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NTIHLlCHEN F I O k.1 ft Al S OUTH EMI COL ► •%-.» t » 4 Hi HI HSH J thmMw D I T I O N THE ALMA MATER i Orange groves o ' erspread her campus, Chimes her hymns intone, India greets across the garden Southern ' s mystic throne. Chorus Florida Southern, thee we love; Thee we ' ll never fail. Hail to thee our alma mater; Hail to Southern, hail! II Stately walls alone can never Compass learning ' s goal. Heart to heart must pass the token Soul inspirit soul. 19 6 FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE JILL BERTHY, Editor CAROLINE SELDEN, Associate Editor CORNING F. TOLLE, Business Adviser HAL WATERS, Editorial Adviser BETTY TOY, Editorial Assistant PAUL WILLE, College Photographer NILS SCHWEIZER, Cover Design FLOY BLANE, Feature Layouts WILLIAM D. SHILLING, Feature Producer WaiL -£fa fitammc yu £ -•»■♦ %i % r 0 0M Mtea iffc t, . . . . lf«5 -LEESBUKR Through fire and storm . . . flood and depression 1960 — LAKELAND :::::::: MARCHES ON Florida Southern College was conceived in the minds and hearts of dedi- cated churchmen and born out of the struggle of the years. In the pioneer days, despite all the hardships of a frontier, Florida Methodists began their untiring efforts to establish an institution of higher learning. Dedicated men and women overcame almost unsurmountable hardships to pass this torch of Christian education from hand to hand over three-quarters of a century. The light was dimmed and almost extinguished several times, but now the fruits of the labors of these devoted people are in the harvest stage as Florida Southern College stands today as the largest Methodist- related college in the world. The Interlachen salutes the pioneers of this institution. A brief history of these years of toil are offered in this first section. It tells of our college, proud of its heritage, proud of its Methodist foundation, and proud of its men and women who bore the yesterdays to mold the tomorrows. ft €VCU it JiwMit Ce J glH4tln Despite the hardships of life in Florida 75 years ago, ministers and laymen of the Florida Meth- odist Conference, having a deep and abiding inter- est in education, created the East Florida Seminary at Micanopy — historically, the predecessor institu- tion to Florida Southern College. Hope was high for the school ' s future. hut war clouds loomed on the horizon. The con- flict between the States apparently was inevitable. Lincoln, Lee and other immortals of the day searched their souls and prayed for guidance. So, too, did Florida Methodists. The times were too perilous for the struggling church sem- inary. Quiet came t Micanopy while cannon boomed in battle. Young men went to war while old men tilled the fields. Educa- tion gave way to sell preservation. The years were long, but finally came the peace and reconstruction, and once again Florida Methodists set themselves to help educate their young ministers. In 1879, Methodist young men and women went to opened at Orlando. The site was soon changed to Lees- Emory and Wesleyan in Georgia for higher education. burg, and in 1885, with an official charter from the state The flame, however, had been lighted at Micanopy and it of Florida, the classroom doors opened there with four never died. So in 1883, the South Florida Institute was teachers and 58 students. ♦ % • t • 4 4 By 1900, ii was believed that greater expansion of the Coast. The name was changed to the Florida Seminary. Florida Conference College could be achieved in another And the Methodist institution overlooking the waters ol location. In the following year, the decision was made to the Cull of Mexico moved rapidly ahead, move to Sutherland (now Palm Harbor) on the West Disaster struck from mn ol the Gull on September 27, 1918, in the form ol a roaring tropical storm. When the hurricane had passed the administration building, the dormitory for women, and the laundry were damaged considerably. As though war and storm were not enough, there followed swiftly the great influenza epidemic. Soon 160 students wire ill. Dr. Rhenus H. Alderman, president ol the college, was also sliiiken. f3|, r mm 1% % ■ ♦ . % .4 » ' Ii seemed that misfortune surely would end. But the worst was yet to come. Great improvements were made in the later part ol 1920. The Christmas holidays were ended. At daybreak on fanuary 29, fire broke out in the kitchen ol the women ' s dormitory. Flames engulfed the second floor. 1 he alarm was sounded. Confusion was everywhere. Sincere interest in students has formed a strong basis for Florida Southern ' s success in educating. w — r y V-A, " ! - The trustees determined in 1921 to remove the college lo some J other location and Imalh selected Lakeland. Two buildings were f! ; " - ' " 1 Cr !H0JrJ T erected and classes began in the autumn of 1922 on the shores of ■r ee ' S ' -T ffsllr " I ' ! Lake Hollin g SWO] lh - setting the stage lor a new era - an era of ■iaaSiiiKS ' Allf ml accelerated expansion. Under the direction of Dr. Ludd M. Spivey, who took over as president oJ the College in 9H . the Methodist institution grew from a debt-ridden school ol two buildings into a college famous for its architecture throughout the world. ifliB .SMBSMmB I . ». T ; The college administration is always ready to assist the students with problems. Dr. Spivey served Florida Southern College lor Ml? years be- fore retiring in 1957 in favor of Dr. Charles Tinsley Thrift, Jr., his vice president for 1 1 years. Dr. Thrift took the reigns and expertly continues to lead the college along the way toward its rightful plate as a leader in ed- ucation. HH « • i % % " And from this staunch base of Christian resourcefulness and steadfast faith, Florida Southern College stands to- day — changed greatly in a material way since those first days, but still possessing that something old which served as its mortar to give it strength from the very beginning — Christian charity, and fellowship. B H B l B H HH n e ( a m to a 6 o i FLORIDA A monument to the PAST A promise for the FUTURE I i ■• ■ • » i SOUTHERN COLLEGE Colorful crotons and view of the Lucius Pond Ordway Arts Building. HH HrBI The dome of the Science Building, the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel rising at the rear. Pi Kappa Alpha Chapter Room. i From the air, the Polk County Science Building. , JB ' » ♦ % .;♦ « The interior of the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. On the East Campus, The Commons, focal point of student life. H B ' Looking across the J. Edgar Wall Waterdome, the Watson Administration Building. I ' d •■• ♦ % • %. Students, sunshine and the William H. Danforth Chapel. ; ci %5 -A % , " IS An interior view in the Emile E. Watson Administration Building. «mnW.UtMl ' J IJm . a i VoH H HB KSaM One of the walkways at the Pan- hellenic Building. The interior of the beautiful E. T. Roux Library. 22 k ■« ♦ % t t One of the modern laboratories in the Polk County Science Building • ' ♦ k • 4 ». ' «i « k S i - ' I The E. T. Roux Library from the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. A classic study in archi- tecture — the Watson Administration Building A An orange tree at the 4M right, the Lucius Pond Ordway Arts Building. r . i Flowering bougainvillea and the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. From the shores of Lake Hollingsworth, palm trees and the modern Panhellenic Building. For moments of student leisure, the striking G. Floyd Zimmermann Lounge. 26 • • % • Aluminum columns at the Science Building with the Citrus Department to the right. Lights and shadows — the Esplanade between the Watson Building and Roux Library. • • % • % ♦ ■ i » ' • A ft; r • Jl m 1 :; I . tu V • ! z ■ 1 L. • - ' ( " ' Ifr " - ' - Lace-like design, the chapel choir loft. ' he Christian-Hindu Temple with the reflection pool in the oreground. From Allan Spivey Hall, Joseph-Reynolds Hall. The massive Polk County Sci- m ence Building. The planetarium ™ dome and beautiful Lake Hol- lingsworth in the background. i MHHH 1 •♦■ ' »■ ' » -»:,.{■ MEMORIES . . . . of gala days and nights belong to us President and Mrs. Thrift greet freshmen as they arrive on campus. Poor Dad! Moving into the Dorm is an exciting event but oh, his aching back. Joyous . . a nd The final dance before the holidays. •••:%. Rat Week is in progress as these frosh show respect (willingly?) to upperclassmen. fun filled The greased pig was finally caught at the Kappa Sig Olympics. Think this v ill be the last trip from the car????? The annual faculty tea and a chance to meet new people. w « IS I V f ' • fc 4 Concerted effort being put forth during placement exams. Pikes serenade freshman girls. from the first moments on Now, how did I get the ans wer to that question? Think man! Think! m . - - Why, haven ' t you heard? Whipcream is simply wonderful for the completion. Practice, practice, practice . . . the price of being a cheer- leader. Bright days laced with excitement A glimpse of the Can Can line at the ADPi ' s rush party. ' After all, it ' s all in fun " , W moans Mott Peck. • • • % ' • " ■ ' •A 39 . . and time for friends and studies Mr. Readdiclc, Rogers Flanigan, and Judy Westphal check the time by the campus sundial. Making plans for the big Founders Week Dance. CT discussion on the latest basketball games. The Phi Mus turn their house into Southern plantation for a rush party. Mr. Gross chats with students at gala Christmas dance. » Q The big moment . . . Jill Berthy, Pike Dreamgirl, with escort Randy Hovey. 42 •■•:••.•: A quiet stroll in the Garden of Meditation. Enchanting nights Co-eds get together for the annual pajama party. ■ fc s ) Co-eds scramble for prizes in a pool of flour and water at the Kappa Sig Olympics Aglow with activity Fond memories will remain of the Christmas dance with Buddy Table conversation at the Christmas dance with the camera- Morrow and his orchestra. man as the subject. • ( A " typical " frosh as por- v frayed by Madine Morgan at the Cap and Gown Bermuda party. The Alpha Chi ' s don their halos tor the rush party with a little bit of devilment added! f!i m .. . add to the golden memories . . . . Two " Rats " harmonize Alma Mater under direction of upperclassman Jack Trufant. .«■••%•• Election time! Posters, paint and strenuous campaigning ' ADPi ' s jazz up slumber tune at Cap and Gown Bermuda Party. Mr. Lilley presents first place TB trophies to Ollie Norris, Sigma Chi, and Bob Sharp, SAE, at Christmas Dance. Home for the holidays! Helping hands from all, plus smiling faces. that will linger in our hearts . . The annual Christmas banquet with turkey, ham, and hungry students! ' %•». FOUNDERS ' WEEK The court of the queens at the Diamond Jubilee Coronation. Senator Scott Kelly and Mrs. Bott at the Faculty Women ' s Club tea. Pi Kappa Phi and Alpha Chi Omega float, third place winner. 50 % • • • ' %. ' • %• Miss Lakeland looks on as President Thrift proclaims Carolyn Potts as Miss Southern of I960. «■ ' V Phi Mu-Lambda Chi Alpha float depicting King Neptune and his court. Christine McSuire received Master of Music degree at Jubilee Convocation. Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, winner of Greek Sing. — p »? 1 1 ».r " 52 •■• ♦%♦%!- Delta Zeta-Sigma Alpha Epsilon float, winning entry in Anniversary parade. Honor Walk Student Chuck Hunter poses proudly with his parents. Miss Southern and court aboard the Diamond Jubilee float. 1UP • I I Southern co-eds smile through the raindrops. • .«■••%. ' • Chairman of float commiftee Tom Keenan presents trophies to winners: first place, Delta Zeta-Sigma Alpha Epsilon; second place, Alpha Gamma Delta-Kappa Sigma; third place, Alph a Chi Omega-Pi Kappa Phi. Young heralders sound trumpets to open Coronation cere- monies. Sigma Sigma Sigma, winning sorority of Greek Sing. ITr I960 R I 3 ' y kmmmmmf Former SGA president Tom Hamilton joins President Thrift and former President Spivey at dedication of Frank Lloyd Wright Memorial. Presiding at the punch bowl at the Miss Southern reception, Celeste Woyak. These beauties were among those competing for the coveted titles of Miss Southern and Miss Lakeland. aF " 4 ca " W x fyf- , m r MISS CAROLYN POTTS Sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta MISS SOUTHERN 58 MISS ANDREA LUKER Sponsored by Alpha Delra Pi Sorority MIS! 60 I % % %■ .».( vlTERLACHEN waiting for May flowers Prettying up for Sororily rush. sirst Kunner - Ult MISS BETTY HARVEY Sponsored by Kappa Delta Sorority A 62 Second tinner - Ulp MISS INTERLACHEN MISS ANNE SMITH Sponsored by Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority - ' s X JACKIE WALDROP sponsored by Sigma Chi BEVERLY BROWN sponsored by Pi Kappa Phi BEAUTY Southern Style ...::.•! ORGANIZATIONS WW 1 J The Student Senate of Florida Southern College works in conjunction with the Administration and students for the improvement of campus life. It is the legislative branch of the Student Body Association. The Senate is in charge ol student elections, issues, char- ters for campus organizations, arranges Freshman Orienta- tion Week and other activities, and in general works to improve all facets of life at the College. OFFICERS ALAN LICARIE President OLLIE NORRIS Vice-President ARLENE LEMKE Secretary JANE FOX Treasurer DEAN ABNER I.. HANSEN idvisoi Florida Southern College Student Senate First row: Felty, Rogers, Jordan, Burk, Parker, Woyak, Thompson. Second row: Cunningham, taBarbe Hager, Scobie, Tabb, Norris, Myrick, Cheek, Dean Hansen, Licarie, Ackerman. Fletcher, temke, Fox, Yates, Davis, Thayer. Third .« • % .ft Petruzzelli, Biggers, Hunter, Dean Readdick, Dreyer. Supreme Court GEORGE G. HUNTER AL PETRUZZELLI NANGV BIGGERS WILLIAM DREYER MARTHA ROBINSON DEAN DAVID L. READDICK DEAN ABNER L. HANSEN Advisor to the Senate DEAN DAVID L. READDICK Advisor to the Supreme Court fW The Women ' s Student Government Association is a gov- ernmental subsidiary of the Student Body Association. It serves as a court for infractions of college and house rules, and strives to uphold the standards of women residents of F.S.C. It is composed of representatives ol sororities and independents who are elected by resident women students OFFICERS (VM)V HOI. LISTER President DEANNA MOSS Vice-President ALICE ARGVROS Secretary-Treasurer SUE EC.K.HARDT Sergeant-at-Arms DEAN HAT HE EICHOLTZ and MISS VIVIAN VANN . Advisors Women ' s Student Government Association Siegenthaler, Hejn » • ♦1 ck, Anderson, Arnold, Strickland, Burt, Broyles, Walters, Trufant, Perry. Second row: Booth, Murphy, Morris, Keenon, Cox, Pryor, Roberts, Murphy Third row: Trevelyan, Lasch, Harrell, Phillips, Gutierrez, Stahl, Quigley. Fourth row: Newell, Galbreath, Wink, Men ' s Student Government Association The Men ' s Student Government Organization was inau- gurated during this school year. It is coordinated with the office of the Dean of Men and establishes and enforces disciplinary regulations for male students. The organiza- tion is made up of one representative from each frater- nity and independent male group. OFFICERS ROBI.RI ISROYLES President BILL SIRICKLAND Clerk | ( k PERRY Assistant Clerk DICK BUR I HAYS ARNOLD ( ) ( ouri DAVID W I l 1.RS I |A( K I R.UFANT ) The Southern Tlie Southern is the weekly college newspaper published and edited by the students ol Florida Southern College. EDITORIAL STAFF JANET YATES Editor-in-Chief JUDIE JONES Managing Editor LARRY HILL Sports Editor BUSINESS STAFF MARILYN Al LD . BARBARA MILLER Business Manager . Circulation JANET YATES Editor-in-Chief MARILYN AULD Business Manager ROBERT AKERMAN 70 First row: Conner, Cunningham, Fox, Jones, Auld, Kinsey, Yates, Cybul. Second row: Baird, Lemke, Ryle, Mr. Akerman, Womack, Firth, Broyles. Staff Writers Bill Baird and Charles Dockery work on a late editic Managing Editor Judie Jones consults with Staff Writer Dick Weaver and Sports Editor Larry Hill. vV t 9 11 ' 1 MM J i i J I 4 J r • - ente, Cunard, Crum, Hopson, Phillips, Dunson, Crockett, Watson, Fisher, Godfrey, Harms. Second row: Diehm, Clark, Jones, Merslich, Jon Mack, Black, Thompson, Lowell, Williams, Smith, Mayrose. Third row: Moorhead, Carlsen, Grayson. Phi Epsilon Mu n ' + % Phi Epsilon Mu, Florida Southern ' s society for physical education and recreation majors, was inaugurated on cam- pus in 1959 to foster the proper teaching and understand- ing of the virtues and needs of physical education. The organization has already done a great deal toward prepar- ing its student members as workers in the field. OFFICERS SUE EVANS President JOHN JONES Vice-President 111 iNCHE WILLIAMS Secretary JOSEPH CLARK Treasurer ' •• • ♦ ♦ First row: Rogers, Brooks, McKee, Moss, Massey, Anderson, Sims, Little, Whidden, Thrasher, Fielding, Crane. Second row: Berthy, Mrs. Snook, Hoy, West, Perkins, Worley, Smith, Holmes, George, Milling, Hedgepeth. Third row: Jencks, Fuller, Graves, Bird, Wetherington, King, Kroschwitz, Cocciardi, Trautschold, Mitchell, Philips. Fourth row: Ausley, Wise, Mundy, Hannigan, Dewar, Thoades, Wise, Clark, Prof. Gressman, Dr. Woodbury. Fifth row: Jones, Gutierrez, Asher, Booth, Prof. Ogden. National Educators Association The National Educators Association is a professional or- ganization for majors in the field of education. It strives to orient the student to his profession and to train leaders. It gives the students the opportunity for active participa- tion in both the state and national educational association. OFFICERS JOYCE McKEE President DELORES MILLER Vice-President DEANNA MOSS Secretary DON-EITA HEDGPETH Treasure) MARTHA SMITH Parliamentarian PROF. J. GORDON OGDEN, JR idvisot Methodist Student Movement The purpose of the Methodist Student Movement is to provide for the spiritual, moral, social and intellectual needs of the college student. Representatives are sent to district, state and national conventions each year. Manx functions are sponsored by the MSM, in addition to local, state and national service projects. OFFICERS LINTON TAYLOR President THOMAS CUNNINGHAM Vice-President HELEN RUTZ Secretary-Treasurer REV. FRANCIS LUCE Advisor Fini row: Luker, Sellers, Miller, Lewis, Petteway, Miller, Lilly, Ganaway, Massey, Canova, Jones, Siaven, Gait, Anderson, Singleton, Goetz, DeWese, Rutz, War- mack. Second row: Johnson, Montomery, McAninch, Thomas, Brown, Overton, Hunter, Chao, Dinsmore, Kim, Egner, Stahl, Butts, Varcoe, Taylor. Third row: Rev. Luce, Ellis, Booth, Kendall, Greene, Sherouse, Conner, Ivey, Hull, Grayson, Cunningham. Fire row: Huntsberry, Ambro; =, Arent, Goodhope, Nicely, Mabry, Peregrine. Second Klimos, Rule, Glider, Stettner, Donovan. Parola, King, Civitan Club Early in the year, die Civinette Club joined the Civitans on campus. This was the first collegiate Civitan Club in the country. It is now busily engaged in Eorming other dubs throughout the United States. It was organized at Florida Southern for the purpose of offering the school an active collegiate service club. OFFICERS ROIU- ' .R I RILE President MONTE PAROLA Vice-President EDWARD STETTNER Secretary HOWARD HUNTSBERRY Treasure! u J Fryer, Blount, Piano, Colburn, Crane, Miller, Watson, Fielding. Second row: Snyder, Allen, Shirah, Tyson, Baird, Goodhope. Westminster Foundation ' m +P l U H W B i t The Westminster Foundation is an organization of Pres- byterian students interested in promoting Christian ideals on the campus, in the community and in the world. It is endeavoring to emphasize the importance of granting Presbyterian students an opportunity to develop their Christian belie! by carrying out several social projects and by cooperating with other religious organizations in an effort to create a spirit of harmony on the campus. OFFICERS DAVE TYSON President JANE CRANE Vice-President PATTIE FIELDING Secretary BILL BAIRD Treasure) ' ♦ % • % . ft ft ;» % % , » . The Baptist Student Union was founded to conserve Southern Baptist college youth for Christian leadership anil i he Kingdom of God, to minister to the spiritual needs of Baptist college men and women, and to extend the influence of the church to every campus. Every Baptist is a potential member, and becomes active when he joins a Baptist church in the educational center or any unit organization that is represented in the B. S. U. Council. OFFICERS DONALD F. ALLEN President EDWIN POWELL Vice-President DEANNA HERRING Secretary ItfSr JbRnkmI IPc ' B HSltii Bn v fifth t . ' ' HE II M h m I ' m wi r it ill fflH I ' l 1 W»WrW.W if Baptist Student Union Middleton, Kenne Little, Dovies, Tryson, Jones, Sims Mien, Hudson, Canfield, Gavin, Gen Rhoades. Se nell. Barrett. ■ The Canterbury Club is an organization formed for the purpose ol reaching all Episcopalians on campus and to draw them into a bond ol fellowship through study, serv- ice and friendship. The organization sponsors religions study groups, participates in the Inter -Faith Council. holds vesper services, partakes in Religious Emphasis Week and holds several social events throughout the year. n f, OFFICERS I ( K PL T President (HKISMM NEGUS Vice-President J K WEST Secretary NANCY WHITE Treasurer REV. HI I 1. I PROI Rol ' .IRl RICHARDS ( tavtsor, Canterbury Club White, Essig, Kran allou, West, DeMasi. Second row: Murphy, Plant, Allison, Rev. White, Prof. Richards. I % . ft , 4 . The Lutheran Student Association endeavors to unite the Lutheran students in fellowship. It seeks to develop the individual ' s spiritual life, believing that in this way his social and intellectual developments will be well corre- lated. OFFICERS CONNIE HUTTON President KAREN KAISER Vice-President PHYLLIS MEDL1X Secretary-Treasure) Lutheran Student Association Left to right: Curci, Hutton, Medlin, Cornelius, K First row: Canfield, Hutton, Crane, Curci. Second row: Rev. Luce, Hunter, Taylor, Plant. nter-Faith Council The Inter-Faith Council was organized for the purpose of uniting the various religious organizations on campus in closer bonds of fellowship. The Council is comprised of two delegates from each denominational group, including the Baptist Student Union, Methodist Student Movement, Westminster Fellowship, Christian Science Organization and the Canterbury Club. The major activity of the Inter- Faith Council is centered around the organization and success of Religious Emphasis Week. OFFICERS GEORGE HUNTER President DAVE TYSON Vice-President VIRGINIA CURCI Secretary-Treasure REV. FRANCIS LUCE Sponsor % %. ' ;! " .! ' ' ' Left to right: Stomison, Rawls, Boyd, Milliot, Smith. Circle K The Circle K International oi Florida Southern College is sponsored by the Ki- wanis Club. The club serves the school by conducting constructive projects which im- prove the campus. Circle K was re-activated last year and has accomplished much in re- newing the charter, acquiring new mem- bers, ami sponsoring projects. I ' F.TE MILLIOT President SAM BOYD Vice-President W Chi Alpha Chi Alpha organization at Florida Southern College was formed for the purpose of uniting the Assembly of God students on campus in closer bonds of Christian fellow- ship. Regular meetings are held to offer the students an opportunity to plan and work on various projects for the year. OFFICERS BRAXTON MOORE President MARVIN KELLY Vice-President VNNIE LEE CASK Secretary-Treasurei • % % ♦ % ! Phi Mu Alpha is one ol the newest l the campus honor- ary organizations this year. Its purpose is to further musi- cal interest and recognition ol musical accomplishments. Ih is honorary fraternity was organized as an integral group under the auspices ol the Music Department. Re- quirements for all members are an active interest in music and an overall 2.0 average. OFFICERS WAYNE HARRIS President ALLAN LAMPMAN Vice-President GEORGE STEVENS Secretary LLOYD DEES Treasure! PROF. PAUL . LEEMAN idirisot Phi Mu Alpha Prof, teemon, Stevers, Ellis, Dr. Anderson. Second row.- Prof. Brierly, Harris, Lan The Home Economics Club develops and promotes in- terest in the various aspects of home economics and also fosters better student-faculty relationships. This growing organization is affiliated with both the state and national Home Economics Associations. Highlights of the year are the Christmas banquet and the style show. OFFICERS ANN HARPER President ARLENE HOUSER Vice-President DHARLYN NICELY Secretary LYNN 151 RK Treasure! Home Economics Club first row: Coyle, Prime, Cuddebock, Cowl, Cohen, Ausley, Nicely, Goetz, Harper. Second row; Darling, Erhridge, Miller, Se Third row. Moore, Houser, Burk, Stewcrt, Fleck, Peck, Greenleaf. Frye, Carpenter, Thomas, DeMasi. 84 ♦ ♦ 4 The Citrus Club is an organization to promote student interest in the citrus department and to provide them with the opportunity to meet experts in the field ol citrus. The Florida Citrus Mutual Award is presented b the co- operative organization to the outstanding citrus major in the June graduation class. A monthly dinner is sponsored by the organization featuring a guest speaker representing an important phase of the citrus industry. OFFICERS RANDY HOYEY President KAY SIMMONS lice-President |IM SMI I H Secretary l TREVELYN Treasurer ROGER PARKER. JAMES ELLIS, PAUL KEEN ... Directors Citrus Club First row: Conner, Rou, Hovey, Simmon, Clinton, Ellis, Parker, MacKenzie, Whittaker, Trevelyan, Allen. Second row: Shirah, Keck, Thayer, Hagstrom, Pitman, Griffin Ricketson, Smith, Davis, Rano. Third row: Mr. Mack, Stith, Blocker, Norris, Keen, Thompson, Youngblood, Cotter, Callaway, Mr. Lyle. ss Mary Lincl Canova fane Comfort Sandra Cuddleback Clare Chamberlain Edith Ewald Elaine Gemmell Terry Goodhope Arlene Hejna Beverlv Moore Carol Ann Michaels Sue Shaw- Belinda Sims Betty Ann Slaven Elaine Webb Linda White Lee Winterbottom Lilh Wong Joan Bald) Carole Callahan Diane Dewese Arlene Houser Jiulith Colburn Pali ic ia Keith ( lharlene Townsend Carol Carnahan Belie Burbank Charlotte McClure Dorothy Goetz Bonnie Bello( |iuK Durrett Anne Blounl I ; 1 1 il n Fryer Pal (ones Ke i (ones Ken Kendall Roy Peregrine Robert Rule 1 1 ie Spaulding Tom Wilkinson fames Weihe George Woolson William Verigan Ronald Curn Herb Ford Frank Delegal Terry Garion Frank Foland Richard Goodell Gene Pendergrass Phil Moore Ted Hamacher Bill Conner George Stevens Allen Lewison Robert Van Nest Clara Wise fan Wilson Virginia Perkins Frances Landrum Mart) Ballew foan Jacob Sandra Mead Elaine Siewert Sue I Ioagland Eve Hussey Carol Boggs MRS. LOIS GROSS Director The Concert Choir First Row: Williamson, Keith, Harris, Nicely, Carlton, Fleck, Rocker. Second Row: Hayes, Huff, Sch neider, Sims, Ritch, Ganaway, Haas, Perkinson, Durrett, Wynn Third Row: Sims, McDonald, Siewart, Lampman, Curry, Brady, Quigley, Spaulding, Williams, Jones, Suzuki, Latum, Jones, Chambers. Fourth Row: Hopson, Baxter Stevens, Wright, Conner, Leclerc, Delegal. Fifth Row: Dr. Anderson, Truitt, Perrow, Thomas, Shultz, Donovan, Jones, Boya, Currie. The Concert Band OFFICERS GLENN HOPSON President [ERRY HAYES Vice-President FOANNAH SIMS Secretary-Treasurer 87 Hackney, Colburn, London, Arent, He Novak, Johns, Bird. Second row: Ewald, Vandenburgh, Hayes, Duval, Kless, Mrs. Fusillo, Dr. Jordon. Third w: Maine, Ferguson, Levine, Acker, Gemmell, Potter. Vagabonds V i y The Vagabonds is an organization designed to promote mutual aid in encouragement for students of drama and speech. Outstanding plays are presented from the profes- sional theater and also experimental plays which are writ- ten, produced and directed by members. Eligibility for membership is determined by the organization as desig- nated in the constitutional by-laws. OFFICERS [AMES KLESS President JODY HANEMANN Vice-President LOURENE NOVAK Secretary 1)1 II H1RD Treasurer DON VANDENBURG Social Chairman MRS, VIVIAN EUSILLO Faculty Advisoi It 1 1 1 Armies of Richard III and Richmond in " Richard III. Don Vandenburgh, as " Buckingham, " and Linda London, as " Mad Margaret, " " Richard III. " Holden Potter, os " Richard III, " in " Richard III. American Guild of Organists First row: Barringer, Welch, Gangway, Perrow, Durrett, Sapp. Second row: Borms, Gemmell, Perkinson, Prof. Brierly. Music Conference First row: Prof. Leeman, Jones, Michaels, Stevens, Haley. Second row: Conner, Gemmell, Lampn 90 International Club First row: Nicely, Mrs. Simboli, Mrs. Ibberson, Chao, Goetz, Medina, Wong, Holt. Second row: Kendall, Dr. Jordon, Safer, Dr. Simboli, Hamilton, Dr. Evans, Bird. Pep Club First row: Harvin, Cox, Ivey, Longer. Second row: Nathurst, Quigley, Edwards Young Republicans first row: Brown, Howard, Gerd, Trushel, Carlsen. Second row: Klein, Prof. Richardson, Keenan, Vermette, Edwards. Young Democrats First row: Taylor, Council, Charles, Carnahan, Ambrose, Privette, Lubach. Second Lee, Petruzzelli, Bennett, Hunter. Third row: Hoff, Davis, Bovis. Tabb, Schever 1 1 1 College Union First row: Hackney, Chamberlin, Ambrose, Mabry, Privette, Wilcox, Bjorkman. Second row: Bonesio, Bennett, Lee, Firth, Klein, Prof. Acke Propellor Club First row: Kay, Kobska, Stn erthy, Felty, Bjorkman, Norton, Ford, Benneit, Reinking, Umsted. Second row: Walters, Toffolo, Lubach, Perks, Singer, McKay, Clark, Donovan, Peck. Third row: Barton, Dunn, Evans, Bentien, Carlson, Vitito, Wilson. Political Union The Political Union of Florida Southern College was or- ganized in December, 1954. The motto is " Belter Minds lor Better Politics. " Each month the Union holds a din- ner meeting at which time an active man in politics is subjected to questioning on political philosophy and its practical applications. Outstanding speakers in the past have been Governor Adlai Stevenson, Governor Goodwin Knight, Senator Estes Kefauver, and Senator Spessard Holland. OFFICERS JAMES DAVIS President PHILIP ALMAND Vice-President JANE FOX Secretary DAVID WALTERS Treasurer LORN A JEAN BROOKS Historian I RRV LEE Parliamentarian PROF. GILBERT P. RICHARDSON idvisoi First Hunt! w: Davis, Yates, Fox, Dr. Walters, Overton, Robins Dr. Park, Taylor, Brooks, George, McKee, Rogers, Howard, Petruzzelli, Marer, Lubach. Second row: Prof. Richardson, Tabb, nette, Broyles, Keenan, Gutierrez, tee, Brown, ticarie. 7hird row: Hawkins, Prof. Morris, Dr. Jordan, Wilson, Scobie, temke, Barrett, Isbirian, Conklin. % »♦ CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS HONORARY and PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Cap and Gown is an honorary organization recognizing women who have attained a high standard of leadership in college activities and scholarship. It brings together the hum representative women in all phases of college life and creates an organization for service to the College. Eligibility for membership into Cap and Gown consist ol an overall " B " average, the classification of a junior, and special distinction in at least one phase ol collegiate ac- tivity. The prime requisite for Cap and Gown is good character, high scholarship, intelligence and loyalt) to the college. OFFICERS GEORGIA DEWAR ... President DELORES Mill ER Vice-President JOAN EVANOFF Secretary-Treasurer J WE WORLEY Historian-Chaplain DR. MARY CATHRYNE PARK Sponsoi Cap and Gown Roosa, Barrier, Novak, Worley, Smith, Nicely. Se Miller, Dewar, Cole, Fleck, Thompson. - Ill ff,jjf First row: Hunter, Davis, Dinsmore, Acker, Sweeney, Russ, Safer, Dunn. Second row: Johnson, Dr. Ca Prof. Ogden, Dean Readdick, Mr. Tolle, Dean Hansen. Omicron Delta Kappa Omiciun Delia Kappa has established a triad of purposes in its distinguishing years as the superior collegiate hon- orary fraternity. These are to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficient) in collegiate activi- ties, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life, ami to unite the m embers of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Membership qualities in Omicron Delta Kappa are disclosed in character, leadership, and service to campus life, scholarship, fellowship and adher- ence to democratic ideals. OFFICERS GEORGE HUNTER President BRAD DINSMORE Vice-President DEAN DAVID READDICK Secretary-Treasurer PROF. J. GORDON OGDEN idvisor I First row: Alan Licarie, Jane Fox, Delores Miller, George C. Hunter. Second Row: Brad Dinsmore. Jim Davis, Lewis Johnson. Nor pictured: De McKay, Joan Vermette, John Vermette. Who ' s Who in American Colleges Greek Hall of Fame First row: Eve Lowe, Jane Wcrley, Jane Fox. Second row: Ollie Norris, Alan Licarie, Gene Wilson, Al Jacob. £ II 1 1 1 I " i r I V _!» •UUJ ft % First row: Fuller, Worley, Mrs. Snook, Smith, Dewor. Second row: Prof. Gressmon, Prof. Ogden Dr. Woodbury. Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delia Pi recognizes outstanding contributions by men and women to education and entourages high pro- fessional, intellectual and personal standards for teaching. The local Epsilon Gamma Chapter annually awards the Kappa Delta Pi gold medal award to the outstanding graduating senior in the field ol education. Requirements for membership are an overall " B " average with a min- imum ol six hours of education for juniors and twelve hours for seniors. OFFICERS DEANNA FULLER President MARTHA SMITH Via Pr sident JANE WORLEY Secretary-Treasurer DR. (HARMS WOODBURY Historian MRS. JULIA SNOOK Counseloi Alpha Psi Omega is the national dramatic honor society organized on this campus in 1934. Its purpose is to pro- mote a higher proficiency in dramatics and familiarize the members with contemporary drama. Membership require- ments intitule an active interest in the field of dramatics, participation in campus or community productions and membership in the Vagabonds. OFFICERS FAYE JOHNS President RONALD MAIM-. Vice-President LINDA LONDON Secretary HOLDEN POTTKR Treasure Alpha Psi Omega Jordan, Miss Ibberson, Johns, Miss Callahan, Dr. Park. Second r Kless, Maine. Not pictured: tondon, Mrs. Fusillo, Potter. Dr. Ogde Gamma Sigma Chi is a professional religious fraternity which promotes religious activity and encourages its mem- bers in their preparation for the Christian ministry. It attempts to make Christ a living realm on campus. Bi- weekly meetings are held, featuring speakers active in their field of interest. Membership is open to all pre-the- ological students. OFFICERS DEAN WITTEN President JOHN BARTLETT Vice-President KEITH EWING Secretary GARY CONNER Treasurer LARRY WEBB Chaplain REV. FRANCIS LUCE idvisor Gamma Sigma Chi Sherouse, Witten, Ewing, Conn Overton, Ellis, Murphy. 101 First row: Prof. Gilbert, Johnson, Emmenegger, Miller, Moore, Zapotko, Howcrd, Miller, Cline. Second row: Acker, Gillis, Boird, Hallman, tendon, Owens. Third row: Grace, Kles.us, Simmons, Moore, Wade, Prof. Eicicenberg, Parrish, Dr. Field, Prof. Kiser Wycall, Alig, Mc Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta is a biological science honor society de- signed to promote the dissemination of scientific truth and to encourage the investigation of the life sciences. It emphasizes a three-fold program: stimulation ol sound scholarship, edification of scientific knowledge and pro- motion ol biological research. The qualifications for mem- bership into Beta Beta Beta are a 2.5 overall average and a " B " average in science. OFFICERS LEWIS JOHNSON President ( HARLES MILLER Vice-President 1MII, EMMENEGGER Secretary | II IK) 1 I Treasure! BARBARA MOORE Historian PROF. R. S. KISER tdvisoi Pi Gamma Mu was established on campus to inspire s c i.i 1 service to humanity by an intelligent approach to the solu- tion of social problems, to improve scholarship in the so- cial studies, and to engender sympathy towards others with different opinions through a better mutual under- standing. The local Florida Alpha Chapter has sponsored the securing ol the Hags of American liberty and sponsors dinners, speakers and other programs to further its pur- poses. OFFICERS JAMES BENDER President JANE WORLEY Vice-President MAR I HA ROBINSON Secretary MRS. GEORGE MORRIS Treasure) Pi Gamma Mu Mr. Bott, Dr. Woodbury, Dr. Pork, Prof. Spivey. Second Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon is the national journalism honor society, established on this campus in 1953. The purposes of the organization are to teach the ethics, techniques, and me- chanics of journalism, and to promote better fraternal feeling between fellow journalists and to further demo- cratic and honest journalism. Membership qualifications include having the classification of an upperclassman. a " B " average, and active participation on the editorial or business stalls of campus publications. OFFICERS WAYNE MUNDY President [ILL BER I IIY Secretary ] W ' K FOX Treasure) MARILYN AULD Historian PROF. HAL WATERS idvisoi ♦ ♦ % . t : First row: Thompson, Worley, Dr. Pork, Hartman, Cole, Mrs. Sturges. Second row: Rocker, Grace, Prof. Morris, Dr. Jordan, Bender, Prof. Bateson. Sigma Tau Delta The Psi Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta promotes mastery of written expression, encourages worthwhile reading, and fosters a spirit of good fellowship among students of the English language and literature. Meetings are held every three weeks to present programs by student members and by outside speakers. These programs often take tlie form of discussions of original writings by mem- bers. Requirements for membership are eighteen hours of courses in English and allied fields with a " B " average in these courses and a junior or senior class status. OFFICERS JANE WORLEY President SUZETTE THOMPSON Vice-President DR. MARY CATHRYNE PARK Secretary JUNE NORMAN Treasure! DR. HOWARD BATESON Advisor Sigma Rho Epsilon is an honorary organization promot- ing the development of religious education on campus. Its purposes are to emphasize scholastic achievement, to cooperate actively with all other campus groups for the promotion of the common good and to function as a serv- ice organization on campus and in the community. Mem- bership in Sigma Rho Epsilon is open to majors in reli- gious education, to those interested in the field and to the wives of pre-theological students. OFFICERS [UNE NORMAN Pmirfoil BETTY CUNNINGHAM Vice-President BELINDA SIMS Secretary-Treasure) MRS. (.RACE SNYDER } Advisor MISS DOROTHY EUBANKS ( taiisors Sigma Rho Epsilon Luker, Sims, Mrs. Snyder, Mossey, Cunningham, Davies, Kenney, Gait. Second row: Wi: Miss Eubanks, Norman, Slaven, Older, Blount, Comfort, DeWese, Jhonson. 106 % • ft a 4 Delta Sigma Pi is a professional traternity organized to foster the study of business and to further a higher stand- ard nl commercial ethics and culture in the community. Ii sponsors prominent outside speakers from the business world, receives the latest literature concerning the various industrial and business corporations, and acts as a medium between the college graduate and employer. Membership is reserved lor those having a " 15 " average in pre-com- merce and business administration subjects and a 2.5 over- all average. offxe-js DAI Y DOUGLASS President DAVID WALTERS Senio, Vice-President 1)()N " BUDD ,„,„„ Vice-President WAYNE tlXRRIS Secretary RALPH UMSTED ... Treasurer I ' M VMBROSE . . , Historian WAYNE SATER . chancellor Delta Sigma Pi Reinking, Douglass, Charles, Sanchez, Harrison, Douglass, Smith, Bennett, Umsted, Thomos, Tyus, Walters, Smith. Third an, Crcwford, Budd, Hawkins, Donovan. Second row: Kolaska, Ambrose, Williams, Sii Ford, Bryant, Kohlstedt, Batchelder, De Juan, Safer, Harris, Gen. Deyo, Dunn. Kappa Pi, the international honorary art fraternity, was installed on Florida Southern ' s campus in 1943 and reac- tivated again in 1957. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote greater artistic interest and achievement among the students. Requirements for membership are: a student must be majoring or minoring in art, having completed 12 hours of art with a " B " average in the twelve hours. OFFICERS LESLIE LLOYD President ARNOLD FRANK Vice-President JOAN HEDLUND Secretary FLORENCE CHANDLER Treasurer MISS DONNA STODDARD | ... MISS CORNELIA MENGES ( aamson Kappa Pi First row: Miss Menges, tloyd, Ramsay, Chandler, Hedlund, Miss Stoddard. Second row: Frank, Parrish. 1II.S KH m ? V w £ row: McLeod, Becherl, Grunicke, Miller, Mikson, Durrett, Greene, Honne Prof. Smith, Baird, Haymond, Sorgeant , Handy, Prof. Hutchmon. Carbaugh, Howard. Third J - Robert S. Bly Chapter of Student Affiliates American Chemical Society The American Chemical Society of Florida Southern Col- lege was inaugurated in 1958. The national ACS was Eounded in 1 S 7 » . The purpose of this organization is to encourage advancement of chemistry in all branches, to promote research, to improve qualifications of chemists and to increase our chemical knowledge. OFFICERS SUAE FRAZIER President DONALD CLEMENS Vice-President PEGGY McLEOD Secretary-Treasure) [OAN BE( HER! Reporter First row: Acker, Belcher, Bennett, Bechert, Curci, Prof. Kiser, Johnson, Greene. Second row: Prof. Beebe, Barnes, McLendon, Parrish, Zapctka, Dr. Jordan, Prof. Hutchman. Third row: Klesius, Prof. Smith. Florida Academy of Science w Florida Southern College members l the Florida Acad- em of Science were again well represented in the presen- tation of scientific papers for the annual meeting. The state sponsor is Prof. R. S. Kiser. Dr. Mar) Cathryne Park is iis Social Science chairman. OFFICERS LEWIS JOHNSON Vice-President PROF. R. S. KISER State Sponsoi DR. MARY CATHRYNE PARK Chairman •■„ , % , % I ! 1 GREEKS CSZ53333 2 ETA TAU ALPHA g ACTIVES: First Kleinknecht, Eckhardt, Brown, Khonigan, So Borja, Milr.er, Belinkoff. Third row: Sherr eant, Thrasher, Bush, Brown. Cole, Baggs, Cooper, Spangl, v: Jourdon, He Hogart, Walke Flowers, Dinkel, Pfeffer Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega, the first Greek organization on campus, has the motto " Together let us seek the heights. " This is the aim of each Alpha Chi as she devotes her efforts to work for the improvement of social and scholastic activi- ties on campus. We arc proud ol our SAJE and Pi Kappa Phi sweethearts, Bettilyn Dinkel and Beverly Brown . . . Co-ed sponsors, Bettilyn, Beverly, and [ban Spangler . . . lour cheerleaders . . . representation ol members in the SGA . . . secretary-treasurer of the Sophomore (lass . . . members in Cap and Gown, Conceit Choir, S.F.E.A., Sigma I an Delia, and numerous other organizations. Dur- ing the year our altruistic projects were: Helping the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce aid orphan children. Christmas Cheer Open House for the benefit of orphans, and a donation to the Lakeland Boys ' Club and the Civi- tan Club. We enjoyed our Christmas dance with the SAE ' s and our Sweetheart dance. We thank our sweet- heart. Glen Maggio. our chapter advisor, Mrs. Dottie Watt, our faculty advisor, Mrs. Callahan, and ol course nui housemother, Mrs. Davis, for being so wonderful to us. You will always be held in high esteem by Alpha Chi Omega. 112 • ♦ % 4 OFFICERS RUTH K.LEINKNECHT President GRETCHEN HOLZBAUR Vice-President BETTILYN DINKEL Secretary BARBARA KHONIGAN Treasure! Beta Omicron Chapter y. ACTIVES: First raw: Jon Brockwoy, Shiplett, Woyok, Ausley, Parker, Pr Andrews. Third row: Harp, F , Stephens. Second row: Berthy, Endr (rown, Gaebl, Wisegarver, Lodmell. Alpha Delta Pi This past year holds many fond memories for the Alpha Delia Pis ... 19 wonderful girls pledged in fall rush . . . ( .hi isimas dance with the Sig Eps . . . socials with frats . . . building our float with Sigma Chi . . . winning Kappa Sig Olympics . . . Greek. Sing with SAE . . . Diamond Dnsi ' eck nd. We are proud ol our sweethearts: Pal Ausley, Sigma Chi; Celeste Vo ak. Sigma Phi Epsilon; [ill Berthy, Pi Kappa Alpha Dreamgirl; Chris Parker, Delta Sigma Pi . . . our own wonderful sweetheart, Eddie Kolaska . . . out devoted housemother Mrs. Bobo . . . our tremendous faculty advisor Dr. Woodbury . . . three Co-ed sponsors and the Co-ed Battle Group Commander ol R.O.T.C. . . . editor ol Interlachen . . . three cheerleaders . . . ADPi is well represented in student government with . . . three senators . . . two class officers . . . treasurer ol the student body, [ane Fox. We held membership in almost ever) organization on campus, including honoraries. We shall never forget this year and all that it meant to us. Our motto " We live lor each other " will lead us on to richer and greater experiences. PLEDGES: First row: Parrish, Camp, Allen, Leckey, Bente, Fogg, Sale, Hurt, Boyles. Coker. Second row: Hartis, Teague, Rogero, Jost, Lawrence, Gibson, Luke McKay, Cain. ; ' ..-. " :.■: s -• : ACTIVES: first row: West, Peck, Jackson, DeGaeta, Sousley, Third r Frost, Roosa. Second row: Jones, Kirk, Granath, Auld, Miller, Harbers, Negus, Fleck. Nichols, Evanoff, Msyer, Eynon. Alpha Gamma Delta ] he members oi Alpha Gamma Delta highly esteem their pearled pin and their written purpose. Each girl takes the last line nl the purpose as her individual motto: " That those who know me ma) esteem Alpha Gamma Delta for hei attainments, revere her lor her purposes and love her [or her womanhood. " The Gamma Theta ' s started oil the year right l pledging 17 wonderful girls in rush. Our members and pledges are well represented in campus ac- tivities and organizations, some ol which are: captain oi cheerleading squad, Business Manager and Managing Edi- toi ill die Southei u . representative in Who ' s Who. Vaga- bonds, S.F.E.A., l ' i Delta Epsilon, M.S.M., Political Union, Hand, Home Economics Club, Beta Beta Beta, l ' i Gamma Mu, Hall Counselors. W.S.G.A., Alpha Psi Omega, Florida Academy ol Science, Kappa Delta Pi. American Chemical Society, Sigma Tau Delta. Canterbury Club, Pep Club. and several members in Cap ami Gown. The Alpha Gams are second scholastic all on campus. There were man) parties and some terrific socials . . . tree trimming part) at Christmas time with the Kappa Sigs . . . sold cand) on campus to benefit national project which is cerebral palsy. The Alpha Cams had a reall) terrific year . . . ma) the Red, the Bull, and the Green lead us on forever. 1 ■.» ♦%♦. OFFICERS CAROLYN POTTS President LOURENE WEISS Vice-President PEGGY GRANATH Secretary LOUISE BARRIER Treasure! Gamma Theta Chapter PLEDGES: First row: Hejna, Jacobs, Weigand, Smith, Rucker, Hcger, Petteway, Rhodes, Monnii row: Endress, Wills, Braxton, Laney, Comfort, Mitchum, Williams, Greenlecf. £t% % ACTIVES: First row.- Lloyd, Felly, Smith, Ecton, Worley, Arent, Crum. Second row: Lemke, Delegal, Botton Pereboom, Emmennegger, Biggers. Alpha Omicron Pi Fond memories l tliis year will remain in the hearts ol ever) Civinettes, Interlachen layout editor, sweethearts of Theta AOPi. Stepping into politics were Virginia Dare. Freshman Chi, Manila Smith and Virginia Date: Kappa Sigma Pledge Class Secretary-Treasurer; Carolyn Felty, Sororit) Woman- (Mass sweetheart, Barbara Hamm. Rushing ended with a at-Large; Nanc) Biggers, Supreme Court fustice; Arlene flourish and presented us with 25 lovel) pledges that seem Lemke, SGA secretary. Honoraries and organizations on to spill over with enthusiasm and mischief. Each ol us en- campus were well supplied with AOI ' i ' s: Cap and Gown, joyed the visit ol our National President. To Ollie Norris, Kappa Pi president, Sigma Tan Delta president. Dolphin our sweetheart, go our best wishes ami sincere appreciation Club, Southern cop) editor. Political Union, Beta Beta Beta, lor all that he did. And to our patient housemother. Mis. l ' i Delta Epsilon, Florida Collegiate Academ) of Sciences, Hendry, a rousing vote of thanks and love. Home Economics Club, N.E.A., Phi Epsilon Mu, Vagabonds, k l A OFFICERS 1)1 AWE ECTON President LESLIE LLOYD Vice-President PEGGY DELEGAL Secretary 1 1 1 Y PEREBOOM Treasurer Kappa Gamma Chapter PLEDGES: First row: Wills, Likens, Anderson, Cooper, Currier, Londrum, Ramsoy, Hsmm, Ackerman, Armstrong, Cozens. Second row.- Coleman, Caldv Rushing, Fisher, Dare, Ludlow, Cade, Churchill, Ennis. Third row: Kimbrell, Smith, Ramsay, Henley, Siegenthaler, Schraffenberger, Watters. , . . . ■ ACTIVES: First Shoemaker, Robinson, Burgess, Gober, Westphal, Aloia. Second Spencer, Morgan, Norton. Delta Zeta From the love in the Delta Zeta lamp comes happiness and a feeling no others possess. Happiness comes first in the Delta Zeta house, and our new housemother, Mrs. Mar- shall, shaies in our happiness, too. Here are some of the many objectives as Delta Zetas we have fulfilled in the Beta Mil Chapter . . . W.S.G.A., Cheerleaders, S.F.E.A., Political Union, Enterlachen and Southern stalls. Intra- mural Board, Panhellenic Council, Minerva Club, Canter- bury Club, Propeller Club, Orientation team, Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Gamma Mu. participation in various beaut) contests . . . our helpful sweetheart Frank Wheat, and 2M wonderful pledges. Ma we ever be loyal to the Green and Rose, may our courage strengthen as our friendship grows in tlte mam years to come. 120 ' ♦ % OFFICERS GWEN GOBER President GINNY BURGESS Vice-President SHIRLEY NORTON Secretary JUDY UESTPHAI Treasurer Beta Mu Chapter PLEDGES: first row: Shaw, Gibbons, Goble, Koessler, DeGaeta, Phillips, Ketchem, McCarron, Pushnik, Horrell, T. Hanner. Second row: Miles, Nielson, John Stermer, Lincoln, Lancaster, Shuflf, Westdyk, Kirkpatrick, J. Hanner. Third row: Messenger, Adams, Freimuth, DeBeck, Sullivan, McCall, Meglin, Tekell. Eppenberger, Harper, Dehmer, McKe Tyler, Hoffsommer, Jon-son, Gra Gamble. Second row Kappa Delta " I reach for stars, I cannot touch them with my hands, I know; but reaching makes me look up to high things, and makes me grow and so I reach for stars. " This poem In [ane Seeger typifies Kappa Delta on Florida Southern ' s campus in every phase of campus life. s we reminisce with pride at our honors on campus we find . . . representation in the Senate, Who ' s Who, Inter- lachen and Southern Stalls, W.S.G.A., presidents ol the Home Economics (Jul) and S.F.E.A., executive positions held in man) other organizations, class officers, Panhellenic vice-president, and participants in such honoraries as l ' i Delta Epsilon and (lap ami Gown. We have also provided sweethearts of Kappa Sigma and Kappa Alpha fraterni- ties, and a Co-ed sponsor of R.O.T.C. A warm welcome back to our devoted housemothei " Mom " Williams, who returned to serve another year as our guardian angel. A rising vote ol thanks to our sweetheart Gene Wilson. . . . All ol these have contributed to the memories we will have of Kappa Delta in years to tome. To us. Kappa Delta is moie than just a social organization ... it is enriching expei iciu e. 122 ' » ♦ 4 OFFICERS EVE LOWE President LIZ HOFFSOMMER Vice-President SUE URI II Secretary |OV E McKEE Treasurer Gamma Epsilon Chapter PLEDGES: First row: Turner, Harvey, Kent, Linn, Darling, Vodvarka, Gardner, Pollard, Cooper, Favors, Warmack. Second row: Cowart, Holloway, Rhea, Waldrop, Richards, Cauthern, Goodyear, Alderman, Sims. -MA A J dL» JH 3 JI caaiff row: Williams, Miller, Holmes, George, Hevener, Little, Kerr, Bond, Cork, Smith, Turville. Second row: Pawnall, Argyros, McLeod, Mitchell, Me Terry, Jordon, Chandler, Milling, Rutz. Third row: Cornwell, Barringer, Trautschold. Phi Mu " The Faithful Sisters " look back with Eond memory on the pasl year. Estelle Mitchell reigned as Lambda Chi Crescent Girl . . . Sally George, president l Panhellenic . . . Alice Argyros, president of Intramural Board . . . sec- retaries ol M.S.M., American Chemical Society, W.S.G.A., treasurer ol Kappa Pi . . . representatives in Canterbury Club, Newman Club, S.F.E.A., Beta Beta Beta, Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Concert Choir, the Southern Stall, and Cap and Gown. Delaine Gordon was chosen for Who ' s Who ami a can- didate foi Gatoi Howl Queen. We are proud ol our hard- working cheerleaders, Ellie Hevener and Carol M Adams. We also have a movie star in our midst: Jane Allison is Esther Williams double in a movie being made at Cypress Gardens. Our many activities help to knit our bond ol love and service . . . SAE-Phi Mu Christmas party For underpriv- ileged children. Christmas basket for the needy, big sister- little sister parties, all-campus Easter Cheer party. We placed third in the Kappa Sig Olympics and sorority scholarship. Together we look forward to another year guided by love, honor, and truth — the goals ol ideal womanhood. ' •■%■« ♦ ♦ ♦ 4 OFFICERS SUSAN MILLING President JOVE MEIER Vice-President SUSAN LITTLE Secretary ESTELLE MITCHELL Treasurer Alpha Tau Chapter PLEDGES: First row: Palumbo, Mortel, Hunt, Greene, Lilly, Hettinger, Gaffney. Second row: Washington, Clark, Hevia, Cocciardi, Davis, Carnahan. ! M I J J J hJ ACTIVES: First row: Bjorkman, Pullen, Hackney, Taylor, Privette, Chamberlin. Second row: Ambrose, Mabry. Sigma Sigma Sigma Beta Phi of Sigma Sigma Sigma can look back proudly on the past year as one ol achievement. Tops scholastically and holding offices in main organizations around campus . . . three officers in College Union, secretary of Propeller Club, International Club, religious organizations, Inter- lachen stall . . . Linda Bjorkman a cheerleader, to name j list a lew ol our accomplishments. Coke parties and fra- ternity socials highlighted our week days . . . our Christ- mas dance with Delta Zeta . . . our Christmas part) and Founder ' s Da Banquet will never be forgotten. Our theme " Sigma Helps Children " as we support the Robbi Page Memorial Fund lor Crippled Children . . . our work at the Baptist Children ' s Home . . . ushers al the benefit concert lor the Tuberculosis drive . . . two Sigmas were on die board lor iliis worthwhile drive. Mam thanks to our housemother Mrs. Dekle. our facult) advisor Mrs. Ibberson, our wonderful Sweetheart Lon McCabe, and our great pledge class. Tri Sigma has made a big step in reach- ing its goal. The Beta Phi ' s have a wonderful heritage and will continue to strive to live up to the open mono " Faithful Into Death. " » % t ♦ OFFICERS LINDA BJORKMAN President FRAN HACKNEY Vice-President SUE TAYLOR Secretary ANN AMBROSE Treasurer Beta Phi Chapter PLEDGES: First row: Hutton, Murphy, Julich, Sapp, Cook, Rippard, B llew, Padgett, DeMasi, Mille row: Lamor, Hoy, Crump, Liddell, Snyder, Schrinshy, Gieseke. J .:M J T! 4A Jf , j j ■ = jfi w m ACTIVES: first row. Le s, Jeup, Frye, Wis. Wright, Ke I A . n, Smith, Cox, Cline, Boyer, Morgan. Se , Weyant, Connor, Thomas. Zeta Tau Alpha Bound together by love for Zeta, and our open motto " Seek the Noblest, " ilic actives and pledges have had a wonderful year in Delta Beta Chapter. We remember especially our main activities together . . . Zeta Week in the fall, the serenade to oui sweetheart, the festive Christ- mas activities, pie-initiation weekend, the excitement ol Zeta showers, and main oilier occasions thai have now bet ome " Zeta memories. " We feel pride not onh in our sorority, but in the or- ganizations which we hold membership: treasurer ol Pan- hellenic, Sophomore (lass senator, Historian of Intra- mural Board, Beta Beta Beta, Cap and (.own. Kappa Delta Pi, Florida Academy ol Science, Pi Epsilon Mu. Sigma Rho Epsilon, Vagabonds, Dolphin Club, Meth- odist Student Movement, Home Economics Club, S.F.E.A., Inter-Faith Council. Baptist Student Union, and Concert Choir. Our thanks and appreciation to the wonderful Zeta Alumni, our devoted housemother, Mrs. Harris, and to our hard working Sweetheart, Paul Keen, who has done so much for us. ' ■. • ft A " OFFICERS CAROLE SMITH Presilenl K Y KEENE Vice-President MAR ' S ELLEN CRAVES Secretary DEE ANNA THOMAS ,,„v Delta Beta Chapter PLEDGES: First row: Sellers. Krnoul, Garner, Hoagland, Rohn. Cunard, Stettler, Ethridge, Denyes. Second row: Miller, Middleton, Cook, Carpenter, Faulk, Duncan, Blount. 129 First row: Curci, Rocker, Lockerby, Haas, Piano, Massey, Ekwick, Crane. Sec. Kelley, Smith, Pe aw: Moore, Jones, Ganaway, Owens, Wilcox, Townsend, Prime. Third Hamilton, Thompson. Southernettes Southernettes is a unified organization for all women not affili- ated with sororities on campus, It provides a medium through which non-sorority women may participate in campus activities, provides opportunities to develop leadership in service to the college, and to achieve cooperation between sorority and non- sorority women. This group is outstanding in athletics, music, journalism, government, religion, and drama at Florida Southern College. OFFICERS BECKY [ " HOMPSON President | l ( RANE Vice-President KAROLEE OWENS Secretary ( V U ll. Treasurei 130 i » i.vM;?! First row.- Horbers, Ambr Boyer, Shiplett, Hevener, Bjorkmon, George, Shoemaker. Second Wright, Holzbaur, Jourdan, Felty, Norton. Panhellenic Counci The Panhellenic Council acts as a forum for the discussion of fraternity and sorority problems, fosters the ideals of fraternity life on a high level and governs the rides ol rushing and pledg- ing. The Council is composed ol two members and an alumnae from each sorority on campus, li holds a most responsible posi- tion in the every-day life ol the college. OFFICERS SU.IY GEORGE President BLANCHE HARRIS Via President ANN AMBROSE Secretary AIADA BOYER Treasure! ACTIVES: first row: McNob, Morris, Polk, Heflin, Walton, Gaddy, Griggs, MacKenzie, Wright, Barnes, Simmons. Second row: Smith, Byrd, Bentien, Delegal, Ricketson Ulrey, Purviance, Rano, Hayes, Smith. Third row: Parker, Sweat, McAuley, Stanaland, Brown, Rilea, Marz, Myrick. Kappa Alpha ANN KINSEY Kappa Alpha Re Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington College in 1865 under the guidance of our beloved spiritual leader Robert E. Lee. The Order with its noble Southern heritage placed its 83rd chapter here at Florida Southern College to continue its ideals of chivalry towards " God and Womanhood " and to mold men of proud distinction. We had our second " Plantation Ball " at Sarasota in May. A good time was had b all, with beards, Confederate uniforms, and filled with the glory ol the " Old South. " At the l ' J59 event we elected out KA Rose, Miss Margaret Ann Kinsey, a true Southern Belle whom we all cherish and love. We arc looking forward to main more memorable years here at Florida Southern College. 132 » 1 % % • -4 , ' ft .4 Gamma Pi Chapter PLEDGES: First Connell, Crum, Stearns, Ammerman, Dixon, Linton, English. Second Wilkins, Carter, Stafford, Harrell, Akins. ■■■ ACTIVES: First Carlson, Gould, Kolas ' , Wilson, Ackerman, Jansen, Donovan, McKay, Charles, Schevers, Edmonds. Second row: Anderson, Lee, Walters, Britton, Ar strong, Reinking, Glider, Coleman, MacDonald, Peck. Third row: Sandeen. Vitito, Ballantyne, Musselman, Engler, Ford. Kappa Sigma EVE LOWE Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma After three years of hard work. Kappa Sigma Rho has become a Kappa Sigma National Chapter. The years of labor and planning have been well worth the effort and the men of Theta Alpha are proud ol their new chapter. The first year as Kappa Sig ' s has been marked with many wonderful moments ... a most successlul rush, the trips to Gainesville, the boat cruise, our Christmas dance, the rush and excitement ol building the T.B. display, the float, plus all those fabulous parties. With men in .ill major sports and those in positions ol leadership on campus, plus four men us sororit) sweethearts, we can sa that this yeai has been a most sue i esslul one for our fraternity. 134 GENE WILSON President JOHN SANDEEN Vice-President JAMES DONOVAN . . I ' .I 1 1- B I I I YNE Secretary Treasure) Theta Alpha Chapter 135 ACTIVES: First row: Tyus, Goldsmith, Faber, Brownlee, Belcher, Bennett, Saniippo, Peregrine, Myers, Isberian, Kallas. Second row: Felton, Acker, Burt, Barnes, Pown Watson, Klesius, Dunn, Hagen. Third row: Clark, Louer, Powell, Fletcher, Braddock, Parrish, Stewart, Dr. MacGowan. Fourth row: Thompson, Crawford-Brown, Dr. Cc Morris, Phillips, Hill, Nestos. Lambda Chi Alpha ESTELLE MITCHELL Sweetheart of Lambda Chi Alpha Epsilon Xi of Lambda Chi Alpha has had a banner year . . . to an always impressive athletic showing this year we emphasized academic endeavors . . . results . . . the scholarship tropin . . . not all work though . . . fond memories of our New Year ' s Part) . . . the gala Christmas dance . . . die never to be forgotten weekend . . . the strengthening ol our membership . . . the unflagging interest ol our capable advisors . . . an accolade for the help and companionship ol our esteemed Sweetheart . . . Estelle Mitchell . . . a truly great year lot the Lambs . . . one made possible b the combined efforts ol the entire brotherhood ... a mem- orable page lias been turned in oui chapter! 136 « 4 %.. OFFICERS CHRIS KALLAS President SAM DUNN Vice-President STEPHEN ACKER Secretary JOHN ISBERIAN Treasure! DR. EGBERT A. CASE idviso) Epsilon Xi Chapter PLEDGES: First row: Schneider, Grant, Alexander, Pierandozzl, Brophy, Stoddard, King, Adkins, Foster. Second row: Parnell, Adams, Driscoll, Curry, Murphy, Crippe Caustic, Miller. Third row: Harrell, Bond, Valentine, Kemfer, Smedley, Stettner, Laabs, Sweeney. 137 ACTIVES: First row: Bednar, Huntsberry, Booth, Clegg, Luboch, Sobel, Conner, Mr, Junkin. Se Cass, Parolla, Newell, Firth, King, Aston. Phi Sigma Kappa NICKI PUSHNIK Sweetheart of Phi Sigma Kappa 1959-1960 has been Phi Sigma Kappa ' s year, a kind of reaffirmation thai faith in our basic principles ol common sense, the spirit ol true brother- hood, ami the love and loyalt) which we hold for Florida Southern and in one another, is the essence oi our particular interrelation, and the magi touch which gives Omega Triton its special kind ol glamor. Our rush activities have been remarkably successful, for the) have given us our own; si e h:is not been, and we hope shall never be, our primar) goal, but we have had our own sure and quiet growth, based upon qual- ity and the rather unique and special abilities that are the primar) qualities which we demand from each prospective member. In sports, in music, and in his own personality, President Hob Cass has been a moving lone, assisted abl) 1 the other officers. All considered, the 1959-60 school year is one which we shall not be likely to forgel c|uickl . 13S © Ci £» OFFICERS R.OBER I CASS President U. BEDNAR Vice-President CHARLES BOOTH Secretary HOWARD HUNTSBERRY Treasure) Omega Triton Chapter 139 ACTIVES: First row: Hunter, Perry, Whitehead, Kay, Taylor, Keenan, Hovey, Broyles, Mulligan, Harmon, Peterson. Second row: Hagstrom, Pitman, Breadwell, Roper, Rou, Strickland, Hager, Skinner, Anderson, McKenzie. Third row: Alig, Minor, Thayer, Harrell, Clockadale, Phillips, Carter, Flanigan, Conviser, Barton. Fourth row: Kay, McLendon, Outlaw, Scobie, Schmid, Govignon, Keen, Martin Pi Kappa Alpha JILL BERTHY Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Alpha Delta-Delta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity . . . Esteemed and cherished above all by its many brothers, pledges, and associates . . . Proud ol its beautiful spacious new home on Lake Hollingsworth . . . Sending its love to wonderful Dreamgirl Jill Berthy, PiKA has pledged itself to you . . . And to lovable Mrs. McLendon— Mom to the Pikes . . . To the fraternity ' s officers who have maintained the outstanding PiKA tradition . . . Congratulations to the girls pinned and married to PiKA ' s. To the helpful Lakeland alumni . . . To the main active Pike officers and members l all campus organizations . . . To the graduating PiKA seniors . . . The Garnel and Gold followers will always remem- ber . . . The terrific dances, boisterous parties, and unique soiials . . . A lun losing Eraternit) . . . The serious side: work on the T.B. display, house, pledging, serenades, meetings, and successful rush . . . All (his and more blended to true unity during the year, forming a proud brother- hood. ■_ OFFICERS ROI ' .IRI McLENDON President UNION I WIOR Vice-President ROBERT ALIO Secretary TIM SCOBIE Treasure Delta Delta Chapter PLEDGES: First Ivey, Graves, Overton, Stahl, Bowden, Harvin, Cox, Rountree, Shaw, Plant, Sergeant, Cochran. Second row: Trevelyan, Longer, Holler, Quigley, Hooker, Myrick, Whitaker, Thigpen, Walker, Nathurst, Jones. Third row: Burhans, Steelman, Moretz, Choate, Smith, Edwards. ACTIVES: First row: Dr. Bateson, Evans, McClain, Simon, Scharfenstein, Carroll, McMichael, Yelvington, Sanchez, Smith, Gutierrez. Second row: Chopin, Ashe, Trufant, Bryant, Weitzner, Brady, Jones, Flowers, Flynn, Burns. Third row: Hansen, Harris, Lawhon. Pi Kappa Phi BEVERLY BROWN Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Phi was Eounded cm Florida Southern ' s campus on Octobei 16, 1948, by a small group l veterans who were interested in an organiza- tion that would be different and yet have a brotherhood, unmatched. To this day, those same 17 men with the help of the 1 li men who have graduated as Pi Kapps are helping this Fraternity remain one ol the top organizations on campus. Mam events have made Pi Kapp the most different and closest in lies on Southern ' s campus. Nothing heats armadillo hunts for fun and excite- ment. But when ii tomes to getting serious such as building floats, Christ- mas displays, and the campus sing which Pi kapp won in 1959, phis having a number one spiiii In winning the school spirit trophy, we have shown that lor brotherhood, spirit, and unique ideas. Pi Kappa Phi heals all. - ♦ i i ♦ Beta Beta Chapter PLEDGES: First row: Blumhart, Susuki, Lundquist, Russell, Nelson, Kempton, Godley, Eel), Keller, Alberga. Second row: Townley, Lewison, Garrion, Parnell, Lemke, Lang- sron, Keilh, Pollock, Pietersz. Third row: lhonus, Bnley, Whalley, Marchant, I rue man, Wehr, Carlton, Brown, Lolly. Fourth row: Hamel Billib, DeYoung, Whldden. ACTIVES: First row: Bush, Mrs. Smith, Klode, Funston, Sharp, Minnis, Capitano, Grayson, Rowland, Ade, Williams, Douglass. Second row: Dreyer, Dreyer, Garcia, Douglo Frank, Wallace, Hamby, Hallenborg, Hall, Odiorne, Russ. Third row: Stevens, Cunningham, Lehman, Musgrave, Maggio, Steen, Franklin, Hill, Dimon, Callaway. Fourth re Keith, Kholsted, Price, Weaver, Callander, Place, Eubanks, Barrett, Jones. Sigma Alpha Epsilon BETTUYN DINKEL Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1856 saw the founding of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Alabama . . . 1949 saw the founding of Florida Gamma ai Florida Southern ... A decade has passed . . . Ten years of leadership in activities, sports, scholarships, and most important, in Brotherhood sec- ond to none . . . M75 men initiated adding to more than the 115.00(1 SAEs around the world, making SAE the world ' s largest social fraternit) in membership . . . Leo still guarding the entrance to the Chapter house symbolizing the strength and nobility of SAE . . . This year has ranked as one of the best . . . We are blessed with a wonderful sweetheart. Bettilyn Dinkel . . . Future years will bring to Florida Gamma more lame and glory, but more important the exemplifying o) our greatest virtue— Brotherhood. 144 OFFICERS THOMAS RCSS President ROBERT SHARP Vice-President GORDON BUSH Secretary MIKE WILLIAMS Treasurei Florida Gamma Chapter PLEDGES: Firs row: Spurlin, Berryhill, Brown, Vaughn, Ellis, Bond, Tolle, Meyer, Cox, Ade, Mitchell. Second row: Gaskin, Moorehead, Kholsted, Davidson, Mo Reynolds, Mutimer, Braddock, Gray, Wom;ck. Third row: Wink, Ballard, Ninfo, Higgison, Slaughter, Potter, Scott. ACTIVES: First Dyd, Sn LcBarber, ley. Who cht, Whittaker, McLaughlin, Harriman. Si rd row: Black, Hawkins, Merslich, Stee Sigma Chi PAT AUSLEY The Epsilon Sigma Chapter of Sigma Chi has much to be proud of in this Inaugural year on campus. The brotherhood, friendship, spirit and leadership, as exemplified by the Vice-president of the student body . . . five members i 1 ihe Senate . . . four officers in the R.O.T.C. . . . repre- sentative on the Southern stall . . . members l the baseball and basket- ball teams . . . men in Delta Sigma Pi, Propeller Club. Citrus Club, and the Political Union. We witnessed the glorious reign oi Pal Ausley, truh a wonderful Sweetheart ol Sigma Chi. The memories and experience have helped to build a dose bond ol brotherhood in this, a never to be for- gotten year! vt I I ' • OFFICERS OLLIE NORRIS President HARRY WHITTAKER Vice-President DICK WHALLEY Secretary KARL HAWKINS Treasure) • • Epsilon Sigma Chapter PLEDGES: First row: Rawls, Hayes, Mason, Hallick, Holmes, McGonigal, Petruzzelli, Thompson, Loman, Daley. Second row. Mathes, Jones, Huff. Third row: Bister, Goding, Bovis, Hoff, Tabb, Fletche Jamison, Allen, Wrago, Mason, Cheek, Aide ACTIVES: First Toffolo, Mrs. Lober, Morris, Umstead, Svitak, Abcte, Packer, Jackson, Stamison. Second row: Mr. Bush, Cur Pollino, Mack, Rohlf. Third row: Marasco, Scuderi, Jensen, Kroll, Jacob, Wheat, Hopkins. o, Hudek, Strathn Sigma Phi Epsilon CELESTE WOYAK Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon As the Red Door doses and another year comes to an end. the brothers o( Sigma Phi Epsilon fondly remember . . . the intramural trophies . . . the Christmas dance . . . the T.B. display . . . building the float . . . the Greek Sing . . . Easter offerings and the annual Sweetheart Weekend. Several brothers have been acknowledged on campus . . . funior Class President. |im Stamison . . . Captains of: Soccer. Tex [ackson . . . Bas- ketball, Frank Scuderi . . . most valuable intramural athlete, foe Hudek . . . Treasure] ol Delta Sigma Pi and president ol Propeller Club, Ralph Umstead . . . members on all Varsity sports teams . . . men in Delia Sigma Pi. Propeller Club, Citrus Club. Kappa Pi. Political Union, and Advance R.O.T.C. . . . Memories ol an outstanding year filled with friendship and good times . . . We ' ll always remember our understand- ing housemother, Mrs. Lobar . . . our nuh wonderful Sweetheart, Celeste Woyak . . . the serenades and man) joyful parties . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon will always remain the Iraterniix with a heart. . . OFFICERS NINO POLLINO President JiM STAMISON Vice-President FRANK Will. A I Secretary FRANK S( l HI Rl Treasurei Florida Delta Chapter PLEDGES: First 149 ACTIVES: First . Bruggner, Singer, Levy, Rosenfeld, Malever, Shapii 3rie, Shapiro, Freidman, Klein, Murphy, Davidson. Tau Epsilon Phi MYRNA GOLDENBERG Sweetheart of Tau Epsilon Phi Tau Rho chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi has much to be proud oi litis year . . . moving into our beautiful new house on Lake Hollingsworth Drive . . . brother Alan Licarie becomes Student Body President . . . also notable in our ranks are l)i(k Friedman, Interfraternity Council presi- dent, and Monte Klein, president oi the College Union. There are loud memories ol the Sweetheart dance with Myrna Goldenberg faithfully i in tying out the traditions oi that position . . . the long remembered Diamond Jubilee float, the choosing of the campus queen at the well- known Tep Hop; and, oi course, the wonderful weekend, the successful parties, and the undying efforts of our maternal housemother. Mrs. Bruggner. We will long remember this year as being a prosperous one which furthered the purpose oi our fraternit) as stated in our creed, " Friendship, chivalry, service, to promote brotherhood among all people. " 150 k k » - OFFICERS I Kk LEVY Pri sid nt MICKEY SHAPIRO Vice-President ARNII LEVIN Secretary LARRV SINGER Treasure) Tau Rho Chapter PLEDGES: First row: Ware, Halpern, Jacobson, Leon. Second row: Slewett, Forbes, Warsav ACTIVES AND PLEDGES: First row: Tyson, Smeltzer, Baird, Conley, Nash, Scanlon. Second row: Leavitt, Robinson, Musovi, Kent, White. Third row: Handy, Roblver. Theta Chi MARTI SMITH Sweetheart of Theta Chi The Gamma Delta Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternit) ended its 10th year b) initialing one of the hardest working pledge classes . . . Then In bidding a loud farewell to our graduating seniors as they don their caps for theii final chapel service. Though the) leave, the memories ol our float, Founders ' Week, the officers who guided ns, the spirited intra- murals, our main dances, all coupled with our activities with our won- derful sweetheart — Marti Smith remain with them. Mix these activities with a great hunch ol men, throw in a great sense ol humor coupled with a feeling of true fraternal brotherhood and the result is a very successful year for Theta Chi. OFFICERS DAVID rYSON President I.I.ROY Hl.RR Vice-President FRANK HANDY Secretary WILLIAM BAIRD Treasure! Gamma Delta Chapter Founded in 1956, the Southerneers is the independent men ' s organiza- tion on campus. Among other things, it was founded to afford its mem- bers Christian brotherhood, and active participation in all campus activities. The Southerneers strive to raise their members to the fullest of their capacities and to render service to the school, state, nation, and fellow man. OFFICERS SHI-LION JACKSON President CHYUNG MYUNG KIM Vice-President WILLIAM WYLLIE Secretary DONALD BROWN Treasurer South erneers First row: Brown, Jackson, Professor Richardson, Ewing, Gillispie, Ellis, Carbaugh, Frazier. Second row: Kim, Ambrose, WyMie, Ryan, Chao, Lampman, Speights. Firsf row: Toffolo, Sta Gaddy, Taylor, Hovey, Lubach, Tyson, Kent. Second row: Bentien, Evans, Bryant, Bennett, Davidson, Singer, Wilson. Third row: Dunn, Myrick, Jacob, Pryor, Friedman, McKay, Dean Re;dd.c;. Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council promotes the betterment of the College through the improvement of the social fraternities. Representatives from each fraternity on campus comprise the group, which strives to equalize the opportunities of the various fraternities. Activities l the Council include the co-sponsoring with the Panhel- lenic Council of the annual Orientation Week dance and the Christmas dance, and also cooperating with the students during Founder ' s Week. AL JACOB Presidi 1,1 FRANK SMITH Vice-President DICK FRIEDMAN Secretary BOB JANSEN Treasurer DEAN DAVID I READDICK, DON CREWS idvisors 155 Lt. Col. Robert Levitt Reserve Officers Training Corps •v Major Mock Giege f V ' I, »VT s Captain Edward L. Fronczak Captcin David T. Wigge Left to Right: Sgt. Walter B. Fowler, Sgt. Roland Samuelson, M Sgt. J. P. Holder, SFC Cecil R. Dav M Sgt. L. B. Barnes. 1 p «W1 4W«1Y T wl =«= =«■■■■ Honor Guard Cadet Colonel Howard McMichael Battle Group Staff First Row: McMichael, Bryant. Second Row: Callaway, Russ, Gill man, Posey. Third Row: Hawkins, Broyles, Smith, Rich, Hayes. Fourth Row: Tolle, Rawls, Beasley, Eubanks, Potter, Smoot, Akerman, Daley. t » » - Association of The United States Army . . R.O.T.C Band n - R. O. T. C Sponsors [ILL BERTHY Co-Ed Lt. Colonel, Regimental Stall JOAN SPANGLER Co-Ed Captain, Honor Guard 111 1 IV HARM V Co-Ed Captain, Band l ' AM WEBSTER Co-Ed Captain. " A " Compam BEVERLY BROWN Co-Ed Captain, " B " Compam CAROL STEPHENS Co-Ed Captain, " C " Company BETTILYN DINKE1 Co-Ed Captain, " D " Compam HOPE GAEBI Co-Ed Captain. " E " ( ompan) RUTH ROC.ERS Co-Ed Captain, " 1 " Company Co-Ed Captains Ruth Rogers and Hope Gaebl Co-Ed Lt. Colonel Jill Berthy The R.O.T.C. co-ed officers are chosen each year b the Regimental Stall offi- cers and the individual companies. These co-eds represent their respective groups as their sweethearts and serve ai the social functions of R.O.T.C. The honor is bestowed upon the young women at the annual Military Ball. Co-Ed Captains Joan Spongier and Betty Harvey Co-Ed Captains Bettilyn Dinkel and Carol Stephens Co-Ed Captains Beverly Brown and Pom Webster » " .« % ♦ % ♦ f I SPORTS 1 WW 52. I .25 TtfeyL . t " J %t First Row: Gary McKee, Larry Collins, Frank Scuderi, Captain; Ed Kershner, Jim Fitzgerald. Second Row: Frank Wheat, Mack M Hank Feldman, Dick Whalley. Basketball Team . . . 1959-60 Edition TOM GREENE Coach RESULTS FSC Opp. Atlantic Christian 7-1 76 Catawba College 63 64 University of Florida 7(1 88 Cornell University 65 81 Niagara University 55 73 Erskine College 89 78 Valdosta State Teachers 84 56 Jacksonville University 86 95 Tampa University 94 9L Rollins College 56 58 Stetson University 76 83 Huntingdon College 89 83 Mercer University 83 77 Stetson University 61 70 Huntington College 77 76 Arkansas State 76 81 Mississippi Southern 62 96 Universit) of Miami 71 88 Erskine College 51 71 Valdosta State 57 53 Jacksonville University 75 73 University of Miami 85 121 Rollins College 74 67 Tampa University 53 78 Feldman fights off four Tampa players for the rebound. Florida Southern ' s basketball team, hit by injuries and ineligibilities, suffered a disastrous season, but the acquisi- tion of new talent and a long list of returning veterans raises hopes for bigger and better things next year. WW FRANK SCUDERI DICK WHAtl.EY MACK MULLIS HANK FELDMAN LARRY COLLINS tfJMM M M A Jrc JMM. 163 K WI0 FRANK WHEAT JIM FITZGERALD BOB HOPKINS BOB GODING W ' jmt ED KERSHNER Mack Mullis goes high to get the opening jump of the Southern-Stetson game Gary McKee puts in a fancy lay-up. Mack Mullis drives in for two points against Tampa W GARY McKEE • % M ••■•■• First Row: William Verigan, Manager, Jessie Smith, Gale Alderman, Larry Ball, Ted Hamacher, Darrell Watson, and James Lipman, Asst. Manager. Second Ro John Cosselman, William McKenzie, Kenneth Smedley, Roland Carlton, Pat Mathes, Jerry Williams. Junior Varsity Cagers JOHN McNAMARA Coach First Row: Nesmith, dinger, Gutierrez, Wise. Second Row: Garrison, Dinsmore, Goldsby, Smedley, Anderson, Wilhelm, Hallenborg, Broddock, Bucciarelli. Third Row: Gould, Diehm, Davidson, Mack, Akins, Fletcher, Jones, Satterfield (Asst. Coach). Baseball Team at its Peak HAL SMELTZLY Coach t onm- For the first time in several years Coach Hal Smeltzly can rely on a lull team of veterans to lead the baseball team into the 1960 campaign. While the Moccasins seem at their peak, the schedule lacing them this year is the strongest in the college ' s history. Among their opponents are Duke University, the U. S. Naval Academy, Rollins College, University of Florida and Florida State. A tough year for a tough team. AL DAVIDSON .1 ♦ i 4 % , » 4 • ft a £. ifae % n Vb vn BRAD DINSMORE JOHN MACK i Sliding into ho SCHEDULE Valdosta State College March 7 Valdosta State College March 8 Stetson University March 14 Stetson University March 19 Tampa University March 22 Stetson University March 25 Jacksonville University March 26 U. S. Naval Academy March 26 University of Florida March 29 Duke University March 31 Duke University pril 1 Duke University pril 2 Mercer University April (i Stetson University April 8 University of Miami pril 9 Taylor University Vpril 12 Mercer University April 18 Mercer University pril 19 Florida State University Vpril 20 Florida State University April 21 Rollins College April 27 University of Miami April 30 Jacksonville University May 3 Jacksonville University May 4 Rollins College May 7 Tampa University Ma 10 JACK GARRISON CHARLES ANDERSON Psf n tf, JOHN BUCCIARELLI KEN HALLENBORG r + iPw + £ 5 f tf JOHN GOULD GENE GUTIERREZ NICK DIEHM BOB GOLDSBY , " -r. ,tk o9i fi . T.S.c CURT ADKINS Coach MILT HARMON Captain Greg Britton and Gary Connor, Manage Florida Southern ' s Varsity Crew Under the direction of Curt Adkins, Florida Southern ' s varsity crew is aiming for bigger and better things this season. While three men were lost from last year ' s squad, a multitude ol rangy freshmen have been added to the team, as well as several key men from last year ' s junior varsity. Included on Southern ' s schedule this year will be Rollins. Tampa. Jacksonville, Amherst, AIC and LaSalle. This could be Florida Southern ' s big season in crew. VARSITY-Milt Harmon, Captain; Charles Crawford-Brown, J. B. Smith, George Govignon, Ray Schmid, Bill Linton, Lance Anderson, Jim Hopper. Kneeling: Herb Miller, Coxswain; Herb Ford. M ♦ ♦-» .4 First Row: Scotty Roberts, Roger Holler, George Longer, John Clockodole, Bob Walters, Bob Murphy, Stu White, Buddy Denholm. Kneeling: Phil Blumhardt, Co Junior Varsity Oarsmen Junior Varsity and Varsity brush up on Lake Hollingsworth. Coach Bush and Captain Tex Jackson proudly display the 1958 Championship trophy. Ralph Umstead clears the ball as a Stetson playe Varsity Soccer Team -1959 Edition Florida Southern ' s Soccer Moccasins failed to retain their championship in 1959. The team battled well, but the loss of their two leading players last season— Ghazi Abdulmuh- sin and Dick Pike— left them without the winning punch. Coach Jim Bush has issued a warning to his opponents next year to watch out— The Mocs mean to win back the crown in ' 60. First Row: John Gregory, Arnold tynn, William Currie, George Govignon, Steve Cochran, Phillip Wright, Robert Grant, Ted Wycall, Ralph Umsted. Second Ro Frank Becker, Pat Murphy, Tex Jackson, Bill Rountree, Bob Becker, Dave Tyson, John Plant, Skip Lehman, Ted Sung. Third Row: Manager Don Batcheler, Geor Ng, Bill Purvis, Jim Weidner, Frank Eisenchenck, Jim Musselman, Jim Brown, and Manager Bob Allison. 170 Tennis Kneeling.- Belcher, Walters. Standing: Jackson. Wright, Conviser, Steen, Sharp, Coach Bush. Golf Coach Greene, Hamby, Shaw, Abate, Hull, Brown, Murphy, McCabe ■ . 4 Ford Price instructs the class. Scotty Scott and Bo Hunt do some fancy skiing Water Skiing ... A Year around Sport Water skiing has become one of the most popular sports and pastimes at Florida Southern College. Under the direction of Coach Glenn Kirkpatrick, members of the class receive expert instruction in every phase of water skiing. Many FSC students and graduates are seen performing at the world-famous Cypress Gardens. With Florida ' s mild climate, water skiing at Southern is a year around sport. Fay Bright, Penny Maier, Bo Hunt, and Bev Wiiri skim over the waves ' J f m ■. Coach Glenn Kirkpatrick and Ford Price check out the equipment. Skip Neuwien makes the slalom look easy. • ' ♦ I • BESSIE BROWN BLANCHE HARRIS JODY BROCKWAY Cheerleaders Arouse School Spirit CAROLYN POTTS Captain PAT ROBINSON LINDA BJORKMAN PEGGY COZENS MARYLOU PFEFFER ELLIE HEVENER Men ' s Intramural Board First row: Brrton, Clark, Stcmison, Kay, Schmidt, Lubich, Ashe. Second row: Morris, Peck, Vitito, Carls Bennett, Farris, Pryor. Third row; Kent, Bentien. Women ' s intramural Board ,♦ ..ft .ft ♦ ♦ • ♦ Intramural Volleyball Sigma Alpha Epsilon captured the volleyball championship for the second straight year. Taking second place this year was Sigma Phi Epsilon. First Row: Homaker, Ninfo, Eubanks. Second Row.- Sharp, Minnis, Lance. Intramural Football Winning the intramural football championship this year was Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Buddy Odiorne and Ed Higgison led the team to an undefeated season. Kappa Alpha captured second place. First Row: Mainwaring, Higgison, Miller, Ninfo, Dreyer. Second Row: Tolle, Ade, Hallenborg, Odiorne. Women ' s Intramural Champions VOLLEYBALL The Independents won I he Women ' s Intramural Volleyball Championship after a down-to-the- wire battle with Kappa Delta, the 1958 Champions. First Row: Thorpe, Wordlow, Lowell, Cliett, Wickers. Second Row.- Bisphom, Shafer, Hop- son, Dunson, Baierl, Strewn. BASKETBALL The Women ' s Intramural Bas- ketball Championship changed hands for the first time in six years as the Independents also captured this trophy. Alpha Omicron Pi took second place. First Row. Second Re Dunson. Cliett, Wickers, Lowell, Wordlow. n Shafer, Thorpe, Hopson, Bisphom, ' i fc TTI ii 1 1 n r i Ij 1 ■ 1 ' i i ■ ADMINISTRATION $, ■- • Ik. » ■ ■• « IK i I m. i IHY j 8 K m IjfW jfl H«| MM r H yB Jr ,. Jl H H H — rfv ■ - H a p ' z 1 P S ta ... Bl 1 v spi ' r CHARLES IINM.KI THRIFT, JR. President 178 J. BIRXF.V (.ROSS Assistant to the President for Academu Affairs ()K I (. I 1 (II I 1 Business Manager n win l. re nnu k Assistant to the President foi Business Allan s ALTON ' R. KINDRED Bursar ABNER L. HANSEN Dean nl Students ERNES I A. Ill 1 n ROISI.R I MacGOWAN Dean of Chapel FRANK P. SZABO Dint lor o) Men H A T TIE L. EICHOLTZ Demi of Women WILLIAM K. BOTT tssistani Dean of the Colli ge II . COL. ROBI R I I 1 I I I Commanding Officer, R.O.T.C. HAROLD M. WATERS Alumni and Placement DirecU WILLIAM I) SHILLING Director of Public Relations OWEEN SUMNER Head Librarian WILLI M li. MUNDY Admissions Director FRANCIS L. LUCE Director, Student Religious Life VIRGINIA L. I ' OIN I tssistant Bursar (T) H I V I H k. HLil jwmi THE FACULTY f ' " %! ■ % ROBKRT H. VKERMAN History HOW R1 L. B I I -SON English KENNETH C. ANDERSON Mush HENR M. BA II ENHOUSE English PAUL ARNOLDS-PATRON Business Administration GEORGE V B I I R Religion ELDEN (.. BARBOUR Economics AUSTIN H. BEEBE Chemistry HENRY G. BARNETT English |()ll 1 BEN 1111 Psychology The Faculty At FRED W. I ' .I ()( K. Mathematit s | VMES O. I ' .I Ml Physical Education HERBERT E. HOOK Social Science MARGUER] I E W. CALLAHAN Speech EDWARD W. BOSSING Physical Education EGBERT A. ( M Mathematics I HOMAS BRIERLEY Music LAW ION M. CHILES Business Administration LUCILLE BUNS Home Economics 1 MR A VCLYATI Busim « Administration % ♦ ♦ ♦ SAMUEL (.. COE istory tnid Political Scit net DON W. CREWS Assistant to the Dean of Students WILLIAM J. DEYO Ai ( ounting B ANTON S. DOAK Industrial Ails MAURICE R DODD Mathematics LOUISE EASTWOOD Assistant Librarian CHARLES F. EICK.ENBERG Biology THELMA H. ELLISON Hume Economics FRANCES G. ELVIDGE Speecli and Education EARLE E. EM ME Jteligion and Psychology Florida S southern )OROTHY B. EUBANKS Religion EDNA H. EWERTS College Dietitian HOWARD M. HELD Biology THOMAS J. LORD History CALL EDWARD I. I RONCZAK R.O.T.C. AUDIE E. FUGITT Story and Political Scienct VIVIAN R. FUSILLO Drama and Speech SCOTT K. GIBSON Mathematics MA J. MACK (.11 (.1 R R.O.T.C. M R(. R1 I I. GILBERT Biolosv ift o. . 9. X T, iwA AONNE GOLDSBOROUGH French PAUL ROE GOODMAN Music H. TED OR AC 1 Audio-Visual Coordinator THOMAS H. GREENE Director of Athletics JOSEPHINE A. GREER English WILLIAM L. GREER Sociology LEON W. GRESSM N Education LOIS GROSS Din i toi a! Concert Choir ADA HAMELRYCK Spanish The F EVELYN HAMMETT English acuity At EMILY HANCOCK Business Administration ROBERT H. HOPKINS Mathematics LARRY V. HORN English | MI S 1 HI IC MM AN Chemistry Mil DRED s IBBERSOh Speech AGNES B. JOHNSON English C. DAVID JOHNSON Physics EDWARD R. JOHNSON History NORMAN L. JONES English JULIANA G. JORDAN German i lift J rW ' « ' %• ' • ULLIAN V. KELLEY Physical Education PIERCE LINK Psychology ROY S. RISER Biology FRANCIS L. LUCE Director of SI a dent Religious Life EDWARD C. KNIPPERS Business Administration SAMUEL W. LUCE Physical Education ROBER I M. LEE Busint u Administration WILLIAM R. LYLE ( Ih us PALL A. LEEMAN Musit BEN H Mc( ONNELL Director of Medical Services Florida Southern DWARI) F. McLEAN Spanish [OMAN (,. MITCHELL College Pastor fa L I HOMAS B. MACK Horticulture GEORGE H MORRIS American Culture ' ' - ' VIOLA M MONK Physical Education HAROLD J. MORRIS Physical Education t ■ i , . i LB i l MAYROSE Physical Education AM HoN (). MUSTOE Mathematics 2p CORNELIA ( MENGES CORDON OGDEN Education r " " " TT r= " " - J % GEORGE K. Ol son Art ANGELA R PINO Span is li DERRELL C. ROBERTS History MAX ). SELIG Business Administration MARY CATHRYNE PARK English W. PASCHAL REEVES English ROSC OE E. PARKER English BERN HARD P. REINSCH Mathematics EUGENE L. ROBERTS Admissions Assistant I GUY SELLERS Mathematics f - tf LEO L. ROCKWELL English ( ESIDIO R SIMBOl I Religion ih X I WARREN B. PARKS Sociology ROBERI (.. RICHARDS Social Science SARA C. PIATT Home Economics GILBER1 P. RICH K1)S Histor The Faculty At ANNE ROSELLE Voice HAROLD M. SMEL I ZLY Physical Education WALLACE T. RYAN Industrial Arts EARL D. SMITH Chemisti Cp ; j i ti k • ' ■ ' • JULIA W. SNOOK. Education CRACK L. SNYDER Religion BORIS T. SOKOLOFF Director of Research WILLI M H. SPIVEY Musit now M. STODDARD Art .1 ISKI H W. STURGES English M RC R1.I M. TAYLOR Special Guidance LOUISE 1 EMPLETON Accounting I HOM s 11 I YLER English VIVIAN J. YAW Freshmen Women Counselo Florida S outhern LYMAN B. VEEDER misiness Administration MARSHALL A. HI. ATI. IV Physics CAI ' T. DAVID T. WIGGERS R.O.T.C. W. PAUL Willi College Photographer BILLY J. WILLIAMS ' n s£i nl Education CHARLES A. WOODBURY Education CHARLES M. YOUNG Education (.. FLOYD ZIMMERM Industrial Arts f Irfc Ukik H E. WOLFE Chairman DR. P. M. BOYD Vice-Chairman THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES HARRIS G. SIMS Secretary C. V. McCLURG Treasurer ■HHnHHHHBHBii w DR. ROBERT L. ALLEN MRS. LOUISE D. DUNCAN SEN. SPESSARD HOLLAND DR. J. MILBURN McLEOD DR. E. J. PENDERGRASS DR. G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN The 1960 Interlachen Is Dedicated Jo L omina J iih Jotle In appreciation l 36 years dedicated to Florida Southern College, iis principals l Christian education and its heritage l charity and friend- ship which he helped to create, the students, faculty and administration gratefull) dedicate the I960 Interlachen to Corning Fisk Tolle, Business Manager of the College. 19] THE CLASSES THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Daryl Doi glass President [ac;k Grayson Vice President Sally Holmes Secretary-Treasurer Douglass, Holmes, Grayson FIRST ROW Jacques R. Abbo Maracaibo, Venezuela B.S., Economics Herbert Junior Adkison Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Robert Louis Alderman Plant City, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Robert Campbell Ai.ir. Lakeland, Florida B.S., Science Donald Frederick Allen Hastings, Florida B.S., Business Administration SECOND ROW Roiuri Addison Allen .... Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Citrus Philip Hudson Almand Decatur. Georgia B.S., History George Harney Altman Sarasota, Florida B.S., Business James Paul Ambrose Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B.S., Business Carol L. Anderson Miami, Florida B.S., Elementary Education THIRD ROW Joan Marco Anderson North Bend, Ohio A.B., Speech Stuart Logan Anderson Palmetto, Florida B.S., Social Science Carol Rtnn Landgraf Miami, Florida B.S., Spanish FOURTH ROW Jay Ismon Andrews Winter Haven, Florida B.S., History Martha Ann Andrews Chiefland, Florida U.S., Business Administration Chrisi M. Ashworth Tampa, Florida B.S.. Elementary Education 193 V ••■— liw r 3 The College Terrace definitely c from cokes to si E equipped And what could be lovelier on a South Sea Island than Kappa Delt sailors. THE SENIORS ... 1960 | Ashworth Barreto Bennett Black Berger Bodle Beshere Booth Bettag Boswell Biggers Bowden M L f :-- ■ , 44 ■Pa HH ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Bisphan FIRST ROW THIRD ROW Norman R. Ashworth Tampa, Florida Benjamin Bates Kinmii . . . Franklin, Pennsylvania i:.A.. Religion B.S., Business Richard Kent Aston Dallas, Texas Ronald Verl Berger Shaker Heights, Ohio B.A., Business B.A., English Roberi John Bali Ridgefield Park. New [erse) Sawaya A. Beshere Ocala, Florida U.S., Business IS. A.. Social Science Elmer Fisworiii 1Sv ks Lakeland. Florida Roberi Ciow.i Bettac Lakeland. Florida B.S., Secondary Education AH.. Psychology B kii k Barker Yonkers, New York Nim.i Elizabeth Biccers Tampa. Florida H.A., Home Economics A.B., Sociology John Suvim Barnes . . . Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Charlotte (. ak Bispiiam Venice, Florida B.S., History All.. Psychology gg SECOND ROW Aid t no I( kki m [oils B Mil II 1 I FOURTH ROW . . . Halo Re , Puerto Rico Charles Eugene Black Lakeland, Florida U.S., Busim u IS.S.. Physical Education Verney Louise Barrier . . . Asheboro, North Carolina John Edward Bodli Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration U.S.. Business Administration . . . . Nantucket, Massachusetts ii kiis Rwism Booth .... Daytona Beach. Florida B.A., History B.S.. Business Administration Malisi sni Beerman Lakeland, Florida Lora Li Bosweli Clearwater, Florida AM., Elementary Education I: A , Secondary Education Ernesi Alfred Belcher Ft. Pierce, Florida Warren Arthur Bowden Lakeland. Florida B.S., Business i.V. Busim " Administration [ames Leach Bender Haines City, Florida Al Earl Bowen Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ;.Y. Political Science U.S.. Psychology - f FIRST ROW THIRD ROW [err. Ruin Bowman Lakeland, Florida Gail Black Burrv Lakeland, Florida B.S.j Business B.S., Business Education Georce High Boyd Eau Gallic Florida Richard Thompson Burt . . . Deerfield Beach, Florida BA., Psychology B.S., Citrus Orlan Hiers Briant Tampa, Florida James Bruce Callaway Orlando, Florida B.S.. Education B.S. } Citrus Maxene Weir Britt Lakeland, Florida David Hoi.lv Callender . . . Plainfield, New Jersey ; s .. Elementary Education B.S., Business William Stanle, Broph. Hialeah. Florida Louis Ralph Calpe. Lakeland, Florida B A , Social studies B. S., Physical Education Virginia Lyle Brower Bartow, Florida Joseph Capitano Tampa, Florida ; s , Secondary Education B.S., Accounting SECOND ROW FOURTH ROW Donald Kendrick Brown .... Summit, New Jersey John Rinaldo Cappa . . St. Petersburg Beach, Florida ; Y, Business Administration B.S., Business Mildred Patricia Brown Arcadia, Florida Richard Keith Carroij Jacksonville, Florida A.B., Commercial Art U.S., Biology Charles Roiuki Bruci Davenport, Florida Aw Marie B. Caycj Lakeland. Morula BA., Speech B.S., Elementary Education Olin Georgi Hhiui Lakeland, Florida Florence Marie Chandler Hialeah. Florida ;.s., Business Administration U.S.. Art Leslii Gordon BucklEi Wilmington, Ohio Patrick Pei Chi Chao .... Garden Grove, California ; s .. Business Administration A.B., Foreign Language Julius J. lit m i is [r Bossier Cu , Louisiana Vickie Newana Cheshiri . . . Pompano Beach. Florida . ' .v.. Economics B.S., Secondary Education 196 Burry Cappa f% HI £ t| I • Maryann Leckey has decided that Pennsylv like this in January. THE SENIORS Who wants a car for Christmas? 1960 Burt Callaway Carroll Cayce Callender Chandler Calpey Chao Capitano Cheshire ■VrA lH 197 v. " " " - SAE lion just before being moved to front :» i The TB committee deserves a round of applause for the tremendous job they did, up and over the goal. THE SENIORS. ..1960 f Convise Crowde Coope Cowart Crane Cunningham Cunninghcn ins HHHHHMHHHHflHMBW v n Crawford Cupp THIRD ROW 1 Christman Tavarcs. Florida J. Whitney Conviser .... U.S.. ;» »irh Administration U.S.. Busir (Cingsport, I ennessee | ( K EUGI l (IAN rON . B.A., Relieit Bartow, Florida Jean Elizabeth Cooper .... Delrav Beadi, Florida U.S.. Elementary Education Joseph Leroy Clark Verona, New ferse) William R. Corum Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Physical Education U.S.. Sociology Caroi . t. Clini Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Rm Frances Cowari Haines (h . Florida B.S., Medical Technology U.S., Elementary Education Dennis Clark Clinton .... Winter Haven, Florida Elizabeth Jani Crani Orlando, Florida B.S.. Citrus U.S.. Secondary Education Sandra Jani Clockadale Maitland, Florida George L. Crawford Lakeland, Florida B.S., Secretarial Science B.S., Business Administration SECOND ROW FOURTH ROW ]i i Ann (oii Nebraska City, Nebraska Ri Carlton Crowder Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Business B.S., Busint a Howard Winfield Conklin . . Poughkeepsie, New York Lynda Maureen Crum Plant Cit , Florida U.S.. Education U.S.. Physical Education | tis Wilson Conlei Jk Frederick, Delaware Inman P. Crutchfield |k Jacksonville, Florida A. B., Psychology B.S., Business . Watsontown, Pennsylvania Stevj Rice Cunningham Beloit. Wisconsin A3., Musit lis.. Business Administration Wll I I I CONNI R Rt i i-.i R. ( onni i L Jr. . . . B.S.. Busin Miami. Florida Lakeland. Florida Betty J. W. Cunningham . . . B.S., Religion Mary E. I. Conner Winter Haven, Florida Nancy Lee Cupp Clearwater, Florida l ' ,.s. . H , ,nt Economics BS., Elementary duration W m m i i xandi r Curry . . . B.S., Elementary Education THIRD ROW Orlando, Florida Bettii.yn Dinkfl Bridgewater, Virginia U.S., Secretarial Science [OYCl n Daniel Winter Haven, Florida Allan B. Dinsmori Jk Clearwater, Florida ; S . Elementary Education BjI., Psychology | t L. V. Davidson Winter Haven, Florida Earnest Dean Dixon Lakeland. Florida B.S.. Elementary Education B.S., Industrial Arts |im Vining Davis Lakeland, Florida W. Vitty Dobruck Winter Haven, Florida U.S.. Political Science B.S., Education Marion Deal Jr Lakeland, Florida Richard V. Doty Winter Haven, Florida B.S.j Industrial Arts U.S., Speech Floyd Lafaviiii Dees Lakeland, Florida Dali Arlf.n Douglass Oxford. Ohio B.S., Music Education B.S., Business Administration SECOND ROW Nicolas R. di Juan . FOURTH ROW Lakeland. Florida Daryi. Edwin Douglass . . . B.S., Business Adr, B.S., Biology Jorge Diego di [uan Santurce, Puerto Rico Frederick W. Drf.yer Oxford. Ohio Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Idministration U.S.. Economics Marcueriti B. II. Dunn Mt. Dora, Florida U.S.. Elementary Education Frank William Delegai Porapano, Florida B.S.j Et onomics Pego ( «sels Delegai Pompano, Florida Wilei S. Dunn Bartow. Florida B.S., Elementary Education B.S., Business Administration (mis Covert Eavitt Naples, Florida B.S., Business Administration Georgia Dewar Belleaii Beach, Florida B.S., Elementary Edui mom S ii iiii n D. Dimon Norwalk, Ohio Rkii ud Lee F.dkins Sarasota, Florida Dinkel Dougloss 1 I: s , Business U.S.. Business I ' ■ 200 ■■ The Alpha Chi ' s wish Leon Hall a Merry Christmas. THE SENIORS... 1960 Dinsmor Dreyer Dixon Dunn Dobruck Dunn Doty Douglas Eavitt Edkins 201 ' ' A }jT 1A One, two, three kick. There must be an easier way to do the Can Can. THE SENIORS. .1960 Am Someone forgot to tell Barbara Greenleaf, Anne Mile and Alice Cotton about no running in the halls. farf Flanigan Freer Fleck Friedenthal Foland Frix Ford Fuller 202 mm O f% ( mm mmm mmmd m ikmm Elosge Frank Gale FIRST ROW Joan . IS. F.I I [01 THIRD ROW .. Winter Haven, Florida Rogers Cutting Flanigan Lapeer, Michigan B.S., Biology BS.,Busin u James Howard Ellis Bartow, Florida Dorothy Ann Fleck Tampa, Florida B.S., Cih us U.S., Home Economics Patrick L. Ellis Lakeland, Florida Francis Eari Foland Lakeland. Florida U.S.. Elementary Education . ' .v. s.nml Science Marcarei | i Elosgi .... Winter Haven, Florida |on Arnold Ford Zelienople, Pennsylvania U.S.. Elementary Education U.S.. Business Administration Alice Bozeman Emeri Lakeland, Florida Jand Ellen Fox Lakeland, Florida U.S.. Elementary Education U.S.. Journalism Emili Marii Emmenegger Bradenton, Florida Arnold Lester Frank Chicago, Illinois U.S.. Biology U.S.. Psychology - SECOND ROW fOAN EVANOFl . Sue Jani Evans FOURTH ROW Hobart, Indiana I koiii [oseph Freer Poughkeepsie, New York U.S.. Educaliin, Cincinnati, Ohio Joseph H. Friedenthai Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Education mm Carolei n Evertsi .... Grand Rapids, Michigan Gerald Branson Fkf Lakeland, Florida B.S., Physical Education B.A., English [oanni Felsen St. Petersburg, Florida Di i Henderson Fuller lakeland. Florida B.S., Business Administration B v. Elementary Education Wiiiiwi F. Firim B.S., Journalis Lakeland, Florida Walter Record Fuller Lakeland, Florida B.S., Economit s Rriu Stansburi In Lakeland, Florida Dui (.n (,mi U.S.. Elementary Education B.S., Social Studit Valrico, Florida FIRST ROW THIRD ROW Alfonso Garcia Tampa, Florida Jack 15 air Grayson Miami, Florida B.S., Business B.S., Physical Education Steven B. Gerd Miami Beach, Florida Richard S. Greene Miami Beach. Florida H.S., History B.S., Biology Wilfred E. Genest Fairhaven. Massachusetts James E. Gridley Montclair, New Jersey U.S.. Business Administration B.S.,Science Clydi Geren Lakeland, Florida Ernest Winston Griggs Lakeland, Florida A B., Social Science B.S., Business Robert Lang Gersiiun Highland Park, Illinois Leslie Grizzard II Lakeland, Florida B.S., Social Science B.S., Mathematics Robert Gary Gibson Jr Lakeland, Florida Joseph Tillman Gurganus Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business B.S., Social Studies ■% SECOND ROW FOURTH ROW Hosea Leo Gillman Plant City, Florida Paul A. Guss Woodmcre. L. I., New York U.S., Accounting B.S., Business Floyd S. Gonder Tampa, Florida Gordon William Hagey Lakeland, Florida B.S. Biology B.S., Physical Education George Harvey Goodman .... Auburndale, Florida Morris Albin Hacstrom Lakeland. Florida U.S., Science B.S., Citrus . . Jacksonville, Florida George Edward Hai.i Lakeland, Florida Ri in Delaini Gordon l: s , Education B.S., Engineering lakeland, Florida LEON EMMETT Hai.i. Jr Tampa. Florida B.S., Accounting Martha nn Grace U.S.. Biology Peggy Sina Granath Pompano, Florida Guerry Stinson Hallman Lakeland. Florida A.B., History B.S., Business Administration m 204 IHl BMHiH A Care package from home! Let ' s have a party. Gibson Granath Hi there; come in. THE SENIORS .. . 1960 Greene Hagey Gridley Hagstrom Gurganu i i ) 0 O ft 205 V The Alpha Gam ' s planning rush party pirate progr Rally round that trophy, girls THE SENIORS... 1960 I Hamaker Hartman Heunemcn Holton W «2TO 3ff » ' i » ' Holmes Howard £; NRST ROW THIRD ROW William Floyd Hamaker Alexandria, Virginia l.iRm Vincent Hirr Panasoffkee, Florida A.B.. History B.S., Social Studies Joanna M. L. Hanemann Daytona, Florida George R. Heuneman Livingston, New [ersej A.B., An n.s.. Business Dean Gordon Hanson Belleview , Florida Durwood Harris Hickson . . . Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B.S., Biology BA., English Ann Marcaret Harper Tampa, Florida Elizabeth A. Hoffsommer . . .College Park, Maryland liS., Home Economics U.S.. Home Economics Dais Elizabeth Harper Orlando. Florida Clarence 15. Hollifield Lakeland. Florida . ' V. Education U.S., Business U ' vini Rodman II rkis Lakeland, Florida S m Holmes Atlanta, Georgia B.S., Secretarial Science B.S., Elementary Education SECOND ROW FOURTH ROW I kfe Paul Taylor Hartman Jr Lakeland. Florida Freda M k Hoi i Haines City, Florida U.S.. Political Science B.S., Elementary Education Anni Graci Hartman Lakeland. Florida Edwin In Holton Lakeland, Florida All.. English U.S.. Religion Warren (.. Haugen La Salle, Illinois Barbara |. Hopson Frostproof, Florida B s .. Economics U.S.. Physical Education Roiuri Edward Hayes Arcadia, Florida George Roberi Horn Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration B S., Mathematics Wilma Iann Heberlinc . . . Arlington Heights. Illinois Julian Randolph Hum |k Ocoee. Florida B.S., lulu,, Hi, „i U.S.. Citrus Carleton Coffei Helm Plant (it . Florida William David Howard Lakeland. Florida . ' s.. Education B.S., Business Administration 207 ij wjk, H M ? % Hurlbut Johnson Jones Keck Carnev Boyce Howell Lakeland, Florida John Consitine Jones . . Croton-on-Hudson, New York B.S., Accounting B.S., Physical Education Joseph D. Hudek Pompano Beach, Florida William Foster Jones Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration B.A., Journalism George Gill Hunter, III . . . . Coral Cables, Florida Marie Saunders Jordan Bradenton, Florida A II., Social Studies B.S., Religious Education Howard V. Huntsberry Lakeland, Florida James Melvin Kane Mulberry, Florida U.S., Psychology B.S., Business Administration Bonny Aloha Hurlbut . . Green Cove Springs, Florida Donald Howard Kay, Jr Ocala, Florida B.S., Elementary Education B.S., Business Administration John L. Isbirian Poughkeepsie, New York Barbara H. Kazanhan .... Med ford, Massachusetts B.S., Business Administration B.S., Secretarial Education SECOND ROW Shelton Ardene Jackson f.V. Accounting FOURTH ROW Fort Meade, Florida Jane O. Keck . . . . Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania U.S.. Education Alfred | iin Iacob . . Croton-on-Hudson, New York Paui Monroe Keen Lake Wales, Florida B.S.. Business Administration B.S., Citrus Faye I » n i |(iiins Indianapolis, Indiana John Charles Kelly Brooklyn, New York ; s , Drama B.S., History Dorothy C. Johnson Bristol, Virginia Marvin David K i i i n Lakeland. Florida B.S., Elementary Lit mat ion H.A.. Social Science Lewis William Johnson Lakeland, Florida Robert Bri i Kilgori Plant ( ii . Florida U.S., Biology ' ■ s ■ Math, mulus Carl Lie Jones Lakeland, Florida CHYUNG Muni. Kim Kyung Nam, Korea U.S., Business Administration B.S., Mathematics 208 mSmssm mssmim THE SENIORS... 1960 Jones Keen Jordan Kelly Kane Kelly Kay Kilgor. Kazanjian !% f % The Delta Zeta ' s have everything under control . . . just don ' t rock the boat. THE SENIORS ... 1960 King Lawhon Leclerc Licarie Lissner Lee Lloyd Lehmann Lobb Leonard Loewe in i 7 210 mBKBKmfBnuamm m - . t , .1 fll £ , ' 7 m 1 f ' 1 1 King King LoBorbero Kinsey Lane Kleinknecht Lasch Knowle Lawn London FIRST ROW THIRD ROW Anni M rif Ki f Miami. Florida James Ervin Lawhon, Jr Tampa, Florida ; S . Elementary Education B.S.. Speech Charles Eugeni Ki Lakeland. Florida Michael I ' iiik Lecler Lakeland. Florida U.S.. Business Administration B.S., Music Education Do m.i C. H. King Clearwater. Florida I.krk Rai Lee Kansas Cii . Missouri B.S . Busim Administration A.B., Economics Margaret A. Ki mi Fort Myers, Florida Georgi W. Lehmann, Jr Chicago, Illinois U.S.. Elementary Education U.S.. Social Studii s Rim Ellen Kleinknecht . . . Bridgeport, Connecticut Edwin Clifton Leonard Lakeland. Florida B.S., Se( i taria l Education B.S., Biology Robert James Knowles Tampa, Florida Mark Benjamin Lm Freeport, New Yoik B.S., Business Administration U.S.. Sociologx SECOND ROW FOURTH ROW John Charles Kk u i .... Catasawqua, Pennsylvania Ai n Weston In rii Norwalk, Connecticut B.5., Accounting BS., Sociology Daniei N. k s Lakeland. Florida Michaei Paul Lissner Norfolk, Virginia ;.s.. Education U.S.. Business Administration Domimck I). Labarbera, Jr Tampa. Florida Donald Dean Llovd Lakeland, Florida U.S.. Business Administration B.A.. Religion sm n m Lani Lakeland, Florida Richard W. Lobb Lakeland. Florida ; s.. , in, ntary Education B.S.. Business Administration John Aloysius Lasch Ubany, New Yoik II ku k Loewi Sarasota. Florida ;.s.. Economics I: s . Secondary Education li in Woodrufi Lawn .... Irvington, New Jerse) Linda Lot London Hyattsville, Maryland B.S., Physical Education B.S.. Speech 211 FIRST ROW THIRD ROW Eva lrau St. Petersburg, Florida James Dennis McNab .... Pompano Beach, Florida A.U.. Elementary Education B.S., Business Administration Joyci Elaine Lowei.i Dover, New Jersey [ohn P. McNamara Oystei Bay, New York B.S., Physical Education B.S., Social Studies |oii Joseph Lyons Lakeland, Florida Vlden Chester Main Lakeland, Florida B.S., History ;s - Forestry Edward Spenci MacKenzii . . . . Brooksville, Florida Mary Ann Mainbour( Oklahoma City, Oklahoma B.S.,Citrus BA., Speech Clark K. Mi Vndrews Lakeland, Florida Carlton Anthony Marasco . . . Tarrytown, New York B.S., Business Administration BS., Busim s Administration John Casper McAninch Jupiter, Florida John Jacob Matz Kissimmee, Florida li.S.. Business Administration B.S., Business Administration SECOND ROW FOURTH ROW Vnc-.us Clyati McAulay Lakeland, Florida John Irvin Mai Tampa, Florida B.S., Citrus B.S., Psychology .,.isi R. McCullouch, Jr. . . St. Petersburg, Florida Donald Lei Mayfield Uiburndale, Florida ; s . Physical Education BS., Business Administration rHOMAS I). Mc ( i ic iiio . [R Lakeland, Florida [ovi 1). Miiik St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Business Administration BJS., Business Administration Martin I). McKay Lakeland, Florida William Ri Mercer Lakeland, Florida BS.,Musit Education B. A., Social Science Roberi In McLendon Marianna, Florida Joseph 1) iimc Merslich Astoria, New York B.S., Biolog) BJS., Physical Education Howard McMichaei Mamaroneck, New York Richard I i kki Messick lakeland. Florida B.S . Busim a Administration B.S . Biochemistry 212 McNab May i nOBIMHI ' Do you remember the combination? m THE SENIORS... 1960 McAninch McMichael 213 Think! How can I get a date with him?? Who wrote these questions? Einstein?? THE SENIORS ... 1960 - A I J _____ UmBUBomamim Miller Milling ; T 9 1 Mille Minn Morris FIRST ROW THIRD ROW Nelson |iiun Bill ii n n M II MI B.S., Education . Lakeland Florida ESTJEXLE MlTCHEI 1 B.S., Elementa x Educa . Jaspe ion . Florida Ara I.ii Miller . U.S.. Education I ' lant City Florida Walter Leslie Mitchell . . B.S., (In mistry . Lakelanc . Florida 1 Barbara Mu IK ake Wales Florida Barbara |o Moore . . Sorrenti . Florida -R« f BA., Sociology U.S.. Bi ology Dolores Mai Mil LER B.S., Mathematics . . Perry Florida Braxton Dwain Moore . B.S.. Hi ,logy Prichard, Alabama Carolyn C. Miller Lakeland, Florida Hi in (.awi Morgan Princeton, Kentucky U.S.. Business Administration A. II.. Psychology C. Donald Miller, Jr Bradenton, Florida William Walter Mourns Jacksonville, Florida U.S., Business Administration U.S.. Business Administration SECOND ROW FOURTH ROW Yorkville, Illinois Deanna Marsha Moss Jacksonville. Florida U.S.. Elementary Education Dennis Asm n Mn ler B.S., Business si si w Millini Memphis, Tennessee J " 11 " Patrick Mulligan . . . U.S.. Elementary Education U.S.. Economics IS ro Everett Miiis. Jr Lakeland, Florida Elinor Will Mundy Lakeland, Florida U.S.. Business Administration U.S., Education Hampton. Virginia g Robert Edward Minis Freeport, New York Robirt Wayni Mundy .... U.S.. Physical Education U.S.. Journalis Lakeland. Florida Wallaci Wayni Minnis Decatur, Illinoi U.S.. Physical Education |oiin I hom s Minor Robert Thomas Myers . . Manchester. New Hampshire U.S.. Philosophy Ocoee, Florida Francis Alan Nelson Lakeland, Florida U.S., Business Administration 215 FIRST ROW ( l IRK H n II Nl VVF.LI E. Dharli n Nicely . . . . lis., Home Ei Orlando, Florida Roger Anthony Parker . . . . U.S., Citrus Mamii |. Norman Jacksonville, Florida U.S.. English Olivi i 1a l v NORRIS Siiiki I • | i SM NORTO n.s.. Bus George H. Odiorni . Fori Pievcc, Florida Christena Marii Parker Vtlanta, Georgia ; s . Elementary Education Lakeland, Florida . Miami, Floridi Ukeland, Florida Plant ( Lty, Florids Marcia H. Pick ; ..S.. Iltnnv El Kissimmee, Florida Ai urn Joi Pi m U.S.. Business Administrate os Angeles, California HOWARD CLINTON Pelham Admmistrati Bradenton, Florida B.S., Business B.A., History )um Ann Pereboom Lake Worth, Mori, I B.S., Accounting second row Barbara Oetjen FOURTH ROW Evanston, Illinois Elvin L. Perry, Jr. B.A., Philosoph Rl( HARD [RVINC l us Morris, New Yoik i F( U.S., I:iliiiiilit A. Pi I id I I 11. • • U.S., Busine . . . Ocala, Florida Boca Raton, Florida i Fnsi Phillips Jacksonville, Florida :.v. Elementary Education RoiiKRi Georgi Orvis Margarita, (anal Zone B.S., Business Blanchi S «e Oswald Plant City, Florida Homer S. Phillips B s . Elementary Education B.S., Business Administration . . Flushing, New York Jacksonville, Florida HIWII 1). ( li I 1 « Lakeland, Florida «oi Vnn Pierandozzi ; s , Busim u Administratic Km Hodson Pagi U.S., Business Education Lakeland, Florida |o Gorman Pierce lakeland. Florida : S., nun tux Education Parker Perry id «■% Deanna Thigpen and Lyn Sinclair — catching a few rays on the fire escape. tiM From that look, Carol, it must be someone sp THE SENIORS. ..196 Odiornc Page Parker Petruzzelli Peck Phillip.! Peddy Phillips Pelham Pierandozz 217 K Shades of Noah ' s ork. Gretchen Holzbauer getting in the swing. t lik THE SENIORS ... 1960 Raulei Rile Replogle Ritch Reyman Robinson m q 21S ■flttHtt WUKnHBBHKmmmnama «mww Point Price Richardson Rocker " ' V Harold Davenpori Place . . . . Plainfield, New Jerse U.S., Sin ml S; ii in i ( uoi i Low PoiNl Lakeland. Florida B.S., Elementary Education Ninzio Georci Pollina . . . . Johnstown, Pennsylvania B.S., Biology Wendell Homer I ' osi i Lakeland. Florida B.S., Business Administration Carolvn Jam. Potts .... Washington, Pennsylvania U.S.. Psychology I m A. M. Pownali Miami Beach. Florida ; S . Business Administration SECOND ROW i i i Howard Raines .... Port Charlotte, Florida B.S., Education William J. Ram i i Lakeland. Florida U.S.. Education Linda fovci Raulerson Lakeland. Florida ;..V.. Biology Li si 11 Replogu .... St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Education Stuart Hum Revman . . . . New Rochelle, New York B.S., Business [oan Richardson Deland. Florida B.S., Education FOURTH ROW I in M s Nil I I I l ' KII I ; S . Economic Dayton, Ohio 1 ' iiik noii ' iio Rhimrdson .... Homeland. Florida A. IS.. Religion Ford Cowan Price Lakeland. Florida Samuei Reeves Run k Lakeland. Florida B.S., English U.S.. Business Administration Sisw Mai I ' kii i Dayton, Ohio William Walter Rilea Ocala, Florida BA., A l US.. Business w Myers Prosser Lakeland. Florida Roberi Franklin Ritch Jacksonville, Florida U.S.. Social Studies AM.. English Donald Eugeni Purvianci . . Fori Lauderdale, Florida l«m Dun Robinson Naples. Florida U.S.. Busim s Administration A.B., Political Science William Leonard Purvis Tampa. Florida | n Elaini Rocker Wixom, Michigan I II.. Journalism A.I).. Histor) H 4, .- Roge Roger Ryde Sanfilippo FIRST ROW THIRD ROW foHN William Rogers Baldwin, New York Wayni Russell Satfr Middletown, [owa ' .Y, Business Administration U.S., Business Administration Safer Scuderi | iis Edward Rogers .... Fox Rivet Grove, Illinois B.S., Psychology Ann Carla Scheuermann .... Kingsport, Tennessee ' A., English Mm ii mi. B. Rosf.nfeld Baldwin, New Yoik Robert Maurici Schiff . . . West Palm Beach, Florida U.S.. Economics B.A., Business Murlind Rosengrant, Jr. . . West Palm Beach, Florida Charles Edward Schmidi Lakeland, Florida .vs.. Accounting U.S.. ISiisiiuss Administration Richard Carlton Ross Plain City, Florida John Roberi Schoen St. Petersburg, Florida A.B., Speech U.S.. Physical Education Henri Jennincs Rou, II Tavares, Florida Mildred Ci.ari Schwartz . . . New Philadelphia, Ohio U.S.. Bush, U.S.. Elementary Education SECOND ROW FOURTH ROW Rebeci Lillian Him Clermont, Florida Frank Joseph Scuderi Lakeland, Florida ;.Y. Elementary Education U.S.. Accounting [ " homas Eugeni kiss Cassopolis, Mkhigan Edward Lawrenci Si a k . . .St. Petersburg, Florida i.V. Business Administration U.S.. History Edna [am Ryder White Plains, New York Lit . m Shapiro Brooklyn, New York U.S.. Home Economics U.S.. Busmess . ,| Lewis Blades Sanchez Tampa, Florida U.S., Business Administration Mil ii vi i Georgi Shapiro .... New York, New York BS. , Business Richard S. Sanfilippo Miami Beach, Florida Johnnii Lam Sherousi Tampa, Florida B s . Business Administration A3., Religion his Donald Sargent Clinton, New fersej [ohn William Shirah .... B.S., Business Idministration B.S., Scient Lakeland, Honda f 220 ■HMHRHMM Minnie the lion gets her lipstick put on straight Co-ed sponsors Betty Harvey and Joan Spongier serve Mr. Gross, Dr. MacGowan, and Colonel Levitt at an R.O.T.C. Reception. THE SENIORS... 1960 Rou Sargent Scheuermann Senger Schiff Shapiro Schmidt Shapiro Schoen Sherouse Schwart Shirah 51 " . 7 ■ jr- " f I MM u Have you ever seen a better Alice in Wonderland scene? " 1 THE SENIORS ... 1 960 1 Stakey Swift Staubesand Taylor Steen Teeny Stith Terry Strang Thaye bJ an IMBHBiB nBIB 11 Simmons Smith Sinclai Smith Strange Thomas FIRST ROW THIRD ROW Elmer Rw Simmons Dover. Florida Shirley Ann Stakey Long Island, New York U.S., Citrus Tom Di ki Si ni mons U.S.. Business Administration Don Mi) Ai n Sini i wv. Union, New Jerse) B.S., Industrial Arts B.S., Busin Miami. Florida IUimdmi Paui Staubesand - . . Eau Gallie, Florida U.S.. Business Administration Clayton C. Skinner ;.v. Mathematii Edgar Mxkiin Skinner Lakeland, Florida Josi ni Wnii im Stek: Lloyd (.arnir Stith . Tampa, Florida Orlando. Florida . . . . Lakeland, Florida James L. Strance, Jr Lakeland, Florida U.S., Business U.S., Business Administration Is mm 1 1 Shoki New York, New York Mm sii Monfort Strangi Lakeland. Florida B.A., English B.S., Elementary Education SECOND ROW l " R Nk Biwim Smith, |r Bartow, Florida („V„ Business Geraldini Y. Smiiii Ft. Meade. Florida B.S., Elementary Education FOURTH ROW Willi i . Sw in B.S., Industrial irts W ' ii 1 1 ni 11 MtRis I w i OR . U.S., Ac John 1) v in Smith, Jr. Lakeland, Florida Gi ni 1 i n lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida , ' .V. In, luminal Arts Lanci Edward Smith Inverness, Florida B.S., Business Administration Martha lwilda Smith .... Harrington, Delaware B.S., Physical Education Don m n lit Sparks Greenfield, Indiana U.S.. Business Administration K ri n I iii im I i rri Long Island. New York . ' .v. Home Economit s Ann Stolz Iiiwir Lakeland. Florida U.S.. Education Bobby Joi I homas Lakeland. Florida : v. Accountine FIRST ROW THIRD ROW Alberi I. rHOMPSON Randallstown, Maryland Ralph R. Umsted Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S., Psychology B.S., Accounting Elizabeth P. Fhompson .... Interlaken, New Jerse) Janet Marii Lnoro Malverne, New York B.S., Psychology B.S., Elementary Education si i i ii S. Thompson Plant ( ii . Florida [ohn K. Vermette Lakeland, Florida A.B.. Language B.S., Business Vera Ih.ima Iiikvmiik Gainesville, Florida fOAN E. Vermette Lakeland, Florida B v. Elementary Education U.S.. Home Economics Georgi Christopher Tice Lakeland, Florida David Leigh Vincent Waterville, Maine U.S., Speech U.S.. Business Ros mi, W. I i n in i Plant Cil . Florida Thomas Edward Vitito Clearwater, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts B.S., Science SECOND ROW FOURTH ROW [AMES Rai Iu t Lakeland. Florida JANE! CAMILLE Waters Lakeland, Florida : I . Social Scienct B.S., Elementary Education Ron mii I ' u i Trimm Lakeland. Florida Carol Rhuneli Walters Lakeland, Florida B.S., Education B.S., Elementary Education Dona Louisi I m mii i Leesburg, Florida Rkii sun Bruci Walters lakeland. Florida B.S., Busini B.S., Business Administration I ' m Warren Tyler Seffner, Florida Marilyn Weyani Walters Lakeland, Florida ; s . Biology . ' .v. Secondary Education David Harold I won Poughkeepsie, New York David Wayni Walters Milwaukee, Wisconsin I: S , Business Administration U.S.. Business Howard Kenneth [ " yus Lakeland, Florida Hazei Juanita Warner Eagle Lake. Florida B.S., Business Administration B.A., Language 224 Umsted Waters " • mSHKUUKBSBiaBBmm Yesterday, a high school bobby soxer; today, a young lady beginning her college career. Look ma, no cavities! THE SENIORS ... 1960 Tindli Tyus Ungr Walte Vermette Walters Vermette Walters Vincent Walters " 225 What ADPi wouldn ' t beam when accepting the Kappa Sigma Olympics trophy! LS MFT . . . Sold to Zeta Tau Alpha THE SENIORS ... 1960 ) 226 ■■■HBnMHMHni !■■■« ' Weihe Weiss Weitzner Wes tph White Whitehe ad Whittaker William FIRST ROW THIRD ROW Verni Vlden Warner Eagle Lake, Florida Marshall Euceni Wilson Leesburg, Florida B.A.. Language U.S.. Business James Melville Weihe . . . . Fairmont, West Virginia Joanne Beryl Wiseman . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida IiS., Education a.I ' ,.. Religious Education Lourene Novak Weiss Eagle Lake, Florida William Dean Witten Lake Wales. Florida B.S., Elementary Education It. A.. Social Science Roiiiri M. Weitzner .... Fori Lauderdale, Florida Georgi Woldseth Lakeland, Florida U.S.. Biology n.A.. History |imii! Ann Westphai Green Bay, Wisconsin (.i i Charles Woolen Lakeland. Florida U.S., Business Administration U.S., Accounting Donna Ellen Wheless St. Petersburg, Florida | i Snow Worlei Brooks; ilk. Florida U.S.. Education }..-).. Social Studies SECOND ROW FOURTH RQW Lawrence Allan White Lakeland, Florida Carlton R. Wrighi Norfolk, Virginia - " ' ■ En S lish B.S., Business Necia Jo White Houma, Louisiana Iiiidikiki l. Wycall Chatham, New ferse) AM., Sociology b.S., Biology Charles 11. Whitehead Lakeland. Florida Hi k Lee Yonce Lakeland. Florida U.S., Social Studies U.S., Business Administration Harr Morgan Whittaker Orlando. Florida |i m Cooper Vhim Long Island. New York BS., Citrus B.S., Secretarial Science Blanchi ( i uk Williams . . . Greenwood, Mississippi Francis Anthony Zapatka . . . Kensington, Connecticut U.S.. Physical Education g.s. Biology Michael R. Williams Warsaw, Indiana U.S.. Business 227 FIRST ROW ( ; C.iuzi V. iiiii i miii,i . . .... Basrah. Iraej j • J Rawiom. Auk, Jr Xorthhcld. Illinois iVfA j£h A Mars Asm iiki m,i Bradenton. Florida AN 1M A Ronnii In Akins Lakeland. Florida i ? ti ML Jk • SECOND ROW flr Ki iha Lynn Anderson Hollvw I. Florida a?8k v (.ami ( ' (iwvai Andrews Apopka. Florida F W j ... " •• " ——± Alice T. Arj.yros Fort Lauderdale. Florida ,. " fj ' ' ' Atl A | whs In r isikos( DeLand. JMmA % m % % r N THIRD ROW fc, » t - W Havs L. Arnold Thomaston, Georgia Ik Keith Hickman Asher Lakeland. Florida , kY " i ll jjff J$ i. Thelma Caroi Laski . . South Hern ' pstead, New York -..; ' A l)o Hvu.iin Ai (.immiak.ii .... Dade Cit . Florida flf M A FOURTH ROW " 1 ; J|, Marilyn Mai Arm Miami. Florida James Bernard Aires Easton, l ' cnns hania jflftfe l WiEiiAM J. Baird. Jr St. Thomas, omario 9L(I B Sandra Baltz. . Lakeland, Florida § FIFTH ROW Ronnie T. Barnes Homestead. Florida V v George S. Bartholomew Lakeland. Florida f MmUj L 1 J Allan Frank Bednar Greenwich, Connecticut ■■ ' M 1 I 7f fli |H M m la m £1 f £ ihomas Howard Biniiin .... Plandome, New York ' ■ W X Karen Lit Benti Pompano Beach, Florida . ■ 1 Barbara Jill Berths. Dunedin. Florida Delia Bl u km kn Bird Sarasota. Florida H SEVENTH ROW |A its Morris Book Lakeland. Florida |x iis .... mUt A m±. a ' ' kt m mkwto j mmMt I AWi? M% I jh ioj 14 1 Mm ii mi | Bouen Deerfield Beach. Florida JV ' I li B j 1 jj ■ V£ 229 _ Big de vhich magazine THE JUNIORS THIRD ROW Ri iivrd Wagner Carlson Clearwater. Morula Chloi Anna Carpenter Femandina Beach, Florida nnii Lee Case Tampa. Florida Robiri Hi sum Cass. Jr Lakeland, Florida Robert Joseph Chaimn Smart, Florida kiiiir Miodlfton Cheek Lakeland, Florida Carol Lei Chloupek Prospect Heights. Illinois FOURTH ROW Ruth Wookman Ci ark Sheffield, Massachusetts Albert Paul Clauss Lake George, New York Donald Faull Clemens Lakeland, Florida Mary Tippie Cobb Plant City, Florida Gary Leland Conner Lakeland, Florida William Freeman Cooper Isle of Pines. Cuba Catherine L. Corn well Venice. Florida BOTTOM ROW Samuel n. Boyd North Fast, Maryland lli kiui i m Boyer Weirsdale, Florida John Houston limm Kev West, Florida |IMM1 I.ii Bri dwi li Winter Garden. Florida Margari i Sri Briii Winter Garden. Florida Deveda Broki nsiiiri Lakeland, Florida Charles A. Brown Tampa, Florida FIFTH ROW Robiri Edwin Cotter Warrington, Florida William Delbert Coveli Rossie, New York Sally Kay Craic Zolfo Springs. Florida Charles C. Crawford Brown Fort Lauderdale. Florida Virginia J. Curci Bridgeport. Connecticut Charles Biford Cox Bartow, Florida Roi ni Lamar Dale Miami. Florida FIRST ROW James I ii man Brownlee Lantana, Florida Robiri F. Broyles Jacksonville, Florida John A. Bucciarelli Mount Vernon, New York William Fv ns Bryant Fort Pierce, Florida Don mii ii TOR lii mi. [R Detroit. Michigan KmiKi R. Bugbei Winter Haven. Florida Virginia Burgess Crystal Lake. Illinois SECOND ROW 1 nnni in B ssi 1 1 Hi rk Lakeland, Florida David Michaei Burns Venice, Florida WILLIAM Demer Bikns West Palm Beach, Florida Vrch Hinno Busby Wilton. Connecticut Gordon Leslii Bush Downers Grove, Illinois Gar Winston wiiron Plant City, Florida Era William Carlsen Vero Beach, Florida SIXTH ROW Edward Potter Daily Orlando. Florida Michael Lawrf.no Daley Burlington, Vermont Atlff. Walter Davis Bartow. Florida Samuel Lawrence Davis Lakeland. Florida Ronald IIinion DiIUrki uburndale, Florida Frvnk Nicholas Diitim Berns County, Pennsylvania Marion Joyce Dittfr Dade City, Florida SEVENTH ROW Geoffrey B. Dobson Sarasota. Florida [ames I. Donovan Clearwater, Florida Douglas Wayne Driggers Plant City, Florida Alice F. Durick Lakeland. Florida Richard D. Duvai Jefferson Cit . Missouri 1)1 knni I " . Fi ion Key West. Florida i i 1 n riiur Edwards Lakeland. Florida Sa ra I i ■ wmmmaaKammnm i CS Of p c diktim m«ik d J!!l {!% Ij4 d ' A I 7, ilk ilk mm t 1 k 0 k dm fik 231 a Vicki Waters and Barbara Rabette examine their newly decorated door BOTTOM ROW (.iokc.i Egner Daytona Beach, Florida | whs Howard Ellis Bartow, Florida Richard Penn Engler South Orange, New Jersey Raiford E. English Lakeland. Florida Charles [wiis Evans Fort Pierce, Florida Everson K i 1 1 1 1 Ewinc Lakeland, Florida Carolyn Sanders Fii.tv Okahumpka, Florida THE JUNIORS THIRD ROW Sally Rae Georce Largo. Florida Phillip (amis Gillispie Fort Meade, Florida Georgi K. (.ii.iii am) Wood River, Illinois (iixkiis 1). Gimbei Tarpon Springs, Florida Rrni Harriett Girdman Sarasota, Florida Dennis C.rvni Glider Miami Shores, Florida Gwendolyn Ann Gober Tampa. Florida FOURTH ROW Doxothi Ann Goftz Stuart, Florida Miki Ellen Graves Miami. Florida Harri Conner Griffin Bartow. Florida Donald B. Griswold Hollywood, Florida nni ivrh H. Grunicke Clearwater, Florida Armando Gutierrez, Jr Kc West. Florida i kin EUGEN) H VDl i i Lakeland, Florida FIFTH ROW James Edward Hagen St. Petersburg, Florida James ] Hager Pitman. New ferse) Raymond Alan Hager Nicholasville, Kentucky Richard E. Haldeman Fort Lauderdale. Florida Kenneth I. Hallenbor( Wilmette, Illinois Jot Robert Hamby Lakeland. Florida Russell F. Handy, Jr Nortli Miami, Florida FIRST ROW Mariel Ester Ferre Newton Centre. Massachusetts Patricia Ann Fielding Savannah, Georgia Ellen Ross Flowers Danville, Virginia John Him mi; Flowers Balboa. Canal Zone Rex Gordon Flynn Essex, Iowa William . Foshei Lakeland, Florida Sandra Kw Foulk Pnnta Gorda, Florida sixth row Mylene Rai Hannigan . MARJORIl Ann 11 ki in . . Dorothy Hardee Harkala Mii ion 1.. Harm an . . . Richard Finley Harrell . Mil A I ll B. II VRRISON Ronal Carlous Haskins . St. Petersburg, Florida . Flushing, New York . . Plant City, Florida . . Geneva, New York . Auburndale, Florida . Palmetto. Florida . . Lakeland. Florida SECOND ROW Si i I ' ll i n E ui. I it n R . Rll II vrd |oel Frii dman |UD1 III I. NN Frosi Pi I I K I I NSION . . . . Mary Patricia Gambli fACK II ( . IRRIS0N . . plNNI ( II Will IN (. 1 . . Tarpon Springs. Florida . . Fairfield, Connecticut . . . Lakeland, Florida Pound Ridge, New York . . Jacksonville, Florida . . . Plant City, Florida Ocean Springs. Mississippi SEVENTH ROW Sum St i Hastings Fort Pierce. Florida Karl Douglas Hawkins Scotia, New York Gerard f. Hayes Lakeland. Florida 1 i k i it Esion Haymond W. Palm Beach. Florida Joan Mary Hedlund Nclherland. Antilles Edwin Cole Higgison Waycross, Georgia Dinnis At in n Hili. . . Dehav Beach. Florida i K Jl 11 tmm mmw 9 f f» o Z5 . ! I J ' J 233 Go, Phi Mu sailors, go. THE JUNIORS THIRD ROW l)i v i Joseph Ri arm v Lakeland, Florida Bedford Alvin Keen Winter Haven, Florida Kay 15. Martin Keen Orlando. Florida Iiiomvs juiis Keenan Pompano Beach, Florida Cordon H. Keith Jacksonville. Florida Kenneth E. Kendali Neenah. Wisconsin | whs Albert Kerce Mulberry, Florida FOURTH ROW Mary Elizabeth Keyser Altamonte Springs, Florida Barbara B. Khonicon St. Cloud, Florida Burtwin L. King Bay Shore, New York Dan Edwards Kinsi y Camaguey, Cuba Linda Louise Kirk Melbourne. Florida Monte Klein Stratford, Connecticut James Anthony Kless Cleveland, Ohio BOTTOM ROW Nancy Kim Hogarth . Cynthia | i i Hollister Don W vi i it Holmes . ( .Kl k in n Holzbaur . . Robert A i iri i Hopkins . (.1 i w Lester Hopson . . [OYCl ANN1 Mm . . . . Palm Beach. Florida Ilka, New York . . Orlando, Florida . Miami. Florida . Ramsey. New Jersey . m ii Park, Florida m Hill, Pennsylvania FIFTH ROW Philip Klesius Pass-A-Grille, Florida John P. Klimas Sarasota, Florida Frank C. Klodf. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Brenda Knowifs Lakeland, Florida Roi.ir W. Kciiii si i i i Grand Rapids. Michigan Edward Jon Kolaska Union, New Jersey John Arthur Kotas Cicero, Illinois |o n Shirley Huff . . John Richard Irranc Larrv Keith Jackson Rom ui I | wsi n Marc, vki i |i N ' CKS Dm i.l s |ohnson . I.i onard Johnson Foil Lauderdale, Florida . Killarney, Florida . . . lakeland. Florida . Orange Park. Florida . . Plant Ciiv, Florida . Lakeland, Florida Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania SIXTH ROW Jane Ann KroSCHV itz Dunedin, Florida Cecil Deland Lanier Lakeland, Florida Bertel Arnf. Lei Stratford. Connecticut Arnold Jay Levin Toms River. New Jersey Samuel Downs Lewis Lake Wales Florida Mary Susan Little Lakeland, Florida Leslie Lloyd North Miami. Florida SECOND ROW SEVENTH ROW Gerai d Norman Jones |i u: i n Emu v )n i s . Rom ri Mil ion JoNl S Arleni Roberta [oure ( 1 1 kis | vmis k vi las . 1 1 m i ii Kw Karnes . vkki Ri ubf.n Kvv . Winston-Salem, North Carolina Plain City, Florida . . . Lake Hamilton. Florida Oak Park, Illinois . Poughkeepsie, New York Lakeland, Florida Ocala, Florida Nora Mai: Lockerbi . . David Raymond Louer . J amis Louis Lubach . . Harry Michaei. Lucas . I HOM VS F.ARI I I.l NDOl ' ISI |uii Ai lan Mack . . . Glen John Maggio . . . . Ludlovvville, New York . Syracuse, New York . Fanwood, New [erse) . . . Lakeland. Florida . . Clearwater, Florida Union City, New Jersey . West held. New Jersev ■ rwww i v 1 Fa ■ ill f J a a - £ « .o • a ' © a o zS. O 3 £ % J 235 WK, xtrovert when BOTTOM ROW Breni Russeli Mai.ever Ocala. Florida Howard Stuarh Malver Tuscon, Arizona Peter Aniiioni Marasco Tarrytown, New York Paul Marer Budapest. Hungan Mari Louisi Masses Bradenton, Florida Dave Jon Matteson Tarpon Springs, Florida Carolyn Fix hi Mayer Memphis, Tennessee FIRST ROW Lon McCabi ( omi k R u Mi 1 i n i Gary (.. McKay ... Joyce Linda McKei I-ri ii A. McKeithen . . ROBl ki W. M K.I n . II I MM | (Ml S M( I M SECOND ROW | n s l)o u ii Mi Lai i. iii in Jons ii BUR Mi Li mi . . I li i. ii 1 dwin McNatt . . . ( vmii L. li isi ii . . . Be i ki Milam ( II M!l I s |lisl ■ I ' ll Mil I I K . l)o i Bi Miller . . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida . . . . Bartow, Florida . . . Sarasota, Florida . . Orlando, Florida . . . . Bartow. Florida . Tavernier, Florida . . . . Brooklyn. Iowa . Kissimmee, Florida . . Lakeland, Florida . . . Miami. Florida Winter Haven, Florida . Gainesville. Florida . Arcadia, Florida . . Lakeland, Florida THE JUNIORS THIRD ROW HiKHtRi Si win Miller Bradenton, Florida Marilyn Jam Miller Mount Dora. Florida Edward John Monarchik Ocala. Florida I kii Montaldi Bradenton. Florida Robert Gordon Morgan Lakeland. Florida ki nihil DeWitt Morris Yidalia. Georgia William Eldo.n Mothorpi Dansville, New York FOURTH ROW Fred I homas Mullens Tampa, Florida Jons. Hail Muscrave Springfield. Pennsylvania James Arthur Musselman Fairfield. Pennsylvania Edward Lee Myrick Pompano Beach. Florida Thomas Allen Myrick Greenbelt, Maryland Carolyn Helene Nichols Salem. New Jerse) Roberi Landrum Nichols Jacksonville. Florida FIFTH ROW Iiiomas Arthur Nies Lakeland. Florida Carl Edgar Nimnicht Orlando, Florida Robert Joseph Ninfo Riverdale, New York Geraldine O. Noble Lakeland, Florida Oleta Margaret Oppelt Hampton. Virginia Thomas Whitley Osborni Lakeland. Florida Li nni K.AROLEE OWENS Palmetto, Florida SIXTH ROW Wiluam Frank Packer Garwood, New Jersey Monte Thomas Parola Hartford, Connecticut Don. ias I irnir 1 ' akrish Glennvillc. Georgia Paul Eugene Parrish Homeland. Florida Jerold Boyatt Peacock Dade City, Florida Mm r Peck, Jr Waverly, Penns ylvania ir(.ini MABEL I ' ikkins St. Louis, Missouri SEVENTH ROW Georgi Ellis Petrii Bartow. Florida Fred Dougi s Pierson Lakeland. Florida John Bernard I ' m man Apopka, Florida Jacqueline E. Primi N. Miami Beach, Florida Rohiri M. Pryor Fan Gallic Florida |oiin ( xri Rano Del.and. Florida | mis Richard Reinking Spring Lake. Michigan !f C S l» " £■■ ) j S l ■% 1 f r f r a .r rife " Jjj (rfc ■ ill 4P a I 0 : - ) ' ■■ ' : " ' -•: III I I N Rl 1 |( I1S kl (. Sandeen . ( . m Mai k S vi i f.rfiei d Larri 1. Saunders . . i iii odor] sc ii ki i m i in K monii A] III. S( IIMIM In K I) Si i in k i . Man in the hall BOTTOM ROW Lois Hunter Rhodes Queen nne. Maryland Tom Robinson Ric r Lakeland, Florida Win sun M. Rich. Jr West Palm Heath. Florida David Monroi Ricketson Winter Garden, Florida In. Ro Harleman Lakeland. Florida George W. Robertson Kagle Lake, Florida Patricia June Robinson Bryn Main. Pennsylvania FIRST ROW Ruth Ellen Rogers Huntington, West Virginia ROBER1 R. Rom I Tuckahoe. New ' link m n i Kathryn Roosa Riverhead, New York James Emmett Roper, Jr Winter Garden, Florida Nelson K. Rosf.crans Riviera Beach, Florida I im kd Allen Rubin Great Neck, New Jersey Robert Watson Rule Pompano Beach, Florida SECOND ROW Camaquey, Cuba Madison, Ohio Winston-Salem, North Carolina Lakeland, Florida . . Vallej Stream, New York .... Palm Beach. Florida Lakeland. Florida THE JUNIORS THIRD ROW Anni Caroline Selden Fort Myers, Florida Lillian L. Sellers Jacksonville, Florida ( i nii Jul Shafer Punta Gorda, Florida March Iniz Mini hi: Plant City. Florida Robert Rundell Sharp Brian lill Manor. New York vni iia 15. Shepard Dade City, Florida Carol Sue Shiplett Bradenton, Florida FOURTH ROW Julian C. Simerly, Jr Coconut Grove, Florida James Mitchei Smith . Vero Beach. Florida John Hindi Smith Berwyn, Illinois Margaret Carom Smith .... Tampa, Florida Richard Merrill Smith Tampa, Florida Benjamin C. Smoot Fort Myers, Florida Murriel Kate Snapp Plant City, Florida FIFTH ROW Joan Elizabeth Spangler Somerset. Pennsylvania William 1). Stafford Tampa, Florida ' AMES |oit Stamison Riverside. Illinois Charles J. Stanaland Ocala. Florida Rachel Joyci Stanley Plant City, Florida Hi ski B. Shin Glasgow, Kentuck) George Weir Stevens Sarasota. Florida SIXTH ROW Hi in Ann S i i w k i Bradenton. Florida Care Edmund Stormani Weirsdale, Florida Jack R. Strathmeyer York, Pennsylvania Robert Dennis Sumner Dade City, Florida Tai Young Sim Seoul. Korea Thomas G. Svitak Westchester, Illinois Robert Leonard Sweat Inverness, Florida SEVENTH ROW William (.ik ki Sweeney Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Linton A. Taylor Jacksonville, Florida si san Linda Taylor Toms River, New Jcrsev Rosi MARIE FORD I i n ii Lakeland, Florida Dei Anna Thomas Hopkinsville, Kentuck) John Rons Thompson Winter Haven, Florida Rebecca A. Thompson Boca Grande, Florida ' J 4l " t 31 M L LKH J? ■ r iii Jul % SP k j4PHH r k mHHHh rirli mail, .T Oi ■} r% ft| 3 £| BOTTOM ROW Mario | mis Toffolo Fort Lauderdale, Florida (.kwi Reeve Townsend Loxahatchee, Florida Allan Wayni Trevelyan Sebring, Florida RoniRi Lewis Van Nim Sarasota, Florida Patricia Ann C. Varnum Lithia, Florida llisin Sri ni i Vaughan Clinton, Michigan William Roberi Wadi Lakeland, Florida THE JUNIORS SECOND ROW Franklin Dm vnd Wheat Severn. Maryland [ames VVhidden Bartow. Florida S ni:k Ruth Wickham Ocala. Florida Nano nn Wilcox South Bend. Indiana C 11 ki i s Burton Williams lakeland. Florida Dean Louis Williams St. Petersburg, Florida Mar Elizabeth Williams Lakeland. Florida THIRD ROW Kindaii M w kit i Winter Palmetto, Florida Clara Belli Wise Jacksonville. Florida Leonard Durward Womack Lakeland, Florida CelesTI Rosi Woyak Flniira, New York William Hi nk Wrage, |k. . . Sraithtown, Long Island. New York Robert Alan Wright Ramsey, New Jersey Sara Elizabeth Wright Otala. Florida FOURTH ROW Win mm Fredrick Wyllie Tampa. Florida Janet Ruth Yates Miami. Florida William M. Yelvincton Hastings, Florida John Bassett Yovi Plant City, Florida Jean Hi i i n Zimmerman Kldorado, Wisconsin FIRST ROW Margarei I ' hi i ii Walker Miami Shores. Florid Carlton Bigelow Waller Clearwater, Florid Fmiii Norred Walthf.r Winter Haven, Florid | mis Roberi Walton, Jr Pompano Beach, Florid | k [01 Watson Sarasota, Florid Richard David Wi vver Canton. Ohi H RI I I n W ' l I ill kini.ion Plant C i t . Florid r " D ft 9 L .M f 0 % C % ' ' jC I 9 CI Proof that FSC has the loveliest co-eds " Now send the pledges after the SAE lion, " say the Pi Kaps TH E SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Jack Trufant President Joan Tyler Vice-President Beverly Brown Secretary-Treasurer TYLER, TRUFANT, BROWN O J E MW1I WBKKKtBKmmmm THIRD ROW Claude Wm. Abate . . Sll PHI El l.l M Acki K . David Wilson Ackerman Sylvia Lynn Adams . . Emily Sue Aiken . . . Jacob Arnold Albrecht . Carla Jean Albritton . . Glen Cove, New York . Sparta, New Jersey . Livingston, New Jersey Winter Garden, Florida . . . . Miami, Florida . Ithaca, New York . Fan Gallic, Florida Ann 1)i i i Vmbrose . . Charles Edward Anderson Charlotte A. Amu rson . . Frances L. Anderson . . . Lance C. Anderson . . . Nil KON Ji an Ari n i . . . Tommy F. Ashe .... Louisville, Kentucky . Avon Park, Florida t Iwensboro, Kentucky . Quincy, Florida . Bradenton, Florida . . . Miami. Florida . Cuileoka, Tennessee SECOND ROW FOURTH ROW Elizabeth S. Alderman . Anna Lee Alexander . . Jerry Paul Alexander . Lynnf. Deborah Alexander James Everett Allen, Jr. Van Ingersoll Alien . . Patrick Jcmn Aloia . . . . Ft. Myers, Florida . . . . Naples, Florida . . . Naples, Florida . Westbury, New York . Auburndale, Florida . Tampa, Florida Scotch Plains, New Jersey Marsha Lee Aston . Robert Henry Atlas . . Patricia Maxini Ausle |( N M r 1 1 Bagc.s . . Margery Ri hi Buiri Carolyn Joan Bai i i William Monroe Ball . . Lakeland. Florida Mount Vernon, New York . . . . Orlando, Florida . Great Neck, New York . . . Sarasota. Florida . . . Bradenton. Florida . . . Dade (it . Florida f 1 uo BnHiSt ' WBV CI gl mim m j v i 1 ■»• " W- A i k ft l 9 § £ ) A f i A A li Mi ill i ' il a i v % til f ft fl| f ( €% $ f Q I_L1H ■■■■■■■■■■■H uBJH " ■ THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW Vineyard K. Ballaru Clermont, Florida Nathaniei B. Ballantyni Bethel Park, Pennsylvania Gerald David Barnes Lakeland. Florida Dean Craig Barrett Jacksonville, Florida Phyllis Lee Barrett Ft. Myers, Florida Patricia O. Barringer Concord, North Carolina Nanci Ellen Barrow Columbus, Ohio SECOND ROW Edward Lee Barton. Jr Williston, Florida Donald R. Batchelder Westfield, New Jersey Clifford C. Beasley, Jr Gainesville, Florida Joan Carole Bechert Islamorada, Florida Ruth Louise Belinkoff Great Neck. New York m uni Anthony Best Lakeland. Florida Caroi Sue Beuster Kewanee. Illinois THIRD ROW Leslie Alfred Billib Sarasota, Florida Linda Kay Bjorkman Granite City, Illinois Jackie Marcus Blocker Bartow, Florida Robert Allan Blount Leesburg, Florida Frances Irene Blount Pompano Beach, Florida Carol Ann Bor.r.s Barlow. Florida Barbara Joyce Bond Tampa, Florida hine you ' ll get 2 points. SIXTH ROW James Herman Bryant . Elizabeth Jane Burbank Barron Peck Burhans . Gladys Racy Bursk . . Leonard Norman Byrd Dianne Edmand Cade . Patricia Ann Cain . . Columbus, Georgia . . . Monroe. Maine . . Lakeland. Florida . . Lakeland. Florida . . Lakeland. Florida Northvale, New [erse . Atlanta, Georgia FOURTH ROW Gordon Crews Bond Lakeland, Florida Roger Gene Bond Winter Park. Florida William Harold Boom Lakeland. Florida Codell Augusta Borgman Cocoa, Florida Robert Lloyd Boren Bartow, Florida Sandra Lucia Borja Lakeland, Florida Brenda Jkni Bowers Miami. Florida FIFTH ROW Edward R n Boza Key West, Florida Aniuonn J. Braddock North Bergen, New ferse) Gregory Stinson Britton Cos Cob, New Jersey Joanna C. Brockway Boston. Massachusetts Lorna Jean Brooks Kissimmee, Florida Bessie Luctlli Brown Carrollton, Virginia Beverly | vn Brown Vtlanta, Georgia SEVENTH ROW Ouvia Long Cai dwi ll . . Bernice Alene Cameron (Ann rini I . Camim r . Elizabeth Anne Canfield Robert Gary Carbaugh . Bonnie Joanne Cari.six . lot in Edwin Carter . . EIGHTH ROW Wnii wi Ei (.1 ni Carter Arthur Stanley Carver DENNISON M ( M sin . Clarisse L. Chamberlin . Ki nni 111 i bert Chari i s Arthur IT. Cheek . . . Fred Ranger Choati Lakeland. Florida Brewster, Florida . . . . Jacksonville, Florida Webster Springs, West Virginia Tavares, Florida Lakeland, Florida Tavernier, Florida Auburndale, Florida . Lakeland. Florida . Lakeland. Florida . Ft. Myers, Florida . Auburn, New York . Miami. Florida Park Ridge. Illinois f f Jj Jf ■ 4 ■ Tl Q ! %. • Ck m fl l SI ffc 0t iiM f J u J k m f% . 1 li r , i,j w 0A § 1 . __JR__ _ 4 ft , .- - - ■■■awtty THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW Bin am Thomas Clark Lakeland, Florida Gary Keith Clark Lakeland, Florida William James Clecc Belmont, Massachusetts Arthur F. Clifford Miami, Florida Marvel M. Cline Lakeland. Florida John Arthur Clockadale Maitland. Florida Geraldine Jo Cocciardi Sarasota, Florida SECOND ROW Stephen Maris Cochran Lakeland. Florida Judith Georgia Colburn Greensburg, Pennsylvania Ronald Leigh Coleman Lancaster. Ohio Larry Lee Collins Evansville. Indiana Ada Merle Collins Zolfo Springs, Florida Judith Anne Cork Lakeland, Florida Ben Edgar Cothern, Jr Lakeland, Florida THIRD ROW Patricia Ann Covello Delray Beach, Florida Glenda Carolyn Cox Orlando, Florida Troy Dwain Cox Bradenton, Florida Larrie David Crosby Lake Wales, Florida Lloyd Thomas Cunningham Lakeland, Florida William Roy Currie Rochester, New York C. L. Cuthbertson, Jr Lithia, Florida FOURTH ROW Anthony Peter Davidson Highland Park. Illinois Allan Bruce Davidson Whitinsville. Massachusetts Lilian Roberta Dean Lakeland. Florida Michael Ancelo Defeen Lakeland, Florida Barbara Ann Decaeta Punta Gorda, Florida Janet Ann Decaeta Punta Gorda. Florida Patricia Lillian Deiimer Armonk, New York FIFTH ROW Donald Lloyd Dixon Hialeah, Florida Charles C. Dockery West Palm Beach. Florida Frank Martin Dreyer Plainfield, New Jersey l)i wis Hewitt Drury Polk City. Florida Robert Price Duff Miami Shores. Florida David Franklin Dunson Haines City, Florida Susan Lee Eckhardt Menomonee Falls. Wisconsin t fits! Can I borrow it? " SIXTH ROW Harry Virgil Edmonds Lakeland. Florida Charles Hugh Edwards Dade City. Florida William Randall Ehret Harrington Park. New Jersey Ronald Benton Elliott Winter Park. Florida Edward Alan Ellis Hollywood. Florida Dorothy Sue Endres Haworth, New Jersey Hirhiki Hilliard Enilow . Lakeland. Florida SEVENTH ROW Judith L. Eppenberber Sarasota. Florida Harold Eugene Eubanks Jacksonville, Florida Yvonne Marie Eynon Bradenton. Florida Henry A. M. Faber. Jr Bellmore. New York Howard Edgar Farris Coleman, Florida Henry Joseph Feldman Shorewood, Wisconsin Richard Olsen Fei.ton Rev West. Florida BOTTOM ROW Bun i Lindsay Ferguson Warwick, Florida John Joseph Fletcher Lake Wales, Florida David Rhiiwii Fletcher Orlando, Florida Dints Louis Fontaine lakeland, Florida Edvi ki Herbert Ford kev West, Florida John Barr Franklin I ' tica, New York Corliss W. Frederick Winter Haven, Florida " ' " 3 {S » ft ?. i ,. • 4M ■ I I i r k £? V ' :;f1-|JI t--; „ f - T ' r § iltifi i ■HhMbhhb THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW Donna Hi mi Frye Huntington, New York Jean Fulford Plant City, Florida Samuel Ai nson Fuller Plant City, Florida Arthur Brooksey Futch Lakeland, Florida Gerald Wayne Caddy Jackson Springs, North Carolina Hope Godfrey Gaebi Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Theresa (■. Gardner Winter Haven, Florida SECOND ROW nc Lucilli Gavin Dover, Florida Jerri Brandt Gebhardt Pekin, Illinois ELAlNf Gemmell Haines City, Florida Marie Kelly Gibbons Winchester, Indiana Harry Donald Cuius Wauchula, Florida Carl Howard Giles Big Stone Gap, Virginia Paul A. (,1111s St. Petersburg, Florida ' Like man, get that beat! THIRD ROW Charles Robert Coding Tampa, Florida Raymond Ernest Goetz St. Petersburg, Florida Myrna Goldenberg Maplewood, New Jersey Edward Irwin Goldsmith Charleston, West Virginia Terry nn Goodhope Lakeland. Florida Johnny Dewaine Could Miami Beach, Florida George Thomas Govignon Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW (ll l(l IS I HOM s 1 1 KRI I N Id m 111 S. Harris .... Richard Edwin Harvin . Bi 1 1 t Snow Harvey . . . Rn 11 uii f. Hazen . . . . Robert Henry Heath . . Don F.i i a A. Hedgepeth . . . Ponce, Puerto Rico Woodstown, New Jersey . . Avon Park. Floi id.i . Jacksonville, Florida . . . Lakeland, Florida . . . Lakeland. Florida . Knoxville, Tennessee FOURTH ROW John Robert Gregory . Eugi ni L. Gutierrez . Frances Ann Hackney Nettie Lonelle Hadden Sandra Anita Hague . Peggy King Hal) man . Mary Kay Halloran . . . Lakeland. Florida . Key West, Florida Ft. Pierce, Florida . Elkton, Kentucky . . Vero Beach, Florida . . . Lakeland, Florida Grand Rapids, Michigan SEVENTH ROW Georgi Lloyd Heflin Fi. Lauderdale, Florida Thomas Ruth Hencey, III Plant City, Florida Marci In Hi mirk k Fort Meade. Florida Gwendolyn Morgan HiNi.it Hillsboro, Missouri Barnes I. Herndon, Jr Lake Wales, Florida Deanna 1)i i oris Hirrinc Pompano Beach, Florida Patricia Hettinger Ft. Lauderdale. Florida FIFTH ROW Robert Lit Hamii Leesburg, Florida Carolyn Melba J. Hannir Tampa. Florida Marilyn 1.. H nnik Tampa. Florida Barbara Alice Harbers Quakertown, Pennsylvania Judy Clare Harp Coral Gables, Florida Monty Hui.on Harri i i Lakeland, Florida Linda Jo Harrei.i Lakeland. Florida BOTTOM ROW Ellen Lei FIevener Swoope, irginia Larri Cordon Hut Lakeland, Florida Cini uni Minis Orlando, Florida | mis E. Hinis Frost Proof, Florida Julius Frank Hobbs Plain City, Florida |un Gilbert Holt Berwick. Pennsylvania Robin Hansel Hooker Haines City, Florida a n o a f " ji ■hM Wll i wmM. ' ■MMMM " " THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW James Shisler Hopper Bradenton, Florida Arum Carolyn Housfr Miami, Florida Morgan G. Howard Winter Garden, Florida Jimmy Lee Hoyi.e Canal Point, Florida Emma Earlene Hudson Chiefland, Florida David Joseph Huff Cincinnati, Ohio Sara E. Huches Bartow, Florida SECOND ROW Norman Loyal Huli Evansville, Wisconsin Elizabeth Joanne Hunter Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Jire Don Huxford Perry, Florida Mathilda Ambs Irvine Redlands, California Marjorii Irene Jackson Ft. Myers, Florida William W. T. Jackson Waterville, Maine Harold Walter Jensen Glen Cove, New York THIRD ROW Susan Elizabeth Jeui Cocoa Beach, Florida Barbara Ann Johnson Plant City, Florida Margaret Jane Johnson Greenville, South Carolina Malcolm John Johnson Vero Beach, Florida Matilda E. Johnston Costa Rica Carol Lynn Jones Blossburg, Pennsylvania John David Jones, Jr Ft. Myers, Florida " Who did you soy was colling? " asks Vilma Hevia. SIXTH ROW Janice Claire Kerr Ocala, Florida Barbara Louise Ketcham mityville, New York Carol Maxine Kimbreli Miami, Florida Kent Kauffman Kinfrt New Castle, Indiana Leah H. Kirkpatrick Columbus, Ohio Louis John Klaibfr Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Ernest E. Lacimoniere Montague City. Massachusetts FOURTH ROW Kenneth J. Jones Plant City, Florida Patricia Adele Jones Lakeland, Florida Sylvia Virginia Jones Miami, Florida William R. Jordan Dade City. Florida Romf.r Baer Justice Surfside, Florida Inez Latrelle Kamp Miami, Florida I hom s John Kaplan Winter Haven. Florida SEVENTH ROW Donald Ray Lamb Winter Haven, Florida Walter Allen Lampman ncramdale, New York I.imii I. Laurence Lakeland, Florida William David Lee Lakeland. Florida Edward Charles Levine Miami Beach. Florida Patricia Jane Lewis Haines City, Florida Linda Ann Likens Owensboro, Kentucky FIFTH ROW Lf.land E. Keck, Jk Settling, Florida Dennis Ralph Reefer Auburndale, Florida Charles Buddy Kiinf Clermont, Florida Allen Nfal Keller Plant City. Florida Edward T. Kenney, Jr Flushing. New York Mm II Ml 1. KeNNEI Flushing. New York Vincent Atwtll Kent Woodbury, New Jersey BOTTOM ROW William Morgan Linton Washington, D. C. Charles Howard Linton Dover, Florida Charles W. Lockwood Bartow, Florida Janica Cecilli Lodmell Lake Wales, Florida James I. rri Lowhorne uburndale, Florida k oiii Edward I inn South Orange. New Jersey Kiln Brown Mabry Conioid. North Carolina CS £ £ O £) fll M| a am ■ I f • • ' k i ?% r :T fgggg gmmui THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW Michael A. MacDonald Jenkintown. Pennsylvania Robert Stacy Macklin Auburndale, Florida [ames David Maffett Lakeland, Florida Ronald Aylmer Maine Skawerteles, New York (,i i Raymond Markley, Jr Hollywood, Florida Robert Andrew Martin Plainfield, New Jersey Tommy Ray Mason Lakeland, Florida SECOND ROW Sandra K. Maxweli Fernandina. Florida Kathleen Mayer Cincinnati, Ohio Merton Eden McDonald Albia, Iowa Ada Jane McKay C:oral Gables. Florida C.ar l.iw McKee Schenectady, New York Cecil Wayne McLaughlin Kissimmee, Florida Margaret An McLeod Lakeland, Florida THIRD ROW Welch Ear] Mi ns Jacksonville, Florida Michael M. Mfrritt Waterford, Pennsylvania Peneloi-e G. Messinger Denton. Texas Carol Scf Miller Miami. Florida Pi ii r Dougi vs Milliot Mamaroneck, New York Patricia Ann Milner Manhasset, New York Donna Lorraini Monnmr Damascus, Maryland FOURTH ROW Beverli Ann Moore Peekskill. New York (.i i Allen Moretz Bristol, Virginia Xadini Adeline Morgan Orlando, Florida Joe Campbell Morris, Jr Miami, Florida Mattie Hall Mundy Lakeland, Florida Fredrica Ann Murphy Lakeland. Florida Patrick Peter Murphy Bethpage. New York FIFTH ROW John Glenn Mutimer . (llKlsl INI I l i.l s . . . Lufi.i n Elizabeth Niiiir Jerry George Nistos . . Reginald A. Neuwien, Jr. 1 • ' .! i m.i i ii Ann Older . . Woodie James Pace, |k . Rockford, Illinois . University Park, Mai land . . Liberty Park, New Jersey . . Franklin. Pennsylvania . . . Stanford. Connecticut W. Charleston, West Virginia Lakeland, Florida Andy Luker and h SIXTH ROW ]l FFREY Dl IB PARRISH . Rl N PATRICI PARRISH . Roi Enos Pi hi grine . . Rebekah Lucy Perrow . Carroll Frank Peterson M r- Loi I ' ll ffer . . Ronnii Sun i I ' iiii LIPS nvinced that the hardest part of unpacking. . . . Mai ion. Indiana Pompano Beach, Florida . . Wantagh, New York . Inverness, Florida . . . Nokomis, Florida Indianapolis. Indiana - Winter Park, Florida SEVENTH ROW Gwendolyn E. Phillips Cotvit, Massachusetts [oyci Schaffer Phillips Cambridge. Mankind Michael Rand Phillips Vero Beach. Florida John Maximi Plant, Jr Lakeland. Florida Raymond E. Poitras, [k Winter Haven, Florida Charles Mi hael Polk, Jr Punta Gorda, Florida Kiwi Lamar Pollock Plant Cit , Florida BOTTOM ROW Hoi din Potter Wayne, New Jersey Edwin Earl Poweli Lakeland. Florida Thomas Moore Pownali Starke, Florida Linda L. F. Prescott Canton, Ohio Cynthia Diane Price Mt. Vernon, Indiana Lloyd Arthur Price Lakeland. Florida Donna Iii Prim in. Fort Myers, Florida 7 -TF fS Q ' k- ' A MMtflt - . ' ..,.■■.!.■ THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW Rodney King Proctor Plant City, Florida Judith Elaine Pullen Louisville, Kentucky Eddy Donald Rais Lakeland. Florida Maurice Daniel Rakes Lakeland, Florida Nina Jacquelyn Ramsay Columbus, Georgia Samuel Claude Rawls Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Philip M. Richardson, Jr Tampa, Florida SECOND ROW Nani Gayi.f. Richey Louisville, Kentucky Maija Rincle Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Hark ' . Wayne Roberts Lakeland, Florida Lois Sylvia Rucker Lake Placid, Florida Margaret Pearl Sargeant Lakeland, Florida Robert Edward Schevers Northbrook, Illinois ) i Schlosser Joliet, Illinois And now we present the heavenly angels of ZTA. THIRD ROW George Courtney Schmid Lakeland, Florida Judith Mae Schofield Brecksville, Ohio Timothy Collins Scobie Llmatillo. Florida Charles Andrew Shannon Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Susan Lee Sherry Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Sybil S. Shoemaker Venice, Florida Bii.i.iE Jo Shuman Lake Wales. Florida FOURTH ROW Richard Francis Simmel Sarasota. Florida Judy Eleanor Simon Miami, Florida Belinda Lourena Sims Port Richev. Florida Larry Lawrence Singer Montreal. Quebec Harry Anthony Slad Lakeland, Florida Cynthia Lou Smith Clermont. Florida Gloria Jane Smith Fort Meade, Florida FIFTH ROW Grady Harold Smith Plant (it , Florida James Braxton Smith Bradenton, Florida John Robert Smith Islamorada, Florida Robert Eugene Smith Bradenton, Florida [on Michael Sobel Yentnor, New Jersey Katherine L. Sousley Davtona Beach. Florida Leo Barry Sowell Tampa, Florida SIXTH ROW | tis McIver Speights Miami, Florida Barbara Jane Spencer Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Walter Sims Stearns tlania, Georgia James Odell Steelmon Columbus, Georgia Carol F. Stephens Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Marsha Lynnf Stermer St. Petersburg. Florida Edward Tarlton Stettnfr Miami, Florida SEVENTH ROW Mark Underner Stewart Clearwater, Florida Alan Lee Stiefel Chicago, Illinois Faith Elizabeth Stone Mt. Holly, North Carolina Loy Stormant Weirsdale, Florida Marilyn Bairo Strawn DeLand. Florida Jn. Karen Stringham Sarasota. Florida William G. Strickland Bartow. Florida BOTTOM ROW I nomas P. Strickland, III Tallahassee, Florida Earl Wayne Sutton Lakeland, Florida Donald I.ainf. Tabb Ruskin, Florida Oliver Franklin Taylor Brooksville, Florida Bf.tty Jo Teaglf. Wen Palm Beach, Florida Thomas Allen Thayer Orlando. Florida Millard L. Thigpen lachua. Florida SmJ Mk it 3 ■■il i J _ _ t«L THE SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW Vn t |i w [ " homas Lakeland, Florida Carl | rri i i Thompson Ft. Myer, Florida Mar Evelyn Todd Knoxville, Tennessee Rom m Hi ' CH Tollf. Orlando, Florida (,miki M. Trautschold Nutley, New [ersej Elmer John Trufani New Port Richey, Florida Lambert Joseph Turnier Glen Cove, New York SECOND ROW Ralph i ro.N Turner Winter Haven, Florida Mairian Dam ruRViLLl Clermont, Florida fOAN Theresa Tyler Thomasville, Georgia Donn Leslie Ulrey Oviedo, Florida Billi E. Valentine, Jr Jacksonville, Florida Donald Dare Vandenburgh Garden City, New York M kii A. W vi kins Lake Alfred, Florida This will teach you to pick on the brothe THIRD ROW I kki Fii.iM Webb Clearwater, Florida Pamela ( ii Webster Miami, Florida Sara Carolim: Welch Lakeland, Florida | i Wist Miami, Florida Bernard R. Whaley Lakeland, Florida Rkii rii Lloyd Whallev Plantation, Florida M ri Phyllis Whidden Bradenton, Florida FOURTH ROW Ronald William Whidden Boca Grande, Florida (imkii n 1). Whiiaker, Jr Marianna, Florida Nancy Chichester White Lakeland. Florida Barbara W, Wileden Lakeland. Florida Linda Sherry Williams Jacksonville. Florida Sarah J. Williams Glen Cove, New York Frederick Carl Willis l ' nnia Gorda, Florida FIFTH ROW Pen i |i s Wilis Glenview, Illinois Stsw Marii Wisegarver Lexington, Kentucky Kathryn S. Wise Lakeland. Florida Jo Worthington Winter Ha cn. Florida Marilynn Elaine Wrighi Wynnewood, Pennsylvania | vi K Di ii Yi i roN Lake Wales, Florida ( ii kiis ]. Younc.blood Frostproof, Florida THE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Sonny Overton President Bill Ade Vice-President Virginia Dare Secretary-Treasurer |im Stahl .. V, r, Senators Rosemary Pollard overton, stahl, dare, pollard, ade. FIRST ROW Margaret E. Ackerman .... Livingston, New Jersey James Ray Adams lice, Florida T ' K T ' ' Sandra Calvin Adams Hialeah, Florida William Bowes Adi Northfieid, Illinois r ' ' W SECOND ROW 1KANK Rl( II K1) VI III K(. lOIOI), 1 ' aiUllllil tf Gloria 11. Albritton Melbourne, Florida lv Wff THIRD ROW Gali C. Alderman Geneva, Ohio Juuette Allen Greenwich, Connecticut Mollv Tollf. Allen Salem. Oregon Roberi Glenn Allen Naples, Florida » . FOURTH ROW Sharon Evlynn Vllison Tampa, Florida H Robert Edward Allison Lakeland, Florida Deborah Edith Anderson . . old Westbury, New York Dorothy Jean Anspach . . Brookville, Indiana Keith Lee Arbocasi Pail Ray Ard .... Glenda (• i Armstrong Brenda |i i Ashi i . . . . Miami. Florida Fori Lauderdale, Florida . Plant City, Florida . I, a(, range, Georgia SIXTH ROW Charles Jacob Ax. Jr. . . . Downingtown, Pennsylvania Sara Lydia Baker Melbourne. Florida Lawrence William Ba] i Xenia. Ohio Martha Manly Balloi Leesburg, Florida SEVENTH ROW Martha Ballew Joplin, Missouri JUDITH Anni BARDEN Jupiter. Florida Martha Louisi Batchelos .... Tenafly, New Jerse) Gary Andrew Bates Lakeland. Florida ff ff% Let ' s get with it! THE FRESHMEN THIRD ROW Elizabeth nn Blouni Lakeland. Florida |o Phillips Blumhardi Tampa, Florida Roiiiri Louis S. Bonesio Cocoa Beach, Florida Bow n In Borms Boynton Beach, Florida |oiin Mu ion Bovis Kissimmee, Florida Robert Chandler Bowden Fort Myers, Florida Roiiiki Ri i i.i BOWDEN lakeland. Florida FOURTH ROW Ralph oiis Bowers Bartow, Florida Bonnie Marii Bowman Hialeah, Florida Gary Richard Boyce Sarasota. Florida Bonnie Ann Hours Dayton. Ohio Mich mi iio Braddock Jacksonville. Florida linn Bradley Sarasota. Florida Carol Ann Braswell Monticelh), Florida BOTTOM ROW Carlotta nii Baubi Mi. Vernon, Ohio James Frederick Baubi Mt. Vernon, Ohio Jeffrey 1)i n Bvnikr Winter Haven, Florida Marcia Elizabeth Bealle Miami, Florida John Charles Bi riji n Orlando, Florida David Palmer Beck Harrison, Maine Irvnk Edward Becker Tampa. Florida FIRST ROW Rohiri Neil Becker Tampa, Florida Van Belcardi Fort Myers, Florida D. Max Beli Islamorada, Florida |i i Elizabeth Beli Lakeland. Florida Bonnii In Belloc Sarasota, Florida Thomas ). Berryhill, |r Fort Lauderdale, Florida Norma Jean Bevis Quincy, Florida SECOND ROW Hi nr Emilio Bister Plant (ii . Florida Roberi Hughes Bi ck Jacksonville, Florida Roberi In Hi u k Brooksville, Florida 1 INDA ( inn I ' .i i hiifRN Winter Haven, Florida William s. lii ki i n Pelham, New York (.riii in n Paulina Bi nk Hinsdale, Illinois William Vrthur Block Lakeland. Florida FIFTH ROW Truitt Virginia Braxton St. Cloud, Florida HARVEY Anni Brii i Lakeland. Florida (.i.i nn David Bridges Lakeland, Florida Fay Aim le Bright Patchogue, New ' Sink William I) m i Huh i n Ormond Beach, Florida Rawn Brtnkley, Jr Greenwich, Connecticut Joan Lucille Brinn Pompano Beach, Florida SIXTH ROW Randai i Wen. Brooks Knoxville, rennessee Nun Fois Brookshiri Converse, Indiana I)onn M kii Brown uburndale, Florida J mis Lloyd Brown Hialeah. Florida mii ' hin W. Broun, |r Ft. Lauderdale, Florida | ns Iinhim Brubaker Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Daniel Bubbus Kej West, Florida SEVENTH ROW David Frosi Bunch Brevard, North Carolina Robin Paulini Bush Lakeland, Florida William Henry Bi iis Ormond Beach, Florida n niir I oi isi ( ni Rockleigh, i-» Jersej Si rr Cadwallader, |r Hollywood, Florida ( vroli I inn ( m i mi n Rockville, Maryland Nancy I i ii.ii ( uir Jacksonville, Florida £k , •A M K K v,:J„. ' , ' • :- -- ■ •■ ' 7 " N T. I flpi Kl » J n »» ! i AT -1 I T I j ® (S s a $ a " ft. (SI f " (?3| 3? fll , fc ;■;_, n A |ll The pause between classes. THE FRESHMEN THIRD ROW Gf.orc.] Ellis Clark Lakeland, Florida ii i C. (.mil Wauchula, Florida Meryl Naomi Cohen Fall River, Massachusetts Sianni Marii Coker Melbourne, Florida Hi is s Coleman R i(k Mount, North Carolina Susan Beth Coleman Sarasota, Florida (ii ui is Bernard Colvin Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW Laura | i Comfort Miami. Florida Laura Jane Compton Lakeland. Florida Carolyn Ji n Cook Cleveland. Ohio Linda Lee Cook Ft. Myers, Florida Elizabeth Sue Cooper Ri cr Forest, Illinois Rosemary Cooper Orlando. Florida Roi-.iki Melson CORNl Lakeland. Florida BOTTOM ROW Doi oki s |mi kii s Can n M ski Linda ( m . Rli II Kli lit Capelle GRl l( III E. ( VRl son . Donna Jo ( ri ion . . |l HI I II NNI I I I ( Mil ION Rol AND | WU s Mil ion . FIRST ROW Carol Jean Carnahan . . K i ki ii Si ni i i Carter . B ki; k l Mm Castellow Robert Adolph Cattarius Susan Cauthen In nc is M. Chambers . . Si s n Mil ISSA (II VRLES . . . Lakeland. Florida . Jacksonville, Florida . . Lakeland, Florida Ft. Lauderdale, Florida inter Haven, Florida . Jacksonville, Florida Highland City, Florida Manchester, Kentucky . . . Lakeland. Florida . Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Middletown, Pennsylvania . . . Leesbmg, Florida . . . Athens, Alabama . Miami Springs, Florida FIFTH ROW Sun Anni Cornelius Miami. Florida Ri n Anni CoRPENINI Miami, Florida Richard Anderson Corson Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania sin ii I ni Corum Winter Haven, Florida |oiin Henry Cosselman Lakeland. Florida Martha Lynni Cox Sarasota, Florida lliiii N I). Cotton Frostproof, Florida SIXTH ROW Gail | nis CouNcn Raskin. Florida ]i in i ii Ann Cowl Toms River, New Jersey Colleen Elizabeth Cox Orlando, Florida Charmaine Rf.dell Coyle Hinsdale. Illinois Margari i Ellen Cozens Hollywood, Florida David Wilis (rutin Tampa. Florida M siti Joyce Crockett Ft. Lauderdale, Florida SECOND ROW SEVENTH ROW II i i i ( .1 oik. I (in i k . Si nni I Ion (nil in RS |oiin Roger ( nmsi i nson Brooks Reed Chi r hi ii i a Paulini M. ( in RI llll i . | Wll s W. ( III R HW1 II. I K NC I s I ' I MNI (I Mils . I ' .n mingham, Mil higan .... Valrico, Florida .St. Petersburg, Florida Monroeville, Pennsylvania .... Ruskin, Florida . . . . Bartow, Florida . . . Hollywood, Florida |l ssl Li i Crum I hum s Rom ri Crum . . 1- mii y Luten Crump . . S NIIK Maxini ( I !I1H I! VI k l ll I NI (IN RI) . ( MiOl IN III (I lilill It . |on 1)1 Nl W CURRIl R . . . . Fake Placid. Florida . . Plant ( ii , Florida Winter Haven. Florida . . Flushing, Mil higan Almonesson, New Jersey . Whitesboro, New York . . . Bartow, Florida i Si $% r% j flA f ft f J l iii |jl ( Q ; fit ) rft • J ■i " ■ • I V 1 «!r £1 ft o A 1 ... Ml THE FRESHMEN . . THiRD ROW William H. Doppelheuer Lakeland, Florida |o Ann Doss Quincy, Florida Ceraldini M. Dotson Winter Park. Florida i 1 1 m Eli wok Dougi vss Lakeland. Florida David Arnold Driscoll Tampa. Florida Arnold Theo Duckett Brooksville, Florida ]in ii Mn ion Duncan Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW Mari Simla Dunson Winter Haven, Florida fUDl Ann Di ' RRETT Bessemer. Alabama | ri Fill 1 s Fakir Holquin, Oriente, Cuba Andrj w W. Edw vrhs, ]k Lakeland. Florida R m i Lewis Edwards Lakeland. Florida Irvsk Eisenschenk Winter Haven. Florida Ai ii Fi.ovd Ellis F t. Myers, Florida BOTTOM ROW Ronald Owen Wells Curr Miami. Florida Barbara Graci Cybui Bridgeport, Connecticut Virginia Eleanor Dari U lstown, New Jersey fULIA Mu l) Rii t Orlando. Florida Stephanii Vnn; Davies Dunedin. Florida Charlotti Vnni Davis Ft. Lauderdale, Florida I rki I i n ' ii i i Davis Winter Haven, Florida FIFTH ROW ] vMl s Mn II u I El I iv . . Rom m r Ellis .... |i i i M rii Elswk k . . Mi ki in i ii Angela Endri ss (, un (i i in Engi isii . . So i Mai Ennis . . . BONNI] (. Ml ESMEIl R . . . . . Heyworth, Illinois . . . . Tavernier, Florida . . . Grundy. Virginia . Pine Brooks. New Jersey . . . . Lakeland. Floi ida . . Brewerton, N ew York North Palm Beaeli, Florida FIRST ROW 1 i;i | u (il l I l l I) M Is I l II im s 1 i ni Kl 1) is . P ukii ia | i Debfck . l IAN |l I.I 1)1 I Ml fOSl I ' ll l BERT DELISI . l II I I 1 I 1)1 IK . . . |l 111 III 1)1 l S1 SECOND ROW |oll S. Ill Mini l. |k. . . M 1 [AN1 DENYES . . . Ill in DlANNI Dl KKI K MYRA Dl l l Dl Vi I si . . . Nil HOI s (.Mil 1)1 1 III M. R MOM) 1). 1)11 FFENWIERTH k KI [l l DiiMHIl I . . Orlando, Florida . Frostproof, Florida . Columbus, Ohio . . Hialeah. Florida Verona, New ferse) . Lakeland. Florida Winter Park. Florid a Westfield, cu [ersej Lynn Haven. Virginia North Miami. Florida Springdale, Arkansas . MouiKA. Indiana . . . Bartow, Florida . Lake Worth. Florida SIXTH ROW Isadora Essenfield Brooklyn, New York Joan Hi ather Essig Lakeland, Florida Marilyn Elaine Ethriuce Haines City, Florida Margaret Edith Ewald Dunedin, Florida Naaman F. Faii.f, Jr Plant (in. Florida Bernard Leonard Fairman Riviera Heath. Florida Ik ii (.. Fernandez La Hordiea, Cuba SEVENTH ROW Patricia s Favors Columbus. Georgia |n k Fisher Bridgeton, New Jerse) |smis Hi sri, Fitzgerald Evansville, Indiana | m oi i i i s I.. I i Mint Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Virginia Fay Foot; Daytona Beach, Florida P mi Mn ii mi Forbes Rye, New York ' ackii Vernon Fossm Maysville, Kentucky ; £% (P » T. Ready, an THE FRESHMEN . . THISD ROW Hi i M R (.1 diiiii Middletown, Man land Gerald L. Glasscock uburndale, Florida Howard Lewis Glickman Jacksonville, Florida DlANl Frances Goble Coral Gables, Florida l)i wn Ami e Godfrey ... Stuart, Florida William Reeves Godlei Naples, Florida Rkiivkii Henry Goodell .... . . St. Petersburg, Florida FOURTH ROW 1 iiw ki (are Goodman Whiteshore, New York Beverly Joan Goodyear Ft. Myers, Florida Ralph Felix Gonzalez Lakeland. Florida Ruth Harriett Grad Cincinnati, Ohio [immii Li i Graham Winter Haven, Florida Richard Morcan Grant Daytona Beach, Florida Robert Nelson Grant Tampa, Florida BOTTOM ROW niikiw Lamberi Foster Tampa, Florida Don mii Rohiris Franco Rochester, Pennsylvania Frances Evelyn Freimuth Reddick, Florida (hick B. Froemke . Winter Haven, Florida Marilyn nn Fryer Lakeland. Florida Sally Virginia Fulford Lakeland, Florida Warren Francis Fusselli Lakeland, Florida Paw Francis Fusillo Lakeland, Florida FIRST ROW Mary Ni i i Gabriel Utnras, Florida Patricia May Gaffney Ft. Pierce, Florida Michael Louis Galbri mh Dania, Florida Sally See (.ait Leesburg, Florida Barbara Frances Ganawai W. Palm Beach. Florida Thomas Waj iik Gannaway Orlando, Florida Iikkinci |oiin Garion .... ll.i i.i, Heights, New ferse) SECOND ROW frances (.1 1 nn (. rn1 r . . David Put (. xmn . . . ni v nn (.iiison . . . W 1 M VI (.IIISON . . . (.1 OKI. I N ( kol (.11 SI Kl Georgi II kko i r Gill, Jr. A. I Ol IS (.Ik VKI1IN. Ill . . . King George, irginia (.land Rapids, Michigan . Clearwater, Florida . Margarita, Canal .one . . . Danville, Illinois . . . . Miami, Florida . . . Ft. Myers, Florida FIFTH ROW [ohn Calvin (.rams, TI Miami. Florida Robert Vernon (.rams Limona, Florida John Forbes Gray Fanwood, New Jersey |oiin Heyward (.run Monticello, Florida |iiia Ann Greene Haines (its. Florida Barbara Greenleaf Coral (.aides. Florida Wilmer Earle Griffis Plant City, Florida SIXTH ROW Eileen Fern Greenspan Hollywood, Florida Virginia Diane Grosscup Hinsdale, Illinois Gary Edward Gschwind Ft. Myers, Florida Ji ' DiTii Lovan Haas Lakeland, Florida Elizabeth Hills Hac.er Venice, Florida George Grady Hacler Lakeland, Florida Edward Michael Haley Immokalee, Florida SEVENTH ROW | win Suzanni Ihn Fernandina Beach. Florida William Conley Hali Winter Haven, Florida I no i s Hkroih H i i ic k Snyder, New York M r Stephen Halpern Scarsdale, New York l rion Gayli Ham Plant (its. Florida I i n E. Hamacher Biook. Indiana Elizabeth L. Hamilton Wolfeboro, New Hampshire d ■ (HI ai f « . r?i i% , Ail I ik l IT Jl rife Si ir i " ! A Artists ot work. BOTTOM ROW Barbara Suzetti Hamm Miami, Florida R.OBER1 Bruci Hammond Miami, Florida ( IROLYN | M HANDWERI Land () ' Lakes, Florida Marilyn Edna Harms Binghamton, New York Martha Grayson Harms St. Louis, Missouri Georci I Harrell, Ii Immokalee. Florida | ssi i si i Harreli Tampa, Florida THE FRESHMEN . . THIRD ROW Rocik William lloiiik Winter Park, Florida RciI ' .iki Larri HOLUMAN Coral Cables, Florida Frances Ann Hollowa Leesburg. Florida Dolores Kay H. Hooker Plant City, Florida Mar-s 1 01 isi Horvath Parma. Ohio Mary Louise Howard Winter Park, Florida Theodori Howe, |k Bronxville, New mk FOURTH ROW Fames Loyal Howell Eloise, Florida Samuel Bruce Howell. Jr Plain Cii . Florida Ka Lnnni Hubbard Bora Raton. Florida John Hi nk Huber Sebring, Florida Martha Beatrice Hiff Cincinnati, Ohio sn , Fane Hitf St. Petersburg, Florida Mari Alice Hint Sebring, Florida FIFTH ROW 1 onii ( i hi rim Hirt Indianapolis, Indiana Evalyn Pearl Hussey Orlando, Florida Constanci Mai Hutton Coral Gables, Florida Phyllis Wilma Hutton Hampton, Virginia Georci Tk nkiin his Springdale, Arkansas Barbara Jean Jackson Orlando. Florida Joan Frances Jacob Fast Cleveland, Ohio FIRST ROW M s n ( wiim i 1 1 u i is . Wll LIAM (. kl NI K H.W IS S-, I I ] l I I H « NFS . . Brooks Hi ih i n, Jr. . |i us ( ko[ i Hi (.1 k . Aki ini So iron Hi |n . P N.IKIC i Hi niiki ... SECOND ROW Gam I Ii i i ni Hi rzi i i i II MS 1 1 NX III I S . ]l l MS Rll II Mill 111! KS . I SK Rl III I 1 1 1 I . . Si v n Ann 1 loACl and . Ki nni i ii Dm no Hon It kii K |o n Hoi hi K . Burlington. North Carolina . . . Canal .one. Panama . . . . Orlando. Florida Dayton, Ohio . Kingsport, Tennessee . . . Mnuni Dora, Florida . . . . Wauchula, Florida . Haworth, New [ersej . . . Tampa, Florida . . Plant Cit . Florida . . . Ballon. Florida . Hollywood, Florida I reasure Island. 1 loi ida Ridgewood, New Jersey SIXTH ROW Donald Ik Facobson Havertown, Pennsylvania Anionio David Jacomino Havana. Cuba ( Ms in Hi mil K I [AMISON Lakeland. Florida l) ii kiNi.Mi [amison Atlanta, Georgia Rai Thomas C. |i nkins Lakeland. Florida [udith Gaii [inninc.s Berea, Kentucky Marcarei Johanna Jiss lakeland. Florida SEVENTH ROW Marc.ueriti K. Jiion on Miami, Florida Inc. kin Bikc.ii is Joesten Great Barrington, Mass. Esther Elaini fOHNSON Winter Haven, Florida Don mii III n )oiins[on Jupiter, Florida Brenda Susan |oinik Staunton, Virginia (iiskiis lyci Jones Lake Park, Florida Lucinda nn [ones Opa-Locka, Florida Q £1 4 i u us fa C% ill i fcj ft O £ V j L J . j " How ' s the atmosphere up the THE FRESHMEN . . THIRD ROW J • ill Ann Knowles Lockport, New York 1) | i Knowlton Bellefontaine, Ohio Karol Mai. Koessler Miami Shores, Florida Barbara Ann Koon Fruitland Park, Florida M k Hi i n Kramer Fruitland Park. Florida )o NNi Grace Krai hi Barnegat, New [erse) M i iini Jan i i Kknoi i Cocoa, Florida FOURTH ROW [i sni in: Barbara Kim hn Boulder (ii . Nevada Joseph Ki hn Lakeland, Florida Rkii ri) Leonard Laabs Milwaukee. Wisconsin P. William Lally Whitesboro, New York Deborah Joy Lamor Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (i k Louisi I nc mir Wintei Haven, Florida Frances Carleen Landrum Starke. Florida BOTTOM ROW S Ni u Pi i Jiiku N Jacksonville, Florida In in Christini Josi Clermont, Florida Carol Ann Ji i nil Ft. Myers, Florida K kin Marie Kaiser Omaha. Nebraska Caryi nn Kaldenberi Albia, Iowa Siimv nniiii Ki i n Plant City. Florida |i ni Rosalii Ki iik Cape May, New Jersey FIRST ROW George Keith, Jk Stuart, Florida foYCi Patricia Keith Monticello, Florida fOYCi Ji niiii Kin i.v Bartow, Florida Raymond Kemman Mounl Prospect, Illinois Charles Wayni Ki mi-kin wm Park. Florida Merrill William Kempfer Melbourne, Florida Jerry Am in Kennedy Orlando, Florida SECOND ROW Hi 1 1 n l)i ni Kinnm Flushing, New York Id is-, Bingham Kini Williamsburg, Virginia Kathf.RIM III Kirn Hillsdale, New |cisc (•n Edward Kershner, |r Montpelier, Indiana Janici K i KlMi Midland. Michigan i kin I ymon Kinki nii uburndalc. Florida Jon Allen Kleiner Miami, Florida FIFTH ROW sun Ann Laney Holmes Beach. Florida George Hi vuford Langer Sarasota, Florida ylonzo Smoot Lancston Atlanta. Georgia Stephen Adrian Paw Eau Gallie, Florida Nanci Caroli I.iwkimi East Aurora. New York Maryann Piiki-i [ohnstown, Pennsylvania Dora Lydia Pi i. row Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW C ki W. Pus Winter Haven, Florida Daniel Lloyd Pimm Bradenton, Florida Philip Harr Leon (.olden Beach, Florida David Israel Lev ink New York, New York Uiii mi Kw Pi wis Lakeland. Florida Billii Carolyn Lewis Haines City, Florida m Ikini 1 i wis It. Myers, Florida SEVENTH ROW Ai 1 1 n Ni niii Lewison Oregon, Illinois Sharon Maun Liddeli Sarasota, Florida Mari Ann Lill . . Palm Beach Shores. Florida I ri Lincoln shaker Heights, Ohio Ann Keith Pinn Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida [ames Edward Lipman Highland Park, Illinois David K. Livingston, Jr Orlando. Florida m a , ' ; ■ ■%•» ( • (f| n i fc 1 m - - 7 o o £5 J5 £ £? (p. 1 jR 3 ir % s - JP o fe ,t ' ■■■■■IjHm H Let ' s see what " Miss Molly " has to say about that. THE FRESHMEN . . ThIRD ROW Gary Brian McDonald Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio liiii.n Si i McDoneli WilListon, Florida Sally Gwen McDowell Miami. Florida Gari Lorraini McGinnis Naples, Florida David I. ism McGonical Kissimmee, Florida William David McKenzie ... ... Winter Haven, Florida Dorothy E. McKinley Winter Haven, Florida FOURTH ROW Marilyn McLeod Lakeland, Florida Roberi Run McLeod Leesburg, Florida Wiluam HtNRY McNab, III Pompano Beach, Florida Sandra Ellen Mead Jacksonville. Florida Marcarita Medina Oriente, Cuba Phyllis Irene Medlin Miami, Florida Mary Virginia Micii.in Ft. Pierce, Florida BOTTOM ROW |oiin S. Lowman, III Ft. Myers, Florida Evelyn [arrell Ludlow Falls Chinch, Virginia Andrea Lloyd Luker Louisville, Kentucky Marian Linda Mabry Miami. Florida Hki ( i Hinsiis MacDonald Clermont. Florida Pi nn-, N n i in Maier Lincolnwood, Illinois John Edward Mainwarini Tampa, Florida FIRST ROW Kiki LAWRENCI Malmcren Warwick. Rhode Island Miriam Ann M m Tampa, Florida Larry Lee Marchani Orlando, Florida Mary Frances Martei Miami. Florida WM ii k In Martin, Jr Lakeland, Florida | c k Harold Mason Menser, Ohio Patrick C. Mathes, III Orlando, Florida SECOND ROW (.icmi [ean Maurer Davtona Beach, Florida M ry l!i McAn ' INCH Jupiter, Florida March n McCali Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts Patricia Agnes Mc irron Closter, New ferse) Charlotti Ri mi Mi ( i i in Lakeland. Florida Billii |o McCormick Miami. Florida l m i C. Mi Danii i Bartow, Florida fifth row Linda Ai k i Mi ni ndi W 1 NI I,. Ml RKII II II. . C . 1 K .1 F. MlRSIION . (.i vdy s I ii ii n Mi i is | k 1) » id Meyer . |ollN (.1 orge Mi 1 1 k . Carol Ann Mic haels . Ft. Lauderdale, Florida . . Coral Gables, Florida . . . Lakeland. Florida . . . Lakeland Florida . Wauwatosa, Wisconsin . Montclair, New fersej Washington, PennsY Ivania SIXTH ROW Sandra K y Middleton Clarendon Hills. Illinois Patricia Louisi Mikson Hollyw 1. Florida Marian Milbourne Dayton, Ohio Virginia Anni Miles Glenside, Pennsylvania June Dorothy Miller Arlington, Virginia Mary Martha Miller Washington. D. C. I ' wni Ann Miiiik Dayton, Ohio SEVENTH ROW William c.iinn Miiiir. |r Monticello, Florida Cu.uiRi S. Mitchell Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Gam Frances Mitchum Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin 1o i iii St i Montgomery Ke West, Florida Bn i Moori Winter Haven, Florida |oiin I ' iiii ■ ii- Moori Leesburg, Florida |diin William M {head North Fast. Pennsylvania % r k ... C A 4 V " " TV i I . w 1 ; V ' a 3 v © BMWBWBHMBBBPV MMH English di! BOTTOM ROW Dennis Robert Morrison Lakeland, Florida Edward Warren Morsi Lockhart, Florida |dii Malcolm Mullis Bartow, Florida Lonice Sharon Murphy Bartow, Florida Peter James Murphy Naperville, Illinois Robert James Murphy Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Donald Fraser Murray Lakeland, Florida FIRST ROW James John Musso, Jr Lakeland, Florida John Cater Myrick, II Lakeland. Florida Arthur Nash Tampa, Florida Ray Crow Nathurst Ft. Myers, Florida Carl Edward Ray Nelson Miami. Florida Roy Lundell Nelson Atlantic Beach. Florida 1 01 Winston Nesmith Lakeland, Florida SECOND ROW F rr Edward Nf.well Maitland, Florida (■i ok(. i N( New York. New York Ri iiKi Ann Niblick Lakeland, Florida Lynda Lea Nielsen Elmhurst, Illinois Gerald I 11 Noelle Winter Haven, Florida Susan Lei Norris Tampa, Florida Charles Bernard Oakley Pompano Beach. Florida THE FRESHMEN . . THIRD ROW |i f Valerie Obfrc Shaker Heights, Ohio Vnita Gail Okelli Winter Haven. Florida R i Noel Olinger Lakeland. Florida Barbara Elaini Ostlund Miami. Florida Hi mum Carol Oils Nutley, New Jersey mi mi s Ei.ly Overton Miami, Florida Hli m Georci Owen, Jr Winter Haven, Florida FOURTH ROW Jane Padgett Hillsdale, New Jersey Barbara Hills Pace Miami. Florida Ki i Silvia Pah mho Patchoque, New loik (,im Pittman Parnell Pahokee, Florida James Richard Parnell Orlando, Florida ( i vrenci R. Passmore Lakeland. Florida Edward E. Pendergrass Orlando, Florida FIFTH ROW Elsbeth A. Perkinson Eau Gallie, Florida William I. Perks, III Havertown, Pennsylvania |ohn Francis Perry North Tonawanda, New York Bill Peters Lakeland. Florida Nell Virginia I ' iiiiwm Lakeland, Florida | whs Bernard Pickens Sanibel, Florida Dante F. Perandozzi Flushing, New York SIXTH ROW n kM s Edward Pietersz Curacao, ntilles Julie Patricia I ' i.ano Bradenton. Florida Rosemary Lee Pollard Miami. Florida KicirvRD Samuel Power Eustis, Florida Anne Godwin Powers Upper Saddle River, New Jersey Willie H. Prescott, Jr Lakeland. Florida William T. Prestwood Lakeland. Florida SEVENTH ROW Douoim |i i PUSHNIK i RNON 1 sss )i i i n . . II I I l L. )l K.I EY . . li riim; 1 I i R m:i mi. . l VR1 NN R B0RN . . . Vernice D. Ragsdale . . Judith Linda Rahx Greensburg, Pennsy Ivania . . . Plant C i I . Florida . . . . Tampa, Florida . Pompano Heath. Florida . . . . Deland. Florida . Okeechobee. Florida . Si, Vugustine, Florida -■(•■ ■%■ ■«.% 1 ! - , Jth M ' ' ink i H v MJUfc Jfr flR jflHn ' ■ In AJBHMH Knights of the Round Table BOTTOM ROW Kenneth John Rainev Plant City, Florida 1 k Pat Ramsey Hinsdale, Illinois Ann Wendell Regis Ruskin, Florida Phillip Douglas Reiser Davtona Beach, Florida m.i Hill Kiw Lakeland, Florida Thomas Alfred Reynolds Miami, Florida Mary Byrd Rhea Lakeland, Florida FIRST ROW Ruth Louise Rhoades Miami, Florida Patricia Jean Richards Ubion, Michigan 1 no i s Rexford Richards West Palm Beach, Florida (,in:«,i W. Richardson New Castle, Indiana Mary [oan Richardson Lakeland, Florida Amelia [eanette Riddle Lakeland, Florida Betsy Alice Riecel Metuchen, New Jersey THE FRESHMEN . . THIRD ROW Nella Jean Rogkro Clearwater, Florida Ellen Ann Rohrback North Miami. Florida William Rountree, |r Vrlington, Virginia Carolyn Rem Ass Rom Morpeth, Ontario Sara Adit.i Ruane Dearborn, Michigan [oan Iri m Rushini Tampa. Florida |oiin Thomas Russell Atlanta, Georgia FOURTH ROW Thomas Joseph Ryan Brooklyn, New York [oan Elizabeth Sale Madison, Florida Lai u Virginia Sapp Ft. Myers, Florida [oseph C. Sargent, III Lakeland. Florida Byron [ames Num. II Vrlington Heights. Illinois [ohn Barrett Scanlon Larchmont, New York Ernest Charles Si vrpino Lakeland, Florida FIFTH ROW Lowell Kay Schmidt Winter Haven, Florida Philip Joseph Schneider Chicago, Illinois Judith Schraffenberger St. Petersburg. Florida Susan [ean Schrinsky Milwaukee. Wisconsin Charles Michaei Schwarz Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania Stephen Dehart Schwarz Gainesville, Florida Roiiiki Kari Schweizer Winter Haven, Florida SIXTH ROW l ki [ean Si i pii Frostproof, Florida Richard Walter Shand Ro ellc Park. New [ersej Peter D. Sharon Kew Garden, New York Stanley Si vwrichi Shaw Cocoa, Florida Susan Bidwell Shaw Monterey, Massachusetts William Lang Shaw, Jr (oral Gables, Florida Felton W. Scott, Jr Winter Haven, Florida SECOND ROW Mil DR1 D Pi rkins Rippard ( )ri W u i i i Risher, Jk. HOW Kli Slow I ROBER Is , Dennis | mis Robinson . [osi i ' ii I whs Robinson . . M vim i ' .i i r Robinson . Mic ii si r R.OB1 hi Rom s i R . . Clearwater, Florida . . . LaBelle. Florida . . Honolulu. Hawaii . Winter Park, Florida Ft. Lauderdale, Florida . . Lakeland, Florida . Jacksonville, Florida SEVENTH ROW Barbara [eanni Shirk West Palm Beach. Florida | mi Alice Shuff River Vale, New Jersey David Elmer Mam Shultz Treasure Island, Florida Clarla [. Siic.i i ii u ik Cleveland, Ohio El mm VlEV] SlEWERT Fellsmere. Florida Marlin Harold Simon Miami, Florida [oannah Medford Sims I iltcm. Georgia £1 ?) ■ ■ % g Jp t flf S C| £ § A - ft 51 3 i r: 9M s a it km .£ ?3 O fll C» 1 ■B H lialize at pre BOTTOM ROW | icqui i i k u Sino mi; Emma Louise Singi i ion SONDRA SlSK John Rom K i Si i i.ii 1 1 b Martha F. Si.au. ii ii k . Betty Ass Si u i s . . Alan Michael Slewett . . Hollywood, Florida . Ft. Myers. Florida . . Lakeland, Florida . . Ft. Myers, Florida . Melbourne. Florida . . Eustis, Florida Miami Heath, Florida FIRST ROW Nancy Elizabeth Sloan Jacksonville, Florida Bernice Cam. Sloane Newton. Massachusetts kis Hi s is Smi 111 i y Orlando, Florida Harry Reedsmeltzer Windsor, Pennsylvania Edwin Cuttino Smi in Lakeland, Florida James Hilton Smith Belle Glades, Florida Jesse Hirhiri Smith, Jk Millville, New Jersey THE FRESHMEN THIRD ROW Thom vs Zan Smith Kissimmee, Florida im s Ellen Smith Auburndale. Florida Phyllis Asm Snyder Tampa, Florida Josi rii R. Spaulding Cincinnati, Ohio Sis s Grace Spranger Palatine Bridge. New York Robert Riff Sprole Ithaca, New York William Edward Spirlin Jacksonville, Florida FOURTH ROW James Frederick Stahi North Miami Beach, Florida Elizabeth Mm Stettler Ocala, Florida Beryl Ass Stewart Garden City, New York Linda Mary Stiles East Aurora, New York Craig Clifford Stoddard Wilmette, Illinois Dorothy Marie Stout Hollywood, Florida John Bryzon Strauss Bridle, New Jersey FIFTH ROW James Pat Sirollo Lakeland, Florida Sandra Jean Sullivan Columbus, Ohio Thomas John Suzuki . . Covington, Indiana Shirley June Swanson San Antonio, Florida Zella Weaver Swartsel Haines City, Florida Lonnie Glenn Tatum Plant City, Florida Ozm rs Early Taylor, Jr Coral Gables, Florida SIXTH ROW Stanley Arris Taylor, Jr Daytona Beach. Florida William I.iroy Taylor Mulberry, Florida Lura Pamelia Teague Birmingham, Alabama Elizabi iii Iikiii Plant City, Florida l)i ss Thigpen Knoxville, Tennessee Charles Johnson Thomas Atlanta, Georgia Fred Eugene Thomas on Park. Florida SECOND ROW SEVENTH ROW ki ssi in Willi i Smi mi 1 1 I Bi 1 11 Smi in . . . l in in i ( )i ' ii Smi i ii M ri, ri i ssi Smith . Pi si i oii k v Smi in . s siik | Smith Sc iii l Nsiiui s S n i ii . . . Ridgewood, New Jersey . Lakeland. Florida Ion Lauderdale, Florida Pompano Beach. Florida Franklin, [ndiana . . . Sarasota, Florida . Porl Huron, Michigan Thom s Norm s 1 hornbi rc Ik skii Lillian I horp i 1 ssi I )l AND . . i i i Doss s lim sim . . Sn is Kn H rii I iiinin . ( II ki i si E. 1 nsend . James W vrri s I iik n mi i . . Babson Park, Florida . . Vvon Park, Florida . . . Dickens, low. i . Gillette, New Jersey Livingston, New Jersej Miami Springs. Florida . . . Orlando, Florida - % C C ft f! 4ti - It fll d ■■■■■I ■■■■ILfiMHHLHBBiBil Woitlng fo to begii BOTTOM ROW John C. Tribble, III Bartow, Florida James Henry Trueman, II Pompano Beach, Florida M k Virginia Truitt Miami, Florida Sharon Faith Trvson Miami. Florida Carol Lyn Iickik Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Huey James Turbeville Lakeland, Florida vroi Hinier Turner West Palm Beach, Florida FIRST ROW Linda Sue Iikner Lakeland, Florida Hiiin Ji Iwiidy Springdale, Arkansas Joseph Wadj Iinik Lakeland, Florida Charlyni Doris Van Ness Hernando. Florida Fthel Mvkii Varcoe Lakeland. Florida William Ford Verigan Winter Park, Florida Sandra Laraini Vodvarka . . ... Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania SECOND ROW Billy M k Walden . . [acquelyn W i drop . . I IT I 11 Is l KER . Rl 111)11 k Kl ssi l I M kl k Mart h Ann Wall . . N k Ml I.I 1 Mil I II W M I 1 l Rum ki I ' i vton Walters . . Lakeland, Florida . . . Jacksonville. Florida . . . Minneola. Florida New Smyrna Beach. Florida . . Miami Springs, Florida . . . . Plant ( ii . Floi ida . Fernandina Beach, Florida THE FRESHMEN THIRD row Mircir Dalzell Wai ion .... Glenside Gardens. Pennsylvania Jo Lois Ward Miami. Florida Sandra E. Warih.aw Frostproof, Florida Nil nil n | i War] Highland Park. Illinois Sondra Sue Warmack Nashville, Tennessee George Robert Warsaw Riverdale, New York Ii ' diih Ann Washington Miami. Florida FOURTH ROW Bruce Chapman Watkins Sylvester, Georgia Darell Richard Watson Sylvester, Georgia Helen Rachelli Watson West Palm Beach. Florida Victoria Louise Watters Miami, Florida Donald Gerald Webb Lake- Wales. Florida Janice Elaine Webb Wilmington, Ohio [ikki Woods Weeks Penns Grove, New Jersej FIFTH ROW Donald Lee Weiir Ypopka, Florida [ames Harold Weidner Tampa, Florida Sandra (.race Weigand Hialeah, Florida Joanna Louisi Weimer West Palm Beach, Florida Harold Roiuki Wins Ulanta, Georgia Norma |i n Wins Naples, Florida AiuiKi George Wendel Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW Roberta Mildred Westdyk Wyckoff, New Jerse) Paula Sharron Whan Ft. Myers, Florida James Albert Whatlei Tampa. Florida Arthur Lie Wheeler Port Pleasant. New Jersey Lois In Wheeler Dover, Florida Richard Harold Wheeler Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Samuei Paul Whidden, III Winter Haven, Florida SEVENTH ROW Elizabeth Ann Uiiiii Miami . Florida kiNNini Evereti White Rutland, Vermont Linda Linn White Hollywood, Florida Ml ki MALCOLM WHIT! Jamaica. New York n ndk Ji n Wickers Key West, Florida BEVERLY Ann Wiiki New Ion. New Jeisex Sarah Elizabeth Wilder Plant City, Florida a M « • I ; Ik si • s ■ I h f ; S f k ■ • .; 3 a a THE FRESHMEN Real sporls fa BOTTOM ROW Charles Elliott Wilhelm Belmont, Massachusetts M ari I in Wilkinson Fall River, Massachusetts William I. Wilkinson, Jr Winter Haven, Florida William Norton Wilkins Groveland, Florida Virginia Florence Will Miami, Florida Connii Lynne Williams Perrine, Florida Janet nn Williams Frostproof, Florida FIRST ROW Ji kk Lee Williams Wheaton, Illinois Selma | ni Williams Sanford, Florida Robert F. Williamson Winter Haven. Florida Dorothi Iki ni Wilson Tampa, Florida | i i Frances Wilson Orlando, Florida Willis Wink, |k Eggertsville. New York ]o Ann Winsiiad Crescent City, Florida SECOND ROW Meredith L. Winterbottom Miami Beach, Florida Stephen Richard Wise Melbourne, Florida Lelia Nfll Witherby Orlando, Florida Dlborah Elizabeth Wolff Clearwater, Florida George Edgar Womack Gallatin, Tennessee Lily Wai Fong Wong Tokyo, Japan Connie Rae Wood Warren, Ohio THIRD ROW Jeanne Wells Wood St. Petersburg, Florida Thomas Edward Wood Mulberry, Florida George Rninn Woolson Ft. Pierce, Florida Philip Eugene Wright Lakeland, Florida Susan Carmei W ' -inn Winter Park. Florida Forrist Parkiii km Young Rochester. New oik Dennis Edward it rowsK Elmont, New York f I | j " % 4il4 t«J AAil ' A meeting with the military. Time for a little entertainment. 2S3 ■■HHM Inierlachen 1960 JILL BERTHY Editor-in-Chief JILL BERTHY Editor-in-Chief CAROLINE SELDEN Associate Editor BETTY TOY Editorial Assistant ARLENE LEMKE Layout Editor DONNA PRIVETTE Organization Editor PATTI BROWN Senior Class Editor CAROLINE SELDEN .... Junior Class Editor JOAN TYLER Sophomore Class Editor NANCY GIBSON Freshman Class Editor EDWARD KOLASKA Sports Editor PAUL WILLE College Photographer CORNING F. TOLLE Business Advisor HAL WATERS Advisor Interlachen Chronicles History Of A Year At F.S.C. First Row: Keenon, Berthy, Privelte, Vodvorko, Gibson, Broyles. Second Row: Kolaska, Fox, Hartis, Lemke, Selde STAFF MEETING-Seofed: Caroline Selden, Mr. Wille, Nancy Gibson. Standing: Donna Privette, Ed Kolaska, Joan Tyle Mr. Tolle confers with Layout Editor Arlene Lemke Mr. Waters and Editorial Assistant Betty Toy work on layouts. S ' pi If} The staff of the Base Education Center: Standing: S Sgt G. A. Burkett, Jr., Mrs. Ruth Vandegriff, A 2c Ronald J. Siniscalchi, M Sgt. George B. Lerner, NCOIC, Mrs. Dorothy Lerner. Seated: Frank A. Collins, Civilian Education Officer, and Copt. Donald W. Vriezelaar, Chief, Individual Training Section. MacDill Air Force Base Education Center For many years, Florida Southern College has conducted servicemen with opportunities to further their educations the " College of Opportunity " at MacDill Air Force Base and to obtain college degrees. At this time, more than in Tampa. one hundred thirty-five airmen from MacDill have received The program, inaugurated in 1950, has provided our their academic degrees. A medium bomber (B-47J takes off on a missio A group in current Sociology; instructor Capt. Robert E. Bailey. N MEMORIAM Roy Couch The Interlachen of I960 expresses its appreciation to the following business concerns, whose interest and co- operation have helped to make possible the publication of this yearbook of Florida Southern College. The editors and business managers respectfully urge that friends of the College examine the advertisements of these firms and individuals, and call upon them for service at every possible opportunity. naiHL PUBLIX Where shopping is a pleasure FIRST FEDERAL Compliments Savings Loan of Association of Lakeland FLORIDA FAVORITE FERTILIZER, INC. CURRENT DIVIDEND 4 % Corner of Orange and Tennessee COMPLIMENTS of POLK RESTAURANT SUPPLY CO. 318-322 N. Kentucky Ave. Lakeland, Florida BENFORD STATIONERY CO. 125 South Kentucky Avenue For the best in Esterbrook and Schaeffer fountain pens, greeting cards, school and art supplies, office equipment and gift suggestions. Compliments of ORTMEYER ' S INC. Wholesale Furniture 306 South Franklin St. Phone 2-2549 Tampa, Fla. SH WHITE SWAN MOTOR LODGE 1136 East Rose Street Off the Highway in a Quiet Residential District AAA Lakeland, Florida Congratulations to THE CLASS OF ' 60 It has been our pleasure to serve Co-eds and faculty women since the class of ' 25. 3 FLOORS OF FASHION PARTY SPECIALTIES POPULAR DRIVE-IN SANDWICHES AND COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE COLONIAL ICE CREAM DRIVE-IN 1133 East Main St. COMPLIMENTS OF ASKEW ' S ORNAMENTAL IRON WORKS Lakeland, Fla. MU 6-2716 Florida ' s Foremost Distributor of Industrial Supplies, Hardware, Power Transmission Equipment, Machinery and Machine Tools. Nationally Known Manufacturers Represented— Aim Division (Acme Steel) Airco Alemite American Brass American- Marietta (Valdura) Armstrong Brothers Atkins Behr-Manning Belmont Black Decker Bridgeport Browning Buffalo Bullard Bunting Brass Burke Pump Carlton Century Electric Chain Belt Cincinnati Shaper Cincinnati Tool Columbian Rope Covel Crescent Tool HARRY P. LEU. INC. Crucible Steel Leetrolite Racine Delta K. O. Lee Republic Steel Devcon Lubriplate Ridgid Tool Devilbiss MacWhyte S. K. F. Dewalt Manning, Maxwell Schaefer Diamond Chain Moore Schlage Rumore McCrosky Schrader Eberhardt-Denver McCulloch Saws Sherman-Klove Edlund McKay Simonds Falk Miller Electric South Bend Faultless Caster Miller-Robinson Standard Conveyor Flexonics Monarch Standard Pressed Ste Firth-Sterling Morse Stanley General Electric National Screw Starrett Geometric Tool National Tube Taft-Peirce Gerrard Steel Niagara Henry G. Thompson B. F. Goodrich Norton Toledo Greenfield Tap Die Nupla Van Norman Grob, Inc. Oberdorfer Vlier H-P-M O ' Neil-lrwin Walworth Hammond Onsrud S. B. Whistler Heil Dryer Osborn Whitman Barnes Jones Laughlin Steel Oster Whitney Kalamazoo Pexto Worthington Ladish Putnam Wyandotte Lamson Sessions Quick-Set Wyienbech Staff 100 West Livingston ORLANDO • FLORIDA t 3701 North West 37th Ave. MIAMI SERVING FLORIDA INDUSTRY SINCE 1900 FRANK and RETTA BUELL Bar-B-Q Specialists WORLD FAMOUS Dining Room — Curb Catering 2136 New Tampa Hwy. MUtual 6-23 50 Lakeland, Florida Grotving With Florida Southern College CAMPUS CLEANERS ON CAMPUS YOUR MOST CONVENIENT CLEANERS Compliments of A FRIEND MOORE ' S STYLE SHOP TIMELY CLOTHES STYLE-MART CLOTHES 207 E. Main Street Lakeland, Florida MmnMUMMi Compliments of Serving Imperial Polk County Compliments of MILLER ' S COLLEGE FASHION CENTER 111-113 East Main St. Phone MU 2-8525 U.S. ROYAL TIRES DELCO BATTERIES Complete Automotive Service Storage BALLENGER AUTO STORAGE, INC. MU 2-7166 Phones MU 2-7167 " For a Future in Florida " BANK WITH THE FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK AT LAKELAND 113 South Tennessee Avenue F.N.B. Charge Cards Available to Students Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of FOOD MACHINERY AND CHEMICAL CORPORATION ■ ■■■ ■MiMMI H ENJOY A NIGHT OUT! GO TO THE MOVIES! M YOUR LAKELAND FLORIDA STATE THEATRES POLK THEATRE (One of Florida ' s Finest) Equipped with CinemaScope and the wonder of Stereophonic Sound LAKE THEATRE Equipped with CinemaScope. Big Shows at Bargain Prices. Compliments of ™al Tttaddox WEAR MAX REAMS GULF SERVICE S. Florida Ave. McDonald LAKELAND REECECLIFF SANDWICH SHOP Phone MU 6-6661 940 S. Rorida Ave. Compliments of BRADLEY FLOWER SHOP 808 S. Mississippi Ave. Lakeland, Florida Phone MU 2-6859 ■■■IHMBBjj lHH LAKELAND ABSTRACT COMPANY Lakeland, Florida ABSTRACTS OF TITLE TITLE INSURANCE P. O. Box 411 Phone MU 3-3111 WILLIAM ' S FLORAL SHOP 1043 South Florida Avenue Your nearest Florist Wire Service Phone MU 6-1641 Night Phone MU 3-4514 Compliments of WYNN MATTRESS CO. Compliments of FRED COKER PLUMBING 801 North Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida Compliments of THE CADET RESTAURANT Lakeland, Fla. MU 2-2431 Compliments of FIRST STATE BANK OF LAKELAND " The Bank with Drive-In Teller Windmvs " DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO $10,000 BY FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION alf Vttons Co-ed Coordinates JUNIOR DRESSES — SUITS — FORMALS SPORTSWEAR AND EVENING SEPARATES 119 S. Tennessee ( Across from the Post Office ) Compliments of THE JOHNS ' MOTEL Near Florida Southern College At Junction U. S. 92 and U. S. 98 South WHERE EVER YOU GO . . . By plane or ship Secure reservations and tickets at ARNO TRAVEL SERVICE 320 E. Main Street MUtual 4-4151 Lakeland, Florida ■HMmBI HmHHI LAKELAND Central Florida ' s Finest Department Stores Compliments of A FRIEND Congratulations to the Class of I960 Investigate the opportunities of new industries coming to Florida because of NATURAL GAS. THE HOUSTON CORPORATION Gas Service Lakeland, Florida 500 South Florida Avenue 297 Compliments of DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. LAKELAND M. P. TOMLINSON CO. CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE ' The ultimate in satisfactory service ' 920-950 E. Main Street Lakeland, Florida L omp limentd of GULF FABRICS TAMPA 298 YOUR NEWSPAPER . . . Freedom ' s Forum Today ' s newspaper, whole-heartedly dedi- cated to keeping America free, is also keeping America fully informed. The rules of decency and the welfare of its readers are the only censor of what it shall print . . . and The Tampa Tribune and The Tampa Times are dedicated to the fulfillment of these princi- ples. THE TAMPA TRIBUNE Morning and Sunday THE TAMPA TIMES Evening Radio Stations WFLA, WFLA-FM WTLA Television Channel 8, NBC Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of SKEETS SPORT CENTER LAKE WALES, FLORIDA LYCO-BO-ROL For Prickly Heat Sold at all Drug Stores TAMPA DRUG COMPANY TAMPA, FLORIDA 300 L omplimenti BERGER AND RACHELSON, INC. Institutional Food Distributors TAMPA, FLORIDA 301 Compliments of READY PEELED POTATO CO. 202 North Diane Street Plant City, Florida Ready Prepared Potatoes for Every Occasion NO WASTE, NO MESS, NO FUSS 302 Congratulations SHEPPARD DISTRIBUTORS 2130 New Tampa Highway MEAT PROCESSORS 303 L ompib its . RING PRODUCE LAKELAND FLORIDA 304 p L-ompUmenfo in SUNSHINE Oil CO. LJu srobberd Lakeland, Florida 305 Compliments of JOYNER LUMBER COMPANY Lakeland, Florida ♦ «. Compliments of JEFFERSON -BISHOP INSURANCE COMPANY 307 COMPLETE HOSPITAL, PHYSICIANS ' EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES We specialize in laboratory equipment, supplies and chemicals Some of the firms that we are franchisee! dealers for are: ARTHUR H. THOMAS COMPANY AMERICAN OPTICAL COMPANY, Instrument Division Warehouse and offices conveniently located in Lakeland trade area. LAKELAND SURGICAL SUPPLY, INC. 909 North Massachusetts Ave. Lakeland, Florida Telephone MU 3-2416 R. E. Lewis, General Manager 308 Compliments of VELDA DAIRY Lakeland, Florida 309 Compliments of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY 207 South Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida 310 You Are Always Welcome at PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND FOR ALL YOUR BANKING SERVICES Corner Main and Florida " Imperial Polk ' s Largest " PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND Lakeland, Florida Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 311 ■■BmMHan Compliments of J. B. LINEBERGER, INC r Distributors for RICHFIELD OIL er 1650 New Tampa Highway Lakeland, Florida 312 BORDEN ' S LAKELAND More mothers give their children Borden ' s Milk for more than 100 years, folks have been saying, " If it ' s Borden ' s it ' s got to be good. " Compliments of TOOLE BOILER AND WELDING SERVICE P. O. Box 1489 MU 4-7345 Lakeland, Florida POWERMASTER Packaged Automatic Boilers nstt TRUEBLOOD ' S PRINT SHOP 108-10-12 West Lemon Street LAKELAND, FLORIDA Printers of THE SOUTHERN Florida Southern College Compliments of LAKELAND TYPEWRITER SUPPLY COMPANY Frank W. Myers, Owner ROYAL TYPEWRITER, SHAW-WALKER EQUIPMENT Sales - Service VICTOR ADDING MACHINES CALCULATORS Sales - Service Central Florida ' s Most Popular Office Supply House 122 S. Tennessee LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of BURL WILSON, Plastering Contractor 512 West Maxwell Street Lakeland, Florida Business Phone MU 2-0812 Residence Phone MU 2-6688 318 L omp limenti of HUGHES SUPPLY, INC. Lakeland, Florida Compliments of COGGIN INTERIOR DESIGNERS 1026 S. Florida Avenue Telephone: MU 3-4171 320 Compliments of FENTON ' S LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Lakeland, Florida 321 McCOY ' S METAL SHOP Incorporated 1846 West Olive Street (Old Tampa Hwy.) Phone MU 2-3133 ALL TYPES ROOFING — WELDING ' If It ' s Metal We Make It ' AIR CONDITIONING 322 COMPLIMENTS of TURNER GEE MID-WEST PACKING COMPANY 323 Compliments of PEASLEE GAULBERT PAINT VARNISH CO. 2102 Grand Central Ave. Tampa, Florida Telephone: RE 6-1075 gfflfil MUTUAL PAPER COMPANY Lakeland Distributors For — SCHOOL SUPPLIES TEACHING AIDS L omptiments in ■ ELLIS BROTHERS 3240 South Florida Avenue LAKELAND FLORIDA h INE PRINTING SINCE 1887 — That ' s the story of Foote Davies, Inc. Today we have one of the most modern and best equipped plants in the country. And fine Yearbooks have always been an important part of our business. Our craftsmen believe in quality and strive to produce the " best in the Industry. " Our excellent printing doesn ' t just happen — it ' s a combination of production research, craftsmanship, and painstaking supervision. FOOTE D AV I E S , INC. %mk . J ty a iA n . JW JUufa£u e i 764 MIAMI CIRCLE, N. E. ATLANTA 24, GEORGIA 327 ( naravinai bu ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY BIRMINGHAM

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