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' : i 1 • ■■ ,, • ■ r. ■ ■ . ■ ,■ . • • ■••%.♦•• ' .♦.♦ •••••• -1 ♦ •♦♦.%•.♦■ O e -V »-.♦.♦ ♦ -.♦ ♦♦♦•♦. % % - % % ■ fc A % $ % • % ■ z o X z o ■ A A A ■ A . A - f Hi iiii f iiiM a i ii a i ii ii mi i hi »»»i U. i« I 1963 INTERLACHEN • Volume 31 1963 STAFF SANDRA VODVARKA . Editor-in-Chief BARBARA SELLERS . Managing Editor CHRIS RANEY . . . Business Manager BETTY TOY .... Editorial Assistant HAL WATERS . . . Editorial Adviser TABLE OF CONTENTS FEATURES 19 ORGANIZATIONS .... 61 GREEKS Ill MILITARY 161 ATHLETICS 171 ADMINISTRATION ... 189 CLASSES 207 » ▼ The President ' s Walk by Polk County Science Building. OUR CAMPUS 1 here is a beginning and an end to College Life. Neither can be shown by a distinct break as from a shadow into light, without transition. Likewise it is erroneous to think of the line between naive newcomer and worldly graduate as being distinct. The transition is nebulous, but real. But for literary purposes, we have assumed, as in Genesis, that " In the beginning . . . Top: Exterior view of Polk Science. Bottom: From the roof of Polk Science, entering the math department. • -♦ • w w w » W % MM HUM If I I I H» il I t Ifti I !■■■ Il II Above: The Panhellenic building overlooking Lake Hollings- worth. Right: Newly remodeled Harvard Hall. CAMPUS CONTINUED In the beginning a student arrives at Florida Southern. And the student is without completion as a personality, and open for improvement. As a freshman, the student is instructed in physical improvement. Health is taught and the student grows in body. And the growth is good. And the first and the second semester are the freshman year. ♦ • ♦■•■%■ . .♦ ♦ ♦ % ♦ ■ 2$ • Si. I :-•? ' . Interior view of Panhellenic. Entrance to Harvard Hall. . -♦ - W W V v W v _ w MtM m iiiM i ii ■ .«» !»•■ Exterior of Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. An inspiring view from inside Danforth Chapel. The exterior of Danforth Chapel. CAMPUS CONTINUED As a sophomore the student is instructed in the spiritual aspects of life unde r the guidance of the Religion Department. An un- derstanding of life ' s mysteries is sought and found within the individual soul. During this year, each person formu- lates his concept of God. And the growth experienced is good. Students singing in the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. Interior of Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. 9 t ♦ •♦ 4 ' ♦ MMH IMMMMMMMh .«-».-Li.a CAMPUS CONTINUED Students seek an understanding of theology at many of Lakeland ' s 105, all denominational churches. The harmony of college and community reaches its peak at the Sunday worship services. And the sophomore grows spiritually. And the first and the second semester are the sophomore year. Joseph-Reynolds Rustic Room. A silent figure inside Joseph Reynold: Es£sr " fl HI • ■ iTiilif! SSp Looking toward the desk in Josepl Reynolds. The sun sets on the windows of Joseph-Reynolds. Entrance to Joseph-Reynolds. • •♦ t • • ♦ riiWM CAMPUS CONTINUED As a junior the student reaches out socially. Living together within the dormitories demands harmony with his fellow students. Fraternities and sororities provide opportunities for social growth. And the experience is good. The Polk County Science Building. 10 •♦•♦••••■♦■♦ » ♦ Top to bottom: Exterior view of the Plane- tarium. A well-equipped room in the Polk Science Building. Hallway of Polk Science. 11 - ■ -♦• - ■ - • ♦ • l MM IMM I CAMPUS CONTINUED At the many social functions held throughout the year, the student meets and associates with his peers. Many find a mate for life. And the junior finds fulfillment in the harmony experienced. And the first and the second semester are the junior year. Esplanades throw evening shadow patterns. 12 t T r - V ▼ ▼ V ■ A A A A A t Below: Looking up from depths of library, r Right: Inside library; students at study. lii fciAfc, Entrance to the library. 13 ■•••- -UMWttUlM WiAi _» - . 4 Above: Looking across the J. Edgar Wall Waterdome, the Watson Admin- istration Building. At right: Looking westward to the Administration Building. As a senior the student finds intellectual fulfillment before graduation. The search for Truth yields its dividends. The studies are often long and tedious, but the rewards are rich. And the first and the second semester are the senior year. 14 CAMPUS CONTINUED The colorful, modern shaped swimming pool. Girls relax by the side of the pool. Life guard overlooks pool. i i« iifciimJiii t in i CAMPUS CONTINUED Above: Polk Science as seen from the Garden of Medita- tion. Right: The Hindu Temple. W ithin the architectural master- pieces of Frank Lloyd Wright, College Life occurs, a drama in four years, written and directed by individuals, and acted out for an audience of today and to- morrow. This production com- prises the major portion of the spectrum of life, from brilliant aliveness to staid thoughtfulness. What clay is to the sculptor, paint to the artist, an instrument to the musician ; education is to the future of the individual. The creation is yours. f - " i ..-■ ' i. t ' « t ■v. ' -m we % ii : 31 m iuJdf j " ?. 1 m V H 16 ■ ■ ■ 4 ■ 4 4 4 • 4 Above: Architect ' s drawing of our new 1,800 seat auditorium. Left: The Frank Lloyd Wright designed Esplanade. 17 Ill »» I !»■■ ■ fca. i ■ . jfo. Ordway Arts Vista. CAMPUS CONTINUED I n the end a student leaves Florida Southern, a personality complete in the four major areas: physical, spiritual, social, and intellectual. And the growth experienced has been very good indeed. 18 ♦ •♦ ♦ I ♦ ♦ • % • • FEATURES Z o z -• •♦•- • • • • •♦ .... . .«. il z 73 z z CO .•■♦ • % • • ♦ J hove: Enjoyment is part of life at Southern. Left: And so is studying. Tradition is never-ending as each new year adds its part to a school ' s heritage. A backward glimpse, a remembrance of the past, reflected in a moment ' s thought touched off by the pictures of forgotten incidents. The two-fold story of college life : education and enjoyment, mirrored above and to the left in the faces of students stopped for a moment bv the click of a camera. 21 • •♦ • II " And my waist goes down another inch. " " Well if it isn ' t Chubby Checker. And it isn ' t. " mm 1 ' ' ' " " C B psT H. J B ,Na tf Bi " ■ Hi H wr . m l r • Dances, parties, skits, and sometimes just " goofing off " comprise a segment of college life popularized by the press. When properly conducted, these activities contribute much to student enjoyment and relaxation. And they compose many of the memories of " dear old college days. " ' Pardon me handsome, but there no smoking in here The winning skit from the all-campus Pep Rally. 22 It ' s finger lickin ' good. FSC coeds demonstrate the " casual look. 23 ♦ t-4 The Kappa Sig Olympics give coeds a yearly excuse to return to the days of their tomboyishness. And return they do ! Sliding on greased poles, milking cows, and ending up a complete mess are all part of the fun. The loss of femininity is temporary however, as the girls replace garage grease with cold cream the next day. It has its ups. ind downs -- - 24 ♦ •♦••• • • ♦ « . A A . £ A A . 4 . A And at times it gets a little messy. But the girls enjoy it!? " How do you turn it on? ' 25 II . .«. . ' I J 26 " Whether relaxing on the sidelines or participating in the competition, the students will agree that leisure activities put the " life " in college life. Part fun, part education equals a happy student. Crowds view from the sidelines. " Relax! " " Hardesty, I want to see those shoes SHINE! " w ;»»_ ' .--V ' Put me down for ' Running Wild ' in the fifth. " 27 • ■ •♦ ■4 ♦ II - A... MM Above: " Take your time. I want to finish this story. " Right: " Eat no evil, drink no evil, and . . . ACHOOO! " 28 % • ♦■•••■. Students entering college enter a world of activity, of vital new experiences. Each day begins with classes, which in themselves offer expansion intellectually. Relaxation rather than being wasteful, afterwards, contributes much to the growth of the individual student. ents await the beginning of a day. Above: A quick refresher during time out. Right: Many hours went into decorating for the freshman luau. 29 -♦ ♦ II -.- . -•. 4 .. Right: " Stop laughing and tell me what I signed. " Below: " A letter from Mother, my news- paper, and, ah. my Peanuts ' Coloring Book. " College is not all classroom; nor is it all social life. An intelligent blending of the two produces the well-rounded student, as desirable as the laude graduate. Here we have the student away from studies, a study in socializing. Right: Laughter breaks the monotony and relieves the tension in a student ' s day. Below: Cheerleaders collect money for TB drive. 30 • •♦•♦ " Right: " I heard that! " Below: " Now HERE ' S what I call an informal party! " 31 •♦ •♦ ••• ■«■ ■ . 4 K II Athletics produce sportsmanlike individuals. Body and mind developed to full capacity must be the end product of college activities. Here we have the student at play, developing his physical side. Intra- murals serve as a means to this development. ' It looks like a missile to me! " ' Gee!!! " 32 Intramural volleyball action. " Up and over. " ' I ' m a sore loser. " 33 • • ♦ ♦ ■ Above: Creation in the art department. Right: " This test CAN ' T be real. " The reason a student is in any college is to further his education. This is the dominant feature of college life. The I academic progression of the student is the concern of the college, his parents, himself, and his nation. Here we have the student in his most important role — j a searcher of knowledge. u5? 5 -j. V »«„ v 35 J ' ' ? ' ' • II - . ... I,.. Student adds finishing touches to an art project. ' What kind of question is this? " Tests serve as a measurement of academic progression. And academic progression is the true goal of collegiate endeavors. Endeavors reap awards in many ways : success in life, and scholarship trophies to out- standing students and groups. Tests become a part of everyday life. 36 ■ .•■♦ • % • •• ♦ • ♦ % ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ A So, that fuzzy little thing ' s an amoeba. " I missed THAT? " Sig Eps admire trophies just received for scholastic improvement and highest pledge scholarship. 37 . ' • -♦■- - ■ ■ ■ , m . The end of the academic road is reached and the rewards are reaped. The studies have been long and at times bewildering. The endless reading, the discussions with professors, the library research all yield their knowledge to the persistent student. Life beckons, and the challenge is answered. Rare photo of a male using a phone. Top: " Zzzzzzzzzz " Center: " This test is unfair to organ- ized thought! " Bottom: " These after class chats sure help my grades! " 38 ■••♦■♦ - Cadets receive awards and congratulations from Dr. Thrift. So THIS is how you make NaC 17 H 35 C0 2 . 39 - ' - ' ' ' ' II Greeks sort coupons at the Baptist Children ' s Home. IFC president, George Meredith, talks with Greek Week speaker, Representative Ray Maddox. Twistin ' at the Greek Week dance " Ben Him. " 40 ♦ ♦•♦♦♦ ♦ • » ♦ % • ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦• " On your mark, get set Fall is festival time, a time of activi- ty, of change. Fall at college is a " fun " time, with students gaily playing before the winds of winter studies blow the leaves of laughter away. Moments like these often mean more than mere mem- orization or collection of classroom facts. FALL IS FESTIVAL TIME It ' s amazing what a few staples and a dab of paint can produce. 41 . ' • •♦ - 4 Jk i ♦ .♦ .% • • •• ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ .«,• -♦• ♦ % • % ♦ ' Spectating. A great American sport. " JF FALL FESTIVAL " Three more cases of Kleenex should do it. " he Knowles and Dick Adamson are crowned as Greek eek Goddess and God. " I still prefer walking on my feet. ' 43 ♦ W ' 9 • • W ■ v FALL FESTIVAL Greeks undertake another social service project. U • ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ • • « p.j « .«.» ♦♦ ♦•••♦( ± . A. . - _ ' F . BSTlVA ' - OF ZEUS.KING Of OREtK ■ mSSbn B MBMW TfTWTTrTI " Yep. The winner! ' Fraternity contestants line up for the chariot race. 45 -9 ♦ • -» fc Greek Week displays were lots of work, but also lots of fun. ' Greek Week ' s Four Saints! ' ' With a few extras we might even make it to Sebring. " 46 _ 1 • % t • « ♦ •« FALL FESTIVAL Right: Serious concentration at reading of Oedipus Rex. Beloiv. " Fashions for the well-dressed chariot rider. " Another display which placed in the Greek Week competition. 47 . FALL FESTIVAL ' Oh, you shouldn ' t have! . . . but since you did Couples enjoy the annual Christmas dance. Do you REALLY think there ' s any question? " 48 - ' ••••• ' • 49 ♦ ♦ ♦ .-••■ «i it (SeCt»t Cv( ' " » ' i fc e O-TCvti fTcsA An XJtL lAl T«- t » C « 1» fT +t AZ. AJ %k 4L. CTia ' tce) C Jlli- WanJli ' rA » • ttrt FINALISTS 1963 MISS INTERLACHEN CONTEST ▼ w ▼ • « • .♦ •• ♦ % • % • 9 MISS SOUTHERN Miss Sandra Laraine Vodvarka Sponsored by Kappa Delta Sorority , ' + . Sb 52 » ♦ ,• ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ JT aWt L V CkVv -vIs 53 «, ,. JWi MISS SOUTHERN CANDIDATES 5 Carol Jean Carnahan Sponsored by Phi Mu Sorority Barbara Rabette Sponsored by Delta Zeta Sorority Bonnie Belloc Sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Helen Watson Sponsored by the Senate Not Pictured 54 " l Paula Whan Sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega Sorority Sandi Vodvarka Sponsored by Kappa Delta Sorority Nell Petteway Sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority Judy Haas Sponsored by the Southernettes 55 MISS INTERLACHEN Miss Frances Jane Willis Sponsored b The Soutlicrneers 56 ►«•• ♦•♦•••% ■ ' .♦•■• w w y n pf c - CX iXli wmm amm. 57 ■••• • • mi » ' ♦- « « ' ♦ • . FIRST RUNNER-UP MISS INTERLACHEN Sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity 5S » • t ■% ♦ • • ■ • • • 1 SECOND RUNNER-UP MISS INTERLACHEN Sponsored by Kappa Delta Sorority 59 Miss Interlachen Beauty Judges z . Fred Waring, internationally known as con- ductor of his choral group, The Pennsyl- vanians, served as the finalist judge in the 1963 Miss Interlachen contest. Three Lake- land city fathers — Charles Johnson, George Trask, and Robert Trohn — had the difficult job of reducing the number of candidates to the eight finalists. It is with sincere appreciation to Mr. War- ing and the other judges that the Interlachen announces Miss Interlachen of 1963 and the members of her court. FRED WARING Judges, left to right, Charles Johnson, head architect for Publix Markets; Robert Trohn, Lakeland attorney-at-law ; and George Trask, owner of Florida Sheet Metal Works; weigh the pleasing qualities of contestant, Miss Joyce White. i U. 60 • - - ' ••••• ' ••••♦-• ORGANIZATIONS Z 7H X z CO ■ • • .♦••♦•♦• ■• z ft i I z . jr ♦ ' . • • ♦ ♦• ■ . •♦♦♦•♦ i • ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ••-♦ STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS RAY NATHURST President TOM REYNOLDS Vice-President MADELINE HAGSTROM Secretary AL LEWISON Treasurer First Row: Hagstrom, Nathurst. Second Row: Reynolds, Lewison. 63 Supreine Court Left to Right: Justice Ruth Lawrence, Chief Justice Tom Gresham, Dean Phillip Campbell, adviser, Justice Gene Pendergrass, Jus- tice Carolyn Warren. Not Pictured: Justice Bill Rountree. The Senate First Ron: Harrison, Batson, Hagstrom, Cook, Rice, Derrer, Anderson, DelVecchio. Second Roil ' : Wall, Duval, Hamelryck, Nat- hurst, Lewison, Gilliam, Newell, Reynolds, Ivey, Caughey. Third Row: Rountree, Mitchell, Bowden, Fisher, Mingledorff. .♦•♦ • « t » • • FiWr Row: Owens, Hall, Mack, Santa Cruz, Edgar, Brandis, Bone. Second Row: Mr. Wooton, Pietersz, Huber, Haines, Weinstein, Hoover, Hawkins, Fox. Third Row: Mr. Wilde, Honeycutt, Hallick, Hamelryck, Lukes, Mills. Men ' s Student Government Association Men ' s Student Government Association was formed on campus two years ago un- der the combined efforts of the Director of Men ' s Office and the Student Govern- ment Association. The purpose of the MSGA is to establish and enforce disci- plinary regulations for male students. The organization is made up of one represent- ative from each fraternity and independ- ent male housing unit. OFFICERS TOM HALLICK President MIKE SCHW ARZ Vice-President BRUCE SANTA CRUZ Justice JACK HAMELRYCK Justice BRUCE HAINES Clerk 65 ♦ ■ . f ■ • •• 4 i " Women ' s Student Government Association Women ' s Student Government Association is a governmental subsidiary of the Student Government Association. It is composed of rep- resentatives of sororities and independent women who are elected by resident women stu- dents. It serves as a court for infractions of college and house rules, and strives to uphold the standards of women residents at Florida Southern College. OFFICERS MARCENE KRNOUL President ROSEMARY HUNT Vice-President BARBARA SELLERS Secretary VIRGINIA GROSSCUP Clerk ANITA MANSKE Sergeant-at-Arms First Row: M. Krnoul, Alexander, Williams, Grosscup, Archambault, Rhodes, Brownell, Scheblein. Second Row: Dean Eicholtz, Bardwell, Manske, Patton, Sutton, Hunt, Eggen, Sellers, Simmerson, Mclrvin, Ballew, L. Krnoul, Gay, Palmer. 66 First Row: Carolyn Warren, Mary Lou Williams, Judy Anderson, Ann Alexander, Lucy Decuers. Second Row: Claudia Watson, Joyce Lehman, Kelly Anderson, Kay Ridout, Judy Green. The Junior Advisers are selected from a great many sophomore girls who apply for these posi- tions. They live in the freshman dormitories and are sought for advice and guidance by freshman girls. Besides assisting the housemothers, these coun- selors also compose a hall council. Girls are selected for this position on the basis of participation in two or more extra-curricular activities and a 2.5 scholas- tic average. Junior Advisers Junior Advisers gather around 3ean Hattie Eicholtz, adviser, or an informal discussion. 67 • t • ' mlZ The Southern The Southern, edited and published by the Journalism students of Florida South- ern, is the official campus weekly. It is rated a top college newspaper in its enrollment division. EDITORIAL STAFF CHARLEY WILHELM Editor-in-Chief SALLIE BATSON Managing Editor Staff: Deane Christiansen, Julia Darling, John Duval, Jan Elliott, Dar Guinup, Dave Little, Sue Nevin, Scooter Rawls, Linda Lee Ray, Tom Ryan, Barbara Sellers, Dave Shinkman, Stu Smith. MR. HAL WATERS Faculty Adviser MR. PAUL WILLE Photographer BUSINESS STAFF BOB GRANT First Semester Business Manager BETSY COX Second Semester Business Manager Circulation: Julia Bouland, Evelyn Christy, Carolyn Cook, Phoebe Cook, Anita Savio. BETTY TOY Accountant Charley Wilhelm working to meet a Tuesday deadline. Tom Ryan and Dave Little work on sports copy. 68 •. " «■« »» ,» , •♦♦•••••♦• ism I t Dar Guinup checks her assignment and Carolyn Cook prepares papers for mailing. Mr. Hal Waters looks over page layouts. Sallie Batson checks copy for correctness. 69 VWWVfW • " M»- Sandi Vodvarka, Editor-in-Chief 1963 Interlachen The Interlachen added another honor to its growing list of accolades last year when Columbia ' s Scholastic Press Association presented the yearbook with a First Class rating. The Interlachen received national ac- claim two years ago when it was awarded third place in the Pi Delta Epsilon yearbook contest. Sophomore Class Section: Laird, Lancaster, McKamey, editor. Sports Section: Williams, editor; Ryan. EDITORIAL STAFF SANDI VODVARKA Editor-in-Chief BARBARA SELLERS Associate Editor CHRIS RANEY Business Manager BETTY TOY Editorial Assistant MR. PAUL WILLE College Photographer MR. HARRELL BROOKS Cover Design MR. HAL WATERS Faculty Adviser Editors: Susie Bardwell, Bob Bowden, Nancy Denyes, Candy Hamilton, Steve Mason, Charlotte McClure, Paula McKamey, Kay Middleton, Pat Mikson, Nell Petteway, Carolyn Russell, Steve Schwarz, Anne Snyder, Pat Stockton, Jerry Williams. Staff: Peggy Altwein, Ardis Anderson, Sharon Carter, Dale Cashion, Raye Cox, Julia Darling, Leilah Diekman, Carol Edens, Evelyn Harvey, Paula Hutson, Janet Lachenmyer, Linda Laird, Joanne Lancaster, Mary Ann Long, Pug Mason, Janelle Rogers, Priscilla Romeo, Tom Ryan, Duran Scott, Carole South, Kay Staf- ford, Lesley Thune, Penny Waits, Helen Watson, Bobbie White, Conni Youmans. 70 ' •••t ♦• • ' ' J Mr. Hal Waters, Faculty Adviser Barbara Sellers, Associate Editor Literary Staff: Edens ; Bowden, editor; Diekman. ' • • ♦ 1963 Interlachen (Cont ' d.) « » » • t • % ♦ % ♦ .« ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ Freshman Advisory Board First Row: Miss Ambrose, Hussey, Bauer, Jungkind, Holtzclaw, Thomson, Fulford. Second Row: Mr. Wilde, McLeod, Edinger, Lam, Carlton, Birdsong. English Fellows First Roiv: Lawrence, Mathis, Seiler. Second Row: Kerrick, Reisner. 73 A A ' " A A A A A JfcJL Vagabonds The Vagabonds is an organization designed to promote mutual aid and encouragement for stu- dents of drama and speech. Eligibility for mem- bership is determined by the organization as desig- nated in the constitutional by-laws. Outstanding plays from the professional theater and experi- mental plays, written, produced and directed by members are presented. OFFICERS BILL DOWNEY President EDITH EWALD Vice-President FRANCES LYNCH Secretary-Treasurer SHARON BOWERS Publicity First Roil.- Bowers, Ewald. Second Roic Lynch, Downey. First Rozv: Price, Wright, Rogers, Joesten, Bowers, White, Ewald. Second Roiu: Hobson, Dr. Jordan, Livingston, New- house, Addair, Carter, Lynch, Whisler, Seller. Third Row: Kinney, Frazier, Lukes, Hallick, Mr. Wooton, Downey. 74 • ♦ ♦ ♦ ■( Downey and Susan Livingston in " The Little Foxes Tom Hallick and Brad Kinney in a scene from " The Little Foxes. " Brad Kinney and Paula Whisler act out a scene in " The Little Foxes. " Kyle Addair plays for Robbye Price in " Hay Fever. ' , • • •♦♦• The Concert Band Dr. Kenneth C. Anderson, Director OFFICERS: Nancy McCormick, secretary-treasurer ; John Wag- ner, president; Sharon Spickard, vice-president. First Row: Dissinger, Hand, McCormick, Spickard, Terrell, Owens, Genter, Waters, Swata. Second Row: Mayer, Kerr, Barnes, Scarborough, Martin, Odadzin, Hopgood, Mussoline, Deal, Wagner, Eby, Tatum. Third Row: Hill, Williams, Pearson, Burkey, Aker, Lam, Lundeen, Dr. Anderson, Spencer. 76 ▼ ▼ %•• • ' • ' • ' ♦ FiW Row: Luke, Langdon, Colburn, Wright, Stockton, Hutson, Gilmour, Crankshaw, Wilier, Swata, Mabery, Baer, Smith, Griffiths, Young, Bouluare, Center. Second Roiv : Armstrong, Parsons, Dunson, Trussell, Routsong, McKnight, Lundeen, Mason, Larson, Owens, Storter, Miley, Newkirk, Martin. Third Roiv: Cook, Barrows, Bergen, Warner, Waters, Johnson, Birdsong, Carlton, Bonner, Baker, Kale, Northrup, Sargent, Hill, Thimm, Rogers, Hawk. Fourth Row: Aarthun, Rankin, Spencer, Adamson, Lukes, Loveday. The Concert Choir OFFICERS AL LEWISON President FRED LARSON Vice-President LANI WESTON Secretary ELIZABETH McRAE Treasurer Mr. Jack Houts, Director 77 ' WHO ' S WHO In American Colleges and Jniversities Charles Jacob Ax, Jr. Robert Chandler Bowden Carol Jean Carnahan Laura Jane Comfort Betty Dianne Derrer Thomas Pierce Gresham Judith Lovan Haas Jack Louis Hamelryck F I •J? " H f J k George Franklin Ivey, Jr. Marcene Janet Krnoul Ray Crow Nathurst Larry Edward Newell ihfcdldllfc Nell Virginia Petteway Wm. Clifford Rountree, Jr. Sandra Laraine Vodvarka Paula Sharron Whan Not Pictured: Aahmes Elly Overton 78 •T » » » • • » ♦•% • .♦ ,» ♦♦♦♦•♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ • ♦ r Carol Jean Carnahan Beverly Joan Goodyear Thomas Pierce Gresham Evelyn Jarrell Ludlow George Davis Meredith Sandra Kay Middleton Greek Hall Of Fame Ray Crow Nathurst Nell Virginia Petteway Tom Boyle Ritzie Ellen Ann Rohrback William Clifford Rountree, Jr. Stephen Dehart Schwarz ■ - f . - First row: Petteway, Williams, Alexander, Krnoul, Anderson, Vodvarka, Warren, Bissell. Se Cook, Miss Ambrose, McClure, Hunt, Lehman, Mathis, Comfort, Mikson, Mrs. Snyder. Cap And Gown Cap and Gown is an honorary organization recognizing women who have attained a high standard of scholarship and leadership in college activities. The prime requisites for Cap and Gown are good character, high scholarship, intelligence and loyalty to the college. Eligibility for membership into Cap and Gown consists of an over-all " B " aver- age, the classification of a junior and special distinction in at least one phase of collegiate activity. Cap and Gown brings together the most representative women in all phases of college life and creates an organization for service to the college. OFFICERS NELL PETTEWAY President CAROL JEAN CARNAHAN .... rice-President SUE BISSELL Secretary JANE COMFORT Treasurer SO %•• ' ♦■• First row: Bowden, Dwyer, Rountree, Ivey, Block, Shand, Newell. Second row: Hamelryck, Mr. Readdick, Dean Campbell, Gresham, Mr. Ogden, Weeks, Ax. Omicron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa recognizes men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities. This organization strives to bring together the most representa- tive men in all phases of collegiate life and to unite the members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Members are chosen on the basis of leadership, character, fellowship, scholarship, service to campus life and ad- herence to democratic ideals. OFFICERS BILL BLOCK President DICK SHAND Vice-President BOB BOWDEN Secretary-Treasurer 81 » ■ First row: Huddleston, Morris, Danner, Caudle, Rabbett, Rea, Lawrence. Second row: Dr. Gilbert, Tisdale, Graddy, Dryden, Wrighv, Hammond, Alderman, Rev. Hallman, Dr. Funderburg. Third row: Suzuki, Ragsdale. Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta is the honor society for stu- dents of biological science. The qualifications for membership into Beta Beta Beta are a 2.5 over-all average and a " B " average in science. The aim of Beta Beta Beta is to promote the dissemination of scientific truth and to encourage the investigation of the life sciences. The three aspects of its program are: stimulation of sound scholarship, edifi- cation of scientific knowledge and promotion of biological research. OFFICERS PETE WRIGHT President GALE ALDERMAN Vice-President BARBARA RABBETT Secretary RUTH LAWRENCE Treasurer 82 ♦•♦•♦• FjW row: Pendergrass, Gaskins, Prosser, Walton, Hagler, Pietersz, Phillips. Second row: Rust, Hamelryck, Kelsey, Smith, Hollis, Wil- liams, Mr. Floberg. Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is the professional fraternity for men in the business field. The purposes of Delta Sigma Pi are to foster the study of business and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture in the com- munity. Delta Sigma Pi sponsors prominent speakers from the business world and acts as a medium between the college graduate and employer. Membership in Delta Sigma Pi is reserved for those having a " B " aver- age in pre-commerce and business adminis- tration subjects and a 2.5 over-all average. OFFICERS GRADY HAGLER President GENE PENDERGRASS Vice-President TED WALTON Secretary CHUCK PIETERSZ Treasurer 83 First row: Douglass, Carnahan, McClure, Krnoul, Wewe. Second row: Warren, Haas, Mrs. Snook. Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi recognizes outstanding con- tributions by men and women to education and encourages high professional, intellec- tual, and personal standards for teaching. Requirements for membership are an over-all " B " average with a minimum of six hours in education for juniors and twelve hours for seniors. The local Epsilon Gamma Chapter annually awards the Kappa Delta Pi gold medal award to the outstanding senior in the field of education. OFFICERS CHARLOTTE McCLURE President CAROL JEAN CARNAHAN Vice-President DOROTHY ANSPACH WEWE Secretary JUDY HAAS Treasurer 84 ♦ ♦ ♦ ,♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ • ♦ 4 First rotv: Partlow, Howell, Davis, Safford, Miles, Youmans, Miss Stoddard. Second Doak, Mr. Morris, Mrs. Morris, Mr. McRae. row: Dr. Snodgrass, Dorman, Quigley, Mr. Kappa Pi Kappa Pi, the international honorary art fra- ternity, was installed on Florida Southern College ' s campus in 1943. The purpose of Kappa Pi is to promote greater artistic in- terest and achievement among art students. Requirements for membership are: a student must be majoring or minoring in art; he must complete 12 hours of art; and he must have a " B " average in those 12 hours. OFFICERS LAURA HOWELL President KAY COMBES Vice-President ANNE MILES Secretary-Treasurer S5 First row: Watson, Hussey, Baube, Lewis, Dunson, Sinclair, Cunard. Second roiv : Arnold, Sutton, Kershner, Weissman, Cotton, Smith, Burkholder, Poehler, Wickers. Third row: Ritzie, Richards. Phi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon Mu, Florida Southern ' s society for physical education and recreation majors, was inaugurated on campus in 1959. The purpose of Phi Epsilon Mu is to foster the proper teaching and understanding of the virtues and needs of physical education. The organization has done much toward prepar- ing its student members for work in this field. OFFICERS TOM RITZIE President JERRY WEISSMAN Vice-President SUE BAUBE Secretary BO COTTON Treasurer ♦•♦••• ,♦ • •.♦♦•♦•••♦■• First roiu: Eby, Odadzin, Terrell, Martin, Newell, Tatum, Wehr. Second row: Mr. Brierley, Dr. Anderson, Garion, Quigley, Haines, Kerrick, Loveday. Third row: Bowden, Haley, Suzuki, Wagner, Johnson. Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha is one of the newest organi- zations on Florida Southern ' s campus. This fraternity was organized under the auspices of the music department. The purpose of Phi Mu Alpha is the furthering of musical interest and recognition of musical accom- plishments. Requirements for membership are an active interest in music and an over- all 2.0 average. OFFICERS LARRY NEWELL President BOB BOWDEN Vice-President BRUCE HAINES Secretary RONNY JOHNSON Treasurer 87 " Miles, Batson, Mathis, Vodvarka, Middleton, Cooper. Second Row: Mikson, Williams, Wilhelm, Grant, Jost Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon is the honor society for students interested in journalism. The chapter at Florida Southern was established in 1953. Membership is open to upper-classmen with an over-all " B " average who take active participa- tion in campus publications. The aims of the organization are to teach the ethics, techniques, and mechanics of journalism, to promote better fraternal feeling among fellow journalists, and to further democratic and honest journalism. OFFICERS SALLIE BATSON President CHARLEY WILHELM Vice-President ANNE MILES Secretary SANDI VODVARKA Treasurer 1 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 41 •■♦■•■• " •■%■•■•■••• First Row: Lehman, Stcttler, Fasenfeld, Mrs. Powella, Lawrence, Smith, Mrs. Link. Second Row: Dr. Link, McGonigal, Nicklaw, Fannin, Wright, Shuckert, Dr. Emme. Psi Chi Psi Chi is the newest professional hon- orary group established on campus. The Psi Chi colony was established three years ago by the psychology department. Membership in Psi Chi is open to majors and minors in the field of Psychology. The purpose of Psi Chi is to promote further psychological studies on Florida Southern ' s Campus. Can- didates for membership must have a " B " average in psychology subjects and must be voted on for admission to the club. OFFICERS ROBERT SHUCKERT President PHILLIP WRIGHT Vice-President TOMMIE SMITH Secretary NANCY FASENFELD Treasurer S9 •■ •♦• •• ■■■ w ,1 ' ■ 1 r i F V.? Rtjiv: White, Williams, Blount, Laymon, Alexander, O ' Neal. Second Row: Leeds, Dobbs, Northrup, Jhonson. Sigma Rho Epsilon Sigma Rho Epsilon is an honorary organiza- tion furthering the interest and development of religious education on campus. Its primary purposes are to emphasize scholastic achieve- ment, to cooperate actively with all other groups on campus for the promotion of the common good and to function as a service organization both on campus and in the com- munity. Sigma Rho Epsilon membership is open to religion majors, to those interested in this field, and to the wives of pre-theologi- cal students. OFFICERS JANET WILSON IVEY President NORMA KAY LEEDS Vice-President SHELLY DOBBS Secretary-Treasurer PATSY O ' NEAL Chaplain LYNN NORTHRUP Historian 90 ••♦••• Firs Row: Lawrence, Petteway, Mathis, Bowden Fasenfeld, Killough, Wagner. Second Roi Bearden, Kerrick, Dwyer, Caflisch, Dr. Zimmerman. Dr. Lott, Dr. Linneman, Warwick, Sigma Tau Delta Sigma Tau Delta is the national honorary fra- ternity for English majors. Membership is limited to those who have a " B " average or better in at least 18 hours of English. The purposes of Sigma Tau Delta are to keep English scholars informed of new happenings in their field and to serve as a medium for the exchange of ideas about 1 1 phases of the English language. OFFICERS GEORGE MEREDITH President ALLEN DWYER Vice-President DR. ROBERT ZIMMERMAN Sponsor 91 ' • • • ♦ • ••• Alpha Psi Omega JA ■■ ■■ ■■H M I " % ' ■» i ' Bf H ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Mi Firs? Row: Ewald, Lynch, Joesten, Bowers, Livingston. Second Roiu : Hallick, Shapiro, Mrs. Ibberson, Mr. Wooton, Frazier. Pi Gamma Mu First Row: Dr. Emme, Bissell, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Snyder, Shand. Second Row: Weeks, Gilliam, Mr. Morris. • «••§• JV ' ,« .♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ First Row: Suzuki, Davis, Howe, Rabette, Tisdale, Caudle, McAdams, Friese, Phillips, Ford. Second Row: Dawson, Anderson, Thorn- berry, Tyus, Carnie, Alderman, Wetherington, Wileden, Lam. Third Row: Douglas, Maggio, Soper, Brown, Thurlow, Martin, Cressman, Potter, Cochonour. Fourth Row: Mr. Smith, Wright, Reed, Blount, Bredemeyer, Knight, Brande, Kinsey, Hammond. Fifth Row: Mr. Wegner, McCormick, Ragsdale, Vaughn, Dr. Hutchman. Robert S. Bly Chapter of Student Affiliates American Chemical Society The National American Chemical Society was founded in 1876. The student branch of the ACS was inaugurated at Florida Southern College in 1958. The purpose of this organization is to en- courage advancement of chemistry in all branches, to promote research, to improve qualifications of chemists, and to advance chemical knowledge. Membership is open to all students interested in chemistry as a profession. OFFICERS TOM FORD President JOE McCORMICK Vice-President JO McADAMS Secretary-Treasurer 93 4 OFFICERS LARRY DAVIS President VERNON RIKER Vice-President NELSON CREWS Secretary JERRY FOJTIK Treasurer The Citrus Club is an organization which promotes students ' interest in the citrus de- partment and provides them with the oppor- tunity to meet experts in the field of citrus. Dinners sponsored monthly by the organiza- tion feature guest speakers who are experts in some area of the citrus industry. The Florida Citrus Mutual Award is presented by the co-operative organization to the out- standing citrus major in the May graduating class each year. Citrus Club First Row: English, Durrance, Nelson, Gardner, Wise, Crews, Davis, Kerr, Hovey. Second Row: Mr. Lyle, Schmidt, Cone, Foj- tik, Rankin, Smedley, Igou, Graddy, McCranie, M. Hines, Ogilvie, Mr. Mack. Third Row: Fox, Shier, G. Hines, Brown, Bowden, Kimbrough, Haile, Vaughan, Pepper, Newbold, Riker. 94 ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ First Row: Eisenberg, Rea, Rabette, Howe, Tisdale, Caudle, Danner, Youkey, McAdams, Huddleston, Wetherington, Wileden. Sec- ond Row: Anderson, Dawson, Alderman, Tyus, Carnie, Thornberry, Brown, Phillips, Dr. Gilbert, Ford, Davis, Lam. Third Row: Pot- ter, Cochonour, Hammond, Soper, Blount, Thurlow, Bredemeyer, Martin, Cressman, Race. Fourth Row: McCormick, Maggio, Kib- ler, Knight, Brandis, Wright, Dr. Jordan, Reed, Kinsey, Vaughan. Fifth Row: Mr. Smith, Rev. Hallman, Dr. Funderburg, Mr. Weg- ner, Dr. Hutchman, Suzuki. Florida Academy Of Science The Florida Academy of Science is com- posed of Florida Southern College students who are majoring in the various fields of sci- ence. The purpose of this organization is to promote experimental and research science. Each year at a special meeting members pre- sent scientific papers concerning experimental and research science. OFFICERS HAROLD TYUS President GALE ALDERMAN Vice-President CYNTHIA HOWE Secretary-Treasurer 95 • ■ • Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club is a profes- sional organization for women in the field of Home Economics. This growing organi- zation is affiliated with both the state and national Home Economics Associations. The Home Economics Club strives to develop and promote interest in the various aspects of home economics and to foster better stu- dent-faculty relationships. Highlights of the year for the Home Ec Club are the Christ- mas banquet and the style show. OFFICERS JULIA DARLING President JUDY GREEN Vice-President GWEN LESSER Secretary MARILYN McNEES Treasurer First Roiv: Darling, McLeod, Hardesty, Lesser, Howell, Green, Barrows, Davis, Young. Second Row: Mrs. Ellison, Mrs. Bunn, Young, Guizzetti, Siebenthal, Carter, Nelson, Tall, Moore, Davis, Benson, Murphy, Dixon, Caughey, Mrs. Piatt. Third Roiu: Dobbs, Coleman, Bayless, Wynn, McNees, Denyes, Ufford, Robinson, Crosby. 96 •••♦•« . , ••••■••♦■♦ • • -♦•♦•♦••■%•♦♦ First Row: White, Youmans, Somerford, Cushman, Champion, Churchwell, Cochonour, Lande. Second Row: Palmer, Reiser, Lewi- son, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Doak, Mayer, Knight, Beeler, Mack, Ax. Third Row: Shufflebarger, Stettner, Peters. Industrial Arts Club The Industrial Arts Club was re-estab- lished on campus two years ago through the co-operation and enthusiasm of its members and the able guidance of its advisers. The purpose of the Industrial Arts Club is to pro- mote professional attitude and understand- ing of industrial arts. Membership is open to upperclassmen in good scholastic standing with at least twelve hours in industrial arts. OFFICERS ALAN WHITE President OWEN SOMERFORD Vice-President CHARLES AX Secretary SAM LANDE Treasurer 97 • t 9 4 Soil Conservation Society The Soil Conservation Society is the new- est of the science organizations at Florida Southern. It was created last year through the combined efforts of Mr. Richards and Mr. Lyle. Membership is open to all stu- dents of citrus, science, or social studies. The purpose of the Soil Conservation Society is to study ways and means of conserving our nation ' s most valuable resource — the soil. OFFICERS JAMIE CONE President ED ENGLISH Vice-President NELSON CREWS Secretary LARRY DAVIS Treasurer First Row: English, Durrance, Nelson, Gardner, Wise, Crews, Davis, Kerr, Hovey. Second Roiv : Mr. Lyle, Haile, Schmidt, Graddy, Cone, Rankin, Smedley, Fojtik, Igou, McCranie, Kimbrough. Third Roiu : Brown, Shier, Riker, Hines, Bowden, Suzuki, Pepper, Newbold, Fox. 98 The Florida Southern College chapter of The Student Florida Education Association. Student Florida Education Association The Student Florida Education Associ- ation is a professional organization for ma- jors in the field of education. S.F.E.A. is one of the largest organizations on campus. It gives the students an opportunity for active participation in both the state and national educational associations. S.F.E.A. strives to orient the student to his profession and train potential leaders. OFFICERS CAROL JEAN CARNAHAN President JERRY WEEKS Vice-President MARGARET LANCASTER . . Secretary-Treasurer 99 • • • •« - a a Saj »hj r Political Union Organized in December, 1954, the Polit- ical Union of Florida Southern College established as its motto, " Better Minds for Better Politics. " At a dinner-meeting each month, an active political figure addresses the club and is then questioned by the mem- bers on political philosophy and its practical applications. Governor Adlai Stevenson, Governor Goodwin Knight, Senator Estes Kefauver, and Senator Spessard Holland have been among the many distinguished guest speakers. OFFICERS JERRY WILLIAMS President BOB BOWDEN Vice-President SALLIE BATSON Secretary GAIL GRANGE Treasurer First Row: Harrison, Hagstrom, Anderson, Batson, Grange, Cooper, Cook, Derrer. Second Row: Mack, Krauth, Youkey, Carna- han, Hallick, Hamelryck, Shand, Petteway, Hunt, Dr. Jordan, Mr. Morris. Third Row: Williams, Mitchell, Weeks, Newell, Wehr, Bowden, Santa Cruz, Pendergrass, Vodvarka. 100 ■ ,1 .% ♦ ♦♦♦•♦.♦. ■.♦ -♦ ♦ ♦ % ♦ •♦ 1 First Row: Krauth, Smith, Wong, Goben, Flint, Cothern, Goslin, Richie. Second Row: Mrs. Ibberson, Mrs. Simboli, Mr. Sandbach, Sandbach, Shand, Caflisch, Koch, Weeks, Hirschfeld, Dr. Jordan. Third Row: Mr. Morris, Mr. Simboli, Mayer, Carmel, Mullens, Lipski, Parnell, Rioux, Mr. Wilde. International Club International Club is an organization for students from foreign countries and for stu- dents who are interested in learning more about other countries. Informative discus- sions and guest speakers help to widen the members-knowledge of our foreign friends in other countries. Each year the Interna- tional Club presents an award to the Out- standing Foreign Student on the Campus. OFFICERS JERRY WEEKS President MRS. IBBERSON Vice-President JOANNE KRAUTH Secretary-Treasurer 101 • • ■ ■ ,- Mta American Guild Of Organists First Row: Ferran, Northrup, Parsons, Estabrook, Mr. Brierley. Music Educators Conference First Row: Odadzin, McCormick, Weston, Haley. Second Row: Eby, Tatum, Quigley, Dr. Anderson. • .♦,♦ ♦♦♦♦•♦« KS % - ' ■ i, First Roiu: Graybeal, Holt, Brolliar, Alderman, Dwyer, Hammond, Jacobs, Gisler. Second Row: Parnell, Eames, Manning, Matson, McKnight, Smith, Huber, Kelsey. Third Row: Mr. Wilde, Schwarz, Fisher, Stutzman, Perry, Pendergrass, Durbin. Student Residence Advisers Each year twenty-two men are selected as advisers for the men ' s freshman residence halls. The junior and senior men selected must have a 2.2 or better overall average and exemplify qualities of leadership. They help in giving the residence halls a friendly and orderly atmosphere. In working closely with the office of the Dean of Students and with their adviser, Mr. Roger Wilde, as- sistant dean of students, the residence ad- visers provide a connection between the stu- dents and the administration. Gale Alderman, Allen Dwyer, and Mike Schwarz confer 103 • t 4 First Row: Caudle, Bridger, Palmer, Rev. Luce. Second Row: Thomas, Overton, Ivey, Manning. Inter-Faith Council Two delegates represent each denomina- tional group on campus in the Inter-Faith Council. These delegates come from such re- ligious organizations as the Methodist Stu- dent Movement, Canterbury Club, Baptist Student Union, United Campus Christian Fellowship, Jewish Student Government As- sociation, and Lutheran Student Association. The major purpose of the Council is to unite the various religious organizations on cam- pus in closer bonds of friendship. The Inter- Faith Council centers most of its work around the organization and success of the annual Religion in Life Week activities. OFFICERS CHARLES THOMAS President HARVEY MANNING Vice-President GAIL BRIDGER Secretary-Treasurer 104 % %% % «.♦ ,% ♦♦♦♦•♦♦ Gamma Sigma Chi The professional religious fraternity, Gamma Sigma Chi, helps promote religious activity and encourages its members in their preparation for the Christian ministry. Membership is open to all pre-theological students. The bi-weekly meetings feature speakers active in this field of interest. Gam- ma Sigma Chi attempts to make Christ a living reality on campus. OFFICERS FRANK IVEY President CHARLES ROBERTS Vice-President JOHN WAGNER Secretary BOB SMITH Treasurer First Row: Harris, Bailey, Wagner, Carlton, Smith, Durbin, Bearden. Second Row: Rev. Luce, Wills, Ivey, Roberts, Loveday, Gam- mill, Dr. Laymon. 105 ♦ ♦ fj4 ■ » » jm FiWr Row: Bridger, Maurer, Caudle, Riley, Trussell, Middleton, Maxwel Haley, Tatum, Quigley, Kimbrough, Mason, Hurt. Dobbs, Johnson. Second Row: Mr. Smith, Mrs. Geiger, Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union was founded for the purpose of developing Christian leadership among the Southern Baptist col- lege youth. It administers to the spiritual needs of Baptist college men and women, and extends the influence of the church to the entire campus. Its membership is open to all Baptists. Members become active when they join a Baptist church in the educational center or any unit organization that is rep- resented in the B.S.U. Council. OFFICERS CAROL CAUDLE President BOB KIMBROUGH Vice-President FAY MAXWELL Secretary-Treasurer 106 First Row: Silvers, Lippton, Cooper, Wainer, M. Slewett, Schwartz, Warwick, Chepenick, Weinstein. Second Roiv : Mr. Selig, A. Slewett, Levine, Bazilian, Fox, Hirschfeld, Matson, Friedman, Press, Goldsmith, Carmel. Third Row: Abrams, Grimm, Eisenberg, Shapiro, Rudin, Singer, Bruder, Weissman, Halpern Jackobs Schweiger. Jewish Student Government Association The Jewish Student Government Association is an organization of Jewish students interested in promoting the Hebrew ideals on the campus, in the community, and in the world. Through the combination of religious teachings with social meetings, they gain a greater insight and knowl- edge into their Hebrew heritage. OFFICERS ALAN SLEWETT President LEO FOX Vice-President BILL LEVINE Secretary LINDA SCHWARTZ Treasurer 107 • f ♦ -4 ♦ 4 .4 ■ Lutheran Student Association The Lutheran Student Association endeavors to unite the Lutheran students in fellowship. It ' strives to create well-balanced social and intel- lectual developments through the enrichment of the individual ' s sp iritual life. Activities include meetings which are held twice each month and many social events throughout the year. OFFICERS CHARLES THOMAS President ROBERT SMITH Vice-President CAROL KRUCKEMYER .... Secretary-Treasurer First Roiv: Watson, Carroll, Kruckcmyer, Palmer. Second Row: Thomas, McGee. 108 .»•••« » ♦♦♦♦•♦♦ F ri Row: Young, Fether, Hevener, Coleman, Elliot, Wilford, Patton, Lippincott, Petteway, Leeds, Williams, McClure, Mathis, Hutson, Hawkins, Gran. Second Row: Smith, Sargent, Waugh, Voight, Pendleton, Collins, Grove, Wetmore, Grimes, Bratton, Os- wald, Barnett, Norris, Cronkrite. Third Roiv : Van Horn, Sanders, Sapp, Caton, Nelson, Beck, Laird, Lesser, Hunter, Kesler, Rankin, Rev. Luce. Fourth Rou 1 : Newell, Ryan, Loveday, Bearden, Overton, Carlton, Lukes, Wagner, Harris, Gammill, McLeod. Methodist Student Movement The Methodist Student Movement is a group of Methodist students united for the purpose of furthering the attitudes of Christianity on the campus. MSM sponsors many events throughout the year in addition to local, state and national service projects. Representatives are sent to dis- trict, state and national conventions each year. The Methodist Student Movement strives to pro- vide for the spiritual, moral, social and intellec- tual needs of the college student. OFFICERS SONNY OVERTON President ROY HARRIS Vice-President MAXINE ROGERS Secretary NORMA KAY LEEDS Treasurer 109 • ■ •♦• t ♦ • • 4 United Campus Christian Fellowship The United Campus Christian Fellowship is an organization of Presbyterian students interested in promoting Christian ideals on the campus, in the community, and in the world. It is endeavoring to emphasize the importance of granting these students an op- portunity to develop their Christian beliefs by serving in several social project s and by cooperating with the other religious organi- zations on campus. OFFICERS LUCY DECUERS President HARVEY MANNING Vice-President LINDA RAY Secretary PAULA McKAMEY Treasurer First Row: Ewald, Ray, Decuers, McKamey, Krnoul, O ' Neal. Second Row: Blount, Eggen, Lundeen, Manning, Weston, Sharp, Gibbons. 110 .««♦.«.♦•%«•«♦♦ Wfe 4 GREEKS Z x o I z a CO • • • w ' w - w » - w + w T ♦♦♦♦♦♦• - First Row: Youkey, Anderson, Ertley, Wright, Johnson, Donaldson, Abbott. Second Row: Guinup, Lawrence, Goodyear, Reisner, Rohr- back, Nelson, Mitchell, Hunt, Lehman, Genter. First Row: Wright. Lehman, Genter. Second Row: Rohrback, OFFICERS JANE GENTER President JOYCE LEHMAN Vice-President ELLEN ROHRBACK Secretary NANCY WRIGHT Treasurer 113 Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council holds ; sponsible position in the every-day 1 college. The Council acts as a discussion of fraternity and soror fosters the ideals of fraternity life on £ level and governs the rules o rushing and pledging. Membership sentatives and an alumna i each sorority on campus. Dean Hattie Eicholtz is the adviser. • $ 4 •♦■ ■♦ ♦ Alpha Chi Omega Beta Omicron Chapter OFFICERS DIANNE DERRER President VIRGINIA GROSSCUP Vice-President PAULA WHAN Secretary ELLEN ROHRBACK Treasurer First Rozv: Grosscup, Derrer. Second Row : Rohrback, Whan. Alpha Chi Omega was founded at De- Pauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, on October 15, 1885. It was the sixth national fraternity to be founded and now has 100 active chapters. Scarlet and olive green were chosen as Alpha Chi Omega ' s colors and the scarlet carnation as the flower. The Lyre is the na- tional magazine. In 1947 the National Convention of Al- pha Chi Omega adopted the cerebral palsy project as their national altruistic work. This project has brought about the training of nurses to care for the cerebral palsy children and aid them in their rehabilitation. The Beta Omicron Chapter was chartered on the Florida Southern campus on Novem- ber 13, 1936. The open motto, " Together let us seek the heights, " signifies the purpose of each Alpha Chi. Jim Hawkins Sweetheart of Alpha Chi Omega 114 w MEMBERS Bissell, Sue Brantley, Barbara Christopher, Pat Derr, Linda Derrer, Dianne Elliott, Janice Goslin, Pat Grosscup, Ginny Hunter, Maxine Jacobs, Lee Lewis, Rene Miller, Sandy Ritchie, Penny Rohrback, Ellen Rohrback, Jane Schirmer, Sue Whan, Paula Youkey, Martha Tm; :;:::::::;: • •♦■ •♦ • ♦ First Rozv: Rice, Cook. Second Row: Combes, Jost. Alpha Delta Pi Gamma Gamma Chapter OFFICERS JUDY COOK President CAROLYN RICE Vice-President ELLEN JOST Secretary KAY COMBES Treasurer Alpha Delta Pi was founded, as the Adel- phian Society, May 15, 1851, at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia. The Gamma Gamma Chapter was granted a char- ter on the campus of Florida Southern Col- lege on April 27, 1946. Alpha Delta Pi maintains the Memorial Fellowship Fund to bring outstanding for- eign women to the United States for grad- uate study, and grants scholarships to its members for advanced study, also. The colors of Alpha Delta Pi are blue and white and its official flower is the violet. The open motto, " We live for each other, " has come down through history unchanged. Jack Hamelryck Sweetheart of Alpha Delta Pi 116 « ' • ' •%••«««. JY V ♦ % ♦ ♦ . r« MEMBERS Bardwell, Susan Belloc, Bonnie Caughey, Pat Cook, Judy Combs, Kay Danner, Barbara DeBrauwere, Mary Ann Donaldson, Bonnie Green, Judy Gregg, Julia Hagstrom, Madeline Hardesty, Pat Harrison, Zollie Haynes, Sylvia Holler, Judy Allen Howell, Marie Johnson, Judy Jones, Patsy Latimer, Virginia McOsker, Alice Ream, Nan cy Rector, Sandy- Rice, Carolyn Richardson, Mary Thimm, Chris Wall, Janet Warren, Carolyn • ' ♦•♦ 4 ♦ . Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Theta Chapter OFFICERS NELL PETTEWAY President SHELLY DOBBS Vice-President MARIE HANNA Secretary BARBARA LOWRY Treasurer First Row: Dobbs, Petteway. Second Row: Lowry, Hanna. Alpha Gamma Delta was founded at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, on May 30, 1904. The colors are red, buff and green exem- plified by the fraternity flowers, red and buff roses with the green leaves. Alpha Gamma Delta has 90 collegiate chapters and ISO active alumnae chapters. Gamma Theta Chapter was installed at Florida Southern College on April 26, 1958. Alpha Gamma Delta contributes annually to the National Society for Crippled Chil- dren and Adults which provides fellowships for training counselors in aid to the handi- capped. ROY NELSON Sweetheart of Alpha Gamma Delta 118 » ' _♦ ♦•♦♦♦♦ ♦• .♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ % ♦ ♦ MEMBERS Childers, Suzanne Coggin, Mary Comfort, Jane Dobbs, Shelly Gran, Dee Hanna, Marie Hawkins, Cindy Heath, Yvonne Henderson, Williametta Hunt, Rosemary Lancaster, Margaret Lehman, Joyce Lester, Patsy Lowry, Barbara Norris, Sue Petteway, Nell Pole, Carole Smith, Mary Lynn Watson, Claudia Webb, Elaine Alpha Omicron Pi Kappa Gamma Chapter OFFICERS EVIE LUDLOW President MARCIA BEALLE Vice-President NANCY FASENFELD Secretary CRICKET SIEBENTHAL Treasurer First Roiv: Bealle, Ludlow. Second Row: Siebenthal, Fasenfeld Alpha Omicron Pi was founded on January 2, 1897, at Barnard College, Columbia Uni- versity, New York, New York by four out- standing coeds. Since 1897 Alpha Omicron Pi has grown nationally to the size of 72 collegiate chap- ters across the United States and Canada. The national philanthropic work is AOPi ' s Social Service Department which organized the frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky in 1931. To Dragma is the fraternity magazine, the flower is the Jazqueminot Rose and the color is red. Alpha Omicron Pi was the first local soror- ity on campus and was called Kappa Gamma Tau. This local went National Alpha Omi- cron Pi on May 5, 1946, as the Kappa Gam- ma Chapter. PAT MATHES Sweetheart of Alpha Omicron Pi 120 •■ ♦ ♦ ♦ • •♦-♦ ♦■ ♦ • ■•■•.♦ MEMBERS Baube, Susie Bealle, Marcia Council, Gail Cozens, Peggy Davis, Linda Eckert, Priscilla Fasenfeld, Nancy Gnozzio, Veronica Gresley, Jo Ann Hamm, Barbara Landrum, Frances Ludlow, Evie Manske, Anita McKittrick, Lorri Reisner, Lyn Siebenthal, Cricket Smith, Anne • Delta Zeta Beta Mu Chapter OFFICERS NANCY WRIGHT President JOYCE WHITE First Vice-President JANET SHUFF Second I ice-President SUE AMEISEN Secretary ELLEN ESTABROOK Treasurer First Row: White, Wright. Second Row: Shuff, Ameisen. Delta Zeta was founded at Miami Uni- versity, Oxford, Ohio, on October 24, 1902 and now has 144 national chapters. Beta Mu Chapter was established at Flor- ida Southern College on December 11, 1936. The colors are Old Rose and Vieux Green, and the flower is the Killarney Rose. Delta Zeta contributes annually to Gal- levdet College, the only college in the world for the deaf, through the provision of hear- ing aids and the equipping of reading rooms. The motto of Delta Zeta is " To seek the truth and defend it always; so that I may walk truly in the light of the Flame. " John Meyer Sweetheart of Delta Zeta 122 - ♦ .♦ ■,♦•!% MEMBERS Ameisen, Sue Baker, Nancy Crow, Hannah Estabrook, Ellen Freimuth, Frances Guinup, Darlene Hatton, Dottie Johnston, Matilda Miles, Anne Nevin, Sue Palmer, Marsha Rabette, Barbara Snuff, Janet White, Joyce Wilson, Pat Wright, Nancy ♦ ♦ Kappa Delta Gamma Epsilon Chapter OFFICERS SANDI VODVARKA President JOAN SANTINI Vice-President KIT REA Secretary BETTY LANGFORD Treasurer First Row: Santini, Vodvarka. Second Row: Langford, Rea Kappa Delta Sorority was founded on October 23, 1897, at State Female Normal School of Virginia now Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, and now has 102 active chapters. Pearl white and olive green are the chosen colors and the white rose is the flower. The Angelos is the national magazine. Kappa Delta was the first of the National Panhel- lenic Conference Groups to select aid and care of crippled children as a national phi- lanthropy. Work with the Crippled Chil- dren ' s Hospital in Richmond, Va., was chosen as a tribute to the founding of the sorority in that state. Gamma Epsilon Chapter was established on Florida Southern College ' s campus on February 15, 1955. Her open motto is TA KALA DIOKOMEN: " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and high- est. " Jerry Williams Sweetheart of Kappa Delta 124 - •♦■ ♦ ' •••■•■♦■ MEMBERS Androus, Lynne Cooper, Sue Cox, Betsy Darling, Julia Edens, Carol Goodyear, Beverly Grange, Gail Jackson, Lynn Langford, Betty Lawrence, Ruth Partlow, Kay Rea, Kit Russell, Carolyn Santini, Joan Sellers, Barbara Shepard, Sue Smith, Suzanne Smith, Tommie Sutton, Linda Vodvarka, Sandi Wakins, Jan -♦ ♦ 1 " y . JI Phi Mu Alpha Tau Chapter OFFICERS CAROL JEAN CARNAHAN President MARY ANN LILLY Vice-President JACKIE DAVIS Secretary GAIL HOUSE Treasurer First Row: Lilly, Carnahan. Second Row: House, Davis. Phi Mu Sorority was founded at Wes- leyan College, Macon, Georgia, on March 4, 1852. Its colors are Pink and White, and its of- ficial flower is the Enchantress Carnation. The Aglaia is the national magazine. In 1911, a custom of Founder ' s Day pen- nies was begun and a scholarship fund was established from these. In 1945, the " Four Roads to Reconstruction " scholarships for women in the fields of medicine, occupational therapy, nutrition and social service was also established. In 1922, the Healthmobile in the State of Georgia was adopted as a na- tional philanthropy. At present, Phi Mu has 86 active chapters in the United States. Alpha Tau Chapter of Phi Mu was granted a charter on the Flor- ida Southern College campus on May 15, 1954. Doug Mack Sweetheart of Phi Mu 126 ♦•♦•♦ ♦• U¥- - ♦ ♦ % ♦ ♦ MEMBERS Abbott, Donna Anderson, Ardis Barnett, Barbara Briles, Beth Broolcshire, Nancy Cathey, Lacretia Carnahan, Carol Jean Comfort, Jane Davis, Jackie Elswick, Julia Hebbard, Lynn House, Gail Hurley, Jane Lilly, Mary Ann Lupo, Barbara Mitchell, Marilyn Eldredge, Linda Rogers, Maxine Scheblein, Betty Shepard, Sherlene Smith, Sandy Tweedy, Jean m BBaj u Sigma Sigma Sigma Beta Phi Chapter OFFICERS PAT MIKSON President DOTTIE STOUT Vice-President KELLY ANDERSON Treasurer GENIE VANDIVER Secretary First Row ' - Mikson, Stout. Second Rozv: Anderson, Vandiver. " Faithful unto Death " is the open motto which has united Tri Sigmas across the na- tion since its founding at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia, April 20, 1898. It has 62 active collegiate chapters and 101 active alumnae chapters. Tri Sigma ' s national philanthropic social service project is the Robbie Page Memorial Fund, at the North Carolina Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill. This organization provides for aid in the rehabilitation and convalescence of children patients. The fraternal magazine is The Triangle which bears the fraternity ' s colors, royal purple and white. The purple violet is the honored flower and the jewel is the pearl. Beta Phi Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma was granted a charter on the campus of Florida Southern College on Feb. 14, 1955. JACK HEWITT Sweetheart of Sigma Sigma Sigma 128 , i 4. MEMBERS Anderson, Judy- Anderson, Kelly Ballew, Marty Carlton, Judy Coletta, Sandy Dixon, Dixie Ertley, Susan Friese, Betty Giglia, Lena Howe, Cynthia McClure, Charlotte Mikson, Pat Munger, Collett Stokes, Susan Stout, Dottie Vandiver, Genie Whisler, Paula Wewe, Dottie Anspach Zoch, Betty - fc Jifc i.! •■ ■•JL Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Beta Chapter OFFICERS KAY MIDDLETON President JANE GENTER Vice-President BETTE STETTLER Secretary TERRY EGGEN Treasurer First Row: Genter, Middleton. Second Row: Eggen, Stettler. Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Long- wood College, Farmville, Virginia, on Octo- ber 15, 1898. There are now 114 active chapters. The Delta Beta Chapter was char- tered at Florida Southern College on April 27, 1957. The fraternity flower is the white violet and the colors are turquoise and steel grey. Themis is the quarterly national magazine. The philanthropic project of Zeta Tau Al- pha consists of work in Cerebral Palsy re- search and training for specialists in this field, and scholarship funds open to any de- serving college girl. The open motto of Zeta Tau Alpha is " Seek the Noblest. " Jim Bowen Sweetheart of Zeta Tau Alpha 130 4 4 4 44 MEMBERS Boulware, Joan Brandies, Kay Coleman, Carolyn Cunard, Nancy Decuers, Lucy Denyes, Nancy Ewald, Edith Genter, Jane Hussey, Evelyn Krnoul, Marcene Lachenmyer, Janet McRae, Nancy Middleton, Kay Richards, Diane Ridout, Kay Stettler, Bette Thune, Lesley Waits, Penny ■• -v Southernettes OFFICERS MARY LOU WILLIAMS President JUDY HAAS Vice-President IRENE ARCHAMBALT Secretary ANN ALEXANDER Treasurer First Row: Ann Alexander, Mary Lou Williams. Second Row. Judy Haas, Irene Archambalt. Southernettes, founded January 15, 1952, is a unified organization for all qualified women not affiliated with Greek social so- rorities. Our purpose is to provide a medium through which non-sorority women may par- ticipate in campus activities, to provide op- portunities to develop leadership in service to the college, and to achieve co-operation between sorority and non-sorority women. The colors of Southernettes are red and white, and the flower is the carnation. Bob Campbell Sweetheart of Southernettes 132 X • • ♦ .♦ % .♦ .♦ ♦ « « » V MEMBERS Archamhault, Irene Alexander, Ann Hamilton, Libby Haas, Judy Kruckemyer, Carol Leeds, Norma Lewis, Wanda Safford, Susan Sharp, Margaret Williams, Mary Lou 133 ■4 ♦ 4 • t • • ■• ♦ • t 4 -» jaf New worlds open. " As good as all that? ' Refreshments part of Rush. A hearty welcome. Women ' s Rush Laughter or tears? 134 •■♦•• V ••••♦•♦ «K V f .♦;♦%♦•♦•.♦ The greeting committee. New-found friendships. Punch is a must. Tagging the visitors. Signing the guest book. 135 ♦ ■• ♦ ' . • . ' ?,•?, Kappa Alpha Gamma Pi Chapter OFFICERS TOM SHIER President LAMAR ROU Vice-President SKIP TAYLOR Secretary W. T. HOPKINS Treasurer First Row: Rou, Shier. Second Roiv: Hopkins, Taylor. Kappa Alpha Order was founded on December 21, 1865, at Washington Col- lege under the guidance of Robert E. Lee. The colors of Kappa Alpha are crimson and old gold, and the flowers are the mag- nolia and red rose. The Gamma Pi Chapter was founded at Florida Southern College on May 9, 1958, and the Kappa Alpha Order now has 87 active chapters. The spirit of Kappa Alpha is encom- passed in the motto " Dieu et Les Dames — For God and the Women. " Linda Derr Kappa Alpha Rose MEMBERS . ♦ .♦ .♦ Alley, Paul Biestal, Dan Birch, Buddy Hopkins, Walton Jenkins, Dan Ogilvie, Mike Shier, Tom Staryk, Mike Taylor, Skip Thompson, Earl 137 • • .« . , ,. Fir.?? Rou : Gaskins, Schwarz. Second Roiv: Hutchi- son, Newell. In Charlottesville, Virginia, the Uni- versity of Virginia was established. It was amid these surroundings, in the year 1869, that five young men, all less than twenty, came together with a mutual friendship. The local chapter was found- ed April 4, 1959. Kappa Sigma now has 135 chapters. The fraternity colors are Scarlet, White, and Emerald Green. The flower is the Lily of the Valley. Within the bonds of Kappa Sigma the Brothers are moulded into a unit with high morale and eagerly looking to the future. Kappa Sigma Theta Alpha Chapter OFFICERS STEVE SCHWARZ President BRUCE NEWELL Vice-President CHIP HUTCHISON Secretary JERRY GASKINS Treasurer BARBARA HAMM Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma 138 .♦ .♦ .♦ MEMBERS ■ft h « V Ax ?s « g Adamson, Dick Bodden, Bob Brolliar, Thomas Crankshaw, Rick Doppelheuer, Bill Dorman, Dick Drury, Don Ellis, Jim Gaskins, Jerry Goodman, Jim Graybeal, Scudder Hamacher, Ted Moore, Bill Newell, Bruce Nicklaw, Nick Raney, Chris Richards, Tom Robinson, Rick Rogers, Ray Schwarz, Mike Schwarz, Steve Smith, Tom Timler, Paul Tower, John Townsend, Jim Troy, Alexander Vanvalkenburgh, Eric Vyner, Rick White, Stu 139 9 V ♦ •• • ■§■• . , t H 1 Phi Sigma Kappa Omega Triton Chapter OFFICERS JIM BRUBAKER President JEFF THURLOW Vice-President DON BRIGGS Secretary LEN SHAPIRO Treasurer First Row: Thurlow, Brubaker. Second Row: Shapiro, Briggs. Phi Sigma Kappa was founded on March 15, 1873 at University of Massa- chusetts. There are 78 active chapters. Omega Triton Chapter was founded April 2, 1950. The fraternity ' s colors are Silver and Magenta. Their flower is the Red Carna- tion. Phi Sigma Kappa ' s cardinal principles are to develop character, stimulate schol- arship, and promote brotherhood. Lani Weston Sweetheart of Phi Sigma Kappa 140 ••♦•• MEMBERS • .♦ ♦%♦•♦•.♦ Briggs, Don Brubaker, James Bunge, Fred Huber, Charles Jamison, Cal Korinek, James Ruben, George Shapiro, Len Thurlow, Jeff 141 9 0 » t Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Delta Chapter OFFICERS ED GAY President JOHN HOLMES Vice-President JOHN HOUSTON Secretary STAN TAYLOR Treasurer First Row. Gay, Holmes. Second Row: Taylor, Houston. The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia on March 1, 1868. The local chapter, Delta Delta went national in 1947. The petition- ing group to the National fraternity was called Chi Rho. The colors of the fraternity are Old Gold and Garnet. The official flower of the fraternity is the Lily of the Valley. The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity has 138 chapters situated all over the United States. Pi Kappa Alpha has no open motto. However, our fraternity motto is symbol- ized in meaning of words " Phi Phi K A " . Peggy Cozens Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Alpha 142 MEMBERS 5JL Ax, Charles Beeler, Larry Carmichael, Bob Hock, Cecil Holler, Roger Holmes, John Honefenger, Scott Houston, John Imming, Tom Ivey, Frank Johnson, Bill Keen, Joel Larson, Fred Mann, George McCaffrey, Carter Myrick, John Nathurst, Ray O ' Neill, Hugh Peters, Frank Peters, John Quigley, Larry Ravlin, Fred Roth, Gary Rountree, Bill Spiecker, George Stahl, Jim Taylor, Stan 143 V 4 40 4 4 «■ ■• t ♦ Pi Kappa Phi Beta Beta Chapter OFFICERS AL LEWISON President JOE ALDERMAN Treasurer LARRY MARCHANT Secretary ERNIE COOPER Historian BILL ENGEL Warden First Row: Marchant, Lewison. Second Roiv : Engel, Cooper. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded December 10, 1904 at Charleston Col- lege, Charleston, South Carolina, and now has 53 active chapters. Beta Beta Chapter was established at Florida Southern College on October 16, 1948. The colors of Pi Kappa Phi are gold and white and the flower is the red rose. The spirit of Pi Kappa Phi is summed up in the motto " Nothing shall ever tear us asunder. " Bonnie Belloc Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi 144 MEMBERS V ■ M 1 - c - ■ I w ' v. T Adams, Bill Baker, Ed Brown, Ken Clemens, Fritz Cooper, Ernie Dalton, Joe Davis, John Davis, Wayne DeYoung, Nick Dicks, Bill Edman, Bill Engel, Bill Garion, Doc Hendershot, Bob Keller, Neal Kinney, Brad Lange, Henry Langston, Smoot Lewison, Al Marchant, Larry Mayer, Gary Moore, Dick Murphy, Paul Nelson, Roy Pietersz, Chuck Thorne, David 145 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Florida Gamma Chapter OFFICERS JOHN MAINWARING President JACK HAMELRYCK Vice-President CHRIS WILLIAMS Secretary TOM JOHNSON Treasurer First Row: Hamelryck, Mainwaring. Second Row: John- son, Williams. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded on March 9, 1856, at the University of Ala- bama and now has 144 active chapters. The Florida Gamma Chapter was char- tered at Florida Southern College on No- vember 12, 1949. The colors of SAE are purple and gold and the spirit of the fraternity is encom- passed in the open motto, " Phi Alpha. " Joyce White Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon • " ••■♦ ' ' . ■ • - MEMBERS Berryhill, Tom Conklin, Bob Duval, John Ellis, Al Gregory, Gary Halmos, Pete Hamelryck, Jack Huff, Dave Johnson, Tom Jones, Terry Kelsey, Dave Mack, Doug Mainwaring, John Manning, Jan Matson, Ed Meyer, Jack Meyer, John Mitchell, Gil Reynolds, Tom Rickerds, Ron Sandburg, Dave Savage, Art Schindler, Charles Slaughter, Bob Smith, Scott Smith, Stu Williams, Wilson 147 - ' ■• -0 4 ♦ ♦ . lC..., Sigma Chi Epsilon Sigma Chapter FiW Roiu: Gilliam, Gresham. Second Row: Watkinson, Hallick. Sigma Chi was founded 1855 by seven men at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. It has grown to be a top fraternity, with 136 chapters in every state, including Hawaii and Alaska. The Epsilon Sigma Chapter was founded at Southern in 1959. The fraternity ' s colors are Blue and Old Gold with the flower, the White Rose. This year has exemplified the high ideals of Sigma Chi, and the coming years will reflect the symbolic supremacy of the " White Cross " which ties the common bond of Sigma Chi brotherhood and love. The open motto is " In Hoc Signo Vincrs " : " In this sign you shall conquer. " OFFICERS TOM GRESHAM President BOB GILLIAM Vice-President TOM HALLICK Secretary BILL WATKINSON Treasurer Anne Smith Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 148 ' T MEMBERS C , u| tJ Ujrl W l Alderman, Gale Dwyer, Allen Allison, Lee Andringa, Jim Baggett, Dick Bowen, Jim Cornelius, Dave Cornillaud, Larry Daleen, Paul Dumas, Dale Foote, Tom Gilliam, Bob Girardin, David Gresham, Tom Hallick, Tom Kahle, Tim Maclnnes, Jon McDonald, Bill McGonigal, Dave Meredith, George Ravvls, Scooter Rust, Randy Watkinson, Bill Yoder, Gary Young, Brig Zimmermann, Sunny 149 ♦ 4 ■ 9 • W ■ T -» « First Row: Hines, Ritzie. Second Rot Burkholder. Archer, Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded No- vember 1, 1901 at Richmond College in Richmond, Virginia and now has 168 na- tional chapters. The Florida Delta Chapter was estab- lished at Florida Southern College on May 8, 1949. The colors of Sigma Phi Epsilon are Purple and Red. The flower is the Amer- ican Beauty Rose. Sigma Phi Epsilon Florida Delta Chapter OFFICERS TOM RITZIE President GENE HINES Vice-President DAVE BURKHOLDER Secretary FRED ARCHER Treasurer Paula Whan Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon 150 MEMBERS || M| I a a a " » U--1 . • TV V is Archer, Fred Barnett, Hoyt Boecklen, Larry Burkholder, David Capabianco, Rocco Gebhardt, Jerry Graves, John Hines, Gene Jenks, Charley Kershner, Ed Petty, Richard Regan, Jim Wilhelm, Charles 151 •■ ■♦ Tau Epsilon Phi Tau Rho Chapter Front Row: Weissman, Chepenick. Second Row: Slew ett, Bazilian. Tau Epsilon Phi had its founding at Columbia University, in New York City in 1910. Since then it has added 69 active chapters. The Tau Rho Chapter was chartered on the Florida Southern College campus on February 10, 1947. The colors of Tau Epsilon Phi are lav- ender and white. The flower is the lily-of- the-valley, and the open motto is " Teps TJ t ops. OFFICERS MARV CHEPENICK President JERRY WEISSMAN Vice-President MARC BAZILIAN Secretary ALAN SLEWETT Treasurer Nancy Fasenfeld Sweetheart of Tau Epsilon Phi 152 J MEMBERS • -.♦ Anderson, Ken Bazilian, Marc Chepenik, Marvin Fox, Leo Lemons, Philip Levine, David Slewett, Alan Weissman, Jerry Woodward, John Wozniak, Len 153 t 4 t ♦ t Theta Chi Gamma Delta Chapter OFFICERS BOB COCHONOUR President SAM LANDE Vice-President STEVE WOODHAM Secretary JIM FALCONER Treasurer First Row: Lande, Cochonour. Second Roiv : Falconer, Woodham. Theta Chi Fraternity was founded at Norwich University in Northfield, Ver- mont, on April 10, 1856. The Gamma Delta Chapter at Florida Southern Col- lege was chartered on May 4, 1946. It is the oldest brotherhood on campus. Theta Chi now has 133 national chapters. The colors of Theta Chi are red and white. The red carnation is their flower. The motto is " Alma Mater first and Theta Chi for Alma Mater. " Bobbie Hollan Sweetheart of Theta Chi 154 • .♦ ♦•,♦ MEMBERS uMM ka i .M Bostian, Rick Brick, Phil Carr, Donald Cochonour, Bob Cochonour, Don Cochonour, Joe Dawson, Tom Douglas, John Downey, Bill Drake, Davis Falconer, Jim Frazier, Jim Gainer, Monte Geoghegan, Ed Gockel, Mark Golway, Peter Hagedorn, James Hammond, Robert Hayes, John James, Ronnie Knight, Les Lande, Samuel Logan, Robert Nash, Arthur Potter, Dale Shinkman, Dave Smeltzer, Barry Watson, Dave Whitmarsh, Steve Woodham, Stephen Zultowsky, Dennis 155 Southerneers First Row: Reed, Wills. Second Row: Smith, English. The Southerneers were established in March of 1956. The purpose of the South- erneers is to afford and guarantee Chris- tian brotherhood among its members; to raise its members to the fullest of their ca- pacities, and to elevate their cultural stand- ards; to render service to the school, com- munity, state, nation, and fellowman ; and to enter into the various fields of college life, among them: political, social, phys- ical, spiritual, and intellectual programs. OFFICERS DICK WILLS President JIM REED Vice-President BOB SMITH Secretary ED ENGLISH Treasurer Joetta Lee Sweetheart of Southerneers 156 MEMBERS Bailey, Raleigh Baube, Jim Baxter, Jeff Carbaugh, Gary Gould, Robert Lee, Dick Loveday, Larry Marshall, Bruce McCormick, Joe Ragsdale, Denny Reed, Jim Ryan, Tom Smith, Bob Smith, Robert Thibodeau, Peter Wilhelm, Jan Wills, Dick 157 i Fraternity sweethearts help out. Scrapbooks hold memories of hard work and fun. ' Now, he ' s a real nice guy! " A welcome pause. Men ' s Rush A prospective pledge. 158 .♦ • " .♦■ J± " Well, I haven ' t quite Members recall good times for rushees. Warm conversation. -Hfff iiin-k ■ 1 ' Friendliness, an important part of rush. A cheerful greeting. 159 ' ' ' ' ' ' § ' § ' 9 9 »r 9-9 9 09 • t I First Row: Rountree, DeYoung, Hopkins, Schwarz, Raney, Bowen, Cochonour, Hammond. Second Row: Dean Campbell, Shapiro, Lar- son, Lewison, Mainvvaring, Jenkins, Gay, Meredith, Gresham, Reynolds. Third Roiv: Chepenik, Brubaker, Slewett, Shier, Ritzie, Hines. Interfraternity Council First Row: Rountree, Meredith. Second Roiv: Shier, Jenkins. OFFICERS GEORGE MEREDITH President BILL ROUNTREE Vice-President DAN JENKINS Secretary TOM SHIER Treasurer The Interfraternity Council promotes the betterment of the College through the improve- ment of the social fraternities. Representatives from each fraternity on campus comprise the group, which strives to equalize the opportuni- ties of the various fraternities. Activities of the Council include the co-sponsoring with the Pan- hellenic Council of the annual Orientation Week dance and Christmas Dance. It also sponsored the Greek Week activities this year. 160 -.♦ ♦ .♦ ♦ ■% .♦ MILI T A R Y Z n x z CO ■ ■ ' W 9 w ▼» V ♦ ♦ t ■ 4 • t 4 % Z z •••■• %■ .♦ ♦ .♦ 163 ■■-, : y f «• •« LT. COL. ROBERT NEWBERRY 164 .♦■♦- ♦■ Reserve Officers Training Corps Florida Southern ' s R.O.T.C. program is part of the United States Army program for developing future leaders, both for the Army and the country. It has been in operation since 1952 and has produced over two hundred 2nd Lieutenants for all branches of the Army. MAJOR WILMER D. STEWART M Sgt. Jefferson P. Holder, M Sgt. John K. Wright, M Sgt. L. B. Barnes, S.F.C. Cecil R. Davis, Sgt. Robert K. Atkisson. 4 LT. COL. MACK GIEGER CAPTAIN WELBORN L. MATTHEWS 165 i • W V ▼ . » CO-ED COLONEL BARBARA HAMM R.O.T.C. Sponsors Each year the Cadet Battle Group elects eleven young ladies to serve in the honorary position of Battle Group Co-ed Sponsor. These young ladies are chosen not only for their beauty but also for their desire to participate in a program designed to enhance prestige and increase esprit de corps and morale of the R.O.T.C. Cadet Battle Group. BARBARA HAMM Battle Group Sponsor DIANNE DERRER Deputy Battle Group Sponsor MARY ANN LILLY Staff Sponsor PAULA WHAN Headquarters Commandant GENIE VANDIVER Honor Guard Sponsor JUDY COOK Band Sponsor GAIL ARENS " A " Company Sponsor BARBARA DANNER " B " Company Sponsor MADELINE HAGSTROM " C " Company Sponsor MARILYN MITCHELL " D " Company Sponsor JUDY GREEN Rifle Team Sponsor CO-ED LT. COL. DIANNE DERRER CO-ED MAJOR PAULA WHAN 166 -■ ».™ _.™ .T . ■ ' ' Sg %Vi CO-ED CAPTAIN MARY ANN LILLY CO-ED CAPTAIN GENIE VANDIVER CO-ED CAPTAIN JUDY COOK CO-ED CAPTAIN GAIL ARENS CO-ED CAPTAIN CO-ED CAPTAIN CO-ED CAPTAIN BARBARA DANNER MADELINE HAGSTROM MARILYN MITCHELL CO-ED CAPTAIN JUDY GREEN 167 $ • • i ®i- Foreground: Harrell. Left to Right: Alder- man, Ford, Hamelryck, Grant. Battle Group Staff Honor Guard Baque, Bostian, Bovven, Burris, Carlton, Carter, Cochonour, Cook, Dwyer, Fender, Fox, Girardin, Glassey, Goodwin, Hayes, Honeycutt, Huebner, Hunter, Johnson, Jones, Keegan, Keithly, Lange, Lehr, Mack, Myers, Mingledorff, Remington, Schwartz, Short, Sullivan, Tiller, Weeks, Wileden, Young. 168 T First Rote: M Sgt. Wright, Ax, Kolek, Womble, Sellet, Peters. Second Row: Adair, Kerr, Barnes, Kelsey, Rowe, Keen, Watkin- son. Rifle Team 169 ■ ' ' •■•■ U | Upper left: Cadets voting for Co-ed Sponsors. Above: Cadet Staff Inspection Lower left: Battle Group Staff salutes to the colors. R.O.T.C. Band Aker, Barnes, Brown, Carmel, Davis, Deal, Dissinger, Donovan, Enstice, Harris, Henderson, Hoch, Hopgood, Houston, Kerr, Lam, Longo, Marchant, Martin, Mayer, Mussoline, Owens, Paris, Pearson, Silvers, Spencer, Tatum, Terrell. 170 _ „ ATHLETICS Z n X z o CO MS ■ • " - ♦• ♦ 4 z z CO • ••• - ♦ ♦ .♦ Cheerleaders Paula Whan Captain Susan Eddy Margaret Hussey Sue Schirmer Sandi Vodvarka Peggy Cozens mti m t " i V J Claudia Stropes 173 ' 0-0 00 ♦ • - ♦ ♦ ' 4 i;: F rj Row: Bob Bowman, Carroll Phillips, Mack Mullis, Co-Captain; Ed Kershner, Co-Captain; Ricky Duncan, John Wells. Second Row: Joel Ledlow, Tim Eisnaugle, Tom Dawson, Len Wozniak, Dave Shinkman, Sam Schwartz, Jim Andringa. Coach Tom Greene Varsity Basketball Florida Southern ' s basketball team showed the stu- dents and the people of Lakeland some exciting basket- ball this year. The Mocs put together some fine playing, hustling and determination to come up with the combination needed for an above-average season. The team lost the services of veteran co-captain Ed Kershner at about the half-way point of the season, but sophomore John Wells and freshman Bob Bow- man alternated at the vacant position and put forth fine performances. The over-all desire of the team not to give up even in defeat plus the spirit of newcomer Tim Eisnaugle, sharp shooting of Mack Mullis, and play of Rick Duncan can be the trademark of ' this year ' s team. Next year ' s squad will be hard hit by graduation with the loss of three seniors, Mack Mullis, Len Woz- niak, and Rick Duncan; however, many talented sopho- mores and juniors from this year ' s team should provide the nucleus for another profitable campaign next year. 174 . »-▼ ™ -T " ' Len Wozniak I Tim Eisnaugle and Len Wozniak scramble for a rebound with Miami ' s 7 ' 1 " Mike McCoy. Dave Shinkman Ed Kershner Mack Mullis Ricky Duncan f v VTH£i 175 ■ • •♦■ • • ' ►• •♦ •♦ mm Bob Bowman Joel Ledlow John Wells RESULTS (13 wins 9 losses) FSC OPP. Valdosta State College _. 92 64 Mercer University 67 95 Tampa University _.. 98 87 Stetson University 75 85 Presbyterian College 87 62 University of Miami 93 116 Georgia State _ 85 50 David Lipscomb College 67 69 Baldwin-Wallace College .... 87 74 Transylvania College 87 102 LaGrange College 96 66 FSC OPP. Mercer University 56 64 Tampa University 75 74 Jacksonville University 84 77 Rollins College .. 81 76 LaGrange College 99 57 Cumberland College 97 95 University of Miami 83 99 Mercer University 80 67 Jacksonville University 79 83 Stetson University 59 82 Rollins College .. 96 78 Citrus Invitational Tournament Tim Eisnaugle Tom Dawson Jim Andringa Ca M Ph mips warn »mm 176 Skip Williams, Don Laferriere, Tom Wilhclm, Joe Gauches, Ken Smedley, Ken Young, Joel Patterson, Rich Petty, Dwight Gaddis, Doug Talmadge. Junior Varsity Basketball Tom Wilhelm grabs the rebound as Ernie Goodrich watches. Nich Diehm Coach 177 FiVi Rou : Ricky Duncan, Ken Hucbner, Cecil Hock, Dale Keegan, Steve Tsitouris, Jim Hardee. Second Ron : Darrell Fulton, Buster Hardy, Bob Bates, Kale Albritton, Joel Ledlow, Ron James, Frank Oktavec. Assistant Coach Chuck Anderson and Coach Hal Smeltzly Varsity Baseball The 1963 baseball Mocs will be minus some key players from last year ' s squad, but former J.V. standouts and some fine newcomers are working hard at filling the vacancies. It is an eager team and one that will carry Southern ' s colors throughout the season into a successful campaign. Florida Inter-: collegiate Conference teams and other tough op-; 1 ponents will provide the team with a challenging season and a season full of many exciting moments. Kale Albritton Cecil Hock fc „ MXt t, . J " • ' ) — " ..,.-J- .. ? AL- .AfatvnM 178 y Learning the finer points of batting. SCHEDULE University of Georgia (2) March 13 University of Georgia March 14 Georgia Tech March 18 Yale University March 20 Yale University March 21 Huntingdon College March 25 Huntingdon College (2) March 26 Florida State University March 30 Jacksonville University April 5 Jacksonville University (2) April 6 University of Miami April 12 University of Miami (2) April 13 Wheaton College April 16 Rollins College April 19 Rollins College (2) April 20 Tampa University April 26 Tampa University (2) April 27 University of Florida April 30 Stetson University May 3 Stetson University (2) May 4 Joel Ledlow Dale Keegan Ken Huebner Steve Tsitouris Frank Oktavec Darrell Fulton Ron James Jim Hardee Buster Hardy 179 WW ■ -♦ » ♦ • Junior Varsity Baseball Comprised mostly of freshmen and a few sopho- mores, this year ' s J. V. squad should prove to be an exciting team. The J. V. ' s are enthusiastic about their practice and if this is any indication of what the season holds in store, FSC will have a successful season. Bob Bates slides back safely against St. Leo Junior College. Coach Nick Diehm and manager Dan Hopgood. First Row: Vic Anderson, Dan Rissner, Cooper Means, Ken Murphy, Bill Durrance, Charlie Jenks, S teve Finn. Second Roiu: John Glassy, Jim Binder, Bob Bowman, Allan Bryant, Rick Vyner. ISO First Row: Randy McDonald, Charles Hubcr, Charles Pietersz, Doug Regan, Dave Kelsey, Stu White, Dave Burkholder, Jim Brown, Fred Archer. Second Row: Dave Fletcher, Dave Little, Stanley Shapiro, William Bailey, John Hayes, Bob Ford, Steve Jacobs, John Bennett, Ernie Goodrich. Third Row: John Kern, Jim Yeatts, Mike Fanning, Henry Lang, Dave Thorne, Kurt Hoch, Don Ross, John Sullivan, Pete Hunter. Doug Regan boots a high one against Jacksonville. Soccer Team Hit by the loss of some top players from last sea- son ' s squad, the Soccer Mocs suffered a disastrous season. At times the Mocs put forth some fine play and many exciting moments with the individual per- formances of Stu White and Charles Pietersz. The outlook for next year should be promising and en- lightened with some fine young players to provide the potential for a challenging team. Jim Bush Coach Bill Daniels Assistant Coach 181 i ' ♦ ! KM Standing: Bob Xunn, Dale Hamm, Rick Giteles, Jim Slaughter, Bob DeSear, Scotty Roberts, Ken Smedley, Bill Dicks. Kneeling: Jir Pearson, coxswain. Varsity Crew Pushing off for a practice run. Crew this year has few returning lettermen and many new- comers from the freshman class. Practice and patience have produced a team that will be capable of upsetting even the most experienced opponent. Their willingness to work and the desire to win will see them striving to better the records of previous years. Coach Bill Daniels Captain Jim Slaughter 182 The Baby Mocs practicing for their opening race. Junior Varsity Crew Standing: Pete Brown, John McCloud, Hank Belden, Rick Thompkins, John Mussoline, Kurt Hoch, Bill McGee, Bill Laswell. Kneel- ing: Bob Williams, coxswain. 1S3 Tennis Team First Row: John Meyers, Ken Ed-! gar, Dave Watson, Jim Falconer, Second Row: Coach Jim Bush, Bob Livesay, Neville Pilling, Ned Sax- man, Bill Garnett. Golf Team First Row: Edward Monfort, Dick Schlarmel, Harold Lotz, John Eames, Don Richards. Second Row: Lane Cobb, Scudder Graybeal, Robert Hersey, Don Cocho- nour, Ben Tallmen, Tom Foote, Coach Roger Wilde. 184 • ♦•♦ ♦ J Women ' s Intramural Board First Roiu: Cunard, Lincoln, King, Anderson, Gra- ham, Heath. Second Roic: Hillier, Arnold, Wickers, Schirmer, Edens, Hebbard. Men ' s Intramural Board First Row: Williams, Mathes, Quigley, Savage, Rich- ards. Second i?ow: Kahle, Cotton, Ryan, Sellner, Coach Matlock. 185 4 • • " » V ▼ » Intramural Volleyball Champions First Row: Dave Sandberg, Steve Tsitouris, John Meyer. Second Row: Jack Hamelryck, John Mainwaring, Tom Reynolds, Art Savage. All-Stars First Row: Barry Smeltzer, Ron James, Jack Hamelryck, Tim Kahle. Second Roiv: Ed Gay, Dave Shinkman, Jerry Gebhardt, John Mullis, John Mainwaring. 186 Intramural Football Champions First Row: Tom Richards, Bob Bodden, Bill Perks, Jim Ellis. Second Row: Ted Hamacher, Dick Adamson, Chip Hutchinson, Rick Robinson, Bill Moore, Rick Vyner. All-Stars First Row: Phil Brick, Tom Richards, Tom Johnson, Lane Cobb. Second Row: Dick Adamson, Ed Gay, Ed English, Tim Kahle, Pat Mathes. 187 t ■ ' ♦ W V V v Volleyball Zeta Tau Alpha First Row: Nancy Cunard, Jane Genter, Evie Hussey. Second Rozv : Penny Waits, Linda Harris, Marsha Schackleford, Terry Eggen. Women ' s Intramural Champions Basketball Zeta Tau Alpha First Row: Penny Waits , Evie Hussey, Nancy Cunard. Second Row: Marsha Schackleford, Linda Harris, Lesley Thune, Terry Eggen. 188 ADMINISTRATION Z x z CO T V V « ♦ ♦ • t • z z 190 ♦ ■ ♦ ♦ ' . ♦ _♦ - ♦ CHARLES TINSLEY THRIFT, JR. PRESIDENT Our president is a man on a mission; to see that Florida Southern College continues to grow in academic s and material structure. His untiring devotioi tasks evidences itself each time we look ; 191 r 4 4 4 .« •• « The Board of Trustees OFFICERS H. E. WOLFE Chairman E. J. PENDERGRASS Vice-Chairman HARRIS G. SIM? Secretary E. C. McCLURG Treasurer TRUSTEES: W. J. Barritt Jr., R. H. Berg, W. S. Bozeman, Mrs. T. G. Buckner, C. M. Cotton, L. Day Edge, George A. Foster, J. R. Graves, Spessard L. Holland, R. C. Holmes, Gaylon L. Howe, J. Velma Keen, Glenn McCormick, E. C. McClurg, J. M. McLeod, E. J. Pendergrass, J. Carlisle Rogers, John J. Rooks, Mrs. E. T. Roux, Harris G. Sims, Campbell Thornal, Mrs. David R. Thurman, Warren W. Wil- lis, H. E. Wolfe, G. Floyd Zimmermann. 192 ,» , V _» ; " " 7 ' ' ' .I 193 • •♦ 0 0 9.-4 - - J. BIRNEY GROSS Assistant to the President, Academic Affairs DAVID L. READDICK Assistant to the President, Business Affairs ERNEST L. SNODGRASS Assistant to the President CORNING F. TOLLE Director of Community and Alumni Affairs 194 ■.♦■♦,♦ Herbert S. Chase rice-President, Institutional Development Phillip R. Campbell Dean of Students Louise Oween Sumner Librarian Frank P. Szabo Director of Men Hattie L. Eicholtz Dean of Women William B. Mundy Director of Admissions Ann Ambrose Counselor, Freshmen Women Richard R. Burnette Coordinator , Institutional Research and Testing Howard Carlson Auditor • ♦ • • 9- • ♦ 0- ♦• 4 ' Dennis DeLacure Chaplain Carol M. Esau Associate Director of Admissions O. B. Fanning Director of News Bureau Francis E. Foi.and Director of Department of Alumni Affairs Thomas H. Greene Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Francis L. Luce Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs Robert MacGowan Dean of Annie Pfeiffer Chapel Ben H. McConnell, M.D. Director of Medical Services Ida P. Moody Assistant Director of Placement Bureau , ▼ - y 4 " ' ' " ' ,3 y - " v ' l M m Lt. Col. Robert H. Newberry Commanding Officer of R.O.T.C. James Gordon Ogden, Jr. Director of Special Services Virginia Love Point Cashier and Acting Bursar E. R. RlEDEL Associate Director of Admissions Janet D. Scott Administrative Assistant, Business Affairs Margaret M. Taylor Director of Special Guidance Harold Waters Director of Publications Roger K. Wilde Assistant Dean of Students William Paul Wille College Photographer !• •♦ • 9 •• • DEDICATION EDUCATOR, PIONEER, LEADER In memory of the educator who molded vast numbers of young minds, in tribute to the pioneer who erected a beauti ful A merican campus upon an orange grove, in commemora- tion of the leader who lighted bright the way through the example of his own labors, his perseverance, and his Chris- tian principles, this 1963 yearbook is respectfully dedicated by the student body of Florida Southern College to the late Dr. Ludd Myrl Spivey, president of the College from 1925 through 1957. DR. LUDD M. SPIVEY ' If you would see his monument, look about you. " 198 199 J ■ i ' ♦ ■ A A A A A S Thinking of ways to get through. Even professors study. A philosopher at rest. A man on a mission. Shop talk. 200 - -.♦•♦••..♦•%■.♦■ Faculty Robert H. Akerman History Kenneth C. Anderson Music Paul Arnolds-Patron Business Administration Henry G. Barnett English Lucille G. Bunn Home Economics Richard R. Burnette Psychology Downing Barnitz Art Frederick W. Block Mathematics James O. Bush Physical Education Billye Ann Cheatum Physical Education Otye B. Bly Library Thomas Brierley Music Laura N. Clyatt Business Administration John W. Cook Religion L. Delmar Crabill Mathematics Clyde J. Crobaugh Business Administration 201 A A 4 ■ A £ Mack Gieger Military Science Margaret L. Gilbert Biology Yvonne Goldsborough French Marie Gouker Library Banton S. Doak Industrial Arts Louise Eastwood Library Thomas H. Greene Physical Science Robert V. Guthrie Sociology Charles F. Eickenberg Biology Thelma H. Ellison Home Economics Ada P. Hamelryck Spnish Emily Hancock Business Administration Earle E. Emme Psychology Howard M. Field Biology D. W. Floberg Business Administration John B. Funderburg, Jr. Biology 202 ,♦ ;♦- ♦• •.♦- ' - j t Sylvia S. Hardaway Psychology Hornell Hart Sociology A. Jack Houts Music CARLA J. HUDDLESTON Biology Edward R. Johnson History Juliana Jordan German J. Edwin Hutch man Chemistry Mildred S. Ibberson Speech Edward C. Knippers Business Administration Charles M. Laymon Religion Hsiao H. Jen Library ,♦ Agnes B. Johnson A English Ann M. Leighton Physical Education Pierce Link Psychology William R. Linneman English Durward Long History and Government 203 ' ■ ' ♦• ' ♦- ♦ ♦ 9 r ♦ ■ 4 « James McCloskey Physics Russell G. McRae Art Mary Ruth Miller English George H. Morris History John R. Lott English Samuel W. Luce Physical Education Anthony Q. Mustoe Mathematics J. Gordon Ogden, Jr. Education William R. Lyle Citrus Robert MacGowan Philosophy J. Lee Peterson Citrus Ann C. Peyton English Thomas B. Mack Citrus Charley C. Matlock Physical Education Welborn L. Matthews Military Science Anne Mayrose Physical Education 204 ..♦ ' ♦ -,♦ Sara C. Piatt Home Economics Charles H. Raynor Mathematics Suzanne S. Reeves Spanish W. Paschal Reeves, Jr. English John R. Sandbach Spanish Max J. Selig Business Administration Bernhard P. Reinsch Mathematics Derrell C. Roberts History C. R. Simboli Religion Merle Skinner English Mme. Anne Roselle Music Wallace T. Ryan Industrial Arts Harold M. Smeltzly Physical Education Earl Davis Smith Chemistry Esther G. Smith English Ernest L. Snodgrass Humanities 205 -0- f-4-J Thomas H. Tyler Director of Remedial Instruction Harold Waters Journalism William E. Wegner Chemistry Bernice Weiskirch French Julia W. Snook Education Grace L. Snyder Religion Billy J. Williams Education Sue M. Winston Business Administration William H. Spivey Music Wilmer D. Stewart Military Science Melvin E. Wooton, Jr. Drama Robert Lee Zimmerman English Marcia M. Stille Latin Donna Stoddard Art Wilson E. Strand History Louise Templeton Business Administration ' 206 — , .♦,♦• %♦• CLASSES Z x z ■• ♦ $ • ♦ I z ft z ..♦ ♦ ,♦ THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS NELL PETTEWAY President SANDRA VODVARKA Vice-President PAT MIKSON Secretary-Treasurer Vodvarka, Petteway, Mikson. 209 .♦■ - ♦ 1 -4 -J V v SENIORS . . . 1963 MILDRED II. ABERCROMBIE Plant City, Fla. A.B., Elementary Education SFEA. FRANCES ATWELL ADDAIR Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. CAROLYN ALBERT Dania, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA, MSM. GALE C. ALDERMAN Geneva, Ohio B.S., Biology Florida Academy of Science, Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society, MSM, Sigma Chi. SUSAN LINDSEY AMEISEN Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. A.B., Spanish Delta Zeta, WSGA, SFEA, MSM. HARRY RONALD ANDERSON West Palm Beach, Fla. B.S., Physical Education SUE PEPPER ALBRITTON Lakeland, Fla. A.B., English Concert Choir, American Chemi- cal Society. LEE M. ALLISON Auburn, Ind. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Chi, MSGA. CHARLES EDWARD ANDERSON Avon Park, Fla. B.S., Physical Education Kappa Sigma, Intramurals Board, Phi Epsilon Mu, SFEA, Baseball Team. LAURA G. ANDERSON Dade City, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Pi Gamma Mu. HAYS L. ARNOLD, Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Business Sigma Chi. JR. CHARLES JACOB AX, JR. West Chester, Pa. B.S., Industrial Arts Pi Kappa Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Industrial Arts Club, Varsity Rifle Team Captain, Who ' s Who. 210 »-•• ♦•♦♦♦♦♦ •.♦ ' _♦%♦•»• • LLOYD RICHARD BAGGETT Pleasantville, N. Y. B. S., Mathematics Sigma Chi. PAULA GENE BARR Hialeah, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. JAMES FREDERICK BAUBE Mt. Vernon, Ohio B.S., Biology Florida Academy of Science, Southerneer. MARCIA ELIZABETH BEALLE Miami, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi, Baptist Stu- dent Union, SFEA. DANIEL ROBERT BEISTEL Oviedo, Fla. B.S., Business .Administration Kappa Alpha. THOMAS O. BERRYHILL, JR. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. B.S., Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARTHA ANN BALLEW Joplin, Mo. B.S., Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Concert Choir, SFEA. CARLOTTA SUE BAUBE Mt. Vernon, Ohio B.S., Physical Education Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Epsilon Mu. JEFFREY DEAN BAXTER Winter Haven, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Southerneer. JOHN CHARLES BEARDEN Eglin A.F.B., Fla. A.B., English Literature Gamma Sigma Chi, College Choir, MSM. BONNIE LEE BELLOC Sarasota, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi, SGA, SFEA. BURTUS BISHOP Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon. 211 ' • ■ ♦ SENIORS . . . 1963 DELORIS FALLON BISHOP Grosse Point, Mich. B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi, SFEA. MARION F. BLACKWELL Mulberry, Fla. B.S., Accounting Accounting Club. SUSAN DEBORAH BISSELL Vero Beach, Fla. B.S.. Business Ail ministration Alpha Chi Omega, Pi Gamma Mu, Cap and Gown, Junior Adviser. ?, ' dm Ahjfff WILLIAM ARTHUR BLOCK Lakeland, Fla. A.B., History, Government Pi Gamma Mu, Political Union, Omicron Delta Kappa, SGA, Lambda Chi Alpha. ELIZABETH ANN BLOUNT Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Zeta Tau Alpha, SFEA, UCCF, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Alpha Mu Sigma, Concert Choir. ROBERT KELLEY BOWDEN Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Citrus Kappa Alpha, Citrus Club. NANCY LOIS BROOKSHIRE Converse, Ind. B.S., Elementary Education Phi Mu, SFEA. ROBERT CHANDLER BOWDEN Fort Myers, Fla. B.S., Journalism, English Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha, SGA, MSGA, Political Union, Southern Staff, Interlachen Staff, Esplanade, Sigma Tau Delta, Who ' s Who. BARBARA BRANTLEY Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega, SFEA, Con- cert Choir. ARTHUR WAYNE BROWN Safety Harbor, Fla. B.S., Industrial Arts Sigma Chi, Industrial Arts Club, Young Republicans Club. CAROLYN LEE BROWN Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. DAVID LAMAR BROWN Mount Dora, Fla. B.S., Citrus Sigma Chi, Citrus Club, Canter- bury, Political Union. 212 ..♦•♦-.♦■ ■,♦ ;A DONNA MARIE BROWN Winter Haven, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education MSM, SFEA. JAMES LLOYD BROWN Hialeah, Fla. B.S., Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Soccer Team, Florida Academy of Science. GEORGIANNA BUNCH Lakeland, Fla. A.B., History Alpha Gamma Delta, SFEA. CHARLES MARVIN BURRIS Lake City, Fla. B.S., Psychology DOLORES JEFFRIES CANADY Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. CAROL JEAN CARNAHAN Ormond Beach, Fla. B.S., Business Education Phi Mn, Cap and Gown, Kappa Delta Pi, Political Union, State and Local President of SFEA, Who ' s Who. DAVID EUGENE BURKHOLDER Pandora, Ohio B.S., Physical Education Sigma Phi Epsilon. JACOB C. CAFLISCH, Sarasota, Fla. A.B., English III JUDITH ANNETTE CARLTON Jacksonville, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, SFEA. DONALD ROSS CARNIE Milton, Mass. A.B., Economics Lamhda Chi Alpha, Florida Academy of Science, American Chemical Society, Soccer Team. LEWIS CARROLL, JR. Mount Dora, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Psi Chi, Baptist Student Union. SHARON LYNN CARTER River Grove, 111. A.B., English Interlachen Staff, Home Eco- nomics Club, Vagabonds, Intra- murals, SFEA, Alpha Mu Sigma. 213 w w w A ■ S ■ J 4 SENIORS . . . 1963 ROBERT EARL CHANDLER Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Chemistry American Chemical Society. MARVIN HAROLD CHEPENIK Jacksonville, Fla. B.S., Accounting Tau Epsilon Phi, MSGA, Inter- fraternity Council. SUZANNE HOPE CHILDERS Valrico, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta, SFEA, Canterbury Club. FREDERICK ROY CLEMENS Grand Rapids, Mich. B.S., Economics Pi Kappa Phi. ROBERT BRYAN COCHONOUR Casey, 111. B.S., Economics Theta Chi, Interfraternity Council, Industrial Arts Club. jl Mti LAURA JANE COMPTON Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. JAMES W. CHURCHWELL Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Industrial Arts BSU, SFEA. ROBERT LANE COBB Lake Placid, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Golf Team, Intramurals. LAURA JANE COMFORT Coral Gables, Fla. A.B., Sociology Alpha Gamma Delta, Cap and Gown, MSM, Psi Chi, Panhel- lenic, Who ' s Who. JAMIE CARROLL CONE Lakeland, Fla. B.S.. Citrus Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society. MILDRED J. CONNER Davenport, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. EDWARD ARNOLD COOK Orlando, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Kappa Alpha. 214 ♦ ♦ .♦ ELIZABETH SUE COOPER River Forest, III. B.S., Elementary Education Kappa Delta, Political Union, Pi Delta Epsilon, SGA, Southern Staff, SFEA. HULLIAN D. COTTON Frostproof, Fla. B.S., Physical Education Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Epsilon Mu, Intramurals, Young Repub- licans, SFEA. MARGARET ELLEN COZENS Hollywood, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi, Varsity Cheerleader, Dolphins, SFEA. WALTON NELSON CREWS, JR. Avon Park, Fla. B.S., Citrus Lambda Chi Alpha, Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society. BARBARA GRACE CYBUL Jacksonville, Fla. B.S., Journalism Pi Delta Epsilon, SFEA. JULIA MAE DARLING Orlando, Fla. B.S., Home Economics Kappa Delta, Home Economics Club, SFEA, Interlachen Staff, Southern Staff. RASELY BARD CRAWFORD Fort Myers, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Chi. JO HANNAH CROW Scottsville, Ky. A.B., Speech, Drama Delta Zeta, Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega, SFEA. BARBARA REED DANIEL Winter Haven, Fla. B.S., English Phi Mu, SFEA. LARRY TERRELL DAVIS Winter Haven, Fla. B.S., Citrus Sigma Phi Epsilon, Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society. LINDA SUE DAVIS Sarasota, Fla. B.S., Psychology Alpha Omicron Pi. MARY JACQUELINE DAVIS Orlando, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Phi Mu, SFEA, Baptist Student Union, Kappa Pi. 215 w ▼ SENIORS . . . 1963 NANCY JANE DENYES Lynnhaven, Va. B.S., Elementary Education Zeta Tau Alpha, Interlachcn Staff, Homemaking Club, SFEA, Pi Delta Epsilon. BETTY DIANNE DERRER North Miami, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Alpha Chi Omega, Political Union, SGA, SFEA, ROTC Coed Sponsor, Who ' s Who. NICHOLAS CARL DEYOUNG Clearwater, Fla. B.S., Economics Pi Kappa Phi. ALLENE ELEANOR DOUGLASS Lakeland, Fla. A.B., Art, English Kappa Pi, Kappa Delta SFEA, Cap and Gown. Pi, DALE HOWARD DUMAS St. Petersburg, Fla. B.S.. Accounting Sigma Chi, Accounting Club. SANDRA LEE DUNSON Orlando, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA, UCCF. VICTOR R. EICHHORN Lakeland, Fla. A.B., English Beta Theta Pi. WILLIAM H. DOPPELHEUER Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Kappa Sigma, Intramurals. WILLIAM THOMAS DRYDEN Winter Haven, Fla. B.S., Biology, Chemistry Beta Beta Beta. JACK RICHARD DUNCAN, JR. Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Physical Education Basketball Team. ALLEN ROSS DWYER Tampa, Fla. B.S., Psychology Sigma Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta, Dormitory Adviser, Advanced ROTC. CLARA S. ELLIOTT Winter Haven, Fla. B.S.. Elementary Education SFEA. 21(3 .♦•♦-,♦•♦■»♦ ■ : ALLEN FLOYD ELLIS Fort Myers, Fla. B.S., Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROSEMARY ELLIS Tavernier, Fla. B.S., Secretarial Science ROTC Coed Sponsor, SFEA. JULIA MARIE ELSWICK Grundy, Va. B.S., Elementary Education Phi Mu, MSM, SFEA. EDITH MARGARET EWALD Dunedin, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Zeta Tau Alpha, Vagabonds, SFEA. BERNARD LEONARD FAIRMAN Riviera Beach, Fla. B.S., Business Administration NANCY K. FASENFELD Boca Raton, Fla. A.B., Psychology Alpha Omicron Pi, Psi Chi. JOHN EDWIN ENGLISH Alva, Fla. B.S., Citrus Southerneer, Citrus Club, American Chemical Society. JUDITH ESTHER FLOYD Haines City, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Kappa Delta, SFEA. RODGER MARKEE EYMAN St. Petersburg, Fla. B.S., Business Lambda Chi Alpha. JAMES ALBERT FALCONER Rockford, 111. B.S., Business Administration Theta Chi. SONYA ENNIS FLETCHER Lakeland, Fla. A.B., English Alpha Omicron Pi, SFEA. JEROME GEORGE FOJTIK Winter Haven, Fla. B.S., Citrus Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society. 217 4 - " ■ " ♦ 4 ' • » ♦ ' • • ■ SENIORS . . . 1963 THOMAS J. FORD, JR. Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Chemistry, Mathematics American Chemical Society. JOANNE LANGBEIN FRANKS Auburndale, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi, SFEA. FRANCES EVELYN FREIMUTH Reddick, Fla. B.S., Biology Delta Zeta, SFEA. SALLY SUE GALT Clermont, Fla. A.B., Social Science Phi Mu, MSM, Sigma Epsilon, Concert Choir. Rho EDGAR WILLIAM GAY Venice, Fla. B.S., Physical Education Pi Kappa Alpha, Intramural Board. EDWARD JOSEPH GEOGHEGAN Clearwater, Fla. B.S., Business Theta Chi. A. LOUIS GIRARDIN, III Ft. Myers, Fla. B.S., Chemistry American Chemical Society. MICHAEL LOUIS GALBREATH Dania, Fla. B.S., Secondary Education Canterbury Club, Phi Mu Alpha. JERRY WILLIAM GASKINS Orlando, Fla. B.S., Accounting Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Intramurals Board. JERRY BRANDT GEBHARDT Pekin, III. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, Intramurals. ROBERT H. GILLIAM, JR. Tampa, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Chi, Pi Gamma Mu, SGA. JOHN GISLER Orlando, Fla. A.B., History Sigma Chi, Advanced ROTC, Group Leader, Dormitory Ad- viser. 218 ■ ' ..♦ ■ ♦ .♦•%♦•♦ BEVERY JOAN GOODYEAR Fort Myers, Fla. B.S., Secondary Education Kappa Delta, SFEA, Panhel- lenic. GEORGE THOMAS GOVIGNON Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, Canterbury Club. DAVID ARLIE GRADDY Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Citrus Citrus Club. JOHN CALVIN GRAVES, II Miami, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, American Chemical Society, Delta Sigma Pi, Pi Delta Epsilon. ALJh THOMAS PIERCE GRESHAM Decatur, Ga. A.B., History Sigma Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Supreme Court, Political Union, Who ' s Who. VIRGINIA GROSSCUP Sewickley, Pa. A.B., History Alpha Chi Omega, WSGA. ROBERT NELSON GRANT Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Economics Lambda Chi Alpha, Advanced ROTC, IFC, Southern Staff, Pi Delta Epsilon. ROSALIE GRAZIANO Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. JO ANN GRESLEY Port Huron, Mich. B.S., Business Administration Alpha Omicron Pi. JUDITH LOVAN HAAS Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Southernette, SFEA, U C C F , Sight reading Band, Concert Band, Kappa Delta Pi, Cap and Gown, Who ' s Who. GEORGE GRADY HAGLER Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Accounting Delta Sigma Pi, Accounting Club. EDWARD MICHAEL HALEY Immokalee, Fla. B.S., Music Education BSU, SFEA, Music Educators National Conference. 219 f ♦. § )• 0-0 ♦ SENIORS 1963 THOMAS HAROLD MARC STEPHEN HALPERN HALLICK Scarsdale, N. Y. Snyder, N. Y. B.S., Business Administration B.S., Economics Tau Epsilon Phi. Sigma Chi, President of MSGA, Vagabonds. KATHLEEN D. HALVORSON Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. TED E. HAMACHER Brook, Ind. B.S., Business Administration Kappa Sigma, Concert Choir. ELIZABETH L. Wolfeboro, N. H. A.B., French Southernette. HAMILTON ROBERT BRUCE HAMMOND Miami, Fla. B.S., Biology Theta Chi, American Chemical Society, Beta Beta Beta. GEORGE L. HARRELL, II Immokalee, Fla. A.B., History Lambda Chi Alpha, Advanced ROTC. MARION GAYLE HAM Plant City, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA, International Relations Club. JACK LOUIS HAMELRYCK Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Accounting SGA, MSGA, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Advanced ROTC, Accounting Club, Intra- murals, Booster Club, Group Leader, Political Union, Greek Week Committee, Who ' s Who. BARBARA SUZETTE HAMM Miami, Fla. B.S.. Business Administration Alpha Omicron Pi, Varsity Cheerleader, ROTC Coed Spon- sor, Kappa Pi. DOROTHY ELLEN HARKALA Plant City, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Delta Pi, SFEA. RUTH ALICE HAYMOND West Palm Beach, Fla. A.B., Music Education American Guild of Organists, Music Educators National Con- ference, Concert Choir. 220 ..♦• ' ♦.♦• •♦- ♦ SYLVIA HAYNES Orlando, Fla. U.S., Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Pi, SFEA. JAMES LOUIS HEINRICH Addison, 111. B.S., Business JOAN HEBBARD HEROLD Lakeland, Fla. Elementary Education SFEA. EDWIN COLE HIGGISON Lakeland, Fla. B.S.. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JULIETTE ALLEN HOLLER Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Secretarial Science Alpha Delta Pi, Home Econom- ics Club. LAFAYETTE S. HOLLIS Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi, Crew Team. JOHN MONROE HEWITT, III Leesburg, Fla. B.S., Economics Sigma Alpha Epsilon, MSGA, SGA. GENE WAYNE HINES Orlando, Fla. B.S., Citrus Sigma Phi Epsilon, Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society, MSGA. ROGER WILLIAM HOLLER Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Simma Pi. JOHN HERSCHEL HOLMES Jacksonville, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, Intramurals Board. WILLIAM NEIL HOLT Bradenton, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Dormitory Adviser. MARY LOUISE HORVATH Sarasota, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA, Psi Chi. 221 ■ ■ » 4 ♦ • . SENIORS . . . 1963 LAURA CAROLYN HOWELL Ochopee, Fla. A.B., Art Kappa Pi, Canterbury Club. JOHN HENRY HUBER Lakeland, Fla. A.B., Psychology Phi M u Alpha, Advanced ROTC. SHELIA KEEN HUDSON Plant City, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. EVALYN PEARL HUSSEY Orlando, Fla. B.S., Physical Education Zeta Tau Alpha, Women ' s In- tramurals, Concert Choir, Syn- chronized Swimming. 4rifl GEORGE FRANKLIN IVEY, JR. Camden, Ark. A.B., Social Science Pi Kappa Alpha, MSM, Politi- cal LTnion, Omicron Delta Kap- pa, Gamma Sigma Chi, SGA, Who ' s Who. CATHERINE LYNN JACKSON Sanford, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Kappa Delta, Women ' s Intra- mural Association. MARGUERITE K. JHONSON Miami, Fla. A.B., Social Science MSM, Sigma Rho Epsilon. JANE RANDOLPH HURLEY Orlando, Fla. A.B., Sociology Phi Mu. JACQUELINE CLIETT IRBY Wauchula, Fla. B.S., Journalism Pi Delta Epsilon, Southern Staff. JANET WILSON IVEY Orlando, Fla. A.B., Christian Education Phi Mu, MSM, Sigma Rho Epsilon. ROLAND HENRY JEFFERSON Lakeland, Fla. A.B., English. INGRID BIRGITTA JOESTEN New York, N. Y. A.B., Psychology Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega. 222 • ■•■ • - ■ ' RONALD FLOYD JOHNSON Hawthorne, Fla. B.S., Accounting Phi Mu Alpha, MSM, Concert Choir. ELLEN CHRISTINE JOST Clermont, Fla. B.S., Secretarial Science Alpha Delta Pi, Pi Delta Epsi- lon, SFEA. A. NEAL KELLER Plant City, Fla. B.S., Biology Pi Kappa Phi. JULIE ANN KNOWLES Lockport, N. Y. B.S., Biology Alpha Chi Omega, Beta Beta Beta. JOSEPH DONALD KONCILJA Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. JOANNE GRACE KRAUTH Barnegat Light, N. J. A.B., History Political Union, International Relations Club, Canterbury Club, Intramurals Board. PATSY WINIFRED JONES West Palm Beach, Fla. A.B., Sociology Alpha Delta Pi. JAN LEWIS KAISER Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Industrial Arts Sigma Chi. CHARLOTTE DAVIS KLIMAS Fort Lauderdale, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. ILSE ALICE KOCH Stuttgart, Germany A.B., Social Sciences. MARY ELLAH KRAMER Fruitland Park, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA, WSGA. MARCENE JANET KRNOUL Cocoa, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education, Social Science Zeta Tau Alpha, President of WSGA, Junior Adviser, Cap and Gown, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, UCCF, SFEA, Who ' s Who. 223 • ■ ' 4 4 ■0 ♦ §•• SENIORS 1963 MARGARET DEEN LANCASTER Trenton, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta, SFEA, BSU. GEORGE BEAUFORD LANGER Sarasota, Fla. B.S., Business A d ministration Soccer Team, Crew Team, Young Republicans, MSGA. ALONZA SMOOT LAXGSTON Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Pi. DORA LYDIA LEGROW Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. WILLIAM LEVINE New York, N. Y. B.S., Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi. WANDA IRENE LEWIS Fort Myers, Fla. B.S., Education Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, SFEA, Junior Adviser, Cap and Gown. IVAR EDWARD LAURELL Lake Alfred, Fla. B.S., Business Administration. DAVID ISRAEL LEVINE New York, N. Y. B.S., Business Tau Epsilon Phi. RICHARD PAUL LEWIS Bartow, Fla. A.B., History Concert Choir. MARY ANN LILLY Riviera Beach, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Phi Mu, SFEA, Coed Sponsor. JOHN S. LOWMAN, III Fort Myers, Fla. B.S.. Business Administration Sigma Chi. EVELYN JARRELL LUDLOW Falls Church, Va. A.B., Social Science Alpha Omicron Pi, Panhellenic, Greek Week Committee, MSM. 224 ..♦• ♦ ' .♦•%•.,♦• JOSEPH H. LUTER, JR. Plant City,. Fla. B.S., Journalism Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Delta Chi, Southern Staff. JOHN EDWARD MAINWARING Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Business Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JAN ARTHUR MANNING Bradenton, Fla. B.S., Accounting Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Account- ing Club. LOREEN THOMAS MARKIN Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Secondary Education SFEA. PATRICK C. MATHES, III Orlando, Fla. B.S., Business Sigma Chi, Intramurals, Ad- vanced ROTC. GLORIA JEAN MAURER Daytona Beach, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Southernettes, Concert Choir, Baptist Student Union. LARRY LEE MARCHANT Orlando, Fla. B.S., Industrial Arts Pi Kappa Phi, Industrial Arts Club. LARRY LEE MARTIN Aurora, 111. B.S., Mathematics EDWARD AUGUST MATSON Miami, Fla. B.S., Accounting Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARGARET FAYE MAXWELL Keystone, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA, BSU. JOHN CHARLES MAYER Lakeland, Fla. A.B., Sociology International Club. KATHRYN JO McADAMS Elon College, N. C. B.S., Chemistry American Chemical Society. 225 SENIORS . . . 1963 CHARLOTTE RUTH McCLURE Lakeland, F!a. B.S., Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Concert Choir Ensemble, MSM, SFEA, Interlachen, Kappa Delta Pi, Cap and Gown, Sigma Tau Delta. WILLIAM W. McCRACKEN Aberdeen, S. D. A.B., Art Sigma Alpha Epsilon. merton McDonald Lake Wales, Fla. A.B., English, Social Science SFEA, Southerneer. DAVID LISKE McGONIGAL Kissimmee, Fla. B.S., Psychology Sigma Chi, SFEA. PHYLLIS IRENE MEDLIN Miami, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Lutheran Student Association, SFEA. 4Ltfi 6±Jjk JERRY BOYD McGILL Lake Wales, Fla. B.S., Citrus Citrus Club. MARILYN McLEOD Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Home Economics Home Economics Club, Baptist Student LTnion. SFEA, CAROLYN PARRISH MEISCH Winter Haven. Fla. B.S., Secondary Education Alpha Chi Omega, SFEA. BETTY ANN MERCER Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. JACK DAVID MEYER Indian Lake Estates, Fla. B.S., Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SFEA. GEORGE MEREDITH Lakeland, Fla. A.B., English Sigma Chi, Omicron Delta Kap- pa, Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Delta Epsilon, Vagabonds, Interfra- ternitv Council. JOHN GEORGE MEYER Montclair, N. J. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 226 .♦-♦ ♦ ' SANDRA KAY MIDDLETON Clarendon Hills, 111. B.S., Elementary Education Zeta Tau Alpha, Junior Ad- viser, Pi Delta Epsilon, Inter- lachen StafF, BSU, SFEA. PATRICIA LOUISE MIKSON Hollywood, Fla. B.S., Business A J ministration Sigma Sigma Sigma, Cap and Gown, Pi Delta Epsilon, SGA, Senior Class Secretary-Treas- urer, Interlachen Staff, SFEA, MSM, Sigma Tau Delta. VIRGINIA ANNE MILES Glenside, Pa. A.B., Art Delta Zeta, Kappa Pi, Pi Delta Epsilon, Southern Staff, Inter- lachen Staff. BILLY MOORE Winter Haven, Fla. B.S., Physical Education jtriffi JOHN CATER MYRICK, II Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Education Pi Kappa Alpha, SFEA, Beta Beta Beta, Florida Academy of Science. RAY CROW NATHURST Fort Myers, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, President of SGA, Political Union, Who ' s Who. JMSft GILBERT S. MITCHELL Fort Lauderdale, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Political Union. DEBORAH LAMOR MURPHY Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Home Economics Sigma Sigma Sigma, Home Ec- onomics Club, Canterbury, SFEA. ARTHUR NASH Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Business Administration T h e t a Chi, Interfraternity Council, Advanced ROTC. CARL EDWARD RAY NELSON Lakeland, Fla. B.S.. Citrus Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society. LARRY EDWARD NEWELL Maitland, Fla. A.B., History, Religion Political Union, Booster Club, SFEA, MSM, SGA, MSGA, Phi Mu Alpha, Omicron Delta Kap- pa, Who ' s Who. GALEN F. NICKLAW, JR. Delray Beach, Fla. B.S., Psychology Kappa Sigma, Psi Chi. j 1 HI 227 SENIORS 1963 1 GERALD LEE NOELLE Winter Haven, Fla. B.S., Mathematics SUSAN LEE NORRIS Tampa, Fla. B.S., Biology Alpha Gamma Delta, Beta Beta Beta, MSM, Junior Ad- viser. ERNEST STUART NYLANDER Richmond, Va. B.S., Biology Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROY LARSON ODOM Lakeland, Fla. A.B., English Tau Kappa Epsilon. MICHAEL MOORE OSBORN Winter Haven, Fla. B.S., Industrial Arts MARY LEE PAGE Eustis, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA, MSM. CHARLES BERNARD OAKLEY Pompano Beach, Fla. B.S., Biology Lambda Chi Alpha, SFEA, Beta Beta Beta, Florida Acad- emy of Science. JAMES OKARMUS Tampa, Fla. B.S., Business Administration AAHMES ELLY OVERTON Miami, Fla. A.B., Social Science Pi Kappa Alpha, MSM, Politi- cal Union, SGA, Gamma Sigma Chi, President of SUSGA, Who ' s Who. RITA SILVIA PALUMBO Patchogue, N. Y. B.S., Secondary Education Phi Mu, SFEA. GENE PITTMAN PARNELL Pahokee, Fla. B.S., Psychology Varsity Rifle Team, Inter- national Relations Club, Lambda Chi Alpha, MSGA, Dormitory Adviser. BEVERLY LUCILE BOSWELL PEDDY Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. 228 ♦ .♦ „♦-.♦ -,♦ ■ _ M JOHN FRANCIS PERRY EDWARD E. PENDERGRASS Orlando, Fla. B.S., Business Delta Sigma Pi, MSGA, MSM, Concert Choir, Dormitory Ad- viser, Political Union, Supreme Court, Founders ' Week Com- mittee. JACK E. PEPPER Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Citrus Citrus Club. Tonawanda, N. Y. B.S., Economics NELL VIRGINIA PETTEWAY Lakeland, Fla. A.B., English Alpha Gamma Delta, Senior Class President, Cap and Gown, SFEA, MSM, Interlachen Staff, SGA, Panhellenic, Group Lead- er, Political LInion, Who ' s Who, Vice President of Sophomore Class. CHARLES E. PIETERSZ Curacao, Netherlands Antilles B.S., Accounting Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, Accounting Club, MSGA. CHRISTINE NEGUS PLANT Lakeland, Fla. A.B., English; French Alpha Gamma Delta. CHARLOTTE LEE PETRIE Cape Coral, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Phi Mu, SFEA. MICHAEL RAND PHILLIPS Vero Beach, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha, Booster Club. NEVILLE WRIGHT PILLING Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Chemistry CAROL JEAN POEHLER New Smyrna Beach, Fla. B.S., Physical Education Phi Epsilon Mu. WILLIAM T. PRESTWOOD Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Mathematics Baptist Student Union. WILLIAM LARRY QUIGLEY Tampa, Fla. B.S., Music Education Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Mu Alpha, BSU, Music Educators National Conference. 229 • • » ♦ I J SENIORS . . . 1963 BARBARA LEE RABETTE Pompano Beach, Fla. B.S., Biology Delta Zeta, Beta Beta Beta. GERALD KING REEVES Winter Haven, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Theta Chi. ORVAL VERNON RIKER Bartow, Fla. B.S., Citrus Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society. DANTON JEFFREY RISSNER Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S., Business Baseball Team, Basketball Team. CHARLES LUTZ ROBERTS Groveland, Fla. A.B.. Humanities MSM, Gamma Sigma Chi, Southerneer. VERNICE D. RAGSDALE Okeechobee, Fla. B.S., Biology Southerneer, Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society. PHILLIP DOUGLAS REISER Daytona Beach, Fla. B.S., Mathematics Phi Sigma Kappa, UCCF, In- dustrial Arts Club. DOROTHY V. RIPLEY Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. TOM BOYLE RITZIE Warren, Ohio B.S., Physical Education Sigma Phi Epsilon, Interfrater- nity Council, Phi Epsilon Mu. HOWARD STOWE ROBERTS, JR. Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Business Pi Kappa Alpha, Crew Team. RICHARD E. ROBINSON Joliet, 111. B.S., Business Kappa Sigma, Intramurals. ELLEN ANN ROHRBACK North Miami, Fla. I.B., English Alpha Chi Omega, Panhellenic. Jh t 230 • ♦ • •:♦ ' WILLIAM ROUNTREE, JR. Fort Hood, Tex. A .B., Political Science Pi Kappa Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Advanced ROTC, SGA, MSGA, Political Union, Inter- fraternity Council, Varsity Soc- cer Team, Who ' s Who. THOMAS JOSEPH RYAN Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S., Social Science Southerneer, SFEA, Intramural Board, Southern Staff. ROBERT BRUCE SANTACRUZ Tampa, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Political Union, MSGA. WILSON C. SCARBROUGH Lakeland, Fla. B.S.. Elementary Education SFEA, Band. PHILIP JOSEPH SCHNEIDER Chicago, 111. B.S., Biology Lambda Chi Alpha, Beta Beta Beta. ROBERT F. SCHUCKERT Lakeland, Fla. A.B., Psychology Psi Chi. ANITA ELIZABETH Hollywood, Fla. A.B., Political Science SFEA, Southern. SAVIO ERNEST CHARLES SCARPINO Lakeland, Fla. A.B., Philosophy. SUSAN SCHRINSKY Milwaukee, Wis. A.B., History SFEA. CHARLES MICHAEL SCHWARZ Drexel Hill, Pa. B.S., Business Administration Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, MSGA, Advanced ROTC. STEPHEN DEHART SCHWARZ Drexel Hill, Pa. B.S.. Business Administration Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Interfraternity Council, Man- agement Club, Civitan Club. CHARLES A. SEYMOUR, JR. Winter Haven, Fla. B.S., Music Education Pi Kappa Alpha. m 231 t-4-J 4 • ■ 4 4 )• •♦ 9.-9 ■ 4 ♦ SENIORS . . . 1963 RICHARD WALTER SHAND Elizabeth, N. J. A.B., History Omicron Delta Kappa, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu, Political Union, Southern Staff. TALLEV MACK SHARPE Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. LAURA WYLODEAN SHELTON Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. BARBARA JEANNE SHIRK West Palm Beach, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. ELAINE WEBB SIMBRO Wilmington, Ohio B.S., Music Education Alpha Gamma Delta, Concert Choir, Music Educator ' s Nat- ional Conference, SFEA. JOHN ROBERT SLAUGHTER Fort Myers, Fla. B.S.. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. NANCY ELIZABETH SLOAN Jacksonville, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. THOMAS ERRINGTON SHIER Orlando, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Kappa Alpha, Interfraternity Council. JANET ALICE SHUFF River Vale, N. J. B.S., Elementary Education Delta Zeta, SFEA. JACQUELYN KAY SINCLAIR Hollywood, Fla. B.S., Physical Education Phi Epsilon Mu. ALAN MICHAEL SLEWETT Miami Beach, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi, Hillel Society, Interfraternity Council. ILLA BETH SMITH Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. 232 .♦,♦,♦•% ♦ ♦ . JAMES HILTON SMITH Lakeland, Fla. B.S.j Accounting Delta Sigma Pi, Accounting Club. JESSE HERBERT SMITH, JR. Millville, N. J. B.S., Physical Education Lambda Chi Alpha, SFEA, Phi Epsilon Mu. MARGARET ANNE SMITH Pompano Beach, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi, SFEA. SANDRA JO SMITH Sarasota, Fla. A.B., English Phi Mu, WSGA, SFEA, Group Leader. TOMMIE EVELYN SMITH Eustis, Fla. B.S., Psychology Kappa Delta, Psi Chi. OWEN MELVIN SOMERFORD Delray Beach, Fla. B.S., Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club. ROBERT AUSTIN SMITH Corning, N. Y. A.B., Sociology Southerneer, Soccer Team, Gamma Sigma Chi. MSM. SCOTT ANDREW SMITH Port Huron, Mich. B.S., Economics Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PHYLLIS ANNE SNYDER Tampa, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Panhelle- nic, Interlachen Staff, Pi Delta Epsilon, SFEA. WILLIAM EDWARD SPURLIN Jacksonville, Fla. B.S., Business Kappa Alpha. EVERETT ALLISON SQUIRE Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Business Administration JAMES FREDERICK STAHL North Miami Beach, Fla. A.B., Political Science Crew Team, Advanced ROTC, Pi Kappa Alpha, Political Union. I 1 . in 233 !• •♦ 4 4 0 00 SENIORS . . . 1963 ELIZABETH MAE STETTLER Ocala, Fla. B.S., Mathematics Zeta Tau Alpha, SFEA, Chi. EDWARD TARLTON STETTNER Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Industrial Arts Psi DOROTHY MARIE STOUT Hollywood, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, SFEA, Lutheran Student Association. CAROL TYLER STRICKLAND Lakeland, Fla. A.B., English THOMAS JOHN SUZUKI Covington, Ind. B.S., Biology American Chemical Society, Beta Beta Beta, Florida Acad- emy of Science, Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Band, Civitan. FRANCES LANDRUM TAYLOR Starke, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi, SFEA. JOHN BRYSON STRAUSS Brielle, N. J. B.S., Mathematics WILLIAM STRICKLAND, III Bartow, Fla. B.S.. Business Administration, Industrial Arts Pi Kappa Alpha, MSGA. LONNIE GLENN TATUM Plant City, Fla. B.S., Music Education Concert Band, Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Choir, ROTC Band, Music Educator ' s National Con- ference. OZBURN E. TAYLOR, JR. Coral Gables, Fla. B.S., Business Administration Kappa Alpha, MSGA. CHARLES JOHNSON THOMAS Atlanta, Ga. A.B., Religion Lutheran Student Association, Inter-Faith Council, Gamma Sigma Chi. JAMES OMER TOWNSEND Middletown, Ohio B.S., Economics Kappa Sigma, Basketball Team, Intramurals. 234 _ ► •♦•• %♦♦♦♦♦• ♦ ■.♦•% MARY VIRGINIA TRUITT Miami, Fla. B.S., Biology National Science Foundation, SFEA. FRANK TUMULTY Orlando, Fla. B.A., Social Science CAROL HUNTER TURNER West Palm Beach, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education MSM, SFEA. ERNEST VANDUSER, JR. Delray Beach, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Phi Rho Pi, SFEA, BSU. SANDRA LARAINE VODVARKA Pittsburgh, Pa. B.S., Business Administration Kappa Delta, Vice President of Junior and Senior Class, Editor of Interlachen, SFEA, Junior Adviser, Pi Delta E p s i 1 o n , Cheerleader, Political Union, Cap and Gown, Who ' s Who. LILLIE ESTELLE WALKER Minneola, Fla. B.S., Biology HELEN JEAN TWEEDY Springdale, Ark. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA, Phi Mu, WSGA, MSM. KATHRYN VERWIEBE St. Petersburg, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. PHYLLIS CLAIRE WADE St. Petersburg, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. MERCER DALZELL WALTON Glenside Gardens, Pa. B.S., Economics Delta Sigma Pi. SANDRA E. WARDLAW Frostproof, Fla. B.S., Physical Education Southernettes, Phi Epsilon Mu, SFEA, Intramurals. GEORGE ROBERT WARSAW Bronx, N. Y. B.S., Economics 235 SENIORS . . . 1963 HELEN RACHELLE WATSON West Palm Beach, Fla. B.S., Physical Education SFEA, UCCF, Phi Epsilon Mu. HOMER WARREN WEBB Stanton, Tenn. B.S., Business A d ministration JERRY WOODS WEEKS Penns Grove, N. J. A.B., History Lambda Chi Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, SFEA, Political Union, MSGA, International Club, Soil Con- servation Society. ANDREW LAWRENCE WEIMAN Pinecastle, Fla. B.S., Business Administration CLAYTON WEST Orlando, Fla. B.S., Business Administration PAULA SHARRON WHAN Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega, Cheerleader, ROTC Coed Sponsor, Sec- Treas. of Junior Class, Who ' s Who. DONALD LEE WEHR Apopka, Fla. B.S., Secondary Education, Social Science Phi Mu Alpha, Political Union, MSGA, SFEA, Booster Club. GERALD ARNOLD WEISSMAN Miami Beach, Fla. B.S., Physical Education Tau Epsilon Phi, Phi Epsilon Mu. DOROTHY J. ANSPACH WEWE Lakeland, Fla. B. S., Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Cap and Gown, Jun- ior Adviser, Lutheran Student Association, SFEA, WSGA. ELIZABETH ANN WHITE Opa-locka, Fla. A.B., Elementary Education SFEA. LINDA LYNN WHITE Hollywood, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA, MSM, Sigma Rho Epsi- lon. STUART MALCOLM WHITE Jamaica, N. Y. B.S., Business Administration Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Soccer Team, Intramurals. 236 ' ■• ' • ' ■ . .♦ ♦■.♦• DOROTHY DIANE WILCOX Fort Lauderdale, Fla. A.B., Spanish MARY BARBARA WILEY Washington, Pa. A.B., English Sigma Tau Delta. d difa JERRY LEE WILLIAMS Wheaton, 111. B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha, Political Union, Pi Delta Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Interlachen Staff. BARBARA S. WILSON Lakeland, Fla. A.B., English WILLIAM TRAVIS WISE Lakeland, Fla. B.S., Citrus Citrus Club, Soil Conservation Society. LEONARD EDWARD WOZNIAK Detroit, Mich. B.S., Business Administration Varsity Basketball Team, Tau Epsilon Phi. PHYLLIS REID YOUNTS Auburndale, Fla. B.S., Secretarial Science SFEA. EDWARD MEAD WILLITS South Bay, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education SFEA. STEP HEN RICHARD WISE Eau Gallie, Fla. B.S., Physical Education Phi Epsilon Mu, SFEA, Lambda Chi Alpha, Junior Varsity Bas- ketball Team. LILY WAI-FONG WONG Tokyo, Japan A.B.. Spanish Concert Choir, International Club. PHILIP EUGENE WRIGHT, II B.S., Science Beta Beta Beta, Psi Chi, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Phi Mu Al- pha, Florida Academy of Science, American Chemical Society, Soccer Team, Rifle Team. DENNIS EDWARD ZULTOWSKY Elmont, N. Y. B.S., Elementary Education Theta Chi, Crew Team, SFEA. % ' . ' :. 237 MHHHPWffP ! . ' -♦■♦• I 4 4 4 444 ■04 4 ♦ 4 4 4 THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS RANDY RUST President DAVE KELSEY Vice-President JUDY GREEN Secretary-Treasurer Kelsey, Green, Rust 238 ■«••• ♦ ♦♦ • • • ■ Adair, R.T., Jr. Adamson, R.M. Xenia, Ohio Lockport, III. Albrecht, D.A. Albritton, E.K. Alderman, J.M. Alexander, A.C. Alexander, J.W. Vero Beach Lakeland Pahokee Coral Gables Jacksonville i 1 1 " Anderson, J.L. Anderson, K. Androus, A.L. Archer, F.J. Arens, G.E. Merchantville, N.J. Glenview, 111. Alexandria, Va. St. Petersburg Orlando Arnold, M.E. Indian Rocks Batson, S.L. Greenville, S.C. Bazilian, M.L. Beeler, L.L. Benson, MB. W. Hartford, Conn. Morris, 111. Wabasso Bird, D.L. Lakeland Blakeman, W.S. Lakeland Bodden, R.T. Tampa Borgmeier, S.L. Palatine, 111. Bostian, D.K. Boulware, D.J. Bowen, J.D. Bowers, S.W. Braren, C.E. Tampa Orange Park Normal, 111. Westminster, Md. Sarasota Bratsolias, D. Briggs, D.W., Jr. Evanston, 111. Freeport, N.Y. ' And when I asked her to spell Smith . . . " Juniors 239 1 : ■ • 4 ■ 14 ■ • • ♦ ► $ ■• 4 ♦ Briles, E.A. Asheboro, X.C Britt, B.C. Winter Park Brolliar, C.T. Ft. Lauderdale Brown, E.P. Sneads Ferry, X.C. Brown, K.N. Annapolis, Md. Browne, P.V. Miami Springs Bruhaker, J.L. Ft. Lauderdale Bruder, E.L. Bryant, J.A. Buckner, M.G. Burleson, R.E. Sarasota Southampton, N.Y. Plant City Orlando Carr, D.R. Lakeland Cashion, D.A. Cathey, L.D. Chicago, 111. Tampa Caudle, C.F. Caudle, J.C. Boonville, N.C. Groveiand Clark, B.S. Aiken, S.C. Clewis, D.D. Cochonour, J.C. West Palm Beach Casey, 111. Combes, M.K. Bronxville, N.Y. Conklin, R.G. Chicago, 111. Cook, J.H. Cook, P.E. Huntington, W.Va. Hyannis, Ma s. Cooper, W.E. Bowling Green Cornea, D.J. Cornillaud, L.W. Lakeland Lake Worth Counter, C.S. Crankshaw, R.L. Winter Haven Dunedin Juniors ■ .▼ _1» JW ' ■■• ' Creamer, J.L. Cunard, N.J. Savannah, Ga. Almonesson, N.J. Currier, J.D. Bartow Cushman, H.A. Utica, N.Y. Danner, B.L. Boynton Beach Davidson, B.B. Ft. Lauderdale Davis, J. A. Factoryville, Pa. Davis, J.D. Gainesville Dawson, R.T. Decuers, V.L. Dempsey, C.E. Derr, L.J. Indianapolis, Ind. Jacksonville (neat Barrington, Mass. South Miami Deramus, J.D. Lakeland Dicks, WAV. Orlando Dobbs, S.S. New Smyrna Beach Dollar, J.R. Donaldson, C.E. Donnelly, M.A. Kissimmee Chagrin Falls, Ohio Orlando Douglas, J.E. Drury, D.H. Duncan, J.M. Oblong. 111. Fernandina Beach Lakeland Duncan, L.L. Winter Haven Dunson, M.S. Durrance, D.C. Durrance, T.G. Duval, J.J. Winter Haven Lake Placid Lakeland Sarasota Eames, J.B. Littleton, N.H. Edgar, K.E. Cambridge, Md. Juniors 241 $ » ♦ Eggen, T.E. Yero Beach Eisnaugle, T.F. Eldredge, L.R. Sarasota Fori Myers Elliott, M.C. Engel, W.E. New Smyrna Nokomis Evans, P. Lakeland Fain, S.J. Ocoee Fannin, W.R., Jr. Farmer, W.C., III Fenn, M.P. Lakeland Pompano Beach Lakeland Ferran, J.M. Fether, H.C. Eustis Immokalee Fischer, R.M. Tampa Fischer, T.A. Ashland, Ohio Fisher, J. A. Takoma Park, Md. Flint, J.C. Randolph, Vt. Foote, T.M. Bensenville, 111. Foster, M.E. Sierra Vista, Ariz. Foster, N.R. Mathews, Va. Frazier, J.M. Fuchs, L.H. Fort Myers Hempstead, N.Y. Futch, M.D., Jr. Gainer, W.M. Bartow Ft. Thomas, Ky. Gardner, R.W. Zethwood Gearhart, F.I. Genter, M.J. South Miami Daytona Beach George, F.V. Giese, E.N. Webster Rochester, N.Y. Juniors Interlachen staff works hard to finish layouts. ■..♦_♦■„♦•.%■.♦ • Gingrich, G.A. Lakeland Girardin, P.L. Fort Myers Giteles, R.G. Miami Gockel, M.W. Godwin, M.K. Golliday, J.M. Goodman, J.H. Pompano Beach Jonesboro, Ga. Sykesville, Md. Amityville, N.Y. Goodrich, E.C. Gordon, E.D. Gordon, T.B. Campbell, N.Y. Rocky Mount, N.C. Rockledge Gran, D.D. Miami Grange, G.W. Granger, R.H. Graves, R.V. Annandale, Va. Plant City Limona Graybeal, S. Green, J.M. Gregory, S.E. W. Hartford, Conn. Jacksonville Jefferson, S. C. Griffin, M, Jr. Griffis, W.E. Pompano Beacb Plant City Griffith, S.E. Lakeland Grimes, V.J. Dade City Guizzetti, CM. Gunnells, M.D. Hagstrom, M. Orlando Jacksonville Pierson Haines, B„ III Hall, K.C., Jr. Hall, T.P. Hall, V.B. Hollywood Tampa Fort Myers Lakeland " They ' re going to throw WHAT at me? ' Juniors 243 . • . ■ . ■ t 4 4 » » . ) 4 4 4 4 4 4.4 t Hand, T.O. Lakeland Hanna, M.C. Atlantic I teach Harrison, Z.K. Harshman, B.B. Harshman, W.E. Hawkins, C.A. Kingsport, Tenn. Lakeland Sebring Miami Hawkins, J.R. Lakeland Hawkins, T.E. Anna Maria Haynes, D.J. Sanford Hearn, M.K. Heath, Y.E. Hersey, R.G. Miami Springs Dania Bar Harbor, Maine Hill, B.J. Nokomis Hock. C.R. Lake Alfred Honefenger, S.O. Pana, 111. Hoover, W.J. Mt. Dora Howard, P.D. Aubuvndale ft Howard, R.T. Lakeland iilii Hubell, L. Hubmaier, G.W. Huggart, T.A. Dundee, X.V. Orlando Bartow Juniors Howe, CM. Riviera Beach Howell, ML. Panama City Huber, CM. St. Petersburg Hunt, R. Sarasota Hunter, S.T. Starke Hutchison, S.C. Imming, T.A. Joliet. 111. Aviston, III. The TB Committee plans its annual Christmas Seal campaign. ■ •• ♦ ♦♦. Ivey. F.C. Graceville James, W.R. Rossville, Ga. Jenkins, D.A. Johnson, J.T., Jr. Johnson, L.R. Jacksonville Jefferson City, Mo. Sebring Johnston, J.S. Jones, J.W. Lakeland Lakeland Jones, S.R., Jr. Junkin, D.L. Kasten, R.H. Kehr, R.W. Kellner, S-C. Kelsey, D.B. Kerrick, G.E. Orlando Lakeland Zeeland, Mich. Orlando Watertown, N.V. New Canaan, Conn. Islamorada Kershner, G.E. Ketcham, P. A. Ketcham, T.W. Kiesel, D.L. Kimbrough, B.K. Kimbrough, R.W. Kinsey, C.N. Montpelier, Ind. Amityville, N.V. Amityville, N.Y. Fort Myers Coral Gables Ilrooksville Lakeland Lachenmyer, J.S. Ladlow, F.W. Laing, R.R. Jacksonville Ilamden, Conn. Lakeland Lande, S.G. Jacksonville Lang, S.K. Bartow Langford, E. Jacksonville Larson, A.C. Drexel Hill. Pa. Juniors The Pi Kaps in action in the Greek Week chariot race. 245 f • • ft ♦ ♦ Lawrence, R.L. Fort Myers Lee, E.R. Melbourne Leeds, N.K. pa-locka Lehman, J. A. Jacksonville Lesser, G.A. Hradenton Lewis, B.A. Fort Myers Lewis, B.C. Haines City Lewison, A.S. Oregon, 111. Lindsey, J.G. Lakeland Lippincott, R.M. Fort Myers Lockhart, J.C. Winter Haven Logan, R.H. Lopez, M.A. Loveday, L.J. Huntington, X.V. Coral Gables Plantation Lowry, B.L. Ridge Manor Lupo, B.J. Fort Myers Lynch, F.L. Jacksonville Maclnnes, J.N. Winter Garden Mack, D.A. Miami Manning, H.D. Marchman, A.R. Ft. Lauderdale Venice Marsh, J.C. Fort Meade Mathis, M.R. Orlando McClain, J.D. McCormick, J.B. McCaffrey, C.L. McCullough, S.C. McDonald, W.R. Melbourne Georgetown, Ind. Riviera Beach Fort Mill, S.C. Winter Haven Juniors ' The Four Stooges! ' 246 .♦ .♦■„♦ •.% - ■.♦. .» M 9 McGinnis, R.T. McKittrick, T.L. McNees, M.F. Lakeland Fort Pierce Fort Pierce Means, C.G. Winter Park Merkel, M.M. Columbus, Ohio Michael, D.J. Jupiter Miller, W.G., Jr. Monticello Milner, K.E. Orlando Milner, S.F. Orlando Mitchell, M.F. Auburndale Mitchell, W.W. Lakeland Moffses, P.E. Orlando Moore, B.J. Haines City Morris, D. Ft. Lauderdale Morris, K.S. Pompano Eeach Mowery, R.W. Cuba. 111. Mullis, J.M. Lakeland Murphy, P.J. Naperville, 111. Murphy, R.J. Lakeland Musso, ].]. Lakeland Neeld, J.A., Jr. Dover £ Nelson, R.L. Nevin, S.E. Newbold, J.R., Jr. Newell, B.K. Newhouse, P.L. Nowlin, W.I., Jr. Odadzin, T.K. Atlantic Beach Ft. Lauderdale Crescent City Belmont, Mass. Key West Mobile, Ala. Lakeland Juniors " Why won ' t anyone listen to the little guy? " 247 « t » Orr, Robert K. Palmer, J.E., Jr. Lakeland Lakeland Peck, E. Lakeland Perks, W.T., III Havertown, Pa. Peters, J.L. Pikeville. Ky. Pfeuffer, B.M. Venice ' " • Pole, CM. Hazlet, N.J. Powers, J.H. Prosser, K.N. Randolph, P.T. Sarasota Lakeland Fort Myers Raney, W.C. Lakeland Rankin, J.T. Bartow Ravlin, F.W. Coral Gables Rawls, B.M. Statesville, N.C. Rea, C.A. Ream, N.A. Rector, S.L. Redd, K.J. Reed, J.C. Reid, E.M. Reisner, M.C. Pittsburgh, Pa. Marshalltown, Iowa Little Rock, Ark. Winter Haven Fulton. Ky. West Palm Beach Fox Point, Wis. Reynolds, T.A. Rice, C.E. Lakeland Orlando Richards, T.R. Rickerd, C.B. Ridout, M.K. West Palm Beach Daytona Beach Jacksonville Ring, J.C. Rioux, S.J. Amityville, N.Y. Daytona Beach Juniors Gale Alderman at work as a lab assistant. 248 ..♦.♦■ ♦•% ■.♦• ■.♦. Rizer, R.H. Robertson, G. Robinson, D.J. Dearborn, Mich. Owensboro, Ky. Clearwater Rogers, B.S. Rogers, R.R. Rogers, S.D. Lakeland Leesburg Lakeland Ross, E.J. Indian Lake Estates Rudolph, J.G., Jr. Rust, R.H. Kittanning, Pa. Bloomington, 111. Safford, S.A. Sanborn, M.L. Sandberg, D.N. Santini, J.M. Lake Hamilton Lakeland West Rye, N.H. Fort Myers Savage, A.C. Hamilton, Ohio Savage, M. Schloesser, R.W. Lakeland Port Charlotte Seiler, M.C. Tampa Shapiro. L.H. Erlton, N.J. Shepard, S.R. Sanford Shinkman, D.I. Shufflebarger, J.H. Carbondale, Pa. Lakeland Siebenthal, S.J. Simonson, R.D. Slaughter, S.N. Slewett, E.M. Smedley, K.B. Smeltzer, B.R. Smith, E.C. Atlanta, Ga. Pahokee Lakeland Miami Beach Orlando Windsor, Pa. Lakeland " Roll call time in CT 469. ' Juniors 249 ■■ ' « ♦■ ■ ' •• r ♦ • • • } 4 4 ♦ • Smith, K.G. Orlando Smith, K.W. Smith, M.L. Lakeland Lakeland Smith, R.H. Lakeland Snively, R.D. Snyder, D.B. Springer, J.D. Fairfield, Pa. Fair Lawn, N.J. Lakeland Stanley, J.E. Lakeland Starling, M.A. Steinhardt, W. Stettner, M.W. Orlando Lakeland Lakeland Stults, V.A. Winter Haven Stutzman, M.D. Johnstown, Pa. Sullivan, R.S. Frostproof Sutton, J.C. Westfield, NJ. Taylor, B.J. Kissimmee Taylor, G.R. Taylor, R.P., Jr. Taylor, S.A., Jr. Maplewood, N.J. Glen St. Mary Daytona Reach Teasley, J.L. Teston, L.L. Kissimmee Reddick Thibodeau, P.A. Thompson, W.F. Thornberry, R.W. Thrailkill, J.M. Thrift, H.S. Thune, L.C. Thurlow, J.R. Orlando Winter Park Fairborn, Ohio Orlando Lakeland Winter Park Ft. Lauderdale Juniors " Yep, here ' s the one I was waiting for! ' 250 ■ -% ' .♦ - .»•« Timler, P.R. Ft. Lauderdale Trussell, K.M. Tsitouris, S.P. Winchester, Tenn. Lakeland Turner, G.H. Plant City Tyus, H.M. Starke Vandiver, G.C. Varner, J.A. Cape Girardeau, Mo. Fairborn, Ohio Vaughan, D.A. Vaughan, J.W. Winter Haven Fairfield, Pa. Vey, P.C. Lakeland Wadsworth, W.J. Lakeland mM 1 1 Waits, J. P. Pomona Park Wagner, J.E. Daytona Beach Walker, D.S. Lakeland Warren, CM. Harford, Pa. Warwick, J.S. Chicago, 111. Watkinson, W.A. Newport, R.I. Watson, CM. St. Paul. Minn. Watson, DJ. Weston, L.M. Auburndale Xaples Wetmore, B.A. Fort Pierce Whidden, S. White, J.B. Wickers, S.J. Winter Haven L T pper Moreland, Pa. Key West Wilde, V. Miami Shores Wilhelm, CE. Belmont, Mass. Wilhelm, H.L. Williams, M.A. Boca Grande West Palm Beach " Fevered football fans flourish on field for finale. " Juniors 251 ' -♦■ •« ♦ Williams, MX. Williams, W.C. Williams, W.S. Wills, R.J., Jr. Wilson, D.T. Downers Grove. III. Pittsburgh. Pa. Okeechobee Miami Lockhart Wilson, R., Ill Woodham, J.S. Scarsdale, N.Y. Tallahassee Wright, N.E. Wynn, L.A. Clearwater Lakeland Zoch, B.A. Venice " Last time I pack in the studies for Bridge. " Juniors " Aw shucks. You didn ' t HAVE to do my portrait. " 252 4 ■ " ♦•%••-■%• • t • • THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS SUNNY ZIMMERMANN President FRANK PETERS Vice-President SUSAN ERTLEY Secretary-Treasurer Peters, Ertley, Zimmermann 253 9 4 4 4 4 9 4 4 4 4 4 4 Abbott, D.J. Cincinnati. Ohio Adams, W.A. Albritton, G.B. Steger, 111. Melbourne Alley, P.F. Ucala Altwein, M.D. Amata, S.J. Anderson, A.G. Metuchen, N.J. Euclid, Ohio Louisville, Ky. Anderson, K.L. St. Petersburg Anderson, M.E. Monticello Anderson, S. Daytona Beach Andringa, H.J. Anthony, H.M. St. Petersburg West Palm Beach Apple, A.L. Orlando Archamhault, I.M. Miami FJmL Arnolds-Patron, E. Avery, B.A. Lakeland Lakeland Babcock, C.A., III Baer, V.L. Bailey, R.E., Jr. Baker, M.B. St. Petersburg Newton, Mass. Miami Miami Baker, N.N. Cairo, Ga. Bardvvell, S.C. Tangerine Barnett, B.J. Leesburg Barnett, H.R. Barrows, L.R. Barrows, W.F. Batting, D.A. Lakeland Melbourne Beach Hazardville, Conn. Maplewood, N.J. Bayless, S.L. Lexington, Ky. Sophomores " How interesting— THE EXISTEN- TIALISM IN BEOWULF. " ■. ♦♦-.♦ Beasley, R.W. Sanford Beck, P.R. Orlando Beisler, A.J., Jr. Bernard, M.E. Blount, T.E., Jr. Boecklen, L.P. Bone, C.R. Ft. Lauderdale Lakeland Lakeland Lake Park Orlando 444li Bone, G.M. Bongiorni, B.M. Bonsteel, F.C. Bostelman, E., Jr. Bostian, R.M. Brandies, C.K. Brandis, T.W. Jacksonville Curundu, Canal Zone Winter Haven Fort Myers Tampa Callahan Springfield, 111. Branigan, M.W. Bratton, E.J. Bredemeyer, S.W. Brick, R.P. Bridger, A.G. Brigman, V.J. Maplewood, N.J. Rock Hill, S.C. Fort Myers Crosswicks, N.J. Jacksonville Jacksonville Brooks, L.M. Winter Park Buettner, E.K. Burkey, E.Y. Menomonee Falls, Wis. Deerfield, Ohio Busi, L.E. Lakeland Caggiano, M.E. Campbell, R.D. Cannon, K.C. Capabianco, R.F. Cape Coral Bradenton Frostproof Vineland, N.J. ' Uncle Sam wants YOU! ' Sophomores 255 4 • " • " • • • •■ Carmichael, R.W. Carroll, M.C. Carter, R.M. Carter, S.A. Windermere Lakeland Kissimmee Lake Wales Caughey, P. Chaboudy, C.H. Champion, B.C. Ft. Bragg, X.C. Peninsula, Ohio Orlando Chandler, F.S. Cheatvvood, B.D. Albany, Ga. Mokena, 111. Coggin, MX. Raleigh. X.C. Chiari, M.A. Christiansen, D.E. Christopher, P.A. Cleveland, P.M. Cochonour, D.H. Bridgeton, X.J. Highland City Lakeland St. Petersburg Casey, 111. Coleman, C.J. Miami Coleman, R.L. Lancaster, Ohio Collins, J.M. Jacksonville Cornelius, K.D. Cothern, M.E. Cottingham, S.E. Frankfort. Ky. Cummin, Canal Zone Miami Cox, D.E. Tampa Comfort, M.E. Coolbaugh, S.A. Corley, W.F., Jr. Coral Gables East Aurora, N.Y. Winter Haven Crawford, E.U. Lakeland Crawford, S.L. Cressman, P.C. Lakeland Bethlehem, Pa. Sophomores Greek Week finds sororities busy provid- ing manpower for the Baptist Children ' s Home. ♦ ,♦• ♦-,% ,♦• -.♦ , .» fS ' ■ diiiMg Crooks, B.A. Johnstown, Pa. Cummings, G.C. Monterrey, Mexico Daleen, P.H. Jacksonville Dalton, J.M. Xokomis Darsey, P.E. Davidson, D.A. Hollywood Islamorada Davis, J.W. Miami Springs Davis, P.A. Lakeland Dawson, L.C. Ft. Belvoir, Va. DeBrauwere, M.A. Decaron, B.B. Ft. Lauderdale Fort Myers Dentamaro, J. A. Dervin, J.J. Desear, R.A. Miami Pt. Washington, N.Y. Bradenton Deikman, L.H. Bedford Hills, N.Y. Dills, E.J. Lakeland Dixon, A.L. Doolittle, W.G. Dorman, R.M. Suttland, Md. Lakeland Freeport, 111. Doty, J.F., Jr. Winter Haven Douglas, M.S. Brooklyn, N.Y, Douglas, P.L. Downey, B.O. Drake, D.A. Casey, 111. Chattanooga, Tenn. Narberth, Pa. Dumas, M.A. St. Petersburg Durbin, J.D. Orlando Durrance, G.E. Lakeland Durrance, W.A. Lake Placid Sophomores " I think I ' ll have Brand X patent this. 1 257 »• •« t • • ♦ ♦ fv If Eaker, B.D. St. Petersburg Eby, C.B. Eckert, P.G. Edens, C. E. Edman, WAV., Jr. Kissimmee Cape Coral Annapolis, Md. Pompano Peach Elliott, J.L. Tampa 4 English, E.J. Jacksonville Ertley, S.A. Kingston, Pa. Ewell, J.D., III Farber, A.W. Fender, J.F. Ferguson, W.D. Fersch, C.J. Finn, S.J. Richmond, " a. Delray Beach Jesup, Ga. E eertield Beach Vero Beach Nicholson, Pa. Fletcher, W.D. Pompano Beach Forbes, G.M. Forns, R. Forthofer, D.J. Clermont Vedado Habana, Cuba Lakeland Fox, L.S. Friese, BJ. Fulton, D.J. Sarasota Curundu, Canal Zone Bartow Galloway, D.E. Lakeland Gay, P.A. Montgomery, Ala. Gayle, J.L. Geiger, D.T. Winter Haven Wellborn Gibbons, V.E. Sarasota Giglia, M. Lakeland Gilmour, L.L. Vonkers, N.Y. Sophomores These Paris originals are going to ex- tremes. 258 .1 ♦■♦•♦ J.J Girardin, D.L. Gnozzio, V.M. Goben, M.D. Fort Myers Garden City, N.Y. Lakeland Goodridge, R.S. Goodwin, A.C. Vero Beach Jacksonville Goslin, P.M. Gould. RJ. Sao Paulo, Brazil Mangohick, Va. Greenman, B.P. Marathon Gregg, J.N. Leesburg Gregory, G.M. Grubb, K.A. Coral Gables Lakewood, Ohio Guinup, D.A. Sarasota Hagedorn, J.S. Hagstrom, R.G. Middletown, Ohio Pierson Haile, J.G., Jr. Hale, R.A. Hall, J.A. Halmos, P.A. Hamilton, A.C. Hardesty, PX. Gainesville Winter Haven Winter Haven Coral Gables Lookout Mt., Tenn. Mayo, Md. Harmeling, T.J. Winter Park Harris, J.D. Harris, L.L. Harris, R.V. Clermont Ocala Orlando Harvey, E.I. Hawkins, C.E., III Hayes, James Haddonfield, N.J. P.ethesda, Md. Islamorada Hayes, John Sanford " And then I bounced the little ball, like so . . . " Sophomores 259 ♦ ♦ • • •♦ 4 » ♦ . • • Hebbard. L.N. Helton, W.S., Jr. Hemstreet, D.J. Hendershot, R.G. Henderson, J.R. Hickson, G.S., Jr. Cranford, N.J. Middletown, Ohio Lakeland Jensen Beach I ' -artow Bartow Hillier, J.L. Miami Hillmann, R.L. Hines, M.H., Jr. Holton, A.E., Jr. Hopgood, D.K. Lakeland Dade City Lakeland Rockville, Md. Hopkins, W.T. House, G.M. Jacksonville Plant City Houston, J.W. I iu ntngtown, Pa. Huff, R.E. Leesburg Hunt, J.K. Coral Gables Hunter, M.P. Jacksonville Ingle, R.L. Sarasota Jackson, J.W. Fort Myers Jacobs, G.W. Jacobs, L.B. Frostproof Dunedin Jameson, H.F. Mulberry Jenks, CM. Berwyn, Pa. Johnson, J.L. Johnson, T.M., Jr. Johnson, W.E. Johnston, P.M. Winter Park Pompano Beach Sanford Arlington Hts., III. [ones, E.C. Bristol, ' a. Sophomores Greeks attend the Olympics to cheer on their contestants. • ♦ „► -J Jones, E.G., Ill Martanburg, S.C. Jones, S.S. Kale, S.E. Jonesboro, Ind. Falls Church, Va. Kapp, M.S. Miami Kaplan, G.S. Lakeland Keegan, D.K. Hollywood Keen, J.P. Vero Beach dMM Kempfer, M.W. Melbourne Kern, J.A. Kerr, P.D. Kibler, J.M., Jr. Daytona Beach Biscayne Park Lakeland King, J.W. Bradenton Kinnev, B.L Holly Hill Kleinschmidt, B.A. Klein, E.L. Knight, E.L. Knight, J.M. Koleck, J.M. Konecky, G.P. Kruckemyer, C.J. Hialeah Northport, N.Y. Lakeland Plant City Lakeland Mohne, 111. Orlando Laferriere, D.A. Laing, S.J. Rockville, Conn. Lakeland ' :,« Laird, L.J. Lancaster, J.M. Lange, H.B. Lantz, J.H. Lasdon, L.H. Lutberville, Md. Dunedin Great Neck, N.Y. Atlanta, Ga. Scarsdale, N.Y. " I can ' t help but wish we had brought the motor. " Sophomores 261 ♦ ♦ i •• t ♦ t t Laswell, W.H. Latimer, V.T. Lauderdale, R.D. Lawless, C. Lawrence, G.L. New Smyrna Beach Kingsport, Tenn. Lakeland Birmingham, Ala. Fort Myers Lawton, L.R. Ledlow, J.B. Jacksonville Ft. Walton Beach Lee, B.M. Leitner, M.H. Lemons, P.W. Lester, D.L. Atlanta, Ga. Micanopy Murray Hill, N.J. Hollywood Beach Lester, P.J. Lewellen, S.L. Plant City Miami Little, D.A. Sparta, N.J. Livesay, R.B., Jr. Livingood, B.T. Livingston, S.M. Lakeland Lincoln, Del. Lakeland Looker, A. Largo Lueck, C.S. MacDonald, G.W. MacDonald, MX. New Smyrna Beach Lakeland Clermont MacDowell, K. Lakeland Maggio, V.L. Maltby, K.L. San Antonio Milwaukee, Wis. Mann, G.T., Jr. Manning, P.A. Fort Myers Lakeland Manske, A.L. Belleair Beach Martin, J.F. Bartow Sophomores " If were Charlie Brown, I ' d tell hi: thing or two. " ' ■ •»-.• Martin, R.W. Mashburn, M.F. New Berlin, Wis. Jacksonville Mason, H.E. Mauney, J. P., Jr. Mayer, G.H. Gastonia, N.C. Kings Mt., N.C. Quogue, N.Y. fcir.iS: j.- Mayer, R.A. McCorrnick, N.B. Memphis, Tenn. Delray Beach McCranie, C.L. Windermere McCranie, J.B. McDonald, B.A. Lakeland Indian Head, Md. McGee, J.R. Salisbury, N.C. McKamey, P.O. Knoxville, Tenn. McKnight, J.J. McOsker, A.L. Lake Worth Bronxville, N.Y. McRae, N.E. Ellerbe, N.C. Melton, K. J. Orlando Meyerl, S.K. Miami Millen, F.L. Miller, A.N. Watkins Glen, N.Y. New Canaan, Conn. Miller, B.A. Palmetto Miller, S.K. Pompano Beach Mills, R.W. North Miami Mimbs, D. Minehart, K.A. Lakeland Rockford, 111. Moore, M.G. Tampa Moore, R.B. Flint, Mich. Moore, V.F. Moore, W.T., Jr. Haines City Lakeland " EVERYONE enjoys the Cap and Gown Bermuda Party! " Sophomores 263 !- .« f. «. Moses, C.J. Mulder, J.E. Miami Villanova, Pa. Mullens, M.M. Anaco, Venez. Mulloy, D.M. Miami Mulrein, W.C. Munger, M.C. Munn, C.A. Boca Raton St. Petersburg Rockingham, N.C. Murphy, P.S. Mt. Sterfing, Ky. Murrah, A. Needles, J. Neighbours, C. Columbus, Ga. Southampton, N.Y. W. Hartford, Conn. Neil!, S.A. Gulfport Nelson, A.E. Hollywood Nelson, J. A. Lakeland Nelson, S.L. Winnetka, 111. Northrup, S.L. Ormond Beach Novak, R.W. Lakeland Ogden, RJ. Winter Haven Ogilvie. M.M. Winter Park Ollek, C.E. Atlanta, Ga. O ' Neal, P.M. Lakeland Osborne, S.A. Oswald, M.C. Raiford Cleveland, Ohio Outten, S.W. Palmer, M.L. Lakeland New Smyrna Beach Paris, J.H. Parrish, M.F. Parsons, H.E., Jr. Haines City Lakeland Tampa Sophomores ' It ' s a bird. It ' s a plane. No, it ' s 264 •«♦•.%•.♦ ■■♦•.• - .»-.« Parsons, P.A. Partlow, K.R. Patton, S.P. Pendleton, M.M. Sebastian Orlando Jacksonville Beach Rome, N.Y, Peters, F. Rye, N.Y. Petty, CM. Tluntsville, Ala. Petty, R.A. Miami Phillips, C.W. Lakeland Pike, S.A. Fort Pierce Pittman, M.A. Orlando Potter, D.E. Orlando Race, L.N. Winter Haven Raeburn, J.C. Ragland, J.C. Lakeland Lakeland Ray, L.L. Winter Haven Reagers, F.J. Reaves, J.J Jr. Reeve, M.B. Regan, J.D., III Reynolds, C.L. Bayshore, N.Y. Jacksonville Glen Ridge, N.J. Monmouth, 111. Lake Placid Richards, D.P. Sarasota Richards, D.F. Richardson, M.O. Rickerds, R.L. West Palm Eeach Tampa Winter Park Rimel, L.L. Lakeland Ritchie, P.L. Greenville, S.C. Koach, R.E. Robinson, CM. Zellwood Chatham, N.J. ' Let ' s see . . . HERE ' S one I can answer. 1 Sophomores 265 ♦• • Roddenberry, L.G. Rogers, M.I. Sopchoppy Sarasota Rogers, R.E. Leonia, N.J, Rohrback, J.G. North Miami Roth, G.M. Westport, Conn. Rou, L.L., Jr. Reddick Rowe, T.W. Pittsford. N.Y. Rudolph, J.G., Jr. Kittanning, Pa. Ruke, R.G. Fort Myers Russell, F.C. Columbus, Ga. Rutledge, M.E. Sanfilipo, P.M. Sargeant, J.B. Scharar, T.E. Lakeland Miami Lakeland Lakeland Scheblein, B.J. Schindler, C.R. Schirmer, S.J. Orange, Calif. Malern, Pa. Saugerties, N.Y. Schubert, D.M. Schwartz, C.S. Schwartz, L.R. Lake Worth Springfield, Ohio Johnstown, Pa. Schwiering, J.E. Boynton Beach Sellers, B.A. Shackelford, M.M. Sharp, M.D. Shepard, S.S. Shrader, C.W. Singer, P.D. Skaza, G.A. Tampa Miami Lakeland Stonington, Conn. Clearwater Little Neck, N.Y. Brecksville, Ohi Sophomores " Next Greek Week let ' s buy a display that ' s already assembled. " " T ■ -5 ■ . ' - - . ' " Slaughter, J.E. Slaughter, L.T. New Canaan, Conn. Fort Myers Smith, G.O. Smith, KJ. Smith, S.A. Lakeland Ocean View, Va. Xorwalk, Ohio Smith, S.W. Winter Park Smith, S. Orlando Smith, T.A. Amityville, N. V. Snow, J.L. DeLand Son, S.M. Stuart Soper, R.D. Bethesda, Md. South, C.A. Columbus, Ohio Spahr, S.J. Fairborn, Ohio Spiecker, G .M. Coral Gables Spickard, S.A. Winter Haven Stafford, H.V. Stamm, CM. Staryk, M.F. Steele, G.J. Tampa Zanesville, Ohio Grosse Pointe, Mich. Stuart Stephens, C.R. Jacksonville Stokes, S.C. Fulton, Ky. Strickland, L.K. Clearwater Studstill, J.A. Chiefland Sullivan, J.L. Orlando Sutton, L.G. Jacksonville Swan, T.C. Cambridge, 111. Swata, C.E. Miami Taft, R.J. Ft. Lauderdale " She asks for a sip and takes half the bottle. " Sophomores 267 4 ♦• ♦• • •♦ Tall, B.A. ' Jary, Ind. Tavlor, CO. Beverly, N.J. Tavlor, J.B., Jr. Pearl River. N.Y. Taylor, W.B. Lakeland Tennyson, W.D. " Tampa Terrell, M.J. Thimm, C.L. Stilesville, Ind. La Grange Park, 111. Thompson, E.F. Thompson, J.P. Thorne, D.M. Tiller, L.S., Jr. Tisdale, M.S. C.ermantown, Tenn. Plant City Delray Beach Vero Beach Lakeland Tower, J.C. Traenkle, E.M. Chatham, N.J. Lakeland Troy, A.J., III Tyler, M.G. Ufford, M.A. Miami Lakeland Ithaca, N.Y. Ulrey, J.L. Oviedo Van Lengen, F., Jr. Vannostrand, R. Vyner, R.N. Homeland Sarasota Mamaroneck, N.Y. Waite, J.A. Miami Walker, H.F. Riverside, Conn. Wall, J.A. Kingsport, Tenn. Walter, Z.A. West Palm Beach Ward, J.E. Plant City Warden, C.V. Robins A.F.B., Ga. Warner, C.A. Willoughby, Ohio Sophomores ' Here it is. That proves I was right. ' ! 268 ♦ .»•• Waters, I.N. Watkins, J.E. Watt, J.R. Watters, S.F. Weaver, R.D. Welch, B.A. Wells, J.S. Bartow Jacksonville Lakeland Ft. Lauderdale Greensburg, Pa. Fort Myers Fair born, Ohio Wheeler, P.R. Largo J.. . , ' M , ' . „. Whisler, P.M. Whitaker, E.P. Whitcomb, E.A. Chesterland, Ohio Bristol, Va. Coral Gables o White, C.G. White, S.L. Williams, L.G. Marilla, N.Y. Pt. Washington, N.Y. Rensselaer, Ind Willis, H.L. Haines City Wininger, M.E. Winnick, M.E. Womble, P.L. Nashville, Ind. W. Hempstead, N.Y. Highland City Woodward, J.S. Yates, P.L. Pitman, N.J. Key West Yeatts. J.D. Coral Gables Yoder, G.M. Youkey, M.. Lakewood, Ohio Lakeland Youmans, J. O. Youmans, L.C. Wauchula St. Simons Isl., Ga. Young, D.A. Hialeah Young, W.P. Lafayette, Ind. Zani, G., fr. White Plains N.Y. Sophomores Zimmermann, G.F. Zinckgraf, R.G. Lakeland Riviera Beach 269 ■ THE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS BOB CORDARO President FRANK CARMEL Vice-President KAY ROBINSON Secretary-Treasurer Cordaro, Robinson, Carmel 270 ♦ .•• Aarthun, S.R. Abrams, A.J. Perrysburg, Ohio Monsey, N.Y. Adams, C.W. Adamson, R.A. Addair, K.A. Aigeltinger, A.L. Aker, L.R. Highland City Rockville, Md. Lakeland Miami Titusville Alexander, M.G. Allen, B.E. Paris, France Arlington, Va. Amtirose, P.S. Anderson, E.A. Anderson, J.R. Anderson, M.V. Anderson, S.L. Ft. Lauderdale Lake Wales Pompano Beach Xiceville Winter Park Armstrong, T.J. Indianapolis, Ind. Arnold, M.A. Jacksonville Athearn, M.E. Lakeland Atwood, J.L. Orlando Bagwell, CM. Jacksonville Bailey, W.F. Baiz, D.D. Miami Miami Baker, R.T. Clearwater Ball, B.R. Gainesville Balser, D.K. Danvers, Mass. Baque, F. Miami Barnes, B.B. Key Biscayne Barnes, J.H., Jr. Barnes, R.T., Jr. Hialeah Wildwood Freshmen ' One more trip without tripping . . . " 271 6 4 4 4 00 ♦• ' ■ Barron, T.J. Coral Gables Bateman, E.M. Bates, C.W., II Nashville, Tenn. Titusville Bates, R.L. Avon Park Bauer, D.A. Bauer, P.M. West Palm Beach Orlando Bayless, B.J. Lantana Beasley, RB. Beatty, L.G. Beckman, W.H. Hollywood Ft. Lauderdale Sarasota Belcher, A.E. Fort Meade Belcher, R.W. Belden, H.M. Bennett, J.C. Fort Meade Fort Myers Plainfield, N.J. . 4 ki M Bergen, N.J. Bernson, R. Indianapolis, Ind. White Plains, N.Y. Berry, S.L. Bradenton Billheimer, J.C. Sanibel Isle Binder, J.L. Orlando Bishop, A.L. Miami Blessing, N.A. Lakeland Block, G. F. Lakeland Blue, R.R., Jr. Bohlen, H.D. Bohlen, J.S. Highland City Moweaqua, III. Moweaqua, 111. Bonner, R.J. Borrego, H.W. Tecumseh, Mich. Tampa Borsch, M.M. Phoenix, Ariz. Freshmen " So then he said . . . " 272 ••••• ♦ ■ ' ■ ' Slv Bouland, J. A. Bowen, L.H. Madison Hialeah itdMi Bowman, R.J. Brackney, S.R. Brande, MX. Brazil, P.A. Ft. Lauderdale Lakeland Hollywood St. Petersburg k? Brosius, D.J., Jr. Brown, J.W. Lake Park East Palatka Brown, L.J. Lakeland Brown, S.A. Griffin, Ga. Brownell, L.S. Downers Grove, 111. Bryan, A.S. Winter Park Breeding, J.M. Hollywood a Bryan, W.L., Jr. Falls Church, Va. Burke, L.L. Burris, H.W., Jr. W. Hartford, Conn. Miami Bush, J.A. Bartow Buzzelli, R.J. Key Biscayne Byers, J.D. Lakeland Carroll, S.G. Carlton, B.W. Orlando Enterprise Carmel, F.J. Cashman, B.Z., III Caton, E.F. Lawrence, X.Y. Lakeland Winter Park Cauble, D.L. Center, G.H. Center, T.E. Chambers, S.L. Lithia Springs, Ga. Orange Park Orange Park Orange Park Freshmen " Do you think ' Madly Mauve ' does any- thing for my nails? " 273 Chambless, S.A. Ohambliss, J.W. Gainesville Tampa Chapin, J.M. Chason, W.E. Tampa Winter Haven Cherry, M.J. Cherry, R.L. Childers, D.M. Auburndale Coral Gables Hopewell, Va. Chipley, R. Homestead Christy, E.A. Taunton, Mass. Clarke, S.A. Clarkson, M.G. Arlington, Va. Annandale, Va. Clausen, G.E. New Canaan, Conn. Clayton, D.M. Lakeland Coleburn, V.N. Wilton, Conn. Coleman, B.A. Columbus, Ohio Collins, E.K. Leesburg Comander, R.M. DeFuniak Springs Cook, B.S. Ft. Lauderdale Cook, C.S. Hyannis, Mass. Cooper, S.H. Orlando Cordaro, R.J. Pompano Beach Couch, J. A. Atlanta, Ga. Council, D.P. Council, E.H. Ruskin Ruskin Cox, R.V. Clewiston Coyle, J.W. Winter Haven Crankshaw, L.E. Crawford, S.L. Dunedin Lakeland Freshmen " Don ' t look now but I think we ' re being watched. " 2?4 t t-,« .♦ •.♦ .. .»-.« Creekmore, J. A. Cromer, L.A. Coral Gables Lakeland Cronkrite, B.J. Miami Wi ■ I A Crosby, S.E. Jacksonville Crotty, J.L. Hollywood Croxton, A. A. Ft. Lauderdale Dauch, C.A. Orlando Davis, B.K. Davis, D.W. Plant City Orlando JiJ Davis, N.P. Lake Plackl Davis, N.L., Jr. Deal, M.H. Delaney, J.B. Delvecchio, L.A. Lake Wales Greensboro, N.C. Atlanta, Ga. Winter Park Demos, J.E. Hollywood Deupree, W.J., III Dissinger, C.B. Donnelly, M.G. Donovan, R.G. Covington, Ky. Lakeland Sarasota Clearwater Duff, D.A. Mims Duncan, B.A. Orange Park Duncan, F.H. Eakins, W.K. Jacksonville Garrison, Ky. Eatman, S. Lakeland Eddy, M. Edinger, H.H. Alachua Ft. Lauderdale Edwards, C.P. Eichhorn, T.J. Orlando Detroit, Mich. " Not bad, not bad at all! ' Freshmen 275 ♦ ' ♦• ' ♦•« Eisenberg, T.J. Miami Beach Elderd, B.F. Fort Myers Elliott, G.K Sarasota Emerson, S.S. Moylan, Pa. English, D.M. Morristown, N.J. Ezell, S.D. Fairbanks, K.M. Fannin, J.G. Fanning, M.O. Faraon, L.M. Farenwald, D.A. Fey, C.L urfreesboro, Term. Delray Beach Lakeland Lakeland Orlando Lakeland Titusville Fichtner, M.M. Lakeland Finch, J.K. Clearwater «.: " Flath, M.M. Garden City, N.Y. Flood, M.E. Ford, R. Forrester, M. Fowler, C.J. Fort Meade Highland Park, N.J. Lakeland Quincy V atitM Freed, J.E. Freeman, P.C. Canton, Ohio Miami Friedman, L.N. Fries, P.J. Fuhrman, P.K. Fulford, C.W. Morristown, N.J. Chateauroux, France West Salem, Ohio Cocoa Fulmer, K.R. ero Beach Freshmen Sen. Spessard Holland, trustee, and Mrs. Holland visit FSC. ♦ ♦ , Furnell, W.P. Lakeland Gabbe, B. Germany Gaddis, D.E. Franklin, Ind. Gammill, G.E. Gardner, J.E. Gardner, P.E. Gauches, J.Z. Hollywood Tampa Casey, 111. E. Hartford, Conn. Gay, R.E. Lakeland Geis, C.E. Gladden, I. Glassey, J.B., III Godwin, F.G. Gogel, T.J. Goldsmith, A.C. Hollis. N.Y. Winter Haven Newburgh, N.Y. Jacksonville Valley Stream, X.Y. N. Miami Beach Gomez, G.S. Hialeah Good, C.W. Guther, I.K. Erie, Pa. Alexandria, Ya. Grafton, J.E. Winter Haven Graham, J.D. Leesburg Gray, S.J. Pompano Beach Green, B.J. Macon, Ga. fl I ml ' W??it y Greener, M.J. Lakeland Grice, E.E. St. Cloud Griffiths, J.A. Brewster, Mass. Grimes, F.L. Homestead Grimm, D.J. Woodmere, N. Y. Grimm, S.C. Woodsfield, Ohio Grove, S.N. Rock Island, 111. The Jr. Panhellenic scholarship is award- ed to Linda Lee Ray. Freshmen 277 ♦ « • i 4 J ' « ii Haigler, J. A. Randolph, Texas Hall, D.R. Hall, J.B. Hamelryck, P.D. Hamm, CD. Miami Fredericksburg, Va. Lakeland Lodi, Ohio Hanna, J.S. Harris, J.S. Rock Hill, S.C. Cambridge, HI. Harvey, A.E. High Point, N.C. Haskins, L.L. Jacksonville Haskins, M.L. Lakeland Hauser, B.J. Ft. Lauderdale Hawk, M.A. Haynes, Robert Haynes, Robin Groveland Lynnfield, Mass. Miami fi CL II 9, Hazelwood, W.B. Hedges, H.L., Jr. Henderson, G.I. Herdt, P.J. Hevener, J.G. Chattanooga, Tenn. Lakeland Lake Worth Union, N.J. Swoope, Va. Hill, C.T., Jr. Lake Park Hirschfeld, R. Rep. of Panama fiS T I Hobson, S.C. Hoch, K.D. Hoffman, F.E. Hoffstatter, R.G. Holmberg, M.B. Cincinnati, Ohio Oriskany Falls, N.Y. Key West Largo Miami Holt, C.S. Uradenton Holton, L.L. Arcadia Freshmen Students leave after a class in newly- redecorated Edge Hall. •■•■• ♦ ♦ ,.♦ • ♦•» „» ; - ' Holtzclaw, L.C. Honeycutt, D.J. Orlando Raleigh, N.C. Honrath, S.C. Hooper, C.W., Jr. Hopper, E.R., Jr. Miami Selma, Ala. Arbin, Ky. Hosey, L.C. Riverton, N.J. Hovey, D.W. Ocoee Huehner, K.E. Garfield, X.J. Hunter, P.H. Virgin Islands Hunzeker, S. Dundee Hurt, B.A. Lakeland Hussey, M.A. DeLand Hutson, P.E. Opa-locka Igou, R.C. Winter Garden Ingram, B.B. Ingram, D. Ingram, P. Jackson, C.A. Jacobs, S.R. Jacobsen, C.C. James, J. A. Davenport Naples Naples Godwin, N.C. St. Davids, Bermuda Naples West Palm Beach Joest, J.L. Johnson, M.E. Johnson, P. A. Jones, D.E. acksonville Cumberland, R.I. Leesburg Eustis Joslin, J. Jowers, J. A. Joyner, M.K. Batavia, N.Y. Orange Park Lakeland " It seems to me that girl has been under- water more than three minutes. " Freshmen 279 i • 4 ■ 4 4 ■ •■4 4 4 i Judy, JX. Jungkind, J.L. Miami Leonia, N..T. Keithlv, K.P. Port Charlotte Kemp, R.S. Orlando Kent, R.E. Goldenrod Kerr, R.S. Ocoee Kesler, D.E. Hollywood Kiddoo, L.K. Carlisle, Pa. Kiesel, H.D. Fort Myers Knight, L.L. Lakeland Kiger, CM. Kimhrough, M.C. King, C.C. Dunreith, Ind. Brooksville Asheville, N.C. King, K.J. Danville, Ind. Kirkland, CD. Vero Beach Knowles, S.B., III Knox, B.E. Kopp, R.E. Kubicek, A.L. Kuehnell, J.L. Indiatlantic DeLand Haines City Phillips, Wis. Tampa Lam, W.L., Jr. Elkton, Va. Lancaster, S.L. Westbury, N.Y. Langdon, N.J. Glenshaw, Pa. Lay, S.A. Laymon, S.M. Gainesville Lakeland Leaton, R.A. Lee, W.J. Lehr, D.B. Waterville, N.Y. Willoughby, Ohio West Lawn, Pa. Freshmen " . . . sewing machine invented by William Sewing in . . . " %•••• ♦ . ♦ •♦„ • • Lemmond, J.B. Matthews, X.C. Ley, S.E. Pompano Beach Lincoln, H.A. Cohasset, Mass. Lippton, J.L. Lipski, PL. Orlando Falls Church, Va. Lodato, W.J. Hicksville, N.Y. Long, D.S. Nashville, Tenn. Long, M.A. Starke 4ilAll Longo, L.V. Lotz, H.J. Lowry, C.J. Tampa Morristown, N.J. Daytona Beach Luke, S.S. Lukes, W.G., Jr. Lundeen, P.W. Lafayette, Ind. Nashville, Tenn. Jamestown, N.Y. Lunquist, J. Lakeland Lyle, E.E. Lyle, W.R., Jr. Mabery, P.D. Madigan, D.L. Maher, D.K. Bartow Bartow Nashville, Tenn. Elmira, N.Y. Malone, N.Y. Marcum, J.A. Jacksonville Beach Marshall, C.A. Clearwater Martell, G.E. Plant City Martin, K.A. Forest Hills. N.Y. Martin, M.A. Englewood, N.J. Martone, D.M. Masaitis, E.A. Pompano Beach North Miami Mason, S.R. Roanoke, Va. " Well, I ' m not too sure of that myself. Freshmen 281 Matson, P. Matuska, B.A. Miami Beach Riverdale, 111. ii McCarthy, E.D. McCrory, S.L. McCullers, S.D. McDonald, R.A. McElhennev, DX. Key West Orlando Jacksonville W. Hartford, Conn. Lakeland McFadden, J.N. McGee, W.L., Jr. New York, N.Y. Ft. Lauderdale Mclrvin, S. Leesburg McKay, T.W. Coral Gables McKenzie, R.A. McKnight, E.L. McKnight, R.W. Glen Ellyn, 111. Fruitland Park Lake Worth McLeod, J.H. Jacksonville Menk, A. A. Maitland Meriwether, W.H. Messinger, S. Sanford Nortbbrook, 111. Meyers, L.E. Miami Middleton, J.L. Hialeah Miley, P.G. Bartow Miller, C.K. Miami Milner, M.L. Mingledorff, T., Ill Mitchell, J.E. Monfort, E.D. Jacksonville Tallahassee St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Moore, A.L. Moulden, H.E. Clinton, N.C. Lakeland Freshmen " I ' m not believing it. 282 •••■ ♦ ' ♦ -.♦ Murphy, K.B. Mussoline, J.D. Myers, L.S. Clearwater Hazelton, Pa. Westover, Mass. Mvers, R.F. Nelson, M.G. New-kirk, Y.E. Newton, J. A. Winter Park Blytheville, Ark. Eau Gallic Homestead Noonan, T.R. Norton, J. Batavia, N.Y. Hinsdale, 111. Norton, J.F. Nunn, R.G., III Oktavec, FJ. Osborn, LaRue, II Owens, J.G. Tampa Arlington, Va. Clearwater Winter Haven Tarpon Springs Park, J.A. Lincoln, 111. Patterson, J.F. Patterson, O.C., Jr. Paul, M.J. Miami Springs Hollywood Winnetka, 111. Payne, S.C. Knoxville, Tenn. Pearson, J.T. Miami Pent, C.E. Marathon Perkins, K.I. Permar, P.C. Lakeland St. Simons Is., Ga. Peter, J.A. Miami Petersen, S.J. Boynton Beach Petrone, R.M. Huntington, N.Y. Petterson, S.R. Fort Pierce Phillips, B.J. Mt. Dora Freshmen ' He dumped the whole tray on WHO? " 283 - - _ 4 « t 04 •♦ ' M Pierson, H.S., Jr. Pitman, M.P. Lakeland Apopka Placek, D.E. Lakeland Pontius, S. Portman, J.K. Coral Gables Pompano Possinger, S.C. Pouttu, L.L. Ft. Lauderdale Elberton, Ga. Press, A.C. Price, R.L. Price, S.L. Prieto, E.A. Proctor, S.J. Miami Beach Chattanooga, Tenn. Lyndhurst, Ohio St. Petersburg Venice Prosser, J. A. Jacksonville Pugh, M.L. Athens, Mich. Purkey, S.L. Bloomington, 111. Railsback, S.J. Jacksonville Rankin, D.L. Reedy, L.K. Register, J.L. Reichert, J.M. Orlando Eustis Alturas Fairborn, Ohio Reid. M.A. York, Pa. Remington, T.T. Remley, D.M. Rockledge Peoria, 111. Renton, K.L. Reynolds, EX. Rhodes, L.S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Miami Shores Arlington, Va. Freshmen Rice, J.L. Lakeland Rice, L.B. Jacksonville i » Students between classes. 284 »-Jk ♦ ♦ Ridley, J.L. Sebring Riley, P.J. Tampa Robertson, R.M. Eagle Lake Robinson, K.B. Carthage, N.C. Robles, D.M. Lakeland Robson, R.J. Sanford Rogers, F.V. Lakeland Rogers, J.D. Rohrbaugh, M.B. Romence, S.L. Romeo, P.A. Rogersville, Tenn. Winter Hpven Grand Rapids, Mich. Andover, Mass. Ross, D.E. Routsong, M.J. Rubush, C.A. Edgewater, N.J. Largo Lake Hamilton Rudin, H.C. Salisbury, B.B. Sanders, S.M. Sapp, P.L. Brooklyn, X.Y. Richmond, Va. Lawrenceburg. Tenn. Jacksonville Sargeant, J. A. Sargent, T.A. Saxman, E.F. Lakeland Haines City Bryn Mawr, Pa. Schaefer, H.C. Schlamel, R.C. Lady Lake Milwaukee, Wis. Schmidt, H.G. Schott, C, IV Lakeland Dunellen, N.J. Students gather for a pre-class chat. Schrieber, M.Z. Schweiger, A. Scott, B.D. St. Cloud New Hyde Park, N.Y. Lookout Mt., Tenn. Freshmen 2S5 t 9 f i S- ' fi Sellet, J.A. Winter Haven Scllner, J.R. St. Petersburg Shapiro, S.C. Auburn, N.Y. Sharpe, J.R., Jr. Sheen, M.R. Jacksonville CI Treasure Island Sherwin, P.F. Heme, N.Y. AlliJ 2 Shipley, P.L. Short, C.H. Shy, S.N. Sibley, C.J. Silvers, R.S. Simmerson, D.C. Simpson, R.L. Lakeland Largo New York, N.Y ' . Angola, N.Y. Miami Beach Orlando Mt. Dora Singletary, C.L. Smelt, W.H. Smith, A.I. Jacksonville Seville Pennington, NJ. Smith, S.C. Smith, S.R. Smyre, L.B., III Snyder, J.M. Melbourne Beach Falls Church, Va. DeLand North Fort Myers Southcott, B.A. Key West Souzon, S.B. Key Biscayne Spencer, D.K. Spencer, M.L. Laurelville, Ohio Lake Bluff, 111. Stafford, J.K. Stambach, D.L. Standifer, R.T. Sarasota York, Pa. Lakeland Freshmen 3 - - K " Oh, those days spent soaking up the rays! 286 %•••« ♦ ♦ I » ♦ Stephens, SJ. Sterling, D.C. Stevenson, W.R. Stewart, M.A. St. Charles, 111. Vero Beach Lakeland Scituate, Mass. Story, J.B. Betterton, Md. Stover, A.W.K. Stover, B.A. St. Petersburg Zionsville, Ind. Stropes, C.J. Sullivan, H.L. Swango, S.S., III Switzer, J. A. Montville, N.J. Frostproof Dayton, Ohio Royersford, Pa. Tallman, B.A. Talmadge, D.V. Lake Worth Momstown, N.J. Tanner, C.E. Orlando Taylor, J. Merrick, N.Y. Taylor, S.K. Thompson, W.F. Thomson, M.E. Green Cove Springs Coral Gables N. Miami P,each Ticknor, S.A. Tingle, EX., Jr. Tope, P.W. Trathen, D.R. Treat, S.J. Lutz Edgewater Maitland Bedford Hts., Ohio Coldwater, Mich. Tuten, J.N. Van Horn, B.D. Waycross, Ga. Islamorada ' W V m WSnaOM V i ( 0( i , re A Freshmen v ■ i ■■.;«« pom. m " And they ' re going to let me see you here at the wire once a week. " 2S7 -4 • 4 • . t • % n i Vayo, R.J. Fort Myers Beach Vinson, B.C. Lakeland Vogelsang, R.L. Baldwin, N.Y. Voight, S. Miami Wager, C.C. Waggoner, M.M. Burlington, Vt. Nashville, Tenn. Walker, B.J. Sebring Walker, G.G. Walkup, M.J. Bethesda, Md. Mcintosh Ward, S.L. Arlington, Va. Warden, L.M. Wardlaw, M.J. Robins A.F.B., Ga. Frostproof Wareing, P.S. lit. Dora Warner, N.L. Lakeland Waterman, L.F. Waters, W.E. Grand Rapids, Mich. Winter Haven Watkins, E.K. Watson, W.C. Melbourne Jnno Beach Watts, D.M. Titusville Waugh, E.L. Bartow Way, B.A. Amityville, N.Y. riittil Webster, V. Allentown, Pa. Weeks, J.C. Weinstein, J.S. Weir, K.L. Welsh, W.A. Wetherington, J.R. Wheeler, CM. Penns Grove, N.J. N. Dartmouth, Mass. Middletown, Ohio Fort Myers Beach Lakeland Roxboro, X.C. Freshmen ■ft 3 X § V i L V The Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders, 1962-63. 288 ,♦-,%• • .♦ - .»•♦ Whitacre, W.A. Whitaker, D.P. White, S.H. Widenor, R.D. Wileden, F.A. Ft. Lauderdale Spring Lake, N.J. Morris Plains, N.J. Wilmington, Del. Lakeland Wilford, S.E. Wilhelm, T.A. Jacksonville New Canaan, Conn. Williams, R.H. Sanford Willis, F.J. Lakeland Willis, L.W. Culpeper, Va. Wilson, B.L. Miami Winter, J.E. Smyrna, Ga. ii Wise, C.J. Witten, A.C. Milford, Conn. Van Wert, Ohio Wittman, J.J. Wolfe, M.J. Wolin, D. Wooldridge, L.L. Wright, C.A. Cherry Hill. N.J. Middletown, Ohio Bergenfield, N.J. Fairfax, Va. St. Simons Is., Ga. Wright, E.R. Tifton, Ga. Young, Deanna Atlanta, Ga. d Young, Deborah Young, K.D. Young, MX. Zahn, S.J. Zepernick, S.V. Ziegler, W.H. Waterville, Ohio Tampa Arlington, Va. Great Neck, N.Y. Hialeah Largo m ' I just can ' t watch this. Freshmen 289 •Jr The 1963 Interlachen expresses its appreciation to the following business concerns, whose interest and co-operation have helped to make possible the publication of this yearbook of Florida South- ern College. The editors and business managers respectfully urge that friends of the College examine the ad - vertisements of these firms and individuals, and call upon them for service at every possible op- portunity. 290 Compliments of GULF FABRICS, INC 105 East Park Ave. TAMPA BROTHERS LAKELANDS GREAT STORE Compliments of Hardy Sod Company Vernon S. Miller, Owner 915 N. Gilmore Ave. Phone 686-9959 ■ DEALER SALES CO., ME ' DESCO " PRODUCTS P.O.Box 10095 TAMPA 9, FLORIDA Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Supplies Distributors, Johnson JJ ' ax Products Compliments of ORTMEYER ' S INC. Wholesale Furniture Guy Burnett, President John Burnett, Sales Manager Gordon Burnett, Office Manager 306 South Franklin Street Phone 229-2549 TAMPA, FLORIDA pbhuok fiflMKHTF SHH ti4e tt ifcoppwtg u-, (l honmJvL 292 ► ••••♦ %•♦•♦•• ♦ ■ v. ■ - - Compliments of Compliments SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT COMPANY of J FIRST STATE BANK 207 S. Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida OF LAKELAND " Your Modern Bank WILLIAM ' S FLOWERS of Convenience " Y our Nearest Florist DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO Complete Wire Service $10,000 By MU 6-1641 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1043 S. Florida Avenue Compliments of FLORIDA FAVORITE FERTILIZER, INC. LAKELAND P.O. Box 912 Phone 682-2153 Compliments of A. G. KING PRODUCE CO. Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables Lakeland, Florida W W W W W YOUR NEWSPAPER . . . . Freedom ' s Forti in REECECLIFF SANDWICH SHOP J Phone MU 6-6661 940 S. Florida Avenue MOSES GULF SERVICE ONE STOP SERVICE S. Florida Avenue McDonald Lakeland Today ' s newspaper, whole-heartedly dedicated to keeping America free, is also keeping America fully informed. The rules of decency and the welfare of its readers are the only censor of what it shall print ... and the TAMPA TRIBUNE and THE TAMPA TIMES are dedicated to the fullfillment of these principles. The Tampa Tribune Morning and Sunday The Tampa Times Evening Radio Stations WFLA, WFLA-FM WFLA Television Channel 8, NBC Complete Banking and Trust Services We Solicit Your Account BANKING HOURS Lobby: Monday - Friday 9-2 Friday Evening 4:30-7:30 Drive-In Windows : Monday - Friday 9-4 :30 Friday Evening 9-7 :30 Curb Teller : Monday - Friday 9-4 :30 Polk County ' s Oldest National Bank FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK at LAKELAND WITH TRUST DEPARTMENT 1 13 South Tenn. Ave. Phone 686-1136 Member Florida National Group of Banks Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Baltimore - Philadelphia - Newark - Hartford - Jacksonville ♦ .%•.♦ Compliments of Raybro Electric Company 520 N. Ingraham Avenue Compliments of FMC CORPORATION ' G O Compliments of CEMENT PRODUCTS SUPPLY CO., INC. 516 W. Main Street ' Zimmerman ' s ' Compliments of WYNN MATTRESS CO. - ■ 4 ' TILL OFFICE EQUIPMENT Office Supplies - Furniture - Machines For Gifts that Are Different 615 N. Broadway BARTOW, FLORIDA FIRST FEDERAL SAVING LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LAKELAND CURRENT DIVIDEND 4% Corner of Orange and Tennessee Crystal Lake Road Meadowbrook Florida ' s Foremost Distributor of Industrial Supplies, Hardware, Power Transmission Equipment, Machinery and Machine Tools. Nationally Known Manufacturers Represented: Aim Division (Acme Steel) Alemite Delta Devcon DeVilbiss MacWhyte Manning, Maxwell Moore S. K. F. Schaefer Schroder American Stock Gear Dewalt McCulloch Saws Sherman-Klove Anderson Armstrong Brothers DiAcro Diamond Chain McKay Miller Electric Simonds South Bend Aro Air Tools Dumore Miller-Robinson Standard Conve; Atkins Folk National Tube Standard Presse Behr-Manning Belmont Black Decker Faultless Caster Geometric Tool B. F. Goodrich Norton Nupla Oberdorfer Stanley Starrett Stockham Browning Burke Pump Carboloy Grob, Inc. Hammond Heil Dryer Onsrud Osborn Oster Henry G. Thomp Toledo Whitman Barn Century Electric Chain Belt Cincinnati Tool Columbian Rope Crescent Tool Kalamazoo Lamson Sessions Lectrolite K. O. Lee Lubriplate Perfection Pexto Pratt Whitney Ridgid Tool Rust-Oleum Worthington Wyzenbech St HARRY P. LEU, INC 1 00 W. Livingston Ave., ORLANDO 3701 N.W. 37th Ave., MIAMI 4621 N. Lois Ave., TAMPA Serving Florida Industry Since 1 900 . . .. SMOKE flOUSt l RESTAURANT FRANK and LAURETTA BUELL Dining Room — Curb Catering Service 2136 New Tampa Hwy. MUtual 6-2350 LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of " ittaddox MEN ' S WEAR GROVE PARK and DOWNTOWN Compliments of Gulf Oil Products Co. j Nelson M. Ayala — Distributor FOR THE BEST IN FUEL OILS J0 Phone MU 6-3103 Lakeland, Florida Compliments Thanks For Your Patronage of ! World Travel Center Formerly Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. ARNO TRAVEL SERVICE . 317 North Massachusetts Avenue Telephone: MU 2-5153 Lakeland 1 9 9 9 Tmrr styieshop Timely Clothes Arrow Shirts McGregor Sports Wear Jantzen Swim Wear LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of Lakeland Typewriter and Supply Company, Inc. Royal Electric, Standard and Portable Typewriters Sales-Service Victor Adding Machines and Calculators Sales-Service Thomas A. Edison Dictating Machines Sales-Service Shaw Walker Steel and Jasper Wood Furniture Central Florida ' s Most Popular Office Supply House 122 South Tennessee Lakeland, Florida Compliments of JOYCE CORNER Bags Belts Pants Suits Coats Shirts Shorts Skirts Culottes Dresses Sweaters Thongs 219 East Lemon Street 298 (•••♦•• ♦•♦•♦•••■ ' Students ! We SALUTE YOU For Selecting Florida Southern MK mum swim AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LAKELAND " look; to the i_ead«= d " 123 S.TENNESSEE AVE. Opposite the Post Office SAVINGS) 2600 S. FLORIDA AVE. Opposite Soulhgale 299 • -♦■ Compliments of JOYNER LUMBER COMPANY, INC. LAKELAND, FLORIDA 300 FLORIDA ' S FAVORITE FRESH MILK! LAKELAND For more than 100 years, folks have been saying, " If it ' s Borden ' s it ' s got to be good. " 301 r i ' ii up m, ♦• t ♦ Compliments of ELLIS BROTHERS, INC. ■o 3240 South Florida Avenue LAKELAND FLORIDA 302 Compliments of BERGER AND RACHELSON, INC. INSTITUTIONAL FOOD DISTRIBUTORS S O TAMPA, FLORIDA 303 W m W ▼♦ • ■ Compliments of ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING COMPANY g TD ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI 304 ■ » ♦ Compliments of FENTON ' S LAUNDRY AND DRYCLEANERS LAKELAND LINEN SERVICE S O LAKELAND, FLORIDA 305 ■ - ■♦■ t ♦ t • Compliments of BURL WILSON, PLASTERING CONTRACTOR C S ' S O 512 West Maxwell Street LAKELAND, FLORIDA Business Phone MU 2-0812 Resident Phone MU 2-6688 306 ■ Compliments of TUMER GEE Inc Institutional Food Specialists 61 1 West Robinson Ave. Orlando, Fla. 307 WWW Compliments of HUGHES SUPPLY, INC. LAKELAND, FLORIDA You Are Always Welcome at PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND For All Your Banking Services Corner Main and Florida " For the Best in Banking " PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND LAKELAND, FLORIDA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 309 fl ' -fTI ' W t .♦■ •♦•♦•♦■« ■- ' » w ▼ » t • 4 ■ 4 ♦ « Compliments of SUNSHINE OIL COMPANY, INC, OIL JOBBERS LAKELAND, FLORIDA 310 ■ ■ M ' V :» Compliments of J. B. LINEBERGER, INC. j Distributors for Richfield Oil j - 1650 New Tampa Highway LAKELAND, FLORIDA 311 it • ■ Congratulations SHEPPARD DISTRIBUTORS 1045 South Florida Avenue MEAT PROCESSORS 312 • ••• ••♦•♦•• ♦• ' ■ . ' • ' ♦• ' • " ♦ r l-«-« ••« ♦•• -• ♦ • ' ♦ ♦ . • ' + ■ ' ■• ' , ■,,.■ ' ..■■.. .■ ' ■ ' .. ; ; ■ ■.■..-•, - ! ■ ; «■ ;■ ' : . ■ ■ ■ ■ ' , ■ ;■ •; ( • : ■ V ■ , i

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