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s INTERLOCHEN 1958 FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE t % ft ft ft ft ft i % ♦•♦ % % % •••• I I « • ••• % •• " " A " M " ER Orange groves o ' erspread her campus, Chimes her hymns intone, India greets across the garden Southern ' s mystic throne. CHORUS Florida Southern, thee we love; Thee we ' ll never fail. Hail to thee our alma mater, Hail to Southern, hail! II Stately walls alone can never Compass learning ' s goal. Heart to heart must pass the token Soul inspirit soul. SIDNEY LANIER, Editor JANE FOX, Associate Editor JOHN BURNS, Business Manager WILLIAM D. SHILLING and CORNING F. TOLLE, Faculty Advisers CAROLYN SCHWARTZ, Editorial Assistant PAUL WILLE, College Photographer NILS SCHWEIZER, Cover Design FLOY BLANE, feature Layouts VITES YOU TO SEE W H I i t t l t ' t t 1 « t % %•% 1958 FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE • Lakeland Florida ! ! •• •♦■ It ' s Wonderful to Go to College FLORIDA OUTHERM In Florida WHERE THE ARE FOR ALL THE (mt te Wd-- A he horizons of tomorrow are limited only by the depth of our vision today. Of this hour, all of this world awaits upon the young men and women who will guide its destiny in the decades ahead. a Vo J) On this campus are such men and women. The Inter- lachen takes pride in telling their story . . . from students in the classroom to careers in business and the professions. Horizons unlimited at Florida Southern Collt where all of the todays are for all of the t( COL AND ON THIS ORANGE GROVE CAMPUS we, iuduM BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION iVlary Lou Cunningham ' s field is business administration. She learns the fundamentals in her days at Florida Southern College . . . days filled with work and play . . . And after graduation, a career at . . . l eopiei i5ank or eyLakeiand x major in economics for Dale Douberly. The law of supply and demand. Statistics. Marketing. There ' s a lot of study and a lot of fun. Four years of xvork and a future at. . . . I % • % % • • • • . . . riorida L itmd rf iituai iVL usic, music, A beautiful soprano voice has Beverly Jones. Intensive study and training in FSC ' s Music Department and folloiving commencement she sings over. . . . wUe . . . fKadio Station {A J r J at cJ akeland. JOURNALISM ? Lsick Miller learns the art of newspaper xvriting and editing. The days passed all too quickly on the orange grove campus, but Dick was ready to begin his professional days tvith .... ' ft ft I L, akeland is the ivorld ' s citrus capital and Walter Zigrang ' s great interest. After years of study in the Citrus Department, he joins the skilled technical staff of ... . I ( toUtA- 14 ♦ % % « rdamS [ achinq Atssociat ' u V % % % % % ( Denton CT 5 tDoii ' les. Jrnc. TEACHING . . J anis Cot hem loves teaching and little people. The Educa- tion Department provided the training for years of service in elementary education at ... . Lii u itt t : Uhe Dixieiand School at cLaheland r or many women, there ' s no field like home eco- nomics — in all its phases. Helen Hanson had fun in her years at FSC, earned a degree in her specialty and the beginning of a career at ... . I % »»» » %% . . ifl laas (Urotkeri • • ♦•! t Florida Southern College, Donald Groen decided that his fu ture was in accounting. With cap and goivn notv a memory, he is a staff member of . . . ! I % ♦ % • • ♦ . . . f uoux J upor rVlarketi t ft ft ft ft % % ■ roocL fe achineru CS k hemical L orporauoti IN THE NEVER CHANGING BEAUTY OF FLORIDA SOU1 K % % % % % I X es, it ' s college for careers. It ' s college for lifetime friendships. It ' s college — Florida Southern College — for that which is social, for that which is cul tural, for that which is spiritual. All t he todays are for all of the tomorrows on this campus where young men and women probe into the mysteries of knowledge and solve those mys- teries in classroom and laboratory. The Interlachen invites you to continue turning the pages of college for careers at FSC. There are new worlds ahead . . . interesting, fascinating worlds. And no challenge is too great for those who have eyes with which to see, lips with which to speak, and courage with which to endure. . . . IN COLLEGE, STUDENTS PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE » • • • INDUSTRIAL ARTS J antes Davis found his fu- ture in industrial arts. The skillful use of hand and mind was mastered in the Industrial Arts Department. And, now, instructing oth- ers at ... . «»% «« oLaheland r4iqli S chool V I • . MATHEMATICS Xf-f -6 n K Ei l K B • Vl athematics intrigued Leonard Kurfirst. Four years of intensive study blended -with sports and extra-curricular activities. Leon- ard joins the brokerage firm of ... . J. W. JQJL, Co., J nc . imkumm ,1ft H 1 1 was a biology major for Charlene Poland. A lot of ivork and study as the semesters passed and the beginning of her professional life tvith .... poll County Blood Bank SCIENCE J_ he life of a private secre- tary appealed to Cathy Etv- ing. Bank executive Richard Ehlis needed such a secre- tary. And Cathy begins a neiv day at ... . % % 1 lorida rlatioiial iSank at cLakeland lyeligion — the world ' s greatest need — was the only field for Roy Bur- gess. The Department of Religion took Roy in hand. Years of study and he occupies the pul- pit of ... . 2Jhe l ird wlethodist (church of =Lakeland - ♦ % % . Jrnternational rf inerau Chemical L orporati MXtchard Kamerling elected psy- chology as his major after arriving at FSC. It was a lot of study and a lot of play. After graduation, he counsels at ... . f- oih L ountii Ljuidance L ent ' a A TRIGGER HOUSING GROUP r Gtence • . JL he Reserve Officers Training Corps provided the answer for Cadet Jerry Novak. It was march, march, march, and ivork, work, work for a career with . . . • • ♦ ♦ • 4 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Health, athletics and teaching were the big three for Ned Biddix. He found them all in the Physical Edu- cation Department and also found a place at ... . . . . cJLaheland J riah School PR E-M EDICAL ±t ivas college for a career and medicine for a profession for Deborah Jacobs. Intensive study and more study, books, lectures and laboratories, semester folloiving semester, and at long last the earning of a professional degree and the beginning of professional life at . . . ' rl ' lemorial Moipital It ' s a new adventure in college so different, so beautiful! The charming blend of palm trees and modern architecture, the lakes, the orange grove campus, the sunshine, all say welcome . . all say Florida Southern College and invite you to see FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE The Emile E. Watson Administration Building with the J. Edgar Wall Water- dome in the foreground. WHERE A DREAM BEGAN . . . AND BEAUTY NEVER ENDS • • ♦ » Framed by the esplanade, the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. JSe iflned BY THE MASTER ARTIST OF THE ARCHITECTURAL WORLD . . . FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT The Annie Pfeiffer Chapel looking South. Lacework design of the Chapel choir loft. Esplanades leading to the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. • ' ••%• • ♦ • i - 4 Interior, the Watson Administration Building. From mid-campus, the Compass Rose and steps to the Waterdome. MAGIC Esplanade from the Watson Building to the E. T. Roux Library. • ' ••%• jjeot f A view of the Watson Administration Building from the orange grove. TODAY... IN THE COLLEGE OF TOMORROW The Watson Administration Building with the Wall Waterdome to the right. ' « » - Walkway and garden between Panhellenic Building residence halls. Night scene, the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. W2 Mathematics and Physics Departments, the Polk County The Patio at The Commons, adjacent to the beautiful Science Building. swimming pool. J9H STRIKINGL ♦ • i ■ ■ V . - " ■ • 4 ♦»-» ' 3 7 •. ' ■■ , I » t « « • FSC ' s modern swim- ming pool, the East Campus. Recreation near a w Men ' s Residence Hall, r Zimmermann Rec- reation Lounge, the Lucius Pond Ord- way Building. ♦ • • Vesper services in the jewel-like William H. Danforth Chapel. i The striking interior of the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. THE WORLD ' S MOST BEAUTIFUL From the Chapel, the Watson Admin- istration Building. Reflection Pool at the Christian-Hindu Temple. The Allan Spivey Memorial Urn with the Polk County Science Building in the background. SUNSHINE . . . FRAGRANT FLOWERS MAKE FLORIDA SOUTHERN A SEMI-TROPICAL WONDERLAND . . . An orange tree in the right foreground, the Lucius Pond Ordway Industrial Arts Building. ■ • - • -••• 1 ♦••• •♦ -• An East side view of the Lucius Pond Ordway Industrial Arts Building. Semi-tropical Florida, Joseph-Reynolds residence hall for women. A CAMPUS OF COLOR AND CONTRAST OF BEAUTIFUL LAKES AND ORANGE BLOSSOMS Milt, I m ' ; ' J i J Hit J K m " 7 wB " % ii ft ft ft ft Interior view of the ultra-modern Panhellenic Building. Patio pool at the Watson Building. Walkway, Polk County Science Building ••■•■ Polk County Science Build- ing -with planetarium dome at far right. The E. T. Roux Library from the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. Formal reception, the Eleanor Searle Drawing Room. 9 ■ 9 ♦ 9 ■ 9 ■ t •• ♦ • • • t 9 9-0 9 9 9 BEAU TY AND MODERNITY " i A S -JJ OFFERS BOTH From the South, the E. T. Roux Library. Design detail, interior of the Roux Library. Walbridge, Carter and Hawkins Seminars with waterdome in foreground. Approaching the Presidents ' Walk, the Polk County Science Building. Co-eds, flowers and the William H. Danforth Chapel. ' ' ♦ ' ♦♦ Delta Zeta Lobby, the Pan- hellenic Building. Colorful crotons and a section of the Lucius Pond Ordway Building. Chemistry labo- ratory, the Polk County Science Building. The Chemistry and Biology sections, the Polk County Science Building. — jlMI ■!■■■■ nwKWtwrvwi mw hpannm ' ■ ' ■■■■■■■ IIMHIIHBIIlSmrill : ♦ ' • ' ' ' J Office of the Registrar, the Watson Building. I Mathematics and Physics sections, the Polk County Science Building. Panhellenic Building, residence halls for women. 1 ' 1 - ft jjt ' - n ► ♦ » • ♦ ♦ »%• ••• tu telfaf-f (MAS. . . ♦ ■ ♦ • ♦ • • 74 y % ♦ ♦• The big moment— arriving in Lakeland via the Atlantic Coastline Champion. And the trials and tribulations of registration in the E. T. Roux Library. THE MOODS OF THE CAMPUS ARE MANY AND VARIED Politics in the air — Pat Stonis and Jackie Crawford examine the Frosh election posters. A dramatic moment — retiring President Ludd M. Spivey turns over his office keys to FSC ' s new president, Dr. Charles T. Thrift, Jr. The gala Delta Zeta rush party, one of many such sorority highlights. PRESIDENT WCKWEMER It ' s a bird TWES m Boi FT Vot Mr. LEE Pr . »! . Glee U " ' ■liSFr • ■ ♦• • •■ ••• Fun at the Vagaball in the Ordway Building. The first formal occasion, the Freshman recep- tion. The Medical Department had its day . . . vaccine for Asian flu. A leisurely hour at the Pi Kappa Phi house. The Sophs try a poor little frosh at Rat Week. The first basketball game. FSC 83 . . . Rollins 68. . . . . _ Zeta Tau Alpha went western at the sorority rush t 1m % ' •••• " AND DAY ARE RIVALS FOR THE LEAD IN THE DRAMA OF COLLEGE LIFE It was a gay occasion . . . the Home Ec dinner in the Ordway Building. Those gentle football games with Kappa Alpha. It was swing your partners at the old-fashioned square dances. •:•■•■•■:■ What baseball form the Kappa Delta ' s showed at rush! Religious Emphasis Week with Dr. E. H. Furgeson the fine speaker. Remember the big reunion at the Alph; Gamma house? Margaret and Marie Connor at that sump- tuous buffet. %•• ft I »• -♦•• Colgate, Niagara, Upsala and Hobart ahead for the Mocs. What banquets Mrs. Ewerts and her staff served at the cafeteria! Semester exams ahead . . . Delaine Gordo and Brad Dinsmore. THE WORLD OF THE STUDENT A contrast in phone calls . . . Tiny McKay and Ann Harper. • • ♦ ■•■ •« - « • - One of the greatest hours of the year . . . the -wonderful Christmas dance at the Ordway Building. A historic occasion . . . snow in Lakeland. The date: January 8, 1958. Mary Bass, Mary Clark and Donna Pusinelli make merry. ' m ! , . t ♦ ♦ • Beauty and ingenuity and work for a worthy cause . . . the Sigma Chi Alpha Christmas seal display. The AOPi ' s make merry — Judy, Joan, Leslie, and Sue. From outer space? No, a poor little co-ed gets the whipped cream treatment. » ♦ - The hour finally arrived . . . taking off for home and the Xmas vacation. THIS, THEN, IS ALL PART OF COLLEGE LIFE Sigma Alpha Epsilon won acclaim -with this fine display at the Exposition of Children ' s Literature. »• •• • : Bridge at the Panhel . . . Hatton, Hovey, Whitice and Daniels. What Interlachen would be complete without the famous AOP ' s Can Can girls? The hours passed into days. Days into ' weeks. Weeks into months and months into years. All too soon. Graduation day. fcci iade o£ ♦ • • ♦ ■• MISS FLORIDA SOUTHERN— Ruth Delaine Gordon QUEENS . . ALL LAKELAND SHRINE QUEEN — Alice Gauker QUEEN OF HEARTS— Joyce Frick Harris • • MISS LAKELAND — Judith Ann Bradley yy vhul im faix b EAU TY AT FLORIDA SOUTHERN ' : : ' mm A.fj - OIIUI writ Miss Arlene Emily Levine Sponsored by KAPPA DELTA Jfntenack ) ♦ ■• f • • jj FIRST RUNNER-UP L55 rntertacken MISS JUDY BRADLEY Sponsored by Sigma Chi Alpha ♦ ♦ • ♦ • SECOND RUNNER-UP yntenacm MISS PEGGY GRIGGS Sponsored by Kappa Alpha LYNN HEBERLING i£v i Yr CAROL MARSHALL ANNE TURNER ■ CATHY EWING DONNA WINK • ♦ ♦ 1958 BEAUTY JUDGE The 1958 Miss Interlachen contest was judged by one of America ' s best known illustrators, Jon Whitcomb, of Darien, Connecticut. Mr. Whitcomb is a member of the faculty of the Famous Artists Schools, Westport, Conn. Born in Weatherford, Oklahoma, he attended Wesleyan University and Ohio State University. Known for his unusual and outstanding artist ' s conception of people, Mr. Whitcomb is a contributor to such magazines as " Ladies Home Journal, " " McCall ' s, " " Cosmopoli- tan, " " Redbook, " and " Good Housekeeping. " The Interlachen proudly presents Miss Interlachen of 1958 and deeply appreciates Mr. Whitcomb ' s time and interest in the selection. . % % % 4 I « » % « FOUNDERS ■• t ■ r.j i-i The Kappa Delta- Kappa Sigma Rho float. 100 wy ' • ' • • ♦ % At the Chancellor ' s reception — Mrs. Thrift, Dr. Ben Hill Griffin, Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. Spivey. Bishop Branscomb dedicates an esplanade column in honor of James W. Sikes. FOUNDERS ' WEEK Bishop Branscomb at the ODK banquet. Queen Arlene relaxes on her throne. • ■• •••♦■■4 L: i tn m t =_ The Coronation at the Polk County Science Building. M Dr. Spivey and Dr. Thrift at the Investiture of Seniors. Mrs. Daniel, Linda Kirk, Ruth Posey and Martha Andrews at the Chancellor ' s Tea. • ♦ •••• .:! FOUNDERS ' WEEK F10 " » ffi] Queen Arlene and her Royal Court on the beautiful Florida Southern College Founders ' Week float. ¥ l _i ' " i - ' -v ig time for all at the formal dance at the Civic Center. The Alpha Chi ' s, ADPi ' s and the Kappa Delta ' s at the Fraternity-Soror- ity Sing. ' W£f,i $ ie prize-winning Sig ma Chi-AOPi float. , D2 iii±» i » » ♦ • i « VJH I 1 • f FOUNDERS ' WEEK Walter Winchell presents a Runyon Fund check for re- search to Dr. Boris Sokoloff and Dr. Thrift. 6 ■ ► ♦ ♦• •♦ -•• -j Between bites of bar-l becue, there wad much good conversa-l tion. Dr. Spivey at the Griffin reception. 1 Dr. Thrift with honorary degree recipients — Ben Hill Griffin, John Henry Teeter, Walter Winchell and S. Walter Martin. " I f The Zimmermann ' s make merry at the Founders ' Week parade. Mrs. Thrift and Walter Winchell. UNDERS ' WEEK The Alpha Chi ' s and the SAE ' s built this beautiful float. v :, • •• " " 4 4 4 4 HW ife ' ' i 1 ieverly Jones, ' he Coronation. Mrs. Branscomb pours for co-eds Jan Darnell and Leaine Watson. The outstanding Lakeland High School Band in the Founders ' Week parade. FOUNDERS ' WEEK Colonel Nealson with the ladies of honor at the ROTC Review — Mrs. Spivey, Mrs. Branscomb, Mrs. Daniel, Mrs. Roux, Mrs. Brian and Mrs. Thrift. ♦ ••• ••• - J DEDICATIO Down through the years. THE 1958 INTERLACHEN «, 4 ft ft ft • ft ft ■ ft DR. AND MRS. LUDD MYRL SPIVEY Whose years of devotion and service have given us a great college In this life, there is always a beginning and an ending. The ending at the beginning seems far, far away. The beginning at the ending seems like only yesterday. So it is with this dedicated couple. For more than 32 years, their footsteps echoed over the orange grove campus which is Florida Southern College. In 1925, the beginning was a most humble one. There were two buildings overlooking Lake Hollingsworth. There were few students and great debt. As the months faded into years and as the years passed into decades, there were moments of gladness and there were hours of sadness. There was success; there was failure. At times, the sun was brilliant. At times, the clouds gath- ered low. Through it all, there was devotion to a college ... the kind of devotion that will not die nor give way to despair. A great college now stands on the orange grove hillside. It will ever serve as a monument to Ludd Myrl Spivey and Louise Helmkampf Spivey who achieved with determination, diligence, inspiration and toil. In appreciation to the educator, who had a great dream, and to his lady, who helped him fulfill it, the students, faculty and administration of Florida Southern College grate- fully dedicate the 1958 Interlachen. President Spivey and his Lady. 115 A farewell but not a good-by. t - - - I DR. P. M. BOYD A Citation For Service For many years of outstanding service to Florida Southern College, the 195 S Interlachen takes pride in presenting Dr. P. M. Boyd, vice chairman of the Board of Trustees, and in citing this leading member of the Florida Meth- odist Conference for meritorious contri- butions to our Alma Mater. % • » % • ft ft With quiet dignity, Dr. Charles T. Thrift, Jr., as- sumed the Presidency of Florida Southern College on December 16, 1957. The 12th President in FSC ' s 73-year history, Dr. Thrift came to the College in 1940 as Pro- fessor of Religion. Six years later, he was named Vice President. There will be many great tasks ahead. But trustees, faculty, alumni and students are all con- fident that Florida Southern will continue to move ahead under Dr. Thrift ' s guidance. The 1958 Interlachen offers congratulatior and best wishes for many, many years of success ful administration. ■♦••• ■ THE MASTER ARCHITECT OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY Frank Lloyd Wright and his Lady. FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT Time is the usual yardstick with which to measure greatness. Such is not so with Frank Lloyd Wright, the master architect of the Twentieth Century. His greatness was recognized early in his brilliant career and his stature has increased with the passing years. Florida Sourhern College is proud indeed of the contributions which Mr. Wright has made in designing the beautiful West Campus. At every turn, one sees the touch of the master artist who creates with glass, concrete and steel. For all of the students and for all who are associated with Florida Southern, the 1958 Interlachen gratefully salutes Frank Lloyd Wright. Mr. Wright ' s home at Taliesin East. -• ' H. E. WOLFE Chairman HARRIS G. SIMS Secretary M jS fl ■ f IV 1 nil THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES " " ;;S DR. P. M. BOYD Vice-Chairman g Al C. V. McCLURG 2 re«SMrer P % ••- DR. ROBERT L. ALLEN BISHOP JOHN W. BRANSCOMB MRS. T. G. BUC KNER DR. J. HERMAN DANIEL DR. GEORGE A. FOSTER ROBERT MITCHELL DR. JOSEPH A. TOLLE DR. JOHN Z FLETCHER DR. E. J. PENDERGRASS DR. G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN 121 -♦•♦ • Mrs. Rosamond Chadwiclc Down through the years, many noted men have served as chairman of the Florida Southern College Advisory Commission. The 1958 Interlachen takes pride in presenting Mrs. Rosamond Chadwick, of Ft. Myers, Florida, as the first distin- guished lady to serve as chairman of the Advisory Commission. Under her chairmanship in 1957-1958, many important projects for the College have moved ahead and the Interlachen expresses the gratitude of students, faculty and trustees for her interest in Florida Southern. CHAIRMAN OF THE FSC ADVISORY COMMISSION ¥ % i. •• •♦ ONE MORE DAY . . . Sbeilla Bryant and Donald Holcombe. THE DOCTOR IN SPITE OF HIMSEL Jim Kless and Joanne Kofoed Comedy and Tragedy highlight the year for the HAMLET . . . Sam Lipps. ONE MORE DAY . . . Arthur Beat » •»« LILIOM . . . Richard Tatro, Arlene Leiine and Joanne Kofoed. THE DOCTOR IN SPITE OF HIMSELF William Schwartz, Caroline Hoives. SOUTHERN PLAYERS THE TAMING OF THE SHREW Linda London, Richard Durbin. ..:::: MEMBERS Jackie Boulet Deborah Jacobs Lou Collins Paul Keen James Conley Roger Kohlstedt Bill Conner Carol Landgraf Bettilyn Dinkel Mike Leclerc Juanita Dinsmore Bob Lott Dave Dugan Carole McAdams Sam Dunn Kay Martin Charles Elliott Marie Montaldi Pat Ellis Lourene Novak Nancy Ervin Chris Partenza Beverly Fields Glee Pulley Rex Flynn David Schriemer Dick Ford Henry Steen Dorothy Goetz Carole Thomas Janice Guthrie Estelle Tindell Juanita Harker Grant Townsend Charlotte Harper Robert Van Nest Peggy Heinze Donna Wheless Laurie Howell Linda Wigley Norma Gayle Howell Mickey Wolfe DR. W. WYNN YORK Director NORMA GAYLE HOWELL Accompanist THE CONCERT CHOIR The Concert Choir of Florida Southern Colleg IMPJPMfWPJFJFIF, First rou: Lu Wayne Eskelin, Nell Futch, Juanita Harker, Ellen Moore, Beryl Insinger. Second row: John Barnes, Perry Klimas, Sa Dunn, Emiliano Jose Salcines, Wayne Langford, Joseph Bradham. CHAPEL CHOIR Profs. Thomas Brierley and William Spivey, Organist and Director. the Chapel Choir quartet: Sam Dunn, Peggy Heinze, Lu Wayne Eskeli Jose Salcines. 127 DR. KENNETH C. ANDERSON Director MBHK OFFICERS MICHAEL LECLERC . . . President FRANK DELEGAL . . Vice-President DOROTHY FLECK . Secretary-Treasurer THE CONCERT BAND The Florida Southern College Concert Band was founded in 1953. It is com- prised of advanced student instrumentalists who present numerous concerts for the college and community. The Band ' s repertoire includes the works of the classicists as well as many modern contemporaries. The Band is under the direction of Dr. Kenneth C. Anderson and is an outstanding organization on the FSC campus. Shown here is the Florida Southern Concert Band during one of its concerts. 12S »• • " Time For Books " was the theme of the annual Book Fair held on Florida Southern ' s campus this year. One of the largest of its kind anywhere, this year ' s Fair featured various members of the student body dressed as characters from Mother Goose. Short skits were presented, portraying the various types of litera- ture; adventure, fantasy, sports and such. Florida Southern ' s many services to Polk County and neighboring counties are always highlighted by the contributions of the Book Fair since its beginning seven years ago. The books used in the Fair were given to the college by interested book companies for the first Book Exposition held during National Book Week in November of 1951. The books were placed in a new unit of the library that was dedicated to Mrs. Ludd M. Spivey. Working around the sports theme in literature was the Sig- ma Phi Epsilon display. ... as one of the leading fraternities in sports at Southern, the various trophies presented in Intramural Sports were shown. Featured here is the Theta Chi fraternity exhibit . . . Literature towards the fu- ture was the main theme of this display. EXPOSITION OF CHILDREN ' S LITERATURE Co-eds Gail Cookman and Ginny Topic stand by a display of the animals portrayed in children ' s literature. It ' s Circus Time at the Fair and Charles McNeely is shown with his display of the ever popular " Merry-Go-Round. " ♦ ♦ • ♦•£ WHO ' S WHO I ...„„ ;„,. n.rnnce Tov Frick Harris, Barbara McMullen, Tom DiCesare, Russell Sackett, Fred Hurlburt Joh. CooLey! ' S„1 cTrl ' Carolyn Bur ncy dX " S„W ' ,„„ : Ed Harr.s, Guy Chappell. Not s h ou„: Sheila Stephen, Clark Wy.l.e. HALL OF FAME left to right: Dick Kamerling, Beverly Tresca, Sheila Stephen, Arlene Levine, Nat Na Not shown are Sue Durrance and Don Heider. A ■ %■■ First row: Ginny Stewart, Pat McCloughan, David Weis, Anna Maria Sica, Joy Harris, Jack Sells, Barbara Cooksey, Shirley John- son. Second row: Jim Davis, Gary Peters, Brad Dinsmore, Frank Troina, Tom Keenan, Jim Chandler, Mary Jane Foy. Third ro H.- John Vermette, Doc Smith, Bob Burkholder, Betty Hanson, Carol Landgraf, Jack Harris, Tom DiCesare. FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE OFFICERS THOMAS DICESARE President JAMES CHANDLER Vice-President BARBARA COOKSEY Secretary BEVERLY TRESCA Treasurer " 1 DEAN J. A. BATTLE Adviser to the Senate COLONEL WILLIAM R. NEALSON Adviser to the Student Association Court The Student Senate of Florida Southern College works in conjunction with the Administration and students for the improvement of campus activities and campus life. It is the legislative branch of the Student Body Association. The Senate has charge of such activities as student elections, issuing charters for campus organizations and arranging Freshman Orientation Week. In gen- eral, this governing body strives constantly to improve all facets of life at the College. STUDENT SENATE STUDENT ASSOCIATION COURT CHIEF JUSTICE Robert Fernandez MEMBERS Russell Sacket Ro bert Fernandez Don Brown Barbara Eisenberger ADVISER Colonel William R. Nealson 133 t •♦- • ♦ ♦ ♦ ••• :l First roil-. Pat Sperry, Bonny Hurlbut, Linda Parrott, Nancy Nancy Stewart, Judy Southwick, Joann Evanoff, Janice Guthr Proulx, Effie Lou Hopper, Pat Autrey, Dean Eicholtz. Second rou: Bettilyn Dinkel, Arlene Lemke, Louise Postel, Vivian Vann. WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT The Women ' s Student Government Association, com- posed of representatives of sororities and independents who are elected by resident women students, is a gov- ernmental subsidiary of the Student Body Association. It serves as a court for infractions of college and house rules and strives to uphold the standards of women residents of Florida Southern. OFFICERS DEAN HATTIE L. EICHOLTZ .... Adviser VIVIAN VANN President PAT AUTREY Vice-President PAT SPERRY S ergeant At Arms ' . m W-} - m £ y i Rex Alvcs, Walter Zi s ran S , George Dill, Bob Stewart. Second row: Dick Kamerling, Gary Grabe, Tom Hughes, Ken Kasak. MEN ' S COUNCIL All regulations on discipline for men students on campus are established and enforced by the Men ' s Council. This organization, founded in 1953, is a judicial subsidiary of the Student Body Association, composed of eight voting members . . . four inde- pendent men and four fraternity men. A member of the Men ' s Council must be a junior or senior member of the Student Body Association, carrying at least twelve hours and having an over- all " C " average. OFFICERS DICK KAMERLING Chairman REX ALVES Secretary .:::::; EDITORIAL STAFF SIDNEY LANIER Editor-in-Chief JANE FOX Associate Editor CAROLYN SCHWARTZ . . . Editorial Assistant SANDRA LAYTON Feature Editor TOM KEENAN, GEORGE UMHOLTZ, CURTIS ADKINS, JIM DAVIS . . . Sports Section MARY JANE FOY, RUTH KLEINKNECHT Photo Editors PAUL WILLE College Photographer WILLIAM D. SHILLING Adviser THE 1958 INTERLACHEN Tells the Story of Life at Florida Southern First row. Anne Reeves, Mary Jane Foy, Jo Anne Cocke, Jackie McGuirl, Rosemary Burke, Carolyn Schwartz, Ruth Kleinknecht. Second row. Sally Roberts, Sandra Layton, Sidney Lanier, Arlene Fox, George Umholtz. Third row. Jim D. tis Adkins, Guy Chappell, Cortland Ander Johr - ♦ •• BUSINESS STAFF JOHN BURNS Business Manager CORNING F. TOLLE Adviser Photo editors Mary Jane Foy and Ruth Kleinknecht discuss the photographs for the annual with Photographer Paul Wille. This publication, the INTERLACHEN, represents the efforts of men and women who have devoted tireless hours in recording the pictorial story of campus life during the school year of 1958. Dean Corning Tolle and Business Manager John Burns discuss the advertising plans. Adviser William D. Shilling and Editorial As- sistant Carolyn Schwartz look over the year- book layouts. » ♦ » • ♦-! THE STAFF Curtis Adkins Sandra Layton Ronnie Akins Jackie McGuirl Dorsey Evans Wayne Mundy Jane Fox Michael Nolen Leon Hamilton Walter Robinton Thomas Hughes Robert Rule Ann Jones Thomas Russ Ann Kayser Janet Yates • Constance Shipp WILLIAM D. HUSSEY AND JAMES R. MILLER Editors-iu-Chief THE SOUTHERH The Weekly CollegejNewspapor.... first row: Thomas Russ, Janet Yates, Lianne Withlee, Susan Scotl Marilyn Auld, Ann Jones, Arlene Levine, Mary Jane Foy, Ronni Akins. Second row. Wayne Mundy, Dorsey Evans, Edgar Midler Walter Robinton, William Hussey, Cortland Anderson, James Miller, Curtis Adkins. Third row: Harold Waters, adviser; James Neas, Robert Rule, Thomas Hughes Leon Hamilton. t- ;_■ n j C - •••- CHARLES BYINGTON Business Manager THE STAFF WILLIAM HUSSEY, JAMES MILLER Editors-in-Chief CORTLAND ANDERSON . . Managing Editor CHARLES BYINGTON . . . Business Manager HAROLD WATERS Faculty Adviser PAUL WILLE Photographer The Southern is the weekly college newspaper pub- lished and edited by the students of Florida Southern College. HAROLD WATERS, Adi [;■■». V ' Making up at TruebloocTs ' • td Denison, Guy Chappell, Frances Harold, Carole Point, Pat Stonis, Rebecca Thompson, Lynn Heberling, Walter Loesche. THE COLLEGE UNION The College Union, the social and recreational organ- ization of the entire student body, maintains the Zim- mermann Recreation Lounge where students may dance, play cards, chess, checkers and ping-pong. This group provides social activities for all the stu- dents and an opportunity for them to join in planning and carrying out their own programs. OFFICERS GUY CHAPPELL President JAMES HAGEN Vice-President DEBORAH JACOBS Secretary LARRY CARTER Treasurer FRANCES HAROLD Director 140 First rou: Helen Rutz, Dorothy Goetz, Nancy Moe, Merle Skinner, roil-. Gary Connor, Brad Dinsmore, Delaine Gordon, John Tindell, Effie Lou Hopper, Judy Shafer, Lehoma Bain, Connie Kreigh, Vivian Ellen Moore, Judy Phelps, Susen Milling, Jack Grayson, Rev. Francis Vann, Ira Parker. Second rou: June Norman, Leaine Watson, L. Luce. Fourth row: Richard Haldeman, Wayne Langford, James Rosalyn Miller, Mary Lou Massy, Lillian Smith, Eleanor Mayfield, Ambrose, John Granrose, Chuck Hunter, Bill Caldwell. Dolores Miller, Betty Wilson, Barbara Turner, Diane Barthel. Third METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT The purpose of the Methodist Student Movement is to provide for the spiritual, moral, social and intellectual needs of the college student. Representatives are sent to district, state and national conventions each year. The group sponsors various state and national service projects, and a great variety of local functions. OFFICERS BILL CALDWELL President VIVIAN VANN Vice-President SUSEN MILLING Treasurer REV. FRANCIS L. LUCE Director 141 First rou: Ellen Hudson, Cookie Jordan, Berma Doty, Jane Crane, Stewart, David Tyson. Third rou: Reverend Harold Lutz, Willi Charlotte Briggs. Second row: Jim Gridley, Beryl Insinger, Bob Balsam, Tom Hughes. WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION The function of the Westminster Foundation is to pro- mote Christian ideals on the campus, in the community and in the world. Endeavoring to emphasize the importance of grant- ing Presbyterian students an opportunity to develop their Christian beliefs, the group carries out several social projects and cooperates with other religious or- ganizations in an effort to create a spirit of harmony on the campus. OFFICERS BERMA DOTY President TOM HUGHES Vice-President COOKIE JORDAN Secretary DAVID TYSON Treasurer BOB STEWART . Inter-Faith Council Representative 142 First rou-. Phyllis Carter, Kay McDonald, Carole Smith, Anne Walkup, Martha Andrews, Maxene Britt, Jerry Bowman, M( Montaldi, Janet Yates. Second row: Clint Schultz, Keith Fowl Sandra Layton, George Addy, Donald Allen, Joan Smith, Ed Holton, Newana Cheshire. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is charged with the respon- sibility of helping to penetrate every area of campus life with the full message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. " Campus penetration, " " involvement in campus life, " " making an impact on the total campus " — all express the concern and desire of the B.S.U. to fulfill its re- sponsibility. An individual is considered an active B.S.U. member when he joins a Baptist Church, and any unit organization that is represented in the B.S.U. Council. OFFICERS NEWANA CHESHIRE President EDWIN HOLTON Vice-President MARTHA ANDREWS Secretary KAY McDONALD Treasurer KEITH FOWLER Director 143 •■♦•••I m - ,,3 Wl m First row: Emeline Riddle, Dianne Backus, Tommie Davis, Betty Drury, Jim Reinking, Jim Donovan, Bob Haberkorn, Richard Pappas, Jane O ' Neill, Keith Perkins. Second row: Bill Pickels, Don Haldeman. CANTERBURY CLUB It is the purpose- of the Canterbury Club to reach all Episcopalians on the campus and to draw them into a band of fellowship through study, service and friend- ship. This group sponsors religious study groups, partici- pates in rlie Inter-Faith Council, holds vesper services, supports Religious Emphasis Week, and holds several social events during the year. OFFICERS DON DRURY President BETTY PAPPAS Secretary TOMM1E DAVIS Social Chairman ' fl ml ■s First row: Leon Lewison, Paul Marer, Diane Cutler, Herbert Sirota, George Guggenheim. Second row: Larry Firestone, Barbara Loewe, Steve Gerd, Bob Gershun. Third row: Leslie Hallock, Mike Lissner. - ♦ % % - HILLEL SOCIETY V JJ The Hillel Society was named after a Hebrew teacher and philosopher who lived during the latter part of the third century, A.D. The organization has as its purpose the providing of fellowship for Jewish students and the enlighten- ment of others concerning Jewish culture and customs. OFFICERS HERBERT SIROTA President STEVE CUTLER Vice-President PAULINE STERNE Recording Secretary DIANE CUTLER .... Corresponding Secretary LESLIE HALLOCK . . . Inter-Faith Representatiie LEON LEWISON Director 145 ......,....a LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION First row: Juanita Hacker, Pat McCloughan, Lynell Cozier, Elaine James Hightov Medlin, Barbara Moore, Carol Landgraf. Second row: Bruce Emery, Bartlett. Mrs. George Schroeder, Martin McKay, John INTER-FAITH COUNCIL first row: Beryl Insinger, Berma Doty, Barbara Moore, Maxene Herbert Sirota, Brad Dinsmore, Bill Caldwell, Rev. Francis L. Luce, Britt, Carol Landgraf. Second row: Bob Stewart, Leon Lewison, adviser. Third row: Bill Pickels, Don Drury, Leslie Hallock. 146 Firs row: Mrs. Thelma H. Ellison, Barbara Eiscnberger, Patsy Keagle, Carole Carpenter, Juanita Dinsmore, Nancy Edenfield, Cathy Ewing, Ann Harper, Joyce Simmons, Arlene Detroy, Beverly Haines, Shirley Norton, Annette Lewis, Mrs. Isla Wallace. Second row: Evelyn Myers, Nancy Duckham, Nancy Jenkins, Pat Reinking, Jo Ann Harris, Annette Walkup, Elizabeth Franckum, Anne Reeves, Louisa Hurff, Berma Doty, Carmen King, Joan Eppenberger. Third row: Nancy Kittleson, Jackie Boulet, Betty Hanson, Nancy Cot- trell. Sue Wenrick, Dorothy Fleck, Judy Bartlett, Betty Jo Council, Boots Barker, Roberta Lawrence. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club, a growing organization affiliated with both the state and national Home Eco- nomic Associations, has as its purpose developing and promoting interest in the various aspects of home eco- nomics and also fostering better student-faculty rela- tionships. OFFICERS BETTY HANSON President SUE WENRICK Vice-President JOYCE SIMMONS Secretary JOAN EPPENBERGER Treasurer 147 First rou: Charlie Myers, Patrick Hepburn, Randolph Hovey, Bill Walker, Tucker Williams, John Minor, Donald Griffith. Third roil ■ Britt, Harmon Clemmons, Ed MacKenzie, Ray De Loney, Ray Sim- Richard Griffin, Billy Whitfield, Peter Grant, Walter Zigrang Bob mons, James Campbell, Bobby Stokes. Second rou: Millard Owen, Philips, Don Hull, Jim Walden, James Hull, Lynn Home Fourth Kenneth Rauth, Jim Roper, Lloyd Stith, John Watson, George rou: Carl Schuchardt, Walter Boland, Paul Keen, Milton Boring CITRUS CLUB The Citrus Club is an organization established to pro- mote student interest in the Citrus Department and to provide students with an opportunity to meet experts in the field. A monthly dinner is sponsored by the group featur- ing a guest speaker representing an important phase of the citrus industry. The Florida Citrus Mutual Award is presented by the cooperative organization to the out- standing citrus major in the June graduating class. OFFICERS BILL WHITFIELD President LYNN HORNE Vice-President CARL SCHUCHARDT Secretary ED MacKENZIE Treasurer THE ORGAN GUILD First rou : Dorothy Clawson, Lu Wayne Eskelin, Juanita Harker, Michael LeClerc, Richard Ford. Second row: Martin McKay, Ronald Gotts, Angelo Partenza, Thomas Moore, Henry Steen, Prof. Paul Leeman. MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE AT F. S. C. First ou: Thomas Mo e, Lu Wayne Eskelin, Joyce Simmons, Roberta Woodruff. Second rou: Thomas Brierley, Dick Ford, Patrick Ellis. . ♦ ♦ ♦ • - First row: Cherdkul Charmornman, Roberto Baerga, Beryl Lathe, Ferro, Patricio De Laguardia. Third row: Paul Mojzes, Walter Sally Salmiah, Cynthia Kim, Julia Chiu, Chazi Abdulmuhsin, Hugo Loesche, Raymond Menasche, Walt Trauner, Dr. Juliana Jordan, Posada, Temsakdi Viriyasiri. Second row: Galaor Carbonell, George Herbert Czermak. Langer, Hernando Clavijo, Abolghasem Musavi, James Au, Norma INTERNATIONAL CLUB The International Club has as its purpose the fostering of friendship and respect between the peoples and countries of the world. This club promotes understanding and interest by sponsoring lectures focused on culture and customs of various nations, international politics and economics. International Club members speak before civic and church groups so the community may share the rich knowledge of life in other lands. OFFICERS HUGO POSADA President GALAOR CARBONELL Vice-President NORMA FERRO Secretary TEMSAKDI VIRIYASIRI Treasurer First row: Delia Bird, Linda London, Sally Minar, Joanne Kofoed, Doris Jean Oser, Donnasue Dunklee, Arlene Levine, Lourene Novak, Sarah Ann Smith, Caroline Howes. Second row: Dr. Juliana Jordan, Dick Durbin, Beryl Insinger, Theresa Whitice, Sally Roberts, Ti Minar, Boots Barker, Chan Hatcher, Mrs. Vivian Fusillo, adviser VAGABONDS The purpose of Vagabonds is to promote mutual aid and encouragement to students of drama and speech. Eligibility for membership is determined by the organ- ization as designated in the constitutional by-laws. Outstanding plays are presented from the profes- sional th eater and also experimental plays which are written, produced and directed by members. OFFICERS VIVIAN R. FUSILLO Adviser JOANNE KOFOED President BOB LOTT Vice-President ARLENE LEVINE Secretary-Treasurer First roii: Boswell, Clark, Matthews, Edenfield, Tinsley, Turner, Mc- Cloughan, Ungro, Duckham, Eppenberger, Harris, Autrey, Keagle, Cocke, Ewing, Sica, Briggs, Emsley, Britt, Crane. Second row: Rut- ledge, Eisenberger, Seitz, Rogers, Froehlick, Huy, Lowe, Reinking, Ferris, Bradley, Haines, Vogel, Goossens, Goossens, Novak, Huey, Holzbaur, Spangler, Moe, Massey, Pappas. Third row: Curry, Boulet, Bird, Smith, Hudson, B Doty, Crook, Mundy, Mc son, Peddie, Franckum, 1 r, Keen, Lawrence, Jenkins, Hawken, Whitice, Baltz, Moore, Insinger, Thomp- . Fourth row: Tresca, Stephens, Young, Burt, Coward, Stokes, Myers, Estes, Samuels, Hanson, Wenrick, Hawken, Williams, Landgraf, Harker, O ' Neill, Bledsoe, Ryer, Lowell, Marshall, Ervin, Stewart, Johnson. NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The Florida division of the National Education Associ- ation, a national professional organization for majors in education, gives students the opportunity to partici- pate in both state and national educational associations. It strives to orient the student to his profession and to train leaders. OFFICERS SUE CLARK President BEVERLY TRESCA Vice-President CAROLYN BURT Secretary NANCY MYERS Treasurer -ft ft YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB First row: Mimi Howard, Mary Jane Foy, Anne Reeves, Ruth Klein- Warren Kendall, George Shanks. Third row: David Nelson, Dale knecht, Susan Scott, Barbara Kazanjian, Charlotte Briggs, Nancy Douglass, Mike Williams, Daryl Douglass, William Balsam, Bob Stewart, Donnasue Dunklee. Second row: Robert Rowland, Gary Haberkorn, Joe Roselle, Tom DiCesare. Peters, Thomas Russ, Dick Arlett, Dave Callender, Dick Schaddelee, CIRCLE K r i First row: William Caldwell, Robert Gershun, Brad Dinsmore, Second row: Monte Parola, Rex Flynn, Tom Hughes, Lee Hamilton, James Lubach, Karl Hawkins, Richard Griffin, Chyung Myung Kim. Shelton Jackson, Prof. A. F. Fugitt, adviser; Maurice Altman. iteMfciii First rou: Virginia Curcu, Jacqueline Prime, Lynell Cozier, Helen Rutz, Nancy Wilcox, Elaine Medlen, Jane Crane. Second rou: San- dra Baltz, Rosalee Bradley, Beverly Scheufele, Mavis Griffin, Jan Rocker, Karolee Owens, Myrna Kotchever. Third rou: Rebecca Thompson, Carol Landgraf, Beryl Insinger, Norma Moore, Cookie Jordan, Jerry Bledsoe. SOUTHERNETTES Southernettes, a unified organization for all women not affiliated with sororities on campus, provides oppor- tunities to develop leadership in service to the college, and to achieve cooperation between sorority and non- sorority women. Providing a medium through which non-sorority women may participate in campus activities, this group is outstanding in athletics, music, journalism, govern- ment, religion and drama at Florida Southern College. OFFICERS NORMA MOORE President COOKIE JORDON Vice-President JANE CRANE Secretary PAT CARMAN Treasurer BERYL INSINGER Chaplin » t First row: Mike Leclerc, Alden Main, Arthur Beam, David Weis, row: William Wyllie, Ken Kasak, James Hightov Jim Chandler, John Tindell, Bob Stewart, Gene Stuerman. Second Ray Jones, Louie Hinds, James Ambrose. r, Ed Holton, SOUTHERNEERS The Southerneers, a non-fraternity group, was organ- ized at Florida Southern College last year for the pur- pose of affording its members Christian brotherhood and fellowship and to aid in raising each to his fullest capacity as a student and citizen. This group strives to render service to our school, state and nation in any way possible. OFFICERS JIM CHANDLER President DAVID WEIS Vice-President ROBERT STEWART . . . Corresponding Secretary JAMES PAUL AMBROSE . . . Recording Secretary KENNETH KASAK Treasurer 155 First row: Pat McCloughan, Anna Marie Sica, Shirley Johnson, Cathy Ewing, Kathy Burke, Beverly Emsley, Donnasue Dunklee, Mrs. Varian Rutledge, Nancy Stewart. Second roil ' : Prof. Fred D. Wish, Dick Schaddelee, Ruben Cuervo, Tom Hamilton, Dean Jean A. Battle, Prof. A. F. Fugitt, Nat Naccarato. Third row: Joseph Roselle. Prof. Gilbert P. Richardson, Ed Dewell, Gerhard Vester, Neal Justin, Prof. George Morris. THE POLITICAL UNION Florida Southern College ' s Political Union has as its motto, " Better Minds for Better Politics. " The organ- ization was founded in December, 1954, by Dr. Jean A. Battle, past director of the Florida Citizenship Clear- ing House. Each month the Union holds a dinner meeting at which time an active man in politics is subjected to questioning on political philosophy and its practical applications. Outstanding speakers in the past have included Gov- ernor Adlai Stevenson, Governor Goodwin Knight and Senator F.stes Kefauver. OFFICERS JOSEPH ROSELLE President DICK SCHADDELEE Vice-President KATHY BURKE Secretary NANCY STEWART Treasurer PROF. FRED D. WISH Adviser Organizations -• •• »-M Tint row. Dr. Mary Cathryne Park, Effie Lou Hopper, Joy Harris, Marshall. Second row. Nyra Payton, Charlene Poland, Sally Roberts, Pat McCIoughan, Barbara Cooksey, Sue Durrance, Sue Clark, Carol Norma Moore, Beryl Insinger, Carolyn Burt, Nancy Peddic. CAP AND GOWN To be eligible for membership in Cap and Gown, one must have an overall " B " average, the classification of a junior, and special distinction in at least one phase of collegiate activity. Cap and Gown is an honorary organization recognizing women who have attained a high standard of leadership in college activities and scholarship. An organization devoted to service to the college, this group brings together the most representative women in all phases of college life. The prime requisite for Cap and Gown is good character, high scholarship, intelligence and loyalty to the college. OFFICERS NANCY PEDDIE President SHELIA STEPHEN Vice-President CAROLYN BURT Secretary-Treasurer J rf ' " % First row: Lt. Col. W. R. Nealson, W. D. Shilling, Bob Wardell, Ed McMulIcn, Leon Lcwison, Walter Loesche, Dr. E. A. Case. Second row: C. F. Tolle, Guy Chappell, Dick Kamerling, Fred Hurlburt, Tom DiCesare, Russ Sackett, Prof. R. G. Richards. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa membership requirements are based on character, leadership and service to campus life, scholarship, fellowship and high ideals. The organization has established a triad of purposes in its years as the superior collegiate honorary fraternity. They are: to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities; to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life; and to unite the members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. OFFICERS DICK KAMERLING President WALTER ZIGRANG Vice-President PROF. DAVID READDICK . . Secretary-Treasurer PROF. J. G. OGDEN Adviser 159 »•»• - First roil-: Mrs. Julia Snook, Carol Ann Jenkins, Vivian Bryant, Pat Weis, Elizabeth Franckum. Third rou-. Mrs. Varian Rutledge, McCloughan, Carolyn Burt, Beverly Emsley, Nancy Peddie. Second Martha Wright, Dr. Harold Wallace, Professor J. G. Ogden. rou : Sue Clark, Sue Krause, Patricia Carman, Norma Moore, David KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi is an organization which recognizes outstanding contributions made by men and women to education and encourages high professional, intellectual, and personal standards for teaching. The local Epsilon Gamma Chapter annually awards the Kappa Delta Pi gold medal award to the outstand- ing graduating senior in the field of education. Mem- bership requirements are an overall " B " average with a minimum of six hours of education for juniors and twelve hours for seniors. OFFICERS CAROLYN BURT President DAVID WEIS Vice-President NANCY PEDDIE Secretary-Treasurer MRS. JULIA SNOOK Counselor DR. H. E. WALLACE Historian PROF. J. G. OGDEN Adviser 4 V " V™1B ' " 1 ifcjt I . 1 1 3 B WT% . ' •• • First roil ' : Dr. Mary Cathryne Park, Bob Lott, Johnny Robinson, Dick Ford, Gary Peters, Joanne Kofoed. Second row: Chan Hatcher, Sarah Ann Smith, Dr. Juliana Jordan, Mr Mrs. Vivian Fusillo, Prof. Robert Fusillo. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Membership in Alpha Psi Omega, the national dra- matic honor society, includes an active interest in the field of dramatics, participation in campus or commun- ity productions and membership in the Vagabonds. The purpose of the organization is to reach a higher proficiency in dramatics and familiarize the members with contemporary drama. The group was organized on the Florida Southern campus in 1934. OFFICERS BOB LOTT President JOHNNY ROBINSON Vice-President SARAH ANN SMITH .... Secretary-Treasurer ♦• •♦-• First row: Chyung Kim, Art Beam, John Tindell, Wayne Langfor d, Dean Witten, Joseph Bradham, Gary Conner, Rev. Francis L. Luce. Second row: Durwood Hickson, Bill Caldwell, Wayne Thomas, Brad e, John Granrose, Chuck Hunter, Francis Foland, Robert GAMMA SIGMA CHI Gamma Sigma Chi, professional religion fraternity, at- tempts to make Christ a living reality on campus. This organization promotes religious activity on campus and encourages its members in their preparation for the Christian ministry. Bi-weekly meetings are held, featuring speakers ac- tive in their fields of interest. Membership is open to all prc-theological students. OFFICERS JOHN TINDELL President DON KEYS Vice-President BRAD DINSMORE Secretary BILL CALDWELL Treasurer % • • ♦ • • First row: Charles Siers, Barbara Cooksey, Caroline Tyer, Kathy Burke, Leon Lewison, Dr. Margaret Gilbert. Second row: Dr. Howard M. Field, Prof. Charles Eickenberg, Prof. Roy S. Riser, Charlene Poland, Lewis Johnson, Ji Cushing, Wayne Rillen. Baker. Third row: Wayne ETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta, a biological science honor society, em- phasizes a three-fold program; stimulation of sound scholarship; edification of scientific knowledge; and promotion of biological research. This organization is designed to promote the dissem- ination of scientific truth and to encourage the investi- gation of life sciences. Membership requirements in- clude a 2.5 overall average and a " B " average in science. OFFICERS WAYNE CUSHING President GEORGE RENNINGER Vice-President KATHY BURKE Secretary BARBARA COOKSEY Treasurer 163 First row: Eda J. Saurman, Jane O ' Neill, Barbara Ferris, Nancy Ervin, Sara Huy. PHI EPSILON MU The activities of Phi Epsilon Mu, an organization for physical education majors, include attending state-wide workshops and setting up files for the PE majors. This group was organized to bring together students in physical education so that they may come in contact with professional people in their held. In this way, the members become better aware of the actual prob- lems they will face, and thus can gain practical ex- perience as well as classroom learning. ' COACH SAMUEL W. LUCE Adtiser • First row: William Pickels, Leo Haymans, Tom Di Cesare, George Peck, Sue Durrance, Beverly Emsley, Miss Emily Hancock. Second roiv: Mr. E. A. Lilley, Mrs. George Morris, Mrs. A. F. Fugitt, Mr. A. F. Fugitt, Mrs. Grace Snyder, Dr. Jean A. Battle. Third row. Mr. Robert Richards, Mr. Gilbert Richardson, Dr. Pierce Link, Mr. George Morris, Dr. Charles Woodbury, Dr. Charles T. Thrift, Jr., Mrs. Varian Rutledge. PI GAMMA MU Pi Gamma Mu was established at Flotida Southern to improve scholarship in the social studies and to achieve synthesis therein; to inspire social service to humanity by an intelligent approach to the solution of social problems; to engender sympathy toward others with different opinions by a better mutual understanding. The local Florida Alpha Chapter has sponsored the securing of the flags of American liberty. It also spon- sors dinners, speakers, and other programs to further its purposes. OFFICERS SUE DURRANCE President GEORGE PECK Vice-President BEVERLY EMSLEY Secretary ROBERT RICHARDS Treasurer VARIAN RUTLEDGE Adviser GREGORY DIAZ Social Chairman II,;, •n V ' First row: Dr. Howard L. Bateson, Dr. Mary Cathryne Park, row: Dr. E. L. Raesly, Prof. Robert J. Fusillo, Dr. Juliana Jorda Effie Lou Hopper, Sue Clark, Nancy Peddie, Arlene Levine. Second Dr. Flora Elizabeth Emerson. SIGMA TAU DELTA The Psi Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta has as its purpose the promotion of adequate written expres- sion, the encouragement of worthwhile reading, and the fostering of good fellowship among students of English language and literature. Membership requirements include eighteen hours of courses in English and allied fields with a " B " average in these courses and a junior or senior status. Meetings are held every three weeks including pro- grams presented by outside speakers and student mem- bers. OFFICERS PARKS LEE HAY President NANCY PEDDIE Vice-President RUBY SINGLETON .... Secretary. Treasurer 166 First rou: Leon Lewison, Bill Hussey, W. D. Shilling, Arlene Levene, Sandra Layton, Leon Hamilton, Sidney Lanier. Second rou: Prof. Rogers Whitener, H. M. Waters, Prof. Leon Harpole, Prof. J. G. - V l«- ' Jl «■ tland Anderson, Sally Roberts. Third rou: Prof. George n Hughes, Guy Chappell, Dr. Charles T. Thrift, Dick PI DELTA EPSILON Pi Delta Epsilon, the oldest national honorary colle- giate journalism fraternity in the country, seeks to work with the undergraduate college journalist. The work of Pi Delta Epsilon is educational in that it strives everywhere to teach the ethics, techniques and mechanics of journalism. It teaches service at the sacri- fice of self. Membership qualifications include having the classi- fication of an upperclassman and active participation on the editorial or business staffs of campus publications. OFFICERS DICK MILLER President CORTLAND ANDERSON .... Vice-President SANDRA LAYTON Secretary LEON HAMILTON Treasurer SIDNEY LANIER Historian PROF. ROGERS WHITENER Adviser 167 ■ ■•• • v i First row: June Norman, Vivian Vann, Berma Doty, Lehoma Bain, Effie Lou Hopper, Louise Rabe. Second row: Beryl Insinger, Lee Wayne Eskelin, Ellen Moore, Barbara Turner, Ira Parker. SIGMA RHO EPSILON Membership in Sigma Rho Epsilon is open to majors in religious education, to those interested in the field, and to wives of pre-theological students. An organization promoting the development of re- ligious education on campus, Sigma Rho Epsilon has as its purposes: to cooperate actively with all other cam- pus groups for the promotion of the common good; to function as a service organization on campus and in the community; and to emphasize scholastic achieve- ment. OFFICERS BARBARA TURNER President EFFIE LOU HOPPER Vice-President MARIJO PRICE Secretary-Treasurer BERMA DOTY Publicity Chairman MRS. GRACE SNYDER Adviser MISS DOROTHY EUBANKS Adviser [68 % 1 1 5w I m r First row: Dr. Chris Carratt, Dale Sours, John Melendi, Joseph Emsley, Dale Douglass, Daryl Douglass, Robert Fannin, Charles Lawson, Thomas Russ, Steve Gianos. Second row: Pete Lasher, Al Schwind, Rex Alves, Charles Reddick, Nat Naccarato, Bentley Chil- son, Bob Burkholder, Jack Harris, Ralph Fulford. Third row: Richard Rotunno, Robert Vivian, George Peck, Jim McCullough, Jim Easterling, Dalton Jones, T. W. Cortelyor. ELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi, organized last year at FSC, is a pro- fessional fraternity designed to foster the study of business and to further a higher standard of commer- cial ethics and culture in the community. Membership is reserved for those having a " B " average in pre- commerce and business administration subjects and a 2.5 overall average. Activities include having prominent outside speak- ers from the business world, studying the latest litera- ture concerning the various industries and business corporations, and acting as a medium between the college graduate and employer. OFFICERS GEORGE PECK President BOB VIVIAN Vice-President JIM McCULLOUGH Secretary JACK JAGELER Treasurer JOSEPH EMSLEY Warden 169 Fir, rou- Pat Stonis Carol Anne Buell, Mario Connor, Margaret Miss Donna Stoddard, Prof. John G. Naylor, Linda Kell, Prof. Connor, Harry Long. Second rou: Gary Peters, Carol-Lee Veitch, George Olson. KAPPA PI Kappa Fi, the international honorary art fraternity, was installed on Florida Southern ' s campus in 1943 and reactivated last year. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote greater artistic interest and achievement among the students. Requirements for membership are: a student must be majoring or minoring in art, having completed 12 hours of art with a " B " average in the twelve hours. OFFICERS PAT STONIS President LINDA KELL Vice-President CAROL-LEE VEITCH Secretary HUGO POSADA Treasurer 170 « % « ♦ ZETA TAU ALPHA • -! ' M;li f Jl Jf Jm J J J u ACTIVES: First rou: Carol Marshall, Judy White, Joan Owsley, Diane Culloden, Jo Daniel, Janis Cothern, Jeanne Merrill, Donna Wink. Second row: Ruth Kleinknecht, lucky Barnes, Diane Whitice, Joan Kempf, Opal Foster, Carole Point, Hope Witt, Bettilyn Dinkle. Third row: Carol-Lee Veitch, Theresa Whitice, Eve Messmore, Sue Durrance, Sally Roberts, Grace Roderick, Jean Cooper, Sidney Lanier, ALPHA CHI OMEGA " Together Jet us seek the heights " . . . This is the in- centive for each Alpha Chi as she devotes her efforts to work for the improvement of social and scholastic activities on campus . . . We are proud of our Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart Donna Wink . . . Phi Sigma Kappa Sweetheart Ann Dahlgard . . . Co-ed Captains: Pat Elliott, Carol Marshall, Peg Gribben, Judy White, Sally Roberts, . . . and our three cheerleaders . . . campus organizations are well represented: Secretary- Treasurer of the Junior Class . . . President of Pi Gamma Mu . . . Interlachen Editor . . . member of Who ' s Who . . . Cap and Gown, Kappa Pi, Pi Delta Epsilon, Vagabonds, Concert Choir, NEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Student Union, and Southern Staff . . . we are also the proud owners of the Kappa Sigma Olympic trophy . . . altruistic highlights of our year were making " self- help toys " for handicapped children and our annual Christmas open house, admission being one toy for a children ' s home . . . we enjoyed our " 7 Up " parties with fraternities each week . . . we thank Mrs. Violet Simms, our new Alum Advisor, for all her help throughout the year . . . and of course, our new Mother, Mrs. Ward. 172 OFFICERS SUE DURRANCE President CAROL MARSHALL .... First Vice-President THERESA WHITICE . . . Second Vice-President DONNA WINK .... Corresponding Secretary CAROL-LEE VEITCH .... Recording Secretary JUDY WHITE Treasurer BETA OMICRON CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row: Carol Lee Cornwell, Sandra Lovell, Mary Martha Wafer, Mimi Howard, Virginia Topic, Arlene Jourdan. Keitt Alday, Carolyn McGraw, Lynnc Burk, Susan Brackett, Gret- Third row. Nancy Hogarth, Kay Estes, Betty Samuels, Sunny chen Holzbaur. Second row: Peggy Gribben, Nancy Kittleson, Moore, Ann Dahlgard, Joan Spangler. J J J J +J 173 • - . A A . A . i ACTIVES: First row: Pat McNamara, Joyce Simmons, JoAnne Ann Beville Jones, Judy Gardner, Jane Hamby, Betty Pappas, Goodman, Cathy Ewing, Emmy Riddle, Shirley Johnson, Carol Wal- Cherrill Knudten. Third row: Carol Martin, Patti Brown, Charlene ters, Margo Anderson. Second row: Bobbie Pierce, Carolyn Chase, Poland, Nicki Clark, Jan Guthrie, Marsha Monfort, Sue Becker. ALPHA DELTA PI A family of friends bound together by a common set of ideals is Alpha Delta Pi, the oldest secret society for women . . . We strive to maintain the ideals of truthfulness, initiative, humility, integrity and loyalty in our lives, in our sorority, and college activities . . . we are honored to have Charlene Poland as Pi Kappa Alphia Sweetheart and Vice-President of State Florida Academy of Sciences . . . Senators and members of Who ' s Who . . . Sheila Stephen as Co-ed Colonel and Carol Martin as Co-ed Captain . . . members of Cap and Gown, Political Union, Southern Staff, Interlacben Staff, Supreme Court, Concert Choir, Home Economics Club, WSGA, Beta Beta Beta, NEA . . . President of Panhellenic Board . . . Gail Black as Secretary-Treasurer of the Sophomore Class . . . Alpha Delta Pi is fortunate to have three Florida beauties, Mary Jane Blake, " Miss Lakeland " . . . Mary Lane, " Miss Pasco County " . . . Marsha Monfort, " Miss Tampa. " . . . our wonderful and helpful housemother Irbye . . . and our beloved " King of Diamonds " Fred Hurlburt . . . wearing the pin of Alpha Delta Pi gives us a sense of pride and is a symbol of attainment. We love to wear it because it lets others know how happy and proud we are to wear the diamond . . . " We live for each other. " « % • OFFICERS JANE HAMBY President BOBBIE PIERCE Vice-President JOYCE SIMMONS Recording Secretary PATTI BROWN .... Corresponding Secretary JOANNE GOODMAN Treasurer GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row: Jane Gary, Carol Sue Shiplett, Diana Peck, Judy Bradley, Jill Berthy, Chris Parker, Karen Bente, Tillie Perna, Ann Whittemore. Second row: Alice Duisberg, Mary Bass, Lee Grif- fen, Gloria Swope, Janet Dillard, Dudley Rodgers, Celeste Woyak, Teddy Wood. Third row: Jane Fox, Margaret Jones, Betty Withers, Ruth Rogers, Gail Black, Mary Alice Corrigan, Tommy Davis. 175 ACTIVES: First row: Micaela Morien, Sheila Bryant, Martha Smith, Sue Hagist, Barbara Clifford, Maureen Crum. Second row: Barbara Eisenberger, Arlene Lemke, Emily Emmenegger, Peggy Delcgal, Barbara Jones, Barbara Barker. Third ron: Joan Palsgraaf, Nancy Biggers, Mary Rudolph, Sue Opler, Barbara Bauhof, Judy Pere- boom, Judy Freed. ALPHA OMICRON PI Loyal forever, alpha to thee . . . this is the sentiment of the girls who have shared a wonderful year in AOPi . . . We got off to a rousing start when we won the intramural volleyball tournament for the third straight year . . . AOPi ' s held offices in many clubs and organizations . . . Vice-President of the Intramural Board . . . President and Vice-President of the Dolphin Club . . . Vice-President of Panhellenic . . . Social Chairman of Home Economics Club . . . Secretary of WSGA . . . Historian of Propeller Club . . . members of Kappa Pi . . . Vagabonds . . . Pep Club . . . NEA . . . Christmas was really in the air when the AOPi ' s joined voices to serenade sororities and fraternities . . . Beverly Jones made us proud with her singing appear- ances in Chapel and local churches ... as did Marie Lorito . . . Sweetheart of Lambda Chi Alpha . . . there was our Founder ' s Day Banquet . . . and the Bermuda Party skit that rocked and rolled the audience . . . our love to our ever patient housemother, " Mom ' ' Wright . . . the year was completed with the annual Rose Ball . . . and a feeling of lasting pride in the Rubies and Roses of Alpha Omicron Pi. « OFFICERS BARBARA EISENBERGER President BARBARA JONES Vice-President JUDY PEREBOOM .... Recording Secretary EMILY EMMENEGGER . . Corresponding Secretary SUE OPLER Treasurer KAPPA GAMMA CHAPTER PLEDGES: Firs row: Bcttie Toomer, Salli Olowecki, Nancy Siers, Lish Preuss, Carolee Evertse, Kay Tessman. Third row: Deann Liz Weismantel, Peggy Brandenburger, Pat Laden, DoeAnn Gay, Ecton, Nancy Lee Fein, Pat Taylor, Ellen Hudson, Pat Amble: Linda Little, Paula Carolan. Second row: Jayne Copeland, Leslie Jo Stuart, Judy Bottom. Lloyd, Donna Wheless, Kay McCormick, Pat Gravatt, Dee Fallan, ACTIVES: Firs Parrott, Joanr, row: Juanita Dinsmore, Sandra Clockadale, Linda Kofoed, JoAnne Rowdybush, Deborah Jacobs. Second row. Edna Ryder, Shirley Stakey, Sarah Ann Smith, Jackie Boulet, Nancy Ervin. BETA SIGMA OMICRON After being welcomed back to college by a completely re-decorated house and new housemother, Mrs. R. O. Ferguson, the Beta Sigs began a very active and suc- cessful year . . . shortly after open house came the Christmas Dance at which time the Beta Beau was named . . . Founder ' s Day was celebrated with a cere- mony and dinner with the alums ... in the Spring, following the annual Pink Lady Dance, the alums treated the Beta Sig ' s to a picnic ... in addition to these events . . . JoAnne Rowdybush became engaged to David Taylor . . . members participated in many organizations including NEA ... Pi Gamma Mu . . . Home Economics Club . . . Vagabonds . . . Concert Choir . . . Library Staff . . . Westminster Foundation . . . Alpha Psi Omega . . . President of Intramural Board . . . Secretary of College Union ... Phi Epsilon Mu Public Relations Chairman ... we have been proud of this year at Southern and look forward to next year with pride and eagerness. 178 OFFICERS JACKIE BOULET President JUANITA DINSMORE Vice-President SARAH ANN SMITH Secretary SHIRLEY STAKEY Treasurer NANCY ERVIN Warden BETA ZETA CHAPTER PLEDGES: First r Withee, E. J. Saur Sandra Wickham, Jacqueline Bodle, Lianne i, Barbara Hopson, Janet Van Namee, Lynn Anderson. Second row: Sally Craig, Joan Huff, Caroline Howes, Marie Goossens, Marian Goossens, Carolyn Mayer, Josephine Joseph. — ' " " . ' J:. ■■■■■■■■■ ■ ■■■■MIMHHMHMHHHHIH ACTIVES: First rou: Pat Autrey, Jackie Bray, Beverly Emsley, Donnasue Dunklee, Carol Ann Buell, Ginny Stewart, Mary Ella Cobb, Kathy Burke. Second row. Jamie Beaty, Arlene Detroy, Shirley Coulter, Anne Vogel, Joanne Bradley, Judy Westphal, Bev- erly Haines, Patsy Keagle. Third rou: Jo Ann Cocke, Connie Mat- thews, Betty Morgan, Barbara Ferris, Evelyn Myers. ELTA ZETA " To the World, I promise temperance and insight and courage, to crusade for justice, to seek the truth and defend it always " . . . these our guiding potentials to leadership of the Delta Zeta Sorority . . . We were proud to be honored with . . . Honor Walk Student, " Miss Southern " . . . winning float with Southerneers . . . Tep Hop Queen . . . Egypt Shrine Queen . . . Anne Vogel, Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . members holding offices in campus organizations . . . Secretary of Pi Gamma Mu . . . Secretary of Beta Beta Beta . . . Secretary and Historian of Political Union . . . Vice President of W SGA . . . Secretary of Su- preme Court . . . officers in other organizations . . . Canterbury Club, Minerva Club, Intramural Board . . . members of Phi Epsilon Mu, Kappa Pi, Senate, Kappa Delta Pi, Vagabonds . . . pledging and initia- tion banquets throughout the year highlighted by our sisters ' Christmas Party made complete by our sixteen wonderful fall pledges . . . all of this is Delta Zeta . . . through its binding bonds of friendship, under- standing, unity and action. ISO OFFICERS DONNASUE DUNKLEE President PAT AUTREY Vice-President ANNE VOGEL Recording Secretary ARLENE DETROY Treasurer BETA MU CHAPTE PLEDGES: First row; Sue McDonald, Jackie McGuirl, Joan Fitter- Johnson, Nancy Pilat, Lynn Corbitt, Shirley Norton, Mattie Mundy, ling, Cookie Burke, Charlotte Briggs, Pat Robinson, Gail Cookman, Margaret Rose Rogers, Carolyn Arey. Janet Waters, Ginny Burgess. Second row: Mary Clark, Judy J K v Ki u v 181 ACTrVES: First row: Jean Richardson, Janet Ungro, Lois Sickles, Hanson. Third r Pat Sperry, Arlene Levine, Pat Stonis, Anne Aldrich, Ann Harper. Millie Clements Second row: Joan Eppenberger, Bobbie Anne Green, Eve Lowe, Margee Woodha Mary Jane Foy, Mary Lou Cunningham, Jo Ann Harris, Betty cky Peruitt, Mary Ogletree, Lynn Heberling, • Gauker, Nancy Brewer, Pat Reinking, KAPPA DELTA " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest. " . . . This is the Open Motto of Kappa Delta . . . the young women of Kappa Delta on South- ern ' s campus have truly upheld this motto in their many attainments . . . Valedictorian of the Class of 1957 . . . Scholarship Trophy for three consecutive terms . . . members of Who ' s Who . . . Presidents of Kappa Pi, Home Economics Club . . . Vice-Presidents of the Junior and Senior Class . . . members of Alpha Psi Omega, Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Delta Epsilon, Senate, Vagabonds, Interlachen Staff, Southern Staff, WSGA, Intramural Board . . . Sweethearts of Tau Epsilon Phi, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Sigma Rho . . . Pledge- Sweethearts of Pi Kappa Phi, Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . our Beauties: " Miss Stuart, " Mildred Clements . . . Shrine Queen Alice Gauker . . . we will remember our Christmas party with TKE . . . our wonderful Sweetheart, Chan Hatcher . . . our beloved housemother, Mrs. Reid . . . and the fun of casual afternoons playing bridge . . . tremendously proud of our philanthropy, Crippled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia . . . yes, the Diamond Shield of Kappa Delta will al- ways and ever represent the finest of young women and their high ideals. 182 ■fc OFFICERS JEAN RICHARDSON President PAT SPERRY Vice-President BETTY HANSON Secretary JANET UNGRO Treasurer MARY OGLETREE Assistant Treasurer LOIS SICKELS Editor GAMMA EPSILON CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row: Mary Keyser, Saundra Harpe, Kay Green, | Ward, Penny Graham, Betty Lawler, Nancy Jenkins, Di Glee Pulley, Jackie Crawford, Nancy Duckham. Second row: Judy Uson, Anne Reeves. John- 1S3 ♦■ •♦♦•• •;! ACTIVES: First row: Joan Morton, Karen Terry, Sue Clark, Lois Haight, Susen Milling, Mary Jo Campbell, Lucia Koopman, Estelle Mitchell, Sylvia Firth, Marie Jordan. Second roil " . Joye Meier, Gerry Grieve, Nancy Clement, Marty Critchlow, Jody Sylvester, Nancy Peddie, Margaret McKinnon, Delaine Gordon, Mariane Clemmons. Third row: Judy Southwick, Mary Grable, Mary Ann Pownall, Beverly Tresca, Barbara Middleton, Patti Daughtry. PHI Mil As representatives of our national organization, we of Alpha Tau Chapter are proud of our record of achieve- ments over the past year . . . We have triumphed in the Women ' s Intramural Crew race . . . built a beau- tiful float with Lambda Chi Alpha and held our spec- tacularly successful Spring Formal in Tampa . . . our social service program saw our pledge classes doing daily nurse ' s aide work at the hospital in conjunction with the Lakeland Junior Women ' s Club . . . around the campus Phi Mu ' s are seen at meetings of every type ... as members and officers . . . President and other officers of NEA . . . President of Cap and Gown and Treasurer of Senate, along with other senators . . . two chosen for Who ' s Who . . . Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class . . . members and officers of Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, as well as most religious organizations, Vagabonds, Home Economics Club, " S " Club, Southern and Interlachen Staffs ... we have a great tradition to uphold, passed on to us by our founders at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia in 1852 . . . since our founding on this campus in 1954 we have done our best to maintain the highest ideals of woman- hood . . . " Thus keeping true to the meaning, spirit and reality of Phi Mu. " 184 OFFICERS MARGARET McKINNON President SUE CLARK Vice-President BEVERLY TRESCA Secretary MARY GRABLE Treasurer PAT DAUGHTRY Pledge Director ALPHA TAU CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row: Molly Denison, Marcie Miller, Nancy Proulx, Sally George, Eileen Makowski, Sharon Philips, Barbara Young, Elaine Stephens. Second rote: Doris Vickers, Florence Chandler, Gayle Butler, Musette Raper, Carole McAdams, Ann Kayser, Cath- erine Cornwell. Third row: Alice Arggros, Charlotte Lee Petrie. +A J J " . .-.-» . . . wi if t ' kd t tiv -■■ ' +— » ■■ ■ .■■A.fc.- - 185 ■ . ,. bi .( .•■ ti f«faiiriiirivii imryfin m iiin iia dli nhiiiiiiMiiiiih i in ,i u ACTIVES: Firs ro« : Emily Wine, Pat McCloughan, Anne Turner, Betty Lou Tinsley, Mary Eddie, Marilyn Calhoun, Vivian Bryant, Emme Wissmann, Pat A ' Hern. Second row: Geralyn Lynch, Caye Brelsford, Dixie Chambers, Martha Hendry, Roberta Lawrence, Jo- anne Felscn, Carolyn Burt, Donna Pusinelli. Third row. Joan Mc- Kevitt, Joy Coward, Nyra Payton, Lillian Childers, Cindy Cronwall. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Beta Phi of Sigma Sigma Sigma has now completed its fourth year at Southern . . . and we think it was a pretty good one . . . our girls were present in almost every college activity . . . WSGA, members of Vaga- bonds, Home Economics Club, Political Union, Inter- national Club, Sigma Tau Delta, Methodist Student Movement, Who ' s Who, Lutheran League . . . Presi- dent of Kappa Delta Pi . . . Secretary-Treasurer of NEA . . . Treasurer of NEA . . . Secretary-Treasurer of Cap and Gown . . . Junior Female Senator . . . Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi, Marilyn Calhoun, of whom we are justly proud . . . we ' re also proud of winning the Cinderella Holiday trophy given us for the Olympics of Kappa Sigma Rho . . . our Deep Purple Ball . . . the traditional Founder ' s Day Banquet . . . and all the fun we had getting ready for the Founders ' Week float . . . the coffees with the fra- ternities . . . the parties we had at Easter and at Christ- mas for the children ' s homes . . . there are so many things we remember and treasure about this year that have made it one of the greatest yet for us . . . we have tried to live up to Sigma ' s ideals and standards . . . the high aims of Sigma Sigma Sigma. % 4 • % ft OFFICERS MARILYN CALHOUN President JOY COWARD Vice-President BETTY LOU TINSLEY . . . Recording Secretary PAT McCLOUGHAN . . Corresponding Secretary VIVIAN BRYANT Treasurer CAROLYN BURT .... Scholarship Chairman JP %■ Jl? f fa Jl ■ I mt % ■■) U v,T BETA PHI CHAPTER PLEDGES: Louise French, Mary Lee Joyner, Connie Tretsch, Jane Darnell. 1S7 •■♦••• ACTIVES: First row: Caroline Tyler, Carole Carpenter, Florence Griffin, Joanne Wiseman, Sally Minar, Carol Ann Jenkins, Maxene Britt, Bonny Hurlbut. Second row: Joanne Hicks, Mary Elizabeth Tapp, Charlotte Harper, Marilyn Weyant, Anita Rodriquez, Judy Goldsmith, Janis Mazza, Marijo Price. ZETA TAU ALPHA This has been a wonderful first year at Delta Beta Chapter— chartered April 27, 1957 . . . since our lovely White Violet Installation Banquet, Zeta Tau Alpha girls have been building treasured " Zeta Memories " . . . September 29, 1957 ... the elegant reception in the Drawing Room of Joseph Reynolds Hall with many National Zeta Tau Alpha and college dignitaries as guests, as well as representatives from the sororities and fraternities on campus ... we will also remember the Founders ' Day ceremony we had with the alumnae . . . we really enjoyed chasing our bachelor friends to the Sadie Hawkins ' Day Dance . . . we ' re proud of our twenty-one fall pledges and of our new house on Lake Hollingsworth Drive . . . Zeta ' s had the Corresponding Secretary of Panhellenic Council and members in the Baptist Student Union, Home Economics Club, Inter- Faith Council, NEA, Young Republicans, Methodist Student Movement, Pi Gamma Mu, Concert Choir, Music Educator ' s National Conference, Kappa Delta Pi, Southern Staff, International Club, Hall Council, Concert Band, Orchestra, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Pep Club, cheerleading, and Vagabonds . . . we ' ll remember al- ways Tim Minar, our Sweetheart, and our open motto, " Seek the Noblest. " 188 OFFICERS CHARLOTTE HARPER President MARY ELIZABETH TAPP .... Vice-President SALLY MINAR .... Corresponding Secretary CAROL ANN JENKINS . . . Recording Secretary MARIJO PRICE Treasurer ELTA BETA CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row: Carol Romanick, Susan Scott, Dianna Wing- ler, Barbara Kazanjian, Mary Graves, Merle Skinner, Kay Lazarus, Ann Matthews. Second roiv: Dianne Backus, Carole Smith, Sharon Fitch, Sylvia Stephens, Elizabeth Franckum, Gail Bennett, Dee Anna Thomas. Third row. Marsha Wolfe, Kay Martin, Betty Wilcher, Carole Thomas, Cay Yarborough, Nancy Ivey. • ••■ ■• A . V i ] L-. ■■■ First row: Ginny Stewart, Shirley Coulter, Anna Maria Sica, Lucky Second row. Carol-Lee Veitch, Joan Palsgraaf, Charlene Poland, Barnes, Joanne Wiseman, Eve Lowe, Deborah Jacobs, Edna Ryder. Boots Barker, Pat Reinking, Jan Mazza, Marty Critchlow. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Panhellenic Council serves as a forum for the dis- cussion of fraternity and sorority problems, fosters the ideals of fraternity life on a high level and governs the rules of rushing and pledging. The Council is composed of two members and an alumnae from each sorority on campus. It holds a most responsible position in the every-day life of college. OFFICERS CHARLENE POLAND President JOAN PALSGRAAF Vice-President EDNA RYDER Secretary MARTY CRITCHLOW Treasurer 100 First roil ' .- Charles Bonanno, Richard Durbin, Richard Ford, Pete Lasher, Jack Sells, Gary Carnes, George Umholtz. Second row: Don Heider, Dick Kamerling, Otis Gorman, Ed McMullen, John Schlosser, Ernie Parsons. Third row: Don Sinclair, John Simpson, Peyt Montgomery, Ed Denison, Bob Burkholder. INTERFR ATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council promotes the betterment of the college through the improvement of the social fraternities. Representatives from each fraternity on campus comprise the group which strives to equalize the opportunities. Activities of the Council include the co-sponsoring with Panhellenic Council of the annual Orientation Week dance and the Christmas dance, and also co- operating with the students during Founders ' Week. OFFICERS DON HEIDER President DICK KAMERLING Vice-President OTIS GORMAN Secretary WENDEL KELLY Treasurer Afe w w First row: Kenyon Laughrey, Homer Alexander, Henry Tooke, Bobby Stokes, Henry Beckwith, Steve Poole, A. W. Parramore, Carlton Wright, Leon Braddock, Leslie Grizzard, Ronnie Barnes, Irvine Chipley. Second row: Fred Botts, Bob Hugh, Roger Parker, Jim O ' Donnell, Robert Hayes, Ernest Griggs, David Ricketson, Michael Smith, Ted Drum, Steve Chitty, Don Purviance. Third row: Bill Home, Charles Brown, Bob Berrey, Frank Delegal, Richard Smith, John Rano, John Matz, Charles Stanaland, Buddy Pringle, Walter Rilea, Gordon Lee, Frank Smith. First rou: Frank Kronk, Jim Harrison, Ed Dewell, John Burnett, Nat Naccarato, Charles Kloski, Dick Schaddelee, Hank Waters, Byron Kennedy, Charles Lyon, Bill Means, Bill Purvis, Jack Sells. Howard Marwick, Prof. Fred D. Wish, adviser. Second row: Jim Hagen, Don Griswold, Don Drury, John Sandeen, Bert Lee, Jim Donovan, Bill Howard, Earl Means, Dick Adams, Lon McCabe, Kirk Walker, John Ford, Gene Wilson. Third row: Bill Miller, Joe Warren, Mott Peck, Dick Engler, Jim Musselman, Bill Linton, Eddie Kolaska, Keith Mitchell, Rick Carlson. First rou: James Petty, Steve Gianos, Dave Sturdevan, Rubei Cuervo, Sonny Simerly, Fred Lindsay, Joseph Caranante, Jim Curry Bobby Martin, Walter Hudson, Carl Nimnicht, Don LaBarbera Second row: Nick Guagliardo, Jesse Hartline, Miller Griffin, Ton Osborne, Bill Clark, Bill Dempsey, Constantinos Kopelousos, Carl Aldrich, Loring Lovcll, Ed Monarchik, H. B. Steen. Third row: Pete Lasher, Bill Walker, Lee Walker, Ken Gilleland, Bill Schwartz, Grant Townsend, Wayne Killen, John Granrose, Don Tobin, Doc Smith. KAPPA ALPHA COLONY OFFICERS HENRY BECKWITH President JIM O ' DONNELL Vice-President TED DRUM Secretary STEVE POOLE Treasurer KAPPA SIGMA RHO COLONY OFFICERS JACK SELLS President BYRON KENNEDY Vice-President CHARLES LYON Secretary NAT NACCARATO Treasurer DICK SCHADDELEE Pledge Master SIGMA CHI ALPHA COLONY OFFICERS PETE LASHER President DOC SMITH Vice-President WAYNE KILLEN Secretary m Ml ■ — » Treasurer l ■ | : 1 - 1 ' § 5 g K C t . -V i ' 1 1 MARIE LORITA Sweetheart of Lambda Chi Alpha Epsilon Xi chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha was first presented to Florida Southern College twenty years ago, and has contributed greatly to the progress of the college both in the past and present . . . obtaining leadership positions . . . President of the Intramural Board . . . first in scholarship . . . ROTC cadet offi- cers . . . members of the " All Star Team " ... to our sweetheart Marie Lorita we give all our love and gratitude . . . the month of March brought in our 20th anniversary with all our faithful alumni helping to celebrate the gay occasion which will never be for- gotten . . . memories will always remain of this pros- perous year with a continual close bond between the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ACTIVES: first row. Charles Hill, Wayne Bailey, Richard Fenwick, Joseph Emsley, George Nebhuth, Benny Bennett, Roger Quisenberry, Bob Myers, Ted Thompson, Dr. James T. Park. Second row: Pat Kendall, John Greene, Bob Edmonds, John Hey, Wally Bullard, Johnson, Dale Douberl? ,s. Third row: Dr. Robe Dale Rider, John Barn n, Dave Schriemer, Prof. Bob L. MacGowan, Robert E. Lee, Harry , Jack Stevens, Don Sinclair, Don y S. Kiser. OFFICERS ERNIE PARSONS President JOSEPH EMSLEY Vice-President DALE DOUBERLY Secretary RICHARD FENWICK Treasurer JACK STEVENS Pledge Trainer BOB LAMA Rush Chairman iQ EPSILON XI CHAPTE PLEDGES: First row: Howard Tyus, Robert Finley, James Brownlee, Ronald Morton, Al Belcher, Gordon Keith, Dale Sours, James Law- hon. Second row: Don Hawkins, Doug Parrish, Charles Pence, John Isbirian, Bob Montgomery, John Jones, Roger Kohlstedt. Third Forrest Rockett, Sam Dunn, Darrell May, Jerry Leston. ♦ • •• -♦ m ■ m 1 H[ One of the most outstanding things about the Phi Sigs this year is that they represent in one organization al- most the entire spectrum of interests and personalities ... on the one hand we have Ed Brooks and his Soccer team, on the other, Lee Hamilton and his College Forum: then again, on the one side, there is Dave Nelson and his sports cars . . . true, these are but a few of the many fascinating and sometimes fantastic interests of the brothers, but there is one thing they all agree upon . . . that " supreme entity " is none other than fun for all . . . with the fun, has been plenty of work too which can be illustrated by the high scholas- tic average that the Phi Sig ' s have maintained ... all in all, the brothers have had a wonderful year; a year long to be remembered. ANN DAHLGARD Moonlight Girl of Phi Sigma Kappa PHI SIGMA KAPPA PLEDGES AND ACTIVES: First row: Max Selig, James Lubach, Flynn. Second row: Martin McKay, Wendell Kelly, David Nelson Charles Booth, Gary Conner, Ronald Gotts, Maurice Altman, Rex Bill Firth, Leon Hamilton, Jack Alvrus, Tom Hughes. 190 OFFICERS WENDELL KELLY President TOM HUGHES Vice-President LEON HAMILTON Secretary JACK ALVRUS Treasurer w OMEGA TRITON CHAPTER The Phi Sigma Kappa ' s relax in the afternoon in their chapter room . . . after a hard morning of classes. ♦ ■• •« CHARLENE POLAND Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha Within the heart of every fraternity man there exists a living loyalty to his fraternity . . . loyalty such as this has made our fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, a symbol of brotherhood by expressing itself in accomplishments such as . . . winning the Scholarship Trophy . . . intra- mural trophies and championships . . . many beautiful serenades . . . open houses . . . and many other things . . . the reasons for these accomplishments could be one of several . . . leadership of our devoted counselor, David Readdick . . . our Dream Girl, Charlene Poland . . . our officers in the chapter . . . the bond of brother- hood which has been built . . . but it is not just one, it is all, all joining to set even higher goals for Pi Kappa Alpha. PI KAPPA ALPHA ACTIVES: First row. Chick Hackney, Peter Perciasepe, William Hatton, Roger Flanigan, Randolph Hovey, Johnny Robinson, Charles Graham, Billy Britt, Bob Fannin, Wally Smith, Doug Tipton, Paul Pearson, Ed McMullen. Second rou: P. L. Hay, John Maines, H. L. Clemmons, Bill Whitfield, Tom Hamilton, Ron Roberson, Walter Zigrang, Lee Buck, Guy Johnson, John Watson, Clayton Skinner, Jim McCullough, John Jones, Paul Wille, Adviser. Third roil : David Readdick, Adviser, Russ Sackett, Donald Griffith, Neal Justin, John Vermette, Fred Hurlburt, Haynes Bumby, Dalton Jones, Ray Schmid, Ralph Fulford, Jim Davis, Jim Easterling, Bob Burkholder. Fourth row: George Hightower, Dean Sims, Karl Ewerts, Frank Hardy, Bill Loy, Bob McLendon, Bob Phillips, Richard Lobb, Lynn Home, Kenneth Rauth, Carl Schuchardt, Jim Anderson. OFFICERS ED McMULLEN President CARL SCHUCHARDT Vice-President BILL LOY Secretary LEE BUCK Assistant Treasurer JAMES EASTERLING .... Assistant Treasurer JOHNNY ROBINSON Social Chairman ELTA DELTA CHAPTE PLEDGES: First row: George Hueneman, Bob McKenzie, G Bittle, Linton Taylor, John Mulligan, Les Lawn, Jennings Rou, DeLoney, Charles Dickson. Second row: Lloyd Stith, John M Brad Dinsmore, Bob Alig, Ronal Haskins, Bob Longbottom, To Ray Rice, Morris Hagstrom. Third row: Derwood Outlaw, Dave Hors- nor, burgh, Paul Keen, Walter Boland, John Thompson, Millard Owen. l ' .i ' .l MARILYN CALHOUN Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi At the College of Charleston, Charleston, South Caro- lina, Pi Kappa Phi was founded in December, 1904, and was born on Southern ' s campus October 16, 1948 ... a small nucleus of seventeen veterans of World War II began to work towards the ideals for which Pi Kap ' s all over the nation are bound in brotherhood, " Brothers all together " . . . the diamond pin and our colors of gold and whi te shall always be memorable to us as we travel on toward our individual goals . . . our most lovely Sweetheart, Marilyn Calhoun, sere- nades, splash parties, those great pledges classes and the unforgettable Sweetheart Dance . . . will remind us of a truly great year in Pi Kappa Phi. PI KAPPA PHI ACTIVES: Firs row: Paul Lovern, Carl Koch, Bob Wood Carnes, Dale Morrison, Howie McMichael, Ken Ketterer, Dr. Date- son, Adviser. Second row: Victor Fountain, Lewis Sanchez, Carle Elkins, Keith Lawhorn, Richard King, Larry Carter, Robert New- combe. Third row: Don Brown, Wayne Harris, Richard Carroll, Richard Walters, Pat Ellis, George Wadsworth. Fourth rou: Rex Alves, Guy Chappell, Jim Bencyfield, John Jageler, Robert Thomp- son, Cliff Mueller, Ed Denison. 200 ,; a , .. .A. . ■ OFFICERS ED DENISON President REX ALVES Recording Secretary PAUL LOVERN .... Corresponding Secretary LARRY CARTER Treasurer VICTOR FOUNTAIN Chaplain PAT ELLIS Historian 9 A.Q ETA BETA CHAPTE PLEDGES: First row: David Kill, Jim Seagers, Bob Nichols, Jim Chios, Bill McLain, Charles Chastain, Ted Scharfenstein, George Egner, Raymond Garcia. Second rou: Armando Gutierrez, Bob Chapin, Harry Goode, Bob Jones, Jim Evans, Bill Padrick, Da Hunter, Bill Conner. 201 ANNE VOGEL Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilc Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama on March 9, 1856 . . . our chapter on South- ern ' s campus received its charter November 12, 1949 . . . our fraternity has shown outstanding school spirit by participating in all phases of college life . . . Presi- dent of the Student Body, Junior and Senior Senators are offices held by members . . . Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and Cadet Colonel of ROTC are also positions held by active members . . . sons of Minerva lead such campus groups as the Southern, Delta Sigma Pi, Pi Delta Epsilon, Kappa Pi, and many others . . . we won the first award with our Christmas display . . . our Sweetheart, Anne Vogel, is to each of us our own sweetheart . . . the binding friendships, the memories and good times will always be in the hearts of the Brothers of SAE. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ACTIVES: First row: Donald Groen, John Mead, Dale Douglass, Daryl Douglass, Bob Wallace, Bill Kelly, Carl Christoff, " John Melendi, Frank Troina, Tom Russ, Don Rott, Bob Rowland, Buddy Odiorne, Jim Callaway. Second row: Chan Hatcher, Gary Stevens, Al Schwind, Brian Lavan, Ed Powell, Gary Grabb, Ray Kcuthan, Corky Ross, Chuck Spencer, Dave Callender, Bob Fernandez, Brooks Calloway, Bill Hussey. Third row: Ralph Hoyt, Edward Linebaugh, Jere Moorman, Gary Peters, Otis Gorman, Dick Fulford, Bob Berry, Maurice Goldsmith, Skip Lehmann, Len Anderson, Ramon Garcia, Dale Pierce, fourth row: Prof. J. G. Ogden; Adviser, James Hull, Lenny Kurfirst, Noel Engler, Jim Tipton, Mike Michael, Robert Vivian, I.eon Hall, Cortland Anderson. 202 OFFICERS OTIS GORMAN President NOEL ENGLER Vice-President GARY PETERS Secretary BILL KELLY Treasurer FLORIDA GAMMA CHAPTE ■■■■■■■ PLEDGES: First row: Chuck Schmidt, Gene Genest, Gordon Bush, Arlett, Gary Morris. Third row: Bill Kirkpatrick, Bob Gibson, Bob Bill Worth, Joe Capitano, Mike Williams, Bob Sharp. Second rou : Bruneel, Bill Campbell, Bill Dreyer, Gary Farrell, Phil Diuguid, Tom DiCesare, Tim Howell, Dick Weaver, Wally Minnis, Dick Tom Peterson. 203 ■•••■• DONNA WINK etheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon What makes a fraternity strong is brotherhood, leader- ship, unity, spirit, friendliness . . . the Florida Delta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon has proved its worth and place on Southern ' s campus . . . President of the Political Union, Joe Rosselle . . . President of the IFC, Don Heider . . . ROTC company commanders, Gary Grabe, Peyton Montgomery, Jerry Novak . . . Winning the volleyball trophy . . . member of varsity basketball team, Frank Scuderi . . . Donna Wink, our very won- derful sweetheart who has done so much for us . . . memories of a year filled with activities and social events, paving the way for the even more prosperous years to come . . . this is Sigma Phi Epsilon, truly a great name in the fraternity world. SIGMA PHI EPSILON ACTIVES: First rou: Burt Bishop, Ralph Umsted, Al Grice, Ronald Hadraba, Art Gallagher, Bob Campbell, Sherman Fields, Bob Ster- ling, Gary Grabe, J. C. Honaker, John Schlosser. Second roit: Claude Muse, Dean Refram, Thomas Yeager, Joe Hudek, John Rogers, Bob McQuade. Joseph Roselle, Frank Rivera, Pete Koerner, Stuart Polito. Third rou: Alfred Jacob, Donald Heider, George Allan, Jerry Novak, Dick McBurney, Nunzio Pollina, Bernardo Majzel, Peyton Montgomery. 204 OFFICERS PEYTON MONTGOMERY President JOHN SCHLOSSER Vice-President CLAUDE MUSE Treasurer GARY GRABE Treasurer AL JACOB Marshal JERRY NOVAK Marshal RON HADRABA Sereeant-at-Arms FLORIDA DELTA CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row: Bill Brophy, Ray Myzie, John Bosselman, Roberto Baerga, Jack Ingram, Jim Neefus, John Kmetz, Bryan Page. Second row: Charles Duman, Bob Feldman, Morio Toffolo, Sonny Mullis, Carlton Marasco, Dave Dugan, Jim Zafir Chuck Krall, Frank Scuderi, Tom Miller. »• f • • This past year carried many memories for the boys of the Tep House . . . the unyielding efforts of our Presi- dent, Charlie Bonanno, will long be remembered . . . there were memories of the Tep Hop, the Sweetheart Dance, with Nancy Duckham as our new " Sweetie " . . . the Masquerade Party ... we are proud of Dick Friedman and his radio broadcasts every Sunday . . . Herb Sirota as President of Hillel . . . the choosing of the campus queen at the well-known Tep Hop was a crowning highlight of this past year ... we will always remember this year as being a prosperous one which furthered the purpose of our fraternity ... to promote brotherhood among all people. NANCY DUCKHAM Sweetheart of Tau Epsilon Phi TAU EPSILON PHI ACTIVES: First rou : Charles Bonanno, Murray Gross, Mickey Shapiro, Larry Firestone, Herb Sirota. Second row: Alan Licarie, Jack Levine, Mark Levy, Mike Rosenfeld. 206 OFFICERS CHARLES BONANNO President ALAN LICARIE Vice-President NICK DE JUAN Secretary MIKE ROSENFELD Treasurer TAU RHO CHAPTE PLEDGES: First you: Bert Woltf, Dick Friedman, Edward Rubin, Arnold Levin, Larry Si. Second rou: Perry Klimas, Jules Tock, Monte Klein, Bob Wright, Mike Lissner. 207 MARY OGLETREE Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilor A very jubilant return to the new Teke Castle started Beta Tau off on one of its greatest years ... to cele- brate our new home, a terrific house warming featuring a nine-piece band and all the trimmings . . . best of all, we can claim the first fraternity house mother on campus, our wonderful " Mom, " Mrs. Bruggener . . . a vibrant year . . . among other things, the live party at the Sportsman ' s Club . . . the rush feast at Las Novedades in Tampa, resulting in the top pledge class of all . . . traditionally, the outstanding social event of all, the French Underground Party . . . the Christmas party for the Lakeland Orphanage with Kappa Delta ... a great year in all sports . . . we ' re proud of our Christmas display, Founders ' Week float, the Carna- tion Ball, our campus leaders, our sweetheart . . . Mary Ogletree, and the " sweetie " of our pledge class, Anne- Reeves. TAU KAPPA EPSILON ACTIVES: First row: George Umholtz, Jack Kocher, Bob Wardell, Jim Baker, Ross Giangrasso, Ted Wycall, Milan McMannis, Ed Carpenter. Second row: Ken Roth, Bill Asbury, Milton Hall, Walter Trauncr, John Simpson, Dick Kamerling, Al Standerwick, Jim Bass, Dr. E. Raesly. Third row: Professor G. Olson, Adviser; Bill Prcscol Frank Terrana, Walt Loesche, Don Tangal, Jack Kelly, Pete He guth, Bill Hamakcr, Curtis Adkins. 20S OFFICERS DICK KAMERLING President ROSS GIANGRASSO Vice-President TED WYCALL Secretary GEORGE UMHOLTZ Treasurer DON TANGAL Pledge Trainer BETA TAU CHAPTER PLEDGES: First roll: Ricky Farrelli, Antonio dc la Guardia, Jerry Kraaz, Mike Lally, Tommy Ratigan, Joseph Sammataro, Richard Doval. Second row: Ray Lawrence, Jim Kless, Al Parente, Bob Rohlf, Patrick de la Guardia, Stuart Reyman. Third row: Carl Abendroth, Jack Walsh, James Ayers, Mike Abzug, Hays Arnold, Larry McCray. JO ANNE ROWDYBUSH Sweetheart of Theta Chi The Gamma Delta Chapter of Theta Chi ended its 101st year by initiating the best and hardest working pledge class in many years . . . then the bidding a fond goodbye to our graduating seniors as they don their caps and gowns for that final Chapel service . . . but as they leave, so remain a million happy memories . . . late hour finishing touches on the Christmas dis- play and Founders ' Week Float . . . the officers that guided us . . . memories of our wonderful sweetheart Jo Anne Rowdybush . . . the football season . . . the basketball team . . . the baseball team . . . take all of this, add a great bunch of men, mixed in with great senses of humor, throw in a quantity of real friendship . . . you have the makings for the most successful year ever in the Halls of Theta Chi. THETA CHI PLEDGES AND ACTIVES: First ran: James Conley, Tom Myrick, Carl W orde!!, Rocco Arre, John May, Geoffrey Dabson, John Leavitt. Second row: Leo Haymans, Les Welter, John Chcsncy, Dick Ford, Dick Durbin. Third .«»: Hank Meyer, Bill Rain, OFFICERS JAY CHESNEY President DICK DURBIN Vice-President DAVE TYSON Secretary FRED BROWN Treasurer :. ; GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER The Theta Chi ' s are enjoying the use of their chap hey get together to discuss campus activities. 211 i " •♦•♦• ■ • Oi R. O. T. C. CO-ED OFFICERS SHEILA STEPHEN Co-Ed Lt. Colonel, Regimental Staff SALLY ROBERTS . Co-Ed Captain, Honor Guard PEGGY GRIBBEN . . . Co-Ed Captain, Band MARY LOU CUNNINGHAM C o-Ed Captain, " A " Company ROBERTA ANNE GREEN Co-Ed Captain, " B " Company CAROL MARTIN . Co-Ed Captain, " C " Company JUDY WHITE . Co-Ed Captain, " D " Company PAT ELLIOTT . Co-Ed Captain, " E " Company CAROL MARSHALL Co-Ed Captain, " F " Company ■ Co-Ed Lt. Colonel Sheila Stephen. Co-Ed Captains Sally Roberts and Roberta Anne Green. The R.O.T.C. co-ed officers are chosen each year by the Regimental Staff officers and the individual companies. These co-eds represent their respec- tive groups as their sweethearts and serve at the social functions of R.O.T.C. The honor is bestowed upon the young women at the annual Military Ball. Co-Ed Captains Judy White and Mary Lou Cunninghan AT FLORIDA SOUTHERN The Reserve Officers Training Corps was established on Florida Southern College ' s campus 7 years ago under the leadership of Colo- nel Glenn G. Dickenson. It is now one of the largest student pro- grams and presently is headed by Lt. Colonel William R. Nealson. Students who qualify for service in the armed forces study military science and tactics during their freshman and sophomore years. Eligible students who prove their military ability during their basic two years may be promoted to ad- vanced courses in which they will be enrolled for an additional two years. The majority of advanced students receive reserve commis- sions in the U.S. Army at the end of their college careers. Bill Hatton and Russ Sackett chat with Judy White and Pat Elliott at an ROTC reception. Co-Ed Capt I Ma •- ••- -4 R. O. T. C. HONOR GUARD I -M -4i ' Left to ri s ht: SFC Farrel Rogers, Sgt. Roland Samuelson, M Sgt. J. P. Holder, SFC Cecil R. Davis, SFC Gordon R. Woodley, M Sgt. L. B. Barnes. - ' v PISTOL TEAM: F;rsf roic: Hal- lock, Dempsey, McMichael, Tur- ner, Phillips, Johnson. Second row: Brown, Thompson, Bednar, Boland. RIFLE TEAM: First row: Hal- lock, Phillips, Turner, McMich- ael, Johnson. Second row: Bol- and, Thompson, McSwain, Bed- nar, Dempsey. »• •- Cadet Colonel Dale W. Pierce COLOR GUARD Hardy, Granrose, Haberkorn, Owen. ATTLE GROUP STAFF first row. Cadet Col. Dale W. Pierce. Second row: Cadet Lt. Col. Douglas J. Mann, Cadet Lt. Col. Robert P. Jones. Third row: Cadet Major Justus R. Sackett, Jr., Cadet Major Walter C. Loesche, Cadet Major David A. Doster, Cadet Major William R. Hatton. Fourth row. Cadet Capt. Thomas J. DiCesare, Cadet 2nd Lt. Rob- ert D. Burkholder, Cadet M Sgt. Charles H. Whitehead, Cadet Sgt. Robert W. Mundy, Cadet Sgt. Leslie W. Lawn, Cadet Sgt. Durwood H. Hickson. ' " ' ■• ••. 1 1 I - fiffl i 9 COMPANY " B » S0V] Rm --fc ' • " % ' j9r7l Pyfcs pJr K 1 1 ] 1 £ Sf " B !i3 - Jt 111 - 4 I ! J I I 4 m. If to lid hi ■ ■ 1 | COMPANY ■% A; ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY: First row: Capt. J. S. Guy, Winn, Callaway, Pierce, Troina, Doster, Hatton, McMuIlen, Johnson, Lawhon. Second row: Sackett, Loesche, Smith, Watson, Fulford, Edmonds, Powell, Simpson, Burkholder. Third row. Mann, Bennett, Novak, Rushing, DiCesare, Jones, Hallock. O. T. C. BAN First row. Ritch, Eskelin, Chipley, Brady, Donouan, Delegal, Hagen, McLain, Klein, Steen, Elliott. Fourth row: Walsh, White, Sanbor Dale, McMuIlen. Second row: LeClcrc, Hayes, Hopson, Garcia, Levin, Helm, Gillespie, Harris. Fifth row: Smith. Silverstein, Huntsberry, Mullens. Third row: Delegal, Stevens, COACH TOM GREENE The Mocs try a fancy shot. The varsity basketball team lost its share of the Florida Intercollegiate Conference title this season against stiff competition and finished up with an 11-12 mark. But considering that the squad was composed chiefly of fresh- men and sophomores, Moccasin fans can look for better seasons to come. SCHEDULE We They ROLLINS COLLEGE 83 68 JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY 68 70 BIRMINGHAM SOUTHERN COLLEGE . . 85 81 COLGATE UNIVERSITY 63 83 HOBART COLLEGE 67 57 NIAGARA UNIVERSITY 61 82 UPSALA COLLEGE 79 63 KINGS COLLEGE 83 68 WILLIAM CAREY COLLEGE 77 45 STETSON UNIVERSITY 71 76 TAMPA UNIVERSITY 99 70 ROLLINS COLLEGE 59 73 KENTUCKY WESLEYAN COLLEGE ... 65 99 JACKSONVILLE NAVY 91 64 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI 69 84 MERCER UNIVERSITY 75 81 ROLLINS COLLEGE 74 84 ERSKINE COLLEGE 66 58 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI 58 76 STETSON UNIVERSITY 81 80 JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY 60 82 MERCER UNIVERSITY 82 99 TAMPA UNIVERSITY 83 79 LAPOLLA First row: Art Gallagher, manager; Tom Vitito, Bill Sweeney, John McNamara, Captain; Larry McCray, Les Lawn, Tom Greene, coach. Second roiv. Jack Lasch, Len Riley, Frank Scuderi, Bob Hopkins, Bob Ball, Nick La- polla, Bruce Hart. FLORIDA SOUTHERN ' S 1958 MOCCASINS SCUDERI LAWN RILEY BALL 4 » FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Under the direction of coach Don Tobin, Southern ' s cage great of the 1956-57 season, the Freshmen turned in a creditable performance during the past season against some of the state ' s top freshmen and junior college talent. It was a successful season statistically and spiritedly. DON TOBIN Coach Schedule OPPONENT We They FLORIDA SOUTHERN R.O.T.C 53 58 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FRESHMEN . 82 96 ORLANDO JUNIOR COLLEGE .... 99 45 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FRESHMEN . 69 71 1ST. PETERSBURG JUNIOR COLLEGE . . 62 61 ,BARTOW AIR BASE 66 68 STETSON UNIVERSITY FRESHMEN . . 68 79 ST. PETERSBURG JUNIOR COLLEGE . . 83 72 ORLANDO JUNIOR COLLEGE .... 96 42 IBARTOW AIR BASE 80 56 STETSON UNIVERSITY FRESHMEN . . 69 75 FLORIDA SOUTHERN R.O.T.C 71 62 ST. PETERSBURG JUNIOR COLLEGE . . 66 75 FLORIDA SOUTHERN R.O.T.C 81 79 Wally Minnis, 3 3, fires in a one-hander from the corner to lead the Frosh to a victory over the ROTC at the Lakeland High gym. First row: Mike Abzug, Dick Weaver, Bob Sharp, Wally Minni: Carlson. Second row: Coach Don Tobin, Jim Hager, Frank Whe Pete, Marasco, Tom Bentien, Howey Malver, Manager. Ed Myrick, Bob Walton, Rick C, Harry Sheppard, John Ma ck, WATER MOCCASINS A veteran crew team faced this season with visions of winning the state championship once again after two years as an also- ran. The Water Moccasins, bolstered by six crewmen with at least two-years experience, handed Fordham University ' s highly-regarded oarsmen their only loss in Florida competition. But Roy Couch ' s charges still had before them several of the East ' s finest crews, including Amherst, Purdue, Rollins, Tampa, and American International College. DICK KAMERLING ROY COUCH Captain Coach GARY CONNER Manager k M February 1 February 6 March 1 March 5 March 15 April 1 . April 3 . April 5 . April 12 April 19 SCHEDULE Syracuse Home Fordham Home Jacksonville Away Rollins Home Tampa Away Amherst Home American International . . . Home Purdue Home Tampa Home Jacksonville Home VARSITY CREW: Left to right: Bill Hamaker, Jack Burns, Ray Schmid, Dick Kamerling, Jim O ' Donnell, Bob Berry, Antonio de la Guardia, Patricio de la Guardia. Kneeling: Coxy Joe Sammataro. BE " IS mmrnf H V ■MHmJI JAYVEE CREW: Kneeling: Joe Cortina, Ralph Umsted. Standing: Charles Brown, Mitchell Taft, Robert David, Jack Walsh, Stuart Reyman, Bill Linton, Britt Haygood, Milton Harman, Donald Beebe, Steve Cunningham. mm THE JAYVEE CREW The junior varsity crew men, all rowing for the first time, fared well against their com- petition during the 1958 season. The junior crew opened against Rollins College in the annual Founders ' Week Regatta, and closed with Jacksonville University ' s tough oars- men on April 19. SCHEDULE MARCH 5 ROLLINS COLLEGE MARCH 15 TAMPA UNIVERSITY APRIL 1 AMHERST COLLEGE APRIL 3 AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE APRIL 5 PURDUE UNIVERSITY APRIL 12 TAMPA UNIVERSITY APRIL 19 JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY COXY — RALPH UMSTED A familiar sight around the crew dock is the Jayvee team The Jayvee team prepares for a trial run before one of getting things ready for practice on Lake Hollingsworth. their scheduled races. E. •• ■»■•■ BASEBALL TEAM: hirst row: Ronnie Akins, Ronal Haskins, John Taylor, Hal Smeltzly, coach; John Mack, John Bucciarelli, Bill Morel, Capt.; Second rou: Bob Zammit, Stu Smeltzly, Brad Dinsmore, Ken Hallenborg, Wayne Mundy. Third rou: Charles Graham, Charles Tice, Bob Pfaff, John Jones, Gordon Hagey. HAL SMELTZLY, Coach SCHEDULE March 14 Miami University March 15 Miami University March 19 Georgia Tech March 20 Georgia Tech March 24 Stetson University March 28 Amherst College March 29 Amherst College April 2 Ithaca College April 5 Miami University April 8 Stetson University April 11 Jacksonville University April 19 Jacksonville University April 22 Stetson University April 28 Florida State University April 29 Florida State University May 2 Rollins College- May 3 Rollins College May 6 Stetson University May 9 Tampa University dvZr A M " yl ° T " mp " un,w,s " v Stu Smeltzly, Bob Zammit, and John Jones get the kinks out of their Coach Hal Smeltzly, right, offers some pitching pointers to freshman arms as they warm-up for the first baseball game of the season. righthander Ken Hallenborg while team captain Bill Morel looks on. w W 1 £ W GORDON HAGEY BILL MOREL WAYNE MUNDY CHARLES TICE RONAL HASKINS RONNIE AKINS JOHN MACK JOHN BUCCIARELLI ON THE DIAMOND AT FLORIDA SOUTHERN An inexperienced but determined Moccasin baseball team took has his freshman-studded squad bolstered by a veteran pitching the diamond this season against some of the southeast ' s finest com- staff of Bob Zammit, Stu Smeltzly, John Jones, and Brad Dinsmore. petition, including Georgia Tech, the University of Miami, and The other returning lettermen were infielders Wayne Mundy and Rollins College. Coach Hal Smeltzly, in his first year as head coach. Bill Morel, outfielder Gordon Hagey, and catcher Leon Braddock. KEN HALLENBORG STU SMELTZLY BOB ZAMMIT WATER SKIING asiWI Under the direction of Coach Glenn Kirkpatrick, water skiing has become one of the most popular sports at Flor- ida Southern College. Members of the class receive expert instruction in every phase of water skiing and many FSC students become very skillful in this most enjoyable recreation. In fact, most of the fine performers seen at world-famous Cypress Gardens come off the campus of Florida Southern . . . students and graduates. Florida ' s mild climate makes this a year around sport, one that is gaining in popularity every year. It ' s up and away - tfk ' - w 1958 TENNIS TEAM: Kneeling; Charles Black, Tom Bentien. Standing: Alfred Belche Alan MacDonald, Perry Klimas, Jules Toch, Whitney Convisor. TENNIS The 1958 soccer and tennis teams, both under the direction of Coach James O. Bush, brought to light talent for the future. Both teams, studded with freshmen and sophomores, gave good accounts of themselves during the season. The tennis team faced Princeton, Howard, Emory, Oglethorpe, Rollins, Stetson, and Jackson- ville. The soccer squad finished among the leaders in the newly-formed state league in opposition with Rollins, Jacksonville, and Stetson. JAMES O BUSH, Coach SOCCER 1958 SOCCER TEAM: First rou: Hernando Clavjo, Richard Pike, Octovio Salinas, Stephen Silverstein, Thomas Ratigan, Edward Kloski. Second rou: Ed Brooks; Manager, Temsakdi Viriyasiri, Carl Abendroth, Walter Pfieffer, Fred Keyser, William Duncan, James Harrison, Coach James O. Bush. Third rou: Gerald Schroeder, Claude Muse, Bernardo Majzel, George Langer, Joseph Mazzone, William Purvis, James Lubach. Carol Shipplet Peggy Gribbe Captain: Sally Roberts Teddy Woods THE CHEERLEADERS Peggy Griggs Cecyl Hildinger Jane Worley Lynn Heberling J J X GOLF TEAM: Left to right: Dean Refram, Del Fraiser, Mike Murphy, Richard Harrell, Charlie Brown, Joe Hamby, Lon McCabe, Tom Ratigan. GOLF The star-studded Southern golf team opened its season in a big way by competing in the Florida Intercollegiates at Gainesville. The Moccasin golfers also faced such notable teams as the University of Georgia, University of Florida, Bradley, and Florida State. DOLPHIN CLUB 1958 First roiv: Kay Tessman, Josephine Alfano, Theresa Tamborello, Carol Chloupek, Lenda Firth, Valeria Spire, Katheryn Moser, Ruth Rogers, Cookie Burke, June King, Marie Connor, Marlys McDonal, Julia Chiu, Gwen Garrett. Second row: Sue Opler, Marie Gossens, Nancy Hogarth, Martha Wafer, Ann Cowart, Sunny Moore, Eve Messmore, Carol Koske, Linda Lancaster, Nancy Pilat, Eleanor Mayfield, Nancy Cottrell, Judy Bartlett, Ann Matthews, Jane O ' Neill, Leslie Lloyd. i .. n I 4 5 y • ' ' THOMAS GREENE, Coach S » FRANCES B. HAROLD, Director 237 ♦ •♦••• ••3 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL BOARD First row: Connie Matthews, Joanne Hicks, Nancy Ervin, Barbara Nancy Br Middleton, E. J. Saurman, Grace Roderick. Second row: Nicki Clark, r, Beryl Insinger, Miss Anne May rose, adviser. MEN ' S INTRAMURAL BOARD First row. Cortland Anderson, Rogers Flanigan, George Nebhuth, Second row: Herb Livsey, Bill Kain, Ralph Hoyt, Jesse Hartline, Carl Christoff, Albert Hollister, adviser; Mott Peck, Bob Lama. Dean Sims. FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Sigma Phi Epsilon cap- tured the intramural foot- ball trophy for the second year when they defeated the second place team, TKE. Also for the second year in a row. Dean Refram proved himself the out- standing player of the team throughout the pigskin season. FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS: First rou: Al Jacob, Peyton Montgomery, Joe Hudek. Second Carlton Marasco, Bob Sterling, Art Gallagher, Conner Muse, Gary Grabe. THE INTRAMURAL ALL-STARS This year ' s nominations to the football all-star team included candidates from the winning Sigma Phi Epsilon team; three from Sigma Chi; three from Pike; and two from South- erneers. TKE finished second in the League I race. Several players missed the team this year by only a small margin of one point. FOOTBALL ALL-STARS: First row: Bill Whitfield, Willie Hatton, Art Gallagher, Carl N nicht. Second rou: Joe Hudek, Dean Sims, Peyton Montgomery, Wayne Killen. 239 II VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS Capturing this year ' s vol- leyball championship after winning eight straight games, was Sigma Phi Ep- silon. Sig Ep has won the title for two years now. Helping to lead the team into victory was Al Jacob. Following in second place was TKE, with the SAE ' s and Lambda Chi running third and fourth. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS: First rou: Frank Scuderi, Al Jacob. Second Peyton Montgomery, Joe Hudek. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS ALL-STARS SAE led in this year ' s selec- tions for candidates for the all-star volleyball team with four men placing on the team. Members were picked by the college in- tramural board. Named most valuable player was M. V. Rolfe, who helped lead his TKE team to second place in the standings. Other teams having play- ers on the all-star team were: Sig Ep, Lambda Chi, which had one and two members respectively. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS The Women ' s Intramural Volleyball Championship was won for the fourth successive year by the AOPi ' s. They retired the trophy last year. Barbara Jones and Barbara Bauhof led their team to victory over the BSO ' s who tied for second place. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS: First row: Kay Tessman, Pat Taylor, Nancy Fein, Martha Smith. Second row. Mary Rudolph, Carolee Evertse, Leslie Lloyd, Maureen Crum. VOLLEYBALL AND BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Winning every basketball game played in the Wom- en ' s Intramural Basketball tournament this year — the AOPi ' s again won first place. The Kappa Delta ' s placed second in the final play-offs. In the past four years, AOPi has lost only two games. BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS: Crum. Second rote First row: Mary Rudolph, Carolee Evertse, Leslie Lloyd, Maureen Nancy Fein, Kay Tessman, Pat Taylor, Martha Smith. I INTRAMURAL CREWS Co-ed crew racing has planted itself firmly in the col- lege ' s intramural program with each sorority and other women ' s organizations competing for the coveted school championship. Alpha Omicron Pi captured the title this year with Phi Mu finishing second and Delta Zeta third. fWA ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA OMICRON PI BETA SIGMA OMICRON V EB BBI BH wBLw i SOUTHERNETTES ».»£ IN MEMORIAM CARL SYFAN COX D. D. DIEFFENWIERTH HARRY BURROWS MULLON SHADE W. WALKER JULIE ANN BOYER + ■ THE ADMIN PRESIDENT CHARLES T. THRIFT, JR. DEAN JEAN A. BATTLE I ISTRATION " ■ ' -■■ I ABNER L. HANSEN Dean of Students ERNEST A. LILLEY Registrar ROBERT MacGOWAN Dean of Chapel ALTON R. KINDRED Bursar V WILLIAM D. SHILLING Director of Public Relations WILLIAM R. NEALSON Commanding Officer, R. O. T. C. FRANK PAUL SZABO Director of Men ♦ •♦■ ■ " S THE ADMIN t mM LOUISE HATTIE EICHOLTZ Dean of Women CARTER S. ROBERTS Superintendent of Maintenance VIRGINIA FALANA Endowment Secretary OWEEN SUMNER Head Librarian EVA M. MILLER Assistant Dean of Women FRANCIS L. LUCE Director, Student Religious Life THOMAS G. MITCHELL College Pastor MURRAY JOHNSON Assistant Dean of Women ISTRATION PAUL WILLE College Stuff Photographer EDNA H. EWERTS College Dietitian J. RAY CURTIS Assistant to the Dean WILLIAM B. MUNDY Alumni Director - £ ■. NILS SCHWEIZER Frank Lloyd Wright Representative HANS SCHWEIZER Frank Lloyd Wright Representative on Campus VIRGINIA L. POINT Assistant Bursar DESSIE J. RISK Secretary to the President II BEN H. McCONNELL Director of Medical Services WILLIAM K. BOTT Coordinator of Academic Counseling MORRISON WILLIAMS Manager of College Terrace LENORE KLEIN Reference Librarian LOUISE EASTWOOD Catalogue Librarian iw : t m MARY JANE ALDERMAN Secretary to the Vice-President FRANK BLAKEMAN Assistant to the Registrar VESTA C. BURRIS Assistant, Audio-Visual Center DIANE CUTLER Office of the Bursar ANNETTE BLATZ Secretary to the Business Manager CLINTON E. BURRIS Library Reference Assistant CARRIE MAE BURRY Secretary to the Dean of Students RELDA DANIEL Circulation Librarian Jfck. ■ufli .• I N I S T R A T I O CONNIE DAYTON Secretary to the Dean of Students GEORGE DOMANSKY Assistant Biologist Bio-Research Department IRA H. ENGLISH IBM Department ETHEL S. GREER Assistant to the Registrar LOIS A. DICK Assistant to the Registrar SYLVIA ELLIOTT Secretary to the Dean of Women CAROL ESAU Assistant to the Registrar HELEN HUSSEY Assistant to the Registrar WILLIAM J. JUNKIN Office of the Director of Men LOIS B. McGILLIVRAY Secretary to the Director of Men ISOBEL MORRIS Office of the Dean JANE PRICE Mimeograph Department BERYL LATHE Office of the Bursar CHARLES MILLER Assistant Histologist Bio-Research Department RITA POWELLA Secretary of the Bio-Research Laboratory GEORGE RENNINGER Assistant Biologist Bio-Research Department M I N I S T R A T I O N ■ H CAROLYN SCHWARTZ Secretary to the Director of Public Relations JEWEL TILLIS IBM Department DORIS WHEELER Secretary to the Dean CATHERINE WRIGHT Secretary to the Alumni Director E. GRETCHEN TAYLOR Library Reference Assistant WALTER TRAUNER Assistant Chemist Bio-Research Department MARGARET WORK Office of the Bursar FLORA J. ZBAR Virologist Bio-Research Department ■ THE HENRY M. BATTENHOUSE, Ph.D. English ALICE BICKNELL, Ph.D. Biology ROBERT STEWART BLY, Ph.D. Chemistry HERBERT EARL BOOK, Ph.D. English FLORIDA KENNETH COLE ANDERSON, Ph.D. Music PAUL ARNOLDS-PATRON, M.B.A. Business Administration HENRY GREEN BARNETT, M.A. English HOWARD L. BATESON, Ph.D. English P - , - N .= % % ■% « FACULTY EDWARD W. BOSSING, B.S Physical Education THOMAS BRIERLEY, JR., M.A Music SOUTHERN I THE LAURA NEIL CLYATT, M.A. Business Administration AMY LINDEMUTH COATS, M.A. Mathematics SAMUEL GWYNN COE, Ph.D. History 2 Political Science ERNEST LINCOLN COX, Mus.M Music WILLIAM J. DEYO, JR., M.B.A. Mathematics MILDRED A. DRACH, M.Lit. Business Administration FLORIDA Deceased FACULTY KAY ECKFORD, B.S. Business Administration CHARLES S. EICKENBERG, M.S. Science THELMA HALL ELLISON, M.A. Home Economics W. WILLIAM ELLSWORTH, JR., LL.M. Business Law " i •■..• l t. T? FRANCES G. ELVIDGE, M.A. FLORA ELIZABETH EMERSON, Ph.D. English EARLE EDWARD EMME, Ph.D. Religion DOROTHY BERYL EUBANKS, M.R.E. Religion SOUTHERN 3 WARRENE HUNTLEY FUGITT, M.A. English KOJI FUNAOKA, Ph.D. Associate Research Chemist ROBERT J. FUSILLO, M.A. English VIVIAN ROSEMARY FUSILLO, A.B. Drama FLORIDA THE HOWARD M. FIELD, Ph.D. Biology HERBERT C. FISTER, M.A. Mathematics THOMAS J. FORD, M.A. History AUDIE F. FUGITT, M.A. History Political Science FACULTY SCOTT KENDALL GIBSON, M.S. Mathematics MARGARET LOIS GILBERT, Ph.D. Biology m K YVONNE H. GOLDSBOROUGH, M.A. French PAUL ROE GOODMAN, A.B. Music c - HOBART THEODORE GRACE, Ed.D. Education HERMAN GREENBAUM, B.S.A. Citrus THOMAS H. GREENE, M.S. Director of Athletics JOSEPHINE A. GREER, M.A. English SOUTHERN ■♦••-. THE WILLIAM L. GREER, M.A. Sociology CAPTAIN JAMES SAUNDERS GUY, B.G.S. R. O. T. C. ADA PINO HAMELRYCK, M.A. Spanish EMILY SUSAN HANCOCK, M.A. Business Administration ROBERT BURKE HILLIARD, Ph.D History ALBERT VIRGIL HOLLISTER, M.A Physical Education JAMES EDWIN HUTCHMAN, Ph.D Chemistry FLORIDA FACULTY MILDRED SPRINGER IBBERSON, M.A Speech AGNES BOSWELL JOHNSON, Ph.D. English CARL DAVID JOHNSON, M.A Science EDWARD R. JOHNSON, M.A History JULIANA G. JORDAN, Ph.D. German CAPTAIN MERLE DALLAS KAISER, B.Sc. R. O. T. C. . -9r- ?) y LILLIAN V. KELLEY, B.S. Physical Education ROY STONE RISER, M.S. Biology SOUTHERN • ♦ - SAMUEL WOODROW LUCE, M.A. Physical Education WILLIAM RAYMOND LYLE, M.S. Citrus THOMAS B. MACK, M.Ed. Horticulture VIOLA Z. MALONE, M.S. Physical Education FLORIDA THE EDWARD CADE KNIPPERS, M.S. Business Administration CARLTON ANDREWS LANE, Ph.D. Physics PAUL A. LEEMAN, M.Ed. Music PIERCE LINK, Ph.D. Psychology C " r P N • 1 FACULTY MAJOR WILLIAM F. MANGUM R. O. T. C. ANNE MAYROSE, M.A. Physical Education GEORGE HORNELL MORRIS, M.A. American Culture ANTHONY QUINTUS MUSTOE, M.S. Mathematics MASUYO NAKAI, M.D. Virologist JOHN GEOFFREY NAYLOR, M.F.A. Art RALPH WILLARD ODOM, Th.D. Religion JAMES GORDON OGDEN, JR., M.A. Education SOUTHERN I JAMES THEODORE PARK, M.A. Mathematics MARY CATHRYNE PARK, Ph.D. English SARA COOLIDGE PIATT, M.S. Home Economics ANGELA RAMONA PINO, A.B. Spanish FLORIDA THE GEORGE K. OLSON, M.A. Art GARNET HAMRICK OWEN, M.A. English JOHN ELIAS OWEN, Ph.D. Sociology JAMES ISAAC PAIGE, M.A.E. Industrial Arts FACULTY ELLIS LAWRENCE RAESLY, Ph.D. English DAVID LEONARD READDICK, M.A. hid list rial Arts BERNHARD PAUL REINSCH, Ph.D. Mathematics ROBERT G. RICHARDS, M.A. Social Studies GILBERT PAYTON RICHARDSON, M.A. History MADAME ANNE ROSELLE Voice VARIAN PALMER RUTLEDGE, M.Ed. Education WALLACE TEMPLETON RYAN, B.S. Industrial Arts SOUTHERN THE MARGRET SANDER, Ph.D. English VOLKMAR SANDER, Ph.D. English FREDERICK C. SCHUBART, Ph.D. HAROLD MELOY SMELTZLY, B.S Physical Education EARL DAVIS SMITH, M.S. Chemistry FLORIDA J.. FACULTY JULIA WESSINGER SNOOK, M.A. Education GRACE LUMMIS SNYDER, M.A. Religion BORIS T. SOKOLOFF, M.D. Director of Research WILLIAM HAROLD SPIVEY, B.S. Music DONNA M. STODDARD, M.A. Art HALE STURGES, Ph.D. English LOUISE TEMPLETON, M.S. Business Administration CAPTAIN JAMES T. THEUS, A.B. R. O. T. C. SOUTHERN ■ ■•■ ISLA ZADA WALLACE, B.S. Home Economics OLNEY S. WEAVER, M.A. Psychology ROGERS VANCE WHITENER, M.A. English BILLY J. WILLIAMS, M.A. Physical Education FLORIDA THE FACULTY MASAMICHI TOYOMIZU, Ph.D. Associate Research Chemist THOMAS HENRY TYLER, Ph.D. English LYMAN BRADT VEEDER, M.A. Business Administration HAROLD EDWARD WALLACE, Ph.D. Education FRED DIXON WISH, JR., A.B. Economics WALTER WYNN YORK, Ph.D. Music CHARLES A. WOODBURY, JR., Ed.D. Psychology G. F. ZIMMERMANN, JR., M.A. Industrial Arts THE FACULTY The faculty turned out en masse to honor Dr. Ludd M. Spivey and Mrs. Spivey after their 3 2 years of outstanding service to Florida Southern College. Dr. and Mrs. Spivey were also the guests of honor at the Faculty Women ' s Club tea. In this photo are Mrs. Varian Rutledge, Mrs. William K. Bott, Mrs. Volkmar Sander and Miss Kay Eckford. SOUTHERN I Vice-President, Sue Clark; Secretary-Treasurer, Arlene Levine; President, Ed McMullen. THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS EDMcMULLEN President SUE CLARK Vice-President ARLENE LEVINE Secretar y-Treasurer I First Row MARIE C. ADDAIR Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Elemental) Education REX DOUGLAS ALVES Lakeland. Florida B.S., Accounting Secretary. Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Pi. MANUEL JACKSON ALVRUS . . Bonita Springs, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Treasurer, Phi Sigma Kappa, Methodist Student Movement. JAMES ROBERT ANDERSON . . . Palmetto, Florida B.S., Biology Pi Kappa Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, Freshman Class Vice-Presi- dent. Sophomore Class Vice-President, Men ' s Council. JAMES JOHN ANDREWS .... Lakeland, Florida A.B.. English WILLIAM ALLAN ASBURY . . Campbellsburg, Kentucky B.S., Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon. Second Row JAMES KWO-KEE AU Hong Kong, China B.S., Mathematics WILLIAM FRANCIS BAIER . . Cambria Heights, N Y. B.S., Business Administration DON EUGENE BAILEY Vero Beach, Florida B.S., Business Administration JAMES LINTON BAKER Zephyrhills, Florida B.S., Pre-Medical President and Vice-President, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Circle K, Beta Beta Beta. Interfraternity Council, Florida Academy of Sciences. F. NOLAN BALI Lakeland, Florida A3., Religion ARTHUR CALVIN BANNING .... Tampa, Florida B.S., Social Science Viffl Addai Au Bass Alves Baier Bassett KA ' s, Wright, Beckwith, Berrey, and Drum display some KA Spirit, Southern Style. This is no optical illusion, it ' s just the Alpha Chi ' s giving Wille a hard time. 2 ' I » p. 1 ii — - ia Alvrus Anderson Andrews Asbury Bailey Baker Ball Banning Bauhof Beam Bennett Biddix Third Row BARBARA LYNN BASS Tampa, Florida ARTHUR EVERLY BEAM . . . Media, Pennsylvania B.S., Art Education A.B., Religion Alpha Xi Delta, Future Teachers of America. Men ' s Council, Concert Choir, Gamma Sigma Chi, South- erneers. JERRY LAURENCE BASSETT .... Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Art Kappa Alpha Order, Kappa Pi, Future Teachers of America. CLIFFORD WAYNE BENNETT . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Pri -Fon rtrj BARBARA ANN BAUHOF . . . Baltimore, Maryland B.S., Physical Education President, Recording Secretary, Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Ep- silon Mu, Future Teachers of America. FLOYD NED BIDDIX .... Indianapolis, Indiana B.S., Pb) Heal Education Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Epsilon Mu, Basketball, Baseball. SENIORS . ' 7.; - •♦ N I First Row LUIS RAMON BIRD Fajardo, Puerto Rico B.S., Biology ALBERT PAUL BLOSCH Orlando, Florida B.S.. Industrial Arts JACQUELINE EDNA BODLE . . . Lakeland, Florida A.B., History VINCENT LEE BOLAND Orlando, Florida B.S., Business Administration CHARLES JOSEPH BONANNO . . . Astoria, New York B.S., Business Administration President, Pledge Master, Tau Epsilon Phi. JAMES MILTON BORING Tampa, Florida BS., Citrus Citrus Club. Second Row JACQUELINE MAY BOULET .... Tampa, Florida B.S.. Home Economics President, Beta Sigma Omicron, Vice-President, College Union, Home Economics Club. ROBERT EUGENE BRADLEY . . . Pierson, Florida B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. JACQUELYN LEE BRAY .... St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Social Science Delta Zeta, Canterbury Club. NANCY M. BREWER Arlington, Virginia B.S., Physical Education Activities Chairman, Kappa Delta, Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Phi Epsilon Mu, Intramural Board. MARY GLOVER BROOKS .... Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Business Administration Alpha Chi Omega. FRED ALYWARD BROWN . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.S., Accounting Tlicta Chi. Bryce Blosch Bradley Buck Mrs. Johnson and Johnny Robinson talkine. over plans for another campus social event. M. J. Foy tells of her tribulations at Southern at the Cap Gown Bermuda Party. ! d e- ,fa i ft ft Third Row DEBORAH BRYCE Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Elementary Education ROBERT LEE BUCK . . . Jacksonville Beach, Florida B.S., Business Administration Treasurer, Pi Kappa Alpha. CAROL ANN BUELL .... West Palm Beach, Florida B.S., Psychology Delta Zeta, Home Economics Club. V Bonanno Boring Brooks Brown Bunting Burgess HAYNES WILLIAM BUMBY .... Tampa, Florida B.S., Speech Pi Kappa Alpha, Vagabonds. EDWARD PETERSON BUNTING . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Education Future Teachers of America. ROY OLIVER BURGESS Kathleen, Florida A.B., Religion SENIORS 75 ♦ ■ r w w m t « » • •■ ■ " •♦• ■ • •■ ••«■ I Firsi Row CAROLYN ELIZABETH BURT . St. Petersburg, Florida B.S.. Primary Education Vice-President, Scholarship Chairman, Rush Chairman, Sigma Sigma Sigma. MSM, Cap Gown, Kappa Delta Pi, Pan- hellenic Council, Chapel Choir, Future Teachers of America. GLENDA FAYE BUSH .... Panama City, Florida B.S.. Elemental-) Education CHARLES PENT BYINGTON .... Tampa, Florida B.S.. Journalism Sigma Nu, Business Manager, The Southern. LAURA JEAN CAILLOUET .... Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Elementary Education Future Teachers of America. WILLIAM BRUCE CALDWELL . . Winter Park, Florida B.S.. Social Science Delta Chi, Treasurer, Gamma Sigma Chi, President, Circle K, President, Methodist Student Movement, President, Inter- Faith Council. LAMAR CALHOUN Bradley, Florida B.S., Business Administration Second Run ROBERT LEE CAMPBELL .... Arlington, Virginia B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, Manager, Baseball, Manager, Basketball. JOSEPH PAUL CARANANTE . . B.S., journalism Sigma Chi. Tampa, Florida GARY WARREN CARNES . . . Haines City, Florida B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi, Interfraternity Council. CAROLE JEAN CARPENTER . Binghamton, New York B.S., Home Economics Zeta Tau Alpha. JACQUELYN CARTER Tampa, Florida A.B., Sociology Delta Delta Delta. ANN MARIE CAYCE Lakeland. Florida BS., Elementary Education Phi Mu. This unhappy gang was " forced " to come from study hour to pose for Wille at the C.T. Jo Anne Harris and Pat Reinking joke around the water fountain in Allan Spivey Hall. Byingtor Carries Charles Third Rot Caillouet Carpenter Charmornn JAMES LESLIE CHANDLER . . . Florida City, Florida B.S., Accounting Southerneers, Men ' s Council, Inter-faith Council, Vice-Presi- dent, Student Government Association, MSM, President, Vice- President, Concert Band. GUY DeWITT CHAPPELL, II . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania BS.. American Culture, A.B.. English Secretary, Pi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, College Union, Interlachen Staff, Southern Staff. ALANSON GEORGE CHARLES . Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Business Administration Sigma Chi, President, Citrus Club. Caldwell Calhoun Carter Cayce Chesney Childers CHERDKUL CHARMORNMAN . BS., Economics Bangkok, Thailand International Club. Soccer. JOHN GRAHAM BS CHESNEY . Swedesboro, New . Business Administration Jersey Theta Chi. LILLIAN BLANC CHILDERS . Port Washington, New York A.B., Spanish President, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Future Teachers of America. SENIORS First Row OLIVER BENTLEY CHILSON . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. JULIA KIN- JOE CHIU Hong Kong, China B.S., Art CARL PAUL CHRISTOFF . . West Palm Beach. Florida B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary, Intramural Board. SUSAN ANN CLARK .... White Plains, New York B.S., Education Vice-President, Phi Mu, Secretary-Treasurer, Junior and Senior Class, President Treasurer, Future Teachers of America, Historian, Cap Gown, Social Chairman, Methodist Student Movement, Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi. WILLIAM BROOKS CLARK . . . Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Business Administration Soccer. DOROTHY LOUISE CLAWSON . . . Orlando, Florida B.S., Music Education Second Row NANCY JANE CLEMENT . . Salisbury, North Carolina B.S., Religious Education Phi Mu, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Canterbury Club. HARMON LeROY CLEMMONS, JR. . . Citra, Florida B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer, Citrus Club. NORMAN P. CLIFTON, JR Ocala, Florida B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Baseball. CHALMERS CLATO COE Lakeland, Florida B.S., Industrial .. Arts Secretary, Treasurer, Industrial Arts Club. ALLEN LEE COHEN Orlando, Florida B.S., Business Administration Hillel Society. TALMADGE T. COOGI.ER ... St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Future Teachers of America. Cliilson Chiu Clement Clemmons Cook Cooksey The TKE ' s are certainly proud of their new house off campus. They were even lucky enough to get a house mother. Fraternity pins are the rage on any campus, and the Tri Sig ' s tell how to get them at the Cap Gown Bermuda Party. Third Row HARRY ROBERT COOK . . Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania A.B., Religion BARBARA MAY COOKSEY . Pawtucket, Rhode Island B.S., Chemistry Cap Gown, Treasurer, Beta Beta Beta, Secretary, Student Government Association, Senate. WILLIAM RICHARD CORUM . Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Citrus JACK LANIER COULTER .... Fort Meade, Florida B.S.. Industrial Arts Circus. JOY LOUISE COWARD Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Future Teachers of America. ANGELINE LENORE CRAFT . . Panama City, Florida BS., Elementary Education Baptist Student Union, Future Teachers of America. SENIORS 279 -• •♦• J I First Row DOROTHY LOIS CROOK Gooding, Idaho B.S., Elementary Education GENEVIEVE L. CURRY Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Elementary Education FRED HERBERT DAVIES Miami. Florida B.S., Business Administration Sigma Nu. NINFA COLLIER DAVIS Wauchula, Florida B.S.. Sociology Alpha Omicron Pi. VYLLIS DAY Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Home Economics WILLIAM EUGENE DeCROTEAU . St. Petersburg, Florida BS.. lihhiitn.il Arts Industrial Arts Club. Second Row OTHEL ROCHELLE DEERING, JR. . St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Business Administration Beta Theta Pi. EDWARD FLEMING DENISON . Fort Pierce, Florida B.S.. Secondary Education Pi Kappa Phi. DANIEL EDSON DEWELL Tampa, Florida B.S., Business Administration Phi Delta Theta, Delta Sigma Pi. GREGORY ADAM DIAZ Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Business Administration Pi Gamma Mu. THOMAS JOHN MARIO DiCESARE . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Social Studies Pi Gamma Mu, Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice-President, Politi- cal Union, Pep Club, President, Vice-President, Student Gov- ernment Association, Vice-President, Freshman and Sopho- more Class. DAVID DOBKIN Oak Park, Illinois B.S., Social Science Sigma Phi Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta. Doug Tipton, George Hightower, Haynes Bumby and Johnny Robinson guard those PiKA trophies. Alice Duisberg and Mary Inabnit try their hand at spring house cleaning. The girls did a fine job. . W H Bk Davies Dewell Doster Davis Diaz Doty DeCroteav Dobkin Durbin Third Roiv PAULINE PATRICIA DOBKIN . . Oak Park, Illinois B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi, Historian, Future Teachers of America, Treasurer, Kappa Pi. GEORGE MARTIN DOMANSKY B.S.. Biology Beta Beta Beta. Maitland, Florida DAVID ALAN DOSTER Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Treasurer, Rush Chairman, Theta Chi, Kappa Pi. BERMA FAY DOTY Rockledge, Florida B.S., Home Economics President, Westminster Foundation, Publicity Chairman, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Home Economics Club. DONNASUE DUNKLEE .... Manhasset, New York B.S.. English Delta Zeta, Vagabonds, Secretary, Supreme Court. RICHARD LAMAR DURBIN . . Gainesville, Florida B.S.. Business Administration Vice-President, Theta Chi. SENIORS 281 First Row SUE CAROL DURRANCE .... Fore Meade, Florida B.S., Sociology President. Alpha Chi Omega, President, Methodist Student Movement, President, Pi Gamma Mu, Supreme Court, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Cheerleader. MYRA ELIZABETH DYESS . . . Jacksonville, Florida A.B., Education Alpha Omicron Pi, Methodist Student Movement. JAMES SIDNEY EASTERLING . . . Orlando, Florida BS.. Business Administration Assistant Treasurer, Pi Kappa Alpha. Industrial Arts Club. ROBERT EDWIN EDMONDS . . . Decatur, Illinois B.S., Accounting Lambda Chi Alpha. EDWARD GERVIN EDWARDS . Scotch Plains, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon. BARBARA JEAN EISENBERGER . . Sarasota, Florida B.S.. Home Economics President, Treasurer, Alpha Omicron Pi, Treasurer, Social Chairman, Home Economics Club, Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Student Association Court Judge. Second Row JASPER BENTON ELLIS Lakeland, Florida B.S., Religious Education BEVERLY REYNOLDS EMSLEY . Poughkeepsie, New York A.B., Social Studies Corresponding Secretary, Delta Zeta, Secretary, Pi Gamma Mu, Historian, Political Union, Future Teachers of America. JOSEPH WILLIAM EMSLEY . Poughkeepsie, New York BS., Business Administration Vice-President, Secretary, Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-President, Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer, Intramural Board. NOEL MORRIS ENGLER . . . Short Hills, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration Secretary, Vice-President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Canterbury Club, Concert Choir, President, Junior Class. CHARLES S. ETHERIDGE . . Wanchose, North Carolina A.B., Religion ROBERT E. FANNIN Brooksville, Florida B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. A favorite spot in the C.T. is the juke box for Bob Rowland, Jan Waters, Daryl Douglass and Jim Mc- Donnell. ADPi ' s Cathy Ewit ten and Sue Becke de Paris. , Emilene Riddle welcome Southc Cherrill Knud- a to their Cafe Third Row RICHARD ALAN FENWICK . Poughlceepsie, New York B.S., Business Administration Treasurer, Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer, Interfraternity Council. ROBERT CHARLES FERNANDEZ . . Tampa, Florida B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Supreme Court Council. ALFRED DONALD FIELDING . . . Tampa, Florida B.S., Biology Kappa Alpha Order. LAWRENCE S. FIRESTONE . . Englewood, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration Vice-President, Tau Epsilon Phi, Hillel Society. WALTER ARTHUR FISHER . Pelham Manor, New York B.S., Business Adntinistr.it nn Vice-President, Phi Sigma Kappa. MARILANE ODIORNE FOLEY . . Bradenton, Florida B.S., Elementary Education President, Rush Chairman, Kappa Delta, Future Teachers of America, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart, R.O.T.C. Co-ed Sponsor. SENIORS in ii Row MICHAEL JAMES FOREST . . Daytona Beach, Florida B.S., Accounting CAROL BRODMAN FREED .... Lakeland. Florida B.S.. Elementary Education Future Teachers of America. JUDITH LOIS FREED . . . Pompton Lakes, New Jersey B.S.. Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi, Future Teachers of America. TALMADGE RALPH FULFORD . Winter Garden, Florida B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi. LOUISE ELIZABETH FURLOUGH . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education ROBERT REGINAL FURLOUGH . . Lakeland, Florida A.B., Social Science Second Ron JEFFERSON GAINES, JR. . . . Boca Grande. Florida B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. ARTHUR JOHN GALLAGHER . . Madison, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon. BILLY JOE GANDY Lakeland, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts President. Industrial Arts Club. WILLIAM JOHN JOSEPH GARDNER B.S., Mathematics International Club, Varsity Crew, Soccer. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada ROSS JOSEPH GIANGRASSO . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S.j Business Administration Vice-President, Pledge Trainer, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Inter- lachen Staff, R.O.T.C. Honor Guard. JOHN ELLIS GIBSON Bartow, Florida B.S., Biology Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The Kappa Delta ' s are wisely hatching over the next inning back in their locker room. Jackie Carter, Paul Hartman, Bettilyn Dinkel and Terry Goembel wait for their hamburgers. ' ' fVO Freed Cindy Goldsmith Third Row Fulford Gardner Goodman DONALD CHARLES GOLDEN . Kenilworth, New Jersey A.B., History Lambda Chi Alpha. JUDITH ANN GOLDSMITH .... Tampa, Florida B.S., Sociology Rush Chairman, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu, Methodist Student Movement. MAURICE F. GOLDSMITH Tampa, Florida A.B.. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Furlough Furlough Giangrasso Gibson Goretsky Gotts ROE WILLIAM GOODMAN . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Mathematics Con cert Band, Orchestra. DENNIS MICHAEL GORETSKY . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Psychology Lambda Chi Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, Florida Academy of Sci- ence, Orchestra. RONALD VINAL GOTTS . . . Lockport, New York B.S., Music Education Phi Sigma Kappa, Methodist Student Movement. SENIORS !. .■•• .■•£( p First Row GARY CARL GRABB Decatur, Illinois R.S.. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARY MILLER GRABLE Tampa B.S.. Business Administration Phi Mu, Women ' s Student Government Association. Florida DAVID GRAHAM Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Music lid ' nation Concert Band. JEAN THOMSON GRAHAM . . St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Music Education Social Chairman, Zeta Tau Alpha, Concert Choir, Future Teachers of America, Kappa Delta Pi. JOHN MARTIN GREENE .... Rockledge, Florida B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha. JOHN RICHARD GRIFFIN Bartow, Florida B.S.. Industrial Arts Circle K, Industrial Arts Club. Second Row MILLER H. GRIFFIN Fort Myers, Florida B.S.. Business Administration MURRAY GROSS Miami Beach, Florida B.S., Sociology Vice-President, Tau Epsilon Phi. GEORGE B. GUGGENHEIM . . Rochester, New York B.S., Elementary Education Hillel Society, Future Teachers of America. WALTER WAYNE HAGERTY . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration WILLARD GLEASON HALE . . . Lake Wales, Florida B.S., Accounting MARY JO HALL Lake Wales, Florida B.S., Elementary lid nation It ' s the telephone hour back at the PiKa House. No, no, boys don ' t talk very, very much! lfla Grabb Grable Griffin Gross ida Hamby Harding Anna Marie Sica, Mary Jo Campbell and Jane Fox wait for that 10 o ' clock mail delivery. Third Row JANE ESTA HAMBY Lakeland, Florida B.S., Secretarial Science President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Alpha Delta Pi, Home Economics Club, Future Teachers of America. THEODORE SHERMAN HARDING . Arcadia, Florida B.S., Education Pi Kappa Phi, Beta Beta Beta, Future Teachers of America. CHARLES WILLIAM HARNDEN . Battle Creek, Michigan B.S.. Secondary Education . CHARLOTTE DAWN HARPER . St. Petersburg, Florida A.B., History President, Zeta Tau Alpha, Concert Choir, Southern Staff. JOHN PHILLIP HARRIS Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Treasurer, Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Freshman, Sophomore Class, President, Political Union, Vice-President, Delta Sigma Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu. JOYCE FRICK HARRIS Lakeland, Florida A.B., Home Economics Secretary, Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary, Panhellenic Council, Political Union, Cheerleader, Home Economics Club. SENIOR •■•■M First Row WILLIAM RUSSELL HATTON . . . Pahokee, Florida B.S.. Business Administration ■ 1 • j(ft. Pi Kappa Alpha. ANN FENTON HAWKEN .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Future Teachers of America, Concert Band. PARKS LEE HAY, III Macon, Georgia A.B., English Pi Kappa Alpha. President, Sigma Tau Delta, President. In- ternational Club, Tennis. NORRIS A HAYFORD IR Lakeland, Florida •fc s.v B.S.. Education i K Alpha Sigma Phi. ' " LEO WAYNE HAYMANS Lakeland, Florida A.B.. Sarin! Studies - Pi Gamma Mu. DONALD M. HEIDER. JR. . . Glen Ridge, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration President, Sigma Phi Epsilon, President, Interfraternity Council. Second Row CHARLES K. HEIM Manila, Philippines B.S.. Mathematics JAMES E. HELMS Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Business Administration Social Chairman, Kappa Alpha Order. LOIS MARIE HENDRY Dade City, Florida B.S., Music Education Future Teachers of America, President, American Guild of Organis ts. PATRICK LEROY HEPBURN . . Lake Wales, Florida B.S., CitTUS Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Citrus Club. JAMES B. HEWETT Lakeland, Florida A B.S., Citrus m Hatton JOHN RAYMOND HEY Marianna, Florida Heim B.S. : (.It V US Lambda Chi Alpha, Citrus Club. It looks like twins, but Bob Feldmann and Gary You would be surprised at what a ««le elbow grease Morris just have good taste. Pat Robinson and Nancy and soap and water will do when Ken Ketterer, R.ch Duckham look as if they approve. Carroll and Gary Carnes wash Ken s car. - if 1CI|£ L % i O H H Md 1 1 1 V 4 Hawken Helms Hightower Third Row JOANNE ELEANOR HICKS .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Ed u cat mil Zeta Tau Alpha, Future Teachers of America. ARTHUR G. HIGHTOWER, JR. . Atlantic Beach, Florida A.B., Social Studit i Pi Kappa Alpha, Concert Choir, Circle K, International Club, Beta Beta Beta, Westminster Foundation. JAMES ARTHUR HIGHTOWER . . . B.S.. Pre-Dental Southerneers, Lutheran Student Association. Venice. Florida CHARLES ROBERT HILL Cocoa, Florida A.B.. Economics Lambda Chi Alpha. LOUIE HENRY HINDS, JR Napoleon, Indiana A.B., Social Science Southerneers, Methodist Student Movement. ALVA MAJEL HINSON Plant City, Florida B.S., Elemt ntary Education Kappa Delta. SENIORS 2S9 pi First Row LYNN DeFOREST HORNE Bartow, Florida B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, Citrus Club. RALPH D. HOYT Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. NANCY SUE HUNTER Lake City, Florida B.S., Social Studies Future Teachers of America. FRED WENTWORTH HURLBURT . Maitland, Florida B.S.. Physical Education Pledgemaster, Pi Kappa Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Senate, Social Chairman, Phi Epsilon Mu, Varsity Crew. WILLIAM DAVIS HUSSEY .... Gainesville, Florida B.S., Journalism Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Co-Editor, The Southern. JACK DOUGLAS INGRAM . . . Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Business Administration Second Row MARY ANNE JANES Bradenton, Florida BS., Education Future Teachers of America, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Delta Pi. MARTHA SUE JANSSEN . . . Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Southernettes, Future Teachers of America, Westminster Foundation. GEORGE G. JOHNSON, JR. . Jacksonville Beach, Florida B.S., Social Studies Pi Kappa Alpha, Concert Band. LAFAYETTE D. JOHNSON, JR. . Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha. ROY JOHNSON Lakeland, Florida B.S., Religion ALMA LEE JONES Wauchula, Florida B.S., Physical Education Sylvia Firth gives her recitation on, " How to succeed at Southern, " while Anna Marie Sica and Nancy Pcddie approve. The diligent fraternities are out practicing for the volleyball intramurals. Sigma Phi Epsilon took first place honors. .» ' Hunter Hurlburt Johnson Johnson Jones Jones Third Row BARBARA ANN JONES Joplin, Missouri B.S., Physical Education Alpha Omicron Pi. BEVERLY ANN JONES Miami, Florida B.S., Music Education Alpha Omicron Pi, Future Teachers of America, Methodist Student Movement, Concert Choir. DALTON RAY JONES Dundee. Florida B.S., Accounting Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi. Hussey Johnson Jones Ingram Jones Kaas JOHN SAMPLE JONES Haines City, Florida B.S., Citrus Vice-President, Social Chairman, Pi Kappa Alpha, Citrus Club. ROBERT PIERCE JONES Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Industrial Arts PAUL AXEL KAAS Lakeland, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts SENIORS » •♦ p First Row WILLIAM M. KAIN Short Hills, New Jersey B.S.. Sociology Theta Chi, Intramural Board. RICHARD H. KAMERLING . . Amityville, New York B.S.. Psychology President, Treasurer, Tau Kappa Epsilon, President, Omicron Delta Kappa, President, Men ' s Council, Vice-President, Inter- fraternity Council, " S " Club, College Union, Varsity Crew. DANIEL FORD KEANE .... Cocoa Beach, Florida B.S., Education Historian, Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer, Circle K, Future Teachers of America. DOREEN HANDLEY KEEN .... Lakeland. Florida BS.. Elementary Education Future Teachers of America. WILLIAM MERDIC KEEN .... Lake Wales, Florida B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Alpha, Circle K, President, Secretary-Treasurer, Citrus Club, Florida Academy of Science. LYNDA JOY KELI Flushing, New York B.S.. Commi rcial Art Secretary, Beta Sigma Omicron, President, Kappa Pi. Second Ron WILLIAM FRANK KELLY Orlando, Florida B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Baseball. JOAN CATHERINE KEMPF . . Grand Rapids, Michigan B.S.. Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega. BYRON LEIT KENNEDY, JR. . . Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Business Administration Vice-President, Kappa Sigma Rho. KENNETH WILLIAM KERBER . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Mathematics: GRANT DANIEL KERST . . . Bowling Green, Florida B.S.. American Culture WILLIAM EDWARD KESLER . . . Fellsmere, Florida B.S., Mathematics Secretary, Social Chairman, Rush Chairman, Pi Kappa Phi. • . Gayle Parrott gets her hem taken up by Nancy Pilat, as sister Linda approves. The SAE ' s try their hand at housekeeping and find that many hands make light work. Third Row RAYMOND FRANKLIN KEUTHAN . Hialeah. Florida B.S., Mathematics Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FRED L. KEYSER Orlando, Florida B.S.. Citrus Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JANET ANN KEYSER Akron, Ohio B.S., Education Kappa Kappa Gamma, Secretary-Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, Future Teachers of America. WAYNE GARDNER KILLEN . . Coral Gables, Florida B.S., Biology Secretary, Sigma Chi. CYNTHIA YOUNGSOON KIM .... Seoul, Korea B.S., Business Administration International Club. TOMMY BERT KING B.S., Speech Tampa. Florida SENIORS p First Row LUCILLE M. KIRKLAND .... Plant City, Florida B.S.. Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi. Future Teachers of America. JOSEPH LUTHER KITCHELL . . . Lakeland. Florida B.S.. Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. CHARLES EDWARD KLOSKI . Boynton Beach, Florida B.S., Psychology Kappa Sigma. ELLEN SPEER KNAUSS .... Katonah, New York B.S., Art Canterbury Club. DOROTHY PRITCHARD KNOX . . Plant City, Florida B.S., Elementary Education CHERRILL BARBARA KNUDTEN . Cedar Rapids, Iowa A.B.. Home Economics Treasurer, Alpha Delta Pi, Student Union, Vagabonds, Home Economics Club. Second Row CHARLES D. KONSELMAN . . Garden City, New York B.S., Sociology Theta Chi. BETTY SUE KRAUSE Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Elemental) Education RICHARD PAUL KRAUSE, JR. . . . Lakeland, Florida A.B., Psychology FRANK EDWARD KRONK, JR. . Amsterdam, New York B.S., Political Science Kappa Sigma Rho, Circle K, Political Union, Pi Gamma Mu. LEONARD RICHARD KURFIRST . . Berwyn, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Interfraternity Council, R.O.T.C. Honor Guard. IDA MARY LANE Dade City, Florida B.S., Education Alpha Delta Pi, Political Union, Future Teachers of America. The Phi Mu ' s wipe up the deck at the Cap Gown Bermuda Party. A pretty co-ed sight. Something upstairs attracts the attention of Judy Phelps, Don Sparks and Lehoma Bairn. U Kronk Layton Kurfirst LeMoigne Leopard Third Row DAVID EUGENE LANG .... Eau G.illie, Florida A.B., English Methodist Student Movement, Circus, Chaplin, Gamma Sigma Chi, Rifle and Pistol Team. MARIAN MARCHENA LANYON . Winter Haven, Florida A.B., Sociology Home Economics Club. CHARLES HENRY LAWSON .... Starke, Florida B.S. Business Administration Baptist Student Union. SANDRA MAE LAYTON .... Fort Myers, Florida A.B., Journalism Baptist Student Lfnion, Southern Staff. EMILE JOSEPH LeMOIGNE . Bound Brook, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration ELIZABETH ANN LEOPARD . . Auburndale, Florida B.S., Elementary Education SENIORS I First Row ARLENE EMILY LEVINE . . . Hopatcong, New Jersey A.B., Speech Social Chairman, Secretary, Kappa Delta, Vice-President, Senior Class, Vagabonds, Alpha Psi Omega, Sigma Tau Delta, South- ern Staff. LEON R. LEWISON Chicago, Illinois B.S.. Pre-Medical FREDERICK KENT LINDSAY . . . Scotia, New York B.S.. Business Administration Sigma Chi Alpha. Concert Band. LAURENS EDWARD L1NEBAUGH . . Tampa, Florida B.S., Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta. HERBERT F. LIVSEY .... Hawthorne, New York B.S.. Physical Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Epsilon Mu, Southern Staff. Inter- lachen Staff. WALTER CHRIST LOESCHE . . . Lakeland, Florida A.B.. Economics Secretary, Historian, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Political Union, Omicron Delta Kappa. R.O.T.C. Honor Guard, Concert Choir, International Club. Second Row EZRA WILLIAM LOY, JR Clearwater, Florida B.S., Chemistry Secretary, Pi Kappa Alpha, Methodist Student Movement, Concert Band. GERALYN BEDFORD LYNCH . . . Wilmette, Illinois A.B., Anierican Culture President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Sigma Sigma Sigma. JAMES LEE McCULLOUGH .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administ ration Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary, Delta Sigma Pi, Baptist Student Union, Concert Choir. FREDERICK F. McGAULEY . . Schenectady, New York B.S., Economics MARGARET JANE McKINNON . . . Tampa, Florida B.S., Secretarial Science President, Treasurer, Phi Mu, Home Economics Club, Future Teachers of America. EDWIN HULL McMULLEN .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Bm iness Administration President, Pi Kappa Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Citrus Club, Political Union, Interfraternity Council, President, Senior Class, Vice-President Junior Class, Methodist Student Move- ment. r I v I JA Lois Haight, Joyce Meier and Martha Robinson kr that it never rains much in Florida. Sig Ep ' s Jerry Novak, Stu Polito and Peyton Mont- gomery give Pete Koerner a helping hand. flfiifc Third Row ROBERT JOHN McQUADE . . . Mineola. New York A.B., Political Science Sigma Phi Epsilon, Political Union. W. JOSEPH MABEY Butler, New Jersey B.S., Religion WILLIAM MARTIN MacDONALD . . Brandon, Florida B.S., Social Studies Future Teachers of America, Beta Beta Beta. JOHN E. MAINES, III Gainesville, Florida B.S.. Zoology Pi Kappa Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, Southern Staff, Florida Academy of Science. BERNARDO BRODER MAJZEL . Maracaibo, Venezuela B.S., Biology Sigma Phi Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta, Political Union. Florida Academy of Science, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball. DOUGLAS JAMES MANN .... Melbourne, Florida B.S., Speech SENIORS First Row YOLANDE MARTINEZ Hialeah, Florida BS., Elementary Education CARL HERBERT MATTHES .... Mulberry, Florida A.B., Elementary Education Furure Teachers of America, Concert Band. HELEN KENT MAY Lakeland, Florida BS., Education JOHN LOGAN MEAD, JR. . . . St. Petersburg, Florida B.S.. Mathematics Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THOMAS LEWIS MEEKS Clermont, Florida B.S.. Elementary Education THOMAS MORRISON MELTON . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Business Administration Second Row JOHN WILLIAM MEREDITH .... Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration HENRY CARSON MEYER Lakeland, Florida " - BS., Business Administration ft £ k Theta Chi. OSCAR JAMES MICHAEL Danville, Illinois — BS., Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Crew. DAVID JOSEPH MILES Buffalo, New York BS., Religion k« JAMES RICHARD MILLER Lakeland, Florida ' B.S., Journalism Alpha Tau Omega, Co-Editor, The Southern. Meredith ROBERT EMERY MILLER Lakeland, Florida Montgomery BS., Sociology Mary Ogletree, Margee Woodhams, and Lynn Heberling This surprised group just stole off to the College Ter- sharc a coke at the C.T. race from Chapel, perhaps. a V i! ti?i rf? Cl fa mk m m A ., N - « M. , i f ■ ■■■■V May Miller Mundy Miller Myers Third Row PEYTON CONANT MONTGOMERY . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration President, Sigma Phi Epsilon. ROBERT LINCOLN MOREE . . Riviera Beach, Florida B.S., Social Studies ALVIN J. MOSER Lakeland, Florida A.B., Religion NEWTON MARION MULLIS . . . Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Business Administration ALLEN WELCH MUNDY Lakeland, Florida B.S., Physical Education Pi Kappa Alpha, Future Teachers of America, Phi Epsilon Mu, Basketball. MARION HELEN MYERS . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Delta Gamma, Future Teachers of America. SENIORS 299 p First Row NATALE D. NACCARATO . . . Miami Beach. Florida B.S.. Accounting Kappa Sigma. DAVID AUSTIN NELSON .... Lake Worth. Florida B.S., Business Administration Phi Sigma Kappa. Methodist Student Movement. JOHN WILLIAM NELSON, JR. . . Jacksonville, Florida A.B., Social Scienci VLRDELL EUGENE NELSON .... Grant, Nebraska B.S.. Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha. ROBERT LEROY NESBIT Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club. BRIAN PAUL NEVILLE .... Bonita Springs. Florida B.S., Pre-Medical Vice-President, Treasurer, Phi Sigma Kappa, Beta Beta Beta, Methodist Student Movement, Florida Academy of Science. Second Ron CI ARK DOYLE NEWELL Clermont, Florida B.S., Business Administration JOAN PETTEWAY NEWMAN . . St. Petersburg, Florida B.S.. Elementary Education Kappa Delta, Treasurer, Panhellenic Council, Sigma Rho Ep- silon, Chapel Choir, Future Teachers of America. THOMAS FRANKLIN NEWMAN . St. Petersburg, Florida B.S.. Business Administration Inter-Faith Council, Senate Chaplain, President, Christian Science Organization. WINFRED WRIGHT NICHOLSON . Flant City, Florida B.S.. Elementary Education JOSEPH MICHAEL NOLEN . . . Winter Haven, Florida B.S., Journal is m Lambda Chi Alpha. JOHN WILLIAM NORSE .... Jacksonville, Florida A.B., Business Administration Joan Alleshouse, Musette Raper, Ruth Rogers and " octopus " pose for Wille. Sigma Chi, Bill Dempsey proves the point that " monkey see, monkey do. " i f " . «£ 0Kk ■ f 4 New Page Third Row Nelson Nicholson Park Nolen Parsons Neville Norse Partenza JERRY ROLAND NOVAK Lakeland, Florida B.S., Physical Education Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Epsilon Mu, Basketball. RONALD FREDERICK ORDWAY . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Chemistry JUDITH ANN PAGE Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education DAIIL PARK Inchon, Korea A.B., Government Southerneers, International Club. ERNEST JOHN PARSONS Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration President. Lambda Chi Alpha, Political Union. ANGELO CHRIS PARTENZA . . . Vera Beach, Florida A.B.. Music Education SENIORS ¥ First Ron MYRNA REAMS PARTENZA . . . Vero Beach, Florida A.B., English Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Baptist Student Union, Concert Band, Future Teachers of America. NYRA LOU PAYTON Chicago, Illinois B.S., Busint rj Administration Treasurer, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu, Cap and Gown, Political Union. PAUL ALABRAN PEARSON .... Orlando, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Alumni Secretary, Pi Kappa Alpha, Industrial Arts Club, Methodist Student Movement. Crew. GEORGE DANIEL PECK Lakeland, Florida B.S., Accounting President, Delta Sigma P i, Pi Gamma Mu. RONNIE STAFFORD PECK Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Religious Education NANCY GLADYS PEDDIE . . . Amsterdam, New York A.B., English Phi Mu, President, Cap and Gown, Vice-President, Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary-Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi, Women ' s Student Government Association, Future Teachers of America, West- minster Foundation. Second Ron PETER ROY PERCIASEPE . . . Larchmont, New York B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, Basketball. JAMES WARD PETTY Selma, Alabama B.S., Business Administration Sigma Chi. WILLIAM R. PICKELS Tampa, Florida A.B.. History Pi Gamma Mu, Canterbury Club. DALE WELLINGTON PIERCE . . . Dade City, Florida B.S., Secondary Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Citrus Club, Cadet Colonel, R.O.T.C, Future Teachers of America. ANN ELIZABETH PINCUS .... Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Zeta Tau Alpha, Future Teachers of America. WILLIAM S. POOLE Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Busint ii Administration Kappa Alpha Order. Marilyn Weyant is anxiously waiting for Judy Gold- smith to finish with the phone so she can call Walt Hudson is about ready to serenade Don LaBarbera and Pete Lasher with " Dixie, " perhaps Third Row HUGO POSADA Girardot, Colombia B.S., Art LOUISE ALMA POSTEL Mascoutah, Illinois B.S., Elementary Education Secretary; Southernettes, Women ' s Student Government Asso- ciation, Future Teachers of America. JACK POWELL, JR Winter Garden, Florida B.S., Business Administration Vice-President, Treasurer, Phi Sigma Kappa. JOHN SAMUEL RASNAKE Lakeland, Florida A.B., Social Science KENNETH LEE RAUTH Fort Myers, Florida B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Alpha. CHARLES EDWARD REDDICK . . . Plant City, Florida A.B., Business Administration SENIORS ?• • - ' ■ ••• £ First Row GEORGE McCLELLAN RENNINGER . . Dover, Florida BS. Biology Vice-President, Beta Beta Beta. CLARENCE RAYMOND REED .... Nichols, Florida B.S.. Industrial Arts Kappa Alpha Order. SARAH SIMMS RHODES Dade City, Florida BS., Elementary Education Future Teachers of America. JEAN McRAE RICHARDSON . . . Dowell, Maryland A.B., Psychology President, Kappa Delta. DALE KEELER RIDER Kenosha, Wisconsin B.S.. Physical Education Lambda Chi Alpha. President. Physical Education Club. MARY LOU ROBERTS Northport, New York A.B.. Sociology Sigma Rho Epsilon, Methodist Student Movement. Concert Band. Second Ron IOHNNY SPENCER ROBINSON . Kingsport, Tennessee B.S.. Speech Social Chairman, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Psi Omega, Vaga- bonds, Political Union, Circle K. WALTER H. ROBINTON, JR. . . . Gainesville, Florida BS., English Delta Tau Delta, Southern Staff. KENNETH RICE RODDY . . Mt. Union, Pennsylvania A.B., History German Club. GRACE LEGATE RODERICK .... Winnetka, Illinois A.B., Elementary Education Alph a Chi Omega, Future Teachers of America. SUSAN FARRELL ROGERS . Greensboro, North Carolina B.S.. Secretarial Science Future Teachers of America. JACQUELYN WALLER ROLLYSON . Plant City, Florida BS., Home Economics Kappa Delta Pi, Baptist Student Union, Future Teachers of America, Home Economics Club. Tri Sigma ' s Joy Coward, Marilyn Calhoun and Carolyn Burt raid the icebox. Paul Guss, Mike Shapiro, Mike Rosenfeld and Mark Levy are guardians of the TEP Bell. cs n ft ft ft ft Rhodes Richardson Rider Roberts Roddy Roderick Rogers Rollyson Rott Rotunno Rowdybush Rubush Third Ron BETTY JO ROSE Wauchula, Florida B.S., Education JOANNE ROWDYBUSH Arlington, Virginia B.S.. Physical Education KATHRYN VanCLEVE ROTON . . Jacksonville. Florida B.S., Education President, Secretary, Women ' s Student Government Associa- tion, Methodist Student Movement. DONALD KEITH ROTT . . . West Palm Beach. Florida B.S.. Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Vice-President, Rush Chairman, Beta Sigma Omicron, Presi- dent. Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Women ' s Intramural Board. Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Phi Epsilon Mu, Theta Chi Sweetheart. JACK EVERETT RUBUSH . . . Lake Hamilton, Florida B.S., Citrus Citrus Club. RICHARD GEORGE ROTUNNO . Staten Island, New York B.S., Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. SENIORS :;n:, I First Row THEOPHILOS HARDY RUSHING, JR. . Mulberry, Florida B.S.. Industrial Arti JUSTUS R. SACKETT. JR. . Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania B.S.. Accounting Treasurer, Pledgemaster, Pi Kappa Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, Senate, Student Association Court, Political Union, Southern Staff. VICTOR SALI Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Social Science SARIPAH SALMIAH Medan, Indonesia A.B., English International Club. PETER LARS SANDBERG . . . Darien, Connecticut B.S., English Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ANDREW C. SCATURRO . . Fort Myers Beach, Florida B.S., Business Administration Theta Chi. Second Row ROBERT MAURICE SCHIFF . West Palm Beach, Florida B.S., Business Administration JOHN DOUGLAS SCHLOSSER .... Joliet, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Vice-President, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Interfraterniry Council Representative. PETER JOHN SCHMIDT . . . Garden City, New York B.S., Business Administration ROBERT JULIAN SCHNEIDER . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Business Administration CARL LOUIS SCHUCHARDT . . Sappington, Missouri B.S., Citrus Vice-President, Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Pi Kappa Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Secretary, Citrus Club. GUS CLINT SCHULTZ BrooksviUe, Florida B.S., English Baptist Student Union, Concert Choir. i Diane Langdon and Nancy Sicrs find that it ' s better to get comfortable before burning the old midnight oil. The Southernettes impersonate faculty members at the annual Cap and Gown Bermuda Party. Can you dis- tinguish who ' s who? Sali Salmiah Schmidt Schneider Seitz Selph Third Row RUDOLPH D. SCHWAGER . . St. Petersburg, Florida A.B., American Culture Future Teachers of America, German Club. Sandberg Schuchardt Shelton Scatur Schultz Shimp ALAN JOHN SCHWIND Wilmette, Illinois B.S.. Economics President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi. CAROL JO-ANN SEITZ Cincinnati, Ohio B.S., Elementary Education Future Teachers of America, Westminster Foundation. JOANNE HOLLADY SELPH . . . Lakeland, Florida A.B., Sociology Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice-President, Pi Gamma Mu, Methodist Student Movement, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Cheerleader. JACQUELYN OLIVIA SHELTON . . Lakeland, Florida A.B., Elementary Education EDRETH BENJAMIN SHIMP . . St. Petersburg, Florida A.B., Economics SENIORS p First Ron SALLY MARIE SHINN .... Lake Alfred. Florida B.S., Music Education Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Delta Pi, Vagabonds. Future Teachers of America. CONSTANCE MAY SHIPP .... Norfolk. Virginia A.B., English Future Teachers of America, Southern Staff. HENRY ARTHUR SIBLEY, JR. . . Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Business Administration Sigma Tau Gamma. V. JACQUELYN SIERRA Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Physical Education Phi Epsilon Mu. RONALD JAY SILVERS Lakeland, Florida B.S., Social Science Future Teachers of America. JON A. SIMMONS Sarasota, Florida B.S.. Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Ron RUBY C. SINGLETON Fort Myers. Florida A.B.. Secondary Education Secretary, Phi Mu, Secretary, Sigma Tau Delta. HERBERT ISAAC SIROTA ... St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Economics Tau Epsilon Phi, Hillel Society. DOROTHY ANN SMITH Wabasso, Florida B.S , Elementary Education Methodist Student Movement, Future Teachers of America. MARCUS DAVIDSON SMITH, JR. . Jacksonville, Florida B.S., Business Administration Sigma Chi. Political Union. SARAH ANN SMITH Orlando, Florida B.S.. Social Science Corresponding Secretary, Beta Sigma Omicron, Vice-President, Secretary, Westminster Foundation, Concert Choir, Chapel Choir, Southern Staff. BARBARA ANN SNOW .... Jacksonville, Florida B.S., History Treasurer. Beta Sigma Omicron, Pi Gamma Mu, Future Teach- ers of America, Concert Band. Ping-pong is popular around the Pi Kappa Phi house and Ken Kettcrcr and Bob Woodall have an interested audience. Cookie Jordan doesn ' t seem to mind being the target of this pizza pie, as a climax of the Southernette ban- quet this year. fc A » 4 % t • O ii lSL fe bfc % ii Sibley Sierra Smith Smith Stephen Stephens third Row PATRICIA ANN SPERRY Tavares, Florida B.S.. Home Economics Vice-President, Kappa Delta, Women ' s Student Government Association, Home Economics Club. JO BERTA STARR Kissimmee, Florida A.B., Psychology SHEILA JOY STEPHEN Mundelein, Illinois B.S., Elementary Education Rush Chairman, Alpha Delta Pi, Vice-President, Cap and Gown, Senate, Southern Start, Political Union. Pi Kappa Alpha Sweetheart. EULUS THEODORE STEPHENS . . Mulberry, Florida B.S.. Accounting GARY ANDRE STEVENS . . . Park Ridge, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHARLES BAKER STILES .... Middletown, Ohio B.S., Business Administration President. Theta Chi, President, Westminster Foundation, President, Inter-Faith Council, " S " Club, Tennis. SENIORS p First Row BILLIE SUE STOKES Stokes, North Carolina B.S., Education Future Teachers of America, Concert Choir. ROY BE RTON STONE, JR Orlando, Florida B.S., Mathematics Pi Kappa Alpha. BARBARA SUE STROUD .... Jacksonville, Florida B.S.. Elementary Education Vice-President, Southernettes, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Vice-Presi- dent, Women ' s Student Government Association, Methodist Student Movement. JOSEPH JUSTUS STUKEY, JR. . . . Lakeland, Florida A.B., Social Studies. FRANK TERRANA Tampa, Florida B.S., Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon, R.O.T.C. Honor Guard. CLARENCE H. THOMAS . . . B.S... An Kappa Phi. Lakeland, Florida Second Row WAYNE E. THOMAS Venice, Florida A.B.j Religion Gamma Sigma Chi, Methodist Student Movement. ROBERT FOY THOMPSON .... Clermont, Florida B.S., Education Pi Kappa Phi. JOHN RAYMOND TINDELL . . . Hialeah, Florida A.B., Religion Southerneers, Gamma Sigma Chi, Methodist Student Move- ment. CAPTAIN DAVID H. TINIUS .... Tampa, Florida B.S., Industrial Arts DOUGLAS IRWIN TIPTON . . . Dade City, Florida B.S., Accounting Pi Kappa Alpha, Methodist Student Movement, Concert Band, R.O.T.C. Band. JAMES RAY TIPTON Danville, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Vice-President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Crew. Stokes Stone Thomas Thompso Tousignant Trauner Gerry Grieve and Bob Myers get in a few hours of studying, a rare pastime for two gay blades. What was that again, Mrs. Miller? Gwen Gober and Carolyn McCowan are confused by the popular " squak- box. " Stroud Stukey Terrana Thomas Tindell Tinius Tipton Tipton Tresca Troina Van der Lugt Vasiloff Third Row THOMAS A. TOUSIGNANT . Western Springs, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Intramural Golf, Tennis. WALTER ANTON TRAUNER . . . Innsbruck. Austria B.S., Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon, International Club. BEVERLY HELEN TRESCA . . . Jacksonville, Florida A.B., Education Secretary, Phi Mu, Senate, Treasurer, Student Government Association, Vice-President, Future Teachers of America, Methodist Student Movement. Southern Staff, Interlachen Staff, Panhellenic Council. FRANCIS PAUL TROINA . . Fort Lauderdale Florida B.S.. Pre-Medical Secretary, Social Chairman, Pledgemaster, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Sophomore Class Senator, Senior Class Senator. JAN MAC VAN der LUGT . . . Fort Pierce, Florida B.S., Journalism PETER ANGELO VASILOFF . . . Fort Myers, Florida B.S., Physical Education SENIORS 311 p First Ron JOHN WESLEY VAUGHN, JR. . . Lakeland. Florida B.S.. Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha. EVELYN HUGGINS VETRANO . . Lakeland. Florida B.S.. Education Phi Mu, Future Teachers of America, Baptist Student Union. TEMSAKDI Y1RIYASIRI .... Bangkok, Thailand B.S.. Business Administration Soccer. ROBERT STANSMORE VIVIAN . . Beloit, Wisconsin B.S.. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Pi Gamma Mu. PETER MIKEL WALKER Tampa, Florida B.S.. Business Administration ROBERT LA VERNE WALLACE . . . Orlando, Florida B.S.. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Circus, Water Ski Team. Second Ron ALEXANDER J. WARAKSA . Rochelle Park, New Jersey B.S.. Business Administration ROBERT PERRY WARDELL . . St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., History Secretary, Social Chairman, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, Future Teachers of America, Secretary, Intra- mural Board. MARTHA WATSON Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi, Future Teachers of America. BARBARA ANN WEDGWORTH . Belle Glade, Florida Kappa Pi. Methodist Student Movement. Future Teachers of America. DAVID LOUIS WEIS Wauchula, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Vice-President, Southerneers, Vice-President, Kappa Delta Pi, Senate, Future Teachers of America, Methodist Student Move- ment. MARY ANN WELLS Wauchula. Florida B.S.. History Phi Mu, Future Teachers of America, Concert Band. The Zeta ' s prove at the Cap Gown Bermuda Party that you ' re just too young to smoke. Nancy Hogarth has a hard time deciding which pair of shoes to wear for that important date. k«t t ♦ « ♦ ' : Viriyasiri Vivian Walker Wallace Watson Wedgworth Weis Wells Wilking Williamson Wingate Wink Third Row SAMUEL C. WHARTON . . . Hawthorne, New Jersey B.S., Art ROBERT LOUIS WILLIAMSON . . Auburndale, Florida B.S., Accounting THERESA DAWN WHITICE . . Fort Pierce, Florida B.S.. Speech Alpha Chi Omega, Future Teachers of America, Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart. DON SELLS WILKING Tampa, Florida A.B., Religion CHLOE WINGATE Lake City, Florida A.B., English DONNA ELIZABETH WINK . . . Buffalo, New York B.S.. Physical Education Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Chi Omega. SENIORS !13 ■♦• •• p Winn Young First Row Younger DAVID HART WINN Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Mathematics JUDITH TEWINKLE WINN . . . Lakeland, Florida B.S., Elementary Education Future Teachers of America. FRANK WILSON WOLF Tucson, Arizona B.S., Social St nliL i STANLEY CLARKE WYLLIE, JR. . . Tampa, Florida B.S., History Southerneers, Future Teachers of America, Omicron Delta Kappa, Inter-Faith Council, Canterbury Club, Political Union. Wolf Wyllie z igrang Brennan Second Row WILLIAM RAYMOND YOUNG . Lakeland, Florida B.S , Business Administration MARTHA JEAN YOUNGER . . A.B., French Lakeland, Florida Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Pi. WALTER ROY ZIGRANG .... Vero Beach, Florida B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Cit- rus Club, Men ' s Council, Methodist Student Movement. DONALD EDWARD BRENNAN . . Bronx, New York B.S.. English President, " S " Club. Physical Education Club, Basketball. Baseball. Bob Wardell, Jim Neely and Jack Kelly discuss th news at the C.T. One little car isn ' t enough auto for all of these Kappa Delta ' s. y HOUSEMOTHERS 4 « First rotf. Mrs. Mildred Willis, Mrs. Margaret Friedman, Mrs Eloise Spear, Mrs. Virginia Ferguson, Mrs. Marie Ward. Second roil: Mrs. Fred Dekle, Mrs. Virginia Bieglow, Mrs. Irby Vann, Mrs. Hazel Silva, Mrs. John Read, Mrs. Imogene Wright, Mrs. Hugh Williams. PROCTORS First row: George Tice, Nat Naccarato, Dale Sours, Orlan Bryant, Bill Pickets, Peter Vasiloff. Second row: Don Brown, Bob Long- bottom, George Domansky, Allen Cohen, John Ayre, Steve Gianos. Third row: Charles Tice, Edson Dewell, Frank Kronk, David Schreimer, Herbert Davies, Guy Chappell. J, O — « v Secretary-Treasurer, Carol Marshall; President, James O ' Donnell; Vice-President, Pat Reinking. THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JAMES O ' DONNELL President PAT REINKING Vice-President CAROL MARSHALL Secretary-Treasurer 317 t ♦ ■• ♦ C fX 05 4il dm c% 05 05 f B " •» K V I f7Z r ' Of 1 1 i. ' «■ H THE JUNIORS First Row GEORGE ALLEN ADDY Lakeland, Florida CURTIS LEE ADKINS Alexandria, Virginia HERBERT J. ADKISON Lakeland, Florida PATRICIA ANN A ' HERN . . Amherst, Massachusetts GEORGE GRANT ALLAN . . . Ormond Beach, Florida BRUCE HAROLD ALLEN . . Toronto, Ontario, Canada Second Row VIRGINIA ANN ALLISON . . Pompano Beach, Florida FRANK JOHN ALOIA . . . Scotch Plains, New Jersey MAURICE VAUGHN ALTMAN . . . Orlando, Florida ALBERT AMMON .... Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania BENJAMIN CECIL ANDERSON . . Plant City, Florida CORTLAND E. ANDERSON, JR. . West Palm Beach, Fla. Third Row LEONARD R. ANDERSON . . Eggertsville, New York JOSEPH D. ARMSTRONG . . . Lancaster, Pennsylvania ROCCO PETER ARRE Easton, Pennsylvania WILLIAM S. ATWOOD Richmond, Virginia PATRICIA JOANNE AUTREY .... Tampa, Florida JOHN GEORGE AYRE .... Milwaukee, Wisconsin Fourth Row APONTE R. BAERGA Caguas, Puerto Rico JULIUS F. BARISH, JR Dade City, Florida BARBARA BARKER Yonkers, New York ROBERT C. BARNES Gulfport, Mississippi ROBERT JAMES BARRY Orlando, Florida DIANE LOUISE BARTHEL Miami, Florida Fifth Row JOHN B. BECKER, JR Lakeland, Florida SUSAN BECKER Flossmoor, Illinois HENRY H. BECKWITH .... Jacksonville, Florida DONALD R. BENNETT .... Cambridge, Maryland GAIL BENNETT BrooksviUe, Florida ROBERT G. BETTAG Danville, Illinois Sixth Row BURTUS BISHOP Chicago, Illinois WILLIAM G. BITTLE Haines City, Florida WALTER B. BOLAND .... Winter Haven, Florida JULIE ANN BOYER Lakeland, Florida JEANNE M. BRADLEY Tampa, Florida HALLETT BRAKMAN Hillsdale, New Jersey Dee Anna Thomas is just getting back from class while Diana Johnson gets ready for some vitamins. George Umholtz, Jack Kellv, John Simpson and Bob Wardell look over the TKE scrapbook. fa i i s F i t T -T» a " T 40? WF -3 4 Ife THE JUNIORS First Row EDWARD B. BRANCH, JR Atlanta, Georgia DAVID T. BREWER Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM H. BRITT .... Winter Garden, Florida EDWARD VERNON BROOKS .... Miami, Florida DONALD PERRY BROWN Miami, Florida DAVID W. BRUNSTROM . . . Winter Park, Florida Second Row SHEILA LOUISE BRYANT Atlanta, Georgia VIVIAN LOUISE BRYANT .... Columbus, Georgia WALTER L. BULLARD, JR Lakeland, Florida KATHLEEN ROSE BURKE . . University Heights, Ohio ROBERT D. BURKHOLDER . . . Bradenton, Florida JOHN WARREN BURNS . . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Third Row DORIS MARILYN CALHOUN .... Sanford, Florida CHARLES BROOKS CALLAWAY, JR. . Orlando, Florida CHRISTINE M. CAMERON .... Plant City, Florida JAMES W. CAMPBELL Plant City, Florida MARY JO CAMPBELL Plant City, Florida RICHARD D. CAMPBELL Lakeland, Florida Fourth Row PATRICIA SUE CARMAN Quincy, Florida LARRY WALTER CARTER Berea, Ohio RICHARD S. CARTER . . . Asheville, North Carolina HOMER W. CHEYNE Lakeland, Florida DEMETRIOS S. CHOIS .... Narberth, Pennsylvania NICKI ALICEON CLARK Pulaski, Virginia Fifth Row ROBERT HENRY CLAY . . . Winter Haven, Florida BARBARA JANE CLIFFORD .... Miami, Florida JOHN JOSEPH COFFEY Tampa, Florida LAWRENCE JAY COHEN .... Palm Beach, Florida LEWIS MINTER COLLINS Pahokee, Florida MARGARET CONNOR Lakeland, Florida Sixth Row MARIE CONNOR Lakeland, Florida RICHARD EARL CONRAD .... Lakeland, Florida ROBERT AINSWORTH COOK . Winter Haven, Florida FRANCES MURRILL COPES . . . Plant City, Florida MARY ALICE CORRIGAN .... San Antonio, Florida CAROL JANIS COTHERN .... Hermosillo, Mexico Angels, Dee Kaiser and Sue Durrance s Alpha Chi lyre for intruder, Opal Foster the Tom Russ sings of " SAE " to Brian Lavan, Don Groen, and Dave Callendcr in the " Shamrock Room. " c y m. I ' THE JUNIORS First Row CHARLES WEBB COURTOY .... Bartow, Florida MITTY ANN COURTOY Bartow, Florida MARGUERITE CRITCHLOW . . Winter Haven, Florida CYNTHIA ANNE CRONWALL . . River Forest, Illinois RUBEN A. CUERVO Tampa, Florida DIANE CAROL CULLODEN . . Milwaukee, Wisconsin Second Row MARY LOU CUNNINGHAM . Fort Lauderdale, Florida WAYNE B. CUSHING Mena, Arkansas HERBERTH CZERMAK Vienna, Austria ELIZABETH S. DAME Plant City, Florida JOYCE ANN DANIEL Winter Haven, Florida PATRICIA P. DAUGHTRY .... Wauchula, Florida Third Row HARVEY LAM DENNIS .... Winter Haven, Florida ARLENE DORIS DeTROY . . . Haworth, New Jersey PATTY JEAN DICKEY . . . Evans City, Pennsylvania GEORGE CURTIS DILL Tampa, Florida PHILIP D. DIUGUID Jacksonville, Florida ALAN MICHAEL DOBERMAN . . Brooklyn, New York Fourth Row RICHARD VICTOR DOTY . . . Winter Haven, Florida ARNOLD DALE DOUBERLY .... Lakeland, Florida DOROTHY E. DuBOSE Plant City, Florida NANCY GAY DUCKHAM Dayton, Ohio WILLIAM JAMES DUNCAN . . Winter Haven, Florida DAVID C. DURRANCE Palmetto, Florida Fifth Row MICHELLE DYER Bass River, Massachusetts HARRY T. EATON, III ... . Short Hills, New Jersey MARY FLORENCE EDDIE . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida NANCY ELIZABETH EDENFIELD . . Lakeland, Florida BRUCE WALTER EMERY Toledo, Ohio LUWAYNE JUDITH ESKELIN . . . Lakeland, Florida Sixth Row NEIL JOYNER ESKELIN Lakeland, Florida CAROLEE ANN EVERTSE . . Grand Rapids, Michigan KARL H. EWERTS Lakeland, Florida MITCHELL EVANS EWING Bartow, Florida GARY JOHN FARRELL . . New Smyrna Beach, Florida ROBERT J. FERENCE Carteret, New Jersey c - ' f v 1 7 y it THE JUNIORS Fir it Row BARBARA E. FERRIS Clearwater, Florida NORMA C. FERRO Paulo, Brazil BEVERLY JOYCE FIELDS Lake City, Florida SHERMAN ASHER FIELDS .... Leesburg, Florida PAUL W. FITZSTEVENS Miami, Florida RICHARD KRISE FORD ... St. Petersburg, Florida Second Row OPAL FOSTER Pensacola, Florida ELIZABETH A. FRANCKUM . Wethersfield, Connecticut WADE W. FREEMAN Orlando, Florida GEORGE D. FRENCH Lakeland, Florida RICHARD CHARLES FULFORD . . . Orlando, Florida BIRDIE ELINOR FUTCH Dade City, Florida Fourth Rou JOAN MARIE GORMAN Lakeland, Florida OTIS DOYLE GORMAN . . . Greenville, South Carolina GARY SCOTT GRABE .... Ormond Beach, Florida CHARLES M. GRAHAM .... St. Augustine, Florida PETER LANE GRANT Merrick, New York ROBERTA ANNE GREEN Leesburg, Florida Fifth Ron ALFRED K. GRICE Baldwin, New York JAMES E. GRIDLEY Montclair, New Jersey FLORENCE COE GRIFFIN Lakeland, Florida DONALD M. GRIFFITH Oakland, Florida DON LOWELL GROEN Danville, Illinois NICK GUAGLIARDO Tampa, Florida Third Row RAMON GARCIA, JR Tampa, Florida WARREN LESTER GAY Lakeland, Florida BYRD ALEXANDER GEIGER .... Dover, Florida WILFRED E. GENEST .... Fairhaven, Massachusetts BERNARD H. GERARD .... Btonxville, New York MARY HARRIET GIBSON .... Lakeland, Florida Sixth Row RONALD JOSEPH HADRABA SUSAN JANE HAGIST . . . BEVERLY ANN HAINES . . MILTON THOMAS HALL . . PATRICK D. HALL . . . . . Riverside. Illinois Atlantic Beach, Florida Arlington, Virginia Fort Lauderdale, Florida . . Orlando, Florida LESLIE M. HALLOCK Chicago, Illinois Mimi Howard is ready to iron DeVeda Brokenshire in her housecoat, while Lee Griffin and Lynda Holloway sit by. Elizabeth Weismantel has her own private clothes rack, while Lynn Corbitt and Rosalyn Miller seem unconcerned. THE JUNIORS First Roir WILLIAM F. HAMAKER .... Alexandria, Virginia BARBARA TUTTLE HAMILTON . . Babylon, New York LEON E. HAMILTON . . . Lumberton, North Carolina THOMAS WEBB HAMILTON . Pompano Beach, Florida HELEN ELIZABETH HANSON . Fruitland Park, Florida KAREN E. HARDIN Lakeland, Florida Second Row LOLA E. HARLEMAN Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM CLAYTON HARMON . Winter Haven, Florida FRANCES B. HAROLD .... Greeneville, Tennessee JO ANN HARRIS Leesburg, Florida WAYNE RODMAN HARRIS . . . Preston, Maryland JESSE D. HARTLINE, JR Tampa, Florida Third Row KARL F. HAUG Downers Grove, Illinois JOHN W. HAWKEN Lakeland, Florida DON PAUL HAWKINS Montverde, Florida JAMES ROBERT HAYGOOD . . Verona, Pennsylvania ARDELIA ALENE HENDRICK . . Fort Meade, Florida MARTHA LOUISE HENDRY . . . Wauchula, Florida Fourth Row DAVID T. HENNIGER .... St. Petersburg, Florida PETER E. HERGUTH . . Dingman ' s Ferry, Pennsylvania THOMAS MARSHALL HESTER . . Dade City, Florida WILLIAM O. HIGGINS Haines City, Florida DONALD LEE HOLCOMBE . . . Shreveport, Louisiana CLARENCE B. HOLLIFIELD .... Lakeland, Florida Fifth Row GERALD RAY HOOKER Plant City, Florida EFFIE LOU HOPPER Coral Gables, Florida DAVID GEORGE HORSBURGH . . . Sarasota, Florida JOSEPH DANIEL HUDEK . . Pompano Beach, Florida THOMAS A. HUGHES . Hastings-on-Hudson, New York JAMES HESLER HULL Plant City, Florida Sixth Row RALPH C. HULSE East Liverpool, Ohio BERYL L. INSINGER Worthington, Ohio ELIZABETH J. JACK Winter Haven, Florida JOHN J. JAGELER, III ... . Pompano Beach, Florida CLYDE C. JAKWAY Winter Park, Florida CAROL ANN JENKINS Lakeland, Florida All those SAE ' s just to guard one little Lion, Leo really has his troubles. But the brothers will solve them. The Sewing Hour at the Tri Sigma house with Roberta Lawrence, Emily Wine, Nyra Payton, Vivian Bryant. J t a m ■ . f - . I 5 n ) % - a, Mm i 81 - ? THE JUNIORS « % % ♦ 4 t fc « First Row H. GORDON JENKINS Lakeland, Florida RICHARD C. JENSEN Fords, New Jersey KENNETH D. JOHNSON Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM FOSTER JONES .... Lakeland, Florida NEAL ERIC JUSTINIANO Dunedin, Florida DEE ANN KAISER St. Charles, Illinois Second Row KENNETH V. KASAK Delray Beach, Florida PATRICIA LYNN KEAGLE .... Sarasota, Florida MAXIE WENDELL KELLY Lawtey, Florida DONALD FERRIS KEYES . . . Boynton Beach, Florida MARY ANN KIELMANN ... St. Petersburg, Florida RICHARD ELMER KING Fellsmere, Florida Fourth Row FRED DON LANTZ Danville, Illinois JOHN RUSSELL LARSEN .... Butler, New Jersey WARREN PETER LASHER . . Ormond Beach, Florida MARTIN PATRICK BRIAN LA VAN . Brighton, Michigan KEITH WILLIS LAWHORN . . . Haines City, Florida ROBERTA LAWRENCE . West Point Pleasant, New Jersey Fifth Row ROBERT EARL LEE Umatilla, Florida JACK LEON LEVINE Lakeland, Florida RICHARD W. LOBB Orlando, Florida HARRY FRED LONG Miami, Florida PAUL EDWIN LOVREN Tampa, Florida CHARLES DEAN LYON Lakeland, Florida Third Row JANE STACK KITCHEL Lakeland, Florida JOHN FREDRICK KOEBER, JR. . St. Petersburg, Florida PETER CARL KOERNER .... Park Ridge, Illinois ROBERT JOSEPH LAMA . . . Poughkeepsie, New York MARVIN WAYNE LANGFORD . . Frostproof, Florida SIDNEY FAYE LANIER .... Williamsburg, Virginia Sixth Row RICHARD M. McBURNEY . . PATRICIA ANN McCLOUGHAN KATHERYN E. McDONALD . . ROBERT LEE McLENDON, JR. . MARGARET W. McLEOD Lakeland, Florida ERMA JLIANITA McMULLEN . . . Clearwater, Florida . Lakeland, Florida Danville, Pennsylvania . . W auchula, Florida . Marianna, Florida Bobbie Pierce and Jane Fox get ready for that " Ole Soft Shoe " routine. The Sig Ep ' s are all waiting for Peyton Montgomery to give them their " orders. " ft f p (B 7 i .1 i ▼ " . f v p i I • » j V ity m i tut r a i i ■ " ■ j v d i w r t %■%■%■♦ fc t 4 THE JUNIORS First Row JOHN P. McNAMARA .... Oyster Bay, New York CLARENCE E. McNEELY Lakeland, Florida EDWARD SPENCER MacKENZIE . Brooksville, Florida CAROL JUDITH MARSHALL .... Oneco, Florida CAROL ANN MARTIN . . . Charleston, West Virginia DAVID HAROLD MARTIN . . Mount Morris, New York Fourth Row THOMAS EDWARD MOORE . . Winter Haven, Florida WESLEY JAMES MOORE Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM HARRY MOREL . . . Tuckahoe, New York MICAELA E. MORIEN .... Eagle River, Wisconsin JOAN ESTELLE MORTON Miami, Florida RONALD EDWARD MORTON .... Miami, Florida Second Row CLARENCE DALE MAXWELL . . . Pahokee, Florida HAROLD D. MEDFORD . . Waynesville, North Carolina MERLIE C. MEDLEY Plant City, Florida JOHN CHARLES MELENDI Tampa, Florida RICHARD LEON MENSH Tampa, Florida BASIL MIKA Lakeland, Florida Third Row ALESTIUS THEODORE MILLER . . Auburndale, Florida ALFRED MINGIONE Planfield, Ne w Jersey WALTER LESLIE MITCHELL .... Lakeland, Florida A. MARIE MONTALDI Bradenton, Florida ELLEN DIXON MOORE . . . Charleston, West Virginia NORMA LOUISE MOORE . . . Pompano Beach, Florida Fifth Row JAMES EARL MOULTON .... Groveland, Florida M. FRANCIS MULLIKIN . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida MICHAEL EDWARD MURPHY . . Bloom ington, Illinois ABOLGHASEM MUSAVI Teheran, Iran EVELYN MAE MYERS .... Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania KENNETH CHARLES MYERS .... Tampa, Florida Sixth Row NANCY ANN MYERS Oviedo, Florida GEORGE DANIEL NEBHUTH . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania JAMES FURMAN NEEFUS Laurel, New York ALTON G. NIGHSWANDER .... Lakeland, Florida JAMES C. ODONNELL .... St. Petersburg, Florida JANE O ' NEILL Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania Captain Haley and Ann Vogel prepare to board Good Ship Delta Zeta for a big voyage. Bobbie Woodruff cannot decide what to w Joan Spangler and Marcia Peck try to help. ir DH A i Ny 1 r c i?j ffn. I i %•%.%■♦ THE JUNIORS First Ron SUE ANN OPLER Hinsdale, Illinois BLANCHE SHORE OSWALD .... Plant City, Florida MILLARD FILLMORE OWEN . . . Winter Park, Florida NANCY JOAN OWSLEY .... Alexandria, Virginia JOAN DEVRIES PALSGRAAF . . Chattahoochee, Florida CAROLYN M. PARROTT Lakeland, Florida Second Row JOSEPH R. PARROTT, JR Lakeland, Florida MARY LINDA PARROTT Apopka, Florida ROBERT GARY PETERS . . Arlington Heights, Illinois ROBERT EDWARD PFAFF . . . Bronxville, New York ROBERT LEWIS PHILLIPS .... Haines City, Florida BARBARA LEE PIERCE . . . Charlotte, North Carolina Fourth Row ROGER F. QUISENBERRY Stuart, Florida OLEN W. RAIFORD Bartow, Florida MARCUS FLETCHER RAYE .... Lakeland, Florida BARBARA ELLIOTT REFRAM . . . Yonkers, New York DEAN REFRAM Glen Ellyn, Illinois PATRICIA REINKING .... Spring Lake, Michigan Fifth Row ROBERT GORDON REYNOLDS ROBERT FRANKLIN RITCH FRANK GREGORY RIVERA . RONALD FLOYD ROBERSON . SALLY NAOMI ROBERTS . . FORREST EDWIN ROCKETT . . . Lakeland, Florida . . . Bartow, Florida . . Lakeland, Florida Winter Garden, Florida . Jacksonville, Florida Fort Lauderdale, Florida Third Row CARRELL IVAN PINNELL Lakeland, Florida HAROLD DAVENPORT PLACE . Plainheld, New Jersey CHARLENE ALICE POLAND Miami, Florida EDWARD RICHARD POWELL . . North Miami, Florida WILLIAM JOHN PRESCOTT . . . Garfield, New Jersey DONNA LOIS PUSINELLI . . . New York, New York Sixth Row BION TAYLOR ROCKWELL .... Lakeland, Florida ANA M. RODRIGUEZ Matanzas, Cuba JERRY LEE ROGERS Kissimmee, Florida JOSEPH C. ROSELLE .... East Orange, New Jersey RICHARD C. ROSS Miami, Florida KENNETH RAYMOND ROTH .... Orlando, Florida Into the depths of Davy Jones ' locker with Martha Smith and Peggy Delegal. VI ■yg i f I At f ' f l£i 1 II ' ' J ' 4ft O i v ' •. ' ••»: T § THE JUNIORS First Row MARY TERESA RUDOLPH . FRANCES MARION RYDER . STUART HAROLD SABEL . . JOSEPH H. SAMMATARO . . PAULINE MICHEL SANDALA RICHARD D. SCHADDELEE . Flushing, New York . . Clearwater, Florida Philadelphia, Pennsylvania North Bergen, New Jersey . . . . Gary, Indiana . Grand Rapids, Michigan So ond Row DONN LANDON SCHEERER . . Baltimore, Maryland DAVID A. SCHRIEMER Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM HENRY SCHWARTZ, HI . . Miami, Florida CHARLES BRUCE SEARS .... Canal Point, Florida JOHN PHILIP SELBY Ashland, Oregon JACKSON JOHNSON SELLS, JR. . . Fort Myers, Florida Third Roto MARY VESTA SELPH Lakeland, Florida CHARLES DAVID SHELDON .... Tampa, Florida JACK HEWITT SHIPMAN .... Robinson, Illinois ANNA MARIE SICA Holly Hill, Florida LOIS JEAN SICKELS Ormond Beach, Florida JOHN EDWARD SIMPSON .... Merrick, New York Fourth Row RILEY DEAN SIMS .... West Palm Beach, Florida WILLIAM LAMAR SINEATH, JR. . St. Petersburg, Florida STUART FREDERICK SMELTZLY . . Chicago, Illinois FRANK WAYNE SMITH Bagdad, Florida JOE HUDSON SMITH Moultrie, Georgia WALTER ALLIE SMITH Lakeland, Florida Fifth Row CHARLES C. SPENCER . . Port Washington, New York DENNIS C. STEDMAN Lakeland, Florida STANLEY FREDRICK STEIN . . . Lakeland, Florida EDITH ELAINE STEPHENS . . . Fort Myers, Florida KELLY DENNIS STEPHENS .... Lakeland, Florida SHIRLEY M. STEPHENS Lakeland, Florida Sixth Row ROBERT LEON STERLING .... Lakeland, Florida JACK LEE STEVENS Flint, Michigan ROBERT HARTLEY STEWART . . Mount Dora, Florida ROBERT GLENN STOKES .... Lake Wales, Florida DOROTHY M. STONE Orlando, Florida PATRICIA GAIL STONIS .... River Forest, Illinois ADPi ' s Pat McNamara, Carol Martin, Betty Withers, Judy Gardner, and Marsha Monfort are waiting for . .? Juanita Dinsmore and Jo Ann Rowdybush tune up as Jackie Eoulet gets ready for music practice. All tMtk i ««% « THE JUNIORS First Row GEORGE LOUIS STORMS . . JAMES WESLEY STRAYER . JOHN FRANKLIN STROUD . DAVID WAYNE STURDEVAN LOREN JOHN SULEM . . . JACK E. SUTHERLAND . . . Hohokus, New Jersey . Maumee, Ohio . Jacksonville, Florida , Tahawus, New York . Lakeland, Florida . . Bartow, Florida Fourth Row MARSHALL D. VANCE .... Ormond Beach, Florida VIVIAN JEAN VANN Miami, Florida CAROL-LEE VEITCH Park Ridge, Illinois LEON VETRANO Lakeland, Florida THOMAS EDWARD VITITO . . . Clearwater, Florida ESTELLE ANNE VOGEL .... Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Second Row JAMES HUGH TAUNTON . . . Panama City, Florida GENE ANTHONY TEANY .... Lakeland, Florida CHARLES THOMAS TICE . . . New York, New York BETTY LOU TINSLEY Arcadia, Florida DONALD KENNETH TOBIN . . . Lakeland, Florida RONALD CHARLES THOMAS . . . Lakeland, Florida Fifth Row JIM V. WALDEN, JR Dover, Florida GEORGE LESLEY WALKER . . . Haines City, Florida LEROY WALKER, JR Miami, Florida ROGER P. WARD Tampa, Florida HENRY BLYER WARNER, JR. . Narberth, Pennsylvania JANET CAMILLE WATERS .... Lakeland, Florida Third Row WILLIAM REUBEN THOMAS . . . Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM D. TRUEX .... New Suffolk, New York REBEKAH RUTH TUHY Oviedo, Florida BARBARA ANNE TURNER .... Reddick, Florida DALLAS SAMUEL TURNER .... Lakeland, Florida DOROTHY ANNE TURNER .... Umatilla, Florida Sixth Row EDGAR CALVIN WATKINS . . . Plant City, Florida JOHN DEXTER WATSON .... Clermont, Florida LESLIE WELTER Lakeland, Florida SUE ANN WENRICK Lakeland, Florida JAMES EDWIN WEST Lakeland, Florida JUDITHE ANNE WHITE Rutland, Vermont Dee Kaiser, Joan Kempf and Terry Whitice guard the pearly gates to the Alpha Chi Heaven party dur- ing the formal rush. The Tri Sig ' s open shop " South Sea Island " style. Carolyn Burt waits on Emily Wine as Lilly Childers and Emme Wissman look on. C c m Phi Sigma Kappa ' s Jim Lubach and Tom Hughes dis play their impressive picture gallery and trophies. It ' s " Quiet Hours " around the Alpha Chi house say Diane Whitice, Sue Durrance and Dee Dee Culloden. %•% ' %•.♦ THE JUNIORS First Row LAWRENCE ALLAN WHITE .... Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM K. WHITFIELD Orlando, Florida FLORA DIANE WHITICE .... Fort Pierce, Florida CHARLES B. WHITMORE Tampa, Florida WILLIAM WADE WIGGINS . . . Lake Alfred, Florida GILMAN JACKSON WILDES .... Tampa, Florida Second Row CHARLES HENRY WILLIAMS . . . Lakeland, Florida GHERMAN T. WILLIAMS Lakeland, Florida HAL THOMAS WILLIAMS Lakeland, Florida RICHARD T. WILLIAMS Lakeland, Florida EMME WISSMANN Largo, Florida AMELIA HOPE WITT Miami, Florida Third Row JASPER ORLOFF WITT Homeland, Florida ROBERT GENE WOODALL .... Bradenton, Florida MARGARET JEAN WOODHAMS . Marshall, Michigan FLOYD N. WOODS Lakeland, Florida Fourth Row MARTHA ANN WRIGHT Bartow, Florida THOMAS DUTTON YEAGER .... Naples, Florida DANIEL LAWRENCE ZARYCKI . . . Tampa, Florida THE INTERLACHEN p« gftfc k %• .%•♦ Jp Secretary-Treasurer, Gail Black; Vice-President, George Umholtz; President, George Hunter. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS GEORGE HUNTER President GEORGE UMHOLTZ Vice-President GAIL BLACK Secretary-Treasurer THE SOPHOMORES First Row JACQUES K. ABBO Maracaitro, Venezuela JOSE B. ABUT Santiago, Cuba JORGE ANTONIO AGRAMONTE . . Camaguy, Cuba GEORGE EDWIN ALBRITTON . Bowling Green, Florida ROBERT LOUIS ALDERMAN . . . Plant City, Florida CARL J. ALDRICH, JR Bristol, Vermont Fourth Row JAY ISMON ANDREWS .... Maysville, Kentucky MARTHA ANN ANDREWS .... Chiefland, Florida RICHARD KENT ASTON Dallas, Texas LAURENCE KWOK LEUNG AU . . Hong Kong, China JAMES WAYNE BAILEY Sarasota, Florida JESSE LLOYD BAKER Caldwell, New Jersey Second Row ELIZABETH ANNE ALDRICH . . . Pittsfield, Illinois HOMER GORDON ALEXANDER . SummerviUe, Georgia ROBERT CAMPBELL ALIG Tampa, Florida DONALD FREDERICK ALLEN . . . Hastings, Florida JUNE ELIZABETH ALLEN Bartow, Florida GEORGE W. ALLENDORF . . . Rochester, New York Third Row DAVID C. ALSOP Fort Lauderdale, Florida GEORGE HARNEY ALTMAN .... Sarasota, Florida JAMES PAUL AMBROS E . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida CAROL LOIS ANDERSON Miami, Florida JOAN MARGO ANDERSON .... North Bend, Ohio LAURA GALLAGHER ANDERSON . Dade City, Florida Fifth Row ROBERT JOHN BALL . . Ridgefield Park. New Jersey ELMER ELSWORTH BANKS .... Lakeland, Florida THADDEUS MIKE BARBER .... Lakeland, Florida JOHN SWAYNE BARNES . Wynnewood, Pennsylvania LUCRETIA JOETTA BARNES . . Birmingham, Michigan ARTURO BARRETO Hato-Rey, Puerto Rico Sixth Row JOHN BARTLETT Nantucket, Massachusetts JUDY ANN BARTLETT . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida JAMES OTHELL BASS, JR. . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida MARY ELIZABETH BASS Lakeland, Florida JAMIE CAROLYN BEATY Orlando, Florida ERNEST ALFRED BELCHER . New Canaan, Connecticut Martha Smith, Kay McCormick . . . and Ti Marilyn Auld sneaks down for that midnight coke ft ft d UL m (?. ft. i f. J 3 ' | ; O f$ £, ' ■ ' 343 THE SOPHOMORES First Ron- ALICE BENITEZ Lakeland, Florida BENNY BATES BENNETT . . ROBERT MAYO BERREY . . WILLIAM WESLEY BETCHLEY NANCY ELIZABETH BIGGERS TOM COMSTOCK BINGHAM . . Franklin, Pennsylvania . . Melbourne, Florida . Fairfield, Connecricut . . . Tampa, Florida Ridgewood, New Jersey Fourth Row GEORGE HUGH BOYD Melbourne, Florida LEON DOZIER BRADDOCK .... Tampa, Florida MARGARET BRANDENBURGER . . Pelham, New York KAY FRANCES BRELSFORD Trenton. Ohio ORLAN HIERS BRIANT Tampa, Florida CHARLOTTE ANN BRIGGS . . . Huntington. Indiana St cond Roiv CHARLOTTE CARY BISPHAM .... Venice, Florida JEAN PAUL BIZIER Winter Haven, Florida CHARLES EUGENE BLACK .... Lakeland, Florida GAIL YVONNE BLACK Valrico, Florida GEORGE ROBERT BOARD . . . Mystic, Connecticut JOHN EDWARD BODLE Lakeland, Florida Fifth Row MAXENE W. BRITT .... WILLIAM STANLEY BROPHY DWIGHT KENNETH BROWER DONALD KENDRICK BROWN DONALD WILSON BROWN . MILDRED PATRICIA BROWN Bradenton, Florida Hialeah, Florida . . Seftner, Florida Summit, New Jersey . Chicago, Illinois Arcadia, Florida Third Row CHARLES RAMSEY BOOTH . . Daytona Beach, Florida JOHN CURRY BOSSELMAN . . . Vero Beach, Florida LORA LEA BOSWELL Clearwater, Florida WARREN ARTHUR BOWDEN . . . Lakeland, Florida AL EARL BOWEN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania JERRY KEITH BOWMAN Lakeland, Florida Sixth Row LESLIE GORDON BUCKLEY . . . Wilmington, Ohio BEVERLY JANE BURDICK . . . Vero Beach, Florida JOHN ALLEN BURNETT .... MacClenny, Florida WILLIAM A. BURNETT Oneco, Florida GEORGE ALLEN BURNS Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM DEMER BURNS . . West Palm Beach, Florida Tillie Perna doesn ' t envy Ann Whittemore a bit as she gets that ironing done. Donnasue Dunklee and Pat Autrey dare Carol Ann Buell and Barbara Ferris to hit them. f ■ F ' • ' - - Ifc M i 4fe 1 Q MM V " - i l- a y ± F ' 4 : r c 4 4 i« ' " ■ L ftl c .l THE SOPHOMORES First Row RUSSELL WAYNE BURNSIDE . . Brooksville, Florida JOAN ALICE BURR Winter Haven, Florida RICHARD THOMPSON BURT . Pompano Beach, Florida VERNE MONROE BUSLER, JR. . . . Orlando, Florida EUGENE CLAYTON CALHOUN . . Augusta, Georgia JAMES BRUCE CALLAWAY .... Orlando, Florida Second Row DAVID HOLLY CALLENDER . . Plainfield, New Jersey JOSEPH CAPITANO Tampa, Florida GALAOR CARBONELL Havana, Cuba JOHN THOMAS CARLISLE . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida ERA WILLIAM CARLSEN .... Vero Beach, Florida EDWARD F. CARPENTER .... Verona, New Jersey Third Row JOHN MILTON CARPER Lakeland. Florida RICHARD KEITH CARROLL . . . Jacksonville, Florida WILLIAM DEXTER CHAFFEE . . . Vero Beach, Florida DIXIE CHAMBERS Wauchula, Florida FLORENCE MARIE CHANDLER . . . Hialeah, Florida CAROLYN LOUISE CHASE .... Lakeland, Florida Fourth Row VICKIE NEWANA CHESHIRE . Pompano Beach, Florida DAN CHRISTMAN Tavares, Florida JAY L. CLARK Lakeland, Florida JOSEPH LEROY CLARK .... Verona, New Jersey HERNANDO CLAVIJO Bogota, Colombia MARIAN CLEMMONS Bronxville, New York Fifth Row SANDRA J. CLOCKADALE Orlando, Florida MARY ELLA COBB Miami Beach, Florida JO ANN COCKE Wickliffe, Kentucky JEAN ELIZABETH COFRAN .... Orlando, Florida WILLIAM ROE COLEMAN Pierce, Florida JOSEPH WILLIAM CONE Lakeland, Florida Sixth Row JAMES WILSON CONLEY, JR. . . Frederica, Delaware REUBEN R. CONNELL, JR Brewster. Florida WILLIAM IRVIN CONNER . Watsontown, Pennsylvania JEAN ELIZABETH COOPER . . Grosse Pointe, Michigan TERI COOPERMAN New York, New York CAROLYN LOUISE CORNWELL . Westfield, New Jersey Phi Sig ' s Wendell Kelly, David Nelson and Lee Hai ilton are getting ready for a game of bridge? Betty Toomer tries to get Sally Olowecki up for tha 8 o ' clock class. What a job!! jKk ■ - ■ 1 f3 4t i ■■ " 9 x ' 4 I t mlm ; I er. f? C. £ r «■ % 347 . L . THE SOPHOMORES First Rott TIMOTHY WARD CARTELYOU . . . Oblong, Illinois NANCY LEE COTTRELL Miami, Florida SHIRLEY ANN COULTER . . . Marine City, Michigan ELIZABETH ANN COWART . . Winter Garden, Florida ELIZABETH JANE CRANE .... Orlando, Florida I.ORF.TTA JEAN CRAVEN Miami, Florida Fourth Row JIM VINING DAVIS Miami. Florida THOMAS J. DAVIS, JR Lake Wales, Florida MARI ON DEAL, JR Lakeland. Florida DAVID H. DECKER, JR Wheaton, Illinois FLOYD LAFAYETTE DEES .... Lakeland, Florida JORGE DIEGO DE JUAN . . . Santurce, Puerto Rico V i ond Row JACQUELYN R. CRAWFORD . Fort Lauderdale, Florida JAMES GLENN CRIBBS Mulberry, Florida REX CARLTON CROWDER .... Leesburg, Florida LYNDA MAUREEN CRUM .... Plant City, Florida RONALD EUGENE CUETO . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida BARBARA ROSE CULP Circleville, Ohio Third Row STEVE RICE CUNNINGHAM . . . Beliot, Wisconsin JAMES ALLEN CURRY Ocala, Florida ANN MERCIA DAHLGARD .... Sarasota, Florida WAYNE WARE DANIEL Tampa, Florida JAMES ARTHUR DAUGHTREY . . Fort Myers, Florida JOHN MICHAEL DAVIDSON . . Mount Vernon, Illinois Fifth Row NICHOLAS R. DE JUAN .... Santurce, Puerto Rico ANTONIO DE LA GUARDIA Havana, Cuba PATRICK DE LA GUARDIA Havana. Cuba FRANK WILLIAM DELEGAL . Pompano Beach, Florida PEGGY CASSELS DELEGAL . . Pompano Beach. Florida VIRGIL RAY DELONEY Ocala, Florida Sixth Row WILLIAM EDWARD DEMPSEY . . Jacksonville. Florida JERRY BRIAN DICKERSON . . Greenwich, Connecticut APEL DIDO Istanbul, Turkey JOHN W. DIEFFENWIERTH .... Bartow, Florida BETTILYN DINKEL Bridgewater, Virginia ALLAN BRADFORD DINSMORE, JR. . Clearwater, Florida Joanne Wiseman and Jan Mazza are caught casin the ZTA house. l £ a f •A r r ' - • £ ft mm • j CD Ink ■ 1 -- u ft - [ Hi 4 r THE SOPHOMORES First Row JUANITA JANE DINSMORE .... Lakeland, Florida EARNEST DEAN DIXON Bartow, Florida WALTER VITTY DOBRUCK . . Winter Haven, Florida DALE ARLEN DOUGLASS Oxford, Ohio DARYL EDWIN DOUGLASS Oxford, Ohio FREDERICK W. DREYER . . Plainfield, New Jersey Second Row TED ERVIN DRUM Fort Lauderdale, Florida KATHRYN IDA DUGAN Riverside, Illinois ALICE MARIE DUISBERG .... Englewood, Florida RAY EDWARD DUNFORD Bradley, Florida WILEY S. DUNN Bartow, Florida LUNETTA MARJEAN EASTMAN . . Midland, Michigan Third Row RICHARD LEE EDKINS Sarasota, Florida WOODROW WILSON EDWARDS . . Lakeland, Florida CARLE T. ELKINS, JR St. Augustine, Florida CHARLES EDGAR ELLIOTT .... Pahokee, Florida ELMER B. ELLIOTT Pahokee, Florida PATRICIA ANN ELLIOTT Tampa, Florida Fourth Row JAMES HOWARD ELLIS Bartow, Florida PATRICK L. ELLIS Tavernier, Florida ALICE BOZEMAN EMBRY .... Lakeland, Florida EMILY MARIE EMMENEGGER . . Bradenton, Florida RAIFORD EDISON ENGLISH . . . Lakeland, Florida JOAN CAMILLA EPPENBERGER . . Sarasota, Florida Fifth Row NANCY POWERS ERVIN . Pass-a-Grille Beach, Florida CATHERINE C. EWING . . . Candor, North Carolina DELORES DEANNE FALLON . Grosse Pointe, Michigan RICHARD K. FARRELLI . . . North Bergen, New Jersey JOANNE FELSEN St. Petersburg, Florida ROBERT LEON FINLEY Lakeland, Florida Sixth Row SYLVIA JO FIRTH Canton, Ohio WILLIAM F. FIRTH Lakeland, Florida ROGERS C. FLANIGAN Lapeer, Michigan DOROTHY ANN FLECK Tampa. Florida BETTY ANN FOHL Fort Myers, Florida FRANCIS EARL FOLAND Lakeland. Florida The KA ' s take the afternoon easy around theJ " Southern Mansion. " Sally Roberts Dee Kaiser. .ipervising the washday work of • V " ' " ■jar 2 f " 5 A I :a il :-•:■•:■:■.•;. 1 % • •••• THE SOPHOMORES First Row JOHN ARNOLD FORD . . . Zelienople, Pennsylvania RUSSELL ARTHUR FORSYTH . . . Rockledge, Florida WILLIAM ARTHUR FOSHEE .... Lakeland, Florida VICTOR M. FOUNTAIN, III ... . DeLand, Florida MARY JANE FOY Decatur, Georgia HOWARD MELVIN FREED .... Lakeland, Florida Fourth Row PHILLIP JAMES GILLISPIE . . . Fort Meade, Florida HOSEA LEO GILLMAN Plant City. Florida FLOYD S. GONDER, JR Tampa, Florida HARRY C. GOODE, JR Melbourne, Florida GEORGE HARVEY GOODMAN . Winter Haven, Florida JOANNE CAROL GOODMAN .... Tampa, Florida St i ond Row NOELLE FROELICH .... West Palm Beach, Florida DAVE GLEN GALE Valrico, Florida JOYCE IMOGENE GANDY .... Lakeland, Florida ALFONSO GARCIA. JR Tampa, Florida JUDITH CAROL GARDNER . . New York, New York GINO GARNER, JR Croton, New York Third Row MARY GAIL GARNER .... Brentwood, Tennessee ALICE CELIA GAUKER Lakeland, Florida STEVEN BRUCE GERD .... Miami Beach, Florida ROBERT LANG GERSHUN . . Highland Park, Illinois STEVE GEORGE GIANOS Miami, Florida ROBERT CARY GIBSON, JR Bartow, Florida Fifth Ron JOSEPH LEWIS GORDON Tampa. Florida RUTH DELAINE GORDON . . . Jacksonville, Florida JENNIFER LEE GRAHAM . . Frogmore, South Carolina JACK BAIR GRAYSON Miami, Florida RICHARD STUART GREENE . West Hollywood, Florida MARGARET J. GRIBBEN Cicero, Illinois Sixth Roir GERRY SALLY GRIEVE Lakeland, Florida JERE LUCIAN GRIFFIN .... Winter Haven, Florida ERNEST WINSTON GRIGGS Ocala. Florida JOSEPH T. GURGANUS Lakeland, Florida PAUL ALLEN GUSS New York, New York JANICE CAROLE GUTHRIE . . Pompano Beach, Florida Yvonne M.ilone and Margaret Rogers are all engrossed in their studies. 1 i ■ ill 5 4 it • 1? IB 1 f»JJ 15 C7 li r 1 i fc iBW 1J p A i THE SOPHOMORES First Row E. ANTHONY HACKNEY . . Valley Stream, New York LAURA FAE HAGAN Lakeland, Florida MORRIS A. HAGSTROM Pierson, Florida LOIS GAIL HAIGHT .... Fort Lauderdale, Florida RICHARD E. HALDEMAN . Fort Lauderdale, Florida LEON EMMETT HALL, JR Tampa, Florida Second Ron GUERRY S. HALLMAN Lakeland, Florida DONALD ERVIN HANING Sarasota, Florida FRANK EUGENE HARDY Miami, Florida MARY JUANITA HARKER .... Wilmington, Ohio TED ROY HARLEMAN Lakeland, Florida ANN MARGARET HARPER Tampa, Florida Third Roiv DAISY ELIZABETH HARPER . JAMES STEELE HARRISON . ANNE GRACE HARTMAN . . PAUL TAYLOR HARTMAN, JR SYLVIA SUE HASTINGS Fort Pierce, Florida CHARLES C. HATCHER .... Highland Park, Illinois Orlando, Florida Fair Lawn, New Jersey New York, New York New York, New York Fourth Row SANDRA LEE HAWKINS Monrverde, Florida ANNE THERESA HAYES Lakeland, Florida ROBERT EDWARD HAYES Arcadia, Florida WILMA LYNN HEBERLING . Arlington Heights, Illinois MARGUERITE B. HEINZE .... Mount Dora, Florida CARLETON COFFEY HELM .... Plant City, Florida Fifth Row LEROY VINCENT HERR . . . Winter Haven, Florida GEORGE R. HEUNEMAN . . . Livingston, New Jersey THOMAS EDWARD HICKS .... Lakeland, Florida DURWOOD H. HICKSON . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida ERNEST JOHN HILL Bradenton, Florida JUNE R. HOFFER Auburndale, Florida Sixth Row ANNE ELIZABETH HOLDR1DGE . . Mystic, Connecticut ALDEN EMIL HOLTON, JR Lakeland, Florida EDWIN LEE HOLTON Tampa, Florida JOHN CURTIS HONAKER . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida BARBARA J. HOPSON Frostproof, Florida GEORGE ROBERT HORN Lakeland, Florida John Simpson shows TKE brothers, George Umholtz, Jack Kelly, Bob Wardell and Dick Kamerling the answer to the latest math problem. All the Alpha Chi ' s seem happy about winning the Kappa Sigma Rho Olympics, since this is the first year of its existence at Southern. eO0 ev£ € " W ' JW ' .. r i fj 5 (T p ffip - v f I ' m- y j xJ P r , a 1 % ■ % £ , % Vr r m I ■ THE SOPHOMORES First li ' itr WILLIAM ROBERT HORNE Ocala, Florida JULIAN RANDOLPH HOVEY, JR. . . Ocoee, Florida CAROLINE LOUISA HOWES . . Dobbs Ferry, New York MARY ELLEN HUDSON Summit, New Jersey WALTER LEE HUDSON Orlando, Florida MARTHA JO HUEY Miami, Florida Second Row DAN RAY HUNTER Bowling Green, Florida GEORGE GILL HUNTER .... Coral Gables. Florida HOWARD Y. HUNTSBERRY .... Lakeland, Florida BONNY ALOHA HURLBUT . Green Cove Springs. Florida SARA ANN HUY Orlando, Florida MARY KATHRYN INABNIT .... Orlando, Florida Third Row JOHN LOWELL ISBIRIAN . . Poughkeepsie, New York ROBERT ALLEN JACKSON .... Plant City. Florida SHELTON ARDENE JACKSON . . . Fort Meade, Florida ALFRED JOHN JACOB Croton, New York DEBORAH CUSHING JACOBS . . Upton, Massachusetts JOHN FRANKLYN JACOBS .... Like Wales, Florida Fourth Row ALYN JAMES JANIS Wilmington, Delaware NANCY G. JENKINS Leesburg. Florida FA YE BOYD JOHNS Winter Garden. Florida CHARLES C. JOHNSON Lakeland, Florida JOYCE JANET JOHNSON Sarasota, Florida LEWIS WILLIAM JOHNSON .... Lakeland, Florida Fifth Ron PENELOPE JOHNSON Wauwatosa, Wisconsin SHIRLEY SUE JOHNSON Orlando, Florida ANN BEVILLE JONES Tampa, Florida CARL LEE JONES Lakeland, Florida JOHN JONES Lakeland. Florida CAROLINE JORDAN Augusta, Georgia Sixth Row MARIE SAUNDERS JORDAN . Bradenton Beach, Florida JOSEPHINE JOSEPH Jacksonville, Florida JAMES MELVIN KANE Mulberry. Florida DONALD HOWARD KAY. JR Ocala, Florida WARREN REUBEN KAY Ocala, Florida BARBARA H. KAZAN JIAN . West Medford. Massachusetts Hudson, Auld, Moore, Petrie and Stewart gather around for a " Bull Session. " nie Wissmann, Martha Hendry and Mary Eddi loval Elvis Preshv fans. fD -T fl if f it rlW ! v M 357 THE SOPHOMORES First Roiv PAUL MONROE KEEN Lake Wales, Florida JOHN CHARLES KELLY Brooklyn, New York WARREN P. KENDALL Kenilworth, Illinois JAMES ALBERT KERCE, JR Mulberry, Florida KENNIS S. KETTERER, JR. . . . Ormond Beach, Florida ROBERT BRUCE KILGORE .... Plant City, Florida Second Row CHYUNG MYUNG KIM Kimhae, Korea ANNE MARIE KING Miami, Florida BURTWIN L. KING Bay Shore, New York CARMEN MARIE KING Tampa, Florida CHARLES EUGENE KING Tampa, Florida DONALD C. H. KING Clearwater, Florida Third Row MARGARET ANN KINSEY . RUTH E. KLEINKNECHT . . PHYLLIS JEANNE KLINGLER CARL MICHAEL KOCH . . . Fort Myers, Florida Bridgeport, Connecticut . . Leesburg, Flo rida Fair Lawn, New Jersey JOANNE SUE KOFOED Winchester, Ohio MARIE ELIZABETH KOOPMAN .... Aruba, N.W.I. Fourth Row CONSTANTINOS KOPELOUSOS .... Starke, Florida LEONARD PETER KORY Plant City, Florida JOHN CHARLES KRALL . . . Catasauqua, Pennsylvania MARY CONNIE KREIGH Arcadia, Florida DOMINICK D. LaBARBERA, JR. . . . Tampa, Florida PATRICIA SUZANNE LADEN . . . Teaneck, New Jersey Fifth Row CAROL RUTH LANDGRAF . . . Miami Beach, Florida NICHOLAS MARIO LAPOLLA . New Rochelle, New York JEAN V. LARSEN Miami. Florida JOHN ALOYSIUS LASCH Albany, New York JOHN KENYON LAUGHREY .... St. Cloud, Florida JAMES ERVIN LAWHON, JR Tampa, Florida Sixth Row LESLIE WOODRUFF LAWN . . Springfield, New Jersey RAYMOND LEROY LAWRENCE . . Kingston, New York JOHN COVERT LEAVITT Naples, Florida MICHAEL PETER LECLERC . West Cornwall, Connecticut GEORGE W. LEHMANN Chicago, Illinois MARK BENJAMIN LEVY Freeport, New York Pi Kap ' s Wayne Harris, Carl Elkins and Pat Ellis get ready for some serious studying. Ann Holdridge, Louise French and Ruth Pos an ear to what Pat Daughtry has to say. - UM j L 359 THE SOPHOMORES First Row ALAN WESTON LICARIE . . . . Norwalk, Connecticut MICHAEL PAUL LISSNER .... Jacksonville, Florida JAMES BENNY LOCKEN Lakeland, Florida BARBARA LOEWE Sarasota, Florida LINDA LOU LONDON Hyattsville, Maryland ROBERT F. LONGBOTTOM Stuart, Florida F ' ourth Row JOAN ROSEMARY McKEVITT . Fort Lauderdale, Florida MILAN JAY McMANNIS Canton, Ohio HOWARD McMICHAEL .... Mamaroneck, New York JAMES DENNIS McNAB .... Pompano Beach, Florida PATRICIA JEAN McNAMARA . Englewood, New Jersey ALDEN CHESTER MAIN . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida Second Ron ROBERT CHARLES LOTT Lakeland. Florida SUSAN CORINNE LOVETT . . . Fruitland Park, Florida EVA ANN LOWE St. Petersburg, Florida JOYCE ELAINE LOWELL Dover, New Jersey VIRGINIA LOUISE LYLE Bartow. Florida CLARK KENNETH McANDREWS . . Lakeland, Florida Fifth Row GLORIA JEAN MANLEY Fort Meade, Florida CARLTON A. MARASCO .... Tarrytown, New York DONALD J. MARRESE Milford, Pennsylvania GEORGIA ANN MARTIN Vero Beach, Florida HOWARD LESLIE MARWICK . North Plainfield, New Jersey DAVID RALPH MASON Lakeland, Florida Third Ron ANGUS CLYATT McAULAY . . . Lake Placid, Florida WILLIAM ROBERT McCRANIE . . . Lakeland, Florida LARRY K. McCRAY Converse, Indiana BOBBIE DEAN McGUIRE .... Winter Haven, Florida MARTIN D. MCKAY Sarasota, Florida FRED ARTHUR McKENZIE, JR. . . . Lakeland, Florida Sixth Ron SALLY SUE MASON Lakeland. Florida ERNESTO ANDRES MATHISS .... CiudadTrujillo, Dominican Republic CONSTANCE ANN MATTHEWS . . Libertyville, Illinois JOHN JACOB MATZ Kissimmee, Florida JOHN IRVIN MAY Tampa, Florida DONALD LEE MAYFIELD .... Auburndale, Florida Judy Bradley, Pat Ambler and Penny Graham look as if they are waiting for someone ... or something! Gloria Swope Teddy Wood, Bobbie Greene and Car- olyn McGraw have been caught " day dreaming. " 4k r fe i k fife - R " w f Cs f? i THE SOPHOMORES First Row JANIS MARILYN MAZZA Orlando, Florida JOSEPH S. MAZZONE .... Philadelphia, Pennsylvania PATRICIA ANNE MEAD Lakeland, Florida JOYE DARLENE MEIER .... St. Petersburg, Florida ORVILLE RICHARD MELTON . . . Auburndale, Florida JEANNE ELLEN MERRILL .... Zephyrhills, Florida Second Run JOSEPH D. MERSLICH New York, New York RICHARD TERRY MESSICK .... Lakeland, Florida EVE MESSMORE St. Petersburg, Florida BARBARA JANE MIDDLETON . . Madison, New Jersey CAMILLO MIGUEL Caracas, Venezuela CHARLES JOSEPH MILLER Arcadia, Florida Third Ron DENNIS ASHLEY MILLER Yorkville, Illinois DOLORES MAE MILLER Perry, Florida EDGAR S. MILLER, JR Gainesville, Florida SUSEN ANN MILLING Memphis, Tennessee ROBERT EDWARD MIMS .... Freeport, New York SALLY G. MINAR Lakeland, Florida Fourth Row TIMOTHY ROSS MINAR Lakeland, Florida JOHN THOMAS MINOR Ocoee, Florida ESTELLE MITCHELL Jasper, Florida WALLACE L. MIZE Auburndale, Florida JOSE ANTONIO MOLE Havana, Cuba EDWARD JOHN MONARCHIK .... Ocala, Florida Fifth Row MARSHA RAY MONFORT Tampa, Florida EVELYN J. MONTGOMERY . Fernandina Beach, Florida BARBARA JO MOORE Sorrento, Florida BRAXTON DWAIN MOORE .... Prichard, Alabama FRANCES JO MOORE Oneco, Florida MARION LOVE MOORE Madison, Florida Sixth Row JERE C. MOORMAN Lakeland, Florida BETTY GAYLE MORGAN .... Princeton, Kentucky DALE MICHAEL MORRISON . . . Englewood, Florida PATRICIA D. MORRISON Towson, Maryland DEANNA MARSHA MOSS .... Jacksonville, Florida CHARLES RAY MOTSINGER . . Winter Haven. Florida Elizabeth Weismantel and Bobbi Lichtenberger discuss last night ' s party. Judy Bottom and Eleanor Hankin have decided that " love is grand. " ■ F rf r 1 • ■ s. II t LA 1 f ■ II I ' V! ' !:.x THE SOPHOMORES First Ron CLIFFORD B. MUELLER Chicago, Illinois FRED THOMAS MULLENS Tampa, Florida JOHN PATRICK MULLIGAN . . . Hampton, Virginia ROBERT WAYNE MUNDY Lakeland, Florida FRANCES KATHLEEN MURPHREE Chattanooga, Tennessee CLAUDE CONNER MUSE Hellerup, Denmark Second Row ROBERT THOMAS MYERS Lakeland, Florida JAMES EDWARD NEELY Lima, Ohio FRANCIS ALAN NELSON Lakeland, Florida JACK EDDIE NESSEN Amery, Wisconsin MARCIA JEAN NICHOLAS .... Butler, Pennsylvania MAMIE JUNE NORMAN .... Jacksonville, Florida Third Row BARBARA ANN NORRIS Hastings. Florida SHIRLEY JOANNE NORTON . . Los Angeles, California GEORGE HOWARD ODIORNE . . . Bradenton, Florida BARBARA OETJEN Evanston, Illinois WILLIAM HALL OGDEN Lakeland, Florida MARY EDNA OGLETREE Glenview, Illinois I ' mirth Row RICHARD IRVING OLDS Morris, New York JAMES RAYBURN OLSON Chicago, Illinois THOMAS W. OSBORNE Umatilla, Florida ROBERT C OWEN Fort Lauderdale, Florida HERSHELL E. OWENS Lakeland, Florida BRYAN HODSON PAGE Miami, Florida Fifth Ron BETTY ANN PAPP AS .... West Palm Beach, Florida CHRISTENA MARIE PARKER .... Atlanta, Georgia ROGER ANTHONY PARKER .... Leesburg, Florida ABBOTT W. PARRAMORE, JR Ocala, Florida MARCIA HARRIETTE PECK Miami, Florida MOTT PECK, JR Waverly, Pennsylvania Sixth Row HOWARD CLINTON PELHAM . . . Plant City. Florida JUDY ANN PEREBOOM Lake Worth. Florida ELVIN L. PERRY, JR Ocala. Florida ALFONSO A. PETRUZZELLI .... Boca Raton, Florida MAURICE LAYTON PHILIPS . . . Jacksonville. Florida SHARON ELISE PHILIPS Jacksonville, Florida Diane Appleby is trying to find out who is calling Anne King. I cl 4fe V I r £ t I ju MP! % i e t 1 P ' THE SOPHOMORES First Rou SHELTON H. PHILIPS Jacksonville, Florida CAROLE LOVE POINT Lakeland, Florida STUART B. POLITO, JR. . . . Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania NUNZIO GEORGE POLLINA . . Johnstown, Pennsylvania ARTHUR TELFORD POPE . . . Winter Haven, Florida WENDELL HOMER POSEY Lakeland, Florida V i ond Row MARY JoANN POULOS Jacksonville, Florida JAMES NELSON POWERS Orlando, Florida MARY ANN POWNALL .... Miami Beach, Florida MARI JO PRICE TirusvilJe, Florida WILLIAM ALBERT PRINGLE .... Columbus, Georgia DONALD EUGENE PURVIANCE . Fort Lauderdale, Florida Thud Row WILLIAM L. PURVIS Tampa, Florida DOROTHY LOUISE RANES . . . Deerfield Beach, Florida WILLIAM J. R ATLEY Eaton Park, Florida JOE WALTER REECE Auburndale, Florida MARCIA ANNE REEVES Sugar Grove, Illinois LINDA LOU REIMAN Lincoln Park, Michigan Fourth Row ANA LUISA REYES Ciego de Avila, Cuba STUART DAVID REYMAN . . New Rochelle, New York TOM ROBINSON RICE .... Grosse Pointe, Michigan JOAN RICHARDSON DeLand, Florida EMELINE HILTON RIDDLE . . . Nashville, Tennessee JANICE ANN RIDEOUT Lakeland, Florida Fifth Row WILLIAM W. RILEA Ocala, Florida MYRON THOMAS ROACH .... Maryville, Tennessee ROBERT ALTON ROBERTS .... Millwood, Georgia GREY HOLT ROBINSON Lakeland, Florida PATRICIA JUNE ROBINSON . Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania JANET ELAINE ROCKER Wixom, Michigan Sixth Row DORIS ARDETH ROCKWELL . . Suttons Bay, Michigan MARIA LUISA RODRIGUEZ Havana, Cuba JOHN WILLIAMS ROGERS . . East Rockaway, New York MICHAEL B. ROSENFELD .... Baldwin, New York ROBERT JAMES ROWLAND, JR. . Elm Grove, Wisconsin GOLDIE CAROLYN RUNYON .... Lakeland, Florida Top ' s Murray Gross, Paul Guss and Charlie Bonanno have come to the conclusion that " housekeeping " isn ' t all it ' s cracked up to be. Carolyn Mayer refuses to get up for those Monday classes, and Betty Lawler and Pat Miller are trying to rouse her out of " the sack. " a f C f ft v T tt I In V f | i •: S . .... c Al ' P ' THE SOPHOMORES First Row THOMAS EUGENE RUSS .... Cassopolis, Michigan EDNA JANE RYDER Ossining, New York EMILIANO JOSE SALCINES Tampa, Florida OCTAVIO SALINAS Tampa, Florida BETTY MASON SAMUELS Orlando, Florida LEWIS BLADES SANCHEZ Tampa, Florida Second Ron RICHARD S. SANFILIPPO . . North Miami Beach, Florida EDA J. SAURMAN Short Hills, New Jersey ANN CARLA SCHEUERMANN . . Kingsport, Tennessee IRWIN EDWARD SCHILLING .... Miami, Florida RAYMOND A. SCHMID Palm Beach, Florida SALLY SUE SCHULTZ .... Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Third Row WESLEY MARVIN SCOATES . . . Jacksonville, Florida FRANK JOSEPH SCUDERI . Scotch Plains, New Jersey STANLEY SHALETT Opa-Locka, Florida GEORGE EDWARD SHANKS . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida LEE GARY SHAPIRO New York, New York M K HAEL GEORGE SHAPIRO . . New York, New York Fourth Row JOHNNIE LACY SHEROUSE Tampa, Florida ISABELLA SHORE New York, New York ELMER RAY SIMMONS Dover, Florida TOM DUKE SIMMONS Miami, Florida VIRGINIA ANN SIMMONS .... Wauchula, Florida DONALD ALAN SINCLAIR .... Union, New Jersey Fifth Row CLAYTON C. SKINNER Lakeland, Florida THEODORA MERLE SKINNER . . Jacksonville, Florida WALTER MARK SLIVINSKY . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida BEVERLY VERMILYS SMITH .... Lakeland, Florida FRANK BENNETT SMITH, JR Bartow, Florida GEORGE TERRY SMITH Sanford, Florida Sixth Roiv JOHN DAVID SMITH, JR Lakeland, Florida LANCE EDWARD SMITH Inverness, Florida LAURA EUGENIA SMITH .... Lake Wales, Florida MARTHA A. SMITH Harrington, Delaware CARL WILLIAM SODERLIN . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida DALE EDWIN SOURS Boyce, Virginia Cynthia Ma K ee helps Kay Salley style her hair into something txciting and new. It looks like a fire drill during the middle of the day, but where ' s the fire? i - ' ' .. - t 4i : j " -5» ♦. £w ♦ ♦•♦■♦ ' w THE SOPHOMORES First Ron JUDITH MAY SOUTHWICK .... Fort Myers, Florida DONALD LEE SPARKS Greenfield, Indiana MINNIE LEE SPEER Plant City, Florida SHIRLEY ANNE STAKEY . . . Aquebogue, New York CHARLES J. STANALAND Ocala, Florida ALEXANDER C. STANDERWICK . Forest Hills, New York Second Row HENRY B. STEEN, JR Glasgow, Kentucky BETTY ANN STEWART . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida NANCY RUTH STEWART .... Bradenton, Florida VIRGINIA LEE STEWART . . . . Des Plaines, Illinois LLOYD GARNER STITH Orlando, Florida GEORGE WILBUR STOWE .... Canaan, Connecticut Third Row JAMES L. STRANGE, JR Mcintosh, Florida EUGENE DALE STUERMAN . . . Clearwater, Florida WILLIAM VINCENT SWIFT .... Lakeland, Florida JOANNE ELIZABETH SYLVESTER . . . Tampa, Florida DONALD J. TANGAI Poughkeepsie, New York MARY ELIZABETH TAPP . . . Winter Haven, Florida Fourth Row HAZEL ANNE TAYLOR Perry, Florida WILLIAM H. TAYLOR Lakeland, Florida ROSE MARIE TENCH Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM H. TENNYSON Lakeland, Florida KAREN LOUISE TERRY .... Riverhead, New York ALBERT T. THOMPSON . . . Randallstown, Maryland Fifth Row ELIZABETH P. THOMPSON . . . Interlaken, New Jersey SUZETTE S. THOMPSON Plant City, Florida GEORGE CONLEY THORNHILL . Winter Haven, Florida VERA EUGENIA THRASHER . . . Gainesville, Florida GEORGE CHRISTOPHER TICE . . New York, New York WILLIAM FRANK TILLIS Lakeland, Florida Sixth Row RONALD W. TINDLE Plant City, Florida DONA LOUISE TRUSHEL Leesburg, Florida CAROLINE GLYN TYLER .... Haines City, Florida DAVID HAROLD TYSON . . . Poughkeepsie, New York HOWARD KENNETH TYUS Starke, Florida GEORGE W. UMHOLTZ . . . Doylestown, Pennsylvania Television is the order of the day for this group of KD ' s. t, HiHBHK. Cv? J £ V 7 v ( A " . s THE SOPHOMORES I First Row RALPH R. UMSTED, JR. . . . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania JANET MARIE UNGRO . . . Valley Stream, New York ROBERT T. VAN NAME . . . Maplewood, New Jersey ROBERT LEWIS VanNEST Sarasota, Florida JOHN K. VERMETTE Sarasota, Florida MARTHA JEAN WAFER .... Little Rock, Arkansas Fourth Row JUDITH ANN WESTPHAL . MARILYN JEAN WEYANT . DONNA ELLEN WHELESS . CHARLES H. WHITEHEAD . . . Lakeland, Florida AUDREY WHITEHURST Brooksville, Florida LINDA GAIL WIGLEY .... Fort Lauderdale, Florida Green Bay, Wisconsin North Miami. Florida St. Petersburg, Florida Second Row JAMES EDWARD WALKER Miami, Florida MICHAEL WALKER Plant City, Florida A. ANNETTE WALKUP Mcintosh, Florida CARLTON B. WALLER, JR Clearwater, Florida CAROL RHUNELLE WALTERS . . . Lakeland, Florida RICHARD BRUCE WALTERS . . Ridgewood, New Jersey Fifth Row WILLIAM EUGENE WILLIAMS . . . Lakeland, Florida BETTY JANE WILSON Miami, Florida EMILY BELLEW WINE .... Daytona Beach, Florida KENDALL M. WINTER Palmetto, Florida JOANNE BERYL WISEMAN . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida TON1 ELIZABETH WITHERS Tampa, Florida Third Row JUDITH STONE WARD Venice. Florida DeWITT McGREGOR WATSON . . . Lakeland, Florida VICY LEAINE WATSON Fort Meade, Florida ROBERT MAXWELL WEITZNER . Fort Lauderdale, Florida WILLIAM G. WELLES Arcadia, Florida ERIC A. WESTPHAL Winter Haven, Florida Sixth Row WILLIAM DEAN WITTEN . . NORMAN KERRY WOMBLE . . ROBERTA EVELYN WOODRUFF GENE CHARLES WOOLEY . . . JANE SNOW WORLEY . . . . Lake Wales, Florida Highland City, Florida North Miami, Florida . Lakeland, Florida Brooksville, Florida WILLIAM JAMES WORTH Orlando, Florida Kappa Sig ' s John Burnett and Byron Kennedy polish the car with a little elbow grease? " I forgot where I ' m as she and Judy Pe rag, " says puzzled Boots Barke ft w •XT m " r ;T a , ?. ! f f? ' % 1 ■ r ' — -s 4ik4 I? cT il G 5 4 J e 373 p First Row CARLTON R. WRIGHT . THEODORE T. WYCALL . Norfolk, Virginia Chatham. New Jersey BARBARA JAYNE YOUNG JUDY COOPER YOUNG . Miami, Florida Aquebogue, New York FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE Lambda Chi ' s Charlie Hill, Dale Rider and Pat Kendall It ' s time for Sharon Bennett and Betty Crooks to pack away those have a friendly chat around the Lambda Chi Lodge. " winter woolens " and get out the " spring cottons. " ) ■ ■ THE INTERLACHEN i the C.T. at THE President, Bob Sharp; Secretary-Treasurer, Diana Appleby; Vice-President, Richard Smith. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS BOB SHARP President RICHARD SMITH Vice-President DIANA APPLEBY Secretary-Treasurer p f 17 p :;:s THE FRESHMEN First Row GHAZI Y. ABDULMUHSIN Basrah, Iraq CARL J. ABENDROTH Bay Shore, New York MICHAEL L. ABZUG New York, New York RICHARD FRANK ADAMS . . . Larchmont, New York RAYMOND ADE, JR Northfield, Illinois RONNIE LEE AKINS Lakeland, Florida Second Row MARY KEITT ALDAY Gainesville, Florida JOSEPHINE LOUISE ALFANO .... Tampa, Florida JOAN KAREN ALLESHOUSE Miami, Florida PATRICIA ANN AMBLER Sarasota, Florida MARTHA LYNN ANDERSON . . . Hollywood, Florida DAVID DUANE ANWYL . . . Downers Grove, Illinois Third Row DIANE ELIZABETH APPLEBY . Silver Spring, Maryland CAROLYN FRENCES AREY .... Montverde, Florida ALICE T. ARGYROS Fort Lauderdale, Florida RICHARD W. ARLETT . . . New Brunswick, New Jersey HAYS L. ARNOLD Thomaston, Georgia MARILYN MAE AULD Miami, Florida Fourth Row JAMES BERNARD AYRES Melbourne, Florida DIANNE AMANDA BACKUS .... Marietta, Georgia LEHOMA AUDREY BAIN Miami, Florida WILLIAM J. BA1RD, JR St. Thomas, Canada BETH DARWIN BAITES Pulaski, Tennessee HAL CHARLES BALL, JR Miami, Florida Fifth Row WILLIAM ALBERT BALSAM . . . Vero Beach, Florida SANDRA ANNETTE BALTZ .... Lakeland, Florida RONNIE T. BARNES Homestead, Florida ROGER DALE BARNEY .... Fort Lauderdale, Florida RAYMOND C. BARRETTE .... Kissimmee, Florida HOSSEIN BAZRAFKAN Teheran, Iran Sixth Row HERBERT EDWARD BEAL, JR. . . Hutchinson, Kansas WILLIAM D. BEARRENTINE Bartow. Florida ALLAN FRANK BEDNAR . . . Greenwich, Connecticut DONALD IRWIN BEEBE Valhalla, New York SANDRA JEAN BELL Lakeland, Florida KAREN LEE BENETE Pompano, Florida Don Tangal and Mary Ogle ing in the KD living room. Margaret Jones and her " little " toy dog, Ponto. A handsome fellow! :;sn AM THE FRESHMEN Firri Row SHARON LEE BENNETT .... St. Petersburg, Florida THOMAS HOWARD BENTIEN . . Plandome, New York ROBERT COOKE BENTON Lakeland, Florida BARBARA JILL BERTHY Dunedin, Florida SANDRA GALE BETTS Quincy, Florida DELIA BLACKBURN BIRD Sarasota, Florida Second Row MARY JANE BLAKE Quincy, Florida HOSEA EDWIN BLANTON Lakeland, Florida JERALDINE LEE BLEDSOE Tampa, Florida WILLIAM H. BORRESEN Key West, Florida JUDITH LEE BOTTOM Miami, Florida FRED LEE BOTTS Eau Gallie, Florida Fourth Row ROSALEE BRADLEY Kansas City, Missouri JOHN HOUSTON BRADY, JR. . . . Key West, Florida JIMMY LEE BREADWELL . . . Winter Garden, Florida DeVEDA BROKENSHIRE Orange, Florida CHARLES R. BROOKER Goulds, Florida ARTHUR J. BROWN Plant City, Florida Fifth Row CHARLES ARTHUR BROWN .... Tampa, Florida VINCENT GAIL BROWN .... Davenport, Florida JAMES LEEMAN BROWNLEE . . . Lake Worth, Florida ROBERT F. BROYLES Jacksonville, Florida ROBERT BRUNEEL, JR Paterson, New Jersey OLIN GEORGE BRYANT Lakeland, Florida Third Row MICHAEL JOSEPH BOWEN . . Deerfield Beach, Florida LENOISE BOWMAN Lakeland, Florida SAMUEL S. BOYD North East, Maryland SUSAN ROBERTA BRACKETT .... Sarasota, Florida JOSEPH HAMPTON BRADHAM . . Glennville, Georgia JUDITH ANN BRADLEY Orlando, Florida Sixth Row WILLIAM EVANS BRYANT RICHARD W. BRYSON . JOHN A. BUCCIARELLI . DONALD VICTOR BUDD . ROBERT R. BUGBEE Winter Haven, Florida FRANK RICHARD BURDICK .... Miami, Florida . . . Fort Pierce, Florida Greensboro, North Carolina Mount Vernon, New York . Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Linda Wurtzberger helps Margie Harden with he nails for the big " Christmas Dance. " Donnasue Dunklee and Carol Ann Buell show the athletic ability on the DZ lamp post. p p | I IH AA THE FRESHMEN First Rote Fourth Row VIRGINIA S. BURGESS . . . . . Crystal Lake, Illinois ROBERT JOSEPH CHAPIN . . . . . Stuart, Florida LYNNETTE B. BURK . . . ALFRED BAKER CHAPPLE . . CHARLES F. CHASTAIN . . . . Winter Haven, Florida . . Holly Hill, Florida ROSEMARY K. BURKE . . . . University Heights, Ohio MARY DIANE BURNSIDE . . . . Brooksville, Florida CLAUDE I. CHIPLEY, JR. . . . . . Homestead, Florida GORDON LESLIE BUSH . . . Downers Grove, Illinois STEVE A. CHITTY, III ... . . . Valdosta, Georgia ALFRED LEE BUSHART . . . Fulton, Kentucky JOHN R. CHRISTIANSON Elmhurst, Illinois Second Row Fifth Row GAYLE HART BUTLER . . . . St. Petersburg, Florida WILLIAM ARTHUR CLACK . . . Auburndale, Florida KENNETH NELSON BUTLER . Avon Park, Florida JACK EUGENE CLANTON . . . Bartow, Florida GARY WINSTON CAMERON . . . Plant City, Florida BRYANT THOMAS CLARK, JR. Highland City, Florida WILLIAM R. CAMPBELL SANDRA JEAN CARBONELL RICHARD W. CARLSON . . Franklin, Pennsylvania . Key West, Florida Clearwater, Florida MARY FRANCES CLARK .... Jacksonville, Florida ALBERT PAUL CLAUSS .... Lake George, New York DONALD FAULL CLEMENS Lakeland, Florida Third Row PAULA MARGARET CAROLAN . Fort Lauderdale, Florida CHLOE ANNA CARPENTER . Fernandina Beach, Florida PHYLLIS ANN CARTER . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida CAROLYN RUTH CASEY . . High Point, North Carolina CAROLE ESTELLE CASTELLOW . Fort Lauderdale, Florida JAMES EDWARD CAVANAH .... Lakeland, Florida Sixth Row DENNIS CLARK CLINTON . . . Winter Haven, Florida J. NORMAN COLEMAN . . . . Pompano Beach, Florida GARY LELAND CONNER Lakeland, Florida PATRICIA ANN CONRAD Lithia, Florida GAIL COOKMAN Northfield, Illinois IDA ELIZABETH COOPER .... Fort Myers, Florida Mary Lee Joyner, Marlys McDonald . . . and the These Lambda Chi ' s pose for a picture by their trophy I f? f fi f I ... ,»v :;si A THE FRESHMEN First Row VARO JANE COPELAND . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida CAROLYN JEAN CORBITT . . . Miami Shores, Florida CATHERINE L. CORNWELL Venice, Florida BETTY JO COUNCIL Ruskin, Florida CAROL LYNELL COZIER . La Romana, Dominican Republic DOUGLAS ANTHONY CRAIG , . . Biloxi, Mississippi Second Row SALLY KAY CRAIG Tampa, Florida CHARLES G. CRAWFORD-BROWN . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida GEORGE L. CRAWFORD Lakeland, Florida FRANCES ELIZABETH CROOKS . . . Tampa, Florida VIRGINIA J. CURCI Bridgeport, Connecticut STEPHEN L. CUTLER Brooklyn, New York Third Row RODNEY LAMAR DALE Miami, Florida JANE ELLIOTT DARNELL Naples, Florida ROBERT GEORGE DAVID .... Wyckoff, New Jersey JANE LOUISA DAVIDSON . . . Winter Haven, Florida MIRIAM ARLENE DAVIS Lakeland, Florida SAMUEL LAWRENCE DAVIS .... Lakeland, Florida Fourth Row TOMM1E JEAN DAVIS .... West Palm Beach, Florida RONALD H. DeBARRY Auburndale, Florida JACK LEE DELEGAL Pompano Beach, Florida ROBERT L. DELLORSO Ocala, Florida MARGARET DENISON Fort Pierce, Florida THOMAS B. DICKIE Auburndale, Florida Fifth Row RAYMOND C. DICKSON . . . Winter Garden, Florida FRANK A. DiFAZIO Wantagh, New York JANET M. DILLARD Miami, Florida MARION J. DITTER Dade City, Florida GEOFFREY B. DOBSON Sarasota, Florida JAMES THOMAS DONOVAN . . . Clearwater, Florida Sixth Row SUSANNE M. DORITY Cary, Illinois DOUGLAS W. DRIGGERS Plant City, Florida DONALD H. DRURY .... Fernandina Beach, Florida DAVID ROBERT DUGAN Riverside, Illinois GARDNER C. DUMAM, II Miami, Florida MARY LOIS DURRANCE . . . Bowling Green, Florida Jim Conley challenges John Leavitt to a friendly !»£ . r e f 1 I m £ r ft » 186 THE FRESHMEN First Row RICHARD D. DUVAL Jefferson City, Missouri DEANNE PAGE ECTON Key West, Florida ALLEN ARTHUR EDWARDS .... Lakeland, Florida GEORGE EGNER Daytona Beach, Florida RICHARD PENN ENGLER . . South Orange, New Jersey MARTHA KAY ESTES Oviedo, Florida Second Row JOANN EVANOFF Hobart, Indiana CHARLES JAMES EVANS Fort Pierce, Florida DORSEY E. EVANS, III Eau Gallie, Florida EMERSON K. EWING Lakeland, Florida NANCY LEE FEIN Miami, Florida ROBERT T. FELDMAN York, Pennsylvania Third Row LELIA SHARON FITCH .... Fort Meade, Florida JOAN L. FITTERLING South Bend, Indiana JUDITH NELL FLEMING Lakeland, Florida ELFLEDA FLETCHER Plant City, Florida JOHN HOLDER FLOWERS .... Balboa, Canal Zone REX GORDON FLYNN Essex, Iowa Fourth Row PAUL FOLEY Palm Beach, Florida JOHN EARL FORRESTER Lakeland, Florida SANDRA KAY FOULK Punta Gorda, Florida JANE ELLEN FOX Lakeland, Florida ARNOLD LESTER FRANK Chicago, Illinois STEPHEN E. FRAZIER .... Tarpon Springs, Florida Fifth Row LOUISE FRENCH Akron, Ohio JOSEPH H. FRIEDENTHAL Lakeland, Florida RICHARD JOEL FRIEDMAN . . . Fairfield, Connecticut HARRISON L. FRIESE .... Fort Lauderdale, Florida WALTER R. FULLER Lakeland, Florida PETER FUNSTON Pound Ridge, New York Sixth Row MARLENE FUTCH Plant City, Florida FORD JOSEPH GAITLEY . . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania PAUL WILLIAM GALE Chicago, Illinois MARY PATRICIA GAMBLE .... Jacksonville, Florida RAYMOND GARCIA, JR Key West, Florida ROSEMARY S. GARRETT Bartow, Florida ( 1 I 4 i4 a A m -, v ' i - vV §P3 v - i THE FRESHMEN First Row JACK H. GARRISON Plant City, Florid.! JANE CAROLYN GARY .... Coral Gables, Florida DORETHA ANN GAY Chatham, New Jersey SAMUEL GLENN GAY Fort Pierce, Florida CYNTHIA E. GENGLER Lakeland, Florida SALLY RAE GEORGE Largo, Florida Second Row RUTH WENDY GERISH .... Everglades, Florida GEORGE K. GILLELAND Roxana, Illinois CHARLES D. GIMBEL, JR Safety Harbor, Florida SHERRY A. GLENDINNING . . .St. Petersburg, Florida DENNIS GRANT GLIDER Miami, Florida GWENDOLYN ANN GOBER Tampa, Florida Third Row ROBERT CHARLES GODING Tampa, Florida TERRY GLENN GOEMBEL Sanford, Florida DOROTHY ANN GOETZ Stuart, Florida HUMBERTO GONZALEZ Havana, Cuba MARIAN JOAN GOOSSENS . . . Crystal Lake, Illinois MARIE JEANNE GOOSSENS . . . Crystal Lake, Illinois Fourth Row JOHN THOMAS GRANROSE Miami, Florida MARY ANN GRASS Winter Haven, Florida PATRICIA ANNE GRAVATT Miami, Florida MARY ELLEN GRAVES Miami, Florida KATHERINE MARY GREEN .... Salem, New Jersey HELEN GREENE Orlando, Florida Fifth Row MAVIS CORINNE GRIFFIN Nassau, Bahamas MELANIE LEE GRIFFIN Orange City, Florida MARGARET LILLIAN GRIGGS .... Ocala, Florida DONALD B. GRISWOLD Hollywood, Florida LESLIE GR1ZZARD, II Lakeland, Florida ARMONDO GUTIERREZ Key West, Florida Sixth Row ROBERT H. HABERKORN . . West Palm Beach, Florida JAMES EDWARD HAGEN ... St. Petersburg, Florida JAMES JAY HAGER Pitman, New Jersey GEORGE EDWARD HALL . . . Winter Haven, Florida PRUITT LEE HALL Eustis, Florida KENNETH I. HALLENBORG .... Wilmette, Illinois Margaret Rose Rogers poses for " Wille " outfit. calypso coffee break x A V ,0 ' - J V y ■ 390 THE FRESHMEN First Row JOE ROBERT HAMBY Lakeland, Florida ELEANOR RUTH HANKIN Miami, Florida MARJORIE ANN HARDIN . . . Flushing, New York RALPH ALLEN HARDING . . . Winter Haven, Florida MILTON L. HARMAN Geneva, New York SAUNDRA SUE HARPE Jacksonville, Florida Second Row DELORES KAY HARRELL Dover, Florida RICHARD F. HARRELL Auburndale, Florida SERRILA W. HARRELL Fernandina, Florida MICAJAH B. HARRISON, JR Palmetto, Florida BRUCE MICHAEL HART .... Bayonne, New Jersey NORMAN W. HART . . . West Cornwall, Connecticut Third Row RONAL CARLOUS HASKINS .... Lakeland, Florida KARL DOUGLAS HAWKINS .... Scotia, New York GERARD J. HAYES Lakeland, Florida JOHN BRITT HAYGOOD, JR Norfolk, Virginia EVERETT ESTON HAYMOND . West Palm Beach, Florida JOAN MARY HEDLUND Aruba, N.W.I. Fourth Row JEANNE DELL HENDRY Tallahassee, Florida NESTOR S. HERNANDEZ Havana, Cuba FRANK WAYLAND HIGGINS . . . Olean, New York EDWIN COLE HIGGISON Waycross, Georgia CECYL LOU HILDINGER . . . Williamsville, New York THOMAS LAMAR HINES Quincy, Florida Fifth Row ANDREW O HOBBS Auburndale, Florida NANCY RUTH HOGARTH .... Palm Beach, Florida LYNDA MAXINE HOLLOWAY .... Eustis, Florida FREDA MARY HOLT Haines City, Florida GRETCHEN HOLZBAUR Miami, Florida ROBERT A. HOPKINS Ramsey, New Jersey Sixth Row GLENN LESTER HOPSON .... Avon Park, Florida LENA MAE HORTON Plant City, Florida MARY LOUISE HOWARD .... Indianapolis, Indiana WILLIAM V. HOWARD . . New Smyrna Beach, Florida JERRY LEE HOWE Plant City, Florida LAURA CAROLYN HOWELL . . . Everglades, Florida Phi Sigma ' s Bob Postle and Bill Firth chat with Mary Vesta Selph. ft I m m m z. £k " " " " . " % 392 THE FRESHMEN Fir it Row NORMA GAYLE HOWELL .... Plant City, Florida TIM NEWTON HOWELL .... Auburndale, Florida SIDNEY CREED HRABAL Bartow, Florida JOAN SHIRLEY HUFF .... Fort Lauderdale, Florida ROBERT ARDEN HL T GLI . . . Silver Springs, Florida ROY DON HULI Plant City, Florida Second Row LOUISA MAY HURFF Boonton, New Jersey RICHTER ADRIAN IRONS . . Bay Head, New Jersey LOUISE ANN IVEY Homestead, Florida NANCY JEAN IVEY Decatur, Georgia LARRY KEITH JACKSON Lakeland, Florida PATRICK WARREN JACKSON . . . Lakeland, Florida Third Row FRANK GRESHAM JANES .... Lakeland, Florida ROBERT E. JANSEN Orange Park, Florida DIANA BLANCHE JOHNSON . . . Eau Gallie, Florida JUDITH DIANE JOHNSON . . . Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio KEITH ORVILLE JOHNSON Pierce, Florida JUDITH EMILY JONES Plant City, Florida Fourth Row MARGARET ANN JONES Nokomis, Florida ROBERT MILTON JONES . . . Lake Hamilton, Florida ROY CARL JONES, JR Fort Lauderdale, Florida ARLENE ROBERTA JOURDAN . . Oak Park, Illinois MARY LEE JOYNER Trenton, Florida JUDITH KAY KARNES Lakeland, Florida Fifth Row ANN HOFFMANN KAYSER .... Mobile, Alabama DUANE JOSEPH KEARNEY .... Orlando, Florida THOMAS JAMES KEENAN . . Pompano Beach, Florida GORDON H. KEITH. JR Jacksonville, Florida MARY ELIZABETH KEYSER .... Orlando, Florida DAVID COLE KILL Honeoye Falls, New York Sixth Row LAWRENCE M. KILLEEN . . . Irvington, New York ROSEMARY KINCAID Quincy, Florida DAVID THOMAS KING Miami, Florida DAN EDWARDS KINSEY Camaguey, Cuba LINDA LOUISE KIRK Melbourne, Florida WILLIAM H. KIRKPATRICK ... St. Cloud, Florida These Alpha Chi ' s walked home from the " Bug Ride " because horses carry " Tales. " The BSO ' s put on their " Adam and Eve " skit for the female student body at Southern. fir i i THE FRESHMEN First Row fourth Row NANCY JANE KITTLESON .... DeKalb, Illinois ROBERT F. LASSETER . . . . Winter Haven, Florida CAROL ELLEN KLEIN New York, New York ELIZABETH A. LAWLER . . Clearwater, Florida MONTE S. KLEIN Stratford, Connecticut JAMES ANTHONY KLESS Cleveland, Ohio KAY IRENE LAZARUS . Trenton Florida BERTEL ARNE LEE .... Stratford, Connecticut JOHN PERRY KLIMAS Sarasota, Florida GORDON T. LEE Farmville, North Carolina FRANK CHRISTIAN KLODE, JR. . Milwaukee, Wisconsin LINDA JOAN LEE . . Chamblee, Georgia Second Row Fifth Row ' JOHN WILLIAM KMETZ . . Wellington, New Jersey LUNA PATRICIA KNIGHT . . Bowling Green, Florida ROBERT EDWARD LEE . . Lakeland, Florida ARLENE LLOYD LEMKE . . . . Bradenton, Florida ROGER W. KOHLSTEDT . . Grand Rapids, Michigan BLANCHE PATRICIA LENNON Lake Placid, Florida EDWARD JON KOLASKA .... Union, New Jersey ARNOLD JAY LEVIN . . . Toms River, New Jersey MYRNA LEE KOTCHEVER .... Glencoe, Illinois PATIENCE O. LEWIN . . . Andover, Massachusetts JAMES WILLIAM KOUGH . . Hawthorne, New Jersey Third Row ANNETTE LEWIS . . Homestead, Florida Sixth Row HANS GERALD KRAAZ .... Bay Shore, New York ROBERTA LICHTENBERGER . . Melrose Park, Illinois MICHAEL ANTHONY LALLY . Bloomfield, New Jersey WILLIAM MORGAN LINTON . . Washington, D. C. LINDA ANNE LANCASTER .... Trenton, Florida DIANE K. LANGDON Jacksonville, Florida ANDREW G. LIPPE .... . . . Sarasota, Florida LINDA LOU LITTLE . . . . Memphis, Tennessee GEORGE LANGER New York, New York LESLIE LLOYD North Miami, Florida THELMA CAROL LASKY . South Hempstead, New York NORA MAE LOCKERBY . . . Ludlowville, New York This group of Southern co-eds discusses teresting subject . . . men! a most in- Sherry Straughn she of Jeff Chandler as ws Joan Eppenberger her picture Gwen Mercer studies? N G ik 1 s f I I? - 1 1 TO U w k i H r l f u ■ r An i i THE FRESHMEN First Row MARY LOUISE LONG Dayton. Ohio PATRICIA HELEN LOUDY . . Eggertsville, New York DAVID RAYMOND LOUER . . . Syracuse, New York LORING G. LOVELL Ocala, Fl orida SANDRA M. LOVELL Perrine, Florida JAMES LOUIS LUBACH .... Hawthorne, New York Second Row HARRY M. LUCAS Lakeland, Florida THOMAS E. LUNQUIST Lakeland, Florida CAROLE MARION M( ADAMS .... Sebring, Florida LON McCABE Fort Lauderdale, Florida KAY C. MCCORMICK . . Pompton Plains, New Jersey ANN CAROLYN McCOWN Sneads, Florida Fourth Row JOYCE LINDA McKEE Orlando, Florida ROBERT W. MCKENZIE Tavernier, Florida WILLIAM J. McLAIN Brooklyn, New York JAMES D. MCLAUGHLIN .... Kissimmee, Florida JOHN WILBUR McLEOD Lakeland, Florida JOHN P. MCMILLAN Winter Park, Florida Fifth Row CHARLES E. McSWAIN Naples, Florida ALAN MacDONALD Dunedin, Florida JOHN ALLAN MACK .... Union City, New Jersey CYNTHIA S. MAGEE Venice, Florida GLEN JOHN MAGGIO .... Westfield, New Jersey EILEEN MARY MAKOWSKI . North Riverside, Illinois Third Row JOHN Y. McCULLOUGH Lakeland. Florida COMER R. McDANIEL Bartow, Florida MARLYS ANN McDOANL Lyons, Illinois SUSANNE J. MCDONALD Sarasota, Florida JOAN CAROLYN McGRAW . . . Tuscaloosa, Alabama JACKLYN ADAMS McGUIRL .... Miami, Florida Sixth Row BRENT RUSSELL MALEVER . YVONNE MARIE MALONE . HOWARD S. MALVER . . . PETER ANTHONY MARASCO . . . Ocala, Florida Nassau, Bahamas Milwaukee, Wisconsin Tarrytown, New York PAUL MARER Budapest, Hungary B. KAY MARTIN Orlando, Florida It ' s time for volleyball practice as the men ' s ball games got underway last fall. Betty Jo Council and Nancy Prouex prepare to watch the " Ed Sullivan " show on Sunday night. ■•- ■- p THE FRESHMEN First Row ROBERT WARREN MARTIN .... Ocala, Florida MARY LOUISE MASSEY Bradenton, Florida DAVE JON MATTESON . . . Tarpon Springs, Florida LENORA ANN MATTHEWS .... Miami, Florida JOHN DARRELL MAY Bardstown, Kentucky CAROLYN EDITH MAYER . . . Memphis, Tennessee Fourth Row LORI JOY MILLER .... Toronto, Ontario, Canada MARCIA RUTH MILLER Steubenville, Ohio MARILYN JANE MILLER .... Mount Dora, Florida PATRICIA LEE MILLER Melbourne, Florida ROSALYN ESTHER MILLER . . . Gainesville, Florida THOMAS ALFRED MILLER . Huntington, West Virginia Second Row ELEANOR IRENE MAYFIELD .... Seville, Florida RUTH WOODRUFF MAZEAU ... Key West, Florida PHILIP CLIFTON MEANS . . . Cocoa Beach, Florida WELCH EARL MEANS Jacksonville, Florida WILLIAM V. MEANS Jacksonville, Florida ELAINE MARIE MEDLIN Miami, Florida Fifth Row WILLIAM H. MILLER .... Fort Lauderdale, Florida WALLACE WAYNE MINNIS .... Decatur, Illinois KEITH ALLEN MITCHELL .... Waukegan, Illinois NANCY LEE MOE Fort Lauderdale, Florida PAUL MOJZES Novi Sad, Yugoslavia ROBERT L. MONTGOMERY . . . Gainesville, Florida Third Row GWENDOLYN A. MERCER . . . Fort Pierce, Florida RONALD A. MESSENGER . . . Newington, Connecticut TIMOTHY LEE MEYER Beloit, Wisconsin BEVERLY MILAM Gainesville, Florida ARA LEE MILLER Plant City, Florida HERBERT STANLEY MILLER . . . Bradenton, Florida Sixth Roiv ROBERT GORDON MORGAN . . . Lakeland, Florida GARRY HOLMES MORRIS DeLand, Florida WILLIAM WALTER MORRIS . . Jacksonville, Florida KATHRYN GRACE MOSER .... Bradenton, Florida JAMES E. MOTSINGER Mulberry, Florida MATTIE HALL MUNDY Lakeland, Florida Glee Pulley tries to put in a few hours of study as Nancy Moe helps Suzanne Roosa write a letter home. Lynn Corbitt, Laurie Howell, Anita Rodriquez and Lillian Sellers play an afternoon game of bridge. " :• £ M Jtk i 1 tit 4 THE FRESHMEN First Ron pat McGregor murphy james a. musselman . . edward lee myrick . . thomas allen myrick . raymond walter myzie Boynton Beach, Florida . Fairfield, Pennsylvania Pompano Beach, Florida College Park, Maryland Plainfield, New Jersey JAMES JOSEPH NEAS . . Eau Gallic, Florida Fourth Row ALFRED G. PARENTE, JR. . . Phillipsburg, New Jersey- IRA DAUPHINE PARKER Tampa, Florida JOHN RICHARD PARKER . . . Lake Wales, Florida MONTE THOMAS PAROLA .... Hialeah, Florida DOUGLAS TURNER PARRISH .... Starke, Florida GAYLE CONWAY PARROTT .... Apopka, Florida Second Row ROBERT G. NEWCOMBE Lakeland, Florida CAROLYN HELENE NICHOLS . . Salem, New Jersey ROBERT LANDRUM NICHOLS . . Jacksonville, Florida CARL EDGAR NIMNICHT, JR. . . . Orlando, Florida ROBERT JOSEPH NINFO .... Riverdale. New York LOURENE BARBARA NOVAK Elyria, Ohio Third Row SALLI E. OLOWECKI .... Fort Lauderdale, Florida DORIS JEAN OSER Tampa, Florida JOHNNIE D. OUTLAW . . . Winter Garden, Florida LYNNE KAROLEE OWENS .... Palmetto, Florida PRINGLE HOMES OXFORD .... Lakeland, Florida WILLIAM E. PADRICK Fort Pierce, Florida Fifth Row DIANA PECK Lakeland, Florida ALBRY JOE PEDDY Lakeland, Florida CHARLES EVERETT PENCE .... Arcadia, Florida KEITH LEE PERKINS .... White Plains, New York MATILDA ELIZABETH PERNA . Plainfield, New Jersey MEREDITH T. PETERSON .... Clearwater, Florida Sixth Row R. L. PETERSON Lake Wales, Florida THOMAS CLIFFORD PETERSEN . . Glenview, Illinois CHARLOTTE LEE PETRIE Norfolk, Virginia WALTER C. PFEIFFER, JR Hollywood, Florida JUDITH ANN PHELPS Miami, Florida FRED DOUGLAS PIERSON Tampa, Florida Mrs. Willis, the Phi Mu housemother, is i mood as she talks with Sharon Phillips Southwick. a serious id Judy Nora Lockerby, Mary Graves, Gretchen Holzbaur and Dorothy Goetz relax on the balcony of Joseph Reyn- olds Hall. r i tit f 1 1 1 " x i D Kii ■i wkm C Ci I ft ▲. 402 THE FRESHMEN First Roiv RICHARD LEE PIKE Chatham, New Jersey NANCY IRENE PILAT Plymouth, Florida CARYL JANE PIOWATY .... Coral Gables, Florida JOHN BERNARD PITMAN .... Apopka, Florida RUTH ANITA POSEY Wauchula, Florida THOMAS M. POWNALL Starke, Florida Second Row PHYLLIS ANN PREUSS . . . Pompano Beach, Florida THOMAS S. PRICE Dayton, Ohio JACQUELINE E. PRIME . . North Miami Beach, Florida NANCY EVA PROULX Homestead, Florida BECKY LOU PRUITT Lakeland, Florida ALICE GLEE PULLEY Salem, New Jersey Third Row JAMES ADELBERT PULTZ . . . Arkville, New York IDA LOUISE RABE Tampa, Florida JOHN CARL RANO DeLand, Florida PATRICIA ANN RAOUX Belleview, Florida MUSETTE RAPER Arlington, Virginia THOMAS BRIAN RATIGAN . . . Westbury New York Fourth Row PAUL DeWAYNE READ Lakeland, Florida OLIF ELIZABETH READY Lakeland, Florida JAMES RICHARD REINKING . Spring Lake, Michigan DONALD EDWARD RICARD .... Rudolph, Ohio WILLARD M. RICH, JR. . . West Palm Beach, Florida KENNETH WAYNE RICHTER . Westfield, New Jersey Fifth Row DAVID M. RICKETSON . . . Winter Garden, Florida RALPH O. RIDEOUT Oakfield, Maine MANFRED RIETENBACH Tampa, Florida LEONARD JOSEPH RILEY . . Schenectady, New York GEORGE W. ROBERTSON .... Eagle Lake, Florida MARTHA DAHL ROBINSON .... Naples, Florida Sixth Row RONNIE WAYNE ROBINSON . . . Lakeland, Florida ANNE DUDLEY RODGERS . . Asheville, North Carolina MARGARET ROSE ROGERS .... Nassau, Bahamas RUTH ELLEN ROGERS . . Huntington, West Virginia ROBERT RICHARD ROHLF . . . Tuckohoe, New York KATHRYN M. ROMAN . . West Englewood, New Jersey Judy Johnson doesn ' t know it, but yelling out the window will cost her " 10 " call-downs! Lovey Tretsch gets all of her socks in good condition for all the cold weather ahead in winter. 7j ipr-n I I J f V ) g% x I i V f .T o I ' s THE FRESHMEN First Row CAROLE T. ROMANICK Hialeah, Florida SUZANNE K. ROOSA Riverhead, New York JAMES EMMETT ROPER, JR. . . Winter Garden, Florida MURLIND ROSENGRANT, JR. . West Palm Beach, Fla. HENRY JENNINGS ROU, II ... . Tavares, Florida EDWARD ALLEN RUBIN . . . Great Neck, New York Second Row JANICE ELLEN RUGGLES Miami, Florida ROBERT WATSON RULE Pompano, Florida ALBERT E. RUMSEY Auburndale, Florida HELEN RUTZ Camaguey, Cuba VERNON KATHLEEN SALLY . . Enka, North Carolina STEPHEN F. SANBORN . . Altamonte Springs, Florida Fourth Row CHARLES E. SCHMIDT Kenilworth, Illinois GERALD MARK SCHROEDER . . Chatham, New Jersey STEPHEN A. SCOTT . . . Arlington Heights, Illinois SUSAN LOUISE SCOTT Osceola, Missouri WALTER D. SCOTT, JR Dania, Florida JAMES DARWIN SEAGERS . . Knoxville, Pennsylvania Fifth Row FRANK D. SEIBERT Orlando, Florida MARGARET S. SELBY Medford, Oregon LILLIAN LUCILLE SELLERS . . . Jacksonville, Florida JUDITH LOUISE SHAFER . . West Palm Beach, Florida MARLENE OLIVIA SHAFFER .... Sarasota, Florida ROBERT RUNDELL SHARP .... Atlanta, Georgia Third Row JOSE M. SANCHEZ Tampa, Florida JOHN KING SANDEEN Bay Village, Ohio GARY M. SATTERFIELD . Winston-Salem, North Carolina T. A. SCHARFENSTEIN . . . Valley Stream, New York LUDWIG JOHN SCHEIDT ... St. Petersburg, Florida BEVERLY ANN SCHEUFELE . . Kansas City, Missouri Sixth Row JOSEPH JOEL SHEBAR Freeport, New York HARRY FORREST SHEPHERD . Westboro, Massachusetts CAROL SUE SHIPLETT Bradenton, Florida JAMES LOUIS SHIVER Bartow, Florida VIRGINIA MARIE SIERS Sarasota, Florida LAWRENCE C. SIGMAN .... New York, New York Jo Ann Harris plays the latest pop records for Pat Reinking, Helen Greene and Jill Berthy. M. J. Foy and Mary Lou Cunningham hit the books as those final exams creep up. f P • I Wk c IT. • 44 V I THE FRESHMEN First Row STEPHEN SILVERSTEIN . . . Great Neck, New York JULIAN C. SIMERLY, JR. . . . Coconut Grove, Florida NANCY ROSEMARY SLACK . . . Coral Gables, Florida FRED RILEY SMITH Trenton, Florida GERALDINE Y. SMITH Fort Meade, Florida JAMES CLIFFORD SMITH .... Ithaca, New York Fourth Row VALERIE AILEEN SPIRE .... Coral Gables, Florida WILLIAM D. STAFFORD Tampa, Florida JAMES JOHN STAMISON . . North Riverside, Illinois CAROL ESTHER STAMY .... Winter Park, Fl orida RACHEL JOYCE STANLEY .... Plant City, Florida PHILIP W. STEEVES Sarasota, Florida Second Row JAMES MITCHELL SMITH .... Vero Beach, Florida JOAN LOUISE SMITH Lakeland, Florida JUANITA LONG SMITH Plant City, Florida JUDITH ANN SMITH Lake Alfred, Florida MARGARET CAROLE SMITH .... Tampa, Florida MICHAEL ARNOLD SMITH .... Valdosta, Georgia Fifth Row SYLVIA FA YE STEPHENS .... Fort Meade, Florida MARJORIE ANNE STERLING . . . Lakeland, Florida PAULINE S. STERNE Albany, Georgia GEORGE W. STEVENS Sarasota, Florida ALAN LEE STIEFEL Chicago, Illinois CARL EDMUND STORMANT . . . Weirsdale, Florida Third Roiv RICHARD MERRILL SMITH .... Tampa, Florida RONALD LLOYD SMITH .... Bradenton, Florida THOMAS ZAN SMITH Kissimmee, Florida MARGURETTE S. SNIPES Lithia, Florida BRENDA LYNN SORENSEN .... Lakeland, Florida JOAN ELIZABETH SPANGLER . Somerset, Pennsylvania Sixth Row JACK R. STRATHMEYER .... York, Pennsylvania SHERRY J. STRAUGHN Quincy, Florida MARTIN ARTHUR STRICKLEN . . Umatilla, Florida JOAN MARIE STUART .... Orland Park, Illinois MATTHEW M. SULLIVAN .... Frostproof, Florida JAMES KEITH SUMMER Dade City, Florida Cookie Jordan, Jerry Bledsoe and Jane Crane rest up after a busy day of classes. Tessie Whitice and Peggy Gribben relax after the Olympics at the Alpha Chi house. 1 " p ft i THE FRESHMEN First Row ROBERT D. SUMMER Dade City, Florida THOMAS GEORGE SVITAK .... Berwyn, Illinois ROBERT LEON SW ANSON .... Key West, Florida ROBERT LEONARD SWEAT .... Inverness, Florida WILLIAM G. SWEENEY . . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania GLORIA O. SWOPE St. Petersburg, Florida Second Row EDWARD MITCHELL TAFT . . . Winter Park, Florida THERESA M. TAMB ORELLO .... Tampa, Florida DAVID HIGNUTT TAYLOR . . Westminster, Maryland LINTON AUGUSTUS TAYLOR . . Jacksonville, Florida PATRICIA E. TAYLOR Sarasota, Florida WILLIAM FONDA TEAGUE . . Morrestown, New Jersey Third Row MIRIAM KAY TESSMAN Oneco, Florida JERRY ALAN TESTON Fort Myers, Florida CAROLE L. THOMAS . . . South Orange, New Jersey DEE ANNA THOMAS .... Hopkinsville, Kentucky JOHN ROSS THOMPSON . . . Winter Haven, Florida REBECCA ANNE THOMPSON . . Boca Grande, Florida Fourth Row RICHARD M. TILLMAN, JR. . . . Plant City, Florida ESTELLE L. TINDELL Hialeah, Florida JULES LEONARD TOCH .... Brooklyn, New York MARIO JAMES TOFFOLO . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida HENRY EUGENE TOOKE Sanford, Florida ELIZABETH A. TOOMER . Wilmington, North Carolina Fifth Row VIRGINIA C. TOPIC Cedar Rapids, Iowa GRANT REEVE TOWNSEND . Pompano Beach, Florida CONSTANCE LEIGH TRETSCH . Boonton, New Jersey RONALD PAUL TRIMM Bartow, Florida FRANCISCA VAN der LINEN .... Aruba, N.W.I. JANET JOAN VAN NAMEE .... Bristol, Indiana Sixth Row DORIS ANN VICKERS Winter Park, Florida GEORGE L. WADS WORTH .... Wauchula, Florida KIRK DOZIER WALKER .... Bradenton, Florida JOHN LEE WALSH Cleveland, Ohio JAMES ROBERT WALTON .... Pompano, Florida JOSEPH R. WARREN, JR. . . Mamaroneck, New York Puthie Gerish, Saundra Harpe, Mary Clark and Ja Copeland take their Saturday night baths. Tep ' s Lee Shapiro, Heb Sirota, Larry Firestone, Murray Gross and Jack Levine look happy and content. ' v; H . J CM i ft ■i (WB , sesssssaa F 1 ' First Row RICHARD DAVID WEAVER Canton, Ohio ELIZABETH L. WEISMANTEL . . Miami Beach, Florida RICHARD ANDREW WEISS . . Levittown, New York FRANKLIN D. WHEAT Severn, Maryland JAMES F. WHIDDEN Bartow, Florida ELWIN HARLAND WHITE Bartow, Florida Second Row WILLIAM EDWIN WHITMAN . . Lake Wales, Florida MARY ANN WHITTEMORE . . . Indianapolis, Indiana SANDRA RUTH WICKHAM Ocala, Florida BETTY JORDAN WILCHER Miami, Florida NANCY ANN WILCOX South Bend, Indiana FREDERICK M. WILKERSON . . . Lakeland, Florida Third Row CHARLES B. WILLIAMS Lakeland, Florida MICHAEL R. WILLIAMS Warsaw, Indiana JAMES WAYLAND WILLIS .... Mulberry, Florida RICHARD FRANKLIN WILLIS . . . Holly Hill, Florida MARSHALL EUGENE WILSON . . . Leesburg, Florida DIANNA ELIZABETH WINGLER . . . Tampa, Florida (ESHMEN Fourth Row JEROME HUMPHREY WISE . . . Kissimmee, Florida LIANNE L. WITHEE . . . Hanover, New Hampshire MARSHA JANE WOLFE . . Hampton, South Carolina BERTRAND WOLFF . . . Valley Stream, New York DAVID OSKAR WOOD . . . . . Lakeland, Florida SALLY THEODORA WOOD . . . . Ocala, Florida Fifth Row CARL NEIL WORDELL . . . . . . Sebastian, Florida ELIZABETH JANE WORLEY . . . Homestead, Florida CELESTE ROSE WOYAK . . . Elmira, New York HENRY ABBOTT WRIGHT . . Fort Myers, Florida ROBERT ALAN WRIGHT . . . Ramsey, New Jersey SARA ELIZABETH WRIGHT Ocala, Florida Sixth Row LINDA B. WURTZBURGER . . . New York, New York WILLIAM F. WYLLIE . . . . . . . Tampa, Florida CAROL ANN YARBROUGH . . . Wauchula, Florida JANET RUTH YATES . . . BEVERLY ANN YEAGER . . . . . . Naples, Florida EMERY TAY YELTON . . . Nickie Clark, Fred Hurlburt, Judy Gardner, Frank Terrana and Pattie McNamara pose by the ADPi sign while Frank models Judy ' s long " nightie. " Six Alpha Chi ' s in a leisure moment . . . Sonny Moore, Bettilyn Dinkle, Eve Messmore, Dee Kaiser, Ruth Kleinknecht and Betty Samuels. r. FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE These BSCTs display out the years. These freshmen learned a lesson they ' ll never forget for misbehaving during " Rat Week. " An informal dance band of FSC students play for Dr Spivey ' s testimonial dinner. 1 9 5 8 First Row BILLY HORACE YELVINGTON WILLIAM M. YELVINGTON . Winter Haven, Florida . Hastings, Florida HENRY LEE YONCE Clewiston, Florida JAMES B. ZAFIROS New York, New York ROBERT JOHN ZAMMIT . . West Palm Beach, Florida THE INTERLACHEN Walt Trauner waits quietly by the fireplace for TKE to come and light the fire! Cynthia Magee, Sandra Betts, and Kay Sa around the corner for the " Sandwich Man. ' y look 1 9 5 8 MEDICAL STAFF: First row: Mrs. Louise Sabin, R.N.; Mrs. Sandra Scuderi, Mrs. Frank P. Griffen, R.N. Second row: Mrs. Drucilla McConnell, R.N.; Dr. Ben H. McConnell. MAINTENANCE STAFF: First row: John Hudson, Carter Roberts Rex Dopp, James Gardner, II, A. Esco- bar, James Gardner, Sr. Second row: Bob Albert, Benny Marlon, Tom Pollard, James Hunter, Clarence Jackson. m Around the table is the staff of the Education Office at MacDill AFB. Left to right: A 3c Henry L. Smith, T Sgt. Thomas N. Travis, M Sgt. Edward F. Tindall, Major Wilbur McGill, Frank A. Collins, M Sgt. George B. Lerner, T Sgt. Charles A. Lumpkin, Mrs. Carolyn Adam, and A 2c Donald W. Berg, Clerk. EDUCATION CENTER MacDILL AIR FORCE BASE Florida Southern College ' s military " annexes " at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa and at Palm Beach Air Force Base have provided our servicemen with opportunities to further their education and to graduate with college de- grees. Courses at MacDill Field were inaugurated in the fall of 1950. The program was established at Palm Beach five years later. More than 125 men at MacDill Field and 16 at Palm Beach have already gone on to receive their academic de- grees which will not only aid them if they return to civilian life, but also in obtaining promotions and better positions while in the service. Two wings of the 6th Division of the Strategic Air Command at MacDill AFB fly the famed medium bomber (B-47), always in a state of readiness for oper- ations overseas. Principles of Accounting are mastered in this class at Mac- Dili AFB, guided by Edward C. Knippers, Asst. Professor of Business Administration at FSC. EDUCATION CENTER PALM BEACH AIR FORCE BASE These three men are in charge of the college edu- cation program at Palm Beach AFB. The two Ser- geants are graduates of Florida Southern College. Left to right: M Sgt. Otto H. Lensch, III, S Sgt. James A. Gugenheim, and Leon- ard C. Brown, III. The Palm Beach educational center, like its counterpatt at MacDill, has its classes in the evening. The most popular course of study among the service- men at present is education. By completing their course of study in education, the airmen are eligible to teach in the public school system upon leaving the service. The educational center at MacDill Field is under the supervision of Frank A. Collins, civilian education officer. Master Sergeant Otto H. Lensch, III and Staff Sergeant James A. Gugenheim direct the operation at Palm Beach. At Palm Beach AFB men are trained to handle the cargo planes of the Military Air Trans- port Service, providing the air lift for world-wide operation. Students at Palm Beach AFB en- joy the study of Religion under the instruction of Dr. Ludd M. Spivey, our retired President. The Interlachen of 195 8 expresses its appreciation to the following business concerns, whose interest and cooperation have helped to make possible the publication of this yearbook of Florida Southern College. The editors and business managers respectfully urge that friends of the College examine the adver- tisements of these firms and individuals, and call upon them for service at every possible opportunity. Bed WisLes JEFFERSON-BISHOP, INC. FOSTER SPORTING GOODS, INC. Representative — Franklin M. Foster 117 East Lafayette Street Tami ' a 2, Florida ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Wholesale and Retail V o 41S Compliments ol urgica i upply Company WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF HOSPITAL, LABORATORY, INSTITUTIONAL PHYSICIANS EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES 1050 West Adams Street Jacksonville, Florida R. E. Lewis, Jr. Lakeland Representative 414 Hillside Drive Lakeland. Florida V l f Lftd IRUN DRV CLEANERS ' a utix-Ui Otecst W Ww PUhC " and With Best Wishes M7 So Kentucky • LoVelnnd When You Think of Shoes, Think of SNYDER ' S Lakeland French Dry Cleaners Phone 2-1871 116 South Missouri Ave. Your Newspaper . . . Freedom ' s Forum Today ' s newspaper, whole-heartedly dedicated to keeping America free, is also keeping America fully informed. The rules of decency and the welfare of its readers are the only censor of what it shall print . . . and The Tampa Tribune is dedicated to the fulfillment of these principles. TAMPA TRIBUNE Morning and Sunday Radio Stations WTLA. WFLA-FM WFLA Television Channel 8, NBC Compliments of ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING COMPANY •121 WILLIAM ' S FLORAL SHOP MADGE ' S 1049 South Florida Avenue FEMININE FLORIDA FASHIONS 229 South Kentucky Avenue CORSAGES AND CUT FLOWERS Our Speciality Lakeland, Florida Wire Service Telephone 4-2022 Phone 6-1641 Co-ed Coordinates JUNIOR DRESSES - SUITS - FORMALS SPORTSWEAR AND EVENING SEPARATES ALBRITTON ' S 1 1 9 S. Tennessee (Across from the Post Office) BRYAN ' S STANDARD SERVICE DISCOUNTS TO STUDENTS 1305 S. Florida Ave. Phone 4-5392 BENFORD STATIONERY CO. 125 South Kentucky Avenue For (lie- best in Esterbrook and Schaeffer Eountain pens, greeting cards, school and art supplies, office equipment and gift suggestions. Compliments of MATHER OF LAKELAND For: QUALITY! SELECTION! SATISFACTION! For 52 years Mather has given . . . honest values — excellent quality and the best of service. You ' ll find the finest in smart new home fur- nishings from nationally famous manufacturers such as Heywood - Wakefield. Stratford. Sim- mons, Lane, Dillingham and others. LAKELAND ' S MOST MODERN FURNITURE STORE I L ' o Sot in Florida Ave. Lakeland, Fla. Congratulations and Best Wishes for a Full Life PALMER MATTRESS COMPANY 1111 S. Florida Ave. Lakeland, Fla. " Our Merchandise Is What We Say It Is " Compliments of THE NEW FLORIDA HOTEL LAKELAND ' S LARGEST AND FINEST AIR CONDITIONED ROOMS Edward Thomas, Manager Compliments of NELSON M. AYALA GULF OIL PRODUCTS 1024 East Oleander P Growing With Florida Southern Compliments College CAMPUS CLEANERS of • ADAMSON Your Most Convenient Cleaners DISTRIBUTING COMPANY LAKELAND ABSTRACT Distributors of Gordon ' s COMPANY " MAGIC PACK " Lakeland, Florida ABSTRACTS OF TITLE Potato Chips TITLE INSURANCE P. O. Box 411 Phone Ml ' 3-3 1 1 1 Compliments of W. S. BADCOCK CORP. 32 Associate Stores Serving Florida MAIN STORE. OFFICES AND WAREHOUSES Mulberry, Florida " Badcock Will Treat You Riglif Congratulations SHEPPARD DISTRIBUTORS 2130 New Tampa Highway MEAT PROCESSORS 425 MUTUAL PAPER COMPANY Lakeland Distributors For - SCHOOL SUPPLIES TEACHING AIDS 126 4 « % % Compliments of REG. U. S. PATENT OFFICE A NATURAL CAS SERVICE Sewing Imperial Polk County Compliments of EWELL ENGINEERING CONTRACTING CO. 1 248 New Tampa Highway Lakeland. Florida READY-MIXED CONCRETE X — WHITE SWAN MOTOR LODGE 1136 East Rose Street Off the Highway in a Quiet Residential District AAA Lakeland Florida WASHING ffc WASHING SPIN " AIR-DRYINfr DRYING ■ FOLDED E. Z. WASH AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY 121 E. McDonald Street Phone 5-5791 Lakeland, Florida Compliments of RACY ' S EXCLUSIVE WEARING APPAREL Compliments FENTON ' S LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS LAKELAND UN Compliments of SUNSHINE OIL CO. OIL JOBBERS LAKELAND TRUEBLOOD ' S PRINT SHOP 108-10-12 West Lemon Street Lakeland, Florida Printers of THE SOUTHERN Florida Southern College Catalogues Compliments o JOYNER LUMBER COMPANY LAKELAND, FLORIDA 431 Compliments NU-WAY FLOOR COVERING + C. M. BIRD G. R. SCHABERT Compliments oj Lakeland Typewriter Supply Company Frank W. Myers, Owner ROYAL TYPEWRITER, SHAW-WALKER EQUIPMENT Sales-Service VICTOR ADDING MACHINES CALCULATORS Sales-Service Central Florida ' s Most Popular Ollice Supply House 122 S. Tennessee Lakeland, Florida 433 Compliments of OXFORD LUMBER COMPANY 530 W. Main Street Phone MU. 2-1491 mccoys metal shop Incorporated 1846 West Olive Street (Old Tampa Hwy.) Phone MU. 2-9521 ALL TYPES ROOFING -WELDING " It ' s Metal We Make It " AIR CONDITIONING Compliments of CITY LIGHT WATER DEPARTMENT + LAKELAND FLORIDA 430 You Are Always Welcome At PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND For All Your Banking Services Corner Main and Florida " Polk County ' s Largest ' PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND LAKELAND. FLORIDA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation GEORGE L. GAINES Jeweler 122 East Main Street Telephone 2-4191 Lakeland, Florida U. S. ROYAL TIRES DELCO BATTERIES Complete Automotive Service Storage BALLENGER AUTO STORAGE, INC. 4-6551 Phone 4-6561 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LAKELAND Current Dividend 314% Corner of Orange and Tennessee Lakeland ' s Only National Bank THE FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK At Lakeland 1 1 3 South Tennessee Ave. PAYING 3% PER ANNUM ON SAVINGS Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ZfVCCLZ TRAVELS 225 So. Kentucky Ave. Phone 2-1891 Across from MAAS BRO ' S Parking Lot ' Handling College Travel Since 1947 ' AIRLINE - STEAMSHIP RESERVATIONS - TICKETS REECECLIFF Compliments of SANDWICH SHOP SPEEDY LAUNDRY Phone 6-6661 940 S. Florida Ave. ALL LAUNDRY AND CLEANING We Give Top Value Stamps Compliments Next to A P on Florida Ave. PIPKINS DIXIELAND MAID-RITE, INC. 728 S. Florida Phone 7-6111 Phone 7-3571 1101 South Florida J •-C 2 -, a • ENMA NIGHT OUT! GO TO THE MOVIESF YOUR LAKELAND FLORIDA STATE THEATRES POLK THEATRE (One of Florida ' s Finest) Equipped with CinemaScope and the wonder of Stereophonic Sound! LAKE THEATRE Equipped with CinemaScope Big Shows at Bargain Prices 430 M. P. TOMLINSON COMPANY CADILLAC -e- OLDSMOBILE " the ultimate in satisfactory sewice " sales departments telephone 4-6351 new and used complete chassis body service departments 4-649] Compliments of FLORIDA OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. 171 West Central Avenue WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA 440 Compliments of BERGER AND RACHELSON, INC. Institutional Food Distributors TAMPA, FLORIDA Compliments of J. B. LINEBERGER, INC. + Distributors for RICHFIELD OIL + 1650 New Tampa Highway Lakeland, Florida Compliments of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY 207 South Florida Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA If LAKELAND Central Florida ' s Finest Department Stoics Compliments of THE JOHNS ' MOTEL Nlar Florida Southern College At Junction V. S. 92 and V. S. 98 Sou Lb Lakeland Automobile Dealers Association Buick - Cadillac - Chevrolet - Chrysler Dodge - Edsel - Ford - Hudson - Imperial Lincoln - Mercury - Nash - Oldsmobile Plymouth - Pontiac Post Office liox 1171 Eyes right ... en a bright future in Florida! Whether you ' re going on to higher learning or to a career. .. Florida offers every golden opportunity you seek! Florida colleges and universities are among the finest in the nation — and the same is true of Florida ' s rapidly expanding industry. So look no further — your future is bright if you keep your eyes right ... on Florida! FLORIDA POWER LIGHT COMPANY Compliments o) FLORIDA FAVORITE FERTILIZER, INC. MOORE ' S STYLE SHOP STYLE-MART CLOTHES 207 E. Main Street Lakeland, Florida Compliments of BRADLEY FLOWER SHOP 808 S. Mississippi Ave. Lakeland, Florida Phone 4-5141 Compliments of FOOD MACHINERY AND CHEMICAL CORPORATION PARTY SPECIALTIES POPULAR DRIVE-IN SANDWICHES AND COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE COLONIAL ICE CREAM Ice Cream Compliments of FIRST STATE BANK OF LAKELAND " The Bank with Drive-in Teller Windows " DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO $10,000 BY Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of FRANZBLAU-GILBERT EQUIPMENT CO. Incorporated 408 W. Main Lakeland, Florida RANDALL ' S SUNOCO 800 South Florida Compliments AL HINDER ' S GULF SERVICE TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES Coin pie I c Auto Coiner McDonald and S. Florida Ave. Congratulations to THE CLASS OF ' 58 It has been our pleasure to serve Co-eds and faculty women since the class of ' 25. FIRST IN F .MIXIX : FASHIONS t t % %. « Compliments of DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY You ike ft... ft ikes yovl P. O. Box 1011 Phone MU. 3-0181 Lakeland, Florida WP T ' mm - — LAKELAND FLORIDA Compliments of Compliments STREATER BUICK of INCORPORATED Lakeland, Florida MILLER ' S COLLEGE FASHION CENTER Compliments of 111-113 East Main St. Roberts Flying Service ronwTfiK AIRPORT Phone 4-9511 Compliments of CEMENT PRODUCTS SUPPLY CO. INC. 516 716 W. Main Phone 50-951 CONCRETE BLOCKS PLASTER WINDOWS ZIMMERMAN ' S Compliments of !«!£ mtaddox w£±S WHERE EVER YOU GO - - - by plane, ship or bus Secure reservations and tickets at ARNO TRAVEL SERVICE 320 E. Main Street MUtual 4-4151 Lakeland, Florida MYRICKS FEDERAL and MYRICKS MENS STORE Mary Lou Cunningham modeling (lollies from MYRICKS FEDERAL I 13 South Kentucky We. Lakeland. Florida Gary Stevens wearing clothes I nun MYRICKS MENS STORE 123 South Kentucky Ave Lakeland. Florida UN Compliments of READY PEELED POTATO CO. 202 North Diane Street Plant City. Florida READY PREPARED POTATOES FOR EVERY OCCASION No Waste, No Mess, No Fuss 449 Compliments of AULT ROOFING AND HEATING CO. We specialize in architectural sheet metal work, air conditioning, warm air and hot water heating. Roofing of all kinds. ORLANDO FLORIDA w MUtual 5-5875 SALES FRANK and RETTA BUELL Bar-B-O Specialists WORLD FAMOUS Dining Room — Curb Catering 2136 New Tampa Hwy. Lakeland, Florida SER VICE LAKELAND FORD COMPANY Phone 4-6051 or 4-6061 Air Conditioned — Swimming Pool Television — Steam Heat A Courtesy Court Member SIESTA MOTEL AAA 1527 New Tampa Highway West Lakeland, Florida Ed and Pat Kingora, Oiuners-Managers U. S. Hiway 92 West Telephone 8-6051 PUBLIX . . . where shopping is i pleasure 451 Compliments of CENTRAL GLASS AND MIRROR 302 N. Ingraham Avenue Phone Ml ' . 8-3591 LAKELAND. FLORIDA Compliments of TOOLE BOILER AND WELDING SERVICE P. 0. Box 1489 MU. 4-7345 LAKELAND, FLORIDA . POWERMASTER Packaged Automatic Boilers Compliments o T.A. BRANNEN Compliments of WACO SCAFFOLDING COMPANY Plasterers MIAMI, ORLANDO, LAKELAND 1644 Shore Acres Dr. Phone MU. 8-3351 Lakeland, Florida Lakeland, Florida Compliments of MINE AND MILL SUPPLY COMPANY LAKELAND. FLORIDA 454 % % .% (Lnarai lnad bu ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY BIRMINGHAM t % ' .♦•%•« ,.

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