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M % t % 4 . 1 4 - - - k t ft ft ft ft ft .ft 4 M NTERLACHEN NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE INTERLACHEN STAFF MARILYN AULD Editor-in-Chief CAROLINE SELDEN Managing Ed. NANCY ANN GIBSON Assoc. Ed. CORNING F. TOLLE Bus. Advisor BETTY TOY Editorial Assistant PAUL WILLE College Photographer HARRELL BROOKS Cover Design HAL WATERS Editorial Advisor CONTENTS _ i jr.. Wj 4 • • . v Lft . r Jll fk - 3 (jftSP yt M j FEATURES ORGANIZATIONS liLA i 4lS MILITARY jfm ATHLETICS ADMINISTRATION AMPUS % ♦ • ♦ % % • % % ♦ 4 % 1 he name and seal on The Commons PROLOGUE Florida Southern College ' s Campus is a two-part structure with each part harmoniously co-existent upon the other. It is a temple dedicated to the propagation of knowledge and a community devoted to the culmination of the social person. We dedicate the 1961 Interlachen to this co-existence, by which a great college thrives. View of the Panhellenic Building on Lake Hollin;js« " orth. w, ithout us, the beautiful buildings on Campus would be hollow shells. With us, they are proving grounds for our social and educational endeavors; in spacious halls of the Panhellenic Building; at the circular desks of the E. T. Roux library, in this our monument we work to prove ourselves not only acceptable, but worthy of the term STUDENTS. Moving into Panhellenic Row. • % ' % % " % ' .% ' %._% % « %■« ft fti Registration procedures become tiring and schedules, complicated. reshmen tests are all a part f the first week at Southern CAMPUS Interior of the E. T. Roux Library. Students wait fur appointment in Administration Buildinu. o ver the years as our campus has grown so has our gait, from a country saunter to a head down rush to keep pace with the surge in standards of studies. So while appreciating, our rapid course permits only quick glimpses at our monument. ■%■♦ %.% In the background is the focal point of studies, the E. T. Ruux Library. Esplanade vista betweer Chapel and Library. CAMPUS J 1 % : 1 ■fes - Interior view if hallway in Administration Building. The beautifully quiet Garden of .Meditation. Brahma bull was imported from India. Indian elephant posted at Garden entrance. .1 % ■ % % % % % • • ♦ %•% % % % ♦ « t CAMPUS The Hindu Temple in the Garden. B, »ut while our quick step and familiarization with the campus hinders us from looking up, we know it ' s there. And occasionally within the quiet Garden of Meditation we observe, perhaps not the structures, but certainly the atmosphere of education thev herald. CAMPUS _Z Vnd our monument is also a warm place, providing for those carefree moments with spacious swimming pool and sun deck. We set aside our studies here to pick them up again refreshed, invigorated. Sunbathing at the pool by the College Terrace. A swim alter a day of el V ot classes. 1MU 4 % % %•% • i 1 ' I he colorful, modern shaped swimming pool. CAMPUS Unique architectural design in the Annie Pfeifter Chapel. Students attend convocation in the Chapel. w ithin the confines of our Chapel we are also invigorated, in a much greater sense. It is here we face toward God, feeling the serenity of his nearness. It is here that our course is plotted with divine assistance. It is here that we ARE. 1 •■••• ' • i 4 i CAMPUS O ur monument stands highest at its west, where ultra- modern structures pose proud in splendor that has brought to Florida Southern College recognition as the " first truly- American Campus. " Registrar ' s office is a busy place when grades come out. The office oi the Registrar, Watson Administration Building ft % k » ft ♦ ft.% Esplanades provide protection and beauty. Study in the cool shade of the esplanade. Walkways in all kinds of weather. I .11 our Science building we search to find some of the meanings of nature ' s discipline, continuity and control, preparing ourselves to look first at the world, and then at the universe. ■•■♦ % % CAMPUS West view of the Polk Science Building features new observatory and covered esplanades. Iron grillwork on southwest corner of Folk Science Building. Observatory at south end of Polk Science. Northwest section of Science Building showing extended walkway and built-in planter boxes. 19 CAMPUS T, he mind is a knife that, if honed on the fine wheel of education properly, becomes the tool to rend the translucent veil of the mystery of the stars, the earth, and ourselves. The wheel is turning. Walkway leads across campus to Administration Building. Tropical trees frame colorful Waterdome and Administration Building. ¥ A ::: :;:.:::! EATURES t T « ♦ V a fl ■r y i EATURES Orientation - - the Freshman ' s Dilemma Those first uncertain steps to be taken before joining the ranks of Florida Southern ' s student body are usually shakey, but somehow we all made it. " Well, to set to the cafeteria you turn ' And even the bed ' s soft. A new campus arrival gets help. Those First, Awesome Steps on that Busiest of All Days Those first placement tests. 26 ;:::::::::! ' The only Pi I know is apple. ' Oh, for a slide rule. 27 LN The first student dance. Getting In The Swing Of College Living Dr. Thrift offers greet ' 1 he campus hack into action. Opening convocation at Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. Registration — daze, maze, haze. Worried wait in registration line. 30 ♦ ♦ ♦ Next act awaits turn in Freshmen Talent Show. ' I ' m ronna wash that man right out of my hair. " ' Do I have to take Biology 31 Sports Highlight After-Class Campus Activities Batter ' s up. K.. . ' lz all out tor a big weekend :::::::::;! • i4 . - a S ' ■ ' Sra - 11 ' ' Vl . ' ,44: (f The last of the spectators. " i All smiles for the Alpha Gams — Olympic Winners. There ' s work to it too. Watching inter-fraternity football players in action. :::: There Always Should Be A Time When Students Just Enjoy Life Students relax at the C.L Just a refreshing dip in the pool. 34 ' % % % 4-4-4 % % 4-4 4 4 4 • ft A. ' Come on in . . . the water ' s fine. Co-eds feast at the annual Christmas banquet. Students catch a few rays at the pool after classes. Creativity Is Very Much A Part Of FSC Life Vagabonds practice for a big production in the Fletcher I heater. Practicing up for her modern dance class. And i hi tliri moi e, I promis Don Vandenburgh and Joseph How en practice for " Thieve ' Carnival. " 36 » ♦ «■ One last practice before the concert. Home Economics classes are a part of Southern ' s creative program. Students work on new science research project. Anything new on the home front? I ' ll start my diet tomorrow. Spirits Are High As The Holiday Season Approaches Santa paid a visit to the Panhellenic Building 3S FOUNDER ' S WEEK Stanley Kresge, Honorary chancellor proudly wears his medallion. The hand strikes up and the annual parade is under way. Victor Lee Rankin receives degree of Doctor of Di- vinity from President 1 hrift. A Festive Week Reigned Over By Dignitaries And Queens Crown and scepter hearers stand ready. 10 ::::::::: Dancing — to the Jimmy Dorsey orchestra. Informal Founders ' Week dance at the College Union. Annual Founders ' Week Ball is a big occasion. FOUNDERS ' WEEK Parades, Colorful Floats, Beautiful Girls Add Festive Touch MgyWW. ' W: ■■K39 Southern beauties wave to crowd troi: Alpha Gamma Delta and Kappa Sigma Moat wins first place in both College and Centennial competition. .1 I % t ' % % % 4 , 4 . 4 4 % % % 44.444 » % ♦ %1 Mu and Sig Ep place second in Centennial judging, r v ... -cW- 4 - Zeta Tau Alpha wins second place in college competition. Flo rida Southern College float. i l% ' ,-•;% 7 HBFo r ■BCfcv f wS5 u BjRJv ' fl«P3 3 ill Ml s ga T Jmt . ' y •n. . •— " ■ _£ — • 5 - -» ?■ MS - -— - " " " ■ u a [)r. Emme and Mrs. lliberson present " 1 ' I hink This " award to Linda Maggio. Nan Barrow, left, of Alpha Delta l ' i presents awards to Greek Sini: winners. I [onor Walk student. I. urna lean Brooks. » ■ " ♦%• % J ♦ %] FOUNDERS ' WEEK To Round Out Week Awards And Honors Bestowed For Hard Work Greek Sing winners Sigma Chi, s Zeta Tau Alpha wins first prize in Sinij 45 FOUNDERS ' WEEK The End Of A Week To Always Remember Students try to beat faculty at softbal Annua] alumni banquet feature of Founders ' Week. Frank Handv returns " missing " hat to President Thrift. 46 BEAUTIES 47 v w LA 1 MISS MISS RUTH Sponsored v Kl I ' ll ELLEN ROGERS, l ;i Sou tin ni it, i- 1 )61 . m -m SOUTHERN ELLEN ROGERS Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Miss Southern in a tropical setting. MISS INTERLACHEN MISS SANDY SWAIN Sponsored by Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Jh . A - _ _ I First Runner Up MISS INTERLACHEN MISS PAM TEAGUE Sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi Sorority 52 ••:•::•:::•::! Second Runner Up MISS INTERLACHEN MISS SALLY FULFORD Sponsored by Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority BEAUTIES As Delicate and Fresh as the Orange Blossoms SHARON ROBERSON Sponsored by Phi M u Sorority BETTY HARVEY Sponsored by Kappa Delta Sorority ;.i % %•» % « ft 1 1 NAN BARROW Sponsored by Kappa Sigma Fraternity VICKI WATTERS Sponsored by Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority NANCY ANN GIBSON Sponsored by Sigma Chi Fraternity BEAUTIES RUTH ROGERS Sponsored by Pi Kappa .llphn Fraternity DANA KNOWLTON Sponsored by Kappa Alpha Order • ••■••; IIrganizations tfc • ' %•••%•%■] l mmi £ Cqp [JIrganizations -% % 4 % % % |,4 ■»•%■♦ % -t The Student Senate of Florida Southern Col- lege is the legislative branch of the Student Body Association. It works in conjunction with the Administration and students for the im- provement of campus life. The Senate heads the student elections, is- sues charters for campus organizations, ar- ranges Freshman Orientation Week and other activities, and in general works to improve all facets of life at the College. OFFICERS RICHARD SMITH President JIM STAMISON Vice-President RUTH ROGERS Secretary CAROL SUE SHIPLETT Treasurer DEAN ABNER L. HANSEN idvisor Southern Student Senate Cybul, AIcKee, Woyak, Shiplett, Stamison, Dean Hansen, Smith, Rogers, Brockway, Cooper, Tyler. Second run-: Mare r, Rawls, Kolaska, Scobie, Wrage, Newell, Tabb, Stahl. Left to right: Dr. Book, Bob Broyles, Karl Hawkins, Pete Milliot, Steve Acker, Chris Kallas. Supreme Court STEPHEN E. ACKER DR. HERBERT E. BOOK ROBERT F. BROYLES KARL D. HAWKINS CHRIS J. KALLAS PETER D. MILLIOT DAVID L. READDICK Advisor tn tin Supreme Court ABNER L. HANSEN Advisor to the S, mil, .. ' - -■ ' % ■ " % % % • % % I If % % % % % 4 i The Women ' s Student Government Association is a governmental subsidiary of the Student Body Association. It is composed of represen- tatives of sororities and independents who are elected by resident women students. It serves as a court for infractions of college and house rules, and strives to uphold the standards of women residents at F.S.C. OFFICERS PAM TEAGUE President SUE TAYLOR Vice-President SANDRA SMITH Secretary JUDY SCHRAFFENBERGER .... Sergcant-at-Arms FRANKIE THORPE Clerk Women ' s Student Government First row: Mowll, Thorpe, Smith, Teague, Taylor, Schraffenberger, McCarron, Lewis. Second row: Jackson, Smith, DeYoung, Beuster Wolfe, Krnoul, Vandiver, Langford. The Men ' s Student Government Organization was inaugurated on campus last year. It is coordinated with the office of the Director of Men and establishes and enforces disciplinary regulations for male students. The organiza- tion is made up of one representative from each fraternity and independent male group. OFFICERS DWAIN COX President LARRY THIGPEN Clerk JOHN [ONES Assistant Clerk BOB MCRPHY PHIL ALMAND I ROGER BOND i Judges ARMANDO GUTIERREZ ' PROF. REEVES idvisot Men ' s Student Government First row: Donovan, Ivey, Overton, Stahl, Sladek, Murphy, Nathurst. Wink. Second row: Ware, Crawford-Brown, MacLean, Langs ton, Prof. Reeves, Anderson, Kerrick, Pendergrass. Third roic: Yelton, Gerd, Lubach, Phillips, Thigpen. Jones. Mack. Cox. •; " ••■ ' • 3 First row: Sousley, Barringer, Stiles, Ellis, Carnahan, George, Watkins, McKee. Second row: Goodell, Mrs. Snook, Eynon, Shoemaker, Wiseman, Webb, Khonigon, Woyak, Fielding, Perrow, Mr. Ogden. Third row: Hannigan, Davis, Lancaster. Whidden, Rhodes, Roosa, Haas, Williams, fackson. South Florida Education Association The South Florida Education Association is a professional organization for majors in the field of education. It gives the students the opportunity for active participation in both the state and national educational association and strives to orient the student to his profession and to train leaders. OFFICERS JOYCE MC KEE President KITTY LOU SOUSLEY Vice-President CAROL JEAN CARNAHAN Secretary TOM WATKINS Treasurer PROF. J. GORDON OGDEN, JR idvisor The Southern The Southern is the weekly college news- paper published and edited by the Journal- ism students of Florida Southern College. EDITORIAL STAFF JANET YATES . WILLIAM MEANS LARRY HILL . . Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor . Sports Editor BUSINESS STAFF JUDY SCHRAFFENBERGER .... First Semester Business Manager JERRY XESTOS .... Seeond Semester Business Manager LACRETIA CATHEY Circulation JANET YATES Editor-in-Chief J I Kin NESTOS, JUDY SCHRAEFENBERG1 R Business Managers HAROLD WATERS 1 isor First Row: Wiseman, Coper, White, Yates, Covello, Gemmell, Schraflenberger, Cybul. Second Row: Baird, Chamberlin, Batso Broyles. Pat Covello, Gary English, Ted Thompson, and Claire Chamberlin work on a late story tor the South 67 First row: Martin, Williams, Hager. Second row: Miss Kelley, Crockett, Phillips, Anderson, Cribbs, White, Shaw, Wood, Sinclair, Miss Mayrose. Third row: Mr. Morris, Hackney, Wise, Leon, Lawn, Gutierrez, Barton, Garrison, Mr. Luce, Mack, Cotton, Mrs. Malone, Lawson, Mr. Smeltzly. Fourth row: Hussey, Cunard, Wardlaw, Allison, Pierpoint, Shiplett, Bente, Godfrey, Wickers, Dunson, Delk, Gabriel, McCurdv. Phi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon Mu, Florida Southern ' s society for physical education and recreation majors, was inaugurated on campus in 1959 to foster the proper teaching and understanding of the virtues and needs of physical education. The organization has already done a great deal toward preparing its student members as workers in the field. OFFICERS BUD CARLSON President KAREN BENTE Vice-Pn tideni STEL DUNSON Secretary JACK GARRISON Treasurer MISS ANNE MAYROSE Idvisor J ♦ ♦ ft] • ■••••••%.] » ' ft ♦ ft %.{ Firf row: Hunt, Lehman, Davison, Petteway, Goetz, Bond, Gait, Slate, Mignault, McKittriclc, Alexander, Williams, Tones, Tompkins, Cathey, Wilson, Hawkins, Weimer. Second row: Roberson, Moris, Hannigan, Comfort, Canova, Wiseman, Eldridge, Lupo, McKendrick Varcoe, Leeds, McFarlane, Safford, Lippencott, Smith, Cox, Lilly. Third row: Zukowski, Slaven, Wilson, Lowrv, O ' Rork, Davis, God- win, Rutz, Batson, Barrett, Jhonson, Montgomery, Pendergrass, Loveday, Reed. Rev. Luce. Fourth row: [vey, Belgarde, McCo ' rmick, Marshall, Egner, Conner, Newell, Kohlstedt, Dale, Wagner, Wells, Taylor, Ellis. Methodist Student Movement The purpose of the Methodist Student Move- ment is to provide for the spiritual, moral, social and intellectual needs of the college stu- dent. Representatives are sent to district, state and national conventions each year. Many func- tions are sponsored by the MSM, in addition to local, state and national service projects. OFFICERS ED ELLIS President KEITH EWING Vice-President MARGIE JHONSON Secretary-Treasurer REV. FRANCIS LUCE idvisor This was the first collegiate Civitan Club in the country. It is now busily engaged in forming other clubs throughout the United States. It was organized at Florida Southern for the pur- pose of offering the school an active collegiate service club. OFFICERS MONTE PAROLA President RODNEY DALE Vice-President ROBERT RULE Secretary-Treasurer Civitan Club First row: Johnson, Davis. Parola, Truitt, Haines. Second row: Dale. Rule. Goodman. 70 ♦ • ♦1 First row: Watson, Fielding, Weston, Decuers, Miller, Mathis, Oppelt. Second row: Briggs, Allen, Krnoul, Ousley, Reiser, Shirah. Westminster Foundation 1 he Westminster Foundation is an organiza- tion of Presbyterian students interested in pro- moting Christian ideals on the campus, in the community and in the world. It is endeavoring to emphasize the importance of granting these students an opportunity to develop their Chris- tian beliefs by carrying out several social pro- jects and by cooperating with the other religious organizations on campus in an effort to create a spirit of harmony at Florida Southern. OFFICERS JOHN SHIRAH President MARY MILLER . Vice-President HELEN WATSON Secretary MARCENE KRNOUL Treasurer The Baptist Student Union was founded to conserve Southern Baptist college youth for Christian leadership and the Kingdom of God, to minister to the spiritual needs of Baptist college men and women, and to extend the influence of the church to every campus. Every Baptist is a potential member, and becomes active when he joins a Baptist church in the educational center or any unit organization that is represented in the B. S. L . Council. OFFICERS JIMMY CHIRCHWELI President JOHN MARTIN Vice-President REV. EDWARD LILLY idvisor Baptist Student Union First row: Flint, Caudle. Canfield, Kiesel, Maurer, Thomas, Middleton, Dunlap, Brewster, Geramell. Second run: Rev. Lilly. Jones, Brasko, Dobbs, Stemper, Harvey, Hubhel, Green, Gavin, Dr. Smith. Third roiv: Churchwell, Hadley. Quigley, ' Fribble. Maritn. Maj. Gieger. % ♦ % ♦! ' « " ' " « ' ■• Sherred Kent White Negus, Wright. Cornwell, Johnson, Shoemaker. Second row: Newhouse Mr Richard, Plan Batchelder, Coldwell, Davis, Father White, Father Optenhrow, McKay. Third row: Lo Stockard, Worley, Johnson. opez, Kramer, Hanna, White, Reid, Sloan. Canterbury Club I he Canterbury Club is an organization formed for the purpose of reaching all Episcopalians on campus and to draw them into a bond of fellowship through study, service and friend- ship. I he organization sponsors religious study groups, participates in the Inter-Faith Council, holds vesper services, partakes in Religious Emphasis Week and holds several social events throughout the year. OFFICERS ACK PL ANT President CHRISTINE NEGUS First Vice-President CAY CORNWELL Second Vice-President REV. CLIFTON WHILE , CURATE ALBERT OPTENHROW . idvixon PROF. ROBERT G. RICHARDS ' The Lutheran Student Association endeavors to unite the Lutheran students in fellowship. It seeks to develop the individual ' s spiritual life, believing that in this way his social and intel- lectual developments will be well correlated. OFFICERS ROBERT SMITH President CONNIE Hl ' TTON Vice-President DOTTIE ANSPACH Secretary-Treasurer Lutheran Student Association First rmi-: Quinn, Perrow, Anspach, Hutton, Curci. Second row: Gladhill, Henrich, Thomas. Smith. ♦ ♦ ♦ I :r, Smith, Curd, Rev. Luce, Ousley, Hadley. Second row: Ellis, Plant. Inter -Faith Council The Inter-Faith Council is comprised of two delegates from each denominational group on campus. These groups are the Methodist Stu- dent Movement, Baptist Student Union, West- minster Fellowship, Christian Science Organi- zation, Canterbury Club, and Lutheran Student Association. The purpose of the Council is to unite the various religious organizations on campus in closer bonds of fellowship. The major activity of the Inter-Faith Council is centered around the organization and success of Religious Emphasis Week. OFFICERS I.U ' K PLANT President GINNY CURCI Vice-President JOANNA WEIMER Secretary First row: Gilleland, Mathes, McLaughlin, Daley, Rawls, Pryor, Smoot, Milliot. Second row: Huff, Allison, Hr Brown, Hawkins, Rutland. Circle K The Circle K International of Florida Southern College is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. The club strives to improve the campus by conduct- ing constructive projects. OFFICERS SCOOTER RAWLS President DICK SLADEK Vice-President EDWARD DALEY Secretary ROBERT PRYOR Treasurer BOB GILLIAM Sergeant-at-Arms 76 ••■•■•■»•••♦ ft Industrial Arts The Industrial Arts Club was re-established on campus this year through the co-operation and enthusiasm of its members and the able guid- ance of its adviser, Prof. G. Floyd Zimmer- mann, Jr., to whom each member is greatly indebted. The purpose of the club is to promote professional attitude and understanding of in- dustrial arts. Membership is open to all upper- classmen in good scholastic standing with at least twelve hours in industrial arts. Meetings are held weekly. Social highlights are the ban- quet and dance held at the year ' s end. OFFICERS DAVID BURNS President KEN GILLELAND Vice-President ED DALEY Secretary HENRY FABER Treasurer PROF. G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN Advisor First row: B. Johnson. Slad, Ballantyne, D. Johnson. Mr. Doak, Petrie, Naughton, Mr. Zimmermann. Second row: Frank, Pownall. Gilleland, Daley, Kohlstedt, Cooper, Frederick, Brown, Price. Third rem-: Skinner, Faber, Sharp, Lundquist, Burns, Vannest, Schmid. First row: Mr. Leeman, Jones, Stevens, Vannest, Lampman, Goode Wagner, Wehr. Quigley, Odadzin. Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha is one of the newest of the campus honorary organizations. Its purpose is to further musical interest and recognition ot musical accomplishments. Requirements for all members are an active interest in music and an over-all 2.0 average. This honorary fraternity was organized as an integral group under the auspices of the Music Department. OFFICERS ROBERT VANNEST President RICHARD GOODELL Vice-President ALLEN LAMPMAN Secretary-Treasurer 78 • % % t . I Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club develops and pro- motes interest in the various aspects of home economics and also fosters better student-faculty relationships. This growing organization is affiliated with both the state and national Home Economics Associations. Highlights of the year are the Christmas banquet and the style show. OFFICERS LVN ' NE BCRK President JUDY EPPENBERGER Vice-President SHARON ' LIDDELL Secretary ARLENE HOUSER Treasurer First row: Liddell, Thomas, Sellers, .Miller, McKay, Selden, Prime, Gifford. Second row: Welty, Williams, Burk, Barrow, Jost, Moore, Houser, Carpenter, Miller. Third row: VanXess, Brasko, Lesser, Eppenberger. Citrus Club I he Citrus Club is an organization to promote student interest in the citrus department and to provide them with the opportunity to meet ex- perts in the field of citrus. The Florida Citrus Mutual Award is presented by the cooperative organization to the outstanding citrus major in the June graduation class. A monthly dinner is sponsored by the organization featuring a guest speaker representing an important phase of the citrus industry. OFF1CF.RS ATLEE DAVIS President DENNIS CLINTON Vice-President STANLEY CARTER Secretary HARRY GRIFFIN Treasure! OWEN CONNOR BOB COTTER ■ Directors EARL SUTTON First row: Jackson. Shirah, Burt. McLeod, Holloway, Clinton. Hamm. Griffin, Davis. Second row: Mr. I. vie. Carter. R. Allen. Harvin. Connor. 1 hompson, Smith. J. Allen. Sutton. Dolozik, Kless, Colburn, Meredith, Rawls, Joesten, Negus, Brown, Ahrendt. Second Crow, Lancaster, Johnson, Prof. Wooton. Shapiro, Dr. Jordan, Hardin, Vagabonds The Vagabonds is an organization designed to promote mutual aid in encouragement for stu- dents of drama and speech. Outstanding plays are presented from the professional theater and also experimental plays which are written, produced and directed by members. Eligibility for membership is determined by the organi- zation as designated in the constitutional by- laws. OFFICERS JAMES KLESS .... MIKE BOWEN . . . MARY ANN AHRENDT JUDITH COLBURN . .... President . . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Publicity Director ♦• ■♦•♦ MRS. LOIS GROSS Director The Concert Choir Marty Arnold Marty Ballew Ann Blount Janet Britton Deborah Bryce Joy Davison Judy Colburn Sandra Dunlap Diane DeYoung Janice Fenner Marilyn Fryer Sally Gait Florence Gearhart Dottie Goetz Dee Gran Ruth Haymond Kathy Heiminger Charlotte McClure Frances Landrum Ruth Lawrence Sue Pepper Fran Riggs Janice Quinn Sandra Smith Fthel Varcoe Judy Walden Clara Wise Evie Hussey Charlann Paschall Ann Bradley Mary Linda Canova Jane Comfort Edith Ewald Patricia Fielding Elaine Gemmell Marie Hanna Jonalyn Hill Arlene Houser Josie Hooker Pat Jones Gloria Maurer Beverly Moore Belinda Sims Betty Ann Slaven Sally Siehenthal Betty Zoch Betty Jo Teagle Betty Turner Elaine Tuten Sandra Vodvarka Elaine Wehb Linda White Lee Winterbottom Lily Wong Lola Weston Pat Wilson Sara Welch Charles Bearden [oe Cochonour Rod Dale Calvin Davis Jesse Ellis Thomas Finder Herb Ford Tom Gannaway Ferry Garion John Gisler Ronald Johnson Ken Jones Al Lampman Jim Marsh Roy Peregrine Jim Reed Joe Spaulding John Wagner Ed Ellis Dick Goodell Ted Hamacher Doug Krumwiede Al Lewison ( iene Pendergrass ( jeorge Stevens Larry Loveday 82 •_• % ♦ % . % I First Loved s ' " trow: Hayes Huff, Lampman, Wagner, G.ese, Hicks, Smith, Carlton. 6Vc W row: McDonald, Schneider, Walden Siewert Hands .oveday. Teagle, Stevens, 1 aylor, Suzuki, McLeod, Anderson. Haas, Jones, Haymond. Third row: Mignault, Sims. Sweede C 1 d Ha lev W am, Yost, Odad Z ,n, Jones, Showers Qutgley, Jones Bearden, Hunter, Evjen, Wright, Marsh. Fourth row: Dr. Ande son Donovan ' Galbreath, McClain, Perrow, Williams, Jones, Tyus, Bozo, Frazer, Currie. Ha OFFICERS JERRY HAYES President LARRY QUIGLEY Vice-President B ' M SIMS Secretary-Treasurer The Concert Band DR. KENNETH C. ANDERSON Director American Guild of Organists First row: Perrow, Ellis, Negus, Estabrook, Hunter, Krnoul. Second row: Cox, Mr. Brierly, Welch. Music Conference First row: Lampman, Odadzin, Suns, Webb, Hill, Arnold. Weston, Stevens. Second row: Mr. Leeman, Jones, Tatum, Goodell, Hunter, Yost. International Club First row: Hamilton, Estabroolc, Goetz, Marer, C; fohnston, Dr. Evans, Ham, Krauth, Crawford-Brown Pep Club First row: Hawkins, Smith, Milliot, Cox, Overton, Jones, Roberts, Nathurst. Second row: McKee, Auld, Crawford-Brown, Gibson, Rawls, Wilde, Cook, Tyler. Third row: Morse, Huff, Taylor, Fletcher, Smith. Young Republicans First row Cooper Milliot Hawkins. Cox. Huff. Simmel, Nathurst, Wiseman. Second row: Wilde. DeGaeta Jackson. Schmitt, Mayer. Ev on Bou feuffer Krauth, Goetz. Johnson. Third row: Crawford-Brown, English, Jones. Sou Smuh, Roberts. Morse. Taylor, ' ermette. DiCesare. Young Democrats First row: Yates, Lubach, Cook, Overton, Fletcher, Rawls, Carnahan. Second row: Phillips, Hall.ck. Cox, Wilde, Taylor. ST, College Union First rem-: Hearn, Dobson, Korinek, Sweeney. Wilcox. Second row: Perrow, Durett. Sigma Tau Delta i » • • ♦ First row: Miss Hammett, Brooks. Second row: Mr. Zimmerman. Mr. Reeves, Mr. Tyler, Mr. Jones. I ■■■ S7 Political Union OFFICERS PHIL ALMAND President SONNY OVERTON Vice-President LORNA JEAN BROOKS Secretary JIM STAHL Treasure! JOAN TYLER Historian PROF. GILBERT RICHARDSON Idvisoi The Political Union of Florida Southern Col- lege was organized in December, 1054. The club established as its motto, " Better Minds for Better Politics. " A dinner-meeting is held each month. At this time, an active figure in politics addresses the club and then he is ques- tioned by the members on political philosophy and its practical applications. Some well-known speakers have been Governor Adlai Stevenson, Governor Goodwin Knight, Senator Estes Kefauver, and Senator Spessard Holland. Mr. Morris, T Yates, Am- First row: MM. Gibson. Taylor, Overton, Cox, Hawkins, Milliot, Tabb, Brooks Luker. Second rot brose, Cooper, Wiseman, Rogers, George, Smith, Mr. Fugitt. Third row: Bovis, Dale. Lubach, Marer, Morns, Hall.ck, Rountree, Broyles, Stamison. First {rooks, Carpenter, Thomas, Cade, Roosa, Cocciardi. Second Mrs. Snyder, Welch, Woyak, Prime, Karnes, Jackson. Cap and Gown Cap and Gown is an honorary organization recognizing women who have attained a high standard of leadership in college activities and scholarship. It brings together the most repre- sentative women in all phases of college life and creates an organization for service to the College. p]ligibilitv for membership into Cap and Gown consists of an over-al] " B " average, the classification of a junior, and special dis- tinction in at least one phase of collegiate ac- tivity. The prime requisite for Cap and Gown is good character, high scholarship, intelligence and loyalty to the college. OFFICERS DIANE CADE President SUE ROOSA Vice-President CELESTE WOYAK Secretary-Treasurer LORNA JEAN BROOKS Historian-Chaplain Omicron Delta Kappa has established a triad of purposes in its distinguishing years as the superior collegiate honorary fraternity. These are to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life, and to unite the members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Membership qualities in Omicron Delta Kappa are disclosed in character, leadership, and serv- ice to campus life, scholarship, fellowship, and adherence to democratic ideals. OFFICERS STEVE ACKER President ROBERT HROYLES Vice-President MR. II. Win I.. READDICK . . . . Secretary-Treasurer PROF. I. GORDON OGDEN id-visor Omicron Delta Kappa First row Acker Hawkins, Wrage, Sweeney. Kallas, Parrish, Klesius. Felton, Frazier. Dr. Case. Second rote: Kolaska. Cox. Conner, Fwing. Faber, Milliot, Broyles, Stamison, Mr. Readdick. 09 90 » ♦ ♦ ■%•%•%•%■ First row: Brooks. Wilcox, Cade. McKee, Woyak, Maggio, Roosa. Second row: Stamison, Acker, Frazier. Clemens, Hawkins, Taylor, Marer. Not pictured: Argyros, Gober, Thompson. Evans. Who ' s Who In American Universities and Colleges STEPHEN EUGENE ACKER STEPHEN EARL FRAZIER SUZANNE KATHRYN ROOSA ALICE T. ARGYROS GWENDOLYN ANN GOBER JAMES JOHN STAMISON LORNA JEAN BROOKS KARL DOUGLAS HAWKINS LINTON A. TAYLOR DIANE EDMAND CADE LINDA BJORKMAN MAGGIO REBECCA A. THOMPSON DONALD FAULL CLEMENS PAUL MARER NANCY ANN WILCOX SUE JANE EVANS JOYCE LINDA McKEE CELESTE ROSE WOYAK I., it to right: Linda Bjorkman Maggio, Carol Sue Shiplett. Diane Edmand Cade, Deanne Ecton, Joyce Linda McKee, Sally Rae George. Greek Hall of Fame I., II to tit lit: Peter Douglas Millint. Robert Rundell Sharp. Richard Joel Friedman, James John Stamison, Linton A. Taylor. Not pic- tured: Richard -Merrill Smith. Cork. Brooks, Webb. Ditter, .Mrs. Snook. Wileden, Dean, Jackson. Carlsen. Second Wade " . Mr. Ogdcn. Anderson. Kowalke, Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi recognizes outstanding con- tributions by men and women to education and encourages high professional, intellectual and personal standards for teaching. Requirements for membership are an over-all " B " average with a minimum of six hours of education lor juniors and twelve hours for seniors. I he local Epsilon Gamma Chapter annually awards the Kappa Delta Pi gold medal award to the out- standing graduating senior in the held of edu- cation. OFFICERS JEAN ' WEBB President CELESTE WOYAK Vice-President LORNA JEAN BROOKS Secretary-Treasurer Alpha Psi Omega is the national dramatic honor society which was organized on this campus in 1934. Membership requirements in- clude an active interest in the held of dramatics, participation in campus or community produc- tions and membership in the Vagabonds. Its purpose is to promote a higher proficiency in dramatics and familiarize the members with contemporary drama. OFFICERS MM KLESS President DON VANDENBURGH Vice-President Alpha Psi Omega First row: Mr. Wooton, Vandenburgh, Klcss, Mr. Oeden. ♦•••♦ % ♦ 4 % The professional religious fraternity, Gamma Sigma Chi, helps promote religious activity and encourages its members in their preparation for the Christian ministry. It attempts to make Christ a living reality on campus. Membership is open to all pre-theological students and the meetings are bi-weekly featuring speakers ac- tive in their field of interest. OFFICERS KEITH EWING President LARRY WEB15 Vice-President GARY CONNER Secretary ED ELLIS Treasurer REV. FRANCIS LUCE Idvisor fl, 9 e. ' i r r. A 1 ; ■1 IllvJ J V Gamma Sigma Chi First rmr: Huber, Marshall, Overton, Webb, Gwinn, Ewing, Conner, Rev. Luce. Second row: Ellis, Lee, Bearden. Taylor, Loveda Belnarde. First rozi-: Kallas . Brownlee, Acker. Bechert, Parrish, Colburn. Second row: Mr. Eickenberg, Karris. Klesius. Clinton. Dr. Gilbert. (Jillis. Third row: Baird. Braddock. Dr. Funderburg. Dr. Field. Beta Beta Beta The aim of Beta Beta Beta, a biological science honor society, is to promote the dissemination of scientific truth and to encourage the inves- tigation of the life sciences. The three aspects of its program are: edification of scientific knowledge, stimulation of sound scholarship, and promotion of biological research. ' I he quali- fications for membership into Beta Beta Beta are a 2.5 over-all average and a " B " average in science. OFFICERS PHIL KLESlUS President STEPHEN E. ACKER Vice-President HILL BAIRD Secretary DOUGLAS PARRISH Treasure) :!::::! Pi Gamma Mu was established on campus to improve scholarship in the social studies, to inspire social service to humanity by an intelli- ge nt approach to the solution of social prob- lems, and to engender sympathy toward others with different opinions through a better mutual understanding. The local Florida Alpha Chap- ter has sponsored the securing of the flags of American liberty and sponsors dinners, speak- ers and other programs to further its purposes. OFFICERS BILL SWEENEY President SUE ROOSA Secretary MRS. GEORGE MORRIS Treasurer PROF. ROLAND ELDERKIN idvisoi Pi Gamma Mu First row: Mr. Tolle, Mrs. Snyder, Roosa. Mrs. Morris, Sweeney. Second row: Mr. Morris, Mr. Lee, Milliot, Mr. Fugitt. First row: Mr. Tolle, Mr. Morris, Pullen, Privette, Covello, McKee. Jones. Dockery, Mr. Waters. Second row: Cybul, Chamberlin, Cjibson, Selden. White, Vodvarka, Yates, Auld, Tyler. Third run- Kolaska, dinner. Womack, Rule, Broyles, Weaver. Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon is the national journalism honor society, established on this campus in 1953. Membership qualifications include hav- ing the classification of an upperclassman, a " B " average, and active participation on the editorial or business staffs of campus publica- tions. The aims of the organization are to teach the ethics, techniques, and mechanics of jour- nalism, and to promote better fraternal feeling between fellow journalists and to further demo- cratic and honest journalism. OFFICERS MARILYN AULD President BILL BAIRD Vice-President JOYCE MC Kit Secretary JAM ' . I ' YATES Treasurer JOAN TYLER Historian MR. HAL WATERS Idvisoi ::::!::! ' .- Pushnik, Coleman. Luker. Fasenfeld, Felty, Derrer, Jourdan, Goetz. Second rou.- Dr. Emme. Auld, Garrett, Ash, MacLean, Townsend, Hogarth, Taylor, Dr. Link. Third row: Stewart. Harriman, Broyles, Kolaska, McDaniel, Cox, Bryant, Baird. Psi Chi Psi Chi is the newest honorary group established on campus. The Psi Chi Colony was started last year in April by the Psychology Depart- ment and is an international group of high standing in the field of Psychology. Member- ship is open to majors and minors of Psychol- ogy. The purpose is to promote further psycho- logical studies on Florida Southern ' s campus. Candidates for membership must have a " B " average in Psychology subjects and must be voted on for admission into the club. OFFICERS WILLIAM BRYANT President ARLENE JOURDAN Vice-President NANCY HOGARTH Secretary MARILYN AULD Treasurer ED KOLASKA Program Chairman DR. PIERCE LINK , , . DR. EARLE E. EMME 1 Sigma Rho Epsilon is an honorary organization promoting the development of religious educa- tion on campus. Its purposes are to emphasize scholastic achievement, to cooperate actively with all other campus groups for the promotion of the common good and to function as a service organization on campus and in the community. Membership in Sigma Rho Epsilon is open to majors in religious education, to those inter- ested in the field anil to the wives of pre- theological students. OFFICERS ETHEL VARCOE President SALLY GALT Vice-President MARGIE JHONSON Treasurer MRS. GRACE SNYDER tdvisor Sigma Rho Epsilon First run-: Wise, Alexander, Williams. Canova, Lynch. Curci. Second rote: Varcoe, Leeds, Gait. ♦ ♦ Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics ami culture in the community. It sponsors prominent speakers from the business world, receives the latest literature concerning the various industrial and business corporations, and acts as a medium between the college grad- uate and employer. Membership is reserved for those having a " B " average in pre-com- merce and business administration subjects and a 2.5 overall average. OFFICERS JIM DONOVAN President ROBERT HEATH Vice-President RICHARD SIMMEL Secretary Delta Sigma Pi First row: Felton, Reinking, Kolaska, Perks, Donovan, Batchelder, Simmel, Heath. S, Smith, Kohlstedt, Hawkins, Ni Kappa Pi, the international honorary art fra- ternity, was installed on Florida Southern ' s campus in 1943 and reactivated again in 1957. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote greater artistic interest and achievement among the students. Requirements for membership are: a student must be majoring or minoring in art, having completed 12 hours of art with a " B " average in the twelve hours. OFFICERS DOUGLAS PARRISH President LESLIE LLOYD Vice-President JOAN KEDLUND Secretary JACKIE RAMSAY Treasurer MISS DONNA STODDARD j Idvisors MISS CORNELIA MEN GES • Kappa Pi First row: Hedlund. Dolozik, Douglass, Haynes, Colburn, Lancaster, Lloyd, Miss Menges. Second row: .Miss Stoddard. Parrish, Arm- strong, Brown, English. 102 Frazier, Pushnik, Renn, Bechert, Acker, Curci, McCormick. Second row: Dr. Hutchman, Carbaugh, Eng Handy, Klesius, Chandler, Dr. Smith. Third row: Mr. Beebe, Ragsdale, Ford, Smith. American Chemical Society The American Chemical Society of Florida Southern College was inaugurated in 1958. The national ACS was founded in 1876. The pur- pose of this organization is to encourage ad- vancement of chemistry in all branches, to promote research, to improve qualifications of chemists and to increase our chemical knowl- edge. OFFICERS FRANK CARBAUGH President WADE RENN Vice-President JOAN BECHERT Secretary-Treasurer First row: Kallas, Brownlee, Walton, Curci, Bechert, Ack er. Stewart, Burt. Second rout: Mr. Beebe. Dr. Hutchman, Mr. Eickenbers, Clemens, Clinton, Dr. Smith, Dr. Field. Dr. (iilbert. Third row: Braddock, (jillis. Frazier, Klesius, Batchelder, Renn. Farris, Parrish. Florida Academy of Science Morula Southern College members of the Florida Academy of Science were again well represented in the presentation of scientific papers tor the annual meeting. OFFICERS PAUL A. (,11.1,1s President PHIL KLESIUS Vice-President - I I rill I , ACKER Secretary-Treasure) % ♦ • ♦ Sreeks ft ft ft ft ft • % .ft f REEKS i BSHi X •«•«. First roiv: Hogarth, George, Shiplett, Dean Eicholtz, Shoemaker, Wright, Rahn. Second row: Gibson, Goodyear, Ambrose, Barringer, Snyder, McKee. Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council acts as a forum for the discussion of fraternity and sorority problems, fosters the ideals of fraternity life on a high level and governs the rules of rushing and pledging. The Council holds a most responsible position in the every-day life of the college and is composed of two members and an alumnae from each sorority on campus. OFFICERS ANN AMBROSE President BEVERLY GOODYEAR Vice-President MARILYN WRIGHT Secretary LINDA KIRK Treasurer DEAN HATTIE L. EICHOLTZ id-visor 100 First row: Brown, Callahan. Khonigon, Grosscup, Whan. Derrer, Jennings, Knowlton. Second row: Eckhardt, White, Rohrback, Borja, Hogarth, Pfeffer, Irvine. Bowers, Kleinknecht. Third row: Hunter, Sherry, Lewis, Jourdan, Holzbaur. Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega, the first Greek organization on campus, has the motto " Together let us seek the heights. " This is the aim of each Alpha Chi as she devotes her efforts to work for the improvement of social and scholastic activities on campus. We are proud of our KA and TEP sweethearts, Dana Knowlton ami Gail Herzfeld . . . Sig Ep pledge sweetheart, Julie Knowles . . . Co-ed sponsor, Bessie Brown ... six cheerleaders . . . Mary Lou Pfeffer and Paula Whan, varsity and junior varsity cap- tains . . . Home Economics Club President . . . Freshman Senator . . . representation in S.F.E.A., M.S.M., Young Republicans, Young Democrats, Psi Chi, Dolphin Club, Kappa Pi, Southern start, Interlachen staff, W.S.G.A., Canterbury Club and many other organizations. During the year our al- truistic projects were helping the Lakeland Cham- ber of Commerce aid orphan children, Christmas Cheer Open 1 louse for the benefit of orphans, and a donation to the Lakeland Boys ' Club ami the Civitan Club. Yc enjoyed our Christmas dance with the SAP ' s and our Sweetheart dance. We thank our housemother, Mrs. DeMoya; our sweetheart, Tom Keenan; and our chapter advisor, Mrs. Dot Schroe- der for being so wonderful to lis. You will always be held in high esteem by Alpha Chi Omega. 110 Beta Omicron Chapter OFFICERS GRETCHEN HOLZBAUR President BESSIE BROWN Vice-President NANCY HOGARTH Secretary BARBARA KHONIGON Treasurer First row: Lilcs, Gibson, Swain, Eddy, Bissell, Copuzelo, Lane, Ketcham, May. Second row: Denham, Mechling, Morris, Howard, Jaye, Derr. Matlock, Holroyd. fit 3 3.?0f j ., t i y t £ 4 First row: Gibson, Rogers, Thompson, Luker, Parrish, Woyak, Cox, Beuster, Mclnturff. Second roil ' : Brooks, Barrow, Cain, Dance, Allen, Teague, Hartis, Belloc. Third row: Bente. Endres, Jost, Ausley, Haynes, Brockway. Alpha Delta Pi lpli;i Delta I ' i has had an outstanding year begin- ning in the tall when we pledged 17 top girls. Then came the Christmas Dance with the Sig Eps, socials with (rats, Greek Sing with SAE, and Diamond Dust weekend. . . . We have had main ' honors be- stowed upon us this year. We were honored to have five fraternity sweethearts: Ruth Rogers, Pi Kappa lpha Dreamgirl; Jody Brockway, Sigma Phi Epsi- lon Sweetheart; Nancy Gibson, Sigma Chi Sweet- heart; Andrea Luker, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl; and Nan Harrow, Kappa Sigma Sweetheart. We have three ROTC Co-ed sponsors plus the Co-ed Battle Group Commander of ROTC. Also we are proud of our three cheerleaders . . . Close (o our hearts are our sweetheart, Milt Harmon; our devoted housemother, Mrs. Hodgkins: and our wonderful faculty advisor, Miss Mayrose. . . . We are represented by three class officers, five sena- tors, president of WSGA, two officers in SGA, plus membership in every campus organization. . . . Our motto, " We live for each other " will lead us on to greater and richer experiences in Alpha Delta Pi. ♦ •• ♦ I Gamma Gamma Chapter OFFICERS CELESTE WOYAK President PAT AUSLEY Vice-President SUE HARTIS Secretary TISH PARRISH Treasurer First row: Danner, Worley, Milam, Paschall, Donalson, Green, Rice, Jones, Harrison. Second row: Crosby, Rector, Cook, Combes, Bray, Bartmess, Radke, Bird. • 6 e 000 5» 9 , y ' y. v . y y y ' ; roK : Mayer Weigand, Negus, Jones, Greenleaf, Auld, Roosa, Nichols. Second row: Eynon, Comfort, Williams, Laney, Mitchum. West, Endress, Jacob. Third row: Hager, Rhodes, Petteway, DeGaeta, Jackson, Sousley, Kirk. Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Theta chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta, the newest sorority on Southern ' s campus, has many accomplishments to its credit . . . highest scholastic average on campus, second place in float competi- tion, third place in Greek sing, last year ' s Miss Southern was an Alpha Gam. . . . We remember the Hush parties and all the socials. . . . Activities are all a part of a well rounded sorority. . . . Some of the represented activities are: Political Union, M.S.M., President of Pi Delta Epsilon and Editor- in-chief of Interlachen. S.F.E.A., Tri Beta, Canter- bury Club, Treasurer of Psi Chi, Young Republi- cans, Unitarian Group, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Pi, Sophomore Class Officer, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Baptist Student Union, American Academy of Science. . . . We wish to express our thanks to Mrs. Eggleton, our housemother, and ex- press appreciation to our Sweetheart. Jack Plant. . . . Our Altruistic project keeps us bus through the year. . . . We remember the Halloween Party, the Christmas festivities and all the dances. ... I he members of Alpha dam highly esteem their pearled pin and their written purpose. . . . May the red, the buff, and the green bind us in a sisterhood that is everlasting. in %•%»%.« Gamma Theta Chapter OFFICERS SUE ROOSA President YVONNE EYNON Vice-President KATHY MAYER Treasurer LINDA KIRK Secretary First row: Appell, Baker, Webb, Banning, Taggart, Bell. Second row: Gran, Dobbs, Lopez, Huff, Brasko, Alden, Childers, Third re Smith, Hanna, Hunt, Lancaster. 115 First Landrum. Ennis, Cozens, Fischer, Ecton, Lloyd, Cade, Felty. Second row: Ludlow, Sullivan, Hamm, Siewert, Rushing, Ford. Third row: Henley, Schraffenberger, Ramsey, Watters. Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Omicron Pi pledged IS women this year . . . We remember the rush parties . . . the work and fun we shared . . . the many socials . . . dances . . . sports . . . and activities . . . we are represented in Band, Southern Staff, Cheer Leaders. Cap and down President, Sigma Tau Delta, Dolphin Club, Beta Beta Beta. Pi Delta Epsilon, I lorida Academy of Sciences, Home Economics Club, Phi Epsilon Mu. and Vagabonds . . . Our sweetheart, Dave Fletcher, gave us tremendous loyalty and support . . . To him we give our love and best wishes . . . we thank our devoted housemother, Mrs. Davis, who helped and guided us this year . . . We look forward to another year with the Ruby and Rose of Alpha Omicron Pi. 116 •••■.VI Kappa Gamma Chapter OFFICERS DUNNE ECTON President LESLIE LLOYD Vice President JOAN FISCHER Secretary 1)1 AWE CADE Treasurer First row: Kaiser, Council, Baube, Shermer, Gresley, Giambattista, Barrett, Sever. Second row: Wylie, Siebenthal, Arnholt, Smith Fasenfeld, Warren, Sweeder, Welty. Third row: Harchar, Bealle, McCurdy, Ray. 9 First row: Shoemaker, Crockett, Kirkpatrick, Gibbons, Lancaster, Phillips, Ameisen. Second run-: Clark, Nielsen, Bright, Shuff. Kime, Pushnik, McCarron. Delta Zeta From the love in the heart of each Delta Zeta comes happiness ami a feeling no others possess. Happiness conies first in the Delta Zeta house with the help of our housemother, Mrs. Marshall . . . some objec- tives the Beta Mu Chapter of Delta Zeta have ful- filled: Canterbury Club . . . Panhellenic Council . . . Orientation team . . . Intramural Board . . . Cheerleaders . . . S. F. E. A. . . . W. S. G. A. . . . Many thanks to our wonderful new sweet- heart, Clifford Beasley . . . May each of us be ever loyal to the Rose and Green . . . our love for one another and our courage strengthen us as our friendship grows with each new year. lis Beta Mu Chapter OFFICERS LEAH KIRKPATRICK President JOYCE PHILLIPS Vice President LYNDA NIELSEN Treasurer SYBIL SHOEMAKER Secretary First row: Johnston, Spear, Cothern, Wright, White, Jones, Newhouse, Robinson. Second row: Day, Crow, Estabrook, Junkin, Hattnn, Beal. Third row: Weston, Wilson, Wyatt. Covello. First row: (jardner, Watkins, McKee. Cooper, Wolff, Eppenberger. Second ruic: Harvey, Darling. Goodyear, Holloway, Vodvarka, Pollard. Third row: Gamble. Tyler, Waldrop. Kappa Delta " Let lis strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest. " This, our open motto, exemplifies the aim of each and every Kappa Delta. The young women of Kappa Delta have truly upheld this motto in their main activities . . . representation in the Senate, Who ' s Who, Greek Hall of lame, Inter- lachen and Southern starts, W.S.G.A., Pi Delta Epsilon, Cheerleading, Young Republicans, reli- gious organizations, Citrus Club, Concert Choir, Political Union, Shrine Queen, Pi Kappa Phi Sweet- heart, Sigma Chi Pledge Sweetheart, First Runner- up for Miss 1 ntcrlachen, lirst Runner-up tor Tep Hop Queen, R.O.T.C. Co-ed sponsor, Vice Presi- dent of Home Economics Club, President o! S.F.E.A., and Vice President of Panhellenic. We treasure many memories of our socials with the fraternities . . . winning the Sportsmanship tropin . . . Christmas caroling with the Phi Mil ' s . . . work on our philanthropy, the Crippled Children ' s Home in Richmond, Virginia . . . Sweetheart Dance . . . our wonderful sweetheart. Pirn Scobie and our housemother, " Mom " Williams. We are proud ot our main attainments, but we are prouder set ol the unity and friendship ot Kappa Delta. I ' ju •■• ♦ J Gamma Epsilon Chapter OFFICERS PATSY GAMBLE President BETTY HARVEY Vice President TONI WATKINS Secretary JUDY EPPENBERGER Treasurer First rule: Wiseman, Walden, Stemper, Wade, Wumack, Sloan. Second rou : Stoclcard, Hutton, Androus, Tuten, Reid. Third row: Star- ling, Smith, Langford. I I i $ If |, ft ' i . ' First roii: Cork. Geor nipm, Rutz. Third rou :, Kay. Williams, Bund. Turville, Lilly, Palumbo. Second n Barrin er, Carnahan, Allison, Cornwall, Cocciardi, Davis. Elsu ick, Cox. Gait, Tweedv, Smith. Hunt, Han- PhiMu " The I- aithful Sisters " look back with fond memories of the past year. Sixteen wonderful pledges . . . Phi Mu placed second in scholarship and won the scholastic improvement trophy . . . placed second in the Kappa Sig Olympics. We are represented in almost every organization, including: S.F.E.A., M.S.M., Canterbury Club, Political Union, Young Democrats, Concert Choir, Interlachen staff. South- ern staff, Kappa Del ta Pi, Kappa Pi, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Cap and Gown, and many others. Our main activities help to knit our bond of love and service . . . SAE-Phi Mu Christmas party For under- privileged children, Christmas basket for the needy, big sister-little sister parties, all-campus Easter Cheer party. We ' re very proud of Sally George, Co-ed Sponsor . . . Patti Tompkins, cheerleader . . . Jane Allison, Esther Williams ' double in a movie at Cypress Gardens . . . our wonderful sweetheart, Bob Broyles . . . our devoted housemother, Mrs. Cox, who is herself a Phi Mu . . . Together, we look forward to another year guided by love, honor, and truth — the goals of ideal womanhood. 122 ••% ' ♦•%♦ « ' % « Alpha Tau Chapter OFFICERS SALLY GEORGE President HELEN RUTZ Vice-President DAYE TURVILLE Secretary PAT BARRINGER Treasurer First row: Burkhardt, Boyd, Johnson, Leader, Braren, Cathey, Briles, Brookshire. Second rote: Wilson, Mitchell Heiminger, Zipperer, Crevasse, Nelson, Tompkins. Third row: McKendriek, Luce, Roberson. DeMasi, Ambros Liddell, Privette, Maggio, Snyder, Taylor, Lamor. Second row: Padgett, Mab Clure, Fulfurd. Third row: Hackney, Pullen, Mikson, Chamberlin. Esmeier, Stuut. Mc- Sigma Sigma Sigma Beta Phi l Sigma Sigma Sigma can look back mi another year of achievement. Signias can be found in any organization on campus from College L nion, Political Union, Pi Delta Epsilon to the cheerleading s |uad . . . Ann Ambrose, Panhellenic President . . . s l sweetheart, Linda Maggio . . . Kappa Sigma pledge sweetheart, Sandy Coletta . . . Dances, socials, and coke-dates tilled our year . . . Our Christmas Dance . . . Weekend . . . Founder ' s Day dinner . . . " L ' gly Man " contest, which raised money tor our charity . . . the Robbi Page Memorial Fund for Crippled Children . . . ushering at the Tuberculosis Benefit Concert . . . We extend many thanks to our housemother, Mrs. Dekle . . . and to our advisor, Mrs. Ibberson ... As our wonderful heritage, we will strive to live up to the open motto " Faithful I nto Death. " 124 Beta Phi Chapter OFFICERS FRAN HACKNEY President ANN AMBROSE Vice President SHARON LIDDELL Treasurer JUDY PULLEN Secretary t 1 r j| First row: Rose, Howe, Smitherman, Zoch, Coletta, Haines, Boutwell. Second row: Ballew, Carlton, Anderson, Selden, Beck, Mc- Farlane, McMichael. Vandiver. 125 First Cimard. Stringham, M :r, Rahn, Denyes, Sellers, Cox. Second row: Rhoades, Middleton, Wood, Wright, Thoma: Graves. Third row: Boyer, Krnoul, Stettler, Carpenter. Blount, Zeta Tau Alpha The open motto of Zeta Tau Alpha is " Seek the Noblest " . . . . We remember our many activities to- gether . . . Zeta Week in the fall . . . the serenade to our sweetheart . . . festive Christmas activities . . . pre-initiation weekend . . . the excitement of Zeta showers . . . the enjoyable hours spent in our redeco- rated livingroom, and many other occasions that have now become " Zeta memories. " . . . We hold member- ship in many organizations: Secretary of Panhel- lenic . . . treasurer ot Dolphin Club . . . Westminster Foundation . . . the American Guild ot ( )rganists . . . varsity cheerleaders . . . W.S.G.A. . . . Judiciary Board . . . Cap and Gown . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Phi Epsilon Mu . . . Sigma Rho Epsilon . . . M.S.M. . . . Home Economics Club . . . S.F.E.A. . . . Intcr- I ' aith Council . . . B.S.I ' . . . . Canterbury Club . . . Concert Band and Choir. . . . Our thanks ami ap- preciation to the wonderful Zeta Alumni, our house- mother, Mrs. Blanton, and our devoted sweetheart, I lank Faber, who has done so much for us. 126 Delta Beta Chapter OFFICERS ALADA BUYER President CAROLYN COX Vice President MARY ELLEN GRAVES Secretary DEE ANNA THOMAS Treasurer First row: Genter, Lachenmyer, Bartlett, Hussey. Bowers, Baxter, Gladhill. Second row: Miller, Davidson, Ridout, Robinson, Lazarus Ivey, Cooper. Third row: Johnson, Scogin, Waits. r » n r n First row: Perrow, Ward Wilcox, Alexander, Williams, Curci, U Gifford. Prime, Hamilton, Kelley, Fieldinf Southernettes Southernettes is a unified organization for all women not affiliated with sororities on campus. It provides a medium through which non-sorority women may participate in campus activities, provides opportuni- ties to develop leadership in service to the college, and to achieve cooperation between sorority and non-sorority women. This group is outstanding in athletics, music, journalism, government, religion, and drama at Florida Southern College. L28 OFFICERS NANCY WILCOX President JUDY HAAS Vice-President JACKIE PRIME Secretary PATTI FIELDING Treasurer Southernettes gather around the piano for afternoon enjoyment. 129 M run-. Harrell, Ulrey. Barnes, Gaddy, Smith, Polk, Myrick, Walton. Second row: Byrd, Shier, Carter, Rano, Ammerman, Sweat, Stanaland. Third row : Smith, English, Mr. Mack. Wilkins, Bentien, Ricketson, Stafford. Kappa Alpha DANA KNOWLTON Kappa Alpha Rose Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington College in 1865 under the guidance of our beloved spiritual leader Robert E. Lee. The Order, with its noble Southern heritage placed its 83rd chapter here at Florida Southern College to continue its ideals of chivalry toward " God and Womanhood " and to mold men of proud distinction. The annual week-end is a tra- ditional spectacular with beards, ante-bellum costumes and filled with the glory of the " Old South. " At the last " Plan- tation Ball " Miss Dana Knowlton was appointed our cher- ished K. A. Rose. . . . The Kappa Alpha Order will stand as long as the ideal of traditional chivalry is alive. i::u %•» ♦ % Gamma Pi Chapter OFFICERS ED MYRICK President LEONARD BYRD Vice President GERRY GADDY Secretary RONNIE BARNES Treasurer r - 1 I 1 1 " — • lf 1 . F r.t rfj?r: Rou, Alley, Burrasie, Griffis. Wilson. Christner, Walton, Powers. Second rote: Spurlin, Reaves, Youngblood, Taylor, Jenkins Edwards, McNeely. Third roiv: West, McCurdy, Glover, Holness, Griffin, Murray, Conner. First row: E. Means, Gould, Engler, Schevers, Kolaska, Armstrong, Glider, Almand, Carlson, Anderson. Second row: M. Schwarz, McCabe, Donovan, .McKay, W. Means, S. Schwarz, Ballantyne, Hamacher, Fitzgerald. Third row: Townley, Richards, Pack, Mussel- man, Sandeen, Ellis, Perks. Reinking. Kappa Sigma NAN BARROW Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma Theta Alpha chapter of Kappa Sigma in its second year on Florida Southern ' s campus has once more proved itself as being a fraternity of men who study, live, work, and play together in brotherhood and harmony. I his year as last, has been tilled with many good times and memorable events for all ... a most successful rush . . . the Kappa Si Olympics . . . trips around the state to other chapters . . . the Christmas Dance . . . building our Founders ' Day Boat . . . and the many eventful weekends . . . our wonderful sweetheart. Nan Barrow. With men in all the major sports and positions ot leadership on our campus, we of Theta Alpha can truly say that we have one of the outstanding of Kappa Sigma ' s 132 national chap- ters. We will in the future as we have in the past unite as one with our two main objectives, Scholarship ami Brotherhood, as siuides. 132 OFFICERS JOHN SANDEEN President RICK. CARLSON Vice-President BOB SCHEVERS Secretary BLAINE BALLANTYNE Treasurer DR. PIERCE LINK Idvisor Theta Alpha Chapter First row: Stephen, Goodwin, Edge, Dorman, Crankshaw, Miller, Hull, Goodman. Second row: Snively, Martin. Graybeal, Hancock, Timler, Bone, Townsend, Brolliar. Third row: Doppelheuer, White, Murphy. Newell, Albaugh, Council. P. t 133 First row: Kallas, Burt, Morris, Watson, Nestos, Faber, Acker, Grant, Klesius, McKeithen. Second run-. Mr. Block, Miller, Louer, Peregrine, Harrell, Parnell, Williams. Schneider. Shand, Dr. Case, Sweeney, Parrish, Mr. Kiser, Weeks. Third row: Johnson. Adkins. Crawford-Brown, Goldsmith, Pierandozzi, Brownlee, Smith, Pownall, Murphy, Stew art, Fletcher, Alexander, Foster. Lambda Chi Alpha ANDREA LUKER Sweetheart of Lambda Chi Alpha Epsilon Xi Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha, the first national fraternity established on Florida Southern ' s campus, has had another banner year ... in addition to an always impressive athletic effort, a concentration on scholarship, resulting in the permanent retirement of the scholarship trophy after main- taining the highest Greek scholastic average for three consecu- tive semesters . . . but it was not all work ... a truly great year . . . the memorable Christmas Dance ... a wonderful fraternity weekend . . . the competition during founders ' Week . . . strengthening our bond of brotherhood . . . the unfaltering interest of our faculty advisors, Dr. MacGowan, Dr. Case and Mr. Block . . . the reign of our Crescent Girl, Andrea Luker . . . that of our presi dent, Henry Faber, as the Zeta Tan Alpha Sweetheart . . . men in positions ol leadership in many honorary fraternities, such as Omicron Delta Kappa, Tri Beta, Delta Sigma Pi. Yes, a truly great year lor the Lambs. One made possible not by the efforts of a tew, but of the entire brotherhood. 134 % ♦ • ♦ •••■•■% % ♦ % % OFFICERS HENRY FABER President STEVE ACKER Vice-President LEITH HARRELL Secretary DOUG PARRISH Treasurer DR. E. A. CASE tdvisor Epsilon Xi Chapter First row: Thornberry, Goff, Diephuis, Oakley, Block, Showers, McLeod, Heath. Second row: Beach, Kasten, Kemman, Martin, Tyus Phillips, Cotton. Third row: Varner, Hopkins, Chandler, Rickerd. 135 First row: Wheeler, Shirah, P Second row: Conner, Riser, Sobel, Brubaker, Kaplan, King Phi Sigma Kappa MARY MILLER Moonlight (iirl Phi Sigma Kappa was founded on the Florida Southern campus on April 2, 1950, by a select group interested in brotherhood, scholarship and promoting school activities. Today, with the help of our graduates, the Phi Sigs arc- leaders the world over . . . Omega Triton Chapter oi Phi Sigma Kappa has much to he proud ot this year . . . brother- hood, scholarship, and character have played important roles in making this year a truly memorable one. . . . Small, but active, we have men in many organizations; Delta Sigma Pi, Citrus Club, U. C.C.I ' ., Political Union, advanced R.O.T.C., Student Government, Florida Academy of Science, and Civi- tan. . . . bond memories ot main ' joyful occasions . . . intra- mural sports . . . last minute changes on the float . . . the Playboy party and dance . . . skiing on Lake Hollingsworth . . . and crowning our Moonlight girl, Mary Miller . . . Con- sidering all these things and many more, we know the 1960-61 school year will be a never forgotten epic. 136 OFFICERS BOB CASS President MONTE PAROLA Vice-President JOHN SHIRAH Secretary JIM LUBACH Treasurer Omega Triton Chapter First row: Whitmoyer, Jamison, Wilson, Josenhans, Brii s, Rubin. Second row. Bristow, Johnson, Thurlow, Korinek, Simcoe, Henrich, Shapiro. 137 First row. Cochran, Skinner, Quigley, Stahl, Harvin, Rountree, Taylor, Harmon, Broyles, Rev. Luce. Second rote: Hooker, Ivey, Clock- adale, Myrick, Scobie. Govignon, Thigpen, McKenzie, Martin, Hager. Third row: Shaw, Anderson, Overton, Peterson, Barton, Schmid, Nathurst. Kay. Wilson, Cox, Hacknev. Pi Kappa Alpha RUTH ROGKRS Dreamgir] of Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Delta of Pi Kappa Alpha has men in positions of lead- ership and responsibility . . . President of MSGA, Presidents of the Senior, Sophomore, and Freshman classes, Battle Group Commander of ROTC, member of ODK, seven members of the Political Union, Freshman class Vice-President, and Sophomore class Senator. . . . We remember the glorious reign of our Dreamgirl, Ruth Rogers; our Housemother, Mrs. Ruth Harmon . . . the wonderful socials and parties . . . the Christmas Display . . . Greek Sing . . . we look forward to another great year on Florida Southern ' s campus . . . add individualism, brotherhood, tradition, honor, and high ideals, blend all this with the national and local unity of Pi Kappa Alpha and this equals our strong and proud brotherhood. US % % • ♦ % ♦ ♦ OFFICERS LINTON TAYLOR President BOB BROYLES Vice-President JOHN CLOCKADALE Secretary BOB McKENZIE Treasurer T ; " fl 4 « 1 1 ; ' I Delta Delta Chapter First rmc: Hock, Gaines, Keeley, Ravlin, Larson, Andrews, Trueheart, Smith. Second row: Honefenger, Moretz, Smith, Gay, Roberts Taylor, Morse. Holmes. 139 Fin i Pietersz, Simon, Trufant, Jones, Evans, McClain, Gutierrez, Ashe, Smith. Second row: Lundquist, Chapin, Gannaway, Langston, Lewison, Brady, Pollock, Yelvington. Third row: Garrison, Marchant, Ketterer, Alberga, Scharfenstein. Pi Kappa Phi JOYCE McKEE Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Phi was founded on campus October 16, I 948 by a small group of veterans who were interested in an organiza- tion that would be different and yet have a brotherhood un- matched. . . . To this day, those 17 men with the help of the 170 who have graduated as Pi Kapps are helping this fra- ternity remain one of the top organizations on campus. . . . The intramural sportsmanship and school spirit trophy is in our possession. . . . Our representation in activities include: Delta Sigma l ' i, Phi Mu Alpha, Political Union, Tri Beta. S.F.E.A., Advanced ROTC, Honor Guard and 6 proctors. . . . The totem pole marks the spot where true brotherhood and friendship reigns supreme. ::i:::l OFFICERS TED SCHARFENSTEIN President TOM LITNDQUIST Secretary HERMAN BRYANT Treasurer TOMMY ASHE Warden LARRY MARCHANT Historian Beta Beta Chapter First row: Russ. Davis. Turner. Clemens. Dicks. Cooper. Michael. Van Horn. Mellon. Second rcn-: Horney, Enjjle, Frazier. Manning, Wells. Johnson. McLain. Third row: Kempton. Cheer. Brown, DeYoung. ±£JL£ £ ILQiLei p. all f ♦ •ft • M . ' rift • ' r.i7 roitf: Sharp, Weaver, Beasley, Mutimer, Hamby. Second row: Rowland, Braddock, Musgrave, Wink, Mrs. Smith, Ade, Eubanks, Slaughter, Mainwaring, Bond. Third raw: Dale Douglass, Vaughan, Tolle, Frank, Meyer, Reynolds, Barrett, Berryhill, Bush. Allen, Brooks, Daryl Douglass. Fourth row: Arbogast, Funston, Hallenborg, .Mitchell, Kohlstedt, Williams, McKee, Maggio, Klode, Dia- mond, Meyer, Kliner, Dreyer. Sigma Alpha Epsilon LINDA MAGGIO Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart One hundred and five years ago, saw the founding of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Alabama. . . . Eleven years ago, November 11th SAE came to Florida Southern. Since then many brothers have proudly worn the pin of SAE, symbolizing the world ' s largest social fraternity in member- ship. Throughout its years on campus, SAE has proven itself a leader in sports, activities, scholarship, and most important, brotherhood. This year of 1960-61 ranks high as being one ot the best for SAE. In future years SAE will continue to grow here at Florida Southern. Continue to grow in spirit, glory and tame. This year has given us a wonderful sweet- heart, Linda Maggio, and an understanding housemother. Mrs. Smith. This year was most prosperous to each and every brother and pledge, because each ot them has come to realize the true meaning ot fraternal brotherhood. ft ft ft ft ft ft. OFFICERS BOB SHARP President CLIFF BEASLEY Vice President BILL MEYER Secretary HAROLD EUBANKS Treasurer Florida Gamma Chapter First nm-: Girardin, Johnson, Duval, Hewitt, Frazer, Rapp, Purcell, Hall. Second row: Murray, Matson, Bowermaster, Savage, Ellis, Kelsey, Chase, Mack, Robinson. First row: Fletcher, Waller, Bovis, Hallick, Pryor, Milliot. Simerly, Wrage, Alderman, Townsend. Second rou : : Tabb, Crawford. Huff. Monarchik, Whalley, Harriman, Daley, Lowman, Hawkins, Rawls, Smoot, Holmes, Royd. Thin! row: Mason, McGonigal, Nimnicht, Haves. Gilleland, Miller. Jones, Meredith, Mathes, McLaughlin. Sigma Chi NANCY GIBSON Sweetheart of Sigma Chi May 17, 1959 began the Epsilon Sigma chapter t Sigma Chi on Florida Southern ' s campus. The Sigs have men represent- ing them in many outstanding organizations . . . Supreme Court, including Chief Justice . . . Senate . . . Political Union . . . Delta Sigma Pi . . . Circle K . . . Concert Band . . . Vagabonds . . . Pep Club . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . five officers in the ROTC, including Deputy Battle Group Com- mander and Honor Guard Commander . . . Consul Pete Milliot, in Greek Hall of lame . . . outstanding players on the baseball, basketball, and soccer teams . . . superior scholar- ship maintained . . . participation in service projects. The role of the world renowned " Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " has over- whelmingly been tullilled by Nancy Gibson, truly the " girl ol our dreams. " All this blends to glorify the beautiful and sym- bolic supremacy of the White Cross ol Sigma Chi which re- flects its ideals unselfishly to all mankind. 144 » • ♦ ♦ OFFICERS PETE MILLIOT President SONNY SIMERLY Vice President JOHN BOVIS Treasurer ED DALEY Secretary Epsilon Sigma Chapter First row: Allison, Collins, Rust. Sladek, Gilliam, Hanna, Watkinson, Baggett. Second row: Brannan, Cheek, Kahle, Brown, Bister Gisler. Third row: Haslar, Broun, McDonald. First row: Hopkins, Mack, Svitak, Gehhardt, Mrs. Lober. Stamison. Wheat, Bucciarelli, Jackson, Currie. Second row: Strathmeyer, Smith, Ayres, Mullis, Thrailkill, Wilhelm, Ehret, Wilkinson. Third row: Abate. Marasco, Cosselman, Morris. Kershner. Packer. Carlsen, Krall. Sigma Phi Epsilon JODY BROCKWAY Sweetheart ct Sigma Phi 1 psi As the Red Door closes and another year comes to an end, the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon fondly remember . . . the in- tramural trophies . . . the Christmas Dance . . . Founder ' s Week and building the float . . . the Greek Sing . . . Easter offerings and the annual sweetheart Weekend . . . Several brothers have been acknowledged on ca mpus . . . Student Gov- ernment Vice-President, Jim Stamison . . . Captains of: Bas- ketball, Bob Hopkins, Baseball, John Mack . . . and members of the all-star teams in intramurals . . . members on all varsity sports teams . . . men in Delta Sigma Pi . . . Pi Gamma Mu . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . Greek Hall of Fame . . . Politi- cal Lnion and Advanced R.O.T.C. . . . memories ot an out- standing year tilled with friendship and good times . . . we ' ll always remember our understanding housemother. Mrs. Lober . . . our wonderful sweetheart, Jody Brockway . . . the sere- nades and many joyful parties . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon will always remain the fraternity with a heart. 140 % » -. A « - ' " OFFICERS FRANK WHEAT President TEX JACKSON r ;, r p,,. s ;j rltl PETE MARASCO . . . V,,, w,„ ,. secretary CHICK KRALL Treasurer BOB HOPKINS Historian Florida Delta Chapter First row: Baldwin, Hines, Lally, Ninfo, Hager, Ritzie. Second row: Archer, Graham, Ketcham, Turnier. ACTIVES: First Levin, D. Levine, Slewett, Friedman. E. Levine. Hill. Second (ierd. Davidson, Klein. Halpern, Malever. Tau Epsilon Phi GAIL HERZFELD Sweetheart of Tan Epsilon Phi 1 , I V m Tan Rho Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi has enjoyed the fruits ol another banner year at Florida Southern . . . from our beautiful new fraternity house over-looking scenic Lake Hol- lingsworth, we have watched a handful of men. bound to- gether by their belief in the ideals of friendship, chivalry, service; their genuine belief in God and Brotherhood among all men, pass proudly through our Portals of graduation and into the future of our fraternity. As Brothers we recall with pride " The Samuel J. Lefrak National Chapter Achievement Award " . . . the dynamic leadership and inspiration of our Chancellor, Brent Malever . . . Dick Friedman, Greek Hall of Fame and President of the Inter-Fraternity Council . . . Mr. Robert Lee, our Chapter Advisor, our lovely Sweetheart, Miss Gail Herzfeld, who faithfully carried out the traditions ot that position . . . and most of all the undying maternal efforts of our housemother, Mrs. Helen Bruggner. All ot this, spotlighted by weekends, house-parties, and the most fabulous all-campus IEP HOP on record will long be remembered by the men who have been part of the truest fraternity of them all . . . Tau Epsilon Phi. 148 % ♦ ♦ ♦ • ♦ » % OFFICERS BRENT MALEVER President DICK FRIEDMAN Vice President ALAN SLEWETT Treasure! TONY DAVIDSON Secretary Tau Rho Chapter PLEDGES: First row: Marcus, Kramer, Bazilian, Spector. Second row: Kissner. Weisman, Green. Ill) First roiv: Gockel, Baird, Falconer. Nash. Smeltzer, i. Cochonour, J. Cochonour. Second row: Goff. Zultowsky, Shinkman, Handy. Gohvay, Gainer, White. Theta Chi VIRGINIA DARE Sweetheart oi Theta Chi The Gamma Delta Chapter of Theta Chi began its fourteenth year with hope in its heart and the hardest working group of Brothers in its history. The hope and hard work were material- ized in the best Pledge Class ever installed at Florida Southern . . . The memories of Founders ' Week . . . Christimas festivi- ties ... a successful fall rush . . . Sweetheart Weekend . . . the many fun-tilled parties and activities . . . of our wonderful sweetheart, Virginia Dare, who represented us so well . . . oi the officers who guided us . . . of our Active Advisor, Mr. Melvin Wooton . . . and of the Pledges who taught us. All nf these things combined to make this year the best year ever in Theta Chi. 150 % ♦ % % OFFICERS FRANK HANDY President BILL BAIRD ' ; ' ,,• President BOB COCHONOUR Secretary ART NASH Treasurer Gamma Delta Chapter Theta Chi ' s decorate the Christmas tree in their chapter room. Stua rt, Spci Ellis, Farris, Rvan. Carbaugh. Southerneers MARGIE JHONSON Sweetheart of Southerneers ■OIBS I lie Southerneers was founded in 1956 as a men ' s social fra- ternity. The Southerneers have no national affiliation and is the onlv independent fraternity on campus. The organization offers Christian hrotherhood among its members and strives to raise its members to the fullest of their capacities and to elevate their cultural standards. This was a very successful year under the leadership of Steve Frazier, the support ot our Sweetheart Margie Jhonson, and the comical antics of our social chairman Mac Speights. We will never forget our " Get out the vote " lapel pins on election day as our community project and the fun and work on the Christmas display and the Founders ' Week Float. We will always be proud ot our activities in Intramurals and of our over-all 2.7 scholastic average. A % •«••%.. OFFICERS STEVE FRAZIER President ED ELLIS Vice President HOWARD FARRIS Secretary KEITH EWING Treasurer First row: Belgarde, Hunter, Reed, Gwinn, Robson, English, McCormick. Second rate: Hadley, Marshall, Roberts, Loveday, Taylor, Gillis, Baxter. First Row: Faber, Burt, Pryor. Milliot, Gaddy, Sharp, Handy, Cochonour, Stamison, Taylor. Second Row: Curry, Kolaska. Sandeen. Parol McCabe, Thigpen, Broyles, Byrd. Wheat. Third Row: Smith, Baird. Luhach, Friedman, Malever, Davidson. Interfraternity Council OFFICERS DICK FRIEDMAN President GERRY GADDY . . , Vice President JIM STAMISON Secretary LINTON TAYLOR Treasurer BILL BAIRD Rus l Chan man The [nterfraternity Council promotes the betterment of the College through the improvement of the social fraternities. Rep- resentatives from each fraternity On campus comprise the group, which strives to equalize the opportunities of the various frater- nities. Activities of the Council include the co-sponsoring with the Pan- hellenic Council of the annual Orientation Week dance and the Christmas dance, and also cooperating with the students during Founders ' Week. mm Women ' s Rush Men ' s Rush The annual fraternity rush is a time for many preparations on campus. Trophies and scrapbooks are shown and many parties planned. mm B ILITARY t m % ' ¥ I t am t t 4 4 ' I J |j| ||te| HM •If - Jt " 4 ■ ' MM Wi y Jfc.A Bf B " " ■ U .SBLl r w HllBP 8 py --T ' % ♦ ♦ 161 LT. COL. ROBERT LEVITT Ifi2 Reserve Officers Training Corps R.O.T.C. is an integral part of the United States Army program tor developing future leaders both for the Army and the country. The Florida Southern military program has been in operation since 1952. It has produced over two hundred 2nd Lieutenants for all branches of the Army. ' ■%■% ' ♦ 4 ' % ft MAJOR MACK GIEGER CAPTAIN EDWARD L. FRONCZAK CP4 William H. Ulsh, fr., Sgt. Roland Samuelson, M Set. Jefferson P. Holder, M Sgt. John W. Long, M Sgt. L. B. Barne Anderson, Bister, Boyd, Bryant, Churchwell, J. Cochonour, Duval, Dwyer, Edge, Edwards, Elliott, lord, Fraizer, Fraser. A. Girar- din, P. Girardin. Gockel, Goff, Goodman, Harrell, Haslar, Hoff. Huber, Jones, Kaplan. Kelsey, Kinsey, Kleiner. Krumwiede, Laing, Langford, Lewison, Logan, .Mack. Marsh, McDonald, McGonigal, Nash, Nathurst Parsons, Reiser, Robinson, Ryan, Smelt- zer, Wilson, Wood. Honor Guard CADET COD ) l I. FRED T. Ml LLENS Battle Group Staff First row: C Levitt, Brady, Mullens. Mason. Second Haskins. Simerlv. Ricketson St ifford i.r w y ■s% % i ••4 4 . •] fc fc A. ' First row: Honefenger, Levine, Ax, Adair, Parnell, Wheeler. Second row: Capt. Fronczak, Barnes, Wright, Langston, Earnest, Thompson, Sgt. Long. Riflemen Shoot For Top Honors COACHES CAPT. EDWARD L. FRONCZAK SGT. JOHN W. LONG R. O. T. C. Sponsors RUTH ROGERS TISH SIMERLY SALLY GEORGE NAN BARROW NANCY (ilBSON FACKIE WALDROP . . . . Co-Ed Lt. Colonel, Regimental Staff Co-Ed Captain, Honor Guard Co-Ed Captain, " A " Company Co-Ed Captain, " B " Company Co-Ed Captain, " C " Company Co-Ed Captain, " D Company BESSIE BROWN . Co-Ed Captain. " E " Company ELAINE STEWART . . . Co-Ed Captain, Band ■ {■:■{ l.IMERLY RUTH ROGERS The R.O.T.C. co-ed of- ficers are chosen each year by the Regimental Staff of- ficers and the individual companies. These co-eds represent their respective groups as their sweethearts and serve at R.O.T.C. social functions. » ■ » i % » « « %•% • SALLY GEORGE, NAN BARROW NANCY GIBSON, JACKIE WALDROP BESSIE BROWN. ELAINE STEWAR ' First row: Brown, Simerly. Gibson, Barrow, George. Second row: Stewart, Rogers, Waldrop. Abate, Ashe. Hallantyne. Bentien. Boyd, Braddock, Brady. Broyles, J. Bryant. W. Bryant, Bucciarelli, Cochran, Cox, Donovan. Edmonds, Eubanks, Feldman, Felton, Fontaine, Glider. Govignon, Hamby, Harrell, Harriman. Haskins, Hawkins. Jones. Kaplan, kless. Klode. Mason, McKee, Mullens, Musselman. Myrick, Neuwien, Pavlus, Plant, Rich. Ricketson, Scobie, Simerly, Stafford. Stamison, Stormant, Sweat, Taylor. Thompson. Association Of The United States Army R. O. T. C. Band Baxter, Bearden. Briggs, Burrage, Cloyd, Curry. Kllis, Evjen, Fairman, Foster, Fraser, Galbreath, Giteles, Glover, Goodell, Gwinn, Haley, Hallick, Hammond, Hand, Hopkins, Loveday, MacLeod, Miller. Murray. Newell, Odadzin, Quigley, Reed. Roberts. Sarki- sian. Schneider, Showers. Snively. Suzuki, Tatum, Tyus, Wagner, Williams. ■mm m A1THLETICS !l:i::::: i, r% £c mti $ft „ KMtymtys Oil , ? - X$E JAE WJ .ZAE El™ THLETICS %ri .51 35 25 ,%w 4 wX » -»v " ft ♦ -i % % % % %.%. ' « BESSIE BROWN SANDY VODVARKA IODV BROCKWAY Cheerleaders- 1961 PAT McCARRON BARBARA HAMM .MARY LOU PFEFFER Captain PEGGY COZENS PAT J AYE First row Dick Laabs, Dick Whalley, Gary McKee, Bob Hopkins. Captain; Ed Kershner, Ken Kinert. fohn Cosselman. Second row: Dave Shinkman. Hank Feldman, Jerry Eaton. Len Wozniak, Mack Mull.s. Ken Smedley. Bill Jones. The Florida Southern TOM GREENE Coach Results FSC Mercer University 69 Valdosta State 9tl Howard College 76 ' Erskine College 70 ' Western Carolina College .... 90 University of Miami -54 Rollins College 8 Transylvania College . ... 50 Birmingham Southern College . . 96 1 loward College 59 Tampa University 65 Stetson University 58 Huntingdon College °V Rollins College 62 Stetson University 63 University of Miami 80 Mississippi Southern 62 Newberry College ' 1 Jacksonville University 104 Mercer University 61 1 [untingdon College 61 Valdosta State 77 Jacksonville University 81 Tampa University 66 ►Citrus Invitational Tournament OPT. 56 65 811 73 75 87 SI) 9 1 57 99 79 74 82 63 68 92 74 68 99 7n 64 83 lin 76 171 t. I Mack Mullis tips it in against Stetson as Ed Kershner watches. BOB HOPKINS Captain HANK FELDMAN Varsity Basketball Team MACK MULLIS DICK WHALLEY ED KERSHNER 17.3 JERRY EATON 1 I i . n CAR ' ! ' McKEE JOHN COSSELMAN DAVE SHINKMAN LEN WOZNIAK A «jL ir Iff !1 £§ A 4 vfr 1 1 -- ' If p Y M 1 45] B M g v j | BILL TONES Hank Feldman grabs the rebound a ;iin r Miami as Dick Whalley, Mack Mullis, and I. en Wozniak look on. 176 TOM VITITO C.unch mm Randy Rust and Bill Gainer try to block a shot by St. Petersburg Junior College player. ' I om Yitito, Coach; Jack Hamelryck, William Gainer, Randy Rust, Frank Murphy. Robert Lockridge, Tom Sarkisian, Dave Shink- man, Jerry Weissman, Gary Robson. Ron James, James Townsend, and Joe McCormick, Manager. I f if. 177 First Row: Garrison, Yarner, Bucciarelli. Second Row: Mack, Kritch, Anderson, Hallenborg, Smedley, Gutierrez. Third roiv: Gould, James, Albritton. Gay. Marasco, Jones. Brannan. Not pictured: Tony Braddock, Ronnie Haskins. FSC BASEBALL HITS NEW PEAK Southern ' s baseball team will have a hard time try- ing to equal last year ' s record of 21 wins and only 5 losses. Among the tough opponents this year are Yale, the University of Florida, the University of Miami, and Furman University. Southern, primarily a defensive team, will once again count on their de- fense to bring them another successful year. ihn Bucciarelli scores against Jacksonville. HAL SMELTZLY Coach u 3b jp r? - ! Biiiii , mp P Hi 1 .Jaw -- i •■ - — . r V John Gould Toby Jones Schedule Stetson University March 1 1 Stetson University March 1 5 Valdosta State March 1 7 Valdosta State March 1 8 Yale University March 23 Valdosta State ( 2 ) March 25 University of " Florida March 28 Erskine College March 3 1 Erskine College April l Furman University April 6 Furman University April 7 Furman University April 8 University of Miami April 1 1 Florida State University - pril 14 Florida State University April 15 Rollins College April 1 8 University of Miami April 22 Stetson University April 25 Stetson University April 28 Jacksonville University April 29 Tampa University May 3 Rollins College May 6 Tampa University May 10 Jacksonville University May 13 Ed Gay John Bucciarel Ken Hallenborg Hutch S medley : .J. Joe Kritch Chuck Anderson Jack Garrison lohn Alack Pete Marasco Kale Alhritton Lneeling: Simmel, Coxswain. Left tn right: Roberts. Arbogast, White. Smith, Dicks. Stahl, Zultowsky. Stephenson. Florida Southern Varsity Crew Sporting the youngest coach in the nation and a brand new shell, this year ' s varsity crew- is out to capture the state title and go to the national races. With many of last year ' s letter- men pulling the oars, the team stands a good chance of a yery successful season. John Junes. Manager II ERB lni ER Coach ISO % 4 4 4 % 4 , 4 , 4 ' » 4 4 % %.% % % % i 4 4 4 4 4 «-4% The J.V. ' s practice up for their first race in March. Junior Varsity Crew First Row: Giteles, Gordon, Keeley, coxswain; Hall, Ravlin. Second Roiv : Keefer, Vogelgesang, White, Gaines, Plant, Peters, Roberts, Conklin. 1S1 Varsity Soccer Team 1961 Florida Southern ' s Soccer Team faired a little better this year due to seasoned veterans and some talented freshmen. Good teamwork and plenty of spirit enabled the Soccer Mocs to capture third place in the F.LC. Jim Musselman Captain First row: Dave Burkholder, Bill Currie, Fred Larson, Stu White. Jim Musselman. Jack Plant. Thurston Martin. Ed Kolaska. Second row: Steve Landrum. Boh Grant. Tex Jackson, Bill Rountree. Perry Connell, Dave Kelsey. Boh Becker. Fred Archer. Third run-: Boh Smith. Arnie Lynn, Fred Becker. Pat Murphy, Sam Lande. Larry Goodwin. Buddy Denholm, Frank Eisenchenck. 1S2 k 4 % ft % 1 4wl £ -0- ■n Tennis Team Kneeling: Cochonour, Perry. Standing: Falconer, Waller, Watkinson, Batchelder. Johnson, Hamby, Brown, Hnrrell, Shaw, McCurdy, Eames, Walton, Gray- heal, Coach Green. Golf Team 1S3 Junior Varsity Baseball Team A new addition to Florida Southern ' s ath- letic schedule, the J.V. Basehall team will face such opponents as the University of Florida, St. Petersburg Jr. College, and Manatee Jr. College. Run James waits for the ball as Toby Jones slides in safely during a pre-season scrimmage name. First row: Murphy, Archer, Hock, Rissner, Ritzie, Wise. Second row: Townsend, Edge, Mutimer, White, Burkholder, Snivel} Crankshaw. ij Ha r ' ft • % • ft 4 ■ % ft Women ' s Intramural Board First Row: Crockett, Covello, Comfort, Wood, Hackney, Vodvarka, Wardlaw, Anderson. Second Row: Miss Mayrose, Phillips, Barrett. Godfrey, Wickers, Fisher. Cunard. Men ' s Intramural Board First rou : Adkins, Pierandozzi, Peck. Carlson, Davis. Anderson, Marshall, Ware, Levin. Second Rote: Alberga, Wilhelm, Bentien, Smith. Bruhaker, Monarchik, Mainwaring. Intramural Volleyball Sigma Alpha Epsilon captured the volleyball championship for the third straight year. Taking second place again this year was Sigma Phi Epsilon. First row: Sharp. Meyer. Second row: Savage. Weaver. Mainwaring, Drever, Eubanks. Champions r n c a n ak fflV All-Stars First rou Walton, Meyer, Sharp, WhaHey. Second row: Marasco. Wheat, St anal and. Mainwaring, Dreyer. Missing: Mack. %$ ss S lpS a aa •i £ ■ iiPi AW f Ws M - «f!.5 IP [86 Intramural Football • % ♦ ■ Champions Winning the intra- mural football cham- pionship this year was Kappa Alpha. Ed My- rick, most valuable player, led the team to victory. Sigma Chi captured second place. First row: Smith, Ron, Griffis. Second row: Ben- tien, Myrick, Wilkins. Polk, Sweat, Walton. All-Stars First row: Richards, Sla- dek, Kahle, Mathis, Yelv- ington. Second rote: Mar- tin, Smith, Myrick, Ben- tien, Walton, Mainwaring, Wheat, Ritzie. First row: McKay, Cabre, Leeds. Second row: Cockerille, Cod- For the second straight year, the Independents frey, Zukowski, Wickers, Sinclair, Krauth. , ,,. , T ■ - 11 1 u ti won the omen s Intramural olleyball Cham- pionship. Kappa Delta captured second place. Women ' s Intramural Champions First row: Dunson, Sinclair. Second rote: Zukowski, Wickers, Godfrey. The Independents also won the Women ' s In- tramural Basketball Championship for the second straight year. Zeta Tau Alpha took second place. Mfa«M DMINISTRATION % ft ft ft % :•• • » ft ft ♦ •% ' « V H™ DMINISTRATION • % t % t % CHARLES TINSLEY THRIFT, JR. President 193 The Board of Trustees E. J. PENDERGRASS Vice-Chair man H. E. WOLFE Chairman HARRIS G. SIMS Secretary C. V. McCLURG Treasurer Florida Southern College Board of Trustees ROBERT L. ALLEN R. H. BERG P. M. BOYD W. S. BOZEMAN R. B. GILBERT SPESSARD L. HOLLAND R. C. HOLMES GAYLON L. HOWE E. J. PENDERGRASS J. CARLISLE ROGERS JOHN J. ROOKS MRS. E. T. ROUX MRS. T. G. BL ' CKNER CLARE M. COTTON J. YELMA KEEN C. V. McCLURG HARRIS G. SIMS ANGUS SUMNER J. H. DANIEL E. C. McCLURG CAMPBELL THORNAL MRS. LOUISE D. DUNCAN GLENN McCORMICK MRS. DAYID R. Till KM AN L. DAY EDGE GEORGE A. FOSTER J. MILBURN McLEOD ROBERT MITCHELL G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN 195 WARREN Y. WILLIS H. E. WOLFE J. BIRNEY GROSS CORNIN F. TOLLE DAVID I.. READDICK Usistani to the President Business Manager Assistant to the President for Academu Again for Business Affairs ALTON R. KINDRED Bursar WILLIAM B. MUNDY Admissions Director AHN ' ER L. HANSEN Dean of Students ROBERT MacGOWAN Dean of Chapel FRANK P. SZABO Due, tor of Men HATTIE L. EICHOLTZ Dean of Women k % ♦ « % - O. B. FANNING Director of News Bur GEORGE W. BAXTER JR. Director of Academic Counseling OWEEN SUMNER Head Librarian I.T. COL. ROBERT LEVITT Commanding Officer R.O.T.C. HAROLD M. WATERS Director of Publications FRANCIS L. LCCE Dire, tor. Student Religious Life MRS. RAY J. CURTIS Administrative Assistant to the Dean VIRGINIA L. POINT Assistant Bursar ■ THE FACULTY 198 j ■ 4 . % 4 4 4% ■• » I 4 4 4 4 % .%. » FACULTY ROBERT H. AKERMAN History KENNETH C. ANDERSON Music X • - ± T tO THOMAS BRIERLEY Musii LUCILLE BUNN Home Economics PAUL ARNOLDS-PATRON Business Administration HENRY G. BARNETT En g lis h JAMES O. BUSH Physical Education EGBERT A. CASE Mathematics AUSTIN H. BEEBE Chemistry FRED W. BLOCK Mathematics LAURA N. CXYATT Business Administration SAMUEL G. COE History arid Political Science 4% 4 £ FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE • LAKELAND , HERBERT E. BOOK Social Science TED W. BOOKER ERNEST L. COX Music DON V. CREWS Assistant to the Dean of Students BAN TUX S. DOAK Industrial Arts MAURICE R. DODD Mathematics rz. P4 j Tr r } . ■ FACULTY 4 ' AUDIE F. II i.ll 1 History and Political Science JOHN B. FUNDERBURG, JR Biology I HI ISE KASl ' WOOl) CHARLES F. EICKENBERG JEANNB r I I GARDNER Library SCO II K. GIBSON ROLAND ELDERKIN Sin iology TIII-XMA H. ELLISON MAI. MACK GIEGER MARGARET L. GILBERT EARLE E. EMME Religion and Psycliolttijy DOROTHY B. EUBANKS Religion EDNA II. EWER rs College Dietitian HOWARD M. FIELD Biology MARGARET J. GLIDDEN Speech YVONNE GOLDSBOROUGH f J .V I FLORIDA SOUTHERN THOMAS |. FORD History CAP I l-DWARD L. FRONCZ VK R T.C THOMAS H. GREENE Director of Athletics WILLIAM L. GREER Sociology J. E. HUTCHM.W Chemistry MILDRED S. IBBERSON Speech LEON W. GRESSMAN LOIS GROSS Director of the Concert Choi AGNES B. JOHNSON English C. DAVID JOHNSON Physics « mm (A ADA P. HAMELRYCK Spanish EVELYN HAMMETT English n EDWARD R. JOHNSON History NORMAN L. JONES En a I is h FACULTY ., - V . « ,.„ « a fA EMILY HANCOCK Business Administration HORNELL HART Sociology fULIANA G. JORDAN German LILLIAN V. KELLEY Physical Education - A COLLEGE • LAKELAND ROY S. RISER Bioloay EDWARD C. KNIPPERS Business Administration — -3 FACULTY C k ( % n VNNE MAYROSE 1 r Physical Education 1 r " Va ' •■ CORNELIA C. MENGES Art 1 3 1 1 CHARLES M. LAYMON Religion ROBERT M. LEE Business Administration GEORGE II. MORRIS American Culture HAROLD J. MORRIS Physical Education «% PAIL A. LEEMAN Musit PIERCE LINK Psychology ANTHONY Q. MUSTOE Mathematics |. GORDON OGDEN, JR. Education WILLIAM R. LINN] MAN English SAMCEL V. LICE Psysical Education GEORGE K. OLSON Art ANN C. PEYTON English WILLIAM R. LVLE Citrus BEN II. McCONN] I I Dun lor of Medical Services FLORIDA SOUTHERN IIKIMAS B. MACK Horticulture VIOLA Z. MAI.ONE Physu at Edut ation SARA C. PIATT I ono mi cs 4,lfc4l W. PASCHAL REEVES English WALLACE T. RYAN Industrial Arts JOHN R. SANDBACH Spanish BERNHARD P. REINSCH Mathematics ROBERT G. RICHARDS Social Science E. GUV SELLERS Mathematics CESIDIO R. SIMBOLI Religion DERRELL C. ROBERTS History EUGENE L. ROBERTS Admissions Assistant HAROLD M. SMELTZLY Physical Education EARL D. SMITH Chemistry LEO L. ROCKWELL English ANNE ROSELLE Voice ERNEST SNODGRASS English JULIA W. SNOOK Education COLLEGE • LAKELAND GRACE L. SNYDER Religion BORIS T. SOKOLOFF Director of Research FACULTY i d a •■ - , mm DC 7 ■orr - ».« M : -i FACULTY w,- ; m i 7 r .« - « 1 7 LVMAN B. VEEDER Busim ri Administration MARSHALL A. WHEATLEY Physics WII.I [AM H SPIVEY Wujj, MARCIA M. STILLE Latin CAPT. DAVID T. WIGGERS R.O.T.C. V. PALL WILLE College Photographer DONNA M. STODDARD THOMAS B. SWANN, JR. English SUE WINS 1 ON Econutni, s MELVIN E. WOOTON, JR. Speech an J Drama } GRETCHEN TAYLOR Library MARGARET M. TAYLOR .V , i ;.; Guidance G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN Industrial Arts ROBERT L. ZIMMERMAN English I OUISE I I MI ' I I I ON . ounting THOMAS II. 1 1 I R English - 5 £| X FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE LAKELAND ■•••■• k % % % ♦ % •%. 4 LASSES ■■»•»■♦ % ft ■ $ £ jy [ j y gg r - jflfc ' % IH ••:•: The Senior Class LINTON TAYLOR RAYMOND ADE . LORNAJEAN BROOKS OFFICERS ■ • • . President I ice President Secretary - Treasurer Brooks, Ade. Taylor. 20 J Look at that line for the Christmas Banquet. The Seniors . . . 1961 Look. I don ' t want to argue with you, but I ' m right Stephen Eugene Acke Gayle C. Parrott Amir. Don Harold Aughenbaugh Marilyn Mae Auld Gerald David Barnes Ronnie T. Barnes Patricia Maxine Ausley James Bernard Ayres Arturo Barreto Susan Little Barrett William J. Baird Jr. George S. Bartholomew 210 ♦ % ♦ % Raymond Ade, Jr. [udith Frost Annis Mary Anne Ahrcndt James Lee Armstrong Jane Lucinda Allison Arthur Marcus Anderson Martha Lynn Anderson Alice T. Argyros Keith Hickman Asher Norman Roosevelt Ashworth Sandra Annette Baltz Charles Evans Beardslev t I i STEPHEN EUGENE ACKER . . Sparta, New Jersey B.S., Biology RAYMOND ADE. JR Northfield, Illinois B.S., Business MARY ANNE AHRENDT . . . Bradenton, Florida B.S., Elementary Education JANE LUCINDA ALLISON . Carmichael, California B.S., Physical Education ARTHUR MARCUS ANDERSON . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education MARTHA LYNN ANDERSON . Hollywood, Florida B.S., Secondary Education DON HAROLD AUGHENBAUGH . Dade City, Fla. B.A., English MARILYN MAE AULD Miami, Florida B.S., Journalism PATRICIA MAXINE AUSLEY . Jacksonville. Florida B.S., Home Economics JAMES BERNARD AYRES . Phillipsburg, New Jersey B.S., Business WILLIAM J. BAIRD JR Ontario, Canada H.S., Psychology SANDRA ANNETTE BALTZ . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education GAYLE C. PARROTT ANDREWS . Apopka, Florida B.S., Elementary Education JUDITH FROST ANNIS .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Biology IAMF.S LEE ARMSTRONG . B.A., Art DeLand, Florida ALICE T. ARGYROS . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.S., Secondary Education KEITH HICKMAN ASHER . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Education NORMAN ROOSEVELT ASHWORTH . Tampa, Fla. B.S , Education GERALD DAVID BARNES . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business RONNIE T. BARNES Homestead, Florida B.S., Business ARTURO BARRETO .... Hato Rev, Puerto Rico B.S. , Business SUSAN LITTLE BARRETT . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education GEORGE S. BARTHOLOMEW . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business CHARLES EVANS BEARDSLEY . . Tampa, Florida J.B., Social Studies C) f £1 . , if Clifford C. Beasley Jr. Blaine Anthonv Best Rayvon Beck Delia Blackburn Bird J Allan Frank Bednar Roger Gene Bond Karen Lee Bente James Morris Book Thomas Howard Bentien James Philip Booth First Row CLIFFORD C. BEASLEY, JR. . Gainesville, Florida B.S., Education RAYVON ' BECK Orlando, Florida BS., Business ALLAN FRANK BEDNAR . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., General Science KAREN III, BENTE . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.S., Physical Education THOMAS II. BENTIEN . . . Plandome, New York B.S., Business BARBARA JILL BF.RTIIV .... Dunedin, Florida B.S., Secondary Education M . OND ROW BLAIN1 ANTHONY BEST . . . Lakeland, Florida B.A ., English Dl I I BLACKBURN BIRD . . . Sarasota. Florida B.S., Education ROGER GENE BOND .... Winter Park, Florida B.S., Business JAMES MORRIS BOOK .... Lakeland, Florida . .«., Social Science JAMES P. BOOTH . . . West Palm Bench, Florida B.S., Secondary Education MICHAEL I. BOWEN . . . Deerfield Beach, Florida . . (., History Third Row CYNTHIA J. H. BOYD Lakeland, Florida B.S., Secondary Education SAMUEL S. BOYD .... Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.S., Business HENRIETTA A. BOYER. . . . Weirsdale, Florida B.S., Business JOHN HOUSTON BRADY, JR. . Key West. Florida B.S., Business LORNA IF.AN BROOKS .... Kissimtnee, Florida B.S., Education WILLIAM STANLEY BROPHY . . Hialcah, Florida B.S., Social Science Fourth Row CHARLES A. BROWN Tampa, Florida .. ., History ROBERT " F. BROYLES .... Jacksonville. Florida U.S.. Journalism WILLIAM I " . BRYANT .... Fort l ' ierce, Florida B. .. Psychology [OHN A. BUCCIARELL1 . Mount Vernon, New York B.S., Business LYNN1 I ' LL BASSI.ER BURK . . Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Home Economics DAVID MICTIAI I BURNS .... Venice, Florida B.S., Busini •• 212 Cynthia Jayne Hollister Bo Charles A. Brown Don ' t you wish everything were drip-dry? • % ♦ % ■■ % % % % % % « Should I wear this one The Seniors ... 1961 Barbara Jill Berthy Michael J. Bowen Samuel S. Boyd Henrietta Alada Boyer John Houston Brady Jr. Lorna Jean Brooks William Stanley Brophy Robert F. Broyles William Evans Bryant John A. Bucciarelli Lvnnette Bassler Burk David Michael Burns They should have warned me about this in high school. Yes, you look healthy, hut let ' s see what shots vou haven ' t had. The Seniors . . . 1961 William Demer Burns Bonnie JoAnne (. ' arisen Robert Bentley Cass Jr. Robert Joseph Chapin Arthur Middleton Cheek Albert Paul Clauss Onnald Faull Clemens Gary I. eland Conner Owen Wynn Conner William Freeman Cooper Catherine L. Cornwc-ll Robert Edwin Cotter • % ♦ » chard Thompson Burt ira William Carlsen Gordon Leslie Bush Richard Wagner Carlson Diane Edmand Cade Chloe Anna Carpenter Gary Winston Cameron Sandra Jane R. Cameron William Eugene Carter Annie Lee Case Dennis Clark Clinton Charles Buford Cox WILLIAM I). BURNS . . West Palm Beach, Florida ROBERT B. CASS, JR. Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Education B.S., Business RICHARD T. BURT Deertield Beach, Florida ROBERT JOSEPH CHAPIN Stuart, Florida A.B., History GORDON LESLIE BUSH . . Downers Grove, Illinoi B.S., Business ARTHUR M. CHEEK Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Elementary Education DIANE EDMAND CADE . . Winter Park, Florida ALBERT PAUL CLAUSS . Lake George, New York !.£., Home Economics B.A., Economics GARY WINSTON CAMERON . Plant City, Florida DONALD FAULL CLEMENS Lakeland, Florida B.S., Education B.S., Chemistry SANDRA JANE R. CAMERON . Plant City, Florida DENNIS C. CLINTON . . . Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Education B.S., Citrus Second Row Fourth Row BONNIE JO ANNE CARLSEN . Vero Beach, Florida GARY LELAND CONNER . . . Lakeland, Florida A.B.. History B.A., History ERA WILLIAM CARLSEN . . . Lakeland, Florida OWEN WVNN CONNER .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Physical Education B.S., Citrus RICHARD W. CARLSON . . . Clearwater, Florida WILLIAM F. COOPER .... Clearwater, Florida B.S., Economics A.B., Industrial Arts CHLOE A. CARPENTER . Fernandina Beach, Florida CATHERINE L. CORNWELL . . . Venice, Florida B.S., Economics A.B., Sociology WILLIAM E. CARTER uhurndale, Florida ROBERT EDWIN COTTER . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Accounting B.S., Citrus ANNIE LEE CASE Tampa. Florida CHARLES BUFORD COX .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education B.S., Accounting Sally Kay Craig Betty Marie Davis Charles Crawford-Brown Samuel Lawrence Davis Virginia J. Curci Lilian Roberta Dear Rodney Lamar Dale Peggy Cassels Delegal Edward Potter Daley- Frank Nicholas Diehm SALLY K. Y CRAIG Okeechobee, Florida B..-1., Sociology CHARLES CRAWFORD-BROWN . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. U.S., Business Administration VIRGINIA J. CCRCI . . . Bridgeport, Connecticut U.S., Biology RODNEY LAMAR DALE Miami, Florida B.S., Business Administration EDWARD POTTER DALEY . . . Orlando, Florida B.S., Business Administration ATLEE WALTER DAVIS . . B.S., Citrus Second Row Bartow, Florida BETTY MARIE I). Wis . Greenville, South Carolina B.S., Business Administration SAMUEL I..WVRI NCE DAVIS . . Lakeland. Florida B.S., Business Idministration LILIAN ROBERTA DEAN . . . Lakeland. Florida U.S.. Education PEGGY C. DELEGAL . . . Pompano Beach, Florida B.S., Elementary Education FRANK NICHOLAS DIEHM . . Lakeland, Florida U.S.. Physical Education STEPHEN D, DIMON Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Third Row MARION JOYCE DITTER . . . Dade City, Florida .LB., English GEOFFREY B. DOBSON .... Sarasota, Florida A.B., Pre-La-w CHARLES C. DOCKERY . West Palm Beach. Florida B.S., Journalism JAMES T. DONOVAN .... Clearwater, Florida B.S., Business .1 J ministration DOUGLAS W. DRIGGERS . . Lakeland, Florida B.A., Religion ROSALYN DUFF rcadia, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Fourth Row RICHARD I). DUVAL . . . Jefferson City, Missouri B.S., Business Administration JAMES JOHN DWYER Tampa, Florida U.S., Education FREDERICK R. EAGAN Byron, Canada B.S.. Education DEANNE P. ECTON Kej West, Florida U.S.. Education ALLEN A. EDWARDS Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration GEORGE EGNER .... Daytona Beach, Florida U.S., Business Idministration 216 Marion Joyce Ditter Richard I). Duval said I was sorry » % ♦ ♦ %.%;«! See, it ' s not heavy, I can lift it. The Seniors . . . 1961 Atlee Walter Davis Stephen D. Dimon Geoffrey B. Dobson James John Dwyer Charles C. Dockery James T. Donovan Douglas Wayne Driggers Rosalyn Duff Frederick Ralph Eagan Deanne P. Ecton Allen Arthur Edwards George Egner Bewildered freshmen struggle through the maze nt registration. The Seniors ... 1961 Jesse Christopher Ellis Patricia Ann Fielding Peter Funston Steven B. Gerd Mary Patricia Gamble Theresa G. Gardner George K.. Gilleland, II Charles D. Gimbel, Jack H. Garrison IH-nnis Grant Glider Rev. Art Donald Gast Gwendolyn Ann Cioher I ■» f %f] A 218 • ♦ % I ' •%•• 4 % ft Richard Pcnn Engler Nanc Shepfer Fisher Emerson Keith Ewing John Holder Flowers Charles James Evans Sandra Kav Foulk Henry A. M. Faber Jr. Stephen Earl Frazier Carolyn Sanders Feltv Richard Joel Friedman Sally Rae George Dorothy Ann Goetz First Row Third Row JESSE CHRISTOPHER ELLIS . . . Bartow, Florida PETER FUNSTON .... Pound Ridge, New York B.S., Business Administration B.S., Business Administration RICHARD P. ENGLER . . South Orange. New Jersey MARY P. GAMBLE Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Business Administration B.S., Elementary Education EMERSON KEITH EWING . . . Lakeland, Florida THERESA G. GARDNER . . Winter Haven, Florida A.B., English B.S.. Business Administration CHARLES JAMES EVANS . . . Fort Pierce, Florida JACK H. GARRISON Plant City, Florida B.S., Education B.S., Physical Education HENRY A. M. FABER, JR. . . Pomona Park, Florida REV. ART DONALD GAST . . . Tampa, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts B.S., Education CAROLYN S. FELTY .... Okahumpka, Florida SALLY RAE GEORGE Largo, Florida B.A.. Psychology B.S., Elementary Education Second Row Fourth Row PATRICIA A. FIELDING . . . Savannah, Georgia STEVEN B. GERD Miami Beach, Florida B.S., Elementary Education B.A., History NANCY S. FISHER uburndale. Florida GEORGE K. GII.LELAND. II . . East Alton, Illinois . . ;.. English B.S., Industrial Arts fOHN HOLDER FLOWERS . . Balboa, Canal Zone CHARLES D. GIMBEL. JR. . Tarpon Springs, Florida B.S., Education B.S., Education SANDRA KAY FOCLK . . . Punta Gorda. Florida DENNIS GRANT GLIDER . . Miami Beach, Florida B.S., Elementary Education B.A., Business Administration STEPHEN E. FRAZIER . . Tarpon Springs, Florida GWENDOLYN ANN GOBER . . . Tampa, Florida U.S., Chemistry A.B., English RICHARD |. FRIEDMAN . . Fairfield, Connecticut DOROTHY ANN GOETZ Stuart, Florida B.A., Sociology B.S., Secretarial Science 219 Mary Ellen Graves James Jay Hager V era Marie Green Raymond Alan Hager Harry Conner Griffin Kenneth I. Hallenborg Donald B. Griswold Joe Robert Hamby Armando Gutierrez Jr. Mylene Rae Hannigan MAR ELLEN GRAVES Miami, Florida B.S., Elementary Education VERA MARIE GREEN Lakeland. Florida B.S., Elementary Education III NK-i CONNER GRIFFIN . . . Bartow, Florida B.S., Citrus DONALD B. GRISWOLD . . . Hollywood, Florida U.S., Business Administration ARMANDO GUTIERREZ, JR. . . Key West, Florida U.S., Education E. ANTHONY HACKNEY . . Riverside, New [ersej A.B., Spanish Sei " mi Row [AMI S I W HAG1 K Pitman, New Jersej U.S.. Business Administration RAYMOND A. HAGER . . Nicholasville, Kentucky U.S., Physical Education Kl NN1 I ' ll 1 HALLENBORG . . Wilmette, Illinois U.S.. Business Administration |OE ROBER r HAMBY .... Lakeland. I lorida U.S., Business Id ministration MYLEN1 R HANNIGAN . . St. Petersburg, Florida U.S., Elementary Education CHARLES (isCAR HARDEN . . Denver, Colorado U.S., ' .,,, hology MARJORIE ANN HARDIN . . Flushing, New York .LB., English MILTON I.. HARMAN .... Geneva, New York B.S., Business Administration RICHARD F. HARRELL . . . Auburndale, Florida B.S., Business Administration MICAJAH B. HARRISON. JR. . . Palmetto, Florida B.S., .In ounting BETTY SNOW HARVEY . . . Jacksonville. Florida U.S., Elementary Education Marjorie Ann Hardin Margaret M. Hastings RONAL CARLOUS HASKINS . U.S., Biology Lakeland, Florida MARGARET M. HAS LINGS . . . Bartow, Florida B.S., Elementary Education BERTIE B. HATFIELD . . . St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Elementary Education KARL DOUGLAS HAWKINS . . Scotia, New York B.S.. Business Administration i,l RARD J. HAYES . . . . U.S.. Busin, rj tdn . Lakeland, Florida ttration EVERETT E. HAYMOND . . West Palm Beach, Fla U.S.. Industrial Arts JOAN M. HEDLUND . Aruba, Netherlands, Antille U.S., i.Ju, alum 220 ' " ■» » " J A ' -l ! ! ! ! ! ! V The C.T. otters these fellows some leisure readinti Hri ht-eyed looks, even at breakfast. The Seniors ... 1961 E. Anthony Hackney Charles Oscar Harden Milton L. Harman Richard Finley Harrell Micajah B. Harrison, Jr. Bettj Snow Harvey Ronal Carious Haskins Bertie Beaty Hatfield Karl Douglas Hawkins Gerard J. Haves Everett Eston Haymond Joan Mary Hedlund 4 ■• - y What do vmi say we 20 back tor seconds, huh: After that last test. I ' m beat. The Seniors ... 1961 Barney M. Herndon, Jr Don Wallacli Holmes Joan Shirley Muff Judith Emily June- Larry Keiili Jackson Margaret Ann Jencks Douglas Johnson Robert Milton Jones Arlene Roberta Jourdan Chris James Kallas Leonard John JohnsoD Judith Karnes •%. Marijo Price Hickcy Gretchen Holzbaur Edwin Cole Higgison Robert Attree Hopkins Dennis Alden Hill Julius Frank Hobbs Glenn Lester Hopson William Walter Howard Nancy Ruth Hogarth Joyce Anne Hoy Gerald Norman Jones Warren Reuben Ka First Row Third Row BARNEY M. HERNDON, JR. . Lake Wales, Florida JOAN SHIRLEY HUFF . . Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B.S., Business Administration BS - ' Elementary Education MARIJO PRICE HICKEY . . . Titusville, Florida LARRY KEITH JACKSON . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education BS ' ■■ Citrus EDWIN COLE HIGGISON . . . Lakeland, Florida MARGARET A. JENCKS . . . Plant City, Florida B.S., Business A J ministration B.S., Elementary Education DENNIS A. HILL Delray Beach, Florida DOUGLAS JOHNSON Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration B.S., Industrial Arts JULIUS FRANK HOBBS .... Plan! City, Florida LEONARD J. JOHNSON . . Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S., Business Administration B$- Business Administration NANCY R. HOGARTH . . . Palm Beach. Florida GERALD NORMAN JONES . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Psychology B.S.. Physical Education Second Row Fourth Row DON WALLACH HOLMES . . . Orlando, Florida JUDITH EMILY JONES .... Plant City, Florida B.S.. Business A J ministration B.S., Journalism GRETCHEN HOLZBAUR .... Miami, Florida ROBERT M. JONES .... Lake Hamilton. Florida A.B., Education B.S., Business Administration ROBERT A. HOPKINS .... Ramsey, New Jersey ARLENE R. JOURDAN .... Oak Park. Illinois B.S., Business Administration A.B., Psychology GLENN L. HOPSON Won Park, Florida CHRIS J. KALI. AS .... Poughkeepsie, New York B.S., Business Administration B.S., Science WILLIAM W. HOWARD . . Winter Haven, Florida JUDITH KARNES Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration B.A., History JOYCE ANNE HOY . . . Sharon Hill. Pennsylvania WARREN REUBEN KAY Ocala, Florida B.S., Education U.S., Business Administration 22: ! Duane Joseph Kearnc Burtw in 1.. King Bedford Alvin Keen Linda Louise Kirk Gordon H. Keith, Jr. Monte Klein James Albert Kerce Kennis S. Ketterer Ruth Ellen Kleinknecht James Anthony Kless DIANE JOSEPH KEARNEY . . Lakeland, Florida JOHN P. KLIMAS Englewood, Florida U.S.. Elementary Education B.I.. Social Studies BEDFORD .MAIN KEEN . . Winter Haven, Florida FRANK C. KLODE, JR. . . Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S., Business Administration B.S., Business Administration GORDON II KF.FFH, JR. . . . Jacksonville, Florida JOHN W. KMETZ .... Wellington, New Jersey B..J., History B.S., Business Administration [AMES ALBERT KERCE, JR . . Mulberry, Florida MARJORIE K. KNAPP Lakeland, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts RS-, Elementary i.Ju, ation Kl NNIS S. KETTERER . . Ormond Beach. Florida BRENDA KNOWLF.S Lakeland, Florida U.S.. Business Administration B.S., Psychology BARBARA B. KHONIGON ... St. Cloud, Florida ROGER W. KDHLSTEDT . Grand Rapids, Michigan B.S. Education U.S., Business Administration BURTWIN L. KINt; Lakeland, Florida U.S., Ei onomics LINDA l.ol IM KIRK .... Melbourne, Florida . J.. English VERN PETER KOWALKE . . Winter Park. Florida B.S.. Education JollN C. KRAI.l Catasauqua, Pennsylvania U.S., 1 1 1 ounting MONTE Kl I 1 Mrattord. Connecticut JANE ANN KROSCHWITZ Dunedin. Florida IB.. History U.S., Elementary Education R1 III E. KLEINKNECHT . Bridgeport, Connecticul MIRIAM G. KWASNAZA B.S., Social stii.lt, i ' • ' ' ■ ' ' [AMES ANTHONY KLESS . . . . Cleveland, obi I .11., I.i onomics lakeland, Florida PHILIP Kl 1 Ml S DONALD RAY LAMB . . . Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Accounting Albany, Georgia U.S., Biology Pass-A-Grille, Florida CLARA LOUISE LANCASTER IB, ht John P. Klimas Vern Peter Kowalke Have a second cup, it ' s good. Canterbury Cluh prepares for another campus meeting The Seniors . . . 1961 Barbara B. Khonigon Philip Klesius Frank C. Klode, Jr. John William Kmet? Marjorie Kathleen Knapp John Charles Krall Jane Ann Kroschwitz Miriam Goodwin Kwasnaza Brenda Knowles Roger V. Kohlstedt Donald Ray Lamb Clara Louise Lancaster The start of a good suntan is a must before I aster vacation. The Seniors ... 1961 Cecil Delano Lanier William David Lee fames Louis Lubach Harry Michael Lucas Thomas Earle Lundquist John Robert Luposello Florence Pipkin I l Glen John Maggio Linda Bjorkman Maggio Brent Russell Malever Peter Anthon) Marasco Paul Marer 1 iMI % • % Thclma Carol Lasky Samuel Downs Lewis Leslie T. Laurence Wesley Ladell Lindley Julian E. Lawson Robert Charles Lott mm Bertel Arne Lee Leslie Lloyd Arnold Jay Levin David Raymond Louer John Allan Mack Tommy Rav Mason CECIL DELANO LANIER .... Lakeland. Florida JAMES LOUIS LUBACH . . Fanwood, New Jersey B.S.. Business Administration B.S., Business Administration THELMA C. LASKY . . South Hempstead, New York HARRY MICHAEL LUCAS . . . Lakeland, Florida A.B., Spanish B.S., Business Administration LESLIE T. LAURENCE .... Lakeland, Florida THOMAS E. LUNDQUIST . . Clearwater, Florida B.S., Secondary Education B.S., Industrial Arts JULIAN ' E. LAWSON Lakeland, Florida JOHN ROBERT LUPOSELLO . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Physical Education B.S., Business Administration BERTEL ARNE LEE .... Stratford, Connecticut FLORENCE PIPKIN LYLE . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration B.S., Elementary Education ARNOLD JAY LEVIN . . Toms River, New Jersey JOHN ALLAN MACK . . . Union City, New Jersey U.S., Business Administration B.S., Physical Education Second Row Fourth Row WILLIAM DAVID LEE .... Jackson, Alabama GLEN JOHN MAGGIO - . . Westrteld, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration B.S., Business Administration SAMUEL DOWNS LEWIS . . Lake Wales, Florida LINDA B. MAGGIO .... Westfield, New Jersey B.A.. Sociology B.S., Business Administration WESLEY LADELL LINDLEY . . Lakeland, Florida BRENT RUSSELL MALEVER . B.S., Social Science B.S., Economics Ocala, Florida ROBERT CHARLES LOFT . . . Lakeland, Florida PETER A. MARASCO . . . Tarrytown. New York B.S., Speech B.S., Business Administration LESLIE LLOYD North Miami, Florida PAUL MARER Budapest, Hungary «..V„ Fine Arts A.B., Economics DAVID R. LOUER Syracuse, New York TOMMY RAY MASON .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration B.S., Education Carolyn Edith Mayer Lon McCahe William James McLain James Donald McLaughlin Comer Ray McDaniel John Wilbur McLeod Joyce Linda McKee Welch Earl Means Fred A. McKeithen, Jr. Richard Tern MessicJ Charles Joseph Miller Donna Lorraine Nhmnie CAROLYN EDITH MAYER . . Memphis, Tennessee CHARLES JOSEPH MILLER . . Lakeland, Florida «.. ., English B.S., Biology LON McCABl Ft. Lauderdale, Florida DONAL BEN MILLER Lakeland. Florida U.S., Business Administration U.S., Psychology COMER RA ' i McDANIEI Bartow, Florida MARILYN JANE MILLER . . Riplev, West Virginia H.I., Psychology U.S., Business Administration fOYCl LINDA McKEE Orlando, Florida PETER D. MILLIOT . . . Mamaroneck, New York U.S., Education 111., Social Science FRED A. McKEITHEN, JR. . . . Bartow, Florida WALLACE L. MIZE .... Winter Haven, Florida U.S., Business Administration B.S., Citrus ROBERT W. McKENZIE .... Tavernier, Florida EDWARD JOHN MONARCHIK . . Ocala, Florida U.S., Business Administration U.S., Business Administration WILLIAM JAMES McLAIN .... Brooklyn, Iowa U.S., Business Administration [AMES D, McLAUGHLIN . . . Kissimmee, Florida «.. ., Sociology fOHN WILBUR McLEOD .... Lakeland, Florida U.S., Business Administration WELCH EAR] Ml VNS . . . Jacksonville, Florida U.S., Business Administration RICHARD I I ' RIO MESSICK . . lakeland, Florida U.S.. Chemistry lil I RLV MILAM Gainesville, Florida U.S., Elementary Education Fourth Row DONNA L. MONNIER .... Damascus, Maryland (. ., History KENDALL DeWITT MORRIS . . Vidalia, Georgia U.S.. Business Administration WILLIAM W. MORRIS . . . Jacksonville, Florida «..S , Business Administration WILLIAM E. MOTHORPE . . Dansville, New York U.S., Accounting FR1 D I lloMAS MULLENS . . . Tampa, Florida U.S.. Business Administration |oll II. MUSGRAVE, II . Springfield, Pennsylvania » ' . ., History " ::::::::? Only uiie more hour until the office opens again. Students gather in the C.T. between classes. Robert W. McKenzie Beverlv Milam The Seniors ... 1961 Donal Ben Miller Cendell DeWitt Morri: Marilyn Jane Miller Peter Douglas Milliot Wallace Lorraine Mize William Walter Morris William Eldon Mothorpe Fred Thomas Mullens Edward John Monarchik John Hall Musgrave, II Looks like there ' s no big line to pay money at the Bursar ' s office. Freshmen are busy rilling out those IBM cards The Seniors ... 1961 James Arthur MusselS Carl Edgar Nimnicht, J Lynne Karolee Owens William Frank Packer Monte Thomas Parola Gordon Gerald Payne Mutt Peck, Jr. Virginia Mabel Perkins Douglas Turner Parrish ( reorge Ellis Petrie Paul Eugene Parrish Edith Jenny Phillips i %•% Edward Lee Nh rick Robert Joseph Ninfo y George Nestos Oleta Margaret Oppelt Robert Landriini Nichols Mary Jane Foy Outlaw Rena Patricia Parrish Fred Douglas Pierson First Row JAMES A. MUSSELMAN . . Fairfield, Pennsylvania B.S.. Economics EDWARD L. MYRICK . . Pompano Beach, Florida B.S., Business Administration THOMAS A. MYRICK Lakeland, Florida B.S., Social Studies JERRY G. NESTOS .... Franklin, Pennsylvania B.S., Business Administration CAROLYN H. NICHOLS .... Salem, New Jersey B.A., Art ROBERT L. NICHOLS .... Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Business Administration Second Row CARL E. NIMNICHT, JR Orlando, Florida B.S., Economics ROBERT JOSEPH NINFO . . Riverdale, New York B.S., Business Ad ministration GERALDINE O. NOBLE .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Education OLETA M. OPPELT .... Winter Park, Florida B.S., Business Administration THOMAS W. OSBORNE Bartow. Florida B.S., Speech MARY JANE F. OUTLAW . . . Lakeland, Florida A.B., Sociology 231 Third Row LYNNE KAROLEE OWENS . . . Palmetto, Florida B.S., Biology WILLIAM F. PACKER . . . Garwood, New Jersey A.B.. Psychology MONTE T. PAROLA . . West Hartford, Connecticut B.S., Business Administration DOUGLAS T. PARRISH . . . Glennville, Georgia B.S.. Fine Arts PAUL E. PARRISH Homeland, Florida B.A., History RENA P. PARRISH .... Pompano Beach. Florida B.S., Business Administration Fourth Row GORDON G. PAYNE .... Girard, Pennsylvania B.S., Mathematics MOTT PECK, JR Waverly, Pennsylvania B.S., Accounting VIRGINIA MABEL PERKINS . . . Largo, Florida B.S., Education GEORGE ELLIS PETRI E .... Bartow, Florida B.A., Industrial Arts EDITH J. PHILLIPS . . . Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Business Administration FRFI) D. PIERSON Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Thomas Moore Povvnall I.ois Hunter Rhodes Linda Firth Prescott Willard M. Rich, Jr. Donald Willis Prichard David Monroe Ricketson Jacqueline E. Prime Robert R. Rohlf Robert M. Pryoi Ruth Ellen Rogers Nelson K. Rosecrans John (ail Rano rHOMAS MOORE POWNALL . . . Starke, Florida U.S., Industrial Arts LINDA F. PRESCOTT Lakeland, Florida U.S., Elementary Education DONALD V. PRICHARD . . Lake Wales, Florida A. II., English JACQUELINE E. PRIME . X. Miami Beach, Florida U.S., Home Economics ROBERT M. PRYOR Orlando, Florida U.S., Business Administration WILLIAM J. RATLEY Lakeland, Florida U.S.. Education LOIS HUNTER RHODES . . Queen Anne, Maryland U.S., Business Education WILLARD M. RICH, JR. . . W. Palm Beach, Florida B.S , Business Administration DAVID M. RICKETSON . Winter Garden, Florida U.S.. Citrus Rl ' 111 R I K. ROHLF .... Tuckahoe, New York U.S., Busim " Administration RUTH I . Kii(, i RS . . . Huntington, West Virginia U.S.. Religion sl l K. ROOSA .... Riverhead, New York U.S., Social Studies NELSON K. ROSECRANS . . Riviera Beach. Florida U.S.. Industrial Arts M. ROSENGRANT, JR. . West Palm Beach, Florida B.S., Accounting ROBERT I. ROWLAND, JR. . Elm Grove, Wisconsin U.S., Business Administration EDWARD A. RCBIN . . . Great Neck, New York U.S., Business A J ministration ROBERT WATSON RULE . . . Pompano, Florida «..S ' ., Journalism HELEN Rl ' TZ 11. I., Sociology Four in Row |ollN CARL RANO Camaguey, Cuba Del. and, Florida JOHN KING SANDEEN .... Lakeland. Florida U.S., Business Administration GARY M. SATTERFIELD . . Winston-Salem, N. C. U.S., Psychology LARRY L. SAUNDERS Lakeland. Florida U.S., Business Administration rHEODORE SCHARFENSTEIN . Vallej Stream, N. , i . ;. .. Psychology RAYMOND A. SCHMID . . . Palm Beach, Florida U.S., Business Administration 232 Please sir, explain that just one more time. -•••••% Life can be beautiful The Seniors . . . 1961 William J. Ratley uzanne Kathryn Roosa urlind Rosengrant, Jr. Robert J. Rowland, Jr. Edward Allen Rubin Robert Watson Rule Helen Rut John King Sandeen Ciary Mack Satterfield Larry L. Saunders Theodore Scharfenstein Raymond Alleg Schmid Hew give me back mv ribbon. If I can just get this one last class, I ' ll be through. The Seniors ... 1961 Frank D. Seibert Julian C. Simerly, |r Richard Merrill Smith Benjamin C. Smoot Murriel Kate Snapp William D. Stafford James John Stamisol Rachel Joyce Stanley John Ruskin Stapleton George Weir Stevens Betty Ann Stewart Mark Underner Stewai .nr % ♦ % . % 4 4.4.4 4,4 » i f Lillian L. Sellers Margaret Denison Sims Robert Rundell Sharp Clavton C. Skinner Marion Edna Shaw Harrv Anthonv SI ad Carol Sue Shiplett James Mitchell Smith John William Shirah John Bundy Smith Charles J. Stanaland Carl Edmund Stormant FRANK D. SEIBERT Lakeland, Florida .1.11., Religion LILLIAN L. SELLERS .... Jacksonville, Florida B.A., Religious Education ROBERT R. SHARP . . Briarcliff Manor, New York U.S., Business Administration MARION EDNA SHAW . . Saskatchewan, Canada B.S., Elementary Education CAROL SUE SHIPLETT .... Bradenton, Florida B.S., Physical Education JOHN WILLIAM SHIRAH . U.S., Citrus Lakeland, Florida JULIAN C. SIMERLY, JR. . Coconut Grove, Florida B.S., Biology MARGARET D. SIMS . . West Palm Beach, Florida B.S., Secondary Education CLAYTON C. SKINNER . . B.S.. Scien, HARRY ANTHONY SLAD . . . B.S., Industrial Arts Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida JAMES M. SMITH Yero Beach, Florida B.S., Citrus JOHN BUNDY SMITH Berwyn, Illinois B.S.. Accounting RICHARD M. SMITH Lakeland, Florida B.S., Citrus BENJAMIN C. SMOOT .... Ft. Myers, Florida B.S., Business Administration MURRIEL K. SNAPP Plant City. Florida B.S., Business Administration WILLIAM D. STAFFORD .... Tampa, Florida B.S., Accounting JAMES JOHN STAMISON . . . Riverside, Illinois B.A., Social Science CHARLES J. STANALAND .... Ocala, Florida B.S., Business Ad ministration RACHEL J. STANLEY .... Plant City, Florida B.S., Elementary Education JOHN R. STAPLETON . . Daytona Beach, Florida B.S., Economics GEORGE WEIR STEVENS . . . Sarasota, Florida B.S., Music Education BETTY ANN STEWART . . . Bradenton, Florida B.S., Home Economics MARK V. STEWART Largo, Florida B.S., Psychology CARL E. STORMANT .... Weirsdale, Florida B.S., Business Administration 235 Jack R. Strathmeyer Linton A. Taylor Wallace D. Strevell Su-an I.inda Tavlor Robert Dennis Sumner Thomas Allen Thaver Earl Wayne Sutton Dee Anna Thomas Thomas G. Svitak John Ross Thompson Vera Eugenia Carlton Bisjelo JACK R. STRATHMEYER . . York. Pennsylvania B.S., Business Administration WALLACE I). STREVELL . . . lakeland, Florida B.S., History ROBERT D. SUMNER .... Dade (in. linn, I., B.S., Accounting EARL WAYNE SUTTON .... Lakeland. Florida B.S., Citrus THOMAS (.. SVITAK .... Westchester, Illinois B.S., Business Administration ROBERT L. SWEAT Inverness, Florida B.S., Business Administration LINTON A. rAYLOR .... Jacksonville. Florida U.S., Business Administration SI SAN E. TAYLOR . . . Tom River, New Jersej ; Spanish ll|(i l s A. I HAVER .... Lakeland, Florida U.S., Citrus DEE ANNA [ " HOMAS . . Hopkinsville, Kentuck) B.S.. Home Economics |OHN ROSS [ " HOMPSON . . Wintei Haven, Florida B.S., Citrus REBECCA A. THOMPSON Boca Grande, Florida ; s , lementary Education VERA E. THRASHER .... Gainesville, Florida B.S., Elementary Education GRANT R. rOWNSEND . . . Loxahatchee, Florida B.S., Psychology ROBERT E. VAN NEST .... Sarasota, Florida U.S.. Industrial .Iris HENRY SPENCE VAUGHAN . . Clinton. Michigan B.S., Business Administration JOHN K. VERMETTE Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration WILLIAM R. WADE Lakeland, Florida B.S., Secondary Education Fourth Row CARLTON B. WALLER Largo, Florida ll.S . Business Administration JAMES K WALTON, JR. . Pompano Beach, Florida B.S., Business Administration [ACK Jul WATSON Sarasota, Florida U.S.. Busini " Administration RICHARD DAVID WEAVER . . Canton. Ohio U.S.. Journalism Wales, Florida li.S . 1, t Hunting ' I WI1 s i WEIHE . . . Fairn nut, West Virginia ll U.S.. Education l I % ♦ 4 «•%.«. Looks like the first mixer dance is a success. The Seniors ... 1961 Robert Leonard Sweat Rebecca A. Thompson Grant Reeve Townsend ames Robert Walton, Jr Robert Lewis Van Nest Jack Joe Watson Henry Spence Vaughan Richard David Weaver John Kimball Vermette Donald Gerald Webb William Robert Wade James Melville Weihe 1 CHRISTMAS SEALS FIGHT TB GHT TUBERCULOSI GIVE TO YOUR POLK COUHT) TB„„ D HERLTH % ' " RSSOCIRTION The Pikes won first place u itli their T.B. display. L Shall 1 choose rare or well-done The Seniors . . . 1961 Bernice E. Weiskirch Harleen Wetherington Franklin Delano Wheat Nanc} Ann Wilcox Barliara W. Wileden Mary Elizabeth Williams Clara Belle Wise Leonard Durward Womack t.% Alberl lame Worm Villiam Fredrick Wyll Sara Elizabeth Wright William M. Yelvington William Henry Wrage, John Bassert Yost Robert Alan Wright Jean Helen Zimmerman First Row BERNICE E. WEISKIRCH . . . Lakeland, Florida B.A., English HARLEEN WETHERINGTON . Plant City, Florida «..S ' ., Business Administration FRANKLIN 1). WHEAT . . . Frederick, Maryland B.S.. Accounting NANCY A. WILCOX .... South Bend, Indiana A.B., Sociology ALBERT JAMES WORM .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration CELESTE ROSE WOYAK . . . Elmira, New York B.S., Business Education SARA ELIZABETH WRIGHT . . . Ocala, Florida B.A., English WILLIAM H. WRAGE, JR. . Smithtown, New York U.S., Business Administration ROBERT ALAN WRIGHT . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Accounting Second Row BARBARA W. WILEDEN . . . Lakeland, Florida U.S.. Education MARY E. WILLIAMS Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education CLARA BELLE WISE .... Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Elementary Education LEONARD D. WOMACK .... Lakeland. Florida B.A ., Journalism Fourth Row WILLIAM F. WYLL1E Lakeland, Florida B.S., Accounting JANET RUTH YATES Miami, Florida B.S., Journalism WILLIAM M. YELVINGTON . . Hastings, Florida B.S., Business Administration JOHN BASSETT YOST .... riant City, Florida B.S., Musi, Edu, ai ion IF.AN II. ZIMMERMAN . . . Eaton Park, Florida B.S., Education THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS DAVE FLETCHER President DICK WHALLEY Vice-President CAROL SUE BEUSTER Secretary-Treasurer Beuster, Fletcher, Whallev. 240 %•» _ First Row CLAUDE WILLIAM ABATE . Glen Cove, New York JACOB ARNOLD ALBRECHT . . Lakeland, Florida JERRY PAUL ALEXANDER .... Naples, Florida JAMES EVERETT ALLEN, JR. . Auburndale, Florida Second Row ROBERT GLENN ALLEN Naples. Florida RAYMOND A. ALLEY, JR Lakeland, Florida ROBERT EDWARD ALLISON . . Lakeland, Florida ANN DELIA AMBROSE .... Louisville, Kentucky Third Row JOHN ROGER AMMERMAN . . . Leeshurg, Florida LANCE C. ANDERSON Bradenton, Florida TOMMY F. ASHE Culleoka, Tennessee CAROLYN JOAN BALDY .... Bradenton, Florida Fourth Row JACKIE MARCUS BLOCKER HENRY FMILIO BISTER . . CAROL SUE BEUSTER . . DIANA LEE BENSON . . . Fifth Row JOAN CAROLE BECHERT . SANDRA LOUISE BATES . . DONALD R. BATCHELDER EDWARD LEE BARTON, JR. Sixth Row NANCY ELLEN BARROW PATRICIA O. BARRINGER PHYLLIS LEE BARRETT . Bartow, Florida Plant City, Florida . Kewanee, Illinois Englewood, Florida . Islamorada, Florida Winter Haven, Florida Westfield, New Jersey . . Williston, Florida . . . Columbus, Ohio Concord, North Carolina . . Ft. Myers, Florida DEAN CRAIG BARRETT .... Lakeland, Florida Seventh Row GEORGE ELLIOTT BARBER . . . Orlando, Florida VINYARD K. BALLARD .... Clermont, Florida BLAINE BALLAXTYNE . Bethel Park, Pennsylvania WILLIAM MONROE BALL . . . Lakeland, Florida tiiiiiti 2 f i mMmm 9 9 J mmm S M L 2-11 The Juniors Pi Kapps repaint their totem pole. Boi roM Row BARBARA JOYCE BOM) Tampa, Florida [AMES MICHAEL BONE Dearborn, Michigan ROBERT LLOYD BOREN Bartow, Florida SANDRA LUCIA BORJA Lakeland, Florida [OHN MILTON BOVIS Kissimmee, Florida BRENDA JANE BOWERS Miami Shore-, Florida MARIAN SANDRA BOYD Winter Haven, Florida First Row I DWARD RYAN BOZA Key West, Florida ANTHONY J. BRADDOCK .... North Bergen. New Jersey CAUSE ' S fULIAN BRADY Lakeland, Florida JOANNA C. BROCKWAY Boston, Massachusetts ARTHUR WAYNE BROWN Freeport, New York Bl SSIE LUCILLE BROWN Carrollton, Virginia DERRELL FRANKLIN BROWN .... Lake Wales, Florida Second Row [AMES LEEMAN BROWNLEE Jupiter, Florida I Wll S HERMAN BRYANT Columbus, Georgia ROBER1 RAYMOND BUGBEE . . . Winter Haven, Florida DAVID FROST BUNCH Lakeland, Florida GLADYS RACY BURSK Lakeland. Florida ROBIN I ' M I l | BUSH Lakeland. Florida LEONARD NORMAN BYRD Lakeland. Florida Third Row PATRICIA ANN CAIN Atlanta. Georgia BERNICE ALENE CAMERON Bartow, Florida JUNE CORA CAMPBELL Lakeland, Florida ELIZABETH ANNE CANFIELD Webster Springs. V. Virginia ROBERT GAR CARBAUGH Tavares, Florida JUDY ELLEN CARLIN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania DONNA JO CARLTON Winter Haven, Florida Fin urn Row EVERETT STANLEY CARTER Lakeland, Florida DAVID PRESTON CAYCE Bartow, Florida CLARISSE L. CHAMBERLIN . . . Ft. Myers Beech, Florida JAMES DAVID CLINE Tampa, Florida JOHN ARTHUR CLOCKADALE popka, Florida GERALDIN ' E JO COCCIARD] Sarasota. Florida ROBERT BRYAN COCHONOUR Casev. Illinois Fifth Row STEPHEN MARIS COCHRAN Lakeland, Florida JUDITH GEORGIA COLBURN . . Greensburg, Pennsylvania CHARLES BERNARD COLVIN Lakeland, Florida JUDITH ANNE CORK Lakeland, Florida I.ONNIF. S. CORNELIUS, JR Orlando, Florida PATRICIA ANN COVELLO Delrav Beach. Florida GLENDA CAROM N COX Orlando, Florida Sixth Row MARTHA LYNNE COX Sarasota. Florida IRON ' DWAIN COX Bradenton, Florida FHOMAS ROBERT CRUM Plant City, Florida LLOYD THOMAS CUNNINGHAM . . Winter Haven, Florida WILLIAM ROY CURRIE Rochester. New York C. L. CUTHBERTSON, JR I.ithia, Florida ll ' in DANCE Lakeland, Florida Seventh Row ANTHONY PETER DAVIDSON . . . Highland Park, Illinois CALVIN LEE DAVIS Lantana, Florida MICHAEL ANGELO DEFEEN Lakeland, Florida JANET ANN DEGAETA Puma Gorda, Florida JACK LEE DELEGAI Pompano, Florida FRANK MARTIN DRF.YFR Lakeland. Florida DENNIS DEWITT DRURY Polk City, Florida ? ♦ % t Utf C? .Tj " ft Qft ft fL 1 m t ■ ■ ' I aSs f . .■■.% . The Juni ors Co-ed sponsors gather around the punch bowl at R.O.T.C. reception. Bottom Row ALICE E. DURICK Lakeland, Florida JERRY MERLE EATON Allegany, New York SUSAN LEE ECKHARDT . . . Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin MONA L. EDWARDS Lakeland, Florida RAYMOND LEWIS EDWARDS Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM RANDALL EHRET . Harrington Park, New Jersey EDWARD ALAN ELLIS St. Petersburg, Florida First Row DOROTHY SUE ENDRES Haworth, New Jersey HERBERT HILLIARD ENELOW Lakeland, Florida GARY CLYDE ENGLISH Lakeland, Florida JUDITH EPPENBERGER Sarasota, Florida HAROLD EUGENE EUBANKS Kailua, Hawaii BRENDA KAY EUDY Vero Beach, Florida YVONNE MARIE EYNON Bradenton, Florida Third Row DENIS LOUIS FONTAINE Lakeland, Florida CAROLYN RUTH FORD Lakeland, Florida EDWARD HERBERT FORD Key West, Florida JACKIE VERNON FOSSITT Maysville, Kentucky CORLISS W. FREDERICK Winter Haven, Florida JEAN FULFORD Plant City, Florida SAMUEL ALANSON FILLER Plant Citv, Florida Fourth Row GERALD WAYNE GADDY . Jackson Springs, North Carolina THOMAS WALTER GANNAWAY .... Orlando, Florida TERRENCE JOHN GARION Ft. Lee, New Jersey DONNA LUCILLE GAVIN Dover. Florida JERRY BRANDT GEBHARDT Pekin, Illinois ELAINE GEMMELL Haines Citv. Florida NARCISSE F. GERVAIS Lakeland, Florida Fifth Row MARIE KELLY GIBBONS Winchester, Indiana CARL HOWARD GILES Big Stone Gap, Virginia PAIL A. GILLIS St. Petersburg, Florida JAMES TERRELL GOFF Winter Haven. Florida JOHNNY DEWAINE GOULD .... Miami Beach, Florida GEORGE THOMAS GOVIGNON Lakeland, Florida ROBERT NELSON GRANT Tampa, Florida Sixth Row GARY EDWARD GSCHWIND . EUGENE EDWARD GUTIERREZ FRANCES ANN HACKNEY . . ELIZABETH HILLS HAGER . . WILLIAM CONLEY HALL . . . RUSSELL FRANKLIN HANDY, |K HENRY ROGER HANNA . . . Ft. Mitchell, Kentuckj . Key West, Florida . Ft. Pierce, Florida Venice. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland, Florida . . . Miami, Florida Si i 0ND Row [AMES ALBERT FALCONER Rockford, Illinois HOWARD EDGAR FARRIS Coleman. Florida HENRY JOSEPH FELDMAN .... Milwaukee, Wisconsin RICHARD OLSEN FELTON Lakeland, Florida THOMAS RICHARD TINDER .... Riviera Beach, Florida DAVID RICHARD FLETCHER Orlando, Florida JOHN JOSEPH FLETCHER Lake Wales, Florida Si vi s in Row ROBERT B. HARDY, JR St. Petersburg, Florida GEORGE L. HARRELL, II Immokalee, Florida LINDA JO HARREL1 Lakeland. Florida CHARLES THOMAS HARRIMAN .... Ponce, Puerto Rico LEE PHELPS HARRISON Milford, Connecticut RICHARD EDWIN HARVIN Sanford, Florida ROBERT HENRY III A III lakeland. Florida fa. The Juniors Hev! What ' s in the hay Bottom Row THOMAS KITH HEXCEY, III ... . Plant City, Florida GWENDOLYN MORGAN HENLEY . . Hillsboro, Missouri IRWIN PARVY HILL St. Petersburg, Florida LARRY GORDON HILL Lakeland, Florida (,l l WAYNE MINES Orlando, Florida I IRA ELIZABETH HINSON Plant City, Florida FRANCES ANN HOLLOWAY Lecshurg, Florida Third Row JOIE ROBERT JOHNSON Haines City, Florida MALCOLM JOHN JOHNSON Vera Beach, Florida MATILDA E. JOHNSTON San Jose. Costa Rico CAROL LYNN JONES Blosshurg. Pennsylvania JOHN DAVID JONES, JR Fort Myers, Florida KENNETH J. JONES Plant City, Florida PATRICIA ADELE JONES Lakeland, Florida Fourth Row SYLVIA VIRGINIA JONES Miami. Florida WILLIAM HENRY JONES St. Petersburg, Florida KRAIG KARL JOSENHANS Lakeland, Florida ROMER BAFR JUSTICE Surfside, Florida JAN LEWIS KAISER Lakeland, Florida THOMAS JOHN KAPLAN Winter Haven, Florida JANICE KERR KAY Lakeland. Florida Fifth Row LELAND E. KECK. JR Sebring, Florida EDWARD T. KFNNEY, JR Flushing, New York MICHAEL F. KENNY Flushing, New York BARBARA LOUISE KETCHAM . . . Amityville, New York DAN EDWARDS KINSEY Caraaguey, Cuba ALTON LYMON KIRKLANH Vuburndale, Florida LEAH II. KIRKI ' A I ' RICK Columbus, Ohio First Row JAMES ROBERT HOLYFIELD .... Fort Myers, Florida MAKY LOUISE HORVATH Cleveland. Ohio ARLENE CAROLYN HOUSER Miami, Florida DAVID JOSEPH HI " FF Cincinnati, Ohio NORMAN LOYAL HULL Evansville, Wisconsin KARL HEINZ HUNDT Hofgeismar, Germany MARY ALICE HUNT Sebring, Florida Sixth Row EDWARD JON KOI.ASKA Union, New Jersey LAWRENCE LYNN KRAMER . . West Palm Beach, Florida SANDRA I IE KRUMROY Winter Haven, Florida HERMAN JOHN KUHNERT, JR Lakeland. Florida WALLER ALLEN LAMPMAN . . . Ancramdale, New York KAZAN LANDRETH Largo, Florid:! EDWARD CHARLES LEVINE .... Miami Beach, Florida Second Row I 1.IZABI III JOANNE HUNTER I l RANDOLPH HURLEY . PAIL I KM S I INGRAM . I I HILDA AMBS IRVINE VIVELA ANN! I I I ISRAEL WILLIAM JACKSON . . . BILLY RAY JOHNSON . . Fori Lauderdale. Florida . . Orlando, Florida Lakeland, Florida Redlands, California Dawson, Georgia Waiei tile, Maine Lakeland, Florida N vi m Row WANDA [RENE LEWIS Fort Myers, Florida CHARLES W. LOCKWOOD Bartow, Florida ARNOLD EDWARD LYNN . . . South Orange. New [ersej BETTY BROWN MABRY Concord, North Carolina ALAN IRY1NI, MACLEAN St. Petersburg, Florida [AMES DAVID MAFFETT Lakeland, Florida WINTHROP FOWLER MANN Lakeland. Florida Q i • % :% •% 4 4 % «• l n 4W4k , 2 «r f " ( fc - s tl +fi J fir " «, v - f P ( The Juniors Two freshmen perform at the Freshman Talent Show. Third Row CHRISTINE T. NEGUS .... University Park. Maryland LUELEN E. NEHER Liberty Corner. New Jersey REGINALD A. NEUWIEN, JR Lakeland, Florida ROBERT GUNTHEF NEWCOMBE . . Haines City, Florida ROY LARSEN ODOM Lakeland. Florida SUSAN POWELL OTT Winter Haven. Florida WOODIE JAMES PACE. JR Lakeland. Florida Fourth Row ROY ENOS PEREGRINE Wantagh, New York REBEKAH LUCY PERROW Inverness, Florida CARROLL FRANK PETERSON Nokomis. Florida MARYLOU PFEFFER Indianapolis, Indiana GWENDOLYN E. PHILLIPS Cotnit, Massachusetts JOYCE SCHAFFER PHILLIPS .... Cambridge, Maryland MICHAEL RAND PHILLIPS Vero Beach, Florida Bottom Row ROBERT GERALD MARCUS Lakeland, Florida LOREEN THOMAS MARKIN Lakeland, Florida JOHN THURSTON MARTIN von Park, Florida ROBERT ANDREW MARTIN .... Plainfield, New Jersey KATHLEEN MAYER Cincinatti. Ohio WILLIAM W. McCRACKEN herdeen. South Dakota JUANITA HOPE McCURDY Calhoun, Georgia Fifth Row BARBARA JOAN PIERPOINT Wichita, Kansas JOHN MAXIME PLANT, JR Lakeland, Florida CHARLES MICHAEL POLK Lakeland, Florida BENNY LAMAR POLLOCK Plant City, Florida LLOYD ARTHUR PRICE Lakeland, Florida DONNA LEE PRIYETTE Fort Myers, Florida CECIL PATRICK PRUITT Lakeland, Florida First Row MERTON EDEN McDONALD Albia, Iowa MELINDA McINTURFF Chevy Chase, Maryland DOROTHY E. McKINLEY Winter Haven, Florida MICHAEL M. MERRITT Waterford. Pennsylvania HERBERT STANLEY MILLER Bradenton, Florida BEYERI.Y ANN MOORE Peekskill. New York BILLY MOORE Winter Haven, Florida Six in Row JUDITH ELAINE PULLEN Louisville. Kentuck) EDDY DONALD RAIS Lakeland, Florida NINA JACQUELYN RAMSAY Columbus, Georgia SAMUEL CLAUDE RAWLS . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida JOAN TERRY RAY Nashville, Tennessee RUTH LOUISE RHOADES Miami. Florida PHILIP M. RICHARDSON, JR Tampa, Florida Se ond Row GENE ALLEN MORETZ Bristol. Virginia JOE CAMPBELL MoKRIS. JR Miami, Florida MARY ANN MOTES Leesburg, Florida PATRICK PETER MURPHY Bethpage, New York DONALD FRASER MURRAY Lakeland, Florida JOHN GLENN MUTIMER Rockford, Illinois JOHN CATER nRICK, II Lakeland, Florida Sevi in Row HARRY WAYNE ROBERTS Lakeland, Florida JAMES EMMETT ROPER, JR. . . . Winter Garden, Florida JOYCE PARNELL ROYAI Dunedin, Florida ROBERT EDWARD SCHEVERS .... Northl.rook. Illinois GEORGE COURTNEY SCHMID .... Lakeland, Florida JUDITH SCHRAFFENBERGER ... St. Petersburg, Florida TIMOTHY COLLINS SCOBIE Umatilla, Florida T f " • • • « Ok O Oi q n £1 £ 4 H s The Juniors Junior Varsity cheerleaders at practice. Third Row WALTER SIMS STEARNS Atlanta, Georgia HENRY B. STEEN Glasgow, Kentuckj MARGARET V. STOCKARD Lakeland. Florida THOMAS PLEAS STRICKLAND .... Tallahassee, Florida JIL KAREN STRINGHAM Sarasota. Florida EUGENE HALF. STUERMAN Clearwater, Florida ANNE P. SULLIVAN Fort Myers, Florida Fourth Row ZELLA WEAVER SWARTSEI Haines City. Florida DONALD LAIXE TABB Ruskin, Florida OLIVER FRANKLIN TAYLOR Kathleen, Florida BETTY JO TEAGLE West Palm Beach, Florida MILLARD L. THIGPEN lachua. Florida ROBERT HUGH TOLLE Orlando, Florida HAROLD S. TRUEHEART, JR Winter Haven, Florida Bottom Row FELTON W. SCOFF, JR Winter Haven. Florida ANNE CAROLINE SELDEN Fort Myers, Florida ELINOR EVELYN SELLERS Orlando, Florida CHARLES ANDREW SHANNON . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida JOY RICKS SHEPARD Fort Meade, Florida SUSAN LEE SHERRY Fort Lauderdale, Florida GARY RONALD SH1PLETT Homeland, Florida Fifth Row ELMER JOHN TRUFANT New Port Richey, Florida LAMBERT JOSEPH TURNIER Lakeland, Florida MARIAN DAVE TURVILLE Clermont. Florida JOAN THERESA TYLER Thomasville, Georgia DONN LESLIE CLREY Oviedo, Florida BILLY E. VALENTINE, JR Jacksonville, Florida DONALD DARE VANDENBURGH . . Garden City, New York First Row SYBIL S. SHOEMAKER Venice, Florida RICHARD FRANCIS SIMMEL Stamford, Connecticut MARLIN HAROLD SIMON Tavernier, Florida BELINDA LOURENA SIMS Port Richey, Florida MARY EARLE SLOAN Lakeland. Florida CYNTHIA lor SMITH Clermont. Florida GLORIA JANE SMITH Fort Meade, Florida S| IH Row ANITA TILTON WACHA Lakeland, Florida JACQUELYN WALDROP Jacksonville, Florida MARIE A. WATKINS Lake Alfred, Florida LARRY EUGENE WEBB Eaton Park, Florida HAR OLD ROBERT WELLS Atlanta, Georgia |ANF WEST . . Shreveport. Louisiana RICHARD LLOYD WHAI.LEY Plantation, Florida Second Row GRADY HAROLD SMITH Plant City, Florida HARRY WORD SMITH Lakeland, Florida ROBERT I It. INI SMITH, JR Bradenton, Florida TON! MARIA SMITH Highland Park, Illinois KATHERINE I.. SOUSLEY Daytona Beach, Florida [AMES MCIVER SPEIGHTS Miami, Florida ROBERT RUFF Sl ' ROLE, II Lakeland, Florida Seventh Row LOIS IDA WHEELER Dover, Florida fAMES F. WHIDDEN Bartow, Florida MARY PHYLLIS WHIDDEN Bradenton, Florida ROBERT GEORGE WHIPPLE Lakeland. Florida ALAN LEE WHITE Sarasota, Florida KENNETH EVERETT WHITE Lakeland, Florida NANCY CHICHESTER WHITE Lakeland, Florida f ' :: ■ ' • ' « ■% { The Juniors Students watch a fraternity football First Row RONALD ROBERT WHITMOYER . . . Reading. Pennsylvania MARY BARBARA WILEY .... Washington, Pennsylvania WYMAN LEE WILKERSON .... Fairmont, North Carolina DEAN LOUIS WILLIAMS Redington Beach, Florida LINDA SHERRY WILLIAMS Jacksonville, Florida MARGY LEF, WILLIAMS Fort Meade, Florida SARAH J. WILLIAMS St. Petersburg, Florida Second Row FREDERICK CARL WILLIS Punta Gorda, Florida BARBARA S. WILSON Lakeland, Florida JOE F. WILSON Orlando, Florida PAUL EMERSON WILSON, JR Ocala, Florida WILLIS WINK.. JR Eggertsville, New York JEAN WELLS WINN Lakeland, Florida ELLYN JOY WISEMAN Aldington, Pennsylvania Third Row ELIZABETH JANE WORLEY Homestead, Florida MARILYNN ELAINE WRIGHT Lakeland, Florida JACK DUFF YELTON Lake Wales, Florida CHARLES J. YOUNGBLOOD Lakeland, Florida ♦ • » % ♦ « % 4 iH f y :M b i -fpA f l f - Jane Allison and Esther Williams at Cypress Gar- dents while making a movie. Practicing up for archery cla: 253 THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS SONNY OVERTON President PAM TEAGUE Vice-President NELL PETTEWAY Secretary-Treasurei Teague, Overton, Petteway. 254 ■ •■•■% V » ' ■»• ' % » % ft First Row JON ALBERT ADKINS . FRANK RICHARD ALBERGA CAROLYN ALBERT .... C. GALE ALDERMAN . . . JULIETTE ALLEN SHARON FVLYNN ALLISON . SUSAN LINDSEV AMEISEN . Daytona Beach, Florida Santa Clara, Panama . . . Dania, Florida . . . . Geneva, Ohio Greenwich, Connecticut Tampa, Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Second Row CHARLES EDWARD ANDERSON . . . Avon Park, Florida DEBORAH EDITH ANDERSON . . Old Westbury, New York DOROTHY JEAN ANSPACH Brookville, Indiana KEITH LEE ARBOGAST Miami, Florida CLAUDE DONALD ARBUTHNOT . . . Lake Alfred, Florida MARY JANE ARNHOLT Danville, Illinois WALTER RUSSELL AUGUST Lakeland, Florida Third Row CHARLES JACOB AX, JR. . . West Chester, Pennsylvania LLOYD R. BAGGETT, JR Pleasantville, New York SEBURN EUGENE BAKER, JR New York, New York MARTHA ANN BALLEW Joplin, Missouri CARLOTTA SUE BAUBE Mt. Vernon, Ohio JEFFREY DEAN BAXTER Winter Haven, Florida RICHARD WHITE BEACH Kalamazoo, Michigan Fourth Row MARC1A ELIZABETH BEALLE Lakeland, Florida JOHN CHARLES BEARDEN Eglin A.F.B., Florida ROBERT NEIL BECKER Tampa, Florida DANIEL ROBERT BEISTEL Oviedo, Florida VAN BELGARDE Ft. Myers, Florida JUDITH CATHERINE BELL Naples, Florida BONNIE LEE BELLOC Sarasota, Florida O • a o n c KJV. ' s pr, The Sophomores Third Row STEPHEN V. BROWN, JR Ft. Lauderdale, Florida JAMES LINDLEY BRUBAKER ... Ft. Lauderdale, Florida SANDRA LOUISE CADE Winter Park. Florida CAROLE LYNN CALLAHAN Rockville, Maryland DOLORES JEFFRIES CANADY Lakeland. Florida MARY LINDA CANOVA Jacksonville, Florida JUDITH ANNETTE CARLTON . . . . Jacksonville. Florida FOUR! H Row CAROL JEAN CARNAHAN .... Orraond Beach, Florida LEWIS CARROLL, JR Mt. Dora, Florida BARBARA MARIE CAs FELLOW . . Ft. Lauderdale, Florida ROBERT ADOLPH CATTARIUS Lakeland. Florida ROBERT E. CHANDLER Lakeland, Florida DAVID HOLLAND CHASE Harmony, Rhode Island ARTHUR HAROLD CHEEK .... New Orleans, Louisiana Bottom Row I ' lloMAS O. BERRYHII.L, JR Ft. Lauderdale, Florida WILLIAM EMIL BEVE Ft. Lauderdale, Florida SUSAN DEBORAH BISSELL Chicago, Illinois MARION F. BLACKWELL Mulberry, Florida WILLIAM S. BLAKEMAN Pelham, New York WILLIAM ARTHUR BLOCK Lakeland, Florida ELIZABETH ANN BLOUNT Lakeland, Florida First Row ROBERT ALLAN BLOUNT Leesburg, Florida ROBERT CHANDLER BOWDEN .... Ft. Myers, Florida ROBERT KELLY BOWDEN Lakeland, Florida RALPH OTIS BOWERS Bartow, Florida BETTY CARROLL BOYD Ft. Myers, Florida BONNIE ANN BOYLES Dayton, Ohio HARVEY ANNE BRICE Lakeland, Florida Ml US!) Row FAY ADEI.E BRIGHT Patchogue, New York WILLIAM DALE BRI1.EY Orraond Beach, Florida fOAN LUCILLE BRINN Porapano Beach, Florida RANDALL Wool) BROOKS Knoxville, Tennessee Wl ' Y LOIS BROOKSHIRE Converse. Indiana DAVID LAMAR BROWN Mt. Dora. Florida DONNA MARIE BROWN Winter Haven, Florida Fifth Row WILLIAM GEORGE CHEER .... Birmingham, Michigan SUZANNE HOPE CH1LDERS Valrico, Florida DAVID NOLAN CHRISTNER Shenandoah Iowa JAMES W. CHURCHWEI.L Bartow, Florida FRANCES ELAINE (LARK Hollywood, Florida FREDERICK ROY CLEMENS . . . Grand Rapids, Michigan JACQUELINE C. CLIETT Wauchula, Florida Sixth Row NITA JEAN COLANTONIO Orlando, Florida BETSY ANN COLEMAN . . . Rock} Mount. North Carolina SUSAN BETH COLEMAN Sarasota, Florida LAURA JANE COMFORT Coral GaMes, Florida LAURA JANE COMPTON Lakeland. Florida MILDRED J. CONNER Davenport, Florida CAROLYN JEAN COOK Cleveland, Ohio Seventh Row ELIZABETH SUE COOPER River For.-,. Illinois ROBERT MELSON CORNEA Lakeland, Florida SALIA ANNE CORNELIUS Miami. Florida JOHN HENRY COSSELMAN Lakeland. Florida HULLIAN D. COTTON Frostproof, Florida GAIL JANIS COUNCH Ruskin, Florida COLLEEN ELIZABETH COX Orlando, Florida S IthMi, ty n n % ♦ P9 O iwj -. Ml! .- 1 ill Don ' t , ish thev served food like this every day The Sophomores Third Row BETTY DIANNE DERRF.R Miami, Florida NICHOLAS CARL DEYOUNG Clearwater, Florida JAMES HUGHES DIEPHUIS Clearwater, Florida DONALD LLOYD DIXON ' Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM DOPPELHEUER Lakeland. Florida ALLENE E. DOUGLASS Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM T. DRYDEN Winter Haven, Florida Fourth Row JENNIE MILTON DUNCAN Lakeland. Florida GAYLE W. DURRANCE Bowling Green, Florida ALLEN ROSS DWYER Tampa, Florida JANET EILEEN EAKER Lakeland, Florida THOMAS EARNEST Miami, Florida FRANK EISENSCHENK Winter Haven, Florida ALLEN FLOYD ELLIS Ft. Myers, Florida Bottom Row MARGARET ELLEN COZENS Hollywood. Florida RASELY BARD CRAWFORD Ft. Myers, Florida WALTON NELSON CREWS JR Won Park, Florida MARY JOYCE CROCKETT .... Ft. Lauderdale, Florida [0 HANNAH CROW Scottsville, Kentucky NANCY JANE CUNARD Umonesson, New Jersey [ON DUNLAP CURRIER Bartow, Florida First Row RONALD O. WELLS CURRY Miami, Florida OLIVER JOSEPH CUSTEAD Plant City, Florida BARBARA GRACE CYBUL Bridgeport. Connecticut VIRGINIA ELEANOR DARE .... Woodstown, New Jersey JULIA MAE DARLING Orlando, Florida CHARLOTTE ANNE DAVIS .... Ft. Lauderdale, Florida LARRY TERRELL DAVIS Winter Haven, Florida Fifth Row ROSEMARY ELLIS Tavemier, Florida JULIA MARIE ELSWICK Grundy, Virginia MEREDITH ANGELA ENDRESS . . Pine Brook. New |ersej JOHN EDWIN ENGLISH Alva, Florida SONYA MAE ENNIS Brewerton, New York BONNIE GAIL ESMEIER .... North Palm Beach. Florida EDITH MARGARET EWALD Dunedin, Florida Sixth Row WILLIAM DAVID FADER Venice. Florida BERNARD LEONARD FAIRMAN . . . Riviera Beach, Florida NANCY K. FASENFELD . Hollywood, Florida JOAN KAY FISHER Bridgeton, New Jersey JAMES HENRY FITZGERALD Evansville, Indiana THOMAS f. FORD JR Lakeland. Florida ANDREW LAMBERT FOSTER Tampa, Florida Si i ond Row MARY JACQUELINE DAVIS [ " HOMAS ELBERT DAVIS . JOSEPH ALBERT 1)1 I IS1 AI It I FAi I DELK . . . II Dl I II N DEMAS1 . [OHN S. Dl NHOLM JR. . NANCY LANE Dl Mis . . Orlando, Florida . Frostp f. Florida Verona, New fersej . . Lakeland. Florida Maitland, Florida Westfield, New Jersej Lynn Haven, Virginia Seventh Row FRANCES EVELYN FREIMUTH Reddick, Florida MARILYN ANN FRYER Lakeland, Florida SALLY VIRGINIA FULFORD lakeland, Florida MARY NELL GABRIE1 Mturas, Florida MICHAEL LOUIS GALBREATH Dania, Florida SALLY SUE GALT Leesburg, Florida II RR WILLIAM GASKINS Orlando, Florida r % ..V V - ■■ ' ■» ' • • ♦ ft ft fi flp I r 9© They give out care packages here The Sophomores Third Row JUDITH LOVAN HAAS Lakeland. Florida GEORGE GRADY HAGLER Lakeland. Florida BRUCE HAINES, 111 Hollywood, Florida 1 DWARD MICHAEL HALEY Immokalee, Florida THOMAS HAROLD HALLICK Snyder, New York MARC STEPHEN HALPERN Scarsdale. New York MARION GAYLE HAM Plant City, Florida Fourth Row TED E. HAMACHER Brook, Indiana JACK LOUIS HAMELRYCK Lakeland, Florida ELIZABETH L. HAMILTON . . Wolfeboro, New Hampshire BARBARA SUZETTE HAMM Miami, Florida ROBERT BRICK HAMMOND Miami, Florida HELEN CLYMER HARCHAR Chatham, New Jersey JOSEPH TAYLOR HARPER Sebring, Florida Bottom Row THOMAS GASKINS, JR Palmdale, Florida EDGAR WILLIAM GAY Venice, Florida NANCY ANN GIBSON Clearwater, Florida NANCY MAE GIBSON Margarita, Canal Zone GEORGIANNE C. GIESEKE Danville, Illinois ROBERT H. GILLIAM, JR Orlando, Florida A. LOUIS GIRARDIN, III Ft. Myers, Florida First Row CHARLES JOHN GISLER Orlando, Florida BETTY RA GLADHILL Middletown, Maryland HOWARD LEWIS GLICKMAN .... Jacksonville. Florida Dl AMI ' . ANICE GODFREY Stuart, Florida RICHARD HENRY GOODELL . . . Madeira Beach, Florida BEVERLY JOAN GOODYEAR Ft. Myers, Florida [OHN CALVIN GRAVES, II Miami, Florida Si COND Row ROBERT VERNON GRAVES Limona, Florida JOHN FORBES GRAY Fanwood, New Ferse) BARBARA GREENLEAF Coral Gables, Florida |(| ANN GRESLEY Port Huron, Michigan II MER EARI.E GR1FFIS Plant City, Florida VIRGINIA DIANE GROSSCUP Hinsdale, Illinois BETSY ALBERTA GUERNSEY Lakeland, Florida In in Row SUSAN CAMILLE HARTIS . . , Burlington, North Carolina RUTH ALICE HAYMOND .... West Palm Beach, Florida SYLVIA JOYCE HAYNES Orlando. Florida BROOKS HEATHMAN, JR Dayton, Ohio JAMES LOUIS HEINRICH Vddison, Illinois PATRICIA HENDRY Wauchula, Florida GAIL HELENE HERZFELD Haworth, New Jersey Sixth Rou JOHN MONROE HEWITT III Leesburg, Florida SUSAN ANN HOAGLAND Hollywood, Florida ROGER WILLIAM HOLLER Winter Park. Florida JOHN HERSCHEL HOLMES Jacksonville, Florida ROBIN HANSEL HOOKER Lakeland, Florida JOHN HENRY HUBER Sebring, Florida NANCY JANE HUFF St. Petersburg. Florida Seventh Row SARAH E. WALLER IH ' I.I Plant City, Florida BONITA CATHERINE HURT . . Indianapolis, Indiana EVALYN PEART HUSSEY Orlando, Florida CONSTANCE MAE HUTTON .... Coral Gables. Florida PHYLLIS WILMA HUTTON Hampton. Virginia GEORGE FRANKLIN l TV. JR Springdale, Arkansas CATHERINE LYNN [ACKSON Sanford, Florida The Southernettes listen to Gwen Phillips at the piano. Bottom Row JOAN FRANCES JACOB East Cleveland. Ohio CALVIN HERBERT JAMISON Lakeland, Florida JUDITH GAIL JENNINGS Berea, Kentucky MARGARET JOHANNA JESS Lakeland, Florida MARGUERITE K. JHONSON Miami, Florida INGRID BIRGITTA JOESTEN .... Elmhurst, New York CARLEEN SHARON JOHNSON .... Park Ridge. Illinois FlFSl R(IW ESTHER ELAINE JOHNSON .... Winter Haven, Florida RONALD FLOYD JOHNSON Hawthorne, Florida ELLEN CHRISTINE JOST Clermont. Florida IOI1N IIM KAHLE Batavia, Ohio KAREN MARIE KAISER Clearwater, Florida SHELIA ANNETTE KEEN Plant City, Florida JOYCE JEANETTE KELI.EV Bartow, Florida The Sophomores Third Row BARBARA JEAN KINGRY Ft. Lauderdale. Florida JOHN ALLEN KLEINER Miami, Florida JULIE ANN KNOWLES Lockport, New York DANA JANE KNOWLTON Bellefontaine, Ohio ILSE ALICE KOCH Schwenksville, PennsvK ania KAREN JEAN KOECHLING Harrison, New York GLORIA ANN KOLA Brunswick, New Jersej Fourth Row JAMES FRANCIS KORINEK Venice. Florida MARY ELLAH KRAMER Fruitland Park. Florida JOANNE GRACE KRAUTH . . . Barnegat-Light. New Jersey MARCENE JANET KRNOUL Cocoa. Florida RICHARD LEONARD LAABS .... Milwaukee, Wisconsin WILLIAM LAI.LY Paris. France DEBORAH JOY LAMOR Jacksonville, Florida Finn Row MARGARET DEEN LANCASTER Trenton, Florida FRANCES CARLEEN LANDRUM Starke, Florida SALLY ANN " LANEY Holmes Beach, Florida GEORGE BEAUFORD LANGER Sarasota, Florida EULARAE C. LANGLEY Groveland, Florida ALONZA SMOOT LANGSTON tlanta, Georgia DORA LYDIA LEGROW Lakeland, Florida Sixth Row DANIEL LLOYD LEMKE Bradenton, Florida DAVID ISRAEL LEVINE New York, New York BILLIE CAROLYN LEWIS Haines City, Florida RICHARD PAIL LEWIS Bartow. Florida SHARON MARIE LIDDELI Sarasota, Florida MARY ANN LILLY Riviera Beach. Florida I I (A LINCOLN Shaker Heights, Ohio D Row Sevi sin Row RAYMOND F. KEMMAN . . CHARLES WAYNE KEMPTON . KA I IIEKINE LEE KERN . . GUi EDWARD KERSHNER JR. DOROTHY LILLIAN KII SI 1 . JANICE KAY KIMI Kl N I KAUFFMAN K1NERE . Mt. Prospect, Illinois Avon Park. Florida Hillsdale, New fersej Montpelier, Indian.] Ft. M ers, Florida Midland, Michigan New Castle, Indiana JOHN S. LOWMAN III ... . EVELYN JARREI.I. LUDLOW . ANDREA LLOYD LUKER . . . JINYA ELEANOR MACKAl . . PENNY NANETTE MAIER . . JOHN EDWARD MAINWARING MARILYN MABEL MALLUCK . Ft. Myers, Florida EalK Church, Virginia Louis ille, Kentucky . . Ft. Myers, Florida Lincolnwood, Illinois . . Tampa. Florida Roseland. New Jersey $ - X dm flM » 111 l : : " • :-• ;- •• ii f r ♦ ♦ The Dolphin C ' luh practices for their hi; production. Bottom Row LARRY LEE MARCHANT Orlando, Florida LARRY LEE MARTIN Aurora, Illinois PATRICK C. MATHES, III Orlando, Florida EDWARD AUGUST MATSON Miami, Florida GLORIA JEAN MAURER Daytona Beach, Florida PATRICIA AGNES McCARRON .... Closter, New Jersey JAMES DAVID McCLAIN Melbourne, Florida First Row CHARLOTTE Rl I II McCLURE lakeland, Florida RALPH GAYLORD McCURDY Calhoun, Georgia BILLIE SUE McDONELI Williston, Florida DAVID LISKE McGONIGAI Kissimmee, Florida OAKY LYNN McKEE Schenectady, New York MARILYN McLEOD Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM HENRY McNAB, 111 . . . Pompano Beach, Florida The Sophomores Third Row PATRICIA LOUISE MIKSON Hollywood, Florida NANCY LEO MILES Plant City, Florida VIRGINIA ANNE MILES Glenside, Pennsylvania WILLIAM GLENN MILLER, JR Monticello, Florida LINDA KATHLEEN MINER Cocoa, Florida GILBERT S. MITCHELI Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. GAIL FRANCES MITCHEM . . . Whitefish Ba . Wisconsin Fourth Row rOMMIE SUE MONTGOMERY Ke West, Florida JANE CLAIR MORRIS Lakeland, Florida EDWARD WARREN MORSE Lockhart, Florida JOHN MALCOLM MULLIS Bartow, Florida PETER JAMES MURPHY Naperville, Illinois ROBERT JAMES MURPHY Ft. Lauderdale, Florida ARTHUR NASH Tampa, Florida Fifth Row RAY CROW NATHURST Ft. Myers, Florida EDWIN CARL NAUGHTON Lakeland, Florida LARRY EDWARD NEWELL Maitland. Florida NANCI ANNETTE NEWMAN .... Mount Dora. Florida LYNDA LEA NIELSEN Elmhurst, Illinois GERALD LEE NOELLE Winter Haven, Florida SUSAN LEE NORRIS Tampa, Florida Sixth Row CHARLES BERNARD OAKLEY . . . Pompano Beach, Florida BARBARA ELAINE OSTLUND Miami, Florida AAHMES ELLY OVERTON Miami, Florida JANE PADGETT Hillsdale, New Jersey RITA SILVIA PALUMBO Patchogue, New York GENE ITI ' I MAN PARNELL Pahokee, Florida EDWARD E. PENDERGRASS Orlando, Florida Si i (iso Row WILLIAM VENUS MEANS . Tin LLIS IRENE MEDL1N . MARY VIRGINIA MEGELIN . GEORG1 l Is MERED1 III JACK DAVID MIA IK . . . [( Hl 1,1 I IRG1 MIA IK.. sANDKA KAY MIDDII I ) Jacksonville, Florida . . . Miami, Florida . . Ft. Pierce, Florida Lakeland, Florida Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Montclair, New [ersej i larendon Hills, Illinois Seventh Row ELSBETH A. PERKINSON Eau Gallic, Florida WILLIAM T. PERKS, III Havertown, Pennsylvania JOHN FRANCIS PERKY Ft. Lauderdale, Florida NELL VIRGINIA PETTEWAY Lakeland, Florida MAURICE LAYTON PHILLIPS Lakeland. Florida JAMEs BERNARD PICKENS Sanibel, Florida DANTE F. PIERANDOZZ1 Flushing, New York ' • ••♦ % % i ft 3 ft rf A t ' ' i g J y mk ; i V Studying in complete comfort. The Sophomores Third Row HOWARD STOWE ROBERTS, JR. . . . Honolulu. Hawaii DONALD THORNTON ROBINS Lakeland, Florida DENNIS JAMES ROBINSON Winter Park, Florida GARY ISAAC ROBSON Philadelphia, Pennsylvania CHARLOTTE ANN ROGERS Orlando, Florida ELLEN ANN ROHRBACK North Miami, Florida LEONARD LAMAR ROU, JR Reddick, Florida Fourth Ru WILLIAM ROUNTREE, JR Arlington. Virginia JOAN IRENE RUSHING Tampa, Florida THOMAS JOSEPH RYAN Brooklyn, New York ERNEST CHARLES SCARPINO Lakeland, Florida LOWELL KAY SCHMID Winter Haven, Florida PHILIP JOSEPH SCHNEIDER Chicago, Illinois SUSAN JEAN SCHRINSKY Milwaukee, Wisconsin Bottom Row CHARLES EDWARD PIETERSZ . . . Curacao, North America ROSEMARY LEE POLLARD Miami, Florida RICHARD SAMUEL POWER Eustis, Florida WILLIAM T. PRESTWOOD Lakeland, Florida DOROTHY JEANNE PUSHNIK . . Greensburg, Pennsylvania VERNON EVANS QUEEN Plant Citv, Florida WILLIAM L. QUIGLEY Tampa, Florida First Row BARBARA LEE RABETTE Pompano Beach, Florida WILLODEAN H. RAFFERTY Sebring, Florida VERNICE D. RAGSDALE Okeechobee, Florida JUDITH LINDA RAHN St. Augustine, Florida FREDERICK W. RAVLIN Coral Gables, Florida PHILLIP DOUGLAS REISER Daytona Beach. Florida WADE HILL RENN Lakeland, Florida Fifth Row CHARLES MICHAEL SCHWARZ . . Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania STEPHEN DEHART SCHWARZ . . Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania RICHARD WALTER SHAND .... Roselle Park, New lersey STANLEY SEAWRIGHT SHAW Cocoa, Florida SUSAN BIDWELL SHAW Monterey, Massachusetts VICKI LEE SHERMER . . . Winston-Salem, North Carolina THOMAS ERRINGTON SHIER Orlando, Florida Sixth Row BARBARA JEANNE SHIRK .... West Palm Beach. Florida JANET ALICE SHUFF Westwood, New Jersey ELAINE VIEVE SIEWERT Fellsmere, Florida JACQUELYN KAY SINCLAIR Hollywood. Florida BETTY ANN SLAVEN Eustis, Florida ALAN MICHAEL SLEWETT Miami Beach, Florida NANCY ELIZABETH SLOAN Jacksonville, Florida Second Row THOMAS ALFRED REYNOLDS ... Ft. Lauderdale, Florida THOMAS REXFORD RICHARDS . West Palm Beach, Florida ORVAL VERNON RICKER Bartow, Florida BETSY ALICE RIEGEL Metuchen, New lersey TOM BOYLE RITZIE Warren. Ohio SUSAN CHARLOTTE ROBBINS .... Coral Gables, Florida CHARLES LUTZ ROBERTS Groveland, Florida Seventh Row KEN BEAVIS SMEDLEY Orlando, Florida BARRY REED SMELTZER Windsor, Pennsylvania EDWIN CUTTINO SMITH Lakeland, Florida 1I.LA BETH SMITH Lakeland, Florida JAMES BRAXTON SMITH Bradenton, Florida JAMES HILTON SMI I ' ll Lakeland. Florida JESSE HERBERT SMITH, JR Millville. New Jersey mm • ♦ 4 . % Staff members work on the Interlachen. The Sophomores Third Rim CHARLES JOHNSON ' THOMAS tlanta, Georgia MARTHA EVELYN THOMPSON Lakeland, Florida FRANKIE LILLIAN THORP von Park, Florida JAMES WARREN THRAILKILL Orlando, Florida MICHAEL PHILIP I ' oI.LE Lakeland. Florida CLIVE DONNAN TOWNLEY Gillette. New Jersey STEVEN RICHARD TOWNLEY . . . Livingston. New [ersej Fourth Row JAMES OMER TOWNSEND Middleton, Ohio JOHN C. TRIHBLE, III Bartow Florida MARY VIRGINIA TRUITT Miami, Florida CAROL HUNTER TURNER . . . West Palm Beach, Florida HELEN JEAN TWEEDY Springdale, Arkansas ELIZABETH CAROL TYLER Tallahassee, Florida CHARLYNE DORIS VANNESS Hernando, Florida Bottom Row MALCOLM OPIE SMITH Ft. Lauderdale, Florida MARGARET ANNE SMITH .... Pompano Beach. Florida SANDRA JO SMITH Sarasota, Florida SCOTT ANDREW SMITH Port Huron, Michigan THOMAS ZAN SMITH Kissimmee, Florida PHYLLIS ANNE SNYDER Tampa, Florida OWEN Ml- IAIN SOMERFORD .... Delray Beach, Florida I ' ll TH R()W ETHEL MARIE VARCOE Lakeland, Florida SANDRA LARAINE VoDYARKA . . Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania JOHN ALAN WALKER Vero Beach, Florida LILLIE ESTELLE WALKER Minneola, Florida MERCER D. WALTON . . . Glcnside Gardens, Pennsylvania SANDRA E. WARDLAW Frostproof, Florida STEPHEN JAY WARE Highland Park. Illinois First Row |osl I ' ll R. SPAULDING Cincinnati, Ohio Will l. M EDWARD SPURLIN .... Jacksonville, Florida JAMES FREDERICK STAHI Miami Beach, Florida ELIZABETH MAE STETTLER Ocala, Florida LINDA MARY SPILES East Aurora, New York DOROTHY MARIE STOLE Hollywood, Florida lollN BRYZON STRAUSS Brielle, N ' tw [erse Second Row JOHN STEWART, III Sarasota, Florida THOMAS lollN SLZLKI Cowington, Indiana I.ONNII GLENN LATUM Plam City, Florida OZBURN EARIA " I ' .WLoR. |R. . . . Coral Gables, Florida STANLEi ALLEN TAYLOR, JR. . . Daytona Beach. Florida LURA PAMELA TEAGUE Birmingham, Alabama BARBARA lol |s| [ Hi iNIXs Cocoa, Florida Sixth Row GEORGE ROBERT WARSAW .... Riverdale, New York JOHN SIDNEY WARWICK Naperville, Illinois HELEN RACHELLE WATSON . . . West Palm Beach, Florida VICTORIA LOUISE WALLERS .... Miami Shores, Florida JANICE ELAINE WEBB Wilmington, Ohio STEVEN MALONE WEBB Nassau, Bahamas JERRY WOODS WEEKS Penns Grove, New [ersej Seventh Row DONALD LEE WEHR Vpopka, Florida SANDRA GRACE WEIGAND Hialeah, Florida fOANNE LOUISE WEIMER .... West Palm Beach, Florida GERALD ARNOLD WEISSMAN .... Miami Beach, Florida MARY SUSAN WILLY Waynesboro, Pennsylvania PAULA SHARRON WHAN Fort Myers, Florida RICHARD HAROLD Will MIR . . . Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Q ♦ • ' %•♦- ' •■♦ 4 • % 4 tm rmA Q f% C Q i ' i ifM , 7 ' r , ST The Sophomores Are vou sure it won ' t hurt. ' Bottom Row ROBERT MILTON WHIDDEN Kissimmee, Florida ELIZABETH WHITE Miami, Florida JUDITH DARLENE WHITE Buffalo. New York LINDA LYNN WHITE Hollywood, Florida STUART MALCOLM WHITE Jamaica, New York SANDRA JEAN WICKERS Key West, Florida BEVERLY ANN WIIKI Newton, New Jersey First Row WILLIAM NORTON WILKIN ' S Groveland, Florida WILLIAM T. WILKINSON, JR. . . . Winter Haven, Florida VIRGINIA FLORENCE WILL Miami, Florida JERRY 1.1 I. WILLIAMS Wheaton, Illinois JANET FRANCES WILSON Orlando, Florida 1I RE 1)1 Til L. WINTERBOTTOM . . . Miami Beach, Florida STEPHEN RICHARD WISE Eau Gallie, Florida Second Row WILLIAM TRAVIS WISE Sebring, Florida DEBORAH ELIZABETH WOLFF .... Clearwater, Florida LILY WAI FONG WONG Tokyo, Japan CONNIE RAE WOOD Winter Haven, Florida JEANNE WELLS WOOD St. Petersburg, Florida THOMAS EDWARD WOOD Mulberry, Florida LEONARD EDWARD WOZNIAK Detroit, Michigan Third Row PHILIP EUGENE WRIGHT . . . MARY ELIZABETH WYLIE . . FORREST PARKHURST YOUNG . PHYLLIS REID YOUNTS . . . . DENNIS EDWARD ZULTOWSKY . Lakeland, Florida . Lexington, Kentucky Rochester, New York Auburndale, Florida . Elmont, New York «%•%%%.% fc ♦ • ' • ' ♦• ' ♦ 4 4 % 4 . Girls ' physical education classes take up archery. i ,i,: ■ ' , ■ ft i V ' " ' « • 271 THE FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS FRED LARSON President m oi I HONEFENGER Via President SUSIE McFARLANE ' Secretary-Treasurer Honefenger, Larson, McFarlane. I ■ ' %• ' .% 4 4 ».« • First Row RICHARD T. ADAIR. JR Xe nia, Ohio ALBERT GEORGE ALBAUGH . . Eddystone, Penna. ELLIS KALE ALBRITTON . Bowling Green, Florida DARLEEN DONNA ALDEN ... Ft. Myers, Florida Second Row JOSEPH MICHAEL ALDERMAN . Pahokee, Florida ANN COLLIER ALEXANDER . . . Nashville, Tenn. JAMES WILLIAM ALEXANDER . . Jacksonville, Fla. LEE M. ALLISON Auburn, Indiana Third Row CRAIG WILLIAM ANDERSON Ft. Pierce, Florida DAVID EWALT ANDERSON . . . Zundall, Florida JUDITH LEE ANDERSON . . . Merchantville, N. J. KELLY ANDERSON Glenview, Illinois Fourth Row ANDY DENNIS ANDREWS . . . Chiefland, Florida ANDREY I.VNNF ANDROUS . Alexandria, Virginia PATRICIA ANN APPELL .... Fairfax, Virginia FREDERICK JAMES ARCHER . St. Petersburg, Florida Fifth Row GAIL ELISABETH ARENS .... Orlando, Florida MARTHA E. ARNOLD . Indian Rocks Beach, Florida MARY JO ASHWORTH . . . Auburndale, Florida BONNIE BOOTS BAKER . . . Hawthorne, Florida Sixth Row AMOS J. C. BALDWIN . VIRGINIA M. BALKCOM LINDA JEAN BANNING MARY BARKER .... Bellmore, New York Winter Haven, Florida Brookfield. Connecticut Palmetto, Florida Seventh Row JOAN BARNER Lakeland, Florida FRANK WAYNE BARNES . . Highland City, Florida WINNIE ELOISE BARRETT . . . Calhoun, Georgia MARSHA ANN BARTMESS . Ft. Lauderdale, Florida mm The rush is on ... to iret to class. The Freshmen Third Row CECELIA E. BRAREN Sarasota. Florida FRANCES CORNELIA BRASKO .... Winston-Salem, N. C. JO ANN BRAY Lakeland, Florida PATRICIA SUE BREWSTER Lakeland, Florida MARTHA JO BRIDGES Lakeland, Florida DONALD WARREN BRIGGS, JR Freeport, New York ELIZABETH ANNE BR1LE .... Asheboro, North Carolina Fourth Row GREGORY CLARK BRISTOW .... Owensboro, Kentucky JANET LOUISE BRITTON Berea, Kentucky CHARLES THOMAS BROLLIAR . . . Fort Lauderdale. Florida RAYMOND ALLAN BROOKS .... Pawtucket, Rhode Island JANICE BROWN North Miami, Florida PETER VAN BROWNE Miami Springs, Florida SALLY JOYCE BRUNER Orlando, Florida Bottom Row CORNELIA B. BARTLETT Gainesville, Florida SALLIE LOUISA BATSON ... Greenville, South Carolina DORIS ANN BAXTER Orlando, Florida MARC LEWIS BAZILIAN .... West Hartford, Connecticut BARBARA JANE BEAL Evans City, Pennsylvania SHARLANE SMITH BECK Naples, Florida FRANK EDWARD BECKER Tampa, Florida First Row RICHARD G. BIGGINS Hazardville, Connecticut RICHARD ALBERT BIRD St. Augustine, Florida DONNA LEE BIRD Lakeland, Florida ROBERT TRACEY BODDEN Tampa, Florida WILLIAM DAVID BOKINSKY .... Winter Haven, Florida DONNA KATHRYN BOSTIAN Tampa, Florida BARBARA JOAN BOUTWELL Lake Worth, Florida mi os;d Row PAUL MICHAEL BOWL Greenfield, Massachusetts SHARON WHEATLEY BOWERS .... Skyesville, Maryland DON PATRICK BOWERMASTER Hamilton, Ohio LARRY ROBERT BOYETTE Wauchula, Florida ANN MARIE BOYLE Fort Lauderdale, Florida ANN MARIE BRADLEY Lakeland, Florida BRANNAN LAWRENCE JAMES Stuart, Florida Fifth Row JAMES ANTHONY BRYANT . . . South Hampton, New York DAVID EUGENE BURKHOLDER Lakeland, Florida CAROL SUE BURKHARDT Franklin, Pennsylvania ALBERT WOLFE BURRAGE .... Pompano Beach, Florida LOIS ANN BUTT Rockledge, Florida DIANA CABRE Stuart, Florida BEN SAVELL CARLTON Wauchula, Florida Sixth Row LELA REBECCA CARNEY Bailey, North Carolina MARTHA FRANCES CARTER Orlando, Florida LACRETIA DEWEESE CATHEY Tampa, Florida CAROL FLORENCE CAUDLE . . . Boonville, North Carolina WILLIAM RAY CHANDLER St. Augustine, Florida DAVID DEAN CHRISTJANSEN Lakeland, Florida MICHAEL DAVID CI.OYD Lakeland, Florida Seventh Row JOE CLARK COCHONOUR . . DONNA GENE COCKERILLE DAVID IT C0LDWEL1 SANDRA LOUISE COLETTA . RONALD CLARENCE COLLINS MARY KAY COMBES .... ROBERT GEORGE CONKLIN Casey, Illinois Old Orchard Beach. Main.- Miami. Florida . . Natick, Massachusetts . . . . Sarasota, Florida . . Bronxville, New York Chicago, Illinois ttmJ todt It ' s tun to relax and chat with friends. The Freshmen Third Row VERENE LUCRETIA DECUERS .... Jacksonville, Florida LINDA LOUISE DENHAM Miami. Florida MARGARE1 ANN DENHOLM .... Westfield, New Jersej LINDA JEAN DERR South Miami. Florida PATRICIA ELAINE DETWEILER . . . Jacksonville, Florida DIANE GAIL DEYOUNG Melbourne. Florida WILLIAM WHITTIER DICKS Orlando, Florida Fourth Row SHELLY SPARKS DOBBS .... New Smyrna Beach, Florida JANET SUE DOLOZIK Ft. Belvoir, Virginia CAROLYN E. DONALDSON Chagrin Falls. Ohio RICHARD MORRIS DORMAN Freeport, Illinois JOHN EDGAR DOUGLAS Oblong, Illinois PAUL MICHAEL DOWNING Lakeland, Florida SHERMAN JOHN DRAWDY Macclenny, Florida Bottom Row Fii in Row EDWARD FERRY CONNELL Wilmington. Delaware HARRIET LOUISE CONNELI Inverness, Florida HILDEGARDE M. COOK Lakeland, Florida M DITH HENDERSON COOK . . . Huntington, West Virginia PATRICIA RUTH COOPER Toronto, Canada WILLIAM ERNEST COOPER .... Bowling Green, Florida [ANET ANN COPUZELO Miami. Florida First Row MADGE EVELYN COTHERN Mexico City, Mexico RICHARD LLOYD CRANKSHAW Dunedin, Florida KAY ANN CREVASSE Tampa, Florida KAY CI. INF CRIBBS Winter Haven, Florida KATHRYN ANN CROSBY Jacksonville, Florida EARL CUNNINGHAM, JR Haines City, Florida LYNNE 111: MARIE CURRER1 .... Watchung, New Jersej IRENE M. DRIGGERS Lake Butler, Florida SANDRA FAYE DUNLAP Lakeland, Florida SANDRA LYNN DUNN Titusville, Florida MARY STELLA DUNSON Winter Haven. Florida JOHN JOSEPH DUVAI Jefferson City, Missouri JOHN BYRON FAMES Littleton, New Hampshire SUSAN MARY EDDY Naples, Florida Sixth Row JAMES ARDELL EDGE Sanford, Florida JUNE EDITH EDWARDS Bradenton, Florida WILLIAM MYERS EDWARDS .... Nicholasville, Kentucky THERESA ELLEN EGGEN Vero Beach. Florida RACHEL JANE EICHELMAN . . . West Hartford, Connecticut LINDA RAE ELDREDGE Ft. Myers. Florida GEORGE ELLIOTT Thomaston, Maine Si i m d Row Seventh Row GLORIA M. DAMS lilt; . . . LAWRENCE ARTHUR DANTON BARBARA LOU DANNER . . . BARBARA B. DAVIDSON . . . JOHN DIXON DAVIS .... PI G rt JOYC1 I) WImiN . . . t Ki IL [AYNE DAY . Purchase, New York . . . . Bartow. Florida . Boynton Beach, Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Gainesville, Florida . . . (hi. nolo, Florida Westfield, Massachusetts PATRICIA WRAY ELLIS Closter, New Jersej WILLIAM ELMER ENGE1 Nokomis, Florida 1 1,1 IN M. ESTABROOK Wattham, Massachusetts LINDA JEAN EVANS Belle Glade, Florida ROBERT ERBE EVJEN New Holstein, Wisconsin SHARON JOY FAIN Ocoee, Florida WILLIAM R, FANNIN, IK Lakeland, Flo, id:. V fb ■ » «-« ' % 4 f f 1 k j f% £ The Freshmen Third Row EDWARD NORMAN GIESE Rochester, New York KEITH DEXTER GILLINGHAM .... Jacksonville, Florida PETER LOUIS GIRARDIN Ft. Myers, Florida RICHARD GEORGE GITELES Miami, Florida BENJAMIN I GLOVER Wilson. North Carolina MARK WARREN GOCKEL Pompano Beach, Florida MARTHA KAY GODWIN Jonesboro, Georgia Fourth Row GEORGE WESLEY GOFF, JR Lakeland, Florida PETER LEE GOLWAY Annandale, Virginia JOAN MARIE GOLLIDAY Winter Haven, Florida KENNETH EUGENE COLON .... Winter Haven, Florida [.AMES HERMAN GOODMAN Amityville, New York LAWRENCE B. GOODWIN, JR Lakeland, Florida EDWARD DANIEL GORDON . . Rockv Mount. North Carolina Bottom Row Fifth Row WILLIAM C. FARMER Ft. Pierce, Florida JANICE ALINE FENNER Miami, Florida ARTHUR S. FICQUETTE Winter Garden, Florida JAMES ARTHUR FISHER Takoma Park, Maryland SUSIE MARIE FLAUS Lakeland, Florida JOAN CAROLE FLINT Randolph, Vermont BARBARA FOLLETT Coloma, Wisconsin JOY YVONNE GOSSMAN Madison, Florida JOHN ANTON GRAHAM Chicago, Illinois GARNET JANE GRANNIS Franklin, Pennsylvania DONYA DEE GRAN Miami, Florida GAIL WARREN GRANGE Annandale, Virginia SCUDDER GRAYBEAL West Hartford, Connecticut IUDIT1J MARIE GREEN Jacksonville, Florida First Row- Sixth Row MARGARET E. FOSTER Lakeland, Florida NANCY R. FOSTER Stuart, Florida TONI D. FRANCO Plant City. Florida MILTON L. FRASER Lakeland, Florida RICHARD S. FRASER Largo, Florida JAMES MONROE FRAZIER Ft. Myers, Florida PHILIP EDWARD FREELAND .... Winter Haven, Florida LINDA GAYLE GREEN Brooker. Florida ROBERT LOUIS GREEN Winter Haven, Florida SANDRA LOUISE GREENE Hyannis, Massachusetts MARVIN GRIFFIN, JR Pompano Beach, Florida DANIEL JOSEPH GRIFFING .... Shelter Island. New York CECILIA M. GUIZZETTI Orlando, Florida MARVIN DEWEY GUNNELLS Jacksonville, Florida Second Row S r VENTH Row DALLAS S. FUI.MER, JR Jacksonville, Florida WILLIAM MONTE GAINER Ft. Thomas, Kentucky JAMES VIRGIL GAINES, JR Ft. Pierce, Florida FLORENCE I. GEARHART Miami, Florida MARTHA IANI GENTER Daytona Beach, Florida BARRY STEPHEN GERSTEN Miami Beach, Florida III I IN O. I ' . GIAMBATTISTA .... Falls Church, Virginia MILLICENT [ONE GWIN . . CHARLES RICHARD GWINN VIRGINIA DEAN HAGGARD [THOMAS PAGE HALL . . . DANE REED HANCOCK . . THOMAS ORVILLE HAND . SA LLY COMBs HANKS . . . . Jacksonville, Florida . . . Miami, Florida . . Fairbanks, Alaska . . Ft. Myers, Florida Ft. Lauderdale, Florida . . Lakeland, Florida Thomas; ille, t ieorgia » ' ■ ' ♦ » % t mmmmjmwiMtwi f f5 lAf fe Even the Military relaxes occasionally. The Freshmen Third Row MARY JOSEPHINE HOOKER Homestead, Florida BILLY VEE HOPKINS Dunedin. Florida PETER ADAMS HORNEY .... Greensboro, North Carolina MARY ELLEN HOWARD Kalamazoo, Michigan PRICE DEVARD HOWARD uburndale, Florida CYNTHIA MARIE HOWE Riviera Keach. Florida MARIE LOUISE HOWELI Panama City, Florida Fourth Row PAMELA MILLER HOYT Lakeland, Florida LUCIENNE HUBBELL Lakeland. Florida CHARLES MANDELIN HUBER .... St. Petersburg, Florida ROSEMARY HINT Sarasota, Florida DAVID ARDEN HUNTER Uiquippa, Pennsylvania STEWART C. HUTCHISON, JR Joliet, Illinois LILLIAN CLARICE IVEY lacksonville, Florida Boi roM Ri FlKTH ROW MARIE CUMMING HANNA Atlantic Beach, Florida SUSAN GAY HANSEN Miami, Florida JAY DERWOOD HARRIS Clermont. Florida MARGARET ANN HARRIS Tavares, Florida ZOLLIE K. HARRISON Kingsport, Tennessee FRANK EDWARD HASLAR Kissimmee, Florida DOROTHY THERESA HATTON Pahokee, Florida First Row CYNTHIA ANNETTE HAWKINS Miami, Florida DIANA JOY IIAYNES Sanford, Florida NANCY RUTH HEADLEY Coraopolis, Pennsylvania MARLENE K.W HEARN Lakeland, Florida YVONNE ELAINE HEATH Hollywood, Florida [CATHERINE HEIMINGER .... Bethel Park. Pennsylvania ANNE [ORDON HENDRICKS . . Lexington, North Carolina WILLIAM RONALD JAMES Rossville, Georgia PATRICIA CAROLYN JAYE Clearwater, Florida DAN AUGMUND JENKINS Jacksonville, Florida EMILY JANE JOHNSON Decatur, Illinois GEORGIA SUE JOHNSON Sterling, Illinois JAMES THOMAS JOHNSON, JR. . . . Jefferson City, Missouri MARGARET FAYE JOHNSON Jacksonville. Florida S i 1 1 1 Row OBIE TYRON JOHNSON Jacksonville. Florida LINDA JANE JOLLIFF West Mansfield, Ohio JANET WYNELL JONES Lakeland, Florida NANCY JO JONES New Smyrna Bearh, Florida SAMUEL RICHARD JONES. IR Orlando, Florida DOROTHY LOUISE JUNKIN Lakeland. Florida MARY LEONORA KAISER Ellicott City. Maryland Second Row Seventh Row JOAN HEBBARD HEROLD Lakeland, Florida HI I I JONALYN DILI Nokomis, Florida CECIL RAYMOND HOCK Lake Alfred, Florida CLYDE WESTON HOFF, JR Lakeland, Florida GREEN McFERRIN HOLNESS Jacksonville, Florida I ' .YDn JOSEPHINE HOLROYD Miami, Florida SCOTT OKEY HONEFENGER Pana, Illinois ROBERT HENRY KASTEN . . JAMES SWIRLES KEEFER . . CAROLINE KEELER RICHARD ALLEN KEELEY . . HARRIETT ELIZABETH KEEN DAVID BURNHAM KM si , . . . . Zeeland, Michigan . Chatham, New Jersey . . . Coronado, California North Miami Beach, Florida . . Raleigh, North Carolina . New Canaan, Connecticut GEORGE ELLIS KERRICK Islamorada, Florida £3 09 • ♦ % ■%_ ♦ »% ft We ' re going to beat this team if it ' s the last thing we do. The Freshmen Third Row CYNTHIA ANN LEADER Jacksonville. Florida E. RICHARD LEE Melbourne, Florida JOETTA LEE Lake Worth. Florida NORMA KAY LEEDS Opa-locka. Florida JOYCE ANN LEHMAN Jacksonville. Florida GWENDOLYN ANNE LESSER Miami. Florida ALLEN STANLEY LEWISON Oregon. Illinois Fourth Row LACY ANNE LILES Ft. Myers, Florida SUSAN McKEE LININGER Glenview, Illinois ROSA MARY LIPPINCOTT Ft. Myers, Florida ROBERT HERMAN LOCKRIDGE Lakeland, Florida ROBERT HENRY LOGAN Huntington. New York MARY ANNE LOPEZ Key West. Florida LAWRENCE JOHN LOVEDAY . . . West Hollywood, Florida Bottom Row 7 PHYLLIS ANN KETCHAM mitwille, New York TERRY WEST KETCHAM Vmityville, New York BEVERLY KAY KIMBROUGH Coral Gables, Florida CONSTANCE LOWERY KING Tampa, Florida CHARLES NICHOLAS KINSEY Caraaguey, Cuba MILDRED BETH KOESTNER Oradell, New Jersey JOSEPH MATTHEW KRITCH Northville, Michigan Fifth Row BARBARA LUELYN I.OWRY Ridge Manor, Florida MARY JO LUCE Stuart. Florida BARBARA JEAN LCPO Ft. Myers. Florida FRANCES LORENE LYNCH Jacksonville. Florida DOUGLAS ARTHCR MACK Miami, Florida GORDON IAN MacLEOD Dania, Florida JAN ARTHUR MANNING Bradenton, Florida Firsi Row Sixth Row DAVID HOWARD KRUMWIEDE . . .St. Petersburg, Florida JANET SUE LACHENMYER Jacksonville, Florida FREDERICK W. LADLOW Hamden, Connecticut RICHARD ROSS LAING Winter Park, Florida SAMUEL GIFFORD LANDE Jacksonville. Florida ROBERT STEVE LANDRUM Ft. Myers, Florida JUDITH CAROL I.ANDY Bal Harbor, Florida Si i ond Row LINDA LANE Miami. Florida ELIZABETH LANGFORD Jacksonville, Florida GLORIA FRANCES LANGFORD Palm City. Florida GUY R0BER1 LANGFORD Frostproof, Florida ALFRED CARL LARSON Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania RUTH Mo LAWRENCE Ft. Myers, Florida LUCY LAZARUS Trenton. Florida HARVEY DAVIS MANNING, JR. . . .Ft. Lauderdale, Florida VIRGINIA LEE MANTZ Tampa, Florida ANNE RODGERS MARCHMAN Venice, Florida JIM CARLTON MARSH Ft. Meade, Florida BRUCE DUNCAN MARSHALL Englewood. Florida JAMES BRUCE MAR PENS Vero Beach, Florida JAMES L. MARTIN, JR Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Seventh Row JOHN McKOlN MASSIF Ft. Myers. Florida MELANIE RUTH MAI ' HIS Orlando. Florida JUDITH MARIE MATHISSON Evanston, Illinois llol ' E MARIE MATLOCK Coral Gables, Florida NANCY SUE MAY Vpopka, Florida fOHN CHARLES MAYER Lakeland. Florida DOROTHY J. McALEXANDER Sanford, Florida Ok A {% ' V. I :.V Four Southern beauties pose tor the photographe The Freshmen Third Row CHRISTINE ANN MORIS Atlanta. Georgia DIANE MORRIS tlanta. Georgia NANCY LOU MORROW Limona, Florida CAROLYN SAVIGNAC MOWLL . . Clearwater Beach, Florida FRANK JOSEPH MURPHY Lakeland. Florida JOAN M. MURPHY Lakeland, Florida [AMES KENT MURRAY Lakeland, Florida Fourth Row FRANCIA LOT NELSON Jacksonville, Florida PAMELA ELAINE NELSON Naples, Florida BRICK KENNETH NEWELI Belmont, Massachusetts PAULA LOUISE NEWHOUSE Key West, Florida WILLIARD L NOWI.IN, JR Jacksonville, Florida rHOMAS KENNETH ODADZIN Lakeland, Florida LYNN SMITH OGBURN Sarasota, Florida Bottom Row JOSEPH B. McCORMICK Georgetown, Indiana BONNIE FRANCES McCREDIE .... Russellville, Kentucky FREDERICK D. McDONALD, JR Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM R. McDONALD Winter Haven, Florida SUZANNE M. McFARLANE Jacksonville, Florida s NHR. ANN McKE.NDRICK Ft. Pierce, Florida TERRY L. McKITTRICK Ft. Pierce, Florida Fifth Row VIOLET ANGELINA OPALKA Byram, Connection CARMEN MARIAN ORORK Orlando, Florida LINDA OUSLEY Miami, Florida BARRY EDMOND PACKAR . . . North Miami Beach. Florida JAMES EMMETT PALMER, JR Lakeland, Florida JUDITH ANN PARADISE Stuart, Florida ROBBIE LINDA PARKER Sanford, Florida First Row fOAN McMICHAEI Mamaroneck, New York DAVID LEE McNEELV Pompano Beach, Florida MARILYN FRANCES McNEES Ft. Pierce, Florida DONNA I.FE MECHLING New Orleans, Louisiana PETER LYNAS MELLON Decrheld Beach, Florida DONNA R. MEYER North Miami Beach, Florida DENNIS JOE MICHAEI Jupiter, Florida Sixth Row WILLIAM B. PARSONS .... Green Cove Springs, Florida CHARLANN PASCHALI St. Petersburg. Florida LLOYD P. PEACOCK Lakeland, Florida SUE HELEN PEPPER Wauchula, Florida JOHN LEE PETERS Pikeville, Kentuck) BLANCHE M. PFECFFER East [slip, New York CAROL ANNE PHILLIPS Haines City, Florida Second Row MAR ' i LUREN1 MIGNAULT . . . . Baldwinsville, New York I Mil MONTEZ MILLER Chattanooga, Tennessee I Rl Dl RICK WALTER MILLER . North Miami Beach, Florida MARILYN 1 1 AN MILLER Dunnellon, Florida MARY MARTHA MILLER Washington, D. C . MARILYN F. MITCHEL1 uburndale, Florida NANCA CATHERIN1 MOORE Dunedin, Florida Si vi in Row PATRICIA PIERSON Pennington, New Jersej CAROLE MARIE POLE Hazlet, New Jersej MARY HARRIETT P0WEL1 Starke, Florida JUDSON HARRIS POWERS Sarasota, Florida ARDEL LEA PRICE Sarasota, Florida THOMAS EDWARD PURCELI Miami, Florida I Will ELLEN QUINN Wcstricld, Wisconsin • t ■ ' % % -V ft ft . ft t pf% % ?S A i " ■% ' I 2S5 V L ' Mk X 1 HIT r 4 i New students •t tin- faculty. The Freshmen Third Row CAROLYN ANN ROBINSON New York, New York MARY PATTON ROBINSON . ... St. Augustine, Florida THOMAS VORCE ROBINSON . . . Ft. Myers Beach, Florida SALLY ANN ROGERS Evanston, Illinois SHIRLEY DIANE ROGERS Lakeland. Florida JUDITH ELIZABETH ROSE .... Livingston, New Jersey MARY PATRICIA ROWE Cocoa Beach, Florida Fourth Rh« GEORGE ALAN RUBIN Sarasota, Florida ROBERT LEWIS RUMPF Orlando, Florida WILLIAM KENNETH KISS Miami, Florida RANDALL HOWARD RUST Blooraington, Illinois JOSEPH P. RUTLAND, JR Winter Park, Florida SUSAN ANN SAFFORD Lake Hamilton, Florida JOAN MARIE SANTINI Ft. Myers, Florida Bottom Row BEVERLY CEIL RADKE Atlanta. Georgia KARL EDWIN RAPP, III Oak Ridge, Tennessee CLARIBEL ALICE REA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania FRANKLIN JOSEPH REAGERS .... Bayshore, New York NANCY ANN REAM Marshalltown, Iowa JOHNNY JAMES REAVES, JR Jacksonville, Florida SANDRA LEE RFC FOR New Orleans, Louisiana First Row KATHRYN JANE REDD Winter Haven, Florida ANNE ELAINE REDMAN Clearwater, Florida JAMES CROFT REED Fulton, Kentucky ELIZABETH M. REID West Palm Beach, Florida MELINDA CHARITY REISNER . . . Milwaukee, Wisconsin CAROLYN EDITH RICE Orlando, Florida CHARLES BABB RICKERD .... Daytona Beach, Florida Fifth Row THOMAS S. SARKISIAN Baldwin, New York ARTHUR CLIN ION SAVAGE Hamilton, Ohio PATRICIA I.YN SAYRES Bronxville, New York NANCY IFF SCHIMPF Latrohe, Pennsylvania GRACE ADAMS SCHLEUTER Lakeland. Florida RICHARD W. SCHLOESSER .... Port Charlotte, Florida BETTY I FAN SCHMITT Starke, Florida Six in ROW MARILYN II. SCHMITT .... Cliffside Park, New Jersey KAREN N. SCIIWEINSBERG .... St. Petersburg, Florida PHYLLIS ANN SCOGIN Chattanooga, Tennessee MARIE COLETTE SEILER Tampa, Florida SANDRA I. HE SEVER Lakeland, Florida LEONARD HARRY SHAPIRO Erlton, New Jcrs SHERLENE R. SHEPARD Sanford, Florida Second Row MAKY KA " 5 KIDDIE Jacksonville, Florida FRANCES ANN KI(,(,S North Miami, Florida ROBERT WARREN RILEY . . . West Palm Beach, Florida DANTON JEFFREY RIssNIK .... Brooklyn, N,« York SHARON LOUISE ROBERSON Orlando, Florida fANET MAE ROBERTS Clearwater, Florida WILLIAM CARLYLE ROBERTS .... Kn Wist, Florida si vi s I H Row MAKY CORINNE SHERMAN Hinsdale. Illinois CECIA QUICK SHERRED ndover. New J.-.s, DAVID I. SHINKMAN Carbondale, Pennsylvania DEAN ALLEN SHOWERS Beloit, Wisconsin SALLY Jo SIEBENTHAI ilanta, Georgia GEORGE SIMCOE Hamden, Connecticut MARII.1B SIMMONS Tampa, Florida f C f £ f u Is %■ ♦ 4 . % 4 iA a n a ■ k, wv av £ _i . ft ft { % Q t f% (SI f% A £ A Varsity cheerleaders display basketball trophies The Freshmen THIRD Row MARY KATHRYN STEWART Largo, Florida BONNIE LEE STOFFER Sanford, Florida SANDRA LOUISE SWAIN Miami, Florida CHARLOTTE C. SWEEDER Euclid, Ohio NINA BETH TAGGART Brentwood. Tennessee SAMUEL TAMBORELLO, JR Tampa, Florida [OHN W ALSTON TAYLOR Lakeland, Florida Fourth Row ROBERT PHILIP TAYLOR .... Glen St. Mary, Florida LINDA LEE TESTON Reddick, Florida PETER ALAN THIBODEAU Orlando. Florida ROGER WAYNE l ' HORNBERRY Fairborn, Ohio JUDITH M. THRAILKILL Orlando, Florida LESLY CARYL THUNE Winter Park, Florida 1EFFERY RF.1D THURLOW .... Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Bottom Row Fifth Row ROBERT DAVID SIMONSON Pahokee, Florida SARAH JAM: SIMONSON Jacksonville, Florida RICHARD BRUCE SLADEK Flossmoor, Illinois CAROLYN SLATE Latrobe, Pennsylvania ELINOR MICHELE SLEWETT . . . Miami Beach. Florida HELEN CALDWELL SMITH Tampa, Florida JAMES WILLIAM SMITH Reddick, Florida RICHARD EARL. FINER Haines City, Florida CATHERINE ANN TOLLE Miami, Florida PATRICIA LEE TOMPKINS . . . West Palm Beach. Florida ELIZABETH TURNER rcadia, Florida JAMES RAYMOND TURNER Ft. Pierce. Florida MAR 1 ! JANE TURNER Coral Gables, Florida FRANCES ELAINE TUTEN Brunswick, Georgia Firsi Row Sixth Row MARY LYNN SMITH Lakeland. Flor PAUL JOAN SMITH Lakeland. Flor ROBERT HAYDEN SMITH Lakeland, Flor SANDRA LYNN SMITH Leesburg, Flor MARY AILEEN SMITHERMAN . . . Troy. North (and RAYMOND DEAN SNIVELY .... Fairfield, Pennsylva DAVID GERRELL SNODGRASS .... Lakeland, Flor da KAREN SUE TYNER Butler, Missouri da HAROLD MAURICE TYUS Starke, Florida da GENIE CAROL VANDIVER . . . Cape Girardeau, Missouri da GEORGE M. VAN HORN Panama City. Florida na FRED VAN LENGEN, JR Melbourne, Florida tin JOHN ARTHUR VARNER Fairborn, Ohio da IOSEPH WILLIAM VAUGHAN . . . Fairfield, Pennsylvania SEI OND Row Stvi 1 11 Row VINA ELIZABETH sl ' FAR . MAR US ELLIOT] SP1 ( I oK MARY | Nl SPEIRS . . . . MARY NN s PAR] IN(i . . MAR THA B. S TTMI ' FR . . . NXI 1ARII s I | PHI NSON ATI ER CAR! ST1 Till NSON Jacksonville, F Lakeland, I ' Kissimmee, I . Orlando, I . Sanford, F Sti JOHN ROBERT VOGELGESANG PATRICIA ANN WADE . . . JOHN EDWARD WAGNER . JULIA PENE1 OPF. WAJ l ' S . . JOAN CARROl 1 WA1 Dl N JUDi WALDEN ROBER T I ESLIE WA1 KIR . Cleveland Heights, Ohio . . Ft. Myers, Florida Daytona Beach. Florida Pomona Park. Florida lacksonville, Florida . . Ft. Myers, Florida . . lakeland, Florida I % » - % t % -o $ Mm wMmM i ttM P £ " ■ fl! £ 1 f ' W r %£Pm 1 VHH r . Ik ¥ V 1 r m ' iflE ' l fc ;: ; ' •% 9 fel Bfe ■F is 1 Ifc 9 1 mJ % f ■,S3W- fl I)u you believe in cramming; for your exams! Hill KIM Row J. EDWARD WALL Atlanta, Georgia ROGER DEAN WALTON Clearwater, Florida WILLIAM CLINTON WALTON . . Pompano Beach, Florida SUE WARREN Tampa, Florida WILLIAM A. WATKINSON .... Newport, Rhode Island CLAUDIA MARIE WATSON LaGrange, Illinois MARGARET E. WEATHERLY Naples, Florida The Freshmen Third Run RICHARD JEROME WILLS, EDWIN VRIEZE WILSON JOHN JAMES WILSON . . PATRICIA LEE WILSON . RUSH WILSON, III ... , Miami, Florida . Jacksonville, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida Washington, D. C. Scarsdale, New York Fourth Row JOYCE DIANE WOLF South Euclid, Ohio [OANNE ELIZABETH WOLFE Middletown, Ohio GLORIA WOMACK Nashville, Tennessee HARRILL DOUGLAS WOOD Lakeland, Florida WARREN WOODEN, JR Seining, Florida Fifth Row JACK STEPHEN WOODHAM NANCY ELISABETH WRIGHT AMY WARFIELD WYATT . . Tallahassee, Florida Clearwater, Florida Westover, Massachusetts First Row CONNOR WILSON WEBB, JR Macclenny, Florida DELBERT PERRY WEEDON. JR Nokomis, Florida DAVID ALBERT WENGER Lakeland, Florida CHARLES MARION WEST ... Ft. Walden Beach, Florida LOLA MARGARET WESTON Naples, Florida DOl (.LAS FRANKLIN WHITE ... St. Augustine, Florida JOYCE BEVERLY WHILE Lakeland, Florida Sixth Row JON WILLIAM ZABEL Orlando, Florida ALICE TAMZIE ZIPPERER Tampa, Florida BETTY ANN ZOCH Venice, Florida Second Row STEVEN JAY WHITMARSH Jacksonville, Florida JANICE WN WIETSMA Pompano Beach, Florida VALENTINA WILDE Miami Shores, Florida HAROLD JAN WILHELM Boca Grande, Florida JOHN ROLAND WILLIAMS Ft. Pierce, Florida MARY LOUISE WILLIAMS .... Downers Grove, Illinois WILSON C. WILLIAMS Darien, Connecticut Seventh Row ELEANOR ANN ZUKOWSK1 ft G lit • ' .%••■♦ % % .4 fee , itik Wj: ft hi €1 MARILYN AULD Editor in-Chief Mr. Tolle refers to an ad of a previous year. Inter lachen 1961 The [nterlachen is the College Yearbook, pub- lished by the students as the annual pictorial record of campus life. It includes class pictures, a beauts section, military section, faculty and administration, Greeks, other organizations and activities. STAFF MARILYN AULD Editor-in-Chiej CAROLINl SELDEN Managing Editor NANCY GIBSON issociate Editor BET ' ] Y TOY Editorial Assistant NELL IM I I I WAIl Layout Editor JOAN TYLER Organizations Editor DONNA PRIVETTE ictivities Editor SALLi (,! I )R .i: Senior Class Editor JI DY IM LLEN Junior Class Editor SANDY VODVARKA . . . Sophomore Class Edito, BARBARA BOUTWELL . . Freshman Class Editoi I D KOLASKA Sports Editor I ' M I. WILLE Colleg, Photographer WIW GSCHWIND . . . Assistant Photographer CORNIN( , I . TOLLE Business Advisei HAL WW I ERS idvisei Nancy Gibson. Gary Gschwind and Barbara Danner meet a deadline % ' % ■ ♦ 4 4 fc A ' ' .( row; Petteway, Jackson, Vodvarka, Gibson. Add, Selden, Pullen. Second row: Kolaska, Privette, Tyler, .Mr. Wai Mr. Wille discusses pictures with Managing Editor Caroline Selde Mr. Waters dictates a letter to Editorial Assistant Betty To The 1961 Interlachen Is Dedicated obert Vv lac owan For his spiritual leadership, unselfish devotion example to all within the sound t his beautiful to the principles ol higher education, and genuine Scottish Hun- the Interlachen proudly dedicates love ol nature and God that has proven a stirring the 1061 issue to Dr. Robert MacGowan. 294 IN MEMORIAM Henry Martin Battenhouse Ruel B. Gilbert Ernest Arthur Lilley Clinton V. McClun - » » ' ■»•»• Frederick C. Schubart I he 1961 Interlachen expresses its appreciation to the following business concerns, whose interest and co-operation have helped to make possible the publication of this yearbook of Florida Southern College. I he editors and business managers respectfully urge that friends of the College examine the ad- vertisements of these firms and individuals, and call upon them for service at every possible op- poi tunit) . • ♦ « ' ' % % ♦ 4 • %.« PUBLIX ....tit ' Vm " _ HA »m««M t Tw-- - " " " - " - i...-.J p - »sL-b: 5SJ - Where shopping is a pleasure No Rivalry In The Rooting Section • • • ...nof when it comes to the All-American Taste Team! For, with 28 delicious flavors of the world ' s finest Ice Cream — plus an all- star lineup of Complete Meals and Snacks— how can you lose? What ' s more, every visit ' s just like a homecoming . . . at your neighborhood, or any ttOHJARDjOHnfOlty LANDMARK FOR HUNGRY AMERICANS ftmcMteCS AUBURNDALE WO 7-1175 YOUR NEWSPAPER .... Freedom ' s Forum Today ' s newspaper, whole-heartedly dedicated to keeping America free, is also keeping America fully informed. The rules of decency and the welfare of its readers are the only censor of what it shall print ... and the TAMPA TRIBUNE and THE TAMPA TIMES are dedicated to the fullfillment of these principles. THE TAMPA TRIBUNE Morning and Sunday THE TAMPA TIMES Evening Radio Stations WFLA, WFLA-FM WFLA Television Channel 8, NBC Compliments of FLORIDA FAVORITE FERTILIZER, INC. M. P. TOMLINSON CO. Cadillac I Oldsmobile ' The ultimate in satisfactory service ' 920-950 E. Main Street Lakeland, Florida Compliments of MILLER ' S COLLEGE FASHION CENTER 111-113 East Main St. Ph. MU 2-8525 WILLIAM ' S FLORAL SHOP Your nearest Florist Wire Service 1043 S. Florida Avenue Phone MU 6-1641 Night Phone MU 3-4514 :;:::: t M BENFORD STATIONERY CO. 125 S. Kentucky Avenue For the best in Esterbrook and Schaeffer fountain pens, greeting cards, school and art supplies, office equipment and gift suggestions. LYCO-BO-ROL For Prickly Heat Sold at all Drug Stores TAMPA DRUG COMPANY TAMPA, FLORIDA 299 Florida ' s Foremost Distributor of Industrial Supplies Hardware, Power Transmission Equipment, Machinery and Machine Tools. Nationally Known Manufacturers Represented— Aim Division Crucible Steel Lectrolite Racine (Acme Steel) Delta K. O. Lee Republic Steel Airco Devcon Lubriplate Ridgid Tool Alemite Devilbiss MacWhyte S. K. F. American Brass Dewalt Manning, Maxwell Schaefer American-Marietta Diamond Chain Moore Schlage (Valdura) Rumore McCrosky Schrader Armstrong Brothers Eberhardt-Denver McCulloch Saws Sherman-Klove Atkins Edlund McKay Simonds Behr-Manning Falk Miller Electric South Bend Belmont Faultless Caster Miller-Robinson Standard Conveyor Black Decker Flexonics Monarch Standard Pressed Stee Bridgeport Firth-Sterling Morse Stanley Browning General Electric National Screw Starrett Buffalo Geometric Tool National Tube Taft-Peirce Billiard Gerrard Steel Niagara Henry G. Thompson Bunting Brass B. F. Goodrich Norton Toledo Burke Pump Greenfield Tap Die Nupla Van Norman Carlton Grob, Inc. Oberdorfer Vlier Century Electric H-P-M O ' Neil-lrwin Walworth Chain Belt Hammond Onsrud S. B. Whistler Cincinnati Shaper Heil Dryer Osborn Whitman Barnes Cincinnati Tool Jones Laughlin Steel Oster Whitney Columbian Rope Kalamazoo Pexto Worthington Covel Ladish Putnam Wyandotte Crescent Tool Lamson Sessions Quick-Set Wyienbech Staff HARRY P. LEU, INC. 100 West Livingston • ORLANDO • FLORIDA • 3701 North West 37th Ave., MIAMI SERVING FLORIDA INDUSTRY SINCE 1900 Compliments of FIRST STATE BANK OF LAKELAND " The Bank with Drive-In Teller Windows " DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO $10,000 By Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of KING PRODUCE Lakeland, Florida Compliments of TILL OFFICE EQUIPMENT 250 East Main Bartow, Florida Compliments of CENTRAL GLASS AND MIRROR COMPANY 302 North Ingraham Avenue FIRST FEDERAL Compliments of SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LAKELAND • ♦ CEMENT PRODUCTS SUPPLY COMPANY INC. CURRENT DIVIDEND 4% ♦ • Corner of Orange and Tennessee 516 East Main Street Compliments of E. J. MADER HEATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING COMPANY Chrysler Air-Conditioner E. T. Roux Library J Compliments Compliments of of ANTHONY ' S FOR EGGS A FRIEND Lakeland, Florida J ♦ HARRIS MEATS 2810 W. Robson Street Tampa, Florida 303 BROTHERS MOORE ' S STYLE SHOP Featuring Ivy and Continental Styles for Campus Wear TIMELY CLOTHES STYLE-MART CLOTHES 207 E. Main Street Lakeland, Florida ra YOUR LAKELAND FLORIDA STATE THEATRES POLK THEATRE (One of Florida ' s Finest) Equipped with CinemaScope and the wonder of Stereophonic Sound LAKE THEATRE Equipped with CinemaScope. Big Shows at Bargain Prices 304 • • » » » » % • Compliments of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT COMPANY 207 S. Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida Growing With Florida Southern College CAMPUS CLEANERS On Campus YOUR MOST CONVENIENT CLEANERS Compliments of 2 »± Tttaddox wear LAKELAND ABSTRACT COMPANY Lakeland, Florida ABSTRACTS OF TITLE TITLE INSURANCE P. O. Box 411 Phone MU 3-3111 Compliments of BOB BALDWIN Polk Electric Supply Company 902 East Main Street DEALER SALES COMPANY ' Desco " Products Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Supplies Telephone RE 7-5371 612 S. Armenia Avenue P. O. Box 10095 Tampa 9, Florida Compliments of GULF FABRICS TAMPA Compliments of BRADLEY FLOWER SHOP 808 S. Mississippi Avenue Lakeland, Florida Phone MU 2-6859 rtllffi ttons Co-ed Coordinates JUNIOR DRESSES— SUITS— FORMALS SPORTSWEAR AND EVENING SEPARATES 1 19 S. Tennessee (Across from the Post Office) REECECLIFF SANDWICH SHOP Phone MU 6-6661 940 S. Florida Avenue Compliments of Serving Imperial Polk County Compliments of Gulf Oil Products Co. J NELSON M. AYALA — Distributor FOR THE BEST IN FUEL OILS J9 Phone MU 6-3103 Lakeland, Florida • •%•♦•♦ 4 % ft HEATH FUNERAL CHAPEL Ambulance Service FOSTER E. HEATH, Funeral Director J Corner Lime and Ingraham Phone MU 2-1361 Compliments of RAYBRO ELECTRIC COMPANY 520 N. Ingraham Avenue 307 -i c:-am. i w i i i Compliments of SKEETS SPORT CENTER Lake Wales, Florida Congratulations to THE CLASS OF ' 61 It has been our pleasure to serve Co-eds and faculty women since the class of ' 25 21 1 E. Main Street 3 FLOORS OF FASHION Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of COGGIN INTERIOR DESIGNERS 1026 S. Florida Avenue Telephone: MU 3-4171 308 Compliments of DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. Lakeland Compliments of WYNN MATTRESS CO. MOSES GULF SERVICE ♦ ONE STOP SERVICE S. Florida Avenue McDonald Lakeland FRANK and RETTA BUELL Bar-B-Q Specialists WORLD FAMOUS Dining Room — Curb Catering 2136 New Tampa Highway MU 6-2350 Lakeland, Florida WHITE SWAN MOTOR LODGE 1136 East Rose Street Off the Highway in a Quiet Residential District AAA Lakeland, Florida Compliments Compliments of of HARDY SOD COMPANY FOOD MACHINERY Vernon S. Miller, Owner AND CHEMICAL ♦ CORPORATION 948 N. Mass. Ave. Phone MU 6-9959 ♦ Compliments of MINE MILL SUPPLY COMPANY P. O. Rox 793 Lakeland, Florida Compliments of ORTMEYER ' S INC. Wholesale Furniture 306 South Franklin Street Phone 2-2549 Tampa, Florida PARTY SPECIALTIES POPULAR DRIVE-IN SANDWICHES AND COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE COLONIAL ICE CREAM DRIVE-IN 1133 East Main Street ' ■r j . - Crews Ig W¥ aJmj$t ItB KM BBw HBB ■! pp • « % " FOR A FUTURE IN FLORIDA " Bank With LAKELAND ' S ONLY NATIONAL BANK FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK LAKELAND Deposits insured to $10,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of JOYCE CORNER 219 East Lemon Street 311 -.-- Compliments of ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING COMPANY CT g, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI 312 i % • . ' " ' ♦ ' 4 ■ ♦ 4 4 ■ 4 4 Compliments of POLK FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION cr e, 123 South Tennessee Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of POLK RESTAURANT SUPPLY CO. C g, 318 - 322 N. Kentucky Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA 314 ' ♦ % ' % ■ % 4 4 fc a Compliments of ELLIS BROTHERS CT g, 3240 South Florida Avenue LAKELAND FLORTDA 315 Compliments of FENTON ' S LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS CT g, LAKELAND, FLORIDA 316 %• . Compliments of BERGER AND RACHELSON, INC. Institutional Food Distributors TAMPA, FLORIDA 317 Congratulations SHEPPARD DISTRIBUTORS 2130 New Tampa Highway Meat Processors 318 TRUEBLOODS PRINT SHOP 108-10-12 West Lemon Street CT g, LAKELAND, FLORIDA Printers of The Southern Florida Southern College 319 Compliments of LAKELAND TYPEWRITER SUPPLY COMPANY Royal Electric, Standard and Portable Typewriters Sales - Service Victor Adding Machines and Calculators Sales - Service Thomas A. Edison Dictating Machines Sales - Service Shaw Walker Steel and Jasper Wood Furniture Central Florida ' s Most Popular Office Supply House 112 South Tennessee LAKELAND, FLORIDA 320 mmm COMPLETE HOSPITAL, PHYSICIANS ' EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES We specialize in laboratory equipment, supplies and chemicals Some of the firms that we are franchised dealers for are: ARTHUR H. THOMAS COMPANY AMERICAN OPTICAL COMPANY, Instrument Division Warehouse and offices conveniently located in Lakeland trade area. LAKELAND SURGICAL SUPPLY, INC. 1054 South Florida Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA Telephone MU 3-2416 R. E. LEWIS, General Manager 321 You Are Always Welcome at PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND For All Your Banking Services Corner Main and Florida ' Imperial Polk ' s Finest ' PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND LAKELAND, FLORIDA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 322 »■= •• ♦ I % I Compliments of SUNSHINE OIL CO Oil Jobbers cr S LAKELAND, FLORIDA 323 Compliments of JEFFERSON-BISHOP INSURANCE COMPANY 324 ' % « Compliments of J. B. LINEBERGER, INC. J9 Distributors for RICHFIELD OIL J0 1650 New Tampa Highway LAKELAND, FLORIDA 325 Compliments of TOOLE BOILER AND WELDING SERVICE P. O. Box 1489 MU 2-7645 LAKELAND, FLORIDA POWERMASTER Packaged Automatic Boilers 326 Compliments of BURL WILSON, PLASTERING CONTRACTOR 512 West Maxwell Street LAKELAND, FLORIDA % Business Phone MU 2-0812 Residence Phone MU 2-6688 327 MUTUAL PAPER COMPANY Lakeland Distributors For -SCHOOL SUPPLIES TEACHING AIDS :;_ s Compliments of PEASLEE GAULBERT PAINT VARNISH CO. 2102 Grand Central Avenue TAMPA, FLORIDA Telephone: RE 6-1075 329 Compliments of JOYNER LUMBER COMPANY LAKELAND, FLORIDA 330 Compliments of TURNER GEE Mid-West Packing Company ♦ «% 331 Compliments of PURITAN CHEMICAL COMPANY ATLANTA, GEORGIA :; Compliments of INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY of ORLANDO, FLORIDA 333 Compliments of HUGHES SUPPLY, INC. _ LAKELAND, FLORIDA 334 BORDEN ' S LAKELAND More mothers give their children Borden ' s Milk for more than 100 years, folks have been saying, " If it ' s Borden ' s it ' s got to be good. " fc % ♦ 4 % ft | 335 Compliments of VELDA DAIRY LAKELAND, FLORIDA 336 % ♦ ' % ♦ ♦ ♦ 4 •

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