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••• • ♦ • • % : ; j j j •• .-;. T w ifie 4l ma HMt c Orange groves o ' erspread her campus Chimes her hymns intone, India greets across the garden Southern ' s mystic throne. CHORUS Florida Southern, thee lie love Thee ive ' ll never fail. Hail to thee our alma mater, Hail to Southern, hail! II Stately ivalls alone can never Compass learning , s goal. Heart to heart must pass the token Soul inspirit soul. SARAH TROXLER, Editor SIDNEY LANIER, Associate Editor ARNOLD THOMAS, Business Manager WILLIAM D. SHILLING and CORNING F. TOLLE, Faculty Advisers CAROLYN SCHWARTZ, Editorial Assistant PAUL WILLE, College Photographer NILS SCHWEIZER, Cover Design I PRESENTS SAGA V 4 « %. 4 n n n f u OF THE SOUTH.... Royal palm land of the hibiscus, bougainvillea and azalea, flower- ing in the warm sunshine under the blue of semi- tropical sky . . . land of beautiful lakes and rolling citrus groves . . . land of the moccasin, alligator and black bass . . . land of health and eternal youth . . . this is Florida. : • • • ♦ .. ; ♦ • ♦ % ♦ ♦ ♦ w, 6£u4. ( JiOftae vkow wHj tiA- YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN PREPARE FOR LIFE A college is more than an academic tower. A college is people. A college is environment. The men and women of Florida Southern live in an academic world, drinking in a full share of the arts and sciences; they live, too, in a world of people, friendly people, learning that every individual lives not only in a society but also by means of that society; and they live in the perfect environment, where nature and man have joined to produce that which is beautiful. A college is also a place to enjoy life to the utmost ... to fill every moment with memories which will endure a lifetime . . . to live joyously in this wide, wide world of ours . . . IN THIS FABULOUS COLLEGE STUDENTS ENJOY Florida . . . the land of cy- press trees. These students are searching in a cypress forest for cypress knees, which can be finished into striking works of art. These Florida Southern co- eds view the handiwork of Seminole Indian ivomen, who live in picturesque villages in the heart of the strange and fascinating Everglades. cm tr «J ME ♦ »• - • J At the annual Florida Citrus Exposition. A pair of FSC women enjoy the advertising display of the Florida Citrus Commission, ivhich has its modern offices in Lakeland . . . in the very heart of the rich citrus producing area of the state. I % • ♦•••• 4 T ic famous Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, housing some of the ivorld ' s greatest art treasures. Within easy driving distance of the campus on the Florida West Coast, hundreds of FSC men and women have visited this great museum. The Old ' eutJi, Surrey ivith the fringe on top! A bit of the old South in the old days is experienced by these students on a visit to the nation ' s oldest city — historic St. Augustine. No octane rating ivorries with this old dobbin! 1 • ♦ 4 % ••••• • Cadets of the ROTC at Florida Southern reconstructed old Fort Clinch in Central Florida . . . a reminder of the frontier days of the middle of the nineteenth century when Seminole Indians were on the warpath in Florida. ♦ • • " p These co-eds posed for the camera in front of the Great Masterpiece, huge mosaic at Lake Wales depicting the Lord ' s Last Supper. ■ • ♦ . : % ■• % ••■ ' ♦ • A pair of co-eds and golden Florida oranges. Students can pick a bit of citms right on the campus at Florida Southern with its orange-grape fruit-tangerine setting. Tens of thousands of acres of citrus stretch in all directions from Lakeland . . . and in the early spring . . . orange blossoms everywhere! tMmJm - . ®mm$t ♦ Stately Bok Toiver at Lake Wales with the peaceful lagoon in the foreground. Carillon con- certs attract tens of thousands of visitors every year to this Florida beauty spot. ♦ ♦ ♦ , ♦ ••• flMRIIK STUDIO! ftp ■i v5L " B TUt. . „ J __j. --j... ... . . 77m venturesome co-ed feeds tid-bits to the giant porpoises at fascinating Marineland while her class- mates look on in the background. ••••■♦■• % ♦ % i • ♦ • % A visit to the greatest shotv on earth at its winter headquarters at Sarasota. These girls got a thrill rid- ing the elephants . . . nice, docile fellows . . . at Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey. And on this trip, Photographer Paul Wille even got into a cage with a tiger! ♦ • ■• ' ;■ im Agricultural fairs are big events in Florida. Here a pair of Florida Southern co-eds made friends icith a friendly little donkey, f ' s just a coincidence that the elephant and donkey are so close together. • ••••• • ♦ . • , • ♦ • i Ttte Uave pm Uz, ' Htu $ S . ' re tree winter and summer playground of America. Fabulous Florida. Wholesome recreation is a vital part of life at Florida Southern College. And there fan for all in this matchless climate teher e utdoor living is the rule and not the exception. Itiiionrs of leisure, there ' s the white sand beadles of the Atlantic and the blue-green waters aithe Gnlf of Mexico. There ' s sailing on the bay rmd deep sea fishing. And fighting blackSbass in the thousands of lakes. When the winds ate cold and the snoiv is deep in the North, it ' s basebaMjime in Florida and lakeland is the winter hom% of the Detroit Tigers. There ' s golfing and tennis tlie year around and swimming in all but the cool si months. You name your outdoor recreation for fuit in the sun and Florida has it. That ' s why the 195 t lnterlachen proclaims: It ' s wonderful to go tp college, Florida southern College, in Florida! • • • Fore in a foursome! Ttvo fine golf courses in Lakeland provi de FSC students tvith excellent opportu- nities for play throughout the school year. A good drive here, from the pleased looks on the students ' faces. Rjtv ;;■••■•■• ••■•■• ♦ ! ' % 4 A . A. A Sill Remember the Stutz Bearcat, the Mormon, the Jordan, the Autocar? Of course not. but FSC stu- dents can inspect the cars of yesteryear when the oldsters acre youngsters at the " Cars of Yesterday. " ♦ • ■ • ♦ ■ .- The Detroit Tigers in spring training at Henley Field. A pair of co-eds learn fine points from Tiger star Ray Boone. ••••• •••. ' • ft • ♦ ♦ ft Shades of Gasparilla and the terrible Spanish pirates during their annual siege and capture of Tampa. But these brave Florida Southern lassies seem undaunted by the fearful character who once roamed the Spanish Main. ♦ • ■ ■ Ag fcr " J$fe C 4£ Who ' s for a swim? A cooling dip in Florida Southern ' s new ultra-modern pool on the East Campus. And who ' s for sunbathing and a plunge in the surf? This is a typical scene of a group of FSC men and women enjoying an outing on the Gulf of Mexico ' s famous sand beaches. _ I This college couple is having a time of it at world famous Daytona Beach, enjoying a sports car ride on the hard- packed sand. Daytona is within easy driving distance of Florida Southern. «♦» . A picture of relaxation. What could be more enjoyable than sail- boating on the Gulf or on one of the thousands of beautiful lakes that are a part of fabulous Florida. This is a Gulf scene. » . M . ' IN A SETTING OF BEAUTY A quartet of students in a graceful water-skiing pose at Dick Pope ' s exotic Cypress Gardens at nearby Winter Haven. i .:::: r there are the fairs so typical of Florida life in the early Spring. The " Pageant of States " at St. Petersburg. The " Citrus Exposition " at Winter Haven. The " Strawberry Festival " at Plant City. The " Pageant of Light " at Fort Myers. The " Gasparilla " and Florida State Fair at Tampa. And the others — all of which help to provide fun in the sun for the men and women of FSC. Semi-tropical beauty at its best. These students gain a new insight into Florida and its seldom-seen wonders while boating doicn the tranquil Hillsborough River. ••• ••• •! 1 ••••• • ♦ » i And what could be more fun in the sun than a picnic in n Florida state park. This scene is a familiar one at Hillsborough State Park, 25 miles from FSC. •••■• ♦ • ; ' ) jk • jm _, I L. Famed Cypress Gardens and its beauties. These Florida Southern co-eds form part of the lovely background seen at the noted spot and seen by visitors from throughout the world. jl,; i • - Spanish moss and a big water oak. And a girl and boy ivith the wonderful world all around them. This is Florida, fabulous Florida and fabulous Florida Southern College. 0t ctAMttty of palm Tim ofu Uwe u. the world ' s most beautiful campus is located. Follow us across the enchanting acres and through the ultra-modern buildings that contribute to the charm of FLORIDA COLLEGE ' ♦ » •■ ••• . i Mathematics and Physics Departments, the new Polk County Science Building. FLORIDA SOUTHERN ' S CAMPUS : N %, 5 • V m The fortress-like, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. A view of the beautiful Panhellenic Building along Lake Hollingsuorth. :.- , ji ; ' y , . Emile E. Watson Administration Building with J. Edgar Wall Water dome in the foreground. The Commons, focal point of student life at FSC • 1 • ♦ • I Walkway between wings of the striking Panhellenic Building. FLORIDA SOUTHERN ' S BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS Interior View, the If ' atson Administration Building. ••••• f • ♦ • « 4 • Esplanades or covered walkways leading to the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. Above, an interior view of the Zimmermann Student Lounge in the Lucius Pond Ordivay Industrial Arts Building. At the right center, a view showing the circular exterior of the E. T. Roux Library. At the lower right, an interior view of the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. v.vl.iV • •• ♦ • I Framed by the esplanade, a view of the Lucius Pond Ordivay Industrial Arts and Home Economics Building. Semi-tropical Florida. J oseph-Reynolds Hall from Allan Spivey Hall. • • ♦ • With hougainvillea in the foreground, the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. The E. T. Roux Library looking from the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. P ' ; zA=A=A i ' A =d-- MHi ♦ • i At the top left, a fraternity chapter room, East Campus. Center, a class in session in the William H. Danforth Chapel. Lower left, lobby of a sorority house in a wing of the Panhellenic Building. At the right, the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright — the E. T. Roux Library. ! ' - u»E FLORIDA SOUTHERN ' S CAMPUS 47 f •••• ••• ••• ;•■;■• • ♦•• « ♦ Florida Southern ' s ultra-modern neiv swimming pool on the East Campus. M ? The miniature jewel box — t ie William H. Danforth Chapel. Looking East, the Lucius Pond Ordtvay Industrial Arts Building. . • 04 Recreation outside one of the men ' s residence halls on the East Campus. FLORIDA SOUTHERN ' S A vieiv of the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel framed by the Science Building esplanade. Xx J ' H tasi. ' --.... i lki With the esplanade at the left leading to the E. T. Ronx Library, this is the Frank Lloyd Wright- designed Emile E. Watson Administration Building tvith the steps at the rig ht leading to the J. Edgar Wall Waterdome. BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS A section of the Science Binding with the Chapel in the background. ••••• MUMHmm " 4ta -$3?wwMHflN9HBHMBHMHHIHHH9HBMlHVMi The magnificent Polk County Science Building looking toward Lake Hollingsworth. % ♦ • • •••:• • • • • • % • ; A detailed architectural study of a corner of The patio at The Commons, adjacent to the the Watson Building. netv swimming pool. The Industrial Arts wing of the Lucius Pond Ordway Building. • -. -. _ With sea grapes in the foreground, the E. T. Roux Library. Orange trees in the right foreground, the Ordway Building. w M rv The Presidents ' Walk — the Polk County Science Buildin FLORIDA SOUTHERN ' S CAMPUS • » 0.0 •••■•■• • • : : .• ♦ ••••-• . .4 study in color of the Eniile E. W at son Administration Building. • • • » - 1 ' ■ . AND THESE WERE TpE MOMENTS TO REMEMBER IN 2£Z WE ARE OFF TO A GOOD START IN THE ? : ' W The days pass all too swiftly at Florida Southern. It seems like only yesterday that the Alpha Delta Pi ' s staged the big rush party pictured above. And another yesterday had Mrs. Ludd M. Spivey and Dean Hattie Eicholtz in the receiving line at the Panhellenic tea. • • • . fr 4 Mrs. Grace Snyder pours at I lie Freshman Reception in the Eleanor Searle Drawing Room. Earline Owen, Eve Messmore and Sheila Stephen star in the fashion show. The big thrill — coining to FSC. Sandy Beers and Ellen Hudson chat with the Atlantic Coast Line conductor en route to Lakeland. President Ludd M. Spivey speaks at the first faculty meeting of the year. 59 The first basketball game with Bartow Air Force Ba e. Janet Koeker and Martha Smith ehat with Cali- fornia ' s Governor Goodwin Knight. And Sheila Stephens poses with a gobbler for a Thanksgiving picture. • • • ♦ • 4 » » Doreen Fay Handley with " Elsie " at the Exposition of Children ' s Literature. Boh Smith. Dr. Rohert MaoCowan, Dr. Gerald MeCulloh, the Rev. Francis Luce at Religious Emphasis Week. Delight for the little ones — the ' " World of Dolls " at the annual Exposition of Children ' s Literature at the Ordwav Building. , • •■••••%■♦ Dot Vanderford, Jo Ann Boden, June Dowd and Kathy Kosar at the Delta Zeta Christmas tree. The " fairy land " toy display at the Exposition of Children ' s Literature. The Kappa Delta ' s take off for the Yule Holiday. And the SAE Christmas seal display. ACTIVITIES rSINYUUIlH XNIK BUY AND USE CHRISTMAS SEALS , S : 1 -UI ' ■ ,._ ' . S M - . ••• • ■♦, GET UNDERWAY . . . Almost like magic, the fall fades into winter, sans snoiv, sans ice and sans frigid winds. And the tempo of campus life picks up as friendships develop and romances flourish. There ' s examinations and parties, drills and registration, famous names on campus and fun at the C. T. There ' s the stir of life in nature, too, as the poinsettias bloom and the hibiscus burst into flower. Such is Florida . . . fabulous Florida. Professor J. Gordon Ogden supervises the general education examination ii the library, and the R.O.T.C. goes through its paces on the Middle Campus • ♦ • • ••••••• Business Manager Corning F. Tolle presents Dr. Spivey with a gift at the President " ; birthday party; famed columnist Westbrook Pegler ehats with the co-eds. • • • • . Jennifer Graham and azalea time in Florida. The senior dinner for the mid-year graduating class. nidation time at the Kappa Delta sorority house. • • ♦ • Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity prepares for initiation ceremonies. At the lower left, the Delta Zeta ' s rehearse for Kanipus Kapers. And the old familiar " chow time " at the cafeteria. I 11 • ..AND WE ARE ALWAYS BUSY IN THE Ready now for the wide, wide world. Ward Johnson, Donna Sarkinson, Nancy Childs and William Coon dress for that once-in-a-Iifetinie occasion . . . graduation front college. •% . Comes the Spring and where has the school year gone? Another class is graduated and another first year class learns its tvay around the campus. There have been some weddings and many more in the offing. Time is all too short for the dinners, dances, parties and the gay social events . . . September to June, and all of the hours are filled with moments to remember! Bill Wood, DeLos Carroll. Vincent Tcrrana and John Miller become offi eerg in the L niled States Army. Mid-year graduation in the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. The R.O.T.C. officers show off their handsome new uniforms. Margaret Connor. Mary Ann Pownall and Carol Anderson on the patio at the College Terrace. ♦ ♦ Having fun in the sun at the ever-popular ' •sump. " ♦ ♦ • • » ! A study session at the waterdome. Judy Freed ready to dive from the high hoard. Diane Culloden and Randv He getting ready for that hig night out. Movie making for the United States Information Agency in the Roux Lihrary. ,— ., ■ DR. LUDD M. SPIVEY • • « » Since 1925, Dr. Ludd Myrl Spivey has served with great distinction as the President of Florida Southern College. One of the best known educators in the South and with many friends in virtually all parts of the world, Dr. Spivey can lay many claims to fame; but perhaps he is best known through the years as a man who has been wedded to an idea and an ideal. That idea and ideal have resulted in the creation of one of the nation ' s most beauti- ful educational institutions with a West Campus which exemplifies the genius of the great- est architect of our time — Frank Lloyd Wright. It is difficult to realize that only 32 years ago Florida Southern College had only two buildings. Edge Memorial Hall and Joseph-Reynolds Hall, with a handful of students, a small faculty and a staggering debt. It is equally difficult to believe that the outlook was once so dismal that the trustees voted to close the college forever. That Florida Southern has become an internationally-known College, with students from many foreign lands and almost all of the states, is a tribute to the man who became wedded to an idea and an ideal and to the host of friends and workers who never lost faith in the educator who always kept faith. As our Alma Mater continues to move into greater and greater horizons, and as the realization of the Frank Lloyd Wright Campus dream comes nearer and nearer to reali- zation, the Interlachen of 1957 salutes with affection and gratitude the President of Florida Southern College. DR. LUDD MYRL SPIVEY !l ith vision, diligence, toil and devotion, he has built a great institution. 74 1S85 F S c 1957 Relaxation aiul television. ■ ; ! 5 ■$ Z l The President and Mrs. Spivev on the patio of their campus home. Reading in his sludv. ♦ » fieduxrtedTo Sv rriend of riorida Southern L ollei Thirty-two years ago, two young men came to Imperial Polk County. From Birmingham-Southern College came Dr. Ludd M. Spivey to build a great edu- cational institution at Lakeland. From Warm Springs, Georgia, came George Washington Jenkins with dreams of a great grocery organization in Florida. Today, beautiful Publix Super Markets are located in many Florida cities; others are under construction or on the drawing boards; and George Washington Jenkins has be- come a leading national figure in the supermarket industry. Not only has Dr. Jenkins achieved eminent success in the world of business, but he is recognized as one of Lakeland ' s and Florida ' s most outstanding citizens, being in the fore in all endeavors for the public good. A long-time friend of our Alma Mater, Dr. Jenkins in the past year has served with distinction as the Honorary Chancellor of Florida Southern College. The 1957 Interlachen takes great pride in dedicating this volume to DR. GEORGE WASHINGTON JENKINS %;♦• ♦ • t. ♦, • % ' • ' • ■•♦. ■♦ " ♦ ' i A frolic with the children at lii- Lakeland home. The 1956 Chancellor has coffi with his ladv. Dr. Jenkins and Mrs. Jenkins ill a family photograpl 78 • The President of Publix Super Markets reads a trade magazine, above, and left. luncheon with President I.tidd M. Spivey, ?feJF ■ t 79 CHANCELLOR 1957 BEN HILL GRIFFIN A native of Imperial Polk County and one of its leading citizens is the 1957 Hon- orary Chancellor of Florida Southern College. Ben Hill Griffin, of Frostproof, wears with quiet dignity the heautiful chancellor ' s chain and FSC looks forward to another year of great progress under his ahle admin- istration. A long-time friend of our Alma Mater, the 1957 Chancellor is an outstanding leader in the vast citrus industry, having risen to eminence from a first joh, after graduation from the University of Florida, as a lahorer at fifteen cents per hour. Not only is Ben Hill Griffin a citrus grower, shipper and processor, hut he addition- ally is a foremost cattleman in Imperial Polk, having served two terms as president of the Florida Cattlemen ' s Association. In 1956, he was elected a memher of the State Legislature and his influence will he great at Tallahassee as a foremost proponent of good government. The 1957 Interlachen congratulates Ben Hill Griffin on his election as Chancellor and welcomes him to Florida Southern College. The Chancellor with Mrs. Griffin. Reading the Florida Cattleman. At his Peace River Ranch. 80 , : ?•••••■»•. Above, left, Mr. Wright at Florida Southern in 1955; right, the famous architect at Madison, Wis., in 1926. Below, Mr. Wright at Milwaukee in 1934; and the master artist being greeted by Chicago ' s Mayor Richard Daley in 1956. FRANK Frank Lloyd Wright tells of his pro- posed mile high skyscraper at a pres conference in Chicago. •••:• • LLOYD WRIGHT Fur the past several decades. Frank Lloyd Wright, the master architect of the 20th Century, has been intimately associated with Florida Southern College in designing the buildings for the West Campus. We are proud, indeed, that here on our orange grove campus is found the largest concentration of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in the world, with 10 of his creations already completed, others under construction and still others on his drawing board. I pon its completion in the immediate years ahead, the Frank Lloyd Wright Campus will prove our slogan, " The World ' s Most Beautiful College Campus, " and the 1957 Interlachen sends a grateful and affectionate salute to the master artist in steel and concrete who creates new beauty wherever his architecture is found. Al right. Mr. Wright speaks at dinner in his honor given by the City of Chicago. Below, the noted archi- tect gels a kiss from his sister, Mrs. Magda Barney, as Mrs. Wright and Dr. Spivey look on. Camera studies of Mr. Wright on the FSC campus Mr. Wright autographs hooks for FSC students 0.0., THE BOARD t s DR. P. M. BOYD Vice-Chairman I H. E. WOLFE Chairman HARRIS G. SIMS Secretary C. V. McCLURG Treasurer : _ ;V ;: -, .--= )F TRUSTEES DR. ROBERT L. ALLEN BISHOP JOHN W. BRANSCOMB " ' .£W MRS. LOCA LEE BUCKNER DR. J. HERMAN DANIEL D. D. DIEFEENWIERTH DR. JOSEPH A. TOLLE DR. JOHN Z. FLETCHER DR. E. J. PENDERGRASS DR. G. FLOYD ZIMMERMANN ■ V Music, drama, beauties, honors, Founders ' Week- all major factors in a school year with never a dull moment. r • • ... • ♦ l ' he Concert Choir of Florida Southern College THE CONCERT CHOIR DR. W. WYNN YORK Director Martha Borges Myrna Blanton Edward Braneh Paul Brown William Caldwell James Connor William Connor James Daughters Floyd Dees Patrick Ellis Shirlee George MEMBERS John Gibson Delaine Gordon Martha Grace Jean Graham Janice Guthrie Sally Gutteridge Judith Hall Charlotte Harper Sandra Hawkins Lynn Heberling Carol Heiberg Deborah Jacobs Beverly Jones Paul Keen Joyce Lowell Mary McLesler Tim Minor Ronald Mixon Lynne Moss Dorothy Nelson Neil Praschan David Schreimer Wesley Scoates Martha Smith Sandra Sue Smith Sarah Ann Smith Henry Steen Nancy Stewart David Sturdevan John Tindell Robert VanNest Carol Walters Andy Yelvington Quartet: Mary McLesler. James Connor, Charlotte Harper, Beverly Jones Accompanist: Lynn Heberling • ♦ • ♦ ••• • • PROFESSOR WILLIAM SPIVEY QuarlPt: Floyd Dees, Dale Lawson, Ronald Marrese, Grev Robinson. THE CHAPEL CHOIR The Chapel Choir is an active campus organization which provides music for weekly services in the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. Membership is open to all students who maintain an inter- est in choral music and who believe in sacred manifestations. First row: Professor William Spivey, June Heth, Shirley Stakey, Sandra Reers, Fay Godwin, Rarbara Gulp, Irma Rench. Thomas Rrierley , organist. Second row: Robert Rarnes, Ren Rennett. AI Releher, Anthony Angliano. Ruben Cuervo, Donald Marrese, Ronald Mixon. Third row: Grey Robinson, Alan Poulsen, Gary Farrell, Dale Lawson, Floyd Dees. M . TAJ; " TJU ♦ , THE SOUTHERN PLAYERS A scene from ' ' Robinson, " as acted by Edward Branch and Jaime Molina. 90 V :::•;;; Richard Tatro and Jacqueline MeMurrian in " Antigone, " by Jean Anouih. Joanne Kofold and Sam Lipps portray the famous scene in " Romeo and Juliet. " Rottom right : The Vagabonds discuss plans for their next production. -•■••♦■♦. THE TEMPLE SHRINE QUEEN OF FLORIDA . . . Janice olindon PARADE of STARS • • • S PASCO COUNTY . . . Marv Lane MISS LAKELAND . . . Mary Jane Blake MISS TAMPA . . . Marsha Monfort 1 • • • % ( i d im ♦ • MISS SOUTHERN • 1957... WIiaa Sarali CtizaLtk DroxL Sponsored br DELTA ZETA -••••••■• MISS INTERLACHEN 1957 . . rl li55 ( atku U ruz SPONSORED BY ALPHA CHI OMEGA ' ♦ •• K " 8 fyiJW If k V.. Vllllss outk ern reception for MISS SARAH ELIZABETH TROXLER and the Campus Queen prepares for a dip in the pool. il lis5 Jsnteriachen . . . a formal evening ahead for MISS CATHERINE LOUISE CRUZ . . . and a posed picture as an aquatic star. ■••••• • «ffjp FIRST RUNNER-UP MARILANE ODIORNE SPONSORED BY SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON tv(iss rnlerlack • ♦ . . . SECOND RUNNER-UP 1 fidd Jsnterlach SHEILA STEPHEN SPONSORED BY PI KAPPA ALPHA 1 « % . . f? OELNM GORDON JANICE JOHNSON juan m tvNioet NORMA MOORE MARSHA MONFORT ••• . •• •••• . I jhp I Me e ec t EMLEN ETTING The judge of the 1957 Miss Interlachen contest was the eminent American artist, Emlen Etting. A graduate of Harvard University, Mr. Etting teaches at the Phila- delphia Museum School of Art and he is the national president of Artists Equity Association. He has one-man shows in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Boston, New- York and Paris, and his work is represented in collections both in the United States and abroad. The Interlachen of 1957 deeply appreciates Mr. Etting ' s interest and cooperation. ••••■••• • • • % • ♦ ♦ « % ft 4 » . Winning first place in the sorority division of Kampus Kapers wa the Alpha Delta Pi skit. Their theme, " Sphinx Winks. " The Alpha Chi ' s won second place with their skit entitled, " Jamaica Farewell. " KAMPUS KAPERS The Kappa Delta sorority presented a mysterious skit entitled, " The Thieves. " Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity presented an interesting skit entitled, " Stone God. " ' America in Song, " was the theme for the Alpha Omicron Pi skit. r ra j y% M ' J i " RICHARD BARLOW SARAH TROXLER 4L KENNETH HARLIN KATHLEEN KOSAR JUDITH ROTUNNO HALL of FAME EARL ZIEBARTH The Hall of Fame was introduced last year to give recog- nition to those fraternity and sorority men and women who have been outstanding in campus activities. Candidates are restricted to college seniors in such fraternal organizations. Nominations are made from each fraternity and sorority, the final selection being made bv the Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council. These finalists were chosen by a ranking system. ' ♦■•••■ . ., Richard Tatro, Chandler Hatcher and Sara Donthit make-up for " Lilioni. " « « 4 a . . The Pi Kappa Alpha dragon float in the Founders ' Week parade. FOUNDERS ' WEEK Mrs. Rose Constant, Mrs. Ludd M. Spivey and Mrs Sarann B. Kazanjian at the ODK banquet. A partial view of the crowd at the fabulous Omicron Delta Kappa " Leader of Florida " banquet. Xf 3pe-? r Frank Lloyd Wright, Mrs. Rose Conslam and Mrs. Wright on Florida Southern ' s beautiful West Campus • ft Miss Emily Hancock. Dr. George W. Jenkins, Mr Jenkins and Mrs. Ludd M. Spivey at the Chancellor ' s tea. What a banquet the students had Saturday before the big ball! Phi Mu ' s winning coxswain gets her reward. FOUNDERS ' WEEK FSC ' s beautiful float with the Queen and her court. Another outstanding float — Publix Super Markets. Dr. Spivey dedicating columns with Dr. Kent McKinley, Dr. Boris Burns, Dr. David Steinman, Dr. Morris Fishbein and Bishop John W. Branscomb. u .•■ •■• • ! " ! ' • FOUNDERS ' WEEK The all-campus dance ... a Founders " Week highlight. ♦ FOUNDERS ' WEEK • ft 4 ».- A feast was had by all at the student banquet. This was Sigma Sigma-Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s float. At the lower left, the parade entry of the City of St. Petersburg. Below, Dr. Robert MaeGowan, Dr. H. E. Wolfe, Mrs. Sarann Kazan- jian, Dr. George W. Jenkins and President Spivey at Convoca- tion ceremonies. m m m in The Concert Choir and the orchestra presented " Elijah at the Citv auditorium. ■••••• 4 ' ' ♦ A This float »a» entered by the First State Bank of Lakeland. Prof. Robert Fusillo, Barbara Cooksey and Susie Shilling at the entertainment for Miss Southern. FOUNDERS ' WEEK The audienee enjoyed the entertainment program for Queen Sarah. 114 f • ft. - - ' P ORGANIZATIONS First row: James Davis, William Tolle, Henry Bartletl, Thomas Newman, Jill Wilson, Barbara Cooksey. Second row: Kathy Kosar, Charlenc Poland, Marilyn Rushton, Sheila Stephen, Cynthia Ingrain, Thomas DiCesare. Third row: Fred Hurl- hurt, Donna Sarkison, Judy Rotunno. Richard Fulford, Clarke Wyllie. Fourth roiv: Dean Battle, Mel Jones, Beverly Tresca. FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE OFFICERS KATHY KOSAR Presiden t THOMAS DICESARE Vice-President BARBARA COOKSEY .Secretary JUDY ROTUNNO Treasurer fV ' - 4 t i ' ' DEAN J. A. BATTLE Adviser to the Senate COLONEL WILLIAM R. NEALSON Adviser to the Student Association Court The Florida Southern College Student Senate is the legis- lative branch of the Student Body Association. It works in conjunction with the Administration and students for the improvement of campus activities and campus life. The Senate is in charge of student elections, issues char- ters for campus organizations, arranges Freshman Orienta- tion Week and other activities, and in general works to impi nve all facets of life at the College. STUDENT SENATE r COURT Chief Justice, William Grimes ; Virginia Kennedy, Robert Fernandez. Bobbie Lee Know If - :■ ' ' it ?. . OFFICERS PATTI COBB President DOBIS HAGEBS Vice-Presiden t KATHBYN BOTON Secretary WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT The Women ' s Student Government Association is a gov- ernmental subsidiary of the Student Body Association which serves as a court for infractions of colleae and house rules. and strives to uphold the standards of women residents of F. S. C. It is composed of representatives of sororities and independents who are elected by resident women students. First Roic: Palricia Autrey, Vivian Vann, Constance Hulett, Nancy Cabe, Linda Parrotl. Second Rote: Doris Hagers, Anne Beeves, Patti Cobb, Kathryn Boton. Nancy Peddle. Iftfe M • 1 ' • E J9k © ' First Row: Arthur Beam, Dale Collin . Robert Evors, Marvin Shapiro, Rieharil Seba. Second Roto: Mar Cunningham, Ken I In lin. James Chandler, Billiard Barlow, Frank Szabo. The Men ' s Council, founded in 1953, is a judicial sub- all regulations pertaining to the discipline of men students sidiary of the Student Body Association, composed of eight on campus. voting members — four independent men and four fratern- A member of the Men s Council must be a junior or ity men. senior member of the Student Body Association, carrying It is the function of the group to establish and enforce at least twelve hours and having an overall " C " average. MEN ' S COUNCIL OFFICERS KEN HARLIN Chairman MAC CUNNINGHAM Clerk FRANK SZABO Adriser » • ♦• ■ . EDITORIAL STAFF SARAH TROXLER SIDNEY LANIER CAROLYN SCHWARTZ JUDY ROTUNNO CYNTHIA INGRAM BEVERLY TRESCA DONNA SARKISON SUE BENNETT ROBERT FERNANDE Z HERB LIVSEY JUNE DOWD PAUL WILLE WILLIAM D. SHILLING Editor in Chief Associate Editor Editorial Assistant Faculty Editor Senior Class Editor Junior Class Editor Sophomore Class Editor Freshman Class Editor Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor Photo Editor College Photographer Adviser v r " fc9P i SARAH TROXLER Editor-in-Chief THE 1957 INTERLACHEN TELLS THE STORY OF LIFE AT FLORIDA SOUTHERN First row: Arnold Thomas, Sidney Lanier, Sue Bennett, Sarah Troxler, Carolyn Schwartz, Robert Fernandez. Second row: Beverly Tresca, Cindy Ingram, June Dowd, Donna Sarkison, Judy Rotunno, Herb Livsey. ■ a ( ■ ■■ ; A ' ' ' ■ " ' ' •V- ' . " •£ " • ' • : IE 1 ■■• •• % ♦ 4 4 BUSINESS STAFF ARNOLD THOMAS Business Manager CORNING F. TOLLE .4dviser Dean Corning Tolle and Business Manager Arnold Thomas discuss the advertising plans. This publication, the Interlachen, represents the ef- forts of men and women who have devoted tireless hours of putting together the pictorial record of campus life during the school vear of 1957. Associate Editor Sidney Lanier and Photog rapher Paul Wille discuss the photograph for the annual. Adviser William D. Shilling and Editorial Assistan Carolyn Schwartz look over the yearbook layouts THE STAFF George Sulkess Kenneth Hair Joseph Caranante John Pellas Chris Magee Sandra Layton Curtis Adkins Sandra Peterson Charlotte Harper Marilyn Weyant Jonell Grossetete Marv Grable William Knecht Sheila Stephen Beve rly Tresea Ruhy Singleton John Maines Mel Jones Sidney Lanier Jo Ellen Taylor Carolyn Wigdahl Teri Cooperman Peggy Jones Mary Jane Foy The Southern is the weekly college news- paper published and edited by the students of Florida Southern College. WILLIAM THORNHILL Editor-in-Chief First row: Curtis Adkins, William Kneeht, Jonell Grossetete, Edna Murachanian. William Johnson. Ruhy Singleton, Jo Ellen Taylor. Second row: Beverly Tresea, Charlotte Harper, Marilyn Weyant, Gene Roberts, Sheila Stephen, John Maines, Third row: George Sulkess, William Thornhill, Leon Harpole. Robert Smith. Wayne Harris. -■••••• ft • % ♦ STAFF WILLIAM THORNHILL Editor-in-Chief WILLIAM JOHNSON 4ssistant Editor-in-Chief EDNA MURACHANIAN Assistant Editor-in-Chief ROBERT SMITH Business Manager LEON HARPOLE Faculty Adviser PAUL WILLE Photographer ROBERT SMITH Business Manager THE SOUTHERN THE WEEKLY COLLEGE NEWSPAPER PROFESSOR LEON HARPOLE Adviser Editor William Thornhill, Printer Lonnie Trueblooel and Professor Harpole add the final touch to the paper. " IfcBSfc WS - ■ l«—fr •• ef ' : ' V, --: . : ..: :M : - Firs Row: Myrna Partenza, Richard Ford, Chris Partenza, Hernia Doly, Joy Coward, Henry Sleen, William Betchley. Nancy Coopman, Wayne Harris, Dorothy Bozeman. Second Row: Janice Rocker, Dorothy Fleck, Sally Schullz, Barbara INorris. Thomas Moore, Carle Myers. Jane Price, Mary Price. Myrna Blanton, Fred Lindsay, Truman Abbot. James Chand- ler. Third Row: Ronald Willie, Juanita Hanker. Alan Bevis, Da id Mason, Ned Middlesworth, Vivian Vann, Ronald Hurl- but, Edwin Dekle, Michael Leclerc. Fourth Row: Merrill Thompson, Kenneth Kasak, Charles Smith. THE CONCERT BAND THE BAND HAS DEVELOPED UNUSUAL MUSICAL TALENT CLARINET QUARTET: Henry Steen, Joy Coward, Wayne Harris, Dorothy Bozeman. I • •• t • 4 % « .- BRASS SEXTET: Kenneth Ca;,ak, Michael Leclerc. Vivian Vann, Jane Price, David Mason, Alan Bevi The Florida Southern College Concert Band, founded in 1953, is composed of advanced student instrumentalists who present numerous concerts for the college and community. The Band ' s repertoire includes the works of the classicists as well as modern contemporaries. The Band is under the direction of Professor Kenneth C. Anderson, and has been developed into an outstanding musical organization on the FSC campus. OFFICERS JAMES CHANDLER President JOY COWARD f ice-President GAYLE MYERS Secretary-Treasurer PROFESSOR KENNETH C. ANDERSON Director 125 ♦ ♦ Jacqueline Boulel, Dale Collins, Henry Bartlett, Barbara Greene, Dorothy Gross. Second row: Herb Livsey, Ken Ilarlin, Richard Kamerling, Ernest Hendry, Guy Chappell. The College Union is the social and recreational organi- zation of the entire student body. The group provides social activities for all the students and an opportunity for them to join in planning and carrying out its own programs. The College Union maintains the Zimmermann Recreation Lounge where the students may dance, play cards, chess, checkers and ping pong as they desire. THE COLLEGE UNION OFFICERS KEN HARLIN President JACQUELINE BOULET Vice-President RICHARD KAMERLING Secretary DOROTHY GROSS Director 126 •♦•♦;; % •■.• ••• ♦ • First row: Mauley, Schiltz, Richardson, Wood, Clark, Firth, Johnson, Gricr, Hall, Grossetete, Singleton. Second Row: Kosar, Culp, Goode, Gordon, Chandler, King, Turner, Vann, Knecht, Huey. Third Roto: Taylor, Tresca, Smith, Weyant, Norman, Blake, Wedgworlh. Holladay, Eastman, Green, Luce. Fourth Row: Altman, Seba, Neville, Brown, Ellis, Hunter. Crawford, Dekle, Kelly, Tindell, Weis. Fifth row: Beam, Smith, Ambrose, Alvrus, Chandler, Harris. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT The purpose of the Methodist Student Movement is to provide for the spiritual, moral, social and intellectual needs of the college student. Representatives are sent to district, state and national conventions each year. In addition to many local, state and national service projects, a variety of functions are held throughout the year. OFFICERS SUE DURRANCE President JOHN CRAWFORD Vice-President EFFIE LOU HOPPER Secretary-Treasurer 127 ♦ ♦ 4 •WW First Roic: Martha Grace, Virginia Lyle, Carol Stockdale. Mar- iha Andrews, Sandra Alston, Kay MeDonald, Ann Simons, Jane Craig. Second roic: Charles Shalhouh, Alex Nelson, Floyd Dees. Dwight Brewer, Carol Woodward, Newana Che- shire, Sandra Layton. Third Roie : Clint Schultz, Rev. Clyde Hall, George Addy, Edwin Holton, Earl D. Smith. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Lnion is a youth organization for Baptists. Every Baptist is a potential member, and becomes active when he joins a Baptist church in the educational center or any unit organization that is represented in the B. S. U. Council. The B. S. U. was founded to conserve Southern Baptist college youth for Christian leadership and the Kingdom of God, to minister to the spiritual needs of Baptist college men and women, and to extend the influence of the church to every campus. OFFICERS EDWARD HOLTON President CAROL WOODWARD Vice-Presiden I VIRGINIA LYLE Secretary CAROL STOCKDALE Treasurer 128 • ♦ • w - w - V OFFICERS CHARLES STILES President REV. W. MONTE JOHNSON SARAH ANN SMITH Secretary RORERT STEWART Treasurer WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION The Westminster Foundation is an organization of Pres- byterian students interested in promoting Christian ideals on the campus, in the community and in the world. It is endeavoring to emphasize the importance of grant- ing Presbyterian students an opportunity to develop their Christian belief by carrying out several social projects and b cooperating with other religious organizations in an effort to create a spirit of harmony on the campus. First Row: Rev. W. Monte Johnson, Mary McLester, Henry I ' .. nil. II. Frances Johnson. Irene Jungniichel, Rerma Doty. Rohert Stewart. Second roir: Charles Shalhouh. William Pierce, Sarah Ann Smith, David Tyson, Evelyn Hunt. Chysing Kim. Third Row: Ralph Pruster, Barhara Baker, Beryl In- singer, Caroline Jordan, Kenneth Kosak. Fourth Row: Thom- as Hughes, Charles Stiles. ■ OFFICERS JAMES BENEYFIELD President SUE DLRRANCE Vice-President kay Mcdonald Secretary INTER-FAITH COUNCIL The Inter-Faith Council was organized in 1955 for the purpose of uniting the various religious organizations on the campus in closer bonds of fellowship. The Council is made of two delegates from each denom- inational group, including the Baptist Student Union, Meth- odist Student Movement. Westminster Fellowship. Christian Science Organization and the Canterbury Club. The major activity of the Inter-Faith Council is centered around the organization and success of Religious Emphasis Week, a highlight of the school year. First Row: Beryl Insinger, Sue Durrancc, Frances Johnson, Kar McDonald, Thomas Newman, Rev. Francis L. Luce. Second rote: Leon Lewison, Rev. Clyde Hall. James Chandler, Charles Stiles. James Beneyfield. ♦•♦•♦•• •♦.. ' . k % • • « 4 OFFICERS ELLEN KNAUSS President EDWARD MOTT Vice-President SUE WHITEHEAD Secretary-Treasurer CANTERBURY CLUB The Canterbury Club is an organization formed for the The organization sponsors religious study groups, partici- purpose of reaching all Episcopalians on campus and to pates in the Inter-Faith Council, holds vesper services, par- draw them into a bond of fellowship through study, service takes in Religious Emphasis Week and holds several social and friendship. events throughout the year. First Row: Nancy Clement, Ellen Knaugs, Jane O ' Neill, Sue Whitehead, Margaret Hargreaves. Second Roiv: Jaek Donnelly, Leonard Anderson, Noel Engler, Edward Molt. j % W ' M ♦ • ■■ . First Ron: Teri Cooperman, Roberta Hirsch, Deanna Moss, Gena Wolf, Bonnie Gellman, George Guggenheim, Carol Kopple, Judith Glantz, Leon Lewison. Second Roic: Donald Fox, Larrj Firestone, Robert Gershun, Avruni Stern, Fredri Kohn, Allen Cohen. Harold Glantz, Lionel Bo en. HILLEL SOCIETY The Hillel Society was re-organized on campus this year The club was named after a Hebrew teacher and philos- for the purpose of fellowship for Jewish students and the opher who lived during the latter part of the third century, enlightenment of others to Jewish culture and customs. A.D. OFFICERS LEON LEWISON President STANLEY STEIN Vice-President BONNIE GELLMAN { First Secretary CAROL KOPPLE Second Secretary I AVRUM STERN ■J Treasurer 132 •■••• ft • • • • % • » ; ••?•• •■■•■%■:• • : w?x First Row: Constance Unlet!. Kay Cameron, Nancy Cabe, Ann Harper, Joyce Johnson, Edwina Davis. Jean Thrasher, Janis Cowan, Berma Doty. Second Ron-: Evelyn Hunt, Barbara Culp, Kay Hanimerirh, Nancy Paulling, Juanita Dinsmore, Beverly Haines, Carol Carpenter, Cherrill Knudten, Mary Jane Blake. Third row: Barbara Eisenberger, Margie Stephen. Bar- bara Greene, Barbara Belloc, Sylvia Firth, Toni Withers, Edna Ryder, Susan Wenrick. Fourth row: Sonia Judice, Betty Hanson, Mrs. Thelma Ellison, Mrs. Sarah Piatt, Mrs. Isla Wallace. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club develops and promotes inter- est in the various aspects of home economics and also fosters better student-faculty relationships. This growing organization is affiliated with both the state and national Home Economic Associations. Highlights of the year are the Christmas banquet and the style show. OFFICERS NANCY PAULLING President BETTY HANSEN Vice-President KAY CAMERON Secretary BARBARA EISENBERGER Treasurer 133 ' »•• ♦♦ . OFFICERS LANCE CHARLES President WALTER ZIGRANG Vice-Presiden t EDWIN McMULLEN Secretary H. L. CLEMMONS Treasurer CITRUS CLUB The Citrus Club is an organization to promote interest of students in the citrus department and to provide them with the opportunity to meet experts in the field of citrus. The Florida Citrus Mutual Award is presented by the cooperative organization to the outstanding citrus major in the June graduating class. A monthly dinner is sponsored by the organizations featuring a guest speaker representing an important phase of the citrus industry. First Ron-: John Jones, H. L. Clemmons, James Cabe, Ran- dolph Hovey, Robert Poyner, Richard Seba, Edwin McMullen. Second Row: E. S. McKenzie, James Hall, William Sineath. Halley Wooley, Walter Zigrang. John Watson, Fred Keyser, W. R. Lyle. Third Row: Robert Stokes, James Walden, Wil- liam Whitfield, William Keen. Carl Sehuchardt, John Hey, Lance Charles. OFFICERS HUGO POSADA President CARLOS GARCIA Vice-President LOURDES MOLE Secret firy-Trensnrei INTERNATIONAL CLUB The International Club is a group dedicated to fostering friendship and respect between the people and countries of t he world. The club promotes understanding and interest by spon- soring lectures focused on culture and customs of various nations, international politics and economics. Speakers ap- pear before civic and church groups so the community may share the rich knowledge of life in other lands. First Row: Kimura Takeshi, Cynthia Kim, Saripah Sabniah, Lourdes Mole, Gladys Quiroga, Marisa Rodreguez, Jean Brooks, Faye Walker, Ana Luisa Reyes, Saleh Zen. Second Row: P. L. Hay, Chyung Myung Kim, Irene Jungmichel, Jose Molel, Israel Sala, D. Yanea Auerbaeh, Pable Gomez, Marta Borges, Hernando Clavijo. Dominic Capezza. Third Row: Ramon Hidalgo. Mel Jones. Karing Soo Kim, Puliane Jordon. Oscar Gonzalez, Jose Arriandiaga, Aveline Fernandez, Jorge Agnamonle, Arturo Gonzelez. Juan Lafuente, Charles Shal- houd. First Row: Edward LaRue, Bobbie Lee Knowles, Maureen Cram, JoAnne Rowdybush, Donna Wink, Donald Roll. Second Row: Barbara Jones, Gail Wells, Jacqueline Sierra, Barbara Bauhof, Shirley Stakey. Third Row: Herb Livsey, Fred Hurl- burt, Sue Opler, Ned Biddix. PHI EPSILON MU Phi Epsilon Mu was organized to bring together students in the field of physical education so that they may come in contact with professional people in their field. In this way, the members become better aware of the actual prob- lems they will face, and thus can gain practical experience as well as classroom learning. The activities of the group include attending state-wide workshops and setting up files for the PE majors. OFFICERS HERB LIVSEY President BOBBIE LEE KNOWLES Vice-President JOANNE ROWDYBUSH Secretary-Treasurer FRED HURLBURT Social Chairman 136 OFFICERS FRANK WELCH President RAY CASSELS Vice-President CAROLYN BERT Secretary SESAN CLARK Treasurer FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America is a national profes- sional organization for majors in education. It strives to orient the student to his profession and to train leaders. It gives the students the opportunity for active participation in both the state and national educational associations. First Row: Fields, Lovett, Pedigo, MeCIoughan, Hendry. Tuhy, Huey, Stroud, Tinsley, I lui ibut. Pappas, Litz, Calloway, Second Row: Singleton, Craft, Cocke, Simons, Moore, Janssen, Postel, Hale, Burt, King, Westphal, Kosar, Myers, Stokes. Third Row: Clark, Kaiser, Kenipf, Cordes, Cruz, Coward, Adams, Burger, Bozman, Wissmann, Patrick, Seitz. Fourth Row: Snook, Critchlow, Kennedy, Stephen, Cobb, Thurman, Beinking. Brin- son, Garrett, Duke. Doty, Boulet, Tresca. Fifth Row: Braddy, Roberson, Watson, Haines, Arnett, Guthrie, Gates, Stevens, Kitchell. Sixth Row: Colline, Harding, Bunting, Welch. • First Row: Charles Senger, Leon Levison, Ned Biddix, Donald Brennan, Dale Collins. June Dowd, Charles Graham, Bohbie Knowles, Christopher Magee. Second Row: William Gardner, Biehard Barlow, John Sehoen, Jack Burns. Henry Calderone, Chris Hendry, Donna Sarkison, Coarh Greene. Third Row: Raymond DeLoaeh, Richard Kamerling. William Hamaker, Herbert Livsey, Curt Adkins. VARSITY " S " CLUB The Varsity " S " Club is an organization which promotes athletics at Florida Southern College. It promotes mutual understanding among its members; serves in community and college projects, and facilitates improvements in college athletics for the benefit of the entire student body. The " S " Club is comprised of students who have won varsity awards in basketball, men ' s crew, women ' s crew, baseball, pistol, circus, tennis and cheerleading. OFFICERS DONALD BBENNAN President BAYMOND DeLOACH Vice-President DONNA SABKISON Secrelorr BICHABD BARLOW Treasurer CHRISTOPHER MAGEE Sergeant-at-Arms 138 • ■••• ♦ I f I 1 First Row: Richardson, Skinner, Lane, Reynolds, Aide, Wilson, Third Row: Sackett, Morris, Stebbins, Stephen, Vester, West, McMullen, Stewart, Jones. Second Row: Wish, Battle, DiCesare, Lancaster, Wyllie, Smith, MeQuade, Roselle. Fourth Row: Gor- Parsons, Thompson, Kronk, Kendall, Rutledge. Kosar, Richards. man, Donnelly. POLITICAL UNION The Political Union of Florida Southern College was or- ganized by Dr. Jean A. Battle, director of the Florida Citi- zenship Clearing House, in December. 1954. The motto is, " Better Minds for Better Politics. " Each month the Union holds a dinner meeting at which time an active man in politics is subjected to questioning on political philosophy and its practical applications. Outstanding speakers in the past have been Governor Adlai Stevenson. Governor Goodwin Knight and Senator Estes Kefauver. OFFICERS ROBERT SKINNER President CHARLENE POLAND Secretary PROFESSOR GILBERT RICHARDSON Faculty Adviser DEAN JEAN A. BATTLE Stale President 139 K ■ First roiv: Postel, Vann, Stroud, Grubbs, O ' Neill, Hurlbut, Simons, Porter, Smith, Crane. Second Row: Brinson, Carman, Janssen, Manley, Watson, Lueas, Huey, Wells, Thurnian, Cobb. Third Roto: Norman, Gordon, Moore, Duke, Roeker, Insinger, Hargreaves. Orrndiiff. Burdick, King, Jordan. SOUTHERNETTES Southernettes is a unified organization for all women not affiliated with sororities on campus. It provides a medium through which non-sorority women may participate in cam- pus activities, provides opportunities to develop leadership in service to the college, and to achieve cooperation between sorority and non-sorority women. This group is outstanding in athletics, music, journalism, government, religion and drama at Florida Southern College. OFFICERS ISABEL GRUBBS President SUE STROUD Vice-President JEAN BUNSON Secretary VIVIAN VANN Treasurer 140 ► " ♦ % r ♦ ' » « « , OFFICERS ARTHUR BEAM Presiden I LOUIS HINDS Viee-Presiden I ROBERT STEWART Secretary LAURENCE WIRE Treasurer GILBERT P. RICHARDSON Adviser SOUTHERNEERS The Southerneers were organized on Florida Southern ' s campus this year for the purpose of affording its members Christian brotherhood and fellowship and to aid in raising each to their fullest capacities as students and citizen-. s a non-fraternity group, it strives to render service to our school, state and nation in any way possible. First Row: Alden Main, Maurice Altman. Richard Scba, Ar- thur Beam, George Dill, David Weis, Joseph Smith. Second Row: Professor Gilbert P. Richardson. James Paul Ambrose, Robert Stewart, Edwin Halton, Laurence White, John Tindell. Third Row: Kenneth Kasak, Clarke Wvllie, James Chandler, Edward Dekle, Louis Hinds, Robert W. Smith. ZETA TAU ALPHA COLONY First row: Christine Holland. Diane Block, Jean Graham, Jonell Grossetete, Sally Gutteridge. Second row: Nancy Mohr, Judy Goldsmith, Charlotte Harper. KAPPA ALPHA COLONY First Row: William Sineath, Abhott Parramore, Edward Mac- kenzie. William Johnson, Henry Beckwith, Jay Garner, Wil- liam Stokes. Second Row: Jerry Bassett, James Helms, Frank Smith, Willam Welles, Todd Woods, Roger Parker. Third Row: Donald Dickson, John Mat . William Pringle. ♦ % • ' MtZSZtXZTZt t Ml Z JZ ' a 75 r uy6e uwt 0Ll MM o R G A N I Z A T I N S ' ■ ♦ ■ FLORIDA SOUTH LIVINGSTON VANN ANDERSON HENRY MANDEVILLE RARTLETT, JR. CATHERINE CRUZ RAY RASCOMR DELOACH WHO ' S WHO in American JUNE EILEEN DOWD CLAIRE LOUISE ELLIS MARTHA CECILLE EVANS MARY LOU CANDY ERN COLLEGE ♦ • ♦ • •:• ; • ♦ % t.ft JULIE ANNE HALE CONSTANCE HULETT KENNETH WILLIAM HARLIN CYNTHIA ANN INGRAM Colleges and Universities CHARLES BRAGG JACKSON MELVIN REGINALD JONES VIRGINIA BELLE KENNEDY KATHLEEN ANN KOSAR ••• EDNA RUTH MURACHANIAN WILLIAM TERRELL THORNH I CHARLOTTE MARION PAUGH WILLIAM EDISON TOLLE JUDITH ANN ROTUNNO SARAH ELIZARETH TROXLER WHO ' S WHO LAURENCE RALDWIN UPHAM FRANCIS HENRY WELCH RILLY RISHOP WOOD EARL WILLIAM Z1ERARTH, JR ♦■••• ♦ ♦ , • .• • • % • ; First Row: John T. Cretzinger ' , Laurence I pham, Frank Welch, David L. Readdick, Jean A. Battle, J. Gordon Ogden, Jr. Second Roic: Ray DeLoach, Mel Jones, Robert Postle, Bill Grimes, Billv Tolle, Egbert A. Case, Robert G. Richards. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa has established a triad of purposes in its distinguishing years as the superior collegiate honor- ary fraternity. They are: to recognize men who have at- tained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities: to bring together the most represntative men in all phases of collegiate life, and to unite the members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and under- standing. Membership qualities in Omicron Delta Kappa are dis- closed in character, leadership and service to campus life, scholarship, fellowship and adherence to democratic ideals. OFFICERS RAY DeLOACH President MEL JONES t ice-President DAVID L. READDICK Secretary-Treasurer J. GORDON OGDEN, JR. Adviser 147 ♦• ■ . First Row: Jean Thomas, Joan Thomas, Sarah Troxl.r. June Dowd, Charlotte Paugh, Susan Clark. Second Rotv: Nyra Payton, Carolyn Burt, Nancy Paulling, Sheila Stephen, Nancy Peddie. Third Ron: Bets ine Cruz, Kathy Kosar. ague. Cathc CAP AND GOWN Cap and Gown is an honorary organization recognizing women who have attained a high standard of leadership in college activities and scholarship. It brings together the most representative women in all phases of college life and creates an organization for service to the college. Eligibility for membership into Cap and Gown consists of an overall " B " average, the classification of a junior, and special distinction in at least one phase of collegiate activity. The prime requisite for Cap and Gown is good character, high scholarship, intelligence and loyalty to the college. OFFICERS CHABLOTTE PAUGH President JUNE DOWD Secretary-Treasurer 148 ••••• ♦ First Row: Mrs. Grace Snyder, Lois Adams, Mrs. Varian Rut- ledge, Betsy Carter, J. Gordon Ogden, Jr., David Readdick. " ■»[ Second Rote: Kathy Kosar, Kathryn Sprague. Jean A. Battle Dorothv Eubanks. KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi recognizes outstanding contributions made by men and women to education and encourages high professional, intellectual and personal standards for teach- ing. Requirements for membership are an overall " B " aver- age with a minimum of six hours of education for juniors and twelve hours for seniors. The local Epsilon Gamma Chapter annually awards the Kappa Delta Pi gold medal award to the outstanding gradu- ating senior in the field of education. OFFICERS BETSY CARTER President CLAIRE ELLIS I ire-President JANET KEYSER Secretary-Treasurer JULIA W. SNOOK .4driser 149 OFFICERS SARA JOYCE DOUTHIT Grand Director WILLIAM H. TATUM Stage Manager ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega is the national dramatic honor society organized on this campus in 1934. The purpose of the or- ganization is to reach a higher proficiency in dramatics and familiarize the members with contemporary drama. Membership requirements include an active interest in the field of dramatics, participation in campus or commun- ity productions and membership in the Vagabonds. First Row: Dr. Mary Cathryne Park, Arlene Levine, Dorothy Callahan, Jacquelyn McMurrian, Sara Joyce Douthit, William Tain in. Second Roic : Robert Smith. J. Cordon Ogden. Jr., Vivian Fusillo, Robert Fusillo, Dr. Juliana Jordan. -J • ■• ■• ♦ • • : ! • • • ♦ OFFICERS ROBERT W. SMITH President JOHN T1NDELL Vice-President DONALD KEYS Secretary WILLIAM LEE KNECHT Treasurer GAMMA SIGMA CHI Gamma Sigma Chi is a professional religion fraternit) which promotes religious activity on campus and encourages its members in their preparation for the Christian ministry. It attempts to make Christ a living reality on campus. Bi-weekly meetings are held, featuring speakers active in their field of interest. Membership is open to all pre-the- ological students. First Row: Arthur Beam, William Lee Knecht, Spence Ker- shaw. Joseph Bradham. John Tindell. Second Row: Donald Keyes, Edward Brooks, Robert Smith, Edwin Dekle. Third Row: Edward Braneh, Charles Hunter, Re v. Francis L. Luce. xf .-. I J • •■ . ... First Ron-: William MacDonald, George M. Renninger, James Hawthorne, Ernest Hendry, Edward Limbeaugh, James Ander- son, Brian Neville. Second Row: Daniel Williams, Barbara Cooksey, Martha Hendry. Carol Woodward, Charlene Poland, Taekejank Kim, James Baker, John Fernandez, Leon Lew- ison, Dr. Margaret Gilbert. Third Row: Druscilla Wells, Max- well Simpson, Boy S. Kiser, Kwang Soo Kim, Dr. Harold E. Wallace, Dr. Howard W. Field. BETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta, a biological science honor society, is de- signed to promote the dissemination of scientific truth and to encourage the investigation of life sciences. It emphasizes a three-fold program: stimulation of sound scholarship, edi- fication of scientific knowledge and promotion of biological research. The qualifications for membership into Beta Beta Beta are a 2.5 overall average and a " B " average in science. OFFICERS B1CHABD KING President BRIAN NEVILLE Vice-President JUNE DOWD Secretary DRUSCILLA WELLS Treasurer 152 - » » ♦ % % OFFICERS JACQUELINE McMlRRIAN President SARA JOYCE DOITHIT Vice-President WILLIAM TATUM Treasurer VIVIAN R. FUSILLO Faculty Adviser VAGABONDS The Vagabonds is an organization designed to promote mutual aid and encouragement to students of drama and speech. Outstanding plays are presented from the professional theater and also experimental plays which are written, pro- duced and directed by members. Eligibilit) for membership is determined by the organi- zation as designated in the constitutional by-laws. First Ron-: Edward Branch, Robert Smith, Robert Lott. Haynes Bumby, John Robinson, Sally Roberts. Andrew Yelvington. Second Row: Bennett Barber, Jaequeline MeMurrian, Sara Joyce Douthit, Ann Seheverinann, Arlene Levine, Kay Brels- ford, Barbara Loewe, Marguerite Callahan, Joanne Kofoed. Third Row: JoAnn Bobbin. Charles Hatcher, Vivian Fusillo, Dr. Juliana Jordon, William Tatum, David Sturdevan, Jaime Molina. ♦ ♦ • . jiiB i -- «i fe Firsf Ron: Dr. John Cretzinger . Dr. H. L. Bateson, Dr. Man Cathryne Park, Isobel H. Morris, Donna Sarkison, Jack Stew- art, J. Gordon Ogden, Jr., Robert G. Richards. Second Roic: Gilbert Richardson, Dean Jean A. Battle, Varian Rutledge, Dorothy Eubanks, Dr. John Owen, Audie F. Fugitt, George H. Morris. PI GAMMA MU Pi Gamma Mu was established on campus to improve scholarship in the social studies and to achieve synthesis therein; to inspire social service to humanity by an intelli- gent approach to the solution of social problems: to engen- der sympathy toward others with different opinions by a better mutual understanding. The local Florida Alpha Chapter has sponsored the se- curing of the flags of American liberty and sponsors dinners, speakers and other programs to further its purposes. OFFICERS JACK STEWART President ROBERT C. RICHARDS Vice-President VARIAN RUTLEDGE GILBERT RICHARDSON Advisers 154 ♦ » ♦ % % Firs Row: Ruby Singleton , Susan Clark, Arlene Levine, Dr. Mary Cathryne Park, Betsy Carter, Nancy Peddie, Frank V elch. Second Row: Dr. Hale Sturges, Domonic Capezza, P. L. Hayes, Dr. H. L. Bateson, Dr. Juliana Jordan, Vivian Fusillo. SIGMA TAU DELTA The Psi Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta promotes mastery of written expression, encourages worthwhile read- ing, and fosters a spirit of good fellowship among students of English language and literature. Meetings are held every three weeks including programs presented by the student members and outside speakers. These programs often take the form of discussions of origi- nal writings by members. Requirements for membership are eighteen hours of courses in English and allied fields with a " B " average in these courses and a junior or senior status. OFFICERS FRANK WELCH President BETSY CARTER Secretary-Treasurer DR. HALE STURGES Adviser 155 ♦••• . rail Troxler, Carolyn Wigdahl, Kalhy K. I liorti hill. Judith Rotunno, George Sulkess. PI DELTA EPSILON Pi Delta Epsilon is the national journalism honor society, established on this campus in 1953. The purposes of the organization are to teach the ethics, techniques, and me- chanics of journalism, and to promote better fraternal feel- ing between fellow journalists and to further democratic and honest journalism. Membership qualifications include having the classifica- tion of an upperclassman. a ' " B " average, and active par- ticpation on the editorial or business staffs of campus pub- lications. OFFICERS GEORGE SULKESS Presiden t CAROLYN WIGDAHL Secretary-Treasu rer ■j jp Wy i ■ H % 1 toS w 156 ♦ ♦ ♦ • « • • •• • OFFICERS VIVIAN VANN President MARTHA EVANS Vice-President EFFIE LOU HOPPER Secretary-Treasurer SIGMA RHO EPSILON Sigma Rho Epsilon is an honorary organization promot- ing the development of religious education on campus. Its purposes: to cooperate actively with all other campus groups for the promotion of the common good, to function as a service organization on campus and in the community, and to emphasize scholastic achievement. Membership in Sigma Rho Epsilon is open to majors in religious education, to those interested in the field and to the wives of pre-theological students. First Row: Barbara Gulp, Martha Evan . Joan Petteway, Mary Hall, Grace Snyder, Effie Lou Hopper, Second Row: Dorothy Eubankg, Sandra Moore, June Mickey Silver, Jo Ann Goode, Gynthia Cronwall, Marie Jordan, Vivian Vann. . , ♦ i 4 ■ V.v k First Rom: Jam. Kinne, Joseph Emsley, Willar.l Hale, Harrj Wingate, Robert Woodall, James Myers, Louis Bonsteel, Vance Carter, Robert Kelioe. Second Row: Rex Alvis, Larry Carter, Jaek Stewart. James MeCulIoi Castro, Clint Skaggs. Third lion Jaek Harris, Riehard Rotunno. jh. Dr. C. A. Carratt, Jose Jaek Jageler, Robert Vivian, DELTA SIGMA PI COLONY Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture in the community. The new local colony plans to have prominent outside speakers from the business world, receive the latest literature concerning the various industries and business corporations, and acts as a medium between the college graduate and employer. Membership is reserved for those having a " B " ' average in pre-commerce and business administration subjects and a 2.5 overall average. OFFICERS LOUIS BONSTEEL Presiden I JACK HARRIS Vice-President VANCE CARTER Secretary RAYMOND DELOACH Treasurer DR. C. A. CARRATT Adviser 158 » • I • GREEKS ' ♦ ♦••■ . ACTIVES: first row: Jo Daniel, Janis Cothern, Judy White, Donna Wink, Diane Beattie, Sandra Peterson, Sylvia Diaz, Judy Roberson, Marlene Norwell, Ruth Jones. Seeond row: Ria Hanhausen, Theresa Whitice, Sue Durranee. Carolyn Wig- dahl, Carol Marshall, Kathy Sprague, Joan Owsley, Dee Kaiser, Lynette Ferrell. Third row: Catherine Cruz, Judy Rotunno, Donna Sarkison, Martha Younger, Sally Roberts, Carol Lee Veiteh, Hope Witt, Martha Rae, Sidney Lanier. ALPHA CHI OMEGA An organization ' s success depends upon believing, trust- ing, and having confidence in its purpose and in its activ- ties . . . highlights of the year were centered around making " self-help toys " for the handicapped children as an altru- istic project and a Christmas open house, admission being " (.lie to) for a child ' " for the Baptist Children ' s Home . . . we -oiildn ' t be prouder of our sweethearts and queens . . . Lambda Chi Sweetheart Ruth Jones . . . Tau kappa Epsilon Sweetheart Theresa Whitice . . . Co-ed Captains katln Sprague and Judy Roberson . . . Co-ed Colonel Diane Beattie . . . campus organizations are well represented . . . President of Methodist Student Movement . . . Vice-Presi- dent and Secretary of Sophomore Class . . . Treasurer of Student Body Association . . . Senior Senator . . . Two mem- bers of Who ' s Who . . . members of Cap and Gown. Pi Gamma Mu. Pi Delta Epsilon. Kappa Delta Pi. F. T. A.. Student Union. Southern Staff. Interlachen Staff . . . we had a wonderful pledge class, now wearing the golden lyre . . . our " ' coffees " turned out to be " 7-Up " parties instead and more fun . . . Mrs. Mary Louise Sanborn. Alum Ad- viser, deserves 1.000.000 thanks for all her efforts through- out the year . . . and. of course. " Scotty. " second mother to all of us. 160 •■••• • ♦ • 4 OFFICERS JUDY ROTUNNO President DONNA WINK First Vice-President CATHERINE CRUZ Second Vice-President DONNA SARKISON Corresponding Secretary MARTHA YOUNGER Recording Secretary MARTHA RAE Treasurer BETA OMICRON CHAPTER PUEDGES: first row: Uucretia Rarnes, Carole Crandall, Shirley Winslow, Opal Foster, Jean Thrasher, Jeanne Merrill, Diane Culloden. Second row: Eve Messmore, Rettilyn Dinkel, Patricia Posey, Ruth Kleinknecht, Jean Cooper, Diane Whitice. Third row: Joan Kempf, Edith Sloan, Grace Roderick, Patricia Elliott. » ' 4 ifiJT " UjttkJ - ACTIVES: first row: Lynn Moss, Connie Clark, Jill Wilson, Kay Cameron, Ursula Stein, Constance Hulelt, Martha Wat- son, Barbara Greene. Second row: Cynthia Ingram, Cherril] Knudten, Joan Tangora, Penny Peterson, Virginia Kennedy. Jane Hamby, Carol Martin. Sally Shinn. Third row: Nancy Quids, Charlene Poland, Sheila Stephen. ALPHA DELTA PI To live constantly above snobbery of word or deed: to place character above appearances; to live in the best sense; to work earnestly, speak kindly, act sincerely ;to choose thoughtfully that course which occasion and conscience de- mand; to be womanly always; to be discouraged never; in a word, to be loyal under any and all circumstances to ADPi and its teachings, and to have ADPi ' s welfare ever at heart, that it may be a symphony of high purpose and helpfulness, in which there is no discordant note . . . this is Alpha Delta Pi, the oldest secret society for women . . . we are honored to have Sheila Stephen as Pi Kappa Alpha Sweetheart . . . three members of Who ' s Who . . . six Senators . . . Connie Hulett as a Co-ed Lieutenant Colonel of R. 0. T. C. . . . members of Cap and Gown, Southern Staff. Interlachen Staff, Concert Choir. Kappa Delta Pi. Phi Epsilon Mu. Political Union, Home Economics Club, Su- preme Court. F. T. A.. WSGA . . . Vice-President Pan- hellenic Board . . . Se cretary of Home Economics . . . Scholarship and Most Progressive Chapter trophies from ADPi State Dav . . . our Florida beauties. Mary Lane as Miss Pasco County and Marsha Monfort as Miss Tampa . . . our four Miss Interlachen contestants . . . our National Crip- pled Children ' s Fund Drive . . . our understanding house- mother, Irbye . . . our twenty-three outstanding pledges . . . and our very wonderful Sweetheart, Tom Zukow . . . ADPi ' s open motto, " We live fo each other and for Alpha Delta Pi. " 162 n;:::::: ' OFFICERS VIRGINIA KENNEDY President CYNTHIA INGRAM Vice-President CONSTANCE HULETT Recording Secretary BARBARA GREENE Corresponding Secretary JANE HAMBY Treasurer GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER PLEDGES: first row: Shirley Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Cath- erine Ewing, JoAnne Goodman, Diane Alexander, Carol Wal- ters, Patricia McNamara, Emeline Riddle. Second row: Ann Norris, Ann Beville Jones, Betty Pappas, Barbara George, Bar- bara Belloc, Margie Stephen, Mary Lane, Mary Jane Blake, Patricia Brown. Third row: Marsha Monfort, Janice Guthrie, Doris Steins, Catherine Hoagy, Nicki Clark, Judy Gardner. Baxcetta Arnett, Gayla Adams. ' • 4 ♦•♦• . Jt J ACTIVES: first row: Judith Freed, Bobbie Lee Knowles, Faye Tueker, Beverly Jones, Betsy Dyess, Charlotte Paugh, Bar- bara Clifford. Seeond row: Jane Murphy, Gwen Garrett, Mari- lyn Rushton, Barbara Eisenberger. Barbara Jones, Joanne Hollady. Third row: Joan Palsgraaf, Mary Rudolph, Barbara Bauhof. ALPHA OMICRON PI Loyal forever, Alpha to thee . . . these are the sentiments of the girls who have shared a wonderful year in AOPi . . . we got off to a rousing start when we won the intramural volleyball tournament for the second straight year . . . AOPi ' s held office in many clubs and organizations . . . Secretary of MSM . . . Historian-Reporter of FTA . . . President of Intramural Board . . . Vice-President of Phi Epsilon Mu . . . Secretary of Panhellenic . . . Treasurer of Home Economics Club . . . Secretary-Treasurer of Home Economics Club . . . Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class . . . President of Cap and Gown . . . members of Who ' s Who, Senate, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Concert Choir, Circus . . . Christmas was really in the air when the AOPi ' s joined voices to serenade sororities and fraternities . . . Beverly Jones made us proud with her singing appearances in Chapel and local churches ... as did Judy Freed, Sweet- heart of the TKE pledge class . . . Mary Vesta Selph . Moon- light Girl of Phi Sigma Kappa . . . there was our Founders ' Dav Banquet, and the Bermuda Party Skit that rocked and rolled with Elvis Presley . . . our love to our ever-patient housemother. " Mom " ' Wright ... the year was completed with the annual Rose Ball, and a feeling of lasting pride in the Rubies and Roses of Alpha Omicron Pi. 164 :::::j|::« OFFICERS BARBARA BAUHOF President CHARLOTTE PAUGH Vice-President MARY RUDOLPH Corresponding Secretary JANE MURPHY Recording Secretary BARBARA EISENBERGER Treasurer KAPPA GAMMA CHAPTER PLEDGES: first row: Barbara Lee, Sheila Bryant, Sonia Grier, Mary Vesta Selph, Karen Johnson, Maureen Cram, Micaela Morien, Sue Hagist, Marie Lorita. Second row: Carol Ann Johnson, Roberta Lee, Nancy Biggers, Sherry Carter, Kay Mc- Cormick, Linda Reiinan, Nancy Stewart, Jackie Copeland. Third row: Sonia Judice, Barbara Barber, Patricia Cox, Emily Emmenegger, Judy Pereboom, Sue Opler, Barbara Speer, Anne Carter. ACTIVES: First row: Jo Anne Rowdybush, Linda Parrott, Ann Snow, Donna Clorkadale. Second row: Dorothy Gross, Jacqueline Boulet, Lynda Kell. BETA SIGMA OMICRON After settling down in their new house on Lake Hollings- worth Drive, complete with new housemother. Mrs. Nora Wilson, the Beta Sigs began a very active and successful year ... at " holly and ivy time, " a Christmas dance was held at the house at which time Charlie Stiles was named Beta Beau of the year . . . Founders ' Day was celebrated with a ceremony and dinner with alumnae ... in the spring, following the annual Pink Lady Dance, the alums treated the Beta Sigs to picnic ... in addition to these events. Dorothy Gross received the Bernardin Award, the highest honor a Beta Sig may receive nationally . . . Donna Clock- adale became engaged to Dave Doster, Theta Chi . . . members participated in many organizations including Cap and Gown ... F. T. A. ... Pi Gamma Mu . . . Political Union . . . Home Economics Club . . . Vagabonds . . . Concert Choir . . . Chapel Choir . . . " S " Club . . . South- ern Staff . . . Interlachen Staff . . . Library Staff . . . West- minster Foundation . . . Who ' s Who . . . offices seld by members . . . Vice-President and Director of College Union . . . Treasurer of Panhellenic Council . . . Secretary of Phi Epsilon Mu. 166 ♦ ■• •• • ♦ • •! OFFICERS DOROTHY GROSS President JO ANN ROWDYBUSH Vice-President LYNDA KELL Secretary ANN SNOW Treasurer J Jk BETA ZETA CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row: Sandra Clockadale, Yvonne Hamilton, Jacobs. Second row: Clara Lou Annis, Edna Ryder, Sarah Ann Juanita Dinsmore, Eda Sauriuan, Joanne Kofold, Deborah Smith, Shirley Stakey, Nancy Ervin. ACTIVES: First row: Karen Dunton, Kay I lainmei ich. Patsy Keagle, Patricia Autrey, Edna Murachanian, Arlene DeTroy, Sarah Tro.xler, Dorothy Vanderford. Second row: Donnasue Dunklee, Carol Ann Buell, Janice Johnson, June Dowd, Bev- erly Haines, Evelyn Myers, Anne Vogel. Third row : Kathy Kosar, Patricia Sweeney, JoAnn Boden, Joan Wilson, Marion Myers, Gloria Grone. DELTA ZETA To unite its members in the bonds of sincere and lasting friendship, to stimulate one another in the pursuit of knowl- edge, to promote the moral and social culture of its mem- bers, and to develop plans for guidance in unity and action . . . these are the objectives of the Delta Zeta Sorority . . . in many ways are these objectives fulfilled in the Beta Mu Chapter . . . many honors are . . . President of the Student Body Association . . . Editor of the Interlachen . . . Sec- retary of Beta Beta Beta . . . Assistant Editor of the South- ern . . . President of Panhelienic Council . . . four mem- bers of Who ' s Who . . . three cheerleaders . . . ROTC Co-ed Captain . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart . . . Theta Chi Sweetheart . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon Pledge Sweetheart . . . Shrine Queen of Lakeland . . . members of Sigma Tau Delta. Pi Gamma Mu. Vagabonds, Pi Delta Epsilon. Circus . . . many happy memories of the Rose Banquet . . . Spring Fling . . . the annual sponsoring of the honor walk student . . . 18 wonderful fall pledges . . . the publishing of the D Z Dispatch ... all of this is Delta Zeta . . . and in addition. Delta Zeta is a sorority that offers a more than average national ranking, which was attested by the presentation of the 1956 Activities Award at the National Convention . . . also Delta Zeta offers more than a superficially prominent name ... it is a sorority which offers friendship, understanding, and a chance for individual growth rather than anonymity in a stereotyped group. 168 ; ♦ . . ; ; : 4 ■ 4 • 4 . ft OFFICERS SARAH TROXLER President PATRICIA SWEENEY Vice-President JUNE DOWD Secretary ARLENE DETROY Treasurer BETA MU CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row : Barbara Hagen, Dorothy Bozman, Bar- bara Trownsell, Rubye Anderson, Janice Brumite, Gayle Hay- duk, Kathleen Burke, Beverly Reynolds. Seeond row: Shirley Norton, Jo Ann Cocke, Dorothy Raines, Nancy Olive, Judy Westphall, Betty Morgan, Rosalie Alessi, Sandra Zobrist. ♦••• . ACTIVES: first row: Varian Rutledge. Jo Ellen Taylor, Mari- lyn Schield. Barbara Heckstall, Janis Cowan, Fern Livingston, Pat Sperry, Pat Stonis. Nancy Cabe, Joan Petteway, Gerra Blair. Second row: Martha Ann Grace, Marilane Odiorne, Bar- bara Anne Green, Earline Owen, Mary Craft, Jenelle Braddy, Mary Lou Cunningham, Patt Reinking, Jo Anne Harris, Nancy Olds, Evelyn Herrington. Third row: Arlene Levine, Mildred Clements, Nancy Jo Lantz, Jean Richardson, Nancy Brewer, Elizabeth Hoffsommer, Lois MacKenzie, Margaret Woodhams, Betty Hanson, Barbara Hamilton. KAPPA DELTA The Green and White banner of Kappa Delta has waved for three wonderful years on Florida Southern ' s campus . . . the name of Kappa Delta is as much a part of Florida Southern as the traditional orange groves that encircle its campus . . . many honors and titles have come the KD way, all of which we are tremendously proud and will for- ever uphold . . . Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Three Co-ed Captain Sponsors . . . Pianist for the Concert Choir . . . Cheerleader . . . Southern Staff . . . Interlachen Archery Trophy . . . Ping Pong Singles Trophy ... A Member of Who ' s Who . . . Methodist Student Movement . . . Cap and Gown . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Junior Repre- sentative of Home Economics Club . . . one big night to remember, the fifteen girls we pinned the green and white pledge ribbons on ... the KD joint TKE Christmas part] for the children of the orphanage . . . our toys for the Crippled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia . . . yes, the Green and White banner of Kappa Delta, which was founded in 1897 in Virginia, waves proudly at Southern . . . Kappa Delta represents the finest in young women and their high ideals. 170 Ksm OFFICERS EVELYN HERRINGTON Preside,,! ELIZABETH HOFFSOMMER First Vice-President MARILANE ODIORNE Second Vice-President MARTHA ANN GRACE Secretary BETTY HANSON Treasurer BARBARA ANNE GREEN Assistant Treasurer JO ELLEN TAYLOR Editor GAMMA EPSILON CHAPTER PLEDGES: first row: Eve Lowe, Marilyn Culver, Joan Eppen- lierger, Janet Ungro, Anne Aldrieh, Lois Sickels, Sarah Jane Reznor, Ann Harper. Second row : Anne Wilson, Alice Gauker, Mary Jane Foy, Charlotte Brantley, Lynn Heberling, Mary Ogletree, Elizabeth Thompson. ACTIVES: first row: Marguerite Critchlow. Sue Clark, Mar- garet Schurr, Sue Bennett, Nancy Koopman, Ruby Singleton. Second row: Nancy Peddie, Margaret McKinnon, Mary Grable, Jane Price, Barbara Hofeller. Third row: Judy Hall, Julia Bover, Beverly Tresca. PHI M U Three years ago the Enchantress carnation was planted on the Florida Southern campus. Since that time. Phi Mu has grown and developed into an integral part of campus life. Its members have participated and excelled in every phase of college activities. We started the year with 23 wonderful pledges . . . the publishing of our newspaper, the " Three Star Extra ' ' . . . offices in various organizations . . . Secretary-Treasurer of the Junior Class . . . Junior Class Editor of the Interlachen . . . Secretary-Treasurer of the Intramural Board . . . Treasurer of F. T. A. . . . Sec- retarv of the Business Club . . . Senator . . . members of Sigma Tau Delta. Vagabonds, Concert Choir, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club. Baptist Student Union. Meth- odist Student Movement, Concert Band, Circus, and the Southern Staff ... we are proud of Nancy Koopman, Sweet- heart of Tau Epsilon Phi ... a good time was had by all at our socials . . . the climax of the year was our Spring dance which was again a huge success ... So brings to a close the end of a wonderful year for Phi Mu as our three starts continue to shine over the campus of Florida South- ern College. 172 • ••••••3 OFFICERS SUE BENNETT President SUE CLARK Vice-President RUBY SINGLETON Secretary MARGARET McKINNON Treasurer NANCY PEDDIE Pledge Director ALPHA TAU CHAPTER PLEDGES: first row: Carolsue Fagan, Joan Thomas, Karen Terry, Rita Santine, Jody Sylvester, Jean Thomas, Shirlee George, Anna Marie Sica, Mary Jo Campbell. Second row: Nancy Clement, Gerry Grieve, Lane McGhee, Anne Holdridge, Jove Meier, Marian Clemmons, Judy Southwick, Sylvia Firth. Third row: Sandra Moore. June Mickey Silver, Joyce Chancy. Barbara Middleton, Carole Carson. Helen Alexander, Joy Ward. ' ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦■ • . ACTIVES: First row: Jody Burr, Patricia McCloughan, Betty Lou Tinsley, Doris Hagers, Eninie Wissmann, Vivian Bryant, Marilvn Calhoun. Second row: Martha Hendry, Patricia A ' Hern, Mary Eddie, Carol Woodward, Juanita Walden, Betsy Carter, Carolyn Burt. Third row: Nancy Bennett, Nyra Payton, Geralyn Lynch, Nancy Myers, Barbara Vlasak, Joy Coward. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA The Beta Phi Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma had a very eventful year, having representatives in twenty-two campus activities . . . Vice-President of Cap and Gown . . . Treas- urer of Sigma Tan Delta . . . President and Vice-President of Kappa Delta Pi . . . Vice-President of WSGA . . . Vice- President of Baptist Student Union . . . Vice-President of the Band . . . Secretary of F. T. A. . . . members of Circus, Beta Beta Beta. International Club. Political Union. Home Economics Club, Vagabonds, Concert Choir. Westminster Foundation. Methodist Student Movement, Pi Gamma Mu, Who ' s Who ... we have happy memories from our Christ- mas Party for a local children ' s home . . . Easter Party for the Marion Lee Training School . . . tryouts, practices, and midnight planning for Kampus Kapers . . . Founders ' Day celebrations with the traditional banquet . . . the Deep Purple Ball . . . successful coffees with the fraternities . . . thus, Tri Sigma completed its third year on the Florida Southern College campus, living up to the sorority purposes of personal development, scholarship, and spiritual con- sciousness among its members. 174 » • % ! ! ! V OFFICERS GERALYN LYNCH President CAROLYN BURT Vice-President JOY COWARD Recording Secretary BETSY CARTER Corresponding Secretary NYRA PAYTON Treasurer BARBARA VLASAK • . Scholarship Chairman " ft BETA PHI CHAPTER PLEDGES: first row: Karen Hingst, Lueinda Pedigo, Geral- dine Naples, Anne Turner, Emily Wine, Cynthia Cronwall, Kay Brelsford. Second row: Dixie Chambers, Joanne Felsen, Myr- no Blanton, Billie Sue Stokes, Donna Pusinelli, Roberta Law- rence, Lee Hale, Joan McKevitt. ' ♦ ♦ ♦ ' 4 ♦ ' First row : Sally Roberts, Marilyn Rushton, Carolyn Rurt. Dee Kaiser, Joan Petteway, Linda Parrott, Edna Murachanian, Dean Eirhollz. Second row: Nancy Rennett, Judith Hall, Cyn- thia Ingram, Joan Palsgraf, Reverly Tresea, Jo Ann Roden, Lvnda Kell. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS EDNA MURACHANIAN President CYNTHIA INGRAM Vice-President MARILYN RUSHTON Secretary LINDA PARROTT Treasurer DEAN H. EICHOLTZ Adviser The Panhellenic Council acts as a forum for the discus- sion of fraternity and sorority problems, fosters the ideals of fraternity life on a high level and governs the rules of lushing and pledging. The Council is composed of two members and an alumni from each sorority on campus. It holds a most responsible position in the every-day life of the college. 176 ♦ ■♦ ♦♦♦..! First row: Alan Schwind, Roy Kitchell, Robert Ference, Donald Heider, Edwin McMuUen, Earl Ziebarth, Robert Postle. Second row: Otis Gorman, Riebard Fenwick, George Sulkess, Larry Firestone, Henry Reekwith. Ward Johnson, Donald Brown, Louis Bonsteel. Third row: Ronald Harrison, Richard kani- erling, Kenneth Harlin, William Leazer, Charles Mayo, Wil- liam Grimes, Jean A. Battle, Frank Szabo. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS EARL ZIEBARTH President KENNETH HARLIN Vice-President EDWIN McMULLEN Secretary RICHARD FENWICK Treasurer WILLIAM GRIMES Rush Chairman The Interfraternity Council promotes the betterment of the college through the improvement of the social fratern- ities. Representatives from each fraternity on campus com- prise the group, which strives to equalize the opportunities of the various fraternities. Activities of the Council include the co-sponsoring with Panhellenic Council of the annual Orientation Week dance and the Christmas dance, and a lso cooperating with the students during Founders ' Week. 177 ACTIVES: first row: E. A. Case, James McKee, Andrew Tri- marco, Vincent Terrana. Richard Fenwick, Ward Johnson, John Miller. Roy Kitchell. Michael Gallo. Second row: David Murray, Edward Cowley, Joseph Emsley, Frank Jaloia, Charles Hill, Eugene Stockton, John Vaughn, Jerry Burton, Roger Quisenberry, Robert Graw. Theodore Park. Third row: Larry Sakel, Dale Rider, Tom Strahle, Donald Bennett, Robert Ed- monds, Kenneth Kerr, Ernest Parsons, Burnham Cooper, Jack Christopher, Roy S. Kiser, Dale Douberly, Richard Jensen, William Truex, John Schoen. Doc Holland, Robert Lama, Robert Lee, Alan Stern, Donald Golden, Merrill Thompson. Charles Sheldon, Dr. John Cretzinger. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Epsilon Xi of Lambda Chi Alpha has contributed greatly to the progress of the college for another year . . . obtain- ing leadership positions of . . . ROTC Cadet Colonel . . . Treasurer of IFC and Intramural Board . . . Justice of Men ' s Council . . . Sweethearts of Delta Zeta and Kappa Delta . . . we are proud of our many brothers ... in ODK . . . domination of the Intramural " All Star Teams ' . . . to Ruth Jones, our Sweetheart . . . we send our love and graditude ... to the graduating seniors, who contrib- uted to the attainment of the highest ideals . . . we thank for their loyal friendship, encouragement and spirit . . . which will never be forgotten. Deceased RUTH JONES Sweetheart of Lambda Chi Alpha 178 OFFICERS WARD B. JOHNSON President ROBERT GRAW Vice-President JOSEPH EMSLEY Secretary RICHARD FENWICK Treasurer EDWARD COWLEY Ritualist — i fo2) EPSILON XI CHAPTER PLEDGES : first row : John Green, Walter Billiard, Lawrence Dickerson, Jerry Pichardo, Bernard Nelson, Frank Vern. Sec- ond row: William Duncan, Harry Long, Karl Haug, Thomas Imperato, Bruce Clough, David Studevan, Ted Thompson, Larry Strickland, Wayne Gushing, John Hey, George Neb- h ii lli. Third row: Richard Marr, Jack Stevens, Tim Miliar, John Barnes, George Allendorf, David Decker, Warren Ken- dall, Larry Johnson, Ronald Kohl, Donald Sinclair, James O ' Donnell, Fred Drever. PLEDGES AND ACTIVES: first row: Robert Postle, Jack Alv- rus, Brian Neville, Jack Powell, David Kelly, Max Seligado. Second row: Thomas Hughes, Richard Tracy, Edward Mott, Wendell Kelly, Harry Bennett. PHI SIGMA KAPPA Another year goes by with all sorts of excitement for our brotherhood . . . Brothers Postle. Powell, and Hughes got things rolling by getting pinned to three lovelies . . . Mary Vesta Selph. Sally Daughtrey. and Eddie Davis, respectively . . . Mary also became our Moonlight Girl for 1956 . . . Congratulations! . . . Omega Triton won the campus Schol- arship Trophy for the year, which made us all quite proud . . . during our eventful pledge period, pledges Shimp, Fine, Altman and Tracy carried their pledge paddles with tight grips . . . seems they were quite popular on the campus ... we bid " adieu " to Brothers Mott. Bennett. Kelly, and Postle this year . . . and so close another eventful year for Phi Sigma Kappa. MARY VESTA SELPH Moonlight Girl of Phi Sigma Kappo 180 ♦•••• « OFFICERS EDWARD MOTT Preside,,! JACK POWELL Vice-President DAVID KELLY Secretary BRIAN NEVILLE Treasurer WENDELL KELLY Inductor JACK ALVRLS Sentinel [TX 1873 OMEGA TRITON CHAPTER The Phi Sigma Kappa ' s relax in their chapter room. ACTIVES: First row: Thomas Hamilton, Guv Johnson. Peter Perciasepe, William Tolle, William I lain. n. Lewis Hardin, Jack Shipman, P. L. Hay, Rohert Skinner, Walter Zigrang, Whitney Conviser. Second row: Chris Magee, H. L. Clemmons, Paul Pearson, Dennis Andrews, Ed McMullen, Daniel Keane, James Cade, Rohert Fannen, Charles Calhoun, William Britt, John Moines. Third row: Rodney Norwell, Steven Johnson, Neal Justin. Carroll Dickerson, Ronald Cos, Ed Sanchez, Thomas Zukow, Douglas Tipton, William Grimes, John Jones, Parley Blackw elder. Fourth row: Karl Ewerts, William Lay, Rohert McLendon, Roy Stone, Robert Burkholder, James McCul- lough. Fred 1 1 in linn I. Lee Buck, Ned Biddix, Haynes Bumby. John Robinson. Fifth row: James Stelogeannes, Curtis Pick- ens, William Keen, William Whitfield, Robert Bradley, Ronald Harrison, Robert Phillips. William Thornhill, Carl Schuchardt, James Easterling, Leslie Dunson. Sixth row: Hal Hendry, Peter Mathews, Ronald Roberson, Russell Sackett, James Anderson. PI KAPPA ALPHA Delta Delta established itself foremost among the hundred and thirteen Pike chapters throughout the nation when our president. Bill Grimes, was asked to take a front seat at the National Convention, as he accepted the Robert A. Smythe Proficiency Award (considered the ultimate goal for every chapter) . . . the Knight-Hickman Award for alumni rela- tions . . . the Pauly Award for Fraternity Publications . . . the Scholarship Award . . . these honors have behind them a history of Fraternal I nity . . . the spirit of a group of men to better themselves by putting more into life than they take out . . . our Dream Girl, the very beautiful Sheila Stephen, has given each brother a reason to dream . . . reflecting campus leadership. Pikes hold positions in every activity . . . striving for the betterment of school and fra- ternity . . . we shall remember the meaning of brother- hood — Phi Phi Kappa Alpha. SHEILA STEPHEN Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha 182 • ••♦■• ::::•:• OFFICERS WILLIAM GRIMES President JOHN JONES Vice-President CARL SCHUCHARDT Secretary RUSSELL SACKETT Treasurer DELTA DELTA CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row: Ted Drum, James Hewett, Dudley Simms, Robert Carlsen, George Shanks, Roger Flanigan, Ran- dolph Hovey, Jon Simmons, Donald Kay, Lamar Calhoun. Second row: James Davis, Robert Poyner, Dallas Turner, Clayton Skinner, Steve Cunningham, Charles Hackney, John Watson, Richard Lewisy, John Minor. Third row : James Sul- livan, Frank Hardy, Walter Smith, Charles Graham, Robert Lott, David Gilbert, William Lyons, Lawrence Turner. Fourth row: Robert Lancaster, William Higgins, Ray Schmid, George Walker, Wayne Thompson, Shelton Philips, Dean Sims, Lane Latimer, Ralph Fulford. • 1 i r r i n Sir ACTIVES: First row: Henry Bartlett, Herbert Stadtlander, Carl Km h. Robert Woodall, Jan Morris, Dale Morrison, Louis Bonsteel, Richard King. Second row: Howard Bateson, Donald Brown, William Kesler, Mac Cunningham, Larry Carter, Sher- man Harding. Third row: Rex Alves, William Howard, Dean Hanson, Victor Fountain. James Beneyfield, Marion Brown. Jack Jageler. Fourth row: Ray DeLoach, Frank Bateman, Ed- ward Judson, Cuy Chappell, Clifford Mueller, Edward Deni- son, Alex Nelson. PI KAPPA PHI Founded nationally in 1904, Pi Kappa Phi came South- ern ' s way on October 16, 1948. when the Beta Beta broth- erhood began; and since then " friendly spirits " ' and high standards have provided good guiding ideals and. lest we forget, " moments to remember " . . . colorful, hand-made paddles, the traditional — but sometimes forgotten — straw hats, and a pledge motto of " Second to None " . . . our double loss — in February Nancy Paulling. a truly wonder- ful Sweetheart: and in June Connie Hulett, a most gracious Pi Kappette . . . serenades " After Dark " — for some special lad) . . . our Big Four who made Who ' s Who . . . keen competition on another great Kampus Kapers . . . cards, cokes, kicks . . . parties and then some — coffee hours ' til all hours, the fine Christmas dance, our " Founders ' Ban- quet " and a fabulous weekend Gold and White to open our spring season . . . the ever present good time was had by us all. making this year a most memorable one for all Pi Kapps. NANCY PAULLING Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi 184 :::::::«ji OFFICERS RAYMON DELOACH President EDWARD DENISON Secretary LOUIS BONSTEEL Treasurer WILLIAM KESLER Warden JAMES BENEVFIELD Chaplain I i 13 fl 1 1 lA k I 41 i it til 1 PI EfWvH BETA BETA CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row: David Mason, Howard McMiehael, Dan Rav Hunter, James Conner, James Hill, DeWitt Watson. Sec- ond row: Riehard Carroll, Charles Whittington, Patrick Ellis, George Wadsworth, Charles Curry. Third row: Robert New- combe, Kenneth Ketterer, Harry Goode. 3) ,4 « r " P t ■ ACTIVES: First row: Robert Fernandez, Brooks Calloway. Donald Seheerer, William Kelly, James Meyer, Dale Collins, John Melendi, Fred Lantz, Patrick Hepburn, John Fernandez, Donald Groen, Maurice Goldsmith. Second row: Jack Don. nelly, Neuman Garrison, Fred Gebhard, Michael Murphy, Gary- Peters, Charles Markham, Ray keuthan, Curtis Adkins, F ' rank Troina, William Cooper, William Hussey, Michael Michaels, Alan Schwind. Third row: Richard Dougal, Norman Derix, Charles Jackson. Robert Vivian, Edward Powell, Otis Gorman, John Larseii, Richard Fulford, Gary Stevens, Peter Mills, Wil- liam Bartlett, Leonard Anderson. Fourth row: Ronald Thomas, Noel Engler, James Tipton, Len Kurfirst, George Bone, Robert Nettleton, Fred Keyser, Theo Allen, James Tolford, William Haussmann, Murrell Davis. Fifth row: Jack 1 1 ighnam, Thomas Huheey, Cortland Anderson, Charles Foley, Ralph Hoyt. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Sigma Alpha Epsilon, founded at the University of Ala- bama on March 9, 1856 ... on November 12, 1949, Rho Epsilon Chi, a local fraternity was granted a charter from Sigma Alpha Epsilon ... it was named Florida Gamma . . . today after eight years of being more than successful, Florida Gamma has retired the all-sports trophy which was won for three years straight ... we are well represented in campus activities . . . President and Vice-President of the Senior Class . . . President of the Junior Class . . . Sophomore Senator . . . member of Who ' s Who . . . two members of the varsity basketball team . . . wedding bells rang from brothers John Fernandez. Bob Nettleton. Bill Haussmann, Fred Keyser, Ronnie Thomas, Ralph Hoyt, Newt Garrison. Pat Hepburn. Lee Stancle. and Dick Dougal . . . many successful parties . . . Christmas dance and the Hawaiian Party . . . our thanks go to the active Minerva Club . . . thus ending a very successful year. MARILANE ODIORNE Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon 186 • • ♦ « ::::;: : OFFICERS ALAN SCHWIND President JAMES MEYERS Vice-President NOEL ENGLER Secretary RICHARD DOUGALD Treasurer FLORIDA GAMMA CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row: James Callaway, Charles Ross, Donald Rott, William Waddell, Carl Christoff, Ramon Garcia, Robert Wallace, George Odiorne. Second row : James Armstrong, Brian Lavan, Charles Spencer, Daryl Douglass, Dale Douglass, John Mead, Stuart Smeltzly, John Norse, Norman Clifton, Third row: Robert Rowland, Philip Diuquid, David Callender, Jere Noorman, David Delienne, Farris Kincaid, David Reilly, Robert Fischer, Edward Monarchik. Harold Place. ACTIVES: First row: Donald Heider, Henry Calderone, Burt Bishop. Art Gallagher, Stewart Polito, Robert Ferenee, Ray DeArriba, Dean Refram. Robert Campbell. Second row: Thomas Elwood, Charles kempf, Al Grice, Conner Muse, Sherman Fields, Hugh Murphy, Robert McQuade, Gary Grabe, John Sehlosser. Third row: John Lamb. Kenneth Joranson, Bernard Majzel, Henry Warner, Edward Edwards, Riehard MeBurney, Frank Domenirk, Richard Barlow. Fourth row: David Dobkin, Jerry Novak, Peyton Montgomery. SIGMA PHI EPSILON A good fraternity reveals its greatness when the spirit of the men remains high through both joyous and inexpedient times . . . the Florida Delta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon strengthened these qualities effectually this year by . . . winning the volleyball championship . . . taking a lead in the all-sports trophy . . . adding thirteen pledges of high quality ... we send our best congratulations to our past sweetheart Pat Essenberg and Bob Zynda on their recent marriage ... a very special thanks to Janice Johnson. Delta Zeta. our sweetheart . . . who has been quite out- standing . . . and Don Heider. whose diligent efforts re- sulted in a home for us . . . memories will always remain of this upbuilding and prosperous year . . . for the con- tinual promotion of a close bond between the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon. JANICE JOHNSON Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon 188 •■••♦•• - • ♦ • • OFFICERS DONALD HEIDER President EDWARD EDWARDS Vice-President ARTHUR GALLAGHER Secretary JOHN LAMB Treasurer ROBERT FERENCE Historian CHARLES KEMPF Marshal RICHARD McBURNEY Guard FLORIDA DELTA CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row: Kelly Aide, Thomas Yeager, William Walton. Second row: Roger Ward, Barclay Whitmore, Alfred Crocker, Frank Rivera, Joseph Hudek, Peter Koerner, David Jacob, Nunzio Pollio, George Allan. PLEDGES AND ACTIVES: First row: Herbert Scrota, Nicolas Dejuan, Ronald Messenger, Michael Shapiro, Lee Shapiro, Avi Stern. Second row: Lionel Boseni, Howard Goldberg, Michael Roseiifeld. Mark Levy. Donald Fox. Third row: Marvin Sha- piro, George Sulkess, Murray Gross, Larry Firestone, Jack Levine. TAU EPSILON PHI This past year carried many memories for the boys of Building 14 . . . there were memories of the Tep Hop, the Sweetheart Dance, the Christmas party . . . Nick Dejuan with his guitar and hypnosis . . . Charlie Bonanno, cele- brating his legalized bachelorism . . . the Canuks from Montreal, Lionel Bosem and Avi Stern, plus many others . . . one thing missed around the house is Ike Selig, who left school to join the army . . . we would like to give our appreciation to Rona Saret, our sweetheart . . . for the thoughtfulness towards the fraternity . . . we are proud of . . . Marvin Shapiro on the Senate . . . George Sulkess as President of Pi Delta Epsilon and Sports Editor of the Southern ... all things exemplify the purpose of our fra- ternity ... to promote the brotherhood and foster close bonds between all classes of people. BONA SARET Sweetheart of Tan Epsilon Phi 190 OFFICERS GEORGE SULKESS President MURRAY GROSS Vice-President LARRY FIRESTONE Secretary MARVIN SHAPIRO Treasurer TAU RHO CHAPTER Clean-up day for the Tau Epsilon Phi ' s. • » ♦ • ACTIVES: First row: Walter Leesehe, Walter Trauner, Wil- liam Prescott, John Simpson, Robert Wardell, Paul Sherman. Ray Odom, Riehard Kamerling. Seeond row: Edward LaRue, Kenneth Harlin, Frank Terrana, Ross Giangrasso, James Baker, Peter llerguth. Dr. E. L. Raesly. Third row: James Hawthorne, George K. Olson, Jean Herlberg, Charles Cloyd, Niek Nieolas, Ernest Hendry, Jaek Kelley, Hal Waters. TAU KAPPA EPSILON A welcome surprise greeted us upon our return to school this year . . . the homestead had been redecorated during the summer vacation, deserving an open house and a rous- ing jam session . . . other gala occasions consisted of . . . a barbecue at the Sportsman ' s Club . . . rush party at the Las Novedades in Tampa, resulting in 34 pledges . . . the Suppressed Desire Party, featuring the " Tunnel of Love " . . . many good feelings arose from our orphan parties with Kappa Delta and Alpha Chi Omega . . . the TKE ' s had a good year sports-wise with members on varsity teams and ROTC basketball squad . . . we will have an array of memories from ... a " flaming " Christmas display . . . enduring practices for Kampus Kapers . . . strategic work on the Founders Week float . . . our Sweetheart Dance . . . our great sweetheart. Tessie. THERESA WHITICE Sweetheart of Ton Kappa Epsilon 192 :■■ ■•■•■ ••■• ;.; OFFICERS KENNETH HARLIN President JAMES BAKER Vice-President WALTER LOESCHE Secretary JOHN SIMPSON Treasurer WALTER TRAUNER Historian JACK KELLEY House Manager BETA TAU CHAPTER PLEDGES: First row: Alan Bair, William Hengemuhle, Ralph Polito, Adam Valeriani, Jack Koeber, Edward Carpenter, Ron- ald Cueto, George Boyd, James Coble, Carl Pierce. Second row: Donald Tangol, George Umholtz, Loren Copeland, Henry Steen, Alan Beves, James Bass, Emiliano Salcines, David Dink- lege, Alan Standerwick. Robert Tennyson, Joun Balazs. Third row: Richard Tatro, William Asbury, Tony Fenarole, Paul Foley, William Betchley. James Olson, Thomas McGinnis, Ted Wycall, Douglas Horton, Rick Irons. .•m , si PLEDGES AND ACTIVES: First row: William Fuller, Donald Hullelt, Richard Durbin, Walter Foster, Dave Tyson, Terry Goff, Nelson Craster. Second row: Charles Mayo, David Dos- ter, Laurence Upham, William Saul, Homer May, Fred Brown. Third row: Charles Stiles, James Anderson, Leo Hay-mans, John Chesney, William Kain, William Leaner, Ralph Preus- ter. Fourth row: Corning Tolle, Dr. B. H. McConnell, Jansen Taylor, Henry Meyer, Maj. Herbert Key, Les Welter. TH E T A CHI The Gamma Delta Chapter of Theta Chi ended its 100th year hy initiating the hest and hardest working pledge class in many years . . . then the bidding a fond good-bye to our graduating seniors as they don their caps and gowns for that final Chapel service . . . but as they leave, so remain a million happy memories . . . late hour finishing touches on the ' ' crumbling " Christmas display and Founders ' Week Float . . . the never ending antics of our brothers . . . study session now and then . . . the Theta Chi weekend at Sarasota . . . the Conclave at Miami . . . the officers that guided us . . . memories of our wonderful sweetheart Sarah Troxler . . . the football season . . . the basketball team . . . tangled but trying! . . . the baseball team . . . take all of this, add a great bunch of men, mixed in with great senses of humor, throw in a quantity of real friendship . . . you have the makings for the most successful year ever in the Halls of Theta Chi. SARAH TROXLER Sweetheart of Theta Chi 194 • -:::::! OFFICERS CHARLES STILES President JAMES ANDERSON Vice-President LEO HAYMANS Secretary CHARLES MAYO Treasurer S- K GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER The Theta Chi ' s relax in their chapter room on F. S. C. ' s campus R. NEALSON On the following pages tire pictured the finest ROTC cadets in the norld. CO-ED OFFICERS DIANE BEATTIE Co-Ed Colonel, Regimental Staff ANN CARTER Co-Ed Lt. Colonel. 1st Battalion CONNIE HULETT Co-Ed Lt. Colonel. 2nd Battalion EARLINE OWEN Co-Ed Lt. Colonel. 3rd Battalion JUDY ROBERSON Co-Ed Captain. Honor Guard JANICE JOHNSON Co-Ed Captain. Band MARILANE ODIORNE Co-Ed Captain. " A " Company ELLIE BERGER Co-Erf Captain. ' " B " Company KATHRYN UPHAM . . .- . . . Co-Ed Captain. " C " Company MARY LOU CUNNINGHAM . . Co-Ed Captain " D " Company MARSHA MONFORT Co-Ed Captain. " E " Company ELIZABETH HOFFSOMMER . . Co-Ed Captain. " ¥ " Company The R. 0. T. C. Co-Ed officers are chosen by the Regimental Staff officers, the Battalion officers and the individual com- panies to represent them respectively as their sweethearts and to serve at the social functions of R. 0. T. C. The honor is bestowed upon these young women at the annual Military Ball during Founders " Week. Co-Ed Lt. Colonels Earline Owen. Ann Carter and Connie Hulett. Co-Ed Captains Judy Roberson and Janice Johnson. Co-Ed Captain Ellie Berger, Kalhryn I ' pham and Marilane Odiorne. Co-Ed Captains Marsha Monfort. Mary Lou Cunningham and Elizabeth Hofisonimer. T. C. I I! | | sol I II I i; The Reserve Officers Training Corps was es- tablished on Florida Southern College ' s campus six years ago under the leadership of Colonel Glenn G. Dickenson. It is now one of the largest student programs and presently is headed by Lt. Colonel William R. Nealson. The unit is comprised of approximately 500 men students divided into three battalions and six companies. Students who qualify for service in the armed forces study military science and tactics during their freshman and sophomore years. Eligible students who prove their military ability during their basic two years may be promoted to ad- vanced courses in which they will be enrolled for an additional two years. The majority of advanced students receive reserve commissions in the U. S. Army at the end of their college careers. Co-Ed Colonel Diane Beattie. MAJOR WILLIAM F. MANGUM CAPTAIN JAMES T. THEUS Captain Theus served in France and Germany during World War II. After being wounded he was sent to Camp Rucker. Alabama, to help train men. He was located at Fort Benning. Georgia, prior to his coming to FSC. CAPTAIN JAMES R. MURPHY Captain Murphy, inducted into the Army in 1944. has served in Puerto Rico, at Camp Gordon, Georgia, and in Japan in 1953. He was assigned to the Reserve Officers Training Corps at Florida Southern in 1954. M, SGT. HUGH D. STRIPLING M SGT. L. R. RARNES SFC FARREL ROGERS ! SFC GORDON WOODLEY AA y u • •••_ " • t .4 • i . ,7 ., ,,.,.„ ... U p, igr i- ' -f - " ■, , ■• i ' - ; ? lh ;t, i i -J. i ! " i,; " A ' !•© iK ail , Jl , f HONOR GUARD PISTOL TEAM: First row: Schad- deler, Morrison, Rawls. Phillips. Sec- ond row: Brown, McMichael, Bauer, Turner, Hallock. RIFLE TEAM: First row: McMichael, Morrison, Turner, Rawls, Sehaddeler. Second row: Brown, Phillips, Bauer, Hallock. REGIMENTAL STAFF OFFICERS First row: Cadet Col. Robert Pate, III, Cadet Lt. Col. Parley R. Blackwelder. Second row: Cadet Major Norman Derix, Cadet Major Charles Charpenteir, Cadet Major Earl Ziebarth, Cadet Major William Tolle. Third row: Cadet Capt. James Anderson, Cadet. 1st Lt. Justus Sackett. Jr., Cadet M Sgt. Charles Graham, Cadet M Sgt. Robert Woodall, Cadet 1st Lt. Virgal Duff ell. Cadet 1st Lt. William Shilling, Jr. BATTALION OFFICERS Lt. Col. Billy B. Wood, Lt. Col. Richard K. Dougal, Lt. Col. Charles L. Foley. COLOR GUARD Watson, Salcines, Sills, Garcia. ■ . ' COMPANY " A • 1 COMPANY " B UD • .■• ... ■ COMPANY ur 4 4 Tk r •) COMPANY " D ur COMPANY " E COMPANY " F - i 4 ft . ft. « • ft ft » . . . R.O.T.C. BAND DR. KENNETH ANDERSON Director M EMBERS Kunberger MeMuIlen Bevis Ritch Abbot Bowman Ellis Erickson Bennett Brown Childers Stokes Goodniun Gillispie Hagen Helnie Kasak Scobee Sm oik Willis Burkholden Rawls McLendon Parker Mullen Moore Mason Powers Eskelin White Horton Huntsberrv Ketterer Marrese Middlesworth Strickland Steen Leclerc Betchley M.I I kl 207 ■■1 ♦ ♦ • • ♦ 4 Athletics, both varsity and intramural, is a vital part of campus life at Florida Southern College. First roic: Christopher McGec, manager; Ralph Freeman, Larry McCray, Dale Collins, Les Lawn, John MeNamara, Robert Camp- hell, manager. Second row: John Lasch, Nick Lapolla, Robert Ball, Don Tobin, Joseph Merslich, Frank Scuderi, Richard Barlow. MOCCASINS OF 1957 The basketball team climaxed the greatest season in Florida Southern ' s history by setting a new victory record and winning a share of the coveted Florida Intercollegiate Conference title. The team emerged with a 19-4 record. Many of the victories were upsets, including wins over Miami, Stetson, and twice over Florida State. It was the first time in nine years that the Mocs defeated Miami. Don Tobin. Southern ' s classy forward, made first team all-conference and John MeNamara. captain of the upcoming 1957-58 squad, was picked to the second team. SCHEDULE Opponent We They BARTOW AIR FORCE BASE 80 39 CHARLESTON COLLEGE 76 51 CHARLESTON COLLEGE 92 50 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI 79 84 JACKSONVILLE NAVY AIR STATION 105 53 UNIVERSI TY OF TAMPA 93 67 ROLLINS COLLEGE 56 50 STETSON UNIVERSITY 82 85 WESTERN CAROLINA UNIVERSITY 92 89 UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA 92 70 VALDOSTA STATE TEACHERS ' COLLEGE 110 70 TROY STATE TEACHERS ' COLLEGE 65 87 ROLLINS COLLEGE 74 66 UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA 93 81 BARTOW AIR FORCE BASE 98 59 ROLLINS COLLEGE 81 79 VALDOSTA STATE TEACHERS ' COLLEGE 96 50 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY 78 63 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI 95 85 TROY STATE TEACHERS ' COLLEGE 80 73 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY 73 67 ERSKINE COLLEGE 65 68 STETSON UNIVERSITY 80 74 TOM GREENE Coach 210 oi 3 " ' .tf»l » % 4 ... - - % ' DOIV TOBIN JOHN McNAMARA FRANK SCIDERI NICK LAPOLLA CONFERENCE CO-CHAMPIONS DALE COLLINS ROBERT BALL The opening game against Barlow Air Force Base. ' ) »TN?. I ' .» V :$S9 RALPH FREEMAN LES LAWN THE MOCS MOCS MEET SPARTANS— Nick Lapolla leaps high against Tampa ' s Bill Bosworth. LARRY McCRAY 27 RICHARD BARLOW JOHN LASCH JOSEPH MERSLICH r: t I 4 M 1 1 M { ' .- Am kJZrpl L " ■ nt B ' jI ■ r ,j ■ ■ W r - - ' 1 1 1 1 4 HV : ] I L B • ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ::::::! NO SMOKING Rogers Flanigan. Charles Stanaland, Hiram Ruiz, Samuel Dunn, William Howden, William Hamaker, George Allendorf, Jack Kelly, Donal Miller, Douglas Horton, Richard Geldbaugh. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The Florida Southern freshman basketball squad, under the direction of Bill Wood, former varsity star, closed out the 1 956-57 season with five victories against eight losses. The leading scorers of the freshman team were Bill Howden, HILLY WOOD Coach Sam Dunn, Hiram Ruiz and Rogers Flanigan. Bill Hamaker started the season with the freshmen, but was later moved up to the varsity team by Coach Tom Greene. SCORES Opponents MacDILL AIR FORCE BASE FLORIDA SOUTHERN R.O.T.C. ORLANDO JUNIOR COLLEGE ST. PETERSBURG JUNIOR COLLEGE STETSON UNIVERSITY FRESHMEN FLORIDA SOUTHERN R.O.T.C. STETSON UNIVERSITY FRESHMEN ORLANDO JUNIOR COLLEGE ST. PETERSBURG JUNIOR COLLEGE FLORIDA SOUTHERN R.O.T.C. MacDILL AIR FORCE BASE UNIVERSITY OR FLORIDA FRESHMEN ST. PETERSBURG JUNIOR COLLEGE We They 68 75 66 81 52 63 52 63 57 74 71 70 76 85 76 43 55 86 60 66 66 64 48 71 61 53 Don Tobin gels rebound against Rollins. • - I I! Left to right: Don Allen. James Harrison, Richard Kamerling, Jean Heilberg, Robert Berry, William Hamaker, Jack Burns, Curt Adkins, Ralph Unisted. FLORIDA SOUTHERNS WATER Florida Southern ' s Water Moccasins are in the midst of a rebuilding program. The varsity crew in 1956 won three races while losing four. The junior varsity oars- men captured two victories against four defeats. ROY COUCH Coach SCHEDULE FEBRUARY 23 ROLLINS COLLEGE MARCH 7 TAMPA UNIVERSITY MARCH 16 ROLLINS COLLEGE MARCH 28 AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE APRIL 3 AMHERST COLLEGE APRIL 6 TAMPA UNIVERSITY APRIL 13 JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY APRIL 18 LASALLE UNIVERSITY APRIL 27 STATE REGATTA 214 4 I 1 1 1 ■ iafc. ■■JrP i MOCCASINS This year coach Roy Couch started from scratch, filling both shells with new men. Both teams lost the opening two races of the 1957 season, but Couch remained hopeful that they would be rounded into form for the state championship in May. The varsity team start; ' out for a trial run. Jean Heilberg relaxes before the race. •« i ' fc3Avi!Si % .: -A :,Jn Left to right: Patrioio de la Guardia, Jose Mole, William Fernandez, Edward Carpenter. Galaor Carbonell, Jose Arriandiaga, Weitzner, Antonio de la Guardia, Coxy Juan Lafuente. THE JAYVEE CREW ANTONIO DE LA GUARDIA Captain SCHEDULE FEBRUARY 23 ROLLINS COLLEGE MARCH 7 TAMPA UNIVERSITY MARCH 16 ROLLINS COLLEGE MARCH 28 AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE APRIL 3 AMHERST COLLEGE APRIL 6 TAMPA UNIVERSITY APRIL 13 JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY APRIL 18 LASALLE UNIVERSITY APRIL 27 STATE REGATTA 216 . 4 4 ' ••• 4 BASEBALL AT F . S • C . SCHEDULE MARCH 22-23 YALE UNIVERSITY MARCH 25-26 VALDOSTA STATE APRIL 5-6 MIAMI UNIVERSITY APRIL 9 TAMPA UNIVERSITY APRIL 16 UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI APRIL 19-20 MIAMI UNIVERISTY APRIL 23 STETSON UNIVERSITY APRIL 26.27 FLORIDA STATE MAY 4-5 ROLLINS COLLEGE MAY 8 STETSON UNIVERSITY MAY 10 TAMPA UNIVERSITY The 1957 edition of the Moccasin baseball squad is out to improve upon its mediocre 8-14 record of last season. Coach Jim Bush and Assistant Coach Hal Smeltzly have formed a team made up mostly of sophomores and freshmen with only four lettermen from last year back. The Moccasins opened their season against Yale University on March 22. According to Coach Bush, the high points of this year ' s team are the number of good pitchers and the strong infield. First row: Jim Stelogeannis, Len kurfirst, John Pellas, Joe Clark, Churk Hunter, Don Rrennan, Rrad Dinsmore, John Schoen, Don- ald Tangal, Stuart Smellzley, Jack Grayson. Second row: Chris Magee, Rill Morel, Laurence Turner, Leon Braddock, Gordon Hagev, Ralph Polito. Wavne Mundv, Ew Woodruff, Roh Zanimit, Ned Biddix, Robert Gershun. Jim liu-h. Hal Smeltzly. 217 feipff NED BIDD1X iTUART SMELTZUi JOSEPH CLARK BRAD DLNSMORE james stei.ogeannu robert zammit WILLIAM MOREL LAURENCE TURNER THE PLAYERS Assistant Coach Hal Smeltzly gives sliding instructions. In " spring " training DON BRENNAN • •••♦• :i ' M GOLF 3 £; A - 1 « ! A c THOMAS GREENE Coach Robert Glatz. assistant coach; Dean Refram, Delbert Frasier, David Deti James Allen. Sieve Leitner, Charles Foley. SOCCER MOHAMMED SABIE Coach First roiv: Juan Accuna, Michael Duque, Apel Dido. Second row: Douglas Horton, Gino Garner, Tensakdi Viriyasiri, Antonio Gutierrez. Third row: William Bartlelt. Conner Muse, Joseph Mazzone, William Duncan, Eladio Echeverri, Stan Griffis. Mohammed Sabie. ■ V THE CHEERLEADERS First row: Judy Roberson, June Dowd. Sandy Zobrist, Pen- ny Shepler, Daris Ann Davis,. Second row: Sally Roberts, Lynn Heberling, Marilyn Weyant. Sally Roberts, Judy Roberson Marilyn Weyant, Penny Shepler Lynn Heberling, Sandy Zobris Shirley Winslow, Joanne I loll.nl INTRAMURAL BOARDS WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL BOARD OFFICERS BOBBIE LEE KNOWLES President JO ANN ROWDYBUSH Vice-President NANCY KOOPMAN Secretary-Treasurer Janis Cothern, Jo Anne Rowdybush. Bobbie Lee Knowles, Bobbie Jones MENS INTRAMURAL BOARD First row: Robert Lama, Joseph Emslev, Robert Woodall, Robert ardell. Edward Brooks, Frank Dom- eniek, Albert Hollister. Seeond row: Ned Biddix, George Sulkess. William Kain, Peter Herguth, Donald Dickson, Numan Garrison. OFFICERS NUMAN GARRISON President FRANK DOMENICK Vice-President ROBERT WARDELL Secretary JOSEPH EMSLEY Treasurer r t f ! First row: Jack Christopher, Kenneth Ketterer, Thomas Hughes, Kenneth Kerr, Otis Gorman. Second row: P. L. Hay, Whitney Convisor, Warren Kendall, Arthur Pope. Stuart Sabel. PROFESSOR ROGERS WHITENER Coach TENNIS TEAM The Florida Southern College tennis team spirited its way into various matches of the season with three lettermen re- turning. Tournaments were played throughout the state with thr majority of the sets featured on our home courts. In the 1956 season, tennis awards were presented to P. I. Hav. George Nebbuth and Thomas Hughes. Four members of the team workout prior to their matches. SCHEDULE MICHIGAN STATE March 30 HOWARD COLLEGE April 4 FLORIDA April 5 STETSON UNIVERSITY . . . April 9 PENSACOLA NAVY April 12 FLORIDA STATE April 15 FLORIDA April 24 STETSON UNIVERSITY . . . April 27 ROLLINS COLLEGE May 1 ROLLINS COLLEGE May 10 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Sigma Phi Epsilon captured the intramural foothall trophy this year by defeating the sec- ond place SAE ' s. Dean Refram proved himself the outstanding player of the team throughout the pigskin season. First Muse Hudek. Gary Grabe, Frank Domenirk. Peyton Montgc r: Kelly Aide, Dean Refram, Arthur Gallagher, Robert F. Sterling. B, Robert THE INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS AND THE ALL-STARS First row: Robert Fernandez, James Stelogeannis. Jerry Hudek, Frank Domenick, Don- ald Golden, Ronald Robinson, William Dunean. Second row: James Strange, Dean Refram. Charles Senger, William Whitfield, Laurence Turner. William Hatton. Nominations to the football all-star team were made on the basis of outstanding perform- ance and contribution to the team and league. Robert Fer- nandez. SAE, was voted most valuable player of the year. Pi Kappa Alpha led with five rep- resentatives on the roster and Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s champion- ship captured them three places. Lambda Chi Alpha contributed two members and three fratern- ities had one each: Kappa Al- pha, Theta Chi. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS I ir-t row : Jerry Novak, Al Jacobs, Don Tobin, Peyton Montgomery Second row: Richard Barlow. Bernard Majzel, Richard McBurney. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS AND THE ALL-STARS The volleyball championship was captured by Sigma Phi Ep- silon at the conclusion of an undefeated season. Peyton Montgomery and Jerry Novak led the Scarlet and Blue spikers to the final victory over the Sigma Alpha Epsilon " B " team, and the title for their skill and performance. First row: Jerry Novak, Al Jacobs, Peyton Montgomery, Ronald Robinson. Second row : Robert Fernandez. Donald Golden, Charles Senger. Selections by the Intramural Board for the all-star volleyball team were led by Sigma Phi Epsilon, the champions, with three members. Four other fra- ternities contributed one spiker to the roster: Pi Kappa Alpha. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lambda Chi Alpha and Theta Chi. ♦ ♦ % . 1 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS The A Pi ' s won the volleyball championship in women ' s intramurals for the third successive year. This means that they will retire the trophy this year. Barbara Bauhof, Sue Opler and Bob- bie Lee Knowles led their team to victory over the second place Kappa Delta ' s. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS: First row: Barbara Jones, Jan.- Murphy, Gwenn Garrett, Bobbie Lee Knowles, Charlotte Paugh. Second row: Barbara Bauhof, Sue Opler, Barbara Eisenberger, Mary Rudolph. VOLLEYBALL AND BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS: Barbara Jones, Sue Opler, Barbara Bauhof, Charlotte Paugh, Maureen Cram, Gwenn Garrett, Bobbie Lee Knowles, Jane Murphy. In basketball the Alpha Omicron Pi ' s again captured first place after defeating the Kappa Delta ' s. In the past four years, AOPi has lost only two games. Barbara Jones and Barbara Bauhof led the team in its numerous victories, with the great co- operation of their team- mates. fa C 3 ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI INTRAMURAL CREWS The girls " intramural crew teams of Florida Southern This year five shells will enter the big race, striving for College help comprise the largest campus crew program in well-earned recognition. Last year Alpha Chi Omega cap- the United States. Practice during January and February tured the honors and Phi Mil placed second. The winner results in the annual competition during Founders ' Week. in 1957 was Phi Mu. • ♦ ♦ % ALPHA OMICRON PI ■■ $ £%$ BETA SIGMA OMICRON DELTA ZETA ' • ♦ ♦ The triple trapeze act is dem- onstrated by Rod IVorwell, Sue Opler and Don Brown. The CIRCUS PROFESSOR SAMUEL LUCE Director at F . S . C . The Florida Southern Circus has been active since 1952 under the direction of Professor Samuel Luce. Performances are given throughout the school year in Florida and during Founders ' Week. The revolving ladder challenges William Kelly and Donald Brown. Above: The circus dancers perform on top of the platform. Below : Rod Norwell exhibits his trapeze act. ».« ' msm Gayle Myers is the center of attraction on the swinging ladder. The dance group performs as " sun worshipers. " aS ' Z-i m k , ■- ♦ I« 1 1 4 -:::::: CHARLES T. THRIFT, JR. V ice-President THE JAMES C. PEEL Dean ••♦;:::::; JEAN A. BATTLE ERNEST A. LILLEY Dean of Students Registrar ROBERT MacGOWAN Dean of Chapel ALTON R. KINDRED Bursar ADMINISTRATION W CORNING F. TOLLE Business Manager m WILLIAM R. NEALSON Commanding Officer. R.O.T.C 40Hk 7 WILLIAM D. SHILLING Director of Public Relations FRANK P. SZABO Director of Men Si - THOMAS G. MITCHELL College Pastor -? N T MURRAY JOHNSON Assistant Dean of Women LOUISE HATTIE EICHOLTZ Dean of Women VIRGINIA FALANA Endowment Secretary OWEEN SUMNER Head Librarian EVA M. MILLER Assistant Dean of Women FRANCIS L. LUCE Director Student Religious Life THE MORRISON T. WILLIAMS Manager of College Terrace fw- ■• i ■• % • JMI BEN H. M.CONNELL Director of Medical Services MARGARET MARKERT Student Counselor PAUL WILLE College Photographer HAROLD WATERS Director of Publicity ADMINISTRATION NILS SCHWEIZER Frank Lloyd Wright Representative WILLIAM B. MLNDY Alumni Director CHARLES WILLIAMS Manager of College Bookstore EDNA H. EWERTS College Dietitian m n 1 h i ? ELSA BERG Secretary to the Vice-President EULA BUTTERWOBTH Office of the Dean J. RAY CURTIS Secretary to the Dean RELDA DANIEL Circulation Librarian LOUISE EASTWOOD Catalogue Librarian SYLVIA ELLIOTT Secretary to the Dean of Women BERYL LATHE ISOBEL MOBBI: Office of the Bursar Office of the Dea, DOROTHY PERMENTER VIRGINIA L. POir Periodical Librarian Assistant Bursar ADMINISTRATION VIRGINIA GANNAWAY Library Assistant ETHEL S. GREER Assistant to the Registrar RITA POWELLA Secretary of the Bio-Research Laboratory CAROLYN SCHWARTZ Secretary to the Public Relations Director DESSIE J. BISK Secretary to the President LOIS A. DICK Assistant to the Registrar SARA ANN HAUSSMANN Secretary to the Dean of Students HATTIE HENDRIX Secretary to the Dean of Men HELEN HUSSEY Assistant to the Registrar LEONORE KLEIN Reference Librarian % 4 . ft . ' . ' •■ ' ■.▼ ♦ ♦ . THE FACULTY KENNETH COLE ANDERSON, Ph.D. Music FRANK BLAKEMAN, B.S. Business Administration PAUL ARNOLDS-PATRON, M.B.A. Business Administration ROBERT STEWART BLY, Ph.D. Chemistry MARGUERITE W. CALLAHAN, M.A. CHRIS A. CARRATT, Ph.D. Speech Business Administration EGBERT A. CASE, M.A. Mathematics ISIDOR CHAMELIN, Sc.D. Associate Director of Research mm ' • " CK: ■•••■•■• •■•••■• [ENRV GREEN BARNETT, M.A. English HERBERT EARL BOOK, Ph.D. English HOWARD L. BATESON, Ph.D English THOMAS BBIERLEY, JR., M.A. Music HENRY M. BATTENHOUSE, Ph.D. English JAMES O. RUSH, M.A. Physical Education HERBERT E. BLAIR, Ph.D. Education WILLIAM L. CALDERHEAD, Ph.D. History AWTON M. CHILES, JR., LI.B. LAURA NEIL CLYATT, M.A. Business Law Business Administration AT SOUTHERN THE FACULTY : Y AMY LINDEMUTH COATS, M.A. Mathematics WILLIAM DEAN ECKERT, M.A. Art SAMUEL GWYNN COE, Ph.D. History and Political Science CHARLES S. EICKEINBERG, M.l Science ROTHY BERYL EL BANKS, M.R.E. Religion HOWARD M. FIELD, Ph.D. Biology THOMAS J. FORD, M.A. History AUDIE F. FUCITT, M.A. History and Political Science A £» -s: i MATTHEW ROY COUCH Roicing Coach TIELMA HALL ELLISON, M.A. Home Economics ERNEST LINCOLN COX, Mus.B. Music JOHN IRV1N CRETZINGER, Ph.D. History FRANCES GILTNER ELVIDGE, M.A. FLORA ELIZARETH EMERSON, Ph.D. Speech English MILDRED A. DRACH. M.Lit. Business Administration EARLE EDWARD EMME, Ph.D. Religion IRENE HUNTLEY FUGITT. M.A. English ROBERT J. FUSILLO, M.A. English ( ; AT SOUTHERN THE FACULTY VIVIAN ROSEMARY FUSILLO, A.R. DOROTHY C. GEORGE, M.Ed Speech mnl Drama THOMAS HERBERT GREENE, M.S. Director of Athletics Physical Education JOSEPHINE A. GREER, M. English LEON HARPOLE, A.B. Journalism ALBERT V. HOLLISTER, M.A. Physical Education MILDRED S. IBBERSON, M.A. AGNES B. JOHNSON, M.A. j Speech English ■ - -» - .- » • fc . » .. ■ ' ARGARET LOIS GILBERT. Ph.D. YVONNE H. GOLDSBOROUGH, M.A. PAUL ROE GOODMAN, A.B. HOBART THEODORE GRACE. M.A. Biology French Music Education WILLIAM L. GREER, M.A. ADA PINO HAMELRYCK, M.A. EMILY SUSAN HANCOCK, M.A. ABNER L. HANSEN, Ph.D. Sociology Spanish Business Administration Psychology CARL DAVID JOHNSON, M.A. EDWARD RATLIFF JOHNSON, M.A. Science History - S AT SOUTHERN THE FACULTY MAYBELLE J. JONES, M.Ecl. Physical Education CARLTON ANDREWS LANE, Ph.D. Physics WILLARD L.JONES, M.Ed. Accounting PAUL A. LEEMAN, M.Ed. Music THOMAS B. MACK, M.Ed. Horticulture VIOLA Z. MALONE, M.S. Physical Education - MAJOR WILLIAM MANGUM GEORGE HORNELL MORRIS, M.A 1 R.O.T.C. American Culture I t?$ ' «r t JULIANA G. JORDAN, Ph.D. SHIRO KATO, M.D. German Associate Director of Research DAVID WILLIAM LEWIS, M.A. PIERCE LINK, Ph.D. English Psychology VPTAIN JAMES R. MURPHV, A.B. ANTHONY QUINTUS MUSTOE, M.S. R.O.T.C. Mathematics JSB I ]f m A y ROY STONE KISER, M.S. Biology EDWARD C. KNIPPERS, M.S. Business Administration SAMUEL WOODROW LUCE, M.A. WILLIAM RAYMOND LYLE, M.S Physical Education Citrus AT SOUTHERN THE FACULTY JAMES GORDON OGDEN, JR., M.A. GEORGE KENNETH OLSON, M . Education Art JAMES THEODORE PARK, M.A. MARY CATHRYNE PARK, Ph.l Mathematics English ERNHARD PAUL REINSCH. Ph.D. KARL REINING, Ph.D. Mathematics Greek and Latin ROBERT G. RICHARDS, M.A. GILBERT P. RICHARDSON, M.Al Social Studies Social Studies % COLIN O ' MORE, B.M Voire SARA COOLIDGE PIATT, M.S. Home Economies GARNET HAMRICK OWEN, M.A English ANGELA RAMONA PINO, A.B. Spanish JOHN ELIAS OWEN, Ph.D. Sociology JAMES ISAAC PAIGE, M.A.E. Industrial Arts ELLIS LAWRENCE RAESLY, Ph.D. DAVID LEONARD READDICK, MJ English Industrial Arts MILDRED MAGINNIS ROBERT MADAME ANNE ROSELLE Violin Voice AT SOUTHERN THE FACULTY VARIAN PALMER RUTLEDGE, M.Ed. Education JULIA WESSINGER SNOOK, M.A. Education WALLACE T. RYAN, B.S. Industrial Arts GRACE LUMMIS SNYDER, M.A. Religion HALE STURCES, Ph.D. English LOUISE E. TEMPLETON, M.S. CAPTAIN JAMES T. THEUS, A.B. THOMAS HENRY TYLER, Ph.D., Business Administration R.O.T.C. English s «— fc " JEDERICK C. SCHUBART, Ph.D. MAX JACOB SELIG, M.A. CESIDIO RUEL SIMBOLI, Ph.D. EARL DAVIS SMITH, M.S. Science Business Administration Religion Chemistry OHN GALLAHER SNYDER, M.A. BORIS T. SOKOLOFF, M.D. WILLIAM HAROLD SPIVEY, B.S. DONNA M. STODDARD, M.A Religion Director of Research Music Art LBERT LAMBERT VEASEY, A.B. LYMAN BRADT VEEDER, M.A. Mathematics Business Administration AT SOUTHERN HAROLD E. WALLACE. Ph.D. Biology H;ERS VANCE WHITENER, M.A. English ISLA ZADA WALLACE. B.S. Home Economics FRED DIXON WISH, JR., A.B. Economics OLNEY S. WEAVER, M.A. Psychology WALTER WYNN YORK, Ph.D. Music ROBERT C. WHITE. M.S.A. Citrus G. F. ZIMMERMANN, JR., M.A. Industrial Arts Professor Fusillo Dean Battle and Dean Eieholtz. ' — flfl % ♦ IN MEMORIAM COLIN O ' MORE JOHN IRVIN CRETZINGER LEWIS HARDIN 251 V 1 I " ■ ' ■ 9 1 1 1 k kirn.. Men and women — the students — give life and meaning to a college . . and FSC ' s fine students make FSC an outstanding college. Vice-President, Donald Hasley; Secretary-Treasurer. Charlotte Paugh ; Pre ident. James Meyer. THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JAMES MEYER President DONALD HASLEY rice-President CHARLOTTE PALGH Secretary-Treasurer 255 m Mrs. Ludd M. Si greet gues and Miss Hatlie Eicholtz it the Panhellenic tea. Pat Sweeney, Janice Johnson, Arlene DeTroy and Carol Ann Buell try a danee routine. ADAMS ANDERSON AKNETT FIRST ROW JUAN JOSE ACUNA A.B., Philosophy Pi Gamma Mu, Soccer Team Lakeland, Florida Haines City, Florida LOIS FRANK ADAMS B.S., Home Economics Future Teachers, Kappa Delta Pi. Home Economics Club ANTHONY AGLIANO B.S., History BARBARA JUNE AHOLA B.S., Education Delta Zeta, Phi Epsilon Mu, Circus KELLY AIDE B.S., Political Science ESTHER ALBRECHT A.B., Religion SECOND ROW WILLIAM THEO ALLEN B.S., History Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tampa, Florida Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Orlando, Florida Lakeland, Florida Lakeland. Florida Palmetto. Florida JAMES ROBERT ANDERSON B.S., Biology Pi Kappa Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, Freshman Class Vice-President, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Men ' s Council JAMES RUSSELL ANDERSON B.S., Speech Theta Chi Deer ield. Illinois LIVINGSTON VANN ANDERSON Lakeland. Florida A.B., English Secretary Gamma Sigma Chi, Men ' s Council, MSM, Future Teachers, National Education Association NORMAN WAYNE ANDREE B.S., Biology Beta Beta Beta ROBERT LeROY ANDRES B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha Lakeland. Florida St. Petersburg. Florida SENIORS THIRD ROW WARREN CALVIN ANTHONY Lakeland. Florida CHARLES L. BARFIELD Lakeland. Florida A.B.. Religion Concert Choir ALVIN JONES ARNETT B.S., English Sigma Alpha Epsilon Plant City, Florida B.S., History RICHARD D. BARLOW Bloomfield. l ew Jersey B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, " S " Club, Men ' s Council. Senate, Intramural Board Treasurer, Basket hall. Baseball VIRGINIA BEVARD BACIIAR fl inter Haven, Florida HENRY M. BARTLETT, JR. Kent, Connecticut B.S.. Home Economics Gamma Phi Beta, Home Economics Clu b B.S., Sociology Pi Kappa Phi, Senate ACLIANO AHOLA AIDE ALBRECHT ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDREE ANDRES BACHAR BARFIELD BARLOW BARTLETT SENIORS FIRST ROW DELYNN ARMSTRONG RARTON Lakeland, Florida WALTER PHILIP RASS Winter Haven. Florida B.S., Home Economics B.S., Citrus Pi Beta Phi. Methodist Student Movement Kappa Sigma GEORGE M. RARTON Lakeland. Florida FRANK DAVID RATEMAN B.S., Sociology Miami. Florida B.S., Industrial Arts Pi Kappa Phi. Interfraternity Council DOROTHY MILLER RASH AW Seffner. Florida HENRY RAYMOND RAXTER Lakeland. Florida B.S., Education B.S., Education RARTON RARTON RASHAW RASS REATTIE RENDER RENNETT RENNETT RLAIR RLAKE RLANKENSHIP RONSTEEL I • • ••■ Jackie Boulet, Dotlic Gross and Sue Stolberg get ready for the big " Rush. " : -■ JL ■ Daris Davis, Karen Dunton, Julie Kilrhel add to the " Shipwreck Scene. " BATE MAN BIRMINGHAM BOUNDS BAXTER BLACKWELDER BBADDOCK SECOND ROW DIANE BEATTIE 6.5., Psychology Alpha Chi Omega, Crew SHIRLEY MAE BENDER B.S.. Business Education Future Teachers, Circus New Kensington. Pennsylvania Decatur. Illinois ELEANOR SUE BENNETT Ft. Myers. Florida B.S.. Education President Phi Mu. Future Teachers. Panhellenic Council HARRY E. RENNETT B.S., Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Kappa KATY H. BIRMINGHAM A.B.. Religion Cocoa. Florida Lakeland. Florida PARLEY RICHARD BLACKWELDER Lake Hamilton. Florida B.S., t minting Treasurer Pi Kappa Alpha THIRD ROW GERRA LEE BLAIR B.S.. Physical Education Kappa Delta. Secretary Intramural Board, Phi Epsilon Mu Macclenny. Florida GRACE HAYNES BLAKE A.B.. English Kappa Delta Pi. Sigma Tau Delta Plant City. Florida WILLIAM THERALD BLANKENSHIP, Lakeland. Florida B.S., Business Administration LOUIS SPENCER BONSTEEL B.S.. Business Administration Treasurer Pi Kappa Phi, Interfraternity Council Miami. Florida JOHN HOWARD BOUNDS B.S.. Social Studies ALBERT LEROY BRADDOCK B.S., Accounting St. Petersburg. Florida Lakeland. Florida V . V A ti i I Karl J. Reisinger unpacks new furniture for the Panhellenic Building. Rick Blarkwelder. John Jones, Bill Grimes and Bill Tolle reflect " Blackboard Jungle. " FIRS! ROW BBADDV BUNKER CALDERONE BRADFORD BURNETT CADE OUIDA JENELLE BBADDV B.S., Education Kappa Delia. Future Teachers. Southern Staff Ft. Lauderdale. Florida JOHN MERRILL BRADFORD B.S.. Citrus ( litrus Club JACQUELYN LEE BRAY 8.5., Sociology JULENE PACKARD BREWER B.S.. Journalism Kappa Kappa Gamma JT inter Harden. Florida St. Petersburg. Florida Salt Lake City. Utah EMMA JEAN BRINSON Webster, Florida B.S.. Education Southernettes, Future Teachers. Baptist Student Union MARION ERWIN BROWN B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi. Rifle Team. Pistol Tear SECOND ROW DUANE FOBEST BUNKER A.B., Religion RALPH CHARLES BURNETT A.B., Biology Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Wauchula, Florida Lakeland. Florida WILLIAM GORDON BURNETT Tampa. Florida ■LB., Social Studies Pi Gamma Mu, Future Teachers. Florida Education Association JERRY DONALD BURTON B.S.. Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha EVELYN ALMEDIA BUSH B.S., Accounting Greenwich, Connecticut Lakeland. Florida Franklin. Vorf i Carolina NANCY LEIGH CABE B.S„ Home Economics Kappa Delta. Baptist Student Union, Home Economics Club Future Teachers. Florida Education Association I Nfc SENIORS THIRD ROW HENRY A. CALDERONE Ml. Vernon, New York 6.5. , Business Administration DELOS LEE CARROLL Lakeland, Florida B.S.. Business Administration l ' i Kappa Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon, Baseball BETSY ANNE CARTER Sanford, Florida JAMES LEE CADE Seville, Florida B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Alpha. " S " Chili. Citrus Club, Crew B.S., Education Corresponding Secretary Sigma Sigma Sigma, President Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary-Treasurer Sigma Tau Delta. Future Teach- ers, Cap and Gown, MSM LAMAR CALHOUN Vmalilla. Florida JOHN CHANNING CARTER FT ' inter Haven, Florida B.S.. Business Administration BJS., History RRAY BREWER BRINSON BROWN BURNETT BURTON BUSH CABE CALHOUN CARROLL CARTER CARTER m m z£ SENIORS FIRST ROW VANCE LEE CARTER B.S.. Business Administration Lakeland. Florida Arcadia, Florida JAMES RAY CASSELS B.S., Education Lambda Chi Alpha. Vice-President Future Teachers. President Concert Band, " S " Club CHARLES M. CHARPENTIER B.S., Social Studies Pi Kappa Phi NANCY CHILDS B.S., Education Alpha Delta Pi. Home Economics Club, Future Teachers JOSE CASTRO B.S.. So, ial Srirnt r Ponce, Puerto Rico BEVERLEY ANN CHEYNE B.S., Education Future Teachers of America Lakeland, Florida Boxford, Massachusetts Lakeland, Florida CARTER CHRISTOPHER CONNOR CASSELS CLAYTON COOKS CASTRO CLOCKADALE COON CHARPENTIER CLOYD COOPER The Pikes add a final touch l the Cap and Gown Bermuda pally. FSC foreign students, citv officials, dispay UN flag! CHILDS COBB COWAN CHEYNE COLLINS COWLEY SECOND ROW NOEL JACK CHRISTOPHEB B.S., Physical Education Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Epsilon Mu LEE WILLIAM CLAYTON B.S.. Social Studies Phi Kappa Tau Atlanta, Georgia Lakeland. Florida Orlando. Florida DONNA ANN CLOCKADALE A.B.. Religious Education Vice-President Beta Sigma Omicron. Secretary Women ' s Student Government Association. Sigma Rho Epsilon CHARLES JOHN CLOYD B.S., History Tau Kappa Epsilon Lakeland. Florida PATRICIA LOLISE COBB Ft. Lauderdale. Florida B.S., Physical Education President Women ' s ' student Government Association, Southern- ettes DALE MAURICE COLLINS Miami. Florida B.S., Physical Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon, " S " Club. Physical Education Club. Future Teachers. Basketball THIRD ROW JAMES IRV1N CONNOR U.S.. )lusic Education .Men ' s Council. Future Teachers of America. Concert Choir. Band Augusta, Georgia SYLVIA CLARK COOKS B.S., Speech WILLIAM RICHARD COON B.S., Business Administration Treasurer Alpha Tau Omega Lakeland. Florida Poughkeepsie, ISeiv York WILLIAM FIELD COOPER B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Circus. Southern Staff JANIS COWAN B.S., Home Economics Kappa Delta EDWARD WALLACE COWLEY B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha Pornpnno Beach. Florida Bristol. irginia St. Cloud. Florida ♦ ' •■♦• . Nancy Childs and Penny Peterson abh demonstrati the newest dance. Reviewing old memories: Ann Yogel, Gloria Grone, Pat Sweeney and Edna Murachanian. FIRST ROW ANGELINE LENORE CRAFT B.S.. Education Baptist Student Union NELSON S. CRASTER B.S., Social Stutlirs Panama City. Florida East Orange, ! ew Jersey JOHN DON CRAWFORD B.S., Social Studies Vice-President Methodist Student Movement CHARLES KENNETH CRISS B.S., Accounting Tan Kappa Epsilon CATHERINE LOUISE CRUZ A.B., Education Vice-President Alpha Chi Omega. Cap and Gown St. Cloud. Florida Lakeland. Florida Tampa. Florida MAC HUNT CUNNINGHAM, JR. B.S.. Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi. Interfraternity Council SECOND ROW WILLIAM C. DANIELS B.S., Education Theta Chi HERBERT MERLE DAVIDSON B.S., Biology Beta Beta Beta Lakeland. Florida Tampa. Florida LaBelle. Florida MARY JEWEL DAVIS Steep Rock. Ontario. Canada B.S., Education Baptist Student Union. Future Teachers of America RAY BASCOM DeLOACH Hobe Sound, Florida B.S., Accounting President Pi Kappa Phi, President Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice- President " S " Club, Captain Crew NORMAN BARRY DERIX B.S., Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon Belvidere. Illinois CRASTER DAVIDSON DOUGAL FRANK ROY DOMENICK B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President Intramural Board Bloom field, ISew Jersey SENIORS THIRD ROW JACK EDWARD DONNELLY B.S.. Social Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Concert Choir Akron. Ohio . Basketball JUNE EILEEN DOWD Brooklyn, ISeiv York B.S., English Secretary Delta Zeta, Secretary and Historian Beta Beta Beta, Secretary-Treasurer Cap and Gown, Captain Cheerleaders, " S " RICHARD KIRK DOUGAL Laconia, Mew Hampshire Club B.S., Accounting M. WYNEL DREADIN St. Petersburg. Florid a Treasurer Sigma Alpha Epsilon B.S., Education SARA JOYCE DOUTHIT Folkston, Georgia Gamma Sigma Chi, Sigma Rho Epsilon. Future Teachers A.B., Speech JOHN D. DUCAR Lakeland, Florida Alpha Psi Omega. Vagabonds A.B., Religion CRAWFORD CRISS CRUZ CUNNINGHAM DAVIS DeLOACH DERIX DOMENICK DOUTHIT DOWD DREADIN DUCAR SENIORS Orlando, Florida FIRST ROW VIRGAL HAROLD DIFFELL 5.5., Social Studies Pi Kappa Alpha. Secretarv and Vice-President Circle K. Senate. Political Union JOAN ELIZABETH DUKE Evergreen, North Carolina B.S., Home Economics Soulhernettes. Home Economics Club LESLIE WOODROW DUNSON Winter Haven. Florida B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Alpha. Citrus Club JOHN SALVATORE EBETINO Fairborn. Ohio B.S., Physical Education President Tau Kappa Epsilon. Physical Education Club. Future Teachers. Basketball Lakeland. Florida Lake Worth. Florida CHARLES BERTRAM ELLIOTT B.S., Science CLAIRE LOUISE ELLIS B.S., Education Treasurer and Recording Secretary Sigma Sigma Sigma. Vice- President Kappa Delta Pi. Panhellenic Council, Future Teach- ers, Kappa Delta, Interlachen Staff. MSM, Crew DUFFELL ELWOOD FISHER DUKE ENFINGER FOLEY DUNSON ESPINOLA FRASER EBETINO EVANS FULFORD % ♦ % • The Alpha Chi ' s give their interpretation of a " Bugg Ride " at the Cap and Gown Bermuda Party. The Spivey ' s, Thrift ' s and Peel ' s at tea fc freshmen at orientation. ELLIS FERNANDEZ GARRETT SECOND ROW THOMAS PHILIP ELWOOD B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon DALLAS MERLE ENFINGER A.B.. Religion Baptist Student Union JOE ESPINOLA. JR. B.S., Zoology Beta Beta Beta ilmelte. Illinois Dover. Florida Tampa. Florida Greenville. Alabama MARTHA C. EVANS A.B., Religious Education Vice-President Southernettes. President and Vice-President Sigma Rho Epsilon. M. ' iM SILVA ELLIS FEBRES B.S.. Business Administration JOHN FERNANDEZ B.S., Biology Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Beta Beta Beta THIRD ROll Rio Piedras. Puerto Rico Tampa. Florida WALTER ARTHUR FISHER B.S., Business Administration Vice-President Phi Sigma Kappa CHARLES LONGMAN FOLEY B.S., Sociology Sigma Alpha Epsilon VERNA EVELYN FRASER B.S., Business Administration Southernettes, Circus ELEANOR CRANE FULFORD B.S.. Home Economics Pelham Manor. iS ' ew York I? innetka. Illinois Macclenny. Florida Tampa. Florida Havana. Florida MARY LOU GANDY U.S.. Ed u cation Secretary Alpha Omicron Pi. Treasurer Future Teachers. MSM. Kappa Delta Pi, Southern Staff ELEANOR JOYCE GARRETT B.S.. Education Future Teachers of America Haines City, Florida • ♦ V.D.Pi ' s lament their plight during the Cap and Gown Bermuda Party. FIRST ROW Lakeland. Florida NUMAN HIGH GARRISON B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President Intramural Board, Commander ROTC Honor Guard NORMA THERESE GATES U.S.. Education J I DGE RAY GATLIN U.S., Physical Education Lambda Chi Alpha. Baseball JOHN ELLIS GIBSON B.S., Scieni e Sigma Alpha Epsilon PAULA RAE GILHAUSEN B.S.. Social Studies PHILLIP ARTHUR GLAAB ' ..S., Business idministration Lambda Chi Alpha SECOND ROW JUDITH PERSKY GLANTZ U.S.. Edui niton Lakeland. Florida Winter Haven, Florida Barlow. Florida Lakeland. Florida Wabasso, Florida Brooklyn. ISew York WILLIAM RAY GODFREY Forest City. ISorth Carolina B.S., Science Theta Chi DENNIS MICHAEL GORETSKY Tampa. Florida B.S., Science Lambda Chi Alpha. Vagal Is, Beta Beta Beta. Concert Band FRANK SAM GRANDA B.S., Eilin ation Phi Sigma Kappa, Circle K. Future Teachers J. ROBERT GRAW U.S.. Business idministration ice-President Lambda ( . u Alpha Tampa, Florida Orlando. Florida Skokie. Illinois BARBARA ESTELLA GREENE U.S.. Home Economics Alpha Delia Pi, Home Economics Club, Secretary College Lhiion June Dowd and Donnasue Dunklee seem very pleased with the new floor. GARRISON GLANTZ GRIMES SENIORS THIRD ROW WILLIAM CARL GRIMES B.S., Business Administration President Pi Kappa Alpha, Interfrateniity Council, Omicron Delta Kappa, Circle K GLORIA LEE CRONE Atwood. Kansas B.S., Speech Delta Zeta, Future Teachers, Speech Club, Hume Economics Club DOROTHY MAE GROSS Miami, Florida B.S., Business Administration President Beta igma Omicron, Director College Union. MSM, Sigma Rho Epsilon, Cap and down Ft. Myers, Florida GATLIN GORETSKY GROSS GIRSON GRANDA (.1(1 ISliS ISAREL M. GRLIRRS B.S., Sociology President Southernettes, Westminster Fellow-hip Clearwater. Florida BARBARA RICHARDS HAGEN Bradenton, Florida B.S.. Education Delta Zeta DORIS IRENE HAGERS St. Petersburg, Florida B.S., Home Economics Vice-President Sigma Sigma Sigma. Women ' s Student Government Association, Home Economics Club, Canterbury Club GILHAUSEN GRAW HAGEN GLAAB GREENE HAGERS ; i •■ fet SENIORS Pier son. Florida Cocott, Florida FIRST ROW RICHARD EDWARD HAGSTROM U.S.. ( itrus Pi Kappa Alpha. Citrus Club. Baseball JULIE ANNE HALE B.S., Physical Education Alpha Omicron Pi. President ami Vice-President Phi Epsilon Mu, Future Teachers. Kappa Delta Pi, Cap and Gown JAMES FORRESTER HALL B.S., Business Administration Thela Chi. Baptist Student Union Avon Park. Florida DeKalb. Illinois JANE LOUISE HALL B.S., Music Education Kappa Delta Pi. Band KAY ALISON HAMMERICH B.S., Home Economics Vice-President and Secretary Delta Zeta, Vice-President Women ' s Student Government Association. Home Economics Club SUZANNE GOODMAN HAMRICK Florala. Alabama B.S., Education President and Vice-President Baptist Student Union, Future Teachers, Home Economics Club HAGSTROM HANHAUSEN HASSLER 1 ' H ■I The Alpha Chi ' s busy entertaining rushees at the Panhellenic Tea. A.O.Pi ' s eleet Judy Freed " Queen of Roses " at eolorful party. HAMMERICH HARRIS HECKSTALL SECOND ROW- MARIE LOUISE HANHAUSEN While Plains. New Jersey B.S., Art Secretary and Historian Alpha Chi Omega THEODORE SHERMAN HARDING B.S.. Education Pi Kappa. Phi. Beta Beta Beta Arcadia. Florida KENNETH WILLIAM HARLIN Long Island City: New York B.S., Business Administration Treasurer and President Tail Kappa Epsilon. President College Union. Chairman Men ' s Council LAYNE KEITH HART B.S., Citrus Citrus Club MARY E. HARRIS B.S., Eduation RAYMOND N. HARRIS, JR. B.S.. Industrial Arts THIRD ROW SHIRLEY GREY HASSLER B.S., Economics Clermont. Florida Naples. Florida Lakeland. Florida Bvrdstown. Tennessee JMamaroneck. I eiv York DONALD LEE HASLEY B.S.. Business Administration Secretary Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Vice-President Senior Clas WILLIAM MAX HAUSSMANN, JR. Arlington. Virginia B.S., Economics Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOAN PEEPLES HEAPS B.S.. Home Economics Alpha Sigma Tau Lakeland. Florida BARBARA ANN HECKSTALL Windsor, North Carolina B.S., Education Kappa Delta. Chapel Choir BILLY HENDLEY A.B., Education St. Petersburg. Florida FIRST ROW HAROLD MERLE HENDRY B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha RORERT ERNEST HENDRY B.S., Chemistry Tan Kappa Epsilon, Circus. Beta Beta Beta Plant City. Florida Ft. Myers. Florida REVERLEE MAE HERNE B.S.. Education Sigma Sigma Sigma HENRY LEE HERRING, JR. B.S., Business Administration Melrose. Massachusetts Plant City, Florida Ft. Myers. Florida MARY EVELYN HERRINGTON B.S., Physical Education President Kappa Delta, Secretary Phi Epsilon Mu, Future Teach- er-.. MSM, Intramural Board JACK K. HIGHNAM B.S.. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon SECOM) ROW GRANT HINSHAW, JR. AM.. Religion Lakeland. Florida Brooksrille. Florida BARBARA E. HOFELLER B.S., Journalism Phi Mu, President Vagabonds, Southern Staff DARWIN HOLLAND B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha Atlanta, Georgia Lakeland. Florida IRIS SONJA HOLTON ' .N.. Education Southern Star! CARNEY BOYCE HOWELL U.S.. I, , i ' ii minx .Methodist Student Movement JAMES LEON HUDSON B.S.. Citrus Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Citrus Club Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Dade City. Florida » » k-l! At itfi The K.D. ' s rhange lo cats for the Cap and Gown Party. HENDRY HENDRY HINSHAW HOFELLER HUGHES HULETT 79 SENIORS THIRD ROW PRESTON CHARLES HUGHES A.B., Religion Lakeland, Florida CYNTHIA ANN INGRAM Detroit. Michigan B.S., Physical Education Alpha Delta Pi, President Intramural Board, Senate, Future Teachers. Physical Education Club CONSTANCE E. HULETT St. Clair Shores. Michigan B.S., Home Economics President and Secretary Alpha Delta Pi, President and Treasurer Home Economics Club. Interlachen Staff, Southern Staff CHARLES RRAGG JACKSON B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Senate Arlington. Yirgini Orlando. Florida HENRY LAMAR HUNT B.S., Social Studies Lakeland. Florida HERRING HOLTON INGRAM MELVIN REGINALD JONES A.B., Political Science President Florida Intercollegiate Press Association, President Cir- cle K, Vice-President Omicron Delta Kappa. Senate, Inter- national Club, Political Union, Southern Staff HERRINGTON HOWELL JACKSON ft J jf ' -i--. HIGHNAM HUDSON JONES n SENIORS FIRST ROW RUTH AGNES JONES Scotia, New York B.S., Business Administration Vice-President Alpha Chi Omega. " S " Club STEVE B. JOHNSON, JR. Eustis. Florida B.S.. Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. Political Union WARD B. JOHNSON, JR. Garden City, New York B.S., Business Administration President Lambda Chi Alpha. Secretary Intramural Board, Inter- fraternity Council JONES KAMAN KEY JOHNSON KELLEY KIM CHARLES WILLIAM JOHNSTON B.S., Physical Education Physical Education Club KENNETH ELLIOT JORANSON B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon JAMES LEE KAMAN A.B., English JOHNSON KELLY KIMBALL Brocton. New York Hollywood. Illinois Hurley. New York JOHNSTON KEMPF KIMURA k v ■■■:, il 4 $ JBa The D.Z. ' s have found Hernando ' s Hideaway so the skit says. JORANSON KENNEDY KINDALL KAMAN KERR KINDRID II .LI % Refreshments are always welcome at the Panhellenic Tea. SECOND ROW PAUL JOSEPH KAMAN B.S., Economics WILLIAM M. KELLEY B.S., Physical Education " S " Club, Physical Education Club Hurley, iVcio York Lakeland. Florida JOHN DAVID KELLY B.S., Social Studies Phi Sigma Kappa, Methodist Student Movement CHARLES GORDON KEMPF B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon Lawtey. Florida Antioch, Illinc VIRGINIA RELLE KENNEDY McKeesport. Pennsylvania A.B.. Education President and Vice-President Alpha Delta Pi, Treasurer " S " Club, Co-Captain Cheerleaders. Supreme Court, Senate KENNETH ROWAN KERR B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha. Canterbury Club THIRD ROW HERRERT LEE KEY, JR. B.S., English Omicron Delta Kappa TAEKYLING MIN KIM B.S., Science Beta Beta Beta, International Club RICHARD HENRY KIMRALL B.S., Business Administration TAKESHI KIMURA B.S., Business Administration FREDERICK F. KINDALL B.S., Economics VIRGINIA A. KINDRID B.S., Home Economics Clearwater. Florida Lakeland. Florida Seoul. Korea Auburndale. Florida Tokyo. Japan Schenectady. ! etv York Clermont. Florida ' The line forms to the right as Eve Messmore sips. The Alpha Chi ' s start their big round-up. Quite snazzy! FIRST ROW LAWRENCE IBVIN KING U.S., Industrial Arts RICHARD GERALD KINGHAM B.S., Citrus Lambda Chi Alpha. Citrus Club JAMES S. K1NNE B.S., Business Administration ARTHUR THOMAS KIRLEY B.S., Social Science Lake Hamilton, Florida inburndale. Florida Lakeland. Florida Oldsmar, Florida Jl LIE WOODRUFF KITCHELL Lakeland. Florida B.S.. Education Delta Zeta. Future Teachers. Home Economics Club ROY E. KITCHELL, JR. B.S., Social Studies Lambda Chi Alpha. Interfraternity Council SECOND ROW Lakeland. Florida GREGORY S. KLUVER B.S., Industrial Arts Sarasota. Florida WILLIAM LEE KNECHT A.B., Religion Gamma Sigma Chi. Methodist Student Movement Jackson rille. Florida DON JOHN KOLB B.S., Business Administration Theta Chi Princeton. Illm, Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio KATHLEEN ANN KOSAR B.S., Social Studies Delta Zeta, Pi Delta Epsilon, Cap and Gown. Secretary Political Union, Secretary and President Future Teachers, Sophomore Senator, Vice-President and President Student Bodj Associa- tion, Interlachen Staff, Southern Staff, Kappa Delta Pi, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities FRANK LONG KUNBERGER B.S., Accounting Pi Kappa Alpha EVA ALICE LAMB B.S., Education Florence Villa, Florida Arcadia. Florida ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ --:■■ - . ' ■■■y_ SEN IORS THIRD ROW JOHN R. LAMB Chicago. Illinois JOSEPH RILEY LEAMING Highland Park, Illinois B.S., Business Administration B.S., Business Administration Treasurer Sigma Phi Epsilon EDWARD CHARLTON LANDRETH Norfolk, Virginia WILLIAM HUNTER LEAZER Ridgewood. New Jersey B.S., Business Administration B.S., Economics Alpha Tau Omega Theta Chi, Interfraternity Council EDWIN JAMES LARVE Lakeland. Florida B.S., Physical Education STEVEN GRANT LEITNER Wyckoff. New Jersey Tau Kappa Epsilon, Intramural Board. Future Teachers 8.5., Business Administration KINNE KIRLEY KITCHELL KITCHELL KOLB KOSAR KLNBERGER LAMB LARVE LEAMING LEAZER LEITNER % Lr SENIORS I FIRST ROW LUTHER P. LEWER B.S., Physical Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon HERBERT WILLIAM LILLEY B.S., Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon W autvatosa, Wisconsin Lakeland. Florida JOANNA CAMPBELL LITZ B.S., Education Future Teachers. Methodist Student Movement City Point. Florida FERN RHEA LIVINGSTON B.S., Secretarial Science Kappa Delta NANCY JEAN MeCONNELL B.S.. Education Secretary Kappa Delta, Secretary-Treasurer Kappa Delta Pi, Sec- retary-Treasurer MSM, Cap and Gown, Women ' s Student Gov- ernment Association, Sigma Rho Epsilon St. Paul. } irginia Tampa, Florida JOHN ALAN McCORMICK 6.5. , Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon Lakeland. Florida LEWER McKINZIE MANN LILLEY McMULLEN MATHEWS LITZ MoMURRIAN MAY LIVINGSTON MaoKENZIE MESTAS Gay Kappa Delia ' s invade peaceful Allen Spivey dormitory. Dot Vanderford and piano are attractions at the Panhellenic Tea. McCONNELL MAGEE MEYER MeCORMICK MANASSA MILLER SECOND ROW JAMES BREWER McKINZIE B.S., Chemistry Lakeland, Florida Lakeland. Florida MARY JANE McMULLEN B.S., Education Treasurer Kappa Delta. Kappa Delta Pi. MSM. Sigma Rho Epsi- Ion, Future Teachers JAQUELINE Y. McMLRRIAN Delray Beach, Florida B.S., Speech President Vagabonds, lplia Psi Omega, Sigma Rho Epsilon. MSM. Southern Staff LOIS ANNE MacKENZIE B.S., Sociology Kappa Delta, Pi Gamma Mu Interlaken. New Jersey Venice. Florida CHRISTOPHER MAGEE, JR. B.S.. Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. " S " Cluh. Southern Staff, Manager Basketball and Baseball HENRY A. MANASSA, JR. B.S., Citrus Theta Chi THIRD ROW- DOUGLAS JAMES MANN B.S.. Speech RONALD MATHEWS B.S., Economics Pi Kappa Alpha HOMER DeLANO MAY B.S., Social Science Theta Chi PEDRO MOSQUERA MESTAS A.B., Psychology Treasurer International Club, Soccer Lakeland. Florida Melbourne. Florida Lakeland. Florida Tampa, Florida Camaguev. Cuba Milwaukee, Wisconsin JAMES W. MEYER B.S., Economics Vice-President Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Treasurer and Secretary " S " Club, Senior Class President, Crew EDWARD DAVID MILLER B.S.. Business Administration Men ' s Council. Future Teachers of America Bradenton. Florida Terrific! It ' s Elvis! It ' s Sheila Bryant at the Cap and Gown Party. FIRST ROIf JOHN R. A. MILLER B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha. Interfraternity Council ROBERT EMERY MILLER B.S., Sociology Havre de Grace. Maryland Lakeland. Florida PETER MARION MILLS B.S., English Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ml. Morris. New York Newark. Veir Jersey FRANK JOSEPH MORAN B.S.. Music Education Future Teachers. Men ' s Council. Vagabonds. Chapel Choir ROBERT LINCOLN MOREE A.B., Social Studies JON LOUIS MORRIS A.B., Religion Riviera Beach. Florida Clay City. Illinois SECOND ROW MARI ANNE REISH MORRIS Anna Maria Island. Florida B.S., Education Kappa Delta. Future Teachers of America EDWIN EMERY MOTT B.S., Economics Phi Sigma Kappa, Canterbury Club Lakeland, Florida EDNA RUTH MURACHANIAN Beachwood. A ' eic Jersey B.S., Secretarial Science Vice-President Delta Zeta, President Panhellenic Council. South- ern Staff. Home Economics Club, Pi Delta Epsilon CHARLES EDWARD Ml RFIN, JR. A.B., Religion Camma Sigma Chi. Methodist Student Movement Eloise. Florida HUGH JOSEPH MURPHY B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon ISarbeth, Pennsylvania JANE ELIZABETH MURPHY B.S., Education Alpha Omicron Pi, Vagabonds, Future Teachers ISeiv York. IS etc York Rush period begins and we go sailin with the Delta Zeta ' s. MILLER MORRIS MILLER MOTT NELSON T . SENIORS THIRD ROW DAVID RENUICK MURRAY, JR. B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha St. Cloud, Florida GERALDINE MAY NICHOLS B.S., Education Lakeland. Florida JOHN ALEXANDER NELSON. JR. B.S., Education Pi Kappa Phi. Baptist Student Union Lakeland. Florida ELMER CHARLES NILES A.B., Religious Education Lakeland. Florida ROBERT CHARLES NETTLETON B.S., Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Crew Lakeland. Florida MARILANE ODIORNE B.S., Education Kappa Delta Bradenton. Florida MILLS MLIRACHANIAN NETTLETON MORAN MURFIN NICHOLS MOREE MURPHY NILES MORRIS MURPHY ODIORNE iLrt 1 0 2. I SENIORS FIRST ROW MYRA EARLINE OWEN B.S., Home Economics Kappa Delta MARILYN ZELMA OWENS B.S., Education Southernettes, MSM, Sigma Rho Epsilon. Future Teachers LLOYD WAYNE OWENS Lakeland. Florida B.S., Social Studies Future Teachers of America I ' ulaski. Tennessee Palmetto. Florida RORERT OWEN PATE, III Lakeland. Florida B.S., Social Studies Lambda Chi Alpha. Regimental Commander. ROTC DOLLIE PILCHER PATRICK B.S., Education Future Teachers of America Tampa. Florida RICHARD STEWART PATRICK Winter Garden. Florida B.S., Citrus OWEN PALIGH PHILLIPS OWENS PAULLING OWENS PEASLEE PIERCE PATE PERENYI POORRAUGH Relax awhile with the Alpha Chi ' s in Panhellenie Building lobbv. A. D. Pi ' s portray a typical Freneh Cafe during formal rush. SECOND ROW CHARLOTTE MARIAN PAUGH Frederick. Maryland B.S., English Vice-President Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class, President Cap and Gown, Vagabonds, MSM NANCY RUTH PAULLING B.S., Home Economics President Home Economics Club. Southern Staff Arlington. J ' irginia DAVID RAYMOND PEASLEE B.S., Business Administration JOHN V. PERENYI B.S., History Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida WILLIAM FRANCIS PERRY Raynham, Massachusetts 8.5., Industrial Arts SABRA ANN PETERS Winter Haven. Florida B.S., English Kappa Delta. Future Teachers, Intramural Board THIRD ROW VIVIAN MARGARET PHILLIPS Irvona, Pennsylvania A.B., Psychology CURTIS PICKENS B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Alpha, Citrus Club Lakeland. Florida WILLIAM MORRISON PIERCE Pinellas Park. Florida B.S., Education Westminster Fellowship, Future Teachers RONALD CARL POORBAUGH B.S., Chemistry EUGENE KENNETH PRENTICE B.S., Business Administration PATRICIA JANE PRICE B.S.. Secretarial Science Phi Mu, Crew Lakeland. Florida Barton; Florida Centerville. lotva ! V5L r » " £ 1 The Ti-i Sig s lake a trip to the Orient. The A.O.Pi ' s are really studying??! ! FIRST ROW HARVEY LEE PYLANT, JR. B.S., Speech Sigma Nu. Vice-President Alpha Psi Omega. Vagabond Whiter Park, Florida MARTHA ANN REA A.B., Languages Treasurer Alpha Chi Omega. " S " Club, Crew Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania VIRGINIA NELL REDDICK A.B., Education President Sigma Rho Epsilon, Future Teachers. MSM Avon Park. Florida 1RMA GARDNER RENCH A.B.. Religion Sigma Sigma Sigma FERD ELMER RENNINGER B.S., Education Future Teachers of America CARLTON S. RICHARDSON A.B.. Religion SEt OND ROW RICHARD WEBB ROBNETT B.S.. Citrus DENNY ANDREW RONY AK B.S., Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon MARTHA LOUISE ROTHROCK ' ..s.. Education Little Creek. Delaware Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Burton. Ohio Lakeland. Florida Berwrn. Illinois JUDITH ANN ROTUNNO A.B., English President Alpha Chi Omega. Secretary and Treasurer Senate, Pi Delta Epsilon. Southern Staff. Interlachen Staff, International Club RALPH BURNETT ROWE B.S., Business Administration Lakeland. Florida MARILYN ANNE RUSHTON Keystone Heights. Florida B.S.. Social Studies Alpha Omicron Pi. Senate. Future Teachers. Panhellenic Council. International Club. Women ' - Student Government Association PYLANT ROBNETT SAB IE REA RONYAK SANCHEZ t tf « SENIORS THIRD ROW MOHAMMED SABIE B.S., Physical Education International Club, Basketball. Soccer EDWIN C. SANCHEZ B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Alpha. Citrus Club DONNA LEE SARKISON Mountainside. Netc Jersey B.S., Sociology Corresponding Secretary AJpha Chi Omega. Secretary " S " Club, Pi Gamma Iu. Rifle Team. Crew, Senate liaghdad. Iraq Plant Cilr. Florida MARILYN LAVERNE SCH1ELD A.B., Psychology Kappa Delta Waverly, loiva St. Petersburg. Florida JOHN R. SCHOEN B.S., Physical Education Lambda Chi Alpha. " S " Club, Physical Education Club. Baseball MARGARET K. SCHURR B.S., English Secretary and President Phi Mu Hamilton. Ohio REDDICK ROTHROCK SARKISON RENNINGER ROWE SCHOEN RICHARDSON RUSHTON SCHLRR SENIORS FIRST ROW DAVID TYLER SCOATES Jacksonville, Florida CHARLES GEORGE SENGER, JR. St. Petersburg. Florida A.B., History B.S., Physical Education Circle K, Gamma Sigma Chi, Concert Choir, MSM. Men ' s Council Theta Chi, Senate, " S " Club, Baseball JACK JAMES SCOTT Venice, Florida RICHARD J. SEXTON Lakeland. Florida B.S., Economics B.S., Business Administration Baseball Delta Tau Delta RICHARD LEE SERA Marrsville, Ohio CHARLES SHALHOUR West Roxburv, Massachusetts B.S., Citrus A.B.. Religion Methodist Student Movement, Citrus Club, Men ' s Council Dramatic Club SCOATES SCOTT SERA SENGER SHAPIRO SHAVER SHERMAN SHILLING SINCLAIR SKAGGS SKINNER SMELTZLY I -r- ■ ' .if + I 111. 4 A toast to Rush Week by the Kappa Delta : It ' s cool, eool Seven-Up! " The pause that refreshes " say Sue Clark, Marty Critchlow and Mary Grable. SEXTON SHIMP SMITH cc SHALHOUB SIMPSON SMOLEROFF SECOND ROW MARVIN I. SHAPIRO B.S., Business Administration Tau Epsilon Phi Bayside, ! ' ew York I ill. i I a a, I. Florida DAVID H. SHAVER B.S., Social Studies Phi Delia. President Alpha Psi Omega. Vice-President Intramural Board. Vagabonds. Concert Choir. Pi Delta Epsilon PAUL JAY SHERMAN Veto Rochelle, New York B.S., Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon, Hillel Society, Alpha Psi Omega, Golf WILLIAM DINSMORE SHILLING, JR. Lakeland. Florida B.S., History Concert Choir EDRETH BENJAMIN SHIMP St. Petersburg. Florida Post Graduate MAXWELL SIMPSON B.S., Social Studies Beta Beta Beta THIRD ROW Lakeland. Florida ERNEST SYLVESTER SINCLAIR Clearwater. Florida A.B., Education Gamma Sigma Chi, Sigma Rho Epsilon. Baptist Student I nion, Future Teachers CLINTON DONALD SKAGGS B.S.. Business Administration Delta Kappa Epsilon ROBERT LEE SKINNER B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. President Political Uni Louisa. Kentucky Umatilla, Florida HAROLD MELOY SMELTZLY Lakeland. Florida B.S., Physical Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Vice-President " S " Club. Physical Educa- tion Club. Baseball. Basketball BARBARA B. SMITH B.S., Secretarial Science Baptist Student Union. Concert Choir THEODORE L. SMOLEROFF B.S., Business Administration Harrington. Delaware Levittoum, Veto York Beverly Tresea, Jenelle Braddy and Marilane Odiorne pay their respeels to gals in new dorms. FIRST ROW RODNEY SPARKMAN B.S., Accounting JOHN FRANK SPICUZZA B.S., Physical Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Basketball, Baseball Plant City. Florida Elm Grove. Wisconsin KATHRYN VIRGINIA SPRAGUE St. Petersburg. Florida A.B., Education Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Delia Pi. Future Teachers HERBERT H. STADTLANDER Franklin Lakes. New Jersey B.S., Chemistry Pi Kappa Phi SYLVIA STALLS B.S.. Education LELAND EDWIN STANSELL B.S.. Social Studies Sigma Alpha Epsilon. " S " Club. Crew SECOND ROW WILLIAM BOOTH STAPLETON B.S., History A. JOHN STARP 5.5., Business Administration ROBERT A. STEBBINS B.S., Political Science Sigma Nu JAMES A. STELOGEANNIS B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, " S " Club, Baseball. Basketball Palmdale. Florida Miami, Florida Cleveland. Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Eustis. Florida Ocala. Florida St. Petersburg. Florida JACK LYNN STEWART B.S., Business Administration President Phi Delta, President Pi Gamma Mu CHARLES BAKER STILES, JR. Middletoivn. Ohio B.S.. Business Administration President and Treasurer Theta Chi. " S " Club, President West- minster Fellowship Gasparilla? No! It ' s Phi Mu Pirates! A colorful scene during rush week. SPARKMAN SPICUZZA STAPLETON STARP STOCKTON STOLBERG I I » SEN] [ R S THIRD ROW k_y JLJ J. 1 J M. V-T 11 J EUGENE JOSEPH STOCKTON Tampa. Florida WALLACE LEE STOREY Bartow, Florida B.S., Biology B.S., Social Science Lambda Chi Alpha. Beta Beta Beta SUZANNE D. STOLBERG Skokie. Illinois THOMAS GEORGE STRAHLE Flint. Michigan A.B., Education B.S.. Business Administration Beta Sigma Omicron, Secretary Pi ' Camma Mu, Secretary Inter- Lambda Chi Alpha national Club ROY B. STONE, JR. Orlando, Florida STRATUS NICOLAS Lakeland. Florida B.S., Mathematics B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha Treasurer Tau Kappa Epsilon SPRAGUE STADTLANDER STALLS STANSELL STEBBINS STELOGEANNIS STEWART STILES STONE STOREY STRAHLE NICOLAS ;- K ■V • ¥ I SENIORS FIRST ROW PATRICIA JO SWEENEY A.B., Sociology Vice-President Delta Zeta. Par Club, Interlachen Staff Canton, Ohio hellenic Council, Home Economics JANSEN WENDELL TAYLOR B.S., Historv Theta Chi Sarasota. Florida MARTHA ANN TAGGART B.S., Education Vice-President Alpha Omicron Teachers Canton. Ohio Pi, Beta Beta Beta, MSM, Future VINCENT TERRANA B.S., Physical Education Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-President Phi ers. President Men ' s Council Tampa. Florida Epsilon Mu, Future Teach- WILLIAM H. TATUM B.S., Dramatics Vagabonds Leesburg, Florida HENRY ARNOLD THOMAS A.B., Religion Business Manager Interlachen Dayton. Ohio SWEENEY THOMAS THURMAN TAGGART THOMAS TOLFORD TATUM THOMAS TOLLE TAYLOR THOMPSON TR I MARCO " Time in " for a bit of gay chatting at the Beta Sigma Omicron party. Visiting Marilyn Smith in Joseph Reynolds are Maggie Shurr and Sue Clark. THOMAS THORNII1LL TRUITT SECOND ROW JEAN D. THOMAS B.S.. Social Studies Alpha Pi Epsilon .Son Francisco, California San Francisco, California JOAN P. THOMAS B.S., Secretarial Science Secretary Baptist Student Union, Alpha Pi Epsilon RONALD ALBERT THOMAS Duquesne, Pennsylvania B.S.. History BILLIE THOMPSON B.S., Accounting Lakeland. Florida MERRILL H. THOMPSON. JR. Interlaken, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha, Crew WILLIAM TERRELL THORNHILL Lakeland. Florida B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. Editor Southern, Pi Delta Epsilon THIRD ROW JANE AMELIA THURMAN B.S., Education Future Teachers of America JAMES K. TOLFORD A.B., Social Studies Sigma Alpha Epsilon Homestead. Florida Evanston, Illinois Lakeland. Florida WILLIAM EDISON TOLLE U.S.. Business Administration Vice-President Pi Kappa lplia. Fraternity-Man-at-Large, Vice- President Junior Class. Circle K. " S " Club, Omicron Delta Kappa. Baseball ANDREW RICHARD TRIMARCO Somerville, I ei, Jersey B.S., Political Science Lambda Chi Alpha SARAH ELIZABETH TROXLER Canton, Ohio A.B., Commercial Art President Delta Zeta. Editor-in-Chief Interlachen, Secretary-Treas- urer Junior ClasSj Cap and Gown, Pi Delta Epsilon. Home Eco- nomics Club. Southern Staff, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities JERE PEEK TRUITT B.S., Chemistry Aubiirndale. Florida 1 f V ' % l m i A heavenly setting indeed for the Alpha Chi ' s parly. c The Tri-Sig ' s give their house an Hawaiian atmosphere. FIRST ROW ALICE FAYE TUCKER B.S., Home Economics Corresponding Secretary Alpha On Club Curundu, Canal Zone cron Pi. Home Economics LAURENCE BALDWIN UPHAM A.B., Music President Theta Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa DOROTHY JEAN VANDERFORD B.S., Education Delta Zeta, Future Teachers Clearwater. Florida Tampa. Florida DAVID WALTON B.S., Social Science Cumberland. Maryland Ft. Myers. Florida FRANK HENRY WELCH A.B., Music Education Future Teachers. Concert Choir. Chapel Choir, President Ameri- can Guild of Organists, Vice-President and President Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa DRUSCILLA WELLS East Hampton. Connecticut B.S., Sociology Southernettes, Treasurer Beta Beta Beta, MSM, Home Economics Club SECOND ROW IRWIN W. WHEELER B.S., Economics Theta Chi ROBERT FREDERICK WHEELER B.S., Education Kappa Delta Pi, Future Teachers RONELL A. WHIDDEN B.S., Secretarial Science Concert Band Lakeland. Florida Brandon. Florida W ' auchula, Florida JEAN CAROLINE WHIPPLE Orlando. Florida B.S., Education Methodist Student Movement. Sigma Rho Epsilon BENJAMIN THOMAS WHITFIELD Perry, Florida B.S.. Industrial Arts Lambda Chi Alpha. Vice-President Future Teachers. Baptist Stu- dent Union CAROLYN JOAN WIGDAHL St. Petersburg. Florida B.S., Secretarial Science Alpha Chi Omega. Secretary-Treasurer Pi Delta Epsilon. Concert Choir, Southern Staff JP HWIW IHTOBBBBmBllB SENIORS THIRD ROW KENNETH OWEN WILES Lakeland. Florida BILLY BISHOP WOOD Lakeland. Florida A.B., Religion B.S., Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa. " S " Club. Basketball DONALD SELLS WILKING A.B.. English Tampa, Florida REBECCA H. WOOD A.B., Music Lakeland. Florida HARRY E. WINGATE Lake Kales. Florida JAMES WILLIAM WRIGHT Tampa. Florida B.S., Accounting A.B., Religion VANDERFORD WALTON WELCH WELLS WH1DDEN WHIPPLE WHITFIELD WIGDAHL WINGATE WOOD WOOD WRIGHT ' I ' SENIORS I FIRST ROW PETER SHERWIN WRIGHT B.S., Citrus Citrus Club Lakeland, Florida LEONARD ANDERSON YELVINGTON Lakeland. Florida B.S., Business Administration Vagabonds, Concert Choir SALEH ZEN B.S., Business Administration International Club Palembang. Indonesia SECOND ROW EARL WILLIAM ZIERARTH, JR. B.S., Citrus Pi Kappa Phi. Citrus Club. President Interfraternity Council THOMAS WAYNE ZUKOW A.B., Economics Alpha Tau Omega Lipscomb. Alabama Linda Kell and Jo Anne Rowdybush are caught in the act of raiding the ice box. Mrs. Ludd M. Spivey and Sally Saripah, Irene Jungniiehel and Marsha Rodriquez. ■ - HOUSEMOTHERS: First row: Mrs. Eloise Spear, Mrs. Mildred Willis, Mrs. Inez MarFarland. Mrs. Jessie Stewart, Mrs. Fred Dekle, Mrs. Nora Wilson. Second row: Mrs. Hugh Williams, Mrs. Irby Vann, Mrs. Imogene Wright, Mrs. Ethel Haley, Mrs. John Read, Mrs. Jessica Gerretson. PROCTORS: First row: Frank Welch, Frank Moran, Louis Bonsteel, Nat Naccarato. Robert Ference, Norman Clifton. Second row: William Pickels, Allen Cohen, David Gilbert, Frank Kronk, Roger Ward. Third row: David Dobkin. Fred 1 1 1 1 1 lburt. William Gardner, Daniel Devvell. 1 • ' • S , " »■■ ! ■Mnm Vice-President, Edwin MrMullen; Secretary-Treasurer, Susan Clark; President, Noel Engler. THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS NOEL ENGLER President EDWIN McMULLEN rice-President SUSAN CLARK Secretary-Treasurer 297 1! JUNIORS FIRST ROW CHARLES WALTON ADAMS MARIE C. ADDAIR REX D. ALVES MANUEL JACKSON ALVRUS RENJAMIN CECIL ANDERSON DENNIS ANDREWS Auburn dale. Florida Lakeland, Florida Lakeland. Florida Bonita Springs, Florida Plant City. Florida Chiefland. Florida FOURTH ROW CLIFFORD DENNETT FLOYD NED RIDDIX DONALD LOWELL RIGGERS HENRY BLACK GARLAND E. RLAIR PATRICIA ANNE RLOUNT Lakeland. Florida Topeka. Kansas Winter Garden. Florida St. Petersburg. Florida Lakeland. Florida Roanoke. Virginia SECOND ROW WILLIAM ALLAN ASRURY WILLIAM SINCLAIR ATWOOD WILLIAM FRANCIS RAIER JAMES LINTON RAKER JOHN STEVE RALAZS EDWARD A. RASDEKIAN Campbellsburg. Kentucky Richmond. Virginia St. Albans. Neiv York Zephyrhills. Florida Melbourne. Florida Lakeland. Florida FIFTH ROW JOANN RODEN VINCENT LEE ROLAND CHARLES RONANNO GEORGE J. BONE JACQUELINE MAY BOULET RORERT E. BRADLEY Short Hills. ISeiv Jersey- Lakeland. Florida Astoria. New York 1 1 mini ' n . Connecticut Tampa. Florida Pierson. Florida THIRD ROW RARRARA LYNN RASS JERRY L. BASSETT BARBARA ANN BAUHOF ARTHUR E. BEAM ROSCOE L. BEARD JAMES BENEYFIELD Tampa. Florida Lakeland. Florida Baltimore. Maryland Meflia, Pennsylvania Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Hatboro. Pennsylvania SIXTH ROW ROBERT EARL BRAME NANCY M. BREWER CAROL BRODMAN MARY ELLEN RROOKS FRED A. BROWN DEBORAH BRYCE Orlando, Florida Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tampa. Florida ff auchula, Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Jacksonville, Florida The A O Pi ' s are just singing in the ra Whv use stairs when pyramids are so easily made? 298 F) n i f Wlm- r- I I i • ' f [ % : -3 ' v i i 4 Alt ■ ' Jr : Ik ■ Ifci r (h f . 1 JUNIORS FIRST ROW CAROL ANN BUELL ROBERT LEE BUCK HAYNES W. BUMBY EDWARD PETERSON BUNTING Lakeland. Florida ROY OLIVER BURGESS Kathleen. Florida CAROLYN ELIZABETH BURT St. Petersburg. Florida West Palm Beach. Florida Jacksonville Beach. Florida Tampa. Florida FOURTH ROW SYDNEY OCTAVIUS CHASE Sanford, Florida JOHN GRAHAM CHESNEY Swedesboro, New Jersey LILLIAN BLANC CHILDERS Port Washington, Ne,c York SELDON THOMAS CHILDERS Lakeland. Florida CARL PAUL CHRISTOFF West Palm Beach. Florida SUSAN ANN CLARK Hartsdale. New York SECOND ROW WILLIAM BRUCE CALDWELL CHARLES CALHOUN LAMAR CALHOUN ROBERT LEE CAMPBELL DOMINIC CAPEZZA JOSEPH P. CARANANTE W inter Park, Florida Umatilla. Florida Bradley. Florida Arlington. Virginia New York. New York Tampa. Florida FIFTH ROW DOROTHY LOUISE CLAWSON NANCY JANE CLEMENT HARMON L. CLEMMONS NORMAN P. CLIFTON RUSSELL D. COMPTON TALMADGE T. COOGLER Orlando. Florida Salisbury. North Carolina Citra. Florida Ocala. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida THIRD ROW CAROLE JEAN CARPENTER ANNE CARTER JAMES LESLIE CHANDLER GUY DeWITT CHAPPELL ALANSON GEORGE CHARLES CHERDKUL CHARMORNMAN Binghamton. New York Lakeland. Florida Florida City. Florida Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Winter Haven. Florida Bangkok. Thailand SIXTH ROW BARBARA MAY COOKSEY Pawtucket, Rhode Island TED IRWIN COOPERMAN Buckhannon, West Virginia ELSIE ANN CORDES Seymour. Indiana WILLIAM RICHARD CORUM Winter Haven. Florida JACK L. COULTER Ft. Meade. Florida JOY LOUISE COWARD Lakeland. Florida Nanrv Bennett is rearlv for the hurri What is our pholof raphe • fining: in the girls " showers? 4fife it $ £. T rr «- { y m 1 , 1 il i0r ' .A " JJH 301 JUNIORS FIRST ROW PAULINE PATRICIA COX MARY L. CRAFT WAYINE BURRUS CUSHING MARGARET ANN DAVIDSON VYLLIS DAY WANDA LAVERNE DEAN Orlando. Florida Lakeland. Florida Mena. Arkansas If inter Haren. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida FOURTH ROW WILLIAM J. DUNCAN DONNASUE DUNKLEE RICHARD LAMAR DURBIN SUE CAROL DURRANCE MYRA ELIZABETH DYESS JAMES SIDNEY EASTERLING W inter Haven. Florida Manhasset, New York Gainesville. Florida Ft. Meade. Florida Jacksonville. Florida Orlando. Florida SECOND ROW JOHN H. DeBAY, JR. WILLIAM E. DeCROTEAU EDWIN LEE DEKLE EDWARD FLEMING DENISON JAMES A. DENSLOW DANIEL EDSON DEWELL St. Petersburg, Florida Lakeland. Florida Williston. Florida Ft. Pierce, Florida Lakeland. Florida Tampa. Florida FIFTH ROW ROBERT EDWIN EDMONDS BABBABA EISENBERGER JAMES CYRUS ELLMAKER JOSEPH WILLIAM EMSLEY NOEL MORRIS ENGLER ROBERT LELAND EVORS Sullivan, Illinois Sarasota. Florida Zephyrhills. Florida Poughkeepsie, New York Short Hills, New Jersey Xf auchula. Florida THIRD ROW GREGORY ADAM DIAZ THOMAS DiCESARE CARROLL WRAY D1CKERSON DAVID DOBKIN GEORGE MARTIN DOMANSKY DAVID A. DOSTER Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland, Florida Oak Park. Illinois Maitland. Florida Lakeland. Florida SIXTH ROW ROBEBT EUGENE FANNIN BICHABD ALAN FENWICK ROBEBT C. FEBNANDEZ LAWRENCE S. FIRESTONE RICHARD KRISE FORD MICHAEL JAMES FOREST Brooksville, Florida Poughkeepsie, New York Tampa. Florida Englewood. New Jersey St. Petersburg. Florida Daytona Beach, Florida Bettv Morgan plavs " Melodies to Stud By. " P V i " ■ Jr M g )t ™- B - Bt : -« H " m 302 a c U M i ) r. C- ♦ %■• JUNIORS FIRST ROW DELBERT W. FRASIER JUDITH LOIS FREED RALPH FREEMAN TALMADGE FULFORD ARTHUR JOHN GALLAGHER WILLIAM JOHN GARDNER Lakeland. Florida Lake Hiawatha. J ew Jersey W oodriver. Illinois If inter Garden. Florida Bloom field, New Jersey Hamilton. Ontario FOURTH ROW ANTONIO GUTIERREX WALTER WAYNE HAGERTV MARY HALL PATRICK HALL LESLIE MICHAEL HALLOCK JANE ESTA HAMBY Cali. Colombia Lakeland. Florida Jersey City. New Jersey- Orlando, Florida Chicago, Illinois Lakeland. Florida SECOND ROW ROSS JOSEPH GIANGRASSO DONALD CHARLES GOLDEN JUDITH ANN GOLDSMITH MAURICE GOLDSMITH OTIS DOYLE GORMAN JOHNNY HERSHAL GOSS Union City. l ew Jersey Kenil ' -vorth. ISew Jersey Tampa. Florida Tampa. Florida Greenville. South Carolina Auburndale. Florida FIFTH ROW LEWIS HARDIN, JR. FRANCES HAROLD JOHN PHILLIP HARRIS JOYCE FRICK HARRIS WILLIAM RUSSELL HATTON PARKS LEE HAY Greenfield, Indiana Greeneville, Tennessee Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Pahokee. Florida Macon, Georgia THIRD ROW GARY CARL GRABB MARY MILLER GRABLE MARTHA ANN GRACE JEAN THOMSON GRAHAM MURRAY GROSS GEORGE B. GUGGENHEIM Decatur. Illinois Tampa. Florida Lakeland. Florida St. Petersburg. Florida Miami Beach. Florida Rochester. New York SIXTH ROW NORRIS A. HAYFORD, JR. LEO WAYNE HAYMANS JAMES HELMS DONALD HEIDER, JR. LOIS MARIE HENDRY PATRICK LEROY HEPBURN Sarasota. Florida Lakeland. Florida Jacksoninlle. Florida Glen Ridge. New Jersey- Dade City. Florida Lakeland. Florida Onlv three more term papers to go. Did somebody call poor little me? 305 1 JUNIORS FIRST ROW MARGIE MAE HERMANEK JOHN RAYMOND HEY JOANNE ELEANOR HICKS CHARLES ROBERT HILL LOUIE HENRY HINDS. JR. CHARLES GREENE HINSON Lakeland, Florida Marianna, Florida Sarasota. Florida Merritt, Florida Osgood. Indiana Lakeland. Florida FOURTH ROW KENNETH JOHNSON ROY JOHNSON WILLIAM CARL JOHNSON BARBARA ANN JONES BEVERLY ANN JONES DALTON RAY JONES Lakeland, Florida Marianna, Florida Orlando. Florida Joplin. Missouri Miami. Florida Dundee, Florida SECOND ROW BETTY JOANNE HOLLADY GARY CHARLES HOSKINS WILLIAM BRYAN HOWARD THOMAS FLOYD HUHEEY DAVID WINF1ELD HULL NANCY SUE HUNTER Frostproof. Florida Hyden. Kentucky Miami. Florida Oxford. Ohio Auburndale. Florida Lake City, Florida FIFTH ROW JOHN SAMPLE JONES ROBERT PIERCE JONES EDWARD GEORGE JUDSON PAUL AXEL KAAS WILLIAM M. KAIN RICHARD H. KAMERLING Haines City. Florida Lakeland. Florida Neicburgh. IS etc York Plant City. Florida Short Hills, Veic Jersey Amittrville, Netc York THIRD ROW FRED WENTWORTH HURLBURT WILLIAM DAVIS HUSSEY JACK DOUGLAS INGRAM MARY ANNE JANES MARTHA SUE JANSSEN GEORGE GUY JOHNSON Maitland. Florida Gainesville. Florida Jacksonville. Florida Bradenton. Florida Winter Haven. Florida Jacksonville. Florida SIXTH ROW DANIEL FORD KEANE WILLIAM M. KEEN JOHN ROBERT KEHOE LYNDA JOY KELL WILLIAM FRANK KELLY JOAN CATHERINE KEMPF Cocoa Beach. Florida Lake W ales. Floritla Winter Haven. Florida Flushing. Aeic York Orlando. Florida Ann Arbor. Michigan Connie Clark, Carol Martin and Lvnne Mos waiting for the program Martha Hendry is trying her hest to give Mary Eddie a " pony tail. 306 1 . ' 51 ! ' %k I K " 4 hi JUNIORS FIRST ROW KENNETH WILLIAM KERBER GRANT DANIEL KERST WILLIAM EDWARD KESLER RAYMOND F. KEUTHAN FREDERICK KEYSER JANET WELLS KEYSER Lakeland. Florida Howling Green. Florida Fellsmere. Florida Hialeah. Florida Orlando. Florida Orlando. Florida FOURTH ROW NANCY E. KOOPMAN RICHARD P. KRAUSE, JR. SUE GODWIN KRAUSE FRANK E. KRONK, JR. LEONARD KURFIRST LUTHER LAITE Lago Colony. Aruba Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Amsterdam. New York Berwyn. Illinois Trilby. Florida SECOND ROW WAYNE GARDNER KILLEN KWANG SOO KIM SOON YOUNG CYNTHIA KIM JAMES F. KIMBREL RICHARD ELMER KING TOMMY BERT KING Coral Gables. Florida Taegu. Korea Seoul. Korea Midway, Florida Fellsmere. Florida Tampa. Florida FIFTH ROW IDA MARY LANE DAVID LANG MARIAN LANYON SANDRA MAE LAYTON BARBARA JEAN LEE ROBERTA ANNE LEE Dade City. Florida Eau Gal lie. Florida W inter Haven. Florida Ft. Myers. Florida Jacksonville. Florida Jacksonville. Florida THIRD ROW JOSEPH LUTHER KITCHEL ELLEN SPEER KNAUSS BOBBIE LEE KNOWLES CHEBRILL BARBARA KNUDTEN CHARLES D. KONSELMAN PETER CARL KOERNER Lakeland. Florida Katonah, Veto York Haines City. Florida Cedar Rapids. Iowa Garden City. Neiv York- Park Ridge. Illinois SIXTH ROW ROBERT DAVID LENHOLT ARLENE EMILY LEVINE LEON R. LEWISON MAX ROBERT LIEDER LINDA LOU LIEFIELD FREDRIC KENT LINDSAY Daytona Beach. Florida Hopatcong, New Jersey- Chicago. Illinois Bushnell. Florida Thomasville. Georgia Scotia. New York Lynn Heberling and Johnny Gibson make big plans for the evening I V. Cindy Ingram. Martha Watson and Jill Wilson take up gardening. 309 JUNIORS FIRST ROW LAURENS EDWARD LINEBAUGH Tamp,,, Florida JEANNETTE M. LIONG Djakarta. Java. Indonesia HERBERT F. LIVSEY Hawthorne. New York WALTER C. LOESCHE Lakeland, Florida EZRA WILLIAM LOV, JR. Clearwater. Florida JOSEPH PHILIP LUKOWSKI Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW CARL HERBERT MATTHES CHARLES A. MAYO JOHN L. MEAD, JB. THOMAS MEEKS JOHN W. MEREDITH HENRY C. MEYER Mulberry. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Clermont. Florida Lakeland. Florida Hollywood. Florida SECOND ROW GERALYN BEDFOBD LYNCH JAMES LEE McCULLOUGH JOHN BEESE McKENZIE MABGABET JANE McKlNNON EDWIN HULL McMULLEN HUGH EDWIN McNATT W ilmette. Illinois Lakeland. Florida Tavernier, Florida Tampa, Florida Lakeland. Florida Miami. Florida FIFTH ROW OSCAB JAMES MICHAEL DAVID JOSEPH MILES ALFRED MINGIONE PEYTON MONTGOMERY NEWTON MARION MULLIS ALLEN WELCH MUNDY Danville. Illinois Buffalo. New York I ' lainfield. New Jersey Lakeland. Florida Jacksonville. Florida Lakeland. Florida THIRD ROW LARRY HAFFORD McNEIL JOHN E. MAINES, III BERNARDO MAJZEL MARCELO LARA DAVID HAROLD MARTIN YOLANDA MARTINEZ Clearwater. Florida Gainesville. Florida Maracaibo. Venezuela Tampa, Florida Lakeland. Florida Hialeah, Florida SIXTH ROW GAYLE MYERS MARION H. MYERS NATALE NACCARATO DAVID AUSTIN NELSON JOHN W. NELSON, JR. BRIAN PAUL NEVILLE Homestead. Florida Elmhurst. Illinois Miami Beach. Florida Lake Worth. Florida Jacksonville. Florida Ft. Myers, Florida Begistration line-up . . . How can thev smile al such a time? The KD ' s agree that television is much better than homework. 310 ♦ ■ • . 4 : f y r ■ 14 M 1 4tA 1 1 m. :X3 - r fkL t A f-v $ " ill lffa? s - r v ' F JUNIORS FIRST ROW VERDELL E. NELSON SHIRLEY ANN NEWBERG THOMAS FRANKLIN NEWMAN JOSEPH MICHAEL NOLEN JOHN W. NORSE MARLENE JOANNE NORWELL Grant, Nebraska Chicago. Illinois St. Petersburg, Florida Auburndale, Florida Jacksonville. Florida Park Ridge. Illinois FOURTH ROW RONNIE S. PECK NANCY G. PEDD1E PETER ROY PERCIASEPE PENNY PETERSON JOAN PETTEWAY JAMES W. PETTY Zulcski. Ohio Pompano Beach. Florida Larchmont. Veto York Doicners Crave, Illinois Tampa. Florida Selnta. Alabama SECOND ROW RODNEY JOHN NORWELL JERRY R. NOVAK GLENN LEE OAK RONALD F. ORDWAY DAIIL PARK ERNEST JOHN PARSONS Park Ridge. Illinois Lakeland. Florida Waukesha, Wisconsin Lakeland, Florida Inchon. Korea Rye. New Hampshire FIFTH ROW WILLIAM RAOUL PICKELS DALE WELLINGTON PIERCE WILLIAM STEVEN POOLE HUGO POSADA LOUISE ALMA POSTEL JACK L. POWELL, JR. Tampa. Florida Lakeland. Florida Jacksonville. Florida Cirardot, Colombia Mascoutah. Illinois Winter Garden. Florida THIRD ROW JANE PATRICIA PARSONS ANGELO C. PARTENZA MYRNA REAMS PARTENZA NYRA LOU PAYTON PAUL ALABRAN PEARSON GEORGE DANIEL PECK Elm Grove, Wisconsin Scarsdale. New York Scarsdale. New York Chicago. Illinois Havertown. Pennsylvania Lakeland. Florida SIXTH ROW NEIL ERNEST PRASCHAN WILLIAM J. PRESCOTT CHARLES EDWARD REDDICK C. RAYMOND REED, JR. DEAN REFRAM GEORGE M. RENNINGER Lakeland. Florida Garfield. New Jersey Plant City. Florida Nichols. Florida Medinah. Illinois Dover. Florida ue Hagist is busy keeping the scrap book up to date for the AOPi ' s Pat Daughtry and Margaret McKinnon have trouble storing their excess clothing. 313 JUNIORS FIRST ROW BEVERLY AMINE REYNOLDS Poughkeepsie, i ew York ROBERT GORDON REYNOLDS JEAN McRAE RICHARDSON DALE KEELER RIDER RANDOLFO JUAN RIVERA EMMETT E. ROBERTS Auburndale. Florida Doivell, Maryland Kenosha. Wisconsin Santurce. Puerto Rico Atlantic Beach. Florida FOURTH ROW ANDREW C. SCATURRO DONN LANDON SCHEERER JOHN D. SCHLOSSER PETER JOHN SCMIDT CARL SCHUCHARDT GUS CLINT SCHULTZ Ft. Myers. Florida Baltimore. Maryland Joliet. Illinois Garden City, Veic York Sappington. Missouri Brooksville. Florida SECpND ROW KENNETH RICE RODDY Ml. Union, Pennsylvania SUSAN FARRELL ROGERS Greensboro. North Carolina JACQUELYN WALLER ROLLYSON Plant City. Florida KATHRYN V. ROTON Jacksonville. Florida DONALD KEITH ROTT West Palm Beach, Florida JO ANNE ROWDYBUSH Arlington, Virginia FIFTH ROW ALAN JOHN SCHWIND CAROL SEITZ SALLY MARIE SHINN HENRY A. SIBLEY, JR. V. JACQUELYN SIERRA RONALD SILVERS Wilmette. Illiitois Cincinnati. Ohio Lake Alfred. Florida Shrereport. Louisiana Winter Haven. Florida Lakeland, Florida THIRD ROW JACK EVERETT RUBUSH RUDOLPH DON SCHWAGER T. HARDY RUSHING, JR. J. RUSSELL SACKETT. JR. VICTOR SALI PETER L. SANDBERG SIXTH ROW Lake Hamilton. Florida St. Petersburg. Florida Mulberry. Florida Bala-Cymryd. Pennsylvania Lakeland. Florida Darien. Connecticut JULIAN SIMON Lakeland. Florida RUBY SINGLETON Ft. Myers, Florida HERBERT I. SIROTA St. Petersburg. Florida MARCUS D. SMITH. JR. Jacksonville. Florida WALTER ALLIE SMITH Lakeland. Florida BARBARA ANN SNOW Jacksonville. Florida Bobbie V lasafc and Emme Wissman take lime out for the " ' midnight snaek. " Mary Rudolph, Jane Murphy, Marilyn Iiu-hlon and Barbara Clifford play bridge. 314 ; c .;j ;;J;J ■■■ ;? ) ff A C £i c » ci cc M cc a t -r JUNIORS FIRST ROW PATRICIA ANN SPERRY URSULA ANN STEIN EULUS T. STEPHENS SHEILA JOY STEPHEN ALLEN R. STERN GARY A. STEVENS Tavares. Florida Roslyn Heights, New York Mulberry. Florida Mundelein, Illinois Rumson, New Jersey Park Ridge. Illinois FOURTH ROW WALTER A. TRAINER GEORGE O. TREADWELL BEVERLY HELEN TRESCA FRANCIS P. TROINA JOHN W. VAUGHN, JR. EVELYN HUGGINS VETRANO Innsbruck. Austria Peekskill, New York Jacksonville. Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida SECOND ROW BILLIE SUE STOKES BARBARA SUE STROUD VIRGINIA MIRIAM SULKALA GEORGE ARTHUR SULKESS RICHARD GEORGE TATRO FRANK TERRANA Stokes. North Carolina Jacksonville, Florida Maynard. Massachusetts Woodmere, New York Lakeland. Florida Tampa. Florida FIFTH ROW RORERT S. VIVIAN LEROY WALKER PETER WALKER RORERT LA VERNE WALLACE ELLIS HERBERT WALSTON ROBERT PERRY WARDELL Beloit. Wisconsin Miami. Florida Tampa. Florida Orlando, Florida Pahokee. Florida Gulfport, Florida THIRD ROW JUDY M. TEWINKLE WILLIAM REUBEN THOMAS ROBERT FOY THOMPSON JOHN RAYMOND TINDELL DOUGLAS I. TIPTON JAMES RAY TIPTON South Otselic. New York Gainesville. Florida Clermont. Florida Hialeah. Florida Dade City. Florida Danville. Illinois SIXTH ROW MARTHA WATSON BARBARA ANN WEDGWORTH DAVID LOUIS WEIS MARY ANN WELLS CLAYTON M. WEST SAMUEL C. WHARTON Lakeland. Florida Belle Glade. Florida W auchula. Florida W auchula, Florida Orlando. Florida Key West. Florida Vickie Cheshire and Shirley Harvard wait for the " late dales Martv Grace dreads the outcome of her deliherate actions. 317 JUNIORS FIRST ROW EDWARD W. WHEELER THERESA WHITICE MABEL ADELE WHITTLE WILLIAM WADE WIGGINS ROBERT LOUIS WILLIAMSON ROSE MARY WILLIAMSON Sturgis. Michigan Ft. Pierce. Florida Sarasota. Florida Lake Alfred. Florida Auhurndale. Florida Orlando. Florida SEl OND ROW GAIL MOODY WILLS DONNA ELIZABETH WINK DAVID HART WINN SHIRLEY JOY WINSLOW JAMES WILBERT WOLF MARJORIE ANN WOOD Plant City. Florida Buffalo. New York W est Cornwall. Connecticut Orlando. Florida New Freedom. Pennsylvania Miami. Florida THIRD ROW EUGENE B. WOODWARD, JR. MARGARET I. WORK PALMA LYNN WRIGHT S. CLARKE WYLLIE, JR. FOURTH ROW WILLIAM RAYMOND YOUNG MARTHA JEAN YOUNGER WALTER R. ZIGRANG Tampa. Florida Lakeland. Florida Zephyrhills. Florida Tampa. Florida Lakeland, Florida Lakeland. Florida Vero Beach. Florida Business and pleasure mix very well in Allan Spivey Hall 1 Mrs. Johnson discusses a point of interest with Vivian Vann. 318 » ♦ • •-• %. ■i % ♦ « % %•%.«■! Dear Folks . . . Send money a$ $oon a$ po$§ible. The sign-out desk proves busy about 7:30 P.M. 319 ittt, i Secretary-Treasurer, Carol Marshall; Vice-President, Sally Roberts. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS NEAL JUSTIN President SALLY ROBERTS Vice-President CAROL MARSHALL SecretaryTreasMirer 321 SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW TRUMAN WAGNER ABBOT GEORGE ALLEN ADDY CURTIS LEE ADKINS RICHARD L. ADOLPHSON PATRICIA ANN ATIERN FRANK JOHN ALOIA Charleston. West Virginia Lakeland. Florida Alexandria. Virginia Pass-a-Grille Beach. Florida Amherst. Massachusetts Scotch Plains. IS ' etv Jersey FOURTH ROW HERNANDO O. BARCO BARBARA BARKER ROBERT C. BARNES ROBERT JAMES BARRY ROBERT J. BARTA HENRY HOPKINS BECKWITH Girardot. Colombia Yonkers. Neiv York Gulf port. Mississippi Orlando. Florida Plant City. Florida Jacksonville, Florida SECOND ROW MAURICE VAUGHN ALTMAN Orlando. Florida ALBERT AMMON Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania CORTLAND E. ANDERSON, JR. Palm Beach. Florida LEONARD R. ANDERSON Eggerlsville. Netc York JOAN VIRGINIA ARAGONA Virginia Beach. Virginia JAMES GLOVER ARMSTRONG Orlando. Florida FIFTH ROW DONALD RICHARD BENNETT NANCY ANN BENNETT HARRY J. BENTZ GAIL BILLET LUIS RAMON BIRD BURTUS BISHOP Cambridge. Maryland Rossville. Georgia Lakeland. Florida Miami Beach. Florida Fajardo. Puerto Rico Chicago. Illinois THIRD ROW PATRICIA JOANNE AUTREY CHARLES GENE BAILEY DON EUGENE BAILEY BARBARA ANNE BAKER DAVID E. BAMFORD FRANKLIN BENNETT BARBER Tampa, Florida Jacksonville, Florida Vero Beach, Florida St. Petersburg. Florida Clairton. Pennsylvania Bushnell, Florida SIXTH ROW WALTER BRASWELL BOLAND JULIE ANN BOYER ROBERT ORVILLE BRADFORD JEANNE MARILYN BRADLEY EDWARD B. BRANCH, JR. DONALD EDWARD BRENNAN Winter Haven. Florida Lakeland. Florida Leesburg. Florida Tampa. Florida Atlanta. Georgia Bronx. ISew } ork The Pi Kappa Alpha ' s receive special honor for ranking as the outstanding chapter nationally. Donna Sarkison and Diane Beatty enjoy helping Charlie Tice dress for his picture. 322 .::::::: 0% % ♦ %• « 4 SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW WILLIAM HENRI BRUT EDWARD VERNON BROOKS DONALD PERRY BROWN DAVID WARNER BRl NSTROM VIVIAN LOUISE BRYANT WALTER L. BULLARD, JR. Winter Garden, Florida Miami. Florida Miami. Florida Winter Park. Florida Columbus. Georgia Oxford. Massachusetts FOURTH ROW CARL L. CARPENTER LARRY WALTER CARTER RICHARD S. CARTER JOYCE ELAINE CHANEY HOMER WILLIAM CHEYNE OLIVER BENTLEY CH1LSON Plant City. Florida Berea. Ohio Jackson ville. Florida Huntington. West Virginia Lakeland, Florida Orlando. Florida SECOND ROW KATHLEEN ROSE BURKE University Heights. Ohio ROBERT DEE BURKHOLDER Bradenton. Florida JOHN W. BURNS Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JOAN ALICE BURR Winter Haven. Florida CHARLES PENT BYINGTON Tampa. Florida DORIS MARILYN CALHOUN Sanford. Florida FIFTH ROW WILLIAM RAY CHIPMAN CONNIE SUE CLARK NICKI ALICEON CLARK ROBERT HENRY CLAY MILDRED CLEMENTS BARBARA JANE CLIFFORD Wauchula. Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Pulaski. Virginia W inter Haven, Florida Stuart. Florida Miami. Florida THIRD ROW EUGENE CLAYTON CALHOUN CHARLES BROOKS CALLAWAY, JR. KAY CAMERON MARY EMILY CAMPBELL PATRICIA SUE CARMAN GARY WARREN CARNES Augusta, Georgia Orlando, Florida Miami. Florida Tavares. Florida Quincy. Florida Haines City. Florida SIXTH ROW BOBBY CLIFTON BRUCE JACKSON CLOUGH PAMELA MARIE COAN JAMES LEE COBLE CHALMERS CLATO COE ALLEN LEE COHEN Lakeland. Florida Delray Beach. Florida Westchester. Illinois Bonita Springs. Florida St. Petersburg. Florida Orlando. Florida All aboard for Florida Southern on the ACL ' s special FSC coach. Mary Lou Cunningham and Johnny Robinson stop in the C. T. for a coke. 325 SOPHOMORES ELIZABETH SARAH CONNER Rockville Centre, ISetc York MARGARET CONNOR MARIE CONNOR RICHARD E. CONRAD JAMES WHITNEY CONVISER BURNHAM RANDEL COOPER Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Kingsport. Tennessee Cincinnati. Ohio FOURTH ROW MARY JO CRUM RUBEN A. CUERYO DIANE CAROL CULLODEN MARILYN M. CULYER MARY LOU CUNNINGHAM GENEYIEYE L. CURRY Plant City. Florida Tampa. Florida Milwaukee. W isconsin Dayton. Ohio Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Lakeland. Florida SECOND ROW FRANCES MURRILL COPES CAROL JANIS COTHERN CHARLES WEBB COURTOY MITTY ANN COURTOY PETER BEVAN COUSINS TERRY PATRICK COWHEY FIFTH ROW Plant City. Florida JOYCE ANN DANIEL II nter Haven. Florida Mexico City. Mexico PATRICIA PARKER DAUGHTRY Wauchula. Florida Bartow. Florida DAR1S ANNE DAVIS Ocoee. Florida Bartotc, Florida MURRELL LESTER DAVIS W auchula. Florida Tarrylown. ! ie York NANCY J. DECUBELLES C rystal River. Florida Chicago. Illinois HARVEY LAM DENNIS Winter Haven Florida THIRD ROW RONALD FRANK COX DAVID STANLEY CREAMER MARGUERITE G. CRITCHLOW WILLIAM ALAN CROCKER CYNTHIA ANNE CRONWALL DAVID LOWELL CROSBY Orlando. Florida Lakeland. Florida Winter Haven. Florida Sarasota. Florida River Forest. Illinois Melbourne. Florida SIXTH ROW ARLENE DORIS DeTROY SYLVIA MARGARET DIAZ PATTY JEAN DICKEY DONALD ARTHUR DICKSON GEORGE CURTIS DILL PHILIP DAVID DINOUID Haworth. ! ew Jersey Tampa. Florida Butler. Pennsylvania Ocala. Florida Tampa. Florida Jacksonville. Florida Mrs. Miller is the center of attention while serving punch at the Panhellenic Tea. Lyn Ferrell, Dee Kaiser and Sandy Long are just relaxing between academic classes. 326 - : » » » |. r f Mi . | : ::::!: SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW BERMA FAY DOTY RICHARD VICTOR DOTY ARNOLD DALE DOLBERLY JUANITA ALMETA DOUGLAS KAREN DUNTON HULAN RAY Dl ' REN Rockledge. Florida Winter Haven, Florida Lakeland, Florida Lakeland. Florida Fair Latin. New Jersey Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW SHERMAN ASHER FIELDS Leesburg, Florida KALLEOPE OPAL FOSTER Pensacola. Florida WALTER HORTON FOSTER Glen Ridge. New Jersey ELIZABETH ANN FRANCKUM Wethersfield. Connecticut WADE W. FREEMAN Orlando. Florida WALTER LEON FREEMAN Belleview. Florida SECOND ROW NANCY ELIZABETH EDENFIELD MARY FLORENCE EDDIE EDWARD GERVIN EDWARDS BARBARA RUTH ELLIOTT MARGARET JANE ELOSGE BRUCE W. EMERY Lakeland. Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Plain field. New Jersey Riverdale. New York W inter Haven. Florida St. Petersburg, Florida FIFTH ROW GEORGE DEWEY FRENCH Lakeland. Florida RICHARD CHARLES FULFORD Orlando. Florida MICHAEL J. GALLO Mamaroneck. New York BILLY JOE GANDY Lakeland, Florida RAMON GARCIA Tampa. Florida MILO STANTON GARDNER Lakeland. Florida THIRD ROW LUWAYNE JUDITH ESKELIN NEIL JOYNER ESKELIN KARL HALLETT EWERTS CAROL FERRARA LYNETTE FERRELL BEVERLY JOYCE FIELDS Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Coral Gables. Florida North Muskegon. Michigan Lake Citr. Florida SIXTH ROW GWENDOLYN P. GARRETT WARREN LESTER GAY BERNARD HARRY GERARD DAVID F. GILBERT JAMES TERRELL GOFF ROE WILLIAM GOODMAN Haines City. Florida Lakeland. Florida Bronxville, New York Knoxville. Tennessee If inter Haven. Florida Lakeland. Florida Bill Spivey lends his talent during the " Freshmen Reception. ' These gals were earl) birds for the serenade bv the Pikes 329 SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW GLEN LEE GORDON JOAN MARIE GORMAN GARY SCOTT GRABE CHARLES M. GRAHAM PETER LANE GRANT RALPH KURT GRAULICH Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Ormond Beach. Florida St. Augustine. Florida Merrick. Netv York Queens Village. New York FOURTH ROW MILTON T. HALL WILLIAM ELOYD HAMAKER BARBARA TUTTLE HAMILTON THOMAS WEBB HAMILTON DOREEN FAY HANDLEY DEAN GORDON HANSON Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Alexandria. Virginia Babylon. IS etc York Pompano Beach, Florida Lakeland. Florida Bellerieic. Florida SECOND ROW ROBERTA ANNE GREEN JOHN MARTIN GREENE ALFRED KENNETH GRICE JAMES E. GRIDLEY MILLER H. GRIFFIN DON LOWELL GROEN Leesburg. Florida Cocoa. Florida Baldwin, New York Montclair. New Jersey Ft. Myers. Florida Danrille. Illinois FIFTH ROW HELEN ELIZABETH HANSON LOLA E. HARLEMAN CHARLOTTE DAWN HARPER MICHAEL JOSEPH HARPER BOBBY ALEX HARRELL JO ANN HARRIS Fruitland Park. Florida Lakeland. Florida St. Petersburg. Florida Columbus, Ohio Knights, Florida Leesburg. Florida THIRD ROW NICK GUAGLIARDO JEFFERSON GUILFORD BEVERLY ANN HAINES WILLARD G. HALE JUDITH ANNE HALL MARY JO HALL Tampa. Florida Lakeland. Florida Arlington. Virginia Lake Wales. Florida Jacksonville, Florida Lake H ales. Florida SIXTH ROW WAYNE RODMAN HARRIS LEE PHELPS HARRISON RONALD OLIN HARRISON SHIRLEY RUTH HARVARD JAMES EDGAR HATCH JOHN WILLIAM HAWKEN Preston. Maryland Milford. Connecticut Orlando. Florida Chattahoochee. Florida Nichols. Florida Lakeland. Florida Eve Messmore and Ann Vogel are taking good care of Jim Tiplon during the fashion show. Tessie Whitice finds herself in her glory with every different fraternity pin on campus. AAV. !_■■■■■■ §■■«!■■ ■■ " JfiS 330 ♦ ■ % ft £ ?. f - I k : : : : : SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW DON PAUL HAWKINS Montverde. Florida JAMES E. HAWTHORNE Hastings-on-Hudson, New York JAMES ROBERT HAYGOOD Verona, Pennsylvania JEAN CLAUDE HEILBERG Netv York, New York MARTHA LOUISE HENDRY Wauchula, Florida PETER E. HERGUTH Dingman ' s Ferry, Pennsylvania FOURTH ROW BERYL L. INSINGER JAMES LONNIE IVEY JOHN F. JAGELER, III RICHARD C. JENSEN FRANCES E. JOHNSON JANICE M. JOHNSON W orthington. Ohio Winter Haven. Florida Pompano Beach, Florida Fords. New Jersey Lake City. Florida Minneapolis. Minnesota SECOND ROW WILLIAM OLIVER HIGGINS JAMES ARTHUR HIGHTOWER ERNEST JOHN HILL CA THERINE LEE HOAGEY ELIZABETH A. HOFFSOMMER CLARENCE B. HOLLIFIELD Haines City. Florida Venice. Florida Bradenton. Florida Sellersville, Pennsylvania College Park. Maryland Lakeland. Florida FIFTH ROW JOYCE I. JOHNSON KAREN K. JOHNSON LAFAYETTE D. JOHNSON, JR. DEBORAH KAY JONES NEAL ERIC JUSTINIANO DEE ANN KAISER Pierce. Florida Babson Park, Florida Jacksonville, Florida Amherst, Massachusetts Dunedin. Florida St. Charles. Illinois THIRD ROW GERALD RAY HOOKER EFFIE LOU HOPPER RALPH D. HOYT JOSEPH DANIEL HUDEK THOMAS ARTHUR HUGHES RALPH CLARENCE HULSE Plant City. Florida Coral Cables. Florida Lakeland. Florida inpano Beach. Florida Netv York, New York East Liverpool. Ohio SIXTH ROW KENNETH VERN KASAK PATRICIA LYNN KEAGLE SARAH JOSEPHINE KELLER MAXIE WENDELL KELLY DONALD C. H. KING LUCILLE M. KIRKLAND Delray Beach. Florida Minneapolis. Minnesota Winter Garden, Florida Lawtey . Florida Lakeland. Florida Plant Citv, Florida Martha Hendry and Anne Turner are taking their " time out " at the sign out desk. This policeman finds it a pleasure to stop girls from Florida Southern. 333 SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW JANE STACK KITCHEL CARL MICHAEL KOCH JOHN F. KOEBER, JR. FREDRIC MARK KOHN RICHARD ALLEN KOLLAR FREDERICK HENRY KURTH Lakeland, Florida Fair Lawn, New Jersey Western Springs. Illinois Miami, Florida Ossin ing. New York St. Petersburg. Florida FOURTH ROW MARTIN P. LA VAN ROBERTA LAWRENCE CHARLES HENRY LAWSON ROBERT EARL LEE EMILE JOSEPH Le MOICNE JACK LEON LEVINE Brighton, Michigan Point Pleasant. New Jersey Starke. Florida Umatilla. Florida Bound Brook. New Jersey- Lakeland. Florida SECOND ROW ROBERT JOSEPH LAMA Poughkeepsie. New York SARA SUZANNE LAMB Miami. Florida BRYAN BELMONT LANCASTER Greenwood, Mississippi ROBERT MURRAY LANCASTER St. Augustine. Florida JAMES EDWARD LANE Lakeland. Florida MARVIN WAYNE LANGFORD Frostproof. Florida FIFTH ROW LeROY BENJAMIN LEWIS RICHARD ALLEN LEWISY WILLIAM SAM LIPPS VIRGINIA ROSE LOGGIA HARRY FRED LONG BERNARD CLARK LUPOSELLO Rockford. Michigan Northport. New York Jacksonville. Florida Elm on t. New York Miami. Florida Croton. New York THIRD ROW SIDNEY FAYE LANIER FRED DON LANTZ NANCY JO LANTZ JOHN RUSSELL LARSEN WARREN PETER LASHER JULIAN LANE LATIMER, III Williamsburg. Virginia Danville. Illinois Lansing. Michigan Macopin. New Jersey Ormond Beach. Florida Kingsport, Tennessee SIXTH ROW CHARLES DEAN LYON RICHARD M. McBURNEY JERRY THOMAS McCALL PATRICIA ANN McCLOUGHAN WILLIAM ROBERT McCRANIE KATHERYN E. McDONALD Riverside. Pennsylvania Claremont. California Vero Beach, Florida Danville. Pennsylvania Lakeland. Florida Wauchula. Florida Barbara Eisenburger is caught studying. " Three of a kind " are high in this gar 334 I-Vi ;• ♦•♦ ' % ' . I «s ■ H - f C5 Y j- •■» iiM v .4t ;: i f , f A «fl| m : : : SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW JAMES RANDOLPH McKEE ROBERT LEE MoLENDON, JR. MARGARET W. Mc.LEOD CLARENCE E. McNEELY ROBERT JOHN MeQUADE WILLIAM MARTIN MacDONALD San ford. Florida Marianna. Florida Lakeland, Florida Atmore. Alabama Mineola. New York Brandon. Florida FOURTH ROW RONALD FRANKLIN MIXON NANCY LOUISE MOHR NORMA LOUISE MOORE THOMAS EDWARD MOORE WILLIAM H. MOREL Wimauma. Florida Lakeland. Florida Pompano Beach. Florida W inter Haven, Florida Tuckahoe, New York MICAELA ELIZABETH MORIEN Eagle River. Wisconsin SECOND ROW EDWARD SPENCER MacKENZIE CHARLES RAYMOND MARKHAM CAROL JUDITH MARSHALL CAROL ANN MARTIN ELMER W. MARTIN, JR. JOHN CHARLES MELINDI Brooksville. Florida Okeechobee, Florida Oneco. Florida Charleston. West Virginia Bartow. Florida Tampa. Florida FIFTH ROW DALE MICHAEL MORRISON RONALD EDWARD MORTON GUINITH LYNNE MOSS JAMES E. MOULTON CLIFF B. MUELLER M. FRANCES MULLIKIN Engletcood, Florida Miami. Florida Dunbar. West Virginia Groveland. Florida Chicago. Illinois Ft. Lauderdale. Florida THIRD ROW THOMAS MORRISON MELTON ANDONI MENDIGUREN RICHARD LEON MENSH NED M. MIDDLESWORTH BASIL MIKA WALTER LESLIE MITCHELL Lake City. Florida Havana, Cuba Tampa, Florida Converse, Indiana Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida SIXTH ROW BEVERLEY JUNE MURFIN MICHAEL EDWARD MURPHY EVELYN MAE MYERS KENNETH CHARLES MYERS NANCY ANN MYERS GEORGE D. NEBHUTH Eloise. Florida Bloomington, Illinois Pitt sbu rgh. Pen n syl van ia Tampa. Florida Oviedo. Florida Philadelphia. Pennsylvania inda Parrot! makes good use of " phone wailing " time Ginny Stewart and Naney Stewart enjoy the sunshine. 337 SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW DOROTHY ANNE NELSON ROBERT L. NESBIT WINFRED W. NICHOLSON ALTON G. NTGHSWANDER JAMES COLIN O ' DONNELL NANCY LEE OLDS Jackson. Wyoming Lakeland. Florida Plant City. Florida Lakeland Florida Lakeland. Florida Venice. Florida FOURTH ROW CHARLENE ALICE POLAND KENNETH M. PORTER EDWARD R. POWELL ROBERT LEE POYNER RALPH LEO PREUSTER DONNA LOIS PUSINELLI South Miami. Florida Freeport. ! eiv York North Miami. Florida Orlando. Florida Seaside Heights. New Jersey- New York. Netc York SECOND ROT JANE O ' NEILL SUE ANN OPLER RAY OVERSTREET NANCY JOAN OWSLEY JOAN PALSGRAAF MARY LINDA PARROTT Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania Hinsdale. Illinois Dover. Florida Alexandria, Virginia Chattahoochee. Florida Apopka. Florida FIFTH ROW ROGER F. QUISENBERRY HUGH MILLER RAWLS, JR. PATRICIA REINKING SARAH S. RHODES ROBERT F. H. RITCH FRANK GREGORY RIVERA Jensen. Florida Atlantic Beach. Florida Spring Lake. Michigan Dade City. Florida Bartow. Florida San Juan. Puerto Rico THIRD ROW JAMES LOUIS PENNINGTON ROBERT GARY PETERS SANDRA SLE PETERSON ROBERT EDWARD PFAFF ROBERT LEWIS PHILLIPS HAROLD D. PLACE. JR. Lake M ales. Florida Arlington Heights. Illinois Clearwater. Florida Winter Haven. Florida Haines City. Florida Plainfield. New Jersey SIXTH ROW JUDITH ANN ROBERSON RONALD FLOYD ROBERSON MARY LOU ROBERTS SALLY NAOMI ROBERTS JOHN ROBINSON WALTER H. ROBINTON, JR. Orlando. Florida Winter Garden. Florida Northport. New York Jacksonville. Florida Kingsport. Tennessee Gainesville. Florida Janiee Cothern " tickles the ivories. " while Grace Roderick. Sandy Long and Dee Kaiser harmonize. Nicky Clark. Joan Tangora and Ursula Stein are very busy arranging those fall flowers. f M ; ' 338 % k r p. a fi rs o f » 4 1 % . % » SOPHOMORES f kst " fior FORREST EDWIN ROCKETT BION TAYLOR ROCKWELL GRACE LEGATE RODERICK ANA MATHILDA RODRIGUEZ Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Suttons Bar. Michigan Winnetka. Illinois Manlanzas. Cuba JOSEPH CRESCENT ROSELLE East Orange, New Jersey RICHARD CARLTON ROSS Miami. Florida FOURTH ROW JACK HEWITT SHIPMAN CHARLES RAY SHORTRIDGE MARSHALL H. SIBERTSON LOIS JEAN SICKELS JON ALLYN SIMMONS JOHN EDWARD SIMPSON Robinson. Illinois Lakeland. Florida Lakeland, Florida Ormond Beach. Florida Sarasota, Florida Merrick. New York SECOND ROW RICHARD GEORGE ROTUNNO Stolen Island, New York MARY TERESA RUDOLPH Flushing. New York STUART HAROLD SABEL Philadelphia. Pennsylvania LYNN LARY SAKEL Stendal, Indiana SARIPAH SALMIAH Medan. Sumatra RICHARD D. SCHADDELEE Grand Rapids. Michigan FIFTH ROW RILEY DEAN SIMS West Palm Beach, Florida JANICE MARTHA SIRCY Sarasota, Florida STUART FREDRICK SMELTZLY Lakeland. Florida CHARLES E. SMITH, JR. Pompano Beach. Florida DOROTHY ANN SMITH Wabasso, Florida JOE HUDSON SMITH Moultrie. Georgia THIRD ROW ROBERT JULIAN SCHNEIDER DAVID A. SCHRIEMER CHARLES BRUCE SEARS MARY VESTA SELPH TALLEY MACK SHARPE CHARLES DAVID SHELDON Lakeland. Florida Grand Rapids. Michigan Canal Point. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Tampa. Florida SIXTH ROW SARAH ANN SMITH SHELBY GRANT SMITH, JR. DIANE ELIZABETH SPEARS DENNIS C. STEDMAN STANLEY FREDRICK STEIN DAVE BRUCE STEPHENS Orlando. Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Jacksonville. Florida Lakeland. Floriila Madison. Wisconsin Orlando. Florida Personal attention night featuring Lucinda Pedi and Ann Martin. Gayle Hayduk has the task of choosing an outfit for that special date. SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW EDITH ELAINE STEPHENS SHIRLEY M. STEPHENS ROBERT LEON STERLING JACK LEE STEVENS ROBERT HARTLEY STEWART ALBERT G. STIER Ft. Myers, Florida Lakeland, Florida Lakeland. Florida Flint, Michigan Ml. Dora. Florida Naples. Florida FOURTH ROW JO ELLEN TAYLOR GENE A. TEANY RONALD CHARLES THOMAS CHARLES THOMAS TICE BETTY LOU TINSLEY WILLIAM DUMARS TRUEX Jacksonville. Florida Lakeland. Florida Meadville, Pennsylvania New York, New York Arcadia. Florida New Suffolk, Netv York SECOND ROW CAROL LEE STOCKDALE ROBERT GLENN STOKES PATRICIA GAIL STONIS ROBERT W. STOWE PENELOPE ANN STRAMPP GERALD VANCE STRICKLAND St. Petersburg. Florida Lake Wales, Florida River Forest. Illinois Orlando. Florida Vero Beach, Florida Bonita Springs. Florida FIFTH ROW REBEKAH RUTH TUHY BARBARA ANNE TURNER DALLAS SAMUEL TURNER DOROTHY ANNE TURNER LAURENCE HERBERT TURNER MARSHALL DeWITT VANCE Oviedo. Flor Reddick. Flor Sanford. Flor Umatilla. Flor Pierson. Flor Ormond Beach. Flor THIRD ROW JOHN F. STROUD Jacksonville, Florida DAVID WAYNE STURDEVAN Tahaivus. New York LOREN JOHN SULEM Sarasota, Florida LAWRENCE RUSSELL SUTHERLAND Venice, Florida JOAN RUTH TANGORA North Miami. Florida JAMES HUGH TAUNTON Lakeland. Florida SIXTH ROW JAN MaoGREGOR VAN der LUGT VIVIAN JEAN VANN ELMER VAN WAGNER QUINTON CHANDLER VARNES PETER ANGELO VASILOFF CAROL LEE VEITCH Ft. Pierce, Florida Miami, Florida Hyde Park, New York Avon Park. Florida Ft. Myers. Florida Park Ridge. Illinois Sherry Carter waits her turn, while Pat Posev puts on the finishing touches. S3 Dee Hagers indicates for Pat McCIoughan, " It ' s lights out. ' sr 342 f?5 - r- • «nw. r !iw- " -f 4 A 0 i Wkmh % 4, h r itA cc k v, » i „ » ♦ % ♦ - SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW GERHARD DONALD VESTER LEO LEONARDO VETRANO RARRARA ANN VLASAK ESTELLE ANNE VOGEL WILLIAM S. WADDELL JAMES V. WALDEN, JR. Clearwater. Florida Lakeland. Florida St. Petersburg. Florida Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Lake Worth. Florida Dover. Florida FOURTH ROW DIANE WHITICE LARRY KNOX WIKE CHARLES HENRY WILLIAMS GHERMAN TICKER WILLIAMS HAL THOMAS WILLIAMS JAMES RERNARD WILLIAMS Ft. Pierce, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida Lakeland, Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida SECOND ROW JUANITA LOUISE WALDEN GEORGE LESLEY WALKER ROGER PAUL WARD HENRY RLYER WARNER, JR. JOHN DEXTER WATSON RARRARA ANN WEIGAND Waycross. Georgia Haines City. Florida Villa Park. Illinois ISarberth, Pennsylvania Clermont. Florida Hialeah. Florida FIFTH ROW JAMES DAVID WILLIAMS RICHARD T. WILLIAMS ANNA POLLARD WILSON EMILIE JOAN WILSON JILL SIDDALL WILSON JOHN HARRINGTON WILSON Baldwin. New York Lakeland. Florida Winter Haven. Florida Rorkville Centre. New York Evanston, Illinois St. Augustine. Florida THIRD ROW LESLIE WELTER SUE ANN WENRICK JAMES EDWIN WEST JUDITHE ANNE WHITE SUE RIVERS WHITEHEAD WILLIAM KINNEY WHITFIELD Moorhead. Minnesota Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lake Jf orth. Florida Orlando. Florida SIXTH ROW CHARLES FREDERICK WISHART EMME WISSMANN AMELIA HOPE WITT RORERT GENE WOODALL MARGARET JEAN WOODHAMS RORERT TODD WOODS Lakeland. Florida Largo. Florida Ft. Pierce. Florida Bradenton. Florida Marshall. Michigan Tampa, Florida No! No! No! Not the fire escape, girls! It ' s time for another quick change. 345 1 itiL m FIRST ROW CAROL ANN WOODWARD Port Tampa City. Florida MARTHA ANN WRIGHT Bartow, Florida THOMAS DULTON YEAGER Marion, Ohio FRANCIS ANTHONY ' ZAPATKA Kensington, Connecticut THE INTERLACHEN OF 1957 Juanita Marker helps Eddie Davis with her new home permanent. Diane Barlhel and Martha Huey show that there is never a spare 111011 nt. 346 CAFETERIA STAFF First row: May Bunker. Myrtle Travis, Kit Porter. Clyde Eu- banks, Ann Fountain, Ella MrGlothlin, Janet Theus, Edna Ewerls. Second row : Geneva Roberts, Bruce Fountain. Lucilla Young, Addimae Troutman, Ruth Sawyer, Louise English. Third row: Nellie Smeltz, Georgiana Woodbum, Madeline Howard, Monroe Williamson, Harlan Smith, Richard Messick. Fourth row: J. R. Williams, William Page, Willard Myers, Robert Williams, Gus Macintosh, Noel Gagner. MAINTENANCE EMPLOYEES Thomas Pollard, James Gardner, James Gardner, Jr., James Hunter. I , % .• • - " " I III " ll fA ■ V Gayla Adams, secretary-treasurer; Caroline Jordan, vice-president; Charles Hunter, president. THE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS CHARLES HUNTER President CAROLINE JORDAN Vice-President GAYLA ADAMS .Secrefarv-Treosurer 349 FRESHMEN FIRST ROW ERIC G. AABEL JOSE ABUT GEORGIANA KAY ACKER GAYLA JEANNETTE ADAMS JORGE ANTONIO AGRAMONTE ROBERT LOUIS ALDERMAN Croton-on-Hudson, ISew York Santiago. Cuba Sanford. Florida Orlando, Florida Camaguey. Cuba Plant City. Florida FOURTH ROW GEORGE HARNEY ALTMAN JOAN WILLIAMS ALTMAN JAMES PAUL AMBROSE JOHN B. ANDERSON Newtown Square. Pennsylvania RUBYE JUANITA ANDERSON Mulberry, Florida MARTHA ANN ANDREWS Chiefland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland, Florida Ft. Lauderdale, Florida SECOND ROW CARL JOHNSON ALDRICH, JR. ELIZABETH ANNE ALDRICH JAMES WELLINGTON ALLEN GEORGE WILLIAM ALLENDORF ROSALIE IRENE ALESSI DIANE GAYLE ALEXANDER Bristol. Vermont Pittsfield, Illinois Lakeland. Florida Rochester. ISew York- Tain pa. Florida Lake Worth. Florida FIFTH ROW EMILY BELLE ANDRUS CLARA LOU ANNIS PATRICIA FAITHE ARGOE BAXCETTA JO ARNETT RICHARD KENT ASTON JAMES GARRETT AUCAMP Orlando. Florida Osgood. Indiana Tampa. Florida Ashland. Kentucky Dallas. Texas Dania. Florida THIRD ROW HELEN CAROLYN ALEXANDER Sanford, Florida HOMER GORDON ALEXANDER Sanford. Florida GEORGE GRANT ALLAN Ormond Beach. Florida JUNE ELIZABETH ALLEN Bartow. Florida RALPH ALONSO San Juan, Puerto Rico SANDRA JEANNE ALSTON Englewood, Florida SIXTH ROW DEBORAH AUERBACH DON HAROLD AUGHENBAUGH GUILFORD MARKS AUSTIN. JR. ROBERTO BAERGA JAMES WAYNE BAILEY ALBERT LOUIS BAIR Guayaquil. Ecuador Dade City. Florida Arcadia, Florida Caguas, Puerto Rico Sarasota. Florida Hollywood, Florida The Phi Mu " s find a treasure chest full of gold(?) during their first rush party. Southern ' s top players feature Don Tobin, John McNamara and Bob Ball. 350 ' ••» 4 ±A ± k t © Q| .- + IP ' S? ' ■• v 1 J M IHHH ' FRESHMEN FIRST ROW BENNIE LAMAR BAKER JESSE LLOYD BAKER ROBERT JOHN BALL THADDEUS M. BARBER JOHN SWAYNE BABNES LUCRETIA JOETTA BARNES Tampa. Florida Roseland, New Jersey Ridge field Park, Netv Jersey Lakeland. Florida W ynneivood. Pennsylvania Birmingham, Michigan FOURTH ROW RUTH SANDRA BEERS ERNEST ALFRED BELCHEB BARBARA LYNN BELLOC ALICE BENITEZ BENNY BATES BENNETT RUTH BEBG Maplewood, Netv Jersey ISeiv Canaan, Connecticut LaGrange, Illinois Miramar, Puerto Rico Franklin, Pennsylvania Scranton, Pennsylvania SECOND ROW PHILLIP HOMER BABNHART DIANE LOUISE BARTHEL JOHN BARTLETT JUDY ANN BARTLETT ARTURO BABRETO JAMES OTHELL BASS Ontario. New York Miami. Florida Nantucket. Massachusetts Burbank, California Hato Rey. Puerto Rico Ft. Lauderdale, Florida FIFTH ROW ROBERT MAYO BERBEY WILLIAM W. BETCHLEY CHARLES ALAN BEVIS NANCY ELIZABETH BIGGERS TOM COMSTOCK BINGHAM PATBICIA ANN BISHOP Melbourne, Florida Fairfield, Connecticut Ft. Meade. Florida Tampa. Florida Ridgeuood. New Jersey Bloomington, Illinois THIRD ROW FREDERICK L. BAUCKHAM Dobbs Ferry. Netv York CHARLOTTE DILLON BAUER Belmont. Massachusetts PHILIP ALLEN BAUEB Lakeland. Florida AUGUSTINE JOSEPH BAZIN Tampa. Florida VELVA JAN BEARSS Tampa, Florida JAMIE CAROLYN BEATY Orlando. Florida SIXTH ROW GAIL YVONNE BLACK MARY JANE BLAKE MYBNA LAURA BLANTON DIANE MARY BLOCK GEORGE ROBERT BOARD LYNN BOABDMAN Valrico, Florida Quincy, Florida Punta Gorda. Florida Kenosha. W isconsin Mystic. Connecticut Lake Worth, Florida Sally Roberts, Ginny Kennedy and Juanita Walden dressed for the fashion show. r j_ •■■ , ■7 These new Latin American students get acquainted with the Frank Lloyd Wright campus. i . r ; r f % r 353 ♦ ■ ••• : FRESHMEN FIRST ROW CHARLES RAMSEY BOOTH MARTA A. BORGES LIONEL ARIE BOSEM JOHN CURRY BOSSELMAN LORA LEA BOSWELL WARREN ARTHUR BOWDEN Daytona Beach, Florida Ciego de Avila, Cuba Miami Beach. Florida Vero Beach. Florida Clearwater, Florida Lakeland, Florida FOURTH ROW MAXENE WEIR BRITT ORLAN HIERS BRIANT WILLIAM STANLEY BROPHY DWIGHT KENNETH BROWER BETTE ANNE BROWN DONALD KENDRICK BROWN Bradenlon, Florida Tampa. Florida Hialeah. Florida Lakeland. Florida Melbourne. Florida Summit, l etc Jersey SECOND ROW JERRY KEITH BOWMAN GEORGE HUGH BOYD MARGARET ANNE BOYD DOROTHY SUE BOZEMAN LEON DOZIER BRADDOCK MARGRIT BRANDENBURGER Lakeland. Florida Melbourne. Florida Albion, Pennsylvania Minis. Florida Tampa. Florida Pelham. New York FIFTH ROW EDWARD LeROY BROWN DONALD WILSON BROWN, JR. MILDRED PATRICIA BROWN PAUL DENSMORE BROWN JANICE ELAINE BRUMIT OLIN GEORGE BRYANT, JR. Lakeland, Florida Chicago. Illinois Arcadia, Florida St. Petersburg. Florida St. Petersburg. Florida Lakeland. Florida THIRD ROW JOSEPH HAMPTON BRADHAM JUDITH E. BRANCH CHARLOTTE F. BRANTLEY JOHN GEORGE BREDA, JR. KAY FRANCES BRELSFORD DAVID TITUS BREWER Miami, Florida Plant City, Florida Jacksonville. Florida Breton Woods. New Jersey Trenton. Ohio Lakeland. Florida SIXTH ROW DELREDGE H. BULLOCK BEVERLY JANE BURDICK RUSSEL WAYNE BURNSIDE ELEANOR S. BURGER Camp Lejeune. North Carolina JOHN ALLEN BURNETT Macclenny. Florida WILLIAM ALDERMAN BURNETT Bradenton, Florida Winter Haven, Florida Vero Beach. Florida St. Petersburg. Florida Mr. Roy Lott (class of ' 26), Mr. Coining Tolle and Mr. William Shilling enjoy this moment. The Tri Sigs exhibit the fact that " fraternity pir are a girl ' s best friend. " S o WW f U 354 - •♦♦ I % ■ » ■ •€■ ■ 7 ■ 4«- VI k i j kt ♦ ♦ % • % « ■ ' • % ♦ % ♦ J HGHNMRHHHBKSflRlsHBl FRESHMEN FIRST ROW WILLIAM DEMER BURNS RICHARD THOMPSON BURT GARY WILLIAM BUTNER RALPH LEROY CAHALL RONALD JOHN CALKINS PALL ERNEST CALLAHAN West Palm Beach. Florida Pompano Beach. Florida Orlando. Florida Barlow. Florida Elmsford, New York Dobbs Ferry, New York FOURTH ROW CAROLE ADELAIDE CARSON SHARON ANN CARTER DICK EUGENE CASLOW WILLIAM DEXTER CHAFFEE DIXIE CHAMBERS RAE NELL CHANCEY Ft. Myers, Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Orlando. Florida Highland Park. Illinois Wauchula, Florida Lakeland. Florida SECOND ROW DAVID HOLLY CALLENDER JAMES BRUCE CALLAWAY ELAINE LUCIA CALLOWAY CHRISTINE M. CAMERON JAMES WILLIAM CAMPBELL JOSEPH CAPITANO Plain field. New Jersey Orlando. Florida Boynton Beach. Florida Plant City. Florida Plant City. Florida Tampa. Florida FIFTH ROW FLORENCE MARIE CHANDLER Hialeah. Florida FREDERIC ALONZO CH1SELBROOK Lakeland. Florida DAN CHRISTMAN Tavarei, Florida CHRI STOPHER R. CHRIST Drexel Hill. Pennsylvania VICKIE NEWANA CHESHIRE Pompano Beach. Florida BRUCE ALLAN CHRISTENBERRY Plant City. Florida THIRD ROW GAIL MARIE CAPPELLI GALAOR CARBONELL ERA WILLIAM CARLSEN JOHN MILTON CARPER EDWARD FRANCIS CARPENTER RICHARD KEITH CARROLL Harertotcn. Pennsylvania Havana. Cuba Veto Beach. Florida Lakeland. Florida Verona. New Jersey Lakeland. Florida SIXTH ROW FRED O ' NEIL CLARK, JR. JAY LAUTHER CLARK JOHN WILLIAM CLARK, JR. HERNANDO CLAVIJO ROBERT LEE CLAY MARIAN CLEMMONS Ridgewood. New Jersey Lakeland. Florida Lakeland, Florida Bogota. Colombia Plant City. Florida Bronxville. New York All dressed up and apparently confused over their destination. Students are engrossed in a discussion over " far away " homes 357 FRESHMEN FIRST ROW SANDRA JANE CLOCKADALE MARY ELLA COBB JO ANN COCKE JEAN ELIZABETH COFRAN BELINDA ANNE COHEN WILLIAM ROE COLEMAN Orlando, Florida Miami Beach, Florida Wickliffe, Kentucky Orlando. Florida Bradenton. Florida Pierce. Florida FOURTH ROW LOREN VARNUM COPELAND Pawtucket Rhode Island WILLIAM A. COTTINGHAM NANCY LEE COTTRELL KENNETH DAVID COURSON ELIZABETH ANN COWART PATRICIA LOUISE COWART Lakeland. Flor Miami. Flor Winter Haven, Flor Winter Garden. Flor Miami. Flor SECOND ROW LEWIS MINTER COLLINS, JR. JOSEPH WILLIAM CONE JOHN FRED CONERLY JAMES WILSON CONLEY, JR. JOAN CLAIRE CONLEY REUBEN R. CONNELL, JR. Pahokee, Florida Lakeland, Florida Perrine. Florida Frederica, Delaicare Orlando. Florida Breivster. Florida FIFTH ROW JANE GWINN COX CAROLE MAY CRANDALL ELIZABETH JANE CRANE WENDY ANN CRANE LORETTA JEAN CRAVEN CLYDE WILSON CRAVEY Pendleton. Indiana Rushville. Illinois Orlando. Florida Northport, I etc York Miami, Florida Bradley. Florida THIRD ROW WILLIAM IRVIN CONNER Watsontown. Pennsylvania EARNIE NELSON COOK Winter Haven, Florida JEAN ELIZABETH COOPER Crosse Pointe. Michigan WILLIAM FREEMAN COOPER Isle of Pines. Cuba TERI COOPERMAN I ew York. Neic York ALMA JACQUELYN COPELAND Neptune Beach. Florida SIXTH ROW JAMES GLENN CRIBBS DAVID EDWARD CROCKER SELMA MARIDELL CROSS LYNDA MAUREEN CRUM RONALD EUGENE CUETO BARBARA ROSE CULP Mulberry. Florida Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Lakeland. Florida Plant City. Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Circleville. Ohio •Quiet . . . it ' s not that I " m studying, but ' Won ' t somebody keep Patsy Keagle and Pat Sweeney company? 358 i ft % ■ % % ' ♦•%■• ; : ■ ' ■%•»■% • •%•! % • % ♦ % ♦ ♦ ( T - T tfifcf 4 % ft A r " , " 7i r3k . as ■ i fAlih . ..- mTi — | t t A , .- «rv Mm, 1 ft . " 1 s 1 A ft d -t » FRESHMEN FIRST ROW STEVE R. CUNNINGHAM GORDON MARTIN CURRIER, JR. CHARLES SAMUEL CURRY, II JAMES ALLEN CURRY ANN MERCIA DAHLGARD ELIZABETH S. DAME Beloit, Wisconsin Bartow. Florida Key West. Florida Ocala. Florida Sarasota. Florida Plant Citv. Florida FOl RT II ROW GEORGE THOMAS DEES MAX ALEX DEESE NICHOLAS R. DeJUAN ANTONIO DE LA GUARDIA PATRICIO DE LA GUARDIA WILLIAM EDWARD DEMPSEY Arcadia. Florida Lake Alfred. Florida Santurce, Puerto Rico Havana. Cuba Havana, Cuba Jacksonville. Florida SECOND ROW JOHN WAYNE DARLINGTON JAMES ARTHUR DAUGHTREY SALLIE JO DAUGHTREY JOHN MICHAEL DAVIDSON CHARLES WILLIAM DAVIS EDWINA JULIETTE DAVIS Linwood. New Jersey Ft. Myers. Florida Ft. Myers. Florida Mt. Vernon. Illinois Lakeland. Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida FIFTH ROW ' GERALD EDWARD DeMONBREUN Plant City. Florida CARLOS GARCIA DeQUEVEDO Santurce. Puerto Rico CONSTANCE MAC DER Winter Haven, Florida DAVID EDWARD DETIENNE Miltvaukee. Wisconsin JEANETTE MARIE DE VEER Oranjestad, Aruba JERRY BRIAN DICKERSON Old Greenwich. Connecticut THIRD ROW JIM VINING DAVIS PATRICIA ANN DAVIS ROBERT STEWART DAVIS, JR. REYNOLD LOUIS DeARRIBA DAVID H. DECKER, JR. FLOYD LAFAYETTE DEES Miami, Florida Bradenton. Florida Lakeland. Florida Coral Gables. Flor ' da Wheaton. Illinois Lakeland. Florida SIXTH ROW APEL DIDO JOHN W. DIEFFENWIERTH, JR. VINCENT DIERINGER DAVID PEER DINKLAGE BETTILYN DINKEL JUANITA JANE DINSMORE Istanbul. Turkey Bartow. Florida Tampa. Florida Mantoloking. New Jersey Bridgewater. Virginia Lakeland. Florida " Well, what does it look like Fill doing? 7 The Southernettes depict F.S.C. ' s facult) ,%1 FRESHMEN FIRST ROW EARNEST DEAN DIXON WALTER VITTY DOBRUCK FRED SAMUEL DONALDSON DANIEL WILLIAM DRAKE DOROTHY ESTHER DOSTER DALE ARLEN DOUGLASS SECOND ROW DARYL EDWIN DOUGLASS Oxford. Ohio FREDERICK WILLIAM DREYER Plainfield. New Jersey TED ERVIN DRUM Ft. Lauderdale. Florida ALIC E MARIE DUISBERG Engletcood. Florida JAMES EDWARD DUKES, JR. Palatka. Florida RAY EDWARD DUNFORD Bradley, Florida THIRD ROW WILEY SAMUEL DUNN MIGUEL DUQUE DAVID CARLYLE DURRANCE LUNETTA MARJEAN EASTMAN SHIRLEY ANN EASTMAN ELADIO ECHEVERRI FOURTH ROW Mulberry. Florida RICHARD LEE EDKINS Sarasota. Florida inter Haven Florida DALE EDWARDS Ft. Myers. Florida Waldo. Florida WOODROW WILSON EDWARDS Lakeland. Florida Orlando. Florida ELMER B. ELLIOTT Pahokee. Florida Hollywood. Florida PATRICIA ANN ELLIOTT Tampa. Florida Oxfoi d. Ohio PATRICK L. ELLIS FIFTH ROW Tavernier. Florida Bartotr. Florida Cali. Colombia Lakeland. Florida Midland. Michigan Midland. Michigan Cali, Colombia PHILIP C. ELROD ALICE BOZEMAN EMBRY EMILY MARIE EMMENEGGER RAIFORD EDISON ENGLISH JOAN CAMILLA EPPENBERGER ALAN RICHARD ERICKSON SIXTH ROW Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Bradenton. Florida Lakeland. Florida Sarasota, Florida Clearivater, Florida NANCY POWERS ERVIN Pass-a-Grille Beach. Florida JOANN EVANOFF Hobart. Indiana CATHERINE CORNELIA EWING Candor, North Carolina CAROLSUE FAGAN Cumberland. Maryland DELORES D. FALLON Crosse Pointe Park. Michigan GARY JOHN FARRELL New Smyrna Beach, Florida Nancy Olive, Doris Steins and Judy Gardner eagerly anticipating the life of a co-ed. The " Charleston " seems to be the favorite dance of Jane Murphy and Sue Hagist. 362 i ft % ' ♦ % • ♦ • fL J. • ■ " «. 1 t yiik i i o r% i i t ■ ■■■B FRESHMEN FIRST ROW RICHARD K. FARRELLI JO ANNE FELSEN WTLMA ELOISE FELTON ANTHONY JOHN FENAROLI WILLIAM ERNEST FENTON AVELINO J. FERNANDEZ North Bergen. New Jersey St. Petersburg. Florida Key West, Florida New York, New York Lakeland. Florida Cardenas. Cuba FOURTH ROW MARY ELIZABETH FOGARTY BETTY ANN FOHL PAUL FOLEY JOHN EARL FORRESTER RUSSELL ARTHUR FORSYTH YICTOR M. FOUNTAIN St. Petersburg, Florida Ft. Myers, Florida Palm Beach. Florida Lakeland. Florida Rorkledge. Florida DeLand. Florida SECOND ROW ROBERT JOSEPH FERENCE BARBARA ELIZABETH FERRIS JOSEPH FINE CAROL ANN FINLEY ROBERT LEON FINLEY SYLVIA JO FIRTH Carteret. New Jersey Clearwater. Florida Great Neek. New York Venice, Florida Lakeland. Florida Canton. Ohio FIFTH ROW MARY JANE FOY DONALD LAWRENCE FOX HOWARD MELVIN FREED WILLIAM ALLEN FULLER BIRDIE ELINOR FUTCH ALBERT JEAN GAMOT Decatur, Georgia New York, New York Tampa. Florida Larchmont. New York Dade City. Florida Pahokee. Florida THIRD ROW WILLIAM FREDERICK FIRTH KAREN AUDREY FISCHER ROBERT MILTON FISCHER LAWRENCE C. FITZGERALD ROGERS CUTTING FLANIGAN DOROTHY ANN FLECK Lakeland. Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Tampa. Florida Poughkeepsie. New York Lapeer. Michigan Tampa. Florida SIXTH ROW ' JOYCE IMOGENE GANDY Lakeland, Florida ALFONSO GARCIA, JR. Tampa, Florida JUDY CAROL GARDNER New York. New York MILO STANTON GARDNER, JR. Lakeland. Florida GINO GARNER, JR. Croton-on-Hudson. New York JAY MONTGOMERY GARNER Arcadia. Florida " Should il he heels, flals or sandles? " " ' Moving into our new home for a vear! " r i 365 FRESHMEN FIRST ROW ALICE CELIA GAUKER DIANA GEBHART GEORGE R. GELDBAUGH WILFRED E. GENEST BETTY E. GENTRY BONNIE GELLMAN Lulz. Florida Wilmington, Delaware Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Fairhaven. Massachusetts Orlando, Florida Philadelphia. Pennsylvania FOURTH ROW HOWARD STEVEN GOLDBERG Jacksonville. Florida SIDNEY GOLDEN Columbus, Georgia PABLO JOSE GOMEZ Rodrigo, Cuba ARTURO F. GONZALEZ Havana, Cuba OSCAR A. GONZALEZ Trujillo, Dominican Republic HARRY CANNON GOODE, JR. Melbourne, Florida SECOND ROW BARBARA PHYLLIS GEORGE Jacksonville. Florida SHIRLEY ELIZABETH GEORGE St. Petersburg. Florida STEVEN BRUCE GERD Miami Beach. Florida SUSAN KAY GERLACH Wauwatosa. Wisconsin ROBERT LANG GERSHUN Highland Park. Illinois STEVE GEORGE GIANOS Miami, Florida FIFTH ROW JO ANN THERESA GOODE GEORGE HARVEY GOODMAN JO ANNE CAROL GOODMAN RUTH DELAINE GORDON JENNIFER LEE GRAHAM GORDON L. GRAHAM Miami, Florida Winter Haven. Florida Tampa. Florida Jacksonville. Florida Frogmore, South Carolina Lakeland. Florida THIRD ROW PHILLIP JAMES GILLISPIE HOSEA LEO GILLMAN HAROLD GLANTZ BEN LEE GLASPEY JENNY FAY GODWIN MARTIN GEORGE GOHN Ft. Meade. Florida Plant City. Florida Brooklyn. New York Bridgeton. ! ew Jersey Miami. Florida Willow Grove. Pennsylvania SIXTH ROW JACK BA1R GRAYSON RICHARD S. GREENE ELIZABETH B. GRIDER SONIA RAY GRIER GERRY SALLY GRIEVE DEWEY HARGRETTE GRIFFIN Miami. Florida North Miami Beach, Florida Westfield, New Jersey t ero Beach, Florida Lakeland. Florida Plant City. Florida Time out from the studies for a little relaxation says this co-ed. Hie Phi Mu ' a tern 366 mm ' r---vifs ' . ' ij yets i MM JM i = 31 £1 1 ilk i ifit rMc e s -i 9 i il 1 »A I %-.♦ % ♦ FRESHMEN FIRST ROW ROBERT CYRUS GRIFFITH, IV STANLEY HOWARD GRIFFIS, JR. ERNEST WINSTON GRIGGS JONELL M. GROSSETTE YOLANDE GUEVARA PAUL ALLEN GUSS Lakeland, Florida ero Bench. Florida Ocala. Florida Albuquerque. New Mexico Riverside. I etc Jersey Belle Harbor. New York FOURTH ROW LEON EMMETT HALL, JR. YVONNE KAY HAMILTON DENNIS CAUSLEY HANCOCK DONALD ERVIN HANING PAUL GREGORY HARDICAN Wynneivood. Pennsylvania FRANK EUGENE HARDY Miami " , Florida Tampa. Florida Chaumont, Neiv York Limona. Florida Sarasota, Florida SECOND ROW JANICE CAROLE GUTHRIE SALLY P. GUTTERIDGE E. ANTHONY HACKNEY JAMES EDWARD HAGEN LAURA FAE HAGAN SUSAN JANE HAGIST Pompano Beach. Florida Minneapolis, Minnesota } alley Stream. New York Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Atlantic Beach. Florida FIFTH ROW MARGARET ANNE HARGREAVES MARY JUANITA HARKER JOHN P. HARLAN TED ROY HARLEMAN ROY McCLAIN HARMON ANN MARGARET HARPER London. England Wilmington, Ohio Flourtown. Pennsylvania Lakeland. Florida W inter Haven. Florida Tampa. Florida THIRD ROW MORRIS ALBIN HAGSTROM ALISON HADLEY LOIS GAIL HAIGHT KENNETH BURYL HAIR RICHARD E. HALDEMAN LEE MARILYN HALE Pierson. Florida Naples, Florida Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Panama City. Florida Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Cocoa. Florida SIXTH ROW JAMES STEELE HARRISON JESSE DOYLE HARTLINE, JR. SYLVIA SUE HASTINGS CHARLES C. HATCHER KARL FREDRICK HAUG SANDRA LEE HAWKINS Fair Lawn. New Jersey Tampa. Florida Ft. Pierce. Florida Highland Park. Illinois Downers Grove. Illinois Montverde. Florida Where shall we go and what shall we do today? The sophomores are heing hard on the " rats. " 369 FRESHMEN FIRST ROW GAYLE ROSALIE HAYDUK ROBERT EDWARD HAYES JOHN PHILIP HEAGY BARBARA ANNE HELLAMS COLIN COFFEY HELM W. LYNN HEBERLING Hialeah. Florida Arcadia. Florida Manheim, Pennsylvania Plant City. Florida Plant City, Florida Arlington Heights. Illinois FOURTH ROW DURWOOD HARRIS HICKSON JAMES MICHAEL HILL JAMES FRANKLIN HINDER JANICE GALE HINES KAREN ELAINE HINGST RAMON HIDALGO Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Miami. Florida Lakeland. Florida Dade City. Florida Sarasota, Florida Guayaquil. Ecuador SECOND ROT CAROL ELLEN HEIBERG ARDELIA ALENE HENDRICK WILLIAM PETER HENGEMUHLE LYNDON EDGAR HENLEY DONALD EUGENE HENRY LEROY YINCENT HERR Lakeland. Florida Ft. Meade. Florida Ft. Lee, IS etc Jersey Ft. Myers. Florida Lakeland. Florida inter Haven, Florida FIFTH ROW ROBERTA ARLENE HIRSCH Middletoun. ISeic York PATRICIA IRENE HODGKINSON Lakeland. Florida ANNE ELIZABETH HOLDRIDGE Mystic. Connecticut EDWIN LEE HOLTON Tampa, Florida JOHN CURTIS HONAKER Ft. Lauderdale. Florida BARBARA JEAN HOPSON Frostproof, Florida THIRD ROW THOMAS MARSHALL HESTER Dade City. Florida MARGARET LOUISE HEUBECK Tampa. Florida JUNE ELIZABETH HETH Glasto nbury. Connecticut GEORGE R. HEUNEMAN Livingston, Yeir Jersey JAMES B. HEWETT Lakeland. Florida THOMAS EDWARD HICKS Lakeland. Florida SIXTH ROW GEORGE ROBERT HORN LYNN DeFOREST HORNE WILLIAM ROBERT HORNE DAYID GEORGE HORSBLRGH DOUGLAS PRESTON HORTON JULIAN RANDOLPH HOVEY, JR. Lakeland. Florida Bartow. Florida Ocala. Florida Sarasota. Florida Ellenville. ISeic York Ocoee. Florida Dirk Kamerling is Irving to be of great assistance to Gail Cappelli during registration. The punishment decreed by the Rat Court proves to be quite drastic for Alice Johnson. 370 % ♦ % % % % .% % ♦ " + ; . cc 1 c ■-- t gfjfe Be ? I • % ♦ % • % ' I % • 4 FRESHMEN FIRST ROW WILLIAM BEATH HOWDEN JAMES LEE HOVLE MARTHA JO HUEY MARY ELLEN HUDSON WALTER LEE HUDSON JAMES HESTER HULL Winter Park, Florida Canal Point. Florida Miami. Florida Summit, New Jersey Orlando. Florida Plant City, Florida FOURTH ROW RICKY ADRIAN IRONS Bar Head. New Jersey JOHN RICHARD 1RRGANG Lakeland. Florida SHELTON ARDENE JACKSON Ft. Meade, Florida ALFRED JOHN JACOB Croton-on-Hudson, New York DEBORAH CUSHING JACOBS Arlington, Massachusetts ALYN JAMES JANIS Wilmington. Delaware SECOND ROW ROY DON HULL DONALD BOYD HULLETT GEORGE CURLES HULSE, JR. ROBERT P. HUNDLEY EVELYN LOIS HUNT BEVERLY ANN HUNTER FIFTH ROW ' Plant City. Florida Sarasota. Florida Osbornville, J etv Jersey Bala-Cynwyd. Pennsylvania Orlando. Florida Ft. Myers. Florida THOMAS WOODWABD JAMISON HAZEL GORDON JENKINS CHARLES C. JOHNSON JOYCE JANET JOHNSON KEITH ORVILLE JOHNSON LADY ALICE JOHNSON Stuart. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Sarasota. Florida Pierce. Florida Orinond Beach. Florida THIRD ROW DAN RAY HUNTER Bowling Green. Florida GEORGE GILL HUNTEB North Miami Beach, Florida HOWARD YEOMAN HUNTSBERRY Lakeland. Florida BONNY ALOHA HURLBUT Green Cove Springs. Florida THOMAS JOSEPH IMPERATO Elmsford. New York MARY KATHRYN 1NABNIT Orlando. Florida SIXTH ROW LEWIS WILLIAM JOHNSON SHIRLEY SUE JOHNSON ANN SEVILLE JONES BRUCE EMMETT JONES EVA ELIZABETH JONES CARL LEE JONES Lakeland. Florida Orlando. Florida Tampa. Florida Lacoochee. Florida Pittsfield, Illinois Lakeland. Florida The BSO ' s find themselves in Alice ' s Wonderland. The y ' g question . . . nhieh program to listen to? 373 FRESHMEN FIRST ROW- HAROLD BENNETT JONES, II JOHN CONSTANTINE JONES MARGARET CAROLYN JONES FIDAH JORDAK CAROLINE JORDAN MARIE SAUNDERS JORDAN Sarasota. Florida Croton, New York Bradenton. Florida Plant City. Florida Rock Hill, South Carolina Bradenton Beach. Florida FOURTH ROW JAMES ALBERT KERCE, JR. Mulberry. Florida CHARLES S. KERSHAW Philadelphia. Pennsylvania SHARON JANE KESSELRING Franklin Grove. Illinois CHRISTINE KETTERER Butler. Pennsylvania KENNIS S. KETTERER Ormond Beach. Florida DONALD F. KEYES Boynton Beach. Florida SECOND ROW JOSEPHINE JOSEPH SONIA JUDICE IRENE JUNGMICHEL JAMES MELVIN KANE DONALD HOWARD KAY, JR. WARREN REUBEN KAY Jacksonville. Florida Miami. Florida Berlin. Germany Mulberry. Florida Ocala. Florida Ocala. Florida FIFTH ROW MARY ANN KIELMANN ROBERT BRUCE KILGORE CHYUNG MYUNG KIM ROSEMARY KINCAID ANNE MARIE KING BURTWIN LEWIS KING St. Petersburg. Florida Plant City. Florida Kimhae. Korea Quincy. Florida Miami. Florida Bay Shore, New York THIRD ROW BARBARA HELEN KAZANJIAN Medford. Massachusetts LELAND E. KECK Sebring. Florida PAUL MONROE KEEN. JR. Lake Wales. Florida JOHN CHARLES KELLY Brooklyn. New 1 ork WARREN PATTERSON KENDALL Kenilworth. Illinois MARTHA ANN KENDRICK College Park. Georgia SIXTH ROW CARMEN MARIE KING CHARLES EUGENE KING RUTH ELLEN KLEINKNECHT EDWARD KLEN JEROME WELLINGTON KLINE PHYLLIS JEANNE KL1NGLER Tampa. Florida Tampa. Florida Bridgeport. Connecticut Lakeland. Florida Dallas. Texas Leesburg. Florida The AOPi ' s are much submerged in moss during their rush party. One of the first classes in the Science Building is intent with its worl 374 ■ r I rs II k V ' i " %..♦ %•« ij FRESHMEN F «sr ?or JOANNE SUE KOFOED RONALD CHARLES KOHL MARIE E. KOOPMAN NANCI HELEN KOPF CONSTANTINOS KOPELOUSOS Starke, Florida CAROL ANN KOPPLE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Plain City, Ohio Sarasota, Florida Logo Colony; Aruba. N.W.I. Roselle, Netv Jersey FOURTH ROW LEOWN MARY LIVINGSTON LaGrange, Georgia JOHN COVERT LEAVITT Naples. Florida MICHAEL P. LECLERC West Cornwall. Connecticut GEORGE WILLIAM LEHMANN, JR. Chicago. Illinois MICHAEL ELIAS LERMAN Malverne, I eiv York DAVID PHILIP LESLIE Longmeadow, Massachusetts SECOND ROW LEONARD PETER KORY Plant City, Florida THOMAS EDWARD KRLG Philadelphia. Pennsylvania JAMES KUHN Lakeland, Florida DOMINICK DON LaRARBERA Tampa. Florida CAROL RUTH LANDGRAF Miami Beach. Florida NICHOLAS MARIO LAPOLLA New Rochelle, New York FIFTH ROW DANIEL GRADY LESTER. JR. MARK BENJAMIN LEVY DAVID ALAN LITTELL BARBARA LOEWE LINDA LOU LONDON SANDRA ANN LONG Lakeland, Florida Freeport. New York Bradenton. Florida Sarasota. Florida Hyattsville. Maryland Pahokee, Florida THIRD ROW JOHN ALOYSIUS LASCH JEAN VERNONN LARSEN KEITH WILLIS LAWHORN LESLIE WOODRUFF LAWN HOMER DALE LAWSON JOHN KENYON LAUGHREY Albany. Neiv York Miami. Florida Haines City. Florida Springfield. New Jersey- Lakeland. Florida St. Cloud. Florida SIXTH ROW ' ROBERT FRANKLIN LONGBOTTOM MARJORIE ELLEN LONGMIRE MARIE ANN LORITO ROBERT CHARLES LOTT PAUL EDWIN LOVERN SUSAN CORINNE LOVETT Stuart. Florida Ft. Myers, Florida Belleview. Florida Lakeland. Florida Tampa. Florida Fruitland Park. Florida lot Vanderford, Sarah Troxler and Bev Haines as classy Southern co-eds. A cozy group is busy talking during the reception for the incoming freshmer, I ' 15 377 FRESHMEN FIRST ROW EVA ANN LOWE THURMAN LEE LOWE JOYCE ELAINE LOWELL RUTH DOLORES LUCAS VIRGINIA LOUISE LYLE WILLIAM HOWARD LYONS St. Petersburg, Florida Zolfo Springs. Florida Dover. ISew Jersey Tavares, Florida Bartow. Florida Virginia Bench. Virginia FOURTH ROW PATRICIA JEAN McNAMARA ALDEN CHESTER MAIN GLORIA JEAN MANLEY RICHARD ALLEN MANSFIELD CARLTON ANTHONY MARASCO Englewood. ISew Jersey Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Ft. Meade. Florida Schenectady, New York Tarry town, ISew York NICHOLAS R. MARDEN, JR. Briarcliff Manor. ISeiv York SECOND ROW KAY CAROLE McCORMICK LARRY K. McCRAY MARGARET LANE McGHEE JERRY ROYD McGILL TYRONE JAMES McGINNIS RORBIE DEAN McGUIRE Pompton Plains. ISew Jersey Converse, Indiana Decatur, G eorgia Lake Wales. Florida Butler. ISew Jersey W inter Haven. Florida FIFTH ROW GRETCHEN DARLENE MARX RICHARD AUSTIN MARR DONALD JOSEPH MARRESE ANN ELIZABETH MARTIN JO MARILYNN MARTIN Tampa. Florida Mullett Lake. Michigan Milford. Pennsylvania Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Dover. Florida HOWARD L. MARWICK ISorth Plainfield. ISew Jersey THIRD ROW JOAN ROSEMARY McKEVITT MARY LILLIAN McLESTER MILAN JAY McMANNIS HOWARD McMICHAEL JAMES DENNIS McNAB JOHN P. McNAMARA Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Canton. Ohio Mamaroneck. ISew York Pompano Beach. Florida Oyster Bay, ISew York SIXTH ROW DAVID RALPH MASON CONSTANCE ANN MATTHEWS JOHN JACOR MATZ DONALD LEE MAYFIELD JOHN IRVIN MAY MICHAEL CARL MAY Mt. Vernon. Missouri Des Plaines, Illinois Kissimntee. Florida Auburndale. Florida Tampa, Florida East Berlin. Pennsylvania lorida Southern ' s cheerleaders take time out for a picture. The Cap and Gown party draws a good crowd for the big perforniams 378 H nnnRnnMnn fT p JT y CTf - -- f -% % %•♦♦• ■■■■■wraBSs FRESHMEN FIRST ROW JANIS MARILYN MAZZA Orlando. Florida JOSEPH S. MAZZONE Philadelphia. Pennsylvania ORVILLE RICHARD MELTON Auburndale. Florida WILLIAM MICHAEL MEOLA Point Pleasant, New Jersey JOYE DARLENE MEIER St. Petersburg. Florida SALLYANNA MERCHANT Gainesville. Florida FOURTH ROW ROBERT EDWARD MIMS TIMOTHY ROSS MINAR JOHN THOMAS MINOR PATRICK QUINN MINSTER ESTELLE MITCHELL WALLACE LORRAINE MIZE Hem pstead. New York Plain field, New Jersey Oeoee. Florida Wauwatosa. Wisconsin Jasper, Florida Auburndale. Florida SECOND ROW JEANNE ELLEN MERRILL JOSEPH D. MERSLICH RONALD A. MESSENGER EVE MESSMORE FREDERICK JOHN METZ BARBARA JANE MIDDLETON Read in g. Massach u setts Long Island City. New York Newington, Connecticut St. Petersburg. Florida Croton. New York Madison, New Jersey FIFTH ROW JOSE ANTONIO MOLE LOURDES MOLE JAIME XAVIER MOLINA EDWARD JOHN MONARCHIK MARSHA RAY MONFORT EVELYN JOYCE MONTGOMERY Havana. Cuba Havana. Cuba Santurce. Puerto Rico Ocala. Florida Tampa, Florida Lake City, Florida THIRD ROW CAMILLO M. MIGUEL BRIAN KNOX MILLER DOLORES MAE MILLER DONAL BEN MILLER JOHN WESLEY MILLER SUSEN ANN MILLING Caracas. Venezuela Freeport. New York Perry, Florida Converse, Indiana Belle Glade. Florida Arlington Heights. Illinois SIXTH ROW BARBARA JO MOORE FRANCES JO MOORE MARIAN LOVE MOORE SANDRA CLAIRE MOORE JERE CRANE MOORMAN MANUEL ENRIQUE MORATO Sorrento. Florida Oneco. Florida Madison . Florida Largo. Florida Lakeland. Florida Las lilies. Cuba The " Freshmen Rats " are busy working in the cafeteria The ADPi ' s and their pathway to a " storybook " rush party. 381 FRESHMEN FIRST ROW CHARLES OBER MORELOCK BETTY GAYLA MORGAN WILLIAM J. MORGAN RICHARD A. MORSCHAUSER PATRICIA D. MORRISON JOAN ESTELLE MORTON Kingsport, Tennessee Princeton. Kentucky Plant City, Florida Closter. Netc York Baltimore. Maryland Miami. Florida FOURTH ROW BARBARA ANN NORRIS ROBERT RAYMOND NORRIS SHIRLEY JoANNE NORTON DANIEL JOSEPH O ' CONNOR GEORGE HOWARD ODIORNE WILLIAM HALL OGDEN, JR. Hastings. Florida Ona. Florida Los Angeles. California Lakeland. Florida Bradenton. Florida Glen Cove, New York SECOND ROW RONALD WILLARD MOSKALSKI DEANNA MARSHA MOSS ROBERT THOMAS MYERS DAVID EDWARD MULLEN MARVIN RODNEY MLNDY ROBERT WAYNE MLNDY Lakeland. Florida Jacksonville. Florida Matichester. Netc Hampshire Wi titer Park. Florida Buchanan. Virginia Lakeland. Florida FIFTH ROW MARY EDNA OGLETREE RICHARD IRVING OLDS NANCY OLIVE JAMES RAYBLRN OLSON VERNA JEANNE ORENDUFF WILLIAM EUGENE PADRICK Clenvietc. Illinois Lakeland. Florida W estport. Connecticut Chicago, Illinois St. Petersburg. Florida Ft. Pierce. Florida THIRD ROW CLAUDE CONNER MUSE GERALDINE NAPLES ROBERT GUNTHER NEWCOMBE THOMAS A. NIES MAMIE JUNE NORMAN LYDA ANN NORRIS Hellerup. Denmark Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida Jacksonville. Florida Bartotv. Florida SI III ROW BRYAN H. PAGE Miami, Florida BETTY ANN PAPPAS West Palm Beach. Florida CHRISTENA MARIE PARKER Atlanta. Georgia GEORGE EBEN PARKER. JR. Plant City, Florida ROGER ANTHONY PARKER Leesburg. Florida JOAN MARIE PARKHILL Champaign. Illinois The KD ' s show the S ood side of an«el« and deviU at their rush party. Emily Wine peeks out from beneath a wet towel to pose for a picture 382 Hi nnn ■ " f% ? 45 f Q i v (3 V r t I p (tJ Cil h o ? • FRESHMEN ABBOTT W. PARRAMOKE, JR. MARCIA HARRIETTE PECK D. LUCINDA PEDIGO JUDY ANN PEREBOOM KEITH LEE PERKINS HOMER SHELTON PHILIPS Ocala. Florida Miami, Florida Coral Gables. Florida Lake Worth, Florida While Plains, New York Jacksonville. Florida FOURTH ROW JOHN LANE PORTER PATRICIA ELISE POSEY WENDELL HOMER POSEY ALAN DUNLAP POULSEN JAMES NELSON POWERS JOAN LOUISE POWERS Arlington. Massachusetts Jacksonville. Florida Tampa. Florida Miami, Florida Leesburg. Florida Miami, Florida SECOND ROW MAURICE LAYTON PHILIPS Jacksonville. Florida SHARON ELISE PHILIPS Jacksonville. Florida CARLENE ELAINE PHINNEY Tampa, Florida BERNARDO E. PICHARDO Trujillo, Dominican Republic CARL FRANZ PIERCE Redington Beach. Florida MARY GAIL PILCHER Brentwood. Tennessee FIFTH ROW MARIJO PRICE WILLIAM ALBERT PRINGLE DONALD EUGENE PURVIANCE WILLIAM LEONARD PURVIS JOHN A. QUAINTANCE GLADYS QUIROGA Titusville, Florida Columbus. Georgia Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Tampa. Florida Silver Spring. Maryland Havana. Cuba THIRD ROW CARRELL IVAN PINNELL RALPH J. POLITO STUART B. POLITO NUNZIO GEORGE POLLINA Johnstown. Pennsylvania ARTHUR T. POPE IT inter Haven. Florida JANICE TIONIA PORTER Tampa. Florida Newman. Illinois Lyndhurst. New Jersey Pittsburgh. Pen n sylvan ia SIXTH ROW THAMA JANE RAKER DOROTHY LOUISE RANES WILLIAM J. RATLEY MARCUS FLETCHER RAYE JOE WALTER REECE MARCIA ANNE REEVES Shamokin. Pennsylvania Miami. Florida Lakeland. Florida Bartow. Florida Auburndale. Florida Sugar Grove, Illinois The proctors of the men ' s dorms pose for their picture. These freshmen are really concentrating: at jhis first clas 385 FRESHMEN FIRST ROW DAVID HARDY REILLY LINDA LOU REIMAN RORERT CHARLES REMIG RARRARA ANN REYNOLDS ANA LUISA REYES SARAH JANE REZNOR Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Lincoln Park. Michigan Lakeland. Florida Auburndale. Florida Ciego de .4vila. Cuba Bradenton. Florida FOURTH ROW DORIS ARDETH ROCKWELL MARIA LUISA RODRIGUEZ JOHN WILLIAM ROGERS DOROTHY ANNA ROSCH MICHAEL RR1CE ROSENFELD GEORGE OLIVER ROTHROCK Sultons Bar. Michigan Havana. Cuba East Rockaicay; ISew York Lakeland. Florida Baldwin. New York Bart otc. Florida SECOND ROW HAROLD JAMES RICE TOM RORINSON RICE JOAN RICHARDSON EMELINE HILTON RIDDLE WILLIAM WALTER RILEA ELLSWORTH C. RILEY W inter Haren. Florida Indianapolis. Indiana DeLand. Florida ashville. Tennessee Ocala. Florida Philadelphia. Pennsylvania THIRD ROW MONTANEZ PARLO RIVERA MYRON THOMAS ROACH JO ANN RORRIN GREY HOLT RORINSON HENRY JEFFERSON RORINSON JANET ELAINE ROCKER Santurce. Puerto Rico Maryville. Tennessee Gary. Indiana Lakeland. Florida Plant City. Florida Wixow. Michigan FIFTH ROW CYNTHIA JANE ROWE RORERT JAMES ROWLAND ARROYO HIRAM RUIZ THOMAS EUGENE RUSS RORERT JOSEPH RUTH EDNA JANE RYDER SIXTH ROW JOSE ANTONIO SAADE CORA ANNE SADLER ISRAEL H. SALA EMILIANO JOSE SALCINES RETTY MASON SAMUELS LEWIS BLADES SANCHEZ Sarasota. Florida Elm Grove. Wisconsin Santurce. Puerto Rico Cassopolis. Michigan Ashland. Wisconsin Ossining. I etc York Maracay. Venezuela Mt. Dora. Florida Havana. Cuba Tampa. Florida Orlando, Florida Tampa. Florida Our cagers get last minute instructions from Coach Greene. Sonia Judice shows off her hand-woven skirt from Puerto Rico. 386 I ♦ ♦• % ' « i ft % .♦ % ft • f H $ - w ' • fe % • • i I % 4 % - ♦ ♦ ' ' FRESHMEN FIRST ROW RITA SANTINI Ft. Myers. Florida PAULINE MICHEL SANDALA Gary. Indiana RICHARD S. SANF1LIPPO North Miami Beach. Florida SUKHON SARAJOTI Bangkok, Thailand EDA J. SAURMAN Maplewood, New Jersey ANN CARLA SCHEUERMANN Kinggport, Tennessee FOURTH ROW MADGE PENNY SHEPLER VIVIAN CHRISTINA SHERMAN JOHNNIE LACY SHEROUSE HARBARA ANN SHIPP ISABELLE SHORE SALLY LYNN SHUSTER Wyandotte, Michigan Lakeland, Florida Tampa. Florida Dayton, Ohio New York. New York Springfield, Illinois SECOND ROW IRWIN EDWARD SCHILLING RAYMOND ALLEY SCHMID SALLY SUE SHULTZ JAMES PRITCHARD SCHUSTER Titusville, Florida WESLEY MARVIN SCOATES Jacksonville, Florida ROBERT DEAN SCOBEE Louisville. Kentucky Miami, Florida Palm Beach. Florida Fond tin Lac. Wisconsin FIFTH ROW ANNA MARIE SICA THEODORE H. SILLS JUNE MICOLLEEN SILVER ELMER RAY SIMMONS TOM DUKE SIMMONS VIRGINIA ANN SIMMONS Holly Hill. Florida Newington. Connecticut Palm Beach. Florida Dover, Florida Miami. Florida If auchula. Florida THIRD ROW FRANK JOSEPH SCUDERI STANLEY SHALETT GEORGE EDWARD SHANKS LEE GARY SHAPIRO MICHAEL GEORGE SHAPIRO LEE JACKSON SHAW Hicksville. New York Opa-Locka. Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida New York. New York New York. New York ft inter Haven. Florida SIXTH ROW DUDLEY LEE SIMMS Charleston, West Virginia DONALD A. SINCLAIR Union, New Jersey WILLIAM LAMAR SINEATH. JR. St. Petersburg, Florida JOAN SINOCCHI Orlando. Florida CLAYTON CRAWFORD SKINNER Lakeland, Florida WALTER MARK SLIVINSKY Ft. Lauderdale. Florida The " Rat Court " sits in a distinguished manner ready for action. Freshman Paul Callahan is excited about his arrival at Southern. 389 FRESHMEN FIRST ROW EDITH JOHNSON SLOAN BARBARA FARRAHAR SMITH BEVERLY VERMILYA SMITH FRANK BENNETT SMITH, JR. JUNE CAROLYN SMITH LANCE EDWARD SMITH S . Petersburg. Florida Lakeland, Florida Lakeland. Florida Bartow. Florida Lake Alfred. Florida Inverness. Florida FOURTH ROW NORMAN SALISBURY SPRAGUE St. Petersburg. Florida ARTHl ' R HENRY STAFFORD Babson Park. Florida SHIRLEY ANNE STAKEY Aquebogue. New York CHARLES JOSEPH STANALAND Ocala. Florida ALEXANDER C. STANDERWICK Forest Hills, New York HENRY B. STEEN Glasgoic. Kentucky SECOND ROW MARILYN LEE SMITH MARTHA ALWILDA SMITH SANDRA SUE SMITH RICHARD CLARK SMOLK BARBARA ANN SNOW CARL WILLIAM SODERLIN THIRD ROW JACK DOUGLAS SOUDRIETTE DALE EDWIN SOURS JUDY MAY SOUTHWICK BARBARA ANN SPEER CHARLES C. SPENCER RICHARD D. SPONHOLTZ Middleton. Ohio Harrington. Delaware Clermont. Florida Bradenton. Florida Bradenton. Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Kalamazoo. Michigan Boyce, Virginia Ft. Myers. Florida Orlando, Florida Port Washington. New York Springfield. Massachusetts FIFTH ROW DORIS EMMA STEINS MARGIE SUE STEPHEN AVRUM HIRSH STERN BETTY ANN STEWART NANCY RUTH STEWART VIRGINIA LEE STEWART SIXTH ROW WILLIAM RAYMOND STEWART GEORGE WILBUR STOWE JAMES L. STRANGE LARRY KNIGHT STRICKLAND EUGENE DALE STUERMAN JAMES KEITH SULLIVAN Long Beach. New York Mundelein. Illinois Montreal. Canada Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Bradenton. Florida Des Plaines. Illinois Winter Haven. Florida Lakeland. Florida Mcintosh. Florida Clearwater. Florida Clearwater. Florida Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Monday is wash day in Joseph Reynolds Hall for these gals Bill Pierce and Jane O ' Neill keep George Guggenheim in business. 390 ♦ » % ♦ %■♦♦• •DC 4 I r f i V s 7 i -m i T S r % ♦ % ♦ % • ♦ ♦ ' FRESHMEN FIRST ROW STEPHEN R. SWALLOW WILLIAM VINCENT SWIFT JOANNE E. SYLVESTER ENG-KHIAM TAN DONALD J. TANGAL HAZEL ANNE TAYLOR Richmond. Indiana Lakeland. Florida Tampa. Florida Singapore. Malaya Poughkeepsie, Netv York Perry. Florida FOURTH ROW BARBARA JOAN TROWNSELL RICHARD ALLISON TRACY DONA LOUISE TRUSHEL CAROLINE G. TYLER EMMA PATTI TYNDALL DAVID HAROLD TYSON River Forest. Illinois Manhasset, Netc J ork Orlando. Florida Ft. Myers Beach. Florida Winter Garden. Florida Poughkeepsie. New York SECOND ROW ROSE MARIE TENCH W ILLIAM H. TENNYSON KAREN LOUISE TERRY HAROLD BENNET THAI ALBERT T. THOMPSON ELIZABETH P. THOMPSON Lakeland. Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Riverhead. New York Freeport. New York Randallstown. Maryland liiirtlnl.cn. New Jersey FIFTH ROW GEORGE W. UMHOLTZ RALPH R. UMSTED, JR. JANET MARIE UNGRO ADAM A. VALLERIANI ROBERT T. VAN NAME ROBERT LEWIS VAN NEST Doylestown. Pennsylvania Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Valley Stream. New York Lakeland. Florida Maplewood, Neic Jersey Sarasota. Florida THIRD ROW SUZETTE SILVA THOMPSON WAYNE THOMAS THOMPSON JEAN VERA THRASHER GEORGE CHRISTOPHER TICE WILLIAM F. TILLIS RONALD W. TINDLE Plant City. Florida Eustis. Florida Gainesville. Florida New York. Neiv York Auburndale. Florida Plant City. Florida SIXTH ROW GORDON WILLIAM VARNER JOHN K. VERMETTE ROBERT RAY VIANA JOSE A. VIDAL GEORGE LAMAR WADSWORTH JAMES EDW ARD WALKER Highland City. Florida Sarasota. Florida Washington, D. C. Juncos, Puerto Rico Wauchula. Florida Miami. Florida Joan Wilson, Debbie Jones. Earline Owen and Barbara Hofeller at the Panhellenie Tea. Carmen King and Margaret Hargreaves pause for a few minutes during their study hour. 393 FRESHMEN FIRST ROW CARLTON BIGELOW WALLER, JR. CAROL RHUNELLE WALTERS RICHARD BRUCE WALTERS BERNICE SARAH WANDER MARTHA JOY WARD EDGAR CALVIN WATKINS Clearwater. Florida Lakeland. Florida Ridgewood. New Jersey Miami. Florida Ft. Myers. Florida Plant City. Florida FOURTH ROW LINDA GAIL WIGLEV DOLPHUS RANDO WILKES CHARLES SCOTT WILLIAMS EUGENE ROSS WILLIAMS STEFNEE ANN WILLIAMS WILLIAM EUGENE WILLIAMS Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Lakeland. Florida Forestport, New York Tampa. Florida Lakeland. Florida Lakeland. Florida SECOND ROW DeWirr McGregor watson YTCY LEAINE WATSON FRANKLIN SCOBEY WATTS, JR. ROBERT M. WEITZNER WILLIAM G. WELLES ERIC ADOLPH WESTPHAL Lakeland. Florida Ft. Meade. Florida Coral Gables. Florida Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Arcadia. Florida Winter Haven. Florida FIFTH ROW JOHN FULTON WILLIAMSON RONALD CHARLES WILLIS BARBARA JEAN W1LLITS BETTY JANE WILSON EMILY BELLEW WINE DON LEE WINN Narberth, Pennsylvania W inter Haven, Florida South Bay. Florida Miami, Florida Daytona Beach. Florida Enterprise. Florida THIRD ROW JUDY ANN WESTPHAL Green Bay, Wisconsin MARILYN JEAN WEYANT North Miami, Florida LAWRENCE ALLAN WHITE Lakeland. Florida CHARLES HAROLD WHITEHEAD Lakeland. Florida BARCLAY C. WHITMORE Whitfield. Connecticut CHARLES C. WHITTINGTON Zephyrhills. Florida SIXTH ROW JOANNE BERYLE WISEMAN ANN TURLINGTON WISHART TONI ELIZABETH WITHERS JASPER ORLOFF WITT WILLIAM DEAN WITTEN FERNE HENRY WOLFE Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Lakeland, Florida Tampa, Florida Homeland. Florida Lake W ales. Florida Tampa. Florida The Alpha Chi ' s are resting peacefully in their new living room. The Theta Chi ' s and SAE s fighting it out in a tough volley hall game f nr - 394 4 % .♦ % ■ ♦ • ' ' mnnnnB9nH Arm H J a A 1 X 1 1 rfll J • vj ff I 1 IV Gail Cappelli and Dick McBurney dance their way to the stare. It ' s term paper time (?) for Betty Jone s. What a chore! 396 ■ ■ %,•♦■% ' •■%• ». % ♦ % • ♦ ♦ • HHBMBHBBSS FRESHMEN GINA KATHERINE WOLF Hollywood. Florida NORMAN K. WOMBLE Highland City. Florida GRETCHEN ELIZABETH WOODALL Lakeland, Florida ROBERTA EVELYN WOODRUFF Key West. Florida HALLEY BROWARD WOOLEY, JR. Lakeland. Florida WILLIAM JAMES WORTH Orlando. Florida SECOND ROW CARLTON RUNNELLS WRIGHT Norfolk. Virginia WILLIAM BROOKS WRIGHT Daytona Beach. Florida THEODORE T. WYCALL Chatham, New Jersey BARBARA JAYNE YOUNG Miami. Florida JUDY COOPER YOUNG Aqueborgue. New York THIRD ROW DANIEL LAWRENCE ZARYCKI SANDRA ANN ZOBRIST Tampa. Florida Geneva. Illinois The College Bookstore during the busiest time of the year Guess what ' s for dessert at dinner tonight? " " Three little Indians " peek through the fidiage in the cafeteria. 397 The INTERLACHEN of QJlortda Southern Colu ege CORDIALLY INVITES YOU TO VISIT THE Worlds YTLost beautiful College Campus The Interlachen of 1957 expresses its appreciation to the fol- lowing business concerns, whose interest and cooperation have helped to make possible the publication of this yearbook of Florida Southern College. The editors and business managers respectfully urge that friends of the College examine the advertisements of these firms and individuals, and call upon them for service at every possible opportunity. a n.:i£ u al§ Original layouts, distinctive typography and sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standard layout, mass-production methods. VM | J2 oyy $ zs 1 ' v % 1 1 D E C TRINITY U R, PLACE i R G I BEST " W SHfS JEFFERSON-BISHOP, INC You Are Always Welcome At Peoples Bank of Lakeland For All Your Banking Services Corner Main and Florida ' Polk County ' s Largest ' PEOPLES BANK OF LAKELAND LAKELAND, FLORIDA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 4 « % ♦ % • ♦ ■■■■■■■■■nBnaHniinni nHil Compliments of BERGER and RACHELSON, INC INSTITUTIONAL FOOD DISTRIBUTORS TAMPA, FLORIDA I MUTUAL PAPER COMPANY LAKELAND Distributors For -School Supplies Teaching Aids- s • ..♦■%♦♦• % % .♦ % « ♦ • ' ■ ■■■■ ■ ■ ■■HmiH HHnHIH Compliments FENTONS LAUNDRY an DRY CLEANERS LAKELAND Compliments of City Light Water Department LAKELAND FLORIDA ■» . MADGE ' S Compliments Feminine Florida Fashions of 229 South Kentucky Avenue LAKELAND, FLORIDA Food Machinery Telephone 42-022 and Chemical Corporation LAKELAND ABSTRACT COMPANY LAKELAND, FLORIDA Abstracts of Title Title Insurance P.O. Box 411 Phone 33-111 Compliments of JOYNER LUMBER COMPANY Lakeland, Florida " The Bank With Which To Build Your Future " THE FLORIDA NATIONAL BANK AT LAKELAND 113 South Tennessee Ave. Lakeland ' s Only National Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. You fAe t... t ZAes you! LAKELAND FLORIDA % ♦ % • • MnnmaiBBaHHlBRB SBBHBHlSHaaOBw Compliments of Lakeland Typewriter Supply Company Frank W. Myers, Owner ROYAL TYPEWRITER, SHAW-WALKER EQUIPMENT Sales - Service VICTOR ADDING MACHINES CALCULATORS Sales - Service Central Florida ' s Most Popular Office Supply House 122 S. Tennessee LAKELAND, FLORIDA PUBLIX where shopping is a pleasure I INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES Your Handy Headquarters for the finest in Wood Metal Working Equipment Industrial Art Tools and Supplies Over 30,000 types of stock items representing more than 750 nationally- known manufactures, simplify your buying problems. SOUTH BEND . . . DELTA . . . PEXTO . . . BLACK DECKER . . . STANLEY... WHITMAN BARNES ... BEHR-MANNING . . . SIMONDS . . . etc. Harry P. Leu, Inc. (Florida ' s Supply House) 100 W. Livingston Avenue 22 N. W. 20th St. Orlando FLORIDA Miami Compliments of A FRIEND LAKE MORTON SODA SHOP DINNER SPECIALS — SANDWICHES FOUNTAIN SERVICE Compliments NU-WAY FLOOR COVERING C. M. Bird G. R. Schabert t % ■ ♦ % ♦ ♦ TURNER GEE Wholesale Quality Meats and Food Products Rath Black Hawk Hams Bacon Refrigerated Service to Central Florida 611 W. Robinson Avenue Phone 2-4474 ORLANDO FLORIDA f M J% Compliments a SxLoftXC ftZaJ: of TRAVELS ENGLE ELECTRIC 225 So. Kentucky Ave. LAKELAND, FLORIDA Phone 2-1891 Across from MAAS BRO ' S Parking Lot Compliments of " Handling College Travel Since 1947 " RACY ' S AIRLINE — STEAMSHIP RESERVATIONS — TICKETS Exclusive Wearing Apparel Compliments of A. G. KING Produce Co. LAKELAND MOORE ' S STYLE SHOP STYLE-MART CLOTHES 207 E. Main Street LAKELAND, FLORIDA «-%.♦ % ♦ ♦ ■■■NaHBaHHHnBHUiH S nHHnH HBHJi HJ H Compliments of Cement Products Supply Co., Inc. 516 716 W. Main Phone 50-951 CONCRETE BLOCKS PLASTER WINDOWS ZIMMERMAN ' S Compliments of THE JOHNS MOTEL " A Haven for Tourists " On U. S. Highway 92 MRS. PERCY W. JOHNS Compliments of McGinnes Lumber Company BUILDERS SUPPLIES West Main and Ohio Compliments of OXFORD LUMBER COMPANY 530 W. Main Street Phone MU. 2-1491 1 Your Newspaper . . . Freedom ' s Forum Today ' s newspaper, whole-heartedly dedicated to keeping America free, is also keeping America fully informed. The rules of decency and the welfare of its readers are the only censor of what it shall print . . . and The Tampa Tribune is dedicated to the fulfill- ment of these principles. Tampa Tribune Morning and Sunday RADIO STATIONS WFLA, WFLA-FM WFLA TELEVISION CHANNEL 8, NBC McCOY ' S METAL SHOP Incorporated 1 846 W. Olive Sr. (Old Tampa Hwy.) Phone MU. 2-9521 All Types Roofing — Welding " If It ' s Metal We Make It " AIR CONDITIONING | % » % • ♦ % 1 •. ■ k, ■ ■ % ♦ % • • - H HHHHHHHHMHN Hn HHRHHHBf HH HH HHiBBSs BnHRs FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN JO-ANN PASTRIES 803 E. Palmetto Phone MU. 25-141 ASSOCIATION OF SPECIAL OCCASION CAKES LAKELAND TO YOUR ORDER • Current Dividend 3% Compliments of • Lakeland Automobile Dealers Association Corner of Orange and Tennessee FOODS from the SEA TWO FINE STORES DELICIOUS— NUTRITIOUS 1 T H E H U B Today, as never before, the public is turning towards increased use of the For Men good things of the sea. And it is our pleasure to supply them to and you. MILLER ' S W. H. VENABLE CO. Orlando Lakeland For Women Clearwater St. Petersburg LAKELAND, FLORIDA Distributors of SEAFOODS TO CENTRAL FLORIDA WHERE EVER YOU GO— by plane, ship or bus Secure reservations and tickets at Arno Travel Service 320 E. Main Street Lakeland, Fla. MUtual 4-4151 Compliments of Florida Favorite Fertilizer, Inc. Compliments of Franzblau-Gilbert Equipment Co. incorporated 408 West Main LAKELAND, FLORIDA a " M ll BM " M " WM ffHWillBHMBWfllHBIltf lq i Ha Compliments of SUNSHINE OIL CO. Oil Jobbers LAKELAND TRUEBLOODS PRINT SHOP 108-10-12 West Lemon Street LAKELAND, FLORIDA Printers of THE SOUTHERN Florida Southern College Catalogues Compliments of ft % %♦% WILLIAMS ' FLORAL SHOP STRICKLANDS Upholstering 1040 South Florida Avenue and • Refinishing Corsages and Cut Flowers 1035 South Florida Ave. Our Specialty Phone 28-671 • LAKELAND, FLORIDA Phone 61-641 Compliments of SUNBEAM BREAD •k Compliments of BROTHERS LAKELAND Your Home of Tropicol Fashion For over 100 years Folks have been saying it ' s Borden ' s it ' s GOT to be Good! For home and store Delivery in Lakeland Phone MUtual 2-4051 Horden ' s 44 Lake Wire Drive, Lakeland Compliments PIPKINS DIXIELAND MAID-RITE, INC. Phone 73 571 1101 South Florida U. S. Royal Tires Delco Batteries Complete Automotive Service Storage BALLENGER AUTO STORAGE, INC. 46-551 Phone 46-561 REECECLIFF SANDWICH SHOP Phone 6-6661 940 So. Florida Ave. Compliments of BRADLEY FLOWER SHOP 808 S. Mississippi Ave. LAKELAND, FLORIDA Phone 45-141 FOSTER SPORTING GOODS, INC Representative — Franklin M. Foster 117 East Lafayette Street Tampa 2, Florida ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Wholesale and Retail Compliments of Adamson Distributing Company Distributors of Gordon ' s " MAGIC PACK " Potato Chips 1 WASHING 4% WASHING SPIN V AIR-DRYING DRYING im FOLDED E. Z. WASH AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY 121 E. McDonald Street Phone 5-5791 LAKELAND, FLORIDA LAKELAND French Dry Cleaners Phone 21-871 112 West Main Street Compliments of FLORIDA STEEL PRODUCTS incorporated Tampa, Jacksonville, Fla. GEORGE L. GAINES Jeweler 122 East Main Street Telephone 24-191 LAKELAND, FLORIDA FRANK and RETTA BUELL Bar-B-Q Specialists AT YOUR SERVICE DINING ROOM — CURB CATERING MUtual 55-875 2136 New Tampa Hwy. LAKELAND, FLORIDA » % • V Work ' s Pharmacy Famous Brand Cosmetics by Rubinstein — Tussy — - Lentheric Yardley — Tweed — Revlon Royal College Stationery We Give S H Green Stamps Phone 38-541 1051 S. Florida Avenue GROWING WITH FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE CAMPUS CLEANERS Your Most Convenient Cleaners WITH BEST WISHES vf SHOES »I7 So Kentucky • Lakelnnd When You Think of Shoes, Think of SNYDER ' S HH HHHHGHHBSHfiS Compliments of First State Bank of Lakeland " The Bank with Drive-in Teller Windows " Deposit ' s Insured up to $10,000 by FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION BENFORD STATIONERY CO. 125 South Kentucky Avenue For the best in Esterbrook and Schaeffer fountain pens, greeting cards, school and art supplies, office equipment and gift suggestions. Compliments of READY PEELED POTATO CO 202 North Diane Street Plant City, Florida Ready Prepared Potatoes For Every Occasion. No Waste, No Mess, No Fuss Compliments of Orange State Processing Corp. CITRUS PRODUCTS LAKELAND Compliments of FUSSELLE SONS, INC REALTORS 511 S. Florida Avenue % % % ♦ ♦ • « % .♦ % ♦ ♦ wamBBBMUwRBmBBBBBtnaBRggn ■■■IHH RANDALL ' S SUNOCO 800 SOUTH FLORIDA Compliments AL HINDER ' S GULF SERVICE Tires — Batteries — Accessories COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE Corner McDonald and S. Florida Ave. Compliments of A FRIEND OUR WISH THE BEST FOR THE CLASS OF ' 57 LORENZEN COFFEE SERVICE Distributor: MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE and GENERAL FOODS PRODUCTS Tampa Lakeland Sarasota ■ % . W j Compliments of ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING COMPANY WHITE SWAN MOTOR LODGE 1136 East- Rose Street Off the Highway in a quiet residential district AAA LAKELAND FLORIDA PARTY SPECIALTIES POPULAR DRIVE-IN SANDWICHES AND COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE Colonial Ice Cream Compliments Congratulations of FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE STREATER BUICK May You Continue To Live and Grow For Centuries To Come. COMPANY LAKELAND, FLORIDA Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Compliments of Lakeland of Hiway 92 E. Rose Lakeland, Fla. ROBERTS FLYING SERVICE Lodwick Airport Phone MU. 3-0181 PEPSI! THE LIGHT REFRESHMENT! P.O. Box 1011 Lakeland, Fla. . % % % - , - % % ♦ % « Congratulations and Best Wishes for a Full Life PALMER MATTRESS COMPANY 1111 S. Florida Ave. Lakeland, Fla. " Our Merchandise Is What We Say It Is " HHI B Compliments of REG. U. S. PATENT OFFICE A NATURAL CAS SERVICE Serving Imperial Polk County Compliments of GLADY ' S 225 South Florida Lakeland, Florida FASHION RENDEZVOUS, INC. Lake Wales, Florida SALES SERVICE LAKELAND FORD COMPANY Phone 4-6051 or 4-6061 ftne furnifyre for the home For: Quality! Selection! Satisfaction! For 52 years Mather has given . . . honest values — excellent quality and the best of serv- ice. You ' ll find the finest in smart new home furnishings from nationally famous manufac- turers such as Heywood-Wakefield, Stratford, Simmons, Lane, Dillingham and others. LAKELAND ' S MOST MODERN FURNITURE STORE 120 South Florida Ave. Lakeland, Florida Air Conditioned Swimming Pool Television Steam Heat A Courtesy Court Member SIESTA MOTEL AAA 1527 New Tampa Highway West LAKELAND, FLORIDA Ed and Pat Kingora U. S. Hi way 92 West Owners-Managers Telephone 8-6051 Compliments of Ewell Engineering Contracting Co. 1248 New Tampa Highway LAKELAND, FLORIDA READY-MIXED CONCRETE ♦ % ♦ « Compliments of W. S. BADCOCK CORP. 32 Associate Stores Serving Florida Main Store, Offi ces and Warehouses MULBERRY, FLORIDA Badcock Will Treat You Right ' An ' ENJOY A NIGHT OUT. GO TO THE MOYIESf Your Lakeland Florida State Theatres POLK THEATRE (One of Florida ' s Finest) Equipped with Cinemascope and the wonder of Stereophonic Sound! LAKE THEATRE Equipped with Wide Screen Big Shows at Bargain Prices COMPLIMENTS O F AULT ROOFING nd HEATING CO We specialize in architectural sheet metal work air conditioning, warm air and hot water heating. Roofing of all kinds. ORLANDO FLORIDA i, s ♦ • .« There ' s a " one and only " in refreshment, too Engravings Furnished by ALABAMA ENGRAVING CO. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA I

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Florida Southern College - Interlachen Yearbook (Lakeland, FL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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