' • k CMm t t Bo«ker, Gary Lee Bowles. Steven Patterson Boyer. Robert Lawrence Bozeman. Blake Bradford, Robert Warren Brammer, Ronald Allen Brethen, Bonita Jo Brewen. Pamela Sue Brewer, William Paul, Jr. Brooks, Edward M., II Broome, Judith Lvnne Brown, Bonnie Jean Brown, Carl Curtis Brown, Judith Helen Brunei, F. Gregory Bryan, Mabel Jean Bryan, Susan Gay Bryant, Steven Lyall Buchanan, Snellen Buhrman, Margaret Lynn BulltKk, Georgia Carol Burek, Douglas John Burger, Thomas Mathias Burney, Nancy Alice But where is the rest of the faculty, dear? 324 My group had 49% fewer cavities. Vi ' r t Caswell, Susanne Cation, Cheryl Lee Causseaux, Larry Lee Chenoweth, Carol Ann Chickeiell, Anna Olivia Christine, Steven Lee Church, Barbara Louise Clamp, Phyllis Isabel Clay, Mary Susan Clements, William Robert Cleveland, Carolyn Ann Cline. Mary Kathleen Cody, Raymond Gifford Coffin, Martha Joan Colbert, Dorothy Jime Cplbert, Hal Patton Cole, Deborah Ann Coles, John Lange Collins, Thomas Miller Collman, Jcrald Douglas Conway, Nancy Louise Cooke, Constance Joyce 325 FRESHMEN Coords. George R., Jr. Corcoran, Robert Leonard Cotton. .Ann Crowell Cowan, Sarah Marjorie Cowan, Thomas Grady Cowart, Terry Diane Cowell. Thomas H. Cox, .Allen Stuart Crabtrec, Peggy Edwina Cramplon, William Scott Crcssman, Carol Lynn D ' Angio. Robert .Arthur, Jr. David, Gwendolyn Davis, Margaret Sharon Davis. Teresa Lou Day, Marv Susan Deloach, Frederick L. Dempsey, Darryl Alan Dennihy, Kevin Bruce Dennison, Kathleen R. Deters, Diana Jane Devos, Edward George This is your life . . . Dean Eicholtzl! 326 Vou aren ' t riding in my car in those pants. " Downing, Susan Powell Diiskell, Margaret J. Dumont. Diane Rita Duncan, Linda Lee Duncan. Montfort C, Jr. Durkin, Jackye Louise Eickenberg, Margaret E. Emmons, Alice Frances Enchelmayer, Carl Robert English, .Ann Frances Ernst, Sandra Lee Estes. Charles Lamar Eubanks, David Ralph Farmer, Barbara S. Fanvell, Sharon Louise Fea.sel, Charles Leland Feola, Ralph Leonard Ferrara, Arlyne Leslie Ferreira. Theodore L.. Jr. Fitzgerald, Jane Fleischli, William John Flo vers, Terry Lee Floyd, Patricia Barton Foland, Bruce Roderick DeWitt, Susan Dillon, Lester Robert Doran, Carolyn Sue Doty, Patricia Joyce Downard, Allen Ferguson Downev, John Philip I 327 ♦ FRESHMEN Force, Linda Caroline Foster, Suzanne Francisco, William Ross Frasier, Marshall Hunt Freeman, Fred Harold Freeman, Leslie Anne Freeman. Reid Wilson French, Jon Victor Fuller. Lynn Ann (.ainer. Kurt Richard Gallagher, R. Randolph (.alio. James Charles Gambill, Paul Wayne Garrett. Michael Dean Gates. Kathleen Pearl Gctman, Gerry Dean Gibbons, Kathleen Ann Gibbs, Sharon Elaine Gietek, Joanne Gill, Esther Mays Godwin. David Carlyle Gocttce, Michael Juan Goforth, James David Graebener. Kenneth H. Grainger, Frances Ann Green, Martha Merritt Griffin. Sandra Gayle Gross. William Frank Haas. JoAnn Clare Hagen. Daniel Lee 328 The Jerry Lee Lewis of the Chapel set! Hall, Delia Patterson Hall, Frederick Bryant Hallock, Norman Everett Hamilton. Holly Ruth Hamilton. Wendy Ann Hamlin, Martha Lynn Hanley, Sherrill K. Harms, Robert Arnold Harris, Nancy Jane Harris, Richard Henry Harvester, Charles Lee Harvey, Ruth Alice Harvill, Howard Louis Hayden, Linda Kay Hayford. William David Haynes, Susan Arlene Havnes, Susan Kaye Hedberg, Leon Taylor Heide, Judith Lynne Heimmer. Harold Alan Helmick, Robert W., Jr. Helseth. Phillip R., Jr. 329 FRESHMEN Hendrickson, Anna Kathleen Heppberger, Carol Ann Herndon, Alben Bivings, III Herr, Josephine Joan Hicks. Lillian Russel Higle, Alfred Thomas, Jr Hiles, Kathleen M. Hink, Terrianne Hinson, Cheryl Eddice Hirsch, Mark Daniel .r.. ' . " «iij Are you kidding me? I ' m really a Bhuddist too. Hirsh. Nancy Walker Hodges. .Shirlee Lurlene Hoffman, Kathleen Lynne Holines. Gerald Bradley Holt. Janis Rae Homans. Peggy . ' Vnne Hopkins. William Rodney Hopper. Roger Dennis Houts, Donald Gary Howison, Patricia Ann Hovvland, Adelaide Hannah Huff, Mary Wilson 330 looss, James Thomas Irons, Shirley Jackson, Edward E., Jr. Jackson, Sherr y Lee Java, Sondra Ann Jensen, Ralph Leon Jerkins, Thomas Louis Johannes, Michael A. Johansen, Donna Rae Johnson, Ashton M. Johnson, Linda Jane Johnson, Nina Janice Johnson, Sandra Dianne Johnson, Sharon Luvenia Johnston, Delia Page Jolkovski, Kaye Ann Jones, Barbara JoAnn Jones, James Turner, Jr. Jones, Pamela . lyce Jones, Thomas R., Jr. Jorgensen, .Alfred C. Joyce, Lorraine Alma Jung, Marjorie Doris Karrick, Jonnie Lynn «- n " ' ' K - ? p. w- it i Karst, Barbara Van Kaufman, Gerald Kedney, Harry B. Kehoe, Dianne Frances Keitzer, Carla Jeanne Kelley, Kaye Elizabeth " Psssssst Did you sign out? " I 331 ♦ FRESHMEN Lewis, Joseph Aaron, Jr. Lewis, Pherne Andreas Lewis, Randy Jay Lewis, Richard Fred Lewis, Steven M. Lineberry, Linda Maxine Kemberling, Susan Penny Kennedy, Sara Jane Kennedy, Thelma Faith Kenyon, Helen Rowc Kern, Steplien Holt Keyser, George Raymond Kidd, Peter Straw Kimbrell, Wilham P. Kirkwood, Lawrence R. Kleinschmidt, Janet Lee Kraczkowsky, Gregory M. Krauss, Richard Russell LaFleur, Lore Ann LaMont. Donna Caroline LaVallee, Karen Ann Law, Karen Elizabeth Layow, Harley Edgar League, Edwin James Ledyard, Elinor Lynne Lee, Lynnwood Arthur Lefkowitz, Ann Sycle Leisinger, John Clifford Lepper, Reginald H. Leslier, Donald Stanley Seven million dollars and we have outdoor classrooms! 332 This is a swell cafeteria but what happens when it rains? IrI - I Linton, Barbara Jean Linville, Patricia W. Lippert. Jeanne Louise Loclce, Daniel Kenneth Loeper, Nancy Isabel Loeseke, William Hoyt Long, Robert Elliott Lott, Almina Jo Loveday, Leigh Herbert Lovelady, Linda Dee Luce, Jon Paul Luscher, Ellen Hamilton Lutz, Beverlee Ritter Mahon, Robert D., Jr. Malott. Paula Ann Manlev. Walter W., II Mansion, Carole Jean Margolis, John Alan Markert, Deborah Ann Marsh, Susan Jane Martel, Elizabeth Noel Martin, Barbara Jean 333 Martin, Bruce Everett Martin, Steven Daryl Martin, Walter, Jr. Mayer, Alan Shepherd McBride, Kathy Lee McCaig, Bonnie Elizabeth McCanna, Robert Louis McCowen, Murray Ann McCown, Philip Reese, Jr. McCullough, Donna Kay McDonald. Cynthia Lee McDowell, Sheryl Anne McGill, Dennis Ray McGill, Kenneth Calvin FRESHMEN McGinnes, Dean Carl McGuirt, Nancy Sue McHan, Nancy Elizabeth Mclnnes, Benjamin Lee McManeus, Barbara Nell McNamee. Sarah Louise Merritt, Susan Miller, David Bruce t Love those new ROTC sponsor uniforms. 334 Preeesent . . . Armsl! Moore, Emily Louise Moore, Linda Lee Morgan, Gary Wayne Morley, Craig Allen Morlock, Sherry Lee Morreale, Barth Joseph Morrison, Frances Ann Munc, Judith Marie Mundy, Linda Ann Narem, Janice Elva Neal, Gerald Cowan Neal, Kathleen Kiy Neff, Tana Lee Newell, Mary Elizabeth Newhouse, Gregory Lee Nichols, Forrest Jay Niles, Jean Lee Norris, Robert W., Jr. Norton, Ann Nancy Ogburn, Jennifer L. Ohnmacht, Sandra Mildred Olson, Keith Arlyn Orth, Charles Arthur Owens, Daniel Elvis - ' ; t ' »- V :. T Miller, Patricia Jean Miller, Susan Elizabeth Milner, Elizabeth Lane Milton, Jane Carole Miltz, Donald Carl Mocrck, Riidi TJ 335 ♦ " -♦v - FRESHMEN Padgett, Kenneth Ear! Faille, Beckie Marie Palmer, Jane Pappas, Dean Parker, John Frederick Pairish, James Moorman •♦A " I told them I ' d do anything to get this field house builtl ' r Partazana, Margaret A. Patterson, Linda Sue Patteson. James Douglas Pearson, Teresa Ann Peers. Suzanne Lee Perkins, Beverly May Perry, Susan Lynne Pfister. Marjorie Dawn Phillips. Dale Lawrence Plotkin, Joseph Alan Plowman. Craig Stewart Polkowski. Christopher D Pollock, Sally Joan Preuss. Marie Eleanor Price, Daphne Reed Privett. Paula Ann Proctor, Linda Rose Pugh, Dwight Irvin Quicksall, Maribeth Ragsdalc, Dural Reece Rapanick, Kenneth N. Rau. John Keller Reader. Pamela Ruth Redfern, Judith 336 Reece. Thomas Sanford Recs, Nancy Gail Reid, Linda Lee Richardson, Maria E. Rippon, Frederick Bruce Rivenbark, Rebecca V. Rohbins, Carol Roberts, Richard Best Robinson, Sara Maude Rocky, Ann Kathrine Romano, Michael John Rominger, William M. Rooks. Larry Glen Rossen, Joel Stephen Rostran, Alejandro Rousset, Denise Rae Rowell, Nomia Jean Rucks, Larnell Rushing, Judith Ann Russell. Charles E., Jr. Russo, Camilla Mary Sanders, Susan Kirk " What a crummy Yo-Yo. It won ' t even come back up. " 337 FRESHMEN Sanderson, Roger Alan Santiago, Rosalind Joy r I Santiago, Rosario A. Sargeant, Ralph G., Jr. Sasser, Sherman Lloyd Sawyer, Sandra Jo Saxon, Ben Lee Scanio, Gregory James Scharfenberg, Ann Derr Schauer, Douglas F. Scherer, Joan Marie Scott, Carol Sheldrake Sedgley, David Stuart Sefton, Thomas Wolcott Setzcr, David Andrew Severson, Sheron Martin Sharp, Raymond Stephen Shealy, Leo Gillam, Jr. Sheffield, Norman L., Jr. Shciman, Michael Eliot Shepherd, Marjorie Ellen Sherlock, William George f t " Would you believe it? I forgot my socks. ' 338 :..v:a««BH«»»a««««««««.««ia Sherman, Daniel Herbert Shinier, Dean Allen Shockley, Cheryl Ann Shuler, Connie Shy, Judith Gibson Simonson, Roger Lynn Sinclair, Gary Lee Skelton, Janis Skinner, Sandra Gaye Small, Charles Sidney Spangler, Donald Odom Speir, Carol Elizabeth Spencer, Jenneene Lint Spiirgeon, Joanne Stahlin, Sara Jane Slandish, Duane Charles Stauffer, Inez Elaine Stauffer, John Porter Steinberg, Robert M. Stephens, Carla Celeste Sireep, Foster David, III Strother, Shelby K., Ill Sullivan, Michael Joseph Sumner, Marion Ruth Swanson, Sandra Lee Swartz, Jerry Wayne Sweeney, Edward D., Jr. Swindell, Julie Carter Swoyer, David Charles Talbott, Ellen Elizabeth Go on in kids, the library isn ' t iJiat bad. I 339 ■ ■■■ • FRESHMEN f I r f r m fh W- e e v , 1 Ware, Kiathryn rner, Bonnie Lois W ■LM C«. v m .«• Warr, Margaret Louise Wasser. Thomas Dean Watkinson, Catherine L Watson, Sandra Louise Terry, Alice Louise Thomas, Phebe Mosgrove Thomas, Phyllis June Thoiuas, Shirley Jean Thomas, Teresa Lin Thomason, Mary CoUette Thomason, Stephen D. Thompson. Donna Mae Thoiupson, Doyle M. Thompson. Joseph H. Thomson, Linda Lee Tibbitts, Frederick M., Jr. Townsend, Jennifer Mary Trask, Joyce Diane Tricbcls, Philip Eugene Trost, Rebecca Sue Turnipseed. Mildred C. llnderhill, Linda Fave Unkefer. Lois Ann Uzelac, Robert Michael Vernon, Michael Howard ' ivers, Robert Paul Walker, Elizabeth Ann Wallace, James E., Jr. ■J . ■- ,tr -3r i • - - Next time you two don ' t wear socks in the cafeteria, the punish- ment will be even worse. 340 ♦■♦v - IffliBSBfiJt MfflflBliSMfeiWlWiiW B Y ff™ ' - ■ _;« Weaver, Brian Monte Weaver, James Royce, Jr. Weaver, Steven Lee Weeden, Judith Meredith Wells, Douglas Call Wells, Paula Howard Wesley, Bemice Irene Wesley, Elizabeth Louise Wherrell, Gwendolyn R. Whippo, Maria Jean Mr. Szabo cut chapel again. Whiting, Jeffrey Whitworth, Marlou Ann Widner, Dorothy Lanette Wilcox, John Palmer Williams, Jean Williams, John R., Jr. Williams, Kenneth A. Williams. Susan Lee Wilson, Diane Louise Wilson, Holly Leigh Wilson. Mary Margaret Windham, John Franklin 341 • ' • FRESHMEN Winfrey, Michael P. V ' inklcr. David Biddle ■ Voo i, Marjorie Diana ' oods, Donna Lynn W ' ray, Charles Irvin, Jr. Wyngarden. Jay Bradford i ic Young. Elizabeth F. Zamzow. Dale .Allen Zanathy, Stephen Phillip I 1 r N " Are you sure this will keep my hair in place? " 342 tti KfiSiMitiffl MSiiSM!!iMii6t fflffi ' i6)14 ' fMtYff t ' i ' N %$ - N i THE LAST CROWD . . . t] e last convocation . . . students and faculty fading . . . the last goodbyes . . . a campus qniet, once again . . . until the first classes of summer school reneia the tune of COME ALIVE . . . " Yours is a vital generation . . . " ' r . $ 343 mcky I 344 ; « ?ww ftti«M ffl ' fflSia8B]ra ' ;i N(t tf«TO Sometimes we fake our friends for granted Througlioiit our busy days. But, beware, the tune will soon come for The parting of the ways. The old saying that comes to mind Is true and lingers on— The worth of our friends is greatest When we realize they ' ve gone Yes, the saddest time of the school year Is at the very end- How sad it is when the good friends we ' ve made May never come again. 345 • • rt • The 1966 INTERLACHEN staff salutes you-our advertisers— for your interest and cooperation in making possible the publication of this year ' s Florida Soutli- ern College yearbook. The staff urges all friends and students of the College to call upon these firms for service at every opportunity. Illustrated by Judy Broome 346 JMBBiiBMiHilMiHKBititil ,i diMist tifieMtiW iii ii I ' m heading for the corner of South Florida Avenue and Lime Street! MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. START YOUR MONEY " SAVING LESSONS " WITH FIRST STATE Senior " Punch " Edinger banks at First State Bank 347 e t y- " St Compliments - CompUmenis of of Polk County ' s Oldest National Bank 1 fmc ® ( " FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at LAKELAND ' ■ ■1 1 WITH TRUST DEPARTMENT T MSMBER FEDERAL DEROtIT IMSUHAMCE CaBrOXATrOM 3 MBii»a FLOniDA n TiOP» L a«oup ow ■ANRi y i CORPORATION 1 1 113 South Tennessee Ave. Phone 686-1136 FMC CORPORATION FLORIDA DIVISION " As long as there ' s a Lakeland, there ELAND. FLORII DA • W OODSTOCK, VIRGINIA will be a Florida National Bank. " le t ifcoppwtg 14 0. pte iiu uL 348 ,)Baiiaife i..j. i A; Designed by Schweizer Associates, Architects and Eng ineers BUILDING A BETTER FUTURE WITH FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE Education, it is often said, is the backbone of the future. We agree. Templin ' s, Inc., General Contractors, is proud to have had the opportunity to join with Florida Southern College in building a better future for many young people and for the world in which they live. Among the educational facilities constructed on the campus by Templin ' s is the Branscomb Auditorium, said to be one of but two acoustically perfect auditoriums in the United States. We may build bigger buildings in our business . . . but none will serve the future so well as those at Florida Southern College. TEMPLINS i GENERAL i CONTRACTORS 349 ' " • ' ■■ ■• BOHLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY LAKELAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 350 i l|mwiii ii t attS i ia t i ( M S!fHS»!!a?; ' l A3.K;illir s ' ffl y-y«.ic«;«!t Home Owned Produced By Local Farmers VELDA DAIRIES Velda On The Label Means Quality On The Table Lakeland 686-6211 Winter Haven 293-4154 DOWNTOWN ORANGE AND TENNESSEE POST OFFtCE BOX 1527-33802 GROVE PARK CRYSTAL LAKE DRIVE a MEADOWBROOK AVE. Js SEARSTOWN ON THE MALL IN SEARSTOWN SHOPPING CENTER Q kMQ eu. SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION LARGEST ASSOCIATION IN POLK COUNTY LAKELAND, FLORIDA ■ Bi S J kH 1 uC BpIh SS . ' 1 r Danforth Chapel, Florida Southern College The churches of Lakeland welcome Florida Southern students. You are encouraged to develop the habit of worshiping in church every Sunday. Lakeland Ministerial Association Compliments of A. G. KING PRODUCE CO. Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables Lakeland, Florida Having Travel Problems? Let Us Do Your Worrying. CONTACT WORLD TRAVEL CENTER LAKELAND, FLORIDA 317 N. Mass 682-5153 jMiMmMiiiifflmiif " " - ' " " " " " - ' ' ' ' " " " ' ' ' - " ' - ' -■ ■■ J. F. Barlow Manager . tv e»j ' if ' ;i »?.r ' WTO Hm ' tH vaq»;WL ' . it-f w v,-i:. ®f rt STORES 202 North Massachusetts Avenue Lakeland, Florida Phone: 686-4153 Compliments of CEMENT PRODUCTS SUPPLY CO., INC. 516 W. Main Street Zimmerman s The Homemaker Shop " We have the Gift for every occasion. " 119 South Kentucky Avenue Beth Snyder, day student, shops at Homemaker Shop - - Hickory Hill... a name that means " quality " to your customers . . . " prestige and profits " to you! plus a complete line of the most popular table-ready meats . . . and the finest quality fresh beef, pork and lamb . quality that builds TRAFFIC... SALES... PROFITS! 354 ;i; i £i iSuiii WiKiJl»tii ] d ' 9n ' - 01 South Kentucky Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA rX. BROTHERS LAKELANDS GREAT STORE Juhivdaiu COMPLETE INTERIOR FURNISHINGS IBiSi FLORIDA AVE. ft ORANGE ST. TELEPHONE MUTUAL 2-2104 WIGS BY HILLEVI HUMAN HAIR FASHION WIGS Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio 203 E. Lemon LAKELAND, FLORIDA ♦•-♦ ♦ ' V ' WORLDWIDE AIR AND STEAMSHIP SERVICE CRUISES - TOURS -■»... ' Ki H ' Jack and Leon Mengel Phone 682-3163 225 S. Kentucky Ave. Lakeland, Florida SMOKE HOUSi[ " r- staurant MUTUAL 6-2350 FRANK and LAURETTA BUELL Dining Room - Curb Catering Service 2136 NEW TAMPA HWY LAKELAND. FLORIDA LAKELAND ' S LARGEST FURNITURE STORE 356 Phone 682-5107 Victor Whirlpool AUSTIN BARNETT ELECTRIC, INC. Sales and Service Hoyt W. Barnett Owner 211 S. Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida For unique gifts in jewelry, it ' s • • • Marshall Jewelers Phone MU 2-4725 223 S. Kentucky Avenue Compliments of MEN ' S WEAR SEARSTOWN DOWNTOWN GROVE PARK sums Villagers Mr. Pants Capezio Shoes Glen of Michigan i ' Pam Bost, best dressed coed, shops at Joyce Corner 219 e. lemon • lakeland You Are Always Welcome at PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND WITH TRUST DEPARTMENT 115 South Missouri Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA — Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation — 358 CONGRATULATIONS J. C. PENNEY CO. _ C reat C rou ik L ompan Employer of Florida Southern Graduates Bradley Flower Shop 808 South Mississippi Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND THAT PERFECT GIFT AT . . . GEO. L. GAINES, JEWELER 112 SOUTH TENNESSEE AVENUE PHONE 682-2131 TILL OFFICE EQUIPMENT Office Supplies — Furni+ure — Machines For Gifts That Are Different 615 N. Broadway Bartow, Florida .- • . Compliments of ll (lmjip(m Im. OIL JOBBERS " Sunshine Will Keep You Warm " LAKELAND, FLORIDA 360 Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Bottlers of 7-Up and Like 315 W. Lemon St. Lakeland, Florida Junior Aleta Brown shops at Carol ' s CAROL ' S RED CROSS SHOE STORE 207 South Kentucky Avenue Compliments of Sherwin-Williams Paint Co. 617 S. Florida Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of Lakeland Typewriter and Supply Company, Inc. Royal Electric, Standard and Portable Typewriters Sales-Service Victor Adding Machines and Calculators Sales-Service Shaw Walker Steel and Jasper Wood Furniture Central Florida ' s Most Popular Office Supply House 122 South Tennessee Lakeland, Florida Compliments " f WYNN MATTRESS CO. a s ' f mim» »t K ' ) JOYNER LUMBER COMPANY. INC LAKELAND. FLORIDA 362 REECECLIFF Drive-ln Restaurant Phone MU 6-6661 940 S. Florida Avenue r Homes • Groves • Farms • Business Property wm, H. L. (Shorty) PALMER Realtor— L.M.LS, Phone Mutual 2-5173 204 S. Tenn. Avenue (next to parking lot) Ayala Oil Company GULF OIL PRODUCTS Nelson M. Ayala — Jobber For the Best in Fuel Oils Res. Phone MU 6-5320 Lakeland, Florida Phone MU 6-3103 Lakeland, Fla. Compliments of Raybro Electric Supplies, Inc. 520 N. Ingraham Avenue aataaaatnmmmsaarsBuentS .-♦ ■ ?B «f j iiM j -TT i, i maifa g j »iE » ' a r ' Congratulations from SHEPPARD DISTRIBUTORS 1045 South Florida Avenue MEAT PROCESSORS 364 Compliments of WADE R. THORLEY AND ASSOCIATES INSURANCE 2705 South Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida Compliments of FLORIDA FAVORITE FERTILIZER, INC. LAKELAND P. O. Box 910 Phone 682-2153 id lfi fL EDD LOVERING AUTO SALES 111 Bartow Road Phone 683-1278 365 umis iimKaasiKifmrmi MmiB iMS m g gfia!wa« ' - aa «5«gy. Comp imenfs of m , BURL WILSON, PLASTERING CONTRACTOR 512 West Maxwell Street LAKELAND, FLORIDA Business Phone MU 2-0812 Resident Phone MU 2-6688 366 :: ' i COMPLIMENTS OF BERGER AND RACHELSON, INC. INSTITUTIONAL FOOD DISTRIBUTORS TAMPA, FLORIDA 367 imiwf tf ' iemiitfiiim mmmmn mrri i r!?. Hjri. ' - jt t ia if t ,n Af i al J. B. LINEBERGER, INC. Distributors for Richfield Oil 1640 New Tampa Highway LAKELAND, FLORIDA 368 Index Aarthun, Steven Russell, Perrysburg, Ohio, 108, 109, 113, 266 Adams. Charles Wilson, Highland City, Fla., 194, 195, 266 Adams, Deana Marshall, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla., 322 Adams, Palmer Lvnn, Atlanta, Ga., 117, 322 Adams, William Allen, Stcgar, 111., 199 Addenbrcok. Thomas E., Pompano Beach, Fla., 198, 199, 266 Agnew, Kathleen To. East Moline, 111., 175, 306 Agnew, Robert Kent, East Moline, 111., 196, 231. 294 Ahlgren, Jolin Alfred, Tr., Maplewood, N.J., 240, 241, 306 Aiello, Marv Ann, West Palm Beach, Fla., 173. " 306 Aiola, Mary Ann E., Atlanta. Ga., 322 Aitken, Bruce Emil, Hasbrouck Heights. N.J., 107, 197, 228, 294 Aker, Larry Ray, Titusville, Fla., 144, 194, 195, 266 Albert, Betty Lou, Knoxville, Tenn., 169, 322 Albert, Harriet Jill. Knoxville, Tenn.. 322 Albert, Paul Edward, Lakeland, Fla., 322 Albertson, Carl Eric, Newtonville, Mass., 322 Albrecht. Jacob Arnold. Lakeland. Fla., 294 Alcock, Carolyn F., Miami, Fla., 322 Aleffi, John Josepli, Union City, N.T., 223, 322 Alexander. Dennis Derain. Paris, France, 306 Alexander, Earleaiia R., Lakeland, Fla., 127, 294 Allev, Paul Frederick, Melbourne, Fla.. 235, 266 -Ambrose, Pauline Sara, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., 179, 266 Ammons. Tames Donald. Falls Church. Va., 197. 247. 322 .Anderson, Tanette Carol. New Canaan. Conn.. 322 Anderson. John Russell. Winter Haven. Fla.. 294 Anderson, Sharon Lee. Warminster, Penn., 145, 171. 266 . ndringa. Henrv J., St. Petersburg. Fla., 202. 203, 266 Anthony. Ilarrv Marvin. West Palm Beach. Fla., 266 . nthonv. Patricia Rae. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.. 322 Antinori. Carole Joy, Tampa. Fla., 94, 141, 177. 266 Antoon, John. Satellite Beach, Fla., 107, 306 . ' rcher, Carol Anne, -Annandale. Va., 322 . rcher. Robert Eugene. Atlanta. Ga.. 236. 322 Armstrong, Paul F., Orlando, Fla.. 322 Arnold, Constance T ouise, Tampa, Fla.. 306 Arnolds-Patron, Eric P.. Bartow, Fla., 266 .Ascher. Larrv O., Bavside. N.Y.. 114. 127, 158. 322 . thearn. Marv Elizabeth, Orla Vista. Fla.. 142, 185, 266 Atkins, Barbara Kay, Winter Haven, Fla.. 103, 294 Atkins. Earnest Charles, Decatur. Ga.. 247. 322 Atwell, Paula Anne. Laurel. Md., 118, 322 Bailey, Barbara Joyce, Chicago, 111., 322 Bailey, Betty Joette, Ocala, Fla., 266 Bailey, Dana Lyn, Atlanta, Ga.. 120, 322 Bailey, Jeanette M., Auburndale. Fla., 306 Bailey. Ronald Lewis, Roanoke. Va., 322 Bailey, Sandra Faye. Sebring, Fla., 171, 306 Bailey. William Edward. St. Cloud. Fla.. 106. 118, 209, 306 Bain. Bruce Edward. L nion. N.T., 108, 109. 203. 226. 235, 241, 306 Baker, Cheryl Patricia. 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Hilda Elizabeth. Miami, Fla., 306 nell, Robert Devon, Great Neck, N.Y., 323. 348 Bell. Sandra Jeanne, Brooksville, Fla.. 142, 166, 267 Benion, . nne Catherine, Harrisburg, Penn.. 110. 307 Bennett. Thomas Wiggin, Sarasota, Fla., 307 Berg, Margaret Grace, Melbourne, Fla., 323 Berree. Norman Glen. Arlington, Va., 323 Berry, Timmv Dodd, Clearwater. Fla.. 101. i02, 138. 199. 226, 242, 268 Berrv. Sandra Lee, Bradenton, Fla., 108, 179. 268 Beverly, Carleton Hill, Wilbraham, Mass., 236, 323 Bewley, Joseph Leslie, Tr., Greeneville, Tenn., 114, 323 Bewley. Nancy Ellen, Sarasota, Fla., 169, 307 Biermann, Margaret Ellen, River Vale. N.T., 178, 212, 246, 294 Bilby, Larry Wendell, Gulf Breeze, Fla., 323 Billy, Eileen. Clifton, N.J., 323 Binder, Lisbeth .- nn, Naples, Fla.. 323 Birdsong. 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Port Richev, Fla.. 307 Bredemever, Stanley W., Fort Myers. Fla.. 269 Brethen, Bonita Jo, Sarasota, Fla., 120. 324 Brewen, Pamela Sue, Hialeah, Fla., 324 Brewer, William Paul. Jr.. Greensboro. N.C., 236. 247, 324 Broocke. William Nathan. Hialeah, Fla.. 295 Brooks, Edward M.. II, West Palm Beach, Fla.. 247, 324 Broome. Tudith Lvnne, Indialantic. Fla.. 108. 110. 112. 324 Brose, Marilvnn Kay, Amherst. N.Y.. 166, 169, 3 " 07 Brosius, Donald J.. Tr.. Lake Park. Fla., 202, 203, 241, 269 Brower, Judy Durrett, Lakeland, Fla., 269 Brower. Peter H.. Ill, Lakeland, Fla.. 143, 147, 307 Brown, Aleta Lucile, Lakeland. Fla., 110, 112. 133, 135, 141, 173, 295, 361 Brown, Bonnie Jean, Wilmington, Ohio, 324 Brown, Carl Curtis, Clearwater, Fla., 324 Brown, Cynthia Ann, Satellite Beach, Fla., 307 Brown, Donald Tack, Lakeland, Fla., 269 Brown, Ellinwood E., Miami, Fla., 102. 115. 126, 171, 307 Brown. Florayne Cecille. Tampa. Fla.. 177. 307 Brown, Gerald William, Lakeland, Fla.. 295 Brown, Jerry Lee, Westfield, N.J., 307 Brown, Tudith Helen, Naples, Fla., 324 Brown, Lewis Mack, Knoxville. Tenn.. 231, 307 Brown, Rosemary Jane, Winter Haven. Fla., 108, 139, 177, 307 Brown, Sarah Marilyn, Panama City, Fla., 295 Brown, Susan Lavonne, Jupiter, Fla., 136, 166, 173, 295 Brunei, F. Gregory, Greenwich, Conn., 324 Brunell. Caryl Louise, Lighthouse Point, Fla., 307 Bryan, Allen Steven, Winter Park, Fla., 197, 295 Bryan, Mabel Jean, Brownstown, Ind., 324 Bryan, Susan Gay, Lake Wales, Fla., 120. 324 Bryant, Inez Margaret, Oxford, Ohio, 307 Bryant, Sally Jo, Lakeland, Fla., 295 Bryant, Steven Lyall, Riveredge, N.J., 247, 324 Buchanan. Suellen, Titusville, Fla., 324 Buhrman. Margaret Lynn, Lakelan d, Fla., 324 Buie, George A., Ill, Lake City, Fla., 211, 295 Bullock, Georgia Carol, Jacksonville, Fla., 156, 324 Bunten, Tudy Lynn. Palm Bay, Fla., 175, 199. 295 Burek, Douglas John, Garfield, N.J., 228, 324 Burger, Thomas Mathias, Arlington, Va., 247, 324 Burke, Barbara Ann. Ft. Wayne, Ind., 108, 169. 307 Burkey, Eleanor Yvonne, Deerfield, Ohio, 173, 269 Burney. Nancy Alice, Falls Church, Va., 110, 112. 324 Burton, Diane Lynn, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 110, 179, 307 Bussey, Bessie Alice, Ft. White, Fla., 120, 136, 157, 295 Bussey, James Edward, Fellsmere, Fla., 205, 247, 324 Euzzelli, Renaldo Jerome, Washington, D.C., 102. 108, 133, 138, 209, 295 Byers, Jerold Don, Lakeland, Fla., 269 Cade, Iris Ray. Seville, Fla., 324 Cain. John E., Tavernier, Fla., 307 Cairnes. James Earl, Horse Shoe, N.C.. 120, 132, 138, 172, 210, 295 Calhoun, Sandra Lee, Bronxville, N.Y., 295 Cameron, Bruce Malcolm, Miami, Fla., 247, 324 Cammarata, Samuel M., Johnstown, Penn., 324 Cannistraci, Joyce Mary. Huntington Station, N.Y.. 105, 138, 141, 175, 307 Caracuzzo, John Tyrrell, Cranston, R.I., 203, 307 Cargill. Joann Dorothy, Ridgefield, N.J., 177, 308 Carlan, Cabell Briscoe, Bluefield. W. Va., 205, 308 Carlton, Bascom W., Jr.. Enterprise, Fla.. 198. 199, 269 Carmichael, Robert W,, Jr., Winder- mere. Fla., 148, 149, 197, 269 Carruthers, Peter C, Clearwater, Fla., 324 Carruthers, Sandra Ann, Coral Gables, Fla., 158, 308 Carter, Doris Diane, Birmingham, Ala., 140. 181, 269 Carter, Robert Myron, Kissimmee, Fla., 269 Casey. Jennifer Ann, South Bend, Ind., 110, 324 Cash, Bruce Elton. Roseland. Va., 110, 113, 128, 138, 188, 196, 295, 348, 356 Caswell, Susanne, Melbourne, Fla., 103, 325 Caton, Eva Frances, Winter Park, Fla., 81, 141, 145. 157, 181, 269 Catton, Cheryl Lee, Arlington, Va., 142, 325 Causseaux, Larry Lee, Tallahassee, Fla., 114. 118. 119, 325 Cauthen, William Howard, Leesburg, Fla.. 197, 308 Cave, Toanne ' irginia, Havertown, Penn.. 182. 183, 308 Center, Thelma Elaine. Orange Park, Fla., 78. 81. 88, 101, HI, 123, 124, 134, 138, 165, 166, 170, 171, 196, 246. 269 Ceriani, Edward Charles, Quincy, Mass., 231. 295 Chard, .Mlison Edwards. Nokomis, Fla., 308 Chaviano, Emilio A., Lakeland, Fla., 308 Chellman, Helen Kay, Indiana, Penn., 171. 308 Chenoweth, Carol Ann, South Miami, Fla.. 325 Cherrv. Michael Joseph, Auburndale, Fla., 269 Cherry. Robert Lee. Ill, Coial Gables, Fla.. 134, 188, 209, 270 Chickerell, Anna Olivia, Daytona Beach, Fla., 325 Chinn. Maryann, New Canaan. Conn., 171, 295 Christine, Steven Lee, Kansas City, Mo., 156, 211, 325 369 .-♦•• . Church, Barbara Louise, Lakeland, Fla., 325 Clamp, Phyllis Isabel, Jacksonville, Fla., 325 Clark, Bess Camilla, Miami Beach, Fla., 308 Clark, Blair Tames, Lakeland, Fla., 308, 348 Clark, Candice Lee, Garden City, L.L, N.Y., 110, 308 Clark, Richard Andrew, Hollywood, Fla., 201, 211, 295, 348 Clay. Mary Susan, Clarendon Hills, 111. 321, 325 Clavton, Donald Mayo. Jr., Lakeland, Fla., 308 Clayton, Wiley Gayle, DeLand, Fla., 102. 114, 115. 126. 138, 197, 235, 295 Cleaver. Robert Alan, St. Petersburg, Fla., 127, 144, 155. 187, 234, 295, 348 Cleek, Sandra Gayle, Lake Placid, Fla., 166, 185, 195, 308 Clements, William Robert, Sebring, Fla.. 325 Cleveland. Carolyn Ann. Orlando, Fla., 325 Cleveland, Montine J.. Tacksonvjlle, Fla., 103, 108, 109, 133, 17 " 7, 295 Cleveland. William W., Orlando, Fla , 132, 157, 308 Cline. Mary Kathleen, Tampa, Fla., 325 Cline, Sandra Kay, Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. 175, 308 Cloyd, Michael David, Lakeland. Fla.. 143, 270 Cobb, David Alan, DeLand, Fla., 209, 240, 242. 308 Cobble, Sliaron, Greeneville, Tenn. 120, 175, 308 Cochran, Joseph Milton, Ft. Meade. Fla., 295 Cochran. Stanley John, Lakeland, Fla., 146, 209, 295 Cody, Raymond Gifford, Kissimmee. Fla., 211, 325 Coffin, Martha Joan. Winter Park, Fla., 325 Cohen. Steven Lawrence, Key West, Fla., 120. 147, 308 Coker, Robert Clifton, Lakeland, Fla., 270 Colado, Guy Dickson, Winter Park. Fla., 188, 190. 295. 348 Colbert, Dorothy Tune, Lakeland, Fla., 325 Colbert. Hal Patton. Highland City. Fla., 102. 325 Cole. Deborah Ann. Tallahassee, Fla., 120, 325 Coleburn, Virginia N.. Wilton. Conn . 171, 270 Coleman, Roy Beecher. Lakeland, Fla. 143, 270 Coles, John Lange. Sheffield. Mass., 156, 325 Colfax, Douglas Ra Tnond, Wanaque. N.J., 188, 204. 205. 295 Collins, Mary Inez. Belle Glade. Fla., 295 Collins. Thomas F., Jr.. Cambridge. Md. 295 Collins. Thomas Miller, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., 223. 228. 325 Collman, Terald Douglas. Clearwater. Fla.. 201. 325 Combs. Leslie C, Lakeland. Fla., 308 Connell, Judy L. Gleaton. Plant Citv, Fla., 270 Conner, Thomas Wayne. St. Petersburg Fla.. 211. 219. 308 Conrad. , nne Elizabeth. Lakeland, Fla . 295 Conroy. Kathy Ellen, Miami, Fla., 127. 130, 185. 242, 308 Conway. Nancy Louise, Garden City, L.L, N.Y., 325 Cook, Barbara Somers, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., 103, 120. 141. 185, 270 Cook, Carolyn Seaver. Hyannis, Mass.. 144, 145. 176, 177, 270 Cook, George Edward. Miami, Fla., 203, 270 Cooke. Constance Joyce, Centerport, N.Y.. 325 Coons. Susan . nn. DeLand, Fla., 166, 183. 308 Cooper. Bess . nn. Orlando, Fla.. 103, 308 Coords. George R., Tr., Winter Haven, Fla., 326 Corcoran, Robert Leonard, Venice, Fla.. 326 Cosselman, John Henry, Lakeland, Fla., 296 Costan, Gregory Arthur, Charlottesville, Va., 296, 348 Coty. Suzanne Buford. Scarsdale, X.Y,. 308 Cotton, . nn Crowell, St. Petersburg, Fla.. 141. 326 Council, David Patrick, Ruskin, Fla., 148, 149, 203, 247, 270 Cowan. Sarah Slarjorie, Sweetwater, Tenn., 120, 326 Cowan, Thomas Grady, Hialeah, Fla., 326 Cowart, Terry Diane, Daytona Beach, Fla., 120. 326 Cowart, William Wayne, Bartow, Fla., 247, 308 Cowell, Thomas H., Coral Gables, Fla., 326 Cox, Allen Stuart, Durham, X.C, 247, 326 Coyle, Jackson Wyatt, Winter Haven, Fla., 296 Crabtree, Peggy Edwina. Xorris, Tenn., 326 Crampton, William Scott, Westfield. N.J., 231, 326 Crankshaw, Lynne E., Dunedin. Fla.. 179. 270 Crawford, Richard Leon. Lakeland, Fla., 308 Crawley, Bernice P., Atlanta, Ga., 179, 296 Creech, Jay Gardner, Bethesda, Md., 204, 205, 270 Cressman. Carol Lynn, Bethlehem, Penn., 141, 326 Cressman, Philip Charles, Lakeland. Fla., 270 Crone. Patsy Lee, Trenton, N.J., 308 Cross, Phillip Fowler, Oakland, Fla., 148, 149, 296, 348 Crouch, Barbara Lee. Orlando, Fla., 296 Crowell, Wanda Toleene, Hendersonville, X.C, 81, 118, 171, 308 Croxton, Arthur A.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 128. 178. 188. 200, 271 Croysdale, Herbert W., II, Coconut Grove, Fla., 199, 308 Culbert. David Luehm, Lakeland, Fla., 127, 148, 149, 188, 195, 271 Culbreth, Hugh G., Tr., Okeechobee, Fla., 308 Curland, Phyllis Anne, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 183, 296 Cushman, Stanley Eugene, Miami Shores, Fla., 236, 271 Dallas, Camille Hope. Ormond Beach, Fla., 309 Danford, Maxine Merry, Leesburg. Fla., 185, 309 D ' Angio, Robert Arthur, Tr., West Palm Beach, Fla.. 228, 326 Daniel, John Elmer, Ocala. Fla., 309 Daniel, Vivian Lee, Miami, Fla., 181, 309 Daniels, James, Lakeland, Fla., 247, 309 Darby, Terence Michael, Riviera Beach, Fla., 144, 210, 226, 271 Davaz, Ayse Selma. Xew York, X.Y., 81, 110, 112, 114, 120, 139, 141. 309 Davenport, Jane, Naples, Fla., 141. 186. 187, 296 David, Gwendolyn, Washington, D C, 114, 141. 326 Davis, Bonnie Kay. Mathews, Va., 92, 103, 134, 138, 157. 180, 296 Davis, Carolyn. Orlando, Fla., 171, 309 Davis, Don Tames, Clearwater, Fla.. 193, 240, 242, 309 Davis. Jeffrey Ilolman. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., 309 Davis, Margaret Sharon, Wauchula Fla., 326 Davis, Teresa Lou, Williamsburg, Ky., 118, 326 Davis, Virginia Stuart. Bartow, Fla., 309 Day, Mary Susan, Holly Hill. Fla.. 120, 326 Dean, Gayle Ellen, Marietta, Ga., 309 DelVecchio, David F.. Winter Park, Fla., 115, 188, 201, 226, 293, 296, 348 Deloach. Frederick. .Miami Springs, Fla., 118, 157, 326 Dempsey, Darryl Alan, Plant Citv, Fla., 326 Denmark, Robert Allen. Jacksonville. Fla., 141, 209, 296, 348 Dennihy, Kevin Bruce, Brentwood, X.Y., 326 Dennison, Kathleen R.. Eastchester. N.V., 110, 326 Dent, Paula Jeanne, N ' ew York, X.Y . 309 Dermont, Thomas Robert, Cattaraugus N.Y., 144, 296 Dervin, John Jordan, Port Washington, X.Y., 271 Deters, Diana Jane, Bowling Green, Fla., 326 Deuel, Ray Eugene, Geneva, X.Y.. 309 Deupree, William J., Ill, Covington. Ky., 114, 126, 202, 203, 296, 348 Deuto, Bernard Gregory, Miami, Fla., 197, 234, 309 Devos, Edward George, Lake Worth. Fla., 247. 326 DeWitt. Susan. North Easton, Mass., 108, 120. 327 Dial, Donald Nelson, Winter Haven, Fla., 129, 309 Diaz, Gustavo, Santurce, Puerto Rico, 139 DiBiccari, Robert D., Larchmont. N.Y.. 108, 241, 309 Dickens, Iary Ann. Fernandina Beach. Fla., 296 Dickerson, Charles W., Morristown, N.J., 106, 296 Dicks, Joanne Leslie. Orlando, Fla., 145, 171, 309 Dilley, Jane Lee, Moore Haven, Fla., 309 Dillon, Lester Robert, St. Petersburg, Fla,, 327 Dissinger. Chester B., Ir., Lakeland, Fla., 118, 271 Dobson, David Jefferson, Oakland, Fla., 309 370 Doherty, Daniel Allen, Miami, Fla., 201, 218, 219, 220, 222, 240, 296 Donaldson, Patricia Lynn, Orlando, Fla., 296 Donnelly, Danna Drew, Toms River, X.J.. 151, 156, 177, 242, 296 Donovan, Robert George, Clearwater, Fla., 193, 296 Doran, Carolyn Sue, Lakeland, Fla., 141, 327 Doty, Patricia Toyce, Sarasota, Fla., 327 Douglas, Jack Benny, Ft. Meade. Fla., 127, 271 Douglas, Mvles Schwach, Lakeland, Fla., 207, 271 Downard, .-Mien Fergusson, Jacksonville, Fla., 108, 208, 209, 247, 327 Downey, John Philip, Baltimore, Md., 327 Downing, Jane Ketcham, St. Petersburg, Fla., 103, 104. 141, 172, 296 Downing, Susan Powell, St. Petersburg, Fla., 136, 157, 327 Drake, Keith Byrd, Miami, Fla., 296 Draveckv, Robert Stephen, Scotch Plains, N.J., 140, 192, 193, 296 Driggers. John Edward, Sorrento, Fla., 203, 271 Driskell, Margaret T., St. Petersburg, Fla., 147, 327 Duffer, Patricia . nn, Miami, Fla., 110, 112, 145, 185, 309 DuKate, Elbert r..aurence, Panama City. Fla., 309 Dulzaides, Diana M., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 147, 271 Dumont, Diane Rita, Fanwood X.J , 327 Duncan, Barbara -Annette. Orange Park. Fla., 271 Duncan, Frances Hughes, Tacksonville. Fla., 175, 271 Duncan. Linda Lee, Orange Park, Fla.. 327 Duncan, Montfort C, Tr., Tampa. Fla , 327 Dunn, Jack Alder, Upper Marlboro, Md., 271 Dunn, John Gilbert. Xashville, Tenn., 199. 247, 309 Durkin, Jackye Louise, Clearwater, Fla., 327 Durrance. Stephanie Tane, Ft. Meade, Fla., 110. 112, 185, 310 Durrance, William A.. Lake Placid. Fla., 127, 148, 149, 203 Durrence, James Larry, Lakeland. Fla., 134, 138, 272 Dykstra, Gretchen Louise, Weston. Conn., 296 Echols, Gerald Talmage, Thomaston, Ga., 190, 191, 296 Eddy, Chervl Darlene, Winter Park, Fla., 130, 141, 296 Edenfield, Xancy Pope, Atlanta, Ga., 179, 310 Edge, Xewton Perry, St. Petersburg, Fla., 108, 133, 235, 310 Edinger, Harrison H., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 106, no, 112, 128, 132, 133, 208, 209, 272 Edwards. Catherine Page, Orlando, Fla., 138, 145, 170. 171. 272 Eichhorn. Toni Tuanita. Detroit, Mich., 102, 108, 109, 110, 112, 133, 138, 242, 296 Eickenberg, Margaret E., Lakeland, Fla., 327 Eisen, Roberta Marcia, Miami Shores, Fla., 114, 117, 126, 141, 158, 175, 212. 246, 296 Eisenberg, Thomas T., Lakeland. Fla., 107. 127, 146. 147, 150, 207, 272 Eisnaugle, Eric Jon, Sarasota, Fla., 120, 174, 201, 296 Ek. X ' ancv Susan. Tacksonville. Fla.. 103. 141. 179, 310 Ekwurzel. Tudv Elizabeth, Jacksonville, Fla., 310 Elliott. David Joe. Orlando, Fla.. 272 Elliott, Geraldine Kav. Sarasota, Fla., 136, 141, 154, 157, 272 Elliott, Karen Sue, Sarasota, Fla., 310 Ellis. Lynda Xell. Miami, Fla., 310 Emmons, Alice Frances, Winter Park. Fla., 327 Emmons, Richard Charles, Scotch Plains, X.J., 108. 109, 247, 310 Enchelmaver, Carl Robert. Glencoe, 111., 327 English, Ann Frances, Orlando, Fla., 327 Ensign, Patricia Dorothv. Ridgefield. N..T., 120, 310 Enstice, Robert Park, Melbourne, Fla.. 144, 194. 195, 272 Erickson, .- ndrea Parham, Ft. Pierce. Fla., 93, 118, 120, 151, 152, 157. 296 Ernst, Sandra Lee, Binghamton, N.Y., 327 Esau, Diane Carol, Lakeland, Fla., 123, 135, 136, 155, 165, 272 Estes, Charles Lamar, Pensacola, Fla., 327 Eubanks, David Ralph, Macon, Ga., 327 Eubanks, Judith Anne, Jacksonville, Fla., 297 Evans, Pamela Ann, . popka, Fla., 310 Evans, Patricia Lee, .Apopka, Fla.. 310 Evers, N ' icki Rochelle, Lakeland, Fla., 103, 130, 297 Evison, William E., Tr., Auburndale, Mass., 196, 272 Ezell, Braxton Robert, Bradenton, Fla., 148, 149, 188, 204, 205, 272 Ezell, Mary Elinor, Atlanta, Ga., 185, 310 Ezell, Susan Dawn, Murfreesboro, Tenn., 122, 124, 137, 168, 246, 272 Fagan, Larry Lynn, Springfield, 111., 310 Farenwald, Donna Adele, Lakeland, Fla., 185, 272 Farmer, Barbara S., Daytona Beach, Fla., 327 Farwell, Patricia, Wilmington, Vt., 166, 175, 310 Farwell, Sharon Louise, Jacksonville, Fla., 117, 327 Faser, Edward Charles, Winter Haven, Fla., 297 Faulkner. Frances Diane, Naples, Fla., 105, 171, 310 Feasel, Charles Leland, West Palm Beach, Fla., 228, 327 Feaster, William H., II, Jacksonville, Fla., 310 Fender, Jessie Fred, Jesup, Ga., 201, 272 Feola, Ralph Leonard, Cohasset, Mass., 228, 327 Ferguson, Phillip Lee, Winter Park, Fla., 205, 242, 247, 310 Ferguson, William Dennis, Boca Raton, Fla., 122, 164. 273, 348 Ferrara, Arlvne Leslie, Vero Beach, Fla.. 114, 120, 141, 157, 327 Ferreira, Theodore L,, Jr., Ft. Myers, Fla., 327 Fichtner. Margaret Maria. Lakeland, Fla.. 108. 109, 133, 172. 273 Field. X ancy Susan. Lakeland, Fla., 169, 297 Fields, William Foy, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla., 191, 310 Fisher, Julia Ann, Lexington, Ky., 310 Fitzgerald. Danny Scott, Logan, Ohio, 219, 221, 310 Fitzgerald, Jane, Hampton, Va., 147, 327 Flambeau, Peggy Dell, Winter Park, Fla., 310 Fleischli. William Tohn, Springfield, III, 223, 240. 327 Fleming, Alice, Homestead. Fla., 166, 179, 310 Flood. Marjorie Elaine. Ft. Meade. Fla.. 151. 152. 153, 297 Florin, Bruce Walter. Palm Bav, Fla., 110. 311 Flowers. Terrv T..ee, Palmyra, Penn., 327 Poland. Bruce Roderick, Lakeland, Fla., 327 Force, Linda Caroline. Westover AFB, Mass., 328 Ford, Robert, Highland Park, N.J., 205, 297 Foster, Suzanne, Roanoke. Va., 328 Foust. Elizabeth Kav, Palmetto, Fla., 311 France, James Carl, Lakeland, Fla., 311 Francisco, William Ross, Mount Airy, X.C. 106, 328 Frasier, Marshall Hunt, Orlando, Fla., 247, 328 Freeman, Fred Harold. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 328 Freeman, Leslie . nne, Wayne, X ' .T.. 92. 328 Freeman. Penny Cassandra, Miami, Fla., 185, 273 ' Freeman. Reid Wilson, Tampa, Fla., 114, 328 Freeman. Robert X ' orman, Grove Citv, Ohio, 125, 135. 192, 193, 273 French, Ton Victor, Tacksonville, Fla., 118, 156, 328 Fretwell. Tames Winfield. Coral Gables, Fla., 311 Fried. Harold Edwards, Hollywood, Fla., 108. 193, 273 Friedman, Lawrence N., Morristown, N.J., 128, 207, 273 Fritchley, David Richard, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 211, 297 Fritschel, Sandra Kay, Ormond Beach, Fla., 104. 297 Fuhrman, Pamela Kay, West Salem. Ohio. 174, 273 Fulford, Carolyn Win, Cocoa, Fla.. 103, 169, 273 Fuller, Tudith Anne, Rosemont, Penn., 141. 181, 311 Fuller, Lynn .Ann. Pompano Beach. Fla.. 328 Fulmer, Marilyn Lee, Oldwick, N.J., 297 Funk, .Alien Mason, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. 209. 311 Furnell. William Perry. Lakeland, Fla., 273 Fuster, Angel William, Lakeland, Fla., 110, 114, 116, 157, 311 Gabel, Lynda May, Orlando, Fla., 130, 273 Gaddis, Dwight Edmond, Franklin, Ind., 211, 273 Gainer, Kurt Richard, Ft. Thomas. Ky., 242, 328 Gaines. Dennis Forest, Hickory. N. C, 188, 211, 311 Gallagher, R. Randolph, Falls Church, Va., 328 I 1 ' aMI T T T Gallo, James Charles, Union City, N.J., 328 Gambill, Paul Wayne, Clearwater, Fla., 223, 228. 328 Ganus, Robert Lee, Lakeland, Fla., 311 Gardner, John Westbrook, Glencoe 111., 191, 228, 311 Gardner, Michael Cook, Fayetteville, N.Y., 108, 209, 297, 348 Gardner, Sharon Cook, Haines City. Fla., 273 Garnett, Carole Ann Gilbertson Arling- ton, Va.. 171, 274 Garrett. Michael Dean, Springfield, Penn., 110, 242, 328 Gaskill, Renee Ellen, . eligh, Neb 141, 181, 311 Gates, Kathleen Pearl, Ft. Myers Fla 328 Gatlin, Judy Dianne, Lakeland, Fla.. 120 Gauches, Joseph Z., East Hartford. Conn., 108, 109, 240, 241. 273 Gaylor. Susan Eileen. Windermere. Fla., 297 Gearliart. Carolee Jo, Lakeland, Fla., 114, 126, 297 Gensler, Richard Simeone, Cliffside Park, N.J., 205, 219. 311 Getman, Gerry Dean, Hornell X Y 114, 157. 247. 328 ' ' ' Gibbons, Howard Sheldon. Schwenks- ville, Penn.. 118, 120, 132, 311 Gibbons, Kathleen Ann, Apopka. Fla.. Gibbs. Sharon Elaine Ft Pierce Fla 328 ■ • Gibbs, Sherry Eloise, Gainesville, Fla., Gibson, George Barry, Shoals, Ind. 209, 311 Gibson. Kenneth Heisey, Clearwater Fla.. 101. 102, 107. 122, 125, 138. 197. 274 Gibson. Sandra Gale. Jacksonville Fla., 108, 173, 311 G.lbertson, Carole . nn, see Carol Gil- bertson Garnett Giese. Edward Norman, Rochester N.Y., 274 Gietek. .Tannette. Nokomis, Fla., 120, Gietek, Joanne, Nokomis. Fla I ' O 157. 328 Giles, John Henry. Jr., Lake Worth, Fla., 129, 297 Gill. Esther Mays, Homestead Fla 136, 157, 328 Gilleland, Virginia Dell. Camden . rk 114. 116. 120. 151, 157. 311 G.rlmghouse. Judge David. West Palm Beach, Fla.. 297 Giurato. Joe Edward, Barrington. 111., Godwin. David Carlyle, Orlando, Fla . 235. 247, 328 Goette, Michael luan, Jacksonville Fla.. 328 Goforth. James David. Titusville Fla 232, 233, 247. 328 Goldsmith. Anleslia Treate. Punta Gorda, Fla.. 311 Goldston, John Robert. Lakeland Fla 311 Goode. Cynthia Ann. Hialeah. Fla., 103, 141, 311 Goode, Madie Ann. Bedford, Va. 311 Goodman, ElHott Paul, Andover, ' Mass 226. 311 Goodman. Mary Cator, Orlando Fla 114, 311 Goodman, Renee, Morris Plains N T 297 Gordon, Gloria Ellcnhell. Coral Gables Fla.. 120. 143, 175, 311 Gordon. Michael John, Bartow, Fla . 203. 231. 240. 241, 311 Gore, Terry Lee. Jacksonville, Fla.. 311 Goslin, Susan Elizabeth. Atlanta, Ga 311 Gotwalt, Deborah Louise, Lakeland, Fla., 114, 126, 173, 311 Gould, Vicki Jeanne, Brookville. Penn.. 311 Graebener. Kenneth Henry, Albany, Ga., 108, 328 Graf. Nancy Lvnne. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., 205, 311 Graham, Juanita Delores, Leesburg, Fla., 185. 274 Grainger. Frances . nn, Orlando, Fla.. 328 Grantham. Karen Margaret Winter Park. Fla., 312 Gray, Susan Jane, Pomftano Beach Fla.. 110. 133. 173, 274 Green, Carol Elizabeth, Ft. Pierce. Fla., 312 Green, Gwendolyn, Newberry, Fla.. 141 Green. Martha Aferritt. Nashville. Tenn.. 120. 328 Greenway. Donnie Jean. St. Petersburg, Fla.. 173, 297 Gregory, Elizabeth . " Xnne, Henderson- ville, N.C., 94. 312 Gregory, Gary Manz. Coral Gables, Fla., 128. 201. 274 Gregory. Harold Lee. Coral Gables. Fla., 128, 200. 201. 297 Griffee. Susan Patricia. Miami. Fla. 297 Griffin. Sandra Gavle, Lake Placid, Fla.. 120. 328 Griffiths, Jane A., Brewster, Mass., 177, 274 Grimm, Stephen Charles, Woodsfield, Ohio, 195, 274 Grohman, Patricia, N. Palm Beach, Fla., 297 Gross, William Frank, Zephyrhills, Fla., 118, 132, 328 Grove, Shirley Nadyne, Cape Coral, Fla., 133, 134, 137, 141, 156, 176. 177. 274 Gustafscn, Tames John, Evanston, 111., 118, 140, 193. 231, 312 Guthrie, Paul .Mexander, Winter Park, Fla.. 140, 193, 297, 348 Haas, Raymond Arthur, Lakeland, Fla., 234, 312 Haas, Joann Clare, Gainesville, Fla., 328 Iladden, Robert Gerald, II, Cape Coral, Fla., 236, 298 Hagen, Daniel Lee, Jacksonville, Fla., 328 Hall. David Clyde, West Palm Beach, Fla.. 312 Hall. Delia Patterson, Red Springs, N.C.. 329 Hall. Donald Raymond, Miami, Fla., 101, 102, 122, 125, 197, 274 Hall. Frederick Bryant. Gainesville. Fla.. 226. 247, 329 Hallock. Norman Everett, Lakeland, Fla.. 329 Hamelrvck. Paul David, Lakeland, Fla.. 201, 274 Hamilton, Holly Ruth. Miami, Fla., 105, 329 Hamilton, Lloyd C Lakeland. Fla.. 130. 298 Hamilton, Wendy Ann, Downers Grove, 111., 242, 329 Hamlin. Martha Lynn, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. 117, 120, 329 Hamm, Charles Dale, Lodi, Ohio, 232, 274 Hamme. Eleanor Parsons. Lakeland, Fla.. 141. 142, 274 Hammond, Roscoe A., Jr., Lakeland, Fla.. 312 Hanley. Sherrill K., Key West, Fla.. 329 Hanson. Merrilyn Jean. Miami, Fla.. 105, 312 Haralson, Terry Lee. Sarasota, Fla., 129. 312 Harber. Alexis Whitfield, Jacksonville, Fla., 312 Hardee, John Timothy, Lakeland, Fla., 298, 348 Hardee, Shirley Faith. Englewood, Fla., 183, 312 Hardy, Rodger Scott, Maitland, Fla.. 211 Hardwicke, Martha F., Richmond, Va., 134, 183, 275 Harms, Dennis Cary, TacksonviUe, Fla., 312 Harms, Robert Arnold, Baldwin, N.Y., 329 Harris, John Scott, Lakeland, Fla., 197, 275 Harris. Nancy Jane, Kincheloe AFB. Mich.. 118, ' 329 Harris. Patricia Lou, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., 312 Harris. Richard Henry, Wilmington. Del.. 329 Harrison, James A., Jr., Bartow, Fla.. 312 Harvester, Charles Lee, New York, N.Y., 329 Harvey, Ruth Alice, South Bend, Ind., 329 Harvill. Howard Louis. Arlington. Va.. 232. 329 Haskins. Laraine Lynne, Jacksonville. Fla.. 184, 185, 275 Hatcherson, Margaret S.. Winter Park, Fla.. 173, 312 Hawk, Carolyn Ruth, Winter Garden, Fla., 312 Hawk. Marian Alice, Winter Garden, Fla.. 120. 153, 175, 275 Hawkins. Charles E., Ill, Bethesda. Md., 191, 275, 348 Hayden, Linda Kay, Zephyrhills, Fla.. 118. 120. 141. 157, 329 Hayes, Tames W.. Tampa. Fla., 219, 221, 312 Haves. Tohn Raymond, Sanford. Fla., no, 211, 226, 275 Hayford. William David, Orlando, Fla., 329 Haynes. Robert A., Winter Haven, Fla., 298 Haynes. Richard Morrill, Winter Haven, Fla.. 108. 312 Havnes. Susan Arlene. Radford, Va., 108. 109, 110, 113, 114, 329 Havnes, Susan Kaye, Sanford, Fla., 329 Hazelwood, William B., Chattanooga, Tenn., 118. 120. 132, 152. 153, 275 Hedges. Harry Leslie, Jr., Lakeland, Fla., 275 Hedges, Lois Charlene, Orlando, Fla., 141, 143, 181, 275 Hedherg, Leon Taylor, Miami, Fla., 247, 329 Heide. Judith Lynne, Marlton, N.J., 329 Heidt, Marsha Kay, Winter Garden. Fla.. 312 Heimmer, Harold Alan, New Hyde Park. N.Y., 329 Helmick. Robert W., Jr., Lakeland, Fla., 329 Helsel, Stephen E., Dayton, Ohio, 199, 298 Helseth. Phillip R., Jr., Vero Beach, Fla., 247, 329 Helton, Jean Louise. Middletown, Ohio, 179, 246, 298 Helton, William S.. Tr., Middletown, Ohio, 107, 128, 144. 176, 200, 201. 275 Helwig, Russell Harrison, Lakeland, Fla.. 209, 298, 348 Hemerick, Frederick D., Clearwater, Fla., 190, 191, 312 Hemphill, William Hunter, Elgin, 111.. 197, 312 Henderson, George Irwin, Lake Worth, Fla., 191, 275 Hendrickson. Anna K., Netherlands, .Antilles, 330 Jlenry, James MacKay, Orlando, Fla., 275 Hepler, Glen Lee, Tr., Ormond Beach. Fla.. 312 Heppberger, Carol . nn, Naperville, 111.. 110. 330 Herndon. Susan Gayle, Jacksonville, Fla., 92, 110, 111. 166, 175, 298 Herndon, Albert B., Ill, Orlando, Fla., 106, 235, 330 Herr, Josephine Joan, Orlando, Fla.. 330 Ilevener, Jonnie Gr,ice, Roanoke, Va.. 141, 171, 275 Hicks. Lillian Russell. St. Petersburg, Fla., 330 Hicks, Sheryn Sue. Orlando. Fla.. 104, 141, 298 Higle, Alfred Thomas, Jr., Ossining, N.Y., 330 Hiles, Kathleen M., Sanford, Fla.. 330 Hill. Orrv Whitmire. Coral Gables. Fla., 199, 312 Hines, Charles M.. Jr.. Clearwater. Fla., 129. 157, 247, 312 Hink, Terrianne, Vienna, Va., 142, 330 Hinson, Cheryl Eddice, Ft. Gordon. Ga.. 118, 120, 147, 330 Hirsch, Mark Daniel, Tampa, Fla., 330 Hirsh, Nancy Walker, Amherst, Mass., 330 Hitt, Mary Jane. Lakeland, Fla., 276 Hobson. Susan Caroline, Cincinnati, Ohio, 182, 183. 276 Hoch. Kurt Daley. Oriskany Falls, N.Y.. 197. 226, 232. 298 Hockensmith, Stephen D.. Dunedin, Fla.. 228, 312 Hodges. Shirley Lurlene, Arlington, Va.. 330 Hoff. Clyde Weston. Jr., Lakeland, Fla.. 202. 203, 241. 276 Hoffman. Florence E.. Key West. Fla., 276 Hoffman. Kathleen Lynne, Orlando, Fla.. 330 Hofmann, Thomas C, Jr.. Hampton, Va., 199. 247. 312 Holland. Elizabeth . nn. Ft. Lauder- dale. Fla.. 181. 312 Holmberg, Marv Brownlee. S. Miami. Fla., 103, 134, 173. 276 Holmes. Gerald Bradley, Ocoee, Fla., 330 Holt. Tanis Rae, Lake Parsippany, N.J., 142. 330 Homans. Peggy Anne. Brunswick. Ga., 110, 114. 330 Honevcutt, David Tudson, Raleigh, N.C., 208. 209, 276. 348 Hood. Martha Ann. Mulberry, Fla., 276 Hopkins. Donald M.. Jr.. Knightstown, Ind.. 312 Hopkins. Virginia Noel. Orlando. Fla.. 312 Hopkins. Walton Trenholm, Cumber- land, Md.. 191, 276 Hopkins, William Rodney, Crystal River, Fla., 247, 330 Hopper, Roger Dennis, Clearwater. Fla., 330 Hornbeck. Robert Fremont. Lake Worth. Fla.. 118. 129. 276 Hornbeck. Karen Elaine, Carbon dale, Penn.. 108, 156, 177, 298 Hoskins, Carol Tyree, Lakeland. Fla., 120. 313 Houser, Diane Holbrook. St. Peters- burg. Fla.. 146. 147. 150. 187, 298 Houts, Donald Gary, Lakeland, Fla.. 330 Hovey, Donald West. Ocoee, Fla.. 148. 149, 203, 241, 298 Howard Carol Anne, Centerville, Md.. 185. 313 Howe, Gaylon Leon. Jr., Jacksonville. Fla., 201, 313, 348 Howison. Patricia . nn. Jacksonville. Fla.. 141. 330 Howland. Adelaide Hannah, Ocean City, N.T.. 330 Hover, William Exline. Columbus, Ohio. 241. 298 Hubbard. Valerie Fdith. Orlando. Fla.. 114, 120, 141. 173. 298 Huber. David Michael, Cincinnati, Ohio. 203, 218, 219, 220, 221, 240, 241, 298 Hudgins. Daniel Carter, Marion, N.C., 209. 298. 348 Huebner. Kenneth Edward, Garfield. N.T.. 130, 197. 240 Huff, Mary Wilson, Knoxville, Tenn., 330 Hughson, Betty Jean, Delray Beach, Fla., 120, 154, 155, 313 Hull, John William, Atlan ta, Ga., 128, 140, 192, 193, 298 Hunsucker, Daniel Dale, Raleigh, N.C., 197, 313 Hunt, Huland Thomas, Gainesville, Fla., 276 Hunter, Peter Holland. Hilton Head Island, SC, 247, 276 Hunzeker. Suzanne, Dundee, Fla., 144, 145, 276 Hurn, Linda Suzanne, Satellite Beach, Fla., lis, 120, 141, 151, 153, 157 173, 298 Hurt. Betena Ann, Lakeland, Fla., 92, 103, 155. 185, 276 Hussey, Margaret Ann, DeLand. Fla., 108, 109, 110, 111, 179, 246, 277 Idenden, Constantia E., Maitland, Fla., 179. 246. 298 Ingram. William E., Jr., Arlington, Va., 125. 138. 188, 196, 212, 232, 298, 248 looss. Tames Thomas, Cape Coral, Fla., 191, ' 331 Irons, Shirley, Stuart, Fla., 331 Isbell, Nancy Jean, Orlando, Fla., 312 Jack, Linda Jeane, Sanibel Island, Fla., 110. 113. 299 Jackson. Edward E., Jr., Palmetto, Ga., 331 Tackson. Tames William, Titusville, Fla., 211, 277 Tackson, Preston Wayne, Ft. Meade, Fla., 148, 149, 277 Jackson, Sherry Lee, Alexandria, Va., 331 Jacobsen, Craig Charles. Winter Park, Fla., 125. 138. 198, 277 Tames, Tack Pettus, Jr., Lakeland, Fla., 148. 149, 299 Tames. Perrv Benjamin, Sebring, Fla.. 120. 191. 241, 299 James, Ted Michael, Lake Worth, Fla., 313. 348 Java. Sondra Ann, Titusville. Fla., 331 Jenkins, Gran Parker, Lakeland, Fla., 241. 247. 203, 299 Jensen. Ralph Leon. Lakeland, Fla.. 247, 331 Terkins, Thomas Louis, Sarasota, Fla., 156, 247, 331 Johannes, Michael A., Lake Park, Ma., 156, 331 .,.„ ,,, Johansen, Donna Rae, Geneva. 111., 331 Johnson, Ashton M., Eloise, Fla., 331 Johnson, Henry Fred. Homeland, Fla., 277 Johnson, Linda Jane, Orlando, Fla., 120, Johnson, Mary Jay, Lakeland. Fla.. 313 Johnson. Nan Sharon Ann, Orlando, Fla.. 114. 133. 173, 299 Johnson, Nina Janice, Crosse Pointe, Mich.. 331 , ,„ , Johnson. Sandra Dianne, Lake Worth, Fla.. 331 Johnson. Sharon TjUvenia. Canal Point, Fla.. 152. 331 , , , J Johnson, William Edward, Lakeland, Fla- 277 „, Johnston, Delia Page, Atlanta. Ga., 331 Joiner, Evelyn Anne, Camilla, Ga., 179, 299 Tolkovski. Kaye Ann, Arlington, Va., 103. 331 . . Jonas. Jacqueline Rose, Miami, Fla., 108. 109. 133. 136. 173. 299 Tones Barbara Joanne, Bloomington, Ind.. 110, 112. 331 Jones. Dianne Elizabeth, Eustis. Fla.. 102. 277 Jones, Joyce Kennedy, Clewiston, Fla., 142, ' 155, 169. 293. 299 Jones, Judy Elizabeth, Jacksonville, Fla.. 313 Tones, Tames Turner, Jr., Orlando, Fla., 331 Jones, Pamela Alyce. Coral Gables. Fla., 147, 331 Tones. Thomas R., Tr., Miami. Fla.. 228, 247, 331 Jordan, Martha Virginia, Miami, Fla., 118. 119. 120, 136, 157, 299 Jorgensen, Alfred C. Virginia Beach. Va., 247, 331 Jourdan. Tean Louise. Clearwater, Fla., 175. 313 Toyce, Lorraine Alma. Rochester. Penn.. 331 Jung. Marjorie Doris, Sheboygan Falls, Wis., 331 Turney, Louis Irving, Winter Haven, Fla.. 299 Kane, Marsha Ellen, Jacksonville, Fla., 179, 210. 246, 299 Kapp, Maureen Sue, Miami, Fla.. 137, 169. 277 Karst, Barbara Van, Orlando, Fla., 331 Karrick, Jonnie Lynn, Orlando, Fla., 331 Kaufman. Gerald. Ellenville, N.Y., 158, 226, 331 Kedney, Harry B., Pompano Beach, Fla., 331 Keen. Lynda K.. Lake Wales. Fla., 313 Keene, Donald Charles, Sarasota, Fla., 241, 313 Kehoe, Dianne Frances, Miami, Fla., 331 371 i(mmmmri ' wiMm. ' r-Ai. ' .vr r,m frt! ' s ' Jii 2 ' fv?i7 t Keithly, Kenneth Paul, Port Charlotte, Fla.. 193, 277 Keitzer, Carla Jeanne, Boca Raton, Fla., 331 Kelley, Kaye Elizabeth, Ocala, Fla., 331 Kelsey, Barbara Ann, Lake Placid, Fla., 185, 313 Kelsey, Christine M., Hollywood, Fla., 157, 299 Kelsey, Robert Bruce, New Canaan, Conn., 197, 226, 299 Kemp, Wanda Yvonne, Lakeland, Fla.. 277 Kempfer, Merrill William, Melbourne, Fla., 193, 277 Kemberling, Susan Penny, St. Peters- burg, Fla.. 332 Kennedy, Eric Daniel, Lakeland, Fla.. 299 Kennedy, Martha Ellen, Atkins, Ark.. 299 Kennedy, Sara Jane, Belleville, Penn., 142, 332 Kennedy, Thelma Faith, Clermont, Fla.. 332 Kent, Cynthia Lee, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. 277 Kent, Elizabeth, Goldenrod, Fla., 127, 277 Kenyon, Helen Rowe, Xew York, N.Y., 332 Kerekes, George Bela. Queens, N.Y., 197, 299 Kern, Stephen Holt, Cincinnati, Ohio, 332 Kerr, Robert Lowell, Miami, Fla., 203, 299 Kerr, Robert Scott, Ocoee, Fla., 148, 149, 169, 226, 278 Kesler, Dickson Edwin. Hollywood. Fla.. 138, 199, 278 Kevser, George Raymond, Mansfield. Ohio, 247. 332 Kidd, Peter Straw, Xew Canaan, Conn., 332 Kiddoo. Linda Kav, .Arlington Heights, 111.. 119, 173. 278 Kiesel. Hilbert Donald. Ft. Mvers, Fla.. 201, 299 Kiesel, Thomas Francis, Ft. Myers. Fla.. 201, 313 Kimball, Sandra Edith, Lakeland, Fla.. 313 KImbrell, William P., New Orleans, La.. 247. 332 Kimbrough, Dorothy Ann Duff. Lake- land. Fla.. 278 Kimbrough. Martha C.. Brooksville, Fla.. 178. 179, 278 Kincheloe. Robert W., Rocky Mount, X.C, 154, 155. 313 Kindred, Alton R., Tr.. Bradenton, Fla.. 299 Kinney, Mary Dian, Lake Placid, Fla.. 103. 104, 299 Kinesbury. Erdie Ray, II, Orlando, Fla.. 197. 313 Kinsey. Daniel Hugh, Ft. Myers, Fla 202, 203, 278 Kirland, Catherine D.. Vero Beach. Fla., 278 Kirkwood, Lawrence R., Chicago. HI.. 332 Kirsebom. Karen Ingrid, Naples, Fla. 313 Kleinkopf. Peter James, Lakeland, Fla., 278 Kleinschmidt, Janet Lee, Hollywood Fla., 332 KHnedinst. Edward C. Lakeland, Fla.. 128. 188. 207. 299 Knappenbcrger, Gail M., Macomb. 111., 125, 138, 144. 2in. 219, 299 Knight. Nancv Lynn. Milwaukee, Wis.. 108, 177. 313 Koerper, Phillip Eldon, L akeland, Fla.. 134. 138, 139. 299 Kraczkowskv, Gregory M., New Britain. Conn.._231. 247, 332 Krane, Klaus John. Ormond Beach, Fla., 313 Krauss, Richard Russell, Glen Rock, N ' .T.. 332 Krepps, Dianne Marie, Jacksonville, Fla., 314 Laferriere, Donald A.. Rockville, Conn., 203, 278 Lafleur, Lore Ann. Eau Gallie, Fla., 332 Laing, Susan J. Staples, Lakeland, Fla., 278 Lake, Mary Frances, Gordon Town. Jamaica. 175, 299 Lam. Brenda . nn, Elkton, Va., 110. Ill, 181, 246, 299 Lam, William Lawrence, Jr., Elkton, Va., 197, 299 Lamb, Alice Jean, Chicago, III., 110, 113, 142. 179, 314 Lamb, Larry Wayne, Ft. Myers, Fla., 314 Lament, Donna Caroline, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla., 332 Lancer. Murray Jay, Sarasota, Fla., 128. 197, 240, 314 Landau, Steven Douglas, Great Neck, N. Y.. 158. 206, 207, 299 Langford, Harriet Susan, Frostproof, Fla., 314 Larkin, Jon Sidney, Dade City. Fla., 128, 148. 149, 201, 299 Lasdon, Lawrence Hugh, Scarsdale, N.Y., 128, 278 Laswell, William Herbert, New Smyrna Beach, Fla., 130, 234, 256, 278 Lashley, Virginia Dianne, Lakeland, Fla., 120, 314 Lauderdale, Ronnie D., Lakeland, Fla., 163, 196, 278 Lavallee, Karen Ann, Miami, Fla., 332 Law. Karen Elizabeth, Sanford, Fla., 117, 332 Lawrence, Thomas P.. Nashville, Tenn., 193, 314 Law-rence. Watson Raymond, Indian- town, Fla., 299 Lay, Sandra Anne, see Sandra Lay Bowden Laymon, .Sarah Mildred, Lakeland, Fla., 123, 124, 136, 172, 173, 265, 279 Layow, Harley Edgar, Miami, Fla., 191, 235, 332 Lazzeroni, Barry Douglas. St. Peters- burg. Fla., 191, 228, 314 League, Edwin James, Lakeland, Fla., 228, 332 Ledvard, Elinor Lynne. Orlando, Fla., 332 Lee, Bob Meaders, . tlanta, C,a., 201, 279 F ee, David Stephen, Towson, Md., 279 Lee, Lynnwood Arthur, Longwood, Fla.. 332 Lee, William James, Willoughby, Ohio, 211. 240, 314 Leer, Joseph Ralph, Cocoa Beach, Fla., 102, 127, 198, 199, 299 Leeper, Myra Charlene. Kingsport, Tenn., 171, 246. 279 Leete. lerome Burr, Durham, N.C., 209. 300 F.efkowitz. Ann Sycle, Jacksonville, Fla., 332 Leisinger, John Clifford, .Arlington. Va. . 234, 247. 332 Leonard. David Lee, Ft. Myers. Fla., 129, 300 Lepper, Reginald H., Freeport, Penn.. 247, 332 Lesher, Donald Stanlev, Lake Helen, Fla., 228. 332 Lester, Daniel Louis, Hollvwood Beach, Fla., 279 Letsinger, Martha Helen, Zellwood. Fla.. 181, 314 Levine, Roger Mark, Orlando, Fla., 206, 207 Lewis, Joseph Aaron. Jr., Lakeland, Fla., 332 I-ewis. Pherne Andreas, Madison, ' NJ., 332 Lewis, Randy Jay. West Palm Beach. Fla., 228. 332 Lewis, Richard Fred. Beckley, W. Va.. 219, 332 Lewis, Steven M., Miami, Fla.. 332 Lincoln. Heidi Ann, Cohasset, Mass., 178, 179, 279 Lineberry, Linda Maxine. Orlando, Fla.. 332 Linville, Patricia W.. Jacksonville, Fla., 157, 333 JJnton, Barbara Jean, Orlando, Fla.. 333 Lippincott, Stephen M., Riverton, N.T., 279 Lipski. Pamela Lois, Falls Church, Va., 122. 165. 174, 279 Lippert, Jeanne I-ouise, Jacksonville, Fla., no, 112, 333 Locke, Daniel Kenneth. Seaford, N.Y., 333 Loeper, Nancv Isabel, Havertown, Penn., 242, 333 Loeseke. William Hovt. Bloomington. III.. 333 J-ong, Robert Elliot. Jacksonville, Fla.. 106, 333 J..ooker, Anne, see Anne Looker Mac- Kintosh I-ott, -Mmina Jo, Largo. Fla., 120, 136, 157, 333 Lnveday, Leigh Herbert. Plantation, Fla., 223. 333 Lovelady. Linda Dee, Cincinnati, Oliio, 147. 333 Loy. Sandra Kav, Anderson, Ind., 181, 360 I..uce, Jon Paul, Lakeland, Fla., 333 Ludwig. Roger Reid, Ft. Myers. Fla., 118. 120. 132, 144, 280 Luke. Sara Susan. Lakewood, Ohio, 118, 120, 153, 174. 175, 279 Lukes, William George. Jr., Nashville, Tenn.. 102. 106, 110, 113. 120. 132, 135, 308, 309 Lund. Susan Joan, Jlinneapolis. Minn.. 314 Lundeen, Phillip Warren, Stow N Y 118, 120, 132, 144, 280 Luscher, Ellen Hamilton, Shelby, N C, 333 . • . Lutz, Beverlee Ritter, Lakeland, Fla.. 333 r.yle. James Skidmore. Avon Park, Fla.. 314 Lyle, ' illiam Raymond, Jr., Bartow, Fla., 194. 195, 280 Lynch, Linda Kay, Jacksonville, Fla.. 114, 116, 126, 314 MacDuff. Bonnie Jean, Apopka, Fla., 108, 109, 314 MacKintosh, Anne Looker, Largo, Fla., 279 MacLeod, Theo Patricia. Lakeland, Fla. 372 Magee, Michael James, Lakeland, Fla., 300 Mahon, Robert Donald, Jr., Venice, Fla., 333 Maloney, Karen Sue. Arlington, Va., 177, 314 Malott, Paula Ann, Frederiksted, V. Isl., 120, 333 Manley, Walter Wilson II, Winter Haven, Fla., 201, 333 Manston, Carole Jean, Roanoke, ' a., 142, 333 Margolis, John Alan, New Rochelle. X.Y., 333 Markert Deborah Ann, Arlington, Va., 156, 321, 333 Marlev, Miriam, Falls Church. Va.. 117, 181, 280 Marsh, .Susan Jane, Ft. Meade, Fla., 118. 120, 333 Marshall, Barbara Ruth, Belchertown, Mass., 104, 127, 186, 187, 300 Martel, Elizabeth Noel, Levittown, X.Y., 333 Martin. Barbara Jean, Auburndale, Fla., 333 Martin, Bruce Everett, Lakeland, Fla., 334 Martin, Katherine Adams, Ridgeficld, Conn., 177, 280 Martin, John Arthur, Dunedin, Fla., 314 Martin, Steven Daryl, Lakeland, Fla . 334 Martin. Walter. Jr., J ouisville, Kv. 114, 334 Martone, David lack, Pompano Beach. Fla.. 128, 242. 280 Marvin, Marcia Frances, Atlantic Beach, Fla,, 314 Mast, Richard Winfield, Morristown, X.J., 197. 314 Matthews, James Russell, Bound Brook, X.J., 314 May, Judv Carol. Jacksonville, Fla., 108. 177, 300 Maye. Donna Karen, Lorton, Va.. 136. 157. 300 Maver. Alan Shepherd, Sarasota. Fla., 334 Mayer, Fred Harold. Lantana, Fla., 228 Mayse, Carol Lee. Tallahassee, Fla.. 166, 181, 314 Mc.Adams, Ann Cliff, Sebring, Fla.. 314 Mc.- ninch. Susan Jane, St. Petersburg, Fla.. 142, 314 McBride. Kathv Lee. Springfield. Va.. 334 -McCaig, Bonnie Elizabeth, Saugerties, N.Y., 334 McCaffrey, Linda C. Lakeland, Fla., 280 McCanna, Robert Louis, Carlisle, Penn., 334 McCauley, Carolyn Ann, Erie, Penn.. 280 McClarey, Thomas S., Jr., Miami, Fla., 129. 134. 280 McClelland. Lloyd. C, Sr.. Plant City, Fla., 315 McCoIlum. James Wesley, Gainesville, Fla.. 226. 315 McCowen. Murray Ann. Macon. Ga. 334 McCown, Philip Reese, Jr., Sarasota. Fla., 334 McCullough, Donna Kay, Punta Gorda, Fla., 242, 334 McDonjild, Cvnthia Lee, Winter Haven, Fla.. 117. 334 McDonald. Kenneth Dale. Mulberry. Fla.. 300 McDowell. Shervl Anne. Winter Park Fla., 334 McGee. William Lanier, Jr., Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla., 128, 140, 200, 201, 280, 348 McGill. Florence Ann. Miami. Fh . 104 139. 140, 141. 156. 300 McGill, Kenneth Calvin, Panama City, Fla., 334, 348 McGill, Dennis Ray. New York N Y 223, 334 ■ . • . McGinnes, Dean Carl. Lakeland Fla. 334 McGuirt, Nancy Sue, Miami, Fla., 110, 114, 334 McHan. Xancy Ehzabeth, Lakeland. Fla., 145, 171, 334 Mclnnes, Benjamin Lee, Orlando, Fla., 114. 334 Mclrvin. Sue, Leesburg. Fla., 124 178, 280 McKee, Steven Lee. Orlando, Fla.. 188, 190, 191, 315 McKinley, Barbara J., Miami, Fla., 104, 185, 300 McKnight, Robert Wayne, Riviera Beach. Fla., 101, 102, 107, 122, 125, 128, 138, 197, 240, 245, 265, 280, 348 McKnight, Margaret Ann, Germantown, Tenn.. 315 Mcl eod. John Hiram, St. Petersburg, Fla., 188. 199, 300 Mcl eod, James Milhurn, St. Petersburg, Fla., 280 McManeus, Barbara Nell, Tampa, Fla., 334 McMichael, Joan, Mamaroneck, N.Y., 281 .McNamara, Gary Vaughan, Camliridge, Md., 211, 281 McNamee, Sarah Louise, Nashville Tenn., 103, 334 McNulty, Patrick IL, Jr., Pine Bluff, Ark., 199. 226, 315 McOsker, Robert Allen, Bronxville, X ' .Y., 210, 226, 293, 300 McReaken, David William, Casey, 111., 300 McWhorter, Janet Susan, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla., 133, 182, 183, 281 Meachem, Thomas Russell, Daytona Beach, Fla., 137, 281 Mecke, George, III, Jacksonville, Fla., 193, 315 Meeks, Robert Edward, Lakeland, Fla., 281 Meide, Marv Helen, Jacksonville, Fla., 315 Melvin, William K., Palm Beach, Fla., 300 Melton, Helen Kay, Melbourne, Fla., 315 Merritt, Susan, Lake Park, Fla., 169, 334 Merryman, Margaret Ann, Quebec, Can- ada, 315 Mertz, Allan J., Jupiter, Fla., 231 Messeberg, J aura Linda, New Hyde Park, X.Y., 169, 315 Metz, John Harry, Belleville, Penn., 211. 242. 300 Metz. Mary Alice. Belleville, Penn., 120, 315 Meyer, Eugene William, Lakeland, Fla.. 300 Meyers, Linda Evelyn, South Miami. Fla., 144, 145. 180, 181, 281 Middleton, Jennifer, Hialeah, Fla., 141, 155, 173, 300 Miles, Carol Nancy, New York, N.Y., 110, 315 Miller, Claudia Knight, Miami, Fla., 120, 281 Miller, David Bruce, Miami Springs. Fla., 334 Miller, Patricia Jean. Winter Haven. Fla., 335 Miller, Richard. Winter Haven, Fla., 281 Miller, Sandra Kay, Vestal, N.Y., 139, 315 Miller, Susan Elizabeth, West Palm Beach, Fla., 335 Millet, Edwin Louis, Lakeland, Fla., 137, 146, 291 Mills, Joe A., Orlando, Fla., 118, 209, 300, 348 Miltz, Donald Carl, Murray Hill, N.J.. 223, 335 Milton, Jane Carole, Arlington, Va., 335 Milner, Elizabeth Lane, Atlanta, Ga.. 335 Mingledorff, Thomas, III, Tallahassee, Fla., 106, 128, 188, 200, 348 Minford, Susan Appleby, Temple Ter- race, Fla., 300 Minshew, Jane Ehrhardt. Lakeland, Fla., 28i Mishalanie, Sarah Faith, Miami, Fla., 127, 300 Mitchell. Dorothy H.. Orlando, Fla., 281 Mitchell. Judv Eileen, St. Petersburg, Fla., 178, 179, 281 Mitchell. Julia Anne, Orlando, Fla., 315 Moerck. Rudi, Wayne, N.J., 247, 335 Montgomery, Elizabeth Y., Barcelona, Venezuela. 138, 171, 315 JJoody, Patricia Lynne, Lakeland, Fla., 315 Moore. Constance Susan, West Palm Beach. Fla., 179, 300 Moore, Emily Louise, Key West, Fla., 335 Moore, John Bigelow, Geneva, N.Y., 211, 300 Moore. Janice Lee. Jacksonville, Fla., 209, 315 Moore, Linda Lorine, Pierson, Fla., 168, 169. 281 Moore. I inda Lee, St. Petersburg, Fla., 335 Moreira, Domingo Kafael, Guatemala City, Guatemala, 108, 315 Morgan, Gary Wayne, West Palm Beach. Fla.. 228, 335 Morlock. Sherry Lee, Melbourne, Fla., 139. 335 Morlev, Craig .Mien. Gainesville, Fla., 335 Morrill, Myrtis Pierce, Valrico. Fla., 281 Morreale, Barth Joseph, Northbrook, 111., 228, 335 Morris. Linda Davis. Lakeland, Fla., 282 Morrison. Frances Ann, Atlanta, Ga., 242, 335 Morrison, Jane Brewster, Montverde, Fla., 139. 147, 157, 315 Mosher, Thomas Michael, Jacksonville, Fla., 140. 191, 242, 300 Mowbray, William W., Cambridge, Md., 107, 170, 228, 282 Moyer, Sharon Ann, Fernandina Beach, Fla.. 315 Mueller, Dorothee, Stuttgart, Germany, 139 Mundy, Janis Louise, Miami, Fla., 315 Munc, Judith Marie. Miami, Fla., 94, 102, 335 1 ■ . ' ? • . Til Mundy, Linda Ann, Atlanta, Ga., 335 Munn. Cecelia Ann, Rockingham, X.C., 282 Murdock, Lana Jean, Orlando, Fla., 166. 169, 315 Murphev, Philip Wayne, Key West, Fla., 191, 247 Murphy, Eda Elaine, Orlando, Fla., 315 I Iurray, Goodwill Seth, Orlando, Fla. Mvers, Ronald Francis, Winter Park, Fla., 138. 198, 199, 282 Naclerio, Judith Ellyn, Miami, Fla., 110, 156, 173, 242, 315 Xagel. Penny Sue. I ' altimore, Md., 300 Xarem, Janice Elva, Springfield, Va., 335 Neal. Gerald, Marion, N.C., 231, 335 Neal. Kathleen Kay, Lexington, Ky., 142, 335 Needles, Joanne, Southhampton, N.Y., 282 Xeel, Cheryl Ann, Sebring, Fla., 182. 183, 300 . ' eff. Tana Lee, Ft. Myers, Fla., 335 Xell, Rosemary Lemons, Lakeland, Fla., 118, 120, 141. 151, 183, 315 Xelson, Mary Gay, Blytheville, .Ark., 168, 169, 282 Xelson. Xikki Suzanne, Lakeland. Fla., 108. 110. 139, 177 Xevin. Patricia Yvonne, Lakeland, Fla., 103, 141, 155. 300 Xewcomer, Patricia . nn, Sarasota, Fla., 108, 141. 315 .N ' ewell. Marv F.Iizaheth. Atlanta, Ga.. 103. 142, 155, 335 Newhouse, Gregory Lee, Key West, Fla., 335 Newton, Judith Ann, Pompano Beach, Fla., 108, 123. 133. 282 Nichols. Anne Driskell, Biloxi, Miss., 282 Nichols, Allen Rogers, Goldsboro, N.C., __102, 138, 209, 247, 305, 315 Nichols, Forrest Jay, Lakeland, Fla., 335 Niles, Jean Lee, Deerfield Beach, Fla., 120. 335 Noecker. Carol Irene. Orlando. Fla.. 176. 177. 300 Noonan, Thomas Richard, Wyoming. N.Y., 203. 241. 282 Norris. Robert W., Tr.. New York, N.Y.. 106. 335 Norton. June Faye, Tampa, Fla., 282 Norton, Rictor Carl, Lakeland, Fla. Norton, Nancv .Ann, Batavia, N.Y.. 118, 150, 335 X ' ovotny, Robert Michael, Orlando Fla. 197, 315 Novey, Patricia Ann. Emporia. Va.. 315 Oberle. Bonnie Susan, Avon Park. Fla.. 139, 141, 157, 315 Oberle, Terrv Joe, Avon Park. Fla.. 108. 211. 300 Ogburn. Jennifer. Sarasota. Fla.. 335 Ogilvie. Michael M.. Winter Park, Fla., 191. 282. 348 Ohnniacht, Sandra Mildred, Somerville, N.J.. 335 Oktavec, Frank John. Clearwater. Fla.. 138. 197, 228. 282 Olson. Keith Arlyn, Belvidere, III., 335 Onstott. Johnna Sue, Tacksonville, Fla., 169, 316 Orth, Charles Arthur, Decatur, Ga.. 236. 335 Osborne, Zebulon Louis. L matilla. Fla.. 110. 197. 247, 316 O ' Steen, Clavton Elwin, Lakeland, Fla.. 128, 282 Owens, Daniel Elvis, Wellborn, Fla.. 228. 335 Owens. Nancy Louise, New Smyrna Beach, Fla.. 94, 105, 179, 316 ' Padgett, Kenneth Earl, Panama City. Fla.. 336. 348 Paille. Beckie Marie. Jacksonville, Fla.. 336 Palmer, Jane. Orlando. Fla., 336 Pappas, Dean, Miami, Fla.. 247, 336 Parent. Joline Carol, Gulford, Conn.. 301 Parham, Martha Susan, Miami, Fla., 118, 120 Paredes, Dianne Renee. Tacksonville, Fla.. 139. 179 Parker, John Frederick, Canal Point, Fla.. 336 Parker, Michael Breck. Tampa, Fla.. 128, 158, 203. 283 Parkinson, Christine L., Sarasota, Fla., 316 Parrish, James Moorman, Gainesville. Fla., 247, 336 Parsons. Darrell Alan. Sebastian, Fla., 102. 107. 118. 120, 125. 301. 348 Parsons, Linda Joyce, Mansfield, Ohio, 110. 179. 305, 316 Partazana, Margaret A., Charleroi, Penn., 115, 336 Patterson, Toel Flovd. Miami Springs, Fla.. 211, 283 Patterson, Linda Sue, Pulaski, Va.. 151. 336 Patterson, Ottis C, Jr., Hollywood, Fla., 128, 144, 283 Patteson, Tames Douglas. Miami. Fla., 247. 336 Payne. Susan Gail, Knoxville, Tenn., 142, 283 Peacock, Frederick R., Bethesda, Md., 301 Pearson, Teresa Ann, Sarasota, Fla., 336 Peers, Suzanne Lee, Clewiston, Fla., 157, 336 Pegues, Donald Lee, Auburndale, Fla.. 301 Pendleton. Toyce Ann, Lakeland, Fla.. 103. 173, 301 Pepper, Pamela Sue, Walnut Cove, -X.C, 168, 169, 316 Perkins, Beverly May, Lakeland. Fla.. 336 Perkins, Karen, Lakeland, Fla., 130, 283 Perry, Douglas Charles, Boynton Beach. Fla., 226, 301 Perry, Susan Lynne, Middletown, N.J., 336 Persak, Gail Mitchell, Pompano Beach, Fla., 166, 177, 316 Peterson, Newton C, III, Lakeland, Fla., 197, 247, 316 Petrone, Robert -Michael, Greenlawn, L.I., X.Y., 107, 211, 283 Petterson, Sylvia R., Ft. Pierce, Fla., 118, 119, 127, 146, 147, 150, 186, 187, 283 Pfister, Marjorie Dawn, Freeport, N.Y., 117, 336 Phelps, George Whitfield, Lakeland, Fla. 283 Phillips, Dale I awrence, Orlando, Fla.. 336 Phillips. William E., Jr., Largo, Fla., US, 234, 316 Phipps, Glenn Ward, Petersburg, Va., 231 Pike, Daphne Camille, Tallahassee, Fla., 166, 185, 301 Plotkin, Joseph Alan, Miami Beach, Fla., 336 Plowman. Craig Stewart, Wayne, N.J.. 336 Polkowski, Christopher D., Glovers- ville, X.J., 336 Pollock, Sally Joan, Ft. Scott, Kan., 336 Pontius, Patricia Kav. St. Petersburg, Fla., 108, 179. 301 Pope, James David, Jr.. Capron, Va., 316 Porter. Barbara . nne, Indianapolis, Ind., 139, 301 Potter, Michelle Donnelly, Wheatfield, Ind., 120. 184. 185, 283 Pressley, Tovce Paige, Moore Haven, Fla., 316 Presley. Jerry Max, Monett, Mo., 219 Preston, Bruce Barber, II, Orlando, Fla.. 316 Preuss, Marie Eleanor, Tampa, Fla., 336 Price. Bruce Robert, Sugarloaf, Penn., 231, 236 Price, Daphne Reed, Cresco, Penn., 336 Price, Sandra Lee, Hartville, Ohio. 301 Price, Sara Ethel, Clearwater. Fla., 114, 166, 173, 316 Priester, Douglas M., Aiken. S.C, 228, 301, 348 Priest, William Curtis, Cape Coral, Fla.. 127. 316 Prine. Jacqueline C, Ft, Meade, Fla., 283 Privett, Paula . nn, Orlando, Fla., 152, 336 Proctor. Linda Rose. West Seneca. N.Y., 141, 157, 336 Pugh, Dwight Irvin, Lake Placid, Fla.. 336 Quicksall. Marian E.. St. Petersburg, Fla., 336 Race. Llovd Nelson, Winter Haven, Fla,. 148, 149 Ragsdale, Dural Reece, Islamorada. Fla., 120, 336 Railsback, Sandra To, Jacksonville, Fla., 141, 171, 265, 283 Randall, Barry Thomas, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 211, 316 Rankin, David Lee, Buenos Aires. Argentina. 120. 146, 150, 209, 283 Rapanick, Kenneth Nelson, Jacksonville, Fla.. 336 Rau, John Keller. Nashville. Tenn., 336 Rawlins. Paula Elaine, Tacksonville. Fla., 130, 141, 242, 301 Reader, Pamela Ruth, Coral Gables, Fla., 336 Reddick. Devorah Ann. Avon Park, Fla., 181, 316 Redfern, Judith, Tampa, Fla., 108. 336 Reece. Thomas Sanford. Charlotte, X.C. 108, 205, 337 Rees, Xancy Gail, Arlington, Va., 337 Reeves. Terry Ronald, Bowling Green, Fla.. 316 Reich, Dickie Jean, Mt. Dora, Fla., 171, 283 Reid, Linda Lee, Pahokee, Fla.. 141. 337 Reid. Mary Allen. York, Penn., 101, 138, 154, 156. 164, 183, 284 Reilly, Jean Ann, Jacksonville, Fla., 105, 141, 185. 284 Remington. Thomas T., Cocoa, Fla., 106, 203. 284 Renton, Kathryn Lois, Pittsburgh, Penn.. 110, 117, 284 Repple, Glenn .Mien, Miami Springs, Fla., 129, 211. 316 Reynolds, Caryl Anne, St. Petersburg, Fla., 118, 141, 157, 187, 284 Reynolds, Virginia Carol, see Virginia Reynolds Yates Rice. Lvnn Barton, Jacksonville, Fla.. 105. 301 Rice, Sadie Bess Rowand, Lakeland, Fla., 301 Richardson, Maria E., Mathews, Va., 337 Richter, Lois Barbara. Eastchester, X.Y., 114, 301 Ridley, Ann Scobie, Winter Haven, Fla., 284 Rimel, I eslie Lamar, Lakeland, Fla., 148, 149, 284 Rippon, Frederick liruce. Cocoa, Fla., 247, 337 Rivenbark, Rebecca V., Tampa, Fla., 337 Roach, Roger Earl, Zellwood. Fla., 193, 284 Roadarmel. Robert C. Jr., Lake Worth, Fla., 211, 301 Robbins, Carol, Delray Beach, Fla., 147, 337 Roberts. Paul Marvin, Winter Haven, Fla., 148, 149, 284 Roberts, Patricia Ann, Lakeland, Fla., 301 Roberts, Richard Best. Staten Island, X.Y,. 247, 337 Robertson, David Harold, Attleboro, Mass., 232. 316 Robertson. David Leon, Wooster, Ohio. 199, 316 Robertson, Ellen Kay, Roanoke, Va.. 168. 169, 301 Robertson. Robin Maxwell. Eagle Lake, Fla., 301, 348 Robinson. Everett A., Ill, Grand Rapids. Mich.. 188, 291 Robinson. Sara Maude, Elkton, Va., 242, 337 Robinson. William Leon, Apopka, Fla., 316 Rockv, Ann Katherine, Minneapolis, Minn., 337 Rogers, Frances Virginia, Lakeland, Fla.. 284 Rogers. Tames C.. Jr., Leesburg, Fla., 102, 106. 138, 140. 157 Rogers. Susan Dunham. Easton, Conn., 110. 112, 316 Romanick, B. Tudith, Lakeland, Fla. Romberger, Helen C. Bethesda. Md.. 316 Rominger. William Martin. Sarasota, Fla.. 337 Romano, Michael John, Woodhaven, N.Y., 337 Rooks, Larry Glen, Tacksonville, Fla. 337 Rossen. Joel Stephen, Creve Coeur. Mo., 337 Rostran, .Alejandro, Manague, Nicaragua. 337 Rousseau. Carl Howard, Clearwater, Fla., 316, 348 Rousset, Denise Rae, Spring Vallev, X.Y.. no. 136. 337 Rowell, Norma Jean. St. Petersburg, Fla., 337 Rowland, Paula Dorinda, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., 316 Roy, Musette Florence, Orlando. Fla.. 301 Rubush. Charlotte Ann, Lake Hamilton. Fla.. 177. 284 Rubio, .Albert Michael, Tampa, Fla., 301. 348 Rucks, Larnell, Okeechobee, Fla.. 157. 337 Rumsey, Christine Ann, Lakeland, Fla., 302 Rushing, Tudith Ann, Winter Park, Fla.. 337 Russell. Charles E., Tr., Northbrook, III.. 228. 337 Rust. William Lee. Springfield. III., 138, 140, 203, 316 Russo, Camilla Mav, Livingston, N.J., 337 Ruthel, Renate Inge, Sheffield, Mass.. 316 Ryder, Tames Albert, Kings Park, N.Y., 195, 316 Sabatini, Donald F., Madison. N.T., 226, 228, 317 Sabina, Reyna, Miami, Fla., 146, 147, 150. 284 Sams. Michael Douglas, Miami, Fla.. 211, 317 Samuels, William F., Orlando. Fla.. 317 Sanders, Susan Kirk, Atlanta, Ga.. 110. 337 Sanderson, Roger Alan, Winter Haven, Fla., 338 Santiago. Rosalind Toy, Beaufort, S.C, 114, 338 Santiago, Rosario A.. Miami, Fla., 338 Sapp, Paulette T ouise, Jacksonville, Fla., 156, 177, 284 Sarria, Joseph Devesa, Orlando, Fla., 285 Sargeant, Martha Ann, Lakeland, Fla., 103, 127, 185. 317 Sargeant, Ralph G., Jr., Lakeland. Fla., 338 Sargent. Linda Ann, Atlanta, Ga., 317 Sasser, Sherman Lloyd, Lakeland, Fla., 338 Sawyer, Sandra To, St. Petersburg, Fla., 147, 338 Sawyer, Thomas Richard, Jupiter, Fla., 144, 211, 302 Saxon, Ben Lee, Daytona Beach, Fla., 338 Scanio, Gregory James, Brooklyn, N.Y., 247, 338 Scharar, Tom Edward, Lakeland, Fla., 285 Scharfenberg. .Ann Derr. Winter Park. Fla., 110, 338 Scharfer, Harold Charles, Lady Lake, Fla., 317 Scharold, Harry Karl, Lakeland, Fla., 302, 348 Schaur, Douglas F., Port Washington, N.Y., 247, 338 Schell, Linda Dianne, Orlando, Fla., 317 .Scherer, loan Marie, Murray Hill, N.J., 338 Scheutz. Monica Louise A., Sarasota, Fla., 317 Schlamel, Richard Carl, Shorewood, Wis., 203, 240, 241, 285 Schmidt, Betty Lyon, Lakeland, Fla.. 141, 285 Schmidt, Charlotte Ann, Orange, Va., 317 Schofield, John Kent, Winter Park. Fla., 201, 235, 317 Schopf, Sara Lee, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 317 Schwartz. Carlton Samuel. Tr.. Spring- field. Ohio, 127, 165, 201, 285 Schwartz, Deborah Newton. Jackson- ville. Fla., 120, 302 Schwartz, Steven Mark, Somerville, N.J., 317 Scotchlas, John S., II, Orlando, Fla., 285 Scott, Carol Sheldrake, New ark, Del.. 338 Sedglev, David Stuart, Eau Gallic, Fla., 106, 127, 338 Seels. Laura Anne, Centerport, N.Y., 142, 317 Sefton, Thomas Wolcott. Anderson, Ind., 338 Sellers, Larue George, Decatur, Ga., 209. 317 Sellner. Tohn Robert. St. Petersburg, Fla., 128. 140, 188, 202, 203, 285 Setzer, David Andrew, Santurce, Puerto Rico, 338 Severson, Sheron Martin, Cape Canaveral, Fla.. 338 Seward. Walter Tames, III. Wilming- ton, Del.. 285 Shannon, Victoria .Ann, Millville, N.J., 81, 169, 242, 317 .Sharp, Raymond, Oakland Park, Fla., 118, 338 Shaw. Ellis Prewett, Coral Gables, Fla.. 219. 302. 348 Shealv, Leo Gillam, Jr., Port St. Toe, Fla., 338 Sheffield. X ornian L., Jr.. Boca Raton. Fla.. 338 Sheiman. Michael Eliot, New York, N.Y.. 226. 338 Shepherd. Marjorie Ellen. New Canaan, Conn.. 338 Sherlock. William George, Summit, X.J., 247. 338 Sherman, Daniel Herbert, Lakeland, Fla., 191. 223. 339 Sherman, r)aniel Xeil, St. Petersburg. Fla., 317 Shimer. Dean Allen, Allentown, Penn., 236, 339 Shipley, Paul Larsen, Lakeland, Fla.. 285 Shirah, Richard Brown, Grand Bay, Ala., 317 Shockley. Chervl -Ann. Salisbury, Md., 339 Shuler. Connie, Moore Haven, Fla., 142, 339 Shultz, Beverly Lucille, Ft. Myers. Fla.. 110, 111, 175, 317 Shv, Tudith Gibson, Griffiss AFB, N.V., 93, 339 Shy, Susan Newton, Griffiss AFB. N.Y., 134, 138, 141, 171, 202, 285 Silvers, Ronald Steven, Miami Beach. Fla.. 128. 158, 206, 207, 285 Simmons. Charles Turner. Jesup, Ga., 202, 203, 228, 317 Simmons, Marvin Lamar, Gainesville, Fla., 302 Simonson, Roger Lynn, Pahokee, Fla., 185, 197, 339 Sinclair. Gary Lee, Colfax, 111., 339 Sisk, Beverly Ann, Pompano Beach, Fla., 317 .Skeels, Robert Alfred, Jr., Arlington, Va., 138, 197, 317 Skelton, Janis, Orlando, Fla., 339 Skidmore, Tim N., Elmira, X ' .Y., 105, 115, 116, 164, 188, 210, 302 Skinner, Sandra Gaye, Boco Raton, Fla., no, 339 Slaughter, Lanford T., Lakeland, Fla., 285 Slayden, Alice Lee, Brooksville, Fla., 120, 171, 317 Slivinskv, Walter Mark, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla., 302 Small, Charles Sidney, San Francisco, Calif., 247, 339 373 Smelt, William Howard, Da)-tona Beach. Fla., 107, 191. 285 Smith. Carolyn Grace. Lakeland. Fla.. 169, 318 Smith. Donna Darnell. Tampa. Fla., 173. 302 Smith, Kenneth James, Pittsburgh. Penn., 228, 241. 318 Smith, Kenneth William, Lakeland, Fla., 318 Smith. Sandra Rives. Falls Church. Va.. 133. 173, 286 Smith. Sheila Carol, Mcmtt Island. Fla.. 120. 175, 286 Smith, Thomas Amory, Lakeland, Fla., 286 Smolenvak, Sharon Marie, Miami. Fla.. ' 318 Smylv Sandra Eileen. Mobile. Ala.. 318 Snavely. Harry Chiles. Peoria. III.. 158. 203, 286 Snell, Marilyn Helen, Xew Port Richey, Fla.. 318 Snyder. Herbert S., Fair Lawn, X.J.. 318 Soper, Robert Donald. Bcthesda, Md.. 127, 150. 190. 191. 286 Spangler. Donald Odom. Shelby. N.C.. 339 Spaulding. Ann Stephen. Nokomis, Fla.. 145. 175, 286 Speir. Carol Elizabeth. Madison. N.T.. 339 Spencer. Jenneene Lint, Largo, Fla.. 339 Spiecker. George Mark. Coral Gables. Fla.. 197. 302 Spiro. David. Holbrook. N.Y.. 219, 318 Spitz, Richard Leon. Mountainside, N.J.. 318 Springer. Everett Owen, Lakeland. Fla.. 302 Spurgeon, loanne, Uniontown. Penn.. 339 Squire. Richard C. TI. Summit, N.T.. 302 Stabell. Rosemary Kate. Winter Park. Fla.. 286 Stahlin. Sara Jane. Captiva, Fla.. 114, 339 Stampa, Xancv Langdon. Orlando. Fla.. 115. 126. 156. 173, 286 Standifer. Robert Thomas, Dundee, Fla.. 286 Standish. Duane Charles, Pompano Beach. Fla.. 241. 247, 339 Stanley. Karen Lvnn. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 169. 318 Stanley. Susan Lynn, Macon. Ga.. 173, 318 Staryk. Michael F., Grosse Pointe. Mich., 191. 286 Stauffer. Inez Elaine. Orlando. Fla.. 339 Stauffer. John Porter, Chew Chase. Md.. 339 Steel, Mary Louise, Miami Springs. Fla.. 146. 147, 150. 302 Steele. Richard Bliss, Lakeland. Fla.. 146. 152 Steinberg. Robert M.. Danbury, Conn.. 339 Stephens. Carla Celesta. Miami. Fla.. 339 Stevenson. Marsha Gail, Lake Wales. Fla., 181. 318 Stewart. Tames Barton. Largo. Fla.. 211, 226, 232, 286. 348 Stim, Susan Lee, Sarasota, Fla., 181. 286 Stockton. Patricia Ann. Pompano Beach, Fla.. 110, 113. 123, 124, 130. 133, 135, 286 Stover, .Mien W. K.. St. Petersburg Beach, Fla.. 108. 128. 287 Stover. Beverly Ann, Zionsville, Ind.. 101, 102. 117. 135, 170, 171. 287 Stowers. Alan Ray, Lakeland. Fla.. 108, 302 Strauss, Susan Allison. X. Palm Beach. Fla.. 318 Streep, Foster David, III, Winter Park, Fla.. 339 Streeter, Tayne Ellen, Brooksville, Fla., 186. 187. 287 Strickland. Ellen Earl, Macon. Ga., 318 Strother, Shelby K.. Ill, Satellite Beach. Fla., 108, 223, 339 Suits, Laurel Anne, Port Charlotte, Fla., 318 Sullivan, John Leslie, Orlando, Fla., 302 Sullivan, Michael Joseph, Cincinnati, Ohio, 339 Sumner, Marion Ruth. Tampa. Fla.. 339 Swango, Stanley S., III. Dayton, Ohio, 287 Swank. Glenn David, Lakeland, Fla.. 318 Swanson. Sandra Lee. Ft. Myers. Fla.. no, 112, 141, 339 Swartz, Jerry Wayne, Knightstown. Ind., 247, 339 Sweeney, Edward, Winter Haven, Fla.. 147, 234, 339 Sweinimer, Mary Ann, Whitman. -Mass., 302 Swindell, Julie Carter, Hinsdale. III.. 339 Swoyer. David Charles. Indian River City, Fla., 234, 339 Talbott, Ellen Elizabeth, Elkins, W. Va.. 339 Tallamv, Ruth Anne, Clearwater, Fla., 120. ' l45, 156, 166, 176, 177. 302 Tallman. Benjamin Ansell. Lakeland. Fla., 101, 201, 287 Talmadge. Douglas Van, Morristown. X.J., 211. 287 Taulbee, Billie Xell, Lancaster, Ky., 103, 120, 318 Taylor, Mitchell Irene, Mobile. . la.. 104. 114. 126. 170, 171, 302 Taylor. Sandra Kave. Green Cove Springs. Fla., 141. 142. 287 Terrell. Michael T.. Stilesville. Ind., 108, 109, 287 Tertanv, Sandra Louise, Hollywood, Fla.. ' 185. 302 Terrv. Alice Louise. Atco. X.J.. 340 Thomas. Phehe Mosgrove. Tuscaloosa. Ala.. 156. 340 Thoma-s. Phvllis June, Jacksonville. Fla., 114, 118. 139, 340 Thomas, Shirley lean. Jacksonville, Fla.. 340 Thomas. Teresa Lin. Dunedin. Fla.. 340 Thomason. Mary Collette. Lake Placid. Fla.. 340 Thomason. Stephen D.. Decatur, Ga.. 340 Thompkins. Richard Leon, Lakeland, Fla., 247, 302 Thompson. Donna Mae, Arlington, Va.. 340 Thompson. Dovie M.. Germantown. Tenn., 340 Thompson. Glenda Bozeman, Haines City. Fla., 102. 171. 295 Thompson. Tames Philip. Plant Citv. Fla.. 287 Thompson. Tennifer Ann, Sanford, Fla.. 166. 180. 181, 318 Thompson. Toseph Harold. Plant Citv. Fla.. 340 Thompson. Leslie Earl. Lakeland. Fla.. 287 Thompson, Roger Lee, Lakeland. Fla.. 147. 287 Thompson. Sam Hill, Jacksonville. Fla.. 318 Thompson. William E.. III. Ocala. Fla., 201. 302. 348 Thomson, Linda Lee. Tacksonville. Fla.. 340 Thomson. Marjorie Ellen. X, Miami Beach. Fla.. 110. 111. 179. 287 Thorn. Sandra .Adele. Middletown, Ohio. 181, 302 Thomal, Benjamin C, III. Tallahassee. Fla.. 108. 287 Thome. David McCullough. Delray Beach. Fla.. 199. 288 Tibbitts. Frederick M.. Jr.. .Mbanv. X.V.. 147. 340 Ticknor. Shirlev Ann. Xaples. Fla.. 142. 166, 179, 288 Tippins, Tohn Wilson. Xaples. Fla.. 108. 303 Tomlinson. I ynn Wurth. Miami. Fla.. 81. 318 Tortorici. Sandra B., Cristobal. Canal Zone. 318 Tower, John Cole, Lakeland, Fla., 128, 193. 288 Townsend. Tennifer Mary, Tacksonville. Fla., 340 Trask. Tovce Diane. Highland Citv, Fla.. 340 Triebels, Philip Eugene, Stroudsburg, Penn.. 340 Trost. Rebecca Sue. Miami, Fla.. 340 Tucker. Kenneth C.. Tr.. West Caldwell. X.J.. 247 " Tunnell, Alfred Leroy. Lakeland, Fla., 288 Turner, Terry Joe, Lakeland. Fla.. 288 Tumev. Patricia Ann, Winter Park. Fla.. 175. 303 Tumipseed. Mildred C. Tacksonville. Fla.. 340 Tvler. Marvin George. Lakeland, Fla., 144, 288 Uhler. Susan C. Thorndale. Penn., 318 Underbill, Linda Fave, Ft. Mvers Beach, Fla.. 136, 142, 157, 340 L ' nderwood, Marguerite P., Short Hills, X.J.. 92. 181. 319 L ' nkefer. Lois Ann, Columbus, Ohio. 340 Czelac, Robert Michael, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., 108, 205, 340 Valdez, Carole Lynn, Key West. Fla.. 102, 114, 319 Valentine, Clifford Sov, Ft. Walton Beach. Fla.. 107. 197, 319 Vandemark. Beverly Joan. Winter Garden. Fla.. 157. 303 Vanhom. Bonnie Dale. Tavemier. Fla.. 288 Van Huss. Virdia K.. Pompano Beach, Fla.. 175. 303 Vannostrand. Robert. Sarasota, Fla.. 128. 191. 288 Vaughn. Carolyn Ethelia, Tampa, Fla., 319 Vayo, Ronald Joseph, Ft. Myers Beach. Fla. 107, 288 Vernon, Michael Howard, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.. 116. 247. 340 Vetter, Ed A.. Lakeland, Fla., 211, 303 Vick, Xancy C, Lakeland, Fla., 303 374 Vivers, Robert Paul. Grosse Pointe, Mich.. 340 Vogelsang, Robert L.. Baldwin. X.Y.. 132. 303 Voight. Suzanne, Miami, Fla., 179, 288 Vyner. Rick Xelson. Mamaroneck, X.V., 192, 193, 288 Wachtel, John Dixon, Jacksonville, Fla., 127, 303 Waddell, Castner Rolfe. Greenfield, Ohio, 138, 199. 288 Wager, Charlene Carol, Burlington. Vt., 175, 288 Walker, Elizabeth Ann, Topeka, Kan., 340 Walker, Gerald Gilbert. Bethesda. Md.. 128. 144. 289 Walker. Kineon Goodhue. Marathon Shores. Fla.. 211. 319 Wallace, Tames Edward, Jr.. Xashville. Tenn., 340 Wallace, Sharvn Allatia. Miami. Fla.. 114. 126. 156. 174, 175, 303 Ward, Dalton Rufus, Ft. Pierce. Fla.. 106. 319 Ward. Tean Stewart, St. James, N.V.. 319 Wardner, Rolfe Albert, Pompano Beach, Fla., 199, 319 Ware. Kathryn. Mentor. Ohio. 340 Warner. Bonnie Lois, Crescent City. Fla., 340 Warr, Margaret Louise. Memphis, Tenn.. 340 Warren, George Theodore, Nashville. Tenn.. 120. 129, 157, 209, 319 Wasser, Thomas Dean. Lvons, N.Y.. 340 Watkins. Charles Thomas, New Castle. Del.. 289 Watkins. Eunice Kay. Melbourne. Fla.. 184. 185. 289 Watkinson. Catherine L. Fall River. Mass.. 142. 340 Watson. Tohn W., Ill, Maitland, Fla., 240. 303 Watson. Sandra Louise, Curundu. Panama. Canal Zone, 185, 340 Watson, Wallace Carlisle, Cross Citv. Fla.. 128. 303 Walters. Sharon Frame. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., 289 Waugh. EUzabeth Lee. Bartow. Fla.. 133. 141. 142. 289 Weaver, Brian Monte. Orlando, Fla.. 232. 341 Weaver. James Royce. Tr.. Tacksonville, Fla.. 108. 118. 211, 341 Weaver. Steven Lee. Hampton. Va.. 247. 341 Webster. Virginia, Allentown, Penn.. 102. 168. 169. 207, 289 Wechsler, Edward Charles, Tacksonville. Fla.. 209. 319 Weeden. Judith Meredith, Orlando. Fla., 136, 157, 341 Weinstein, Jav Stephen, X. Miami. Fla.. 122. 158. 163. 188. 206. 207, 289 Weld, Diane Lee, Bartow, Fla.. 319 Wellington. Roger K,. Rochester, X.V.. 108. 319 Wells. Douglas Call, Lockport, N.Y.. 341 Wells, Gertrude T., Alexandria, Va., 108. 128. 303 Wells. John Benjamin. Tavares. Fla.. 201. 319. 348 Wells, Paula Howard, Lakeland, Fla. 120, 341 Wells, Wallace Kappel. Pittsburgh. Penn.. 108. 201, 226, 319 Wendell, Forrest Lenel. Lakeland, Fla.. 319 Wesley. Bemice Irene. Lakeland. Fla.. 341 Wesley. Elizabeth Louise, Lakeland, Fla.. 341 Westmoreland, Dennis G., Kingsport, Tenn., 303 Wherry, Suzanne Akers, Greenville, S.C, 319 Wherrell, Gwendolyn Ruth. Okeechobee. Fla.. 341 Whippo. Maria Jean. Park Ridge. 111.. 117, 341 Whitaker, David Paul. Spring Lake, .X.J., 303 Whitaker, Tames Benjamin, Lakeland, Fla., 289 White, Bruce Edward, Winter Park, Fla., 199, 240, 319 White, Marcia Adele, Homestead AFB. Fla.. 181. 303 White. Paula Lou. Delrav Beach. Fla.. 103. 133. 303 White. Steven Howard. Morris Plains. X.J.. 193. 289 Whitehurst, James Allen. Lakeland. Fla.. 289. 348 Whiting. Jeffrey. Geneva. Fla.. 247, 341 Whitworth. Marlou Ann, Haines Citv, Fla.. 157. 341 Widner. Dorothy Lanette. Haines Citv. Fla., 341 WigginG, James Edward, Winter Garden, Fla., 148, 149, 303 Wilcox, John Palmer. .Arlington. Va.. 234, 247, 341 Wilhelm, Thomas Allan, Xew Canaan, Conn.. 128, 203, 240, 241, 303 Wilhelmsen, Paul Carl, Freeport, Bahama, 211, 232, 319 Wilkerson. Sandra Stewart. Miami. Fla.. 175. 319 ■Williams. Jean, Decatur, Ga., 110, 341 Williams. John Randle, Jr.. Worthing- ton, Fla.. 341 Williams, Kenneth Arthur, Woodcliff Lake, X.J., 341 Williams. Linda Sue, Sanford, Fla., 141, 303 Williams, Lloyd Glen, Rensselaer, Ind., 193. 289 Williams. Lydia Sue, Paragould, Ark., 92. 166. 171. 319 Williams, Paula Bauer, Orlando, Fla.. 122. 289 Williams. Prjscilla L., Neptune Beach, Fla.. 319 Williams, Robert Howard, Sanford, Fla., 303 Williams, Robert Tohn, Lakeland, Fla., 147. 191. 290 Williams. Susan Lee, Lake Worth, Fla., 341 Williams. Thomas Allen, Hillsdale, Mich.. 235. 303 Willis, Bcttie Jovce. Charlotte Harbor, Fla., 303 Willis, Louise Wingfield, Culpeper, Va.. 290 Williford, Katherine Robinson, Southern Pines, X.C. 108. 123, 133, 175, 290 Wilson. Caroline Perrin. Bradenton. Fla.. 138. 171. 212, 303 Wilson, Diane Louise. X ' ew York. X.Y.. 105. 341 Wilson. Holly Leigh. Neptune City. X.J.. 341 Wilson. Janet Fannin. Lakeland. Fla., 130, 141. 290 Wilson. Marv Margaret, Pompano Beach, Fla.. 105. 110, 139, 141, 341 Windham. Tohn Franklin, Pensacola, Fla.. 118. 234, 341 Winfrev, Michael P., Miami Shores. Fla.. 342 " i gate. Xancv Lee. Winter Park, Fla., 319 Winkler, David Biddle. Ft. Myers, Fla., 342 Wirick. Patricia Ann, Orlando, Fla., 120, 313 Wisnewski, Tames Joseph. Dallas. Penn., 201, 290 Woelfel, Kay Louise, Clearwater, Fla.. 179. 193. 319 Wolfe, loan Marie. Akron. Ohio. 93. 183. 290 Wolfe, Marilvn Jeanne, Middletown, Ohio. 127. 138. 171, 246, 290 Wolfe. Melodv. Clermont, Fla., 81, 103, 163, 169, 246, 303 Wolfinger. Xorman Robert. Easton, Penn.. 319 Wood. Marjorie Diana, Moore Haven, Fla.. 342 Woods. Byron Bernard, Lakeland, Fla.. 290 Woods. Janet Kathleen, Sarasota, Fla.. 145. 181. 319 Woods, Donna Lynn, Clearwater, Fla., 342 Woods. Karen Teannette, Melbourne, Fla., 303 ' oodward, Tohn Stanford, Pitman, X.J., 158, 206, 207, 303 Woodward, Marv, Birmingham, .Ala., 183. 195, 319 ■ W ooldridge, Linda Lavne, Fairfax, Va., 171, 290 Wray. Charles Irvin, Boones Mill. Va.. 147. 342 Wright, Elsie Rut h. Tifton. Ga.. 123. 124. 134. 133. 138. 290 Wright. Nicholas C, Jr., Norfolk, Va., 191, 303 Wyngarden. lav Bradford. Clearwater, Fla., 342 Yates. Dewev Terome. Lakeland. Fla.. 303 Yates. Judy .Ann, Lakeland, Fla., 290 Yates, Virginia Reynolds, Lakeland, Fla., 105, 141, 191, 301 Yeatts, James Douglas. Coral Gables, Fla.. 165. 204. 205. 226, 290 Yoder. Gary Menard, Lakewood, Ohio, 143, 203, 290 Youmans. James Owen, Wauchula, Fla., 203, 291 Young, Beryl .Ann, Melbourne, Fla., 142, 319 Young, Elizabeth F., Atlanta, Ga., 342 Young. Joan Diane, Ft. Myers, Fla., 142, 183, 319 Zamzow, Dale Allen, Haines Citv, Fla., 114. 157. 342 Zanathv. Stephen Phillip, Glencoe. 111., 342. 348 Ziegele. Claudia Mae, Lakeland, Fla.. 303 Zink, Esther Laurel, Lakeland, Fla.. 291 Zukowski. Eleanor .Ann, Casselberrv, Fla., 136, 141, 291 i ifm f V ' fi it i ' : 4 rlt ff? . ' tti ' ' :-l: ' M ' ' - ' !i iI ' rM n ff ffl .ff-f di ' Jj.ff ' tt. i ' :ri,al rritii • '

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