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A NTERL«CH EN it9 59 F LORJ DA I UN COL n LEGE il ' • % t A • ♦ ♦ % THE ALMA MATER Orange groves o ' erspread her campus, Chimes her hymns intone, India greets across the garden Southern ' s mystic throne. CHORUS Florida Southern, thee we love; Thee we ' ll never fail. Hail to thee our alma mater Hail to Southern, hail! Stately walls alone can never Compass learning ' s goal. Heart to heart must pass the token Soul inspirit soul. ♦ • ♦ TH E 1959 JANE FOX, Editor JILL BERTHY, Associate Editor LEON VETRANO, Business Manager WILLIAM D. SHILLING and CORNING F. TOLLE, Faculty Advisers CAROLYN SCHWARTZ, Editorial Assistant PAUL WILLE, College Photographer ILS SCHWEIZER, Cover Design FLOY BLANE, Feature Layouts IDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE LAKELAND, FLORIDA LOR I D R SOUTI :;;•♦• • U COLLEGE We Study in this inspiring hal! of Science wrought by Frank Lloyd Wright as heirs to so many invaluable lessons concerning the Past — its glories and inadequacies alike. Thus we better understand the consequences and meaning of Man ' s long, tortuous search for the true and useful, most recently rewarded through method and discipline, continuity and control. With each passing day in our hall of science comes some further rending of that veil which separates us from secrets of world and universe. But our greatest lessons here transcend the known and the seen. Faith and Hope are ever at the heart of Science, agents of a Future incomparably richer in goodness and harmony. __A ♦ { ylamv njw Professor Earl D. Smith and Ken- neth Kasak inspect a cloud chometer for evidence of radio activity. V A I nuiJuci. Donald Fielding and Alton Nighswander experiment with electric resistance bars. In the laboratory, Carol Cline and Professor Roy S. Kiser examine biological slides. ' K I aOi moflc Doctor Bernhard P. Reinsch explains the workings of the slide rule to studious David Winn. ♦ ♦ « ft Under the microscope, Caroline Newcombe views a destructive parasite found in ani- mal life. FOR THIS NEW AGE Doctor Carlton A. Lane points out the mechanics of the g trum to Floyd Gonder. spec- • ft ft ft ft t t 4 1 . . THIS AGE OF SPACE In the Bio-Research Institute, Jody Burr evaporates Citrus Vitamin P under reduced pressure. OF ATOMS AND CYCLOTRONS . Marilyn Weyant uses a small pH meter in making a soil examination. w • « t • OF WONDERS UNKNOWN . Under the microscope, a study in parasitology is made by Emily Emmenegger, IT ' S SCIENCE FOR Charles Miller prepares a so- lution for study in a bio- research investigation. I I I I IT ' S SCIENCE FOR OW VVyuy . | In plant life, Doctor Margaret L. Gilbert details the structure of a plant to Alden Main. ♦ ♦■ • . ■ •»••■•- ' Kujl A Vb JUlfiXh- AXSLKXy aao, 1 As with all the ages of man . . . life would hold little meaning without the humanities . . . ART LITERATURE DRAMA MUSIC PHILOSOPHY RELIGION . . . . And that is why in this Liberal Arts College WE ALSO STUDY J jfuiuy jyjeJnjdy Doctor Robert MacGowan explains an approach in philosophy to Arlene DeTroy and Nunzio Pollina. H X YYUX In " The Silver Cord, " Professor Vivian R. Fusillo and student assistant Joanne Kofoed direct James Kless and Linda London. A hT In the Fine Arts, Arnold Frank dem- onstrates his skills in oil. IT I I ♦ ft • ' • •. « - ajJx joujJvl Recordings of famous works of dramatic literature are studied by Professor Rogers V. Whitener, Fred Choate and Darlyn Hardee. u Listening to tapes emphasizing good diction are Professor Marguerite W. Callahan, July Phelps and David Henniger. III! ■ In sculpturing, seri- ous student Donald Brown shapes a head in the classroom. • •••• Professor Yvonne H. Goldsborough, of the French Department, discusses map of France with Leon Hamilton and Nancy Hogarth. Problems in weaving get the concen- trated attention of Professor George K. Olson and Ruth Kleinknecht. •■ ■•• The mastery of English requires study by Sylvia Firth and Walter Hudson in the library. ■ Doctor Ralph W. Odom talks with Don Keyes and Effie Lou Hopper about the history of Christianity. . ' • MP x s» , « m Mta ? Sgc !£$ W .V L i ouz vu In Social Science, Professor Gil- bert P. Richardson and Emiliano Salcines chat about Pi Gamma Mu. Carol Marshal! and Joe Roselle view the globe with Professor Varian P. Rutledge. ♦ ♦ ♦ 3 Congressman William C. Cramer with mem- bers of the Political Union. A conference between Doctor Cesidio R. Simboli, Roger Quisenberry and Nancy Brewer in sociology. s f » ♦ • 4 Science and the Humanities open new avenues of life to students at Florida Southern College. But without Sod, life has no meaning for God gives meaning to life. Delaine Gordon, the Bible and the Cross. • • ALL OF THIS ON THE Efl UTI F U L FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT CAMPUS 1 ♦ ♦ ♦ Flowering bougainvillea and the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. Lace-like design, the chapel choir loft. Pi Kappa Alpha Chapter Room. Unchallenged For Beauty The massive Polk County Science Build- ing. The planetarium dome and beautiful t Lake Holiingsworth in the background. Lights and shadows — the Esplanade between the Watson Building and Roux Library. 42 • •••-- 43 B j BTH BiwE; ri •••••• Colorful crotons and view of the Lucius Pond Ord- way Arts Building. An inferior view in th Emile E. Watson Admin istration Building. The E. T. Roux Library from the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. • • ••• • . •• ••• . For moments of student leisure, the striking G. Floyd Zimmermann Lounge. From the shores of Lake Hollingsworth, palm trees and the modern Panhellenic Building. Joseph-Reynolds Hall seen through the archway of the From the air, the Polk County Science Building. Christian-Hindu Temple. Aluminum columns at the Science Building with the Citrus Department to the right. Jnder The Warm Florida Sun . . . The Polk County Science Building from the North. Office of the Registrar, the Watson Administra- tion Building. The new swimming pool — Lake Hollings- worth in the back- ground. • ' .••• 4 ■ ft • 4 ■• •; m B1 i ■« He HHf t4 s: 1 ' 1b f . - - » . ' v; - - One of the modern laboratories in the Polk County Science Building. Tropical Charm In A Modern Setting " . r ' MjffiBi IB ™l i x ' • • 4 ■ • The Christian-Hindu Temple with the reflection pool in the foreground. From Allan Spivey Hall, Joseph-Reynolds Hall. A classic study in architecture — the Watson Administration Building. ► Looking across the J. Edgar Wall Waterdome, the Watson Administration Building. An oiange tree at the right, the Lucius Pond Ordway Arts Building. II T ♦ " % ♦ V 1 •0 . m. The dome of the Science Building, the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel rising at the rear. The interior of the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. CMvyi... - ♦ ♦ I ill - - On the East Campus, The Commons, focal point of student life. One of the walkways at the Panhellenic Building. The interior of the beautiful E. T. Roux Library. » % • ♦ ' ' ♦ ♦ •■ .- » ♦•♦. . Hello Lakeland! Students arrive on the Atlantic Coast Line ' s Champion from the North and East. T he Time Was Yesterday . . Registration at J-R with Pat Dehmer, Mary Graves, Pat Lewis and Effie Lou Hopper. 5S Co-eds get a helping hand from the ACL conductor. It Was A Gay Time . ' What now? " say twins Carolyn and Marilyn Hanner. Nancy Reich and Ellen Flowers get Frosh caps •from George Hunter. fe T President Charles T. Thrift, Jr. speaks at the first convocation. At that gay Frosh reception — Pam Webster and Miss Eubanks at the punch bowl. M onth Jack Aikens and Royce Stewart " sweat out " those placement tests. First indignities — Susie Mudd and Gail Ran- dolph shine Sophomore Ed Kolaska ' s shoes. In the Eleanor Searle Drawing Room, Hope Gaebl, Deanna Herring and Nikki Keller chat with Business Manager Corning F. Tolle. Were Filled With Important Events . . . Oh those tests! Taffy Hoveler, Dianna Fleischer and Barbara Collins. ' ' ♦ ■ ■■ T he Days Passed Swiftly. Who will ever forget the Cap and Gown Bermuda Party in the Ordway Arts Building? The whipped cream flows at the Frosh Rat Court. Action, action, action. Soccer, soccer, soccer. 62 Moments to remember — those volleyball games. Dinsmore, Hunter and Gordon — FSC ' s radio feature, " Southern Speaks. " These were some happy hours . . . horseback riding in the Sunny Southland. ' Religion in Life Week " . . . students meeting with Dr. Dale Hagler. What again! Nicki Clark and Ruth Jones with those naughty Alpha Delta Pi Can Can girls. A pretty time — the Fashion Show of Delta Zeta. Kappa Delta ' s South Sea Islands party. E very Hour Was Brimming With Activity Remember Coward, Cham- bers and Felson at the Tri Sig Calypso Ball. Wow! The Alpha Gamma A dreamy time . . . " Show Delta ' s Oriental Party. boat. " ... Phi Mu. Students with a heart. Sigma Chi Alpha — Phi Mu party for children. The great romantic moment . . . Ralph Umsted pins Chris Parker by the Yule tree. The " begging bulldog " with Karen Washburn and Barbara Kazanjian. ♦ " ♦ V ♦ " %•••♦.♦ ♦ « ♦ - - Co-eds in an interpretive dance — Religion in Life Week. And some fancy stepping at that old-fashioned square dance. T ime Spun Along And how it spun for these happy co-eds taking off for the beach. r| 67 What a time — the Christmas Ball with the Fabulous Dorseys Band. T here Was Never A Dull Moment . . Coke time at the C. T. Who ' s for bridge at the Tri Sig ' s? ♦ ' " ■ V ♦ S ♦ i i • 1 • 4 Evidence of achievement . . . the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Christmas Seal display. The AOPi ' s have need of a station wagon! A furious study session with Bob Broyles and Milt Harmon. The ROTC reception: Sally Roberts, Johnny Watson, Carol Marshall, Charles Graham and Cathy Ewing. n A Life Rewarding In Experiences . . . Who could ask for anything more? Susan Wisegarver and Whitney Conviser off for the courts. I he chef had a keen knife for that keen Yuletime banquet. ktfc 70 H m m " ' ■c h? The gala holiday season. A party. A Christmas tree. And the Alpha Chis. 2 ■ ' " ; ' i ' mw 1 GR -$?L ' 71 nd Rich In Memories . . The great day comes. Graduation at FSC. A fond farewell to our college days. • • 4 Co-eds greet Lakeland from the striking parade float of Peoples Bank. • ' -• ' • ♦ . ft r ' d« Presiding at the punch bowl at the Queen ' s reception, Jill Berthy. Some real good eat- ing at the old-fash- ioned barbecue. Sweet melodies at the Founders ' Week Ball. A great time was had by all at the carnival at the Sump. 1 Queen Carol, her Court, the Florida Southern float. Professor Ernest Lilley and Miss Arlene Lemke at the beauti- ful coronation scene. Some swift operators at the games at the carnival. Alpha Gamma Delta at the fraternity-sorority sing. ■ » i Tau Epsilon Phi-Zeta Tau Alpha-Jefferson-Bishop float, Founders ' Week parade. Tony Pastor ' s nationally-known band played at the Founders ' Week Bal Miss Norman Moore - Honor Walk Student for 1959. tAtf Baseball - the Detroit Tigers, and sweet Florida oranges formed the theme for the Lakeland float. Attendants of candidates for Miss Southern look their prettiest for an enthusiastic audience at the coronation. m ' . J »v r iHB v 4 1 r ' , C ' ' " It t 0 : V v- » fr- ' % i .. r : %t Ik ■BPP 78 I ft % ♦ - 1 • • ft ft Striking Sigma Phi Epsilon - Alpha Omicron Pi parade float. Founders ' Week parade; at the Students ' - Parents ' banquet; the Dolfin Club performs; Zeta Tau Alpha booth at the carnival. The Concert Choir at the coronation of Miss Southern. ► ■ ip5- Jfc m kL ' The Whiffenpoof Song, " creation of Delta Zeta and Lambda Chi Alpha in the Founders ' Week parade. A fine time was had by all at the fraternity-sorority sing — this is Pi Kappa Alpha. There was beauty everywhere as coeds marched at the coronation — Miss Marijo Price, Zeta Tau Alpha. Founders ' Week ESMM Ui m • ' -• % ft . ft 4 ♦ 4 ft . . Lynn Heberling, Bill Dreyer, Don Holcombe, Chris Parker: Kappa Delta receives trophy from Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pi Kappa Phi from Alpha Delta Pi — the Greek sing. 1959 The Southernettes and Southerneers drew crowd applause with their float — " Three Coins In A Fountain. " ft i The camera caught some of the Southernettes at the Greek song test. A quartet of Southern gentlemen on the Alpha Gamma Delta— Pi Kappa Phi float. Thousands and thousands along the parade route enjoyed the " Rock Island Line " by Phi Sigma Kappa and Sigma Sigma Sigma. Lenda Firth and Arnie Frank help to depict the real musical theme of Kappa Delta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Miss Delaine Gordon walks onto the coronation scene — there was beauty, beauty everywhere. With a queen to be selected, the Concert Band was on hand with beautiful music. Miss Southern candidates, Effie Lou Hopper, Pat McCloug- han, Carol Ann Jenkins and Norma Moore with Professor Billy J. Williams. Former President Ludd M. Spivey enjoys the festivities wi,h Mrs. Charles T. Thrift, Jr. " We ' ve Got the World on a String " — a section of the crea- tion by Sigma Chi Alpha and Phi Mu. At the Faculty Women ' s Club tea, Mrs. Louise Duncan, trustee, pours for Dean Murray Johnson. B { if I The winning " Mardi Gras " float by Alpha Chi Omega and Pi Kappa Alpha. Founders ' Week ♦ ♦ ♦ ft - W 4 jr V Publix and FSC coeds joined in helping to celebrate the 74th Founders ' Week of the College founded by Florida Methodists in 1885. At Florida Southern College . . . Melody and harmony — some of the men of Sigma Chi Alpha lift their voices in song. Honorary Chancellor Harry Silett and Dean Corning F. Tolle at the luncheon in the former ' s honor. jK- A ■ a «•■ Tom Hamilton and Glen Maggio with Queen Carol Marshall. ■■hhhB " Bridge on the River Kwai, " by Kappa Alpha Fraternity. All Queens of Hearts on this beautiful float of Lakeland ' s Polk Federal. 88 • ♦ 4 » ♦ « « • » • - Music — music — music. The sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta at the fraternity — sorority sing. Phi Mu sisters were audience pleasers at the fraternity- sorority sing. Charming Miss Pat Stonis as Kappa Alpha Rose. And first place winners for fraternities were the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi. s? Some " wheels of chance " provided fun and frolic at the carnival. The " Strawberry Queen " from Plant City brought neighborly greetings. Founders ' Week .yfc - fl j ¥ It was a gala occasion — enjoyed by all — and next year FSC ' s Diamond Jubilee. UA£ MkXSiSUVW o| i u t CI, link ' A. Saunders Thomas G. Lang Joshua Hollingsworth Shade W. Walker W. T. Seals John P. Hilburn T. W. Moore Walter L. Clifton Henry E. Partridge Rhenus H. Alderman Wightman F. Melton Lndd M. Spivey James T. Nolen Charles T. Thrift, Jr. Florida Southern College Inaugurates Its DR. CHARLES TINSLEY THRIFT, JR. 1 ••• • • • 14th President TX a colorful ceremony on the East Terrace of ■ - the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. Charles Tinsley Thrift, Jr., was inaugurated as Florida Southern College ' s fourteenth President on Friday, March sixth. " - vHSSMijk, Induction of Dr. Thrift by H. F. Wolfe, chair- man of the Board of Trustees, climaxed the 74th Founders ' Week celebration at FSC. Delegates from scores of colleges and universit- ies were on campus to participate in the inaug- ural events and to wish for Dr. Thrift a long and successful administration as head of our Methodist institution. The Inaugural procession and the Inaugural site. The induction of Charles Tinsley Thrift, Jr., by Dr. H. E. Wolfe, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. ft • ,4Jy • v T $ " ' -. S Upwards of 800 guests attended the Inaugural luncheon in the Ordway Arts Building. 7» _ »J, Dr. and Mrs. Thrift receive guests at the President ' s recep- tion. Dr. Joseph A. Tolle, Miami, presided at the ceremonies. • • ft i At the Inaugural luncheon, Dr. and Mrs. John O. Gross, Dr. A. Hollis Edens and Mrs. Charles T. Thrift, Jr. Greetings from Florida Colleges and Universities: Dr. J. Wayne Reitz, President of the University of Florida. Former President Ludd M. Spivey and felicitations. Mrs. Spivey brought j4BLMM u fc : » " ' : k « ' B f - " ' ,j s . ' " ' J , v V k A Speaking at the Inaugural ceremony, Dr. Arthur Hollis President of Duke University, the alma mater of FSC President. Edens, s 14th Mrs. E. T. Roux, Trustee, pours for a delegate — guest at the Presidents reception. H E. WOLFE Chairman DR. P. M. BOYD Vice-Chairman HARRIS G. SIMS Secretary C. V. McCLURG Treasurer DR. GEORGE A. FOSTER MRS. LOUISE D. DUNCAN L. DAY EDGE R. B. GILBERT MRS. SARANN B. KAZANJIAN DR. JOSEPH A. TOILE WALTER TRAVERS DR. JOHN Z. FLETCHER DR. E. J. PENDERGRASS DR. G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN 95 Frank Lloyd Wright Artist in concrete and steel . . . creator of the beautiful . . . signifi- cant contributor to a true American Culture . " • » ' % • ft ■ ft . 1 • ft 4 A . ' . - . Dedication IN appreciation for his outstanding contributions to Florida Southern College, the students, facult) and administration gratefully dedicate the 1959 Interlachen to Dr. John Henry Tee- ter, with a salute to his lovely and talented lady . . . Christine McCuirc Teeter. 97 Honorary Chancellor . . . 1958 rTARRV SILETT, ol Palm Beach, Florida, has served with The 1959 Interlachen congratulates Mr. Silett upon his success- 1- A distinction as the 1958 Honorary Chancellor ol Florida Eul reign as FSC ' s 25th Honoran Chancellor and welcomes him Southern College. as an academic son ol our alma mater. Chairman of fhe FSC Advisory Commission » • ♦ 4 4 A distinguished Floridian and former facult) member of Florida Southern College has served as the Chair- man of the FSC Advisory Commission for 1958-1959. She is Mrs. Elizabeth Skinner Jackson, of Dunedin, the second lady to serve our alma mater in that capacity. During Mrs. Jackson ' s tenure, important advancements have been made in several areas and the Interlachen, for the students, faculty and trustees, expresses gratitude to the Chairman ol the Advisory Commission for her interest in our college. ( - i r 1 « i 1 r «$ y n Tribute To The Memory Of DR. ROBERT S. BLY A LIFE dedicated to teaching and to Christian ideals . . . one who inspired young men and women to reach the heigh ts ... a beloved friend who contributed so much to our College. t; tJh M Gary Peters, Ray Hager, Faye Johns, Bruce Ferguson, Linda London, Don Vandenburgh and Richar Tatro in " The Man in the Bowler Hat. " The Southern Players Myrna Goldenburg, as " Gabrielle, " and Kit Novak, as " The Mad Woman " The he in " The Mad Woman of Chaillot. " VARIED SCHEDULE Ferguson; the bad man, Don Vandenburgh, in ' The Man in the Bowler Hat. " Jim Kless as " Cassio " and Holden Potter as " Roderigo " in " Othello. " In " The Importance of Being Earnest, " Joanne Kofoed as " Cecily. " V £ ' s »J f | J ' i ' I If || 4 I |jP 1 The Concert Choir MEMBERS Bond Colburn Point Eskelin Jones Stuart Morgan Novak Ellis Jones Ford Martin McKay Schultz Webb Keen Bai ringer Jeup Landgraff Worley Boggs Dew. n Thompson Conley AIniand Wolfe Henrv Hendry Ellis York Dees Lampman Townsend Scott Eskelin Spivey . WYNN YORK Director CONCERT CHOIR QUARTET: Eskelin, Worley, Henry, D 3 i • •••• DR. KENNETH C. ANDERSON Director Mike Leclerc, President; Glenn Hopson, Vice-President; Dorothy Fleck, Secretary-Treasurer, The Concert Band First row: Sanborn, Hayes, Eskelin, Gotts, Borgman, Sims, Harris. Second row: Bond, Rocker, Fleck, Nicely, Silverstein, Jores, Anderson, Cosier, Willis, Cameron Third row: Polk, Farber, Hopson, Brady, Jones, Stevens, Hamilton, Brew, Bailey, Conner, Leclerc, Tapp, Delegal. Fourth row: Smith, Lampman, McLain, Donovan Levin, Jones, Klein, Bozo, McKay, Kasak, Anderson. Not pictured: Allen, Currie, Dukes, Kreusch. P ■H 9 ■ m- : r- .:. 1 | fc Southern 106 Miss Carol Marshall with little Miss Ka+hy Readdick. Sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega. lite sntenacken MISS ANN STOLZ sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon Selector: Dr. Harris G. Sims, Editor, The Lakeland Ledger 107 Queen Carol with her father, Ernest Marshall; brothers Ernest, Jr., and Stephen. IS5 rntenacken L55 South- ern Personality study of Miss Carol Marshall, Miss Southern of 1959. Miss Interlachen gets ready for an evening on the town. Ann poses at world-famous Cypress Gardens » Dint Rv unner-u MISS RHEA LOU AUKERMAN sponsored by Sigma Chi Alpha Second f v unner-u, r MISS INTERLACHEN MISS BETTILYN DINKEL sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega 110 Con £ ynxwJLM $O3$ 0?UX C£l1 L(5 uL First row: Dr. Grace, Rockwell. Klinger, Parramore, Prof. Kiser, Orr, Dr. Porks. Second row: Parrish, Killer., Gonder, Johnson. Florida Academy Of Science The Florida Collegiate Academy, a division of the Florida Academy of Sciences, held its annual meet- ing in conjunction with the Florida Academy of Science in Jacksonville. Seven students from Flor- ida Southern won prizes for their scientific papers presented at this annual meeting. There are 137 members comprising the Florida Collegiate Academy. OFFICERS ABBOT! W. PARRAMORE. JR President PROFESSOR R. S. KISER State sponsor DR. H. TED GRACE FSC Faculty ♦ % • • ft 4ft ' - First row: Vivian Vann, EflRe Lou Hopper, Anna Marie Sica, Pat Autrey, Pat McCloughan. Second row: Bob Burkholder, Beryl Insinger, Elizabeth Ewerts, No Moore, Sally Roberts, Carol Marshall. Third row: Neal Justin, Tom Hamilton, Emiliano Salcines, Richard Fulford, Marcus Smith. Who ' s Who Hall Of Fame First row: Carol Marshall, EfTie Lou Hopper, Anna Marie Sica, Sally Roberts. Second row: Bob Burkholder, Don Brown, Chan Hatcher, Jack Se Kappa Sigma Rho Olympics •sir A single picture tells an entire story as students have fun in the sun at FSC ' s outstanding laugh carnival. T -flULJ • . «[ ' - ' fV t. III Florida Southern College Student Senate The Student Senate of Florida Southern College works in conjunction with the Administration and students for the improvement of campus activities and campus life. It is the legislative branch of the Student Body Asso- ciation The Senate is in charge of student elections, issues charters for campus organizations, arranges Freshman Orientation Week and other activities, and in general works to improve all facets of life at the College. OFFICERS IHOMAS HAMILTON President GEORGE HUNTER Vice-President SHIRLEY JOHNSON Secretary CAROL MARSHALI Treasurer DEAN ABNER HANSEN -tdvism Hamilton, McKenzie, Taylor, Johnson, Berthy, Stewart, Vogel, Marshall, Choate. Second row: Outlaw, Foy, Moore, Russ, Peterson, Landgraf, Kasak, Worthinglon. Third row: Brown, Eppenberger, Ewerts, Schwartz, Burkholder, Hunter, Dean Hansen. • ••••% DEAN J. A. BATTLE Advisor to the Senate DEAN DAVID L. READDICK Advisor to the Supreme Court First row: Dean Reoddick, Vann, Sica, McCloughon. Second row: Smith, D Supreme Court DEAN DAVID L. READDICK JAMES DAVIS PATRICIA McCLOUGHAN ANNA MARIE SICA M. 1). SMITH VIVIAN VANN Hattie Eicholtz, Hopper, Rutz, Harper, Autrey, Mudd, Gaebl. Second row: Biggers, Tyler, Ivey, Ervin, Dillard, Weldon, Peckham. Women ' s Student Government Association The Women ' s Student Government Association is a governmental subsidiary of the Student Body Associa- tion. It serves as a court for infractions of college and house rules, and strives to uphold the standards of women residents of F.S.C. It is composed of represen- tatives of sororities and independents who are elected by resident women students. OFFICERS DEAN HATTIE EICHOLTZ Advisor PAT AUTREY President NANC BIGGERS Secretary-Treasurer HELEN Rl TZ Sergeant-at-Arms First row: Whidd, Boswell, Massey, Baierl, Marshall, m, Stor Gober. Gordor Autri , Leiffer, uster, Young Jenkins, Mc ngdale, Loe McAdan , Richardso. Hopper, H row: Rock Sica, Khonigan, Britt, Snook, Prof. Ogden, Prof. Rutledge Cupp, Filzstevens, Vogel. Third row: Goldenberg, Johnson, R jckwell, Thompson, Neher, Lowe, Haight, Insinger, Landgraf, dgers nd rov, National Educators Association The National Educators Association is a professional organization for majors in the field of education. It strives to orient the student to his profession and to train leaders. It gives the students the opportunity for active participation in both the state and national edu- cational association. OFFICERS NORMA MOORE President PAT AUTREY Vice-President EVE LOWE Secretary SALLY GEORGE Treasurer CAROL MARSHALL Historian PROFESSOR J. GORDON OGDEN Advisor CAROL Mi ADAMS Chaplain BILL JONES Editor-in-Chief The Southern The Southern is the weekly college newspaper pub- lished and edited by the students of Florida South- ern College. EDITORIAL STAFF BILL JONES Editor-in-Chief fANET YATES Managing Editor CURT ADKINS Sports Editor BUSINESS STAFF ANN KAYSER Business Manager BOB BROYLES Business Assistant FSC ' s Student Newspaper First row: Mundy, Block, Bechert, Auld, Russ. Second row: McLeod, Lemke, Koyser, Roselle, Hamilton, Yates. Third row: Mr. Waters, Jones, Adkins, Broyles, Winning • ■• •■• % ,-L ANN KAYSER business Manage HAROLD WATERS Advisor Mirrors Life On Campus JANE FOX Editor-in-Chief Corning Toll Manager Leon V the advertising plans. The Interlachen Records Campus Life In 1959 Susan WIsegar Arlene Detroy, and Arlene Lemke look book layouts. the ye EDITORIAL STAFF JANE FOX Editor-in-Chief JILL BERTHY Associate Editor CAROLYN SCHWARTZ Editorial Assistant LOUISE HARRIER Organization Editoi ARLENE DeTROY Senior Class Editor ARLENE LEMKE Junior Class Editoi COOKIE BURKE Sophomore Class Editoi SUSAN WISEGARVER .... Freshman Class Editoi HAL WATERS Sports Editoi PAUL WILLE Colh ' gc Photographei LEON VETRANO Business Managei CORNING TOLLE Business Advisoi WILLIAM I). SHILLING Advisoi 122 First row: Berthy, DeTroy, Burke, Stermer, Watts. Second row: Fox, Lemke, Foy, Bechert. 1959-lnterlachen-1959 Advisor William D. Shilling and Editorial Assistant Carolyn Schwartz work on the feature section. Organization Editor, Paul Wille, Photographer, and Jill Berthy, Associate Editor, discuss photographs. First row: Goetz, Bain, Bell, Richardson, Eckheort, Baierl, Arent, Bond, Cooper, Hopper, Turner, Williams, Hedgepeth. Second row: Barrier, Schevermann, Moore Stone, Kirkman, Smith, Cozier, Rutz, Miller, Hocker, Phelps, Manley, Massey. Third row: Houk, Garrett, Insinger, Gordon, Avery, Troutschold, Griffin, Mabry, Sellers Barringer, Hannigan, Cupp, Fitzstevens, Norman, Dinsmore. Fourth row: Conner, Longford, Cunningham, Whitten, Wilson, Thompson, Vann, Barrel!, Hamilton, Britton MacFadden, Taylor, Rev. Luce. Fifth row: Ellis, Speights, Rule, Parcell, Calhoun, Willis, Ambrose. Methodist Student Movement The purpose of the Methodist Student Movement is to provide Eor the spiritual, moral, social and intellectual needs ol the college student. Representatives are sent to district, state and national conventions each year. In ad- dition to mam local, stale and national service projects, a variety of Eunctions are held throughout the year. OFFICERS DELAINE GORDON President WAYNE 1 VNGFORD Vice-President LEHOMA BAIN Secretary- Treasure! REV. FRANCIS L. LUCE 4dvisoi First row: Lawh on, Eskelin, McNeely, Hagen, Donovan, Dale. Second row: Harris, Dunn, Rule, Reinking, Carlson, Otto Civitan Club Early in the year, a Civitan Club was organized on our campus. This was the first collegiate Civitan Club in the country. It is now busily engaged in forming other clubs throughout the United States. This club was or- ganized at Florida Southern for the purpose of offering the school an active collegiate service club. We hope that our school, community, and country will prosper through the help ol the collegiate Civitan. OFFICERS NEIL ESKELIN President |1M II (.1. Vice-President IIM LAW HON ■ ■ Treasurer •• • • . First row: Colburn, Tindell, Fielding, Cr Harper. Second row: Tyson, Castles, Baird, Ste Westminster Foundation The Westminster Foundation is an organization of Pres- byterian students interested in promoting Christian ideals on the campus, in the community and in the world. It is endeavoring to emphasize the importance of granting Presbyterian students an opportunity to de- velop their Christian belief by carrying out several so- cial projects and by cooperating with other religious organizations in an effort to create a spirit ol harmony on the campus. OFFICERS BOB STEWART President DAVID TYSON Vice-President JANE CRANE Secretary LI - HARPER Treasure) • ••■•% First row: Canfleld, Gemmell, Allison, Sims, Whidden, Cheshire, Hudson, Anderson, Cox, Prof. Hancock. Second row: Prof. Smith, Fowler, Addy, Gillispie, Stephe Bowman, Ratliff. Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union is a youth organization for Baptists. Every Baptist is a potential member, and be- comes active when he joins a Baptist church in the edu- cational center or any unit organization that is repre- sented in the B. S. U. Council. The B. S. U. was founded to conserve Southern Bap- tist college youth for Christian leadership and the King- dom of God, to minister to the spiritual needs of Baptist college men and women, and to extend the influence of the chinch to every campus. OFFICERS NEWANA CHESHIRE President DON ALLEN Vice-President 1)1 A HERRING Secretary-Treasurer First row: Ryder, Tyler, Reiman, Bodle, Cornwell, West, Mcteod, Bodle. Second row: Hill, Bunge, Halde Walters, Montague, Acker, Prof. Richards. Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club is an organization formed for the purpose of reaching all Episcopalians on campus ami to draw them into a bond of fellowship through study, service anil friendship. The organization sponsors religious stud) groups, par- ticipates in the Inter-Faith Council, holds vesper services, partakes in Religious Emphasis Week and holds several social events throughout the year. OFFICERS JIM MONTAGUE President [ACKIE BODLE Vice-President LINDA REIMAN Secretary-Treasurei PEGGY McLEOD Publicity Chairman REV. MERRILL NORTON, I ' ROF. ROBERT RICH AKDs idvisors First row: Singer, Lebersfeld, Broumberg, Konter, Loewe, Goldenberg, Levin. Second row: Gershun, Stiefel, Hollock, Winning, Gerd, Rosenfeld. Hillel Society % J.-$0P The Hillel Society was organized for the purpose of promoting fellowship for Jewish students and lor the enlightenment of others to Jewish culture and customs. The organization was named after a Hebrew teacher and philosopher who lived during the latter part ol the third century, A.D. OFFICERS BARBARA LOEWE President STIEFEL Vice-President GLORIA LE15ERSI-ELD Recording Secretary RISA RANTER Treasurer First row: Jenkins, Moore, Bartlett, Curci. Second row: Emery, Stakey, Prof. Olson. Lutheran Student Association The Lutheran Student Association on campus endeavors to unite the Luthern students together in fellowship. It seeks id develop the individual ' s spiritual life believing that in iliis wa) his social and intellectual development will be well correlated. BRU( 1 EMERY . . OFFICERS BARBAR MOORE . GINNY CURCI . Seer tary-Treasurei ♦ • • 1 itt, Bodle, Loewe, Crane. Second row: Rev. Luce, Cheshire, Gordon, Langraf. Third row. Straye Moore, Stewart, Montague, fourth row: Gershun. Inter-Faith Council The Inter-Faith Council was organized in 1955 for the purpose of uniting the various religious organizations on the campus in closer bonds ol fellowship. The Council is comprised of two delegates from each denominational group, including the Baptist Student Union. Methodist Student Movement, Westminster Fel- lowship. Christian Science Organization and the Canter- bury Club. The major activity of the Inter-Faith Council is cen- tered around the organization and success of Religious Emphasis Week. BRAD DIX.SMORE ( R )I I VNDGRAF M A l 1 15RI I [ REV. FRANCIS 11(1 . . . President . . Vice-President Set 1 1 1 in j - Treasui er idvisor First row: Ashworth, Ashworth, HaufT, Moore. Second row: Flonigon, Stroyer, Co Chi Alpha Chi Alpha Organization at Florida Southern College was Formed for the purpose of uniting the Assembly of Cod students on campus in closer bonds of Christian fellowship. Regular meetings are held to offer the students an opportunity to plan and work, on various projects for the year. OFFICERS JAMES SIR AVER President ERNEST F1ANIGAN Vice-President PHYLLIS HAUFF Secretary First row: McKay, Eskelin, Gotts, Stevens, Prof. Leeman. Second row: Harris, Smith, Delegal, Du Mu Alpha Mu Alpha Society is one of the newest ol the campus honorary organizations tin ' s year. Its purpose is to Fur- ther musical interest and recognition ol musical ac- complishments. This men ' s music honorary fraternity was organized ,:s an integral group under the auspices of the Music Department. Requirements lor all members are an active interest in music, and an overall 2.0 average. OFFICERS TINY McKAV Presidi nl RONALD GOTTS Vice-President GEORGE STEVENS Secretary -Treasurer PROF. PAUL LEEMAN idvisoi First row: Lazarus, Eppenberger, Harper, Stonis, Walton, Cooper, Khonigan, Eckheart, Oswart, Moore. Second row.- Moore, Eppenberger, Fleck, Peck, Nicely, Houser, Aukerman, Ausley, Britt. Third row: Prof. Piatt, Prof. Ellison, Lancaster, Selden, Bartlett, Carpenter, Prof. Bunn. Fourth row: Barker, Arey, Council. Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club develops and promotes in- terest in the various aspects of home economics and also fosters better student-faculty relationships. This growing organization is affiliated with both i In- state and national Home Economic Associations. High- lights of the year are the Christmas banquet and the style show. JOAN EPPENBERGER II VRPER . . . BE 111 |n ( ( K NCJX BARBARA BARKER President Vice-President . . Secretary Treasure! ' • % 4 • 4 ft 4. . . _ First row.- Campbell, Wing, Hendrix, Britt, Turner, Perry, Hovey, Fields, Bittle, Calloway, Whitaker. Second row: Hull, Williams, Ricketson, Sineath, Simmons, McAulay, Gillespie, Deloney, Carlin, Norris, Dell ' Orso. Third row: Morgan, Whitfield, Walker, Hull, Clinton, Laughrey, Minor, Ellis, Kinsey, Griffith. Fourth row.- Parker, Walden, Hagstrom, Phillips, Smith, Watson, Youngblood, Boland, Kenn, Prof. Mack. Citrus Club The Citrus Club is an organization i promote student interest in the citrus department and to provide them with ilie opportunity to meet experts in the field of citrus. The Florida Citrus Mutual Award is presented by the cooperative organization to the outstanding citrus major in the fune graduating class. A monthh dinner is sponsored by the organization featuring a guest speak- er representing an important phase of the citrus industry, OFFICERS |IM CAMPBELL President K WHY HOVEY Vice President SAYWARD WING Secretary HII I. SIM. A It! Treasurt , J. V. WALDEN, JIM III I.I Directors American Guild of Organists First row: Bain, Houk, Mazeau, Hedgepeth. Second row: Eskelin, Caldwell, Gemmell, Prof. Brierley. Music Educators National Conference At F. S. C. First row: Bailey, Eskelin, Leclerc, Boggs. Second row: Prof. Leeman, Lampman, Jones, Gotts, Stevens 136 ♦ •••• International Club First row: Taylor, Fielding, Grunicke, Goetz, Consuegra, Baerga, Prof. Ibberson, Hamada, Abdulmuhsin, Griffin. Second row: Carbonell, Kliams, Abut, Dr. Ev Kim, Moore, Stakey, Cooper, Dr. Jordan. Third row: Payne, Saler, Chao, Lewis, Czermak, Kinsey, Jelinek, Mojzes. Pep Club First row: Cox, Avery, Hedgepeth, Morgan, Bell, West, Worthington, Stermer, Watts, Wright. Second row: Stringham, Cain, Baierl, Richey, Hadden, Heven Peckham, Harris, Pfeffer. Third row: Choate, McGraw, Brown, Schaper. Fourth row: Hunter, Brockway, McAdoms, Black, Schlosser, Roberts, Polls, Miln First row: Novak, Thornton, Broumberg, Anderson, Aherndt, Kofoed, London, Spire, Little. Second row- Morgan, Bodle, Loewe, Kanter, Browder, Goldenberg, Feiding, Businelli, Johns. Third row: Dr. Jordan, Tyler, Barker, Contois, Acker, Prof. Fusillo, Mrs. Fusillo, Peters, Kless, Montague. Fourfh row: Lott, Hatcher, Tatro, Maine, Keenan, Parrish, Tice, King. Vagabonds The Vagabonds is an organization designed to promote mutual aid and encouragement for students of drama and speech. Outstanding plays are presented from the professional theater and also experimental pla s which are written, produced and directed by members. Eligibility for membership is determined by the or- ganization as designated in the constitutional by-laws. OFFICERS JOANNE KOFOED President GARY PETERS Vice-President FA YE JOHNS Secretary-Treasurer LINDA LONDON Social Chairman JIM MONTAGUE Prop Mastet JIM KLESS Publicity Manager Y] I N I USILLO Advisor • ■••■• First row: Hawkins, Bunge, Baltantyne, Anderson, Howard, Keenan. Second row: Britton, Lee, Walters, Daughtery, Prof. Fugitt. Third row: Bloom, Matthews. Circle K The Circle K International of Florida Southern College is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. The club serves the school by conducting constructive projects which im- prove the campus. Circle K was re-activated this school year and has accomplished much in renewing the char- ter, acquiring new members, and sponsoring projects. OFFICERS FRED BUNGE President ( R1 HAWKINS Vice-President LANCE ANDERSON Secretary-Treasurer Young Republicans First row: Douglass, Marshall, Kemp, Stewart, Ma yer, Van Zylen. Second row: Winning, Russ, Douglass, Williams, Roselle. Third row: Patterson, Eunge, Young Democrats First row: Rou, Hamilton, Lubach, Taylor, Stan Nebhuth, Aloia, Kay. Second row: Lama, Gutierrez, Salcines, Bennett, Battle, Flanigan, Peck. Third Evans, Burkholder, Outlaw, Smith, Isbirian, Junkin. College Union Lett to right: Hagen, Schevers, Jones, Ackerman, Ruli Propeller Club First row. Reinking, Myzie, Packer, Stamison, Suitok, Pulley, Walters, Petruzzelli, Jansen, Ford, McLaughlin. Second row- Roselle, Johnson, Fulford, Ballantyne, Don ovon, Bunge, Armstrong, Hawkins, Kolaska, Lyons. Third row: Carlson, Schever, Burnett, Sandine, Wilson, Almond, Lee. First row: Dean Battle, Cuervo, Prof. Wish, Mrs. Rutledge, Sica, Johnson, Stewart, McCloughan, Zylen, Burke, Fox. Second row: Hamilton, St. John, Prof. Fugitt, Prof. Richardson, Justin, Smith, Lama, Fields, Schaddelee, Petruzzelli. Third row.- Burnett, Vermette, Brown, Lubach, Bunge, Lee, Lyon, Wilson, Salcines. Fourth row: Davis, Almond, Roselle, Brown. Political Union The Political Union of Florida .Southern College was organized bv Dean |ean A. Rattle, director of the Flor- ida Citizenship Clearing House, in December, 1 95-4. The motto is, " Better Minds for Better Politics. " Each month the Union holds a dinner meeting at which time an active man in politics is subjected to questioning on political philosophy and its practical applications. Outstanding speakers in the past have been Governor Adlai Stevenson, Governor Goodwin Knight. Senator Estes Kefauver, and Senator Spessard Holland. OFFICERS NEAL JUSTIN President JOE ROSELLE Vice-President COOKIE BURKE Secretary NANCY STEWART Treasure! PROF. FRED WISH idvisor •deceased •■♦• . Firs row: Jenkins, Garrett, McCloughan, Johnson, Marshall, Autrey, Hopper, Dr. Park. Second row: Heberling, Roberts, M ger, Landgraf, Boswell, Kielmann. Cap and Gown Cap ana Gown is an honorary organization recognizing women who have attained a high standard of leadership in college activities and scholarship. It brings together the most representative women in all phases ol college life and creates an organization for service to tire College. Eligibility for membership into Cap and Gown con- sists ol an overall " B " average, the classification ol a junior, and special distinction in at least one phase of collegiate activity. The prime requisite lor Cap and (.own is good character, high scholarship, intelligence and loyalty to the College. OFFICERS I I 111 ' . LOU HOPPER President SALLY ROBERTS Vice-President 1 M,c LOUGHAN Secretary I reasuret DR. MAR CATHRYNE PARK idvisoi • ••■♦•% ilton. Hunter, Di Abner Han Burkholder, Justin, Salcines. Second row.- Dinsr Major William Mangum, Dean David Readdick. Omicron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa has established a triad oi pin poses in its distinguishing years as the superior collegiate honorary fraternity. They are: to recognize men who have attained a high standard ol efficiency in collegiate activities; to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life; and to unite the members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Membership qualities in Omicron Delta Kappa are disclosed in character, leadership, and service to campus life, scholarship, fellowship and adherence to democratic ideals. OFFICERS ROBERT BURKHOLDER President RICHARD II IKIRII Vice-President DEAN DAVID READDICK Faculty Secretary First row- Dean Battle, Boswell, Hopper, Jenkins, Autrey, Prof. Snook, Hill. Second row: Marshall, Rockwell, Rockwell, Moore, Snyder, Rutledge Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi recognizes outstanding contributions l nun and women to education and encourages high pro- fessional, intellectual and personal standards for teach- ing. Requirements for membership are an overall " B " average with a minimum of six hours of education for juniors and twelve hours lor seniors. The local Epsilon Gamma Chapter annually awards the Kappa Delta Pi gold medal award to the outstand- ing graduating senior in the field of education. OFFICERS ERNEST HILL President BION ROCKWELL Vice-President (ARCH. ANN [ENKINS Secretary-Treasurer PROFESSOR SNOOK Idvisoi Fust row. Peters, Mrs. Callahan, Dr. Park, Kofoed, Johns. Second row: Hatcher, Tatro, Prof. Fusillo, Dr. Jordon, Lort. Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega is the national dramatic honor society organized on this campus in 1934. The purpose of the organization is to promote a higher proficiency in dra- matics and familiarize the members with contemporary drama. Membership requirements include an active interest in the field of dramatics, participation in campus or community productions and membership in the Vaga- bonds. OFFICERS JOANNE KOFOED President SHEILLA BRYANT Vice-President BOB LOTT Secretary-Treasurei first row: Keyes, Barnes, Cunningham, Smilh, Bartlett, Kim, Rev. Luce. Second row: Rockwell, Hunter, Dinsmore, Conner, Sherouse, Gross, Langford. Third row: Stowe Parcell, Driggers, Wirt, Dr. Odom, Dr. MacGowan. Gamma Sigma Chi Gamma Sigma Chi is a professional religious fraternity which promotes religious activity and encourages its members in their preparation for the Christian ministry. It attempts to make Christ a living reality on campus. Bi-weekly meetings are held, featuring speakers active in their field of interest. Membership is open to all pre- theological students. OFFICERS DON l 1) KEYES President I .1 ORG! S I OWE Vice-President BR VD DINSMORE Secretary |OII B R I LETT Treasure! REV. FRANCIS L. LUCE idviso) m Sis ' f € First row: Fielding, Dr. Gilbert, En gger, Moore, Bryant, Dr. Field, McQuire, Prof. Kiser. Second row: Roth, Moore, Barney, Haygood, Johnson, Elliot, Cushing. Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta, a biological science honor society, is designed to promote the dissemination of scientific truth and to encourage the investigation ol the life sciences. It emphasizes a three-fold program: stimulation of sound scholarship, edification l scientific knowledge and promotion I biological research. The qualifications for membership into Beta Beta Beta are a 2.5 overall average and a " B " average in science. OFFICERS KEN ROTH President LEWIS [OHNSON Vice-President MARTY WAFER Secretary BARBARA MOORE Treasure) PROFESSOR RISER Advisor ♦• ■ .« ■HUHi ■irsl row: Prof. Snyder, Dr. Bateson, Bodle, Dr. Park, Dean Battle, Prof. Richardson, Garrett, DeTroy. Second row: Dr. MacG Insinger, Prof. Richards, Rockwell. jn, Mrs. Morris, Salcines, Roberts, Pi Gamma Mu Pi Gamma Mu was established on campus to improve scholarship in the social studies; to inspire social service to humanity by an intelligent approach to the solution of social problems; to engender sympathy towards oth- ers with different opinions through a better mutual understanding. The local Florida Alpha Chapter has sponsored the securing of the flags of American liberty and sponsors dinners, speakers and other programs to further its purposes. OFFICERS EMILIANO SALCINES President (.WIN GARRETT Vice-President BION ROCKWELL Second Vice-President VRLENE DETROY Secretary DR. ROBER ' J MacGOWAN Chaplain First row: Mr. Shilling, Black, Russ, Bodle, Auld, Berthy, DeTroy, Lowe. Second Third row: Yates, Fox, Prof. Ogden, : Mr. Waters, Mr. Tolle Lilly, Roberts, Jones, P Mundy, Hamilti Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon is the national journalism honor so- ciety, established on this campus in 1953. The purposes of the organization are to teach the ethics, techniques, and mechanics of journalism, and to promote bettei fraternal feeling between fellow journalists and to fur- ther democratic and honest journalism. Membership qualifications include having the classi- fication of an uppei classman, a " B " average, and active participation on the editorial or business stalls of cam- pus publications. OFFICERS SIDNEY LAMER President SALLY ROBERTS Secretary LEON HAMILTON Treasurer CURT ADKINS Historian MR. HAROLD WATERS Advisor First row: Boswell, A ' Hern, Dr. Park, DeTroy, Turner, Hopper. Second row: McNeely, Prof. Fusillo, Dr. Emerson, Hamilton, Dr. Jc Dr. Bateson, Hamilton. Sigma Tau Delta The Psi Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta promotes mastery of written expression, encourages worthwhile reading, and fosters a spirit of good fellowship among students of the English language and literature. Meetings are held every three weeks to present pro- grams by student members and b outside speakers. These programs often take the form ol discussions ol original writings b members. Requirements for membership are eighteen hours ol courses in English and allied fields with a " B " average in these courses and a junior or senior ( lass status. OFFICERS BARBARA HAMILTON President 111 I! loi HOPPER Secretary- Treasure, DR. ELIZABETH EMERSON Advisor First row: Eskelin, Hopper, Prof. Snyder, Mossey, Turner. Second row: Culp, Clement, Insinger, Vann, No Sigma Rho Epsilon Sigma Rho Epsilon is an honorary organization pro- moting the development l religions education on cam- pus. Its purposes: to cooperate activeh with all other campus groups for the promotion of the common good, to function as a service organization on campus and in the community, and to emphasize scholastic achievement. Membership in Sigma Rho Epsilon is open to majors in religious education, to those interested in the field and to the wives oi pre-theological students. OFFICERS II 1 11. LOU HOPPER President BERYL INSINGER Vice-President JUNE NORMAN Secretary-Treasurer MRS. GRACE SNYDER idvisoi • ;■ ■ . First row: Prof. Wish, Demetrios, Ford, Russ, Melendi, Woodoll, Umsted. Second row: Douglass, King, Don Douglass, Easlerling, Carter, Lovern, Jageler. ett, Reinking, Dill, Delegal. Third row: Rogers, Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture in the com- munity, ft sponsors prominent outside speakers from the business world, receives the latest literature concerning the various industrial and business corporations, and acts as a medium between the college graduate and em- ployer. Membership is reserved for those having a " B " aver- age in pre-commerce and business administration sub- jects and a 2.5 overall average. OFFICERS LARRY CARTER President DALE DOUGLASS Senior Vice-President JIM EASTERL1XG Vice-President FRANK DELEGAL Secretary J k | AGI I LR Treasure ) % 4 • • ♦ A • ft 4 4. «. . " » . First row: Peters, Connor, Connor, Bryant, Stonis, Vetrano. Second row: Carbonell, Prof. Noylor, Prof. Stoddard, Long, Prof. Ols Kappa Pi Kappa Pi, the international honorary art fraternity, was installed on Florida Southern ' s campus in 1943 and reactivated again in 1957. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote greater artistic interest and achievement among the students. Requirements for membership are: a student must be majoring or minoring in art, having completed 12 hours of art with a " B " average in the twelve hours. OFFICERS MARGARET CONNOR President GARY PETERS Vice-President MARIE CONNOR Secretary SHEILLA BRYANT Treasurei GALAOR CARBON EI.L Sketch Book Editor First row: Smith, Colburn, Borgmon, Prof. Hutchman, Tench, Bechert, Miller, Prof. Beebe, Ewing, Acker. Second row: Prof. Smith, Nies, Malever, Moore, Greene Gimbel, Baird, Messick, Dr. Schubart. Third row: Haymond, Clemens, Killen, Jones, Kasak, rrazier, Kilgore, Hanner, Johnson. Robert S. Bly Chapter of Student Affiliates American Chemical Society i- w » J I It On November 25, students majoring in chemistry or interested in it, met to discuss the formation ol a chem- istry club. It was decided that the club should be an af- filiate of the American Chemical Society, and the club should be named alter the late Robert S. Bly. The national ACS was founded in 1876. The purpose of this organization is as follows: to encourage advances merit of chemistry in all branches; to promote research; in improve qualifications of chemists and increase our hemical knowledge. OFFICERS KEN KASAK President DOLORES MILLER Vice-President KEITH EWING Secretary BOB KILGORE Treasurer |OAN BECHERT Report PROF. EARL SMITH Advisor % F ■ W fe? 2 ; vi- 2 : " 1 ¥ H%1 2ETA TAU ALPHA ♦■ • . Whitice, Aldoy, Cothe McGra Third int, Stewart. Second row: Kleinknecht, Cornwell, Marshall, Mtch, Spongier, Kittleson, Roberts, Hogarth, Wishart, Wafe Dinkel, Holzbo Alpha Chi Omega " Together let us seek the heights " is the incentive Eoi cadi Alpha Chi as she devotes her efforts to work lor the improvement of social and scholastic activities on campus . . . We are proud of our Kappa Sigma Rho and Pi Kappa Phi Sweethearts Arlene Jourdan, and Carole Point . . . Co-ed Rattle Group Commander: Carol Marshall . . . Co-ed Captain: Sally Roberts . . . six cheerleaders . . . represented by treasurer of the Student Government As- sociation . . . members in Who ' s Who . . . Cap and Gown, Kappa Pi. Pi Delta Epsilon, Concert Choir, KNEA, Kappa Delta Pi, and Secretary of the Student Union . . . During the year we installed the Alpha Chi Omega at Miami University . . . altruistic projects of the year were: helping the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce aid orphan children, a Thanksgiving basket, Christmas Cheer Open House for the benefit ol orphans, and a $150 donation to the Lake- land Boys ' Club . . . We enjoyed our Sweetheart Dance and our Christmas Dance . . . We thank our sweetheart, Johnny Watson, our chapter advisor, Mrs. Violet Sinuns, our faculty advisor, Miss Drach, and of course, our house- mother, Mrs. Ward, for being so wonderful to us. You will always be held in high esteem by Alpha Chi Omega. 158 ► •• ♦ 4 ♦ 4 » 4 4 . . BETA OMICRON CHAPTER OFFICERS CAROL MARSHAL! President DEE KAISER Vice-President SALLY ROBERTS Secretary GRETCHEX HOLZBAUR Treasurer First row: Robson, Khonigan, Schaper, Pfeffer, Eckhardt, Parrish, Belinkoff. Second row: Milner, Bowers, Caisan, Irvine, Sargeant, Koufmann. Third Bowmon, Ross, Baggs, Flowers, Borja, Walker. Hogu ACTIVES: First rthy, Woyak, Wallers, Parkei, Ewing, Anderson, Shiplett, Johnson. Second Brown, Clark, Davis, Dillard, Rodgers, Wood, Riddle. Alpha Delta Pi Manx wonderful memories come to mind with a quick backward glance at the year and all that it held for Alpha Delta Pi . . . Began by pledging 22 great girls. Jam ses- sion with AOPi . . . Socials with the frats . . . Christmas dance with the Sig Eps . . . Building our Moat with the Kappa Sigma Rho ' s . . . Our terrific sweetheart Mario Toffolo . . . Celeste Woyak, Sig Ep Sweetheart . . . Pat Ausley as Sigma Chi Alpha Sweetheart . . . Three of our pledges served as fraternity pledge class sweethearts . . . Greek Sing with the S.A.E. ' s . . . Winning second place in Olympics . . . Secretary of Student Senate . . . Editor of the Interlachen . . . Assistant Editor of the Interlachen . . . Cheerleaders . . . Co-Ed R.O.T.C. Sponsors . . . Mem- bers in almost every campus organization, including hon- oraries . . . Southern . . . Diamond Dust Weekend . . . All our thanks to our terrific faculty advisor Dr. Wood- bun . . . We ' re forever indebted to the guiding hands of Mrs. Ogden and Mrs. Wish . . . And we shall never forget our loving housemother, Irby ... A sorority yes, but more than that— it ' s a true sisterhood with our motto always ringing . . . " We live for each other and lor Alpha Delta Pi. " The finest motto ever! GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER OFFICERS PATTI BROWN President CATHY EWING Vice-President TEDDY WOOD Secretary CELESTE WOYAK Treasure! PLEDGES: Tint row: Br ckway, Price, Ausley, Russell, Stephens, Schlosser, Jones, Peckhom. Second row: Wisegarver, Harp, Endres, Beuster, Auke Myers, Shuman. Third row: Polhemus, Gaebl, Milam, Harden, McVey, Aiken. ACTIVES: Firs Jones, Auld, Peck, Klingler, Klepper, Eskelin, Mo London. Second row: Fie Roosa, Potts, EvanofT. II, Miller, Wenrick, Heinze, Novak. Third Alpha Gamma Delta We of the Gamma Theta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta arc proud of our achievements during our first year on campus. Our girls arc represented in almost ever) college activity . . . Linda London, most outstanding actress at Florida Southern College, Vagabonds . . . Sue- Ellen Browder, girl lead in " Othello " . . . Vice-President ol W. S. (■. A.. Linda London . . . girls in following honorary fraternities: Pi Delta Epsilon, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delia, Beta Beta Beta, Cap and Gown . . . highest scholastic average on campus . . . presented a silver tra to Panhellenic Council on our in- tallation date to be awarded each year to the sororit) t achieves the greatest amount of scholastic improve- ment . . . girls on Southern Staff. Cheerleading squad. Home Economics Club, Concert Band and Concert Choir . . . sorority chorus giving man concerts with the school band . . . Phyllis Klinger, second place winner in the Social Studies division at the Florida Academy of Science Convention . . . Marcia Peck, pledge class sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi . . . exciting social life . . . many picnics ami patties . . . built lovely float with l ' i Kappa Phi . . . wonderful Christmas party given by pledges . . . gave Easter party to children afflicted with cerebral palsy . . . ended a wonderful year with a beautiful Spring Formal . . . our main thanks to our terrific alumns, our beloved faculty advisor. Dr. Park, our housemother, Mrs. Spear. t» t . «. ' ' GAMMA THETA CHAPTER OFFICERS ANN KIELMANN President SUE WENRICK Vice-President SYI.VI KLIPPER Secretary LAURA BOSWELL Treasurer PLEDGES: First row.- Barrier, Thornton, Stewart, Browder, Pierandozzi, Lousley, Morgan, Jones. Second row: Nicholas, Harbers, West, Kirk, Mayer, Eynon, Granalh. 163 ACTIVES: First row: Clifford, Morien, Lloyd, Hagist, Calloway, Crum, Smith, Little, Toomer. Second row: Baites, Emmenegger, Garrett, Bryant, Evertse, Delegal, Smith, Barker. Third row: Lemke, Pereboom, Fein, Rudolph, Stuart, Ecton, Bottom, Palsgraaf, Opler. Alpha Omicron Pi The AOPi ' s returned to F.S.C. ' s campus in the fall with high hopes, dreams and desires . . . The) all came true for the read and while colors were scattered ovei ever) aspect of collegiate life . . . We are proud ol Boots Barker, Theta Chi sweetheart . . . Sip Ep pledge (lass sweetheart . . . Owen Garrett, R.O.T.C. sponsor . . . Club member- ships and officers in beta beta. Pi Delia Epsilon, President ol Dolphin Club, Southern and [nterlachen stalls . . . President ol Panhellenic . . . Phi Epsilon Mu, Florida Academy of Sciences. Pi Gamma Mu . . . We proudly exhibit our first place trophy in the Kappa Sigma Rho Olympics . . . Second in volleyball . . . To our Sweetheart, Frank Delegal, our special thanks . . . Founders Day Banquet was a night long to be remembered . . . The Christmas carol serenade stalled the holidays oil right . . . Congratulations to the pledges who turned in their sheaf ol wheat lor the rubies and roses . . . To the graduates we send lots of luck, happiness and sad farewells . . . For our new housemother, Mrs. Hendry, our special tribute . . . Climaxing a year ol Inn and work was the Annual Rose Ball ... It was a gland year lor each AOPi, and it is with trembling lips we bid goodbye. . . . 164 KAPPA GAMMA CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row: Nowack, Siers, Felty, Fallon, Rickel, Gay. Second row: Ramsay, Chappell, Carbonell, Priest, Lchli, Ivey. 165 Craig, Parrott, Kofoed, Ryder, Ervin. Second Argo, Stakey, Bodle, Rabe. Beta Sigma Omicron After settling down lo another year in our house on Lake Hollingsworth Drive, the Beta Sigs began a ver active and successful year . . . Alter class gab sessions . . . Joanne Kofoed, student director of Othello . . . Members partici- pated in many organizations . . . F.E.A. . . . Vagabonds ... Pi Delta Epsilon . . . Vice-President of Panhellenic Council . . . Library stall . . . Canterbury Club . . . South- ern staff . . . Alpha Psi Omega . . . lnterlachen stall . . . Westminster Foundation . . . College Union . . . Phi Ep- silon Mu . . . Founders ' Day was celebrated with a cere- mony and dinner with the alumns ... In the Spring, fol- lowing the annual Pink Lady Dance, the alumns treated the Beta Sigs to a picnic . . . We have been proud of this year at our Florida Southern College. 166 I « t 4 . . • 4 A . ' ». . ' - BETA ZETA CHAPTER OFFICERS EDNA RVDKR President LINDA I ' ARROTT HVr -Pre«d ( „ NANCY ERVIN Sfnrtniv SHIRLEY STAKEY Treasurer ±Cj IsF Sally Craig, Carolyn Stakey, Edna Ryder, and Louise Rabe sit around the living room during recreation hour 167 • 00 Burke, Robinson, Gober, DeTroy, Autrey, Burgess, Waters, Vogel. Second Norton, Coche, Wesfphal, Morgan, Mye Delta Zeta " Where ever Delta Zeta ' s can be found, happiness and friendship form an endless bound " . . . Happiness per- vades throughout the house in activities and at social affairs . . . We stand with pride as we " show ofl our house- mother Mom Haley . . . offices held in various organiza- tions arc: President 1 W.S.G.A., Vice-President ol Stu- dent PEA, Secretary of Pi Gamma Mu. Secretary of Politi- cal Union. Sophomore and Senior Editors of the Inter- lachen . . . membership in Who ' s Who, Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Delia Epsilon, Cap and Gown, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Epsilon Mu, Student FEA, Political Union, Southern Staff, Intramural Board, " S " Club Senate, Panhellenic Board, Home Economics Club, Cheerleader, Dolphinettes, Crescent Club, Minerva Club, Interlachen . . . contestants and finalists in various beauty contests . . . and last but not least — Sweetheart of Lambda Chi Alpha . . . our con- siderate and hard-working sweetheart, Chris Kallas . . . parties and socials — the DZ ' s were never without! . . . our festive Christmas Dance . . . the memorable Spring Fling . . . our " Early, Sunday morning " breakfasts . . . enthusiastic float building and poster making . . . our Big-Little sister Christmas exchange . . . " Sisters are we and loyal will we be, unto everyone in our sorority. " We have been final to our motto. BETA MU CHAPTER K1 ENE DETROY ANNE VOGEL . [OANNE ( OCKE I ' VI AUTREY Vv ' A President I a e-Presidt nt Secretary Treasure) Firsf row. Shoemaker, Aloia, Nosek, Schofleld, Crean, Messinger. Second row: Johnson, McDonald, Cookman, Spencer, Lee, Halsey. k k- j J 169 ACTIVES: First Firth, Sickels, Holloway, Harper, Stonis, Ungro, Aldrich, Pulley, McKee, Britt. Second row: Ewerts, Cunningham, Eppenberger, Heuneman, Lowler, Foy, Green, Montgomery, Lowe. Third row: Stolz, Brewer, Smith, Heberling, Koske, HofTsommer, Gengler. Kappa Delta " I reach for stars, I cannol touch them with my hands, I know: but reaching makes me look up to high things and makes me grow and so I reach for stars. " This poem In |anc Seeger typifies Kappa Delta on Florida Southern ' s campus in every phase of campus life. As we reminisce with pride at our honors on campus we find . . . Two representatives to Senate . . . Winners ol the Spirit Trophy . . . Members ol Who ' s Who . . . Interlachen and Southern stalls . . . WSGA . . . Officers of: Kappa Pi, FEA, Home Economics Club, Young Demo- crats. Panhellenic, Junior and Freshman Classes, and par- tuipants in such honoraries as Pi Delta Epsilon and Cap and Gown. Sweethearts of Pi Kappa Alpha, Tail Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Alpha and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Love to our wonderful and patient housemother " Mom " Williams . . . and our terrific sweetheart Stu Ramon . . . All these have contributed to the memories we will have of Kappa Delta in years to come. To us Kappa Delta is more than just a social organization ... It is an enriching experience. GAMMA EPSILON CHAPTER OFFICERS MARY LOU CUNNINGHAM President MARY JANE I OY Vice-President JOAN EPPENBERC.ER Secretary JANET UNGRO Treasure) PLEDGES: First row: Wheeler, Mudd, Wyllys, Eppenberger, Page, Alexander, Randolph, Brown, Second row: Markham, Graves, Harris, Richards, King, Kinsey, Bennett. Third row: Webster, Gamble, Johnson. ACTIVES: First Terry, Philips, Morton, Sica, George, Milling, Young, Hopper, Little, Firth. Se Clement, Cornwell, Jordan. Third row: Pownall, Petrie, Meier, Argyros, s, Gordon, Kays Chandler, HaighJ, Mitchell, Rape Phi Mu As representatives of our national organization, we " I Alpha Tan Chapter are proud ol our record ol achieve- ments over the past year . . . National honored us with a two-year trophy for the most improved chapter in the country . . . during Founders ' Week we distinguished our- selves by coming in second in the Women ' s Intramural crew race, second in All-Campus Sing, and third place with the Kappa Alpha ' s Eor best float last year . . . Held a very successlul Spring formal . . . At all seasons we try to help others by filling Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, and ;it Easter we held an all campus cheer party . . . Around campus, Phi Mu ' s are seen at all types of meetings . . . members and officers . . . President of Cap and Gown for two years, Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class . . . Two chosen Eor Who ' s Who . . . Treasurer and other officers of SFEA, Secretary of Panhellenic, Business Manager of the Southern, Members ol Kappa Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Delta Epsilon, and religious organizations . . . Since our founding on this campus in 1954, we have done our best to maintain the highest ideals ol womanhood . . . " Thus keeping true to the meaning, spirit and reality of Phi Mu. " We are looking forward to ' 60. 172 % I ALPHA TAU CHAPTER OFFICERS ANNA MARIE SICA President GERRY GRIEVE Vice-President ALICE ARGYROS Secretary SYLVIA FIRTH Treasure! f - . ACTIVES: First Bjorkmon, Burr, Turner, McCloughon. Second Chambers, Felsen, A ' Hern, Lav Sigma Sigma Sigma Beta Phi of Sigma Sigma Sigma can look back on the past year with many happy memories as the) surged ahead to represent the high ideals " 1 the sorority . . . members in Home Economic Club, Political Union, Sigma Tan Delia, Vagabonds, Methodist Student Union, Tri Beta . . . others held offices as Secretary-Treasurer ol Cap and (.own. Historian of Kappa Delta Pi . . . Re- corder of the Supreme Court . . . Patricia McCloughan selected for Who ' s Who . . . informal Coke parties . . . eating with other sororities . . . never-to-be-forgotten Founders ' Day Banquet and Christmas part) . . . our theme " Sigma Helps Children " .is we support the Robbi Page Memorial Fund for Crippled Children . . . ushers at a benefit concert for Tuberculosis Drive . . . highest scholarship on campus last year . . . The Beta Phi ' s have a wonderful heritage and will continue to strive to live up to the open motto " Faithful Into Death. " • • %••%.« BETA PHI CHAPTER OFFICERS JODY BURR Presi dent JO ANN FELSON Vice-President ANNE TURNER Secretary PAT McCLOUGHAN Treasure! PLEDGES: First row: Taylor, Miller, Mabry, Ambrose, Raulerson • . ACTIVES: First Boldt, Cline, Jenkins, Smith, Kazanji I, Wiseman, Lazarus, Hurlbut, Brirt. Se Weyant, Rodriquez, Weatherly. ves, Tapp, Marlin, Tho Zeta Tau Alpha Bound together by the love for Zeta, the actives and pledges have gotten off to a wonderful start this year . . . We are all striving to maintain high ideals in our lives as well as in the sororit) . . . We are proud oi one another, and the badge we wear . . . We claim member- ship in the following organizations: Methodist Student Movement, Concert Choir, Baptist Student Union, Home- Economics Club, Inter-Faith Council, Kappa Delta Pi, Cap and (.own. Hall Council, NEA, and the Young Re- publicans Club. We ' ll always hold dear, our Housemother, Mom Freidman. Never to be forgotten is our present Sweetheart, Walter Hudson, and our open motto, " Seek the Noblest. " It was a great year. • ft • DELTA BETA CHAPTER OFFICERS W11A RODRIQUEZ President MARILYN WEYANT Vice-President ' R()I. ANN JENKINS Secretary BARBARA KAZANJIAN Treasure! PLEDGES: First row: Pearce, Morgan, Washburn, Boyer, Jeup. Second row: Straughn, Keller, Royster, Prokopy, Wright. 177 J nan, M.edlin, Stormant, Sims, Whidden, Brounberg, Houk, Massey. Second row: Crane, Moore, Baierl, Loewe, altz. Third row: Cozier, Thompson, Moore, Allison, Bechert, Fielding, Wilcox, Allen, Insinger, Neher, Landgraf. Southernettes Southernettes is a unified organization for all women not affiliated with sororities on campus. It provides a medium through which non-sorority women may participate in campus activities, provides opportunities u develop lead- ership in service to the college, and to achieve coopera- tion between sorority and non-sorority women. This group is outstanding in athletics, music, journ- alism, government, religion and drama at Florida South- ern College. OFFICERS NORMA MOORE President BERYL LNSINGER Vice-President REBECCA THOMPSON Secretary NANCY WILCOX Treasure Lowe, Kleinknecht, Wi: Bodle, Mitchell, George, McCloughon, Vogel. Second Third row: Shiplett, Wood. j». Dean Eicholtz, Barker, Arey, Ecton, Veitch, Hoffs. Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council acts as a forum for the dis- cussion of fraternity and sorority problems, fosters the ideals of fraternity life on a high level and governs the rules ol rushing and pledging. The Council is composed of two members and an alumni from each sorority on campus. It holds a most responsible position in the every-day life of the college. OFFICERS BARBARA BARKER President JACKIE BODLE Vice-President ESTELLE MITCHELL Secretary EVE LOWE Treasure! DEAN HATTIE EICHOLTZ idvisoi ■ ■• ACTIVES: First row: Hayes, Barnes, McNab, McKenzie, Griggs, Sineath, Parramore, Wright. Second row: Butler, Walton, Purviance, Smith, Wing, Browning, Laughrey. Third row; Parker, Myrick, Matz, Home, Berrey, McAuley, Rilea. Fourth row: Bentien, Delegal, Mr. Mack. PATRICIA GAIL STONIS Kappa Alpha Rose Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Order, founded at Washington and Lee, was officially chartered at F.S.C., May 9, 1958. The past year has proved most successful for the " Southern Gentle- man " . . . Placed in float competition . . . Wonderful parties . . . Dixie . . . The South ' s gonna rise again . . . Members in almost every organization on campus . . . Our wonderful and loving KA Rose, Miss Pat Stonis . . . A year of fun and frolic on the calendar ... So much that we are proud of in our historic heritage . . . Truly, this has been a memorable year. .% ■ • • % « GAMMA PI CHAPTER OFFICERS FRANK SMITH President CARLTON WRIGHT Vice-President KENYON LAUGHREV Secretary DONALD PURVIANCE Treasure) ACTIVES: First Ford, Jans Kolaska, Engler. T l. Sells, Professor Wish. Second row: Dr. Link, Mus Carlson, Griswold, Burnett, Sandeen, Wilson. Schaddelee, Lyon, Reinking, Le ARLENE JOURDAN Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma Rhc Kappa Sigma Rho Three years of work have enabled the men ol Kappa Sigma Rho to become a pari of the living spirit that makes a fraternity truly great. In the tradition of our founders, we have exemplified the unit). leadership, and spirit to this campus which they showed in founding our local, in their endeavors to attain the high standards of the national fraternity, Kappa Sigma, of which we hope to become a member. This year has been a panorama of activity . . . Face- lilting the house . . . Successful rush . . . The ever amus- ing and Fabulous Olympics . . . Our Sweetheart Arlene Jourdan . . . Trip to C.-ville . . . Successful Christmas Dance . . . Founders Dav banquet with the Kappa Sigma Alumni . . . Our unique, to say the least, TB display . . . Sailing down Florida Avenue with the ADPi ' s in the Founders ' Week parade in the showboat ol the year . . . Memorable " Stardust Weekend " . . . G-ville once again in the spring . . . With all these various accomplishments we can say that Kappa Sigma Rho has grown and will continue to grow as a truly great fraternity. • %•♦♦• KAPPA SIGMA COLONY OFFICERS JACK SELLS President II) KOLASKA Vice-President DICK. ENGLER Secretary JIM DONOVAN Treasurer 1958-1959 PLEDGES: First row: Condo, Huxford, Edmonds, MacDonold, Britton, McCabe, Young, Purmort, Armstrong, Charles. Second row: Means, Hagan, Hauf, Schevers, Le Snyder, Anderson, Walters, McLaughlin. Third row: Johnson, Stewart, McClain, Linton, Almand, Glider, Gould, Ackerman, Bunge. Fourth row: Kinert, Ballantyn Goetz, St. John, Pcrrish, Co!em = n, Dunn. 1S3 ACTIVES: First row: Mr. Schilling, Tyers, Nebhuth, Morton, Belcher, Aloia, Brownlee, Quisenberry, Bennett, Thompson. Second row: Isbirian, Kallis, Mye Case, Douberly, Bennett, Bullard, Kaiser. Third row: Barnes, Jensen, Morris, Finley. Hawkins, Lee, Cushing, Lama. Fourth row: Parrish, Dunn, Crawford-Brov Sinclair, Burt, Freer, Long. EVELYN MYERS Sweetheart of Lambda Chi Alpha Lamda Chi Alpha Epsilon Xi Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha was first pre- sented to Florida Southern College twenty-one years ago and since that date has contributed to the school spirit by participating in various phases of campus life . . . Ob- taining leadership positions in different organizations on campus . . . Officers on the Intramural Board . . . Mem- bers of the " All Star Team " . . . R.O.T.C. Cadet Officers . . . Leadership of our faithful faculty advisors Robert MacGowan, Egbert Case, and Theodore Park . . . Our vivacious, ambitious and fun-loving sweetheart Evelyn Mvers . . . Our faithful alumni assisting us in our minute difficulties . . . Memories will always linger of this pros- perous year with a closer bond between the brothers ol Lambda Chi Alpha. EPSILON XI CHAPTER OFFICERS WAYNE CUSH1NG President BOB LAMA Vice-President DICK JENSEN Secretary FRANK ALOIA Treasure! PLEDGES: First row: Goldsmith, Clark, Beck, Carter, Conklin. Second row: Felton, Nesfos, Pownoll, Sweeney. ACTIVES: First row: Gotts, Co oth, Anwyl, Brooks, Luboch. Se Hamilton, Strickland, Firth, Crawford, Kell PAULA CREECH Sweetheart of Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Kappa % It is with a feeling of genuine satisfaction that we look back on what has in many ways been Phi Sigs most au- spicious year. The 1958-59 year has seen Omega Triton grow from a small but dedicated group of men under the able leadership of Leon Hamilton to one ol the larger campus fraternitieSj assuming its lull share oi leadership in all fields of Florida Southern activity . . . Social, ath- letic, and academic . . . This lias been a proud year for our chapter, and there is space here only to mention a few ol the things which we are very proud of . . . Our wonderful pledge (lass . . . Our Playboy Dance at Christ- mas . . . Our T.B. display . . . building our annual Founders ' Week floal and the second edition ol our Ger- man party . . . Then too, Bob Cass and Ron Gotts ' Cor- vettes . . . Among the varieties of talent in Phi Sig, it might be well to mention Gary Conner ' s weekly column in the Ledger . . . To our graduating seniors, the best of everything ... It ' s been a great year. %. • OMEGA TRITON CHAPTER OFFICERS LEON HAMILTON President CHAR] ES BOO! II • . Vice-President RONALD GOTTS ... ... Secretary | WIl-s LUBACH Treasur, i FLEDGES: Firs! McMillan, Morgan, Eskelin, Nichols, Clegg, Battle, Beebe, Sobel. Second row: Thompson, Allen, Bednar, Huntsberry, Alsop, Cass, Aston. Third row: Chaffee, Parola, Eaton, Elliott, King. 1ST ■• ACTIVES: First row: Roper, Longbottom, Mullens, Heuneman, Hovey, Rou, Graham, Whitehead, Taylor, Broyles, Mulligan. Second row: Kay, Calpy, Hackney, Alig, Phillips, Horsburg, Convisor, Sims, Flanigan, Stith, Vermette. Third row: Outlaw, Griffith, Easterling, Hagstrom, Minor, Davis, Hamilton, Castles. Fourth row: Mr. Wille, Burkholder, Schmid, Boland, Keen, Owen, Phillips, McKenzie. MARY JANE FOY Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Alphc Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Delta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha has much to be proud of this year . . . Within our ranks we have the Student Body President . . . Battle Group Commander . . . Battle Group Executive Officer . . . President of the Florida State MSM . . . President of Political Union . . . President of ODK . . . Presidents of Freshman, Sopho- more, and Junior classes . . . many members of the Student Body Senate . . . We are thankful for the lead- ership of our alumnus counsellor, Paul Wille, and for the association and devotion of our wonderful Dreamgirl Mary Jane Foy. Yes, we have much to be proud of and to be thankful for, but more than anything else we ol Pi Kappa Alpha are proud ol the principles and ideals upon which our fraternity was founded . . . We are thankful for the ideals that hold us together and build our character. 1S8 DELTA DELTA CHAPTER OFFICERS 1SOB Bl ' RKHOLDER President JIM DAVIS Vice-President JOHN VERMETTE Secretary JIM EASTERLING Treasure! PLEDGES: First row: Hager, Choate, Peterson, Ford, Harmon, Perry, Dell ' Orso. Second row: Keenon, Moretz, Wilson, Clockdale, Jamison, Hunter, Breadwell, Pitt- man, rhi ' rd row: Lawn, Scobie, Skinner, Stielman, Carter, Erskine, Kay. Chios, Ko •cia, Gutie oodall, Sanchez, Evans, Elkins, Scharfenstein, McMichael, Lawhorn, Blackwelder, Ketterer. Sscond i Brown, Holcombe, Carroll. Third row: Weitzner, Padrick, Wadsworth, Hanson, Harris, Joge LaVern, Seagers, King, Ellis, Chapin, Walters. CAROLE POINT Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Phi Founded nationally in 1901, Pi Kappa Phi was estab- lished at Southern on October 16, 1948, by a small nu- cleus ol 17 veterans of World War II. These men and their successors have strived to uphold the ideals for which Pi Kap ' s all over the nation are bound in brother- hood. Our pledges, their never-to-be forgotten hats, their serenades, special details, girls in the hike, and then motto of " Second to None " make them the finest . . . Our Christmas dance . . . Founders ' Week float . . . and keen competition in Kampus Kapers, cauls, cokes, kicks, parties and coffee hours . . . Our great annual dance, the Gold and White all combined make this a most memor- able year for all Pi Kaps. %•« BETA BETA CHAPTER RICHARD KING WAYNE HARRIS DEAN HANSON BOB WOOD ALL President Corresponding Set retai Recot ding Set retat j Treasure! PLEDGES: First row: Clifford, Lowhorn, Billib, Bryant, Flynn, Trufant, Yelvington, McLain. Second row: Hornet, Tabb, Whidden, Scott, Flowers, Burns, Hunter. - • • ACTIVES: First row: Housemother, Mrs. Orpho Smith, Groen, Bush, Sharp, Williams, Capitano, Ade, Wallace, Garcia, Melendi, Callaway, Rowland, Odiorne, Westphal, Grayson, Schmidt. Second row: Peters, Ccmpbell, Steen, Hall, Douglass, Douglcss, Arlett, Diuguid, Fulford, Klode, Mingoine, Callaway, Russ, Mc- Cronie, Funston. Third row: Howell, Maggio, Weaver, Hatcher, Spencer, Lehman, Hallenborg, Zammit, Callender, Kohlstedt, Place, Anderson, Hamby, Dreyer. fourth row: Mr. Lilley, Dean Battle, Hamaker, Murphy, Larson, Lantz, Powell, Richards, Stevers. ANNE ALDRICH etheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded March 9, 1856, at the Universit) ol Alabama . . . Now the world ' s largest social fraternity in membership . . . Florida Camma was char- tered November 12. 1949 . . . Almost a decade on cam- pus iii the top in activities, sports, and most important, Brotherhood . . . The year hits been a good one . . . Manx firsts in our undertakings ... A most wonderful Sweetheart who will not be soon forgotten, Anne Aid- rich . . . Brotherhood exemplified to the highest degree . . . The best social program ever . . . Cheering Sig Alph on to victories in intramurals . . . And above all else feeling and learning and seeing why SAE can make college a more rewarding and enlightening experience never to be forgotten. FLORIDA GAMMA CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row: Hcygood, Bloun!, Borresen, Keith, Ga :ia, Reyes, Jones. Second row: Collins, Stroud, Franklii Higgison, Taft, Dreyer, Zork. Jrreft, Miller, Merchant, Frank. Third FOUNDERS: First row: Powers, Lasher, Milliot, Hayes, Hudson, LaBarbera, Simerly, Curry, Kopelousos. Second row: Waller, Petty, Nimnicht, Smoot, Edkir Hawkins, Aldrich, Friese, Whittaker. Third row: Smith, Schwartz, Gilleland, Walker, Norris, Galey, Sturdevan, Steen, Arnold. Fourth row: Townsend, Kille Goding, Monarchik, Smith, Eikenberry. PAT AUSLEY Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Alphc Sigma Chi Alpha Sigma Chi Alpha was colonized ;it Florida Southern in January of 1957. During the two years on Southern ' s campus, the Sigs learned man) phases ol fraternity life . . . We built at a rapid pace . . . With many awards bearing our name . . . Campus leaders among our mem- bers such as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, mem- bers ol Who ' s Who, fraternity man at large, and main others . . . We are especially proud ol our new chapter, " The Sweetheart ol Sigma Chi " and the great " Sig- Spirit. " 194 • % « SIGMA CHI COLONY OFFICERS BILL SCHWARTZ President OLIVER NORRIS Vice-President SONNY SIMKRLV Secretary |IM POWERS Treasure 1958-1959 NEW MEMBERS: First row: Burger, Brown, Overman, Burdick, McLaughlin, Burns, Sullivan, Whalley. Second row: Miller, Merslich, Andrews, Kaiser, Harriman, Huff, Neff. J -i ACTIVES: Firs Housemother, Hudek, Myz ;nce, Umsteod, Hodrobo, Fields. Second row: Grobe, Marasco, Kmetz, Stathmeye all, Pollino. Fourth row: Hopkins, Wheat, Jacob, Major Mangum. CELESTE WOYAK Sweethecrt of Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon What ' s behind the Red Door? Brotherhood, leadership, unity, spirit, friendliness . . . The Florida Delta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon has excelled in athletics, social events, scholarship and activities . . . Won All-Sports trophy two years in a row . . . Brothers on all Varsity sports teams . . . Five officers in R.O.T.C. . . . Frosh bas- ketball coach, Frank Scuderi . . . Vice-President oi Politi- cal Union and Young Republicans, Joe Roselle . . . Vice- President of Propeller Club . . . Members of the Southern staff . . . Men in Kappa Pi, Delta Sigma Pi, Propeller Club, Citrus Club and Political Union . . . Memories ol an outstanding year filled with friendship and good times . . . Mom Lobar, the best addition ever to the house . . . Our loving sweetheart, Celeste Woyak, who has done so much for us . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon is truly the fraternity with a heart. ft ft FLORIDA DELTA CHAPTER OFFICERS SHERMAN FIELDS President BOB FERENCE Vice-President RALPH UMSTEAD Secretary CONNER MUSE Treasure) ACTIVES: Firs) row: Cohen, Black, Levin, Friedn ubin, Levine e, Shapiro, Klein, Levy, Lissner. Third row: Rosenfeld. DEANNA MOSS Sweetheart of Tau Epsilon Phi Tau Epsilon Phi The past year has carried many memories for the men of the TEP house . . . The unyielding efforts oi ur President, Alan Licarie, will long be remembered . . . There were memories of the Sweetheart Dance, with all our love and gratitude to Deanna Moss, our lovely sweet- heart . . . The long to be remembered Christmas displa) and Founders ' Week float . . . The many activities en- gaged in by our brothers . . . The choosing of the campus queen at the well-known Tep Mop was a highlight ol the year . . . We will long remember this year as being a prosperous one which furthered the purpose of fraternity ... As stated in our creed. Friendship . . . Chivalry . . . Service . . . To promote brotherhood among all people. 11 is • v ♦ « TAU RHO CHAPTER OFFICERS MAN LICARIE President MARK LEVY Vice-President MICHAEL LISSNER Secretary MICHAEL SHAPIRO Treasure) URjQO PLEDGES: First row: Levine, Forber, Berke, Singer, Murphy, Silverstein, Hines. Second row: Molever, Ehret, Conelstein, Lynn, Gebhardt, Rosenberg. ACTIVES: Firsf Delaguardia, Kraoz, Lally, Duval, McMannis, Pike, Morel, Sammataro. Second row: Kless, Buning, Haygood, Goembel, Walsh, Bowen, Simpson. Third row: Galoar, Delaguardia, Lasch, Kelly, Burns. ANN STOLZ Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon The Teke ' s came back i Ii i year to their beautiful new home, and right away began making improvements in- side and out . . . Bought new furniture, rugs . . . Land- s aped the yard . . . The brothers aren ' t likely to forget the tremendous rush party at Steve ' s r main other memorable events such as . . . The Roman Toga Party . . . Our new Sweet- heart Ann Stok . . . The pledge class sweetheart, Sue Akins . . . Manx hours oi practice for the new tares. All in all, it ' s been a very eventful year lor the Tekes. BETA TAU CHAPTER OFFICERS fOE SAMMATARO President fAMES KLESS Vice-President MILAN McMANNIS Secretary | H K W I.SH Treasure! ' % PLEDGES: First row: Mitchell, Meier, Bartz, Bowen, Pike. Second row: West, Huss, Kraaz, Klesius. First row: King, Tyson, Conley, Baird, Kent, Kinsey. Second row: Dobson, Welter, Fitzstevens, May, Musavi. Third row: Brakman, Leavitt, Ar BOOTS BARKER Dreomgirl of Theta Chi Theta Chi Theta Chi ended its 103rd year and 13th at F.S.C. b holding the best Red and White Ball in many a year . . . The graduating brothers will bid a Eond Farewell to F.S.C. ami earn with them memories oi main happy hours . . . Oi our Dreamgirl, Boots Barker . . . OI our water ski parties . . . The great times at Crystal Beach . . . At the Florida Festival at Tallahassee . . . Of Founders ' Week and our float . . . And of a great bunch ol bins . . . All individuals but able to work together lor one of the best vears ever. A year we all will long remember. 202 GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER OFFICERS JAMES CONLEY President JOHN II- WITT Vice-President DAVID TYSON Secretary WILLIAM ll.URI) Treasure! W Vr 4 1 Theta Chi ' s William Baird, John Leavitt, Don Kinsey, John May, Jeoffrey Dobsin and Dick Ford relax a while in their living 203 The Southerneers Founded in 195( , the Southerneers is the independent men ' s organization on campus. Among other things, it was Founded with the purpose of affording its members Christian brotherhood, and active participation in all i ampus a tivities. The Southerneers strive to raise their members to the Fullest ol their capacities and to render service to the school, slate-, nation and fellow man. OFFICERS SHELDON JACKSON President KEN KASAK Vice-President MIKE LECLERC Sea tar) BOB STEWART Treasurer Main, Leclerc, Stewart, Willis, Ewing, Jackson, Richardson, Kim. Second row: Winning, Gimbel, Sanborn, Speights, McAdoms, Sprague row: Grazier, Kasak, Wyllie, Wilcox, Ambrose, Jones. I ' TM M A li ' i fc Sit f i ' «rA W. |» j J| ¥ r- ■ ty jj I V ' WL » ' ■, i i • % First row: Booth, Bush, Luboch, Sommatoro, Stamison, Rubin, Fields, Rou, Jansen, McDonald. Second row: Dean Readdick, Licarie, Gutierrez, Evans, Kless, Burk- holder, Ninfo, Welter, Black. Third row: Schwartz, Friedman, Hatcher, Douberly, Dreyer, Jacob. Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council promotes the betterment 1 the College through the improvement of the social fraternities. Representatives from each fraternity on cam- pus comprise the group, which strives to equalize the opportunities of the various fraternities. ctivities oi the Council include the co-sponsoring with the Panhellenic Council of the annual Orienta- tion Week dance and the Christmas dance, and also cooperating with the students during Founders ' Week. OFFICERS CHAN HATCHER President BOB HI RKHOLDER Vice-Presidenl |)1( K FRIEDMAN Secretary VL JACOB Treasurer MINT LT COL LEVITT Coptain Edward L. Fronczak Captain Jon S. Guy Major William F. Mangun Reserve Officers Training Corps Captain Merle D. Kaiser HONOR GUARD 20S Q 4 t t,..c 0P + % ■ i P II. i ii j. irfl tS!i,l,l iiiiii ) ™ Lett to right: SFC Cecil R. Davis, M Sgt. J. P. Holder, SFC Gordon R. Woodley, Sgt. Roland Samuels. Sgt. Walter B. Fowler, M Sgt. L. B. Barnes. PISTOL TEAM: First row: Sgt. Fow- ler, Thompson, Turner, McMichael, Phillips, Gregory. Second row: Teany, Sobel, Stippich, McLaughlin, Sheldon. RIFLE TEAM: First row: Sgt. Fowler McLaughlin, Sobel, McMichael, Tur ner, Gregory. Second row: Teany Thompson, Stippich, Sheldon, Phillips . , V ■ .. • ■♦• •♦ Cadet Colonel Charles M. Grahan COLOR GUARD Seagers, Reyes, Kraaz, Bissett Battle Group Staff first row: Groham. Second row: Smith, Watson. Third row: Johnson, Coty, Fulford, Callaway. Fourth Lobb, Friedman, Russ, Osburn, Burns, Hawkins, Franklin. ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY R. O. T. C. Band R. O. T. C. Sponsors CAROL MARSHALL Co-Ed Lt. Colonel, Regimental Staff SALLY ROBERTS . . . Co-Ed Captain, Honor Guard MARY JANE BLAKE .... Co-Ed Captain, Band ANN STOLZ Co-Ed Captain " A " Company ANNE ALDRICH . . . Co-Ed Captain " B " Company CATHY EWING . . . Co-Ed Captain " C " Company PAT STONIS Co-Ed Captain " D " Company MARY LOU CUNNINGHAM .... Co-Ed Captain " E " Company GWEN GARRETT . . . Co-Ed Captain " F " Company Co-Ed Lt. Colonel Carol Marshall. Co-Ed Captains Ann Stolz and Mary Lou Cunningho The R.O.T.C. co-ed officers are chosen each year by the Regimental Staff officers and the individual companies. These co-eds represent their respective groups as their sweethearts and serve at the social Functions of R.O.T.C. The honor is bestowed upon the young women at the annual Military Ball. The Reserve Officers Training Corps was estab- lished on Florida Southern College ' s campus eight years ago under the leadership of Colonel Glenn G. Dickenson. It is now one of the largest student pro- grams and presently is headed by Lt. Colonel Rob- ert Leviu. Students who qualify for service in the armed forces study military science and tactics during their freshman and sophomore years. Eligible students who prove their military ability during their basic two years may be promoted to advanced courses in which they will be enrolled for an additional two years. The majority of advanced students receive re- serve commissions in the l T . S. Army at the end of their college careers. Co-Ed Captoins Mary Jane Blake and Pat Stoni: Co-Ed Captains Sally Roberts and Anne Aldrich. Second Lt. John Watson receives his bars from Sally Roberts. Co-Ed Captains Gwen Garrett and Cathy Ewing. 213 ■ % -- iTK- TOM GREENE Coach 1959 Varsity Basketball Opponent FSC ' s Score Opp. S Rollins College 79 Stetson University 72 University of Miami 80 Tampa University 78 Mercer University 64 Piedmont College 82 Erskine College 53 University of Florida 63 University of Toronto 69 Mississippi Southern 59 Jacksonville University .... 88 Mercer University 76 Rollins College ' 84 Miami University 76 University of Louisville .... 57 Kentucky Wesleyan 66 University ol the South .... 67 Erskine College 72 Piedmont College 69 Arkansas State 83 Rollins College 62 Jacksonville University .... 69 Stetson University 53 Tampa University 84 Stetson University 85 Ended season with 13 wins and 12 losses. THE MOCCASINS OF McKee, McNomara, captain; Whalley, Minnis. Second Hopkins, Goding, Feldman, Sweeney. JOHN McNAMARA HANK FELDMAN BOB GODING FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE Bob Goding leaps high to score against Stetson at the Lakeland High School gymnasium. FRANK SCUDERI BILL SWEENEY Mercer player looks on helplessly and Hank Feldman grabs rebound. BOB SHARP BOB HOPKINS JACK LASCH GARY McKEE ► ♦ % ft FRANK SCUDERI Freshman Coach Junior Varsity Basketbal Team First row: Collins, Martin, Gebhardf, Flannert, Kinert, Synder, and WhiUier. Second row: Coach Scude Braddock, Overman, Waddle, Pardue, and Parrish, manager. HAL SMELTZLY Ron Akins slides into home plate safe Florida Southern On The Diamond . . . 1959 A determined Moc casin baseball team built on a nucleus of seasoned veteran players took to the base- ball diamond this year against some of the southeast ' s finest competition, including the University of Miami. University of Florida, Rollins College and Stetson University. Coach Hal Smeltzly in his second year as head coach, has back from last year Wayne Mundy. Brad Dinsmore. Ken Hallenborg. Ronal Haskins, Ronnie Akins. John Bucciarelli, John Mack. A win- ning season is in prospect. First row: Garrison, Knowles, Gutierrez, Mundy. Second row: Coach Smeltzly, Goldsby, Hallenborg, Anderson, Dinsmore, Braddock, assistant coach Schoen. Third row Haskins, Carlson, Goetz, Mack, Akins, Stewart, Gould. ft ft RONAL HASKINS WAYNE MUNDY JOHN MACK KEN HALLENBORG SCHEDULE University of Florida March 9 Jacksonville University March Ifi Jacksonville University March 1 7 Stetson University March 21 Tampa University March 24 Erskine College March 28 Stetson University April I Amerst. College April 3 Mercer University April (i Mercer University April 7 Stetson University April 9 University of Cincinnati April 13 University of Cincinnati April 11 Florida State University pril 17 Florida State University pril IS University of Miami April 22 Jacksonville University piil 21 Stetson University April 25 University of Miami May 1 University of Miami May 2 University of Tampa May 5 Rollins College May 8 Rollins College May 9 JOHNNY GOULD BOB GOLDSBY BRAD DINSMORE JACK GARRISON JOHN BUCCIARELLI RON AKINS to f-jjp LJLuwu. A VARSITY: Steelmon, Arbogast, Crawford-Brown, Harmon, Linton, Smith, Berrey, Schmid, Miller F. S. C. Varsity Crew The water moccassins began this year with nine hard working men in the shell. Determ- ined to win the state championship, the teafij faced a tough season against several of the East ' s finest crews, including Amherst, Purdue La- Salle and American International Colleee. SCHEDULE March 7 Tampa University Home March 26.... LaSalle Home March 28. ...Purdue .. Home April 1 American International College Home April 4 mherst Home April 1 1.. ... Rollins Awa) April 18— . Jacksonville University Honn May 2 State Championship Awa) GARY CONNER CURT ADKINS Freshman coach Frosh crew on the water for time trial. 1959 The Jayvee Oarsmen JAYVEE CREW: Williams, Grizzard, Powell, Ballantyne, Kraaz, Driscoll, Ford, Busby, Govigr.on, Ande Gibbs, Shannon. l t !B ft ft. |ft F 1 Charles Black, Ken Ketterer, and j. T. HASTINGS Tennis Coach Florida Southern ' s Net Team - 1959 The tennis team this year was tinder the direction of a newcomer to Florida Southern ' s campus, Toby Hastings. Hastings brought to light talent for the future. The team was studded with freshmen, sopho- mores, juniors and seniors, all of whom put in many hours of hard practice. W : Pickard, Ketterer, Walt (rs . Black, WcCuHough, Cax. Second row: MacDonald, Jockson, Waller, W.seg r, Convisor, Montaldi, Lo = LORIDA INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS- First row: Mazzone, Duncan, Scobie, Mu Unsted, Goldsmith, Wycall, Mojzes, Pike, Must, Jackson, Cohen, Silverstein, Abdulr selman, Plant, Neefus, Lcsseter. Second row: Coach Bush, Batchelder, manager; Mus uhsin, Kolaska, Shepard, manager. Varsity Soccer Team — State Champions Southern ' s soccer team, under the direction of Coach Jim Bush, scored one upset after another during the 1958 season to emerge as champions of the Florida Intercollegiate Conference. The soccer Mocs suffered only one loss during the season in seven matches. The team scored wins over Stetson. Jacksonville, Emory and Rollins. Picked as having only an outside chance in pre-season predictions, the Moccasins spiced their talents with determination to walk away with their first title. Hail the champions! A diving kick gives Southern a winning point agcinst Jccksonvil First row: McCabe, Refram, Hornby, Abate, Fields. Second row: Coach Greene, Hull, Brown, Harrell, Clark. Moccasin Golfers The Florida Southern golf team this year began with several veteran golfers back on the scene. The team faces other golfers from all over the nation in the spring. Among the Florida schools the team will compete against are Rollins. University of: Florida. University of Miami, Florida State Uni- versity, Stetson, and Jacksonville University. Harrell, Brown, McCabe, Fields and Abate practice putting. Senior golfer Dean Refram tees off. Harrell, McCabe and Hull work on blasting out of a sand traps. % i .. kbbmMi r% t nkes the slolom look Cooch Glenn Kirkpotrick instructs the do Water Skiing, Always a Favorite Under the direction of Coach Glenn Kirkpatrick, water skiing has become one of the most popular sports at Florida Southern College. Members of the class receive expert instruction in every phase of water skiing and many FSC students become very skillful in this most enjoyable recreation. In fact, most of the fine performers seen at world-famous Cypress Gardens come off the campus of Florida Southern . . . students and graduates. Florida ' s mild climate makes this a year around sport, one that is gaining in popularity every year. 4- PAT MILNER CAROLE McADAMS fhe Cheerleaders i JODY BROCKWAY CAROLYN POT1S BESSIE BROWN CAROLYN McGRAW TEDDY WOOD SALLY ROBERTS, Captain MARYLOU PFEFFER t » » t % .- The Dolphin Club moke The Dolphin Club The Dolphin Club is an organization made up of talented swimmers, interested in learning precision swimming under water. When the weather begins to warm in the Spring, the members begin practicing in preparation for the big water show during Founders ' Week and for an- other exhibition in May. OFFICERS JANE ALLISON . . . SUE OPLER .... MISS ANNE MAY ROSE . President Past President Sponsor Miss Anne Moyr and Sue Ople the perfecting of this wheel. r • s-. Women ' s Intramural Board First row: Ervin, Stonis, Pusinelli, Crum, Allison, Dinkel. Second row: Ferris, Hopson, Rooso, Shiplett, Moyrose, Yorborough. Men ' s Intramural Board First row: Aloia, Slamison, Battle, Lubach, Kay, Flanigan, Jackson, Nebhuth, Peck. Second row: Licarie, Levy, Diuguid, Russ, Aldrich, Isbirian. Third row: Lama, Wadsworth, Padrick, Hatcher, Sandeen, Carlson, Hudek, Jones. " nnett, Simpson, Ma 230 Intramural Footbal Champions Sigma Phi Epsilon cap- tured the Intramural Championship for the third year in a row and retired the trophy. Leading the team to its victory were Dean Ref- rain and Joe Hudek. First row: Marasco, Jacobs, Wheat, Marasco, Hudek. Second row: Fields, Packard, Grebe, Toffollo, Reffram. All-Stars This year ' s nom- inations to the football all - star team included candidates from the winning Sig- ma Phi Epsilon team. Pi Kappa Alpha. Kappa Alpha and Pi Kappa Phi. MEMBERS: Firs trow: I ler, Marasco, Reffn Erskin, Lawhorn. Sect row: Sims, Hudek, Ke Outlaw. ntramural Volleybal ch ampions Capturing the volleyball championship this year was Sigma Alpha Epsilon. One of their players. Bill Hamaker. was chosen most valuable player of the year. MEMBERS: First Sharp. Second re , Minnis Fulford. Archery Practicing up for another archery tri- umph are Sue Op- ler, Barbara Ferris. Nancy Ervin and Sharon Philips. Barbara recently took first place in a local tournament with a hieh of 396. Women ' s Intramural Champs Volleyball The Women ' s Intra- mural Volleyball Championship changed hands for the first time in four years as the proud Kappa Deltas took possession of the tro- phy. Alpha Omicron Pi held second place. Firs! row: Montgomery, Hollowoy, Stonis, Aldrich, Cunningham. Second row: Brewer, Hoffsommer, Lawler. Basketball Once again the Al- pha Omicron Pi ' s walked away with the Women ' s Intra- mural Basketball tournament for the fifth year in a row. Kappa Delta placed second in the com- petition. In the last five years. AOPi lias lost only two ranies. Opler, Ivey, w: Bottom, N MEMORIAM MISS MARY JANE ALDERMAN ROBERT STEWART BLY C. WARREN HAWKINS MRS. FRANK D. JACKSON O. ALTON MURPHY JOHN GALLAHER SNYDER SHADE W. WALKER FRED DIXON WISH, JR. HALE STURGES BISHOP JOHN WARREN BRANSCOMB MRS. ROBERT MacGOWAN H. C. BALL, JR. CHARLES K. MORGAN 234 i t » % % 4-444 [EAN A. BATTLE IRNING I I OI 1 I Business Manaeei ALTON R kINDRl 1) Bursar h I Willi M I). SHILLING Director of Publii Relations BM R L. HANSEN l-.RNIM . 1.11,1 T Dean u Students Regis liar HA 1 III 1 l( 11(11 1 FRANK 1 SZ VBO OW 11 M MNI-R Dean A Women Director o Men Head Librarian ■ ;;» B J. BIRNEY GROSS Assistant to the President DAVID L. READDICK Assistant Dean of Students L.T. COL. ROBERT LEVITT Commanding Officer, R.O.T.C. WILLIAM B. MUNDY Admissions Director HAROLD M. WATERS Director of Publicity FRANCIS L. LUCE Director, Student Religious Life VIRGINIA L. POINT Assistant Bursar ROBERT MacGOW Dean of Chapel 4 f % €? ' ■4 . i ROBER 1 H. Akl KM History KIWI 1 11 C. ANDERSON Musu PAUL ARNOLDS-PATRON Business Administration HENRY (.. BARNETT Englisli HOWARD 1, 1! 1 ESON English HENR M. BAT! ENHOUSE English AUSTIN H. BEEBE Chemistry Al ICE BK. KNELL Biology The HERBER 1 E. BOOK History 11) KI) BOSSING Physical Education V III I M K BO I I ( oordinato) o) A,, id. Counseling THOMAS BRIERLEV Musi, I U( II 1 1 BUNN Home Economics ( I I 1 ON I BURRIS ibrai v Reference Assistant VESTA C. BURRIS issistant, Audio-Visual Cento JAMES O. BUSH Physical Education » .. .- M W. CALLAHAN Speech SAMUEL GWYNN COE History and Political Scienc EGBERT A. CASE Mathematics MARY COLLET Physical Education LAURA NEIL CLYATT Business Administration ERNEST L. COX Mush AMY I . (GATES Mathemath s WILLIAM J. DEYO Mathematics Faculty MAURICE R. DODD Mathematics HARMS F. EICKENBBRG Science MILDRED A. DRACH Business Administration I HI I. MA H. ELLISON Home Economics LOUISE EASTWOOD Catalogue Librarian FRANCES G. ELVIDGE Speech KAY ECKFORD Business Administration FLORA E. EMERSON English , MM EARL EDWARD EMME Religion KINGO ENOMOTO Research Associate DORO ' I HV B. EUBANKS Religion EDNA H. EWERTS College Dietiliini HOWARD M. FIELD Biology 1 IKIMAS J. EORD History ( APT. EDWARD FRONCZAK R.O.T.C. AUDIE F. FUGITT History and Political Science The Faculty WARRENE H. FUGITT English KOJI FUNAOKA Research Associate ROBERT y. FUSILLO English VIVIAN R. FUSILLO Drama SCOTT K. GIBSON Mathematics MARGAR1 1 I. (.11 III R] Biology Y. H. GOLDSBOROUGH Freni h FAIL ROE GOODMAN Music ..... MARIE COCKER Library Assistant HOBART T. GRACE Education HERMAN GREENBAl M Citrus THOMAS H. GREENE Director of Athletics JOSEPHINE A. GREER nglish WILLIAM L. GREER Sociology ( l ' l AIN 1 VMES S. GUY R.o.r.c. D 1 ' 11 VMELRYCK Spanish orida Sout hern EMILY S. HANCOCK Business Administration ROBERT H. HOPKINS Mathematics JAMES E. HUTCHMAN Chemistry Mil DRED S. IBBERSON Speech AGNES B. JOHNSON English CARL D. JOHNSON Science EDWARD R. JOHNSON History JULIANA G. JORD German . ■ ««bf--j Tn ' -i :!:■» Ba CAPTAIN MERLE D. KAISER R.O.T.C. EDWARD C. KNIPPERS Business Administration LILLIAN V. KELLEY Physical Education PAUL A. LEEMAN ROY STONE RISER Biology PIERCE LINK Psychology LENORE KLEIN Reference Librarian SAMUEL W. LICE Physical Education Th WILLIAM R. LYLE Citrus VNNE MAYROSE Physical Education THOMAS B. M UK Horticulture THOMAS G. MITCHELL College l ' a lm VIOLA .. MALONE Physical Education GEORGE H. MORRIS American Culture MAJ. WILLIAM F. MANC.UM R.O.T.C. HAROLD MORRIS l ' h iical Education » % ANTHONY O. MUSTOE Mathematics KO .O NAKABAYASHI Research Associate |OHN G. NAYLOR Art ROBERT L. NESBIT Industrial Arts RALPH YVILLARD ODOM Religion | Wll S CORDON OGDEN Education GEORGE K. OLSON Art MARY CATHRYNE PARK English Faculty ROSCOE E. PARKER English SARA C. PIATT Home Economics ANGELA R. PINO Spanish BERNHARD P. REINSCH Mathematics ROBERT G. RICHARDS Sin ml Studies GILBERT P. RICHARDSON History DERRELL ROBERTS History EUGENE L. ROBERTS Admissions Assistant 5 LEO L. ROCKWELL English MADAME ANNE ROSELLE Voicr VARIAN r. RUTLEDGE Education WALLACE T. RYAN Industrial Arts REDERICK (.. SCHUBART Science MAX J. SELIG Business Administration E. GUY SELLERS Mathematics WILLIAM SHAHDA Business Administration The Faculty CESIDIO K. SIMBO] I Religion HAROLD M. SMELTZLY Physical Education EARL D. SMITH Chemistry |l I I A W ' . SNOOK Education GRACE L. SNYDER Religion BORIS T. SOKOLOEF Director nf Research WILLIAM H. SPIY1A Mush DONN M. STODDARD Art ELIZABETH W. SURGES English THOMAS H. TYLER English E. GRETCHEX TAYLOR Library Assistant LYMAN B. ELDER Business Administration M R GARET M. TAYLOR Student Counselor OLNEY S. WEAVER Psyehology LOUISE TEMPLETOX Business Administration ROGERS V. WHITENER English At Florida Southern PAUL WILLE College Staff Photograph,! CHARLES M. YOUNC Eduailom BILLY J. WILLIAMS Plixsical Education ERED D. WISH Economics WALTER W. YORK Music C. A. WOQDB1 RY, |R Psychology G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN Industrial Arts • ' •• . In Tribute To The Memory Of JOHN W. BRANSCOMB B ISHOP JOHN BRANSCOMB answered the call of our Heavenly Father on Friday, January l(i, 1959. Dynamic, sincere and dedicated was this long-time friend and trustee of Florida Southern College. His pass- ing creates a void which will never be filled on this campus. While Ids warmth and love of God and mankind are gone from this earthly scene, his memory will ever be fresh and inspiring in the minds of his legion of friends left behind. The students, trustees and faculty of Florida Southern College offer this tribute to the memory of a great Meth- odist churchman and humanitarian — Bishop John W. Branscomb. 248 " i Richard Filfori) President Sidney Lanier Easterling . Vice-President Effie Lou Hofper . . Secretary-Treasurer • % • ♦ % FIRST ROW Georgj Allen iu Lakeland, Florida U.S.. Accounting Curtis In dkins Alexandria, Virginia AM., Journalism SECOND ROW Patricia Ann A ' Hern . . . Amherst, Massachusetts A.B., English Bruci H. Allen Clearwater, Florida B.S., Chemistry THIRD ROW Virginia Ann Allison . . . Pompano Beach, Florida U.S.. Accounting Frank John k i . . . Scotch Plains, New Jersey A.B., History Cortland Edwin Anderson, Jr. . . Lakeland, Florida A.B., English Leonard Radcliff Anderson . Eggertsville, New York U.S., Business idministration Joseph Daniei Armstrong Lancaster, Pennsylvania A . . ' .. Six ial St ience FOURTH ROW Roscot Peter Arrf Easton, Pennsylvania U.S.. Business Administration William Sinclair Vtwood . . . Richmond, Virginia B.S., Accounting Patricia Joanni Autrei Tampa, Florida B.S., Secondary Education ]cni Georgi Vyri Lakeland, Florida U.S.. Business Administration Roberto Baerga Caguas, Puerto Rico B.S., Business Administration 1 The Senior Class 1959 Anderson Autrey Andei Ayr Armstrong Baerga mmk 2.51 IS —v ifjjfij iM Bailey Bailey The Senior Class . . 1959 Bird Brewer Did somebody say Ginny Burgess got pinned? FIRST ROW Ami i i Hon: Witt Bailey . . Vero Beach, Florida U.S., Sociology Don Eugene Bailey Vero Beach, Florida J. .S ' .. Business Administration Jesse Lloyd Baker Lakeland, Florida B.S., Accounting William Albert Balsam . . . Fort Pierce. Florida B.S., Business Administration Thaddeus Mike Barber .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration [ulius Frank Barish Dade City, Florida B.S., Citrus SECOND ROW Barbara Barker Yonkers, New York B.S.. Home Economics Robert C. Barnes Lakeland, Florida U.S., Psychology Diane Louise Barthei Miami, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Judy Ann Bartlett Deerfield, Florida B.S., Home Economics John Bryan Becker Lakeland, Florida B.S., Mathematics Donald Richard Benneti . . Cambridge, Maryland B.S., Business Administration THIRD ROW Luis Ramon Bird Fajardo, Puerto Rico B.S., Biology William Gari Bittle .... Haines City, Florida B.S., Citrus Jacquelini Edna Bodle .... Lakeland, Florida A. II.. History Walter B. Boland .... Winter Haven, Florida B.S.. Citrus Elizabeth Patterson Bolton . . Lakeland. Florida B.S.. Sociology Hallf.tt Brakman Hillsdale, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration FOURTH ROW Nancy M. Brewer .... Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S.. Physical Education William Henry Britt . . . Winter Garden, Florida B.S., Citrus Edward Vernon Brooks Miami, Florida B.S.,Hf.lon Dwicht Kenneth Brower .... Bartow, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Donald Perry Brown .... Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Sociology Donald Wilson Brown Chicago, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Bittle Britt Bodle Brooks Bolton Brown Brakman Brown 253 •■•• . FIRST ROW David Warner Bri ' nstrom . . Winter Park, Florida B.S., Business Administration Sheila Louise Bryant Vtlanta, Georgia B.S., Art Herbert S. Buchanan .... San Antonio. Texas B.S., Business Administration Wai ii r L. Bullard Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Roberi Dm Burkholder . . . Bradenton, Florida B.S.j Business Administration John Allen Burnett Macclenny, Florida B.S., Business Administration SECOND ROW George Allen Bi rns Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Accounting John W. Burns .... Philadelphia, Pennsylvania AM., Business Administration Doris I kh n Calhoun .... Sanford, Florida B.S . I U mentary Education I i (.ini ( i uiii ( i not n Augusta, Georgia B.S., Religion Charles Brooks ( mi u .n. )n. . . Orlando, Florida B.S., Citrus i M. ( wiikon .... Plant Citv. Florida B.S., Elementary Education Campbell Carter | whs William Campbell . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Cam, Mary Jo Crum Campbell . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Education Richard D. Campbell Lakeland, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Galor 1 . Carbon eli Mavianco, Cuba B.S.. Economics Patricia Sui ( r iin Quincy, Florida B v. Social Studies Vivian Louisi Bryant Carter . . Lakeland. Florida B.S.j Secondary Education FOURTH ROW Larr Walter Carter Lakeland. Florida B.S., Accounting Richard Mark ( riir . . Asheville, North Carolina B.S., Psychology (ii kiis William Castles . . . Lakeland, Florida A.B., Religion Martha HendRi Chesney Wauchula, Florida B.S . Elementary Education Homer William Cheyni .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Si i iion I iioM is (n kv .... Tampa, Florida B.S., Science J M r T WRM Relax awhile, PiKA style Jan Lodmell, Penny Messinger, Leah Kirkpatrick return from a rbara Spencer, and ' ild trip to the CT. The Senior Class . . 1959 Campbel Carter Campbell Castles Carbonell Chesney Carmen Cheyne Carter Childers Mt, The Senior Class . . 1959 Cortelyou Critchlow Judy Poppenberg and Nancy Barrow are stil daze from last Saturday night ' s date. V %•♦ • ••• k Demetrios S. Chios .... Narberth, Pennsylvania B.S., Business Administration i ki Aliceon Clark Pulaski, Virginia B.S., Elementary Education Robert Henry Clay . . . Winter Haven, Florida U.S., journalism Nancy Jane Clement . . Salisbury. North Carolina B.S., Religious Education Mildred Clements Stuart. Florida i..S ' .. Business Education Barbara Jane Clifford Miami, Florida B.S., Elementary Education SECOND ROW Lawrence Jay Cohen .... Palm Beach. Florii B.S., Business Administration Lewis M. Collins, Jr Pahokee, Florii U.S., Business Administration M vri.aret Connor Lakeland, Florii Marie Connor Lakeland, Flori B.S., Secretarial Science Richard E. Conrad Lakeland, Florid B.S., Plixsical Education Emme W. Cortfi.you ... . Lakeland, Florid B.S., Elementary Education THIRD ROW Timothy Ward Cortelyou . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Carol Janes Cothern .... Hermosillo, Mexico B.S., Elementary Education James Ward Council Orlando, Florida B.S., Science Charles Webb Courtoy Bartow, Florida B.S., Religion Patricia Parker D. Crawford . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education [ames Glenn Cribbs Mulberry, Florida B.S., Education FOURTH ROW Marguerite Critchi.ow . . . Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Ri hi n Arthur Cuervo Tampa, Florida U.S.. Economics Mary Lor Cunningham . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.S., Secretarial Science Herderth Czermak Vienna, Austria A.B., English Elizabeth Strauss Dame . . . Plant City, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Thomas J. Davis, Jr Lake Wales, Florida B.S., Business Administration Cothern Cuervo Council Cunninghc: Courtoy Czermak Crawford Cribbs Dame Davis 257 Deloney Doberman Dennis Douberly DeTroy Dye FIRST ROW Virgil Ray I)i i on] Eaton Eskelin Ocala, Florida Harvey Lam Dennis . . . Winter Haven, Florida U.S., Business Administration Arlene Doris DeTroy . . . Haworth, New ferse) A.B., Sociology P.wn Jean Dickey Butler, Pennsylvania A. It., Psychology George Curtis Dill Tampa, Florida B.S., Business Administration Philip Davis Diucuid .... Jacksonville. Florida B.S., History SECOND ROW Alan Michael Doberman . . . Brooklyn, New York B.S., Physical Education Arnold Dale Douberly .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Economies Dorothy Elizabeth DuBose . . . Lakeland, Florida A.B., Elementary Education William James Duncan . . Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Physical Education Michelle Dyer Venice, Florida B.S.. Art James S. Easterlinc Orlando. Florida ' ' .V, Business Administration IIvrki Tupper Eaton, III . Short Hills, New [erse) A. 11.. English i Elizabeth Edenfield . . Lakeland. Florida B.S . Elementary Education Ralph Run Edwards Lakeland, Florida U.S.. Industrial Arts Woodrow W. Edwards Lakeland. Florida ;.s.. Socio Studies Bm i i Walter Emery Lakeland, Florida B.S., Military Science Gerald R y Eskeun Lakeland, Florida A.B.. .Musi, FOURTH ROW Luwayne Judith Eskelin .... Lakeland. Florida ;..S.. Mush Neil Joyner Eskelin Lakeland, Florida A.B., Speech K ri Hai i i i i Ewerts Lakeland. Florida A.B.. Psychology Catherine Cornelia Ewing Candor, North Carolina ; s . Elementary Education Gar John Farreli Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Business Administration Robert J. Ferenci Carteret, New ferse) B.s.. Psychology 7 The Kappa Sigs sneak a little loafing action in while Sells isn ' t around. A " quiet " afternoon in the dorm for Myra Goldberg, Phyllis Whidden, and Belinda Sims. The Senior Class . . 1959 Edenfield Eskelin Edwards Ewerts Edwards Ewing Emery Farrell Eskelir Ferenc 1 A 4 J JMj j ■HIM i CT ?! S l ? Mi Flanigan Fielding Ford Fields Foster Fields Franckun The Senior Class . . 1959 The KDs go all out for the Kappa Sig Olymp The Sig Eps in their daily visit to the CT. f J FIRST ROW THIRD ROW Carol Ffrrara Coral Gables, A.B., Language Florida Ralph Freeman Uton, B.S., Physical Education Illinois Barbara E. Ferris Clearwater, B.S.. Physical Education Florida Wadi W. Freeman Orlando, B.S., American Culture Florida Alfred Donald Fielding Tampa, B.S., Biology Florida George Dewey French .... Lakeland. B.S., Business Administration Florida Beverly Joyce Fields Lake City, B.S., Elementary Education Florida B.S., Elementary Education Florida Sherman . Fields Leesburg, B.S., Citrus Florida Richard Charles Fulford .... Orlando B.S.. Accounting Florida Robert Leon Finley Lakeland, A.B., History Florida Birdie Elinor Futch Dade Cit B.S., Elementary Education Florida SECOND ROW FOURTH ROW Paul Wesley Fitzstevens .... Miami. B.S., Social Science Florida Ramon Garcia, Jr Tampa B.S., Business Administration Florida Finley Freed Ernest Reirf.r Flanigan .... Lakeland, Florida A.B., Elementary Education Richard Krisi Ford .... St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Music Education Kai.lf.ope Opal Foster .... Pensacola, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Elizabeth Ann Franckum . Wethersfield, Connecticut B.S., Elementary Education Howard Melvin Freed Lakeland, Florida B.S., Accounting Gwendolyn Patricia Garrett . Haines City, Florida B.S., Elemental Education Bernard Harry Gerard . . . Bronxville, New York B.S., Business Administration Mary Harriett Gibson .... Lakeland, Florida A.B., English Floyd Seaman Gonder, Jr Tampa, Florida B.S., Biolog) Joseph Lewis Gordon Tampa, Florida B.S., Business Administration Freeman Garrett French Gerard Froehlich Gibson Fulford Gonder Futch Gordon « m i V9 Grant Griffith Hadraba Hamilton Ron mii Vinai ( s .... Lockport, New York B.S.. M usii ( in ilium (. ri Scon (.rm-.i ... Ormond Beach, Florida B.S., Business Administration Charles McManee Graham . St. Augustine. Florida B.S., Business Administration Peter Lane Grant Lakeland, Florida U.S.. Citrus Roberta nnt (.hi in Leesburg, Florida B.S.,1 li nn ntary Education Leon W. Gressman Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education SECOND ROW James Emmert Gridley . . . Monte lair. New Jersey V. Science Gerry Sally Grieve Lakeland. Florida B.S., Accounting Florence Lorinne Coe Griffin . . Bartow, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Donald Morris Griffith .... Oakland, Florida B.S., Citrus Don Lowell Groen Danville, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Niik Nelson Guagliardo . . . . Tampa, Florida B.S., Business Administration Ronald Joseph Hadraba .... Riverside. Illinois B.S., Business Administration Ms n | ni Hm.isi tlantic Beach, Florida A. IS., History ln ion Thomas Fl m i . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.S., Business Administration Patrick D. Hai.i Orlando, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts I I SI II I I I l I l K ( 1 1 i c ago. Illinois William F. Hamaker Alexandria, Virginia A.B., Union FOURTH ROW Barbara Elisi Trim H amilton . Babylon. New York A.B., English I i on I Hamilton . . Lumberton, North Carolina A.B.. Journalism " I homas Webb Hamilton . Pompano Beach, Florida U.S., Business Administration Elizabeth 11 nson Leesburg, Florida B.S.. Home Economics William C. Harmon .... Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Business Administration Jo Ann Harris Leesburg, Florida B.S . lii mentan Education 262 The ADPis serenade Mr. Wille Eddie Kolaska, Patti Brown, and Bob Longbottom discuss The Southern over a " few " sips of coffee. H The Senior Class . . 1959 Guaglii Hagist Hamilton Hall Hamilton Hallock Harmon Hamake, Harris E-L- ' L 263 • ■ •♦ " li ■ f y r Haygood Higgins Heisei Hill The Senior Class . . 1959 Gus tells the Sigma Chis their bed-time story. What ' s the matter girls, are you afraid that balloon will burst? FIRST ROW (n m is c. Hatcher Highland, lllinoii B.S., Speech John William Hawken .... Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Secondary Education Don Paul Hawkins Montverde, Florida B.S., Accounting James Robert Haycood Verona, Pennsylvania B.S., Biology William ) mis Hi isi r .... Bossier, Louisiana B.S., Accounting Ardelia Ariixi Hendrick . . . Fort Meade, Florida U.S.. Education SECOND ROW M u i Ellen Hendry Plant City, Florida A. II.. English l)uii Thomas Henniger St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Business Administration Thomas Marshall Hester . . . Dade City, Florida B.S.. Mathematics William Oliver Higgins . . . Haines City, Florida U.S., Citrus Ernest John Hill Bradenton, Florida A. I!., English June Ruckle Hoffer .... Auburndale, Florida B.S., Elementary Education THIRD ROW Elizabeth A. Hoffsommfr College Park, Maryland B.S., Home Economics Donald Lei Holcombe . Shreveport, Louisiana U.S.. Business Administration 1 mi I in Hopper Coral Gables, Florida AM.. English David George Horsburgh .... Sarasota, Florida Julian R nlkjiph Homy, Jr Ocoee, Florida B.S., Citrus Joseph David Hudek . . . Pompano Beach. Florida B.S . Business Administration FOURTH ROW | whs Hester Hili Plant City, Florida B.S., Citrus Ralph Clarence Hulsi .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Barbara Ann Hctson Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Beryl Louisf Insint.fr .... Worthington. Ohio A.B., Religion P iKKi Ivsn Jacob Sarasota, Florida B.S., Elementary Education John Frederick Jageler, III . Pompano Beach, Florida B.S., Accounting Holcombe Hulse Hopper Hulson Horsburgh Insinger Hovey Jacob Hudek Jageler . ' , ' ■ ; i f ' a r f - ,v O f% Jenkin: Kasak Jensen Keyes ( ki i Ann |i imkins Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education llx ii C.oRiic n Jenkins .... Lakeland. Florida ;.v. Accounting Richard C:. Jensen Fords, New Jersey ' ..S . Business Administration Charles C. Johnson Lakeland. Florida H.S., Business Administration i m Eric Justiniano Dunedin, Florida A. II.. Social Studies I)ii n Kaiser St. Charles, Illinois . ' .V, Elementary Education SECOND ROW kiwi in i k K s k . . . Delray Beach. Florida U .S.. Chemistry Maxii Wendeli Kelly Lawtey, Florida U.S.. Psychology Donald Ferris Keyes Lakeland, Florida A.B., Religion Mari Ann Kielmann . . . St. Petersburg, Florida U.S.. Business Administration Wayni Gardner Killen .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Biology Kwang Soo Km Seoul, Korea B.S., Biology THIRD ROW Run un Elmer Kim Fellsmere, Florida B.S., Business Administration |wi Foster Kitcheli Lakeland, Florida U.S.. Elementary Education Sylvia Riumuki Klepper Fanwood, New Jersey A.B., Sociology Phyllis Jeanne Klingler .... Leesburg, Florida B.S., Social Studies ( vri Miciiaei Koch Lakeland, Florida B.S., Biology Ellen Koopman Vruha. N.W.I. A. IS.. Sociology FOURTH ROW Roi ' .iki Joseph Lama Poughkeepsie, New York U.S.. Business Administration M k i Wayni Lanoford . . . Frostproof, Florida A.U.. History SniM i Faye Lanier .... Williamsburg, Virginia A.B., Journalism Fred Don Lantz Danville, Illinois U.S.. Business Administration |cni Russeli 1 ksi s Butler, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration Rudy Guy La Rissa Tampa. Florida A. :.. English 266 King 1 £41 K m i Marty Smith waits in line while Barbara Clifford styles Leslie Lloyd ' s hail 3 Janice Ruggles practices " Monkey see— monkey The Senior Class . . 1959 Kitchell Longford Klepper Lanier Klingler Lantz Koopman La Russa £l f 1 Lee Le Moigne Lyon McAdams Leonard McBurney " he Senior Class . . 1959 McCranie Martin Pi The Alpha Chis entertain the SAEs with an afte of bridge. Mail call— money doesn ' t grow on trees. It comes via the post office. • " % Warri n Peter Lasher . . Ormond Beach. Florida ..S . Business Administration Roberta Lawrence Fort Myers, Florida B.S., Home Economics Robert Eari. Lfe Umatilla, Florida B.S., Social Science Emili [osErH 1. 1 Moigni . Bound Brook, New Jersey B.S.. Business Administration Edwin Clifton Leonard .... Lakeland. Florida U.S.. Biolog) | m k Lion Lemne Lakeland. Florida B.S., Economics THIRD ROW William Robert McCranie . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Katheryn Elizabeth McDonald . Wauchula, Florida A.B.. Education MAR0ARE1 W. McLEOD Lakeland, Florida B.S., Psychology Clarenci E. McNeeli .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., English Carlton Anthony Marasco Tarrytown, New York U.S.. Business Administration Carol Judith Marshall Oneco, Florida B.S., Education SECOND ROW H rry Fred Lonc Miami, Floric B.S.. Commercial Art I ' m Edwin Lovern Lakeland, Floric B.S.. Business Administration Charles Dean Lyon . . . Riverside, Pennsylvan B.S., Business Administration James Elwood Mc Adams .... Marianna, Floric B.S.. Business Administration Richard M. McBurnei . . Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvan B.S., History Patricia Ann McCloughan . Danville, Pennsylvania B.S., Elementary Education FOURTH ROW David Harold Martin . . Mount Morris. New York B.S.. Psychology Clarenci Dali Maxweli .... Pahokee, Florida B.S., History Joseph S. Mazzone . . . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ;.V. Physical Education Harold Dean Melford . Waynesville, North Carolina B.S., Accounting John Charles Melendi Tampa. Florida B.S.. Accounting Timothy Ross Mi.nar Lakeland, Florida A.B., Spanish McDonald Maxwell McNeely Melford Marasco Marshall Melendi Minor 269 Mojzes Mingione Morien FIRST ROW I5 SIE MlKA Lakeland, Florida A.B., Psychology W.tsiirs Theodore Miller . . Auburndale, Florida U.S., Social si, ulics Edgar S. Miller Lakeland. Florida li. V. Business Administration n Jo Miller Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Education Alfred Mincioni Plainfield, New Jersey U.S.. Business Administration John Henri Minton Lakeland, Florida A.I!.. Suiiiil Studies THIRD ROW Ronald Edward Morion Miami. Florida U.S.. Business Administration James Fare Moulton .... Groveland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education M. Francis Mullikin . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Alma Frances Murdoch .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Education Mh hue Edward Murphy Bloomington, Illinois B.S.. Business Administration Abolghasem Musavi Teheran, Iran ) ' ..s.. Business Administration SECOND ROW FOURTH ROW Paul Mojzes Novi Sad, Yugoslavia Claude Conner Musi . . . Stockholm, Sweden A. IS.. Religion B.S.. A ' counting Norma Loutsi Moore . . . Pompano Beach, Florida E hi n Mae Myers . . . Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S . Elementary Education B.S.. Elemen lary Education rno.MAS Edward Moori . . Winter Haven, Florida Kenneth Clii aki is Mi i ks . . . . Tampa. Florida B.S.j Musii Education B.S., Citrus William H. Mori i Tuckahoe, New York NANC1 Ann Myers . . . . . Oviedo, Florida ' ..S ' .. Business Administration B.S.. Elemen ary Education Micaela E Morten .... Eagle River, Wisconsin Merl Elaine Nash . . . . . Haines City, Florida B.S., Elementary Education U.S.. Elemen tar Education Joan Estelli Morion Miami, Florida B.S., Sn relarial Science Georgi Daniei Nebhuth . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S., History Morton Muse Judy Kemp and Kathleen Meyer take time out for a fe Chris Parker reads about her favorite soccer playe Ralph Umstead. K-- Minion Morton The Senior Class . . 1959 Moulton Myers Mullikii Myers Murdock Myers Nosh s«. 4M Nighswander Palsgraaf Oetjen Parrott The Senior Class . . 1959 Parrott Powell TEPs Molever, Licarie, Levy, and Rosenfeld guard their trophies. These were Southern ' s contestants for the Bartow Home Auto Sho n r i Lh r. FIRST ROW James F. Neefus, Jr Laurel, New York B.S., Business Administration Clark Doyle Newell .... Fort Pierce, Florida U.S., Business Administration Joan Petteway Newman . . St. Petersburg, Florida ' .V. Elementary 1 duration n (.. Nighswandek Tiffin, Ohio U.S., Science Barbara Oetjen Evanston, Illinois A.B., Psychology Jane O ' Neill Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania B.S., Physical Education SECOND ROW Sue Ann Oplfr Hinsdale, Illinois B.S., Physical Education Robert Leahy Otto Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Millard Fillmore Owen .... Maitland. Florida U.S.. Citrus Joan Devries Pai.sgraaf . . Chattahoochee, Florida A.B., Elementary Education Carolyn M. Parrott Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Mary Linda Parrott popka, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Joseph Robinson Parrott, Jr. . . Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Busiyiess Administration Robert Gary Peters . . Arlington Heights, Illinois B.S., Sheech James Ward Petty Selma, Alabama B.S., Business Administration Robert Edward Pfaff . . . Bronxville, New York B.S., Business Administration Robert Lewis Phillips .... Haines City, Florida B.S., Citrus Carrei.l Ivan Pinnell Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration FOURTH ROW Edward Richard Powell Miami, Florida B.S.. Business Administration Donna Lois Pusinelli . . New York City, New York A.B., Sociology Emily R. Putnai Myakka City, Florida B.S.. Elementary Education Roger Frank Quisenbiry Stuart, Florida B.S., History oiin Winfred Raiford Bartow, Florida B.S., Education Marcus Fletcher Rave .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Science Peters Pusinelli Petty Putnal Pfaff Quisenbury Phillips Raiford Pinnell Raye , ' ■ ' , ' HH 273 Refram Rei king Rockwell Rod iguez FIRST ROW THIRD ROW Florida Frances M B.S., Business Administration Patricia Reinking Jacksonville Florida Stuart Har B.S., Elementary Education Roge Stuart David Reyman . . New Rochelle, New York U.S.. Business Administration Robert Gordon Reynolds . . Winter Haven, Florida U.S.. Business Administration Sally Naomi Roberts .... Jacksonville, Florida B:S., Business Administration Forrest Edwin Rockett, Jr. . . . Lakeland. Florida U.S., Business Administration SECOND ROW Bion Taylor Rockweli Lakeland. Florida A.B., Social Science Ana Mathii.dk Rodriguez .... Matanzas, Cuba U.S., Sociology Jerry Lee Rogers Kissimmee, Florida U.S. Accounting Joseph Crescent Roselle East Orange. New Jersey A.B., History Kenneth R. Roth Orlando, Florida U.S., Chemistry Mary Teresa Rudolph .... Flushing, New York B.S., Business Administration Frances Marion Ruhr . . . . Clearwater, Florida U.S.. Elementary Education Stuart Harold Sabel . . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania .-(. {.. English Emiliano Jose Salcines Tampa, Florida A.H.. Social Science Joseph H. Sammataro . North Bergen. New Jersey ; V. Union Pait.ini Mii mi Sandai Gary, Indiana U.S.. Elementary Education Richard D. Sc ii Midi 1 1 i . . Grand Rapids. Michigan B.S., finance FOURTH ROW Donn Landon Niiiiikir . . . Baltimore, Maryland B.S.. Chemistry David A. Schriemer . . . Grand Rapids, Michigan B.S., Sociology (,i v (i in ion Smuiiz .... Brooksville, Florida B.S., Sociology William Arciiii Schultz .... Lakeland, Florida A.B.j Social Science Mildred Clari Schwartz . New Philadelphia, Ohio 6.5., Education William Hinki Schwartz, III . . . Miami, Florida B.S., Art Ryder Scheerc n ' s l £• V Is " Hey, that ' s my brush you ' re using, " says Barba Ketcham to Carol Jones. It looks like Linda Williams, Gwen Anderson, and Chris Negus are catching flies. The Senior Class . . 1959 Sabel Schrieme Salclne: Schultz Sammatar Schultz Sandala Schwarlz Schaddele Schwartz I lit l l 4LA ' ' ■■■■■ ■■■■■ C F f £$ " he Senior Class . . 1959 Spencer Sterling The AOPi ' s return with smiles after winning the Olympics. BOns Shirley Norton and Sue McDonald are all reedy fo afternoon at the Sump. t.p ri»K r 8 " ! Jackson Johnson Sells, Jr. . . Fori Myers, Florida A.B., Economics Henry Arthur Sibley, Jr. . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration n Marie Sica Holly Hill, Florida B.S., Education Lois Jean Sickfxs .... Ormond Beach, Florida B.S., Secretarial Science Virginia Ann Simmons .... Wauchula, Florida B.S., Elementary Edut alum John Edward Simpson . . North Merrick, New York B.S., Business Administration SECOND ROW Riley Dean Sims . . . West Palm Beach, Florida ' ..V., Physical Education William Lamar Sineath, Jr. . St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Citrus Stuart F. Smeltzly Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Beverly Vermilya Smith .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Psychology Joe Hudson Smith Moultrie, Georgia B.S., Sociology Marcus Davidson Smith, Jr. . . Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Business Administration Charles C. Spencer . . Port Washington, New York B.S., Business Ail ministration John Frank Spicuzza .... Elm Grove, Wisconsin B.S., Physical Education l)i wis Craig Stedman .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Science Stanley Frederick Stein .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Accounting Edith Elaine Stephens .... Fort Myers, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Kelly Denver Stephens .... Lakeland, Florida U.S., Business Administration FOURTH ROW Robert Leon Sterling Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Nancy Ruth Stewart .... Bradenton, Florida B.S., Business Administration Robert Hartley Stewart . . Mount Dora, Florida i..S ' ., Business Administration Patricia Gail Stonis .... River Forest, Illinois B.S., Art George Louis Storms . . . Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration George Wilbur Stowf. Lakeland, Florida A.B., History Spicuzza Stewart Stedman Stewart Stein Stonis Stephens Stephens Stowe J whs Weslei Strayer Lakeland, Florida U.S., Industrial Ait-. Robert Mason Strickland .... I ' alatka, Florida B.S.j Business Administration John Franklin Stroi ' d .... Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Business Administration David Wayni Sturdevan . . Tahawus, New York B.S., History LORF.N John Sulem Lakeland, Florida A.B., Social Science Richard Georce Tatro .... Lakeland, Florida B V. Speech SECOND ROW (,ini V I i any Lakeland. Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Beits Lor [ " insley itadia. Florida B.S., Elementary Education Rebekah Ri in Tuhy Oviedo Florida B.S., Elemental-, Education Barbara Anni Turner Reddick Florida A.B., English Daij is swuii Turner Sanford Florida B.S., Citrus DOROTHA Anni TURNER .... L ' nialilla, Florida B.S., Elemental x Education THIRD ROW (,ii T. LIrso Tampa. Florida B.S., Science Robert 1. Van Nami . . Maplewood, New Jersey B.S.. Business Administration Vivian ]i n Vann Miami, Florida ;.s.. Religion Carol-Lei Veitch Pasadena. California U.S.. Art Gerhard Donald Vester . . . Clearwater, Florida B.S., Business Administration Lfon Vetrano Lakeland, Florida U.S.. Art FOURTH ROW liio i s Edward Vitito .... Clearwater. Florida B.S., Chemistry Estelle Anni Vogei Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio A. II.. Elementary Education Jim Wai.din. Jr Dover, Florida B.S., Citrus George Leslei Walker . . . Haines City, Florida U.S.. Citrus Tames Edward Walker Miami, Florida J..S ' ., Physical Education Robert Laverne Wallace . . . Orlando, Florida U.S., Business Administration 278 Urso Vitito f Darlyn Hardee gets Pat Richards ready for that big date. I Charlotte Anderson and Sherry Arent decide its time to pack away the wool clothes and get ready for Tatro The Senior Class . . 1959 Von Nam Vogel Vann Walden Veitch Walker Velrano Wallace • ' •• . The Senior Class . . 1959 Dellia Bird does the hula-hoop for Carole Castellow and Anne King. Jody Brockway entertains " Tiger " while Nancy Richey irons B - f f S i Wilt Young - f Janet Camille Waters .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education John Dexter Watson Clermont, Florida R.S., Citrus Leslie Welter Moorhead. Minnesota Si ' E Ann Wenrick Lakeland, Florida B.S., Home Economics Eric A. Westphal .... Cypress Gardens, Florida B.S., Economics William R. Whitfield Orlando, Florida B.S., Citrus SECOND ROW Flora Diane Whitice .... Fort Pierce, Florida B.S., Art Education Charles B. Whitmore Tampa, Florida B.S., Economics Oilman Jackson Wildes Tampa, Florida B.S., Secondary Education Charles Henry Williams . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Social Studies Albert Sayward Wing, Jr. . . B.S., Citrus Ocala, Florida THIRD ROW | vspi k Ori off Witt Homeland, Florida Alt.. Religion Graci Hastings Wolfe .... Bradenton, Florida ' .v. Education Floyd N. Woods Lakeland, Florida U.S., Elemental v Edui ation Robert Gene Woodai.i Bradenton, Florida U.S.. Accounting Martha Ann WRIGHT Bartow, Florida B.S.. Elementary Education Thomas Dutton Yeager Marion, Ohio B.S., Business Administration FOURTH ROW Barbara ] Young Miami. Florida ; v. lementary Education Henry Hopkins Bf.ckwith . . Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Business Administration Ruth Gwedoline Witherill . Winter Haven. Florida B.S.. Education Wolfe Beckwith Yeager 1 he Senior Class 1959 u yuoo M OFFICERS Brad Dixsmore President Eve Lowe Vice-President Daryl Douglass Secretary-Treasurer DARRYL DOUGLASS, Secretory-Treasurer; EVE LOWE, Vi ' ce-Presidenr; BRAD DiNSMORE, President. Carl J. Aldrich Herbert Adkinson jACyUES Abbo . . Santiago De Cuba Bristol, Vermont . Lakeland, Florida Maracaibo, Venezuela SECOND ROW Robert Louis Alderman Elizabeth Ann Aldricfi Robert Campbell Alio . Donald Frederick Allen third row June Allen George William Allendori Jane Lucinda Allison . . Philip Hudson Almand . . Plant City, Florida Pittsfield, Illinois Lakeland, Florida Hastings, Florida Bartow, Florida Rochester, New York Carm ichael, California . . Decatur, Georgia FOURTH ROW David Christopher Ai.sop Fort Lauderdale, Florida Giorc.i 11 rni Vltman .... Sarasota, Florida Carol Lois Anderson Miami, Florida Marco Anderson North Bend, Ohio FIFTH ROW Jay Ismon Andrews .... Winter Haven, Florida Martha Ann Andrews .... Chiefland, Florida Sarah Nell Anthony Lakeland, Florida James Pail Ambrose . . . Fort Lauderdale. Florida SIXTH ROW Christa Ashworth Tampa, Florida Norman Rooseveli Ashworth . . . Tampa, Florida Richard Kfnt Aston Dallas, Texas R.OBER1 |oiin Bali . . Ridgelield Park, New Jersey SEVENTH ROW F.i mir Elsworth Banks John Sh n ni Barnes Artiro Barreto . . Virnii Louise Barriir . . . Lakeland, Florida W] nnewood, Pennsylvania . Hato Re , Puerto Rico Asheboro, North Carolina •v. F O •■ 7 4t±+ h to M Tide presents Red Skelton? Oh, no, it must be Cynthia Price. Who ' s got the old maid? FIRST ROW ]cm Bartleti Nantucket, Massachusetts Mum Ward Beerman Lakeland, Florida Ernest Alfred Belcher New Canaan, Connecticut James Li c h Bi iier Haines City. Florida Benjamin Bates Bennett Franklin, Pennsylvania Ro u u Biri.ir Shaker Heights, Ohio SECOND ROW Robert Mayo Berrey Melbourne, Florida Howard Tail Best, Ju Plant City, Florida Nancy Elizabeth Biccers Tampa, Florida Charlotte Cari Bispham Venice, Florida ]i an Paul Biziir Winter Ha en, Florida Charles Eugene Black Lakeland, Florida " he Junior Class THIRD ROW Robert Joshua Black Swampscott, Florida |oiin Edward Bodle Lakeland, Florida Beverly Bond Winter Haven, Florida Charles Ramsey Booth Daytona Beach, Florida Lora Lea Boswell Clearwater, Florida Warren Arthur Bowden Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW Maxene Britt Bradenton, Fl orida Orlan Hiers Briant Tampa. Florida John Houston Brady, Jr Key West, Florida Joseph Hampton Bradham Lakeland, Florida Jerry Keith Bowman Lakeland, Floiida Ai Earl Bowin Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania FIFTH ROW William Stanley Brophy Hialeah, Floiida Donald Brown Summit, New Jersey MiiDRiD Patricia Brown Arcadia, Florida Robert Wayne Browning Palatka, Florida Olin George Bryant Lakeland, Florida Leslie Gordon Buckley Wilmington, Ohio SIXTH ROW Donald Victor Budd Sarnia, Ontario Joan Alice Burr Winer Haven, Florida Richard Thompson Burt Deerfield Beach, Floiida Verni Monroe Busler, Jr Orlando, Florida Edward Earle Cali Lakeland, Floiida James Bruce Callaway Orlando, Floiida SEVENTH ROW David H. Callender Plainfield, New Jersey Louis Ralph Calpey Allentown, Pennsylvania William Robert Campbeli Franklin, Pennsylvania Joseph Capitano Tampa, Florida Richard Keith Carroll Jacksonville, Florida William Dexter Chaffee Vero Beach, Florida r- • ••••; " he Junior Class Just think, Helena Rubenslein started this way. Wiluam Ikm Conner Watsontown, Pennsylvania Whitney Conviser Kingsport, Tennessee ( vrolyn Loiisi Cornwei.i Westfield, New Jersey n III ( Oi 1 kiii Miami, Florida Elizabeth Jam Crani Orlando. Florida Lynda Maureen (rim Plant City, Florida What did you expect— root beer?? DlNll ( 11 Wll ' ,1 us . . . . 1 1 OR1 1 M un ( 11 win 1 1; Ic Kll NEWANA (III SHIRI D AN CHRISTMAN . . JOSl I ' ll Fl KlU ( I KK Al I ' .l Kl I ' UI ( I l ss . . Wauchula, Florida . . . Hialeah. Florida Pompano Beach, Florida . . . Tavares, Florida Verona, New Jersey Lake George, New York FOURTH ROW 1nm n P. Cm 11 iihii i Jacksonville, Florida Barbara Rom Culp Circleville, Ohio Sim 1 Rk 1 Cunningham Beloit, Wisconsin Nani ■. Lei Cupp Clearwater, Florida James Ai i 1 d kr Ocala, Florida Wayni Alexander Curry Orlando, Florida FIFTH ROW Wayni Ware Daniei Tampa, Florida Jane Louisa Davidson Winter Haven, Florida Jim Vining Davis Miami, Florida Marion Deal, Jr Lakeland, Florida David H. Decker, Jr Wheaton, Illinois Floyd Lafaa ette Dees Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW Jorge D. de Juan Santurce, Puerto Rico Nicholas R, de Juan Lakeland, Florida Crank William Delegai Pompano Beach. Florida Pi 1. (a Cassels Delegai Pompano Beach, Florida Anthony de ia Guardia Havana, Cuba Patricio de la Guardia Havana, Cuba SECOND ROW SEVENTH ROW Caroi Ci.ini .... 1)1 WIS (1 Kk ( 1 IN IO N Jo nn Cocke .... Joseph Wn 1.1 m ( » i J WII S Wll -ON ( (INI I V Ri 1 1,1 n R. ( onni 1 1 . Jr. Fort Lauderdale, Florida Winter Haven, Florida . . Wickliffe, Kentucky . . Lakeland, Florida Frederica, Delaware . . Brewster, Florida Georgia Dewar . . . Bettilyn Dinkel . . Allan B. Dinsmork. Jr. Earnest Dean Dixon Waiter Vrn v Dobruck RllHARII VlCIOK DOIV Bclleair Beach, Florida Bridgewater, Virginia Clearwater, Florida Lakeland, Florida Winter Haven, Florida Winter Haven, Florida No, they ' re not pressing the shorts! Wally Bullard, John Isbirian, and Bob Lama sport the Lambda Chi trophies. Dale Douglass Oxford, Ohio Darvl Douglass Oxford, Ohio Glknda Dreadin St. Petersburg, Florida Frederick W. Drei er Lakeland, Florida Rosalvn Rolanci DiFr rtadia. Florida Wiley S Dunn Bartow, Florida SECOND ROW Ri hard Fee F.dkins Sarasota. Florida ( ri.f I . Elkins St. Augustine. Florida Charles Edgar Elliott Pahokee, Florida Elmer B. Elliott Lakeland, Florida Patrick L. Ellis Tavernier, Florida Margaret Jane Elosge Winter Haven, Florida " he Junior Class THIRD ROW Alice Bozeman Embrv Lakeland, Florida Emily Marie Emmenegger Bradenton, Florida Raiford Edison English Lakeland, Florida f ci n Camilla Eppenberger Sarasota, Florida Joan Evanoff Hobart, Indiana Sue Jane Evans Cincinnati, Ohio FOURTH ROW Caroi.ee Ann Evertse Grand Rapids, Michigan Nancs P. Ervin Pass-a-Grille, Florida Di lores D. Fallon Grosse Pointe, Michigan |u i Fii.sfn St. Petersburg, Florida Norma C. Fi rro Paulo. Biazil Sylvia Jo Firth Canton, Ohio FIFTH ROW William F. Firth Lakeland, Florida Ri ' TH StansbURY Fitz Lakeland, Florida Rogers Cutting Flanigan Lapeer, Michigan DoRO ' im Ann Fleck Tampa, Florida Francis Earl Foland Lakeland, Florida John Arnold Ford Zelienople, Pennsylvania SIXTH ROW Jane E. Fox Lakeland, Florida Mary Jane Foy Decatur, Georgia Joseph H. Frjedenthal Lakeland, Florida Dave Glen Gall Valrico, Florida Alfonso Garcia Tampa, Florida Gloria Kay Garrison Wauchula, Florida SEVENTH ROW Wilfrid E. Genest Fairhaven, Massachusetts Steven B. Gerd Miami Beach, Florida Clyde Geren Lakeland. Florida Robert Lang Gershun Highland Park, Illinois Steve George Gianos Miami, Florida Phillip James Gillispie Fort Meade, Florida f A mm ] I kl 2 r j AdNfe I uol cats turned out for the TB jam session. " he Junior Class THIRD ROW Lois Gail Haight Fort Lauderdale, Florida Richard Emmett Hai.deman .... Fort Lauderdale. Florida Leon Emmett Hall Tampa. Florida Guerrv Stinson Hallman Lakeland. Florida Dean Cordon Hanson Belleview, Florida Ann Margaret Harper Tampa. Florida Oh, you lucky ROTC boys and your pretty FOURTH ROW Daisy Elizabeth Haritr Orlando, Florida Wayne Rodman Harris Preston, Maryland Suzanne Lenox Harris New Brunswick, New Jersey James Steele Harrison Fair Lawn, New Jersey Jesse Doyle Harti.ine Tampa, Florida Pall Taylor Hartman, Jr Lakeland, Florida FIFTH ROW ROBERT Edward Hams Arcadia, Florida John Britt Haycood, Jr Norfolk, Virginia WlLMA Lynn Heberlinc Arlington Heights, Illinois Marguerite Jenneti Heinze Mt. Dora, Florida Carleton Coffey Helm Plant City, Florida Deanna Louise Henderson Lakeland, Florida FIRST ROW Hosea Li o Gillman Plant City. Florida Georgi II rm ( man Winter Haven, Florida Ruth Delaine Cordon Jacksonville, Florida Joseph Tillman Gurganus Lakeland. Florida Paul Allan Guss Belle Harbor. New York Richard Stuari Greeni Miami Beach, Florida George R. Heuneman Thomas Edward Hicks Durwood Harris Hickson Louis Hillendahl Mary L. Hillendahl Mary Ann Hilton . . Livingston, New Jersey . . Lakeland, Florida Fort Lauderdale, Florida . . Kathleen, Florida . . Kathleen, Florida . . Sarasota, Florida SECOND ROW SEVENTH ROW Ernesi Winston Griggs Ocala, Florida Leslie Grizzakd, II Lakeland, Florida I ' ic.i.n Si Granath Pompano Beach, Florida Jack Bair Gray ' SON Miami, Florida Mabei Mattox Haaki Astor, Florida E. A iM " i Hacknei Valley Stream, New York Cynthia Jayne Hollister Utica, New York Sally Holmes Atlanta, Georgia Edwin Lef. Holton Lakeland, Florida Barbara Hopson Frostproof, Florida George Robert Horn Lakeland, Florida William Robert Horne Ocala, Florida e • _j J — . " j.h M dxMA . T Iff. ft fr P T 1? i ; 4 fk £ £1 p 1 1.- 7 ' ' o J i ±4,M4 t M . • ft £ JW- o Who ' d you think it was-the housemother?? " he Junior Class THIRD ROW GrecOJO L. Jinking Mulberry, Florida Marion Vircil Jernigan Lakeland, Florida Faye Bovd Johns Indianapolis, Indiana Dorothy Carom Johnson Bristol, Virginia Lewis William Johnson Lakeland, Florida Shirlei si i Johnson Orlando, Florida FOURTH ROW ( ki |. Jones Lakeland, Florida John CONSITINl | nis C rotonon-Htidson, New York William Foster |o is Lakeland, Florida Marie Saunders Jordon Bradenton Beach, Florida | mis Miimn K ni Mulberry, Florida Don ai d Howard Kay, Jr Ocala. Florida FIFTH ROW Warren Reuben Kay Ocala, Florida Barbara Hellen Kazanjian Medford, Massachusetts Pai i Monroe Keen, Jr Lake Wales, Florida John Charles Kelly Brooklyn, New York Kiwis s. Ki iiirir. |r Ormond Beach, Florida ( hyi m. Myung Ki i Masan, Korea FIRST ROW SIXTH ROW William David Howard Lakeland, Florida Tim Newton Howell Auburndale, Florida Day Ra Hunter Bowling Green, Florida George Gill Hunter Coral Cables. Florida 1So n Aloha Hlrlbi it Green Cove Springs. Florida u 11 r Lee Hudson Orlando, Florida SECOND ROW Howard Yeoman Huntsberry Lakeland, Florida S r A, Hey Orlando, Florida John Lowell Isbiri n Poughkeepsie, Florida Shelton A. Jackson Fort Meade, Florida Alered John Jacob Croton. New York Frank Gresham Janes Lakeland, Florida Rosemary Kincaid Ouincy. Florida Ann Marie King Miami, Florida Charles Eugene King Tampa, Florida Donald C. H. King Clearwater. Florida Margarei Ann Kinsm Fort Myers, Florida Robert Brece Kilgore Plant City, Florida SEVENTH ROW Rim Ellen Kleinknecht Bridgeport, Connecticut John William Kmi rz Wallington, New Jersey Constantinos KofELOEsos Starke. Florida John C. Krall Catasawqua, Pennsylvania Donald Joseph Kreusch Dade City, Florida Dominick LaBarbera, Jr Tampa, Florida 292 - ft f g fh o o d- fa to The Alpha Chis are boning up for final Table for two-Sue McDonald and Jim Sto " he Junior Class THIRD ROW Mark Benjamin Levy Freeport, New York Michaei I ' m i Lissner Norfolk, Virginia Richard W. Lobb Orlando, Florida Barbara Loewi Sarasota, Florida Linda Lou London Hyattsville, Mankind Roberi F. Longbottom Stuart, Florida FOURTH ROW Robert Charles Lott Lakeland, Florida I n Lowe St. Petersburg. Florida Joyce Elaini Lowell Dover, New Jersey i.i s Clyati McAui i Lake Placid, Florida i(.isi R. McCullough, Jr Lakeland, Florida liio i s 1) McCUTCHEON, Jr Lakeland, Florida FIFTH ROW Jan Birch McDaniel Yaldosia, Georgia Bobbii Dean McGuiri Winter Haven, Florida Fred A. McKenzie, Jr Lakeland, Florida Mn s | McMannis Canton, Ohio Howard McMichaei Maraaroneck, New York [ames Dennis McNab Pompano Beach, Florida SIXTH ROW Carol Ruth Landgraf Miami, Florida Sydney i Lani Lakeland. Florida |i Yernonn Larsen Miami, Florida John Alovsius Lasch Vlban) New York James Erven Lawhon, Jr Tampa. Florida Kimt Willis I.awhorn Haines (ii . Florida Alden Chester Main . . . Gloria Jean Manley . . . Howard L. Marwick .... John J or Matz .... |on Ik i M i Donald Lii Mayfield uburndale, Florida Lakeland. Florida . . . Fort Meade. Florida North Plainheld, New Jersey . . . Rissimmee, Florida . . . . Tampa, Florida SECOND ROW SEVENTH ROW Leslie Woodruff Lawn Lrvington, New Jersey John C. Leavitt Naples, Florida Michael Peter Leclerc West Cornwall, Connecticut Larry R. Lee Kansas City, Missouri George W. Lehmann Chicago. Illinois Arlene Lloyd Lemke Bradenton, Florida Joi i Darleni Mill R fOSl I ' ll DOMINI! k Ml KM l( II Ru ii irii T. Messick . . Dm ori s M i Miller . . Barbara Ann Miller . . Susan n Milling . . St. Petersburg. Florida New York. New York . . Lakeland, Florida . . . Perry, Florida Lake Wales, Florida Memphis, Tennessee J) A o OCT lit A« a ft p • " ' " " St B k Mickey Wolfe and Sara Wright say to heck with the color " he Junior Class THIRD ROW Betty Gayle Morgan Princeton, Kentucky Robfrt Gordon Morgan Lakeland, Florida Deanna Marsha Moss Jacksonville, Florida Charles Rav Motsinger Winter Haven, Florida John Patrick Mulligan Hampton, Virginia Rcibiki Wayni Mi nov Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW MiLURrD Jean Murphy Zephyrhills, Florida Robert Thomas Mmks Lakeland, Florida Francis Alan Nelson Lakeland, Florida Norah Laird Nelson Lakeland, Florida Caroline Giyn Newcombe Haines City. Florida Mamie June Norman Jacksonville, Florida FIFTH ROW Oliver Evans Norris Kissimmee, Florida Shirley Jovnni Norton Los Angeles, California Dharlyn In vi.i hi Nicely Orlando, Florida Marcia Ji n Nicholas Butler, Pennsylvania George Odiorne Bradenton, Florida Richard Irving Oiks Morris, New York FIRST ROW Rorert Edward Mims Freeport, New York John Thomas Minor Ocoee. Florida Estelle Mitcheli Jasper, Florida Walter Leslie Mitchell Lakeland, Florida Wallace L. Mize - ubumdale. Florida Edward J. Monarchik Ocala, Florida SIXTH ROW Oleta Margaret Oppeet Hampton, Virginia Robert George Orvis Margarita, Canal Zone Thomas Whitlei Osborne Umatilla, Florida Blanche Shore Oswald Plant City, Florida F. Carolyn Oswalt Clermont, Florida Christena Marii Pvrkir Atlanta, Georgia SECOND ROW James C Montague Cincinnati, Ohio Evelyn Joyc i Montgomery .... Fernadina Beach, Florida Barbara Jo Moore Sorrento, Florida Braxton Dwain Moore Prichard, Alabama Francis Jo Moore Oneco, Florida Marion Love Moore Madison, Florida SEVENTH ROW Roger A. Parker Lakeland. Florida Monte Thomas Parola West Hartford, Connecticut Abbott W. Parramore, Jr Ocala, Florida Marcia H. Peck Miami. Florida Elvin L. Perry. Jr Lakeland, Florida Sharon Elisi Philips Jacksonville, Florida !»«; i p -:• .- JBi S ( f II A lazy afternoon at the DZ house. Hold that picture till I get my shirt-tail " he Junior Class THIRD ROW Linda Joyce Raulerson Lakeland, Florida Mary Annetta Rf.fdkr Lakeland, Florida Linda Loir Rf.iman Birmingham, Michigan Edyth Ardfn Reveli Bowling Green, Florida To t R. Ricf. Lakeland, Florida Joan Richardson DeLand, Florida FOURTH ROW Emfxine Hilton Riddle Nashville, Tennessee Walter William Rilea Ocala, Florida Jacqueline W. Robson West Palm Beach, Florida Janet Elaine Rocker Wixom, Michigan Doris Ardeth Rockwell Lakeland, Floi ida | whs E. ROGERS Crystal Lake, Illinois FIFTH ROW John W. Rogers Baldwin, New York Michael Brick Rosfnfield Baldwin, New York Richard Carlton Ross Plant City, Florida Robert James Rowland, Jr Elm Grove, Wisconsin Henry Jennings Rou, II Tavares, Florida I homas Eugene Rt ' ss Cassopolis, Michigan FIRST ROW SIXTH ROW Shelton M. Phillips Jacksonville, Florida Carol Ann Pierandozzi Flushing, New York Harold D. Place, Jr Plainfield, New Jersey Stuart B, Polito, Jr Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Nunzio George Pollina Johnstown, Pennsylvania Homer Wendell Posey Lakeland, Florida Edna Jane Ryder Lewis Bladis Sanchez . . . John King Sandeen . . . . Richard Salvatore Sanfilippo Waynf Russell Sater . . . Eda J. Saurman White Plains. New York Tampa, Florida . . Bay Village, Ohio Miami Beach, Florida . . Middlelown, Iowa Short Hills, New Jersey SECOND ROW Carolyn Jane Pons Washington, Pennsylvania Mary Ann Margaret Pownall .... Miami Beach, Florida James Nelson Powers Orlando, Florida Marijo Price Titusville, Florida William Leonard Purvis Tampa, Florida William J. Ratley Eaton Park. Florida SEVENTH ROW Ann Carla Scheuermann Kingsport, Tennessee John Robert Schoen St. Petersburg, Florida Frank Joseph Scuderi Hicksville, New York Edward Lawrence Sengek St. Petersburg. Florida Stanley Shalett Opa-Locka, Florida Michael George Shapiro New York, New York . 1 o p p £v ft Vf ft « £ " ft « ,, ££ The Scu ' herr.eers listening to the ballgame in their chapter roon " he Junior Class THIRD ROW John David Smith, Jk Lakeland, Florida Lance Edward Smith Inverness, Florida Laura Eugenia Smith Lake Wales, Florida Martha Ai.vvii.ua Smith Harrington, Delaware All xamii r C. Standerwick Forest Hills, New York Shirley Ann Stakey Acjuebogue, New York Joan Spongier checks the social calendar with Mrs. Johnson. FOURTH ROW Henry B. Steen . Glasgow, Kentucky fosEPH William Steen Tampa. Florida Ann Darling Stolz Winter Haven, Florida James L. Strange Mcintosh, Florida Marsha Monfort Strange Mcintosh, Florida William Swift Lakeland, Florida FIFTH ROW Mak-i Elizabeth Tapp Winter Haven, Florida William Harris Taylor Lakeland, Florida Karen Louise Terry Riverhead, New York Bobby Joe Thomas Belle Glade, Florida Albert Ted Thompson Randallstown, Maryland Elizabeth Pretto Thompson Interlaken, New Jersey Tai.i.m Mack Sharpe Sylvia Sheperd Strock Joiinnii l sin fin m Ei.mfr Rav Simmons Tom Duki Simmons Don u ij A. Sinclair . . Lakeland, Florida Bartow, Florida Tampa, Florida Dover, Florida Miami, Florida Union, New Jersey SIXTH ROW Sii.va Suzette Thompson Plant City, Florida Yirv Eugenia Thrasher Gainesville, Florida George Christopher Tice New York, New York Ronald W. Tindlf. Plant City, Florida Dona Louise Trushei Leesburg, Florida David Harold Tyson Poughkeepsie, New York SECOND ROW SEVENTH ROW Ci vs ion Skinner . . . Edgar Martin Skinner Betty Jo Smith . . . Charlie Eugeni Smith, Jr. Frank Bennet Smith, Jr. Gf.raldine Smith . . . . . Lakeland, Florida . . Orlando, Florida . . Lakeland, Florida Pompano Beach, Florida . . . Bartow, Florida Fort Meade, Florida Howard Kenneth Tyus . Ralph R. Ulmsted, Jr. . . Janet Marie Ungro . . Quinton Chandler Varnes John Kimball Vermette David Leigh Vincent . . . . . . Starke, Florida Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Vallev Stream, New York . . . Avon Park, Florida . . . Sarasota, Florida . . . Walervilla. Maine t ' f l sneaky people from the yearbook staff won ' t even let you sleep. ■ Beverly Brown chats with that special " he Junior Class THIRD ROW Donna Ellen Wheless St. Petersburg, Florida Lawrence Allan White Lakeland, Florida Charles H. Whitehead Lakeland, Florida Bruce Allan Whiteneck Warsaw, Indiana Harry Morgan Whittaker Orlando. Florida Linda Gail Wicley Fort Lauderdale, Florida FOURTH ROW Barbara H. Wileden Lakeland. Florida Hi i n Jo Wisiiaui South Bend. Indiana Blanche Clark Williams Greenwood, Mississippi Hal Thomas Williams Lakeland, Florida In inn R. Win i wis Warsaw. Indiana Richard Eulon Williams Columbus, Georgia FIFTH ROW Anni Lousi Wilson St. Petersburg, Florida Bitty Jane Wilson Miami, Florida Joanne Beryl Wiseman Fort Lauderdale, Florida William Dean Witten Lake Wales, Florida Gene C. Wooley Lakeland, Florida Carlton R. Wricht Norfolk. Virginia FIRST ROW Georgi Lamar Wadsworth Wauclmla, Florida Martha Jean Wafer Little Rock. Arkansas Margaret Edith Walker Miami. Florida Carton Bigelow Waller, Jr Largo, Florida Carol Riunmii Walters Lakeland, Florida David W. Walters Milwaukee, Wisconsin SECOND ROW Richard B. Walters Ridgewood, New Jersey Jack Poe Watson Sarasota, Florida Ruth Elizabeth Weatherly Fort Myers, Florida Robert Maxwell Weitzner Fort Lauderdale, Florida Judith Ann Westfhal Green Bay, Wisconsin Marilyn Jean Weyant Miami, Florida SIXTH ROW Theodore T. Wycall . . Henry Lie Vonce . . . fUDY Cooper Young . . Francis An iiioni Zapatk Chatham, New Jersey . . Lakeland. Florida Aquebogue, New York Kensington. Connecticut 302 OFFICERS Tom Keexax Sam Boyd . Sue Britt President J ' ice-President Set ret (try -Treasurer • » »•«■%•• FIRST ROW Ghazi Yoistf Abdulmuhsin Basrah, Iraq Raymond Ade, Jr Northfield, Illinois Mary Ann Ahrendt Bradenton, Florida Ronnie Lee Akins Lakeland, Florida J on Arnold Albrecht Ithaca, New York Mary Keith Alday Gainesville, Florida Patricia Ann Ambler Sarasota, Florida SECOND ROW Elinor Win Anderson Lakeland, Florida Martha lu Anderson Hollywood, Florida David Duane Anwyl Downers Grove, Illinois Carolyn Frances Arey Montverde, Florida Alice Theodora Argyros Fort Lauderdale, Florida Antonio Arjibay Eustis, Florida Ku 1 1 ki Wiiiifield Arlett .... New Brunswick, New Jersey THIRD ROW | mis Lee Armstrong DeLand, Florida Hays Lavashious Arnold Thomaston, Georgia Don Harold Aughenbaugii Dade City, Florida Marilyn Mae Auld Miami, Florida Patricia Maxim Al ' sley Orlando. Florida James Bi rn rd Ayres Easton, Pennsylvania Barbara Jill Berthy Dunedin, Florida FOURTH ROW Lehoma Audrey Bain Miami, Florida Albert Louis Bair Hollywood, Florida William John Baird. Jr St. Thomas, Ontario Beth Darwin Baites Pulaski, Pennsylvania Hal Charles Ball, Jr Miami, Florida Sandra Annette Baltz Lakeland, Florida Ronnie T. Barnes Homestead, Florida •• • . fs p €% r { i •» 41k o r ? n II i 1 D O ! C. ft r • I M The Sophomore Class w T FIRST ROW Roger Dale Barney Fort Lauderdale, Florida Allan Frank Beonar Greenwich, Connecticut Donald Irwin Beeue Valhalla, New York Sharon Lie Bennett St. Petersburg, Florida Karen Lee Bente Pompano Beach, Florida Thomas Howard Bentien Plandome, New York Delia Blackburn Bird Sarasota, Florida SECOND ROW Elbert L. E. Blackwelder Frostproof, Florida Mary Jane Blake Quincy, Florida Carolanne Boldt Miami, Florida William H. Borresen Key West, Florida Judith Lee Bottom Miami, Florida Fred Lie Boris Melbourne. Florida Michael Joseph Bowen Deerfield Beach, Florida THIRD ROW Samuel S. Boyd North East, Maryland Henrietta Alada Boyer Weirsdale, Florida Susan Roberta Brackett Sarasota, Florida James Lee Breadwell Winter Garden, Florida Jo Anne Brew Melbourne, Florida Margaret Sue Brett Winter Garden, Florida DeVeda Brokenshire Orange City, Florida FOURTH ROW Arthur Julius Brown Plant City, Florida Charles Arthur Brown Tampa, Florida Jo Anne Brown Sarasota, Florida James I.eeman Brownlee Lantana, Florida Robert F. Broyles Jacksonville, Florida William Evans Bryant Fort Pierce, Florida John A. Bucciarelli Mount Vernon, New York Don ' t lough, you may need one too! Bettilyn Dinkel and Leon Hall make plans for the evening. SIXTH ROW William Demer Burns West Palm Beach, Florida Am ii Hiniry Busby Wilton, Connecticut Gordon Leslie Bush Downers Grove, Illinois Kenneth Nelson Butler von Park, Florida Elaine Lucia Calloway Boynton Beach, Florida Gary Winston Cameron Plant City, Florida Catherine Tyelene Camper Jacksonville, Florida FIFTH ROW Robert Raymond Bucbee Winter Haven, Florida Frank Richard Burdick Miami, Florida Virginia Stephanie Burgess Crystal Lake, Illinois Lynnetti Bassler Burk Lakeland, Florida Rosemary Katherine Burke Cleveland, Ohio William Alderman Bennett, Jr Oneco, Florida David Michael Burns Venice, Florida SEVENTH ROW S niik Jean Carbonell Robert Swain Cari.in Era William Carls] n Richard Wagner Carlson (.111 01 Ann ( kii n ii k Annie Lee Case . . . Robert Bentley Cass, Jr. . . . Key West, Florida . . . . Miami, Florida . . Vero Beach, Florida . . Clearwater, Florida Fernandina Beach, Florida . . . . Tampa, Florida . . . . Waterloo, Iowa 307 f% M4rk Q£i$ v C a es I 40 4Jk ft r- I The Sophomore Class FIRST ROW Carole Estelli Castellow Fort Lauderdale, Florida David Preston Cavce Barlow, Florida Robert Joseph Chapin Stuart, Florida Carolyn L. Chase Lakeland, Florida Carol Lee Chloiipek Prospect Heights, Illinois John Roger Christianson .... Pass-a-Grille Beach, Florida Donald Faull Clemens Lakeland, Florida SECOND ROW J. Norman Coleman Pompano Beach, Florida Gary Leland Conner Lakeland, Florida Florence Evelyn Cooke Clearwater, Florida Gail Cookman Northfield, Illinois Ida Elizabeth Cooper Fort Myers, Florida Catherine L. Cornwell Venice, Florida Betty Jo Council Ruskin, Florida THIRD ROW Carol Lynell Cozier .... La Romana, Dominican Republic Charles G. Crawford-Brown .... Fort Lauderdale, Florida Georci L. Crawford Lakeland. Florida Rodney Lamar Dale Miami, Florida Edward Potter Daley Orlando, Florida Robert George David Wyckoff, New Jersey Samuel Lawrence Dams Lakeland, Florida Dn of music for Nancy Morgan, Janice Lambert, and Penny Hoover. 3 k Pam Webster cools off her room-male, Nellie Pickens. FOURTH ROW Tommie Jean Davis . . . Ronald Hinton DeBarry Jack Lee Delegal ... Robert L. Deli.orso . . . Margaret O ' Grady Denison Frank A. DiFazio . . . . | m i M m in Dillard West Palm Beach, Florida Auburndale, Florida Pompano Beach, Florida . . . . Ocala, Florida . . Fort Pierce, Florida Wantagh, New York Miami, Florida SIXTH ROW Diawi P. Ecton Kev West, Florida Georci Egner Davtona Beach. Florida William L. F ' .iki nkirry Orlando, Florida James Howard Ellis Bartow, Florida Richard Penn Engler South Orange, New Jersey ( harles | mis Evans Fort Pierce. Florida Dorsey I l ins Eau Gallie, Florida FIFTH ROW Marion ] -. i Ditter Dade (h , Florida Geoffrey B. Dobson Sarasota, Florida James Thomas Donovan Clearwater, Florida Dm i.i as Wayne Driggers Plant City, Florida Marshall Earl Dukes Brooksville, Florida Robert Henry Dunn Miami, Florida Richard Dickson Duval Jefferson City, Missouri SEVENTH ROW Emerson Keith Ewing Lakeland, Florida Nancy Lee Fein Miami, Florida Carolyn Sanders Felty Okahumpka, Florida John A, In in. Ill Charleston, West Virginia Patricia nn Fielding Savannah, Georgia I. in siiMtii Fitch Fort Meade, Florida Ei.fleda Fletcher Plant City, Florida i i lT ' rfJii n p i f K§p a ■i » l: iihiMx f% si a z g The Sophomore Class FIRST ROW J whs Sparkman Fletcher Plant City, Florida Ellen Ross Flowers Danville, Virginia John Holder Flowers Balboa, Canal Zone Rex Gordon Glynn Essex, Iowa Sandra Kay Foulk I ' unta Gorda. Florida Stephen Earl Frazier Tarpon Springs, Florida Richard Joel Friedman Fairfield, Connecticut SECOND ROW Harrison Leonard Friisi Fort Lauderdale, Florida Gerald Branson Frix Dunn, North Carolina Walter Record Fuller Lakeland, Florida Peter Funston Pound Ridge. New York Ford Joseph Gaitley Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mary Patricia Gamble Jacksonville, Florida Raymond Garcia, Jr Key West, Florida THIRD ROW Jay Montgomery Garner rcadia, Florida Jack H. Garrison Plant City, Florida Jane Carolyn Gary Coral Gables, Florida Cynthia E. Gencler Lakeland, Florida Sally Rae Gforc.e Largo, Florida Robert Gary Gibson, Jr Bartow, Florida George K. Killeland Tarpon Springs, Florida The eyes of these ADPis are upon you. Herbie Ford in deep concentration cs Tom Rice checks his queen. FOURTH ROW Charles D. Gimbel, Jr. Dennis Grant Glider Gwendolyn Ann (.oiiir Robert Charles Goding Terry Glenn Goembei. Dorothy Ann Goetz Mary Ellen Grams . Tarpon Springs, Florida . . . Miami, Florida . . . Tampa, Florida . . . Tampa, Florida . . . Sanford, Florida . . . Stuart, Florida . . . Miami, Florida FIFTH ROW Mams Corinni Griffin Nassau. Bahamas Mei.anh. Lie Griffin Orange City, Florida Margaret Lillian Griggs Ocala, Florida Donald V. Griswold Holhwood, Florida Annemarie H. Gruntcke ( learwater, Florida Armando Gutierrez, Jr Rev West, Florida Jamfs Edward Hagen St. Petersburg, Florida SIXTH ROW James ] Hacer Pitman. New ferse) Ra mo d Alan Hacer Nicholasville, Kentuck) Morris A. Hagstrom Pierson, Florida George Edward Hali Lakeland, Florida Kenneth I. Hallenborg Wilmette, Illinois Joe Robert Hamisy Lakeland. Florida Russell (.. Handy, Jk Miami. Florida SEVENTH ROW Mar.JORII Ann Hardin Flushing, New York DoROTm Ellen Harkai Plant City, Florida I id Ron Harleman Lakeland. Florida Richard Finely Harriti Auburndale, Florida James Randolph Harris Oakland Park. Florida Mil IJAH B. Harrison. Jr Palmetto. Florida Anne Graci Hartman Lakeland, Florida s ft Ci I d (W as f j py Ci ink 1 o V iAl V The Sophomore Class FIRST ROW Ro u. Carlous Haskins Lakeland, Florida I ' iivi.i.is Delores Hauff Zephyrhills, Florida Kari. Douglas Hawkins Scotia, New York Gerard J. Hayes Lakeland, Florida Everett Eston Haymond West Palm Beach, Florida Joan Mary Hei.und ruba, Netherlands |i vnni Dell Hendry Tallahassee, Florida SECOND ROW LiRo-i Vincent Hirr Winter Haven, Florida Joseph Warren Higdon, Jr Qtiincy, Florida Edwin Cole Higgison Waycross, C.eorgia Dennis Alden Hili Delray Beach, Florida Andrew Osborne Hobbs Auburndale, Florida Nancy Ruth Hogarth Palm Beach, Florida Lynda Maxine Holloway Knstis, Florida THIRD ROW Ethel Lee Holsomback Clearwater, Florida Freda Mary Holt Haines City, Florida Gretchen Holzbaur Miami, Florida Robert Attree Hopkins Ramsey, New Jersey Glenn Lester Hopson Avon Park, Florida JOYCE Anne Hoy Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania Joan Shirley Huff Fort I auderdale, Florida FOURTH ROW Ro Don Hi El Plant City, Florida Rebecca Lillian Hunt Clermont, Florida LOUISE Ann Ivey Homestead, Florida Nanci Jean Ley Decatur, Georgia Larry Keith Jackson Lakeland, Florida Patrick W kri n | ickson Lakeland, Florida Robert E. Jansen Change Park, Florida FIFTH ROW Judith Di i [ohnson Ctivahoga Falls, Ohio |i i Emily Jones Plant City, Florida Margaret Ann [ones Nokomis, Florida Robert Milton Jones Lake Hamilton, Florida Roy Carl Jones, Jr Fort Lauderdale. Florida Henry B. Jordan, Jr Lakeland, Florida Akiini Roberta Jourdan Oak Park, Illinois The Pi Kaps tune up for another serenade The Southerners surround their suggestion box SIXTH ROW | Lewis Kaiser Barberton, Ohio Chris James Kali s Poughkeepsie, New York Judith Kay Karnes Lakeland, Florida Ann Hoffmann Kayser Mobile, Alabama DUANt Joseph Kiarnei Lakeland, Florida Bedford Alvin Keen Winter Haven, Florida [ " homas James ki i n Pompano Beach, Florida SEVENTH ROW Gordon H. Keith, ]r Jacksonville, Florida Marvin David Kelly Lakeland, Florida Mary Elizabeth Ki-vser Mtamonto Springs, Florida Barbara 11. Khonigon ... St. Cloud, Florida BURTWIN L. King Bay Shore, New York David [ " homas Kim Miami, Florida Dan Edwards Kinsey Camaguey, Cuba .— 1 ft ■ jfV ( The Sophomore Class FIRST ROW Linda Louise Kirk Melbourne, Florida William H. Kirkpatrick St. Cloud. Florida imi Jam: Kittleson DeKalb, Illinois Monte S. Klein Stratford, Connecticut Phillip Harry Klesius Pass-a-Grille, Florida John Perry Klimas Sarasota, Florida Frank Christian Klode Milwaukee, Wisconsin SECOND ROW Roger W. Kohlstedt Grand Rapids, Michigan Edward Jon Kolaska Union, New Jersey Carol Jean Koske Prospect Heights, Illinois Hans Gerald Kraaz Bay Shore, New York | m Ann Kroschwitz Dunedin, Florida Michael Anthony Lally Bloomfield, New Jersey Linda Anni Lancaster Trenton, Florida THIRD ROW Thelma Carol Lasky South Hempstead, New York ROBERT F. Lasseter Winter Haven, Florida Elizabeth Ann Lawler Clearwater, Florida Kay Irene Laz rus Trenton, Florida Bertel Arne Lee Stratford, Connecticut Virginia Lee Lakeland. Florida Arnold Jay Levin Toms River, New Jersej FOURTH ROW Patricia | ni I i wis Haines City, Florida Alan Weston Licarie Norwalk, Connecticut Linda Lou Little Memphis, Tennessee Mary Susan Little Lakeland, Florida Patrick Lane Little Washington, D. C. Leslie Lloyd North Miami, Florida Nora Mae Locki Rin Ludlowville, New York FIFTH ROW David Raymond Louer Syracuse, New York Jwns Louis Lubach Fanwood, New Jersey Harry Michael Lucas Lakeland, Florida Florence Pipkin Lyee Lakeland, Florida John Joseph Lyons Lakeland, Florida Carole Marion McAdams Sebring. Florida Ion McCabe Fort Lauderdale, Florida Give it a push, it WILL run?? SIXTH ROW Comer Ray McDaniei Barlow, Florida Alan McDonald Dunedin, Florida Susanni | ni Mi Donald Sarasota, Florida Joan Carolyn McGraw Tuscaloosa, Alabama |u (i Linda McKee Orlando, Florida Robert W. McKenzii Tavernier, Florida William James |i I mn Brooklyn, Iowa SEVENTH ROW [wiis Don iii McLaughlin Kissimmee, Florida John Wilbur McLeod Lakeland, Florida John Paul McMillan Winter Park, Florida John P. McNamara Oyster Bay, New York John An in Mack Union Cii , New Jersey (.ii John Maggio Westfield, New fersej Brine Russell Mai em r Ocala, Florida ■•- " ♦• . O £1 o ■ o © iii % The Sophomore Class FIRST ROW Howard Stuart Malver Tucson, Arizona Peter Anthony Marasco Tarn town. New York Paul Maker Budapest. Hungary B. Kay Martin Orlando, Florida Robiri Andrew Martin .... North Plainficld, New Jersey Tommy R. Mason Lakeland, Florida Mary Louise Massey Bradenton, Florida SECOND ROW Dave Jon Maim son Tarpon Springs, Florida Carolyn Edith Mayer Memphis, Tennessee Ri ith Woodruff Mazeau Ke West, Florida Wiii ii Earl Mi ns Jacksonville, Florida I i uni Maru Mini in Miami, Florida Raymond A. Menasche Maracaibo, Venezuela Beverly Milam Gainesville, Florida THIRD ROW Ara Lee Miller Plant City, Florida Charles Joseph Miller rcadi a, Florida Marilyn Jane Miller Mount Dora, Florida Rosalyn Esther Miller Gainesville, Florida Wali mi i Minnis Decatur. Illinois Fhomas Georgi Moriarity Lakeland, Florida Julie M. Morgan Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW Joe Campbell Morris, Jr Miami, Florida Kendfii Dewitt Morris Yidalia, Georgia William Walter Morris Jacksonville, Florida William Eldon Mothorpf Dansville, New York Fred Thomas Mullens Tampa, Florida Robert Walker Murray, Jr Lake Wales, Florida | mis A. Musselman Fairfield, Pennsylvania FIFTH ROW Edward Lee Myrick Pompano Beach, Florida I mom s Allen Myrick Greenbelt, Maryland Raymond Walter Myzii Plainfield, New Jersey Jerry George Nestos Franklin. Pennsylvania Rii.inuii A. NT run n, Jk Stanford, Connecticut Caroia n Hi i ini Nichols Salem, New Jersey Robert Landrum Nichols Jacksonville. Florida " J Solitaire and chess in the Phi Sigma Kappa house! Jill Berthy a ssists Janie Schlosser in another quick change SIXTH ROW Carl Edgar Nimnicht, Jr Orlando, Florida Robert Joseph NTnfo Riverdale. New York Lolrene Barbara Novak Eagle Lake. FTorida [Catherine Laurie Nowack Mound, Minnesota Doris Jean Oser Tampa, Florida Johnnie D. Outlaw Winter Garden. Florida Ran Overstreet Dover. FTorida SEVENTH ROW Ianne K. roi 1 1 Owens Palmetto, Florida William lnwk P kfr Garwood, New Jersey William Eugene Padrick Fort Pierce, Florida Brian Hodson Page Lakeland, Florida John Richard Parker Lake Wales, Florida Carolyn Louise Parrish Winter Haven, Florida Douglas Turner Parrish Lakeland, FTorida ttk nM£ M ft f! h I 1 r i The Sophomore Class FIRST ROW Gayi.i Conway Parrott Apopka, Florida Sin 11 a M. Patterson Tampa, Florida Jerold Bovatt Peacock Dade City, Florida Mott Peck, Jr Waverly, Pennsylyvania Albry Peddy Lakeland, Florida [UDY Aw Pi reboom Lake Worth, Florida Charlotte Lee Petrie Fort Myers, Florida SECOND ROW Alfonso A. Petruzzelli Lakeland, Florida Judith Ann Phelps Miami, Florida Fred Douglas Pierson Bronson, Michigan Richard Lee Pike Chatham. New Jersey John Bernard Pitman Apopka, Florida John Maxim. Plant, Jr Lakeland, Florida Carole Love Point Lakeland, Florida THIRD ROW Thomas Moore Pownall Starke. Florida Ford Cowan Price Lakeland, Florida Jacqueline Evanne Prime Miami, Florida Robert M. Pryor Eau Gallie, Florida Ai u i C.lee Pulley ' Salem, New Jersey James Roger Pt rmort Sarasota, Florida Donald Eucene Purviance Fort Lauderdale, Florida FOURTH ROW Charlotte Ann Putterbaucii Largo, Florida Ida Louise Rabe Tampa, Florida John Carl Rano DeLand, Florida Patricia Ann Raoi ' x Belleview, Florida Musette Raper Arlington, Virginia James Richard Rejnking Spring Lake, Michigan Wayne Leslie Replogle Wildwood, Florida FIFTH ROW Wii.i.ard MacKi nsh Rk ii. Jr. ... West Palm Beach, Florida Susan Ann Rickel Orlando, Florida David Monroe Ricketson Winter Garden, Florida Orval Vernon Riker Ocala, Florida Leonard Joseph Riley Schenectadx. New York Georgi W. Robertson Eagle Lake, Florida MARTHA Daiil Robinson Naples, Florida This looks like a busy afternoon in the Kappa Sig hous Dorothy Goetz and Marcia Newman face that inevitable problem of whe to put what. SIXTH ROW Patricia June Robinson Brvn Mawr, Pennsylvania Rt in Ellen Rodgers Huntington, West Virginia Robert Richard Rohle Tuckahoe. New York Carole Theresa Romantck Hialeah. Florida Si i K.ATHRYN Roosa Ri ci head. New York James Emmitt Roper. Jr Winter Garden, Florida MiRiiMi Rosengrant, Jr West Palm Beach, Florida SEVENTH ROW Carol Ann Rotundo Lakeland. Florida l ' .uu rd Allen Rubin (.real Neck, New York | nki Ellen Ruggles Miami. Florida Robert Watson Rule Pompano Beach. Florida Hi iin Ruiz Camaguey, Cuba Stephen Foster Sanborn Altamonte Springs, Florida Nancy C. Santana Lakeland, Florida ' » r 4tl ■S J ft :; %•»•%.% The Sophomore Class FIRST ROW John Donald Sargent Clinton, New Jersey Gary Mack Satterfield .... Winston Salem. North Carolina Theodore Anthony Scharff.nstein . . Valley Stream, New York Ludwig John Scheidt Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ray Allen Schmid Palm Beach, Florida Charles Edward Schmidt Lakeland, Florida Stephen A. Scott Arlington Heights. Illinois SECOND ROW Susan Louise Scott Osceola, Missouri Wai it r Dupree Scott Dania, Florida | whs Darwin Seagers (Cnoxville, Pennsylvania Frank D. Seibert Orlando, Florida i Caroline Selden Fort Myers, Florida Lillian L. Sellers Jacksonville, Florida Robert Rundell Sharp Briarclifi Manor, New York THIRD ROW Carol Sue Shiplett Bradenton, Florida Harland Lee Shorter, Jr New Port Richey, Florida Virginia Marie Siers Sarasota, Florida Stephen Silverstein Great Neck, New York Julian C. Simerly, |r Coconut Grove, Florida Larry Lawrence Singer Montreal, Quebec Fred Riley Smith Trenton, Florida FOURTH ROW Hi nr Click Smith Huntington, West Virginia James Mitchell Smith Vero Beach, Florida Juanita E. Smith Plant City. Florida fUDlTH Ann Smith Lake Alfred, Florida Margaret Carole Smith Tampa, Florida Richard Merrill Smith Tampa, Florida Benjamin C. Smoot Fort Myers, Florida FIFTH ROW Murriel Kui Snapp Plant City, Florida Joan Elizabeth Spangler Somerset, Pennsylvania Valerie Aileen Spire Coral Gables, Florida William Douglas Stafford Tampa, Florida James John Stamison North Riverside, Illinois Carol Ester Stamv Orlando, Florida Rachel Joyce Stanley Plant City. Florida t Pot Hettinger helps Cindy Smith and Pat touches. nger with those finishing SIXTH ROW Jack R. Strathmeyer York, Pennsylvania Sherry Joyce Straughn Quincv, Florida (,io:i(. i Weir Stevens Sarasota. Florida Ai win Stiefei Chicago, Illinois Carl Edmund Stormant Weirsdale, Florida |ow Marh Sii ki Orland Park, Illinois James Keith Sumner San Antonio. Florida SEVENTH ROW Robert Dennis Sumner Dade (ii . Florida Thomas Georgi Svitak Berwyn, Illinois Robert Leonard Swi i Inverness, Florida Edward Mitchell I aft Winter Park, Florida David Hignutt Tam.or Westminster, Maryland Linton A. Taylor Jacksonville, Florida Susan Linda Taylor Toms River. New Jersey 321 flfflJLH i 4 , i M o?) i ■■■■ t I The Sophomore Class FIRST ROW William Fonda Teacue Morrestown, New Jersey Rose Marie Tench Lakeland, Florida Jerry Alan Teston Fort Myers, Florida Dee Anna Thomas Hopkinsville, Kentucky John Ross Thompson Winter Haven, Florida Rebecca Anne Thompson Boca Grande, Florida Lucretia Estelle Tindell Hialeah, Florida SECOND ROW Mario James Tofflo Fort Lauderdale, Florida Elizabeth Anne Toomer Wilmington, North Carolina Grant Reeve Townsend Pompano Beach, Florida Ron ami Pail Trimm Lakeland, Florida Francisca Vanderlinden ruba, Netherlands. Antilles Patricia Ann Varnum Lithia, Florida William Robert Wade Lakelan d, Florida THIRD ROW [eannie Wilhoit Walker Lakeland, Florida Kirk Dozier Walker Bradenton, Florida Tappin Mann Walker Lakeland, Florida |oiin Lee Walsh Cleveland, Ohio James Robert Walton, Jr Pompano Beach, Florida Richard David Weaver Canton, Ohio i ni Martha Weldon Sarasota. Florida FOURTH ROW Harleen Wetherincton Plant City, Florida Franklin Delano Wheat Severn, Maryland James Ferdinand Whidden Bartow, Florida Betty Jordan Wilcher Miami, Florida Frederick Matthew Wilkerson Lakeland, Florida Sandra Rim Wickham Ocala, Florida N IN( " i Ann Wilcox South Bend, Indiana FIFTH ROW Clayton Norwood Williams Fort Myers, Florida Richard Franklin Willis Holly Hill, Florida John (amis Wilson St. Petersburg, Florida Marshali l-i c.i ni Wilson Leesburg, Florida 1)i nn E. Wingler Tampa, Florida Kendall Maurice Winter Palmetto, Florida LiANNE Loretta WlTHLEE Hanover. New Hampshire i to be entertaining Al Jacob. What ' s so funny boys?? SIXTH ROW Marsha June Wolfe Hampton, South Carolina Sally Theodora Wood Ocala, Florida Celesti Kim Woyak Elmira. New York Robert Ai n Wright Ramsey, New Jerse) S k Elizabeth Wright Ocala, Florida William Frederick Wyi.iie Tampa, Florida Sylvia Catherini Wyllys Winter Haven, Florida SEVENTH ROW Carol Ann Yarbrough . . . Janet Ruth Yates Willi VM Ml klNNI Yll. INI. ION Sl ' SANNI M Mil II K YoNI I . . . Robert John Zammii . . . . . . . Wauchula. Florid. i Miami, Florida . . . Hastings. Florida Cary, Illinois VVesl Palm Beach, Florida 323 GENE MORETZ, Vice-President; ANN ALEXANDER, Secretory-Treasurer; TIM SCOBIE, Pres denf. OFFICERS Tim Scobie President Gene Moretz Vice-President Ann Alexander . . . Secretary-Treasurer FIRST ROW Claude William Abate Stephen Eugene Acker David Wilson Ackerman Sylvia L Adams . . Emily Sue Aiken . . . Harvei I m kson Akins Cakla Jean Albritton SECOND ROW Linda Joyce Alderman Ann I.i i Alex win r . . Ji RKi Paul Alexander . . l.i nm Deborah Alexander Barbara Jiee Allen . . . Isc.i Rsoi l Allen . . Patricia Joan Aloia . . Glen Cove, New York Sparta, New Jersey Livingston, New Jersey Winter Garden, Florida . . Miami, Florida Lakeland, Florida F.au Gallie, Florida . . Fort Pierce, Florida . . . . Naples, Florida . . . . Naples, Florida Westbury, New York . . Lake Forest, Illinois . . . . Tampa, Florida Scotch Plains, New Jersey THIRD ROW Ann I)iii Ambrose Louisv ille, Kentucky John Roger AMMERMAN Orlando, Florida Charles Edward Anderson Avon Park, Florida Charlotti i ii i nderson Owensboro, Kentucky l«nih Letitia Anderson Quincy, Florida Fk nk William Anderson Lake Wales, Florida Gwen Frances ndirso Tampa, Florida FOURTH ROW Lanci Christian Anderson Bradenton, Florida Loretta Love Anderson Lakeland, Florida Harvey [on Appleuatj Rochester, New York Sharon Ji n Akini Miami, Florida Grace Adi i i Argo Gatun, Panama Thomas Franklin Asm Culleoka, Tennessee Robert Henry Atlas Mount Vernon, New York ..■iiiilUlH, iM MmM . | • ! r h Ik Pk The Freshman Class r d It ' s cookies from home for Joann Worthinglon and Randy Rueck W|il HI! r fc Looks like quite o crowd guarding Leo. FIRST ROW Rhea Lou Aukerman Amboy, Indiana l w Maureen Austin Vrlington, Virginia Sherry Swann Avery Yero Beach, Florida Joan Marie Baggs Miami, Florida Margery Ruth Baieri Pompton lakes. New Jersey William Ellsworth Bailei Plant City, Florida William Monroe Ball Dade City, Florida SECOND ROW Nathaniel Blaine Ballantyne . . . Bethel Park, Pennsylvania Vineyard Kenneth Ballard Lakeland, Florida M kh Emilie Bardinelli Plant City, Florida Daniel Jackson Barksdale Ocala, Florida Di n Craig Barrett Jacksonville, Florida Phyllis Lee Barrett Fort Myers, Florida Patricia O ' Neill Barrincer .... Concord, North Carolina THIRD ROW Joan Carole Becheri Islamorada, Florida Clifford C Beasley Gainesville, Florida Joe Lin Battle Oviedo, Florida Donald Richard Batchelder Westfield, New Jersey Jay Bruce Bartz Fort Lauderdale, Florida Edward Lee Barton Williston, Florida c Ellen Barrow Colu mbus, Ohio FOURTH ROW Pi iik C. Beck . . . Daniel Robert Beistel Ruth Louise Belinkoff Lois Anne Bell . . . Elise Maria Benedict Ronald Alan Berke Carol Sue Beuster Fairlawn, New Jersey . . . Oviedo, Florida Great Neck, New York Fort Lauderdale, Florida White Plains, New York Patchogne, New York . . Kewanee, Illinois FIFTH ROW Les Alfred Bili.ib Sarasota, Florida Barbara Anne Binkley West Palm Beach, Florida Thomas Jefferson Bissett Winter Haven, Florida David Grecgorv Black Kingsport, Tennessee Jackie Marcus Blocker Bartow, Florida i let ANNE BLOOMINGDALE Miami, Florida Robert Allan Blount Leesburg, Florida SIXTH ROW Robert Lee Blubauch Lakeland. Florida Carol Ann Boggs Lakeland, Florida Martha Lynn Bolender Fort Myers, Florida Barbara Joyce Bond Fort Pierce, Florida Gordon Crews Bond Lakeland, Florida George Allen Bonneli Phelps, New York William Harold Booth Lakeland. Florida SEVENTH ROW Robert Lloyd Boren Bartow. Florida Codeli Vugusta Borcman Cocoa, Florida Sandra Lucia Borja Bolivar, Venezuela Brenda Jane Bowers Miami, Florida Judith Kave Bowman Lakeland, Florida Richard Douglas Boyd Portland. Maine Edward Ryan Boza Key West, Florida ♦ % ♦ a i p • ;n ... . k . I ■ J§ - fTj if- ' 3 " 4 1 I 1 4;iU4if;Jl -. ' , sfl ■■■■■■■ 1 I ; r f?% ' $ ., ' ..-:■ t i % T H -J liSr. if il Carl Aldrich seems to really enjoy Grant Townsend ' s strumming. Judy Johnson and Judy Westphal certainly don ' t envy Gail Cookn FIRST ROW n 1 1 ion -, [oseph Braddock .... North Bergen. New Jersey Gregori Stinson Britton Cas Cob. New Jersey Joanna Crane Brockwav Greenlawn, New York Icik Jean Brooks Kissimmee, Florida Barbara Ann Broumberc New York, New i k Sue Ellen Browder Arcadia, Florida Beverly Jean Brown Atlanta, Georgia SECOND ROW Bessii 1 i i ii i i Brown Carrollton, Virginia [ames Herman Bryant Columbus, Georgia Charlotte Linn Bryer Rahway, New Jersey Fredric Francis Bi nci Downers Grove, Illinois Barron Peck Burhans Lakeland, Florida David Eucen Burkholder Pandora, Ohio Gi Dis Raczy Bursk Lakeland, Florida The Freshman Class THIRD ROW Leonard Novman Bvrd Lakeland, Florida Roger Wayne Caborn Fort Lauderdale, Florida Patricia Ann Cain Atlanta, Georgia Betsy Ann Caison Clinton, North Carolina Olivia Long Caldwell Lakeland, Florida Robert Louis Call Holly Hill, Florida Charles Clayton Canelstein Jamaica, New York FOURTH ROW Elizabeth Anne Canfield Balair, West Virginia Roy Dean Cannon Plant City, Florida Bernice Alene Cameron Brewster, Florida Bonnie Joanne Carlsen Vero Beach, Florida Donna Jo Carlton Winter Haven, Florida John Edwin Carter Tavernier, Florida William Eugene Carter Auburndale, Florida FIFTH ROW Arthur Siani.ii Carver Lakeland, Florida Dennison Martin Caustic Lakela nd, Florida Clarissf L. Chamberi.in Fort Myers Beach, Florida Judy Ellin Chappell Tampa, Florida Kenneth Albert Charles Auburn, New York Penelope Chatterton New Canaan, Connecticut Arthur Harold Cheek Miami, Florida SIXTH ROW Fred Ranger Choate Park Ridge, Illinois William James CTree. Belmont, Massachusetts Arthur F " . Clifford South Miami, Florida Andrew Shapp (line Kathleen, Florida John Arthur Clockadale Orlando. Florida Stephen Maris Cochran Lakeland, Florida Elizabeth J. G. Coffey Mechanicsburg, Ohio SEVENTH ROW Frank Samuel Cohen Clochester, Connecticut Comer Stanley Coker Lakeland, Florida Judith Georgia Colburn Greensbur, Pennsylvania Ronald Leigh Coleman Lancaster, Ohio Barbara Ann Collins Washington, D. C. Larry Lee Collins Evansville, Indiana Carl Alyn Combs Plant City, Florida tiM i m if 0 i IK ia k ■ o « rr? 4? - " I e 4 IB . The CT is always buzzing with ne Looks like somebody ' s packing the wrong thing. The Freshman Class THIRD ROW Lloyd Thomas Cunningham Miami, Florida Virginia J. Curci Bridgeport, Connecticut William Roy Currif. Rochester, New York C. L. Cuthbertson l.ithia. Florida Jean Louis Dansen Fort Pierce, Florida Anthony Peter Davdison Highland Park, Illinois James William Davifs Lakeland. Florida FOURTH ROW William Fredrick Davis Elmhurst, Illinois Liliam Roberta Dean Lakeland, Florida Michael Angflo Defein Lakeland, Florida Janet Ann DeGaeta Staten Island, New York Barbara Ann DeGaeta Staten Island, New York Patricia Lillian Dehmer Armond, New York Howard Bryant Dickey Brewster, Florida FIFTH ROW Robert Price Duff Miami Shores. Florida David Franklin Dunson Haines City, Florida Frank Martin Dreyer Plainfield, New Jersey Dennis Dewitt Dri ' ry Polk City, Florida Susan Lei Fckhardt Monomonee Falls, Wisconsin Bonnii Mai Eckheart Vero Beach, Florida Harry Yirc.ii Edmonds Lakeland, Florida first row James Thomas Condo . . . Walfredo Ibrahim Consuegra Judith Vnn Contois . . . . Sondra YiKiii Cooper . . William Freeman Cooper J i i i i ii Anni Cork .... Ben Edgar C.othern . . . . Raridan, New Jersey Havana, Cuba Fort Pierce, Florida Elkhorn, Wisconsin Isle of Pines, Cuba . Lakeland, Florida . Lakeland, Flordia SIXTH ROW James Edward Edscorn At 1 1 n Arthur Edwards William Randall Eiirit Ronald Benton Elliott Edward Alan Ellis . . . Eleanor Jean Ellis . . Paui.fi if Marco Emerk ii .... Lakeland, Florida . . . . Lakeland. Florida Hannington Park, New Jersey . . . , Pahokee, Florida . . . . Hollywood, Florida . . . Fort Myers, Florida . . . Warwick, New York SECOND ROW ii i iam l ion cottingham Brenda Lea Con .... ( .1 i N]i Carom n Cox . . Troy Dwain Cox .... Alice Arlene Cri vn . . . Larrie D y id Crosby . . . P nui ia Ann Covello . . . . Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Orlando. Florida . Bradcnton, Florida Milwaukee, Wisconsin . Lake Wales, Florida Delray Beach, Florida SEVENTH ROW Dorothy Sue F.ndrfs . , JUDl III Lollsl EPPENB1 RG1 It Herman Louis Erskine Harold Eugene Eubanks Yvonne Marie Eynon . . Henry A. M. Faber . . Jay Steven Farber . . . Haworth, New Jersey . . . Sarasota. Florida Haines City, Florida Jacksonville, Florida . . Bradenlon, Florida Bellmore, New York Maplewood, New Jersey I 5 fy it 1 It jnfc litfe - f H ■ - I i ife id (d jj5l U! . In Hi 1 tfH i : ' )i 111 JMH k. J L— ' . Corol Stephens and Sue Aiken take heed of the old adage day keeps the doctor away. Ronald Coleman does his pledge duty FIRST ROW Howard Edgar Farris Coleman, Florida Henry Joseph Feldman Shorewood, Wisconsin Ki(ii RD Olsen Felton Ke West, Florida Bruce Lindsay Ferguson Warwick, Virginia Lenda Louise Firth Canton, Ohio 1 irri Stephen Flannery Dade (it . Florida 1 ) i n a Marion Fleischer Sanford, Florida SECOND ROW Daniel Walter Fletcher John Josi i-t i In it her . . Dims I oi is Ion i VINE . . Edward FIerhert Ford . . John Barr Franklin . . Charles Eari Fraser . . Corliss William Frederick Plant ( it . Floi ida 1 ake Wales. Florida . . Lakeland. Florida . . Key West, Florida . . Clica, New York . . Lakeland, Florida Winter Haven, Florida The Freshman Class THIRD ROW Myrold Joseph Freer Ponghkeepsie. New York Donna Beth Frye .... Huntington, Long Island, New York Jean Fit.ford Plant City, Florida Sun ii Ai.anson Fuller Plant City, Florida Arthur Brooksi Kin n Lakeland. Florida i.iKiin Wayne Caddy .... Jackson Springs, North Carolina Hope Godfres Gaebi Maxwell Field. Maryland FOURTH ROW Daisy Omara Garcia Oriente, Cuba Sunn Thomas Garrison Milville, New Jersey Donn I i i ii i i (.win Dover, Florida Doretiia Gay Chatham, New Jersey Jirrs Brandt Gfbiiardi Pekin, Illinois Elaine Gemmell Haines (ii , Florida Marie Kelly Gibbons Winchester, Indiana FIFTH ROW Harry Donald Gibbs Wauchula, Florida Harold Feildinc Godwin Starke, Florida Raymond Ernest Goetz St. Petersburg, Florida Myrna Goldenberc Maplewood, New Jersey Patricia Eileen Gorman Lakeland, Florida Johnny Dewaine Gould Miami Beach, Florida George Thomas Govignon Lakeland, Florida SIXTH ROW Connie Lou Graves Bradenton, Florida Judy Kay Hamilton Palm Harbor. Florida Robert Lei Hamei Leesburg, Florida Masahisa Hamada Nishinomiya, Japan Marjory Mae Halsey Jonesville, Virginia l ' ic. . kiv, Hallman Lakeland. Florida Maks Kw Haiioran Grand Rapids, Michigan SEVENTH ROW Swum Anita Hacue Vero Beach, Florida Nil i n Lonelee Hadden Dimedin, Florida Francis Ann Hackney Fort Pierce, Florida Eugene L. Gutierrez Key West, Florida Freddie Franklin Gritfin Brooksville, Florida John Robert Gregory Lakeland, Florida Rosalu Graziano Brooklyn, New York 1 N 9 ' £ 4ft - A A- 1 9 c? £ es 4. « . }0 ....-, § m -a 9 I J p The AOPis have found a mermaid for their Davy Jones Locker rush party. rk and no play ake the Pi Kaps dull boys. The Freshman Class THIRD ROW John Allen Hauf North Wildwood, New Jersey Richard Lee Healey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Robert Henry Heath Lakeland, Florida Don-Eita A. Hedgepeth Knoxville, Tennessee George Lloyd Heflin Pompano Beach, Florida Thomas Ruth Hencey Plant City, Florida Donald Vince Hendrick Fort Meade, Florida FOURTH ROW Margy Lee Hendrick Fort Meade, Florida Nelson Mack Hendrix Dover, Florida Gwendolyn Morgan Henley Clearwater, Florida [t in i n Anne Henry Bradenton, Florida Barne M. Herndon Lake Wales, Florida l)i n Delores Herring Pompano Beach, Florida Patricia Hettinger Fort Lauderdale, Florida FIFTH ROW Ellen Lee Hevener Swoobe, Virginia Larry Cordon Hill Lakeland, Florida (.i i Wayne Hines Orlando, Florida Jane Talmadge Hocker Owensboro, Kentucky sisw Wakefield Hoeveler Lake Mohawk, Sparta, New Jersey Sandra Anne Hoi.brook Fast Aurora, New York Jerry Benjamin Holton Lakeland, Florida FIRST ROW Carolyn Melba Hanner Tampa, Florida Marilyn Ernestine Hanner Tampa, Florida Myi.ine Rae Hanntgan St. Petersburg. Florida Barbara Alice Harbers Ouakertown. Pennsylvania Darlyn Rocheli.e Hardee Jacksonville, Florida Barbara Hope Harden Ocala, Florida Margaret Judy Harlow St. Petersburg, Florida SECOND ROW Milton L. Harm an Geneva, New York Judy Clare Harp Miami, Florida Linda Jo Harri.ee Lakeland, Florida Norma Jean Harreel Crescent City, Florida Charles Thomas Harriman Ponce, Puerto Rico l ' ,i in S. Harris Woodstown, New York Richard Edwin Harvin Fort Myers, Florida SIXTH ROW Pi mi t. ope Lynn Hoover Warsaw, Indiana James Shisler Hopper Bradenton, Florida Carolyn Pauline Hoik Union City, Indiana Arei ni Carolyn Houser Miami, Florida Morgan G. Howard Winter Garden, Florida Robert Aaron Howell Plant Cit . Florida Paul Or.mond Huddi.eston Key West, Florida SEVENTH ROW Earlene Hudson Chiefland, Florida David Joseph Huff Cincinnati, Ohio Gerald Norman Hugcins Yuburndale. Florida Virginia Ann Humphries Fort Lauderdale, Florida Elizabeth Joanm Hunter Fort Lauderdale, Florida Dorothy Jean Hurst Wauchula, Florida Robert Charles Huss Plainfield, New Jersey P) fl a _ ? 5 tit I k V £ f ? : l f ' f € f X ,y j f » , I I I D It really takes man-power to make those steps FIRST ROW Coral Hutchens Lakeland, Florida Jiki Don Hi xford Perry, Florida Mathilda Ambs Irvini Reillands, California Marjorii Irene | u.kson Fort Myers, Florida William Texas Jackson Waterville, Maine Robert Coli.ina Jamison Bartow, Florida Harold Walter |i m Glen Cove, New York The Freshman Class THIRD ROW Malcolm John Johnson Veto Beach, Florida Margaret Jane Johnson Greenville, South Carolina Matilda Eilzabeth Johnson San Jose ' , Costa Rica Ro u i) Flo d Johnson Hawthorne, Florida C. Arlene Jones Warwick, New Jersey Carol Lynn Jones Blossburg, Pennsylvania John David Jones Fort Myers, Florida FOURTH ROW kiwi ill Jerome Jones Plant City, Florida Patricia Amu [ones Lakeland, Florida K i ii ki Madison [ones Eau Gallic Florida Rosemari [ones Savannah, Georgia Sii i Virginia (ones Miami, Florida Karen June Kaitchuck Oak Park, Illinois Inez Latrelle Kami ' Miami, Florida FIFTH ROW Risa Bonnie Ranter Miami, Florida I 1 1 i i s |oiin Kaplan Winter Haven, Florida I Di i aine Ann Kallmann . . Hastings-on-Htidson, New York John i i i n Kiln Plant City, Florida An w Neal Keller Plant City. Florida Emu i Elizabeth Keller Winter Garden, Florida Judith Mae Kjemp Daytona Beach, Florida SIXTH ROW ( ii K v Kent Lakeland, Florida Vincent Atwill Kent Woodbory, New Jersey | wiii Claire Kerr Ocala. Florida Carol Ann Kessler West Palm Beach. Florida Barbara Loisei Ketcham Amityville, New York Charles Randolph Kidd Columbus, Georgia Cutoi Iwi i Kimi.riii Coral Gables, Florida SECOND ROW Elizabeth |iii ik Novi Sad. Yugoslavia Susan Elizabeth ]iit Coach Beach. Florida Barbara Ann Johnson Plant City, Florida Carlene Sharon Johnson Park Ridge, Illinois Douglas Harold Johnson Lakeland, Florida Joie ROBERI Johnson Haines Citv, Florida Leonard John Johnson Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania SEVENTH ROW Kini Kauffman Kiniri New Castle, Indiana June Joyce Kinc. Pensacola, Florida Nina Katherine Kinc; Stuart. Florida Mary Kathleen Kirkman Dade Citv. Florida 1 i in H. Kirm ' ATrick Columbus, Ohio Louis John Klaiber Fort Lauderdale, Florida Jeweli Joiner Knapp Lakeland, Florida i 0 " rj j % iP% it ,-f(|iSI«t V: i;i a " 44 i El £3 A S5 .a 41 •»- it r fi ) Br v It seems somebody ' s getting ready for a big date Look out below says Linda Williams and Kelly Gibbon The Freshman Class THIRD ROW James Larry Lowhorn Auburndale, Florida Arnold Edward Lynn South Orange, New Jersey Harold Wayne Lynn Belle Glade, Florida Clark Kenneth McAndrews Lakeland, Florida Jon Alan McClain Evansville, Indiana Charlotte Wells McCormack . . . Collegcville, Pennsylvania Virgiia Bell McCullv Minonk, Illinois FOURTH ROW Kay Frances McGill Perry, Florida Edward Eugene McGraw Haines City, Florida Gary Lynn McKee Schenectady, New York Cecil Wayne McLaughlin Kissimmee, Florida Claud Eugene McLeod Beaufort, Soutli Carolina Margaret Anna McLeod Lakeland. Florida Linda McVey Jacksonville Beach, Florida FIFTH ROW Betty Brown Mabry Concord, North Carolina Michael Alexander MacDonald . . . Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Bruce Edward MacFadden Bridgewater, Massachusetts Robert Stacey Macklin uburndale, Florida James David Maffett Lakeland. Florida Ronald Aylmer Maim Skaneateles, New York Carl Edward Marker Fort Lauderdale, Florida FIRST ROW Robert Zane Knowles Key West, Florida Gloria Ann Kola North Brunswick. New Jersey Pauline Fuse Krausche Tallahassee, Florida Nancy Hodgeman Lai i 1 1 Ocean City, New Jersey Janice Ann Lambert Warsaw, Indiana Walter Allen Lame-man ncramdale. New Y ' ork Linda Lee Lancaster Fort Lauderdale, Florida SECOND ROW Gloria Ann Lebersfield South Orange, New Jersey Leah Kay Leifer Pierceton, Indiana Edward Charles Levine Miami Beach. Florida Joyce Lee Lewis Miami, Florida Gerald Alan LiNDyuisT Rochester. Michigan William Morgan Lin ion Washington, D. C. Janica Cecile Lodmell Lake Wales, Florida SIXTH ROW Martha Ann Markham Okeechobee, Florida Gii Raymond Markiiy Hollywood, Florida Yvonne Martinez Hialeah, Florida Michael Lee Mvrx Fort Lauderdale, Florida Barbara Louise Matthes Mulberry, Florida Sandra Katherine Maxwei Fernandina Beach, Florida Kathleen Mayer Cincinnati, Ohio SEVENTH ROW David Paul Meier Park Ridge, Illinois Sum Katherine Melton Lake City, Florida Penelope G. Messinger Denton, Texas Carol Sir Miller North Miami. Florida Donai. Ben Miller Converse. Indiana Herbert Stanley Miller Bradenton, Florida Peter Douglas Milliot Mamaroneck, New York 9 £ £kf « r » A r 111 » fl| A S 3 » ill It ' s circus-time at the Zeta Tau Alpha Hous FIRST ROW Patricia Ann Milnfr Manhasset, New York Gilbert S. Mm in i.i Fort Lauderdale, Florida Peggy Ann Mitchell Cedar Rapids. Iowa Beverly Ann Moore Peekskill, New York (.ini An in Moritz Bristol, Virginia ( HMtiis Km i nd Morgan Plant City, Florida Linda Leigh Morgan Miami, Florida SECOND ROW Nadine Adeline Morgan Orlando, Florida Nancy Ellin Morgan Warsaw, Indiana Wanda Sir Mi ' dd Greensburg, Kentucky. Fredrica nn Murphy Lakeland. Florida Patrick. Peter Murphy Bethpage, New York Barbara [ayne Myers Bradenton, Florida Doris Ann Needham Lakeland, Florida The Freshman Class THIRD ROW Robert Currier Neff . . Christine Townsend Negus Luellen Elizabeth Neher Patricia Marie Netzer . Robert G. Newcombe . . Susan Marcia Newman . . Karen Jayne Nosek . . . . Haddonfield, New Jersey University Park, Maryland Liberty Corner, New Jersey . . . . Winnetka, Illinois . . . Haines City, Florida Tampa. Florida .... Brecksville, Ohio FOURTH ROW Eva Marlene Nunn Winter Hay en, Florida John Kirby Overman Carthage. Indiana Charles William Overstreet Haines City, Florida Gwendolyn Page Clermont, Florida Walter Frederick Parcel] Fort Lauderdale, Florida Edgar Eugene Pardee Scottsville, Kentucky Jeffrey Dyar Parrish Marion, Indiana FIFTH ROW Steven Neal Patterson Ridgefield, Connecticut Robert Franklin Payni Plant City. Florida Lloyd P. Pi: cock Bartow, Florida Linda Gail Pearce Belle Glade, Florida Gaynelle Peckham Coral Gables, Florida Roy Enos Peregrine Wantach, New York Carroll Frank Peterson Nakomis, Florida SIXTH ROW Marylou Pfeffer Indianapolis. Indiana Gwendolyn Evelyn Phillips Cotuit, Massachusetts Joyce Schaffer Phillips Cambridge, Maryland Michael Rand Phillips Vero Beach. Florida Ronnie Saint Phillips Winter Park. Florida Nellie Pickens Sanford, Florida William Holmes Pipkin Mulberry, Florida SEVENTH ROW Lester James Platt Lake Placid, Florida Raymond E. Poitras Winter Haven, Florida Patricia Ann Polhemus Wayne, New Jersey Charles Michael Polk Punta Gorda, Florida Benny Lamar Pollock Plant City, Florida Judy Carol Poppenberg Coral Gables, Florida Holden Potter Wayne, New Jersey a 3 A fll " (f a « p V A D A ir a ■r t rHii kdlk I I £ f P P v t . Eivc i i ii lit It ' s amazing what a " little " shaving cream can do. Well, what shall we do next?? FIRST ROW Edwin Earl Powell Lakeland, Florida Cynthia Diane Price Mount Vernon, Indiana Lloyd Arthur Price Lakeland, Florida Beverly Eileen Priest Delray Beach, Florida David Frederick Prim .... Southern Pines, North Carolina Donna Lee Privette Fort Myers, Florida Rodney King Proctor Plant City, Florida SECOND ROW Barbara Lynn Prokofy Hollywood, Florida Eddy Donald Rais Lakeland, Florida Maurice Daniel Rakes Lakeland. Florida Nina Jacquelyn Ramsay Columbu s, Georgia Elizabeth Gail Randolph Stuart, Florida Clyde Thomas Ratliff Wauchula, Florida Samuel Claude Rawls Fort Lauderdale, Florida The Freshman Class THIRD ROW Miriam Lu Reel Winter Haven, Florida Nancy Jane Reich London Bridge, Virginia Henry Reyes Santorez, Puerto Rico George Adrian Rice Patrick Air Force Base, Florida Patricia Jean Richards Albion, Michigan Phillip Mathison Richardson Tampa, Florida Nancy Gayle Richey Louisville, Kentucky FOURTH ROW Maija Rincle Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania John Jolley Rist Hollywood, Florida Paul David Rivera Brooklyn, New York Harry Wayne Roberts Lakeland, Florida Kenneth Reece Roberts Winter Haven, Florida Annette Loueli Rose Wallace, North Carolina Howard Rosenber Miami Shores, Florida FIFTH ROW Diane Rae Ross Campbellsvillc, Kentuck) Marsha Lee Royster Lakeland, Florida Ruth Anita Ruecker New Hyde Park, New York Roberta Ann Russell Northbrook, Illinois George Louis Saffos Plant City, Florida Margaret Pearl Sarceant Lakeland, Florida Judith Louise Schaper Chaffee, New York SIXTH ROW Robert Edward Schevers Northbrook, Illinois Jane Schlosser J oliet . Illinois George Courtney Schmid Lakeland, Florida Margaret Ann Schnider North Miami, Florida Judith Mae Sciiofiild Brecksville, Ohio Marcaret Jean Schultz Joliet. Illinois Neil C. Schwertman Fort Thomas, Kentucky SEVENTH ROW TIM Collins Scobie Umatilla, Florida Charles Andrew Shannon Fort Lauderdale, Florida William Orville Shepard Eau Gallie, Florida Jeanne Evelyn Sherman Keshonkson, New York Susan Lee Sherry Fort Lauderdale, Florida Sybil Stephanie Shoemaker Venice, Florida Larry Alan Shorter New Port Richey, Florida 342 (T a p» • by dunking sophon Pauline Krausche dreams of home while Bonnie Eckheart h its the books. The Freshman Class THIRD ROW Jon Michael Sobi i Ventnor, New Jersey Kaiherine Soiisley Daytona Beach, Florida Lfo Barry Sown I Tampa. Florida [ames McIver Speights Miami, Florida Barbara Jane Spencer Fort Lauderdale, Florida David St. John Tampa. Florida Frederick Albert Steaderman Castile. New York FOURTH ROW Walter Sims Stearns Atlanta. Georgia James Odell Steelmon Columbus. Georgia Carol Frances Stephens Hinsdale. Illinois Marsha Lynne Stermer Largo. Florida 1 iiw Ri Iarlton Stettner Miami. Florida |oi i Roi i Stewart Lakeland. Florida Mark Underner Stewart Clearwater. Florida FIFTH ROW David Harold Stippich Sarasota, Florida Faith Elizabeth Stone Mount Holl . North Carolina Sara Lov Siormant Weirsdale, Florida William Gettis Strickland Bartow, Florida Til Karen Stringham Sarasota, Florida Sandra Lee Sturm Ocala. Florida Roberi (.aki Sullivan Frostproof. Florida FIRST ROW Jean Shue Warsaw, Indiana Billu loi Shuman Lake ' Wales, Florida Judy Eleanor Simon Miami, Florida Belinda Lourena Sims New Port Richey, Florida Ted Randolph Smallwood Everglades, Florida Cynthia Lor Smith Clermont, Florida C.roKi Jam Smith Fort Meade. Florida SIXTH ROW Fare Wayne Sltton Lakeland, Florida [ames Maxwell Swindell Knoxville, Tennessee Donald Laine Tabb Ruskin, Florida Guy Warwick Taylor Lakeland. Florida Oliver Franklin 1 aylor Brooksville, Florida Thomas Allen Thayer Orlando. Florida Millard I.. Thigpen Alachua. Florida SECOND ROW Grady Harold Smith Plant Cii . Florida James Braxton Smith Bradenton. Florida John Roberi Smith Islamorada, Florida Norman R. Smith Bartow, Florida Roberi 1 ugeni Smith Bradenton, Florida Edward Lewis Snoddy Fayetteville, Tennessee Richard Snyder Wildwood, New Jersey SEVENTH ROW ii ma Ji an Thomas Lakeland, Florida Carl Jarrete Thompson Fort Myers, Florida I noMAs Jerry Thompson Clermont, Florida Joane Edith Thomson Largo, Florida Sylvia Claire Tiiorneon Ocoee. Florida Gloria Marilyn Travtschoed Safety Harbor, Florida John Gordon Travis Lakeland, Florida . 1 I Ah fH . ' S ?. l| PI p % ; % . -- % V.7 fel r k V 4l£ 4 W «Ml Just another busy day in the life of a college student. Carol Stephens and Billie Jo Shuman really miss that shampoo job they get at home. The Freshman Class THIRD ROW Karen Eileen Washburn Ronald Paul Waters . . Marie Antoinette Watki William Bruce Watson Gloria Lee Watts . . . Larry Eugene Webb . . Pamela Gail Webster . FOURTH ROW Clifford Martin Weiss Sara Caroline Welch . Frank Roach West . . Jane West Bernard R. Whaley Richard Li D Whali.ey Judith Carol Wheeler . North Miami, Florida Moore Honers, Florida . Lake Alfred. Florida . . Sarasota. Florida . . . Miami, Florida . . Clearwater, Florida . . . Miami. Florida . . Lakeland, Florida . . . Lakeland, Florida Kingsport, Tennessee . . . Miami, Florida . . Arcade, New York . . Plantation, Florida Grand Haven, Michigan FIFTH ROW Mary Phyllis Whidden Bradenton, Florida Ronald William Whidden Boca Grande, Florida Alan Lee White Sarasota, Florida Robert Curry Whittier Vero Beach, Florida Hugh Kenneth Wiggins Lakeland, Florida Edward Ryer Wilcox Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin Charles Burton Williams Lakeland, Florida FIRST ROW Susan Margaret Trendel Clearwater, Florida John Elmer Trufant New Port Richey, Florida Larry Dale Ticker Winter Haven, Florida RALrH Alton Turner VVintei Haven, Florida Lambert Joseph Turnier Glen Cove, New York Joan Theresa Tyler Thomasville, Georgia Donn Leslie Ulrey Oviedo, Florida SECOND ROW Billy Emerson Valentine Jacksonville, Florida Donald Dare Vandenburgh Garden Cits. New York Joan Ethel Van Kessel Riviera Beach, Florida Betty Roshell Vann Live Oak, Florida Virginia Dena Van Zylnn Grand Haven. Michigan Robert Mac Waddle Noble, Illinois Janice Lee Walton Cocoa Beach, Florida SIXTH ROW Linda Sherry Williams . . Frederick Carl Willis . . Anna Pollard Wilson Robert Bruce Winebrenner Ethan Arnold Winninc; . . Susan Marie Wisegarver . |o Ann Worthington . . SEVENTH ROW Marii.ynn Elaine Wright . ] vmes Asel Young . . . . Charles James Youngblood . . . Jacksonville, Florida . . Punta Gorda, Florida . . Winter Haven, Florida . East Rochester, New York New Bedford, Massachusetts . . . Lexington, Kentucky . . Winter Haven, Florida W nnewood, Pennsylvania . . . Rutland, Vermont . . . Frostproof, Florida iY. tffe i rJ 4i I °t U f$ O 0jl 1 .A. Ill £11 ( f P c 4!l A class in elementary mathematics; instructor R. B. Hartle. U. S. Air Force B47 ' s op the flight line at MacDill AFB. MacDill Air Force Base EDUCATION CENTER For many years, Florida Southern College has conducted the " College o) Opportunity " at MacDill Air Font- Base in Tampa. The program, inaugurated in 1950, has provided out servicemen with opportunities to further their educations and to obtain college degrees. At this lime, more than one hundred and thirty airmen hom Mai Dill have received their academic degrees. The staff of the Base Education Center; A 3C R. H. Powers. M Sgt. T. H. Harris, Capt. D. W. Vriezelaor, Mrs. Mary Lerner and A 2C Donald Berg. ary Ann Mike, F. A. Collins, M Sgt. G. 348 Studenls in Modern European History at Palm Beach AFB are instructed by L. C. Brown, III. Palm Beach Air Force Base education center Like its counterpart at MacDill, the Education Center at the Palm Beach Air Force Base enables men in the ser- vice of our country to advance themselves educationally as well as in their professional careers. A number oi academic courses are offered each semester with students attending classes in the evening hours. Some twenty servicemen have received degrees to date with high standards maintained in classes. At Palm Beach AFB, the Douglas C-124 " Globe Master II. M.Sgt. O. H. tensch, III and t. C. Brown, III. IN MEMORIAM The great architect doffs his hat to the student body. With Mrs. Wright, an inspection of the Polk County Science Building. jrrank aJLloud Wriaht June 8, 1869 .. . April 9, 1959 Spending some enjoyable moments with FSC coeds. THE GREATEST Mr. Wright was never too busy to take time for students. The master architect ' s last visit to campus . . . with Mrs. George W. Jenkins and the late Bishop John W. Branscomb. ARCHITECT OF OUR TIME The Frank Lloyd Wrights . . . and the " 20th Century Giant " with Trustee C. V. McClurg and former Chancellor George W. Jenkins. The Interlachen of 1959 expresses its appreciation to the following business concerns, whose interest and co- operation have helped to make possible the publication of this yearbook of Florida Southern College. The editors and business managers respectfully urge that friends of the College examine the advertisements of these firms and individuals, and call upon them for service at every possible opportunity. Compliments of SPEEDY LAUNDRY ALL LAUNDRY AND CLEANING We Give Top Value Stamps Next to A P on Florida Ave. 728 S. Florida Phone 7-61 Congratulations to THE CLASS OF ' 59 It has been our pleasure to serve Co-eds and faculty women since the class of ' 25. FIRST IN FEMININE FASHIONS Compliments of MARSHALL JEWELERS Gifts That Last 108 S. Kentucky Ave. MUtual 3-4812 LAKELAND ABSTRACT COMPANY Lakeland, Florida ABSTRACTS OF TITLE TITLE INSURANCE Lakeland, Florida P. O. Box 411 Phone MU. 3-3111 With Best Wishes - Compliments wV s " f 1 " VjfsHOES MILLER ' S When You Think of Shoes, Think of COLLEGE FASHION CENTER — — SNYDER ' S 111-113 East .Main St. Phone 4-9511 ■4k - - Compliments of Compliments of S ladad 225-27 SOUTH FLORIDA AVE. TELEPHONE MUTUAL 3-5782 LAKELAND. FLORIDA Compliments of GEORGE L GAINES Jeiveler SELECT YOUR GIFTS PROUDLY 122 E. Main St. 7 aint PITTSBURG Plate Glass Company 116 W. Lemon St. Lakeland, Fla. Phone MU 9-9622 rr-B, u ENJOY A NIGHT OUT! GO TO THE MOVIES! YOUR LAKELAND FLORIDA STATE THEATRES POLK THEATRE (One of Florida ' s Finest) Equipped with CinemaScope and the wonder of Stereophonic Sound! LAKE THEATRE A Equipped with CinemaScope. Bij Shows at Bargain Prices. SANBORN CAMERA CENTRE FILMS - CAMERAS - MOVIES 127 S. Tenn. Avenue Opposite Post Office Lakeland, Florida Compliments of !« Tttaddox WEAR Lakeland ' s Only National Bank THE FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK At Lakeland 113 South Tennessee Ave. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT IXSLRANCE CORPORATION BENFORD STATIONERY CO. 125 South Kentucky Avenue For the best in Esterbrook and Schaeffer fountain pens, greeting cards, school and art supplies, office equipment and gift suggestions. Compliments Compliments of of MYERS CLEANERS THE HOUSE OF BEAUTY " We Know Hoiv " HAIR STYLIST " Nearest Cleaner " 127 S. Florida Ave. Phone 6-3182 844 South Florida Avenue 1 MADGE ' S FEMININE FLORIDA FASHIONS 229 South Kentucky Avenue Lakeland, Florida Telephone 4-2022 M. P. TOMLINSON CO. CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE ' the ultimate in satisfactory service ' 920-950 E. Main Street Lakeland, Florida Compliments of RACY ' S Exclusive WEARING APPAREL Compliments of THE JOHNS ' MOTEL Near Florida Southern College At Junction IT. S. 92 and U. S. 98 South WILLIAM ' S FLORAL SHOP 1049 South Florida Avenue CORSAGES AND CUT FLOWERS Our Speciality It ire Service Phone 6-1641 Compliments of ADA PAT ' S " College Fashion Center " 937 S. Florida Ave. Phone MU. 2-9131 REECECLIFF SANDWICH SHOP Phone 6-6661 940 S. Florida Ave. ]5!!Mfetcd LRUNDRV CLEANERS tuuL PARTY SPECIALTIES POPULAR DRIVE-IN SANDWICHES AND COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE COLONIAL ICE CREAM SCOTTY ' S STANDARD SERVICE 1305 S. Florida Ave. Phone 4-S392 Lakeland Florida PARAMOUNT CLEANERS " 30 ears of Service " STUDENT DISCOUNTS 1216 S. Florida Ave. Phone MU. 3-1231 You Are Always Welcome At PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND FOR ALL YOUR BANKING SERVICES Corner Main and Florida " Imperial Polk ' s Largest " PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND Lakeland, Florida MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Growing With Florida Southern College CAMPUS CLEANERS YOUR MOST CONVENIENT CLEANERS SALES SERVICE LAKELAND FORD COMPANY Phone 4-6051 or 4-6061 U. S. ROYAL TIRES DELCO BATTERIES Complete Automotive Service Storage BALLENGER AUTO STORAGE, INC. 4-6551 Phc 4-6561 Compliments of BRADLEY FLOWER SHOP 808 S. Mississippi Ave. Lakeland, Florida Phone 4-5141 FIRST FEDERAL Compliments Savings Loan of Association of Lakeland FIRST STATE BANK OF LAKELAND " The Bank with Drive-in Teller Windows " CURRENT DIVIDEND V , ' , DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO $10,000 BY FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE Corner of Orange and Tennessee CORPORATION Compliments of ELLIS BROTHERS 3240 South Florida Avenue LAKELAND FLORIDA Compliments of FLORIDA OFFICE SUPPLY, INC 171 West Central Avenue WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA TRUEBLOOD ' S PRINT SHOP 108-10-12 West Lemon Street Lakeland, Florida OS Q O Printers of THE SOUTHERN Florida Southern College Catalogues O g-Q TD Compliments of JEFFERSON-BISHOP INSURANCE COMPANY CT SaS O MOORE ' S STYLE SHOP LAKELAND TIMELY CLOTHES FRENCH DRY CLEA STYLE-MART CLOTHES 207 E. Main Street Phone 2-1871 Lakeland, Florida 116 South Missouri Ave. Compliments Al Hinder ' s Gulf Service TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES Complete Auto Service Corner McDonald and S. Florida Ave. Compliments of MATHER OF LAKELAND Foi Quality! Selection! Satisfaction! For 53 years Mather has given . . . honest values — excellent quality and the best of service. You ' ll find the finest in smart new home furnishings from nationally famous manufacturers such as Hey wood -Wake- field, Stratford, Simmons, Lane, Dilling- ham and others. LAKELAND ' S MOST MODERN FURNITURE STORE 120 S. Fla. Ave. Lakeland, Fla. rd f ttons Co-ed Coordinates JUNIOR DRESSES - SUITS - FORMALS SPORTSWEAR AND EVENING SEPARATES 1 19 S. Tennessee (Across from the Post Office) Compliments of FRANZBLAU-GILBERT EQUIPMENT CO. INCORPORATED 408 West Main Lakeland, Florida PUBLIX where shopping is a pleasure WHITE SWAN WHERE EVER YOU GO . . . MOTOR LODGE By plane or ship Secure reservations and tickets at 1 136 East Rose Street ARNO TRAVEL SERVICE Off the Highway in a 320 E. Main Street Quiet Residential District MUtual +-4 151 AAA Lakeland, Florida " " " « ■ " ™™ ■ ™ ™ M M M HB Lakeland, Florida Compliments of COKER PLUMBING COMPANY ll North Florida Avenue Lakeland, Florida Compliments Compliments of FOOD MACHINERY JIM KURTZ AND CHEMICAL CORPORATION YOUR PAPER MAN Compliments of TOOLE BOILER AND WELDING SERVICE P. O. Box 1489 MU. 4-7345 LAKELAND, FLORIDA POWERMASTER Packaged Automatic Boilers 307 IgNTINENT 225 South Kentucky Ave. Phone 2-1891 ACROSS FROM MAAS BRO ' S. PARKING LOT ' Handling College Travel Since 1947 Airline— Steamship Reservations — Tickets Compliments of FLORIDA FAVORITE FERTILIZER, INC. EEHEHEEESaiB Serving Imperial Polk Count " ■ " ■■■■ .- - " MUtual 5-5875 FRANK and RETT A BUELL Bar-B-Q Specialists WORLD FAMOUS Dining Room — Curb Catering 2136 New Tampa Hvvy. Lakeland, Florida ' When you buy shoes, buy at Carol ' s and buy the best in shoe fashion " 207 South Kentucky Lakeland, Florida Compliments of CENTRAL GLASS AND MIRROR 302 N. Ingraham Avenue Phone MU 8-3591 Lakeland, Florida Compliments of T. A. BRANNEN PLASTERERS 1644 Shore Acres Drive Lakeland, Florida FOSTER SPORTING GOODS, INC. ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Wholesale and Retail Representative— FRANKLIN M. FOSTER 117 East Lafayette Street Tampa 2, Florida •»« , Compliments of JOYNER LUMBER COMPANY LAKELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY CT §,v@ 0 207 South Florida Avenue Lakeland. Florida Compliments of AULT ROOFING AND HEATING CO. We specialize in architectural sheet metal work, air conditioning, warm air and hot water heating. Roofing of all kinds. ORLANDO FLORIDA Compliments of KING PRODUCE LAKELAND FLORIDA 374 Compliments of SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Distributors of Hospital, Laboratory, Institutional Physicians Equipment Supplies 1050 West Adams Street Jacksonville, Florida R. E. LEWIS, JR. Lakeland Representative 414 Hillside Drive Lakeland, Florida Compliments of OXFORD LUMBER COMPANY CT §,,G ID 530 W. Main Street Phone MU 2-1491 McCOY ' S METAL SHOP Incorporated 1846 West Olive Street ' Old Tampa Hwy. Phone MU 2-9521 ALL TYPES ROOFING — WELDING " If It ' s Metal We Make It " ATR CONDITIONING IE Compliments of HUGHES SUPPLY, INC Lakeland, Florida 378 MUTUAL PAPER COMPANY Lakeland Distributors For -SCHOOL SUPPLES TEACHING AIDS 379 Compliments FENTON ' S LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Lakeland, Florida 380 Compliments of LAKELAND TYPEWRITER SUPPLY COMPANY Frank W. Myers, Owner ROYAL TYPEWRITER, SHAW-WALKER EQUIPMENT Sales-Service VICTOR ADDING MACHINES CALCULATORS Sales-Service Central Florida ' s Most Popular Office Supply House 122 S. Tennessee Lakeland, Florida Compliments of J. B. LINEBERGER, INC. Distributors for RICHFIELD OIL : 650 New Tampa Highway Lakeland, Florida Compliments of SUNSHINE OIL CO Oil Jobbers r Lakeland, Florida Compliments of READY PEELED POTATO CO. 202 North Diane Street Plant City, Florida ft Ready Prepared Potatoes for Every Occasion ■fr NO WASTE, NO MESS, NO FUSS Compliments of BERGER AND RACHELSON, INC. Institutional Food Distributors Tampa, Florida Congratulations SHEPPARD DISTRIBUTORS 2130 New Tampa Highway MEAT PROCESSORS Compliments of NELSON M. AYALA Gulf Oil Products 1024 East Oleander Compliments of MINE AND MILL SUPPLY COMPANY Lakeland, Florida Compliments of VEIDA DAIRY Lakeland, Florida Air Conditioned — Swimming Pool Television — Steam Heat A Courtesy Court Member SIESTA MOTEL AAA 1527 New Tampa Highway, West Lakeland, Florida Ed and Pat Kingora, Owners-Managers U. S. Hiway 2 West Telephone 8-6051 r Compliments of ADAMS POTATO CHIPS r Your Newspaper . . . Freedom ' s Forum Todays newspaper, whole-heartedly dedi- cated to keeping America free, is also keep- ing America fully informed. The rules of decency and the welfare of its readers are the only censor of what it shall print . . . and The Tampa ' Tribune is dedicated to the fulfillment of these principles. TAMPA TRIBUNE Morning and Sunday Radio Stations WFLA, WFLA-FM WFLA Television Channel 8, NBC MHF Compliments of TURNER GEE C SaQ TD MID-WEST PACKING COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of 1959 Investigate the opportunities of new industries coming to Florida because of NATURAL GAS. THE HOUSTON CORPORATION G is Service Lakeland, Florida 500 South Florida Avenue more mothers give their children Borden ' s Milk for more than 100 years, folks have been saying " If it ' s Borden ' s it ' s got to be Good " LAKELAND • ■•- ' •-♦ Florida ' s Foremost Distributor of Industrial Supplies, Hardware, Power Transmission Equipment, Machinery and Machine Tools. Nationally Known Manufacturers Represented— Aim Division Crucible Steel Lectrolite Racine (Acme Steel) Delta K. O. Lee Republic Steel Airco Devcon Lubriplate Ridgid Tool Alemite Devilbiss MacWhyte S. K. F. American Brass Dewalt Manning, Maxwell Schaefer American-Marietta Diamond Chain Moore Schlage (Valdura) Rumore McCrosky Schrader Armstrong Brothers Eberhardt-Denver McCulloch Saws Sherman-Klove Atkins Edlund McKay Simonds Behr-Manning Falk Miller Electric South Bend Belmont Faultless Caster Miller-Robinson Standard Conveyor Black Decker Flexonics Monarch Standard Pressed St Blackhawk Firth-Sterling Morse Stanley Bridgeport General Electric National Screw Starrett Browning Geometric Tool National Tube Taft-Peirce Buffalo Gerrard Steel Niagara Henry G. Thompson Bullard B. F. Goodrich Norton Toledo Bunting Brass Greenf.eld Tap Die Nupla Van Norman Burke Pump Grob. Inc. Oberdorfer Vlier Carlton H-P-M O ' Neil-lrwin Walworth Century Electric Hammond Onsrud S. B. Whistler Chain Belt Heil Dryer Osborn Whitman Barnes Cincinnati Shaper Jones Laughlin Steel Oster Whitney Cincinnati Tool Kalamazoo Pexto Worthington Columbian Rope Ladlsh Porter-Cable Wyandotte Covel Lamson Sessions Putnam Wyzenbech Staff Crescent Tool Lectroetch Quick-Set HARRY P. LEU, INC. 100 West Livingston • ORLANDO • FLORIDA • 3701 North West 37th Ave. MIAMI SERVING FLORIDA INDUSTRY SINCE 7900 COMPLIMENTS of POLK RESTAURANT SUPPLY CO. 318-322 N. Kentucky Ave. Lakeland, Florida i i 1 I ■ ■ ■ COMPLIMENTS of ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING CO. Mayrose Ma ' am fins meats COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND C naravinas bu ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY BIRMINGHAM PRINr, F O O T E D AV I E S , INC. . I R3 ' . ■ « • f£at«p Uj • ■ ' A ■ . (« „« ,„ „ km POST OFFICE BOX 13084 -ATLANTA 24, GEORGIA UVJ 764 MIAMI CIRCLE, N. E. • PHONE CEDAR 7-1611 Vv C f |6» F

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